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1962 EDITION - VOLUME XLIX ROBERT MARSHALL, EDITOR JIM WATSON, ASSOCIATE EDITOR BARBARA DUNCAN, BUSINESS MANAGER PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY THE ASSO- CIATED STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING, LARAMIE, WYOMING ' £(S| , John W. Hoyt 1887 - 1890 Frank P. Graves 1896 - 1898 UM J $87 -7962 On March 4, 1886, the University Bill was signed by the territorial gover- nor, Francis E. Warren, and later that year the cornerstone of Old Main was laid. During the summer of- 1887, t he first faculty was chosen and on Septem- ber 6, 1887, the Territorial University was opened. In January of 1891, Wyo- ming was incorporated as a State Uni- versity. The first commencement with a graduating class of two was held in June of 1891. In 1894, the colleges of Agri- culture, Liberal Arts, and Engineering were established and in 1896 the first graduate degrees were conferred. Wyo- ming ' s first summer session was held in 1905 with an enrollment of 27 students. In 1909 the first WYO was published and in 1910, Pi Beta Phi was the first national sorority to be installed at the University of Wyoming. When Wyoming celebrated its 25th Anniversary, the regu- lar school enrollment was 213 and there were twelve degrees conferred. In 1912, Henry G. Knight was in- stalled as the first Dean at the University of Wyoming as Dean of the College of Agriculture. Alpha Tau Omega became the first national fraternity at Wyoming when it was installed in 1913. R.O.T.C. was begun at Wyoming in 1916. Justus F. Soule became the first Dean of Men in 1920, the same year in which the Law school began. The University of Wyo- ming was admitted to the Rocky Moun- tain Athletic Conference in 1921 and celebrated its first homecoming a year later. " Branding Iron " was adopted as the name for the school paper in 1923. In 1924, Wyoming was admitted to the As- sociation of Accredited Universities. 1937 saw the celebration of the 50th an- niversary of the University. At that time the regular year school enrollment was 1900 with a total of 222 degrees con- ferred. Albinus A. Johnson 1891 - 1896 Elmer E. Smiley 1898 - 1903 Charles W. Lewis 1903 - 1904 Frederick M. Tisdale 1904 - 1908 Charles 0. Merica 1908 - 1912 Aven Nelson 1917 - 1922 Wyoming ' s third 25 years saw more advancements than the entire first 50 years. A charter for Phi Beta Kappa was granted to Wyoming in 1940. The Nat- ural Resources Research Institute was established in 1943. Also in 1943, Wyo- ming won the N.C.A.A. basketball championship. In 1945, the Graduate School was founded. In 1946, the Col- lege of Pharmacy was established and in 1947 the College of Commerce In- dustry and the Division of Adult Educa- tion and Community Service were es- tablished. The first Ph. D. degree was conferred at this time also. Wyoming won its first Skyline Conference Football championship in 1949. In 1953, the Western Interstate Commission on High- er Education was established and in 1955 the Division of Business and Economic Research was established. 1957 saw the establishment of the College of Nursing and the School of American Studies. The Colleges of Liberal Arts became the Col- lege of Arts and Sciences in 1956 and instituted its Honors Program in 1958. An $11.7 million building program was launched by the University in 1959. By 1961, the regular student enrollment had reached 4100 with a summer school en- rollment of 2200 students. There were a total of 967 degrees conferred in 1961. This year is the joint celebration of the 75th anniversary of the University of Wyoming and the 100th anniversary of the Land Grant College Act. Bc tf 9} 16k £ Eb V : ■ 2 Bk Clyde A. Duniway 1912 - 1917 Arthur G. Crane 1922 - 1941 Lewis J. Morrill 1942 - 1945 George Duke Humphrey 1945- Contents Government .... 5 Publications .... 27 Campus Life .... 35 Personalities . . . 101 Organizations . . . . 129 Living Groups . . . 181 Sports 229 Military 257 Classes 269 Js! ;■ • Afe 4 :: - i ml ■TBI P f " ' ' SBfc aP l t m. « float d Of Zrustces Of Zhe University Of Wyoming Back Row: Mrs. Neil Bush, Roy Peck, Robert S. McCra- ken, Roy Chamberlain, Harold F. Newton, J. M. Mclntire, Harold F. Brough, Miss Velma Linford, (ex-officio mem- ber), J. F. Sullivan. Front Row: L. W. Jones, Secretary; John A. Reed, Treasurer; Clifford P. Hansen, President of the Board; Russell I. Laird, Vice President; President G. D. Humphrey. JACK ' ; G e N 3 ■Janv ve oi tfte nd Stude s o «nStf» lw ° tB i»fl s gr ° ti Pride w sical 8 se x can ortlon , ever L W tVvere gr°Y , a bore DV .q tfte should. w totrve at gradu ated e v entire »» e trvore duC t. to D e oi K.UW e jtu it .. -• V Gag 6 ' Ifack K. Qage governor of Wyoming tJ STT o vrz° tf G pnesv oe« T o » wC IttT .!« to t»6» « » QJD. Mumphreys President of the University of Wyoming 10 E. Luella Galliver Dean of Women A. L. Keeney Dean of Men R. E. McWhinnie Registrar Harold W. Benn Assistant to the President 1 1 Jim Crow, Union Program Coordinator George F. Hamm, Assistant Dean of Men James Ranz, Library Director Maurice Seeman, Union Director 12 John Chalmers, Dean of Arts and Sciences H. T. Persons, Dean of Engineering Clare Mundell, Dean of Commerce and Indus- try 13 Verna J. Hitchcock, Dean of Home Economics Amelia Leino, Dean of Nursing David W. O ' Day, Dean of Pharmacy 14 Robert Bruce, Dean of the Graduate School Dick Brown, Alumni Director June Schribe, Editor of the Alumnews 15 A.S.U.W. Joye Brown, A.S.U.W. Vice-President Brent Eastman, A.S.U.W. President 16 Ron Peterson, Business Manager Mary Smith, Secretary Senate Rex Arney Hal Ashenhurst 17 Jeannie Bindschadler Barry Burnette Fred Cady Bruce Cody 18 Donna Golden John Gries Senate Mary Guthrie 19 Mary B. Kohrs Dick Ludwig Sandra Mayer Hugh McFadden f 20 Dave McPherson Ralph Menke Student Senate Fred Miller 21 Penny Myers Sharon O ' Melia Ed Rabou Tonia Rulli 22 n m 1 Karen Rushmore Sally Smith Bob Valasquez 23 J nter fraternity Council Row 1: Bob Melonuk, Dave Carmichael, Dick Ludwig, Ron Peterson, Mick Crouse, Bill Shaffer. Row 2: Ern est Halle, Jim Gidley. Bruce Cody, Lyle Rickert, Rick Ludlow, Bill Sutto, Jim Bonsell, Jim Mateson. The Interfraternity Council is the governing body for the ten fraternities on the University of Wyoming campus. Three men from each fraternity compose the membership of the council, including the president and two elected rep- resentatives from each fraternity. The IFC has a triple purpose. One purpose is to further the interest of the University and all fraternities on the campus; another is to foster closer co-operation and better understanding between fraternities and the third purpose is to consider all questions of interfraternity relationship and questions of interest to the college world as they affect fra- ternities and their members. Throughout the year the IFC assists the registrar in keeping his fraternity files up to date. One of the highlights of the year is the IFC dance in the spring. This dance is an annual affair at which time the University of Wyoming ' s " Ugly Man " is chosen. Officers for the IFC this year included Ron Peterson, President; Dick Ludwig, Vice President; and Mick Crouse, Secretary-Treasurer. The advisor for the group is A. L. Keeney, Dean of Men. 24 Row 1: Karen Hall, Thelma Hansen, Kaky Logan, Bonnie Brown, Dorothy Williams. Row 2: Yo Numoto, Barbara Alley, Mary Pat Sims, Tonia Rulli, Mary Jane Urbigkit, Cheryl Miller, Andrea Johnson, Judy McClenahan, Gretchen Bower. Row 3: Barbara Kniss, Joan Layman, Sandra Sturges, Karene McRae, Mary Lou Rento, Carolyn Hodges, Sharon San- deno. Associated Women Students All women students enrolled at the University of Wyoming are governed by the A.W.S. board. The pur- pose of this organization is to help women students develop character and leadership. Assisting Mary Fuji- kawa, A.W.S. president, are Kaky Logan, presidential- delegate-at-large; Sue Bardo, vice-president; Veronica Peeks, delegate-at-large; Bonnie Brown, secretary; and Carolyn Wright, treasurer. The leadership workshop, A.W.S. Dance, and the A.W.S. Board Banquet are the major activities sponsored by this association. Miss E. Luella Galliver, Dean of Women; Miss Thouin; and Miss Schunck are the advisors for A.W.S. 25 Panhellenic Council Row 1: Anne Gilroy, Barbara Alley, Maggie Webster, Sally Ernst, Ann Trowbridge. Row 2: O ' Connor, Vicki Larson, Jane Butler, Iris Prevedel, Sylvia Field, Kay Stewart. Mary Jane Urbigkit, Susan The senior Panhellenic Council functions as a vital intra-sorority coordi- nating group on our campus. Each sorority sends two women, who have a minimum 2.75 grade average, to serve on the council. Their job is to present problems and solutions of interest to all greek women. Besides promoting a panhellenic spirit among the greek groups, the council serves as their governing body, making rules concerning all sororities. To keep rush week running smoothly is the foremost activity of the Panhellenic Council. Recognizing, though, the value of fair compe- tition to achieve higher standards, the council presents a scholarship trophy to the group with the highest grade average for the preceding two semesters. The last winner of the cup was Delta Delta Delta. 26 Bob Marshall, Wyo Editor Wyo The first week of school members of the Wyo staff be- gin their various sections, work for some which will last until the yearbook ' s final deadline. Working with individual student pictures is the first project of the staff. From then on staff members are occupied with depicting and writing copy for every aspect of student academic life. Throughout the year the staff is connected with almost every phase of production including photography and lay-out. Only when the yearbook is distributed to the student body in the late spring does the Wyo staff really consider the production completed. Barbara Duncan, Business Manager 28 Anne Siren, Greek Editor Janyce Thomas, Personality Editor Wyo Dave Dougherty, Photographer Shirley Correll, Government Editor Dave Bonner, BI Editor Each Friday the UW student body eagerly awaits the distribution of the weekly newspaper. Little does the average reader realize of the work done by the B I staff during the week to prepare the paper for publi- cation. Early in the week, reporters are busy gathering current news items for their stories. Tuesday, Wedn- nesday and Thursday nights one can see lights burning late in the BI office as staff members do final proofing on the week ' s edition. When the lights are finally ex- tinguished, staff members settle back waiting for Fri- day to see their work in print. Despite controversial issues brought to light in the paper, which are really its life-blood, the BI staff can be congratulated for a job well done. Branding J ton Jerry Kitchen, News Editor branding J ton 32 Mike McDonnell, Sports Editor Jay Guerin, Feature Editor Dave Hitchens, Cartoonist How did these Wyo people get on the BI page? 33 arm i m Why Wyo deadlines are never met on time or which to fill a page. It ' s the last staff meeting and we needed something with 34 Campus jCife Old Main today, missing it ' s tower that was removed during remodeling. Old Main as it appeared in 1910 and still much the same as it looked in 1886. 36 Chemistry-Zoology Building, erected in 1912. Aven Nelson Building, erected in 1922 as the old Library and remodeled in 1959. 37 Merica-Pharmacy Building, erect- ed in 1908. Merica Hall, erected ' in 1908. Graduate School, erected in 1910. Y J ' - •V-.V. S«--.-. - L " ' - -s j v. ■■-. $ ■ ' --. € 3» f 7 v l i.4L2flH- fc 1 I — -. 38 " Mj UKKKB ■ 1 1-,| a « • ? " ■ ' • % M 5 ' • • - .. % 1 f " f. ..,. 1 o 4 hI " 1 ili West Wing of the present Ge- ology Building, erected in 1902. ' Undernourished! " " I know there ' s gold in here, " says a 1903 geology student. Geology Building as it appears today after being remodeled and expanded in 1955. 39 Arts Sciences Building, erected in 1935. View across Prexy ' s pasture from Old Main in 1930 with the little Gym in the foreground, the Half-Acre Gym in the right background, and the Men ' s Residence Hall in the left back- ground. Engineering Hall, erected in 1926 and remodeled and expanded in 1960. iafr. m noHP " iMi ' , kg m 8ft j ■M km Mt HZ Ti «: . Agriculture Building, erected in 1949-50. Education Building, erected in 1949. ■■WBHlHnHPlHMMHVI 41 School of American Studies, erected in 1959. William Robertson Coe Library, erected in 1959. 42 War Memorial Fieldhouse and Stadium, erected in 1950-51. Half-Acre Gym, erected in 1925. Anytime you ' re ready Strannigan. There ' ll be no panty raids around here! Art Building and Post Office, erected in 1949. College of Nursing and Student Health Center, erected in 1961. -Jlps Hoyt Hall, Women ' s Residence Hall, erected in 1916. Merica Building in the left foreground and Hoyt Hall in the background as seen in 1919. Knight Hall, Women ' s Residence Hall, erected in 1940 and remodeled in 1950. Ross Hall, Women ' s Dor- mitory, erected in 1961. 46 An example of the beautiful shrubery on the Wyoming campus. Old Ben Franklin stands with key in hand looking over the university campus as a reminder of the rewards of high scholar- ship. Time out for relaxation in the springtime. r-v - nm w ' ,1W| I!8 ' ; ' ig .•• • . V. ' k £flB 403 View of the old Peanut Pond to the southwest of Old Main. Members of the art class studying. Hey tree, you got problems or something? 48 Hill-Crane Dormitories, Men ' s Residence Halls, to be completed in 1962. fr • 49 Wyoming Union, erected in 1939. An example of a monopoly in action. Friday afternoon dance time in the student union. Won ' t somebody puhleez buy a ticket. Seriously Charlie, I ' m in trouble. Students can find almost any type of re- laxation in the basement of the student union. Rush Week at the sorority houses. You can find almost any type of wearing apparrel during rush week. 54 55 Annual Dean of Women ' s Tea held last fall. Trying out to be a Wyoming cheerleader takes a lot of energy. Geronimo! 56 £ £ ,£ kOpjSw .s ' « I mf The Freshman Steak Fry in 1917 was not as crowded as the one in 1961. 57 These Freshmen Steak Frys sure do get sloppy. What dates? Students of today dressed somewhat differently than they did in 1912. 59 Maggie Webster, Carolyn Wright, and Tonia Rulli, Homcoming Queen Candidates. Frank Mendicino depicts " The Thinker " atop the SAE Homecoming float. Homecoming Queen and attendants in the winners circle. Tonia Rulli, 1961 Homecoming Queen. " %, ' « • |-« .ST J»jS Winning floats in the Home- coming parade. Wyoming pepsters get a ride in the Homecoming parade. Alpha Chi Omega, 1961 winner of the Homecoming Sing in the women ' s division. Sigma Nu, winner of the Homecoming Sing in the men ' s division for the third consecutive year. t ■ - 4 P. football games brought much ac- I ivity as Wyoming won again. f tffl hr " ;: w;.Vo? A .V ■wniw Oops 66 Decorations for the dances of 1920 seem to be more patriotic than for those of today. I o o o c Jim Crow congratulates Pam Thomas on be- coming Miss University of Wyoming for 1962. Pam Thomas, Miss University of Wyoming; Carolyn Kurtz, Second Place; Barbara Kniss, finalist; Nancy Tate, Most Talented; Susie Trowe, Third Place. Nancy Tate gives her dramatic reading in the Miss U W contest. Contestants for the 1962 Miss UW title. 6 Sue Hitchcock, attendent; Sara Burdick, Engineers Queen; and Kathy Hudgeons, attendant. Jane Williams, Miss Best Dressed at Wyoming. Shelby Ames, Miss Wool of Wyoming. 1 70 Steering committee of Voice of Youth. Twistin ' at the Powder River Ball. I 111 1 The form of champion divers. Looks like fun. Outing Club practicing mountain rescues work on the side of the Union Building. Action shots from two of Wyoming ' s basket- ball victories. i Wyoming students had the privilege of hearing a number of excellent lecturers this year. 7S -■: $ Education facilities today and yes- teryear differ greatly. 76 Friday afternoon in the Union 77 All right, men; today we draw chairs. ' What, me worry! ' ' Big Brother is watching you! " " Smile when you say that. " These " Playboy " magazines will never last. We have to study once in a while! Mm Finals certainly are rough on a fella. 79 ■ J iJBrvJhf « :.: m. LDS members working on their snow sculpture for the Winter Snow Carnival H Preparing to " go down the slopes Time to warm up at the Medicine Bow Ski Lodge It Showing us where to go • Everyone had a good time at the Snow Carni- val, even the ones who came back with broken legs. So I saw the red light and said to myself, " Self? (Seventy-five years later) " Self? 83 In 1922, as now, everyone seems to have their prob- lems. Nancy Tate, Betty Yeagger, Joe Meyer and Bryan Sheedy in a scene from the play " The Pleasure of His Company. ' 85 University theatre goers have a wide selec- tion of plays to attend during the course of the year. -. S2£ ' But, I don ' t want to take you to Cuba ! Meanwhile, back in the audience . . . 87 nj As usual, time for relaxation in the " Brand- ing Iron " office. Jerry Kitchen 88 Wyo Everyone seems to be working very hard in the " Wyo " office. What ' s this BI staff member doing on the Wyo page? Colleen is camera-shy. Grr!! 89 During March you could find members of the Wyo staff working everywhere. 90 ■■ " ' . " ' -Si ' :.-,fv 91 Even the dormitories have changed; now they are co-educational too! 93 Building snow sculptures for the Snow Carn- ival involves a lot of time and labor. Saving cigarette boxes to win a record player. 5 • t :. % Studying for the College Bowl involves a lot of time. Chess involves deep concentration. The orchestra of 1898 differs in many aspects from the one of today. ' . Wyoming Union, busiest place on campus 98 A faculty member addresses the graduating class of 1961. 99 Homecoming Parade - £. A 7JT ' T?VSW»» V. " 1WEY0RCNE DVtraYTDO Personalities PLAY O Y 232 east ohio • chicago 11, illinois March $, 1 Q 62 Mr. J. Robert Marshall Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity University of Wyoming Laramie, Wyoming Dear Robert: First I want to thank you for the opportunity and the honor of serving as Judge of the WYO Beauty Contest. Needless to say, I enjoyed every minute of it. After looking over the gorgeous stack of photos you sent me, I can understand why you chose to delegate the responsibility to an outsideri I have given very serious consideration to my selection of the five most beautiful women on the Wyoming campus. I assure you it wasn ' t an easy job, As you can probably imagine, I am asked to judge a number of beauty con- tests every year, but I can ' t remember one in which the decisions were so difficult to make! Of course, appraising pictures of pretty girls has become something of an art with us here at PLAYBOY, but feminine beauty (like all the other good things in life) is still a matter of individual taste. And so, here are my selections: 1. Number h 2. Number 10 3. Number 33 k. Number 22 $. Number 31 Again, thanks so much for the pleasure and opportunity of serving as your judge. Sincerely, PLAYBOY MAGAZINE Hugh M. Hefner Editor Publisher Seated: Judy Ziegler, Linda Moore, Gin- ny Lee, Shirley Correll, Kathy Thomp- son. Standing: Karin Felt, Susan Larson, Janice Voss, Jackie Ferguson, Nancy Tate. 102 Floor, left to right: Carole Osgard, Jo Ann Slack. Sitting: Linda Thompson, Susie Trowe, Martha Hartman, Doris Sclatter, Vanona Bailey, Bonnie Smith, Ruth Trieweiler, Bobbye Thatcher, Barbara Kniss. Stand ing: Judy Reyner, Cathy Moriarty, Valerie Young, Dale Lockhart, Carolyn Drew, Dee Wellman, Linda Tollefson. Any single girl at the University of Wyo- ming is eligible to enter the contest for Wyo Queen. The pictures are numbered and sent to a judge who doesn ' t know any of the girls. This year the judge was Hugh Hefner, editor of " Playboy " . Out of thirty four candidates, Mr. Hef- ner narrowed the field to fifteen semi-final- ists. They were: Vanona Bailey, Martha Hartman, Dale Lockhart, Linda Moore, Judy Reyner, Doris Schlatter, Jo Ann Slack, Bonnie Smith, Nancy Tate, Kathy Thomp- son, Linda Tollefson, Suzanne Trowe, Bob- bye Thatcher, Deanne Wellman, and Judy Ziegler. Out of these girls he chose " Five Wyoming Beauties " whose pictures you will see on the next few pages. 103 11. Wgd Keauty Linda Moore Pi Beta Phi Linda Ann the College of fashion design. South Dakota, hair and bright tion, she plans career. Moore is a freshman in Agriculture, majoring in A native of Rapid City, Linda has light brown blue eyes. Upon gradua- to make designing her i. 105 ' . - •■ 1 3m Wyo beauty Nancy Tate Delta Delta Delta From Sheridan, Wyoming comes Nancy Tate, a Junior in the College of Arts and Sciences. Nancy has strawberry blond hair and greyish eyes. As a major in speech and drama, she has been active in the pro- ductions of the U. W. Theater this year. By her dra- matic ability she earned the Most Talented Award in the Miss U.W. Pageant. Nancy was also an entrant in the U. W. Best Dressed Coed Contest. I ! t 107 ■fan - M » W » •» % 1%; jKaw Bobbye Thatcher Pi Beta Phi Blond, brown-eyed Bobbye Thatcher is an Arts and Sciences sophomore majoring in International Affairs. A resident of Las Vegas, New Mexico, Bobbye was an en- trant in the UW Best Dressed Coed Contest. She is a member of Army ROTC Corpettes and of the UW Orchestra. Bobbye hopes for a career with the U.S. Foreign Service Department after college. .fr% . : -| °mm 109 Wyo fteauty Kathy Thompson Pi Beta Phi - Hailing from Casper, Wyoming is Kathy Thompson. A sopho- more in Elementary Education, she has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Kathy is a member of Army ROTC Corp- ettes, was an entrant in the Uni- versity of Wyoming Best Dressed Coed Contest, and the first run- ner up to the 1962 Miss Wool of Wyoming. 1 1 1 Wyo Meauty Judy Ziegler Kappa Delta Pert brown-eyed brunette Judy Zieg- ler is a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences. This Ft. Collins, Colorado coed is a member of Army ROTC Corp- ettes and of the UW Band. She was a runner-up in the UW Best Dressed Coed Contest. 1 13 Tonia Rulli Delta Delta Delta Carolyn Wright Ross Hall Homecoming Attendants Maggie Webster Kappa Kappa Gamma 1 15 ' ; 1 . ] t Queen Ma Burdicl Delta Delta Delta Snginneers all Attendants Sue Hitchcock Kappa Kappa Gamma A i ' Sugar and spice and everything nice! " Kathy Hudgeons Kappa Kappa Gamma 117 Queen Sharon O ' Melia Sw Ml Marilee Genetti Kappa Kappa Gamma 119 ft ' ' mm Miss U. W. Pam Thomas Delta Delta Delta ' • H M ■f - •m 1H w r Patsy Hittle Ross Hall Who ' s Who fa American Colleges and Universities 14 girls and 28 boys were chosen by the Who ' s Who Committee, consisting of the UW senate, Deans of women and men, the registrar ' s office and former members on this campus, for the academic year 1961- 1962. Five members from last year were chosen again. Those chosen again are Susan Bardo, John Gries, Kaky Logan, Gordon Niswender, and Jerry Profitt. The members are chosen on the basis of leader- ship ability, scholarship, and promise of future achieve- ments in their varied fields. The names of members from Wyoming are sent to the central office which publishes a book consisting of members of Who ' s Who throughout the nation. SUSAN BARDO Chi Omega sorority; Wesley Foun- dation; University band; Oratorio Chorus; Tau Beta Sigma; AWS vice- president ; Spurs; Iron Skull; Chimes President; Mortar Board; Panhellenic Council. JOHN C. GRIES Student Senate; Phi Epsilon Phi; Iron Skull; Sigma Tau president; ODK president; Sigma Nu past pres- ident; Young Republicans; Outing Club; Who ' s Who. GORDON NISWENDER Farmhouse president; ODK vice- president; Ag. Club; Agriculture council chairman, Alpha Zeta; Al- pha Tau Alpha vice-president; Iron Skull; Phi Epsilon Phi; IFC; Stu- dent Senate. CAROLYN WRIGHT Attendant 1961 Homecoming Queen; WAA; Spurs; AWS; Chimes TONIA RULLI Delta Delta Delta sorority; Ass o- ciated Women Students Board; Commander of Corpettes; Army ROTC Queen; Student Senate; Homecoming Queen; IFC ' s Greek of the Month; Little Sis- ters of Minerva president. ROBERT MARSHALL Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, corresponding secretary; WYO editor; Pi Delta Epsilon; Recrea- tion Club. HAL LARRY ASHENHURST Student Senate; C. P. A. booklet receipient; Alpha Kappa Psi; Scabbard and Blade treasurer; Kappa Sigma fraternity. MIKE MEAD " W " Club; All Skyline Swimming Team; Kappa Sigma faternity; Head cheerleader; Activitites and Traditions Committee; Captain of swimming team. MARY FUJIKAWA Spurs vice-president; Iron Skull vice-president; Mortar Board; AWS president; Phi Upsilon Omi- cron; Home Economics Club; Colo.-Wyo. regional home eco- nomics secretary; Wesley Foun- dation. 123 VERONICA PEEKS University band; Acapella Choir; Oratorio Choir; Tau Beta Sigma; Knight Hall: A. W. S. vice-presidential delegate at large, Secre- tary, President; President of Ross Hall first six weeks; directed Ross Hall sing-1961; S.N.E.A.; Gam- ma Delta, President. JOHN ALLEN Phi Epsilon Phi; Iron Skull President; D K ; Union Public Relations Committee; Sigma Nu Vice-Presi- dent. DUANE WOODWARD Phi Epsilon Phi; Sigma Nu President. FRED CADY Student Senate; ASME President; Joint Engineer- ing Council; Arnold Air So- ciety Area Operations Offi- c e r ; ENGINEWS Editor and Senior Advisor; New- man Club; Theta Chi Fra- ternity; Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon Fraternity Affiliate. ROGER STUBER Alpha Tau Omega Treas- urer; Phi Epsilon Phi; Iron Skull; Alpha Zeta Treasur- er; Junior and Senior Live- stock Judging Teams; Ag Club. MARY SMITH Gamma Phi Beta President and Vice-president; Phi Gamma Nu Secretary and President; Beta Gamma Sigma; Wyo Staff; Student Senate; A.S.U.W. Secre- tary; Lambda Delta Sigma Secretary ; Young Demo- crats Treasurer. PAUL LOWHAM Alpha Tau Omega President; Alpha Zeta Reporter; Livestock Judging Teams. 2 READINGS nil JACK SPEIGHT Phi Epsilon Phi; Judicial Board Secretary; Holder of Henry J.Peter- son Scholarship in Political Science. MAGGIE WEBSTER Kappa Kappa Gam- ma Vice - president; Panhellenic Council President; Wyoming Union Committee; Chairman Union Cul- tural Commit- tee; Corpettes; Little Sisters of Minerva; University Theatre; Engineer Queen At- tendant; Military Queen Attendant; Homecoming Queen Attendant. JOANN L. LEGOSKI Chi Omega President, Rush Chair- man, Herald, Publicity Chairman, Campaign Manager; Branding Iron Desk Editor, News Editor, Society Editor; Pi Delta Epsilon; Phi Up- silon Omicron Recording Secretary, Candle Editor; Spurs Editor and delegate to n a t i o n a 1 convention; Ch imes; Iron Skull; Mortar Board Treasurer; Mademoiselle College Board; WAA; AWS; Home Econom- ics Honor Book Recepient; One of top five scholastically in women of Junior class. JOE WILLIAMS Sigma Chi; Theta Alpha Phi Vice- president; Gamma Sigma Epsilon Treasurer; Wesley Club; President ' s Honor Roll; Phi Epsilon Phi; I.C.C. JERRY PROFITT Sigma Chi President; Phi Epsilon Phi; Iron Skull President; Theta Al- pha Phi; 1961 Who ' s Who; Univer- sity Band Drum Major; Datebook Editor; Student Senate. REX ARNEY Alpha Tau Omega; Univer- sity of Wyo. Bowling Team; Student Senate Chairman of the Academic Improvement Committee, Public Ex- ercises Committee, Elec- tions; Alpha Kappa P s i ; Union Social Committee. DICK LUDWIG Phi Epsilon Phi Sec- retary; Alpha Kappa Psi; Inter-Fraternity Council Vice Pres- ident; Iron Skull; Phi Delta T h e t a Presi- dent; Student Senate Finance Committee Chairman; Who ' s Who In American Col- leges and Univer- sities. CURT JIMMERSON " W " Club; Basketball letterman. KEN DEINES Phi Delta Chi President, Secretary; Student Branch of the American Pharmaceutical Association Presi- dent; Internation Federation of Pharmacy Students Laison Sec- retary; American Pharmaceutical Association Student Delegate; The House of Delegates of the American Pharmaceutical Association Student Delegate; Senator; Iron Skull; Phi Epsilon Phi; Pho Chi; Gamma Sig- ma Epsilon. 126 GEORGE FOWLER Sigma Alpha Epsilon Chaplain; ICC President; Phi Epsilon Phi Secre- tary; United Campus Christian Fel- lowship President Treasurer; Colo- rado-Wyoming Regional UCCF Vice President; Alpha Zeta. KATHLEEN (KAKY) LOGAN Delta Delta Delta president; Student National Education Association pres- ident; AWS presidential delegate at large; Spurs secretary; Chimes; Student Senate; Kappa Delta Pi; Mortar Board; Wesley Foundation; Graduation with Honor. CHUCK LAMSON " W " Club President; Co- Captain; Student of the Month; Skyline Quar- terback. JUDY ANDERSON Phi Upsilon Omicron; Gamma Phi Beta; Home Ec. Club; U.C.F.; Spurs secretary, Knight Hall. JACK MUELLER Sigma Chi; Phi Ep- silon Phi; Iron Skull; Student Senate ; Young Republicans President. BOB NEWTON Alpha Kappa Psi; Acacia President; Iron Skull; Arnold Air Society. JOAN LAYMAN Mortar Board President; Chimes Senior Advisor; Phi Sigma Iota Sec- retary; A.W.S. Board; Chimes; Spurs; Delta Delta Delta Pledge Trainer. BARRY BURNETTE Phi Epsilon Phi; Iron Skull; Sigma Tau; O.D.K.; A.S.U,W. Senator; Chairman Public Relations Com- mittee; Sigma Nu Vice President 1960. HOWARD COLLING Football, 2nd. team all-confer- ence; wrestling, heavy-weight conference champion, 191 pound runnerup; W Club; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraterni ty; Arnold Air Society. JERRY KITCHEN Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity; Phi Epsilon Phi; Sigma Delta Chi; Pi Delta Epsilon; News Editor, Branding Iron; Stu- dent Directory Co-Editor; Wyo Photographer; Arnold Air So- ciety; Datebook Editor. wot pictured: Laura Henderson, Frank Andrews, Molly Sampson. JOYE BROWN Spurs; Chimes; Iron Skull Secretary; Mortar Board; Tau Beta Sigma; Pi Delta Epsilon; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Branding Iron Society Editor; Home Ec. Club President; Colo- rado- Wyoming Regional Home Ec. Club Presi- dent; Student Senate; A S U W Vice-president; Union Social Committee; Union Manage- ment Committee; Kappa Kappa Gamma Treas- urer. y DAVE BONNER Sigma Chi President; Phi Epsilon Phi Vice- president; Sigma Del- ta Chi; Pi Delta Ep- silon; Branding Iron Editor; Student Di- rectory Co-Edi- tor; Iron Skull; ODK BRENT EASTMAN ASUW President; Alpha Tau O- mega Fraternity; Student Sen- ate; Phi Epsilon Phi President. RON PETERSON ASUW Business Manager; Alpha Kappa Psi; Sigma Chi Frater- nity; IFC President. Organizations Row 1: Margaret Dalgarn, Glenda Lamb, Louis Dillinger, Peny Goodson, Gerald Beierle, Susie Kleen, Lola Horton, La Donna Snyder. Row 2: Mary Bess Kohrs, Laurie Hays, Karen Fisher, Cathy Federer, Marilyn Birch, Shirley Sims, Benja Taylor, Ronnie Kay Campbell. Row 3: Kathleen Sheehan, Ruth Trierweiler, Linda Sheehan, Ed Pexton, Ruth Ann Beierle, Carolyn Gilmer. Row 4: Gary Klein- schmidt, Melvin Zumbrunnen, Jim Johnson, Alden Prosser, Cleone Corsi. Collegiate 4 M Any college student who has formerly been a member of the 4-H program can be a member of the Wyoming Collegiate 4-H Club. This year ' s activities included a hay ride, carolling and Christmas party, and a debate on International Foreign Exchange Program vs. Peace Corps. A May banquet concluded the year with the presentation of awards and installation of of- ficers. 1961-1962 officers are President, Gerald Beierle; Vice president, Peny Goodson; Secretary, Sue Kleen; Treasurer, Louis Dillinger; Publicity chairman, Lola Horton; Social chairman, Glenda Lamb; Editor, Linda Sheehan; Advisor, Lael R. Harrison. Cosmopolitan Club Anyone having an interest in sharing a fellowship with students from countries throughout the world is welcomed as a member of Cosmopolitan Club. Under the guidance of President Josh Chinwah, Secretary Elvira Garcia, and Treasurer Peggy Cover, the group Row 1: Emily Barnes, Elvira Brynicki Garcia, Josh Chin- wah, Mrs. S. Rajender, T. A. Larson, Peggy Cover, Anita Brown. Row 2: LaDonna Snyder, Sandy Walker, Miss Bineh, Reloy Garcia, Lynda Blake, Sandra Streeter, Ah- mad Sadighi, Mardi Canaday, Kathie Spiss, Nancy Gar son. Row 3: Juhus A. E. Kovals, Gum Yet Loo, Vernon G. held a party before Christmas and sponsored their an- nual International Day in April. A dinner with dishes from many lands, entertainment, and various displays concluded the day. Smith, Aroop K. Mahanty, Chun-Pin Hu, Basavaiah V. Farhat Husain, Sayed M. Shah Samim, Manduchehr la- vaherian. Row 4: Nickos Kanellopoylsg, Bekele Tenagne, Pundaree Kakshudu K., Ernest R. Manewal, Gamdi Ra- jemder. 130 Row 1: Kathie Spiss, Miss Thouin, Mary Jo Mohr, Char- lene Caster, Barbara Haight, Janet Curry, Dianna Dun- can, Sharon Sandeno, Kathy Jones. Row 2: Pat Garrity, Nancy Fair, Sally Stoddard, Mel Genetti, Jane Williams, Sharon Bader, Mary Jo Brady, Judy Moine, Donnell Nicoll. Row 3: Benja Taylor, Dianna Winchell, Carol Loebe, Betty Harte, Diedre Ivey, Janet Lynn, Marilyn Sandeno, Joanne Minor. Row 4: Sharon Redding, Kathleen Sheehan, Vir- ginia Williams, Carole Lahti, Mary Lynn Worl, Bonnie Lee Barger, Linda Briscoe, Sharon Rice, Sally Hansen, Jana Grover. Women f s Athletic Association The Women ' s Athletic Association, whose pur- pose is to foster interest in sports for women on cam- pus, is open to any interested woman student enrolled in the university. To qualify for membership each girl must participate in at least one activity during the academic year. Among those activities available are field hockey, volleyball, basketball, softball, swim- ming, tennis, and badminton. Those who have earned the required number of points by participating in the various sports offered, holding an office, or by attend- ing play days at the schools in this area, are awarded emblems, letters, and sweaters. Miss Louise Thouin, professor of Physical Education, is the adviser for the W.A.A. Jan Talbert, president, is assisted by Carolyn Wright, vice-president; Diana Duncan, A.W.S. repre- sentative; Patsy Hittle, sports manager; and Jan Curry, secretary-treasurer. 131 Row 1: Pete Davidson, Mariann Wilson, Marilyn Donner, John A. Thomas, Peggy Cover, Ellen Olson. Row 2: C. Thumb, Ken Sherwin, Harlan Lahti, Joe Hallien, Dave Mathis. Row 3: Henry Case, Tony Christensen, Merle Ihne, Bill Stahly, Jim Sandison. Outing Club Dave Schnute explores a jewel cave. UW Outing Club provides one of the best opportunities for college students to engage in outdoor activities. During the year, the group takes various trips, out of state, and sometimes even out of the coun- try. The annual Winter Carnival is spon- sored by this group. The diverse activities of Outing Club offer members opportunities to participate in sports including skiing, bicycling, and even parachute jumping. 132 I ' m so hungry I ' ll even eat those burning ham- burgers. First ascent of Grand Teton by the blace ice route. N Time for relaxation at Veedauwoo. Student prepares to land after sky diving at Boulder, Colo. 133 Row 1: Jim Sautz, Larry Munsen, Joe Vitale, Ole Skinner, Quentin Skinner. Row 2: Bud Spicer, John Mawhin- ney, Bill Levine, Rick Desmarais, Andy Melosky, Mick Kolbicka, Dave Donachie, Chuck Lamson. Row 3: Joe Chel- sevig, Jim Gidley, Daryl Matthews, Lonnie Dunn, Kevin Ward, Bruce Wright, Chuck Schmidt, Ron Long, Jerry Wolski, Dick Behning, John Engel. Row 4: Leonard Bashford, Don Quinn, Pat House, Glen Hopkins, Ken Rocklitz, Pete McNiff, Bob Knight, Jerry Hill, Bob Bisacre, Dan Grego. Row 5: David Hansen, Dave Wight, Don Heldt, Richard M. Williams, Don Leary, Mike Wright, Dave Media, Tom Delaney, Ted Francis. j weiub Having lettered in a varsity sport, one is then eli- gible to become a member of the Wyoming Letterman ' s Club. Following a formal initiation, one is then offi- cially a member of the club. In the fall, members sell beanies to the new freshmen. A dance for members only concludes the seasons training and activities. Of- ficers this year are: President, Chuck Lamson; Vice President, Wade Lang; Secretary, John Engel; and treasurer, Quentin Skinner. 134 young Kepublicans This group informs the students on campus of the ideals of the Republican Party. They provide an oppor- tunity for them to find political expression and recogni- tion. It is also a training place for young people to be ef- fective political workers and to cooperate in the elect ion of the Republican Party ' s nominees. Open and free dis- cussion, analysis, and dissemination of information con- cerning political affairs are brought forth. They sponsor speakers from the Republican Party and other interesting persons who speak on current affairs. Jan Jacksa was a contestant in the National Miss Y. R. Contest. Row 1: Carol McCarroll, Judy Wilson, Susie Crowell. Row 2: Hayden Price, Richard Tyler, Dale Gosney. Row 1: Mary Bess Kohrs, Bill Thompson, Janice Jacksa, Jack Mueller, Georgina Guy, Pat Brimmer. Row 2: Marjie Lehmkuhler, Virginia Williams, Judy O ' Neil, Kathleen Sheehan, Sally Woodson. Row 3: Jerry Seaman, Tom Harmon, Bill Heink, David Waugh. 135 Row 1: George Carpenter, Peny Goodson, Mary Bess Kohrs, Lola Horton, Carolyn Gilmer, Carol Williams, Pauli Sanford, Phyllis Zaek. Row 2: La Donna Snyder, Jenne Lee Lancaster, Marilyn Page, Ruth Ann Beierle, Barbara Duncan, Glenda Lamb, Nancy Miller, Karen Fisher, Mar- ilyn Birch, Kathy Federer, Sue Kleen Row 3: Ruth Trie- wieler, Benja Taylor, Jeanette Hubbard, Sara Jane Feni- more, Kathleen Sheehan, Ann Holland, Joyce Holgerson, Emma Lou White. Home 8c, The Home Economics Club, whose purpose is to promote home economics and maintain an interest in this profession, is composed of women students major- ing or minoring in Home Ec. Outstanding events sponsored by this club are the U. W. Day Tea, Christmas Bazaar, and the Senior Banquet. Officers are Lola Horton, President; Carolyn Gil- mer, Vice President; Carol Williams, Secretary; Paul- ene Sanford, Treasurer; Peny Goodson, Publicity Chair- man; and Sue Kleen, Parliamentarian. The advisor for the Home Ec Club is Miss Phyllis Zack, instructor in the home economics department. 136 Row 1: Jane Williams, Fred Wilson, Milt Williams, Jerry Kauf- Jerri Gattis, Mary Jo Mohr, Mary Ellen Erickson, Patsy Hittle, mann, Jerry Rankin, Bill Phillips, Jim Brock, Bobin Hull. Row Sharon Walker, Mandy Roberts, Vicenta Uribe, Linda Stanfield. 2: Jennifer Stout, Sonja Young, Jolene Bonomo, Lynn Dickens, Row 4: Horace Smallwood, Ray Todd, Bugs Jensen, George Barb Duncan, April Belecky, Annabeth Nygaard, Karen Fisher, Chilton, Dale Haefele, Russell Moses, Tim Rutledge, George Janet Wiederspahn, Mr. Harris. Row 3: Ronnie Kay Campbell, Harris, Steve Ferrin, Butch Johnson, Lee Wright. Kodeo Club Wyoming Rodeo Club sponsored a new dance this year, The Powder River Ball. At this time Patsy Hittle was selected as Powder River Belle. Under the direc- tion of President, Jerry Rankin and Secretary, Jane Williams, the group sponsored the spring rodeo and assisted the Ag Club in the Little International Stock Show. In fall some of the group traveled to San Fran- cisco where they ranked high in national competition. Through out the year the group enters rodeo events in Wyoming, Colorado, South Dakota, and Nebraska. Besides the Powder River Ball, a spring dance is also held by the club. Student Education Association The Student Education Association is composed of all interested University students who are preparing and planning to become teachers. The purpose of this organization is to deepen the interest of capable stu- dents in teaching as a career. President of S.E.A. is Karen Rushmore. Carole Osgard is vice president; Jackie Igo, treasurer; Sharon Rand, treasurer; and Carol Bowman, historian. Frank Kraus, Assistant Dean in the College of Education, is the group ' s advisor. Row 1: Laurie Hays, Kaky Logan, Marian Hamburg, Kerry Mandijano, Gene Minson. Row 3: Mel Genetti, Margaret Kin- Teale, Jackie Igo, Karen Rushmore, Sheila Costantino, Donnell kade, Judy Engstrom, Barbara Clark, Shirley Thayer, Sharon Nicoll. Row 2: Madge Christensen, Laura While, Anne Holland, Loban, Janet Lynn. Jo Ann Hoy, Mina Bayne, Barbara Braes, Jo Ann Anson, Tony 137 Row 1: Sharon Padget, Kathi Smith, Carole Newcomer, Pat Peil, Lauree Lynch, Billye Harmon. Row 2: Lee Ahrlin, Jerry Rehfuss, Ray Roberts, Roland Skinner, Thomas Moore, Earl R. Risberg. Row 3: Alvin Young, Jim F. Jensen, Bill Schmidt. jCutkemn Students Association Keligion Jn Ofe Week Council Any student interested in the Lutheran group may be- long to the Lutheran Student Association. Their purpose is to deepen the students ' understanding of Christianity and fellowship. For social activities during the year they hold a Christmas dinner, Halloween party, and April Fools ban- quet. Thomas Moore is president of this group with Bill Schmidt as vice-president; Pat Peil, secretary; and Rockney Skinner, treasurer. Among the many facets of campus life, religion must be included as an important part of this life. The Religion in Life Week Council is composed of delegates from the various religious groups of the UW campus. They promote and sponsor the Religion in Life Week on our campus each year. President of this group is Dave Greer with Richard Bando as vice-president, Doris Nickerson as secretary, and Linda Harmston as treasurer. Row 1: Sara Crane, Bonnie McPhee, Linda Harmston, Doris Nickerson, Judi Prahm. Row 2: Ken King, Doug Smith, Dave Greer, Richard Bardo, Bill Schmidt. — 138 Row 1: Ruth Boedeker, Kathleen Conant, Howard French, Neal Marsh, Kent Kennedy, Doug Smith. Row 2: Bonnie McPhee, Sara Crane, Jeannie Bindschadler, Lynette Smith, Carolyn Drew, Carolyn Gilmer, La Donna Snyder, Mary Bess Kohrs. Row 3: Dwight Parrill, Beth Stoneman, Peggy Arnold, Rosie Brown, Sally Stoddard. Row 4: Ken King, Richard Bardo, Jim DeBruyn, Jim Simmons, Dan Eckdahl, Norm French. Wesley The Wesley Foundation provides a place for wor- ship and fellowship for every college student. Its main purpose is to be a " home away from home " and to supplement the student ' s educational needs with re- ligious values by both religious and social activities. These ideals were partially accomplished at their much remembered events such as the Rocky Mountain Tri- State retreat in the spring, banquets held at the begin- ning and the end of the school year. The Wesley Foun- dation doors are always open to anyone who is willing to accept and participate in its activities. 139 ' (« » 1 " 3. Row 1: Kent Lindberg, Keith Leabitt, Tom Ruud, Carvel Des- pain, Duane Perry, Ken Boulter. Row 2: John Myers, David Lundgreen, Art McCain, Tom Harmon, Larry Lawton, Jerry May, Paul Fotheringham. Row 3: Elvis Tippets, Robert Camp- bell, Ralph Lowell, Ed Johnson. Row 4: Orval Harrison, Hal Gardner, Larry Boulter, Hap Tippets, Bob Parker, Ryck Luthi. Cambda ' Delta Sigma lAlpkaJ Lambda Delta Sigma ' s purpose is to develop and foster intellectuality, religion, cultural life, fellowship, and leadership among the members and among the students on campus. The members have to live up to the standards set forth by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They give special honors for outstanding achievement, scholarship, and outstanding pledge. Hal Gard- ner is president of this group. 140 2J U 2 %m Row 1: Carla Asay, Julia Gardner, Kathy Bodine, Pat Mangus, Virginia Forslin, Linda L. Alexander, Gail Sorensen, Joline Moretti, Shirley Sims. Row 2: Linda Powell, Linda Harmston, Beverly Ames, Sherry Brasher, Anna Vee Garrett, Marilyn Birch, Cathy Federer, Karen Henderson, Susan Thomas. Row 3: Patricia Adams, Mary Hood, Valerie Young, Judy Hyde, Mary Louise Meldrum, Sharon Miller, Carol Cazin, Josephine Jones. Row 4: Patty Gerrard, Julia Mickelson, Cleone Corsi, Barbara Courtney, Dee Dearinger, June Puzuhanich, Phyllis Toothman. Cambda Delta Sigma [Omega] The women work together to promote the ideals of intellectuality, religion, cultural life, fel- lowship and leadership. Many events highlighted their year such as the Pledge Dance, Christmas Tree Party, Pledging, Installation, and Sweet- heart Ball. Their members attempt to live up to the standards set forth by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and to live by these standards day by day. It also provides fellowship among the women who are attempting their goals in life. 141 Row 1: Mary Lou Allen, Joanne Culbertson, Connie Sutphin, en, Diether Van Houten, Bruce Anker, George Fowler, Lloyd Lynette Smith, Lauree Lynch. Row 2: Robert Downs, Mike Gold- Scott. J nter fraternity Chaplain ' s Council The lnterfraternity Chaplain ' s Council is made up of chaplains from each fraternity and sorority. Their main achievements are the ICC dance, which sponsors two students in Pakistan. Other achievements are urg- ing study groups and speakers on campus. This group helps the sororities and fraternities to bring a deeper realization of the need for Christianity and to develop their Christian background. To promote and further religious emphasis, an outstanding chaplain ' s award is given to one representative each year. 142 Row 1: Mary Jo Bille, Margaret Gould, Kevin Murphy, Mary Ellen Green, Matthew Ogg, Alinda Grasso, Toni Caligiore. Row 2: Cissy Peabody, Sandy Deti, Pauleen Guthman, Zora Juraco, Lurleen Bush, Mary Ann O ' Day, Nan Babel, Marjory Ryan. Row 3: Walt Vande Vugaete, Harry Oxley, Joe Poelma, Max Dolene, Ted Dall, Pat Kellogg, Jack Confield, Wayne Thaler. Row 4: Mike Hughes, John Burns, Joe Zaversnik, Fred Decker, Steve Dinan, Ray Seabeck. Newman Club Spiritual guidance may be sought at the Newman Club. Through their speakers and discussions, many problems of the students are brought forth and the answers are sought. Newman Club gives the student an excellent opportunity for spiritual education and a place for social activities. Many good times are remem- bered by this group especially the retreats and conventions. Most of all they learn by working together to accomplish friendship regardless of creed, race, or color. 143 Phi Qanttna flu Row 1: Paula Hale, Sandra Dawson, Kathryn Maffei, Jane Mc- Kinney, Sanda Mayer, Joan Banks, Beverly Rue, Mary Smith. Row 2: Mary Lee LaCroix, Elizabeth Tarpley, Joyce Moses, Lin- da Stanfield, Joan Trierweiler, Sally Stoddard, Bonnie Phillips, Betty Cooke, Billye Harmon, Kathi Smith, Patty Horton. Row 3: Louise Chamberlain, Mary Jo Gibbs, Shirley Brown, Terry Spielman, Marjie Lehmkuhler, Sharon Freese, Bev Dunnam, Vicki Larson, Rose Marie Watkins, Janice Seivert, Je Niene Winkes. Phi Gamma Nu is an organization of women commerce students with a high academic standing. The objective of Phi Gamma Nu is to encourage a knowledge and an interest in the world of businesss and its related activities. Among their many activities the Phi Gamma Nu ' s hold their annual field trip in the spring and help with the Student Business Confer ence each March. Officers for Phi Gamma Nu are Jane McKinney, president; Bonnie Brown, vice president; Sanda Mayer, secretary; and Kathryn Maffei, treasurer. 144 Row 1: Mary Bess Kohrs, Carolyn Gilmer, Lola Horton, Pauline Sanford. Row 2: Miss Weswick, Jo Ann Legoski, Joye Brown, Vicki Powers, Shirley Roberts, Lana Meka. Phi Upsilon Omicron Through this home economics honorary the girls give their services to the community and develop interests in their profession. Freshmen ' s scholarship is encouraged by giving an award to the freshman with the highest grade average. Phi Upsilon Omicron develops the future homemakers of America to go into business positions and to make the homes of tomorrow. Miss Louise Wesswick, collegiate ad- visor, guides the girls with the help of Carolyn Gilmer, Vice- president and Jo Ann Legoski, Secretary. Kappa Pi " Delta Pki KPDP is one of the newer organizations on Campus having only been organized last year. This is an honorary for senior women and impartial chaperones. Some of the more notable achievements this year are the acquisition of pins and also a golden keg. Whenever and wherever the members happen to be together a meeting is called to order. These meetings are usually held downtown in various busi- ness establishments to promote better relations between the townspeople and the university students. The colors of the group are amber and white. Serving the group very capably this year were Donna Evans, Keeper of the Golden Keg; Darla Cave, Keeper of the Silver Keg; Josie Fernold, Ritual- istic Interpolator and Nini Simon, Honorable Minor Con- ditioner. Due to many of the members doing their student teaching second semester, the club did not function regu- larly and several were absent when the picture was taken. Row 1: Jerry Basford, Don Peck. Row 2: Allen Johnson, Jim Thurston, Terry Burgess, Henry Hawk, Dick Titus, Gary Simon, Bernie Seebaumb, Bob Gerhardt, Jim Beaty. Row 3: Jane McKinney, Karen Johanson, Judy Lohrenz, Glenda Crews, Darla Cave, Donna Evans. 145 Jron Skull Iron Skull is a junior campus service honorary. Its membership is composed of delegates from each living group. To become a member, one must maintain a 2.5 scholastic average and be active in campus affairs. One of the group ' s purposes is to provide additional leadership development for its members. The chief function of this honorary is its contributions to the annual UW Homecoming festivities. The members tra- ditionally sponsor the Iron Skull Skid, one of the big- gest dances of the year. Iron Skull also plans and co- ordinates the Homecoming Sing at which campus grou ps sing in competition. Awards are given by Iron Skull to- outstanding members at the end of the year. Serving as officers for this group were John Allen, president; Vic Duran, vice-president; Thelma Hansen, secretary and Carolyn Wright, treasurer. Row 1: Mary Bess Kohrs, Kay March, Carolyn Wright, John Allen, Thelma Hansen, Marilyn Lewis, Julie Walter, Judy Hyde. Row 2: Patty Mikkelson, Mary Jane Urbigkit, Barbara Haight, Jackie Igo, Carole Osgard, Lola Horton, Linda Bowman. Row 3: John Bellamy, Dick McElroy, Jack Mueller, Bill Shaffer, Pete Clark, Keith Lantz, Howie Maley, Stewart Miller. 146 Row 1: William B. Sheets, John B. Campbell, Jack Ruch advisor, Marion Bass advisor, Joe Chelesvig, Jerry But- ler. Row 2: John Maxfield, Ross Richardson, Blake Smith, Stephen Andrew, Wendell Wagner, Ken Sherwin, Don Brown. Mpka Zau Alpha Alpha Tau Alpha was busy with activities for the year 1961-1962. The highlights remembered are the turkey raffle around Thanksgiving, honor banquet, family night, -spring banquet, and the national conven- tion in Kansas City. They are bound together by mu- tual interest in agriculture, promoting the profession, and learning the tools of the vocation. Alpha Tau Alpha ' s purpose is to promote the highest ideals and standards of agriculture education and a more intimate acquaintance and closer relationship with men who have chosen the profession of teaching agriculture. They have tremendous challenges ahead of them with the responsibility of human welfare and prosperity of our country. JSJu Upsilon Omega Nu Upsilon Omega is composed of students in nursing. Every year they sponsor a service project, and the one this year was the showing of a film on cancer to the student body. This organization also played host to the State Nursing Convention held in Laramie this year. Officers for Nu Upsilon Omega include Rose- marie Test, president; Perry Kay Somer, vice-president; Linda Call, secretary; and Sara Crane, treasurer. Row 1: Jeannie Bindschadler, Linda Call, Rose Marie Test, Sara Crane, Perry Kay Somer, Janet Lowry, Deanna Korfenta. Row 2: Alice Harvey, Helen TJrutia, Sandy Martin, Sharon Meats, Cordelia Johns, Pauleen Guthman, Kay Stewart, Joan Brown, Clarene Dunder. Row 3: Laurie Lund, Joanne Minor, Nancy Kestler, Jean Thomte. Row 4: Carol Wilson, Carolyn Winship, Marie Hilliard, Jean Hummer, Margie Seiler, Mary Lou Rento, Sandra Hansen, Max Leckie. 147 Kappa Kappa Psi Kappa Kappa Psi is an honorary whose mem- bership includes male members of the University of Wyoming band. Requirements for membership are high academic accomplishment and worth- while contribution to the university band. Major activities of Kappa Kappa Psi include assisting at High School Band Day in the fall and arrang- ing the Band Banquet. Officers are Don Bookout, president; Dick Vanderburg, vice-president; John Dineen, secretary; and Bob Melonuk, treasurer. Kappa Kappa Psi ' s advisor is C. P. Seltenrich, Director of Bands. Row 1: Don Bookout, Roger Schneider, Jerry Rehfuss, Richard P. Vanderberg. Row 2: Jay Dee Schaefer, Donald Gerheart, C. P. Seltenrich, Jay Holland, John Dinneen. Potter Caw Club Potter Law Club is an organization of full time College of Law students. The major purpose of Potter Law Club is to provide for an extra-curricular legal education to its members, with a social calendar suited to an advanced professional student group. Outstanding events of the organization this year were the fall din- ner-dance and the spring awards banquet in April. Of- ficers for this year were Frank Andrews, chancellor; John Kruse, vice chancellor; and Hugh Duncan, secre- tary-treasurer. The advisor for Potter Law Club is E. George Rudolph, professor of law. Row 1: Tim Watt, Pat Hand, Dick Beal, Jerry Yapp, Dick An- derson, Myron Saltmarsh, John Brown, Nick Kalokathis, Chuck Kurse. Row 2: Stuart Schoenburg, Joe Roberts, Ed Brooks, Jer- ry Williams, Tom Burley, John Miller, Bill Norman. Row 3: Dave Segar, Fred Miller, Bob Olson, Jim Castberg, Joe Vlastos, Kim McDonald, Gerald Mason. Row 4: James Roberts, Paul Matteucci, Alex Abeyta, La Voy Taylor. Row 5: Alan Johnson, Frank Andrews, Bill Bagley, Brad Laughlin, Tom Rardin, Thad Turk, Phil Barbour, Sam Ishmael, Mike Sullivan. 148 Row 1: Sue Ann Morgan, Mary Gould, Kaky Logan. Row 2: Jo Ann Legoski, Joan Layman, Joye Brown. Mortar Moard One of the most outstanding accomplishments in any college girl ' s life is to be a member of Mortar Board, Senior Women ' s Honorary. Eleven senior women were chosen for this high honor: Judy Anderson, Susan Bardo, Joye Brown, Mary Fujikawa, Mary Gould, Laura Henderson, Joan Layman, Jo Ann Legoski, Kaky Logan, Sue Ann Morgan, and Molly Sampson. Having high scholarship and outstanding leadership as its achievement, the members can devote their efforts toward various service projects. Mortar Board awards annually the Nellie Tayloe Ross Scholarship, holds the Mortar Board and Senior Women ' s Banquets, and publishes a student handbook. Girls listed on the group ' s Recognition List are honored each spring at the Recognition Tea. Each year Mortar Board has charge of Torchlight Laurels, the awards program for outstanding women students. Officers this year are: President, Joan Layman; Secretary, Molly Sampson; Treasurer, Jo- Ann Legoski; Editor, Sue Ann Morgan. 149 Row 1: Dave Forsyth, John Mawhinney, Jim Thurston, Tolin W. Hodgell, James Simmons, Larry Gibson, Gary L. Palmer, Bill Kinniburgh. Row 2: Bruce Martin, Jim Hen- derson, James Miller, Jack Alsup, Jim Wolfe, Bruce Par- rill, William Bassett, Ed Goetz. Row 3: Dick Ludwig, Ron Clizbe, Stan Speckner, Fred Joseph, Richard Tyler, Jerry Moore, Jim McWhinnie, Cliff Totten, Ernest Maya. Row 4: David Goodman, Richard Dickinson, David E. Butler. Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Kappa Psi is a national professional com- merce fraternity composed of members who have main- tained a 2.8 average or better. Every spring the group sponsors Commerce Day when outstanding commerce students are honored. During the year members take field trips to various companies to learn about their set-up. Officers for this year are Tolin Hodgell, presi- dent; Jim Thurston, vice-president; Jim Simmons, treasurer; Larry Gibson, secretary. Faculty advisors are Dr. John Gilliam and Dr. John McKeever. 150 IS Kow 1: Joan Kosmicke, Mary Kay Cheney, Dean David W. O ' Day, Jody Stewart, Thelma Hansen, Eleanor Noble. Row 2: Rill Hardigan, Richard Chappell, Ken Deines, Dick Pas- zotta, Dr. Raymond Kahl, Jack Bone, Dr. William Johnson, Cliff Stewart. Kkc Chi The distinction of being in the upper 20% of the class at the end of the junior year in pharmacy also serves as the qualification for membership in Rho Chi, pharmacy honorary. New on our campus, the Beta Phi chapter earned its charter from the national association on May 19, 1961. November 16, 1961, marked the day of the chapter ' s first initiation ceremony. As evidenced by the prerequisite for membership, sound scholarship is the basis of this organization. Rho Chi seeks also to promote a scholarly fellowship between faculty and students of pharmacy. Dr. William E. Johnson, pro- fessor of pharmacology, is the advisor for the group. Its officers are Jody Fredricks Stewart, president; Dr. Jack N. Bone, vice president; Joan Kosmicke, secre- tary-treasurer; and Mary Kaye Cheney, historian. A campus group that is striving for membership in the national organization is A.Ph.A.; the pharmacy honorary. The A.Ph.A. functions as a stimulus to pharmacy students by sponsoring special speakers on pharmaceutical programs and presenting awards at an honors banquet held each year in May. Last year at the banquet Sara Burdick and John Zell shared the laurels as outstanding freshmen. By sponsoring these activities, the organization hopes to stimulate a pro- fessional attitude toward pharmacy. The A.Ph.A. doesn ' t limit itself to pure professionalism. Knowing the importance, too, of the lighter side, it holds two yearly social events, usually picnics held in the fall and spring. The officers of this up and coming group are Kenneth L. Deines, president; James Laughrey, vice president; Joan Kosmicke, treasurer; Dorothy Horton, secretary; and Louise Stump, historian. Watching and guiding the progress are the organization ' s advisors, Dean David O ' Day and William D. Hardigan, assistant professor of pharmacy. American Pharmaceutical Association Row 1: Dorothy Herton, Joan Kosmicke, JoAnn Simmons, Dean David W. O ' Day, Thelma Hansen, Jody Stewart, Louise Stump. Row 2: John Myers, Dr. William Johnson, Dr. Ray- mond Kahl, Jack Bone, Josh Chinwah, Robert Velosquez, Goodman Everett, Melvin Sullivan. Row 3: John Rust. Row 4: John Burns, David Wallace, Dick Paszotta, Ken Deines, Art Zube, Dan Schreiner, Richard Chappell, Terry Hahn. 151 Row 1: Tom Fujikawa, Tracy Rowland, Steve Gehring, Don Row 3: John M. Angelovich, Dale R. Pierantoni, Bruce Cody, Slaughterbect, Kenneth Cook, Al Fermelia, Bruce Anker, Lyle John Carlton, Rick Williams, Grant Wilford, Mike Golden, Rob- Rickert. Row 2: Jim Watson, Vern David, Richard Darr, Jerry ert Downs. Calkins, Mucho Balka, Mike Abbott, Jarred Launer, Tom Meyer. Phi Spsilon Phi Phi Epsilon Phi is an organization of sophomore men who have a high academic standing and possess the qualities of leadership and dependability. The ob- jective of Phi Ep is to help stimulate school spirit and student activities. Major activities of Phi Ep include the sponsorship of the card section at home football games in the fall, and sponsorship of the sweater dance in March. Officers of the Phi Ep this year were Mike Golden, President; John Angelovich, Vice-President; Vernon David, Secretary; and John DeLair, Treasurer. 152 Row 1: Anne Bonner, Alice Hames, Susan Larson, Anne Siren, Carolyn Logan, Kathy Murphy, Shirley Brown, Judy McClena- han. Row 2: Jerra Johnston, Sara Burdick, Le Ann Johnson, Ann Sherard, Perry Kay Somer, Donna Rae McHale, Anita Arney, Shirley Correll, Sarah Crane. Row 3: Ruth Trierwieler, Rose Marie Test, Karen Hall, Mary Lou Allen, Linda Sheehan, Mar- garet Gould, Jeannie Bindschadler, Sharon Majors. Spurs Spurs is an honorary organization composed of sophomore women with a high academic record, lead- ership qualities, and interest an participation in campus activities. The purpose of Spurs is to be of service to the university and the community. Spur members at- tend athletic events together in uniform and assist dur- ing freshman orientation. They also sponsor a style show during the fall semester. Carolyn Logan is presi- dent of Spurs with Kathi Murphy as vice-president, Shirley Brown, secretary; and Anne Siren, treasurer. 153 Row 1: Frank Viola, Joe Williams, Mary Jane Urbigkit, Mike Conner, Bill Alsup, Dr. Maurer, Dr. Ryan. Row 2: George Moses, Dr. William Johnson, Dick Spangler, Dean David W. O ' Day, Peggy Arnold, Coralie Pryde, David Hemry. Row 3: Forest Baston, Richard Bateman, Kenneth Deines, Chuck Brandenburg, Wilbur Larson. Qamma Sigma Spsilon The Chemistry Honorary is an honorary organization composed of students of chemistry with outstanding grades and is designed to promote the science and profession of chemistry. Major activities of the chemistry honorary this year were the fall picnic in September, the spring banquet in May, and tours at meeting throughout the year. Officers for the organization were Michael Connor, Grand Alchemist; Mary Jane Urbigkit, Secretary; and Joe Williams, Treasurer. 154 Row 1: Dick Paszatta, Duane Anderson, Randall Tonelli, Frank Viola, Allen Weber, Dave McWilliams, Lowell Sederstrom, Ken- neth Deines. Row 2: Dan Graeff, Tom Fujikawa, D. L. Cetrona, Michael Gorman, Jack Bone, Dean David W. O ' Day, Tom Field, Raymond Kahl. Row 3: William Johnson, Bill Baker, Don Max- ey, Lloyd Scott, Don Porter. Row 4: Ben Iturrian, Bill Hardigan, John Myers. Phi ' Delta 6hi Phi Delta Chi is the national honor group of pharmacy majors. To be a member requires a 2.5 grade average. Dave McWilliams is president of this group with Frank Viola acting as vice president and Randy Tonelli as treasurer. Activities during the year are the pledge banquet and the pharmaceutical jewelry sale. Acting as advisor of Phi Delta Chi is Dr. Tom Field. Chimes Scholarship, interest, leadership, active campus partici- pation, and good standing in college activities are the pre- requisites for membership in Chimes, junior women ' s hon- orary. Possessing the above qualifications, these junior women strive to orient freshmen girls by utilizing their well- balanced knowledge of campus life. Chimes is primarily a service organization, and its ac- tivities are built around a theme of service and assistance. Aside from orienting freshmen girls, the Chimes are always willing to counsel and aid women students and to serve their university in any manner possible. Capably serving Chimes as officers this year were: Mary Guthrie, president; Lola Horton, vice-president; Carole Osgard, secretary; Kay March, treasurer; and, Mary Jane Urbigkit, AWS representative. Row 1: Mary Bess Kohrs, Barbara Kniss, Mary Jane Urbigkit, Lola Horton, Patty Mikkelson, Carole Osgard, Kay March, Mary Plunkett. Row 2: Carolyn Wright, Judy Hyde, Barbara Haight, Thelma Hansen, Jackie Igo, Sylvia Field, Karen Rushmore, Sandi Long. « Row 1: Rudy Profaizer, James Stugart, Laurence York, Bruce Dinsmore, Thomas L. Ryan, John Bellamy, Dallas Nelson. Row 2: Gary Carver, Bill Heink, Dave McPherson, Ken Wolf, John Triplett, Ralph Menke, John Gries, Orval Harrison, Keith Purim- ton. Row 3: Bob Stickley, Ted Loudon, Marion Vanzee, Victor Duran, Lynn Kirlin, Michael Lundgreen, Frank Eathorne, Mel McKnight, Noll Richardson, Vernon Bosch, Charles Roman. Row 4: Ted Gertsch, Myles Bauman, Robert Nagel, Allyn Wells, Rob- ert White, Donald Norman, Jim Duguid. Row 5: Arnold G. Sis- son, Stewart Miller, Thomas H. Kristensen, John C. Moore, Eu- gene Koester, Henderson Lail. Row 6: Mark Hoffman, Lynn Brown, Laurence Bement, Maurice Clary, Jim Reeves, Ed Waite, Dean Smith, Ken Punyan. Sigma Zau Sigma Tau is an engineering honorary composed of students of all engi- neering divisions who are in the upper third of the junior and senior classes. The purpose of this organization is to promote scholarship and excellence in engineering by encouragment and recognition. John Gries is President; Frank Eathorne, Vice- President; Orval Harrison, Secretary; Ken Wolfe, Treasurer; and Robert White, Historian. Activities include fall and spring initiation and the engineering awards banquet in May. The 1961 outstanding freshman in engineering award went to Paul Nichols. R.K. Beach won the outstanding faculty member award and R.M. Sen- sintaffer of Casper won the outstanding alumni award. Robert L. Champlin, instruction in Civil Engineering, and R.A. Morgan, Assistant Dean of the Engineering College are advisors for Sigma Tau. 156 The purpose of the stu- dents of Agricultural Engi- neers is to encourage the study of agricultural engi- neering. This year, they at- tended the regional ASAE meeting. President of this group is Ted Loudon, John Wasserburger, Vice- President; Bill Locker, Secretary - Treasurer. Ad- visor for this group, which is in its first year on this campus, is George Wilson. Row 1: Ted Loudon, Don Slack, Bill Locker, John Wasserburger, Ron Rigg, Stan Bryant. Row 2: Don Harrod, John Hornecker, Richard Bengtson, Royden James, Dan Jackson, George Wilson , advisor. Row 3: William B. Sheets, James Belus, Jim DeBruyn, Neil Earhart, Jim Fornstrom. Agricultural Engineering The American Institute of Mining Engineers consists of pe- troleum and chemical engineers enrolled at the university. Dur- ing the year, they participate in field trips, the Engineers Ball, and a technical paper writing contest in the spring. Frank Bat- ton is president of this group with Dallas Nelson as Vice-Pres- ident; Ralph Menke, Secretary, and Richard Wilson as Treas- urer. Acting as advisor for this group is Dr. Morgan. Row 1: Frank Eathorne, Frank Farnham, Frank Batton, Ralph Menke, Lon Lewis, Gor- don Saathoff, John Berrier, Richard Spicke. Row 2: James Meroney, Gaylord Brow, Del- bert Strickling. Row 3: Jim Petrie, Dallas Nelson, Richard Wilson, Dayle Mangus, Gene Mulholland, Charles Stevens, Tony Dunn. African Institute of Mining Engineers 157 African Institute Of Electrical Engineers -Institute of Radio Sngineers Row 1: Dick Titus, Ronald E. Nystrom, Darrel Vogt, George Brown, John Steadman. Row 2: John Triplett, William J. Davis, Ed Hudson, Lynn Kirlin, Jon Carroll, Allyn Wells, Robert White, E. Lonsdale, advisor, R. K. Beach. Row 3: Kenneth Somers, Ron Stahla, Marion Vanzee, Robert Brater, Robert Davis, Charles Roman, Charles Yemington, Vernon Bosch, Robert Hill. Row 4: Stewart Kimble, Michael Lundgreen, Dave McPherson, Bill Heink, Michael Sloan, Laurence Bement, Bruce Dinsmore, Don- ald Jacobson. Row 5: Donald Cutter, Thomas Kristensen, Mau- rice Clarey. Row 6: James Bath, Lawrence York, Bradford Ja- cobson, Edmund Waite, C. Norman Rhodine, James D. Floth, Ken Wolf, Keith Pruinton, John Buchanan. This joint engineering branch is composed of stu- dents preparing for the profession of engineering or related science. The objective of the organization is the dissemination of knowledge of the theory and practice of all aspects of electrical engineering and allied fields as well as the furtherance of the professional develop- ment of the student. This group holds an annnal spring picnic and field trips throughout the year. Chris Catsi- manes won the AIEE Outstanding Student Member Certificate and Mike Rodda won the joint-branch honor book award. 158 Aeronautical science is a field which offers many interesting, technical, and diverse topics for students to acquaint themselves with. In the Institute of Aeronautical Science students, p r i - marily those in the engineering field, are introduced to the latest develop- ments and advancements in the field of aeronautical science. The institute stimulates further in- terest throughout the year by honor- ing the composer of the best non-tech- nical paper dealing with aeronautics. Of course academics are constantly stressed, and yearly the institute hon- ors the student who earns the highest grade average in the field of aeronau- tics during his junior and senior years. All activities throughout the year do not deal exclusively with aeronautical science. The members of the institute lend their assistance to the Engineers ' Ball and also find other activities to keep them busy. Row 1: Myles Bauman, Rudy Profaizer, Theodore Erickson, Royal Smith. Row 2: Stewart Miller, Jimmie Young, Jim Baird, Robert E. Wilson. hstitutc of Aeronautical Science AIA is made up of students enrolled in Architectural Engineering at the University of Wyoming. The role of AIA is to acquaint students with the practical professions of architecture and engineering. In order to do so the AIA has a number of field trips each year designed to create further inter- est in the organization. This years ' officers include Ted C. Gertsch, presi- dent, and Dean Smith, secretary-treas- urer. The faculty advisor is 0. G. Woody, professor in the civil and architectural engineering department. Row 1: Paul Dinkens, Eugene Koester, Jim Atchley. Row 2: Reno Bar- ban, Wendell Jack, Darryl Olson, Ted Gertsch, George Gutierrez. Architectural Engineers 159 Civil Engineers i Row 1: Mark Hoffmann, Gary Carver, Mike Troastle, Lynn Brown, Mel McKnight, Jacob McJumkin, Donald R. Lamb. Row 2: Jim Duguid, Floyd Foresman, Jim Reeves, John C. Moore, Orval Harrison, Ted Gertsch. American Society of Civil Engineers is made up of students majoring in civil engineering. Included a- mong their projects this year were the paper contest in which members submitted papers in the field of civil engineering, and displays at the engineering open house. At the Spring Banquet awards were given for the most outstanding chapter member for the past four years, the member with the highest scholastic average, and the Svenson Structural Design Award. ASCE also sponsored a field trip to Denver where plants con- nected with civil engineering were visited. Officers for the organization included Frank Holliday, president; John Moore, vice-president; Lynn Brown, secretary; and Floyd Foresman, treasurer. Dr. D. R. Lamb is the advisor for the group. 160 American Society of Mechanical Engineers Row 1: Dave McPherson, Rudy Profaizer, George Jackson, Ben Bobbins, Marlene Lagoda, Robert Jurek, Richard Jesser. Row 2: Phillip McGowan, Lyle Michael, Leonard Davis, Myles Baune, Ray Olson, Pat Ellis, Harry L. Matthew, Thomas L. Ryan. Row 3: Fred Walter, Hugh Souder, Bruce Young, Gilbert Schulza, Kenneth Cook, Ben Tucker. Row 4: John O ' Connor, Tony Christensen, Larry Lewis, Chet Schroer, Sam Mauk, Dale K. Bryan. American Society of Mechanical Engineering is made up of students who are majoring in mechanical engineering. ASME sponsored a number of field trips to manufacturing concerns. Officers for the organiza- tion are Bennett Robbins, preside.. t; Rudy Profeizer, treasurer; and Marlene Lagoda, secretary. Professor Robert L. Sutherland is their advisor. 161 Joint Engineering Council Row 1: Anton Munari, faculty advisor, John C. Moore, Ralph Menke, Gaylord Brow, Lynn Brown, Dave McPherson. Row 2: Ted Loudon, John T. Wasserburger, Eugene Koester, John Berrier, Lynn Kirlin. Row 3: Stewart Miller, Robert White. Serving as the governing body and service organi- zation of the College of Engineering, the Joint Engi- neering Council helps sponsor the Engineers ' Smoker and the Engineers ' Ball. They hold open houses for visiting students and conduct elections in their college. The council is composed of two representatives from each of the professional societies and two members of the professional engineering honorary, Sigma Tau. Robert L. White serves as this year ' s president. He is assisted by Lynn Kirlin, secretary, and John Moore, treasurer. 162 Row 1: Kathy Karpan, Joye Brown, Jo Ann Legoski, Don- na Golden, Linda Harmston, Iris Paul Wilcox, Billye Proc- tor. Row 2: Dave Bonner, Jerry Kitchen, Bob Marshall, Gene Bryan, Jack Childers, W. R. Biggs. Pi " Delta Spsilon Sigma Delta Chi Pi Delta Epsilon, Journalism Honorary, is com- posed of editors and business managers of campus stu- dent publications and second semester sophomore jour- nalism majors who have a 2.5 grade average or better. The Gridiron Banquet in March, sponsored jointly with Sigma Delta Chi, is the major event held by this hon- orary. The purpose of the organization is to aid in im- proving campus publications. Officers are Vince Vuke- lich, president; Donna Hardy, vice president; and Donna Golden, secretary. Pi Delta Epsilon advisors are W.R. Biggs and J.W. Milner. Sigma Delta Chi, national men ' s professional journalism society, is comprised of those men who are interested in making a career of journalism in editorial work for radio, newspapers, or magazines. Two major activities of the organization, held jointly with Pi Delta Epsilon, are the Gridiron Banquet in March and a fieldtrip in May. The president- of Sigma Delta Chi is Eugene Bryan. Other officers include Jack Childers, vice president; Vince Vukelich, secretary; and J. W. Milner, treasurer. Advisors for the groups are W. R. Biggs and J. W. Milner. Row 1: Gene Bryan, Dave Bonner, Jerry Kitchen, Tom Hodge, Jay Guerin, Gary Harvey. Row 2: W. R. Biggs, Ward Marchant, Jack Childers, Mike McDonald, Gary Reed, Joe Milner. 163 Row 1: Sally Smith, Sue Ann Morgan, Carol Bowman, Francine Bonicelli, Kaky Logan. Row 2: Shirley Thorpe, Nancy Tarter, Marilyn Raben, Karen Rushmore, Judy Chastine, Jackie Igo, Dave Donachie. Kappa " Delta Pi Kappa Delta Pi is composed of upperclass and graduate men and women in the College of Education with a high academic standing. The purpose of Kappa Delta Pi is to encourage high professional, intellectual, and personal standards, and to recognize outstanding contributions to education. Major activities of Kappa Delta Pi include programs for schools for the blind, deaf, and gifted, and for in- dustrial schools for boys and girls; donation of two scholarships; and a project for help to a foreign country. Although freshmen and sophomores are not eligible for membership, a banquet presentation is given to the student from each class with the highest grade average. 164 University Brass Ensemble Row 1: James Firestone, George Armijo, Gary Fladmoe, Law- rence Gelfand, Tom Harmon, Sam Marks, Jay Holland, Robert Downs, Ed Heller, Don Murphy, Jay Dee Schaefer. Row 2: Ed- gar Lewis, Dean Smith. The University Brass Ensemble includes male and fe- male performers on brass instruments with suitable perform- ance ability. The ensemble presents one public concert each semester with the performance of good music written espe- cially for brass instruments. Edgar J. Lewis, associate pro- fessor of music, is the director of the ensemble. 165 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Row 1: Tom Harmon, Bill Malloy, Ron Murphy, Jerry Rehfuss, Roger Schneider, Gary McKnight, Ed Heller, James Firestone. Row 2: Edgar Lewis, Dan Spangler, Jay Dee Schaefer, Jay Holland, Richard Bardo, Gary Fladmoe, Alfred Prevedel, James Vance, Sam Marks. Row 3: George Armijo, Don Bookout, Val Lindsey, Rex Andrews, Larry Stubson, Don Gerheart, Bob Downs, Lincoln Russin, Joe Poelma, Bob Lewis. Any male interested in and furthering the cause of music is eligible for membership in Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Besides furthering the appreciation of the reality of music in each person ' s everyday living, this group conducts their Sinfonia dance in the fall, a pledge recital, and an American Composers Recital during the spring. The Phi Mu Alpha Award is presented to an outstanding member each year. Dr. Allan A. Willman, chairman, Division of Music, and Edgar J. Lewis, Brass Division, serve as advisors for the group. 166 University Chorus and Orchestra during a combined performance. George Gunn, University Chorus director. The Oratorio Chorus, directed first term by George Gunn and second term by Mrs. Lucienne Schwartz, is composed of 70 voices using University students, townspeople, and faculty members. No voice try-outs are needed and membership is open to all university students. The University Orchestra, under the direction of Edgar Lewis, is composed of 45 players, who are qualified student personnel and townspeople chosen by audition. The Orchestra presents four or five concerts each year featuring the most talented music students and therefore fulfills the functions of a University and community Orchestra. 167 W Symphonic am The Marching Band this sea- son, numbered 120 members and is the largest on record at Wyoming. It is open to all uni- versity students who are inter- ested and can fit into their sched- ules. The band rehearses daily throughout the football season and prepares shows for all the home games and takes an aver- age of two trips per season to appear at games away from home. The marching band is per- haps the most spirited and close- ly-knit student group on the 168 f .. II 1; Marching Wand campus and contributes a great deal to the general- student body spirit at athletic events. The band is under the direction of Charles Seltenrich assisted by student directors Don Bookout and Jay Schaefer. The drum ma- jor this past season was Jay Holland and the majorettes, un- der the leadership of head major- ette Joline Moretti, were Joyce Moses, Barbara Wimpenny, A- nita Brown, Billie Hacker, Bon- nie Lee Barger and Joan Selmer. The Symphonic Band is essentially the marching band moved indoors. The band is open to all univer- sity students who can demonstrate a reasonable profi- ciency on their instruments. The general policy is not to eliminate students through auditions but to let them eliminate themselves if they find that they cannot ade- quately handle the music being performed. The band appears at all home basketball games and presents formal concerts during the second semester. This sea- son ' s band numbers 102 members and is the largest in the history of bands at the university. Charles Selten- rich, associate professor of music, conducts the band and is assisted by two student directors, Don Bookout and Jay Schaefer. Librarians for the past two seasons have been Marshall Watne and Jerry Rehfuss. 169 Our 1961 head majorette, Joline M o r e 1 1 i , performing during the Homecoming half-time program. In honor of Don Wilson, the famed announcer for the Jack Benny Show, who was taking in the game, our band forms a violin in honor of his boss. . - -fMJ% J- f,.f Tjjfjfl .£ ■ 170 Here the band is performing ... ah yes ... it certainly is. Put your left foot out, put 171 dLi iS i I ; High school bands form the letter " H " during High School Band Day. 4 -ti. ' ■■■ : f " ■•( . (i • i - ' ■- ' ' J ' pfi __ M . " . ' " ' : . ■ . " ' ,.■ _ „ " ; ' ' _• |, . ■ ' t ■ ' :. " " : M _ 3 ,i - - ' - ' ' . " . ■ " - V v 1 £ ? • " .r ,• 1 ; .-■ »v ■ -. JjpT. : ■ " " " I % - " ' - Sfft ■ f " -■ ' r ' V 1 " . The UW Band salutes Homecoming 1961. The band forms the figure 75 in honor of UW ' s 75th anniversary. A. " V -J ■ 1 ■ — a , ■ " In it s v- % •. A.- k .-» ■ ?-: -W ! H JjfWi J- ' ;. ... " ju; . • to ' 2n i ' ' • ' ,y ' i ■ i - " " " . ■. ' i- j,„ i .j- ' v .; ; v ' ■■ ' ' - ■ . L. i .. ' ■■ " ■% ■ ™ ■ - ii 1 ■ -- ;»«, ••;_ .i-iit ' ■ :«» ' ;■ s_ :.: _ iK_ 4 ••. , • fe. S3 - — - - ' W - " . ; ri. " ' .■■ ' — " ■ -— rrr " .-4 ■ i " i -, - .. - ' -9 S ' - " ' ' " ... St »■ -. ■■• ' • - " ' " " " ■• ? •%• ' . ' • ' • •• ' . ■ ■ . 1 w. o ■ : ' K ' i O T ? em 5 s 1 r i-l i I | |M 172 Zkc Chamber %and The Chamber Band, under the direction of Edgar J. Lewis, Jr., is a band of fixed instrumentation and is limited to 46 players. Members of the band are chosen by audition by Professor Lewis and director of bands, Charles Seltenrich. The band is called a chamber band because the instrumentation is such that there is very little doubling of players on parts and thus provides an experience more nearly comparable to chamber music performance. The band studies a high per- centage of the newer contemporary compositions for band and presents a concert of contemporary band music each season. 173 The formation HI opens the half time show in honor of the Treagle Train mem- bers. Here we are on the field with our horns and reeds and woodwinds and drums while the rest of the gang is in the stands with their thermos bottles and pop bot- tles . . . and other bottles. 174 The Union - hub of the Campus activities. The Union provides many services for the students, one of which is the map informing students of who needs rides or riders and their destinations at Christmas. n .- v- Noon and the rush begins for the fountain employees as the students pour into the Union for lunch. Maggie Webster and Jackie Ferguson demon- strate some of the work involved in decorating the Fountain Room for Christmas. The powder River Ball is just one of the numerous dances held in the Union Ballroom during the year. The Union is also a good place to just while away the hours as is evidenced here by these intent BI readers. Union Planning and Coordinating Committee The planning and coordinating committee is made up of the chairman and vice-chairman of each of the union committees. Its purpose is to plan and coordinate the activities car- ried on by the other committees. John Anderson, Maggie Webster, Hugh McFadden, Jean Georges, John Dineen, Ann Sherard. " Santa " and Maggie twisting at the Union Christmas program. 177 Union Social Committee Susie Haynes, Kathy Murphy, Ann Sherard, Pat Brimmer, John Anderson, Joe Meyer. y The Laramie Imperials presenting a WUTS program. All social events sponsored by the Student Union are the re- sponsibility of the Social Com- mittee. The purpose of this com- mittee is to promote interest among the students in their Stu- dent Union and its activities. Anyone who has a grade aver- age of 2.75 or better is eligible for membership. Chairman of the social committee is Ann Sherard. Advisor is Jim Crow, Union pro- gram coordinator. 178 Union Cultural Affairs Committee Row 1: Carolyn Hodges, Sally Stoddard, Jim Crow, Maggie Webster. Row 2: Lou Markley, Theo Strannigan, Phil Peterson, Anne Bonner, Gail Davis. There are two sides to every university, and one of ours is culture. Seeking to establish this as a fact instead of a hypothesis, the Cultural Affairs Committee functions continually. They sponsor art exhibits, con- certs, movies, the Ballad Club, WUTS Programs, and many other activi- ties that contribute to our " other side. " Maggie Webster serves as chair- man of this hard working organization, with Jim Crow, Union Program Coordinator, as advisor. 179 Union Publicity Committee Linda Bowman, Roger Snyder, Jean Georges, John Allen, Jan Jacksa, Steve Gehring, John Dineen, Mel Genetti. y ISO The Publicity Committee is responsible for all publicity for dances, movies, art exhibits, and all other functions sponsored by the union commit- tee. Included in their work is the operation of the sound truck and making posters for the afore- mentioned publicity. Chairman and vice-ehair- man for the publicity committee are John Dineen and Jean Georges. ATO Trio Plus One entertains at WUTS. ■ ■MHH ■ ■MH ■■ w nw v Acacia Acacia was founded in 1904 by a group of Master Masons and there are now 46 chapters nationally. The word Acacia is the Greek name of an eastern evergreen typyfying eternal life. The Wyoming University chapter, composed of 59 actives and pledges, was founded in 1947. Serving the group as vice-presi- dent is Warren Pearson; treasurer is Steve York; and Secretary is Sherman Drake. Robert L. Newton, president; Mrs. Willa Hamilton, house- mother. The Acacia ' s dream of having a house on fra- ternity row has become a reality due to major achieve- ments. Going along with them will be their house mother who holds the record of being a housemother longer than any other on campus. This year their float placed second in the home- coming parade, but was ruined later by pranksters who set fire to it. Starting the school year off with a bang the pledg- es held their Black and Gold Dance which was reigned over by Jerry Sgott, their selection for Acacia Sweet- heart this year. Soon to follow was their pledge dance, Night on the Nile costume dance, and their spring formal in May. Acacia ' s Second Place Win- ning Float. 182 Charles Atwill; S. Jack Briggs ? Jerry H. Brue; John Buch- holz, Jr.; Larry Bush Jerry W. Calvert; Pete Clark; Laurence D o o 1 e y ; Robert Downs Sherman Drake; Kent Du- gan; Jim Gallinger; James A. Hipsher; Robert Jackson Harlan C. Kerr, Jr.; David L. Kindler; Edward H. Lloyd, Jr.; Rick Ludlow; Steve Mau- rath; Robert Melonuk Bob Milne; Travis Moffat; Jerry Moore; Smith Payton; Warren W. Pearson Floyd H. Peterson; Ken L. Robertson; J i m Robeson; James M. Thurston Bill Wheeler; Dan Wilkinson; Clyde A. Wilson William King Wimpenny; Steve York 183 Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Chi Omega was founded na- tionally in 1885 and now has 98 chap- ters. Beta Kappa chapter was founded on this campus in 1930 and is now com- posed of 52 actives and pledges. The sorority flower is the red carnation, and its colors are scarlet and olive green. Of- ficers of the group are: Sanda Mayer, vice-president; Sharon Rand, secretary; and Donnell Nicoll, treasurer. Margaret Kinkade, president; Mrs. Bessie Eby, house- mother Ye Olde Barber Shoppe ALPHA CHI OMEGA WINS HOMECOMING SING During homecoming festivities this year the Alpha Chi ' s won first place in the women ' s division of the Homecoming Sing. The veteran ' s hospital in Cheyenne was entertained by the Alpha Chi ' s this year when they presented their variety show called Vet ' s Day. " Roaring Twenties " was the theme for the Alpha Chi ' s open house which is held periodically every year. Other social activities of the Alpha Chi ' s this year in- cluded the Christmas open house and the beautifully decorated spring formal, in addition to the " Comic Capers " , the theme of this year ' s pledge dance. Barbara Alley Barbara Andrau; Joan Banks Barbara Braes; Anita Brown Janet Burke; Jeanne Buzan 184 Connie Connelly, Shelia Cost- antino, Joanne Culbertson, Karen Denton, Sandy Deti Carolyn Drew, Sally Ernst, Donna Kaye Evenson, Mary Jo Gibbs, Lynn Grado J a y n e Haagensen, Martha Hand, Sara Kathleen Horgan, Mary Jameson, K a t h r y n Jones Kathleen Karpan, Jo Ann Leggett, Marilyn Lewis, Cyn- thia Linker, Janet Lynn Sanra Mayer Suzanne Mattson, Judy Mc- Clenahan, Karene Mc Rae, Donnell Nicoll, Ardis Picard Sharon Rand, Barbara San- ford, Nanci Jo Sime, Jody Stewart, Janice Talbert Linda Tollefson, Jo Ann An- son, Vicenta Uribe, Linda Wolcott, Julie Walter Lila Vines, Mary Whitcomb, Maren Lewis, Pat Munn, Mary Ponder 185 Alpha Zau Omega Alpha Tau Omega was founded na- tionally in 1865, and there are now 158 chapters. Gamma Psi chapter, founded in 1913, has 109 members and pledges this year. Their flower is the white tea rose, and their colors are azure and gold. Serving the group as vice-president is Joe Drew, and secretary-treasurer for this year is Roger Stuber. VI This year the AlUs invited a number of Laramie pro- fessors and business leaders to speak at the fraternity house. The discussions included topics, and question and answer periods following the speeches providing interesting view- points of members. Other activities of the ATO ' s included their Province Conclave, the ATO Trio Plus One, and win- ning first place in the intra-mural bowling league. An out- standing member of ATO this year was Brent Eastman, ASUW president. Leading social activities of the fraternity were the Bowery Ball, the Pledge Dance, the Sack Dance, and the Spring Formal. Dave King, President; Mrs. Muriel Biehn, Housemother Robert Adams, Jim Anderson Richard Anderson, Rex Ar ney, Carl Asiala Michael Booth, Dixon Bourne, Bob Braunschweig, James Burdick, Duane Call Steve Carlson, Mick Crouse, Jerry Davis, M ichael Robert Devaney, Chris Defraia, Ren- nie DiLoreto Eugene M. Bagley, Grant Ba- ston, J i m Beatty, Charles Bloom 186 Perry Dray; L o n n i e Dale Fallin Joe Drew; Dave F e r r e n ; Alex Graham P Paul Lowham Robert Kayser; Gerald Kitch- en Hal Krause; Everett Larson; Don Leary Hr Chuck Lonabaugh; Hugh Lowham; Jerry McCue; Mike McGuire Brent Eastman; G. Spencer Garrett; Bill Hanson; Robert Hansen; Russell A. Hansen; Terry Hearne; John Igo; Chril L. Jung Garry McLean; Terry Mc- Lean; Fred Malone; Thomas Wood Meyer; Major Miller Roger Morgan; Bill Morti- mer; Gaylord Mullendore; Patrick Murphy; Randy Mur- phy; Clifford Neal 187 John Pearson; Pat Rile Fred Peach; Leland Rhodes; John Smidt James M. Payne; David Roupp; Phil Small; Albert Sudman Tom Ovens; Alden Prosser; David Slade; Roger Stuber; Thomas S. Taliaferro John Michael O ' Conner; John R. Price; Eddie Scott; Paul Spriggs; Gordon Swanson; Jeff Thompson Cope Norcross; George Por- ter; Phil Robinson; Milton Smith; Daniel Sullivan; Don Tegeler; Don Thoren Dan Wagers Randy Walters; Bob Whitney John Woods; Gene Wright; John Zell 188 Chi Omega Chi Omega was founded at Fayette- ville, Arkansas in 1895, and the local chapter was established in 1933. The flower is the white carnation, and the colors are cardinal and straw. Wyoming ' s Psi Delta chapter has 50 actives and pledges. Serving locally as vice-president is Joan Kosmicke; treasurer is Kate Gibbs; and secretary is Karen Lang. President, Joann Legoski Housemother, Mrs. Mary B. Lee u in im Im w n ii ii il I ill I ■ il 19 El HI 11 m n w. The Chi Omegas moved into a newly remodeled colonial mansion this fall. The exterior of the house was completely redone, and on the inside, the living room and front hall were redecorated. An addition to the house includes a trophy room, new dining room and kitchen, a study, and a new bedroom wing. Chi Omega placed third in the Women ' s Division of the Homecoming Sing. Members are active in Spurs, Chimes, Phi Gamma Nu, Phi Sigma Iota, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Psi Chi, Rho Chi, Tau Beta Sigma, Wyo Staff, Ski Team, Who ' s Who, AWS, Mortar Board, and Student Senate. Annual activities include the fall and spring for- mals, State Day, and Dad ' s day. Diamonds are a girl ' s best friend? 189 Karen Augsbach, V o n o n a Bailey, Susan Bardo, Jane Butler, Susan Comin Jean Dickinson, Jeanne Eas- ley, Mary Esther Edmonds, Donna Fogelsonger, Kate Gibbs Connie Gloyd, Margaret Gould, Ann Helvey, Patty Horton, JoAnn Jeremaison Karen Johnson, Virginia Johnson, Barbara Kniss, Jo- an Kosmicke, Mary Bess Kohrs Carole Lahti, Beth Lane, Ka- ren Lang, Maxine Leckie, Carol Loebe Connie Nater, Carole New- comer, Linda Olson, Carole Osgard, Helen Parkins R o n n a Rutledge, Kathleen Sheehan, Lynette Smith, Sue Stanford, Janice Strahan Louise Stump, Darlene Te- lander, Doris Washburn, Scarlet Welton, Gloria Whit- man LaVonne Whitman, Virginia Williams, Carolyn Winship, Sally Woodson, Jean Hum- mer Sandi Long, Mary Lonsdale, Sharon Majors, Carol Mc- Carroll, Dona McManis 190 Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta was founded na- tionally in 1888 and now has 104 chap- ters. Theta Eta chapter was founded at Wyoming in 1913 and this year consists of 61 members and pledges. The sorority flower is the pansy and its colors are sil- ver, gold, and blue. The officers for this year are Sara Lewis, vice-president; Jack- ie Igo, treasurer; and Sally Smith, Secre- tary. tel ? ■fc O 1 ' . t " te ' ' «SMi 1 k. . HSu ■III ■HI llll IHI 1 z Z- ssjMmxJ . IHI m IBM iBI ? N ,1 r- ■ i ! 1 w " V , Kaky Logan, President; Mrs. Helen Clinton, Housemother Cherie Aimonetto; Mary Lou Allen; Nancy Backlund Nancy Anthony; Lynn Beltz TRI-DELTS WIN MANY HONORS Tri-Delta claimed high achievement in many ac- tivities this year including the sorority scholarship cup for highest grade point average and first place for the women ' s division of the homecoming float. Outstand- ing members of Tri-Delta received such honors as 1961 Homecoming Queen, Miss University of Wyoming, Engineers ' Ball Queen, Air Force and Army Military Ball Queens, three fraternity queens, eight members of Spurs and the president of Spurs, four members of Chimes, and three members of Mortar Board and the president of Mortar Board. Other activities of Tri-Delts this year were Delta Work Day, the Scholarship breakfast and banquet, senior night, pledge night, and the Mothers ' Day tea. Tri-Delta ' s major functions this year were the pledge dance, the founders ' day banquet and the Pearl Dinner Dance. Evelyn Downie; Jamie Dick- son; Ky Collins Eleanor Dent; Lana Cable Sara Burdick 191 Judy Engstrom; Jacqueline Ferguson; Sylvia Field; Su- san Flippin; Lila Gallagher Gail Guthrie; Alice Hames; Janette Hailey; Guyna Hall; Vicki Hartman Sally Hobert; Dorothy Hor- ton; Jo Ann Hoy; Jo Ann Hughes; Jacquelyn Igo Le Ann Johnson; Anne Kel- ler; Mary Kellogg; Avanell Keys; Sharon Kimble Joan Layman; Ginny Lee; Sara Lewis; Sharon Loban; Carolyn Logan Sharon Luond; Bobbie Jo Martin; Donna Rae McHale; Sandra Marshall; Pat Mikkel- son Dolores Pattik; Patra Preis; Tonia Rulli; Karen Rush- more; Molly Sampson Linda Savage ; Jerilyn Ann Scott; Bonnie Skaar; Sally Smith; Nancy Tate Judy Tatham; Pam Thomas; Shirley Lee Thorpe; Kathy Tichac ; Shirley Vanderberg Monte Williams; Alice Woot- en 192 farmhouse Farmhouse was founded in 1905. There are 17 chapters in the United States. The Wyoming chapter was found- ed in 1950 and now has 32 members and pledges. Their flower is the sunburst rose ' and their colors are green, gold, and white. Serving the group as treasurer this year is Harry Strauch and the secretary is Arthur Bard. Farmhouse was active this year in many agricul- tural affairs. Among these included members who placed high in the Little International Stock Show and representatives in Alpha Zeta, agriculture honorary, and Agriculture Club. Farmhouse also held a joint breakfast with the Fort Collins chapter at the Shirley Savoy Hotel in Denver. Social activities of Farmhouse this year included the Western Dance, the Pledge Dance, the Pioneer Dance, and the Spring Formal. Gordon Niswender, Presi- dent; Mrs. C. B. Jenkins, Housemother. Gary Blincow Jim Bonsell, Richard Clark Bob Cole, Irvine Moore Dun- can, Mike Ellis, Steve Ferrin, Bill Marks James Matson, Dean A. Mead, William J. Meroney, Gordon Niswender, J. Ed- ward Pexton Ed Rabou, Ken Sherwin, Don Slack, Harry Strauch, Paul Weber 193 Gamma Phi Beta Gamma Phi Beta was founded at New York ' s Syracuse University in 1887. There are 80 chapters throughout the United States. Colors of the sorority are mauve and brown, and its flower is the pink carnation. Gamma Delta, the local chapter, was founded in October, 1960 and presently has forty-two members. Officers for this year are Sharon Van Court, vice-president; Barbara Haight, treasurer; and Linda Briscoe, secretary. During the second year on the University of Wyoming campus members of Gamma Phi Beta have been especially active. Besides hosting their pledge dance, December Formal, and Spring Formal, Gamma Phi ' s worked for their national philanthropic orphan- age project. Members of Gamma Phi Beta are active in Spurs, Chimes, Mortar Board and Who ' s Who. The sorority is looking forward to moving into its new house on the south end of sorority row in January, 1963. Mary Smith, President Judith Anderson, Gretchen Bower, Linda Briscoe Cary Lee Cykler, Judy Evan son, Patricia Farrell Patty Fetsco, Billie Hacker, Dorothy H a g e n , Barbara Haight, DiAnn Hammond Janet Lee Heath, Linda Hing, Diedre Ivey, Janice Jacksa, Rhue Layton Lauree Lynch, Sharon McLa- ren, Judith Moine, Sherry Morgan, Bonnie Phillips Vicki Powers, Iris Prevedel, Sharon Rice, Hei- di Schneider, Ju- die Shelby, Bon- nie Smith Mary Smith, Sha- ron Suchta, Joan Trierweiler, Ruth Trierweiler, Mary Jane Urbigkit, Sharon Van Court 194 Kappa T)elta Kappa Delta was founded in 1897 and now has 100 chapters. Rho chapter was founded in 1913 and has a total of 61 actives and pledges this year. The flower of Kappa Delta is the white rose, the colors are green and white. Vice- president for the groups is Linda Bow- man; treasurer is Sandy Leti; and secre- tary is Sharon Ross. £ Leslie Belt, President; Miss Ann Auxer, Housemother For the past four years Suzanne Sepas, a foreign exchange student from Hungary, has lived in the Kappa Delta house. The KD ' s are very proud of having Suz- anne live with them during her school years at Wyo- ming. Outstanding members of Kappa Delta are active as cheerleaders, pepsters, angels, corpettes, Spurs. So- cial activities of the KD ' s include their pledge dance and the SAE-KD Christmas party. Diane Bonner Linda Bowman, Ann Brown Bonnie Brown, D a r 1 a Dea Cave, Karen Cook Glenda Nell Crews, Marcia Gail Cummings, Jan Demo- rest, Bobbi Gard 195 Ila Gillaspie; Margo Giro; Virginia Gonzales; Beverly Hanify; Carolyn Holz Carol Jo Hull; Robin Hull; Joan Hutchcraft; Kathrine Klingaman Judy Kay Larson; Beverly Jean Lindahl; Heather Little Glenda Kay Michaud; Susan O ' Connor Nancy Olvey Janet Pacheco; Mary Plun- kett Judy Rhiley; Marilyn Rig- gan; Mandy Roberts; Sharon Ross Beverly Rue; Lynn Sanes; Joan Shaeffer; Linda Shee- han; DeEtta Snoop Mary Pat Sims; Linda Stan- field; Sandra Sturges; Mari- lyn Thomas ; Ann Trow- bridge; Judi Ziegler 196 Kappa Kappa Qamma Kappa Kappa Gamma was founded nationally in 1870 and has 84 chapters. The local chapter, Gamma Omicron, was founded in 1927. The sorority flower is the fleur-de-lis and the colors are light blue and dark blue. There are 61 actives and pledges this year. The officers are Maggie Webster, vice-president; Lola Horton, treasurer; and Izzy Feltner, sec- retary. The KKG ' s have been having several after- hours parties this year in order to enable all the actives and pledges to become better acquainted. The pledges, in return, held the annual Christmas party for the actives. The Kappas have been very busy making plans for the Founders ' Day Pro- gram for their alums and their Rodeo Breakfast. The Kappas did well during Homecoming, placing second in Women ' s Competition in both the sing and float contests. Maggie Webster, served as Homecoming Queen attendant. Highlighted social activities this year include the Monmouth Duo, held with the Pi Phis, and the annual spring formal. President, Sheila Brennan Housemother, Mrs. Elizabeth Campbell Kappa ' s prize-winning float Gwinavere Adams, Joye Brown Sara Crane, Marian Delaur- ante Mary Fran Bryant 197 Lynn Dickens; Barbara Dun- can; Beverly Dye; Isobel Feltner; Marci Forde Patty Garrity; Marilee Gen- etti; Jean Georges; Donna Golden; Mary Ellen Green Suzanne Hanes; Thelma Han sen; Karen Hill; Sue Hitch cock; Lola Horton Kathy Hudgeons; Ann Kee nan; Judy King; Linda La ney; Janet Loeffler Jeanne Longpre; Donna Mar- tin; Lorraine Melton; Sharon Millward; Mary Jo Mohr Tana Moore; Kathi Murphy; Penny Myers; Mary Orr; Linda Porter Kathy Reeve; Jean Ann Rohn; Jane Seltenrich; Nan- cy Sims; Perry Kay Somer Andy Ward; Maggie Web- ster; Becky Wood; DeAnne Wellman; Jane Williams Judy Wilson; Sue Ziegler; Kathy Zimmerman; Carole Sue Davis; Kristi Evenson Sally Stoddard; Theo Stran- nigan; Kay Stewart; Lydia Swanson; Benja Taylor 198 Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigma was founded nationally in 1869. On the Wyoming campus, the Delta Gamma chapter was founded in 1921. There are 135 chapters of Kappa Sigma throughout the nation while at the same time 81 pledges and actives make the Wyoming branch of the fraternity. The lily of the valley is the fraternity flower and its colors are scarlet, white, and green. Officers for the group are as follows: Jim Barr, treasurer; and Roy Jordan, secretary. The Kappa Sigs were well represented in campus activities this year. They won second place in the Home- coming Sing during home coming festivities. Kappa Sigs also were represented with members in Phi Epsilon Phi, Iron Skull, Phi Delta Chi, Pi Delta, and Sigma Tau. Socially the Kappa Sigs held their annual costume dance, the Stomp, their " Playboy " pledge dance, and their spring formal. Jack Herrod, president 1J H John M. Angelovich; George Armijo; H. Larry Ashen- hurst; Walter Barnes k John Borszch; Terrell Bounds; Dennis Brittain; Don R. Brown; Thomas H. Cole Stephen Davison; Tom De- laney; Paul D. Driscoll; Ger- hard Durdel; John L. Farm- er 199 Bill Finnerty; James Finner- ty; Stuart Fox; Jim Gidley; Dennis Grant David W. Greene; Ben Gre- nevitch; Phillip A. Greth; Jay Guerin; Jon William Hall Dave Hansen; Ken Haw- thorne; Robert Hayes; Mike Hedlund; Norval J. Hillmer, Jr. Richard Humphrey; Paul Jaramillo, Jr.; Jim Johnston; Roy Jordan; Larry Knadler James Line; Rhett McDon- nell; J. Bruce MacDougall; Mike Mead; David Miller James Miller; Leeroy Mil- ner; Denny Morell; Orman Paananen; Leon Peterson Dale Pierantoni; Allen Pugh; Don Quinn; Millard J. Rada; Jerry W. Rankin Scotty Ratliff; Raul N. Rod- riguez; Bradford Ross; Mi- chael A. Schafer; Ray Schneidmiller Paul Seslar; Jim Smith; Rob- ert South; Gordon H. Thorne; Jack Travis Ray Tremain; William Un- derwood; Joseph Vitale; Dick Waters 200 Phi Delta Zketa Phi Delta Theta, found- ed in 1848, now has 121 chapters in the United States. The Wyoming Al- pha chapter was founded in 1934 and now has 65 members and pledges. Their flower is the white carna- tion and their colors are light blue and white. Serv- ing the group as vice-presi- dent this year is Mike Han- na; as treasurer, Bob Ve- lasquez; and as secretary, Chuck Thompson. Richard Ludwig, president Mrs. Wilma Frisbie, house- mother The National Phi Delta Theta ' s each year participate in, the Community Service Day in order to do something of a constructive nature for the chapter ' s local city. This year they were named a co-winner of the Com- munity Service Day Award for contributing the most valu- able allotment of time and work towards the betterment of their respective communities. The Phi Delts have also been active on campus this year by participation in inter-fraternity sports and in homecoming activities. In the fall they threw their big pledge dance and each couple dressed as " Histerical His- torical Characters. " In the midst of the cold winter they had their Winter Formal, and finally when spring came the boys had the opportunity to show their cute knees at the annual Bermuda Ball. The Flintstones ride again! 201 Jack Alsup; Jim Atwood Richard Darr; Charles R. Dowler; Jim Fries John Gingles; Bruce Gilla- spie; Bob Grant; Mike Han- na Chuck Harrod; Tom Hart- well; Conrad Haug; Francis Howard; Terence Hunter V ,J Konrad Jarausch; Robert Kelly ; Larry Lewis ; John Mclntyre; Mickey McNickle; Sam Marks Roland Miller; Daniel Mober- ly; Dennis Moody; John O ' Grady; Louis S. Roussalis Bryan Sheedy; Robert S. Sims; Doug Smith; Frank Smith William Spicer; Bill Thomp- son; Chuck Thompson Bob Velasquez; Grant Wil- ford 202 Pi Ma Phi Pi Beta Phi was founded nationally in 1867 and now has 105 chapters. Their flower is the Wine Carnation and Wine and Blue are their colors. Alpha Chap- ter, founded at Wyoming in 1919, pres- ently has 61 actives and pledges. The vice-president for the group is Connie Steele, treasurer is Donna Evans, and serving the group as secretary is Betty Cooke. Anita Simon, President. Wyoming Alpha was quite pleased to be selected by the National Fraternity at large to be the regional chapter rep- resentative for the highest honor of Pi Beta Phi. National Fraternity recognition is accompanied by campus leadership and participation in numerous activities and organizations. During the past year the " Pi Beters " , led by Nini Simon, had the president of Phi Gamma Nu, Kappa Delta Pi, Chimes and the Air Force Archangel, Army R.O.T.C. Sponsor Com- mander and the Vice-president of Spurs. Five Senators were Pi Phis plus athletic competitors in bowling, basketball, vol- leyball and skiing. During the first half of the year the Pi Phis ranked second in scholarship (by NPC standards). Many girls were chosen as queens such as Wyo Queen and attendant, Sweater Queen attendant and several fraternity " Sweethearts " ; then Wyoming Alpha was represented in national beauty contests— Miss Wool of America and Miss Universe. The main functions include the Monmouth Duo with the Kappa Kappa Gammas. The traditional chapter and date Christmas parties, the Spring Formal and last but certainly not least the Retreat in the spring to a dude ranch in Colo- rado. Janet Baker Mrs. Linda Spaulding, House mother. Candy Boughn, Kathleen Braisted. Pat Brimmer, Coleen Bruns, Mary Kaye Budd Cheryl Chandler, Gail Cole- man, Betty Cooke, Shirley Correll 203 Donna Evans, Karin Felt, Jo- sie Fernald, Judy Gardner, Anne Gilroy Darlene Tippets, Susie Trowe, Alison Tyler, Helen VanHouten, Jan- ice Voss, Barbara Wim- penny 204 Sigma Alpha Spsilon The Wyoming chapter of Sigma Al- pha Epsilon received the distinction of being the 1961 Intramural Champions. This fall, led by Dick Titus, they won the men ' s division of the Homecoming Float competition in addition to being the over- all winner. During the other Homecom- ing festivities they also placed third in the men ' s division of the Homecoming Sing. Major activities of the " Sig Alphs " are the Undertakers ' Ball, the Pledge Formal, the Bushmen ' s Hop, the KD- SAE Orphan Christmas party, the Home- coming Kilty Parade, Hate Women Week, the Spring Formal, and Founders ' Day with four Colorado chapters. You can always tell a Sig Alph be- cause if they aren ' t wearing a sweatsh irt with " Phi Alpha " on it, they are wearing a beard. President, Dick Titus Housemother, Mrs. Turner Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded in 1856 and now has 143 chapters. The local chapter, Wyoming Alpha, was established in 1917 and has 100 actives and pledges. The flower is the violet; the colors are purple and gold. Serving the group as vice-president is Howard Maley, the treasurer is Mike Coleman, and the secretary for the year is Carl Henderson. Opal Dick Agee, Gerald Allard Sam Andrews, James Baker, Billy Bates Curt Blount, Frederick Cady, Dave Carmichael, Jim Clizbe, Tom Cole Mike Coleman, Phil Coleman, Richard Cooke, John Cotton, Ed Darby, Gary H. Darnall Thomas Berg, Paul Brook- over, Tom Boyles, John Bu- chanan 205 Gerald Dalton, Randy Fleck Sig Alph grand prize winning float Kent Davis, David Flett, John Frisby : Mike Golden George Gould, Art Greeno Bob DeFratis, Richard Finch, Allen Frude, Robert Gerhardt Bill Dolling, George Fowler, James Georgis, Ralph Godbe, Ed Goetz Mike Gutz, Bill Haman, Bob Hanson Ric Heasler, Carl Henderson, John Hermansen, Ron Hin- man Jim Hirsig, William Holliday, Ron Huff, John Hughes, Jim Kagi Mike Kaul, Joseph K u d a r , Keith Lantz, Don Likwartz, Gary Lee, Ron Long 206 Howard Maley, Bob Mar- shall, Bill McCabe, Peter Mc- Niff, Frank Mendicino Alan Messing, Tim Miles, Bill Miller, Fred Minter Stan Murdock, William Nye, Jack Oslund Donald Peck, Chuck Pelton Wayne Ward Robert Vaughn Lyle Rickert John Van Allen Jack Riske - Ken Rochlitz, John Scott Jim Watson Jim Weitz Bernie Seebaum, Ted Shaw- ver, Frank Shepperson Sid Smith, George Soloman, Lyman Spaulding, Richard Spear Avery Spears, J i m Starrs, Jim Sylte, J i m Thompson, Benny Tucker 207 Cittle Sister of Minerva The Little Sisters of Minerva is an auxiliary organization of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and members are chosen on the basis of their interest in the fraternity. This is its third year on the Wyoming Campus. Some of the projects of the past year include a chilli supper for the public after one of the football games, a car wash, hashing one of the meals at the Sig Alph house, and a Valentine ' s Dance for the Fraternity. Members can usually be found at the Sig Alph house for dinner every other Wednesday night and their meet- ings are held on Sundays at the house. These girls are also very active in campus activities such as Student Senate, Student Union Activities, Phi Gamma Nu, Student Publications, Homecoming and Engineering Queens, Spurs, Chimes, Iron Skull, Angels, and Corpettes, besides holding major offices in their respective sororities. Tonia Rulli, President Maggie Webster JoAnn Slack 208 Sigma Chi Sigma Chi was founded nationally in 1855 and now has 134 Chapters in the United States. Gamma Xi Chapter was established in 1931 and this year it has 83 actives and pledges. Its flower is the white rose and its colors are blue and gold. Officers for the local chapter are as follows: Vice-president, Mick Trego; Secretary, Dick Spangler, and Treasurer, John Bellamy. Jerry Proffit, President; Mrs. Shelby Berry, Housemother. The Balfour Award each year is awarded to the most outstanding senior of the Sigma Chi chapters in this area. This year, John Maxfield, of the University of Wyoming Sigma Chi Chapter was the honored sen- ior. The Sigs were not only active in campus activities but also in Civic Affairs when they held their Civic Day. Not to be outdone by the other frats, they held their annual Derby Days, which is very popular with the charming coeds of the University campus. To start the year off, the Sigs and their dates returned to their childhood days by attending the Baby Ball. In Febru- ary, they held their Sweetheart Ball and in the spring everyone was so tired that they let their hair down and went " ape " over the Jungle Jump. The Sigma Chi ' s got many chuckles with their " Keg of Knowledge. " Bill Bagley; John Bellamy Dave Bonner Dick Brenner; Terry Brown. 209 Rick Clark, Bruce Cody, Wayne Dawson, Monte Deer, Paul Dinkins mwk jkH Steve Dowson, William Em- bree, Greg Engstrom, Paul Fanning, James Hall JL tfc Otis Halverson, William Hampton, Don Hodgson, Gregg Jackson, Michael Jones Larry Krusee, Bruce Leng, Bob Lufkin, Hugh McFadden, Robert McGee Gary Mucho, Jack Mueller, Ray Olson, Bill Owens, Larry Peters Ron Peterson, Ronald Piatt, Vern Piatt, Bill Prowell, Don Rardin Roger Reifel, Noel Richard- son, Ben Robbins, Norm Sha- fer, Chuck Showalter Darryl Smith, Douglas Snell, Danny Spangler, Richard Spangler, Robert Steen William Teter, Ed Thompson, Richard Tyler, Lou Vidal, Tex Ward Bob Whitman, Joe Williams, Terrell Williams, Robert Worth d, 210 John G. Dinneen, Larry Dodge, Sam Downing, Tom Downing, Frank Eathorn David Egolf, Frances Eick- bush, Frank Farnum, James Felt, Steve Gehring Joe Giro, Herman Gomez, John Gries, David Hemry, Bill Higgins M IBfeB $k Pier Simpson, Neil Snook, Danny Trevino, James Volk, John Volk Donald Whitley, Rick Wil- liams, Brock Williams, Russ Williams, Ed Wolcott John Robertson, Dennis Ro- senkranz, Bob Scheibel, Da- vid Scheuerman, Bill Shaffer 21 i Sigma flu Sigma Nu was founded in 1869 and now has 126 chapters. Epsilon Delta chapter, installed in 1920, has 110 ac- tives and pledges this year. The white rose is their flower, and black, white, and gold are their colors. Serving the fra- ternity this year as vice-president is John Allen. Treasurer is John Kuypers, and recorder is Jim Jones. Duane Woodward, Presi- dent; Mrs. Una Smith, Housemother Sigma Nu ' s proved themselves to be outstanding in most of their activities this year. They won the Homecoming Sing for the third straight year. They were the intra-mural football champions, and they won the fraternity scholarship cup. A member of Sigma Nu received a Rhoades Scholarship, four members be- longed to Who ' s Who, and four received honorable mention. Sigma Nu ' s are in Sigma Tau, ODK, Iron Skull, Delta Sigma Rho, Senate, and Phi Epsilon Phi. Among the Sigma Nu social activities this year were the pledge pajama dance, the White Rose formal, and Sigma Nu Chanticleer. John Allen, Bruke Anker Richard Bateman, Albert H. Benson, Kent Boswell Andrew Burke, Barry Bur- nette, Gary Burnette, Jerry Caulkins, James Castberg Ray C h o a t e , John Clark, Bill Clark, Dave Clark, John Coolidge, James Cunningham Keith Brighton, Michael Brodrick, Don Brown, Bob Brunner 212 Sigma Phi Spsilon Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded in 1901, and there are now 165 chapters. Wyoming Alpha was founded in 1943 and at present has 27 members. Sigma Phi Epsilon colors are red and purple, and the flowers are the American Beauty rose and the African violet. Officers for the group this year are vice-president, Hearley Dockham; treasurer, Chuck Yemington; and secretary, Ron Lidem. Marvin Wilson, President The sorority row was awakened early one morn- ing. It was the annual Revele Roundup, which is a popular event that is looked forward to each year by the girls. The Sig Eps serve coffee and doughnuts, and everyone has a friendly get together at six o ' clock in the morning. Each year the Sig Eps have their annual pledge costume dance and their spring formal when they choose their " Queen of Hearts " . The construction of a new house for Sigma Phi Epsilon will be com- pleted by the fall of 1962. It ' s been said that the Sig Eps really raised the roof this year without a house- mother! Loyle Anderson, Robert An- derson, Hearley Dockham Ronald F a r a b e e , Floyd Graefe, Mack Harding, Ron Liden John Mcintosh, Gary Palmer, Robert Parker, Lloyd Scott, Lynn Stevens Beauford Thompson, Barry Vermilyea, Allyn Wells, Mar- vin Wilson, Charles Yeming- ton 213 Zau Kappa SpsiloH Tau Kappa Epsilon was founded in 1899 and now has 189 chapters. Gamma Alpha chapter was founded in 1949. The fraternity flower is the carnation, and the colors are cherry and gray. There are 52 actives and pledges in the local chapter. Officers this year are Tom Dickson, vice- president; Bill Cooper, treasurer; and Tracy Rowland, secretary. Dave McElroy, President; Mrs. Frances Howard, House- mother TKE ' s " French Cabaret " proved itself to be one of the outstanding dances at the University of Wyoming last fall. Held in a french night club setting, the men placed garters, the favor for the dance, on their dates. TKE also had outstanding members in such honoraries as Phi Epsilon Phi and Iron Skull. Prominent social activities of TKE this year included the " Red Carna- tion Spring Formal " and the Christmas party. TKE float 214 Cary R. Alburn III, Du- ane Anderson, Kenneth Barnes, Ray Christen- sen, Bill Cooper, Pat Creech Neil Damrow, John Daulton, Tom Dixon, Art Ekberg Tom Fujikawa, Charles P. Green Mike J. McAuliffe Charles K. McClain, George McClellan .h Jim Hayward Ed Hudson, William P. Koch 4Vfe Chuck Jenkins, Fawzy Malouf, Clint Lineberry Stewart R. Miller, Kenneth R. Mizner, John L. Moyer, Bob Moore Ken Moore, Thomas Neal, Anthony Perrella, John A. Raines, Mike Smith, Gary Wilson 215 fraternity Queens SIG ALPH PROVINCE ETA QUEEN, Ann Bon- ner, Tri Delt. SIGMA NU WHITE ROSE QUEEN, Bonnie Brown, Kappa Delta. SWEETHEART OF TKE, Shirley Malouf, Inde- pendent. ■ t. ' ' - " • " " " m r . , ■ ■ 4 i . Bt v $11BH m 0w tftk ■ J KL 218 Nancy Guthrie, Pi Beta Phi; SWEETHEART OF SIGMA CHI, Jane Williams, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Janette Hailey, TriDelt. PHI DELT QUEEN, Benja Taylor, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Jeri Scott Newton, Tri Delt. 217 A perfect 36 " - 12 " - 12 " - 12 " . If Parties make the world go ' round. This cat has got to go! Christmas with the Chi O ' s. Twisting in the Tub. 218 Sig Ep ' s make time with beauties. We always wear hats to bed! Kappa ' s and their cake. 219 orwpDou Pi Phi ' s seal of approval. Hottest Brand going. 9 And the captain said " Hi there! " ■ u gin? v Z ' ' " • ■ ' ,. 4 220 Athletic T)0wi Dorm director. Wimp Hewgley, and wife. The athletic dorm council consists of representatives from all fields of sports. ' Well, I might get a letter someday. " 221 Practicing for football? " Boy, it sure tastes good after a hard work-out. " 222 " Doesn ' t anyone want to hear about my skiing experiences? " ! Moyt Mall Karen Edson, Secretary-Treasurer; Carolyn Hodges, President; Mary Lou Rento, A. W. S.; Margaret Drury, Vice President. Mrs. Lydia Corthell, Dorm mother Our family, the Besharas 223 Are you sure you know how to deal? ' Now, we can ' t go to classes like that. " That ' s what you get for being en- gaged. " I know you love me! But do you have to tell me that at 6:00 a.m.? " " I ' ve got to get into that dress. ' 224 Knight Mall Barbara Humphreys - Secretary; Diana Winchell - Treasurer; Karen Hall - President; Y. Numoto - A.W.S. Representa- tive 5MWi g ; ' 1 QP . Miss Frances E. Meiller, Dorm mother I know I ' ve got a phone call on one of these lines! 225 Listen, Buddy, I told you " C " chord! " Parting is such sweet sorrow! " jffjj St fl ■ Ail UBS A 1 1 I PHI 1 isi vdj 1 1 " Am m zzsz- . His |»J NO! You can ' t have five minutes more. It ' s 10:40 now. Oh they couldn ' t be upstairs doing that. 226 Koss Mall Patti Hartford, social chairman; Diana Duncan, vice-pres- ident; Kathy Federer, treasurer: Dorothy Williams, pres- ident; Patsy Hittle, activities chairman; Cheryl Miller, AWS representative; Judy Machetta, secretary. Mrs. Heckendorf, Dorm mother 227 " No, we don ' t sign out for ninth street hill. " Home was never like this. Now, that won ' t be on the final! 7:00 a.m. Beauty Rush Sing along with Mitch??? 228 m m W r l » «- Hi m, " " Wt ' " 1 ' ' ' ' ' " " " • " ' ' — j jftf- ■■■■■■ ■• :: ' ' ( ■■■■ | MMIII II Ill iW-sutviQk vKw?? i7 3JSSf lP j B i k £-%V M _ K ' U - W— ISfx ™ The Wyoming Cowboys of 1961-Skyline Conference Co-Champs. Cowpokes share in fourth Straight Skyline Crown. Fresh from grabbing a share of their fourth straight Skyline title, the Wyoming Cowboys will find themselves in strange surroundings next year. A new conference and a new coach will combine to make next year ' s football season one which will provide even more color and fascination for the Wyoming football fan. A quick look -at this year ' s sophomore dominated team will once more be in the running for another con- ference title when fall rolls around again. Both offen- sively and defensively, the ' Pokes once more were among the leaders in the Skyline statistics. Led by the running of Chuck Lamson, Mike Walker, and Bob Bisacre, and the passing of Andy Melosky, Wyoming gained 2,908 yards total offense, an average of 323.1 yards a game. On defense, the light but mobile front line aided by a strong secondary held the opposition to a scanty average of 167.9 yards per game. By com- piling a 7-1-2 record for the season, the seniors on this year ' s team gained for themselves the distinction of playing on three straight championship teams. It is everyone ' s hope that next year ' s seniors can make the same boast. Coach Bob Devaney poses with this year ' s co-captains, Bob Bisacre and Chuck Lamson. 230 Wyoming Coses Outstanding Coach The name Bob Devaney will long be remembered by Cowboy fans not only for the outstanding teams he field- ed, but also for the caliber of men he developed both on and off the playing field. The 1961 season was Devaney ' s last at Wyoming. Next year he will move to the head coaching joh at the University of Nebraska, and this year ' s defensive line coach, Lloyd Eaton, will take over as Wyo- ming ' s new head man. Eaton will no doubt have a strong entry in the re-aligned conference next year. Our best wishes go with Bob Devaney to Nebraska and even better wishes to Lloyd Eaton at ol ' Wyoming. Head Wyoming football coach, Bob Devaney. Coach Devaney outlines a play at a daily practice session. 231 Jerry Allen, Guard Pat Allsu p, Center Mack Balls, End Reno Barban, Fullback Dick Barry, Center Len Bashford, Guard The Cowboys opened the 1961 season with a crushing 29 to defeat over Montana at Billings, Montana. After shaking off the first half jitters and sparked by an early 46-yard gallop by quarterback, Chuck Lamson, the ' Pokes easily out- classed the Grizzlies. Lamson, Wayne Linton, and Bob Knight ran for touchdowns and Andy Melosky passed to end, Tom Delaney, for the final tally. While the offense was having a field day the 1960 national defense champs contained Montana ' s backs and held them scoreless. Following the Montana game the Cowboys found themselves at home the following week against nationally ranked North Carolina State. Rated as much as 42 point underdogs before the game the ' Pokes again fought off a shaky first half to upset the Wolfpack 15 to 14. After spotting State fourteen points the Cowboy first scored on a one-yard quarterback sneak by Chuck Lamson. A bad snap by the Wolfpack center gave Wyoming a two point safety making the score 14 to 8. With 6:54 left to play, a one-yard smash by Wayne Linton and Lamson ' s conversion gave Wyoming its upset victory. Dick Behning, Halfback Bob Bisacre, Fullback Chuck Lamson prepares to tackle ball carrier. „ — ■■■■■„ -J-™ » ■•%-- ■ • — -»- -f t T T Jim Bublitz, Halfback 232 i Dick Busia, Guard Mike Buttenob, Tackle Howard Colling, Tackle Dave Cronk, Quarterback Rick Desmaris, Fullback Unable to find a Receiver, Andy Melosky threads his way through the defense. Lonnie Dunn, End ' « " • • • f John Engel, End Lawrence, Kansas was the scene of Wyoming ' s next game as the Cowboys took on their second straight nationally ranked foe, Kansas University. Once more rated as pre-game underdogs, the fighting Cowboys from Laramie held the power- ful Jayhawks to a 6-6 tie. Backed up against their own goal for the greater part of the first half, the ' Pokes found themselves down six points at half-time. The second half, however, was all Wyoming ' s. Andy Melosky, playing for injured Chuck Lamson and aided by the pass receiving of Mike Walker and plunges of Bob Bisacre, engineered an 84 yard scoring drive. The rest of the game saw Wyoming outplay, but fail to out- score Kansas. The game which ultimately led to a first place tie in the Skyline standings was played October 7 at Laramie. Future Co-champs Wyoming and Utah State fought to the Cowboy ' s second straight 6-6 tie. Generally outplayed throughout m ost of the game the rugged ' Pokes man- aged their only score on a 23 yard pass play from Andy Melosky to end, Lonnie Dunn. Although the Cowboys were outweighed, they did miss several scoring op- portunities through fumbles. Arthur Fermelia, Tackle 233 Ted Francis, Guard Jim Gidley, Halfback Don Heldt, Guard Bob Hickey, Tackle Jim Hill, Quarterback Glen Hopkins, Tackle Dan Kadel, End Bob Knight, End Following three tough opponents the Cowboys found the going rough against the winless Colorado State Rams before win- ning 18-6. Behind 7 to going into the last half, the Cowboys, sparked by Chuck Lamson, finally caught fire and pulled the game out of the fire. The hard charging front line of the Rams kept the Cowboys on their toes all day, but touchdowns by Chuck Schmitt, Mike Walker and Bob Bisacre spelled the difference. Homecoming festivities this year were highlighted by the Cowboy ' s 36 to 8 win over the hapless Cougars from Brigham Young. Playing before a capacity crowd under bright skies the ' Pokes clicked both on defense and offense to climax a most successful homecoming. Wyoming 29 Montana Wyoming 15 North Carolina State 14 Wyoming 6 Kansas 6 Wyoming 6 Utah State 6 Wyoming 18 Colorado State 7 Chuck Lamson, Quarterback Bill Levine, Guard Bob Hayes, Tackle Wayne Linton, Fullback 234 John Luplow, Guard Bob Majors, Halfback Gunnor Martinsen, End Daryl Matthews, Guard John Mawhinney, Tackle Wyoming 36 BYU 8 Wyoming 13 Utah 6 Wyoming 15 Arizona 22 Wyoming 33 New Mexico 7 Playing in a snowstorm at Salt Lake City, the Cowboys completely dominated the statistics and downed the University of Utah Redskins 13 to 6. In spoiling the Redskins ' homecoming, the Cowboys were led by the quarterback- ing of Chuck Lamson and the scoring and running of Mike Walker. Walker gained 90 yards and scored both touchdowns as Wyo- ming pulled the game out late in the fourth quarter. Seeking revenge for a 21 to 19 setback at the hands of the Arizona Wildcats in 1960, the Cowboys journeyed south only to be defeated once again. While going down to their first defeat of the season, the Cow- boys played a tight game most of the way. However, as in 1960, the men from Lara- mie, let up on pass defense and allowed the Wildcats to win the game in the final min- utes. The final score was 22 to 15. In the last game of the season the Cow- boys cinched a tie for first place in the Skyline Conference by defeating New Mex- ico 33 to 7. Led by the brilliant play of senior Chuck Lamson, the Cowboys brought a successful season to a fitting close. Chuck Schmitt, End Don Quinn, Tackle Stan Popeck, Center Andy Melosky, Quarterback LeeRoy Milner, Halfback Larry Munson, Guard 235 j mW:-,, ' Mike Schutte, Halfback Len Sparks, Halfback Bud Spicer, Halfback Joe Vitale, Guard Mike Walker, Halfback As Cowboy Joe watches the game with intense interest ... 1 ' " ' - -0»i " f ' ' r A Wot ' s Happening? Dick Williams, Center Darrell Worman, Halfback Bruce Wright, Tackle Mike Wright, Quarterback Vince Zimmer, Center 236 Skiers Compete Jh Twe Meets Jim Guest Delbert Heid Pete McNiff Meet Keeord New Year ' s Meet--4th. Denver Winter Carnival--3rd. Western State Carnival-3rd. RMISL Four Event--5th. Colorado U. Meet--4th. Ole Skinner Quentin Skinner The Wyoming University ski team, although un- able to capture first place in any one meet, once more displayed the competitive spirit which is the trademark of Cowboy teams. Coach Wimp Hewgley ' s talented charges competed in five meets this year and placed anywhere from third to fifth. These are highly respect- able finished considering the calibre of the competition of Wyoming. The Cowboys were hurt hard at mid-season when they lost the jumpers on the squad. Del Heid broke his ankle in the Western State Carnival, Doug Dion was ruled ineligible, and Jon St. Andre dropped from School. These unfortunate events cut the skiing team to four members. Outstanding performances during the season occurred when Jim Guest was awarded the " Skimeister " award as the top performer in the West- ern State Carnival and Ole Skinner was runner-up to the award in the DU Winter Carnival. 237 ' Poke basketball Zeam Continues Zo Show Jmprovement Bob Hanson ' s driving lay-up typi- fies the hustle shown by the whole team throughout the season. Coach Bill Strannigan has a right to moan about this year ' s final conference standings, however, a couple of factors seem to point to the fact that Strannigan has a right to be optimistic about next year. Curt Jimerson, the ' Pokes high scorer with a 17.5 points per game average this year and forward Bill Stuart, are the only players to be lost to the team through graduation. With a starting team that has worked together for two complete seasons, Coach Strannigan should have a team which will chal- lenge the conference leaders next year. As far as the past season is concerned, it was far from a complete failure. The Cowboys compiled a 9-17 record which was their best season since Strannigan began his rebuilding pro- gram at Wyoming. In the conference standings the Cow- boys compiled a 3-11 mark which tied them for the con- ference cellar with New Mexico; however, many confer- ence games were lost by very slim margins. Following Jimerson in the scoring columns was cen- ter Al Eastland with a 16.1 overall average. Eastland came on strong near the end of the season and was the high point man in five of the last six Cowboy games. Bob Hanson, Fred Gish, and Ken Rochlitz rounded out the top five scorers for the season. Throughout the season the Cowboys had trouble matching the opposition in rebounding which hurt in some of their closer games. Forward Fred Gish with 228 re- bounds led the team in rebounding. Gish was followed closely by Al Eastland who pulled 197 rebounds off the boards. With Eastland, Gish, and forward Ken Rochlitz all returning next year the Cowboys should be hard to reckon with when it comes to rebounding. Along with the starting front five the entire team, with the exception of Jimerson and Stuart, returns next year. Ron Long who saw considerable action toward the end of the year is the likely candidate to replace Curt. Bob Hanson and Paul Homar will be the other returning guards. Center Gordon Swanson and forward Mike Kaul and Jim Dalton will also return to add strength to the bench. Several outstanding players from this years fresh- man team will also be back to bolster the team ' s chances. If the Cowboys can manage to stay away from in- juries and at the same time not lose their scholastic eligi- bility, Bill Strannigan should finally see his basketball program come of age during the 1962-63 season. 238 The Cowboy ' s pre-conference season consisted of a tough ten game schedule. Against these now conference op- ponents the ' Pokes managed a 5-5 record. Wichita was the first opponent of the season and the Cowboys absorbed a 78-54 defeat. Following the opening defeat, Wyoming came through with three consecutive victories against Hardin- Simmons, Oklahoma City, and Eastern Montana. The Cow- boys then were upset by Montana State College 76-67 be- fore returning to Laramie to defeat Nebraska 71-70 and lose to nationally ranked Southern California 76-54. Closing out the pre-conference slate the Cowboys journeyed to Philadelphia to participate in the Quaker City tournament. While at Philadelphia, Wyoming defeated Niagara 69-59 while falling victim to Duquesne and Holy Cross. Al Eastland sinks a free throw as Bob Hanson and Curt Jimerson prepare to fall back on defense. 1961-62 basketball Results Wyoming 54 Wichita 78 Wyoming 73 Hardin-Simmons 52 Wyoming 82 Okla. City 66 Wyoming 72 Eastern Montana 68 Wyoming 67 Mont. State College 76 Wyoming 71 Nebraska 70 Wyoming 54 Southern Cal. 76 Wyoming 47 Duquesne 64 Wyoming 69 Niagara 59 Wyoming 69 Holy Cross 83 Wyoming 59 Denver 54 Wyoming 73 New Mexico 84 Wyoming 63 BYU 73 Wyoming 59 Wyoming 39 Wyoming 67 Wyoming 50 Wyoming 8 1 Wyoming 72 Wyoming 87 Wyoming 74 Wyoming 65 Wyoming 87 Wyoming 54 Wyoming 72 Wyoming 75 Utah State 72 Air Force 51 Air Force 66 OT Colo. St. U. 56 Utah 84 Montana 64 Denver 92 New Mexico 81 Utah State 78 BYU 71 Colo. St. U. 58 Montana 78 Utah 94 239 Curt Jimerson and an unidentified DU player listen intently as the referee voices his intentions. Al Eastland, center After compiling a so-so record against non-conference op- ponents, the Cowboys opened their conference season with a 59-54 victory over Denver at Laramie, but victory eluded them in the ensuing four games. New Mexico, Brigham Young, and Utah State handed the ' Pokes three successive conference de- feats before Wyoming took a breather from its conference schedule and tackled the Air Force Academy in a two game series. In the first game the Cowboys were humiliated 51-39 at the Academy; however, upon returning home they nudged the Falcons 67-66 in a thrilling overtime game. The next two games were perhaps the Cowboys best of the season although they met defeat in both. Playing against Colo- rado State at Fort Collins, the ' Pokes were edged 56-50. They followed this with their best game of the season as they fought league leading Utah for forty full minutes before dropping a heart breaking 84-8 1 decision. Curt Jimerson led all scorers with 25 points and Fred Gish set a field house rebounding record. The night following the Utah game was anti-climactic as Wyoming thrashed Montana 72-64. Fred Gish, forward 240 The final seven games of the season were disastrous for the Cowboys who were down to eight players owing to injuries and scholastic ineligibilities. The ' Pokes managed only one victory, an 87-71 romp over Brigham Young. Aside from this one victor- ious night, Strannigan ' s forces dropped games to Denver (over- time). New Mexico, Utah State, Colorado State, Montana, and Utah. The final few games were in many instances close and a few extra points for the Cowboys would have meant a slightly better season. Next season, however, the Cowboys should manage to pick up those extra points and give this university a team in the first division of the conference. Bob Hanson, guard Bill Stuart goes up for a rebound against Brigham Young as Ken Rochlitz looks on. Paul Homar, guard 241 Curt Jimerson, Guard Ron Long, Guard Ron Long, the Cowboy ' s sparkling guard, prepares to drive for the basket as Curt Jimerson and Dick Bowers look on. 242 ■ bHP WD fc ' mf jc p it ft 11 wi 1 B p Ht| | L y J B t 1 1 J 1 1 1 1 4Lil Ken Rochlitz, forward Bill Stuart, forward Gordon Swanson, center Al Eastland scores a bucket against the Brigham Young Cougars. 243 Soccer XJ fast Misses Coop Zitle After winning their first five games of the season, Coach Charles MacMillan ' s soccer eleven dropped the final two games on their slate to lose any chance of topping the Rocky Mountain Soccer League. The Cow- boys, however, came within three goals of a perfect season. In their final two games they were shutout by the Air Force Academy 1-0 and upset by Denver Uni- versity 6-4. George and Rodney Squires and Pete McNiff scored goals for the Soccer Xi as they defeated Colo- rado University in their first outing of the season. The game was played under adverse weather conditions at Laramie. Following 3-1 and 4-2 victories over Colorado Mines and Denver respectively, the Cowboys closed out their home appearances against Lowry AFB. Paced by George Squires who kicked 5 goals the soccor team defeated Lowry by a score of 6-2. The final victory of the season came at the hands of Colorado Mines again as the Cowboys achieved a 6-4 conquest. Listed on the ' Pokes roster this year were Gary Durdel, Spiro Coutis, Greg Engstrom, Spence Garrett, Joshua Chinwah, Vic Duran, Gunnar Martinsen, Rod Squires, George Squires, Enrique Traverso, Roberto Angulo, and Pete Mcniff. George Squires, also a half- back on the freshman football team, led the team in goals for the season with a total of 16. Gary Durdel was a distant second with three goals to his credit. ) Zke Cowboys Season Kecord Wyoming 3 Colorado 1 Wyoming 3 Colorado Mines 1 Wyoming 4 Denver 2 Wyoming 6 Lowry AFB 2 Wyoming 6 Colorado Mines 4 Wyoming Air Force 1 Wyoming 4 Denver 6 244 Front Row: Ralph Godbe, Dave Edington, Dave Hansen, Clair Argento, Hugh Lowham, Norman Peru, Joe Chelsevig, Jerry Frude, Dave Wight, Jim Gautz, Bill Bernatow. Row 2: Scott Caturia, Melvin Nelson, Allen Frude, Tom Boyles, John Borszcz, Jerry Hines, Dee Mickleson, Jack Garrett, David Stone, Junior Walton. Row 3: Assistant Coach Jesse Stokes, Jack Riske, Richard Hesley, Ed Stahla, Dennis Jaggar, Mike Kissach, Larry Hostetler, Jerry Bowen, Allen McGee, Bill Stillson, Coach Ev Lantz. ' Poke Wrestlers Capture Conference Crown Dr. Ev Lantz ' s Cowboy wrestlers took their 11th Skyline title in the past twelve years by edging runner- up Colorado State University 82-78. In achieving this unprecedented feat the Cowboys sent every member of their nine-man squad into the finals of the cham- pionship tournament. This was the first time the Cow- pokes had managed to send every man into the finals since 1951. The Cowboys emerged from the finals with four Skyline champions. Clair Argento gained his second consecutive championship at 137 pounds by gaining a 4-0 decision over Apodach of DU. Jerry Frude, the two-time NCAA runnerup, decisioned Parker of Utah 4-1 to gain the 147 pound crown. Dave Wight won his first Skyline title with an impressive 13-1 decision and sophomore Hugh Lowham decisioned Ken Hines of CSU for his first title. Skyline runners-up for Wyo- ming were Dave Hansen, Scott Caturia, Jerry Hines, Norm Peru, and Dee Mickleson. Jerry Frude gets into position to take his CSU opponent down. 245 T)ual Meet Kesults Wyoming 18 Western State 6 Wyoming 24 Colorado Mines 6 Wyoming 17 Colorado 11 Wyoming 15 Oregon State 12 Wyoming 28 Denver 8 Wyoming 10 Iowa State U. 1.6 Wyoming 22 State College of Iowa 7 Wyoming 17 Colorado State Univ. 18 Wyoming 35 New Mexico 5 Wyoming 1 7 Air Force 1 1 Wyoming 14 Oklahoma 14 Wyoming 12 Colorado State College 12 Conference Champion, Clair Argento pins his opponet for five points. The Wyoming wrestlers opened their season on a winning note by crushing Western State at Gunnison, Colorado by the score of 18-6. The Cowboys com- pletely dominated their first dual meet while avenging a loss suffered at the hands of Western State the pre- vious season. In gaining the victory, the Cowboys were successful at every weight except the 137 and 167 pound classes. The Cowboys followed their opening victory with a still more impressive 24-6 victory over Colorado Mines. Once again the Cowboys dropped only two matches on route to the victory. The undefeated Cowboys continued their winning ways against Colorado University by the score of 17- 1 1 . Wrestling without 1 23 pounder Dave Hansen and 147 pounder Jerry Frude who wrestled exhibition, the Cowboys had little trouble with the Buffaloes from Boulder. Following two impressive wins over Denver Uni- versity and Oregon State which extended their winning streak to five meets, the ' Pokes journeyed back to Laramie to face two tough Iowa teams. The wrestlers met Iowa State, the NCAA ' s number three team, and were handed their first setback of the year by a 16-10 count. The following night the Cowboys had a com- paratively easy time with the State College of Iowa. Still smarting from their initial setback the Cowpokes throttled the Panthers from Iowa to the tune of 22-7. The first half of the season saw the Cowboys emerge with an impressive 6-1 record. The Cowboys completed their season with the services of two-time runner-up, Jerry Frude, who had to sit out the initial part of the season due to ineligibility. Following the Iowa series the ' Pokes prepared to face Colorado State University, the conference co-champs, in a dual meet at Laramie. 246 Although Wyoming eventually edged Colorado State University in the Skyline championships, the Cowboys had a tough time with the Rams in their dual meet at Laramie. The CSU grapplers handed the ' Pokes their second setback of the year by the narrow margin of 18-17. The Cowboys gained their final two dual meet victories against their next two opponents. The New Mexico Lobos were easy pickings for the Cowboys who were out to atone for their recent loss to CSU. The men from Laramie ran up a 35-5 score against the outclassed Lobo wrestlers. The Air Force Academy also fell before the Cowboys to the tune of 17-11. The Cowboys closed their dual meet season by fighting to draws against highly regarded Oklahoma University and Colorado State College. Before the league championships, the ' Pokes compiled an im- pressive 8-2-2 dual meet record. Throughout the sea- son the comparatively young squad displayed a strong desire to win which they never lost. Perhaps their story can best be summarized by looking at their heavyweight Dee Mickleson. Although weighing only 167 pounds he consistently out fought much larger opponents be- fore being eliminated in the finals of the championships. Wyoming fans have every right to be proud of this year ' s wrestling team. The 1962 Skyline wrestling champs: Front row; Sanchez, CSU; Gonzoles, CSU; Swedlund, CSU; CLAIR ARGENTO, WYOMING; JERRY FRUDE, WYOMING; Row 2; DAVE WIGHT, WYOMING; Taylor, Denver; Kohls, CSU; HUGH LOWHAM, WYOMING; Goodsell, BYU. 247 ,. : .... .. ,.. .. f p. p Wyoming ' s 1962 Swimming Team: Front row: Larry Lilly, Mike White, Ken McGeough, Lloyd Milliman, Skip Allard. Row 2: Jim Wysocki, Dave Dell, Dennis Brittain, Jerry Lipman, Jack Cobb, Harold Cole. Row 3: Coach Ray Chinn, Stan Booth, Al Messing, J. B. Coolidge, Dick Agee, Mike Mead. Swimmers Complete Successful Seasons Wyoming 69 Colorado Mines 26 Wyoming first, Wyo. Relays Wyoming 60 U tah State Wyoming 2nd, Air Force Relays Wyoming 70 Colorado Wyoming 64 Colorado State University Wyoming 57 Air Force Wyoming 44 Denver Wyoming 66 Nebraska Wyoming 66 Kansas Wyoming 2nd, Skyline Champion ships 35 43 31 38 51 50 51 248 Cowboys lose only one dual meet Jerry Lipman, Wyoming ' s Skyline 200 yd. Butterfly Champion. The University of Wyoming swimming team breezed through an eight meet schedule and dropped only one dual meet to the DU Pioneers this year. After thrashing Colorado School of Mines to the tune of 69-26, the Cowboys met their first Skyline opponent, Utah State. Led by Dennis Brittain who scored victories in the 220 yd. free-style and 200 yd. free-style, the ' Pokes easily out-distanced Utah State 60-35. Jim Wysocki, Jerry Lipman, Stan Booth, and Dave Dell also picked up first places to add to the team score. Dennis Brittain set a Colorado pool record in the 440 yd. free-style and Jim Wysocki set a University of Wyo- ming record in the 50 yd. free-style as Wyoming won its third dual meet at Colorado. In a strictly one-sided affair the Cowboys placed first in every event to thrash the Buffalos, 70-23. Coach Ray Chinn ' s swimmers preserved their unbeaten record by outdistancing Colorado State University, 64-31. Led by Jim Wysocki and Jerry Lipman, Wyoming broke four pool and school records. Following a 57-38 victory over the Air Force Academy which extended their unbeaten string to five games, the Cowpokes lost their first dual meet to eventual Skyline champions, Denver University, 51-44. In their final two warm-up meets before the conference championships, the Cowboys defeated two Big-Eight Conference opponents. They faced Ne- braska 66-50 and beat Kansas by practically the same score, 66-51. Dick Agee, third from left, and Dave Dell, fourth from left, receive awards for their performances in the Skyline championships. nn:n::::u ::nKn;K a !t;sffn{3;;B:ni;aat«8;::::;:tt:;: BBiaia iMCtgKaaag{aKaaMai f i i i 25 249 Aside from dual meet competition this year, the Cowboys participated in the Wyo- ming Relays, the Air Force Relays, and the Skyline championships. In the Wyoming Relays the Cowboys were anything but gracious hosts as they finished first in their own relays. The tables were reversed later in the season, however, as the Cowboys placed second in the Air Force Academy Relays. The Falcons won their own relays as Wyoming missed first by a narrow mar- gin. The finale of the season occurred as the Cowboys hosted the Skyline Champion- ships at the Half Acre pool. The ' Pokes, however, could manage no better than sec- ond as Denver won the Championship meet. The Cowboy team dunks Coach Ray Chinn following a first place finish in the Wyoming Relays. Dennis Brittain Stan Booth Diver Mike White executes a half-gainer. 250 baseball Zeam Defends Division Zitle The Cowboy Baseball team of 1962. Coach Bob Jingling ' s baseball squad began its 1962 season with a swing through Arizona. The Cowboys with a new coach and plenty of new faces, hoped to repeat as Eastern divisional title holders again. The mound corps was paced by Pat House, Jim Carothers, and Joe Strothers. These three combined for a 14-5 record in 1961 and were counted on for heavy survival this year. Behind the plate for the Cowboys was Dave Donachie. The Wyoming hitting was led by Mike Rawson, a .432 hitter in 1961 and an all-star outfielder. Another all- conference star, back for another year was Mickey Kolbicka, third baseman. Other probable starters in the infield were Cliff Osborn, first base; Howie Maley, second base; and Dick Hawthorne, shortstop. Along with Rawson, others fighting it out for berths in the outfield were Bill Schmidt, Bill Chrisman, and Mike Harris. Don Cadman and Mike McDonnell added strength to back up the Cowboys starting pitchers. Not to be for- gotten were the catching duties of Don Heldt, and Joe Tate ' s infield duty. Summarizing the 1962 Cowboys team, their title defense should have been a success. If the mound corps lived up to its potential and the new faces in the line-up rounded into form, the Cowboys have a better than ever chance to have a successful season. Coach Bob Jingling and assistant, Mark Meka. 2S1 . - -,■» • • • ». 1 1 «■ ill 111 Vf inffT . Don Heldt, catcher. Bl Joe Strother, pitcher. Mick Kolbicka, infielder; Jim Ca- rothers, pitcher. R K S MlK. _ i: The Cowboys began the season on a sour note at the hands of Arizona State. The Cowboys dropped four straight games to Arizona State before hitting the winning trail against Grand Can- yon College at Phoenix. However, as each game was played, the Cowboys showed marked improvement. Playing against teams which had already played several games, the ' Pokes began to patch up their defense and let it be known that they would once again be tough once their conference season got underway. Cliff Osborn, infielder; Howie Maley, infielder. Don Cadman, pitcher; Paul Chrisman, outfield. Mike McDonnell, pitcher. Dick Hawthorne, infielder; Mike Har- ris, outfielder. 252 % " ■ ' .- g if Mike Rawson, outfielder. Pat House, pi 7962 baseball Schcd March 26-29 Arizona State March 30 Grand Canyon College April 2-4 University of Arizona April 6,7 University of New Mexico April 13,14 Colorado State University April 20,21 Colorado State College April 27,28 University of Denver April 29 Air Force Academy May 4,5 Colorado State University May 6 Air Force Academy May 13 University of New Mexico May 18,19 University of Denver May 20,27 Air Force Academy June 1,2 NCAA regionals and Skyline championship Bill Schmidt, outfielder; Joe fate, infielder. 253 Zennis, Zrack, and Qolf Zeams ft eg in Spring Seasons Due to a lack of foresight on the part of the sports ' section personnel, pictures were not secured of the golf, track, and tennis teams before these squads left for Arizona and New Mexico to begin their 1962 seasons. To assure delivery of the yearbook before school ends, it is impossible to wait for the teams to return home in order to take team pictures. Our apologies go to those team members who are not pictured. The track team has a new coach in John Walker and a strong desire to improve on their records of the past several seasons. The Cowboys, however, might still have several seasons to wait. Coach Walker has quite a building job facing him if the Cowboys are to one day become a feared track threat. During their 1962 season thus far the Cowboys have yet to place high in any meets. In their most recent meet the ' Pokes finished third in a three-way meet with New Mexico and the NM Track Club. Doug Spicer picked the Cowboys only first play in the javelin throw. Coach Moe Radovich has every right to be optimistic about this year ' s golf team. Re- turning lettermen are Dave King, Rufus Hoefer, and Ron Long, all of whom are capable of shooting good scores. Backing up the first three are sophomore John Volk and freshman Mike Gutz. With any luck at all the golfers should have one of their best seasons of the year. In their last match to date the Wyoming tennis team blanked New Mexico State 7-0. This victory put them over the .500 mark with a 3-2 record for the season. Coach Bill Bear- ley ' s team seems to have found a formula for winning quite early in the sea son, and will be hard to beat once they begin to defend their eastern divisional title. 254 Wyoming ' s fierce defense halts the opposition ' s ground gain. Coach Chinn receiving the first place trophy for the Wyoming Relays. Dick Bowers shoots over the defense as Mike Kaul and Jim Dalton look on. 255 f Chuck Spicer leads the Cowboys onto the field. Mike Walker cuts over right tackle for valuable yardage. football Season Will Soon Me Mere Again The Cowboys kick off before another capacity crowd. 256 Colonel John E. Laybourn With the thought always in mind of " developing future leaders for the A erospace Team " , Col. Laybourn and his staff have carried on an outstanding Air Force ROTC program. This program consists of three major elements: to motivate, select, and educate future Air Force officers. Motivation is achieved by thoroughly acquainting the cadets with the functions of the Air Force, its benefits, and even at times its more undesir- able points. To be eligible to become an advanced cadet, one must pass a physical examination and a qualifying test. If he passes these he must appear be- fore a board of review, where the staff of the AF- ROTC department screen each cadet to determine finally, whether he has the potential of being a good Air Force officer. All the cadets who do achieve ad- vanced status are then educated thoroughly in the techniques and responsibilities of being an officer in the armed services. When a newly commissioned officer enters on active duty he is immediately instructed even more thoroughly in his particular field of study. Math and the sciences which lead to technical duties in the Air Force are emphasized the most, while pilot training, flight engineering, navigating and non-technical posi- tions receive emphasis in that order. The Air Force feels that by offering a young man opportunity to pur- sue his chosen field, they may induce him to become a career officer which obviously is the purpose of any training program. Military education has been in existence at the University of Wyoming since the founding of the uni- versity; however, not until 1916 did the Army ROTC, as such, begin. A cadet must take the basic and advanced ROTC courses and must pass both qualifying mental and physical examinations before receiving a commission. General Military Science cadets are commissioned into the branch of the service which most closely coin- cides with their major field of study. After cadets finish their training they become a part of the Army Team and are in reserve, national guard, or active duty. The Army has the supervision of the Varsity Rifle Team consisting of cadets from Army, Air Force, and university students. Colonel Arthur Hodges 258 Arnold Air Society Arnold Air S o c i e t y is represented in member- ship by Advanced Air Force ROTC cadets with a high academic and AF- ROTC standing, leadership ability, and interest and participation in cadet ac- tivities. The objective of this honorary society is to promote and uphold the objectives o f Aerospace Power. Major activities of Arnold A i r Society were the Military Ball, the Blood Drive, and the spon- soring of the Angel Flight Row 1: James, Thompson, Hudson, Bookout, Golden, Taylor, Jones. Row 2: Widman, Triplett, Davis, Mantey, Verley, Norman, Eathorn, Commander. Row 3: Newton, Area Commander, Hunter, Allen, Bucholz, Henderson, Scott. Row 1: AS III, Searcy, Thompson, Ander- son, Taylor, Golden, James. Row 2: Melo- nuk, Porter, Holly, Coe, Scott. Row 3: Hen- derson, Guerin, Hunter, Allen, Bommer. fll ' F r; 7 « - f ' A a ...... 5 " 1 I ' ' " " : 1 I £ I Row 1: AS IV, Kitchen, Jones, Verley. Row 2: Widman, Eathorne, Anderson, Hudson. Row 3: Triplett, Buccholz, Townsend, New- ton, Grahm. 259 L Basics on Orientation Flight " Drum and ftugle Corps The Drum and Bugle Corps provides march- ing music for the cadets for parades and cere- monies. The members are required to play either the bugle, the drum, or the cymbals and be an Air Force ROTC cadet. The Corps is under the direction of Cadet George Porter. ... .-jSO l H i Air Force Rifle Team: Rowl: Jerry Searcy, Jim States, Bill Wade, Louis Harvey, Chuck Jenkins. Row 2: Ed Widman, Melton Smith, Jack States, Jarred Launer. 260 Governor Gage congratulates Robert Newton. President Humphrey congratulates Ray Choate. governor ' s T)ay Air Force Commander Dewey Henderson receives an award from Dean Persons. Distinguished Military Cadets Robert Newton, Erving Mantey, Frank Eathorne, Robert Anderson. Air Force Staff; Row 1: Captain Sestak, Mrs. Seibert, Sergeant Crocker. Row 2: Sgt. Parsons, CaptainHaffeman, Sergeant Krynovich. Row 3: Guzamskas A C, Sergeant Wallace, Colonel Layborne. Air Force Choraliers Captain Sestak, Commandant of Cadets, congratulates Ca- det-of-the-month, Olds. Air Force Cadets donate blood to help a little girl. 262 11 Cadet Colonel Larry J. Wright, AFROTC; Donna McHale, AFROTC Queen; Tonia Rulli, Army ROTC Queen; Cadet Colonel Floyd L. Evans, Army ROTC. Shoot! Shoot! Bull ' s Eye! The Women ' s Rifle Team ' s purpose is to promote better rifle shooting and safe gun handling. During the year they compete in The Colorado, Wyoming, and Kansas sectional match; with the Air Force Academy; and with other schools in the area. Mrs. Ming Bayne is the team captain of the group. Special honors each year go to the top ten shooters. Members of the team are Robin Mansbridge, Gerry Dries, Avie Keys, Anne Keller, Lila Gallagher, and Joby Hughes. 263 L The Corpettes are a group of girls chosen and sponsored by Scab- bord and Blade, advanced Army ROTC honorary. Among their oth- er activities the Corpettes help to plan the annual Military Ball. Sha- ron O ' Melia was the president of the Corpettes this year and Captain John R. Osborne, assistant profes- sor of military science, is the ad- visor. Row 1: Maggie Webster, Mary Ponder, Judy Ziegler, Nancy Backlund, Gwini Adams, Wadetta Ricketts. Row 2: Gail Rogan, Sonja Song, Sharon Luond, Gin- ny Lee, Shirley Thorpe, Tonia Rulli, Sherri Rizzi. Row 3: Karin Felt, Suzanne Mattson, Janice Strahan, Sharon O ' Melia, Kathy Thompson, Bobbye Thatcher, Sara Burdick. Angels Twenty-two coeds enrolled in the University of Wyoming compose the Air Force Angels. The Angels, whose activities include precision drilling and ushering at home foot- ball and basketball games, are led by Archangel, Connie Steele. Other officers are Bonnie Brown, execu- tive officer; Jeanne Longpre, ad- ministrative officer; Avie Keys, comptroller; and Lila Gallagher, in- formation officer. The advisor for the Angels is Captain Gordon Haf- feman. Row 1: Robin Mansbridge, Anne Bonner, Donna McHale, Anne Keller, Avie Keys. Row 2: Teri Laybourne, Sue Hitchcock, Lila Gallager, Mary Orr, Judy Gardner, JoAnn Hughes, Connie Steele. Row 3: Sandra Mayer, Janice Voss, Jeannie Longpre, Bonnie Brown, Marian Delaurante, Gerry Dries, Darlene Tippets. 264 I Row 1: William Archibald, John Moore, Gary Fechtmeyer, Captain Osborne, John O ' Grady, Hal Ashenhurst, Jerome Wolski, Rufus Hoefer, Jim Hughes. Row 2: Peter Hansen, Grady Piersal, Bob Nagel, Peter McNiff, Jim Bublitz, Joe Martinez, Howard Maley, John Dineen, Clyde Wilson. Row 3: Tom Downing, Clyde Burke, Pier Simpson, Mike Coleman, Robert Simms. Scabbard and Mlade Scabbard and Blade is an organization selected from members of the advanced Army ROTC corps who have a high military standing. The objective of Scabbard and Blade is to further the military traditions of the cadet corps at the University of Wyoming, to sponsor the color guard for home football games, and the Military Ball. John O ' Grady was president of Scabbard and Blade this year and Captain John R. Osborne, assistant Professor of Military Science is the advisor. S SO mm Row 1: Colonel A. W. Hodges, Captain C. J. Reed, Captain J. R. Osborne, Captain T. E. Chitwood. Row 2: Master Sergent F. B. Whittaker, Sergent First Class R. L. Goltz, Sergeant First Class R. A. Barr. 265 L F ¥ i £r V. : v 1,71 V 1 X Advanced Army ROTC is a selected group of junior and senior men who justify and elect the program and have passed the physical and mental examinations of the U. S. Army. The objective of their or- ganization is for citizenship and military training and the production of officers for the U. S. Army Re- serve and the regular Army. Their group sponsors a drum and bugle corps, and honor guard, Scabbard and Blade Society, men and women ' s rifle teams, ROTC rifle team, and the student chapter of Associa- tion of the U. S. Army and the Society of American Military Engineers. Colonel Arthur W. Hodges, Professor of Military Science is the head of this organization. Members of Army ROTC Rifle Team line up for inspection. 266 1 Army ROTC men drilling on Corbett Field on a rare sunny day. The Army D rum and Bugle Corps, under the direction of Don Murphy, during one of its frequent practices. The Corps provides cadence and music for the entire Army ROTC unit at special events such as the Homecoming Parade and the annual Governor ' s Day. Army KOZC You had a good home but you LEFT . . . your RIGHT! You had a good . . . L QBUMW. ' ; The troops at attention for inspection. i . J The Color Guard displays the colors in one of the several parades the military takes part in throughout the year. 268 ■ Abell, Gerry Abbott, Mike Ackerson, Gary Ackerson, Jan Asman, Osman Mohamed Adams, Bryan R. Adams, Charles Adams, Dolores Adams, Gwinavere Adams, John Adams, Pat Adams, Patricia B. Adams, Robert Adams, Roderick Adams, William E. Adkins, Ella W. Agee, Richard Ahern, Michael Ahl, James G. Aho, William A. Ahrlin, Leroy H. Akers, Peggy Aimonetto, Cherie Alexander, Linda ?S Students enjoyed warm weather while watching Wyoming defeat North Caro- lina State in the first home game of the season. Underclassmen Alburn, Gary R. Ill Alexander, Linda Alexander, Ray Allard, Gerald Allard, Bill Allan, Eugene D. Allen, John Logan Allen, Linda K. Allen, Mary Lou Allen, Merridy Ann Allen, Sandi Alley, Barbara Allison, Trudi Altergott, Ruby Kaye Amrhein, Joan Ames, Beverly Jo Amrein, Paul Amundson, Larry Anderson, Duane C. Anderson, Betty Anderson, Jack Anderson, Donnell Anderson, Jim E. Anderson, John Anderson, John M. Anderson, Lloyd Anderson, Michael Andrew, Stephen Andrews, Merope Andrews, Sam Angelovich, John Anker, Peter 271 Anna, Joe Anselmi, Bob Anthony, Nancy Arant, Albert Archuleta, Ronnie Argyle, Janey Armijo, George Armstrong, Dale Arney, Louise Arnold, Lois Arnold, Rudolph Arp, Adrain Asay, Carla Asiala, Carl Ashmore, Glenn Atchley, Jerry M. Atchley, Jimmie O. Atkinson, Neal R. Atwill, Charles Atwood, Jim Augsbach, Karen Augustin, Jeanne Austin, Richard E. Avery, Ed Babel, Nancy Babiker, Bushra Baccari, Larry Backlund, Nancy Bader, Sharon Baggs, Dave Bagley, Eugene M. Bagley, Bill Bailey, Jim Bailey, Janice Bailey, Ron Bailey, Vonona E. Baird, Jim Baird, Roderick E. Baker, Bettey Baker, Dalton W. 272 Baker, Gary Baker, Janet Baker, Michael J. Baker, Wayne Baker, Howard J. Baker, Susan Baker, William L. Baldwin, Lola Baldwin, Melvin R. Balka, Mucho Berri Ball, Linda Ball, Dorothy Ballard, Suzanne Barbour, Berald E. Bardo, Richard Barger, Bonnie Barker, Ed Barker, Tom Barnes, Kenneth Barnes, Renee Barnes, Walter Barrett, James R. Barry, Richard Bartholomew, Kathy HfiB Underclassmen m Union hour is over and it ' s time to go back to classes. mm Underclassmen Students hard at work in the assaying class of 1897. Bartos, Ralph Bassett, Judy Bateman, Richard Bates, Bill Bath, James L. Bath, Mary Lou Banman, Myles Bayne, Mina Baxter, Judith Anne Bays, Jerry Beach, John L. Bean, Dave Beardsley, Bill Beavers, Jeanette Bedient, Douglas Beilrle, Ruth Belecky, April Bell, Lawrence L. Bellamy, John Belser, Nat 274 Beltz, Lynn Bengston, Richard Bement, Laurence J. Benn, Dave Bennett, Jack Bennett, Roy E. Benson, Albert H. Benson, Gary Bent, Riena Ann Bentzel, Frank Berg, Kathleen Berg, Tom Berman, Jerry Berger, Jerry Bernaski, Priscilla Bernatow, James H. Bernatow, William Bernhardt, Steven Bertagnolli, Frank Bettes, Mary Kaye Beyer, Carl W. Bickel, Raymond W. Biggs, Revi Jr. Bille, Mary Bills, Ed Bindschadler, Jeannie Birch, Marilyn Bird, Jim Bixby, Carole Black, Jim Black, Douglas Blackert, Terry Blake, Lynda L. Blakely, Sherilyn Blank, Carla Blankenship, Jim Blaydon, Christopher Blincow, Gary Blodgett, Carol Blodgett, John Bloom, Chuck Blount, Curt Bock, Jeffrey Bodine, Kathy Boedeker, Ruth Bogan, Jim Boilsen, Ken Boldman, Glenn H. Bolties, Henry Jr. Bonnell, William 275 Bonner, Anne Bonomo, Jolene Bonsell, Jim Booth, Michael G. Booth, Stanton Borgen, Sonja Boroff, Caroline Borszcz, John Boswell, Kent Boughn, Candy Boulter, Ken Boulter, Larry B. Bounds, Terrell Bourret, Steve C. Bowen, Jerry Bower, Charlene Bower, Gretchen Bowland, Bob Bowman, Linda Boyd, Gail Boyd, Rogene Boyles, Tom Boyt, Richard Brabetz, Marjorie Ann Bradley, D. Gary Braden, Donna Braden, Marianne Brandner, Almeda Brady, Marie Jo Braes, Barbara Braisted, Kathleen Brandt, Paul A. Brasher, Sherry Ann Brater, Bob Bratton, Robert E. Braunschweig, Bob Breezy, Ted A. Bregar, Wilbert Lee Brenner, Dick Briggs, Kim 276 Brigham, Fred Bright, Thomas Brighton, Keith Brimmer, Patricia Britton, Arlene Kay Brock, Jack Brock, Jim Briscoe, Linda Broderson, Bryan Brodride, Michael Brookshire, Kathy Bromall, W. L., Jr. Brown, Anita Brown, Bonnie Brown, Carolyn Brown, Don Brown, Don R. Brown, Ann Brown, Frederick Brown, George Brown, Joan Brown, John Brown, Kermit Brown, Shirley Brown, Terry Brownell, Vicki Browning, L. A. Brue, Jerry Brugman, Glen Bruner, Don Brunner, Robert Bruns, Colleen Bryan, Dale Bryant, Stanley Bryant, Ed Brynicki, Elvira Bryant, Mary Fran Buchanan, Neil Budd, Mary Kaye Bugg, John S. 277 Bullinger, Ken Bunning, Jeanne Burdett, Bob Burdick, Mark Burdick, Sara Burgess, Terry Burke, Clyde Burke, Janet L. Burns, Darleen Burns, John Burrowes, Jeanne Burzlaff, Beverly Busch, Marion Bush, G. H. Bush, Gil Bush, Larry Bush, Lurleen A. Butler, David Edwin Butler, Jane Butscher, Robert Buzan, Jeanne Cable, Lana Cadman, Don Cady, Jim W. Caldwell, Jerry Caldwell, Mary Whitaker Caligiore, Toni Calkins, Jerry M. : ' f 278 Underclassmen Call, Gerald W. Call, Linda Callison, Joyce Calvert, Jerry W. Campbell, Celia Ann Campbell, Kirk Campbell, Robert Campbell, Ronnie Kay Canaday, Martha Joyce Canfield, Jack Carley, Bonnie Carlson, Carolyn Carlson, Karen R. Carlson, S. Craig Carlson, Steve Carlton, John Carmichael, Dave Carmin, Joe Lem Carpenter, Robert Carroll, Jan Herbert Carruth, Dennis E. Cartwright, Anne Carver, Gary Scott Cary, Lawrence Ernest Caster, Charlene E. Casto, Sharon K. Catchpole, Glenn Cavalli, Patti 2 79 Underclassmen Big Test coming up! Cazin, Carol Ann Cecil, Larry E. Chamberlain, Louise Chamberlin, Robert Chambers, Susan Chandler, Cheryl Chaple, Steve Chappell, Richard Cheevbrough, Larry Chestine, Sharon Marie Childers, Jack Choate, Ray Chrisman, Bill Christensen, Anthony Christensen, David Christensen, Joanne Christensen, Paul Christensen, Ray Clapp, William L. Clark, Clifford Clark, Donald W. Clark, John B. Jr. Clark, Larry A. Clark, Dick Clark, Pete Clark, Sam Clark, Sandra Clark, Bill Clarke, Dave Clary, Maurice C. 280 Claussen, Dwayne Clifton, Bryon Clizbe, Jim Clough, Mary Jo Clymore, Dennis Coddington, Neil Cody, Bruce Coffee, Jean Coffee, Robert Cogswell, Jerry Colby, Sandra Cole, Thomas Coleman, Gail Coleman, Mike Coleman, Phil Collins, Ky Collins, John Coloma, Jose Colwell, Gary Cometto, John Comin, Susan Cook, Kenneth Conant, Kathleen Connell, Kelly Connell, Judith M. Connelly, Connie Conner, Carolyn Cook, Albert Cook, Bart Cook, Karen ' Where is the Band? ' 281 Cook, Robert Cook, Robert L. Cook, William Cook, Betty Cooke, Delmar Cooke, Manning Cooke, Richard Collidge, J. B. Cooper, Dave Cooper, Don Cooper, Jerry Cooper, William Corbett, James Cornelius, George Cornish, Dick Correll, Shirley Corsi, Cleone Constantino, Shelia Cottingham, Fred Cotton, John Cotton, Sandra Coulson, Ruthe Courson, Gene Coy, Barbara Coy, Richard Craig, Janice Crampton, Bob Crane, Sarah 282 Underclassmen Confused freshmen line up to register for classes during fall registration. Crary, John Creech, Pat Crews, Glenda Nell Critchett, Betty Crites, Richard A. Crocker, Edwin F. Crofts, Chris Cronk, Janie Cross, Arnold Crouse, Mick Crow, Kathryn Crowell, Susan Cue, Charles L. Culbertson, Joanne Culver, Chuck Cummings, Marcia Cunningham, James Curry, Janet Lea Curtis, Charles Cuthbertson, Bob 283 Cutts, Ron Cykler, Cary Lee Daberkow, Roderick Dahl, Jens Dalgarn, Margaret Dalpiaz, Edwin Dameron, David Damrow, Neil Danner, Marilyn Danz, Dee Darby, Ed Darnall, Glenn R. Darr, Richard B. Darrah, Joe E. Daughenbaugh, Julie Daugherty, Howard Daulton, John David David, Walter F. Jr. Davis, Cleve Davis, Arnold Davis, Billie Jean Davis, Carole Sue Davis, Chris Davis, Frank Jr. " C ' mon, let ' s cut class and go to the Union. " " 9 Iff - ' cc«?. , " • ■ Underclassmen An aerial view of the U. W. campus and p art of the surrounding village. Davis, Gwen Davis, Laurens Davis, Leonard Davis, Robert Davis, Robert E. Davis, Susan Davis, William J. Davidson, Kathryn Davidson, Stephen Davidson, Peter S. Davidson, Wynona Dawson, Sandra DeBolt, Max DeBruyn, Jim Decker, D Walt Deem, Paul DeFratis, Bob DeHoff, Thomas Delair, John Delaney, Thomas Delaplaine, George Delaurante, Marian Dell, David DeMartini, Richard 285 Demorest, Jan Dent, Eleanor Denton, Jay Denton, Jimmie L. Denton, Karen Derby, Terry R. DeRidder, Kaye Derr, Larry Deti, Sandy Deuschle, Marg Devaney, Mike Devlin, John Dickens, Lynn Dickman, Charles Dickson, Jamie Dickinson, Jean Dietz, Jim Difabio, Denise Difraia, Chris Dillinger, Louis Dillon, Dave DiLoreto, Rinaldo Dimler, Ross Dimmitt, Tony Dinan, Stephan Dinges, Bob Dinkins, Jack Dinkins, Paul 286 Dinneen, John Dinsmore, Bruce Dion, Doug DiTullio, Dana Dixon, Tom Dockham, Hearley Dohm, Norman L. Dolan, Jim Dolenc, Dan Dolenc, Max R. Dolling, Bill Domsalla, Cherie Donohue, Jane Dooley, Laurence Dotson, Dave Doughty, William Douglass, James Dowler, Charles H. Dowler, John Downing, Tom Downing, Sam Downs, Robert S. Dowson, Steve H. Drake, Sherman Drake, Wanda Drew, Carolyn Kaye Drew, Carolyn Dries, Geraldine Driscoll, Paul D. Dudley, Gordon F. Dugan, Kent Duggleby, Dianne Duke, William E. Dunn, Tony Duncan, Barbara Duncan, Diana Duncan, Irvine Moore Duncan, Linda Duncan, Marka Dunder, Clarine 287 c Dunham, Helen Dunivent, Rex E. Dunlevy, Daniel Dunham, Bev. Dunning, Carol Ann Duran, Victor Durdel, Gerhard Durgain, Michael Dye, Candace Kim Earhart, Bonnie Easley, Jeanne Eastman, Bill Eckhardt, Joyce Edmonds, Mary Esther Edson, Karen Edwards, Lynn Egolf, David P. Ehlers, Donna Ehlin, Nancy Marie Eickbush, Francis D. Golf classes practice chipping with the 7 iron on Corbett Field. Underclassmen 288 Eickbush, Karl R. Eikenberry, Bill Eikenberry, Bob Ekberg, Art Elkins, Roger E. Eikenberry, Robert L. Ellis, James Patrick Elmblade, Liz Engstrom, Judy Engstrom, Greg Epp, R. J. Erickson, Larry Erickson, Theodore O. Ernst, Sallie Etcheverry, Michael R. Evans, Richard M. Evans, William H. Evanson, Judy Evanson, Kenneth Evenson, Donna Kaye Evenson, Kristi Ewing, Mary Ann Faingold, Fidelia Fair, Nancy Falkingham, Jan Fallin, Lonnie Dale Falzone, Colleen M. Fanning, Donald L. Fanning, H. Paul Farlow, Vicki Farmer, John L. Farnham, Karen W. Farrell, Patricia S. Farris, Grant Fearno, Joseph B. 289 Feeser, Jan Feit, Jim Felt, Karin Fenimore, Sara Jane Ferguson, Jacqueline Ferguson, Reta Mae Fermelia, Anita C. Ferrell, Dorothy E. Ferrin, Steve Fetsco, Patricia Field, Sylvia Finch, Richard S. Finlayson, Geo. R. Finnerty, Dan Finnerty, James Finnerty, Bill Fish, Sally Jo Fisher, Fred Fisher, Karen Fisk, Dorothy D. Fitzhugh, Dorothy Fladmoe, Gary Flaim, Bruno A. Flanders, Fred M. Fleck, Randy G. Underclassmen Exterior work nearing completion on the new men ' s dormitories at the southeast corner of the U. W. campus. Fleming, Harold L. Flowers, Becky Foos, Linda K. Flippin, Susan Foe, Doug Force, Marci Flett, David Flyr, Janice E. Forcum, Donald Pisrir— v- Ji Forister, Tom Fornstrom, Jim Forslin, Virginia Foster, Gary Foster, Ken Foster, Henry Fotheringham, Paul Fox, Stuart Fraser, Robert W. Frazier, William R. Freeburg, Rhonda Freese, Sharon K. French, Doug French, Howard J. Fries, Jim Frisby, John Frison, Willis Fritzen, G. B. Frude, Allen Fryback, Joyce Fujikawa, Tom Gaines, George W. Gallagher, Lila Lee Gallant, Thomas M. Gallinger, Jim Garrity, Patty Geisler, Edward Genetti, Paul David Genetti, Marilee Gies, Ted Georgis, James F Gehring, Steve Gembala, Kay George, Kathleen Gard, Bobby Garrett, Anna Vee Garrett, G. Spencer Garrett, Jack Garrison, JoAnn Gazdik, Jim 291 Sandy Marshall and Susan Flippin hurry to their 8 o ' clock classes. Gerhardt, Robert R. Gerheart, Donald Edward Gerrard, Clyde B. Gianloa, Dominick John Gibbs, Mary Jo Gibson, Douglas A. Gidley, Jim Gies, F. J. Gillaspie, Bruce Gillaspie, Ila Gillette, Kathleen Gilmore, Ken Gilroy, Anne Gilroy, Barbara Giro, Joseph Giro, Margo Gish, Fred Glandt, Marilyn J. Glover, Bob Gloyd, Connie 292 Godbe, Ralph Goetz, Ed Goertz, Sheri Golden, Ed Golden, Lee E. Golden, Mike Goldsmith, J. L. Goldsmith, Robert L. Underclassmen Gonzales, Adelaide Gonzales, Tom Good, Merle Goodman, David P. Goodson, Penny Goodwin, Nancy Gosney, Dale E. Gould, George Gould, Kathy Gould, Margaret Grahle, John Guy Grado, Lynn Graeff, Linda Lee Graeff, Dan Graham, Craig Graham, Dick Grant, Dennis Grant, Bob Grassman, Eric Grasso, Alinda Graves, Terry Gray, Susan Green, Gilbert F. Green, Mary Ellen Greene, David W. 293 Greeno, Art Greenwald, Janice Grella, Mareia Gress, Carolyn Greth, Charlene E. Grieves, Jim Griffin, Richard M. Grover, Jana Grunkemeyer, Gary Grynewytsch, Anatol Gudmundson, Jesse Guerin, Jay Guest, Jim Guittard, Jay Gurney, Lyle Guthmann, Pauleen Guthrie, Mary Guthrie, Nancy Gutz, Mike Guy, Georgina Haagensen, Jayne Hacker, Billie Jo Hacker, Jay Haefele, Dale D. Hagemeier, Charles Hagen, Dorothy Hager, Bonnie Hahn, Terry J. 294 What is this thing called LOVE? Underclassmen Haight, Barbara Hailey, Janette Hales, Norman W. Hall, Dave Hall, Edwin A. Hall, Gary R. Hall, Guyna L. Hall, James Hall, John William Hall, Karen A. Hall, Mary Hallein, Joe Hallmann, Clark Halverson, Otis Haman, Bill Hamblin, Shawnee C. sM M4 . _L V . •, ' 111 mmsm 295 Hamburg, Marian Hames, Alice Hamlin, Diane Hamm, Jerry F. Hamm, Thomas F 296 fi p ■ Harmston, Linda Harper, Jim Harris, George Wm. Harrison, Carole Anne Harrison, Gale Kathleen Harrison, Lloyd Hartford, Patti Hartman, Jeffery Gale Hartman, Martha Hartman, Nancy Hartman, Vicki Harrison, Orval C. Harper, Kathleen Harrod, Don A. Hart, Darrell E. Hart, Fred W. Hart, Myrna Lorraine Heimsoth, Edward Ivan II Heine, Richard Heink, Adele Heller, Ed Jr. Helms, Mary Lee Helvey, Ann 297 Helzer, Leonard Henderson, Carl Henderson, Frank Henderson, Karen Sue Henderson, Lael W. Henley, Jane Rae Henrie, Ralph D. Hensley, Richard Herdt, Betty Carol Hermansen, John F. Herr, Richard E. Herzog, Hank Hess, Connie J. Hesson, William W. Hickerson, Larry Hicks, Mary Jean Higgins, Bill Highland, William Paul Hilbird, Gerald Warren Hilbird, Sharon K. Hill, Carol 298 .la Hill Karen Hill, Robert Hill, Royce Hilliard, Marie Hillmer, Nowal Hines, Jerry Hing, Linda Hinman, Ron Hirsig, Jim Hitchcock, Sue Hittle, Patsy Hjerleid, Stanley Hobbs, Jerre Hobert, Sally Ann Hobson, Fred r- «»» km 1 1 Ballet Iglesias presented an impressive exhibition of dancing. Underclassmen 4f i « sr AiMfe Hobson, Jim Hodge, Tom Hodges, Carolyn Hoeck, Marie Hoefer, Andy Hoffman, Suanne Hoffmann, Mark Hofioni, Said Holden, Edward Holder, Mariann Holder, Rich Holgerson, Joyce Underclassmen Holland, Jay Holladay, Harold Hollenbeck, Dennis Holley, John Holmes, Robert Holmquist, Carol Holmstrand, James Holt, Ray y mik 300 ' But, Is it Kosher? " Underclassmen Holwell, Bruce Holwell, Bill Holz, Carolyn Homar, Paul Hood, Mary Hoover, John Hoover, Judith Hopkins, Glen Horgan, Kathleen Horn, Maurice Ernie Jr. Horton, Lola Horton, Patty Joei House, Janet Howard, Francis Warner Howard, Sue Hoy, Jo Ann Hoyt, Gordon D. Jr. Hubbard, Bryan Hubbard, Jeanette Huck, Donna Hudak, Jim Hudgeons, Kathy Huff, Ron Hughes, Joby Hughes, John 301 Hughes, Norma Hughey, Rita Hulbert, Milan W. Hull, Carol Jo Hull, Robin Sue Hullinghorst, Bob Huls, Gary E. Hummor, Jean r i Underclassmen Humphrey, Richard H. Humphrys, Barbara Hunter, Corolyn Hunter, Sara Hunter, Terence J. Hursh, John R. Hutchcraft, Joan Hutchison, Judith Ann Hyde, Judy Igo, Jacquelyn Igo, John Noblitt Jr. Ihne, Merle Jr. Immel, Robert C. Immesoete, Janet Arlene Irvine, Melodie Irving, William E. Isaacs, John L. Ishmel, Sam T. Iverson, Jean L. Ivey, Diedre 302 Jeremiason, JoAnn Johns, Cordelia Johnson, Andrea Jablin, Carl Jackman, Sharon L. Jacksa, Janice Jackson, Bob Jackson, Dan Jackson, George G. Jackson, Robert Jairell, Robert L. James, Carolyn i HHi HyM « Sp tefci J James, Stephen L. Jameson, Mary Ruth Jansen, Helen Javaherian, Manovchehr Jaramillo, Hernan Jaramillo, Paul Jr. Jarausch, Konrad Jenkins, Charles Jenkins, Mark Jensen, Jim Jensen, Leonard Jensen, Sonia " If I were you, I ' d go back and see my advisor! " 303 Johnson, Adrain Johnson, Ed Johnson, Caroline Marie Johnson, Celeste C. Johnson, Charles M. Johnson, Clark B. Johnson, Gordon Johnson, James C. Johnson, Kathleen Johnson, Le Ann Johnson, Joann Johnson, Lawrence D. Johnson, Martin Johnson, Bob Johnson, Virginia A. Johnston, Jim Johnston, Jerra Lee Johnston, Sandi Jolovich, Donald Jones, Alan C. Jones, Aloyne Jones, Jim Jones, J. D. Jones, Josephine Jones, Judy Kay Jones, Lee P. Jones, Kathryn Jones, Michael Lynn Johnson, Donna Jean Jordan, Judy M. Jordan, Mike Jung, Chris L. Jur aco, Zora Jo Jurek, Robert C. Kadel, Dan 304 Kagi, Jim Kaufman, Norman E. Kegerreis, Lou Kaltenbach, Charles Kay, Keith R. Keller, Evelyn Elaine Kanellopoulos, Nickos Keefe, Walter Michael Kelley, Gary R. Kagie, Norman Kaul, Mick Kekich, Jack Kandolin, Jim Keck, Charles F. Kelley, Gary James Karpan, Kathleen Keefe, Bill Kelley, Marlene Karstoft, Richard Frode Keen, Larry Kelley, Mike Kauchich, John Steven Keenan, Ann Kelley, Ron Kellog, Mary Kay Kelly, Joan C. Kelly, Kim Kelly, Bob Kemme, Judy Kendall, Carol Jo Must be good! 305 I Underclassmen " Going up, please! " adSl ti Kennedy, Sherilyn Kennedy, Kent Kenzy, Jacquelyn Kerr, Harlan Kester, Frank A. Kestler, Nancy Keys, Avie Keyser, Keith Kidneigh, Kenneth Kildebeck, James Kimble, Sharon Kindler, David King, Cherie Jo King, David King, John A. King, Judy King, Kenneth C. Kinkade, Sharon M. Kirkwood, Frank Kirlin, Lynn 306 ■ I Kissack, Art Kissack, Ron Kivisto, Gary Wayne Klaver, Bob Kleen, Frances Kleinschmidt, Gary D. Knadler, Larry Robert Knight, Robert Kniss, Barbara Knapp, Anna Koch, Lynn Star Koch, William D. Koester, Eugene Kohrs, Mary Kolkman, Jim H. Korell, Bob Korhonen, Betty E. Korosec, Lizelotte Krasomil, Jerry D. Kroft, Edward Krezelok, Virginia Kristensen, Thomas Krueger, Ray Kruse, Robert Kruse, Jerry Kruse, Larry E. Kuchera, Al Kurtz, Carolyn Ann Kusnirik, Donna Marie Kuzara, Richard Kvenild, John Loabout, Art Lagoda, Marlene Lahti, Carole Lahti, Harlan ifeirlt 307 Lamb, Glenda M. Lamb, Robert Lamm, William D. Landrigan, Marcia Lane, Beth Lane, Michael Laney, Linda Lee Lantz, Keith Larsen, Everett L. Larson, Judy Kay Larson, Bob Larson, Vicki Lovata, Chris Laughlin, Carol Laughlin, R. Bradford Laughrey, James Laughrey, Nancy Launer, Jarred E. Lawler, Patt Lawton, Larry Laya, Chris J. Lay ton, Rhue Leadholm, Sandy Leckie, Maxine Lee, Gary Lee, Sandy Lee, Sharon Kay Leech, Pat Jr. 308 Underclassmen Le Febre, Delia Faye Lee, Ginny Leggett, Jo Ann Lehmkuhler, Marjee Leik, Sandy Lemire, Tom Leng, Bruce L. Lentz, Robert Lepper, Mary Lynne Lewis, Billie Jean Lewis, Lon D. Lewis, Marilyn Lewis, Relta K. Lewis, Robert D. Lewis, Ronald P. I f ifc A Lewis, Terry B. Liden, Ron Likins, Alberta Kay Likwartz, Don Lilley, Lawrence P. Lilley, William R. Lindahl, Beverly Jean Lindahl, Ralph Lindberg, Kent C. Linde, John Lindsay, Val Lindsey, Sally Line, James H. Linker, Cindy Linnan, Terry Linford, Rowland 309 Lisota, Edward T. Little, Heather Lockhart, Dale Lockman, Richard Loban, Sharon Irene Loucks, Don Jr. Loud, I. Renae Lowe, Ed Lowell, Ralph Edward Lowham, Hugh Lowrance, Ron Lowry, Janet Lee Lowry, Jerry Lucas, Diane Ludlow, Rick Ludwig, Richard Lufkin, Bob Lund, Laurie Lundberg, Linda Jane Lundgreen, David A. Underclassmen McCabe, Bill McCarthy, Edward McClellen, George McDonald, Kim McElroy, Hershel McBride, Robert McCarroll, Carol McClure, Ferol McCue, Jerry McElroy, Dave McCain, Art McCarthy, Vida McClenahan, Judy McDonnell, Mike McElroy, Jenny Lou Luond, Sharon Lynn, Janet Luthi, Ryck McAuliffe, Joyce Lush, Wayne McArthur, Randy M. Lutz, Charlene McAuliffe, Michael J. " What are you looking for, Darlene? " 31 i tike mto Underclassmen McFadden, Hugh McGaw, Nancie Kathleen McGee, Allen McGee, Robt. F. McGeough, Kenneth McGill, Linda Kay McGraw, Edward McGuire, Caroline Joyce McMurtry, Ivan Frederick McGuire, Michael W. McHale, Donna Rae Mcintosh, John Mcintosh, Pat McNamee, Betty Mclntyre, Darel Dee Mclntyre, John McKenna, Tom McKeown, Pat McNiff, Peter McKinley, C. Michael McKinnon, David McKnight, Gary McKnight, Robert McNiilty, Michael T. McLaren, Sharon McLaughlin, Lynn McLean, Garry McLean, Terry McRae, Karene K. McManis, Dona McMillan, Sue Kathleen McMillen, James S. McMurray, Thomas J. McRae, Sheryl uii 312 Jf Mc Williams, David L. McWhinnie, Jim Majors, Sharon Maki, Edward Makie, Gary E. Maley, Howard Macdonald, Johnny Machetta, Judy Malloy, William H. Malove, Fawzy Malone, Fred Mamalis, Mary Maddock, H. E. Madia, Dave Manewal, Ernest Mangus, Doyle Mangus, Patricia Manning, Bonnie Carol Madsen, Carl Madsen, John B. March, Kay L. Marion, David Markly, Lewis Marks, Mary Maffei, Kathryn Maggard, Phil Marsh, Keith Marsh, Neal L. Marshall, Marilyn Marshall, Bob Magill, Gary A. Mahaffey, Charles E. Marshall, Sandra Martin, Bobbie Jo Martin, Bruce A. Martin, Donna Mahaffey, Hal Jr. Mahanty, Aroop K. Martin, Joe Martin, Sandra Martinsen, Gunnar Mason, Brian 313 Underclassmen Mason, Gerald Masse, Roger E. Massie, John Matheson, Ronald E. Mathiesen, Donna Mathis, H. David Matson, James T. Matteson, David Russell Matthew, Harry L. Matthews, Gary Matthews, Vicki Sue Mattingly, Paul L. Mattson, Suzanne Mauk, Sam Maulsby, Ben L. Mavrakis, Harry Maurath, Steve Maushak, Linda Maxey, Donald B. Mayhew, William A Melton, Lorraine Meroney, James Perry Jr. Meroney, William J. Merrill, Marylin Maureen Mesa, Ralph R. Minson, Gene Messing, Alan W. Metz, Don Meyer, Joe Meyer, Jerry-Ann 314 Meyer, Thomas W. Meyers, Ralph E. Michael, Lyle E. Michaud, Glenda Kay Michaels, Judy Mickerson, Julia Mikkelson, Patti Miles, Linda Lee Miles, Tim Milne, Bob Milner, Leeroy Millard, Chester Millard, Ronald Miller, Cheryl Miller, Dave Miller, Dave Miller, Donald Leroy Miller, Don fe " Miller, Donn L. Miller, James 0. Miller, John A. Miller, Major Miller, Nancy Miller, Pat L. Miller, Roland F. Miller, Sharon Miller, Stewart R Scholarship winners going through registration. Miller, Ted Miller, Bill Mills, John Millyard, Jack Minor, Joanne Minshall, David 315 Minter, Fred Misner, Jerry Mitchell, Laura Lee Mitton, Chuck Mizner, Kenneth Mode, Karen Moeller, Pat Moffat, Travis Mogensen, Ronald Mohr, Mary Jo Moine, Clifford Moine, Judith Molina, Samuel Molinet, Suzanne Moncur, James Mondragon, Herman Montana, Elvera Moon, Gary Moore, Alvo C. Moore, Jerry Moore, J. Darrell Moore, Kenny Moore, Linda A. Moore, Norma Jeane Moore, Bob Moore, Tana Moore, Thomas D. Moore, Werner King Jr. Moore, William C. Morck, Arnold H. Morck, Carl Morell, Denny Moretti, Jolene Morgali, Thomas A. Morgan, Ed Morgan, Roger L. Morgan, Sherry Morikawa, Stephen Morris, David Lloyd Morris, Glenn Morris, Larry Morris, Rodney 316 Morrow, Linda Mort, Janet Morton, Sarah Moses, Joyce Moul, Thomas Mower, Ron Moya, Ernest Moyer, John L. Mucho, Gary Mudrow, Dick Mueller, Jack Mullendore, Gaylord Mundell, Linda Munn, Pat Munson, Gene Munson, Larry Murdock, Karen Murdock, Stan Underclassmen Murdock, Thomas Murphy, Donald Murphy, Kathi diUt Murphy, Kevin Murphy, Patrick Murphy, Randy ' But, Ma ' am, it says here that you ' re exempt from ROTC. " 317 :-■ - ' X k A ft M ... y Underclassmen Too Bad! The Outing Club loses another mountain climbing member. V 11b N Norcross, Cope Norling, Brent Norman, Beverley Norman, Sheri North, Gary Nowitzki, Nancy Jean Nugent, Jay E. Numoto, Yoshiko Nye, William Murphy, Raymond Murray, Donald Mydland, Elmer Myers, Robert Nater, Connie Nathman, Steve Nauman, Reva Belle Neal, Clifford William Neff, Jerry A. NeVille, Nicola Newcomer, Carole Rae Newton, John Nicholls, James R. Nichols, Frank A. Nickerson, Doris Lynn Nicoll, Donnell Nielson, Larry Nielson, Roger Nighswonger, Leonard Nightingale, Karen Dell Nigro, Bill Nimmo, Robert Nishi, Harvoy G. Noeeker, Robert L. . Nygaard, Annabeth Nystrom, Ron O ' Connell, Delmer J. O ' Conner, Susan O ' Dell, Nitajune Oelrich, Mary Ogasawara, Arlene M. Ogden, Dennis Lewis Ogg, Alex G. Jr. Ogg, Matthew O ' Day, Mary Anne O ' Hare, Carolyn Ruth Olander, Martha Jean Oleson, John Olsen, Patti Olson, Charles Darryl Olson, Ellen Olson, Linda Olvey, Nancy O ' Malley, Pat O ' Melia, Sharon O ' Neil, Judy Ono, Linda H. Orr, Gary H. Orr, Mary Osborne, Gary Osgard, Carole Oswald, Diane Ostermier, Art Ovens, Tom D. Owen, Dave Owen, Nadine Owen, Wendell F. Owens, Bill Oxley, Harry Paananen, Orman Pacheco, Jan Padberg, Ronald Lewis Padberg, Larna Lee Page, Marilyn Palen, Jerry Palm, Richard 319 Palmer, Bert Pierpont Palmer, Gary Parker, Arlene M. Parker, Robert Parker, Helen Parmer, Shirley Parrill, Dwight R. Parsons, William Patik, Dolores Patton, James Patterson, Jeanie Paul, Jan H. Paul, Peer Paul- Wilcox, Iris Joan Payne, Glenn Payton, Smith L. Peabody, Frances Peach, Fred R. Pearson, Jon Quane Pebley, Orville Peil, Pat Pelton, Chuck Pense, Gloria Jo Percy, Marilyn Percival, William Paul Perkins, Patty Perrella, Anthony Perrine, Nancy 320 Underclassmen School ' s over for the week! Perry, Duane Persson, Ken Perve, Norman Peryan, Virginia Sue Peters, Larry Peters, Leonard Peterson, Floyd H. Petersen, James 0. Peterson, Jon F. Peterson, Paul Petersen, Phil Pettus, William F. Pexton, J. Edward Pfaff, Carolyn Phelps, Norman Phillips, Adrianne Phillips, Steve Phillips, Bill Phillips, Bonnie Picard, Vincent V. 321 J ■ Ponder, Mary Frances Porter, Don Porter, George H. Porter, Linda Porter, Pauline Powers, La Dene Powers, Vicki Powell, Benjamin D. Powell, Beverly Jean Powell, Chuck Pradere, John Prahn, Judith Pratka, Allen Joseph Priest, Carol Prevedel, Alfred L. Underclassmen Piersall, Grady C. Pierantoni, Dale Pilster, Larry Pingetzer, Jane Pirrie, Joyce B. Piz, Carol Piatt, Nadine Piatt, Ronald R. Plunkett, John Plunkett, Mary Plunkett, Mary Anne Pollard, Robert L. 322 Price, James B. Price, James R. Price, John Price, John R. Price, Hayden Prickett, LeRoy Putman, Edward F. Puzuhanich, June Quinn, Don Raben, Marilyn Kay Rabou, Ed Rabou, William R. Rada, Millard J. Rader, Charles H. Jr. Ragland, Ralph Vernon Ratliff , Scotty 323 Ramsay, Dillwyn H. Ramsey, Verna Marie Rand, Sharon Rardin, Don Rardin, Thomas J. Rasmussen, Loren Lee Ratliff, Terry Lou Ratz, J. Charles Ravis, Jim Reading, Charles 0. Reckling, Carol Redding, Shari Reed, Fred C. Reed, Gary Leigh Reed, David H. Reed, Larry Reed, Sharon Reeve, Kathy Reeves, Glennita Jean Reeves, Irma Mary Reeve, Jimy L. Rehfuss, Jerry Noel Rentto, Mary Lou Rentz, Rolla F. Replogle, Richard Reynolds, Charlotte Reynolds, Edward F. Reynolds, Gene tkl fcfr fill 324 Underclassmen Rhiley, Judy Riedl, Richard Rice, Jimmie Rice, Sharon Richards, Stan Rickert, Lyle J. Ricketts, Wadetta Riggan, Marilyn Rickmanis, Edgar Rile, Pat Riske, Jack Ritter, Marilyn Robbins, Carolyn Roberts, Jon Guy Roberts, Mandy ; J tferf Robertson, John Robertson, Ken Robeson, Jim Robinson, A. Terrel Robinson, Robbie Rochlitz, Ken Rochlitz, Ron Rodda, Tom Rodriquez, Frank Roebuck, Constance Roemmick, Roger Rogan, Gayle Rogers, Martha Rogers, William Rogers, William Rohn, Jean Ann 32S Rudd, Jack Rudd, Tom Ryan, Marjory A. Ryan, Tom L. Rye, David Sadighi, Ahmad Sager, Elaine Sakoda, Ronald A. Salsbury, Judith Salsbury, Fred Sande, Keith Murray Sandeno, Marilyn J. Sandeno, Sharon Sander-Cederlof, Bob Sanders, Jerry Sandison, James Sandison, Robert Sands, Jerry Sands, Judy Sanford, Pauli Sanford, Rudy E. Sannes, Lynn Sasse, Judy Sather, Robert Sattler, Carol Salvagio, Ron Salzman, Catherine Sampson, Susan Sandberg, Robert Underclassmen 326 Rounds, Ralph Rowland, Carla Elizabeth Rowland, Tracy Aaron Rue, Beverly 0. Rulli, Tonia Runyan, Carolyn Rollins, Kara Romek, Don Rooney, Michael D. Rosencranz, Dennis Rosenthal, Frank F. Ross, Sharon Ross, Bradford Rounds, Keith t Jti J ; Runyan, Kenneth R. Rysch, James Rush, Cherry Rush, Robert Rushmore, Karen Russell, Charles Russin, Lincoln Ruthemeyer, Robert Rutledge, Ronna Rutledge, Tim Rutten, James Rutten, Joe 327 Underclassmen It must have been an interesting topic. Satterfield, Chuck Savage, Kale Lawrence Savage, Linda Kay Schaap, Charles M. Schaeter, Elmer Schad, Kay Schafer, Michael A. Schamel, Raymond Scheibel, Robert Schell, John Schenk, Dale Scheuerman, Danny Scheuerman, David L. Schilling, James Nicholas Schlattman, Ronald Schlatter, Doris Schmer, Jane Kay Schmick, Kenneth Schmidt, Bill Schmidt, William L. Schmitt, Chuck Schmitz, Stanetta Schneider, Joe George Schneiders, Roger William Schneidmiller, Ray 328 Schopf, John Schrib, Mack Schreiner, Dan Sehroeder, Janice Schultz, Larry A. Schutte, Michael K. Scott, Fred Owen Scott, Jerilyn Ann Scott, John Scott, Judy Scott, Lloyd G. Scott, Dick Sears, Robert J. Sederstrom, Lowell Seebaum, Bernie Seiler, Margie Seivert, Janice Semenza, Rena Serdivk, Ted S. Seslar, Paul Francis Sexton, Steve Seymour, Jim Shaeffer, Joan Shaeffer, Sharon Kay Shaffer, Roger Shafer, Norman Shaffer, William Shambaugh, Dennis O. Shatzer, Jerry Shaul, Florence Mario Shearer, Claudia Lora Shawver, Bill Shawver, Ted Shaw, Harold Shaul, Bob 329 Sheehan, Kathleen Sheehan, Linda Sheets, William B. Shelby, Judie Shepard, Dickey Lee Shepperson, Frank E. Sheeder, James T. Sherard, Ann Shiflar, Paul Dean Shilling, Charles F. Shipp, Gary Shippy, Robert Carl Shoop, DeEtta Shotwell, Kathy Shougard, Hope Showalter, Chuck Shwen, Sherri Shubert, Arden Royce Siebert, Janet Sifferd, Michael Sime, Nanci Simmons, Jo Ann Simon, Tommy A. Simoncini, Sylvia Diane Simonelli, Ronald U. W. ' s Marching band practices marching formations. 330 Simpson, Loren H. Simpson, Pier R. Sims, Daniel Sims, Jack Sims, Mary Pat Sims, Nancy Sims, Ronald Frank Sims, Shirley Singleton, James A. Siren, Anne Sisk, Dennis I. Skaar, Bonnie Skiles, Patricia Skinner, Sherwood Skinner, David Duane Skinner, Rollard G. Skovgard, Gary M. Slack, Don Slack, Jo Ann Slade, David W. Slaughterbeck, Don Sloan, Michael Smally, John Smith, Bonnie Smith, Bruce D. Smith, Darryl W. Smith, Dennis Paul Smith, Doug Smith, Frank Smith, Galeen R. Smith, Harold Smith, Harry B. Smith, Jackie Smith, James Smith, Jerry 331 Smith, Kathleen Smith, Kathi Smith, Kay Smith, Kueta Smith, Lendine Smith, Lynn Smith, Lynette Smith, Mike Smith, Milton Smith, Richard Smith, Ronald Smith, Royal Smith, Sid Smith, Vernon Sneddon, Joan Snell, Douglas Snook, Neil Snyder, Sue Snyder, Blake Snyder, Lloyd Snyder, Sue Soloman, George Somer, Perry Kay Sommer, Neil Song, Sonja Sorenson, Dorothy Sorenson, Gail Sostrom, Len Souder, Hugh S. Spangler, Danny Sparks, Lennie Spaulding, Lyman Spear, Richard Spears, Mark Speckner, Gail 332 Underclassmen Spence, Karen Spicer, Jerry Spicer, William Spielman, Terry Spiller, Phyllis Spiss, Kathy Spragg, Merwin E. Spriggs, Paul Springer, Alice Squires, George St. Andre, Jon Stacy, Karen Kay Stahla, Ed Stally, William Stalick, Kathryn Stanberry, Joe Stanfield, Linda Stanford, Dennis Standford, Sue Staniforth, Richard Stark, Norman Starkovich, Judy Stark, Earl Starrs, Jim Staubus, Jack Steadman, John Steele, Connie Steele, Wayne Steen, Robert Steers, Bonnie 333 Underclassmen Steiner, Lee Steinman, Harry Stevens, Diane Stevens, Larry Stevens, Susan Stevenson, Judith Stevenson, Bob Stewart, Kay Stewart, Thomas Stickley, Bob Still, Daniel Stimson, Kenny Stingley, Gerald Stinson, William Stockton, Robert Stoddard, Sally Stoddard, Kathleen Stohrer, Joe Stokes, Milton Stone, Dave Stone, Donald H. Stoneman, Beth Storm, Mel Story, Leah Beth Stout, Jennifer Stout, William 334 Stracker, Janis Strahan, Janice Strand, Eileen Strannigan, Theo Ann Straton, John R. Jr. Strauch, Harry Lee Strickling, Delbert L. Strother, Jerry R. Stuber, Roger A. Stubson, Larry Stugart, Carol Sturges, Sandra Sturholm, Kay Suchta, Sharon Sudman, Albert T. II 4 As «Ib ■■■■HBmBB am Wmmmmmmm mW Ms HV H WBrmk Mm V Sullivan, Daniel B. Swanson, Gordon Swanson, Lydia If Abe Lincoln can study in the dark — so can I! Swanson, Raymond Swanson, Roland Ray Swanson, Terry Swarts, Tom Swartz, Ed Swendseid, Lowell R. Syltr, Jim Tadlock, Martin R. 335 Taliaferro, Thomas Tamblyn, Hank Tarpley, Elizabeth Tarter, Jack Tarter, Nancy Taylor, Benja Taylor, Dennis Taylor, Don Taylor, Eugene Taylor, Larry Taylor, Warren Tate, Nancy Tatham, Judy Teague, Robert Teale, Kerry Tebow, Barbara Tebow, Bill Tegeler, Don Telander, Darlene Temple, Kenneth Test, Rose Marie Teter, William Thaler, Wayne Tharp, Mary Alice Thatcher, Bobbye Thayer, Shirley Thomas, Bettina Thomas, Susan Thomas, Janyce Thomas, Marilyn Thomas, Pam Thomas, Susan Thompson, Beauford Thompson, Bill Thompson, Chuck 336 J S ■■f . - " v T y 4.1 »i Thompson, Edward Thompson, Jim Thompson, Jan Thompson, Jeff Thompson, Kathy Thompson, Loren Thompson, Pam Thompson, Russell Tierney, Mike Tillett, Alana Tilley, Larry Tippets, Ashby Tomte, Jean Thome, Gordon Tippets, Darlene Tippets, Elvis Tisdale, Velma Tjepkes, Raymond Thornock, Russ Thornton, George Tollefson, Linda Tomingas, Henry Tonelli, Randall Toro, Jean Thurston, James Tichac, Kathy Toy, Richard Toussaint, Charlene Travis, Jack Tremain, Ray The registration line always saves the best for last! Underclassmen eggg iti J ' f ;,-V s¥ : , ' ' « 4, EM - - l 337 Underclassmen Trenholm, Larry Treenen, Thomas Trierweiler, Ruth Troastle, Michael Trosper, Bonnie Trowbridge, Ann Trowe, Susie Trujillo, Victor Tryan, Sharon Turk, James Turner, Dee Turner, Jo Twitchell, Terry Tyler, Alison Tyler, Richard Uhren, Robert Underwood, Bill Urbigkit,Mary Jane Uribe, Vicenta Urutia, Helen Uthoff, Herb 0. Vaiciulenas, Ingrid Valdez, Max Valdez, Anthony Van Allen, John Vande Veegaete, Walt Vandeventer, Thomas Vance, James O. Van Gerpen, Myron Von Hauten, Diether Van Houten, Helen Van Lieu, Janice Andrea Van Raden, Joyce Van Trump, Jim Van Voorhees, John 338 3 " : ?KS 4 l ltJ Id ltlfc Von Krosigk, Rodney Vore, Jeff E. Vore, Ted Sometimes writing desks are not readily a- vailable during registration. Vosler, Virginia Ann Voss, Janice Van Trachtenberg, Penny Wagers, Dan Wagner, Wendell Waite, Edmund Van Zee, Marion E. Vaughn, Dana Vaughn, Robert S. Velasquez, Robert D. Vering, Larry H. Vermilyea, Barry L, Viola, Frank Vialpando, Esther Mary Vidal, Lou Vines, Lila L. Vines, William H. Vinson, Gary Viola, Frank Charles Viren, Tom Vitale, Joseph Vogelsong, Ross W. Volk, Jim Volk, John F. Vollmer, Shirley E. Vogt, Darrel Dee 339 d lift X I Jl Wakkuri, Myron Walcott, Ed Walcott, Jim Waldo, Bobbi Ann Walker, Mike Wall, John Wallace, David Wallin, Linda Walter, Gary Walter, Julie Walton, Clarence Walton, Patsy Walters, Randy Wamhoff, Karen Ward, Andrea Ward, Tex Ward, Wayne Warfield, Ted Warwock, Gene Waters, Fred Waters, Dick Watson, Jim Watt, Dave Waugh, David Watts, Gary Webb, Barbara Weber, Allan Webber, Harry Weber, Judi Weber, Ken Weber, Paul Weber, Sharon Ann Webster, Maggie Wedemeyer, Dexter Weeks, Lynne 340 Weis, Barbara Weitz, Jim Welch. Br enda Weller, Linda Wellman, DcAnnc Welton, Scarlet Wendt, Sally Weniger, Stanley Weppner, Edward Weppner, Eleanor Wessel, Norma R. West, Melville Weydeveld, Carter Wheeland, Fred Wheeler, Bill 4 r kik Weickum, Sharon While, Emma Lou Whitaker, Romulus Underclassmen While, Laura Whitcomb, Mary White, Michael White, Mary White, Robert Whiting, James What are the odds of having a quiz again today? y Underclassmen Whitley, Donald Whitman, Gloria Whitman, Vonnie Whitman, Bob Whittington, Donna Wiedekamp, Russ Wier, Barbara Wiggam, Bob Wight, David Wilcox, Charles Wilcox, Donald Wilcox, Bob Wiley, Lewis Wilkie, Charles Wilkinson, Dan Will, Errol Wilford, Grant Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Williams, Carol Jane Dorothy Fred Rick Brock Williams, Robert Williams, Terrell Williams, Thomas C. Williams, Virginia Wilmot, Jeri Belle Wilmot, Bill Willson, Marilyn Wilson, Carol Ruth Wilson, Charlotte Wilson, Clyde A. Wilson, Eugene Wilson, Gary Wilson, Judy Wilson, Lanny O. Wilson, Mariann Wimpenny, Coleen B. Winchell, Diana Palmer Wimpenny, Barbara Kay Winchell, Edward Jay Wingfield, Barry Wingfield, Wayne Edwin Winkes, JeNiene Winship, Carolyn Lee Wirtz, Jimmy Dale Wiseman, Patti Wist, Sandy Wolcott, Linda Wolfe, Patsy Wood, Becky Wood, James D. Woodard, Duane Woods, John Woodson, Sally Wooten, Alice Worl, Mary Lynn Worman, Darrell Worman, Rodney Worth, Stan Worth, Robert R. Wright, Carolyn Wright, Dianne Wright, Gene Wright, Lee Wright, Block Wysocki, Jim Yaeger, Betty Louise Yeager, Michael Yemington, Charles A. Yoria, Frank York, Laurence Young, Alvin L. Young, Bruce 0. Young, Jimmie D. Young, Sonja Lee Zaversnik, Joeseph S. Zawacki, Robert Arthur Zell, John W. Ziegler, Judi Ziegler, Sally Ziegler, Sue Ann A lk I 1 ' ■■■t; 1 WM 343 George Adams; Casper; Industrial Management. J. Gordon Adams; Cas- per; Zoology. Marian Allison; Chey- enne; Elementary Education. Jack M. Alsup; Casper; Accounting. Andrew Anderson; Walcott; Electrical Engi- neering. Judith Anderson; Huntley; Home Eco- nomics: Lyle Anderson; Egbert; Agri- culture. Richard Anderson; Torrington; Law. Robert Anderson; Laramie; Psy- chology. William Anderson; Walcott; Electrical Engineering. Mick Anderson; Sheridan; English. Barbara Andrau; Olieb, Texas; Educa- tion. Tom Argeris; Worland; Arts and Sciences. William Archibald; Gillette; Electrical Engineering. Rex A r n e y ; Dayton; Political Science. Peggy Arnold; Woodbine, 111.; Chem- istry. Pauline Arnold; Carpenter; Home Economics. Larry Ashenhurst; Slater; Accounting. Richard Atwood; Lara- mie; Architectural Engineering. Thom- as Averett; Lovell; Education. Helen Barkman; L i n g 1 e ; Education. Richard Bacon; Sheridan; Accounting. Duane Baker; Scottsbluff, Nebraska; Pre-Med. James Baker; Cheyenne; Education. Stanley Ball; Casper; Arts and Sciences. Joan Banks; Sundance; Marketing. Su- san Bardo; Lusk; Foreign Languages. William Bassett; Cheyenne; Account- ing. Grant Baston; Rock Springs; Phys- ics. Evelyn Baston; Laramie; Math. J. Frank Batton; Glenrock; Engineer- ing. Jack Beahm; Laramie; Engineer- ing. James Beatty; Kodiak, Alaska; Arts and Sciences. Schuyler Beaver; Torrington; Education. Karen Beaver; Torrington; Education. 344 Seniors " How do you spell Mary? ' Donald Beavers; Cheyenne; Engineer- ing. James Becker; Brookfield, Wis.; Art. Gerald Beierle; Torrington; Agri- culture. Robert Belecky; Cheyenne; Engineering. Leslie Belt; Winnetka, 111.; Language. Charles Berry; Riverton; Math. John Berrier; Lyman; Engineering. Michael Berry; Santa Monica, Calif.; Engineer- ing. Victor Berta; Rock Springs; Phys- ics. Patsy Beyer; Pasadena, Calif.; Nursing. David Bisbee; Sheridan; Agriculture. Ann Bischoff; Lovell; Education. Don- ald Bishop; Courtland, Calif.; Geol- ogy. Hattie Bishop; Fruitta; Geology. Jack Blackburn; Otis, Colo.; Engineer- ing. Dick Blaha; Scottsbluff; Engineering. Timothy Bommer, Minneapolis, Minn.; A S. Francinne Bonicelli; Kemmer- er; Education. Dave Bonner; Powell; Arts and Sciences. Diane Bonner; Evanston; Art. Donald Bookout; Wheatland; Educa- tion. Vernon Bosch; Worland; Engi- neering. Dixon Bourne; Cheyenne; Pharmacy. Lorena Bradsham; Casper; Education. Joan Branscom; Laramie; Education. 345 Sheila Brenhan; Cheyenne; French. Phil Brimhall; Lovell; Agriculture. Jack Briggs; Psychology; Rawlins. Dennis Brittain, Fullerton, California; Educa- tion. Paul Brockman; Cheyenne; Agri- culture. Paul Brookover; Cheyenne; Engineer- ing. Gaylord Brow; Midwest; Engineer- ing. Joye Brown; Ft. Bridger; Agri- culture. Leda Ann Brown; Guernsey; Education. Lynn Brow n; Riverton; En- gineering. Sylvan Brown; Laramie; Engineering. Nancy Brownlee; Casper; Education. Les Brownlee; Odessa, Texas; Educa- tion. John Buchanan; Powell; Engi- neering. John Buchanan; Casper; Com- merce. Duane Buchholz; Sheridan; Law. John Buchholz; Los Banos, Nebraska; En- gineering. G. Eugene Bullock; River- ton; Education. Barry Burnette; New- castle; Engineering. Garry Burnette; Newcastle; Commerce. James Burns; Reliance; Engineering. Roy Burrows; Jackson; Psychology. Jerry Butler; Lingle; Agriculture. Fred- rick Cady; Omaha, Nebraska; Engi- neering. Duane Call; Afton; Engineer- ing. James Campbell; Cody; Math. Steve Campbell; Casper; Commerce. James Castberg; Powell; Law. Edward Cat- trell; Sheridan; A and S. Darla Cave; Houston, Texas; Education. Donald Cetrone; Laramie; Pharmacy. Joe Chelesvig; Eagle Grove, Iowa; Education. Josh Chinwah; Lagos, Ni- geria; Pharmacy. Don Christiansen; Burlington; Engineering. Beryl Christ- ensen; Kaycee; Nursing. 346 Seniors Joyce Clark; Rawlins; Educ. Richard Clark; Meridan; Ag. Ronnie Clizbe; Cheyenne; Comm. Barbara Clark; Sho- shoni; Educ. Robert Clark; Laramie; Educ. Robert Cole; Gillette; Ag. Thomas Cole; Casper; Engr. Thomas Cole; Laramie; Educ. Bruce Conley; Lara- mie; Educ. L o n Conner; Rawlins; Comm. Norwood Cooper; Mississippi; Engr. Patricia Cotton; Newcastle; A S. Russell Cottrell; Cody; Educ. Peggy Ann Cover; Casper; A S. Mary Coykendall; Laramie; Educ. m ■ — m X W ' V nM im y »-. 1 tfiM Eddie Cozzens; Deaver; Engr. Rose Crumpacker; Sheridan; Educ. Martha Cutler; Casper; A S. Gerald F. Dal- ton; Casper; Educ. Dean A. Dalziel; Laramie; Mech. Engr. Emilie C. Darnall; Harrisburg, Nebr.; Educ. Mohammed Dastagir; Afganistan; Art. Jerry Davis; Mech. Engr.; Guernsey. Huey Dawson; Sybille; Ag. Wayne E. Dawson; Powell; Educ. James S. Dea- ver; Laramie; Comm. Montie R. Deer; Hoisington, Kansas; Educ. Kenneth L. Deines; Laramie; Pharm. M e 1 v i n J. Despain; Lovell; Engr. Richard Leland Dickinson; Sheridan; Comm. Charles E. Doctor; Chugwater; Ag. 347 Larry Dodge; Torrington; A S. Kar- en Doerr; Lovell; Bus. Ed. Marlene Doerr; Lovell; Educ. Dave Donachie; Lynn, Mass.; Soc. Studies. Evelyn Downie; Casper: Home Ec. Perry Dray; Cheyenne; Law. Joe Drew; LaMesa, Calif.; Bus. Adm. Margaret Drury; Deaver; Elem. Ed. James Otto Duguid; Orin; C. E. Harlan Dunlap; Bridgeport, Nebraska; Pharmacy. Jerry Durfey; Greybull; Ag. Beverly Dye; Worland; Elem. Educ. Neil Ear- hart; Laramie; Engr. Brent Eastman; Evanston; Pre. Med. Frank Eathorne; Douglas; Engr. Beverly Ebens; Rockford, 111.; Spanish. Jean Eisele; Sheridan; Engr. William Embree; Rochester, N.Y.; Engr. Rob- ert Ems; Laramie; Comm. Robert En- nis; Laramie; Ag. Robert Ensley; Cheyenne; Engr. Raa- stad Erland; Norway; Comm. Darlene Essman; Kemmerer; Educ. Donna Evans; Pine Bluffs; Math. Goodman Everett; Laramie; Pharm. George Fairfield; Laramie; Educ. Ron- ald Farabee; Cheyenne; Comm. Frank Farnham; Cody; Engr. lsobel Feltner; Laramie; Comm. Arthur Fermelia; Rock Spring; Zoology. Josie Fernald; Tarpon Springs, Fla.; Art. Dave Ferren; Sheridan; Comm. James Firestone; Rawlins; Music. James Floth; Laramie; Engr. Donna Fogelsonger; Thermopolis; Speech. Seniors Boredom! David J. Forsyth; Moses Lake, Wash.; Comm. Patricia Foster; San Francisco, Calif.; A S. Mary Fujikawa; Wor- land; Ag. George G. Fowler; Vallejo, Calif.; Ag. George Funk; Evanston; Acct. John K. Funk; Waukesha, Wise; Rec- reation. Alfred Garcia; C heyenne; Bus. Admin. Reloy Garcia; Laramie; A S. Hal A. Gardner; Afton; Geol. Judy Gardner; Cheyenne; Foreign Lang. Dick Gardner; Casper; A S. Douglas Gebott; Manistee, Mich.; Educ. Jean Georges; Cheyenne; A S. Angelo Georgios, Cheyenne; Comm. Ann Gernert; Casper; Educ. Ted C. Gertsch; Laramie; Arch. Engr. Kate Gibbs; Casper; A S. Larry L. Gibson; Springview, Nebr.; Comm. Carolyn L. Gilmer; Upton; Ag. Wil- liam Dee Glasspoole; Laramie; Educ. Donna Golden; Casper; A S. Virginia Gonzales; Cheyenne; Educ. Floyd W. Graefe; Jackson; Mech. Engr. Alex Graham; Ft. Laramie; Acct. William H. B. Graves; Laramie; A S. Thomas Furse; Casper; E. Engr. Hernan Gomez; Manizales, Columbia, South America; lnd. Engr. 349 Charles P. Green; Cheyenne; Electrical Engineering. Ben Grenevitch; Albion, Michigan; Education. Charlotte Green- wald; Lingle; A and S. Phillip A. Greth; Jackson, Michigan; Pharmacy. John Charles Gries; Rapid City, South Dakota; G. E. Lynn Griffin; Riverton; Agriculture. Gail Guthrie; Thermopolis; Education. Bill Hall; Rock Springs; Education. Roy Milton Handsel; Sidney, Nebras- ka; Commerce. Suzanne Hanes; Chey- enne; Education. Michael Keith Hanna; Casper; A and S. Russell A. Hansen; Newcastle; Com- merce. Mack Harding; LaMirada, Cal- ifornia; Education. Mary Lou Harring- ton; Cheyenne; Education. Kathy Har- ris; Laramie; Education. Virden Leslie Harrison; Afton; Agri- culture. Chuck Harrod; Sheridan; A and S. Barbara A. Harvey; Story; Edu- cation. Charles B. Hauf; Edgar, Mon- tana; A and S. David Hauf; Lingle; Education. Conrad N. Haug; Green River; Elec- trical Engineering. Floyd E. Hawley; Veteran; Mechanical Engineering. Jan- et Lee Heath; Cheyenne; Education. Del Heid; Steamboat Springs, Colo- rado; Education. William A. Heink; Cheyenne; Electrical Engineering. Seniors 3SO Martha Hejde; Laramie; Ag. Don R. Heldt; Lisro, Nebraska; Educ. David A. Hemry; Cody; Pre. Med. Laura Henderson; Laramie; Educ. Jimmie L. Henderson; Evanston; Comm. Jack Herrod; St. Helena, California; Pharm. James A. Hipsher; Igloo, S. Dakota; Civil Engr. Evelyn Hodgell; Laramie; Educ. Tolin Hodgell; Lara- mie; Bus. Admin. Don Hodgson; Chug- water; Educ. Rufus S. Hoefer; Cheyenne; A S. Cynthia Holliday; Denver, Colorado; Art. Dorothy Horton; Newcastle; Pharm. Patrick L. House; Eagle, Ida- ho; Mech. Engr. Richard A. Howe; Laramie; E. Engr. Margaretta J. Hrabrak; Laramie; A and S. Ed Hudson; Laramie; E. Engr. Bob Hull; Sheridan; Pre. Med. Martin B. Hundstad; Norway; Civil Engr. Stuart A. Hurdle; Tucson, Arizona; Educ. P a 1 1 i Ingham; Roslyn, New York; Educ. John Everett Isaacson; Sheri- dan; A S. Ben W. Iturrian; Riverton; Pharm. Michael G. Jablin; Cheyenne; Educ. Gregg E. Jackson; Laramie; Comm. Bradford Jacobson; Sheridan; E n g . Donald J. Jacobson; Sheridan; Eng. Karen M. Jeffers; Banner; Educ. Karen Johanson; Newcastle; Educ. Scott Johnson; Worland; Educ. Karen Johnson; Laramie; A S. Lau- rie Johnson; Scottsbluff, Nebraska; A S. Ronald Jones; Huntley; Ag. Rich- ard C. Jones; Rock Spring; Educ. Roy Jordan; Worland; Educ. 351 Fred R. Joseph; Wilmette, Illinois; Commerce. Francis Xavier Joswik; Casper; A and S. James A. Kamm; Powell; Agriculture. Robert B. Kayer; Laramie; A and S. Anne M. Keller; West Lafayette, Indiana; A and S. Stewart G. Kimble; Sheridan; Engi- neering. Bill M. Kinniburgh; Rawlins; Commerce. Gerald J. Kitchen; Denver, Colorado; A and S. Bernt Kristian Klafstad; Oslo, Norway; Engineering. Katherine Klingaman; Mitchell, South Dakota; A and S. Carla Klofkorn; Cheyenne; Pharmacy. Joan Kosmicke; Bridgeport, Nebraska Pharmacy. Hal K r a u s e ; Boseman Montana; A and S. Joseph H. Kuder Jackson; Commerce. Margaret Labbo Laramie; Education. Karen Lang; Laramie; Agriculture. Maynard Lang; Lake Hubert, Minne- sota; A and S. Betty Jean LaToush; Lusk; Home Economics. Max Edward Lawson; Green River; Engineering. Joan Brenda Layman; Casper: A and S. I Don Leary; San Bernardino, Califor- nia; Education. JoAnn Legoski; Wyar- no; Home Economics. Larry C. Lewis; Sodd Spring, Idaho; A and S. Sara Lewis; Riverton; Education. Robert Lind; Torrington; Engineering. Marvin Leroy Lippincott; Lyman, Ne- braska; Agriculture. Edward H. Lloyd, Jr.; Jackson; Agriculture. William Jo- seph Locker; Riverton; Agriculture. Kathy Logan; Riverton; Education. Ju- dith Kay Lohrenz; Powell; Education. Seniors 352 Erma Loseman; Rock Springs; Educa- tion. Jeannene E. Love; Laramie; Edu- cation. Paul Lowham; Evanston; Agri - culture. Lorraine H. Lowrie; Glenrock; Education. Sharon Kav Lucas; Casper; A S. Joanne Ludwig; Hutchinson, Kansas; Home Ec. Jane G. Luman; Riverton; A S. Richard E. Luman; Cheyenne; A S. Michael L. Lundgreen; Torring- ton; Engineering. Lauree Lynch; Balti- more, Md.; A S. J. Bruce MacDougall; Cheyenne; En- gineering. Darryl H. Mailander; Ama- rillo, Tex.; A S. Tony J. Monujano; Douglas; Education. Ward D. Mar- chant; Lovell; A S. Bill Marks; Chey- enne; Agriculture. Valerie Martens; Wheatland; Educa- tion; Ralph H. Martin; Evanston; Edu- cation. Mary Ann Matejovitz; Sheri- dan; A S. Jerry Maxwell; Midland, Mich.; Education. Margaret May; Cheyenne; Education. Sanda Lea Mayer; Sundance; Commer- ce. Mike Mead; Atherton, Calif.; A S. Roger Henry Melton; Torrington; Education. V. Frank Mendicino; Chey- enne; Commerce. Ralph Frank Menke; Elk Mountain; Engineering. William Breck Miller; Sheridan; Agri- culture. Jerry Miller; Casper; A S. Sharon Lee Millward; Jackson; A S. Larry Mitchell; Torrington; Education. Daniel J. Moberly; Cheyenne; A S. Robert Lewis Moncur; Laramie; Com- merce. D. Dennis Moody; Powell; Edu- cation. John C. Moore; Los Angeles, Calif.; Engineering. John W. Moore; Rapid City, S. Dak.; Commerce. Sue Ann Morgan; Laramie; Education. 353 David L. McPherson; Laramie; Eng. Robert W. Nagel; Casper; Eng. Ken- neth D. Neal; Wilson; A S. Thomas Wendell Neal; Cheyenne; A S. Martha M. Nelson; Laramie; Educ. Melvin H. Nelson; Thermopolis; Educ. Raymond Edward Newman; Denver, Colorado; Comm. Robert Leroy New- ton; Lander; Comm. Nancy Niethammer; Casper; Educ. Gordon Niswender, Gillette; Ag. Don- ald L. Norman; Torrington; Eng. John Michael O ' Conner; Mitchell, Nebraska; Eng. John E. CGrady; Coral Gables; Flor- ida; A S. Wi llard Eugene Ohlson; Cody; Eng. Jack C. Olson; Pine Bluffs; Pharm. Ray Olson; Rockford, 111.; Eng. Bill Mortimer; Green River; Ag. Ju- dith Jo Motes; Boulder, Colorado; A S. Ronald Edmond Mutch; So. Had- ley Falls, Mass.; A S. Penny Lou Myers; Dalton, Nebraska; Educ. Charles Kent McClain; Casper; A S. Allan D. McConnell; Laramie; A S. Phillip R. McGowad; Casper; Eng. Milton R. Mcintosh; Boulder, Colo- rado; Ag. George E. McJunkin; Supe- rior; Eng. Jacob McJunkin; Superior; Eng. Donald Edwin McKay; Laramie; A S. Jane McKinney; Casper; Comm. Mel McKnight; Lusk; Eng. Mickey McNickle; Sheridan; Comm. Bonnie Jean McPhee; Laramie; Comm. 354 Seniors Jack Osland; Laramie; A S. Gerald John Palmer; Evanston; Pharmacy. Constance Parker; Casper; Education. Bruce Arlin Parrill; Lander; Com- merce. Marc Joseph Pasquini; San Francisco, Calif.; Pharmacy. Dean K. Patterson; Laramie; A S. James Markham Payne; Laramie; En- gineering. Warren W. Pearson; Doug- las; A S. Donald Erick Peck; Casper; Engineering. Veronica J. Peeks; Chap- pell, Nebr.; Education. Ronald Adrian Peer; Laramie; Engi- neering; Carol Perkins; Laramie; Edu- cation. Dennis B. Perryman; Worland; Education. Leon L. Petersen; Laramie; Engineering. Ron Peterson; Big Springs, Nebr.: Commerce. Wilma Peterson; Laramie; A S. Mil- ton Quinn; Laramie; Commerce. John Allen Raines; Cheyenne; Ind. Engi- neering. Gerry W. Rankin; Buffalo Gap, So. Dak.; Agriculture. Gary Reynolds; Cheyenne; Engineer- ing. M. Afzal; Rexayee, Kabul, Afgan- istan; Engineering. Leland E. Rhoads; Watertown, S. Dak.; Education. Noel M. Richardson; Meeteetse; Engineer- ing. Betty Ann Rickman; Laramie; Educa- tion. Earl R. Risberg; Laramie; A S. Bennett B. Robbins; Laramie; Mechan- ical Engineering. Phil Robinson; Sher- idan; Education. James D. Roby; Boulder, Colo.; Edu- cation. Raul N. Rodriquez; Torring- ton; A S. Charles Michael Roman; Laramie; Engineering. A. J. Rose; Lar- amie; A S. 355 Need some help? Louis S. Roussalis; Casper; A and S. David Roupp; Denver, Colorado; A and S. John Henry Runge; Laramie; Electrical Engineering. Ruth Rush; La- ramie; Education. John J. Rust; Doug- las; Pharmacy. Judy A. Ryun; Lovell; A and S. My- ron E. Saltmarsh; Dayton; Law. Molly Sampson; Sheridan; Nursing. Peggy Jo Sandison; Casper; Elementary Educa- tion. Barbara Ann Sanford; Cheyenne; Elementary Education. J e r o 1 d Don Sandvig; Webster City, Iowa; Business Administration. Jay Dee Schaeter; Lusk; Music. Heidi Schneider; Pampa, Texas; Speech. Lar- ry Schneider; Laramie; Pharmacy. Don L. Schultze; Cheyenne; Accounting. Eddie E. Scott; Sheridan; Engineering. Jerry Seaman; Saratoga; Pre. Med. and Pharmacy. Judy Seivert; Rock Springs; Business Education. Jane Seltenrich; Laramie; English. Leonard J. Serdink; Cheyenne; Zoology. Rene B. Shaffer; Laramie; Physical Education. Bryan D. S h e e d y ; Big Horn; Engineering. Ken Sherwin; Cas- per; Vocational Agriculture. James A. Simmons; Sheridan; Accounting. Anita Simon; Cheyenne: Languages. graduates David L. Sims; Rock Springs; Stat. Robert S. Sims; Rock Springs; Bus. Adm. Rockney Skinner; Pringle, S. Dak.; Music Ed. Quentin Skinner; Pinedale; Educ. Phil Small; Sheridan; Pharmacy. Blake T. Smith; Lovell; Educ. Leah Jane Smith; Palmerton, Penna.; A S. John H. Smidt; Burt, Iowa; Sec. Educ. Mary Smith; Ramah, Colo.; Comm. Sally Smith; Buffalo; Educ. Tucker Smith; Pinedale; A S. Verne Smith; Wheatland; C.E. Golden C. Snell, Jr.; Cowley; Educ. Dario Soto; Pine Bluffs; Educ. Robert Jay South; Worland; Educ. Fred Sov- yak; Laramie; M. E. Richard J. Spangler; Cody; A S. Guy Spear; Thermopolis; A S. William L. Spears; Casper; A S. Stanley Speckner; Lingle; Comm. Jack Speight; Laramie; A S. James A. Spence; Reliance; Engr. Richard E. Spicka; Laramie; Engr. Dean V. States; Sheridan; Educ. Ron Stebner; Laramie; A S. Clarence Steege; Burns; Ag. Charles Stevens; Nebraska; Engr. Lynn James Stevens; Pine Bluffs, Ag. Jody Ann Stewart; Sacramento, Calif.; Pharm. Herbert A. Strother; Laramie; Educ. Louise Stump; Thermopolis; Pharm. Melvin D. Sullivan; Craig, Colo.; Pharm. 357 4 " il Jan Talbert; Cheyenne; Educ. Charley Tamblyn; Pinedale; Engr. Duncan Ter- ry; Sheridan; Engr. Luella Lee Thayer; Lusk; Home Ec. Marjorie Elaine Tho- nen; Cheyenne; Educ. Don T. Thoren; Shoshoni; Comm. Shir- ley Thorpe; Thermopolis; Educ. Dick Titus; Cheyenne; Engr. Kenneth L. Tompkins; Laramie; Engr. George W. Townsend; Manderson; Engr. Kathy Trabookis; Superior; Educ. En- rique Traverso; Juliaca, Peru; Ag. Danny Trevino; Cheyenne; Educ. Jo- an Trierweiler; Buffalo; Comm. John Triplett; McKinnon; Engr. John Troughton; Mt. View; A S. Benny Tucker; Jackson; Engr. Thad H. Turk; Laramie; Comm. William Van Alstine; Casper; Math. Sharon Van Court; Ft. Monroe, Virginia; Educ. Shirley Vandenberg; Big Horn; Educ. Richard Vanderberg; Scottsbluff, Ne- braska; Econ. Larry K. Verley; River- ton; Comm. Marilyn Walck; Saratoga; Home Ec. Karen Waliser; Saratoga; Educ. Sandra Walker; Burlington, Iowa; Educ. James C. Walters; Buffalo; Engr. Doris Washburn; Billings, Montana; History. Rosemary Watkins; Casper; Comm. Marshall Watne; Laramie; Mu- sic. Ivan Weekly; Cheyenne; Comm. Allyn Wells; Jackson; Engr. Robert L. White; Rawlins; Engr. Bernard P. Whitehouse; Louisville, Kentucky; Educ. Bob H. Whitney; Idaho Falls, Idaho; Poli. Sci. 358 Seniors Dixie Beth Williams; Tie Siding; Home Ec. Joe Williams; Laramie; Chemistry. Milt Williams; Cheyenne; Ag. Monte Williams; Pratt, Kansas; Educ. Rus- sell Williams; Cheyenne; Pre. Med. Robert Wiloth; Midwest; Educ. Ken- neth Wilson; Cheyenne; Commerce. Marvin Wilson; Jackson; Educ. Wil- liam Wimpenny; Riverton; Commerce. Larry Windsome; Lusk; Engr. Gunnar Wold; Oslo, Norway; Engr. Kenneth Wole; Gillette; Engr. Jerry Wolski; Muskegon, Mich.; Commerce. Roger Worman; Laramie; Educ. Don Abraham; Akron, Iowa; Physics. graduates Thomas Aksamit; Deming, New Mex- ico; Civil Engr. Rajab Ali; Herat, Af- ghanistan; Physics. Frank Andrews; Laramie; Law. William Andrews; Cas- per; Educ. William Bagley; Afton; Ag. Forest Baston: Cowley; Chemistry. Everett Belden; Wheatland; Microbi- ology. Capt. Walter Biggs; Long Island, New York; Mechanical Engineering. Carl Birklund; Grinnell, Iowa; Guid- ance Educ. Darwyn Bishop; Jal, New Mexico; Animal Husbandry. John Bowie; Milton, Mass.; Geology. Margaret Bush; Forest City, Missouri; Music; Jim Carothers; Oklahoma; Ag. Edgardo Castro; Areguipa, Peru; Ge- ology. Rayburn Chadwick; Laramie; Electrical Engr. 359 graduates Braj Nordan Chaudbary; Agriculture; India. Capt. James Choromokos; Civil Engineering; Florida. Michael Conner; Chemistry; Jackson. Virginia E. Cor- gan; Business Ed.; Laramie. Gary H. Darnall; Agriculture; Nebraska. James Raymond Davis; Geology; Ore- gon. Kent Davis; Psychology; Colo- rado. Bob Dettloff; Guidance Ed.; North Dakota. Evva DeVeraux; Eng- lish; Grover. Leslie G. Dunnington; Guidance; Missouri. Richard J. Ebens; Geology; Illinois. Lawrence D. Emmons; Electrical Engi- neering; Laramie. LouAnn Engdahl; Elementary Education; Moorcroft. James G. Erickson; Zoology; Laramie. Allan Fehr; Agriculture; North Da- kota. Jim Felt; Electrical Engineering; Ne- braska. Ed Fullerton; American Stud- ies; Missouri. Elsie C. Gardner; Busi- ness Education; Afton. Franklin Gard- ner; Business Education; Afton. Don- ald N. Glass; Commerce; Riverton. Martin Alva Hamilton; Commerce; Torrington. Dale L. Hanken; Second- ary Education; Minnesota. Richard D. Hanly; Mechanical Engineering; Wor- land. Ken Harris; Education; Evan- ston. Thelma Harvey; Education; Rawlins. Paul Henry; Physics; Frannie. Jimmie L. Hicks; Physiology; Laramie. Sally M. Hicks; Nursing; Big Horn. Dennis Stuart Hodge; Geology; Illinois. Lee Holder; Adult Education; Chey- enne. William A. Holliday; Industrial Management; Laramie. Earl W. Cham- berlain; Agriculture; LaGranse. 360 Larry Hulbert; Electrical Engineering; Nebraska. Mac A. Hutchins; Business Education; Cheyenne. Harvey S. Ideus; Guidance; Nebraska. J. Terry Iver- son; Pol. Sci.; Worland. Kenneth E. Jesse; Physics; Illinois. Richard Jessen; A S; Illinois. Cecil Johnson; Guidance Council; Lara- mie. Wayne Jones; Ag.; Laramie. John Raymond Juroshek; Electrical Engi- neering; Sheridan. Madonna Boky Key- ser; Elem. Ed.; Laramie. Everett H. Killam; Engineering; New Hampshire. Don Kinn; Entomology; Laramie. Wayne Landen; Mech. Engr.; Ohio. Jack L. Laughlin; Law; Utah. Elizabeth Ann Mackrille; Art; Calif. Nancy Ann Mauk; Eng.; Texas. Louis F. Meek; Guid. Ed.; Laramie. Fred Miller; Law; Cheyenne. Richard A. Mirch; Civ. Engr.; New York. Law- rence Mitich; Agronomy; Newcastle. Ed Moeller; Law; Sheridan. Dost Mo- hammad; Microbiology; Afghanistan. George Q. Moses; Chemistry; Mon- tana. Mohammed Nadir N a w a b i ; Chemistry; Afghanistan. Carolyn Sher- man Peterson; Elem. Ed.; Cheyenne. Lloyd C. Pickett; Adult Ed.; Laramie. Jim Price; Elect. Eng.; Cheyenne. Pun- dareekakshudu; Geology; India. Habib Quaraishi; American Production; Af- ghanistan. Edith C. Rennick; Zoology; Torrington. James M. Roberts; Law; Colorado. Roy C. Robinette; Engr.; Virginia. Mi- chael K. Rodda; Elect. Engr.; Casper. Joseph C. Rothsten; Zoology; Laramie. Shah Samin; Ag.; Afghanistan. 361 Raymond Sands; Pittsburgh, Penn.; Bus. Ad. Robert Schaap; Laramie; Commerce. Sandra Schaefer; Laramie; Music. Roberta Schenk; Cheyenne j Elem. Ed. Stuart Schoenburg; Phoenix, Arizona; Law. David Seger; Rapid City, S. Dak.; Law. Alwynelle Self; Shreveport, La.; Zoo. Thomas Shader; Casper; Commerce. Robert Shoppard; Laramie; Education. Kharag Singh; Kabul, Afghanistan; Ag. Rajeshwar Sinha; Bihar, India; Ag. Jack Sinn; Laramie; A S. Clifford Smith; Lingle; Ag. Duane Smith; Lara- mie; Commerce. Joseph Snow; Chey- enne; Physics. La Donna Snyder; New London, Ohio; Home Ec. Bruce Soderholm; Laramie; Law. Kenneth Somers; Osage; Elec- trical Engr. Prasert Songtis; Trang, Thailand; Elec. Engr. Jesse Stokes; Laramie; Educ. David Stuart; Tacoma, Washington; Psychology. Mike Sullivan; Douglas; Law. Dennis Tate; Cheyenne; Spanish. Bekele Tenagne; Addis Ababa; E thi- opia; A S. Robert Thibearlt; Lara- mie; Educ. Michael Tierman; Commack, N.Y.; Zoo. Hissashi Tsurtank; Nagasaki, Ja- pan; Eng. Fred Walter; Billings, Mon- tana; Engr. John T. Wasserburger; Hat Creek; Engr. Marjorie Wasserburger; Rushville, Nebr.; Ed. James G. Watt; Wheatland; Law. Jer- ry Allen Yaap; Law. Don Yestness; Yellowstone Park; Ed. Roy Alfred Zitting; Idaho; A S. 362 Abbott, Charles M., 270, 152 Abel, Robert H. Abell, Geraldine L., 270 Abeyta, Alex Jr., 148 Abraham, Donald Ray, 359 Achziger, John Henry Acker, Jordie Lee Ackerson, David Gary, 270 Ackerson, Janice Gail, 270 Adam, Osman Mohamed, 270 Adams, Bryan Robert, 270 Adams, Charles Keith, 270 Adams, Dolores Luyre, 270 Adams, George Earl, 344 Adams, Gwinavere Ann, 270, 197, 234 Adams, Jack Gordon, 344 Adams, John Conway, 270 Adams, Patricia B., 270 Adams, Patricia Ann, 270, 141 Adams, Robert Newell, 270, 185 Adams, Roderick B., 270 Adams, William Ernest, 270 Addington, Dean G. Adkins, Ella Wave, 270 Agee, Richard Ellis, 270, 205, 248 Ahern, Michael Bill, 270 Ahl, James Gilmore, 270 Ahlbrandt, Calvin D. Aho, William Albert, 270 Ahrlin, Leroy, 270, 138 Aimonetto, Cherie A., 270, 191 Akers, Margaret June, 270 Aksamit, Thomas J., 358 Alburn, Cary R. Ill, 271, 215 Aldrich, Loren Jewell Alexander, Linda Kay, 270 Alexander, Linda Lee, 271, 141 Alexander, Ray Lee, 271 Alford, James Charles Ali, Rajab, 358 Allard, Gerald D. Jr., 271, 205, 248 Allard, William L., 271 Allen, Eugene Denette, 271 Allen, Gerald Robert, 232 Allen, James Franklin Allen, John Logan, 271, 212, 124, 180, 146 Allen, Linda K., 271 Allen, Mary Louise, 271, 191, 142, 153 Allen, Merridy Ann, 271 Allen, Sandra Lee, 271 Allen, Verne Kyle Allen, William Lee Alley, Barbara, 271, 184, 26, 25 Alley, Harold Pugmire Alley, Joan Alley, Nadra J. Dayton Allison, Marian Jane, 344 Allison, Trudi Jo, 271 Almen, Donald S. Alsup, Jack Murphy, 344, 202, 150 Alsup, Patrick Mark, 232 Alsup, William Myer, 154 Altergott, Ruby Kaye, 271 fadex Ames, Beverly Jo, 271, 141 Ames, Shelby Ann Amrein, Paul Anthony, 271 Amrhein, Joan Louise, 271 Amundson, Larry C, 271 Anderson, Andrew L., 344 Anderson, Archie D. Anderson, Betty A., 271 Anderson, Duane, 271, 215, 155 Anderson, Cherie Jo Anderson, Donnell Dee, 271 Anderson, Eloise A. Anderson, Jack Burton, 271 Anderson, James D. Anderson, James Earl, 271, 186 Anderson, Jay Herbert Anderson, John Hardin, 271 Anderson, John Moyle, 271, 177, 178 Anderson, Judith Lee, 344, 194, 127 Anderson, Lloyd Earl, 271 Anderson, Lyle Ray, 344, 213 Anderson, Michael H., 271 Anderson, Richard T., 344, 186, 148 Anderson, Robert N., 344, 213 Anderson, William Lee, 344 Anderson, William M., 344 Andrau, Barbara Joan, 344, 184 Andree, Janyce Lauren Andrew, Stephen R., 271, 147 Andrews, Beverly Hoel Andrews, Floyd D. Andrews, Frank M. Jr., 148 Andrews, Rex, 166 Andrews, Helen Merope, 271 Andrews, Sammy S., 271, 205 Andrews, William T., 358 Andrikopoulos, John G. Angelovich, John M., 271, 199, 152 Angle, Chesley Ward Angulo, Luis Roberto Anker, Bruce, 271, 212, 142, 152 Anna, E. Joseph, 272 Annala, Carl Alvin Anselmi, Robert Louis, 272 Anson, Joann Mamie, 185, Joan Amie Anthony, Nancy N., 272, 191 Arant, Albert F., 272 Archibald, William E., 344, 265 Archuleta, Eugene R., 272 Argento, Clair, 247, 245 Argeris, Tommy John, 244 Argyle, Janey Bernice, 272 Armentrout, Bruce G. Armentrout, Marlene D. Armijo, George, 272, 199, 166, 165 Armstrong, Jacquelyn Armstrong, Dale D., 272 Arney, Anita Louise, 272, 153 Arney, Rex Odell, 344, 186, 126, 17 Arnold, Lois Jean, 272 Arnold, Margaret Anna, 344, 139, 154 Arnold, Pauline E., 344 Arnold, Rudolph Paul, 272 Arp, Adrian Lynn, 272 Asa, Leland Forrest Asay, Carla Vee, 272, 141 Ashenhurst, Larry, 344, 199, 123, 17, 265 Ashment, Alma Dee Ashment, Linda Toro Ashmore, Dianne L. Ashmore, Glenn L., 272 Asiala, Carl F. Jr., 272, 186 Asplund, Colleen Atchley, Jerry Martin, 272 Atchley, Jimmie O., 272, 159 Atkins, Ronald Leroy Atkinson, Neal R., 272 Atkinson, Thomas W. Atkinson, Willard T. Atwill, Charles F., 272, 183 Atwood, Jim James, 272, 202 Atwood, Richard D., 344 Augsbach, Karen Ann, 272, 190 Augustin, Jean J., 272 Austin, Richard E., 272 Averett, Thomas Z., 344 Avery, Ed Doyle, 272 Avery, Elaine Elvira Aydelott, Frances H. B Babel, Nancy Barbara, 272, 143 Babiker, Bushra Ahmed, 272 Baccari, Larry Daniel, 272 Backer, Max Leander Backlund, Nancy Lee, 272, 181, 264 Bacon, Richard Dean, 344 Bader, Sharon Lea, 272, 131 Baggs, David James, 272 Bagley, Eugene Milton, 272, 186 Bagley, William B., 272, 148 Bagley, William D., 358, 209 Bailey, James Robert, 272 Bailey, Janice Kay, 272 Bailey, Michael R. Bailey, Ronald E., 272 Bailey, Vonona Edith, 272, 190 Bailey, William K. Baird, James, 272, 159 Baird, Roderick E., 272 Baker, Barbara Jean Baker, Betty Ann, 272 Baker, Bobbie Jean Mr. Baker, Dalton Wayne, 272 Baker, Duane Ellis, 344 Baker, Gary Edwin, 273 Baker, Howard James, 273 Baker, James Cass, 344, 205 Baker, Janet Lee, 273, 203 Baker, Mary Jean Fox Baker, Michael John, 273 Baker, Susan Patricia, 273 Baker, Wayne Barry, 273 Baker, William L., 273, 155 Baldes, Richard J. Baldock, Jerry W. P. Baldridge, Robert C. Baldwin, Edwin Lewis Baldwin, Lola Proffit, 273 Baldwin, Melvin R., 273 363 Balison, Jeffrey Ross Balka, Mucho Berri, 273, 152 Ball, Dorothy Ann, 273 Ball, Linda Kae, 273 Ball, Ruth Louise Ball, Stanley Eugene, 344 Ballard, Suzanne, 273 Balls, Mack B., 232 Banks, Joan Marie, 344, 184, 144 Barban, Reno Luciano, 159, 232 Barbour, Gerald E., 273 Barbour, Phillip M., 148 Barbula, P. Marvin Bard, Arthur Elroy Jr. Bardo, Richard Dale, 273, 139, 138, 166 Bardo, Susan Blue, 344, 190, 122 Barger, Bonnie Lee, 273, 131 Barker, Edward Henry, 273 Barker, Thomas, 273 Barkman, Helen Elvira, 344 Barkman, Orvin Gene Barnard, Janet Barnes, Cloyd Willis Barnes, Emily M., 130 Barnes, Kenneth F., 273, 215 Barnes, Renee Louise, 273 Barnes, Vernon H. Barnes, Walter Lee, 273, 199 Barr, James Raymond Barrett, James Robert, 273 Barrows, Edward Gates Barry, Richard, 273, 232 Bartek, Paul Bartholomew, Kathryn, 273 Bartos, Ralph Joseph, 274 Bashford, Karen L. Bashford, Leonard L., 232 Bass, Marion Albert Bassett, Judy Truane, 274 Bassett, William G., 344, 150 Bassford, Gerald L., 134 Baston, Grant Dale, 344, 186 Baston, Janet Evelyn, 344 Baston, Virgil F., 358, 154 Bateman, Richard John, 274, 212, 154 Bates, Billy Gordon, 274, 205 Bates, Dwight Lee Bates, Jay Edmond Bath, James Leroy, 274, 158 Bath, Mary Brockmann, 274 Battisti, Roger John Battisti, Ruby Lyle Batton, Jaseper F. Jr., 344, 157 Batz, Gilbert James Bauer, Welby Garrold Baum, Bobbie Jean Bauman, Myles Alfred, 274, 159, 156 Baxter, Judith Anne, 274 Bayert, Mary Ann Reed Bayne, Mina Liden, 274 Bays, Gerald Franklin, 274 Beach, John Laurence, 274 Beach, R. Kenneth Beahm, Jack Royce, 344 Beal, Richard Lynn, 148 Bean, Dave R., 274 Bean, Grant Laverne Beardsley, William S., 274 Beaty, James Philip, 344, 186, 145 Beaver, Karen Kay B., 344 Beaver, Winford S., 344 Beavers, Donald Kieth, 345 Beavers, E. Jeanette, 274 Beck, Paul Joseph Becker, James Andrew, 345 Beckett, Paul Tucker Bedient, Douglas O., 274 Behning, Richard A., 134, 232 Beierle, Gerald Dean, 345, 130 Beierle, Ruth Ann, 274, 130, 136 Beilke, Ernestine W. Belden, Everett Lee, 359 Belecky, April E., 274, 137 Belecky, Robert James, 345 Bell, Alan Ray Bell, Jerry Yates Bell, Jimmie Raymond Bell, John William Bell, Lawrence Leroy, 274 Bell, Leon Joseph Bellamy, Agnes Louise Bellamy, John Cary II, 274, 209, 155, 146 Belser, Nat, 274 Belt, Leslie Leland, 345, 195 Beltz, M. Lynn, 275, 191 Belus, James Joe, 157 Bement, David K. Bement, Laurence John, 275, 156, 158 Bender, Charles Larry Bengtson, Richard Lee, 275, 157 Benn, Calla Jean Benn, David, 275 Benner, George Louis Bennett, Jack Dale, 275 Bennett, Roy Elmer, 275 Benson, Albert Henry, 275, 212 Benson, Gary Neil, 275 Bent, Riena Ann, 275 Benton, Elizabeth S. Benton, Ralph A. Jr. Bentzel, Frank Lewis, 275 Berg, Kathleen Rose, 275 Berg, Thomas Lloyd, 275, 205 Bergamo, Fred Charles Bergenhagen, Jerry L. Berger, Jerry Allen, 275 Berggren, Harry S. Bergstrom, Robert C. Berkey, Anne Ruth Berman, Gerald Leroy, 275 Bernaski, Priscilla B., 275 Bernatow, James H., 275 Bernatow, William R., 275, 245 Bernhardt, Steven L., 275 Bernstein, Joel H. Bero, Floyd Joseph Berrier, John Lee Jr., 345, 162, 157 Berry, Charles Wade, 345 Berry, Micheal Nick, 345 Berta, Victor Thomas, 345 Bertagnolli, Frank Q., 275 Bettes, Mary Kathlyn, 275 Beyer, Carl Walter, 275 Beyer, Patsy Louise, 345 Bickel, Raymond W., 275 Bickel, Thomas C. Biggs, Levi Jr., 275 Biggs, Walter J. Jr., 359 Bille, Mary Josephine, 275, 143 Bills, Edward Warren, 275 Bindschadler, Lela J., 275, 139, 153, 147 Bingham, Darrell A. Birch, Marilyn, 275, 130, 141, 136 Bird, James, 275 Birklund, Carl H., 359 Bisacre, Robert C, 134, 232 Bisbee, David N., 345 Bischoff, Ann, 345 Bishop, Darwyn V., 359 Bishop, Donald Thomas, 345 Bishop, Hattie F., 345 Bishop, John T. Ill Bishop, Welker Henry Bixby, Carole M., 275 Black, Douglas Claude, 275 Black, James Arvin, 275 Black, Sherman P. Black, Susan Kay Black, Thomas Alan Blackburn, Jack Eldon, 345 Blackert, Terry Lee, 275 Blaha, Richard Dean, 345 Blair, Alan Douglas Blake, Lynda Lee, 275, 130 Blakely, Sherilyn Kay, 275 Blank, Carla Mary, 275 Blankenship, James O., 275 Blaydon, Christopher, 275 Blincow, Gary Wayne, 275, 193 Blodgett, Carol Lee, 275 Blodgett, John Edmond, 275 Bloom, Charles W., 275, 186 Blount, Curt C, 275, 205, 259 Blount, Judith D. Bock, Jeffrey Raymond, 275 Bodine, Kathleen, 275, 141 Boedeker, Ruth Elaine, 275, 139 Boedeker, Susan Leona Bogan, James Edward, 275 Boilsen, Kenneth Ray, 275 Boldman, Glenn Howard, 275 Bolln, Francis Otto Boltjes, Henry F. Jr., 275 Bolton, George W. Bommer, Timothy J., 345 Bondi, Kuyler Moore Bonicelli, Francinne, 345, 164 Bonnell, William R., 275 Bonner, Anne, 276, 191, 216, 264, 153, 179 Bonner, John Davis Jr., 345, 209, 31, 163, 88, 128 Bonner, Linda Elmer, 345, 195 Bonomo, Jolenc Marie, 276, 131 Bonsell, James E., 276, 193, 24 Bonsell, Wesley W. Bookout, Donald Wayne, 345, 148, 166 Booth, Frances Friar Booth, Michael Gerald, 276, 188 Booth, Stanton Clive, 276, 248, 250 Borgen, Sonja Lynn, 276 Boroff, Caroline C, 276 Borszcz, John, 276, 199, 245 Bosch, Vernon Lee, 345, 153, 158 Boswell, Kent, 276, 212 Bottoms, Judith Ann Boughn, Candace, 276, 203 364 Boulter, Kenneth A., 276, 140 Boulter, Larry Bruce, 276, 140 Bounds, Terrell B. Jr., 276, 199 Bourne, Arthur Dixon, 345, 186 Bourret, Steven C, 376 Bovos, Louis Harry Jr. Bowen, Jerry Robert, 276, 245 Bower, Charelene Gail, 276 Bower, Gretchen, 276, 194, 25 Bowers, Richard Allen Bowie, Dora Elizabeth Bowie, John Henderson, 359 Bowland, Bob R. Jr., 276 Bowles, Cynthia Bowles, Lorene Jo Bowman, Carol Lynn, 164 Bowman, Linda Louise, 276, 195, 180, 146 Boyd, Gail, 276 Boyd, Rogene Frances, 276 Boyles, Thomas D., 276, 205, 245 Boyt, Richard, 276 Brabetz, Marjorie Ann, 276 Braden, Marianne L., 276 Braden, Donna Lavaun, 276 Bradley, Gary, 276 Bradshaw, Blaine Bradshaw, Lorena Lynn, 345 Bradshaw, Pauline L. Brady, Marie J., 276, 131 Braes, Barbara A., 276, 184 Braisted, Kathleen L., 276, 203 Brandenburg, Charles, 154 Brandner, Almeda Mae, 276 Brandt, Paul A. Ill, 276 Branscom, Joan C, 345 Brasher, Sherry Ann, 276, 141 Brater, Robert George, 276, 158 Bratton, Jeanne Marie Bratton, Robert E., 276 Brauer, Elmer Lloyd Braunschweig, Robert, 276, 186 Breece, Jenanne N. Breezy, Ted A., 276 Bregar, Wilbert Lee, 276 Brennafl, Sheila, 346, 197 Brenner, Dick, 276, 209 Bresson, Amel Bruce Bridge, James Bridge, Molly R. Briggs, Kim Laurence, 276 Briggs, Robert Vance Briggs, Jack, 346, 183 Brigham, Fred L. Jr., 277 Bright, Thomas Jerry, 277 Brighton, Keith James, 277, 212 Brimhall, Phil B., 346 Brimmer, Patricia A., 277, 203, 135, 178 Briscoe, Linda Marie, 277, 194, 131 Brittain, Dennis F., 346, 199, 248, 250 Britton, Arlene Kay, 277 Britton, Robert Earl Brock, Jack Monroe, 277 Brock, James Cameron, 277, 137 Brockman, Paul Cecil, 346 Brodersen, Bryan B., 277 Brodrick, Michael A., 277, 212 Brookover, Paul S., 346, 205 Brooks, Asa Clayton Brooks, Edward Payton, 148 Brookshire, Kathleen, 277 Broomall, William Jr., 277 Brough, H. O. Brow, Gaylord T., 346, 162, 157 Brown, Bonnie Louise, 195, 216, 25, 264 Brown, A., 277 Brown, Dennis Jay Brown, Donald Leroy, 277, 212, 147 Brown, Donald Owen, 212 Brown, Donald R., 277, 199 Brown, Doris Anita, 277, 184, 29, 130 Brown, Frederick J., 277 Brown, George Milton, 277, 158 Brown, Jane Ann, 195 Brown, Joan Mardelle, 277, 147 Brown, John Edward, 277 Brown, John Rodney, 148 Brown, Joye Evonne, 346, 197, 163, 145, 16, 128 Brown, Kermit C, 277 Brown, Leda Ann, 346 Brown, Lynn Albert, 346, 162, 156, 160 Brown, Robert E. Brown, Shirley Rae, 277, 153, 144 Brown, Stanley K. Brown, Terry Harold, 277, 209 Brown, Sylvan Echo, 346 Brown, Thomas M. Jr. Brown, Wyo Jon Brownell, Vicki M., 277 Browning, Lawrence A., 277 Brownlee, Nancy Long, 346 Brownlee, Romie Les, 346 Brownlee, Theodore D. Bruce, Virginia Anne Brue, Jerry Harold, 277, 183 Brugman, Glenn E., 277 Bruner, Donald Dean, 277 Brunner, Robert Don, 277, 212 Bruns, Colleen L., 277, 203 Bryan, Dale K., 277, 161 Bryan, Eugene Howe, 163 Bryan, Sharon T. Bryant, Stanley S., 277, 157 Bryant, Edward Hunter, 277 Bryant, Mary Frances, 277, 197 Brynicki, Elvira E., 277, 130 Bublitz, James David, 232, 265 Buchanan, John Kay, 343, 205, 158 Buchanan, John W. Jr., 346, 205, 158 Buchanan, Neil Duncan, 277 Buchholz, Duane Carl, 346 Buchholz, John A. Jr., 346, 183 Buchmiller, Terry A. Budd, Mary Kaye, 277, 203 Bugg, John Stephen, 277 Bukowich, Pete V. Bullinger, Kenneth R., 278 Bullock, G. Eugene, 346 Bullock, James M. Bullock, Linda Gay Bundy, Donald Duane Bunning, Jeanne L., 278 Burcher, David Palmer Burdett, Robert James, 278 Burdick, James 278, 186 Burdick, Sara E., 278, 191, 208, 116, 153, 264 Burgess, Terry Lee, 278, 145 Burke, Andrew, 278, 212, 265 Burke, Janet Lyford, 278, 184 Burke, William Elwood Burkey, Larry Eugene Burley, Thomas Allen, 148 Burman, Robert Duane Burnette, Barry C, 346, 212, 127 Burnette, Garry W., 346, 212 Burnham, Beverly June Burns, Darleen Joyce, 278 Burns, James Nicholas, 346 Burns, John Patrick, 278, 151, 143 Burns, Robert Homer Burnside, Richard C. Burrill, Bonnie Rae Burritt, Edward C. Burrowes, Jeanne Ann Burrows, Roy Eugene, 346 Burton, Charles Lee Burton, James Lee Burzlaff, Beverly Ann, 278 Busch, Marion E., 278 Bush, Larry Lynn, 278, 183 Bush, George Hunter, 278 Bush, Gilbert Bryon, 278 Bush, Lurleen Adele, 278, 143 Bush, Margaret Ann, 359 Busia, Richard M., 233 Butcher, Burton Ty Butcher, Clyde L. Butcher, Roger Orear Butcher, Ronice Rhae Butler, David Edwin, 278, 150 Butler, Jerry Frank, 343, 147 Butler, Jane, 278, 190, 26 Butscher, Robert S., 278 Buttenob, Michael A., 233 Buzan, Jean, 278, 184 C Cable, Lana Fayrenne, 278, 191 Cadman, Donald Leigh, 278, 252 Cadwell, Howard Carl Cady, Frederick C, 346, 205, 124 Cady, Jim Walter, 278 Cahalane, Roberta Ann Caldwell, Jerry Lynne, 278 Caldwell, Mary W., 278 Caligiore, Marie A., 278, 143 Calkins, Jerry Milan, 278, 212, 152 Call, Duane T., 346, 186 Call, Gerald Walter, 279 Call, Linda Sue, 279, 147 Callahan, Mary E. Callison, Joyce Irene, 279 Calvert, Jerry W., 279, 183 Campbell, Celia Ann, 279 Campbell, James C, 348 Campbell, John Bryan, 147 Campbell, Kirk Blaine, 279 Campbell, Rita May Campbell, Robert A., 279, 140 Campbell, Ronnie Kay, 279, 130, 137 Campbell, Stephen A., 346 Canaday, Martha Joyce, 279, 130 Canfield, Jack Dennis, 279, 143 Carley, Bonita Jo, 279 Carlisle, Sandra L. Carlson, Carolyn Ann, 279 Carlson, Karen Ruth, 279 Carlson, S. Craig, 279 365 Carlson, Stephen E., 279, 186 Carlton, John Walter, 279, 152 Carmichael, David H., 279, 205, 24 Carmin, Joe Lem Jr., 279 Carothers, Jimmy D., 359, 252 Carpenter, Robert L., 279 Carroll, Jan Herbert, 279, 158 Carruth, Dennis E., 279 Cartwright, Anne, 279 Carver, Gary Scott, 279, 156, 160 Cary, Lawrence Ernest, 279 Case, Henry Wilbur, 132 Castberg, James Poe, 346, 212, 148 Caster, Charlene Ella, 279, 131 Casto, Sharon Kay, 279 Castro, Edgardo Jesus, 359 Catchpole, Glenn Jay, 279 Catron, Charles E. Cattrell, Edward B., 346 Caturia, Scott Allen, 245 Cavalli, Patricia Ann, 279 Cave, Darla Dea, 346, 195, 145 Cazin, Carol Ann, 280, 141 Cecil, Larry Eugene, 280 Ceretto, Gilbert Wade Cetrone, Donald Lee, 346, 155 Chadderdon, Phillip D. Chadwick, Rayburn E., 359 Challman, Charles D. Chalmers, James A. Chamberlain, B. Louise, 280, 144 Chamberlain, Earl W., 360 Chamberlin, Robert L., 280 Chambers, Susan J., 280 Champion, Sarah E. Champlin, Robt. Louis Chandler, Cheryl Lynn, 280, 203 Chang, Mung Lin Chapel, Stephen W., 280 Chapman, Richard D. Chappell, Richard Lee, 280, 151 Chase, Ronald Eugene Chastain, Calvin H. Chattopadhyay, J. K. Chaudhary, Braj N., 360 Chaussart, Catherine Cheesbrough, Lawrence, 280 Chelesvig, Joseph A., 346, 134, 245, 147 Chen, Tai On Bernard Cheney, Mary Kay, 208, 151 Chestine, Sharon M., 280 Childers, Jack Bynum, 280, 163 Childers, Sandra Lynn Chinwah, Joshua O., 346, 130, 151 Chionis, George John, 137 Chitwood, Margaret I. Choate, Ray, 280, 212 Choromokos, James Jr., 360 Chouinard, James L. Chrisman, William C, 280 Christensen, Anthony, 280, 132, 161 Christensen, Beryl D., 346 Christensen, David V., 280 Christensen, Jo Ann, 280 Christensen, James L. Christensen, Joanne L. Christensen, Madge Christensen, Paul A., 280, 252 Christensen, Ray A., 280, 215 Christensen, Robert A. Christiansen, Don T., 346 Christinck, Thomas L. Christopher, Johnny L. Christopherson, M. Church, Robert Wesley Clapp, William Lee, 280 Clark, Alexander, 280 Clark, Barbara Jean, 347 Clark, Clifford Alan, 280 Clark, Darrell L. Clark, Donald William, 280, 212 Clark, Glenn Edwin Clark, John B. Jr., 280, 212 Clark, Joyce L. Thorvaldson, 347 Clark, Larry Arthur, 280 Clark, Dick Thomas, 280, 193 Clark, Pete, 280, 183, 146 Clark, Richard Warren, 347, 209 Clark, Robert John, 347 Clark, Rolland Lee Clark, Samuel Douglas, 280 Clark, Sandra E. Clark, Vera Marion Clark, William L. Jr., 280, 212 Clarke, David R., 280 Clarkson, Merton A. Clary, Maurice Clay, 280, 153 Claussen, Dwayne N., 281 Clay, Davey Lee Clifton, Bryan Rex, 281 dinger, Ardith Joyce dinger, Kirby Duke Clizbe, James, 281, 205 Clizbe, Ronnie Dee, 347, 150 Clough, Mary Joanne, 281 Clymore, Dennis Earl, 281 Cobb, Jack Earl, 248 Coddington, Neil A., 281 Cody, Bruce Joseph, 281, 210, 24, 152 Cody, Robert Dow Coe, Charlotte Rita Coe, Gordon Joseph Coe, Stephen Malin Coe, Suzanne Coffee, Jean Ramona, 281 Coffee, Robert W., 281 Cogswell, Jerry C, 281 Colby, Sandra Sue, 281 Cole, Harold W. Jr., 248 Cole, Robert Walton, 347, 193 Cole, Thomas Gary, 347 Cole, Thomas Humphrey, 281, 199 Cole, Thomas Robert, 347, 205 Coleman, Gail H., 281, 203 Coleman, Michael Lee, 281, 205, 265 Coleman, Phillip C, 281, 205 Colling, Brenda C. Colling, Darl Jordan Colling, Owen Howard, 233, 128 Collins, Carlyle L. Collins, John Dennis, 281 Collins, Joyce S. Collins, Ky, 281, 191 Collins, Russell W. Collins, Simon Kenton Coloma, Jose A., 281 Coltharp, Bruce Ray Colwell, Gary Don, 281 Combs, Weslie Comes, Richard D. Cometto, John Carlo, 281 Comin, Susan Jane, 281, 190 Conant, Kathleen Mae, 281, 139 Conibear, Grant S. Conklin, Charles M. Conklin, Gilbert F. Conkling, Marvel E. Conley, Bruce Alan, 347 Connell, Kelly R., 281 Connell, Judith Marie, 281 Connelly, Constance R., 281, 185 Conner, Carolyn June, 281 Conner, Jack Michael, 360, 154 Conner, Lon Fredrick, 347 Connolly, John Weston Cook, Albert Wayne, 281 Cook, Bart, 281 Cook, Kenneth Wayne, 281, 152, 161 Cook, Karen Ann, 281, 195 Cook, Robert Lawrence, 282 Cook, Robert Lewis, 282 Cook, William Monroe, 282 Cooke, Betty, 282, 203, 144 Cooke, Delmar Gordon, 282 Cooke, Manning M., 282 Cooke, Richard Henry, 282, 305 Cooley, Warren Paul Coolidge, J. B., 282, 212, 248 Cooper, David Alan, 282 Cooper, Donald Arnott, 282 Cooper, Gerald Eugene, 282 Cooper, Glen Elmer Cooper, Norwood D. Jr., 347 Cooper, Susan Ann Cooper, William Ray, 282, 215 Copyak, Robert Lloyd Cor bett, James David, 282 Corbridge, Margaret D. Cordes, Sam Meade Corgan, Michael H. Corgan, Virginia E., 380 Cornelius, George F., 282 Cornish, Richard K., 282 Correll, Shirley Anne, 282, 203, 29, 153 Corsi, J. Cleone, 282, 130, 141 Costantino, Sheila A., 282, 185 Costel, Gerald L. Cotter, Gerald Frank Cotter, Ronald Martin Cottingham, Fred A., 282 Cotton, Gary Dean Cotton, James Albert Cotton, John Phillip, 282, 205 Cotton, Patricia Ann, 347 Cotton, Sandra F., 282 Cottrell, Russell G., 347 Coulson, Ruthe, 282 Coulter, Celeste M. Courson, Gene Lee, 282 Coutis, Spiros Arthur Courtney, Barbara E. T., 141 Cover, Margaret Ann, 347, 130, 132 Cowan, John Sterling Cowan, Madelyn Tyler Cowling, Linda Coy, Barbara Ann, 282 Coy, Edward Clay Coy, Richard Neil, 282 Coykendall, Mary M., 347 Cozzens, Edwin, 347 366 Crabtree, Olga F. Craig, Janice Kay, 282 Cramer, Louis William Crampton, Robert W., 282 Crane, Edward Jerome Crane, Sara Lyn, 282, 197, 139, 153, 138, 147 Crary, John Lloyd Jr., 283 Craven, James Martin Creager, Donald Lee Creech, Patrick A., 283, 215 Crerar, Nancy Carole Creson, Carol Lee Crews, Glenda Nell, 283, 195, 145 Crihfield, Bobby Lee Critchett, Elizabeth, 283 Crites, Richard Arlen, 283 Crocker, Edwin Fentcn, 283 Crofts, Charles H. Crofts, Christopher A., 283 Cronk, David Sterling, 283 Cronk, Jane Ellen, 283 Crosby, Patrick Frost Cross, Arnold Robert, 283 Cross, Frank Richard Crosson, James Huston Crosson, John H. Crouse, Hugh Worth Crouse, Michael Jon, 283, 18S, 24 Crow, Kathryn Lois, 283 Crowell, Susan, 283, 135 Crumpacker, Rose Mary, 347 Cue, Charles Lee, 283 Culbertson, Sally J., 283, 185, 142 Culver, Charles C, 283 Cummings, Marcia Gail, 283, 195 Cummings, Richard E. Cundall, Dale George Cundy, Arthur F. Cunningham, James L., 283, 212 Curry, Janet Lea, 283, 131 Curtis, George James Curtis, Roberta Mae Curtis, Charles W., 283 Cuthbertson, Bob Dale, 283 Cutler, Donald Ray, 158 Cutler, Martha Stout, 347 Cutts, Ronald Merritt, 284 Cykler, Cary Lee, 284, 194 D Daberkow, Roderick L., 284 Dabich, Micheal Lee Dahl, Jens, 284 Dahlman, John Larry Dahlquist, Betty Jean Dalgarn, Margaret R., 284, 130 Dalley, Ronald V. Dalpiaz, Edwin Lee, 284 Dalton, Gerald F. Jr., 347, 206 Dalton, James Melburn Daly, John Thomas Dalziel, Dean Alvin, 347 Dameron, David Eugene, 284 Damrow, Neil Gerald, 284, 215 Danda, James Joseph Daniels, John Gerald Dankowski, Magna K. Danner, Marilyn Jane, 284, 132 Danz, Dolores Ann, 284 Darby, Edwin Wallace, 234, 205 Darcy, Laura E. Dark, John Joseph Darnall, Emilie C, 347 Darnall, Gary Harvey, 360, 205 Darnall, Glenn R., 284 Darnall, Richard L. Darr, Richard Bruce, 284, 202, 152 Darrah, Joseph Emory, 284 Dastagir, Mohammad A., 347 Daughenbaugh, Julie K., 284 Daugherty, Howard E., 284 Daulton, John David, 284, 215 David, Eugene Douglas David, Vernon Henry, 152 David, Walter F. Jr., 284 Davidson, Michael B. Davidson, Peter S., 285, 132 Davidson, Wynona Ruth, 285 Davis, Cleve, 234 Davis, Arnold E. Jr., 284 Davis, Billie Jean, 284 Davis, Brent Helm Davis, Carole Sue, 284, 198 Davis, Christine, 284 Davis, Donald Edward Davis, Frank G. F. Jr., 284 Davis, Gordon Gerald, 347, 186 Davis, Gwendolyn, 285 Davis, James Raymond Davis, John Clem Davis, Kent, 360, 203 Davis, Laurens C. Jr., 285 Davis, Leonard Allen, 285, 161 Davis, Raymond Gale, 360 Davis, Robert Duane, 285, 158 Davis, Robert Eugene, 285 Davis, Robert Scott Davis, Susan Lucille, 285 Davis, Thomas C. Davis, William Joseph, 285, 158 Davison, Kathryn Mary, 285 Davison, Stephen B., 285, 199 Dawson, Huey Allan, 347 Dawson, Sandra Jo, 285, 144 Dawson, Warren Theo Dawson, Wayne Estel, 347, 210 Deal, Dwight Edward Deaver, James Sidney, 347 Debott, Max Albert, 285 Debruyn, Jimmy Lee, 285, 139, 157 Decker, Fred, 143 Decker, Waldron H., 285 Deem, Paul Sherman, 285 Deer, Montie Richard, 347, 210 Defratis, Robert J., 285, 185, 206 Degise, Janet V. Dehoff, Thomas Earle, 285 Deines, Kenneth Leroy, 347, 126, 154, 151, 155 Deisch, Richard Allen Delair, John Robert, 285 Delaney, Thomas P., 285, 199, 134 Delaplaine, George O., 285 Delaurante, Marian L., 285, 197 Dell, David B. II, 285, 248 Demartini, Richard J., 285 Demorest, Janet Lee, 286, 195 Dennis, Mary Ellen Dent, Eleanor Gaye, 286, 191 Denton, Jay Darnell, 286 Denton, Jimmie Lynn, 286 Denton, Karen Elaine, 286, 185 Derby, Terry Ronald, 286 Deridder, Kaye, 286 Derr, Larry Dean, 286 Dertinger, Lowell C. Desmarais, Richard W., 134, 233 Despain, Carvel G., 140 Despain, Melvin J., 347 Deti, Sandra M., 286, 185, 143 Dettloff, Charles R., 360 Dettloff, Erland Gary Deuschle, Margaret A., 286 Devaney, Michael R., 286, 186 Devaney, Phyllis W. Deveraux, Evva N., 360 Devlin, John Thomas, 286 Devlin, Richard W. Dewey, Sharalyn Ann Dickens, Lynn Marie, 286, 198, 137 Dickey, Marlin Lavoy Dickinson, Jean Ann, 286, 190 Dickinson, Richard L., 347, 150 Dickman, Charles A., 286 Dickson, Jamie Lynn, 283, 191 Diegelman, Darold A. Dietz, James Theodore, 235 Difabio, Denise K., 286 Difelici, Raymond E. Difraia, Chris D. Jr., 283 Dillinger, Louis F., 286, 130 Dillinger, Maxine E. Dillon, David Henry, 286 Diloreto, Rinaldo Jr., 286, 183 Dimalante, Thomas J. Dimler, Ross Ivan, 286 Dimmick, Ralph W. Dimmitt, Tony Lee, 285 Dinan, Stephen A., 286, 143 Dinges, Robert Edward, 286 Dinkins, Jack Emery, 286 Dinkins, Paul Floyd, 286, 210, 159 Dinneen, John Garvin, 287, 211, 148, 177, 180, 265 Dinsmore, Bruce, 287, 155, 158 Dion, Douglas Paul, 287 Ditullio, Dana Lee, 287 Ditullio, Michael D. Dixon, Thomas Perry, 287, 215 Dixson, Gladys Leone Dockham, Hearley, R., 287, 213 Dockter, Charles E., 347 Dodds, Connie Rae Dodge, Larry David, 348, 211 Doerr, Karen Louise, 348 Doerr, Marlene Ann, 348 Dohm, Norman Louis, 287 Doi, Kazumsa Dolan, James Albert, 287 Dolan, Kathleen Sue Dolenc, Daniel Albert, 287 Dolenc, Max Rudolph, 287, 143 Doll, Theodore, 143 Dolling, William T., 287, 206 Domsalla, Cherie Ann, 287 Donachie, David John, 348, 164, 134, 253 Donohue, Jane E., 287 Donaldson, Eloise L. Donovan, Dennis M. Dooley, Laurence K., 287, 183 Dooley, Michael James Doran, Richard C. 367 Dotson, Dave Lawrence, 287 Dougherty, David Hugh, 30 Doughty, Richard T. Doughty, William E., 287 Douglass, James David, 287 Dowler, Charles R., 287, 202 Dowler, John Walter, 287, 187 Downie, Evelyn E., 348, 191, 208 Downing, Thomas, 287, 211, 265 Downing, Samuel K., 287, 211 Downs, Robert S. Jr., 287, 183, 142, 152, 166, 165 Dowson, Stephen Harry, 287, 210 Doyle, James Francis Drake, Sherman H., 287, 183 Drake, Wanda Pearl, 287 Draney, Terryl Elno Dray, Perry, 348, 187 Dreves, Fred John Drew, Carolyn Kaye, 1, 237, 185, 139 Drew Carolyn Kaye, 2, 287 Drew, Joseph Coleman, 348, 187 Dries, Geraldine E., 287, 264 Driscoll, Paul Dennis, 287, 199 Drollinger, Deward L. Drury, Margaret H., 348, 223 Dubay, Donald Herbert Duclo, Marley Jay Dudley, Gordon F., 287 Dugan, Kent H., 287, 183 Duggleby, Dianne Lee, 287 Duguid, James Otto, 348, 153, 160 Duke, William Earnest, 287 Dumont, Suzanne E. Duncan, Barbara Jean, 2S7, 198, 28, 163, 23, 137, 136 Duncan, Diana Lou, 287, 131 Duncan, Gene Emerson Duncan, Glenn Allen Duncan, Hugh Mackay Duncan, Irvine Moore, 237, 193 Duncan, Marka, 287 Duncan, Roberta M. Duncan, Ronald Parker Duncan, Linda Kay, 237 Dunder, Clarine Joyce, 237, 147 Dunham, Helen G., 288 Dunivent, Rex Edward, 288 Dunlap, Richard H., 348 Dunlevy, Daniel P., 288 Dunmire, Irvin Dale Dunn, Edwin Tony, 287, 157 Dunn, Lonnie Lewis, 134, 233 Dunnam, Beverly Kaye, 288, 144 Dunning, Carol Ann, 288 Dunnington, Leslie G., 380 Dunrud, C. Richard Dunton, John Michael Duran, Victor Acosima, 238, 158 Durdel, Gerhard W., 288, 199 Durfee, Marion C. Durfey, Truman Jerome, 343 Durgain, Michael E., 288 Duryee, William K. Dye, Beverly Ann, 348, 198 Dye, Candace Kim, 288 Dye, Kenneth Frank E Earhart, Bonnie L., 288 Earhart, Neil Edward, 348, 157 Earnshaw, David Gale Easley, Jeanne Ann, 288, 190 Eastland, Alan James, 288, 240 Eastman, Brent, 348, 187, 16, 128 Eastman, William G. Eathorne, Frank Glenn, 348, 211, 156, 157 Eaton, Judith Ann Ebens, Beverly B., 348 Ebens, Richard John, 360 Eckdahl, Clifford Dan, 139 Eckhardt, Joyce E., 288 Eddleman, William L. Edington, David E., 245 Edmiston, Donna L. Edmonds, Mary Esther, 288, 190 Edson, Karen Dene, 288, 223 Edwards, Carolyn Anne Edwards, Harold Lee Edwards, Lynn Darryl, 288 Edwards, Ruth T. Egolf, David Post, 288, 211 Ehlers, Donna Jean, 288 Ehlin, Nancy Marie, 288 Eicher, Robert C. Eickbush, Francis D., 288, 211 Eickbush, Karl R., 289 Eikenberry, Bill Fredrick, 289 Eikenberry, Howard D., 289 Eikenberry, Robert L., 289 Einspahr, William F. Eisele, Jean Earl, 348 Eisenhauer, Lloyd A. Ekberg, Arthur Cary, 289, 215 Elkins, Roger E., 289 Elliott, George Allen Elliott, Lewis Edward Ellis, Patrick, 289, 161 Ellis, Michael John, 193 Ellis, William W. Elmblade, Elizabeth A., 289 Elmquist, Bruce Allen Embree, William N., 348, 210 Embrey, Thomas S. Emdee, Daniel Gordan Emerson, Frank C. Emmett, James III Emmons, Larry Dee, 360 Empfield, Don Morris Ems, Robert Wayne, 348 Enderson, James H. Enderson, Margaret D. Enevoldson, Ann Welch Enevoldson, Einar K. Engdahl, Leroy Elof Engdahl, Louise Ann, 360 Engel, John Harold, 134, 233 Engle, William Walter Engleby, Lynn Weltzel Engleby, Thomas L. Engstrom, Judith Anne, 289, 192 Engstrom, Kathleen A. Engstrom, M. Gregory, 289, 210 Ennis, Robert Dale, 348 Ensley, Robert Wayne, 348 Epp, Richard John, 289 Erickson, James G., 360 Erickson, Larry C, 289 Erickson, Mary Ellen, 137 Erickson, Richard S. Erickson, Theodore O., 289, 159 Ernst, Sallie Ann, 289, 185, 26 Escott, Kay Diane Esquibel, Floyd A Essman, Darlene Anne, 348 Etcheverry, Michael R., 289 Evans, Donna, 348, 203, 208, 145 Evans, Harry Forbes Evans, Richard M., 289 Evans, William Henry, 289 Evanson, Judith Ann, 289, 194 Evanson, Kenneth O., 289 Evenson, Donna Kaye, 289, 185 Evenson, Kristi K., 289, 198 Everett, Goodman C, 348, 151 Ewing, Mary Ann, 289 F Fabian, George Thomas Faingold, Fidelia, 289 Fair, Nancy Helen, 289, 131 Fairfield, George E., 348 Falkingham, Janis Kay, 289, 119 Fallin, Lonnie Dale, 289, 187 Falzone, Colleen M., 289 Fanning, Donald Lynn, 239 Fanning, Harry Paul, 239, 210 Farabee, Ronald Chas., 348, 213 Farlow, Victoria Rae, 289 Farmer, John Lyle, 289, 199 Farnham, Karen Kay W., 289 Farnham, Frank Edwin, 348, 211, 157 Farrell, Patricia S., 289, 194 Farris, Grant M., 289 Fearno, Joseph B., 289 Fechtmeyer, Elizabeth Fechtmeyer, Gary Paul, 265 Federer, Cathy June, 130, 141, 136 Federer, Mirlen Dale Fedrizzi, Richard Guy Feeser, Janice Ann, 290 Feighny, James P. Jr. Feilner, Paul Warren Feit, James Eugene, 290 Felt, James Wesley, 360, 211 Felt, Karin G., 290, 203, 264 Feltner, Isobel Kay, 348, 198 Fenimore, Sara Jane, 290, 136 Fenner, Stewart D. Jr, Fenton, James L. Fenton, Michael D. Ferguson, Jacqueline, 290, 192 Ferguson, Reta Mae, 290 Fermelia, Al, 152 Fermelia, Anita C, 290 Fermelia, Aurelius A., 348, 233 Fernald, M. Joanna, 348, 203 Ferrell, Dorothy E., 290 Ferren, David Allen, 348, 187 Ferrin, Marthajayne Ferrin, Steve William, 290, 193, 137 Ferris, Clinton S. Jr. Ferry, Richard W. Fetsco, Patricia M., 290, 194 Feuz, Lawrence Don Field, Dan B. Field, Sylvia Ellis, 290, 28, 155 Fields, Edward Donald Finch, Walter David Finch, Edward Dean Finch, Richard S., 290, 206 Finlayson, George R., 290 Finnerty, Daniel E., 290 368 Finnerty, James J., 290, 200 Finnerty, William T., 290, 200 Firestone, James H., 348, 166, 165 Fish, Sally Jo, 290 Fisher, Fred Theodore, 290 Fisher, Karen Annette, 290, 130, 137, 136 Fisk, Dorothy Duncan, 290 Fisk, Robert Spencer Fisser, Herbert G. Fitzhugh, Dorothy M., 290 Fladmoe, Gary Gardner, 290, 166, 165 Flaherty, Patrick Flaim, Bruno Andrew, 290 Flanders, Frederick M., 290 Fleck, Randy George, 290, 206 Fleming, Harold Lloyd, 290 Fletcher, Glenn Lloyd Fletcher, John E. Flett, David Charles, 290, 206 Flippin, Susan Maxey, 290, 192 Flitner, Stanley Earl Flittie, Mary J. Floth, James Dexter, 348, 158 Flowers, Rebecca L., 290 Flowers, Stephen E. Jr. Flyr, Janice Ellen, 290 Foe, Douglas Charles, 290 Fogelsonger, Donna L., 348, 190 Fogg, Calvin King Folmer, George N. Foos, Linda Kay, 290 Foote, Betty Jo Green Forbord, Judine O. Force, Dave William Forcum, Donald Lee, 290 Forde, Ann Marcine, 290, 198 Foreback, Raymond Lee Forister, Thomas C, 291 Fornstrom, Kenneth J., 291, 157 Forslin, Virginia L., 291, 141 Forsyth, David James, 349, 150 Foster, Carole P., 349 Foster, Gary Lee, 291 Foster, Henry Norman, 291 Foster, Kenneth James, 291 Fotheringham, Paul A., 291, 140 Fowler, George Galvin, 349, 206, 126, 142 Fox, Stuart Lee, 291, 200 Foy, Ronald Daniel Francis, Ted Frank, 134, 234 Fraser, Robert W., 291 Frazier, William R., 291 Freeburg, Rhonda M., 291 Freed, Charles Darwin Freese, Sharon Kay, 291, 144 French, Douglas Lynne, 291 French, Howard Joel, 291, 139 French, William B. Frenchik, Steve Frank Friedman, Marc Philip Friend, Patricia Lee Fries, James Harlan, 291, 202 Frisby, John Mitchell, 291, 206 Frison, Willis C, 291 Fritzel, Max John Fritzen, George B., 291 Fromong, Charlotte W. Froome, Charles D. Fruchey, Richard A. Frude, Allen Gary, 291, 206, 245 Frude, Jerry M., 247, 245 Fryback, Myrna Joyce, 291 Frye, Neil A. Fujikawa, Mary Riuko, 349, 123 Fujika wa, Thomas T., 291, 215, 152, 155 Fulk, Cortney Jay Fullerton, Ed, 360 Funk, George David, 349 Funk, John Kilvert, 349 Furer, Lloyd Carroll Furse, Thomas Walter, 349 .Futa, Fred Yasuo Futa, Lawrence Ma mom G Gaer, Perri Wood Gaines, George Ward, 291 Gale, Daniel Andrew Gale, John Bernard Gallagher, Lila Lee, 291, 192, 234 Gallant, Thomas Merle, 291 Gallinger, James E., 291, 183 Gallinger, Robert W., 291 Galloway, Chester, O. Galloway, Winifred F. Gamble, James Micheal, 291 Gammon, Nancy Kay, 291 Gams, Sharon Margaret, 291 Garcia, Alfred, 349 Garcia, Reloy, 349, 130 Gard, Roberta Jean, 291, 195 Gardner, Elsie C, 360 Gardner, Franklin D., 360 Gardner, Hal Arch, 349, 140 Gardner, Henry Joseph Gardner, Judy Ann, 349, 203, 208, 264 Gardner, Julia, 141 Gardner, Richard A., 349 Garman, Duane Lee Garner, Ronald Lee Garofalo, Thomas R. Garrett, Anna Velda, 291, 141 Garrett, George S., 291, 187 Garrett, John Charles, 291, 245 Garrison, Joann E, 291 Garrity, Patricia Ann, 291, 198, 131 Gautz, James Lloyd, 245 Gawenda, Gerald T. Gazdik, James Duane, 291 Gebott, Douglas Garth, 349 Gehring, Steve Evan, 291, 211, 152, 180 Geile, Robert Gene Geisler, Edward B., 291 Gembala, Kay Marian, 291 Genetti, Marilee, 291, 198, 119, 131, 180 Genetti, Paul David, 291 Gentry, Vernon Leroy George, Kathleen Ann, 291 Georges, Dorothy Jean, 349, 198, 177, 180 Georgios, Angelo A., 349 Georgis, James F., 291, 208 Gerhardt, Robert Ross, 292, 206, 145 Gerheart, Donald E., 292, 148, 168 Gernert, Ann Dakin, 349 Gerrard, Clyde B., 292 Gerrard, Gary Louise Gerrard, Patricia E., 141 Gershman, Stanley Gertsch, Theodore C, 349, 159, 156, 160 Gianola, Dominick J., 292 Gibbs, Catherine Ann, 349, 190 Gibbs, Mary Jo, 292, 185, 144 Gibson, Douglas Allen, 292 Gibson, Larry Lee, 349, 150 Gidley, James Henry, 292, 200, 24, 134, 234 Gies, F. J., 292 Gies, Theodore F., 291 Gilbert, Sue Marie Gillaspie, Ha Elaine, 292, 196 Gillaspie, Ralph B., 292, 202 Gillespie, Frank A. Gillette, Kathleen A., 292 Gillette, Pamela Dee Gillette, Willard R. Gilmer, Carolyn Lee, 349, 130, 139, 145, 138 Gilmore, Kenneth A., 292 Gilmore, Marion E. Gilroy, Evelyn, 292, 203, 26 Gilroy, Barbara Jane, 292, 203 Gingles, John Roy, 202 Giorgis, Jadie W. Giro, Joseph Edward, 292, 211 Giro, Margaret Dowd, 292, 196 Gish, Fred, 292, 240 Gist, Richard Dan Glandt, Marilyn J., 292 Glass, Donald Norman, 360 Glass, Donna June Glass, Gerald Lynn Glasspoole, William D., 349 Gliozzi, James Glover, Robert Leon, 292 Gloyd, Connie Marian, 292, 190 Godbe, Ralph H. Jr., 293, 203, 245 Goertz, Sheran Kaye, 293 Goetz, Edward Nelson, 293, 206, 150 Golden, Donna P., 3 49, 198, 208, 163, 19 Golden, Edward James, 293 Golden, Lee Edward, 293 Golden, Thomas M., 293, 208, 142, 152 Goldsmith, Jimmy Lee, 293 Goldsmith, Robert Lee, 293 Gomez, Hernan, 349, 211 Gonzales, Adelaida I., 293 Gonzalez, Thomas M., 293 Gonzalez, Virginia A., 349, 196 Good, Merle Norris, 293 Goodart, James M. Goodman, David Paul, 293, 150 Goodman, Sandra Lee Goodson, Peny W., 293, 130, 136 Goodwin, Nancy Jean, 293 Gore, Berton Alan Gorski, Peggy Eleanor Gosar, Jack George Goslow, George M. Gosney, Dale Edwin, 293, 135 Gostas, Ted William Gould, George Albert, 293, 206 Gould, Katherine F., 293 369 Gould, Margaret Anne, 293, 190, 153, 143 Gould, Mary Ethel Gould, Walter Harry Grabill, John Bradley Grable, John Guy, 293 Grado, Lynn Jeanenne, 293, 185 Graefe, Floyd W. Jr., 349, 213 Graefe, Linda Lee, 293 Gra eff, Daniel Mack, 293, 155 Graham, Alex Lon, 349, 187 Graham, Craig Edsel, 293 Graham, Hilary Mclean Graham, Richard Lynn, 293 Graham, Sharon Louine Grams, Donald Ivan Grant, Dennis Michael, 293, 200 Grant, Edward Lee Grant, Robert Waltman, 293, 202 Grassman, Eric Dixon, 293 Grasso, Alinda B., 293, 143 Grasso, Paul Bernard Graves, Paul Gordon Graves, Terry Kent, 293 Graves, William H. B., 349 Gray, Jo Ann Gray, Sharon Jean Gray, Susan Ann, 293 Greaser, Jackie Ann Green, Charles Peter, 350, 215 Green, Gilbert F., 293 Green, Mary Ellen, 293, 198, 143 Green, Stephen W. Green, William Virgil Greene, David Wallace, 293, 200 Greenhalgh, Ronald K. Greenhalgh, Ted Greenlee, Paul R. Greeno, Earl Arthur, 294, 206 Greenwald, Charlotte, 350 Greenwald, Janice Kay, 294 Greer, David Glen, 138 Grego, Daniel Francis, 134 Greichus, Algirdas Greichus, Yvonne A. Grella, Marcia Mary, 294 Grenevitch, Benjamin, 340, 200 Grenke, Edward Joseph Grenlund, Gretta Beth Gress, Carolyn Marie, 294 Greth, Charlene E., 294 Greth, Phillip A., 350, 200 Gries, John Charles, 350, 211, 122, 156, 19 Grieve, James Henry Grieves, James Emmett, 294 Griffin, Leora Lynn, 350 Griffin, Richard M., 294 Griffiths, Elizabeth Grotz, Myrna Dawn Grover, Jana Louise, 294, 131 Grunkemeyer, Gary L., 294 Grynewytsch, Anatol, 294 Gudmundson, Jesse E., 294 Guerin, Jay W II, 294, 200, 163, 88 Guest, James Edgar, 294, 237 Guilford, Gary Glenn Guill, Howard Francis Guittard, Jay Quealy, 234 Gullickson, Judy C. Gunter, Rudolph James Gurney, Lyle Jacob, 294 Guthmann, Pauleen M., 294, 143, 147 Guthrie, Gail Elaine, 350, 192 Guthrie, Mary Bell, 294, 203, 19 Guthrie, Nancy J., 294, 203, 217 Guthrie, Patricia R. Gutierrez, George E., 159 Gutz, Kenneth Henry, 294, 206 Guy, Georgina, 294, 203, 135 ' Guzauskas, Algirdas H Haagensen, Ellen J., 294, 185 Hacker, Billie Jon, 294, 194 Hacker, Jay Robert, 294 Hadley, Charles E. Haefele, Dale Dean, 294, 137 Hagemeier, Charles E., 294 Hagen, Dorothy Marie, 294, 194 Hager, Bonita Mae, 294 Hager, James Edward Haglund, Richard D. Hagood, Rosemary E. Hahn, Terry Jay, 294, 151 Haight, Barbara Joan, 295, 194, 155, 131, 148 Hailey, Janette Ann, 295, 192, 217 Hakes, Samuel Duncan Hale, Norman Wayne, 295 Hale, Paula Jean J., 144 Hales, Janice Kay Haley, Walter Patrick Hall, David Lee, 295 Hall, Edwin A., 295 Hall, Gary Russell, 295 Hall, Guya Lee, 295, 192 Hall, Guyna Lee, 295, 192 Hall, James Floyd, 295, 210 Hall, James N. Ill Hall, Jon William, 295, 200 Hall, Joseph William, 350 Hall, Karen Alice, 295, 225, 25, 153 Hall, Mary Griffin, 295 Halle, Ernest Warren, 24 Hallein, Joseph John, 295, 132 Hallett, Eldon James Hallmann, Clark John, 295 Halverson, Otis Frank, 295, 210 Haman, William Gene, 295, 206 Hamblin, Earl Milne Hamblin, Shanee C, 295 Hamburg, Marian F., 296 Hames, Alice C, 296, 192, 153 Hamilton, Claudia E. Hamilton, Homer E. Hamilton, Martin Alva, 360 Hamilton, Mary Ann F. Hamlin, Diane Gail, 296 Hamm, Jerry Lee, 298 Hamm, Joseph Nicholas Hamm, Thomas Freeman, 296 Hammond, Diann Arline, 298, 194 Hampton, William L., 296, 210 Hancock, George Guy Hancock, Mark John, 296 Hand, Patrick, 148 Hand, Lawrence S. Hand, Martha Jane, 296, 185 Hand, Richard Thomas Handsel, Roy Milton, 350 Hanes, Suzanne, 350, 198 Hanify, Beverly Anne, 298, 196 Hanke, Dale Leroy, 360 Hanking, Fred, 296 Hanks, Elmer Morgan, 296 Hanks, John Chester Hanly, Richard Dunn, 360 Hanna, Michael Keith, 350, 202 Hanna, Pauline W. Hanna, Sheri Dian Hansel, Larry Mack Hansen, Carole Sue, 296 Hansen, Carolyn Ann, 296 Hansen, David Charles, 296, 200, 134, 245 Hansen, David Mark Hansen, Ila Rowean, 296, 203 Hansen, James Hans Hansen, Mary Ardell Hansen, Robert C, 296 Hansen, Russell Arvid, 350, 187 Hansen, Sally Ann, 296, 131 Hansen, Sandra Jean, 296, 147 Hansen, Thelma Kay, 296, 198, 151, 25, 155, 146 Hansen, William Leroy, 298, 187 Hansen, William Louis Hanson, Robert Eugene, 296, 187, 206, 241 Haralson, Sandra E., 296 Hardigan, William D., 151, 155 Hardin, Kathryn L., 296 Harding, George O. Jr., 296 Harding, Malcolm R., 350, 213 Hardy, Carolyn Emma, 296 Hardy, Donna Joan, 296, 203 Harford, Patti Lue, 297 Harmon, Billye Anne, 298, 144, 138 Harmon, Thomas Camp, 296, 140, 135, 166, 165 Harmston, Linda, 297, 163, 141, 138 Harnden, William C. Harnden, Wilma K. Harper, James Phillip, 297 Harper, Kathleen Fay, 297 Harper, Ollie R. Harrington, David L. Harrington, Mary B., 350 Harrington, Robert L. Harris, Edwin James Harris, Kathryn Diane, 350 Harrison, Larna Harris, Kenneth L., 360 Harris, Mary C. Santee Harris, Michael Henry, 252 Harris, William G., 297, 137 Harris, William M. IV Harrison, Carole Anne, 297 Harrison, Gale K., 297 Harrison, Lael R. Harrison, Lloyd K., 297 Harrison, Orval C, 297, 140, 156, 160 Harrison, Virden L., 350 Harrod, Charles E., 350, 202 Harrod, Don A., 297, 157 Hart, Darrell Edward, 297 Hart, Fred William, 297 Hart, Myrna Lorraine, 297 Hartman, Jeffrey Gale, 297 Hartman, Martha Jayne, 297 Hartman, Nancy Lee, 297 Hartman, Vicki J., 297, 192 370 Hartwell, Thomas Joel, 297, 202 Harvey, Alice Hermina, 297, 147 Harvey, Barbara Ann, 350 Harvey, Gary Linn, 297, 32, 163 Harvey, Gerald Earl Harvey, John Cecil Jr. Harvey, Lewis Earl, 297, 260 Harvey, Linda Lou Harvey, Thelma E., 360 Harvey, Wm. Robert Hasbrouck, Richard W. Hashem, Sahak, M. Hashitate, Earl Isamu, 297 Haskins, Roland F. Jr. Hassen, Allen Lee Hassman, Howard Bruce Hauer, Jacqueline F. Hauf, Charles Barry, 350 Hauf, David, 350 Haug, Conrad Neil, 350, 202 Hautala, Robert A. Hawes, Anna Jane Hawkins, Gloria Jean, 297 Hawley, Floyd Edward, 350 Hawthorne, Kenneth R., 297, 200, 252 Hayden, Peter Stanley Hayes, Gerald C. Hayes, Karen Sleight Hayes, Robert E., 200, 234 Hayes, William Lee, 297 Hays, Laurie Joyce, 297, 130 Hayward, James Louis, 297, 215 Heady, Rebecca Ann, 297 Hearne, Terry, 297, 187 Heasler, Richard W. Jr., 297, 203 Heath, Janet Lee, 350, 194 Heathershaw, Morris D., 237 Hedlund, Woodrow ML, 297, 200 Heid, Delbert O., 350, 237 Heid, Raymond Gene Heifner, Joel Robert, 297 Heil, Leota Joy, 297, 203 Heimsoth, Ivan Edward, 297 Heine, Richard T., 297 Heink, Adele Nelson, 297, 203 Heink, William Alford, 350, 155, 153, 135 Hejde, Martha J. H., 351 Heldt, Don Richard, 351, 134, 234, 252 Helgerud, Steinar Heller, Edward E. Jr., 297, 166, 165 Helmich, Donald B. Helms, Mary Lee, 297 Helvey, Mary Ann, 297, 190, 136 Helzer, Leonard Adam, 298 Hemry, David Allan, 351, 211, 154 Hemry, Michael Paul Henberg, John Richard Hendershott, Lynn R. Henderson, Carl Dean, 298, 206 Henderson, Dewey R. Henderson, Frank W., 298 Henderson, Jimmie L., 351, 150 Henderson, Karen Sue, 298, 141 Henderson, Kenneth B. Henderson, Lael W., 298 Henderson, Larry E. Henderson, Laura Jean, 351 Henderson, Lorena E. Heniff, Raymond C. Jr. Henley, Jane Rae, 298 Henn, Charles Lee Henn, Sally Louise Henrie, Marty Anne Henrie, Ralph Daniel, 298 Henry, Paul Kenneth, 360 Hensley, Richard C, 298 Herbison, Michael R. Herbst, Annelene M. J. Herdt, Betty Carol, 298 Hermansen, John F., 298, 206 Herold, Alan Herr, Richard Eugene, 298 Herrod, John Henry, 351, 199 Herzog, Milford Henry, 298 Heslep, Alvin Ray Jr. Hess, Connie Jean, 298 Hess, Lloyd Milton Jr. Hesson, William W., 298 Hetherington, Leon R. Heyne, Donald John Hibbert, John Guy Jr. Hickerson, Richard L., 298 Hickey, Robert C, 234 Hickman, David M. Hicks, Jim Lee, 360 Hicks, Mary Jean, 298 Hicks, Sally Merriman, 360 Higgins, William T., 298, 211 Highland, William P., 298 Hignett, John Lee, Jr. Hilbird, Gerald W., 298 Hilbird, Sharon Kay, 298 Hileman, Brock Ernest Hill, Carol Elaine, 298 Hill, James Michael, 234 Hill, Jerome Delane, 134 Hill, John M. Hill, Karen Dee, 299, 198 Hill, Robert Norris, 299, 158 Hill, Royce Harold, 299 Hilliard ; Marie C, 299, 147 Hillier, Robert Irwin Hillmer, Norval J. Jr., 299, 200 Hills, Kenneth D. Hines, Jerry Nelson, 299, 245 Hing, Florence Lew Hing, Linda Lew, 299, 194 Hinman, Ronald Travis, 299, 206 Hipsher, James Arthur, 351, 183 Hirsig, James William, 299, 208 Hirsig, William Mark Hirst, William P. Hitchcock, Sue E., 299, 198, 117, 264 Hitchens, David Lee Hittle, George F. Hittle, Patricia Mae, 299, 121, 137 Hjerleid, Stanley Jr., 299 Hobbs, Jerre Ann, 299 Hobert, Sally Ann, 299, 192 Hobson, Fred Donald, 299 Hobson, James Edwin, 300 Hobson, Paul Jr. Hockley, Kenneth Earl Hodge, Dennis Stuart, 380 Hodge, Thomas Edward, 300, 163 Hodgell, Evelyn Owen, 351 Hodgell, Tolin Wesley, 351, 150 Hodges, Arabelle B. Hodges, Arthur W. Hodges, Carolyn Jean, 300, 223, 25, 179 Hodgson, Donald Mark, 351, 210 Hoeck, Marie Elena, 300 Hoefer, Andy Watson, 300, 211 Hoefer, Rufus Sanborn, 351, 211, 265 Hofferber, Donald Lee Hoffmann, Mark A., 300, 156, 160 Hoffman, Suanne, 300 Hofioni, Said Zioudin, 300 Holberg, Birney Ralph Holden, Coralee Holden, Edward W., 300 Holder, Lee, 360 Holder, Mariann D., 300 Holder, Richard W., 300 Holgerson, Joyce N., 300, 136 Holgerson, William L. Holladay, Durla M. Holladay, Harold H., 300 Holland, Jay Davis, 300, 148, 166, 165 Hollenbeck, Dennis A., 300 Hollenbeck, Marvin D. Holley, John Darrel, 300 Holliday, Cynthia L., 351 Holliday, Frank J. Holliday, William A., 360, 206 Holmes. K. Norman Holmes, Robert W., 300 Holmquist, Carol D., 300 Holmstrand, James A., 300 Holoun, Harold Dean Holt, Raymond Alan, 300 Holwell, Bruce Alvin, 301 Holwell, William J., 301 Holz, Carolyn Frost, 301, 196 Homar, Paul Frank, 301, 241 Hood, Mary, 301, 141 Hooper, Leslie Howard Hooper, Richard L. Hoopes, Gaylen H. Hoover, John Dimmick, 301, 211 Hoover, Judith E., 301 Hopkins, Glen S., 301, 134, 234 Hopkinson, Donald W. Horgan, Kathleen Sara, 301, 185 Horn, Maurice Erny Jr., 301 Hornby, Karen A. Hornby, Roger Lee Hornecker, John Leroy, 157 Horton, Dorothy, 351, 192, 151 Horton, Lola Jean, 301, 130, 155, 145, 136, 146 Horton, Patricia Joy, 301, 190, 144 Hostetler, Larry Dean, 245 Houge, Ronald Louis Houk, James Franklin House, George J. House, Janet Rae, 301 House, Patrick Lory, 351, 134, 253 House, Verne Wasden Hovick, Robert Allen Howard, Francis W., 301, 202 Howard, Sue Ellen, 301 Howatson, Gertrude B. Howe, Richard Archie, 351 Hoy, Jo Ann, 301, 192 Hoyt, Gordon D. Jr., 301 Hoyt, Philip Munro Hrabcak, Margaretta J., 351 371 Hu, Chun Pin, 130 Hubbard, Bryan Vance, 301 Hubbard, Jeanette Mae, 301, 136 Hubbs, Kennard Dale Huck, Donna Rose, 301 Huckfeldt, Samuel R. Huekins, Wesley C. Hudak, James 301 Hudgeons, Kathy T., 301, 198, 117 Hudson, Edward Warren, 351, 215, 158 Huebert, Helen Marie Huff, Ronald Lee, 301, 206 Hughes, James Harley, 143, 265 Hughes, Joann, 301, 192, 264 Hughes, John Patrick, 301, 206 Hughes, Norma Jean, 302 Hughey, Rita Dianne, 302 Huizinga, David Henry Hulbert, Larry N., 361 Hulbert, Milan W., 302 Hull, Carol Jo, 302, 196 Hull, Keith Niles Hull, Robert Mccleary, 351 Hull, Robin Sue, 302, 196, 137 Hullinghorst, Robert, 302 Huls, Gary Eugene, 302 Hummer, Jean Frances, 302, 190, 147 Humphrey, Richard H., 302, 200 Humphreys, Jim Dean Humphrys, Barbara J., 302, 225 Hundstad, Martin B., 351 Hunt, John James Hunter, Barry William Hunter, Carolyn Ann, 302 Hunter, Dan Alan Hunter, Roger Clyde Hunter, Sara Freeman, 302 Hunter, Terence James, 302, 202 Hurdle, Stuart Arthur, 351 Hursh, John Ray, 302 Husain, Farhat, 130 Hutchcraft, Joan Ann, 302, 196 Hutchins, Mac Arthur, 361 Hutchinson, Blane K. Hutchison, Judith Ann, 302 Hyde, Judith, 302, 155, 141, 146 Hyde, Robert Milton I Ideus, Harvey S., 361 Igo, Jacquelyn Marie, 302, 192, 164, 155, 146 Igo, Jennifer Cullen Igo, John Noblitt Jr., 302, 187 Ihne, Merle Henry Jr., 302, 132 Imbs, Peter John Immel, Robert Charles, 302 Immesoete, Janet A., 302 Ingalsbe, Donald A. Ingalsbe, Judith Mary Ingham, Patricia Ruth, 351 Inkster, Robert Paul Irvine, Melodie Wyoma, 302 Irving, William Earl, 302 Isaacs, John Loy, 302 Isaacson, John E., 351 Ishmael, Samuel T., 302, 148 Iturrian, Ben, 351, 155 Iversen, James Terry, 361 Iversen, John Riley Iverson, Judith R. Iverson, Jean Lillian, 302 Ivey, Diedre Lee, 302, 194, 131 J Jablin, Carl Dale, 303 Jablin, Michael G., 351 Jabori, Sikander Shah Jack, Wendell Dean, 159 Jackman, Sharon L., 303 Jacksa, Janice Marie, 303, 194, 135, 180 Jackson, Danny Lee, 303, 157 Jackson, Dorothy K. Jackson, George G., 303, 161 Jackson, Gregg Ernest, 351, 210 Jackson, Robert Doerr, 303 Jackson, Robert M., 303, 183 Jacobs, Daniel Robert Jacobs, Janice Jean C. Jacobson, Bradford A., 351, 158 Jacobson, David Paul Jacobson, Donald Jack, 351, 158 Jacques, Raymond W. Jacquot, Raymond Gene Jager, Dennis Gene, 245 Jairell, Robert Louis, 303 Jaixen, Mylan Louis James, Carolyne Faye, 303 James, Royden L. Jr., 157 James, Stephen Lee, 303 Jameson, Mary Ruth, 303, 185 Jansen, Helen Marie, 303 Janzen, Gerald Lloyd Jaramillo, Hernan, 303 Jaramillo, Paul Jr., 303, 200 Jarausch, Konrad, 303, 202 Jarrard, Richard D. Javaherian M., 303 Jayachandran, Toke Jeffers, Karen Marie, 351 Jefferson, Gordon R. Jenkins, Charles John, 303, 215, 260 Jenkins, James R. Jenkins, Mark Fred, 303 Jensen, Jimmy Fisker, 303, 138 Jensen, Leonard James, 303 Jensen, Sonia Louise, 303 Jensen, Vernon Alton Jeremiason, Jo Ann, 303, 190 Jesse, Kenneth Edward, 361 Jessen, Richard Hans, 361, 161 Jesseph, Joseph Ralph Jimerson, Curtis E., 126, 240, 242 Jingling, Robert G. Johanson, Karen Marie, 351, 203, 145 Johns, Cordelia, 303, 147 Johnson, Adrian V., 304 Johnson, Alan Bond, 148, 145 Johnson, Alan D. Johnson, Andrea Lee, 303, 25 Johnson, Caroline M., 304 Johnson, Cecil L. Jr., 361 Johnson, Celeste C, 304 Johnson, Charles M., 304 Johnson, Clark B., 304 Johnson, Donna Jean, 304 Johnson, Edward C, 304, 140 Johnson, Erma Maxine Johnson, Francis T. Johnson, Gordon S., 304 Johnson, Helen Marie Johnson, James C, 304, 130 Johnson, Jere Scott, 351, 203 Johnson, Jerry Don Johnson, Joan Johnson, Joann, 304 Johnson, June Werner Johnson, Karen Aline, 351, 190 Johnson, Kathleen B., 304 Johnson, Laurie Mae, 351 Johnson, Lawrence D., 304 Johnson, Lawrence E. Johnson, Leann, 304, 192, 153 Johnson, Martin Loren, 304 Johnson, Nona Mae Johnson, Richard C. Johnson, Robert F., 304, 211 Johnson, Robert Henry Johnson, Robert V., 304, 211 Johnson, Tom Wayne Johnson, Virginia A., 304, 190 Johnson, Walter Scott Johnston, James Allan, 304, 200 Johnston, Jerra Lee, 304, 153 Johnston, Kenneth H. Johnston, Sandra I., 304 Johnstone, George R. Jolley, Garth Boyce Jolley, Samuel Lloyd Jolovich, Donald J., 304 Jones, Alan Clarke, 304 Jones, Alayne Mabel C, 304 Jones, Cathyrn Ann Jones, James Claude, 304 Jones, James Daniel, 304 Jones, Josephine, 304, 141 Jones, Judy Kay, 304 Jones, Kathyrn Louise, 304, 185, 131 Jones, Lee Powelson, 304 Jones, Michael Lynn, 304, 210 Jones, Richard C, 351 Jones, Robert Dale Jones, Ronald Wayne, 351, 211 Jones, Wayne Gene, 361 Jordan, Judith Marie, 304 Jordan, Michael Merle, 304 Jordan, Roy Allen, 351, 200 Joseph, Fredric R., 352, 150 Jozwik, Francis X., 352 Jung, Christian Lee, 304, 187 Juraco, Zora J., 304, 143 Juroshek, John R., 361 Jurek, Robert Charles, 304, 161 K Kadel, Daniel Dean, 304, 234 Kaegebein, Alvin T. Kagi, James Walter, 305 Kagie, Norman Ray, 305, 206 Kahne, David Solomon Kaisler, Stephen J. Kallenbach, Donald J. Kalokathis, Nick G., 148 Kaltenbach, Charles M., 305 Kamm, James A., 352 Kanaris, Louis Robert Kandolin, James A., 305 Kane, Charles Owen Kanellopoulos, N. I., 305, 130 Karajanis, Stephen Karnes, Timothy D. Karpan, Kathleen M., 305, 185, 163 372 Karrenbauer, Walter G. Karsnak, Michael J. Karstoft, Richard F., 305 Kasson, Loree Ellen Kauchich, John Steven, 305 Kaufman, Norman E., 305 Kaufmann, Gerald M., 137 Kaul, Michael Allen, 305, 206 Kay, R. Keith, 305 Kayser, Jeretta Nancy Kayser, Robert B., 352, 187 Keck, Charles F., 305 Kedl, George Kent Keefe, Walter Michael, 305 Keefe, William Arthur, 305, 211 Keen, Larry Melvin, 305 Keenan, Ann Regina, 305, 198 Keenan, Vern Thomas Kegerreis, Letha Lou, 305 Kekich, Jack Melvin, 305 Keller, Anne Maria, 352, 192, 264 Keller, Evelyn Elaine, 305 Kelley, Gary James, 305 Kelley, Gary Roland, 305 Kelley, Marlene Ann, 305 Kelley, Michael Ray, 305 Kelley, Ronald Earl, 305 Kellogg, David Hisey Kellogg, Mary C, 305, 192 Kellogg, Patrick Ross, 143 Kellum, A. Anne Atkins Kellum, Larry Scott Kelly, Francis Eugene Kelly, Joan Celine, 305 Kelly, Kim Martin, 305 Kelly, Robert William, 305, 202 Kelsey, Frankie Joyce Kelso, James Dale Kemme, Judy, 305 Kendall, Carol Jo, 305, 203 Kennedy, Kent, 306, 139 Kennedy, Sherilyn Kay, 308 Kenzy, Jacquelyn Rose, 306 Kerr, Harlan C. Jr., 306, 183 Kershisnik, Joseph C. Kershisnik, Max T. Kester, Frank Andrew, 306 Kestler, Nancy Ann, 306, 147 Keys, Avanell Ann, 308, 192, 208, 264 Keyser, Eugene Leo Keyser, Keith Alan, 308 Keyser, Larry Willet Keyser, Madonna Rae, 361 Kidneigh, Kenneth P., 306 Kiefling, John W. Kildebeck, James S., 308, 211 Killam, Everett H., 361 Killinger, Gretchen Kimble, Billie Louise Kimble, Sharon Lynn, 303, 192 Kimble, Stewart G., 352, 158 Kimport, Marilyn L. Kindler, David Lynn, 306, 183 King, David Arnold, 306, 188 King, James Richard 1 King, John Andrew, 306 King, John Stuart King, Judith Anne, 308, 198 King, Kenneth Calder, 306, 139, 138 Kinkade, Margaret L., 184 Kinkade, Sharon Marie, 306 Kinn, Donald Norman, 361 Kinniburgh, Bill M., 352, 150 Kinnison, Joey Leas Kirby, James Wallace Kirkwood, Frank James, 308 Kirkwood, Sonia Ann Kirlin, Lynn, 306, 162, 153, 158 Kirschten, Sally Ann Kiser, Dennis Marvin Kissack, Arthur R., 307, 245 Kissack, Ronald E., 307 Kitchen, Gerald John, 352, 187, 31, 163, 88, 128 Kite, Merrilyn M. F. Kite, Rodney Charles Kivisto, Gary Wayne, 307 Klafstad, Bernt K., 352 Klaver, Robert Philip, 307 Kleen, Frances Marie, 307, 130, 136 Kleinschmidt, Gary D., 307, 211, 130 Klingaman, Katherine, 352, 196 Klingle, Don William Klofkorn, Carla Faye, 352 Knadler, Larry Robert, 307, 230 Knapp, Anna Rachel, 307 Knapp, Karen Jean C. Knapp, Lynn Ray Knight, Robert Paul, 307, 134, 234 Kniss, Barbara Jean, 307, 190, 69, 25, 155 Knoppe, Carolyn B. Knutson, Kristin J., 208 Koch, Star Lynn, 307 Koch, William Paul, 307, 215 Kochiras, Elpi Nikie Koester, Eugene J., 307, 159, 162, 156 Kohrs, Mary Bess, 307, 190, 130, 139, 155, 145, 136, 135, 143 Kolarich, Roger T. Kolbicka, Michael R., 134, 252 Kolkman, James Harry, 307 Kolp, Jean Miller Kominsky, Raymond J. Korell, Lee Roy, 307 Korell, Robert Henry Korfanta, Deanna F., 147 Korhonen, Betty Ellen, 307 Korhonen, Ray F. Korosec, Liz, 307 Kortemeyer, Elmer J. Kosmicke, Joan, 352, 190, 151 Kovats, Julius, 130 Kowlok, Gerald Wayne Kraft, Edward John, 307 Kraft, Gordon Henry Krasomil, Jerry Dean, 307 Kraus, Hans J. Kraus, Kay Carol Krause, Harold Allen, 352, 187 Kreider, Jack Warren Krezelok, Virginia K., 307 Kristensen, Thomas H., 307, 156, 158 Kroen, Edward John Krueger, Ray Earl, 307 Krug, Bruce M. Kruse, John Charles Kruse, Robert Douglas, 307 Kruse, Warren Jerome, 307 Krusee, Larry Elden, 307, 210 Krynovich, George Kraza, Albert John Jr. Kuchera, Aldrich, 307 Kudar, Joseph H. Jr., 352, 206 Kuiper, Gregory L. Kuiper, Gretchen J. Kula, Stanley Edward Kurtz, Carolyn Ann, 307, 69 Kusnirik, Donna Marie, 307 Kuypers, John Clare Kuzara, Richard S., 307 Kvenild, John Robert, 307 L Labbo, Margaret Conly, 352 Labout, Arthur James, 307 Lacroix, Mary L3e, 144 Lacroix, William J. Lafave, Richard E. Lagoda, Marlene G., 307, 161 Lahti, Carole Manon, 307, 190, 131 Lahti, Harlan Jacob, 307, 132 Lain, Gay! 3 Raymond Lake, Walter Eugene Lamb, Foster Burnell Lamb, Glenda May, 308, 130, 136 Lamb, Robert Odell, 308 Lamm, William Davis, 308 Lamson, Charles Watt, 127, 134, 234 Lancaster, Jenne I a , 136 Landen, Wayne Oliver Landrigan, Marcia, 308 Lane, Catherine E., 308, 190 Lane, Jerry Leroy Lane, Michael William, 308 Laney, Linda Lee, 308, 198 Lang, Karen Ruth, 352, 190 Lang, Maynard Francis, 352 Lantz, Keith William, 308, 206, 146 Lanum, Thomas Albert Lanum, William James Larchick, Steve Leon Laroche, Richard M. Larsen, Charles E. Larsen, Everett L., 308, 187 Larsen, Svend Aage Larson, Gl en Leonard Larson, Judy Kay, 308, 196 Larson, Robert W., 308, 154 Larson, Susan Mae, 203, 153 Larson, Twila Ann Larson, Vicki Ann, 308, 203, 26, 144 Latham, Elisabeth B. Latoush, Elizabeth Rumney, 352 Laughlin, Carol Joann, 308 Laughlin, Jack Loran, 361 Laughlin, Robert B. Jr., 308, 211, 148 Laughrey, James N. Jr., 308 Laughrey, Nancy S., 308 Launer, Jarred Earl, 308, 152, 260 Lawler, Patricia J., 308 Lawlor, Martha E. Lawrence, Cozann C. Lawrence, Gary James Lawrence, John C. Lawson, Max Edward, 352 Lawton, Larry David, 308, 140 Laya, Chris Joseph, 308 Laybourn, John Eugene Laybourn, Teri Lisa, 264 Layman, Joan Brenda, 352, 192, 127, 25 373 Layton, Rhue Grace, 308, 194 Leadholm, Sandra Mary, 308 Leary, Don Jay, 352, 187, 134 Leckie, Maxine Stuart, 308, 190, 147 Lecompte, George C. Lee, Gary Albert, 308, 2 06 Lee, Samuel Walker Lee, Sandra May, 308 Lee, Sharon Kay, 308 Lee, Theodore Robert Lee, Thomas C. Lee, Virginia Rae, 309, 192, 234 Leech, Jerome George Leech, Louis P. Jr., 308 Leek, Steve L. Lefebre, Delia Faye, 309 Legerski, Charles J. Leggett, Jo Ann, 309, 185 Legler, William C. Legoski, Robert Joe Legoski, Joann Louise, 352, 189, 32, 125, 163, 145 Lehmkuhler, Marjie A., 309, 144, 135 Lehti, Sandra Gae Leik, Sandra Marie, 309 Lemire, Thomas Edward, 309 Lemke, Carol Margaret Lemke, J. Keith Lendrim, Joan Carol Leng, Bruce Loren, 309, 210 Lentz, Robert John, 309 Lenz, Gordon Neil Leonard, Weldon I. Lepper, Mary Lynne, 303 Lerwick, Kenneth G. Lessenden, Wanda Lynn Lester, Kenneth David Levine, William J., 134, 234 Lewallen, Keith A. Lewis, Billie Jean, 309 Lewis, Larry Clifford, 352, 202, 161 Lewis, Lon Delvert, 309, 157 Lewis, Maren Jane, 185 Lewis, Marilyn Jean, 309, 185, 146 Lewis, Relta K., 309 Lewis, Robert Dwight, 303, 166 Lewis, Ronald Patrick, 309 Lewis, Sara Darlyne, 352, 192, 208 Lewis, Ted J. Lewis, Terry Bunting, 309 Lewis, William R. Liden, Ronald Carl, 309, 213 Likewise, Robert H. Likins, Alberta Kay, 309 Likwartz, Don Joseph, 303, 208 Lilley, Lawrence P., 309, 248 Lilley, William R., 309 Lind, Riney, 352 Lindahl, Beverly Jean, 309, 196 Lindahl, Ralph M., 309 Lindberg, Kent C, 309, 140 Linde, John Paul, 309 Lindsay, Valorus D., 309, 166 Lindsey, Sally Ruth T., 309 Line, James Harry, 309, 200 Lineberry, Clinton T., 215 Linford, Rowland, 309 Linker, Cynthia D., 309, 185 Linnan, Terrance D., 309 Linton, Wayne Ernest, 234 Lipman, Jerry, 248 Lippincott, Marvin L., 352 Lisota, Edward Thomas, 310 Little, Heather Lee, 310, 196 Lloyd, Edward Henry, 352, 183 Loban, Sharon Irene, 310, 192 Locker, William J., 352, 157 Lockhart, Merna Dale, 310 Lockman, Walter R., 310 Lodge, Jane Lisbeth Loebe, Carol Ann, 310, 190, 131 Loeffler, Janet Lee, 310, 198 Logan, Carolyn Joyce, 310, 192, 153 Logan, Kathleen R., 352, 191, 126, 164, 25 Loh, Lin Nar Lohrenz, Judith Kay, 352, 203, 145 Lohse, Dennis W. Lonabaugh, Charles A., 310, 187 Long, David Thomas, 310 Long, Dewey Dale Long, Richard Ronald Long, Ronald Alfred, 310, 206, 134, 242 Long, Sandra Kay, 310, 190, 155 Longhurst, Lee D. Longpre, Jeanne Marie, 310, 193, 264 Lonsdale, Mary Ellen, 310, 190 Loo, Gum Yet, 310, 130 Lopez, George Mark, 310 Lora, Mercado Luis F. Lorenz, Carolyn Flora, 310 Loseman, Erma Sybil, 353 Loucks, Donald C. Jr., 310, 211 Loudon, Theodore Lee, 310, 162, 156, 157 Loup, Iola Renae, 310 Lovata, Chris Gilbert, 308 Love, Charles M. Love, Elizabeth J., 353 Love, John Douglas, 310 Loveridge, Charyl W ., 310 Low, David C. Lowe, Edwin Lee, 310 Lowell, Ralph Edward, 310, 140 Lowham, Hugh William, 310, 187, 247, 245 Lowham, Paul Edward, 353, 187, 125 Lowrance, Ronald N., 310 Lowrie, Lorraine Hope, 353 Lowry, Janet Lee, 310, 203, 147 Lowry, Jerry Lee, 310 Lucas, Diane Louise, 310, 203 Lucas, Ruth Ann Lucas, Sharon Kae, 353, 203 Lucas, Thomas Alan Ludlow, Rick II, 310, 183, 24 Ludwig, Carol Marie Ludwig, Joanne, 353, 203 Ludwig, Richard R., 310, 201, 126, 24, 150, 146 Lufkin, Robert P., 310, 210 Luman, Kathryn Jane G., 353 Luman, Richard Edgar, 353 Lund, Laurie Ellen, 310, 147 Lundberg, Linda Jane, 310 Lundgreen, David A., 310, 140 Lundgreen, Michael W., 353, 156, 158 Luond, Sharon Irene, 311, 192, 264 Lupcho, Paul Joseph Luper, Bonnie Lou D. Luplow, John Thomas, 235 Lush, Wayne, 311 Luthi, Ryck, 311, 140 Lutz, Charlene Louise, 311 Lynch, Herbert Lewis Lynch, John William Lynch, Linda Lawrence, 353, 194, 142, 138 Lynn, Janet Arlene, 311, 185, 131 M McArthur, M. Randall, 311 McAuliffe, Martha J., 311 McAuliffe, Mike Jon, 311, 215 McBride, John Kelly McBride, Robert K., 311 McCabe, William S. Jr., 311, 207 McCain, Arthur Eugene, 311, 140 McCalla, Dale Raymond McCann, Joyce Carol McCarroll, Carol Ann, 311, 190, 135 McCarthy, Edward J., 311 McCarthy, Justin B. McCarthy, Vida Jean, 311 McCartney, James L. McClain, Charles Kent, 354, 215 McClellan, George B., 311, 215 McClenahan, Judy Lynn, 311, 185, 25, 153 McClure, Ferol, 311 McClure, Kenneth Ray McColley, Richard L. McColloch, Robert J. McConnell, Allan D., 354 McCormick, Jack R. McCraken, Anne Wright McCroskey, Robert C. McCue, William Jerome, 311, 187 McDonald, Francis R. McDonald, Jennie McDonald, Kim, 311, 148 McDonnell, Rhett M., 311, 200, 32, 163, 252 McElroy, David, 311, 217, 146 McElroy, Hershel G., 311 McElroy, Jenny Lou, 311 McFadden, Hugh B. Jr., 312, 210, 177 McGarvin, Lari Lynn McGaw, Nancie K., 312 McGee, Allen, 312, 245 McGee, Robert F., 312, 210 McGeough, Kenneth R., 312, 248 McGill, Linda Kay, 312 McGowan, Phillip R., 354, 161 McGraw, Edward Henry, 312 McGuire, Caroline J., 312 McGuire, Michael W., 312, 187 McHale, Donna Rae, 312, 192, 208, 264, 153, 263 Mcintosh, John Arthur, 312, 213 Mcintosh, Milton R., 354 Mcintosh, Patricia A., 312 Mclntyre, Darel Dee, 312 Mclntyre, John F., 312, 202 McJunkin, George E., 354 McJunkin, Jacob A., 354, 160 McKay, Charles R. Jr. McKay, Donald E.,354 374 McKeever, Jill Leslie McKenna, Donna Louise McKenna, Thomas W., 312, 211 McKenzie, Ruby Peyton McKeown, Patricia Jo, 312, 204 McKinley, George M., 312 McKinney, P. Jane, 354, 203, 144, 145 McKinnon, David M., 312 McKnight, Gary Ray, 312, 166 McKnight, Melvin Rex, 354, 156, 160 McKnight, Robert Lee, 312 McLaren, Sharon Lynne, 312, 194 McLaughlin, Daniel J. McLaughlin, Lynn P., 312 McLean, Garry Lee, 312, 187 McLean, James T., 312, 187 McLellan, James R. McLennan, Joanna McManamen, Mary C. McManis, Dona Louise, 312, 190 McMillan, Sue K., 312 McMillen, James S., 312 McMurray, Thomas Joe, 312 McMurtry, Ivan F., 312 McNalley, Ronald L. McNamee, Betty Jo, 312 McNamee, Michael A. McNeely, Muriel L. McNickle, Michael Max, 354, 202 McNiff, Peter John, 312, 207, 134, 265, 237 , McNulty, Michael T., 312 McPhee, Bonnie Jean, 354, 139, 138 McPherson, David Lee, 354, 162, 156, 158, 161 McRae, Karene Kathy, 312, 185, 25 McRae, Sheryl Ann, 312 McVay, Frances Irene McVay, Leonard E. McWhinnie, James K., 313, 211, 150 McWilliams, David Lee, 313, 155 Mabee, John Andrew Mabie, Richard E. MacDonald, John T., 313 MacDougall, J. Bruce, 353, 200 Macey, Charles George Machetta, Judith Rae, 313 Mack, Harold L. Mack, Wilmetta Mae Mackay, Bruce E. Mackrille, Elizabeth, 361 Maddock, Harry Earl, 313 Madia, Daniel Frank Madia, David Dean, 313 Madsen, Carl Thomas, 313 Madsen, John Berry, 313 Maffei, Kathryn F., 313, 144 Magee, Marilyn Maggard, Philip W., 313 Magill, Gary Allen, 313 Mahaffey, Charles E., 313 Mahaffey, Hal Jr., 313 Mahanty, Aroop Kumar, 313, 130 Mahoney, Patrick J. Mailander, Darryl H., 353 Mains, Margaret Small Majors, Bob, 235 Majors Sharon Lea, 313, 190, 153 Maki, Edward Lee, 313 Makie, Gary Ellis, 313 Maley, Howard Barton, 313, 207, 265, 146, 252 Malloy, William Henry, 313, 166 Malone, Fred William, 313, 187 Malouf, Fawzy, 313, 215 Mamalis, Mary, 313 Mandujano, Tony J., 353 Manewal, Ernest R., 313, 130 Mangis, Richard Ray Mangus, Doyle Leroy, 313, 157 Mangus, Patricia, 313, 141 Manning, Bonnie Carol, 313 Mansbridge, Robin N., 264 Mantey, Erving W. March, Kay Lenore, 313, 155, 146 Marchant, Ward D., 353, 163 Mariani, Richard A. Marion, David, 313 Markley, Lewis Edgar, 313, 179 Marks, Mary Elizabeth, 313 Marks, Samuel F. Ill, 202, 166, 165 Marks, William D., 353, 193 Marlin, Carl Virgil Marlow, David Joe Marr, Robert Wesley Marsh, Dennis Everett Marsh, Joyce Elaine Marsh, Keith Floyd, 313 Marsh, Neal Leland, 313, 139 Marshall, J. Robert, 313, 207, 123, 28, 163, 145 Marshall, Marilyn J., 313 Marshall, Sandra Jill, 313, 192 Marshall, Willis A. Martens, Valerie L., 353 Martin, Bobbie Jo, 313, 192 Martin, Bruce Arthur, 313, 150 Martin, Detra Lou Martin, Donna J., 313, 198 Martin, Harold Ray Martin, Joseph Edwin, 313 Martin, Kenneth Allen Martin, Ralph Harold, 353 Martin, Sandra, 313, 147 Martinez, George C. Jr., 235 Martinsen, Gunnar S., 313, 235 Mason, Brian Gillis, 313 Mason, Gerald Ray, 314, 148 Mason, Rochelle Lynne Masse, Roger Emmett, 314 Massie, John Samuel, 314 Matejovitz, Mary Ann, 353 Matheson, Ronald E., 314 Mathiesen, Donna Gay, 314 Mathis, David, 314, 132 Matson, James T., 314, 193, 24 Matteson, Carol Ann Matteson, David R., 314 Matteucci, Paul John, 148 Mattefeldt, Nancy L. Matthew, Harry Lee, 314, 161 Matthews, Bernard G. Matthews, Daryl B., 134, 235 Matthews, Gary David, 314 Matthews, Vicki Sue, 314 Matthews, William D. Mattingly, Paul L. Jr., 314 Mattinson, Ralph C. Mattson, Suzanne, 314, 185, 264 Mauch, Dee F. Mauk, Nancy Ann, 361 Mauk, Samuel Chester, 314, 161 Maulsby, Benjamin L., 314 Maurath, Steven E., 314, 183 Maushak, Linda Ruth, 314 Maushak, Ruth V. Mavrakis, Harry Paul, 314 Mawhinney, John E., 134, 235, 150 Maxey, Donald Boyd, 314, 155 Maxfield, John E., 147 Maxson, Garry Michael Maxwell, Gerald E., 353 May, James Lawrence, 140 May, Margarets., 353 Mayer, Sandra Lea, 353, 185, 208, 264, 144 Mayhew, William A., 314 Mead, Dean Alexander, 314, 193 Mead, Michael C, 353, 200, 123, 248 Mead, S. J. Carol, 314 Meats, Sharon Rae, 314, 147 Medlock, Robert L. Meek, Louis F., 361 Megeath, Joe Dale Meggert, Sanford E. Meike, Harold Lee Meka, Lana, 145 Mekelburg, Gary Alan Meldrum, Mary Louise, 314, 141 Melonuk, Robert Mead, 314, 183, 24 Melosky, Andrew R. Jr., 134, 235 Melton, Frances L., 314, 198 Melton, Roger Henry, 353 Memmelaar, Herman K. Mendenhall, Robert D. Mendicino, V. Frank, 353, 207, 61 Menghini, Annette M. Menghini, Edward V. Menke, Ralph Frank, 353, 162, 156, 157 Meroney, James P. Jr., 314, 157 Meroney, William J., 314, 193 Merrill, Marylin M., 314 Mesa, Ral ph R., 314 Messing, Alan Wallace, 314, 207, 248 Metz, Gilbert Donivan, 314 Meyer, Jerry Ann, 314 Meyer, Joe Borsch, 314, 185, 178 Meyer, Thomas Wood, 315, 197, 152 Meyers, Ralph Erhart, 315, 211 Michael, Lyle Edwin, 315, 161 Michaud, Glenda Kay, 315, 196 Michel, Albert John Michels, Judith Grace, 315 Michelson, Donna F. Michelson, Janet Rose Michelena, Anna L. Michnick, Sharon J. Mickelson, Dee, 295 Mickelson, James A. Mickelson, Julia Ann, 315, 141 Migliaccio, Ronald P. Mikkelson, Patricia J., 315, 192, 208, 155, 146 Miles, Linda Lee, 315 Miles, Timothy M., 315, 207 Millar, John Wellwood Millard, C. Ronald, 315 Millard, Leo Chester, 315 Miller, Arthur F., 361, 148 Miller, Cheryl Lynne, 315, 25 375 Miller, David Lee, 315, 200 Miller, David Warren, 315 Miller, Dona Vee Miller, Donald L. 2, 315 Miller, Donald Robert, 315 Miller, Donn Lyle Miller, Glenn Joseph Miller, James Dorsey, 315, 200 Miller, James Linn, 150 Miller, Jerome James, 353 Miller, John Alan, 315, 148 Miller, Lavelle E. Miller, Major Frank, 315, 187 Miller, Nancy Chloe, 315, 136 Miller, Norma Gray Miller, Patricia Ann Miller, Patricia L., 315 Miller, Roland F., 315, 202 Miller, Sharon Kay, 315, 141 Miller, Stewart Ross, 315, 215, 159, 162, 153, 146 Miller, Ted R., 315 Miller, Thomas P. Miller, William Breck, 207 Miller, William C, 315, 207 Milliman, Lloyd F. Jr., 248 Mills, John Drapier, 315 Millward, Sharon Lee, 353, 198 Millyard, John Quinn, 315 Milne, Robert Allen, 315, 183 Milner, Earl Leroy Milner, Leeroy V., 200, 315, 235 Minor, Joanne, 315, 131, 147 Minshall, David Ray, 315 Minson, Eugene Louis, 314 Minter, Fred D., 316, 207 Mirth, Richard A., 361 Misner, Douglas Arden Misner, Jerry Brian, 316 Mitchell, Hazel A. Mitchell, Laura Lee, 316 Mitchell, Lawrence L., 353 Mitich, Lawrence W., 361 Mitton, Charles Lee, 316 Mizner, Kenneth R., 316, 215 Moberly, Daniel Joel, 353, 202 Mode, Karen Kay, 316 Moe, Ruth Ellen Moeller, Selmer E., 361 Moffat, Travis W., 316, 183 Mogensen, Ronald E., 316 Mohamad, Dost, 361 Mohr, Mary Johanna, 316, 198, 137, 131 Moine, Clifford Neal, 316 Moine, Judith Ann, 316, 194, 131 Molinda, Samuel B., 316 Molinet, Fausto E. Jr. Molinet, Suzanne L., 316 Moncur, James Earl T., 316 Moncur, Robert Lewis, 353 Mondragon, Herman, 316 Monkvic, John Anthony Montano, Elvera M., 316 Moody, Dennis 353, 202 Moon, Gary Lee, 316 Moore, Alvo Comer, 316, 211 Moore, Dennis Frank Moore, Gerald Blaine, 316, 183, 150 Moore, John Charles G., 353, 162, 156, 265, 160 Moore, John Darrell, 316 Moore, John William, 353 Moore, Kenneth Roxie, 316, 215 Moore, Linda Ann, 316, 204, 104 Moore, Norma Jeane, 316 Moore, Perry Lymon Moore, Robert Phillip, 316, 215 Moore, Tana Marion, 316, 198 Moore, Thomas Duane, 316, 138 Moore, Werner King Jr., 316 Moore, William Carol, 316 Morandi, John Renzo Morck, Arnold Hugh, 316 Morck, Carl A., 316 Morell, Dennis P., 316, 200 Mores, Michael Gus Moretti, Joline, 316, 141 Morey, William Robert Morgali, Thomas Allen, 316 Morgan, Edward A. Jr., 316 Morgan, Roger Lloyd, 316, 187 Morgan, Sharon Kay, 316, 194 Morgan, Susan Ann, 353, 204, 164 Moriarty, Kathy Irene Morikawa, Stephen K., 316 Morris, David Lloyd, 316 Morris, Gleen Anthony, 316 Morris, Justine Marie Morris, Larry Paul, 316 Morris, Oscar Elrie Morris, Rodney Wayne, 316 Morrison, Bobby G. Morrow, Linda Fae, 317 Mort, Janet Diane, 317 Mortimer, William H., 354, 187 Morton, Edith Sarah, 317 Morton, Jack Edward Moses, Russell Eugene, 137 Moses, George Q., 361, 154 Moses, Joyce Elaine, 317, 144 Moss, Donald Roy Motes, Judith Jo, 354 Mott, Allen Carroll Moul, Thomas Alfred, 317 Mower, Greg Lewis Mowrer, Ronald Lee, 317 Moya, Ernest, 317, 150 Moyer, John Lane Jr., 317, 215 Moyers, John Michael Mucho, Gary, 317, 210 Mudrow, Richard E., 317 Mueller, Christopher Mueller, Edwin Allen Mueller, John F., 317, 210, 127, 135, 146 Mueller, Patricia Ann Mulholland, Evart E., 157 Mullally, Robert R. Mullendore, Gaylord L., 317, 187 Mullens, David Glenn Munari, Anton Clement Mundell, Linda Anne, 317 Munn, Patricia Anne, 317, 185 Munson, Gene Deer, 317 Munson, Larry, 317, 134, 235 Murdock, Joyce Marie Murdock, Karen Mary, 317 Murdock, Sharon Jean Murdock, Stanley G., 317, 207 Murdock, Thomas C, 317 Murphy, Donald Jerry, 317, 165 Murphy, Kathleen L., 317, 198, 153, 178 Murphy, Kevin Edwin, 317, 143 Murphy, Patrick J., 317, 187 Murphy, Randall Kent, 317, 187 Murphy, Raymond C, 318, 166 Murray, Donald Wayne, 318 Mutch, Ronald Edmond, 354 Mutch, Sally Jayne Mydland, Elmer Milton, 318 Myers, John W. Jr., 140, 151, 155 Myers, Penelope L., 354, 198 Myers, Robert Arlen, 318 N Nagel, Robert Wells, 354, 211, 156, 265 Napper, Charlene Ann Nash, Jerry Wayne Nater, Connie Jean, 318, 190 Nathman, Stephen F. Jr., 318 Nauman, Reva Belle, 318 Nawabi, Mohammad N., 361 Neal, Clifford W., 318, 187 Neal, Kenneth David, 354 Neal, Thomas Wendell, 354, 215 Nelck, Janice Lou Neff, Jerry Allen, 318 Neighbors, Thomas C. Neilson, Frank Hyrum Nelson, Dallas Austin, 158, 157 Nelson, Frank Nelson, Marguerite W. Nelson, Martha M., 354 Nelson, Melvin H., 354, 245 Nelson, Osea Charles Nelson, William G. Neubauer, Clifford E. Neugebauer, Judith A. Neumann, Harold John Neville, Barton Z. Neville, Nicola Ann, 318 Newbill, Charles W. Newcomer, Carole Rae, 318, 190, 138 Newell, Catherine Ann Newell, John Robert Newell, Peter Robert Newman, Raymond E., 354 Newton, John Erwin, 318, 211 Newton, Robert Leroy, 354, 182, 127 Nicholls, James M. Nicholls, James Rex, 318 Nichols, Frank Albert, 318 Nichols, James T. Nickeson, Doris Lynn, 318, 138 Nicoll, Caroldean W. Nicoll, Donnell Bea, 318, 185, 131 Nicoll, Gerald Allen Nielsen, Larry Lee, 318 Nielsen, Roger Norman, 318 Niethammer, Nancy M., 354 Niethold, Edgar F. Nighswonger, Leonard, 318 Nightingdale, Karen D., 318 Nigro, William Joseph, 318 Nimmo, Robert A., 318 Nimmo, Rosella I. Nishi, Harvey Glenn, 318 Niswender, Gordon D., 354, 193, 122 Noah, Carolyn Sue Noah, William Fred 376 Noecker, Robert Leroy, 318, 211 Nomura, Warren Decker Noorzad, Hazrat M. Norcross, David C. Jr., 318, 188 Norling, Brenton W., 318 Norman, Beverley Ann, 318 Norman, Donald Lloyd, 354, 156 Norman, Ellen S., 318 Norman, William Dean, 148 North, Gary John, 318 Nousi, Tim John Nowitzki, Nancy Jean, 318 Noyer, Mary Esther Nugent, Jay Edgar, 318 Null, David Leonard Numoto, Yoshiko, 318, 225, 25 Nye, William Gore, 318 Nygaard, Anna Beth, 319, 137 Nystrom, Ronald E., 319, 158 Oberst, Robert John Obrien, Charles F. Obrien, Terrence Leo Oconnell, Delmer J., 319 Oconnor, John Michael, 354, 188, 161 Oconnor, Susan Irene, 319, 196, 23 Oday, Mary Anne, 319, 143 Odell, Nita Moses, 319 Odell, Richard M. Oelrich, Margaret Ann, 319 Ogasawara, Arlene M., 319 Ogden, Dennis Lewis, 319 Ogg, Alex Grant Jr., 319 Ogg, Matthew James, 319, 143 Ogilvie, Judith K. Ogrady, John Edward, 354, 202, 235 Ohare, Carolyn Ruth, 319 Ohlson, Willard E., 354 Okuno, Iwao Olander, Martha Jean, 319 Olds, Richard William Oleson, John Raymond, 319 Olmstead, Wallace Ray Olsen, Patricia Anne, 319 Olson, Charles Darryl, 319, 159 Olson, Ellen Marie, 319, 132 Olson, Jack Carl, 354 Olson, Linda Mae, 319, 190 Olson, Raylin James, 354, 210, 161 Olson, Robert Dan, 148 Olson, William Arthur Olvey, Nancy Anne, 319, 196 Omalley, Patricia J., 319 Omelia, Sharon, 319, 204, 208, 118, 264 Oneal, Jerry James Oneal, Judith Anne, 135 Oneil, Judith C, 319 Oneill, Judy Marilyn Ono, Linda Hisaye, 319 Ore, Henry Thomas Orman, Deeann Ornelas, Anastacio D. Orr, Gary Herring, 319 Orr, Mary Ray, 319, 198, 264 Orr, Robert Newton Osborne, Clifford R., 252 Osborne, Gary Ray, 319 Osborne, Shannon June Osgard, Barry Osgard, Carole M., 319, 190, 155, 146 Oslund, Robert John, 354, 207 Ostermeier, Arthur L., 319 Oswald, Diane Rae, 319 Ovens, Thomas Durward, 319, 183 Owen, David Lane, 319 Owen, David Lee Owen, Nadine, 319 Owen, Wendell F., 319 Owens, William M., 319, 210 Oxley, Harry Scott Jr., 319, 143 Oxley, Helen Harriet Oydna, Tunney, James P Paananen, Orman H., 319, 200 Pacheco, Janet, 319, 196 Padberg, Larna Lee W., 319 Padberg, Ronnie Lewis, 319 Padget, Sharon Louise, 138 Page, Marilyn Joyce, 319, 135 Painter, Betty Ann Painter, Donald Lee Palen, Jerry Joseph, 319 Palm, Richard V. N., 319 Palmer, Bert Pierpont, 320 Palmer, Gary Lee, 320, 213, 150 Palmer, Gerald John, 355 Papworth, Deann Parker, Anita Kathryn Parker, Arlene Mae, 320 Parker, Robert III, 320, 213, 140 Parker, Theodora C, 355 Parkins, Erma L. M. Parkins, Helen Marie, 320, 190 Parmer, Shirley Ann, 320 Parrill, Bruce Arlan, 355, 150 Parrill, Dwight R., 320, 139 Parry, Russell K. Parsons, William Dean, 320 Parulekar, Manohar R. Parulekar, Vijaya M. Pasquini, Marc Joseph, 355 Pastor, Barbara Ann Paszotta, Richard G., 151, 155 Patik, Dolores Diane, 320, 192 Patterson, Betty Jean, 320 Patterson, Dean Kent, 355 Patterson, Diane Patterson, Howard C. Patton, James C, 320 Paul, Jan Hubert, 320 Paul, Peer Hubert, 320 Paulus, Alixe Claire Paulwilcox, Iris Joan, 320, 163 Payne, Glenn Leroy, 320 Payne, James Markham, 355 Payson, Albert H. Payton, Smith Leroy, 320, 183 Peabody, Frances D., 320, 143 Peach, Frederick R., 320, 188 Pearson, John Duane, 320, 188 Pearson, Warren W., 355, 183 Peart, Sally Joleen Pebley, Orville Lee, 320 Peck, Donald Erick, 355, 207, 145 Peeks, Veronica Jane, 355, 124 Peer, Ronald Adrian, 355 Peil, Patricia Helen, 320, 138 Pelton, Eugene C, 320, 207 Pelton, Helen Parker Penness, Frederick M. Pense, Gloria Jean, 320 Percival, William P., 320 Percy, Marilyn Ruth, 320 Perkins, Carol P., 355 Perkins, Patricia Ann, 320 Perrella, Anthony J., 320, 215 Perrine, Nancy Sue, 320 Perry, Duane Ray, 321, 140 Perryman, Dennis B., 355 Persson, Kenneth V., 321 Perue, Norman Kenneth, 321, 245 Peryam, Virginia Sue, 321 Peters, Larry, Edward, 321, 210 Peters, Leonard Paul, 321 Petersen, Carolyn S., 361 Petersen, James Owen, 321 Petersen, Leon Louis, 355, 200 Petersen, Phillip N., 321, 188, 179 Peterson, Aksel W. Peterson, Barbara B. Peterson, Floyd Henry, 321, 183 Peterson, John B. Peterson, John V. Peterson, Jon F., 321 Peterson, Paul Edward, 321 Peterson, Raymond G. Peterson, Ronald C, 355, 210, 24, 17, 128 Peterson, Ronald Rex Peterson, Wilma R., 355 Petrie, James Clyde, 157 Petroski, Daniel Dean Pettus, William F., 321 Petty, James Howard Pexton, Edward, 321, 183, 130 Pfaff, Carolyn Dale, 321 Pfrangle, Louis E. Phelps, Norman W., 321 Phillips, Adrienne S., 321 Phillips, Bonnie D., 321, 194, 144 Phillips, Ivan Keith Phillips, Jerry Gene Phillips, John S., 321, 211 Phillips, Margaret J. Phillips, Thomas T. Phillips, William R., 321, 137 Picard, Ardis Ann, 185 Picard, Kay Hirsig Picard, Vincent Verl, 321 Pickett, Edward Neil Pickett, Lloyd C, 361 Pierantoni, Dale Rory, 322, 200, 152 Pierce, Carol Kiser Pierce, James Thomas Piersall, Grady C, 322, 265 Pietala, Arnold Emil Pilch, Joe Alvin Pilch, Marilyn Lenore Pilster, Larry Edward, 322 Pindell, Verlyn M. Pinegar, Douglas W. Pingetzer, Margaret J., 322 Pippitt, Larry Allan, 211 Pirrie, Joyce B., 322 Pittman, Frederick R. Piz, Carol Ann, 322 Plancher, Henry Piatt, Letha L. Piatt, Nadine Ann, 322 Piatt, Ronald Ralph, 322, 210 Piatt, Vernon H., 210 377 Plumb, Margaret L. Plunkett, John Joseph, 322 Plunkett, Mary A., 322, 15E Plunkett, Mary Anne, 322, 196 Poehler, Lloyd C. Poelma, Joseph James, 143, 166 Pollard, Robert Lee, 322 Ponder, Mary Frances, 322, 185, 264 Popeck, Stanley John, 235 Porter, Donald A., Jr., 322, 155 Porter, George Howard, 322, 188 Porter, Linda Marie, 322, 198 Porter, Suzanne Portwood, Theresa A. Potter, Pauline Marie, 322 Powell, Benjamin D. Jr. ,322 Powell, Beverly Jean, 322 Powell, Charles, 322 Powell, Linda Lou, 141 Powell, Margaret S. Powell, William Keith Powers, Ladene, 322 Powers, Vicki Jane, 322, 194, 145 Pownall, Herbert D. Pradere, John Martin, 322 Prahl, Ralph Downing Prahm, Judith, 322, 138 Pratka, Allen Joseph, 322 Preator, Terry S. Preece, William John Preis, John Gordon Preis, Patra Louise, 192 Prevedel, Alfred L., 322, 163 Prevedel, Iris Maria, 194, 26 Price, Hayden John Jr., 323, 135 Price, James Byron, 323 Price, James Patrick, 381 Price, James Robert, 323 Price, John Richard, 323, 188 Prickett, Leroy L., 323 Priest, Carol Janet, 322 Pringle, Homer L. Ill Prior, Roy Ernest, 323 Pritchard, Ronald A. Proctor, Billye M., 163 Profaizer, Rudolph H., 323, 159, 156, 161 Proffit, Jerry Howard, 209, 125 Prosser, Alden H., 323, 188, 130 Prosser, Katherine L. Prostel, Edward Prout, William John Prouty, Susan E., 323 Prowell, Billie C. II, 323, 210 Pruter, Donald Gene, 323 Pruter, Miriam Sue, 323 Pryde, Coralie Anne, 154 Puckett, Joseph W. Jr., 323 Puett, John Robert, 323 Pugh, Allen Gene, 323, 200 Pugsley, Lee Roy, 323 Pundareekakshudu, K., 361 Purinton, Keith Burt, 153, 158 Putnam, Edard F., 323 Puzuhanich, June S., 323, 141 Pysklo, Francis Carl Q Quinn, Donald David, 323, 200, 134, 235 Quinn, Jacquelyn Y. Quinn, Milton Hollis, 355 Quraishi, Abdul Habib, 361 R Raastad, Erland M., 348 Raben, Marilyn Kay M., 323, 164 Rabou, Edward Warren, 323, 193 Rabou, William Rodger, 323 Rada, Millard Joseph, 323, 200 Radakovich, Don Rader, Charles H. Jr., 323 Radford, John Royce Radosevich, Wilbert A. Raghunandanan, K. Ragland, Ralph Vernon, 323 Ragsdale, Calvin E. Raines, John Allen, 355, 215 Rajender, Gandi R., 130 Rajender, Syamala, 130 Rail, Gloria Devonne Ralston, Keith Mcnair Ramsay, Dillwyn H., 324 Ramsey, Verna Marie, 324 Rand, Sharon Jean, 324, 185 Randerson, Lewis E. Rankin, Gerald Wayne, 355, 200, 137 Raper, homas J. Rapp, Carl William Rardin, Donald Roger, 324, 210 Rardin, Thomas John, 324, 148 Rasmussen, Loren Lee, 324 Rasmussen, Ronald Dal Ratliff, Scott James, 323, 200 Ratliff, Terry Lou, 324 Ratliff, Tobin Lucas Ratz, Julius Charles, 324 Ravis, James Clifford, 324 Rawson, Michael James, 253 Raymond, Rodney James Realing, Charles Olan, 324 Rebillet, Marvel Ann Reckling, Carol Beth, 324 Redding, Larry L. Redding, Sharon Kay, 324, 131 Reed, Charles Joseph Reed, Frederic Clark, 324 Reed, Gary Leigh, 324, 211, 163 Reed, H. David, 324 Reed, Larry Edward, 324 Reed, Sharon Dee, 324, 204 Reese, Doris Lucille Reese, Robert Eugene Reeve, Kathryn Louise, 324, 198 Reeves, Glennita Jean, 324 Reeves, Irma M., 324 Reeves, Jimy Lawrence, 324, 153, 160 Reeves, John Hugh Reeves, Patricia G. Regel, Janis Maureen Rehfuss, Jerry Noel, 324, 148, 138, 166 Reiber, Philip Bruce Reid, Michael Fred Reid, Reford G. Reifel, Roger Leo, 210 Reilly, Margaret E. Reindal, Dollie Mae Reinhart, David T. Rennick, Edith Clara, 361 Rentto, Mary Louise, 324, 223, 25, 147 Rentz, Rolla F., 324 Replogle, Richard Guy, 324 Repp, Pe " ggy Lawrene Revell, William R. Reyner, Judy Ann Reynolds, Charlotte A., 324 Reynolds, Edward F., 324 Reynolds, Gene Evans, 324 Reynolds, Gerald Lynn, 355 Rezayee, Mohammad A., 355 Rhiley, Judith Lee, 325, 196 Rhodes, Leland Enoch, 355, 188 Rhodine, C. Norman Rice, Henry James Rice, Jimmie Lee, 325 Rice, Sharon Sue, 325, 194, 131 Rice, Wallace Wm. Rice, William Edgar Richards, David S., 325 Richards, Robert C. Richardson, Harry M. Richardson, Jack Lane Richardson, Louis R., 147 Richardson, Margery Richardson, Noel Mack, 355, 210, 156 Rickert, Lyle John, 325, 207, 29, 24, 152 Ricketts, Karis Renee Ricketts, Wadetta Kae, 325, 264 Rickman, Bettee Ann, 355 Riedl, Richard Royse, 325 Rietz, Clara Ann Rigg, Royllyn Ray, 157 Riggan, Marilynn May, 325, 196 Rikmanis, Edgar A., 325 Rile, Pat Charles, 325, 188 Rininger, Terry Gene Risberg, Earl Rodney, 355, 138 Riske, Jack Raymond, 325, 207, 245 Ritter, Marilyn L., 325 Rizzi, Sherry Lavelle, 264 Robbins, Bennett B., 355, 210, 161 Robbins, Carolyn Ruth, 325 Robbins, Philip B. Roberts, Alfred L. Roberts, James M., 361, 148 Roberts, Jon Guy, 325 Roberts, Joseph A., 148 Roberts, Marion C, 325, 196, 137 Roberts, Shirley L., 145 Robertson, John H., 325, 211 Robertson, Kathleen Robertson, Kenenth L., 325, 183 Robeson, James Josef, 325, 183 Robinette, Roy C. Jr., 361 Robinson, Arthur T., 325 Robinson, Flynn James Robinson, Gary Dean Robinson, Jay Charles Robinson, Marjorie E. Robinson, Philip Owen, 355, 188 Roby, James David, 355 Rochlitz, Kenneth Lee, 325, 207, 134, 243 Rochlitz, Ronnie W., 325 Rodda, Michael Kemp, 361 Rodda, Thomas, 325 Rodriguez, Frank H., 325 Rodriguez, Raul N., 355, 200 Roebuck, Constance H., 325 Roemmich, Roger Kay, 325 378 Rogan, Gayle Darlene, 325, 264 Rogers, Linda Lea Rogers, Marianne P. Rogers, Martha Ann, 325, 204 Rogers, William C, 325 Rogers, William M. Jr., 325 Rohn, Jean Ann, 325, 198 Roice, Terry Gene Rollins, Kara Jane, 327 Roman, Charles M., 355, 156, 158 Romek, Donald Earle, 327 Rooney, Michael David, 327 Rose, A. J., 355 Rosene, Susan Kay Rosenkranz, Dennis A., 327, 211 Rosenthal, Frank F., 327 Ross, Betsy Jane Ross, Deane George H. Ross, Eugene Alan Ross, Sharon Lee, 327, 196 Ross, William B. Jr., 327, 200 Rothenberger, Stanley Rothstein, Joseph C., 361 Rott, Nancy Jane Rounds, Keith, 327 Rounds, Ralph Wendell, 327 Roupp, David Kent, 358 Rouse, Michael John Roush, James David Roussalis, Louis S., 355, 202 Routson, Eileen F. Rowland, Carla E., 327 Rowland, Tracy Aaron, 327, 152 Rowley, Donald J. Rozbicki, Zbigniew S. Ruble, Dewey Jr. Rue, Beverly Olive, 327, 196, 144 Ruffing, William Kent Rulli, Joe Francis Rulli, Tonia C, 327, 192, 208, 114, 123, 61, 25, 234, 263 Runge, John Henry, 356 Runyan, Carolyn Jean, 327 Runyan, Kenneth R., 327 Rusch, James Edward, 327 Rush, Cherry Ellen, 327 Rumsh, Robert Archie, 327 Rush, Ruth Gre ll, 356 Rushmore, Karen Kay, 327, 192, 164, 155, 23 Russell, Charles H., 327 Russell, Larry Dexter Russin, Lincoln David, 327, 166 Rust, John Joseph, 356, 151 Ruthemeyer, Robert J., 327 Rutledge, Ronna Mary, 327, 190 Rutledge, Tim E., 327, 137 Rutten, James Samuel, 327 Rutten, Joseph Robert, 327 Ruud, Jack Taylor, 326 Ruud, Tom C, 326, 140 Ryan, John Orvis Ryan, Marjory, Anne, 326, 143 Ryan, Thomas L., 326, 156, 161 Ryan, Victor A. Rye, David Edward, 326 Ryff, J. F. Ryun, Judith Ann, 356 S St Andre, Jon J. Saathoff, Gordon Lee, 157 Sackett, Robert G. Sadighi, Ahmad, 326, 130 Safford, Ansel Deryl Sager, Elaine Vera, 326 Sahibzada, Zohuruddin Sakoda, Ronald Akira, 326 Salem, Mohammad Zarif Salim, Mitchell Salsbury, Fredrick V., 326 Salsbury, Judith M., 326 Saltmarsh, Myron E., 356, 148 Salvagio, Ronald B., 326 Salzman, Catherine E., 326 Samim, Sayed Muzamil, 361, 130 Sampson, Molly S., 356, 192 Sampson, Susan Diane, 326 Sanborn, Charles M. Jr. Sandberg, Robert W., 326 Sande, Kieth Murray, 326 Sandeno, Marilyn Jean, 326, 131 Sandeno, Sharon M., 326, 25, 131 Sander, Cederlof R., 326 Sanders, Jerry Wayne, 326 Sandison, James K., 326, 132 Sandison, Peggy Joe, 356 Sandison, Robert W., 326 Sands, Jerry Donald, 326 Sands, Judy Mae, 326 Sands, Raymond C, 362 Sandvig, Jerold Don, 353 Sanford, Barbara Ann, 356, 185 Sanford, Pauline P., 326, 145, 136 Sanford, Rudy E., 326 Sannes, Jeannette L., 326, 196 Sapienza, John S. Sarvey, James Edward Sasse, Judy Kay, 326 Sather, Robert M., 326 Satterfield, Charles, 328 Sattler, Carol Joyce, 326 Saunders, Walter G. Savage, Kale Lawrence, 328 Savage, Linda Kay, 328, 192 Sawyer, David Lakeman Schaap, Charles M. II, 328 Schaap, Robert Leigh, 362 Schad, Carroll Joel Schad, Karolyn Kay, 328 Schaefer, Elmer N., 328 Schaefer, Jay Dee, 356, 148, 166, 165 Schaefer, Sandra N., 362 Schafer, Michael A., 328, 200 Schamel, Raymond Del, 328 Schaub, Mary M. Turpen Scheibel, Robert L., 328, 211 Schell, John Ernest, 328 Schell, William C. Schenk, Clifford R. Schenk, Dale Andrew, 328 Schenk, Roberta Kerr, 362 Schepp, Anthony J. Scheuerman, Daniel L., 328 Scheuerman, David L., 328, 211 Schieck, Emmett Bill Schilling, James N., 328 Schilt, Corky A. Schimmer, Richard Rex Schipporeit, Marilyn Schirk, Richard John Schlatter, Doris Lee, 328 Schlattman, Ronald D., 328 Schmer, Jana Kay, 328 Schmick, Kenneth R., 328 Schmidt, William D., 328, 138 Schmidt, William L., 328, 138, 253 Schmieding, James L. Schmitt, Charles P., 328, 134, 235 Schmitz, Stanetta R., 328 Schneckloth, James L. Schneider, Heidi S., 356, 194 Schneider, Joe George, 328 Schneider, Lawrenee D., 356 Schneider, Roger W., 328, 148, 166 Schneidmiller, Ray P., 328, 200 Schoenburg, Stuart B., 362, 148 Schopf, John Ira, 329 Schreiner, Daniel N., 329, 151 Schrib, Mack, 329 Schroeder, Janice L., 329 Schroer, Chester A., 161 Schulte, Fredric R. Schultz, Larry Albert, 329 Schultze, Don L., 356 Schumacher, Melvin M. Schutte, Michael K., 329, 236 Schutza, Gilbert C, 161 Schuyler, James P. Schwartz, John H. Jr. Scott, Eddie Elmer, 356, 188 Scott, Frank Thomas Scott, Fred Owen, 329 Scott, James Delwin Scott, Jerilyn Ann, 329, 192, 217 Scott, John B., 329, 207 Scott, Judy Lee, 329 Scott, Lloyd G., 329, 213, 142, 155 Scott, Matilda Anne Scott, Richard E., 329 Scott, Richard Walter Scott, Willard Melvin Seaman, Charles F., 336 Searcy, Jerry Wayne, 260, 135 Sears, Robert James, 329 Sederstrom, Lowell O., 329. 155 Sedlacek, Wm. Adam Seebaum, Bernard, 329, 207, 145 Seely, James W. Seger, David Lloyd G., 362, 148 Seibert, Janet B. Seiler, Margaret Anne, 329, 147 Seivert, Janice Jean, 329, 204, 144 Seivert, Judith Ann, 356, 204, 208 Self, Alwynelle P., 362 Selmer, Joan Alster Seltenrich, Jane Ruth, 356, 198 Semenza, Rena Joyce, 329 Serdiuk, Leonard John, 353 Serdiuk, Theodore S., 329 Seslar, Paul Francis, 329, 200 Sexton, Stephen, 329 Seymour, James E., 329 Shaeffer, Joan W., 329, 196 Shaeffer, Sharon Kay, 329 Shafer, Norman, 329, 210 Shaffer, Frank Roger, 329 Shaffer, Rene Bayard, 356 Shaffer, William J., 329, 211, 24, 146 Shaman, Floyd Duane Shambaugh, Dennis O., 329 Shaner, Thomas Ray Sharp, Margaret W. 379 Shatzer, Jerry Rhea, 329 Shaul, Florence Marie, 329 Shaul, Robert Leslie, 329 Shaw, Harold Ray, 329 Shawver, Ted Edward, 329, 207 Shawver, William Earl, 329 Shearer, Claudia Lora, 329 Sheeder, James T. Jr., 330 Sheedy, Bryan D. Jr., 356, 202, 85 Sheehan, G. Kathleen, 330, 190, 13(T 136, 135, 131 Sheehan, Linda Lee, 330, 196, 130, 153 Sheets, Ethel Ann Sheets, William Bryan, 330, 157, 147 Shelby, Judith Rujene, 330, 194 Sheldon, Mary C. Shepard, Dickey Lee, 330 Shepherd, Billie K. Sheppard, Robert D. Jr., 352 Shepperson, Frank E., 330, 207 Sherard, Ann Rae, 330, 153, 177, 178 Sherfey, Raymond C. Sherrard, Robert Ray Sherwin, Kenneth J., 356, 193, 132, 147 Shevick, Max D. Shields, Tom Ed Shiflar, Paul Dean, 330 Shifrar, Franklin Shilling, Charles F., 330 Shipp, Gary Wayne, 330 Shippy, Robert Carl, 330 Shoop, Deetta Kay, 330, 196 Shotwell, Kathryn G., 330 Showalter, Charles Jr., 330, 210 Shroyer, George F. Shroyer, Jeanine Shubert, Arden Royce, 330 Shwen, Sherri Sue, 330, 204 Sidebottom, Charles R. Sidebottom, Eleanor M. Siebert, Ursula S., 330 Sieck, Don C. Sifferd, Michael Alan, 330 Sikora, Donna Marie Silver, Barbara Jean Silver, Joseph Lee Sime, Nanci Jo, 330, 185 Simmons, James Albert, 356, 139, 150 Simmons, Jo Ann, 330, 204, 151 Simola, Ted Simon, Anita, 358, 203 Simon, Gary John, 145 Simon, Thomas Anthony, 330 Simoncini, Sylvia D., 330 Simonelli, Ronald L., 330 Simons, Orren Charles Simpson, Cynthia Ann Simpson, Loren Howard, 331 Simpson, Lynne Alice Simpson, Peter Kooi Simpson, Pier Robert, 331, 211, 285 Simpson, Robert H. Sims, Daniel Allen, 331 Sims, David Lewis, 357 Sims, Graham Dean Sims, Jack Cornia, 331 Sims, Mary Patricia, 331, 196, 25 Sims, Nancy K., 331, 198 Sims, Robert S., 356, 202, 265 Sims, Ronald Frank, 331 Sims, Shirley Ann, 331, 130, 141 Sinclair, William S. Singh, Kharag Bahadur, 362 Singleton, James R., 331 Singleton, Walter A. Sinha, Rajeshwar P., 362 Sinn, Jack Alan, 362 Sinon, James Edward Sipos, Suzanne G. Siren, Anne Marie, 331, 204, 30, 153 Siren, Jay Darrell Sisk, Dennis Ingle, 331 Sisson, Arnold Glen, 156 Skaar, Bonnie Esther, 331, 192 Skelton, Robert Earl Skevington, Katharine Skiff, Lorin Roger Skiles, Patricia J., 331 Skinner, David Duane, 331 Skinner, H. Duane Skinner, N. Sherwood, 331 Skinner, Quentin Dar, 357, 134, 237 Skinner, Rockney, Dean, £57, 138 Skinner, Rolland Gene, 331, 134, 237 Skovgard, Gary Merle, 331 Skovgard, Jacqueline Slack, Donald Carl, 331, 183, 157 Slack, Jo Ann Aileen, 331, 204, 203 Slade, Charlotte C. Slade, David Warwick, 331, 188 Slade, Joesph W. Jr. Slagle, Jack Ronald Slater, Julia M. Slaughterbeck, Donald, 331, 152 Sloan, Michael Thomas, 331, 158 Small, Cynthia Small, Phillip Henry, 357 Smalley, John J., 331 Smallwood, Horace A., 137 Smidt, Hensmann John, 357, 187 Alfred Bullard Beverly J. Lund Blake Thomas, 357, 147 Bonnie, 331, 194 Bruce Dyfrig, 331 Clifford E., 362 Darryl, William, 331, 210 Dean Lee, 156, 165 Dennis Paul, 331 Doug Ray, 331, 202, 138 Duane Lee, 362 Edgar Bailey Frank Marshall, 331, 202 Franklin James Galeen R. Scott, 331 Harold Lee, 331 Harry Bridges, 331 Jacqueline Mae, 331 James Stafford, 331, 200 Jerry Mack, 331 Kathleen M., 332, 144 Kathryn Ann, 332, 138 Kveta Royce, 332 Lawrence J. Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Leah Jane, 357 Lendine Joyce, 332 Linda Anne Smith, Lola Kay, 332 Smith, Lynette Ruth, 332, 190, 139, 142 Smith, Lynn Ellen, 332 Smith, Mary Virginia, 357, 193, 124, 144, 17 Smith, Melton Laoel, 332, 188, 260 Smith, Michael Louis, 332, 215 Smith, Michael Monroe Smith, Neff Thomas Smith, Richard Dean, 332 Smith, Robert K. Smith, Ronald Eugene, 332 Smith, Royal Cliff, 332, 159 Smith, Sally Lee, 357, 192, 164, 23 Smith, Sharron Lee Smith, Sidney Lee, 332, 207 Smith, Sylvia Lynn Smith, Tucker William, 357 Smith, Verne Edward, 357 Smith, Vernon Gayle, 332, 130 Snapp, Glenn Raymond Sneddon, M. Joan, 332 Snell, Douglas, 332, 210 Snell, Golden C. Jr., 357 Snook, Neil Ward, 332, 211 Snow, Joseph Patrick, 362 Snurr, Jerry Carl Snyder, -C. Sue, 332 Snyder, Blake, 332 Snyder, Ladonna Jean, 362, 130, 139, 136 Snyder, Lloyd Clark, 332 Soderholm, Bruce A., 362 Soloman, George L., 332, 207 Soltez, James Joseph Somer, Perry Kay, 332, 198, 153, 147 Somers, Kenneth D., 362, 158 Sommer, H. Neil, 332 Song, Sonja Revay, 332, 264 Songtis, Prasert, 362 Sorensen, Dorothy Ann, 332, 204 Sorensen, Gail, 332, 141 Sorino, John Alfred Sostrom, Leonard J., 332 Sostrom, Shirley T. Soto, Dario, 357 Souder, Hugh Samuel, 332, 161 South, Robert Jay, 357, 200 Sovyak, Fred, 357 Spangler, Daniel Roy, 332, 210, 166 Spangler, Richard J., 357, 210, 154 Sparks, Leonard R., 332, 236 Sparks, Raymond Sparling, Stanley S. Spaulding, Lyman B., 332, 207 Spear, Guy Eugene, 357 Spear, Richard W., 332, 207 Spears, Mark, 332, 207 Spears, William Louis, 357 Speckner, Gail A., 332 Speckner, Stanley J., 357, 150 Speight, J. Lee Speight, John Blain, 357, 125 Spence, James Andrew, 357 Spence, Karen Lee, 333 Spence, Joyce Taylor Spence, Liter E. Jr. Spence, Thomas John Spice, Charles G. Jr. Spice, Wilma Helen 380 Spicer, Gerald Alvin, 333, 134, 236, 256 Spicer, William Lloyd, 333, 202 Spicka, Richard Emil, 357, 157 Spielman, Theresa Ann, 333, 144 Spiller, Phyllis P., 333, 204 Spires, Kenneth G. Spiss, Kathie Marie, 333, 130, 131 Spragg, Merwin Eugene, 333 Spriggs, Paul E. Jr., 333, 188 Springer, Alice Lucy, 333 Squires, George W., 333 Squires, Rodney Stack, Frank H. Stack, Mildred R. Stacy, Karen Kay, 333 Stacy, Richard Allen Staffileno, Thomas A. Stahla, Edward Allen, 333, 245 Stahla, Ronald August, 158 Stahly, William S., 333, 132 Stalick, Kathryn Mary, 333 Stanberry, Joseph H., 333 Stanbury, Myrna Lynn St. Andre, Jon, 333 Stanfield, Linda Ann, 333, 196, 144, 137 Stanford, Dennis Joe, 333 Stanford, Sue, 333, 190 Staniforth, Richard D., 333 Staples, Dixon Bruce Stark, Norman C., 333 Starkovich, Judith L., 333 Starks, Earl Lynn, 333 Starrs, James Henry, 333, 207 States, Dean Vernon, 357 States, Jack Sterling, 260 States, Jim Bruce, 260 Staubus, Jack L. Jr., 333 Steadman, John W., 333, 158 Steadman, Martha Joan Stearns, Rodney C. Stebner, Ronald C, 357 Steege, Clarence E., 357 Steele, Constance G., 333, 204, 208, 264 Steele, Wayne Edward, 333 Steen, Robert Palmer, 333, 210 Steers, Bonnie Belle, 333 Steinbrech, John W. Steinman, Harry E., 334 Stenvick, Jean Rae Stephens, Lowell O. Jr. Stevens, Chancy Glenn Stevens, Charles E., 357, 157 Stevens, Diane, 334 Stevens, Larry Owen, 334 Stevens, Lynn James, 357, 213 Stevens, Susan Stott, 334 Stevens, Whitney Ann Stevenson, Judith C, 334 Stevenson, Robert B., 334 Stevie, Phyllis A. Stewart, Duane M. Stewart, Jody Ann, 357, 185, 151 Stewart, Kay Louise, 334, 198, 28, 147 Stewart, Thomas Wayne, 334 Stickley, Robert C, 334, 158 Stien, Howard Marvin Still, Daniel William, 334 Stilson, Bill Bert, 245 Stimac, Matthew James Stimson, Kenneth Lee, 334 Stingley, Gerald A., 334 Stinner, Lee Edward, 334 Stinson, William F., 334 Stites, Christie A. Stockton, Robert J., 334 Stoddard, Clinton D. Stoddard, Kathleen A., 334 Stoddard, Sally Ann, 334, 198, 139, 144, 131, 179 Stohrer, Joseph W., 334 Stokes, Jesse D. Jr., 362 Stokes, Milton Harlan, 334 Stone, David Joseph, 334, 245 Stone, Donald Harold, 334 Stoneman, Helen E., 334, 139 Storey, Barbara Jean Storm, Melvin G., 334 Story, John D. Story, Leah Beth, 334 Stouffer, Jon Clark Stout, Jennifer, 334, 204, 137 Stout, William Allan, 334 Strahan, Janice Lynn, 335, 190, 264 Strahmann, William D. Straley Wm. Franklin Strand, Eileen, 335 Stranningan, Theo Ann, 335, 198, 179 Straton, John R. Jr., 335 Strauch, Harry Lee, 335, 193 Strecker, Janice Kay, 335 Strecker, Kenneth G. Streeter, Sandra Ruth, 130 Strickling, Delbert L., 335, 157 Strife, James Edward Stromer, Merlin Paul Strother, Herbert A., 357 Strother, Jerry R., 335, 252 Stroup, Charles E. Ill Strow, Richard Earle Stuart, David Malcom, 362 Stuart, William J. Jr., 241, 243 Stubbs, Larry Edgar Stubbs, Sheldon Linn Stuber, Roger Alan, 335, 188, 124 Stubson, Larry Ray, 335, 166 Stugart, David B. Stugart, James W., 156 Stump, Louise May, 357, ISO, 151 Sturdevant, David E. Sturges, Sandra Jeane, 335, 196, 25 Sturholm, Carolyn Kay, 335, 204 Stugart, Carol Ann, 335 Suchta, Sharon Lee, 335, 194 Sudman, Albert, T. II, 335, 188 Sue, Richard Dale Suedkamp, William C. Sullivan, Daniel B., 335, 188 Sullivan, Melvin D., 357, 151 Sullivan, Michael J., 362, 148 Summers, Harold Burke Sutphin, Connie Rene, 142 Sutton, William M., 24 Suydam, Adele Kish Suydam, Robert B. Suyematsu, Taro Swain, Vernon Horace Swaldi, Steven Edward Swanson, Gordon Roy, 335, 188, 243 Swanson, Lydia Louise, 335, 198 Swanson, Raymond N., 335 Swanson, Roland Ray, 335 Swanson, Terry Dean, 335 Swarts, Thomas P., 335 Swartz, Edward Harvey, 335 Swartz, James William Sweetland, Roy Eugene Swendseid, Lowell R., 335 Swenson, Valdee Sylte, Jame Richard, 335, 207 Sylvester, Donell D. T Tadlock, Martin R. Jr., 335 Taggart, Richard J. Talbert, Janice Kay, 358, 185 Talbot, Kevin Edward Talbott, Len Dallas Taliaferro, Thomas S., 336, 188 Tamblyn, Charley R., 358 Tamblyn, Hank John, 336 Tamvakis, John Tarpley, Elizabeth J., 336, 144 Tarter, John Robert, 336 Tarter, Nancy Ann, 336, 164 Tate, Joesph R., 253 Tate, Nancy Lynne, 336, 192, 108, 69, 85 Tate, R. Dennis, 362 Tatham, Judith Lynn, 336, 192 Tatham, Tom Edgar Tatham, Charles Tatum, Robert Glenn Taylor, Benja Fran, 336, 198, 217, 130, 136, 131 Taylor, Charles Frank Taylor, Dennis A., 336 Taylor, Don Lynn, 336 Taylor, D. Michael Taylor, Eugene Jr., 336 Taylor, James Martin Taylor, Jimmy Dean Taylor, Larry C, 336 Taylor, Larry Jay Taylor, Lavoy Olney, 148 Taylor, Lynda Lee Atwood Taylor, Warren Lewis, 336 Teague, Robert C, 336 Teale, Kerry Teressa, 336 Tebow, Barbara Gail, 336 Tebow, Bill Joe, 336 Tegeler, Donald F., 336, 188 Telander, Darlene Ann, 338, 190 Temple, Keneth L. Jr., 336 Tenagne, Bekele, 362, 130 Terragno, Paul James Terrell, Sharon Ehli Terry, Duncan, 358 Terry, James R. Jr. Terry, Jerry Alan Tesh, Kendall Siebert Test, Rose Marie, 336, 153, 147 Teter, William Gene, 336, 210 Teves, Daniel Thaler, Wayne Michael, 336, 143 Tharp, Mary Alice, 336 Thatcher, Bobbye J., 336, 204, 108, 264 Thayer, Luella Lee, 358 Thayer, Shirley May, 336 Thibeault, Robert J., 362 381 Thomas, Bettina H., 336 Thomas, Catherine S. Thomas, George Mike Thomas Janyce E., 236, 204, 30 Thomas, Joe Glen Thomas, John Arthur, 132 Thomas, Kathryn Ann Thomas, Marilyn Kay, 336, 196 Thomas, Pamela, 336, 192, 69, 68 Thomas, Susan, 336, 141 Thompson, Beauford A., 338, 213 Thompson, Charles M., 336, 202 ' Thompson, Edward E., 337, 210 Thompson, James Goss, 337, 207 Thompson, Janet E., 337 Thompson, Jeffrey L., 337, 188 Thompson, Kathleen M., 337, 204, 110, 264 Thompson, Loren A., 337 Thompson, Pamela E., 337 Thompson, Russell L., 337 Thompson, Thomas R. Jr. Thompson, Violet M. Thompson, Von Richard Thomson, William J. II, 336, 202, 135 Thomte, Jean C, 147 Thonen, Marjorie E., 358 Thoren, Donald Arthur, 358, 188 Thornberry, Anne R. Thorne, Gordon Harold, 337, 200 Thorne, Robert Fay Thornoek, Russel L., 337 Thornton, George A., 337 Thorpe, Shirley Lee, 358, 192, 164 Thurston, James M., 337, 183, 145, 150 Tichac, Katherine Ann, 337, 192 Tiernan, Michael W., 362 Tierney, Michael R. Jr., 337 Tilghman, Marilyn H. Tillett, Alana F., 337 Tilley, Larry Jack, 337 Timmons, Francis L. Tippets, Ashby Wood, 337, 140 Tippets, Darlene C, 337, 204, 264 Tippets, Elvis Harold, 337, 140 Tisdale, Velma Louise, 337 Titus, Richard C, 358, 153, 145, 205 Tjepkes, Raymond A., 337 Tobias, Patricia D. Tobin, Peggy Todd, Lynn Douglas Todd, Raymond Lee, 137 Tolar, Richard W. Tollefson, Linda L., 337, 185 Tolman, Eugene M. Jr. Tomingas, Henry Lynn, 337 Tompkins, Kenneth Lee, 358 Tomsu, Barbara Donn Tonelli, Randall W., 337, 155 Tonkin, Albert C. Toole, Sharon K. Toots, Heinrich A. Toro, Jean Elizabeth, 337 Toskin, Julie Ann Totten, Clifton H., 150 Tottenhoff, James K. Toussaint, Charlene J., 337 Townsend, George W., 358 Townsend, James Logan Toy, Richard Watson, 337 Trabookis, Kathryn, 358 Tracy, John Elwood Tracy, Sharon Graves Trautwein, Henry III Traverso, Enrique, 358 Travis, John Richard, 337, 200 Treadway, James D. Trego, Michael Paul Tremain, Raymond K., 337, 200 Trenholm, William L., 338 Tressler, Anna M. Trevenen, Thomas E., 338 Trevino, Danny R., 358, 211 Trierweiler, Joan L., 353, 194, 144 Trierweiler, Ruth D., 338, 194, 130, 153, 136 Triplett, John A., 358, 158, 158 Troastle, R. Michael, 338, 160 Trosper, Bonnie Jean, 338 Trouchon, Lucien Rene Troughton, John D., 353 Trowbridge, Ann Ljnn, 338, 196, 23 Trowe, Suzanne Irene, 338, 204, 69 Trudell, Laurence G. Trujillo, Victor Elroy, 338 Trump, Clarence R. Tryon, Sharon Kay, 338 Tsurutani, Hisashi, 362 Tucker, Benny Miles, 353, 207, 161 Tucker, Virginia Lynn Tuinstra, Kenneth E. Tully, George Eugene Turk, Betty Jean Turk, James Elvis, 338 Turk, Marlen Greene Turk, Thad Howard, 358, 148 Turman, Keith Gerald Turner, Deanna Joan, 338 Turner, Gloria Jo, 338 Twitchell, George A. Twitchell, Terry Neil, 338 Tyler, Alison Louise, 338, 204 Tyler, Richard W., 338, 210, 135, 150 Tyrrell, William Bert Tyson, Donald Ray U Uhren, Robert J. Jr., 338 Ulrich, Steven Leroy Underwood, William Jr., 338, 200 Urbigkit, Mary Jane, 338, 194, 154, 26, 25, 155, 143 Uribe, Vicenta Elena, 338, 185, 137 Urutia, Helen Evalena, 338, 147 Usna, Ismail Uthoff, Herbert Orlan, 338 Utter, Dennis Ray V Vaiciulenas, Ingrid E., 338 Vaiciulenas, Ruth E. Valdez, Max Melton, 338 Valdez, Raymond A., 338 Valko, John Jerald Vanallen, John K., 338, 207 Vanalstine, William L., 353 Vance, James Oral, 338, 166 Vancourt, Laurence P. Vancourt, Sharon Ann, 358, 194 Vandenberg, Shirley A., 358, 192 Vanderberg, Richard D., 358, 148 Vandeveegaete, Walter, 338, 143 Vandeventer, Thomas W., 338 Vangerpen, Myron D., 338 Vanhouten, Diether H., 338, 142 Vanhouten, Helen E., 338, 204 Vanlieu, Janice A., 338 Vanraden, Joyce, 338 Vantrump, James E., 338 Vanvoorhees, John C, 338 Vanzee, Marion Elvy, 339, 156, 158 Vasileff, Vasil Vasilion, Pete George Vathauer, Royce N. Vaudrey, James Walter Vaughan, Robert Story, 339, 207 Vaughn, Dana Marie, 339 Veal, Donald Lyle Velasqu ez, Robert D., 339, 202, 151, 23 Vering, Larry Henry, 339 Verley, Larry Kenneth, 358 Vermilyea, Barry Lynn, 339, 213 Vialpando, Esther M., 339 Vidal, Louis Brus Jr., 339, 210 Vines, Lila Lee, 339, 185 Vines, William Howard, 339 Vinson, Gary Lee, 339 Viola, Frank Charles, 339, 154, 155 Viren, Thomas Joe, 339 Vitale, Joseph, 339, 200, 134, 236 Vlastos, Carol Jo Vlastos, Joseph E. Vogelsang, Ross W., 339 Vogt, Darrel Dee, 339, 158 Volk, James Deforst, 339, 211 Volk, John Frederick, 339, 211 Vollmer, Shirley E., 339 Vonkrosigk, Rodney K., 339 Vontrachtenberg, Penny, 339 Voorhees, Gerald Earl Vore, Jefferson E., 339 Vore, Theodore James, 339 Vosler, L. Christian Vosler, Virginia Ann, 339 Voss, Janice Kay, 339, 204, 264 Vukelich, Vincent M. W Wade, Ralph Murch Wade, William D., 260 Wagers, Daniel Edward, 339, 188 Wagner, Wendell Ralph, 339, 147 Wahed, Abdul Waite, Edmund Vinson, 339, 156, 158 Waits, Janet Lea Wakkuri, Myron John, 340 Walck, Marilyn J., 358 Walcott, Edward W., 340 Walcott, James Harold, 340 Waldo, Barbara Ann, 340 Waliser, Karen Eileen, 358 Walker, Michael H., 340, 236, 256 Walker, Sandra Carole, 358, 130 Walker, Sharon Jane, 137 Walker, Stanley Duane Wall, John, 340 Wall, Donnie Keith Wallace, David Lewis, 340, 151 Wallin, Linda Jean, 340 Wallwork, James Oris Walsted, Edmond D. Walter, Fred E., 362, 161 Walter, Gary Lee, 340 382 Walter, Julia Jean, 340, 185, 148 Walters, James G, 358 Walters, Randall K., 340, 188 Walther, Flora Kaiser Walton, Clarence J., 340 Walton, Patsy Elmer, 340 Wamhoff, Karen Louise, 340 Wampler, Robert Merle, 245 Ward, Andrea Louise, 340, 198 Ward, Kevin Patrick, 134 Ward, Tex Orland Overton, 340, 210 Ward, Wayne Eugene, 340, 207 Warfield, Ted Robert, 340 Warnock, V. Gene, 340 Wasden, Gri.nt Muyres Washburn, Doris June, 358, 190 Washington, Diane Sue Wasserburger, John T., 362, 162, 157 Wasserburger, M. E., 362 Waters, Fred Campbell, 340 Waters, J. Richard, 340, 200 Watkins, Rosemary, 358, 144 Watkins, Don Halden Watne, Marshall M., 358 Watson, James E. Jr., 340, 207, 29, 152 Watt, David Joseph, 340 Watt, James Gaius, 362 Watt, Robert T., 148 Watt, Sharon Leah Watts, Gary Lee, 340 Waugh, David K. Jr., 340, 135 Webb, Barbara Jean, 340 Weber, Allan Eugene, 340, 155 Weber, Harry Dean, 340 Weber, Judith Ann, 340 Weber, Kenneth Eugene, 340 Weber, Paul Raymond, 340, 193 Weber, Sharon Ann, 340 Webster, Margaret E., 340, 198, 208, 115, 61, 125, 26, 264, 177, 179 Wedemeyer, Clifford D., 340 Wedemeyer, Donald Dee Weekly, Donald Paul Weekly, Ivan George, 358 Weekly, Wesley James Weeks, Marilyn Anne, 340 Weickum, Sharon Mae, 341 Weinberger, Steven L. Weis, Barbara Joan, 341 Weitz, James Benjamin, 341, 207 Welch, Brenda Lou Welchlin, Morris E. Weller, Linda Lou, 341 Wellman, Deanne M., 341, 198 Wells, Allyn, 358, 213, 156, 158 Welton, Scarlet K., 341, 190 Wendt, Sally Joan, 341 Wendzel, Thelma Lou Weinger, Howard S., 341 Wensky, David Allen Weppner, Edward S., 341 Weppner, Eleanor Ann, 341 Wessel, Norma Ruth, 341 Wesswick, Louise West, Esther Richards West, Linda Ann West, Melville Bruce, 341 Westedt, Kent Owen Wetherell, Virginia J. Wetzler, Sharron Lee Weydeveld, Carter A., 341 Weydeveld, Linda Lee Wheasler, Lois Jean Wheasler, Robert A. Wheeland, Fred W. Ill, 341 Wheeler, Bill Joe, 341, 183 Wheeler, Frederick Jr. Wheeler, Paul Marvin While, Emma Louise, 341, 136 While, Laura Caryle, 341 Whitaker, Romulus III, 341 Whitcomb, Mary Grace, 341, 185 White, Jerry Leroy White, Mary Elise, 341 White, Michael A., 341, 248, 250 White, Robert Lee, 358, 162, 158 White, Robert Sherman, 341, 156 Whitehead, Dennis E. Whitehouse, Bernard P., 358 Whiting, James Guy, 341 Whitley, Donald Karl, 342, 211 Whitman, Gloria Dell, 342, 190 Whitman, Lavonne Lee, 342, 190 Whitman, Robert L., 342, 210 Whitney, Bob Hart, 358, 188 Whittington, Donna Jo, 342 Wickersham, Mary Ann Wickham, Frederic Jr. Widman, Edwin Earl, 260 Widman, Elsie Conners Widman, Roy Franklin Wiedekamp, Russell B., 342 Wier, Barbara Jeanne, 342 Wiggam, Robert W. 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Windom, Larry Dale, 358 Winger, Marcia Gael Wingfield, Charles B., 343 Wingfield, Wayne E., 343 Winkel, June Bartz Winkes, Jeniene, 343, 144 Winrich, Lonny Bee Winship, Carolyn Lee, 343, 190, 147 Wirtz, Jimmy Dalo, 343 Wise, Wynona Louise Wiseman, Patricia Jo, 343 Wist, Sandra Charlene, 343 Withrow, David James Wolcott, Ed, 211 Wolcott, Linda Ruth, 343, 185 Wold, Gunnar Anton, 358 Wolf, Jacqueline Ann Wolf, Kenneth George, 358, 158, 158 Wolfe, Harry Eugene Wolfe, James Nelson, 150 Wolfe, Patsy T., 343 Wolfendale, Ralph Jr. Wolski, Jerome Edwin, 358, 134, 265 Wood, James Davis, 343 Wood, Rebecca Lynn, 343, 198 Wood, Susan Lesley Woodard, Lauren D. Jr., 343, 212, 124 Woodrow, Leland Lewis Woods, John Charles, 343, 188 Woodson, Sally E., 343, 190, 135 Woody, Ralph Jerome Woolf, Charlene Marie Wooten, Alice Ann, 343, 192 Worl, Mary Lynn, 343, 131 Worl, Ronald Grant Worman, Darrell Don, 343, 236 383 Worman, Rodney Lynn, 343 Worman, Roger E., 358 Worth, Raymond S., 343 Worth, Robert Ray, 343, 210 Wright, Bruce A., 343, 134, 236 Wright, Carolyn Jo, 343, 115, 61, 122, 155, 146 Wright, Dianne Lee, 343 Wright, Gene 0. II, 343, 188 Wright, Lee John, 343, 137 Wright, Marthafern S. Wright, Mike Lynn, 134, 236 Wright, Robert D. Wright, Ronald L. Wysocki, James Edward, 343, 248 Y Yaap, Jerry Allen, 362, 148 Yaeger, Betty Louise, 343, 83 Yakse, William Edw. Yeager, Michael Ray, 343 Yemington, Charles R., 343, 213, 158 Yestness, Donald C, 362 Yocum, Kenneth Lee Yorgason, Carl Bert Yorgason, Carol Ann Yorio, Franklin John, 343 York, Edward F. Ill York, Laurence Merel, 343, 156, 158 York, Steven Walter, 183 Youker, Roy Otis Young, Alvin Lee, 343, 138 Voung, Bruce Orcott, 343, 161 Young, Edward Morris Young, Jimmie Don, 343, 159 Young, Loretta Emma Young, Melinda E. Young, Michel Allen Yonng, Sonja Lee, 343, 137 Young, Valerie, 141 Z. Zakovich, Wesley Nick Zarafonitis, Cynthia Zaversnik, Joseph S., 343, 143 Zawacki, Robert A., 343 Zell, John Walter, 343, 188 Zid, Leola E. Ziegler, Judith Ann, 343, 196, 112, 264 Ziegler, Sally Diane, 343 Ziegler, Sue Ann, 343, 198 Zimmer, Vincent, 236 Zimmerman, Edmond E. Zimmerman, Kathleen S., 198 Zitting, Roy Alford, 362 Zotti, Alice Ann Zube, Arthur, 151 Zuech, Nancy Darlene Zueck, Isabelle Marie Zumbrennen, Sheri Lyn Zumbrunnen, Melvin L., 130 Zwonitzer, Ronald Lee 384 Emnmal Lihoqiaphed Bound by WALSWORTH M nc»lin«. Mo. U. a A. h Mcmoriam ♦ Colleen Bruns Marjorie Lehmkuhler Kay Sturholm Bob Gerhardt George Soloman Carolyn Hodges ... of the past 75 years of history made at the University of Wyoming and more specifically of the 61 - 62 Wyo Staff! We worked fast and furi- ously but still missed every deadline! We humored, cajoled and were downright obnoxious at times but finally we were able to get needed material for a deadline that was weeks over due. Thanks go to the Pi Phi and Chi O typists who came over to give a hand when the going was rough; to the organizations who obligingly showed up for group pictures on short notice; to Dave Bonner and his BI staff for all the help; to the staff for pitching on Saturdays and week nights when the chips were down; to Joe Milner, Mr. Biggs and Don Merback for lifting the morale of the editor when things looked dismal; and to the following staff members who did the various and assorted odd jobs which are so vital to put- ting together a yearbook: Carolyn Hunter Judy Gardner Mary Whitcomb Pat McKeown Joanne Simmons This is your yearbook as much as it is ours. We hope you like it but if you don ' t, Well, you can please some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all the time. The editors deserve as much of the credit for the work done as anyone and any praise for the year- book should be directed to them. Shirley Correll - Government Anita Brown - Campus Life Jeanne Patterson - Living Groups Janyce Thomas - Personality and Military Anne Siren - Living Groups and Military Joann Jeremiason - Classes Larry Vering - Copy Jim Watson - Assistant to the Editor Ronna Rutledge - Organizations Carole Lahti - Organizations Lyle Rickert - Sports Carole Loebe - Classes Barbara Duncan - Business Manager and Index Photo Credits to Dave Dougherty, Mike Bramman, Ron Mowrer, Bob Hede, Joe Kay, Allen Krafczik, Pownall, and the Journalism Department. Herb If there has been anyone who was left out or a name mispelled, it was not intentional and my apolo- gies. To be editor of the 61 -62 Wyo has been a great experience and to make the final shipment to Walsworth was even more of an experience. Many people may have had their doubts but the time finally arrived and the work is done. Thanks to all who made this book possible. Bob 386

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