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' Ip - " ,3 - ' ' :mtim ' jh ' i m- ••i». ' Wi;ilj! » " j ;?«s " - .A-; my name, and my place. the race of time so let me pass a A c only re mem be red IlilHiiiliii idmy tomb, all forgotten. and patiently run. , peaceful Ivv silently , Dy A hat i have done. bonar aK B mmnniMKmKnmiAitmurjLmmnML m mvija ' MmiuiuurafUimm ■ Pill FIIIIIIMIIIII IIFH PPIBMIHH ■ ■« ■■ ■« ■ 1966 wyo 9P reflections ff 9 editors: ann christensen susan ferguson volume 53 published annually by the associated students of the university of Wyoming, laramie, Wyoming section editors features jerry Harrington susie howe adnninistration irvin mc kim sororities vicki knapp shari fritz fraternities don riske nnarty sanaple organizations kathy mead zinka juraco queens ruth harrower linda snider sports harold sohn don riske mike dominy classes sandy Williams terry o ' connor Janet Hansen advertisements sally davidson index lorrie swenson georgi scHmidt copy Suzanne armstrong nancy smitH artist katHe cargill typist jeannie laugHlin pHotograpHers bill kuntzman Harold soHn rusty smitH adviser dr. joe milner table of contents features 17 administration 48 living groups 77 queens ...: : 145 sports 165 organizations 223 classes 305 advertisements 371 index .......:. „... 376 Everywhere the microcosm of college life reflects the crowds, the student body, the hurry and activity of campus life. There is a tingle, a thrill of being part of a fast-moving and expanding world. ' ■ lifiB iSgTnTfTT lfffimfffilfff ere is much outside the college, in the world created by nature. To be enchanted by the beauty of a flower heavy with a spring snow, to see reality reflected in a stark, snow-covered, tormented tree me A ant to cry to the cro A ds I hove experienced. 6 ■VWW 4 .« . .. ' ,- ?s i cannot be alone. I want to lose myself in the crowds, walk in a rainy street and examine the wet footprints in the hall, lowing that many feet have trod in e path ! follow. 8 Often I must be without someone to lead me. My face contracts with the pressure of decision. Calculations — disappointments are my property then. I can achieve no empathy, and no one will share nny ennotions. _,-4a?i ji, - " • ,0 my face is turned; it confronts a new experience. my delight rs in shared experiences: a warm smile, the tingling of a telephone, a lock of hair teased and tangled by the wind arouse hope and anticipation. IS SO mething in me which only I can arouse, something which only I can reveal. Sometimes when 1 read a book or gaze out the window or exchange ideas, it comes out and the cnanqe nisnes me. 10 m 11 62! i?iy i„ Si " - % ■i ■« ■» ' ■ •It ■■ ' f a special voice or one certain face can bring it out. ' ii j«4Jil l! ' ? t I share myself with only one person, someone just like me. 13 y % - " V 4- »- %-w ' A ' S " r rw i. " I " I see my face reflected in a pool of water, but what is behind it? It sees the crowds; it interacts; it makes decisions and suffers disappointment. behind the face is me. I look into A orld and see the widening ripples of my reflection. 16 1 T f eatu res " c Fall registration bred mass confusion as beanied freshmen got domi assignments, while money and registration cards ex- changed hands many times. General panic began as the IBM machine rolled out cards upon cards of unwanted classes and sched- ules. Even more perturbing were the cards without classes. Students taking advantage of this situation spent hours of registration and class time enjoying the soothing serv- ices of the Wyoming Student Union. Reg- istration finally concluded two weeks later when drop-add lines dwindled, when stu- dents found their correct classes, and when officials found the missing link in the regis- tration procedure — humanity. registration bred mass confusion . . ' Here ' s your change. Don ' t spend it all in one place. Dial soap takes the worry out of being close. -, =: . ' m £ ■P IHiH JP .F vd HH H ' ' Jflk Jtm B v ' ' ' Mltll " wf i ' ■;:V ' HHln HL k Behind the closed doors of the seven university sororities lies a world of fan- tasy known only to rushees and actives. Each house spends many hours planning rush parties for the entertainment of rushees and prospective sorority sisters. A rushee can expect to be a guest in a Japanese tea house, a roaring twenties lounge, a ski chalet or a Greek museum. She can be treated to the laughter of Lil ' Abner and Daisy Mae or the mys- tery of a middle-eastern dance. Our rab- bit friend pictured on this page comes directly from Alice ' s exciting adventures in Wonderland. From the pictures shown on these two pages, it can be clearly seen that surprises and happiness are in store for any sorority rushee. Wyoming school spirit had many faces during football season from the enmassing of high school band members on the War Memorial Stadium field to the massacring of football play- ers at the same place. Phi Epsilon Phi men added color to the student section, and sometimes to their leader ' s face, as they used their cards to provide the opposite side a view of the symbols of Cowboy enthusiasm. For the students ' own enjoyment, the Wyoming pepsters and yell kings " ripped ' em up " and " teared ' em up " as the team racked up four home game wins. Although apa- thy has been considered the number one crime on this campus, those in the know saw student spirit come through the gates and continue dur- ing the game. And, of course, the Monday coaches immediately began before the next band practice was held. - MK t ' » ' iA Lynne Hamilton smiles with pride as she leads the Wyoming Cowboys on to victory. Wyoming High School students invade the University of Wyoming for band day. 22 The oifensive line prepares for battle. " Go Wyo " was heard coast to coast as pepsters and yell kings made the ten game slate. reflections of royalty Jealousy reigns among Eileen ' s sorority sisters. I wish this light would hurry and change! ■-Vjf ' ' ' Ho! Ho! Ho! " exclaims Cathi Beers. Smiles are in style as girls pass by. Cowgirls, Jolly Green Giants, and American Beauty Roses pa- raded in front of the Union in the endless occupation of vote-get- ting, and houses glowed with the excitement of open houses. The sororities waited breathlessly for the outcome of their charm and smiles. And the candidates? They took a vacation from it all, tour- ing the state for a week presenting the University of Wyoming in its most obviously beautiful light. The students took a little vaca- tion from study, classes, and all academic pursuits for just this one week-end; while behind closed doors, lights burned late in prep- aration for the tough competition ahead. With voices in top shape for the sing, and floats perfect for the parade, they turned off their lights to catch the last moments of sleep before Homecoming. Meanwhile, alumnae appeared from across the country to pay tribute to their old Alma Mater. Parents and children met; chil- dren asked for money, and parents asked for guided tours of the campus. Tradition reigned for a week. Of course, on Monday the well-rested scholars returned with renewed vigor to the traditional eight o ' clock classes in eager anticipation of mid-tenns. 25 X %i«,.l 26 H H ■5 i 1 ; fflfl B ' 3 ' ■ . ' ipBj ' A t aH |, ' ' i ip C i ■ B K .l B I ) Next year the blanket will be yours, Little Joe. Amid squeals of glee and tears of joy, Homecom- ing Queen Eileen Feighneij was announced at the Iron Skull Sing. Students rushed home to put the final touches on their floats, and the next morning Broadway Hit Wyoming with unusual variety and color as the dramas glided past the viewers. It was the final curtain call for Cowboy Joe, The tired old Shetland pony made his last trips around the field and relinquished his role to a sprightly young colt. Teary-eyed coeds stopped to sing after the game: ' We love you Cowboy Joe, Oh yes. . . " A song carries the Cowboys along on the winning Sigma Chi float. t ' . -- • ' v L Happy Chi Omegas parade their Carousel which won first place in the sorority competition. broadway hits NA yoming " 27 ' jfM. t % 7 ' mmmMif ' : ' ?•■» little international Bucking barrels catapulted riders, both men and women, into waiting sawdust pits in the opening event of Little International. Heavy sacks of sawdust were then used to unseat the opponent from his posi- tion on the log. A squeaHng pig and screaming girls introduced the next event as the females, equipped with sacks, chased the greased animal. Rotten eggs then filled the air as the contestants prayed. Even the enthusiastic audience caught a misguided egg! Wipe that grin off, the ground ' s not soft! " states Karyl Kohrs as Nancy Bennett tumbles off the log. C ' mon, pick on somebody your own size! 28 hinm- ■ j Praying or catching, Helen? 1 . ' 29 The Lettermen sneak into the audience. Van CHbum entertains concert enthusiasts. torn dooley . . . beethoven ' s fifth The University of Wyoming Fieldhouse which usually rings with the screams and applause of rodeo and basketball fans, this year heard applause of a different nature. Students flooded the huge interior to see and thrill to the Lettermen, the Kingston Trio, and Van Cliburn. Folk music and mood music went back-to-back, and Cho- pin sandwiched in between. This fair was delectable and delicious for students who enjoy seeing such personalities on campus. ....... L... ... ..|a. ii.« ... . r r ' John Stewart Bob Shane Nick Reynolds The Public Exercises Committee of the Uni- versity Senate was responsible for bringing these people plus Peter, Paul, and Mary, and Peter Nero to Laramie. The efforts of this committee were appreciated by all who relished these concerts. However, it was pretty well established that the Fieldhouse wasn ' t to be acclaimed for its acoustics, that the lighting men needed headphones in- stead of strong lungs in order to get the proper directions for their task, and that bleacher seats were mighty uncomfortable from 6:45 to 10:30 p.m.! 31 Oi 4 ■=! M% m- _„.-« ' ■ftif ' - -«- . " Srtr " r " ,1 ' ' ifcUr •» j« -■«- rt " vs ' ' mary mary opens play season 32 Finances are often distressing. Reflections of days gone by. who ' s dying? Now, I ' m the Bishop. The Three Foxes. 33 I just hate to stand in line all the time. The kick that kept Wyo Days in orbit. A yo days review Some were lucky enough to have honies escort them on the tour. 34 Traveling 1,000 miles in five days delivering 13 performances the Wyo Days committee showed high school students in Vestern Wyo- ming some of the better aspects of college life. The group was well accepted and insured the attend- ance of many incoming freshmen at Wyoming in the fall of ' 67 and years to come. Trudy searched for " The Boy from Ipanema. " Leafdale in search of something new. Second semester was the focus for quality entertain- ers, but Peter, Paul and Mary had one of the strong- est impacts on an attentive audience of University of Wyoming students. The group caught the moods and spirits of the crowd while they performed many of their well-known arrangements. As " Puff " faded, the audience could only sigh and hope the group would return soon to the Wyoming campus. Students pay tribute to this year ' s student government for the battles they fought and won and the excellent re- sults enjoyed throughout the year. » ■ % ' ' Big Leon waves farewell after his record 24 rebounds Here ' s a queen for Cowboy Joe. 38 coNA boys end season A ith a bang Hey, man, you want to see a real show? The high-scoring Cowboys compiled their best season this year since Bill Strannigan came to the University of Wyo- ming. They not only established many records but they also kept the home crowd on their feet with many antics and exciting moments. One hundred-point outputs were com- mon and the 120-point night will not be forgotten by many. Clark, Sherman, Poindexter, Westhoff and Wilkinson will be missed very much next year as they provided many in- teresting evenings. This fast-breaking team outdistanced many opponents with driving lay-ups, long jump shots and arching hooks. Come on, boys, I came to play ball, not fight! 39 »f :%. . jpL- 3i §0 ' through dancing Across the country, dancing is youth ' s self-expression, and Wyoming stu- dents also indulge in this pastime; time spent forgetting class weeks, professors and the assignments they gave for Monday. Dances this year were frequent and branded with unique themes. There was a dance to meet each person ' s taste no mat- ter what his preference might have been. When students weren ' t danc- ing they were casting ballots for their favorite queen candidates. Go Ursula. Union Pin-ups! j|PM«Wi ■ % ' 40 Just try and take them away from me. Twist and shout. 41 Winter at the University of Wyoming was not as cold and windy as the past years, but when the snow did fall everyone took advantage of the fact by run- ning off to ski resorts for the weekends. The annual Winter Carnival was the highlight of the Wyoming scene as the students flocked to Happy Jack for games and fun. The girls were very active in the snowshoe races also. Organizations built snow sculp- tures, and the ogre on Prexy ' s Pasture won the prize. A race to the finish. Age before beauty. jf . f-K Twmii . 42 43 torchlight laurels The month of May honors those women who have strived through the year to improve the Wyoming campus, fellow students and them- selves. Although these women students re- ceive recognition in many different ways " Torchlight Laurels " is a special program which includes the tapping of Spurs, Chimes and is climaxed by Mortarboard tapping. Members of Mortarboard are in charge of arrangements for the honors program and the senior women bid fond farewells and at- tempt to leave the campus in capable hands. The lineup of new Mortarboarders. Cheryl Houlette, KKG president, receives the sorority scholarship trophy for the Kappas. Nancy Thompson is tapped a new member of Mortarboard. 44 I .. , iit?r. k ' ! ' .vi;MiVtt xw: « w •■ ' i ' sta ' r- - ' " " t S S« »- the future Is upon us . . . Again this June the fieldhouse and football stadium will echo with the sounds of graduation. Parents and close friends will dot the stands in their Sunday finest to admire the pro- cession. Young men and women smile with satisfaction as the many-colored tassels resemble a first-grade crayon box. Some scratch their head with bewilderment, others appear fright- ened. The world has much in store for these new graduates and each will find his place. .:. - : -.-, ' ««»»aw»» ' W " M. " ' •■ -i . ' ' V s ,- ' ■ - 1 mt Mi. M administration aqLUjuiafkajfjou governor honsen Clifford P. Hansen, Wyoming Governor, spoke at the Young Repub- lican dinner held this year at the Connor Hotel. The U. S. policy in Vietnam — this was his topic. What was his stand? That " in order to prevent a global holocaust " the U. S. must continue its commitment in Vietnam. His belief was well supported with three concrete rea- sons cited for proof that the U.S. must continue to resist Communist encroachment. The response? It was more than favorable. 48 " yyiW j w y- Row One: " Jack " Jones, Dr. John T. Fey, Mr. Harold F. Newton, John A. Reed. Row Two: Harold E. Brough, H. A. " Dave " True, Gordon Brodrick, Robert S. McCraken, Joe H. Watt, Joseph Sullivan, George J. Millett, Clifford E. " Jerry " Hollon, C. Thomas Morgan. board of trustees Look about you. Do you see all those buildings being constructed across the way that will furnish more than abundant housing for students next fall? The Board of Trustees is to be thanked — they are in charge of it. Besides this, the Board has had more than its hands full this year in trying to find and select a new president to replace the retired John T. Fey, who earlier resigned from this position. 49 president fey The introduction of long-range planning of buildings, academics and finance, as well as emphasis on the importance of a liberal education have been the most important accomplishments of President John Fey ' s brief term . . . for he is leaving us. A warm, winning smile; a friendly, cheerful " Hi ' , ' to the U. W. students, this has been Dr. Fey. We shall miss you. 50 Margaret C. Tobin dean of men With the completion of the new dormitories in sight, Dean of Men, Richard E. Kinder, has been a very busy man this past year and will be so next year, for it is his job to establish housing regu- lations, besides advising them in their organiza- tions and policy changes. Other than this Dean Kinder acts as an advisor and counselor to the IFC, Student Senate and all fraternities. He also oversees the organization and growth of new fra- ternities on campus and has shown his influence as head of disciplinary actions concerning all men ' s living groups. dean of wonnen One Tuesday night, before Halloween, SCCL held an open discussion after an explained proposal by Bob Bergstrom to change existing coed curfew restrictions. Not too many people took part in the discussion, for Dean of Women Margaret C. Tobin led a walkout of sorority and dormitory mothers, to be followed only minutes later by a similar exhibition of law students. Yes, the proposal flopped. A poll revealed that out of 800 coeds, 76 per cent supported Dean Tobin ' s policy of restrictions. Such are the problems that sometimes confront the Dean of Women. Richard E. Kinder Dixon Smith Registrar Robert Mullaly Assistant Dean of Men Edwin Gaines Director of Student Affairs Maurice Seenian Union Director administrative assistants The administrative assistants are Wyoming ' s so-called " mid- dle men, " without whom the business of running the uni- versity would cease to function. The importance of each of these men should not be taken lightly; not one is expend- able in a complete university. 52 Guy Frank Housing Director Dick Brown Alumni Director David Buell Information Director L Harold VanBlair Finance Director O. E. Hendrix Director, Student Loans and Employment 53 college of agriculture dean hilston The College of Agriculture offers instruction in a wide variety of subjects in home economics and agriculture. Students are trained in principles which apply throughout the world, but with a special emphasis on types of agriculture in the Rocky Mountain region. Erected in 1949 and 1950, this building occupies the equivalence of a whole city block. Other than acting as Dean, Neal W. Hilston has under his supervi- sion six experiment stations and the coordination of the international programs in Samalia and Afghanis- tan. AGRICULTURE STAFF - Row One: James Tucker, Margaret Boyd, Gordon Ar- nold, Robert McColloch. Row Two: Paul Stratton, Leon Paulcs, Andrew Vanvig, Gordon Graham, Lloyd Ayres, Dean Neal Hilston. 54 The place where the Ag students go . . . Members of the Ag Club have the job of caring for and protecting our beloved Cowboy Toe. 55 college of arts and sciences dean nneyer Arts and Sciences: the center of a well-rounded education. M The Arts and Sciences dean, Gerald Meyer, is concerned not only with Wyoming ' s big- gest college, but also with what he terms the " largest single academic venture Wyoming has ever undertaken: the science center com- plex. " As UW ' s representative to the archi- tectural firms designing the center, Meyer has devoted at least one-third of his time to the ten million dollar building project for the past two years. " Too long, " he said with a laugh, " but it ' s almost a reality now. " A S Department Heads — Row One: Dr. H. T. Northen, botany; Dr. W. N. Smith, mathematics; Dr. Benjamin Tilghman, philosophy; Dr. Derek Prowse, physics; Prof. John Thompson, political science; Dr. Edwin Flittie, so- ciology. Row Two: Dr. L. Clarke, zoology; Dr. Baird Whit- lock, English; Prof. James Boyle, art; Prof. A. A. Willman, music; Prof. Wallace Biggs, journalism; Dr. William Nelle, languages; Dr. V. C. Bulgrin, chemistry; Dr. D. L. Black- stone, geology; Dr. M. F. Orth, associate dean. 56 1 A S students take advantage of the language lab facilities in completing the two- year language requirement. The Arts and Sciences Building is the center of hberal education as well as the center of the U. W. campus. In addition to classrooms, it contains an auditorium and theater with a capacity of two thou- sand, a built-in public address system, a pipe organ, and the most modern equipment for visual teaching. The faculty of the liberal arts college has been a mark of steady improvement, and recent plans of the UW call for ever-increasing support for the A S fac- ulty and programs. Its college contains the largest membership of all those who are " preparing for complete living. " 57 college of commerce and industry dean mundell Improvement has been the word since M. C. Mundell accepted the position of Dean of the C I College in 1949. Im- provements include the complete revision of the curriculum, and the addition of the economics department into the C I Col- lege from the A S College. COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY STAFF - Left to Right: Jack C. Routson, business administration; William C. Guenther, statistics; Laura H. Summers, office adminis- tration, sec. science; Jean F. Messer, accounting; Dwight M. Blood, business eco- nomics research. The College of Commerce and Industry building was erected in 1960. The building houses the university ' s computers and is the center of business education on the campus. Students can obtain de- grees in various area, including secretarial science, business admin- is tration, accounting and economics. The diversified curriculum offers great opportunities to the members of the college. Craduates in accounting are eligible for CPA certification upon successful passage of the examination. The C I college ranks number four. 58 «.!• ■ ,- •i „«««ss?;s ' S3«i2 ' All courses concerned with business and economics are held in the C I Building. A computer is a fricndK machine ... if you know how to make it work. 59 EDUCATION STAFF - Row One: Everett Lantz, Laurence Walker, Rus- sell Hammond, Eugene Cottle. Row Two: Bernard Rezabek, James Zan- canella, Ivan Willey, Glenn Jensen, Lyle Miller. Prospective teachers enter the Education building with the hope to " Go forth and teach this people. " college of education 60 • " , The last step before the biggest step is stu- dent teaching. The so-called internships re- quire that a student spend eight weeks teaching and observing classes in his major and minor fields of study in some school in Wyoming other than his hometown. The student teacher is graded on his performance during this time, as in any other course; and hence is often subject to an outbreak of but- terfly rash within the walls of his stomach for the first few days. dean marvel :z:2zz:z:::.jss A December trip to Karachi in West Pakistan was one of Dean John Marvel ' s major high- lights of the year. He visited the American School in Karachi as part of the University- to-American School program. The American School is a school for American dependents and foreign students who speak and write English. 61 ENGINEERING STAFF - Row One: V. O. Long, Clarence Becker, Newlin Morgan. Row Two: Robert Sutherland, Donald Stin- son, Donald Lamb, John Bellamy. dean mcga A Alex J. McCaw, Dean of the Engineering College, has emphasized change in the department this year, particularly in the engineering curriculum " to get students into their field more quickly, thereby cre- ating and sustaining interest. " He believes that the student with a good basic back- ground, rather than one of specialization, will be able to follow the change more easily. college of engineering The Engineering building includes three sections — the laboratory shops, the main section, and the addition for Petroleum and Aeronautical engineering. Change has been the by-word for the college this past year. Some of the recent accomplishments towards this goal include having their first graduates in chemical engineering, contin- uing research for NASA, doing work for the Bureau of Reclamation dealing with the seeding of hanging clouds, and allow- ing more advanced instructors to teach freshman courses. This is to help the stu- dents feel as much a part of the program as quickly as possible. 62 . j ;-j . ) , 1Z«« — ( I rNCINFFP INC HAll siSi isi sill piij »||p mg: I I Even girls have classes sometimes in the Engineering Building. An engineering student demonstrates his ability at . . . What did you say you were doing? 63 graduate school dean bruce Robert H. Bruce came to UW in 1933 as an instructor of psychology and philosophy. " Though my first duty is as dean, " Bruce has said, " I still enjoy teaching and try to have two psychology classes each semester. " A very busy man, Dean Bruce also presently serves as a consultant for the U.S. Office of Education and the National Institute of Health. 64 Frank J. Trelease, Dean of the Law College, com- bined his talents with those of two other law professors, Harold S. Bloomenthal and Joseph R. Geraud, to write a book entitled Natural Re- sources which they had published this year. The book is a casebook on water and oil rights and is to be used as a college text. Most schools of law throughout the country use the " casebook " method of study. Dean Trelease has been a Professor of Law since 1945. In 1960 he was appointed to the position of Dean of the College of Law. The aim of the Law College is to provide a thor- ough training that will equip the student to prac- tice law in accordance with the highest standards of professional responsibility. The graduates of the Law College are approved by the American Bar Association. x i K Ntt 65 V .,.: .? ' - • - % The nursing building also houses the Student Health Center which accomodates students when they are in need of medical services. college of nursing The College of Nursing was established in 1957 as a separate part of the University offering a pre- service professional nursing program in its educa- tional system. The purposes of this college are to become professional practitioners of nursing, to en- rich personal lives, and to prepare for effective citi- zenship. 66 dean leino In the same year that the College of Nursing was established as a separate unit of the Uni- versity, Amelia Leino was appointed Dean of this college. Besides a nursing diploma, ob- tained in 1934, Dean Leino has also received her Bachelor of Science and Master ' s degree. MERICA PHARMACY The pharmacy school is what it is today be- cause of Dean David O ' Day. The school of pharmacy did not become a separate college until soon after his arrival on campus when he was named dean. In his first year Dean O ' Day taught all of the pharmacy classes. Presently, Dean O ' Day depicts research as an important goal of his college. college of pharmacy Since its organization, the College of Pharmacy has strived to provide for its students a sound, scientific, professional, and cultural background necessaiy for the successful practice of pharmacy in all of its branches. Completed in 1908, the Merica Pharmacy building was first used as a freshman girls ' dormitory. dean o ' day student government the student ' s experiments in democratic processes is carried out through the asuw student senate, senate committees bring entertainment and co-ordinate student ac- tivities. 68 mi!» ' m ' i- Mm0mim m i t miti . NAnHEWS Our ASUW President takes a breather from his paperwork. Bill Stoval, chairman of the Public Exercises committee, reports on the progress of the concert series. .dtthev A graduate student in architectural engineering, Gary Matthe ws hsted his two major undertakings while president as working to help establish a campus radio station and spearheading student government efforts toward drafting an all-university speaker policy. 69 asuw vice-pres., secretary and business manager Jack Garrett ASUW Vice-President John Williams ASUW Business Manager student senators a c s senators Sitting: Dan Morgan, Sherril Lee, Yogi Allen, Bill Ayres. Standing: Frank Seiglitz, Tom Cole, Allen Johnson. education senators Sitting: Pam Pickinpaugh, Gary Elliott, Mary Thomas, Standing: Rosalie Daubenspeck, Jana Reed. 71 Bill Cline Bill Stoval Dave Mullens Bob Hansen engineering senators Richard Darr Alan Peryam Cody Thompson -C£ J vwcsseR 72 Steve Toms Gary Smith Bert Patrick c 6c i Candy Alburn r. Bill Keefe rita mcculEough junior in arts and sciences, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Senate, Spurs, Phi Sigma Iota, Chimes, German Club, Panhellenic Council treasurer John nunn senior in civil engineering. National Collegiate Athletic Association, Sig- ma Tau, Phi Epsilon Phi NA ho ' s who bob Hansen senior in civil engineering. Alpha Tau Omega secretary. Senate, bowl- ing team co-captain dave mullens senior in electrical engineering. Al- pha Tau Omega, Senate, Joint Engi- neering Council, Phi Epsilon Phi, Iron Skull, Sigma Tau richard darr senior in pharmacy. Phi Delta Theta, Senate, head resident of men ' s dor- mitories, Young Republicans, Eco- nomic Honors Program, IFC wrilliam dine senior in electrical engineering, Joint Engineering Council, Sigma Tau, In- stitute of Electrical and Electronical Engineers kennon vaudrey senior in architectural engineering, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Sigma Tau, Omicron Delta Kappa ann massie senior in English, Senate committee, Mortar Board president. Iron Skull treasurer. Phi Beta Kappa, three-year master ' s program, Residence Hall Coun- cil secretary, Ross Hall president jack cox senior in journalism, Sigma Chi, Branding Iron edi- tor. Phi Epsilon Phi, Omicron Delta Kappa vice pres- ident, Sigma Delta Chi preisdent judy lambrecht senior in nursing. Spurs, Chimes president, Ross Hall treasurer, three-y( ar masters ' degree program gary matthews graduate in architectural engineering, Sigma Chi, ASUW president, Sigma Tau secretary, Omicron Delta vice president. Iron Skull, Who ' s Who, 1964-65 denny goode senior in architectural engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Iron Skull, Interfraternity Council vice president, Sigma Tau vice president joe gomez graduate in languages, Kappa Delta Pi president. Phi Sigma Iota president. Student Education Association president, Wyoming Legislative School nancy thompson senior in psychology, Chi Omega, Psi Chi, Phi Kappa Phi, Young Republicans, Spurs, Chimes, Mortar Board vice president duane ranta senior in political science. Alpha Tau Omega, Senate president pro-tempore, Phi Epsilon Phi, Iron Skull, Omicron Delta Kappa, Mlo ' s Mio, 1964-65 75 bill stoval junior in mechanical engineering, Sigma Nu, Phi Epsilon Phi, Senate, Joint Engineering Council, Iron Skull, IFC bert Patrick junior in accounting, Sigma Nu, Senate, Phi Epsilon Phi, Union Management Committee alan peryam senior in agriculture, Sigma Alpha Epsilon president, Senate, Phi Ep- silon Phi, Iron Skull, Alpha Zeta, Agriculture Council frank sieglifz senior in pre-law, Sigma Nu, Phi Epsilon Phi, Senate, debate team. Iron Skull, IFC president mada petranovich senior in American Studies, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Spurs, Chimes, Mortar Board, AWS president, BI news editor. Pi Delta Epsilon babeUe numon junior in business administration. Delta Delta Delta, pepster, Spurs, Chimes, Phi Camma Nu, Orchesis nancy gwinn junior in music. Delta Delta Delta, Spurs, Chimes, Tau Beta Sigma, Senate Committee, Iron Skull, Union Executive Program Board Steve gehring graduate in law, Sigma Nu, chief judge ASUW judicial court, Wyoming Law Journal editor. Pot- ter Law Club, student body vice president y- WW f " (i:n ' -)l Jrr,-:f ■! ' ,)! a»»s ken grandia senior in nuclear engineering, Ar- nold Air Society Commander, UW cadet Wing Commander, Hoyt Hall president susan ferguson senior in English, Pi Beta Phi, Sen- ate comm.. Chimes, Mortar Board, Deputy Debs, Pi Delta Epsilon, Sigma Nu Sweethearts, WYO co- editor lynn birleffi senior in international affairs. Kap- pa Kappa Gamma, Chimes, Mortar Board, Delta Sigma Rho, AWS sec. 76 » " t liXlOa SC8HB 77 f Si sorority uw coeds form lasting friendships with their greel sisters cis they hit the books and have fun together, rush week func- tions and talk-a-thons make a fun-filled year along sorority row. 78 If they would let me sleep just one morning. Who is that?! A few minutes of relaxation, preferably with a boy, can make the day. time in for greeks 79 Hi, Honey! The wild roses could have watusied all night. Sure doesn ' t taste like tomato juice! she seeks her identity - in crowds, in a book, in him. 80 ' i ' m v .. 1 I( . ) £ i rL A university coed is a versatile girl. Her education, her woman- hood and her vivacity complement campus life. She holds the world in check, waiting until she appears on the scene. A coed ' s delights and her disappointments are the mirror of the college. 81 senior panhellenic council The purpose of the Senior Panhellenic Council of UW is to " Main- tain on a high plane fraternity life and interfraternity relations within our college and to work for the good of the university and all its women students. " Together with the IFC, Panhellenic sponsors various interfraternity and sorority activities during the year. In the spring sororities and fraternities, again under the joint leadership of the Panhellenic Council and IFC, sponsor Greek Week, which helps to establish a stronger relationship among all Greek organizations. Row One: Corinne Tufts, Adv.; Colleen McKay, Treas.; Sally Davidson, Pres.; Cindy Stumff, Sec; Susie Nagel. Row Two: Martha Dougherty, Nancy McKinney, Mary Heustis, Jo Kaumo, Jan Whittington, Karen Madsen, Barsha Kay Drew, Susan Howe. S;s ; S5 " S 3£f „ J --fr ).N f y - MlSv T K " " - SMK " ' S ' SttS ' m Row One: Pat Woodmansee, Jill Kester, Alice Asman, Cheryl Lang, Sec. Row Two: Judy Witters, Carol e Puskar, Treas.; Becky Kester, Joan Mitchell, Patty Dessert. Row Three: Gay Gallemore, Pres.; Candy Carroll. junior panhellenic council Junior Panhellenic Council, founded on the UW campus three years ago has a similar purpose to that of Senior Panhellenic— to promote the Greek system and to develop a better working relationship among the Greek women ' s organizations. It consists of one delegate and the president from each sorority pledge class. Junior Panhel- lenic promotes public relations among the sororities throughout the year by planning various work projects and by assisting Senior Pan- hellenic and IFG in plans for Greek Week. 83 Alice Acevedo Arlene Albanese Connie Allen Sue Arterburn Ellen Baker Katherine Beers Suzanne Beers Jean Benz Janet Burke Vickie Carlen Cynthia Carroll Peggy Chambers Sharon Clark Nancy Cooper Diane Denton Diane Dermer Christen Earnshaw Ann Ellenbecker Marie Elliott Eileen Feighny Phyllis Frerichs Peggy Hann Linda Henaman Kyle Herman Ruth Hitchcok Jennifer Igo Bobbie Kilzer Barbara Leister alpha chi omega 84 [anie McBride Rita McCarthy Nancy McKinney Donna Markley Helen Meike Molly Meyer Cay Mohr Sue Ann Nelson Pey y Overstreet Shirley Pace Marilyn Pierson Donna Pitcher Marilyn Pringle Nancy Rife Sandi Robinson Bonnie Schoonover Vivian Sensintaffer Mary Simmons Bonnie Smith Charlene Spaulding Betty Steere Marsha Taylor Corinne Tufts VaUie McNamara Virginia Van Hees Karen Walker Linda Lee Wells Judy Witters Don ' t worry about me; I ' m not trying to impress anyone. The ladies of Alpha Chi Omega be- gan a successful year when Eileen Feighny, better known as the Jolly Green Giant, won the competition for homecoming queen. They participat- ed in many other activities: Dad ' s Day, several faculty dinners, and a Mother ' s Day tea. Alpha Chi ' s were active in many UW organizations, striving for scholastic excellence and cultural advancement. Officers for the year include: Kyle Herman, president; Vivian Sensin- taffer, 1st vice president; Sandra Deti, recording secretary; Gharleen Spauld- ing, corresponding secretary; and Vickie Carlen, treasurer. Alpha Chi Omega ' s house mother is Mrs. Bessie L. Eby. In the fall the actives sponsored the pledge dance, and the pledges spon- sored the Spring Formal. 86 Linda Arledge Alice Asman Betty Brister Kaye Brown Stephanie Balison Deborah Banta Sandra Barney Kathleen Benz Sharon Bertram Jacque Cheese Lynda Christensen Joyce Clemens Carla Deleeuw Sharon DuVall Judith Dykstra Jean Else Cheryl Garrison Jerry Gentilini Pat Gentilini Barbara Grossart Jo Ann Hafner Yvonne Harrison Lytton Hull Jeni George Barbara Jackson Elizabeth Jordon Susan Joyner Karyl Kohrs Jody Kibbe Niki Knickerbocker Catherine Kurtz Marji Lehmkuhler Elissa Light Colleen McKay Marion Mason Mary-Bob Mathews Joan Mitchell Linda Morehouse Linda Morrison Edi Naylor Carol Ohman Patricia Plasters Mary Ann Porter Brenda Prather Judy Redfern Susan Rhodes Susan Richardson Mary Ann Riedl Martha Rosenthal Carole Sandorf Dorothy Shelden Jennifer Smith Leslie Soine Angie Splittgerber Toni Terry Sandra Thomas Nancy Thompson Vicki Van Buskirk Nancy Veline Linda Wallace Cheryl Whceland Lynda Williams Rozanne Zakotnik " No, we ' re not studying; we ' re just faking it. chi omega The Chi Omega ' s showed their outstanding abihties during Homecoming by winning the Homecoming Sing and the women ' s float competition. Other fall activities included a Dad ' s Day, a party for all Greek pledges and a Founder ' s Day Dinner. Cowboy Mary-Bob Mathews was chosen Powder River Belle at- tendant. In addition members of Chi Omega are represented in Mortar Board, Chimes, Spurs and Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Officers of Chi Omega include the following: Nancy Thompson, president; Pat Plasters, vice-president; Leslie Soine, secretary; Kathy Benz, treasurer; and Jacque Cheese, pledge trainer. Sarajean Allen Beda Atwood Nancy Bennett Sherri Biggs Susan Boal Trudy Brower Virginia Bruce Janette Burris Barbara Burzlander Bonnie Burzlander Rosann Cavanaugh Jeanne Cobb Anne Coe Judy Cowan Rosalie Daubenspeck Sally Davisdon Debbie McBride Patty Dessert Sally Doyle Tamm y Eckhardt Paula Feltner Karen Fry Joann Garrett Karen Gooch Mary Greenlee Nancy Gwinn Loy Hammond Janet Hansen Deana Hanson Donna Herzberg Cindy Hoffman Marianne Holstedt Janet Horton Coleen Kessler Glenda Lancaster tri The Tri-Delt ' s new addition to their house proved to be a good omen as they came back to campus with a very fine Homecoming showing. Bab- ette Numon was a Homecoming Queen attendant, and the girls with the trident placed second in both the Sing and parade. This year the Delts delta Soup ' s on! were vigorously represented in cam- pus activities and organizations with six pepsters and representatives in Spurs, Chimes, Mortar Board and other groups. Officers were Sally Doyle, president; Judy Simonton, vice-president; and Judy Cowan, sec- retary. Cherie Lang Linda Lang Jean Laughlin Patti Lay Linda Lcafdale Virginia Lindsey Clenda Long Sharon McClew Judith McReynolds Karyn March Merrill Afarvel Sherry Martinson Mary Ann Materi Kerry Maupin Delores Mayland Miriam Johnson Sue Moses Etta Ann Ilerzberg Babette Nunion Cathleen Patrick Diana Persons Michele Portvvood Cindy Robinson Jo Ellen Ruch Jeanette Simpson Linda Sheehan Judy Simonton Kristy Kay Smith Merry Spear Barbara Stalick Karel Stewart Lois Swing Rebecca True Nancy Twitchell Jan Whittington Lindsey Wing Entering its sixth year on the Univer- sity of Wyoming campus, Gamma Delta chapter of Gamma Phi Beta is looking forward to continuing the fine progress made in campus activities in the last few years as still the " new- est " sorority on the row. The Gamma Phis are well represented in univer- sity honoraries, organizations, and were the winners of the 1965 Sigma Chi Derby Days. Under the direction of President Shirley Burks, the Gam- ma Phi ' s strive to advance woman- hood spiritually, mentally and social- ly. The first two areas are looked after on a fall retreat to the 2-7 Ranch. The main social functions are the pledge dance and spring formal. Other offi- cers include vice-president, Mary Kramer; social chairman, Diane Theil; treasurer, Glenda Peterson. After-dinner music provided by Dianne Theil. Candace Alburn Ann Bauman Deborah Bond Shirley Burks Candace Carroll Linda Cheatham Carrol Clay Martha Dougherty Sharon Dunn Trudy Edmunds Carol Fronk Frances Crane Mary Jo Hager Di Ann Hammond Mary Heustis 90 Carrie Kincaid Mary Lynn Kramer Mary Kramer Susan Lobel Jeannie Larrbaster gamma phi beta Sally Mathes Lynn Moser Leslie Nowell Marjorie O ' Brien Diane Ota Cheryl Payne Michelle Peck Glenda Peterson Pain Pickinpaugh Coiunne Reed Carla Jean Rentz Elizabeth Robertson Karen Snesrud Dorothy Simon Carol Sims Susan Stone Jennifer Thorp Dianne Theil Jeanne Welch Marjorie Young 91 Calla Jean Benn Susan Carlson Paula Conwell Martha Damaher Pat Daniels Carolyn Darr Barsha Drew Connie Eckhardt The Wyoming Kappa Deltas came back to a newly decorated house this year complete with a new housemother, Mrs. Eugenia Stewart. With this to boost their spirits they went on to place third in the Homecoming Sing. They were then busy hosting teas, parties, functions and their formal-active dance, held for the first time in the chapter house. Rho Chapter also worked hard on its service projects. They had a spring style show for the ladies at the Ivinson Home and combined with the Kappa Sigmas in an Easter- egg roll for underprivileged children. The Kappa Deltas were represented in every phase of campus life — Who ' s Who, Senators, union committees. Deputy Debs and many others. Officers included Sherry Lee, president; Madge Hillstead, vice-presi- dent; and Calla Jean Benn, secretary. Karyn Edward Kay Erickson Nancy Fetsco Roberta Gabardi Patricia Griske Kathryn Harebo 92 I9 Kappa Deltas gather around their fireplace for an impromptu singing session. ■ ■ ;| 2siss; ,. kappa delta Madge Hillstead Katherine Impey Jill Kerper Laurie Knudsen Linda Mannon Donna Mason Kathy Moore Charlotte Morgan Diane Neather Lana Reed Jana Reed Gay Schneider Cindy Stumpff Sylvia Somsen Pat Trask Bonnie Utter Leslie Wilson Martha Wilson 93 IJ ' ' fSM kappa kappa gamma It must be time for Batman! .i ' i Ellen Arden Janet Bailey Lynn Birleffi Marian Bloss Ann Bolln Carol Bruce Rita McCullough Karen Church Vicki Conrad Susan Clark Scholastic achievement was the " key " to the Kappa Kappa Gamma house as the girls in the Blue and Blue won the Panhellenic Scholarship Cup and received the second place scholarship trophy in their prov- ince. However, activities weren ' t ruled out as the Kappas held Mother and Dad ' s Day luncheons, a spring retreat, Christmas party, spring formal and participated in campus organizations. Officers for the school year were Cheryl Houlette, president; Kathy Keefe, vice-president and Suki Bolln, secretary. Nancy Denni.son Jean Dilley Susan Ellis Karen Fasen Mary Gorrell Lyn Hamilton Susan Helvey Jean Hight Susan Hill Virginia Hilpert Carolyn Holmes Cheryl Houlette Sally Howard Cara Keefe Kathleen Keefe Peggy Knowles Katherine Koch Sondra Lutgen Susan McClenahan Roseva McDaniel Karen Madsen Katie Maffeo Cathy Mead Jeralyn Morgan Nancy Mueller Susan Nagel Susan Neithammer Barbara O ' Donnell Christie Page Karen Parker Miriam Paules Judy Peterson Mada Petranovich Kay Rhoades Robin Robertson Carole Puskar Ruth Scarlett Pam Scranton Dianne Shaffer Ann Skinner Linda Snider Sallv Snvder Cyndi Stevenson Andrea Sundby Ann Weaver Pam Welch Lynda Williams Mary Wilson Shirlev Wilson 95 Catherine Anker Suzanne Amistrong Helen Augsbach Sallie Bailey Karla Baston Helen Bishop Jane Bond Kathe Cargill Betty Carpenter Jean Casey Andra DeHart Joy Edwards Judy Etcheverry Donna Falk Susan Ferguson Susan Fisher Carole Freemole Gay Gallemore Gail Garness Kathleen Gilbert Virginia Hadley Dinah Harrell Patricia Harris Ruth narrower Linda Hensen Susan Howe Cheryl John Vicki Knapp Marjorie Krahl Linda Laush Kathi McDowell Michelle McGee Susan Mackey Kathy Mallory Maxine Marsh Paula Metzger Dorthea Moore Susan Neighbors Bemie Nein Nancy Nick Judith Noel Mary Payne Patty Penny Karen Prahl Beth Rouse Elizabeth Schlessman Georgiana Schmidt Lynne Simmons Martha Simpson Carole Smith Nancy Smith Teresa Spencer Cindy Stone Lorrie Swenson Mary Thomas Sudie Tigert Virginia Wells Sandy Williams Peri Wilson Charlene Wolf Patricia Woodmansee Karen Wright 96 The Pi Phis turned cowboy this year when UW ' s favorite cow- girl Marty Simpson was elected at- tendant to the homecoming queen. Other honors in the Pi Phi round- up included representation in Spins, Chimes, Mortar Board and many campus activities. The girls enjoyed the annual Monmouth Duo with the Kappas, the spring formal, several after-hours parties, a special breakfast given by the pledges and a Christmas party with all the toys donated to the Laramie home for orphans. In the spring the Pi Phis retreated to a Colorado dude ranch to plan rush. Officers for the year included: Bernie Nein, president; Susan Neighbors, vice-president; Suzanne Armstrong, treasurer; Georgiana Schmidt, recording secretary; Ka- the Cargill, corresp onding secre- tary; Mrs. Virginia Larson is the housemother. t5t ■ v■■ ;l ; ; pi beta phi " I can ' t seem to find my other ' social security ' card. jl fraternities % greek brothers practice organized cooper- ation and find friiends as they rnal e their homes along fraternity row. their activities ihclude hell week, dahces, and even study tables. ■iJ: I it 98 Row One: Ed Bryant, Denny Goode, Frank Sieglitz, Tom Wright. Row Two: Harold Siek, Bill Stoval, Dan Morgan, Robert Balmier. Row Three: Keith Han.son, Gary DeBolt, John Long, Gaiy Gysel, Bill Ha.stings. Row Four: Wen Law, Doug McDonald. interfraternity council The Interfiateinity Council is the governing body for U. W. fraternities. Made up of representatives from each frater- nity, the council acts to further the interests of the fraterni- ties and to foster cooperation and understanding among them. In conjunction with the Panhellenic Council, IFC sponsors the annual Greek Week, a week of activities plan- ned to band the Greeks closer together. IFC also sponsors the annual " Ugly Man " dance. U. W. ' s IFC participates in the National Interfraternity Council and the ' estern Re- gional IFC. 99 Get your feet olt the lurnilurc. Keemo Saba Bashar Al-Sheref Steve Bailey John Baker Paul Bartling Darrell Benham Kurt Browall James Bush James Byman William Carlson Thomas Coleman William Crouch George Eckhardt Leroy Feusner John Greene James Heinle John Henry Ralph Hubbell Gary Hudson Dana Stanley Jordan Frank Keaton Jack McComiick Steven Mauch Lee Meyer David Minshall Cliflord Moore David Morgan Bob Norman Mark Nowlin Donald Painter James Painter Dale Pearson Michael Pulsipher John Read Gary Romberg Larry Robinson Robert Schwarz Steve Scott Stephen Snow Robert Smith Ronald Swan Dennis Thompson Douglas Thompson Daniel Tompkins Michael Turner Jimmy Wilson Warren Wilson 100 acacio The men of Acacia are at last in their new home on Fraternity Row. The beautiful new fraternity house represents an entirely different type of architecture than the rest of the houses on the row. Acacia Frater- nity is based on the Masonic Order and in that respect it is different also. Some Acacia activities include the " Night on the Nile " pledge dance and the " Bali Hi " spring for- mal. The Order of the White Wab- bit and the Daughters of Delphi are Acacia auxiliaries. Don Painter is Acacia president. Since they received their national charter in June of 1964, AKL has grown to ahriost forty members. With scholarship, leadership, religion, and service as their goals, they have continued to strive for the advancement of the fraternity. Main social activities are the pledge dance, (Surfer Stomp), and the spring formal, the pledge-active football game, and the " Active for a Day. " Officers include: Charles Brown, president; Gary Gysel, vice-president; David Shelton, secretary. . V«» - " dfcr; SITE OF AKA FRATERNITX ' S uniorxi. li,Vmi2 «i« -■ i .BSMiifJiUin ' . :aii ■e SJiSl kmik.- ' An architect ' s sketch of the new AKL house. ? ' A.- Hugh Anderson Howard Blumenthal Thomas Boarcbiian Dave Borino 102 Robert Brown Larry Chasey Robert Christensen Donald Engelbrecht (C ,■■ t ■ -M ■•(Wn ' iOT.VWfysPjf- 7—:t—— -- m m fif mm ' .fi. m tt ' m i v m mfm i jiaw rmT alpha kappa lambda Terr ' Felter Bruce Gear ' Stephen Gunther Gar ' Gysel Lynn Kravitz Robert Meyer Robert Randle Stan Rothenberger Elmer Schaefer James Schlattman David Shelton L nn Douglas Todd Kennon Vaudrey i Qo Allen ' ines Yogi Allen James Anderson Kenneth Andrews Robert Austin Bill Ayres Bill Barton Richard Baxter Ray Beckstead Michael Brandt Steve Briggs Dan Broyles James Carollo Chris Carrier Donald Chipp Mike dinger Gary Cooper Jeffrey Coppes Loren Corsberg Dennis Costantino Curtis Lytle Max DeHart Donn Dorsett Gary Eins pahr William Elmore John Entsminger Rob Ferguson Tom Flohr Robin Foster Richard Gish William Grunkemeyer Ebiier Hanks Rodney Hartman Kenneth Hess Roger Hill Richard Howell Allen Johnson Roger Johnson Terry Kaltenbach Garry Kaufholz Richard Keelan Robert Kingsbury Jon Kirkbride David Lewis Alfred Lindahl Charles Lord Kenneth McCann Byron McCarthy John McDaniel Marshall Mahlum George Mathes Daniel Morgan Charles Muchmore William Mulcahy David Mullens The brothers of Alpha Tan (Jrnega " kieked off " the new school year by sparking nitramural competition. Social events for the " Tans " each year are the early pledge dance, followed in succession l)y the Sack Dance, Bowery Ball, Shipwreck Party and annual Founder ' s Day ceremonies. Officers this year were Loren Corsberg, president; Dan Sullivan, vice-president; Dave Bur- cher, treasurer; and Bill Ayres, sec- retary. The ATO housemother for part of the year was Mrs. Elizabeth Savaracey. 1965-66 was a good year for the men of ATO. alpha tau omega Robert Phillips Fred Porter Duane Ranta Douglas Robb Terry Roberts Mike Saul Leslie Schlitt Carl Schulz Charles Shawver Steven Shewalter Patrick Spieles Herb Stipe Neil Stratch Daniel Sulhvan Don Thome James Toth Joe Turner Nick Vuko James Mullens Peter Nelson Curt Penman Dan Wagers Jerry Walker Wayne Walker Robert Weisert Larry Wilcox John Woodburv - 105 Farmhouse Fraternity members are active in all phases of campus life from scholarship to intramural athletics as well as agriculture. Farmhouse has per- manent possession of the IFC Scholastic Award for the highest fraternity grade average over the past three years. The fraternity has representatives on the judging teams, agriculture council and student sen- ate. The Pledge Dance, the Spring Formal, western dances, and the annual Founders ' Day Banquet are among the fraternity ' s activities. President was Dan Lindquist; treasurer was Robert Derr; business man- ager was Brad Bousman; and housemother is Mrs. C. B. Jenkins. Hev, fellas, it ' s final week! Sam James Atkinson John Bard Gene Bengston Richard Bengston Bradford Bousman John Daly Robert August Derr Ray Dout Bob Ellis farmhouse Joe French Ralph Goodson i 106 I Stanley Haas Danny Jackson James Johnson David Lawson Daniel Lindquist David Martell Buck Nesson Ronald Paul Roger Perkins Tim Philbrick Gary Roland Harr ' Strauch Cody Thompson Thomas Wright Robert Yenney Tam es York 107 ' Hey, where do you think you ' re going? " The men of Kappa Sigma faced a large pledge class at the end of rush week. Throughout the year they held their an- nual social events: the Pajama Dance, the Playboy Pledge Dance and the Stomp. During Homecoming the Kappa Sig- ma float, " A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, " won second place in the mens ' competition. Officers include Douglas McDonald, president; Biff Hawkey, vice-president; Kenneth Boilsen, treasurer; Dennis Haines, pledge trainer; Mrs. Mona Thorpe Farmer, housemother. kappa Sigma Bruce Altschuler John Belsly Kenneth Boilsen Ray Darrough Charles Deaver Oren Deeds Dennis Dunwoody David Erickson Roy Feutz Jerry Garcia Stephen Gay Steven Gerard Dennis Haines Bifl Hawkey Thomas Henderson Gary Howard Terry Jarvis William Jeffrey Richard Joslyn 108 Ridge Larson Douglas McDonald George Mitcham Ed Nelson Charles Owens Lany Pappas James Plunkett John Raicevich ■ ..«» . « «»■■ Aik Richard Rein Quent Richardson Robert Robinson Robert Rohmer Gary Rowley Gordon Schaub Harold Siek Michael Simpson i4rk Ken Smith Robert Trowe Joe Vonarx Ronald Weickum Kieth Wiege Richard Wilkinson 109 3 ;!4|U | «W»I - j-L- " .-fl I™ phi delta theta £ ' . " A.f i— 2i_as y Don Acheson Bert Ahlstrom Charles Bedord Eric Herman Jim Buckingham John Carlson Charles Cocks Michael Cook Bill Copland Paul Deines Tom Eckhardt Rick Ferrero Chris Frost Daniel Furlong Mike Garrett Bruce Gooch Douglas Grant Edmond Herbert Edward Hudson Douglas Hughes Robert Kochmann David McKamey William McKendry James Martin Darwin Pace 110 J°h " ° " ' Kent Pulley Mike Quealy Following the patterns of all fraternities, the members of Phi Delta Theta began their year with a new set of officers and a new set of pledges to carry out their plans for the year. They are Bill Stout, president; Doug Grant, vice-president; James Martin, secretary; and Arnold Cross, treasurer. Mrs. Hazel Burnside is once again coordinating the operation of the house in her role as housemother. During the ) ' ear the members of this fraternity have held their annual pledge dance, their winter formal and the well-known Bermuda Ball. m ' - A iit Greg Rees Terry Rich dY HHHIik i HHII H Joe Romero Robert Russell Eugene Scott Richard Stephen Bill Stout Wes Thompson William Thomson Steven Weller Mike Wittrock James Young A card laid is a card played. That calendar should provide some inspiratioji for studying. Corey Adcock Ron Allaback Bob Bailey Lyle Bareiss Marc Beasley Dave Bitner Gary Blakeslee Michael Brown Jerry Buchanan J. Riley Busacker James Clizbe Phil Coleman Paul Concannon Phil Conley Richard Cook Maron Davis Dennis Dawson Charles Douthit Fred Emerich Ken Espy Rod Everett Steve Flowers Mike Gillespie Denny Goode Mike Gutz John Hamm Keith Hanson Jim Hatch Dennis Heckart James Hirsig David Hodge Charles Hughes Gunars Hvastkovs Don Illingworth Steve Jeffreys Paul Jones James Kagi Gary Kanter Tom Keefe Tom Kingham Jerry Kleager Fred Knight James Lane Jim Larson Kent Lauson Wes Law Robert Leisk James Lilly Lew Lindley Jerry Long John Long Michael McGleskey Thomas McDill Chuck McCee Greg McPherson Dave Mamula William Maushak Rob Messinger Charles Metro Stan Murdock 119 Doug Nelson JackNunn Doug Nydegger Sigma alpha epsilon The fall was bright for the men of SAE as they won the Homecoming Sing for the second year in a row and amused the alum- ni with their kilty parade clowning. Then on a dark night, they murdered one of their brothers and celebrated his funeral during the Undertaker ' s Ball. The spring brings the Bushman ' s Hop and Founder ' s Day. Intramural prowess, the ' Tnn Group " and just good times typify SAE of 1965-66. President this fall was Mike Gutz and Vice President was Denny Goode. Bob Oakes Lane Oslund Paul Oslund Larry Penf old John Pennino Alan Peryani Steve Peryam Don Prehoda William Rader Larry Rickert James Ricketts Don Riske Dan Rulli Mark Shubert John Scott Greg Seabury William Shelby Steve Shook Lyman Spaulding Gary Spencer Alan Stephenson Kim Swallow Greg Thompson Michael Thorpe Dick Torkelson Bob Vaughan Bob W ' arner Tom Watson Charles Webb Ed Webster William Webster Gan.- Wickam Terry Wickstrom Chris Wisenian Mike Zwickl 11.3 Bernard Alexander Michael Anselmi William Beach William Bellamy Jon Bergstrom Robert Brown William Ceretto Mike Chaves George Christiansen 114 Jack Cox Lee Cranney Ray Darling David Berry Mike Desmond Ted Ellingford Richard Ellis Thomas Fuller James Fackrell ■k m wi Chuck Fanner Robert Farmer Roger Feagler Richard Foster Dwight France Sherrod France Jeff Frost Michael Giesler Michael Grant Michael Groshart Otis Halverson Gerald Harrington Am. James Hayes Jerry Hermansen Tony Hill Lynn Holscher William Horn Jeffrey Hoza Dan Hunter John Jackson Peter Jacoby Ronald Jairell Robert Jones James Keener Mk Sigma chi The Sigma Chi ' s started early in their comiminity activities by initiating a college-wide blood drive in assistance of the wounded soldiers in Viet Nam. Officers ior the " Chi ' s " were Dan Iliuiter, president; Terry Layton, vice-president; and Gary Staley, secretary. Daisy L. Keeney is housemother for the ex ' s. Baby Bawl, Sweetheart Ball and Derby Days high- light the Sigma Chi year. CJordon Kcyes Richard Knij ht Donald Koritnik lJ)ale Laniphere James Landers John Lapp Clen Larson (Jury Layman Terry Layton Steve Lemley Russell Leone leflrey Long Dennis McCullah Gary McDaniel Irvin McKim Jack McNamara Gary Madison Larry Mallory Lewis Markley George Meatheringham Gary Mathews Fred Moeller Dan Xelson Kirk Nelson Eric Newton Jon Noyes Terrance O ' Connor William PhiUips Michael Powers Gregor ' Rees Robert Rice Bruce Robbins James Roderick James Ross Gary Sandage Carl Sandberg Terry Scholes ' illiam Schwidder Weaker Shelton Gar ' Smith Gary Staley Ken Stebner Roger Swanson Don Taylor Kenneth Temple Jack Thomas John Williams Edward Thompson Stephen Toms David Trudil Joe Tully Kiel ' an Inwegen Rick W ard William ' h te H John ' illiams Walter Zimmermann Sigma nu Bill Ackerman James Anderson Dave Baker Alan Baribeau Raymond Bishop Donald Bjom 116 Gary Brodriek Bruce Bullias William Burleson Rex Cadwallader Michael Carroll Dennis Carruth Willard Carter Joseph Cavanaugh Brian Clare Donald Coleman David Crum John Culberson Roger Curtis Richard Dockter Mike Doniiny Harvey Domsalla Bob Elrod Ronald Erb John Callinger Jack Garrett James Garrett William Gieseler James Gingles Greg Goddard Larry Goddard Thomas Grove David Harris Michael Healy The men of Sigma Nn find time to partieipate widely in campus activities and still maintain their busy social calen- dar. The Pledge Pajama Dance, held in December, is always a memorable affair. Highlighting the spring semester is the White Rose Formal, followed by Chanticleer on a weekend in May. This year ' s officers: Brian Clare, president; Harvey Domsalla, v.p.; Bert Patrick, treasurer; and Mrs. Porter, housemother. Robert Heaton David Hastings David Hill Michael Johns Lawrence Johnston William Jones William Kidd Michael Kirol Gary Kleinschmidt Bruce Larson David Lowry Michael McCullough Dennis Madden Thomas Maxfield C. Reed Miller Mark Mounsey Ford Nicholson William Novotny William O ' Erian Gary Olson Martin Olson James Orth James Owens Mike Phillips Jim Puckett Richard Raymond David Reetz Jeff Reetz Dennis Rodenburg Charles Roper Martin Sample Charles Sandborn Gary Santoni Michael Sarvey Robert Savage Jon Sawyer David Scheurerman Ed Schmidt Steve Shelsta ince Siedenburg Frank Sieglitz Thomas Simon Greg Smith Rudv Stanko Bill Stoval Pat Sullivan Charles Swarm John Vass James Vogt Doug Wasson Richard Vatson Rick ' atson Douglas Wells Tern. ' Whitaker " Thomas Wilson Gerald Wolf Well, at least two of the " Tekes " have dates! tau kappa epsilon Looking forward to a prosperous year, the members of Tau Kappa Epsilon began to take great strides in a positive direction. Supervising the " Teke ' s " activ- ities were Jerry Cliase, president; Lee Layton, vice- president; Dave Marshall, treasurer; Jerry Lee, sec- retary; Harvy Landers, historian; and Tom Gaddis, sergeant-at-arms. Queen of the house, ( Mrs. Francis Howard, housemother), joined the boys as they awaited their soon-to-be-built house. The French Cabaret highlighted the TKE social calendar. 118 Gary Alburn Jack Anderson Larry Annstrong Barry Grimm Robert Boleman David Cave Jerry Ghase Hodnett Copland Stephen Elliot John Faddis Patrick Fitzgerald Thomas Gaddis James Halfpenny Jan Harpool Robert Hastings Kent Hill Michael Johnson Phillip Kindelberger William Kuntzman Harvey Landers Lee Layton Gerald Lee Charles Lockhart David Lorge 1 • ' I AtfikJ al lBHH I IHH David Marshall Stuart Morthole David Montgomer) ' Charles Mott Kent Nelson Richard Olds Roger Petroski Samuel Schriner Jim Simpson Stephen Stoll David Thelen Frank Thelen Hugh ' an Male Larrv Worth 119 » ' ' . ' m Charles Allen Robert Bahmer Thomas Blazek Thomas Eruch Melvin Cox- Richard DeBeau Gary DeBolt Kleven Downs John Ferguson William Hickman Oliver Huffman Elwin Johnson William Long Robert Lopez James Neely Ronald Rogers Gary Shipp k4 delta Sigma phi The Wyoming colony of Delta Sigma Phi has been mainly interested in increasing mem- bership and getting established on campus. In one year, membership has gone from five to twenty-five, and the men have moved to an off-campus house. Social events included the Christmas Founder ' s Day party, the Sail- or ' s Ball, and the Sweetheart Ball. Officers included Gary DeBolt, president; Bob Lo- pez, vice-president, and Tom Bruch; treas- urer. 120 Don ' t you have anything better to do than just sit around? phi gamma delta Michael Allen Dan Gotten h fM Phi Gamma Delta is the newest fraternity colony on the UW campus. Organized in the last two weeks of last spring, the Phi Gamma Deltas have twenty-three members. Most of the members live in Hill Hall at the present, but they hope to have a fraternity house soon. Social activities have included exchanges and functions and the Norris Pig Dinner, a week- long feast. Officers for the year include Rusty Gooch, president; Mike Naus, recording sec- retary; Cliff Nelson, treasurer; and Roy Praz- ma, corresponding secretaiy. kdiM Paul Guse David Hansard Dave Jennings Dean Johnson Kent Johnson Gharles Keffer Allen Livingstone Michael Naus Gliff Nelson Bill Porter Greg Freuss Steven Roberts Gar ' Von Krosigk Thomas Voss 121 Row Ont " : I ' aula Metzger, Sharon Diass. Row Two: Michele Crater, Beda Atwood, Deana Hanson, Karen M arch, Cindy Robinson, Karel Stewart, Nancy Dennison, Ann Christensen, Lorrie Swenson. Row Three: Deanne Hargraves, Louise Porter, Susan Ferguson, Suche Tigert, Vicki Knapp, Karen Fasen, Marty Simpson, Linda Snider, Rosann Cavanaugh, Sally Howard, Margie Krahl. Sigma nu sxA eethearts little sisters of minerva Row One: Cheryl Houlette, Dianne Shaffer, Roseva McDaniel, Mrs. Roper, Sue Strannigan, Madge Hillstead, Kathleen Keefe, Mary Black. Row Two: Trudy Brower, Susan EUis, Linda Welling, Mary Wilson, Sally Davidson, Ruth Scarlett, Karla Baston, Jackie Welsh, Peggy Knowles, Mary Thomas. s. W MMpgf V ' - " ■ ' . «(P«f« S?K» " aJ«6 ' JM)q{»W ' «= " . . imtimt .fi .J m ' 9t 1 I •. f X,. M Row One: Donna Pitcher, Mother Ciarrett, Aggie Reed, Frances Crane, Karen Bilhngs, Linda Christensen, Becky HarBin, Nancy Sinclair. Row Two: Melodic Wood, Bonnie Utter, Nancy Blair, Mary McAleenan, Sue Parmalee, Carol Munson, Cindy Stumpf, Carla Deleeuw, Karen Sherman. daughters of delphi maltesians Row One: Mary Bob Mathews, Bar- bara Stalick, Nonie Dearinger, Lois Swing, Carol Baird, Kathy Hender- son, Nancy Mar - Ann Materi. Row Two: Mike McGee, Terr ' Spencer, Kathy Brower, Ginni Manatos, Diane Denton. Judy Fowler, Andy Sunby. Row Three: Susan Mackey, Eileen Feighny, Peggy Harm, Patty- Schulz, Charlene Butscher. 123 I I " yrf , Sigma alpha epsilon queen (D t ' h alpha tau omega queen 124 SNA eetheart of Sigma chi delta Sigma phi dream girl 125 v dormitories about 1,000 uw coeds malce their homes in campus dormitories where they study, discuss latest beaus, fight for telephone out-lines, and build four years of happy college memories. 126 residence hall council ■■5 ' Row One: David Montgomery, pies, pro-tem.; Jim Young, pies.; Fred Miller, v. p.; Martha Smalley, sec.; Frieda Noell, treas.; Ed Smith, adviser. Row Two: Jim Young, Phil Mitchell, Margenne Bertagnolli, Ellen East, Jody McNees, Bonnie Warner, Doug Wasson. Row Three: Margaret Pwinell, Diane Kruse, Diane Stubbs. Row Four: Ed Dover, John Holthouse, Tom Albrandt, Dave Rowland, Chuck Spratt, Ann Coonrod, Mike Phillips, Lee Washburn. Residence Hall Association is one of the fastest growing or- ganizations on campus. Its purpose is to provide the individ- ual halls with a unified voice in campus affairs and to coordi- nate their social and cultiual activities. RHA publishes an inter-hall newspaper, the Lightening Rod, and sponsors such activities as Residence Hall ' eek, the RHA Christmas Dance, and the Keeney Award Formal. 127 The balcony provides an overview. The production Hne. . . doNA ney hall Downey Hall had the distmction of bemg the first oc- cupied dorm in the new complex being built behind fraternity row. Its eight stories towered over Laramie most of the year, and its modern design enhanced the campus scene. The upperclasmen who lived there had to be as creative as the architects in drawing up new by-laws and governing rules for the largest living group on campus. I suppose you think this is an eight o ' clock smile. 128 if I -p- Would you believe this paper is due today? 129 knight hall Knight Hall might just as well have been renamed " Freshman Hall " this year — any upperclassman was outnumbered 8 to 1. The only protection for the University from the antics of the majority was found not only to be water-proof, but also sound proof ear plugs. This kind of activity calmed down quite a bit as the girls attended dorm-mother Francis E. Meiler ' s weekly teas, the Homecoming Open House, and functions with the men ' s dorms. You know, we really don ' t have anything else to do. 130 Miss Meiller never lets us out here. Officers: Margenne Bertagnolli, prcs.: Miss Mcillcr, Louisr Crawford, treas.; Kathy Lyon, sec; Ellen East, v. pres. 131 i.X. - ' « • ' i!l E!| «. it " 1 |V ni Just push about six inches farther. ross hall After boasting the largest group of girls on campus since 1961, Ross Hall had to give first place to Downey in 1965. The gap was compensated for by the spirit of the girls. Of 400 residents, 350 at- tended the fall birthday tea for Miss Tobin. Ross won both the sweepstakes and the women ' s divi- sion trophies at the Homecoming Sing. The spirit continued as new by-laws were written and a Mother ' s Day Tea and May street dance were held. 132 These sign-ins really disgust me! Of course, my backhand hurts. Officers: Beth Kincaid, treas.; Glenda Stillwell, sec. Diane Stubbs, pres.; Diane Kruse, vice-pres. 133 A few isometrics start the day out right. HILL HALL OFFICERS: Dan Schriner, Dave Bowhmd, Charles Spratt. Dorm Director Dave Hall hill hall Hill Hall returned to the masculine format this year as the girls who had previously occupied the top three floors moved into all-women ' s dorms. Now that the men don ' t entertain themselves by watching young women stream from the elevators, they scan them coming to the cafeteria from Downey Hall. The Hill Hall men have also found that intramural foot- ball, wrestling, and basketball are good sports in which to participate. Other activities include water fights, super-ball contests in the corridors, and func- tions. An occasional book or slide rule also appears. 134 crane hall Famous for its varsity athletes, its hectic atmos- phere, and the weekend drop in occupants. Crane Hall held down the farthest outpost for single stu- dents on campus. Its " live band " functions con- tinued to be some of the most well-attended by students, and Crane gave great impetus to the na- tional government ' s physical-fitness program. j Dorm Director Stan Richards 136 Crane Hall has its own radio transmitter. By merely plugging in their radios, residents can tune in. I knew there was something I should have asked Mother. CRANE HALL OFFICERS - Row One: Steve Brorby, adviser; Dan Butler, Phil Mitchell Gary Coles, Ed Dover, pres. Row Two: John Holthouse, v. p.; Tom Ahlbrandt, Ron Geringer. Row One: Ted Rohde, Raymond Hunkins, Larry Jorgensen, Yavuz Acar. Row Two: Maurice Mordka, Frank Elliott, Richard Hardyman. 138 graduate hall The dorm now known as Graduate Hall has seen quite a succession of people just in the last three years. The ath- letes had possession for a while; last year it was ruled with a feminine hand; and now the males are in charge again. But these men aren ' t the average " College Joe. " Dorm life has calmed down for them as they do their re- search, theses and seminars. They must have the final word on how to study in a dorm atmosphere! The thesis can wait. Now if we lived in an nndermafhiato dorm wr ' d be watching Batman. 139 mnm ' ifSfm ' ' " ' ' mmitim gi v i»tmM»sm. ' ' iipA T n Kf wm If it ' s not printed circuit, I won ' t watch it. 140 ,._iii»i!2:. ' ji wyo hall " How to have a freshman dorm without really trying " was the thought of the housing department in the cases of both Wyo and Knight Halls. The answer was very simple: take every freshman you can find and put them all in the same dorm. One of the major functions of the frosh in Wyo occurred every Wednesday and Thursday evening second semester, as the lounge and color TV were thrown open to the masses to watch everyone ' s favorite, " Batman. " These fraternity rituals. Glad to have you, but the top bunk isn ' t seven feet long. Left to Right: X ' ancc Siedenburg, senator; John Culberson, treas.; Robert Koester, program director; Doug Wasson, v.p.; Mike Phillips, pres.; Jim Young, sec.; Jeff Reetz, athletic dir.; Bob Warner, bus; administrator; Kerry Brittain, soc. chairman. 141 ♦ ««♦ -lawl ! ,. tanV stuAetvt IE ' r. -. i klHfe«MMIH , ,»m He is a social being 142 college joe The typical University of Wyoming male has many fac- ets. He is a student of the first rank, a thinker, an intel- lectual. He is vitally interested in and aware of the world around him. He is a social being, an athlete and a soldier. He is learning about himself and about the society he is about to enter. 143 i:Yve .- esiets ' - «ut o ' , M ' i 50U aat caVi " P ' ,us dat ' ces- The College Joe longs to enter- tain and be entertained. . . . while Batman commands the Boob tube. 144 an ns 145 i homecoming queen Eileen was chosen Homecoming Queen by students who knew her as " The Jolly Green Giant " from her campaign posters. She was introduced to visiting alums during the Homecoming Sing at the Fieldhouse the evening before the big Wyoming-BYU tilt. An elementary education major, 1965 ' s Queen is a member of Alpha Chi Omega sorority and one of Alpha Tau Omega fraternity ' s Maltesians. 146 attendants mnm Babette, an " American Beauty Rose, " is a junior majoring in education and is a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority. ' a i. m y i rm6. ' ( ?rmm Wearing red cowboy hats, the Pi Phis rounded up votes for their candidate, Marty Simpson. She is a junior majoring in speech therapy. 147 U.NA . miss A yoming ' mjM Trudy ' s winning the Miss UW title placed her in competi- tion for the Miss Wyoming Pageant, which in turn netted her a berth in the annual Miss America contest in Atlantic City last September. Wyoming ' s representative in the world famed beauty contest is a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority and is a political science major. 148 A yo queen From over fifty photographs of Wyoming ' s prettiest coeds Peter, Paul, and Mary chose Nancy Nick of Pi Beta Phi sor- ority as the lovehest. Nancy is a sophomore majoring in ele- mentary education and is a member of Alpha Tau Omega ' s Maltesians. ' t . 149 A yo beauty m rui First runner up to Wyo Queen is Donna Falk, Pi Beta Phi. Donna is a freshman from Up- ton, Wyoming. 150 ,..WI»«« - lll»» K«»- ■ ' r ' i ' i ' - ' ' ' " -!- wyo beauty ' lA Lynda Williams, second runner up, is a mem- ber of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. She is a freshman from Cheyenne, Wyoming. 151 engineers queen ' emwie ' rfla ioMM Deanne Hargraves, reigning Engineer ' s Queen, tops any building on campus. Her coronation climaxed the formal Engineer ' s Ball, and proved that engineers do, in fact, appre- ciate something besides math formulas and chemistry books. 152 engineers attendants ' mia cm She may not actually be an engineering ma- jor, but first attendant Donna Falk, Pi Beta Phi, is a beautiful representative for them! Bonnie Warner, Downey Hall, was the third testimony to the engineer ' s quality taste for intelligence, speaking ability, poise, humor, and the right measurements. 153 ■ 9 y I. f ::.:m: :. ■u.k.. i w -m sweater queen Glenda Long, Delta Delta Delta, capped the 1965 UVV basketball season by being named Phi Epsilon Phi Sweater Queen after the last game. rmi First attendant to the 1965 Sweater Queen was Peggy Knowles, Kappa Kappa Gamma. She was as much a " pacesetter " as the band. %««% S- ar-- s A eater queen attendants ii? miojy The Phi Eps completed their royalty by naming Nancy Nick, Pi Beta Phi, second attendant. It was all " Service with a smile. " ' " %.,: ' % ., Tu ■ ' mm . 156 waiarii nnsi iWHKSMrp-v ' Cute Trudy Connell was first runner-up. She represented Downey Hall living quarters. (oJmiii med Kathy Dessert, a member of Delta Delta Del- ta sorority found her reign over the festivities in the position of second nmner-up. attendants snow queen ' UM Reigning over the Outing Club ' s annual Winter Car- nival as Snow Queen, Susie was witness to a bevy of alpine events including ski races and snow sculpture competition. She is a member of Kappa Kappa Gam- ma sorority. 157 poNA der river belle ' mwAm Not only the Queen of the 1965 Powder River Ball, but also one of the best riders and ropers, Waive Thompson led the student body in the western festivities of the Little Interna- tional. The annual " bucking and broncing " is sponsored by the Wyoming Rodeo Club. 158 J! po A der river belle attendant am- ' mM Stick ' em up cowboy! This is the word from fearless Mary-Bob Mathews, as she shoots her way into the position of first runner-up. She is a member of Chi Omega sorority. 159 military ball queens air force queen attendants wnm , Z0 e C i. {jeam (Q cn(Him " Sf - ' IP " " .- ' ' ' " " " « • 160 attendants arnny queen 161 miss wool The judges couldn ' t make up their minds, so they named two Wyoming beauties as co-winners of the Miss Wool con- test. Sandy Howard, Downey Hall, and Margie Krahl, Pi Beta Phi won trips to the State contest at Casper where Sandy was runner-up to the state winner. 16 2 miss best dressed coed man From a field of forty-four contestants, Susan McClenahan, Kappa Kappa Gamma, was chosen as Miss Best Dressed Coed. This freshman nursing student was then entered in Glamour magazine ' s national contest. 163 she ' s the cover on harper ' s bazaar, she ' s a breath of guerlain ' s shalimar, she ' s a tiffany necklace, a little bit reckless . . . 164 .w .M■ ■- $»- W «i ' « ii «»-.«► ' ■ ■••V • " ««. .ii »«fe ' «fc-jfc " •. ■ •« »■.» ■?j|(l- ■»! , _ .■. .-(fc ' V ' .-. ' ' V. " ' SDorts aDOL4.c 165 M- if- football football season brings spirited fans, alumni, and a winning season. 166 In his familiar baseball cap, Coach Eaton shouts instructions to the field. coNA boys ' coast-to-coast football season nets 6-4 A on-lost record Lloyd Eaton Head Coach Bill Baker Freshman Coach Paul Roach Backfield Coach Wimp Hewgley Line Coach Burt Gustafson Backfield Coach Fritz Shurmur Line Coach 167 |iwii-irrrft ii -Tiimfirrifftft iinit l »« l l i m ' MM» l»»« » llMli«i l l i «W«rrlMI Wtl«»»f»M I WM [« »iM riil iiwi)iriiiii«iiii ( l »t| »» «r riiiiniW ii » " % ' ' 2 Bob Aylward Ron Benadom Pedro Billingsley Jack Bowen Gordon Cramer Mike Davenport Jerry DePoyster Jerrold Durling Rick Egloff Earland Ezell l m i||f ]fl| Paul Frazier Tom Frazier Ed Froehlich Tom Gernentz Jim Kiick Don Klaking Dick Klohs Mike LaHood Hub Lindsey Jerry Marion Garry McLean Dave Rupp Jerry Sallell Chuck Shelt on Dick Speights Joe Szucs Paul Toscano Mai WagstafF 168 ttm ■-imimimmmmv- Pierre Desjardins Bob Dinges Mike Dirks Tim Gottberg Bob Grant Bill Hill George Mills Dan Prevo Bill Prout Co-Captains Tom Wilkinson and Darryl Alleman confer with the officials during pre-game activities. season synopsis With 22 lettermen and the most ambitious football schedule in Wyoming history, Coach Lloyd Eaton ' s Cowboys opened the season at home with the Air Force Academy, a team re- building as the result of the 1965 cheating scandal. As Eaton predicted: His backfield was to be his best at Wyoming. The Cowboys quickly whetted the appetites of 18,510 snow- dampened fans with two first quarter scores enroute to a 31-14 rout. The game also saw Jerry DePoyster kick the first of his eight field goals of the season. This one was a 38 yarder. The Cowboys continued their offensive ways at Fort Collins the following week with a 33-14 come-from-behind win over the Colorado Aggies. The best Wyoming could do in the first half was a 7-7 tie. But Tom Wilkinson and Jim Kiick engineered the run-away that vaulted the Cowboys to 15th place in the UPI poll. Seemingly a last-half team, it took DePoyster ' s record-breaking 49-yard field goal in the third quarter to break a scoreless deadlock with Arizona. Just to prove it was no fluke, the kicking specialist booted a 46- yarder as the Cowboys won, 19-0, before 16,654 shirt-sleeved fans. The national ranking advanced to 12th. The Pokes seemed headed for WAC laurels when DePoyster gave them a 3-0 halftime lead at Utah. Then everything went wrong in the third quarter and Utah triumphed, 42-3, their first win over Wyoming in eight years. The Brown and Gold returned to their home gardens and promptly turned back undefeated Texas Western and sophomore sensation Billy Stevens, 38- 14. The team closed its home season with a sweet, 34-6 win over conference champion BYU. The crowd: 19,671. The Pokes then packed for those long feared four-game road trips. New Mexico was tough for three quarters, but Kiick ran for two scores and DePoyster added a pair of field goals. Hub Lindsey copped the scoring with a 31-yard run in the 27-9 win. Army at West Point was next. The Cowboys were fa- vored. They did everything better than the Cadets except score. Army won it, 13-0. Arizona State ended the Cowboy ' s hopes for the WAC crowii with a 14-10 night win. Then Southern Cal breezed, 56-6. Tom WiUiams Frank Windholz 169 co A boys fill air A ith passes, field goals Mike Davenport seored on a 9-yard run against Air Force. UW students add a-go-go against Texas Western. W •x ' 170 torn Wilkinson rewrites passing records Senior quarterback and co-captain Tom Wilkinson of Greybull completely rewrote the passing record books with 11 new marks. His career record follows: CAREER OLD RECORD Passes Attempted: 406 Joe Mastrogiovanni: 296 Passes Completed: 208 (53-55) Yards Passing: 3236 Eddie Talboom: 142 Touchdown Passes: 23 (48-50) Total Offense: 3187 Mastrogiovanni: 2017 Talboom: 21 Talboom: 3113 SEASON Passes Attempted: 154 Wilkinson 147 (1963) Passes Comp eted: 84 Wilkinson 64 (19a3) Yards Passing: 1313 Wilkinson 1031 (1964) GAME Attempted: 32 Chuck Spaulding: 27 (ASU) (CSU ' 52) Completed: 15 Wilkinson: 15 (Army, ASU) (Kansas ' 63) Yards: 240 Wilkinson: 202 (ASU) (Kansas ' 63) I Garry McLean goes up for a Wilkinson pass against Arizona. 171 f i ft m DePoyster kicks 5-for-5 against Texas Western. Jerry Marion pulls in a pass in Arizona game. ' $ . ' i ■■ •w . (p»« : 1(!fiSN»ili « 172 ;; Jerry Marion scores on an 8-yarder against Texas Western. Kiick carries against Arizona as Frazer (60) Mills (61) and Klacking block. Sophomore Jim Kiick added welcomed strength in the backfield and led the Cowboys in rushing with 534 yards in 131 carries. He also had the longest run from scrim- mage, 131 yards. Mike Davenport was second in rushing with 386 yards. Jerry Marion gained 203, but had a 5.2 yard average. DePoyster led all scorers with 45 points, all coming from his right toe. He kicked 8 field goals and 21 extra points. Kiick scored five touchdowns, while Da- venport and Hub Lindsay had four each. DePoyster also led the punting with an average of 43.2 yards on 36 kicks. His longest — 77 yards. Tom Wilkinson also punted 13 times for a 35.2 average. Jerry Marion punted only once, but it went 55 yards. Bill Prout also came in for statistical leadership. The three-year letterman at end led all pass receivers ( 28 for 325 yards ) , punt returns ( 9 for 58 yards ) and kickoff returns ( 14 for 338 yards ) . Front ' s catches were of the short variety. His longest was 26 yards. Garry McLean caught the longest pass, 68 yards. Dick Speights and Dan Prevo each intercepted three passes. Paul Toscano had the longest (38 yards). 173 season s reco The Scoreboard (6-4-0; 3-2 WAC) Sept. 18 31 Air Force 14 : 18,510) " Sept. 25 33 at Colo. St. 14 : 14,355) - Oct. 9 19 Arizona : 16,654) -- Oct. 9 3 at Utah 42 : 21,869) -x Oct. 16 38 Texas Western 14 ( ' 16,742) Oct. 23 34 BYU (Homecoming) 6 ( ' 19,671) Nov. 6 27 at New Mexico 9 ( ' 19,318) Jajk Nov. 13 at Army 13 ( ' 25,000) Nov. 20 10 at Arizona St. 14 ( ' 23,731) 1 Nov. 27 6 at Southern Cal 56 ( 39,233) Coach Eaton at Arizona game. No. 41 is Mike Davenport and 51 is Tom Gernentz. Mike Davenport fumbles against Air Force, but Jerr ' Marion recovers to score. Bill Prout catches a 35-yarder from Rick Egloff against Air Force. Jim Kiick is brought down from behind by BYU ' s Glen Gardner (74). Cowboy Joe II gets official credentials at Homecoming. eaton ' s 1966 estimate: good running gome, defensive line and kicking Tom Wilkinson moves against Army. Blocking are George Mills (61) and Dick Klohs (79). cowboy co-captains Darryl Allemaii, from Las Vegas, shares the position of co-captain with Tom Mlkinson. This two hundred twenty-one pound, six foot-lour senior is an outstand- ing end in western league football. In pre-season rat- ings, he was Wyoming ' s solid candidate for all -Amer- ican honors on offense. However, he sacrificed his chance for personal glory as he moved from a poten- tial offensive star position and instead became a standout on defense. Darryl AUeman Tom Wilkinson Tom ' ilkinson, from Gre ' bull, •oming, has been the Cowbo ' ' s starting quarter- back for the past three years. In breaking almost every passing record at ' oming, he completed 84 of 154 passing attempts and threw for six touchdowns. His passing ability gave him the distinction of being third in the conference. He finished second in total offense in the ' AC yielding 1,218 yards net offense and 1,313 ards in passing. 177 the 1966 pokes were a fine squad despite the loss of all-star flynn robinson. uw ' s cowboys see-sawed back and forth as they beat top-ranked st. Joseph ' s and yet lost some, important conference games. 178 Bill Purden, in his first year at Wyoming, came from Thornton High School in Harvey, Illinois, where he developed Leon Clark, Reuben Poindexter, and Ireshman star Harry Hall. pokes have most C IJ CC 5SSlU I S d S n Head Coach Bill Strannigan gives instructions to senior guard Dick Vilkinson. since 1955 The Cowboys featured a run and shoot offense which enabled them to race by seventeen of their twenty-six foes. Only Utah, the eventual conference champ, was able to down the Pokes in Memorial Fieldhouse, and the Utes had to go into overtime to get the job done 93 to 91. The 17-9 record also marked the seventh straight season of improvement in Wyoming ' s record under Coach Strannigan. 179 tPi Reuben leaves nothing to chance. Mel Daniels, New Mexico ' s all-conference center, showed great courage when he came back to finish the season after receiving over 200 stitches to close a cut on his right arm. Cliff Nelson eyes a Denver defender while driving for a layup in Wyoming ' s 89-69 win at Laramie. Coach Strannigan waits tor the team to come into a huddle during a time out. cowboys finish third in tough woe western athletic conference standings won Utah ...__ 7 BYU __ 6 Wyoming 5 Arizona 5 New Mexico 4 Arizona St 3 lost 3 4 5 5 6 7 Row One: Cordon Westoli, Vern Ryan, Mike Eberle, Lawrence Thoma.s, Dick Wilkinson. Row Two: Dick Sherman, Ken Collins, Leon Clark, Tom Asbury, Kent Johnson, Cary VonKrosigk. Row Three: Reuben Poinde.xter, Rex Chambers, Bill Purden, Bill Strannigan, Ceorge Peck, Cliff Nelson. 181 A conglomeration of fingers. I ' ll roll it to you, Gordy, then you roll it back to me. " dark, sherman named to all-WAC teams The outstanding performances of Cowboy seniors Leon Clark and Dick Sherman earned them places on the all-conference teams of the WAC. Clark joined Jerry Chambers of Utah, Dick Nemelka of Brigham Young, Freddie Lewis of Arizona State, and Mel Daniels of New Mexico on the first team while Sherman was the top vote-get- ter among the second team. ' We usually pat him here and he starts ritiht uo attain. " Wilkie tries for an Oscar in faking impact of New Mexico guard ' s charge. season ' s reco rd Wyo. Opp. 74 Air Force 66 69 Colorado State 75 112 Northern Michigan 105 104 Idaho State 93 77 Montana 69 97 North Dakota State 63 99 St. Joseph ' s 92 101 Rhode Ishurd 107 105 Bowling Green 70 86 Xavier 90 90 Denver 88 57 New Mexico 69 91 Utah 93 107 Brigham Young 101 70 Colorado State 55 113 New Mexico State 80 78 Arizona State 77 70 Arizona 76 89 Denver 69 68 Colorado State 75 104 New Mexico 85 88 Air Force 74 103 Utah 107 90 Brigham Young 98 120 Arizona State 85 104 Arizona 66 senior star performers Tom Asbuiy, 6-5, junior from Denver, Colorado. .Gordy Westofi is the center of attraction in this lay-up against Utah. Leon Clark, 6-6, senior from liar •vev Illin ois. Among the Pokes victories were up- sets of the nation ' s number two and number six ranked teams. On De- cember 23, St. Joseph ' s came to La- ramie as the nation ' s second ranked team. A thirty -point performance by Leon Clark and good balance among the other Cowboys to see action, sent the Hawks packing up with their second loss of the season, 99-92. On January 15, the Pokes faced the Cougars of Brigham Young who were ranked sixth in the country. In a tremendous shoot- ing contest, the Pokes came out on top, 107-lOL Mike Ll)Lilf, (i-d, st)phoin()rL ' , from Clinton, Iowa. Gordon Westoff, 6-1, senior from Monticello, Iowa. Dick Sherman, 6-4, senior from Cheyenne, Wyoming. Scoring points at a record rate, the Cowboys led the Western Athletic Conference in of- fense with an average of over 93 points per game. Ten times the Pokes cracked the cen- tury mark, including one time over each of the WAC foes. Leon Clark, Dick Sherman and Mike Eberle averaged in the double fig- ures for the Cowboys. That ' s not the National Anthem she ' s dancing to. A threatening look and a threatening gesture. Sophomore Ken Collins, a big man with the big shoes of Leon Clark to fill next season. The way a devastating fastbreak starts. T1k Cowboys will he a young team next season as Tom Asbury and George Peck will be the only seniors on the squad. If sopliomores Mike Eberle, Ken Collins, and Cliff Nelson can fill the gap left by graduation losses, the l- ' okes could again be a contender for the WAC crown. Basketball, a noii-eoiitact sjioit. fe. „ i wrestling the boys were back again as " big al " frude and ron " hogbody " wright provided the fans with thrills, the team had fall prac- tices, sumo style, cit " two mile. " 188 PHY5ED. ■msio. Row One: Leon Mickelson, Dave Edington, Jay Owen, John Atkins, Bob Fresorger, Warren Grubb, Art Sanchez. Row Two: Coach Joe McDaniel, Pen Kohrs, Rick Lucas, Allen Frude, Ron Wright, Don Miller, Dale Kujath, Assistant Coach Keith McCoy. wrestlers continue winning ways This year ' s wrestlers inherited an old tradition of winning and a new coach from Oklahoma. Coach Joe McDaniel stepped into the footsteps of Dr. E Lantz and led his grapplers to six straight victories in early season. The Cowbo s o erpowered such threats as Colorado and Nebraska. By mid-season, they were once again on their way to another con- ference championship. They show much promise in the years to come as the freshman squad looked real tough in their first matches. Standouts this year were veterans Allen Frude, Gary Frank, Ron " Hogbody " ' right and Jay Owen. Leon Mickelson grabs an ankle against C.S.U. 189 mii: poke grapplers have an impressive 9-3 record Charles Nixon looks in good shape for the pin. Always a threat, Al Frude shows his skill The Cowboys started off the season with an impres- sive will over the Buffs from Colorado, 27 to 9. In the following weeks, they rolled over Colorado Mines, Nebraska, Oregon State and Colorado State. On De- cember 18, they captured second place in the Quad- rangular meet at CSU. Succeeding tournaments were the Arizona State Invitational on February 11-12, and the Western Athletic Conference Championships at Utah on March 11-12. The NCAA National Cham- pionships, held last year in Laramie, will be at Iowa State University, home of the National Champs. The Pokes should be well represented at Iowa State. Co-Captains Larry Heslep and Al Frude Charles Nixon gets a take-down. introducing: joe mc denial Beginning his first season at Wyoming is Joe C. McDaniel, former head wrestHng coach at Syracuse, Maryland and Evanston, Wyoming. A 1940 graduate of Oklahoma State, Joe won three straight NCAA titles in 1937-39. He won the Coaches ' Trophy as the outstanding collegiate wrestler in the nation in 1940. In 1962 the Helms Foundation elected Joe to its Amateur Wrestling Hall of Fame. Joe and his wife have three children, Cherre, Gail and David. Coach Joe McDaniel Don Miller — Conference Champion Ron Wright 1 .J»»- ' MBfl 191 Leon Mickelson skiing competing against the top sl iing teams in the nation, du and cu, the poke siciers have always held their own and placed third in the nationals of 1964. with a very strong team this year, the hopes are even higher. 192 Jim Guest, an outstanding nicnihcr on last year ' s ski team, shows j ootl junii)inK torni. Wyoming ' s own Olympie skier, jay Martin. A yoming skier jay martin competes in world championships Jay Martin, one of five skiers representing the United States, participated in the Fed- eration Internationale de ski Championships in Oslo, Norway, during mid-February. Mar- tin, despite a knee operation last August, fared well in the competition. Jay is the National Junior Nordic Champion and a member of the 1964 United States Olympic team. 193 Larry Jeffries competes in the slalom at Winter Park. Wyoming skiers compete in Colorado Wyoming skiing prospects appeared bright this year as coach John Cress began his sec- ond season with five lettermen from last year ' s team. Cress said, " Te am morale is at a very high pitch, and, with a bit of luck, we could be among the top six teams in the nation. " Outstanding individuals this winter were Jay Martin, jumping; Mike Kirol in the downhill; Mike Uberuaga in the slalom and Ed Schnackenberg in the cross country, a weak spot last winter. 194 Jim Henderson, a strong contender for Wyoming Mike Kirol, a top placer in the downhill. 195 track uw track athletes showed their various skills in the high jump shot put, pole vault hurdles, races and relays as they partici- pated in both indoor and outdoor meets. 196 walker ' s runners and jumpers With a nucleus of thirteen lettermen, Wyoming Coach John Walker feels this year ' s team should be stronger than last year ' s team, which placed fifth in the WAC. With only four of the returning lettermen graduating this year, Walker should be able to look forward to a fatter future. John Walker, who opens his fifth season as track coach, is a native of Alabama where he starred in football and track during his prep days. A graduate in physical educa- tion from Wyoming in 1960, Walker also holds a master ' s in physical education and holds the position of assistant professor. Coach |ohn Walker Row One: Gerry Cleave, Mike Cregorio, Charles Pell. Row Two: Coach John Walker, Al Crampton, John Fenley, Harry Bilof, Roman Pysanczyn. f-v VV ' ny ' t ' W ' J : ■ ■ • r V: ' «« ' »— -IV =W " « ?« .. « jiW S ' - " Wyoming track members in preparation for meet agamst the Air Force Academy. and they ' re off and running. 198 The track team ' s debut was ruined when the Pokes traveled to Boulder and dropped a dual meet to Colorado, 68-36. Three Wyoming thinclads broke meet rec- ords. Jerry Saffell ran the 60-yard dash in 6.3 seconds, breaking the record in that event, while Mike Gregorio set a new time of 9:37.2 in the two-mile run, and Vic Washing- ton had a record leap in the long jump of 23 feet 7 4 inches. Saffell won two events in a losing cause at Ft. Collins as the Cowboys finished on the low end of a 61 2-42 2 score against Colorado State. Washington won five events, tying one Wyo- ming record and breaking another, but the Pokes had to settle for third place March 12 in a live-team meet at Bozeman, Montana. Wyoming scored 51 points behind Iowa State and Montana State. Washington broke the Wyoming triple-jump mark by soaring 47 feet. He also covered the 60-yard dash in 6.2 seconds which ties the current Wyoming in- door record. The Pokes finished third in their own invita- tional behind Colorado State and CU. Wyo- ming scored 57 points led by Gregorio ' s fourth place finish. competition tough in na oc .,,4.s Ml» r s U ' X •.- ' ' ft£ .»jfiKSa8»«i»i8tvjM!SC«s !isaz: all-american, mike gregorio 12th in the nation An All-American finish by Mike Gregorio allowed yoming ' s cross- country team to finish tenth in the national finals at Lawrence, Kansas, last fall. Gregorio placed twelfth, giving him the All-Amer- ican status accorded the top fifteen runners in the country. The Wyoming native finished seventh at the Western Athletic Confer- ence championships this year, only one notch behind his perfor- mance in the same meet a year ago. 199 X, _„ ' ' X baseball fast runners, good batters, and quick act- ing fieldmen made up the 1966 uw base- ball team, the victory-minded cowboys played with the determination to win. 200 Dick Brickley Catcher Gary Kollman Infielder 1 11 It J HkJI J V Bob McGuigan First Base Terry Scholes Infielder w Denny Hutchins Second Base Dick DeVille Catcher Jerry Marion Outfielder Jack Johnson Pitcher John Vass Outfielder John Hilts Pitcher coach bud daniel has high hopes for 1966 " batmen ' Coach Bud Daniel, in his fifteenth year as Cowboy Baseball Coac h, is looking forward to a successful season. The Cowboy baseball team opened its long- est season in history with eleven returning lettermen providing Daniel with the depth to face the Pokes ' fifty-two game schedule. Coach Bud Daniel Hey, batter, batter, batter . . A Wyoniinji; baseballer slides in home, sate against BYU. 202 rSc-.-_ ; -•• Mike Eberle Infielder Gordy Westhoff Third Base Larry Thompson Catcher Barry Johnson Pitcher pokes off to a good start in early season Coach Daniel pointed to three returnees as the top hopes to the team ' s success this year: outfielder Jerry Marion; pitcher John Hilts and third baseman, Gordy Westhoff. Daniel expressed concern about his team ' s strength at shortstop and behind the plate and said the year could be one of rebuilding. The conference is split into two divisions with Wyoming competing in the Northern division against Brigham Young and Utah. Daniel said Arizona is expected to field the league ' s best team. Don Birch Outfielder Brent Foshie Pitcher Ev Befus Infielder Jack Petsch Infielder «N(-. ;. r 203 A wide-angle view of Cowboy field shows the Pokes in action. pokes - strong contenders for the A ac cro A n Bill Casady Pitcher Rick Proefrock Outfielder Tony Bozich Pitcher Bob Bogert Pitcher 55- minor sports a sport, regardless of its spectator popu- larity, is important most particularly to its participants, all sports should stress physi- cal fitness, participation and good sports- manship. 205 soccer team puts forth effort despite a shortage of men Row One: Luis Salas, Jaime Collaco, Ziad Al-Abed, Jerry Welsch. Row Two: Ed Schnackenberg, Tom Welsch, John Raicavich, Mike Lemasters, Denny Haines. Row Three: Manager Mike Buckles, Carl Schulz, Stan Holloway, Dick Rein, John Galy, Dave Jennings, Coach Don Farrer. Wyoming attempts to score. Wyoming ' s soccer team had its iips and downs as it tried to get on its feet. Early in the season. Coach Don Farrer stated that the team was short of men and urged more to try out. Wyoming competed against Yampa Valley College, the Air Force Acad- emy, Colorado College, and Colorado State. They also participated in the Rocky Mountain Intercol- legiate Soccer Association tourney in Ft. Collins. 206 a review of the 1966 wyo s A imming team Five lettermen from last season returned to steady a youthful Wyoming swimming team that contained hut two seniors on the 12-man roster. Senior co- captains Andy Kontrick (hreast-stroke) and Tim Niland (freestyle) were the old vets with three letters each. The remainder of the squad was com- posed of four juniors, one sophomore and live fresh- men, giving coach Joe Phillips plenty of building material for the future. Team depth was coach Phillip ' s main concern during the year. " Where this will affect us the most is in dual competition. It will affect us in the Western Athletic Conference, too, but not as much. " Phillips looked for Utah, the only swimming champ the WAC has had, to repeat. joe Phillips begins his second season Coach Phillips, 33, is a 1959 graduate of Arizona State University, and since 1960 he was swimming coach and aquatic director at the Paradise Valley Country Club in Phoenix. Prior to that he was swim- ming coach at the Dick Smith Swim Gym, also in Phoenix. 1966 Co-Captains Tim Niland and Andy Kontrick. Row One: Layne Kopischka, Chris Keams, Tim Ni- land, Larry Douglas, Mike Roach. Row Two: Bruce Geary, Jim Halfpenny, Richard Daniels, Dick Fisher, Andy Kontrick. Row Three: Coach Joe Phillips, Charles Long, Jan Korsvold, Paul Maynard, Bruce Gresley. 207 " t - ' — " «tA ft " ' i, s- k ! Two drowned rats do the butterfly for c)iiiing. Bruce Gresley executes a jacknife in good form. swimmers splash through 1966 season Strong points, according to Phillips, were in the freestyle events. Freshman Jan Korsvold of Oslo, Norway, is one of the top competitors in that country and handled the distances for the Cow- boys. Niland, Maynard and Layne Kopischka, a junior transfer from Powell headed the sprint division. Two freshman prospects, Chris Kearns and Rich- ard Daniels, strengthened the backstroke event and gave the pokes good point potential. Jimiors Bruce Geary and Dick Fisher were the butter- flyers, and Korsvold and Geary worked the indi- vidual medley. Kontrick, school record holder for the 200 yard breaststroke, and freshman Charles Long held down the breaststroke events. 208 r p.- 209 - wmwwws«Ma mw»(«ai»8eifW«fg3M« a;niyr i »CT t ' iii l l M m ' P I | Tennis team co-captains Jaime Collaco and Stein Owre. wyommg nets victories Beginning his third season as tennis coach is Hardy RoHins. Rolhns, a 1950 graduate of Wyoming, returned to his ahna mater in the fall of 1963 as academic counselor and tennis coach after seven years as tennis coach and member of the physical education-athletic staff at Fullerton, Cali- fornia Junior College. While there his teams topped the Eastern Conference of the Southern California Junior College Association five times and were runners-up twice. Row One: Arne Melander, Jaime Collaco, John Reed. Row Two: Dag Tollefsen, Tor Bryhn, Mike Adams, Stein Owre, Coach Hardy Rollins. " ' ' . ' ■ ' ••-• " " W i i i Mip i t i .||i y »l i iH ' ■fiP i? BjP| Li Arne Melander, a newcomer from Norway, blasts one across the net. Determination and skill will get it across the net. tennis teann in strong contention This year ' s team, according to Coach Hardy RolHns, is in the building stage, but more in contention than in pre- vious years. The Pokes will be strengthened by the addi- tion of three new players from Oslo, Norway— Arne Melander, Tor Bryhn, and Dag Tollefsen. Consistent point winners from last year ' s squad include Jaime Collaco who was number one in singles and doubles, and Jim Bacon, this year ' s captain. Stein Owre is a reliable point winner. In the WAC, Utah, ranked second in the nation as a team in 1965, should repeat as champions with practically all of last year ' s lettermen returning. The Western Athletic Conference is rated second in the nation behind only the Pacific Coast League. SF y it •• v ,« ..■ 211 y k ,- A.y-V " v ...,:!.•.•:.•!« " ' ' " » " -• -a X0S»1 Sometimes bulldogging is rough, even for Dick Claycomb. The bull met his match as Burgess won a go-round at the NIRA finals last June. uw ' s rodeo team lost year ' s regional champion The University of Wyoming can be proud of the authentic cowboys who rope and ride to bring home regional and national titles. Team members challenge the talents of cowboys from regional finals. With a first or second at the regional finals, they can go to the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association Finals. 212 Larry Burgess making a good bronc ride at Lamar. He won the Saddle Bronc Championship there. Ah, come on! Get oft my back. »« •- «iil!d 4» »• . 1 •- Kovv One: Paul Bartling, co-captain Bob Hansen, Wayne Herre- man, co-captain, Glenn Miyamoto. Row Two: Marvin Shepard, Butch Crosley, Bruce McHale, Fran Eickbush, Denny Almquist, Gary Wickam. UNA boNA ling team - tops in the region The Wyoming Bowling Team is sponsored by the student body through the ASUW Student Senate and competes in the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Bowling Conference, which includes nine Colorado teams and Wyoming. Presently Wyoming, with a 40-16 win-loss record, is tied for first place in the conference with Colorado School of Mines at Golden. The Wyoming team has five matches yet to complete, with one of them being the School of Mines at Golden which will determine first and second place in the conference. The RMCBC is a " scratch " league and Wyoming is proud to hold such honors as the high averaging team — 901 pins per game, high team series — 2901 for three games, second high team game — 1020, and first and second high individual series, Bartling with 673 and Shepard with a 667. Wyoming will hold the final conference jamboree in Laramie which will conclude the 65-66 season with the presentation of team trophies and individual awards. This year ' s co-captains are Bob Hansen and Glen Miyamoto. Co-captain, Bob Hansen shows good form. 214 intramurals fraternity and independent men partici- pate in various intramural sports in order to further good sportsmanship and friend- ship, competition is keen and interest is high as the boys play and support their teams. 215 Fight team fight. sig alphs win in basketball and volleyball In the fall Sigma Alpha Epsilon ' s towering volleyball team swept to an undefeated season and the fraternity crown. Height also proved to be the difference in the basketball circuit as the Sig Alphs won a last game showdown with Sigma Nu, last year ' s basketball champs. The two cham- pionships accumulated by Sigma Alpha Epsilon will help in their contention for the all-points trophy which is awarded to the fraternity that has piled up the most intra- mural points. Row One: (iin Hatch, Ron Gish, Jerry Long, Mike Gutz. Row Two: Don Elhngsworth, Allan Peryani, Dave Hodge, Gary Wickani. 216 Row One: Pat Spieles, Yogi Allen, John Entsminger, Fred Porter, Bob Phillips, Herb Stipe, Bill Mulcahy, George Mathis. Row Two: Chuck Lord, Tom Burdick, Randy Murphy, Dick Gish, Jim Toth, Tom Flohr. ato grabs football intramural cro A n The deepest penetration in a scoreless game gave Alpha Tau Omega the Fraternity League football crown over Sigma Nu in a thrilling climax between the meeting of the two unbeaten teams. Nearly 200 Greeks watched the two teams battle for the cham- pionship. They saw a defensive duel which allowed only one penetration of the 20-yard line; this penetration decided the outcome. 21 ' Fraternities battle in bowling tournament. Sigma Nu won the bowling tournament which dragged out over the better part of second semester. Each fraternity bowled eight games a week, thus allowing the lead to fluctuate. However, Sigma Nu was a strong contender and managed to take the lead into their own hands for the majority of the tournament. Sigma Nu also won the intramural swimming championship. They won only two events in the intramural swim meet but snagged a host of lower places to win the competition. Sig- ma Chi finished a close second only four points behind. Alpha Tau Omega and the Antiguas, an independent team, finished third and fourth respectively. Sigma nu captures boNA ling and SNA innnning cro A ns Swimming champs — Row One: Dave Hutchings, Bob Tretheway, Dick Watson, John Vass. Row Two: Marty Sample, Bob Heaton, Alan Baribeau - ' ' .■: |Tfr:»-« ' %Tr-5sr. r v.- ' -Kr; ' ' ' vr ffy ' ' i -: i ? ' V f - 218 Nancy Twitchell Cindy Robinson Rosann Cavanaugh NA yoming Susie Nagel K pepsters Babette Numon Lynn Hamilton Glenda Lancaster Jeanette Simpson .a i W- ' ' ' 6 A tough Wyoming line faces the Air Force. victory versus defeat Competition sports allow for performance, skill and good sportsmanship. Sports play a vital role on the University of Wyoming campus. Any sport is as suc- cessful as its competitors and the attitude of the crowd. Victory merits celebration; defeat means to try harder. Victory is important in competition, but most impor- tant is the way the game is played. The Wyoming wrestlers await anxiously the victory of a teammate at the regional match held in Laramie. Branding Iron photographer Tom Main takes time out from the band to shoot a jump shot. M I ffiyi organi ions 223 ■ " ' !; ' -■ ' ' f ' ' H ' ' - ■ ' ' ■ " -v ' - ' ,: " ' - - " i- %™ " - . ' - , -. ' ' ■--■ publi cations journalism students learn through exper- ience as they practice newswriting and layout on the weekly newspaper, yearbook and student directory. 224 «jJm f Susan Ferguson co-editor " Whose section is this, anyway? ' a year ' s reflections combine tears and laughter Frantic efforts to meet deadlines are consistent with long weekend hours spent in the lonely third floor Union WYO office — the habitual sanctuary of WYO editors Ann Christensen and Susan Ferguson. Put- ting together the reflections of a year at the Univer- sity of Wyoming has left Ann and Susan with mem- ories of their own — memories of endless fmstrations, hysterical laughter, and the final jubilation of mailing the last pages of layout and copy to the publishers. They shared the responsibilities and the mistakes; they will share the credit, or the blame, for the prod- uct of their efforts, and the efforts of their staff. Ann Christensen co-editor «, if ,.•■ . ' ' d ■ A, , ( in M.r ' - fr Atf ' Oi t " No, we have to use this one, " Jerry Harrington explains to his co-feature editor, Susie Howe. " Somewhere over the rainbow " Hes the sorority section for Vicki Knapp and Shari Fritz. " double, double, toil and trouble " Pen in hand, art editor, Kathe Cargill tries a new design. jJVO " fcdder aver-.; - - ' ' ' 2 i Tf . w« ■ iv 1- i - ' up — one more! " complains administration editor Irvin McKim and his assistant Dave McGrew. Index editors Georgie Schmidt and Lorrie Swenson are happy about — indexing? Tension was high and tempers grew shorter as WYO staffers followed the pages from the first planning through the final typing in a frenzied attempt to meet deadlines. Satisfaction and relief were the words of the day when sections were finally sent off. All that remained was seeing the finished product. always another deadline to be nnet Fraternity editors, Don Riske and Marty Sample, find pictures of Greek life " interesting. " Typists Jeannie Cobb and Jeannie Laughlin correct the spelling on a myriad of copy sheets. 228 T! fsfas nsBsaswiH nfMasraw? ' i» m_ » w—-m " M w " I %.. f niinii. m m Sandy Williams, Janet Hansen, and Terry O ' Conner, class editors, discuss who will go where. Sports editor Mike Dominy compares action copy with another annual. Although blessed with three large rooms in which to work, the WYO staff manages to hide every desk un- der a mass of paper and pictures. The annual pages are carefully assembled on top of every flat writing space — or on the floor — just to be disarrayed by someone who knows that the pic- ture for which he is looking is under there somewhere. From this seemingly unorganized room emerges the fin- ished, organized WYO. features ten ; iixl ' ;| ' jia ° ' ' ' i ' v ' rave f»i« :-» ' .?« moments of fun and hours of A ork An obvious difference of opinion occurs between copy editors Nancy Smith and Suzanne Armstrong. Assistant Cathy Mead contacts organizatoins for organizations editor, Zinka Juraco. Annual staff members covered every facet of student life to make the WYO a reflection of U.W. charac- ter, but it wasn ' t all work. Moments of fun and fellowship interfered with work as staff ers relaxed and smiled at the activities of their fel- low students. The reflections are those of the staff too : they pondered and worried until the WYO was finished. Staff members Ruth Harrower, Beth Rouse, Jaci Eaton, and Mary Rafter did the dirty work. Business manager Sally Davidson watches WYO funds. Queen editor Susan Neighbors and assistant Linda Snider portray campus royalty. Editorial commentary: " I don ' t like anybody very much. " " But, Jack, writing like this definitely shows talent! " branding iron — recorder of campus ne A s Taking the responsibility for running down campus news and personalities, discovering administration policy, featuring world-famous entertainment, and giving students the oppor- tunity to have their thoughts published, this year ' s Branding Iron has kept U.W. up-to-date on the movements of its 6,200 students. Jack Cox, editor, rounded up his staff of Cowboy journalists twice a week and put together a comprehensive weekly paper. Editorials and events usually brought student comment and action. Apathy and the BI just didn ' t jibe. 232 " Now, what kind of caption? " muses cartoonist John Catterall. Desk editor, Paul Gulley, takes time out for a delectable pencil. , ' m Jay Friedlander finds that hunt and peck is the only way to type. One more Pepsi would help Claire Strid finish editing BI new; u. A . boasts an all-american collegiate newspaper Branding Iron staff members strive for inter- est and accuracy, making the BI the highlight of Friday afternoon. UW students run from classes to distribution points, grab their Bis, and stampede to lunch. Assistant News Editor, Jim Coates, ponders over new assignments for reporters. Mike Padget concentrates on BI proofreading and circulation. Kathy Guilfoyle, society editor, covers UW society and fashion. Mr. Biggs, head of journalism department. Dr. Milner, WYO advisor, aids Angie Splittgerber. BI and WYO photographers: Clyde Douglass (seated), Harold Sohn, Harvey Landers, Rusty Smith, Bill Kuntzman, Bob Swaim and Tom Main. indispensable photographers provide the background for publications 235 honoraries prestige, leadership and integrity are ex- emplary of members in our campus honor- aries. they are present in order to provide an incentive for students to seek higher goals and voider horizons. 236 Calla Jean Benn Lynn Birleffi Rosalie Daubenspeck Martha Dougherty Susan Ferguson Cheryl Houlette Janet Kingsbury Treasurer Ann Massie President Mada Petranovich Nancy Thompson Vice-President Pam Thompson Marjorie Young Secretary mortar board sponsors far eastern seminar In an effort to upgrade the worth of its projects, Mortar Board initiated an International dela- tions Conference in the form of the Far Eastern Seminar, held in early Noxember. Members of the senior women ' s honorary are familiar sights at the intellectually oriented actixities on the UW campus. Sponsors of the group are Mrs. Melanie Hodge, Mrs. Lawrence Smith, and Dr. J. Quentin Cook. 237 Ellen Arden Carol Baird Vice-President Ann Bauman Billie Bush Kathe Cargill Kathleen Guilfoyle President Nancy Gwinn Secretary M Janet Hauber Sally Howard Phyllis Kriz Janet Ludwig Rita McCullough Karen Madsen Susie Nagel Pam Pickinpaugh Patricia Plasters Cynthia Rapp Leslie Soine Cindy Stumpff 238 Andrea Sunby Mary Thomas Becky True Norleen Wingerter " big sister " program added to chimes projects 1965-66 saw the revival of the " Big Sister " program, sponsored by Chimes, junior women ' s honorary. Each Chime wrote to several out-of-state freshman girls during the summer, trying to acquaint them with at least some aspects of life at the univer- sity. Contact was maintained with these freshmen throughout the year, including a party given for the little sisters just before Christmas. In their blue uniforms, the Chimes were bright spots at many univer- sity functions, helping by ushering or in any other way possible. Adviser for the group is Jacque Cheese, a previous Chime. Chimes Mary Thomas and Kathe Cargill give freshman Anne Woodward " the word. " Row One: Helen Mieke, Mary Larson, Arlene Burg, Susie Ellis, Trudy Brower. Row Two: Pat Gentilini, Diane Denton, Sherry Martinson, Keri Maupin, Dinah Harrell, Colleen McKay, Sandy Williams, Beverly Sandburg. Row Three: Billie Bush, Dinah Davis, Jackie Carpenter, Carol Bruce, Jan Whittington, Susie Niethammer, Loy Ham- mond, Deanna Hanson, Karen Joslyn, Trudy Seneshale. Row Four: Robin Robinson, Sue McConaughy, Glenda Long, Ree Richards, Jo Kaumo, Claire Strid, Barbara Franz, Mary Heustis, Lynn Hamilton, Peggy Knowles. Row Five: Rosann Cavanaugh, Beverly Irvine, Sharon Covvart, Candy Noble, Kathy Davis, Martha Edwards, Ruth Scarlett, Ann Skinner, Jean Else, Marilyn Erickson. There are forty-three sophomores on our cam- pus who give their time and their ushering abihty to help " spur " on the sometimes lazy Cowboy student body. Led by Jan Whitting- ton, president; Susie Niethammer, vice-presi- dent; Sherry Martinson, secretary; Carol Bruce, treasurer; and Billie Bush and Jackie Carpenter, advisors, the Spurs have been a service organization for not only the students, but also the administration. Through selling mums, sponsoring teas, and attending athletic events. Spurs have been striving for loyalty and sportsmanship, student enthusiasm and carrying out the traditions of the University. women ' s honorary " spurs " enthusiasm 239 Richard Bengston Jack Garrett Duane and Jack are caught during a light moment of their busy campus Ufe Dennis Goode James Jones Robert Kingsbury Gary Mathews Stephen Roberts Frank Sieglitz Duane Ranta President Jack Cox Vice-President omicron delta kappa encourages leadership The ranks of Omicron Delta Kappa are filled by the male element of senior and graduate leadership on campus, including such offices as Student Body Presi- dent and Branding Iron Editor. The honoraiy spon- sors the annual Leadership Conference in conjunction with Mortar Board in an effort to help prepare stu- dent leaders for their roles in the coming year. This year, ODK joined Mortar Board and other honoraries in the sponsorship of the Far Eastern seminar. Don Taylor Kennon Vaudrey 240 Mki ,j M -i- ■te rff :A N ' h pf r TrJ % Kimi ssm Row One: Nancy Gwinn, Harold Siek, Ed Bryant, Sec; Dan Morgan, Treas.; Allen Johnson, Pres.; Dave Wright, Vice-Pres.; Billie Bush. Row Two: George Miteham, Babette Ninnon, Jeannie Johnson, Sandy Birch, Connie Eckhardt, Sharon Foltz, Janet Hauber, Kathleen Keefe, Susie Nagel, Vivian SensintafFer, Carol Baird. Row Three: Bill Sawaya, Steve Brorby, Bill Stoval, Paul Zuttermeister, Diane Stubbs, Ann Baunian, Chris Earnshaw, Jim Hays, Bob Derr, Fred Harris, Pat McCoy, Bruce Bobbins. Row Four: Jim Given, James Miller, Mike Nelson, Ed Webster, James Kirkpatrick, Phil Morgan, Eugene Scott, Lee Layton, Gary Rom- berg, Jerry Chase, Gary Gysel, Fred Miller. iron skull The iron skull with the red and green eyes has been active on the Wyoming campus since 1920. Iron Skull annually sponsors the Homecoming Sing and Iron Skidl Skid which highlight Homecoming activities. Member- ship consists of students from the junior class who have shown themselves to be unselfish in service, outstanding in leadership, and conscientious in academic endeaxors. Each living group on campus is represented in the honorary. Its purpose is serxice to the cam- pus community. 241 The men of Phi Epsilon Phi earned their mem- bership in the sophomore men ' s honorary. Serv- ice was their primary goal with fun running a close second. The year began by lugging tons of Wyo coeds ' trunks into the dorm. That was fun! Next came the football season, fifty-yard line seats and the card section. They always did a great job of entertaining the opponents. And f inally, the sweater dance for a whipped-cream topping on a fine year. Row One: James McNutt, James Martini, Sec; John Long, V.P.; Gary Mc- Daniels, Pres.; Jim Williams, Treas.; Terry O ' Connor. Row Two: Gene Bengston, Ken Potter, Michael O ' Neill, Bill Hastings, Jerry Wolf, Gary Wie- land, Don Ghip, Don Scheer, Lyle Bareiss. Row Three: Thomas Meyers, Gary Madison, Lynn Holscher, Alan Stephenson, Ralph Wilkerson, Mike Anselmi, Allen Vines. Row Four: Tom Wright, Stephen Stoll, Chuck Far- mer, John Williams, Mike Johnson, Bob Phillips, Tom Bruch, Don Bjorn. phi epsilon piii Would vou believe that this is the card section? 242 Row One: Judy Lambrecht, Treas.; Carla Larson, Delegate-at-large; Lynn Birleffi, Sec; Mada Petranovich, Pies.; Billie Bush, V.P. Row Two: Carol Eaird, Elaine Mish- kind, Dorothy Jansen, Bobbie LeClair, Linda Snider, Peggy Chambers. Row Three: Sonya Annala, Judy Doughty, Sharon Foltz, Barbara Murray, Cheryl Thompson, Ruth Scarlett, Chris MacManus. Row Four: Judith Watson, Janet Ormsbee, Ann Massie, Kate Driscoll, Sudie Tigert, Libby Logan. Wyoming ' s women students have their own governing body and representatives. The members of the AWS iDoard are girls who es- tabhsh and enforce the code of conduct for all coeds. Every girl is a member, and representatives are selected by living groups. Torch- light Laurels and Student-of-the-Month Awards are special respon- sibilities. associated women students The reception line at Dean Tobin ' s tea: Ann Massie, president of Mortarboard; Mrs. Gaines; Dean of Women, Miss Tobin, and Mada Petranovich, president of Associated Women Students. departmental and service ' •. ' ' t active students with high scholastic standi ings serve the university and community, support collegie activities, and uphold col- lege traditions through profes sional and service honoraries. 244 Alpha Epsilon Delta, pre-medicine honorary, was founded at UW in 1939, It presents movies and lectures throughout the year to inform students of current developments in med- icine. The honorary also sponsors the annual High School Pre-Med Day to give high school students a picture of med- ical schooling. The honorary strives for excellence in pre- medicine, pre-dentistry, and medical techonology. Row One: Bob Slater, Pres.; Randy Wing, V.P.; Janelle Burleson, Sec.; Nornian O ' Kelly, Treas.; Judy Page, Hist.; George Ba.xter, Adviser. Row Two: Jim Felton, Richard Brubaker, Lane Oslund, Kathy Allison, Ray Papka. alpha epsilon delta alpha phi omega Row One: Tom Westerfield, Dick Riedl, Tom Miller, Ryck Luthi. Row Two: Harry Schafer, Royden James, Robert Bell, Frank Davis. Row Three: Samuel Molina, Neal Marsh, Bill Hanewald, John Ferguson, John Lanum. Alpha Phi Omega ' s purpose is to give service to the city, community and university. Alpha Phi Omega is the largest service fraternity in the nation and is active on many campuses. Some of their projects in- clude helping in registration, cleaning the mental health center, assisting at the oral polio vaccine clinic and helping with other community projects. The Alpha Phi Chapter was given a charter in May of 1962. Alpha Phi has made great strides ahead in a short amount of time. alpha kappa psi Wyoming ' s professional business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi, aims at furthering the individual welfare of its members; fostering scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounting, and finance; to edu- cate the pul)lic to appreciate and demand higher ideals therein; and to promote courses leading to de- grees of business administration and its related fields. Alpha Kappa Psi was organized in 1936, and since that time has been striving to improve its offerings in the area of special events and programs. This year ' s offerings included professional meetings and a speak- er series on job opportimities. Row One: Stein Owre, Gary Boyle, Larry Jefferies, Lyie Hallock, S;un Samuelson, Bill Nuss- bauni, Bruce Plunkett, Doug Bradley. Row Two: Tom Mortenson, David Reetz, Richard Wat- son, Ed Thompson, Roger Swanson, Bob Barrett, Dave Bayless, Robert Brown, Mike Paustian. Row Three: Olyn Allbert, Michael Siflerd, Marvin Shepard, John Douglas, Lany Roberts, Mike Stroll, Mike Gregorio, Jerome Pasin. Row Four: Robert Hanson, Hoke MacMillan, Elmer Schaefer, Victor Vance, Jim Hicks, Russell Trusli, John Alsko, Steve Bedient. Row Five: Weston Ballard, Gary Smith, Louis Anderson, Darrel Bilir, William Hickman, John StoulFer, Roger Wilmot, Darwin Pace, Steve Toms. r ' i f ,1 - 246 alpha zeta amencan pharmaceutical association Row One: Bob Ellis, tixas.; Ktii Kmj , censor; Paul Mayland, chancellor,- Robert Cranston, chronicler; Mike Dewey, scribe; Gordon Steele, Rod Kite. Row Two: Tom Thompson, Jerry McWilliams, Denny Smith, Larry Earhart, Wes Thompson, Gerald Schuman, Jerry Michael, Donald Hood. Row Three: Dennis Bode, James Cotton, Richard Catch, Art Fabricius, Richard Bengston, Bob Derr, Dick Taggart. Row Four: Glenn Johnson, Alan Pciyam, Loval Bell, Don Cress, Jim Atkinson, Gary Frank, Paul Peterson, Dan Lindciuist. Row Five: Ron Matheson, J. R. Kvenild, Ken Ellenwood, Dennis Hanson, Newell Sorensen, Rovven Anderson, Jerry Glad- son, Ted Warfield. Governor Clifford Hansen was among the charter members of the Wyoming chapter of Alpha Zeta Agriciiltme honorary, established on campus in 1933. This organization promotes the profession of agriculture, renders service to all the stu- dents and the agriculture divisions, and fosters high stand- ards of scholarship, character, leadership, and fellowship among its members. The American Pharmaceutical Association was formed on campus to promote pharmacy in the University. Annual events of the organization include a Christmas party for the college, participation in the pharmacy college spring ban- quet, and a spring picnic. This year an attempt was made to lower the number of pharmacy college drop-outs. Row One: Norma Jochumsen, David O ' Day, Dean.: Carol MuUer, Steve Nathenson, v.p.; Kathy Shotwell, cor. sec; Bill Rathbum, sec; ' irginia Messer, treas.; Darvel Schreiner, pres.; Dr. L. V. Hopkins. Row Two: Re.x Colling, Brad Stearns, Joe Draskovich, Carol McEride, Frank Hench. Kay Sorensen, Terry Hahn, Roanne Longwith, George McKinley, Barbara Raup. Row Three: Victor Duke, Robert Thorne, Robert Avery, Jack Bone, Bill Wheeler, Adrian Williamson, Raymond Kalil, Ed Reynolds, Curt Appel. Row One: John Lane, J.E.C. Rep.; John Nunn, Sec.; Car! Lindberg, Pres.; Jim Krehmeyer, V.P.; Carl Rapp, Treas.; Donald Veal, Adviser. Row Two: Jerry Soukup, Adnan Bakkar, Richard Smith, Sandra Edmunds, Celestino Gutierrez, Dennis Trefren, Ziad Al-Abed. Row Three: Jerry Nelson, Bill Baker, James Tremblay, James Kandolin, Gary Grunkemeyer, Michael Mur- dock, Robert Hansen. The purpose of the American Society of Civil Engineers is to help civil engineering students enrich their college courses by making professional contacts and associations which are continually valuable. The group meets twice a month, at which time both technical and non-technical programs of various phases of civil engineering are presented. civil engineers mining and nnetallurgical engineers The American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers promotes a professional interest in petro- leum engineering and related fields. The group makes several field trips throughout the year to areas of interest and also attends the Petroleum Engineering Convention held in Denver. Special lectures are also presented to the group. Row One: Mike McGrath, Sec; Bret Allard, V.P.; Ron Turtle. Row Two: James Rizer, Garl Pfaff, Ronald Hando, D. L. Stinson. Row Three: John Pulley, David Bishop, Mike Nelson, Charles Smitln, Garv T von. aeronautical and astronautical engineers The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics was formed from two antecedent societies, the Ameri- can Rocket Society and the Institute of Aerospace Sciences, in 1963. The AIAA serves to inform engineering students of activities in the aerospace industry. Besides field trips and lec- tures, the group participates in the engineering smoker and the Engi- neers ' Ball. Row One: Willard Carter, Robert Wheasler, Adviser; Dick Olds, Pres.; Dan Nordin, V.P. Row Two: Glenn Miyamoto, Paul Toly, Cecil Bassham, Paul Borup, Thomas Tippetts. Row Three: William Michael, Leslie Georgis, Ron Starks, Charles Cisneros. Row Four: Nord Hjer- leid, Mark Cupps, Ron Gish, Lee Bates, Jim Lush, Randv Fanner. mechanical engineers This society of students continually attempts to integrate mechanical en- gineering students into the national AS ME and to keep the students up to date on recent advancements in the field. Speakers from various compa- nies throughout the country inform the group of new discoveries in order to further their knowledge in mechan- ical engineering. Row One: Jon Bergstrom, Don Gries, Wayne Herreman, Tom Main, Dean Mullsion. Row Two: Larry Murdock, Richard Schimmer, Alan Mertens, Harold True. Row Three: Ron Kee- nan. Bill Heattley, William Cain, Robert L. Carpenter, Dan Aneiros. 249 joint engineers council Coordination and promotion of the various soc ieties, honoraries, and pub- lications within the Engineering Col- lege are the purposes of the Joint Engineer ' s Council. Members help plan the fall smokers held in honor of the candidates for Engineer ' s Queen, the Engineer ' s Ball, and the Engi- neer ' s Open House. Row One: Don Cries, Pres.; Lyle Robb, Sec; Ron Turtle, Treas.,- Barbara Gries. Row Two: Dennis Bode, Wayne Herrenian, Roger Keller, Mike Farmer. Row Three: John Lane, Rich Giorgis, Jim Krehmeyer, Ron Devish. Row One: Dwight Parrill, J. E.G. Rep.; Douglas Bode, V.P.; Richard Gatch, Pres.; Dennis Eode, George Wilson, Adviser. Row Two: Richard Bengston, Jon Werner, Royden James, Dan McKinney, Ag. -Council Rep.; Charles Capps, Charles Taylor. Row Three: Ray Brcdthauer, Ed Allen, Ag. -Council Rep.; Roger Perkins, Dan Wambckc, M. N. Rahimi. To promote the interest of students in agricultural engineer- ing is the aim of students in the agriculture field. The group invites professional engineers to speak at meetings, show films, and to incorporate the facets of the area of agriculture in their background. Each year members participate in the regional meeting and the student essay contest. Their activi- ties relate to their professional advancement in agricultural engineering. agricultural engineers 250 " -.i : U. tmti Row One; Donald K. Stanley, Charles Dale, Carol Foltz, Sec.; Gavin Hjer- leid, V.P.; Deann Hargraves, IEEE Queen Candidate; Thomas Bates, John Woody, Treas.; Prof. R. K. Beaeh, Adviser, J mies McNutt, William Kline. Row Two: Paul Ruggera, Roy Kreuger, Ralph Oustine, Franeis Stump, Lynn Adams, Erik Waersten, James Estabrook, Jane Poage, William Jones, Joseph Alibrandi, Eruce Seeley, Mathevv Kennedy. Row Three: Dean Nishi, Jon Kinnison, Roger Cole, Clayton Forbes, Jim Gaulke, Rollin Denniston, Bob Meyer, Roy Darling, Clyde Farris, James Robbins, Arther McGill, Donald Thomas. Row Four: Roger Keller, Dave Wright, John Shafer, Terry Davis, Rich Giorgis, Jay Robinson, Edwin Brown, Robert Rennard, Jack O ' Rourke, James Lebar, Raymond Worth, Larry Crocker. Organized in 1925, the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers takes an active part on the U. W. campus. The main purpose of the club is to promote a deeper interest of electrical engineering for " double E " students. Guest speakers and special programs highlight the meetings of the club. Aspects of engineering which may be of special interest to the members are presented through these programs. institute of electrical engineers architectural engineers Architectural Engineers are builders of the future. This society brings in- terest of professional architecture to the engineers at UW. Architectural Engineers, reorganized in 1965, bring information on modern architectural ideas to its members. Row One: Robert Carpenter, Pres.; Todd White, Sec.-Treas.; John Schopf, ' .P. Row Two: George Warren, Doran Boston, Michael Farmer, Ken- non Vaudrev. 251 pi delta epsilon Pi Delta Epsilon, journalism hon- orary, had its campus beginning in 1923 with the Blue Pencil Club. President is Gwini Johnston, full- time student, Boomerang reporter, and mother. Pi Delta Epsilon joins its male counterpart, Sigma Delta Chi, in sponsoring the Gridiron Banquet every spring. The banquet honors outspoken intellectual stu- dent leaders on the U. W. campus. Row One: Beverly Chasteen, Jo Ann Sim- mons, Gwini Johnston, Pres.; Dianne Shaffer, V.P.; Susan Ferguson. Row Two: Wallace Biggs, Adviser; Sally Davidson, Bob Warner, Joe Gomez, Mada Petranovich. Row Three: Glaire Strid, Garol McGraw, Dianne Kruse, Garla Larson, Ann Christensen. Sigma delta chl Row One: Bob Warner, Joe Milner, Adviser; Jack Cox, Pres.; Lee Catterall, Sec; Jim Hayes, V.P. Row Two: Wallace Biggs, Mike Bryan, Bob Swaim, Rick Tobias. Row Three: Larry Johnston, Paul Gulley, Jim Missett, Clarence Smith, Clyde Douglass. The nations ' outstanding journalists are members of Sigma Delta Chi, professional journalistic society. Jack Cox is presi- dent of the U. W. chapter. In November, five members climbed into Clyde Douglass ' Impala and drove to a party in Los Angeles, also the site of the 1965 SDX national con- vention. The regional convention in Las Vegas was attended by members of the U. W. chapter. SDX sponsors the Grid- iron Banquet, at which campus celebrities are interviewed by SDXers. kappa delta pi Kappa Delta Pi, national education honorary, start- ed at U. W. in 1926 as the Alpha Mu chapter. It was founded to encourage high professional, intel- lectual and personal standards and to recognize outstanding contributions in the field of education. This year Kappa l elta sent books to Asian stu- dents and gathered old clothes for needy children. The scholarship program is the major spring activ- ity. Joe Gomez is the president. Row One: Gail Cupps, Tony Gomez, Historian,- Jessie Halsted, Counselor; Joe Gomez, Pres.; Donna Lemmon, Publicity; Robert Lopez. Row Two: Judy Cowan, Dr. Ankeney, Diana Berta, Randy Grueber, Patty Joslyn, Dorothy Heezen, Wilma Harnden. Row Three: Edith Watters, Karen Olson, Sally Jones, Linda Raymond, Becky Black, Lois Wheasler, Aldo Profaizer. 253 Row One: Edward Julian, Adviser; George McKinley, Sec.-Treas.; Jo Ann Simmons, V.P.; Bill Wheeler, Pres. Row Two: Raymond Kahl, Lola Hop- kins, Eleanor Noble, Victor Duke, Jack Bone. rho chi Relatively new on campus, Beta Phi Chapter of Rho Chi is off to an excellent sta rt. It was organized in 1961 for the purpose of " pro- moting the advancement of the pharmaceu- tical sciences through the encouragement and recognition of sound scholarship. " The Wyoming chapter of Psi Chi, one of twenty-two chartered chapters, was organiz- ed on September 4, 1929. Psi Chi states its purposes to be the advancement of the science of psychology and to encourage, stimulate and maintain scholarship of the individual members in all fields, particularly psychology. psi chi Row One: Terry Pivik, Pres.; Carol Loebe, Sec; Kent Anger, Treas.; Ethel Meginness, Carolyn Mercer. Row Two: Wilson Walthall, Adviser; Gary Kopsa, Sam Gauge, R. Leo Sprinkle, Ed Smith. 2.54 Row One: Stephen Long, V.P.; David Von-Schnakenberg, Hist.; Michael Wheeler, Treas.; Tom Bibbey, Pies.; Tom Main, Sec; Robert Harris, Exec. Sec. Row Two: Bruce Seeley, Homer Lambrecht, Jay Lee Schaefer, Gary DcBolt, Joel Monson, Ken Davis, Danny Montoro. Row Three: Jim Simpson, John Devlin, Frank Ilosick, Elwin Johnson, Charles Allen, Bruce England, Dennis Fox, Tim Thompson, John Vandine. Phi Upsilon Omicroii was founded in 1915 in Older to promote home economics. The mem- bers are active throughout the year in all phases of home economics. President, Jimmie High, and others work helping the mentally handicapped children. They recently cele- brated their fiftieth anniversary in the spring of 1965. phi mu alpha sinfonia The Epsilon Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sin- fonia is the musicians national honor frater- nity dedicated to bringing together men with a keen interest and ability in music and to promote the cause of music in America. phi upsilon omicron Row One: Verna Hitchcock, District Counselor; Mary Jean Peterson, Finance Adviser; Jimmie High, Pres.; Virginia Ramsey, V.P.; Lois Fronk, Adviser. Row Two: Hilda Simpson, Ag. Council Rep., Cheryl Houlette, Chaplain; Sandy Birch, Kar d Kohrs, Jan Kingsbury, Twila Sams, Cor. -Sec; Susan Hatt, Hist.; Grace Paules, Treas. 255 The Potter Law Club, named in honor of the late Chief Justiee Charles Potter of the Vyoming Su- preme Court, was created in 1922. It is the only stu- dent governmental group in the law school. The mis- sion of the club is to indoctrinate, educate, and in- form members about the legal profession. Periodi- cally the clul) sponsors a luncheon featuring guest speakers. PLC is responsible for the memorable spring and fall dinner-dances. Row One: Robert Siiiaha, Dave Nicholas, Chancellor; Don Furke, Chuck Aspinwall, Jake Jacobson. Row Two: Ed Crant, Gary Greenhalgh, H. R. Johnston, Gerald Connolly, Dick Edwards, Bill Vines, Maurice Caldwell. Row Three: Steve Kofakis, Clark Hulce, Fred Reed, Dennis Francish, Ed Ross, Dave Carmichael, Larry Vavra, Bill Keefe, Larry Jorgenson. Row Four: John Hursh, David Gienapp, Bruce Redd, Michael Mullikin, Hunter Patrick, Mike Fay, Mike Golden, Joe Hand. potter la A club Oh, the seriousness of it all! 256 Sigma pi sigma Organized on campus seventeen years ago to promote professional unity among students interested in physies, Sigma Pi Sigma encour- ages student interest in research projects and presents members with monthly scientific talks hy faculty members and guests. Row One: Victor S. Starkovich, trcas.; Larry Sims, vice-pres.; Mary Ann Wickcrsham, pres.; Bob Stolt, Dr. Arthur Dennison, adviser. Row Two: Eujj;fne Nosal, Fran Mik- nis, Gary Erickson, VA I ' incli. nu upsilon omega Largest service project for Nu Upsilon Omega, nursing honorary, during the past year was helping with the campus blood drive to help U.S. servicemen in Viet Nam. The purpose of the honorary is to promote unity among student nurses and between students and professionals. Row One: Mary Kramer, cor. -sec; Ann Whitlock, ree.-sec; Gail Gamess, pres.: Kathy Smith, Senate; Jean Larrabaster, treas. Row Two: Deana Hanson, Reita Rei- sig, Jane Underwood, Verda Coniin, Connie Diercks, Karol Krakauer. Row Three: Charlene Wolf, Sandee Wishon, Teresa Spencer, Sue Parnelee, Elizabeth Shields, Katherine Marshall, Ellen East. Row Four: Mary Magagna, Sally Stewart, Jill Goss- willer, Carole Mtnison, Joyce Odde, Sue Ledig, Susan VonFd " r( " ll, Mava Swanson. ff.FTK ' -.- ' f.-ri r-: ' .vrssr-—,- ' OT5-- " --v -j-q Row One: Willard Carter, sec; Bob Kingsbury, treas.; Denny Goode, vice-pres.; Kennon Vaudrey, pies., Paul Ruggera, Ron Gish, hist.; L. B. Baldwin, adviser; Joseph Alibrandi. Row Two: Larry Murdock, Frank Larson, Erik Waersten, Cecil Bassham, Larry Crocker, Johan Dahl, Gai- len Narum, Joseph Mack, George Warren. Row Three: Dave Mullens, Don Cries, Roger Keller, Dean Nishi, Harold True, Paul Borup, James Lebar, Don Bates, Clayton Benton, Tom Main, Tamas Csoboth, Bill Cline, Richard Gatch. Row Four: Mark Cupps, James Tremblay, Gor- don Derossi, John Lane, Giorgis Rich, Jim Zell, John Woody, Ola Dahl, John Nunn, Jack O ' Rourke. Sigma tau Sigma Tau is an Engineering honorary composed of men and women engineering students. Their purpose is to advance the best interest of an engi- neering education. They maintain a close relation- ship with both the engineering college and the professional field of engineering. To qualify for membership in Sigma Tau, a student must be in the upper one-third of his college or his particular department in the engineering college. Sigma Tau meets each month to discuss facets of their pro- fession. ii% . Back to the drawing board. 258 phi delta chi Phi Delta Chi, professional pharmacy fraternity, was founded in 1949 at the University of Wyoming. Membersliip is open to any male student in the College of Pharmacy. The organiza- tion is designed to promote the pro- fession of pharmacy, and includes in its activities formal banquets held once each semester. Row One: Dean David O ' Day, adviser; Robert Engles, sec; Steve Nathenson, treas.; Terry Hahn, pres.; Dan Schreiner, vice-pres.; Brad Stearns, cor. -sec.; Raymond Kahl. Row Two: Rex Colling, Victor Duke, Joe Draskovich, Jack Bone, Frank Hench, George McKinley, Kurt Appel. Row Three: Robert Aveiy, Robert Thome, Bill Wheeler, Adrian Williamson, Bill Rathburn, George Darlington, Ed Reynolds. phi gamma nu Row One: Rozanna Brown, treas.; Sally Davidson, vice- pres.; Judy Lambrecht, pres.; Betty Stahla, rush chair- man; Judy Schneider, pledge trainer. Row Two: Valarie Moonnan, Kathleen Patch, Corliss Wiley, Sondra Brown, Prudence Tysor. Row Three: Judy Lessman, Gwen Par- sons, Ann Bauman, Carol Bruce, Karen Madsen, Susan Brender, adviser. Phi Gamma Nu is the national professional sorority for women majoring in the field of business. The group was organized to foster the study of business in colleges and univer- sities throughout the country. As a means of stimulating interest in current trends and occurences, the sorority has professional and business meetings once a month. • ' »% ppa kappa psi Kappa Kappa Psi was founded in May of 1935 on our campus to promote fellowship among band members. The honorary in- cludes those men of the University band who have achieved a high academic standing, and who have made worth while contributions to the band. Kappa Kappa Psi not only works with UW music groups, but also encourages a cooperative spirit among all musical organi- zations in colleges where the fraternity is located. Row One: Tom Bibbey, vice-pres. Row Two: Gary DeBolt, Larry Chasey. tau beta sigma Tau Beta Sigma was organized on the Wyo- ming campus in 1954. Its purpose is to pro- mote existance and welfare of college bands, to honor outstanding band women, and to foster a close relationship between college bands. Tau Beta Sigma presents the annual band banquet each spring in conjunction with Kappa Kappa Psi. Row One: Ree Richards, sec; Mari- anne Holstedt, pres.; Claire Strid, treas. Row Two: Nancy Gwinn, Sue McConaughy, Susan Anderson. Row Three: Judee Watson, Mary Gonzales. 260 Jl 6t fc tr ' 1 N W wmt m .i,- , — . " ■ " ' ■ " ' " ■■■--■ — i-,f ■|[ii,ii,—,,, , . special interests uw ' s diversified atmosphere provides re- laxing outlets from studying through ro- deoing, riflery, intra-school sports compe- tition, politics, and outing activities. 261 Row One: Ed Nelson, pies.; Hal Keesling, Op. -officer; Kelly Kramer, treas.; John Patrick, vice-pres.; Paul Bred, sec. Row Two: John Hill, sponsor; Lewis Detch, Tamas Csoboth, Jeni George. uw flying club i Organized in the fall of 1962, the UW Flying Club has been active in flying and air safety promotion. The club provides education in flight and promotes general aviation while flying modern aircraft at a rate feasible for students. The club annually sponsors fly-ins and fimctions with other aero clubs from various universities in the area. Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor Wyoming wind home economics club The Home Economies Club pixjvides profes- sional, social, and leadership opportiniities. Helping the Ag Club at the Little Inter- national barbeque is their main money- making project. Row One: Jimmie High, Kaye McCrary, vice-pres.; Jan Kingsbury, pies.; Sandy Birch, treas.; Hilda Simpson, see. Row Two: Janell Hyer, Rena Petersen, Ardys Calkins, Marilyn Nystrom, Virginia Ramsey, Eilene Mcintosh. Row Three: Vickie Mattila, Kathy Harebo, Jennifer Wagner, Frances Harrop. Row Four: Karyn Edwards, Mari- lyn Ablard, Rebecca Davis, JoAnn Hobson, Mary Ann Briggs. Row One: T. M. Nicholls, adviser; Janet Hauber, Jo Lynn Spears, sec; Gary Wieland, pres.; Frances Doherty, treas.; Judy Hahn, Tom Wright. Row Two: Linda Lepponen, Connie Harrod, Judy Doughty, Loretta Bryant, Dixie Petersen, Eileen Darling, Sally Gronewald. Row Three: Ron Paul, Kathy Harebo, Edith Matt, Rebecca Davis, Nancy Hamm, Marilyn Nystrom, Bonnie Edwards. Row Four: Karyn Edwards, Jan- ice Carlson, Hermann Dueweke, Carl Hanson, JoAnn Hobson, Jim York, Sue Helvey, Marilyn Ablard. 4-h club The College 4-H Club stri es to develop qualities of leadership in the practical arts. Membership is open to all ho ha " e formerh ' been associated with 4-H. Their activities include dances, hayrides, caroling parties, and banquets. 2 3 Row One: Chuck Schaap, Pamela Vance, Robert Stevenson, vice-pres.; Francie Leiper, treas.; Robert Frisby, pres.; George Monsson, sec; Jim Daly, Jan Mathiesen. Row Two: Terry Potter, Nancy Leiper, Sandi Dablemont, Anne Connaghan, Jill Wing, Ann Becker, Linda Gaskins. Row Three: Mike Nettles, Harry Tirrell, Gil Larson, Irvin Mortinson, Joe Draskovich, Randy Veale, Fred Finley, Jim Staggs. Row Four: Bob Heaton, Steve Birkey, Pete Skinner, Peter Koedt, Roland Miller, David Sims, Keith Becker. ««.., 264 The pause that letreshes. outing club " Climbing to the top of the University " is an early fall accomplishment of the Outing Club. As sure as September rolls around and the beanie makes its first appearance, Outing Club members are busy climbing to the top of the Student Union, midst the clamor of student registration. Perhaps the biggest undertaking of the club each year is the Win- ter Carnival, consisting of snovvshoe and other races at the ski area and a Sno-Ball dance. Members headed " South " during Christmas to New Mexico. Other trips fea- tured skiing weekends on the Colorado slopes, interspersed with hiking and riding. The union is used for lots of things, but i f i ¥ 0 J W % ?■ Row One: jerry (Jladson, pres.; Tom King, vice-pres.; Lynn Todd, Dick Riedl, treas.; Tom Thompson, ag. coll. rep. Row Two: Don Hood, Michael Thorn, Steve Scheldt, Larry Robinson, Morton May, Dick Mes- singer. Row Three: Walt Ferguson, Robert Harding, Leandro Lujan, range management " The rancher and the farmer should be friends " go the words to a recording from " Oklahoma. " The major purpose of the Range Management Club is the integration of crop and livestock professions. Row One: Eileen Schmidt, sec; Donna Dobson, treas.; Larry Burgess, pres.; Cheryl Yates, Jim Atkinson. Row Two: Shirley Burks, Dorothy Simon, Jeanne Moore, Sharon Haverick, Barbara McBride, Candy Car- Welby Bauer, Jim Sutherland. Row Four: Allen Beetle, adviser; Ray Guthridge, Larry Lundvall, Dale Kirkham, Wes Thompson, Bob Schrater. Row Five: Jim Shepperson, Matt Johnston, Ed Nelson, Leland Sanders, Herbert Fisser, Ned Jeffries, Myron VVakkuri. The Rodeo Club won the Central Rocky Mountain Regional Championship last year and participated in the National Finals Rodeo in Laramie. The club sponsors the Powder ' River Ball as well as the annual fall and spring rodeos. Larry Burgess is club president. roll. Row Three: Dave Green, Eva Giftord, Waive Thompson, Beth Kin- caid, Linda Arledge, Stanley Haas, Dick Claycomb. Row Four: Jack Johnston, J. R. Kvenild, Dick Gifford, Gary Kefter, Mike Mahar, Gary Frank. Row One: Linda Laush, Pani Pickinpaugh, viee-pres.; Anthony Gomez, hist.; Jean Moore, sec; Michiko Numoto, treas.; Joe Gomez, pres.; Zinka Juraco, Betty Robertson, Garrie Kincaid. Row Two: Jo Lynn Spears, Joan Krezelok, Edith Matt, Dana Knouse, Kathy Huckins, Karen Heath, Judy Burke, Mary Gonzales, Shari Dunn. Row Three: Marie Elliott, Gheryll Zuech, Judy Nelson, Dorothy Heezen, Emma Jean Tait, Jana Reed, Gayle Roach, Marsha McMinn. Row Four: Bonnie Utter, Glenna Hutc hinson, Myra Welling, Janet Barr, Sylvia Somsen, Rebecca Adolph- son, Garla Larson, Jane Bond. Row Five: Aldo Profaizer, William Scott, William Welsh, Gary Elliott, David Ghladek, Randy Grueber, Stephen Barnes, Tim Thompson, Rodney Bullock. u.NA . chapter of the student national education association H H g H ' j Hk Xt wBk H Hjj i B BL i . ,lHpl: f t ' 1 Pictured above are the new officers of the state SEA elected during the state conven- tion held in Laramie in early March. Row One: Dave Snyder, vice-pres.; Ralph Rose, pres.; Vince Zocco, sec. Row Two: Judy Reed, treas.; Randy Martinez, editor; Marcia Wilson, hist. The fifty-five members of the largest student vokmtary groujD on campus, the Student NEA, were busy this year with activities ranging from the state Student NEA conven- tion held in Laramie to a three-week national convention held in Miami. Meanwhile, there were regular business meetings with speak- ers, films, and group discussions, an annual spring banquet, the American Education Week and a Teaching Career Month. The Student NEA gives its members opportuni- ties to know more about the teaching pro- fession, develops professional growth, gains more experience which deepens the interest of capable students in teaching as a career and participates in cooperative work on the many problems of the profession. 267 Row One: John Gingles, Duane Ranta, Ann Christensen, Denny Goode, Brian Clare. Row Two: Frank Sieglitz, Mike Gutz, Bill Ackemian, Bill Stoval, Dan Morgan, Ken Stebner, John Bard. Row Three: Frank Wind- holz, Jim Hayes, Ben Alexander, Joe Cavanaugh, Doug Nelson, Rick Egloff, Tom Gementz, John Hursh. turti Stanley Kuzara, Imperial Turtle from Sheridan, Wyo- ming, founded the Wyoming chapter of Turtles. The Turtles meet weekly at the local pub (Gene ' s) to " B.S. " This highly esteemed organization, the envy of all non-members, consists of male campus student leaders and dignitaries. After some fairly sensa- tional pre-initiation activities, this year ' s pledges went through a candid initiation ceremony at the usual meeting place. A high point in the chapter ' s activities was its sponsorship of a candidate for Sweater Queen, Ursula Udder. Ann Christensen has the honor of heading the Turtles ' auxiliary for women. This female counterpart group honors outstanding female campus leaders. 268 Row One: Mary Thomas, vice-preh.; Helen bisliop, pifs.; Karla Bas- ton, sec.-treas.; Donna Falk. Row Two: Kathi AIcDowell, Ginna Wells, Joy Edwards, Nancy Bennett, Kathe Cargill. Row Three: Linda Laush, Sudie Tigert, Jane Bond, Susan Hill. " Anyone for tennis? No! How about volleyball, basketball, or softball? " The Women ' s Athletic Association plays such tournaments both fall and spring semesters. They compete with colleges in the Rocky Mountain area. The club ' s purpose is to foster sports- manship, to further athletic-recrea- tional interests, and to encourage fel- lowship among women students. Pres- ident is Helen Bishop, Pi Beta Phi, and Karla Baston, Pi Beta Phi, is secretary. A omen ' s athletic association 269 Row One: Jerry Kocer, treas.; Wayne Fornstrom, sec; Don Metz, pres.; Jerry Alanko, vice-pres.; Carol Snow, hist. Row Two: John DeRoo, Viola Rawn, Susan Kluender, Tom Varcalli. Row Three: Dr. Larry Brown, Paul Lussow, Martin Sattler, Allen Smith, Richard McGuire. university of Wyoming A ildlife society The University of Wyoming student chapter of the Wildhfe Society was formed in 1963 to ac- quaint its members with wildhfe management, its problems and techniques. The organization sponsors several wildlife movies, and takes part in the Sheep Mountain deer and elk surveys. There nmst be wildlife out here somewhere! 270 Row One: Doug McDonald, Stein Ovvre, treas.; Pete Vasilion, co-pres.; Art Kissack, co-pres.; Larry Jeffries, sec; Mike Cregorio. Row Two: Keith Bauer, Rick Egloft, Ed Froehlich, Bob Dinges, John Galey, Frank Windliolz, Tom Gernentz. Row Three: Jay Owens, Chuck Shelton, Harry Bilof, Chuck Nixon, Jack Gianoki, Gary Frank, Rick Lucas, Dick Fisher, Tom Walsh. A " club The presentation of an autographed foot- ball to the Homecoming Queen, and the sale of freshman beanies are prime activi- ties of Wyoming ' s Letterman Club. The " W " Club is composed of participants in varsity athletics. A little " friendly persuasion " and a rubber stamp sell hundreds of freshman beanies every fall. 271 Row One: Chuck Newton, Keith Marsh, Kristy Kay Smith, pres.; Bill Wangnild, Agnes Reed, Ron Rogers. Row Two: Judy Noel, Jean Casey, Kathi McDowell, Kathe Cargill, Edith Matt, Debbie McBride, Cindy Hoffman, Sharon McClew. Row Three: I eslie Miller, Vicki Van Bus- kirk, Cheryl John, Anne Coe, Cyndi Stevenson, Colleen Kessler. Row Four: Karen Prahl, Den- nis Bode, Kip McNinch, Dave Bowland, Dave Berry, Mike Grant, Chuck Smith. young repuDiicans The Young Republicans basically promote the education of students about the Republican Party and at- tempt to create a further interest. The future knows their persistence and in- terest and the members care enough about matters to stand and support their ideas. The Young Democrates, organized in 1945 on the U. W. campus, provide information and education to the public as to the goals and purposes of the Democratic party. They at- tempt to promote an active interest in poli- tics in U. W. students whether or not they are of voting age. Their prpgram centers around state politics. They were responsible for bringing Wyoming representative Teno Roncalio to the campus last fall. 272 young dennocrats Row One: Trudy Martin, Sam Quech, pres.; Lana Kelly, sec; Joe Hand, vice-pres. Row Two: Jeni George, Candy Carroll, Harvey Nelson, Edward Colburn, Kathy Davis, Ginna Wells, SalK ' Gronewold. agriculture club Row One: Larry Earhart, sec; Dan Jackson, pres.; Jim Atkinson, V. p.; Jiin Johnson, treas. Row Two: Ron Paul, Gary Wrage, Cody Thompson, Ralph Goodson, Stanley Haas, Cordon Steele. Row Three: Ted Warfield, Art Davis, Gary Lyon, Bob Yenney, Joe French, Ron Matheson, Jim York. Homecoming 1965 was a .sad occasion for members of the Agriculture CIul), for on October 23, 1)efore a capacity crowd at War Memorial Stadium, Cowboy Joe If was re- tired. Caretaking of Cow}:)oy Joe and being careful that he doesn ' t wind up in Fort Col- lins is just one of the clul) ' s tasks. The Little International and the barbecue are others. Row One: Dan McKinney, Dick Taggert, pres.; Jimmie High, sec; Hilda Simpson. Row Two: Karyl Kohrs, Tom Thompson, Alan Peryani, Cody Thompson, Bob Yenney, Jerry Gladson, Jan Kingsbury. agriculture council Eacli organization in the Agricultural College is represented on the Agricultinal Council. Tliis group holds general business meetings concerning problems the Ag College faces and works to promote and coordinate all student activities pertaining to the Ag college. 273 debate club One of the newest organizations on campus is the Debate Club. It was organized to gather students interested in intercollegiate debat- ing and to provide a workshop for those intersted in furthering their ability to research, analyze and present arguments on a topic. The members of the Debate Club attend debate tournaments throughout the year in all regions of the country. Row One: Wayne Callaway, debate coach; R. P. Carrington, pres.; Charlotte, Mike Anselmi, vice pres. Row Two: Janie McBride, Joan Magagna, Mary Willey, Paul Sironen. Row Three: Kay Lynn Erickson, Peggy Boice, Steve Karina. cosmopolitan club Row One: T. A. Larson, adviser; Dawn Bush, Stanley Kimotho, sec; Robert Lavigne, Ziad Al Abed, pres.; Shyamala Rajender, George Morgan, ad- viser; Linda Swartz, Adnan Bakkar. Row Two: Mohammed Sediq Nehan, Assad Alshamma, Julia Yelvington, Abdul Salarn, Philip Jenny, Pir Moham- med, Rajender Gandi, Mohammed Tahiz Bustani, S. H. Simwanza. The Cosmopolitan Club consists of members from far corners of the world. The organization hopes to foster an atmosphere of friendship, brotherhood, and understand ing between the people of the Uni- ted States and foreign students. International Day and United Nations Day are among special events of the club. President this year was Ziad Al Abed from Syria. f: wmy s?rr § J : iT ■ ' ¥f fir -! • 1 . i ■ — y ' } t »-%i I music students interested in the fine art of music find u.w. ' s curriculum challenging as they are stimulated by opportunities to partici- pate in choir, brass and vocal ensembles and band. 275 The University Symphonic Band is the same group as the Cowboy Marching Band after football season. Both music majors and non- music majors can take band for credit. Charles P. Seltenrich is the director of both bands. Band members play for all football and basketball games and give two campus concerts a year. A select group from the band went on a state- wide tour this spring. university band takes first concert tour Pep band drums out " victory. The University of Wyoming Symphonic Band went on tour throughout central Wyoming February 21 to the 25th for what it hopes will be its annual concert tour. The band played twelve concerts in ten different towns. Wednesday afternoon they were broadcast live in Sheridan. Thursday they utilized the ping pong, basketball and trampoline facilities at Worland High School and went to Thermopolis for an evening concert and swim- ming party. Director Charles P. Seltenrich was treated to a free, but unexpected tune Thursday night when the band played " Mickey Mouse " in- stead of the traditional " Cowboy Joe " to close the program. Associate director William Slocum lifted his baton Friday morning for the Riverton High School concert and began to direct " Ameri- can Salute, " but his efforts were to no avail. The band sat silently except for a few muffled giggles in the midst of the clarinet section, while a white sign crept up from the trombone section, " Sorry, On Strike. " All in all, the tour was a tremendous success much to the delight of the audiences and the band members themselves. •■!.i ' %2 The luggage waits patiently in Casper. Don ' t just stand there; lend him a hand. Pre-concert swimming party in Therniopolis. I ' ve heard this story a thousand times. i .« f tif Til Professor Ward Fenley Professor David Tomatz university orchestra The University Orchestra is composed of forty members. Made up of students and towns- people, all chosen by audition, the orchestra is under the supervision of Professor Ward Fenley, violinist, leader of the University String Quartet, and director of orchestral ac- tivities. Professor Fenley is assisted by Pro- fessor David Tomatz, violicellist and asso- ciate director of the orchestra. This year ' s Oratorio Chorus performance of the " Mes- siah " was accompanied by the orchestra, in addition to the concerto program presented in May. The orchestra is a learning as well as a performing group, giving its members the opportunity to learn different kinds of music. 278 university choir oratorio chorus UW music lovers are treated to concerts by two choral groups, the University Choir and the Oratorio Chorus. The choir, under the direction of Professor George Gunn, is com- posed of one hundred voices. In addition to home concerts, the choir occasionally tours the state. Oratorio Chorus concentrated their work this fall on preparation of Handel ' s " Messiah, " performed just before Christmas. One hundred and twenty-five voices strong, the group was trained by Professor Gunn. 279 university twirlers Working in conjunction with the University Band are the twirlers. When there is a vacancy, selection of the twirlers is based on their marching and twirling abilities. A twirler may remain with the band until she chooses to resign. The twirlers march with the band during each fall season. This year ' s head twirler was Karyl Kohrs. The other twirlers in the corps this year were: Sharon Dunn, Jud y Jackson, and Brenda Prather. 280 Karyl Kohrs Brenda Prather Sharon Dunn Judy Jackson 281 religion students of ail faiths worship in their res- pective churches and student centers as they seek god through church services, prayer and christian fellowship. 282 united christian church fellowship The United Christian Campus Fel- lowship began on the U of W campus as one of several pilot groups estab- lished across the U. S. in 1957. The purpose of this group is to provide for the growth and deepening of the Christian faith of the students and faculty on campus. During spring semester a week-end of skiing is planned as well as monthly parties throughout the year. Both secular and religious programs are presented to the group, including guest speakers, panel discussions, dinners and wor- ship. Also, the group is co-sponsor of the First Person Coffee House. The Roger Williams Fellowship was established at U of W to represent the American Baptist Convention on campus and also to provide Christian fellowship for students. Under the leadership of Miss Margaret Tam- men, president, the Fellowship pre- sents programs of religious emphasis by sponsoring special speakers, dis- cussion groups, films, book and Bible studies. Row One: Harriet Washburn, Arlene Berg, treas.; Dinah Davis, sec; Mike Griswold, v.p.; Ree Richards, Mary Martinez. Row Two: Verna Ramsey, Virginia Ramsey, Dianne Kruse, Claire Andrews, Frances Harrop, Sheha Bryant. Row Three: Allen Line, Diana Lebsock, Carol Tay- lor, Gary Coles, Terry Deshler, Jackie Jeffers, Margaret Kendall, Bruce Andrews. roger A illiams fellowship Row One: Charlotte Breeden, Margaret Tammen, pres.; Jay Matheson, v.p.; Adele Olson, sec- treas.; Barbara Belew. Row Two: Ardys Calkins, Karen Olson, Jim Arnoux, Don Amend. Nonnan Libby, Earl Spawn, Jean Harvey, Susan Clark. 283 Row One: Bill Sawaya, sec; John Faddis, v. p.; Ryck Luthi, pres.; Wesley Ray, treas. Row Two: Mark B. Walker, Joel Harrison, Jon Werner, Jack Byrne. Row Three: Bill Harrison, Larry Lawton, Bob Heiner, Richard Briggs, Calvin Patrick. Row Four: Robert Croft, Dennis Harrison, Fred Fagergren, Joe Lewis. lambda delta sigma alpha chapter omega chapter The Beta chapter of Lambda Delta Sigma was organized at Wyoming in 1937-39. It was the second national chapter to be found- ed. There are two sub-chapters — Alpha (men ' s) and Omega (women ' s). President of Omega chapter was Sharlene Jamison. Sigma is Every activity of Lambda Delta planned to contribute to the fuller realiza- tions of the lives of its members individually and on campus. Activities include the pledge dance, Christmas dance. Sweetheart Ball, Preference Ball, and Memorial Day Picnic. Row One: Ruth Home, sec; LaRae Oleson, v. p.; Sharlene Jamison, pres.; Glenna Hutchinson, treas. Row Two: Mary Lou Norris, Donna Keenington, Judy Bruce, Hilda Simpson, Janell Hyer, Beverly Cross. Row Three: Olive Belle Porter, Sandy Birch, Kay Rene Simpson, Varian Despain. Row One: Emma Jean Tait, Dennis Friday, v.p.; Pat Meyers, sec; Charles Stewart, pres. Row Two: Arlene Binz, Gil Larson, Richard Goodschmidt, Karl Ziltener, Marva Lee Swanson. Row Three: Gregg Heagney, Rex Boehnke, Gary Sellenrick, Dan Groathouse. gamma delta Gamma Delta is a Lutheran student organ- ization sponsored by the Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod. Programs of varied nature are presented each week and each is de- signed to enhghten and encourage the in- dividual to become a better person, stronger in his faith, and better equipped to serve his fellow man. President of Gamma Delta for 1965-66 is Charles Stewart. A esley foundation Wesley Foundation, a Methodist student organization sponsored by the Methodist Church, is active in campus and church- oriented activities. Under the supervision of Harold Daniel, the campus minister, the members of Wesley partake in programs of various topics every week. Its purpose is to enlighten the religious and ethical aspects of each of its members. Besides presenting inter- esting programs weekly, the Wesley social calendar is crowded with group activities. President Jo Lynn Spears directed the mem- bers of Wesley this year. Row One: Dennis Bode, treas.; Frank Berkle, worship; Jo Lynn Spears, pres.; David Martell, worship; Harold Daniel, campus minister. Row Two: Jamie Sheldon, lone Cole, Lynda Scott, Dawn Bush. Row Three: Susan Hatt, Gary Lyon, Michael McCoy, Marsha King. christian science The Christian Science organization was organized on the UW campus in 1938 and was reorganized by the Mother Church, the First Church of Christ Scientist, Boston, Massachu- setts, in 1963. The purposes of the organization are to demonstrate Christian Science in college life and to promote the understanding of Christian Science on campus. The or- ganization gives weekly programs. Row One: Eleanor Brigham, William Peters, pres.; Tudy Witters. Row Two: Georgina Haddenhorst, faculty adviser; Bruce NicoU, David Reed. lutheran association The local Lutheran Student Association is a mem- ber of the National Lutheran Student Association of America with chapters in colleges and univer- sities across the country. The members meet every Sunday at the Trinity Lutheran Church for or- ganized religious worship and discussion. Row One: Priscilla Hanson, treas.; Gaela Foss, sec; David T. Evanson, pres.; Marilyn Stover, v.p. Row Two: Ellen Hanson, Judy Nelson, LeRoy Feusner, Bruce Robbins, Lynette Reichert. ne A man club The University of Wyoming Newman Club was or- ganized on campus in 1935 and boasts the largest membership of the religious clubs on campus. The group has taken as its purpose the intellectual and moral development of commited Christians in the community. They follow the Newman School of Catholic Thought. Activities held throughout the year included a fall picnic, oratory contest, outdoor Mass, Christmas Novena, Mardi Gras and the Bishop ' s Dinner. Newman Club meets every Wed- nesday at 7:00 p.m. at Newman Hall. Row One: Carol Green, Mary Kalinowski, Jerome Joyce, v.p.; Chris Dowiatt, internal affairs v.p.; Nelda Stevens, sec.; Dan Dolec, pres.; Mary Larsen, treas.; Kate Driscoll, Dan Aneiros, Georgi Schmidt, Zinca Juraco. Row Two: Maureen DeLancey, Irene Stout, Chris MacManus, Rose Mary Poelma, Loretta Bryant, Joan Krezelok, Sue Parnelee, Pam Scranton, Linda Stulc, Mary Dean, Jan Lewis, Sally Olivas. Row Three: Shirley Steannan, Deanna D ' Abbraccio, Phyllis Andersen, Carole Falson, Eileen Rehm, Ann Coonrod, Pat Hamilton, Jean Welch, Char- lynn Cariaso, Cheryll Zuech, Mary Schafer. Row Four: Gary Einspar, Bob Cinq-Mars, Enrique Gomez, Thaddeus Kalinowski, Ed Spotts, Phil White, Gary Makens, Tvlike Stroh, Paul Ruggera, Sheryl Stanko, Margenne Bertagnolli. Row Five: Jerry Thompson, Joe Peak, John Hart, L. J. Perry, Tim White, Jim Bacon, Pete Banchieri, Jack Johnston, Jack Rogers, Bob Maner. 287 Row One: Cilia Herboldsheimer; Linda Lepponen; Kathy Davis, treas.; Judy Jackson, sec; Kurt Blumberg, v.p.; Art Renneisen; Lambert Cheng; Nacny Owens. Row Two: Joan Simon, Cathryn Conaway, Deborah McClellan, Raymond Ma, Jean Bentzen, Barb BlumlDerg, Dawn White, Sue Sams, Edith Reddinger, Nancy Rife. Row Three: Bob Meyer, Gary Kopsa, Robert Pritchard, Sharon Cowart, Judy Nelson, Larry Berber, James Wages, Richard Reusser, Carol Taylor. Row Four: Janelle Burleson, Kay Nelson, Sue Nelson. Row Five: Barbara Belew, Elaine Lundberg, Karyl Kohrs, Don Amend, Ron Nicklaus, Tom Cooper, Dale Nash, Lynn Temte, Shirley Grimm, Margaret Dwinell, Bonnie Warner. inter-varsity cinristian felloNA sliip Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship was organized in 1946 to supplement the college students ' religious activities. Now the group sponsors a semi-annual re- gional conference, an annual spring banquet, and a tour around the state to present religious programs to high school students. 288 union mmittees union committees meet weekly to plan ingenious and enthusiastic promotion of the union fountain room, games area and other facilities. 289 special events committee The schedule of Sunday night mov- ies and the WUTS programs are planned by the Special Events Committee. The Birds, The Cardi- nals, and The Gathering of Eagles are just a few of the many excel- lent Union movies that have been shown. Terry O ' Connor, Nancy McKinney, Linda Wray, Mary Riedel, Mike Grosshart. iai committee The Social Committee deserves much credit for the success of the Union Nightclub. This year " Bour- bon Street " was held in late Feb- ruary. Party-goers enjoyed a well- planned evening consisting of music provided by Dean Johnson ' s band and entertainment from C.S.U. Row One: Michael O ' Neill, Bill Barton, Al- len Johnson. Row Two: B. K. Drew, John Anderson, Sue Arterburn, Karen VV ' right. Row Three: Richard Hansen, Sally Samuels, Sherry Lee, Sally Bailey. 290 publications committee Freshman students should thank the members of the Union PubHca- tions Committee for the brochure concerning the Student Union and its facihties. The brochures are made available to freshmen during fall registration. Nancy Gwin, Patty Penny, Linda Snider, Mike Nettles, John Luthi, Jan Whittington. publicity committee 1965-66 CTURE SERIES Members of the Publicity Committee are responsible to the students for in- formation concerning campus events and activities. They are credited with all posters and publicity made avail- able on WUTS programs, plays, dances and other events of concern to university students. Rosalie Daubenspeck, Sally Howard, Kathe Cargill, Peggy Chambers, Geor- gie Schmidt, Marjorie Young, Judy McReynolds, David Marshall. 291 recreation committee The Recreation Committee has charge of the games area in the basement of the Student Union. They sponsor " la- dies night " in the pool room and are responsible for arrangements for tour- naments in bowling, pool and bridge. They also plan and sponsor a " Las Vegas Night. " Judy Cowen, Tom Gaddis, Linda Morrison, Jer- ry Schmidt, Virginia Bruce, Barbara Taves, Ruth Harrower, Larry Chasey, Gretchen Gul- mon. cultural committee The Fine Arts Festival, a month- long event held in the spring for culturally-inclined students is the major concern of the Cultural Com- mittee. It consists of films, demon- strations, and art displays. All as- pects of the Fine Arts world are represented and enjoyed by the students. Seated: Suzanne Armstrong, Vivian Sensin- taffer. Standing: Bob Kirkpatrick, Nancy Dennison, Danalee Knouse, Robin Robertson. 292 where are the a-go-go girls? Wake up date, it ' s only 10:30. bourbon in the union? Don ' t panic. There ' s no chance of bourbon in the Union. Now that your attention is arrested, " Bourbon Street, " a simulated night-club, was held in late February. It featured dancing, entertainment, and cigarette girls. The annual social event is put on by Surfboard which is a combination of all the Union committees. Cutting a mean rug at the nightclub. The red-hot mama. 293 military patriotism, national defense, and mili- tary discipline are taught to men and Syomen students through army and air force organizations; 294 -1 . ' J{« " - ii ty ' mst ' . tfm n ' i: ' - ' ' Jt»ct, ' .(-«i«?»r ii-M(dUH r ' ««»■ ■ ' ' ' ' ' • ' " ' t ) ] Major Hoeft Sgt. Major McQuerry Sergeant Hopp army r. o.t.c. molds officers of the future Captain Somerville MP? _ ' v;Xps%T. -j H t b . tt ' i i ' •« Vblte 1 Lg HL d HJi ttlj te f 1 I 1 ■k K; ' ' ' i l fli Colonel John Jackson Major Spencer Captain Bachmann This year, for the first time, R. O.T.C. was not compulsory for male students. Army R. O.T.C. was strengthened by being comprised only of those who were genuinely interested in posi- tions of leadership in the military. Sergeant Shottenkirk Sergeant Pleacher . m w f " L ' " " y BgB Captain Negrea Sergeant Deegan 295 Row One: Joe Mack, Frank Windholz, vice-pres.; Ray Gentilini, sec; Terry Roberts, pres.; Weston Ballard, treas.; Capt. Robert Bachniann, faculty adviser. Row Two: Bruce Robbins, Dan Nordin, William Michael, Mike Bryan, Dave Bishop, Fred Harris. Row Three: Steve Toms, Lee Layton, Lyle Rathbun, Mike Carrington, Dave Pedersen. Row Four: George Harding, Bill Brewster, Don Illingworth, Edwin Brown. Sportsmanship and fellowship— qualities of a good officer fostered by intramural sports. scabbard and blade - active since 1929 Scabbard and Blade, national mili- tary honorary, has functioned actively on the UW campus for thirty-seven years. In an effort to develop the qualities of good officers, and to pre- pare for a life of activity in military affairs, the honorary performs many services to the university. Flag-raising ceremonies and ushering at games are only a few of their obligations. 296 Marty, Judy, and Glenda with the spoils of an Arizona victory. corpettes journey to tucson drill meet Long hours of early-morning and Saturday drill practice were spent in preparation for the Corpettes ' spring trip to sunny Arizona. Auxiliary to Army R.O.T.C. and Scabbard and Blade, the girls in green add a touch of sparkle and beauty to the entire Army de- tachment. The long green line. Row One: Ruth Harrower, adjutant; Patti Schulz, historian; Judy Schneider, com- mander; Mike McGee, logistician,- Marty Simpson, operations officer. Row Two: Janie McBride, Susan Moses, Beth Rouse, Kitty Koch, Mary Black, Susie ElHs, Jean Homec, Mary Thomas, Jeanette Simpson. Row Three: Marti Lynch, Micky Portwood, Carolynn Riggan, Barbara Clark, Kathy Dessert, Kay Lynn Erickson, Paula Metzger, Michelle Peck. 297 Little Boy Blue . I knew I should have joined the Outing Club. We ' re ready for the Cong. 298 Get that bayonet out of my eye! the action army- and girls, too! Just a little rest — it ' s seven in the morning! 299 Major Musgrove Lt. Col. Owens Captain Lakey Captain Tebbs Major Fouts go into the A ild blue yonder... " The officers of the Air Force ROTC staff help encourage young men in the Air Force program to continue into advanced training in order to qualify for positions in the Air Force upon graduation. The Air Force encourages each cadet to select a field of duty which most interests him and best fits liis collegiate background academically. Master Sergeant Miller Staff Sergeant Lingo SNDKIN Master Sergeant Cagle Staff Sergeant Coffey IH. h.: ■;.„ . ■Oij-o-ti:. M ,t KLJ ■HtX ' ■ f ' !n« S- KlrinH il« " M ■k T» ' ■ ' w- Ifti ■ " ' W n,jm ■fS ' . ' J». tf - • w m;i , ' m..7 , 1 ,.,„, W Kl ■ ' w ' •■ ' f , _ - IR ' inHL ■« ■ ■ ■ ' . . • ■ 1 - r H - ' WHi ■WE -5 ' » ■ M • - IP ■ . 7 ■,■,,■%.. ,_ ik.- " ' ■ " ■ Row One: Eric Hansen, comptroller; Royle Carington, ad. officer; Char- lie Brown, commander; James Schlattman, exec, oificer; Donald Sabo, operations officer; Kenneth Grandia, commander of area H-1; John Kel- ler, operations officer area H-1. Row Two: John Greene, Robert Saxton, Jim Hays, Lynn Kravitz, Michael Sifford, Dan Rondeau, John Gowan. Row Three: Pat Malloy, George Eastman, Michael Wheeler, Warren McClennan, Don Nordin, David Shelton, Ben Whitehurst, Albert Krza. Row Four: Jay LaCroix, Dale Pearson, LeRoy Feusner, Darrell Ben- ham, Gene Round, Jim Garrett, Jim Meredith. arnold air society and angels conclave Nancy Cooper and her future mother-in-law pin bars on Ray Krueger as he is com- missioned 2nd Lieutenant. The purpose of Arnold Air Society is to serve the community, the University and the AFROTC detachment. They carry out this purpose by guarding at the football and bas- ketball games, and donating blood for the servicemen in Viet Nam. They are sponsors of the University ' s Angel Flight. Last fall, the Arnold Air Society and the Angels were hosts of the Area H-1 conclave for the Rocky Mountain Region. ' ■ ROW ONE: Nancy Cooper, Comptroller; Miriam Paules, Inspector Gen- eral; Karla Easton, Exec. Officer; Babette Numon, Commander; Sara- jean Allen, Admin, services Officer; Jan Whittington, Inform, services Officer; Susie Niethammer, Operations Officer; Helen Bishop, pledge trainer. Row Two: Cara Keefe, Louise Porter, Linda Lang, Sherry Mar- tinson, Michelle Crater, Tammy Eckhardt, Kirby Sue Gates, Cheryl Houlette. Row Three: Peggy Knowles, Karen Fason, Sally Davidson, Carole Freemole, Margie Krahl, Jean Hight. Row Four: Linda Welling, Diana Persons, Linda Leafdale, Peri Kay Wilson, Susie Mackey, Bonnie Warner. Early last fall, sixteen new angel pledges donned the snappy blue uniforms of the Air Force auxiliary. The girls worked hard to earn enough money to send the entire flight to a Dallas, Texas drill meet. Every Tuesday night they sold donuts to hungry students, and they highlighted a Friday WUTS program with a leg auction. sixteen ne A angels fly onto u A campus Row One: Linda Leafdale, Linda Welling, Diana Persons, Jean Hight, Peri Wilson, Susie Mackey. Row Two: Linda Lang, Karen Fasen, Tammy Eckhardt, Bonnie Warner, Margie Krahl. Row Three: Sherry Martinson, Diane Spear, Cara Keefe, Sandy Wil- liams, Kirbv Gates. 302 R ■- ' ■ v ti ' , y Susie Niethanimer, Louise Porter, and Nancy Cooper handle conclave registration. angels boost morale of Viet nam soldiers Little Colonel candidate Karla Baston was introduced at the conclave banquet. The Angel Flight at UW helped boost the morale of the men in Viet Nam by making and sending Christmas cards to them. Work- ing with the Arnold Air Society, the Angels co-hosted the Area A-1 conclave held at the university last fall. Numerous Air Force ROTC units from the Rocky Mountain region were represented. Your left, your left, your left, right, left! milestones on the way to Q comission Get your wings and lose your shirt. ROTC on parade — it ' s Governor ' s Day. m ' ■vfy, p- ' } fevf afet. . Cl graduates i am a graduate — broadening my scope of knowledge. I ' m trying to better myself in my field in order to help guide others along the path of success. 306 Acar, Yavuz Alburn, Gary Al-Rawi, Hussain Anderson, James Andrews, Claire Archibald, William Atkinson, David Bien, William Brabec, Michael Brown, Helen Brunswick, Thomas Burkes, Glenn Bustani, Mohammod Gampbell, Kirk Garrion, Sigfredo Gisneros, Charles Cogswell, Jerry Conner, Michael Cook, Edmond Corbett, Thomas Gostantino, Sheila Csoboth, Tamas Dahl, Johan Dall, Henry Dalla, Ronald Davis, Maron Delehanty, Michael Dunlevy, Daniel Endo, Shinji Falxa, Richard research coupled with progress I can ' t believe this anatomy! 307 308 Farrey, Loren Ferris, James Fickel, Marsha Finnerty, Daniel Fulk, Cortney Furlong, Richard Gange, Samuel Gilmore, Kenneth Gomez, Errique Gosney, Dale Grant, Dennis Greenhalgh, Gary Grunkemeyer, Wm. Gustafson, Violet Hand, Dennis Hanson, Robert Hart, John Hinkle, William Copland, Hodnett Hollingsworth, L. Halvorson, Harriet Horswill, Richard Johnson, Dorothy Johnson, Larry Johnson, Lawrence Jordon, Elizabeth Krandel, Susan Laney, Alden Larson, Gilbert Lester, Kenneth Levison, Robert Littlefield, Kenneth C and I nervous system. betray tr mg 9 O • McCormick, Jim Marsh, Neal Matthews, Garv Milford, Harold Mihier, Leroy Moeller, Vernon Mohammad, Pir Moyer, Thomas Narum, Gailen Nash, Robert Nehan, Mohammad Nelson, Gerald Nelson, Zane Ne ' man, Brj ' ce Peden, Marilyn Perryman, Bruce Peterson, James Pivik, Rudolph Ramse , X ' irginia Reed, Frederic Riner, Garry Ririe, Roger Robinson, Larn. ' Rotlienberger, Stan Sapp, Samuel Schaefer, Elmer Schultz, Daniel Semon, Robert Silvester, Karl Simmons, Gilbert Stahlecker, Verlvn Stigall, Paul ' 309 _,„«,««« « ? «w S9 ' ' .;c i-j4 ' 4U? a - ' ' : ' ' ■. ■ atJe-ATiH. ' dii. iPj ijfiW!; -i -BitTJ IS. » ,• i ' JdiMSiSKMKlBJ Is this Room 428 in Ross Hall? Stocker, Harold Strasser, Richard Straus, Gary Susheela, Yerukone Swanson, Ed Swed, Sheryl Talbot, Curtis Tanaka, Yoshichi Tanner, Wallace Thompson, Edward Thylur, Shanker Tlustos, Jack Todd, Ronald Travis, Ralph Usman, Syed Vance, James i was entangled in the world of strife before i had the po A er to change my life — herbert 310 ». », W yfcW ; ■ " »» »»- . «•. Wood, Katherine WoodfiU, Robert Witter, William Wrage, Gary Cook, Richard Owre, Stein Van Male, Hugh Washburn, Harriet Williams, John C. Wilson, Charlotte Wingfield, Barry Wingfield, Claudia Wingfield, Wayne Miss Snow and her coyote. seniors I ' m a senior ■ — i really think i ' m " top drawer. " college has been rough on me, but at least i ' m graduating, where does the sun shine now? only i can determine my horizon. 312 Ackerman, William Adams, Donald Adams, George Alami, Hamza Alibrandi, Joseph Albert, Olyn Allison, Katlilynn Amend, Donald Anderson, Margaret Andrews, Kenneth Archibald, Carolyn Archuleta, Carl Arnieri, Jim Armstrong, Larry Askew, Judy Atkinson, James Aullman, Ida Ayres, Bill Baade, Duane Baccari, Daniel Bacon, James Bailey, Salhe Bailey, Steven Baker, Ellen Baker, John Ballard, Weston Banchieri, Peter Barber, Barbara Barbour, Floyd Bard, John Bardo, Richard Barnes, Jerry Barrett, Charles Bassham, Cecil Bates, Dwight Bayless, Dave Bell, Lawrence Bell, Nancy Bengston, Richard Benn, Calla Bennett, Roger Benton, Clayton Bergstrom, Jon Berkley, Frank Bennan, Eric Bertram, Sharon Beug, April Bihr, Darrell 313 314 Binning, Thomas Birleffi, Lynn Bishop, David Bishop, Helen Bitner, Albert Black, Donald Black, John Black, Rebecca Blakeslee, Gary Blumenthal, Howard Boelens, Vicki Bogart, Sophia Sue Boilsen, Kenneth Bolke, Edward BoUn, Ann Borup, Paul G. Bousman, Bradford Bowers, Herb Boyle, Gary D. Brabec, Kay Stearns, Bradley Braeutigam, Robert Bredthauer, Ray Brodrick, Gary Brorby, Stephen Brown, Charlie Brown, Donald Brown, Edwin Zane Brown, Kaye Brown, Sandra Browning, Francis Brummond, Ronnie Burke, Janet Burkey, Larry Burleson, Kathlyri Burks, Shirley A. Burton, James R. Butcher, Maxine Carlson, Sylvia Carpenter, Robert Carruth, Dennis E. Carter, Willard Cavanaugh, Joseph Cave, David Lee Challman, Glenda Chasey, Larry Chastian, Walter Cheese, Jacque A. Cheng, Lambert Chladek, David Clark, Sharon Cline, William Clizbe, Robert James Cobb, Jeannie Coleman, Phil Cogswell, Thomas A future Picasso seniors strike out in a A orld their own to moke Cole, lone Collins, Kenneth Colwell, Gary D. Cook, Carol A. Cooke, Richard H. Cooper, Thomas Cox, Jack Arthur Cornish, Judi Cornish, Richard Corsberg, Loren A. Cowan, Judy Crocker, Larry Cross, Arnold Curlev, Edwin Dahl, Ola Dameron, David Daniels, Pat Darr, Richard Date, Jose Daubenspeck, Rosalie Daughert -, Martha Douglas, John Da ' idson, Sally Davis, Frank 315 316 Davis, Luanne Davis, Tom Deal, James Decker, Mildred De Hart, Max Dennison, Nancy Dinges, Robert Dolenc, Max Domsalla, Harvey Douglas, Anne Bode, Douglas Douthit, Charles Doyle, Sally Duncan, Carol Dungan, Diane Earhart, Larry Earnshaw, Don Eckhart, Tom Edmunds, Trudy Eleniad Moghadom, F. Ellenwood, Kenneth seniors take their places — soon to begin the drama of life Signing out — a regular duty of a dorm dweller. Elliot, Gary Ellis, Richard Ellis, Robert Engels, Robert Engelbrecht, Donald Epperson, Gary Erb, Ronald Ericksen, Amy Erickson, David Erickson, Wayne Erickson, Signe Esquibel, Floyd Etcheverry, Michael Fabricus, Arden Fagerberg, Wayne Faggard, Lionel Ferguson, John Ferguson, Susan Femau, John Ferry, Ray Fisk, Dorothy Flowers, Steve Foe, Doug Foster, Richard Foy, Carol Frank, Gary French, Joe Frison, Jeanne Fritz, Shari Fronk, Carol Frude, Allen Fulton, Ryan Gait, Bertie Garrett, Jack Gatch, Richard 317 318 Gentilini, Jerry Gibbs, Fred Gibbs, John Gibney, Sharon Giorgis, Richard Gish, Ron Gladson, Jerry Gomez, Anthony Gooch, Bruce Goddard, Larry Goode, Dennis Mott, Graham Grandia, Kenneth Green, Alfred Greywood, Donald Gries, Barbara Gries, Don Griske, Patricia Griswald, Michael Grueber, Randy Grunkemeyer, Gary Guelde, Stephen Gutz, Mike Gutierrez, Celestino Haas, Stanley Hafner, Jo Ann Hahn, Terry Hallman, Clark Hallock, Lyle Halverson, Otis Hamilton, Dave Hamilton, Richard Hamm, Robert Hammond, DiAnn Hansen, Donald Hansen, Robert Hansen, Sylvia Hanson, Robert Harding, George Hardyman, Richard Dunlap, Harlan Harrington, Gerald Harris, David Harris, Robert Harrod, Connie Harrod, Joe Hart, Darrell Hartleip, Maureen Hartwell, Karen Hartwell, Thomas Hassrod, Ronny Hatt, Susan Hawkey, Biff Hawley, Mary Hayes, James Hedderman, Josiephine Cheater! Cheater! knowledge is gained through interaction of men Heezen, Dorothy Hegaland, Terji Hench, Frank Herman, Kyle Hermansen, Janet Herreman, Wayne Hicks, James Hill, Roger Hilpert, Virginia Hirsig, James Hodge, Dave Holiday, Cook Holt, Frank Homec, Jean Hopkins, Merritt Hosier, Catherine Houck, Kay Houlette, Cheryl House, Wayne Hughes, Charles Humphrey, William Hunt, Les Hunter, Dan Hunter, George Patrick, Hunter Huslid, Oddvar Igo, Jennifer Illingworth, Don Jackson, Danny Johnson, Edward Johnson, James Johnson, Roger Johnston, Lawrence Jamison, Sharlene Kagi, James 319 what beautiful eyes you have! the falling leaves remind us that time is short Give it hell! Kalinowski, Mary Kaltenbach, Terry Keenan, Ronald Keenan, Vem Keller, John Kellogg, David Kenney, Matthew Keyes, Gordon Kidd, William King, Betty King, Keith King, Kenneth King, Roy Kingsbury, Janet Ki ngsbury, Robert Kissack, Arthur Kleinschmidt, Gary Kleinschmidt, Merle Knight, Tom Krajczar, Richard Krauitz, Lynn Krueger, Roy Kohrs, Karyl Kvenild, Daryla Kvenild, John Lamb, Patricia Lancaster, Glenda Lane, John Larson, John Larson, Carla Laughlin, Jean Lavin, Verden Layman, Gary Lay ton, Terry Lebar, James Legerski, Eugene Lehmkuhler, Marjie Lemnion, Donna Lentz, Linda Lewis, David Lewis, Ken Ligocki, Larry Lindahl, Alfred Lindberg, Carl Lindquist, Daniel Littler, Albert Logan, John Longwith, Roanne Lopez, Robert Hopkins, Vicky Lush, Jim Lyon, Gary McI3ride, Janie McDaniel, Roseva McKinley, George McQuade, Frank Mahar, Michael Main, Thomas Makie, Gary Mamula, David Manatos, Virginia Markley, Lewis Marks, Glenn Marshall, David Marshall, James Masatchi, Marteza Massie, Ann Matt, Edith Maxfield, Thomas Mayland, Delores Nledeiros, Jon Meginness, Ethel Mercer, Carolyn Messinger, Richard Metz, Don Meyer, Lee Michel, Carol Michael, William Milliman, Lloyd Miner, Linda Morey, David Montgomery ' , Rett ' Moore, Dan Moore, Emily Moore, Jean Morck, Arnold Mordock, Larrv ' Mulcahy, William 321 Peterson, Paul Petranovich, Mada Petsch, Verl PfeifFenberger, John Philbrick, Jim Pindell, Verlyn Mullens, David Mullison, Dan Murdock, Stan Nathenson, Stephen Naylor, Edi Neeley, Ann Pinther, Cynthia Neeley, James Neighbors, Susan Nein, Bernie Nelson, Doug Nelson, Ed Nelson, Edwin Pivik, Karl Newberg, Sharon Nicholls, Richard Nordin, Dan Nunn, John Oakley, Charles O ' Brien, Marjorie Porter, Mary Ann O ' Connor, James O ' Kelly, Nonnan Olds, Richard Olson, Danny Olson, Martin Omohundro, John Portwood, Michele Owre, Stein Painter, Donald Panther, Arthur Parker, James Parsons, Gwen Patch, Nellie Potter, Bill Patterson, Elaine Patterson, Willis Pebley, Orville Penson, Penny Peryam, Alan Perue, Crystal Powell, Rosa Marie " men must endure their going hence, even as their coming hither; " shokespecre 322 Printz, Clement Profaizer, Aldo Quintana, Margaret Raicevich, John Radden, Russell Ranta, Duane Rathbum, William Ray, David Redfern, Judy Reeves, Dorthy Renner, Yvonne Rice, Robert Riedel, Mary Ann Roberts, Marjorie Roberts, Stephen Robinson, Jay Rotellini, Rene Raymond, Linda Rentz, Philip Reynolds, Edward Reynolds, Sherry Ricketts, James Rife, Nancy Ritter, Marilyn Roberts, Terry Robinson, Cindy Robles, Diane Rodriquez, Frank Rohde, Theodore Ronish, William Rook, James Round, Eugene Rosenthal, Fred James, Royden Ryan, John Sanders, LeLand Sargent, William Sattler, Martin Seebaum, Carol Schapf, John Scheuerman, David Schlaikjer, Loren Schlattman, James Schneider, Gay Schreiner, Daniel Schreiner, Jean Schuman, Gerald Scott, Donna Schaub, Gordon Scott, John Schneider, Judith Scott, William Scotty, Leonard Shackelford, Richard Shafer, John Shaffer, Dianne 32 ' 324 Sheehan, Harvey Shoultz, Michael Shupe, Norm Sifferd, Michael Sieglitz, Frank Simmons, JoAnn Simon, Dorothy Simon, James Simon, Thomas Simonton, Judy Simpson, Jeanette Sims, Carol Slater, Robert Smith, Dennis Smith, Frederick Smith, Gary Smith, Janet Sneesby, David Sorenson, James Soukup, jerry Spaulding, Charlene Spaulding, Lyman Speers, JoLynn Sperry, Patrick Spieles, Patrick Sprague, William Stack, Dennis Stanley, Donald Starks, Ronald Steele, Gordon Stellpflug, Nora Stevenson, Jacquelyn St. John, Oren Stone, John Stouffer, John Stout, Bill Strasheim, John Stump, Francis Sullivan, Daniel Swanson, Roger Swartz, Mary Svvartz, Theodore Sweem, Glenn Sweem, JoAnne Szarzynski, James Tabata, George Taggart, Susan Taylor, Bonnie Taylor, Don Temple, Kenneth Theil, Dianne Thomas, Donald Thompson, John Thompson, Nancy Thompson, Pamela Thompson, Thomas [ ' .v;it. ' y, ' ' -S! i i ' ' Thomson, William Tilley, Larry Tippets, Susan Tipton, Charlene Tolson, Bill Tonkin, Albert Toms, Stephen Toro, Larry Tremblay, James True, Harold Tucker, Merle Turner, Jeff Twitchell, Nancy L ribe, Vicenta Tontapanish, NorongsakVan Hees, Virginia Vaudrey, Kennon Vass, John Vaughan, Bob Vautrinet, Theodore Veile, David Vigna, Marilyn Vogt, James Vosika, Ron Vuko, Nick Waersten, Erik Wagers, Dan Vagner, Thaddaus ' aldon. Cotton W alker, Mark Walker, Wayne Walsh, Thomas Warner, Bob Warren, George Weekly, Ronald Wegher, Kathleen ' elch, Pam Wetnight, Richard Wheeland, Cher ' l Welsh, William How many finals did you flunk, Gary? it ' s only college . . .don ' t junnp off the deep end 325 Wilson, Mary Wheeler, Michael White, Mack Wickstrom, Terry Widick, Charles Wilcox, Bruce Wiley, Butch Wilkinson, Richard Williams, Francis Williams, Rodger Williamson, Adrian Wibiiot, Roger Wieland, Walter Wilson, Carol Wing, Lindsey Wiseman, C. B. Wolfe, Ted Wood, Carole Wood, Ray Woodward, Richard Woody, John Wright, Ron Wyman, Marvin Yocum, Pat Young, Marjorie Yuthas, Tony Yager, Larry Yahn, Jennifer Zakotnik, Rozanne Zell, James Zimmerman, Edmond Zuech, Sam Zube, Arthur " The Ku Klux Klan strikes again. ' seniors at last it has been a rocky road juniors i am a junior — only one more year, as i reflect back, I wonder If i have wasted two years, but then i look forward and realize that man lives in the future, and not in the past. 327 juniors — destined to A ork behind e scenes one more year Addington, Doug Alexander, Bernard Anderson, Hugh Armstrong, Suzanne Austin, Robert Barker, Larry Bauer, Keith Ahlstrom, Bert Acker, Alfred Anderson, William Arnieri, Sandy Bahmer, Robert Barnes, Barbara Bauman, Ann Alami, Abbas Allison, James Andvik, Thor Atwood, Beda Baird, Carol Bartels, Donald Beetle, Karen Alburn, Candace Amundson, Gardonna Arden, Ellen Atwood, James Baldwin, Patricia Bartling, Paul Beers, Katherine Alburn, Candy Anderson, Carl Argento, Larry Augsbach, Helen Balison, Stephanie Barton, Bill Beers, Suzanne 328 Bell, Loyal Bell, Mary Belsly, John Bemis, Barry Beijz, Kathleen Benliam, Darreil Bennett, Nancy Berta, Diana Bertagnolli, Margenne Bever, Carol Birch, Sandy Birdsall, Gary Blaha, John Boal, Susan Boardman, Thomas Bocott, Carlroy Bode, Dennis Bohl, Harlan Boston, Doran Bousel, Stephan Brashear, Judy Breiscli, Candace Brickley, Dick Brislawn, Francis Brister, Betty Browall, Kurt Brown, Billy Brown, John Brown, Rozanna Brubaker, Richard Bruce, Virginia Bryan, Mike Bryant, Karen Buchanan, Jerry Buckingham, Jim Bull, Kathleen Bimger, James Bunning, Richard Burleson, William Burnett, Wallace Burrell, Peggy Burzlander, Bonnie Busacker, ]. Rilev Bush, Billie Bush, George Bush, James Bussart, Ford Butler, Barbara Butler, W ' illiam Butters, Carohne Cadwallader, Rex Cain, William Cantlin, Margo Cargill, Kathe Carlson, Evelyn Carlson, Kenneth Cari enter, Ken Caraith, Derrel Castle, Fred Gates, Donley Chambers, Peggy Chase, Jerry Chasteen, Beverly Christensen, Ann Christiansen, George Church, Karen Clause, Marvin Cline, Gary- Cocking, Rodney Cole, Roger Collins, Shirley Collins, Thomas 329 Dean, Constance Convery, Eva Mae Cooper, Claudia Copland, Hodnett Copland, Ralph Cortez, Lillian Costello, Richard Cowley, Larry Craft, Robert Crosley, Carolyn Cross, Beverly Crum, David Dale, Charles Damrow, Bruce Dietz, Dai " vin Davis, Ken Davis, Terry Deane, James DeBeau, Richard Deeds, Oren Dolan, Gary Dernier, Diane Derr, Robert Despain, Carvel Devine, David Dietz, James Dominy, Mike Domson, Janice Donelson, Deborah Dowiatt, Christine Downs, Kleven Draskovich, Joseph Drew, B. K. Dudley, Bruce Dunbar, Karen Dimcan, Carol Dunn, Larry DuVall, Sharon Earnshaw, Christen Eaton, Jaci Eckhardt, Connie i ' Z Ehret, Barbara ' Einspahr, Gary Elhngford, Ted Elmore, William Emerich, Fred Engebretsen, Charles Epp, Robert Erickson, Kay Espy, Ken Faddis, John Falkins, Cleon Fasen, Karen Federer, Gerald Feighny, Eileen Feusner, LeRoy Fillman, Richard Fink, Kenneth Fitch, Marcia Flaherty, Edward Forbes, Clayton Fowler, Charles Friedlander, Jay Fritz, Doyl Fulton, Gary Gabardi, Roberta Caddis, Lawrence Garrett, James Gaulke, James Gaymon, Lee Geary, J. Bruce Georgis, Leslie 330 Cillord, Dick Cillaspie, Bruce Ciiii les, James (Joiiiez, Corina (iooch, Karen Goodsciimidt, Richard CJowan, John Crams, Allen (jrant, Douglas Cirant, Michael tiray, Aaron Greene, John Greenlee, Mary (Jreer, Dav( Groff, Brooke CIrove, Thomas Guthridge, Ray Gvvinn, Nancy Gysel, Gary Haberman, Joyce Hager, Mary Jo Haines, Dennis Halverson, Geffry Hanim, Joseph Hamm, Nancy Hanes, Sandra Hanks, Elmer Hansen, Frederick Hann, Peggy Hartman, Rodney Hatch, Tim Headd, Rex Heitz, Ned Henry, John Herzberg, Donna Huseas, Marion Hickman, William Hickman, Mark Highley, James Hiil, Parker Don ' t you ever quit, Jane! A e still have time before our real life begins Hillstead, Madge Hjerleid, Nord Hoadley, Rebecca Hodson, Jeffrey Holloway, Stan Holmstrand, James Holstedt, Marianne Horn, William Home, Ruth Anne Howard, Bradford Howard, Sally Howe, Susan Howery, Deidre Hunt, Robert Imeson, Sparky Inman, Roger Jeffries, Lawrence Johansen, Diane Johnson, Allen Johnson, Bob Johnson, Wayne Johnson, Jack Johnston, Matt Jones, James Joy, Gary Kaboord, Anthony Kasson, Loree Keefe, Kathleen Keener, James Kibbe, Jody King, Diana Kirol, Michael Ireland, Carl Jackson, John Jansen, Dorothy JefTerson, Robert »; fM Leon, taking an afternoon stroll down sorority row. our career choices vary as do our personalities 332 A e are ever patiently A aiting our turns We even have to wait in line to get into the Powder River Ball. ▲tfeHl Kleager, Jerry Kobelin, John Kocer, Gerald Kowlok, John Kozola, Kenneth Kramer, Gary Kramer, Mary Krezelok, Joan Kriz, Phyllis Krza, Paul Laible, Allen Lammey, Sammy Landers, Harvey Lane, James Lane, Nathalie Larrabee, Edward Larson, Cathy Larson, Jim Law, Wes Lawson, David Lawson, Kent Lawton, Larry Layton, Lee Lee, Gerald Tass, Leona Lessley, George Lewis, David Lepas, Deno Leone, Russel Light, Jim Lilly, James Linderman, Gary Long, Gary Long, Stephen Loop, Glenn Lord, Charles 333 Even the water is bad here! our numbers na iII storm the world Ludwig, Janet Lundvall, Larry Lynch, Marti Lynch, Jill McBride, Barbara McCoy, Pat McCullough, Rita McDaniel, John McDaniel, Marilyn McDonald, Douglas McDowell, Patricia McGarvin, William McGee, Michelle McGuigan, Robert Mcintosh, Eilene Mclntyre, Darel McKim, Irvin McWilliams, Jerry Mackey, Susan MacMillan, Hoke Macy, Mary Anne Madsen, Karen Mahoney, Mary Makens, Gary Maki, Judy Mallory, Larry Malo, Mary Lynn March, Karyn Marks, Jo Marsh, Keith Martin, John Martinez, Mary Mason, Marion Douglas, Melvin Metro, Charles Meyers, Molly Miller, Frederick Milliman, Brenda Mills, Sherry Minshall, David 334 Mitcham, George Mitchell, Robert Miyamoto, (ilenn Moberly, Shirley Moffit, Harold Montgomery, Henry Moore, Larry Morgan, Daniel Morrison, Larry Moses, Karen Mosser, Richard Mott, Allen Muller, Carol Murray, Barbara Myers, Robert Nagel, Susie Nash, Nelson Nelson, Harvey Nelson, Judith Nelson, Peter Nesson, Buck Noell, Frieda Numon, Babette Nunn, Jack Nussbaum, William Oakes, Robert Ohman, Carol Olson, Karen Osborne, Rod Oslund, Lane Oslund, Pete Owens, James Owen, Jay Pace, Darwin Painter, James Palmer, Dean Parker, Karen Parris, Robert Partridge, Beth Pasin, Jerome Patrick, Cathleen Payne, Mary Pearson, Dale Pederson, David Pennino, John Perrin, Gerri Peterson, Glenda Peterson, Mary Pfaff, Carl Phillips, William Pickinpaugh, Pam Pierson, Patricia Pitcher, Donna Plasters, Patricia Plunkett, Bruce Porter, Olive Portwood, Gladys Powers, Dennis Powers, Michael Propp, Nancy Prehoda, Donald Pringle, Marilyn Probst, Pamela Procanyn, Michael Profaizer, John Pulley, John Rafter, Mary Rathbun, Lyle Ratliff, John Reetz, David Reichert, Lynnette Rein, Richard 335 Rich, Terry Riedl, Richard Rhoades, Robert W ' 1 Riske, Don Robertson, Elizabeth Robbins, Bruce Rodenburg, Dennis Roderick, James Rodgers, Carolyn Rohn, Rick Romberg, Gary Romero, Joe Luthi, Rick Sohn, Harold Samuelson, Sam Sanchez, Arthur Sanchez, Marilyn Sanders, Doris Sanborn, Charles Sarvey, Michael Sawaya, William Parked, under the watchful eye of Lincoln. Saxton, Robert Schirk, Suzanne Schmidt, Ed Schmidt, Georgianna Schmidt, William Scholes, Terry Schrinar, Samuel Schultz, Carl Kkd " Scoggan, Allen Scott, Eugene Scott, Katherine Scott, Lynnda Sedey, Barbara Seebaum, William SensintafFer, Vivian Caroll, Servio Settell, Bruce Shelden, Dorothy Shelsta, Steve Shelton, David Shelton, Walter Shepard, Marvin Shields, Calvin Short, Ra y Shryack, Lynne Siek, Harold Siek, Robert Simmons, Mary Simoneini, Ernie Simpson, Hilda Simpson, Martha Sims, David Sims, Lorene Skirrow, Alden Smith, James Smith, Kristy Mutt and Jeff in disguise. A e are inspired by greater, A iser men " Don ' t you wish you were as cute as I am? " the search is just beginning It can ' t be distilled water! Smith, Robert Smith, Russell Snider, Linda Snyder, David Snyder, Sally Snyder, Robert Soine, Leslie Souders, Robert Spuhn, Carol Ann Siegel, Margaret Stahla, Betty Stahla, Bryon Staley, Gary Stalick, Barbara Stanberry, Barbara Stanberry, Joseph Stanko, Sheryl Starr, George States, Tom Stebner, Ken Steele, Corrine Stewart, Charles Stewart, Steven Stilwell, Glenda Stilwell, Shirley Stone, Susan Stone, Tim Stotts, Dennis Stoval, Bill Stover, Marilyn Stratton, Robert Stubbs, Diane Stumpif, Cindy Sumey, Robert Summers, Estelle Sundby, Andrea Swan, Ronald Swanson, Gene Swanson, William Swenson, Lorrie Swing, Lois Switalski, Bruce Taboada, Manuel Tardoni, Edward Taves, Barbara Thomas, Jack Thomas, Mary Thompson, Greg 338 tfrj4 (fetf Students journey to their final final. js .■ y ' ' -»• . ii «tf:i, ., Sv ; ' fe jJt - w Thompson, Susan Tliompson, Wes Tigert, Sudie Tippets, Ashby Titensor, Lois Todd, Lynn Moody, Torrey Toth, James Tranas, Richard True, Rebecca Trujillo, Tommy Tufts, Corinne Turk, Brookie Vanlnwegen, Kiel Van Pelt, Dyanne Vance, Victor Vialpando, June Vorpahl, Peter Voss, Gary Waliser, Darlene Wangnild, WiUiam Ward, Richard Webster, Ed Weems, Charles Wells, Douglas Wendling, Ron White, Philip Wiege, Keith Winger, Richard Williams, Lynda Wilson, Craig Wingerter, Norleen Wolford, Connie Woodmausee, Patricia Woody, Judith Wright, Dave Yenney, Robert Young, Edward Yount, James Yutesler, James Zakotnik, Jo Ann Zaversnik, Frank Zimmerman, Valter Zube, Doris Zuech, Cheryll Zuttermeister, Paul Reisch, Richard Rentz, Carla Jean Nr, ours is a qu lonrng age 339 jm »M ' ' hi ' - ' ■ p sophomores I ' m a sophomore — a member of the col- lege masses, i ' m frustrated but happy. I ' m caught in a social and Ihtellectual whirl that keeps my head spinning, i think i am getting dizzy . . 340 Aches(;n, Dan Adams, Michael Allaback, Ron Allen, Sarajcan Alk-n, Yo i Altstadt, Arlene Altschuler, Bruce Anderson, Jack Anderson, Jeanne Anderson, Susan Anker, Catherine Anselmi, Michael Armstrong, Judy Armstrong, Larry Arp, Gregory Al-Shamma, Assad Ausman, Karen Baker, Edward Baldwin, Elizabeth Bareiss, Lyle E. Baribeau, Alan Barnard, Robin Barrett, Robert Bartel, Erika Bartels, Michael Barter, JefFry Baston, Karla Bateman, Robert Battisti, Van Bedient, Steve Beitel, Robert Benz, Roberta Bengston, Gene Berg, Arlene Bertagnolli, Michael Bertot, Douglas Biggs, Sherrie Billings, Karen Bjorn, Donald Blake, Kathey Boatman, Marilyn Bock, Sara Bondar, Alexander Bostrom, David Bourke, Timothy Bradley, Thomas Bradshaw, Virginia Brainerd, Ronald NA e shall come to the world A ith a song Sold! To the little boy with his father ' s hand over his mouth. smiles an tears are our destiny Ready for the winter formal? Bray, Patti Bryant, Sheila Burzlander, B. Cavanaugh, R. Clark, Susan Cole, Lester Condron, Floyd Copland, Bill Curry, Daniel Brower, Trudy Burghardt, G. Busse, Robert Chavez, Luis Clark, Suzanne Cole, Randy Conrad, Vickie Cowart, Sharon Curtis, Roger Bruce, Carol Burns, Patricia Carlen, Vickie Chipp, Donald Clemens, Joyce Coleman, Don Conrad, Pamela Crabb, Barbara Darling, Ray Bruch, Thomas Burns, Janette Carlson, W. Clark, Mike Clymore, M. Coleman, Tom Cook, Michael Crossley, C. Darr, Carolyn Bryant, Loretta Burton, Wilmer Casey, Jean Clark, Norma Coe, Anne Conawav, C. Cooper, Nancy Crow, Patrick Davenport, A. 342 kdik Davis, Dinah Davis, Katliy Davis, Philip Dawdy, E. Marie Dawson, Dennis Day, Vicki Dean, Barbara DeBolt, Gary DeHart, Andra Delaurante, Kathleen Denton, Diane Denzin, Bcjnnie Dilley, Jean Driscoll, Kathleen Dobson, Donna Dodge, Joann Doherty, Francis Doughty, Judy Douglass, R. W. Dudley, David Dueweke, Lawrence Dunn, Sharon Duran, Donald Duvall, Cheryl East, Ellen Eckhardt, George Edmiston, John Edmunds, Sandra Edwards, David Edwards, Martha Elliott, Marie EUiott, C. Patric Ellington, Shirley Ellis, Susan Else, Jean Erickson, Marilyn Esslinger, William Esquibel, Edward Farmer, Chuck Farmer, James Foss, Gaela Fiero, Kathy Fisher, Patricia Fitzgerald, Patrick Foster, Richard Foster, Robin Franz, Barbara Frederick, Arthur Fresorger, Robert Frost, Linda Gaddis, Thomas Gallbreath, Patricia GaUinger, John Garcia, Jerry Gardner, Robert Gamess, Gail Garrett, Mike Garrison, Cheryl Roland. Gar ' Gatch, Dan Gerard, Steven Gibbs, John Gish, Richard Goddard, Greg Gonzales, Mar ' Gordon, Richard Gosswiller, Jill Grandia, Larry Groshart, Michael Green, Carol Griffith, John Grimm, Barry 343 Grossart, Barbara Grover, Ada Marie Gulmon, Gretchen Hadley, Virginia Hagedorn, Carlene Halin, Judy Hahn, Nick Hamilton, Lynn Hamilton, Patricia Hamilton, Patricia Hamm, Pamela Hammond, Loy Hammond, Robert Hampton, Kathy Hanken, Tom Hanson, Karen Hansen, Janet Hanson, Deana Hanson, Keith Hanson, Priscilla Harbin, Rebecca Harrell, Dinah narrower, Ruth Hastings, Robert Healy, Michael Heath, Karen Hendershot, Leslie Hendrickson, Janice Henry, Carma Heustis, Mary Hewitt, Quinton Higgins, James Hill, Kent Hillman, Mark Hitchcock, Judi Hobbs, Jerre Holcomb, Fred Hollingsworth, William Holscher, Lynn Holmes, Carolyn Hooper, Bonnie Horsburgh, William Hoschover, Connie Howard, Sandra Howes, Marsha Huckins, Kathy Hudelson, James Hudson, Gary Humphery, Lester Hutchinson, Glenna Hutchinson, Wendell Israel, Glenda Jackson, Gary Jackson, Judy Jairell, Ronald Japp, Ken Jeffers, Jacqueline Jennings, Dave Jensen, Bruce Jensen, Gary Johnson, Beth Johnson, Dean Johnson, L. Kent Johnson, Michael Johnson, Nancy Jones, Penny Jones, William Joslyn, Richard Journet, Judith Julian, Truman Juraco, Zinka Jurgens, John 344 Kahlon, Harbajan Kalinouski, Thaddeus Kaufinian, Kathie Kaufholz, Advard Kaurno, Buddy Keelan, Richard Kemp, Nancy Keenan, Bob Keenan, Kathleen Kellums, Neva Kemnitz, Susan Kia-Koojouri, Tooraj Kilfoy, Farrel Kilgore, Jonnie Kimble, Thomas Kincaid, Beth Kingham, Tom Kirchhof, Robert Kirkbride, Jon Klahn, Leslie Kloefkorn, Gary Klunder, Susan Knapp, Detmer Knapp, Vicki Knepke, Duane Knott, Allen Knouse, Dana Knowles, Peggy Knudsen, Laurie Koch, Katherine Kochmann, Robert Koritnik, Donald Krahl, Marjorie Kramer, Mary Krieg, Virginia Kurtz, Catherine Kvveder, Keith Lamphere, Marc Lantz, Tom Larrabaster, Jeanne I have got to find a ift we must take time out for mundane activities . Larson, Terrence Larson, Lawrence Tracy, Leah Lepponen, Linda LeRoy, Michael Lesser, John LLndley, Lew Lindsey, Virginia Linford, Alan Livingston, Judy Lobel, Susan Long, Glenda Long, Jerry Long, John Lovejoy, Charles Lowe, Toni Lush, Jerry Lute, Robert Lybarger, Glen Lyon, Gary Lytle, Curtis McBride, Carol McCann, Kenneth McCann, Peggy McClellan, Deborah McCleskey, Michael McCollum, Robert McCormick, Terry McCullough, Mike McDaniel, Gary McDill, Tom McDowell, Kathi McCarvin, Vicki McGee, Chuck McKay, Colleen McKendry, WiHiam Which way is downr thou often didst A ith academic praise . . . 346 melt and dissolve my rage — Herbert Round dancing 301 F. McMinn, Marsha McKinney, Nancy McLaughlin, Mary McLeari, Charles McMahon, Joanne McMillan, EHzabeth McNamara, Jack McNutt, James McPhee, Hugh McPherson, Greg McReynolds, Judith Madison, Gary Magagna, Mary Maher, Robert Mahlum, Arnold Marquiss, Douglas Marsh, Maxine Martin, James Mason, Donna Marthole, Stuart Martir sen, Sherry Materi ' , Mary Mathews, Mary-Bob Maupin, Kerry Mead, Cathy Mecca, Donna Meike, Helen Meroney, Sondra Metzger, Paula Meyer, Robert Meyers, Thomas Michel, Cheryl Mikkelsen, Christine Miller, Bruce Miller, Leslie Miller, Thomas 347 ' " jr fi- iyt» .c w«5 ii. 8SsiS vc5cs ' ' kt x tiys: .i . . fc ' m ' " k ' All together now 1-2-3! our music shall be the lanquaqe of the world Milton, Don Mishkind, Joanne Mohr, Gay Monsson, George Montgomery, Sheryl Moore, John Mosegard, Wayne Morehouse, Linda Moser, Lynn Moses, Sue Moss, Norman Messinger, Bob Mott, Charles Mulcare, Linda Murdock, Nancy Matteson, Alice Naus, Michael Neater, Daine Nelle, Juha Nelson, ClifF Nelson, Kent Netherton, Betsy Nettles, Pat Newton, Eric Newton, Charles Nick, James Nick, Nancy Nicklaus, Ronald Black, Nicholas Nicholls, James Nida, Gary Nielson, Marie Niethammer, Susan Noble, Ann Norfolk, Joseph Noyes, Jon Nuttall, Marvin Nye, Carol Oberwager, Michele O ' Conner, Terrance 348 Ogg, Paul Olson, Adele Olson, Gary O ' Neill, Michael Palmer, John Parker, Janet Parkins, Leonard Patrick, John Paules, Miriam Payne, Cheryl Peck, Michelle Pederson, Cheryl Penfold, Larry Peryam, Steve Peterson, Dorothy PhiUips, Bob Piene, Erik Pierantoni, Joseph Plunkett, Iris Poage, Jim Polhamus, Barbara Potter, Ken Pouttu, Helen Priebe, Carlta Puckett, Jim Quealy, Mike Rabou, Joan Rand, Charles Randle, Ronald Rambo, Sandy Redmond, Marjorie Reed, Agnes Reed, Jana Reed, Lana Rehm, Eileen Remster, James Reussen, Richard Riddle, Philip Riemer, Dianne Rinker, Pat Rios, Dan Roach, Gayle Roberts, Carolyn Roberts, Linda Robertson, Robin Robinson, Robert Roper, Charles Rosenthal, Nancy Rouse, Beth Rowell, Catherine Rudedge, J. Kent Sample, Martin Sams, Linda Sanchez, WilHam Sandberg, Beverly Sandorf, Carole Sanger, Kathy pantoni, Gary ' Savage, Robert Sawyer, Jon I Scarlett, Ruth ' Schafer, Mary iSchunover, Bonnie Schnackenburg, Karl Schneider, Diane Schrul, Kaye Schulz, Carl Schwidder, Wilham Scott, Kathleen Seeley, Bruce Selle, Terrance Selman, Robert 349 ' Aim . Seneshale, Trudy Shawver, Charles Shelley, Ben Shellhaas, Betsy Shepperson, Jerry Shewalter, Steven Shipp, Gary Skinner, Ann Simpson, Jim Smalley, Martha Smith, Allen Smith, C. James Smith, Jerry Smith, Kathy Smith, Michael Smith, Nancy Smith, Richard Smith, Peter Speights, Richard Spencer, Teresa Spicer, Sue Splittgerber, Angle Stanfield, John Steadman, Shirley Stephen, Richard Stephenson, Allan Stevenson, Richard Stewart, Karel Stipe, Herb Stockhause, Robert Stoll, Stephen Stratch, Neil Stratch, Noel Stroh, Michael Swanson, Joan Swanson, Marva Talieh, Gary Telander, Gary Thelen, David Thompson, Cody Thompson, Waive Thorburn, John Thrune, Garolyn Tilton, Arthur Titensor, George Tollefsen, Dag Toomer, Timothy Torkelson, Dick Tracy, Lynn Tranas, Donald Trask, Patricia %A1M Trethewey, Bob Uberuaga, Nichael Van Buren, Robert Van Court, Stephen V Anne Coe after a hard day at Indianapolis ' s 500. A e are the hope of future years Wyo Hall ' s national pastime. Van Klauveren, Sandra Van Pelt, Douglas VanPelt, Richard Vassos, Donald Vines, Allen Vonburg, Rick Von Krosigk, Gary Vore, Janet Voss, Thomas Wages, James Wagner, Tommy Walsh, Jerry Watson, Richard Watson, Richard Way, Gary Webb, Charles Webster, WiUiam Weedman, Carol Weeks, James Weickum, Ronald Wells, Rob Wetzler, James Whelan, Toni Whitaker, Torrence White, Foster White, Janice White, William Whitehiurst, Ben Whittington, Jan Wickam, Gary Wieland, Gary Wiese, Bennett Wiley, Corliss Wilkerson, Ralph Wilkins, Gerald Williams, James Williams, John Williams, Sandy Wilson, Betsy Wilson, George Wilson, Martha Wilson, Sandra Wilson, Terry Winchester, David With, Vernon Wittrock, Mike Wolf, Charlene Wolf, Gerald Wood, Vernon Woodbury, John Worth, Larry Wrage, Gary Wray, Linda Wright, Karen Wright, Thomas Yarbrough, David Yates, Andrea Yelvington, Julia Young, Wendy Ziltener, Karl Zocco, Vincent Zueck, Laura Zwickl, Mike last, but certainly not least... 352 freshmen i ' m a freshman; a beanie-wearer, a seat number in zoology 30lf, and a sub-under- classman, i ' m just beginning the long trek; i ' m trapped and confused . . . momentarily - PfWJ?:E »tFS«rf« -«. ' . fpyi « J . ' iX. ' »- 353 Abell, Stanton Ablard, Marilyn Acevedo, Alice Adams, Barbara Adams, Ernest Adamson, Linda Adeock, Corey Adolphson, Rebecca Adovnik, Miriam Ahern, Thomas Albanese, Arlene Allan, Michael Allen, Charles Allen, Connie Allen, Diane Allen, Edward Al-Sheref, Bashar Anastos, Dee Jay Anderson, Edwin Anderson, Jim Anding, Marlene Andrews, Timothy Angen, Donald Appleby, Karen Arledge, Linda Armstrong, Cail Arnoux, James Arterburn, Sue Asbell, Mickey Ashley, La Donna Asman, Alice Ashmore, Ronald Bailey, Andrew Bailey, Janet Bailey, Linda Bailey, Robert Baker, Williams Bancroft, Sharon Banek, William Banta, Deborah Barnard, Susan Barnes, Stephen Barnes, Susann Barney, Sandra Barr, Janet Barrus, Chad Bartels, Emrie Bartsch, Jim Bassing, Shirley Bastian, Janet Bauerlein, Peter Baur, Linda Baxter, Janis Baxter, Richard Bayo, Cristine Beach, William Beasley, Marc Beckstead, Ray Bedord, Charles Belew, Barbara Bell, Ronald Bellamy, William Beller, Lynda Bennett, Anna Bennet, Ingrid Bentzen, Stella Benz, Jean Berry, David Bertagnolli, JoAnn Bihr, Georgia Bihr, Jerry Binning, Charles 354 l!t •N ■ -T- The high-flying Cowboys take off for the Army game. Bishop, Naomi Blankenship, M. Bogart, Harold Borgmeyer, S. Bishop, Ray Bhizek, Tom Bohl, Paul Borino, Dave Bishop, Roger Bleamer, N. Boice, Marg Bourn, Cherri Bitner, Dave Bloss, Marian Boloman, Alice Bozner, Marilyn Bivens, E. Blumberg, B. Bolton, Bonnie Brandt, Mike Black, John Blumenthal, C. Bonar, LeTisha Bray, Jon Blair, Nancy Boehnke, Rex Bond, Deborah Brayles, Dan Blankenship, J. Bogart, Allen Bond, Jane Breeden, C. Breihan, D. Bridger, Jim Briggs, Mary Briggs, Steve Brigham, E. Brinson, Jana Brittain, KerrA- Brod, Paul ' Brosius.Dannis Brown, Diane i have places to go, people to see and things to do 355 Brown, Joyce Brown, Linda Blown, Lyle Brown, Mark Brown, Michael Brown, Raymond Brown, Robert Brown, Robert Brown, Wylie Bryhn, Tor Bryan, Nancy Bryant, Sharon Bunker, Kerry Bush, Michael Busch, Richard BuUias, Bruce Bullock, Rodney f Burditt, Forest Burke, Judy Burslem, Robert Burwell, Robert Byrne, Jack Byram, James Calkins, Ardys Callahan, Claudia Canfield, Linda Capps, Charles Carlson, Susan Cariaso, Charlynn Carlson, John Carrier, Chris Carroll, Canda ce Carroll, Cynthia Carroll, Michael Carollo, James Carpenter, Betty Carson, Miles Casey, Sean Cavalli, James Ceretto, William Campbell, Mari Chaves, Mike Cheatham, Linda Chadwick, Carol Cheekier, Ray Christensen, Linda Christensen, Robert Christensen, Steven Christensen, Wayne Clark, Mary Clawson, Daniel dinger, Mike Clay, Carroll Cocks, Charles Coles, Gary Cole, Kennetli Collin, Carl Collins, Loren Combs, Linda Comin, Verda Concannon, Paul Conkey, Steven Conley, Phil Connaghan, Anne Conners, Pat Young, David Conwell, Paula Cook, Kim Coonrod, Mary Ann Cooper, Cary Cooper, Shirley Coppes, Jeff Comwell, Cynthia Costantino, Dennis Cotten, Dan ' Kd Cover, Robert " J D Cowper, Wendy Cox, Melvin Coykendall, Janet Crane, Frances Cji Cranney, Lee Crawford , Louise Crittenden, Martha Cross, Jock Cross, Gerald Crouch, Wilham Crump, Reuben Culbertson, John Cully, Leola Cunningham, Thomas Curd, Cathie Irvin, Custer Cuthbertson, Janet Cypert, Robert D ' Abbraccio, Deanna Dablemont, Sandi Daly, John Danaher, Martha Daniels, Richard Darling, Eileen Darling, Ronald Darrough, Ray L. Daulton, Everett Davis, Cynthia Davis, Dede Davis, Diana Davis, Rebecca Day, Helen Dean, Mary Deaver, Charles Deffenbaugh, Diarm DeGabain, Carolyn Deida, Peter Deines, Paul DeLancey, Maureen Deleew, Carla Dashler, Terry Desmond, Mike Despain, Ray Despain, Varian At last — a vacation Dessert, Patty Detimore, Linda Diercks, Connie Dietz, Colleen Dillon, Martha Dockter, Richard old mascots never die . . .they just fade away Swing your partner and promenade by trials A e shall succeed Doerr, Craig Dorsett, Donn Dougherty, Sharon Dout, Ray Drake, Connie Draska, Steven Dombrowski, Wilham Dueweke, Herman Duncan, Freeman Dunwoody, Dennis Duran, Alfonso Durkee, James Dumil, Jerome Dwinell, Margaret Dykstra, Judith Eckhardt, Tammy Edwards, Bonnie Edwards, Janice Edwards, Karyn Edwards, Joy Eittreim, Carlton Ellenbecker, Ann Ellenberger, Claudia Elliott, Gary Elhot, Patric Elliot, Stephen Ellsbury, Lynn Elrod, Bob Elsom, Jerry Elvick, Allen Entsniinger, John Erickson, Lee Estabrook, James Etchaverry, Judy Evans, Cynthia Evans, James 358 Everett, Rod Fackrell, James Fagnant, Marie Falk, Donna Farmer, Robert Farris, Clyde Feagler, Roger Feeley, John Feltner, Paula F elter, Terry Ferguson, Rob Ferrero, Rick Ferrin, Connie Fernau, Margy Lou Feutz, Roy Fink, Daniel Finley, Fred Fiorelli, Billy Fisher, Susan Fitzgerald, James Fitch, Judith Fleak, Wanda Fleck, Richard Flohr, Tom Foltz, Margery Foster, Terry Fowler, Frank Fox, Dennis France, Dwight France, Sherrod Freeman, Harold Freemole, Carole Fetsco, Nancy Frey, Jim Woods, Dennis Frerichs, Phyllis Frost, Chris Frost, Jeff Fread, Gary Fry, Karen Fujikawa, Wrighl Fuller, Thomas Frulong, Daniel Gabriel, Roberta Gallemore, Gay Gano, Diana Gaskins, Linda Gatti, John Gorrell, NLar ' Garrett, Joann Garris, Vicki Gates, Kirby Gaulke, Michael Gay, Stephen Gehl, Charlie Gent, Carol Sheaman, Gerald Geraud, Maureen George, Jeni Gianola, Cheryd Gieseler, A ' ' illiam Gibbs, Jo Ann Gifford, Eva Gilbert, Katlileen Giles, Sarah Gilkison, Kaye Gillespie, Margarie Gillespie, Mike Gillett, Roger Gilmore, James Gilpin, Jo Anne Goff, Harrv- Gold, Robert Gonzales, Jean Goodarzi, Mortezo Goodrich, Susan Goodson, Ralph Gordon, Lynn Gordon, Vickie Grant, Barbara Green, Sharon 359 Cress, Donna Griff, Danny Grimm, Shirley V, V «k. " W ' ' H- ' ,« . If you think I can hit an A . . . as songs ring out — the air is filled with music 360 Gronewald, Sally Grover, Warren Gullett, Barbara Gunther, Stephen Guse, Paul Haag, Teff Hagen, Tneo Haire, Richard Halfpenny, James Hall, Roger Halstead, Janet Hamel, Kirby Hamilton, David Hamm, John Hammel, Barry Handel, Kathleen Hansard, David Hanson, Carl Hanson, Carol Hanson, Karen Hansen, Richard Hanewald, William Haratyk, Randall Harebo, Kathryn Harlan, Charlotte Heinle, Janies Henderson, Thomas Herbert, Edmond Hermansen, Jerry Harpool, Jon Harris, Patricia Harris, Ray Harrison, Joel Harrison, Yvonne Harrop, Frances Harvey, John Harvey, Marjoric Hart, James Hart, Fred Hutchings, David Haverick, Sharon Haun, Robert Heaton, Bob Heckert, Dennis Heckart, Mary Heine, Sheri Heiner, Bob Henaman, Linda Hensen, Linda Herboldsheimer, Cilia Herring, Jo Herzberg, Muff Hess, Kenneth Hewitt, Henry Hedderman, Tina Helvey, Susan Highfill, Mary Hight, Jean Hill, David Hull, Lytton Hill, Susan Hill, T(jm Hill, Tony Hillard, Karen Hillhouse, Claude Hilton, Kathy Hindmarsh, Kathy Hipsher, Woodrow Hitchcock, Penny Hitchcock, Ruth Hoblit, Jan Hobson, JoAnn Hoffman, Cindy Holdeman, Clinton Haldeman, Joe Holm, Roy Homar, Linda Hones, Kathleen Horton, Janet Hosick, Frank Howard, Gary Griffin, Howard Howard, Larry Howell, Richard Howell, Romaine Hoza, Jeffrey Hvastkovs, Gunars Hubbard, Linda Hubbell, Robert Hudson, Edward Huey, Eugene Hughes, Douglas Huffman, Oliver Humpal, Mary Hunt, Janelle Hyer, Janell Impey, Katherine Ingle, Charles Irvine, Beverly Jackson, Barbara Jackson, Diane Jacobs, Robert Jacoby, Peter James, Margaret Jamieson, J. C. Jamieson, Marv ' Jarvis, Terry Janzen, Roxann Jay, Catherine Jay, Robert Jeffreys, Steve Jeffery, William Jenkins, Marilyn John, Cher ' l Johns, Michael Johnsen, Ellen Johnson, Elwin Johnson, Glenn Johnson, Michael Johnson, Mirian Johnson, Patsy Johnson, Ruth Johnston, Jane Johnston, Joe Johnston, Sherry oo-i Jones, Larry- Jones, Nancy Jones, Paul 362 Jones, Robert Jordan, Dana Joslyn, Thomas Joyner, Susan Julian, Kathryn Julian, Ronnie Kaan, Keith Kanter, Gary Katana, Edward Kaufholz, Gary Kaufman, David Kay, Nancy Kearns, Thomas Keaton, Frank Kechter, Linda Keefe, Cara Keefe, Tom Keenan, James Keener, Richard Kefler, Charles Keller, Richard Bruce, Kent Kerper, Jill Kersh, Ron Kessler, Colleen Kester, Rebecca Kilzer, Bobbie Kindelberge, Phil Kincaid, Carrie King, Marsha Kirkwood, Mary Kissler, Gary Kline, Shannon Knickerbocker, Niki Knifer, Sharon Knight, Fred Knight, Richard Kocer, James Koester, Robert Kohrs, Ben Korsvold, Jan-Erik Koski, Kirt Kost, Richaicl Krakauer, Karol Kramer, Gayle Krieg, Nedra Krummrich, Jeriy Kruse, Garol Kunkel, Jerald Kuntzman, Bill Lacey, Fred LaDick, Linda LaFata, Leonard Lammey, Keith Lamphere, Dale Landers, James Lang, Cherie Lang, Linda Lapp, John Larchick, Gale Larson, Bruce Larson, Glen Larson, Ridge Lauk, Elizabeth Laush, Linda Law, Raymond Lawrence, Sandra Lay, Patti Lazzaro, Frank Leafdale, Linda Leathers, Robert Lebsack, Gary Labsock, Diane LeClair, Bobbie Ledig, Susan Lee, Terri Leisk, Robert Leister, Barbara Lemley, J. Steve Lesco, Don d ' Amk 1 , . f -( - A Mk. v V MacDonnell, James Mack, Carol MacManus, Christine Levin, Sandy Lewis, Janice Lewis, Josepli Lewis, Sandra Libljy, Norman Lij ht, Elissa Lindquist, Michael Link, Paul Livingstone, Allen Lockman, John Lockhart, Charles Long, Cathy Long, Charles Long, Jeffrey Long, John Long, William Loos, Orin Lorge, David Lavato, Gerald Loveland, Kent Lowhan, James Lowry, David Luce, Roseanne Ludens, John Lundberg, Elaine Lutgen, Sondra Lyke, Richard McAleenan, Mary McBride, Debbie McBride, Louis McCarthy, Byron McCarthy, Rita McClenahan, Susan McClew, Sharon McCormick, Jack McCoy, Michael McCreadie, Jane McCullali, Dennis McDonald, Gene McFarland, Brad McKamey, David McKelvey, Garland McKim, Louis McMillan, Ehzabeth McWilliams, Maura McNamera, Vallie Ma, Raymond MacAdam, Ellen Playing field hockey on the other side of the prison fence. Madden, Dennis Maffeo, Katie Magagna, Joan Maher, Bob J Mailander, Mark y Martens, James A e are the life of the university I , I cannot tell a lie; I chopped it down. Mannon, Linda Mapp, Johnny Markley, Donna Marlar, Susan Marshall, Jon Mahlum, Marshall Marshall, Steve Martindale, Everett Martin, Michael Martin, Trudy Mikel, Mar ty Marvel, Merrill Masterson, Sue Mason, Jim Mason, Julie Massie, Mary Jane Mast, Jean Mathes, George Mathes, Sally Matthews, John Matthews, Richard Matson, Sharon Mattila, Victoria Mattix, Larry Mauch, Steven Maushak, William Maxson, Mary Mayberry, James Meatheringham, George Melander, Arne Merideth, Tim Miceli, Jim we have only just begun . . . Mikkelson, Susan Milburn, Ardis Milburn, Robert Miller, Reed 364 Miller, James Miller, Valerie Milmont, Gerald Mitchell, Joan Montez, Julie Montj oniery, David Montgomery, Paul Montaro, Danny Moody, Judy Moore, Carol Moore, Clifford Moore, Dorthea Moore, Janet Moore, Kathy Moore, Richard Moore, Tom Moorman, Mary Morasch, Candy Morgenson, Carole Morgan, Charlotte Morgan, David Morgan, Judy Morgan, Jeralyn Morgan, Newlin Morgan, Stephen Mori, Robert Morez, Teri Morris, Richard Morrison, Linda Mrazek, Carolyn Mounsey, Mark Muchmore, Charles Mueller, Andy Mueller, Fred Mueller, Nancy Muething, Charles Mulhall, Patrick Mullens, James Munson, Carole Muntz, Michelle Murdock, Michael Murphy, John Murray, Linda Murphy, Timothy Myer, Celinda Myles, William Norman, Bob Nordin, Donald Noel, Judith Nishwitz, J. Michael Nickerson, Carol Nicholson, Ford Nicholson, Lana Quealy, Ahce Nicholls, Robert Nelson, Sue Nagel, Edwin Namtvedt, Carol Nelson, Dan Nelson, Kirk Northness, Jo Anna Novotny, William Nowell, Leslie Nowlin, Mark Nydegger, Doug Nystrom, Marilyn O ' Brien, ' illiam Odde, Joyce O ' Donley, Glenna O ' Donnell, Barbara Odson, Bruce Okamoto, Melvin Olivas, Sally Opstedahl, Gene Orth, James Oslund, Paul Ottennan, Glenn Ota, Diane Overstreet, Peggy Owens, Charles Pace, Shirley 365 Pacheco, Henry Paff, ' endy Page, Christie Palm, Jerry Parker, David Parker, Molly Pamelee, Sue Pannell, Fred Pappas, Larry Parker, Everett Parr, Renee Parsons, George Patik, Edward Passey, Russell Patrick, Calvin Patrick, Patricia Patrick, Robert Paul, Ronald Pavlica, Michael Paxton, Alan Pearson, Lynn Pearson, Robert Penman, Curt Penny, Patty Perkins, Roger Perry, Lawrence Perry, Sheila Persons, Diana Peterson, Rena Peterson, Dixie Peterson, Judy Petroski, Roger Phelps, Mary Phillips, James Phillips, Mike Pierce, Geraldine Pierson, Marilyn Plew, Steven Plunkett, James Poage, Judy Poage, Elaine Podlesnik, Daniel Poelma, Rose Porter, Bill Porter, Fred Porter, Lonnie Potter, Terry Potts, John Poush, Gary Powell, Greg Prahl, Karen Prather, Brenda Preuss, Greg Pricco, Vickie Primmer, Lorraine Pringle, Kathryn Pulley, Kent Pulsipher, Michael Purcella, Burt Puskar, Carole Raczykowski, Tom Rader, William Rahime, Mohammed Ramsey, Jean Ramsey, June Rowland, David Ray, Mardale Raymond, Richard Read, John Reed, Corinne Reed, David Reed, Donna Reed, Greg Reese, Gregory Reetz, Jeffrey Reeves, Hazel Reisig, Reita Reiter, Richard Repshire, Darrel Reynolds, James 366 Rhodes, Kay Rhodes, Susan Rice, Bonnie fm ' ' " 3 wL ' kWmk mmk f bhI wr- it . Richardson, Susan Richardson, Quint Rickcrt, Larry Rison, Lynette Rivera, John Robh, Douglas Rol)l)ins, James Robertson, Garth Robinson, Joel Roljinson, Larry Robinson, Saudi Roblcs, Diane Rochhtz, Carol Rohn, Nancy Rogers, Jack Rogers, Linda Rogers, Ronald Rohmer, Robert Roland, Gary Romero, Henry Rosendahl, Wayne Rosenthal, Martha Rossetti, William Ross, James Ruch, JoEUen Rueckert, Janet Russell, Robert Russell, Sherry Russick, Susan Rymill, Richard Samuels, Sally Sanchez, Ray Sandberg, Carl Sandage, Gary Sant, Stanton Sasse, Darlene Sather, Richard Satterfield, Richard Saul, Mike Saunders, Gordon V Savidge, Thomas Schafer, Harry Schatz, Wayne I ' m so tired . . . and it ' s only 2:00 p.m. Schlessman, Libby Schlitt, Leslie Schmidt, John Schrader, Donald Worley, Sandra Wright, Judy fkA% Yahn, Paula Yaroch, Dennis York, James freshmen pledge to continue tradition We can ' t possibly put all these skis on here. Schubert, Mark Schwarz, Robert Schwindt, Jerry Scoggin, Larry Scott, Douglas Scott, Steve Scranton, Pam Seabury, Greg Seahom, Earl Seeley, Bruce Sellenrick, Gary Sewchak, Andrew Shaffer, Carl Shaffer, W. J. Shankel, Robert Shaw, Vicki Sheen, Linda Shelby, William Sheldon, Jamie Sherman, Sharolyn Shields, Isabelle Shindeldecker, David Shoemaker, Michael Shook, Steven Seedenburg, Vance Sievers, Robert Simmins, Gary Simmons, Lynne Simonsen, Stein Simonini, Butch Simpson, Kay Simpson, Michael Sinclair, Nancy Smith, Bonnie Smith, Carole Smith, Chuck Smith, Gary Smith, Gregory Smith, Jennifer Smith, Ken Smith, Robert Smith, Sharen Sneesby, Gregory Snesrud, Karen Snow, Stephen Somer, Delmar Somsen, Sylvia Spann, Earl Spear, Merry Spencer, Gary Spiker, Keith Spotts, Edward 368 Spragg, Sherry Spriggs, John Spurlock, Stephen Stalcup, Michael Stallings, Daryl Stanford, Donna Stanko, Rudy Starkey, Joe Starrs, William StauHer, Jean Slavish, John Steerc, Betty Steiner, Terry Stevens, Lanny Stevenson, Cyndi Banner, Stewart Stewart, Phil Stillen, David Stocking, Robert Stocks, Shirley Stone, Cindy Storti, Craig Strom, Marilyn Stovall, Richard Stout, Philip Stout, Thelma Strasheim, Patty Sugano, Glenn Suits, Robert Sullivan, Patt Sutich, Jacqueline Sutler, Nick Sutton, John Swallow, Eugene Swanzy, Jack Swarm, Charles Swartz, Linda Tamaresis, Denise Tamayo, John Tarbell, Linda Taylor, Carol Taylor, Marsha Terry, Toni Tharp, Jennifer Thelen, Frank Thobro, Nancy Thomas, Frank Thomas, Sandra Thompson, Frank Thompson, Douglas Thompson, Tim Thome, Dan ' rhomhill, Richard Thorpe, Michael 369 Tully, Joe Tiller, James Titmus, Robert Titensor, Janet Titus, Lynne Tomberline, Terry Tom in gas, Bryan Tompkins, Daniel Trabing, Naney Trefren, Dennis Trowe, Robert Trudil, David Turner, Joe Turner, Maxine Turner, Michael Underwood, Jane Utter, Bonnie Van Buskirk, Vicki Voelker, James Van Gundy, Scott Veliner, Nancy Voigt, Gregg Von Arx, Joe Vosler, Elaine Warner, Bob Warner, Bonnie Wagner, Daniel Wagner, Douglas Wagner, Gerald Wagner, Jennifer Wales, Alyce Walker, Jerry Walker, Karen Walker, Sandra Walkkuri, Karma Wallace, Linda Walsen, Janet Walton, Louise Wambeke, Daniel Wasson, Douglas Watson, Tom Watts, Paul Way, Patty Weaver, Ann Weller, William Weisert, Robert Welch, Jeanne Welch, Jerry Welde, Lovella Weller, Steven Wells, Linda Wells, Virginia Westberg, Carol White, Dawn White, Timothy Whitlock, Ann Whitney, Karen Wiant, Peggy Wickstrom, Lee Wilcox, Larry Wildermuth, Lynn Willey, Mary Williams, Clement Williams, Dennis Williams, JoAnn Williams, Lynda Williams, Suzanne Wilson, Jimmy Wilson, John Wilson, Leslie Wilson, Peri Kay Wilson, Robert Wilson, Shirley Wilson, Thomas Wilson, Warren Wing, Jill _„ Winland, Robert .3 0 Wiseman, Chris Witters, Judy Wong, Nelson I930 i-h- n " ' ■Aiin - -. " iteiaw .. congratulations to the 1966 graduates. You are now alums — we ' ll miss seeing you around the " ole Campus Shop. " years welcome back all the rest of you students in the fall of 1966. " Your business is our business. " the campus shop The Campus Shop has been serving the students, alumni, and the people of Laramie and ' yoming for 42 years, with the finest in service and food. plus 1001 items come in and look around school supplies sweatshirts jackets souvenirs magazines sundries Open 7 days a week — Phone 745-7281 From 7:00 a.m. to 1 0:30 p.m. 1 108 Ivinson Avenue Laramie, Wyoming 371 Yes, University Bookstore Has Everything (Almost) BOOKS " A book- centered store on a book- centered campus. " We are proud of the book de- partment we have provided for you. We stock all required textbooks. We hope you w acquaint yourself with the many ref- erence and " help " books in our stock. 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Abell, Stanton 354 Ablard, Marilyn 263, 354 Acar, Yavuz 307 Acevedo, Alice 84, 354 Acheson, Daniel 110,341 Acker, Alfred 328 Ackerman, William 112, 268, 313 Adams, Larbara 354 Adams, Donald 313 Adams, Ernest 354 Adams, George 313 Adams, Lynn 251 Adams, Michael 341 Adamson, Linda 354 Adcock, Corey 112, 354 Addington, Douglas 328 Adolphson, Rebecca 267, 354 Adovnik, Miriam 354 Ahern, Thomas 354 Ahlstrom, Bert 110, 328 Al Abed, Ziad 248, 274 Alami, Abbass 328 Alami, Hamza 313 Alanko, Jerome 270 Albanese, Arlene 84, 354 Alburn, Candace 73, 90, 328 Alburn, Gary 118,307 Alexander, Bernard 114,268,328 Alibrandi, Toseph 251, 258, 313 Allaback, Ronald 112,341 Allan, Michael 121,354 Allard, Bret 248, 249 Allbert, Olyn 246,313 Alleman, Darryl 169 Allen, Gharles 120, 255, 354 Allen, Gonnie 84, 354 Allen, Diane 354 Allen, Edward 250,354 Allen, Sarajean 88, 302, 341 Allison, James 328 Allison, Kathlynn 313, 345 Alrawi, Hussain 307 Alshamma, Assad 274, 341 Alsheref, Bashar 100, 354 Alsko, John 246 Altstadt, Arlene 341 Altschuler, Bruce 108, 341 Amend, Donald 283, 288, 313 Amundson, Gordonna 328 Anastos, Diana 354 Andersen, Phyllis 287 Anderson, Garl 328 Anderson, Edwin 354 Anderson, Hugh 103, 328 Anderson, James, G 307 Anderson, James 104, 112,354 Anderson, Jeanne 341 Anderson, John 118,290,341 Anderson, Louis 246 Anderson, Margaret 313 Anderson, Rowan 247 Anderson, Susan 269,341 Anderson, William 328 Anding, Marlene 354 Andrew, Bailing 354 Andrews, Bruce 283 Andrews, Glaire 283, 307 Andrews, Kenneth 104, 313 Andrews, Timothy 354 Andvik, Thor 328 Aneiros, Daniel 249, 287 Angen, Donald 354 Anger, Wyndham 254 Anker, Catherine 96, 341 Annala, Sonya 243 Anselmi, Michael 114,242,274,341 Appel, Warren 247, 259 Appleby, Karen 354 Archibald, Garolyn 313 Archibald, William 307 Archuleta, Garl 313 Arden, Ellen 94,328 Argento, Larry 328 Arledge, Linda 86,354 Armstrong, Gail 354 Armstrong, Judith 341 Armstrong, Larry 118,313,341 Armstrong, Suzanne 96, 230, 292, 328 Arnieri, Harry 313 Arnieri, Sandra 328 Arnoux, James 283, 354 Arp, Gregory 341 Arterburn, Sue 84, 290, 354 Asbell, Mickey 354 Ashley, Ladonna 354 Ashmore, Ronald 354 Ashmore, Ronald 354 Askew, Judy 313 Asman, Alice 83, 86, 354 Aspinwall, Gharles 256 Atkinson, David 307 Atkinson, James 106, 247, 273, 313 Atwood, Beda 88, 122, 328 Atwood, Herbert 328 Augsbach, Helen 96, 328 Aullman, Ida 313 Ausman, Karen 341 Austin, Robert 104, 328 Avery, Robert 247,259 Aylward, Robert 168 Ayres, William 71, 104,313 B Baade, Duane 313 Baccari, Danial 313 Bachmann, Robert 295 Bacon, James 287, 313 Bahmer, Robert .99, 120, 328 Bailey, James 112 Bailey, " Sallie 96, 290, 313 Bailey, Steve 100,313 Bailly, Janet 94, 354 Baird, Garol 123, 241, 243, 238, 328 Baker, Edward 341 Baker, Ellen 84,313 Baker, John 100, 313 Baker, William 248, 354 Baker, William D 112 Bakkar, Adnan 248, 274 Baldwin, Ehzabeth 341 Baldwin, Patricia 328 Baldwin, Richard 258 Balison, Stephanie 86, 328 Ballard, Weston 246, 296, 313 Banchieri, Peter 287, 313 Bancroft, Sharon 354 Banek, William 354 Banta, Deborah 86, 354 Barber, Barbara 313 Barbour, Floyd 313 Bard, John 196,286,313 Bardo, Richard 313 Bareiss, Lyle 112,341 Baribeau, Alan 112,341 Barker, Lawrence 328 Barnard, Roberta 341 Bernard, Susan 354 Barnes, Barbara 328 Barnes, Jerry 313 Barnes, Stephen 267, 354 Barnes, Susann 354 Barney, Sandra --- 86, 354 Barr, Janet 267, 354 Barrett, Gharles 313 Barrett, Robert 246, 341 Barrus, Ghad 354 Bartel, Erika ' 341 Bartels, Donald 328 Bartels, Emrie 354 Bartels, Michael 341 Barter, Jeffrey 341 Bartling, Paul 100, 328 Barton, William 104, 290, 328 Bartsch, James 354 Bassham, " Gecil 248, 249, 258, 313 Bassing, Shirley 354 Bastian, Janet 354 Baston, Karla 96, 122, 269, 302, 341 Bateman, Robert 341 Bates, Dwight 248, 249, 258, 313 Bates, Thomas 251 Battisti, Janice 341 Bauer, Keith 271, 328 Bauerlein, Peter 354 Bauman, Ann 90, 238, 241, 259, 328 Baur, Linda 354 Bausman, Brad 106 Baxter, Janis 354 Baxter, Richard 104, 245, 354 Bayles, David 246, 313 Bayo, Christine 354 Beach, William 114, 354 Beasley, Marc 112, 354 Becker, Ann 264 Becker, Keith 264 Beckstead, Ray 104, 354 Bedient, Steve 246,341 Bedford, Gharles 110,354 Beers, Katherine 84, 328 Beers, Suzanne 84, 328 Beetle, Karen 328 Beitel, Robert 341 Below, Barbara 283, 288, 354 Bell, Lawrence 313 Bell, Loyal 247, 329 Bell, Mary 238, 329 Bell, Nancy 313 Bell, Robert 245 Bell, Ronald 354 Bellamy, William 114,354 Beller, Lynda 354 Belsly, John 108, 329 Bemis, Barry 329 Benadom, Ronald 168 Bengston, Gene 106, 242, 341 Bengston, Richard ....106,240,247,250,313 Benham, Darrell 100, 301, 329 Benn, Galla 92,237,313 Bennett, Anne 354 Bennett, Ingrid 354 Bennett, Nancy 88, 269, 329 Bennett, Roger 313 Benton, Clayton 258, 313 Bentzen, Stella 288, 354 Benz, Arlene 341 Benz, Betty 84, 354 Benz, Kathleen 86, 329 Berg, Arlene 239, 283, 341 Bergstrom, Jon 114, 249, 313 Berkley, Frank 285, 313 Berman, Eric 114, 313 Berry, David 114, 272, 354 Berta, Diana 253, 329 BertagnoUi, Jo 354 Bertagnollifi Margenne 287, 329 BertagnoUi, Michael 341 Bertram, Sharon 86, 313 Beug, April 313 Bever, Carol 329 Bibbey, Thomas 255, 260 Bien, William 307 Biggs, Donald 252 Biggs, Sherrie 88, 125, 341 Bihr, Darrell 246, 313 Bihr, Georgia 354 Bihr, Jerry 354 BiUings, Karen 123, 341 Bilhngsley, Ronald 168 Bilof, ' Harry - 271 Binning, Gharles 354 Binning, Thomas 314 Benz, Arlene 285 Birch, Sandra 241, 255, 263, 284, 329 Birdsall, Gary 329 Birkey, Stephen 246 Birleffi, Lynn 94, 237, 242, 314 Bishop, David 248, 249, 296, 314 Bishop, Helen 96, 269, 302, 314 Bishop, Naomi 355 Bishop, Raymond 112,355 Bishop, Roger 355 Bitner, Richard 314 Bitner, David 112,355 Bivens, Eleanor 355 Bjorn, Donald 112,242,341 Black, John 314 Black, John Robert 355 Black, Mary 122, 297 Black, Nicholas 348 Black, Rebecca 253, 314 Blaha, John 329 376 Blair, Nancy 123,355 Blake, Kathleen 341 Blakeslee, Ciary 112, 314 Blankeiisliip, Janice 355 Blankensliip, Michael 355 Bla ck, Thomas 120, 355 Blcanier, Norma 355 Bloss, Marian 94, 355 Blnmberg, Barbara 288, 355 BluinhcrK, Kurt 288 Bluinrntlial, ( ' oniiie 355 Blunu-ntlial, Jhrnarcl 103, 314 Boal, Susan 88, 320 Boardnian, Thomas 103, 329 Boatman, Joanne 341 Bock, Sara 341 Bocott, Carlroy 329 Bode, Bernard 285 Bode, Dennis 247, 250, 272, 329 Boehnke, Rex 285, 355 Boelens, Vicki 314 Bogart, Allen 355 Bogart, Harold 355 Bogart, Sophia 314 Bnhl, Harlan 329 Bohl, Paul 355 Boice, Margaret 274, 355 Boilscn, Kenth 108, 314 Boleman, Robert 188 Boldman, Alice 355 Boike, Edward 314 Bolln, Ann 94, 314 Bolton, Bonnie 355 Bonar, Letisha 355 Bond, Deborah 90, 355 Bond, Jane 96, 267, 269, 355 Bondar, Alexander 341 Bone, Jay 247,254,259 Borgmeyer, Sharon 355 Borino, David 103, 355 Bomeniann, Lynne 300 Borup, Poul 248,249,314 Boston, Doran 150,329 Bostrom, David 341 Borup, Paul 258 Bourke, Timothy 341 Bourn, Cherri 355 Bousel, Stephen 329 Bousman, Bradford 314 Bowers, Herbert 314 Bowland, David 272, 366 Boyle, Gary 246, 314 Bozner, Marilyn 355 Brabec, Michael 307 Brabec, Roberta 314 Bradley, Douglas 246 Bradley, Thomas 341 Bradshaw, Virginia 341 Braeutigam, Robert 314 Brainerd, Ronald 341 Brant, Michael 104, 355 Brasher, Judy 329 Bray, Jon 355 Bray, Patti 342 Bredthauer, Ray 250 Breeden, Charlotte 283, 355 Breihan, Deirdre 355 Breisch, Candice 329 Brewster, William 296 Brickley, Richard 329 Bridger, James 355 Briggs, Mary 263, 355 Briggs, Stephen 104,355 Briggs, William 284 Brigham, Eleanor 355 Brinson, Jana 355 Brislawn, Francis 329 Brister, Betty 86, 329 Brittain, Kerry 141,355 Brod, Paul ; 262, 355 Brodrick, Gary 112, 314 Broby, Stephen 241,314 Brosius, Dennis 355 Browall, Richard 100, 329 Brouwer, Kathryn 123 Bower, Trudy 88, 122, 148, 239, 342 Brown, Billv 329 Brown, Charles Cleo 99, 314 Brown, Charles Robert 301 Brown, Dianne 355 Brown, Donald 314 Brown, Edwin 251, 296, 314 Brown, Helen 307 Brown, John Stodchnd 329 Brown, John 168 Brown, Joyce 356 Blown, l,inda 186, 356 Brown. Lyle 103, 356 Brown, Mark 356 Brown, Michael 112, 356 Brown, Raymond 356 Brown, Robert Henry 246, 356 Brown, Robert Wayne 114,356 Brown, Rozanna 259, 329 Brown, Sondra 259, 314 Brown, William 356 Hrt)wning, Patrick 314 Broyles, Daniel 104, 355 Brubaker, Richard 245, 329 Bruce, Carol 94, 239, 259, 342 Bruce, fudy 284 Bruce, Kent 362 Bruce, Virginia 88, 292, 329 Bruch, Thomas 120, 242, 342 Brummond, Ronnie 314 Briuiswick, Thomas 307 Bryan, Michael 252, 329 Bryan, Nancy 356 Bryant, Edward 99, 241 Bryant, Karen 329 Bryant, Loretta 263, 287, 342 Bryant, Sharon 356 Bryant, Sheila 283,342 Bryhn, Tor 356 Buchanan, Jerry 112, 329 Buckingham, James 110,329 Bull, Kathleen 329 Bulhas, Bruce 112, 356 Bullock, Lloyd 267, 356 Bunger, James 329 Bunker, Kerry 356 Running, Richard 329 Burditt, Forest 356 Burghardt, Gregory 342 Burke, Janet 84, 314 Burke, Judy 356 Burke, Patricia 342 Burkes, Glenn 307 Burkey, Larry 314 Burks, Shirley 90,314 Burleson, Kathlyn 245, 288, 314 Burleson, William 112,329 Burnett, Wallace 329 C Cadvvallader, Rex 112,329 Cain, William 249, 329 Caldwell, Maurice 256 Calkins, Ardys 263, 283, 356 Callahan, Claudia 356 Campbell, Kirk 307 Campbell, Mari 356 Canfield, Linda 356 Cantlin, Margo 329 Capps, Charles 250, 356 Cargill, Kathleen 96, 226, 238, 269,272, 291, 329 Cariaso, Charlynn 287, 356 Carlen, Vickie 84, 342 Carlson, Evelyn 125,329 Carlson, Janice 263 Carlson, John 110,356 Carlson, Kenneth 329 Carlson, Susan 92, 356 Carlson, Sylvia 314 Carlson, William 100, 342 Carmichael, David 256 Carollo, James 104, 356 Carpenter, Betty 96, 356 Carpenter, Jacqueline 239 Carpenter, Kenneth 329 Carpenter, Robert 249, 250, 314 Carrier, John 104,356 Carrington, Rovle 274 Carrington, Thomas 296, 301 Carrion, Sigfredo 307 Carroll, Candace 83, 90, 272, 356 Carroll, Cvnthia 84, 356 Carroll, Michael 112, 356 Carruth, Dennis 112,314 Carruth, Derrel 329 Carson, Miles 356 Carter, Willard 112, 248, 249, 258, 314 Casey, Jean 96,272,342 Casey, Sean 356 C:astle, Freddy 329 Gates, Donley 329 Catterall, John 233 Catterall, Lee 252 Cavalli, James 356 Cavanaugh, Joseph 112,268,314 Cave, David 118,314 Ceretto, Williarii 114,356 Chadek, David 314 Chadwick, Carol 356 Challman, Glenda 314 Chambers, Peggy 84, 243, 291, 329 Chase, Jerry 118,241,329 Chasey, Larny 103, 260, 292, 314 Chastain, Walter 314 Chasteen, Beverly 252, 329 Chaves, Michael 114,356 Chavez, Luis 342 Cheatham, Linda 90, 356 Cheese, Jacque 86, 314 Cheng, Lambert 288,314 Chipp, Donald 104,242,342 Chladek, David 267 Christensen, Ann 122, 225, 252, 268 Christensen, Lynda 86, 128, 356 Christensen, Robert 103, 356 Christensen, Steven 356 Christensen, Wayne 356 Christiansen, George 114,329 Church, Karen 94,329 Cinqmars, Robert 287 Cisneros, Charles 248,307 Clare, Brian 112 Clark, Barbara 297 Clark, Mary 84,356 Clark, Sharon 314 Clark, Susan 94,283,342 Clark, Suzanne 342 Clause, Marvin 329 Clawson, Daniel 356 Clay, Carroll 90,356 Clemens, Joyce 86,342 Cline, Gary 329 Cline, William 72,174,251,258,314 Clinger, John 104,356 Clizbe, Robert 112,314 Clymore, Marian 342 Coates, James 234 Cobb, Eleanor 88, 228, 314 Cocks, Charles 110,356 Coe, Anne 88,272,342 Cogswell, Jerry 307 Cogswell, Thomas 314 Colbeerm, Edward 272 Cole, lone 285,315 Cole, Kenneth 356 Cole, Lester 342 Cole, Randy 342 Cole, Roger 251,329 Cole, Thomas 71 Coleman, Donald 112, 342 Coleman, Phillip 112,314 Coleman, Thomas 100, 342 Coles, Gary 283, 356 Colling, Rex 247,259 Collins, Carl 356 Collins, Kenneth 315 Collins, Loren 356 Collins, Shirley 329 Collins, Thomas 329 Colwell, Gary 315 Combs, Linda 356 Comin, Verda 356 Conaway, Cathryn 288, 342 Concannon, Paul 112, 356 Condron, Floyd 342 Conkey, Steven 356 Conklin, David 255 Gonley, Phillip 112,356 Gonnaghan, Charles 264 Connell, Trudy 157 Conner, Jack 307 Connolly, Alva 256 Connors, Patricia 356 Conard, Pamela 342 Conrad, Vicki 94, 342 Converv, Eva 330 Conwel ' l, Paula 92, 356.. Cook, Carol 315 Cook, Edmond 307 Cook, Kim 356 Cook, Michael 110,342 Cook, Richard 112,311 37 ' Cooke, Richard 315 Coonrod, Mary 287, 356 Cooper, Claudia .330 Cooper, Gary 104, 356 Cooper, Nancy 84, 302, 342 Cooper, Shirley 356 Cooper, Thomas 288, 315 Copland, Hodnett 118, 308 Copland, Hodnett III 330 Copland, Ralph 330 Copland, William 110, 342 Coppes, Jeffrey 104, 356 Corbett, Thomas - 307 Cornish, Judi 315 Cornish, Richard 315 Cornwell, Cynthia 356 Corsberg, Loren 104, 315 Cortez, Lilhan 330 Constantino, Dennis 104, 356 Constantino, Sheila 307 Costello, Richard 330 Cotten, Daniel 356 Cotton, James 247 Cover, Rovery 356 Cowan, Judy 88, 253, 292, 315 Covvart, Sharon 238, 288, 342 Cowley, Larry 330 Cowper, Wendy 356 Cox, Jack 75, 114, 232, 240, 252, 315 Cox, Melvin 120, 356 Coykendall, Janet 356 Crabb, Barbara 342 Craft, Robert 330 Cramer, Gordon 168 Crane, Farances 90, 123, 156 Cranney, Wiley 114,357 Cranston, Robert 247 Crater, Michele 102, 302 Crawford, Louise 357 Cress, Donald 247 Crittenden, Maitha 357 Crocker, Larry 250,258,315 Croft, Robert 284 Crosby, Carolyn 330 Cross, Arnold 315 Cross, Beverly 284, 330 Cross, Gerald 357 Cross, Jonathan 357 Crossley, Cheryl 342 Crouch, William 100, 357 Crow, Patrick 342 Crum, David 112,330 Crump, Reuben 357 Csoboth, Tamas 258, 262 Culberson, John 112,141,357 Cully, Leola 357 Cunningham, Thomas 357 Cupps, Gail 253 Gupps, Mark Alden 248, 258 Curd, Cathleen 357 Curie, Edwin 315 Curry, Daniel 342 Curtis, Lytle 104 Curtis, Roger 112,342 Custer, Irvin 357 Cuthbertson, Janet 357 Cybert, Robert 121,357 D Dabbraccio, Deanna 287, 357 Dablemont, Sandra 264, 357 Dahl, Johan Jakob 258, 307 Dahl, Ola 258,315 Dale, Charles 251, 330 Dalla, Ronald 307 Daly, John 106, 357 Daly, Vincent 264 Dameron, David 315, 330 Danaher, Martha 92, 357 Daniel, Harold Louis 285 Daniels, Patricia 92, 315 Daniels, Richard 357 Darling, Eileen 263,357 Darling, Ray 114,251,342 Darling, Ronald 357 Darhngton, George 259 Dar, Carolyn 92, 342 Darr, Richard 72, 174, 315 Darrough, Raymond 108, 357 Date, Hiroche 315 Daubenspeck, RosaUe ....71, 88, 291, 237, 315 Daulton, Everett 357 Davenport, Allen 342 Davenport, Michael 168, 170, 174 Davidson, Sally 82, 88,122, 231, 252, 259, 302, 315 Davies, Cynthia 357 Davis, Dede 357 Davis, Diana 357 Davis, Dinah 239, 283, 343 Davis, Frank 243,315 Davis, George 273 Davis, Kathy 239, 272, 288, 343 Davis, Ken 255, 330 Davis, Luanne 316 Davis, Maron 112,307 Davis, Philip 343 Davis, Rebecca 263, 357 Davis, Tom 316 Davis, Terry 251, 330 Dawdy, Edith 343 Dawson, Dennis 112, 343 Day, Helen 357 Day, Victoria 343 Deal, James 316 Dean, Barbara 343 Dean, Constance 330 Dean, Mary 287,357 Deane, James 330 Dearinger, Noni 123 Deaver, Charles 108, 357 Debeau, Richard 120, 330 Debolt, Gary 99, 120,255, 260, 343 Decker, Mildred 316 Deeds, Oren 108, 330 Deffenbaugh, Diann 357 Degabain, Carolyn 357 Dehart, Andra 96, 343 Dehart, Max 104, 316 Deiga, Peter 357 Deines, Paul 110,357 Delancey, Maureen 287, 357 Delaurante, Kathleen 343 Dcleeuw, Carla 86, 357 Delehanty, Michael 307 Dennison, Nancy 95, 122, 295, 316 Denniston, Rollin 251 Denton, Diane 84, 123, 239, 343 Denzin, Bonnie 343 Depoyster, Jerry 168 Dermer, Diane 84, 330 Deroo, John 270 Derossi, Gordon 258 Derr, Robert 106, 241, 247, 330 Deshler, Terry 283, 357 Desjardins, Pierre 169 Desmond, Michael 114,357 Despain, Carvel 330 Despain, Roy 357 Dspain, Varian 284, 357 Dessert, Allyn 157,297 Dessert, Patricia 83, 88, 357 Detch, Lewis 262 Detimore, Linda 357 Devine, David 330 Devish, Ronald 250 Devlin, John 255 Dewey, Michael 247 Diercks, Connie 257, 357 Dietz, Collen 357 Dietz, Darvin 330 Dirtz, James 330 Dilley, Jean 95,343 Dillon, Martha 357 Dinges, Robert 169, 271, 316 Dirks, Marion 169 Dobson, Donna 343 Dockter, Richard 112,357 Dodge, Joanne -. 343 Doerr, Norman 358 Doherty, Frances 263, 343 Dolan, Gary 330 Dolenc, Daniel 287 Dolenc, Max 316 Dominy, Michael 122, 229, 330 Domsalla, Harvie 112,316 Domson, Janice 330 Donelson, Deborah 330 Dorsett, Donn 104,358 Dougherty, Martha 83, 90, 237 Dougherty, Sharon 358 Doughty, Judy 243, 263, 343 Douglas, Anne 316 Douglas, Anne 316 Douglas, John 246, 315 Douglas, Melvin 334 Douglass, Clyde R 235,252 Douglass, Richard 343 Dout, Ray 106,358 Douthit, Charles 112, 316 Dowiatt, Christine 330 Downs, Kelvin 120,330 Doyle, Sally 88,316 Drake, Connie ....358 Draska, Steven 358 Draskovic, Joseph 247, 259, 264, 330 Drew, Barsha 82, 92, 290, 330 Driscoll, Kathleen 243, 287, 343 Drombroloski, William 358 Dudley, Bruce 330 Dudley, David 343 Dueweke, Hermann 263, 358 Dueweke, Lawrence 348 Duke, Michell 247 Duke, Victor 259 Dunbar, Karen 330 Duncan, Carol 330 Duncan, Carol Annette 316 Duncan, Freeman 121, 358 Duncan, Diane 316 Dunlevy, Daniel 307 Dunn, Larry 330 Dunn, Sharon 90, 280, 343 Dunwoody, Dennis 108, 358 Duran, Alfonso 358 Duran, Donald 343 Durkee, James 358 Durling, Jerrold 168 Durnil, Jerome 358 Duvall, " Cheryl 343 Duvall, Sharon 86, 330 Dwinell, Margaret 288, 358 Dykstra, Judith 86, 358 E Earhart, Larry 247, 273, 316 Earshaw, Christen 84, 241, 330 Earnshaw, Donald 316 East, Ellen 257,343 Eastman, George 301 Eaton, Jacqueline 231, 330 Eckhardt, Connie 92, 241, 330 Eckhardt, George 100, 343 Eckhardt, Tamira 88, 302, 358 Eckhardt, Thomas 110,316 Edmiston, John 243 Edmunds, Sandra 243, 248 Edmunds, Trudy 90, 316 Edwards, David 243 Edwards, Bonnie 263, 358 Edwards, Janice 358 Edwards, Joy 96,269 Edwards, Karyn 92, 263, 358 Edwards, Martha 239 Egloff, Richard 168, 268, 271 Ehret, Barbara 330 Einspahr, Gary 104, 287, 330 Eittreim, Carlton 358 Ellenbecker, Ann 84,358 Ellenberger, Claudia 358 Ellenwood, Kenneth 247, 316 Ellingford, Ted 114,330 Ellington, Shirley 243 Elliott, Corry 243 Elliott, Gary Lee 71,358 Elliott, Gary Wayne 267,317 Elliott, Miirie 84,243 Elliott, Stephen 118,358 Ellis, Richard 114, 317 Ellis, Robert 106, 247, 317 Ellis, Susan 95, 122, 157, 239, 243, 297 Ellsbury, Lynn 358 Elmore, William 104, 330 Elrod, Robert 112, 358 Else, Jean 86,239,243 Elvick, Allen 358 Emerich, Fred 112, 330 Endo, Shinji 307 Engebretsen, Charles 330 Engelbrecht, Donald 103, 317 Engels, Robert 259, 317 England, Bruce 255 Entsminger, John 104, 358 Epp, Robert 330 Epperson, Gary 317 Erb, Ronald 112,317 Ericksen, Amy 317 378 Erickson, David 108, 317 Ericksoii, Clary 257 Erickson, Kay 92, 274, 297, 330 Erickson, Lee 358 Erickson, Marilyn 239, 243 Erickson, Sijj;ne 317 Erickson, Wavne 317 Espy, Kenneth 112, 300 Esquibel, Edward 243 Esslinger, William 243 Estabrook, James 358 Etcheverry, Judith 96, 358 Etcheverry, Michael 317 Etemadmoghdam, Firooz 316 Everett, Austin 112 Ezell, Earland 168 F Fabricius, Arden 247, 317 Fackrell, James 114, 358 Faddis, John 118,284,330 Fagan, Bridget 358 Fagerberg, Wayne 317 Fagergren, Fred 284 Faggard, Lionel 317 Falk, Donna 96, 150, 269, 358 Falkins, Cleon 330 Farmer, Charles 114,242,243 Farmer, James 243, 248, 249 Farmer, Michael 250, 251 Farmer, Robert 114,359 Farrey, Loren 308 Farris, Clyde 251, 359 Fasen, Karen 95, 122, 302, 330 Fass, Gaela 243 Feagler, Roger 114, 359 Federer, Gerald 330 Feeley, John 359 Feighny, Eileen 84, 123, 124, 146, 330 Felter, Terry 103, 359 Feltner, Paula 88, 359 Felton Lloyd 245 Ferguson, John 120, 245, 317 Ferguson, Susan 96, 122, 225, 237, 317 Ferguson, William 104, 359 Fernau, John 317 Fernau, Margery 359 Ferrero, Richard 110,359 Ferrin, Connie 359 Ferris, James - 308 Ferry, Raymond 317 Fetsco, Nancy 92, 359 Fuesner, Lerov 100, 301, 330 Feutz, Roy 108,359 Fickel, Marsha 308 Fiero, Mary 243 Fillman, Richard 330 Finch, Edward 257 Fink, Daniel 359 Fink, Kenneth 330 Finley, Frederick 264, 359 Finnerty, Daniel 308 Fiorelli, Billy 359 Fisher, Patrice 243 Fisher, Richard 271 Fisher, Susan 96, 359 Fisk, Dorothy 317 Fitch, Tudith ; 359 Fitch, Marcia 330 Fitzgerald, Francis 359 Fitzgerald, James 359 Flaherty, Edward 330 Fleak, Wanda 359 Fleck, Richard 359 Flohr, Tom 104, 359 Flowers, Stephen 112, 317 Foe, Douglas 317 Foltz, Carol 251 Foltz, Margery 359 Foltz, Sharon 241,243 Forbes, Clayton 251, 330 Fornstrom, Vayne 270 Foster, Richard 114,243,317 Foster, Robin 104,243 Foster, Terry 359 Fowler, Charles 330 Fowler, Frank 359 Fowler, Judith 123 Fox, Dennis 255, 359 Foy, Carol 317 France, Dwight 114,359 France, Sherrod 114,359 Francish, Dennis 256 iMank, Gary 247,256,271,317 Franz, Barbara 239, 243 Frazicr, Tliomas 168, 173 Frazier, William 168 Frcad, C;ary 359 Frederick, Arthur 243 Freciuan, I hirold 359 Frecuiole, Carole 96, 302, 359 French, Joe 106, 273, 317 Frerichs, Phyllis 84, 359 Fresorger, Robert 243 Frey, James 359 Friday, Dennis 285 Friedlander, Edward 233, 330 Frisby, John 264 Frison, Jeanne 317 Fritz, Doyl 330 Fritz, Sherrill 226, 317 Froehlich, Edward 168,271 Fronk, Carol 90, 317 Frost, lellery 114, 359 Frost, Linda 243 Frost, Ned 110, 359 Frude, Allen 317 Fry, Karen 88,359 Fujikawa, Wright 359 Fulk, Cortney 308 Fuller, Thomas 114,359 Fulton, (;ary 330 P ' ulton, Ryan 317 Furlong, Daniel 110,359 P irlong, Richard 308 Gabardi, Roberta 02 Gabriel, Roberta 330 Caddis, Thomas 99,118,243,292 Galbreath, Patricia 243 Galey, John 271 Gallemore, Gay 83, 96, 359 Gallinger, John ..116, 343 Gait, Alberta 317 Gauge, Samuel 254, 308 Gano, Diana 359 Garcia, Gerald 108, 343 Gardner, Robert 343 Garness, Gail 96, 257, 343 Garrett, James 116, 301, 330 Garrett, Joann 88, 359 Garrett, Jack 88, 116, 240, 359 Garrett, Michael 70, 110, 343 Garris, Vicki 359 Garrison, Cheryl 343 Gaskins, Linda 264, 359 Catch, Dan 343 Gatch, Richard 247, 250, 258, 317 Gates, Kirby 302, 359 Gatti, John 359 Gaulke, Glenn 251,330 Gaulke, Michael 359 Gay Stephen 108,359 Gaymon, Lee 330 Geary, Bruce 103, 330 Gehl, Charlie 359 Gent, Carol 359 Gentilini, Jerry 86, 318 Gentilini, iPatricia .86, 239 Gentilini, Raymond 296 George, Jeni 86, 262, 272, 359 Georgis, Leslie 248, 249, 330 Gerard, Steven 108, 343 Geraud, Maureen 359 Gernentz, Thomas 168, 268, 271 Gianola, Cheryl 359 Gianola, Dominick 271 Gibbs, Fred 318 Gibbs, Joann 359 Gibbs, John Herman 343 Gibbs, John Robert 318 Gibney, Sharon 318 Gienapp, David 256 Gieseler, William 116, 359 GifFord, Dick 331 Gifford, Eva 359 Gilbert, Kathleen 96, 359 Giles, Sarah 359 Gilkison, Kave 359 Gillaspie, Ralph 331 Gillespie, Marjorie 359 Gillespie, Michael 112, 359 Gillctt, Roger 359 (iiluiore, James 359 Cjilmore, Kenneth 308 Gilpin, Joanne 359 Gingles, James 116,268,331 Giorgis, Richard 104, 343 Gish, Richard 104, 343 Gish, Robert 2 68 Gish, Ronald 248,249,318 Given, James 241 Gladson, Jerry 247, 273, 318 Goddard, Cireg 116, 343 Goddard, Larry 116,318 Gofi, Harry 359 Gold, Robert 121,359 Golden, Mike 256 Gomez, Anthony 253 Gomez, Corina 331 Gomez, Enrique 287, 308 Gomez, Joseph 75, 252, 253 Gonzales, Billie 359 Gonzales, Mary 343, 369 Gooch, Bruce 110,318 Gooch, Karen 88,331 Goodarzi, Freydoon 359 Goode, Denny 75, 99, 112, 240, 258, 268, 318 Goodrich, Susan 359 Goodschmidt, Richard 285, 331 Goodson, Ralph 106, 273, 359 Gordon, Lynn 359 Gordon, Richard 343 Gordon, Vickie 359 Gorrell, Mary 95, 359 Gosney, Dale 308 Gosswiller, Jill 257, 343 Gottberb, Timothy 169 Cowan, John 301, 331 Graham, Matt 318 Grams, Allen 331 Grandia, Kennetth 301, 318 Grandia, Larry 343 Grant, Barbara Jeanne 359 Grant, Dennis 308 Grant, Douglas 110,331 Grant, Edward 256 Grant, Michael 114, 272, 331 Grant, Robert 169 Gray, AAron 331 Green, Alfred 318 Green, Carol 287, 343 Green, Sharon 359 Greene, John 100, 301, 331 Greenhalgh, Gary 256, 308 Greenlee, Mary 88, 331 Greer, Dave 331 Gregorio, Michael 246, 271 Cress, Donna 359 Greywood, Donald 318 Cries, Barbara 250, 318 Cries, Donald 249, 250, 258, 318 GrifF, Danny 359 Griffin, Howard 361 Griffith, John 343 Grimm, " Barry 118,343 Grimm, Shirley 359 Griske, Patricia 92, 318 Griswold, Michael 283, 318 Groathouse, Danial 285 Groff, Brooke 331 Gronewold, Sally 263, 272, 360 Groshart, Michael 114, 291, 343 Grossart, Barbara 86, 344 Grove, Thomas 116, 331 Grover, Aria 344 Grover, Warren 360 Grueber, Randy 253, 267, 318 Grunkemeyer, Gary 248, 318 Grunkemeyer, George 104, 308 Guelde, Stephen 318 Guilfovle, Kathleen 100, 234, 238 Gullett, Barbara 360 Gullev, Paul 232, 233, 252 Gulmon, Gretchen 292, 344 Gunther, Stephen 103, 360 Guse, Paul 121,360 Gustafson, Violet 308 Guthridge, Ravmond 331 Gutierrez, Celestion 248, 318 Gutz, Mike 112, 268, 318 Gwinn, Nancy ....88,238,241,260,291,331 Gysel, Gar ' 99, 103, 241, 331 379 H Haag, Jeffrey 360 Haas, Stanley 107,273 Haberman, Joyce 331 Hadley, Virginia 96, 344 Hafner, Jo Ann 86 Hagedorn, Carlene 344 Hagen, Theo - 360 Hager, Mary 90, 331 Hahn, Judith 263, 344 Hahn, Nick 344 Hahn, Terry 247,259 Haines, Dennis 108, 331 Haire, Richard 360 Haldeman, Joe 361 Halfpenny, James 118, 360 Hall, Roger 360 Hallock, Lyle 246, 318 Halstead, Janet 360 Halverson, Jeffry 331 Halverson, Otis 114,318 Halvorson, Harriet 308 Hamel, Kirby 360 Hamilton, David James 318 Hamilton, Davil Lee 360 Hamilton, Lynn 95, 239, 344 Hamilton, Patricia 287, 344 Hamilton, Patricia L 344 Hamm, John 112,360 Hamm, Joseph 331 Hamm, Nancy 263, 331 Hamm, Robert 318 Hammel, Barry 360 Hammond, Diann 90, 318 Hammond, Loy Ann 88, 239, 344 Hammond, Robert 344 Hamon, Panela 344 Hampton, Kathy 344 Hand, Dennis 308 Hand, Joe 256,272 Handel, Kathleen 360 Hando, Ronald 248, 249 Hanes, Sandra 331 Hanewald, William 245, 360 Hankin, Thomas 344 Hanks, Elmer 104,331 Hansard, David 121,360 Hansel, Karen 344 Hansen, Donald 318 Hansen, Eric 301 Hansen, Frederick 331 Hansen, Janet 88, 229, 344 Hansen, Richard 290, 360 Hansen, Robert 72,74,248,318 Hansen, Sylvia 318 Hanson, Carl 263,360 Hanson, Carol 360 Hanson, Deana 88, 122, 239, 257, 344 Hanson, Dennis 247 Hanson, Karen 360 Hanson, Keith 99,112,344 Hanson, Priscilla 344 Hanson, Robert D 246, 318 Hanson, Robert E 308 Haratyk, Randall 360 Harbin, Rebecca 123, 344 Harding, George 296, 318 Hardyman, Richard 318 Hargraves, Deann 122, 251 Harebo, Kathryn 92, 263, 360 Harlan, Dunlap 318 Harlan, Charlotte 360 Harm, Peggy 84,123,331 Hamden, Wilma 253 Harpool, Jon 118,360 Harrell, Dinah 96, 239, 344 Harrington, Gerald 114,226,318 Harris, David 116,318 Harris, Frederick 241, 296 Harris, Patricia 96, 360 Harris, Ray 360 Harris, Robert 255,318 Harrison, Dennis 284 Harrison, Joel 284,360 Harrison, William 284 Harrison, Yvonne 86, 360 Harrod, Connie 263, 318 Harrod, Joe 318 Harrop, Frances 263, 283, 360 narrower, Ruth 96, 231, 297, 344 Hart, Darrell 318 Hart, Fred 360 Hart, Tames 360 Hart, John 287, 308 Hartleip, Maureen 318 Hartman, Rodney 104, 331 Hartwell, Karen 318 Hartwell, Thomas 318 Harvey, John 283, 360 Harvey, Jean 360 Hassrod, Ronny 318 Hastings, Robert 99,118,242,344 Hastings, David 117 Hatch, lames 112 Hatch, Tim 331 Hatt, Susan 255, 285, 318 Hauber, Janet 241,263,388 Haun, Robert 360 Haverick, Sharon 360 Hawkey, Lislie 108, 318 Hawley, Mary 318 Hayes, James 318 Hayes, James 114,241,252,268 Hays, James 301 Headd, Rex 331 Heagney, Gregg 285 Healy, Michael 344 Heath, Karen 344 Heatley, William 116,249 Heaton, Robert 117,264,360 Heckart, Dennis 112,360 Heckart, Mary 360 Hedderman, Josiephene 318 Hedderman, Katina 361 Heezen, Dorothy 253, 319 Heine, Sheri 360 Heiner, Bob 284, 360 Heinle, James 100, 360 Heitz, Ned 331 Helgaland, Terje 319 Helvey, Susan 95,263,361 Henaman, Linda 84, 360 Hench, Frank 247, 259, 319 Hendershot, Leslie 344 Henderson, Kathleen 123 Henderson, Thomas 108, 360 Hendrickson, Janice 344 Henr) ' , Carma 344 Henr " , John 100, 331 Hensen, Linda 96,361 Herbert. Edmond 110,360 Herboldsheimer, Cilia 288, 361 Herman, Verna Kyle 84, 319 Hermansen, Janet 319 Hennansen, Jerry 114, 360 Herreman, Wayne ..249, 250, 319 Herring, Jo Ann 319 Herzberg, Donna 88, 331 Herzberg, Etta Ann 89, 361 Heseas, Marion 331 Hess, Kenneth 104,361 Heustis, Mary L 88, 90, 239, 344 Hewitt, Henry 361 Hewitt, Quinton 344 Hickman, Mark 319 Hickman, Wilham 120, 246, 319 Hicks, James 246, 319 Higgins, James 344 High, Jimmie 255, 263, 273 Higheil, Mary 361 Highley, James 331 Hight, Jean 95,302,361 Hill, David 117,361 Hill, Frank 331 Hill, Kent 118,344 Hill, Roger 104,319 Hill, Susan 95,260,361 Hill, Thomas 361 Hill, Tony 114,361 Hill, William : 169 Hillard, Karen 361 Hillhouse, Claude 361 Hillman, Mark 344 Hillstead, Madge 93, 122, 332 Hilpert, Virginia 95,319 Hilton, Katherine 361 Hindmarsh, Kathy 361 Hinkle, William 308 Hipsher, Woodrow 361 Hirsig, James 112,319 Hitchcock, Judith 344 Hitchcock, Penny 361 Hitchcock, Ruth 84, 361 Hjerleid, Gavin 251 Hjerleid, Nordahl 248, 332 Hoadley, Rebecca 332 Hobbs, Jerre 344 Hoblit, Janice 361 Hobson, Jo Ann 263,361 Hodge, David 112,319 Hodson, Jeffrey 332 Hoeft, Kermit 295 Hoffman, Cynthia 88, 272, 361 Holcomb, Fred 344 Holdeman, Roy 361 Holliday, Cook 319 Hollingsworth, L 308 Hollingsworth, W. G 344 Holloway, Stanley 332 Holm, Roy 361 Holmes, Carolyn 95, 344 Holmstrand, James 332 Holscher, Lynn 114,242 Holstedt, Marianne 88, 260, 332 Holt, Frank 319 Homar, Linda 361 Homec, Jean 290, 319 Homes, Kathleen 361 Hood, Donald 247 Hooper, Bonnie 344 Hopkins, Merritt 319 Hopkins, Lola 254 Horn, William 114, 332 Home, Ruth 284,332 Horsburgh, William 344 Horswill, Richard 308 Horton, Gary 361 Horton, Janet 88 Hoschouer, Connie 344 Hosick, Frank 361 Hosier, Catherine 319 Houck, Kaye 319 Houlette, Cheryl 95, 122, 237, 255, 302, 319 House, John 319 Howard, Bradford 332 Howard, Donald 108, 361 Howard, Larry 361 Howard, Sally 95, 122, 238, 291, 332 Howard, Sandra 162, 344 Howe, Susan 82,96,226,332 Howell, Richard 104,361 Howell, Romaine 361 Howery, Deidre 332 Howes, Marsha — 344 Hoza, Jeffrey 114, 361 Hvastkovs, Gunars 112, 361 Hubbard, Linda 361 Hubbell, Ralph 100, 361 Huckins, Katherine 344 Hudelson, James 344 Hudson, Edward 110,361 Hudson, Gary 100, 344 Huey, Eugene 361 Huffman, Ol iver ...120, 361 Hughes, Charles 112, 361 Hughes, Douglas 110,361 Hulce, Clark 256 Hull, Lytton 86,361 Humpal, Mary 361 Humphery, Lester 344 Humphery, William 319 Hunt, Janelle 361 Hunt, Leslie 319 Hunt, Robert 332 Hunter, Dan 114,319 Hunter, George 319 Hunter, Patrick 319 Hursh, John 256,26 Huslid, Oddvar 319 Hutchings, David 360 Hutchingson, Glenn 244, 267, 284 Hutchison, Wendell 344 Hyer, Janell 26, 263, 284, 361 Igo, Jennifer 84,319 lUingworth, Donald 112,296,319 Imeson, Sparky 332 Impey, Katherine 93, 361 Ingle, Charles 361 Inman, Roger 332 Ireland, Carl 332 Irvine, Beverly 239, 361 Israel, Glenda 344 380 J Tackson, Barbara 86, 361 Jackson, Danny 107, 273, 319 Jackson, Diane 361 Jackson, Cary 344 Jackson, John 114,295,332 Jackson, Judy 280, 288, 344 Jacobs, Robert 361 Jacobson, Jake 256 jacoby, Peter 114, 361 Jairell, Ronald 114, 344 janies, Eileen 361 James, Royden 245, 250 Jamieson, Jess 361 tamieson, Mary 361 Jamison, Sharlene 284, 319 jansen, Dorothy 243, 332 lanzen, Roxann 361 japp, Kenneth 344 Jarvis, Terry 108, 361 Jay, Catherine 361 Jefteries, Lawrence 332 jelFers, Jacqueline 288, 344 jefTerson, Robert 332 Teffrev, William 108, 361 lelireys, Stephen 112,361 Jeffries, Lawrence 246, 271 Jenkins, Marilyn 361 Jennings, Robert 121,344 Jensen, Bruce 344 lohansen, Diane 332 lohn, Chervl 96,272,361 Johns, Charles 117,361 Johnsen, Ellen 361 Tohnson, Allen 71, 104, 241, 290, 332 Johnson, Bethel 344 lohnson, Bob 332 Johnson, Dean 121,344 Johnson, Dorothy 308 Johnson, Edward 319 Johnson, Elwin 255, 361 lohnson, Glenn 247, 361 lohnson. Jack 287, 332 Johnson, James 107, 273, 319 Johnson, Jean 241 Johnson, Kenneth 121 Johnson, Larry 308 Johnson, Lawrence 308 Johnson, Leonard 344 lohnson, Michael 118,361 Johnson, Michael E 242,344 Johnson, Miriam 89, 361 Johnson, Nancy 344 Johnson, Patsy 361 Johnson, Roger 104, 319 Johnson, Ruth 361 Johnson, Wayne 332 Johnston, Gwinavere 252 Johnston, Jane 361 Johnston, Joseph 361 Johnston, Lawrence 117,252,319 Johnston, Sherry 361 Jones, James 240 Jones, James 332 Jones, Larry 361 Jones, Nancy 361 Jones, Paul 112,361 Jones, Penny 344 Jones, Robert 362 Jones, Robert E 114 Jones, Sally 253 Jones, William 117,251 lordan, Dana 100,362 Jordan, Elizabeth 86, 308 Jorgenson, Larry 256 Joslyn, Janet 239 Joslvn, Patricia 253 joslyn, Richard 108, 344 Joslyn, Thomas 362 Journot, Judith 344 Joy, Gary 332 Joyce, Jerome 287 Joyner, Susan 186, 362 Julian, Kathryn 352 Julian, Ronnie ..362 Julian, Truman 344 Juraco, Zinka 230, 287, 344 Jurgens, John 344 K Kaan, Keith 362 Kaboord, Anthony 332 Kagi, James 112, 319 Kahl, Raymond 259 Kahlon, 1 larbhajan 345 Kalinowski, Marv 287, 320 Kalinowski, Tliaddeus 287, 345 Kaltenl)aeh, Terry 104, 333 Kandolin, James 248 Kanter, Gary 112,362 Karina, Stephen 274 Kasson, Loree 332 Katana, Edward 362 Kaufiman, Katherine 345 Kaufholz, Advard 345 Kaufholz, Clarry 104, 362 Kaufman, David 362 Kaumo, Bud 345 Kaumo, Jo 82, 239 Kay, Nancy 362 Kearns, Thomas 362 Keaton, Francis 100, 362 Kechter, Linda 362 Keefe, Cara 95,302,362 Keefe, Kathleen 95,122,241,332 Keefe, Thomas 112 Keefe, WiHiam 73, 256 Keelan, Richard 104, 345 Keenan, James 114,362 Keenan, Kathleen 345 Keenan, Robert 345 Keenan, Ronald 249, 320 Keenan, Vern 320 Keener, James 332 Keener, Richard 362 Keesling, Henry 262 Keete, Tom 362 Kefter, Charles 362 Keffer, Gary 121 Keller, Richard 362 Keller, Roger ..250,251,258 Kellogg, David 320 Kellums, Neva 345 Kelly, Lana 272 Kemnitz, Susan 345 Kemp, Nancy 345 Kendall, Margaret 283 Kenney, Matthew 251, 320 Kerper, Jill 93,362 Kersh, Ronald 362 Kessler, Colleen 88, 272, 362 Kester, Rebecca 83, 362 Keyes, Gordon 115,320 Kiakoojoori, Tooraj 345 Kibbe, Joanne 86, 332 Kidd, William 117,320 Kiick, James 168, 173, 175 Kilfoy, Farrel 345 Kilgore, Jonnie 345 Kilpatrick, Bob 292 Kilzer, Bobbie 84, 362 Kimble, Thomas 345 Kimotho, Stanley 274 Kincaid, Beth 345 Kincaid, Carole 90, 362 Kindelberger, Phillip 118,362 King, Betty 320 King, Diana 332 King, Keith 320 King, Kenneth 247, 320 King, Marsha 285, 362 King, Roy 320 Kingham, Walter 112,345 Kingsburv, Janet 237, 255, 263,273, 320 Kingsbury, Robert 104, 240, 258, 320 Kinnison, Jon 251 Kirchhof, Robert 345 Kirkbride, Jon 104, 345 Kirkpatrick, James 241 Kirkwood, Mary 362 Kirol, Michael 117,332 Kissack, Arthur 271, 320 Kissler, Gaiy 362 Kite, Byra 247 Klacking, Donald 168 Klahn, Leslie 345 Kleager, Jerald 112,333 Kleinschmidt, Garv 117, 320 Kleinschmidt, Merle 320 Kline, Shannon 362 Kloefkorn, Gary 345 Klohs, Richard 168, 176 Kluender, Susan 270, 345 Knapp, Detmer 345 Knapp, Vicki 96, 122, 226, 345 Knepke, Duane 345 Knickerbocker, Gloria 86,362 K niter 362 Knight, Fred 112, 362 Knjght, Richard 115,362 Knight, Thomas 320 Knott, Allen 345 Knouse, Danalee 345 Knowles, Margaret ..,.95, 122, 124, 155, 160, 239, 302, 345 Knudsen, Laurie 93, 345 Kobelin, John 333 Kocer, Gerald 333 Kocer, James 270 Koch, Kathryne 95, 2 97, 345 Kochmann, Robert 110,345 Koedt, Peter 264 Koester, Robert 141, 362 Kofakis, Steve 256 Kohrs, Ben 362 Kohrs, Karyl 86, 255, 273, 280, 288, 320 Kopsa, Gary 254,288 Koritnik, Donald 115,345 Korsvold, Jan 362 Koski, Kirt " 362 Kost, Richard 362 Kowlok, John 333 Kozola, Kenneth 333 Krahl, Marjorie 96, 122, 162, 302, 345 Krajczar, Richard 320 Krakauer, Karol 257, 362 Kramer, Aileen 362 Kramer, Gary 333 Kramer, Kelly 262 Kramer, Mary L 90,345 Kramer, Mary M 90,257,333 Krandel, Susan 308 Kravitz, Lynn 103, 301, 320 Krehmeycr, James 248, 250 Krezelok, Joan 287, 333 Krieg, Nedra 362 Krieg, Virginia 345 Kriz, Phyllis 238,333 Krueger, Ray 320 Krueger, Roy 251 Krummrich, Jerry 362 Kruse, Carol 362 Kruse, Dianne 252, 283 Krza, Albert 301 Krza, Paul 333 Kunkel Jerald 362 Kuntzman, William 118,235,362 Kurtz, Catherine 86, 345 Kvenild, Daryla 320 Kvenild, John 320 Kweder, Keith 345 L Lacey, Frederick 362 Lecroix, Arthur 301 Ladick, Linda 362 Lafata, Leonard 362 Lahood, Michael 168 Laible, Allen 333 Lamb, Patricia 320 Lambrecht, Homer 255 Lambrecht, Judith 175, 243, 259 Lammey, Keith 362 Lannney, Sammy 333 Lamphere, Dale 115, 362 Lamphere, Marc 345 Lancaster, Glenda 88,161,320 Landers, Harvey 118, 333 Landers, James 115, 362 Lane, James 112, 333 Lane, John 248, 250, 258, 320 Lane, Nathalie 333 Lanev, Alden 308 Lang ' , Chervl 83, 88, 302, 362 Lang, Linda 88, 362 Lantz, Jon 345 Lanum, John 245 Lapp, John 115, 362 Larchick, Gale 362 Larrabaster, Jean 90, 257, 345 Larrabee, Edward 333 Larsen, Man, ' 239, 287, 345 Larson, Bruce 117, 362 Larson, Carla 243, 252, 267, 320 Larson, Cathy 333 Larson, Gilbert 264, 285, 308 381 Larson, Glen 115,362 Larson, James 112,333 Larson, John 320 Larson, Lawrence ....346 Larson, Ridge 108,362 Larson, Terrence ....346 Laughlin, Jean 88, 228, 320 Lauk, Elizabeth 362 Laush, Linda 96, 269, 362 Lauson, Samuel 112 Lavin, Verden 320 Law, Earl 99,112,333 Law, Raymond 362 Lawrence, Sandra 362 Lawson, David Kent 333 Lawson, David Lee 107, 333 Lawton, Larry 284, 333 Lay, Patricia 88,362 Layman, Gary 115, 321 Layton, Lee 118,241,296,333 Layton, Terry 115, 321 Lazzaro, Frank 362 Leafdale, Linda 88, 302, 362 Leathers, Robert 362 Lebar, James 251, 258, 323 Lebsack, Gary 362 Lebsock, Diana 283, 362 Leclair, Bobbie 243, 362 Ledig, Susan 257, 362 Lee, Gerald 118,333 Lee, Sherril 71, 290 Lee, Teresa 362 Legerski, Eugene 321 Lehmkuhler, Marjie 86, 321 Leiper, Frances 264 Leiper, Nancy 264 Leisk, Robert 112,362 Leister, Barbara 84, 362 Lemley, J 115,362 Lemmon, Donna 253, 321 Lentz, Linda 321 Leone, Russell 115,333 Lepponen, Linda 263, 288, 346 Leroy, Michael 346 Lesco, Don 362 Lesser, John 346 Lessley, George 333 Lessman, Judy 259 Lester, Kenneth 308 Levin, Sandra 363 Levison, Robert 308 Lewis, David George 333 Lewis, David Wade 104, 323 Lewis, Janice 287, 363 Lewis, Joseph 284, 363 Lewis, Kenneth 321 Lewis, Sandra 363 Libby, Norman 283,363 Light, Elissa 86,363 Light, James 333 Ligocki, Lawrence 321 Lilly, James 112, 333 Lindahl, Alfred 104, 321 Lindberg, Carl 248,321 Lindennan, Gary 333 Lindley, Lew 112,346 Lindquist, Dan 247 Lindquist, Michael 363 Lindquist, Robert 107,321 Lindsey, Hubert 168 Lindsey, Virginia 88, 346 Line, Mervin 283 Linford, Alan 346 Link, Paul 363 Littlefield, Kenneth 308 Livingston, Allen 121,363 Livingston, Judith 346 Lobel, Susan 90, 346 Lockhart, Charles 118,363 Lockman, John 363 Loebe, Carol 254 Logan, Elizabeth 243 Logan, John 321 Long, Catherine 363 Long, Charles 363 Long, Gary 333 Long, Gerald 112,346 Long, Glenda 88, 154, 239, 346 Long, Jeffrey 115,363 Long, John 112,363 Long, John Robert 99,242,346 Long, Stephen Edgar 255, 333 Long, William 120, 363 Longwith, Roanne 247, 321 Loop, Glenn 333 Loos, Albert 363 Lopez, Robert 120, 253, 321 Lord, Charles 104,333 Lorge, David 118,363 Lovato, Raymond 363 Lovejoy, Charles 346 Loveland, Kent 363 Lowe, Antoinette 346 Lowham, James 363 Lowry, David 117, 363 Lucas, Richard 271 Luce, Roseanne 363 Ludens, John 363 Ludwig, Janet 334 Lundberg, Elaine 363 Lundvall, Lawrence 334 Lush, Jerry 346 Lush, Jim 248,321 Lussow, Paul 270 Lute, Robert 346 Lutgen, Sondra 95, 363 Luthi, John 245,284,291,335 Lybarger, Glen 346 Lynch, Bill 334 Lynch, Martha 297, 334 Lyon, Gary 248, 249, 273, 285 Lyons, Gary 321, 346 Lytic, Curtis 346 M McAlleenan, Mary 123,363 McBride, Barbara 334 McEride, Carol 247,346 McBride, Jane 85, 274, 297, 323 McBride, Mary 88, 272, 363 McCann, Kenneth 104,346 McCann, Peggy 346 McCarthy, Byron 104, 363 McCarthy, Rita 85, 363 McClellan, Deborah 288, 346 McClenahan, Susan 95, 163, 363 McCleskey, Michael 112,346 McClew, Sharon 88, 272, 363 McCollum, Robert 346 McConaughy, Sue 239, 260 McCormick, Jack 100, 363 McCormick, jim 309 McCormick, Terry 346 McCoy, Michael 285, 363 McCoy, Patrick 241,334 McCrary, Claudette 263 McCreadie, Jane 363 McCullah, Dennis 115,363 McCullough, Michael 117,346 McCullough, Rita 74, 94, 238, 334 McDaniel, Gary 115,242,346 McDaniel, John 104,334 McDaniel, Marilyn 334 McDaniel, Roseva 95, 122, 323 McDill, Thomas 112,346 McDonald, Douglas 99,108,271,334 McDonald, Raymond 363 McDowell, Kathleen 96, 269, 272, 346 McDowell, Patricia 334 McFarland, Bradford 363 McCarvin, Vicki 346 McGarvin, William 334 McCee, Charles 112,346 McCee, Michelle 96, 123, 297, 334 McGill, Arthur 251 McGrath, Michael 248, 249 McGraw, Carol 252 McGrew, David 227 McGuigan, Robert 334 McGuire, Richard 270 Mcintosh, Velma 263, 334 Mclntyre, Darel 334 McKamey, David 110,363 McKay, Colleen 82, 86, 239, 346 McKendry, William 110,254,346 McKim, Irwin 115,334 McKin, Lois 363 McKinley, George 247, 254, 259, 323 McKinnev, Daniel 250,293 McKinney, Nancy 82, 85, 273, 290, 347 McLaughlin, Mary 347 McLean, Garry 168, 171 McLeari, Charles 347 McMahon, Joanne 347 McMillan, Elizabeth 347, 5 ' 63 McMinn, Marsha 347 McNamara, John 115,347 McNamara, Vallie 85, 363 McNinch, Kip 272 McNutt, James 242,251,347 McPhee, Hugh 347 McPherson, Gregory 112,347 McQuade, Frank 323 McReynolds, Judith 89,291 McWilliams, Jerry 247, 334 McWilliams, Maura 363 Ma, Raymond 288,363 MacAcIam, Ellen 363 MacDonnell, James 363 Mack, Carol 363 Mack, Joseph 258,296 Mackey, Susan 96, 123, 302, 334 MacManus, Christine 243, 287, 363 MacMillan, David 334 MacMillan, Horace 246 Macy, Mary 334 Madden, Dennis 117,363 Madison, Gary 115,242,347 Madsen, Karen 82, 95, 238, 259, 334 Maffeo, Kathleen 95, 363 Magagna, Joan 274, 363 Magagna, Mary 257, 347 Mahar, Philip 323 Maher, Robert J 347 Maher, Robert L 287, 363 Mahlum, Marshall 104, 364 Mahlus, Arnold 347 Mahoney, Mary 334 Mailander, Mark 363 Main, Thomas 235, 249, 255, 258, 321 Milkens, Gary 287, 334 Maki, Judy 334 Makie, Gary 321 Mallory, Katherine 96 Mallory, Lawrence 115, 334 Malloy, Patrick 301 Malo, Mary 334 Malteson, Alice 348 Mamula, David 112,321 Manatos, Virginia 123, 321 Mannon, Linda 93, 364 Mapp, Johnny 364 March, Karen 89,122,334 Marion, Jerry 168, 172, 173, 174 Markley, Donna 85, 364 Markley, Lewis 115,321 Marks, Glenn 321 Marks, Jo 334 Marlar, Susan 364 Marquiss, Douglas 347 Marsh, Keith 272,334 Marsh, Maxine 96, 347 Marsh, Neal 245,309 Marshall, David 119, 291, 321 Marshall, Jan 364 Marshall, James 321 Marshall, Katharine 257 Martell, David 107,285 Martens, James 363 Martin, James 110,242,347 Martin, John 334 Martin, Michael 364 Martin, Trudy 272,364 Martindale, Everett 364 Martinez, Mary 283,334 Martinson, Sharon 89, 239, 302, 347 Marvel, Merrill 89,364 Masatchi, Morteza 321 Mason, Donna 93,247 Mason, Jim 364 Mason, Julie 364 Mason, Marion 86, 334 Massie, Ann 75, 237, 243, 321 Massie, Mary 364 Mast, Jean 364 Masterson, Vivian 364 Materi, Mary 89, 123, 347 Mathes, George 104, 364 Mathes, Sally 91,364 Matheson, Alexander 283 Matheson, Ronald 273 Mathews, Mary 86, 123, 159, 347 Matson, Sharon 364 Matt, Edith 263,272,321 Matthews, Gary 75,115,240,309 Matthews, John 364 Matthews, Thomas 364 Mattila, Victoria 263, 364 382 Mattix, Larry 364 Mauch, Steven ....100, 3b4 Maupin, Kerry 89, 23t», 347 Mau.hak, William 112,364 Maxfiekl, Tom 117,321 Ma.xsou, Mary 364 Mayberry, James 364 Mayland, Delores 89, 321 Mayland, Paul 247 Mead, Catherine 95, 230, 347 Meatheringham, George 115,364 Mecca, Donna 347 Medeiros, Jon 321 Meginness, Ethel 254, 321 Meike, Helen 85, 23y, 347 Melander, Arne 364 Mercer, Carolyn 254, 321 Meredith, James 301 Meridetli, Thomas 364 Meroney, Sondra 347 Mertens, Alan 249 Messer, Virginia 247 Messinger, Kichard 321 Messinger, Robert 112 Metro, Charles 112, 334 Metz, Cilbert 270, 321 Metzger, Paula 96, 122, 2i: 7, 347 Meyer, Lee 100,321 Meyer, Robert 103, 251, 288, 347 Meyers, Molly 85, 334 Meyers, Patricia 285 Meyers, Thomas 242, 347 Miceli, Jimmie 364 Michael, jerry 247 Michael, William 248, 296, 321 Michel, Carol 321 Michel, Cheryl 347 Mikel, Marty 364 Mikkelsen, Joan 347 Mikkelson, Susan 364 Miknis, Francis 257 Milburn, Robert 364 Milford, Harold 309 Miller, Bruce 347 Miller, Charles 117,364 Miller, Frederick 241, 334 Miller James A 241 Miller, James L 364 Miller, Leslie 272, 347 Miller, Roland 264 Miller, Thomas 245, 347 Miller, Valerie 364 Milliman, Erenda 334 Milliman, Llovd 321 Mills, George 169, 173, 176 Mills, Sherry 334 Milmont, Gerald 364 Milner, Earl 309 Milton, Donald 348 Miner, Linda 321 Minshall, David 100, 334 Mishkind, Elaine 243, 348 Missett, lames 252 Mitcham, George 108,241,335 Mitchell, loan 83, 86, 364 Mitchell, Robert 335 Miyamoto, Glenn 248, 335 Moberly, Shirley 335 Moeller, Fred 115,365 Moeller, Vernon 309 Moflit, Harold 335 Mohammad, Pir 274, 309 Mohr, Gay 85, 348 Moick, Arnold 321 Molina, Samuel , 245 Monsson, George 255, 264, 348 Montez, Elizabeth 365 Montgomery, Betty 321 Montgomery, David 119,365 Montgomery, Henry 335 Montgomeiy, Paul 365 Montgomery, Sheryl 348 Montoro, Danny 255, 365 Moody, Judy 365 Moore, Carol 365 Moore, Clifford 100, 365 Moore, Dan 321 Moore, Dorothea 96, 365 Moore, Emily 321 Moore, Janet 365 Moore, Jean 321 Moore, John 348 Moore, Kathleen 93, 365 Moore, Larry 335 Moore, Richard 365 Moore, Thomas 365 Moorman, Mary 365 Moorman, Mary V 259 Morasch, Candyce 365 Mordock, Larry 321 Morehouse, Linda 86, 348 Morey, Larry 321 Morgan, Charlotte 93, 365 Morgan, Daniel 71, 99, 104, 241, 268, 335 Morgan, David 100, 365 Morgan, Jcralyn 95, 365 Morgan, Judy 365 Morgan, Newlin 365 Morgan, PhiHip 241 Morgan, Stephen 365 Morgensen, Carole 364 Mori, Robert 365 Moroz, Tcri 365 Morris, Richard 365 Morrison, Larrv 336 Morrison, Linda 86, 292, 365 Mortenson, Cliarles 246 Morthole, Stuart 119,347 Mosegard, Wayne 348 Moser, Lynn 91,348 Moses, Karen 335 Moses, Patricia : 89,348 Moss, Norman 348 Mosser, Richard 335 Mossinger, Bob 348 Mott, Allen 335 Mott, Charles 119,348 Mounsey, Mark 117, 365 Moyer, Thomas 309 Muchmore, Charles 104, 365 Mueller, Andy 365 Mueller, Nancy 95, 365 Muething, Charles 365 Mulcahy, William 104, 321 Mulcare, Linda 348 Mulhall, Patrick 365 Mullens, David 72, 74, 104, 322 Mullens, James 105, 258, 365 Muller Carol 247, 335 Mullikin, Re.x 256 Mullison, Dean 249, 322 Murdock, Lany 249, 258 Munson, Carole 123, 257, 365 Muntz, Michele 365 Murdock, Michael 248, 365 Murdock, Nancy 348 Murdock, Stanley 112, 322 Murphy, John 365 Murphy, Timothy 365 Murray, Barbara 243, 335 Murray, Linda 365 Myers, Celinda 365 Myers, Robert 335 Myles, William 365 N Nagel, Edwin 365 Nagel, Susan 82, 95, 238, 241, 335 Namtvedt, Carol 365 Narum, Gailen 258,309 Nash, Allan 288 Nash, Nelson 335 Nash, Robert 309 Nathenson, Stephen 247, 259, 322 Naus, Michael 121,348 Naylor, Edith 86,322 Neater, Diane 93, 348 Neeley, Troas 322 Neely, James 120,322 Nehan, Mohammad 274, 309 Neighbors, Susan 96, 231, 322 Nein, Bernadette 96,322 Nelle, Julia 348 Nelson, Clifford 121, 348 Nelson, Daniel 365 Nelson, Dougals 112,115,268,322 Nelson, Edward 108, 262, 322 Nelson, Edwin 322 Nelson, Gerald 309 Nelson, Harvey 272, 335 Nelson, Jerrv 248 Nelson, Judith 288 Nelson, Kent 119,348 Nelson, Kirk 115,365 Nelson, Michael 241, 248, 249 Nelson, Peter 105 Nelson, Sue 85,288,365 Nelson, Zane 309 Nesson, Vilas 107,335 Netherton, Betsy 348 Nettles, Michael 264,291 Nettles, Patricia 348 Newberg, Sharon 322 Newman, bryce 309 Newton, Albert 115,348 Newton, Charles 272,348 Nicholas, David 256 Nicholls, James 348 Nieholls, Richard 322 Nicholls, Robert 365 Nichols, Thomas 365 Nicholson, Ford 117 Nicholson, Lana 365 Nick, James 348 Nick, Nancy 96, 149, 155, 348 Nickerson, Carol 365 Nicklaus, Ronald 288, 348 Nida, Gary 348 Nielsen, Marie 348 Niethammer, Susan 95, 231, 302, 348 Nishi, Clark 251, 258 Nida, Gary 348 Nielsen, Marie 348 Niethammer, Susan 95, 231, 302, 348 Nishi, Clark 251,258 Nishwitz, Jerry 365 Nixon, Chuck 271 Noble, Ann 239,348 Noble, Eleanor 254 Noel, Judith 96,272,365 Noell, Frieda 335 Nordin, Daniel 248, 296, 322 Nordin, Donald 301, 365 Norfolk, Joseph 348 Norman, Bob 100,365 Norris, Mary 284 Northness, Joanna 365 Nosal, Eugene 257 Novotny, William 117, 365 Nowell, Leslie 91, 365 Nowlin, Mark 100,365 Noyes, Jon 115, 348 Numon, Babette 89, 147, 160, 241, 302 335 Nunn, lack 112, ' 335 Nunn, John 74, 248, 258, 322 Nu,ssbaum, William 246, 335 Nuttall, Marvin 348 Nydegger, Douglas 112, 365 Nye, Carol 348 Nystrom, Marilyn 263, 365 O Oakes, Robert 112,335 Oakley, Charles 322 Oberwager, Michele 348 Obrien, Marjorie 91, 322 Obrien, William 117,365 O ' Connor, James 322 Odde, Jovce 257,365 O ' Connor, Terrance 115, 229, 241, 242, 290, 348 O ' Donlev, Glenna 365 O ' Donnell, Barbara 95, 365 Odson, Bruce 365 Ogg, Paul 349 Ohman, Carol 86, 349 Okamoto, Melvin 365 O ' Kelly, Nomian 245, 322 Olds, Richard 119, 248, 322 Oleson, Donna 284 Olivas, Sallv 287 Olson, Adele 283, 349 Olson, Danny 322 Olson, Gary 117, 349 Olsen, Karen 253, 283, 335 Olson, Martin 117,322 Omohundro, John 322 O ' Neill, Michael 242, 290, 349 Opstedahl, Gene 365 Ormsbee, Janet 243 Orourke, John 251.258 Orth, James 117,365 Osborne, Rodney 335 Oslund, Lane 112, 245, 335 Oslund. Paul 112, 365 Oslund, Pete 335 383 Ota, Diane 91,365 Otterman, Glenn 365 Oustine, Ralph 251 Oversteret, Peggy 85, 365 Owen, Jay 271,335 Owens, Charles 109, 365 Owens, James 117,335 Owens, Nancy 288 Owre, Stein 246,271,311,322 P Pace, Darwin 110,246,335 Pace, Shirley 85, 365 Pacheco, Henry 365 Padget, Michael 234 Paff, Wendy 365 Page, Christie 95, 365 Page, Judith - 245 Painter, Donald 100, 322 Painter, James 100,335 Palm, Jerry 366 Palmer, Dean 335 Pahner, John 349 Pannell, Frederick 366 Papka, Raymond 245 Pappas, Larry 109, 366 Parker, Adana 366 Parker, David 366 Parker, Everett 366 Parker, James 322 Parker, Janet 349 Parker, Virginia 95, 366 Parkins, Leonard 349 Parmelee, Sue 123, 287,366 Parr, Renee 366 Parrill, Dwight 251 Parris, Robert 335 Parsons, George 366 Parsons, Gwendolyn 322 Partridge, Elizabeth 335 Pasin, Jerome 246, 335 Passey, Russell 366 Patch, Nellie 259,322 Patik, Edward 366 Patrick, Arthur 73 Patrick, Calvin 284, 366 Patrick, Cathleen 89, 335 Patrick, John 262, 349 Patrick, Patricia 366 Patrick, Robert 366 Patterson, Elaine 322 Patterson, Willis 322 Paul, Ronald 107, 263, 273, 366 Paules, Grace 255 Paules, Miriam 95, 302, 349 Paustian, Michael 246 Pavlica, Michael 366 Paxton, Alan 366 Payne, Cheryl 91,349 Payne, Mary 96, 335 Peak, Joseph 287 Pearson, Dale 100,301,335 Pearson, Lynn 366 Pearson, Robert 366 Pebley, Orville 322 Peck, Michelle 91, 297, 349 Peden, Marilyn 309 Pedersen, Cheiyl 349 Pedersen, David 296, 335 Penfold, Lawrence 112,349 Penman, Curtis 105, 366 Pennino, John 112, 335 Penny, Patty 96,291,366 Penson, Doris 322 Perkins, Roger 107, 250, 251, 366 Perrin, Gerry 335 Perry, Kenneth 287 Perry, Lawrence 366 Perry, Sheila 366 Perryman, Bruce 309 Persons, Diana 89, 302, 366 Perue, Crystal 322 Peryam, Alan 72,112,247,273,322 Peryam, John 112,349 Petersen, Dixie 366 Petersen, James 309 Petersen, Rena 263, 366 Peterson, Dorothy 349 Peterson, Glenda 91, 355 Peterson, Judy 95, 366 Peterson, Mai-y 255, 335 Peterson, Paul 247, 322 Petranovich, Mada 95, 237, 242, 252, 322 Petroski, Roger 119,366 Petsch, Verl 322 Pfaff, Carl 248,249,335 Pfeiflenberger, John 322 Phelps, Mary 366 Philbrick, James 107,322 Phillips, Michael 117, 141, 366 Phillips, James 366 Phillips, Robert 105,242,349 Phillips, William 115,335 Pickinbaugh, Pamala 71,91,238,335 Piene, Erik 349 Pierantoni, Joseph 349 Pierce, Geraldine 366 Pierson, Marilyn 85, 366 Pierson, Patricia 335 Pierson, Verlyn 322 Pindell, Verlyn 322 Pinther, Cynthia 322 Pitcher, Donna 85, 123, 335 Pivik, Rudolph 254, 309, 322 Plasters, Patricia 86, 238, 335 Plew, Steven 366 Pkmkett, Bruce 246, 335 Plunkett, Iris 349 Plunkett, James 109,366 Poage, James 251, 349 Poage, Judith 251, 366 Poage, Lynne 366 Podlesnik, Daniel 366 Poelma, Rose 287, 366 Polhamus, Barbara 349 Porter, Fred 105 Porter, Lonnie 366 Porter, Louise 122, 160, 302, 303 Porter, Mary 86, 322 Porter, Olive 284, 335 Porter, William 121, 366 Portwood, Gladys 335 Portwood, Aiichele 89, 297, 322 Potter, Frederick 366 Potter, Kenneth 242, 349 Potter, Teresa 264, 366 Potter, Wilbur 322 Potts, John 110,366 Poush, Gary 366 Pouttu, Helen 349 Powell, Gregory 366 Powell, Rosa 322 Powers, Dennis 335 Power, Mike 115,335 Prahl, Karen 96,272,366 Prather, Brenda 86, 280, 366 Prehoda, Donald 112,335 Preuss, Gregory 121, 366 Prevo, Daniel 169 Pricco, Vickie 366 Priebe, Carlta 349 Primmer, Lorraine 366 Pringle, Kathryn 366 Pringle, Marilyn 85, 335 Printz, Clement 323 Pritchard, Robert 288 Probst, Pamela 335 Procanyn, Michael 335 Profaizer, Aldo 253, 267, 323 Profaizer, John 335 Propp, Nancy 335 Prout, William 169 Puckett, James 117,349 Pulley, John 248,249,335 Pulley, Kent 110,366 Pulsipher, Michael 100, 366 Purcella, Burt 366 Purdy, John 336 Purke, Don 256 Puskar, Carole 83, 95, 366 Q Quealy, Michael 110,349 Quech, Sam 272 Quintana, Margaret 323 R Racsykowski, Thomas 366 Radden, Russell 323 Rader, William 112,366 Rafter, Mary 231,335 Rahimi, Mohd 250,251,366 Raicevich, John 109, 323 Rajender, Shyamala 274 Rambo, Sandra 349 Ramsey, Jean 366 Ramsey, June 366 Ramsey, Verna 283 Ramsey, Virginia 255, 263, 283, 309 Rand, Charles 349 Randle, Ronald 103, 349 Ranta, Duane 75, 240, 268, 323 Rapp, Carl 248 Rapp, Cynthia 238 Rathbun, Lyle 296, 335 Rathburn, WiUiam 247, 259, 323 Ratliff, John 335 Raup, Barbara 247 Rawn, Viola 270 Ray, David 323 Ray, Mardale 366 Ray, Wesley 284 Raymond, Linda 253, 323 Raymond, Richard 117,366 Read, John 100,366 Redd, Bruce 256 Reddinger, Edith 288 Redfem, Judy 86, 323 Redmond, Marjorie 349 Reed, Agnes 123,272,349 Reed, Corinne 91, 366 Reed, Donna 366 Reed, David 366 Reed, Frederick 256, 309 Reed, Jana 71,93,349 Reed, Lana 93,349 Reed, Richard 366 Rees, Gregory Ill, 115,366 Reetz, David 117,246,335 Reetz, Jeffrey 117,141,366 Reeves, Dorothy 323 Reeves, Hazel 366 Rehm, Eileen 287, 349 Reichert, Lvnnette 335 Reid, John ' . 109 Rein, Richard 335 Reisch, Richard 339 Reisig, Reita 257,366 Reiter, Richard 366 Remster, James 349 Rennard, Robert 251 Renneisen, Arthur 288 Renner, Yvonne 323 Rentz, Carla 91, 339 Rentz, Phillip 323 Repshire, Darrel 366 Reusser, Richard 288, 349 Reynolds, Edward 247, 259, 323 Reynolds, James 366 Reynolds, Siierry 323 Reynolds, Betty 95, 366 Rhoades, Robert 336 Rhodes, Susan 86, 366 Rice, Bonnie 366 Rich, Terry 111,226 Richards, Ree 239, 260, 283 Richardson, Quentin 109, 367 Richardson, Susan 86, 367 Rickert, Larry 112, 367 Ricketts, James 112,323 Riddle, Philip 349 Riedel, Mary 86, 290, 323 Riedl, Richard 245, 336 Riemer, Dianne 349 Rife, Nancy 85, 288, 323 Riggan, Carolyn 297 Riner, Garry 309 Rinker, Patricia 349 Rios, Dan 349 Ririe, Rogers 309 Riske, Don 113,228,336 Rison, Lynette 367 Ritter, Marilyn 323 Rivera, John 367 Rizer, James 248,249 Roach, Gayle 349 Robb, Layle 250 Robbins, Bruce 109,115,241,296,336 Bobbins, fames 251, 367 Roberts, Carolyn 349 Roberts, Larry 246 Roberts, Marjorie 323 Roberts, Stephen 121, 240, 323 Roberts, Terrv 105, 296, 323 Robertson, Elizabeth 91, 336 Robertson, Garth 367 384 Robinson, Cynthia 89, 122, 323 Robinson, Jay 251, 323 Robinson, Joel 367 Robinson, Larry 309, 367 Robinson, Larry D 100 Robinson, Robert 349 Robinson, Sandra 85, 367 Robles, Diane 323, 367 Rochlitz, Carol 367 Rodenburg, Dennis 117, 336 Roderick, James 115,336 Rodgers, Carolyn 336 Rodriguez, Frank 323 Rogers, Jack 287, 367 Rogers, Linda 367 Rogers, Ronald 120, 272, 367 Rohde, Theodore 323 Rohmer, Rovert 109, 367 Rohn, Nancy 367 Rohn, Rick 336 Roland, Gary 107, 367 Romberg, Gary 100, 241, 336 Romero, Henry 367 Romero, Joe Ill Rondeau, Daniel 301 Ronish, William 323 Rooks, James 323 Roper, ' Charles 117,349 Rosendahl, Phillip 367 Rosenthal, Fredric 323 Rosenthal, Martha ! 86, 367 Rosenthal, Nancy 349 Ross, Harold 256 Ross, James 115, 367 Rossetti, " William 367 Rotellini, Renee 323 Rothenberger, Stanley 103, 309 Round, Eugene 301, 323 Rouse, Marion 96, 231, 297, 349 Rowell, Catherine 349 Rowley, Gary 109, 336 Royden, James 323 Rubendall, Judith 336 Ruch, Jo Ellen 89,367 Rueckert, Janet 367 Ruggera, Paul 251,258,287 Rulh, Daniel 113,336 Rupert, Ruth 336 Rupp, David 168 Russell, Robert 111,367 Russell, Sherry 367 Russick, Susan 367 Rutledge, James 349 Rvan, John 323 Rymill, Richard 367 S St. lohn, Oren 324 Sabo, Donald 301 Saftell, Jerry 168 Salam, Abdul 274 Sample, Martin 117,228,349 Sams, Linda 288, 349 Sams, Twila 255 Samuels, Sally 290, 367 Samuelson, Lawrence 246, 336 Sanborn, Charles 117, 336 Sanchez, Arthur 336 Sanchez, Marilyn 336 Sanchez, Raymond 367 Sanchez, William 349 Sandage, Gary 115, 367 Sandberg, Beverly 239, 349 Sandberg, Carl 115,367 Sanders, Doris 336 Sanders, Leland 323 Sandorf, Mary 86, 349 Sanger, Kathryn 349 Sant, Stanton 367 Santoni, Gary 117,349 Sapp, Samuel 309 Sargent, William 323 Sarvev, Michael 117,336 Sasse, Darlene 367 Sattler, Martin Saul, Charles 105, 367 Saunders, Gordon 367 Savage, Robert 117,349 Savidge, Thomas 367 Sawaya, William 241, 284, 336 Sawyer, Jon 117,349 Saxton, 301,337 Scarlett, Ruth 122, 195, 239, 243, 349 Schaap, Charles 264 Schaeter, Jay 255 Schafer, Harry 245, 367 Schafer, Mary 287, 349 Schatz, Wayne 367 Schaub, Gordon 109 Scheuerman, David 117, 323 Schimmer, Richard 249 Schirk, Suzanne 337 Sclilaikjcr, Loren - 323 Schlaltman, James 103,301,323 Schlessman, Elizabeth 96, 367 Schlitt, Leslie 105, 367 Schmidt, John 367 Schmidt, Edmund 117, 337 Schmidt, Georgiana ....96, 227, 287, 291, 337 Schmidt, Jerry 92 Schmidt, William 337 Schnackenberg, Karl 349 Schneider, Diane 349 Schneider, Gayleen 93, 323 Schneider, Judith 259, 297, 323 Scholes, Terry 115, 337 Schoonover, Bonnie 85, 349 Schopf, John 250, 323 Schrader, Donald 367 Schreiner, Daniel 247, 259 Schreiner, Joan 323 Schrinar, Samuel 119,337 Schrul, Kaye 349 Schubert, Mark 368 Schultz, Carl 105, 337 Schultz, Douglas 309 Schulz, Carl 105,349 Schulz, Patricia 123, 297 Schuman, Gerald 247, 323 Schwarz, Robert 100, 368 Schwidder, Wilham 115,349 Schwindt, Jerry 368 Scoggan, Allen 337 Scoggin, Larry 368 Scott, Douglas 368 Scott, Frank 111,241,337 Scott, John 113,323 Scott, Kathleen 349 Scott, Lynnda 285, 337 Scott, Katherine - 337 Scott, Stephen 100, 368 Scott, William 267, 323 Scotty, Leonard 323 Scranton, Pamela 95, 287, 368 Seabury, Robert 113,368 Seaborn, Earl 368 Sedey, Barbara 337 Seebaum, Carol 323 Seebaum, William 337 Seeley, Bruce 251,255,349,368 Selle, Terence 349 Sellenrick, Gary 285, 368 Selman, Robert 349 Semon, Robert 309 Seneshale, Trudy 239, 350 Sensintaffar, Vivian 85, 241, 292, 337 Servio, Caroll 337 Settell, Bruce 337 Sewchok, Andrew 368 Shackelford, Richard 323 Shafer, John 251, 323 Shaffer, Carl 368 Shaffer, Dianne 122, 252, 323 Shaffer, William 368 Shankel, Robert 368 Shaw, Vicki 368 Shawver, Charles 350 Sheaman, Gerald 359 Sheehan, Harvey 324 Sheehan, Kinda 89 Shelby, William 113, 368 Shelden, Dorothy 86, 337 Sheldon, Jamie 285, 368 Shelley, Ben 350 Shellhaas, Elizabeth 350 Shelsta, Stephen 117,337 Shelton, Charles 168, 271 Shelton, David 103, 301, 337 Shelton, Walter 115,337 Shepard, Marvin 246, 337 Shepperson, Jerry 350 Sherman, Karen 123 Sherman, Sharolvn 368 Shewalter, Steven 105, 350 Shields, Calvin 337 Shields, Elizabeth 257 Shields, Isabelle 368 Shindeldecker, David 368 Shipp, Gary 120, 350 Shoemaker, Michael 368 Shook, Steven 113,368 Short, Raymond 337 Shotwell, Kathryn 247 Choultz, Michael 324 Shryack, Lynne 337 Shubert, Mark 143 Shupe, Norman 324 Siedenburg, Vance 117,141,368 Sicgel, Magraret 338 Sieglitz, Frank 71, 99, 117, 240, 268, 324 Siek, Hans 337 Siek, Harold 99, 109, 241, 337 Sievers, Robert 368 Sifferd, Michael 246, 301, 324 Silverster, Karl 309 Simmon, Mary 85 Simmons, Gary 368 Sinnnons, Gilbert 309 Simmons, JoAnn 252, 254, 324 Simmons, Lynne 96, 368 Sinmions, Maiy 337 Simon, Dorothy 91, 324 Simon, James 324 Simon, Joan 288 Simon, Thomas 117,324 Simoncini, Ernest 337 Simonini, Julius 368 Simonsen, Stein 365 Simonton, Judy 89, 324 Simpson, Hilda 255, 263, 273, 284, 337 Simpson, Jeanette 89, 297, 324 Simpson, Jimmy 119, 255, 350 Simpson, Kay 284, 368 Simpson, Martha 96, 122, 147, 297, 337 Simpson, Michael 109, 368 Sims, Carol 91,324 Sims, David 264, 337 Sims, Larry 257 Sims, Lorene 337 Simwanza, Sunday 274 Sinclair, Nancy 123, 368 Sironen, Paul 274 Skinner, Ann 95, 239, 350 Skinner, Peter 264 Skirrow, Alden 337 Slater, Robert 245, 324 Slone, Susan 91 Smalley, Martha 350 Smaha, Robert 256 Smith, Allen 270, 350 Smith, Bonnie 85, 368 Smith, Carole 96, 368 Smith, Charles 248, 249, 272 Smith, Charles 368 Smith, Clarence 252 Smith, Clifford 350 Smith, Darrell 324 Smith, Dennis 324 Smith, Frederick 324 Smith, Gary 73,115,246,368 Smith, Gary R 324 Smith, Gregory 117, 368 Smith, James, 337 Smith, Janet 324 Smith, Jennifer 86, 368 Smith, Jerrv 350 Smith, Katiw 257, 350 Smith, Kenneth 109, 368 Smith, Kristv 89, 272, 337 Smith, Lee 254 Smith, Michael 350 Smith, Nancy 96,230.350 Smith, Peter 350 Smith, Richard 248 Smith, Richard A 350 Smith, Robert B 338 Smith, Robert F 100, 368 Smith, Russell 235, 338 Smith, Sharen 368 Sneesby, David 324 Sneesbv, Gregory 368 Snesrud, Karen ' . 91, 368 Snider, Linda 95. 122, 231, 243, 338 Snow, Carol 270 Snvder, David 338 Snyder, Robert 338 Snvder. Sarah 338 Sohn, Harold 235, 336 385 Soine, Leslie 86,238,338 Somer, Delmar 368 Somsen, Sylvia 93, 267, 368 Soraque, William 324 Sorensen, James 247, 324 Sorensen, Kay 247 Souders, Robert 338 Spahn, Earl 368 Spaulding, Charleen 85, 324 Spalding, Lyman 113, 324 Spear, Merry 89, 302, 368 Spears, Jo 263, 285, 324 Speights, Richard 168, 350 Spencer, Gaiy 113, 368 Spencer, Teresa 96, 123, 257, 350 Sperry, Patrick 324 Spicer, Suzanne 350 Spieles, Patrick 105, 324 Spiker, Keith 368 Spittgerber, Angie 86, 350 Spotts, Edward 287, 368 Spragg, Sherry 368 Sprague, William 324 Sprigger, John 368 Spuhn, Carol 338 Spurlock, Stephen 368 Stack, Dennis 324 Staggs, James 264 Stahla, Betty 259,338 Stahia, Byron 338 Stahlecker, Verlyn 309 Stalcup, Michael 368 Staley, Gary 115,338 Stalick, Barbara 89, 123, 338 Stallings, Daryl 369 Stanberry, Barbara 338 Stanberry, Joseph 338 Stanfield, John 350 Stanford, Donna 369 Stanko, Rudy 117,287,369 Stanko, Sheryl 338 Stanley, Donald 251,324 Starkey, David 369 Starkovich, Victor 257 Starks, Ronald 248, 324 Starr, George 338 Starrs, Wilham 369 States, Tom 338 Stauffer, Jean 369 Stensom, D 249 Steadman, Shirley 287, 350 Stearns, Bradley 247, 259, 313 Stebner, Kenneth 115,268,338 Steele, Corrinne 338 Steele, Gordon 247, 273, 324 Steere, Betty 85,369 Steiner, Terrance 369 Stellpflug, Nora 324 Stephen, Richard 111,350 Stephenson, Alan 113,242,350 Stevens, Lanny 369 Stevenson, Cynthia 95, 272, 369 Stevenson, Jacquelyn 324 Stevenson, Robert 264, 350 Stewart, Banner 369 Stewart, Charles 285, 338 Stewart, Karel 89, 122, 351 Stewart, Phillip 369 Stewart, Rebecca 257 Stewart, Steven Ray 338 Stigall, Paul 309 Stiller, David 369 Stilwell, Glenda 338 Stilwell, Shirley 338 Stipe, Herbert 105,351 Stocker, Harold 310 Stratch, Noel 351 Stratton, Robert 338 Strauch, Harry 107 Straus, Gary 310 Strid, Claire 233,239,252,260 Stroh, Roy 246,287,351 Strom, Marilyn 369 Stubbs, Diane 241, 338 Stulc, Linda 287 Stump, Francis 251,324 StumpfF, Cynthia 82, 93, 123, 328, 338 Sugano, Glenn 399 Suits, Robert 369 Sullivan, Daniel 105, 324 Sullivan, Patrick 117,369 Sumey, Robert 338 Summers, Estelle 338 Sundby, Andrea 95, 123, 238, 338 Susheela, Yenikone 310 Sutich, Jacqueline 369 Sutler, Fred 369 Suttermeister, Paul 339 Sutton, John 369 Swaim, Charles 117, 252 Swallow, Tim 113 Swallow, Eugene 369 Swan, Ronald 100,338 Swanson, Donald 338 Swanson, Edward 310 Swanson, Joan 351 Swanson, Marva 257, 285, 351 Swanson, Roger 115,246,324 Swanson, Wilham 338 Swanzy, Jack 369 Swann, Charles 369 Swartz, Linda 274, 369 Swartz, Mary 324 Swartz, Theodore 324 Swed, Sheryl ..310 Sweem, Glenn 324 Swenson, Lornell 96, 122, 237, 338 Stockhouse, Robert 351 Stocking, Robert 369 Stocks, Shirley 369 Stoll, Stephen 119,242,351 Stolt, Robert 257 Stone, John 324 Stone, Cynthia 96, 369 Stone, Susan 338 Stone, Tim 338 Storti, Craig 369 Stotts, Dennis 338 Stouffer. John 246, 324 Stout, Phihp 369 Stout, Thelma 287 Stout, William 111,324 Stoval, William 99,117,241,268,338 Stovall, Richard 369 Stover, Marilyn 338 Strasheim, John 324 Strasheim, Patricia 369 Strasser, Richard 310 Stratch, Neil 105,351 Tabata, George 224 Taboada, Manuel 338 Taggard, Richard 247, 273 Taggard, Susan 324 Tait, Emma 285 Talbot, Curtis 310 Talich, Gary 351 Tamaresis, Denise 369 Tamayo, John 369 Tammen, Margaret 283 Tanaka, Yoshiiche 310 Tanner, Wallace 310 Tarbell, Linda 369 Tardoni, Edward 338 Tass, Leona 333 Taves, Barbara 292, 338 Taylor, Bonnie 324 Taylor, Carol 283, 288, 369 Taylor, Don 115,240,324 Taylor, Marsha 85, 369 Telander, Gary 351 Temple, Kenneth 115,324 Temte, Lynn 288 Terry, Toni 86, 369 Tharp, Jennifer 369 Theil, Dianne 91,324 Thelen, David 119,351 Thelen, Frank 119,369 Thobro, Nancy - 369 Thomas, Donald 251,324 Thomas, Frank 369 Thomas, Frank 369 Thomas, Jack 115,338 Thomas, Mary 71, 96, 123, 238, 269, 338 Tliomas, Sandra 86, 369 Tliompkins, Daniel 100 Thompson, Cheryl 243 Thompson, Dennis 100 Thompson, Douglas 100, 369 Thompson, Edward 115,246,310 Thompson, Gerald 287 Tliompson, Greg 113,338 Thompson, John 107, 273, 351 Thompson, John Dudley 324 Thompson, Frank 369 Thompson, Nancy 75, 86, 237, 324 Thompson, Pamela 237, 324 Thompson, Susan 339 Thompson, Theodore 255, 267, 369 Thompson, Thomas 247, 273, 324 Thompson, Waive 158, 315 Thompson, Wesley 111,247,339 Thomson, William 11, 325 Thorburn, John 351 Thome, Don 105,369 Thornhill, Richard 369 Thorp, Jennifer 91 Thrune, Carolyn 351 Thylur, Shanker 310 Tigert, Sudie 96, 122, 243, 296, 339 Tiller, James 370 Tillev, Larry 325 Tilton, Arthur 351 Tippets, Ashby 339 Tippets, Susan 325 Tippetts, Thomas 248 Tipton, Charlene 325 Tirrell, Harry 264 Titensor, George 351 Titensor, Janet 370 Titensor, Lois 339 Titmus, Robert 370 Titus, Lynne 324 Tlustos, Jack 310 Tobias, Richard 252 Todd, Lynn 103,339 Todd, Ronald 310 Tollefsen, Dagholm 351 Tolson, Billy 325 Toly, Paul 248,339 Tomberlin, Terry 370 Tomingas, Byron 320 Tompkins, Thomas 370 Toms, Stephen 73,115,246,296,325 Tonkin, Albert 325 Tontapanish, N 325 Toomer, Timothy 351 Torkelson, Richard 113, 351 Toro, Larry 325 Toscano, Paul 168 Toth, James 105,339 Trabing, Nancy 370 Tracy, Nancy 351 Tranas, Donald 351 Tranas, Richard 339 Trask, Patricia 93, 351 Travis, Ralph 310 Trefren, Dennis 248, 370 Tremblay, James 258, 325 Trethewev, Robert 351 Trowe, Robert 109,370 Trudil, David 115,370 True, Harold 249, 258, 325 True, Rebecca 89, 238, 339 Trujillo, Tommy 339 Trush, Russell 246 Tucker, Merle 325 Tufts, Corinne 82, 85, 339 Tully, Joseph 115,370 Turk, Brookie 339 Turner, Jeffrey 325 Turner, joe 105, 370 Turner, Marjene 370 Turner, Michael 100,370 Turtle, Ronald 248, 249, 250 Twitchell, Nancy 89, 325 Tysor, Prudence 259 U Uberuaga, Michael 351 Underwood, Jane 257, 370 Uribe, Vicenta 325 Usman 310 Utter, Bonnie 93, 123, 370 V Vanburen, Robert 351 Vanbuskirk, Vicki 86, 272, 370 Vance, James 310 Vance, Pamela 264 Vance, Victor 246, 339 Vancourt, Stephen 351 Vandine, John 255 Vangundy, Scott 370 Vanhees, Virginia 85, 325 386 Vaninwegen, Cornelius 115,339 Vanklaveren, Sandra 351 Vanmale, Huph 119,311 Vanpclt, Douglas 351 Van Pelt, Dyanne 339 Vasilion, Pete 271 Vass, John 117,325 Vassos, Donald 351 Vaudrey, Kennon ...75, 103, 240, 250, 258, 325 Vauglian, Robert 113,325 Vautrinot, Theodore 325 Vavra, Larry 256 Veal, Donald 248 Veale, Tames 264 Veile, David 325 Veline, Nancy 86, 370 Vialpando, June 339 Vigna, Marilyn 325 Vines, Allen 103,242,351 Vines, William 256 Voelker, James 370 Vogt, James 117,325 Voigt, Gregg 370 Vonarx, Joseph 109, 370 Vonburg, Richard 351 Vonforell, Susan 257 Vonkrosigk, Gary 121,351 Vore, lanet 351 Vorpahl, Peter 339 Vosika, Ronald 325 Vosler, Elaine 370 Voss, Gary 339 Voss, Thomas 121,351 Vuko, Nick 105,325 W Waersten, Erik 251 Wager, Dan 105, 325 Wages, Tames 351 Wagner, Daniel 370 Wagner, Douglas 370 Wagner, Gerald 370 Wagner, Jennifer 263, 370 Wagner, Thaddaus 325 Wagner, Tommy 351 Wagstaff, Malcolm 168 Wakkuri, Karma 370 Walden, Pad 325 Wales, Alyce 370 Waliser, Darlene 339 Walker, Karen 85,370 Walker, Mark 284, 325 Walker, Wayne 105 Wallace, Linda 86, 370 Walser, Janet 370 Walsh, Terry 351 Walsh, Thomas 271,325 Walton, Louise 370 Wambeke, Daniel 250, 251, 370 Wangnild, William 272, 339 Ward, Richard 115,339 Warfield, Ted 247, 273 Warner, Bonnie 288, 302, 370 Warner, Robert 252 Warner, Robert C 113,141,252,324 Warren, George 250, 258, 324 Washburn, Harriet 283,311 Wasson, Douglas 117,141,370 Watson, Tudith 243, 269 Watson, Richard E 117,246,352 Watson, Richard L 117,352 Watson, Thomas 113,370 Way, Gary 352 Way, Patty 370 Weaver, Grace 95,370 Webb, Gharles 113,352 Webster, Edward ...113,241,339 Webster, William 113,352 Weedman, Carol 352 Weekly, Donald 325 Weeks, James 352 Weems, Charles 339 Weickum, Ronald 109, 352 Weisert, Robert 105, 370 Welch, Teanne 91,287,370 Welch, jerry 370 Welch, Pamela 95 Welde, Lovclla 370 Weller, Steven 111,370 Weller, William 325,370 Welling, Linda 122, 302 Welling, Myra 267 Wells, Douglas 117,336 Wells, Linda 85, 370 Wells, Robert 352 Wells, Virginia 96, 269, 272, 370 Welsh, WiUiam 267 Wendling, Ronald 339 Werner, Jon 250,251,284 Westberg, Carol 370 Westerfield, Thomas 245 Wetzler, Tames 352 Wheasler, Lois 253 Wheeland, Cheryl 86, 325 Wheeler, Billy 247, 254, 259 Wheeler, Michael 255,301,326 Whelan, Toni 352 Whitaker, Terrence 352 White, Dawn 288, 370 White, Foster 352 White, Tanice 352 White, Mack 326 White, Philip 287,339 White, Timothy 287, 370 White, Todd 250 White, Wilham 115,352 Whitehurst, Ben 301, 352 Whitlock, Ann 257, 370 Whitney, Karen 370 Whittington, Tanice 82, 89, 239, 302, 352 Wiant, Peggy 370 Wickam, Gary 113,352 Wickersham, Mary 257 Wickstrom, Lawrence 370 Wickstrom, Terry 113,326 Widick, Charles 326 Wiege, Kieth 109, 339 Wieland, Gary 263, 352 Wieland, Walter 326 Wiese, Bennett 352 Wilcox, Bruce 326 Wilcox, Larry 105,370 Wildermuth, Lynn 370 Wiley, Corhss 352 Wiley, Lewis 326 Wilkerson, Ralph 242, 352 Wilkins, Gerald 352 Wilkinson, Richard 109, 326 Wilkinson, Thomas 169 Willey, Mary 274,370 Williams, Clement 370 Williams, Dennis 370 Williams, Francis 326 WilHams, Tames 242, 352 Williams, To Ann 370 Williams, John 115,311 Williams, John 242, 352 Williams, Lvnda E 95, 151, 339 Williams, Lynda R 86, 370 Williams, Rodger 326 Williams, Sandra 96, 229, 239, 302, 352 Williams, Suzanne 370 Williams, Tom 169 Williamson, Adrian 247, 259, 326 Willson, Elizabeth 352 Wilmot, Roger 246, 326 Wilson, Carol 326 Wilson, Charlotte 274, 311 Wilson, Craig 339 Wilson, George 250, 352 Wilson, Timmy 100, 370 Wilson, John 370 Wilson, Leslie 93, 370 Wilson, Martha 93, 352 Wilson, Mary 95, 122, 326 Wilson, Peri 96, 302, 370 Wilson, Robert 370 Wilson, Sandy 352 Wilson, Shirley 95, 370 Wilson, Terry 352 Wilson, Thomas 117, 370 Wilson, Warren 100, 370 Winchester, T3avid 352 Windholz, Frank 169, 268, 271, 296 Wing, Jill 264, 370 Wing, Lindsey 89, 326 Wing, Randel 245 Winger, Richard 339 Wingcrter, Norleen 238. 339 Wingfield, Charles 311 Wingfield, Claudia 311 Wingfield, Wayne 311 Winland, Robert 370 Wiseman, Chris 113,370 Wiseman, Coleman 326 Wishon, Sandra 259 With, Vernon 352 Witter, William 311 Witters, Judy 83, 85, 370 Wittrock, Michael 111,352 Wolf, Gharlene 96, 257. 352 Wolf, Gerald 117,242,352 Wolfard, Connie 339 Wolfe, Theodore 326 Wolscher, Lynn 344 Wong, Nelson 370 Wood, Carole 326 Wood, Katherine 311 Wood, Robert 326 Wood, Vernon 352 Woodbury, John 105, 352 Woodfill, Robert 311 Woodmansee, Patricia 83, 96, 339 Woods, Dennis 359 Woodward, Anne 238 Woodward, Richard 326 Woody, John 251, 258, 326 Woody, Judith 339 Worley, Sandra 367 Worth, Raymond 250 Wrage, Gary 273,311,352 Wrav, Linda 290, 352 Wright, David 241,251,339 Wright, David 251 Wright, Tudith 367 Wright, Karen 96, 290, 352 Wright, Thomas 99, 107, 242, 263 Wyman, Marvin 326 Y Yager, Larry 326 Yahn, Tennifer 326 Yahn, Paula 367 Yarbrough, David 352 Yaroch, Dennis 367 Yates, Andrea 352 Yelvington, Tulia 274, 352 Yenney, Robert 107,273,339 Yocum, Patricia 326 York, James 107, 263, 273, 367 Young, David 356 Young, Edward 339 Young, James 11, 141 Young, Marjorie 91,237,291.326 Young, Wendy 352 Yount, James 339 Yutesler, James 339 Yuthas, George 326 Z Zakotnik, Josephine 339 Zakotnik, Rose 86 Zaversnik, Frank 339 Z°ll, Tames 258 Ziltener, Karl 285, 352 Zimmerman, Walter 115, 339 Zocco, Vincent 252 Zube, Doris 339 Zuech, Chervil 287, 339 Zuttermeister, John 241 Zwickl, Michael 113, 352 387 NA yo THE UNIVERSITY OF N VYOMING LARAMIE. WYOMING Co-editors Ann Christensen Susan Ferguson Business manager Sally Davidson Adviser Joe W. Milner A year spent in a university environment is reflected in myriad ways. For some the year 1965-66 was a year of fun, excitement, and friendships. For others it was a year of search- ing — for knowledge, for understanding, for individuality. For still others, the past year was a combination of these things, and it is this point of view that we have tried to maintain in the Wyo " Reflections. " The editorship of a college annual is a job of much greater scope than we at first imagined. We are both thankful that our responsibility has been a shared one. Although our staff as a whole has been cooperative, there are certain people to whom we feel we owe special thanks. Clyde Douglas and Harold Sohn have been a constant source of encouragement and help. Besides pro- ducing quality photographs — in quantity — they have added a light touch to numerous late nights at work in our office. Jeannie Laughlin and Don Riske have spent long hours working beyond their basic responsibilities to the Wyo, and we have been grateful to them in the past few harried months. Other staff members whose work has been significantly more than adequate are Suzanne Armstrong and Nancy Smith, copy editors, and Lorrie Swenson, who edited the index, a large and unrewarding task. For the photography in the book we thank Bill Kuntzman, photography editor, who somehow survived our demands for more and better pic- tures. Al Miner spent countless nights waiting for organizations to appear to have their group pictures taken, and patiently rescheduled those who never showed up. We feel that special rec- ognition should go to Herb Pownall, who is re- sponsible for the beautiful color photography in the Wyo, and who was an emergency source for other pictures. To our adviser. Dr. Joe Milner, and to the Wheelwright Lithographing Com- pany, we express our appreciation for their patience with missed deadlines, and their prod- ding us along when we badly needed it. Editing the Wyo has not been an easy job, and now that it is over we feel acutely the loss of a pressing obligation. We have made mistakes, but we have profited by them. Our reward is the finished product. Co-editors, rb rooc THEWHEELWRjgHT Press 975 SOUTH WEST TEMPLE STREET • SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH 84101 Specialist s color repro diicti ions 388 in books lies the soul of the articulate audible when the body anc le whole past time: 5ice of the past. naterial substance of it has 2d like a dream. thomas carlyle

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