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 - Class of 1955

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iMi VtVi] Fi -€ 1-kj tXn ty .1 ' v ' oiMaiPL : J «iswi.i»l» :.:»? . N i 55 Editii YEARBOOK OF THE UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING Editor Thomas W. Love Business V anager :__.-Richard R. Glover Assistant Editor Claude P. Mapes Published by The Associated Students of THE UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING Printed by TAYLOR-MADE YEARBOOKS, Dallas, Texas • .W »itwa ii . . n ™ « » FRESHMAN STEAK FRY Ending up Freshnnan Orientation week each year is what is doubtless the high point of the period, the steak fry. Ramrodded by the student senate, the event is " exclusively " for the frosh, yet it seems that each year there are as many, if not more, upperclass- men who wangle tickets and trot on up to Snowy Range to look over the new crop of gals. Gals, that is, like the one below, whom we caught stuffing an ice cream bar down her throat, and, as we go to press, still doesn ' t know that the picture was taken. Sly photographer we ' ve got. The fry is an excellent way to end the freshman ' s first week at the university, good fresh, crisp mountain air, seemingly even better after the other kind which the poor frosh are buffeted with in the numerous welcoming speeches. HOMECOMING Homecoming each fall quarter falls into the category of the top event in that period. Getting the festivities under way is a big bonfire, followed by a torchlight parade. No comment need be made as to the enjoyment of this little escapade, just check the im- pression on the face of the torchlighter on the preceding page. Some fun, huh? As we see it, about the only trouble with homecoming is that it takes work, and we ' ll prove that state- ment by the pictures right here on this page. These students are working on their floats for the parade, which comes off the morning of the game. As the old cliche goes, great fun was had by all. As a matter of fact, it looked to us like the old alums had a pretty nice welcome. ROTC Boasting both an army and air force ROTC unit, the University requires all men students to take at least two years. This year on Memorial Day the two units staged a joint downtown street parade, the beginning of which is shown on the opposite page. Not only do the twice- a-week-soldiers hold parades for special occas- sions, but periodical battalion and flight re- views are held by the corps themselves. The army color guard is shown below taking part in one such review, and that University colors sure gets heavy in the Laramie wind. Even tak- ing into consideration all the gig slips, snowy days, and the band ' s fast cadence, Wyoming rightly claims a couple of the best doggone units in the country. —— -x-. -- r k ■ ' », -4 4 Am ' FOOTBALL " Rah team. Rah " and " hit ' em harder " echo over the campus fall quarter during the pigskin season, as everyone goes nuts over the UW squad. And if you won ' t take our word for it, just take a gander at the mob in the stands, or at the little cheerleader about to burst a gasket over a touchdown. Maybe we shouldn ' t say everyone is hepped up over football, for it looks to us as if the fellow in the picture below is about to lie down for a while. A couple of swell fellows are even going to help him; isn ' t that sweet. ..... — .— . . ,.,.:.._.. _ Above is Phi Delta Theta ' s winning float from the homecoming parade. Most humorous, the judges said. In case you can ' t read the slogan along the side, and we bet you can ' t, it ' s " Martian over Utah. " On the left here. Homecoming Queen Joyce Pennock is being crowned by last year ' s royalty, Suzi Rodriguez. 5 Sigma Nu copped top honors in the beauty competition section of the homecoming parade with this float. Quite a work of art, we must say, but we ' ll bet it ' s cold up there. On the right are Wyoming ' s " roaring " cheerleaders, MGing along in the parade. Too bad this picture can ' t be in sound. THE STUDENT UNION Second home of all University stu- dents, the union is doubtless the most popular place on the campus. A handy spot for meeting your girl, playing bridge, meeting your fellow, playing pool, just loafing, or even putting out a yearbook, Larry ' s union is the hub of the daylight hours ' social life at Wyo- ming. And this year the coffee isn ' t even so bad. Showing the spirit of the establishment pretty well, we feel, is the opposite picture. Is everybody happy? It sure looks that way. War Memorial Stadium and Field House 4p Liberal Arts Building 1 - " tJ ft. " «SR! Up S t l y ' S» " J ¥ » .ivX - " -wv.- A hsR »t i. ■ v% 4 . 5 -V..- ♦ 1 • ji »ff ' V ' ' ' F Education Building Old Main Engineering Hall Union Wyoming Hall Men ' s Residence - itr DANCES AND ASSORTED PARTIES At Wyoming, like every place else, people like to dance, so they do. Fall quarter is the tinne for informal dances, with the winter and spring affairs being a little fancier. The nice thing about views like these is that everybody is having such a good time. Take for instance the picture on this page, what a scene. Sweet music, a beautiful girl in his arms, everyone around feeling wonderful (even if he doesn ' t know they are there), and, well, it ' s just a good life. And those on the next page. The couple at the top with their hearts and souls in their eyes; or those in the middle looking as if they are about to start a crap game; or a good cold drink to cool off with. And the queen is Really, it ' s not Oak Ridge; only a pharmacy lab ..- " - If, ■■»3rfBI? ::2i, Sim V si V ■Tl ' . TW ■» ' 4 ' -4- -; fS ».V! m «. r i- ' M » J T ■).+ ' fv 1 « I f% % »« ■ le rribst popular aspect ot photography class The Women ' s Physical Education departnndnt prbi I l|i H " 1 A nice hard serve to bring the score to 15-love " See. right there ' s Laramie, " he carefully explains to student teacher .KAW msmmm gmm «:% , m n ' i. li - - - ■- U.4rr i «feW • ' i lose Englishmen, in the war of 1812 . . . A wide-awake, ambitious journalism class considers the problems of the day pre sident President and Mrs. Humphrey relax in the quiet atmosphere of their gracious home. I ' |i % ,»» • " i- ' m : lr.4 I 4 .l ' ■■■■■.. mm .-iMj, W 4 Governor of the State of Wyoming ( C. J. (Doc) Rogers held the post of Acting Governor for the first part of the school year; Milward Simpson took over the chief executive ' s position following the general elections in November. C. J. (DOC) ROGERS MILWARD SIMPSON Seated: J. M. Mclntyre, Casper; Miss Edna Stoult, Cheyenne; Mrs. Lorna Patterson, Shell; Cliffornd Hansen, Jackson; President Humphrey, J. R. Sullivan, Laramie; James Reed, Kemmerer. Standing: Harold E. Brough, Evanston; Roy Chamberlain, Lusk; Roy Peck, Riverton; L. W. " Jack " Jones, Rock Springs; and Harold F. Newton, Sheridan. MILWARD L. SIMPSON President Cody Board of Trustees TRACY S. McCRAKEN Vice President Cheyenne 35 A. L. Keeney Dean of Men I 36 E. L. Galliver Dean of Women 37 ROBERT R. HAMILTON, Law O. H. RECHARD, Liberal Arts Deans ol H. T. PERSON, Engineering 38 H. M. BRIGGS, Agriculture HARLAN BRYANT, Education tolleges M. C. MUNDELL, Commerce DAVID W. O ' DAY, Pharmacy Student Senate The Student Senate of the University of Wyoming is one of the most important of the student organizations. In addition to acting as a coordinating body between the Administration and the Student Body, it brings many activities to the Campus. Headed by President Dick Brov n and Vice Prexy Sue Sims, the Senate has sponsored The Freshman Steak Fry, Campus Capers, and has brought name bands and cultural groups to the campus during the past year. Seated, left to right: Jack Floerke, Meellee Luton, Syd Howe, Joan Bourne, Bar- bara Mclntyre, Secretary; Sue Patrick, Vice President; Dick Brown, President; Jinn Herd, Bill Lange, Ed Patrick, Bsm.; Dorothy Micheli, Donna Killebrew, George E. Preim, Don Walcott. Standing: Ronald Harless, Howard Parks, Don Force, Dick Thomas, Kay Jones, Don Jones, Roger Hamer, Fritz Carroll, Bruce Jones, Harold Cole, Joe Cassinat. 40 :mr- SENIORS Steven Abbott Paul Adams Richard Adams Hester Allemand Donna Allen Robert Allphin Jean Anderson Nanci Andrew Lynn Anselmi John Baker Nancy Barns James Barnum Nan Barton Fred Beck John Bell Pat Bennett Charles Bergman Robert Bergman Alice Berkley DuANE Berrier ToMMiE Berry WiLMA Berry Tony Bevinetto SuRJiT Bhala LORETTA BiSCHOFF Carlos Boeira Bert Bohmont Faith Boswell Joan Bourne Audrey Bower Jame Bratcher Tony Brekken Elizabeth Brignac Don Bristow Thornton Bromley Weldon Brouillette Francis Brown Rex Bornham Robert Burns Gerald Butcher LaRue Campbell Fritz Carroll 42 SENIORS 0m ' p BS 1 pi 1 i ! i ■N, ' —■ ' 00ff J- ' " i Bill Carter Joe Cassinat James Castberg Antoinette Chase Carol Christensen Gerald Clawson Don Cluxton Margaret Cochran Beverly Cales Richard Colleoni Charles Conrad Kenneth Cook Richard Coulter Rosemary Crom James Davis Arlen Davison Jack DeBolt Ruth DeLard Shirley Dempster Louis Denton Donald Doerr John Doyle Ken Dreusicke James Edgeington Nick Eliopulos Floyd (Tut) Ellis Don Erickson Larre Eschliman Richard Everett John Parser Gerald Farmer Charles Ferrin Arthur Fisher Mansueto Flaim Jack Floerke William Foster Pete Fowler Marlene Franz Robert Freytag Nancy Fricke Leon Fritzier Janes Geier 43 SENIORS Tommy Giles Eugene Gillette James Gist Henry Goldman James Goodman John Gosney Leslie Graham Norma Graham Vendla Hagstrom Don Hammontree Ron Harless Louis Hant Floyd Harnagel Oliver Hedges [ » |Kft?« Richard Henderson Roy Henderson Robert Henrickson James Herd Richard Hockley Jacquie Hoitsma Paul Holtz Nina Huston Bob Hylton Sarah Jackson Mac Jenkins Pat Joder Tom Joens Alfred Johnson Dorothy Johnson Frank Johnson Kendall Johnson Larry Johnson Bruce Jones Marion Jones Harry Jorgensen Barbara Howard Sydney Howe Alice Hughes Doris Hunt Jeanne Huntington Devon Hurd Barbara Hurst 44 i kit • " w " - -Jox —The smcwte n young men ' s i q||ill pilHC»L BUILDING, LaIaaI .;ij:«§ ).. ' is8l Johnny Davis, Proprietor -l i ; i , £i»iJH:r;J!i J,r l l iililL!iIlli; Bfai!tm)al a SENIORS A. Z. Joy Hans Juliusburger Bernard Justesen Donald Kaufmann Gerald Kaufman Donna Killebrew Doris Kim Doug Kingdon Richard Kinzer Robert Knox Walter Kostynyk Hazel Jean Kuns John Kylander Donald Kynion Donald Landeen Halene Landen William Laya John Leniham Charles Lewis Edward Litecky Gerald Littlefield Richard Lodewick Jack Longnecker Bonnie Loomis Peter Lothian Robert Lott Marilyn Loughery Thomas Love Don Ludwig Paul Lundberg Priscilla Lynch Richard Mabie Robert AAadsen Louis Madrid Janet Maebius David MaLoney Olive Marfan John Martinez Herbert Mobley Ann Morgan Robert Moore Lelian McCoy SENIORS Kent McDaniel Barbara McIntyre Donald McIntyre John McIntyre Nancy McIntyre Edward McKinney Dan McMichael James McMurry John McNamee Frances McNeill Joseph McPherson Alan Navman George Nichols Patricia Norris J. W. Nuckolls John Nye Ronald O ' Connell John Oja Jack O ' Neill Maxwell Osborn James Parrish Norman Paterson Edwin Patrick Kenneth Payne Dorothy M. Pearce Gaylord Pearson Carolyn Petersen Robert Peterson Clarence Phillips Verl Picard Lynn Pickinpaugh George Pierce Dean Piper Barney Pizzoli Thomas Pope Guy Porter Gerald Purdy Abdul Qaissaunee Margie Raben Frank Radella Jack Rea Donald Rees 47 p s MOTOR CO. OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC Phone 606 CODY WYOMING 1018 13th Street SMITH ' S FURNITURE STORE Radios Washing Machines Furniture Ranges HOME OF NATIONAL BRANDS Phone 3928 Laramie THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK CHEYENNE, WYOMING A WYOMING INSTITUTION " Ninety percent of the Stock in this Bank is owned by Wyoming People. MEMBER F.D.I.C. SENIORS Lyell Reilly Darlene Reimann Glen Resler Dana Reynolds Helen Richardson Gary Riedl Larry Roberts Teddy Schaffer Julie Schurger Thomas Schwarberg James Scott Louie See Shirley Sellers Raymond Shell SENIORS Warren Siebold Dorothy Sims Emma Sinclair James Slotta Everett Smith Gordon Smith Gale Smith Anna Stenberg Don Stine Joyce Stout Wayne Stufft John Taylor William Tighe Robert Tighe PARIS CAFE AMERICAN AND CHINESE FOOD Open 24 Hours a Day FINE FOODS Laramie Wyoming Creamery GRADE m DAIRY PRODUCTS Third and Garfield Phone 271 1 Laramie, Wyoming Wyoming ' s Finest Laramie, Wyoming hart, schaffner and marx florsheim McGregor Manhattan esquire 49 SENIORS Rob Tillett Diane Trullinger Lyle Trullinger Nicholas Tsiouvaras Marian Tuttle Sherry Tuttle Rebecca Utterback Mary Walsh Les White Carolyn Williams Robert Willingham Ronald Wilson Bettie Winn Harold Wirth In Laramie f V ( I Colleen Wood John Yauney Aldo Zueck Raymond Zell George Galuska Delores Garretson Rocky Rogers Heating Plumbing City Plumbing Heating Co. 760 N. Srd Phone 2385 Laramie If you have to work during your vacation work in JACKSON Jackson State Bank t( i!i -Jfct THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Laramie Wyoming s Oldest Bank When it come to BANKING there is no substitute for SERVICE " DAVISON JEWELRY 205 {VINSON AVE DIAL 4268 • Omega, Bulova and Elgin Watches • Keepsake Diamond Rings Wallace and Kirk ' s Sterling LARAMIE, WYOMING 51 GRADUATES Margaret Adamcik Harold Alley Geno Ballott John Bernsee Robert Birch Shirley Bristow Asa Brooks Margaret Gatch Robert Hall Robert T. Hall James Hunter Elisabeth Krauss Mansel Lane Lawrence Lofgren Howard Downer Richard Ellerby John Ewert Edward Friesen Martha Friesen Gale Fuller Allan Fulton PLANT GRADE " A " PRODUCTS Milk Buttermilk Butter Sweet Cream Ice Cream Cottage Cheese Dried Milk Ice Cream Mix Frozen Foods AT YOUR DOOR - AT YOUR STORE SHERIDAN, WYOMING H. F. Newton, ' 27 52 kACocte THE MAN ' S STORE • Kuppenheimer Clothes • Stetson Hats • French Shriner Shoes • Arrow Shirts LARAMIE Your Favorite Home-made BREAD • ROLLS • BUNS • PIES • CAKES CHRIS ' S BAKE SHOP Phone 5454 212 Grand LARAMIE GRADUATES Rodney Ramsey Leroy Rich Howard Robson Howard Sharpnack Morris Skinner Ella Jane Taylor George Trimble Mary Warner Harrold Webb Burton Lowe Robert Mason Larry Mitich Roy Morgan Richard Mullins LaVerne Nelson Nancy Newton Charles Powell Carolina Prada WYOMING ' S BEST KNOWN CLOTHIER EST. 1919 Y Check it with CASPER NATIONAL BANK MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. 53 POWELL, WYOMING FIRST NATIONAL BANK POWELL LUMBER CO. CASTBERG INSURANCE MOVER ' S DRUGS DICK JONES TRUCKING MONTANA-DAKOTA UTILITIES OKAY CHEVROLET LANGLEY-TEMPLETON LUMBER CO. HEDE PHOTOGRAPHERS 54 JUNIORS Sanford Andrew Anthony Andrikopolis William Archibald Charlene Ashenhurst Wallace Averett Harold Bacheller Shirley Backer Abdul Abaucy Adale Adams Charles Afflerbach James Allen Gene Anderson Keith Anderson Sigrid Anderson Elizabeth Ball Thomas Ballard Marilyn Bard Robert Barlow Richard Barnes John Barnes Robert W. Barker SALLY ' S LUNCH 24 Hour Service Short Order Lunches Prompt Service 312 1 2 South 2nd MAINE ' S SHOE STORE Shoes for the entire family Featuring the finest in footwear UNIVERSITY FILLING STATION 24 Hour Service Hirsch Drive Yourself Cars Texaco 1 00 South Third For Men Florsheim Rand Star Brand For Women Lady Florsheim Queen Quality Trim Tred For Children Poll Parrot Scamperoos 55 JUNIORS Mary Barr Donald Bass Irvin Bassett Thelma Baeson Karen Benson • Marytherese Best Margot Binning Robert Bormuth Paul Boucher Charles Bower Barbara Breeding Miriam Brorby Wade Brorby George Brow GTJEAIt re tauiiamt; Zrail Steak Mouse Zmil Coffee Shop 922 Weit 16th 216 West 16th CHEYENNE, WYOMING Sky Zmil 6th Avenue Evani Best Wisnes f rom Department Store " W ere Wyommg Shops With Confidence " CASPER. WYOMING 56 SHERIDAN ' S OLDEST BANK THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK of SHERIDAN Over 65 Years of Continuous Service Sheridan, Wyoming JUNIORS Robert Clark Marjorie Clare Carl Cinnamon Frances Chisholm Ben Chesebro Robert Chambers Gene Chamberlain Estell Brown Patty Brown George Bull Vera Bunn Beverly Busteed Roy Butler William Cameron Paul Castleberry Clarence " Bugs " Carter Robert Carroll James Carroll William Carroll Joe Capua Joe Campbell TATHAM ' S SERVICE STATION Mobilgas and Mobiloil Complete Service for your Car 201 East Third Congratulations Seniors HOME FURNISHINGS SHERIDAN, WYOMING Everything to Make Your Home For Unusual Printing . . . either Letterpress or Offset . . . See MOUNTAIN STATES LITHOGRAPHING CO. PHONE 4079 412 South Third Laramie CAKES PASTRIES TABLE TREAT BREAD Only the Best at the HOME BAKERY Phone 2721 Laramie 57 LARAMIE DRUG CO Your Walgreen System Store 123 Ivinson Avenue Laramie, Wyoming »t£ CODY ELECTRIC SUPPLY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS • G.E. Mazda Lamps • Radios ftt • Supplies • Lighting Fixtures WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL ' Cody, Wyoming First, Last and Always It ' s J. C PENNEY CO. The Student ' s Choice For Style and Quality LARAMIE VfUL We Guarantee Our Worfe See Our Campus Representatives 305 So. 3rd Avenue Dial 3200 Laramie JUNIORS Pam Cleaver Rpbert Clemens Don Clucas Sandra Cobetto Harold Cole Charles Coleman Elaine Collopy fs». (te. . 1 9 " W ' UHj K Joan Crofts James Crom Robert Cump ' acker Ronald Custis Jack Daiss Louis Dale Ronald Dalley 58 TWO GREAT SHOE STORES - Dedicated to the Finest People in the World — OUR WYOMING FRIENDS AND CUSTOMERS Conne in the First Time It ' s Convenient ! 1B CHEYENNE — LARAMIE KNOX FURNITURE Fine Furniture Begins on the Inside Dial 9355 207 South 2nd Laramie, Wyoming SMART STYLES FOR THE STYLISH DRESSES - SUITS - COATS - SLACKS AND ACCESSORIES Laramie JUNIORS Jim Downey Larry Deti Ann Dewey Jack Dewey Donald Deyo Donald Diller James Dillon Charles Eaton Ann Eckley Shirley Edgington Carl Ehram John Einer Lesley Ekman Jim Elder 59 JUNIORS James Joseph Ellen Betty Jane Erich Shirley Espy Dan C. Fannon Charles R. Fish Franklin A. Flohr Don W. Force Ann Garbutt Beth Garbutt Yvonne C. Gates John Genereaux Chester L. George David G. Gibson Barbara P. Gillett J. M. McDonald co. LARAMIE 60 418 Grand Laramie, Phone 9289 Wyoming JUNIORS Elouii W. Gizinski Richard Glover Merrill A. Godfrey Art Dale Glenn Ruth H. Gohr Joan Graham Robert C. Grapes Abdul Hakin Harold Richard Ha Jack Ray Ha Roger F. Hamer Robert Bruce Hamilton David Kenneth Hankins Zannis Harris Margaret E. Grieve John Manfred Grimm Gary Glann Guilford Robert A. Gustafson Leslie Lavern Hass William Raymond Haight Elwood John Haines Lee West Harston Sarah Elizabeth Hawes JoAnn Haycraft Fritz Clifford Heiss Max Welch Henthorne Robert L. Herzog Zola Ruth Hickey Amayda Sue Hoy Marilynn Rethel Hubbard Robert Lee Hudelson Donns Beth Hudson Sally Wilson Hunter Edward Allen Huse Jack G. Hutton 61 JUNIORS Margaret Immel Stewart Ingham Kay Ingraham Katherine Jackson Lou Ann Jarrett Marcel Jelovchan Gerald Jensen Douglas Johnson Floramae Johnson Mary Ann Johnson Charles Jones Patricia Jones Vivian Joy Richard Kalasinsky Don Kelley Marvin Kemper John Kennedy Robert Kerr Donald Keys Nancy Kidd Marjorie Kidman James Kilty Dwight Kimsey Mary King Sally Kingham Bob Klaren Helen Klima Anna Kness Dwight Knott Michael Kouris Kay Krajicek Alice Kubo Martha Kurtz Stanley Lancaster Bill Lange Laura Larson w m , -.m-A 1 ' ■A, J r jf s Wrn i i Kenneth Lassila Herb Lenhart William Light Sylvia Lilja Sonya Lindstrom Leiand Long 62 JUNIORS Mignon Loveland Marlin Lowry Mancy Lubnau Gale Ludwig Monty Luman Ray Lutterman Donald Mabie Murdo MacLennan Richard Macy John AAaffoni Raymond Malody Maurice Maltby Charles Marean Bob Marquiss Sandra Martin Morris Massey John Merchant Jim Messer Dorothy Michel! Michale Michnick Katharine Mickey Richard Miller Perry Mitchell Larry Mobley Carrie Mackler Joyce Mocroft Martha Ann Moedl Joe Molaskey Edward Moore Evelyn Moore Jerrold Moore Lew Morris Maxine Morris Maxine Robertta Morris Roberta Morris Patricia Morton Rachel Mount Anton Munari Jerry Murray Alice McConnell Myrle McConnel Bob McDonald 63 JUNIORS William McEllhiriey Anne AAcGowen Robert AAcAAurry AAichael AAcNannee Gerry Nagle AAieco Nakamura Otto Nakano Donald Napierkowski Lois Naslund Thoedore Nast Roselyn Nebeker Annette Nelson Wayne Nelson Justin Nixon Jeanne Northrup Richard Null Donald Nye Jim Nyquist Carl Occhapinti Elizabeth O ' Leary Emmett Olson Audrey Opstedahl AAerilyn Palmer Howard Parks Sue Patrick Charles Pfeifer Ted Peeks Ed Phillips Joyce Pennock Valerie Picard Paul Peters Bill Pifer AAarjorie Peterson Jean Kay Platts Teddy Petroff Ed Posa Cris Pouios Vernon Proper John Quinn AAarjorie Rockham Robert Rackham Jack Rafferty 64 JUNIORS Patricia Ramsey Helen Ranson Darrell Rasmussen John Ray her Frederici Reckling Jane Renkel Jack Rhoades Charles Richardson Freddie Richardson Alice Rizzi Alan Roberts Byrdette Robinson Suzi Rodriquez Rex Rogers Robert Ronish Andre Rouella Robert Royce Janet Royer Ernest Rumph John Rushing John Rust Lou Ann Sandburg William Snaders Mary Ellen Savage Joann Schneider Melvin Schniederman Edwin Schroeder Robert Schulthesis Betty Schult Robert Scott William Sherman James Slater Neva Sigler Larry Slota William Sinclair Diane Smith Vincent Siren Evelyn Smith Robert Skelton Franklin Smith Mary Skinner Howard Smith 65 JUNIORS John Squeri Nellie Steele Charles Stephens Gyde Stock Jesse Stokes Marlene Taylor Marion Tolin Barbara Tonnicicih Donald Tomlin Patricia Tomsik Marilyn Snelling Paul Snuttjer Jim Snyder Nels Sostrdm Jim Spiegelberg John Stone Robert Stouffer Eugene Stroops Robert Sullivan Emily Summers Syd Sydenham 66 JUNIORS Ann Tonn Laura Tonn Michael Toyias Bill Trout Ron Tuley Carrol Turner Leon Tuttle AAaim Turk Susan Twitchell Constance Tyndall Megan Tyndall Paul Van Cleve Jim Valencia Ralph Vaughan Hans Waage Randy Wagner Fred Weishoff Shirley Westerfield Jay White Bill White John Whitesides John Whitlock William Wiley Herb Wilhelm Martin Williams Sandra Williams Charles Wilson Cliff Wilson, Jr. Don Wolcott Bob Wood Rosa Wyke Jerry Yaap Ronnie Zwonitzer 67 SOPHOMORES Janice G. Abbott Paula L. Ainsworth Nancy Ann Alexander Dale EIroy Anderson Iris AA. Anderson John Deloyd Anderson Beverly H. Applegate John S. Armstrong Theodore T. Armstrong Barbara Joan Ashcraft Roland Wesley Austin Donna Sue Babcock Geraldine Mae Backman Catherine Louise Badley Lynne Bailey Shirley May Bellinger Robert J. Banish Douglas N. Bard Hugh F. Barr Pable Barriga Aileen Barton Janet L. Bass Gerald L. Bassford William C. Bayer Julie Beaver Warren Marsh Benson George C. Bird Nancy Jean Black Don Paul Blasko John H. Blix Elizabeth Blood Louis V. Bockius Richard C. Bohrer Frederick P. Booth Hazel Ruth Borgialli Janes Allan Bourret Ruth Maxine Boyd David L. Bradley Janet Lucile Bradley Georgia Rose Bragg Robert Brettell James Matthew Briggs 68 SOPHOMORES Lawona Jane Briggs Beverly Ann Britton Barbara Jo Brown Duane LeRoy Brown Thomas Brubaker Robert Keady Bruce Mary Rose Brueggr Arlene Josephene Bryant Mary Jo Budd Sally Louise Budd Robert N. Buffett Daniel James Butler James Edward Caines Duane T. Cal Maurice Bernard Campbel James Henry Carlisle James R. Carter James H. Chapin Donald M. Chaplin Charles J. Chase Ronald I. Cheese Elizabeth J. Chaussart Frieda L. Christensen Kent T. Christensen Chandler B. Church Jay H. Clark Richard P. Clark Frank Maurice Cole Earl E. Coleman John H. Collamer Colleen B. Collier Earl S. Condie Robert R. Conley Edmond A. Cook Jim Cooper Charles R. Cornwall James H. Crowe Arnold D. Cunningham James B. Daley Dinah Daniel Joseph C. Daly Rustie N. Daniels 69 SOPHOMORES Alvin Danielson Stanley Davidson Jerry Davis John Denham James Dever Shirley Dickson Shirley Diebler George Dietrich Gus Djimapitis John Doyle Alfred Draney Richard Dunifer John Eagleton Prudence Edwards Howard Eisenhauer Buster Elder Dale Ellis Jon Erickson Nancy Erickson Theordore Ernst Evelyn Evans John Evans Russell Evitt John Fanto Ronald Farabee Betty Farthing Louis Fermelia Fred Fichtner Carolyn Fintus Sally Flavin Hollys Fiusch Robert Folster Clyde Forbis Shirley Ford Donald Fowler Shirley France Luther Frobel Cleo Fuller Jeanne Fuller Lee Galeotos James Gallup Albert Garcia SOPHOMORES John Hall David Hallowel Bill Halseth V ary Hansen Fred Hanson Owen Harding Donald Gardner Gerald Gardner Marjorie Gardner Rex Gardner George Gibbs Leigh Giehm Odies Gilbert Theodore Gilbert Nicholas Gill Karalee Glenn Richard Goeglein Charlene Gould Carl Grable Lindley Grams Sanford Griffin Vince Guinta Lynn Gunn Charles Haile Bennie Harnish Joyce Harris Richard Hartwell Gretchen Hartwig Richard Hassheider Merrill Heb rew Kenneth Henderson Herold Gary Mary Hertzler Pat Hill Donna Hofferber Donald Holdaway Ron Holdaway Gordon Holden George Hopper Ronald Horst Eleanor Horton Ellen Horton 71 SOPHOMORES William Hovis Kenneth Houtz Edward Hunter Patricia Huntley Raymond Jackson Anton Jajeh Roger Jeffers Glenrae Jenks Glen Jensen Bennie Joens Darwin Johnson Melvin Johnson Stan Johnson Victor Johnson Albert Johnson Charles Johnston Jo Ellen Johnston Richard Johnston Elva Jones Jeffrey Jones Patricia Jones Jack Jorgenson Erma Kafka Robert Kagie Shirlee Kalinowske Donald Kechely Mary Ann Kelsey Keith Kendal John Kessner Donald Kinder Ronald Kirlin Clifford Kirk Barbara Kmetz Dale Knox Dorothy Kochiras Charles Koritnik Rae Lee Kreis Mike Korte Kay Krotter Jean Kugland George Kuntzman Dan Moberly SOPHOMORES Jack Langford Donald Langwel Robert Larson Joseph Laverty Mary Laverty Norma Lavery Jack Leasure Donna LeBaron Cornells Leenheer James Leppink Diggs Lewis Jean Lewis Nadine Likes Thomas Lockhart Kaye Long Betty Lucas Ed Luman Irma Lungren Robert Lusche Genevieve Lyon Janet Lyon Walter MacClean Evelyn MacDougall Doyle Maness Claude Mapes Gerald Marel Darrell Maret Dorothy Maret Robert Marr Andrew Marushack Richard Masters William Mathews Darlene Matthews William Meeboer Eva Meyers Lilvon Michael Edward Miller Stanley Miller Darrell Mills John Milmore Charles Minick Phyllis Mitchell 73 SOPHOMORES John Roberts Mobley Frank H. Mockler Payenda Mohammand Joseph D. Molumby Andrew Montgomery Kenneth Rex Moore Larry Moore Mohammad Moosa Ted Morgan Clarence Mow Don Mowry Robert Mueller Gail Murie Richard E. Murphy Lloyd R. Myers George W. Myers Leo F. McClellan Barbara Ann McDaniel Jo Ann McGill Phillip E. McJonkin Donna J. McMichael Bruce H. McMillan Jack McMurray Jack V. McMurray Loraine McNamara Ruth Ann Nebeker Richard E. Nelson Robert B. Nelson Carol Neves Daniel J. Nickia Kent C. Nielsen Marilyn A. Nielsen Sally Noble John P. Noonan, Jr Patricia M. O ' Brien Elizabeth Oeiand Margie M. Okano Thos. Edw. Osborne Grover L. Page Pat Parks Gene L. Payne Veda J. Penman 74 SOPHOMORES Edward Dale Peterson Patricia Ann Peterson John E. Pickens Richard K. Pizzoli Troyce Gay Policky Carol Louise Porter Martha Powel Herman C. Preuedel James J. Putnam Claire AA. Racicky Billy M. Ratliff Margaret E. Reed William C. Reed Margaret E. Reilly Victor E. Repke George L. Reynolds Charles N. Rhodine Dona Rae Richard John B. Richard Patsy Carol Richmond Dale W. Roberts Ralph v. Robertson Glenn A. Rogers Ronald W. Rogers Vernai Kay Rollins Bob Joe Rothe James Arlen Rounds Wm. Edward Rourke Thomas Wade Ruckman Margaret Etta Rutherford Michael E. Ryder Paul Lenard Saari Douglas E. Saathoff Eugene Schaper Kenneth N. Schipporeit Ronald I. Schneider John P. Schueike Peter A. Schunk Shirley L. Schwabrow James J. Scott Sara L. Scott Laurian Seaverson 75 a t f . jiiT ' r ' j Bg-iMttfcgBa ii ' jy tssjMUiif iMs siMtMtattamsimMMiMi MMMi SOPHOMORES Emily Ann Sedlacek Nancy Seltenrich AAaxine Shaw Steve Shelton William Shepard Walter Sills Raymond Silvestri Bobby Simmons Russell Simpson Ann Sims Mariel Sims Courtney Skinner Ann Smith Dorothy Smith Kaye Smith Valta Smith Robert Snyder Andrea Sorensen Arlyce Sorenson Janice Speers Mary Dee Sprat Max Staman Charles Stapleton Jean Starkovich Jack Starner Leonard Stensaas Evelyn Stephens Ralph Stev art William Stewart Gwen Stine Barbara Stoll Mary Strange Elizabeth Strannigan Kathleen Strong Cliff Stuart Dick Suranyi Gene Surber Gerald Svoboda Beverly Taliaferro John Tanner Dennis Tate Glenn Taucher SOPHOMORES Jonathan Taylor Alan Thompson Melvin Thompson Dennis Thoren Lucretra Tihen Terrell Till Patricia Toucher David Uchner David Updike Lorraine VanBlair Richard Vandekoppel John Vandel James Van Horn Charles Vegos Jerome Vincent Shirley Wagner Eugene Wardlav Roselyn Waring Mary Sue Wasden John Wasden Joyce Waters John Watts Wayne Weber Marvin Weiss Louise Wesswick Henry Waston Leiand Wheeler James White Harry Underwood Jim Willadson Bruce Willford Patricia Williams Richard Williams Robert Williams Minta Willis Lynne Willis Stanley Wintermote Pamela Wood George Woodhead Donald Wortham James Wray Mary Alice Wright 77 SOPHOMORES Jean D. Yates Donald R. Yeaman Clara Lou Yorges Wilbur G. Yost Shirley A. Young Sherman M. Wyman Amylu Wuthier Best Wishes From The Millers of " BEST OUT WEST " Enriched Flour Sheridan Flouring Mills, Inc. Sheridan, Wyoming CODY SPORTING GOODS Cody, Wyoming 78 To The Class of 1955 THE BEST OF EVERYTHING Which Means NATURALLY GAS FOR FUEL Northern Gas Company Grand at Third Laramie FRESHMEN Robert Gordon Aagard Raymond W. Agee Roland R. Ahlbrandt Francis M. Alexander Keith M. Allbaugh James Walter Allen Mary Ann Allen ■ i i4 tft Your Home Furnisher " SHERIDAN WYOMING Bank of Commerce r donf Wyoming 4orthern Wyoming ' s Largest Bank Member F.D.I.C. . IN CASPER WYOMING SHOPPING HEADQUARTERS FOR WYOMING a 2anieec CCADC 02 ou money zc4 " 79 FRESHMEN Mardee N. Alley Charlos E. Alvarado Mary Beth Ames Robert J. Adami Dennis L. Anderson Kloa Anderson Marjorie Anderson Jeri Anselmi Marie L. Annala Roy L. Annala Richara S. Aro Vernafay Asay Pamela S. Attryde Deno G. Avgares Marshall E. Atwell Myrna J. Bader Cara Jane Bailey James D. Bailey Loreeta M. Baker Rose Mary Bales Irma J. Ballinger Linda Sue Barker William L. Barlow Joetta L. Barnes Grace Barton Darrell G. Bassett Clifton D. Baucom Robert E. Baxter Margaret J. Beach Gerald H. Beaver Eleanor A. Backman Oren D. Bell Walter W. Bender Newcomb B. Bennett Tommy R. Bennett Kenneth L. Benson Charlotte K. Bergman Richard J. Bertagnolli Virginia N. Bertoncelj Jerry W. Bestol Ross M. Beyer Richard G. Biers 80 FRESHMEN James R. Bishop John Lee Bishop Marlene Bithel Kent D. Blacker Alice A nn Blom David L. Boeckholt William A. Bogensberger Virginia Lee Bond Orval M. Borgialli Bobbie M. Boynton Donald Bremer Laurence C. Brewer Coralie R. Brey Rupert O. Brockmann William R. Brooks Fred H. Brownlee Marjie Jo Brown Frank R. Bayant Edward P. Bucho Afton F. Buckley William H. Budd Jack R. Burke Leonard D. Burch Everett G. Burd Barbara Joyce Burnel Eleonor Ruth Burns Ralph R. Burton Bonnie Lou Butts Patricia Ann Buxton Sherryin Call Thelma Jo Ca Donald F. Cardinal Donald A. Carlson Richard K. Carlson Vivian Carro Robert J. Carroll Nancy C. Carson Anita K. Chambers Edward E. Chase Shirley E. Cheeney LaRue J. Cheney Rose Marie Chaussart 8f FRESHMEN George David Chilton Rod Chisholm Mary Elsie Christensen C. Lewis Christensen Leroy Duane Christianson Ethel Irene Clark Junlian C. Clark Patrick Cletos Clark Dale Mitchel Clinton Nancy Ann Clinton Jerry Paul Cody John Thomas Cobb Lee Gantz Coffman Geoffrey H. Cole Rochelle Coleman Jocelyn Sue Collins Arlie Glen Colva Charles Don Condie Patricia Connell Alva Gerald Connelly Mary Kathryn Conzatti James Keith Cooper James Korte Cooper Mary Lou Corbett David George Cottle Jess Harold Cotton Patricia Lee Courtney William Robert Cowley Cozad Arlene Rae Croco Sharan Lynn Cramer Fredrick Lee Crimme Denis David Croft John Charles Crofts Marvin H. Cronberg James Bayard Crow Richard Eugene Cummings Betty Jean Curry Robert E. Curry Gertrude Ann Cyphert James Frederick Dahike Jack Thomas Dalton 82 FRESHMEN Patricia Lee Daly Lou Ann Davenport Robert Duane Davis Robert leRoy Davis Russell Allen Davis Mary Frances Day Richard Erwin Day Alan Porter Dean Sandra Jean Dearinger John Robert DeBortoli Janice Evelyn Decker Carol Frances DeKay Delmer Lloyd Derb Michael Charles Desch Jerome C. Deveraux Sharon Dickensheets Robert L. Dickman David A. Dodge Kazumasa Doe Peggy Doll Jan ice Elaine Dominy Dean Jay Dorothy Bud Eugene Dowd Richard Ray Drake Martin Alvin Drury Nancy Rae Dudenhaver William David Duncan Patricia Ann Dunn John Michael Duntan Rowena Marie Eagleton Sharon Helen Eberly David John Edwards Eugene Edward Eggleston Thomas D. Eisenhauer James Ellward Elliott Charles V. Evans Nila Rae Everling Delores Jane Evers Ann Marie Fanning David Joseph Fedrizzi Mary Frances Feighny Shirley Elizabeth Fell 83 FRESHMEN Judy Catherine Fenimore Patricia Ann Ficenec Darlene Harrison Diane L. Ficken Foster B. Field James T. Finch Donna L. Finkbiner Charles D. Finlayson Margaret J. Finlayson Nancy Clare Fisher Gene Fisk Denny R. Fitzgerald Marilyn J. Fogelsonger Dean Fosher Glendo V. Foster Loydeen Foster George J. Freennan Darwin M. Frey J. R. Furgason Barbara J. Garland A. Julio D. Gentil Janice L. George Johnna B. George Jean Gerrard Clarence W. Gibson Myles G. Gilbert Gerald J. Gil Eloise Givenrod Donald G. Goff Kathryn Jane Goodman Jerry J. Graves Caroldee Graver Bernard G. Green Gary F. Greenough Donna L. Gregory Warren E. Griffeth Gretchen Griggs Gail Lee Gross Tom B. Gutz Franklin R. Haack Robert T. Halbert Lester D. Hale FRESHMEN Peggy J. Hales Georgia A. Hambrick Sam R. Hampton John G. Hanes Norma A. Haney Daniel J. Hansen Norman L. Hanson Joanne C. Harris Emma Jo Hatch Joan Lenore Hatcher Ted L. Hathcock Don Bender Hawes Laurie Ann Hayes Robert Allen Harrower Nicholas R. Hartsook Janice Heinz Beverly Jean Henn Merna Hennebeck Jerry Don Henritze Mary Edith Henthorne William C. Hepworth Mary Lee Herman Audrey Jean Heuerman Jim Lee Hicks John Willim Higgins John James Hines Philip V. Hirengen Dick Gene Hiser Clarice Elaine Hoffman Dolores S. Holladay Richard Charles Holmes James Joseph Hoppe Phillip Merle Horn Claudette Horton William H. Hose Verna Ann Howell Edward Howshar Nancy Elaine Hubbard Venita Rae Hubbs Marilyn Hubley James B. Humphrey Roberta Lee Huntley 85 FRESHMEN Thomas K. Hurst Robert W. Hyndman Dorothy J. James Robert C. Janssen Douglas C. Jarrie Shirley J. Jeffres William D. Jensen Charles Jensen Margaret L. Johansen Marylou Johnson Robert A. Johnson William L. Johnson Alan L. Johnston Dale L. Jones Jo Ann K.vJones Richard J. Jones Thomas V. Jones Donna Rae Jordon Kathleen A. Jordan Dorothy M. Joslin James E. Jowers Curt E. Kaiser Carol L. Kalinowski Joe F. Kamenski Beverly A. Kassis Marrianna B. Kennedy Billie Ketcios Louis N. Ketcios Gene D. Keys Larry W. Keyser Barbara R. Kipp Ronald D. Kidman Ronald K. King Robert S. King Robert P. Kingsley Sally A. Kirschten Margaret E. Kitching Nancy A. Kluberg Ann L. Knecnt Dale C. Knochenmuss Nancy Kay Koerfar Alice Marie Korhonen 86 FRESHMEN Melvjn A. Koske Clyde Krivanec Adam Krivoshia Darlene J. Kruta Kenneth W. Kumph Robert G. Kunsman Paul T. Lafkas George P. LaPasfotes Tommy James Leman Gertraud H. Lembcke Don Dean Leseberg Jack H. Lester Lewis C. Lewton Ronald C. Liden Claude M. Lightner Leiand H. Lobertini Carol A. Larrabee Diane E. Larson Dorothy A. Larson Mary JoAnn Larson Alan L. Latta Delbert L. Lawyer Carl A. Larson William C. Lee Karen Kay Lehner Bill D. Leman John Longfellw Wayne E. Loomis Claude C. Lavitt Milford E. Lowrey Roberta Luman Robert Lyman Lynn Mabee John Paul Maclean Clyde Roy Magill Cornelia Maebius Abdul Mahbuub Edwin Dean Makie Gordon Malm Mary Lu Manongan Jo Marsh Robert J. Marshall 87 FRESHMEN Norma Elaine Martens Jimmy Martinez George Jay Marx John Albert Matis Muriel Ann Mauer Alex A. Meares Charles John Meidlinger Nancy Joann Meinke Henry Melcher Isabell C. Melcher Nicholas Melnick Jerry Dale Meranda Marlene Merrill Hubert E. Merritt David Mathews Meyer Donna K. Middleton Miriam Milne Marietta Minnick James Francis Montgomery Lonny Joe Moore Donald A. Morris Carolyn Jean Mortimer Clarence William Moss Richard H. Mowry Orin LaVern Muller Edmond P. Murphy Harriet H. Murphy Joe Weldon Murray Walter F. Murphy Leslie L. McBrien Mary Ann McCain Robert C. McCrea Mary Jane McDaniel Robert V. Mcintosh William T. Mcintosh Blanche E. McKee 88 Sue Anne McLean Murielene McLeland David E. McVey Anna Mae Nace Haruye Hakamura Jerry S. Nash FRESHMEN m Dorothy Anne Nelson Jeanette Nelson Celestine Anne Neville Robert Alan Nicholas Jack Lee Noblitt Bette Norris Donna J. Oberg James Webb Ohftman Herbert M. Okamoto William Nicholas Oliver Frances Helen Olsen William Craig Olsen Eva Olveda Sue Mardell Pallesen Ralph W. Palmet John W. Parish Marvin R. Parrish Norman Parrish James Lloyd Parsons Alden R. Partridge Mary Partridge Frances Nelle Patrick Martin Lee Patch Winona Jean Patten Charles Orman Pearcy Carole Jane Pederson James Francis Peck Richard V. Pendleton Michael N. Pennell Carol Jean Perkins Hjalma Maurine Person Robert Richard Perue Carolyn Dee Peterson Annie Petroff Veronica Philbrick Joanie Philpott Suzann Plattner LeVerne Plenger Dean H. Pond Nancy Elizabeth Posnien Otto Eugene PikI Ronald Dwain Phillips 89 FRESHMEN Janet A. Preis Patricia Preston Forest G. Putnam Frances A. Bahonce Carolee A. Ramsey Robert R. Ranish Richard K. Rasmussen Jere Reading Virginia R. Redland Percy R. Reed Sam C. Reed Waiter Reed Wilma M. Reiman Harry B. Reno Wendell L. Resler Dave E. Reynolds Edward A. Reynolds Nathan Reynolds Bruce L. Richardson Molly E. Riedessel David A. Robbins Eugene L. Robbnis Fisher L. Roberts Elsie A. Robertson Anne Robinson Ruth Ann Robinson Larry E. Robinson Suzanne L. Robinson Gene Roccabruna John B. Roden Nancy J. Roderick William C. Rodgers Larry W. Rosentreter Gresham M. Raskamp Harry A. Rothe John P. Rothwell James A. Roush Carola J. Rowland Claiborne K. Rowley Dee Ann Rutledge Marilyn A. Ryan Norman R. Sanders 90 FRESHMEN Phil L. Sanders Willard Waune Sanderson Sharon J. Schaefer Kenneth O. Schuebel Marianne Schuele Richard S. Schutt Karen Schwab Earl D. Scott Merrill L. Scott William A. Sedlacek Wayne A. Semos Stephen J. Sgock Darrell W. Sheppard Max D. Shevick Donald L. Shira Charlene M. Shoop Marion A. Scroyer Sharon K. Shuper Richard Lee Siddle Gary L. Siebold Frank W. Simons Wilma M. Skelton Jeanne M. Slater Elizabeth I. Small Barbara L. Smith Charles Warren Smith Judith Ann Smith LaDonna M. Smith Kent H. Smith Mardel S. Smith Merle R. Smith Phyllis R. Smith Ronald H. Smith Steve T. Smith Margaret L. Snyder Fred Sobyak Robert B. Spaeth Ellen E. Spann Raymand Sparks Darrell E. Spilde Philip F. Stainbrook Richard T. Standish 91 FRESHMEN Katherine A. Steele Grace AA. Stenberg Charles W. Stephens John N. Stevens Lloyd B. Stockett Donald E. Stoner John R. Storey Jane A. Strecker Don D. Streett Shirley J. Swanstrom Dean P. Talagan Charles Tatman Don L. Taylor LaVoy O. Taylor Milton C. Taylor Will R. Taylor Don C. Tew Margery May Therkildsen Clyde H. Thompson Donald C. Thompson Stan Lee Thompson Charles F. Thorne Eleanor J. Thorson Lenore F. Tolin Anthony R. Torkelson Karen F. Towner Urhan Toucher Agnes C. Troughton Gary Bryan Tuggle Shirley N. Tugman Norman R. Udewitz Alice M. Underwood Betty Jo Updike Albert T. Urbigkit Charlotte VanDrew Catherine A. Vanreekum 92 Albert B. Vesco John L. Vidakovich John Villegas Vernon V. Vinzant Shirley E. Vollmer Barbara J. Voss FRESHMEN J Carol J. Waechter Jerry Jay Waitman William Ray Walker Bill F. Wallace De Earl Wallenzien Kenneth E. Walter Shirley J. Walters Julie Walton Larry H. Warren Arthur Le.e Wallenstein Janet R. Watson Alfred A. Weber Willard J. Weber Shirley J. Weinberger Gordon R. Weesner John C. Weis Lory E. Well Connett J. Welsh Loretta L. Wheeler Donald L. Widick Barbara Wilcock Sherie Williams Thomas C. Williams William J. Williams James A Willox Charles K. Wolz Donna M. Woodhead John E. Woodward Shirley A. Wollington Merle E. Worden 1 Sharron R. Wright Olympia Zoubul -3 ' £M William E. Wright Lawrence E. Zowada i -if Howard West Yant Victor John Zueck w " John William Yoder FV Loren J. York " -«.», Bob Yost f A .. 93 COLLEGE OF LAW Thomas C. Bogus Dean W. Borthwick Carl L. Burley Merl B. Case Sterling A. Case Harold W. Del Monte Arthur F. Fisher John D. Flitner Robert A. Gish, Jr. Paul B. Godfrey William W. Grant Donald L. Jenson Norman V. Johnson Don E. Jones Robert F. Guthrie George W. Hopper Theodore Jefferson Leonard E. Lang Robert N. Pender Herbert R. Quealy Vernon K. Sessions Carl H. Smith, Jr. Richard N. Steinhour Richard V. Thomas Richard A. Tobin Carl M. Williams Earl L. Williams, Jr. Elmer C. Winters 94 f ' i i » ' W gmumiJ ' W r :5 ' w % I Dr. S. H. Knight looks on as President G. D. Humphrey dedicates the new Geology building. Brrr . . . ! e mw iK PAT BENNETT President, Chi Omega; WAA Secre- tary; AWS President; Spurs Treasurer; Big Sisters; Delegate Kappa Delta Pi; PE Honor Book; Mortar Board; AWS President. JOAN BOURNE Spurs, Battalion Sponsor; Cheerlead- er; WAA; Phi Sigma . Iota; Mortar Board Recognition; Student Senate. DICK BROWN Red Pencil, ASUW PresicTent; Pacific Student Presidents Association; ODK; Iron Skull; Phi Mu Alpha. « DON CLUXTON Rifle Team; Freshman Scholarship Ri- fle Award; Scabbard and Blade, Treasurer; All-American Rifle Team. TUT ELLIS Sigma Chi President; Student Sen- ate; Scabbard and Blade Secretary; Omicron Delta Kappa. JACK FLOERKE Phi Epsiion Phi President; Alpha Kappa Psi Treasurer; Student Sen- ate; Iron Skull Treasurer. I GEORGE GALUSKA Varsity Football; Nominated for Ail- American by Associated Press; ROTC Cadet Colonel; " W " Club President; Admiral Land Award. JIM GOODMAN Omicron Delta Kappa; Student Sen- ate; Sigma Tau. PAUL HOLTZ Fourth Estate President; Pi Delta Ep- siion President; Branding Iron Edi- tor; Iron Skull. 98 BARBARA HURST AWS Representative; AF ROTC Spon- sor; WAA; Phi Sigma Iota; Iron Skull; AWS Delegate; Homecoming Attend- ant 1953; Mortar Board President. BOB HYLTON Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Epsilon Delta Treasurer; Gamma Sigma Epsilon Re- corder; Kappa Kappa Psi President; Phi Mu Alpha Treasurer, Freshman Pre-AAed Award. DON JONES Iron Skull; Kappa Sigma President; Student Senate; Omicron Delta Kap- pa. BRUCE JONES Iron Skull; Sigma Tau Secretary; Stu- dent Senate Inter Fraternity Council Vice President, Engineering Council. HARRY JORGENSEN Varsity Basketball, " W " Club. JEAN KUNS Big Sisters, Tau Beta, Delegate to Panhellenic Conference; Wyoming Teachers Scholarship; Panhellenic President. TOM LOVE Rifle Team; Outstanding First Year Basic ROTC Award; Fourth Estate Secretary; Rifle Award; Rifle Team Captain; WYO Editor. L. D. McCOY Mechanical -Aeronautical Engineering Honor; Engineering Council; Chi Gamma Iota; Sigma Tau, Battalion Commander; Arnold Air Society. I MIECO NAKAMURA Knight Hall President; WAA; Secretary; Pharmacy Honor Iron Skull; Panhellenic Award; tar Board Recognition. Spurs Book; Mor- 99 J. W. NUCKOLLS Alpha Zeta, AZ Vice President; Stu- dent Senate; Iron Skull; Omicron Delta Kappa; Ag Club President. SUE PATRICK Midsummer Night ' s Dream; WAA; Spurs; Iron Skull; ASUW Vice Pres- ident. GEORGE PIERCE Outstanding Physics Student; Omi- cron Delta Kappa; Sigma Pi Sigma President; Westminster Treasurer; Math and Physics Honor Books. MARGIE RABEN Big Sisters; Phi Upsilon Omicron Award; WAA; Home Ec Club Secre- tary; AWS Representative; Jane Beck Johnson ' s Honor Book; Mortar Board. SCOTTY ROBB Alpha Kappa Psi President; Student Senate; Union Management Commit- tee, Athletic Manager. ELSIE ROWLAND Spurs Historian; Big Sisters; Martha, Music Scholarship, Iron Skull; Mor- tar Board Historian. RICHARD THOMAS Student Senate; Alpha Kappa Psi; RM Oil and Gas Association Scholar- ship; Alpha Kappa Psi Medal; Com- merce Honor Book; Omicron Delta Kappa. BILL TIGHE ROTC Battalion Commander; Inter- fraternity Council President; Scab- bard and Blade. 100 t - " • DRAMA " « » Mm X rm GREEN GROW THE LILACS 7 ' iLMjfS. Pho+os by The Easel ».N i S i ' (» ' 5«»MMhSs - ? »ii «m: Vr ' S RARIES r-S ' .. " wz i " S SwiXj ' Ifc X-r X " " vX % ■ 0 » ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY The James Stewart squadron of the Arnold Air Society is an honorary society for advanced AF ROTC cadets. The menn- bers are selected for their high degree of military aptitude and academic achievement. The mission of the society is to fur- ther the purpose, traditions, and concept of the United States Air Force as a means of national defense, promote American citizenship, and further the amiable relationship among all ROTC cadets. L. D. McCOY First row, left to right: Maj. J. B. Crump, L. D. McCoy, L W. White, Teddy Clay Schaffer, Bill Carter. Second row: Louis W. See, George T. Nichols, Ken C. Dreusicke, Edwards S. AAcKinney, Charles R. Jones. Third row: James P. Castberg, Dan R. McMichael, Kenneth J. Payne, Gary W. Riedl, Wade Brorby, Dan Doherty, Mac Jenkins, Leon Tuttle, Bob Mc- Donald, Howard Parks, Charles Stephens. Fourth row: Butch Wilson, Fritz Heiss, Bob Sulli- van, Don Napierkowski, Bob Jingling. 106 ALPHA KAPPA PSI Honorary of future business and industrial men, Alpha Kappa Psi ' s purpose is to acquaint its members with business and industrial world. The organization holds bi-monthly meetings at which difficulties and problems in the field of commerce are discussed. SEWARD ROBB First row, left to right: Tom Ruckman, Dick Murphy, Merrill Herbrew, D. Jorgensen, E. Byers, John Westerhausen, Robert Carmine, Dee Dinelly, Ray Charles. Second row: E. Escolas, Leon Tuttle, Larry Moore, James Mason, Niel Stevens, Vince Siren, Charles Rich- ardson, Gaylord Pearson, Jim Chapin, DeEar Wollenzen. Third row: Eldred Kuchel, James Elder, John Schuike, Scotty Robb, Jim Crom, Dean Mundell, Art Aires, Ben Percelly, Bard Barlow, Wade Broby, O. D. Turner. 107 PHI KAPPA PHI Standing side by side with Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi emerges as the top scholastic honorary on the campus. The distinction between the two top national honoraries is merely one of selection. Phi Beta Kappa selects its members from the liberal arts college alone, while Phi Kappa Phi may select from any of the colleges. The primary motive of this group is academic and only a few of the top seniors on the campus may qualify. In connection with Phi Beta Kappa and Sigma Psi, Phi Kappa Phi holds its annual Honors Banquet where the appropriate laurels are bestowed upon its new initiates and members. Outside, left to right: Sam Dadisman, Frank P. Lane, Elizabeth J. Mckittrick, Clara F. Mc- Intyere, Richard Mahan, Neva N. Miller, Ralph E. Conwell, Frances Holbrook, Lawrence Meeboer, Verna J. Hitchcock, Walter C. Reusser, M. C. Mundell, Phyllis Parsons, William R. Thomas, Conrad J. Kercher, C. F.,Barr, O. H. Rechard, E. R. Schierz, H. Fry, G. R. DeFoliart. Inside: Daryl B. Simmons, H. T. Person, A. F. Vass, John A. Gorman, Louise Thouin, J. Harold Zoller, Donald R. Lamb, L. Lloyd Clarke, C. F. Becker, Dale W. Bohmont. 108 -• .•- CHI GAMMA IOTA Che Gamma lota, XGI, is a scholastic honorary formed of vet- erans. Primary consideration for membership in the organiza- tion is a high scholastic average. Consisting of vets from World War II, the aim of the honorary is to form a continuing esprit de corps among members. Monthly meetings, highlighted by movies or speakers, are the main activities of the group. This year the local chapter, Delta, assisted in the construction of a children ' s playground. CARL BURLEY First row, left to right: L. D. McCoy, J. Sidney Carpenter, Albert Garcia, Donald Hair. Second row: Mike McNamee, Elizabeth Boignae, Charles Wenger, Carl Burley, Amelia Leino. Third row: Joe Mclntyre, Robert Grapes, Bill Laya, Phillip Berry, William Light, Howard Robson. 109 OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Omicron Delta Kappa is an upperclassmen ' s honorary for those men who have a high scholastic average and high lead- ership qualities. Each year O.D.K. holds a Leadership camp where outstanding faculty members and administrative offi- cials and campus leaders alike get together to discuss aca- demic and campus problems. Also, during spring quarter a banquet is held at which an award is awarded to the out- standing faculty member which is chosen by the circle. Head- ing the group this year is Bill Foster, president. BILL FOSTER ii; ll First row, left to right: Don E. Jones, James R. Goodman, William E. Foster, President; Joseph C. Cassinat, Richard V. Thomas. Second row: A. L Kieney, Robert G. Smith, John R. Jones, Donald E. Cluxton, Jr., Dick Brown. Third row: George W. Hopper, Floyd " Tut " Ellis, Ed Patrick, James D. Herd, J. Nuckolls, Ed Vaughan. 10 ♦♦iii ii ' l -V . SIGMA TAU Sigma Tau represents some of the keener minds in one of the toughest colleges on campus. These men are members of the engineering honorary. Each year you will see some of these fellows wandering around with a funny piece of railroad iron hanging around their shoulders. Don ' t wonder, it ' s just students who are about to become members of Sigma Tau. These future members are selected and employed by some of the top companies in the nation and should be handed a bou- quet for the fine way in which they represent the University and the state of Wyoming. President this year is Mac Jenkins. MAC JENKINS First row, left to right: Abdab G. Quissaunee, L. D. McCoy, Corresponding Secretary; Robert Herzog, James R. Goodman, Morris M. Skinner, Mac Jenkins, President; Phil R. Berrey, Hans Juliusburger, Historian; Ray Reerink. Second row: Gerald W. Butcher, Eugene E. Gillette, Donald L. Doerr, Charles Bergman, Mearle G. Hicks, Bruce Jones, Recording Sec- retary; Gerald Clawson, Bob McDonald, Don McPherson, Nick Tsiouvaras, Vice President; Gerald Littlefield, Rudy Angeli, Larry Roberts. Third row: John E. Yauney, Kenneth Payne, Robert Begman, John Sparks, Richard O. Cozzens, Don Ludwig, S. S. Bhala, Ted Hill- stead, Ofaf Westyaard, Edward McKinney, Treasurer; Michael J. Michnick, Jerry Moore, Les White, Tony Brekken, Don Diller, Robert C. Grapes, Stewart A. Ingham, Advisor As- sociate Professor G. B. Mullens. Not shown is Neil Porter. ill PHI DELTA KAPPA These are the mighty men in education. To belong to this hon- orary one must be a male instructor, rank very high scholas- tically, and be a prominent figure in the educational system. The improvement and betterment of the American educational system and the improvement and betterment of associated schools through the State, are the aim and pledge of this or- ganization. LYLE MILLER i I First row, left to right: Leon T. Ofchus, John B. Barnes, Harlan Bryant, Walter C. Reusser, Laurence A. Walker, Harold V. Webb, Charles H. Thompson, J. S. Carpenter. Second row: Howard, N. Rorson, Roy A. Morgan, O. R. Hendrix, Harold I. Sharpnack, James D. Herd, A. L. Keeney, E. F. Friesen, Clarence D. Jayne, Louis A. Bragg, Lyie L Miller, President; John D. Alford, R. D. Watkins, Guy P. Franck, James R. Hartley, Kenneth L. Jay, Donald Hair, John H. Ewert, Lloyd G. McCullough, Tom Snarr, Russell Hammond. PHI EPSILON PHI Scholars, leaders, and sponsors of sweater girls, the sophomore men ' s honorary chooses its members from outstanding campus leaders with top scholastic averages. Promoting good school spirit and aiding in information for frosh during Freshman Orientation week are two job specialties of the UW second-year men. The all-school Sweater Dance is the group ' s top function of winter quarter, and a picnic with the Spurs, Phi Ep sister organization, finishes up spring quarter. PEP works at Homecoming, during elections, and for all school functions. Two men from each frat and independent group on campus are given the honor of wearing the Phi Ep sweater. Leading the PEP ' s is president Joe Daly. Melvin Thompson is secretary and John Tanner is treasurer. JOE DALY, President First row, left to right: John Schueike, Gary Herold, Dick Masters, Bruce McMillan, Hugh Barr, Larry Mobley, Bill Thoren, Melvin Thompson, Dale Ellis, Larry Moore, John E. Pickens, George Reynolds, Chan Church, John Tanner, Doug Bard, Russ Simpson, Bob Snyder, Carl Grable, George Kuntzman, Jim Gallup, Joe Daly, kneeling. 113 TAU BETA SIGMA The feminine touch to the art and appreciation of good music and band technique is provided by Tau Beta Sigma, women ' s national band honorary. The girls have teas, banquets, dances and bake sales, and finish up the year with a banquet with Kappa Kappa Psi, men ' s band honorary. Members of TBS are the top girls in UW ' s Cowboy marching band. They play in the concert band and orchestra in their spare time, when they ' re not studying some other kind of music. Sarah Hawes is president of the bandwomen. Kay Ingraham and Nancy Kidd serve the group as vice president and secretary. Bandleader Edgar Lewis and Mrs. Charles Seltenrich are co-sponsors. SARAH HAWES, President Left to right: Kay Ingraham, Sarah Hawes, Shirley Edgington, Jean Kuns, Nancy Kidd, Wilma Berry, Lucretia Tihen, Linda Dudehhave, Barbara AAclntyre. 114 I I I M SCABBARD AND BLADE Tops of the hut, two, three, four boys, members of Scabbard and Blade, belong to the national military honorary fraternity. High- light of the year ' s activities is the Military Ball, put on by the or- ganization with the assistance of the Arnold Air Society. At regular semi-weekly meetings the group discusses questions dealing with the corps of cadets and problems the members are likely to meet when they get in the service. Besides the Military Ball, they put on other social events during the year, and often end up meetings with a short social hour. Heading the outfit this year is Marion K, Jones, with Bob Smith in the number two position. Tut Ellis is secretary and Don Cluxton treasurer. Sponsor of the group is Major Richard G. Freeman. KAY JONES, President First row, left to right: Tom Love, Marion Kay Jones, Wendell Hedges, Robert E. Tighe, William C. Tighe, Robert G. Smith. Second row: Roy Henderson, Ronald O ' Connell, Alan Nauman, Bruce Jones, Donald E. Cluxton, Major R. G. Freeman, Gerald G. Kaufman, Donald D. Tomlin, Warren Siebold, Floyd (Tut) Ellis, Don Jones, Dick Colleoni. 115 ALPHA DELTA THETA The only group of medical technicians on campus, these girls of Alpha Delta Theta are affiliated with the national professional sorority of the same name. They can ' t seem to get enough lab work, for besides spending most of their time in zoology, chemistry or physics labora- tories, they often work and study in the med lab in downtown Laramie. Aim of the group is to promote better understanding and more interest in their field, one of the tops in the medical professions. A yearly visit to the Cheyenne seminar for med techs is a highlight of their season ' s work. Visits from national officers, movies, discussion groups and parties keep them busy throughout the year. Head technician of the future ladies of medicine is Shirley Westerfield. She ' s assisted by Sonya Lindstrom, vice president, and Kaye Smith, secretary-treasurer. Francis Holbrook of the Zoology office is sponsor. SHIRLEY WESTERFIELD President I I First row, left to right: Gail Bithell, Haruye Nakamura, Kaye Smith, Shirley Westerfield, Marilyn Fogersonger. Second row: Sonya Lindstrom, Jo Ann Jones, Thelma Call, Myrna Bader, Margaret Snyder, Georgia Bragg, Francis Holbrook. »■ ' JOHN NYE, President ALPHA EPSILON DELTA Principal function of Wyoming Alpha of Alpha Epsilon Delta, honorary pre-med fraternity, is to encourage students to get information and help in their pre-medical studies. AED is the highest recognition on cam- pus for students of pre-med; they ' re chosen strictly on the basis of scholastic standing in science and non-science courses, after being evalu- ated by three faculty members on character, leadership and aptitude. Each year the group takes an important part in Campus Health Week and the March of Dimes drive, and chooses two prominent W yoming physicians as honorary members. Guest speakers, discussions, films, and an extensive social program including the all-important (to University students) spring picnics . . . these make up the AED ' s yearly schedule, when they ' re not " talking shop " with recognized men of the medical field. Head medicine man is president Johnny Nye. Other officers are future AA.D. ' s Max Reynolds, secretary, and Robert Hylton, treasurer. Advisor Floyd Clarke fills out the side-line executive position. Left to right: Fred Reckling, LeRoy George, L. Floyd Clarke, Max McReynolds, John R. Nye, Bill R. Wahl, Robert Hylton, Merrill Godfrey. IL7 ALPHA ZETA Personal achievement in the field of agriculture is recognized by Alpha Zeta, national Ag honorary fraternity at Wyonning. An active interest in the future of agriculture and grade standings in the upper two-fifths of the Ag college are required for membership. These brains in the field of Agriculture, the guys who have learned their theory on crop rotation and animal breeding to the point of attaining top scholarship, the students who are getting their basic training in one of the best Ag schools in the country, are preparing themselves to be future leaders in agricultural areas all over the country as well as in Wyoming. The bib overalls with the traditional AZ letters during the club ' s initiation week symbolize the high requirements, personality, leadership, ability and quarters upon quarters of nothing but hard work. These Ag whizzes meet each year at a faculty-student roundtable to discuss complex farming and ranching problems with the top men in the field. The AZ key, awarded to two freshmen each spring, is awarded with two scholarships, one to an outstanding 4-H member and the other to a promising future vocational major. Chancellor Leroy Coleman sees to it that things run smoothly. He ' s helped by Censor J. W. Nuckolls, Scribe Bert Bohmont, Chronicler Arlen Davison and Treasurer Leroy Johnston. LEROY COLEMAN, Chancellor l First row, left to right: Jack Rea, J. W. Nuckolls, Bert Bohmont, LeRoy Coleman, Larry Johnston, Arlen Davison, Ken Dreusicke. Second row: C. F. Becker, Gale Ludwig, Don Force, Gerald Morel, John L. Baker, Gale Smith, Donald Kaufmann. Third row: H. M. Briggs, Gene Chamberlain, Mike McNamee, Larry Parker, Jack Ruch, Paul Hall, Max Henthorne, Larry Mitich. Fourth row: Conrad Kercher, James Tucker, M. P. Botkin, William R. Thomas, Paul Stratton, Dale Bohmont, Chet Peek, Laverne M. Powell, N. W. Hilston, James Read. 118 KAPPA KAPPA PSI UW ' s band men ' s honorary is one of the travelingest groups on campus. They take trips with the Cowboy band during football season and travel to various towns in the state and in Colorado for band clinics, concerts and various other music shows during the remainder of the year. With their sister organization, the bandwomen of Tau Beta Sigma, they stage the joint group ' s annual spring banquet and " ball. " Wherever music of any kind is being played, on campus or off. Kappa Kappa Psi ' s are there in full force. Leaders of the group are Prexy Jack Russell, Secretary Vince Siren and Treasurer Mainard Wacker. Band Director Ed- gar Lewis serves as supervisor in most of the group ' s activities. JACK RUSSEL, President Seated, left to right: Carl Nielsen, Mainard Wacker, Vince Siren, Jack Russell, Eugene Wardlow, Dan Fannon, Bob Hylton. Standing: Paul Snuttjer, Kenneth Henderson, Don Hawes, Gene Surber. 119 KAPPA DELTA PI A winter Christmas party and a number of spring banquets and pic- nics are included in the social events of the honorary education frater- nity for upperclass and graduate students on campus. The club ' s high requirements for membership include a 1.15 average and tv elve hours in education. The students belonging are especially noted for scholar- ship and leadership. They ' re tops in their field. Monthly meetings and special discussion groups fill out their yearly schedule. Each year they give recognition to outstanding contributors to the various fields of education, including elementary, secondary and collegiate divisions. High scholarship and the promotion of top professional standards are the aims of the future instructors. Schoolmaster Jim Herd leads the select group as president. His officers include Secretary Dorothy Pearce, Historian Nancy Davison, and Councilor Clarice Whittenburg. JIM HERD, President First row, left to right: Dorothy Pearce, Jim Herd. Second row: Joann Schneider, Nina Huston, Nancy Mclntyre, Doris Kim, Betty G. Smith, Edna Furness, Halene Landen, Ger- trude Boyd. Third row: John H. Ewert, Donald Hair, Howard N. Robson, Lloyd G. Mc- Cullaugh, Edward F. Friesen, Dan Wiest, Pat Bennett, Jessie Mae Halstpd. i 120 » ' 9 0- V r .4 RICHARD KINZER, President PHI EPSILON KAPPA The guys who help conduct the physical education open house each spring and supervise the 10-cent knothole sections at basketball and football games during the year are members of Phi Epsilon Kappa, honorary PE fraternity for top PE majors on campus. They sponsor speakers on phys ed and recreation, conduct tours of the campus and open houses for visiting national officers, and still dream of building a skating rink for the campus. They just might be the guys who can do it. Both instructors and top PE scholars make up the honorary. Co- sponsors are Randy Watkihs and William Bearley. The brain and brawn men are headed by Richard Kinzer, president; Wendell Hedges, secre- ary; and Jim Herd, treasurer. Front row, left to right: Jim Herd, Wendell Hedges, Richard Kinzer, Thornton Bromley, William Bearley. Second row: R. D. Watkins, R. E. Adams, Nick Eliopulos, Orland Ward. 121 PHI DELTA CHI Members of the national Pharmacy honorary on campus hear guest speakers from drug and pharmaceutical companies in the Rocky Moun- tain area during their specially scheduled meetings, and conduct de- bates and roundtable discussions on the side. The annual founders ' day banquet at mid-year is the big social event for the pharmacists. The Royal Order of the Mortar and Pestle allows only men in its favored ranks, and is open to pharmacy and chemistry students of outstanding ability and character. Pledging is held each quarter for new students who have distinguished themselves in their academic work. Prescrip- tion prexy is Don Bristow. Poison and pill men who aid him include Vice President Bob Pearce, Secretary Robert Mahoney, and Treasurer Ed Schroeder. William Johnson sponsors the group. DON BRISTOW, President First row, left to right: William E. Johnson, Robert J. Mahoney, John Squeri, Kenneth Henderson, John Vandel, Edwin Schroeder, Fritz Carroll, Bob Pearce. Second row: Don Bristow, Mel Schneiderman, Charles Marean, John Martinez. 122 LEE MALODY, President PHI MU ALPHA The top men ' s professional nnusic honorary on campus. Phi AAu Alpha symphonia, is made up of the best in vocal and instrumental specialists. Members of band and orchestra, as well as solo and duo artists take an active part in all study and social group activities. This year the music men sponsored ticket sales for the campus art movies, as their main money-making project. Other activities include provision of music scholarships to outstanding campus musicians and incoming frosh music majors, and ushering at all student concerts and recitals. Music maestro Lee Malody oversees all activities of the national music honorary v ith the help of Vice President Don Keys, Secretary Tom Hanks, and Warden Bob Marr. Edgar Lewis is the group ' s faculty advisor. First row, left to right: Richard Pendleton, John Vandal, Hugh Barr, Kenneth Henderson, John Nye, Robert Hylton. Second row: Gordon Spice, Lee MacClean, Dan Fannon, Charles Cornwall, Tom Hanks, Herman Prevedel. Third row: Don Lynn Taylor, Leiand Dean Wheeler, Kenneth H. Hanken, Joe Cassinat, Gerald Gardner, Don Keys. Fourth row: Lee Malody, Forest Cornwell. PHI GAMMA NU Future shorthand-taking, typewriter-pounding, lap-sitting secretaries belong to this national commerce honorary. Phi Gamma Nu. It ' s a woman ' s world, as far as the Phi Gamma Nus are concerned, for their club is exclusive— No Men Allowed! Weekly meetings as well as a few parties are held throughout the year. One of the Commerce lassies ' big functions is the fall quarter initiation banquet for new members. Pro- fessional spirit and extended interest in Commerce are encouraged by the club, but they set aside their shorthand notes and dictation pads long enough to take a big part in the annual colorful Commerce Carni- val on campus each spring. Teas and other associated functions climax the social lives of the Phi Gamma Nus. President of the organization is Carolyn Williams. Thelma Beeson is vice president, Dolores Witte, treas- urer and Carolyn Sintus, secretary. Commerce faculty members serve as advisors. CAROLYN WILLIAMS, President First row, left to right: Margaret Rutherford, Betty Farthing, Charlene Ashenhurst, Emily Ann Sedlacek, Mary Jo Budd, Dorothy Smith, Elizabeth Strannigan, Rae Rechard, Shirley Ford, Carolyn Williams. Second row: Margy H irsig, Miriam Call Brorby, Thelma Beeson, Carolyn Tintus, Laura Summers, Donna Killebrew, Detores Witte, Mary Hertzler. 124 PI DELTA EPSILON These honorary upperclass journalism nnajors are party-giving sponsors of many top campus festivities such as the annual Gridiron banquet and Inkslingers Ball. Each year the group comes up with the campus beauty queen, and in solemn moments, a lot of good creative journalistic work is done. They ' re the tops of the active journalism students, the ones who put out the yearbook and each issue of the Branding Iron during the school year. Chief of the outstanding journalists is Branding Iron editor Paul Holtz. Pam Cleaver ' s vice president and Alice Hughes is secretary. Faculty advisors who are also active members of Pi Delt are Wallace Biggs and Warren Mack. PAUL HOLTZ, President First row, left to right: Paul Holtz, Alice Hughes, Pam Cleaver. Second row: Jack Russell, Warren Mack, Wallace Biggs, Tom Love. 125 PHI UPSILON OMICRON The chief cooks and bottle washers on campus, these gals have the brains and homemaking talents which make up requisites for member- ship in the top Home Ec girls honorary. The first honorary sorority on campus. Phi Upsilon Omicron is based on upperclass scholarship, service and professional attitude. They produce added interest in domestic study by giving freshman teas and founders ' day banquets, and by staging candy and bake sales and buffet suppers. Each year they print and sell the club ' s Phi U cookbook as a money-making project. Bases of their activities are the Home Ec quarters in the Education building and the Home management house on Ivinson, where they learn the fine points of " keeping house " — minus men! Chief chef on the Phi U execu- tive board is President Peggy Cochran. Her assistants include Lynn Anselmi, Chaplain; Margie Raben, vice president; Jean Anderson, secre- tary; and Adele Adams, librarian. Verna Hitchcock is the honorary ' s sponsor. I PEGGY COCHRAN, President First row, left to right: Lynn Anselmi, Marjorie Peterson, Margie Raben, Susan Twitchell, Peggy Cochran, Vivian Joy, Jean Anderson, Sarah Hawes, Lucy Ito. Not shown: Evelyn Norris Smith, Kay Krajicek and Audrey Opstedahl. 126 GEORGE GALUSKA, President " W " CLUB Sigh guys on campus, the lettermen of football, basketball, baseball, track, tennis, and wrestling make up the top athletic organization on campus, the " W " Club. One good thing about being a " W " Club mem- ber is that for five years after graduation, members are given free seats to the games of the sport in v hich they lettered, and first choice of reserved seats at all other games. How ' s that for a good deal? The " W, " some say, stands for Wheel and Welcome committee for Hoyt Hall, but they ' ve sweated out long practice sessions and played rough games to earn the big yellow numerals they wear on their sweaters. The muscle- men promote higher and better standards of sportsmanship. They spon- sor a quarterly dance or other social function, and their annual spring picnic makes a great climax for the social season. Head letterman is UW ' s outstanding 1 953-54 athlete, George Galuska. First row, left to right: Ron Zwonitzer, Herb Manig, Richard Hockley, Robert Royce, Thornton Bromley, Robert Bormuth. Second row: L. E. Tulle, Jim Dillon, Leon Fritzler, Louis Madrid, Jack O ' Neal. Third row: Dick Miller, Hank Goldman, Gerry Nsgle, John Lenihan, Leo McClellan. Fourth row: Jim Elder, Jordan (Digger) Smith, Carlton Doe, Jim Herd, Bugs Carter. Fifth row: Frank Radella, Ray Lutterman, George Galuska, Ed Litecky. 127 y ' ' , " ' 5- X. J MORTAR BOARD Election to membership in Mortar Board is tfie highest honor that can be given a Wyoming coed. This select group of eight gals are one who have plenty on the ball, girls who ' ve really produced during their first three years at school. The senior women ' s breakfast before graduation services and recognition during Torchlight Laurels of girls with outstand- ing scholarship records are few of the nation senior women ' s honorary. The sharp black suits with the traditional Mortar Board insignia ap- peared this year in January. Each new group of MB members chooses its own uniform. Completing a campus problems questionnaire and working with alums for curriculum changes and corrections are two additional duties they ' ve fulfilled this year. Officers in Mortar Board are Barb Hurst, president; Nina Huston, treasurer; Margie Raben, editor; Jeanne Huntington, secretary; Elsie Rowland, historian; and Lynn An- selmi, vice president. Sponsors are Dean Galliver, Floyd L. Clarke, Alfred T. Larson, and Ruth Campbell. BARBARA HURST, President First row, left to right: Margie Raben, Ruth .DeLand. Second row: Pat Bennett, Jeanne Huntington, Barbara Hurst, Nina Huston, Elsie Rowland, Lynn Anselmi. 128 BIG SISTERS MEELLEE LUTON, Chairman This active campus club is composed of girls who furnish emergency aid to new girls going through Freshman Orientation week. They help them get settled in their rooms, give general information about campus activities and life at UW, and assist in other ways whenever possible. Letters written during the summer to the " Little Sisters " furnish the what to bring— what to wear information to incoming coeds. The Big Sister chairman, AAeellee Luton, gave further help by living in Hoyt Hall for the first few weeks of fall quarter to answer questions and help solve problems. Members of Big Sisters, chosen by the Dean of Women from letters written by interested girls, help with the adminis- tration of the freshman AWS test and aid in all-school assemblies. In addition to the open ing-of -school activities, they entertain their little sisters at a party in Knigh Hall banquet room and assist at Dean Galli- ver ' s tea given each year for new women students. First row, left to right: Kaye Smith, Roselyn Nebeker, Sally Flavin, Jo Ellen Johnston, Kay Ingraham, Diane Picard Ellis, Pat Peterson, Mary Hansen. Second row: AAeellee Luton, Elizabeth Strannigan, Andrea Sorenson, Minta Willis, Shirley Dempster, Rustie Daniels, Janet Royer. Third row: Janet Lyon, Donna LeBaron, Laurian Seaverson, Donna McMichael, Kaye Long, Colleen Collier. Fourth row: Rae Lee Kreps, Rae Richard, Bette Oeland, Dorothy Smith, Pat Huntley, Emily Ann Sedlacek. Fifth row: Georgia Bragg, Evelyn AAac- Dougall, Cleo Fuller, Anne AAcGowen, Shirley Westerfield, AAary Strange. V 129 SPURS S is for the Service Spurs makes available to all campus departments and organizations. P stands for the Pep section they organize at each basketball and football game, and at all-school assemblies. U is for Unity, for this sophomore girls ' honorary does all its work as one group. R ' s for Rep. What the frosh girls do on campus during their first year means whether they ' ll get to be Spurs or not. The white uniforms with the traditional Spur emblems are seen at all varsity games, at teas, banquets, dances, and club meetings. They usher at games, concerts and assemblies, and are leaders in election campaigns and fund-making drives like the March of Dimes and Community Chest. They take a big part in Freshman Orientation week at the beginning of each school year by operating the general information booth on the west side of Prexy ' s Pasture. Dean E. Luella Galliver, Spur sponsor, was one of the first Spurs on this campus, way back when. Leaders in this group of leaders are President Louise Wesswick, Vice President Mary Hertzler, Secretary Janice Larsen, and Treasurer Margie Okano. Ann McGowen, 1953-54 Spur president, serves as advisor. LOUISE WESSWICK, President First row, left to right: Julie Beaver, Mary Laverty, Pat Huntley, Kaye Long, Georgia Bragg, Louise Wesswick. Second row: Lynne Willis, Sally Flavin, Minta Willis, Dinah Daniel, Cleo Fuller, Evelyn MacDougail. Third row: Rustie Daniels, Rae Lee Kreps, Betty Oeland, Genevieve Lyon, Loraine McNamara, Margie Okano. Fourth row: Lynne Bailey, Janet Lyon, Laurian Seaverson, Marjorie Gardner, Elizabeth Blood, Lawona Briggs. Fifth row; Nancy Black, Elizabeth Strannigan, Nancy Seltenrich, Mary Strange, Norma Lavery, Dorothy Ann Moret. Sixth row: Jean Kugland, Mary Hertzler, Martha Powell, Barbara Kmetz. 130 FRED RECKLING, President IRON SKULL A fireball organization of service to the University and promotion of school spirit, Iron Skull includes two outstanding juniors from each organization, club, fraternity and sorority on campus. The group ' s out- standing event of the school year is the annual fall quarter Homecoming Sing and Homecoming Skid. Sororities, fraternities and independent organizations vie each year for the coveted Iron Skull trophies, after weeks of September song practices. Besides the big part it plays in the Homecoming festivities, the all-around scholars and leaders sponsor welfare drives and hold dances and parties each quarter. Fred Reckling is president of the third-year " brains " this year. Ben Chesebro as vice president, Anne AAcGowen as secretary, and Jack Floerke as treasurer, fill the other top Iron Skull offices. First row, left to right: Shirley Westerfield, Mieco Nakamura, Shirley Edgington, Vivian Joy, Diane Picard Ellis, Linda Dudenhaver, Karen Benson, Don Force, Otto Nakano. Second row: Donald D. Wolcott, Anne McGowen, Howard Parks, Larry S. Slotta, Donald Bass, Mel Schneiderman, LeRoy George, Susan Twitchell, Adele Adams, Ken Lassila. Third row: Ben R. Chesebro, Jordan Smith, Don Kelley, Fred Reckling, Merrill Godfrey, Max Hen- thorne, John Squire, Jim Downey, Velano ' Dinelly, Audrey Opstedahl. 31 ORGANIZATION ■ -■• ' -41 ' : % % ; • ' ■.■:; ' , ;. ,.:r. ■ ' College student takes over job. Shows value of college education «»,. -tV 132 JACK FROST, President CANTERBURY CLUB Coffee hours Sunday afternoon, informal discussion groups, and spon- soring mission groups keep the Episcopalian students busy in their club room at the Canterbury house on Ninth Street. The club room, which is open at all times for use by the members of the organization, is the scene of every-Sunday-night meetings, work services, and many fellow- ship-get-togethers. Members of Canterbury take an active part in all work at Saint Matthew ' s Cathedral. Early morning communion services and breakfasts before classes on Wednesdays help fill up the group ' s week-day activities. Projects, parties and special suppers are scheduled during the year. Rev. J. Wilson Hunter, Bishop of Wyoming, is the club pastor. He ' s assisted by Rev. John Hildebrand, student minister. Officers of the Episcopalians are President Jack Frost; Vice President Sally Jackson; Secretary Marian Willett; and Treasurer Sally Kingham. First row, left to right: Ellen Spann, Alice Underwood, Carole Pederson, Karen Kay Lehner, Donna Gregory. Second row: Marilyn AAcKee, Marian Willett, Sally Hunter, Pat Williams, Barbara Kidd, Blanche McKee, Beth Snnall, Emma Jo Hatch, Megan Tyndall, Mrs. Ruth Wilson, Mrs. John Hildebrand. Third row: Rev. John Hildebrand, Kent H. Smith, Lavoy Taylor, W. Jensen, Nick Melnick, Chuck Eaton, Howard Yant, Dick Stalk, Charlie Browne, Rex Bornham, Marvin Parrish, Lee MacClean, Sarah Jackson (in pictOre), Bill Petersen, Ed Miller, Bud Nye, Gordon Spice, Jack Frost, A. H. Wilson, Rt. Rev. J. Wilson Hunter. 133 NEWMAN CLUB The Catholic student religious organization ' s activities are based on three principles: religion, education and social life. The Newmaneers ' activities include study groups, films, panel discussions, dancing, open houses during the quarters, breakfasts and communions, and publish- ing their own paper, the Laramie Newmaneer. Yearly conventions at one of the University campuses in the Rocky Mountain region climax the Catholic students ' program. The UW Newman club is a branch of a nation-wide chain of university students ' Catholic organizations. Officers are George Bull, president; Margaret Rutherford, historian; John Squeri, treasurer; Priscilla Lynch, secretary; Marjie Peterson, cor- responding secretary; and Susan Twitchell, social chairman. 4 J ■■.4 ■ ,« ' ' ■ 4 ' GEORGE BULL, President First row, left to right: Rt. Rev. Msgr. John McDevitt, George Bull. Second row: Shirley Jeffres, Alice Rizzi, Norma Lavery, Marytherese Best, Priscilla Lynch, Colleen Wood, Carlos Alvarado, John Squeri. Third row: Frances Rahonce, Arlyce Sorenson, Mary Lee Manorgan, AAarjorie Anderson, Patricia Courtney, Michael J. Michnick, Johnnie Villegas. Fourth row: Anton Jajeh, Nancy Meinke, Marjorie Peterson, Margaret Rutherford, Robert Adami. Fifth row: John Martinez, Gene Robbins, Darrell Spilde, Charles Bergman, Gene Payne, Tom Lemas, Jim Geier. t 134 HUGH BARR, President I ROGER WILLIAMS CLUB Holiday parties, banquets and splash parties, as well as the more serious devotionals and discussions are part of Roger Williams, the Baptist student ' s group. The student center on Grand, just two blocks frorr the campus, is a place for both study and play all during the week. Sundays see the group meet before church services and for evening supper and fellowship meetings. Rev. Estel Mines is Baptist student pastor and group leader. Club leaders are Hugh Barr, president; Sonya Moore, vice president; Gene Smith, secretary; Mary Ann Berry, treasurer; and Clarence Dexter and Janet Bradley, SCRO representatives. First row, left to right: Pat Burkhart, Ann Sims, Martha Powell, Sonya Moore, Janet Bradley, Pat Perry. Second row: Pat Richnnond, Elsie Robertson, Amylu Wuthier, Hazel Borgialli, Irwin Laurence, Phil Burkhart, Paul Lundberg. Third row: Charles Evans, Owen Hodgell, Hugh Barr, Gene Smith, Jerry Moore, Geoff Cole, Ron Harless, Arlis Packer, Rev. G. E. Mines, Mrs. G. E. Hines. 135 OUTING CLUB Weekend mountain climbs, ski trips, horseback riding, swimming and picnics make the Outing Club the top non-varsity athletic group on campus. The club ' s Winter Carnival, with its election of Sno Queen and her attendant, the Saturday night Sno Ball, snow sculpturing con- tests, and an all-day ski contest, is the biggest all-campus social event of winter quarter. The three days of nothing but fun (with a little extra work on the side) makes the skiiers and mountaineers the busiest group on campus during the final week in January. This year ' s fall quarter, the club staged a city-wide Ski Rally in the Education auditorium to push plans for a University ski ground at Ryan Park, 50 miles up the Snowy Range road from the old Libby Creek area. Club banquets, steak fries, square dances, skating and hiking expeditions and trips to the University Recreation camp keep each member busy throughout the year. Skiier Shirley Bristow and mountaineer Vern Anderson are leaders of the organization. SHIRLEY BRISTOW, President First row, left to right: Shirley Bristow, Sally Fritzler, Marrianna Kennedy, Marytherese Best, Mary Ruth King, Case Leenheer, Marilyn Loughary, Peggy Grieve. Second row: James Hertel, Rowena Eagleton, Yvonne Erickson, Lucretia Tihen, Ruby L ' Herisoon, Cathey Van Reckum, Mary Hansen. Third row: Gordon Wells, Ken R. Moore, David Robbins, Lee Young, Shirley France, Cris Poulos, Jim Chapin, Anne McGowen, Thomas Schwarberg, Vern Anderson, Ben Chesebro. 136 IAS Chief goal of the Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, one of the newest organizations of the Engineering college, is to acquaint the students with the aircraft industries. Anything from wing styles to better passen- ger seating is their specialty. Each year the group sends two representa- tives to the annual student paper competitions in Dallas, Texas. Meet- ings usually include movies obtained from the aircraft industry. Honor- ary chairman of the future air engineers is Alfred B. Stafford. Top flight man is Chairman L. D. McCoy. Bob Burns is vice-chairman and Richard Colleoni is secretary-treasurer, i L. D. AAcCOY, Chairman First row, left to right: James Geier, Bill Reed, Robert F. Peterson, Dick Colleoni, Carlos Boeira, L. D. McCoy, Thomas Pope, Alfred B. Stafford. Second row: Carrol E. Turner, Paul Castleberry, Masel W. Lane, Robert Burns, Ronald O ' Connell, Jack Frost. Third row: Gerald W. Butcher, George S. Bull, Les White. 137 AIEE-IRE Branches of their professional societies, the American Institute of Elec- trical Engineers and the Institute of Radio Engineers are concerned with aiding students in their work, and in acquainting the group with problems arising in the field of radio and electrical engineering. Inspec- tion trips and invitational speakers are part of the year ' s program for the group. The joint student organization, with specialized but related interests, keeps informed on all the latest technological advancements in their respective fields. Members help stage the annual Engineer ' s Ball and spring open houses. Spring field trips, district conventions and picnics add variety to their many functions. ROY HENDERSON, President First row, left to right: R. K. Beach, advisor; John Kylander, John Spari s, Roy Henderson, Harold Cole, Donald Kynion. Second row: Donald Gilpin, Don Ludwig, Donald Rees, Otto Nakano, Abdul Wahed, Tomnny Joens. Third row: Hans Juliusburger, Leith Pike, C. Djimapitis, Jim Edgeington, Kenneth Payne, Joe Daly. Fourth row: Gerald Kaufman, Duane Berrier, Stewart Ingham, Eugene Schaper, Tony Brekken, John Merchant. 138 ! ' ENGINEERING COUNCIL Two representatives of each of the e ngineering groups make up the College of Engineering ' s highest governing body, the Engineering Council. A queen is chosen through the council ' s sponsorship each fall to reign over the festive formal Engineer ' s Ball. Engineering tricks and trade secrets are shown each spring through efforts of the council at the annual Engineer ' s open house. Don Ludwig is top man on the coun- cil, and Robert Peterson serves as secretary-treasurer. Dean H. T. Bryant advises and directs during the school year. DON E. LUDWIG, President First row, left to right: L. D. McCoy, Ranee Dunmire, Ron Harless. Second row: John Sparks, John Yauney, Kenneth Payne, Thomas Pope. Third row: Robert Burns, Robert F. Peterson, Neal E. Porter, Don E. Ludwig, Bruce Jones, Mainard Wacker. 139 ASME A branch ot the national group, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers holds meetings and movies to acquaint its members with new processes and ideas in the mechanical engineering field. Twice monthly, they discuss new ideas and present problems, as engineering students, and as future engineers. Two ASME representatives sit in on Engineering Council meetings, helping to govern the engineering ac- tivities which include the all-important fall Engineer ' s Ball. Faculty ad- visor is Harold Fry, mechanical engineering specialist. Officers include Mansel Lane, L. D. McCoy, and Charles Bergman. MANSEL W. LANE, Chairman First row, left to right: Albert Urbigkit, Gerald E. Voorhees, Luther E. Frobel, Andrew Montgomery, Abdul Hai Abaucy, Mansel W. Lane, Chairman; H. Fry, honorary chairman; L. D. McCoy, " vice-chairman; Ole Haffmann. Second row: Diggs Lewis, James Geier, Robert F. Peterson, Paul Castleberry, Jack Frost, E. J. Lindahl, Robert Burns. Third row: Carlos A. D. Boeira, Thomas Pope, Gerald W. Butcher, Maurice L. Maltby, Ronald O ' Con- neli, George S. Bull, Charles Bergman, secretary. 140 , GERALD CLAWSON, President ASCE These fellows and gal, masters of the art of slipstick, transit, rod, and chain, belong to the student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers. The primary aims of the group are to acquaint the students with the field of Civil Engineering, and to prepare them for member- ship in the parent organization. Open to all upperclass civil engineering students, the group holds an annual smoker in the fall and a picnic fn the spring. Lectures by outstanding engineers, movies, and guest speakers highlight their bi-monthly meetings. Throughout the year the group takes field trips to outstanding engineering works in the area. Helping sponsor the Engineer ' s Ball in the fall, they also assist in the engineers ' open house in the spring quarter. Officers of this group which each year survey Prexy ' s Pasture are Gerald Clawson, president; Robert Madsen, vice president; James Goodman, secretary; and Jack Marshall, treasurer. First row, left to right: Wayne Stufft, Pablo Barriga, Darrell E. Maret, Gerald Purdy, S. S. Bhala, Anton Manari. Second row: F. Thorton Peyton, Jr., Richard L. Hockley, Robert H. Madsen, Gerald Clawson, Louie See, John Hall. Third row: John T. Doyle, Bruce Jones, Don Bass, Abdul Quissaunee, Nick Tsiouvaras. Fourth row: William B. Carey, Robert D. Kerr, Ronald Harlass, Bruce Frank, Mainard Wacker, Ray Reerink, Edward McKinney, Rudy A. Angeli, Franklin A. Flohr. Standing: Shirley Fell, James R. Goodman. 141 AWS Rules, rules, and more rules guide and aid the women students during their years at the University. Playing a leading role on campus as a self-governing organization, cultivating cultural interest and emphasiz- ing scholastic attainment, the Associated Women Students board is made up of representatives of each of the women ' s organizations on campus, including dorms and sorority houses. Functions of the group include teas, dances, parties, elections and rule revisions. The bible of the organization is the AWS handbook, a legal guide for house- mother and coed ... It keeps girls informed on what to do, how to do i1, what not to do, and how not to do it. Chief of the lady lawmakers is Pat Bennett. She ' s assisted by Vice President Margie Raben, Secretary Linda Dudenhaver, Treasurer Pam Cleaver, and Delegates-at-Large Bar- bara Hurst and Laura Larson. PAT BENNETT, President First row, left to right: Margie Raben, Kaye Long, Pat Bennett. Second row: Miriann Call Brorby, Kay Ingrahann, Jean Kuns, Sally Flavin, Barbara Hurst, Carola Rowland, -Shirley Westerfield, Ruth Campbell, Ellen Spann, Linda Dudenhaver, Laura Summers. Third row: Mieco Nakamura, Kay Krotter, Haruye Nakamura. 142 BOB PEARCE, President APhA The Wyoming College of Pharmacy ' s junior branch of the American Pharmaceutical Association is concerned specifically with prescriptions, powders, capsules and pills. It ' s the only group on campus that can say " take a powder " and get away with it. This year ' s Junior A. Ph. A. has the largest membership since the group began. Banquets during winter quarter, spring picnics, and guest speakers (usually druggists of Laramie or drug salesmen) spark up their meetings and social functions. Each year some members of the group travel to Chicago to visit leading pharmaceutical houses. The group ' s pet problem is learning to mix prescriptions from doctors ' unreadable orders. Head pill-pusher is Prexy Bob Pearce. He ' s helped by Vice President Ruth Deland, Secretary Mieco Nakamura, and Treasurer Ed Schroeder. Dean O ' Day and other members of the pharmacy faculty serve as advisors. First row, left to right: David W. O ' Day, Ramona E. Parkinson, Theodore King, Raymond J. Kahl, Jack N. Bone, William E. Johnson, Mieco Nakamura, Edwin Schroeder, Bob Pearce. Second row: Gordon Weesner, Joyce Harris, Ruth DeLand, Janice Paul, Patricia Ficinec, Carolyn Peterson. Third row: Bob Carroll, Bill Carroll, Larry Price, Sharon Cramer, Shirley Jeff res, Joetta Barnes. Fourth row: Charles Thorne, Merle Smith, Phillip Horn, Nancy Kidd, Marilynn Hubbard, Anne Hovick. Fifth row: Fritz Carroll, Kenneth Benson, Roland Ahlbrandt, Mel Schneiderman, Bob Adami, John Squeri. Sixth row: William Laya, Raymond Shell, Ronald Wilson, Kenneth Henderson, Buddy Merritt, John Martinez. Seventh row: Don Bristow, John Vandel, John Rust, Jim Scott, Bill Marean, Charles Johnston. Eighth row: Wain Turk, Anton Jajeh, Robert Mahoney, Max Shevick, Robert C. Janssen, Ninth row: John Gaimm, Charlene Gould, Ivan Conestien. 143 HOME EC CLUB Gals who believe in getting practice along with theory are these poten- tial homennakers on campus, for they master everything from balancing diets to mending socks. Community service, sponsoring of fellowships, entertaining at University club meetings, and staging bazaars as money- making projects are some of their activities. The club, open to all Home Ec majors, sends delegates each year to the national Home Eco- nomics convention, holds bake sales and picnics, gives a social honoring graduating seniors from Laramie and University high schools, and hon- ors graduating Home Ec majors at a banquet each spring. President of the future homemakers is Lucy Ito. Other officers include Margie Raben, vice president; Susan Twitchell, secretary; and Louise Wesswick, treas- urer. Joyce Reed serves as the club ' s faculty advisor. LUCY ITO, President First row, left to right: Lucy Ito, Lynn Anselmi, Alice Berkley, Adele Adams, Cris Poulos, Lou Ann Jarrett, Sarah Hawes, Margie Raben. Second row: Rustie Daniels, Sally Budd, Gretchen Hartwig, Joyce Reed, Evelyn Smith, Verna Hitchcock. Third row: Nila Rae Everling, Hazel Borgialii, Shirley Schwabrow, Donna McMichael, Colleen Collier, Vivian Joy. Fourth row: Shirley Diehler, Jeanette Nielson, Shirley Dickson, Marjorie Peterson, Beverley Lalioferro, Alice Ann Blom. Fifth row: Vernafay Asay, Mary Christensen, Frieda Christensen, Louise Wesswick, Susan Twitchell, Kay Krajicek. Sixth row: Charlotte Van Drew, Barbara Voss, Jan Maebius, Judy Fenimore, Betty McLean, LaRue Campbell. Seventh row: Audrey Opstedahl. 144 ' 4-H Through the International Farm Youth exchange program of which Col- legiate 4-H is a member, an opportunity to travel to almost any part of the world is afforded. Members of the club are students who were for- merly engaged in 4-H work. They meet twice a month, help promote the state 4-H program, and assist with the Little International which is held every fall quarter. President this year is Carl Grable. First row: Carl Grable, Ed Cook. Second row: Alice Bloom, AAony Christenson, Fran Feighny, Winora Patten, Verna Fay Assey, Arlene Bryant, Dorthy AAicheli. 145 LUTHERAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION Weekly Sunday Supper meetings, frequent exchange dinners with other religious organizations, and twice yearly retreats with the L.S.A. chapters from Denver, Greeley, and Fort Col- lins highlight the annual activities of this organization. Besides these things, the club has prepared an Easter breakfast for their entire congregation, and conducted the service on Youth Sunday. From their club rooms in the basement of the Lu- theran church, they have conducted skating parties along with assorted other social events. KAREN BENSON First row: Wilma Cairns, LeRoy Peterson, Marilyn Nielson, Isabel Melcher, Mrs. Adamcik, Dorothy Larson, Karen Benson, Joan Nelson. Second row: Janice Paul, Bob Paul, Bob Mueller, Jane Strecker, Lawrence G. Lofgren, Kenneth Benson, Bob Kagle, James Dahike, John H. Blix, Rev. D. J. Adanncik, Alvin Danielson. 146 INDEPENDENT STUDENTS ASSOCIATION Topping an active year for the I.S.A. was their sponsorship of the Wyoming Days Tour. During the year they sponsored several all-student dances and traveled in a group to various athletic events. The Independent Students Association is nnade up of men and women students without any social fraternal affiliation on the campus. First row: Betty Jo Updike, Betty McLeland, Dorothy Joslin, Cathey Van Reekum, Erma Lu Kafka, Roselyn Waring, Amylu Wuthier. Second row: Max D. Shevick, Abdul Hai Abaucy, Don A. Kinder, John F. Wasden, K. Rex Moore, Bill Thoren, Robert Clemens, John Fanto, Case Leenheer. Third row: John E. Pickens, Robert C. Jansseri, Dee Dee Pennnan, Sharron Wright, Mary Lu Manorgan, Beverly Henn, Barbara Burnell, Eva Ol- neda, Phyllis Smith, Shirley Swanstrom, Henry Melcher, Jr.. Duane Bell. 147 WYOMING HALL Wyo hall, home of all freshman male students, is the newest of the campus dorms. The hall organization, headed by Mer- rill Scott, holds dances for the members, as well as attending to dorm business. Starting the year off with a bang was the float built for the Homecoming parade. Since then, Wyo Hall has been active in campus affairs and all University activities. MERRILL SCOTT 148 Home Was Never Like This! Sing-Sing or Wyo Hall? 149 COSMOPOLITAN INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Primarily an organization for the foreign students at the University, Cosmopolitan International Relations Club is a new group on campus this year. Periodical meetings offer a chance for students to get togeth- er and discuss mutual problems and in general, just have a good time. Heading the club this year was Nairn Turk and Lillian G. Portenier was the faculty advisor. NAIM TURK ! First row: Mohammad Moosa, Abdul G. Qaissaunee, Payenda Mohammad, Pablo Barraiga, Abdul Hakim, Carlos Alvarado. Second row: Lillian G. Portenier, Sponsor; Susie Rodriquez, Carolina T. Prada, Alice Berkley, Elizabeth Krauss, Charles P. Beall, Sponsor. Third row: Ole Hoffman, Nairn S. Turk, Djimapitis Constantinos, Abdul Wahed, Michael Pennell, Case Leenheer, Abdul Mahbuub, S. S. Bhaia, Carlos A. Boeria, Walter Kosty-nyk. 1| 150 SCRO One of the biggest weeks on campus is the Religious Emphasis Week, sponsored by the Student Council of Religious Organizations. Ministers of all denominations are invited to speak at the several houses and dorms, and special assemblies are held during this time. Another of S.C.R.O. ' s traditions is the annual auction where everything is sold from ski-tows to used coke bottles. All proceeds from this auction go to the World Student Service Fund. An annual dance and a quarterly banquet are still further activities of this group. President of the S.C.R.O. is Ka- ren Benson. Left to right: Reverend George E. Mines, Dr. R. L. Hitch, Fran Chisholm, Clarence Dexter, Bob Bruce, Bev Briltore, Janet Bradley, Karen Benson, Sally Heinter, Janice Paul. 151 Your Electric Servant Western Public Service Company LARAMIE, WYOMING Suppliers of Your Campus Needs " Look for the Clock " 200 So. 2nd St. RED AND DAVE HURWITZ Compliments of LARAMIE AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION • Quality Chevrolet Co. • Hansen Motors, Inc. • Hi - State Oldsmobile • Oil State Motors • General Credit Corp. • Raab Garage • Faught Motors • Baker Motor Co. • Bovee Motor Co. • Mabrey Pontiac • Deans Equipment Co. • Harison Motors HARDWARE— FURNITURE CORONADO APPLIANCES DARYL CHEVALIER. Owner Laramie — Phone 2952 — Wyo. VJuo 123 Iwnjon FKone26B2 U Jae .te H ena drug store BILL ' S TAXI Phone 3333 or 3336 RADIO CONTROLLED POPE electric COMPANY Since 1932 Electrical Contractors 204-0 So. Third Telephone 4314 LARAMIE. WYOMING 152 RED PENCIL The Red Pencil organization well represents the College of Education. This year there are over sixty mennbers, all interested Education nnajors and minors. Meetings are held monthly in the Education building. At Christmas time Red Pencil erected their traditional trystich on the lawn, by the library. The purpose of this action campus organization is to en- able students to become members of Education Associations and to prepare for future teaching organizations. JOANN SCHNEIDER First row, left to right: Ann Morgan, Treasurer; Iris Anderson, Northwest Regional Director; Mary Ruth King, Historian; Zola Ruth Mickey, Peggy Grieve, Ann Tour, Vice President; Joann Schneider, President; Ma- rietta Minnick, Laura Tonn, Syd Howe, Shirley Edgington, Beatrice Hocken, Priscilla Lynch. Second row: Rae Lee Kreps, Jackie Hoitsma, Jean Kuns, Kathleen Strong, Dinah Daniel, Cles Fuller, Ann Sims, Jane Strecker, Pat Courtney, Donna Beth Hudson, Maxine R. Morris, Jo Savory. Standing: Audrey Bower, Bar- bara Kmitz, Eva Olveda, Annabelle Cozzens, Pamela Wood, Jean Lewis, Peggy Wooluck, Kathleen Jordan, Rae Richard, Mary Hertzler, Minta Willis, Alice Pizzi Norman Lauery, Barbara Gillett, Sharon Schaefer Eliz- abeth O ' Leary, Olympia Zoubul, Veda Penman, Anna Kness, Erma Lee Kafka, Jo Dubois, Secretary. 153 WAA Sports minded coeds spent nnuch leisure time participating in the in- tramural bowling, basketball, and table tennis tourneys during the year. Emblems, letters and sweaters were won by those girls who ac- quired a sufficient number of points by taking part in the various tour- naments. Under the able leadership of Nina Huston, president, and Miss ThoUin, faculty advisor, W.A.A. achieved new heights in mem- bership and campus recognition this year. NINA HUSTON First row, left to right: Martha Ann Moedl, Kay Krajecek, Susan Twitchell, Syd Howe, Shirley Edgington. Second row: Diane Picard, Sarah Hawes, Diniah Daniel, Barbara Kmitz, Evelyn MacDougall, Dorothy James. Third row: Ellen Horton, Shirley Schwabrow, Shirley Dickson, Donna Beth Hudson, Maxine A. Morris. Fourth row: Gretchen Hartwig, Marilyn Fogelsonger, Haruye Nakomura, Jane Goodman, Shirley Wester- field, Shirley Young. Fifth row: Coralie Brey, Marry Lou Corbett, Barbara Garland, Janice Spurs, Jo Du- bois, Shirley Bell. Sixth row: Pat Peterson, Prudy Edwards, Pattie Huntley, Linda Dudenhaver, Nancy Dud- enhaver, Pat Buxton. Seventh row: Emily Ann Sedlacek, Carol DeKay, Peggy Doll, Gretchin Griggs, Bar- bara Kidd, Catherine L. Badley. 154 First row, left to right: Nina Huston, President; Miss Thouin, Advisor; Kay Ingraham, A.W.S. Rep. AAuco Nakamusa, Secretary; Nancy Foster, Treasurer; Dorothy Conine, Pat Bennett, Annabelle Cozzens, Vice Pres- ident. Second row: Shirley Dempster, Donna Middleton, Ann Cyphert, Charlotte Van Drew, Nancy Carson, Mary Rose Bruegger, Rustie Daniels, Roberta Luman. Third row: Marilyn Nielsen, Janet Maebius, Miriam Call Brorby, Joyce Harris, Terrell Till, Marilyn Loughary. Fourth row: Darlene Reimann, Colleen Collier, Pamela Wood, Martha Kurtz, Peggy Grieve, Sally Budd. Fifth row: Shirley Woolington, Mary Ruth King, Janice George, Clara Lou Forges, Carolyn Fintus, Shirley Diebler. Sixth row: Margie Hirsig, Margie Clare, Kay Krotter, Mary Hertzler, Julie Beaver, Marianne Schuele. Seventh row: Janet Lyon, Barbara Hurst, Margie Raben, Sandy Williams, Eve Meyers, Car- olyn Peterson. 155 FOURTH ESTATE Promoting the aims and interests of journalism is the purpose of Fourth Estate. Membership is open to all journalism majors. Each year the type- writer pounders take to the hills in spring quarter for a rip-roaring party done in a style as only journalists know— and this year was a nev- er-to-be-forgotten experience. Heading Fourth Estate this year was Di- rectory Editor, Alice Kubo. ALICE KUBO I Seated, left to right: W. R. Biggs, Roseiyn Nebeker, Pat Richmond, Jack Russell, Alice Hughes, Paul Holtz. Standing, first row: Densil Mabbitt, Lew Morris, Dick Hassheider, Alice Kubo, Diane Larson, Pamela Clea- ver, Sharon Dickensheets. Back row: Warren Mack, Charles Coleman, Jim Parrish, Dick Bohrer, George Reynolds, Marcel Jelovchan, Dick Perue, Roberta Luman, Tom Love. 156 imi iiiy»» ' ' I II U III ' ' 1 4 4 lit If 1 Hf " Ml •► Ml Ui ' l»H ' »« -». f. j yil The UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE i- Everything for the Student WESLEY FOUNDATION Spotlighting the year for these Methodist students was their annual fall quarter retreat, to which canne students from Colorado and Utah, as well as those from Wyoming. On the local scene, a spring quarter dance was held and regular meetings were conducted each Sunday afternoon. This year ' s president was Jo Ann Schneider. JOANN SCHNEIDER Front row, left to right: Ray Agee, Mary Ann Agee, Nancy Mclntyre, Lillian Evitt, Beverly Applegate, Louise Christensen, Nancy Roderick, Troyce Policky, Russ Evitt. Middle rov : Rev. R. Jay Wilson, Marion Tolin, Georgia Bragg, Bishop Glenn, Randall Phillips, Glen Larson, Andy Montgomery, Bob Skelton, Marilyn Fogelsonger, Mrs. Grace Wilson, Jo Ann Schneider, Den Shoefelt, Kees Leenheer. Back row: Peggy Fes- ter, Barbara Mclntyre, Don Mclntyre, Wilma Skelton, Dorothy Joslin, John Dunnewald, Shirley Bristow, Ted Jefferson, Frank Cole, Donna Middleton, Vendia Hagstrom, Jay Devecaux, Mary Christensen, Eugene Schaper, Jeannie French, Harold French, Jim Hertel, John Fester, Joe Mclntyre. 158 WES-CO-WEDS Newest of the campus religious organizations, the Wes-Co-Weds is an organization for Methodist married students and their spouses. Hold- ing monthly supper meetings and programs, the club has for its goals fellowship and the sharing of experiences of a young family. Meetings are he ld in the club rooms of the Wesley Foundation. TED JEFFERSON First row, left to right: Mary Ann Agee, Judy Parrish, Caroline Shipp, Arlene Olson, Jean Carnshan, Carol Day. Second row: Dave Earnshaw, Ted Jefferson, Nornnan Parrish, Ray Agee, Grace Wilson, Bar- bara Mclntyre, Frances Carroll, Shirley Barnes, Harold French, Nancy AAclntyre, Joe AAclntyre. Third row: Don Mclntyre, Bob Shipp, Bart Olson, Jay Wilson, John Barnes, Bill Day. 159 POTTER LAW CLUB Murder in the Union and Robbery in Knight Hall were the highlights of Potter Law ' s series of moot court trials held this year. Members are made up of full-time law students and faculty members. Gay formal dances and parties were held during the fall and spring quarters. Mem- bers also took time out for a little fun and old-fashioned rivalry when they conducted the Homecoming queen finalists on a trip around the state. PAUL GODFREY First row: Paul Godfrey, Richard Thomas, Arthur Fisher, Robert AAothershead, Elmer Winters, Robert Pen- der, Merl Case, William Foster. Second row: Myron Howard, Thomas Kennelly, William Grant, Margie Milhone. Prof. Bloomenthal, Dean Hamilton, Prof. Trelease, Robert Guthrie, Margaret Currie, Edna Mohr. Third row: Carl Williams, Richard Tobin, Carl Smith, Robert Hill, Leonard Lang, Sterling Case, Vernon Sessions, Jerry Schmidt, Carl Burley, Donald Jones. Fourth row: Earl Williams, Theodore Jefferson, George Hopper, Albert Kaufman, Thomas Rae. Fifth row: John Flitner, Robert Flitner, Robert Gish, Norman John- son, John Pattno, Donald Jensen, Thomas Bogus, Leonard McEwan, Thomas Fagan, James Fagan. 160 Presenting His Case at the Moot Trial. 161 . - y l - Si % Escape from Knight, but not entered as evidence WESTMINSTER CLUB With the completion of the new Larannie Presbyterian church, this year the members of the Westminster Club found ample use for their new student lounge. The lounge offers a place for Presbyterian students to study, with the aid of their new library, hold meetings, or just get to- gether for a gab session. This year ' s president was Janet Maebius. JANET MAEBIUS First row, left to right: Alice McConnel, Beverly Britton, Peggy Everling, Cree Tihen, Jo Dubois, Donna Allen, Margot Binning, Alice Kubo, Eleanor Norton, Donna Beth Hudson, Carol Lee Ramsey, Mary Alice Weight. Second row: Pat Chaplin, Tom Lambert, We Wong Park, Bob Hilton, Rod Chisholm, Don Bremer, Donald Kynion, Bob Bruce, Bob Hudelson, John Rothwell, John McConnell, James Carlisle, George Pierce, Bill Barlow, Julian Clark, Mary Day. 165 HOYT HALL The green-pea dorm is a regular hive of activity as you might have found out if you have tried to call Hoyt on any evening. Busy signals is about all you can get. Besides being busy on this angle, the girls also held a winter quarter dance, sponsored a Homecoming queen attend- ant, and weekly teas in the lounge which were a welcome treat to the frosh trudging home after a full day of classes. Officers of Hoyt are Ellen Spann, president; Shelly Coleman, vice president; Linda Dudenha- ver, secretary-treasurer; and Sally Kirschten, social chairman. First row: Rose Marie Chaussart, Joann Chaussart, Rochelle Coleman. Second row: Charlotte Van Drew, Roberta Luman, Jo Ann Larson, Fran Feighny, Suzie Wasden, Jane Beach, Billie Ketcios. Third row: Donna Woodhead, Dorothy James, Bette Norris, Barbara Voss, Mary Ann Allen, Lynne Mabee, Mary Lee Her- man, Jeanette Nelson, Betty Jo Updike, Georgia Hambrick. Fourth row: Marjie Jo Brown, Jane Goodman, Danna Jordan, Venita Hubbs, Pat Courtney, Marilyn Ryan, Carolyn Mortimer, Marilyn Hubley, Betty Small, Marie Annala, Joyce Ballinger, Betty McLeland, Barbara Kidd. I 166 First row: Claudette Norton, Harriet Murphy, Donna Gregory, Mary Ann McCain, Vivian Carroll, Corky Maebuis. Second row: Julie Walton, Janet Watson, Mary Partridge, Frances Rahonce, Karen Schwab, Nan- cy Posnien, Alice Underwood, Jeri Anselmi, Ann Beckman. Third row: Janet Preis, Irene Clark, Patricia Ficenec, Virginia Bertoncelj, Gretchen Griggs, Nancy Carson, Alice Korhonen, Sherryin Call, Larue J. Che- ney, Pat Buxton, Carol Perkins, Darlene Harrison. Fourth row: Ruth Ann Robinson, Carole Pederson, Mary Day, Carolee Ramsey, Sue McLean, Merna Hennebeck, Jeanne Harris, Janice Heinz, Charlene Shoop, Shirley Vollmer, Frances Olsen, Shirley Walters, Nancy Clinton, Glenda V. Foster. First row: Karen Lehner, Beverly Kassis, Carola Rowland, Ellen Spann, Veronica Philbrick, Anita Cham- bers. Second row: Pat Daly, Ann Cyphert, Sherie Williams. Third row: Loretta Wheeler, Winona Patten, Norma Martens, Lou Ann Davenport, Jan Decker, Thelma Call, Agnes Troughton, Yvonne Erickson, Don- na Middleton, Nancy Dudenhaver. Fourth row: Karen Towner, Jean Gerrard, Margaret Finlayson, Pat Dunn, Elsie Robertson, Carol Kalinowski, Eleanor Thorson, Emma Jo Hatch, Alice Ann Blom, Marjorie Anderson, Shirley Fell, Virginia Bond, Sally Kirschten. 167 KNIGHT HALL The gals at Knight Hall really had something to crow about this year when their candidate, Joyce Pennock, was selected U.W. Homecoming Queen. Under the direction of President Mieco Nakamura, Knight spon- sors a dance each quarter, including a spring dinner-dance. Each Tues- day night, the girls dress for dinner, after which they have some form of entertainment. 1 ' MIECO NAKAMURA First row, left to right: Vernafay Asay, Sharon Cramsr, Beverly Applegate, Rose Mary Bales, Verna Ann Howell, Marytherese Best, Barbara Garland, Coralie Brey. Second row: Ann Tonn, Louise Christensen, Laura Tonn, Janice Albott, Dorothy Kochiras, Anne Kness, Veda Penman, Joyce Palicky, Margaret Rutheford, Jo- ann Schneider. Third row: Peggy Kitching, Kathleen Jordan, Marion Talin, Shirley Sivanstrom, Wilma Skel- ton, Ann Sims, Kathleen Strong. Fourth row: Shirley Espy, Arlene Bryant, Wilma Barry, Dorothy Joslin, Barbara Burnell. 168 Pool, yet! First row, left to right: Margaret Snyder, Dorothy Larson, Donna Allen, Rebecca Worback. Second row: Marilyn Palmer, Pat O ' Brien, Charlotte Bergman, Gail Musie, Dorothy Maret, Judy Fenimore, Nancy Meinke, Sara Scott, Myrna Bader. Third row: Oileen Barton, Loraine McNamara, Shirley Ford, Francis Olveda, Caroline Parada, Alice Burkley, Eima Kafka, Roselyn Waring. Oh, No! Not a Downslip. Seated, left to right: Shirley Westerfield, Sucy Ito. Standing: Mieco Nakamura, Mauan Tuttle, Peggy Ever- ling. Sherry Tuttle, Rose Mary Green, Hareuye Nakamura, Lenore Folin, Mary Christensen, Dorthy Micheli, Sonya Lindstrom, Marjorie Peterson. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS The busy architects took off to Denver for their annual field trip this year. Their aim is to gain more professional experience in the field. Each quarter they work on a model project to be displayed in the spring. Dick Henderson is president of A. I. A. and Prof. O. G. Woody is fac- ulty advisor. DICK HENDERSON First row: Dick Henderson, John Yauney, Ben Vanberg. Second row: Ed Litecky, Prof. O. G. Woody, Martin Williams. 171 ? i B:,--i MIUTARY mipii n:m j mM ' m M, MILITARY WIVES ' TRAINING PROGRAM , y ,-5 . ' ., • » On the right of the hostess sits the ranking guest. Army and Air Force ROTC units on the campus have co-operated in a military wives ' Training program, to prepare girls to take on the responsibilities of service wives. The program, a new innova- tion, received national recognition in Time magazine. This program is hoped to become a model for many units. A Navy captain ranks with a colonel. A good Place to be stationed 174 ARMY ROTC In the 1 800 ' s Congress passed the Land Grant College law which eventually became the ba- sis of the Arnny reserve. Graduates fronn all over the nation have become qualified and respected military leaders through the Army ROTC pro- gram. Members, past and present, of the Uni- versity of Wyoming ' s Reserve Training Corps are no exception. Tactics, staff functioning. Weapons, and leadership are some of the va- ried and necessary subjects that an ROTC cadet studies whether he completes only the required two years basic or is selected to pur- sue the full four year course which leads to a commission as a second lieutenant. All cadets receive practical training which provides a val- uable background for later life whether in the Army or as a leader in a civilian community. Cadet Colonel George Galuska and Regimental Sponsor Peggy Doll. Army ROTC Cadre Staff-First row, left to right: M-Sgt, Clyde Rowe; Captain Donald T. Nelson; Colonel Dexter K. Griffith, Commanding; Lt. Colonel Richard Freeman; Captain Joseph H. Hoffman. Second row: M-Sgt. Frances E. Swigum; SFC Rollin Barris; M-Sgt. Fredrick Durgain; SFC Lindall C. Boyd; SFC Lee R. Young; M-Sgt. Junior G. Backer. ' " W ■U Regimental Staff: Gerald Kaufman, George Galuska, commanding; Don Cluxton, Ron Harless. First Battalion. Staff : Robert Tighe, commanding; Marion Kay Jones, Scotty Robb, Bruce Jones, Mainard Wacker. Second Battalion Staff: William Tighe, commanding; Arlen Davison, Richard Col- leoni, Don Tomiin, Tom Berry. 176 First Battalion Company Officers: Lyie Trullinger, Bob Willingham, Floyd Ellis, James Barnum, Litecky, Larry Roberts, James Gist, Oliver Hedges, Thomas Love, Alan fsjauman, Warren Siebold. Edv ard Second Battalion Company Officers: Ron O ' Connell, Jack Longnecker, Robert Smith, Neal Porter, Dean Pi- per, Harry Jorgensen, Robert Starr, Duane Berrier. George Frogatt, Steve Knezevich, Gordon Smith, Jim Parrish. 177 1 1954 Infantry Summer Camp Ft. Lewis, Washington 4 Sponsor Queen Colonel Rustle Daniels Cadet Colonel L. D. McCoy AIR FORCE ROTC An Air Force ROTC Unit was established on the Uni- versity of Wyoming campus in August, 1942. The first graduates of the program received their commissions as Second Lieutenants last June and are nov well on their way to qualifying for the silver wings of an Air Force pilot. This year ' s graduating class has had two years of the new Air Force ROTC curriculum which was in- troduced in the fall of 1953. This curriculum is divided into two distinct phases, " Air Age Citizenship Training, " the basic Air Force ROTC course, and " Air Force Offi- cer Development, " advanced Air Force ROTC program. The basic course, taken by Air Science I and II cadets, is designed to better prepare the college student to be a citizen in a world dominated by intercontinental bombers and atomic and hydrogen bombs. The advanced course, taken by a selected group of Air Science III and IV stu- dents, is designed to give the young Air Force officer a broad background in essential leadership ability and an increased awareness of the problems facing him as an Air Force officer and citizen of our nation. Cadet Connmanders: Cadet Col. L. D. Jenkins, Commander; Cadet Lt. Col. Les W. White; Cadet Lt. Col. Charles M. Jenkins; Cadet Lt. Col. Wilber L. Carter. »! — i r AS IV ' s, left to right: L. D. McCoy, K. C. Dreusicke, L. W. See, D. R. McMichael, K. J. Payne, G. T. Nichols, J. P. Ca stberg, E. S. McKinney, G. W. ReidI, T. C. Schaeffer. AS Ill ' s, left to right, front row: C. R. Jones, C. E. Wilson, R. S. McDonald, H. F. Parks. Back row: J. T. Rushing, D. Napierkowski, W. C. Helton, L. E. Tuttle, C. B. Beagel, D. P. Doherty. 181 Fitted with parachutes and ready for takeoff. Everyone is curious about the jet trainers. Bohrer tries his hand at the link trainer. If the chute doesn ' t work, bring it back and get another. AS II cadets look at the way the airplane has changed our thinking about geography. The AFROTC Cadet Choralers. « ' , ... i • ' 1 f KSKFfmir,mi.gmm ,4 S , ' ■ .. rt .- ' V ' ' 7 .4m: , n !?%i :L-!«5: ' r5= DIVISION OF MUSIC STUDENT STRING QUARTET Band Director Lewis discusses band formations. Professor Becker directs class in public school strings BISt- ' -K-TK-fe Students relax during operetta practice .• ismim - " -■ " : " • • --(.-sivss-fe --s.-- ONS m . . WYO Now that you ' ve gotten this far in the book, there ' s not too much , we can say about the WYO staff. That is, except one thing: the whole staff— we hope you like it. The staff has worked hard, on pictures, on copy, and on layout. For your enjoyment, we ' ve added this year for the first time, a full color, full cover picture. The first section has attempted to portray student life, not that the rest has not. The only thanks any of the staff asks, is that the readers like the book. " iH 190 Business Manager Dick Glover; Editor Tom Love; Assistant Editor Claude Mapes. The editorial staff; don ' t stab the editor, the copy ' s not in yet. News Editor Jack Russell; Editor Paul Hoitz; Desk Editor Jim Parrish; Business Manager Dick Bohrer. BRANDING IRON The Branding Iron, student newspaper of the University, more connmonly referred to as the B.I., comes out each Friday morning, and woe be to the poor student who pauses before the piles of the paper, for he may well be trampled to death. Next door neighbors to the WYO in " Publications Row, " union basement, the B.I. of- fice and staff are humming every Tuesday and Wednesday night, getting the paper to bed on Thursday. Editor Holtz gives ace columnist Dick Cook some pointers on his next week ' s masterpiece. 192 Looks like Holtz has the best of this deal. RHIP, after all. The Editor reads the riot act, but it doesn ' t look as if much of the staff is too worried about it. 193 ■ir Canada And Such) Wearing 10 Gallon Hat UW Freshman Wearing (See Pag 1 " CO " ' - ' ll0 ii- . In This Issue. . RftVeated- U N Sex Relationships Keveaw W " See Page 21 Charley Coleman Furniture Editor Dick Stelk Embezzlement Editor Randy Wagner Daguerreotype Editor Bob Blanchard Foreign Correspondent Dick Hassheider Janitor, respiration, in- spiration, aspiration, perspiration Editor, also known as Pit. Skip Roberts Ctean-cut, long-suffering ad Editor Marion Shroyer Cut, paste, swear, and label Editor Sharon Dickensheete Smut and Plagarism £d for Bold-faced liars and Eager Beavers : Barbara Kidd, Pat Richmond, Lorraine Van Blair, Shelley Coleman. Culture Editor Dennis Croft f rt Staff ??? Marcel Jelovchan, Carlos Boeira, Ann Garbutt Circulation and related activities-. Chet Bayer, Fran Chisholm, Laurian Seaverson, Roberta Luman. Cuf, paste and label staff: Betty Schultz, Jo Ann Larson YAHOO magazine is published three times each school year by the students of the Univer- sity of Wyoming. Subscription rates are 35c per issue, $1.00 per year. The office is located in room 134, Wyoming Union. 194 YAHOO Humor magazine on the campus, Yahoo, upholds the fine tra- dition of all the gag mags of the past. Edited by Charles Cole- man, whose admitted aim is to keep students in stitches, the Yahoo is eagerly awaited quarterly by students, visitors, and some faculty, although they won ' t admit it. The editorial staff is made up of some very odd jobs, as you can see on the left. The best comment on the magazine?— Yahooooooo. II Almost everyone on the Wyoming campus reads the Yahoo (Editor Coleman with Sun- dial. He knows). Coleman looks pained, but he never had it so good. Other male members look on in envy. 195 DIRECTORY— Left to right: Dick Perue, Dale Fuller, Business Managers; Eleanor Horton and Alice Kubo, Editor. ADVISORS— Publications advisors Warren Mack and Wallace Biggs. 196 GREEKS AX a XJ djuiya Charlene Ashenhurst Mary Blatt Audrey Bower Dinah Daniel Shirley Dickson Shirley Edgington ACTIVES Betty Farthing Carolyn Fintus Cleo Fuller Sydney Howe Barbara Kmetz Kay Krajicek 198 I Axn Donna LeBaron The gals who wear the lyre of angels (?) have proved they can be devilish at times, for their claim to fame on the Wyo campus has come from being just plain fun and great to get along with. When it comes to socializing or taking part in any kind of academic or extracurricular activity, they ' re anything but slow. Annual pledge costume dances and early spring formal dinner-dances are only two of their many special events. And many an unplanned sing or gab session has taken place round the Alpha Chi fish pond during the year. Evelyn MacDougall Sandra Martin Harlene Mocroft Carolyn Peterson Lou Ann Sandburg ACTIVES Julie Schurger Shirley Schwabrow Kay Smith Janice Speers Gwen Stine Clara Lou Yorges 199 Axn PLEDGES Virginia Bertoncelj Coralie Brey Bonnie Butts Vivian Carroll Mary Lou Corbett Betty Curry Donna F.inkbiner Barbara Garland Donna Gregory Gail Lee Gross Donna Beth Hudson Carol Larrabee 200 Axn Mary Ann McCain Maxine A. Morris Maxine R. Morris Audrey Opstedahl Suzann Plattner Troyce Policky Nancy Posnien Marianne Schuele Karen Schwab Alice Underwood Barbara Voss Shirley Young PLEDGES - . ' ' 201 Xj Clueya ACTIVES Pat Bennett Karen Benson Georgia Bragg Colleen Collier UPll! " Dorothy Conine Margaret Currie Shirley Dennpster Linda Dudenhaver Nancy Erickson Halene Landen Kaye Long 202 xn A new house on sorority row, and a house full of new faces this year brought the Chi Os closer to campus life in general and FUN in particular. Their floor shows, parties, banquets, and dances of all kinds, didn ' t stop them from being tops scholastically for many top leaders lived under that new " but- terfly " roof, to mention A.W.S. prexy Pat Bennett for one. Donna McMichae Janet Lyon Genevieve Lyon Mignon Loveland ACTIVES „S 203 xn «:---!!: .Vfll ? N ' - ' :S!S -.sS?;::SS3 ' Cy ' .■; " 1 i ' i ' iU i £- Margot Binning Alice Ann Blom Bobbie Boynton PLEDGES Sue Collins Ann Cyphert Nancy Dudenhaver Shirley Fell Pat Ficence Johnna George Emma Jo Hatch Nancy Koerfar { xn Traute Lembcke Nancy Meinke Miriam Milne Carole Pederson Carolyn Peterson Wilma Reiman Dee Ann Rutledge Sharon Shuper Grace Stenberg Carol Weachter Shirley Ann Woolington PLEDGES LsXra t ikra Ltkr a ACTIVES Elizabeth Ball Julie Beaver Miriam Call Brorby Prudence Edwards Nancy Foster Jackie Hoitsma Ellen Norton Pat Huntley Nina Huston Kay Ingraham Lou Ann Jarrett Nancy Kidd Hazel Jean Kuns Bonnie Loomis 206 AAA Alice McConnell Jan Maebius Pat Peterson The dagger and its trio of triangles have come in mighty handy at times for the gals at Delta Delta Delta. They ' re active on campus and off, staging partypartyparties from fall to spring. They highlight their winter quar- ter activities with a special costume dance and use their annual Pearl dinner dance as a climax for the year ' s activities. Talent and brains help make the Deltas leaders on campus, for they usually come up with sev- eral specialties during the year. For instance, this year ' s Tri-Delt Quintet was spotlighted at programs, parties, dances and get-togethers of all kinds. Some say the three D ' s stand for definitely dynamic dames, while others contend they are three-dimensional: Do, Don ' t, and I Dare You. Diane Picard Ellis Jean Kay Platts Chris Poulos Margie Raben Lyell Reilly Margaret Reilly Patsy Richmond Emily Ann Sedlacek ACTIVES Marilyn Snelling Pat Tomsik Susan Twitchell Carolyn Williams WoC 207 AAA 1 PLEDGES Beth Ames Ann Becknnan Mary Day Sandra Dearinger Sharon Eberly Dolores Evers Glenda Foster Peggy Hales Laurie Ann Hayes Janice Heinz MaryLou Johnson Pat Jones AAA Ita» Donna Jordon Bev Kassis JoAnn Larson Sylvia Lilja Cornelia Maebius Bette Norris Carol Jean Perkins Hjalma Person Anne Steele Charlotte VanDrew Y dnna i Ta Marilyn Laughary Thelma Beeson Beverly Busteed Frances Chisholm Sandra Cobetto Pam Cleaver Annabelle Cozzens Peggy Greive Mary Hertzler Mary Ruth King Rae Lee Kreps Martha Kurtz Jean Lewis 210 KA Nadine Likes Carrie Mockler Betty Oeland Rae Richard Betty Schultz Laurian Severson It ' s rumored the KDs watch for sweater queen material during rush week, and if they do, their mad method has paid off, for they ' ve won the Phi Ep sweater queenship for three years straight . . . first Anne Traill, then JoAnn Haycraft, and, this year, Bev Busteed. The Kappa Deltas, with their many other talents, have produced campus leaders and fun parties that would fill a list a mile long. Check the inside of the KD house on sorority row for the latest in interior decorations. Who else could take purple and red, and come up with something more startling and stylish? Dorothy Smith Joyce Stout Terrell Till Auzucena Roderquez Rachel Mount JoAnn Haycraft Pam Wood Jean Yates 211 KA Sue Barker Sally Budd Shirley Diebler Jo Dubois PLEDGES Diane Ficken Margaret Finlayson Janice George Joanne Harris Joyce Harris Claudette Morton My miA { itLMJs.i . KA Roberta Huntley Alice Korhonen Diane Larson Norm a Martens Margie Reed Ann Robinson Nancy Roderick PLEDGES Molly Riedesel Charlene Shoop Marry Belle Skinner Karen Towner Agnes Troughton Barbara Wilcock ' " % ' ' ' ' %., ,. • s 213 J aTTTTa tidTTTTa Ta lujua Lynn Anselmi Nancy Alexander Jeanne Huntington Sally Jackson JoEllen Johnson Sally KIngham Frances McNiell Joann McGill Martha Moedl Ann Morgan Roselyn Nebeker Leigh Giehnn Dodie Hunt Sally Hunter Ruth Ann Nebeker Patsy Norris Dana Reynolds LaRue Campbell Toni Chase Joni Crofts Sally Flavin Nancy Seltenrich Andrea Sorenson Lorriane VanBlair Lynne Willis Jeri Anselmi Grace Barton 214 KKr Nancy Carson LaRue Cheney Nancy Clinton Shelly Coleman Pat Connell Arlene Croco Rustie Daniels Sharon Dickensheets Jane Goodman A snowball party on the Kappa lawn, or a picnic in the same place, help mark the home of the girls who wear the golden key. It ' s said that cries of " Who ' s dating Dick tonight, " aren ' t uncommon, for a guy who dates one KKG wants to date ' em all. The Kappas, with their parties and dances, dinners and " balls, " find time for dating and- studying, and usually come up with many outstand- ing campus leaders during the year. Gretchen Griggs Gretchen Hartwig Nancy Hubbard GlenRae Jenks JoAnn Jones Barbara Kidd Roberta Luman Jo Marsh Muriel Mauer Mariene Merril Sally Noble Pat Preston Ruth Ann Robinson Jeanne Slater «(! «! " •%. Julie Walton Minta Willis I Joan Black Eleanor Burns nj BffTa $ ACTIVES Joan Bourne Mary Jo Budd Marjorie Clare Marlene Franz Joan Graham Lynn Gunn Mary Hansen Donna Hofferber Barbara Howard Marilyn Hubbard Donna Babcock Lynne Bailey Nancy Black Alice Hughes Barbara Hurst Patricia Jons 216 Donna Killebrew Kay Krotter Jean Kugland nB$ The girls with that " Pi Phi smile " that sport the golden arrow are big contenders for all campus beauty and brains contests. They ' re known for many things, but mostly fun (in big and little packages). They ' re satisfied with their brown stone house, for they ' ve got the K Sigs to the north and the Sig Eps to the south, with other frats keeping a path worn to their doorstep most of the time. Laura Larson Nancy Lubnau Priscilla Lynch Myrle McConnell Anne McGowan Jane Renkel Janet Royer ACTIVES Mary Ellen Savage Jo Savory Barbara Stoll Mary Strange Emily Summers Nik ' ' Colleen Wood in PLEDGES i mmi Mary Ann Allen Patricia Courtney Carol DeKay Peggy Doll Nancy Fisher Ann Garbutt Beth Garbutt Mary Lee Herman -- • ' ' tf ; nB$ Lynne Mabee Marilyn Ryan Beth Small Barbara Smith AAardel Smith Carolyn Mortimer Marilyn Hubley PLEDGES KdujSSa iieXra lyfia Adele Adams Jean Anderson Kloa Anderson Vernafay Asay Pam Attryde John Bell Duane Barrier James Briggs Lawona Briggs Afton Buckley Ralph Burton Sherryin Call Mary conzatti Marjorie Gardner Rex Gardner Eloise Givenrod Merrill Godfrey Darlene Harrison Bob Aagard 220 Don Holdaway AA2 John Matis Pat Parks Alden Partridge Ron Holdaway Darwin Johnson Douglas Kingdon Janet Watson Joyce Waters Larry Williams Sherie Williams Mary Partridge Ralph Robertson Mariel Sims Merle Smith Evelyn Stephens Shirley Swanstrom Don Taylor Marian Tuttle 221 222 Wyoming Students ... All Wet. At the annual tug-of-war, held at the oft empty peanut pond, university students get into con dition for swimming 307 z. A contest between the frosh and sophomores, the sophomore side usually includes many juniors, seniors, and members of the ad- ministrative bureaucracy as second year students. It always makes quite a social splash. 223 ACACIA ACTIVES Morris Massey Larry Moore Lewis Morris Robert Peterson Roy Butler Ted Gilbert Leslie Graham Floyd Harnage Don Ludwig Vernon Proper Gary Riedl Ronald Rogers Melvin Schneiderman John Schueike Robert Skelton Bruce Soderhoim Gene Surber Ronald Tuley 224 ACACIA Kenneth L. Benson Lawrence C. Brewer Dean Dorothy The Acacians ' affiliation with the Masonic Order, their dances, parties, and picnics, and their fabulous food, fed to hungry brother athletes and scholars, help make the frat one of the up-and-conningest groups on the campus. They boast an always full, always fun, game room in their home on University Ave., not far from the library and fairly close to the Friday afternoon function head- quarters downtown. Gerald J. Graves Robert B. Hamilton Richard Miller Andrew Montgomery Lonny J. Moore Glenn A. Rogers Douglas E. Saathoff Donald L. Shira PLEDGES Charles W. Smith K - ' ACACIA aMj. ACACIA 227 Ak a Tav Cijuiya Keith Anderson Doug Bard Duane Call George Dietrich Gary Guilford Alfred Johnson Larry Johnston Don Landeen Bruce McMillan Dick Null Carl Occlpinti Howard Parks Dean Piper Ernie Rumpf Bill Sanders Howard Smith Max Staman Chuck Vegos Hans Waage DeEarl Wallenzien Bill Wiley Ray Zell 228 Dennis Anderson John Armstrong Jack Crofts George Galuska ATA ATO, which, incidentally, was the first national fraternity on the campus, had a fine year during ' 54-55, even having one of their alunns elected Governor. The WYO has been trying to find out for years how the hairy chested nnen keep them in condition, curlers or perman- ents, but we ' re still in a mist along that line. The Tau ' s parties are well known, with none of the guests ever complaining about their being dull. Ed Howshar Jim Humphrey Ed Hunter Dick Jones PLEDGES Ron King Gene Kirt Bob Klaren Ray Lutterman Phil McJunkin Paul Peters Frank Radella Dave Reynolds John Rothwell , .f ™?j ' .» Phil Sanders Tom Standish Lanny Stensaas ATn Well, a guy hasta ' eat! Taus and Kappas socialize. 230 ATA Candlelight and silver. 231 ATn Don ' t ever sit on the piano! OJd Maid? 232 Big Brother is watching you. Social outcasts! 233 FARM HOUSE Don W. Force Carl I. Grable Gary Harold A. Z. Joy Richard T. Masters Larry W. Mitich Donald H. Mowry J. W. Nuckolls John L. Baker James Caines Donald B. Erickson Gale Smith Gordon G. Smith Bruce Willford 234 FARM HOUSE James Bourret Don Bremer Tom Cobb Richard Mowry Bruce Richardson Donald Stoner Farmers, dairymen, ranchers, Ag specialists of all kinds have congregated on University Street, just a block off campus, in the newest Wyoming frat. Farmhouse. Their house is chock full of members of every campus agricul- ture honorary, but they take an active part in other cam- pus functions too. The very informal house parties and dances are yearly highlights for the future farmers. Ed Cook Richard Cummings Robert Curry Dick Drake Robert Dickman Fred Fitchtner Dick Hiser John Kennedy usS i-n % i o pres iden 235 KaTTTTa liyua ACTIVES Dick Bohrer Don Bristow James Carter Chan Church Charles Coleman Charles Conrad Buck Dalley Joe Daly Jack DeBolt Carlton Doe James Gallup Nick Gill Roger Hamer Richard Henderson Van Hicks Chuck Johnston Charles Afflerbach Jim Kilty 236 KI The K Sigs have the saddest sob story of all . . . there j-ust might not be any more jumping from the Kappa Sigma balcony to the bales of hay waiting below next year, but their Lower Slobbovian Stomp will live on, and on, and on, in the annals of Wyo history. The ingenious social-minded men manage to come up with something new and novel in the way of socializing nearly every week. Roman banquets, cock- tails at the city dump, a Halloween party in December and a Christmas party in October are only a few. The KS crew, from their strategic position ' cross from sorority row, take an active part in athletics, scholarship, and University life throughout the year. ACTIVES John R. Nye Edwin Patrick Dale E. Peterson Charles Pfeifer George Pierce Barney Pizzoli John Quinn Fred Reckling Don Rees Charles Richardson James Miller Allen Roberts Bobbie Rothe Warren Siebold Walliam Larkin Sinclair Robert Smith p, D ;:. 237 KX PLEDGES Buck Bender Kent Carlson Robert Carroll William Carroll James Cooper Richard Coulter Michael Dunton Gene Fisk Richard Goeglein Warren Griffith Vince Guinta Norman Hansen Thomas Jones Louis Ketcios Dale Knochenmuss Rich Aro James Bailey Gerald Beave.r •V ( A George Lapaseotes John Maffoni William Mathews 238 Orin AAuller K2 Rick Pizzoli Ed Posa Sam Reed Walter Reed Thomas Wade Ruckman Richard Schutt Earl Scott Gary Siebold Darrell Sheppard Gus Talagan Dennis Tate Charles Thorne Tony Torkelson Willard Weber Gordon Weesner PLEDGES 239 sB t-l O, ftf « l • " r ■ :5 ' .a ' ??s . ■«L ' V ' .: ' i - KI 241 $ AiXra Q ra ACTIVES Jim Cooper Harvey Crowe Jim Davidson Dan Doherty Jim Gist Dick Glover Dave Hallowell Bill Halseth Dick Hartwell De Von Hurd Bud Bachellor George Bird Fred Booth Charlie Bower Jim Chapin Don Chaplin Kent Christensen Don Cluxton 242 Ray Jackson Mack Jenkins Don Kelly Bill Lange Diggs Lewis Tom Love Bob McDonald Claude Mapes Dick A .inick $A0 John AAobley Dan Moberly Bob Nelson The " castle painted blue and white, " where trennendously healthy ROARRRRRs can be heard any time of the day or night, houses 80 or 90 of the most active and most fun men on the campus, the Phi Delts. They were on the ball throughout the year, starting with copping top honors at the Homecoming Sing and putting their talents with aluminum foil to good use on a winning float. Their beau- tiful torchlight serenades are special thrills for the gals who somehow manage to steal the hard-to-get, hard-to- keep Phi Delt shield. In the way of extracurricular acti- vities, the Phis traveled to Fort Collins and points south, leaving a big burned " W " as their trademark. Ron O ' Connell Jack O ' Neill Bud Racicky Dale Roberts ' f ' da- ■« M Bill Tighe Bob Tighe Mike Toyias Leon Tuttle Aldo Zueck Bob Kerr Jim Daly Dan McMichael Rocky Rogers Arlen Rounds Bill Pifer Pete Schunk Jim Scott ACTIVES Bill Sherman Russ Simpson Dick Steinhour Dick Suranyi Glenn Taucher V f k 243 A0 I Marshall Atwell ' ' .liiM ' ' ! PLEDGES Joe Capua Lew Christensen Lee Coffman Dick Day Tom Gutz Ole Hoffman Bud Kaiser Jack Leasure 244 ?tl Mike Lightner Clyde Magill Jim Montgomery $A0 Anton Munari Rich Nelson Jinn Nyquist Jack Rafferty Clayborn Rowley Jere Reading Nathan Reynolds Merrill Scott Kent Snnith Fred Sevyak Bill Walker PLEDGES Vic Zueck 245 A0 High priced Marshmallows! Toast the Swede ' s initiation, you-all. 247 $ Kdnna Robert Adami Carlos E. Alvarado George S. Bu Dennis D. Croft Donald C. Deyo James Gler Chester L. George Anton F. Jajeh Tom Leman 248 .., fK William Leman John Martinez Michael J. Michnick Phi Kappa, national fraternity for Catholic men, started a chapter on the Wyoming campus in 1949. Teachings of the group are those of the church, and as such, are centuries old, dating from the days of the Roman Empire. Philosophy and teachings of the church fathers are in- cluded in the fraternity background. Carrying on their social life with gusto, the group sponsors picnics, outings, and quarterly dances. Clarence Moss Gene L. Payne Herman Prevadel Eugene L. Robbins Darrell E. Spilde John Squeri Tom Williams 249 ■SB f ACTIVES Louis Dale Don Diller Jim Elder Jon Erickson Warren Benson Dick Brown Harold Cole Ben Cheesbro Gerald Farmer Jack Hutton Jack Langford Louis Madrid 250 Stanley Miller lAE By the time the Scottish kilts go out for the Sig Alphs in the fall they ' re trying something else in the way of latest styles, for ' long about Janu- ary they start sproutin ' what they say are the biggest, the bestest, and the bushiest beards in Wyoming. The " kilts, " usually borrowed from sorority gals, are the effective costumes of the famed SAE Kilty band, a traditional and important part of every Homecoming parade. The beards are cultivated months in advance for the Bushman ' s Hop, top campus brawl. The Sigs turned into 70 morticians for their newest party at Halloween, when they turned the yard of their big white house on Tenth street into a comic graveyard. A pledge dance, the annual Spring formal, and a picnic where nearly everybody ends up in the drink help make sure there ' s never a dull moment. Frank Mockler Mike Ryder Walter Sills James Slater Jack Starner Bill Stewart ACTIVES Robert D. Sullivan Gerald Svoboda Robert Williams , v ■ vA° ' 251 252 Drew Jensen Robert Lyman David AAcVey 3»» : John Weis Ed Woodward William Wright ff Robert Nicholas James Parsons William Rodgers Norman Udewitz 4. 2AE PLEDGES l iyua XJ ACTIVES Sanford Andrew William Archibald Robert Birch Rex Purnham Joe Campbell Ronald Cheese Arlen Davison Dale Ellis Floyd Ell is William Foster John Gosney Robert Henpickson 4 Mf Bruce Jones Kay Jones 254 IX Thomas Lockhart " ■m , ' 0 ' ' iW® !7?-,- " - ' 4, Peter Lothian John Watts One of the two Miami Triad chapters on the Wyonning campus, the Sigs carry on the tradition of their national with selecting a sweetheart of Sigma Chi each year. Other events such as the Baby Bawl, the Sigma Chi Derby, and the Pirate Ball keep the members in a full social swing. Sigs rate high on the campus with more than their share of campus leaders. Richard Macy Lilvon Michael Rodney Ramsey John Rushing Vince Siren Jordan Smith ACTIVES James Spiegelberg John E. Stanfield Robert Starr Robert Stouffer William White 255 PLEDGES Dick Brooks Gail Burd Jack Burke Jerry Cody Robert Conley Harold Cooper James Cooper John Edwards Charles Fish " •Itea Kenny Houtz Richard Kalasinsky Keith Kendall Leo McClellan David Meyer Marvin Parrish Dave Robbins Steven Smith Richard Stelk Ralph Stewart PLEDGES lyua Nv Hugh Barr ACTIVES Tom Brubaker Dan Butler James Carlisle Jim Castberg Richard Clark Dick Cook Jack Daiss Harold DelMonte John Denham Dee Dinelly Gerald Gardner Edsel Grams Elwood Haines Robert Barlow Wade Brorby „ .„ „. «_ Jim Herd Paul Holtz Ron Horst 258 IN Chuck Jones Ground breaking ceremonies fall quarter headed the Snakes, who wear the white star, in the right direction, straight to second place on frater- nity row. During the year, big dances, bigger parties and the biggest SN party of all . . . th SN Chanticleer head campus social affairs. The Chanticleer begins anywhere after 3 or 4 a.m. and ends no-one- knows and no-one-cares-when. Nobody ' s been able to figure out why the Snakes serve orange juice for breakfast, after serving their specialty, a bathtub concoction, at pre-dawn cocktails. Maybe they think tomato juice and black coffee would ruin the whole effect. Dick Lodewick Dave Maloney Bill Meeboer Jim Messer 1 Kent McDaniel Tom Osbourne Darrel Rasmussen Jim Slotta Larry Slotta ACTIVES Bob Snyder Chuck Stephens David Updike Richard Vandekoppel |«8K «»?H. i John Vandel Randy Wagner Sherman Wyman 259 IN PLEDGES Bill Barlow Frank Bryant Jim Crow Bill Duncan Bruce Frank Gary Greenough Bob Halbert John Hanes Chuck Jensen 260 2N Larry Keyser rf ' " ? J Xr - v Neil Stevens Bill Oliver Bill Olsen Jim Peck Mike Pennel Forrest Putnam Bill Yoder PLEDGES 261 PARTIES... Christmas and Otherwise ' 3SR5, Mi t j ♦ ' nil L- I " 3 ' 2N lyj ■«..■• L... J-4 tJ ' i " 5 ' ' ' , ' . iC ui ;J iril£n,fc. l.ii ' Ai L i i U ' i fi ■ »«• I tf i i f R O N J ' L ' T I irn ! . ■ M T ii« ' iXi t I . I ■ 1 1 " -— ■- »iv -- S — . ,. fRATERNITT M0U5t fO % SIGMA N U UNivrRsiTT or, vs -owiHS.,! Robert Clark William Cowley John Doyle Ron Farrabee Donald Gardner Russell Davis Bud Dowd Roy Henderson , » A . 1 X John Barnes Frank Johnson William Johnson 264 Ronald Liden Daniel Molumby Melvin Thompson Harry Underwood Don Wolcott I$£ Early morning socials, with doughnuts and coffee for 300 girls on sorority row are sonne of the things Sig Ep fellas are most noted for. Every year they select a queen of hearts, stage numerous parties and dances, and turn up as one of the biggest contenders for top spot in Cow- boy Capers. Incidentally, the Pi Phi fire escape is easily accessible from the roof of the Sig Ep house, just next door. Otto Nakano Robert Pearce Guy Porter Jerry Purdy Jack Rhoades Marion Shroyer John Tanner Milton Taylor R oger Taylor % 265 Tav J dTrTTaEi riXdv • Anthony Andrikopoulos Donald Bass Louis Bockius Alvin Danielson Frank Flohr. Leslie Haas Robert Hudelson Douglas Johnson George Kuntzman 266 Kenneth Lassila —•m9 I Robert Marquiss Alan Nauman TKE The home of the Tekes, half way between downtown fun and campus fun, houses the biggest TV screen in Laramie —28 inches! Active in all campus affairs, scholastic and especially otherwise, the Tau Kappa Epsiion men choose a sweetheart queen every year and throw a very special Cabaret dinner and dance fall quarter. 6-, ' Truman Nichols Richard Rasmussen George Reynolds m Larry Roberts Skip Roberts Howard Yant Seated, left to right: Mary Blatt, Kay Krajicek, Pat Tomsik, Hattie DeLapp, President Hazel Jean Kuns, Mars. George Forbes, Joan Haycroft, Darlene Reiman, Donna Mc- Michael. Standing: Marjorie Clare, Joan McGill, Barbara Howard. PANHELLENIC AND INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCILS First row, left to right: Bill Tighe, Keith Anderson, Ronald Erickson, John Tanner, Bob Stouffer, Ted Gilbert, Bruce Soderholm, Ray Zull, Andy Andrikopoulas, Jim Caines. Second row: Dan Molumby, George Bull, John Squeri, Chuck Johnston, Wil Yost, Aldo Zueck, Jack Daiss. Third row: Bruce Jones, Dean A. L. Keeney, Jerry Farner, Jack Rhoades, George Nichols, Bob Bruce. h SPORTS fer ' -?f . M A St™ ™- • w t KiM 0 ' Hi- ■,%% . f f if ! «• %. ..itJSt. 2. Aitik!ak..i • ■» :,% ' ■% j ' i. .M FOOTBALL PHIL DICKENS Head Football Coach CLAYTON STAPLETON Head Line Coach LOU McCULLOUGH Head End Coach BOB HICKS Backfield Coach WILBUR STEVENS Backfield Coach ( -i " ' ' ' m %M ERAAEL HOWARD Assistant Line Coach Front row, left to right: Jack Hall, Jack O ' Neal, John Watts, George Galuska, Ray Lutterman, Frank Radella, Lyie Trullinger, Leo McClellan, Jim Van Horn, Pete Kutches, Jerry Davis. Second row: Joe Owens, .Paul Katsampes, Buster Elder, Jerry Jester, Ova Stapleton, Butch Wilson, Ed Posa, John Maffoni, Joe Mastrogievanni, Chick Magagna, Luke Massengill, Vic Kolenik. Third row: Perry Mitchell, Bob Taylor, Don Gardner, Chuck Hale, Leon Fritzler, Mike Korte, Jim Crawford, Howard Taylor, Ed Phillips, Dan Nickia, Dave Kelley, Bob Conner, Bob Klaren. Top row: Trainer Scotty Robb, Bob Carrol, Bugs Carter, Jack Langford, Bob Neal, Bob Kagle, Ernest Dolphi, Vince Guinta, Joe O ' Brien, John Lenihan, Art Glenn, Dave Bratcher, Dick Pilch. ' -m " r- T " -rr -fr T-r- le ' 38.51 133 -.3 ; W. I " ' , JIR §kk CC ' - « « M j»»: ' W k FOOTBALL i is l- " iik :]■ " {. IT -S Seas ' ' ■ ■ - .■■ ' • ■ i- - ' - Wyoming .. ... 13 Wyoming .;... 2 1 Ai • " Sill ••• • ' .. 9 .ic i , . ■ 7 Wyoming , . Wyoming .. .v. . 21 U ahSta| «:? a .... . 42 :u-fi FOOTBALL Wyoming All-Conference Selections CLARENCE " BUGS " CARTER All-Conference RAY LUTTERMAN All-Conference, SeconcJ Team AP, First Team LEO McCLELLAN All-Conference, Second Team JOE MASTROGIOVANNI All-Conference, Second Team GEORGE GALUSKA All-Conference, Second Team 272 Wyoming ' s Cowboys, looking very good for the most of the season, were edged out at the wire by Denver University. D.U., by virtue of one more conference game than Wyoming, won the Skyline Championship. The Pokes were a very close second. Wyoming played six conference games, winning five and losing only to Utah at Homecoming. Denver had seven, winning six and losing only to Wyoming on Joe Mastrogiovanni ' s last second field goal. George Galuska was the work-horse of the team, running out of the fullback spot. Among the other stars were John Watts, Joe Mastrogiovanni, Jimmy Crawford, Bugs Carter, Ray Lutterman, Leo McClellan, and Jerry Jester. B FOOTBALL ' j£ i i wif. tfe » ' u ' S ' .i ' Wi ' §«a 3»-i%mii.Jr. - i :- GEORGE GALUSKA JOHN LENIHAN 1 954 Salad Bowl This year saw the inauguration of the First An- nual Salad Bowl game played between the Sky- line Conference Seniors and the Border Confer- ence Seniors. The Skyline contingentwas a two touchdown underdog going into the game but came out on top 20 to 13. Wyoming Seniors turned in outstanding performances. ♦f w Bmf a l JACK O ' NEAL 274 FRANK RADELLA FOOTBALL FOOTBALL George Galuska, receiving the Admiral Land Award for Wyoming ' s outstanding athlete for the year. Fearless Phil Dickens, returning from his safari to the Bowl game held in Phoenix, Arizona. 276 FOOTBALL JOHN TOWNSEND Coach JOHN PETERS Assistant Coach " Pete " Peterson, Head Trainer, and staff. ' ' -Mi i DALE HAUPT Assistant Coach Left to right: Court Skinner, Ed Haratyk, Fred " Pete " Peterson, Dawn Carpenter, and Dick Gaskell. Wyoming ' s Freshman grid team showed good potential as they won one, tied one, and lost one this year. Outstanding performances were turned in by several of the yearlings, and they are expected to be very valuable to the varsity next year. %wm •T iiifniimiliiMiiiHw T-f ■flfl " I " " ■ »JL •3li - " f 11 " ' " «■ " ' " Pii ■ «• » wfrt — r " TT T-l 2 |yi9 |l|i6 6 First row. Bill Clapham, Bud Reed, Larry Warren, Robert Kunsman, James Dahike, Jack Burke, Gary Tuggle, David Boeckolt, Robert Alloway, Richard Schutt, Ronald Phillips, Daniel Hansen. Second row: AAilford Lowrey, Bobby Adams, Dale Patterson, Robert Baxter, Frannie Gillette, Billy Lee, Ronald Estes, Leiand Lobertini, David Meyer, Bob Davis, Fred Brownlee, Billy Duke. Third row: Jerry Willoughby, Larry Price, Don Campbell, John Higgins, George Fuson, Gresham Roskamp, Lawrence Zowada, Hank Marshall, Adam Krivoskia, Stan Thompson, Merle Worder, Jerry Hackney. Wyoming 12 Colorado A M 12 (tie), Wyoming 25 University of Colorado 20, Wyoming 7 DU 19. 277 WRESTLING Varsity Wrestlers, under Coach Ev Lantz, were looking forward to one of their brightest sea- sons. While returning lettermen were the work-horses of the squad, Sophomores and transfer students were looking good. Outstanding among the transfer students was Shorty Fetter of Colorado. Hank Goldman, heavyweight, was working well at the beginning of the season and was expected to do excellent in conference matches. Varsity Wrestling Squad Top row, left to right: Coach Everett Lantz, Ralph Honess, John Chisholm, Bruce Wilford, Dick Sidle, Dick Perue, Ron Kailey, Harry Reno, Assistant Coach Bob Mason. Second row: Nen Bennet, Dean Pond, L. K. Peterson, Hank Goldman, Shorty Fetter, Ray Jackson, Ivan Jones. Bottom row: Earl Condie, Jesse Stokes, Bob Bormuth, Martie Mc- Quain, Rich Hockley, and Bob Royce. Missing from picture, Stan Wintermote. 278 mms ' 4 ' Spending a quiet Sunday afternoon curled up . . . I was standing there . . . minding my own business i , " " T Watch the nose! 280 WYOMING UNION ■C i %.J vt • », ■ f ' t ' fU • ' r •if ; ' 1 ' f . a.. ' ; ! £ Photo by Dr. C. W. Wanberg THERMOPOLIS YEAR-ROUND PLAYGROUND FIRST NATIONAL BANK MARSHALL WELLS TOP APPLIANCE CENTER AYRES AUTO SALES THERMOPOLIS AUTO SUPPLY THERMOPOLIS LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS ALLIED AGENCIES, INC. F. M. BARNES, JEWELER 282 ■00l0 ' 111 Wk r • - i $k w mi, BASKETBALL JOE CAPUA HARRY JORGENSEN BOB McDonald NICK ELIOPULOS Wyoming Cowboys Varsity ED HUSE ED LUMAN GORDON HOLDEN Basketball Team DAVE BRADLEY BILL LANGE BOB MOORE PETE FOWLER 284 J f h I I I , M, m fl t ' -Xl V .v WX •%■ : ' % f I ,- ' ■ 1 BASKETBALL Wyoming ' s Varsity Cagers suffered their first loss at the hands of Montana early in the season. This, coupled with two defeats from Utah and one from B.Y.U. knocked the Pokes out of first place and into a scramble for the second place slot. Joe Capua was chosen on the UP All-Conference first team and Harry Jorgensen made the second team. Harry was also chosen on the Collier ' s All- Conference first team and Joe and Big Ed Huse made the second team. Sophomores Dave Bradley and Gordon Holden shaped up by the middle of the season and gave the Cowboys ' mid-season squad a " new look. " Coach Shelton states that next year ' s team will be even better with only Senior Pete Fowler absent from the starting five. This— plus the excellent pros- pects from the Yearlings— will make Wyoming the team to beat next year. t If i, m Wyoming ' s " Coach of Champions ' EV. SHELTON Cowboy Basketball Scores Wyoming 75 Wyoming 77 Wyoming 76 Wyoming 50 Wyoming 50 Wyoming 74 Wyomin g 64 Wyoming 52 Wyoming 74 Wyoming 42 Wyoming 65 Wyoming 61 Wyoming 72 Wyoming 51 Wyoming .68 Wyoming 47 Wyoming 73 Wyoming .61 Wyoming 49 Wyoming 68 Wyoming 72 Wyoming 59 Wyoming 82 Wyoming 57 Wyoming 62 Montana State 70 Montana State 63 Creighton 72 Kansas State 70 Oklahoma A M 43 St. Louis 68 Tulsa 69 Oklahoma A M 50 Wichita 82 Montana . 44 Utah State 60 Denver 57 New Mexico 56 Utah 67 BYU 60 Oklahpma City 67 Wichita .70 Oklahoma City 56 Colorado A M 55 Utah State 48 Montana 37 New Mexico ,, . 52 Denver 60 Utah. 75 BYU 75 ■- a: S3n■.H;lil;salSi:B ' ib ' SlhW,Lli, limli■ ■.;:4Si(«BaiBK j::! :i:sieii» ii« i!ii]ffia-Miiniii!!:!m nu;tLtA»[ns!yiC!ei!liiiii i ' o»i uiHmii«i 4i 4:ii:i{iin:!f ffi iaMiiS;SiiimBeiJ " iBiiiriSfliS»iis FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Wyoming ' s Yearling Pokes were truly a team of champions as with exception every member of the team was outstanding. The sophomores on the varsity team will get lots of help next year when these boys become eligible for con- ference competition. Dale Clinton, Don Camp- bell and Ray Weber are expected to make great names for themselves here at Wyoming under Ev Shelton. Freshmen and Phi Delt ' s fight it out Back row: Gene Lumas, Don Carlson, Dale Clinton, Don Campbell. Front row: Rupert Brockman, Ray Weber, Bill Wallace, Coach Dick Haag. 288 A Strong Line - up Kv ' ff ' ' - " ' J - " in Herefords Wyoming Hereford Ranch Cheyenne BPIEGELBERG LUMBER BUILDING CO. SPECIAL CABINET WORK GLASS CEMENT PLASTER LARAMIE 259 FREMONT PHONE 5651-9104 THE GLADSTONE HOTEL CASPER Offers facilities and services comparable with better class of metropolitan hostelries. i COFFEE SHOP —Quick, friendly service PEACOCK LOUNGE SKY ROOM — Favorite meeting place for cocktails, fine cuisine — The ONLY place in downtown Casper to dine and dance . . . The SHOWPLACE of WYOMING CHOPPING CHEVROLET We Don ' t Meet Competition, We Make It " 259 FREMONT PHONE 665 1 - 9 1 04 RIVERTON 289 BASEBALL All-conference stars Bob Jingling and Steve Knezevich led the 19 5 4 Poke baseball squad to a Skyline championship and nar- rowly missed an N.C.A.A. district victory. With both stars returning Coach Bud Dan- iel ' s prospects seemed good for another championship team. Shortstop Jingling re- ceived the highest honor ever given a Wyo- ming baseball player when he was named to play on the United States team in the Pan-American games. COACH BUD DANIEL First row: Bob Sullivan, Court Skinner, Trainer; Jerry Nagle. Second row: Bob Jingling, Fred Schmidt, Bill Wilson, Bob Villasenor, Thornton Bromley, Nick Popravak. Third row: Coach Bud Daniel, Fritz Heiss, Steve Knezevich, Don Naperkowski, Ron Drost, Ed Litecky Dick Olejnik. BASEBALL BOB JINGLING Ail-American Second Team Shortstop STEVE KNEZEVICH All-Conference First Base NICK POPRAVAK All-Conference Second Base 291 GOLF Coach Jack Alford, faced with the loss of three top golfers, hoped for the addition of promis- ing new members to boost the prospects of the ' 55 squad. Bob Knox can be depended upon for good performance but Alford made no oth- er pre-season prediction for the team. " Never close your eyes, Pete! " Top row, left to right: Bill Edeinan, Ken Runberg, Bob Knox, Pete Schunk, Coach Alford. Bottom row: Bob Smaha, Bob Baxter, Lou Lepore, Gaylord Pearson. I l| ' ■ .a: ■■. %. . ■■ - ' ' l ' ' :jf i ' ' . ' .■ ■ ' - ■ ' ■ v .;«fJ -: - % -u aki I Thermopolis Entrance to Wind River Canyon tLuSM oSfrxRK i TECHNlCCr Br GREETINGS To Our Many Friends at the University of Wyoming STUDENTS FACULTY ALUMNI CIRCLE S LUXURY MOTEL 293 MERRITT ' S The Store with the Stable Door 1 607 Central Ave. Cheyenne Deal Lumber and Construction Co., Inc. CONTRACTING PAINT HARDWARE 1 1 02 So. 2nd. Phone 4866 Laramie 304-306 W. 17TH ST. CHEYENNE. WYO. For Fine Clothes I 294 I I T ■}• ..:jm, SWIMMING John Townsend ' s mermen, led by Ail-American John Radford, turned in some fine individual performances to finish third in the Eastern di- vision. Going into the Skyline Championships, Cowboy power was centered in Radford, back- stroker, Dick Miller, and free-sTyler Leon Tuttle. Depth is added to the team by several outstand- ing freshman and sophomore swimmers, indi- cating that Wyoming can look forward to in- creasingly fine teams in the next few years. First row: Jim Dillon, Hollie Flusch, Leon Tuttle, Dick Miller. Second row: Jack Radford, Eu- gene Langwell, Ron Rodgers, Ron Zwonitzer, Coach John Townsen, Coach Ermel Howard. 295 TRACK Faced with the loss of All-American Paul Carlin and pole-vaulter Anson Bell, Coach Wiles Hal- lock depended on Lou Madrid, conference mile champ, and Jim Elder, eastern division two- mile title holder, to pace the ' 55 track squad. Outstanding performance was also expected from broadjumper John Rushing, distance men Larry Slotta and Jordan Smith, sprinter John Watts, weight man Ken Moore, and two-miler Don Stine. gw - imiigi ,:mi-: Track Coach WILES HALLOCK TRACK TEAM— Standing, left to right: Jerry Nash, Jim Bishop, Joe Jackson, Walter Murphy, Keith Stetson, Tom Ruckman, Joe Kamenski, Don Widick, Alden Partridge, John Matis, Coach Wiles Hallock. Kneeling: Ed Huse, Butch Wilson, Bob Larson, Jack Richard, Glen Mitchell, Mike Ryder, Izzie Moon, Bob Klaren, John Watts. Front row: Ken Moore, Jimmie Elder, Jordan Smith, Louie Madrid, John Rushing, Jack Doyle, Don Stine, Larry Slotta. I m . 4 ■ -i P» 4» X ■ h( ::» t fi4 • - TRACK JIM ELDER, Eastern Division two-mile champion LOU MADRID, Conference mile champion Good practice Tor throwing hand grenades. TRACK Anyone else for the Buff? Lift that barge, tote that pail! 298 I I i " A r J i i ■iTO FROM SOUR NATURAL GAS FOR INDUSTRY, FOR AGRICULTURE TEXAS GULF SULPHUR COMPANY INCORPORAT E D W R L A N D WYOMING ' v mi}tfbi.ii .% ' :-i ■ . iM. :n- -A r -.. ' I " ' ' " .1 ■ - ' -i Cody Entrance to Yellowstone Park Your COMPLETE Home ishings SERVICE Store S. L CO. TENNIS No pre-season predictions were made for Coach Bearley ' s tennis team but hopes were high that doubles champions Jim Herd and Carleton Doe would repeat last year ' s performances. Herd was also con- ference singles champion in 1954. Tennis Coach WILLIAM BEARLEY Doubles Champions JIM HERD and CARLETON DOE 301 SKIING Wyoming Skiiers fared well against some of the roughest com- petition in the country. They opened the season by taking third at the Aspen -Intercollegiate Christmas meet. They took a third at the Utah meet next, then dropped to sixth t the Second Annual Blue River Relays at Dillon, Colorado. They bounced back and grabbed second at the 11th Annual 4-way Inter- collegiate championships. Next they took a third at the West- ern State College winter carnival at Gunnison, Colorado. They got third also at the Nevada Winter Carnival at Reno and ended the regular season with a fifth place win at the Terry Peak Regional Championships in South Dakota. The Rocky Mountain region is the roughest competition in the country, as far as skiing is concerned and Wyoming has proved itself against the best there is. Outstanding team members are Bob Chambers, Ted Armstrong and Gary Knowles. Most of this year ' s team will return next year and prospects are good for at least as good a team if not better. i h Left to right: Coach Fred Richardson, Gary Knowles, Ben Vanberg, Fred Beck, Ted Arm- strong, Russ Hynes, Diggs Lewis, and Bob Chambers. - • SKI T ' - ' tmJ f%. © r jyi m Tyj : SKIING " I drempt I was flying in my Slalom, where she danced RIFLE TEAMS Top row, left to right: Coach SFC Lindal Boyd, Nick Hartsook, Fred Fichtner, Cliff Baucom. Bottom row: Don Cluxton, Captain,- Ai Nauman, and Bob Snyder. Not shown: Tonn Humphrey. Wyoming ' s Cowboy sharp-shooters, paced by team captain Don Cluxton, Cliff Bau- com, and Bob Snyder, turned in one of the Varsity Rifle Team ' s best years. They were consistent in winning and scored wins over everv team in the conference. The team will have a new range next year and can be expected to maintain their high scor- ing for many seasons. Home in tine Range AF ROTC Team RIFLE TEAMS Who ' s the girl in the black socks? The girl pot-shotters had a real good year. They notched their guns with wins over several good regional teams. Some of the Cowgirls were good enough to compete with the men on the varsity team. Marilyn Fogelsonger and Dorothy Nelson both were on some of the varsity meets. Top row, left to right: Coach Boyd, Sandra Williams, Marilyn Fogelson- ger, Sherry Tuttle. Second row: Ma- rian Tuttle, Dorothy Joslin, and Don- na Rae Richard. Not shown: Dorothy Nelson, and Mary Rose Bruegger. 11 WOMEN ' S! P.E. i All these men, and look at the Bikini ' s. A girl never knows when she ' ll have to defend herself. 306 WOMEN ' S P.E. Ruth Campbell directed the women ' s P.E. department in the presentation of a widely varied sports program. In addition to such standard sports as swimming, basketball and Softball Wyoming co-eds were offered rifle, fencing, golf and skiing. Interest ran high in women ' s intramurals which includ- ed competition in basketball, volleyball, ping pong, bowling, badminton, tennis, and Softball. Up in the air, junior cowboy! Auther Murray ' s graduation recital? You, too, can learn to float. r t ' ' .: ' .tw ttl 2 V. i r- I I : x; l. WB i ■ifi». . ' , m . 1 mm H 1 W :.!»ii. ■HHIHk _ y i l H ■■n L } L H ■ ■ H sss H ■i Hr. ' ' ' ' ' , - ' ' AO " ' . ' Bg " : ' " Sffll ■p l ■ fX i ■K; llHj feV H k BB I B INKSLINGER ' S CAMPUS BEAUTY QUEEN h Miss Donna Babcock Photo by The Easel • ' oo .. " ¥Sfj. «o ' ' 1 ' 4 »0 • ' - ' ei ' %He Of A Ooi- « ' o ' 0, " Nu ■9 v ?0 0 . s " lr.; ' ' p ' n ' I Veg ■ft 3 - Sq ' .« ' " -ft ! ■• t r to I " " - ' " ate ■Ze,., ] ■•fi.n f , Cn» ' «t5 ' ' a jfi St 30 „ €C X ' c,i Os il s 313 W :Ai HOMECOMING QUEEN MISS JOYCE PENNOCK ■ ' ' ' 1 BY WHIT ' S STUDIO C- p mif ' 1 . m% r ' 1 A rr. ■m " ' -n$$» QMMi IF ■ i ■ . i ' l ' . . ' : .. siy. HOMECOMING ATTENDANT MISS RUSTIE DANIELS BY WHIT ' S STUDIO ENGINEERS ' QUEEN MISS SUSAN TWITCHELL - - z- ■■ r ' -M i»5? ' ii " j a ' - " ' - " !. ' w ; " ja ' b?r - - • f«f«t ,t " W ' - ■! ' ' " BY WHIT ' S STUDIO " 1 ' ■P ' is SNO FESTIVAL QUEEN MISS JONI BOURNE BY WHIT ' S STUDIO ARMY ROTC QUEEN MISS DONNA BABCOCK BY WHIT ' S STUDIO I %£ !5 ' V .» ' N, .-ft ' . ' Z ' ■ ' SS ;|«l ' 5 -t AIR FORCE ROTC QUEEN MISS RUSTIE DANIELS BY WHIT ' S STUDIO LSPm- ' (M - " im ARMY ROTC NSORS Left, top to bottom: Beth Small, Lynne Mabee, Sylvia Lilja. Mary Jo Budd. Middle: Donna Babcock, Norma Martens, Mary Ann Allen, Jo Ann Mc- Gill. Right: Peggy Doll, Pat Toucher. - »v «««!)««« ' ' ' .- «!»•»• • ' ,; gffm tf K I Al ' 4 ' U.. .a y,.. v S ' . AIR FORCE V SORS Left, +op to bottom: JoAnn Hi Lou Ann Jarrett, Lynne Bailey. Right: Rae Lee Kre ps. Rustie Daniels, Mary Hansen, Grts Poulos. HomecQri EngtneerS « J mr fs " Yw PC , - - A ' -: T . " ' Wres+imc 27- •283 Rifle Teams yeomen ' s P.E. JUDENTS ' ' • Seniors - " " STO WSWW ' |1 ? ' «J ' ' - 1 - Wyo. V. §rar»ding Iron Dt rectory ai JW .:... 79 t;.: 9 ' -- ' ti c i a. " ' - ' V -i: : ' , • C„ | »l ,i ' !( « ,- ' r •-. « : s ' J fm ' ■ J ' ■ %:- ' ■ v If ; ■• f H ' i .5 ' " P C .«£r. : ? lit Aagard, Robert, 79, 220 Abaucy, Abdul, 55, 140, .147 Abbott, Janice, 68, 164 Abbott, Stephen, 42 Adamcik, Margaret, 52 Adami, Robert, 80, 134, 143, 248 Adams, Adele, 44, 131, 144, 220 Adams, Richard, 42, 121 Afflerback, Charles, 55, 236 Agee, Mary Ann, 158, 159 Agee, Raymond, 79, 158, 159 Ahlbrandt, Roland, 79, 143 Alexander, Francis, 79 Alexander, Nancy, 68, 214 Allbaugh, Melvin, 79 Allemand, Hester, 42 Allen, Donna, 42, 165, 167 Allen, James M., 55 Allen, James W., 79 Allen, Mary Ann, 79, 162, 218, 326 Alley, Harold, 52 Alley, Mardee, 80 Alloway, Robert, 277 Allphin, Robert, 42 Alvarado, Carlos, 80, 134, 150, 248 Ames, Mary Beth, 80, 208 Anderson, Dale, 68 Anderson, Dennis, 80, 226 Anderson, Gene, 55 Anderson, Iris, 68, 153 Anderson, Jean P., 42, 126, 220, 221 Anderson, Kloa, 80, 220 Anderson, Keith, 55, 228, 268 Anderson, Marjorie, 80, 134 Andrew, Nanci, 42 Andrew, Sanford, 55, 154 Andrikopoulos, A. G., 55, 268, 268 Angeli, Rudolph, 111, 141 Annala, Marie, 80, 162 Annala, Roy, 80 Anselmi, Jeri, 80, 163, 214 Anselmi, Lynn, 42, 126, 128, 144, 214 Appiegate, " Beverly, 68, 158, 164 Archibald, William, 55, 254 Armstrong, John, 68, 229 Armstrong, Theodore, 68, 302 Asay, Vernafay, 80, 144, 145, 164, 220 Ashcraft, Barbara, 68 Ashenhurst, Chariene, 55, 124, 198 Attryde, Pamela, 80, 220 Atwell, Marshall, 80, 244 Austin, Roland, 68 Averett, Wallace, 55 Avgares, Deno, 80 B Babcock, Donna, 68, 216, 312, 322, 323, 326 Backer, Shirley, 55 Backman, Geraldine, 68 Bader, Myrna, 80, 116 Badley, Catherine, 68, 154 Bailey, Lynn, 68, 130, 216, 327 Bailey, Jane, 80 Bailey, James, 80, 238 Baker, John, 41, 118, 234 Baker, Loreta, 80 Bales, RoseMary, 80, 164 Ballard, Thomas, 55 Ballotti, Geno, 52 Banish, Robert, 68 Bard, Douglas, 68, 113, 224 Bard, Marilyn, 55 Barker, Linda Sue, 80, 212 Barker, Robert, 55 Barlow, Robert, 55, 167, 258 Barlow, William, 80, 260 Barnes JoEtta, 80, 143 Barnes, John B., 112, 159, 264 Barnes, Nancy, 42 Barnum, James, 42, 177 Barr, Hugh, 68, 113, 123, 135, 258 Barr, Mary, 56 Barriga, Pablo, 68, 141, 150 Barton, Grace, 80, 214 Barton, Aileen, 68 Barton, Nan, 42 Bass, Donald, 56, 131, 141, 266 Bass, Janet, 68 Bassett, Darrell, 80 Bassett, Irvin, 56 Bassford, Gerald, 68 Baucom, Clifton, 80, 264, 304 Baxter, Robert, 80, 277, 292 Bayer, Chester, 68, 236 Beagle, Charles, 181 Beaver, Gerald, 80, 238 Beaver, Julie, 68, 130, 155, 206 Beck, Fred, 42, 302 Becker, Clarence, 1 18 Beckman, Eleanor Ann, 80, 163, 208 Beeson, Thelma, 56, 124, 210 Bell, John, 42, 221 Bell, Duane, 80, 147 Bender, Walter, 80, 238 Bennett, Newcomb, 80, 278 Bennett, Patricia, 42, 98, 120, 128, 142, 155, 202, 203 Benson, Karen, 56, 131, 143, 146, 151, 202 Benson, Kenneth, 80, 146, 225 Benson, Warren, 68, 250 Bergman, Charlotte, 80, 165 Bergman, Charles, 42, 111, 134, 140 Berkley, Alice, 42, 144, 150 Bernsee, John, 52 Berrey, Phillip, 11 1 Berrier, Duane, 42, 138, 177, 220 Berry, Tommie, 42, 176 Berry, Wilma, 42, 114, 164 Bertagnolli, Richard, 80 Bertoncelj, Virginia, 80, 163, 200 Best, Marytherese, 56, 134, 136, 164 Bevinetto, Tony, 42, 236 Beyer ,Ross, 80 Bhala, Surjit, 42, 111, 141, 150 Biers, Richard, 80 Binning, Margot, 56, 167, 204 Birch, Robert, 52, 254 Bird, George, 68, 242 Bischoff, Loretta, 42 Bishop, Beverly, 56 Bishop, James, 81, 256 Bishop, John, 81 Bithell, Marlene, 81 Bithell, Kathryn, 116 Black, Joan, 56, 215 Black, Melbourne, 56 Black, Nancy, 68, 130, 216 Blackburn, Kenneth, 56 Blacker, Kent, 81 Blasko, Donald, 68 Blatt, Mary, 56, 198, 268 Blix, John, 68, 146 Blood, Elizabeth, 68, 130 Blom, Alice, 81, 144, 145, 204 Bockius, Louis, 68, 266 Boeira, Carlos, 42, 137, 140, 150 Bogensberger, William, 81 Bogus, Thomas, 94, 160 Bohmont, 42, 118 Bohrer, Richard, 68, 156, 192, 236 Bond, Virginia, 81 Booth, Fred, 68, 242 Borgialli, Hazel, 68, 134, 144 BorgialU; Orval, 81 BormutK, Robert, 56, 1 27, 277 Bos ' » e4l, Faith, 42 Boucher, Paul, 56, 264 Bourne, Joan, 40, 42, 98, 216, 320, 321 Bower, Audrey, 42, 153, 198 Bower, Charles, 56, 242 Boyd, Maxine, 68 Boynton, Bobbie Marie, 81, 204 Bradley, David, 68, 284 Bradley, Janet, 68, 135, 151 Bragg, Georgia, 68, 116, 129, 139 158, 202 Bratcher, Dave, 42, 270 Breeding, Barbara, 56 Brekken, Tony, 42, 111, 137 Bremer, Donald, 81, 167, 235 Brettell, Robert, 68 Brewer, Larry, 81, 225 Brey, Coralie, 81, 154, 164, 200 Brignac, Elizabeth, 42 Bristow, Shirley, 52, 122, 136, 158 Britton, Beverly, 69, 167 Brockmann, Rupert, 81, 288 Bromley, Thornton, 42, 127 Brooks, Asa, 52 Brooks, Willias, 81, 256 Brorby, Wade, 56, 160, 107, 258 Brorby, Miriam Call, 56, 124, 142, 155 Brouillette, Weldon, 42 Brow, George, 56 Brown, Barbara, 69 Brown, Duane, 69 Brown, Duane, 69 Brown, Estell, 57 Brown, Dick, 40, 42, 98, 1 10, 250 Brown, Marjie Jo, 162 Brown, Patricia, 67 Brownell, Don, 81 Brownlee, Fred, 277 Brubaker, Thomas, 69, 258 Bruce, Robert, 69, 151, 167, 258 Bruegger, Mary Rose, 69, 155 Bryant, Sriene, 69, 145, 164 Bryant, Frank, 260 Buckley, Afton Faye, 220 Budd, Mary Jo, 69, 124, 216, 326 Budd, Sally, 69, 144, 155, 212 Buffett Robert, 69 Bull, George, 57, 134, 137, 140, 248, 249, 269 Bunn, Vera, 57 Burd, Gail, 256 Burke, Jack, 256, 277 Burkhart, Phillip, 135 Burley, Carl, 94, 109, 160 Burnell Barbara, 147, 164 Burnham, Rex, 254 Burns, Robert, 42, 137, 139, 140 Burton, Ralph, 220 Busteed, Beverly, 57, 210 Butcher, Gerald, 42, 111, 137, 139, 140 Butler, Roy, 57, 224 Butts, Bonnie Lou, 81, 200 Buxton, Patricia, 81, 154, 163 C Call, Sherrlyn, 81, 153, 220 Call, Thelma, 81, 116 Campbell, Don, 277, 288 Campbell, Larue, 42, 144, 214 Campbell, Joe, 57, 254 Capua, Joe, 57, 244, 284 Cardinal, Donald, 81 Carlisle, James, 69, 167, 258 Carlson, Donald, 81, 288 Carlson, Richard, 81 Carmine, Robert, 107 Carroll, Fred, 40, 42, 122, 143 Carroll, James, 57 Carroll, Robert J., 81, 270 Carroll, Robert L., 57, 143, 238 Carroll, Vivian, 81, 163, 200 Carroll, William, 57, 143, 238 Carson, Nancy, 81, 155, 163, 215 Carter, Clarence, 57, 127, 270, 272 Carter, James, 69, 236 Carter, Wilbur, 43, 106, 180 Carty, Edward, 141 Case, Merl, 94, 160 Case, Sterling, 94, 160 Cassinat, Joe, 40, 43, 110, 123 Castberg, James, 43, 106, 181, 258 Castleberry, Paul, 57, 137, 140 Chamberlain, Gene, 57, 118 Chambers, Anita, 81 329 Chapin, James, 69, 107, 136, 242 Chaplin, Donald, 69, 242 Charles, Roy, 107 Chase, Antoinette, 43, 214 Chase, Charles, 69 Chaussart, Joann, 69, 152 Chaussart, Rose Marie, 81, 162 Cheese, Ronald, 254 Cheney, Larue, 81, 163, 215 Chesebro, Ben, 57, 131, 136, 250 Chilton, George, 82 Chisholm, Frances, 57, 151, 210 Chisholm, Rod, 82, 167, 252 Christensen, Carol, 43 Christensen, Lewis, 82, 244 Christensen, Frieda, 69, 144 Christensen, Kent, 69, 242 Church, Chandler, 69, 236 Church, Jeanne, 1 1 3 Cinnamon, Carl, 57 Clare, Margie, 57, 155, 216, 269 Clark, Irene, 163 Clark, Julian, 82, 167 Clark, Patrick, 82 Clark, Richard, 258 Clark, Robert, 57, 264 Clawson, Gerald, 43, 111, 141 Cleaver, Pamela, 58, 125, 156, 210 Clemens, Robert, 58, 147 Clinton, Dale, 82, 288 Clinton, Nancy, 82, 163, 215 Clucas, Don, 58 Cluxton, Donald, 43, 110, 115, 98, 176, 242, 304 Cobb, John, 82, 235 Cobetto, Sandra, 58, 210 Cochran, Margaret, 43, 126 Cody, Gerald, 82, 256 Coffman, Lee, 82, 244 Cole, Frank, 69, 258 Cole, Geoffrey, 82, 135 Coleman, Charles, 58, 156, 195, 236 Coleman, Earl, 69 Coleman, LeRoy, 118 Coleman, Shelly, 82, 162, 215 Coles, Beverly, 43 Collamer, John, 69 Colleoni, Richard, 43, 115, 137, 176 Collier, Colleen, 69, 129, 144, 155, 202 Collins, Jocelyn, 82 Collins, Sue, 204 Colba, Arlie, 82 Condie, Earl, 69, 278 Condie, Donald, 82 Conley, Robert, 69, 256 Connell, Patricia, 82, 215 Connolly, Alva, 82 Conrad, Charles, 43, 236 Cook, Edmond, 69, 145, 236 Cook, Kenneth Richard, 43, 258, 259 Cooper, Harold, 58, 256 Cooper, James A., 69, 256 Cooper, James Keith, 82, 238 Cooper, James Korte, 82, 242 Corbett, Mary Lou, 82, 154, 200 Cornwall, Charles, 123 Cornwell, Forest Earl, 58, 213 Cotton, Jess, 82 Cottrell, Samuel, 58 Coulter, Richard, 43, 238 Courtney, Patricia, 82, 134, 153, 162, 218 Cowley, William, 82, 264 Cox, Patricia Joder, 44 Cozad, Fred, 82, 252 Cozzen, Anna Belle, 58, 153, 155, 210, 211 Cozzens, Richard, 58, 1 1 1 Cramer, Sharon, 82, 143, 164 Crawford, James, 270 Croco, Arlene, 82, 215 Crofts, Joan, 58, 214 Croft, Denis, 82, 248 Crofts, John, 82, 229 Crom, James, 58, 107 Crom, Rosemary, 43 Cronberg, Marvin, 82 Crowe, James B., 82, 260 Crowe, James, 69 Crumpacker, Robert, 58, 252 Cummings, Richard, 82, 235 Cunningham, Arnold, 69 Currie, Margaret, 160, 202 Curry, Robert, 82, 235 Curry, Betty, 82, 200 Curtis, Ronald, 58 Cyphert, Ann, 82, 155, 204 D Dahike, James, 82, 146, 277 Daiss, Jack, 58, 258, 269 Dale, Louis, 58, 250 I Daley, James, 69 Dalley, Ronald, 58, 236 Dalton, Jack, 82 Daly, Patricia, 83 Daly, Joe, 113, 138, 236, 243 Daniel, Dinah, 69, 130, 153, 154, 198 Daniels, Rustle, 69, 129, 130, 144. 155, 180, 215 316, 317, 325, 326, 327 Danielson, Alvin, 70, 146, 266 Davenport, Lou Ann, 83 Davidson, Stanley, 70 Davis, James F., 43 Davis, Jerry, 70, 270 Davis, Robert D., 83, 277 Davis, Robert L., 83 Davis, Russell, 83, 264 Davison, Arlen, 43, 118, 176, 254 Day, Carol, 159 Day, Mary, 83, 163, 167, 208 Day, Richard, 83, 244 Day, William, 159 Dean, Alan, 83, 253 Dearinger, Sandra, 83, 208 Debolt, Jack, 43, 236 Debertoli, John, 83 t Decker, Janice, 83 DeKay, Carol, 83, 154, 218 DeLand, Ruth, 43, 128, 143 Del Monte, Harold, 94, 258 Dempster, Shirley, 43, 129, 155, 202 Dehnham, John, 70, 258 Denton, Louis, 43 Deschner, Michael, 252 Deti, Larry, 59 Dever, James, 70 Deveraux, James, 70 Dewey, Ann, 59 Dewey, Jack, 59 Dexter, Clarence, 151 Deyo, Donald, 59, 258 Dickensheets, Sharon, 83, 156, 215 Dickman, Robert, 83, 236 Dickson, Shirley, 70, 144, 154, 198 Diebler, Shirley, 70, 144, 155 Dietrich, George, 70, 228 Diller, Donald, 59, 107, 131, 250 Dillon, James, 59, 127, 295 Dinelly, Dee, 59, 107, 131, 258 Djimapitis, Gus, 70, 138, 150 Doe, Carlton, 59, 127, 236, 301 Doerr, Donald, 43, 111 Do herty, Dan, 59, 106, 181, 242 Doi, Kazamusa, 83 Doll, Peggy, 83, 154, 175, 218, 326 Dorothy, Dean, 225 Dowd, Earl, 83, 264 Downer, Howard, 52 Downey, Jim, 59, 131 Doyle, John r., 43 Doyle, John T., 70, 141, 264 Drake, Richard, 83, 235 Draney, Fred, 70 Dreusicke, Kenneth, 106, 118, 181 Drury, Martin, 83 Dubois, Jo, 59, 153, 154, 167, 212 Dudenhaver Linda, 59, 114, 131, 142, 154, 202 Dudenhaver, Nancy, 83, 204 Dudley, Ray, 59 Duke, William, 277 Duncan, William, 83, 260 Dunifer, Richard, 70 Dunlap, Daniel, 59 Dunmire, Rancs, 139 Dunn, Patricia, 83 Dunnewald, John, 158 Dunton, John, 238 E Eagleton, John, 70 Eagleton, Rowena, 136 Earnshaw, David, 159 Eaton, Charles, 59, 133 Eberly, Sharon, 83 Eckley, Ruth Ann, 59 Edelman, Bill, 292 Edgeington, James, 43, 138 Edwards, John, 83, 256 Eggleston, Eugene, 83 Ehrman, Carl, 59 Eisenhauer, Howard, 70 Eisenhauer, Thomas, 83 Ekman, Lesley, 59 Elder, James, 59, 107, 127, 250, 297 Elder, Milburn, 70, 270 Eliopulos, Nick, 43, 121 Ellerby, Richard, 52 Ellis, Dale, 70, 113, 254 Ellis, Tut, 43, 110, 115, 98, 177, 254 Ellis, Diane Picard, 129, 131, 154, 207 Erich, Betty, 60 Erickson, Donald, 43, 234 Erickson, Yvonne, 136 Erickson, Jon, 70, 250 Erickson, Nancy, 70, 202 Ernst, Theodore, 70 Eschliman, Larry, 143 Espy, Shirley, 60, 164 Evans, Charles, 83, 135 Evans, Evelyn, 70 Evans, John, 70 Everett, Richard, 43 Everling, Peggy, 83, 166, 167 Everling, Nila, 83, 144 Evers, Doleres, 83, 208 Evitt, Dean, 70, 158 Ewert, John, 112, 120 F Fagan, James, 160 Fanto, John, 70, 147 Fanning, Ann, 83 Fannon, Danny, 60, 119, 123 Farabee, Donald, 70, 264 Farber, John, 43 Farmer, Gerald, 43, 250, 251, 268 Farthing, Elizabeth, 70, 124, 198 Fedrizzi, David, 83 Feighny, Frances, 83, 145, 162 Fell, Shirley, 83, 141, 204 Fenimore, Judy, 84, 144, 165 Fermelia, Louis, 70 Fester, John, 278 Fetter, Alvis, 278 Ficence, Patricia, 84, 143, 163, 204 Fichtner, Fred, 70, 235, 304 Ficken, Diane, 84, 212 Field, Ben, 84 Finch, James, 84 Finkbiner, Donna, 84, 200 Finlaysen, Charles, 84 Finlayson, Margaret, 84, 212 Fintus, Carolyn, 70, 155, 198 Fish, Charles, 60, 256 Fisher, Fred, 43, 94, 160 Fisk, Gene, 84, 238 Fitzgerald, Denny, 84 ! 330 Flaim, Mansuetto, 43 Flavin, Sally, 70, 129, 130, 142, 214 Flitner, John, 94, 160 Floerke, Jack, 40, 43, 98 Flohr, Frank, 60, 141, 266 Flusch, Holle J., 70, 295 Fogelsonger, Marilyn, 84, 116, 154, 158, 305 Folster, Robert, 70 Force, Don, 40, 60, 118, 131, 234 Ford, Shirley, 70, 124 Fosher, Dean, 84 Foster, Glenda V., 84, 163, 208 Foster, Nancy, 60, 155, 206 Foster, William, 43, 160 Fowler, Donald, 70 Fowler, Pete, 43, 284 France, Shirley, 70, 136 Frank, John, 60 Franz, Marlene, 43, 216 Frank, Robert, 60, 141, 260 Freeman, George, 84 French, Harold, 158, 159 Frey, Maxon, 84 Freytag, Paul, 60 Freytag, Robert, 43 Fricke, Nancy, 43 Friesen, Edward, 52, 112, 120 Fritzler, Leon, 43, 127, 270 Fritzler, Sally, 60, 136 Frobel, Luther, 70, 140 Froggatt, George, 177 Frost, John, 60, 133, 137, 140 Fry, Harold, 140 Fuller, Cleo, 70, 129, 130, 153, 298 Fuller, Dale, 60, 196 Fuller, Gale, 52 Fulton, Allan, 52 Furgason, Jennings, 84 Fuson, George, 277 G Galeotos, Lee, 70 Gallup, James, 70, 113, 236 Galuska, George, 51, 127, 98, 175, 176, 229, 270, 272, 274 Garbutt, Ann, 60, 218 Garbutt, Beth, 60, 218 Garcia, Albert, 70 Gardner, Donald, 71, 264, 270 Gardner, Gerald, 71, 123, 258 Gardner, AAarjorie, 71, 130, 220 Gatch, Margaret, 60 Gates, Carol, 60 Geier, James, 43 Genereaux, John, 43 Gentil, Antonio, 84 George, Chester, 660, 248 George, Jance, 84, 155, 212 George, Johanna, 84, 204 George, Lonesome, 313 Gerrard, Eina, 84 Gibson, David, 60 Gibson, Clarence, 84 Giehm, Leigh, 71, 214 Gilbert, Myles, 84 Gilbert, Theodore, 71, 224, 268 Giles, Tom, 44 Gill, Gerald, 84, 252 Gill, Nicholas, 71, 236 Gillett, Barbara, 60, 153 Gillette, Gene, 44, 111 Gillette, Frances, 277 Gilpin, Donald, 138 Gish, Rober, 94, 160 Gist, James, 44, 177, 242 Givenrod, Eloise, 84, 220 Gizinski, Eldon, 61 Glenn, Arthur, 61, 270 Glover, Richard, 61, 190, 242 Godfrey, Merrill, 61, 117, 131, 220 Godfrey, Paul, 94, 160 Goeglein, Richard, 71, 238 Goff, Ronald, 84 Gohr, Ruth, 61 Goldman, Henry, 44, 127, 278 Goodman, James, 44, 1 1 0, 1 11 , 1 4 1 , 98 Goodman, Jane, 84, 154, 162, 215 Gosney, John, 44, 254 Gould, Charlene, 71, 143 Grable, Carl, 71, 113, 145, 234 Graham, Joan, 61, 216 Graham, Leslie, 44, 224 Graham, Louise, 44 Grams, Edsel, 71, 258 Grant, William, 94, 160 Grapes, Robert, 61, 111 Graver, Caroldee, 84 Graves, Gerald, 84, 225 Green, Gary, 84, 256 Green, Rosemary, 166 Greenough, Gary, 84, 260 Gregory, Donna, 84, 133, 163, 200 Grieve, Margaret, 61, 153, 155, 136, 210 Griffen, Sanford, 71 Griffith, Warren, 84, 238 Griggs, Gretchen, 84, 154, 163 Grimm, John, 61 Gross, Gail, 84, 200 Guilford, Gary, 61, 225 Guinta, Vince, 71, 238, 270 Gunn, Lynne, 71, 216 Gustaofson, Robert, 61 Guthrie, Robert, 94, 160 Gutz, Thomas, 84, 244 H Haack, Ray, 84 Haas, Leslie, 61, 266 Hackney, Jerry, 277 - ■ Hagstrom, Vendia, 44, 159 Haight, William, 61 Haile, Charles, 71 Haines, Elwood, 61, 258 Hair, Donald, 112, 120 Hakin, Abdul, 61, 150 Halbert, Robert, 84, 260 Hale, Lester, 84 Hall, Richard, 61 Hall, Jack, 61, 270 Hall, John, 71, 141 Hall, Paul, 118 Hall, Robert J., 52 Hall, Robert N., 52 Hallowell, David, 71, 242 Halseth, William, 71, 242 Hamer, Roger, 40, 61, 236 Hamilton, Robert, 61, 225 Hammontree, Donald, 44 Hampton, Sam, 85 Hanes, John, 85, 260 Hanken, Kenneth, 123 Hankins, David, 61 Hanks, Thomas, 123 Hansen, Daniel, 277 Hansen, Mary, 71, 129, 136, 216, 327 Hanson, Daniel, 85 Harding, Owen, 71 Harless, Ronald, 40, 44, 135, 139, 141, 176 Harnagel, Floyd, 44, 224 Harnish, Ben, 71 Harris, Joanne, 85, 212 Harris, Joyce, 71, 143, 155, 212 Harris, Zanpher, 61 Harrison, Darlene, 84, 163, 220 narrower, Robert, 85 Harston, Lee, 61 Hart, Richard, 61 Hartley, James, 1 12 Hartsook, Nicholas, 85, 304 Hartwell, 242 Hartwig, Gretchen, 71, 144, 154, 215 Hassheider, Richard, 71, 156 Hatch, Emma Jo, 85, 133, 204 Hatcher, Joan, 85 Hawes, Sarah, 61, 114, 126, 144, 154 Hawes, Don, 85, 119 Haycraft, Jo Ann, 61 , 211, 268, 327 Hayes, Laurie Ann, 85, 208 Hebrew, Merrill, 71, 107 Hedges, Oliver, 44, 115, 177 Heinz, Janice, 85, 163, 208 Heiss, Frederick, 61, 106 Helton, William, 181 Henderson, Kenneth, 71, 119, 123, 143 Henderson, Richard, 44, 168, 236 Henderson, Roy, 44, 115, 138, 264 Henn, Beverly, 85, 147 Hennebeck, Merna, 85, 163 Henrickson, Robert, 44, 254 Henthorne, Mary, 85 Henthorne, Max, 61, 118, 131 Hepworth, William, 85 Herd, James, 40, 44, 110, 112, 120, 121, 127, 258, 301 Herman, Mary Lee, 84, 162, 218 Herold, Gary, 71, 113, 234 Hertel, James, 136, 158 Hertzler, Mary, 71, 114, 130, 150, 153, 210 Herzog, Robert, 61, 111 Heurman, Audrey, 85 Hickey, Zola, 61, 153 Hicks, Jim, 85 Hicks, Van, 61, 236 Higgins, John, 85, 277 Hill, Patricia, 71, 220 Hill, Robert, 160 Hillstead, Ted, 111 Hines, John, 85 Hirengen, Phillip, 85 Hirsig, Margaret, 61, 124, 155 Hiser, Dick, 85, 235 Hocken, Beatrice, 153 Hockley, Richard, 44, 127, 141, 278 Hodgell, Owen, 135 Hofferber, Donna, 61, 216 Hoffman, Clarice, 85 Hoffmann, Ole, 61, 140, 150, 244 Hoitsma, Jacquelyn, 44, 153, 206 Holdaway, Donald, 71, 221 Holdaway, Ronald, 71, 221 Holden, Gordon, 71, 294 Holmes, Richard, 85 Holtz, Averill, 61 Holtz, Paul, 44, 125, 98, 156, 192, 193, 258 Honess, Ralph, 278 Hoppe, James, 85 Hopper, George, 71, 94, 100, 110 Horn, Phillip, 85, 143, 252 Horst, Ronald, 71, 258 Horton, Claudette, 85, 163, 212 Horton, Eleanor, 71, 167, 196 Horton, Ellen, 71, 154, 206 Hose, William, 85, 252 Houtz, Kenneth, 71, 257 Houtz, Earl, 61 Hovis, William, 72 Hovick, Anne, 143 Howard, Barbara, 44, 216, 268. Howard, Myron, 160 Howe, Sydney, 40, 44, 154, 198 Howshar, Edward, 85, 229 Hoy, Amayda, 61 Hubbard, Marilynn, 61, 143, 216 Hubbard, Nancy, 85, 215 Hubbs, Venita, 85, 216 Hubley, Marilyn, 85, 162, 219 Hudelson, Robert, 61, 167, 266 Hudson, Donnat, 153, 154, 167, 200 Hughes, Alice, 44, 156, 216, 217 Humphrey, James, 85, 229 Hunter, Edward, 72, 229 Hunter, James, 52 Hunter, Sally, 61, 133, 214 Huntington, Jeanne, 44, 128 Huntley, Patricia, 72, 129, 130, 154, 206 Hurd, DeVon, 44. 242 Hurst, Barbara, 44, 128, 155, 99, 142, 216 331 Hurst, Thomas, 86 Huse, Edward, 61, 284 Huston, Nona, 44, 120, 128, 154, 155, 206 Hutton, Jack, 61, 250 Hylton, Robert, 44, 117, 119, 99, 123 Hyndman, Robert, 86 Hynes, Russell, 302 I Immel, Margaret, 62 lingham, Stewart, 62, 11, 138 Ingraham, Kay, 62, 114, 129, 142, 206 Ito, Lucy, 126, 144, 166 J Jackson, Raymond, 71, 242, 278 Jackson, Sally, 44, 133, 214 Jajeh, Anton, 71, 134, 143, 248 James, Dorothy, 86, 154, 162 Jannsen, Robert, 86, 143, 147 Jarrett, Lou Ann, 62, 144, 206, 327 Jay, Kenneth, 112 Jeffers, Roger, 72 Jefferson, Theodore, 94, 158, 159, 160 Jeff res, Shirley, 86, 134, 143 Jelovchan, Marcel, 62, 156 Jenks, Glenrae, 72, 215 Jenkins, Mac, 180 Jensen, Donald, 94 Jensen, Charles, 86, 260, 160 Jensen, Glen, 72 Jensen, Gerald, 62 Jester, Gerry, 270 Jingling, Robert, 106 Jones, Tommy, 44, 138 Johansen, Margaret, 86 Johnson, Don, 44, 72, 225 Johnson, Floramae, 62 Johnson, Dorothy, 44 Johnson, Douglas, 62, 266 Johnson, Frank, 44, 264 Johnson, Kendall, 44 Johnson, Mary Ann, 62, 208 Johnson, Mary Lou, 86 Johnson, Melvin, 72 Johnson, Norman, 160 Johnson, Robert, 86 Johnson, Victor, 72 Johnson, William, 86, 122, 143, 264 Jonston, Charles, 72, 143, 236, 268 Johnston, JoEllen, 72, 129, 214 Johnston, Larry, 44, 118, 225 Johnston, Richard, 72 Jones, Charles, 62, 106, 181, 259 Jones, Dale, 264 Jones, Bruce, 40, 44, 111, 114, 99, 139, 141, 254, 268 Jones, Don, 40, 94, 99, 110, 114, 160, 236, 237 Jones, Elva, 72 Jones, Ivan, 278 Jones, Jeffrey, 72, 259 Jones, Jo Ann, 86, 116, 215 Jones, John, 110 Jones, Kay, 40, 44, 115, 176 Jones, Patricia, 72, 209 Jones, Richard, 86, 229 Jones, Thomas, 86, 238 Jons, Patricia, 216 Jordon, Kathleen, 86, 164, 153 Jorgensen, Harry, 44, 99, 177, 284 Jorgensen, Jack, 72, 107 Joslin, Dorothy, 86, 147, 158, 164, 305 Jowers, James, 86 Joy, A. Z., 46, 234 Joy, Vivian, 62, 126, 131, 144 Juliusburger, Hans, 46, 111, 138 Justesen, Bernard, 46 K Kafka, Erma, 72, 147, 153, 165 Kagle, Robert, 72, 146, 270 Kaiser, Curt, 86, 244 Kalasinsky, Richard, 62, 257 Kalinowski, Carol, 86 Kalinowski, Shirlee, 72 Kamenski, Joe, 86 Kassis, Beverly, 86, 209 Haufman, Albert, 160 Kaufmann, Donald, 46, 118 Kaufman, Gerald, 46, 115, 138, 176, 236 Kechley, Donald, 72 Kelley, Don, 62, 131, 242 Kelsey, Mary Ann, 72 Kemper, Marvin, 62 Kendall, Keith, 72, 257 Kennedy, John, 62, 235 Kennedy, Marianna, 86, 136 Kessner, John, 72 Kerr, Robert, 62, 141, 243 Ketchois, Billie, 86, 162 Ketcios, Billie, 86, 162 Keys, Donald, 123 Keys, Gene, 86 Keyser, Larry, 86, 260 Kidd, Barbara, 133, 154, 162, 215 Kidd, Nancy, 114, 143, 206 Kidman, Ronald, 86 Killebrew, Donna, 40, 46, 124, 217 Kilty, James, 236 Kinder, Donald, 72, 147 King, Mary Ruth, 136, 153, 155, 210 King, Robert, 86 King, Ronald, 86, 229 King, Theodore, 143 Kingdon, 46, 221 Kingsley, Robert, 86 Kinzer, Richard, 46, 121 Kirk, Clifford, 72 Kirlin, Ronald, 72, 265 Kirschten, Sally, 86 Kitching, Margaret, 86, 164 Klaren, Bob, 229, 270 Kluberg, Nancy, 86 Knecht, Louise, 86 Kness, Anna, 153, 164 Knezevich, Steve, 177 Knochenmuss, Dale, 86, 238 Knott, Dwight, 259 Knowles, Gary, 302 Knox, Dale, 72 Knox, Robert, 46, 237, 292 Kochiras, Dorothy, 72, 164 Koerfer, Nancy, 86, 204 Kolenick, Vic, 270 Korhonen, Alice, 86, 163, 213 Koritnek, Charles, 72 Korte, Michael, 72, 270 Koski, Melvin, 87 Kostynuk, Walter, 46, 150 Krajicek, Kay, 62, 144, 154, 198, 268 Krauss, Elizabeth, 52, 150 Kreps, Rae Lee, 72, 129, 130, 153, 210, 327 Krivoshia, Adam, 87, 277 Krotter, Kay, 72, 142, 155, 217 Kruta, Darlene, 87 Kubo, Alice, 62, 156, 167, 196 Kugland, Jean, 72, 130, 217 Kumpf, Kenneth, 87 Kuns, Hazel Jean, 46, 99, 114, 142, 153, 206, 268 Kunsman, Robert, 87, 277 Kuntzman, George, 72, 113, 266 Kurtz, Martha, 62, 155 Kutches, Peter, 270 Klylander, John, 46, 138 Kynion, 46, 138 L . Lafkas, Paul, 87 Lambert, Tom, 167 Lancaster, Stanley, 62 Landeen, Donald, 46, 225 Landen, Halene, 46, 120, 200 Lane, Mansel, 52, 137, 140 Lang, Leonard, 94, 169 Lange, William, 40, 62, 242, 284 Langford, Jack, 73, 250, 270 Langwell, Donald, 73 Lapaseotes, George, 87 Larrabee, Carol, 87 Larson, Carl, 87 Larson, Diane, 87, 156, 213 Larson, Dorothy, 87, 146, 164 Larson, Laura, 62, 217 Larson, JoAnne, 87, 162, 209 Larson, Robert, 73 Lassial, Kenneth, 62, 131, 268 Laverty, Mary, 73, 130, 153 Lavery, Joseph, 73 Lavery, Norma, 73, 130, 134 Lawyer, Delbert, 87 Laya, William, 143 Leasure, Jack, 73, 244 LeBaron, Donna, 73, 129, 199 Lee, William, 87, 277 Leenheer, Case,, 73, 136, 147, 150 Lehner, Karen, 87, 133 Leman, Tom, 87, 134, 248 Leman, William, 87, 249 Lembcke, Gertraud, 87, 204 Lenhart, Gebe, 52 Lenihan, John, 46, 127, 270, 274 Lepore, Lewis, 292 Leppink, James, 73 Lester, Jack, 87 Lewis, Charles, 46 Lewis, Diggs, 73, 140, 242, 302 Lewis, Jean, 153, 210 Liden, Ronald, 87, 265 Light, William, 62 Lightner, Claude, 87 Likes, Nadine, 73, 210 Lilja, Sylvia, 62, 209, 326 Lindstrom, Sonya, 62, 116, 166 Litecky, Edward, 46, 127, 168, 177 Lobertini, Leiand, 87, 277 Lockhart, Thomas, 73, 255 Lodewick, Richard, 46, 259 Lofgren, Lawrence, 52, 146 Long, Leiand, 62 Longfellow, John, 87 Longnecker, Jack, 46, 177 Loomis, Bonnie, 46, 206 Loomis, Wayne, 87 Lothian, Peter, 46, 255 Lott, Robert, 46 Loughray, Marilyn, 46, 136, 155 Love, Thomas, 115, 46„ 125, 156, 177, 99, 190, 242 Lovitt, Claude, 87 Lowe, Burton, 53 Lowrey, Milford, 87, 277 Lowry, Marin, 63 Lubnau, Nancy, 63, 217 Lucas, Betty, 73 Ludwig, Don, 46, 111, 138, 139, 224 Ludwig, Gale, 63, 118 Luman, Roberta, 87, 155, 156, 162, 215 Luman, Monty, 63 Luman, Ed, 73, 284 Lundberg, Paul, 46, 135 Lusche, Robert, 73 Luton, Meellee, 40, 129 Lutterman, Ray, 63, 127, 229, 270, 27 Lyman, Robert, 87, 253 Lynch, Priscilla, 46, 134, 153, 217 Lyon, Genevieve, 73, 130, 203 Lyon, Janet, 73, 129, 130, 155, 203 M McCain, Mary Ann, 88, 163, 201 McClellan, Leo, 74, 127, 257 McConnell, Alice, 63, 167, 203 McConnell, Myrle, 63, 217 McCoy, L. D., 46, 99, 106, 111, 137, 139, 140 180, 181, 270, 272 McCullough, Lloyd, 112, 120 332 McDaniel, Kent, 46, 259 McDaniel, Mary, 88 McDonald, Robert, 63, 106, 111, 181, 242, 284 McEllhiney, William, 64 McEwan, Leonard, 160 McGill, Jo Ann, 74, 214, 268, 326 McGowen, Anne, 64, 129, 131, 136, 217 Mcintosh, Robert, 88 Mcintosh, William, 88 Mclntyre, Donald, 47, 120, 158, 159 Mclntyre, John, 47 Mclntyre, Nancy, 47, 120, 158, 159 McKee, Blance, 88, 133 McJunkin, Phillip, 74, 229 McKinney, Edward, 46, 106, 111, 141, 181 McLean, Sue, 88, 163 McLeland, Betty, 144, 162, 147 McMichel, Dan. 47, 106, 181, 243 McMichael, Donna, 74, 129, 144, 203, 268 McMillan, Bruce, 74, 113, 225 McMurray, Jack, 74 McMurray, James, 47 McNamara, Lorraine, 74, 130 McNamee, John, 47, 118 McQuain, Marite, 278 McVey, David, 88, 253 McReynolds, Max, 117 Mabbitt, Denzil, 156 Mabee, Lynne, 87, 162, 219, 326 MacClean, Walter, 73 MacDougall, Evelyn, 73, 129, 130, 154, 198 MacLean, John, 87, 133 MacLennan, Murdo, 63 Macy, Richard, 63, 255 Madrid, Louis, 46, 127, 250, 297 Madsen, Robert, 46, 141 Maebius, Cornelia, 87, 163, 209 Maebius, Janet, 46, 144, 155, 167, 206, 207 Maffoni, John, 63, 270 Magagna, Chick, 270 Magill, Clyde, 87, 244 Mahbuub, Abdul, 87, 150 Mahoney, Robert, 122, 143 Makie, Edwin, 87 Malm, Howard, 87 Malody, Raymond, 63, 122 Maloney, David, 46, 259 Maltby, Maurice, 63, 140 Maness, Doyle, 73, 237 Manig, Herbert, 127 Manorgan, Mary Lu, 134, 147 Mapes, Claude, 73, 191, 242 Marean, Charles, 63, 122 Marean, Olive, 46 Maret, Darrel, 73, 141 Maret, Dorothy, 73, 165 Marquiss, Robert, 63, 267 Marr, Robert, 73 Marsh, Jo, 87, 215 Marshall, John, 87 Martens, Norma, 88, 213, 326 Marin, Sandra, 63, 198 Martinez, John, 46, 122, 234, 143 Marushack, Andrew, 73 Mason, James, 107 Mason, Robert, 53 Massey, Robert, 63, 224 Masters, Richard, 73, 113, 234 Mastrogiovanni, Joe, 270, 272 Mathews, William, 73 Matis, John, 88, 221 Maur, Muriel, 88 Meeboer, William, 73, 259 Meinke, Nancy, 88, 134, 165, 205 Melcher, Isabell, 88, 146 Melnick, Nicholas, 88, 133 Merchant, John, 63, 138 Merritt, Hubert, 88, 143 Messer, Jimmie, 63, 259 Meyer, David, 88, 257, 277 Meyers, Eve, 73, 155 Michael, Leroy, 73, 255 Micheli, Dorothy, 40, 63, 145, 166 Michnick, Michael, 63, 111, 134 Mickey, Katharine, 63, 203 Middleton, Doona, 88, 155, 158 Miller, Edward, 73, 133 Miller, Richard, 63, 127, 225, 295 Miller, Stanley, 73, 251 Mills, Darell, 73 Milmore, John, 73 Milne, Miriam, 88, 205 Minnick, Marietta, 88, 153 Mitchell, Perry, 63, 270 Mitchell, Phyllis, 73 Mitich, Lawrence, 53, 118, 234 Mobley, Larry, 1 1 3 Mockler, Carolyn, 63, 21 1 Mockler, Franklin, 74, 251 Mocroft, Harlene, 198 Moedl, Martha Ann, 63, 154, 214 Mohammed, Payenda, 74, 150 Mohr, Edna, 169 Montgomery, Andrew, 74, 140, 158, 225 Mnotgomery, James, 88, 244 Moore, Edward, 63 Moore, Jerrold, 63, 111, 135 Moore, Kenneth, 74, 136, 147 Moore, Larry, 74, 107, 111, 113, 224 Moore, Lonny, 88, 224 Moore, Robert, 284 Moosa, Mohammed, 74, 150 Morel, Gerald, 118, 235 Morgan, Roy, 53, 112 Morgan, Ted, 74 Morris, Donald, 88 Morris, Lew, 63, 156, 224 Morris, Maxine A., 154, 201 Morris, Maxine R., 63, 53, 201 Mortimer, Carolyn, 88, 162, 219 Morton, Patricia, 63 Moss, Clarence, 88, 249 Mow, Clarence, 74 Mowry, Donald, 74, 235 Mowry, Richard, 88, 235 Mueller, Robert, 47, 146 Mueller, Lavern, 88 Mullins, Richard, 53 Munari, Anton, 63, 245 Murie, Gail, 74 Murphy, Edmund, 88 Murphy, Harriet, 88, 163, 327 Murphy, R. hard, 74, 107, 237 Murphy, Walter, 88 Murray, Jerry, 63 Murray, Joe, 63 Myers, Lloyd, 74 Myers, William, 74 N Nace, Anna Mae, 88 Nagle, Gerald, 64, 127 Nakamura, Haruye, 88, 142, 154, 166 Nakamura, Mieco, 64, 99, 131, 142, 143, 155, 164, 168 Nakano, Otto, 131, 138, 265 Napierkowski, Donald, 64, 106, 181 Nash, Jerry, 88 Naslund, Lois, 64 Nast, Theodore, 64 Nauman, Alan, 47, 115, 177, 267, 304 Neal, Robert, 270 Nelson, Annette, 64 Nelson, Jeannette, 89, 162 Nelson, LaVerne, 53 Nelson, Richard, 74, 245 Nelson, Robert, 74, 243 Nelson, Wayne, 64 Neves, Carol, 74 Neville, Celestine, 89 Newton, Nancy Garbutt, 53 Nicholas, Robert, 89, 253 Nichols, Truman, 47, 106, 181, 267, 268 Nlckla, Daniel, 74, 270 Nielson, Carl, 74, 1 19 Neilsen, Marilyn, 74, 146, 155 Nixon, Juston, 64 Noble, Sally, 74, 215 Noblitt, Jack, 89 Noonan, John, 74 Norris, Bette, 89, 162, 209 Norris, Patricia 47 Northrup, Jeanne, 64 Nuckolls, Frankie, 234 Nuckolls, J. W., 100, 47, 110, 117 Null, Richard, 64, 225 Nye, Donald, 64 Nye, John, 47, 117, 1 23, 1 33, 237 Nyquist, Jim, 64, 243 O O ' Brien, Patricia, 74, 165 Occhipinti, Carl, 64, 225 O ' Connell, Ronald, 47, 115, 137, 140, 177, 243 Oeland, Betti, 74, 129, 130, 211 Ofchus, Leon, 112 Ohrtman, James, 89 Okano, Margie, 74, 130 O ' Leary, Elizabeth, 64, 153 Oliver, William, 89, 260 Olsen, Frances, 89 Olsen, William, 89, 163, 260 Olson, Emmet, 64, 159 Olveda, Eva, 89, 147, 153, 165 O ' Neal, Jack, 274 O ' Neill, Jack, 47, 127, 243, 270 Opstedahl, Audrey, 64, 131, 144, 201 Osborn, Thomas, 74, 259 Osborn, Maxwell, 47 P Packer, Arlis, 135 Page, Grover, 74 Pallesen, Sue, 89 Palmer, Merilyn, 64, 165 Palmer, Ralph, 89, 239 Parish, John, 89 Park, Wee Wuone, 167 Parks, Howard, 40, 64, 106, 131, 181, 225 Parks, Patricia, 74, 221 Parrish, James, 47, 192 Parrish, Norman, 89, 159 Parrish, Marvin, 89, 133, 257 Parsons, James, 89, 156, 177, 253 Partridge, Alden, 89, 221 Partridge, Mary, 89, 163, 221 Patch, Martin, 89 Paterson, Norman, 47 Patrick, Edwin, 40, 47, 110, 237 Patrick, Francis, 89 Patrick, Sue Sims, 40, 64, 100 Patten, Winona, 89, 145 Patterson, Dale, 277 Patton, John, 160 Paul, Janice, 143, 146, 151 Payne, Gene, 74, 134, 249 Payne, Kenneth, 47, 106, 111, 138, 181 Pearce, Dorothy, 47, 119 Pearce, Robert, 122, 143, 265 Pearcy, Charles, 89 Pearson, Gene, 47, 107, 292 Peck, James, 89, 260 Pederson, Gene, 47, 107, 292 Peck, James, 89, 260 Uederson, Carole, 89, 133, 163, 205 Peeks, Chester, 118 Peeks, Ted, 64, 160 Pendle, Richard, 89, 123 Penman, Veda, 74, 147, 153, 164 Pennell, Michael, 89, 150, 260 Pennock, Joyce, 64, 314, 315 Perkins, Carol, 89, 163, 209 Person, Hjalma, 89, 209 Perue, Richard, 89, 156, 196, 278 Peters, John, 64, 229 Peterson, Dale, 75, 237 Peterson, Carolyn, 89, 143, 146, 155, 198, 205 Peterson, Laurice, 278 Peterson, Marjorie, 64, 126, 134, 144, 166 333 Peterson, Patricia, 75, 129, 154, 207 Peterson, Robert, 137, 139, 224, 225 Petroff, Annie, 89 Petroff, Toddy, 64 Pfeifer, Charles, 64, 237 Peyton, Franklin, 141 Philbrick, Veronica, 89 Phillips, Edwin, 64, 270 Phillips, Ronald, 89, 277 Philpott, Joan, 89 Picard, Vincent, 47 Pickinpaugh, Lynn, 47 Pierce, George, 47, 100, 167, 237 Pifer, Wilbur, 64, 243 Pike, Keith, 138 Pike, Otto, 89 Pilch, Richard, 270 Piper, Dean, 47, 177, 225 Pizzoli, Barney, 237 Plattner, Suzann, 89, 201 Platts, Jean Kay, 64, 207 Plenger, LaVerne, 89 Policky, Troyce, 75, 158, 164, 201 Pond, Dean, 89, 278 Pope, Thomas, 47, 137, 139, 140 Porter, Guy, 47, 265 Porter, Neal, 139, 177 Posa, Ed, 64, 239, 270 Posnien, Nancy, 89, 163, 201 Poulos, Cris, 64, 136, 144, 207, 327 Powell, Laverne, 118 Powell, Mart ha, 75, 130, 135 Prada, Carolina, 53, 150 Preis, Janet, 90, 163 Preston, Pat, 90, 215 Preuedel, Charles, 75, 123, 249 Price, Larry, 143, 277 Proper, Vernon, 64, 224 Purdy, Gerald, 47, 141, 265 Putnam, Forest, 90, 260 Putnam, James, 75 Q Qaissanunee, Abdul, 47, 111, 141 Quealy, Herbert, 94 Quinn, John, 64, 237 R Raben, Margie, 47, 100, 126, 128, 142, 144, 155, 207 Racicky, Claire, 75, 243 Rackham, Marjorie, 64 Rackham, Robert, 64 Radella, Frank, 47, 127, 229, 270, 274 Radford, John, 295 Rae, Thomas, 160 Rafferty, Jack, 90, 134, 163 Ramsey, Carolee, 90, 163, 167 Ramsey, Patricia, 65 Rasmussen, Darrell, 65, 259 Rasmussen, Richard, 90, 267 Ratliff, Billy, 75 Raycher, Frank, 65 Rea, Jack, 117 Read, James, 1 18 Reading, Jere, 90, 245 Reckling, Fred, 65, 117, 131, 237 Redland, Virginia, 90 Reed, Margaret, 75, 213 Reed, Percy, 90 Reed, Sam, 90, 239 Reed, Walter, 90, 239 Reed, William, 75, 137 Reereink, Carl, 141, 111 Rees, Don, 47, 138, 237 Reilly, Lyell, 48, 207 Reiman, Wilma, 90, 205 Reimann, Darlene, 48, 155, 203, 268 Renkel, Jane, 65, 217 Renn, Harry, 90 Repke, Diros, 214 Resler, Glen, 48 Resler, Wendell, 48 Reynolds, Dana, 48, 214 Reynolds, Edward, 90 Reynolds, George, 113, 156, 267 Reynolds, Nathan, 90, 245 Rhoades, Jack, 65, 265, 268 Rich, Leroy, 53 Richard, Dona, 305 Richardson, Charles, 65, 107, 237 Richardson, Bruce, 90, 235 Richardson, Helen, 48 Richmond, Patty, 135, 156, 207 Riedesel, Molly, 90, 213 Riedl, Gary, 48, 106, 181, 224 Rizzi, Alice, 65, 134, 156 Robb, Seward, 100, 107, 176, 270 Robbins, David, 90, 136, 257 Robbins, Eugene, 90, 134, 249 Roberts, Fisher, 90 Roberts, Larry, 48, 111, 177, 267 Roberts, Norman, 48, 267 Robertson, Elsie, 90, 135 Robertson, Ralph, 221 Robinson, Anne, 90, 213 Robinson, Larry, 90 Robinson, Ruth Anne, 90, 163, 215 Robinson, Suzanne, 90 Robson, Howard, 53, 120 Roccabruna, Gene, 90 Roderick, 90, 158, 213 Rodermel, Carole, 48 Rodgers, Ron, 295 Rodgers, William, 90, 253 Rogers, Glen, 225 Rosentreter, Larry, 90 Roskamp, Gresham, 90, 277 Rothe, Bobbie, 75, 277 Rothe, Harry, 90 Rothwell, John, 90, 229 Rounds, James, 75, 243 Roush, James, 90 Rowland, Carola, 90, 142 Rowland, Elsie, 48, 100, 128 Rowland, John. 48 Royce, Robert, 127, 278 Rowley, Claiborne, 90, 245 Royer, Jan, 65, 129, 217 Ruckman, Thomas, 75, 107, 239 Ruhl, Clyde, 48 Rumpf, Ernest, 65, 225 Runberg, Kenneth, 292 Rushing, John, 65, 181, 255 Russell, Jack, 48, 119, 125, 156 Rust, John, 65, 143 Rutherford, Margaret, 75, 124, 134, 164 Rutledge, Dee Ann, 90, 205 Ryan, Marilyn, 90, 162,. 219 Ryder, Michael, 75, 251 S Saarr, Paul, 75 Saathoff, Douglas, 75, 225 Sandburg, Lou Ann, 65, 198 Sanders, Norman, 90 Sanders, Phil, 91, 229 Sanderson, Willard, 91 Savage, Mary Elleii, 65, 217 Savory, Josephine, 48, 153, 217 Schaefer, Sharon, 91, 153 Schaffer, Teddy, 48, 106, 181 Schaper, Gene, 75, 138, 158 Schipporeit, Kenneth, 75 Schneider, JoAnn, 65, 120, 153, 158, 164 Schneiderman, Melvin, 65, 122, 131, 143, 224 Schroeder, Edwin, 143 Schuebel, Kennth, 91 Schueike, John, 75, 113, 107, 224 Schultz, Betty, 65, 211 Schunk, Peter, 75, 243, 292 Schutt, Dick, 91, 277, 239 Schwabrow, Shirley, 75, 144, 154, 199 Schwab, Karen, 91, 163, 201 Schwarberg, Thomas, 48, 136 Scott, Earl, 91, 239 Scott, Merrill, 81, 148, 245 Scott, Robert, 65 Scott, Sara, 75, 165 Seaverson, Laurian, 75, 129, 130, 211 Sedlacek, Emily, 76, 124, 129, 154, 207 Sedlacek, William, 91 See, Louie, 106, 141, 181 Sellers, Shirley, 48 Seltenrich, Nancy, 76, 130, 214 Semos, Wayne, 91 Sessions, Vernon, 94, 160 Sharpnack, Harold, 53, 112 Shaw, Maxine, 76 Shell, Raymond, 48, 143 Shelton, Steve, 76 Shepard, William, 76 Sherman, William, 65, 243 Shevick, Max, 91, 143, 147 Shoefelt, Donald, 158 Shipp, Bobby, 159 Shira, Donald, 91, 225 Shoop, Charlene, 91, 163, 213 Shroyer, Marion, 91, 265 Shuper, Sharon, 91, 205 Siebold, Gary, 91, 237, 239 Siebold, Warren, 91, 237, 239 Sigler, Neva Jane, 49, 115, 177 Sills, Walter, 76, 251 Silvestri, Raymond, 76 Simons, Frank, 91 Simpson, Russell, 76, 113, 243 Sims, Ann, 76, 153, 164 Sims, Mariel, 76, 221 Sinclair, Emma Jean, 49 Sinclair, William, 65, 237 Siren, Vince, 65, 107, 119, 255 Skelton, Robert, 65, 158, 224 Skinner, Courtney, 76 Skinner, Mary Belle, 65, 213 Skinner, Morris, 53, 1 1 1 Slater, James, 65, 251 Slater, Jeanne, 91, 215 Slotta, James, 49, 259 Slotta, Larry, 49, 259, 131 Smaha, Robert, 292 Small, Betty, 91, 133, 162, 219, 326 Smith, Ann, 76 Smith, Barbara, 91, 219 Smith, Carl, 94, 160 Smith, Chatels, 91 Smith, Diane, 65 Smith, Dorothy, 76, 124, 129, 211 Smith, Evelyn, 65, 144 Smith, Everett, 49 Smith, Gale, 49, 177, 234 Smith, Gordon, 49, 177, 234 Smith, Howard, 65, 225 Smith, Jordan, 49, 127, 131, 255 Smith, Judith, 91 Smith, Kent, 91, 131, 245 Smith, LaDonna, 91 Smith, Mardel, 91 Smith, Merle, 91, 143, 221 Smith, Phyllis, 91, 147 Smith, Robert, 49, 110, 115, 237, 177 Smith, Ronald, 91 Smith, Steven, 91, 257 Smith, Vanita, 76 Snelling, Marilyn, 66, 207, 327 Snyder, James, 66 Snyder, Margaret, 91, 116, 165 Snyder, Robert, 76, 113, 259, 304 Soderholm, Bruce, 49, 224, 268 Sorensen, Andrea, 76, 129, 214 Sorenson, Arlyce, 76, 134, 203 Sostrom, Nels, 66 Sovyak, Fred, 245 Spaeth, Robert, 91 334 Spann, Ellen 91, 133, 142, 162 Sparks, Jerry, 49 Sparks, John, 49, 111, 138, 139 Sparks, Raymond, 91 Spice, Gordon, 123, 133 Spiegelberg, James, 66, 255 Spilde, Darrell, 91, 134, 249 Spratt, Mary D., 76 Squire, John, 66, 121, 134, 213, 249, 268 Stainbrook, Phillip, 91 Staman, Max, 76, 225 Standish, Tom, 91 Stanfield, John, 255 Stapleton, Charles, 76 Starkovich, Jean, 76 Sterner, Jack, 76, 251 Starr, Robert, 49, 177, 255 Steele, Anne, 92, 209 Steinhour, Richard, 94, 243 Stelk, Richard, 49, 133, 243 Stenberg, Katherine, 49, 203 Stenberg, Grace, 92, 205 Stephens, Charles P. 92, 106, 259 Stevens, Charles W., 66 Stephens, Evelyn, 76, 221 Stevens, John, 91 Stev art, Ralph, 76, 257 Stine, Don, 49 Stock, Clyde, 66 Stockett, Lloyd, 92 Stokes, Jesse, 66, 278 Stoll, Barbara, 76, 217 Stone, John, 66 Stoner, Donald, 91, 235 Storey, John, 92 Stouffer, 66, 255, 268 Stout, Joyce, 49, 211 Strange, Mary, 76, 129, 130, 217 Strannigan, Elizabeth, 76, 124, 129, 130 Strecker, Jane, 91, 146, 153 Streett, Donald, 91 Stuart, Clifford, 76 Stufft, Wayne, 49, 141, 237 Sullivan, Robert, 66, 106, 251 Summers, Emily, 66, 217 Suranyi, Richard, 76, 243 Surber, Gene, 76, 119, 224 Svoboda, Gerald, 76, 251 Swanstrom, Shirley, 91, 147, 164, 221 Sydenham, Shirlee, 66 T Talagan, Dean, 92, 239 Taliaferro, Beverley, 76 Tanner, John, 76, 113, 265, 268 Taucher, Glen, 76, 243 Taylor, Don, 91, 123, 221 Taylor, Ella Jane, 53 Taylor, Howard, 270 Taylor, John, 49, 265 Taylor, Lavoy, 91, 133 Taylor, Milton, 92, 265 lew, Don, 91 Therkildsen, Margery, 91 Thomas, Richard, 40, 94, 100, 110, 160 Thompson, Alan, 77, 229 Thompson, Clyde, 92 Thompson, Donald, 92 Thompson, Melvin, 66, 113, 265 Thompson, Stan, 91, 277 Thoren, Dennis, 77, 113, 147 Thorne, Charles F., 91, 143, 239 Thorson, Eleanor, 92 Tighe, Robert, 49, 115, 176, 243 Tight, William, 49, 115, 100, 176, 243, 268 Tihen, Lucretia, 77, 136, 167 Till, Terrell, 77, 136, 167 Tillett, Rovert, 50 Tobin, Richard, 94, 100 Tolin, Francis, 91 Tolin, Marion, 66, 158 Tomicich, Barbara, 66 Tomlin, Donald, 66, 115, 176 Tomsik, Patricia, 66, 207 Tonn, Ann, 67, 153, 164 Tonn, Laura, 67, 153, 164 Torkelson, Anthony, 92, 239 Toucher, Patricia, 77, 326 Toucher, Joseph, 92 Towner, Karen, 92, 213 Toyias, Michael, 67, 243 Troughton, Agnes, 92, 213 Trout, William, 67 Trullinger, Lyie, 50, 177, 270 Tsiouvaras, Nicholas, 50, 111, 141 Tuggle, Gary, 92, 277 Tugman, Shirley, 92 Suley, Ronald, 67, 224 Turk, Naim, 67, 143, 150 Turner, Carrol, 67 Tuttle, Sherry, 50, 166 Tuttle, Leon, 67, 106, 107, 181, 243, 295 Tuttle, Marian, 50, 166, 221, 305, Twitchell, Susan, 67, 126, 131, 144, 154, 207, 318, 319 Tyndall, Constance, 67 Tyndall, Marion, 13 U Uchner, David, 77 Udewitz, Norman, 92, 253 Underwood, Alice, 92, 133, 163, 201 Underwood, Harry, 77, 265 UpDike, Betty Jo, 92, 147, 162 Updike, David, 77, 259 Urbigkit, Albert, 92, 140 Utterback, Rebecca, 50 V Valencia, James, 67 Vanberg, Ben. 50, 168, 302 Van Blair, Lorraine, 77, 214 Van Cleve, Paul, 67, 237 Vandekoppel, Richard, 77, 259 Vandal, John, 77, 123, 143, 259 Van Drew, Charlotte, 92, 144, 155, 162, 209 Van Horn, James, 77, 270 Vanreekum, Catherine, 92, 136, 147 Vaughn, Ralph, 67 Vegos, Charles, 77, 225 Vesco, Albert, 92 Vidakovich, John, 92 Vincent, Jerome, 77 Vollmer, Shirley, 92, 163 Voorhees, Jerry, 50, 140 Voss, Barbara, 92, 144, 162, 201 W Waage, Hans, 67, 225 Wacker, Mainard, 50, 118, 139, 141, 176 Waechter, Carol, 93, 205 Wagner, Randall, 67, 259 Wagner, Shirley, 77 Wahed, Abdul, 50, 138, 150 Wahl, Walter, 50, 117 Waitman, Jerry, 93 Walker, William, 93, 245 Wallace, William, 93, 288 Wallenstein, Arthur, 93 Walsh, John, 50 Walter, Kenneth, 93 Walters, Shirley, 93, 163 Wardlaw, Gene, 77, 119 Waring, Roselyn, 77, 147, 165 Warner, Mary Lue, 53 Warren, Larry, 93, 277 Wasden, Mary Sue, 77, 162 Wasden, John, 77, 147 Waters, Joyce, 77, 221 Watson, Janet, 93, 163, 221 Watts, John, 77, 255, 270 Webb, Harold, 53, 112 Weber, Alfred, 93, 257 Weber, Ray, 288 Weber, Willard, 93, 239 Weber, Wayne, 77 Weesner, Gordon, 93, 239 Weis, John, 93, 253 Weifhoff, Frederic, 67 Weiss, Marvin, 77 Wells, Gordon, 136 Wells, Lory, 93, 239 Welsh, Jean, 93 Wesswick, Louise, 77, 130, 144 Westerfield, Shirley, 67, 116, 129, 131, 142, 154, 166 Westerhausen, John, 107 Westgaard, Olaf, 1 1 1 Wheeler, Lealand, 77, 123 Wheeler, Loretta, 93 White, James, 77 White, Jay, 77 White, Les, 50, 111, 106, 137, 180 White, William, 67, 255 Whitlock, John, 67 Wilcock, Barbara, 67, 226, 255 Widick, Donald, 93 Wiley, Willia, 67, 225, 226 Wilhelm, Harvey, 67 Willadsen, James, 77 Willford, Bruce, 77, 234 Williams, Carl, 94 Williams, Earl, 94, 100 Williams, Carolyn, 50 , 124, 207 Williams, Marin, 67 Williams, Patricia, 77, 133 Williams, Richard, 77 Williams, Robert, 77, 251 Williams, Sandra, 67, 305 Williams, Sherie, 93, 221 Williams, Thomas, 93, 249 Williams, Joseph, 93 Willingham, Robert, 50, 177 Willis, Minta, 77, 129, 130, 153, 250 Willis, Lynne, 77, 130, 214 Willoughby, Jerry, 277 Willox, James, 93, 239 Wilson, Charles, 67, 181 Wilson, Clifford, 67 Wilson, Ronald, 50 Winn, Bettie, 50 Wintermote, Stanley, 77, 278 Winters, Elmer, 94, 160 Wirth, Harold, 50 Wolcott, Donald, 67, 131, 265 Wollenzien, De Earl, 107 Wolz, Charles, 93, 239 Wood, Colleen, 51, 217 Wood, Pamela, 77, 153, 155, 211 Wood, Robert, 67 Woodhead, Donna, 93, 162 Woodhead, George, 77 Woodward, Guy, 93 Woolington, Shirley, 93, 155, 205 Woolrich, Margaret, 153 Worden, Merle, 93, 277 Wortham, Donald, 77 Wright, Mary, 77 Wray, James, 77 Wright, Sharron, 93, 147 Wright, William, 135, 253 Wuthier, Amylu, 135, 147 Wyke, Rosa, 67 Wynvan, Sherman, 78, 259 Y Yant, Howard, 93, 133, 267 Yates, Jean, 78, 211 Yauncey, John, 57, 111, 139, 168 Yeamen, Donald, 78 Yoder, John, 93, 260, Yorges, Clara, 78, 199 York, Loren Joseph, 93 Yost, Robert, 93 Yost, Wilbur, 78, 251, 268 Young, Shirley, 78, 136, 154, 201 Z Zell, Ray, 51, 225, 268 Zoubul, Olympia, 93, 251 Zowada, Larry, 93, 277 Zueck, Aldo, 51, 243, 268 Zueck, Victor, 93, 245 Zwonitzer, Ronald, 67, 127, 237, 295 335 SWAN SONG Once again a WYO goes to press, and another staff can breathe a sigh of relief. We ' ve given the 1955 edition birth, nurtured it v ith loving hands, and novy send our protege to Dallas where, we beg, it will be handled with care, and will develop into the fine, strong yearbook we have envisioned. In this issue we have endeavored to give you students something a little differ- ent, and we hope you ' ll feel as we do that the innovations make a better book. Our advertising scattered throughout the volume, thus eliminating the advertising sec- tion, is probably the greatest departure from the past. We hope that you will like this idea as well as we do. As you have probably noticed, for the Swan Song is al- ways the last thing read, if at all, we don ' t have a theme in the book. The only thing resembling a theme is the fact that we have tried to tell the story of student life at Wyoming. We hope that we have told this story well. For the first time, we have been able to procure a full color, full cover photograph. We imagine that you can spend quite a few cold winter evenings trying to find yourself in the crowd. Now to those who worked so hard to produce the WYO, all we can say is one word —Thanks. To Dex Glover, business manager, who had the hard job of making money so we could spend it; to Claude Mapes, assistant editor, who has done so much, and taken such a load off our shoulders; to photographer Randy Wagner, for all those fine pictures which do so much to make a book; we wish to express our appreciation. And to all the section editors, without whose hard work the annual could never have been completed. So here it is, and we hope you like it. _ ;;:?5V ' i ' 5 ' «Z- y -- - - 336 llsS , aocSii, . w, i .iM ' ' ,1 jf ■■■ jp • I .««,« »-. ' ,J ' , |8S- -_ J W w [ 13% ' 5ti|fT ImiLj- . . ' ,4 ■.,,._ ' ' • ' ■■4 h9P m ■i» " " • . ■ fe M| M ' ! ' ' I

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