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'X .,,.i BQ,-.fwhcg Y. 9 0 I Q 2 0 o'0 o ,...X : n pl .1 O 0 OO 'w - ' W ' v I P 'K 5.55 7 , ,,,, -ii. s - W 0 1 - M . ,i-.1-...- -.. -..-L "Y-1-,s ' Q + . A -.. ' "E ' '::' ' ' oi - -TP 'T' 5952 HA 4Q ,V ' Qs, 'QQ -, f f I 1- .g ' --Q-i"'itw '-till-9 4 M QMBY 'x .Kb XX W f X x g I X 25 W EV 1" 1 1 X - l vm W' . X105 ofa SS QNQ Qwivfb 1 9 SXZXYPQ XN sf 0 Vx K J S 9 ff -C 5 YA V' QP v Y' Shall the day of parting be thc day of gather- ing? And shall it bc said that my my dawn! " we was in truth " The Prophet," Kahlil Gibran Yes, although we may sunset, yet, in truth, it is think graduation our our dawn. Our college years have been a night of endless dreaming- each to his own dream. We have our Byrons with their brilliant heroisms, our Napoleons with their visions of power, our Joans of Arc with their glory in service and sacrifice, our St. Fran- cis with his love for God and Humanity, and our Keats with his worship of beauty. Indeed in our youthful. egotism, we have unconsciously iden- tified ourselves with these immortal characters- and have dreamed our dream. We are the watchers of the stars, not yet " world-losers and world-forsakersf' As watch- A ers of the stars, we are wonder-eyed at the con- -! stant revelation of new planets, new worlds, new ideals. But time must follow its evolutions, and the Dawn must come, and with the Dawn, the Awakening. Too often, have we been told that R dream stuffs tarnish in the light of the sung but tarnish as they may, they have left their lasting impression that will not be Shaken. VVC go unafraid. -TIL. ONTE Foreword Dedication Views Faculty School Secret Societies Organizations Publications Features Humor Athletics Great Fires S1 , Advertisements Qliii? 'wr EDICATIO TO AGNES IE. IFUTTJERIEIR "My soul goes clad in gorgeous thingsps Scarlet and gold and hlue." Scarlet! lt typifles the unending ena thusiasm which she puts in her work, the warmth of her sympathy, her intis mate understanding of youth with its frequent unawareness, its sensitiveness, its eagerness, its aspirations. The gold expresses her lseenness of artistic pers ception, her utter scorn of insincerity in art. The hllue is her steadfast loyalty to State College hoth as an unders graduate and as a member of our faculty. Through the "scarlet and gold and blue" of her personality, she ens riches the lives of all of us, and leads our students toward creative selfs expression. ' l030 QED!-XGOGUE BEVERLY DIAMOND ANNA T. Moomz Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Acknowledgments The 1930 PEDAGOGUE wishes heartily to thank the following for their co-opera- tion: Miss Constance Baumann of The Brandow Printing Company, Mr. P. S. Gurwit of jahn 81 Ollier Engraving Co., The NVhite Studio, The PEDACOGUE Staff and to our PED Cubs who have worked faithfully throughout the year. Eight HJ, "Sunlight sifting lace-like through the leaves Shadows the campusg when the day is done We will forget that there were shadows Remembering the sun." Q. N ' - f f W1- f 'N L 5 J X 1 'JR ,X X - l Ye' K xx r K, TJ , ,., Ni -tx L ,J !' ,M x F r .. he f" Lt' 1 x-f '? fl . 'X .. H' e 'id-fgmrwl ':,9maRkl I . 7 r ? , .5 'yL'N,2.',-b54llL.yUh-Z XM, ' - m,.,-- -, ? I-.L H .TEN If ,, Nm aigwl- ' ml W ,Nw..,.,q1..-f,1-w--K--W.-.u' 1- 'A M. . 1 r l 1 J Il , K 'X Jul, I KJ-fx' N' I L wf ' Kxli' ""' """ Qk x nl SEX' Q Xml, fb - ,game f? ia.r..e.Lx -ff: Nyhlxxlxll 'Nllf . LJ - - 'g- .. - x, -In ,J ...-qv ...xx-.1 g will xr'-"X-"'-754 h X-'r, Q'h.lhl41fQgN' V K I xt' xfCgx4f5vW"4f4'i' W 4429, Y 5 4,29 Mews: 'J 3.5 Ak, , .am ,tv .Q I QXQWS MQ QNQSQN QNQX, XXXQLQ qw bum, Qwbcs No QWW fxdkq. MM x xixi, NM X ' ' My NN bw, X6 QXNQN X. NNN QM ' OWN N ' acc. QW Mm 5m INN . 'XXNQZNY sx 418' mo w1'x.0'iQ, aww Q, Nm! +4 fp U9 Q Gb A as mx gm mx. 9.1 0-AN 'ww N 00 Qylq, QXQN N Rm. SYN QIN K4 om be ki' Pm bond 0 3V if, Q Qi QC 'xxi 0' .1 .W 'WX Xa Qi . Q xmx NXNNQK cb Q Qxob QM do Q N WMD Mb SYXQN ' QXNS 'wx ' Qu XM X qi M N ww 0 Xxx- O Gm Mwcw iowsixowwbs if 4 get W AN WM Sqyxxxcb Y ffmix Wi? KW Q M gmg www xlxof S 903- Xkc, x X u Q Ox Qui SC. O 'fwxt . My Q' f , x,,,,f", K "f1,f,f Nb ' Xxx A AMN meow A Xi Q c be mi mx KW N51 QX xxxx . - gxxb XSL W 0 sw ig, QON 5.5 QONN i Qfbt Nxt Www , Q mm X04 ' sQQNxN'wxx XXQ, , CJQWQ i GRO Nw s ago .NN W mi QKQQQQ 6 wx Q. QQ V-gf QQ. GNN GN Nh xg UQ, , ww ws Ax moss 'go aff x N Q ms mg ox! M5 04 SW Sfbvvowc 0 S NM, MN vii-L. YW, ,V Out of the scubbard of the nigh! Hy G0d's lmlul drawn, Flaxhes his .flL1'1lf1lg sword of Iiglzl, And lo,-Ilzc dfI'li'11'! Shcrzumx , Fafzzfzy QD Eiglitccn l030 YY-.DAGOGUF ABRAIXI .ROVER BRUBACIIER, Ph.D., HDBK President- 119155 of State College for Teachers. A.B., Yale, 18975 Ph.D., Yale, 1902, Headof Department of Greek. Willeston Seminary, Easthampton, Mass., In- structor in Greek, Yale Collegeg Principal of High School, Glovcrsville, N. Y.g Principal of High School, Schenec- tady, N. Y., Superintendent of Schools, Schenectady, Ng Y. Publications: High School English, 2 vol.g English, Oral and Written, articles in the English Journal, Education Scrilmcrs, School and Society, and the Atlantic, Monthly Teaching: Profession and Practice. He is "B1'uby " to all of us, for the dignity of his position has never succeeded in building a wall around his charming personality. NVILLIAM. HENRY METZLER, Ph.D., F.R.S.C., F.R.S.l3., dusk, EE, KIJKKIJ, HFM Dcan fl923D of State College for Teachers. A.B., University of Toronto, 18883 Ph.D., Clark Uni- versity, 18925 Professor and Head of Department of Mathematics, Syracuse University, 1895-l923g Dean of Graduate School, S'yracuse University, 1911-19183 Dean of College of Liberal Arts, Syracuse University, 1921- 1923. Publications: Joint author of College Algebrag research articles in the Mathematical Journals of America and E1n'opr'. , A humane and kindly scholar who solves the minor problems of student schedules with an interest that makes us forget his position among the famous mathematicians of our day. .ANNA ELOISE PIERCE, Pd.M. Dean of W'omcn 119095. Graduate of New York State Normal School, Pd.M., New York State College for Teachers C1920Jg Pre- ceptress, Lisle Academy, Lisle, N. Y., Member Faculty, State College for Teachers C1886-D 5 Compiler of Catalog of Literature for Advisers of Young Women and Girls, Catalogue of Student Health. . - Publication: IQUUIIS and .flrl1'i.vr1'.v of lljlllllfll and Girls. XYhen first l came to S. C. T.. She put out her hand, and smiled at meg HER interest in us is manifest, And so we vote her of the best. l030 VY-.DAGOGUF EUNICE AMANDA PERINE, A.B., Pd.M. Professor 119001 of Fine Arts. Houghton Seminary, Clinton, N. Y.g Pd.B., State Nor- mal College, 19003 B.S., New York University Ccum laudej, 19115 Pratt Institute, Columbia Universityg Leave of absence, 1926-1927 tspent in travel and study in France, Italy and Greecejg holder of Carnegie scholar- ship, Summer 1929 spent in travel in Alaska and western states. She goes from one phase of Art to' another, but, mind you, always Art. JOHN VNIANVILLE SAYLES, A.B., Pd.13., AY, QBK, KQK Principal 119051 of Milne High School and Director of Practice Teaching. A.B., Colgate, 1900, Pd.B., State Normal College, 1901. Principal of High School, Richmondville, N. Y.g Principal of High School, Glens Falls, N. Y.g Principal of Model School, State College, Albany. Publications: Articles in various Educational Magazines. How now, Brother? lVouldst thou teach? This prize holds within thy 1'each. List then, Brother. Wlhen courage fails, For resurrection, see john Sayles. CHARLOTTE Loma, A.B., Pd.B., A.M. Supervisor H9051 of Practice Teaching, Professor 09151 of French. A.B., Vassarg A.M., State College, 19155 Institute Tilly, Berlin, 19123 Post-Graduate Work, Columbia, 1915, 1917, 19185 University of Paris, 1920, 1922, 1923, 19243 Sum- mer School, State College, 1929. The embodiment of all those cultural aims which higher education seeks to achieve. 1' I wi'.ii'MlX . if 5 We :X 1' M ' W , ' .ict K " 'V .S iN '::f','.i . x r. yiasdi' 73" .jg -,,,. A 'H . ,gel Nineteen Twenty l030 QEDAGOGUE XVINFRED CORNWALL DECKER, A.M., Pd.B., QBK Professor H9071 of German. A.B., Columbia, 19053 A.M., Columbia, '19103 Post- Graduate Student at Columbia, 1905-19063 Universities of Marburg and Berlin, 1911-19125 Austauschlehrer at Pots- dam, Germany, 1911-19125 University of Berlin, 1914. Rublications: Joint author of Markisch-Decker, Eng- lzsches Lesebuch fir die Hiiheren .S'chulen,' joint author or Deutschland und die Dc'utchen,' occasional articles for the Monograph, Modern Language Journal, publications of the Modern Language Association of Amcricag " Sem- per der Jiinglingf' A sense of humor as broad as his shoulders-and they carry very easily the burden of directing the SLIITIITICI' SC11001. I CLIFFORD AMBROSE WOODARD, A.B., Pd.B. Professor C1907j of Biology and Physiography. A.B., Columbia University, 19043 Pd.B., State Normal College. His happy, intellectual life is a quiet slam at this ffrabbin materialistic eriistence of ours. s gi 1'1ARRY BIRCI-IENOUGH, A.B., Pd.B., A.M. I"rof1'sx0f' 119075 nf Jllatltonzalitxr. A.B., Cornell, 19055 Pd.B., 19065 A.M., Columbia, 1914. Not like a magistrate, who thinks-with powdered wigg Hut like a giant who reduces life to Analyt. and Trig. lO30 YY-.D A6106 UE BARNARD SAWYER BRoNsoN, A.B., A.M. Professor 09081 of Chemistry. A.B., Columbia, 19083 A.M., Columbia, 19123 Instructor in Geneseo Normal School, 1900-1905. What would lifc be without a Scotch joke? DAVID HUTC1-IISON, A.B., B.D., A.M., Ph.D. Professor 119085 of Government. A.B., McGill University, 18939 B.D., Montreal Presby- terian College, 18983 A.M., Harvard, 19015 Instructor in Union College, 1906-1908. Publications: Foundalion of the Constitutiong American Citiunslzzp and Practwe. He who has a political mind, but unclerstandeth all mankind. ADAM ALEXANDER WALKER, A.B., A.M. Professor H9081 of Economics and Sociology. l A.B., University of Michigan, 19063 A.M., University of Wisconsin, 1912. An inspiring combination of sincerity and friendli- ness with a genius for absentmindedness. Tzomzty-One lO30 YY-.DAGOGUF Twenty-two ANNE LoU1sE CUSHING, Pd.B. Supervisor 09081 of Practice Teaching. Pd.B., State Normal College, 18995 Instructor in Geneseo Normal School, 1902-1908. Portrait of a lady. ELIZABETH FRANCES SHAVER, A.B., Pd.B, Superzfisor 09081 of Practice Teaching. A.B., State Normal College, 19083 Pd.B., State Normal College, 1904. lVoe unto you practice teachers if you teach history without a thorough knowledge of your subject. But hnn who knows hls history, we envy her good will, RICHMOND HENRY KIRTLAND, A.B., A.M. Professor 119095 of English and of Education. A.B., University of Michigan, l900g A.M., University of Chicago, 19095 Superintendent of, -Schools, Houghton, Flint, and Menominee, Mich. ' State Colleges own Socrates, half-feared, always respected, much loved. H330 QEDAGOGUF ADNIX XVOOIJ Rlsr.EY, A.B., Pd.D., fbBK, IIPM Professor C1909J of History. A.B., Colgate, 1894, University of Chicago, 1897-19003 Fellow in History, 1897-1899g Instructor at Chautauqua Summer School, 1900, Professor of History and Politics, Colgate University, 1905-1909, Professor of History at the University of Colorado, Summer Session, Boulder, Colorado, 1910: Travel and Study in Europe, 1923-192-l. Pd.D. Colgate, 1926. From his high stool, he looked upon a world of freshmen, and remained one of them. at heart. CLARENCE FREDERICK HALE, M.S., Ph.D., QIDBK Professor C191U of Physics. B.S., Wesleyan University, 19033 M.S., Wesleyan Uni- versity, 1908g Ph.D., Cornell University, 19093 Instructor in Physical Science at Peddie Institute, 1903-19053 As- sistant and Instructor, Wesleyan University, 1905-19085 Research Associate, Research Laboratory, General lilcc- tric Company, Schenectady, N. Y., 1909-1911. Publications: Scientific Articles. His idealism inspires us to become enthusiastic over heat waves and atoms. WILLIAM GEORGE KENNEDY, Ph.B. Assistant Professor 119115 in Chemistry. Ph.B., Syracuse University, 1911. ' In spite of his dignity and scholarly skill, he is known to be intensely human and an excellent chap- erone. Twcrzly-three l030 YY-.DAGOGUF Twenty-four FLORENCE DODGE FREAR, B.S., M.A. Instructor 119111 in Dressmaking. B.S,, Teachers' College, Columbia University, 1918: M.A., Teachers' College, Columbia University, 1923, Study in Europe, 1926-1927. ' Did ever'a lirosh know how to sew? Mrs. Frcar will teach them how, you know. I.vum AN'fO1NET'fE JOHNSON, A.B., A.M. Supervisor 119121 of Practice Teaching. AB., State Normal College, 19115 A.M., Columbia Uni- versity, 1924. Question: 1Yhat are the qualities that 21 really good Latin Teacher should have? Answer: Bliss johnsonf JOHN ALoYs1Us MAI-IAR, Ph.B., Pd.B. Assistaizt Professor C1912j in French. Ph.B., Union College, 19045 Pd.B., State Normal College, 19065 Student at johns Hopkins University, the University of Chicago, and Columbia University, , A friendly aspect which creates a feeling of com- radeship with his students. mae VY-.DAGOGUF Gizouma AL1sxANu1zR ST1f:v111sN PAINTER, A.B., Ph.D. Professor 09121 of Philosophy. A.B., Harvard, 1892, Ph.D., University of Jena, 1896, Graduate Student, Boston University, 1892-1894, Student of Universities in Jena, Berlin, Leipsic, 1894-1896, In- structor in Tufts College, 1897-1898, Acting Professor in Bryn Mawr College, 1903-1904, Instructor in George Washington University, 1904-1906, Professor of Phil- osophy in Mount Union College, 1907-1911, Professor of Philosophy in Clark University, 1911-1912. Publications: 5'pencer's Evolutionary The0?'3h The Phil- osophy of Chrisfs Temptations, The Philosophy of Primi- tive Magic, The Future of the American Negro, The Phil- osophy of Culture, The Idea of Progress, Fundamentals of Psychology, The Philosophy 0fE'z1olution, and various other articles. Philosophy, thou knowest thy master, . Pink shades of thought, thy poetaster. JESSE FLOYD STINARD, A.B., A.M. Professor 'C1913J of Spanish. A.B., Brown University, 1900, A.M., Pennsylvania State College, 1910, Institute Tilly, Berlin, 1908, Fellow in German, University of Chicago, 1911-1912. 'ln State he had a subtle aim, That was to give Spain a name. HARRY WoR'r111NG'roN HASTINGS, A.B., A.M., Ph.D.,AfI1F Head of Department C1914J of English. A.B., Brown University, 1904, A.M., Harvard, 1906, Ph.D., Harvard, 1916, Teacher of English, Williamsport , High School, Penn., 1904-1905, Instructor in English, Brown University, 1906-1907, Instructor in English, Simmons College, 1907-1911, Instructor in English in Brown and Radcliffe, 1912-1913, Instructor in English, Dartmouth, 1913-1914. A Publications: "Selerlio11s from Speeches of Ahrohonz I.incoh1." A democrat in the aristocracy of letters. Twenty- five Tfwvn ly-.six l030 'QW-.DAGOGUF Cmnicncii ALBERT I-IIDLEY, A.B., A.M., KQK Assistant Professor C1915J in History. 13.135, State College, 19155 A.M., Columbia University, l 1 So unlike Napoleon in demeanor g so like him in his conquering of History. So unlike XVashington in dominanceg yet so like him in the winning of our admiration. CARLETON ELDERKIN POWER, B.S.,4Ph.D., fI1BK, EE Assistant Professor 119151 of Physics. B.S., University of Rochester, 1908g Ph.D., Cornell Uni- versity, 19153 Instructor in Science, Montclair Academy, N. I., 1908-19103 Instructor in Physics, Cornell University, 1910-1915. A thorough sportsman both on the tennis court and in his smiling tolerance of our ignorance in the scientific world. HAROLD XV1I.Lm.M TuonvsoN, A.M., Ph.B., Ph.D., D.Litt., F.S.A. Scot., E.L.S., LDBK, Adil' Professor H9151 of English. Ph.B., Hamilton, 1912: A.M., Harvard, 1913, Ph.D., Har- vard, 191Sg D.Litt., Edinburgh University, 19293 Research Fellow of the Guggenheim Foundation and Research Stu- dent of Edinburgh University, l925l1927g Life Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, l926g Member of Scottish Society: Member of Edinburgh University Council, 19293 books and articles on literature and ecclesi- astical music. The American Scholarf, He " touches life on many levelsf, H l03O 'QEDAGOGUF ARTHUR .KENNEDY BEIK, Pd.M., Ph.D., KQDK Assistant Professor 119161 in Education. Ph.B., Grinnell College, 19085 Pd.M., School of Pedagogy, New York University, 1909, Ph.D., Clark University, 1913, Honorary Fellow, Clark University, 1913-1914: Assistant Professor of Psychology and Pedagogy, Olivet College, 1914-19153 Instructor in Education and Psy- chology, Central State Normal, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, 1915-1916. He listens to our thoughts, smiles at the youth of them, and then goes 011. Glzoiiois MORELL Y-ORK, A.B. Professor 09161 of Commercial Education. A.B., Colgate University, 19073 Head of Commercial Department, Waterloo, 1900-19095 Ithaca, 1911-19145 'Nhite Plains, 1914-19163 Special Commercial Represen- tative for Ginn and Company, 1909-1911. Publications: Co-author -"Elcmentar Trafuin or Bus- ' II H' ' ' ' g I mess, Co-author-- Commercial Edufatzon in Continua- tion SchooIs,"' Co-author "Factors in Commercial Geog- raplzyf' With his sane ideals clearly before him, he smiles tolerantly at the Utopias of moclernists. BLANCIIE Avnnv, B.S. in C. Izzstrxwtor H9163 in Commerce. HS. in C., State College, 1916. Conscientious, faithful to duty, and generous to a fault in giving her time. Twenty-seven T'wc11ly-viglit l030 YEDAGOGUF MARY ELIZABETH Coma, A.B., B.L.S., QDBK Librarian C19161 and Assistant Professor in .Library Management. A.B., Syracuse University, 19123 B.L.S., New York State Library School, 19155 Assistant in New York State Li- brary, 1913-19155 Assistant in Children's Department, Brooklyn Public Library, 1915-19163 Temporary Assist- ant in New York Public Library, Summer of 19193 Sum- mer school at Chicago Universityg Leave of absence, 1929, to study at University of Chicago. u Mid pleasures and palaces tho' she may roam, Our libI'aI'y'misses her. 1Ve wish she'd come home." Armies ELEANOR FU'rTEIuzR, A.B.,'M.A. Instructor in English Ql9l71 3 Assistant P1'ofv.r.r0r 119291 in Iiliglish. A.B., State College, 19165 Graduate work, Columbia University, 1916-19173 American Academy of Dramatic Arts, 1916-19173 Middlebury Summer Session, 1922, Director of Dramatics, Lake Placid Club, 19233 M.A., Columbia 419271. As mystical and young as the dawn, as warm and radiantly splendid as the noon, as silent and subtle as the subdued night-1t's the only way we can say it, Miss Futterer. PIELEN MARIE PHILLIPS, A.B., A.M. Iinrtruclzir 119181 in Engli.vlI,' fi5.YiSfllllf Pr0fc.v.ror H9291 of English. A.B., Ohio University, 1915g A.M., Northwestern Uni- versity, 19l6g National German-American Teachers' Sem- inary, Summer Session, 19163 Columbia University, Sum- mer Session, 1917g Instructor in 'Lawrence College, Appleton, Wisconsin, 1916-1918, Summer Session, Cornell University, 1927. A quiet person, who iII her quiet way, goes about leaving unforgettable impressions. l03O QEDAGOGUE MINNIE BRINK SCOTLAND, B.S., A.M. llI.Yfl'1lt'1Ul' H9185 in lizblogyy- ,'l,Y.Yf.Yfllllf Prnfearor 119291 in Biology. B.S., State College, 1918, A.M., Columbia, 1920, State College Summer Session, 1921-1922-1923-1925. Leave of absence 11926-19271 to study at Cornell. Best of companions on the open road. , EDITII OWEN VVALLACE, A.B., A.M. lu.s'Irm'Ior CIQISJ in Latin KI-lid 1iuy1i.vh,' Pro- fi' 119291 1'11tl.ntin. A.B, State College, 19l7' A.M Wellesle 1920 In . h , ., y g - structor, Middlebury College Summer Session,,l92l g State College Summer Session, 1924, Summer Session, Amer- ican Academy, Rome, 19.26, Graduate study, Columbia, 1927-28-29. NVe are aware of thoroughness when Miss NYallace leads us through Latin, we are aware of her charm when she leads us through conversation. CAROLINE CROASDALE, M.D. College Physician and Professor C1919J of Hygiene. M.D., Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania, 1914, University of Pennsylvania, School of Biology, 1906-1909, Assistant Instructor in Clinical Medicine and Physiolog- ical Chemistry, Woman's Medical College of Pennsyl- vania, Physician to Philadelphia Normal School and Instructor in Hygiene, Lecturer in Hygiene and Physician to Temple University, Staff Physician and Lecturer for National Board of Y. W. C. A. in Women's Colleges of algelrgisbgklahoma, Arkansas, Washington, and California, It's not only the refreshing quality of her lectures that we remember, but we cherish her as one of us who was yet above us. 'wr' my-nine N-f l030 Qi-.DAGOGUF G1su'1'RU1i1s IELIZABETII DOUGLAS, A.B., A.M., Ph.D., EE,QBK lIIJft'ItL'f0l' 119191 i1tB1'oIogy. Macon Woman's College, 1908-19l2g Instructor in Botany, Lake Erie College, 1915-19165 Instructor in Botany, Agri- A.B., Smith College, 19043 A.M., Smith College, 1907' Ph.D., Cornell University, 19175 Instructor in Randolph: cultural College, Cornell University, 1917-1919. Although she knows the charm of Hawaii and the lure oi Europe, she remains faithful to State, T. FREDERICK H. CANDLYN, Mus.B., Ph,D. Head of Music Department C1920J. Mus.B., University of Durham, England, 19115 Graduate Course at State College, 1916-1917, 1919-1920: Organist and Master of the Choir, St Paul's Church, Ph.D'., State College, 1927. Publications: Vocal and Instrumental Compositions pub- Thirty lished by H. W. Gray, Schirmer, Ditson, Schmidt, Presser, and the Boston Music Company. XV hat melodies sing in his mind, what raptures caught on organ keys can set us racing to the skies like vague enchanting largosies! ANNA RANDOLPH Kam BARSAM, A.B., BS., M.A. Assistant Professor H9201 of Home Economics. A.B., Fredericksburg College, 19123 University of Vir- ginia, Summer Session, 1913-1914g B.S., Teachers' Col- lege, Columbia University, 19173 M.A., Teachers' Col- lege, 19275 Instructor at Temple University, Philadelphia, 1917-19183 Instructor at Southwestern, La., Normal, La- fayette, La., 1918-19205 Instructor at Buffalo State Nor- mal, 1920 and 19223 Student in Paris, Summer, 1921 Summer Session, Columbia.University, 1923-19255 Sum- mer Extension Course, University of Cambridge, Eng- land, 19243 Home Economics Editor of The High Sclzoo I Teacher Magasiric. Leave of absence 1927-1928. Student at University of London, England, 1927-1928. Responsibilities are hers, but their weight is for gotten in the lightheartedness of her smile. l030 QED!-XG OCUF A. MAY FILLINGHAM, B.S., O.N. Instructor 09215 in Home Economics. B.S., State College, 1918, S'ummer Session, Oneonta State Iggximal School, 19185 University of Pittsburgh, 1918- 1 . The Practice House is her abode, Where seniors tread the h0usewife's road. ' LIAZEL A. Rowusv, A.B., A.M. Instructor 119211 in 1Jl1j'.Yl'C.Y,' Professor 119291 in Plxyxics. A.B., State College, 1920, A.M., State College, 1925, Summer Session, Cornell Univversity, 1927, First term summer quarter, University of Chicago, 1929. Gym Frolics, Campus days, all have known, She is by far the best chaperone. A LAURA F. THOMPSON B.S. 9 Instructor and Cafeteria Manager C1921J. B.S., Simmons College, Instructor Elmira College, 1915- Q 1916: Dietitian, Albany Hospital, 1919-1921. Miss Thompson, in the caf., holds sway, For health, we eat there once a clay.- Thirty-one l030 YEDAGOGUF y Thu-t v-two 1 .1X'1ARLiARE'1' D. BETZ, A.M. Instructor 09221 in Chemistry. BQS,, State College, 1922: Summer Session, Columbia University, C1923-1924-19255. . She will stand the "acid" test for good sports' manship. j. ISABELLE JOHNSTON, A.B., P.D. Instructor H9225 in Physical Education. A.l3., State College, 1920: P.D., Sargent, 19223 Leave of absence, 1929-1930. Work is hut a big interesting playground in which her geniality makes everyone her comrade. QUEENE HOMAN FAUST, B.S. Instructor H9235 in Biology. B.S., State College, 19233 Summer School, Rockland, 19275 Leave of absence, 1929-1930. ' Her popularity in State as a student has followed her through her role as an instructor here. 1030 I QEDAGOGUE ELlZA1ilE'l'II l'lUNT Moiuus, A.l3., A.M., Ph.D. Assistant Professor f1923J of Psychology and Education. Study at Earlham College, Summer Sessions, 1908, 1909, 19103 Dartmouth College, Summer Session, 19115 A.B.. Wellesley College, 1913, A,M., Wellesley College, 19183 Study at Teachers' College, Columbia Universityg Gradu- ate Assistant in Philosophy and Psychology, Wellesley College, 1917-19183 Instructor in Psychology and Educa- tion, State Normal School, Upper Montclair, N. I., 1918- 19235 study at Columbia, 1925-19263 Ph.D., Columbia University, 1929. - Through mazes of thoughts she leads us, Cold fact and intangible stulfg But we know Doctor Morris is " l11mm11," And in that word we've said quite enough. CATIIARINE VVALs11 Piamz, AB., A.M. H Instructor 09231 in English. A.B., State College, 1922g Leave of absence, 1926-1927, A.M., Columbia, 1927. She holds the little daily sweets of earth On high and pleasures in them: words that sing Clear music, lovely faces." FLORENCE E. WINCHELL, B.S., A.M. Professor 119241 of Home Economics. Chicago Normal School, 1900-19023 Post-Graduate Work in Domestic Science, 1903-19045 B.S., Teachers' College Columbia University, 1907-19093 Instructor in Household Arts, Teachers' College, 1909-19125 Instructor in House- hold Arts, Ethical Culturc School, 1912-19173 Instructor in Household Arts, The Lincoln School of Teachers' Col- lege, 1917-1924, A.M., Teachers' College, 19245 Coun- cilor, N. Y. State Home Economics Association, Child Study Group, Albany Chapter, A. A. U. W., chairmang Chairman, Student Club Advisory Committee, American Home Economics Association. This name in Home Economics is famous far and wideg And we are very glad she is our State College Guide. Tl1it'l3'-Illwv Tl1i1'ty-fum' l030 YY-.DAGOGUIF I ALICE 'TAYLOR HILL, A.B., A.M. Instructor H9241 in Spanish and Supervisor of Practice Teaching. A.B., Barnard College, 1911g Bachelor's Diploma in Edu- cation, Teachers' College, Columbia University, 19l1g Co-Director Villa Robles, Rio Piedras, Porto Rico, 1920p Director of Spanish Work, Baptist Missionary Training School, Chicago, Illinois, 1920-19235 Diploma de Suticien- cia, Centro de Estudios Historicos, Madrid, 1923g Instruc- tor in Romance Languages, Grinnell College, Iowa, 1924, A.M., Middlebury College, 1924. Spanish, German, French, oh my! To her " Esperanto " is easy as pie! RUTIIERFORD BAKER, B.S. Athletic Coach 119241. Temple University Dept. of Physical Education, 1922, Coach Morristown Preparatory School. l'he dashing Don juan of the faculty. ILLIZABETH DIVINE ANDERSON, B.S., A.M. Supervisor 119252 of Practice Teaching and Instructor in Commerce. Graduate, Skidmore College, 19213 B.S., State College, 1922, Graduate Work, Simmons'College, Summer, 1923, Substitute Instructor at State College, 1923-245 Instruc- tor at Summer Session, State College, 1924: Graduate Work, Columbia University, Summer Sessions 1925-1928, A,M., Teacher's Co-llege, Columbia University, 1928t The " DiviIIe Lady " turned critic, a charming per- sonality turned teacher. l030 YY-.DAGOGUF KATHERINE ELEANOR WHEELING, A.B., A.M. Supervisor 119251 of Practice Teaching and Instructor in English. A.B., Allegheny College, 19123 A.M. and Certificate as Supervisor in English, Teachers' College, Columbia Uni- versity, 19223 Summer School work at Chautauqua, 19155 Graduate study in University of Pittsburgh, 1920-213 Summer examiner with New York State Department of Education, 1918-25, Summer Session, St. Hilda's College, Oxford University, England, 1928. Just as English is the core of all Education, so are you the core of inspiration and achievement to all of us young English teachers. 1 RALPH ALEXANDER BEAVER, A.B. Instructor 119251 in Mathematics A.B., State College, 19243 A.M., Columbia, 19283 Sum- mer Session, University of Chicago, 1929. Mr. Beaver's greatest difficulty apparently is trying to suppress his recognition of the ridiculous-a feasible solution of the mystery, how anyone could take higher math. HELEN T. FAY, A.B.. A.M.. TIFM 41l!1llf1!lCl' C0-Off. Instructor 11925-19291 in History, A.B., State College, 19193 Cornell S. S., 1918: Graduate Work and Assistantship in History, State College, 1919- 19213 University o-f Toulouse, France, 1923-1924: A.M., State College, 1927: Founder, State College Co-Op., 19203 Instructor 11925-19293 in History. A 1Ve won't even mention the word. Co-Op, or the word efficiency, we'll tall: about one of the truest friends and advisors a student can have. Th i rty- five l030 'QEDAGOGUE Th irty-s ix MILTON G. NELSON, B.S., M.S., Ph.D,, fIvKfI1, fIPAK, KCDK Professor 09265 of Education. Oneonta Normal, 19071 Principal, West Hartford, Conn., 1908-123 District Superintendent of Schoc-ls, Delaware County, 1912-233 B.S., State College, 19243 M.S., Cornell Univ.-, 1925, Ph.D., Cornell Univ., 1926. And after class, the boys group themselves around his desk. U MARTHA CAROLINE PRITCHARD, BLS., KAII f2il'!'l'f0l' fl926J of Library School. Librarxn, White Plains High School, 1913-163 Diploma of the Library School of the New York Public Library, 19141 Assistant Librarian, Geneseo Normal School, 1916- 19173 Librarian, Bridgewater Normal School, 1917-19193 B.S., Teachers' College, Columbia, 19203 Supervising In- structor, Detroit Teachers' College, 1920-19263 Graduate study, University of Chicago, four quarters during the years 1926-1929. ' Books are meant to be read-but how? Ask Miss Pritchard. ELLEN C. STOKES, A.B., M.A., EE, KDBK Iutvlrurlm' C1926D in illcitlzenzatzlxr. Brown University, A.B., 19231 .M.A.,l1924g Instructor, Coker College, 1924-19253 Summer Sessions, Cornell, l928j University of Chicago-, 1929. Always willing to help, whether to explain determ- inants or to pour tea. l030, QEDAGOGUZ: MARION CIIESEBIQOUGH, A.B., M.A. 1lI.Y,I'l1l'fUl' 119275 in Latin. A.B., State College, 1926, M.A., Columbia, 1927. " She is witty, a student, proud, and beautiful-21 lady of diverse enchantn1ents." But how we love our "Chesey "-especially outside of classes! ' ALICE MAY KIRKPATRICK, B.S., LDBK Assistant Librarian., 1927. B.S., Middlebury College, 1922, Certificate, New York State Library School, 19243 Librarian, Massachusetts School for Feeble Minded, Waverly, Mass., Summer, 1924, General Assistant, Library of New Britain Institute, New Britain, Conn., 1924-19263 New York State Travel- ing Library, 19265 Instructor in Summer Session, 19275 Instructor in Library School, State College, 1926-27. Xfxfltll a friendly smile, she grants desires for ponder- ous reference books. CATI-IERINE MILLS Love, A.B., M.A. A.v.ri.rfa11f Dil'fCfI7I' H9275 in l.ib1'al'y School. A.B., University of South Carolina, 19195 M.A., University of South Carolina, l920g Certificate, Library School, Pratt Institute, 1924. She has the subtle charm and graciousness of the old South. Th i rt y-seven Thirty-riglzt lO30 I VY-.DAGOGUE .ALICE 15. RYDER, S.M., EE ln.vlrm'l0r 09275 in Home Economics. Dietitian's Diplo-ma, Battle Creek Collcgeg B.S., Columbia University, 1925: S.M., Chicago, 1929. Vitamins from A to Z d0n't dazzle her, but blinded me. EARLE BENNETT' SOUTH, BS. in Ed., A.M., Ph.D., KfDK, Aim Assistant Professor C1927J of Psychology and Education. B.S. in Ed., Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, 19295 A.M., Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, 1923, Ph.D., Ohio State University, 19275 Post Graduate work, Uni- versity of Chicagog Senior Instructor in Paidology and Psychology, Ohio University, 1920-1921: Assistant Pro- fessor of Psychology, 1921-1923, Ohio University: In- structor in Psychology, Ohio State University, 1923-1925: Member of American Association of University Pro- fessors, 19223 Member of American Psychological Asso- ciation, 1927. Publications: "Some Psychological Aspects of Com- mittee Work," I, American Journal of Psychology. Oct., 1927: II, Dec.. 1927: "Some Uses of Psychology Tests in Schools of Nursing," American journal of Nursing 1929, Dec. A thorough knowledge of his subject, and he who knows psychology thoroughly. indeed, deserves our admiration. HOWARD ADALIS Do BELL, A.B., A.M., Ph.D., QBK Pr'ofr's.ror f1928j of llItlf1l4'lIlCIilt'5. A.B,, Syracuse, 19193 A.M., Syracuse University, 1923, Ph.D., Cornell, 1928, Instructor in Mathematics, Colgate University, 1922-1927. ' ' U Wie doubt whether he found in any of the math books he has mastered. a solution to that famous newspaper query, " Do bells have twins? " l030 A YY-.DAGOGUE EARL DORWALDT, A.B., M.D. Instructor 119285 in Hygiene. A.B., State College, 1920, M.D., Albany Medical College. He helps freshmen grow up. ITIELEN C. JAMES, A.B., B.L.S. Asxistaizt Librarian 119291. A.B., Vassar Co-llege, 1912: B.L.S., New York State Library School, 19265 Assistant Librarian, U. S. De- barkation Hospital, Fox Hills, Staten Island, 1919: As- sistant Librarian, New York State Library, 1915-1929. She who c-an Find her way through books is never lost. EIJNA LAYTON, A.B. Supc1'vi.ror C1928D Prariirc Tvaclzing. A.B., State College, 1926. " To train the reason," pedagogues Of olcl said, " Study mathf' So, too, agrees the Milne High Youth ' When poor excuse he hath! 771if'ly-nine l030 QED!-XGOGUE Forty AlAR1oN'XV. Rliovvlw, A..B. l.ilH'lIl'illll 119285 .lliluc lliylz Srlzool. A.B., Mt. Holyoke, New York State Library School, 1922- 19233 Reference Librarian, Banker's Trust Co. N. Y. C. 1923-19243 Librarian, Westminster College, 1924-19253 1lion Free Public Library, 1925-1927, Librarian, Oneonta Normal, 1927-1928. 4- Her laugh is thistledown Around her low replies." ARLENE FEARON PRESTON, A.B., A.M. lnsfrurlor H9285 in French A.B., Byrn Mawr, 19207 A.M., Bryn Mawr, 1921, Gradu- uatc Scholar in Philosophy, Bryn Mawr, 19225 Hopkins Scholar in Philosophy, 1922-1923, Hopkins Scholar in French, 1925-19265 Study at Sorbonne, Paris, 19235 Study at Sorbonne, Paris, 1928, Instructor in Romance Languages, Beloit College, Wisconsin, 1926-1928. She seems a miniature, discovered in a Cask of foreign treasure. All listen to her words but understand better her smile. NIIRIAM SNOW, A.B. Suffwvisor' 119285 of Practice Teaching. A.B., State College, 19265 Librarian, Pleasantville, New York, 1926-1928. . V She expresses in every little act her own deep love of verse and rhythm. l030 . YY-.DAGOGUF CARLTON Moose, A.B. Sujwervisor H9295 of Practice Teaching. A.B., State College, 19265 Instructor at Cobleskillg Study at Cornell, 1928. V A serious-minded young man who blows his own horn only in a musical way. The guilty party of another college romance. MILTON PRUE, A.B. Instructor C1929j in Chemistry. A.B., Clark University, 1921: Study at Teachers' College, Columbiag Instructor at Point Pleasant Beach, 1921- 19265 Instructor in Science and Mathematics, North Tarrytown, 1926-19285 Physical Director and Coach, American Legion. Tennis-driving a car-these are the hobbies of him who is surely finding his way into our hearts. WILLIAM F. VOLLBRECI'I'F, A.B., A.M., QIJAK Instructor C1929J in Government. A.B.,-Northwestern University, 19243 A.M., Columbia University, 19285 Instructor at I-Iamilton, Ohiog Atlanta, Georgia. A man well " governed," precise in all ihings, A man indeed, always on his toes. , F arty-one l030 YY-.DAG OGUF Forty-tzvo 4 Minn' E. CONKLIN, A.B. .S'ufu'r'vi.vor 09291 of Practice Teaching. AJS.. NVel1es1ey, 1918: Study at Columbiag Instructor at Hudson. Silently she dicl her many duties, and no one realizecl her great worth until somehow-" The work just got clone." M. ANNETTE DOBBIN, A.B., A.M. lmfructnr Cl929J in French. A.B., Vllashington Stateg A.M., Teachers' College Colum- bia: Study at Sorbonne, Paris, 19283 Instructor .in lan- guages, Roy, Washingtong Enterprise, Oregon. Somehow French cloesn't seem to me ' The hug bear that it used to be. C,xRoLiN12 LESTER. A.B., A.M,, HAGJ lnslrurtor 119291 inf Matlzcmafics. A.B., A.M., Cornell University: Summer Session, Har- varcl University, 19255 Summer Session, Cornell Uni- versity, 1927. , . An original combination of wit, pep, and a love for the intricacies of mathematics. l030 . YY-.DAGOGUF MAIQTIIA JANE ALIZRICEIIT, A.B., MA., IIFM Qui: ln.rlrm'lor C1926-291 in Hisloryp ln.rh'urf0r Cl9Z9D in History. A.B. 119261, State College: A.M. C1928J, State College: Study at Geneva School of International Studies, Switzer- land, summer, 19275 Travel on the continent o-f Europe, summer, 19275 Study at Columbia, summer, 19263 Study at University of Wisconsin, 19283 Instructor in, History, February-june, 1929, at Callicoon. A prophet who has gained honor in her own country. EMMA M. S. BESIG, A.B., A.M., IIDBK, IIAO Instructor C1929J in English. A.B., A.M., Cornell University, Instructor at Keene Valley, Ticonderogag Northport, Long Island. " Her speech is as a thousand eyes through which we see the earth." DONALD BRX'ANT, A.B., KIJBK, 4I1KfIJ, AEP Instru-clor 119291 in English. A.B., Cornell University, 19273 Assistant in public speak- ing, Cornellg Instructor in history, public speaking, Ards- ley, 1926-7: teacher of history and mathematics, Ardsley. N. Y. High School, 1927-83 Summer Sessions, Cornell University, 1928, 1929. He insists on form in everything, admires Milton. and indulges in Sunday walks in the country. lfm-1 y-three l030 QEDAGOGUF Forly-four VICTOR BADEN, A.M., B.S.'urlnr C1929j in Biology and Gvuvral Science, A.M., Columbia, B.S., College of City of N. Y. A shy young man who didn't know what a " Peda- gogue f' is. H1z1.1zN1z M. Cuooks, A.13., MA. lnsh'm'tnr 09291 in French-,' Suf1cr'vi.vor H9291 Practice Teaclzirzg. Baccalaureate, Sorbonne, Parisg B.A., Vassarg M.A., Co- lumbia. French, very French indeed! But why not? French is a lovely language. DOROTIIEA D11zTz, A.B., B.S. Instructor 119291 in Pl1y.vival Educalion. A.B., State College, 19255 B.S. in P.E., Ohio University, 19295 Summer Session New York University, 19295 In- structor in Physical Education, Rhinebeck High School, 1925-19263 Sangertin High School, 1926-1928. Personality with a large amount of efficiency and pep, Freshmen, Sophomores, she makes them step. l030 , QED!-XGOGUE Mmaouin E. PIAGIZLBERG, A.B. Asxixlanf Prof4's.vor 119291 in Biology. A.B., State College, 19265 Summer School, Columbia 1929. " Patience is a virtue." So we were taught in school, And here again we cannot find Exception to the rule. MARoARm' ELIZABETH H1TcucocK, A.B., A.M. Ilmlruclor fl929J in 1Jhj'.Y1.l'llI Education. A.B., Oberlin College, 19253 A.M., Teachers' College, Columbia, 1929. Her contagious humor and originality are displayed even while teaching Freshmen tennis. E. MARION KILPATRICK, A.B., A.M., fbBK Ill.Yfl'1lt'f0I' C1929J in English. A.B., Vassar, 19243 A.M., Radcliffe, 1928. She tried to make us think "clearly andqcogently " and since she possesses an excellent sense of humor, to our surprise, she succeeded. 1711i'ly-five l930 YY-.DAGOGUE Forty-.six 4 Principal of Milne Junior High School. HARRY J..I..lNTON, B.S., AZ, FEA, KIDAK KAKD B.S,, University of Nebraskag Graduate work, summer courses, Graduate work, Teachers' College, Columbia, Teacher in Agriculture, Tecumseh High School, Te- cumseh, Nebraskag Principal Rural Consolidated Schools, Mitchell, Nebraska, Principal, High School, Sidney, Ncbraskag Principal, Junior High School, Beatrice, Nebraskag Principal, McKinley Junior High School, Schenectady, New York. . XV ith one so cheerfully and helpfully enthusiastic at the helm, Milne Junior High can launch its ship boldly. - GRACE IVIARTIN Ilmiruclor Cl929D in Fine Arts. Art Institute of Chicago, 19.21, 1925-27: Academy of Fine Arts, Chicago, 1923-249 University of Chicago, 1927-285 Part-time teaching at Oak Park, Illinois, and The Art Institute of Chicago Junior Schoolg Instructor of Art at State Normal School, Cheney, Washington, 1928-1929. According to Miss Martin herself, she is "just a free-lance commercial artist 3" to us she has a rol- licking sense of humor. MARGARET R. MEYER, A.B., B.S. in Library Science Assislant Librarian Cl929J. , . A.B., State College, 19223 B.S. in Libraryy Science, State College, 1927: Instructor of History in Rome High School, 1922-253 Instructor of History, State College, 1925-26, Librarian Senior High School, Schenectady, 1927-28. And may we not say that in a place where books are books, references are elusive, and assignments must be done, such a librarian is well appreciated. loso r , YEDAGOGUF HARLAN RAYMOND Imvtructor 09291 Boys' Shop, Milne High School. Oswego Normal, Training School for Teachers of Me- chanical Arts, Boston, 19225 Instructor of Shop 1922- 19293 Intermediate School, Lockport, N. Y. lrVe'll be seeing future Milnites well prepared to " make the world over." JEAN PAULINE Smru, A.B., A.M. Assistant 1'rofcs.ror 09295 in Social Scivncc. A.B., University of Californiag A.M., Stanford Uni- versityg Graduate work, Johns Hopkins: New York Uni- versity, Oxford University, Columbia Universityg Y. W. C. A. Hostess House Work and entertaining at camp concerts, Camp Cody, New Mexico and Camp Fremont, Menlo Park: travel and study on the continent, two years, guidance and club work, Girls' Friendly Society, New York City at the National OPHCC. Tiny in stature, but not too tiny to hold her wealth of knowledge, wisdom and sympathy. NIARI-ON E. Smut, BA., M.A., Ph. D. Instructor 09291 in French. A.B., Smith 19153 M.A., Smith 19253 Ph.D., University of Paris. We're glad to make her acquaintance, for to us she has an air of the cultured, the refined, and the genial. F or'ty-seven Forty-eight lO30 QEDAGOGUEV' 1 DONNAL V. SMITH, 15.5. in Ed., A.M., Ph.D. In.rlr11z'!nr fl929D in Hixtory. i H-.S. in Ed., Bowling Green College, Ohio, 19245 A.M. University of Chicago, 19273 Ph.D., University of Chicago 19293 Instructor, University of Texas, 1926-1927. Historical Paper: "Salmon P. Chase and the Election of l860," published in "Ohio Archaelogical and His- torical Quarterly." Something new to State College is Donnal Smith. His charming sense of humor and vast abundance of enthusiasm for history have many a fair co-ed burning the midnight oil. V -IOIIN J. STURM, A.B. Iu.rlr'uflnr H9293 in Clll'Hll'Sfl'j', A.B., State College, 1929. 'His going to State the year before, Makes us admire him all the more. CJLIVE XV. VVm2A'1'oN, B.A., NLD. Certihcatc, Department of Hygienic and Physical Educa- tion, Wellesley College: B.A., Hunter Collegeg M.D., Medical College, Cornell University. ' Her pills and smiles are cure-alls for any ills. V330 ' YY-.DAGOGUF ELIZABETH VAN DENBURGH, A.B., QBK Registrar 119205. A.B., Cornell University, 1910, Teacher of Latin, Clyde High School, 1910-19125 Cataloguer, Cornell University Library, 1913-1917, Clerk U. S. War Department and U. S. Treasury Department, 1917-1920. Pert and chipper as a Sparrow and about its size- but don't try to frighten her away. She'l1 not'rufHe a feather. CLARENCE JOSEPH DI-:vo S ecretary-Treasurer 119171. Albany Business College, 1904, Stenographer and Assist- ant Accountant with Beaver River Lumber Company, Croghan, N. Y., 1904-1905, Assistant Accountant, General Electric Company, Schenectady, 1906-19085 Chief Account- ant, Superintenclent's Ollice, New York Central R.R., Albany, N. Y., 1908-1917, Secretary to Dr. Samuel B. Ward, 1908-1916, and to Dr. Erastus Corning, 1916-1917. He is the master of the mint, for only he knows the combination of the safe. !llN!L0?NJPlZiK1 Umocers oil: Administration AIIRAM ROVER BRUBACIIER, Ph.D. . President of College NVILLIAM HENRX' METZLER, Pl1.D. .' Dean of the College' ANNA ELOISE PIERCE, Pd.M. . . Dean of Women CLARENCE JOSEPH DEYO . . Financial Secretary ELIZAEETI-I VAN DENBURGH, A.B. . . Rvgigfmr CAROLINE CROASDALE, M.D. . . . College Physician MARY ELIZABETH Coma, A.B., B.L.S. . . Librarian F arty-nine V130 I 'QEDAGQGUE Fifty r A Greeting FROM 1919 PEDAGOGUE Brave June again, and caps and gowns Are bending over booksg The books are blue, and most of you Are indigo in looks. "O well, that's over .... Strange, my dear: I'm rather sorry, too. A Mark Twain was funny, anyway, But Thompson's. lectures! Phew!" And I? I taste the happiness Of Clinton's rose-sweet air, And smell the Cambridge lilacs' bloom, And hear the songs back there, And smoke old pipes, and tell old tales, And tread the old lost ways, And' laugh my June away again, i And chant my lady's praise. "Come on, old tub, a little game! Fatimas, by the Lord!" Ah, memory. . . . At red Sedan He perished by the sword. Fair Harvard and bright Hamilton . . . State College! Come, no tears. I'll pass you all, or nearly all, Remembering those years. We give you from our little cups A tiny sup of Truth. God 'bless you all, you giveus more,- Eternal, wistful Youth. Faithfully yours, HAROLD W. Trromrsom The orchard .vfmrklell like a gem How nligldy 'twns to slay A guest in lhis .YfNf7l?lllI'0IIX place, The parlor of the day. Emily DfC'fn'l'II.VrllI, Sefzoof ,ml new f it l l If there was a broken wlrispvriug at night, If was an l1lIl1.fl!' of Ihr loyal hrarl: - But the while dawn asxurcs them how to frartj Sfoics are lmrn on the fold glilfer of light. And if no Lathe flows llffllfllfll your caxvuzmzf, And when Iho year.: have brought no full !?f?tlt'I'Il1l'llf, Philosophy was wrong, and you may meet. -John C. Rama 'fr 9 l I Q4 I .-if L .EJ R Seniors 1 4 4 l030 QED!-XGOGUE Senior Class History g History! That's the wordg it repeats itself. Look through history and find the prototype. But let's take shorter and slower steps. We took history our first year. And we took whatever came after history lectures. For the girls, it was " Buttons, buttons, buttons." For the men, " took " doesn't comprehend all. There, it was GIVE and take. Out of lecture, over the peristyle, and into the scrimmage. 1929, however, did the taking. But we squared the debt when we took the bundle of " old clothes." "Oh, we wish that we had back- our banner 'Cause we need it for Soiree tonight." Now let's take a bigger step, that prototype is almost in sight. A singing class--that class of 1930. Yes, and a Fighting class, too. Now we have it-Crom- well! That's it, Cromwellfs army-a singing,4fighting, inspired army! And like Cromwell's army, we sang and fought our way to the top. But conquest by battle is never complete, nor is conquest by singing. And so we left our Grecian background and assumed our Roman tasks 5 we proceeded to statesmanship and law-making,-we became constitution warriors. " Banner, and mascot, and tug-of-war, Now we all wonder what they were for." The " Open Sesame " was found, we learned the deeper meaning of class rivalry. In our third year, we discovered the great principle of the undergraduate and his college-we learned the lesson of reciprocity. And this lesson we carried with us into our senior year. Wliat shall be said about senior year? The true story has never been told, it cannot be told by an undergraduate. Yet the story is before you, it is in the eyes of every Senior. But strangely enough, only a classmate may read it--and that for verification- D The months go by, and Commencement looms larger and larger. With Commencement comes a feeling that can never be forgotten, because we rarely experience such an emotion. The feeling is bitter-sweet, it is a sweetness tinged with regret, no matter what our four years have been. XV e try to look ahead, we feel, yes, we know that coming years will leave only the sweet. Reciprocity will mean more and more to our maturer minds, we will find that the "Open Sesame " to college life will be the "Open Sesame " to all life, and that retro- spection will be ever-pleasant and ever-inspiring. Fifty-five l030 QYLDAGOGUF wiw1L::.Ns'-.4wd. '3mi4.wJ2LwwJ1. ' ' . A - A . ' f -its-asa..-M' W ' 'X f-uw --3 H 'W aww -- '- H X - -mwuwfzmmwwmwmwwmeww-ww. .mm z., ' wm , I 9 3 0 Y ED A G O G UF Senior Class 01HE1CCIrs 1926-1927 LOUIS WOLNER THOMAS HERNEY . CORNELIA VAN KLEEK EDITH LAWERENCE . LOUIS WOLNER LOUISE DUBEE .' ALICE BENOIT . MARION BOTTO GLADYS BATES . MARION BOTTO ALICE WALSH . . MILDRE1J COUTANT . LOUISE DUBEE . . GLADYS BATES . . MARGARET BURNAP . ALICE WALSH . ' . DOROTHY LEFFERT . DORIS WILLIAMS . RICHARD WURTH . . . 1927-1928 1928- 1929 1929-1930 . President V ice-President . Secretary . Reporter . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer Song Leader . President V ice-Presid ent . 4 Secretary . Treasurer Song Leader . Reporter . President V ice-Presid ent . Secretary . Treasurer Fifty seven l030 YY-.DAGOGUF A EMMA MARY ACKLEY, B.S. in ' NPI' 402 Market St. Johnstown, New York Not' heavily do the worries of this world weigh upon her. g, .F Y W Q XVILMA ADAMS, A.B. AP VVest Albany NQW York Chemistry Club CZ, 3, 459 Mathematics Club Q2, 3, 455 Lutheran Club Cl, 2, 3, 45, Shy and retiring is she, but with a half- concealed longing to break into laughter. 1 A , ANNA MARY ALBERICO, A.B. 640 Rutger St. Utica, New York isi. Clubg Newman Club. - ' All this in her eyes- Yenetian nights, gonclolas, music, moonlit K canals-and love. tx , - I . 1 Fa, , S515 . f. I71'f1y-vigil! Q League of VVomen Voters, President C45 3 Span- l030 YEDAGOGUE LEO ALLEN, A.B. KCIJK East Schodack New York Baseball Cl, 2, 3, 45, Basketball C1, 2, 3, 453 Swimming, Captain C2, 35, Tennis C3, 45, Tennis Champion C45, Troubadours, Secretary C45, French Club, Y. M. C. A., M. H. S. Gym Instructor and Coach C2, 3, 45. - Big League stuff, and popular from the grandstand to the bleachers. AGNES MARIE ALTRO, A.B. 82 Beverly Ave. Lockport, New York Chemistry Club C2, 3,'45 9 Y. W. C. A., Spanish Club, League of Women Voters C3, 45, Biology Club, Secretary Lutheran Club C2, 3, 45 , Lutheran Student Delegate to Susquehanna University C25, League of Women Voters Delegate to Perry Con- vention C45, Moving Up Day Stunt C253 Spanish Carnival Committee C25.. Bubbling good humor-m'm'rn and a lit- tle bit more. BETSEY CARGLINE AMOS, B.S. in Commerce 14 Allen.St. Gloversville, New York Chorus C1, 25, Commerce Club C2, 3, 45, Re- porter C45, Y. W. C. A. C1, 3, 45. Independent thought, but not so inde- , pendent as to forget the rights of others. Fifty-nine Sixty l030 YEDAGOGUF NINA MARY ANDREWS, A.B. . HKD 98 Chestnut St. Oneonta, New York Transferred from Elmira College. Well, Nina, it didn't take you long to get acquainted. and we like your optimism. MILDRED J. APPLETON, A.B. EBCIJ 40 Second Ave. Rensselaer, New York Spanish Club C213 Y. W. C. A. C21g G. A. A. C2, 3, 41 5 Chemistry Club C2, 3, 41 3 Biology Club C3, 41 3 Junior Guide Committee C31 3 Class Basket- ball C2, 3, 415 Hockey Team C3, 413 Swimming Team C315 Volley Ball C3, 415 Field Ball C215 Bgfeball C2, 3, 413 Assistant Captain Baseball "Apples " we call her in G. A. A., Yet she tells us with much pride That since she's reached the Senior year, She's become quite dignified. 4 HELEN MARGARET BACON, B.S. in H.E. Omicron Nu 35 Cornell Ave. Massena, New York Canterbury Club Cl, 2, 3, 415 Reporter C213 Treasurer C31 5 Home Economics Club C1, 2, 3, 41 3 Home Economics Club Trip C2, 3, 41. CA serenity that ever reaches higher-Who but Helen? l930 YY-.DAGOGUF RUTH G. BALLAGH, A.B. AQ 285 Gntario St. ' Albany, New York French Club Cl, 2, 3, 455 Treasurer C255 RC- porter C313 Y. W. C. A. I Wi' the same bonny spirits of the kilties who dance and fight in the Highlands. ALYCE BARBER, A.B. BZ Chazy New York Spanish Clubg Orchestra CD5 Y. W. C. A. C3, 415 Junior Prom Committeeg Music Council CZ, 3, 41, Music Association Treasurer C4J. " Let me do many things, but let me do them right or not at all." And she does. ROBERT BARNUM, A.B. KAP, KCIDK 1116 Seymour Ave. Utica, New York Interclass Basketball fl, 313 Y. M. C. A. Cabi- net f2, 3, 4Jg Chairman Men's Banquet f3Jg Chairman Financial Drive C4Jg Chemistry Club 12, 3, 45- Little Napoleon, to be rememberedlby State as long as he will be remembered by College House. S ixty-one Sixly-two l030 I Qi-.DAGOIZUE GLADYS BASSETT, A.B. ' , im Kzitonah New York Classical Club. Somehow, Gladys, you reminded us of a bit of whimsical poetry until we learned you liked coffee. Now we know you're more than just whimsical. GLADYS BATES, A.B. ' KA 272 East Second St. Corning, New York Class Song Leader C2, 3, 41g College Song Leader C3, 415 Executive Council C3, 415 News Staff Reporter C21 3 Junior Associate Editor News C31 5 Junior Prom and Tea Dance Committee C31 3 Soiree Committee C219 Y. W. C. A.g Campus Committee C11 3 Campus Day and Moving Up Day Stunts Cl, 2, 313 G. A. A. Musical Comedy C2, 31 3 Campus Queen Attendant C313 Spanish Queen Attendant C21. , If we talk to Gladys, she is all sweetness, If we work with her, she is all energy, If we have fun together, she is all laugh- ter- ' Thus she belongs ! A THERESA BEDELL, A.B. EA, IIFM DeMott Ave. Baldwin, New York Political science ciubg Y. w. C. A. qi, 2, 3, 41. Well, Teddy, we've come to know you as part of the History Department, Pi Gamma Mu,,and State-and we shall feel lost when youfre not in any of the three places. l030 VY-.DAGOGUE MARION BEEHLER, A.B. AQ ' 359 Albany Ave. Kingston, New York G. A. A. Cl, 25 g Y. W. C. A. C2, 3, 453 Canter- bury Club C15g Mathematics Club C2, 3, 453 Class Marshal C355 PEDAGOGUE Board C45. She looks at facts from all their angles as a true mathematician should, but she never stops to count her services-because she never could! FRANCES BEHR, B.S. in C. 404 VVashington Ave. Oneida, New York Commerce Club Cl, 455 Newman Club Cl, 2, 3, 453 Treasurer of Newman Hall C255 President of Newman Hall C45g League of Women Voters C453 Senior Stunt. Such twinkling eyesxin the commerce de- partment would lighten any class room. ALICE JOYCE BENOIT, A.B. HKD ' ' 13 Stuart Ave. Glens Falls Campus Attendant C155 Chairman of Stunt for Moving Up Day C2, 353 Sophomore Soiree Com- mittee C25g Junior Prom Committee C355 Musical Comedy C2, 355 Campus Stunts Cl, 2, 355 Class Secretary C25. Something of the musical comedienne, of the teacher, and of the ingenue become so- phisticated. Sixty-three l Sixty-four l930 YY-.DAGOGUF l MARGARET BLANN, A.B. Northville New York Music Clubg Classical Club. Well, can you imagine that! This quiet little pefson is " kinda sorta " audible when it comes to " making music." MARGARET C. BLUST, A.B. Holland Patent New York 4DClassical Club CZ, 3, 41g Mathematics Club C3, Who'd e'er accuse this brown-eyed lass of such frivolity? Her hobby is-you'd never guess-" frat" pins a specialty! ANTHONY GEORGE BORZILLERI, B.S. in Ed. 80 Orchard St. ' Fredonia, New York Fredonia Normal School. I And Cleopatras of our Alma Mater see In him the charms that graced another y Anthony. l030 VY-.DAGOGUE MARION ELIZABETH BOTTO, A.B. Myskania, TIFM, HPI' Central Park, Long Island New York President Student Association C45 5 Honor Coun- cil C3, 433 Class President C333 Vice-President G. A. A. C45 g Class Stunt Committee Cl, 2, 3. 43 I Chairman G. A. A. Playday C31 3 Decoration Com- mittee Gym Frolic C315 Chairman Ticket Com- mittee G. A. A.5 Musical Committee C2, 355 Field Ball CZJ 3 HikingCZJg Varsity, CZ, 3, 4jJ. Marion, our Joan of Arc,-indomnitable leader of our assemblies, Builder and Be- holder of Dreams, lover of warm friends,- and one of the best warriors on '30's Bas- ketball team. MARY B. BOUSE, B.S. in Commerce 379 Curry Road Schenectady, New York Commerce-Clubg Y. W. C. A. Mary is a living example of what teach- ing can do to the constitution of a serious- minded young lady. HAZEL BOVVKER, B.S. in H.E. AP 218 Grace St. Syracuse. New York Home Economics Club. WVell-behaved, she is no politiciang and all her other habits are good. ! i I a i i Sixty-five l930 YY-.DAGOGUF S ixty-.six l KATHRYN BOYLE, B.S. in Ed. A160 Main St.' ' Brockport, New York Brockport Normal School. You've been here but a little while, Yet' we're all agreed we like your style. GLADYS BRADLEY, A.B. 2 DuBois Avenue ' Poughkeepsie, New York Transfer from Vassar. A girl with the courage of her convictions. i EMMA BRADT, A.B. Highlands New York A bonnier lass wi' a bonnier laugh could naw be found in the Highlands. A loan A Qi-.DAGOGUE GRACE M. BRADY, B.S. in Commerce Myskania, AQ 855 Livingston Ave: Albany, New .York Reporter News C215 Junior Associate Editor News C315 Secretary Y. W. C. A. C315 Hockey C215 Literary Editor PEDAGOGUE C415 Student Association Secretary C215 Student Association Vice-President C31 5 G. A. A. C21 5 Silver Bay C31 3 Cabinet, Y. W. C. A. C31. - I sought a cool shade, from the heat of the sun, Dazzled by daylight's gleam, And deep in a spot enchanted for Youth, I found Grace dreaming her dream. NAN C. BRENNAN, A.B. P4112 7 King Ave. Albany, New York Her eyes need a Joshua Reynolds to paint them, so living are their depths, so much are they the windows of an intellig gent mind. DOROTHY L. BRIMMER, A.B. AKI91' 7 Sard Road Albany, New York President Music Association C415 Assistant Managing Editor of News C415 Literary Editor PEnAcocUx-: C415 Vice-President News Club C3, 415 French Club Reporter C215 Fencing Club Re- porter C215 Chairman Tea Dance Decorations 5 Campus Day Stunts Cl, 315 News Reporter C215 Junior Assistant Editor News C315 Chairman of Publicity Senior Hop. ' " Do " knows the meaning of purposeful activity, and " Do " says her purpose is to serve her friends. x S i.1-I y-seven Sixty-eight l0'3.0 'Quu A6 o G UE AUGUSTA RUTH BROWN, B.S.' in L.S. . EA Dobbs Ferry Rd., R. D. 2 White Plains, New York It isn't every one can say, "Culture is my' true pursuit--and Thought my Life's ambition." ELEANOR MAGDALENE BROWN, A.B. CIPA 711 Brandywine Aye. Schenectady, New York Music Club: Soiree Committee 3 Y. W. C. A., Mathematics Club. " Brownie " is such a queer mixture of naivete and sophistication that she has us guessing all the time as to what she's going to do and say next. EDMUND E. BURKE, A.B. Schroon Lake New York Once again fellows: "For, it's always fair weather-" 1030 QEDAGOGUE EDWARD ARTHUR BURKE, A.B. KAP, KCIDK ' 328 East Broadway Port Jefferson, New York T President Kappa Phi Kappa C4J. Striving and doing are synonyms. MARGARET K. BURNAP, A.B. KA Fourth Lake Old Forge. New York Y. W. C. A.3 G. A. A.5 Reporter News C225 Class Reporter C3Jg Moving Up Day Stuntg Decorations Committee Soireeg Junior Chairman Y. W. Bazaar. N A musician who doesn't Haunt her abili- ties upon youg one of our undiscovered geniuses. M. ALENE BUTLER, B.S.' in Ed. Brockport New York Brockport Normal School, Eastman School of Music of the University of Rochester. To persist in an aim in all earnestness of purpose and to fulfil that aim, needs of gallantry only deeds. I i w S ixt y-nine Seven ty mono VY-.DAGOGUE , RAYMOND T. BYRNE, A.B. 307 North 4th'Ave. ' Mechanicville, New York Y. M. C, A., Executive Board of Y. M C. A. The alchemist's dream faded, but the scientist's mind took up'the torch. DOROTHEA R. CARMAN, AB. EBKIJ 1632 Sixth Street Rensselaer, New York Biology Club, Canterbury Club. The artistic member of the gang from across the r'iver. She draws all things well, especially checks and bridge hands., - KENNETH C. CARPENTER, A.B. Fort Ann New York Class Basketball Cl, 2, 3, 4D 5 Varsity Basketball C2, 3, 41g Y. M. C. A. Secretary- C355 Cabinet C3. 41 5 Troubadours C2, 3, 4D 5 Freshman Banquet, Clzairman C455 Biology Club C4D. Fellowship-and never below par. - PHILOMINA CAVALLO, A.B. l030 YY-.DAGOGUE JAMES CASSIDY, A.B. 657 State Street ' Albany, New Yorlc Senior Editor, Echo C433 Troubadoursg Spanish Carnival Stunt C333 Campus Day Stunt C333 Elementary and Advanced Dramatic Playsg Prose Prize, Echo C33g Men's Debating Team C235 Assistant Baseball Coach C233 Troubadour Mm- strels C23. Troubadour, Cavalier, and Strolllng Player-that's James I. Cassidy! 126 Boyce Avenue Utica, New York Had Terpsichore been as generous As her modern devotee- The gods of Mount Olympus Would have danced eternally. ' CONSTANCE E. CLAYTON, A.B. Ardsley New York Y. M. C. A.g Mathematics Clubg Commerce Clubg Music Club 3 Evangelical League of Students CTreasurer3. The essence of cheerfulness, always, and especially at just the right time and place.. i I r 1 Seventy-one i Severity-two l030 YEDAGOGUF RUTH CLOVV, A.B. 422 State Street Hudson, New York " Life is earnest," but one can live it and laugh-witness, Pedro. DORIS COBB, A.B. 55 Rochester St. Lockport, New York Y. W. C, A., Chemistry Club. " Do" believes in chemistry, athletic dancing, Kay Watkins, and a good old '30 light. - VVARREN R. COCHRANE, A.B. KQK,AQF 272 Nelson Ave. Saratoga, New York Banner Committee, Chairman C115 Constitution Ccmmittee C215 Committee for Tradition Revise- ment, Chairman, C21 5 Delegate League of Nations- Model Assembly-Cornell C213 Y. M. -C. A., Cabi- net C313 President C413 Chairman Men's Banquet C31 3 Delegate Buch Hill FalI's Student Conference C31 5 Echo, Junior Editor C315 Editor-in-chief C415 Member Finance Board, Troubadours. 1 First to censure, but first to praise. Y lO30 VY-.DAGOGUE RUTH LEAH COHN, A.B. A Amsterdam New York A Menorah CU 5 French Club. Conscientiousness, good common sense, and an appreciation of the true value of literature. MILDRED K. COOK, in AP Washingtonville, Orange County, New York Home Economics Clubg Music Clubg H. E. Club Trip Committee. , As our " Pippa Passes," her song leaves some jubilant note in the atmosphere of the whole day. KATHERINE PAULINE CORNISH, A.B. 831 Bradt St. Schenectady, New York French Club Cl, 2, 3, 41. Kay, we can't help respecting the bril- liance of your mind, your steadfastness, and your real good humor-putting it on rather thick but sincerely. l 1 1 x Seventy-three l030 YEDAGOGUE Seventy-four , KATHLEEN COSTELLO, A:B. P412 70 Church St. I Coxsackie, New York Newman Club. Advice to the Love-lorn: It isn't fun, alone, lass, that Irish lads enjoy-it's ready for work and ready for love that wins an Irish Boy. MILDRED COUTANT, A.B. NIIF, TIPM St. David's Road Schenectady, New York Class Secretary C355 G. A. A. Musical Comedy Cl. 2, 313 Soiree Committeeg Prom Committeeg Chairman Class Campus Day Stunt CID. A study in ambition, and a silhouette of a modern girl in evening clothes. GERTRUDE LOUISA COX, A.B. CIDA 153 Prospect Ave. Middletown. New York Chemistry Clubg Biology Clubg Y. W. C. A.g Junior Tea: G. A. A. Dance Committeeg Musical Comedy CSD. In search of an ideal 3-she has never quite found him. l030 YEDAGOGUF HELEN LAWRENCE CROCKER, B.S. in Education 11 East Elizabeth St. Tarrytown-on-Hudson, New York Oswego Normal. She is rather conservative as to her opin- ions but never as to her laughter. CATHERINE C. CROVVDER, A.B. 82 Kent St. Albany, New York ' Biology Clubg Music Clubg French Club. If not for the red hair, Kay could ex- cellently pose for a copy of Mona Lisa. ' FREDERICK WAITE CRUMB, A.B. Myskania, KAP, KCDK, AIIDI' Watervliet New York Manager Varsity Basketball C453 Editor State Lion C45, resigned point systemg Student Board of Finance CZ, 355 Managing Editor State Lion C255 Moving Up Day Speaker C253 Class Treas- urer C155 Business Staff State College News C2. 353 Editing Staff, State Lion C153 Manager Class Basketball Cl5g Advanced Dramatics Play C252 Elementary Dramatics Plays C35 5 Associate Editor Frosh Handbook C35 3 Speaker at Junior Luncheon C355 Vice-President Troubadours C355 Assistant Manager Basketball C35. I catneg I saw the need for conqueringg -I conquered. x .S'1"vm1ty-five l030 YY-.DAGOGUF K. LORRAINE B. CUSHMAN, AB. A EBIIJ Lake George New York Biology Club C2, 3, 415 G. A. A. C115 Music Slubg Canterbury Cl, 2, 3, 41 3 Won1en's League of oters. -Every leaf and every Flower holds for this lass, enchanted power. - W viii., i I Seven t y-six FRANCES DALE, A.B. 1 FIPS. 24 Market St. Saugerties, New York Junior Luncheon Committee, Newman Club, Councilor C31 g French Club. Did you catch the glint of mischief in her calm blue eye? ' MURIAL E. DAVIES, A.B. Haverstraw New York Classical Club C2, 3, 41. Not one of your boisterous, loud, young sophisticates, but a quiet Victorianism and a lovely sense of adaptability to her com- panions. I030 VEDAGOGUE FLORENCE DAVIS, A.B. ' Oak Hill New York Y. W. C. A. She leaves the troubles of the world to the world, And goes her way with open eyes. HELEN DAVISON, A.B. FKCII Worcester New York Y. W. C. A. CZDQ French Club Cl, 233 Spanish Club C455 Spanish Carnival Committee 12, 43. A paradox of twinkling eyes and vivid look that fascinates one. MARY A. DEGNAN, A.B. Niagara Falls New York Newman Club, French Club. Do you want to know the secret of pleas- ing everybody as well as yourself? Ask Mary. r l S evcnty-se'vcn Swcnty-eiglzt l03t'J YEDAGOGUF EULALIA DEMPSEY, A.B n - X20 Limestone New York Newman Club Cl, 2, 3, 45 3 Councillor C45 g Biol- ogy Clubg junior Prom Committeeg Sophomore Soiree Committee 3 Subscription Manager 1930 PEDAGOGUE C45. " Hail, Fellow, well met," .says Demps, and smiles on humanity, but underneath this'mild smile lurks that bubbling Irish deviltry. ANNETTE V. DEPORTE, B.L.S. 107 So. Pine Ave. Albany, New York French Club. ' " Little Rebel," carry on! BEVERLY V. DIAMOND, A.B. Myskania, AEKD, ACPI' 318 Hulett St. Schenectady, New York Editor-in-chief 1930 PEDAGOGUEQ Junior Speaker, Moving Up Day, Advertising Manager, Echo C2, 35, Chairman Entertainment, Spanish Carnival C353 Chairman Entertainment, Junior-Frosh Party C355 Chairman Distribution, Junior Promg Soiree Decorations Committee, Elementary Dramatics Class Plays C353 Junior Guide Committee C355 Moving Up Day Stunts, Campus Day Stunts Cl, 2, 3, 45: Chairman, Campus Day Stunt C253 G, A. A. Musical Comedy CZ, 35 g Chairman Enter- tainment, Get Wise Party C253 Class Song Com- mittee Cl, 25 3 Basketball 2, 35 5 Hockey C35 5 Field Ball C25 5 Baseball Cl, 25 3 Captain C355 Advanced Dramatics Play C25 3 Chairman Decorations, Cam- pus Day C45 , Senior Hop Committee. STATE and BETTY, the incomparables! Each infinitely richer for having know11 the other. 4 l030 YEDAGOGUF ALMA DOLAN, A.B. H'-IJ . Seneca Castle New York Chemistry Clubg State College News Cl, QD: Y. W. C. A., Silver Bay C313 Reporter, Senior Class C4J. 1-Iere's a young lady who invokes the Green Goddess. She reaps the rewards of efforts right and left and leaves us wonder- eyed. MARGARET M. DONOVAN, A.B. Corinth New York Newman Club Cl, 2, 3, 415 Vice-President C455 Classical Club Cl, 2, 3, 455 Mathematics Club C3. 45: Class Volley Ball Teams Cl, 255 Alumnae Secretary Newman Hall C433 Photograph Editor 1930 Pizrmcocue. After calling her " Donny " for four years, we discover her secret nickname-e " Tillie." VVe dub her " Tillie of the Classics." ISADORE DRAPKIN, A.B. 44 Plum St. Albany, New York Freshman Stuntg Biology Club: Chemistry Club. "Give me back my mandolin 3 1'm not the type you put me in." l Seventy-nine Eighty l030 YEDAGOGUE LOUISE DUBEE, A.B. . Myskania, HKD 7 Mission St. Glens Falls, New York Y. W. C. A. Cl, 21 5 French Club Cl, 2, 31 5 New- man Club Cl, 2, 13, 415 Archery Club C215 Atten- dant of Campus Queen C11 g Chairman of Moving Up Day Costumes C11g Vice-President of Class C215 Chairman of Sophomore Soiree C213 Dram- atic and Art Council C2, 3, 413 Secretary C315 Chairman Junior Guides C31 5 Chairman of Favors Committee, Junior Prom C315 Treasurer of Class C315 Delegate to Intercollegiate Dramatic Associ- ation Convention, Wheaton College, 19285 Phila- delphia, l929g Chairman of Campus Day, Atten- dant of Campus Queen C41. She whispers in our ear, and we smile at her whimsicality-Then she is off on some other affair of State. MARY J. DYER, A.B. X247 532 Tenth St. Niagara Falls, New York Junior Luncheon Arrangement Committee C313 Classical Clubg Newman Club Cl, 2, 3, 41: New- man Club Junior Councilor to Freshman C31: President, Newman Club C413 Advertising Board, 1930 Paimcocua. - Latin and Greek-You'll never do it! C But Mary showed 'em, she stuck right to it. Mary sticks till her work is done, And still has plenty of timefor fun! IDELLA EASMAN, A.B. AP 9 Central Ave. Newburgh, New York French Club Cl, 213 L'Alliance Francais C115 Vermont Flood Relief Committee C113 Classical Club CZ, 3, 413 Soiree Committee C219 Junior Reception to Freshmen C315 Moving Up Day Stunt C31: Junior Tea Dance Committee C313 Photograph Editor, 1930 PEDAGOGUEJ Circulation Manager, Echo C415 Campus Day Stunt C41. VV herever there's anything happening you're sure to find " Della." And her smile is even better than her activity. lO30 YY-.DAGOGUE MARION K. EICHENBERGER, A.B. Rexford New York Biology Club fl, 2, 3, 4Jg Music Club Cl, 2, SD S French Club Cl, 21. I Quietly through Life she goes, toiling as best she can, and she looks the whole world in the face, for she owes not anybody. RALPH E. EIGHMEY, B.S. in Ed. KCDK Willow New York Transferred, Oneonta Normal School, and New Paltz Normal School 5 Cabinet, Y. M. C. A. "Do I understand you to mean, Doctor, that- ?" EVELYN ELWOOD, A.B. 24 Maple Ave. Gloversville, New York " She's not afraid of the dark," and she's brave in other ways. l Eighty-one l030 YY-.DAGOGUF 1 Eighty-lu-o ABRAHAM FALK, B.S. in C. Y 75 Elizabeth St. Albany, New York Commentator Board, 1928. , Keenness is not an uncommon gift, nor is sympathy, but in a combination they are rare. ARDELLA FARNSWORTI-I, A B. Wadhanis New York You have sought a light which seemed a will o' the wisp, but you have captured it. To you who so persists-good luck, Ardella. GIZELLA T. FEDAK, A.B. Yonkers New York Music Club Cl, 215 French Cl, 21, L'Alliance Francais C153 Chemistry Club Q25 3, 4Jg Fencing Club 12, 355 Vice-President Fencing Club C3J. A triiie quiet, perhaps, but a mighty , comfortable person to have for a friend. lO30 YY-.DAGOGUE 1 ANDREA M. FEHLING, AB. KIJA Kenoza Lake New York German Clubg Treasurer, German Club CSD. From the sparkle in Andy's eyes you feel that something is likely to happen almost , any minute. It is! SYLVIA FERBER, B.S. in C. 688' Western Ave. Albany, New York A careless metropolitan airy colors a per- sonality which really needs no coloring. 4 LOUISE E. FISCHER, B.S. in C. CIPA ' Fosterdale New Y01'1i c1C3Snmerce Club g Biology Clubg Class Stunts Actively interested in what happens to her class' prestige--and the. cafeteria. ' Eighty-three Eighty-four l030 YEDAGOGUF I GERALD FITZGERALD, A.B. V KIIPK 872 Madison Ave. Albany, New York Interclass Basketball. ." When 'Irish eyes are smiling "-we thinlo of. Fitz's. DOROTHY JEANNE FLANIGAN, B.S. in C. 301 Third St. Troy, New York Newman Club. Her friends tell us she never studies and gets away with it, 'loves music, and is a grand companion of the locker room. e JULIA JANE FORMANEK, B.S. in C. Myskania, X269 167 Clinton St. .Bingha1nton, New York Finance Manager, State College Newsg New- man Club, Councillor C4jg Class Marshall CZJ3 Business Staff, State College News' C215 Assistant Business Manager, News C33 3 Assistant Captain Girls' Tennis C3Jg Chairman Junior Luncheong Chairman Faculty Committee: Sophomore Soireeg Finaiife Manager, News C415 Campus Day Stunts CZ, - An ideal modern girl :--tenacity of pur- pose, good common sense, a zest for fun- and popularity with her fellow men. 1030 VY-.DAGOGUL-' MARGARETE FRIETAG, A.B. EBCID i 73 South St. Rensselaer, New York Fencing Club. " Hey Peggy, whatcha like?" "Oh I like to play bridge, act Qon the stagej and be temperamentalf' "And I thought you were a stoic! " GERTRUDE H. FRENIER, A.B. ' AP 128 Fifth Ave. Troy, New York Classical Clubg Mathematics Club. Perusing the pages of the old classics, she has acquired their culture. their mellow4 ness, and their chiselled thought. SUZANNE MARIE-ANNE GAIDIER, AB. F1122 Saint-Servan France College of Saint-Servan, France 3 French Club. She has the scintillating personality and wit of the cultured French, but her naivete is a contradiction to the usually sophistiq cated lasses from the land across the sea. l l Eighty-five Eighty-six l030 YY-.DAGOGUE MARY R. GAIN, A.B. i ' ' I'-1:2 118 Vliet St. Cohoes, New York French Club. She seems to enjoy her stay at State- but, sometimes she accepts it as mere Fate. MAIQCIA GARDNER, B.s. in HE. BZ Wappingers Falls New York Y. W. C. A., Vice-President C459 Home Economics Club Cl, 2, 3, 45 3 Marshall C25 Q Dele- gate to Conference C25g Secretary C355 President C455 Junior Tea Dance Committeeg Attendant, Spanish Queen C353 Spanish Carnival Committee. I have made Domesticity an artg and I have an ideal of accomplishing allotted' tasks. BERNICE J. GILBERT, A.B AQ Hillsdale New York Chairman Program Committee, Spanish Carnival C 255 Entertainment Committee, Get-Wise Party C25. ' . "Our Patrician cousin, so gentle, so un- assuming, so delightfully entertaining." l030 QEDAGOGUF EUNICE E. GILBERT, A.B. Myskania, 1'II'M, A0 Hillsdale New York Class Stunts C113 Attendant Campus 'Queen C219 Chairman Get-Wise Party C219 Freshman Button Committee C215 Chairman Favor Com- mittee Soiree C215 Chairman Programs, G. A. A.g Musical Comedy C21 g Class Historian C21 5 Chair- man Programs, Spanish Carnival C21g Stunts C213 Clsairman Junior Ring Committee C313 Chairman Moving Up Day Costumes C313 Chairman Invita- tion Committee, Junior Prom C31 5 G. A. A. Musi- cal Comedy C31g Elementary Dramatics Class Plays C313 Stunts C31g PEDAGOGUE Board C41. Her complete good nature surprises us as does her amount of information: She freely gives her services, and wins our admiration. ' EDNA L. GLEASON, A.B. 61 Sanford St. Glens Falls French Club Cl, 2, 3, 415 Spanish Club C415 Music Club C21. Like the broad hills that harbor grave thoughts in their hearts, yet smile back at the sun. MAE GLOCKNER, A.B. HM Albany New York Clllienorah Societyg Mathematics Clubg Chemistry u . She Filled her: mind with careful thought and set a high market value on them. . I fr Eighty-seven Eighty-eight I030 YEDAGOGUE l l 'HAZEL GOODELL, A.B., H111 1064 Holland Road V Schenectady, New York Freshman Prize Speaking Contest 3 Junior Tea Dance Committeeg Spanish Carnival, 19295 Elementary Dramatics Class Plays. I-ndividualism personified. Some of us think, but I-I think and say what I think. FLORENCE GOODING, B.S. in C. 58 Raymo St. Albany, New York News Reporter 12, 3jg News Club Cl, 2, 315 Biology Club Cl, 2, 3, 4J, Y. W. C. A. A Dickens' portrait-rich in imagination, so fertile in impression-yet with all-so efficient. ' GEORGE GRAFF, B.S. in Ed. Middlesex New York State Normal School, Geneseeg Teachers' ,Col- lege, Columbiag University of Rochester 3 School of Education, New York University. Prince Charming and Prince Modesty 5- he's both of them. mac gQEDAG06Uf KATHERINE TEASDALE GRAHAM, A.B. Myskania, SPF 78 Lenox Ave. A Albany, New York Dramatic and Art Council Cl, 2, 3, 41g Treas- urer, Dramatic and Art' Council C213 President C41 g Y. W. C. A. Cl, 2, 31 5 Undergraduate Repre- sentative, Y. W. C. A. C313 G. A. A. Musical Comedy Cl, 2, 31: Elementary Dramatics Class Plays C315 Chairman Reception for Doctor Bru- lzggher C213 Chairman Junior Freshman Party Sure, I know the values of life Fling me a handful of stars I love this struggling world of ours In spite of its ugliest scars. EMANUEL GREEN, A.B. Myskania, 1'I1'M Mineville New York Prize Speaking C113 Delegate to National Stu- dent Federation of American Congress, Lincoln, Nebraska C21g Secretary of Constitution Com- mittee C21 g Editor of Freshman Handbook, Fresh- man Reception Committee C313 Junior Luncheon Speaker C315 Chairman of Program Suggestion- Ccmmittee C313 Menorah C113 Literary Chairman C21 5 President C31 g Varsity Debate Teamg Presi- dent Pi Gamma Mu C413 Chairman Lounge Com- mittee C41. Philosopher, prophet, and pioneer. GLADYS GREENE, A.B. Cherry Valley New York French Clubg Music Club, League of Women Votersg Secretary and Treasurer, League of Women Voters. She seems ever so pleasant-though she comes from the land of massacres. Eighty-nine Ninety H330 YEDAGOGUE' ETHEL GRUNDHOFER, A.B. Myskania, AQ Saugerties New York President G. A. A. C455 Honor Council Mem- ber C45g Representative C353 Silver Bay Confer- ence Committee C35 Q Class Athletic Manager C25 5 Class Basketball Manager C35g Individual Gym Meet, First Place C25 5 Second C35 3 Class Basket- ball CZ, 355 Hiking C2, 3, 455 Field Ball C253 Hockey C3, 453 Track C253 Captain, Tug-of-war C25 5 -Chairman of Activities Day C453 Chairman of Strawberry Festival C35 3 Delegate to A. C. A.- C.' W. Conference at North Carolina C355 Y. W. C. A. Publicity Committee C255 Cabinet C35, Class Stunts Cl, 2, 35: G. A. A. Musical Comedy C353 Soiree Committee C253 Prom Com- mittee C35: Play Day Committee C35g Associate Art Editor, Lion C355 Art Editor of PEDAGOGUE. Her duty in life-to maintain a smiley Her glory-innumerable friendsg Her personal self-the best of good sports In taking whatever life sends. GERTRUDE HADLEY, A.B. 505 South Main St. Geneva, New York Cv. A. A. CZ, 355 Y. W. C. A. CZ, 3, 453 French Club C455 Chairman Costume Committee, Moving Up Day Stunt C35: Basketball C253 Costumes for Junior High May Day C45. A whirlwind of vigor, who rushes through college as if she were on the tennis court-and with as much fun. KATHERINE LAURA HAINS- WORTH, A.B. BZ 218 Cottage Place Oneida, New York Canterbury Clubg Y. W. C. A., I I have come for elevation and study. Nothing amuses me more than these rah-rah girls with their rah-rah ways. H330 YY-.DAGOGUF ROSE HANDLER, A.B. HAT, IIFM Amsterdam New York French Club C1,N2, 3, 4Jg Menorah Club: G, A. A.g State College News, Business Staff C133 Freshman Prize Speaking Contestg Fencing Club C23- " The world, wrong or right," says Roseg and proceeds as efficiently and stucliously as she knows to make it right. RUTH H. HANNAHS, A.B. VVatertown New York Biology Clubg Chemistry Clubg Y. W. C. A. " Friend "-word with a halo to those who do not lightly misuse it. - CATHERINE I-IARRINGTON, A.B. 1'I1"M 76 Sixth Ave. North Troy, New York Newman Club. She smiles quietly and retains that air of refinement and culture so muchyneeded in this age. R i l Ninety-one N inety-two i030 YY-.DAGOGUE BERTHA B. HARRIS, A.B. Troy A New York French Clubg Menorah Clubg Advertising Man- age: of the Puxmcocus. She understands the workings of the hu- man mind, as well as of the human heart. MARY S. HARRIS, A.B. Waterville New York Mary has a virtue few possess and all desireg that is, Mary could never bore us. JEANETTE HARRISON, B.S. in C. AEKIP 314 Hulett St. Schenectady. New York President of Intersorority Councilg Commerce Clnbg Music Clubg Winner of the Freshman Prize Speaking Contestg Moving Up Day Stunt fl, 215 Class Day Stunt C115 Freshman-Junior Party Stunt 1113 Campus Queen Attendant 131. She is a lovely lass 5-and further she stands upon the pinnacle of the present and gazes far into the future. l030 YEDAGOGUF GRACE HASTINGS, A.B. Warrensburg New York French Club3 Mathematics Club3 League of Women Voters3 Biology Club. Does she fear to reveal a secret, If she speaks unbicldeng If she brings her " lighted candle " From the place where hidden? MARIE CATHERINE HAVKO, B.S. in C. FKKIP 16 Charles St. Binghamton, New York Class Basketball Cl, 2, 3, 413 Manager C213 Varsity Basketball Cl, 313 Field Ball C313 Volley Ball Cl, 213 G. A. A. Cl, 2, 313 G. A. A. Musical Comedy C31 3 Y. W. C. A. C2, 31 3 Freshman Com- mittee C313 Y. W. C. A. Pageant C313 Soiree Committee C213 Junior Prom Committee C313 PEUAGOGUE, Sports Editor C413 Junior Athletic Manager C41 3 G. A. A. Council C41 3 Campus Day Sports C313 Commerce Club C2, 3, 413 President C413 Student Directory C313 Editor-in-Chief C41. Life, a balance on one side of which is Work, on the other, playg both require the same amount of attention and eifortg both result in an equal amount of pleasure. MILDRED E. HAWKS, A.B. AP,AQP 54 Townsend Ave. Newburgh, New York Mathematics Club CZ, 3, 413 President C413 French Club Cl, 213 W. W. C. A.3 Managing Editor of the Lion C41. ' "As long as you'll teach math, we can feel safe that our children will learnf' says Professor I. M. S., or rather should say. 1 I . . Ninetynthrce l030 YY-.DAGOGUE l Ninety-four , EILEEN M. HAYES, A.B. Staatsburg New York G. .A. A.g French Club C3, 415 League of Women Voters C415 Newman Club Cl, 2, 3, 41. DOROTHY WADE HEATH, B.S. in C. 'III' 135 Elm St. Schenectady, New York Smiles that hang on Dotty's cheek, And love to dwell in dimples sleek. GERTRUDE HILDRETH HERSHBERG, A.B. Albany New York News Reporterg Lion Business Stal? C315 Men- orah C3, 415 President 1415 Junior Tea Dance Committeeg Elementary Dramatics. Plays Com- mittee: Basketball C115 Archery fl, 215 Hockey 4415 Tennis Cl, 2, 3, 41. Her eyes are always open, her lips are . never still, She does her work without a shirk-and she does it with a will. H330 YY-.DAGOGUE MARGARET W. HIGBY, Bs. in H.E. Brooklyn New York H. E. Club. , If, we could come back and write another U Gray's " Elegy " for State, Margaret would be the sweet-young-girl graduate. CHRISTINE KATHRYN HOFFBECK, A.B. Millerton New York Y. W. C. A. CZ, 3, 415 Biology Club Cl, 2, 355 French Fete Decoration Committeeg French Clubg Literary Editor PEDAGOGUE MD. Our Chris, the 8th wonder of the world as far as strength of character and beauty of thought go. IRMA VARIAN I-IOWE, A.B. 10-113th St. Troy, New York Chemistry Club. I never feel lost and can always manage to find my way. That's why I never was quite the usual green frosh. - l i l i l I 1 N inciy-five H330 VY-.DAGOGUF u' ' 4 l .4 . mv . ..v.iw,. Ninety-.fix DOROTHY TAYLOR HURLBUT, A.B. -101 Fourth Ave. Bay Shore, Long Island Mathematics Club: G. A. A.g Y. W. C. A. Class Basketball C3, 4b. A Laughter ripples from her eyes, And jollity which loves surprise. EVA IACKOFSKY, B.S. in C. Albany New York No statement passes her by unquestioned. " Why? " she constantly queries. ISABEL JARVIS, A.B. Albany New York Classical Clubg Newman Club. Sages frowned and failedjbut she heard f the problem and smilingly answered. 1 German Clubg Menorah Clubg Commerce Club. l030 YY-.DAGOGUE M. GWENDOLYN IEFFERS, B.S. in Ed. Wolcott ' New York Oswego State Normal School. "La Belle Dame Sans Merci." 1 JUSTINE JOHNSON, AB. Albany New York Chemistry Clubg Mathematics Club. Harmony she understood and from the violin and life as well, she called it forth for us. DORIS JONES, A.B. Ilion New York Canterbury Clubg Chemistry Clubg Music Club. She let us see the velvet box, but we knew there was a jewel beneath the cover. N inety-seven N inety-eight l030 YY-.DAG OGUE MARTHA E. JONES, A.B. Afton A New York Mathematics Club 5 Commerce Club. I may smile or talk to you, but I cannot let you know me. ANNA MAY JOYCE, A.B. Schenectady New York Newman Club 5 Classical Club. Blue-eyed and blond with not quite a typical blond personality. 1 ISRAEL B. KAPLAN, A.B. Brooklyn New York Stunts and Songs Cl, 2, 3, 4Jg Class Basketball Cl, 2, 3, 453 Troubadours Cl, 2, 3, 4Dg Varsity Baseball CZ, 413 Manager Men's Athletics C359 Athletic Council C45 5 Commentator Editor-in-Chief C2, 3, 415 Senior Associate Editor Echo C453 Literary Editor PEDAGOGUEQ Senior Luncheon Speakerg Y. M. C. A. CZ, 3, 4Dg Cabinet C3, 415 joint Conference Banquet Toastmaster C4J. - 4 Babe, our Francois Villon, lover of life, literature, and love. l030 YY-.DAGOGUE MARION KAPLAN, A.B. 61 Hollywood Ave. Albany, New York Menorah Societyg French Clubg Music Clubg College Chorus C2, 3, 4J3 College Orchestra CZJ. She caught 1ife's melody in the net of her reserve only to set it free again in her music. BETTY KATZ, A.B. ' HAT Binghamton New York G. QA. Clj 3 French Club C45 5 Commerce Club C3, 4J , Senior Hop, Decoration Committee. We like Betty. She isn't self-compla-4 cent, and is -always ready to listen to the next fellow's argument. EDITH JANET KELLY, A.B. Bovina Center New York Y. W. C. A. Cl, 3, 415 G. A. A. C133 Biology Club C215 Spanish Club C3, 41 g Mathematics Club C3, 4j. , A clear, straightforward gaze that sees more than the outward look of things. Ninely-nine One Hundred H330 VY-.DAGOGUF I JOHN FRANCIS KENNEDY, A.B. A KCIJK 43 Clifton St. Cohoes, New York " Your honor, I object." KATHERINE M. KENNEDY, A.B. 9 Adams St. Mechanicville, New York Newman Clubg Spanish Club. Her face lights up when she thinks of a clever line to throw out to some helpless man who is captivated by her youthful charms. , MYRTLE V. KENTFIELD, A.B. Bainbridge New York French Club: Campus Commission C4J. We think of Myrtle and then of the pansy-that most demure of flowers. - Newman Club: Political Science Clubg Inter- class Basketball Cl, 2, 3, 435 Troubadours CZ, 31. l930 YY-.DAG OGUE LORENE K. KERR, A.B. ' AP Farmingdale Long Island Y. W. C. A. Cl, 215 French Club C115 Junior Tea Dance. She tucked in everything which would . make the journey pleasant. MARJORIE KETCHAM, A.B AP Farmingdale Long Island G. A. A. Cl, 21 g Y. W. C. A. 11,213 Canterbury Club Cl, 21g French Club Cl, 215 Secretary C315 Junior Prom Committee. This world is the survival of the fittestg so she proceeds to make herself Ht. THOMAS KINSELLA, B.S. in Commerce 1'I1"M 259 Third St. Newburgh, New York Commerce Clubg Y. M. C. A. C2, 319 Baseball C3, 41. The pool in the forest looked dark until you came nearer and saw that the darkness was depth and that the pool was fed by a few clear running mountain springs. One Hundred One i030 VEDAGOGUF 1 One H undrcd Two ' 1 . ' . l CAROLINE M. KOTRABA, BQS. in Commerce 4 Elmira New York Senior Associate Editor C4D3 Commerce Club fl 2, 3, 4Jg Chess and Checker Club fl, ZJ. She found a gay 'jest in her first Christ- mas stocking, and she smiled always after. MILDRED C. KRISTOF, A.B. 81 Burhans Ave. Yonkers, New York She worked hard and played hard, and often you cou1dn't tell the one from the other, so well she loyed her work. NORMA M. LARSON, B.S. in L.S. Perry y New York N eatness of appearance is a great asset- and Norma has it. 1 News Cl, 2Jg Junior Associate Editor C315 ? l030 YEDAGOGUF FLORENCE MAY LAVVLESS, B.S. in C. BZ 62 S. Lake Ave. . Troy, New York Commerce Clubg Assistant Captain Track C253 Captain Track C35. Here's one girl we're not afraid to trust at the wheel-or any where else. EDITH TYLER LAWRENCE, A.B. 325 Hamilton St. Albany, New York Classical Club: Mathematics Clubg .Class Re- porter C15g Treasurer C153 Campus Day Com- mittee C 15 3 Reporter on News C25 5 Junior Assist- ant Editor News C35. A Romanesque Maud Muller-except we know she'1l never have to say, "I might have been." She'll say, " I am!" DOROTHY LARRAINE LEFFERT, A.B. C mmm ' 188 Liberty St. Newburgh, New York Y. W. C. A. Bazaar C353 News Club C253 State College News Advertising Staff C253 Assistant Advertising Manager C355 French Fete C2, 353 Chairman Faculty Committee Junior Prom: Junior Tea Dance Committee: Vice-President C455 Music Club C2, 3, 453 Moving Up Day Costume Com- mittee C2, 355 Lounge Committee C453 Chairman Programs Senior Hopg Junior Assessment Com- mittee C35. We've never heard Dot say, " I can't be bothered,"-Whether it's for appreciating art or washing dishes. One Hundred Three One Hundred Four l030 YY-.DAGOGUE MILDRED D. LETTS, B.S. in L.S. Cobleskill New York Lutheran Club. With her idealism proudly before her- Mildred is the embodiment of " Prospicef' HENRIETTA T. LEVEQUE, A.B. North Road Highland, New York Mathematics Club, Secretary. A perpetual optimist-to judge from her gay laughter and buoyant good nature. CATHERINE T. LILLY, A.B. 425 Hudson Ave. Albany, New York Newman Club. The cover of this book is subdued, but the pages show a character who has known the meaning of hard work and sacrifice, who has withal a fondness for music, sports -and surprisingly for science, a character whom we very much admire. H330 YY-.DAGOGUE ALICE ELIZABETH LLOYD, A.B. New Berlin New York Y. W. C. A.g Spanish Clubg Music Club. We always think of a little blue gingham, a little blue house in the sun-and quaint little Alice. COLBY FRANK LONGLEY, B.S. in Ed. Sterling Station New York His coat of reserve hides a spirit reach- ing for companionship. ELIZABETH W. LUNDY, A.B. BZ Oakwood and Suinmitt Ave. Troy, New York Betty has her own conceptions of what's what, and she interprets her actions in her own way. ' One Hundred Five One Hundred Sirr l030 VEDAGOGUF V l . ANNA M. LYNG, A.B. V710 Lellis Street Watertown, New York Transfer. Frankly we wish we knew you better for we have found the little we know delightful. BEATRICE McGARTY, A.B. FKCIJ, l'II'M Worcester New York Spanish Club Cl, 2, 3, 41 3 Secretary C25 3 Vice- President 4355 President C413 Secretary of Pi Gamma Mu: Advertising Manager of PEDAGOGUES Junior Luncheon Committeeg G. A. A.g Y. W. C. A.: Spanish Carnival Committee. History 11 and History 2 Never were too hard for you. DORA McGILLIVRAY, B.S. in Education Hammondsport A New York Genesee Normal School. A ' There's vivacity under that schooln1a'rn r exterior. l030 QEDAGOGUF VIOLA E. MADARAS, A.B. Poughkeepsie New York Basketball C 1, 213 French Clubg Newman Club. Here's a secret. We expect to hear great things from Viola. some day-her mind is a volcano o-f thought. ' SIMEON MASLAN, A.B. 129 Philip St. Albany, New York Biology Club C2, 3, 453 German Club fl, 255 Mathematics Clubg Y. M. C. A. Worth twice his weight and twice his height, When thrown by Fate in a '30 light. FLORENCE S. MARX, B.S. in Home Economics AEGIJ 43 South Main Ave. Albany, New York 4,Home Economics Club, Trip Committee CZ, 5, Marksie is noted for the drollness of her humor, deliberateness with which she ex- presses herself, and her ability to look after the " eats." 1 One Hundred Seven One Hundred Eight l030 YY-.DAGOGUE , 1 ROSE MEINER, B.S. in Commerce 3,21 Warren St. Hudson, New York Menorah Society, Commerce Club. How can we measure your other good qualities when we are enhanced by your exotic looks? PHOEBE VIRGINIA MERCEREAU, A.B. KA 308 Main St. Endicott, New York Y. W. C. A. 11,2 4Dg G. A. A. Cl, 293 Decora- tion Committee, Junior Tea'Dance. I-Ier avenue of escape from these strug- gles of State is a lofty poem, and a new acquaintance from some good book. MARION LILA MILES, A.B. Homer New York C331 W. C. A. C115 G. A. A. C11g.Classical Club Life's no chilcl's play, but the fortitude Wleehinrl her smile is equal to it. UJ30 Qi-.DAGOGUE ANNA T. MOORE, A.B. Myskania, X20 Millbrook Newt York Business Manager of PEDAGOGUE3 Debate Coun- cil, President C413 Treasurer C313 Representative C213 Junior Ring Committeeg Junior Guide Com- mitteeg Soiree Committeeg Prom Committeeg Junior Luncheon Speakerg Newman Club Cl, 2, 3, 41 3 Councillor C313 French Clubg Manager Glrls' Athletics C213 Class Representative on G. A. A. Council C313 Sport Captain of Volley Ball C315 Assistant Sport Captain of Basketball C31 3 Varsity Cl, 2, 3, 413 Hockey C313 Track Cl, 2, 313 Cap- tain, Class Team Cl, 2, 3, 413 Debate Team C413 Class Stunts for Campus Day, and Moving Up Day Cl, 2, 3, 413 Gym Frolics Cl, 2, 3, 413 Spanish Carnival C31 3 Field Ballg Baseball. A partner in any deviltry, A pal without any care Who loses almost everything, Sometime, somehow, somewhere. EDNA ROSE MOORE, A.B. Madalin New York Y. W, C. A. C2, 413 Mathematics Club C313 Chemistry Club C3, 41g French Club C41. Those eyes, solve half her teaching prob- lems, her good nature a good portion more. ETHEL MOORE, A.B. EA 165 Second St. Albany, New York French Club Cl, 2, 3, 413 French Fete C313 Fencing Club C2, 312 Secretary C31. She sees the world through artists' eyes and judges it accordingly. - l One Hundred N ine 1030 A YY-.DAGOGUE l l l One Hundred Ten AARON DEMORANVILLE, A.B. 1 'Aiken Ave. Rensselaer, New York Entered State 1927 after two years teaching. A magician! Were it not magic enow 'to mix navigation with education? BARBARA I. MULFORD, B.S. in I-LE. Binghamton New York H. E. Club. . When Barb makes up her mind, all the king's horses and all the king's men can't change her judgment. DOROTHY MULLINS, A.B. XIII' Johnstown New York French Club. i - No silence on her part can make us be- lieve she is unwise. IOSO YY-.DAGOGUE BEULAI-I NADLER, A.B. 29 West St. Homer, New York Classical Club. The "austere classics " have not robbed Beulah of her clash and sparkle, rather she lends her grace to them. BERTI-IA NATHAN, B.S. in C. HAT Amsterdam New York State College News Cl, 213 G. A. A. Musical Comedy C315 French Fete C315 Menorah C11g Commerce Club C11. And I always remember her black hair vieing with her snappy eyes for your at- tention. MARY NELSON, A.B. AQ Homer New York President, Y. W. C. A. C415 Class Marshall C115 Biology Club: Commerce Club, Campus Day Stunt Cl, 2, 3, 415 Moving Up Day Stunt Cl, 2, 31g,MusicaI Comedy C315 Silver Bay C3, 41,5 New York State Conference C313 Class Basketball Cl, 215 Field Ball C213 Humor Editor 1930 Parmoocue C41. We've heard of dual personalities, Dr. jekylls and Mr. Hydesg ' l But Mary, you are most lovable, You have so many sides. x One Hundred Eleven loiso YK-.DAGOGUE One Hundred Twelve GLADYS NEWELL, A.B. , EBCID, IIPM Ticonderoga ' New York Y. W. C. A,g Political Science Club CZ, '3Dg glulsuic Clubg League of Women Votersg Biology lu . No subject too trivial for a lecture or sermon, eh, what, Glad.? ' MILDRED NEVVKIRK, A.B. BZ 2704 Albany St. Schenectady, New York Junior Luncheon Committee. But when we sought to know her, she shyly shied away. I MARION E. NICHOLS, B.S. in LS. Bainbridge New York French Clubg Music Club. I U I have made friends with many books- ancl thereby with valuable people. E l l03O YY-.DAGOGUE GLADYS NICKERSON, A.B. 321 Hasbrough Ave. Kingston, New York Does application to the classics Entail such deliberation? For her every word is uttered With calm consideration ALISON L. NORTHRUP, A.B. 1833 Frances Ave. Troy, New York French Club CZ, SJQ Spanish Club C353 Music Club C3, 415 Committee, Moving Up Day Cos- tumes. The unchanging life of the open country introduced to the city. .ELIZABETH MARGARET OWENS, A.B. Mohawk I New York Classical Club, Y. W. C. A. The classics are destined for another Renaissance, with Elizabeth's Titian brilf liance lighting the way. S I I r Um' I-lz:1:drz'd Tllil'f0C1l One H undrcd Fourteen V330 YY-.DAGOGUF 1 l l GRACE ADELIA OWLETT, B.S. in Ed. Auburn New York Oswego State Normal School. Grace Owlett-Two difficult names to live up to, but not too difficult for her. MARILLA PARKER, A.B. Oxford New York Her originality and cooperation are mak- ing Marilla one of the best liked teachers this institution has graduated. FRANCES ELIZABETH PECK, A.B. Tannersville New York Biology Club CZK 3, 43. - Have you seen her ?-a quiet,' serious crea- ture. - Do you know her ?-a lively, laughing good ' nature. i H330 YY-.DAGOGUF DEAN PRAPOST, A.B. 94 Pleasant View Ave. ' Scotia, New York A never-failing source of ready humor and friendly helpfulness. DOROTHY QUACKENBUSH, A.B. BZ Johnstown New York Classical Clubg 1930 PEDAGOGUE Board. 4 Quacky lets nothing ruin her amiability and good-heartedness-not even Latin. ETHEL RAY, A.B. Port Byron New Y01'k Music Club 5 Mathematics Clubg Science Clubg Y. W. C. A. I She good-humoredly forgives the rest of the world its foibles. x One Hundred Fifteen H330 YEDAGOGUF l l One Hundred Sixteen K l l F . LENA FRANCES REIGER, A.B. XVatervliet New York Art Editor Parmcocua C419 Art Editor Lion C4Jg Newman Club Cl, 2, 3, 45. You should not be content with teaching,- 'Follow the call of your heart. Such creative and genuine feeling Should be devoted alone to Art. MARGARET E. RICKARD, B.S. in Commerce AP M iddleburgh New York Mathematics Club C3, 455 Commerce Club CZ, 2:1413 Music Club Cl, 3, 415 Y. W. C. A. fl, 2, 3, J. ' "I must amount to something-or why come to college? " says Margaret. We smile for we know she'll make the grade. MARIAN ROBERTS, B.A. EBKIJ Lathams New York Biology Clubg Newman Club 9' Track Meet CZD. As delicately fashioned as the 'main- 4 spring of a watch and with as much "pep and go" to her. H330 QED!-X6 OGUF D. WELTHA ROBINSON, A.B. Millbrook New York Biology Clubg Y. W. C. A.g Spanish Club: . Political Science Club. ' " Robin " in her name, robin-like her na- ture- - Impulsive, cheery, with a love for every creature. 4 FRANCES LUPTON ROBINSON, A.B. Glens Falls New York Erudition, but not incidentally. y MARIE A. ROELL, A.B. Walden New York French Club Cljg Classical Club C2, 3, 42g Newman Club Cl, 2, 3, 41. Her creed-just a jolly good time. Her favorite books-thrilling Westerns. And herself-a friend almost always. ' Omr lluudrcd Seventeen ' l030 YY-.DAGOGUF , 1 MARTHA ELIZABETH ROOT, A.B. ' XIII' Albany . New York Mathematics Clubg Y. W. C. A.g Iunior Prom Committee C315 Campus Commission C41. ,When Fortune smiles on one of earth's children, some say, " To him who hath shall be given." Others call it luck. MIRIAM ROSEN, A.B. Albany New York Freshman Prize Speaking Contestg Menorah. State is the stepping-stone to myifuture. I cannot give it my full time when it is but a temporary work-shop. KATHERINE ROSENBERG, A.B. Montgomery New York Canterbury Club C115 Y. W. C. A. C115 Mathematics Club C11. Remedies for Gloom - ' A Tennis courts in summer. Skating rinks in winter. . And Rensselaer not too far away. One Hundred Eighteen N330 YEDA6 OGUF EDNA MAE ROSHIRT, A.B. BZ Nassau New York Y. W. C. A. fl, 2, 3, 453 Classical Club Cl, 2, 3, 41. Enthusiasm makes her own work lighter, ' sympathy lightens the work of others. DOROTHY ALENE RUBINS, A.B. AECIJ 916 Park Ave. Albany, New York French Clubg Music Club. Chatter, chatter,-live my friend, . Too soon must pleasures have an end. ELLEN LITTLEFIELD RUSS, A.B. Afton New York Y. W. C. A.g G. A. A.g Classical Clubg Chem- istry Club. . The energy and strength beneath her shy restraint are like the rock beneath the moss. One Hundred Ninvwmx One Hundred Twenvty loan QEDAGOGUE AGNES I L. RYDBERG, A.B. tics Club C3, 41. We are reminded of the stolidness of quiet places brightened by a passing color. WILMA RYER, A.B. Llalden-on-Hudson New York Y. W. C. A. Peter Pan went piping down the pforest aisle ' ' And chanced upon this lovely lass, And Peter, handsome, vain, not used to guile, , Declared l1e'd found a looking-glass. EVELYN M. SADLER 19 Russel St. Saratoga, New York Classical Club. Evelyn recalls for us the love of culture and the constant pursuit of knowledge that was Dr. Richardson's-and Evelyn 'is his true disciple. i ' 3. Beekman St. Albany, New York German Club Cl, 2, 3, 413 President, Mathema- lO30 YY-.DAGOGUE v CLARA E. SAGE, B.S. in L.S. Ticoncleroga New York If she isn't buried in a book, she's lost in Bookland in quest of one, we're sure. RUTH C. SANFORD,.B.S. in H.E. Catskill New York Home Economics Club. Number her not among the Philistines and Babbits, she has seen the light. ' GRECIA SAYLES, A.B. Schenectady V New York GM4aJthematics Club CZ, 3, 413 Chemistry Club She makes thinking 11 science, living an art. ' l 1 Ona Hundred Twenty-one One Hundred Twenty-two l030 YEDAGOGMF FRIEDA SCHAD, A.B: ' HAT,AQP U 124 VValnut St. Binghamton, New York Lion Business Staff C355 Lion Advertising Manager C453 German Club C1, 2, 3, 453 Music Club Cl, 2, 3, 455 Menorah Cl, 2, 3, 45g Musicg Elementary Dramatics Class Plays C35g French Fete C355 Fencing Clubg Decoration Committee for Senior Hop C45. Frieda, the practical, energetic Advertising Manager of the LION, Frieda, the weaver of beautiful harmonies on the aesthetic violin. ALICE SCHNEIDER, A.B. .N ew York City - New York President, Hockey Club C355 Swimming Cap- tain, Biology Club C453 Mathematics Club C453 Fencing Club. Wiz has her own standard for the value of time-seconds for the daily task, min- utes for kindred spirits, and hours for nature. SOPHIA SCHNEIDER. A.B. Hempstead Gardens New York Lutheran Club C'3, 455 President, Syddum Hall C453 Y. W. C. A.g Biology Club. The dignity of bent heads, elaspedlhands, and chanted praises lends an air of dis- tinction. l030 YEDAGOGUF VERA SCHOENWEISS, B.S. in C. Poughkeepsie New York Plattsburg Normalg Post Graduate Work, Plattsburg Normal. A student in the real sense of the word -and a pretty one at that. ADOLPHE B. SCHOLL, B.S. in C. AKIJI' ' 814 Edward St. Utica, New York Commerce Club Cl, 2, 3, 413 German Club C3, 435 Lion Circulation Manager C3Jg Business Manager C4J. For he was a true seeker of knowledge-: "Why is it so?" WILHEMINA SEBESTA, A.B. 'III' 17 Crandall St. Binghamton, New York Musical Comedy Cl, 215 Freshman-Junior Stunt Committeeg Elementary Playsy Humor Editor, 1930 PEnAcocUE. "La Boheme "-Our intellectual who is hampered only by procrastination, and a surprising generosity-a quality which she would never admit. One H xuidrcd Twenty-three One Hundred Twenly-four l030 YY-.DAGOGUF C 1 3 EVELYN SHEELEY, A.B. Ellenville New York Y. W. C. A. C253 Classical Club C2, 3, 413 Literary Editor, 1930 PEDAGOGUE. An oasis of real literary appreciation in the modern desert of mediocre literature. Furthermore, here is a girl 10071 sincere. PAULINE SHORTALL, A.B. 146 W. Pearl St. Newark, New York Music Clubg Newman Club 5 Biology Clubg News Club. She loves nothing better than an Adiron- dack Dancing Pavilion full of gay, charm- ing, summer companions. ' - VIRGINIA V. SHULTES, A.B. A KA Slingerlands New York Soiree Committee C255 Prom Committee C355 Y. W. C. A., G. A. A. Musical Comedy C2, 355 Class Stunts Cl, 2, 3, 43. t ' V . Jinny knows how to cooperate willingly. Whenever we shall recall '30 stunts, we 'shall recall Virginia as our "littl: fairy 'dancer as gay as gay could be." . l930 QEDAGOGUF ESTHER E. SHUTTS, A.B. Ballston Spa New York Y. W. C. A. KI, 2, 3, 4D 3 French Club C2, 3, 45: French Fete Committee 1353 Classical Club CZ, 3. 4Jg Quaesfor C4Dg Mathematics Club CZ, 3, 41. Come on, Esther, 'spress yo'self. You know your Latin mighty well, but you'vc lots of other things to tell. ELISABETH A. SIMPKINS, A.B. 25 First St. Ticonderoga, New York ' College Chorus C2 yrs.Jg French Clubg Spanish Clubg Y. W. C. A. " Simpy " is like a sparkling glass of ginger-ale on a hot day in July-so re- freshing, so efferverscent, so pleasing. FANNY M. SIPPERLEY, A.B. Rhinebeck New York Y. W. C. A. CZ, 3, 41 5 Canterbury Clubg Musical Comedy i315 "Y" House Chairman. Her hair fell in curls about her head and reminded us of an old-fashioned girl with an old-fashioned smile-and a new fash- ioned notion of freedom. "Ji One Hundred Twenty-five One Hundred Twenty-six . l030 YEDAGOGUE 1 l . ELIZABETH MAY SLIGO, A.B. 28 Glen Ave. Scotia, New York German Clubg Y. W. C. A. 5 Spanish Club. I take my studies seriously, and I'm going to love to teach. MARILLA I-IERTON SMITH, A.B. KA Longeview Ave. Peekskill, New York Advertising Manager, Echo C3, 413 Advertising Manager, PEDAGOGUE 141. A room filled with' blue smoke, a chaise lounge, soft cushions, a dim lamp, a life of ease--and Marilla. CATHARINE M. SNYDER, A.B. EA 18 Smith St. Kingston, New York Y. W. C. A.g Biology Clubg French Club. Kay likes ihs feeling that sid friendships give-for old friendships need no deeds of gallantry. l030 QEDAGOGUF MAE E. SNYDER, A.B. Churchville New York Transfer from U. of Rochesterg Classical Club C3. 45- "She manifests an interest in many thingsg she loves a few-and does her duty." VICTOR PAUL STARR, A.B. KCIJK Smithtown Branch Long Island Chemistry Club. " Science is conquering the world "-yes, and here's another victor to be placed among the stars. MARGARET J. STEELE, A.B. Myskania, AIIJI' 50 Allen St. Catskill, New York Assistant Hiking Captain C153 Biology Club C25g French Club C155 News Club C1, 2, Presi- dent 3, 455 Associate Editor News Hound C153 Desk Editor News C255 Soiree Committee C253 Assistant Editor Freshman Handbook C35 3 Assist- ant Managing Editor News C353 Journalism Class Teacher C355 Junior Prom Committeeg Junior Tea Dance Committeeg Moving Up D'ay Refresh- ment Committee C35 3 Editor Lion C453 Managing Editor News C453 Feature Editor News C453 Assistant Editor Lion C35. The battlefield veneer of a hurrying world, and an innate warmth of nature. X E i . I A I I I a . -7' ul . ,I I I . I I I 5433?-,1?L41Efgf C: . is One Hundred Twenty-seven One Hundred Twenty-eight l030 QEDAGOGUF 1 ELEANOR GRACE STEPHENSON, A.B. . AO 645 Myrtle Ave. Albany, New York ' Y. W. C. A. Rummage Sale Committee C159 G. A. A. Secretary C25 3 Soiree Committeeg Junior Prom Committeeg G. A. A. Hiking Captain C255 Class Basketball C1, 255 Spanish Carnival C2, 353 Elementary Dramatics Class Plays C353 Y. W. C. A.-5 junior Guide Committeeg Musical Comedy C355 Moving Up Day Stunt C1, 253 Campus Day Sgunitb C2, 355 Silver Bay C153 Y. W. Bazaar Snapshots: 1. Loon Lake and El-well, well, well. 2. 'El's voice reading poetry--say, a tent- ' maker's philosophy. ' 3. El-a bas-relief in our picture of col- lege days. MARY STUART, B.S. in C. EBIIP West Winfield 1 New York Moving Up Day Stunt C15 5 Newman Club: Biology Clubg Commerce Club. I am well aware of worldly things, for I have studied them pretty well. BERNARD C. SULLIVAN, A.B. 52 Fayette St. Camden, New York Newman Club 41, 2, 3, 45 , Y. MIC. A. 43, 455 Chess and Checker Club Cl, 2, 35 3' Reporter on Commentator C253 Sport Editor of Commentator C353 Mathematics Club C3, 45. ' Laughing eyes, genial wit, daredevil stunts-in short, an Irishman. l030 QEDAGOGUF HAZEL BELLE TAMBLIN, A.B. Alexandria Bay New YOTIC Y. W. C. A.g League of Evangelical Students 12, 3Jg Classical Club CSD. Neither Puritan nor Quaker could be I more conscientious. MICHAEL F. TEPEDINO, A.B. 54 Eileen St. ' Albany, New York French Club: French Plays CZ, 3, 413 Trouba- dours CZ, 3, 453 Advanced Dramatics Class Plays CZ. 33- I " If We work by day and sleep by night, we leave no time for life." HILDA MARTHA C. TERHUNE, A.B. 30 Church St. Beacon, New York French Clubg German Club. She held aloof, but observed everything with a quiet, questioning gaze. 1 One Hundred Twenty-nine One Hundred Thirty l030 'Q,epAc oouf 1 DOROTHY THOMAS, A.B. FKCI9 521 Speeley Road Syracuse, New York 'Spanish Club Cl, 2, 3, 455 Treasurer C255 President C355 Campus Commission C355 Chair- man C455 Y. W. C. A. C1, 2, 355 Pageant C2, 355 Masquerade, Senior Com:mittee C455 Publicity Chairman Junior Prom C355 Decoration Com- mittee, Senior Hop C455 Mathematics Club C2, 355 Pi-:DAGQGUE Snapshot Editor. Her friendship istruly offered but not thrust upon you. EDWARD THOMSON, A.B. KAP, KCPK Warsaw New York Freshman Basketball Teamg Varsity Basketball C2, 3, 455 Chemistry Club C255 Treasurer C355 President C45. There is extreme 'artistry in a balanced, practical life. ' DOROTHEA ROBERTS TOMER, A.B. AP 22 Fairlawn Ave. Ilion, New York Political Science Club 5 Canterbury Club. There's a blase air when you real'ly don't know her but if you seek further, you find 5 an entirely different individual. 5030 , vEoAoocuE LOUISE ELIZABETH TRASK, A.B. AQ 47 Dove St. Albany, New York Chemistry Club C215 Vice-President C3, 415 Y. W. C. A., G. A. A. Cl, 215 Swimming Captain CZ, 315 Campus Commission C21. Louise would make an excellent after- dinner speaker with her ready knowledge of science and wide experience in travel. NATALIE EMMA TURCHI, A.B. EBCIJ Schenectady New York Fencing Club, Treasurer C313 President C413 French Club: Spanish Club: Junior Tea Dance Ccmmitteeg Campus Day Stunts C2, 313 Moving Up Day Stunts CZ, 315 Newman Club. ' The racing blood of a Southern land lends a vibrant glow to Nat's own individuality. VIRGINIA LOIS TWEED, B.S. in L.S. 1087 Forest Road Schenectady, New York She has struggled through the mystery of a college education and has come out triumphant. ' One Hundred Thirty-one 4 Om' Hundred Thirty-two l930 vwtoacoic UE PHYLLIS WINIFRED ULINE, A.B. , EBKID, IIPM 483 Ninth St. Troy, New York French Clubg Mathematics Club. So small, but yet so brilliant that we are forced torbelieve in quality but not quantity. CORNELIA, VAN KLEECK, A.B. NIII' Third Street VVaterIord, New York Class Secretary C11g Moving Up Day Stunt Cl. 2, 315 Get-Wise Party Committee C113 Soiree Music Committee C215 Campus Day Stunt C1, 31 5 Associate Editor of Freshman Handbook C31 Junior Guide System C315 Junior Prom Music Committee C31. E Connie will be a model English teacher for a principal named George. WINIFRED VAN SALISBURY, A.B. AQ Castleton New York Y. W. C. A., Silver Bay Conference C31 5 Classi- cal Club CZ, 3, 41 5 Post-Exam. Jubilee Committee Cl, 21 5 Campus Day Committee C21 3 Campus Day Stunt C213 Y. W. C. A. Pageant C31'g Junior Luncheon Program Committee C31 3 Biology Club, llaskctball Cl, 215 G. A. A. Her pleasant disposition is a cure-all for mental illnesses, and she's a darn good sport. I030 YEDAGOGUE RUTH HELEN VAN VLACK, B.S. in H.E. A CDA, Omicron Nu 1552 Rugby Road Schenectady, New York Home Economics Club C2, 3, 45 5 Marshall C25 : Chairman of Refreshments Committee, Sophomore Soiree C255 Junior Prom Committee C353 Spanish Carnival Committee C355 Campus Day Committee C15 g Home Economics Trip Cl, 2, 3, 45 3 Y. W. C. A.g G. A. A. Even though she is busy doing a thou- sand things, everyone feels assured that she may be depended upon for just one more. JESSIE BURLING VARIAN, A.B. Quaker Street New York 4. Spanish Club C1, 255 Mathematics Club C2, ti, J A deep sincerity and a true friendliness belie her quiet ways. RUTH LEA VINKELSTEIN, B.S. in C. HAT 808 Chenango St. Binghamton, New York c4Commerce Clubg Taxi Committee, Senior Hop " VVhoopie, another necklace! " Oh well, it but enhances your own brilliance and shining good nature. One Hundred Thirty-three l , 1 i F , a I . . r 5 . I 5 . f. 5 .5 ' J ' iff I - il,- 6 1 .55 .:I'-Tit" 49" . Zilfiuf i. ' I-is 5 '-gk". 5, "L . ,'5'fi. 3 ' M.-1 .5 - C 'i . I . ' r ,. 'S i Wigs .'3.'., C One Hundred Tlzirly-four l030 YY-.DAGOGUE MARGARET E. XVADSXVORTH, A.B. r 5 M Cobleskill New York Classical Club, President C455 G. A. A. Treas- urer C35 5 Campus Commission C35 5 Y. W. C. A.5 Basketballg Volley Ball. She is never too busy to sympathize with you, never too tired to help you5 in other words, the best pal and friend to have. ALICE R. XVALSH, AB. F4112 9 Saratoga St. Hoosick Falls, New York French Fete Chairman C255 Music Council, Secretary C355 Junior WVeekend Chairman5 junior Luncheon Toastmistressg junior Gu'l C ice ommitteeg French Club, Vice-President C355 President C455 Moving U1 D1 C ' 1 ey ommittee C355 French Fete Chairman C355 Revision of College Song Book C355 Lounge Committeeg Student Council C45' Music Council C455 Class President C455 Class Vice-President C35. She stood on tip-toe to pluck the topmost fruits-and she reached them! DGROTHY WARSHAW, A.B. Clinton Heights Rensselaer, New York Advertising Manager Psrmcoourz C455 Menorah Society, Vice-President C455 League, of Women Voters C35 5 French Club. . She understands the needs of others, and administers graciously to them. Dot is nice to work with for she is always sure to try. l030 veoaeocuf IiS'l'l'lliR WATERS, A.B. 366A Madison Ave. Albany, New York Campus Commission C153 Musical Comedy C255 Advertising Committee G. A. A. C255 Class Music Committee Cl, 2, 353 Assistant Sport Captain Swimming C255 Sport Captain Swimming C353 Music Council, Secretary 'C35g Art Stat? PEDA- cocus C255 Art Editor Permcocux-: C453 Biology Club CZ, 3, 455 President C455 Canterbury Club: Fencing Club C2, 353 Y. W. C. A. Welcoming Committee C253 Junior Tea Dance Music Com- mittee, Chairman Music Committee, Senior Hop. Ready for hikes or sprees, picnics, frolics, Ol' teas. Ready to play or sing 3. in short, ready for any ol' thing. KATHERINE WATKINS, A.B. XIII' 782 Myrtle Ave. Albany, New York Class Marshall C1, 355 Finance Board C355 Y. W. C. A. Cabinet C45 3 Track Captain C253 Track Team Cl, 2, 35 3 Swimming Team C2, 35 3 Basket- ball Cl, 3, 45 Field Ball C255 Chemistry Club C3, 453 Y. W. C. A. Bazaar. Chemically a compound of cheerfulnessg efficiency and modesty making up, above all, a good sport. Not all good sports come from Cornell, Kay. FANNIE PAULINE WATSON, B.S. in Ed. 162 E. 4th St. Oswego, New York Graduate of Oswego State Normal School. To grow intellectually, and to swim with the currents of modern education are her two guiding principles. One Hundred Thirty-five K .,. A - ,.t . . L Q One Huudrnd Thirty-.six V330 YY-.DAGOGUF I ESTHER WVEATHERWAX, B.A. p :DA Melrose New York Y. W. C. A.g Music Club, Biology Club, French Clubg Treasurer C41g French Fcte Decorations C213 French Fete Refreshments C3, 413 Junior Prom Faculty Connnitteeg Commencement Pro- gram Conuuittee. Never idle a moment, but thrifty and thoughtful of others. LOUISE M. XVEATHERWAX. B.S. in H.E. CIDA Melrose New York Y. W. C. A.: French Club, Biology Clubg H, E. Club CZ, 3, 41 g Chairman Refreshments Junior Tea Danceg Chairman Refreshments Senior Hopg Finance Board C41. " Wise to resolve, and patient to per- form." KATHRYN ANNE WEBSTER, A.B. F1112 Hicksville Long Island Campus Commission 121g Class Marshall C213 Newman Club Cl, 2, 3, 413 Mathematics Club' C3 -415 G. A. A. cheer Leader 1255. ,class C1165 l.e:4.der KZ, 3, 413 Soiree Committee C213 Junior Tea Dance Committee, Tennis Captain C419 Lounge Committeeg Class Stunt Campus Day CZ, 313 Moving Up Day Stunts C2, 31. Zim-rah, zoom-rah, ginger pie! Wie know a lass named K-A-Y, Lots o' pep, lots o' zest, Snap 'nf gusto, ,11 all the rest. i030 t YY-.DAGOGUE RICHARD WHISTON, A.B. KCIJK 121 Linclernian Ave. Kingston, New York Captain Basketball C11 3 'Varsity Basketball CZ, 3, 415 Captain C453 Varsity Baseball Cl, 2, 3, 455 Mathematics Clubg Troubadours. The "Gesta Romanorum " may be known by those who hear them, but the " deeds of VVhiston" are known only by those who see them. D ' ELIZABETH MAY WHITE, A B. Cairo New York Y. W. C. A., G. A. A.g Classical Clubg Spanish Club. Though our Betty pursues knowledge . With the courage of a Viking- She often finds the movies A bit more to her liking. JACK E. WIDGER, B.S. Elliottville i New York Quality throughout, topped by a Stetson, I One Hundred Thirty-seven One Hundred Thirty-eight I030 VY-.DAGOGUF ' DORIS ELINOR VVILCOX, A.B. XIII' Bainbridge New York . She may be tiny, but she enjoys athletics as much as Neph. ANNE ELIZABETH WILLIAMS. A.B. . - EA 1438 Sunset Ave. Utica, New York c4French Clubg Y. W. C. A. Publicity Committee J. . History would fail to repeat itself if Anne didn't do all her work and all on time. DORIS WILLIAMS, A.B. P4112 46 Manitou Ave. Poughkeepsie, New York Class Secretary C413 French Club Cl, 2, 3, 415 Secretary C41 5 Junior Prom Committee C31 5 New- man Club C1, 2, 3, 413 Councillor' C415 Newman Hall Reporter C113 Moving Up Day Stunt C313 Campus Day Stunt Committee C415 Class Mar- shall C41. Here is one string of our violin which is ' always in tune. Here is one heart of our good old class that shall not forget soon. 1 l930 YY-.DAGOGUE ELIZABETH CATHERINE WILSON, A.B. 'PF 110 Elmer Ave. Schenectady, New York Classical Clubg Music Club. Brought up in an atmosphere of learning she doesn't have to assume a veneer of re- finement. She is refined. 3 MABEL ACKERLY WINTER, A.B. Margaretville New York Y. wj C. A. qi, 2, 3, 45, Classical Club qs, 49. A mistake somewhere-her name should be Diligence--but a jolly good sport "for a' that." VERA ELIZABETH WOLCOTT, A.B. 77 Maple Ave. Saratoga Springs, New York Y. W. C. A. Cl, 255 Classical Club KZ, 3, 453 Music Club C2Jg French Club C253 League of Evangelical Students 13, 415 President MJ. Eyes ever a-twinkle, smile ever-ready, And a heart of the friend who " loveth alway." l l One H uudred Thirty-nine One H undrcd Forty l030 vrgpAcocuE LOUIS I. WOLNER, A.B.' Myskania 54 West St. A Albany, New York Editor-in-Chief News C455 Debate Council Vice-President C453 Debate Teamg Men's Varsity Debate Team CZ, 3, 455 Freshman Class Presi- dentg Sophomore Class Presidentg Junior Ring Committeeg Moving Up Day Speaker C153 Dele- gate N. S. F. A. C35g Prize, Freshman Speaking Contestg Prize, Leah Lovenheim Contest C353 Newman Club. A combination of -the f' Poor Man of Assisi 'i and the " Sage of Concord " to be taken at intervals through four years of college 'as an antidote against cynicism. SHIRLEY NEFF VVOOD, B.S. in L.S. Sidney Center New York Y. W. C. A. Cl, 2, 3, 455 French Club Cl, 255 Music Club Cl, 25g News Club C1, 2, 353 Campus Day Stunt C155 News Reporter C15g Women's Chorus C255 League of Evangelical Students CS, 453 Junior Associate Editor News C355 Literary Editor PEDAGOGUE C45. Impulsive ?-Irrepressibly. Enthusiastic ?-Inexpressibly, And a warm heart 'neath it all. GEORGE ALISON WORDEN, B.S. in Ed.. NVhite Sulphur Springs l New ,York Transferred from New Paltz Normalg Y. M. C. A. li " Let me be surrounded by men who haven't forgotten how to be jovial." l030 . YY-.DAG OGUE' GLADYS V. WORDEN, A.B. West Winfield V New York Mathematics Club C2, 3, 45. She wins her own modest laurels in her , own quiet way. RUDOLPH WURTH, A.B. KAP, KKIDK 34 Runisey St. Bath, New York Commerce Club Cl, 2, 3, 455 Troubadours C2, 3, 455 Cross Country C255 Class Treasurer C45. A scholar, a gentlenian,-ancl a trouba- dour. SARAH GRACE YAFFEE, A.B. AEKIJ 20 Grove Ave. Glens Falls, New York Soiree Committeeg Junior Prom Committeeg Music Clubg Biology Club 3 Menorah Society. Sid, like the brook is refreshing and always singing: " Worries may come and worries may go, but Sid goes on forever." . l One Hundred Forty-one l030 QEDAG O6 UE 1 ESTHER VERA ZIMMERMAN, A.B. 67 Ryckman Ave. Albany, New York Mathematics Club: French Clubg German Clubg Menorah Society. A careful student-but she doesn't lose sight of other things of value in her search for knowledge. VINCENT ADOLPH FESTA, A.B. KCIDK 108 Second St. Rome, New York Newman Club Cl, 2, 3, 4D3 Chemistry Club C1, 2, 3, 43 5 Mathematics Clubg Orchestra CD g Base- ball CZ, 3, 43 3 Troubadoursg Basketball 3 Cross Country f2Jg Track Team, 121. ' Vincent gives us the impression of quiet reserve that is restful in this hurried Senior Year. DOROTHY BUTTERFIELD, B.S. in C. 33 South Main St. Port Henry, New York French Clubg Commerce Clubg Campus Dal' Stunt. Dot lingers in the halls. and enriches her education by many extra conversations with a few special boy-friends. One Hundred Forty-two l030 , YY-.DAGOGUE ISABELLE EDITH DAVIDSON, B. S. in Ed. 541 West Fifth St. Oswego, New York Teacher Junior High School Sciences. Could one so pleasant and friendly ever be lonesome ?-Rather, others are lonesome who miss her gay compan- ionship. MARGARET HENNINGE, A.B. 1108 Seymour Ave. Utica, New York State College News Staff Cl, 2, 3, 4D: State College News Board, Advertising Manager C3, 43 g Newman Club Cl, 2, 3, 43 3 French Fete Q31 Peg can be so entertaining and withal so efficient, that although her continual chewing gum is inconsistent with her pursuits of the classics--we don't even mind. MARIAN E. HICKS, B.S. in H.E. CFA 1 Harvard St. Schenectady, New York Junior Editor, H. E. Club C353 H. E. Club. Her temperament sunny-not riled by any facts, Her conversation brittle--just full of funny cracks. EDGAR D. LEWIS, B.S. in Ed. Barryville New York In this sophisticated, blase world of ours, it is good to have this freshness of rusticity and wholesomeness of purpose. EUGENE POLLOCK, A.B. 69 Hayden St. Buffalo, New York And underneath his quiet serious- ness we glirnpsed a humor so spark- ling that we were glad to know him. I-IILDEGARDE M. ROBYNS B.S. in Commerce F1112 Oneida New York Commerce Clubg Newman Clubg Newman Councillorg Tea Dance Committee 131. You've a cheery "hello," and you never seem riled, You have good, common sense and don't act like a child. ELLEN R. WILLIAMS, A.B. Unadilla Forks New York Y. W. C. A. C215 French Club QZ, 3D. History quizzes stalk her path like evil genii, but they don't daunt Ellen's interest in the " here and now." 1 One Hundred Forty-three F FN fwhen The :nm seTs Lx O oncolle e da s, 6 Reaaenlehf way l ve, ve we-n When 5,125 lenlxuagl , Tnhose Wflc iiif' W WMP T o 8. . We wall Snllozflfr im alfa Qaln Tavch Bajxhxgx,-ii1M?1 mi Q 15 We Wm Eiztfllv, Ui 5 sail w 'The exxeam 0.8 The Grail 'fires og, 5. C. qw is im K Halt thy steps A little while: All too soon At twiliylztfv rail Shalt 111011 kneel To take the veil. ZUZZUTS Q3 I, J -I. loao W v'eoAcocuE History of the Junior Class Dawn! In the beginning it is dim and hazy, uncertain yet promising. How like us as we first groped our way through these halls of wisdom! Then there comes the first sign of color, perhaps only a streak of yellow, but for us it meant the championship in girls' basketball. More color appears, this time a Hash of rosy hues. Yes, we won rivalry. Gradually there is a blending of colors and an increasing brightness in the horizon. just so did we return for our second year with friendships welded closer and spirits keyed up for a big year. Colors heighten, making the horizon glow with gay hues-violets, reds, and yellows- and we danced gaily about the gym floor. Our Soiree was a huge success, per- haps the greatest of the year. But suddenly all this is dazzled into oblivion. The golden sun shoots its first rays above the horizon-while we, unconscious of what has gone before, revel in the thought of our Junior year. just as the sun bathes the heavens- with golden warmth and light, we doled out cheer and hospitality to the freshmen, spread our gaiety -about the school and shouted our joy out to all the world. Finally the sun is totally in view-a radiant mass of brilliance-and we have reached the social zenith of our college life-Prom! But now, too, the light of day is upon us, and we feel the approaching duty of completing the day's work. But let us not be sorrowful, for we, too, have tasted of the life of Jolly juniors! One Hundred Forty-seven sw 1 A 1 wmv FEZTEQZEITFT'IECf2.TYIT?'ETITTZ?TT7lZ1HRflQ7l'.1I2L1liZ2ZT211L,XWQ phi- 6 'iff-T ' ........., ,-.::L1" ""- ..- ...A 1 , --N :ff V 5 f r i 4 i l I 5 1 ,Q 1 5 5 5 i I 1 1 I i W E I s 3 Q , I Y V , . 5 I i K k Q 2 K 2 4 . , 5 1 2? 1 4 , e A. m S 4 I K K 2 Q 5 g V..--,. 'f-f'--- -rffwmf'--1, I. ff-f-A W, ,ffm ,. .- ' . , 4.1:-. k .. 1 :.'r,'.iL,L.:...,LJ1.., Etifqk.5:1-Zigi-..Tf:-QfJf!.kn.z':f:4.vr,K,.zi! rxflffia..'u..::3fZCmn:.gz'.:.:.g.443:'2f.1J :i.w.ha...x......a...L.:....'.,.:-.v.x.S2sh'v,..Z..i:sh.r.4.: w'LakwMa...m.w 'W'-T-' -N4 ,Ar k 11.5 i030 ' YEDAGOGUE Junior Class Omcers NETTA MILLER . . President CATHERINE R. NORRIS . . Vice-President HELEN Ons . . . Secretary WALTER DRISCOLL . . Treasurer MARGARET HICKEY . . Song Leader One Hundred Forty-nine I030 YY-.DAGOGUE CROSS of 1931 ABRAMS, DOROTHY I. ABRAMS, MAUDE C. . ABRAMSKY, RUTH ADAMS, DELLA . . APEL, M. WINIFRED . . ASHWORTI-I, ROSETTA E. . BADER, PAULINE LOUISE . BARBER, ELAINE . BASCH, ALFRED DAVID . BASTIEN, BERNADETTE E. . BATES, EMMA KATHERINE . BAUMES, HELEN M. . . BEADLE, LOUISE . . BENNETT, ALICE A. . 1. . BENNETT, JOSEPHINE ELIZABETH . BETTS, MARGARET DELONG . BLOOM, KESANIE . . BLOOMINODALE, EARL ROY' BODLEY, EUNICE ALDEN . BOLINSKY, EDNA MARY . BONESTEEL, MAE E. , BORST, FLORENCE LOIS . BRADY, HORTENSE GRACE . BRANDOW, DOROTHY PAGE . . BRODERICK, CATHERINE ELIZABETH BROWNE, ELEANOR BEATRICE . BRYNILSEN, HELEN LOUISE BUCI-IAN, HELEN MARIE . BURDETT, BETTY ALLISON . BUTLER, DORIS C. . . BUTLER, NORMA C. . . . BUTTEREIELD, DOROTHY EVELYN . BUTZER, WALTER FRANCIS . .A CAIRNS, EDYTHE ELIZABETH CAMPBELL, DONNA VEE . CARNER, FLORENCE . CARY, JANET FOSTER Ona Hundred Fifty johnstown . Albany Poughkeepsie Millbrook . . Utica Schenectady Baldwin . Chazy . Brooklyn I Utica Schenectady Schenectady . Cambridge East Hampton . . Albany . Glens Falls North Tarrytown . . Basom . Fulton . Hobart Troy . Schenectady Goldens Bridge . Athens Troy . Otego . . Rome Seneca Castle . V Schenectady 'Westons Mills . . ' Albany . Port Henry . Collins Center . Utica Watertown . Troy Salem l030 QEDAGOGUF CASEY, GENEVIEVE CATHERINE CASSIDY, MARION ISABELLE CLAPPER, VERNA ELIZABETH COLE, SUSAN MARY . . COLE, WARD B. . . . COLLINS, NORMAN OLIVER . COLLINS, RAYMOND LEO CONGER, RUTH REBECCA . CONLON, MARY FRANCES . CONTOIS, GENEVIEVE MARY COOK, PEARL CHARLOTTE . COPPING, ARNOLD BOWER . CORNELL, FRANCES L. CORNISH, ELIZABETH CORR, DANIEL PATRICK CORR, ELIZABETH AGNES . COVENTRY, CLAIRE . CRONK, LOUISE . . CROWE, GLADYS MARION . CRUIKSHANK, ANNE FRANCES CURTIS, INEZ IRENE . . CUSSLER, MARGARET T. . DANA, MARIETTA CATHERINE DARLING, DORCAS HARRIETTE DE GUZMAN CONSTANCE . DE HEUS, ESTHER CAROLINE DEKKER, FLORENCE MARGARET DELANEY, CATHARINE FRANCES DERSHIMER, GERTRUDE . D,EUFEMIA, ROSE ELIZABETH DICKINSON, IRENE . . DI LALLO, VIVIAN . . DILLENBECK, MARION ELIZABETH DODDS, DOROTHY MARY . DORN, DOROTHY FRIEDA . DORR, LILLIAN MARIE DOWERS, EVA BERTHA . DOWN, ARDITH ANNIE . DOWNES, MARION FRANCES DOYLE, RUTH MARCIA . DRISCOLL, CORNELIUS WALTER DUNHAM, MARJORIE JEAN I . Cohoes Schenectady . Selkirk . Albany Albany Middleport M echanicville . Warsaw Binghamton Yorkville Caeenovia . Castile Niagara Falls Rockville Center . - . Albany Rome . Rome Pleasantville Bloornville New Hartford Copenhagen Gansevoort Cooperstown Boonville . Hudson East Greenbush Centre Moriches . . Cohoes . Cortland North Tarrytown Glens Falls Schenectady Canajoharie . Delhi Castleton Rensselaer Interlaken F leischrnanns Lockport . Albany Cazenovia . Valatie One I-Inndrvd Fifty-one l030 Qi-.DAGOGUE DUTCHER, EESIE M. . . ECKSTEIN, ESTHER BELLE . EDDY, HELEN WHITE . EDMONDS, RUTH WINSTONE EFNER, HELEN R. . . EMERSON, HELEN ELIZABETH ENGST, UNA . . . FAIRFIELD, MARGUERITE VIOLA FALES, JESSIE . . . FASOLDT, ALICE MARIE . FASOLDT, WINIFRED JEAN . FAUL, WILMA MARGARET . FISHER, LILLIAN . . FLEMING, ALICE ELIZABETH FLEMING, ELIZABETH . . FOWLER, IRENE MARGARET FOWLER, MARJORIE BETTY FREDERICK, ALICE MYRTLE FREY, VIDA . . '. FRY, SARA MARGARET FURLONG, MARGARET E. . GALBRAITH, RACHEL ALICE . GALLUP, DORIS LEILA . GAUTHIER, MARY ELIZABETH GELLERT, LENA . . . GERKEN, ALMA FLORENCE GIBSON, EDITH MAY GILBERT, MARIAN INEZ . GILLESPY, JEANEMYERS . GILMAN, MABEL AGNES . GLENN, AGNES ALICE . . GOODELL, MARY ELIZABETH GOYETTE, BERTHA ELIZABETH GREENMAN, IRENE . . GRODZANSKY, JULIUS . . GUYETTE, GERTRUDE FRANCES HALL, MILDRED . . HAMMERSLEY, I. PRISCILLA . HARDACRE, WALTER GEORGE HARRIS, MARY SIDNA . HAYES, MADELINE MARY . HEISNER, RUTH VIRGINIA . One Hundred Fifty-two I . I Troy . . Hudson Saratoga Springs . Schenectady Schenectady . Newark Fayetteville Glens Falls Albany Rensselaer Rensselaer Fish's Eddy . Albany 4 Albany . Mexico Schenectady Schenectady Oneonta . Newark . Albany Schenectady . Cohoes Deansboro Ticonderoga Poughkeepsie Glen Cove . . Fulton . Hudson Falls . Albany . Cohoes Elsrnere Schenectady Schenectady 1 Albany . I Nassau . Bujalo White Plains . Albany Skaneatales Waterville Newburgh . Phoenix l030 ' QEDAGOGUF HENDERSON, HELEN M. . . North Troy HERTWIG, BEATRICE ELIZABETH . . Utica HICKEY, MARGARET CAROLINE Watertown HICKS, IRENE LAURA . Granville HILL, FRANCES BENEDICT . . HINMAN, MARIAN CORA . Mohawk HINRICI-IS, ZOE . . Schenectady HITCHCOCK, P. ELAINE . Albany HOOVER, WILMA MARY . . Theresa HOWARD, HELEN CAROLYN Bonckville HUGHES, RUTH PERRY . . Albany HUNGERFORD, GLADYS PAULINE johnson'City HUNT, EDITH' ANN . - . Shnshan HURLBUT, WINIFRED LOUISE Bay Shore HUTCHINS, CATHERINE RUTH . Fulton ISRAEL, RUTH . . . . Albany JACOBSON, ELIZABETH LOUISE Gloversville JACQUES, BERNICE THELMA Lowville JAMES, DOROTHY ESTELLE . Harrison JAMES, EDITH MYRETTA Harrison JOHNSON, IDA ALINE . . . Scotia JOHNSON, JEWEL VIRGINIA . Kinderhook JONES, ARTHUR PIERCE . . Albany JONES, BROOKS A. . . Albany JONES, JANE MARION . . . Utica KAUTTER, ELIZABETH CORINNE johnstown KELLEHER, ELEANOR ROSE . . Yonkers KELLEY, CAROLYN ELIZABETH . Cohoes KELSEY, RUTH MARGARET . Binghamton KILLEEN, MARGARET . . . Albany KLINE, DOROTHY FRANCES White Plains KNAPP, LUCILLE DOROTHY . . Camden KNAPP, MAXWELL R. . . Rnshville KNOX, ROYAL W. . Albany KOCH, EVELYN M. Saratoga Springs KOLKER, LOUIS . . Rensselaer KOLODNY, MYRON IRVING . . Albany KOREN, ROSE FLORENCE . Gloversville KRONENBERG, ELIZABETH LOUISE Woodridge KRUEGER, KATHERINE . . Little Falls LA MONICA, SYLVIA . . Oneonta LARSON, MILDRED RUTH . North Troy One Hundred Fifty-three l030, YY-.DAGOGUF LEVINSON, FRANCES FREADA LEVY, REBECCA . . . LEWIS, EDGAR DONALD LILLY, ANNA MAE . . LINCOLN, DOUGLAS' . . LININDOLL, FLORENCE IRENE- LOHMAN, ETHEL MARION . LONG, IRMA MARJORIE . LONGLEY, COLBY FRANK . LUDLUM, RUSSELL WILLARD LUSK, ETHELWYNN ALBERTA LYONS, CHARLES JOSEPH . LYONS, CLAIR MARIE . MARTIN, LENA . . MCCONNELL, ANNABELLE . MCCONNELL, IRVING . MCGLASSON, ESTHER EDNA MCINERNEY, MARY DOROTHY MCMAI-ION, HARRY CHARLES- MCNARY, HAZEL . . MAHONEY, IRENE . MARKHAM, ALICE DORIS . MARSHALL, IVA JEANNETTE 4 MASLAN, SIMEON . . MATTISON, LEONA L. . MAURICE, THERESA MARY . MAXWELL, MARY TEDFORD MEI-ILENBACHER, LYLE E. . METZLER, ANNA MIARGARET MILLER, ADELLA 'REANETTA MILLHOUSE, IRMA FISHER . MINKIN, JEAN . . MONT, SYLVIA . . . MObORE, MARY CATHERINE MORGENSTERN, MARY RETA MORIARITY, ELIZABETH JOSEPHINE MORRELL, BERENICE ELINOR MORSE, EDNA LEONA . MULLIGAN, MARGARET MARIE MULWITZ, SYLVIA . . MYERS, HORACE BURTON . NELSON, C. LILLY . Ono Hundred 'Fifty-four Newbnrgh Woodridge Voorheesfville . Albany . Albany Schenectady . N assan . Albany Sterling Station . Albany . Geneva . Norwich . Troy Gloversville johnson City Eagle Bridge White Plains . Troy Albany . Elsmere Watervliet Painted Post . jordan . Albany . Oneonta Frankfort . Salem . C ohocton F ar Rockaway . Albany . Troy . Albany Schenectady A . Mohawk I . ' 'Oneida Binghamton Londonfville Smith's Basin . Norwich Port Chester Binghamton . Norwich H330 VY-.DAGOGUF NEWCOMB, LAWRENCE COATES . NOLAN, MARGARET MARIE NORD, MARTHA JOSEPHINE NORRIS, CATHERINE FRANCES NORRIS, CATHARINE RUTHERFORD O,CONNELL, BEATRICE MARY ODWELL, MARIAN HARRIET OLIVER, JENNIE MARY . GLIVER, JOSEPHINE JANE . O,RAIDY, AUDREY . OSBORN, EDWARD L. OTIS, HELEN B. . . OTT, CHARLES FRANK , PARKS, RUTH ETHEL . . . PECK, FRANCES VIRGINIA . . PETTINGELL, MARGARET KATHERINE . PEULECKE, ELSA . . . PHILIPS, LAURA GERTRUDE . PHILLIPS, VERNA FRANCES . PODVIN, FOSTINA . PRANIAN, MARGUER.ITE PRATESI, VIRGINIA A. PRIMEAU, WINIFRED . . PRINCE, CLARICE MADELINE PULVER, ADELAIDE . . PURDEY, LILA K. . RANDO, MARY ELLEN . . RASMUSSEN, DOROTHY CHRISTINE REISNER, MARY FRANCES . . RICHARDSON, WINNIEFRED MAE . RIEBENNACHT, DORIS . . RIESS, MARY KATHARINE . RITCHIE, ALBERT DAVID . ROBINSON, MAXINE EMMA . ROBINSON, SHIRLEY ISABELLA . ROGERS, MARY R. . . ROSE, SYLVIA . . ROSNER, ANNA FRANCES . ROUNDS, HARRIETT JENNIE . SAMUELS, BEATRICE JEANNETTE . SAVERCOOL, ANNE BEATRICE SAWYER, JOSEPH WILLIAM . . Albany Little Falls . Albany Watervliet . Albany . Yonkers Downsville . . Albany . . Albany Saratoga Springs . I . Albany . Albany . . Oswego Sonth Glens Falls Cornwall-on-Hndson . . Fonda Sea Cliff Rhinebeck Brewster . Glens Falls Pineblnj, Ark. . . Bellmore Schenectady Lynbrook East Nassau . Theresa M echanicville Amsterdam Ponghkeepsie . Albany . Port Leyden . . Beacon Saratoga Springs . . Scotia Amityville Watervliet Sea C lid' Port jervis Endicott . Elmira . johnson City M echanicville One Hundred Fifty-five Ioan QRDAGOOUE 4 SCI-1LICK,JAN'E . . . SCHNEIDER, ANN M. . . SCHNEIDER, LOUISE WILHELMINA SCHOOR, ALEXANDER . . SCHRAUTH, M. ELIZABETH SCHROEDER, KLARA . SCHROEDER, MARGARETHE SCHWAB, EVA DOROTHY SCHWARTZ, ROSE B. . . SCOTT, RICHARD THURSTON SEBAST, PAULINE E. . . SEWARD, FLORENCE JULIA SHADBOLT, DELIA EDITH Sl-IAPIRO, CECELIA . SI-IAPO, FLORENCE HELEN . SHILL, GERTRUDE J. . SIMON, BETTY . . SINNOTT, CAROL PATRICIA SMITH, ETHEL MARGARET 5 SMITH, HELENE GERTRUDE . SMITH, MARION ADAMS . SPENCER, JOSEPHINE MAY D. SPLAIN, ALICE MARCE . . SQUIRES, MABEL FOLWELL . STEELE, RUTH VAN VALKENBURG STEPHENS, LUCIA MACDONNELL . SVOLOS, TERESA . . . SWARTZ, IVA . R . ' TEPPER, MARION . TOMPKINS, DORIS ANNA . TOOTHAKER, GENEVA MAE TURNBULL, AGNES MILDRED VACCA, NICKLAS . . . VAN EVERA, ALICE .... VAN STEENBURGH, BEATRICE LOUISE . VELEY, ESTHER LILLIAN . . . WASI-IBURN, MARGARET SIELEY . WEINBERG, MARION . . WELDEN, FLORA . . WESTERN, GERTRUDE HANNAH . WI-IISTON, DONALD . . WHITNEY, HELEN LUCRETIA One Hundred Fifty-six . Albion . New York . Schenectady Long Island City Poughkeepsie Slingerlands Slingerlands . Binghamton . . Buffalo . Fort Edward . . Scotia Poughkeepsie Strykersville Glens Falls .A Hudson Castleton . Troy . Clinton North Troy . . Livonia . North Troy . . Savona Saratoga Springs Port Washington . . Castleton . Ogdensburg . Schenectady . Little Falls . Albany . Schenectady . West Albany Amsterdam . Schenectady . , .Canajoharie . Ballston Spa . Nunda . Binghamton Newburgh Fort Plain . Newport . Kingston . Glens Falls l030 ' YEDAGOGUF WIDGER, MARY IONE WIEDEMAN, MARIE AGATHA W1NsLow, GENEVIEVE W. . WINTER, HELEN VAN DYKE WINTERS, BEssIE LILLIAN . WISE, GLADYS VIRGINIA . WISE, JULIA MARIE . ' ZALL, JULIA . I ?aldwins'ville Glenmont Schenectady . Greene I I oosick Falls Schenectady Schenectady Binghamton One Hundred Fiftg'-seven l030. QYLUAGOGUE 4 Suddenly the sunny gleafms Beneath the poppy-fettered dreams,- Dreams of Pan, with two feet cloven Piping to the hymph and faun, I Who, with wreaths of ivy woven Nimbly dance to greet the dawn. Ona Hundredfifly-vigil! J it In the morning of life, when its cares are unknown, And its pleasures in all iheir new lustre begin, When 'we live in a bright beannng 'world of one own, Anal the light that surround.: nx is all from wzthin. Thomas Moore X X N 9- he L af of h . u, " ' 1 , , , f l C ,N N Ui R 'N , A L.7?llc:Q Sophofnores , .Q ga i-1 .4...L.. V - ..-,..,...... --.-- i . , V14 , Y I 9, , li' .Q af ' .A . ,F '1 U. '- . :-:..g- v,"i'f-I A Y I l030 . VY-.DAGOGUF Sophomore Class History Modern youth still retains that desire for achievement which has dominated man throughout the ages. History tells us that most achievements were for per- sonal advancement and glory. Today the desire for personal gloiy is giving way before the wish to achieve for the common good. The members of the present sophomore class furnish an excellent illustration of my meaning. XVe have learned to co-operate-to work for communal good rather than for personal advancement. Whatever our contribution to college history may be at the end of four years, it will be the result of common effort made with a desire to advance our mutual interests. A review! of the achievements of the class for the past two years furnishes ample proof of this assertion. In scholastic fields as well as in athletic endeavors we have shown our recognition of mutual interests. Wie have developed a tendency to be startlingly original and we have introduced many revolutionary changes in the routine of college life. Probably the first took place when we chose a woman as freshman president. We followed this by assuming the initiative in the inter-class battles with our sophomore rivals. Early in the second semester we proved our intellectual prowess by winning a unanimous decision in debate over our rivals. Important as we1'e these accomplishments, the crowning achievement of the year for us was the finding of the sophomore mascot. This is the first time the sophomore mascot was ever found in the history of inter-class rivalry. Aided by these achievements we eventually won the inter-class rivalry by a score of 16 to 10. Our Freshman Wfelcome, given in our sophomore year, was the means of introduction of a revolutionary change in the nature of freshman orientation meetings. If our class had not gained a reputation for modesty' I might say that our Soiree was absolutely unparalleled in the history of successful sophomore social events. Through the wise administration of our finances we have gained the repu- tation of being State's wealthiest class. We have already given a part of our senior gift in presenting a fund for the lounge room. Two years lie before us. In them much may be accomplished. Success will be our portion if we continue to recognize the commonalty of our interests. We must continue to be cognizant of the fact that un:-selfish co-operation alone has achieved our past success. Then, in the new age that lies before we may well apply those principles we learned and used so well in college,-subordination of our own aims and interests in the welfare of the whole. One Hundred Sixty-one l03O VY-.DAG 06116- loan ' QS-.DAGOGUE SOPRJI GEORGE RICE . DoRoTHY HALL ELVA NEALON . CURTIS RUTENBIEIQ MILDRED SMITH omore Class 01HH1Ce1rs . . President . . Vice-President . Secretary . . Treasurer . . Song Leader One Hundred Sixty-three l030 YY-.D AIGOGUE Class ADAMS, CHARLOTTE LORRAINE ALEXANDER, MARY HELEN ALLEN, DOROTHY ELEANOR . ANDERSON, CHARLOTTE ABIGAIL ANDERSON, WALTER VINCENT . APPLETON, FREDERICK SHERMAN . ATKINSON, SARAH ADA . . BAKER, DUANE F. . . - BAUMANN, MADELINE DOROTHY . BAXTER, ROSE ELIZABETH BELKNAP, KATHRYN FRANCES BENEDICT, WINIFRED ALLETTA . BEROSTEIN, ROSE LAURA . . BESSEE, FLORA ANTOINETTE BLUM, FAY ALFRED . . BREWER, KATHERINE M. . BREZEE, RUTH CHRISTIAN' . BRIERLEY, SARA EVELYN . BROWN, ERMA LOUISE . BROWN, HELENE E. . . BUCHANAN, MILDRED COOKE BURGHER, HELEN . . BURKE, GRACE AGNES . BURLEICH, DOROTHY ISABELLE . BURNS, VERA B. . . CANDEE, MARTHA RAY . CAPLAN, SARAH . . . CARDINAL, RUTH ELIZABETH CASTERLINE, MILDRED LOUISE . CHARLES, LULU WINIERED . CHARTRES, HELEN FRANCES CHMIELINSKA, HELEN . . CHIELWESKI, VINCENT JOHN CHRISP, ETHEL SILVERNAIL CINCEBOX, EDITH ELIZABETH ' CLARK, FRANKLIN . . CLEMENS, NILE CECILE . COLLIER, HELEN MARCUERITE . One Hundred Sixty-fonr QI 11932 . Albany . Albany . . Utica . H averstraw Philadelphia, Pa. . Rensselaer . Cohoes . Windsor . Sag Harbor I Fort Covington . Philrnont Georgetown Station . Sag Harbor . . Rome C onstableville . Troy . Albany New Berlin . La F argeville . Glens Falls Pntnarn Station . . C ohoes . Troy . . Rorne Shelter Island . . Phoenix M echanicville F ort Edward ' Q Cortland .' Albany . Albany . Albany Prattsbnrg I Athens . Albany Earlmlle l030 ' Y TLD AG O G UF COMISKEY, MARION ELIZABETH . Port jervis CONNELLY, ALICE MARGARET Schenectady COON, WILLIS AUSTIN . . Oswego COONS, RUDOLPI-I . Germantown CORA, MARY GERTRUDE . Anbnrn CREDLE, JEAN FRANCES Chatham DARELER, THERESA ELLA . Valley Falls DAVIS, FRANCES KINGSLEY . . Mexico DAVIS, MARTHA ELIZABETH . West Winfield DECKER, CLARA GERTRUDE . Utica DE HEUS, MARJORIE IRENE East Greenbush DELEHANTY, JOHN JOSEPH . . Albany DIMOND, RUTH GERTRUDE . Utica DINNEEN, ELLEN M. . . . Utica DOOLEY, MARY KATHERINE Greenwich DORGAN, LEAH MARIE . Watervliet DOWNEY, GENEVIEVE PAULINE Union Center DRANSKY, SAMUEL STANLEY . Albany DRINON, FRANCES MARION . Rensselaer DUNNIGAN, ANNE LUCILLE Waterford DUNNING, DORIS MARIE . Schenectady DURKIN, FRANCES LOUISE Waterloo ECKEL, FREDERICK M. . Albany EISENBERG, FLORENCE MAE Glen Cove ELLENBOGEN, BERNARD . Albany ELMER, N. LOUISE . Franklin ENGLISH, HAZEL MAY Corning EVERITT, ROBERTA MAY . Catskill FASOLDT, SARAH ELIZABETH Rensselaer FAULK, CORRINE ANN MARIE Jamestown FEINSTEIN, CLARA . . Huntington FISCHER, ELIZABETH . Port Chester FISHER, RUTH LILLIAN Fosterdale FISTER, JULIA ARABELLE . . Athens FLOODY, ROBERT JOHN . . Albany FLOWERS, AUDREY DU BOIS Wliite Plains FORTMILLER, EVELYN HENRIETTA . Newark FORTMILLER, MARGARET ELEANOR . Newark FORTUNE, MARY ALICE . Vlfatertown Fox, BEATRICE C. . New Hartford FOX, EVELYN CECELIA Mechanicville FREDERICK, HELEN . . . Albany FRENCH, MAGDALIENE HELEN Utica FRIEDMAN, FLORENCE . . Utica One H undred Sixty-Jive l030 YY-.DAGOGUF 1 FROHLICH, MICHAEI. RICHARD GABAUER, FLORENCE ELECTA GAGE, ELEANOR MONROE . GALUSHA, MARGARITA LOUISE GAYNOR, FRANCES ROSE . GAZLAY, MARGARET LINCOLN GIBLIN, ALICE EDNA . . GODFREY, WEALTHA FRANCES GOLDMAN, ANNA . . GOLDSMITH, RUTH ELIZABETH GOODRICI-I, ROBERT EDWIN . GOTTSCHALK, MARGARET CATHERINE . GRAY, DOROTHY . . . GREEN, MADELINE BARAT GULICK, SARAH . . GUSTOWT, ROSE MARIE HAAKE, HELEN BERTHA HALL, DOROTHY JEAN . HALLOCK, DOROTHY LILLIAN HAMM, DOROTHY ELIZABETH HANDY, HELEN ELIZABETH HARPER, LAWRENCE C. .. HARTIN, RUTH ELIZABETH . HARVEY, ROSEMARY ANN . HARWOOD, FRANCIS GERALD HASWELL, HAROLD MOSELY HAWKINS, VIRGINIA IRENE . HENRY, MARGARET HARRIET HERNEY, THOMAS LOUIS . HERR, MARGARET MARION HEYDT, FRANCES PIERSON HIGBY, ESTHER CAROLINE HILTON, MARGARET ETHELWYN . HINAMAN, JULIA LAVINA . . HIRSCHFELD, DOROTHY JOSEPHINE HOLMES, ELSIE FRANCES . . HOLT, JOSEPHINE . . . HONEYCOMBE, LILLIAN FPANCES . HOUSMAN, ALICE . . . HRITZ, ANDREW A. . . HUBBELL, RUTH MILDRED . HUGHES, ROBERT GORDON . IODICE, JOSEPHINE D. . ISHERWOOD, RUTH MARGARET One H undrcd S iffy-si.r Albany ' Troy Delmar . Newark Troy Hamilton Watertown W aterjora' Albany Ellenville Iohnson City . Albany Middletown . Albany Ulster Park Binghamton Schenectady Rochester . Medusa Herkimer Sharon Springs Ft. jackson Gloversville West Winfield . Perry Hoosick Falls . Corinth Rensselaer Binghamton . Albany N. Y. City . Elsmere . Nichols . I Port Jervis 'Huntington Cazenovia Palisades Watervliet Poughkeepsie . Yonkers Troy . Rome Kingston l030 QEDAGOGUE JACKSON, ELIZABETH WINIFRED JONES, JEANNETTE ADELE . KAUT, MARY ELIZABETH . KELLER, FRANCES WINIFRED KELLEY, INEZ ALETHEA . KELLOGG, ANNIS ' . KELLY, EDWARD JAMES . KENTFIELD, KATHRYN L. . KISSAM, CHARLES HENRY . KLINE, SYLVIA J. . . KOLODNY, ELLIS ALEXANDER KOORY, LOUISE HELEN . KORNIT, SYLVIA FRANCES . KRONMAN, RUTH YSABEL . KROUNER, ANNE L KUBRAN, MARY ROSE LAFEAN, ANN EUGENA LANSING, WINIFRED . LARBEY, MARION HELEN . LAUBENSTEIN, HILDA MATILDA LAVIGNE, VINCENT . . LAZARONY, LENA JEAN LENT, HELEN DEPEW LEVINE, BESSIE . . LEVINE, EDITH ADELAIDE . LEWIS, ANNETTE LUCILLE . LITTLE, ISABEL JANETT . LIVINGSTON, MILDRED MARIE LOCKWOOD, JEAN MARY . LOCKWOOD, MARJORIE ELEANOR LONGMUIR, MARJORIE MARY LOUBER, EVELIN ISABELLE LYONS, JOHN FRANCIS . MCGINNISS, DOROTHY AGNES MCGRANE, SARAH AGNES . MAOGREGOR, HELEN VIRGINIA MCLAUGHLIN, ELIZABETH ROSE MCLAUGHLIN, JANE RANKIN MONALLY, MARY EMMA . MACE, MELVA THERESA MALLIN, FLORENCE T. NIANN, HOWARD DEPEW MARK, SHERIDAN DAVID . MASON, RUTH AEIGAIL Ilurnt Hills . Williamson . New Hartford Amityville Seneca Falls Adams Center Schenectady Bainbridge Greenlawn Kingston Albany Malone . Albany Schenectady . . Albany . Piermont Greenfield Center . . Albany . Albany Little Falls Mechanicville Fredonia Peekskill Newburgh . Hudson Ossining Fort johnson Forest Hills jamestown . Albany Ardsley New York Corinth Schenectady Romulus . johnson City Oriskany Falls Port Washington . Rensselaer Saranac Lake Schenectady Breakabeen Glens Falls Fort S locnm One lhmdred Sixty--sez'cn I03O QRDAGOGUE MAZAR, FRANCES AGNES . MEAD. HELEN BOURNE MEAD, MARY ESTHER . MERSELIS, DOROTHY MARY. MEYER, MILDRED ELIZABETH MILLER, KENNETH ANDREW MOORE, JANE . . . MOORE, MAY LOREETA . MORELAND, EDWARD LLOYD MORRISON, LEOLA JOSEPHINE MULFORD, HONOR ELIZABETH MULLEN, ELINOR MARGARET MURRAY, LORETTA . . MYERS, ELLA LOUISE . NEALON, ELVA LORETTA . NELSON, MARION ELIZABETH NESBITT, ANNE ELIZABETH . NESBITT, OLIVE LUCILE . NORTHROP, MARGUERITE ELMINA OLIVER, ELIZABETH CAMPBELL O'SHEA, MARY LUCY . . GSTROSKY, LUCY HELEN PEARD, ISABEL JANE . PERKINS, MARY ALMENA . PITCHER, ETHEL . PITTS, EVELYNLFRANCES PLUMB, GALEN ROBERT POTTER, IRMA EILEEN . POWELL, ANNA MARGARET PUTKOWSKI, STELLA ADELAIDE RAFTER, JUANITA LOUISE . RANKINS, RAYMOND ROBERT RAY, LOUISE . . . RAYMOND, ELIZABETH EMELINE REICKERT, REVA IRISH . RICE, GEORGE PHILIP . RIEGEL, CATHERINE THIRZA RIESTER, AGATHA ANNE . ROBINSON, MARY . . ROHEL, HELEN MARGARET RUTENBER, MARK CURTISS . SAGENDORF, FLORENCE NIAUDE SAROFF, JACK . . . SCHLACHTER, SELMA F. One Hundred 'Sixty-eight I Binghamton East Aurora Wliite Plains Florida Bay Shore Slingerlands . Albany lllilford Bay Shore Lake Pleasant Binghamton . Utica Waterford U 'est' Winfield . Menands . Albany . Palmyra K nowlesville . Beacon . Albany East Islip Endicott . Batavia Hadley . Altamont . Albany . Albany Lake Placid Saratoga Springs Hudson Falls . Warwick . Mohawk Phoenix I ' Johnstown Niagara Falls . Albany Albany . Auburn North Troy . Elmira . Albany West Sand Lake Schenectady Poughkeepsie l030 ' YY-.DAGOGUF SCOTT, ERMA LOIS SCOTT, KATHERINE . . SHEPMAN, MARGARET ADELE SHOOK, INEZ ELIZABETH . SHULMAN, JANE . SILVER, HELEN . ' . SIMMONS, CLARICE INEZ SIMMONS, VIOLET HOPE SIMON, BERNARD . SLMONS, FRANCES EUGENIA . SIMS, SELMA KATHERINE . SMITH, CAROLYN THRALL . SMITH, FRANCES LYDIA ' . SMITH, MILDRED EDITH . SOBOLESKI, ANITA BARBARA SROKA, ANTHONY . . STARR, MARGARET JOSEPHINE STEINBERG, EVELYN EVA . STEVER, DORIS ROSENE STEWART, MARGARET STEWART, MURIEL ILEAN . STIEFVATER, MARIE R. . . STORMONT, ELIZABETH HUMESTON STREVELL, MARION ELIZABETH . STROHMAIER, HILDEGARDE HELEN SULLIVAN, AUDREY NORMA . . SWEET, LEWIS . . SWICK, CHARLES LELAND . TARBOX, CARL . . TARPEE, EVELYN M. . . TERWILLIGER, GERTRUDE WARIZEN TODD, JOHN .... TRAVER, CATHERINE RUTH . TUTHIL, KATHRYN MARIE . VAN BUREN, M. ASENATH . VENABLE, ELEANOR . WALD, MARY FRANCES WALLWORK, CLINTON . WALTMAN, RENA LORETTA . WEBB, GERTRUDE L. . . WEEKS, DOROTHY JOANNA . WEINBERG, LILLIAN . . WHITE, MARION LOUISE WICKS, MARY LORETTA . Sidney Channiont . Beacon Schenectady Poughkeepsie Troy Pauling Millerton Troy . Mexico . Rochester Binghamton Norwich Uhite Plains . ' Niagara Falls Buffalo . Saranac Lake Schenectady Penn Yan Willowenioc . Hoosick Falls Utica Phillipsport . johnson City . Albany . Schenectady . .Binghamton Saratoga Springs . . Albany . Perry Kingston Hyde Park . Albany . Goshen . Albany Fleischrnanns . Utica Wappingers Falls . Bingharnton . Newark . Batavia Albany . Yonkers Sanqnoi One Hzmdred Si.1'fj'-llrlllt' f I030. YEDAGOGUE' f WIENECKE, THERESA . . . WILBUR WILSON, WILSON, WILSON, WINTER, YOUNG. HELEN FRANCES . Pfatchogue . Alexandria Bay JOSEPHINE THEODORA . Firthcliffe MARGUERITE BAKER . Schenectady MARJORIIE ELIZABETH . Sherrill EVELYN SNELL .' . Greene MARJORIE MARION Ik lk . Dk Mind not though daylight around ns is breaking,- W ho'd think now' of sleeping when 71lfl1l,S but just waking? Sound the nierry viol, and daylight or not Be all for an hour in the gay dance forgot. See young Aurora up heaveifs hill advancing. Though. fresh from her pillow, even she too is dancing Wliile' thus all creation, earth, heaven, and sea, Are dancing around us, oh, 'why shall not we? Who'll say that rnornents we use thus are wasted? Such sweet drops of time only flow to be tasted: While hearts are high-beating and hearts pull in tune, The fault is all 1norning's for coming so soon. ' FRANK DEMPTEII SHERMAN One Hundred Seventy Eaton Behind the night W 't th t b I az s for e gre u o u so zewzere afar Some 'white frame do s daglneale and ihe light. h 4-X L , hzmiiwar l Freshweh h 4 .0 ff' o P- .mo OS S. ff- ' ,. Q- - . - - - 4 X-,g Y va V527 iii 'V xr :fan U I k 'V 1 , A v A E XX - AN , ' V 4 7' H ','..f5 ' , -' " f ,f k5"A.1 A N 2 15 ' ' X ' - l030 ' VY-.DI-XGOGUF Freshman Class History As long as there is a Dawn. there will be Dawn Seekers. Each year they come, singing. The class of '33 has come singing a jaunty tune. lt did not intend to startle the world already fed up with record-breakers and supermen. It wanted to live! ln one short year it has lived-gloriously. We freshmen have been much more dignified than the freshmen of other years. Wesaw no reason why we should be nienials, running to do a sopho- more's bidding. Far be it from us, the class of '33! One thing we did will- ingly and graciously. The sophomores decided that for one'week we should blossom forth in a garb that evidently they considered stylish, and blossom we did! At the end of a week we had a 'feeling of deep affection for middies. red ties, skirts, and most aesthetic of all, black cotton stockings. XVe did, of course, think that the sophomores had queer ideas as to dress, but then being a beneticent class, we were delighted to pose as eccentric fashion plates for our eccentric rivals. If the thought expended on ways and means to get that yellow banner could have been directed into other fields, about hfty more of us would make high honors. We, perfect callers with a purpose, were disillusioned to discover that the sopho- mores had not yet achieved the fine artistry of the perfect hostess. XVhy did we try to capture that banner? We don't remember. XV e only remember that the night of banner rush we discovered that we enjoyed the company of the members of our own class better than that of any other people on earth! We really have individuals in our class. who, if nothing else, are original. Sophomore-Freshman debate was to take place in the auditorium on a certain Friday morning. Frosh and Sophs assembled, cheered vociferously, waited, and cheered some more until it was discovered that the delay was due to the absence of the chief Sophomore debater--need we elucidate? V We hope that we shall see the Dawn when it is of the colors that were meant for us, but before then we are going to have, as we have had this year, a gay night of merry comradeship. ' One I-I1md1'c'd Swcnfy-Ilzrve IO 3 O A , i LQ ,WVf, , , , 4 ,,4 'Q vo AG 0 G UE . . , ..,, H , , , , , , , , , ,Q - ,,..,, U A , ,' Vx, --A-12,34 Wm,-i.',,1-fm..-.,...,-ns,-.w-,-flu'-'w'l-M 1,3,.mmLz,,wf,'5-wh.1,.w,-.H L-f'x'f.'-" -' 'Q H.1 ,1.Uf:u' ' rn'-lf--'4-H W -"f-'Wf""""" " " ' ' ' ' ' ' "' 7 l030 ' YY-.DAGOGUE Class of 11933 abclella, amelia . albert, ruth roslyn . albrecht, ruth naoxni . allen, clara van buren . alvord, margaret ernestine anderson, alice 1nay . appleby, harriet . . arcangeli,,a1nelia jean ar1nstrong,'evelyn . . babcock, elsie"loretta . baker, catherine'i1'1ar.y . ball, josephine ahnyra . ball, mildred alberta . barber, margaret alice barnes, elinor agnes . becker, edna elizabeth . becker, serita . . bergen, vera sponenberg bergenstrom, hilma lillian birk, margaret louise . black, gertrude . . boyd, ruth adelaide . brady, helen agnes . brew, mary elizabeth . brody, rebecca . . brown, phebe caroline . buchanan, marguerite . buchner, florence sarah buck, ellsworth george buecke, ruth alice . buhl, bertha marie . burbridge, lucy loyla . burdick, helen louise . burgdorf, lois eleanor . burrett, anna atwater . bush, arlton roxclen . . albany poughkeepsie . delmar Schenectady . hornell . Catskill voorheesville . burdett . albany poughkeepsie . cloverack binghamton . berne . glens falls . red creek schenectady Cooperstown . fonda . sag harbor . . troy ,argyle . utica . ilion bergen albany . greenwich hagalnan . johnstown . dannemora . . utica . utica . beacon . middletown . lyons . ithaca . ithaca Ona Hundred Seventy-five clietz, winifred agnes butler, helen Aloretta calow, charlotte . Campbell, janet anna cannon, margaret canter, edythe arline carr, esther marie cary, alice evelyn casey, marguerite marie cayea, bernice mary l030 i A YEDAGOGUF cederquist, carol josephine . Christiansen, carolyn church, marian louise . clark, elizabeth celia catfey, margaret . cole, margaret . collins, william . Conant, natalie agnes Connors, abbie may cook, evelyn madge cooley, mary . copans, gertrude helen cornell, alice eclna costa, annunciata cowen, helen . coyne, edward francis . crear, Cornelia jane ' . cromie, helen . cronk, dorothy louise crosby, naomi alice crowley, veronica' davis, francis j osephine deitz, dorothy may de laura, gilbert . detlefson, john charles dinneen, abbie frances . doherty, mary catherine dolan, james william . domser, marjorie carolyn dorn, florence lillian . dunn, harriet may One Hundred Srzfcuty-six V . troy , albany albany . whitehall poughkeepsie mechanicville . salem . cold spring . . utica . jamestown . kenmore . hamilton holland patent . herkimer poughkeepsie mechanicville . Walworth . . . troy rotterdam junction . . . utica . newburgh oneida . newburgh mechanicville . . troy . feura bush albany delmar schenectady . albany stanfordielle . schenectady . holley b . albany poughkeepsie . . utica . saratoga springs . albany . booneville . schodack landing niagara falls H330 ' 'QW-.DAGOGUE clunn, marion agnes . dunsten, constance clurey, dorothy . . du rose, thorley edward clyckman, ethel harris . epstean, eclna . V . esmay, evelyn frances . farlow, camilla kruclson feary, marion lucille . fessenden, anne . filby, bruce . . flanagan, margaret teresa Hetcher, laura estelle . foster, persis emily . frazier, catherine susan freclenburg, ethel irene freeman, mary frances gaclway, leonarcl samuel gadziola, julia . . gainor, mary . garclner, mary helen . gaskill, clora . . gaynour, kathryn veronica geclney, irene clorothy . geehin, clorothy sarah . gewirtzman, anne gill. mary louise . gilmore, may louise gold, marcia mildrecl . gordon, elizabeth mary gorton, ruth esther . granger, veronica naomi gratrick, marion frances grosvenor, john henry gutheinz, marion elizabeth . guyer, ormoncl . . haas. marjorie anne . hagen, ruth elizabeth . hallenbeck. harriet icla harris, ralph . harter, ruth elizabeth . Ona Hun . . troy miclclle granville . green lake ticonderoga mohegan lake poughkeepsie . . utica albany batavia . schenectacly niagara falls . wellsville albany dexter scotia nassau . auburn lnorrisonville . . utica . salem poughkeepsie . peekskill . troy . ravena bedforcl hills . albany indian lake . schenectacly . . troy . schenectarly oneicla albany . metlina central bridge . . utica marion . coxsackie . palisacles voorheesville . lyons falls . brookview drcd Swcnzty-.vcvczz l030 QveoAcooUE hasbrouck, sarah ethel . hathaway, marguerite frances heins, lillian m. . . . hendee, harold lloyd . henry, charlotte evelie . herpy, ruth ada . . herman, marion edna . hewitt, isabel deborah . hicks, edna loraine . hisert, george arthur . hodges, georgia alice . hornbeck, luella may . howe, lillian keta . hunt, geraldine catherine . iglesias, lusia victoria . ingraham, ben frederic johnson, evelyn . . jones, charity bernice . jones. lloyd ward . jordan, norene elizabeth . juckett, charles alexander . judd, m. elizabeth . justen, anna may kane, alice mary kantor, rose mary . kapps, rosalind martha karpel, rosalie . . keeshen, jane frances . keith, christine Q kelleher, mary agnes . kerbel, bernard . ketcham, edith . . kiltz, doris mabel . king, dorothy adelaide king, ruth mae . . klomps, alice mary . kornmeyer, Florence . kramers, kate carolyn . . kulczycki, anthony joseph . kurliecz, margaret florence . lally, lillian agnes . . One Hundred Swclzty-vigil! 4 goshen cannonsvihle lelizaville . stottville . schenectady . utica . . rome . ballston spa elmira . mohawk . schenectady . hurleyville . luzerne . schenectady . A albany port deckenson . mohawk spencer . Williamson . rensselaer Westport . albany . schenectady . oswego albany . troy delmar . albany . schenectady yonkers albany . east berne . fort plain ' '. Schenectady . 'cambridge . schenectady boonville . peekskill . sag harbor . yonkers . little falls l030' QEDAGOGUE lange, Vivian lucy . lawrence, isabel marjorie lazerowitz, ruth grace . leary, eleanor margaret le caro, ruth amanda . leiman, adelle . V lewis, alvina rich . lilienthal, frances ruth lilla, mary dominica . lindsey, mollie frances lindt, adelaide magdalene lipetz, miriam anne . lohuas, charlotte i long, katharine . lord, lois carolyn lowenberg, evelyn lutsky, sylvia . mc callen, eileen . . mc cann, helen veronica mc caughlin, jane mary mac combs, elizabeth may mcintyre, gladys . mcintyre, janet . . mc keen, madeline dorothy mc mahon, frances kathryn nic queen, beulah lucille madden, harriette rosabel madigan, dorothy helen mahon, francis joseph mahony, ellen elizabeth mahsig, anna sophie . martin, gertrude frances martin, margaret mercedes matthews, alice elizabeth maurillo, carmella virginia miller, henrietta carolyn millis, kathleen grace . moore, katherine margaret morton, marjorie jean . l mosher, clorothy augusta mowbray, anna louise . . port ,chester smitlitown branch . liberty hoosick falls . bainbridge albany ossining . albany . seneca falls . north creek . kenza lake . riverhead west Winfield . keesville . schenectady springfield, mass. poughkeepsie . . troy . schenectady . ticonderoga . frankfort lake champlain . ithaca hoosick falls . albany earlville . rochester . schenectady . peekskill White plains . schenectady . schenectady poughkeepsie . . troy . schenectady belle harbor . rensselaer . millbrook . blue point . cold spring on hudson . . . newburgh One Hundred Seven fy-11 inc murphy, ellen martha . nichols, carol louise . nord, alice vendela north, catherine i. A . Odell, margare-t louise . o'donnell, marguerite . palmer, grace loraine . parker, regina edythe . parman, edna christine pauly, helen may . peets, isabcl marie perry, helen elinor . peslco, amalia victoria . pitkin, mary elsie putnam, ruth . putnam, violet . quick. milclred 1. . rausch, margaret louise rcagan, w. matthew . redmond, marie eugcnia reilly, maryagnes . reinhart, ralph raymond reynolds, ruth edgarton rhein, helen irene . roberts, georgia marie . roohan, margaret alice . root, frances elmina . ruteshouser, dorothy . ryan, denise f . ryan, josephine elizabeth ryan, katherine mary . salamack, anna . . sassi, esther wilhelmina Sawyer, gertrude elizabeth Saxton, mae elizabeth . sclimoling, marian ethel service, margaret cantine severns, dorothy emma shaffer, alvin george . sheehan, martha elizabeth sherman, nodine alpha One Hundred Eighty l030 VY-.DAGOGUF gloyersville . bainbridge . albany albany hartford . port jervis . valatie granville lynbrook .E selkirk saratoga springs . . ifonda . hamilton . schenectady . gloversville . Saratoga poughkeepsie white plains . rensselaer . troy . troy . chadwicks albany . schenectady granville Saratoga albany . roxbury . schenectady . seneca falls mechanicville . amsterdam l. i beacon I mechanicville . schenectady . port chester . stone ridge . perry albany Voneida albany l030' QEDAGOGUE simmons, bessie sink, louise lansing . smith, Horence marie . Smith, hilda yvette Smith, mae veronica . Smith, muriel lee ' Smyth, carita . Solomon, rena . . Sperbeck, ellen elizabeth Spitz, bertha . . . spurbeck, gertrude elizabeth Steinberg, maurice . stewart, clayton chase .' Styn, laura helen Sunderland, william . Sutton, hazel otivia . szerszen, leonard josephine . tangney, marion teresa taub, ruby estelle . taylor, clarice margaret tepper, edith . . tessier, marie rachel . throop, blanche edna . tinkleman, ruth elaine tompkins, beatrice elizabeth . trela, mary elizabeth . vail, augusta 'adams . van duzee, helen joyce van epps, elizabeth van nest, ruby Sarah . . . van valkenburg, kathryn margaret Vaughn, alice norris . . vroman, helen elizabeth vrooman, kathryn . wade, marjorie emelia wagner, e. beatrice Waltermire, helen wamsley. lucille edith . Weiner, lillian . Welch, alice marie white, mary harriet . hurleyville Q utica albany . albany bedford hills . albany poughkeepsie . elmira richmondville . sag harbor . fly creek east Schodack hoosick falls . . eden albany mamaroneck . elmira tuxedo park poughkeepsie . little falls albany cohoes . bainbridge poughkeepsie . ravena bedford mills . unadilla gouverneur Selkirk Coldwater . whitesboro dundee albany . Scotia mechanicville . . mills . schenectady . indian lake . . troy . . troy oriskany falls One Hundred Eiglziy-one l man veolxpoouf Wickham, barbilra will, george john . williams, doris hobart . williams, mary louise . wilson, lina. may . wolf, aline ebel . . . Woodburn, esther colclbridge wurstlin, Hora pacller . . zotz, lethel elizabeth . zuckman, freda june . c-f3CXo ' MURNING I went out onlan April morning All alone, for my heart was high, I was a child of the shining meadow, I was a sister of the skyl There in the windy flood of morning Longing lifted its weight from 1118, Lost as a sob in the midst of cheering, Swept as a sea-bird out to sea. Sara One Hundred Eighty-two Teasdale greenville kingston southhold booneville . ovid saugerties Walton stockport ardsley albany U re7Jeallng naught but I0 the Concealing all in shadoz , wise, Dawn alone in ff ' . Tiptoes silenily arross the skies. ear ly qlory Smfe! Sofzkfzks QD 1030 QEDAGOGUE H330 YY-.DAGOGUF Myskania Myslcania, organized in 1917, is an honorary'body composed of seniors who have led in scholarship, literary effort, debate, dramatics, and in under-graduate affairs generally. - This organization leads in formulating'student sentiment in matters relating to student activities. These activities, include: induction of freshmen into college customs, organization of the freshman class, guardianship of college traditions, preservation of student morale, direction of Campus Day program, and Moving- Up Day. The members are elected in the spring of their junior year, and they are made known Moving-Up Dayi, when the outgoing Myskania taps the new Myskania. The members are chosen as follows: the Student Association elects three qualified juniors by a popularity vote, besides the Student Association presi- dent, who becomes an ex-officio member. The other eight, nine or ten members are chosen by the out-going Myslcania at its discretion, Members 1930 Marion Elizabeth Botto Eunice Ethel Gilbert Grace Margaret Brady Katherine Teasdale Graham Frederick Waite Crumb Emanuel Green Beverly Vivian Diamond Ethel Margaret -Grundhofer Sarah Louise Dubee Anna Tobin Moore Jane julia Eormanek Margaret Johanna Steele Louis Joseph Wolner Om' llundred Eighly-five x X 59749 , , rv ff fx fi: f . '--.J -LV -1.1 ,H f A . ,-,-..-.,....--......... -.....-....-,-.-.,,. ..,,...... 1 - A. .- .,-A , ,413-, ., ,., YQ -Hgvzg.-I 1,,-A ima, M 'N lt ,1 'N 1, 'wa -,4 . -y ww' L 4 ..Y .,.., X .x, f x 3 L 5, .1 ,, '.-I 1 A' ,W ' '. ew.-:am-54 Mfg Zfjiifk' , .L M, W, ,N 4 wx, A ' Fl an ' ' '-1' ,1,,,' --vu wi'-10.1 i .wg-,N V. I 7 lx -X ,sw 1 rx nfmhvf VT? ff V ,I A ,-, 1 "5 - l030 VX-.DAGOGUF Pi Gamma Mu Pi Gamma Mu, at National Social Science Honor Society, has more than one hundred chapters in American colleges and universities. The Delta chapter of New York was established at State College as Herodotus, an honor organiza- tion for students in history. In 1927, it became affiliated with the national organization. . Pi Gamma Mu has for its purpose the encouragement of under-graduate study of the social sciences. Two juniors a'nd from nine to eleven seniors who have distinguished themselves in social science studies are elected to membership each year. ' Faculty Meiizbers M. J. Albright A. XV. Risley C. A. Hidley E. Shaver Dean XV. H. Metzler A. A. XValker Honorary M01IIl767'S H. T. Fay S. Heason L. T. Hubbard Ojieers T EMANUEL GREEN . . . . President PHYLLIS ULINE . . Vice-President BEATRICE TXICCARTHY .' . Secrelary LILY NELSON . . . . . Treasurer .M embers Theresa Bedell Emanuel Green Elizabeth Moriarity Marion Botto Rose Handler Lily Nelson Mildred Coutant Catherine Harrington Gladys Newell Eunice Gilbert Thomas Kinsella Phyllis Uline Beatrice McCarthy One Himdred Ii1'gli!y-.rezfgn 4 l030 YY-.DAGOGUF ' Umiioron Nu Beta Chapter Established at State College 1913 It is the purpose of Omicron Nu to stimulate scholarship and' provide leader- ship among the students of Home Economics. It is an honor society, and only juniors and seniors who have attained high scholarship in this Held of work are eligible for meinbership. Honorary Member Miss Florence E. VVinchel1 Faculty Members ' ' Mrs. Florence D. Frear AMiss May Fillingham jOHicers RUTH VAN VLACK . . . . President FLORENCE D. FREAR .... . Vice-Presidents i Members Helen Bacon, '30 Ruth Van Vlack, '30 Om' Hunrlried Eighty-ciglzf l03O ' QEDAGOGUF Kappa Plhui Kappa The Chi Chapter of Kappa Phi Kappa, a professional education fraternity, was installed at State Pres. A. R. Brubacher Dean VV. 1-l. Metzler Prof. A. K. Heil: College on April 4, 1927. Faculty Prof. R. H. Kirtland Prof. M. G. Nelson Prof. M. Sayles Prof. C. A. 'Hidlcy Prof. E. B. South Ofiicmzs' H EDWARD A. BURKE . . RAL1-It EIGIIMEY . . Vlcron PAUL ST.-nu: . XY.txRR1:N R. Ciocnimxn .. Airrn un K. Blil ic . Hamilton Acheson Leo Allen Robert O. Barnum Edward A. Burke Raymond Collins Arnold Copping Mmizlmrs 1930 Raymond T. Byrne Vincent Festa Kenneth Carpenter Gerald Fitzgerald XVarren R. Cochrane John F. Kennedy Frederick XV. Crumb Edgar Lewis Ralph Eiglnney Eugene Pollock 1931 n VValter Driscoll Russel Ludlum Arthur Jones Harry McMahon Royal Knox Lawrence Newcomb . Prvsfdvaif Vive-P1'es1'ziv11I . St'C'l'l'f1U'-V . YlI't'l1SlH'l'I' liarlrliy Advisor' Victor P. ,Starr Edward 'l'l1omson Richard VVhiston Rudolph XVurth Albert Ritchie James XV. Sawyer Om' 1ll!Il!fl't'lIl liiglzfvi'-uint' H330 YY-.DAG OGUE Alpha Phi Gamma Kappa Chapter of Alpha Phi Gamma came to State College in March, 1928. Membership in Alpha Phi Gamma is considered the highest journalistic honor offered to undergraduates at State College. Alpha Phi Gamma is the only national co-educational journalistic fraternity. Members are elected for meri- torious service on their publications. l H onorary Members DR, BRUBACHER DR. HAROLD Ti-1oMrsoN DR. HARRY VV. HASTINGS Ojicers VVARREN COCHRANE DOROTHY BRIMMER DOROTHY LEFFERT RIARGARET STEELE FREDERICK CRUMB Alfred Basch Dorothy Brimmer Warren Cochrane Frederick Crumb Beverly Diamond Ona Hundred Ninely - - . 1 . - - Members Mildred Hawks Margaret Henninge Dorothy Leffert Netta Miller . President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Bailij Helen Otis Frieda Schadrinsky Adolph Scholl Marilla Smith Margaret Steele l030 ' QS-.DAG 06UE ,llntersorority Council ' President - JEANETTE HARRISON . . . Q I . Vice-President DOROTHY THOMAS . . . Secrefary IVIARGARET XVADSWORTII . . . A Treasurer ROSE HANDLER . . . Members DELTA OMEGA ETA PHI CHI SIGMA THETA Alpha Epsilon Phi Gamma Kappa Phi Beta Zeta . Pf'A1p1m Tau A KAPPA DELTA Psr GAMMA One Hundred Ninety-one no 3 oy w . i . A I r W N i V w N y , W M I W, .V lO30' QEDAGOGUF Miss Eunice A. Perine Miss Charlotte Loeb Miss Edith O. Wallace Ruth Ballagh Marion Beehler Grace M. Brady Dorothy Abrams Elizabeth Burdett Ardith Down .lean Gillespy Judith Fister M agdaline French Delta Omega liozmdva' 1890 Faculty Members Miss Elizabeth Shaver Anne Cushing Miss Miss Agnes Futterer Miss Katherine Pelty: Mmizbcrs 1930 Bernice Gilbert Eunice Gilbert Ethel Grundhofer Mary Nelson 1931 Helen Henderson jewel johnson Catherine R. Norris 1932 Josephine Holt i Ruth Isherwood Miss Millicent Burhans Dr. Leonard Richardson Miss Dorothea Dietz Eleanor Stephenson Louise Trask XYinifred Van Salisbuly Elizabeth Schrauth Ethel Smith Marion Smith Beatrice Van Steenburgl Elizabeth Jackson Margaret Sherman One Hundred Nizzvfy-flzzrc H330 QEDAGOGUE f l030' YY-.DAGOGUE Eta Phi Founded 1896 Honorary Members Mrs. . T. F. H. Candlyn Harry Birchenough Mrs Mrs. Harry VV. Hastings Mrs. M. G. Nelson Miss Marion Chesebrough N ina Andrews Alice Benoit Margaret Betts Marjorie Fowler Mary Goodell Ruth Parks Katherine Belknap Sara Brierley Frances Davis Dorothy Hall Rosemary Harvey Mrs. . john M. Sayles Adm w. Risley Mrs Mrs. Jesse F. Stinard Mrs. Harold W. Thompson Miss Miriam Snow Members A 1930 Alma Dolan Louise Dubee Hazel Goodell h 1931 Adelaide Pulver Dorothy Rasmussen 'Wilhelmina Schneider ' Florence Seward Helene Smith 1932 Annis Kellogg Mildred Livingston Helen Meade Ella Meyers Anne Nesbitt One Hundred N inety- five l030 YEDAG OGUF 'A ff??l'Qf ' gf. I 9, 4 4 , .. , V0 H K 1 4 I 9 J . I Q L 1 I I i a .4- V 4.42 X " 'J X 4. us. IOBO VEDAGOGUF Kappa Dellta Founded 1897 Honorary Members Dr. and Mrs. Clarence'F. Hale Mr. and Mrs. George York Mr. and Mrs. Richmond H. Kirtland Miss Anna E. Pierce Miss Mary E. Cobb Dr. and Mrs. C. E. Powers Dr. and Mrs. Howard Do Bell Members 1930 . Gladys M. Bates Margaret Burnap Norma Butler Edythe Cairns Margaret Cussler Margaret Hilton Marguerite Northrup Isabel Peard Virginia Shultes 1931 Clarice Prince 1932 Phoebe V. Merserean Marilla Smith lflelen Emerson Gladys Hungerford Doris Markham Evelyn Pitts Audrey Sullivan Catherine Traver One Hundred Ninetg seven J yi Q' - ,, Y, M v I . 1 . 4 "'X-TSS ,, E- ' 4-1 J 1 lO30i YEDAGOGUE 151 ly 7 Psi Gamma Founded 1898 Honorary M embers Mrs. Winifred Decker Miss Helen Philips Miss Emma M. S. Besig Miss Minnie B. Scotland Miss Caroline Lester Miss Elizabeth Van Denburgh Mrs. Florence D. Frear , Mrs. Adam A. VValker Dr. Caroline Croasdale l Members 1930 - Emma Ackley Marion Botto Mildred Coutant Katherine T. Graham Alice Bennett Helen Campbell Helen Burgher Dorothy Heath Dorothy Mullins Elizabeth Root Wilhelmina Sebesta 1931 Ruth Hughes Edith Hunt 1932 ' Frances Heydt Cornelia Van Kleeck Katherine VVatkins Doris Wilcox Elizabeth Wilson Annabelle McConnell Lucia Stephens Marguerite VVilson One Hundred Ninety-nine -I I1 II II II I I I , I I I I I I II I I 'I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I XX 'rx 'r I . 'N , ,f k:"'L....!3l'STT: l'TT.",1',2f2'I..,ff1....,..ZX ,'4.f.'f,.."Tf,.fl1 V- Il I-M IJ Q my cfii' ,.m1rr7::,t::.,r::"""""'...-,., .I..'.."""',.-.:tiT."r.:ffit:1r:Ti:'.:f:"""'......:1::s NX mm ' "'.'fI'r"N,1' ' ' .... I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I if I I I I I I I I , I.,.. I f x X . 1 loaoi Ven A606115 . i Clhlii Sigma Theta Ifozmded 1908 Honorary Members Mrs. J. J. Barsam Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Deyo Miss Mary E. Conklin Mr. and Mrs. A. Mahar Miss Katherine E. Wheelixig Members 1930 Eulalia Dempsey Jane Formanek Mary Dyer Anna Moore 1931 Catherine Broderick Sara Fry Q Elizabeth Moriarity Doris Butler Constance de Guzman Margaret Mulligan Frances Conlon Margaret Hickey Anne Savercool Alice Fasoldt Clara Lyons Carol Sinnott 1932 Ethel Crowley Alice Giblin Elva Nealon Mildred Crowley Mary Kaut Agatha Riester Leah Dorgan Helen Rohel Two Hundred One Ioan Q20 A600115 - .IVV 1030 1 QED!-XGOGUF Alpha Epsilon Phi Ela Chapter Founded 1917 N atioual Headquarters 111 West Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois Local H onoraries 1 Mrs. Samuel Caplan Mrs. Isadore Lieberman Mrs. E. A. Marx Patroness ' Mrs. Saitee F. L. Baumann Members 1930 . Beverly Diamond Jeanette Harrison Rose Koren Frances Levinson Lena Martin Florence Marx Dorothy Rubin Sarah Yaffee 1931 Sylvia Rose Beatrice Samuels Marion Tepper Marion VVeinberg . 1932 Clara Feinstein Selma Sims Dorothy Hirshfeld Mildred Smith Two Huudfed Three f. A , x -W , r, . s,,4, L : 7 . "Q H 'W K-C'-' 1 6' i030 ' VY-.DAGOGUE ' XFX J:"f"?"H- . ,....,-f ., . 'vw t "' -f-'A '4. ' I Gamma Kappa Phi Miss Anderson Miss Avery Mr. and Mrs. Beaver Helen Davison Marie Havko Emma Bates Helen Baumes Frances Cornell Elsie Dutcher Martha Davis Eleanor Gage Marie Green Founded 1913 Honorary Mevnbers Prof. and Mrs. Bronson Prof. and Mrs. Hidley Miss Rowley Members 1930 Irma Howe n Beatrice McCarty Dorothy Thomas 1931 Doris Gallup Esther de Heus Betty Kanter Netta Miller 1932 Marjorie de Hens , Helen Hooke Marjorie Longmuir Reva Reiclcert Two H undrcd Five l030 YY-.DAGOGUE 1' V - v. I 'QM ,. sq 1030 ' QEUAGOGUE I F . ,, --. Beta Zeta Faculty Miss Ellen C. Stokes Dr. and Mrs. Earl B. South Miss Laura F. Thompson Miss Maud G. Malcolm Members 1930 Florence Lawless Betty Lundy Mildred Newkirk Dorothy Quackenbush Edna Roshirt Margaret NVadsWorth 1931 Alice Barber Marcia Gardner Katherine Hainsworth Frances Hill Christine Hoffbeck Elaine Barber Marion Dillenbeck Dorothy Dodds Marion Downes Marjorie Dunham YVilma Faul Vida Frey Ruth Brezee Marjorie Lockwood 1932 4 Mildred Hall Priscilla Hammersley Carolyn Kelley Ruth Kelsey Ethel Loman Marion Odwell Harriett Rounds Mildred Meyer Carolyn Smith Two H und: ed Seven E930 x fx L QQ Le. G D U QL: f, -X Q ,. 1 X R! l030 VEDAGOGUE Pi Alpha Tau Mrs. Louis Mayersohn Mae Glockner Rose Handler Betty Katz Esther Eckstein Lillian Fisher Lee Gellert Elizabeth Jacobson Edith Levine Founded 1923 Local Honoraries Mrs. A. Straus Members 1930 Bertha Nathan Frieda Schad I Ruth Vinkelstein 1931 Elizabeth Kronenberg Sylvia Mulwitz Q Eva Schwab Jewel Zall 1932 jane Shulman Lillian Weinberg Two H undrcd N ine ' E030 , ,,,,,, ,MM,, U, Q YLYDIA G 0 G UE - J-L-:::L.:.. Y V -- -- V Y Y Y , , Y. v - - - --- Y Y 9 1 3 v 5 k f l i . Z 5 H . 5 z E, 1 J 1 1 1 X v i 1 1 Q J I, 1 x Bmgnv'?m'Rm':mv'fW'wvmvWJ'w1wnwf"1pfq''v9"-f'rn-"-"""f"""'fW"1"fI1"'1'+'f"'s"":" A NWYMWQHWMW L 1 I.. 'W wpwv ,Qfzei?fi9.ii'.i1,,1"k.ivi1,J.wawlf.w?mx:,.g4.,f:s,L1,k,ff.,5'Qg:..L:L,pL11Lif1 Gf..J...-2GB-L.4,42ii:i.L2g,fkC?:.3,LL.L,L11.1x3il41X.ALm'J111-.m,..m.Jf.lfM5...m.Q'4azfLP:Qsu 'f -43.39 X1:.mA 4:f1is4...:.,:..:g.i:.Lmx . Lime--'W .4-:uma u H330 YY-.DAGOGUF Phi Delta Alpha Chapter Founded 12923 Honorary Members Dr. A. R. Brubacher f Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Moose Miss Alice T. .Hill f Miss Alice E. Ryder Dr. and Mrs. C. A. VVo0dard Mcwzbcrs 1930 Gladys Bassett Eleanor Brown Eleanor Colberg, Anne Cruikshank Marion Hicks Dorothy James Sara Atkinson Vera Burns Jean Credle Ruth Van Vlack 1931 Florence Linindoll 1932 . Gertrude Cox Andrea Fehling Louise Fisher Edith James Dorothy Kline Katherine Krueger Irma Potter Clarice Simmons Marjorie Wilson Two Hundred Eleven l030 'QEDAGOGUF l030 VEDAGOGUF Alpha Rho Founded 1926 Honorary Members Mrs. A. R. Brubacher Mrs. David Hutchinson Miss Catherine Love Miss Alice Kirkpatrick Miss Marion Redway Members 1930 VVilma Adams Hazel Bawker Mildred Cook Idella Easman Gertrude Frenier Donna Vee Campbell Clare Coventry Flora Bessee Ruth Goldsmith Esther Higbee Dorothea Tonner 1931 Mabel Squires 1932 Elizabeth Stormon Mildred Hawks Lorene Kerr Marjorie Ketcham Margaret Rickard Ann Schneider Helen Otis Maxine Robinson Julia I-lynaman Elizabeth Oliver Elizabeth Raymond t Two Hundred Thirteen l030 VY-.DAG OGUF 1030 ' VY-.DAGOGUE Epsilon Beta Phi Mildred Appleton Dorothea Carmen Lorraine Cushman Mary Degnan Marguerite Frietag Mary Harris Eleanor Browne Helen Brynilseu Helen Clifton Mary Alexander Edith Cincebox Sarah F asoldt Betty Fischer Founded 1926 M611'l'b81'S 1930 Gladys Newell Marion Roberts Dorothy Rodda Mary Stuart Natalie Turchi Phillis Uline 1931 Gene Contois Wiiiif red Fasoldt Mary Gauthier 1932 Margaret Henry Louise Koory Gertrude Terwiliger Two Hundred Fifteen, 1030 QED!-XGOGUE 1030 A VY-.DAGOGUF Gamma lPlh11'i Sigma Nan Brennan Kathleen Costello Frances Dale Mary Gain Margaret Doyle Ruth Doyle Marion Comisky Grace Dee Ifozuzdcd 1927 Honorary Mcnzbcr Miss Arlene Presto Members 1930 Susanne Gaiclier 1931 Gertrude Wfestern 1932 Anne Powell 11 Hilclegarde Robyns Alice Wfalsh .Kathryn VVebster Doris NVillian1s Eleanor Kelleher Mary M orgenstern Frances Mazar Loretta Murray Two Hundred Seam! nr ' l03O YY-.DAGOGUF E c I l 4 I J .'m3Q YEDAGOGMF 'Sigma Allplha i 2 ' 1 Thereeag . Founded 1928 1 Members , A 1930 , . August? Al-l:.Bll9Wn'. - 1 1 1' , - "-Q' Q --, ,-4....71 . . N152 . , ,7,,.,. , ,V -,1 I l. - . HA :qw ,ff lfauline Bagel' Sflsan. MC 'Qolel , ,- Y ' I i' .lg-' , 1- 1 Dgmthy E. Alien Dorothy Baumann 4 Anne Williams T " 1931 Q 1932 - Jane 'Moore Gradngte Student - Florence Braman Ethel V. Moore Catherine M. Snyder Iva Marshall Shirley I. Robinson Genevieve iqP. Downey Hilda Laubenstein F K'T'wb Hundred Nineteen in 1 fl e l ' 1 1 i l . X, . r . 'wxjx 'X 5- Z f.'f'?'A- N r 4 I I r V l030 QEDAGOGUF ' Phi Lambda Founded 1928 Facully MIss ANNETTE DOBBIN Mlss JEAN SMITH DR. MARION SMITH Miss GRACE MARTIN Mewzbers ' 1930 DOROTHY HURLBUT DOROTHY LEFFERT JUSTINE JOHNSON ESTHER WEATIIERYVAX LOUISE WEATHERWAX ' 1931 FLORENCE BoRsT LEONA MATTISON HORTENSE BRADY LILA PURDEY ELIZABETH FLEMING JANE SCHLICK WINIFRED I-IURLBUT MILDRED TURNBULL ESTI-IER MCGLASSON ALICE VAN EVERA 1932 NILE CLEMENS ESTHER MEAD INEZ KELLY Two Hundred Twenly-one X B030 A M 4 ,M,,,,,A , My ,M 'Q 'ED AG O G If i . N w 1 W w , 1 W V . , i J 1 N i gvyffqwyg'g"rf'7"7":'yv-w--'yuvgqfqwpvgvwxvrfyvr- v uvwwvwyuv--wa , f-j:',rar'.x-1-wry"-fi -:fwfr--,I-f-I :gm-f in ,aghfw r.::::f7r'v-xiii" ,.:f:n-:w,, f r77'-rm. 'rrmqryvig-'T'r?'5?'177"i?f"f""5Y'?ffT':FTY7i7"TI? '4 .X a,..+4g.'.....,. ,.g..w..:,.,.f'sv..LgL2,4.,4.:.13.u.4.,z1faf:.'ur,L.:..u.,g-Mal,.nc..1 ...:Z.,4.14,..,.,..'.2.QA.,.pm'J,,'-.41..x.:.....4.4.12LLL:!fg,...g..i'..:....x.....i.4....1,4..7L....z.,L,L..w..,..k...,...7.,m.u.n,..m. wi.-m..,....v..,L.:1,m4f...w L4.14..n.un.m! 1 i030 YEDAGOGUF Kappa Dellita Rho Founded 1905 Gazuma Chapter established func, 1915 H onorory M embers Dr. A. R. Brubacher Dr. David Hutchinson Dr. Harry W. Hastings Professor R. H. Kirtland Dr. Harlan Horner Professor john M. Sayles Alumni on Faculty Dr. M. G. Nelson Mr. Ralph A. Beaver , Members 1930 ' hamilton Acheson Robert O. Barnum Edward Burke Wa1'd B. Cole Norman Collins Raymond Collins Robert Goodrich Harold Haswell Thomas Herney Arlton Bush VVilliam Collins Frederick W. Crumb Maxwell Knapp 1931 Arnold Copping Robert McConnell Horace B. Myers 1932 Charles Kissain Galen Plumb 1933 Thorley DuRose Charles Juckett Howard Mosher Edward Thomson Rudolph VVurth F rank Ott R. Thurston Scott Charles VVorstall Robert Rankin George Rice Carl Tarbox Clayton Stewart VVilliam Sunderland Two Hundred Twenty-three 5 I ,w w 1 I I 1 x E K V r i N I K v ! I V , f 3 1 ' 7 4' . ,y .," ' N X Y V+ A., sf ' . 5 Aff' xx' ,f is V f , . f "-Bdooies -AF' 2? . l - g V 1 K in .All W 4 1 , - , VY ,I Us 'w ' W, D , , - ':'- .W fa , . 1 l F- if A I f ,, - .f xx -V. - , ,.. ' 5411, .4 1 ,V V ' N, ' K ,. X , -p.. 4 ., xggfyfyf-t gf.:-Q All - N tl .. ,mf .g1-- ' 'K my ' H x , Q, j I N' f ' 1 k rl -'Q X 1 'V' xx F- Q . ' ' .if 'f - . . x 1 A , L .N 1, .7 ,, . xr x wIA,rg,,4M,Tm . 14 :fx , Af- w ' . "'y. auf.. L , 1 I x.,,. -5, U. iq,,...nL lil Now through the eelming street in the growing light Intent on errands that the sun atvproves li1'i.vlcly they my : 1 the m1tel'fw'fsex of niyht Marshal fmt me lIllI0ll.l I am the beginning of the day. Edna St. Vincent tllillm' N tilt t X X f'X,- gs I-5-Xa Linear. 7'gd7ZZ26ZfZb7ZS QD IOBO 1 VEDAGOGUF i F v i Li 1 I 1 Q I l030 YY-.DAGOGUF ' Executive Council - V Organized 1921 The Executive Council, which consists of the Student Association officers, and the Class.Presidents, aims to consolidate non-academic interests of all college activities into a unit, The Student Association. Educators and other speakers, prominent in the Fields in which the student body are most interested, are brought by the council to address The Student Association. Ojircrs MARION Bo'r'ro, '30 . . . . . President CATIAIARINE R. Nomus, '31 . ' . Vice-President ISABELLE PEARD, '32 . . . Secretary-Treasurer Members A Alice Walsh, '30 Thorley DuR0se, '33 Netta Miller, '31 Gladys Bates, '30 George Rice, '32 Frances V. Peck, '31 Samuel Dransky, '32 Two Ilmuirrd 'I "zvenM'- .raven 1 X 1030 .N W , ,, -, M A- E3 ,UA 'F Q if ' Ui- mxnf.,.mgssmwg-::,1x.,... ..,.4.wes:m:vxf.:::1:,::zmm:::gga.N '- '-- 1- '--J J - M 1 M- ASD' MwwwL..f-r22mn'::mw ......,.-..........-.....,-......-......h....4...,....-...........'n. , , , --.,.. W W , i f rw 1 1 , H I 7 , 1 w f w 1 w V W . 5 1 , f V r . ,V f 5 , 2 f f W , f 1 V Q I T l I , w E v 1 I is xl 3 w i W 1 .. Q w 1 I 1 A I - M E ,.,,.M-X-vw-wwf V , -. ...M ,4 .WWC 4,,,,-M-7.......w.-,-w,.f,w,,......,.. .., --.vw-.v-gp.,-,-...,7..,7,w,,-wymvpjwfff7,vr-4:nq1::fa.1y5.wgf,,,,y.-.171y5.:-...,,1,,5Am,.If,3,i,,,nR,m-.yqwinyvmfgpvs,,7Q1nryvyq4nm .- H 'I ,,..1V -,,,.. V- f .,.'.,, ,....zlaS.-.n..x.i.. .a..:...1...L.4.,m....ma4wr.:,..QJ.g.L.1u.n..::,,...4,.iQ..u..4....:..+.5.,f.....X.-.-5A..x.,.m.4f:u.a-51.3 l030 YY-.DAGOGUF Student Board of Finance Established 1919 Student Board of Finance arranges the financing of student activities. Its duties include the organization of a budget of expense, the recommendation of the amount of the annual tax to the students, the collection of the tax, the author- ization of the disbursement of money in accordance with the budget, and the holding and investing of all money received from the tax and from all student activities governed by the board. ' Ojiccrs PROF. CLARENCE A. HIDLEY . . Chairman PROF. GEORGE M. YORK . . Treasurer Members l 1930 XVarren R. Cochrane Louise Weathe1'wax 1931 NValter Driscoll Anne Savercool 1932 Andrew Hritz Two Hmulrrd Twenty-nine l03O EDAGOGUE c-A A '. 'nv , X ' '?gg,,1 Jw ' 4' 'fe -TQ:-..1' ' f U . ' , - fxlfgkffr 1 ' i'..'ff?f" K ,Ju 155 if I -.sfpj-r'1,, , - M,-at ' 1 ax -' f . 'J-f W 5 qu, 1 5 gw f I .,..'fLf,,s Ny. ' 55' .L : .f ,JV , 1 l L lO30 YY-.DAGOGUL-' Dramatic and Aint Association Founded 1919 State College Dramatic and Art Association is a charter member of the lntercollegiate Dramatic Association 119213 and of the American Federation of Arts Q1921J. I Cozmcil Members Officers KATHERINE GRAIIAXI . . . . President JEAN GILLESPY . . Secretary HELEN MEAD . . . . . Treasurer Faculty Members ' Mlss AGNES FUTTERER MIss ETLYNICE PERINE Honorary Member DR. BRURACHER Undergraduate Members 1930 LOUISE DUBEE KATHERINE GRAHAM 1931 RUTH HUGHES JEAN GILLESPY 1932 HEI.EN MEAD ISABEL PEARD Association Program C1929-l930j Exhibition of Paintings ............................... .... O ctober 13-20 Ben Greet Players Twelfth Night Hamlet ......... .... N ovember 22 Nazimova ......... ......... 1 930 Two Hundred Tlzirfy-one 5030 1 'V f7'f!W3'l ""'?'WW"fE"", ' ' Aw? 1 .' 1' '9'7'9:: ., . . i"'F""""'l'lu f v,.'f .' ', V, . . Q. , f -, , an W' ,:o4.fmx:mz1.as5-wnaxfufifflfffmnmwiri.Ltfff1w.T1vmn.mJm A1ng:.waeua...M.mZmn,L..f.QEm:Wl:.JS::.1'L'R, vanehmka-mffmam' V- ' :swab-.L aa.4:g.:.,.2.z...1.:.:..xw mm.m.u...H.Lm.'! MWMWAWTNW H330 YY-.DAGOGUF Music Association U Founded ,1921 Music Association aims to foster an appreciative interest in good music ' ' mit among the members of the student body and in the commi y. MUSIC COUNCIL Faculty Members PROF. T. FREDERICK H. CANDLYN PROI7. ADAM ALEXANDER NVALKER Ojieers DOROTHY BRIMMER . . . President ESTHER VVATERS . . Secretary ALICE BARBER . . . . Treasurer Undergraduates Elaine Barber Elizabeth Jackson ASSOCIATION PROGRAM, 1929-1930 Pianoforte Recital by Percy Grainger .............. Thursday, October 24, 1929 Recital by the Keclroff Male Quartet ............. Wednesday, January 15, 1930 Concerts by the State College XVomen's Chorus with Assisting Artists ' V' I ' Mar22, 1930 Thursday, Februaiy 13, 1930, Tlzmsf aj, 3 Two Hundred Tliirfy-three if fi ,, .3- f . an b 4. 8 E, 3: rl, WI pi' 5 4. 1 2 ? s. E s, x. 4 5 , f 1 I030 YEDAGOGUE Y. W. CC. A. " To realize full and creative life through a growing knowledge of God, and to have a part in making this life possible for others " is the purpose which unites the members of State Colleges Young VVomen,s Christian Association, which welcomes into its fellowship all students in sympathy with this purpose. Activities through which the Association strives to carry out this purpose include: a candle-lighting serviceg Sunday afternoon Vespersg Morning Wlatch meetings at Christmas and Easterg discussion forums for student problems and social service enterprises ranging from the providing of Thanksgiving baskets for needy families to the management of second-hand book sales for busy college students. Through delegates to the various state and national conferences and, in co-opera- tion with the Y. M.4C. A. brings outside speakers to the College. By means of a Christmas bazaar or masquerade, breakfast hikes, teas, etc., Y. XV. also helps to supply some of the social needs of college life. - Cabinet 1929-1930 lWiARY lYELSON . . . . President MARCIA GARDNER . . Vice-President JOSEPHINE 1-lom' .Q . . Secretary BEATRICE VAN STEENBURGH . . . . . Treasurer CAROLYN liELLEY . . . Undergraduate Reprc.reufatiz'e Cozzmliflee Clzairmciz lWARCIA GARDNER . Meetings JEAN GILLESPIE . . Social Service IQATHERINE XNATKINS . Bazaar ICATHRYN QBELKNAP . . . Music ETHEL GRUNDI'IOFER .... Publicity ASENATH VAN BUREN . Coufereizces and Coiiveiitions CAROLYN IQELLEY . . . . Mcmbersliip RUTH ZKELSEY . , Social HELEN MEAID . . Devotional FANNY S1v1fERLEx' . House President IQUTH BREZEE . . Reporter Two Hundred T11 irly-fi'Z1C H930 VYLDAGOGUE l030 YY-.DAGOGUF Newman Club Organized 1917 "Cor ad cor loquitor "-" Heart speaks to heart," is the motto of Newman Club, a member of the Federation of College Catholic Clubs. It aims to uuite Catholic students spiritually, intellectuallyg and socially. ' Ojlicers ll'lARY DYER, '30 . . . . , P1-pgidgm MARGARET DONOVAN, '30 . . Vice-President FRANCES CONLON, ,Sl . . Secretary ELIZABETH MORIARITY, '31 .-Treasurer HELEN ROHEL, '32 . . . . . Reporter Advisory Board Miss FRANCES BEHR Miss MARGARET M. DoNovAN REV. JOHN COLLINS Miss MARGARET MARKHAM Mrss lVlARY J. DYER Mlss HELEN SHEEHAN ' Senior Councilors ' EULALTA DEMPSEY JANE FORMANEK Junior Councilors ICATHERINE BRODERICK ANNE SAVERCOOL Junior Conn-cilors lo FITSIIIIIFII CONSTANCE DE GUZMAN NIARGARET llfflULLIGAN MARGARET HICKEX' FRANCES PECK .S0f7110'lllO7'C Councilor.: LEAH D-ORGAN AGATHA REISTER Two H nndrcd Thirty -seven l030 YY-.DAGOGUF Canterbury Cilulb Canterbury Club, 11 unit of the National Student Council of the Protestant Episcopalian Church, offers to Episcopalizui students an opportunity to unite for spirituality, sociability, and service. Ojicmw 1929-1930 REV. CHARLES XV. FINDLAY . . . Clzafvlain Miss ELIZABETJYI VAN DENBURGII Faculty Advisor I'iELEN XVINTER . . . . . President Doms JONES . . . Vice-President FREDERICK .APPLETON . . Secretary BEATRICE LIERTWIG . . Treasurer CARL Tfxiznox . . Rcporfcr Two Hundred Tlzirfy-night l030 YEDAGOGUF Mennrah Society 3ICl'I0l'Zli1 Society, Z1 member of the Intex'-Collegiate Menorah Association, aims, by means of culture, service, and sociability, to arouse :mel nminmin fl Jewish consciousness and to stimulate an interest in Juclnisin. Fafully Mc'111Iu'f' Miss CII.-xRr.oTTE Loma Grznrruruiz IHERSIIBERG DOROTHY XVARSI-IAXV BIEATRICE SAMUELS . ALXRION 'W1z1NB121aG . Ojiiccrs . Pl'f'SI'Ii!'llf Virf-President . Sl't'l'f'f!'ll'y . Trca.mrer 'l tw llznzdrvd Tlziiriy-nine I030 YY-.DAG OGUE Chemistry Clliullb Chemistry Club aims tO foster the spirit Of chemical research. Trips to indus- trial plants and student papers On new discoveries and inventions Of interest along chemical lines help to gain its aims. Faculty PROF. B. S. BRONSON ' Miss M. Barz MR. W. G. IQENNEDY Miss J. VVRIGHT MR. M. F. PRUE Ojicers EDWARD THOMSON . . . . .President AGNES ALTRO . . Vice-President SUSAN COLE . . . Secretary FREDERICK APPLETON . Treasurer Two H1nnl1'cn' F or! 3' i030 QEDAGOGUE Rfllaitlliuemalitics Club 1'i0IHIlfl'lf 1918 Mathematics Club aims to further the interest and broaden the perspective of students of mathematics. Eligibility for membership consists in successful completion of one scmester's work in Analytical Geometry. j:lIC'II1f.X' Mc'111I1c'rs DEAN RlETZLER Miss PROP. B1RcnENoUcH Pkor MR. BEAVER Miss Miss l'.l2S'1'liR Miss Ojiircm' GRECIA SAYLES JESSIIZ Xf'ARIAN . HEN1:1ET'r,x LEVEQEE WILNIJX Aramis . Miss STOKES . STOKES DOBELL LAYTON Cusmxcz . Prcsidmzt . V ice-Prcsidclzt . Secretary . . Treasurer Family Advisor Two H uudrvd F 0l'fj'-UHF l030 YEDAGOGUF Chamber of Commerce Cllulb The purpose of Commerce Club is to create 21 firmer feeling of fellowshlp among the members of the commercial ClC1JZ'l1'tll161lt. It welcomes into membershlp all commercial students. Faculty Mvlzzlzvliv Plzolf. GEORGE M. YORK M155 BLANCHE M. AVERY Miss ELIZABETH D. .ANDERSON Offlcers Mmzllz C. 1-l.-xvlio Glzwrlxumz GUYETTE Brs.xT1uc1c I'IERTWIl'l -l,xN1a JONES . BETTY Amos . T-wo lluudrvfl I"u1'ly-lzw . .Pl'f'S1'Ull?Ilf Vice-President . Sccrcfary . Trwzszrrcvf . Rvportcr l030 VY-.DAG OGUF . Biology Club Biology Club aims to bring students in closer touch with plants and animals, to learn to understand them, to appreciate their value, and to learn their relation to the welfare of mankind. Our purpose is also to preserve and perpetuate the beauties of nature, and to teach others to appreciate and guard nature's gifts. Facully .Mczzzbvrs DR. EI.izAB1zTn DOUGLAS Miss ll'llNNlE B. SCOTLAND Puorizssou CLIFFORD A. Wooman Ojfccrs ESTHER XVATERS Tmzicizs,-x BIAURICE FLORENCE Borzsr ll'llLDRED Kmsrorr HELEN BUCHAN Rosiz BERSTEIN . . . President . . Sl't'I'C'fl7I'j'-7l'l'f'tISlH'Cl' . . Field Sccrcfary . . Senior RFPI'C.Yt"ILfUfiZ!0 . . Junior Rcfwesvzitfztive . .S'0pl10-11101'c .RCf7l'l?S07IfGfl'L'L' Two llllllllffd lfnrfj-tlzrce I030 YEDAGOGUF Home Economics The Home Econoniics Clulm aims to promote a good fellowship among the students of the Home .Economics Departnientg to inspire loyalty to the depart ment and to the college: to olTer an opportunity for developing initiative and executive abilityg and to develop a professional attitude through contact with Home Economics leaders brought to the club as speakers. lVlARCIA GARDNER 'l.XNli'l' CARY . HELEN liURGllliR . l'RisCn.1.,x HM1AinRsi.1cx' . I Amuc l?RlilJERlCK BARBARA MUr.FoRn . lXlARGL'I-IRl'l'E XYILSON JEAN CREDLE . . Two Hundred Forty-four lxU'1'H Go1,osm1'r1t . Offirrrs . President Vive-P1'r.via1e11f . Sccrelary . ,Trcaszrrcr . Reporter .II1IIi0l' Editor Smzior Editor . Marshal . Marshal l030 YEDAGOGMF Classical Cllulb Founded 1923 Through monthly meetings and social gatherings, Classical Club aims to stimulate interest in the classics and to promote friendship among the students of classical literature. Faculty DR. A. R. BRUBACIIER Miss A. L. JOHNSON Miss E. O. XVALLACE Miss M. 1-1. CIIESEBROUGIYI Ojll'l'1'S MARc:AR1z'1' Wanswouru XVINIFRED VAN SALISBURY JULIA FISTER . . Esrmsu SHUTTS . VER.AX W'rT First Consul Second Consul . Scrffrlor . Qnaestor . Nnntius Two Hundred Forly-five l030 YY-.DI-XGOGUE' Spanish Cilulb The aim of Spanish Club is to arouse an interest in Spanish speaking coun- tries, their art, history, education, and gOVC1'nme11t. Anyone who is interested may become a member. Each year the club presents a Spanish Carnival in which are portrayed Spanish royalty, dances, songs, and arts. Faculty Mc'1nI1cr.v PROFESSOR STINARD Miss ALICE T. HILL Officers BEATRICE MCCARTY . . , President BETTY IQAUTER . . Vice-President JENNIE OLIVER . Secretary ESTI-IER DE Hrzus . . Treasurer Two Hundred Forty-si.1' lO30 QEDAGOGMF French Clliullb The French Club has for its aim fluency in French speech and appreciation of the French people, their art, customs, government, history and education. lt also tends through its hi-monthly meetings and social gatherings, to promote friendship among the students of French. Iiavzrlfy Members Prior. jonx A. lX'lAIIAR ,Pleoi-'. L'Imm.o'r'ri2 Loizis Miss zXLlCE T. IJILL Officers ALICE WALSH . Esruizk SnUT'rs SYLVIA Rosls . . ESTIIER XNEATIYIERWAX Dokiorux' LEFFER1' . . P resid en! Vibe-P1'cs1'dent . Secrelary . Treasurer . Reporter Two Hundrml Forty-svvcw l030 YY-.DAG O CUE German Club The purpose of " Der Deutsche Verein " is to promote fluency in speech and to increase the knowledge and appreciation of its members of the Geiman people, art, literature, customs, government and history. AGNES Rrumzao Fkmim SCHAD . IQLARA SCHROEDER MARION XVEINBERG ADOLPII SCI-1oLL Two Hundred Forty-eight Faculiy Member PROFESSOR XV. C. DECKER Oj27cc'rs . President . Vice-President . Secretary . . Treasurer E.rccutiz'c Council l030 YEDAGOGUF State College Tromullbwadors The aim of the Troubadors is to provide a social organization for all men students interested in plays and miustrels, and to stage at least one entertainment each year. Membe1'sl1ip is jol-IN QKENNEDY open to all men in college. Faculiy Adzfisor Pnov rzssore KEN Num' OmCC1'.? IRVING NICCONNELT, . 1.130 ALLEN . ISRAEL ICAPLAN . President Vice-P1'esz'de1zt . Secretary . Treasurer Two Hundred Forty-nine 1030 QEDAGOGUE X. Y" . gt? ' ,, , 4 4 .xl 1 x Q .., . ff, I iv! ." f-k .W ' x 4 1. 4 , . ,W .L ., 1.1-wi,N.,.5E1fw l030 YY-.DAGOGUE Soifum SCHNEIDER LoU1sE BEADLE ANNA BURRE'rT W1N11f1z15D HURLBU'1' Dorothy Allen Helen Bacon Helen Crocker Louise Beadle Eunice Bodley Hortense Brady Dorothy Dodds Alma Gerken Louise Elmer Ruth Boyd Ruth Bueche H. Louise Burdick Anna Burrett Marjorie Domser Sydldum Hallll 225-227 Oizlario Street Founded 1917 Faculty ANNA E. PIERCE E Oj5Cer.f Members 1930 . . President . Vice-President . Secrelary . Treasurer Dorothy Hurlbut Marjorie Scott Sophia Schneider Hilda 'l'erlnme , 1931 VVinifred Hurlbut Catherine Hutchins Ruth Kelsey Leona Mattison 1932 Mary Maxwell Vlarion Odwell Virginia Pratesi Alice Van Evera Esther Veley Caroline Smith 1933 Ethel Dyckman Dora Gaskill Ruth King Margaret Odell Grace Palmer Mary Pitkin .Hazel Sutton Alice Vaughn Beatrice VVagner Mary VVilliams g Two Hundred Ftffg one st f X J J ff if l030 QEDAGOGME Newman House Miss A. K. BIAXWELL 741 Madison Azfvnzro Founded 1922 U Oy7ll'f'f.V Miss SARAH FITZPATRICK FRANCES BEHR . MARCEAIQET ,MULLIGAN SYLVIA LA MONICA . MAIZX' KAUT . . Anne Alberiea Frances Behr Frances Dale Margaret Donovan Mozzzbcvzs' 1930 WVinifred Apel Edna Bolinsky Elizabeth Corr Rose D'Eufemia Rose Baxter Gertrude Cora Louise Durkin Mary Alice Fortune Catherine Baker Margaret Cannon Florence Cornmeyer VVinifred Dietz Mary Doherty Mary Freeman Mary Gardner Doris Vllilliams 1931 Madeline Hayes Sylvia La Monica M. Catherine Moore Margaret Mulligan 1932 Josephine Iodice Mary Kaut Lena Lazarony Melva Mace 1933 Mary Gill Lillian Lally Eleanor Leary Molly Lindsay Kathryn Long Mercedes Martin 'Katherine Moore Ellen Murphy Social Direciross Sofia! Direclrcss . . President . Vicc'-P1'cs1'dcnt . SC'Cl'l?flU'J' . Treaszzrer Eileen I-layes Anna Lyng Hildegarde Rohyns Kathryn NVebster Margaret Nolan Beatrice O'Connell Frances Virginia Peck Mary Reisner Mary McDonald Elizabeth McLaughlin May Moore Stella Pitkowski Margaret O'Donnell lsahel Peets Margaret Rouen Martha Sheehan jean Shelly Carita Smythe Marion Tangney Two Hundred Fifly-fluff E030 " V' H- fi " fi A. u-"'x -V 4 AN- f' F. 2571233111ffjjfiff'i?"-ff'.jjyj'gyjw'jfjw'-fM,lg., 1.- '...f f'-. :J x.J iff if K-,,'.iT:Z"7iT2?1'iT"f":?IJTT1TSf'T"T'.'"'ffZI'I','T ' 'mi' -" N' K. .l'i""T. T .i.. L'1Z'.'I1',, .5vf""fw5gg,ff'sQe-ff,-Q . 5 ra, 'Nw , .-.WWA . 1 v A F I n 1 f ,f X . f X f f 1 NX! '-L .-f: 552.12 A 1-. ' v 'f I x ,. , 1 H ?.f:If"y7 A ,,,. , . mx U' ,A R.. 'V , 155 1 ,,, 'ff ' 4- 1 'r . , Q , 4 -,1 ww Rfk i.?E,f-V.: ,. .,gYRK.jLi5Fff-Shjlxi . . L v L ,f'gv..'IM,.'1,, - wi-,cfU"Kf M Wa1'is:iQ?Hvkf? I i P 4 I i I I 1 .T A 4 .i 4 H330 YY-.DAGOGUE Page ll-llallll Named for tlzc first Prcsicicnt of State College, David P. Page 131 South Lake Azfemre Iioimdcd 1924 Officers BIARY Dizasxfxx . . . P7'0.YidC11if AIARION NICIIOLS . . . Vice-President RENA SOLOMON . . Secretary MARc:ARis'r 1'l121uz . . . . Treasurer 4 Illwizbcrs 1930 Kathryn Boyle Mary Degnan Gwendolyn Jeffries Dora McGillw1'ay Marion Nichols 1931 Ruth Conger Gertrude B. Dershinier Audrey Oiliaidy Alice Splain 1932 Margaret Herr Ruth Mason Doris Steven Bessie Levine Selma F. Schlachter Mary F. NVald 1933 Elsie Babcock Marjorie Haas Madeline Mclieon Helen I. Rhcin Helen A. Brady S. Ethel Hasbrouck Beulah L. McQueen Marie Redmond Florence Buckner Doris Kilts I-Ienriette Madden Dorothy Ruteshouser Lois C. Burgdorf Ruth G. Lazerowitz Ellen Mahoney Dorothy Severns Edythe A. Canter Ruth Le Cairo Henrietta Miller Betty Simmons Gertrude Copans Miriam Lipetz Carol Nichols Ruth E. T inkleinan Edna S. Epstean Evelyn Lowenburg Mildred Quick Helen Van Duzie Mary E. Gainor Sylvia L. Lutsky Margaret L. Rausch Doris XVilliams Esther XVooclburn Two llundrcd Fifty-five ' B030 . M, .M-..,,,m,,-,..A,,.,,,,, 'gg pi fjj Q ff Uff-- A ,.,,,,, ...,,.,.,.11 . H .QM - .Le:L!Z.f,...L?zZ?F2.4:,.',mN 'U' U' JL- ,mamaaz..:z.1:.,.....1..,4z,'zzm:zLM.......4xuu,.a::gmmrmfmm , , . , V ,,-.-.,.... -ii.,...L4-.L L- V -- 1 x X 4""w"1""'- ""1"f'-f-"'vW-'f"'ff-' -wr' 1 px 1"'fTf?:- fsffrwf-'WFT '2'!'f:'?C'aFf'f,"W'1f"" f mv-1 .w7Wr1FrZY7W'v: N.: ,Lu ,4 AL. LH Z, M.-,q,. N M... .N Q..1,..iA,-1.x..x..ng4...4m..-..4Lu-..L.4A1... Hu M. , .....L.LL.-L ' ' ' " A -oc V' 1 . 5.2 " -W.. nab-..J " ' ' 'X ' ' ' ' -' ...,........4..-ew. a..,..g uf a .11s14.w..4...4...:u.f.a..Lsiu..x.uK1.u.,.m....u.L-u.L.u, 7 1 l030 QEDAGOGUF ,. ,. .I Y. W. CC. A.. House IANNY M, SIPPERLY PAULINE BAUER IILY NELSON . 1' HERESA BEDELL Theresa Beclell Pauline Bader Dorothy Baumann Martha Candee Helen Collier Hilma Bergstrom Harriet Dunn 219 Ontario Street Founded 1918 Ojicers Members 1930 Fanny Sipperly 1931 Verna Phillips X 1932 Evelyn VVinter 1933 . . Prestdent . Vice-Prestdent . Secretary . Treasurer Caroline Kotraba Lily Nelson Genevieve Downey Louise Ray Josephine Wilson Alvina R. Lewis Margaret Service Two Hundred Fzfty seven K . ,Q f, X X 2 X9 J Q X Ng VN e"'f KN' ,fm f X ' "4' 2 f W "J "5 f,'i'T:t""ti1'1'ri.'ft TTL:13'f..73:5':LL1t".i "" ..'QL"11':.i,:7':13A'f" ,'iT"'::' w --M ----1-W-X - W- q---. -X .. -I--M ,Mm m4 1-r w.---.?w1.- -,v..,:,.-.-.. V-.--.--,-.V-, ...-...,.w.-,,.,W.4..v-yn-,.-.-.,..,, X-, -. ... . .... mf? .,.,....,.,... ........ W. ...... : , .... .,... .,...-:Q.,,- .., .f..,..,.A..,,.,...-..'... ,. X f X ,I XV! x ff ' i030 YEDAGOGUF Alden Hall 215 Western Avenue Founded 1928 Ojiicers MAE SNYDER . MARY Rnzss . MILDRED Lnrrs MILDRED LARSON .... Members 1930 Muriel Davies Evelyn Elwood Gladys Greene Marjorie Ketcham 1931 Elizabeth Cornish Dorcas Darling Irene Dickinson Alice Frederick Wilma Hoover Lucille Knapp Mildred Larson Anna Metzlefr Fostina Podvin Lila Purdey 1 . President . Secretary . Treasurer . Reporter Mildred Letts Norma Larson Gladys Nickerson Mae Snyder Mary Riess Iva Schwartz Josephine Spencer Margaret Washbu1'11 Flora VVclden 1932 Charlotte Anderson Helen Handy Wilma Faul Eleanor Mullen Two Hundred Fifiy-nine I Jw ...U lf. X X y A, - , ,M , . ..., , ., Mb I 1 4 ik if ,. 'a in ,. ,! I ,, 5? 'I Q1 fl 3 1 if I L R gs X, f 1. fx li w if Hr m L, In 1 2? 1 I Q? J f I . 3 I .3 L iy I 'I a 1 at ! E 4 q I I r N I i I Zi U F ill fx , Q 7 1 f X fl' I X, .ff l030 QEDAGOGMF Collllege House Esiablished 1928 Ojiccrs ROBERT O. BARNUM . . House Manager KENNETH C. CARPENTER . . . . President E. LLOYD MORELANID . Secretary ARLTON R. BUSH . . Treavurcr 1930 Robert Barnum lsrael Kaplan Kenneth Carpenter George Graff Bernard Sullivan George Worden 1931 Walter Hardacre XValter Butzer Walter Driscoll Earl Bloomingdale 1932 F ay Blum Lloyd Moreland Anthony Sroka Clinton XVallwork George Will john Lyons ' 1933 John Grosvenor Thorley DuRose Arlton Bush Anthony Kulczcki Charles Juckett Clayton Stewart Ormond Guyer Leonard Gaclway Two Hundred Szxly one 3 l030 YEDAGOGUF Debate Council The Debate Council was organized in 1927 for the purpose of fostering interest in interclass and intercollegiate debating. Two members are chosen from the incoming Sophomore class in the spring of their Freshman year by the vote of the council. Faculty DR. I'IAROLD THOMPSON Ojfircrg ANNE T. NIOORE, '30 . . . President Louis J. WOLNER, '30 . . . Vice-President WILIIELMINA SCI-INEIDER, '31 . . Secretary Doa-only ABRAMS, '31 . .. Treasurer Members RUTH ZKRONMAN, '32 GEORGE RICE, '32 Two Hundred Sixty-two uf Dawn-Rewille-a scelvfel ed note That blows away mens dl 111 and 11 Ie Reality, and Life, and Lzqht I fb Wi X X 'V' f Wf?5ffmwP X zzbhbclfzbfzs ' l030 YY-.DAGOGUE X51 Q x'f 1- x I - i030 VEDAGOGUF Pedelgogue Board Ea'itor-in-Clzief BEVERLY DIAMOND Business Manager ANNA NI-OORE Literary Editors GLADYS BATES ISRAEL KAPLAN GRACE BRADY , CHRISTINE HOFFBECK DOROTHY BRIIIIIER EVELYN SIIEELEY SHIRLEY WOOD Art Staff LENA REIGER ESTHER WATERS ETHEL GRUNDHOFER IWARGARETIIE SCI-IROEDER I Plzotografvli Editors MARGARET DONOVAN IDELLA EASMAN Snapshot Editors MARION BEEHLER DOROTHY THOMAS IQATHERINE WATKINS Humor Editors MARY NELSON VVILHELMINA SEBESTA Associate Humor Editors NORMA BUTLER, '31 JEAN NIINKIN, '31 MARGARET SHERMAN, '38 Athletic Editors MARIE HAVKO RUDOLIII-I VV URT1-I Circulation Managers EULALIA DEMPSEY EUNICE GILBERT DOROTHY QUACKENBUSII Advertising Managers MARY DYER BEATRICE MCCARTY BERTHA HARRIS MARILLA SMITH DOROTHY VVARSAW Two Hundred Sixfy-fi'uc loso QEUAGOGUE l03O YEDAGOGMF Srteute Collllege News SEQLIHF Editor-in-Chief, LOUIS J. XVOLNER D . Business Manager Managing Editor JANE J. FORMANEK ALFRED D. BASCII Associate Managing Editor DOIQOTIRIX' BRIMMER Aciwrtising MUIIUZQCI' MARGARET PIENNINGE Feat-ure Editor MARGARET J. STEELE Senior Associate Editors CAROLINE IQOTRBA, '30 GENEVIIEVE WINSLOW, '31 JEWEL JOHNSON, '31 Junior Associate Editors CATHERINE BRODERICK BJILDRED HALL MARTHA NORD Desk Editors NET1'A M ILLER GLADYS BATES Juniors MARGARET CUSSLER JEAN GILLESRY VIRGINIA PRATESI LILLY NELSON BEATRICE SAMUELS ALEXANDER SCHOOR GEORGE P. RICE Reporters Seniors GERTRUDE HERSCIJBERG S 0 plzmnores RUTH BREZEE SARAH CAPLAN SAMUEL DRANSKY ROBERT J. FLOODY FRANCES ICELLER BESSIE LEVINE EVELYN PITTS Assistant Advertising Manager AUDREY FLOWERS Bnsiness Staff ALICE WALSIJI, '30 FRANCES MAZAR, '32 HELEN ROHEL, '32 BETTY RAYMOND, '32 MARION VVEINBERG, '32 Two Hundred Sixty-seven 1 Q l030 VY-.DAGOGUE l030 VY-.DAGOGUE State Collllege Echo Organized 1918 Editor-in-Ciiief I WARREN COCHRANE Senior Editors JAMES CASSIDY ISRAEL KAPLAN Junior Editors HELEN OTIs A ALBERT RITCHIE ALICE SPLAIN Sophomore Editor HELEN MEAD Business Manager MARILLA SMITH Advertising Managers RosE KOREN SELMA SIMS MARIAN GILBERT Circulation and Subscription Manager IDELLA EASMAN Two Hundred Sixty-nine ' g l'J30 YY-.DAGOGUE State Lian Editor-in-Chief MARGARET J'OiE-IANNA STEELE Managing Editor Business Manager MILDRED HAWKS ADOLPHE Scnou. Associate Editor Advertising Manager ALFRED BASCH FREIDA SCHAD Art Editor Staff Secretary LENA REIGER MAXINE ROBINSON Associate Art Editors MARGARETHE SCHROEDER CARL TARBOX Two Hundred Seventy H v l030 QEDAGOGME State College News Board The News Board is the executive department of the State College News. It includes the editor-in-chief, business manager, managing editor, associate managing editor, advertising manager, and feature editor. Louis I. WOLNER . MARGARET HENNINGE JANE J. FORMANEK . ALFRED D. BASCH . DOROTHY BRIMMER . MARGARET I. STEELE, News Board . . Editor-in-Chief . Advertising Manager I . Business Manager . Managing Editor Associate Managing Editor . . Feature Editor Two Hundred Seventy-one PED'v CUBS X. xx Whaq is this night but a dark pool dryzng, Leavmg Dawn a handful of pointed stars flying? ,f""' mfzzres lx Reveille Most Beautiful Ethel M. Gruntlhoifer Most Charming Grace M. Brady Most Popular Girl Beverly Diamond Most Popular Man ' Louis J. Wolner Girl Who Diml Most for State V Marion E, Botto Man Who Did Most for State Most Enthusiastic Most Scholarly Emanuel Green Anna T. Mloore Thomas Kinsella 1 1 l M 1 -1 J 'N 'N Q p Z 1 J 4 3 1 4 :l a 1 1 l 1, 1 1 W w , , il , . I wi 1 1 P i F 3 J ' I I I I 'II I I ,I II ' I 'I il I I I' II I ' I, I ' II ,4 I I -I- ' I I ,II .I ,, I 54 I I II fI,I EI I.I II If II I I ' ' .yi I , . I I I I , I I I ,, , I -' I :MQ I I I,lI , I II I I ,I I II I .I . I , 1 I I -. . .Q K - I':,I. ,I I III. I I I ' I I I I, ,, X Ii I I I I' I I I I I I ' I X, , , l' xx I I I x I LII I. I II I- I 'II 'I I .II , , I , I- , , ,III I i I II , I I I 'II I II I .1 , , ,, 1 I I , I 'I ' I - , ,I I II I - I I x I 'i I I ' ,I l I I x N X. x .Xi X. .ly ,XX X xx .Xt Xxx X. ..,,,Y,,A. - ,Y, M-,,,.M,,,,, A,,.. ,.,,, .,,, ,A,,, .,,, .4 - ,,,,,,, W ,,,,-,-,,,,-,,-,,, .,., ,,,.,,u-..- ..,.,. ...-......- ,Y ' Q: fi ,., ,X 1 't I 1 ELM! 'Q 58' QW ll l Lf' 5 uf? 'F W I ,ami - N52 1' ig E1 ' Qi fg , M f x f 1 ,g,, ,,, , , ,, , A , X X . 3.15 V 1,3 ." 5 . R ee, ,Q , , K 1.'4 f 1 r 2 , E! W , X , I XXX ,I gk HY Q X , W! X- U , 11 X 3 v X f"r 1 'x ' 1 -fl 3 'z - I 1. I , I 'i' 'lf I 5 if? ,., , 71 ,fl vm, S ,lg , xl ,. ,i r, ,, I ' wx, s ,M 'nh ' -4 -3 , xx 5' ,, l N. I V! Y ,a. . 1 we I :l ,me 1, wzxl 'Q l? '?2 52 Fil Nia + F' l E? M 1 1 1122 , ' I Ll! w P ' ' iff! '- Q! 1:3 g.......,-...--.....---N..-.----.--M-...-.....----....d......- LJ x X N, Y, X. ,X ff V! ff I X ,X V, , I 41 If 1 ,AT Q -xl 51 A ? fi" E 215 54 i f if V MN 3 3 f: 1 H M .E 1 x g 1 wi :Ig ' . 3? A fi N :I 5 il? ' F 'Y f w uf W I! fi fl W! -1 'Eg li ? ive e w' 1, l f X M' 1 .i 1 4 U 1 5 X 1 . I , , ia 'I ' 4 'J w- L 'A I 1 - : ' v 5 s ik 1 1 I ' 5 fi 1 1 NT 1,. . 112 E I fi Z l P, 3 r , M , V gr if 5 ., L E r 1 , , I W w V , 3 1 1 aff' P 2 me f f i if wi aii . ., ' EI 2 2 . I 3-EL i 5 , i i . - l f' ,. W,-,,,,,,,,,-,,,,,W,,, ,,4, ,,,-,,,,,,,,,,., ,,,, -,,,,.,,,..,.....,.-....,.. ..... .....,,,,.,7,-,,,,,-,,. , 'fy If ff' . f I x X X X N X 'x X N XX .........-...Y..-..-..,.-.,..h..........A..............--.......-.--...-.--4---- ------- -----N ----l-- f---- ---- --A --- ---- N 4 'r ' 'W Y ,L ., 1 I X YT: H" ii-1 cam f- IM H' ll-A , 1" i', 33' ff' 21 11 :QV 45 ,' ,IX iii? xt: l 1. '51 4. 112 iill si? xlfl :gf Qi' lp f 25 N fm wx? QT E 'x 5 , i' xi I , g r 3 U1 1, lib- 'If i H Eli l5 N Ji: l' X swf ll X ug 'Q ,X N ik 7 llf AEI lf" 517 wg il gif? iff WY V , l X uf if L' 4 ' x if l " 4 XX 1' f ia 1" 1 X 3 - 1 EW q gi . ? . 1 , , I 1 A r E N ' ' ' '34 , Q 1 5 V X , ! 'nj tx ze 1 lfi X 1 ui is M w ,f- if EE x s. 1 i ai 2 U. QS g, fx E-2 if was .Yv, f V ' ' ' - ' 'E' i X Q z . ' .4 X 4 1 4 i 1 w I l 1 1 Z 5 3 5 L J TAPS Meet the Light, Groot the Dawn Youth awake, over Earthsslife is on From afar, Breaking Cloud Comes the Dawn. ED A G 0 G U5 f . nmwwwM.f,fw ', 1030 1 X ww-V,-N ,ww W, wM. m,W.Bmw-w..,,h Q ED A G 0 G 4 .zwei2,amz-vnfe-mf-:'w.,.,.:,a Lgpigmuuff'-F-sag-anf2f5.v,m+f.Prnx'fcwrwmtalafvifitaflin mu 3, 5, 'gggffa-' w1, . -Agp, w w 1 - H930 YEDAGOGUE , L, , ,,,,,J, ,,., .. .,,.. ,V - f' J' .,.1w,N'-fm X 1,531.3:ygf,:mg-M,y:y-ajymm mm-vr."+531, .Qw 'J,L42.:,-113,,:MxQ.,vim-Ac.-W1-31" M17''iNAM5f'!4:14,.x.1-,..L-1iw '-A'f7"'-5+h1w -Y' 1 Y- 5-"-'V' -'W'-"1"-3' i030 VEDAGOGUE Wx, , , efwnsmrst ' 5 ww: var WL'-V.-'3i'36w'""?lWr9lW'?11lIe2"4bWf!i'555k3'lxiYif0!.'1L5t3Bf?'i!!!WLKx'!'8MiW!'f5'?ft'f -nmmwifi' W S 1 1 I i030 : ' V www, " . , ' Aaaw-1-wma'':mwcf,.fs,:.':m.m.-m,w,m,,',,-M,,,,g,,,,,,.,,f,, Q E. E A G 0 6 UE H uv-.m-,fwr 166-vdwhmvv w...:,-,214-wg.frm-ww.,-Wm-f-3 fm-V, J . , A 1, 1 1 Q r 4 r W w 1 V N 5 i ,rg m.,Q gm ,,,,,,Q"gj"1"mf gm- -f'ryf"' mm A-T ,5f4we::f,w1-mzfslewzlsv 'iIi4,zrl+13MvW4nifa " Q?,af4'11'-Qsfsihtbiu'-,ig:-:mLkgV,j5H-Lr1MR5f?JL ' X x,-mwrwmm - ,-sgay.u,,wr,epp ,,ir1-f-NM44-zfz' -wwf. -'w.w,.,+.z wr- m1f,1-ffm-a-K Q A 6 Q G .fix WM-':x':wv1fa-wvnf'r':'-. f,NE-'mx-f-f+-mfillmn,uW4+-Wxww 'i2fm'-- ,lE1inQvc1i4im-MJ. l030 J 5 2 v W ,gf 4 y , .'-. 4' --K. .J -, ' - -. Y - ' 'QUE-I hir'fi-59J,'sw'-wiwj!i"SL'vxvw'::Qg!:mg.f4g,7tiKc.1-'gain.'55a'24l5a53bi45rf:31,4LEW..n,..-.1Lb,1Y2E.VJ124H,,252hl43:,1a2f?.,liN Li:'EsiLb:11i.".?f? 5-Jw" gy " . v.- ,- l l03O VEDAGOGUF nl9'1' Y Ti :mf qu lllllllj I . . V , un.. L ' A rg if- , . I' 4, '-- ' 7 A :lf ILS! SWIG! . A CO-OP 2 ous 'om-ss any sense ,'r K. bf 3 1 T, X 6 rl -. Koay ngnnen ea- cp-on , 5 p,., yy H330 YY-.DAG O UUE 1 lO30 QEDAGOGUE' 4. . , 'i o , ,W y I 1 ff I' .. " L ' AA 'ggi Q: . " "1 ' 1 '-.'f"4 ' ' Z l .4 ,. vu ' 4' 'T' N . ,X 4' Q w , , x r-1 gk E " - 4 ' f' x . f . EN- ze. .- -' , . "'E A . - 24? , ,. ' '- fy-' 5 I A Wo: . ' s -4' ' . if -l, vu, , I .., ' l v 'rv F M1 .2 H, ,f:5" j fy V - S bf "Earth a lawn, Spacious and full of sunlit dancing places And 11l1l5l11fI'l' and music Rupert Brook U5 1 aa 4 rr L H- W Y 'V' mf H, L 112 rua MU la. r W a f W H I 1 M!! 1 N 'hx Liv Awaa MMM, Z!i770Z!7' I saw R iz in football 1' 0 X ,xxg ,Q 1'-VN! ' togs. X' F5 2 Q -I gg 7 - riff, vu. Two Hundred Ninciy-four MES- Facullt 1 saw B I saw Kirtlzml lO30 YY-.DAG O G UF y Sung rubie sitti ng as a diplomat - 'fi . ,E MES aB c XVl'ifi1'lfT thi D :md pat 3 ' R., 'JMQ' x ngs both trite i030 YY-.DAGOGUE Harry lost in London fogs. A if I . a A 3' 'of' 1 A K , ,if mga ' ' l X fv,AN"' . fl f I r :'x?Ll' Lg ,xx .. --a if ' " I saw Tommy in Il T1'ovatore-- 9'-aa I 'QL , ' A. if fm, I E 5' 1fQw..,.,, -' HES' Yu Dean Annie pouring tea. P 43- 'vi , :affix U9 Q Y . .1 I xf: Q - MAF And they all gave a cheer for S. C. In my dream of the faculty. T. Two Hundred Niawfy-fPvc' V YEDAGOGUF f P , ,llpiqviw A MQ , ,U -- F ' " NG-5 Decker in a comedy. ,PQ7 'iw Tivo Hznzdrvd Niuciy-six l030 I saw Croasy printing her advice in booksg TTT GA n I 11 L H4 W5. .-' l2" f'-' 1 1 5 I 'V 19' X35 .9 ffl Za' f 'ax HH , Y Qs x N-.5 ug' its, .4 yi " I I saw Sayles, defective, lfter New York crooksg l030 YY-.DAGOGUF York hunting a memory, Miss Loeb in gay Paree. And they all gave a cheer for S. C. T. ln my dream of the faculty. Bronson chasing birds in deepest Africag 434, Mm-A Two Hundred Ninety-seven l030 YEDAGOGUE Hudson River Anthology CWM: apologies to Edgar L00 Mosfvrsj LOUIS WOLNER They warned me about colleges In undertonesg They looked sepulchral and spoke Of undergraduate revolt, And of civilization being threatened By jazz-mad collegiates. I could hardly wait To gather statistics. Careful investigation Brought to light the following Data on revolt: 1. Zn who, when first questioned were unable to think of anything against which to revolt ................................................ 100 2. Z who when pressed, were willing to revolt against anything .... 41 3. Z: who think Dean Metzler has a spy system ................. 18 4. 'Z who think the situation calls for some sort of revolt .... 7 5. Z9 who are willing to revolt vs. compulsory chapel ...... 3 6. Z who are in revolt vs. inability to study in the lounge. . . 16 7. Z1 who are willing to revolt against news editorials.. . 2 8. Z who are in revolt against the student tax ........ 2.4 9. 'Za who are in revolt against the odor in room M .................. 3 10. Z of men students in revolt against the methods of dating in use among popular co-eds ......................................... 13 11. fk who are in revolt because they made Myskania .... .......... 1 12. Z who are in revolt against compulsory Gym ..... .... E ugene Pollock OI-I JUDGES! I submit this case to your hands! Two Hundred Ninety-eight l030 YY-.DAGOGUE FRED CRUMB Why are you all buzzing about so busily Chasing A's and B's? Wliat is a pen scratch worth? Can't you see that curves are more graceful Than straight lines? I-Iasn't life taught you that oil will take you Farther than sand? I And' besides: Don't you know that you couldn't have missed those A's Anymore than the profs could have helped giving 'em to yon? Read Dr. Watson And hush your cackling over that Celluloid egg. K. GRAHAM "I built me a lovely palace On the sand " I longed for the elixir of life- - And they gave me Pink lemonade to drink. My ambition soared to heights immeasurable And so they made me chairman Of another committee. I craved enchanted parts, Cairo or Cathay- And they paid my fare to attend a convention In Schenectady VVistfully I looked to the stars And along with my great contemporaries I ended up at E Milne High. Two Hundred Ninety-nine ' H330 YY-.DAG OGUE nn STUDQN LURIDTED .nl-Q M-my,-k 9 ' I +9 I k od' own :lass Jil, ,A A 1" P4 UP skxec Serta SH? A 3,,o,,,t ,LI,.,.v...m.t fl-uf. 5. is mvs ummm Cvancrfg - sig L twice. a week ' - 51 ,K 1 2 Goes! 1 ii Q 'I' 4 'cu-.n 441. gi M-'u ' U' wiu has 1, Y"--- -'M-+A-fi rr.-uk l-nu. 1 slowev hu ' ' 'HH ,gn 3 ' TU- z+ '-1' X ,h+.L,e all-llllx WL.5xyX'Vut+uyx V Lux cl- 'HI SL?-Ep ew., ryan 'Pau K LAS' T' L1 SXT :Apu +"""'N' dr Singh 0 - . 'as-n I' T " W 1 ,. -M NOTICE! EXTRA!! ALLY UP!!! HOVV TG GET IN THE HEADLINES IN EIGHT LESSONS 1. Teach a college shorthand class task Grace Bradyj 2. Chase thieves from cellars task Victor Starrj 3. Enter a beauty contest for " Miss Albany task Babe Kaplan or Peg 4. Stay in college until doors are l task Kay Grahamj 5. Be campus queen task Ethel Grundhoferj Steelej ockecl 6. Sleep in C1'oasy's office overnight task Betty Diamonclj 7. Sell " yo-yos " task Mary Nelsonj 8. Do anything you shouldn't task -- P-D Tlzrcz' H mldzwi l I l030 VY-.DAGOGUF CAN YOU IMAGINE: LOUIS VVOLNER forgetting someone's name? GRACE BRADY embarrassed? BETTY DIAMOND singing? PEG STEELE saying, "I don't know? " FRED CRUMB sitting up straight WARREN COCI-IRANE on time? ANYONE laughing at these? BABE KAPLAN buying his lunch? BILLY SEBESTA unsophistieated? GRUNDY not smiling? . ANN MOORE short and blonde? How much taller the Woolworth Building would loo beside it? RALPH EIGHMEY saying " no " to any girl? TOMMIE KINSELLA excited? MANNY GREEN keeping quiet? SHIRLEY W'OOD sent to a reformatory? EL STEPI-IENSON surviving the winters? MARION BOTTO baffled? KAY GRAHAM a missionary? in assembly? with KAY WEBSTER LOUISE TRASK visiting Coney Island for the summer? KAY WATKINS raging with anger? EMMA ACKLEY teaching? ' LOUISE DUBEE bidding at bridge? Our finishing these???? We have noticed that assembly was very, very quiet during the first semester and now the mystery is solved. XVe hear that Kaplan and: Cochrane were teach- ing that period. lk vs JK She: Do you want something to eat? My laundry case just came. Another she: VV hat do you think I am, a moth? ff ac :sf Registrar fto new faculty memherj: Take this paper and go down to the Gym and register with the rest of the Freshmen. as :sf wk Senior: XN'hat are you trying out for next year? Frosh: The Sophomore class. 7'l11'rv Hmrdrvd Ong f IOSO VEDAGOGUE THE CLOCK STRUCK She approached the stair top, And loked down the hall. She spied a pair of burglars, Who were cleaning out her all. She glanced at her revolver, And much to her dismay She found one lonely bullet, That must put them both away. With fear the dame was stricken But was far too game to run. She stole a look at father's clock The hour approacheth one. And then she knew her wealth w With only one she'd bother. She'd wait until the clock struck And then she'd shoot the other. Pk vp my ONE as saved one 5 Frosh: How many cuts do you get in this place? Senior: Depends on whom you are dancing with. Pk Pk Pk Brubie: Well, where have you been for the last month? One of our number: I went to a hotel for a change and rest Brubie : And did you get it? Same body: Yeh! the bell boys got the change and the hotel got the rest Dk Pk Dk We dedicate the following songs to the faculty: " My Fate is in Your Hands." " It All Depends on You." "All That I'm Asking is Sympathy." Three Hundred Two H330 YEDAG O CUE ' L92 14- .S fy. ,N x .sr-K fy -Q K xxx 8 ,M-. , A Fd - RQ- --sf:-,gh - X H 'Y So PM S ,Sf-v4,'h6 cW"" Nzsf. Ifxf XA NE . S XCOHA 'Fvasbv -1.11-M .W X W.-'NgTli55QsNx5 K l - l030 YY-.DAGOGUF Nurse in dentist's office: Did you have an appointment? Student: No, a toothache. Cf Y! The eight-ten bell rang and as she came into the room she swept it with a glance-she was a big help to the cleaning women. No, Freddie wasn't there, but it wasn't long before she heard his footsteps in the hall. QYes, Fred was with them.J As he came into the room he shot a glance in her direction. but she avoided it by dropping her eyes. He picked up her eyes f1'o1n the floor and, after dusting them off, handed them back to her. " Thank you," she said in a muffled tone. QThe muffle kept the tone warm.j "Don't mention it," Fred replied. " I'll not breath a word of it," she said heaving a sigh that fell with a thud on his ears. The thud jumped up and started running toward the open door. " Stop that thud," she cried. He ran out of the door and down the hall. Wfhen he reached the stairs, some frosh was falling down them with a thud but he couldn't prove that .ft was the one he was looking for. So he gave up fbut not as sailors sometimes doj and returned to the room in a hurry. She told him to leave the hurry outside and she proceeded to call the roll which came dashing up from the cafeteria. By this time the class was calmly settled and, after setting the alarm clock for nine o'clock she proceeded-- QVV ell, you've all had eight-tens.j ' Pk Pk bk 1: I have been troubled lately with corns. 2: Are you doing anything for them? '1: 'Why should I do anything for them? They never did anything for me. 2: No, but seriously though. have you done anything for them? 1: I did try those corn Hakes but the crunch of them was awful. Dk Pk Dk Ye State man Qdriving through XVatervlietj : This is where Fred lives. One of the fairer majority: Well he may be bred up here but he's only a Crumb in State! A Three Pluudrcfd Four .flrrnxx llzc .vlrlr-fillvd' lmrwmls A careless dawn, wind blew, And tumblvd dvwn ilze jlllllblillff sim.: That rrvlna' in a rollicking crvw. ff K C -10" X N 1 if-R X. Q XV' 1 ' 'N "'f'M-2, ' WX 'n'4"-'Q-X, LJ "Egg, , X L . w YNNQ -X-M , , fx 7.2 ,J NX! AX, -xx xg - T' NA -f J ,-f 17 ffzkfzbs .Awkabwlxlyx I I l030 YY-.DAGOGUF I l030 VYLDAGOGUF Men'S Athletic Council Clzair1na1z PROF. C. E. POWERS Faculty PROF. C. E. POWERS PROF. HARIQY 'BIRCHENOUGH PROF. H. W. HASTINGS COACH R. R. BAKER AIu1n11us Member W. E. SUTHERLAND, '19 Studelzt Mcmlzcrs EDWARD THOMSON, '30 FRANK OTT, '31 R. R. WURTH, '30 CHARLES LYONS, '31 ISRAEL KAPLAN, '30 ROBERT GOODRICH, '32 - ARLTON BUSH, '33 Three Hundred Seven l030 QEDAGOGUF Basketball In spite of the number of losses compared with the victories of our basketball team, the season in a way has been a huge success. "Captain NVhiston," said Coach lllaker, " is prob- ably the most improved basketball player on the squad todayf' ' This year has seen the development of a depend- able and efficient guard in Leon Allen. His coopera- tion and constancy, as well as his excellent shots, have been of great value to the team. Lyons is a fast little fighter and knows the mean- ing of the word "teamwork.U The coach can look R,CHAR,, WHISTON, forward to a great deal of help from Chuck on the ' Cffffmin next ear's varsit . Y Y Ott, too, has improved. He is level-headed and at times shows the capacity for playing real basketball. De Laura has shown real ability and is certain to be prominent on next year's varsity. Clarke, a new man, seems to have good "basketball sensef' The coach says his real place is at guard, but he was forced into the center position. Kissam, when he transfers some of his energy spent on speed to smoothness and' accuracy, is going to be a big aid to the team. Lavigne, the pugnacious guard, has great possi- bilities, but lacks experience, and consequently skill. The team may expect much from him in the next two years. If Ingraham develops a little of Lavigne's i1'n'erest and pugnacity, he will be a great center some day. Both Goodrich and Saroff have been of use to the team this season, and their cooperation is appre- ciated. FREDERICK W. CRUMB Jllnnagcr Tlzrrc H zmdrcd N imc A an 1 v X ,4 i s EE I 1' ei i ig i if IFB 1 ?? 5 53 E Q2 I ,. i f: i 22 2? f 5 QV nj ifi aj Tw if ET: CD C5 S V1 Fx.. N E: t Q' i . H - f I E E iq hit V53 153 Li 5 ni! l030 YY-.DAGOGUE Baselballll The 1929 baseball season was. indeed. a success. Out of Eve games played three were victories and two defeats. The crowning success of the year was the victory over R. P. I. Allan's superb pitching backed by the excellent work and cooperation of all the players resulted in a score of 7 to 2. Maxwell and Jamaica also fell before States team in decisive contests. The defeats' were administered by Saint Michael's and Hamilton. The Hamil- ton game was a difficult one to lose. State led by a score of 1 to O up to the ninth inning when the opponents made two runs bringing the score up to 1 to 2 in I-Iamilton's favor. The loss of Carr, Klein, Cousins, and Taylor will probably weaken the team for the 1930 season, but we still have with us the invincible battery, Allan and Whiston. The 1930 squad is: RICHARD WIIISTON. Captain LEO ALLAN VINCENT FIESTA THOMAS IQINSELLA ROBERT Goomucu ALBERT RITCTIIE IQIENNETII MILLER Mauaf vr , J R. R. BAKER. Coach jo11N DETLEFSON CHARLES LYONS FAY BLUM ALEXANDER SCHOOR ELLIS IQOLODNY BABE KAPLAN The baseball schedule for the season is as follows: May 3 May 10: May 17 May 24, May 31 1930-Hartwick College, at home 1930--Long Island University, at home 1930-Hamilton College, at home 1930-Hartwick College, at Oneonta 1930-St. Michael's College, at home Three Hundred Eleven . ' 1030 QEDAG OGUE l030 YEDAGOGUF Tennis The result of the 1929 tennis season can be judged by the outcome of the matches. Both meets with Hamilton were called off after four matches because of rain. State's team was defeated in the Middlebury' match by a score of 4 to 2. The Vermont meet resulted in a tie, 3 to 3. The 1930 team, as yet, has not been selected. Tarbox, the only remaining letter man, will probably be chosen captain. No matches have been scheduled yet. Charles Kissam is the manager. Three Hundred Thirteen -' 1030 v AP fs an ' M, "N' ' ' 4 ' " l030 YY-.DAGOGUF G. A.. A. Council The purpose Of the Council is to Organize and direct the activities Girls' Athletic Association. Honorary Jllenzbers DR. CAROLINE CROSDALE Miss ISABIELLE JOHNSTON Miss DOROTHY DEITZ Ojffirers and Council ETIIEI, M. GRUNOIIOIPER .MARION E.. BATTO . . BEATRICE VAN STIQENBURQIYI . ELIZABETH N. JACKSON KAT1-IERINE WATKINS . MARIE HANICO . . . MARGARET CUSSLER . . MARION GILBEIQT . VIRGINIA HAWKINS . MAIQX' TQAUT . . . :KATHERINE MOORE . ANNA T. MOORE . ANNIS IQELLOGG Sport Captains Sport I Sport Captain Basketball Beatrice Van Steenburgh Baseball Frances V. Peck Hiking Marion Gilbert Apparatus Ardith Down Tennis Katherine Webster Volley-ball jean Minkin Swimming Esther Waters Alice Schneider Hockey Margaret Cussler Bowling Iva Swartz Track Beatrice Van Denburgh . . President . Vice-President . Treasurer . . S eeretary Senior Representatizfe . Senior Manager Junior IeL?f7l'CSC1IfLlfl'Zf'C . Junior Manager . Sophomore Representatiw Soplzuoznore Manager . . Freslznzan Representative .Honor Council Representative . . Reporter Assistants Anna Moore Frances Peck Virginia Hawkins Katherine Moore Winifred Hurlbut Virginia Hawkins Louise Ray Jane Schlick Josephine Bennett Marion Gilbert Carol Kelly Marguerite Northrup Selma Sims Alice Splain Jane Schlick Irene Hicks Alice Giblin Virginia Hawkins Esther Mead Genevieve Winslow Winifred Fasoldt Elizabeth Jackson Marion Roberts Three H uudred of the Fifteen 1 -m,,,Q,-W, -wma ,f - mv-,tu WW-on M ,mm ,M W ---.- , .A.. . 5 4 EU if 1. 'f -L 122 faf x Z! ., ,ii ' .fl N 'iii 1 Til Q 'iii 1 X55 il :xg Il gi! iii -u lx .l ,wi s 4 Q , X , 3 , -,Z x--'7 x -Z .X 5 'Xxvzl xi! I 41 .. .I . .II I ' ga a! - I Q , a1 r E il x , . .Nr E! ir! ,s an .H.Af l.,5.,V U WM.-Y,-.-M--mf ---,W - e, f-,,,W v,., -,--w.,M1-,1......-.?,... M--J-.. -.-W -V4- ,.. l I030 YY-.DAGOGUE Varsity Basketball A This year more than ever before, the selection of Varsity was extremely difficult clue to the great amount of excellent material. But the best have been chosen, and we feel sure that in the final analysis, 1930 Varsity is a champion- ship team. ANNA Mooiuz . MAIIION BOTTO VARSITY .V . l . . Captain and liorward . . . . . Gmini l31aA'rR1c15 VAN STEENBURCH . . Cerner FRANCES Pizcx MAIQION GILBERT - - . Guard . . . Gzmrrz' EL1zAu1z'1'n JACKSON , 1701-qmnl VIIQLIINIIK l'l.AWKlNS . , 170,-wanf . IQATIIICRINIE MOORE . . Gzzzllfzl CG. A. A.. Calendar September 18--G. A. A. l:'lay Day for Frosh October 12- lnclian l.aclcler I-like Gctober 27-Hockey game with Albany High School ' November S-10-YVeelc-encl at Camp Cogswell November 26-Autumn Gym Frolic February 22-Alumnae Game February 28-XVeek-end at Camp Cogswell March 15-lVinter Gym Frolic March 28-G. A. A. Vaucleville April 26-28-XYeek-end at Camp Cogswell May 9-Tea for N. Y. U. Tennis Players May 10-Track Meet May 17-Dean's Mills 1-like May 30- Spring Gym Frolic Three Hundred Seventeen l030 QEDAGOGUE NIILIJIQEIJ APPLETON . Al.-XRION BOTTO . E'r1I1zL GRUNDHOFER ANNA MOORE . . Douo'r11x' I-IURLBURT IQATI-IERINIE W ATK1Ns Thrrc' Hundred Eighleen Seniors Guard . . ' . Guard Manager and Forward . . . Guard . Captain and Forward . . . Guard l030 VY-.DAGOGUF Champions, 19311 It so happened that a group of star basketball players came "a-wearin' of the Grecnf, and carried its color to victory immediately upon arrival in 1931. Now as Juniors, this team once more emerges triumphant, defeating all who challenged its brilliant playing, even repelling its warmest rivals, 1930. MARc:AR1z'r CUSSLER . ARn1'ru DOWN MARION GILBERT AIADIELINE IJIAYES . 'WINIFRED 1'IURLBUT FRANCES PECK .l . BEATRICE VAN S'rE1zNBURG:'1 . I70l'fc'a1'd . F0l"ZUlIl'd . Glfllflf . Forward . G uara' . Guard Center Three Hzum'red Nineteen ' , loso wus A606115 G.. A.. A..-As 21 Senior lLoolks aut it As a senior looks back and sees the full perspective of the picture of college life outside theiclass room, she often stops to consider the true value of this extra-curricular, this ultra extra-curricular activity which permeates State whether study is done or not. Yet of all this mass of organizations, that which reaches more students, which develops more personalities, which offers oppor- tunities for more recreation than any other is the Girls' Athletic association. Athletics, of courseg but something greater, yes, something vastly greater than the mere strengthening of body. G. A. A.-the warm, informal contact of students irrespective of denomina- tion, sorority distinction, or class superiority,-respective of clean-mindedness, good sportsmanship and persistent groping toward high ideals. Is it strange that we in our mellower days shall think of G. A. A. as the core of activity, as the veritable melting pot which simmers with "stunts and sings, and rambly walks, frolics, dances and weighty talks? " Ask anyone who has known the odor of burning leaves along country roads, or who has trodden the snowshoe trails on moonlight hikes, ask anyone who has clambered over the crags at Deans Mills and explored the wind-swept caverns of Indian Ladder, or who has toasted marshmallows over a Camp Cogswell campfire 3 and especially ask anyone who has of an evening laughed at the stunts and games of a jolly gym frolic which inevitably ended with lights turned out-and in the darkness the old gym reverberated with young voices singing "On a Chinese Honeymoon " and "Great F ires." They will tell you that from Freshman Play Day to the last gym frolic G. A. A. is a vital part of our college life. Three Hundred T'ZQ'L'l1fy S0 much in 7l1L'1l10I'1'. For Ihr future, thix The clzecleerboardcd house of Day and Night Is but the cavern where the .vzwllflw fiicx To beat its wihgx an instant at the light And then depart. 'tephen Vincent Bene! 1 Z' 2' . 5 . 1 Z Z Z 2 Graz! Fzkfes I Great fires kindled for thy children Warm us with thy flame, Pilgrims we have sought thee ever, We sang as we came. And it came to pass that the three travelers met in the strange land, and they joined together. And one of them, who was called Istar, said unto the others, " Let us go farther, for I hear voices." And he who was called Lowerb walked forward with Istar. But Sywen, who was the last of the three, ran before his companions, and they could not keep pace with him. Not once and not twice, but many times, it seemed that Lowerb and Istar must overtake Sywen, but each time, as they drew near unto him, he danced away. Finally, Lowerb and Istar reached the gates of a wondrous city, and they uncovered their heads and entered into the city. As they passed beneath the pale blue portals, they heard music, as of voices singing, and in their hearts, they answered the singing voices. And they ventured farther, and when they had come near unto the city square, they beheld a throng of people, and in the center they beheld Sywen, When Sywen saw Lowerb and Istar, he called unto them, but he continued to dance before the many people who had assem- bled, and his head was still covered. And Lowerb and Istar questioned a man who stood near by, saying, "Tell us, good friend, where may we refresh ourselves, and where may we secure lodging for the night ?" The man answered the strangers, saying, "Good friends, come with me, and I shall give you that which you desire." Lowerb and Istar followed their new friend, and he gave them meat and drink, and lodging against the night. And ever through the night, they heard the dancing of Sywen's feet, and the singing of Sywen's voice. 1I Upward leapt the fire and brighler With a steady light, Wonder open 'wide and beauty We fvrgot the night. 5 6 When day had .dawned, Lowerb and Istar thanked their host, and ventured forth. And as they crossed the city square, they came upon Sywen, who had fallen asleep on the ground. Gently they roused their companion, and gave him to eat and to drink from their own sacks. And Lowerb and Istar prevailed upon Sywen, and the three passed beneath the pale blue portals, and turned their faces to the west. Soon they entered a great forest, and they were separated one from another. And Lowerb continued straight, and struggled through many difficulties, and he did not turn from- his way. Sywen danced gaily, and he sang as he darted here and there through the forest. To him, the forest had become a living checkerboard of black and gold, and he ran from one golden square to another. But Istar proceeded slowly, guiding himself with the path of the sun. And when night' had fallen, they called to one another, and they heard the calls, but they could not find each other. A second day dawned, and Lowerb and Sywen and Istar found themselves at the edge of the forest, and they realized that they had been near each other all night. And Lowerb was bruised, and he hungered, and he thirsted. And Sywen was exhausted, but the yellow flowers which he had picked still bloomed. Istar give them bread and wine, and he guided them forward. And Lowerb and Sywen were content to follow Istar. When a third day had dawned, there arose in the distance the loftiest of all mountains. Istar smiled, and he pointed to the west. But Lowerb did not raise his head, and he saw not the moun- tain. And when Sywen beheld the lofty peak, he wept, and Lowerb and Istar could not understand why he wept. nor could they comfort him. And when the blazing orb joined the peak of the loftiest of all mountains, the three companions paused, and they slept. Now while the embers here before us Hold a tiny gleam, To the darkness turn our faces. Chcrishing a dream. i i .Q i f l 3 i uf. Q lv ! Q . 'P f L 1 5 W . 53, 1 I 'Nl 1 l Y N, . ' 1 3, . 1 X H 1 When Lowerb and Sywen and Istar had been on the way the fourth day, they halted at the foot of the loftiest of all mountains. And once again the red shield was communing in his high place. But the head of Lowerb was lowered, and his eye sought not the blazing orb, nor did he see the mountain-top. Sywen gazed upon the wedding of the red shield and the peak of the loftiest of all mountains, and he was bewildered, as he had been the first and even the second and the third days. But Istar could not abide the ecstasy and the pain, and the red shield burned his sight, and caused the tears to flow, and he turned away. 'Two scores of years had come and gone. Once again Lowerb and Sywen and Istar ventured forth. And Lowerb strayed from Sywen and Istar, and he was lost. And Sywen and Istar came to the loftiest of all mountains. Sywen gazed upon the red shield in his high place, but he was be- wildered, and he wept, and to him, the twilight became night. But Istar beheld the blazing orb, and smiled, and turned to Sywen. And when he saw that ,Sywen was bewildered and that he wept, Istar also wept. Istar put his arm about Sywen's shoulder, and they turned and gazed upon the wedding of the red shield and the peak of the loftiest of all mountains. The blazing mountain-top had be- come a tiny gleam, but the night had become twilight. And Istar kissed Sywen, and they smiled, and they continued on their way. And ever before them, in the constant twilight, they beheld a tiny gleam. Four years you have moulded your children into men: You send us out into the world but we'll come back again. When memories haunt us, we'll steal within your walls: We'll stand there where Minerva stands and view your silent halls. VVe'll wander 0'C1' your campus and pause beneath your treesg XVe'll walk onee more with pals we loved in haunting memories. State, State, we'll ne'er forget who taught these truths we learn. State, State, we'll cherish yetg your Great Fires still will burn. W 1 v I I 5 X , X .- i . E125 'fiifif . . v re ' :2?I lE1E"":151ES12fE.":2i1- 2E31E2Zr1E1E1EE2E21' .2:2fE1:21. L fl , fi 4:5:?22:r3fsE12?ff:5:6 1:12:1:1E:i?f3::2'2i I 5151. -:'r-2. " ' - , - .J 'r ' f I ,.3::1S:r:1:r-:1:f19':f1g Izfzrfiig - .:2:1:r-:1:21:1-----1. :If-'-:r1.-:W - --2:.-,k5,.W..2 ' 1 ' '-:-:1g:-:2:2g:1:I-'-: '2:-, if.--E: 7:-:1:2,:I:2g:1 ""'., '- '11, -Sql: 4: :I:.-,,, 5 ,55 '5'.s1:I .. LN Q ' " :z:rfa2:z:5:r22:3sf- 4.:s:r:fa:f:1::51' M-21:-..-11-'-:I.'ma-rf2:1:,2:1:-1-l.21:1 . , - ,A 1 5912- 4 33 , - ,. -.::.:g1Q:gg:3:2z ,1 ggzgzl' my 1g::::::g:ggg '- '4-:v' .,.:f141' -+1-,2g:g,.,,. 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"i'iEj5"f . up--1 " gifiiiirj iff: Zrwgirf ,.ri-221.,E5Er1:3.r51f'Er1:1Er5'- fE'-. .. - ff- -JL V- ..-1 ' 1 2-1:r. - ff. . a:s2:s:52efa':- Z ' i11"21S1"I'5f1:f""-fin '- --+ 24-1:1 gfzaffw ,- ., '::- -- " -f:1a:2:'f"::v -5 r safer" .-.1:E:"-:151E:E's.- ' wef-f-f f1'- '- -12112: .. -- if " ":'w:1 2' wi?-' ,.'. -' .2 ' -' .ring 2:15-Fz.-1.-,, '-1E:,fg: .- ---141-' ,' ' vp, , '1 -.-A .- .. 'r '53 :""g:5E1E532'551E1E5E51: b. "Y5g5'.54 5P9E- ' "" "ff: " - ..g.g,1,':1553:5g5:- 'Q-5 L '5:3::g: .::g55?55g::-,I 'fggix . ,:, 1:' ,1g-.I,,.h:,l,:- ,- 'E5:5g. 'f:-.. A "" I'-'I 325E:f'f?f51?2f?E55?jfEEg?fjer, :" E??E:5:r:, "ay: ' 535,23 ,357:f,23f1QiiE5:fE:f.-:4,.. -"fri" :5:2 "'f'-lf"11'rf 1rfE5:g 2.2E5f?f+ 1254551 . EU' 5IiE51E'ji2i,':-2 : Fifi, 5' . '11-9:-1' , ' ' It . f n "1-w in 135:31 :' .fri-5,, 1g5:,55:55g Tzrf, 3551: 7 ',E,fg25g'.fj, I52f'f"'1r' .. .. -5:3-J . .g,.:i:gE:::ggE:5Ev:::: H330 YY-.DAGOGUE Glowing Embers " Viewed from a distance, life is harmonious and beautiful." Thus speaks a character in a contemporary novel. I Innumerable literary productions in the past three or four thousand years- many of them universal masterpieces-deal with the miraculous return of a dead or aged character to the scenes of his boyhood. And usually, the treatment and the conclusion are the same-regret, despair, utter disillusion. What, then, is the fate of four' college years when the alumnus sits down before'his fireplace twenty years hence? What do the Glowing Embers reveal? Is rationalization necessary to make that former life' harmonious and beautiful? And if it is, can we truly love and cherish this something called "Alma Mater?" These questions are graver than most of us care to admit. Yet it is no exaggeration to say that our future happiness, to a large degree, depends upon satisfactory answers. E or, like all great goods, happiness can never be basic and all-permeating unless it is genuine, unless it can triumph in the test of cold and calculating logic. Let us look into college life. If it is to be harmonious and beautiful, we must find wherein it presents a striking difference to those lives which are repre- sented by the aforementioned writers. Undergraduate pursuits, be they curricular or extra-curricular, are teeming with excitement and clothed in splendor. Even the recitation is a mine of fas- cinating conjecture. What a train of thought is set in motion by a pedagogical epigram! Who has not thrilled to the utterance of a professor when he says, " The motion-picture is an antidote for an overdose of philosophy?" Student life also includes that delightful type of cooperation, with which, after gradua- tion, one never again gains contact. When an end is to be attained, all means are incidental, whether the achievement is to be accomplished in college, or in the world-after-graduation. But in college, the means are not roughly subjugated, they color the entire situation. And that is the essential difference between activity in college and activity in business. Because there are elements of harmony and beauty in each college day, because the sum of these days is a happy college career, and because retrospection can truly be founded on these elements, we look into the Glowing Embers and know that the revelation cannot be otherwise than harmonious and beautiful. Three Hundred Thirty-one ll When allll the world is young, lladl, And all the trees are green, And every goose a swan, lad, And every lass a queen, Then hey for boot and horse, lad, And ronnfdl the worlldl away, Young hlloodl must have its eonrse, lladl, And every dog his day." Farewellll 4.,-,,, ll f' wr Hang all your leafy banners ou!! I-I. W. Longfellow Q, aw f sl. O 4 .w-...... 'M' If - lf 5- Ylb- GCS E 575,54--K J 5,130 , ...... ,NNW 5 O I no era-t p U Ji? ,I 0 l O' - ' I . 17,6 eY7n, T' X n 1 P , ll! . N X A .l'll, ,gl X V lf i X 5 W L ki' 1l""f 6 ,f lf 02,851- Xl Xa . 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