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2 'a .1 Z4 1 2 Q 4 4 2 Yi QQ 53 , K , , 232513 ,., .inf W, ., 'f' , pi , 1 V41 1 ,, 1. A' 25433 A 1 ' 2, :Q- .E i 4 ! , Ui .K xg? ,g JW? Q' ,Q ' .2 'iw , " fini: V: ff- i3?'gf- A ,Ti b. '14 3 . .3 hw, U Agfif :Ra ,',' A f ' , ' 'mn 6 ':, m M,,-fag'-'ff' f -- -N47-nrrv-' L 8 Q. . QMS FII! 'W V Q , W S IEE' A f I 4 X Q if .1 P1 1523 ' ' ll .'l, v 5:5 , ,p .' 1 fl I I I Hg: Ml 2:1 ' '25 'll' I .ref . ,,, ,gr 53: 3,4 ii vii H55 ' Ll' 'll -fm IE 1 H E fe 1 I Q m It .1 tg !l fi: 5 n Gi!! A 1. Ill G!! ' ll fl vl :I ' I5 in : 'We i Q I 1 1 3 Q5 aw ,Q 5 1 ii 1. 1, .1 , yn I! . Av t. WI? 'wifi'-Yv- .k.g 1 rfqr-f 3, Ny- vm - 'pill Aff L!! S N1aQ,,m-J. P. Q .V 'x 4 '. I 2? , sly B . "x 'BM :- A N 1, .1 . 'X if 1 L .M I , H' - f Q , -K L, J' mn., Q H-1-FPL 4 . f. T 4, 3 VY 'V 3 xv n' " ' -'wiv .--4 " . Q . ,: .-.',4Y Q :A 5 fl -:A x Q , :W .X ,G WL.: I' . - X x r . ,rut l x ri-rghjisl 4 -' , X- QQ A, . . - .. 97' :r ' -qi ' F :Q ,Q 5 Ns-,K Q lv . - , , - . w .- If 'H- N ' ' .Q si' x !: Y 1 -Q . eq. ll xx 'L I o is s lug an -n Q lf I ': : 'V " V " ' 'e'rl'1-:'4'. A ' 'I 'L ' Q.. kg! f-r--.-- X, , '. - ,'.,vQ, D - "QL, Q L ' 1.1 ,.. x , wx' 'Q-..,f' .-. A- , L-ff 11 ff . ,- -,lt Xu. .1 V . 1 - 4 , Q ri .Ii wg " ' -K ' x v, . ' nf.. I . :JE s A. ,A 2' 4,1 if 'Z ' PS1 H.. 'QQ' w A Ll 1. ,- - A. Q . vznqu L - . .. 5 x' lx: ' f1'n,l'f' 'l K-1 . - Q , 1 H . . s 1 - p sq . f . . u 1 1. . .- . .9 . x N f-v' Q 18127 5 QKEEE 1 Xt' f NWI .v JH In ,. 1 r'S I JM., grnv .- 1 ...- O X., C." , 1 1,4 J il 1 i 1 5 fl Q U 4. il i n E 3 . l - llIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllIllIIIIIIIIIlllllIIIIlllIIIIllIIIIIIlllIllllllllllllllllllllllIIIlllIIIllllIIIlllllIIllllIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIlllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII L 1 I9I7 L? ' PED OOOUE I I T 2 i i A , IllIIIIHIIIIIllllIIIIIIllIIIIlllllIlllllllllllllllllllll' .VOLUME V11 T i X IllllIIIllllllllllllllllllllllIIllllllllllllllllllllllll S , VT -il PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF l T THE NEW YORK STATE COLLEGE X X IllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIllllllIIIllllIIIlllllllllllIIIllllIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIlllllllllllIlllllllllllIlllllIllllllllllIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIII E x . 4 I 5 , if 5 as ' 31' 3 f., -1 -,-,315 miznri.-5.:.Q..,1f,.,-ff. 'jf-'-if 31--P?-gg-fs 11.54-Q-If, fa-Q1-:,,q:,::-ff:.15-J H22-1 -, 2 - V-,--,.---4,-1-v--. -11... -- .-f-,J-. ..., ... .,,,,, -1, .- .. ,. rf-, -- - 4. --. -- L-,, ..--1: -,.- . . --,-'. --. ,, 1,131 .- J,-:,31.g1,-,'Q1.-L.qf,.i,,:-A1-g 1,143.41 :pf-.5,f,11. :g.g54f:V.,-5.1. . . .f 1, 5,-1-5. ,.. 1--..1. .-,. ,, 3,-. f .,. .-: -rg,-. , -..,-.-, 11-Ti lI.'-'.'::-'fir' 1.1.1-1-.1-'2:-5-ypjyf'-3'-'gf , -ga' -. - ZZ-:Q-,1-,::'i L:'!-5. 235:-12:35,rg-1g1.f . - :-11' - 1:1 5113, j - ',' . 1 ' 1 r 1 Ax 4.1 A Ar N. " A I J x , i .- 1 .1 B ' Q- -s 5 , , J 5 fb 1 '11 v ,N ' r- r I I , ' ' 1 1 f 1 ' 'f as p ff ' ' 'X -' f ' - . .1 ..,.,, x ,.,x 2. E .. - wx.. . ..- . ,.-x . N.: ... 4, '-, .. . . ...., , , ,., . ,- -V.--xt., v ,,-, rf, . -L..-.-,. :-, --,. A'--2 -f.. '.' , -2,41-"IJ :""--.1-'.-.-'--' -.?..r '51 - ,'---1. .. -,-g..: g -f1.f - V ,-.N ':-1- ,'.-5'-13, .-- - -. -. '--.. .1. .- ' ..,-,.x -,.,.p,:'-' , - 14 - ,, 5-.. ..-,. Sf- f fx!-,113-1-L-.,.. 5124 ,'.c3:--g,-z- 15- fg,r:g,'1, fjf: . '?1If'g:.-1:l:."--.: ..i.,f21.7,t,q.,f-3-5.-:',.' , ,-gf-- . :.-. 1 1-', -4 , 1- - 1 -. . .15 - - -X , .. ,.. . .. ,. . . ,, ., .- J .,.,4 .Y.. ., ,A ., .. , . -, 1- x 4 n .- , , 5 1, Q 1 1 , 1 N x. , I 'nv-v 1 , 1 1 I if 7 v N r ,.. , - .M v.,,.,.., .,,. J.,-uiliv ..--u..1..-nv .1 --. .f-4 .' H, ' .xg . K , .. - ... :H 4 H, "Hn, ..,:,,l,.,., . ' ' .--f '-------- ' , A 1 1 -nw A 1 ,, ,, ,, ......4,,..,g...,--.,.f.:,..-..',..1.4 ...,.............,.. ....,. . . . .. --. ....--..,..-. -..f.-Y--,--f-----5-ff ---- A -"----'g-'gg , , N. ., . L ., 1 ,1 .,1 . .. - -,.,1-A .1 1 .- , -, V - ,, -', -. , . 1 ,- .1 14- .gt-. Az' 3- A . , ,, - - , " -. ,, - -- '- .- '. . --"' ,'-.1, 1-.:.',f.'--:-,-1 .-,- - '----.-I ' ' ,g-'-:AH '---'.--:-.W -, V 1 11 , ... --, Q .1 ..,' .,,,1 1 f, . 1 ,1. 11.1-1 1,.t...'.1,1.':,.47,Y. ,1- 1.11.1-5. ',,,.1:.:L-,..1--1 , 1, ,Q-.v,.'. - :fb , 1 ,-'.-11-1- . ' - - - ' 3. .v . : ' . -'-.'-'. f "f.'- -- 1i"I".-,-- -."'-,,' " ','. .-. .7.,',4. -:-.. , ,A - '--.W -- ' - -. ' A - .1 .-1. , 1 1 -1 11,.,--1. .. f. 3... ,317 .,11- ...,-,"'.',--.A-0 5.5.11-l., 11 1-Q, ,, ,4-,' .4 '. . .1.-. .,-.111.,.-' -., f-1-,1., -. a 11 ,1 11 , .111 . 1, --1. .,,11.:,,.- .1H.,4,1.,.f ,-1,:1..11 .1,-,.-1-.-.1,. .,,,,-,Aq ,- ,.,,. 11,11.:.,,, , , , , .. ,f.- ,A - 1, ,. ., ,., ,-.,--,- . ,. ---..:,,f,:,..,- ..L..- 1.-fm,-.1-.,.--f-:-' 1- '- -"- 'x ----fw-'-'.- -1. -- -. A ' .1 e s. 4 A rt . - f e'-f i - iii: -Y 4:2 l' N'.v f 4 F' R ig- 33752, 4-:::::g,w-2 :bl Q :-'ff-ggi .Q 2 :L-5: P4 in-Q x ii i EQQS4 ' f 556 4 ? lf N peace the connection between learning and the need of the state becomes obscure and indirect and impersonal, but to-day one sees illustrated in those venerable institutions the dependence of the state on that learning, which has been the target of the practical man, but which has now come to shame the H slaclieri' and lead where the need is most perilous. No one d-oubts that if the same calls come out of the bomb-stained sky, or the mine-spread sea, or the trench-ploughed yield to the colleges of America and their graduates, there will be the same mobilization of spirit. I do not have anxiety as to this. But what I am concerned for is that even without these signals we shall see this connection and shall mobilize our learning, our think- ing,,our courage, our slfill, our art, our science in the service of the same state which is as needful of defense in peace as ever it is in war. I wrote to the philosopher, William fames, a little time before his death when that dearly lost philosopher had made me see more clearly this connection and this duty, that I not only wished to enlist myself but I would try to raise a regiment for my country. And I have been a recruiting sergeant ever since, trying to jill my phantom regiment for fames's invisible and invincibjlel army of those who are willing to pay a blood tax in peace as well as gin war for the privilege of belonging to a H collectivity H superior to their individual selves. A I JOHN HUSTON FINLEY. T r-ff-fl: 1:-:Lt l :t:-,,.., , ,,c,L.A, ,.,.,:,, , fl I r V A i ! I r I I i i l I 3 i if MM - , mwpw '71 5 WWW., f -Z., , . llyfwg , X .XZ 0 ,imwf-45' , U, my .. , 4 f 7 f f-. 1 gh? Q .. - 14: -'zig gy' 1412 12225 Kg: sg.-Q Q: :--L--24:71 :wg ' ! Hum' '-Expanhing ifiifv ra ,wp DUCATION consists in the purposeful stimulation of life by ' a systematic increase in the number of contacts with the world I L 'P - 'Trl vw -f of z eas and things This is an endless process. When no new contacts are made, the intellectual life withers and declines. College life at its best is characterized by the multiplicity and variety of new contacts made and by the intensity of the stimulation. This is the period of enthusiasm, of courage to extend the mental horizon, to press on beyond the frontiers of knowledge. ' s But the educatedtperson is under obligation to grow. He who professes ability to teach, that is, to stimulate, and guide others in the educative process, is under peculiar obligation to lfjeep his enthusiasm for For him intellectual inertia is equivalent to the discovery of truth. spiritual death. A The College' Graduate should, therefore, malfe intellectual growth his ideal of future years. Every means to enlarged living should be conscientiously used. Universality of interest and intensity of intellectual application are effective antidotes to stagnation. By their constant use extended, the insight into the nature of truth will become lfeeng and the hold upon the eternal verities will become o 1 1 h'I jirm. Continuous growth will make life rich and full and worth w le. human sympathy will be ABRAHAM ROYER BRUBACHER. E 1111 Hlvmnrmm Mvnnarh Anhrrann 161119 1511 LFE 51511 1111 1311 B 152 rnterrh mtn nur 11111224 tmth hm mnrvrrtg hm unmzltiahnezz hm rnnrage hm magnanrmrtg he rnamreh ua nnth hm prnfvzmnnal strength hm Ingaltg hnnnr emh mtellrrtnal hnneztg ahh mnrn thwe qualrtwz pvrmzt anim muat alumgu permit we mag 1111211 turn nur gmt mtn mg tug num' the ahrhmg, rnntrthutmn mah? hg Er 11511112 In thv hruzf time During mhrrh hr Iahurrh amnng wa 919' 326. 'Sie' if 0 3 1' l 9 ' 'Q Q Oo 0 44' - 4 4- 4- 1 . 9 9 9 0 1 . - . . - - 9 . . 9 '9 1 7 9 Q 4 4 Q 3' Q o 0 ., . . 99 - O SIG. 5 II I I I l I I I I 4 I I I I I I I I I I I U I I I I I I I ,I I E I I I I I I I I I I I K I I I I I I I I 1 I g . , - A ' ' XXX " A N W , I . rf, , hx , 1 . I W f J' f-- -' '47 ummmmmlm lllll mm, ,,,, ,,,,,.....munl , 5 D . U3 H . ,A gi OURPACUL I V W w' N , K ' WISE WISE "6 il nd-l.,c4N-M' E A..,,,L-S Hyvvj- f""'f'v-7' V l .ZL,...,.,.J 73--M!..,,-faq HMJN4- P HMA7 QA-""74 ,W,....1- 'india -?- fe.,.4,W-Nc k.,.n1,,,,H, WM7. rf fffal' ,Mf-...J p..,.c.. -yf' 'Agn d,.r4..-.. 06'Cf-- 1"""L ik'- fw vw 7A Qi C,-,L-C3...,.L..--7 h EVI S 1 i l Fourteen ABRAHAM R. BRUBACHER, PHD., CIDBK President of State College for Teachers AB., Yale, I897g Ph.D., Yale, 1902, I-lead of Department of Creek, Williston Seminary, East- hampton, Mass., Instructor in Greek, Yale Collegeg Principal of High School, Gloversville, N. Y., Prin- cipal of High School, Schenectady, N. Y., Superm- tendent of Schools Schenectacl N. Y 1 y, ' Publications: I-Iigh School English, 2 vols., Eng- lish, Oral and Written, articles in the "English journal," Chicago, "Education," Boston, "School and Society," New York. H l"lARLAN I-IoYT HORNER, A.M., QDBK g Dean ' Professor of Education AB., University of Illinois, I90Ig Instructor in Rhetoric in University of lllinois, 1901, Secretary to President of University of Illinois, I902-I904, Secretary to New York State Commissioner of Edu- cation, l904-l907g Chief of Administration Divi- sion, New York Stale Education Department, l907- I9I0g Chief of Examination Division, l9l0-l9l5g lVl.A., Harvard University, I9I5g Director, Exami- nation and Inspections Division, l9l5-l9l7g Member of the Faculty of the State College for Teachers since l9l7. . MARY ANNA MCCLELLAND A Librarian and Instructor in History Graduate of N. Y. State Normal Schoolg Member of Faculty of State College for Teachers since I869. Publications: Several magazine articles on History and Education. - 1 i SAMUEL BARCLAY BELDING V Professor of Vocal Music Graduate of Charlton Academyg Member of Faculty of N. Y. S. C. since l836. ANNA ELOISE PIERCE Dean of Women and Instructor in Elementary Education Graduate of the N. Y. State Normal Schoolg Mem- ber of Faculty of N. Y. S. C. since l8S6. LEONARD Woons RICHARDSON, AM., LLD., CUBIC ' Professor of Greek and Latin A.B. Trinity College, I873g A.M., Trinity Colllegfe, 18742 LL.D., Griswold Collegeg Tutor in Trinity l l873 l876 Professor in Trinity Collegeg Col ege, - g - l876-l883g Member of Faculty of N. Y. S. C. since l895. Publications: "The Development of the 'Normal " ' ' M ra lx. Schools. Occasional articles for the onog p V Fifteen FUNICE AMANDA PERINE A B PD B rofessor of Fine Arts A.B., Teachers College, Columbia, l9l0g Pd.B. S. N. C., 19005 Member of Faculty of N. Y. S. C since 1900 16" 5 2' 4:15 513:11 Sixteen JOHN MANVILLE SAYLES, A.B., PD.B. 4 Principal of the High School and Director of Practice Teaching A.B., Colgate 1900- PclB S N C I9 , , . ., . . ., Olg Mem- ber of Faculty of N. Y. S. C. since l905. CHARLOTTE LOEB, AB., PD.B. Supervisor of Practice Teaching A.B., Vassar College, 19035 Pcl.B., S. N. C., l904g Nlember of Faculty of N. Y. S. C. since l906. CLIFFORD AMBROSE WOODARD, AB., PD.B. Professor of Biology and Physiography A.B., Columbia University, I904g Pd.B., S. N. C Member of Faculty of N. Y. S. C. since 1907. HARRY BIRCHENOUGH, AB., PD.B. Professor of Mathematics - AB., Cornell, 1905, Pd.B., S. N. C., 19065 Mem ber of the Faculty of N. Y. S. C. since 1908. WINFRED CORNWALL DECKER, A.M., PD.B., CDBK R ' Professor of German A.B., Columbia, 1905, A.M., Columbia, 19105 Post- graduate Student at Columbia, I905-1906, Austau- schlehrer at Potsclam,'C:ermany, 1911-1912, Uni- versity of Berlin, I9I4g Member of the Faculty of N. Y. S. C. since 1907. ' Publications: Joint author of Markisch-Decker "Englisches Lesebuch fur die hijheren Schuleng " Joint author of "Deutschland und die Deutschenf' Occasional articles for the Monograph. s Seventeen Eighteen BARNARD SAWYER BRoNsoN, A.B., A.M. Professor of Chemistry A.B., Columbia, l908g A.M., Columbia, I9I2g Instructor in C-eneseo Normal School, 1900-1905, Member of Faculty of N. Y. S. C. since 1908. Publications: Articles for magazines. DAVID I-lUTcH1soN, A.B., DB., A.M. Professor of Government A.B., McGill University, l893g A.M., McGill University, I899g A.M., Harvard, I90lg D.B., Montreal Presbyterian College, 1898, Instructor in Union College, 1906-I908g Member of the Faculty of N. Y. S. C. since 1908. ADAM ALEXANDER WALKER, A.B., A.M. Professor of Economics and Sociology A.B., University of Michigan, 1906, A.M., Univer- sity of Wisconsin, 1912, Member of Faculty of - N. Y. S. C. since 1908. ANNA LOUISE CUSHING, PD.B. Supervisor of Practice Teaching Pd.B., State Normal College, 1899, Instructor in Geneseo Normal School, 1902-1908, Member of Faculty of N. Y. S. C. since l908. ELIZABETH FRANCES SHAVER, A.B., PD.B. Supervisor of Practice Teaching A.B., S. N. C., I908g Pd.B., S. N. C., 1904, Member of Faculty of N. Y. S. C. since l908. ADNA Woon RISLEY, A.B., CDBK Professor of History AB., Colgate College, l894g Studied at University of Chicago, IS97-l900g Fellow in History, 1897- 1899, Instructor at Chautauqua Summer School, 1900, Professor of History and Politics, Colgate University, l905-l909g Professor of History at the University of Colorado, Summer Session, Boulder, Colorado, l9l0, Member of the Faculty of N. Y. S. C. since l909. Nineteen Twenty RICHMOND HENRY KIRTLAND, A.B., A.M, Professor of English A.B., University of Michigan, l900g A.M., Univer- sity of Chicago, 1909, Member of the Faculty of N. Y. S. C. since 1909. Publications: Qccasional magazine articles. HARRY' BRADLEY SMITH, AB. Professor of industrial Education A.B., Cornell, 1901, Traveling Fellowship, 1908- Member of the Faculty of N. Y. S. C. since 1910. Publications: "Englische -Unterrichtssprache Hilf- schuch fiir hohere Lehranstaltenf' Joint authorship in H Franzosische Unterrichtssprachef' Pamphlets entitled N Special Report on Industrial and Technical Schools of Hamburg and Altona, with reference to general education in Germany," "Steps in Composi- tion for Primary and Secondary Schools." CLINTON BYRON BURKE Instructor in Wood Working Instructor in Sibley College, Instructor in Cornell University, 1904-19103 Member of the Faculty of the State College for Teachers since 1910. EMMA PAULINE GARRISON Instructor in Domestic Art Graduate of Mechanics Institute, Rochester, l908g Instructor in Pratt Institute, 1908-l9I0g Member of the Faculty of the State College for Teachers since I9I0. CORA ANN STEELE Instructor in Domestic Science University of Michigan, 1908, Teachers' College, Columbia, 1909, Member of the Faculty of the State College for Teachers since l9I0. CLARA BELLE SPRINGSTEAD, AB., PD.B. Assistanfprofessor of German AB., Mt. Holyoke, 1908, Pcl.B., State Normal Col- lege, 1910, Member of the Faculty of the State College for Teachers since 1910. Twenty-one Twenty-two CLARENCE FREDERICK I-IALE, NLS., PH.D., CIDBK Professor of Physics B.S., Wesleyan University. 1903, lVl.S., Xvesleyan University, 1908, Ph.D., Cornell University, 1909, Instructor in Physical Science at Peclclie Institute, l903-l905g Assistant and lnstructor, Wesleyan Uni- versity, l905-l908g Research Associate, Research Laboratory, General Electric Co., Schenectady, N. Y., 1909-I9llg Member of the Faculty of the State College for Teachers-Msince I9I l. Publications: Many scientific articles. ARTHUR GUSTAV WARD, AB., AM., PH.D. Professor of French A AB., Yale, 1898, A.M., Yale, 1904, Ph.D., Yale, 1907, Instructor of German, Yale University, 1901- 1911, Acting Professor of German, State Normal College, l9ll-l9l2g Member of the Faculty of the State College for Teachers since l9l l. WILLIAM GEORGE KENNEDY, PH.B. Instructor in Chemistry Ph.B., Syracuse University, 1911 g Member of the Faculty of the State College for Teachers since l9I l. I I l I FLORENCE DODGE FREAR Instructor in Dressmaking Teachers' College, Columbia University, I9I0g Member of the Faculty of the State College for Teachers since l9ll. EVA WILSON Instructor in Domestic Science Teachers' College, Columbia University, l9I2g Winona Normal School, Member of the Faculty of the State College for Teachers since l9l2. LYDIA ANTOINETTE JOHNSON, A.B. Supervisor of Practice Teaching A. B., State Normal College, l9lIg Member of the Faculty of the State College for Teachers since l9l2. Twenty-three I Twenty-four GEORGE ALEXANDER STEPHEN PAINTER, AB., PH.D. 1 Professor of Philosophy A.B., I-larvard,'1892g Ph.D., University of Jena, 1896, Graduate Student, Boston University, I892- 1894, Student at the University of Jena, Berlin, Leipsic, 1894-1896, Instructor in Tufts College, 1897-1898, Instructor in Boston University, 1898- I899g Acting Professor in Bryn Mawr College, 1903-1904, Acting Professor in George Washington University, 1904-19065 Professor of Philosophy in Mount Union College, I907-l9Ilg Professor of Philosophy in Clark University, I9lI-1912, Member of the Faculty of the State College for Teachers since 1912. HERBERT MCNAIR DOUGLASS, M.E. Assistant Professor of Industrial Education lVl.E., Cornell, I907g Member of the Faculty of the State College for Teachers since 1912. JOHN ALOYSIUS MAHAR, PH.B., PDB. Instructor in French and Latin Ph'B'f Union Collfjge, 1904: Pd.B., State Normal College, 1906, Studied at Johns Hopkins Universityg Studied at University of Chicagog Member of the Faculty of the State College for Teachers since t9l2. ESTHER KATHRYN RAFERTY, AB. Assistant in Biology AB., State Normal College, 19115. Member of the Faculty of the State College for Teachers since l'9l2. MAREON LYDDUM VAN LIEW, B.S. Assistant Professor of Home Economics Pratt Institute, I908g BS., Teachers' College, Co- lumbia University, l9I2g Instructor and Assistant Professor in Oregon Agricultural' Collegeg Member of the Faculty of the State College for Teachers since l9l3. WILLIAM J. RANDALL, B.S. IN NLE. Instructor in Metal Working BS., Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 1911 g Member of the Faculty of the State College for Teachers since April, l9l3. ' Twenty-five I Twenty-six EDNA IRENE AVERY, B.S., A.IVI. Instructor in Domestic Art r Teachers' College, Columbia University, 1909, B.S., Columbia University, I9t2g A.M., Columbia Uni- versity, t9I3g Nlember of the Faculty of the State College for Teachers since I9l3. GERTRUDE CRISSEY VALENTINE, AB., PD.B. ' Instructor in Greek and Latin A.B., Vassar, 1912, Pcl.B., State Normal College, I9I3g Member of the Faculty of the State College for Teachers since I9I3. JESSE FLOYD STINARD, A.B., A.M. Assistant Professor of Spanish and German AB., Brown University, 1900, A.M., The Penn- sylvania State College, 1910, Institut Tilly, Berlin, 1908, Graduate Student, University of Chicago, l9l0-l9l2g Fellow in German, University of Chi- cago, I9II-1912, Member of the Faculty of the State College for Teachers since l9l3. HARRY WORTHINGTON HASTINGS, AB., A.IVI PH.D. Assistant Professor of English AB., Brown University, I904g A.M. Harvard 1906, P1r.D., Harvard, I9I6, Teacher ,of English: Williamsport Hi h School Pe - . g g , nn., I904 I905g In- structor in English, Brown University, l906-l907g Instructor in English, Simmons College, 1907-I9llg Instructor in English, Brown University and Rad- cliffe College, l9l2-l9l3g Instructor in English, Dartmouth College, l9l3-l9l4g Member of the Facutly of the State College for Teachers since l9l4. GEORGE MACFEELY CONWELL, A.B., AM., PI-LD., fIDBK Instructor in Mathematics AB., Princeton University, 1905, A.M., Princeton University, 1906, Ph.D., Princeton University, l908g Instructor in Nlathematics, Yale University, l908- 1915, Member of the Faculty of the State College for Teachers since l9l5. CARLETON E. POWER, B.S., PHD. Instructor in Physics B.S., University of Rochester, l9093 Ph-D-r Cmneu University, I9I5g Member of the FacultY of the' State College for Teachers since l9l5. Twenty-seven '9 Twenty-eight HAROLD WI-LLIAM THOMPSON, PLLB., A.M., Pi-LD. ' Instructor in English Ph.B., Hamilton, 1912, A.lVl., Harvard, I9I3g Ph.D., Harvard, I9I5. JEANNE MACLEAN GRAY, A.B. Director of Physical Education AB., Pennsylvania College for Women, I9I3g Sar- gent School for Physical Education, 1915, Member of the Faculty of the State College for Teachers since 1915. CLARENCE ALBERT HIDLEY, A.B. Instructor in History AB., State College for Teachers, 1915, Member of the Faculty of the State College for Teachers since I9l5. FLORENCE BURT, AB, Secretary AS'SiStant in Business Administration HELEN MAHLON SPEAR, A.B. Assistant in English A . AB., Smith College, 1909, Member of the Faculty of the State College for Teachers since 1915. ,GEORGE MORELL YORK, BA. 'Assistant Professor of Business Administration 1007 Head of Com- A.B., Colgate University, 1 3 mercial Department, Waterloo, 1907-1909, Ithaca, 1911-1914, White pljlains, 1914-1916, Special Commercial Report for Ginn 8K Co., 1909 1911, Member of the Faculty of the State College for Teachers since 1916. Twenty-nine Thirty JOSEPH VITAL DE PoRTE, M.D., PH.D. Instructor in Mathematics A.B., University of Oklahoma, 19125 A.M., Princeton, I9I4g Ph.D., Cornell, I9l6g Instructor in Mathematics, Cornell, l9I5-1916, Member of the Faculty of the State College for Teachers since 1916. l ARTHUR KENNEDY BEIK, PD.M., PH.D. Instructor in Education Ph.B., Grinnell College, 1908, Ped.M., School of Pedagogy, New York University, 1909, Ph.D., Clark Universityg Honorary Fellow, Clark Uni- versity, I9l3-1914, Assistant Professor of Psycholo- gy and Pedagogy, Oliver College, l9l4-1915, ln- structor in Education ancl Psychology, Central ,State Normal, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, 1915-1916, Member of the Faculty of the State College for Teachers since 19.16. CHESTER JACOB Wooo, B.S., PD.M. Instructor in Chemistry B.S., State College for Teachers, I9l4g Pd.M., State College for Teachers, 19155 Instructor in Physical Science, Lansinglaurgh High School, I9I5- 1916, Member of the Faculty of State College since l9I6. MARY ELIZABETH COBB B A B L S Librarian Instructor IH Library Management BA Syracuse University 1912 BLS New York State Library School 1914 Assistant In New York State Library 19131915 Assistant In ChI1c1rens Department Brooklyn Public Llbrary I9I5 1916 Member of the Faculty of the State College for Teachers since 1916 , . 0, . - . ' '1 , , . . ., s 5 - . . . . , s ' g t 1 " i JANE LOUISE JONES, MA., CIJBK Instructor in English Supervisor of Practice Teaching Northfield Seminary, I907g A.B., Corne11 Uni- versity, 1912, Teacher of English, Bay Shore, Long Island, I9l2-1913, Schenectady High School, 1913- l9I5g M.A., University of Chicago, 1916, Member of the Faculty of the State College for Teachers. BLANCHE MORRISON AVERY, B.S. Instructor in Business Administration B.S., State College for Teachers, 1916, Member of the Faculty of the State College for Teachers since 1916. Thirty-one ,D 'E 5 Thiriy-iwo HELEN CHARLOTTE LANTZ, B.S. Instructor in Domestic Art 1 ff 'F Stout Institute, Menomonie, Wigsconsing BS., Teachers College, Columbia University. ff tg, rl it i CLAUDE HARRISON HUBBARD, BA. . J 'n Instructor in Physical Education li A.B., Amherst, I9I2, Teacher in Castle Heights . School, Lebanon, Tenn., l9l2-l9l4g Teacher in l Melrose High School, l9l4-l9l6g Member of the I Faculty of the State College for Teachers since l9l6. it gl - rf 1 fl l Q. w it sl I I i I F t LEILA AGNES FARNHAM, BQA. l l Instructor in English l PLA., New York State College for Teachers, ln- l structor in Mathematics in Watertown, Member of 1 the Faculty of the State College for Teachers since if 1916. 'A I If l I E It .1-l-'- firms EDITH WALTON BODLEY Reglstrar lgnnnrarg iflvmhvrn CM Ihr Qllazz nf 15117 1 . 1 , V 4. ! E- -l GERTRUDE C. VALENTINE I JESSE F. STINARD EDNA I. AVERY Thirly-three , I' .,f:,,,o5,g, 4QQ,ffw '?,Lff"+-12, J,.j,-,,, gywg, ' ' fsf' :ng ---W-'-----"'-'--"' stare. :swims ,..., V, QM mgw CLASS POEM Thou our College - Nineteen seventeen in passing Through thy gate - thy gate called beauteous, With the purple robes thou gavest, t Gleaming on our shoulders, passing, Hears thee speaking, hears thee saying:- 6' Build ye the walls of Jerusalem, As strong as the hills build, 'Gainst years, destruction willed, For see ye blood-drunk war and know That he maketh his mighty armies grow In secret, in silence grim and dank, As though of an endless cleep he drank." Thou our College - Nineteen seventeen in passing Through the world - the world called hideous, With the purple robes thou gavest,' Q ' Gleaming on our shoulders, passing, Vow that we will live to tell thee: H We have buildecl theiwalls of Jerusalem, As fair as morning light, - Luminous, wonder bright, i For see ye passing from thy gate, A calm, strong spirit trampling hate, A glad eternity so sweet, We hear no more fierce crushing feet." s 2:1 --M-M---Mm-an--...... ser Thirty-four W ::s r:::: HELEN KELSO Qlff C23 ir r 4.5 N LGA 'N AM T157 if W V I My 5 W rg , r Q r W gm f fr W f E23 X Z mm. 'fm Wm , , .'iiTh'?'ZL, V z::m m Svninr Qllmm Gbftirera ' 1 J, - I 1 pqfx, i LUULLE A. HALE EMMA H. GRAY Vice-President r Secretary , . i 'rl " f 2'ij"r '- 'U KOLIN D. I-IAGER Presideni ARLINE M. NEWKiRK PEARL LUKENS Treasurer Reporicr l: ww. ..,,..,,,,,, ,, S Thirty-six K ' LY! W., . 8: 'V 1' W Q Wm " , , 'fa ,fe 5 145 .V fi ev ' M W 'I '4 f WW f ,,' ,f Z ff gzgft , K f 64 W ff ye 2 V1 if 1 'M Z , ' 'Mia waive' gains ,C:f:--1-. amz.. ,rr ,,', 1 1 Y ' ' ' f A ,fry y l -'-F3313 Y. A+... I f fi., GM ..wJf.i....,.,..,..,,.,,...............,......a...4 STATE, ZQLLEQE 'ii Eli 41 0. m am Gllamz uf 1917 3- te? OR four years 1917 has been closely connected with the life of State College. It is during these years that State College has become truly a college- that the old specter of H Normal School " has been banished. With all the changes which this development has involved, 1917 has been most closely connected. In them all she has played her part and given to her Alma Mater whatever there was of good in her to give. The custom of a Freshman party was inaugurated by her. Members E? of the Class of 1917 formed the first student council, and others were responsible for the organization of a football team. The College Song Book has been under the direction of this class. Many other movements inaugurated by other classes have received the hearty support of I9I 7. 1 These are a few of her gifts to State College. Only 1917 truly realizes their littleness and their worthiness. Yet we rejoice in both. In their worthiness, for they are of our best and gladly and reverently given. In their littleness, for we know that after us come classes that must do more and will do more, and that have before them opportunities as limitless and as glorious as State College alone can give. f We have done a few services. We have left undone many more. Our triumphs and our failures have found their guidance in our love for State College. May she accept them as they are and bid "Godspeed " to 191 7. Ti Thirty-seven Q0 Q. P- .sl s.. M MILDRED ALDEN, AQ Troy, N. Y. Troy High School, l9l2. VVILLIAM E. ARCHER - Lowville, N. Y. Lowville Acaclemsf, F91 I. MARY M. AUSTIN 389 Canal St. Fort Plain, N. Y. Fort Plain High School, l9l3. Member of G. A. A., College Club, Spanish Club, Newman Club. Thirty GERTRUDE A. BENJAMIN Sayville, Long Island Sayville High School, l9l3. Member of Y. W. C. A., Chemistry Club, G. A. A., Joseph l-lenry Society. T ELEANORE CAROLYN BENNETT, AQ g Schenevus, N. Y. Schenevus High School, l9l3. Chairman Senior Reception Committee, Junior Prom Committee, Member of College Club, Y. W. C. A., G. A. A., Pedagogue Board. Forty, MILDRED R. BENTLEY, ON Watkins, N. Y. Watkins High School, 191 3. Member of Y. W. C. A., Chemistry Club, Consumers' League, Secretary of Chemistry Club f3D, Vice-President of Consumers' League f3J, President of Consumers' League LEAI-I LOWTHER BICE Cohoes, N. Y. Egberts I-Iigh School, 1913. Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Member UU, Vice-Presi- clent of Chemistry Club C3D, Member of G. A. A. Basketball Squad CU . f' MARION IRENE BLODGETT, AQ Newburgh, N. Y. Newburgh Academy, l9l3. Member of Y. W. C. A., G. A. A., College Club, Spanish Club, Secretary Class CZQ, Vice- Presiclent of Y. W. C. A. UNA ADELAIDE BUlCE. I 78 Jay St, Albany, N. Y. Albany High School, 1913. Member of G. A. A., Y. W. C. A., Basketball Team CZD f3I, Senior Championship, l9l6. F arty GRACE. CARMEN BRAEM Sag Harbor, N. Y. Pierson 1-ligh School, 1913. Member of College Club, Y. W. C. A., G. A. A., Basketball Team C21 C4-D, Vice- President of G. A. A., Captain of Senior Basket- ball Team. 1 4 MARGARET G. BROWN Pulaski, N. Y. Pulaski High School. Member of Y. W. C. A., Consumers' League. Forty-ln: GUY V. BRUCE Altona, N. Y. Mooers High School, 191 1. Member of Men's A. A., President of Joseph Henry Society, Member of Myskania. 1"' 1 1 S- EDITH LOUISE EDXVARDS BURLEIGH Lansingburgh, N. Y. Lansingburgh High School, I9I3. Member of Girls' Athletic Association, Class Basketball Q15 f2j C31 UU, Girls, Varsity Basketball QZQ, Manager of Class Basketball MADELINE E. BURLINGAME Voorheesville, N. Y. Albany High School, 1913. Member of Y. W. C. A., G. A. A. IRENE K. CARROLL Troy High School, 1913. Member of Spanish Club, Newman Club, G. A. A. Forty-lfi MARGARET M. CHRIST, 11211 505 Breckenridge St. Buffalo, N. Y. Lafayette High School, 191 3. Class Echo Reporter CID CZD, Member of Echo Board Q25 f3D, Editor-in-Chief QU, Echo Play Committee QZI, Class President C3I, Mem- ber of Myskania. F EROL I. CHRISTIAN Ravena, N. Y. Ravena High School, l9l 3. y-four HELEN FRANCES CLOHOSY, KN Tupper Lake, N. Y. Tupper Lake High School, l9l2. Member of G. A. A., College Club, Prome- thean, Consumers, League, Newman Club, Junior Reception Committee. MINNIE BELLE COLLINS Mechanicville, N. Y. Mechanicville High School. Troy Business College. F. HERRICK coNNERs, ENK Albany, N. Y. Albany High School, 1913. Memb-er of Promethean, lVlen's A. A., Dramatics Club, Class Basketball CU CZQ C33 C43 fCaptainD, Baseball Squad UD CZJ, Class Track Team, Echo Boarcl Q25 C35 OU, Chair- man of Ring Committee, General Chairman of Senior Ball. ELIZABETH V. CURRAN, QF Gloversville, N. Y. Crloversville High School. Wellesl-ey College. Member of College Club. -4 Forty-fm: MINA R. DAVIES, QIJIE West Winheld l-ligh School, I9I 3. Nlember of Y. W. C. A., Consumers' League. West Winheld, N. Y. Y - South New Berlin, N. Y. Siclney I-Iigh School, 1913. Member of Y. W. C. A., Silver Bay CZD, College Club, G. A. A. RUTH L. DIXSON Forty-.six my -f Q W'-3.x if f' , X 4-Q ' X fr Q' S5225 CV ' . V , . .. . . - -'zz X- 9' 9 ff iemww if 'pf -f . V -,N-.s K . .V . 1 if 0 .- X .. . 1 ' ..' . Q.--fr M.. Qcr ff, nw, , .- are I A ,l , I 1 - V 1 . Q. - . ,,j,.,:, R ' 443 QV-W - F1 roy N Y A' , fvglgg, ., e S " ' , ,, X -Z " " wf AUX fx? .x 4, .4,, ' - f 0,03 , . H ,Q WN Ww7.:f, L. Member of Newman Club, French Club, A Q wx' Spanish Club. .Nm-1 I .. 45 , QKW' 68,1 . ,.. . Q SES, , 1 X .sig 5' A K ' W, .. 4 V. f ff .-1 1 12.1 Q .fa,.f,Q,Q. . v X kg X 535 0 wi 1 1 S Xxx' +4 vb ,f , vi Q W X S ,Ogg 5 N 551, .J 'mv - : f- , - i 7 .. uw., ,, u 5 f- , " 'f XM . YW. 5 Siifwejkx-z.W'-v.Q A , V I-4 . N2 'f'g5'4iy .j Q Qual X ,' Qxff GX? 5? ,S Q A- AS ff X W 4 dev 4 f f X Nf f ki f fgbfeffofwfxf W Wiz 1 4 , . vo Qfmfsf . f f 5 fe? if 1 X X'-NWN w e f 'f ,je f , -1 MYRA LESLIE DU MOND, I-IGP W Margaretville, N. Y. Margaretville High School, 1913. , Member of Y. W. C. A. Cabinet f3j, College Club. ALICE EDWARDS Reading, P a. Studied at Wesleyan Academy, Virginia Col- lege, Marburg, Germany, and Paris, France. Member of Y. W. C. A. MAUDE ENDERS . Delanson, N. Y. Schenectady l-ligh School. Member of Commercial Club, Ci. A. A., Joseph Henry Society, Consumers' League. Foriy W. JAY ELLIS, ENK Altmar, N. Y. Pulaski High School, 191 l. Nlember of Promethean, Treasurer Class JULIA ERDLE, KN . . . Bristol Center, N. Y. '. ,A . Nazareth,Aca,clemy, Rochester, N. Y. Member of College,Club, Newman Club. fy-eighl MINNIE A. FEDER, KA 46 Beauvoir Ave. Summit, N. J Rye Neck High School, l9I 3. Member of G. A. A., Y. W. C. A., Prome thean, Class Basketball Team CU CZ, Q31 UU Manager of Team STANLEY C. FITZGERALD, SNK 2l0 Jay St. Albany, N. Y. Albany High School. President Class CZQ, Varsity Basketball CU C21 C35 UU, Captain f3D, Varsity Baseball fl? C25 UU, Member of Echo Board CU 121, President of Newman Club Member of Pedagogue Board, Myskania. MARGARETAM. GALLAGHER 504 Hudson Ave. I Albany, N. Y. New Paltz High School, l9l3. New Paltz Normal, l9I5,. Member of College Club. SABRINA MARY GAYLORD Castle Creek, N. Y. ' i l , :Z 4 4442, ., 1 , f fffy I4 'Q yf gf ,YW . ,, ,gf,f..ff .ff wwf ,fic Q ' ff My AW" 2 i fi x f' X nt, if ? 1 f ., I W7 X. 4 W fl 1 'wwf f if G Ya' X f fa? 4 fl' f 1 1 f 1 af: ,.. f, W f 1 fy M C49 f 7 1 flfffh f A 1 X 7 1 f f f 5 f f jvffff f X 1 f, f 1 1 X f fffjf 1 Q f J 1 ff A y F' X L f f f 2 ll egg 4 Whitney Point High School, 1913. , , ffrf 1 .,.. x,,yVV- T , V ,f Member of Y. W. C. A., G. A. A., College ff, K, I, ..3,i.g,!5L ,5 21 Club, Secretary of W. C. A. ,.. I , , Forty-nine lVlARY ALICE GAZELEY, HCP Albany, N. Y. Normal l-ligh School, 1913. Member of Newman Club, French Club Memorial Play Committee. EDITH K. Gll..l.ESPlE, HCP 37 Mohawk Ave. Q Scotia, N. Y Scotia High school. 1913. Fifty LOUISE C-OLDBERG, UN 6 W. Bridge St. Catskill, N. Y. Catskill l-ligh School, l9l 3. Member of College Orchestra, Consumers League. 7 EMMA I-IOPPER GRAY 148 Ring St. Rensselaer, N. Y. Rensselaer I-Iigh School, 1913. Member of Y. W. C. A., Captain of Basket- ball Team Q25 f3P, Secretary of G. A. A. CZD, President of G. A. A. Q31 Member of Echo Board UU, Pedagogue Board, Vice-President of Class UU, Myskania. I-IILDRED M. GRIFFIN, AQ Newburgh, N. Y. Newburgh Academy. Editor-in-Chief of Pedagogue, President of Spanish Club C35 , Chairman Junior Banquet Com- mittee, Member of Echo Board C35 UU, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Cu. A. A., Y. W. C. A. MAUDE GRIFFIN Palenville, N. Y. Catskill I-Iigh School, l9U8. Member of Y. W. C. A., Consumers' League. Fifty RI-IEA E. GROVER, XPP 36 Church St., Salamanca, N. Y. Salamanca High School, l9l3. Member of Y. W. C. A., G. A. A., Spanish ,Club, College Club, Operetta CU CATHERINE M. HAGEL, KN 1007 Walnut St. Utica, N. Y. Utica Free Academy, l9l2. Member of Chemistry Club, Joseph Henry Society, Treasurer of Joseph Henry Society CQ, President of Joseph Henry Society 414-Q, Newman Club. Fifty-1 i KoL1N HAGER, ENK 199 Delaware Ave. Albany, N. Y. Albany High School, 1912. President of Senior Class, Joseph Henry Society, Basketball fl, CZD, Echo Play CU, College Play CU QD C31 UU, Operetta CU C21 f3D UU, Member of Myskania. LUCILLE A. I-IALE, GIF, ON Fayetteville, N. Y. Fayetteville High School, 191 l. Cabinet Y. W. C. A. 135, Vice-Presiclent of Cu. A. A. Basketball Team C25 f3j Class Secretary 141, Junior Prom Committee f3J, Echo Board UU, Member of Y. W. C. A., G. A. A., Consumers' League, Silver Bay Dele- gate CZQ, Omnicron Nu Delegate to Iowa gf HELEN FRANCES I-IALLIGAN 58 Thirteenth St. Troy, N. Y. Troy High School, l9l3. Member of G. A. A., Consumers' League, Col- lege Club, Newman Club. ANNA S. HARLOW Auburn, N. Y. Auburn Academic High School, 1913. Member of Y. W. C. A., G. A. A., Con- sumers' League, Basketball Fifty-th ' We 'Q'-.A Fifty-four MILDRED L. HENRY Pittsford, N. Y. Pittsford High School, 1913. Member of G. A. A., Y. W. C. A., Promethean, Cabinet Y. W. C. A. C35 WALTER JAY I-IERRINGTON. Towanda, Pa. Naples Academy, 1908, Buffalo State Normal, t9IO. REINI-IARD A. I-IOI-IAUS, JR., KAP Entered from St. John,s'Coll.ege, l9I4. Member of Varsity Basketball f4Dg Cap- tain Interclass Basketball Champions C3Ig Cap- tain Upperclassmen Football Team 1453 Man- ager of Football f4jg Echo Board f4Jg Senior Reception 'C4Jg Newman Club Council UU, Chairman Frosh-Soph Activities Committee, Glee Club, Prometh-ean, Track Q ANNA WINIFRED HOLLORAN Cornwall, N. Y. Cornwall High School, 1913. Member of Consumers League, Chemistry Club. OLIVE R. l-IORNING, WF I4 W. Madison Ave. Johnstown, Y. Johnstown I-ligh School, l9l 3. Member of Spanish Club, College Club, Qperetta ETHEL M. HOUCK. Hammondsport, N. Y. l-lammondsport l-ligh School, l9l2. Secretary of Camera Club 125, Echo Reporter f3l, College Club Reporter f3D, Chairman Y. W. C. A. Handbook Committee f3D, Treas- urer of Song Book Committee CBD, President of Promethean UU, Literary Editor of Echo UU, Editor-in-Chief of Song Book Committee UU, Member of C. A. A., College Club, Promethean, Y. W. C. A. Fifty-191: Fifly-six GERTRUDE DANELLE HUNTER, CD12 Philmont, N. Y. Chatham High School, 1913. Member of Y. W. C. A., G. A. A. FLORENCE l-lUTCl-IINSON l A Clloversville, N. Y. Rensselaer High School, l9l 3. Member of G. A. A., Basketball CID CZJ. FLORENCE l-l. JENNINGS Belfast, N. Y. Belfast High School, 19115 Geneseo State Normal, 1914-1915. 1 Member of Y. XV. C. A., College Club, Cu. A. A. JOSEPHINE B. KEATING Qneida, N. Y. Cazenovia Seminary, 1913. Class Vice-President CZD, President of Prome- thean f3D, Member of Pedagogue Board, Chair- man of Council of Newman Club, Member o. G. A. A. HELEN A. KELSO, H112 Walden, N. Y. Walden High School, 1913. Y. W. C. A., Cabinet QU, College Club. MARGARET F. KING Canandaigua, N. Y. Canandaigua Academy, 1913. G. A. A. Member of Y. NV. C. A., Chemistry Club, Fifty Fifty-eight GERTRUDE LOUISE KOLB, ON Albany, N. Y. Albany High School, l9l3. Nlember of Peclagogue Board. MILDRED LARKIN Albany, N. Y. Albany High School, l9l3. Member of Cu. A. A. HELENA E. LAVENTURE, KN Champlain, N. Y. Champlain l-ligh School, l9l3. Vice-President of French Club UU, Member of Newman Club, El Circulo Castellano. I ? l I u MILDRED LANVRENCE 8 Green St. Kingston, N. Y Kingston Academy, 1913. Member of College Club, Promethean, Y. W. C. A., G. A. A., Chairman Handbook Committee QZJ, News Editor of Echo C3D, Chairman of Junior Reception Committee f3j, President of College Club C-42, Nlember of Pedagogue Board, Myskania. y WAL.TER LEGRYS, ENK Cambridge, N. Y. Cambridge 'l-ligh School. EDWARD LEROY LONG, SNK ZI Magnolia Terrace Albany, N. Y. Albany l-ligh School. Member of College Orchestra fly CZJ, Chem- istry Club, Joseph Henry Society, Vice-President Promethean, Treasurer of Joseph Henry Society Q45 Myskania, President Camera Club CZD, Chairman Echo Play Committee CZD, Senior Assistant Department of Physics, Government mander State College Signal Corps. Licensed Gperator College Radio Station, Com- Fifty CORNELIA MAY LUCE Hartwick, N. Y. Hartwick Union School, 1911, College High School, 1913. Member of Y. W. C. A., Ci. A. A., College Club, Promethean. PEARL LUKENS Hudson, N. Y. Hudson High School, l9l2. Member of Y. W. C. A., Cx. A. A., Peda- gogue Board, Class Reporter Sixty EDWARD PIERCE MCALOON, KAP Keeseville, N. Y. Keeseville High School. Member of Menls A. A. CECILIA F. MCGUIRE Johnstown, N. Y. Johnstown High School, l9l3. Member of Newman Club, College Club. Q V 5 JOHN M. MACCRACKEN 29 Manning Blvd., North Albany, N. Y. Albany High School, l9l3. Member of Menls A. A., Chemistry Club, Vice-President of Chemistry Club ELIZABETH F. MARTZLCFF, KN Lowville, N. Y. Lowville Academy, l9l3. Member of Ci. A. A., College Club, Pedagogu Board, Newman Club. Sixty CATHERINE V. MCMANAWAY Hoosick Falls, N. Y. Ho-osick Falls High School, 1913. Miember of Cu. A. A., Promethean, Con- sumers' League, Newman Club. Sixty-info RUTHCOLGA MOSELEY, KA Hoosick, N. Y. T Hoosick Falls High School, l9l3. Member of Y. W. C. A., G. A. A., Prome- lhean, Joseph Henry Society, Ciirls, Varsity Basketball Team f2D, Class Basketball Team CI D QZJ C31 Senior Social Committee, Captain Class Basketball Team Cl ANNA NELSGN, HCD Walden, N. Y. . Walden High School, l9l 3. Member of Promethean, President 145, Peda- gogue Board, Newman Club, Senior Ball Com- mittee. :.f ,sg ,: ..-7. . 1"sg5,f'1: , Ywus W., X 5 fe , " S '.,:,4.:E.,..VfX' ggf V . 'g If h Q-...,.:..- .Y.X:,..-I ,Ji V, . I., ,hs -V v Q 5.2 M, ,S V - , 4. Q' 2 ' .' 5 Mg, ' Va S ' 5 Tx: .. sz ,Q . , s sf 5 4? ffqjfg , - ..,. , 1 a 4 A . f K .. QQ' f 'sf wan K ff V . Of s , favs V- , -w3'f"' ' -X ,L ww: - fs- Qsiggg i X SQ' . K Q ef tfzzf if Q W ,,,, Q ' ' I V. " t V S V170 ' s. ia' . -V fx' it wif Vis. :T if 2, S. 2 NV' 5' A55 42s ' .M ' ' ' Q 1 "fi , 'V .-. s A ' .M - aff. 1. . src . 7 W . A sz '-'ge :wif - .,. , Wit 2+ ,is gsvffx 4 W t 1 Wfwsff' V if 4 . -V . sig gn? , .' Wx wa- f, , Q:-. .:, Q -s S . ' f , V' QP 'Z as' ' X I ,s ,ws -,1,c,s- fw- EMMA NEUNER Portchester, N. Y. Portehester High School, 1913. Member of G. A. A., Y. VV. C. A. ARLINE NEWKIRK, NDF S VV. Sancls St. Qneida, N. Y. Qneicla High School, 1913. 3 Meimber of G. AA. A., Secretary Prometheanj Secretary Song Book Committee, Treasurer Senior Class. AGNES MARTINA NooN Vvaterville, N. Y. Vvaterville High School, 1913. Member of Basketball Team fly, Basketball Squad QBJ, Promethean, College Club, Newman Club. Sixty-th ALICE F NORMAN 72 ohn St Huolson Falls N Y Hud on Falls High School MARGARET M OCONNELL KN Barrytown on Hudson N Y Red Hook I-hgh School 1913 Member of Newman Club G A A Con sumers' League. I-IATTIE IVIONSELL OGLE WI' A Creenport, N. Y Greenport High School, l9l2 ELIZABETH ESTI-IER PALMER Catskill, N. Y. Catskill High School, l9l3. Member of Y. W. C. A., Chemistry Club, Consumers' League. DIANA MARGUERITE PAYETTE 37 Lancaster St. Cohoes, N. Y. St. Joseph's Academy, 1913. Member of Chemistry Club, Commercial Club, Newman Club. A MARION M. PAYNE, ON Waterloo,' N. Y. Qvicl I-Iigh School, l9l I. Member of Y. W. C. A., Chemistry Club, College Club, Consumers, League, Vice-President Class CBD, Y. VV. C. A. Cabinet C31 UU, Sec- retary of Consumers' League QZQ, Librarian of Chemistry Club f3Q, Chairman of Junior Prom Committee f3D, Member' of Peclagogue Board, Myskania, Vice-President of Chemistry Club a I WILLARD HALL PEARSALL, SNK 460 Hamilton St. Albany, N- Y- Anoany High School, l9l 3. President of Class Manager of Basketball QLD, Echo Play UD, Echo Board Spanish Club, Commercial Club, Myskania. FRANCES C. PHILLIPS 299 Lark St. Albany, N. Y. Cathedral Academy, I9l l. Member of Newman Club. Sixty-six BESSIE M. POST Norwich, N. Y. Norwich High School, l9l2. Member of G. A. A., Chemistry Club, Y. W. C. A., Treasurer of Chemistry Club Class Basketball Squad CU Echo Play Member of Pedagogue Board. ,,.-'fi ETHEL G. PRATT 525 Third St. Albany, N. Y. Albany High School. N :Xt . , aw- HELEN l-l. PRATT Chatham, N. Y. Chatham High School, l9l3. Member of Y. W. C. A., G. A. A., Librarian of Chemistry Club f2D, College Orchestra fl, CZD, Operetta Cl f 1 AY RUTH BOWSLOUGH PRATT, ON Chatham N Y Chatham High School, 1912. Member of Y. W. C. A., Chemistry Club. Sixty-seven iy-eiglii ESTELLA IVI. QUACKEN BUSH Moriah, N. Y. Port Henry High School, l9l 5. Member of Y. W. C. A., G. A. A., Prome- thean, Spanish Club. VIRGINIA HOWARD RAY 3 King St., North Side Cohoes, N. Y. Lansingburgh High School, 1913. BERTHA IRENE REEDY, AQ 450 McClellan St. Schenectady, N. Y. Schenectady High School, 1913. Member of Y. W. C. A., G. A. A., College Club. , H . , x VIOLA B. REYNOLDS IZS James St. Scotia, N. Y. Scotia High School, 1913. Member of Y. W. C. A., Ci. A. A., Class Basketball Team f3D SARAH EMMA RICH Buskirk, N. Y. I-loosick Falls High School. Member of Y. W. C. A., Cu. A. A., Chemistry Club, Consumers' League, Chairman of Junior Committee for Home Economics Party EDITH ELIZABETH ROSE, AQ l l l Catherine St. Scotia, N. Y Schenectady High School, l9l2. Member of Basketball UD CZD, College Club, Y. W. C. A., Myskania. .fwfr f' vita HELEN F. RQSEBROOK, AQ Hoosiclc Falls, N. Y. Hoosick Falls High School, l9l 3. Member of Y. W. C. A., Cu. A. A., Class Basketball Team CU Q21 Echo Reporter. C. A. A. CU FLORENCE M. ST. AMOUR I38 Flower Ave., Vvest Watertown, N. Y. Watertown High School, 1913. Member of Cn. A. A., College Club, Newman Club. KATHRYN I... SHELTERS Mooers Forks, N. Y. Mooers High School, I907. Member of G. A. A., College Club, Y. W. C. A. E. RAYMOND SCHNEIBLE, SNK Albany, N. Y. Albany l-ligh School, 1913. Member of Promethean, Chemistry Club, Peda- gogue Board, Echo Play CU, Pro-methean Play QZD, Echo Board MARIE SCHNITZLER, KN Kingston, N. Y. Kingston Academy. Mrember of Girls' Athletic Association, Prome- thean, College Club, Newman Club, Girls' Basket- ball Squad, Junior Banquet Committee, Treasurer of Promethean, Vice-President of Newman Club, Pedagogue Board, Student Council Committee. l-IELENE KATHRYN Sl-IINNERS Whitehall, N. Y. Whitehall l-ligh School, l9l3. Member of College Club, Promethean, C1 A. A., Spanish Club. MARGARET E. SHOCK Hudson, N. Y. l-luclson High School, 1913. Member of Y. W. C. A., Cu. A- A- JESSE B. SMITH East Chatham, N. Y. Albany High School. venl y-Iwo CLARA SLACK Z Watertown High School, l9l3. Keuka College, 1914-191 5. Member of Cu. A. A., Y. W. C. A., College Club, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet GERTRUDE LCJUISA SMITH 307 Broadway Mechanicville, N. Y. Mechanicville High Schol, 1913. Member of G. A. A., Joseph Henry Society, Vice-President Joseph Henry Society ELINOR MAUDE SMITH Paradox Lake, N. Y. Ticoncleroga High School, 1912. Member of Chemistry Club, Commercial Club. C. MAY SNOW Clinton Heights East Greenbush, N. Y. Albany High School, 1913. Member of Pedagogue Board, Member of G. A. A., Chairman of Committee for Senior Day. I I ww, cvcnl EMMA I-I. SOMMERFIELD, XPP Salamanca, N. Y. Salamanca I-Iigh School, l9l3. Member of College Club, Y. W. C. A., G. A. A., Spanish Club. EDITH LOUISE SPENCER 7 Smith St. Couverneur, N. Y. Lowville Academy, I 91 3. Member of Y. W. C. A., Consumers' League, Secretary of Class 'U JOSEPH T. SPROULE, Watkins, N. Y. Watkins I-Iigh School, l9l3. Echo Board QZIP, Men's A. A., Industrial Club, Treasurer Class CID, President Students' Employ- ment League, Member of Pedagogue Board. - I pf If , . ,I X: uf BESSIE KATHARINE STAATS Albany, N. Y. Albany Academy for Girls, 1913. Member of G. A. A., Basketball QU QZQ Q35 QU, Senior Reception Committee. LUCILE STEPHENS Gardiner, N. Y. New Paltz I-Iigh School, 1913. New Paltz Normal, l9l5. Member of Girls, Athletic Association, Y. W. C. A., College Club, Suffrage Club, French Club. MARCrUERlTE. BRUCE STEWART, KA, ON Salem, N. Y. Washington Academy, l9l l. Consumers' League, G. istry Club 1917, Secretary Class Cl Member of Y. W. C. A., Chemistry Club, A. A., President Chem- ! - Seventy-frve MORTIMER D. SWEENEY 35 Bradford St. Auburn, N. Y- Moravia High School. is fi, 43 fi f ' l 1 ' , 1 N. GERTRUDE LOUISE SWIFT, XIII' Mamaroneck, N. Y. Mamaroneck High School. ww .f,..,,,' RUTH TIMMERMAN Catskill, N. Y. Catskill High School, l9l 3. Member of Y, W. C. A., College Club. Sevehly-six l SARA SNQWDEN TINNING Pattersonville, N. Y. Northfield Seminary. Member of Y. W. C. A., G. A. A. TAGE TEISEN, KAP 107 State St. Albany, N. Y. Central High School, Philadelphia, Pa., 1909. Brown Prep. School, Philadelphia, Pa., 1912. Philadelphia Divinity School, Philadelphia, Pa., S. T. B., 1915. FRIEDA C. TROMPETER 701 E. 180th St. New York City, N. Y Richmond Hill High School, 1913. Membier of Cl. A. A. ELLEN VAN CLEEF Seneca Falls, N. Y. Seneca Falls High School. aww' ' ' . .5 '3 A AGNES VAN VORIS P' my as j Richmondville, N. Y. 'I' Nl X A ,f"' -H 'jf"'1'4 , Schoharie High School, l9l3. ' x il A I-IAZEL MAE VOSBURGI-I ' Coableskill, N. Y. l Cohleskill High School, l9l3. Member of Y. W. C. A., G. A. A. l lp-eight I I Y l I Z lf' 3 ll .Q K xl K I U P .al lk. all '. 1 1 7 . JAMES A. WALKER, KAP Brooklyn, N. Y. St. Johns Prep., Brooklyn, 1913. Treasurer of Chemistry Club f3J, Member of lndustrial Club, Varsity Basketball Team C31 Class Basketball C31 UU, Baseball Q21 UU, Hockey Team Pedagogue Board. Q EDITH OWEN VVALLACE, AQ 1 1 7 S. Manning Blvd. Albany, N. Y. Milne High School, 1913. Member of Y. VV. C. A., G. A. A., College Club, Promethean, President of Y. W. C. A. UU, Member of Y. W. C. A. Cabinet f3D, Member of Official Song Book Committee C31 141, Echo Reporter for College Club CZ1, Silver Bay C21 131, Myskania. FAITH LAVINIA WALLACE, HCI? Circleville, N. Y. Middletown l-ligh School, 1913. Member of Y. W. C. A., College Club, Liter- ary Editor of the Echo f3J, Assistant Editor-in- Chief of Echo UU, Member of Y. W. C. A Cabinet 1 A 'XX MII,-DRP1DCfXX'HITE, KA anxrlle. N. CJl'dIlXlllC llrglr iclrool, l9I 3. Memlnc-1' ol N. Vs. C, A., C. A. A. ls gi I, Z lp ILMMA XVILBLR 3l9 Sc-cond St. Albany, N. Y. Albany High Scliool. Member of Peclagogue Board. f lylrll' RAFHEL A. WINNE Sclrvnectacly, N. Y. Cortland Hlgzlr Sclrool, lql 3. Nlvmlncr ol C. A. A. , , .... -..,.....,4..-. I-IINTING WONG China Lee Sing College, Hongkong. I-IORATIO P. VVOOLEVER, ENK Herkimer, N. Y. Herkimer High School. Varsity Baseball Q31 UU, Joseph Henry Society. HELEN S. YOST l I4 E. Main St. Waterloo, N. Y. Waterloo Union School. Eighty T STATE. COLLEGE C-ITHE -1' PEDHE ELBE S 1913122 .Ig A H di JOSEPH BRIGGS Rochester, N. Y. Roxhcslcr High School. ANNE ELIZABEFIQQH BRQVVNLONV 407 Cxlinlon Ave. AHJHUYI N- Y- Alhany High School, 9l2. VINCENT H. VAN HORN Voorheesvi Ile, N. Voorhcesville High School. HJ N N if "Z", II III BATES, ARTHUR E. BRIGGS, CHRISTINE COU LTER, ELEANOR L. CROSSETT. liDNA M. CULVER, HATTIE DGRN, XXRZULA L. FOSTER, HELEN K. FREIDIQLL, LAURA COFF, ARTIIUR K. l'lUN'I', MAUIJ M. JACOBSON, MILTON JONES, LAURA E. KI-.NNI-lDY, ESTELLE LANSINO, ETHEL LAsI IIQR, H I-LRMAN M. YANVIT, JOSEPH LE C-ALLEZ, AILEEN MARVIN, GLADYS E. MAYER, HELENA M. MCCARTHY, ROBERT MCENENY. HELEN METZ, ELIZABETH INEUSSBAUM, WILLIAM F. PORTER, CLIFFORD E. ROBERTSON, JANET SKINNER, ELIZABETH M. SMITH, LAURA S. TUCKER, KATHERINE VANDERPOOL, BESSIE A. VAN XWORMER, M. L. WYMAN, ANNA G. '-'U"'T-"T""Tl.."1....: SCT D: Iiighlp-lrr O lb ,,-H354 u K , X fl "mlm ' ' 'IM if 'alznml s uoen s .-ad DoRoTHY FRANCES ABLETT ................. ..... C ohoes, N. Y A.B., State College MARJORIE EVALYN BACHELLER .......,........ ..... A ltamont, N. Y BS., State College , JOHN CARSON BENEDlcT-----. .................... ---New Paltz, N. Y Ph.B., Illinois Wesleyan f mEluw lf' V '- . Q ------0----a......... get ......-..----...incl ::s z::a Eighty-Ihre :IME D PEDFE EUEN lg: CLARA rl-ORREY CLEMENT .......- .age-.3 A.B., Mt. Holyoke LOUISE KNICKERBOCKER CLEMENT A. B., Swarthmore RUTH CONCDON ................ A. B., Wellesley CATHERINE ANNETTE EASTMAN- A.B., Syracuse .ANNE HELEN FEENEY ................... ..... ...-- A.B., Wellesley AGNES CELESTINE FITZGERALD .............. --- B.S., State College -----Albany, N. Y. Calc Summit, N. Y. New Bedford, Mass. -----Attica, N. Y. Ballston Spa, N. Y. ----Cohoes, N. Y. ----Albany, N. Y. jAIv1Es EDWARD GLAVIN ........................ -. A.M., State College I ANNA MARX' GALUSHA .......... .............. ..... C 0 rtland, N. Y. l B.S., State College CECILIA MARY HICKEY ........................... .... V alatie, N. Y. A.B., Mt. St. Vincent ELLA NORAH HOPPE .... ...................... - ---Copenl1agen, N. Y. B.S., State College ELEANOR MARGUERITE JACOBI .................. B.S -1 State College LYDIA ANTOINETTE jo HNSON .................... ----Pliilmont, N Y. ---Norwieh, N. Y. A.B., State College .ll:lSSlli BEULAH LANE .-.. .....,...,,,...,.,., , , ,,,, Schenectady, N, Y, A.B., Swarthmore CAROLINE FITCH LANSING .....,..,,.,.,,,,,-,,-,-, ,,-- A lbany, N, Y, A.B., Wellesley MAE ELLEN LARIQIN .... --, .,,,...,,--,,--,,, --mn A lbany, N, Y, B.S., State College ESTHER MGCARE ..,..,.,,,,.,, ....------.....----......-----.....-.. A.B., Western Reserve University lVlARC-ARET CATHERINE MAIER ,.,,..,.,.-,,---- H -,,--- -ulilmhum, N, A.B., State College Salamanca, N. Y Xl MARGARET MARX' MAIRs ,,,.,,,,,,,,----,,-- -H ----- Albany, N. Y A.B., State College E.RX'AN'l' H. MORLIAN ,,..,,,.,,,,,---,,- --------- ----- T , Oy, N. B.S., Alfred University It 'u- - A A lfiglllp-ft'uf in N7 L'73v,,:?L, ,C fig, M YZ- jjuaj 5 , 1 lf lvjnl iii 'I Q Q wH EDITH JOSEPHINE MUNSELLL-- MARIE CECELIA NOLAN-- STATE.'e. , . I at , :annum ------------------ ----New l-lartforcl, A. B., Cornell . ........ Troy, A. B. , State College N. Y. N. Y. KATHERINE STANDISH PEARCE -,.,-,,,,---,--,-,- ---, B lauvelt, N, Y, A.B., Smith College ' MARIE KIERSTED PIDGE.ON---, ,.-,,.,,,,--,,,,-,- ----- A lbany, N, Y, A.B., Vassar KATHERINE CECIL SCHUMANN .-..,,,-,,,,.,,,., ,-,,,- J Ohngtgwn, N, Y, I A.B., State College NAOMI GAKLEY SCOVILLE ...............,.-...,--..,- Saratoga Springs, N, Y, A.B., State College SISTER MARY GILBERT ..,,...,,.., L ,,,,-.-,-.,., -,,,- A lbany, N, Y, . A.lVl., University Oregon I-IELEN MAHIION SPEAR ..........,.-...,.,.-,,, , ,,,- Newark, N, Y. A.B., Smith ANNA MABEL TAYLOR .....,.,............,..... .,... A Zbany, N, Y. A.lVl., State College HARRIET R. TEDFORD ....... . .....-.........,... ..,.. A Qbany, N. Y. A.B., State College JESSIE EMMA THOMPSON .-...................... ..... A Qbany, N. Y. B.S., State College MARGARET OATEY TOMES .....................L.. ..... A Qbany, N. Y. Teachers College LOUIS BURNS WARD ............,................ L--- ..... A.bany, N. Y. A.B., A.lVl., Pcl.lVl., State College BERTHA MARY BOTT ............................... .... N assau, N. Y. A.B., State College THOMAS FREDERICK HANDET. CANDLYN ........... .- ............ Albany, N. Y. B. Music, University Durham, Eng. I RAYMOND TEMPLE CLAPP .............................. Mechanicville. N. Y. . A.B., Hamilton College FLORENCE SAYERS CLARK ......................... .... T roy, N. Y. A.B., Vassar College JOHN NAUCHTON .L........................-...-........-.. Albany. N- Y- A.B., St Francis Xavierg Pcl.B., State College GERTRUDE HELEN NELSON ....................-..-...--. Willseyville, N. Y B.S., Cornell University ::::nu::::l Eighty-56 .413 ' , 5 r u v E X C-4 gggjgij,,,'i:L ,L ...J fl H u f--or-ur -an '. 111 I ' 1 1 iQf"'H'l ,,,, , v- e - ,- A ,. J , ,. , vi S 6 I , Qqrk I .1 'X f .N 1 so long . . .9 0l.lg 0 0 0 4.40 O . . o .9 Us ,-N .ugouill IFB-:I QO.:.l'l .. :.g . 7.,.,4'1 do .,,u.'o 4' ' ' J 5 'gl' 'Io I ii V51--hh XX .'5',2i"'l' rIw 1 Z'll l1 V 53 ',...B'-..!.! ,a 4 .71 156- i -E? M E f -f - 7 f uf h'19Bv1V'7s . 7QHyz'S'?g9l2'l N a'u "JI':'-f' '. ' 'Z' .?,'Pgg 'LQ gF5l Q. Z, guy ff,-5 13: li: BI :'bQf Q .' J go, If Opp, 05:1 I. - ?a:7W6251 :',- -5. fXli?a'f " li "1 :.:" MQW' - gy 'C-if-I -' .- "1 -1'1:ei'1' . -1 'Ssa- L 6. .,,- '," 'v"' '.f. , ,... .- . 1----..0-. A .. . - x . D8 .I XL .5,.'::: ...,:'..:.: , ' 2 1-'vi '. . .'. ' ::'..1v-.-:.:.p- ' ' ' A- ' ' Y' " I." QPgxvav'-".".::':,r-',',': 5-.'.' ,' f..':',z-Z" ' ,'E:'.'.: '.2 7 ' " 'v . '.o'. 0 .---o- -1. -' :. , , -fEQf2" 11825-1.1,-. '. Q.',2f.2.5:f'3gi1jI-1' 1'I'.i'-f.'f'f.':3 . . H -.:-1-I. -'P' 'Q 1 QQ :J Q FiJ'b'?-Sp 5 C3 -D 1 LMTJ L L. :BJ xiii.. 4174 S171 33:3 A r H 3 'i Q STATE. CGLLEQE : f:-i 1 ' : a s Juuiur 612155 03t1irrr5 x ,xR'1'l1gR D., BURNS JANET R. WALL Ifmf.--lri-.w.l1-nl SCCVUIUVP .'XCNlfS S. MOORE l'rcsfJcnl Q , w A v sk,- X K I, .A Mx ' f "Q 'L ' ' RKV I . . 1.-. L' '- I ll.l.l.'XN Q. Nl.,XC1ll,'IAfJN I'..l,CDlSl", LANSING 'f'fn1m1rr' Rgpoflgr MU SCT -El'-2 lb I ,flip-rlgfrl 'JIJHE Q PEDHEUEUE 2' 191721 U . PT s1'A'ria::nee :- s as 'Digg 0112155 nf 1913 E URHOSE: To determine distinguishing characteristics of that particular mixture of individuals commonly known as the Class of l9l8. Material: Nearly two hundred H jolly Juniors " who have passed success- fully through the days of verdant freshman-hood and gay young sophomorism. Procedure and Observations! Take the above-mentioned material, in its verdant state, and mix well with several determined members of the species l9I 7. A violent reaction will take place, but l9l8 will remain in the ascendancy. Repeat process with species l9l9, and though some observers may say that neither comes out on top, we firmly believe that l9l8 had a little bit the best of it. Next, test material in Junior stage as to athletic and scholastic ability. It will be found that two of the best members of the Varsity belong to l9l8, and that in basketball, football, and hockey reactions, they are extremely active - if not always victorious. Again, note social activities-taking for example the Prom and the Banquet. H The wonderful time " at the Prom - the cleverness of the speeches at the Banquet - the get-together feeling they both gave us-indisputably prove that I9l8 is up to the minute in the social line. And now comes the greatest test of all - the ability to seize upon an idea, mould it into a living, working reality - is one of the biggest tests of a class's ability. Carefully watch the action of l9l8 on the College News. A year ago a dream entrusted to our hands - today, a powerful part of our college life. Vlfho can say that l9l8 is not the ideal class? Surely not one of its members! Other tests yet remain to be applied. However, they are but minor details - the main characteristics have been discovered. A Conclusion: The materials in l9l8 are found to be-original, full of college spirit, active in every branch of college endeavor, doers as well as dreamers. In short, an ideal substance for any college to work upon, a rare mixture - 1918! . X ' 4, X , shim? f 'PZ' RQ! x f 1 A Few That Slipped Through The W cb -2- sc'r -------------.......... 1-:S ::::ur::l Eighty-nine F' '2":rfC'!, im- E' al 1 if nzww L .. . - Q.. r L . N I 2 V 17 r L, ...- -u--4 f I A L ' . If-'q-v-:lv , M T. -L ' . s ., ,,wf':gf y if v . , . Q F' , ' k , x -G-'5f',..f' , 4 - ' v , . - as 1 - .' - ,-.,-.H., .Lg ,,,. Jf.L4'..fV .,. -' .1 '7l17IE.'7rg:'jAS'JLjLjgJZLJf'5C'DCiF'5r5fADC'Jf55-550 :JUjjCUiC:jCG'JiU:,,iJiiC:J rr-In-1DJ,5,50'JUZFBKBS!--u-'-r-r-'r-1f-':n:s'1-airnv-1-1rm-1r11x-v1'b'bb'3,-?.-r-1-+'u-a?.'x -5:3 l STATE CDLLRBE in ir' -ins Q PEDHEDEUE A 1911-2- U ACKLEY, STELLA MAUDE .... ALBREE, MABEL ....... ALDRICH, ESTHER ..... ALLEN, GLENA MARY .... AUSTIN, AGNES LORNA .... AUSTIN, DOROTHY JANE .... BAILEY, MARION CAGE ......... Eluninrz BANNISTER, MARIAN URSULA .... BARRETT, LAURA MAY ......... BECKER, JOHN ADAM, JR. .... BEEBE, 2 DOROTHY LAMPERT--- BENDER, GRACE SLINGERLAND BERWALD, EDNA ............. -- BESTLE, KATHRYN VIVIAN .... BIRGE, CAROLYN TAYLOR .,.. BRISSON, ELIZABETH L...... BRUNDAGE, ALMA CECILIA .... BURLESON, MARY LoUISE--- BURNS, ARTHUR D. ------ BUSSEY, LILLIAN AGNES ------ CHANDLER, EDITH FITCH ------ CHRISTENSEN, CHRISTIAN PETER VALDEMAR ---- CLAPP, GRACE MCGREGOR --------------- COGGESHALL, ANNA CLEVELAND COLE, KATHERINE MAY ------ CONANT, CILADYS AMELIA ---- CORNEI-.IUS, MARY -- ----- CREHAN, ETHEL ELvA--- - -r - Alexandria Bay ----- - Rockland - --- -Morris -------Avoca ----Schenectady - - - -Schenectady -----Waterford --------LeRoy Saratoga Springs --------Delmar - - - -Fredonia --------Delmar - -Niagara Falls -------Kingston -------Troy ---Sawquoit -------Armonk - - - -Niagara Falls - - - -Ogdensburg --- Margaretville ----V--Albany - - - -Schenectady - - - Deerfield ----- -Albany -- - - - - -Saugerties - - - -Constahleville ---------Bangall -East Greenbush CRISSEY, ELSIE C. ------- ----- Jamestown, DABNEY, ELVA VENTON ---- ----- W atervliet DALY, MARY MARGARET ---- -- ---- Schenectady DAYTON, AMY ELIZABETH ----- ---- .... E a st Hampton DEDICKE ALFRED EDWARD ---- ---Middleville, DETMERS, BERTHA ANNA ------ ........ T roy, DIBBELL, ALMIRA BISHOP ---- ---- T annersville, DOWNSBROUGH, VYIOI-ET ---- ---- F itchcliffe, ELLIOTT, HAROLD ROBERT ---- ------.- A -.---P0tSdam, ENDRIES, ANNA HELEN --------------.-.-........ .......- S chenectady, :U S m l::::D:::1 Ninety one 9 -:THE H PEDHGUELIE H IQITHI Yet i - - STATE. coLLaeE if - -F . C UI-:Y :anus FAWCETT, MYRA ........ .............. .... 5 a vona. N. 3 FII-LINC HAM, ANNA MAY- -- FINDER, DOROTHY ..... - .... FISHER. RUTH ASPINWALL ..... FITZGERALD, FLORENTINE FLOODY, RALPH WILLIAM ..... FORTE, TERESA .............. FOWLER, CHRISTINE CECILIA FRANKLIN, MARION ELIZABETH FRASER, ANITA G. BEAI,S--- FRASER, NVALTER SCOTT--- FULI-ER, MARY SOPHIA ----- GAUGER, CAROLYN -------- CuOE.WELY, W. IRYINC ---- GOLDSMITH, ROSE ------------ GU ERNSEY. MILDRED GERTRUDE ..... CIUTHRIE, JENNIE MARY' .--..--- HARDY, RUTH ---.-------- H.ARMAN, ARTHUR JAMES ---- HATCH, IRENE BLAWIS --.--- HEASON, STANLEY ELMER -------- HEDCES, ADELIA MARX' ----.-...--.--. PIENDRICKSON, RACHEL WINIFRED ---- HERRMAN, DAVID ----.---.-...----- HILL, ADELAIDE --------.----- HIMES, DOROTHY GERTRUDE HOLLIDAY, MABEL HUNTER ----- HOLN1ES, FLORENCE ECIQERT HORTH, N111-DRED I-AURA--- HULL, MILDRED -------------- HUTCHISON, LAURA STUART ---- JOHNS, NINA BELLE -------- JOHNSON. IDA M --.---- JONES, JESSE ARTHUR--- fr NATZ, ANNA -----------.-.. KEEFE, DOROTHY EILEEN ----- KENNEDY, MARY FRANCES ----- KINC., LILLIAN MAX' .-------- KINNE, CARO PAULINE ---- : Ninety-Iwo --------Albany, N. ------Albany, N. I - - - -Waterloo, N. Y Xl ------Troy, N. -- ---Potsdam, N. Y ----Albany, N. Y ----Albany, N. Y ----Corinth, N. Y Xl 'Y -------Clyde, N. Mount Morris, N. Y Mount Morris, N. Y -----Norwich, N. Y ----Albany, N. Y ----Albany, N. Y Xf ----Cobleskill, N. Y - - -Mamaroneck. N. Y -----Belmont, N. Y ----Interlaken, N. Y ------Fort Miller, N. Y -----Middleburgh, N. Y East Hampton, N. Y -----Syracuse, N. Y -------Ithaca, N. Y -----Port Chester, N. Y -Voorheesville, N. Y ----Valley Falls, N. Y -----Wallkill, N. Y --Schenectady, N. Y -----Berlin, N. Y ----Albany, N. Y - - - -Johnstown, N. Y ----Ravena, N. Y ----Albany, N. Y ------Albany, N. Y -----Kingston, N. Y ------Nassau, N. Y - - - - Haverstraw, N. Y - - - -West Pawlet, Vt I-ALLY. CLARE ACNhS ----------------------------------- North Adams, Mass sI:T --------uc:-I :unix 2, QTHEEPEDHEUELIE y 1917 fjmiy' A .. sTA-rs. , Unk, LANSING, ELOISE .........-.,,... LANSING, FLORENCE LILLIAN .... LAUR, MABEL ESTHER ......... LEE, MARIE FRANCES ........ LEVITT, MARION .........,..., LOBDELL, HAROLD CHARLES ...... MCCANN, VERNA ELIZABETH ..... MCEWAN, MILDRED LIPPITT ..... lVlCl..AUGHI-IN, HELEN R ......... s:: r-:-I MCLAUGHLIN, REGINA .........,.,. MACMACHAN, ELIZABETH TAYLOR MAGILTON, LILLIAN GERTRUDE--- MAGNER, WINIFRED .........,.,.. MAIR, CELIA MARGARET ........... MERRILL, MINNIE MARGUERITE .... MILLS, EVELYN ................. MINER, KATHERINE ............ MITCHELL, MARJORIE EMILY ..... MOORE, AGNES STEPHENS----. MUHLEMAN, JENNIE A ....... MURTAUGH, RUTH ALLEN ..... NICHOLS, CHRISTY MARGARET .... O'MALLEY, MILDRED AGNES .... PATERSON, IRENE ........... PATTINSON, WILLIAM J .... PAWEL, GENEVA FANNIE .... PENNEY, LILLIAN FOSTER .... PERRY, RUTH ALLEN .......... PETERSON, MARION GILBERT .... POTTER, EDWARD ELDRED ......... POWELL, MARGUERITE ELIZABETH QUINLAVIN, FLORENCE ROSE ..... lQABINER, SARAH RUTH ....... REYNOLDS, LELIA BURWELL ..... ROHLICHECK, ANNA FRANCES .... ROSE, LENA MAUDE .......... ROSS, HELEN APPLETON .... -----llIon, N. ----Albany, N. ---- -ScOtia, N. -----Albany, N. Y. Watervliet, N. Y. -----Sanborn, N. Y. ---LynbroOk, N. Y. ----COrintl1, N. Y. -----Albany, N. Y. Cohoes, N. Y. -CooperStown, N. Y. Canajoharie, N. Y. Canajobarie, N. Y. ----TuxedO Park, N. Y. Albany, N. Y. Schenectady, N. Y. Canajoharie, N. Y. Merrill, N. Y. --Port Byron, N. Y. ----l-liglxland, N. Y. -----ll'lillsdale, N. Y. ----Albany, N. Y. ----NewburglI, N. Y. ----Albany, N. Y. Malone, N. Y. Albany, N. Y Inwood, N. Y Albany, N. Y Hudson Falls, N. Y -----SCOtia, N. Y -----Cooperstown, N. Y --lVlillbrOOk, N. Y SAHLER, ALTA--g ....... .... - SHAFER, ELOISE ELIZABETH ..... ....... - - -New Paltz, N- Y SHANKS, ELSIE .......... .......... ...---- -------- - - - ----- A lbafly, N- Y -If-1 ............ EET ........... ff-11 Ninety-Ihr Rensselaer, N. Y Albany, N. Auburn, N. Plattsburg, N. ----Beacon, N. Y Y Y Y --East Islip, N. Y Y Y Y 'Z-THE? Penn:-snlsus H 1917:- HID J suns. commas :sues SHEVLIN, MARGARET MARx'--- SHULTES, ENID MILDREo--- SHULTES, INDA MARIAN--- SICRLES, GRACE MARX' ..... SILVERMAN, SAMUEL ........ SIMMONDS, CERTRUDE .ANNA--- SMITH, GRACE LANY -------- SMITH, IRENE IMELDA- -------- SMITH, MARJORIE lVlATTl-IEWSON -------- SNIDER, ETHEL MAE ----------- SPENGLER, ALICE ELIZABETH-- SPROAT, HELEN ADELAIDE--- - ,Q,..., - - -Saratoga Springs - - -Voorheesville ---Voorheesville -------Troy ----- ----Brooklyn ------Corning ----Port Chester, - ---Mechanicville, New Rochelle, ---New Baltimore Station, East Chatham, - ---- Schenedady, SWEET, DORIS I-oUIsE ----- ---- - - ---- Hillsdale, SWIFT, EMMA BELLE ---- -- --------- Nunda, TAYLOR, lVlYRA SARAH -------- ------------ N orth Troy, VIQHOMPSON, EDNA GERTRUDE--- --Glens Falls, PFHOMPSON, NORNIA HANsoN--- ---Columbiaville, TOWNSEND, DEWITW' B ---- ------ C armel, TOWNSEND, RAY ------ ----- C armel, TYRRELL, NELLIE -- -- --Gloversville, TYRRELL, SYLVIA ------------------ --Gloversville, VAN DELOO, ELMETTA MARGARET ---- ------ ----- A l bany, VAN DER VVARKER, LESLIE HIRAM--- ----- --- ---Jamestown, VAN ETTEN, GRACE -------------- ---- A uburn, VAN WELY, ANNA MINNIE--- ----- Albany, VOEGELIN, BERTHA MAE--- WAGNER, FLORENCE EDNA ---- WALKER, JOSEPH ARTHUR ---- XVALL, JANET RUTH ------- WEIR, MARION MARGARET---,- WI-IIPPLE, HELEN EvANs--- WHITMAN, HELEN MAX' -------- WINKLER, l'lUBERT FREDERlCK--- - XVOLCOTT, DOROTHY --------- XVOLONGIEWICZ, ANNA OLGA-- v . Wooo, BEssIE ---------------- XVOODWARD. ARTHUR NELSON XVOODWARD. MARX' EDNA ----- XVORNHAM, BERTELLE Sl-IUBERT --------- mu- - A - sI:T :gm Nilrcly-foI1r -Schenectady, ---- ---Waterford, -Fort l-lunter, - - - - -Savona, Tupper Lake, ---Savannah, ---Southampton, -Schenectady, - - - - - Keeseville, -Schenectady, - - - - Delmar, ---Albany, - - - - Homer, --Rensselaer, nz: ' 'bb 'M N A 7' Ish IX KL ju OO THEIR REC . D n , . I o fl ' ' I . - Eb 'Aa Va :YP CgSr..g9J'1f:,'32:g ff af' W ' ' EQ nina 1' Q U iq Q-I, A1 3? I' "' Q ff 'rx S 1' - 'ff-1 :S f' Q 5' L13 Mfr! 54? Q ,,,,A YZ W4 .Lim A yv :D , j i- :1 -1 J STATED AQLLEQE f: ,,,., 2.1533 Svnphnxnnrv 0112155 G9ftirvrz ,. 'Q . X' h '.,. 1 ,, 1, ' 1 A ? ,Q -1 'fi x V1 A' ' - BERNICE S. BRONNER GERTRUDE. BLAIR ViCC'l'fClif!CHf Secrelury ALLEN L. CILLETT Presideni M. AILEEN RUSSELL KATHRYN E. LINEHAN 7-rcamurcr Repgrler LU 55? V Q Eli 'fy-.wx Us We .1 1 1 JR f-2-'IJHE Lf' EDHE EUE 'Z' 191721 1:1 """"""...............'-....'::.".....'--- srzrri ineg -3 g g 1, r .gum 0112155 nf 1919 Freshmen, Juniors, and Seniors! Lend me your ears! I come to tell of 'I9, not to praise her. The good that a class does should live after it, so let it be with the noble '19, l-lere under leave of my classmates, come I to write our class history. 'I9 is a class, faithful and true to State College. Hath she not done away with class antagonism, instituting in its place good-natured rivalry, in the form of an inter- class field day? 'I9 hath furnished many good athletes, whose services did help the victories win. You all did hear that while still Freshmen 'I9 organized the hockey team and later brought from out its dormant state our first football team. In clramatics, too, fair 'I9 seems to score, since from those three who honorable mention won in the presentation of H The Silver Box," two our 'I9 claims as members of her loyal band. Can any class boast more collegespirit than that class which wears the Green and White? i For what other class did ever furnish a cheer leader like to him whom now doth that position grace? I am no orator, my friends, but as you know me all, a plain, blunt scribe, that loves my class, and humbly strives to write her glorious deeds. But ye, 'IO Frosh, and members of the Junior class, as well as our kind friends the Seniors dear, will sorrow feel in after years when 'I9 fame isispiead, that you may not say in accents proud, " Why, I'm from '19, too." x4 I., : r -4 77 W 'J Here,s Where We Begin 70 Warm Up cz : . f:w,"sv.n ..--Qu,--af' VK. PY - Df1 151' 'K M M- wana iQ -nu ff.- Mu 11 .-an fb!! i . . fs vm-. ll 1' Us ,Q as W ugiw ,u. 5. ,Q I . 1 Y x , N f5r5g5fbr6c1r6r5C5r5r5cx:1coo:czUx5ocum-n:-1:1n-1-1 I I II- STATE. GDLLIGE - . 9 Svnphumnrrz AARON DAx ID JOSEPH .............,..,......,, .,-, B moklyn AHERN EDNA MARY ........... ANDRAE MAGDALENE CECILIA ARONOWITZ I-IARRIET RHODA ..... ----Albany . ----Cohoes . ------Albany BAC HELLER DOROTHY MILLS ..... .... A ltamont BACON I-EONA MARC.UERITE .... BALDWIN ERMA LOUISE ...... BALDWIN MARIAN ARLINE ..... ' BEARDSLEY ARLIEN MAY .... -. 5 BENTLEY MINNIE LOUISE .... . BLACK HAROLD. COTTON .... I BLAIR GERTRUDE ........ . BLUE MARY ELLA ..... BOYD GRACE KYLE ....... BRIMMER, HAZEL MAE ..... . BRITTEN, NELLIE MAE ....... I I I BRONNER, BERNICE SABRINA .,.. - BROWN, JOSEPHINE EDNA ..... I BROWNELL, VIOLA ......... I . BUCH, CORNELIA CAMILLA .... BURNS, GLADYS ANNA ........... I I I I BURTON, DOROTHY I-IUNTINCTON ..... BUTTON, MILDRED FLORENCE .... BYERS, I-IAZEL MARGARET ...... CARDIFF, MARY MONICA .... CARNEY, MARY R ......... CARSWELL, MILDRED .... . BURRELL, ANNA COBB ............ - --- -South Butler - - - -l-eonarclsville - - - - -Watertown -----Norwich . ---------Salem . - -- -Kerhonkson --- ---Clinton . ------Albany . - - - -Whitehall - -- - - - Petersburgh -- -- ------ -Stillwater, - - - - -Richheld Springs, - - -- - - -Greenwich, - -----Buslcirlc, - - - - -Wellsville, - - - - - Rensselaer, ---- -Norwich, ----Albany, . -----Peelcslcill, . -----Kingston, . -----Utica, . -------- ion, . -----Battenville, . - L-:rue A Pennsusue 2-1 I7-2 i I In - , -: T. I nl i I D I I , ' I , N. , , N , , N , , N. , , N. , , N. 5 BARTLETT, BEATRICE MARY--- ----- Franklin, N. I , , N 5 , , N I , , N. I , , N , , , N 5 , , N. ' , N. I N. I N. I N. I N. I I N. it N. I N N N N Il N N CASSIN, ANNA MAE ----- CHAPPELL. EDNA MAY ---- CI-IAVOUSTI, NORA EMILY ---- CHURCH, CELIA FRANCES ---- CHURCH, I-IARRIET .ALICE ----- CLUTE, NICHOLAS ---------- K CODDINGTON, KATHRYN ---- ----Mechanicville, N. --------Clinton, N. ----Cape Vincent, N. --------Greene, N. ----l-ligh Falls, N. ------Alplaus, N. -----Vlfalclen, N. COHEN, BENJAMIN ---------------------------------------- Brooklyn, N. 3 mU ECT : I E l Ninety NY NY NY I-I V I STATE. caL'LeI'sE A HE A PEDAE ELIE --A I9I A B ht QII :a rf-I COLBECK, MARX' ELIZABETH ---- -------- COLLINS, LORNA EDELLA ...... CONKLIN, WILNA NINA ....... CONNERS, JAMES LAWRENCE .... CURTIN, GERALD FRANCIS .... CURTIS, MARION SCOTT .... DAX'IS, FERN LOUISE ...,..... DENNIN, AGNES DOROTHEA .... DOYLE, WALTER JOHN------ DYER, TERESA CECILIA--- ESCOTT, LENA MARY .... FARREL, VERONICA ...... Q FAY, HELEN T ............... - - FERGUSON, ELIZABETH HAM ...L FIERO, EDITH S ............... FITZGERALD, MARY JOSEPHINE .... FLYNN, MARGARET MARY ...... FORCE, NELSON J ........ FORD, C. ESTHER ........ FORSTER, AGNES MARIE .... Fox, KATHRYN FRANCES .......... FRANKLIN, FLORENCE ELIZABETH .... FREYDBERG, CLARA HANNAH ...... FULLER, ELSA OVERTON .... ...... FULLER, RUTH H ...... GARDNER, MARION ....... GILLETT, ALLAN LEWIS ....... GILLETTE, EVANS LEMOYNE .... COODRICH, MARY JOSEPHINE .... GORMAN, LAURA MAE ------ GORMAN, MARY ALICE -- GOSIER, AMELIA MARIE .... GRAYES, EMMA MATILDA .... - -- -Mechanicville, -------Troy - - - -Suffern - .... Albany --------Waterford - - ---Norwich - - - - Boonville -- - -Albany - - - -Albany - ----- Albany - - - - - -Skaneateles ---------Buffalo -Port Washington - - - - -Schenectady ------- -Kingston - ---- Albany ------- ---Palmyra ----------Stillwater - - - -.- -Watervliet -- -Schenectady -----------Troy Schodack Landing ----- ----------Granville ----Albany ------Jefferson -------Altamont ---Clifton Springs ----Little Falls ---South Cairo ----Cohoes ---------Troy ------Rosie-:re ---Black River GREENBLATT, HENRY L ----- ---Brooklyn GRIFFIN, MARY GRACE -------, ---- O Xford CIRUPE, ESTHER KATHERINE ---- ---Wadhams HAAS, ALICE SHAW -------,,,- Q ---- Amsterdam HADERUP, ANGIE CHRISTINA ,--- -------- F leischmanns HAHN, FRANCES EUNICE -------- ---,-,- ---- C 0 mWall-0n-Hud50n ':u--------..-.- SET -------..-.--. I-A 1 u i 0776 Piuflflfccl 9 9 9 Q Q I I V 3 . N, R N. . N. v' N. l. N. . N. . N. ., N. . N. '. N. s. N. o, N. n, N. y, N. n, N. y, N. a, N. sr, N. et, N. ly, N. ry, N. rg, N. le, N. ly In, N. It. N- ss- N- ls, N- .0 rs. N- .y, N- .5 N. rr. N- .n N. 5, N. B. N' rr. N' B. N' H, N- 9 C-STHE R PEDHEDEUE 'RI F ITQ I-IQ. :'r" : HAIG HT, CORDELIA .........., STATE. cnLI.2eE ini , Q... -- .... Cold Spring, N. Y HALL, LELAH MAY ......,..,.-- -F--- C Ohoes, N, Y HAMILTON, EMILY AUGUSTA ...,. ---, I-I artford, Conn HARDENBERGH, MARY ANN ..,.. .... O xford, N. Y HARRIS, SADIEE ........... ,---- C hatham, N, Y HARTY, MAUD MARY ....... ,---- N ewton, N, J PIASWELL, MILDRED .........,, M ---- Watervliet, N, Y HENGGE, HAZEL LUCIENNE ..., -,--m-- W aterlown, N, Y I-IICKS. EULA BINCK ......... --.---Easr Greenbush, N. Y HINKELMAN, DOROTHY MAY .... -,.,---- A lbany, N, Y HOFFMAN, AGNES MARGARET .... .... N orth Troy, N. Y HOLGERSON, EDITH FLORENCE ..... ..... D obbs Ferry, N. Y HOSLEY, INEZ ELIZABETH ...... ,,---,- W elle, N. Y HOTCHKISS, SARAH MILDRED ...., ,- ,....., Greene, N, Y HOWELL, ALICE NIEDA ....... ,.,.-,-,-.-.- D undee, N. Y HUNT, BEULAH .......... --- Smithtown Branch, N. Y HUNT, GRACE ............. .... S mithtown Branch, N. Y JENNINGS, ROSE C-ERALDINE ...L ...... W ater Mill, N. Y JONES, MARION ............. ...... A lbany, N. Y KEELER, JOHN P ..........- .,,,.,, H uclson, N. Y IQERR, GLADYS REBECCA L... E.E.. W ooelstoek, N. Y KILBY, CARLISLE GRADY .... ...... A lbany, N. Y KIMMEY, RUTH LANSING ..... .... A lbany, N. Y KITTLE, BEULAH ELECTA .... ..... S eager, N. Y KINSELLA, MARY MADELINE .... .... T roy, N. Y KNOX, LOIS BELLE .......... L--- ...... Albany, N. Y KOONMEN, ADELAIDE FRANCES ..... ---Watervliet, N. Y LAFORE.ST, ETHEL INEZ ....... ---Greenwich N. Y LAMBERT, RUTH MARION .... --Haverstraw, N. Y LAROSE, KATHERINE SLOAN .... ...... A lbany, N. Y LASKER, ADOLPH JOSEPH ..... ........ T roy, N. Y LAWRENCE, BEULAH EDITH ..... ---- J Ohrwlbufg. N- Y- LEE, RACHEL AUGUSTA ...... .... S chenectady- N- Y- LEVINE, ISADORE ................ ........-- A lb-any. N- Y- LINEHAN, KATHRYN ELIZABETH .... Hudson Falls, N. Y. LIPES, CAROLINE ELIZABETH .... -------- . .-Albany. N- Y- LOGAN, CASSIUS JUDSON ........ Warrelwbufgh. N- Y- LUI-QENS, EDNA WILHELMINA ..... .... S chenectaclY. N- Y- MCCARTHY, KATHRYN FRANCES ..-...........-.---------- ---- A lbany- N- Y- dl I One Hundred One STHE Q Pennsusus A 19112 fanf I LGT' ..: s1'A'rE. GDLLEGE -...L.:.........4....4.nL..i MCKENNA, ETHEL MARGARETU- --------- ---- A lbanyl MAJOR, MARGARET ELLEN-- ---- Peekskill, MANY', KATHERINE ISABEL--- -------- Rensselaer. MARVIN, ALBERT SI4INNER--- ....-- l'l00SiCl4 Falls, MASSON' HARRY ----.----- Centerville Station, MASSON, LOUIS ------------ Centerville Station, MERRILL, JEAN CHANDLER-- MERRITT, EDNA FRANCES ---- MERRITT, XIIETA AUGUSTA--- MESICK, IDA ANNA --------- MILLER, ALFRED J --------- MILLER, RAYMOND WALTER- MOLLOY, ANNA ELIZABETH- MORRISON, EDITH ---------- MOSHER, HELEN AUGUSTA-- - -I --------- Albany, - - - - - Newburgh - -- - - -Newburgh, -- -South Schoclack, - -- --- -Albany - - - -Albany --- ---Troy, - - -- ---Albany, - - -Cold Spring MULROY, ELIZABETH LORETTA--- ---Ticonderoga NEAL, MARGERY ADA ----.-- .... M illbrook NICHOLS, DORIS LOUISE ---- ---Schenectady NICKOWITZ, MAX NATHAN--- ---Newburgh NORTHRUP, NELLIE MAE ---- ----- N ewburgh OATEY, MILDRED EMILY -------- ---I-loosick Falls O'BRlEN, LORETTA PATRICIA ---- -------- W atervliet PATTERSON, DOROTHY --------- ---- C entral Valley PATTERSON, RUTH ------- -- Sparrowbush PELHAM, GLENN JASPER ----- ---- O dessa PLUSCH, FANNIE ESTELLE--- ---- Catskill POLLOCK, KATHERINE ESTHER -------- POOLE, HARIOT CATHERINE WYNNE ---- - - - - - -Albany - - -Port Henry PRATT, GLADYS MAE ---------------- ---North Troy PUTNAM, MARION OPAL ---- ,,,, C Obleskill REICHARD, LILLIAN MAY--- ---Oneonta REIMOLD, BERTHA ------------ ---- T allmans RELLER, JEANNETTE AMELIA ,-,- Albany ROBERTS, DOROTHY --------- - --- Albany ROBERTS, MARY EVELYN --------- ----- P utnan-1 ROBINSON, DOROTHY MARGARET ---- ---Schenectady ROSENSWEIG, SOPHIA jEAN-- ------ Albany ROSS, DELIA l-.ATHROP ---- ---Cgoperstown ROWE, SUMNER -------,-----,,,---, ----- ------- ---- E 1 S mere One Hundred Two Y U O 9 9 D 9 9 I-A Q N. .N, .N, . N. . N. . N. Y. N. I. N. I. N. I. N. f. N. V. N. y. N. y. N. g, N. ga, N. Ik, N. ly, N. gh, N. gh, N. lls, N. ict, N. cy, N. Ish, N. ssa. N- nill, N. my. my. N- roy, N. kill, N Inla, N Iam. N any. N ADY- N nam. adY- DADY' ovm' pert. D4 a NY NY NY NY NY STATE. 6 D1-LIBE 3 HIRE Q Pennsusue A 1917-:I RUSSELL, MARY AILEEN .,..,.,,-- ,,,--, SACKETT, MADELINE AUSER ..... SARTWELL, MYRTLE MAY--- SCHERMERHORN, GERTRUDE I- SEVERNE, FRANCES ESTELLE SHEPARD, EMMA CATHERINE ---- SHIRTZ, MARGARET ALLEN ----- SHOLTES, MARIAN --------- SHUTTS, HAROLD FORREST ----- SIEBERT, CLARA ANNA ------- SIMMONS, NELLIE KATHRYN ---- SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, SMXT H, SMYT H, GRACE LUCILLE ---- HELENE AGNES ---- I-.ILLIAN MARIE ----- MARIE LOUISE ----- MARION IRENE ----- ANNE COOLEY --------- STEER, MARGARET ELEANOR ----- STEWART, HELEN LOUISE ------ STROUT, MARY MORSE ----- SULLIVAN, EDITH ELEANOR SULLIVAN, BEATRICE ------ SUTHERLAND, WILLIAM EARLE--- SUTLIFFE, WINIFRED HUDSON ---- TANSEY, MAE JEAN -------- TEN EYCK, AUGUSTA ------ TEUSCHER, I-IELEN HULDA- TOWER, DONALD MACI-EAN ----- TUBES, MARION THOMAS ------ VAN DEUSEN, MARY EDITH ---- VEDDER, GRACE I-OvISA.---- VEEDER, JESSIE LORRAINE ---- VOGEL, MARTHA ELIZABETH- WAGER, GRACE I-IALL --------- WANER, EDNA MARIE ------- WARNER, EVELYN MABEL ----- WATERHOUSE, LYRA AMELIA- WEMPLE, ELMA WINIFRED ---- ----Saranac Lake, N. Y. -----Watervliet, N. Y. ------Mooers, N. Y. ------Hunter, N. Y. -----Watkins, N. Y. ----Albany, N. Y. ------Albany, N. Y. ----Schoharie, N. Y. ----------Rye, N. Y. -----East Aurora, N. Y. -------Chatham, N. Y. Mechanicville, N. Y. Mechanicville, N. Y. Center Moriches, N. Y. -------Corning, N. Y. -----Pawlet, Vt. ----Troy, N. Y. ------Albany, N. Y. ----Ellenville, N. Y. ----Liberty, N. Y. Kingston, N. Y. ----Schenectady, N. Y. ------Carmel, N. Y Gloversville N. Y. --.... 9 ------Albany, N. Y. ----Albany. N. Y. -----Rome, N. Y. ----Dundee, N. Y. Chatham N. Y ----Newark, N. Y ----- -Catskill, N. Y - - - -Schenectady, N. Y Albany, N. Y North Troy, N. Y ----Canajoharie, N. Y ----Cobleskill, N. Y ----Greenport, N. Y - - - -Schenectady, N. Y I-I-'U -......... SCT .-.-...... Df-:I :::Iu:::: One Hundred Thre ff:-TH E' PEDHE QME 519173 IHEIQ L- -L ' STATE., CGLLEGE :-fffi-.E--1 -I -QI-1 , :s ka XVHITE, MARION CHILSON .... ..... - --Albany, XVHITNEY, HOWARD ERWlN--- XVILBUR, DOROTHY HELEN .... XVILKE5, ELIZABETH MITCHELL XVINNIE., SATIE ORINE ......... WOLFANCEIR, ISABEL ENDERS-- XVOOD. HENRH' LEWIS ..,,... WOOD, MARJORIE JOHANNA--- VVOODWORTH, GLIVE NEWEI-L--- '3- OIIL' HUHIJFCLI FOUI' -- - ...... Albany ----- ------Albany --------Kingston Fort Edward -- ...... Atlanta ---- ---Woodford --Rutherford -East Jewett D Y Y U Liv-T""'-gif-fqrg H G H NY 5.61.11 ff- Y 3 W, - Y ' I r x QI' 5 Q5 Rf rg' THE FRE SHMAN W xf Ngwmmmm it ms u t w-fy SQ x 1 E , X 5 I 2 ,23 X X . 3 LL N , ill ,M . .,.., F QTHEQ ED s a E f-2-19172: + 1U , STATE. amines fum 5 -:D 3fI'P5h1IlZI1I 0112155 Obflirvra JF4AN IQ, AMKS SPENCER PECKHAM 'rift'-IJft'AitlL'Ilf Secrelary LRNEST F. TRIPP Prcxsfrfcnl MARCl.fXRI-I'I' V. GRAY ALBERT E, LUFF Y1l'K'lI.Xllfl'l' R1,pOf!cr ig JD? i f i 5 JV!-HL fUf , 1 W G lllilluifff! SIX QTHE Q Penmsursus el rr-Q -QD s1'A1'E. commas :-e ,-,gc g e -59 an Gilman nf 19211 " Oh, look! H said the Sophomores. H Poor children," said the Juniors. " Quite a few-er-er Freshmen," murmured the Seniors. And, ecce, the largest Freshmen class in the history of the school! Perhaps they were green. They knew it. Perhaps they grew more sophisticated. They knew it. Perhaps they will surprise the universe. They know it. Thanksgiving day contests were not very favorable to the Freshmen, but the memory of those early defeats did not last long. Since then the Freshman basketball stars have formed a constellation that dazzled the H upper " classmen hopelessly. Everyone knows that it is the great people who set the example for the world to follow. For instance, what Freshman class Hrst gave a dance in lieu of a battle honestly won? What Freshman class had the first football team of its own, indeed, of State College? Above all which Freshman class was the first to lay traditional foundations for the college 'by sitting, shivering uncomplainingly, while the other classes file slowly out? Of a truth, this is the last year that a class shall pass in front of 1920! But this was only a beginning, for through some peculiar sympathy, those who are not Freshmen have begun to look for new worlds to conquer of like make. Of course, all praise be to them, but 1920 - The Freshman class has really just begun, but the fight is on in dead earnest. There are some mighty stiff pulls ahead, but l920 is more than equal to them. If you want expert opinion about the class. ask the professors - they know. Even though they may be doubtful on some few points, 'ware lest thou forget the Freshman adage, " Not failure, but low aim is crime." i 3 ! Q sf Oo-oo-See W hal The New Year Brought In :sux Cne Hundred Seven -. ,Mg i . ll ' v Q Y , , ,W , Q Qv-..' I AT. HZ J X Y Z v i " N.. I ,Q N sl? i F 1-' B23 1 'EHE Psnmsusue 2-19115. fe-1 an 'af ' as s: s1' - . as n, , frvnhmvn abeel, fannie louise ...... .,., -,,-- adams, dorothea duane .... adriance, sarah ada--- - ---- -- -- alden, marguerite ----- ------------- ----- ames, jean ellen ------- anderson, alice annabel appleton, isabel garton -...- -- archibold, elizabeth ewing -------- ---- auchampaugh, philip g ------- baird, mabel esther--- baker, marion florence--- ------------- ---- banner, dorothy may-- baion, rose frances ----------- --- barrett, ethel catherine- barry, marie martha ------------------ ----- bartlett, mlldred ------------- ---- ------ beale, marion adelaide ---- ----- ----- beattie, ruth carolyn ----- becker, almeda ------ becker, margaret --------- bedford, nellie amelia- ----- - beekman, sarah van wyck ----- benedict, charlotte gertrude ----- bennett, lenita jane -------- - bettenger, beth ------------------ .--... beveridge, mary mcconnell -------.-..... -- birch, elsbeth root -------- birch, yohn J ------------.-- . . biser, esther rosalmd ------. ...... -.------ - - - blair, h-ilda eliza ----- blessing, roderick cameron--- bliss, frank richard--- bloom, goldie mollie ---- ....- bohne, florence ------ cz: SET .-.-... m::1n::::1 ---little falls, n. y. ----rensselaer, n. y. ---slingerlands, n. y. ---freehold, n. y. ----malone, n. y. ---menands, n. y. ---albany, n. y. -----cohoes, n. y. ----schoharie, n. y. ---fultonville, n. y. ---wayville, n. y. -----patchogue, n. y. -----watervliet, n. y. saratoga springs, n. y. ----------troy, n. y. ----glens falls, n. y. -----peekskill, n. y. ----salem, n. y. -----utica, n. y. ------utica, n. y. ----houghton, n. y. ---johnstown, n. y. -------fonda, n. y. ---warrensburg, n. y. ----chittenango, n. y. ---west hebron, n. y. ------Walden, n. y. - -- -schenectady, n. y. ---Chatham, n. y. ----staatsburg, n. y. ---allegany, n. y. -----oxford, n. y. ----kingston, n. y. ---northport, n. y. ul: One Hundred Nine QIHE-Q Penn:-:asus Q 1911:- boland, catherine elizabeth-- boland, frances mary ..... bradley, elizabeth .... brown, s. alice ...... bruce, ruth charlotte--- bryant, marjorie --..---.-- buehler, katherine elizabeth--- burchhelcl, irene eleanor ---- burlock, margaret mary---- burnap, marion g ..--.--- burney, esther cary ---- button, ila ------------ callison, ruth ------------- carnes, frances elizabeth ---- carpenter, emma alethea ---- carson, john robert, jr ------- cassavant, theoclore Wallace-- cassicly, elizabeth clare ------ chamberlayne, kathryn dudley chatfield, mabel m ---------- clark, phyllis m--- class, eclna --- colton, louis ---..---- conlclin, cecile laura--- constable, violet helen ---- cope, helen morgan ---- corbin, bessie gertrucle--- corbin, vivian esther-- corr, elizabeth agnes--- corwith, gertrucle mary--- covey, bernice milclrecl crable, augustus matthew- - - craig, edna -------.---..- crumb, geraldine e --------- cummings, madelene louise ---- cunningham, beulah bernice--- claley, lranccs gertrude .----- :zu One Humlrctl Ten ---troy - - - -troy ---albany ---ellenville -------jay ---johnstown - - - - -albany, ------morton, - - -dobbs ferry, - - -old forge, --------troy, schaghticolce, - ---- -clinton, ---Watertown, - - - -ossining, - - -moriah, - - -albany, -- - -- -albany, ---schenectady, - - - -albany, -- -albany, - - - -albany, - - -rhinebeck, -- ---- ---- h illsdale, ---tannersville, - - - -- -guilford, voorheesville, - - - -schenectacly, -- -- -cohoes, - - - -albany, - - - -albany, ---troy, - - - - -delhi, - - -watervliet, - - -Watertown, chasm falls, -------troy, SCT .....- C: ::::D:.'1-1 - STATE. CDLLIBE f- - - e -ani f -in Q Pennant.-f.uE -2-1911-my ---------"" "' - 'fe auf- davis, ruth hannah ............ dean, vera may .......... degnan, florence katherine srms. causes ..- ,- :sus-sm degroot, kathrene johana ...............-. deitz, katherine laura .... demers, madeleine .... derouville, may ......... dohris, julia ............ do-llar, isabella patrick .... donahue, ellen catherine ..... dorwaldt, earl john ..... ...... down, kittie klock ...... doyle, harriet mary--- dyer, bertha marie--- dyer eunice coburn ------ edgarton, marjorie alma-- edmonds, florence mary-- ehle, florence marion--- fay, julia annie --------- ferguson, arth,ur--------- finn, marjorie catherine--- fitzgerald, catherine rose- fitzgerald, francis joseph-- fitzgerald, may -------- fontana, rosina helena--- fortanier, anna christina ---- frankel, sadie ---------- gale, mary janet ----- gallien, ruth osborne ---- ---holmes, ---wantagh, - -----olean, - - -fort edward, - -- -- -berne, ----troy, --------albany, locust valley, --------lee, ---syracuse, --- - -albany, -- ---- little falls, -----albany, -----albany, --east berne, - -- -solsville, ------lyons, - -- -johnstown, --------lee, west hebron, -ticonderoga, -----albany, -----troy, ---albany, ---- -----albany, gardiner, elizabeth ----------- ........ - - gihson, heatrice n. ---------- -- gifford, jessie may ----- glezen, winifred jennie--- goewey, ezra Walton ----- goldenkoff, jacob mosley ---- gonard, celine madeleine-- graham, katherine alice ---- QU' mu..-I.. - -- -watervliet, - - - -schenectady, -----groton, ---albany, - - - - -crisfield, so. hartford, - - - -canaan, lisle, - - -east schodack, ------albany, n. y n. y n. y n. y n. y n. y n. y n. y mass n. y n. y n. y n. y n. y n. y n. y n. y n. y mass n. y n. y n. y n. y n. y n. y n. y n. y n. y n. y md n. y n. y n. y n. y n. y coytesville, n. j ---oriskany, n.y nz: One Hundred Eleven fa: we S- asoaararaua 31593 Q ri , , g -Q s1'A'rE., GQLLEGE rn :s c-2 gray, margaret veronica--U - ---- ---- - - ---- ------- --------- T 6 nsselaer' gray, ruth harriet .... -- gregg, mabel mae ..... -- green, gertrude josephine-- - - - - ---- ---- --m- ,,-, ...-. ,..... - - r e n sselaer, -----------U------------------Waterford, M -- ------ ------ ,.,,-,., ....., g r e en island, gremmler, C0nStarlCC .--- ------ ------ -------- -----'-"-'-- f - a l biny' gmff evadean----nun ----- ------- ---., ,,,,.-.... .... s t . J ohnsville, gross, elizabeth georgiana--- ------- ------ ------- -------------- a T l ington guldi, helen amelia ..... - aagan, dorothy josephine-- -----,--------------------------sayville, - - -------,- ,,,,-.,...... ........ p e ekskill, nakes, elton jabez ....-- --- ------ ------ -------- - - ----- - ---- iall, adalene annette ..... halpin, margaret bertha--- iianbury, elsie whittaker--- -------troy, U------------------------------------buffalo, ----H-U-U------------------------watervliet, --HUn--U------------------------newburgh, crane, ethel may ........ ...--------- -------- ------ - ------------- 3 l b any, hanrahan, mary emily --...... .....----- ------------ ---------- W 3 t efVllet, qarrigan, gerald edward ......... ....------- --------- - - ----------- C afmelr liaitwell, madeleine howard aaskin, marian margaret--- ----,--------------------------------brewster, --------------U--------------U---skaneateles, fiays, katherine jean ............ .....--.------- ---------- hazelton, clara ella ------- .1earn, ella julia ---- hedges, alice louisa ---- hemstreet, ethel mae --------.---.. saratoga springs, --------------------------------------delmar, -----------------------------thomson, ----------------------------greenville, mechanicville, hennmg, katherlne louise -----------------.-------- .- ----...--.---- albany, henry, isabel ruth ----.--- ---------------------------------------nyack, herman, irene myrtle ------ ---------.-.---.----- - --newburgh, hcyman, ella helen -------------------------.----.------------ newburgh, higbee, hannah king ------------------------------------------ greenport, higgins, alice elizabeth ---------------------------------------- wyantskill, higgins, alice isabella ----------------------------- -, ------------- yonlqers, higland, mildred janet--- --------------------------------------- eohoes, hill, blanche esther ---- hofmann, louis george--- -----------------------------------cambridge, smithville Hats, hogan, anna louise --------------------- --------,------------- W hitehall, lwgan, ethel mary ...... .....-.........-- .----- - , ------------ w atertown, hogan, fl'3nCCS teresa ------------- --------------- ---------- In e Chanicville, holben, kenneth putnam--- ----------- --------------- S kaneateles, :SU SCT 2' One Hundred Twelve Z ine Q Psnmsnsue Q 19115. C23 """""""f"'................".'1"'.--........'l" ---fr-- e nj I s1'A1'E. cumzee 2 22 hollenbeck, hulda .... .........-. hopper, lillian may ..... hosdowich, john merle--- hungerford, jean ........ jacobus, winifred dorland-- johnson, emlly louise ............. ...- .,.,- johnson, jennie matilda--- johnston, florence marie ........ ....,... - -- johnston, janet isabella .... V 54-Y Y I - ---fleischmanns, n. y. -----albany, n. y. ---albany, n. y. -----albany, n. y. ---great neck, n. y. ---locust valley, n. y. ---fort salonga, n. y. -----elmira, n. y. ---albany, n. y. keep, alida gertrude ----------------- ---- W egtport, n, y, kempton, elsie marie ------------ ---------- - --yonkers, n, y, kennedy, elsie minerva --------------------- . ---- ---rgme, n, y, kerr, m-argaret marie ---------------------- ----- ---- v a latie, n, y, liilts, alice liafhern -..-.--..-...-.-.- --- ---- sharon, n. y, kingsbury, gertrude henrietta --------- ------ ------ a l bany, n, y. knapp, florence irene ----.---------.-.- -- - ---niagara falls, n. y. knott, clarence edward ------------------ - -------- otego, n. y. -amb, marion elizabeth-U ----- ----------- --------- a l bany, n. y. lasning, edith marguerite ---- ------ - ---- - - Qavery, clara frances ------ lazarus, grace hardy ------------- --------.. -edger, olive agatha--- Lee, henrletta mary -------- --- --..--... ....... - Qeitzell, helen ormsby ----- -emka, anna margaret --------- ------..... - ..... - --- leonard, harriet amelia--- -ewis, alice katherine ----- -saratoga springs, n. y. ----Schenectady, n. y. ----ticonderoga, n. y. ----ticonderoga, n. y. ------lynbrook, n. y. albany, n. y. schodack landing, n. y. --------pomfrey, n. y. ---scotia, n. y. --clinton, n. y. Abby, ruth mlller -.------------..... ......-.----- ---- - - -illie, pearl ellen ------ -ittell, florence h. -------- -obdell, ruth gertrude ----- -obdell, harry van allen--- -ong, chester james ------- -0Vett, margaret west ------ --....... - - - - - - - -udwick, raymond oscar--- -uff, albert edwin -------- -y0ns, margaret elizabeth- - - ----.. - - .-.--- - ------ -- l:::: KT n:::Dr::: ---putnam, n. y. ---argusville, n. y. ----wadhams, n. y. --------albany, n. y. ---new scotland, n. y. ------albany, n. y. ---amsterdam, n. y. ----albany, n. y. ----norwich, n. y. c::s One Hundred Thirteen e-:THE Q PEDHE EUE 'S 1917-ei m e 1 wr- .: s1'A'rE. causes -.::--,...-:7+-f--far-1 :s er mearevey, william aloysius ........---- ------------------ ----------- t r GY' U mccarlhy, marjorie cecilia .....------- ----------------- ------ W a rrensburgf n mggartliy, mary ,--,,,.,.......... ....-------- ---------- 5 a ratoga Springs: n mcconnell, greta elizabeth .......-------- ------------------------- - Utica' U mchugh, bessie elizabeth ..........------ -------- - - --------------- Wallkill. U mcintyre, irene .4...............--- --u--------------- ------ W e St hebfonf H mcmahon, lawrence mceneny ........-..----- ----------------------- U 503, H maclcey, talitha jane ............-------- ---------------------- b Uchanani Il macsweeney, gertrucle pauline ...............-.- ---------------- 3 lens falls, H maher, katherine lavelle ...............---- ---------------------- fi lbany, H makin, elizabeth francma ........... .......---- --------- mann, mildrecl isabella ........ -, .............----- ------- marlcham, julia ann ........ markham, margaret mary- - - ----------rome, n ------glens falls, n ballston lake, n -,U---------------------------------all9any, n mason, mation carr ........... -. ........................-..--.-. I1OrWiCl1, n matline, vera ...................-.................-.......--.. albany, n matovchik, anna mary .................................. east fort edward, n merchant, william charles ........................................ albany, n meserve, milclrecl ina .................................... 4 .... johnstown, n miller, alice marie .............................................. albany, n miller, elsa carrie ............ -. ............................... claveraclc, n miller, margaret catherine .................................... college point, n miller, helen milclred .....,..............................,.,... peekslqill, n miller, estricl cleconclres ..........-.-.-.....,,,.,-,.,,,,,--,,- seheneetaely, n moore helen elizabeth .........-..........,,,--,-,.--,----,-,--- Waverly, n mOOI'C, helen Sflliuylel' ...,..,-,.....,-,-,---,----,------------ rensgelaer, n moore marian reeves ,,.....,h,-,-,-,,,-,.,,,,--,,----------- --hillgdale, n morris, ruth melissa .......,,.-,-,-,------,-,------s--- ---------- C anaan, n moshier, isabcl louise ..,,,,-,,----,-------H------ ------------- 5 cgttsburg, n mullhollancl, clorothy emily ,-,,-,----,----,---------a--.- ------- 1 Ong lake, n murray, Jennie mary -,---,n----------------- -------------------- a lbany, n nead, william melangchton ,-,-- ----------------- I --------------- a lbany, n neuner, john william -...,,.,.- , ,---,------n-----.----- ------ p Ort Chester, n newbury, mary olive ,,,- ---------------------- ---------------- Y i pley, n newton, eleanor brown ------- ------------------- - - -------------- albany, n Dolan' Genes ------------------ ---------.......... - ........ s chenectacly, n noldi, arnold -, ------------------- -------------------- n ewburgh, n :U -....... QKT 1:1 lk One Humlrcrl Fourlccn STATE. GULLZG E. qua 2- Paonsursue Q 1917-fa 'ct' ' e" J ofa a Q.. nolan, helene mary ..... noonan, marie margaret--- nuttall, luise addison--- o'brien, marjorie jane--- o'brien, richard --------- o'bryan, mary elizabeth- - - o'connell, elizabeth ----- - - -schenectady - - - -mechanicville ---schenectady ----- - -ossimng - -- - - -mechanicville - ------------- albany - - - - - -barrytown-on-hudson osborne, mary elizabeth ---- ----------, overton, mildred howcll--- owens, mary teresa ------ parshall, eclna elizabeth--- partridge, ruby frances--- patterson, mary ruth ------ pearsall, hazel estelle ---- pepper, alice marion ----- - - - - - - -margaretville - - - -sag harbor ---warrensburg ---cooperstown - - - - -avoca ---albany --.- ----------- albany middle granville pfau, marion clare ---------------- -------------------------, g lens falls phillips, james william ---- ---------- ---- -------- 5 t 0 ny brook piester, jennie --------- - --- ----- ancram polt, hugo karl ------------ ---- ---- ---- t o n awanda posson, marion theresa ---- puderbaugh, ernest theodore -------- ------ ----- ------schenectady - - - ...... -.-.- ------- ---- s c h enectady purdy, marguerite helen ---------- -- ---- - quigley, mary anna ------- rabe, mary agnes --------- ranney, margaret marion ---- reitz, helen lucille -------- reuning, margaret enrestine ---- ----- - richmond, alice elizabeth ---- ------- ----- - - riley, francis a. r. -------- ------ rising, emma harriet ---- ritzer, marguerite irene--- robertson, margaret d. -- robinson, siebella ------ roche, susan agnes ---- rolls, harriet maud ----- roody, sarah isabella ---- rooney, ethel mary -------- ---- ---canandaigua ----- -----schenectady ---saratoga springs -- - - -Waterford -- -allegany ------- -olean --orislcany falls ------ -cohoes - - --hoosick falls -------scotia - - - albany - --utica ----------albany saratoga springs -- ----- coming - ---east norwich in One Hundred Fifteen gc.. fe-:THE S PEDHEDEUE 'el my r r UD, 1- - : STATE. nausea e 1- .DL-4 s A rosengard, jennie ........---- --- ------------- --------------------- U rica, rowley, hazel augusta .......-------- ------------- ----------- b 3 USIOH SPH, russell, mellance lazelle ........------ ------------- ------------ V e nsselaefr ryan, mareella frances ........------- ----------------- ----------- a 1 banyr ryder, marion pearl .........------- ----------------- -------------- t f OY, ganclers, walter ..........------- -------------------- ------- W 3 lefvlietr saunclers, loretta gertrude .......----------- -------------------- n Orthportv geeurman, emily catherine ..........----- ------------------------- h Udsfmr sehiavone, george anthony .......----- -- ------------------- -- ------- albany, sehnitzler, jane lcatherine ....... -. ..------------------------ ------ k lngston, Q sehoenberg, benjamin .........--------- ------------------------- 3 lbaflyr l schwaclelson, harry ...............------- ----------------------- U 355311, all 2 r schwarz, clorothea emma- ,ll l' scullen, jane marie ....., l rl lf ill ,. 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STT '---..-:---i :::::Dr.::a One Hundred Scvenlccn 7 5 7 ! 7 3 7 r::s I I 1 lil , , x a r , r ini' 1 r lil' sir: i up .,,. r s,1zf ,ii i rl. lr 34, ell rw i . l ,, l l ll l 3 W Q I HE S' PEDHEDEU S191 In il ' ' E kr-an Y 13.-,Y--, ali 1, an-nl. 1, - v l r, 3 2 li ' . west, bertlia margaret- ---- Oxford, lil, 1, while, Carolyn wooster ---- albany, wiglit, dorothy dorman ---- albany, Wilbur, james Waldo .......... ....-....- ------- ---------------- Cl 9 l af1CY, jr llg williams, ralph clark- SChCf1CCtadY, ri, winter, margaret ............. ........... -------- - - ----------- 3 19115 falls, wood, mona mae ..... ---- 3 lbafly woodrufl, leon liarmon .............. .......- -------------------- W 0 lcott woolsey, george W. ........... .............. - ---Q -------.----.. Hladelirl ,El woolsey, liarriet louise ......... .......... . - ....-.. .- --------.--.--.. UUC21 wren, edward eugene- .... albany 'lrli wright, olive r. ................. ................. ........... C Zi mbridge yanke, anna elizabeth ......... -. .............. -.................. a lbany illl ,l , , lr illlil ,Li 'ii op 5-ruovu-A6 , M31 I Fon-rue F-in 31 gif 'rr-wv Ane- glrit Al.wAYS'A rgrni ,gl emcvx. iLl,Go f ouT Av-io DLAY I' X z- AGAHE' Oi-' . 2:23 I: ' TPNH 5 M fl I' f INSTEAD, ,,n"A. ' I lx 3 ' Y I 5 I Q : , , , , ,X V ll I' s,e- A r 6' f . -' f Wim fa fr 7 15,1 UI IX ' Q'liI4 ' r 1--s. - .- Wig. r I-Q ,miizsp-9 i X 1 lllmwau-! e 'egegasill "":l!asraiaee "iw X Q fS'?41w!S-e,:c-- ll lm.:52"' ' n!!:::::::"':i Ill v'7WQ 'M' My l ff -- r -1--42+ If f . 'I '- 4' - , if I l I- ffiurirgz 7X7 -QQ , f rea- 'HU Q L- i .f?3?"' ' 1 - 'll-7' I l F . SX 1 '- ' I A YD 6i':- Q , SJW QSN-fel-ff.-... Freshmen faking their ease Before - and ,.. After ll 5 One Hunrlrcrl Eiglrleen l l - ' " " zV'551'fX W . , XZ ' 'if-wif , Q ..: , V , 4 Nw , Q . I ll.y u Il. yn I IJ. yt ll. y. Il. yg D. y, ll. y, ll. y, n. y, 1. y, 1. y. 1. y. . y. 3 . -I 9 4 I f 1 5 . i , 1 A v E 4 1 . 1 f y 6 - -.-- -.-.31 --..-1.g-J.-I-1""'1',. ...rr-. see.: :FM-1-.': "::"-3."'? 5.1. Y'-Us c- J -,,,3-k,-.TrvH'1-J-. .,,.., . ,ff-1-:tt--1' 1,-,1.. .-- ,-. . ,I ,M--.'1--.lvyulggi 3-,::.-:s'j'g g5.'.1,1-ifrlx---41-JQYYSYE 3'-gl-.-I. - ""A1,' --1.2.2-Lx-L - Jr-L M' U. Lf C :- I '1 E' J I 1 '5- :I '- 'zz I 5. ', " : - s ' "' I 3 f . . ., 'I' . f I -'Q Z. - A 5-3, a 1, ' : . I 1 . x I I Q , J. ., ? 1 ' , -S S T 1 .. .f. 1 1 I ' 1 K STA I' E COLLEGE I ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONS NEW YORK ' EoR ,TEACHERS GENERAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Oficers 1916-1917 President ROLAND DANN, 622 Hatch Avenue, Woodhaven, N. Y. Vice-Presidents LAURA M. BRISTOL WILLIAM J. BALLARD ' JOHN MCNEILL, B.A. Secretary CHESTER WOOD, B.S., Pc1.lVI., N. Y. State College for Teachers Assistant Secretary ANNA E. PIERCE, N. Y. State College for Teachers Treasurer JOHN A. MAHAR, B.A., N. Y. State College for Teachers Annual meeting, June 16, 1917. Permanent organization effected, June 30, 1873 Inccrporatecl, March 7, 1907. LOCAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONS NEW YORK CITY AssocIAT1oN President GERALD S. PRATT, B.A. I Secretary-Treasurer FRED A. DUNCAN, 79 Shelton Ave., Jamaica, N. Y. Annual meeting in February. UTICA ASSOCIATION President ROY C. VAN DENBERGH, B.S. Secretary ALICE M. FINN, B.A., Frankfort, N. Y. Annual meeting in May. Cz' ..........- SET If-'f-1 One Hundred Twenty 1 I ,l""'Ila., XIII, , 's 2' y r f n 1 fl 'lin ' NX f .-:1 j - ,ag Q "' " x. ' Z: i ' N X- ' Vai-I fly! 'I ffm' in 2-l'l if .lil 'X .0 kgskxgw t-U--A,' 1 A P :xxx ,n ' ' ,I . all Nw I X, , f 'mu X N - f I f -' ww. f We Jiffy. A Xxx X 1 X5 M 'E KN . X ' Qlfsfvf- 0 vi it x xi 'I' X W' gfffiiif h If 1' Ex , M f IH? I tugs? A x.X'1xv. x ciiffli 5 , 1 :JL i ff' fl. Fi ya' '11,-. .tx QM.. Q i m QL f 1 A 5-H 2.95.2552 X fxigixgg , ---- 5 i 5 1 3, uma-,.....- .-.- ff 1, -. 3558219 75,4 YYLLfLQlw.oLi UN sxqwmwx 3415 0-gmikl Ass'1' EDITOR BUS' HSS M CTER I 8,uJa-k.n.nxJ:x.J Larsnninv Eouron UTSRHRY Emron ART ED: QR ART EDITDR 727. 0Jq7,,, .PHOTO EDIYOR PHo'ro Eofron JE. w. AUDITOR J ' -.. -.Ii g Y F iii- -v- L Q I l '-' ' 1 ,, K .1 - x . ' ' - --"' ' M l. - - -s' XXXXNXWRKXXYXKXXXXQXXXXX9 XxXXiX3XXXXX9XXXXIBXYXXXKXXXXYXXKXRNlXXK?1XXXv'XXQ XX9N35' - N ' L hu3nToR u no EDYTOR AD EDM" Q. .TONE ED:ToR A0 ED11' 5UB5c,mPTfor- -Epnw SUBscR,y1roN E01ToR LJMMW Gmfmflm gk ATHLETIC ED ' rn-anne evnfwk 'Tm 'T 1 gh ,. . x i Q1-xi . I 'E E rv: gg 5.-29.45 5 " 'emfsv Q3-ll -1: S'-1+ an nn , S L"' T55-lY 1. P I 9 FJ , Qa F I -32- ,W Q1 gl. 36 x xy ,,,f? X' nf' 8 in S. 4- ,r -7' .4 A3 ,' . mv ' 1'- vf N .x' 9. i MEA ,Q s 1 I" JJ' , "H ndafli-v':, Yi WIN! X 1' W! MBU QJVSJ, f 5 l i 1 1 1 i 4 A 4 . , I if, M221 H- as I mi gn ,, I NI ii I WTI PIM IINIIIN Editor-in-Chief .... Assistant Editor--- Literary Editor-- Atumni Editor--- Exchange Editor--- foke Editor ---.- A thletic Editors ---- Business Manager -.-- A dvertising Managers Subscription .Manager Circulating Managers- - - Board of Editors ---MARGARET M. CHRIST -------FAITH WALLACE -----------ETHEL I-IOUCK -----F. I-IERRICI4 CONNERS ---------MAUD ROSE ----HILDRED GRIFFIN SEMMA GRAY " 2 REIN HARD I-IOHAUS MARJORIE MITCHELL QALIOUSTA TEN EYCK QARTHUR WOODWARD DORIS SWEET DOROTHY WILBUR WILLIAM E. SUTHERLAND c:::: :::: One Hundred Twenty fi 1 .+L x , is xi-A X 1 on nh-L. .DQ - ' v 'F , :L 7' " . 26 X 0, f' 'ti lil' 9 ii 'J ang ., in L ........... ll!l '1 '1 -.X -.,. 1 O bu ,llivfi , 1 N... .. I X , , x ,Q , , - X , I K . 'tr 1, xxx , .. 9. A miata i " 'h ' x X "NT x'ffLXQ1'C1.fl.'.'f31Q' ""T'.nLxT,L 7235125 74 'Iii'-7"lf.,L11B'. ,.x.4..e' A A "l.1..."3'5':?fl :gli .2 ' ,Qf.'.1Q1..?TA'fQ. L-J QL. 1.-.-.-x., ... . A ,. -. ,...., -... ...W .....-X.--......-. . V ,-- . 5 , - W.-. , Y' ' . , ' Q.-,. . X W e. wb N Y, ,W qyfsfffzff Wfwiwf 'ffwwf-wffomww.W,-I f Ill W . . W J, lf 'af f '4 ft. I No. E ALE NY N.Y7FssriuAi1Tif'x:'i7L7iY' ' 51.50 itifrrg n m i- iiagmciigiks State College Wins Game A .4 W . S t H t e C O I I e e l Q VV vf A ' M A w ILKLY .1 7 7 5 OUR-NAL New von.: rrrxrr. coin-rr ron Tuncnrna U I, V 15 A . . ' A ' .Q y 2- Q- , X , f I I 'I I Beginning with E-ehruary 17 I , ' 5 th L'b ll I t ?l O S . : I S. C. -.iurc:axfyIni::eajZ1c5l 525: lklaall 90. John'l. Cohlluororu Ol Army ' - ' ' ' as formerly. unless baton: thu 3o'39 " 80" Gil' 09 3009611 D u nough request: ar: re blllt n e c won' Iherr .nl It-1 rnuinri r- mi h I t 1 d by t e librarian ro make were man who nnrr expr ml ll vi or r r-. I1 fs S C J b cudem that there rs n o to hear :gn und ul :hr Nm .nr I lx. r., . ,.. ,,-. 5 , , - ' cu A ' , . .. g pen aturday ahzr- College Uaskexhzll the i s u J Th d a 'g y b I GIRLS A. A. T0 Cyp- vn- STATE COLLEGE WINS AT Hocxsv Cm AE, I I i 1 '1 i Q. HE. college year I9l6-I9I 7 witnessed the birth of a new publication, the Slate College News, which has come to State College as the first newspaper ever published there, and which, if signs do not fail, has come to stay. Briefly, this ii- is the history of its beginning. 011 Moving-Llp Day l9l6, the Sophomore class, the Class of l9I8, presented as its 6' stunt H an allegory, the object of which was to show the advantages of the intro- duction into college life of a weekly newspaper. The idea happily concurred with a plan President Brubacher had in mind, and as a result the President of I9I8 was given authority to publish a college weekly. To make a long story short, the President of l9l8 appointed a committee with himself as chairman, and as a result of their labors the Slate College News has become a fixture at State College. Considering the fact that the past year was the first in its history and that there was no support whatever from the alumni, the record up to date of the Stale College News must be admitted to be remarkable. Prospects for a successful second year are bright. The number of subscribers among the students is expected to increase, and in addition a campaign for subscriptions from the alumni is planned and will undoubtedly bring much additional revenue. ' The members of the committee are: ALFRED E. DEDICKE, Editor-in-Chief KATHRYN COLE JOSEPH A. WALKER BENJAMIN COHEN HENRY L. GREENBLATT RAY TOWNSENO l..ILLIAN MAGILTON STANLEY HEASON EI-0155 LANSING MAOO ROSE ELMETTA VAN DELoo DOROTHY ALISTIN MILDRED MACEWAN D EU' C' ::1nc:: One Hundred Twenty-scvcfl ,- nm...- 5 Q :Q WE ...I iq J? -3 " 'f:1'fw ' 'l"','rf'L"'r2"Hw..Z2 f 1 m MAH t 'M gp li.-23 muy QMS-, ..-Lak im?" Y 1 e fgeiilf if SJ STATE.. GLZLLEQE 1-rffffiifgfiiii-fe---V-ifV e e e mf, mgahania NE of the mostiimportant steps in the development of student spirit and power was the organization, March, l9l7, of a Student Council. l. The purposes of the Council shall be to serve as a means of com- munication between the students and the faculty, to represent the opinion and to improve the dep-artment of the student body. It shall have no share in the discipline of students, and would not be expected to administer an honor system. 2. The Council shall be an honorary body composed of Seniors who have won places of prominence in scholarship, athletics, or other college activities, and who have capacity for leadership. 3. The Council shall consist of not more than twelve nor less than ten members, the number varying with the character of the Senior Class. 4. The President of the Senio-r Class shall become, ex officio, a member of the Council, and, if he is not a member before election to the presidency of the Senior Class, the membership of the Council shall accordingly be increased by one. 5. The method of electing the Student Council shall be as follows: The faculty shall appoint five Juniors before the spring recess of each year, the outgoing Student Council shall add five, six, or seven to this number, electing them from the Junior Class. 6. These elections shall be announced with suitable ceremony upon Moving-up Day. A 7. The duties and privileges of the Student Council shall be such as the follow- ing: To have seats upon the platform at student assembliesg to govern interclass contests, other than athletic, to administer the rules governing the various competitions for officesg to administer the college customsg to control fraternity and sorority practicesg to call the Freshman Class meeting for electing officers and to govern all class elections, to make recommendations to the student assembly. 8. The Student Council shall have in the originating of rules and their enforce- ment only such powergas may be delegated by the faculty. 9. A faculty committee shall at regular intervals, or upon special occasions, confer with a committee of the Council. IO. The first Student Council shall be appointed by the faculty and thereafter election be made according to the plan described above. The hrst Council appointed consists of the following Seniors: Kohn D. Hager, Mildred Lawrence, Edith Wallace, Margaret Christ, Vlfillard Pearsall, Stanley Fitzgerald, Edward L. Long, Edith Rose, Emma Ctray, Marion Payne, Guy Bruce. ' 'A vM7M, . . .aw-zz, ff.. sr-mfg-,vvn'-7-,, .f-. if Tm: gf S 3 1931 QE 7385, 1:-:.:.'.1 1 One Hundrefl Trvenly-nine 1 . x pi?-F' " Q-.'s:..'-1?-'f-' '.:.f-"4'-"'...-.:.-....-1-, 3"-'I-'l'F-'-" -Z-EE-..r.:: Iii?" """""'.'2':-""' 5n'fu'5"un"v-nll':": - ., Q 6 L I IM Presidenl ....... -- Vice-President .... Secretary ...... Treasurer .... Librarian--- Reporter--- Counsellor- -- BENJAMIN, GERTRUDE BENTLEY, MILDRED BICE, LEAH L. BIRCH, JOHN J. BREEN, KATHRYN BRONNER, BERNICE S. BRONSON, BARNARD S. BURNS, ARTHUR D. BUSSY, LILLIAN CLUTE, NICHOLAS DALY, MARY M. FORCE, NELSON J. FRASER, WALTER S. GAUCER, CAROLYN HAGEL, CATHERINE I-IENDRICKSON, RACHEL JACOBI, E.LEANOR M. JOHNS, NINA B. JOHNSON, IDA KENNEDY, WM. C.. KING, MARGARET LANE, JESSIE B. LOBDELL, HAROLD VVO T P i,5 LT QC U, ' EW MLYUJA' ' 1 ' 9X ' '- F Q Oblicers Members A. OLEVER, I-IORAT MARGUERITE STEWART -------MARION PAYNE ---RUTH MURTAUGH ---HUBERT WINKLER - ------ NINA JOHNS -----VERNA MCCANN ---WM. C.. KENNEDY LONG, EDWARD L. MCCANN, XIERNA MCCRACKEN, JOHN MOORE, AGNES S. MURTALIGH, RUTH A. NORMAN, ALICE 0,MALLEY, MILDRED PATTERSON, RUTH PAYNE, MARION POST, BESSIE PRATT, HELEN PRATT, RUTH SMITH, MAUDE E. SMITH, GERTRUDE L. SNIDER, ETHEL M. STEWART, MARGUERITE SULLIVAN, EDITH VAN CLEEE, ELLEN WACNER, FLORENCE VVALKER, JAMES A. XVINKLER, HUBERT F. WOOD, CHESTER J. XVOODWARD, EDNA OP. :U :Q in Onc Hundr J Th rly one SQ A. 1 V ,ij I Qjfcers . AWRENCE President ........ ..-.-.-- ---------- ------ M 1 L DRED L Vice-Presideni .......-- --.------ ----------------- M A UD ROSE Secretary ,---,-,--, ,,,,,.,, ......,, .......... E L o 1sE LANSING ,fi ' L fr ELIZABETH OSBORN Reporter ........... .....-..-.- ----------- we Program Committee 5 "k.fH LILLIAN MAGILTON, Chairman 591.25 FAITH WALLACE ARTI-IUR N. VVOODWARD as . ,v . , T , OLLEGE Club is an organization open to the Faculty and the Whole Student F A OSL Body. The purpose of the club is to keep in touch with current events. At tn 5 the meetrngs, whlch were held thls year on alternate Frrday afternoons, varlous 5, .A - speakers gave brief talks on subjects of general interest. mi .Ti 211111-I'i L23 ,,. . KY' lfv 'fm rv, . ll 5' A ' va.. fl C ' x E5 iii.. E35 ,Z -. fl: .., . ' ll' ll'-'ei I 9 s I , I X I J EE ' l Z T. 57 is? 3111 - A EL " Q Um?" " -- 4? " f arm: ,... .-,.,.asz.gz. -Lh.:w:11fwmnH2,g:mwmW gm fr' ,W Y ity Pl -iw!!-2"-'-HL,.,.f.w::,4m:4umnv::ffgi.,?3 L WM ,f Z - JI W all Eli? One Hunclrecl Thirty-lnno D,- Q 3 zuclent , Ar arious Sz NZ HE Consumers' League is an organization made up of the shopping public, 'x-, . . . . , , devoted to the bettering of conditions under which women and children live and work. rlhe great Empire State has, in the past, permitted its girls of sixteen and over, and its women, to work in the stores unlimited hours, between December l8th and 24thg throughout the year women and children have worked under demoralizing conditions in our factories. The responsibility for this is laid upon the consuming public. N. Y. S. C. T. assumed a portion of this responsibility when the U Consumers' League H was organized here, two years ago. Since then, the members enrolled have reached the number of lOl , and the outlook for the production of results in the future is good. This year, various State speakers have come to the college, bringing with them reports of improved conditions, both State and national. The appeal to State College is too strong to be overlooked. In the fall, the President of the College League attended the National Convention held at Springfield, and the vice-president recently attended the State Convention in New York. Both brought back with them a full measure of the spirit of service for others found there. A union meeting of the branch leagues of the H Albany Y. VV. C. A.," " St. Agnes School," and H State College H was held on February l7th. On this occasion the full meaning of the aims of the organization were realized by all attending. Ojficers President ,---,- ,,.,,,.. M :Longo BENTLEY, 'I7 ViCe-PfC5iden1 -,--------,,,- -,., E. LIZABETH FERGUSON, 'IS Secretary and Treasurer ...... MARY ANN HARDENBERGH, '19 Faculty Advisor -,-----,- ,,.,,, M iss EMMA P. CARRISON :SU SCT ....--.-:..--UC' iauczn One Hundred Thirly-llircc 21:1 M. gm 4929, "N, ..... if L Your l QP 4'-' Q Y ' "".'::..."'..:-.- 4 as , ,, .W-,.,-W.-f-Q-A 37, ....4n. ......-..-- , ' , QT C-lehwefff THE JOSEPH HENRY SGCIETY Honorary Critic CLARENCE F. HALE, PH.D. Faculty Member CARLETON E. POWER, PH.D. Offers Second Semester President CATHERINE M. HAOEL, 'I 7 Vice-President GERTRUDE L. SMITH, 'I7 Secretary HAROLD C. LOBDELL, 'I8 Treasurer EDWARD L. LONG, 'I 7 Reporter HAROLD C. LOBDELL, 'I8 I . HE Joseph Henry Society is an ' 1:xf K . . . organization formed in February, fifth' l QQ! I9I 6, to promote a broader knowledge of current developments in the physical sciences. Any regular student in this college who has qualified for a second minor in physics is eligible for membership, and all students, so qualihed, are invited to join the society. A trip to the General Electric Works in Schenectady, and papers on topics of interest such as H The Life and Work of Joseph Henry," U Phosphorescencef' H Wireless," "The Physics of the Earthquake," and H Wind, Vtfhere It Comes from and Where It Goesf' were enjoyed by the members. One Hundred Thirty-five ,Q S' 2,4 v-Q 4v-' F AO' J ff- AMX. Li ll J., Wit: IM- Q 'S 1 tolslaIOIQIQIQIQIQUQIQIO: . Jes, sexi xggfz-if Ns I SPT? X , I 0 -"-Q 1-sro-sifkssi. xgx- . X X 0 I i:gi5sXYv'Q'8fM fxr ,Xxx . . 23 Q i' O r f .NX5 ' I ifigf.?fs 1 If .Ns-, RX 0+ : x as -L+., 'X' Q is' 'ai 5 -'I O J' - ' . . I Q '.iQ rl X f ,l h I o n.",.j-1 gl. y, 'S 0 u -fy'-fs? i , ,gift ,nfs I 4 o I 95129-5.1 I '. 'YT' " I : G- fatft' Q l' X O Q el 'ix ,X im I - I- ,f t 0. 'prix' ifsll I . lil ,' 0 I fx"I-' l 7 ' O . -Qi: -5.4 I r I I I O 9 I I 2 'Q573 I l KX 9 ' l I I I 2 ! 1 4 lf I I 0 ft X ' ' Ili Il ' 'V .qv EQ' , r 0 : I lf- 'S , ' I Q 5.5, :gg 2 Il - I ' 'if I If X H 3 O T.: ' ' " : , I I S z . no 7 , I f, I if X - X : zeeeesrrllitl I If-jj I 0 "fi ' Q I XX 9 I Z , Lsifaztg' I h X Q I g, gf :fide ll xx l Qfj- 'Vai'-1' . Ill S - sy'-:er x X Q o 7' "Ll 7 IQIQIOIOIQIQIQIQIQIQIQIQI , 4 Ojjicers FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER President .....- ETI-IEL M. I-IOUCK, '17 ADELE HEDGES, 'I8 Vzee-PresieIent--ADEI.E I-IEDOES, 'I8 ANNA NELSON, 'I7 Secfefafll ------- --------- -........ - A RLINE NEWKIRI4. '17 Tfeflsllfff -------. ...... ....... A . MARIE SCI-INITZLER, 'I7 Parliamentary Ccnsor .......... STANLEY G. FITZGERALD, 'I 7 Honorary Members MISS MCCLELLAND MISS RAFFERTY PROF. R. I-I. KIRTLAND MISS JONES 9 RQMETHEAN is the one literary society of State College Membership F in it is Open to all students vouched for by two members of the society and elected by majority vote. There is at present an enrollment of seventy. Promethean holds a semi-annual initiation and an annual banquet besides the regular fortnightly literary meetings. The aim of the society is to promote literary and social culture in the college by awakening interest in music, literature, debate, and dramatics. 'Z-'U SCT Uff' 51 ::::D:::1 One HIIHCIVCCJ Thirty-seven 5 . - . ,Inf Q4 4 I ggi-ga f IQ! . 61.55 Q ' Q . H . I f'f if MQ ' 1 . ' Phi ,Qfl A i -Q . we gf. . SA .1 :N ' Z., Q QWvL n.' 0 ! .L . I' .Hua-:Quinn 211, . W "V wma 1 1 gl wwsgzsza mirnmrmbsw-swag lM'f3Sd 1 inns: pixma 'img .Chu Q... 4,4 ?11 .. 1.,-N.,.n-ug 3, 4 ' , ,f La'-Q if 'fs , N "' .f' ff .,, 4 35.6-5-1 'il I M' A, 5' LMC- 1551 18 Ve- ' y mn President ------- -.... E DITH O. WALLACE, " 7 ViCC'PfCSiflCf1f ------ ..... M ARION I. BLODCETT, '17 Tfeflsuffff ------ ----. - - ...... ELOISE LANsiNc, '18 SCCWGTD ------- ....... S ABRINA GAYLQJRD, 'A 7 , . Annual Membefu- --.-..-..... .-.. M ARION M. PAYNE, 7 Committee Chairmen Svcial ---------- -.......... ......... F A 1TH WALLACE, " 7 Religious Meetings .... ..,.,.,.,,,,-, , --HELEN KELSO, 'A 7 . . V8 500101 Servlce ......... ...... .... M 1 LDRED GUERNSEY, Conferences and Conventions .... ..... M ARION PUTNAM, ' 8 Association News ...-,....., .,,, V ERNA E, MCCANN, 'l 8 Voluntary Study ......,-.,, --,,, L EAI-1 L, BICE, " 7 lllissionary .-....--.-. .... ,-,-, C L ARA SLACK, " 7 Lunch Counter ...................... ESTI-IER ALDRICH, '18 HE. year 1916-1917 has gone by leaving the Young Women's Christian Asso- ciation a rich and 'happy experience. An active membership of over three hundred means strength and promises progress. ln looking forward at the beginning of the year the cabinet held forth as its ideal for the membership, a union of all the girls in the college, interested in the purpose of the Association, on the highest principles of good Christian fellowship and mutual friendship and helpfulness. Looking back now upon the year,s work, certain high spots stand out. Ten mission study groups, fifteen Bible study classes, one of them by Dr. Lounsbury on H Christian Fundamentals," show the interest of the Y. W. girls in voluntary study. The conferences and conventions have also been well attended. In the fall, eight of our girls went to Cornell to the Student Volunteer Convention, and when this book is in the hands of the reader, we are confident a delegation of thirty girls will be dreaming dreams of Silver Bay. ln March, Marion Payne attended the annual members' meeting in New York. -:I ---------...... sc ....... Us One Hundred Thirty-nine Q .w,,,'e,, 'T 4.-ge-za ,wr THE FRENCH CLUB FRENCH CLUB was organized Nlarch fifteenth, under the direction of get Monsieur Simonin. The club has the approval and best wishes of the French ambassador at Washington, Monsieur Jusserand. The aims of the club are T to give the French students of State College a fluent speaking knowledge of the language, and C25 to give them information about the life and customs as well as the country of the French people. The following ofhcers were elected: President ....... ............. .......... A L ice EDWARDS Vice-President--- ..... .,.. H ELENA LAVENTURE Secretary .... .... - ......... D ELIA Ross Treasurer .................. ...... .... E L olsiz LANSING Eelw and News Reporter ................ DoRoTHY ABLETT SPANISH CLUB Oficers President ........... ..................... K ATHRYN BESTLE Vice-'President .............. ........... F LORENCE QUINLAVIN Secretary .......... ..... ................ M Y RA F AWCETT Treasurer .... --- ..... ........ E . LE MOYNE GILLETTE Reporter ..... ............................ L ELIA REYNOLDS C ritie .......... ..... ' .................... P RoFEssoR STINARD n. HE Spanish Club, or E1 Circulo Castellano, to use its proper name, was or- ganized in the fall of l9l5, as a result of the introduction into the college curriculum of the study of Spanish. ii The aim of the club is to encourage and aid its members in the attainment of high scholarship in Spanish, and to further as far as possible the study of the subject of Spanish and Spanish-speaking countries in this institution. Much of the success of the club is due to Professor Stinard, who by his interest and helpful suggestions has added a great deal of zest to the meetings. l-le has been very liberal in the use of his collection of lantern slides, and his vivid descriptions of the scenes represented in them have been instructive as well as entertaining and have stimulated the enthusiasm of the members of the club. .-zu.: One Hundred Forty U 3 eff! ,gwl I .1 .4 ,,. :S 83 att!! 'a STU rife! 34" ffl' sais!! V53 G W fr: idly .Zeit ,- 1 li .W 1 x y 1 .e -i'i. 4 d4'46.,,' O the list of accomplishments for the advancement of State College, made during the year 1916-17, should be added the formation of the State College Press Club. The need for such a club had long been felt, but the establishment of the College News made it imperative. Early in the fall Prof. Harry Hastings was selected by the faculty to formulate plans for and to take charge of the organization of such a club. A little later when Prof. Hastings presented his plans to Student Assembly, they met with instant approval. Forty members at once joined, and the club at a meeting for organization, held in November, selected, Stanley E.. Heason, 'l8, to be its first president. It is the purpose of the Press Club to disseminate information and news of the college throughout the State and country. Each member is to write for either his home newspaper or for one to which he may be assigned by the president of the club. The establishment of the College News made necessary a central body to supervise its relations, as to functions, subscribers and advertising, with the Echo and Pedagogue. This is another duty of the Press Club. The third function is of a social and cultural nature,- visits to local newspaper plants are to be made, collections of newspapers, magazines, and pamphlets begun, and speakers on journalistic topics secured. The club is now in a thriving condition having fifty-two members, who are corre- sponding for fifteen newspapers in various parts of the State. A newspaper and magazine collection has been made and placed on exhibit in the college. Thus far the college has been very successful in securing speakers, having been addressed by Prof. Harry Hastings of the Faculty, Mr. John Warner, Publicity Mgr. of the Anti-Saloon League, and Mr. James Wingate, Dist. Supt. of Schenectady Schools. It is believed that the difficulties of organization now being over, the Press Club will make itself felt as one of the strongest factors aiding in the progress and advancement of S. C. T. W mwAwwmvamm1wwamm'wmmzamm1mwm'1Lxcmmzm!x,'s 'f 957' ta ,iii E "?'1"" wlrwzuvxwmwfwzwawvwmwafmtfnlwmvwfznzumwfm E 5 g gnrzxwzzzzsznv . :Af-LA 'f' v may M in . if cz: One Hundred Forly-ORC I I I I I I I I I I. I I I I I I I I I I 3 I ii va ii. I l X ' m X E N Q - X N I I K' I-X797 gh Q YD .R 5 L'2 I ' A C J ' 9 52. Ll I D -f- N '-A-. g X-5 l , ' 2'-"J ' in COUNCIL OF ALUMNI Louis WARD ANNE MORAN KATHARINE BREEN Honorary Oficers Pfmidcnf --.----------- ...... M RS. MARGARET S. MOONEY V'CC'PfC5idCnf -w--------- ------... P ROF. JOHN A. MAHAR 5CCfCff1TD -------------- --.......... .... M I SS ANNA BROWN Corresponding Secretary ,,,,,--,--, ,------ M R, LQUIS WARD COLLEGE COUNCIL Senior Class Sophomore Class REINHARD I-IoHAUs JAMES CQNNER5 JOSEPHINE KEATINC. ETHEL MCKENNA JULIA E. ERDLE lVlARGARET FLYNN junior Class Freshman Class ARTHUR BURNS WILLIAM lVlERCI-IANT LILLIAN MAC1LToN FRANCES SI-IEEI-IAN MARGARET SHEVLIN FLORENCE DECNON The purpose of the Club is to preserve in education and elsewhere the principles and atmosphere of Catholicism. Our national constitution provides that each man may worship Cuocl according to the dictates of his conscience. The constitution of the Stale of New York precludes the possibility of any State college teaching a particular Cree or relivion' it none the less remains true that religion is indispensable for rounding out anyone into the fullness of character. The Newman Club aims to make up for this want in State education by intensive and sustained Catholic endeavor within its own circle. Composed of Catholic graduates and undergraduates, it consults their best in- terests. That 'there is need of just such Care and consultation cannot be doubted. 'H . 'Z' SET Us ::::u:::1 One Hunclrcd Forly-ll1rcc X ., 1-.1 1' 1,4 i 5, ,. N1 f ri Q . .. ' J, C-A-THE 2- Pl.-tnmsnsus --S1917-2 MD. A . A A STATE. corusag f A nr., :na Sung Bunk Qlnnmritivv I N I9I6 a movement was begun lay Y. W. C. A. for the publication of a really representative College Song Book. Student Assembly took up tlie matter, and a committee of four Seniors, three juniors, two Sophomores, and one Freshman was appointed. It is the hope of Ile committee that the book will be ready for distribution on June first. C0n.m11Iee ETHE1. M. HOUCK, 'I 7, Chafrnzan Dorco'rHY .AxUS'I'IN, 'I8 KOLIN D. l-IAGER, 'I 7 DEWITT TOWNSEND, 'I8 ARLINE NEWKIRK, 'I 7 IVIARGARET SHIRTZ, 'I9 EDITH A. WALLACE, 'I7 JEANNETTE RELLER, 'I9 MARION PUTNAM, 'I8 KATHRYN CI-IAMBERLAYNE, '20 One Humlrcrl Forty-In f- T??F"T"":'f"""'1"'TT""S 'ri f . ,Q , . 53+ 'ggi' "Q ' x i, K k 4-4.-.Ns ..w'g U 1 J. Vi Q 1. .X D ,, V . . . , I ' I v H , 'V' X Q k, Q . vi - in IQ W iff. m X 55, 1fkf', .5 'gf 3 X bf fxhgaze f " M ,k M5 XNT4 ,X-A '14 .' g X' ,. LA.-1 Qaiqi, A Q -f fgfheqiws " . r X 3.-v-.z.g.+5w ' A , .L Yi-ua. +T'i'3gQQ3,' f I ' 1 '. xgJt3v'g:i gfxqw ,y, 1 'xirggiksgbffif . ' . 1 2 ,i..:iw,N.x K : 1, , 7 . A n 1" C ,--. 'tux-f a Z 5 President ...... Vice-Presidcnl- - - Secretary .... Treasurer- - - MILDRED BENTLEY LouisE GOLDBERG I-UciLLE HALE GERTRUDE KOLB A. MAY FILLINCHAM WINIFRED MACNER EDNA IRENE AXfERY 'gi-IE Q Psnmsursus 31917 M A A - -.1 , A L an,-.. :sara Gbxnirrnn Nu Oficers MCl7lbCI'S 1917 I9I8 ---ELLEN VAN CLEEF ----Miss VAN LIEW - .... I-uciLLE l'lAl-E ----LOUISE CO1-DBIZRG MARION M. PAYNE RUTH PRATT MAROUERITE STEWART ELLEN VAN CLEEF AGNES MOORE RUTH MURTAUOH Faculty Menibers MARION S. VAN MRS. FLORENCE D. FREAR LIEW 'S A NUCRON NU is a national honorary society organized for the promotion of Home Economics. Cnly Juniors and Seniors who have attained a high mi, standing in courses leading to a college degree are eligible. The promise of future achievement after leaving college, as indicated by the scholarship, personality, and attitude of each student during the college course, is a determining factor in the election to membership. ln I9IZ Alpha Chapter was organized in Michigan Agricultural College at East Lansingg Beta Chapter in this college followed in March, 1913. Since then the following chapters have been founded: C1amma-- .............................. Iowa State College Delta--- ---Perdue University, Indiana Epsilon-H ----,-- University ol Illinois Zita--- ------ Nebraska State University Eta---. ------------ Wisconsin University Theta--- ---Kansas State Agricultural College Iota ----- ------------- K ansas University Kappa- - - - Lambda ---- ----Washington State College - - University of Cincinnati .,. '. I J 4 rr . I --1-1-iii. f""'1' I - Z ' 7 ' -I I ! Q i T ' I-niixsnx-all q-gi-1-ig lb One Hundred Forty-seven f:.,.,.k X x-'Nw x. .TN -Q 1 IV- v 4 ,,.,. .AN Yi ki! 1 -1. ' .. N, F' 'M-Q ,-Q if x ,- ,I ' I 4 f f 5 f AEATO Qpeyc President ...... Vice-President ..... Officers Recording Secretary ....... Corresponding Secrelary Treasurer - - ........-. - , Reporler -- Crilic - - - MILDRED ALDEN CAROLYN BENNETT MARION BLODGETT EDITH WALLACE RUTH MURTAUCH WINIFRED WACNER BERNICE BRONNER MARY ELLA BLUE MARGARET BECKER ALICE RICHMOND JESSIE GIFFORD Members I9l 7 MARION BLODCETT - - - - - - EDITI-I ROSE --- - - - BERT I-IA REEDI' MARGARET B EC RER ----I'lILDRED GRIFFIN ---------DELIA ROSS CAROLYN BENNETT HILDRED GRIFFIN BERTHA REEDY EDITH ROSE HELEN ROSEBROOK 1918 MAUD ROSE HELEN ROSS MILDRED HULL I9I9 CAROLENA LIPES DELIA ROSS LOVISA VEDDER EDITH MORRISON I9ZO IXLICE LEWIS HAZEL PEARSALL MARCUERITE RITZER MARIAN MOORE ANNA LEMKA Faculty Iwembers EUNICE PERINE ELIZABETH SHAVER ANNE CUSHINC CHARLOTTE LOEB GERTRUDE VALENTINE -:U ........ SCT- in .... .. .mur-I Onc Hundred Forly nInc '16 g 4? .Il s w + .,.'1E x X : " sn. .'f - N! 353 QT! ,9- A ,-u. fx' pf 1' 1' PJ 5, pf, ' if + f film! A V1 A 'Y f' 1 HCI? Offcers Prcsulenl ..,........M-,,, H, -an ---MYRA L. DUMOND FAITH L. WALLACE Vice-President ....,,.-.,.-,. ,,----------- - Secretary ....... Treasurer .....,...,. ,,,,, Crztzc ................... -H , nu, Chaplafn ........ JENNIE A. MUHLEMANN RUTH L. KIMMEY -------HELEN A. KEI.sO EDITH F. CHANDLER MarslIal .........,..,..,..,,., ,,,,,,, Reporter - - - - - - ----------HAZEL BYERS ----DOROTHY I. WILBUR Members 1917 MYRA L. DUMOND HELEN A. KELSO ALICE M. GAZELEY ANNA R. NELSON EDITH GILLESPIE FAITH L. WALLACE 1918 EDITH F. CHANDLER FLORENCE LANSING LELA HALL VERNA MCCANN RUTH L. KIMMEY JENNIE A. MUHLEMANN C. PAULINE KINNE ELIIIETA VAN DELOO 1919 ARLIEN BEARDSLEY HAZEL L. HENGCE HAZEL BYERS DOROTHY I. XVILBUR HARRIET CHURCH 0LlXI'E N. WOODWORTI-I 1920 ANNA FORTAINER RUTH LORDELI- ELIZABETH GARDNER HELEN LEITZEL FLORENCE VAN NESS -:Jn f-9-- EET A -H9999-9999 In mg.: One Humfrczl Frflu one 9-. J 1 1 . Q 1 12 I 'I l i A-Q fx fi wwf 6, ,Ma '-In w. . 'fu N' , X., v .. h V --no kj ,f -Cf ww X ,I -.4 .ff fi X Q -. 1 3 1 N ,- Q YQQQXWW b 5 u 6 H4 X X Eg f 7 is li 111. iv sm. , .. -aw Q ,Q A 5 SQ? Q ' Q75 My AWN J . -,, ,wx-. :Q o 4-- WSP' A f WL P MZ! ,H K1 Zbff' A I -Q . 1 I r 5 4 5 Q V-,qv ,, u mb.: W ' M , 4, M3344-3 , """'4 W wb. 1 ', Wk., , Mm: W, ,, 1 , 1, ff f, my , ' ,ff 2 , 4 1 ,W-4- ff-Q 'X f 3 f , LQ ! hw, , V F 4 f y ff, 4 A 'V we 3 ,Z ,gm :Z Z X' , '9 A fi, , A' 4,1 ' V ,' 7 f WY 17, ' , izyg., , ,,W,4L Q, ,Q f A-fivgg' ' ",,.. '1' 2 6 wjmeff 3 2 2 by -ff lvl M vw, W 1 Q XZ Y, f Q 1 KZ W4 Kannc Aekfu Oficers President .........-.. - .......... .... M AROUERITE STEWART Vice-President ...-...---..,. ,H ,,,m.,,M- HERh1lNE FEDER Recording Secretary ......-,,.,,, ,,..-,-,,-- I-, OUISE BURLESON Treasurer ................. ................ D OROTHY ROBERTS Corresponding Secretary ................ ELIZABETH MACMACI-IAN -RUTH MOSELEH' Crihc ...........,.........,.,..,...,..,,, -- MILDRED WI-IITE Chaplain-. ..............-..............-...., News Reporler--- 1'Vlarsl1al ----- -- CAROLINE LANSING MILDRED WHITE 1-IERMINE FEDER ELIZABETH MACMACHAN ADELIA HEDGES DOROTHY ROBERTS MARGARET SHIRTZ C-ERTRUDE BLAIR MILDRED OATEY CAROLYN WHITE HELEN GULD1 HARRIET RISING MARION BURNAP I U ELOISE LANSING LEMOYNE GILLETTE Cradualc Sludenls I-IARRIET TEDFORD 1917 RUTH MOSELEY MARGUERITE STEWART 1918 LEMOYNE CIILLETTE. LOUISE BURLESON 1919 VIOLA BROWNELL MARIE SMITH EDNA CHAPPEL MARION WHITE LOIS KNOX 1920 RUTH DAVIS MARJORIE BRYANT JEAN LIUNGERFORD OLIVE XVRICHT :R SET -2' :::suI::::a Crc Ham inf Fzfly llrrcc K I 'gt .3 . .9 -X , J f r. N , x ' w Vx 5 4' ,.. G' 4'5'.A ,il f A W 1 iq X N11 FGPPG Ojficers Pfwdenf --------- - ------ - .... EMMA SOMMERFIELD Vice-Preszclent .,,.,., ------- D ORIS SWEET Tfeasufef --------- --- .... EDNA MERRITT Recordmg Secretary -,,. ------- 1 -IELEN SPROAT Corresponding Secreiarp-,, ,------ RUTH PATTERSON Chflplfllfl --------- -- .... MARJORIE MITCHELL LltCTGTy EJUOT .... -m ------ ALTA SAHLER Cflfw ----------- .... M ARGARET CHRIST Marshals-H ------H ---.SVETA MERRITT ZLYRA WATERHOUSE Members 1917 ELIZABETH CURRAN OLIVE R. HORNING MARGARET CHRIST ARLINE NEWKIRI4 RHEA E. GROVER I-IATTIE M. OGLE LUCILLE HALF. EMMA 1-1. SOMMERFIELD GERTRUDE L. SWIFT 1918 NINA B. JOHNS MARJORIE E. MITCHELL LILLIAN M. KING ALTA SAHLER EDNA MERRITT DORIS SWEET HELEN A. SPROAT 1919 V ETA MERRITT RUTH PATTERSON LYRA WATERHOUSE WINIFRED VVEMPLE RACHEL LEE CORDELIA 1-IAIGHT 1920 FRANCES VAN VOST WINIFRED JACOBUS SARAH RQQDY CECILE CONKLIN Faculty .Members MRS. FLORENCE D. FREAR MRS. HERBERT M. DOUGLAS M155 EVA WILSON MRS. WILLIAM J. RANDALL MRS. WINFRED DEGKER MRS- A- A- WALKER In ws' Sm- I:::1 ::1 One Hundred Fifty-fIvc 43 ,Z rx 047 1 NX ,X- 'M 1 1" 1 ir 1 I vs M Q-A-4 WR .-4' 6 6 ' iff ff 7' A kg. KGWWG Nu President .............,,,-------m- ---, Vice-President .....,..,,,,--------,-- .---- Secretary ...............,-,-,----,-,- ---- Treasurer ........,.,,,,-,,---,-----,- ,--------- Omcers MARGARET CYCONNELL MARIE SCHNITZLER MILDRED O,MALLEY JULIA ERDLE Corresponding Secretary .....-,,,,, -,----,-- ---- M A RY KINSELLA Reporter ...,..............,.. ,-,,-,--,-,,- , - I Steward ess ......... HELEN CLOHOSY JULIA ERDLE KATHERINE HAGEI, LAURA GORMAN .KATHRYN BESTLE EILEEN KEEFE MARY KINSELLA MAGDELENA ANDRAE MARIAN BALDWIN MARY CARNEY FLORENCE DEGNAN ETHEL HOGAN MARIAN HASKINS WU EDITH SULLIVAN EILEEN KEEFE J Members 1917 HELEN LA VENTURE ELIZABETH MARTZLOFF MARGARET O'CONNELL MARIE SCHNITZLER 1918 CLARE LALLY MILDRED O,MALLEY FLORENCE QUINLAX'IN EDITH SULLIVAN MARIAN WEIR 1919 MAE CRONIN NORA CHAVOUSTIE AGNES DENNIN AILEEN RUSSELL 1920 I ELIZABETH O'CONNELL LORETTA SAUNDER5 JANE SCHNITZLER SCT 'S' :::::ID:::: One Hundred Fifty-scvcn in , .N fn, X-9. -..., ,- ra 'aff 'Off s W"'f'?"WUf Q' 1,1 O1r1rO AEATG PO Nfembcrs REINHARD A. HOHAUS E. PIERCE MCALOON ARTHUR D. BURNS ALFRED E. DEDICKE WALTER E. DOYLE HAROLD R. ELLIOTT RALPH FLOODY 1917 TAGE TEISEN JAMES A. WALKER 1918 STANLEY E. HEASON DEVVITT B. TOWNSEND RAY TOWNSEND JOSEPH A. WALKER ARTHUR N. WOODWARD 1919 ERNEST PUDERBAUGH FORREST CASE W. EARLE SUTHERLAND CASSIUS LOGAN HOWARD E. WHITNEY ARNOLD NOLDE 1926 RALPH WILLIAMS Faculty Mernbcrs HARRY W. HASTINGS DAVID HUTCHISON CLAUDE E. HUBBARD JOHN M- SAYLES Chapters Alpha --n ------ --,,-, M iddlebury Coiiege Beta H ----,,,, --Cornell University Gamma -H -,,,, New York State College Deltaggd ,-,,.... CO1gate University Y.. , ::::uc::-1 One Hundred ZLYIJG Nu KGWWG WILLIAM KENNEDY A ciive Craduaie Siudenis RAYMOND C LESTER T. HUBBARD THOMAS E. FINEGAN, MA., Ph.D LL D F. 'I-IERRICK CONNERS W. JAY ELLIS- STANLEY FITZGERALD KOLIN D. I-IAOER W. IRVING GOEWEY JAMES L. CONNERS CHARLES W. CARR EDGAR K. WALRATH JOHN R. CARSON, JR. Faculiy A iumnus Member CLARENCE A. HIDLEY' Members 1917 WALTER E. LEGRYS EDWARD L. LONG WILLARD I-I. PEARSALL E. RAYMOND SCHNEIBLE WILLIAM J. PATTINSON ALLAN C-ILLETT VERNON G. CLUTE. RODERICK C. BLESSING WWW wfwefif':'''E::cv1f::z:z1e:fzfffewaf1c:11:'1:mze1wfee "'-f M ---1h --M '-A'- --- ' ,, I . Lew. nw... . ,wmfgq WWW , V, M W E , M Q, W., u ,fmwsnuur Q , A7Mm'u'wE""""' A7142 :W mwmfmvu W Wi. ,i , gm One Hundred Sixiy Zfag. "x 'if 'Im"""!!5!!!il'!1BiiiH!'!' ATH LEU As- J? Q N I ,f . f Lgwmmw, STP! e PEDHL-:asus -1- 1917-2 ' tu. A- - srms. aou.zee Qs s g n,., lNDlX'lDUAL SCORES Hai nn-- 4 I'uinIs S. Fitzgerald -- I4 I52 Goewey .... I 3 72 Miller --- I2 34 Jones I4 22 l-lohaus --- I 2 I8 Peckham .... 6 I6 F. Fitzgerald -- I I I2 Cohen .... ,.,,-,-,,------- ,-------------- 4 r I BASKETBALL REVIEW l9I6-I7 I HEN we compare the basketball team of IQI6-I 7 with those ol the past, then we can appreciate the wonderful team we had. Although the team did not win many games, we could see a decisive improvement over last year's team. Coach Wachter developed a team which worked like a perfect machine,- quite dit- ferent from the teams of the past, which were noted for their lack of team work. Four years ago we considered ourselves very fortunate to play Rensselaer at Troy, but this game this past season was not considered as big as many others that we played. Manager Pearsall deserves great credit for arranging the schedule he did. He arranged games with some of the big colleges of the State. Many of these teams required large guarantees, and all the expenses were high, but Mr. Pearsall managed to pay all, and have some left over. There were a number of strong teams on the schedule such as: St. Johns the con- queror of West Point: Union, the defeater of Dartmouth: and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, the winner of their contest with Union. The R. P. I. game at Albany proved to be the most interesting game of the season. The R. P. l. warriors came over from Troy with a large crowd of rooters confident that they would walk away with the game, but they were surprised to hnd that State College out-played them. This was the hrst time we won from R. P. I., and they can look forward to similar performances next year. The outlook for next season is very bright. We lose S. Fitzgerald and Hohaus by graduation, but the rest of the team will be back with a number of good second string men. At present Al Declicke has a game with Yale and Williams. It is evident that the schedule is improved every year. Mr. Maguire was the First manager to get State College out of the rut of playing small schools. Mr. Pearsall improved upon Mr. Maguii'e's schedule, and it looks as though Mr. Dedicke is improving upon Mr. Pearsall's. We can picture State College with the leading colleges next year. Al Dedicke has certainly proved himself a good assistant manager, and he will undoubtedly prove a worthy successor to Willard Pearsall. in: One Huridrctl Sixty-five CHAMPIONS QTME --:- Penn:-:asus Q 1917-2 ISD.----........... s1'A'rE. cornea-: :- e c D, g, BASEBALL REVIEW 1916 HE baseball season of 1916 was not very successful, due chiefly to the late opening of the season. just when the team was getting into its stride, the season was brought to a close. Every year we have trouble with the baseball team, due to the fact that most of the men are detained in classes until 5:31213 con- sequently the team has very little practice. The members of last year's team were: Captain Coewey, manager Waring, jones, Nolde, Logan, Cassavant, Doyle, Meyers, Carr and F. Fitzgerald. This year the baseball outlook is very promising. We have lost only two of last year's men, and there are a large number of men in the Freshman class who are baseball players. With Mr. Hubbard as coach, we can rest assured that we will have a team that we will be proud of. Manager Townsend has been working hard and has arranged a very good schedule. The following is the schedule for the season of 191 7: March 30 - West Point at West Point April 21 -- R. P. I. at Troy 31 - Niagara at Albany May 5 - Union Law College at Albany 12 - St. Stephen's at Anandale 19 - St. Stephen's at Albany 26 -- Y. M. C. A. at Albany 1 1 ..', .ra 1- '-'Wa ,ml it ttgggflwlf lf .-ngzyx c.-:s D :rs One Hunrlrerl Sixty-seven "' J Yu 1 M.. LJ M -N 7,,7.K-- . -H Q 1 -Q.. Wx.. Mm QTME Q Pennant-:us ""19l1':' Z I .QDQ ' ,J STATE. comics: .ea s 5 an GBUS R HOCKEY SEASON, IQI6-I7 THEODORE CASSAVANT ------ ---------- M------- C I .Umm ARTHUR BURNs ,,--,, ----- --,g-M------ - ' 'l"'MQlfaw VARSITY i I-I. -,-,, ---.----- --.- Y. - -Ar-Goal 'loves ""' ...... P oint Zeilman .-,-- --in-Q--N.-ljoinl V. Lobdell Cover Point lVlcAvery -U -----Rover Cassavant --- -----Center Walker - .... Left NVing Nead --- -Left Vlfing Cuoewey -- Right Xving Le Gliys --- ---------- ---------. R ight Wing GAMES AND 55012455 State UIIII-gp Hpplm R. P. I. - ,-,,--,.,,----- v-----M 0 4 I I0 West Point National A. C. ..... I W Crescent A. C, --,-,-, M -------- 6 Albany Hockey Clube ,,----------- 0 4 Crescent and Albany Hockey Club .,.. 8 I Albany High School .... -. ..,,,.--, 5 4 R. P. I. ....,.-,,, -,,- ,,-,-,,,, 2 4 Won, 4, Lost, 4. 24 29 HOCKEY REVIEW, I9r6-I7 THLETICS in State College has developed so rapidly in the past few years hhIlh'fb'dd'Ihd"-I N t at t e co ege as risen rom o scurity, an stan s si ouelte against lie horizon of the collegiate world. ln I9I5 hockey was introduced into the athletics of State College, and its progress was marked by the construction of a large rink on the campus west of the Science Building. Since its advent, much interest has been shown by the formation of a girls' hockey team and class teams among the men. The Varsity hockey team completed a most successful season, winning four games out of eight, in competition with the leading college teams and some professional teams of this vicinity. I The team was a credit to the college, not only in appearance, but in speed and the clean playing of its games. --:J ........ str ........-.- L.-as :zur-.:: One Hundred Sixty-ninc M HE Q PEDHE EUE -ff : iv-at a g m FOOTBALL REVIEW HREE years ago when the members of this class were Sophomores, a member prophesied that football wouldbe started in State College before we graduated. , . . . 'igigj l-le was laughed at, and told that he was a builder of castles in the air, however, subseq-uent events have vindicated him. In the fall of l9l 6, the gridiron sport made its debut in State College. The plans which had been originally made for the introduction of this sport last fall were not carried out. Last spring, Reinhard Hohaus, '17, manager of football, had scheduled games with Clarkson Tech., l-lobart, Middlebury, St. Stephen's, and Stevens Institute. On account of the epidemic of infantile paralysis last fall, the college opening was postponed, and all hopes of intercollegiate football were removed. With the abandoning of Varsity football, however, the introduction of the sport itself was not postponed. A program of interclass football was carried out, in which four games were played. These class games showed that there is a wealth of good football material in college, and that a fairly strong team could be developed from it. A great deal of credit must be given to Hohaus, who took the almost hopeless task of fostering the gridiron sport in State College and accomplished the task with success. Coach Hubbard must also come in for much credit, for he has shown that he will be a very capable man for coaching the team next year. Stanley l-leason, '18, has been elected manager for the 1917 season, and from his work in other fields we are sure that he is very fit to carry out the Work which Hohaus began. 70 f 1 rf l 5 X ZA-,gs I ,I 4 - x. f f ::::: r:::n One Hundred Seventy QTME D Psnnrsusus Q 1917-D HD. r'1-' - .... srms. coi.i.zes nb, .nga TRACK REVIEW, IQI6 HIS past season marked an awakening of interest in a sport which has been l ' r- . 1 'N dormant in State College for several years This sport is track. Under the E jiigj aggressive leadership of Manager Sutherland, 'l9. and Coach Hubbard, the track claimed a marked increase in attention this past season. Interclass com- petitions were held, and in all four meets were held during the course of the year. The first was the annual cross-country race for the championship of the college. As a result of Coach l-lubbard's strenuous training, for the first time all the men that faced the starter finished. The course was the one a ways use , viz.: . C . east corner of the campus, and the road going into Washington Park was followed to the lake, where the men dicircled the lake, and at the lake house, turned oll into the road l d i The start and finish was 'it the south- leading to the finish line. Earl Sutherland, 'l9, last year's champion, won the cup again this year, hnishing in the exceptional time of 32 min., I6 sec. On Thanksgiving, Hohaus and Sutherland, the football and track managers. held a L t Soph-Frosh held day. The Sophs took the honors rather easily in the trac' even s, although they had to fight hard to win the football game. Amongst the men who showed ' ' d to good advantage in the track even ts were Neuner, Goldenkopf, Logan, Fitzgerald, an Harrigan. An interclass indoor track meet was held on March 23. The l9l7-l9 classes ' ' 29. competed against the 1918-20 classes. The odd year team scored 44 to the even s ' ' 'l 7 istering the The individual high point scorer was Cassavant, l9, with Hohaus, , reg ' ' t s held in the spring. second highest number of points. The last interclass mee wa ' bl d a team to the Pennsylvania intercollegiate State College should be a e to sen ' d l . lle e much championships in l92O, that will make the Purple and Cold stan or 1 co g respected and feared on both track and field. .v , .3 . Eats . Z 1 A L U:-'D SCT US' :ann-:I One Humlreil Seventy-one as Q --------------' STATE. GQJLLZQE m"m"""'m""""'m- Q , g-m1 1 uWnnm HE. season I9I 7 has witnessed the entrance of State College into a new branch ' , . 53, of intercollegiate athletics. Due to the interest taken in the tournaments of 1916 'ifii we and the ability there displayed, the athletic association saw fit to sponso-r this new departure. ' If one can judge from ability for the most part untested as yet in match play, the material for a winning team is very promising. Irving Goewey, 'l8, last year's college champion, will undoubtedly lead the team through a successful season. Candidates for the team are Clapp, '17, Dedicke, 'l8, Cassavant, 'l9, Lobdell, 'l9, Williams, '20, Merchant, '20, lVIcAvery, '20, Nead, '20, Springman, g'2O. At the present writing three matches have been arranged, two with R. P. I. and one with Union. The management hopes to arrange matches with various clubs in the city, having in mind the development of a good team for fall work. YELLS , E. PUDERBAUGI-I, '19 .,.,,.,,--,---,--,-,- --,-------------- C hee., Leader A- LUFF- ,Zo --------------- -----.........-....... - --Assistant Cheer Leader ' S-T-A-T-E. C-OJ..-L-E-C1-E. State College I Team, Team, iTeam Rah-Rah A Rah-Rah-Rah Rah Rah Rah Rah Rah Rah Rah State College Team, Team, Team State Col-lege State Col-lege State Col-lege Team, Team, Team ST-A.T-E ST-A-T-E Rah-Rah-Rah State College Team, Team, Team m ' ' " """"""""' Zi? m i i One Hundred Scvcnly-Info 'QP' ' QV. V V-A-W .,,...,.. I . X ! S 5 ,,,,-,.,....- sg. ' ,,g2,47,, f. V . aj , nw fy, :W f , f , Mi " , ,, 'T-. 1, K vw" ' I ,, M. , 1 598 Mx Q ,. AVV. H X, ' .. 44.5 , Lf? , f . -- 'f a' y,., W , - Kr x f at A f , r 1 h?0wQWMWWa ,J " ' 44 5 5:3 , 0 N - , I Q-KX 1 , if Ju C.LAPP..'1'X . Q TENNIS MAVNAQER JESS JUNE-S I CJOACJH 1, ,L 5. 'TED' C,AssAvAN T "KCI Homme CAPT 'JXNY xr-4 Agfyglgpjpl Y . uh , 1-5oc.viEy , A B16 FWZ " QA? T, 'VI Q MA ual! 'IR 1"fU984Ru .H . Jn. -.4-. H11 x 's ml J. r 1'5- CHAMPIONS U ll . r' .15 9. x .- r i 1 s' 1 I If s- it I ' x I it i I ' - rl ' I X I A ' I If X WI T no ' L A' n 1 ' , ' 1,44 I Iii I ii, We Love Our Teacher G. A. A. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION President .... .- .e............................ DOROTHY AUSTIN Vice-President --- --- ,.... I,L'CILI..E HALE Secretary ..... ---KA'rHEm'N LINEHAN Treasurer .... ..... A owes DENNIN Miss Gray: U A Frolic! Stunt Party! Interclass Meet! and Exhibition! Take this exercise, one count to each movement, alternating left and right! H 'I-'Cl JQ""" gist' Us i::: c::1 One Hunrfrctf Scvcnlp Q 1 'S T 1 l i an J- Y -fy - ,4-.1 I. Frolic - A. U B. S.-Extend arms, ball between palms, gracefully drop into basket. B. A. - At ease." B. U Lunge forward left, with right hand grasp apple, with left doughnut,-W posi- tion - eat! " C. H Pirouette! Float about! Class halt! I will show the exercise." l til th te s forward, how to partner, :incl D H First, third, fifth, and seventi es ree s p H. Stunt Party- continue in Virginia reel! " ! R' h li vard - Movef' A U Fall in! Dress parade! Left false face. ig t ear orw l ! A t natural in successive order! H B. H Form ranks according to c ass. c C. H Class attention! Individual work in six reels! " D. 'L Double quick time, trot and one-step! " HI. lnterclass Meet- A. H Everybody must fall in voluntarily! H B. C U Floor work - hop his Flunk vault-take off double knees! Next! " in! Nlark time around room! H ' V' D. N Right about face from cup cheerfully. f ruin 1 "-tl Q- ee C. I Une lltlflrlffil .SC!'t'lIlj,!-IIIHC t with right hand then with lctt! Hold chin niusrlt-s glue Q Psnms eue -2- 1911-at ' STATE. GQLLZGE : Exhibition - A ' Sound ' dumb ' bells! Left eyebrow upward and bells behind elbows! " Foil wands! Lunge obliquely right with left foot,- wand sideward upward by rear oblique and touch step with right foot,- guard out! " Balance on boom in ascetic poise! Alight on other side on left shoulder, raise, and retreat in square corners! H Run up spring board! Close eyes! Relax! N Play around the animals in arches! CF or ten cents extra, after this perform- ance, the animals may be seen being fedju Open order! Outside files circling in! Eye rotation! Plunge upward right- Little finger, chin and heel pointed skyward- Point of gravity over point of support." With one step forward and breaking of hands, clap ranks! " .fx A aj L1i5!kjjeEjj X V , ff 'ij U W mx M 0 '9 V. 0 f 'lt ,AA-K. f Q f "XO .1 G 4 ... A e Q c gy ' fllfafa Q Nappy! Cf-'J 3 W Q SCENE IN THE REST ROOM flf we followed R-'s advice! One Hundred Eighty 1 -f , A Nh 1 .4 ' X X 'Q A 4 4 . nw ' ' my Y E F 'sv ' x' A' A , v WW? , S ,ii I on 4 ' -, Tiff., -.x-M. :Q ..-.. I 'f'fT'l':w,731, ,':w,:"7fw 'hifi ,Quan-914-g.Lff2',,f' f 'ln-U'1.'r 'Q A Q-,,.. , -.ff 5 . .- ' i , Ant, fund Q A. 4, V .41-v.'. 4 5:1 "'.',--,. x Jig . 9' Jw 'f ,4fF-'751 V- 'f'3""- yL"3'1 xx V, It UAV X543 TA Vw Sbmw. Wy -,. f . - . 'H xxxxmmn '- Q Qiffiiflkl'-Qu: I Q. KFVVA DELTA 4 GXQLS X- z IS 4 L 2 ca A 3 '--- wx.-u . . 'fu O' i 1- R OLLF' H fQa Awfifxk A Qi' x RLS "N .gm s WF 2 a H 497 ' E6 Q L nie' 1 kt-30' J lfmq' Q.:- f . I A A5496 . V A ,I -4 ft , r gif, fr K V ,1 . " , S J ff rf A i 4 Z 3 u Li 1 ,A .,??if35ffff-' 12 1 5' ,A ,Qff?Q,.4'i'f '- 15 - f-1, fn. , if-:Mg 1 ig.. fc.-f' ""'? 11535 ' 51:5 Lf' QT f ,:, 'Q KHPPA rvu GXPA-S ffafgrgf . . rwf QW NLVER' . avi' 11.4 bL...Wf lun ' x. i 'Jr 1' 1- N . 'I .r x - - J . My r I ff i . V . , rv ., k A.Q, Gxm.s maui: .f+'?:,.1 P A I L i ! 0 4 4.11. -11:1 Vx R mix' ' J. , ' 1 ,nj J 71, a, ,W . . ml 1 4 - . 51 QM! Nw ND, W Id xy? x I .1 L1- BEGWNING.-5 :Nw-:gg-g-QAM, If ds ? lf! Ji Q U Som: 1'5:rNu2-Pyiumiuas , PQAVPA- DELTA Rilo 3? K' ix hi I L .ff MQW' .i isp fw- ,mn I llll gl . X N l 1 51 'Fl Qi - r ull '-- " 1 , SCENES AROUND STATE 3 C,oLQL.EGE'. 1 .Ao l y, V.. Q I Fx N Y '-J f -3 MX ,is 4. rf" 7 Q x mst 5 , x-. 'r f I 1" .'4. 1, - J www. XX H ' I 'y his :ann , g .V , 2 C1 yof UQ, SX "X BQ WWQ v v -vF"'L Q sd I , -an ""5'f""' ""I,-:.gJ.:- If ' - 'Z , 4.4, ' ' '16- - -- " 'qu ,,g...:o'-4 A1 'If' 'jjj T... ' , ,x mid ' - 'I Ill lll q va' ' J ' uv ll lvl Ill :H sf "'::57mf'vi1""'1' f' .. .',,! '27 ex Eli? f I T .4-5,1 'Qyzff' ' , .fx wb, ' , - H .iff . , A -I OAAE' A KX 0 OPIXC. ww QQOTS' ygb XNESTEPJXJ- E! li My i YH ix. E I 1 1 V W ., , .A A, 1 , ? 5 L 4. w ,r , , 5 ,vi 1 if i 591 .V t , 1 Q R 1 i 5, W ,. I ll 1. f 5 V : v lil K I W! .IV ': ., Vl 1 1 , Q , A ! 1 I bw FJ ngv Wf .3 i, mb 1 'f .q' ,, f ix 'i wg Y w fr UW 1341 w ww hm V 1 I l M 1 M 1 W1 i ,K fl ,E F 1 . X L ' E 4 1 sq 53 91 A. ! 1 I 3 x 1 5 c I v I 1 1 4 5 3 1 E Nm .., -,-....., -M ..,,,. ..... -.. . . .......,. u..:1,:. x-1.-. .,.:i.lQ-ver.. L'-4 5- ' ' , . , . , , 7 'fp' 0 ,... ff ,ff 1. I "ffl ",' ,ff ' M 'ff Q2 'y ,,,,w. fa, W M' f ff .,f' 16 19 f ,. ,m ,W ' y .74 ff, ,, of. Qu iQ 3. 22' -wg lf MW ff, 1,1 ff wif? ' . 'f1,f v 7 ff ,ff ff 1 ' y i W If ,, ,f ,M f f X I, , X f X X , 2'-23 A zzz, , A, .. My V , 2 .954 75, 'W WVWWV 'WQMIQV f f' 4., 7, Wy' I M I .,,, , f.,.,.f..,,, V ,M ,J 4, g I , mm. STA-re. DLLZQE In w w Professors! Advertise your Courses - don't waste paper in your class books. Follow the example of the students. Especially those seeking a relative. Study Spanish! Throw the bull in his native tongue! Woo the senoritas as they would he wooed. Andalusian athletic instructors at a premium. S - - - m left- -I---e F. S-----d Weary Wuns! Add a sleeping car to your train of studies! Somnolence encouraged. Take Psych with B - - k! Help Wanted! Poe's ravin can't compare. Ideals made to order! Fit guaranteed! At least one a day. R ------ d H. Ke- - - - - d Take calculus with me! Removes horror of death! F ace the future with complacency! Most popular course in college. Most students take it four years. There's a reason. H ---- B ----- --h I have become the daily recipient of Hattering felicitations on my phenomenal and unprecedented success in the instruc- tion of aspiring youth in the abstruse and as yet scarcely incomprehensible art of indulging in polysyllabic and platitudinous verbosities. L ----- d W. R - - - - - n il 1 V f ff! fhe past is all you are sure of: 'et K ,,,. - - - take care of tomorrow. A---W.R----y Prepare for the presidency! Write notes! Sing yourselves hoarse! It sounds great in the next room. Two mile vocal range assured. Know sharp four, and all will come your way! 5-.--1.1-B.B.-.----.1 Young Men! Zoology is the thing. Study worms, Hsh, chickens -- Mercy! Miss R - - - - - y, what have I said? ' C ------- A.W ----- d Shakespeare was born in the country. So was I. The cosmos is knocking at my heart. The sun inspi-res me to sing. I-le!! is truth seen too late. I-I' ---- M.S---r Chip-making is essential. The whole college knows when you work! Ignorance and strength only requirements. l-l---y B. S---h Take out the stopper. Enjoy the perfume. Wanted-Someone to invent a dust- less eraser. 52,000 reward. W------ K-----y :::: l One Hundred Ninety-four .. ....,,- - ...A-94m---A ff-,- '-:THE Q Psnmsursue Q 1911-at L-in t' t I "' ' STATE.. commas s .nu Teach Henglish ! Enlarge your vocabulary! Increase your earning power! Augment your re- sources! Expand your horizon! Weigh your words! J--cj---s ' Discouraging adventurous youth who would override 'pace and time with one bound. H Class - Yes, yes, now let me see. That's all right, but restrict your theories to a reasonable extension to adjacent cases." G ---- eS.P ----- r Excuses to order! I believe anything! Don't laugh until you get out of the room. It annoys me. A - - a P ---- e This is the subject par excellence! No bars before the heights. .I--- MH-- Take higher algebra and learn to read a textbook. C ----- l A stitch in time saves nine - zeroes. Bring your scissors and cut up with me. F ...... eF---r Fourthasuccessive Season of the soul-stirring tragedy H Eventually - Why Not Now," featuringlVl--yE ..... sandJ-yE---s Matinee Sundays at the Harley Apartments Seven nights a week Act l. J - y enters his room with several books under his arm and exclaims, " Now for a whole evening of study." In wonder his roommate looks up. " But how," he asks, H about your evening stroll? It is full moon, you know." " That's just it," replies jay. UI am not going-I can't. I have to study. I should think she would realize that. I am going to take my things off and put on a bathrobe. Then I can't go. I just won't go, and I am going to tell her so." Act Il. J - y is in his bathrobe. He reaches for his pipe, lights it, and tips back in his chair to enjoy a quiet smoke. Soon this ceases, and in a few minutes he is hard at work over the open books. The silence is broken by the sound of the telephone bell. J - y squirms uneasily in his chair and then rises to answer the phone. Act Ill. J- y is at the telephone. H Hello," . . pause . . H Flhis is I - y. . . DBUSC - - H Yes, I know who it is," . . long pause . . H Where Clld YOU SW? f - PHUSC - - In half an hour, All right. Goodbye." J- y rushes back to his room, spends thirty- five minutes dressing and dashes out in mortal fear of the punishment that awaits him for being late. l::rU g-,,-,,-,- -' rug: r::::ur:-'I One Hundred Ninety-Eve ei on MY! ZQQMUST be 3 T WWTH K fir. - : X C Sf 13?B?J ' WNX'f- 1 ' fs 21? 7 . !.v-lf! 'N L ' Z Foun N" Z 5 ry 2 1 , ff' - if .Wi-. X .- ..- . Lt ?7'55""-. V xg ku fs -Q V SIG B .Hia if M" ' 'f " f .- , " llll1IlIIllW 4 ,,.f STAN'-EV Fm' 5 - ' , XXWxxx. M 9 CAN DRAW I ' 1:61 , ,V - 1 Q f.OfNlCbU5lOfNlS f "Wh S0 we Wwe ' .V E " Togo- RAYMQND T CLAPP 2 .39 If me Tl-XEIQG'-IN DRAw'NG 7 Z 1 A C3000 POKGR HAND X MARGARET ss-xevum Toe-MA-T055 Q, TGLD US THPT' THE' N of-u.v THING SHG' CQULD DRAW WAS QQ ' A Q0-CART- GOOD 'WGHT' KOLJN HAQAR as C9000 AT fun I ,ph QRAVUUXICB 111 ,'fW,'l, HIS BREATH- 4 l.yl, ll "v:L X 1 , f xg ', x 'Z 1 f 4 I f I 3 Lg- y we-J PLE-AD NCT GUILTY! .4-ff -' E we vu6RC-I-'ro1.D To D0 Tv-WS bSB1.Q9MQv- When the Art Editors Asked for Aid. :THE 2 PEDHE EUE '31 T ITG 'stu f . ' s1'ATE.coi.i.eeE ig A U :ings - - . - ITN ECHOES FROM THE H. E. DEPARTMENT Oyster Bisque: Lead seven adult oysters out back of the barn and shoot them. After plucking them and removing the feet, parboil them until elastic, cover them with crumhy and bake. Varnish with dill pickles, add hot water, and serve. Steamed lwolasses Pudding: Take two cups of molasses and cut in strips, butter each side of the strips and braid them. Coil this around a bunch of raisins and tie with limher macaroni. W'ring towels out of boiling water and wrap around this pudding until it is steamed. Chocolate Fudge: Take three pounds of chocolate creams, pierce each end ol each chocolate drop, and blow out the cream. Melt the chocolate overcoats thus secured and thicken with manila rope, chopped fine. Flavor with pickled limes and when hard, lay the slah on the chopping block and cut into cubes with the family axe when it is ready to serve. Shirred Eggs: Take six denaturalized eggs, peel carefully. Remove the yolks and haste the whites together with No. 60 cotton. Cut the yolks into quarter sections and sew strips of the whites on these. Custard Pie: Beat six eggs until they yell for help, add one-half pound of loaf sugar. if it isn't too busy loafing. Add one can of condensed milk, first removing the can. Pour in this a crust made of boiled linoleum and when cold, serve to the bill collector. Tomato Creole : Scald seven tomatoes until they are blistered, turn them wrong side out, and add thin slices of ice. Thicken with laundry starch, add a dash of washing blueing. and serve with a top dressing of Portland cement. Cabinet Pudding: Undress eight apples, add one raisin, chastise two eggs, pass yourself a lemon, add one glass brandy, drink two more, thicken with almost-flour, and when boiled, saw in slices, and serve with the nut cracker. HEARD A T A BASKETBALL CAzWE Referee Personal foul for holding." Referee Personal foul for holding." Referee Personal foul for holding." Referee Personal foul for holding." Referee Fitzgerald, out of the game for four personal fouls." ,lane Schnitzler-H Well, it's about time they put that Holding out! l'le's l d more fouls than Fitz, I'm sure." :sua-.1 ne Hurifrct Yirrelv C1 1 W " 'f U 'QZLH C" IV.: ,".'71 ," ' ff' ',f-' ' fi' 37 ff 1 , V Zi, 12" .01 ,' if ' l, ' I I I tfzufu '.1Zff:'ff C3l',III,1 ,i'f"'1,1'11f a-U "T,' w w r 1 5, r - MISS S - - - R LECTURES! fln her profound study of Shakespeare she has just discovered that those famous lines, " Hickory Dickory Dock - The mouse ran up the clock," represent the first poetical attempt of the great Bard of Have-One., H O this wonderful Shakespeare! 0, if you only .lovedashim asl do - fgaspl eHow af" he thrills me! O! the genius of this marvelous man! What meaning has, ' Hickory Dickory Dock? ' None to you perhaps, but if you knew the man as I do - then - yes, then-you might understand that ' Hickory Dickory Dock ' serves to hold in suspense one of the sublimest intellectual conceptions my aspiring soul ever struggled to compre- hend - O young people! Study as I did - try hard to be like me, won't you? O-o-o-o-O! Trp to see that by the ' mouse,' Shakes.peare symbolizes the insignihcance of the human race and that, ' Ran up the clock ' serves to depict the eternal struggle of man to overcome both Space and Time-at once! O this wonderful man fshudderl - W' fgaspj -- fscreechj O this - what shall I call him? 0 - I faint! - this marvelous - Shakespere! l H- fBelD. ENGLISH H. , Around something or nothing we mentally twist, f FP! Of sublime self-deception our discourse consistsg Weire ashamed to admit that aught really exists ln English Il. W We hear the glad music the earth and stars croon, Then proceed to give way to la mental typhoon And boldly assert that it's all out of tune -F ln English Il. as Weid never admit that we say what we mean, it While we vaguely conjecture and foolishly dream, And try to dissect the whole heavenly scheme ln 'English H. In wisdom and wit we far transcend the Sybil, When reason deserts us we always can quibble, g But its worth two good credits and so - H Ish-ka-bibble " 'Bout English II! W cn """5 guann1x W fozmgr W nnKumm ' l f ' lunn1an-unmanned! idmlsrausulg 1 ,.n,- uf. cz: l:::n One Hundred Ninety-eigfll ..,.:vn.I:.,n.:L,.:,.l 4- fl- 757 '.I I I I I ' l. ' Y 4:,f..aa.-. I , I I -V 5. ' , l -STHE Q Penn:-:asus -2-1911 K'-1D...................... "'- -1 STATE. amines :-A A s A .um :nt S A Dr. B. -T H I believe this is Dr. P Lg Vieyvs on the Subject Q or is that what the text says? fDr. B. is still wondering why the class grinned aloud.D Senior A. - H I think the Faculty must be very much interested in us! " Senior B. - H Why? " Senior A. - H Today Dr. B i r told me he should be glad to hear of the death of any of our alumni! " Prof. H. fcalling roll in Roman Historyj - H Miss Macc-uire? " Miss M. fdreamingj - H Hello! " Oh! Present!! " Prof. H. - H Wrong party, Miss M.! H AT DINNER TABLE IN KAI' HOUSE Ray Townsend- U You know I think Ernest must be engaged to a girl where he lives." Burns - H Vlfhy? " R. T. - U Why, he takes a different girl every time he goes out." 'Hohey - H Huh! Folks must think fm married at that rate! l've been out with jvc different Freshmen this week! " R. T. - H Safe, Rhinie! They only think you're hazing the Freshmen." Looks pretty bad when you wake up in the morning and find a squirrel sitting on your chest, with a hungry look in his eye! Ask Ted Feder. INTERNATIONAL LAW CLASS F. tl-lerrick, continuing a heated but learned discussion of Cermany's actions in the H present crisis H-H But the accumulation and sum total of all these aggravating inci- dents make an insult to American honor! H Prof. Risley- H That's right, that's right, but perhaps it's just as well that all the people in the country aren't so easily insulted as you are." " Oh, doctor! My little boy has swallowed a bullet! H H Ahem! Give him a powder, put his cap on, and don't point him at anyone." Dr. R. in Latin II - H Miss ---, take your pencil out of your mouth and talk to the point." Miss Stubbs, Freshman Musical Club -- " I think it would be a good thing if our committee should expire soon." ..-:U 5 CT ,-,-, U C'-1' E One fluntfrctl Ninety-nine aw fa Zaye M " 4 W xt ' if y "1,f,,T.J3' 72-J ff.,--vv- -,viii .-,. .:,f?:i, nflvl-mnn. ,,,, ,, ..,.. vifflim yg-we ,7!ff. - - THE RHYME OF THE YOUTHFUL CRIMINAL A youthful criminal meeteth I. or 2 in the hall and detaineth them. A Ye class hell has rung yet they are constrained to listen. He ascerta-ineth the exact location of S .... s' office- and huslzandeth his breath. -And on heholding S .... s is overcome with emotion. He spealfeth of a debt of gratitude which needeth ac- lfnowledgement. And recounteth his past life to S .... s who lfnew this part of it. After being fired from school he tougheneth more and more. And rejoiceth that parental solicitation will no more annoy him. mm ,,,, ,. Two Hundred It is a youthful criminal Who stoppeth one or two! And each one said in mild alarm, H What can I do for you? " The bell has rung - class has begun, I fear I shall be late. " Canst tell me where S .... s' office is? H The lad said U kindly state! H 7 U S .... s' ofhce is the third flight up,' Was answered to him then. He spoke to no more but saved his breath The stair case to ascend. i - - - M. within his office sat - H Part of his job " you know! The lad came in and down his back The tears began to How. . H C Mr. S .... s! " the youngster wails, H Such debt I owe to thee! I,ve jumped six hails -- broke sixteen jails To own it gratefully! H I was the practice teacher's curse And broke I every rule - You knew me for a stupid dunce And fired me out of school! H Then went I fast from bad to worse - Soon as I left thy carey My mother died -I drove the hearse And hummed a merry air! 'S Next father croaked - ,twas most sublime Q My heart from care was free! ' For had he lived, he'd used his time To give advice to me! " yyam 7 9 , aww, ' ' ' 7, N, , .s ....i.i m l sr..-1 M. e af f: ...,,.... -I .xl e.1i.,.-Im--Q - 1.3.1-.-....:..-c...,.. , - I I i Nokia- Psons sue -1911- S .... s is much amazed and his voice sticlfeth in his throat. The youthful criminal pre- pareth S .... s for the worst, which he promiseth to dis- close. He reciteth his crime in detail that he had spat upon an usher's foot. S .... s inquireth more par- ticularly and is answered. The course of justice hath naught in it to impede the goal's being reached. He maketh a plea for mercy and the judge weepeth aloud. And said that he also hath suffered greatly in similar manner. The jury sob aloud and the mob moaneth as in pain. The youthful criminal ex- plaineth his gratitude and departelh. STATE. aotuzee y . W sg,-, S .... s' eyes stuck out - his jaw hung low .-. He trembled in each limb -- l-le tried to speak fhut no word carnej And only gazed at him! H Don't interrupt! " the tough one yelled. H The worst is yet to come! Of all the falls that 'ere befell My tumble was the sum! U It happened in the Annex when An usher wished to put Me outside in the cold and so -- I spat upon his loot! " Ol U Why spat you so upon his foot? Sayles asked with stifled cry: " It landed on his foot because -- It bounded off his eye! H They put me then in durance vile My crime to expiate. The trial was set - the jury met. Dire justice would not wait! U Some plea for mercy I thought thru Their stolid hearts to budge: I said l'd been to school to you -- ' Dismiss l-lim! ' yelled the judge -- C5 ' For all the crimes he may commit, And if nothing else he'd do l'le's suffered more than 'ere is htf' The judge said, ' for I too " Once went to school to Mr. S - - - s The jury 'gan to sob In pity of the judge- and mOarlS Of grief came from the mob." The lad departed saying - N 5 ---- S. I shall forget you never. Your teaching gained me sympathy From all the world forever." ,,,, - "' I,-.X a rm- r ' '1 ' ll I JI- Yi Tivo Hundred One ,,. g , ,,..:,- rf yay ,..',fIff 5,f'2"Qg5,! 5: ,, ,nz yr f Q ,mf , f 1 ,, , , , , 4 ,, ,,, ry , M if - . ffw' lf fff nf if M, , ' f-J . , W, w 5-rp.-'re m:rm..w'e Wwmfw mm w w KNO WLEDCE vs. EXPERIENCE R-y Town--nd, '18, and a certain green Freshman were returning from the Kappa Delta Sorority one Sunday night early in the year, and while passing the cemetery on Washington Ave., a highwayman jumped out in front of them and demanded conven- tionally, U Give me your money or I'1-l shoot out your brains." - The unsophisticatecl Frosh said: H I-Iere, take my money. I need my brains to get through collegef' H Pinkey i' Town - - d simply said, H Shoot away." Miss IVI - I - f - , History IV freciting on Seward? - U After he was stabbed, they did not expect him t-o get well, but he did recover, and his wife never got over the shock." I , Echoes from the Red Room fa deep, unmistakable voice? -- H You tell him to go to I-I --" - r CA Freshman on a bench outside taken into Miss Pierce's office for resuscitation., Instructor, rearranging quiz sections - U Where can you go? " Student - " Anywhere - it doesn't make any difference." Instructor - U Good! What is your name, please? H Student -- H Ford." Art- - r Wo - dw- - d, '18 -H Did you ever notice, A - ta, I very seldom take notes in class? Categorically speaking, my mind is a sort of memorandum." A - ta Sah - - r- H A sort of blank book, Art? " ' 4 WE WONDER WHY Ed. Lo-ng was made head of the Physics Department? A Edith Wallace stopped going to the Empire? Harmon stopped looking up girls' cards to determine their ages? Rhinie I-Iohaus fell during the Springfield game, when nobody was near him? Miss B -- t is so fond of Prof. B --y? Mr. I-Iinting Wong bought the State Library? Adele I-ledges and Pinkey wear that beatific smile - fthe same onel? Q fr-'-11 Two Hundred Two ' I Hxq b if I In I I ' I 4 'I , X' I I ' I 9 I I fl!! J I JI f If I EEI . I III I I I I I I I ffl' 1. I x I , X Q, gg ff X: XX I XFX Q ,f tk NS Q Q I W XX , I ,f X-X f X 'HI N wlwlll In i i X Q ,SQ X W A 5 A lb! I .Q .X 'WWWNN W,.sQ.7Aq,,l I I W suv 099 I I M an 'I'1 wfxvtj c T A a W W mf ZZ W' s"" STA"fE'. z'Z?2z.LZ.iaQ MILDRED ALDEN Mildred may look stately and quaint, But despite her appearance she is no saint, At a basketball game, you should here her root, When thewinning team is from the H Tutef' 'mf ith the thimble, sh'e's most proficient you knowg VOh, the hand-run tucks that she can sew! And where is a maid who can blush so red At the very most trivial thing that is said? But we know in her case still water runs deep, How do We know? She talks in her sleep. MARY MARGARET AUSTIN Here is our famous linguist, who speaks no less than six different languages with perfect ease. French, however, is her specialty, and in French Class she does wonderful solo work, to the great pleasure of Mahar - and all the rest of us. Besides her wonderful ability in French, she has an ever ready smile which will make everyone fall eventually -- why not now? EARL ARCHER Who's Archer? Archer who? Why, Earl Archer. Don't you know Archer? No wonder, for he spends most of his time at the movies. l-le doesn't have to study for he gets A in Math. without. Say, Earl, are you married or are you not? Principals like to know. GERTRUDE BENJAMIN Yes, we admit she does look meek, but looks are most deceiving. Among her friends it is generally conceded that owing to Gertrude's propensity for Chemistry, she must have in some way imbibed a few of the qualities common to that subject, explosive- ness, for instance. She doesn't explode often, for the proper combination is hard toattain, but woe be unto the poor mortal who unwittingly touches off her wrath. A ELEANORE CAROLYN BENNETT Her talents are many, not to mention her brilliant work in college, but does she study? Ask any of her friends. She is always ready for a good time and always on the go, but when she gets time for studying no one really knows. Never mind, she gets the high marks, and that is more than some of us can do. mml ff 1 crm Two Hundred Four STHE Q Pi.-tnnrsusue Q 1911-2- ""'D L L J STATE. coiues 5 t g e on :nut L i MILDRED BENTLEY Oh, listen one and listen all, While to your minds I do recall, The vision of a hustling maid, A-making cakes or orangeade. Her name is Mildred and she's all 0. K. But if there's a sleighride, just let me say,-- Don't get excited, nor don't get misled, If- the next morning - she's not in her bed. Oh! it's sad but it's true, And it's time that you knew That Mildred, though jolly, and lively, and gay, Stays out on her sleighrides till l0:O0 the next day. LEA!-I BICE Fair-haired Leah! The wonder of the modern age has delved into those lab. courses which ordinary mortals shun as they fear ogres of old. Edison has engaged her as an adviser in scientific and mathematical research. UNA BOICE How Una does love to teach Latin, and how fond she is of that blessed class, for which she is always making out plans at the State Library. Sh -h - h! the idea! Of course, we never saw her talking to anyone down there - except -- well, perhaps we'd better not say anything about that. Anyway, if you want to know how to play basket- ball or to conjugate a Latin verb, go to the little light-haired, blue-eyed Senior who has an especial corner in all our hearts. MARION BLODGETT Four years ago a little lady came to S. C. T. open to all the riches of the place. She alone knows how invaluable are the treasures she has hoarded. But, for those of us who know her best, she has made us remember not what she was drinking in, but the gift of herself to us, so freely given. Whj', you ask us, did she choose to make it her business to be a friend true and generous? NVQ: can't answer that, only say, " lt's just 'Mib '--that's all! H. In other words, " Mib " is what is commonly known as a " peach H- and then some. -:J SCT -f e - 1 :::u:::: Tn-0 lflumlretl Five Mhz--V -'ff' 1' 4' , .1,,,r1f'g. 5,42 'f Y' ,fwi-iw, WW :A QWUZ. , if 1- '-C' If fx ,ff 'fp yf rf Z, ,if af .riff ffy.. .. , W ff , , I 0 -, 225' 'ff V , -'L 'if' 7 'ff . , '-Q ' "CV W5 ,af jf 7192 5' 'ft 19 fgZ4f,yfcf fyffiffgfff -f?!'7,f2fw 9 . 5 W9 ' GRACE BRAEM c Grace? You know Grace? Why, yes-i- She's the girl whose motto is, U What's worth doing at all is worth doing well." She goes in to win. Her report card looks like a stammering child sounds when he starts to say his alphabet. And in basketball! Well, she just plays till she can't play no more nohow, and then she utilizes that last breath in rooting for 'l 7. MARGARET BROWN I-lere's to you, Peggy Brown, Who four years ago came to this town: Better friend or worker you ne'er will find, Sl1e's always patient, willing, and kind. Pet saying - H 'I-Iave I got ink all over my face? " Failings - Too interested in law and pharmacy. Puzzle - Why does she wear that W. I-I. S. pin? ANN BROWN LOW Ann is our classy young dame, With Fashion as her middle name, And a heart big- big enough for two, Both " Fritz " and H Chuck " receive their due. GUY V. BRUCE - " No! I am not a professor." Can't blame the Frosh for asking. Guy is so digniHQd. I-Iis one ambition is to be a chef, but I have almost persuaded him to try teaching. Besides this, he is contemplating matrimony. Best wishes, Guy. EDITH BURLEIGI-I Edith is a most versatile maid, On our basketball team, she has always played. Tho' fond of R. P. I., we fear 'Tis Union College she holds most dear. Wonderful times on a'Sunday night Edith gives by candle light, She loves to laugh, to dance, to sing: In fact she likes most everything. Why worry because she is always late, If the fun that she has is H simply great." IEW' 1-:::s :::::: Tnvo Hundred Six Z-THE D Psnnrsusue Q- 19172- -'zfn------... STATE. couleez MADELINE. BURLINCAME Madeline looks very sweet and demure, but beware to raise her ire. She can satirize to rival Horace and luvenal. l'ler favorite occupation, at present, is writing one act tragedies, and in the future her name will probably be as well known as that ol Shakespeare. IRENE CARROLL Here is a young lady from Troy, Whose plaint is H Would I were a boy." Ever hear Irene giggle, And then watch her wiggle, And wonder from whence so much joy? MARGARET CHRIST Margaret to some, but Peggy to most of us. She says she is German, but we say she's English. Tell her a joke and find out for yourself. Nevertheless, she makes a good delegate. She always attends at least one meeting. The rest of the time she usually spends U down on the farm " getting acquainted with certain little black, furry animals, which at some future date will be her special charges. Who was it that was heard to say, " A letter a day keeps the blues away? " Aim - To solve the life of a Geometry teacher. Characteristics 1 Good disposition, slow but sure thinker, head full ol jokes, inten- sive love of the H Grand," vivid interest in studying, especially in Child Cpleasc consider this in the singular, l-lygiene. Application - A State College for Teachers, Room l I l, at IO: l 5. Result -- FEROL CHRISTIAN. MINNIE COLLINS Minnie Belle is a novel child, With smiling face and manner mild Her many questions, questions rare. Relieve her mind of many a care. She belongs to the privileged few, With no practice teaching to do: Because of her experience before To something better college's but the door. :Ju ,........ SET ......... UC' r.::Dr:::s Tum Humlrcil Seven I ' 1 QI ,E ' rfsr' ,,A, f . 'r'f2 f ma ma .l ,il li W HELEN CLOHOSY 1 l " Tippy "- Fresh from the H Tip Top Town " of the Adirondacks, she came to t S. C. T. four years ago - and fresh she has remained ever since. Oh, no! We don't 4 mean what you mean. H Tippy's 9' freshness is of that pleasant, effervescent sort, con- , tinually bubbling and running over like an ice creamusoda. She is constantly bobbin' x 1 1 it W! it around, and her interest in drugs is phenomenal. Q Q ELIZABETH CURRAN '- Betty H - What a little bird overheard one day - U A- a-West 1774. Yes, please. Oh, dear! Busy again? Well, while wait, I might as well go drink another cup of lt hot water. It would never do for me to get fat. Say, by the way, Ward,s cake isn't mentioned on my special diet list. ql simply can't get along Without that. Ward's things come in so handy, for I can't bake myself. l'll just have to live near a delicatessen shop. ' it I Wonder if the line's still busy? " .t, SONNET ON M. L. D. Maiden with the meek brown eyes, ffl l"lalf the charm that in thee lies, A hidden curling-iron suppliesg MINA DAVIES ll But ministers do all forgive, . if On bowls of soup content to live, lgflginikwas the baby? ln Latin deep contemplative e hved on our top Hoof t , ' But now that she is graduated t But lnzy thou must e en forego, . , ' t- She isnt any more. And pardons when you stub your toe, , , , ' . . . . She is a noisy little lass While taking walks in TOkl0. . If you but knew her well, r May life hold double charm for thee, But She, , tth ld M. Domestic calm, felicity, D S Jus e SWG 0 ma l And all the little joys that be! Though she has a quiet Spell' Oh, our hearts are ever fond, Of thee and thy psychic wand, Our dear Myra l... Du Mond. Tivo Hundred Eight e .,-..- .4 .- ,-Y...V-. --- -- MMMV4 Qvrwjff 'S-THE E PEDHEDEUE Q1 917-e '-'D-:....4l..g srms. summers ..e -, on ALICE EDWARDS Little Mary is here every day, Yet her interest seems far away, For every morning she does her best To get her letter from the west. She has learned much here since her start, But what she learns from the west, she learns by heart. WILLIAM JAY ELLIS Coming to us from the wilds of Altmar, Jay's major work has been an evening correspondence course " over the telephone." 'While the instructors were rather limited, the length of the lectures was not. Really, Jay had to hustle to hnd time to prepare a little History and Government, but these were of minor consequence. leaves us " a good fellow," and here is success to him. MAUDE ENDERS Here is the girl with an indomitable will, Who conquers obstacles her aim to fulfill. JULIA ERDLE There's a little Senior, who always smiles At you, in her quiet way, Who is never too busy to pass you by Without a word to say, She's always happy, and generally good, In spite of her Senior cares, Yet, nevertheless, I've heard follcs say That H Jewel " can say more than her prayers. MINNIE A. FEDER When it comes to tossing balls, Cr rooting for The Team. Or selling tickets in the halls. H Ted i' is always on the scene. But among her chief delights, Shopping is her specialty. For, H ,lust send the Bill." she writes, And he comes invariably. :Q SCT :.-:DL-:I However, .lay Daz: Trro Hundred Nine J ,. --- , ,m,m.:,'f . Q, QXMM, 5 135: I! . ,Wig WW""'21 .W , W' 'bf' .WWWWWWW -H--H "'-' M' , ,, , ,,, 2:3 H I I c::"1':zs .,,.,, :gang ..N...,,1:.,...,,. .z:.,,,,,,, Q rrmzff- .,,,.,.. 11,711 Q 3 STANLEY G. FITZGERALD t' ll the same. Fitz is the most widely H Big Fitz," H Handsome," or H Stan H--i S a known annual feature of Sacandaga Park. Sure he's a good S0da'SQUift '-' didnit Schneibl-e teach him? Fitz is the only fellow in school who receives more than four bids to every dance or reception. It must be his H handsome H looks - else why should the Frosh have gone to the trouble of taking him to the movies in Watervliet? H Stan H U holds H fget it?j the world's record in two things: l. Girlologyg Z. Foul-shooting. p All honor to the Swedish family which has given to the college such a handsome ,1 hero I ' ' f MARGARET M. GALLAGH ER The portrait of this 'maid' you will surely admit, me I ls the result of great effort, skill, art, and to-wit Much posing and primping and nerve racking suspense, On the part of the photo man to make her less tense. A And when at last th-e prints were addressed vi With number and street both lacking, we confess, fm 'Tis no wonder she exclaimed when that letter appeared, ' 5 H Oh, dear, dearie me! Oh, isn't it weird." B H M V1 mr ALICE GAZELEY m She's a firm believer in woman's inherent right to change her mind-and her il' costumes, frequently. 'Tis said that she maintains her nonchalence even in Latin Methods and Practice Teaching,- a fact that at once places her on a level of her own! As to personal appearance, w-e quote a rather indignant remark we heard her make I f' I I Freshman year, on a, certain occasion, U I can't help my lo-oks. , We feel for her, don't you? 1 ns EDITH K. GILLESPIE w "l Don't bodda me! " Did you ever see that demure little body around the upper or It lower halls? By way of introduction - this is H Edef' Her past life is well known -- ,ii the future is what is troubling her. If we have war with Germany, which side will Edith take? H's H good looks are revealed each Mondays morning-Wash Day. We all know what honors she has won since H l9l3." Her motto is, 'LA sound mind in a sound body." For this reason she is very liable to take long walks on the hottest day of the summer. Watch yo-ur step, H Edef' when you go over the gravel bank! www ,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,,, , ,, 2 Two Hundred Ten ':jflgHE 2- Pi-Ennsnsue Q 1917-D F a e . STATE. COLLEGE. ' . :ann-.n For-1 LOUISE COLDBERG We hear her talking down the hall, At music she can beat them all, Her beaux are short, her beaux are tall, They come whenever she may call, The Irish she likes best of all Does our Louise. EMMA GRAY Miss Emma Hopper Gray, President of the New York State XVomen's Political Union. By this imposing title her fond friends once hoped to address her. ilihcse lair hopes are dead now. Let us speak of them with reverence, Emma's former interest in women's political welfare has fled. I-Ier leisure is now spent in making frequent pilgrimages to a certain attractive little bungalow displayed by R. C. Reynolds Co. I-IILDRED MIRIAM GRIFFIN Four years ago there arrived fom Newburgh a shy, modest, retiring little creature whom time and this cosmopolitan institution have by degrees changed into that exquisite combination of so-called H hythm, ralance and barmony," variously known as "Hill," U I-lilly," "Grill," "I..etty," "Shorty," and " Shorty Crifff' Her accomplishments are many and embrace literary, linguistic, and terpsichorean qualities of distinction. In one respect, however, she is dehcient, but she covers it so well that we didn't know it at all until Dr. Beik announced it in Education VIII. This has reference to her intellectual power and is nothing less than this: I-Iildred Miriam Griffin is ambidextrous. MAUDE GRIFFIN H Heel I-Iawll I-lee! I-law!! " It is not the rooster's early morning herald, but it is just as exasperating when you want those precious forty winks. You don't know her if you think she is as meek as she looks. RHEA GROVER Look out, girls, Rhe feels too good to-night! She will be up to something. just listen to that giggle! Oh, now she's whistling. Really, Rhe's learning to whistle is as bad as Penrod Schofield's singing. Her favorite tune is " Merrily Xve Roll .Along .but you would never recognize it. There was one time though, that she didnt whistle " Merrily." Remember the day she came down in mourning, because IJ. of IVI. lost? CATHERINE HAQEL Whats Who? When? Wim? Why? Howdidifhapvfnt 'S"1f"a"? S'Iong. :U SCT fr.:-1-'f-'fD"' c::: D c':.'l Tum Humlrctl Eleven ,V ,H .- ff f., 'f , ' .'f,,2ff 12 TQ? W:y,f,f2f W 7" yfh"ffi" f' ' f, vw, ' '4 ff ..f, Wvff rf- ire 5-'Z ffl. , "df fa.. f, Q' 'f ww stave. agrnwe .WWW me-4 ' fm-Q, ww w KOLIN, D. 'I-IAC-ER Yes, Kolin is indeed the Stat-e College Amato-+hasn't Miss Jones admitted it? During the early period of his college education he qualified as a pugilist and smoker - didnit Prof. Sayles catch Uamesburg papers please copyl. him? Kolin would like to teach in New Jersey next year LUCILLE IFIALE Better known as Luichi. We never knew before that the H. E. the, course required one to spend so much time in the Medical Library. We wonder i responsible for loss of appetite and long spells of dreaming f that course is also fof brass buttons or little black satchels?l. A U Ten-thirty is the time to go -- i Shall I go? " She said, " Oh, no, I've a dollar's worth of overtime." HELEN I-IALLIGAN -U I can't do this," H I can't do that," U Dear me, how did she ever make that hat. " For the life of me, I cannot see." 397 i g Yet we never see I-lelen up a tree. ANNA HARLOW Ann's ambitions have been countless, First a Red Cross nurse sheid beg But after thinking it over Decided to attend S. C. T. 1 But now that she has ably learned The Household Arts to teach, ln this held she has suddenly realized That there's ano-ther aim to reach. MILDRED L. HENRY Sing a song of teaching, Arms full of books, But Mildredis always happy, , You can see it in her looks. we We - -M---A--- -. M VM ,fx 3 z:::l Tivo Hundred Twelve '. U I 1 ,mi 'Q A ,ar ' .51 ww all u M: gm u M in Ulu, S W sm. . "W 'M F11 I 1 73: WU!! ml 2.213 'ffm E V P I fs-'rua Q Pennant-:us --1911-B ' :D---1-....... s-rms. cornea U i 1 -:D F. HERRICK CONNERS The Brigham Young of our college.'s see, there was Hi M ...M A 0 ' K ' C' f f C , and still he is unmarried. As a student of Hlstory he hes mf peer- H15 Specialty, however, is not so much the history of nations but rather the historical development of woman - from the cave days when she ,,,ag a simplvixunassuming member of the human family, down to the present, where sheiis. .Ah. ' said Prof. Lonners, I have studied, observed, compared, contrasted and if I hvevuntil I am 190, I fear that when asked I will be obliged to say " I give up ' " " CUTIE O'I-IOLLORANI' Major: Eating mother's goodies. Minor: Teaching her youngsters to love her. H Still waters run deep." "I have been taught to love the good, The pure, the unalloyed, And the wicked boys I've understood I always should avoid." OLIVE HORNING She may be small but she has her own ideas. When we talk about size, Olive new-r says a word, for she does so hate to admit that she is even a whole inch shorter than Rhea. She is almost reconciled, however, for when a parlor is not available, the hig willow chair in the kitchen will do. Wonder where Olive is now? Oh, yes. Shc's asleep as usualg couldn't possibly miss her afternoon nap. ETHEL I-IOUCK She isn't so bashful as she looks- hiding behind that tree. Measles always leaves one with something, you know, and it left Ethel wound up -- and she hasn't yettrun down.. What matters that though? A record as " sweet " as that one we could hstli-n to, or its "echo," forever. Never mind. H mllslflal m0V'e5 always d'd agree xml' superintendents. CERTRUDE HUNTER At every sport she's VCYY quick But at her work she's very strict. I-ler merry laugh we all enl0Y And Petso doth her horn empl0Y- :Q SCT U'-'S :-.-: D ::I Two Hunilrcil Thirlccn V I, I H fn Avi V I " I. .,, ,z., f,f I , . ,gn . g W FLORENCE I-IUTCHIN SON She's a rather quiet maiden, Not so very tall, But she's full of life and fun When playing basketball. FLORENCE JENNINGS Energetic, conscientious, enthusiastic, all the adjectives found in company with Success may justly be applied to Flo. u JOSEPHINE KEATING What do you think of when you see Joe wandering forlornly around the halls? - Why does Joe act so cross and then so happy? Since war has been declared, have you .noticed how worried Joe is? ...I-Iyperbole, .ham ,fnot pork, -- " Hur-ry up! H 'English feloquence. , Love? fflef a :doctor.D y .Enthusiastic, energetic. N ecromancy - notions. Al-bert fbetter known as Donaldl, agnosticism. V algebra - acquired attraction - AJ M. always. Kuriosity - kith and kin. Early fto rise, . Late Cto bedl - loquacity. Scotch - somnambulistici-swine - syncopated songs. Onions - oleo l MARGARET KING 'She's " Peg 'O My Heart ". to all who know her. Patience and good nature she possesses sin fullemeasure,veven--afteri-several-hours'fwork in Chemistry Laboratory fdetermin- ingrunknowns. 'From what has been said you may .think she is inclined to be serious, 'but far from it! Her - giggle - well, it's some giggle. GERTRUDE. L. KOLB An expert in adding color to romance. Specialist in H Orange " courtships. Per- sonal experience oflered in all the various branches from stationery to blossoms. 3 1mu 5 U7 'fl ,Ay wauu,,g ' Q Q , V HM' uwanmnnnmnuwnluxul mn? We W ' ' "G ' 'awww Qing-2,42 2.2 mme? - Two V Hundred Fourteen i ':j1'H'Ej- PEDHEDEUE e 1917... .- f STATQEI-Q95 A gum MILDRED LARKIN The life we lead is not all joy, The weeks are sometimes long, But when Mildred is in our midst It seems like one sweet song. U A'keen thinker," by Prof. Kirtland branded, Sincere, loving, kind, and frank, H She does care " for her work, and that ls how she reached the BS. rank. HELENA LAVENTURE Oh- YCS, Helena H is very quiet and dignified, that is, around College, but you should see the enthusiasm she displays when scanning the posters for " the newest movies." Indeed I fear me our fair Helena is destined to become a movie fan. She never gets " fussed," takes everything calmly - never hurries, but gets there just the same. ' MILDRED LAWRENCE CAPABLE? What does it spell? Mildred. Indeed, she's proficient in what- ever taslc the fates provide- even in German, and that's " going some " in this place. And you remember, don't you, Mildred's energetic protest to every professor at the con- clusion of every examination, H I really did know lots more about that, but l just didn't have time to put it down." Or perhaps you once got into a debate with Mildred on Woman Suffrage - Wow! But you have missed it if you did not hear Mildred sing - why, you never heard that she could sing? Oh, yes! But you never could hear her sing U Perfect Day H at her best unless she sang it in connection with H Cornell Alma Mater." But there's still another way to spell Mildred - " VERSATILEQ' ls it any wonder that it was she who was the first girl chosen on Myskania? And let us peek hack of the curtain of capability and there are other finer things: walks in woods where the wild flowers grow and hours spent with poets and folks. It is a " citizen of the world " that our Mildred is. EDWARD L. LUNG I-le might well have been an artist with his pen Or Gamer is even though he has chosen the severer medium of science as a means of expressing thi: 9 a. Wfe suspect that he still beauty of truth. ---nf-1 l D 7-ITU ffulrrffcil F-fffCCfl ,V , ' 'swf 1 mfw. V292 227' '1 , .1 ' W, 'Z' 1 JL' ' J, , 1 ff ff, 53" 77' lm EW 14' lv ,..'!'.. 'fl f "X , -N ff! ', Q,',yg4,j ,Y 42 Q, Egqgm 'WWW 5 e-:Q i as-rms., i.1.wa Us w w WALTER' LEGRYS Walter must be that H Cambridge addition " that was mentioned in the lost and found column of the bulletin board. Amongst the popular pieces of the day none appeal to Walter like " Yipsilanti "-- even though she doesn't live ina shanty, but attends the Yipsilanti Normal. As a composer of amorous poetry Walter IS unsurpassed at State College. He is " going to " teach math. whenvhe gets out.. 2 CORNEELIALUCE E Cornelia has a voice, did you know it? . cap sing, 'you betclia, but my! YOU should hear her read French. Sheiis'siinplyiwrapped'up in her linguistic studies, and her translations flow forth even as lightly asgthegproverbial water rolls off the ditto duck"s back- i .. - N M PEARL LUKENS E You'd never guess to look at her, that she can manage twenty-live wriggling young- sters, delicious Apollos, and numberless contributions to the Echo. The origin of the chocolates she doesn't disclose, but we know that the ink in her pen just naturally flows into stories. EDWARD Pj MACALOON ilvly, he's a jolly-looking chap,Aisn't he? ,And you should hear him H spout H in English methods. The class sits with mouth ajar and brain bedazzled, when Edward takes the floor. I V b V CECILIA MCGUIRE " Cel " is always happy, And always busy, too, For when you're teaching German, You've got H SOME work to doin Why H Cel " is so much at the library, We've never found out yet, But just ask a certain Junior - HE-'S-ON to the reason, you bet. CATHERINE V. MCMANAWAY Be scientific, learn to appreciate the possibilities of the fireless cooker. Performs miracles with spinach. Free demonstration by expert. Refer above. Wm, QT mm m Two Hundred Sixteen l l Q ,........... -Qi-4 --flue Q PEQFIEUEUE -2-19,-,.., :nun ng' t JOHN MACCRACKEN Prof' Mudgeis Opinion 1 H Heis all fight. but he wonit be married." lrle lmsifl taken up Risley's suggestion thatueveryone should h l even slam the library door." ' A ave at east one vice. " He doesn't ELIZABETH MARTZLOFF Betty is always just the same, as the trite saying goes, except when you mention farmers in a slurring way. Then - look out. Ask her who went on the sleighride, :incl she will answer, Me and my brother, another girl and her brother." You sec if she doesn't. RUTH MOSELEY Ruth? Why, everyone knows Ruth. Basketball? Star Senior forward? Cym- nasium? Ruth teaches a class - Dancing? Well, Ruth used to dance, hut for sonn- unknown reason she gave it up. CWe have a sneaking suspicion, howeverj Drive a car? I'd trust Ruth anytime fespecially with a Franklinj. But what Ruth enjoys most is sleep. Imaginary conversation: 8:00 P. M. Ruth-- H I'm going to bed and study." Roommate - 1' All right, l'm going to study too." Q lj f U 8:05 P. M. Ruth --- H G--n-r-r-r-r-r." I ANNA NELSON The question is: H Will Anna be a snake charmer, or a u a ancer ' evertheless. Romeo is not H I d ?" l'Vc think she will be a Juliet, and of course you know her Romeo. N the only one who will miss her sparkling Wit, her fare Irish humor' and he' quiet' lrlcrgdly way beneath it all when she leaves S. C. T. in June, fOr there are mint'-Hmenb' OHU5 ' .- . . 'r who love Anna Rose, although We know her heart 15 VCVD far aWaY ut l' it S we M story. EMMA B. NEUNER Emma giving directions to a stranger? You Valk dls h , k I I valk de shtreet klear clown lil YOU Omg O ' ere shtreet up, den turn dv first korner around to the left, and Clerl . ' d d re. great bik house' Here you go de Shtalrs UP' Valk de iiligor mi aqt- iicioydlzirlagerous. Please, Emma, don't H walls any bfldee down now' 5 Dc: :I SCT :D C-2 Tug Hunijrcd Sci-cnlccfl ,..,, ,.,7ff:." ,. - W yy? ,rf .2.f,1' ffiqiiff 5,f,fQ'ff,'4,, fx 977 f 4.44, fc .iff ' ,gy In , , f, fx 9,5 'gc f ,, ' ' WW? aww STATE. - r:r.m'e w w ARLINE M. NEWKIRK Ur.-:1 September 7, l9I3. Crash! Did you hear that door slam? That's " Arl" Newkirk entering as a " Fresh." June l8, 1917. Bang! Did you hear that door. slam? That's " Arl H departj ing - sheis graduated. A Q AGNES MARTINA NOON' Frorrrthe hills .of Watervillse Came a Freshman! bright as steel, - 'F our short years shefhere has plundered, A c While thro the halls she smiled and wandered, Friends she. has many, butenemies none, . Now we have finished, but still just begun. t ALICE NORMAN U Warm hearts are more than coronets, A And folly e'en than Norman blood." Frigid tranquillity - thy sister hail! She is so sensible - so far above The ordinary follies of mankind, We can but -envy her. Far from our Alice is the Clinging Vine! 0 it were less her faculty of mind Than centimeters forty-two in breadth. Then would not maids and men before her glance Tremble and weep apace and turn to Hee Self awed in contemplation of their inefficiency. MARGARET O'CONNELL Take some skill in sewing, Some in cooking too, Add real wit and friendliness, Make it sweet clean thrug ,Mix with popularity. What! f-laven't you guessed it yet? Why following this recipe Our H Mocky's "l what youill get. ff ,W ,W W 3 0 ffffy my 'Tivo Hurldred Eighteen 4. ,9- M ffo QF!! HTH-Ej PFDHEDEUE -2-1917-2 L"jD""""""""""-"-"'- STATE. GDLLIQE :I I5 W g :nz I nl c' ELIZABETH PALMER l'lere is a girl who never hitches her cart to a star. but is always ready to apply, first hand knowledge regarding the " laws of machines." We sometimes wonder whi. she thinks it profitable to spend so much time on her physics lessons, studying about various machines when all the time she knows there is but one machine the " Oldsmobile " DIANA PAYETTE Diana is unique, chaotic, sui generis, likes objects when she is introduced to them but her interest wanes as she becomes acquainted.-- Ex. Metaphysics. MARION PAYNE One of the twins is on this page, the other's name is Ellen. What you'd say for one will apply to both. A whole lot more of that capable dope, Everything they do they excel in. WILLARD HALL PEARSALL H Pears " is a young man of great promise and ability. l-le inspires one with a feeling of awe as he strides by, looking sternly ever before. The girls he heeds not, their praises he needs not. fEd.'s note--but he gets it just the same.fl He can do any- thing he wants to, and he usually wants to, hence his ever ceaseless activity. He accom- plishes much, because he never wastes his time talking in the halls and " sech." He is known to all, because he is so seldom seen around college. Because of these characteristics of his, we predict a busy, lonely life for our hero. FRANCES C. PHILLIPS There was a young-lady named Fan, Who admired a charming young man. Tho he 'was -quite fat, She didn't mind that, And she said, " I'll get him if I Can- 79 Now her taste to fine music did run, Be it piccolo, 'cello or drum, When he took her to see The great Galli Curcl, She near lost her heart, I vum- l, C-:3 was ...... SCT i m 1 Two Hundred Nirrclccn . zfrfwh M A M If 1 VI: ,,.g.v,,l:.i ., 1 f 1 1 X if I!! ,ff ,J ,f, ,I , ,,, ,, ,, .444 , W , N51 wm f s'rA'rE. GQLLRQE c nm ummm I BESSIE POST Bessie has missed her calling, we'll all agree. She has elected to instruct the young in the way they should go, and instead she should be interpreting the lines of immortal Shakespere to a dazzled public, U Isn't it so, Bess? H ETH EL PRATT H Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must have it with us, or we find it not." ' L s - And so Ethel believes and practices. While in college, her aesthetic tastes have been cultivated, largely in the F ine Arts Dept. l-lere she acquired considerable skill, perhaps due to the early lesson that rhythm, balance and harmony, in shape, measure, and tone, are of great value in, expressing one's feelings. We will not be surprised to hear in the future that Ethel either has her own studio or is an instructor in the Household Arts. It is good to be able to do more than one thing and do them well. HELEN I-LPPRATT l e A friend ever able to talk, always ready to listen. A true outdoor girl who can outdo many a fellow in a cross country tramp. She reminds us of the Girl of the Limber- lost, with her hobby of collecting butterflies and moths. Have you seen her collection? RUTH PRATT To know Ruthis menu is to know Ruth. i Lunch: Cabbage salad. Dinner: Boiled cabbage. Lunch: Cold slaw. Dinner: Fried cabbage. Lunch: Scalloped cabbage. Dinner: Cabbage salad - ad infinitum. ln an ideal machine the results obtained should equal the energy supplied. But Ruth is even more than an ideal machine, -- for plain cabbage is supplied, but the result is evident to all, in cabbage head and H carrot-top." ESTELLA QUACKENBUSI-I Would you believe it, they call her H Starlight! " She seems to have acquired this famous name from one of her numerous admirers. Perhaps he noticed how her eyes sparkled when she had at last solved- a calculus problem. Cnc day she grew tired WW L ZZ? f:--1-1 I ll'-:D Two Hundred Tnrcniy .,,,, , - gf f f f - nlfnllscuqqpngg f ,, bun-up----'-ff--1--.....-1.----Nf---P-v-1-s.-Q-vva-gg.-..,..-..,w-- Y , . , ,, . . ..-.-. , -1--er' xanax: " - L. . 1 iT... W... -. M ---H ' -Y --- ...:,v-1332.-:f '. ' . .wQ.-,.........,........ ....--V -glue Q Penn:-susus Q-191-yn STATE. commas r- S A , .U I :ni E LJ of the daily grind and informed her friends that she was going away for 1 rest XVQ U,- suspicious, for what is the meaning of that cute little stone she brought b'ick3 Le-rv ir 1 u - 97 9 ' ' 1 C U Starlight, she d keep the best of you guessing. VIRGINIA HOWARD RAY .winflyis got a great ambition, Namely, to harbor all stray kittens. The names she chooses are rather classic, H Philomel H and H Persepolis " sound quite bombastic. :inny's stature is rather small Though her chief delight is to be very tall, But when she tries to catch a train The speed she gets up would dazzle your brain. U Cereal Food H of a certain brand I-las a mortgage on her heart and hand, But in the way there stands a U Palm," Still, Jin remains both sweet and calm. BERTHA I. REEDY Do you know who the sweetest, pluckiest, littlest girl is in our class? Vffe refer you to the name above. Do you want to know what everyone thinks of her? Ask 'em. They'll tell you and while they're telling you, Bert's riht ear will be burning brightly. She's some peach! VIOLA REYNOLDS H Vi U is a good sport, plays basketball and tennis like a house ahre, reads German like a streak, and with it all keeps that calm, undisturbed look that shows a thoughtful mind and a soul at peace with the world. SARAH RICH You should see her in cooking. Pie crust is her specialty,- it's the kind that melts in your mouth! And such pains as she takes, and what interest in the matter of recipes and economical foods. But wait, there's a reason,-- just look on her left hand and you can safely draw conclusions. . EDITH SPENCER No one ever mistakes her for a promising school teacher. Even her UIUC SHY5 SITC is sure to stay in the work fifteen years. For fear it is avoirdupois which IDCUWS hc' chosen profession, Edith is conscientiously pursuing a diet. -:U SCT Us 1 U 1 Two Hundred Twenty-oric we Z W F . c am . srrmre, eszameee ..,. .,.. . Wm w w This lis her menu: Breakfast- Invisible sandwiechesaprveparedvby her 'thoughtful friends and served by Prof. Douglas in Mechanical Drawing Class. Lunch - Three teaspoons of water taken one-half hour apart. 'tt' ' too roductive of corpulence, and Dinner-An apple, on foot' Cbecause Sl mg is p yet, don't speak it aloud, Edith's favorite pastime is resting two hours in bed each morning, . EDITH E. ROSE A pansy from a. rosetree. In the language of flowers, Pansy stands for H thoughts." Well, is there a new plan to be thought of? Look for Pansy. ls there a new idea to I 3 k f be ushed? Look for Pansy. Is there someone to be gotten out of a mess. Loo or P Pansy. ls there some unpleasant task to perform? iYes, again look for Pansy. Well, we have reason to be proud of the Schenectady member of Myskasnia. HELENA F. ROSEBROGK' Let me see, what shall I say. Rosie - beg pardon -I mean Helen - has some list of accomplishments, friends, etc. But, histl she also has a brother! By the way, do you ever want a H man " for anything? Rosie's Hoosick Falls is full of 'em. But one more fact in Rosie's history. She's in love! ,Nuf sed. fNote-We dont really think she is, or we wouldn,t h ave disclosed this fact to the cruel, cold criticism of the crowdj p V FLORENCE ST. AMOUR She's little, but oh, my! as the familiar saying goes. Nothing little about Florence except physically. Most everyone knows her, and thinks of her walking with a tall lady on our faculty, gazing upward with an adoring eye. fFlorence, not the tall ladyj ' 13. RAYMOND' SCHNEIBLE Ray is a personal friend of Mr. Powers, General Manager of the D. 6: H. His daily visits to Waterford have enabled the D. 61 H. to declare ai dividend - hence the friendship of the aforementioned Mr. Powers. The girls at 25 So. Lake all bear witness that Ray is generous. No matter whether it's a check to be cashed, a wooden box to be secured, or a man for a dance- Ray officiates. Didn't he make a lovely cl-ergyman at the funeral of English II? Ray hasn't missed the Sunday 4:45 north for more than three years. WW. Zi of-My ggi. , f, . ,-a'- I 5.4 S ' 7 W MW .gg-aunuu Z 7 www Two Hundred Twenty-two 67 .,,- -- - -. W.-.. . . , ' gtg" ...n..e f ' M ..... ...,.........., ..- ., . .,,.... ,. time-D Psnnsusue 2:19172 t . . srms. commas s, MARIE. SCHNITZLER ?iVe didn't believe in U personality H- then we met Marie. Xve don't know just what it is about her that's irresistible, so it's her personality. She says H ln a minute " and keeps you Waiting two hours. You tell her a long, exciting story, and at the end shi- says, Ah, what were you saying? " But the person who wouldn't wait another hour or tell the story twice over for Marie, isn't. Why? Her personality. And yet tlzr-rv never was anything she tried that she wasn't successful at. Well, that's Marie, too. I-IELENE K. SI-IINNERS Listen, girls! Do you want to enjoy college life and at the same time come out with A's and B's on exams? If so, take this bit of advice. just walk along the rosy path of H Hel." l-ler motto is H I should worry." Seniors, Ye Freshmen, Juniors and Sophs, Watch out for Helene For she's always on top. MARGARET E. SHOCK An Ode to Peggy Jolly Peggy smiled a smile, In her own inimitable style That lured us on for many a mile. Morbid Peggy frowned a frown, All our mouths turned quickly down. And we sighed for our home town- Then she cooked us one grand meal. Danced a one-step and a reel. Plugged out some Latin and German, too, For she always did what was to C10- CLARA SLACK A oin but she has an unknown power bb' which She can remove an Ppeafs easy g g ,, Q H h d I ulus in january obstacles that tend to hasten her slack Speed- Ex-" 'he ms e Ca C - , - ' E ter hat. in order to have three months in which to Plck out her as ...DC-'21 :zu L A -1' ::::l D C'-'23 Tum Hunilrctl Ttvcnly-lf1fCC ll ll l in 1 Q' l 1 l'1i l l I 'l 'l ul My H l A V : I 'ti X l i l 'll Nfl t ll -fV-f ' f i M a- M M 7-fa VU wQ-----'----------- 51-ms.. f ume an at w e l GERTRUDE LOUISA SMITAH ,l Look, see Gert's left hand, The ring she does wear! If she don't get a position li She won't give a care. All those who know C-ertie rl, Will agree with me, ll s When the following equation il I i Q. i l, i. V1 A They really see- , G. L. S. -1- Canybodyjn 1 fgabl oo a topic'X O MAUD SMITH We have often heard the saying that some people have missed their calling. When 1 Maud found she had missed hers, she took cooking in her Senior year. A few years later we will hear: . H Now, Percival, do l 1, iii 4. 13 it ,v I you think this is salty enough? " lx " Is that a level cup of sugar? " " l-low long will it take this meat to cook? M 1 . ' 1 ,' ' 37 ' C. MAY SNOW fad Did you want to get that little job done right away and with the correct f1n1sh3 C. May will do it just that way. Sh-e's another one of those H little, but oh, my' people you often hear about. , 5" Tl-i JESSE SMITH U A vain, improvident genius "P Eg, Possibly! A carefree, vociferous entertainer, Indubitably l ij Covetous of the H good things of life "P Unreservedly l i Will he find a " place in the sun H? t Tivo Hundred Twenty four l 2' f 5 , ' .xl S l 2 i . Most assuredly ll ! ! QM? 1 .y :::::l me W HE EUE F-:iw sm-re'. causes :A A i .m m i B e nf at EMMA SOMMERFIELD H Better late than never N Ht ' - A , . S Em to a T, but Still, since we ve had the tardv Une she has had to change her policy. Can you imagine such a thing3 Em h d - n . . . . , - , w , tion even Miss Pierce cant move, chan ' fi ' . OSC elermma fl t H I 81113 H rmly established custom just because of si ve cen ne. You read about the Irish wit, But if you knew our Em, You'd hand it to this German, too, For she sure comes back at gem. JOE SPRGULE Joe's friends seem to be of the unanimous opinion that he would be a hanclv man to have around the house, since he is fast gaining proficiency in the art of making tables stools, and oth-er necessary equipment for the home. He has recently demonstrated his skill by making a cedar chest for his bride-to-be. BESSIE STAATS Betty, Betty, so petite, Always smiling, always neat, Truthful, trustful, big of heart, A Winsome girl is Betty Staat. Majors in Domestic Sci, Quite a hand at making pieg Mixes up' the doughy mess, Then covers apron, hands, and dress. If you canit believe my lay Ask the critics what they say, All will cheerfully confess Betty Staats one of the best. MARGUERI TE B. STEWART There's a dominie's daughter, Marguerite, Kappa Delta's president so sweet. Sheis quit-e fair and tall, And she painted the wall With the paint that goes under the feet. dbkiiglil-iliflff 1210142 W f, 2 WfMOMW N 'V , ff, Two Hundred TY1'Cf'lP'm'c m L ' nnvamr-.L.g,1.i:.,nw.....:. ,,.v ,,,,,, ' , u,...111i.:':fa.......g1.,::'W.: ..v,,.. ..,, ..,. :f:::::1,N ,,,,, .,,, ,,..,,., 9 gi c w w GERTRUDE SWIFT A wonderful teacher! The great progress of even her defectives proves this. One more chance gone, Gertrude. She'll find the bright side of that though, for she always does. There was even a bright side to scarlet fever, namely, the possibilities for a fair complexion. The most faithful friend that one can have Is this maid with heart so true. Through trials and trouble she'll stand by you And laugh you out of the blues. REV. T. TI-IEISEN ' Good things come wrapped up in small parcels. Though my head may not reach as high as yours, my aspirations will make up the difference. Then what I lack in height I have at my side, but do not make me run very fast for it is sin against my constitution, and my principles of behavior befitting a man of my position. Do not be quite so religious and solemn, it will only mitigate your pleasures, and then, too, you need not worry about the future Qas long as you stick close to mel for I have St. Peter's keys. So come along, where shall wego, to the Governor's Reception, the I-lall, or the Country Club? Yes, there will be so-me beautiful women at either place, but of course I do not go to see the women, but to meet their husbands. I think that we had better go to the Covernor's Reception, tonight, for we can get some good eats there for nothing fexcept dressing up in those -- suitsl. Then, too, you will undoubtedly find something over there to occupy your attentions and your interest, at least for the evening. Remember to stick close! I' RUTH TIMMERMAN 4 H Timmie " had a strong prop-ensity for Analytical Geometry. H Timmie H devoured Calculus. And she still lives to manifest an infinite appetite for those peculiari- ties which our little finite natures find obnoxious to the system. SARAH A. TINNING With cheeks of red and curly hair And eyes of roguish brown, She's still so very positive - You can tell it by her frown. ., , VA, , aw iff. ff' Mmnmauwlawmum 'ff V V Q Wx W ww? zzzm cxzn Two Hundred Twenty-six wi' 1 J 8. If f 4- 'el' 1 rv' lk Fifi l sung me if , I 'Um We-Z' 'aw W In :lr i One LlWay3 8. fair reach height tution, rite so :cl not keys. ountry do not to the except g over a 99 mre liari- -:IHE Q Psnnsusue -2-1911-3 t I D s e sfme. aoulee i pe e , can: l'-Rll'QD.-X Cf 'l'ROlN"ll'l'i'l'l'1ll Slie's a sliy little creature. Wfe all wonder liow A. l.. ever captured lic f . . Q , , N et if anyliocly tliinlzs l' riecla liasnt any temper, let tlzem asla licr " twin lfmma. liiriecla must not mix up U tht- view " willr " tlre low " again. ACN E5 VAN VORIS Book entitlecl - " 'liext Book for ltreslrmenf' consisting ol original cxarnplvs Algebra and linglisli. By Hinting-.A.gnes. ELLEN VAN C'Llfli'1l7 Our Ellen is a jolly girl, Altliougli sl1e's clignilied Slie's capable in everytliing, Her wortli will e'er alaide. Her only failing is, I see Her over incapalsility. Moral - " Let Ellen do it." HAZEL VOSBURCH 'lilie war at Gettysburg and l..incoln's specelies, Slie lirst acquaints lierself and tlren slie teaclres. ililiis is Hazel. It does you good to see licr. Wie never saw lier tliesr- four lo years witliout that incleserilnable smile on lier lips. And tlien -H liut wlrat's tht u r ol saying too mucli? EDl'lil'l Q. W'Al,l-AC'li n Q - One ol' the most capable girls in college, tlre most tliouglrtlul, om- ol tlie lx-Qt scliolarsliip, a favorite witli professors, a true liriencl to evcryom-, tlre ln-st presic Y. XV. Ll. A. ever lrad, and tlisn some in aclclition. Wioulcl you lsnow it il you me witliout a name? Surely you woulcl. lt's lfclitli, sometimes. to lzer clr-vp pain .inc amazement. called U lfclef' F.-XI'l'If-I l-. Xi'.kXl,I,.-XC'l-'. liavorite occupation -- Balancing accounts. Favorite question - " ll'ln'r'c's a loophole? H H More llunl l'm madly ruslring to a sleigliricle in iliroy, liut l lmpr- l'm going to i lil-te a cligniliecl teaclier. Do you suppose anyone will rlyr' at tliat? llorrorsl t'wou be more weircl tlian C'icero's attempt to put clown a resurrection. ' Eg- gm' f W .: CDU.: U.. I 743-1 lltllliffi Tnwrrftg-sr 4 lr Ill 'motion to us three years ago. To-day he is working on an exp , , ' 171,174 , ,gf ,Qtr ---.-A ' fn ffl' , M , 1" , M I ff ,I ' ff ff A W QW 'ffff ...,. , ,g ff. W Y .... ......, , , 7,1- ' . M, , W... ,A,,,, hm... ..., ...., . ...... V.....,-. VA QL 6 3 V, --111 -V.,-W-W Y -f-f f 'WfL-- -'-- -- 1 ' 1573 vo, A ' if f u.:'::"'1 "'-' 1 "rv 'fmf-1 """' "" ' -I ff f-If J: turd - - -.. W JAMES WALKER H Theoretical Jimf, demonstrated perpetual eriment to prove that the James, commonly known to us as sun's energy returns to the sun. Watch for Jim's name in print! - i MILDRED WHITE There is a girl named H Micky " White, As house president, she seems all right, If callers donit go at half-past ten At 10:31, they hear the U Big Ben." EMMA WILBER Quoth he, H Ther-eis Egypt in thy dreamy eyes." Quoth she: U My eyes are large and tired looking From looking For so-me o-ne Whose eyes will also be large and tired looking From looking For some one Whose eyes are not so large and tired looking From looking ' For someonef' RACHEL WINNE Rachel Winne, tall and stately, Came to our Dutch town, butlatelyg She makes no fuss, she makes no stir, And thatis all the matter with her. HORATIO WUOLEVER Here is an educated man! He has weighed all his tho-ughts and found that he had been decidedly wrong Whenwomen were considered. Result - married! l ! ! ww ,M ..,.,,.,..,,,.,, 4 ,.. ...,.,. r,,,,, ..,, -,-.,,W W whzffm 714 Y M lllnll, W M MZ, tim-w"m""M"' """ aaaaa WN "" 'ZILLQLZ ,,, e , ,e f"""f,, e' eeee ' wfoaz mis ter: Two Hundred Twenty-eight . -,:-. 5- ,. ,-,,...-,, , , V, V , k p g .nr Y 23. I perpetual 5 that the t he had 5, mmfwig ff' EDEEHEME '51 IT: HE, gs srfrre. cotceee , fam : ca ' HINTINC XYONCL A rI'RIBL7'l'lf A-lihou light ol Asia! Deathless lslinting Ytiongl Be thou the care and burden ol my song For thou art fair - yea, fairer thou to see Than new-horn shrimp or toothless chimpanzee. The druggist's son, alike for grace renowned, Forgotten is wherever thou art found And fades into oblivion. I love To hear thee spout verse, " Fit for love ahovef' For from thy coral lips such sweetness lialls I think that death or lingering illness calls. Know'st not a weary folk would praise thy song, To have thee cease its practice, Hinting Wong? HELEN S. YOST "Consider now the lilies of the held," And then - consider Helen. It would seem The golden lilies want of beauteous grace And suller in the contrast - that their heads Are quite as empty is the only point Vlfherein they rival her we all adore: Adore completely, in humility As deep as e'er the great pawnhroker feigned Toward Sheba's queen. Her heauty would we sing. But space as small as this, though ample lor Her intellect, most insufhcient is To tell her all-enchanting, kindly grace. :Ju SCTQ - - L-U"' 1-::.::D:-I Tw w ffarn ffff Tbrrllja-lli11C I ALICE GAZELEY HELEN ROSEBROOK 7 ARLINE NEWKIRK BERTHA REEDY V., X 'SF-Q L - ' E .www E fm 'ni A N . -4 EMMA GRAY RUTH IVIOSELEY an-4. NUI. vu: , . I". 'I -. 'W . S en T gn' Y ai 'QA S ft' .. S X . .49- -f tfxriqx g IN II,-XCZIR .Lv Q I what IH . K -. ' .i'-I XIXRIUN IIIA1 IDC I I I' P 1- K ' ll 'KL' Ibn Xa ' :Q p ix A H , s , .A . I 1 I it , -.Q Q-I I -wg I In QQ, I I y". I I wx ' i , I g "la fs ' I NI.-XRLIL RI II X '9 NI "IQ . I . I L . 11 E' IINIIII 51. XII I IxI1I'! NIP XII It ,I 7-4- MILDRED WHITE MARGARET O'CONNEl..I.. EMMA WILBER Rl-IEINI-IARD I-IOHAUS FAITH WALLACE MYRA DU MOND N1 XI ., si , mm 4"tur ICARI-fl' CHI UST Ill-'.l,I-IN KI-11.50 l'.Dl'l'lI XY.-Xl.l..M'l' 4. CZXRUIXN HI-lNNlV.l I' a zvvf , , , 5- s Q 3 x' mi - -Q ,.,n, an 9 2.4 in NLXRION ITXYNV. t 4 i I u 6 I . s I K Q 11 4 Q 1 1 O 1 . I l 9 5 2 I 4 I 5 4 4 1 f A A .4 U v 4 L 4 Y 5 3 G 4 I our S X X -.,., -..' is ..-- ,Z al I in il H f 4 1 ' U lx ll 1 U 1 1 EEl"lHl-ll fi il lla? fl il fl llfll ll il li if ll ll fl ll fl 13-3-ll'fl-ll-45 ' l The photographs in this edition of the Peclagogue were done by I hr lgvarnall Svtuhrn College Photographers a 29 North Pearl Street Albany, N. Y. ll ll iff 'll il ll il ll ll ll il ll ll ll il fl fl fl il il il i -ll il il il ll il il il il il il fl il il il il ll il il ll ll il il 'I Q . Two Hundred Thirty-six i u ix fix L S l - , W- V , , ,,.. ,,,,,-....,,,,-...a..W,,...,...,i mms A... ,,,.,. , ., ... ...-..,,,,.-.,.....,p,,.4...,,..,.,,4 4 V i Illlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllll li i 1 , , . .l R ' ' Lthr Digit uf tlir tbnlhrii llnhiii Lunches Ice Cream Candies W, Dinner and Party Favors TEA ROOM a Specialty lllllllllllllllllllIIlllllllllllIllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllll 31 STEUBEN ST. ALBANY l , .-fl1llONC OUR li.-llC'U1.Y'l' le ljro. Nlahar -0- " lnsane asylum is good enough for mc." 5 Miss Spear - H Xvlien l was in Sing Sing -- " i 5 Prof. K.- " Xvliat is the question in hand, Mr. l - l - t - e - ?' 5 liirom tht- front row the answer is heard. Prof. l'Q.-R-- U Miss D - l - C, your name is not yet -N-WM 5 Prof. li. in Eng. II - " Slate your problem, Miss l7arrcll." l lWiss l9'.- U Should motor xc-hicles he allowed the right ol way oxer pedestrians? H W THE GENUINE Y ,fmt V 'rlllf ANSWVER LOMBARD MIDDIES' ANI' to the question, 'Wvhere can the I SPECIALTIES freshest and most perfect Cut Flowers be found?" is easily 1 FOR COLLEGE GlRl-S supplied. Xvc carry a stoclc ofthe -Q""'lf-0'H"""""",H""H"' l H W , HENRY S. LOMBARD l'UN'5t C-'ut l'l9"'9r5 2 22 TO 26 MERCHANTS Row, Boston MASS Floral U1-vurutiunn. lfir. 'i " ' "iii:::Tt:-iimihitiK' I e cw -, 2 e..- Le! us know your needs in our line U D E N lla i ' f l i ' A r FILLLFQS As write- as . f ALL stprwtiezs Q ,, X CONKLlsN2 ZOWTQDTESRSMOAON PENS Q i A V R. F, ci.APR, JR. 5 23 Steuben Street 70 No PEA,-il-57. ,,,.,.,C,, ,,f,,,L, i f -RRR 'f" - --:.gLz-': ,,,' rl 5 ' ltr' ffzmijrrif fluff? fl S . i i PENS . PENS We specialize on fitting your hand and business with a L. E. Waterman self-,Hlling safely fountain pen E. P. MILLER 1007: I GOOD PRINTING The kind that stands out from the rest- attracts favorable attention. That's Evory printing-it gets results. The Pen Man H' Corner Hudson Ave. and South Pearl St. E CG, ALBANY- N- Y- 36-38 Beaver Street, Albany, N. Y. Eng. l Student in Milne High- before his eyesf, Dr. B.- U When we wake up in t working along some one channel." Mr. Curtin -- H The alarm clocl-if' H You're better fed than taught! " sn Milne High H stars." U Sure! I feed myself! " " The Ancient Mariner saw the sea debated he morning, something always starts our minds apped an angry practice teacher to one of the The Albany rms: company Assets 510,000,000 USE THE HUDSON TABLET I I for sale by ' ALL NEWSDEALERS AND STATIONERS l Albany News Company Individual accounts receive special attention . DEVELOPING AND PRINTING FOR AMATEU RS SPECIAL RATES TO STUDENTS Main Office South End Branch Broadway and State Sts. l45 So. Pearl St. t 77 CENTRAL AVE., ALBANY' N, Y, Two Hundred Thirty-eight r . i l i OCCUIJSTS PItilSKIRIt'I'l0NS tlIiLI'titN'ti ot: 15 l 'Yr' -"1 A".'-"T"1"' "" "W"7""?'Y '1 'Y'-r-1 rv' cgxiuiifur. ,x'r'riaNrioN R W 2. ii Meyrowitz Bros. it VVHITTLE 86 RIGGS OVUCIANS ig l florists J. ' . . ' ' t '--.-1---,v Y' s-r-.,-- Aw-. .-- -,--.AW 68 North ftariitlrjjinmmtr Hou-lfXll1.1r1y. N. Y. 1 f. f-, if. ' .f..rO-t.a15'e5 W'lff.l. KNOH"JV 5.'ll'lNC5 By all the girls to Prof. Kennedy -- " Good night, Bill." Kolin Hager -H Now really, this is the meat of tht- whole thing." Ray Schneible - " Waterford and return." F. Herrick - H So help me C-od! H Xvillard Pearsall - U Don't you want to sell a few tickets for me? " Miss S --- " l'm broad-minded." Pansy Rose -- " Xvell, l don't see why." 'lihe 25 South Lake Bunch - U Ch, Mr. Schneible, you're perfectly awful." Herbie Morse -- " A bowl of tomato, Ma." Arline Newkirk - " just one piece before we begin to study." Isabel Henry - " Toll operator, please." Dot Xvilbur -- H Uh. l'rn making out a dance order." Augusta 'lien liyclt -- U Have you seen Dot? Sufferin' cats! Xilu-rv is she? Columbia Crafbnolru lfaslmun Kodalgx B ' Developing, Pnnling uml Enluming Evcrcady Flashlights and Tunqslcn Uulfrnn Xvc are famous for our complete lines and very moderate -prices. Before buying anything tor the l:TLlf,,l,i. will my You to pw 210 Central .-lvenuc 'M t"' 'a "'N' to ' an off:-qv1-5i'1f.wxc.'s Pflowlf SVI-147' 11.1 Furniture, Rugs. Cupcts. Drapery. Stoves. V e Curtains, Domestic l,..1mpS. 4 .ss .. ..,----...s...- ...,. ..-. Wfood Mantels. Office Furniture. ix 2 hlnttress Renovnring. Phonogrnphs r lfvrr'.:hui,g For The llomr tf.wrnpff-..- V- . Misses Section A3 THE POPUI..-XRITY OF OUR misses cf..-ximiiN'r's. is our ,x I-Ielmes Brothers 5 iersrf1-iecc7r1oN off ifxc:i.L.rs1x'rfNrff1s 4-sb if-'nrr-ll -'N'-'vnuv EAND GQOD T.-'KSTU COXIHINHU "Thr tli,:Storvv:1 rlzrllzffi' :Xlt3.-'KNY,N Y FKXIR 7V'.l'I ,l'J'tif'i 7-:t7!'f,' I i f r i l 4 4 1 J -4 t 1 5 l l z 5. F Q if Have Your Shoes Repaired Ar WILLIAM SCI'IRAIVIIVI'S West End Shoe Store Serve SILAS 4 , 1 Hosler s Ice Cream 854 Madison Avenue . Albany, N. Y. C . e ream of Qualify Buds!! WEST END SAVINGS AND LOAN 530 ASSOCIATION BUILDING A Z No Workman In Store Clean Entrance For Ladies Prof. Risley Cl-listory IIQ- H I-low many of you people do not know the meaning of the term ' movies '? " Prof. Risley--QContinuing after pause to count handsj H I'm discouraged to know that we have so many liars in State College." Foolish Soph. in Eng. II - U Is necromancy romance of the neck? " Prof. K. to Miss Spear -- " Dr. B 1- has informed me that I must hand over some of my classes, so I have decided to Shake-Spearef' Dr. Hutchison fffonstitutional I-listoryl - U Now if any of you gentlemen should ever find your way to the bar --" jesse Smith fin a tone of horrorl - H Oh, Professor! I-low could you? H Compliments of L. G. SCI-INEIBLE I-IGI MPS FIRQTHERS ELO RISTS zo STEUBEN ST. 327 CENTRAL AVE. TEL AIN 280 TEL. WEST 932-J ALBANY, N. Y. A 0 CORRECT STYLES Trunks, Bags, Suitcases, Hats, Gloves and Neckwear CLOTHING FURNISHINGS Silk Hosiery for flier: and Pffomen Boyce 81 Milwain 66-68 State Street Albany, N. Y, Two l'lUfN1fl'lI Forty Tha! Mr. llie WMI" 'fhgt S05 inthe devil of in 5- C fhat ol the BM' Elsa! fha H. l flat ll I ltr Q ' 3 something for i Prol. lc a simple or ca Student- 1 5, i i I iit Mi lu ,..,.,,i.M - ..,. .31 ,:g::...:1:i7:ig31i:::"':r'1' "" ' '."r". ':': -'W ,--. , li SILAS sPoRBoRG MRS' "'AZE"T'NE'S ' FLOWER SHOP l TI'LIl'N0!'-l'4 fn-IV U Qi it wssr 1462 on wssr one i i 5 il ,l " I nu I if 32 CENTRAL. Ave.. ALBANY. N. . l B d I TN! nw v :-, i,i'5'. l'.s'- '. .. r-ef ' , N w , s 1. gi 530 FOI! wily A Hilny, X . g gi is !irgFLb1i4mAiLLt,Hituehtlggz 4 i i I I it vwuw oiiziui ll'lf 5lf'CC.'lfSY' 1 " '. I "Gen tulle ai course in Zoology in orclcr to clctvriiiim' the cutctfory ol the whale. 'Qnzit someone it-ll lg. K - - t - ng aincl .-X. Nl. N V r it la, thin niclcvls c.lon't liclom in the crurih' ol ai pay enter car. f fiat 5. C. l". he informed that the hunting season lor :xililiits is past. 'filizit Nliss lr. M. V N n ss loola up the rtory ol' H Sarnlio the Strom: hlnn of the Hilmle. , . fmt Celia Nl. cczisc- lacing ai man hater. 'fiat l'l. D. stop talking zincl say something. . mt R. ll. ancl lx. lvl. cultivate some sc-ll'-zipprerisition. Mr. S - I- s, noticing one ol his pupils icllc -- - U Raymond, tl1e clcvil :ilwnys linc soinetliingg lor iclle hnncls to clo. You just come up here amcl let me :tive you some worla. Prof. K.. ling. lN'l::thocls -4- " 'linlse the scntente: ' Ili- slipped :incl li-ll.' ls i simple or complex iclea? H Stuclent -fi " 'lhnt's ziccorcling to the point ol' view you Lilac." to the Pacihc. eoTRELL at Liao ARUM ALBANY, Y. .lifaljcrx of CAPS, C4OWNS AND HQODS To the American Colleges and Lfniversitics from thc Atlantic Class Conlracls a Specially Correct Hoods for all Degrees. Rich Robes for Pulpit and Bench. lil 'l.l.!'.'7'l Y. 5.-l.X!Pl,ll9 1511- , ON' Rl1'Ql fi'-4 7x FULL EQUIPMENT FOR THE A THLE TIC A stock that is comprised of only the best makes. Every article backed by the manufacturers guarantee and by our own. QUALII Y REPRESENTED IN EVERY LINE Basket Ball, Foot Ball, Gymnasium and Athletic Supplies GENUINE ANC-CRA SWEATERS With Scarf and Tam-O-Shanty to match- big variety of colors. Also a very beautiful line of other Sweaters. We invilc inspection ALBANY HARDWARE or IRON CQ. 39-43 State Street H When I don't want a man's attentions and he asks me where I live, I say, ' In the suburbs., H " I-Ia, ha! 'I-hatis good! But, by the way, where do you live, Miss N - k? " " Why, in the suburbs, of course, IVIr. P i h." Wliy are State College boarding houses like the West Point Military Academy? They have a H mess H three times a day. X .K I . ILA I ff Ysssim W' 'ff y rf il? ll'.llItpJ7J I' A LR 420 X on ' '69 X 4:5 I i i f 1 I F- sffx- I ' Q ifg I i I 'Lf' A' Xxx - . Q - S .- 5 6 -4 f"l'! Q Q X ' -:Sk X-N5 jfs' N ,H Y I get I 'X I IIMI7-Iti - '-11' . s., HI! QR --,M X- N 4 ,.::,'Iw ty Fully, s Q q F12 'I?l,2'I1l if ll' -gil: - H Tw E-ETD LLEGE - I-nw I'IumIrcfI Forly-ln -EMLP1 RE EN GRAVING Q.joAiwxN Y. DCgIlCli'5. lllllS1l'i1'l0l'S. fPh o1 o -'En Q'i'm 'C rs. 240 Hamilton Street N.N'. ll1!S IS il lJl'CL'LllllL1 lllilil' liior peclaigogiczil Nlicrolnes .-'Xncl all ol us are lpere Because XVlf1'Rl31 l3RQlil".! l am here, loo But then Aiift l hrol-ae? VV ILLIANI F. GRAF Meals, Groceries, Fruils and Vrgelables Best Quality at Moderate Prices Wholesale and Retail SPE4 fl.-Xl..'l-ll25 Fresh Dressed Poultry Strictly Fresh Eggs Choice Creamery Butter High Grade Teas College and Pennant Brand Coffee Our Producls are Refrigeraled by Nic glfosl Sanilary lee .il'lldAfff7g .l fucfiinersv Careful Attention Given to Wlielephom- Orders Quick lilelivcrx 31 Trial Order Hiill C0fIL'iIlL'C You of Ific .Urrils of lfzis Sion' QUAH.. ST. and XVESTERN AVE.. -1- ALBANY, N. Y Tele-pliom-s NVQ-st -UU :xml Wlest -UN . , , y . l'-- ffirfffff l'vC1 Q M E C Q B R A N D Means Par Excellence In Food Products Dist b r y Oppenheim 85 McEwan Company, Inc HICH SCHOOL COMPOSITION ENC II "Another benefit which the city afford is general health By geneial health 1S meant the health that one is in generally. Therefore eneial health IS derived from the public baths and hospitals." l-ligh School Class - Health ofhcei examinlng pupils for symptoms of scarlet evei Ofhcer - U Do any of you know anyone who has this disease Boy - H I do - Shufeldtf' Officer - H Male or female? H Boy - H Kenneth." Dr. B., discussing recognition - U You have the time the place and what else3 Scene: Miss l9Z0's home, the evening before a Math test Mother' fcoming in from kitchenj -- I thought you said you cl done the dish s3 You washed only one plate, cup, saucer, knife and fork 1920 -- H Gthers done in like manner Bank in Albany JGHN S MURRAY By Mail Albany is the chief up state banking centre of Eastern New York, having many strong banking institutions ot which the Albany City Savings Institution is one. If you live outside of Albany you can enjoy the facil- ities and protection of this strong bank by doing your banking by mail. Our booklet, HU. S. Mail for Banking" sent on request. 4? COIIIDOIHIZZ' Interest N Y TELEPHONE 3894 MAIN INSTITUTION lO0 State Street, Albany, N. Y. Iinio IsIumIrf:1I Forty-four . , ' V - . ,V I I I ARE YOU Uvftzbzg the nmsl Ollf of llzt' nmztcy -wuz sptwtl jbr your 1,17-llfL'lf .llufft'r.-" Our business is not only to Print Your Catalog, Booklet, Folder or House Organ-but, we can handle the proposition complete from the preparing of the copy to the delivering of the Iinislied product ,--Ina' Uiflflfk illost llIlf?0l'fIllIf XVe prepare printed matter that will actually produce results. XYe have the organization and modern equipment to prepare and manufacture it at the minimum cost IIIIIIIHIIllIllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIII XVe issue a Nlontlily llouse Urgan A- free to all who are interested in good priming and advertising. Send your name on your business stationery and you will regularly receive "'lilie llamilton llallm:trk" 4,2195 no r' .axill- 'ws r I' t. fu' ii 1 1 sn' ' THE l'n'lAMll,'liUN l'RIN'I'lNG CONIIR-XNY 'l'wo-lforty llamilton Street .-Xllmany, New York I IIIIIII tux 1 I I T: t flllfilifffi '5f.'-.I I P 1 E 0 I 3 1 5 V. I i Y I v 1 W ,fa 'N' , .lvk I gf J. Eg: 5. -ei 1 A .Q 4 N fi 23' X 1j . fa v 1 . .x il .A-' 4 4 J. af. .L 4. ' 5 L., Q 1 I Q 'I HN?

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