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3 D Viewer — Use for pages 2 through 8. An exclusive feature of the 1954 WYO. The associated students of the University of Wyoming present the the world looks to vs oming and views a state of contrast — industry beside rugged scenery, hospitality combined with a striking aggressiveness, the old and the new. In the new is Wyoming ' s university, building leaders who will strive to keep the state of Wyoming continuing along the mountain trail of progress — the same trail which the people of Wyoming have been following since their wagon wheels first rolled across this contrast state. ' I ■ f 4K ' : s T. j ■ " ' " ■--• ' " ' ■ ' ' yj iii ' i ffj ? ' ' i I m ' m H M B m ffi -mr.vwvwmKam rmi " Wyoming, with its almost unlimited resources and possibilities, is a state of exceptional opportunity. Through the outstanding work at the University of Wyoming, we are implementing our vision. We are building, and on a firm foundation, a dynamic and forward-looking citizenry of which this Nation can well be proud. " Governor C. J. " Doc " Rogers kl Harold E. Brough Roy Chamberlain Clifford Hansen L. W. (Jack) Jones Tracy S. McCraken y Harold F. Newton J. M. Mclntyre 1 J- — . ...-A i Mrs. Lorna Patterson k. Roy Peck John A. Reed Milward L. Simpson J. R. Sullivan 10 President G. D. Humphrey 11 Dean of Men A. L. Keeney 12 " As the Dean of Women of the University of Wyo- ming, I am especially pleased to be given this oppor- tunity to send a word of greeting to the students of the campus through this publication. One of the most interesting divisions of the Dean of Women ' s work is her association with you students and your activities, and through you, the forming of a unified spirit which may contribute at the time and in after years to your college spirit. Through these activities, you students form a constructive attitude toward traditions which may help in determining your at- titude toward life in general. " Dean of Women E. Luella Galliver 13 J. F. Messer Accounting A. F. Vass Agronomy and Agric. Econ. Robert Pfadt Entomology and Parasitology N. W. Hilson Animal Production J. M. Boyle M. C. Mundell Art Business Administration A. J. McGaw Civil Engineering H. T. Northern Botany L. L. Smith English R. E. Conwell Economy, Sociology M. R. Bemis Educational Administration R. A. Morgan General Engineering, Drawins E. R. Schierz Chemistry V. O. Long Electrical Engineering -, ' S. H. Knight Geology J. R. MacNeel Guidance T. A. Larson History Verna Hitchcock Home Economics W. R. Biggs Journalism C. P. Barr Mathematics 14 E. J. Lindahl Mechanical Engineering R. D. Watkins Men ' s Physical Education Col. H. L. Connor Army ROTC Lt. Col. G. F. Maddox Air Force ROTC A. J. Dickman Languages A. A. WiUman Music C. A. Cinnamon Physics Hugh McFadden Psychology, Philosophy i H. H. Trachsel Political Science O. A. Death Research Chemistry O.K. Hendrix G. E. Hollister Personnel, Guidance Secondary Education Laura Summers Secretarial Sciences R. R. Dunham Speech E. C. Bryant Statistics F. A. Holmes Vocational Education Ruth E. Campbell Women ' s Physical Education R. H. Burns Dept. of Wool L. F. Clarke Zoology and Physiology J. D. Alford Correspondence Study w,j. :ii_Mi The world looks to those hands which will some day hold a diploma. CLASSES ij i . i j i i i . i .[ uujiiimmwjff,wu» raOT»«»»3BJWBW«« » » L ■9lte Adele Adams Sophomore Jean Anderson Junior John Anderson Freshman Mir Aqa Freshman Lynn Anselmi junior Orley Arthur Senior Mohammod Ata Graduate Nancy Bain Freshman John Baker Junior Douglas Bard Freshman Alice Berkley Junior Kenneth Blackburn Sophornore Kaye Blackner Sophomore Bert Bohmont Junior Bob Boner Freshman Hazel Borgialli Freshman Robert Brettell Freshman Lawona Briggs Freshman Donna Brown Junior Don Brownell Freshman Mary Bruegger Freshman Dorothy Buchanan Freshman Sally Budd Freshman Nancy Burton Freshman James Caines Freshman LaRue Campbell Junior Arland Carlson Senior Walter Carlson Sophomore James Carroll Sophomore Earl Chamberlain Senior Orvin Christopherson Junior Gene Chamberlain Sophon ore Donald Chaplin Freshman Frieda Christensen Freshman Chandler Church Freshman Margaret Cochran Junior LeRoy Coleman Junior John Collamer Freshman Colleen Collier Freshman Edmond Cook Freshman Earl Condie Freshman Richard Cropsey Freshman Lois Dallas Freshman Rustic Daniels Freshman Stanley Davidson Freshman George Davis Senior Arlen Davison Junior Adnan Demiruren Graduate Shirley Dempster Junior Shirley Dickson Freshman Shirley Diehler Freshman Tyler Dodge Junior Carolyn Douglass Sophomore Ken Dreusicke Junior Jim Echtermeyer Sophomore Whether it ' s roping, riding or reciting, the hard working lads and lassies of the Univer- sity ' s Agriculture college are here to show that there is a scientific method to every- thing. These future pokes agree that four years at Wyoming is a good way to start the long trail that will lead to future agricultural opportunities. Riding herd on these wrang- lers is Dean H. M. Briggs, who is responsible for ram-rodding the outfit scholastically and maintaining mighty high standards for the future graduates. 19 i 3 ' i • i M " Betty Erich Donald Erickson John Evans Laura Fairbairn Fred Fichtner Sophomore ]unior Freshman Junior Freshman Clyde Forbis Donald Force Maurice Freve Robert Freytag Leon Fritzler Freshman Sophomore Senior Junior Junior Kenneth Gardner Marjorie Gardner George Gibbs Peggy Glass Henry Goldman Senior Freshman Freshman Senior Junior Carl Grable Mary Graham Alvin Gray Barbara Grieve Newman Groves Freshman Freshman Senior Junior Graduate Abdul Hakim Mohammad Hamidi Owen Harding Sarah Hawes Robert Helmerick Freshman Freshman Freshman Sophomore Graduate Edward Henthorne Max Henthorne Donna Herman Gary Herold Zola Hickey Senior Sophomore ]unior Freshman Sophomore 20 Elaine Holkenbrink William Hovey Donald Holdaway Sophomore Junior Freshman Kay Ingraham Gene Inloes Lucy Ito Sophomore Freshman Sophomore Patricia Joder Frank Johnson Donald Johnston Junior Sophomore Freshman Chuck Jones Patricia Jons Arthur Joss Sophomore Freshman Fresh, man A. Z. Joy Sharon Joyce AIo Kandt Junior Sophomore Freshman Brant Keele Mary Kennah Kent Kinneburgh Freshman Senior Sophomore 21 Dwight Knott Sophomore Gerald LeBeau Senior Bill Koenig Sophomore Cleon Lesh Sophomore Kay Krajicek Sophomore Jack Lester Junior Jean Kugland Freshman Bert Lewark Sophomore Martha Kurtz Sophomore Geneal Livingston Sophomore Stanley Lancaster Sophomore Marilyn Loughary Junior Mary Laverty Freshman Clarence Lucas Freshman i «d Keith Lundberg Freshman James McMurry Junior Paul Lundberg Junior Robert McMurry Sophomore Anne McGowan Sophomore Michael McNamee Freshman Dan McMichael Junior Mohammad Maasu Freshman Donna McMichael Freshman Charles Mackey Freshman Bruce McMillan Freshman Janet Maebius Junior Jack McMurry Freshman Sandra Martin Sophomore 22 Richard Masters Freshman Cynthia Miller Sophomore Morton May Graduate Edward Miller Freshman Thomas Mercer Sophomore Frank Mockler Freshman Karl Meyer Freshman Martha Moedl Sophomore Harry Michael Sophomore Aileen Micheli Senior Payenda Mohammed Evelyn Moore Freshman Sophomore Dorothy Micheli Sophomore John Morris Senior H. M. Briggs, Dean Roberta Morris Sophomore James O ' Conqpr Senior Don Mowry Freshman Audrey Opstedahl Junior Harry Mueller Freshman Robert Palm Senior Larry Murray Junior Vivian Patten Sophomore Julius Nelson Freshman Ralph Pedersen Senior Evelyn Norris Sophomore Ted Peeks Sophomore J. W. Nuckolls Junior Erroll Petersen Freshman Marjorie Peterson Sophomore Zack Phifer ]unior Lloyd Pickett Senior Marilyn Pierson Sophomore Cris Poulos Sophomore Mir Qayum Freshman Margie Raben Junior Claire Racicky Freshman Robert Rackham Sophomore Jack Rea Junior Jack Rhoades Junior Jack Richards Senior John Roden Freshman Leah Ross Senior Abdul Safi Sophomore Tedc Schaffer Junior Louis Schilt Junior Shirley Schwabrow Freshman Jean Sears Junior Emroy Shannon Junior Dawn Sheahan Sophomore William Shepard Freshman Mariel Sims Freshman Doris Skelton Senior Robert Skelton Sophomore Robert G. Skelton Freshman Gale Smith Junior Bruce Soderholm Junior Janet Streeter Freshman Ken Stevenson Freshman Robert Sullivan Graduate Conrad Sutton Freshman Dean Swan Graduate John Tanner Freshman Craig Thomas Senior Joyce Thomson Senior William Thoren Freshman Jim Trenholm Junior Susan Twichell Sophomore William Van Trease Freshman Fay Von Krosigk Freshman Jack Wallis Sophomore John F. Wasden Freshman John Watts Sophomore Wayne Weber Senior Marvin Weiss Freshman Charles Welling Senior Louise Wesswick Freshman Talmadge Wheeler Sophomore Lucy Whiteman Sophomore Betty Wiant Freshman Charles Wiant Freshman Jack Wiggers Freshman Harvey Wilhelm Sophornore Tom Will Freshman James Willadsen Freshman Bruce Wilford Freshman Tom Wilson Junior Marilyn Wolfe Freshman Nelson Wren Senior Amylu Wuthier Freshman Roy E. Wuthier Senior Warren A. Wuthier Sophomore 25 Housewives of tomorrow plan their kitchens in Home Economics classes. Freshman students learn the differences between wheat and corn. 26 The smiling face of the man who hands out the excuses. a visit to the dean of men ' s office " Sure you can take the picture, as soon as I can clear off the top of my desk. " 27 V» - " ■• w Dixie Albee Freshman Hester AUemand Junior Dick Anderson Freshman Keith Andersen Sophomore Andy Andrikopoulos Sophomore Beverley Applegate Freshman Charlene Ashenhurst Sophomore Glenn Bakker Freshman Bernard Ballick Junior Robert Barlow Sophomore John Barnes Junior Nancy Barnes Junior Thelma Beeson Sophomore John Belecky Freshman Dale Berry Freshman Dorothy Berry Sophomore Louis Bockius Freshman Harold Bogus Senior Michael Bouzis Freshman Janet Boyd Freshman Jack Brandon Senior Walter Brantz Senior John Brorby Sophomore Weldon Brouillette Junior Arlene Bryant Freshman Bob Bryant Freshman George Busier Freshman Joe Capua Sophomore Jerry Carter Freshman Wilbur Carter Junior Dorthy Chamberlain Freshman James Chupin Freshman Ronald Christie Senior Lynn Clark Senior Carter Cochran Senior Beverly Coles Junior James Collet Sophomore Cynthia Collins Sophomore Fred Cowles Sophomore George Cox Senior Joan Crofts Sophomore James Crom Freshman Harriett Dallas lunior Beverly Dawson Senior Wm. DeMontbreun Senior Larry Deti Sophomore Verna Dickman Freshman Delano Dinelly Sophomore James Dixon Freshman Alfred Droney Freshman Barbara Dusek Sophomore Fred Earley Senior Jimmy Elder Sophomore Theodore Ernst Freshman Betty Farthing Freshrnan college ° commerce m If you have an affinity for punching many mysterious buttons on many mysterious ma- chines and don ' t mind totaling columns of figures as high as the Empire State Building you ' ll like the College of Commerce. Whether it ' s debit or credit, cat and mouse, or just throwing adding machines at each other, the business-minded student will find many fields of endeavor and challenge within the fortified walls of the commerce college which will aid them in the years to come. 29 i s ' » N ' I Sally Feltner Senior Jack Floerke Sophomore Deiores Garretson Junior Sanford Griffin Freshman Richard Hart Freshman Margaret Hirsig Sophomore Dee Fielding Senior Marilyn Freeman Senior Thomas Geier Freshman Robert Guthrie Senior James Hauser Freshman David Hallowell Freshman Carolyn Fintus Freshman Edward Friesen Senior Nicholas Gill Freshman Roger Hamer Sophomore Fritz Heiss Sophomore Pearl Hopkins Freshman Mansueto Flaim Junior Delia Fullerton Freshman Art Glenn Sophomore James Hams Senior Phyllis Hensleigh Freshman Eleanor Horton Freshman Bob Fletcher Freshman Allan Fulton Senior Richard Glover Sophomore Donald Harris Senior Irma Hester Freshman Bob Jensen Sophomore 30 Robert Jingling Alfred Johnson Junior Junior Paul Katsampes Richard Kershner Freshman Junior Mike Korte William Lange Freshman Sophomore Floramae Johnson Sophomore Richard Key Joan Johnson Senior Ronald Kirk Margie Jorgensen Sophomore Steve Kofakis Senior Jack Langford Freshman Rebecca Litterback Senior Latham Lawton Senior Monty Luman Senior Lake Lindsey Freshman Jack McConnell Junior Robert McCullough Senior Louis Madrid Junior Sophomore Polly McDowell Freshman William Meeboer Freshman Junior William McLeod Sophomore Carol Meeks Senior 31 Carla Mill Sophomore Barbara Mundell Sophomore Ronald Miller Junior Harold Mundschenk Senior Frank Mills Freshman Lloyd Myers Fresh man Larry Mishkind Senior Larry Moore Freshman Donald Napierkowski Richard Nelson Sophomore Freshman Ted Morgan Freshman James Nielson Senior Bert Morrison Senior Peter Olson Senior Edwin Patrick Junior Richard Porter Senior Gene Payne Freshman John Pratt Senior Gayiord Pearson Junior Ben Pursley Junior Emilie Peterson Sophomore Darrell Rasmussen Sophomore Barney Pizzoli Junior LaNiel Reasch Senior Richard Pizzoli Freshman Lyell Reilly Junior Troyce Policky Freshman Margaret Reilly Freshman 32 Jane Renkel Sophomore Ernest Rumpf Sophomore Charles Richardson Sophomore Harold Rumsey Junior JoDell Riddle Freshman John Rushing Sophomore Betty Riley Freshman Richard Sako Seward Robb Senior John Schuelke Freshman Francine Rose Freshman Elaine Schwid Senior Bob Rothe Freshman Frank Scorsone Senior M. C. Mundell, Dean Stephen Sekerak Sophomore Dorothy Smith Freshman Shirley Sellers Junior Howard Smith Sophomore Vernon Sessions Junior Barbara Stratton Sophomore Maxine Shaw Freshman Robert Sullivan Sophomore Karleen Shoop Freshman Shirlee Sydenham Sophomore Bud Sills Freshman Robert Tate Freshman Sue Sims Sophomore Robert Titus Sophomore 33 , " l y 10 1 Leon Tuttle Sophomore Betty Underwood Freshman JoAnn Van Arsdall Senior Jerome Vincent Freshman Shirley Wagner Freshman Kenneth West Junior Thomas Wheatley Freshman Lewis Wheeler lunior Carolyn Williams Junior Terry Willoughby Sophomore Robert Wilson Freshman Kenneth Wingo Senior ■.. N Bettie Winn Junior Pamela Wood Freshman Robert Wood Sophomore DeEarl Wollenzien Junior William Woolston Freshman Restina Yonkoff Sophomore Will they be able to run around a desk too ? 34 a study in Wyoming shadows h ' 35 it Barbara Aegerter Freshman Paula Ainsworth Freshman Dannie Alexander Freshman Nancy Alexander Freshman Raymond Allemand Freshman Emmett Allen Freshman i Robert Allphin Junior Ila Anderson Junior Nancy Anderson Freshman Beverly Atkinson Sophomore Donna Ayer Senior Catherine Badley Freshman William Baldwin Graduate Elizabeth Ball Sophomore Joanne Ball Senior Beverly Ballew Freshman Shirley Ballinger Freshman Nancy Bane Senior C ' 1 Betty Barney Freshman Anson Bell Senior Laura Lee Bell Sophomore Patricia Bennett Junior Karen Benson Sophomore Hanna Benzel Senior Wilma Berry Junior Beverly Bishop Sophomore Nancy Black Freshman Betty Blanchard Senior Mary A. Blanchard Sophomore Elizabeth Blood Freshman 36 Marilyn Bogue Junior Carole Boyd Freshman David Bradley Freshman Janet Bradley Freshman James Bratcher Junior Jay Breazeale Junior Thornton Bromley Junior Francis Brown Junior Rulan Burnham Junior Beverly Busteed Sophomore Miriam Call Sophomore Richard Carver Freshman Jacqueline Casey Senior Francis Chisholm Sophomore Marlene Christensen Senior Phyllis Clare Freshman Luella Clingenpeel Sophomore Donald Cole Senior Spiro Contos Sophomore Charles Cooper Sophomore Anna Belle Cozzens Sophomore Nancy Crandall Senior Rosemary Crom Junior Beverly Britton Freshman Oris Chamberlain Graduate The guys and gals of the college of education are a hard-working bunch to say the least. A few of the gruelling tasks confronting the modern educator range from observing stu- dents from the elementary to secondary levels to the nerve-racking job of practice teaching. The main project of these future teachers is to prove that they really aren ' t the little monsters they appear to be. Dean O. C. Schwiering is acclaimed by many stu- dents for the guidance he has given. 37 j • , Ernestine Damitz Dinah Daniel Senior Freshman Ritario Decker Cyril Dennis Senior Graduate Katherine Dinneen Lois Dominisk Senior Freshman Linda Dudenhaver Lee Dunham Sophomore Senior Nick Eliopulos Jon Erickson Junior Freshman Robert Folster Shirley Ford Freshman Freshman Joan Davidson Jerry Davis Richard Davis Senior Freshman Freshman James Dever Ann Dewey James Dillon Freshman Sophomore Sophomore John Doyle Mary Ann Drew Ron Drost Sophomore Senior Sophomore Frank Edwards Prudence Edwards John Finer Sophomore Freshman Sophomore Delores Eschliman Lonnie Eschliman James Fenimore Junior Freshman Freshman Paul Frazier Cleo Fuller Vernon Gale Senior Freshman Graduate I 38 Barbara Gillett Betty Ann Gilmore Paul Gray Sophomore Junior Freshman Donald Hair Patricia Hamilton Sharon Hand Graduate Senior Senior Jim Herd Margaret Heuermann Van Hicks Senior Freshman Sophomore Beatrice Hocken Robert Hockley Donna Hofferber Junior Senior Freshman Harry Hoffman Betty Jean Holiday Patricia Hollcraft Graduate Freshman Senior Joyce Holm Linda Holtz Patricia Hill Sophomore Senior Freshman 39 college of « education Edwin Hopka Erma Horn Graduate Freshman Hugh House Senior Sydney Howe Junior Amayda Hoy Sophomore Doris Hunt Junior Patricia Huntley Freshman Wendell Hurt Edward Huse Junior Sophomore Nina Huston Junior Karen Ishmael Freshman Lois Janesofsky Freshman Florence Johnston Freshman JoEllen Johnston Freshman Mary Johnson Sophomore Donna Killebrew Junior Emelie Jones Senior Doris Kim Junior Lois Jons Freshman Mary King Junior Shirlee Kalinowski Freshman Douglas Kingdon Junior Edwin Kaser Graduate Sally Kingham Sophomore Mary Kelsey Freshman Richard Kinzer Junior Dolores Kidman Sophomore Betty Kirkwood Senior 40 Barbara Kmetz Freshman Hazel Kuns Junior Lucille Knebel Freshman Pete Kutches Sophomore Anna Kness Sophomore Halene Landen Junior George Kobel Freshman Ray Lansing Freshman Michael Kouris Sophomore Norma Lavery Freshman Stanley Kouris Senior Donna LeBaron Freshman Rae Lee Kreps Freshman John Lenihan Junior O. C. Schwiering, Dean Jean Lewis Freshman Janet Lyon Freshman Jane Long Freshman Raymond Malody Sophomore Mary Long Sophomore Donna Marburger Senior Jack Longnecker Junior Shirley Marlatt Senior Mignon Loveland Sophomore John Martell Freshman Irma Lungren Freshman Albert Martin Senior Priscilla Lynch junior Luke Massengill Sophomore 41 Joe Mastrogiovanni Sophomore Russell Mather Sophomore Edward McAfee Freshman Eleanor McCord Senior Lloyd McCullough Graduate Jo McGill Freshman ii Nancy Mclntyre Junior Loraine McNamera Freshman Frances McNeill Junior Mary Michie Senior Iris Mitchell Freshman Harlene Mocroft Sophomore Gerald Molaskey Sophomore Annette Moore Senior Robert Moore Junior Ann Morgan Junior Eugene Morris Sophomore Lewis Morris Sophomore ■ ■■■■i ' James Mulvehal Senior Alan Nauman Junior Ruth Ann Nebeker Freshman Daniel Nickla Freshman Pat Norris Junior Robert Noyes Freshman I Richard Null Sophomore K ' - 1- David Ochsenschlager tRSSSi • ■ 1 Sophomore " SL L- ' ■■ James O ' Dell ■?3t- ' • - ' Junior JW Elizabeth O ' Leary Sophomore Elva Olson v C Sophomore Jack O ' Neal Junior 42 Frank Ono Senior Allan Orler Graduate Mary Parkison Freshman Carolyn Patrick Sophomore Miriam Pape Freshman Mildred Payne Senior Dorothy Pearce Junior Richard Pearson Freshman Pam Peeks Senior Nancy Peterson Freshman Toddy Petroff Sophomore Alfred Peyton Senior Diane Picard Sophomore Verl Picard Junior John Pickens Freshman Jean Kay Platts Sophomore Jenny Poljanec Senior Nick Popravaic Freshman Eddie Posa Sophomore Joyce Powers Freshman Betty Pryde Senior Marcia Quale Sophomore Melvin Quails Senior Carol Radosevich Freshman Jack Rafferty Sophomore and you should have heard the noise ! - -«i •si j! ' Ink ' • r A Joanna Rand Glen Resler Dona Richard Fred Richardson Pat Rivers Sophomore Junior Freshman Junior Junior Elvin Rizor Alice Rizzi Leo Rizzi Janet Robertson Wilma Robson Senior Sophomore Graduate Junior Junior Janet Royer Frankie Russell James Russell Margaret Rutherford Don Ryan Sophomore Sophomore Freshman Freshman Sophomore Neimat Saber Vernon Salisbury Lou Ann Sandburg Frank Sannes Jack Saunders Graduate Freshman Sophomore Senior Graduate Mary Ann Savage Josephine Savory Laurania Schamber Loretta Schipporeit Joann Schneider Sophomore Junior Senior Senior Sophoraore Nancy Seeburg David Sedar Joan Sedgwick Nancy Seltenrich John Seyfang Senior Senior Senior Freshman Graduate 44 Harold Sharpnack Bill Sharp Senior Senior Emma Sinclair Ellen Skoric Junior Freshman Diane Smith Natalie Smith Sophomore Sophomore Marvene Shidler Ann Sims Marion Sims Senior Freshman Junior John Skube Ann Smith Betty Smith Freshman Freshman Senior Marilyn Snelling Sharon Snyder John Sostrom Sophomore Junior Sophomore Joan Stafford Jean Starkovich Barbara Sterner Sophomore Freshman Junior Evelyn Stephens Charlsie Stevens Don Stine Freshman Sophomore Senior Elizabeth Strannigan Kathleen Strong Martha Strong Freshman Freshman Sophomore 45 Jean Suttle Graduate Carl Tomich Senior Earl Taylor Senior Patricia Tomsik Sophomore Jeanne Taylor Graduate Ann Tonn Sophomore Don Tew Freshman Laura Tonn Sophomore Marion Tolin Sophomore Diane Trullinger Junior Melvin Thompson Freshman Lyle Trullinger Junior Jo Ann Thorburn Sophomore Robert Tyer Senior Helen Urmson Freshman Marjorie Warner Senior Charles Van Blair Senior Lorraine Van Blair Freshman Roberta Wasserburger Roselyn Waring Sophomore Freshman Louis Vialpando Freshman Merrilyn Waymire Senior Carlene Vontz Freshman Harold Webb Graduate Charles Wagner Freshman Fredric Weishoff Sophomore Robert Ward Junior Robert Welty Graduate 46 k i John Weiler Sophomore Bill Wilson Junior Jnell Whitlock Junior Charles Wing Senior George Whiteside Senior Barbara Windom Freshman Dee Wieland Freshman Colleen Wood Junior Barbara Wilde Senior Ann Woodworth Junior Sandra Williams Sophomore Margaret Woolrich Sophomore Minta Willis Freshman Mary Wright Freshman Adolph Zellner Senior Teachers of tomorrow. And the next symbol 47 college of unionology The Union is the heart of the cam- pus, and to prove this, we offer the following evidence: We find students and faculty there morning, afternoon, and evening. We find them working, playing, and just relaxing. Yes, we see them . . . In the lounge 48 At the notions counter . . . In the fountain room . At the eternal bridge game Eating ice cream Playing pool . . . and just talking. 49 Raymond Abplanalp Senior Abdul-Hai Abuncy Sophomore Jose ' Acuna Graduate James Allen Sophomore Roy Amick Jr. Freshman Allen Andersen Freshman William Baker Senior Robert Banish Freshman William Banish Senior Pablo Barriga Freshman Donald Bass Sophomore James Bath Freshman mm. Taylor Belt Graduate John Benson Senior Charles Bergman Senior Robert Bergman Junior Duane Berrier Junior Tommie Berry Junior p f Charles Besso Senior Don Blasko Senior Charles Beagle Sophomore William Bieg Junior Tony Brekken Junior Louis Breuninger Junior George Brown Junior George Brow Sophomore aHp«» , Thomas Brubalser Freshman wm Charles Bruch jm T Senior Jack Bryant Junior % ' ht. Cloyce Buckert jk%m.,_ Senior 50 George Bull Junior Jack Busier Senior Gerald Butcher Junior Daniel Butler Freshman Duane Call Freshman James Campbell Freshman Maurice Campbell Sophomore William Carey Junior Robert Casey Junior Robert Casteel Freshman Paul Castleberry Sophomore Bruce Challman Sophomore Charles Chase Freshman Glen Chedsey Sophomore Edward Christensen Senior Carl Cinnamon Sophomore Jay Clark Freshman Merlin Clark Sophomore Richard Clark Freshman Gerald Clawson Junior Frank Cole Freshman Harold Cole Sophomore Earl Coleman Freshnan Richa.-d Colleoni Junior William Collier Freshman I I -« ' K .. ■« " C " -,- I Jack Cook Marvin Copple Charles Cornwall Richard Cozzens James Crawford Sophomore Freshman Freshman Sophomore Freshman Leo Crawford Harvey Crowe Alvin Danielson Joseph Daly Larry Deaver Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Junior Jack Dewey Jack DeBolt John Denham Stanley DeVore Don Diller Sophomore ]unior Freshman Sophomore Sophomore Gus Djimapitis Carlton Doe Donald Doerr Floyd Dolce John Doyle Freshman Junior Junior Freshman Junior Jim Dawney Ray Dudley Richard Dunifer Daniel Dunlap Ranee Dunmire Sophomore Sophomore Freshman Freshman Junior William Ebsen James Edgeington Eugene Eggleston Carl Ehrman Dale Ellis Freshman Junior Freshman Sophomore Freshman 52 i tc Floyd Ellis Junior Louis Fermelia Freshman Clifford Flaharty Senior Floyd Ellison Freshman Kay Ferrin Senior Franklin Flohr Sophomore Robert Englehart Russell Eritt Richard Everett Graduate Freshman Junior John Field Robert Finch John Fisher Senior Senior Senior James Force Larry Frame Carl Frank Junior Freshman Sophomore John Frank Jimmie Franklin Michael Fresques Sophomore Freshman Sophomore Luther Frobel Jack Frost Dale Fuller Freshman Sophomore Sophomore Donald Gardner James Geier Robert Generaux Freshman Junior Sophomore 53 college of engineering Richard Ghoslin Freshman James Goodman Junior Dave Gibson Sophomore Robert Grapes Sophomore Eugene Gillette ]unior William Grilles Sophomore Jack Gilmore Freshman Raymond Grote Freshman Donald Gilpin ]unior William Grove Senior James Gist Junior Gary Guilford Sophomore Bury! Glasser Senior Joe Hymer Freshman John Hall Freshman Vernon Helkenn Freshman George Hancock Sophomore Richard Henderson Junior David Hankins Sophomore Roy Henderson Junior Ronald Harless Junior Arthur Hernandez Freshman Loy Harris Freshman Robert Herzog Sophomore Richard Hartwell Freshman Ted Hillstead Sophomore Marvin Heim Senior Kayyuen Hing Sophomore 54 Illlgig t c ' -WW. ks: kk Duane Holland Sophomore Louis Hunt Sophomore James Hollister Freshman DeVon Hurd Junior Kenneth Houtz Freshman Russell Hynes Sophomore William Hovis Freshman Robert Iglehart Senior Harold Hoyt Sophomore Fabien IvanofF Senior Robert Hudelson Sophomore Raymond Jackson Freshman John Huntzinger Freshman Marcel Jelovchan Sophomore H. T. Person, Dean Mac Jenkins Junior Don Jones Junior John Jenny Freshman Bruce Jones Junior K : n ' .- )l Tommy Joens Junior Jeffrey Jones Freshman Melvin Johnson Freshman Maurice Jordan Freshman Norman Johnson Freshman Harry Jorgensen Junior ? Victor Johnson Freshman Allan Joslyn Sophomore Charles Jones Junior Roy Julius Freshman 55 Hans Juliusburger Junior Bernard Justesen Junior Robert Kagle Freshman Gerald Kaufman Junior Don Kelley Junior Charles Koritnik Freshman Robert Kerr Sophomore John Kessner Freshman James Kilty Sophomore Donald Kinder Freshman Richard Kingham Senior Ronald Kirlin Freshman Wendell Knox Freshman Harry Konkel Freshman John Kylander Junior Donald Kynion Senior Mansel Lane Junior Donald Langwell Freshman Jj ■ ' , » • Lee Larson Junior Charles Lawson Sophomore Jack Leasure Freshman Harold Lee Senior Robert Leppiwk Senior Diggs Lewis Freshman . ' uim.mii. " ■ •fj;i£ j ' ' g ' .€y ' ar fcM MMi yM ii iM i8 ' .idr William Light Sophomore Leonard Lindstrom Senior Gerald Littlefield Junior Thomas Lockhart Freshman James Logen Freshman Don Ludwig Junior Robert Lusche Freshman Lelian McCoy Junior Kent McDaniel Junior Robert McDonald Junior Phillip Mcjunkin Freshman Edward McKinney Junior Joseph McPherson Senior Donald Mabie Freshman Robert Madsen Junior Doyle Maness Freshman Claude Mapes Freshman Darrell Maret Freshman Jack Marshall Senior Andrew Marushack Freshman John Mateyak Freshman Robert Mears Junior William MefFord Sophomore John Merchant Sophomore Jim Messer Sophomore Lilvon Michael Freshman Gene Michel Freshman Michael Michnick Junior Kenneth Miller Senior Richard Miller Sophomore Stanley Miller Freshman Those mysterious lads that you see wander- ing about the campus with their long leather scabbards at their sides and those huge tele- scopes mounted on tripods are not really secret service men, but industrious members of our Engineering College. Whether it ' s civil, electrical or mechanical, the University of Wyoming Engineering College has them all. We ' re mighty proud of the fact that the Engineering College is one of the highest ranked in the nation. The guiding hand of all of these mighty colleges belongs to Dean H. T. Person. 57 iT " Mlft ' ,1 Ray Minster John Mobley Junior Freshman Jerrold Moore Kenneth Moore Sophomore Fr eshman Richard Mortenson Don Muckey Freshman Senior Otto Nakamo Theodore N st Sophomore Sophomore Richard Owens Howard Parks Freshman Sephomore Laurice Peterson Martin Peterson Freshman junior •v. ww— i iW ' Br. " % • ' . I -T - Alvin Moine Andrew Montgomery Senior Freshman Kenneth Moore Robert Moore Freshman junior Robert Mueller James Munson Sophomore junior Ronald O ' Connell Angel Ornelas junior Senior Robert Panes Kenneth Payne Sophomore junior Robert Peterson Gerald Peyton junior Senior Eugene Moore Sophomore James Morell Freshman Steve Myska Freshman Thomas Osborne Freshman Dale Peterson Freshman Charles Pfeifer Sophomore 58 William Phillips Senior Thomas Pope Junior Abdul Qaissaunee Sophomore Wilber Pifer Sophomore Gene Powers Senior Charles Quinn Freshman Dean Piper Dale Plaster Leon Poitras Junior Junior Junior Lawrence Price Lloyd Pullam Gerald Purdy Sophomore Senior Junior John Quinn John Radford Bill Ray Sophomore Sophomore Senior Albert Read Charles Reed William Reed Senior Freshman Freshman Donald Rees Rufus Renfrew Gordon Richardson Junior Sophomore Freshman Dale Roberts Larry Roberts Howard Robson Freshman Senior Graduate 59 college of engineering Glenn Rogers Freshman Henry Schoneberg Freshman James Rounds Freshman Paul Schueler Junior Robert Rudolph Senior Richard Schultheis Freshman Raymond Russell Senior Barbara Scott Junior Dean Ryder Freshman James Scott Freshman Douglas Saathoff Freshman Robert Scott Sophomore Ray Saunders Senior Bill Sears Junior Louie See Junior Raymond Silvestri Freshman Virgil Seslar Freshman Burton Simpson Freshman Larry Shassetz Freshman Russell Simpson Freshman Bill Shinmori Senior Vincent Siren Sophomore Donald Shoop Junior Morris Skinner Senior Robert Shopland Graduate Ronald Slater Sophomore Warren Siebold Junior James Slotta Junior 60 Larry Slotta Sophomore Jack Starrier Freshman Lee Smathers Sophomore Tom Stroud Junior Robert Snyder Freshman Richard Suranyi Freshman Robert Spaulding Sophomore Gene Surber Freshman John Sparks Senior Gerald Svoboda Freshman James Spiegelberg Sophomore Dean Swindler Freshman Wally Staat Sophomore Donald Tech Senior And then there ' s the one about Charles Thompson Gerald Thompson Robert Tighe William Tighe Harold Torrey Nicholas Tsiouvaras Joe Tuck Sophomore Junior Junior Junior Senior Junior Freshman Ronald Tuley Sophomore Harry Underwood Freshman Benjamin Vanberg Junior Richard Vandekoppel James Van Horn Jerry Voorhees Freshman Freshman Junior 61 Hans Waage Sophomore John Werner Senior Mainard Wacker Junior Olaf Westgaard Sophomore James Wagner Senior Henry Weston Freshman Eugene Warlaw Freshman Les White Junior Wayne Weber Freshman John Whitlock Sophomore Charles Wender Freshman Robert William Freshman Lyle Wendling Senior Martin Williams Sophomore Richard Williams Senior George Woodhead Freshman Richard Williams Freshman James Wray Freshman Charles Wilson Sophomore John Walsh Junior Donald Wolcott Sophomore John Yauney Junior Rex Wolfe Freshman Lorin Yeager Sophomore John Wolter Freshman Robert Zalph Freshman 62 Making paperweights ? Back a little. 63 Paul Adams Junior Sterling Case Junior Thomas Bogus Senior Thomas Fagan Senior Chuck Brown Freshman Leonard Georges Senior Glenn Bundy Senior Paul Godfrey Graduate Joseph Cardine Graduate Robert Hill Junior Paul Carlin Senior George Hopper Graduate Merl Case Graduate Donald Jensen Graduate Theodore Jefferson Freshman Lawrence Marty Senior George Kellam Senior Donald Mclntyre Senior Tom Kennelly Junior Roger McKenzie Graduate Harvey Landers Senior Maxwell Osborn Senior Leonard Lang Graduate Alan Simpson Senior Richard Leedy Senior Lesley Simpson Sophomore David Maloney Junior Richard Thomas Senior 64 Arnold Tschirgi Senior Carl Williams Graduate Elmer Winters Senior Those distinguished ' looking men and women you see hurrying about the campus over-burdened with high stacks of expensively-bound volumes reaching to the sky are not text book peddlers, but students of our great Law College. Whether in classrooms of their new million-dollar building or seated intently around steaming cups of coffee, these students will argue about anything from traffic tickets to first degree murder. Dean R. R. Hamilton wields the mighty gavel over these fu- ture counselors and can well be proud of the job they are doing in establishing the high standards necessary to promote a sound and effective law curriculum. R. R. Hamilton, Dean Concentration personified. 65 Harry Barrows Senior Robert Bevkowitz Senior George Bird Freshman Donald Bristow Junior Ruth Deland Junior Donald Deyo Sophomore 2%, «► " V Masami Doi Senior Fritz Carroll Junior Dorothy Crowder Senior Edward Garrity Senior Claude Gibler Senior Jack Gogerty Senior k William Hardigan Senior Floyd Harnagel Junior Kenneth Henderson Freshman Marilyn Hubbard Sophomore Duane Jenner Senior Charles Johnston Freshman • l-|iiiiff ' i Nancy Kidd Sophomore William Laya Junior Thomas Larsen Senior Edward Litecky Junior Otto Ludecke Senior John Martinez Junior Joseph Martino Senior Mieco Nakamura Sophomore Robert Nelson Freshman Wayne Nelson Sophomore Robert Pearce Junior James Rasmussen Sophomore 66 James Redfield Freshman Margaret Reed Freshman Albert Rodriguez Senior Isabella Roedel Senior James Scott Junior Melvin Schneiderman Sophomore John Schoneberg Senior Edwin Schroeder Sophomore Raymond Shell Junior Edwin Small Senior Eugene Smith Senior John Squeri Sophomore Joseph Teter Senior William Topley Freshman. Nairn Turk Sophomore Georgine Vickery Senior Parties, banquets, balls — life of the student in the College of Pharmacy is one of hilarity and ease. Besides working twenty five hours a day de vising new methods to paint aspirin tablets the various colors of the rainbow and then reselling them for high-powered drugs, these masters of the mortar and pestle have ample time for varied outside activities. These may include plotting against the Chemistry department and learning new methods for smuggling drugs out of the lab- oratories and into the international market. Des- pite all of these varied activities. Dean D. W. O ' Day will release a few of these students every spring to go out into the world and display the wares that they have acquired from one of the finest Pharmacy Colleges in the country. Students call on Dean O ' Day. 67 Janice Abbott Freshman Mary Adamcik Freshman Gwen Allbaugh Sophomore Howard Allspach Senior Dale Anderson Sophomore Don Anderson Junior Lawrence Anderson Freshman Nanci Andrew Junior Sanford Andrew Junior Ronald Annala Junior Leo Apland Freshman William Archibald Sophomore K ma -V Loy Arnoldi Freshman John Asay Senior Roland Austin Freshman Donna Babcock Freshman Harold Bacheller Sophomore Shirley Backer Sophomore Lynne Bailey Freshman Norma Bailey Senior Robert Bailey Junior Bobbie Baker Senior Connie Balafoufis Freshman Marilyn Bard Sophomore Gladys Barnett Freshman Earl Barnes Sophomore James Barnum Junior Hugh Barr Freshman Aileen Barton Freshman Janet Bass Freshman 68 Irvin Bassett Sop ' hon ore William Bayer Freshman Juliette Beaver Freshman Fred Beck Junior Diane Bechtel Senior Frank Belecky Sophomore Nadynne Bennitt Sophomore Warren Benson Freshman Anita Benton Senior Gloria Bentzen Senior Beverly Bergonzo Freshman Marilyn Berryman Sophomore Marytherese Best Sophomore Hazel Bever Freshman Loretta Bischoff Junior Averill Bishop Sophomore Gail Bithell Sophomore Robert Blanchard Sophomore Mary Blatt Sophomore Ronald Bodine Freshman Marlys Bogue Freshman Dick Bohrer Freshman Donald Bolich Junior Frederick Booth Freshman Faith Boswell Junior : 9 wu: y Joe Bowman Joan Bourne William Boyle Georgia Bragg Helen Brandmo Sienior ]ur or ]u.nior Vreshman Sophomore Vernon Breasezle Shirley Bristow Howard Brokaw Barbara Brooder Stan Brooks Senior Senior Senior ]unior Senior Glenette Brown Pat Brown Robert Bruce Mary Jo Budd Veva Bunn Vreshman Sophomore Vreshman Vreshman Sophomore Billy Burd Shirley Burdett Sandra Carey James Carlisle Betty Carmichael V-reshman Vreshman ]vi.nior Vreshman Vreshman James Carter Verla Carter Joseph Cassinat James Castberg Pete Cavalli Vyes Senior ] inior ]unior Vreshman Carol Charles Ronald Cheese Ben Chesebro Jo Ann Christensen Kent Christensen Vreshman Sophomore Vreshman Vreshrruxn 70 If you want it, we ' ve got it, should be the motto of Wyoming ' s Liberal Arts College. This college satisfies some of the most varied and desirable wants that have ever been concocted by the pro- gressive students ' mind. Aided by barrels full of major and minor curriculums as well as many commendable professional ones, the college has much to offer the young men and women of the world. Awarding downslips along with furnish- ing an ample supply of crying towels are a few of the many needy tasks performed by the college head, Dean O. H. Rechard, who is also blessed with maintaining law and order among this great melting pot of future artists. Marjorie Clare Sophomore Donald Cluxton Junior Dorothy Conene Sophomore Kenneth Cook Junior Dean Costello Freshman Helen Croft Freshman Rose Clark Robert Clark Senior Sophomore Sandra Cobetto Milton Coffman Sophomore Senior Charles Conrad Jerry Cook Junior Graduate Viola Coope Jim Cooper Freshman Freshman Pat Craig John Crissman Sophomore Freshman John Crow Arnold Cunningham Junior Freshman 71 college of liberal arts Margaret Currie Ronald Custis Junior Sophomore George Dahlgren Graduate Elna Dahlquist Freshman Louis Dale Sophomore James Daley Freshman Ronald Dalley Sophomore Merle Daly Arthur Danielson Freshman Graduate Richard Davies Freshman Donald Davies Sophomore Jim Davis Junior Leicester Davis Sophomore Miles Davis Sophomore Sandra Decker Freshman John Dolence Senior Charles Deland Graduate Jack Doud Freshman Harold Del Monte Junior Helen Drysdale Sophomore Charles Dixon Freshman Charles Dunlap Sophomore Charles Dixon Junior John Dumbrill Senior Dan Doherty Sophomore John Dunnewald Sophomore Joe Dolence Senior Robert DuPape Freshman 72 David Earnshaw Senior Richard Ellerby Senior John Esmay Junior Sally Flavin Freshman Charles Eaton Sophomore Howard Eisenhauer Freshman Fay Eaton Senior Polly Ekdall Junior Ballard Ebbett Senior Dewey Erich Freshman Ruth Eckley Sophomore William Erickson Sophomore Shirley Edgington Sophomore Harold Erikson Sophomore Joyce Elliot Freshman Lonnie Eschliman Senior O. H. Rechard, Dean Keith Fairbairn Senior Nancy Foster Sophomore Dan Fannon Sophomore Mable Fowler Freshman John Fanto Fieshman Mable Fowler Senior Ronald Farabee Freshman Gracia Fox Freshman Carolyn Farber Sophomore Robert Frank Sophomore Gerald Farmer Junior Marlene Franz Junior 73 Robert French Junior Paul Freytag Sophomore Nancy Fricke Junior James Funkhouser Junior James Gallup Freshman George Galuska Junior Albert Garcia Freshman Gerald Gardner Freshman Yvonne Gates Sophomore Bernard Gavino Freshman George Chester Sophomore William Gianola Freshman Leigh Giehm Freshman Ruth Gillespie Freshman Dave Gilmour Senior Jay Gilmour Senior Barbara Gilpin Freshman Eldon Gizinski Sophomore Merrill Godfrey Sophomore John Gosney Junior Leslie Graham Junior Lindley Grams Freshman Stanley Grant Graduate Hope Grillos Junior W Alice Guild Freshman Nadia Guindi Senior Mary Gunn Freshman Elwood Haines Sophomore Robert Hall Senior Sheila Hall Junior Bill Halseth Freshman Mary Hansen Freshman Bernold Hanson Graduate June Harper Sophomore James Harrower Junior Joyce Harris Freshman Lee Harston Sophomore Donald Hatcher Freshman Robert Hawes Senior Jo Ann Haycaft Sophomore Peter Hayden Freshman John Heissler Graduate Charles Hemry Senior Evelyn Henderson Sophomore Robert Henrickson Junior Diana Hewitt Freshman Richard Hildreth Sophomore Kay Hirsig Junior Jacquelyn Hoitsma Junior Ron Holdaway Freshman Margaret Holesapple Freshman Paul Holtz Junior Dean Holzworth Freshman Edward Horsley Senior Ellen Horton Freshman Aw, Gee ! i» ' ■tmrr ' C Barbara Howard Alice Hughes Edward Hunter Sally Hunter Jeanne Huntington ]unior Junior Freshman Sophomore Junior Barbara Hurst Robert Hylton Margaret Immeil Philip Irwin William Iverson ]uT iOT iunior Sophomore Senior Freshman Sarah Jackson Jerry Jarrett Jarvie Thomas Robert Jetter Douglas Johnson iunior Senior Sophomore Graduate Sophomore Shirley Johnson Frances Johnson Sterling Johnson Hugh Jones Vivian Jones Vreshman Junior Freshman Freshman Senior Kathryn Jons Ruth Kalal Elmer Kandt Joseph Kemmerer Marvin Kemper Senior Junior Freshman Graduate Sophomore Ronald Kendall Donald Keys Clifford Kirk Lois Klahn Steve Knezevich Freshman Sophomore Freshman Freshman Junior 16 Robert Knox Cecile Kochiras Senior Junior Elisabeth Kracht Nancy Krotter Sophomore Freshman Donald Landeen Allen Lange Senior Graduate Time out for a cigarette. Dorothy Kochiras David Kominsky Freshman Senior Alice Kubo Delphia Kugler Sophomore Junior Janice Larson Raymond Larsen Freshman Senior Robert Larson Kenneth Lassila Freshman Sophomore Jerry Legler Nadine Likes Freshman Freshman Lester Livingston Richard Lodewick Graduate junior Walter Kostynuk Junior George Kuntzman Freshman Laura Larson Sophomore Cornelis Leenleer Sophomore Sonya Lihdstrom Sophomore Leland Long Sophomore 77 Lois Long Freshman Meellee Luton Sophomore Robert Looney Junior Genevieve Lyon Freshman Thomas Love Junior Walter MacClean Freshman Donald Lorenzi Senior Evelyn MacDougall Freshman Robert Lott Junior Bill MacFarlane Senior Nancy Lubnau Sophomore Marion Maggard Junior Richard Luman Freshman Charles Marean Sophomore Olive Marean Sophomore Douglas McHenry Senior Raymond Maret Senior John Mclntyre Junior Morris Massey Sophomore Ruth McKinzie Senior Tommy Mason Sophomore John McNamee Junior Darlene Matthews Freshman Oren McReynolds Sophomore Dorothy Maret Freshman Harold Meier Senior John McDavid Graduate Sally Merriman Senior 78 Zen Merritt Senior Thomas Miller Senior Bonnie Messersmith James Miech Freshman Junior Beverly Miracle Senior George Miyake Freshman Robert Milek Freshman Dan Moberly Freshman James Miller Sophomore David Mobley Senior Myles Miller Freshman Carolyn Mockler Sophomore Where L A students spend most of the time. Robert Moody Freshman Clarence Mow Freshman Francis Morgan Graduate Arthur Mundell Senior Patricia Morton Sophomore Gail Murie Sophomore Justin Moses Graduate Richard Murphy Freshman Lynn Moses Graduate Floyd Murray Graduate Richard Moss Sophomore Edmund Nardossa Senior 79 Lois Naslund Junior Roselyn Nebeker Sophomore Karl Nestvold Senior George Nichols Junior Sue Nichols Sophomore Garth Nield Junior ,. J . .ik, ' Marilyn Nielson Freshman Stuart Nielsen Senior William Nuhn Sophomore John Nye Junior Joe O ' Brien Freshman Carl Occhipinti Sophomore Elizabeth OeLand Freshman Margie Okano Freshman Emmett Olson Junior Odd Orrison Freshman Patricia Parks Freshman Ralph Parlett Senior k s Bruce Patterson Junior Cynthia Pedersen Freshman Veda Penman Freshman Patricia Peterson Freshman George Phillips Senior Robert Phillips Senior Walter Pirainen Freshman Fredric Plachy Graduate Carol Porter Freshman Guy Porter Junior Martha Powell Freshman Herman Prevedel Freshman 80 Dail Price Freshman James Putnam Freshman Clara Quealy Freshman Frank Radella Junior Roger Ready Senior Margaret Recknagel Junior Frederick Reakling Sophomore Carole Rees Junior Darlene Reimann Junior Dana Reynolds Junior George Reynolds Freshman John Richard Freshman Patsy Richmond Freshman David Rickell Junior Gary Riedl Junior John Roberts Senior Norman (Skip) Roberts Junior Joyce Robertson Sophomore Ralph Robertson Freshman Carole Rodermel Junior Donald Rodermel Freshman Rex Rogers Sophomore Azucena Rodriguez Sophomore Alfred Rolich Freshman Ronald Rogers Freshman A place in the sun. Robert Ronish Sophomore William Saunders Junior Elsie Rowland Junior Evelyn Schroeder Sophomore Jack Russell Junior Betty Schultz Sophomore John Rust Freshman Pete Schunk Freshman Michael Ryder Freshman Julie Schurger Junior Paul Saari Freshman Laurian Seaverson Freshman Joseph Santos Graduate Emily Sedlacek Freshman Anne Selden Graduate Steve Sikich Freshman William Severn Graduate Courtney Skinner Freshman Lawana Shaul Graduate Ross Skiver Senior Steve Shelton Freshman James Slater Sophomore Gwen Sherard Freshman Ray Sloan Senior William Sherman Sophomore Ann Small Senior Ben Short Freshman Jordan Smith Sophomore 82 Mary Smith Sophomore Stanley Spencer Freshman Bob (Snuff) Smith Junior George Sprowell Freshman Velta Smith Freshman John Stanfield Sophomore Helen Smith Sophomore Robert Starr Junior Andrea Sorensen Freshman John Steele Junior Dale Sparling Senior Richard Stelk Junior Janice Speers Freshman Anna Stenberg Junior Time out from class. Leonard Stehsaas Freshman Mary Strange Freshman Jerlyn Stevens Sophomore Gerald Stratman Graduate Agnes Stevick Freshman Joseph Stringfellow Graduate Bill Stewart Freshman Eugene Stroods Sophomore Lou Stewart Graduate Cliff Stuart Freshman Clyde Stock Sophomore Richard Suhr Sophomore Joyce Stout Junior Emily Summers Sophomore idt i Barbara Sweet Senior James Swenson Junior Glenn Taucher Freshman James Taylor Graduate Don Tennant Sophomore Marvin Thompson Sophomore n A Robert Thompson Sophomore Peter Thomson Senior Lucretia Tihen Freshman Terrell Till Freshman Rob Tillett Senior Tisdel Winslow Freshman Barbara Tomicicn Sophomore Shirley Toohey Sophomore Pat Toucher Freshman Ann Traill Senior Mary Tucker Freshman David Tyndall Junior Marion Tyndall Sophomore William Tyrrell Junior David Updike Freshman Pat Williams Freshman Charmaine Willis Junior Lynne Willis Freshman Robert Willis Senior June Willson Sophomore Stanley Wintermote Freshman Lee Wooderson Freshman Dolores Woods Junior Donald Wyke Senior 84 Rosa Wyke Sophomore Sherman Wyman Freshman Jean Yates Freshman Clara Yorges Freshman Harold York Graduate Floyd Updegraff Senior John Urbigkit Sophomore John Vandel Freshman Marie-Claire Verdel Graduate Donna Von Krosigk Freshman Randy Wagner Sophomore Bill Wahl ]unior Walter Wahl ]u.nior Jack Walker Sophomore Gordon Wells Senior Connie Welsh Freshman Louis Wenzel Graduate Shirley Westerfield Sophomore Diane Wheeler Sophomore Jay White Sophomore Bill White Sophomore Marlys Whitley Sophomore Valjean Whipple Senior Bill Wiley Sophomore Garth Wilkes Freshman Edra Willard Freshman Marion Willett Freshman Allen Williams Sophomore Joe Williams Junior Ray Zell Junior Bettye Zuck Senior Ross Zuckerman Freshman Aldo Zueck Junior Ron Zwonitzer Sophomore 85 The world looks to the hands that govern; may they do right. One of the richest and most powerful Student Senates to be found on American campuses today is located right here at Cowboy University. Headed by A. S. U. W. president Paul Carlin, our lawmakers hold open meetings each Wednesday evening at seveu ' thirty in the Senate room of the Student Union. Always a pioneer in its field, our Senate supervised several activities this year, including the Homecoming queen and her at ' tendants ' tour of the State, the Sno Ball, in conjunction with the Outing Club, featuring the Billy May Band, and Cowboy Capers. student senate Paul Carlin, President Harold Meier, Vice ' president Edwin L. Patrick, Business Mgr. 86 Left to Right, Seated: Bill Hardigan, Gerald LeBeau, Floyd Ellis, Joyce Thompson, Joe Cassinet, Mildred Payne, John Field, Harold Meier, Paul Carlin, Kay Jons, Bob Smith, Sue Sims, Jim Neilson, John Gosney. Standing: Scotty Robb, Bob Brush, Ed Patrick, Bob Foster, J. W. Knuckles, Ted Peeks. Kay Jons Two Years James Herd Two Years v:m0 ' .J Much of the Student Senate work includes reading committee reports and passing on the numerous details. 87 Le t to Right, Row One: Laura Larson, Pam Peeks, Lynn Anselmi, Betty Mae Kirkwood, Donna Marburger, and Nancy Bane. Row Two: Barbara Howard, Betty Blanchard, Mary Blatt, Alice Graham, Minta Willis, and Linda Dudenhaver. Row Three: Ruth Schamber, Barbara Hurst, Pam Cleaver, Barbara Dusek, Mrs. Summers, and Miss Campbell. Row Four: Sandra Decker, Mildred Payne, Marge Raben, and Pat Bennett. associated women students Associated Women Students, better known as AWS, includes all girls enrolled in the University. The organization is headed by a board of elected members who have the job of keeping the girls on the straight and narrow. Along with its legislative powers, AWS sponsors Spurs, Big Sisters, Mortar Board, and women ' s honoraries. In the way of entertainment, a dance and the Fresh- man Tea are on the agenda every year. Last but not least, AWS awards a scholarship cup to the Independent or Greek organiza- tion with the highest grade average. This year Betty Mae Kirkwood headed the group and Dean Galliver was adviser. Endless points and technicalities are a part of AWS meetings. . •- I A Betty Mae Kirkwood " President 88 ONORARIES The world looks to those hands which hold the key of honor. 89 11 The James Stewart squadron of the Arnold Air Society is an honorary society for advanced AFROTC cadets. The members are selected for their high degree of military aptitude and academic achievement. The mission of the society is to further the purpose, traditions, and concept of the U. S. Air Force as a means of national defense, promote American citizen- ship, and further the amiable relationship among all ROTC cadets. Bill Shinmori Left to Right, Row One: Bill Shinraori, Ken Dreusicke, Donn Muckey, Robert McCullough, Tom Gligorea, Dave Gilmour, Jacques Maggard, Angel Ornelas. Roit; Two: L. D. McCoy, Kenneth Payne, Gary W. Riedl, George T. Nichols, Captain J. A. W. Hinson, Edward McKinney, Les White. Mac Jenkins, Bob Jingling. 90 This is the organization of high honor in the pre-medical training field, open to sophomores with a five quarter average of 2.25 or better. Goal of the group is to achieve scholarship and understanding of pre-medicine. Highlights of activities of these members is an annual trip to Colorado University medical school in Denver, and the sending of a member to a national convention every two years. Bob Phillips Left to Right, Row One: Ed Horsley, Jim Swenson, John Braken, Dr. L. F. Clarke, Donna Clausen, Bob Phillips, Bill Wahl, Jerry Jarrett, Bob Hylton. Row Two: Don Joder, Ray Christensen, Ron Annele, Jack Bernsee, Don Bolich, John Esmay, Ron Moore, Charlie Dye, John Nye. 91 I J Honorary of future business and industrial men, Alpha Kappa Psi ' s pur- pose is to acquaint its members with the business and industrial world. The organization holds bi-monthly meetings at which difficulties and problems in the field of commerce are discussed. a lit Jim Neilson Left to Right, Roiv One: Richard Kershner, Ronald Christie, Harold Mundschenk, Steve Kofakis, James Nielson, Lee Mundell, Dee Dinelly, George Cox, Roger Hamer, Vernon Sessions. Row Tivo: Mr. Chastain, Charles Lewis, Robert Guthrie, Charles Richardson, Darrell Rasmussen, Bruce Patterson. Row Three: Richard Porter, Mr. Byers, Dr. Messer, DeEarl Wollenzein, Carter Cochran, James Harns, James Elder, Jack Floerke, Seward Robb, Alfred Johnson, Fred Early, Bert Morrison. 92 Alpha Tau Alpha is an honorary fraternity for vocational agriculture en- rollees. This organization puts on the famous Little International with the assistance of the Agriculture School and Associated Students. These members are of high character with a good scholastic standing and are training to be future teachers in the field of agriculture. Left to Right, Rou! One: Ted Butler, Harry Wolf, Carl Tomich, Forrest Holmes, Jack Ruck, Charles Willing. Rou; Two: Arlin Carlson, Jay Reed, George Davis, Frank Edwards, Charles Cooper, Don- ald Ryan, Thad Henthorn, William Hovey. Harry Wols 93 u This is the fast-moving honorary fraternity for men majoring in agricul- ture. The familiar trademark of this group is the high-bibbed overalls with AZ on them. Each year Alpha Zeta offers two scholarships for the incoming freshmen. One goes to the outstanding 4-H member and the other to the promising future vocational major. These scholarships are awarded in conjunction with the Wyoming Farm Bureau. The fraternity is a national one and the Wyoming chapter is certainly one to be proud of. ' P Left to Right, Roui One: Jack Ruch, Bob Palm, Bert Bohmont, Gale Smith, Paul J. Hall. Row Two: Larry Johnston, Orley Arthur, LeRoy Coleman, J. W. Nuckolls, Alvin Gray, Larry Parker, Dean H. M. Briggs. hlot shown: Wayne Weber, Earl Chamberlain, Roy Wuthier, Dick Sims. Bob Palm 94 Big Sisters is the student organization on campus which helps the new women to get themselves oriented. Each member has four or five " little sisters " to whom she literally tries to be a " big sister " , helping them get settled in their rooms, giving general information about campus life and activities, and assisting them when and wherever they can. In addition to these opening-of-school activities, under the leadership of chairman Lynn Anselmi, the group this year entertained their little sisters at a party in the Knight Hall banquet room, and assisted at Dean Galiver ' s tea for new women students during fall quarter. t ' Lynn Anselmi Left to Right, Row One: Jacqueline Casey, Alice Kubo, Ann Wordworth, Marjorie Clare, Lynn Anselmi, Diane Picard, Mary Blatt, Sidney Howe, Karen Benson, Janice Paul. Row Two: Anna- belle Cozzens, Julie Schurger, Kay Krajicek, Nancy Foster, Natalie Smith, Sally Hunter, Ann Eckley. Row Three: Diane Smith, Shirley Westerfield, Pam Cleaver, Barbara Dusek, Linda Duden- haver. Row Four: Laura Larson, Emily Summers, Kay Mickey, Susan Twitchell, Carla Mill, Na- dynne Bennitt, Patricia Bennett, Janet Maebius, Anne McGowan, Sharon Joyce. 95 Russell Moore Pi Mu Alpha, a men ' s music honorary, is small but active on the Wyo ' ming campus. Their aim is to promote music in and about our fair col- lege. During the year they had a varied list of things which has kept them busy. To start off the year they gave a recital in the fall quarter. They helped sponsor a concert in contemporary American music — that was during the winter quarter. They formed a dance band with nine pieces, which makes it the largest local band around. All during the year they put out publicity for musical activities. And to add to this long list of activities, Pi Mu Alpha, under the direction of Prexy Russell Moore, sponsored an operatic movie. Left to Right, Row One: Ed Wren, Joe Cassinat, Leslie Graham, and Ken Hankins. Row Two: Robert Hylton, Russell Moore, C. P. Seltenrich, Lee Malody, and Donald Keys. 96 I Here are the educational wizards of the campus. High scholarship and the promotion of high professional standards are the aims and accomplish- ments of this scholastic organization. Several parties and banquets are also included in this social as well as scholastic group. The winter Christ- mas party, along with the winter and spring Banquets are a few of the gayer events of the organization. Left to Right, Row One: Jack Saunders, Donna Ayer, Nancy Bane, Donna Marburger, Marlene Christensen, Betty Dew, Pat Hamilton, Dr. Louis Kilzer. Row Two: Allan Orler, Hal Hagen, Harry Hoffman, Laurence Walker, Robert Hitch, Frank Ono. Donna Marburger, President 97 Nancy Bane, President y mortar Nv board This honorary is for senior women. If you ' ve got plenty on the ball where it counts and have put in three good years at the University, you might qualify for this select group. Leadership, scholarship, and service are the essentials of the organization, with the emphasis on all three. The senior women ' s breakfast and the recognition tea honoring girls with outstanding scholarship, are a few of the Mortar Board functions to be remembered. Left to Right, Row One: Leah Ross, Nancy Bane. Row Two: jenny Poljanec, Betty Kirkwood, Donna Marburger, Ann Traill. 1 ■ 1 H C } ' ' ' ' v H " - " " 91 B kL ' . H P) ' ' " ' - ■M- ' ' ' ' PS«ME ' ' HP - Hv " " J B H fm ' wlk m ft -c-: J HKi mu l ■ MS EJ ?r yl Bf ' m% V Z 1 Bi ! fl " jMk j 1 1 «rfn ' 1 ■■§ ' i 1 5LJ HP w s l L . ' M mttMi jR H Bv ». ■ ' M f f ) 1 1 i A yj ■oh I ■ « ■H ■ Hhi ■ 9H1 fe J 98 One of the most important and largest societies on the campus, the UNION, is the controlling center of many campus functions. Unique in that anyone may join, the UNION has a well entangled organization, especially at rush hour. A person journeying through its huge chapter room during the hours of from 10 to 2 would see many of its members discussing world affairs. (Also dates, sex, sports, sex, weather, sex, pea- nuts, sex, and other light things.) Also worth mentioning is the fact that it has no recognized president, but is managed very smoothly by Larry Clark, the accepted ramrod. Famous for its coffee, and the forsaken mural, it also houses the national inter-collegiate billiard team. Here is the liv- ing room of the University, the home of many. It is doubtful that this society will ever be forgotten by any of its members. ' s M % iL Larry Clark, Ramrod 99 Harry Barrows, President A mortar and pestle and an I. Q. of Einstein are all that are necessary to belong to this exclusive organization. This pharmacy and chemistry hon- orary is strictly all business and ability. Each year Phi Delta Chi presents an award to the outstanding pharmacy student. The annual Founders Day Banquet is the event for this group. Speakers and representatives from some of the large drug and pharmaceutical companies all gather at their quarterly meetings and many high ' powered discussions take place along with debates and other forms of endeavor. Left to Right, Row One: Gene Smith, Al Rodriquez, Ron Gibler. Rou Two: J. Earl Shawver, Jack N. Bone, Dean David O ' Day, Raymond Kahl, Theodore King, Harry Barrows. Ro.m; Three: Bill Hardigan, Don Bristow, Mell Schneiderman, Donald Deyo, Otto Ludeke, Bob Pearce, Fritz Carroll, Jack Gogerty. 100 kappa kappa psi Bob Hilton, President Left to Right, Row One: Robert Heyl- ton, Martin Petersen. Row Two: Clar- ence Dexter, Mainard Wacker, Russell Moore, Danny Fannon. Kappa Kappa Psi is the honorary band organization for men. Music and Tiore music is the motto of these men and they aim to promote it, too. A ssisting the band director is another one of the useful functions of these nusicians. A banquet and a dance round off the activities of the year. Bob Hilton, this year ' s president, will continue to promote the service and usefulness of the organization. I These are the mighty men in education. To belong to this honorary one must be a male instructor, rank very high scholastically, and be a prom- inent figure in the educational system. The improvement and betterment of the American Educational system, wherther at the University or other associated schools throughout the State, is the aim and pledge of this organization. phi delta kappa Left to Right, Row One: Cyril Dennis, John Hair, Roy Ruebe, Harold Webb, Kenneth Jay, Donald Wiest, Louis R. Kilzer, Jack Ruch, Otto W. Snarr. Row Two: Charles Thompson, Robert Hitch, Harry Hoffman, Louis Bragg, Russell Hammond, Jack Saunders. Row Three: Allan Orter, Peter Christianson, Jack Alford, Howard Robson, Ted Butler, Robert Waterman, Laurence Walker, Maynard Bemis, Hal Hagen, Les Crawford. Don Weist, President When looking for scholars, leaders, and sweater girls, the men to see are the Phi Epsilon Phi ' s. This sophomore men ' s honorary chooses its mem- bers from the outstanding campus leaders with a sound scholastic aver- age. These lads are entrusted with promoting good school spirit, and so they do. They join their sister organization, the Spurs, in dispensing per- tinent facts to new students during Freshman orientation week. Their all-school sweater dance is a good function not to miss. Left to Right, Roui One: Don Forest, Bob Panos, Chuck Thompson, Don Walcott, Otto Nakona. Row Two: Charlie Richardson, R. Spaulding, Ron Daly, Chuck Jones, Jack Diass. Row Three: Dan Daughty, Jack Stanfield, Jim Ectimger, Jack Flouke, Bob Skelton. Jack Floerke, President 102 " It ' s a businesswoman ' s world " , say these gals of Phi Gamma Nu, com- merce honorary for women. Whether behind a typewriter or a mahogany desk, these girls are out to set the world on fire. Aside from their bi- monthly professional meetings, these girls find time to discard their short- hand notes and dictating pads and stream the Wyoming union with bright banners and paraphernalia for the annual colorful Commerce Car- nival, which they play a big part in. Teas and other associated functions climax the social lives of these busy women. Left to Right, Row One: Carolyn Williams, Elaine Schwid, Mrs. Laura Summers, Ruth Schamber, Carol Meeks. Row Two: Donna Ayer, Barbara Stratton, Carla Mill, Thelma Beeson, Charlene Ashenhurst. Elaine Schwid, President 103 ik R. E. McWhinnie, President Standing side by side with Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi emerges as the top scholastic honorary on the campus. The distinction between the two top national honoraries is merely one of selection. Phi Beta Kappa selects its members from the Liberal Arts college alone, while Phi Kappa Phi may select from any of the colleges. The primary motive of this group is academic. Only a few of the top seniors on the campus may qualify. In conjunction with Phi Beta Kappa and Sigma Psi, Phi Kappa Phi holds its annual Honors Banquet where the appropriate laurels are bestowed upon its new initiates and members. Left to Right, Row One: Donald Lamb, Robert J. Tompkin, J. W. ' Scott, Ralph E. Conwell, Dale Bohmont, R. E. McWhinnie, Phyllis R. Parsons, Frances Holbrook, F. P. Lane, Verna Hitchcock, Elizabeth J. McKittrick, Gene R. DeFoliart. Row Two: Louis Wenzel, Lyle L. Miller, Harold W. Benn, Dean G. Nickols, Clarence F. Barr, Lawrence G. Meeboer, E. R. Schierz, Daryl B. Simons, Ottis H. Rechard, Louis R. Kilzer, J. Harold Zoller, Clara F. Mclntyre, Alexander Johnston, Carl A. Cinnamon, John A. Gorman, Walter C. Reusser, Robert Mason, Jesse L. Mellor, Sam Dadisman. 104 Scabbard and Blade is the honorary organization on the campus for those junior and senior members of the Army ROTC iinit who can make the grade. To be pledged to this organization, a student must have high grades both in Military and in other courses. One of the oldest honoraries on the campus, Scabbard and Blade received its charter in 1929. Purposes of this group are to unite the military departments of American universities and colleges, to preserve and develop the qualities of good and efficient officers, and to spread intelligent information concerning the military requirements of our country. Besides holding functions for members, and assisting them in Military, Scabbard and Blade sponsors the annual Military Ball. Nelson E. Wren, President Left to Right, Row One: Don Jones, Dick Collioni, Ed Christensen, Tom Love, John Gosney, John Morris, Ed Wren. Row Two: Lt. Fair, Warren Siebold, Jim Swenson, Bob Smith, Arlen Davison, Earl Chamberlain, Ronald O ' Connell. Row Three: John Dumbrill, Alan Nauman, Donald E. Cluxton, Bill Tighe, Bob Tighe, Bruce Jones; Bruce McHenry, Roy Henderson. Left to Right, Roui One: Joyce Stout, Morris Massey, Ann Traill, Robert G. AUphin, Pat Craig, John Mclntyre, Jeanne Taylor. Row Two: Marjorie Millhone, Stan Brooks, W. O. Clough, Paul Crissman, Bob Hawes, H. B. McFadden, Lillian Portenier, Katheryn McGraw. Whether you are a paranoic, frustrated, or just plain nuts, these are the people to see. Psi Chi is the honorary for future psychologists on the cam- ngj | j pus. The group studies many interesting problems and situations and is ready and willing to offer a diagnosis on anything and everything. Ann Trail, President tau beta Tau Beta gives us the feminine touch in the art and appreciation of good music and band technique. This is the girls ' honorary band organization. They sponsor an annual spring banquet in conjunction with Kappa Kappa Psi and have planned a tea for this year, possibly to celebrate the fact that they now will be a national organization. Left to Right, Row One: Kay Ingraham, Jean Kuns, Barbara Sterner, Willma Berry. Row Two: Sarah Hawes, Linda Dudenhaver, June Willson, Barbara Dusek, Mary Lou Smith. Barbara Sterner, President 106 Leah Ross, President This group of girls composes the honorary Home Economics sorority. These are the gals that can cook, sew, and keep a good house. When they are not stimulating others to follow in their field of endeavor, they take time out for teas, parties, dances, and other social functions. The familiar home management house on the campus is the laboratory for these home- makers. Left to Right, Row One: Lynn Anselmi, Leah Ross, Joyce Thompson. Row Two: Mary Kennah, Peggy Glass, Peggy Cochran, Eileen Michali. 107 o mIk I ' One of these people should be writing this, for this is the honorary for journalism majors. These people are the most party giving and sponsoring group on the campus. The gay festivities of the Gridiron Banquet, along with the promoting of the Inkslingers Ball are but a prominent few of the many things this group does. Each year the group comes up with the campus beauty queen, and in their solemn moments a lot of good, creative journalistic work is done. Left to Right, Row One: Beverly Miracle, Shirley Bristow, Katherine Stenberg, Ann Small, Mr. Wallace Biggs, Bettye Zuck, Alice Hughes, Pam Cleaver. Ron ' Two: Mr. Warren Mack, Dick Cook, Mike Christopolous, Dave Mobley, Jack Russell, Ralph Parlett, George Cox, Paul Holtz. ; Karl Nestvold, President 108 The fellows you see wandering about the campus with the funny piece of railroad iron hanging from their shoulders are about to become members of Sigma Tau, engineering honorary. These men represent some of the keener minds in one of the toughest colleges on the campus. These future engineers are selected and employed by some of the top companies in the United States and are well deserving of a pat on the back. Morris Skinner, President Left to Right, Row One: Tony Brekken, Kenneth Payne, Angel Ornelas, John Field, Fabien Ivan- ofF, William Grove, L. D. McCoy. Row Two: Gerald Littlefield, Richard Kingham, Don McPher- son, Morris Skinner, Jack Busier, Alvin Moine, Ray Saunders, Gerald Thompson. Row Three: Charles Hallenbeck, Mac Jenkins, Robert Rudolph, Lyle Wendling, Raymond Abplanalp, Bruce Jones, Gerald Clawson, Don Ludwig, Jim Goodman, Neal Porter, Nick Tsiouvaras, Larry Roberts. Row Four: Gerald Butcher, Robert Bergman, Les White, Charles Bruch, Hans Juliusburgen, John Sparks, Bill Phillips, Kay Ferrin. 109 T I This sophomore girl ' s honorary is really on the ball. They do a little bit of everything. Welfare work is their greatest accomplishment. Their numerous services many include work of any type for any department and practically anybody. Their emblem, the bright golden spur on the brown background, may be seen bobbing up and down at all of the ball games, suppressing frantic cheering bodies beneath. They are party ' givers, and goers too. Teas, banquets, and balls are all part of their busy and varied campus lives. What else can they do ? Anne McGowan, President Left to Right, Row One: Kay Mickey, Mary Lou Smith, Barbara Stratton, Diane Picard, Anne McGowen, Kay Krajicek, Linda Dudenhaver, Shirley Westerfield, Sara Hawes, Martha Moedl, Mary Ellen Savage. Row Two: Gail Bithell, Sue Sims, Lucy Ito, Mieco Nakamura, Mignon Love- land, Mary Long, Patty Tomsik, Margaret Woolrich, Ann Tonn, Laura Tonn, Joan Haycraft, Susi Rodriguez, Adele Adams. Row Three: Alice Kubo, Susan Twitchell, Meelee Luton, Sally Hunter, Jane Renkel, Nancy Kidd, Thelma Beeson, Kaye Blackner, Ann Eckley, Joan Crofts, Carla Mill, Jean Day, Joyce Holm, Pam Cleaver, Barbara Dusek, Alice Cubbo, Yvonne Gates. 110 Actors and stage technicians with lots of talent and plenty of energy are eligible to belong to this honorary dramatic fraternity. During intermis- sion of their stellar performances, coffee is served to the theater-going audiences. Individual laurels are awarded to outstanding thespians for acting, as well as technical work done behind the scenes. Initiations for those that can qualify are held twice yearly. These people are the real promoters behind our University theater. Leading the troup this year is Stanley Brooks, president. Left to Right, Row One: Bob Hall, Stan Brooks, Charles Parker, Row Two: Elsie Parker, Chuck Van Blair, Cecile Kochiras, Garth Nield, James Boyle. Stanley Brooks, President 111 These are the men you see wearing those bright yellow Ws on their brown sweaters. Those Ws represent long hours of practice sessions, hard knocks, hard work, and excellence in the particular field of the men wearing them. Their annual spring picnic is the social highlight of the year. A high standard of good sportsmanship is the goal to be attained by these athletes, and through their combined efforts they have placed Wyoming at the top of the list in the field of athletics. Left to Right, Row One: Dick Coulter, Don Stine, Chuck Wing, John Lenihan, Fred Schmidt, Ted Schaeffer, Jack O ' Neal, Lou Wheeler. Roui Two: Dick Hockley, Paul Frozier, Lou Madrid, Bill Sharp, Frank Radella, Al Simpson, Ox Zellner, John Morris, George Galuska, Bob Guthrie. Row Three: Walt Whitesides, Lyle TruUinger, Jim Herd, Bill DeMontbruen, Gary Carroll, Bob Hockley, Henry Goldmon, Lyle Thomas, Ed Wren, Nick Eliopoulos, Jay Mulvehal, Ron Rivers, Harry Jorgenson. Row Four: Albert Roberts, Leon Fritzler, Jack Jones, Anson Bell, Dale Haupt, Ken Druesicke. Al Simpson, President 112 Fred Beck, President This is the organization that keeps us in suspense year after year waiting to see who has won those big shiny trophies in the annual Homecomi ng Sing, the Iron Skull. Following the popular Sing, the Iron Skull promotes their fall dance, the Iron Skull Skid. This fireball organization includes two outstanding juniors from each of the organizations on the campus. Their aim is to promote school spirit, which they do — and then some. Thickest of the Iron Skulls this year is Fred Beck, president. Left to Right, Row One: Ruth DeLand, Lynn Anselmi, Ruth Schamber, Marilyn Laughary, Jnell Whitlock, Shirley Sellers, Jean Anderson, Shirley Dempster, Elsie Rowland, Barbara Hurst, Dorothy Pearce. Row Two: John Martinez, Charles Dye, Ronald Annala, Janet Maebius, Pat Bennet, Fred Beck, Alice Hughes, Ann Woodworth, Gerald Farmer, Joe Cassinat, Bob Pearce. Row Three: Kent McDaniel, Don Ludwig, Gary Riedl, John Baker, J. W. Nuckolls, Bruce Jones, Tut Ellis, Ray Zell, Jim Goodman, Fritz Carrol, John Nye, Dick Brown. 113 ORGAN IZATION2 The world looks to those hands which are active. a.s.c.e, Left to Right, Rou) One: George Brown, Jim Goodman, Ray Saunders, Harold Torrey, Bill Shinmori, Kenneth Miller. Row Two: Gerald Littlefield, Gerald Peyton, Don Tech, Bob Rudolph, Alvin Moine, Morris Skinner, Don Bass, Fabien IvanoflF, Nick Tsiouvars. Row Three: Charles Hallenbeck, Don McPherson, Bob Leppink, Lyle Wendling, Jack Abplanalp, Bruce Jones, Gerald Clauson, Jim Wagner, Jack Doyle. Lectures by outstanding engineers, movies, and guest speakers are features at the bi-monthly meetings of the civil engineers. Throughout the year the group makes trips to outstanding en- gineering works in the area. They help sponsor the Engineers ' Ball and participate in the Engineers ' Open House, held spring quarter. Alvin Moine is the student president of the local chap- ter of ASCE. Daryl B. Simons is the faculty advisor. These mechanical engineers meet twice a month to hear speakers, see movies. They enter the regional paper contest in the spring. Joe Whalen is president of the group. Left to Right, Row One: John Field, Robert Inglehart, Raymond Russell, Robert F. Peterson, Mansel Lane, Joe Wahlen. Row Two: Thomas Pope, Bill Banish, Gene Powers, Leonard Lind- strom, Gerald Butcher, Gene Gillette, Charles Besso. J. M. Whalen, President i-ffi, ■. ' .r. WHJjf 115 Reorganization is the key note this year for the Independent Student As- sociation. Defunct for the past several years, the group is now actively participating in campus activities. Formed to give independent students the benefit of all social activities, the organization sponsors hour dances every other Monday night, roller and ice skating parties, box socials, and a semi-formal dance. Four independent groups participate in the Home- coming Sing and sponsor Homecoming Queen candidates. Personalities in the group are Joe Cassinat and Millie Payne, Student Senate; Donna Marburger, Who ' s Who; Pam Peeks, Joyce Thomson, Ted Peeks, and Bob Brush. Left to Right, Row One: Dick Cropsey, Sam Stchirgi, George Pierce, Bruce Willford, John Tan- ner, Jim Euhtermeter, Joe Cassinat. Row Two: Les White, Lawrence Price, Jerry Littlefield, Neal Drysdale, Duane Call, Rusty Daniels, Don Mowrey. Row Three: Zola Hickey, Prisilla Johnson, Betty Dew, Marlene Christensen, Amy Lou Wuthier, Sandy Decker, Shirley Westerfield, Marvin Thompson, Donna McMichael, Barbara Windom, Hazel Borgially, Unidentified, Elna Dahlquist, Pat Williams, Elvan Olson, Marilyn Berryman. Row Four: Helen Urmson, Don Anderson, Warren Tucker, Don Wolcott, Floyd Ellison, Ted Peeks, Sharon Snyder, Doris Kim. Row Five: Ted Henthorne, John Pickens, Jay White, Bob Clemens, Ann Smith, Roselyn Waring, Shirley Diebler. Ted Peeks, President 116 Left to Right, Row One: Roy Wuthier, E. P. Margerum, Bruce Soderholm, J. W. Nuckolls, Bert Bohmont, George Davis, ' Alvin Gray, A. Z. Joy. Row Two: Max Henthorne, Lloyd Pickett, Paul Lundberg, Orley Arthur, Bob Palm. Row Three: Jim McMurry, Donald Erick- son, LeRoy Coleman, John Baker, Wayne Weber, Dick Sims, Larry Johnston, Gene Brown, Weeles Raben, Gale Smith. Hog ' Calling, hen catching, and cow milking are the big events at the Ag Club ' s Little International. Prizes are awarded to the best booths set up in the fieldhouse. After the livestock judging is over, the queen of the show is crowned. The club meets bi ' monthly and the meetings are presided over by J. W. Nuckolls, president; helped by Tad Henthorne, secretary; Gale Smith, treasurer; A. Z. Joy, reporter; and Bert Bohmont. 117 Left to Right, Row One: Donald Force, Fred Fitchner, Loren Nelson, Donald Chaplin, Mike McNamee, Richard Masters, Vance Lucas, Jack ' Wallace. Row Two: Jim Echtermeyer, Bruce Willford, Robert McMurry, Carl Grable, Robert Skelton. Row Three: Ed Cook, Jack McMurry, Donald Mowery, Duane Brown, John Wasden, Ted Peeks, George Biggs, Karl Meyer, Clyde Forbis, Charles Wiant. Prize sheep and showmanship. agriculture club vool judging team wool judging team livestock judging team Left to Right: Lloyd Pickett, Ralph Pederson, A. Z. Joy, Larry Parker, coach. Left to Right, Row One: Wells Raben, Francis Blake, George Davis, Roy Worthier. Row Two: G. LeBeau, Gene Brown, Ted Hawthorne, John Morris, M. P. Botkin, coach. And the roof goes on top Ray Saunders, President Off to Denver go these architectural engineers this year on their spring field trip. Their aim is to gain more professional experience in the field. Each quarter they work on a model project to be displayed in the spring. Ray Saunders heads the group and Oscar G. Woody serves as faculty sponsor. Meetings feature guest lecturers and movies. Left to Right, Row One: Dick Hender- son, Ben Vanberg, Prof. O. G. Woody, Barbara Scott, Ray Saunders, Bill Shin- mori, Lyle Wendling. Row Two: John Yauney, Nick Tsiouvaras, Bob Leppink, Bob Rudolph, Ed Litecky, Jim Wagner, Morris Skinner, Don McPherson, Kay Ferrin. 120 Engineers set up equipment for their open house during winter quarter. Maybe it ' s not plugged in. Electrical and radio engineers are combined in this joint organization. The group ' s main objective is professionalism on the student level. Guest speakers are invited to the monthly meetings and movies are shown. Den- ver really knows it when these students hit town for the district convene tion. A spring field trip and a yearly picnic are also crammed into, their busy program. They also shine at the annual Engineers ' Open House held in the spring. Bob Peterson heads the group and R. K. Beach and Warren M. Mallory are co-sponsors. Left to Right, Row One: Prof. R. K. Beach, Bill Phillips, Don Ludwig, Dick Williams, Robert Peterson, Abdul Wa- hed, Djimapitis Constantimos, Prof. Warren M. Mallory. Row Two: Ken- neth Payne, Clifford Flaharty, Donald Kynion, Charles G. Bruch, Jack C. Bus- ier, James G. Force, Hans V. Julius- burger, Prof. V. O. Long. Roti; Three: Richard Kingham, John Sparks, James Edgeington, Tommy A. Joens, Al Read. 121 f V A view of the lounge where the Episcopal students spend much of their leisure time. V -- p t ' p ; i©» Jack Frost, President These ambitious Episcopal students rise in time on Wednesday mornings to meet at their lovely student center for communion and breakfast before that 8 o ' clock class. Regular meetings are held Sunday evenings at 5:30. Spring brings the annual retreat into the country above Centennial. This time is spent in religious study and meditation. Heading the Canterbury Club this year is Jack Frost, president. Mildred Payne is vice-president; Restina Yonkhoff, secretary; and Philip Robinson, treasurer. Advisor is Chaplain John Hildebrand. y Left to Right, Roif One: Alice Kubo, Tiny Barnett, Jean Yates, Ellen Skoric. Row Two: Sally Jackson, Sally Hunter, Restina Yonkoff, Jack Frost, Millie Payne, Mr. Hildebrand. Row Three: Yvonne Gates, June Willson, Fay Von Krosigk, Mary Long, George Kuntzman, Natalie Smith, Mary Blanchard, Evelyn Stevens. 122 Aileen Micheli, President Wool processing is among the many things the Collegiate 4-H teaches its members. An opportunity to travel to almost any place in the world is afforded through the International Farm Youth exchange program, of which the Collegiate 4 ' H Club is a part. Trips to Germany, Israel, Australia, Italy, and Brazil have been awarded to students during the past year. Members of the club are those who were formerly engaged in 4--H work. They meet twice a month, help promote the State 4 ' H programs, and help with the Little International. Officers are Aileen Micheli, president; Vivian Patton, vice-president; Donna Herman, secretary; Gene Brown, treasurer; Evelyn Norris, corresponding secretary; and A. Z. Joy, publicity chairman. ■Bta. ' - V- W f$ mm 1 f - HH " l jj i n gjHHjM H H n 1 2 ; ! :, IsP al t 1 1 i p " jtCLJC- t.l ' » - .ta t tlisSi M ' Left to Right, Row One: Adele Adams, Evelyn Norris, Vivian Patton, Aileen Micheli, Donna Herman, Alice Graham. Row Two: Amylu Wuthier, Gale Smith, Roberta Morris, Arlene Bryant, Beverly Applegate, Dick Masters. Row Three: Fay Von Krosigk, A. Z. Joy, Gene Brown, Joyce Thomson, Ed Cook, Dor- othy Micheli. 123 And I ' m positive that 2 -|- 2 is 4. Bill Shinmori, President Queens, waterless water faucets, and picnics are all brought about through the efforts of the Engineering Council, composed of two representatives from each of the four engineering groups: civil, mechanical, electrical, and architectural. A queen is chosen to reign over the festive Engineers ' Ball during fall quarter. The above-mentioned waterless water faucet is displayed at the annual Engineers ' Open House. Other freakish ex- hibits include black lights and heatless stoves. Heading the Council this year is Bill Shinmori. Richard Williams is secretary-treasurer. Left to Right, Row One: Richard Wil- liams, Barbara Scott, Bill Shinmori. Row Two: Angel Ornelas, Bill Banish, Don Ludwig, Morris. Skinner, Kay Ferrin. 124 Alice Kubo, President A deadline nears and the use of cigarettes goes up. These typewriter pounders take to the hills in spring quarter for ham- burgers done to a turn over a campfire. And they find time during winter quarter to have a gay party. Journalism majors are members of Fourth Estate. Their object is to promote the interest and aims of their profession. Left to Right, Row One: Bill Wiley, Pat Richmond, Agnes Stevick, Warren Mack, Bettye Zuck, Carl Occhipinti, Dana Reynolds, Paul Holtz, Ann Small, George Reynolds. Row Two: Bob Lar- son, Dick Bohrer, Shirley Bristow, Ron Dalley, Alice Hughes, Dave Mobley. Row Three: June Willson, Katharine Stenberg, Dick Cook, Mike ChristopU ' los, Wallace Biggs, Randy Wagner, Jack Russell, Ralph Parlett, Charles Coleman, Pam Cleaver, Alice Kubo. 125 Oh, to have a nice shining kitchen like this one for our very own. If Home Eg could only give us a nice home like this one These gals stir up a lot of activity on the campus with the Providence meeting, a tea honoring foreign students to observe United Nations Day, and a handiwork-crammed bazar. They also send a delegate to the Na- tional Home Economics Association meeting who reports on her doings at one of their monthly meetings. Initiating these events is Mary Kennah, president; helped by Donna Cay Brown, vice-president; Aileen Micheli, secretary; and Lucy Ito, treasurer. Left to Right, Row One: Lucy Ito, Kay Krajicek, Sarah Hawes, Martha Ann Moedl, Sharon Joyce, Mary Kennah, Betty Erich, Vivian Patten, Barbara Grieve, Alice Berkley, Mary Alice Gra- ham. Row Two: Cynthia Miller, Jean Kugland, Amylu Wuthier, Lynn Ansel- mi, Aileen Micheli, Evelyn Norris, Ro- berta Morris, Kay Ingraham, Margie Raben, Martha Kurtz, Margie Peterson, Mrs. Robert Bauman. Row Three: Fay Von Krosigk, Lucy Whiteman, Evelyn Moore, Dorothy Micheli, Louise Wes- sanck. Row Four: Dawn Sheehan, Adele Adams, Dorothy Buchanan, Colleen Collier, Marilyn Wolf, Susan Twitchell, Zola Hickey, Joyce Thomson, Donna Herman, Sandra Marlin, Shirley Dixon, Peggy Glass, Judy Clark, Marilyn Laugh- ary, Doris Skelton. 126 Left to Right, Row One: Francine Rose, Irma Horn, Cleo Fuller, Pamela Wood, Jean Yates, Evelyn Stephens, Betty Carmichael, Mary Laverty. Row Two: Carol Boyd, Dixie Albee, Dorothy Berrier, Joyce Powers, Evelyn McDougal, Joyce Harris, Ray Lee Kreps, Donna Babcock, Betty Wiant, Janet Bass, Del6res Garretson, Marjorie Gardner, Elizabeth Blood, Colleen Coliers, Ila Anderson, Hazel Borgi- alli. Row Four: Clara Lou Yorges, Carlene Vontz, Betty Farthing, Beverly Apple- gate, Edra Williard, Laurian Seaverson, Pat Hill. Row Five: Donna Le Baron, Irma Lee Lungren, Darlene Matthew, Mariel Sims, Phyllis Hensleigh, Patricia Jons, Grachia Fox, Amylu Wuthier. Busy signals is all you get when you try to call into Hoyt Hall, the fresh- man women ' s dormitory. Besides being busy on this angle, the girls also hold a spring quarter dance, sponsor a Homecoming Queen candidate and campaign for her, and give teas every Thursday afternoon for the residents of the dorm. The Independent girls practice loud and long for the Homecoming Sing under the direction of one of the upperclasswomen who lives in the dorm and serves on the office staff. Officers of Hoyt are Minta Willis, president; Lynn Willis, vice-president; Janet Lyon, secretary; Barbara Windom, treasurer; and Ellen Skoric, social chairman. Left to Right, Row One: Emily Sedla- cek, Sally Budd, Shirley Diebler, Bar- bara Windom, Minta Willis, Ellen Skoric, Sandra Decker, Janet Lyon, El- l n Horton. Row Two: Shirley Ford, Genevieve Lyon, Rusty Daniels, Louise Wesswick, Juke Beaver, Mary Rose Bruegger, Jean Kugland, Many Burton, Mary Hertzler, Terry Till, Patricia Pet- erson. Row Three: Prudence Edwards, Florence Johnston, Margie Okano, Mar- ilyn Wolfe, Lois Dominiski, Roselyn Waring, Ann Smith, Helen Drysdale, Martha Powell, Shirlee Kalinowski, Elna Dahlquist, Pat Williams, Patsy Rich- mond. Row Four: Pat Huntley, Miriam Pape, Betty Barney, Lorraine McNa- mara, Bonnie Messersmith, Shirley Johnson, Helen Urmson, Adele Berry, Mary Alice Wright, Lois Janesofsky, Pa- tricia Parks, Beverly Britton. 127 I What ' s so interesting about the bottom of his foot ? Orley Arthur, President Nearly every town in Wyoming and nearly every state in the nation are represented by the members of this Catholic group. Activities are based on the three principals of Newman Club, religion, education, and social life. Thus, the program includes study groups, films, panel discussions, dancing, and even ping pong tournaments, to mention a few features. Officers this year are Orley Arthur, president; George Bull, vice-president; Fritz Carroll, recording secretary; Jo Savory, corresponding secretary; John Martinez, treasurer; Aileen Micheli, social chairman; and Msgr. John McDevitt, chaplain. Left to Right, Row One: Colleen Wood, Margie Clare, Kate Dinneen, Lucille Knebel, Patsy Norris, Isabel Roedel, Jo Savory. Row Two: Sharon Joyce, Betty Blanchard, Priscilla Lynch, Nancy See- burg, Dorothy Micheli, Margaret Ruth- erford, Marytherese Best, Aileen Mich- eli. Row Three: Maurice Campbell, Eg- bert Perls, Joan Bourne, Marjorie Peter- son, Lynn Anselmi, Connie Gaylord, Delores Kidman, Jean Starkovich, John Martinez. Row Four: Dick Colleoni, George Bull, Eldon Guinski, Gene Payne, Jim Wagner, John Squeri, Bill Hardigan, Fritz Carroll. 128 A place in the sun Workin ' and Watchin ' These gals started the year off on the right boot by soaring to first place spotlight in the Independent section of the Homecoming Sing under the direction of Donna Marburger. President Mildred Payne takes charge of regular meetings on the first Monday of each month, at which time they plan their activities — a dance each quarter, including a spring dinner ' dance. She is assisted by vice-president Peggy Glass; secretary Shir- ley Sellers; treasurer Marlene Christensen; AWS representative Ruth Schamber; and housemother Mrs. Donnell. Each Tuesday night the girls dress for dinner, after which they have some form of entertainment. Left to Right, Row One: Roberta Mor- ris, Jenny Poljanec, Joyce Warner, Rae Richards, Margaret Rutherford, Mary- therese Best, Barbara Kmetz, Connie Balafoutis, Alice Berkely, Alice Kubo, Hanna Benzel, Catherine Badley. Row Two: Betty Schultz, Nan Barton, Sonya Lindstrom, Margie Peterson, Jane Star- kovich, Delores Kidman, Barbara Kne- ble, Karen Ishmael, Emily Peterson, Carol Meeks, Barbara Sexton, Ann Louise Sims. Row Three: Elva Olson, Mary Kennah, Gail Bithell, Shirley Wagner, Vendla Hagstrom, Doris Kim. Row Four: Elizaberh Strannigan, Aileen Micheli, Sharon Snyder, Nancy Fricke, Veva Bunn, Zola Hickey, Nadine Ben- nett, Troyce Policky, Marilyn Neilsen, Maxine Shaw, Jean Rogers, Fay Von Krosigk, June Willson, Restina Yonkoff, Mary Lou Smith. 129 Left to Right, Row One: Delia Fullerton, Amada Hoy, Jean Lewis, Marjorie Hearne, Mary Han- sen. Row Two: Pam Peeks, Dale Price, Iris Mitchell, Beverly Ballew, JoAnn Van Arsdale, Shirley Westerfield. Row Three: Marilyn Berryman, Marion Tolin, Betty Erich. Row Four: Carolyn Fintus, Peggy Glass, Karol Karner, Mildred Payne, Marlene Christensen. Mildred Payne, President 130 Just relaxing. Left to Right, Row One: Bea Hoken, Lucy Ito, Judy Clark, Susan Twitchell, Sarah Hawes, Alice Graham, Barbara Grieve. Row Two: Elaine Callopy, JoAnn Christensen, Mickie Howard, Toddy Petroff, Joe Ann Williams, Sue Nichols, Paula Ainsworth, Luella Clingen- peel, Shirley Marlett, Adele Adams. Row Three: Kathleen Strong, Dorothy Ann Maret, Arlene Bryant, Joyce Thompson, Ann Kness, Connie Gaylord, Wilma Berry, Joan Schneider, Kay Krotter, Rebecca Utterback, Donna Marburger, Lucy Whiteman, Alice Rizzi. Row Four: Mary Jean Sinclair, Shirley Baker, Yvonne Gates, Pat Brown, Gerelyn Stevens. Rou; Five: Betty Dew, Hester Allemand, Beverly Coles, Margret Immel, Viva Bunn, Marilyn Bard, Geneal Livingston, Donna Von Krosigk, Betty Schultz. Not during quiet hours, we hope. 131 One every 23.256 minutes. This club enjoys one of the highest percentages of eligible membership on campus, about 97 or 98 per cent. Highlighting the year ' s special events is the biennial trip to Eli Lilly drug and laborato- ries in Indianapolis in April. Before then, mem- bers will be kept jumping by president Wes Lar- son and his staff — vice-president Harry Barrows; secretary Ed Small;- treasurer Don Bristow; and faculty sponsor Dr. D. W. O ' Day — all working on the club ' s annual projects. Left to Right, Row One: John Gogerty, Marie Bradley, Janice Paul, Georgine Vickery, Dorothy Crowder, Isabella Roedel, Mieco Nakamura, Nancy Kidd, Ruth DeLand, Marilyn Hubbard, Donald Bristow. Row Two: John Schone- berg, William Topley, John Vandel, Dean David W. O ' Day, Jack N. Bone, electa Meyers, Theodore O. King, William E. Johnson, Raymond J. Kahl, John Rust, Albert Rodriquaz, Robert Berkowitz. Row Three: James Scott, For- rest Hall, Richard Coulter, Clarence Ono, Duane Jenner, Edwin Schroeder, John Squeri, Joseph Teter, Harry Barrows, Naim Turk, Edward Garrity, Charles Johnston, Kenneth Henderson, John Martinez, William Hardigan, Robert Ma- honey. Row Four: Wesley Larsen, Edwin Small, Otto Ludecke, Samuel Kirk, Masami Doi, Eugene Smith, Ronald Gibler, Robert Pearce, Donald Moncur, John Grimm. Row Five: Francis Shell, Ronald Wilson, William Boulden, William Laya, Ivan Canestrini, Fritz Carroll, Floyd Harnagel, Melvin Schneider- man, Charles Marean, Wayne Nelson, Donald Deyo. 132 Sno-ball queen Mary Hansen, attendants Susan Twitchell and Donna Babcock. The non-varsity athletes of the campus are well occupied keeping physically fit on their weekly climbing, skiing, and horseback- riding expeditions. Under the leadership of president Vern An- derson, they planned a bigger and better Winter Carnival this year, which included Billy May ' s band and the annual eleztion of the Sno Queen, who, this year, was Mary Hansen. Vern has good help from Jim Davis, vice-president; Anne McGowan, secre- tary; and Margaret Holesapple, treasurer. Faculty sponsor is Mr. Hugh Heatherington. The winnah ! First place snow sculpture. Left to Right, Row One: Marytherese Best, Case Leenheer, Margaret Holse— apple, Vern Anderson, Jim Davis, John Lund, Anne McGowen, Elizabeth O ' Leary, Margie Jourgensen. Row Two: Karol Karner, Shirley Bristow, Frances Johnson, Sandy Williams, John Gosney, Barbie Sexton, Bruce Patterson, Elva Olson, Jim Zarnum, Zen Merritt. Row Three: Jim Funkhouser, Warren Tucker, John Collamer, Paul Van Cleave, Don Anderson, Bob Bailey, James Norris O ' Dell, Thomas Humphrey, Earl Chamberlain. Row Four: Leslie Graham, Jack Lester, Leo Schueler. outing club 133 Left to Right, Row One: Joe Cardine, Paul Adams, Harold Bloomenthal, George Rudolph, Frank Trelease, Helen Hubbel, Robert Hamilton, Marge Millhone, John Rames, Carl Williams, Paul Godfrey. Row Two: Ralph Kiesch, Donald Jensen, George Hopper, David Moffett, George Kellam, Harvey Landers, Elvin Rizor, Robert Hill, Dick Tobin, Dean Borthwick, Arnold Tschirgi. Row Three: Merl Case, Arthur Fisher, Leonard Lang, Lawrance Marty, Sterling Case, Don Larson, Don Mclntyre, James Hud- son, James Farnsworth, Myron Howard, Thomas Bogus, Alan Simpson. Row Four: Richard Leedy, James Fagan, James Tilkor, Thomas Fugan, Robert Mothershed, Max Osborne, Taylor Belt, Dick Thomas. The giving of the law A writ or a tort ? 134 i f- f ' I K ..:t Left to Right, Row One: Joe Cardine, Paul Adams, Harold Bloomenthal, George Rudolph, Frank Trelease, Helen Hubbel, Robert Hamilton, Margie Millhone, John Rames, Carl Williams, Paul Godfrey. Row Two: Ralph Kirsch, Donald Jensen, George Hopper, David Moffett, Harvey Landers, Elvin Rizor, Robert Hill, Dick Tobin, Dean Borthwick, Arnold. Tschirgi. Row Three: Merl Case, Arthur Fisher, Leonard Lang, Lawrence Marty, Sterling Case, Don Larson, Don Mclntyre, James Hudson, James Farnsworth, Myron Howard, Thomas Bogus, Alan Simpson. Row Four: Richard Leedy, James Fagan, James Tilkor, Thomas Fagan, Robert Mothershed, Max Osborne, Taylor Belt, Dick Thomas. " Your Honor, I object " , can be heard ringing from the shiny new moot courtroom in the law building when memberse of the Potter Law Club conduct their moot court trials. Full ' time law students and faculty members make up the group. Gay formal dances dur ing fall and spring quarters are only part of the social activities of the club. Members also take a breather when they conduct the Homecoming Queen finalists on a trip around the State. Officers are Joe Cardine, chancellor; James W. Fagan, vice ' chancellor; and Robert A. Hill, secretary-treasurer. Joe Cardine, President So I told the judge . . . 135 Left to Right, Roui One: Mary Ann Payne, Louise Burley, Sonya Moore, Jean Edwards, Anne Miller, Ann Frances Smith, Myrtle Roberts, Janet Bradley. Row Two: Carl Burley, Tommie Berry, Robert McCullough, Warren Tucker, Hugh Bar, Jim Miech, Ken Miller, Floyd Ellison, George Estel Hines. These Baptist students meet each Sunday evening for supper and discussions. This year they are proud of their newly purchased student center at 1215 Grand, where all of their functions are held. President Carl Burley presides over the meetings, assisted by vice-president Tom Berry, secretary Cynthia Miller, and treas- urer Janet Bradley. Their student worker is Reverend Estel Hines. Hugh Barr whiles away some time in the student center. roger v Ailliams club 136 Left to Right, Row One: Pat Chaplin, Bob French, Ruth Schamber, Warren Siebold, Karen Ben- son, Tom Berry. Row Two: Dean G. Nichols, Mignon Loveland, Mary Lou Smith, Ruth Deland, Ron Harlis, Nadyne Bennett, Rev. Theodore Hawes. Row Three: Bruce McHenry, Sally Hunter, Ray Christenson. Religious Emphasis Week, sponsored by the Student Council of Religious Organizations, is a big week on the campus. Ministers are invited to talk at the different houses and dorms, and special assemblies are scheduled during this period. SCRO also sponsors an auction which sells everything from picnics to lawn raking service. The proceeds from this action go to the World Student Service Fund. An annual dance and a quarterly banquet are still further activities of the active group. President of the SCRO is Bob French. Bob French, President ' And do I hear . . ? " The SCRO runs the annual WSSF auction. s.c.r.o. 137 ■ Ruth Deland, President Left to Right, Row One: Bob French, Anwar Ata, Joe Teter. Row Two: Joe Mclntyre, Jo Ann Schneider, Tad Henthorne, Harold French, Ruth DeLand, Trayce Policky, Don Daniels, Shirley Bristow, Rev. Hawes. Row Three: George Reynolds, Georgia Bragg, Joyce Warner, Carole Rodermel, Carol Porter, Vendla Hagstrom, Nancy Mclntyre, Kay Krotter, Kathy Strong, John Dennam. Row Four: Abdul Qayum, Kees Leenheer, Ted Jefferson, Bob Hawes, Frank Cole. Row Five: John Stiles, Donn Muckey, Halene Landen, Joyce Elliott, Fran Johnson, Mary Strange, This group of Methodist students highlight their year with a fall quarter retreat, to which come students from Colorado and Utah, as well as the state of Wyoming. This affair is always quite a success, with all who take part enjoying it very much. On the local scene, a spring quarter dance is held each year, and regular meetings each Sun- day afternoon. Officers for the year are Ruth De- land, president; Harold French, vice-president; Doris Skelton, secretary; Tad Henthorne, treas- urer; and Joe Mclntyre, advisor. Tloating " down the street. wesley foundation 138 Left to Right, Row One: Barbara Kmetz, Cleo Fuller, Pamela Wood, Pat Tomsik, Diane Picard, Evelyn Norris, Dorothy Conine, Ruth Kalal, Helen Brandmo, Sharon Joyce. Row Two: Rae Lee Kreps, Mary Ruth King, Annabelle Cozzens, Shirley Gieck, Donna Marburger, Nina Huston, Millie Payne, Pat Bennett, Kay Mickey, Margaret Currie, Colleen Collier. Row Three: Mary Long, Mieco Nakamura, Liz Ball, Mary Hertzler, Peggy Grieve, Shirley Bristow, Marge Raben, Nancy Foster, Dawn Sheehan, Joyce Thomson, Marilyn Snelling, Darlene Reiman, Shirley Dempster, Kay Kra- jacek, Joanna Rand. Emblems, letters, and even handsome sweaters can be won by ac- quiring enough W.A.A. points through participating in basketball, volleyball, swimming, skiing, or almost any other sport. Through- out the year, tournaments are held to enable coeds to acquire W.A.A. points. Donna Marburger is president of the organiza- tion, Nina Huston, vice-president; Mildred Payne, secretary; Shir- ley Gieck, treasurer; Annabelle Cozzens, sports manager; and Pat Bennett, AWS representative. Sponsoring the group is Miss Doris V. Johnson. Up, and its a Make that basket ! w.a.a. 139 Looks like a nice place to just put your feet up and watch the fire. Along with the other members of the Laramie Presbyterian church, this year the members of the Westminster Club had not only a new church of which to be proud, but also a new student lounge. What with laying tile, starting a library, and gathering wood, the group has been hard at work on their new meeting place. The results have been up to expectations, with the new room turning out to be a very attractive gathering place for these Presbyterian students. Allen Fulton, president, and JoAnn Van Arsday, vice-president, are the principal officers of the Westminster Club. The place to spend a quiet Sunday afternoon. Left to Right, Roui One: Marlene Christensen, Peggy Glass, Nancy Bane, Shirley Westerfield, Pricilla Chaplin, Mary Lou Smith, Frances Chisholm, Lucretia Tihen, Donna Herman. Row Two: Amayda Hoy, Arlen Davison, Don Kynion, Allan Fulton, Bob Bruce, Jack Busier, John Hall, JoAnn Arsdal. 140 Left to Right, Row One: Mrs. Ester Eads, Jackie Casey, Patti Hamilton, Dr. Kilzer, Natalie Smith, Donald Wiest, Dodie Hunt, Jo Ann Ball. Rov Two: Frank Ono, Betty May Kirkwood, Janet Royer, Jackie Hoitsm Joan Sedgwick. Row Three: Beverley Britton, Janet Bradley, Sharon Hand, Shirley Edgington, Brad House, Edwin Hopks. Row Four: Mary Lou Kaiser, Sandra Carey, Kate Dinneen, Josephine Savory, Hazel Jean Kuns, Joann Schneider, Shirley Gieck, unknown, Ann Smith, Nancy Black, Donna Hofferber, Mary Michie, Joanne Gill. Christmas is made extra special around the campus by the triptic which is set up in front of the Library by members of the Red Pencil, organization of majors and minors in the College of Edu- cation. Purpose of the group is to prepare these future teachers to become members of education organizations and to prepare for teaching positions. Each year, besides setting up the triptic, around which is played Christmas carols, the organization gives a tea for the Future Teachers of America when they visit the campus. President this year is Patty Hamilton; vice-president, Jackie Casey; Natalie Smith, secretary; and Mary Long, treasurer. Patty Hamilton, President The Red Pencil Christmas display reminds us of the serious side of this holiday. red pencil 141 The bronc-riding guys and gals are on hand for the spring rodeo which is sponsored by the Rodeo Club. Wyoming cowpokes compete with mem- bers of rodeo clubs from other colleges. And, of course, there is a queen to reign over the show. The Powder River Ball, held in conjunction with the rodeo, is another Rodeo Club function. This year ' s officers are Jim O ' Connor, president; Lyle Thomas, vice-president; Carolyn Douglas, sec- retary; and Carol Meeks, treasurer. Left to Right, Row One: Dick Anderson, Ted Schaeffer, Carol Meeks, Carolyn Douglass, Lois Naslund, Lyle Thomas. Row Two: Thelma Beeson, Margy Hirsig, Gary Henold, Margie Jorgensen, Zola Hickey, Kay Krotter, Larry Murray. Row Three: Tim Nilson, Tod Henthorne, Maru Thomp- son, Jim Willadsen, Joe Tuck. f 142 The world looks to these hands which give us music. ' i music " And now the University of Wyoming marching band " . . . and the brown and yellow-clad figures move onto the football field to the click of drum sticks. Composed of University students, the band is busy playing at all the football and basketball games. Following an annual Thanksgiv- ing game at Denver, band members attend the traditional banquet, at which freshmen provide the entertainment. Awards for service in the band are given at this time: a silver key for one year; a gold key for two years; a sweater for three years; and a bronze plaque for four years. Edgar Lewis is director of the group; Charles P. Seltenrich, assistant director; and Clarence Dexter, drum major. The University of Wyoming marching band. 143 The University of Wyoming Orchestra in the Liberal Arts auditorium. The choirs at the University of Wyoming make several presentations each year. The A Gappella choir, consisting not only of University students, but also of townspeople, prepares and presents one major choral work annually. Under the direction of George Gunn, the group has recently presented " Messiah " , " Elijah " , and " The Seasons " . Accompanying the choir is the University of Wyoming orchestra, made up of some fifty faculty members, townspeople, advanced high school students, and mem- bers of the University student body. Directed by Robert R. Becker, the organization presents concerts throughout the year. High among the list of important yearly activities is the annual concert, held the evening be- fore Baccalaureate. Advancing from a group of individual musicians at the beginning of the year to a well coordinated unit by the time the con- certs are presented, the members of the ochestra put in a lot of work and time to try to achieve the perfection for which they strive. These two groups of musicians provide each year invaluable public relations for the University. George Gunn directs the University Choir. F»l ?»-w-«Ari«fiirtil The world looks to the hands that guard America through military training. military Two ROTC units on the campus comprise the military in- structional units of the University. Senior unit is the Army ROTC regiment, which is an infantry unit this year for the last time. In the fall of 1954 it will change to a branch gen- eral group. The Air Force ROTC unit is relatively a new- comer to the campus, being founded in 1952. The honorary organizations of the two units. Scabbard and Blade, and Ar- nold Air Society, jointly put on the annual Military Ball. 145 army r.o.t.c. Cadet Colonel Ed Wren and Honorary Colonel Elaine Holkenbrink. Left to Right: Kenneth S. Sakurada, Dave Moffet, Ed Wren, Dick Viner, Lloyd Pickett. 146 Present world conditions require that the youth of America be prepared to stand ready in the defense of its country against aggression from any source. Many of the students of Wyoming are preparing for this responsibility under the re- serve officers training program offered by the University. The leaders of tomorrow are preparing today for the com- mand of other Americans in any struggle which may develop. The mission of the ROTC is to provide these future leaders with the practical knowledge and ability which will enable them to accomplish such tasks in a competent and efficient manner. Basic students and selected advance students study and analyze the many facets of army duties so that they may be prepared for the heavy responsibilities which lie ahead. Their goal — to become better Americans and better com- manders. The colors pass in review at Corbett Field. ■i.iiiYi 4th year MS Left to Right, Row One: Lloyd Pickett, Dave Moffet, Ed Christensen, Bill De- montbreun. Row Two: Masami Doi, John Roberts, Dick Viner, Walter Whitesides. Row Three: Morris Skinner, Adolph Zellner, Chuck Wing, John Morris. Left to Right, Row One: Donald V. Landeen, John H. Gosney, Ed Wren, Elvin Rizoy, Kenneth S. Sakurada. Row Two: Orley Arthur, John Dumbrill, Lynn Clach, Earl Chamberlain, Bruce McHenry. Row Three: Bob Looney, Tom W. Johnson, Charles Wing, John Morris, Jack Bosler. Left to Right, Row One: Dale Haupt, Jack Jones, Dick Coulter. Row Two: Paul Carlin, Ronald W. Miller, Bob Balsen, Al Simpson, Lloyd L. Pullum. 148 3rd year MS Left to Right, Row One: Warren Siebold, William C. Tighe, Robert E. Tighe, Ronald O ' Connell, Steve Knezevich, Roy Henderson. Row Two: Dean Piper, Don Bolich, Neal Porter, Gerald Kaufman, Alan Nauman. Row Three: Mainard Wacker, Robert Stan, Bob Smith, Donald E. Cluxton, Bruce Jones, Arlen Davison. Left to Right, Row O ne: George Galuska, Jim Swenson, Dick Colleoni, Ronald Hariess, Tommie Berry. Row Two: Tommy Roberts, Don Jones, Jack Longnecker, Jim Gist. Row Three: Perry Mitchell, Seward Robb, Bernard Ballick, Thomas Love, Jim Barnum. Freshmen get first taste of military firing. 1st year MS 149 Left to Right: Ronald Kirk, Masami Doi, Jim Presley, Ronald Miller, Bob Baker, Morris Skinner. battalion staffs Left to Right: Earl Chamberlain, Masami Doi, Walter Whiteside, Tom Johnson, Morris Skinner, John Dumbull. 150 air force r.o.t.c. Cadet Colonel Dave Gilmour Left to Right, Row One: Bill Shinmori, Donn Muckey, Maj. R. W. Edmonson, Jacques Maggard, Angel Ornelas, Jr. Row Two: Robert McCullough, Dave Gilmour, Thomas Gligorea. 151 An Air Force unit of the Reserve Officers Train- ing Corps was established at the University Au- gust, 1952. The department of air science and tactics is supervised by the Department of the Air Force, which prescribes the standard course of study and provides the necessary officers and airmen to conduct the instruction. The mission of the AFROTC is to select and prepare students, through a permanent program of instruction at civilian institutions, to serve as officers in the reg- ular and reserve components of the USAF, and to assist in discharging, where necessary, an in- stitutional obligation to offer instruction in mili- tary training. Lt. Col. G. F. Maddox Air Force squadrons pass in review at Corbett Field. 152 " Now if the sun is up over the United States, it stands to reason it would be dark here. " Arnold Air Society initiates. Presenting the Choraliers 153 Left to Right, Row One: Bill Shinmori, Donn Mackey, Maj. R. W. Edmonson, Jacques Maggard, Angel Ornelas, Jr. Row Two: Robert McCullough, Dave Gil- mour, Thomas Gligorea. AS IV ' s. Left to Right, Row One: L. D. McCoy, Louie See, Robert Jingling, L. Louis Poit- ras. Row Two: Edward McKinney, Ken Dreusicke, Ted Schaffer, Les White, George Nicholas. Row Three: Gary Y. Riedl, James Castberg, Dan McMichael, Mac Jenkins, Kenneth Payne. AS IH ' s. Cadets take their first flight of the year. 154 choraliers The Air ROTC Choraliers are a voluntary organization of AFROTC cadets who get together for the purposes of advancing public rek ' tions for the Air Force ROTC program, to advance good fellowship of the members, and to provide entertainment for various groups. Each year the group makes several trips to air bases throughout this part of the country to entertain. The group has been very well re- ceived since its founding. The members do a fine job at the annual military ball, too, each year. Left to Right, Row One: Angel Ornelas, Donald Wolcott, Bert Lewark, Joe Cassinett, Warren Tucker, and Loy Harris. Row Two: Clifford Kirk, Bob Snyder, Les White, Ted Peeks, John Borby, Gerald Svoboda, and Jay White. 155 imn JMJJJtttWV QUEENS " he world looks to those hands which hold the crown of beautiful women. i ■ M ' r ' 0f s ' „ t «■■■ y I. «»r t. f . Miss Azucena " Susie " Rodriguez Homecoming Queen Vhit ' s Studio Miss Barbara Hurst Homecoming Attendant h rs Studio iW , W -w III i Miss Fay Von Krosigk Engineers Queen Vhif s Studio Miss Mary Hansen Snow Festival Queen hit ' s Studio w. ■ " ■• . Miss Cleo Fuller Inkslingers Queen Vhit ' s Studio 167 li M Be cii.yb Ur U Op G. I ' iv S 0 it 2 03 " rtf ■e-Z -4e o t- ®s. ' ie Of JVi ' yoL ' ' 0;,, )0 eb. ?. Mr Mr, - ' r e Sh ip.-i th. ' e e W J- %.? th: n e nt ®st. h ! -e sl ' cl t OUp i? . _ n .1 °-e e i Pr ' r ' £ .f or e v, Of Qp !0t ' ■ 9 h te zs 2 oi ce you. On th ric s? , a. Of Sp i : ' Por,s. the ' be: n ost ec k 0, 5:t O e G, 5 c?. ' % ' " ee T ' l Oi J JW uv i ° i J: °05 ' ®5t ne u o v.?;Wt " f i IVi ti 3 o e 3s ■i t 2. t: tbi ' t ? juc,;i ' k th y n n Of M c?e ■One oi d s-f ie ' ■J ' r }otj Ue Q Z c St io ' W;, c .5 : G e e -( •esi " " On 3S " ; 3s you ' se „, fi- e m. On ' ]r, ' ' ' - ' I ' -o Jf th o, d tir : or, - " 5-Z ha ■he t :r r,r ' ®S 3 c? " r- ' ' ai H77 ' 3 ?c? nd Q ' e, ° i 3fi ' i r. ' ' i 3!i es o, oi ■5 r ep St oe ' ond X 2 We ' ts o " 3 77 fn. n th ' ot C :i Oep, %s ' y youp. , PUBLICATIONS The world looks to those hands which hold the quill, and enlighten the world. snipe Snipe, the campus humor magazine, made one brief appearance on cam pus this year. That issue contained many chuckles, as a result of which, the student laughter resounded from Fraternity Park to Wyo Hall and the girls ' dorms. It finally reached Old Main, where it was heard by the Administration and the Board of Trustees. As the laughter was not mu- tual. Snipe was banned from the campus because of its rare sense of humor. Not all of Snipe was devoted to humor, however. Editor Dick Cook and his staff, business manager Larry Mishkind; photographer Paul Holtz; ad editor Skip Roberts; artists Carlos Boeira, Don Kelley, Barbara Brooder, Nancy Lubnau; contributors Jack O ' Neill and Ralph Parlett; and a long list of salesmen, also presented in their magazine an interesting story or two and the freshmen pin-up pictures. Snipe was replaced by Touchee, the first issue of which was published in March. Snipe is gone, but Touchee will carry on the tradition. ! i Vf £ HAD A M4G Left to Right, Row One: Natalie Smith, Nancy Lubnau, Julie Beaver, Cris Poulos, Shirley Gieck, Jeanne Hunting- ton, Mary Jo Budd, Betty Blanchard. Row Two: Carlos Boeira, Randy Wag- ner, Dick Cook, Larry Mishkind, Skip Roberts, Paul Holtz. Left to Right: Ralph Parlett, Dave Mobley, and Paul Holtz. branding iron Each Friday noon you can pick up a " B. I. " (campus slang for the Uni ' versity newspaper). The group this year did a survey of the University bookstore, and carried out a policy of polling the students ' opinion on pertinent campus affairs before editorial criticism was printed. Dave held the editor ' s post for two quarters and then Paul Holtz stepped into his shoes quite capably spring quarter. George Cox took charge of the business affairs for the year, Bettye Zuck handled the society page, while Ralph Parlett and Jack Russell took care of the sports column. Left to Right: Marlene Franz, Rosie Neheker, Jack Russell, Dana Reynolds, Randy Wagner, and Pat Richmond. Rather than pack the next few lines with flowery compli ' ments and an exchange of slaps on the back, a few kind words dedicated to those martyrs who edited this year ' s WYO would be more appropriate. The staff and this year ' s fighting editor, Bob Smith, hope you enjoyed the maze of splashing colors and three-dimensional photographs that ap- peared earlier in the book. This is the first time a college annual has attempted 3-D. This is also the first time that the WYO has had a four-color photo on the cover. Hope you enjoyed the experiment. Since the production of the annual represents a lot of money contributed by the stu- dents and the University, it is only fitting that we offer a generous hand of thanks to those who have sacrificed their health, grades, and jangled nerves in order to bring you a fine yearbook. V; ■A J. ' " y :l... Left to Right: Tom Love, assistant editor; Sharon Joyce, trouble shooter; Bob Smith, editor; Chuck Richardson, business manager. wyo 172 Left to Right: Ann McGowen; class editor, Skip Roberts; Greek editor, Dana Reynolds; Julie Beaver; sports editor. Buck Dalley; Patsy Richmond; Greek editor, Jean Kay Platts; art editor, Polly Ekdall; organizations editor, Alice Hughes; copy editor, Bob Knox. Last minute check. And as the year draws to a close, the work goes on and on; never resting, always striving for perfection; the staff slaves on, day in and day out. 173 Along about the middle of the fall quarter a small table appears in the lobby of the Union, and word gets around campus that the new student directories are out. This little book is considered invaluable by most stu- dents, particularly the boys, as it con- tains the name, Laramie address, and telephone number of every student and staff member at the University of Wyoming. Katherine Stenberg, Pam Cleaver, and Laura Larson served as staff. directory Left to Right: Business managers Pam Cleaver and Laura Larson, Editor Kather- ine Stenberg, and Artist Jane RenkelL Advisors Warren A. Mack and Wallace Biggs look over the latest ad layout book. advisors Wallace Biggs and Warren Mack are two men who have a big influence on all University of Wyoming publica- tions. Much of the credit for this WYO and for every issue of the BI is due to these two men, who direct the activities of all student journal- ists. Mr. Mack is a newcomer from Oregon and assistant to Mr. Biggs, head of the journalism department. 174 GREEKS The world looks to those hands which clasp in brotherhood fbH b Nancy Bane, President To be brutally frank, girls, I think that 35 campuses aren ' t enough for a penalty. The local Panhellenic Council represents the national " All ' Greek " council at Wyoming. Headed by president Nancy Bane, the council, composed of two representatives and an alumna from each group, sponsored rush week at the beginning of fall quarter. Pan-Hell for- mulated the policies for rushing arid social functions. During winter quarter the council sponsored a dance in conjunction with the I.F.C., The Trojan Tromp. At this dance the " Ugliest Man on the Campus " , who, in this case was Howard Brokaw, was chosen. This year, as last, Pan-Hell continued the practice of honoring the five girls in each class with the highest scholastic averages by presenting them with scholar- ship keys at the Torch Light Laurels, the annual women ' s honor night. Wyoming ' s Pan-Hellenic Council is considered one of the most active in the Rocky Mountain region. s Left to Right, Top Row. Delphia Kugler, Beverly Miracle, Jnell Whitlock, Barbara Stratton, Annette Moore, Hazel Juns, Marvene Shidler. Bottom Row. Betty Kirkwood, Joanna Dixon, Nancy Bane, Barbara Howard, Ruth Kalal. 176 Left to Right, Row One: Al Rodriquez, L. Graham, J. Bowman, Boh Looney, and J. O ' Neill. Row Two: Ron Tuley, W. Brourhy, Jerry Jerrett, D. Jones, J. McConnell, and Boh Finch. Row Three: John Radford, Gene Bull, Wayne Weher, Marvin Baker, Bill Tighe, Gene Brown, and M. Frere. f; ' A Joe Bowman, Vresident The Interfraternity Council is an organization composed of two rep- resentatives from each of the eleven fraternities on the campus. Its purpose is to promote better relations among the fraternities as well as between the fraternities and the administration and the commu- nity. It encourages " Help Week " activities rather than Hell Week. The IFC also strives for higher scholarship within its membership by sponsoring a scholarship trophy for the fraternity with the high- est grade average each year, as well as a plaque for the fraternity whose fall quarter pledge class has the highest grade average. In con- junction with the Panhellenic Council, it sponsored the Trojan Tromp Dance at which the " Greek Queen " and the " Ugliest Man on Campus " were elected. And the freshmen win again, like always. Dixie Albee Charlene Ashenhurst Joanne Ball Diane Bechtel Dorothy Berry Mary Blatt Carole Boyd Glenette Brown Donnd Clausen Cynchia Collins Beverly Dawson Shirley Dickson Shirley Edgington Betty Farthings Carolyn Fintus Cleo Fuller Jay Gilmour Patricia Hollcroft Sydney Howe Barbara Kmetz Kay Krajicek Donna LeBaron Irma Lungren Evelyn MacDougal i iMk ;, !»W 8 tHt A Home of the Alpha Chi Omega I ; fmm VM ' |il 1 t ■ Janet Robertson Barbara Stratton Sandra Martin Joyce Robertson Janet Streeter Sally Merriman LouAnn Sandburg Jo Ann Thorburn Bonnie Messersmith Julie Schurger Connie Welsh 178 Harlene Mocroft Shirley Schwabrow Valjean Whipple Annette Moore Gwen Sherard Marion Willett Carolyn Patrick Valta Kay Smith Lara Lou Yorges The active Alpha Chi ' s have been in and out of many activities this year. They re ceived second place for the Most Original Float in the Homecoming activities; and first place for their Snow Sculpture during the annual festivities during the Ski Meet. Their chapter contributed to the Alpha Chi Omega National Cerebral Palsy Pro- ject in which they held a party for crip- pled children and adults in Laramie. The leaders in this group include: Spurs Kay Krajicek, Mary Blatt, JoAnn Thorburn, and Barbara Stratton. Bev Dawson is the president of the Alpha Chi ' s. Beverly Dawson, President 179 Psi Delta chapter of Chi Omega has come a long way since its instal- lation in 1933. Chuck-full of campus leaders, the chapter boasts such girls at Kathy Stenberg, Student Directory editor; its president, Shirley Dempster, also delegate at large for the orientation commit- tee, and Iron Skull member; Kay Mickey, Linda Dudenhaver, Mellee Luton, and Barbara Dusek, who represent the Chi O ' s in the Spurs. The whole chapter will remember their most successful winter formal held February 5th. The decorations were based on the theme, " Blue Champagne " . The Chi Omega chapter hopes to be building their hard-earned house by next year. They ' ve been busy all year long planning, dreaming, and raising money for it. Wyoming University ' s youngest national sorority will be the last group, to join the rest of the sororities in Fraternity Park. All five of the other groups are looking forward to have the Chi O ' s as new neighbors. Something to work for, isn ' t it gals ? e Shirley Dempster, President Home of Chi Omega 180 Barbara Ac icrtcr Shirley Dempster Dona McMichael Pat Bennett Linda Dudt-nhavcr L itltnc Rtimann Karen Benson Barbara Oiistk K-athciinc Stenbcr Georgia BraKK Delphia KuMler Maty lillen 1 ueker 1 II Icn Brandmo I iaknt Landen IViiiL Winn C ti!iLi.n Collier Lois LanM MiKnon Lo Llaiui Dorothy Conine ( knevKvt Lyon Ruth K.dal Marfan r Curtie JatKl Lyon V Relaxation sets the note. 181 Elizabeth Ball Nancy Foster Patricia Huntley Juliette Beaver Marilyn Freeman Nina Huston Averill Bishop Shirley Gieck Kay Ingraham Janet Boyd Sharon Hand Lou Ann Jarrett Mary Bruegger June Harper Nancy Kidd Donna Cay Brown Jacquelyn Hoitsma Hazel Kunz Miriam Call Joyce Holm Mary Lavetty Prudence Edwards Ellen Horton Janet Maebius Ann Woodworth Mary Michie Margaret Recknagel Marvene Shidler 182 Evelyn Norris Lyell Reilly Ann Smyene N. Peterson MarKaret Reilly Marilyn Snelling Patricia Peterson Patsy Richmond Barbara Sterner Diane Picard Emily Sedlacek Patricia Tomsik Jeanne Kay Platts Evelyn Schroeder Susan Twitchell Cris Poulos Joan Sedgwick Merrilyn Waymire Margie Raben Dawn Sheahan Carolyn Williams They ' ve done it again! The Delta ' s cap- tured their third straight victory by win- ning the Homecoming Sing. Their spotlight of achievements shine upon Cris Poulos, who is cheerleader, and also an Air Force Sponsor; Susan Twitchell, Little Interna- tional Queen; Joyce Holm, Diane Picard, Nancy Kidd, and Patty Tomsik represent- ing Delta Delta Delta in Spurs. Dawn Sheahan, Susan Twitchell, Lou Ann Jar- rett and Marilyn Snelling are Air Force and ROTC Sponsors; Iron Skull members are Ann Woodworth and Jan Maebius; and Ruth Ellis is their member of Mortar Board. S Marilyn Freeman, President 183 What fun for all Fraternity Park to have such active girls as the Kappa Deltas for new neighbors this year! Just to start off the year ' s activities, Suzie Rodriguez, a KD from Venezuela, was elected as Homecoming Queen, and the group placed second in the Home- coming Sing. Military sponsors for the year are Ann Traill, JoAnn Haycraft, Cynthia Peterson, and Rae Lee Kreps; president of the sorority is Donna Ayer, who is also a member of Kappa Delta Pi and Pi Gamma Nu honoraries; Mortar Board member is Ann Traill; Pam Cleaver is editor of the Student Directory; and Ann Traill was chosen as the Most Popular Girl on the Campus in an all-school election last spring. National Kappa Delta was founded October 23, 1897, at Virginia State Normal, Farmville, Virginia. Kappa Delta Sorority has the distinction of being the first national sorority to become publicly active in our national emergency. The local chapter, Rho, was founded May 15, 1914, and ranks third of the six sororities in date of installation on the campus. -r - - - Donna Ayer, President Home of the Kappa Delta 184 Donna Ayer Sandra Cobetto Mary Hertzler Thelma Bceson Anna Belle Co::ens Diana Hewitt Shirley Bristow Joan Davidson Linda Holt: Nancy Burton Caiolyn Farbct hiances Joh on Beverly Busteed Margaret Gtieve Mary Ruth King Joann Chnstcnsen Joyce Harris Lois Klahn Fiances Chisholm JoAnn laycralt Kae Lee Kreps Pam Cleaver Lvelyn Henderson Martha Kutt: Jean Lewis Marcia Quale Betty Underwood Nadine Likes Margaret Reed Georgine Vickery Marilyn Loughary Laurian Seaverson Roberta Wasserburger ' Carla Mill Dorothy Smith Diane Wheeler Beverly Miracle Joan Stafford Jnell Whitlock Carolyn Mockler Joyce Stout Dee Wieland Elizabeth Oeland Terrell Till Pamela Wood Cynthia Pedersen Ann Traill Jean Yates 185 Nancy Alexander Faith Boswell Sheila Hall Lynn Anselmi LaRue Campbell Patricia Hamilton Gladys Barnett Gloria Bentzen Betty Blanchard Mary Blanchard Marlys Bogue Marilyn Bogue Carol Charles Viola Coope Joan Crofts Sally Feltner Sally Flavin Leigh Giehm Betty Jean Holiday Elaine Holkenbrink Uoris Hunt Sally Hunter Jeanne Huntington Sally Jackson Lorraine Van Blair Bettye Zuck Jo Ellen Johnston Francel McNeil Joanna Rand Dickson Lynne Willis Sharon Joyce Martha Moedl Carole Rees Maty Ann Kelsey Margaret Ann Morgan Dana Reynolds Sally Kingham Koselyn Nebeker JoDell Riddle Betty Mae Kirkwood Ruth Ann Nebeker Nancy Seebutg Jane Long Patricia Norris Nancy Seltenrich Mary Long Dor othy Pearce Natalie Smith Jo Ann McGill Marilyn Pierson Andrea Sorenson 186 The vivacious girls from the big red brick house have captured for themselves many highlights for the year. Lainie Holken- brink brought to the Kappa Kappa Gam- ma chapter the title of " Miss Wyoming " , and was also chosen Cadet Colonel for ROTC. Betty Mae Kirkwood, an out- standing leader on the campus, holds such honors as AWS president, Panhellenic representative, a member of Who ' s Who, Mortar Board, and the Student Senate. Lynn Anselmi, another prominent leader, is chairman of Big Sisters, a member of Who ' s Who and Iron Skull. Spurs include Joni Crofts, Mary Long, Martha Moedl, and Sally Hunter. .% ' •♦f Sally Feltner, President 187 Donna Babcock Kacherine Dinneen MarRaret Hirsig Lynne Bailey Mary Ann Drew Donna Hofferber Nancy Bane Polly Ekdall Pearl Hopkins Nancy Black Marlene Franz Barbara Howard Joan Bourne Joanne Gill Marilyn Hubbard ' Mary Jo Budd Lynn Gunn Barbara Hurst Marjorie Clare Maiy Hansen Patricia Joder Patricia Craig Kay Hirsig Eileen Jons Alice Hughes Patricia Jons Margie Jorgensen Donna Killebrew Kay Krotter Jean Kugland Laura Larson Kathryn Jons Anne McGowen Carol Porter Jane Renkel Isabella Roedel Leah Ross Janet Royer Priscilla Lynch Barbara Scott Sue Simms Mary Strange Emily Summers Fay VonKrosigk Colleen Wood Jo Savory 188 Nancy Lubnau Mary Ellen Savage Marie-Claire Verdeil Exchange Student Brains on the campus for 1952-53 are the Pi Beta Phi ' s who won the Scholarship Cup. Homecoming activities brought third place in the Sing to these girls, and Bar- bara Hurst was chosen as Homecoming Queen Attendant. Military sponsors in- clude Joan Gill, Coleen Wood, Donna Killebrew, Mary Ellen Savage, and Mary Jo Budd, who also struts gaily at the head of the University Band. Members of Iron Skull are Alice Hughes and Barbara Hurst. Mortar Board members are Leah Ross, treasurer, and Nancy Bane, presi- dent. Nancy is also president of Panhel- lenic Council and serves as AWS vice- president. Kay Jons is president of the Pi Phi chapter. Kay Jons, President 189 Adeie Adams Duane Call Merrill Godfrey John Anderson Gene Chamberlain Lee Harston Irvin Bassett Ray Christensen Patricia Hill Laura Lee Bell Orvin Christopherson Don Holdaway Duane Berrier Earl Condie Ron Holdaway Loretta Bischoff Richard Cozzens Ed Horsley Elizabeth Blood Helen Croft Louis Hunt Lawona Briggs Marjorie Gardner Doug Kingdon Home of the L.D.S La Niel Reasch Ralph Robertson Mariel Sims Geneal Levingston Charles Welling Julius Nelson Minta Willis Mary Jane Parkison Garth Wilkes Dale Peterson Kaye Willis Joyce Powers James Wray 190 Lambda Delta Sigma was founded at the University Utah in 1936-37 and was in- stalled on the Wyoming campus in 1937. A combination fraternity-sorority, LDS is composed of both men and women stu- dents. Sponsored by Mormon students, the organization is characterized by a five- fold program: social, religious, scholastic, recreational, and cultural. Owner of a palatial home far surpassing most others at Wyoming, the LDS Institute provides a place for social, religious, and educa- tional functions. LaNeil Reasch and Du- ane Berrier are the 1953-54 presidents of this split entity . . . LDS. Frank Cole Lewis Morris Bruce Soderholm Richard Davies Boh Peterson Bob SpaldmK X :a Leslie Graham Dale Plaster Walt Staat Q£ ■J J , Floyd Harnagel Gary Riedl Ronald Tuley Lee Larson Ron Rogers Don Ludwig Doug Saarhoff Morris Massey Melvin Schneiderman Larry Moore Bob Skelton Floyd Harnagel, President laaaiEi 192 Gamma Psi, the first national fraternity on Wyoming campus, started the year right, placing second in the Homecoming Sing and " Grinding Out " first place for the most humorous float. Notables in the field of athletics were Bill Sharp, basket ' ball, Fred Beck and Tore " Bobbo " Skot- ner, ski team. Other notables on the cam- pus were Al Simpson, Student Senate; Fred Beck, president of Iron Skull; George Dietrich, president of Commerce Club, and our ATO prexy, Don Landeen, who was elected to Who ' s Who. Don Landeen, President 193 Keith Anderson DouK Bard Tom Btrry Harry Bof us Bing Brouilette George Busier Bill Carter Jim Collett Tyler Dodge Lee Dunham Gary Guilford .Marcel Jelovchan Don Jensen Alf Johnson Dick Leedy Jack McConnell Ted Morgan Srtve Myska Dick Null Howard Parks Zack Phifer Dean Piper Lou Poitras Ernie Rumpt Home of the Tau ' s •V Bill Saunders William Wiley Al Simpson Allen Williams Ed Small Earl Wollenzein Howie Smith Lee Wooderson Leonard Stensaas Ray Zell Bob Thompson Don Landeen 194 Two Tau ' s get some serious studying in. Overbid your hand, Howie. All night long I hear typewriters. 195 Donald Chaplin J. W. Nuckolls Donald Erickson Lloyd Pickett Clyde Foibis Jack Richards Don Force Gale Smith George Gibbs Roy Wuthier Carl Grable Warren Wuthier A. Z. Joy Dick Masters Roy Wuthier, President Time for Paul Harvey farmhouse 196 Kappa Sigma was founded at the University of Virginia in 1869, and installed on the Wyoming campus in 1921. The Kappa Sigs are the only boys who can look across to the sororities on Fraternity Row. It ' s a mighty hard task to list all the prominent Kappa Sigs here at Wyoming, but here ' s a quick rundown of outstanding members: Bob Smith, Who ' s Who, our Wyo editor, and represented Wyo U. at the 58th Congress of American Industry in New York. Gerald Le- Beau, president of the K Sigs, is also a member of the U. W. Live stock Judging Team and Student Senate. Other senators include Bob Smith and Jim Wagner. Heinie Meier is vice-president of ASUW and a member of Who ' s Who. Ed Patrick is business manager of ASUW and also a member of Who ' s Who. Iron Skull members are Don Jones and Bud Nye. Chuck Richardson is the Wyo business manager. The K Sigs went in for social activities too. Highlighting the year were the Pledge Dance and the Dream Girl Ball. a f Jerry Le Beau, President Home of the Kappa Sig ' s 197 Howard Alspach Jack Asay Bill Bayer Mike Bouzis Don Bristow Howie Brokaw Jerry Carter Jim Carter Charles Coleman Chuck Conrad Ron Dalley Joseph Daly Larry Deaver Jack DeBolt Carlton Doe Ranee Dunmire Dee Fielding Jim Gallup Nick Gill Jack Gogerty Roger Hamer Dick Henderson Van Hicks Chuck Johnston Don Jones Harold Meier Barney Pizzola Gerald Kaufman Jim Miller Richard Pearson Jim Kilty Tom Miller Ed Patrick Jerry LeBeau Frank Mills John Quinn Bill MacFarland Dick Murphy Al Head Doyle Maness Doc Murray Don Rees Bruce McHenry John Nye Fred Reckling Max McReynolds Rick Pizzoli Charles Richardson 198 AI Rodriguez Bob Smith Bob Roche Jim Swenson Harold Rumsey Jim Trenholm Bill Salisbury Joe 7 uck Louis Schih Jim Wagner Virsil Sesiar Lewis Wheeler Warren Siebold Robert Wilson Courtney Skinner Ron Zwonitzer Bob Knox The only boys who can see sorority row. 199 And now another health to crown. Starting the year off with a bang, the Phi Delts built a giant silver foil rocket ship, which won first place as the most original. Their athletic prowess was displayed as they captured the coveted Intramural Tro- phy for ' 53. Outstanding Phi Delts this year include: Jack O ' Neil, president of the chapter, and chairman of both the Orien- tation and the Homecoming Coordinating committees. John Crow is their student senator; Tom Love is assistant editor of the Wyo. Earl Perry was voted the Most Popular Man on Campus. The Phi Delts also placed third in the Homecoming Sing this year. Jack O ' Neil, President 201 Ron Annala Bud Bachellor Earl Barnes George Bird Bob Bryant Dave Campbell Maurice Campbell oe Capua Jim Chapin Charles Cooper Kent Christensen Milr CofFman Dick Colleoni Jim Cooper John Crow Jim Davidson John Einer Ted Ernst Sanford Griffin Dick Glover Jim Gist Dick Ghoslin Bill Halseth ' Kk fV.- • ' t: ' : " ' ? a tiY-. " • ?:;■ ' ■ " ■ipr ' ir. ' y- , jiM «» " » " ' ' fi. »«» nnllt. r V Home of Dick Hartwell Phil Hoyt Devon Hurd Ray Jackson Melvin Johnson Don Kelly Bob Kerr Ron Kirk Dave Kominsky Stan Kouris Bill Lange Diggs Lewis Tom Love Bob McDonald Dan McMichael Gene Michael Dan Moberley John Mobley Bob Nelson Dick Nelson Garth Nield Bill Nuhn Ron O ' Connell Bill Pifer 202 Lloyd PuUum Russ Simpson Bill Thoren Bud Racicky Jack Steele Leon Tuttle Jack Raffctty Dale Roberts Arlen Rounds Pete Shunk JirT Scott Less Simpson Dick Suhr Dick Suranyi Glenn Taucher Bob Tiijhe Bill TiBhe Bob Titus Terry Willoushby Aldo Zueck Mack Jenkins mt ' J And Ace Kirk slams another point ! Do you like it, Brutha Tighe ? 203 y raotj :x " " 9 I r! ' ' Do you suppose we can keep this one for awhile, Prexy ? Singing Phi Delta . . . Phi Delta Theta. Nice looking stein. 204 In 1889, Catholic students at Brown University, Providence, R. I., saw the need for a Catholic fraternal organization. On April 29, 1902, a charter was issued by the state of Rhode Island, setting forth the purposes of the organization and changing the name to Phi Kappa. Chapter after chapter was added as Catholic men saw the need on their campuses. Phi Kappa in its teachings, its ideals, its aims, its spirit, has a background centuries old. It carries on in the life of modern colleges and universities the same principles of phi- losophy and theology which Christ taught and His teachers have pro- mulgated through 2,000 years of Catholic history. Phi Kappa was started here in the fall of ' 49. In 1950 they received their charter from national. This year the Phi Kaps have partiopated in various activities, including intramural sports, weekend picnics and outings, annual dances each quarter, and many others. Maurice Frere is the president of this fine organization. • -«« »nI Maurice Frere, President M ' m. . George Bull Peter Olson l k Bill Hardigan John Martinez Joseph Martino Michael Michnick Eugene Moore Fritz Carroll Gene Payne Maurice Frere John Squeri 205 Being the oldest fraternity on campus, having been affiliated with SAE in 1917, Wyoming Alpha of Sigma Alpha Epsilon plans to build its new shrine at Fraternity Park soon. Nevertheless, the grand old tra- ditions of this outstanding, well-rounded frat, remain the same. Homecoming brings the ever famous and colorful SAE Kilty Band Parade, winter quarter the Bush- man ' s Hope, and spring quarter, the beau- tiful Spring Formal. Active participation in every activity is the most notable tra- dition with the SAE fraternity. Verl Picard, President 206 Dick Brown Bob Bhinchard Pat Brownell Mike Chrisiopulos Ben Chesebio Lynn Clark Harold Cole Dean Costello Don Diller oe Dolence James Elder John Erickson Gerald Farmer Kay Ferrin Filank Mockler Jack Floerke Art Glenn Russ Hynes Dick Kingham Mike Korte Charles Mackey Louis Madrid Jim Morrell Verl Picard lltiJI flKlh Don Ryan William Stewart Mike Ryder Rob Tillett Gene Schoenberg William Tyrrell Bud Sills Bob Williams Jim Slater Bob Larson 207 Home of the S. A. E. Put on your tie, this is open house Cramming time at the white house on the corner. 208 Jesse Whiteman, President The classic social event of Sigma Chi is the Sweetheart Ball, recog- nized as the standout fraternity dance on the University campus. Other events such as the Baby Bawl, Sigma Chi Derby, and the Pirate Ball highlight the social calendar. Top social events aren ' t the only things the Sigs are noted for. This year Cadet Colonel Ed Wren, BI editor Dave Mobley, law student Bill Foster, and All-American athlete and student body president Paul Carlin represent Sigma Chi in Who ' s Who. Senators Tut Ellis, Scotty Robb, John Gosney, and Bill Foster help guide the student government. In Intramural Ath- letics, the Sig basketball team is hard to beat, while in varsity ath- letics Bill Demontbreun and Walt Whitesides ably hold down line- man berths on the great Wyoming football team. The Wyoming chapter of Sigma Chi was installed on our campus in 1930. Jesse Whiteman is the president of the Sigs. Home of the Sigma Chi ' s -— . " .-J ■—uli ' hM i o4i Bill Archibald Arlen Davison Don Harris Glenn Bakker Bill DeMontbreun Bob Hendrickson Ben Beagle Fred Earley LaVerne Hill Duke Bolich Dale Ellis Joe Hymer Chuck Brown Tut Ellis Bruce Jones Merlin Clark Lonnie Eschliman Kent Kinniburg Chuck Cornwall Bob Fletcher Tom Lockhart George Cox John Gosney Bill Mefford J. B. Rhoden Chuck Thompson Lilvon Michael Dave Mobley Kay Peterson Wally Pirainen Melvin Quails Jim Rasmussen Seward Robb John Rushing Vince Siren Jordan Smith Jim Spielgelberg Jack Stanfield Jerry Voorhees John Watts Tom Wheatley Walt Whitesides Ed Wrenn Ross Zuckerman 210 Gee! ... it looks just like my folks ' house. And the score is tied at 20-all ! 211 Winners of the 1953 Cowboy Capers are the Sig Ep ' s and the KKG ' s. This is the third time in a row for the Sigma Phi Ep ' s, a practice which has nearly become a tra- dition with them. A busy year of activi- ties for the boys included their fall quarter Sadie Hawkins dance, and their winter and spring quarter formals. Big- Wigs in the chapter are Jack Rhodes and Bob Pearce, Iron Skull members; Otto Na- kano, Phi Ep representative; Orley Ar- thur, Ed Christensen, and Bob Looney, members of Scabbard and Blade. Bob Looney, president of the Sig Ep fraternity, is also secretary of IPC. Bob Looney, President 212 Orley Arthur Don Gardner Tom Looney John Barnes Bill Carey Ed Christensen Jack Cook Stan DeVere Jack Hansen Marv Hein Roy Henderson Bob Panos Dick Hildreth Duane Holland Bob McCuUough Otto Nalcano Bob Pearce Martin Peterson John Doyle Frank Jonnson Guy Porter Bob Finch Ron Kirklin Jerry Putdy ■ sfm Just a house — but it ' s a home away from home to the Sig Ep ' s. Jack Rhoades Ftanlc Scoisone Ron Slater Dale Sparling Melvin Thompson Louis Vialpando Gene West 213 Jerry Jarrett, President The Sigma Nu ' s started this year off by winning first place in the Homecoming Sing and first for the most beautiful float. During Fall Rush Week they pledged 44 new members. Their fall pledge dance was the beautiful annual White Rose Formal and their always fa- mous Chanticleer which held the spotlight in the spring. The Sigma Nu campus leaders include: Jim Herd, Jim Neilson, John Field, and Bob Phillips, Who ' s Who. Jim Neilson is president of Alpha Kappa Psi, the commerce honorary, and Bob Phillips is president of Alpha Epsilon Delta, the pre-med honorary. Dick Cook was editor of the Snipe magazine. Student Senate members are Jim Herd, John Field, and Jim Neilson. In the University Theatre, Bob Phillips held the lead performance in " Harvey " , while Bob Pinney had lead parts in the plays " Moliere " and " Pygmalion. " In athletics, Jim Herd was runner-up tennis champion in the Skyline Conference for ' 53. El- wood Hanes and Bob Phillips did a good job cheering the cowboys on. Home of the Sigma Nu ' s 214 Anson Bell Jim Castberg Jim Dixon Bob Barlow Robert Casteel Dick Elletby Hugh Barr Ron Cheese John Field Wade Brorby Richard Clark John Fisher Oeorfie Brow Ock Davis Bob Folstcr Robert Bruce Lloyd Dayton Gerald Gardner James Carlisle John Denham Edsel Grams Merl Case Delano Dinelly Bob Guthrie Jim Herd Kennerh Houtz Charles Jones Chuck Jones Ray Lansing Charles Lawson Dick Lodewich Otto Ludecke Myles Miller Jim Nielsen Dwight Nott Thomas Osborne J-ff Jones Kent McDaniel Bob Palm Tom Kennelly Don Mclntyre Jerry Peyton Steve Kofakis William Meeboer Bob Phillips Harry Konkel Jim Messer Darrell Rassmussen 215 David Rickell James Russell Cliff Stuart Dick Thomas John Rust Ray Saunde ' s Jim Slotta Larry Slotta Robert Snyder Cliff Stuart Kenneth Cook Paul Holtz David Updyke Chuck VanBIair Dick Vandekoppel Randy Wagner Henry Weston Charles Hemry 4 : ,-i»vji The Sigma Nu ' s toast to homecoming. 216 — it ' s easier to think in that position ! Just keeping the home lights burning. But it ' s the latest thing in Paris ! 217 Skip Amick Andy Andrikopoulis Lou Bockius Don Bass Bill Hovey Robert Hudelson Doug Johnson Bernard Justesen Bert Lewark Sidney Martin Harry Michael Bob Mueller Fred Cowles Alvin Danielson Harold Erikson James Harns George Kobel George Kuntzman John Kylander Ken Lassila Ted Nast Truman Nichols Frank Prevedel John Radford Home of the Tkes. { V Rog Ready 1 kJ k Larry Roberts Norman Roberts Dean Ryder Winslow Tisdel Jerome Vincent 218 Remaining the youngest fraternity on the campus, the Tekes have grown to a com- petitive group, participating in every cam- pus event, winning the Cowboy Capers trophy in the Men ' s group last spring quarter. They also placed second in the ' 53 Homecoming parade. Their annual pledge dance. The French Cabaret, was the outstanding function of the fall, as was the Sweetheart Dance in the winter. Spring quarter found the group enjoying themselves with the alumns during the Spring Round-up. J Harry Michael, Vresident 219 SPORTS ft,«. The world looks to those hands which take part in sports. V „ Sf ' • VSC!5: 222 Bob Hicks Clay Stapleton Lou McCullough K •%i » i 5F| aj;, 1 Le t to Td t, Row One: Wilson, Brush, Magagna, Carter, Phillips, Lenihan, Yonkee, and Roberts. Rou Tifo: Jones, Radella, Zellner, Haupt, DeMontbreum, Fritzler, O ' Neal, and Galuska. ow Three: Kutches, Dreusicke, Schaffer, Glenn, Hewgley, Mastrogiovanni, Taylor, Couch, and Mather. Roif Four: Trullinger, Ochsenschlager, Whitesides, Pilch, Fulton, Klaren, MafFoni, and Howell. Each opponent on the Cowboys ' tough ten-game schedule was " up " for their contest with Wyo ' ming. Surprisingly enough, the Pokes were at their best in losing efforts. Utah nipped them 13 ' 12, Iowa found the going rough in a 21 ' 7 victory, and Oklahoma A M rallied in the final quar- ter to win 20-14. Wimp Hewgley, Dale Haupt, Joe " Mastrogiovanni, and George Galuska won all-conference honors. ,Si : pbi ■Vens 223 t0- " JK Ermel Howard Wilbur O. Stevens John Townsend Left to Right, Row One: Noyes, MacAtee, Blix, DeMatieo, Skelton, McClellan, Haile, Quinto, and Manfreda. Row Two: Korte, Knox, Winder, Neal, Langford, Nickla, Daniels, O ' Brien, Dolfi, Mateyak, and Kagle. Row Three: Keer, Ugolini, Carver, Crawford, Swindler, Moore, Redfield, Lind ' sey, and Popik. Row Four: Hoosier, West, Allemand, Crawford, Davis, Stonecipher, Katsampes, Larson, and Everett. Wyoming 47 Wyoming 27 Wyoming 20 Wyoming 2 1 Wyoming 7 VARSITY SCORES New Mexico A . M .... Wyoming 12 Montana 7 Wyoming 27 Utah State 13 Wyoming 14 Colorado A M 14 Wyoming 7 Iowa 21 Wyoming 13 Utah 13 BYU .... Oklahoma A M 20 New Mexico 9 Denver 13 224 K - ' jm m -• - Y ' -M Yf S 1 H S Lt ' l 1 Yf " " " ■- " L " ..i. ' Trainer Fred Peterson : ' • ' ■ ' .-Hir 4 " . .».■ . ,, 4 i py %.n4- m ' ' ■. Cut i ' v ' . «, " Bob Brush submarines his way through B.Y.U. ' s line. 226 Galuska flies through the air into the end zone. A Utah Aggie grabs a short pass } but is nailed immediately. ' Mastrogiovanni is halted by an Aggie defender on an end run. Coach Ev Lantz returned from California to guide his wrestlers to victories over such inter- sectional powers as Minnesota (18-11) and Carleton (35-0). Perhaps the most impressive performance by the Pokes was a 14-14 draw with strong Wisconsin. Dick Hockley, unde- feated during conference competition, brother Bob Hockley, and sophomore Bob Royce led the Cowboys into the Skyline tournament at Fort Collins. 228 Bob Royce breaks Rich Hockley ' s cross-body ride Left to Right, Row One: Wintermote, Carroll, Hyatt, Key, R. Hockley, and Royce. Row Two: Bird, Thomas, Lutterman, Goldman, B. Hockley, and McCulIough. Row Three: Coach Ev Lantz, Peterson, Jackson, Daly, Werner, Slotta, Cook, and Tewell. 229 Left to Right: Richardson, (coach), Hynes, Armstrong, Beck, Knowles, Skotner, Vanberg. Hard luck and a bad string of injuries plagued Wyoming ' s young and inex- perienced skiers this year. Coach Fred Richardson and Russ Hynes paced the slatmen throughout the season. The en- tire squad is composed of underclass- men, with the exception of exchange student Tore Skotner. Verne Gale ' s mermen were relieved of any chance of placing in conference competition when Jim Dillon, free-style artist, suffered a head injury and was unable to compete. Dick Miller proved to be the top Cowboy swimmer, though Ron Zwonitzer and Leon Turtle copped several firsts. Left to Right, Roiv One: Ron Tuley, Van Hicks, Bob Spaulding, Leon Turtle, Bill Salisbury, Jim Dillon, Dick Miller. Row Two: Instructor Don Harris, Ono, E. Miller, Wallis, Langwell, Stensaas, Vandel. 230 231 Bill Sharp sinks a bucket as the Cowboys defeat Utah, 66-54. Harry Jorgenson ' s knee injury during the first Denver game set off a series of bad breaks for Wyoming ' s second place Cowboys. Bill Sharp sprained his ankle during the great victory over O.C.U., and though he led the scoring during the season and had the high for one game with 28 against Utah, he regained his form too late to help the Cowboys catch Colorado A M. Jay Mulvehal was benched after producing the top point average during the first portion of the sea- son. Defensive ace Ron Rivers was the top re- bounder and an all-conference selection. ,• ■• ■rJ . Coach Ev Shelton 232 1 Ron Rivers Chuck Wing Bill Sharp Harry Jorgensen Jay Mulvehal Bob Moore Bill Lange Joe Capua Nick Eliopulos Jim Schell Bob McDonald Ed Huse 233 scores Wyom Wyom Wyom Wyom Wyom Wyom Wyom Wyom Wyom Wyom Wyom Wyom Wyom Wyom Wyom Wyom Wyom Wyom Wyom Wyom Wyom Wyom Wyom Wyom Wyom Wyom Wyom Wyom ng 62 Montana State 53 ng 80 Montana State 47 ng 87 Montana State 54 ng 71 Creighton 65 ng 69 Kansas State 76 ng 68 Hardin-Simmons 49 ng 63 San Francisco 54 ng 64 Cincinnati 54 ng 51 Santa Clara 59 ng 54 Oklahoma City 63 ng 81 New Mexico 61 ng 65 Utah State 54 ng 65 Montana 49 ng 72 Colorado State 53 ng 64 - Denver 59 ng 56 New Mexico 53 ng 57 Oklahoma City 38 ng 46 Utah State 62 ng 68 : Montana 53 ng 43 Colorado A M 47 ng 49 Denver 60 ng 63 Brigham Young 47 ng 56 Utah 45 ng 40 Oklahoma City 52 ng 55 - St. Louis 71 ng 41 Brigham Young 52 ng 59 Utah 58 ng 52 Colorado A M 44 Rivers takes a rebound from D.U. ' s Rhone. Mulvehal ' s jump shot adds 2 more in 57-38 win over O.C.U. 234 Chuck Wing ' s attempt is blocked as the Pokes drop their first conference game in the fieldhouse. Joe Capua goes high into the air for a lay-up. 235 Sharp, above, looks pained as Rivers clears a rebound. Huse, below, gets set to clear Capua ' s lay-up. 236 m. DEPr, Left to Right, Row One: Mangus, Wagner, Shelton, Luman, and Eisenhauer. Row Two: Chase, Rhoden, Bradley, Petersen, and Coach Chamberlain. frosh basketball Coach Oris Chamberlain, in his initial year as frosh basketball tutor, guided his charges to a 5 ' 3 record for the season. Paced by the hot-shooting Pinedale star, Ed Luman, who averaged 15 points per game throughout the season and made the top individual perform- ance of the campaign by dropping in 27 markers against Denver, the greenies topped the Aggies of Colorado twice, Powell J. C. twice, and D. U. once. Chuck Wagner was the Pokes ' playmaker. Up and in. 237 ■ ' ' w w 1 — r — I — mnwiininu After finishing in the cellar in ' 53, Coach Jack Alford ' s duffers hope to improve their record this year. Re- turning are vets Ron Kirk, Bob Guthrie, and Bob Knox. f [.„.... Left to Right: Pearson, Whiteman, Guthrie, Coach Alford, Kirk, Foster, Mills, and Schunk. Wyoming may come through with its first tennis championship in the school ' s history. The Pokes have on hand Jim Herd, Carleton Doe, Lew Wheeler, Bill DeMontbreun, and Dee Dinelly. Left to Right: DeMontbreun, Herd, Coach Dolan, Doe, and Wheeler. c a Left to Right, Row One: J. Elder, D. Stine, L. Vialpando, L. Slotta, J. Smith, D. Badinelli, B. Wilson, A. Peyton, J. Doyle, and Coach Wiles Hallock. Row Two: D. Costello, J. Rushing, D. Hatcher, K. Moore, D. Ochsenschlager, C. Magagna, C. Rodermel, L. Madrid, P. Carlin, and J. Chase. t ' I Wiles Hallock, publicity director and track coach. Left, conference mile champion, Louie Madrid. Above, John Rushing, ' 53 run- nerup in conference broadjump. Track prospects appeared bright for coach Wiles Hallock, after the team ' s dismal showing last year. Returning veterans include Paul Carlin, all- American 880 performer, Louie Mad- rid, conference mile champ, John Rushing, conference runnerup in the broad jump, pole vaulter Anson Bell, weight man Jim Schell, dashman Don Badinelli, and distance man Jim El- der. 239 Coach Glenn R. (Bud) Daniel The 1953 squad was pushed into second place in the conference standings by New Mexico during the late stages of the season. Eleven returning veterans boosted Coach Bud Daniel ' s hopes for a pennant for the current year. The Pokes will be without the service of their top hitter, Gus Angelos, who was lost through graduation. In addition to pitcher Thornton Bromley, the Cowboys will have last year ' s infield intact. Shortstop Bob Jingling, the Waddie ' s leading hitter in ' 52, will attempt to regain his form after a bad slump last season. 240 The Poke chuckers limber up their arms at the start of the season. Pretty good for having your eyes closed. left to Right, Row One: F. Schmidt, P. Kutches, B. Wilson, V. Villasenor, B. Sullivan, N. Poprovak, B. Jingling, T. Bromley, and H. Maniz. Row Two: Coach Bud Daniels, S. Knezevich, G. Nagle, D. Napiorkowski, R. Oljenik, J. Eckert, E. Huse, R. Drost, E. Litecky, and F. Heiss. I Football champions, SAE, shown in a huddle. Phi Delta Theta copped the championship trophy in ' 53 by nosing out Alpha Tau Omega. A tight fouF ' Way race marked this season of play in the fraternity league. ATO, Phi Delta Theta, SAE, and Kappa Sigma were racing down to the wire at press time. Intramurals were given a shot in the arm this year when director Orland Ward announced that varsity athletes would be per- mitted to engage in all sports, excluding the sport in which they lettered. Ron Tuley, far left, wins the backstroke for Acacia. fmfm m-ff T pPfP " ■nS ft ' Snf: :sji «»- ii ' ' -» i m - ' . " S ■ Wyoming captured its third consecutive in- tercollegiate billiard title this year. Jay Mul- vehal, Poke cage star, wound up in the top three elite of university players throughout the nation for the third season in a row. Two years ago, Mulvehal was tops in the nation. Paul Frazier and Willard Vander- bur composed the other members of the three-man team. Jay Mulvehal Billiard squad, left to right: Mul- vehal, Vanderbur, and Frazier. 243 women s physical education Wyoming coeds, under the supervi- sion of Ruth Campbell, are offered various competitive sports such as archery, tennis, volleyball, softball, fencing, and swimming. Sorority ri- valry adds spark to the program. 1 f J Varsity team members — Left to Right, Row One: Al Nauman, Don Cluxton, and Orley Arthur. Row Tico: Tom Humphrey, Coach L. C. Boyd, Tom Love. ' The varsity and ROTC rifle team has fired in every conceiv- able match this year. Among these were postal matches with teams all over the country. In some fifty matches, Wyoming emerged victorious in forty. The squad fired in the first radio rifle match held in the nation this year, and also placed eighth in the William Randolph Hearst match. The group classified teams in classes AA, A, and C in state meets. The squad took away first place honors in the state class C. Posing for the camera, some of the members of the varsity team take up the prone position. Left to Right, Row One: Joann Ball and Judy Clark. Row Two: Shirley Vance, Barbara Hurst, Mary Rose Bruegger, and Sergeant Boyd. Watch out fellows, these gals are armed and know how to use those rifles The girls came into this year headed by a state champ, Joann Ball, and gave quite an account of themselves. In shoulder to shoulder matches they won over Colorado A M twice and University of Colorado once, while losing to the University of Denver. In postal matches the girls again came out on top, winning seven and dropping three. M. .:M:. The Girls look at the proof of their marksmanship. The world looks to those hands which will . shape tomorrow ' s world. I j29 Selectedjo Who ' s Who i UNIVERSITY 4 WYOMING T " j ' ' ! ' ° ' a belecfed As Leaders BRANOIHG IRON iM ' f:f :« »lf ' f ., ' r Z, " " " • " ■ " •■ ■ J;;; waa ' ' " w , 1847 Down Slips Out On November 20, 1953, twenty-nine students were elected from the Uni- versity of Wyoming campus to the 1953-54 edition of " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. " Election to this select group is based on scholastic records, leadership, participation in extra-curricular activities, citizenship, service to the University, and prcrfn- ise of future usefulness. This year ' s group was made up of nine women and twenty men. Twenty-two seniors were in the group, the other seven being juniors. Unlike many honor awards, " Who ' s Who In American Universities and Colleges, " does provide a service for those that are chosen. Who ' s Who can help a student in seeking employment and will always serve as a worthwhile reference. Lynn Anselmi Paul Carlin Nancy Bane Joe Cassinat 247 George Cox John Field S Bill Foster Bill Hardigan Dale Haupt .jtmA Kay Jons 248 James Herd JOSB Betty Kirkwood Don Landeen .,, m ' - ,,ji »»ssaww Bipl Bob Looney Donna Marburger ' -» ' . l Jim Neilson Mildred Payne Bob Phillips David Mobley Edwin Patrick Pam Peeks 249 Not pictured is Pat Scully. Bob Smith Bill Shinmori Anne Traill 250 Nelson E. Wren Roy Wuthier x Tx rv © table of contents queens Homecoming 158 Homecoming Attendant 160 Engineers 162 Snow Queen 164 Inkslingers 166 publications Snipe 170 Branding Iron 171 WYO 172 Directory 174 sports Football 222 Wrestling 228 Swimming 230 Skiing 230 Basketball 231 Tennis 238 Golf 238 Track 239 Baseball 240 Intramural 242 Rifle Team 245 who ' s who 247 advertising 254 administration President 11 Dean Keeney 12 Dean Galliver 13 Department Heads 14 colleges Agriculture 18 Commerce 29 Education 36 Engineering 50 Law 64 Pharmacy 66 Liberal Arts 68 student government Senate 86 AWS 88 Pan-Hellenic 176 IPC 177 music Band 143 Chorus 144 Orchestra 144 military Army ROTC 146 Air ROTC 151 RS - 251 ADVERTISING The world looks to the hands of progressive business, our advertisers. The HEART of the campus FIRST, LAST, AND ALWAYS It ' s the WYOMING UNION WE SALUTE THE CLASS «F 54 ' FOR REAL CLASS EVERY YEAR USE NATURAL GAS Northern Gas Company LARAMIE MEDICINE BOW RAWLINS TEXAS GULF SULPHUR COMPANY I NCORPORATED PRODUCER OF CRUDE SULPHUR PRODUCING UNITS AT: NEWGULF MOSS BLUFF SPINDLETOP WORLAND 254 TEXAS TEXAS TEXAS WYOMING WH ATLAND Blow Oil Company Pioneer Pharmacy State Bank of Wheatland Penny ' s Store Globe Hotel Quality Cleaners Stock Growers Bank of Wheatland O. P. Skaggs System Rainbov Cafe Wheatland Daily Times SUPPORT THESE MERCHANTS WHO HELP SUPPORT THE WYO ■ •. -,■ V-s - " TmKK- ,,: . »? ' 4 ' - € - . " -W;. ' " ' ' » • f ' % WYOMING 255 FIRST NATIONAL BANK LARAM E VALLEY of Lander CREAMERY Pioneer Bank of Central Wyoming The Best in Grade A Products Established 1884 LANDER WYOMING 166 North 3rd Phone 2381 Your Favorite Home-made BREAD • ROLLS • BUNS • PIES • CAKES CHRIS ' S BAKE SHOP Phone 5454 256 212 Grand LARAMIE SMART STYLES FOR THE STYLISH DRESSES - SUITS - COATS - SLACKS AND ACCESSORIES Laramie Mayor Sam Tully Rawlins City Hall BEST WISHES to the UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING FROM THE CITY OF RAWLINS 257 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Laramie Wyoming ' s Oldest Bank Member Federal Reserve System Member F.D.I.C. our ox - oLc aramie Fox - Wy - Varsity TWO GREAT SHOE STORES - Dedicated to the Finest People in the World — OUR WYOMING FRIENDS AND CUSTOMERS Conne in the First Time It ' s Convenient ! lB?!y CHEYENNE — LARAMIE y ery thing )r the rUDENT A Abaucy, Abdul Hai 50 Abbott, Janice Grace 68 Abplanalp, Raymond 50, 115, 190 Acuna, Jose Eduardo N 50 Adamcik, Mary C 68 Adams, Adele 18, 110, 123, 126, 131 Adams, Paul Kenneth 64 Aegerter, Barbara L 36, 181 Ainsworth, Paula L 36, 131 Albee, Dixie Lucretia 28, 127, 178 Alexander, Dannie Ray 36 Alexander, Nancy Ann 36, 186 Allbaugh, Gwen Lee 68 Allemand, Hester Ann 28, 131 Allemand, Raymond J 36, 224 Allen, Emmett Lee 36 Allen, James Walter 50 Alphin, Robert Gene 36, 106 AUspach, Howard G 68, 198 Amick, Roy N., Jr 50, 218 Andersen, Allen Kay 50 Anderson, Dale Elroy 68 Anderson, Don Rodney 68 Anderson, Ila Marie 36, 127 Anderson, Jean Parker 18 Anderson, John DeLoyd 18 Anderson, L. Keith 28 Anderson, Lawrence L 68 Anderson, Nancy Rae 36 Anderson, Richard C 28, 142 Andrew, Nanci A 68 Andrew, Sanford Glen 68 Andrikopoulos, A. G 28, 218 Annala, Ronald Lee 68, 91, 202 Anselmi, Lynn R. M 18, 88, 95, 105, 126, 128, 186, 247 Apland, Leo Gert 68 Applegate, Beverly H 28, 123, 127 Aqa, Mir 18 Archibald, William K 68, 210 Amoldi, Loy A 68 Arthur, Orley, jr 18, 94, 118, 148, 213 Asay, John O ' Donnell 68, 198 Ashenhurst, Charlene 28, 103, 178 Ata, Mohammad Anwar 18, 138 Atkinson, Beverly Ann 36 Austin, Roland Wesley 68 Ayer, Donna Jane 36, 97, 103, 183, 185 B Babcock, Donna Sue 68, 127, 188 Bacheller, Harold 1 68 Backer, Shirley June 68 Badley, Catherine L 36, 130 Bagley, Terrence F 142 Bailey, C. Lynne 68, 188 Bailey, Norma K 68 Bailey, Robert Vernon 68 Bain, Nancy Ann 18 Baker, Bobbie Jean 68, 131 Baker, John Lester 18, 118, 177 Baker, William Wayne 50, 177 Bakker, Glenn L 28, 210 Balafoutis, C. Andreas 68, 130 Baldwin, Wm. James 36 Ball, Joanne 36, 141, 178 Ball, Mary Elizabeth 36, 182, 138 Ballew, Beverly Jo 36, 130 Ballick, Bernard M 28, 149 Ballinger, Shirley M. 36 Bane, Nancy .... 36, 88, 97, 98, 140, 176, 188, 247 Banish, Robert James 50 Banish, William Earl 50, 124 Bard, Douglas Norwood 18, 194 Bard, Marilyn Joann 68, 131 Barlow, Robert Floyd 28, 215 Barnes, Earl Richard 68, 202 Barnes, John P 28, 213 Barnes, Nancy Anne 28 Barnett, Gladys L 68, 121, 186 Barney, Betty Lue _ 36, 127 Barnum, James Edward 68, 149 Barr, Hugh F 68, 215 Barriga, Pablo V 50 Barrows, Harry David 66, 100 Barton, Lois Aileen 68 Barton, Nan Ida 130 Bass, Donald Everett 50, 218 Bass, Janet Lucille 68, 127 Bassett, Irvin Gene 69 Bath, James LeRoy 50 Bayer, Wm. Chester 69, 198 Beagle, Charles Ben 50, 210 Beaver, Juliette 69, 182, 127 Bechtel, Diane Lou 69, 178 Beck, Frederick M 69 Beeson, Thelma M 28, 103, 110, 142, 185 Belecky, Frank Irwin 69 Belecky, John Joseph 28 Bell, Anson David 36, 112, 215 Bell, Laura Lee 36 Belt, Taylor M 50 Bennett, Patricia J 36, 88, 95, 130, 138, 181 Bennitt, Nadynne Anna 69, 95 Benson, John Richard 50 Benson, Karen Arlene 36, 95, 181 Benson, Warren Marsh 69 Benton, Anita 69 Bentzen, Gloria Jean 69, 186 Benzel, Hanna June 36 Bergman, Chas Carroll 50 Bergman, Robert John 50, 109 Bergonzo, Beverly V 69 Berkley, Alice Jane 18, 126, 130 Bernsee, John Warren 91 Berrier, Dorothy M. 127 Berrier, Duna H 50 Berry, Dale Adele 28, 127 Berry, Dorothy E 28, 178 Berry, Tommie Joe 50, 194, 149 Berry, Wilma Irene 36, 106, 131 Berryman, Marilyn Mae 69, 130, 142 Besso, Charles W 50, 115 Best, Marytherese 69, 128, 130 Bever, Hazel Fern 69 BevRowitz, Robert 66 Bieg, William E., Jr _ 50 Bird, George Clement 66 259 " Bronc-buster rides barrel wrong side up ! " Northern Wyoming Coat SERVING THE GREAT NORTHWEST TERRITORY The COAL that . . . Is Lower in Ash ! Clean to Handle ! Is Easily Fired ! Produced By: BIG HORN COAL CO. Sheridan, Wyoming Distributed By: SHERIDAN WYO. COAL CO Phone 787 — Monarch, Wyo. 260 For Fine Clothes FOWLERS of CHEYENNE -a si PLANT GRADE " A " PRODUCTS MILK BUTTER ICE CREAM DRIED MILK BUTTER MILK SWEET CREAM COTTAGE CHEESE ICE CREAM MIX FROZEN FOODS J AT YOUR DOOR AT YOUR STORE a ert c tcaPBiC ix j4 c I SHERIDAN, WYOMING H. K. Newton, ' 27 Bischoff, Loretta 69 Bishop, Averill Joan 69, 182 Bishop, Beverly Grace 36 Githell, Kathryn Gail 69, 90, 110, 130 Black, Nancy Jean 36, 141, 188 Blackburn, Kenneth A 18 Blackner, Ruth Kaye 18, 110 Blanchard, Elizabeth 36, 88, 128, 186 Blanchard, Mary A 36, 122, 186 Blanchard, Robert 69, 207 Blasko, Donald Paul 50 Blatt, Mary Barbara 69, 88, 95, 178 Blix, John Hamlin 224 Blood, Elizabeth 36, 127 Bockius, Lous V 28, 218 Bodine, Ronald Lee 69 Bogue, Marilyn Ann 37, 186 Bogue, Marlys John 69, 186 Bogus, Harold Michael 28, 194 Bogus, Thomas Charles 64 Bohmont, Bert Leland 18, 94, 118 Bohrer, Richard C 69, 125 Bolich, Donald L 69, 91, 149, 210 Boner, Bob Lee 18 Booth, Frederick P 69 Borgialli, Hazel Ruth 18, 127, 142 Bosler, Shirley Paris 148 Boswell, Faith C. S 69, 186 Bouzis, Michael John 28, 198 Bourne, Joan Shirley 70, 128, 188 Bowman, Joseph L 70, 177 Boyd, Carole Ann 37, 127, 178 Boyd, Janet Faye _ 28, 182 Boyle, James Ill Boyle, William Dwain 70 Bracken, John Melvin 91 Bradley, David L 37 Bradley, Janet Lucile 37, 141 Bradley, Marie Emilie 132 Bragg, Georgia Rose 70, 138, 181 Brandmo, Helen Jean 70, 138, 181 Brandon, Jack Bryce 28 Brantz, Walter G _ 28 Bratcher, James D 37 Breazeale, Jay W., Jr 37 Breazeale, Vernon H 70 Brekken, Tony 50, 109 Brettell, Robert R 18 Breuninger, Louis R 50 Briggs, LaWona Jane 18 Brostow, Donald Dean 66, 100, 132, 198 Bristow, Shirley Jean 70, 108, 125, 138, 185 Britton, Beverly Ann 37, 127, 141 Brokaw, Howard Milton 70, 198 Bromley, Thornton 37 Brooder, Barbara R 70 Brooks, Thos. Stanley 70, 106, 111 Brorby, John Wade 28, 177, 215 Brouillette, Weldon V 28, 194 Brow, George Ralph 50, 215 Brown, Charles H 64, 210 Brown, Donna Cay 18, 182 Brown, Duane Leroy 118 Brown, Francis R 37, 207 Brown, George F 50, 115, 177 Brown, Glenette 1 70, 178 Brown, Patricia L 70, 131 Brown, Raymond G 118 Brownell, Don Patrick, 18, 207 Brubaker, Thomas A 50 Bruce, Robert Keady 70, 140, 215 Bruch, Charles G 50, 94, 109, 121 Bruegger, Mary Rose 18, 127, 182 Brush, Robert Lee 87, 223 Bryant, Arlene J 28, 123, 131 Bryant, Jack Woods 50 Bryant, Robert A., Jr 28, 202 Buchanan, Dorothy G 18, 126 Buckert, Cloyce H 50 Budd, Mary Jo 70, 188 Budd, Sally Louise 18, 127 Bull, George S 51, 177, 128, 202 Bundy, Glenn W 64 Bunn, Veva, Pauline 70, 131, 130 Burd, Billy Ray 70 Burdett, Shirley Gaye 70 Burnham, Rulon R 37 Burton, Nancy K 18, 127, 185 Busier, George Henry 28, 194 Busier, Jack Charles 51, 140, 109, 121 Busteed, Beverly June 37, 185 Butcher, Gerald W 51, 115, 109 Butler, Daniel James 51 C Caines, James Edward 18 Call, Duane T 51, 142 Call, Miriam 37, 182 Campbell, James D 51, 202 Campbell, Larue 18, 186 Campbell, Maurice B 51, 128, 202 Capua, Joe Louis 28, 202 Cardine, Godfrey J 64 Carey, Sandra Lee 70, 141 Carey, William B 51, 213 Carlin, Paul Nestor 64, 86, 87, 247 Carlisle, James H., Jr 70, 215 Carlson, Arland C 18, 93 Carlson, Walter James 18 Carmichael, Betty J 70, 127 Carroll, Frederick F 66, 100, 128 Carroll, Gerald L 18, 112 Carter, James Robert 70, 198 Carter, Jerry Page 28, 198 Carter, Verla Alberta 70 Carter, Wilbur Lee 28, 194 Carver, Richard Lee 37, 224 Case, Merl B 64, 215 Case, Sterling Arthur 64 Casey, Jacqueline M 37, 95, 140 Casey, Robert Martin 51 Cassinat, Joseph C 70, 87, 142, 247 Castberg, James Poe 70, 154, 215 Casteel Robt. Shirle 50, 215 Castleberry, Paul M 51 Cavalli Pete 70 Challman, Bruce D 51 Chamberlain, Dorothy 29 Chamberlain, Earl W 18, 148, 150 261 ' ■». -IWi ■ " - ,.4iy y- , Ik 1 ■b gUp ■ 9s iHH ■■! ■ • „« No ivy, no 18th Century tradition, but the door to learning. Western Style ! " 262 " Dig those crazy leaders of the ' high-spirited ' students I " Chamberlain, Henry E 19 Chamberlain, Oris D 37 Chapin, James Harold 29, 202 Chaplin, Donald M 19, 118, 196 Charles, Carol Lamme 70, 186 Chase, Charles James — 51 Chedsey, Glen Everet 51 Cheese, Ronald Irving 70, 215 Chesebro, Ben Ronald 70, 207 Chisholm, Frances S 37, 140, 185 Christensen, Edward W 51, 213 Christensen, Frieda L 19 Christensen, Joann F 70, 131, 185 Christensen, Kent D 148, 212 Christensen, Kent T 70 Christensen, Marlene 19, 37, 140, 142, 130 Christensen, Ray K 71, 91 Christie, Ronald Reid 29, 92 Christopherson, Orvin 19 Christopulos, Mike L 71, 108, 125, 207 Church, Chandler B 19 Cinnamon, Carl Davis - 51 Clare, Marjorie Ann 71, 95, 128, 188 Clare, Phyllis Marie 37 Clark, Douglas Merlin 51, 210 Clark, Jay Hylton 51 Clark, Julia Ann 126, 131 Clark, Lynn F. 29, 148, 207 Clark, Richard P 51, 215 Clark, Robert King 71 Clark, Rose Katherine 71 Clausen, Donna L 71, 91, 178 Clawson, Gerald E 51, 115, 109 Cleaver, Pamela .. 71, 88, 95, 108, 110, 125, 185 Clemens, Robert Emery 142 Clingenpeel, Luella 37, 131 Cluxton, Donald E., Jr 71, 149 Cobetto, Sandra Lois 71, 185 Cochran, Carter C 29, 92 Cochran, Margaret P 19, 105 CofFman, Milton Max 71, 202 Cole, Donald Joe 37 Cole, Frank Maurice 51, 138, 192 Cole, Harold Lee 51, 207 Coleman, Charles M 71, 125, 198 Coleman, Earl Edward 51 Coleman, LeRoy V 19, 94, 118 Coles, Beverly 29, 131 Collamer, John Harry 19 Colleoni, Richard F ....... ' 51, 128, 149, 202 Collet, James Richard 29, 194 Collier, Coleen B 19, 138, 126, 127, 181 Collier, Wm. Claiborne 51 Collins, Cynthia Lee 29, 178 Collopy, Elaine A 71 Condie, Earl Sears 19 Conine, Dorothy A 71, 138, 181 Conrad, Charles LeRoy 71, 198 Contos, Spiro John 37 Cook, Edmond Arthur 19, 118, 123 Cook, Jack Robinson 52, 213 Cook, Jerry Dee 71 Cook, Kenneth R 71, 108, 125, 216 Coope, Viola Carolyn 71, 186 Cooper, Charles Paul 37, 93, 202 Cooper, James Alford 71, 202 Copple, Marvin J 52 Cornwall, Charles R 52, 210 Costello, Dean Rich 71, 207 Couch, Dee Wieland 47, 185, 223 Coulter, Richard S 112 Cowles, Frederick W 29, 218 Cox, George Robert 29, 92, 108, 210, 248 Cozzens, Anna Belle 37, 95, 138, 185 Cozzens, Richard 52 Craig, Patricia C 71, 106, 188 Crandall, Nancy C 37 Crawford, James Lee 52, 224 Crawford, Leo Vaughn 52, 101, 224 Crissman, John M 71 Croft, Helen Tebbs 71 Crofts, Joan Marie 29, 110, 186 Crom, James Oliver 29 Crom, Rosemary V 37 Cropsey, Richard G 19, 142 Crow, John Vincent 71, 202 Crowden, Dorothy 66, 132 Crowe, James Harvey 52, 202 Cunningham, Arnold D 71 Currence, Mary Jo 72, 138, 181 Currie, Margaret Jean 72 D Dahlgren, George, Jr 72 Dhalgren, Mary Easier 72, 142, 127 Dahlquist, Elna Rae 102 Dale Louis 72 Daley, James Burger 72 Dallas, Harriett Ann 29 Dallas, Lois Irene 19 Daley, Ronald V 72, 125, 198 Daly, Joseph Crinion 52, 198 Daly, Merle Henry 72, 102 Damitz, Ernestine A 38 Daniel, Dinah 38 Daniels, Donald Evert 138 Daniels, Russelene N 19, 142, 127 Danielson, Alvin L 52, 218 Danielson, Arthur H 72 Davidson, Joan M 38, 185 Davidson, Stanley J 19, 202 Davies, Richard E 72, 192 Davis, Donald Carl 72 Davis, George V 19, 93, 118 Davis, James Francis 72 Davis, Jerry Burton 38, 224 Davis, Leicester N., Jr 72 Davis, Miles Jordon 72 Davis, Richard B 38, 215 Davison, Arlen Durant 19, 140, 210, 149 Dawson, Beverly Anne 29, 178, 179 Day, Jean Hannah 110 Dayton, Lloyd Russell 215 Deaver, Larry Emery 52, 198 Debolt, Jack Eugene 52, 198 Decker, Ritaro C 38 Decker, Sandra A. 72, 88, 127, 142 Deland, Charles R 72 Deland, Ruth Marie 66, 132, 138 263 DEAL LUMBER CO. Co mplete Line: • Building Materials • Paint • Hardware 1102 So. 2nd Dial 4866 Laramie, Wyoming Best Wisnes f rom Department Store " Wriere Wyoming Shops With Confidence " CASPER, WYOMING Presenting the lovely ladies of the ROTC sponsors. " We Service What We Sell " YOUR G.E. DEALER CODY ELECTRIC SUPPLY 264 ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS 1022 13th Street CODY, WYOMING King Moving and Storage Serving the Needs of the Big Horn Basin CODY, WYOMING — WORLAND, WYOMING i Cak es Pas+ri es TABLE TREAT BREAD Only the best a+ the HOME BAKERY lone 2721 Laramie Heating Plumbing City Plumbing Heating Co. 760 N. 3rd Laramie Del Monte, Harold W 72 DeMatteo, Anthony, Jr 224 DeMiruren, Adnan S 19 DeMontbreun, William .. 29, 112, 148, 210, 223 Dempster, Shirley Mae 19, 138, 180, 181 Denham, John Hyder 52, 138, 215 Dennis, Cyril Eugene 38, 101 Deti, Larry Owen 29 Dever, James Joseph 38 Devore, Stanley F., Jr 52, 213 Dew, Elizabeth 97, 131, 142 Dewey, Ann Marlene 38 Dewey, Jack Dean 52 Dexter, Clarence M., Jr 101 Deyo, Donald Charles 66, 100 Dickman, Verna Marie 29 Dickson, Shirley Ann 19, 126, 178 Diebler, Shirley A 19, 42, 127 Diller, Donald George , 52, 207 Dillon, James Leo, Jr 38 Dinelly, Delano Dee 29, 92, 215 Dinneen, Katherine T 38, 128, 141, 188 Dixon, Charles Edward 72 Dixon, Charles Oliver 72 Dixon, James Hugh 29, 215 Dixon, Joanna Rand 44, 138, 176, 186 Dpimapitis, C 52, 121 Dodge, Tyler 19, 194 Doe, Harry Carlton, Jr 52, 198 Doerr, Donald LeRoy 52 Doherty, Daniel P 72 Doi, Masami Kenneth 66, 148, 150 Dolce, Floyd W 52 Dolence, Joe M 72, 207 Dolence, John C. .— 72 Dolfi, Ernest S 224 Dominiski, Lois Ann 38, 127 Doud, Jack Dean 72 Wouglass, Carolyn F 19, 142 Downey. Jim A 52 Doyle, John Francis 38, 115 Doyle, John T 52, 213 Draney, Alfred Lee 29 Dreusicke, Kenneth C 19, 90, 112, 154, 223 Drew, Mary Ann 38, 188 Drost, Ronald Steven 38 Drysdale, Helen Jean 72, 127, 142 Dudenhaver, Linda .... 38, 88, 95, 106, 110, 181 Dudley Ray Loren 52 Dumbrill, John F 72, 148, 150 Duncan, Robert Lee 38 Dunham, Marvin L 194 Dunifer, Richard L 52 Dunlap, Chas. Mason 72 Dunlap, Daniel R 52 Dunmire, Ranee Dwaine 52, 198 Dunnewald, John B 72 Dupape, Robt. Edward 72 Dusek, Barbara Ann .. 29, 88, 95, 106, 110, 181 Dye, Charley Warren 91 E Earley, Ray Fred 29, 92, 210 Earnshaw, David Gale 73 Eaton, Charles D., Jr 73 Eaton, Fay Lewis 73 Ebbett, Ballard E., Jr 73 Ebsen, Wm. Walter 52 Echtermeyer, James R 19, 102, 118, 142 Eckley, Ruth Ann 73, 95, 110 Edgeington, James, Jr 52, 121 Edgington, Shirley A 73, 141, 178 Edwards, Frank Aiden 38, 93 Edwards, Prudence Ann 38, 127, 182 Eggleston, Eugene E 52 Ehrman, Carl William 52 Finer, John Bennett 38, 202 Eisenhauer, Howard L 73 Ekdall, Polly Lou 73, 188 Elder, James Lee 29, 92, 207 Eliopulos, Nick J 38, 112 EUerby, Richard S 73, 215 Elliott, Joyce C 73, 138 Ellis, Dale Edward 52, 210 Ellis, Floyd Earl 53, 87, 210 Ellison, Floy E., Jr 142 Engelhart, Robt, John 53 Erich, Betty Jane 20, 126, 130 Erich, Dewey Franklin 73 Erickson, Donald Bror 20, 118, 196 Erickson, James H. M 218 Erickson, Jon Arthur 38, 207 Erickson, Wm. Charles 73 Erikson, Harold 73, 218 Ernst, Theodore Adam 29, 202 Eschliman, Delores B 38 Eschliman, Larre L 73 Eschliman, Lonnie D 38, 210 Esmay, John Charles 73, 91 Evans, John Oscar 20 Everett, Richard E 53, 224 Evitt, Russell Dean 53 F Fagan, Thomas John 64 Fairbairn, Keith 73 Fairbairn, Laura M 20 Fanto, John L 73 Fannon, Danny Curtis 73, 101 Farabee, Ronald Chas 73 Farber, Carolyn Kay 73, 185 Farmer, Gerald 1 73, 207 Farthing, Elizabeth L 29, 127, 178 Feltner, Sally W 30, 186, 187 Fenimore, James Ward 38 Fermelia, Louis R 53 Ferrm, Kay Robert 53, 109, 120, 124, 207 Fichtner, Fred Adam 20, 118 Field, John Hadley .. 53, 87, 109, 115, 215, 248 Fielding, Dee Elgin 30, 198 Finch, Robert Ferren 53, 177, 213 Fintus, Carolyn Rae 30, 130, 178 Fisher, John Edw., Jr 53, 215 Flaharty, Clifford L 53, 121 Flaim, Mansueto M 30 Flavin, Sally Ann 73, 186 Fletcher, Robert S 30, 210 Floerke, Jack 30, 92, 102, 207 Flohr, Franklin A 53 265 For UNUSUAL Printing . . . either Letterpress or Offset See MOUNTAIN STATES LITHOGRAPHING CO. PHONE 4079 412 South Third Laramie, Wyoming SMITH ' S FURNITURE STORE • Radios Furniture • Washing Machines • Ranges HOME OF NATIONAL BRANDS PHONE 3928 LARAMIE, W YOMIN( SPIEGELBERG LUMBER BLDG. CO Builders of Wyoming OUR CONTRACTORS TAKE PRIDE IN THEIR WORK Phone 665 1 259 W. Fremont Congratulations from The Place ESTABLISHED 1893 A Progressive Rank In A Progressive Community 266 Member FDIC Cam Laramie Wyoming ' s Most Complete Decorating Store A HOME fURNlSHlNGJs ' TTD i 4»| » 4 I 1 » » : • ■ I ! P ( r«; ; t X f S 9 « Bi i SHERIDAN, WYOMING LARAMIE DRUG CO. Your Walgreen System Store 123 I Vinson Avenue Laramie, Wyoming Woodrords Store for Men LARAMIE. WYOMING Folster, Robt. Malcolm 38, 215 Forbis, Clyde Cleo 20, 118, 196 Force, Donald Wallace 20, 118, 102, 196 Force, James G 53, 121 Ford, Shirley Jean 38, 127 Foster, Nancy Ann 73, 95, 138, 182 Foster, William E 87, 248 Fowler, Mable lone 73 Fox, Grachia Ann 73, 127 Frame, Larry Allen 53 Frank, Carl Douglas 53 Frank, John Lewis 53 Frank, Robert Bruce 73 Franklin, Jimmie Wm 53 Franz, Marlene G 73, 188 Frazier, Paul Eugene 112 Freeman, Marilyn L 182 French, Robert Leon 74, 138 Frere, Maurice H 20, 177 Fresques, Michael 53 Freytag, Paul H 74 Freytag, Robert H 20 Fricke, Nancy Luana 74, 130 Friesen, Edward F., Jr 30 Fritzler, Leon E 20, 112, 223 Frobel, Luther Emil 53 Frost, John Charles 53, 122 Fuller, Cleo Maye 38, 127, 166, 178 Fuller, Dale Gene 53 Fullerton, Delia Mae 30, 130 Fulton, Harry Allan 30, 140, 223 Funkhouser, James H 74 G Gale, Vernon Kelley 38 Gallup, James Donald 74, 198 Galuska, George R 74, 112, 149, 223 Garcia, Albert — . 74 Gardner, Donald Edw 53, 213 Gardner, Gerald A 74, 215 Gardner, Kenneth Earl 20 Gardner, Marjorie 20, 127 Garretson, Delores G 30, 127, 142, 154 Garrity, Edward F 66 Gates, Yvonne Carol 74, 110, 122, 131 Gavino, Bernard A 74 Gaylord, Connie Lee 39, 128, 131 Geier, James Edward 53 Geier, Thomas Herbert 30 Genereaux, Robert J 53 George, Chester LeRoy 74 Georges, Leonard J 64 Ghoslin, Richard Wm 54, 202 Gianola, Wm. Eugene 74 Gibbs, George Cameron 20, 196 Gibler, Claude R 66 Gibson, G. David 54 Gieck, Shirley Jean ._ 39, 138, 141, 182 Giehm, Mary Leigh 74, 186 Gill, Joanne E 39, 141, 188 Gill, Nicholas Wm 30, ' 198 Gillespie, Ruth 74 Gillett, Barbara P 39 Gillette, Eugene Ely 54, 115 Gilmore, Betty Ann 39 Gilmore, Jack Graham 54 Gilmour, Aletha J 74, 178 Gilmour, James D 74, 90, 151, 154 Gilpin, Barbara C 74 Gilpin, Donald Jay 54 Gist, James Grant 54, 149, 212 Gizinski, Eldon Wayne 54, 128 Glass, Peggy Ellen 20, 105, 126, 130, 140 Galsser, Buryl L 54 Glenn, Arthur Dale 30, 207, 223 Gligorea, Thomas J 90, 151, 154 Glover, Richard Rbt 30, 202 Godfrey, Merrill A 74 Godfrey, Paul Bard 64 Gogerty, John Harry 66, 100, 132, 198 Goldman, Henry 20, 112 Goodman, James R 54, 115 Gosney, John Harold 74, 87, 109, 148, 210 Grable, Carl Ivan 20, 118, 196 Graham, Leslie R 74, 177, 192 Graham, Mary Alice 20, 88, 123, 126, 131 Grams, Lindley Edsel 74, 215 Grant, Stanley C 74 Grapes, Robert C 54 Gray, Alvin 20, 94, 118 Gray, Paul Duaine 39 Grieve, Barbara Jean 20, 126, 131 Grieve, Margaret E 39, 138, 185 Griffin, Sanford V 30, 202 Grillos, Hope 74 Grillos, William John 54 Grote, Raymond Julius 54 Grove, William C, Jr 109 Groves, Newman Lee 20 Guild, Alec 74 Guilford, Gary Glenn 54, 194 Guinta, Vincenzo T 39, 74 Gunn, Mary Lynn 74, 188 Guthrie, Robert F 30, 92, 112, 215 H Hagen, Hal Eugene 97, 101 Hagstrom, Vendla E 130, 138 Haile, Chas. Richard 39, 224 Haines, Elwood John 74 Haines, Margaret A 131 Hair, John Donald, Jr 39, 101 Hakim, Abdul 20 Hall, Forrest Dayton _ 74 Hall, John Franklin 54, 140 Hall, Paul J., Jr 94 Hall, Robert Noel Ill Hall, Sheila Diane 74, 186 Hallenbeck, Charles V 109, 115 Hallowell, David Alan 30 Halseth, William L 75, 202 Hamer, Roger Fuhrer 30, 92, 198 Hamidi, Mohammad S - 20 Hamilton, Patricia J 39, 97, 140, 186 Hancock, George Guy 54 Hand, Sharon Lee 39, 141, 182 Hansen, Jack Wayne 39, 213 Hansen, Mary E 75, 130, 188 Hanson, Bernold M 75 267 K " Oratorio soloists sing in the Presbyterian Church. " Open 24 hours a day THE American and Chinese Foods PARIS CAFE LARAMIE i SHERIDAN ' S OLDEST BANK Serving You For 32 Years THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK of MIDWEST CAFE SHERIDAN Laramie Wyoming QUALITY CLOTHING Over 63 Years of Continuous Banking Service rv r - j? jjj Sheridan, Wyoming THE MAN ' S STORE in LARAMIE Hardigan, William D 66, 87, 100, 128, 248 Harding, Owen Glee 20 Harless, Ronald M 149 Harless, Tommy Lloyd 39 Harnagel, Floyd Dale 66, 192 Harns, James Ramsay 30, 92 Harper, June Kuzara 75, 182 Harris, Donald Alvan 30, 210 Harris, Joyce Yvonne 75, 127, 185 Harris, Loy Haskard 54 Harrower, James King 75 Harston, Lee West 75 Hart, Richard Henry 30 Hartwell, Richard H 54, 202 Hatcher, Donald Arlin 75 Haupt, Dale Rudolph 112, 223 Hauser, James Thomas 30 Hawes, Robert T 75, 106, 138 Hawes, Sarah E 20, 106, 110, 126 Haycraft, Jo Ann 75, 110, 185 Hayden, Peter Stanley 75 Hearne, Marjorie Ann 39, 130 Hein, Marvin LeRoy 54, 213 Heiss, Frederick C 30 Heissler, John M., Jr 75 Helkenn, Vernon Loren 54 Helmerick, Robert H 20 Hemry, Charles S., Jr 75, 216 Henderson, Evelyn E 75, 185 Henderson, Kenneth R 66 Henderson, Richard B 54, 120, 198 Henderson, Roy W., Jr 54, 149, 213 Henrickson, Robert L 75, 210 Hensleigh, Phyllis P 30 Henthorne, Edward T 20, 118, 138, 142 Henthorne, Max Welch 20, 93 Herd, James Dunlap 39, 87, 112, 215, 248 Herman, Donna Ruth 20, 123, 126, 140 Hernandex, Arthur 54 Herold, Gary Wayne 20, 142 Hertzler, Mary E 39, 127, 138, 185 Herzog, Robert Lee 54 Hester, Irma AUene 30 Heuermann, Margaret A 39 Hewgley, Claude W 223 Hewitt, Diana Lee 75, 185 Hickey, Zola Ruth 20, 126, 130, 142 Hicks, Van Henry 39, 198 Hight, Kenneth W 21 Hildebrand, John W 122 Hildreth, Wm. Richard 75, 213 Hill, Dale Laverne 21, 210 Hill, Patricia 39, 127 Hill, Robert Andrew 64 Hillstead, Ted Wayne 54 Hing, Kayyuen Lew 54 Hirsig, Kay 75, 188 Hirsig, Margaret Ann 30, 142, 188 Hocken, Beatrice 39, 131 Hockley, Richard L 112 Hockley, Robert Wayne 39, 112 Hofferber, Donna Jean 39, 141, 188 Hoffman, Harry H 39, 97, 101 Hoitsma, Jacquelyn D 75, 141, 182 Holbrook, Frances E 104 Holdaway, Donald M 21 Holdaway, Ronald M 75 Holiday, Betty Jean 39, 186 Holkenbrink, L. Elaine 21, 186 Holland, Floyd Duane 55, 213 Hollcraft, Patricia A 39, 178 Hollister, James D 55 Holm, Joyce Irene 39, 110, 182 Holmes, Forrest A 93 Holtz, Linda Jane 39, 185 Holtz, Paul R., Jr 75, 108, 125 Holzworth, Dean H 75 Hopka, Edwin L 40, 141 Hopkins, Pearl Dee 30, 188 Hopper, George Wm 64 Horn, Erma Marie 40, 127 Horsley, Edward Croft 75, 91 Horton, Eleanor Alyce 30 Horton, Ellen 75, 127, 182 House, Hugh Bradford 40, 141 Houtz, Kenneth Daniel 55, 215 Hovey, Wm. Wesley 21, 93, 218 Hovis, Wm. Frank, Jr 55 Howard, Barbara C 76, 88, 176, 188 Howard, Myron Calvin 131 Howe, Constance Anne 21 Howe, Sydney Lee 40, 95, 178 Howell, Daniel B., Jr 223 Hoy, Amayda S 40, 130, 140 Hoyt, Harold Milton 55 Hoyt, Philip Munro 21, 202 Hubbard, Marilynn R 66, 132, 188 Hudelson, Robert Lee 55, 218 Hughes, Alice Emily 76, 108, 125, 188 Hunt, Doris Jean 40, 141, 186 Hunt, Louis Fernelius 55 Hunter, Edward W 76, 95, 110, 122, 186 Huntington, Jeanne M 76, 186 Huntley, Patricia Ann 40, 127, 182 Huntzinger, John R 55 Hurd, Devon H 55, 202 Hurst, Barbara Kooi 76, 88, 160, 161 Hurt, Everett Wendell 40 Huse, Edward Allen 40 Huston, Nina Louise 40, 138, 182 Hylton, Robert R 76, 91, 101 Hymer, Joe Donald 54, 210 Hynes, Russell Erwin 55, 207 I Iglehart, Robert L 55, 115 Immel, Margaret Emily 76, 131 Ingraham, Kay Kareen 21, 106, 126, 182 Inloes, Gene Estey 21 Irwin, Philip Donnan 76 Ishmael, Karen Jean 40, 130 Ito, Lucy 21, 110, 126, 131 Ivanoff, Fabien E 55, 109, 115 Iverson, Wm. Crawford 76 J Jackson, Raymond Lyle 55, 202 Jackson, Sarah F 76, 122, 186 Jan Mira , 21 269 OUR BEST WISHES TO YOU UNIVERSITY FILLING STATION AAA 100 South 3rd Laramie, Wyoming Fer urson MercantiL Company (incorporated) RAWLINS and WAMSUTTER Rawlins, Wyo. " Presenting the leading ladies of ' An Evening with Moliere ' . " NORTH SIDE STATE BANK of ROCK SPRINGS The People ' s Bank " 270 Rock Springs, Wyoming Best Wishes From The Millers of BEST OUT wnST Enriched Flour Siieriaan Flouring Mills Inc. Sheridan, Wyoming l£)ehind your electric switch ore people ond qoipmenf of work J! £9 _ ., l_— 1 ■CZ: 1 — T our requirements for electric service have been growing ' by leaps and bounds. To provide adequately for these demands, new equipment is being installed and trained personnel is em- ployed to continue to provide first class service for you. All are designed to add to your enjoyment and pleasure in the use of your electrical services. Bringing to you adequate, low- cost, dependable electric power helps make new jobs and contri- butes to the genera! prosperity and well-being of this region. Cheyenne Light, Fuel Power CHEYENNE WYOMING DAVISON JEWELRY 205 I VINSON AVE. DIAL 4268 Omega-Hamilton, Bulova, and Elgin Watches Keepsake Diamond Rings Wallace and Kirk ' s Sterling Laramie, Wyoming Janesofsky, Lois T 40, 127 Jarrett, Jerald 76, 91, 177 Jarrett, Lou Ann 21, 182 Jarvie, Thomas Edward 76 Jefferson, Theodore 138 Jelovchan, Marcel P 55, 194 Jenkins, Charles Mac 55, 90, 109, 154, 203 Jenner, Duane Denis 66 Jenny, John 55 Jensen, Bob Lee 30 Jensen, Donald Louis 64, 194 Jetter, Robt. Lindsay 76 Jingling, Robert G 31, 90, 154 Joder, Patricia Ann 21, 188 Joder, Donald K 91 Joens, Tommy Arthur 55, 121 Johnson, Alfred Allan 31, 92, 194 Johnson, Floramae C 31 Johnson, Douglas Neil 76, 218 Johnson, Frances C 76, 138, 185 Johnson, Frank Luther 21, 213 Johnson, Joann L 31 Johnson, Mary Ann 40 Johnson, Melvin J., Jr 55, 202 Johnson, Norman M 55 Johnson, Priscilla 142 Johnson, Shirley Mae 76, 127 Johnson, Sterling D 76 Johnson, Tom Wayne 148, 150 Johnson, Victor Frank 55 Johnston, Chas. Edward 66, 198 Johnston, Donald G 21 Johnston, Florence L 40, 127 Johnston, Joellen 40, 186 Johnston, Larry K 94, 118 Jones, Charles Moncur 55, 215 Jones, Charles Ross 21, 215 Jones, Don Earl 55, 149, 177, 198 Jones, E. Bruce 55, 109, 115, 149, 210 Jones, Emelie C. 40 Jones, Hugh Aubrey 76 Jones, Jeffrey Page 55, 215 Jones, John Richard 112, 223 Jons, Kathryn L 76, 87, 188, 248 Jons, Lois Eileen 40, 188 Jons, Patricia Anne 21, 127, 188 Jordan, Maurice Leroy 55 Jorgensen, Harry K 55, 112 Jorgensen, Margie L 31, 142, 188 Joslyn, Allan Wayne 55 Joss, Arthur Samuel 21 Joy, A. Z 21, 118, 119, 123, 196 Joyce, Sharon Colleen ..21, 95, 123, 126, 138, 186 Julius, Roy Glenn 55 Juliusburger, Hans Y 56, 109, 121 Justesen, Bernard R 56, 218 K Kagle, Robt. Edward 56, 224 Kaiser, Mary Lou 141 Kalal, Ruth Elinor 76, 138, 176, 181 Kalinowski, Shirlee A 40, 127 Kandt, Alo Jean F 21 Kandt, Elmer Eugene 76 Karrier, Karol Louise 130 Kaser, Edwin Jay 40 Katsampes, Paul L 31, 224 Kaufman, Gerald Glen 56, 149, 198 Keele, Brant Leithead 21 Keer, Andrew Stephen 224 Kellam, George M 64 Kelley, Don Joe 56, 202 Kelsey, Mary Ann 40, 186 Kemmerer, Joseph Wm 76 Kemper, Marvin Leo 76 Kendall, Ronald F 76 Kennah, Mary Isabel 21, 105, 126, 130 Kennelly, Thomas A 64, 215 Kessner, John Edward 56 Kerr, Robert Daley 56, 202 Kershner, Richard Lee 31, 92 Key, Richard D 31 Keys, Donald LeRoy 76 Kidd, Nancy Ann 66, 110, 132, 182 Kidman, Marjorie D 40, 128, 130 Killebrew, Donna C 40, 188 Kilty, James Francis 56, 198 Kim, Doris Joan 40, 130, 142 Kinder, Donald Ashley 56 King, Mary Ruth 40, 138, 185 King, Theodore Oscar 100 Kingdon, Douglas M 40 Kingham, Richard J 56, 109, 121, 207 Kingham, Sally Ann 40, 186 Kinniburgh, J. Kent 21, 210 Kinzer, Richard E 40 Kirk, Clifford E 76 Kirk, Ronald E 31, 150, 202 Kirkwood, Betty May 40, 141, 176, 248 Kirlin, Ronald Lee 56, 213 Klahn, Lois Nadine 76, 185 Klaren, Bob Owen 223 Kmetz, Barbara Ann 41, 130, 138, 178 Knebel, Lucille C. 41, 128, 130 Kness, Anno Katherine 41, 131 Knezevich, Steve 76, 149 Knott, Dwight Walter 22 Knox, Robert Bukley 77, 224 Knox, Wendell J., Jr 56 Kobel, George Adam 41, 218 Kochiras, Cecile 77, 111 Kochiras, Dorothy G 77 Koenig, Bill Eugene 22 Kofakis, Steve James 31, 92, 215 Konkel, Harry Wagner 56, 215 Kominsky, David Kieth 77, 202 Koritnik, Chas. Mathew 56 Korte, Michael Arthur 31, 207, 224 Kostynuk, Walter 77 Kouris, Michael 41 Kouris, Stanley M 41, 202 Kracht, Elizabeth J 77 Krajicek, Kay Frances 22, 95, 110, 126, 138 Kreps, Rae Lee 41, 127, 139, 185 Krotter, Nancy Kay 77, 131, 138, 142, 188 Kubo, Alice Kazue .. 77, 95, 110, 122, 125, 130 Kugland, Jean Ruby 22, 126, 127, 188 Kuns, Hazel Jean 41, 106, 141, 176, 182 Kuntzman, George W 77, 122, 218 271 " Homecoming, 1953, may pass away, but the alums hang on. " 272 VALUE ' S New Home THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK of CODY 50 Years of Dependable Banking Service Cody, Wyoming . C. PENNEY CO. Inc LARAMIE, WYOMING Kurtz, Martha Darlene 22, 126, 185 Kutches, Peter John 41, 223 Kylander, John Clare 56, 218 Kynion Donald Ayars 56, 121, 140 L Lamb, Donald Roy 104 Lancaster, Stanley 22 Landeen, Donald V 77, 148, 194, 248 Landen, V. Halene 41, 138, 181 Landers, Harvey J 64 Lane, Mansel Warren 115 Lang, Leonard Emery 64 Lange, Allen Lee 77 Lange, William E 31, 202 Langford, Jack Lee 31, 224 Langwell, Donald E 56 Lansing, Raymond Chas 41, 215 Larsen, Janice B 77 Larsen, Raymond N 77 Larsen, Thomas Wesley 66 Larson, Laura Rae 77, 88, 95, 188 Larson, Lee Gideon 56, 192 Larson, Robert W., Jr 77, 125, 207, 224 Lassila, Kenneth Eino 77, 218 Laverty, Mary Agnes 22, 127, 182 Lavery, Norma Jean 41 Lawson, Charles Ward 56, 215 Lawton, Latham Barnum 31 Laya, William John 66 Leasure, Jack Wesley 56 Lebaron, Donna F 41, 127, 178 Lebeau, Gerald R. 22, 87, 197, 198 Lee, Harold Dale 56 Leedy, Richard 1 64, 194 Leenheer, Cornells A 77, 138 Legler, Jerry Carl 77 Lenihan, John Daniel 41, 112, 223 Leppink, Robert J 56, 115, 120 Lesh, Cleon Jesse 22 Lester, Jack Holland 22 Lewark, Bertram Wayne 22, 218 Lewis, Charles T 92 Lewis, Diggs W, Jr 56, 202 Lewis, Jean Bernice 41, 130, 185 Light, Wm. Claiborn 56 Likes, Nadine M 77, 185 Lindsey, Lake Odom 31, 224 Lindstrom, Leonard A 56, 115 Lindstrom, Sonya K 77, 130 Litecky, Edward Paul 66, 120 Littlefield, Gerald E 56, 109, 115, 142 Livingston, Geneal 22, 131 Livingston, Lester, Jr 77 Lockhart, Thomas Alva 56, 210 Lodewick, Richard B 77, 215 Logan, James 56 Long, Jane Pitchford 41, 186 Long, Leland Palmer 77 Long, Lois Kaye 78, 181 Long, Mary Elizabeth .. 41, 110, 122, 138, 186 Longnecker, Jack R 41, 149 Looney, Robert C 78, 148, 177, 248 Lorenzi, Donald S 78 Lott, Robert William 78 Loughary, Marilyn Jo 22, 126, 185 Love, Thomas Wilfrid 78, 149, 202 Loveland F. Mignon 41, 110, 181 Lubnau, Nancy Lee 78, 188 Lucas, Clarence V 22, 118 Ludecke, Otto Paul 66, 100, 215 Ludwig, Don Edwin .... 56, 109, 121, 124, 192 Luman, Monty Louise 31 Luman, Richard Edgar 78 Lundberg, Leonard K 22 Lundberg, Paul Edwin 22, 118 Lungren. Irma Lee 41, 127, 181 Lusche, Robert Edgar 57 Luton, Meellee W 78, 110 Lynch, Priscilla Ann 41, 128, 188 Lyon, Genevieve L 78, 127, 181 Lyon, Janet Frances 41, 127, 181 M McAtee, Edward Robert 42, 224 McClellan, Leo F 224 McConnell, Jack L 31, 177, 194 McCord, Eleanor L 42 McCoy, Lelian Don 57, 90, 109, 154 McCullough, Lloyd G 42 McCullough, Robert E 31, 90, 151, 154, 213 McDaniel, Kent Wm 57, 215 McDavid, John Dixon 78 McDonald, Robert S 57, 202 McDowell, Polly E 31 McGill, Jo Ann 42, 186 McGowen, Anne Duxbury 22, 95, 110 McHenry, Douglas B 78, 148, 198 Mclntyre, Donald N 64, 215 Mclntyre, John J., Jr. 78, 106 Mclntyre, Nancy Faye 42, 138 Mcjunkm, Phillip E 57 McKenzie, Roger Allan 64 McKmney, Edward S 57, 90, 154 McKinzie, Ruth Eileen 78 McLeod, William Neil 31 McMichael, Dan Ray 22, 154, 202 McMichael, Donna June 142, 181 McMillan, Bruce Harry 22 McMurry, Jack Victor 22, 118 McMurry, James E 22, 118 McMurry, Robert Lee 22, 118 McNamara, Loraine 42, 127 McNamee, John J 78 McNamee, Michael A _ 22, 118 McNeill, Frances M 42, 186 McPherson, Joseph D 57, 109, 115 McReynolds, Oren Max 78, 198 Mabie, Donald E. 57 MacClean, Walter Lee 78 MacDougall, Evelyn B 78, 181 MacFarlane, William D 78, 198 Mackey, Charles Emory 22, 154, 207 Madrid, Uouis Steven 31, 112, 207 Madsen, Robert H 57 Maebius, Janet 22, 95, 182 Maffoni, John A., Jr 223 Maggard, Jacques 90, 151, 154 Maggard, Marion Essie 78 273 We Guarantee Our Worfc See Our Campus Representatives 305 So. 3rd Avenue Dial 3200 Laramie FOR THE FINEST IH FOODS TRAIL COFFEE SHOP CAFE 8AR LOUNGE Cheyenne, Wyoming ' Is ' Brutha Tighe ' a part of that float ? " BLACK ' S INC Southern yVyoming s Most Exclusive Home Furnishers BEST WISHES from CODY SPORTING GOODS Rawlins 274 Wyoming Cody, Wyoming " They also entered the parade — photo courtesy Rocky Mountain News. " Malody, Raymond Lee 41 Maloney, David B., Jr _ 64 Maness, Doyle Howard 57, 198 Manfreda, John A 224 Mansel, Lane 56 Mapes, Claude Perry 57 Marburger, Donna Rae .. 41, 88, 131, 138, 249 Marean, Charles Wm 78 Marean, Olive Harris — 78 Maret, Darrell E _ 57 Maret, Dorothy Ann 78, 131 Maret, Raymond Eldon 78 Marlatt, Shirley M 41, 131 Marshall, Jack B 57 Martell, John Wayne 41 Martin, Albert S 41, 218 Martin, Sandra Rae 22, 126 Martinez, John 66, 128 Martino, Joseph T 66 Marty, Lawrence A 64 Marushack, Andrew J 57 Mason, Robert W 104 Mason, Thomas David 78 Massey, Morris R 78, 106, 192 Massengill, Luke T., Jr 41 Masters, Richard T 23, 118, 123, 196 Mastrogiovanni, Joe J 42, 223 Mateyak, John George 57, 224 Mather, Russell N 42, 223 Matthews, Darlene Kay 78, 127 Mears, Robert J 57 Meeboer, Wm. Kurtz 31, 215 Meeks, Carol E 31, 103, 142 MefFord, William R 57, 210 Meier, Harold E 78, 86, 87, 198, 249 Mercer, Thomas Dean 23 Merchant, John Alfred 57 Merriman, Sally E _ 78, 181 Merritt, Zenith S 79 Messer, Jimmie L 57, 215 Messersmith, Bonnie L 79, 127, 181 Meyer, Karl B 23, 118 Michael, Harry Arthur 23, 218 Michael, Lilvon LeRoy 57, 210 Michel, Gene Francis 57, 202 Micheli, Aileen M. .. 23, 105, 123, 126, 128, 130 Micheli, Dorothy A 23, 123, 126, 128 Michie, Mary Simpson 42, 95, 141, 182 Michnick, Michael J 57 Mickey, Katharine A 110, 138 Miech, Michael James 79 Milek, Robt. Michael 79 Mill, Carla Ann 32, 95, 103, 110, 185 Miller, Cynthia Ann 23, 126 Miller, Edw. Andreae 23 Miller, James Dorsey 79, 198 Miller, Kenneth Carl 57, 115 Miller, Myles M 79, 215 Miller, Richard Rex 57 Miller, Ronald Wilbur 32, 150 Miller, Stanley E 57 Miller, Thomas O., Jr 79, 198 Mills, Frank Stanton 32, 198 Minster, Ray Arthur 58 Miracle, Beverly Mae 79, 108, 176 Michkind, Larry B 32 Mitchell, Iris C 42, 130 Mitchell, Perry L., Jr 149 Miyake, George 79 Moberly, Daniel Joel 79, 202 Mobley, David Glenn .... 79, 108, 125, 210, 249 Mobley, John Roberts 58, 202 Mockler, Carolyn D 79, 185 Mockler, Franklin H 23, 207 Mocroft, Harlene J 42, 181 Moedl, Martha Ann 23, 110, 126, 186 Moffet, David Harry 146, 148 Mohammad, Payenda 23 Moine, Alvin Elwood 58, 109, 115 Molaskey, Gerald Joe 42 Montgomery, Andrew 58 Moody, Robert Carl 79 Moore, Annette Jo 42, 176, 181 Moore, Eugene 58 Moore, Jerrold Allen 58 Moore, Kenneth Gene 58 Moore, Kenneth Rex 58, 224 Moore, Larry Floyd 32, 192 Moore, Lucy Evelyn 23, 126 Moore, Robert Charles 42 Moore, Robert Lee 58 Moore, Russell O. Jr 101 Moosa, Mohammad 22 Morell, James P 58, 207 Morgan, Francis Allen 79 Morgan, Margaret Ann 42, 186 Morgan, Ted Eugene 32, 194 Morris, Eugene Thayer 42 Morris, Francis Lewis 42, 192 Morris, John N 23, 112, 148 Morris, Roberta Ann 23, 123, 126, 130 Morrison, Bert D., Jr 32, 92 Mortensen, Richard L 58 Morton, Patricia Ann 79 Moses, Justin Burris 79 Moses, Lynn Barton D 79 Moss, Richard Frank 79 Mow, Clarence Eugene 79 Mowry, Donald Harvey 23, 118, 142 Muckey, Donn Roger 58, 90, 138, 151 Mueller, Harry James 23 Mueller, Robert Leo 58, 218 Mulvehal, James J 42, 112 Mundell, Arthur Lee 79, 92 Mundell, Barbara Jane 32 Mundschenk, Harold R 32, 92 Murie, Gail Marie 79 Munson, James Arthur 58 Murphy, Richard E 79, 198 Murray, Floyd Edwin 79 Murray, Larry Thomas 23, 142, 198 Myers, Lloyd Ray 32 Myska, Steve Edmund 58, 194 N Nakamura, Mieco 66, 110, 132, 138 Nakano, Otto 58, 102, 213 Napierkowski, Donald 32 Nardozza, Edmund H 79 275 IT ' S BEEN A LONG DAY MR. DICKENS a very long day Oh well ! Next year. Would you look at that ? What the coach saw 276 " Harvey and friends. " Naslund, Lois M 80, 142 Nast, Theodore Chas 58, 218 Nauman, Alan Arthur 42, 149 Neal, Robert G., Jr 224 Nebeker, Roselyn 80, 186 Nebeker, Ruth Ann 42, 186 Nelson, Julius Loren 23, 118 Nelson, Richard Edw 32, 202 Nelson, Robt. Bertram 66, 202 Nelson, Thomas Eugene 142 Nelson, Wayne 66 Nestvold, Karl John 80 Nichols, George T 80, 90, 154, 218 Nichols, Susan Ruth 80, 131 Nickla, Daniel John 42, 224 Nield, Garth 80, 111, 202 Nielson, James Edward .... 32, 87, 92, 121, 249 Nielsen, Marilyn A 80, 130 Nielsen, Stuart Dee 80 Norris, Mary Evelyn .... 23, 123, 126, 138, 182 Norris, Patricia Ann 42, 128, 186 Noyes, Robt. Lawrence 42, 204 Nuckolls, J. W 23, 87, 94, 97, 118, 196 Nuhn, William Clark 80, 202 Null, Richard Norman 42, 194 Nye, John Ronald 80, 91, 198 O Obrien, Joseph P 80, 224 Occhipinti, Carl J 80, 125 Ochsenschlager, D. W 42, 223 O ' CConnell, Ronald Ray 58, 149, 202 O ' Connor, James H 23 Odell, James Norris 42 Oeland, Elizabeth Ann 80, 185 Okano, Margie Mineko 80, 127 Oleary, Elizabeth Ann 42 Olson, Elva Ann 42, 130, 142 Olson, Emmett B 80 Olson, Peter Stanley 32 O ' Neal, Jack Isaac 42, 112, 223 O ' Neill, Jack Lloyd 177, 201 Ono, Frank Hiroshi 43, 97, 141 Opstedahl, Audrey R 23 Orler, Allan Jordan 43, 97, 101 Ornelas, Angel 58, 109, 124, 151, 154 Orrison, Oda Mae „ 80 Osborn, Maxwell E 64 Osborne, Thomas Edw 58, 215 Owens, Richard 58 P Palm, Robert Lee 23, 94, 118, 215 Panos, Robert Vernon 58, 102, 213 Pape, Miriam Lesta 43, 127 Parker, Jerry Juan 94 Parkison, Mary Jane 43 Parks, Howard Fisher 58, 194 Parks, Patricia Rae 80, 127 Parlett, Ralph E 80, 108, 125 Patrick, Carolyn June 43, 185 Patrick, Edwin L 32, 86, 87, 198, 249 Patten, Viv ian W 23, 123, 126 Patterson, Bruce M 80, 92 Paul, Janice Lea 95, 132 Payne, Gene L., Jr 32, 128 Payne, Kenneth James .... 58, 50, 109, 121, 154 Payne, Mildred L. .. 43, 87, 88, 122, 130, 138, 249 Pearce, Dorothy Lind 43, 186 Pearce, Robert S 66, 100, 213 Pearson, Gaylord Gene 32 Pearson, Richard Nels 43, 198 Pedersen, Edith C 80, 185 Pedersen, Ralph Henry 23, 119 Peeks, Pamla Joy 43, 88, 130, 249 Peeks, Ted De Wayne 23, 87, 118, 142 Penman, Veda Jeanette 80 Perk, Egbert Anton 128 Petersen, Erroll M 23 Petersen, Martin E 58, 101, 213 Peterson, Dale Edward 58 Peterson, Emilie F 32, 130 Peterson, Laurice Kay 58, 210 Peterson, Marjorie L 24, 126, 128, 130 Peterson, Nancy Ann 43, 182 Peterson, Patricia A 80, 127, 182 Peterson, Robert F 115 Peterson, Robert R., Jr 92, 121 Petroff, Toddy Agnes 43, 131 Peyton, Ann Woodworth 47, 95, 182 Peyton, Gerald Eugene 58, 115, 215 Peyton, William A 43 Pfeifer, Charles L 58 Phifer, Wm. Zack 24, 194 Phillips, Edwin N 224 Phillips, George S 80 Phillips, Robert E 80, 91, 215, 249 Phillips, William J 59, 109, 121 Picard, Valerie Diane 43, 95, 110, 138, 182 Picard, Vincent Ved 43, 206, 207 Pickens, John Earl — . 43, 142 Pickett, Lloyd C 24, 118, 119, 146, 148, 196 Pierce, George Emory 142 Pierson, Marilyn Jo 24, 186 Pifer, Wilbur Glenn 59, 202 Pilch, Richard Dale - 223 Piper, Arthur Dean 59, 149, 194 Pirainen, Walter Wm 80, 210 Pizzoli, Barney Ray 32, 198 Pizzoli, Richard K 32, 198 Plachy, Fredric, Rich — 80 Plaster, Dale S 59, 92 Platts, Jean Kay 43, 182 Poitras, Leon Louis 59, 154, 194 Policky, Troyce Gay 32, 130, 138 Poljanec, Jenny 43, 130 Pope, Thomas J 59, 115 Popik, Robert Donald 224 Popravak, Nicholas L 43 Porter, Carol Louise 80, 138, 188 Porter, Guy Freeman 80, 213 Porter, Neal Erwin 109, 142, 149 Porter, Richard B 32, 92 Posa, Edward Victor 43 Poulos, Cris Marie 24, 182 Powell, Martha C 80, 127 Powers, Gene Allen 59, 115 Powers, Joyce 43, 127 Pratt, John Leon 32 277 •■) ' 278 - • •. ' - ' , ' » ' ■ " Presenting one of the MOST in American Majorettes. " " Prexy Paul receives the first annual Admiral Land Award. " Gene and Olive welcome yo to come in and see our new Weslern Room. ROUND-UP CAFE Phone 401 1 East of Laran ie on Highway 30 Electricity does so much, Costs so little, j Mountain State Power Company Growing with Wyoming Presley, James N. Jr 213 Prevedel, Franklin 218 Prevedel, Herman Chas 80 Price, Ileta Dail 81, 130 Price, Lawrence Thos 59, 142 Pryde, Betty 43 Pullub, Lloyd L 59, 203 Purdy, Gerald Allen 59, 213 Pursley, Ben R 32 Putnam, James Joseph 81 Q Qaissaunee, Abdul G 59 Qayum, Mir Abdul 24, 138 Quale, Marcia 43, 81, 185 Quails, Melvin Levern 43, 210 Quinn, Charles Edward 59 Quinn, John F., Jr 59, 198 Quinto, Ronald Lee 224 R Raben, M. Margie 24, 88, 126, 138, 182 Raben, Wells Orville 118 Racicky, Claire M 24, 203 Rackham, Robert L 24 Radella, Frank Adam 81, 112, 223 Radford, John Royce 59, 177, 218 Radosevich, Carol J 43 Rafferty, Jack M. Jr., 43 Rasmussen, Darrell C 32, 92, 215 Rasmussen, James A 66, 210 Ray, Billy Dean 59 Reah, Jack LeRoy 24 Read, Albert Francis 59, 121, 198 Ready, Roger Austin 81, 216 Reasch, Laniel G 32 Reckling, Frederick W 81, 198 Recknagel, Margaret A 81, 183 Redfield, James W 67, 210, 224 Reed, Chas, Jerome 59, 93 Reed, Margaret Edris 67, 185 Rees, Carole 81, 186 Rees, Don Sherman 59, 198 Reilly, Lyell K _ 32, 182 Reilly, Margaret E 32, 182 Reimann, Darlene F 81, 138, 181 Renfrow, Rufus Osley 59 Renkel, Wilma Jane 33, 110, 188 Resler, Glen LeRoy 44 Reynolds, Dana E 81, 125, 186 Reynolds, George L 81, 125, 138, 218 Rhoades, Jack F 24, 213 Richard, Dona Rae 44, 130 Richard, John Bertram 81 Richards, Jack Arthur 24, 196 Richardson, Charles E 33, 92, 102, 198 Richardson, Fred C 44 Richardson, Gordon T. 59 Richmond, Patsy Carol 81, 125, 182 Rickell, David L 81, 215 Riddle, Jodell 33, 186 Riedl, Gary Ward 81, 90, 92, 154 Riley, Betty Jean 33, 185 Rivers, Patricia A 44 Rivers, Roland Bruce 112 Rizor, Elvin Aimer 44, 148 Rizzi, Alice Helen 44, 131 Rizzi, Leo Louis 44 Robb, Seward Eliot 33, 87, 92, 149, 210 Roberts, Albert G 112, 223 Roberts, Dale Walter 59, 203 Roberts, John Albert 81, 148 Roberts, Larry Earl 59, 109, 149, 218 Roberts, Norman E 81, 218 Robertson, Janet Mae 44, 185 Robertson, Joyce R 81, 185 Robertson, Ralph V 81 Robson, Howard N 59, 101 Robson, Wilma Lula 44 Roden, John B., Jr 24, 210 Rodermel, Donald M 81, 138 Rodermel, Carole J 81 Rodriguez, Azucena M 81, 110, 158, 159 Rodriquez, Albert G 67, 100, 177, 199 Roedel, Isabella M 67, 128, 132, 188 Rogers, Arthur Rex 81 Rogers, Glenn A., Jr 60 Rogers, Jean Florinda 130 Rogers, Ronald Warren 81, 192 Rolich, Alfred Edwin 81 Ronish, Robert Ray 82 Rose, Francine Elaine 33, 127 Ross, Leah Virginia 24, 105, 188 Rothe, Bobbie Joe 33, 199 Rounds, James Arlen 60, 203 Rowland, Elsie Clara — 82 Royer, Janet 44, 141, 188 Rudolph, Robert L 60, 109, 115, 120 Rumpf, Ernest A., Jr 33, 194 Rumsey, Harold E 33, 199 Rushing, John Thomas 33, 210 Russell, Frankie Jo 44 Russell, Jack Lionel 82, 108, 125 Russell, James Kermit 44, 216 Russell, Raymond N 60 Rust, John Joseph 82, 216 Rutherford, Margaret 44, 128, 130 Ryan, Donald Ferns 44, 93, 207 Ryder, Dean Forrest 60, 218 Ryder, Michael Ely 82, 207 S Saari, Paul Lenard 82 Saathoff, Douglas E 60, 192 Saber, Neimat 44 Safi, Abdul Mulik 24 Sako, Richard Yutaka 33 Sakurada, Kenneth S 146, 148 Salisbury, Vernon Wm 44, 199 Sandburg, Lou Ann 44, 185 Sanders, William A. 82, 194 Sannes, Frank Martin 44 Santos, Joseph 82 Saunders, Jack Orva L 44, 94, 101 Saunders, Raymond D. .. 60, 109, 115, 120, 216 Savage, Mary Ellen 44, 110, 188 Savory, Mary J 44, 128, 141, 188 Schaffer, Teddy Clay .... 24, 112, 142, 154, 223 Schamber, Lauraine R 44, 88, 103 279 Best Visfies from Joe Beck Pnotodrapny CKeyenne, Wyoming OUR BEST WISHES TO YOU FtrfNG V RANCH DUDE RANCH NEWCASTLE. WYO UNION MERCANTILE AND SUPPLY CO. Groceries Shoes Meats Ready-to- Wear Furniture Dry Goods Home of hJadonal Brands Rock Springs Superior ' And then the fun began department. " FOR THE BEST IN WOMEN ' S WEAR fATIONAL FURS AND THE FASHION CHEYENNE WOLFERS OF CHEYENNE Schilt, Louis Linton 24, 199 Schipporeit, Loretta 44 Schmidt, Fred A 112 Schneider, Joann M 44, 131, 138, 141 Schoneberg, Henry E 60 Schneiderman, Melvin — 67, 100, 192 Schoneberg, John F 67, 132, 207 Schroeder, Edwin F 67 Schroeder, Evelyn J 82, 182 Schuelke, John Paul 33 Schueler, Paul Arthur 60 Schultheis, Richard K 60 Schultz, Betty Ellen 82, 130, 131 Schunk, Peter Allan 82, 203 Schurger, Julie Ann 82, 95, 185 Schwabrow, Shirley L 24, 185 Schwid, Elaine 33, 103 Scorsone, Frank A. 33, 213 Scott, Barbara Jean 60, 120, 124, 188 Scott, James Ellison 67 Scott, James J 60, 104, 203 Scott, Robert Lowell 60 Scully, Patricia A 249 Sears, Bill G 60 Sears, Jean Sherwin 24 Seaverson, Laurinan A 82, 127, 185 Sedar, David R 44 Sedgwick, Joan M 44, 141, 182 Sedlacek, Emily Ann 82, 127, 182 See, Louie Wayne 60, 154 Seeburg, Nancy Claire 44, 128, 186 Sekerak, Steven Wm 33 Selden, Anne Kirtland 82 Sellers, Shirley Mae 33 Seltenrich, Nancy Ann 44, 186 Seslar, Virgil LeRoy 60, 199 Sessions, Vernon Kirk 33, 92 Severn, Wm. Peabody 82 Sexton, Barbara E. 130 Seyfang, John H 44 Shannon, Emroy Laud 24 Sharp, Bill Edward 45, 112, 250 Sharpnack, Harold I 45 Shassetz, Larry R 60 Shaul, Lawana J 82 Shaw, Maxine Edyth 33, 130 Sheahan, Dawn Joan 24, 112, 126, 138 Shell, Raymond F 67 Shelton, Steve E 82 Shepard, Wm. Wesley 24 Sherard, Gwen Lea 82, 185 Sherman, William F 82 Shidler, G. Marvene 45, 176, 182 Shinmori, Billy 60, 90, 115, 120, 124, 151, 154, 250 Shoop, Donald Lee 60 Shoop, Karleen Adelle 33 Shopland, Robert C 60 Short, Ben Lee 82 Siebold, Warren Paul 60, 149, 199, Sikich, Steve William 82 Sills, Walter Otto 33, 207 Silvestri, Raymond 60 Simpson, Alan Kooi 64, 112, 184 Simpson, Burton J 60 Simpson, Lesley Burke 64, 203 Simpson, Russell A 60, 203 Sims, Ann Louise 45, 130 Sims, D. Marion 45 Sims, G. Richard 118 Sims, Mariel Berniece 24, 127 Sims, Sue Malcene 33, 87, 110, 188 Sinclair, Emma Jean 45, 131 Siren, Vincent John 60, 210 Skelton, Doris Ann 24, 126 Skelton, Robert Earl 24, 118, 224 Skelton, Robert G 24, 102, 182 Skinner, Courtney Jay 82, 199 Skinner, Morris .. 60, 109, 115, 120, 124, 148, 150 Skiver, Ross Eugene 82 Skoric, Ellen 45, 122, 127 Skube, John Eugene 45 Slater, James J 82, 207 Slater, Ronald M 60, 213 Sloan, M. Ray 82 Slotta, James Herman 60, 216 Slotta, Larry Stewart 61, 216 Small, Ann Kelsay 82, 108, 125 Small, Edwin H 67, 194 Smathers, Lee Brooks 61 Smith, Ann Frances 45, 127, 142 Smith, Diane P 45, 95 Smith, Dorothy Louise 33, 185 Smith, Eugene James 67, 100 Smith, Gale Eugene .. 24,94, 118, 123, 176, 194 Smith, Howard McLay 33, 194 Smith, Jordan Robert 82, 210 Smith, Mary Louise 83, 106, 110, 130, 140 Smith, Natalie Rose 45, 95, 122 ,141, 186 Smith, Robert Gene 83, 87, 149, 199, 250 Smith, Valta Kaye 83, 185 Smyth, Helen Ann 83, 141, 182 Snelling, Marilyn Ann 45, 138, 182 Snyder, Robt. Edward 61, 216 Snyder, Sharon Lynne 45, 130, 142 Soderholm, Bruce A 24, 118, 182 Sorensen, Andrea M 83, 186 Sostrom, John Phillip 45 Spalding, Robt. Marsh 61, 102, 182 Sparks, John Earl 61, 109, 121 Sparling, Dale R 83, 213 Speers, Janice Marie 83, 185 Spencer, Stanley K 83 Spiegleberg, James W 61, 210 Sprowell, Geo. Morton 83 Squeri, John Louis, Jr 67, 128 Staat, Charles Walter 61, 182 Stafford, Joan 45, 185 Stanfield, John E 83, 102, 210 Starkovich, Jean 45, 128, 130 Starner, Jack Richard 61, 207 Starr, Robert Irving 83, 149, 210 Steele, John Brice, Jr 83, 203 Stelk, Richard Otto 83 Stenberg, A. Katherine 83, 108, 125, 181 Stensaas, Leonard E — 83, 194 Stephens, Evelyn 45, 122, 127 Sterner, Barbara J 45, 106, 182 Stevens, Charlsie 45 281 Cream o ' Weoer Tastes BETTER ROSED ALE DAIRY Laramie Distributers DIAL 4140 312 SOUTH 3rd BEST WISHES from THE CLAIR AGENCY Casper, Wyoming 102 South Center INSURANCE REAL ESTATE Down at the friendly tavern. BILL ' S TAXI Phone 3333 or 3336 RADIO CONTROLLED 282 THE Store witK the STABLE Door MERRITT ' S Cheyenne, Wyoming The Original Navajo Princess Jacket For Campus, Street, or Sportswear With Skirt or Riders Price $15.00 Prepaid Concho Belt Silver Plated All-purpose Adjustable Belt With or Without Desert Gem Turquoise Inset ItV TAVIEIT Price $4.00 Prepaid n ' Who could ask for a lovelier queen and her attendant ? " mcHonrmTEAS Exclusive Cowboy and Western Outfitters CORNER CENTER MIDWEST - Casper Wyo. - Phone 2-2500 Stevens, Jerlyn Jean 83, 131 Stevenson, Kennard A 24 Stevick, Agnes M 83, 125 Stewart, Bill Joseph 83, 207 Stewart, Mary Lou 83 Stiles, John David 45, 138 Stine, Don Manos 112, 216 Stock, Clyde Wallace 83 Stonecipher, Nathan K 224 Stout, E. Joyce 83, 106, 185 Strange, Mary J 83, 138, 188 Strannigan, Elizabeth 45, 130 Stratman, Gerald A 83 Stratton, Barbara F 33, 103, 110, 176, 185 Streeter, Janet B. 24, 185 Stringfellow, Joseph 83 Strong, Martha Raye 45 Strong, Mary Kathleen 45, 131, 138 Stroud, Thomas W 61 Stroops, Eugene Dale 83 Stuart, Clifford C 83, 216 Suhr, Richard Harris 83, 203 Sullivan, Robert 25, 207 Sullivan, Robert D 33 Summers, Emily Sue 83, 95, 188 Suranyi, Richard L 61, 203 Surber, Gene L 61 Suttle, Jean Margaret 46 Sutton, Conrad Martin 25 Svoboda, Gerald E 61, 207 Swan, Dean George 25 Sweet, Barbara Jeanne 84 Swenson, James D 84, 91, 149, 199 Swindler, Dean Duane 61, 224 Sydenham, Shirlee Ann 33 T Tanner, John L. D 25, 142 Tate, Robert Dennis 33 Taucher, Glenn 84, 203 Taylor, Earl Jay, Jr 46 Taylor, Howard Junior 223 Taylor, James Richard 84 Taylor, Jeanne K 46, 106 Tech, Donald August 61, 115 Tennant, Don Evan 84 Teter, Joseph E 67, 138 Tew, Don Calvert 46 Thomas Craig Lyle 25, 112, 142 Thomas, Richard Van 64, 216 Thompson, Gerald Lee 61, 109 Thompson, Charles 61, 101, 102, 210 Thompson, Marvin Earl 84, 142 Thompson, Melvin F 46, 213 Thompson, Robert W., Jr 84, 194 Thompson, Joyce .. 25, 87, 105, 123, 126, 131, 138 Thomson, Peter Harry 84 Thorburn, Jo Ann L 46, 185 Thoren, Wm. Dennis 25, 203 Tighe, Robert Edward 61, 149, 177, 203 Tighe, Wm. Charles 61, 149, 203 Tihen, Lucretia Ann 84, 140 Till, Terrell 84, 127, 185 Tillett, Rob Roy 84, 207 Tisdel, Winslow C 84, 218 Titus, Robert Clyde 33, 203 Tolin, Marion M 46, 130 Tomich, Carl Charles 46, 93 Tomich, Barbara M 84 Tomsik, Patricia E 46, 110, 138, 182 Tonn, Ann DuBois 46, 110 Tonn, Laura DuBois 46, 110 Toohey, Shirley Joan 84 Topley, William M 67, 132 Torrey, Harold M 61, 115 Toucher, Patricia J 84 Traill, Ann Caroline 84, 106, 185, 250 Trenholm, James R 25, 199 Trullinger, Diane M 46 Trullinger, Lyle D 46, 112, 223 Tschirgi, Arnold B 65 Tsiouvaras, Nicholas 61, 109, 115, 120 Tuck, Joseph Earl 61, 142, 199 Tucker, Mary Ellen 84, 181 Tucker, Warren Fuller 142 Tuley, Ronald Lee 61, 177, 182 Turk, Nairn Salim 67 Turtle, Leon E 34, 203 Twitchell, Susan Kay .. 25, 95, 110, 121, 126, 182 Tyer, Robert Lee 46 Tyndall, David R 84 Tyndall, Marion M 84 Tyrrell, William Bert 84, 207 U Ugolini, Paul Gene 216 Underwood, Betty E 34, 185 Underwood, Harry C 61 Updegraff, Floyd T 85 Updike, David Walter 84, 216 Urbigkit, John R 85 Urmson, Helen Odelia 46, 127, 142 Utterback, Rebecca E 31, 131 V Van, Arsdall, Jo Ann 34, 130, 140 Vanberg, Benjamin J 61, 120 Van Blair, Charles L 46, 111, 216 VanBlair, Lorraine A 46, 186 VanDeKoppel, Richard 61, 216 Vandel, John Hastings 85, 132 VanHorn, James Lee 61 VanTrease, Wm. Frank 25 Verdeil, Marie Claire 85, 188 Vialpando, Louis 46, 213 Vickery, Georgine 67, 132, 188 Vincent, Jerome S 34, 218 Viner, Richard Perry 146, 148 VonKrosigk, Donna D 85, 131 VonKrosigk, Fay E. .. 25, 122, 123, 126, 130, 188 Vontz, Carlene Marie 46, 127 Voorhees, Jerry Earl 61, 210 W Waage, Hans Allen 62, 194 Wacker, Arthur M 62, 101, 149 Wagner, Charles Wm 46 Wagner, Lee James 62, 115, 120, 128, 199 Wagner, Randall A 85, 125, 216 283 I THe r)f[ (ANill r ((XTIPANY Rock Springs, Wyoming Rudolph Anselmi, Manager Your Electric Servant Western Public Service Company LARAMIE, WYOMING " American Beauties, Wyoming Style 1 1 " 284 KNOX FURNITURE Fine Furniture Begins on tne Inside Dial 9355 207 South 2nd Laramie, Wyoming FOR: • High Qualily Replacemenl Parts • Accessories for Cars and Trucks • Firestone tires and Batteries • Household SuppHes and AppHances LARAMIE AUTOMOTIVE PARTS CO 406-408 South Second -- Phone 4868 LARAMIE, WYOMING ' Student lawyers rehearse for the real thing. " Wagner, Shirley Ann 34, 130 Wahed, Abdul 121 Wahl, Billy Ray 85, 91 Wahl, Walter Edward 85 Walker, Jack Warren 85 Waring, Roselyn L 46, 127, 142 Warner, M. Joyce 46, 130, 138 Wasden, John Frederic 25, 118 Wasserburger, Roberta 46, 185 Watts, John Estill 25, 210 Waymire, Merrilyn J 46, 182 Wallis, Jack Clinton 25. 118 Walsh, John Kelly 62 Ward, Robert Francis 46 Wardlaw, Eugene Wm 62 Webb, Harold Vernon 46, 101 Weber, Wayne 25 Weber, Wayne 62, 118, 177, 194 Weiler, John Lawrence 47 WeishofF, Fredric J. 46 Weiss, Marvin Elliott 25 Welling, Charles L 25, 93 Wells, Gordon C 85 Welsh, Connett, Jean 85, 185 Welty, Robert Dan 46 Wender, Chas. Milton 62 Wendling, Lyle Eugene 62, 109, 115, 120 Wenzel, Louis E 85 Werner, John Wayne 62 Wesswick, Louise 25, 126, 127 West, Kenneth E 34, 213, 224 Westerfield, Shirley .... 85, 95, 110, 140, 142, 138 Westgaard, Olaf 62 Weston, Henry Roy 62, 216 Whalen, Joseph Morton 115 Wheatley, Thomas F 34, 210 Wheeler, G. Diane 85, 185 Wheeler, Lewis Alvin 34, 112, 199 Wheeler, Talmadge J 25 Whipple, Valjean M 85, 185 White, Jay M, Jr 85, 142 White, Les William 62, 90, 109, 142, 154 White, William Jesse 85 Whiteman, Lucy J 25, 126, 131 Whiteside, Walter .... 47, 112, 148, 210, 223, 250 Whitley, Marlys H 85 Whitlock, John R. Whitlock, S. Jnell 47, 176, W W: W W W W: W W: W W W W W W: W: W W W: W: W W: W: W: W: W W W: W W W W: W W W: W: W: W W 62 185 127 118 ant, Betty Jean 25, ant, Charles Paul 25, ggers. Jack Dean 25 Ide, Barbara Judith 47 ley, William Edward 85, 125 Ihelm, Harvey J 25 Ikes, Garth W 85 II, Thomas Miles 25 Hard, Edra June 85, 127 lladsen, James C 25, 142 llett, Marion K. 85, 185 Ilford, Bruce W 25, 118, ams, Allen Mayo 85, ams. Car! M ams, Joe Ann 85, 142 194 65 131 ams, M. „arolyn J , lUJ, 182 ams, Martin G 62 ams, Patricia J 84, 142, 127 ams, Richard E 62, 121, 124 ams, Richard L. 62 ams, Robert Lee 62, 207 ams, Sandra Gean 47 s, Araminta 47, 88, 127 s, Charmaine 84 s, Lynne 84, 186 s, Robert Wesley 84 Iloughby, Terry G. 34, 203 llson, June Alice 84, 106, 122, 125, 130 Ison, Bill Ray 47, 223 Ison, Charles Henry 62 Ison, Robert Paul 34 Ison, Robert Steele 199 Ison, Thomas Lee 25 nder, John Henry 224 ndom, Barbara Ann 47, 127, 142 ng, Charles, Jr 47, 112, 148 ngo, Kenneth L — 34 nn, Bettie Joan 34, 181 Wintermote, Stanley G 84 Wolcott, Donald Dean 62, 102, 142 Wolf, Harry Junior 93 Wolfe, Marilyn Ann 25, 126, 127 Wolfe, Robert Dale 62 Wollenzien, De Earl 34, 92, 194 Wolter, John Ellis 62 Wood, Colleen R 27, 128, 188 Wood, James N 62 Wood, Pamela E 34, 127, 138, 185 Wood, Robert Louis 34 Woderson, Lee Allen 84 Woodhead, George E 62 Woods, Dolores Joyce 84 Woolrich, Margaret R 57, 110 Woolston, Wm. Homer 34 Wray, James R 62 Wren, N. Edward .... 25, 112, 146, 148, 210, 250 Wright, Mary Alice 47, 127 Wuthier, Amylu 25, 123, 126, 127, 142 Wuthier, Roy Edward 25, 118, 196, 250 Wuthier, Warren A 25, 196 Wyke, Donald E 84 Wyke, Rosa Matilda S 85 Wyman, Sherman M., Jr 85 Y Yates, Jean Donnell 85, 122, 127, 185 Yauney, John Edwin 62, 120 Yeager, Lorin Harold 62 Yonkee, Lawrence A 223 Yonkoff, Restina 34, 122, 130 Yorges, Clara Lou 85, 127, 185 York, Harold Frank 85 Z Zalph, Robert 62 Zell, Raymond LeRoy 85, 194 Zellner, Odolph W 47, 112, 148, 223 Zuck, Bettye, Joan 85, 108, 125, 186 Zuckerman, Ross Geo. — 85, 210 Zueck, Aldo 85, 203 Zwonitzer, Ronald Lee 85, 199 285 TO EDITOR BOB SMITH, ADVISOR WALLACE BIGGS, AND THE 1954 WYO STAFF I We have enjoyed working with you this past season, and hope all readers will enjoy and appreciate the many special features which make this such an outstanding yearbook. Actually, the making of a meaningful book — one that is more than just a picture album — is a complex process. Creative ideas for themes, layout, and copy are all-important, along with a smooth-working plan of organization. A part of our job is to help each editor achieve a distinctive personality for his book. We sit down together and work out ideas for original theme, art treatment, and copy. Our tested and proven plan for han- dling all the hundreds of production details gives the editor more time for actual editing. Our flexible lithographic process gives yearbook planners a thrilling freedom in use of artwork, pictures, and color. Specify Wheelwright Lithography for your next book. LITHOGRAPHING COMPANY 975 SOUTH WEST TEMPLE - - PHONES SALT LAKE CITY 5-7006 5-9807 4 , UTAH " Which direction ' s up ? " I I k); 287 The last pages flip together and the 1954 WYO is finished. Another edition of the University of Wyoming yearbook takes its place with the forty-odd others. The office is cluttered, empty, except for me, and strangely quiet. It ' s time to think back, see the mistakes, the humor, and the work that went into your yearbook. Yes, there ' s been a lot of work in these 288 pages. The office has been busy for ten months. Busy while the division editors and their staffs drew layouts, ran down names, and did those million things which always arise; and believe me, they did a wonderful job. There were other staffers who put out their best in performance, too — Bob Knox writing copy, Polly Ekdall doing the art-work, Paul Holtz, Andy Andrikopoulos, and George Reynolds, the photographers. On the business end. Chuck Richardson and his assistant, Carl Occhipinti, ran advertising, kept accounts, and collected bills. It was a large job, a maddening one at times, but they came through. And always on hand when I needed them were Tom Love, the assistant editor, and the trouble-shooters, Sharon Joyce during the fall quarter, and Emily Summers the rest of the year. To you, Tom, Sharon, and Emily, my heart-felt thanks. After the book left our hands it went to our pub- lisher, Wheelwright Lithographing Co., where Max and Lorin and their competent staff, plus Joern Gerdts, took the material and fin- ished the job. Along with my sincere thanks to them go my apologies for all the over-run deadlines and straggling pages which sometimes plagued us. There are many more people that have helped with the ' 54 WYO; and to all the un-named, a word: Thanks. It ' s been a long road with an uphill grade, but I believe the sight when we reached the crest was worth it. The sight we see when the world looks to Wyoming, your state and your school. 288 I e f w ■ . p ' iWCMI(jj " 1 m

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