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INNEISKA Volume LXVI ersity of Wisconsin-Whitewater Whitewater, Wisconsin mm, M Ww.w,,,,v,,m,. mmmmw, WWW- WNW, UW-Whitewater Survival in the world Campus Life .......................... 14 of the fittest Sports ................................ 48 in the university Organizations ......................... 78 of tradition Greeks .............................. 132 in a cubical Dorms .............................. 168 in the cold, real world . . . Seniors .............................. 220 Survival in a World That Turns Trees Into Computer Cards. Survival in 1974 was a struggle. There was internal turmoil, galloping inflation, a gas shortage and the greatest stock of unsold cars in history. There was uncertainty. What was becoming of our quality of life? What would become of the country without strong leadership? What could be done about the environment? What is going on in the Middle East and Vietnam? There were personal struggles. How can I find enough time for all this work? What do I want to do with this life? I would just like to sit and be quiet for a while. I wish someone would love me. People are very much like trees. Gone are the rah-rah and no- more-war days. Hard reality'means getting through four years of school, doing well on exams and finding a job fast. Idealism is no longer intangible pie in the sky. The most painful and all encom- passing battle is the struggle for personal and emotional survival amid untold pressure. 10 Survival in Whitewater, 1974 The graduate school was saved. Roseman Campus School closed. Chancellor Carter resigned. The Minneiska and Royal Purple were saved. The used fee idea was tied up in red tape. Four co-eds were killed in a car accident on the way back from a teaching assignment. Two Homecomings divided the campus. The summer tent theater was destroyed by storm. Jobs were scarce, especially for teachers. 11 SURVIVAL: To remain alive after. To continue to exist. There is absolutely no in- evitability as long as there is a willingness to contemplate what is happening. M L h c u an o ittia.1!iltv'y K x931 O W 13 'W '4 '2' .. g i g Survival in the world . . . of blue jeans with patches and red plaid jackets teetering on the brink of academic frustration. Campus Life Reminiscence: A Look at the Past Year Another school year has come and gone. Glance back at the accomplishments you have achieved during that time. Were you satisfied with merely being a student, or did you strive to make the most of each day by becoming an active participant in cam- pus activities? Composing creative themes, cramming for tests, and endless hours in the library perhaps occupied the majority of your time. The academic phase of college, however, is only one aspect of your education. It is only through involvement in extra-curricular activities, membership in professional organizations, and through campus events that an individual can ob- tain a truly well-rounded education and take advantage of llstudent life? Take a momentls time to look back and recall those pleasant memories only a college student could have experienced. Frolicing in the snow during the Winterfest games, harmonizing with the Lettermen at the Homecoming concert, and cheering your favorite team on to vic- tory at the May Week tournaments were only a few of the numerous events you may cherish in your hearts as you reflect on the 1973-74- academic year at UW-Whitewater. In years from now, as you reminisce your college days, we hope you will be able to recall these years as the most stimulating days of your life. College is what you make it. The students pictured in the following llCampus Life,a section have made their college days so much more rewarding by really living and enjoying each day. 16-Campus Life Introduction I 7 iiSorry, No Money,9 9 HDonlt take that trip, isPut on a sweater.H siThe doctor will be here Thursday." iiSorry, no gas." i6Save the grad school?, isIim hungry? slIs it cold in here?9 These were probably the most used and least popular statements heard on the Whitewater campus during the past year-why? The year of the cutbacks brought many changes to UW-Whitewater. Our nation was faced with an energy crisis which was also apparent at the university. Turning down the thermostats resulted in the use of space heaters, additional blankets and has caused students to wear jackets in classes. Travel was cut down by both residents and commuters alike. There was less travel on weekends and thanks to Pi Sigma Ep- silon, our commuters formed a campus- wide car pool. As a result of the energy situation, students experienced a number of in- conveniences. The lines in the dining halls seemed to double in length while other students patiently waited in vain for the vending machines to be filled. In addition to the energy crisis UW-W also encountered a financial crisis. The Colleges lost a number of their faculty per- sonnel which resulted in reduced course offerings and affected various clubs and sports activities. Besides losing potential sponsors and coaches, many of the organizations were faced with less money for equipment and travel expenses. The 1973-74 academic year at the Univer- sity of Wiseonsin-Whitewater has truly been a year of ilSurvivalfl lB-Campus Life Where were you when we needed you?" Culbacks 19 66Save the Grad School,9 A new mission statement authorizing the School of Graduate Studies and Con- tinuing Education to continue as an autonomous unit with its own dean and granting its own degrees was approved by the Board of Regents at its January meeting. An earlier proposed mission statement, developed by Central Administration in Madison for each of the members of the UW System, had designated UW- Whitewater a iiprimary undergraduate in- stitution? This move set off a flurry of ac- tivity, not only at Whitewater but at other universities whose graduate schools were similarly designated. But reaction here was particularly strong as Whitewateris graduate enrollment was the largest among the former State Universities and because of the uniqueness of UW-W graduate offerings. Many students protested that they would be unable to obtain the work they needed if Whitewater"s graduate school was restricted or regimented. Letters protesting the proposal flowed into the offices of Central Administration in Madison and to individual members of the UW System Board of Regents. Area school boards, educational organizations, UW-W student groups, county boards and City councils protested the proposed cur- tailment. Individual citizens and students enlisted the support of area legislators in retaining the autonomous character of the school. Public outcry was loud and clear and resulted in the scheduling of regent hearings on the proposed mission statements on each of the campuses of the University of Wisconsin System. UW-Whitewateris public hearing on the mission statement was held November 16 in Barnett Theatre in the Center of the Arts. More than 560 persons crammed into the theater during the three-hour hearing, which was chaired by Regent Milton Neshek of Elkhorn. More than 30 persons made oral presentations before the hearing committee. Included were State Represen- tative Byron Wackett from Watertown and State Senator James Swan of Elkhorn, members of the Joint Finance Committee ZOeCampus Life of the legislature; State Senator Dale McKenna from Jefferson; State Represen- tatives Delmar DeLong of Clinton, Lewis T. Mitness of Janesville, and John R. Plewa of Milwaukee; Frank Hill, Whitewater city manager; John Zwei, director of secondary education in Janesville; Robert Martin, city manager of Fort Atkinson; Dr. Fred Holt, Janesville superintendent of schools; Thane Uglow, Whitewater superintendent of schools; Gene Huntley, representing the Elkhorn Education Association; and Robert Schroeder, a Priee-Waterhouse per- sonnel manager from Chicago. A number of others filed written presentations. Throughout the hearings participants emphasized the valuable educational ser- vice the graduate school performed for citizens of southeastern Wisconsin. Educators told of the schools cooperation in providing classes to meet their par- ticular needs. Teachers spoke of the applicability of their courses to their own classroom teaching and the convenience of having the school close by so that they could take evening classes. Business men told of the advantage of being able to stay abreast with new developments in business through classes offered by the College of Business and Economics. All emphasized repeatedly that courses offered at Whitewater were uniquely valuable to them. On January 11 the Regents unanimously approved the following graduate mission for UW-Whitewater: ttThe University should provide basic graduate education in select areas clearly associated with its un- dergraduate emphasis and strengths, in- cluding specialized graduate programs in business administration, teacher educa- tion to encompass business education, and school business management." As approved the mission statement gave UW-Whitewater greater flexibility to provide services to area business, schools and other agencies. Dean A.G. McGraw felt that the new statement clarified the Schools mission and predicted correctly that it would result in the largest enroll- ment in the graduate schools 13-year history. Dean McGraw expressed appreciation to the many people who assisted the Universi- ty when it appeared the graduate school might be threatened and whose support culminated in an acceptable broad mission statement for graduate work at UW-W. The Whitewater case was well presented and well received? he said. a; SAVE THE WHITEWATER GRAD SCHOOL: A Graduate School-Zl Chancellor Carter: Reflections on the Past, Aspirations for the Future . . . On the eve of his resignation President William L. Carter, reflected back on his seven years as chancellor and also looked to the future of UW-Whitewater. liAs I look back over my seven years as president and chancellor at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in answer to in- quiries from friends and colleagues as to how this experience has influenced my at- titudes on higher education, students, faculty and administration, I can only answer that I have not lost my optimistic faith in all of these. I still consider higher education as one of the most important segments of our personal and organized life. The many students I have worked with on this campus have strengthened my faith in their desire and motivation to seek answers to problems through a sincere commitment of study and learning. UW-Whitewater has a fine faculty and it mgw'wmilana'8muggpa will be a privilege to consider myself as a colleague. I have become concerned with the extent of administrative structure in higher education but I also know that in todayis big systems and institutions that administrators are necessary and con- tribute to the overall tasks on a campus. I believe that I have worked with some fine administrators while in this position? Regarding the future, President Carter believes that the University must develop a unifying theme. Cohesiveness for UW-W depends on making the decision of this theme and creating a device which will contribute to pulling the Colleges and Departments together. We must work towards a general agree- ment as to why we are here, we need that common interest. Some people may ask why we need a unifying theme. In response to this question, this theme would promote the sharing of values and goals which in turn would strengthen long term relationships, whether it be person to per- son or institution to person. iiThis short recital of basic beliefs reveals my optimistic faith in the major elements of college work. I will carry this philosophy into my teaching.H Chancellor Carter-23 24-Cnmpus Life College of the Arts One of the major issues facing all the Colleges here at Whitewater, was the degree to which the cutting back of capital and faculty had affected their programs. For the College of the Arts, the reduction in capital, supplies, and services did not prove drastic due to the new modern facilities which had been provided. Everything had been done to provide the proper services and supplies for the univer- sity students. As a step in helping over- come some shortages, a lab fee in specified areas in art, such as ceramics, and sculp- ture was initiated. Faculty cutbacks did occur within the art and music department. However, the student credit production in the three departments; music, art, and theatre, justified the faculty they had. According to Doctor Light, continuing efforts will be made to maintain the vital programs in all departments with welI-qualil'ied staff. Unless severe reductions in the staff occur in the future, the College will be able to continue all programs. Ray moml E. Light. Dean College WThis crisis is a challenge-not a cause of despair. It is a time for building and the exercise of the creative abilities of a faculty dedicated to the concept of flexibility and innovation in the provision of a high quali- ty education to the students who seek a major offered by the College of Business and Economics? Based on this philosophy, D. G. Leeseberg, Dean of the College, has every confidence that the faculty will meet the challenge and continue to meet the major objectives of the University in the areas of effective teaching, creative research, and imaginative public service programs in the budget cutback situation. of Business and Economics D. G. Leeseberg, Dean BI am proud of the way the students in the College met the crisis of the burning of Old Main; of how they are meeting the challenge of relocation on getting that first job; of how they are meeting the crisis of promotion and the acceptance of new responsibilities; and of the confidence they demonstrate seeking their education at Whitewater. These students and the faculty of the College of Business and Economics look beyond the present crisis and continue to build toward future opportunity for themselves as a part of the University of Whitewater? College of Business and Economics-25 College of Education Dr. Stoneking, Dean of the College of Education felt very optimistic that Whitewater has a very bright future despite the anticipated financial cutback. Although a further leveling off of the enrollment is expected in the next year, Dr. Stoneking stated that because of the out-of- state tuition, the increasing of high school graduates, and also due to Wisconsints con- cern for quality education at all levels, Whitewaterhs future looks very promising. Lewis Stoneking, Dean 26hCampus Life College of Letters and Sciences The College of Letters and Sciences has been seeking ways to improve its effec- tiveness in education and community ser- vice. Even though there are many majors and minors in the College, it is adding and proposing several changes to make it possi- ble for students to better understand themselves and their role in society. Commencing next semester, a new course will be offered in Urban and Area Development. A course has also been proposed in Medical Records and Ad- ministration. In an attempt to give broader options to students, a revision of the basic studies has been suggested for the coming year. A general curriculum major would be permitted to design their own major program with the assistance and advice of a counselor. Everett Fulton, Dean of the College of Letters and Sciences, indicated there could possibly be a cutback of faculty members as a result of the budget situation, however, he did not foresee a curtailing of courses that would have a substantial stu- dent interest. The faculty of the College is continually proposing new ideas and changing old ones. Everett Fulton, Dean College of Letters and Sciences-27 The Frustration Of Registration Once again UW-Whitewater gave students the opportunity to prove their masochistic tendencies by holding registra- tion. For those who were fortunate enough to get 8 am registration times, they were greeted in those early hours by the moon . . . . Yes, through the magic of year long daylight savings time the moon was up and shining at 8 am although most of the registering students were not. The normal hassles of registration reign- ed supreme again. Sections closed too soon to suit most people, endless lines of im- patient students waited for the faculty to get back from their coffee breaks, and the ultimate intimidation, having to pay for it all at the end. Most students sat back afterward, grateful it was over, and leery of what was to come in the next semester. 28-Campus Life As students collected and checked out their tower of books, one consoling thought was that they survived the most nerve- wracking day of the year. Registrati0n 29 30eCampus Life Homecoming 973 uReflection . . . Look Back and Let the Good Times Rollii was the theme for Whitewatefs 1973 Homecoming roster of activities. Homecoming ,73 offered a varie- ty of activities for all students with different interests to enjoy and participate in. Attempts were made to break iisome 0f the traditional quirks that this campus seems to hold on to? As in past years, the Thursday night con- cert was the main attraction. The Lettermenis performance with their back- up hand, The Signs, held the audience cap- tive. The Lettermen opened their concert with tunes of today. Rolling back in time, The Lettermen took the audience down memory lane by vocalizing iiTraces of Love," iiHurt So Badi9 and other famous hits. Highlighting the intermission was the announcement of Lu Ann Ripp as Homecoming Queen and L. A. Landgraf as King. Candidates campaigned as couples for the first time. Representing Whitewater spirit, Deborah Gatske was selected as the 1973 Klumb Girl. 9. mm", Reflections . . . Homecoming 31 Look Back . . . Let the Good Times Roll 32eCampus Life Sponsored by the UW-W Afro-American Society, the HFree Mindsta entertained for the Black Homecoming dance. Princess Hill was crowned as the Black Campus Homecoming Queen. Dressed in the style of the 50ts and play- ing rock tn roll, Little Zigg and the Zeu presented their distinct types of music on Friday night. Enthusiastic Homecoming supporters had their hearts and lungs conditioned for the Yell Like Hell contest, while other students hLet the Good Times Roll,9 as they rolled around campus in the Bed Ral- ly competition Friday afternoon. Following the Warhawk 3-0 victory over St. Norberts, was the traditional dinner- dance featuring the ttBahy Fath combo. H0mecoming-33 The University Center Activities Board provided social, cultural and recreational programs for the entire campus. In addi- tion to the highlights of May Week and Winterfest, UCAB sponsored a variety of other events. Cultural programs to be remembered were the dancing of'Jost': Greco, and the Halloween special featur- ing Murray Brown, in a one-man theatre depicting the works of Edgar Allen Poe. Unique programs brought to campus by UCAB included Stanton Friedman,s lec- ture on tsFlying Saucers are ReaV, and the presentation of Gil Eagles, the Enter- taining Psychic. One of the ever-popular acts of the University Center has been the Coffee House, where four times a semester professional entertainers spent an entire week on campus. Hardly a weekend went by without a major movie being available on campus. In response to a recommendation made by the Committee of Club Sports, Chancellor Carter established the Club Sports Office. The purpose of the office has been to provide a recreational outlet for those who sought leisure activities at the club level which included intramural and varsity athletics. Any group that was func- tioning with the goal of leisure participa- tion was considered a part of the club. QOYAL PURPLE UCAB Promotes Student Involvement w ,E mm demm 5 4 B m U Meditation Marjorie Fox Nettles Out of the heavy mist of this dafs jumble Comes a calmness, a sort of suspended tranquility. The greyness ol' the seemingly heavy atmosphere covers all necessary objects of the Surrounding universe. One is alone. Then comes the subject of Interest in clear detail. Etched in bold black type; Imprinted for future usehsuch is meditation. Taken from The Book of Modern Poetry 1941 36-Campus Life Students Displayed Talents in Theatrical 387Campus Life Productions A wide range of activities were provided throughout the year to meet the leisure time needs of any student, no matter what his taste or interest was. The Theatre Department presented a variety of plays which were enjoyed by any member of the audience whatever his taste may have been. Two of the theatrical productions per- formed were; HMacbethM the Shakesperian tragedy, and iEYou Cath Take It With Youi7 a comedy about a family who believ- ed in doing their own thing. As one of the attractions of the Perfor- ming Art Series, Jose Greco and Nana Lor- ca, world famous Spanish dancers, demonstrated their talent to the UW- Whitewater students. 39 s n ll. H 5 I I. .a 1 r l n o wn "I Campus Festivities 66Ring in the Christmas Seasonaa Christmas cheer was observed on cam- pus through the continuance of one tradi- tion and the initiation of another. The An- nual Boar"s Head Festival, sponsored by the Meister-singers and UCAB, recreated a Tudor Christmas and created an at- mosphere of goodwill and cheer. While sip- ping wassail, the audience was entertained with carols 0f the season sung by The Meistersingers, under the direction of High Master of Song John Weiland. Sir William Eddington directed The Brass Ensemble who provided entertainment during the festivities. The Grand Wassail Lord Dan Reiehel presented the left ear of the boaris head to the most deserying faculty member. The Assistant Dean of Business and Economics, Leon Hermsen was given the honor of being dubbed Knight of Royalty. Kim Westergaard reeeiyed the right ear of the boar which entitled him to be named Knight of Courage. Enhancing the Whitewater holiday season was the first JuI-Fest Dinner celebration. Gaily sung carols, splendid food, and spirited t'omradeship combined to set the joyful mood of Christmas. The UW-W JuLFest included an elegant dinner with entertainment featuring various musical traditions of the Christ- mas season throughout the ages by the I.W- W Madrigalians and Treble Clef Choir and other guest performers under the direction of Dr. Robert Lee Jennings. Dancing music was provided by the Jazz-Lab Band. Immediate response by all to the Jul- Fest was most enthusiastic and complimen- tary in insisting that the event become an annual event at Whitewater. 40-Cmnpus Life 41 s e i t i .w t a F 5 m z s i r .h C Winterfest 974 Created Comedy, Clowns, Casino, Concerts . . . Winterfest 74 was the best winter fun Whitewater has seen in several years. From the circus to beer-chugging, students join- ed in the fun of celebrating the freshly fallen snow. Wednesday featured Dr. Bop Record Hop and Circus World Night with Cousin Otto and his 25 clowns. The Clowns, together with Pachyderm, the beer- drinking elephant, guaranteed a smile on everyoneis face. The UW-W Jazz Band per- formed with a group called Winfield Road. The UCAB sponsored event also featured a Grass Roots Concert Thursday night. iiEdmonds 81 Curley," a comedy team preceded the Grass Roots. This yearis Queen was Kathy Summers-Delta Zeta, and King was Rich Grubee-Tau Kappa Ep- silon. Something new was added to Winterfest ,74. Casino Night was offered at the Univer- sity Center. From Bingo t0 5-Card Stud. students tried their luck at gambling. Also Friday night, the Hoeir Brothers Band was featured with a very good turnout. Students agreed Winterfest 574 was a super time from the elephant t0 the weather. . ru .v,.'.'l .,.u .- we 33 - - nr A. .... Winterfest 74 43 Prelude to Summer A carnival, frolicking in the sun, and just a good time with friends is what May Week was all about. Hot dogs, hamburgers, softball tour- naments, side shows and outdoor concerts were a few of the many fun-filled activities which ended another school year and in- itiated another spring. In addition to the games and rides 0f the carnival, students were able to display their talent in the variety show. For any movie-goers in the audience, a movie marathon was held. This UCAB sponsored event, held in Starin Park, was a good time to have a break before the final week of scholastic pressures for students and also, to say goodbye for the summer. 44-Campus Life May Wvok-45 Graduation . . . Ending and Beginning Graduation, for 1,700 students was a tur- ning point in their struggle for survival. It was the culmination of one struggle and the commencement of another. Graduation for the majority marked the end of their academic endeavors. The goal of bettering onegs self had been attained or was given a good start. It was also the commencement of another struggle for survival. Survival in t0day"s society. It meant putting theory into practice, testing to discover what limitations and weaknesses were. The struggle for survival will never cease and for this yearls graduate, graduation was only one of the many turning points in the struggle. Chancellor William L. Carter 46eCampus Life a...vaiav, Survival of the fittest . . . Competition means stomping 0n the other guy before he has a chance to stomp on you. Sports Harriers Run to Exhaustion The 1973 season saw the Warhawks fac- ing rugged competition. Led by senior cap- tain Wes Babcock and national qualifier Ken Gehrt, the Warhawks established a dual meet record of four wins and five losses in WSUC competition. Harrier men- tor, Bob Fiskum, remarked that the season was a disappointing one and that the team,s biggest problems were those of con- sistency and their failure to realize their full potential. 50-Sports .'OSS COUNTRY: FRONT ROW: Wesley Babcock, Kent Gehrt, Joe Belanger, Barry Verdegan, Gary eston. SECOND ROW: Coach Robert Fiskum, David Nettakoven, Frank Burns, Jay Nuedling, Joel ebles, not pictured: David Wegner. Crass Country-SI End of Season Curse Strikes Again The 1973 season left the Warhawks with a disappointing third in the WSUC. Losses t0 LaCrosse and Oshkosh at the closing of the season crumbled hopes for a con- ference championship. Before going into the LaCrosse game, the Hawks were tied for the lead with a 4-0-2 record. A victory over Northern Michigan started off the season well, followed by a tie game with Platteville. The Hawks then continued up- ward with four consecutive wins. Greg Montgomery, Mike Capodarco, and Bill Roper all broke records during this 1973 season. Montgomery raced 97 yards for the longest kickoff return in WSUC history. With a 45-yard field goal, Capodar- 00 broke a school record that he set two years ago. Setting a new UWW career record, Roper rushed 2,254 yards in 28 games during his varsity career. 53 Football g V 3': 5k 1x 54-Sp0rls ard Hitting Hawks mebr $an... mm. F 001 ha! 1 55 Cagers Gain Share of Title For the second year in a row, the Hawk cagers ended in a tie for first in conference. They started well with their first loss not coming until the Quincy Tournament in December. Their only conference losses were to Platteville on January 26 and Eau Claire on February 2. The Hawks then con- tinued to win and ended with a 20-4- overall record and a record of 14-2 for conference. The Hawks gained berth in the NAIA 56eSports State Playoff finals with an impressive 94- 69 win over Milton. However, two nights later, the Hawks hopes for a place in the NAIA National Tournament were crushed by Eau Claire with a 70-63 defeat. Tom VanDeBogart, Elmer Polk, and Bob Stone all received honorable mention on the all conference team, while Larry and Garry Grimes were on both all- conference and aII-district teams. Basketball-S? Our Team Had a Basketball Jones 5B-Sports Basketball 59 Grapplers Gain Sixth in NAIA Poll The Warhawk Grapplers led by head coach Willie Myers recorded in impressive L L L 3;; Ilm overall dual record of 11-2. They also won ' -L ' "L WV huh the Graceland Invitational and their own Whitewater Invitational. The only losses of the season came at the hands of highly ranked Eastern Illinois and NAIA number three ranked Mankato State. Warhawk Grapplers Gary Zizzo, Mike Stanek, and Fred Boskovich captured conference championships and five other warhawks wrestled to third place finishes, as the Warhawks captured the WSUC title. The season concluded with the entire varsity squad competing in the national meet. 60eSpo rls Wrestling 61 Tankers Drown Carthage 62-Sports It was a disappointing season for the Warhawks swimming team. They ended last in the conference with a 2-8-1 overall record. For a small team, the Warhawks did their best. The highpoint of the season was the Tankers 66-46 victory over Carthage. The Hawks finished first in 9 of 13 events. Jeff Trentadue and Grant Hrushka placed first and second respectively in the diving. Unfortunately, Coach Marvin Ross will not be returning next year and depending on funds, the teamis existence may also be in question. Swimming-63 Intramurals Provide Fierce Competition MenTs Intramurals were alive and well and living in Williams Center, having sur- vived the threatened budget cuts and the threat of the user fee another year. Flag football experienced an especially exciting conclusion. There was a three way tie in Independent A between the Canibulls, Touchdowns on Tap and ,73 State Champs, all with 7-1 records. The Canibulls survived the playoffs to take the championship. Phi Chi Epsilon won both Fraternity A and B divisions in basketball. The TKE,s took the Fraternity C title. The Kuuees, DopeHs No. 7, VV,S, and Dilbos were champs in their respective independent divisions. 64 eSporls Men '3 Intramurals 65 66-Sports IIIInIH. Men '5 lntramurals-67 68-Sporls Warhawk Bats C0uldn9t Be Silenced The Hawks split a double header against Milton April 6 with the opening of the regular season. During Easter vacation the Hawks traveled through Illinois hoping to gain much needed experience for the con- ference season. Returning to Wisconsin they opened the conference season April 23 against Stevens Point losing both games. The following day they sprang back with two victories over Platteville. The Hawks were a young and inex- perienced squad with only two seniors, but they had determination. They were strong offensively with good solid hitting. Tom Bradley, pitcher-outfielder, and second baseman Bob OiKeefe gained honorable mention in WSUC,s AH-Conference baseball team selection. Trackmen Run Through Record Breaking Season Co-captains Steve Hirsch and Jeff Ever- son led a combination of a nucleus of returning lettermen and a strong group of freshmen recruited by head coach Rex Foster into a very much improved WSU Conference. Highlights of the season were consistent great performances by Sherman Della, Jerry Johnson, Jeff Everson, and the 440 Relay team; upsets over Point and Oshkosh; 4th place finishes in the WSUC Relays, indoor and outdoor meets; a vic- tory in the seasonal finale at Elmhurst; and the breaking of 10 home track records, 18 school records, and four conference records. Track-69 70-Sports Golfers and Netmen End Season Near T0 Under coach Jay Wise, the spring season opened with wins against Superior and Stout on April 23. Four days later they out- shot River Falls and Eau Claire. In May they were runners-up in the WSUC meet. Starting the fall season with a new head coach, Don Voller, the Hawks won over Stout and Superior. The fall linksters shot to a second place finish in the WSUC meet and finished third for the overall season. GOLF TEAM: Tom A. Felker, Dave L. Dresen, Steve M. Shaw, Gary Priaulx, Chuck P. Carpenter, Dean Potokar, Greg J. Lownik, Don Frey, Don Voeller, Coach. TENNIS TEAM: FRONT ROW: William G. Colondro, Kevin A. Monahan, Kenneth A. Solan, Jon P. Held, David E. Recknagel, Robert D. Nelson. SECOND ROW: Ronald R. Wangerin, Coach; Thomas J. Angst, Chuck Warriner, number one singles man, led the netters to a 4-2 conference record. Warriner netted the only victory against UW-Madison, making him the only Hawk to have ever won a singles match against the Badgers. Warriner also paired up with Recknagel to make a strong doubles team. The Hawks took third in the WSU Conference meet. They were second after the singles, but dropped after the doubles. Mark. A. Hoffman, Tom Watson, Daniel J. Lynch, Charles B. Warriner, Mark E. Fiebrink, Stan Brink, Coach. Tennishn 72-Sporls Whitewater Women Tough Competitors Whitewater women have been involved in sports since the early recreation days up until the present intercollegiate program. Whitewater belongs to the Wisconsin Womenis Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. The field hockey team gained a 5-3-1 record. Season highlights included vic- tories over UW-Madison and UW- Milwaukee. The championship of the conferenceis region B and a fourth place at the state conference championships were the clos- ing season highlights for the gymnastics squad. Four individual gold medals were captured at the conference meet. Men,s varsity tennis coach, Dr. Wangerin extended his coaching skills to the womengs team too. The team finished with a 4-4 dual record and placed third in the conference meet. During their season, the golf team traveled to UW-LaCrosse and to Illinois State University for weekend invitationals. They also met up with UW-Madison and Northern Illinois, losing to both by ten strokes. J0 Pat Brunette represented Whitewater in AAU diving competition, gaining a se- cond place in the one and three meter div- ing competition. WlA-73 74-Sports The volleyball team posted a 2-12 record. They were on their way to placing in the championships after defeating UW- Oshkosh in all three games, and Carthage in the first game. However, their winning drive was followed by two defeats to Carthage. The women eagers had a strong start, beating their first four opponents. A loss to UW-LaCrosse on March 2 crushed the hopes of advancing to the final of the WIAC tournament. The competition in Wisconsin's women7s intercollegiate athletics is getting tougher every year. The Hawks are developing the high caliber needed to fight against this tougher competition right along with it. Womengs Intramural Association 76-Sparts WIA 77 Survival in the university community . . . depends on finding identity. One defines himself by those around him. I am a cheerleader. I am in ROTC. I am a musician. I am in Canoe Club. I am. Therefore, I survive. Organizations Pom-Pon Squad The chief promoters of campus spirit at Homecoming and all athletic events were the cheerleaders. This yearls all-girl squad backed the teams from goalpost to free- throw-line with enthusiasm and disregard for sore throats. Hawk-ettes, the girls who sell football programs and time swim meets, are in- strumental in campus recruitment. They promote goodwill for the campus and the sports department. New on the scene at football and basket- ball games this year was the Pom Pon Squad. Highlighting the football season was the half time performance at the Bears-Viking game. The squad also per- formed a ,50ls revival routine in full bobby socks costume. POM POM SQUAD: FRONT ROW: PM Kern, Judy Penniston, Co- Buckley. BACK ROW: Jane Heger, Sheree Lane, Carol Rickert, Debb' captain; Marty Marion, Laurie Natchke, Co-captain; Gail Masek. Woznick. SECOND ROW: Debbie Hintz, Rita Fraqass'i, Susan Gallatin, Sheila BOeOrganizations Cheerleaders, Hawk-ettes CHEERLEADERS: FRONT ROW: Liddie Collins, Jan Presslein, Krys Stepke, Laurie Slack. BACK ROW: Kathy Kinsey, Joan Wiggin, Kathy Offerdahl, Diane Allen. NOT PICTURED: Bonnie Roby. AWK'ETTESI FRONT ROW: Gail Netzer, Shirley Crawford, Kathy da Scott, Ann Holmboe, Cindy Route, Chris Clapper, Bonnie Prahl, Nancy avidson, Pam Brick, Laura Kowalski, Jan Vasiljevich. BACK ROW: Lin- Meyer, Sue Herrmann. Hawk-enes, Cheerleaders 81 Silver Scroll SILVER SCROLL: FRONT ROW: Kathleen A. Winecki. Secretary; Diane ROW: Kathleen M. Maas, Joan D. Nienow, Dr. Pat Townsend, Advisor M. Elzel, President; Kathleen M. Guagliardo, Co-Vice-President; Patricia Sandra A. Lambert. CO-Vice-President; Joanne M. Miller. Diane L. Syr A. Geidel, Treasurer; Mary L. Murkowski. Renee C. Liermann. BACK ing. Christinee FiCk. Patricia A. Thom, Cam! 1- Arndorfer. 1 1M; CIRCLE K: FRONT ROW: Bruce W. Bolgrin, Ronald L. Debra A, Rosenthal. BACK ROW,- Donald M. Armso Leifer,Secretary; Debra L.Nunemaker.SECOND ROW: Vice-President; Leon Hermsen, Advisor; Russell Keith M. Marzofka, Stephen D. Baeten, Treasurer; Miller, Ronald B. Armson, President. Phillip A. Lindemer, Cheri J. Rahn, Nancy S. Chuck, 82-0rgunizations t loha Beta Alha LPHA BETA ALPHA: FRONT ROW: Susan L. Hilleshiem, Secretary; ary L. Burget, Parliamentarian; Jean M. Schoofs, Reporters; Shirley E. ohmann, Treasurer; Susan K. Vogts. SECOND ROW: Mary Dessain, Patricia L. Leiser, Lora J. Schallhorn, Susan J. Demro, Marie Templin. BA CK ROW: Harold Eckes, Advisor; Jeffery W. Reed, Wendy J. Schuren, Vance A. Nielsen, Kenneth R. Michols, Christinea Bristah. Silver Scroll was an honorary society for senior women with leadership in com- munity activities, and a gradepoint of 3.0. Activities during the past year included ushering at commencement, serving as volunteers at the community blood bank, and making stuffed animals for han- dicapped children. Circle K International, the college branch of the Kiwanis Club was a service organization for students. Activities this year included helping with registration. Red Cross blood drives, a Kiwanis pancake dinner, and the movement of antiques t0 the Whitewater Historical Society. The promotion of reading was the goal of Alpha Beta Alpha, fraternity of Librarianship. All new pledges were for- mally initiated at a banquet in January. The societyts annual paperback book collection was held in the spring, and all volumes donated were distributed to an area correctional institution library. A lpha Bela A lphae-83 CHRISTIAN SCIENCE: FRONT ROW: Bonnie Winderl, Shirley Mak, Ellen Tso, Janet Young. BACK ROW: Dr. Jack Cassingham, Christian Science Or anization GAMMA DELTA: FRONT ROW: Linda J. Groth. Barbara Garbe, Gail Renner, Sandy Groener. BACK ROW: Christa Schneiker, Sue Gamma Delta 84 0rganizalions WISCUNSIN '71 Kevin Graunke, Charlotte Olson, Heather Schaefer, Daniel Littl john. Ames, Robert Boedecker, Pastor. Lutheran Collegians UTHERAN COLLEGIANS: FRONT ROW: David G. Page, Kathryn M. arnes, Kay E. Sturtevant, Patricia L. Barr. SECOND ROW: Ricky C. The members of Gamma Delta toured the Bethesda Home, planned a Christmas party for the elderly at Bonne Vista and a bowling party. Bible discussions provided the members with the spiritual guidance needed in living the tiabundant life? The purpose of the Christian Science organization is to provide young Christian Scientists an opportunity to meet others of their religion, share ideas at the weekly meetings and to promote Christian Science as a useful tool to meet daily needs. New members and interested visitors are always welcome to attend. Lutheran Collegians is a national association of Lutheran college and univer- sity students sponsored by the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran synod. Through an indepth study of the Christian family, members of the Whitewater Chapter learn- ed more about their responsibilities as family members and the problems facing the family as an institution. Evangelism was the main area of discussion during the spring semester. Begotka, Michael M. Pott, Treasurer; Joel W. Lintner, Vice-President; Janice E. Kurth, President; Pamela L. Brick, Rev. Daniel Luetke. UCAB Active in all areas of campus entertain- ment, the University Center Activities Board both originated and directed many events throughout the year. Bowling, billiards, and chess tour- naments, major and mini-concerts, coffee house entertainers, films, Winterfest, and Mayweek were among the many campus wide activities offered by U.C.A.B. U.C.A.B. strove to enhance student social life by emphasizing communication, innovation, and diversity among members and within the student body as a whole. M u rray Brown Program. reading the works of Edgar Allen Poe for a Hallowce UCAB: FRONT ROW: Vickie J. Flocker, Dean Dimitriou, Brian C. Reyes, Patricia M. Pocppel, Ruthann Starr. BACK ROW: Robert T Norem, Eileen J. Berninger. SECOND ROW: Barbara J. Hendricks, Noonant William J. Dombrowski, John E. Friedli, Richard R. Weber Ralph M. Sclcnshy, Judy K. Roethler, Nancy L. Engelhardt, Peggy E. MiohaelJ.Kragh,Lawrence E. Brown. 86h0rganizations ganmmm .. ' v a ' l m CAB: FRONT ROW: Gregory A. Mews, Mark W. Tchao, Kimberly A. Bechtolt. BACK ROW: Steven W. uorleske, Michael L. Gutowski. SECOND ROW: Judith Drab, Mike J. Tipps, Thomas J. Rutledge, Pamela E. . Drummond, Robert K. Chase, Jane M. Heger, May M. Hieber, Ruth E. Schneiker. CAB: Patricia L. Leiser, Carol L. Schiele, Stephen T. Durkin, Mary . Heinrich, Gregory D. Bretthauer, Randall T. Gehrke, Vici L. lack. UCAB 87 Sigma Delta Chi SIGMA DELTA CHI: FRONT ROW: Mary S. Schnuck, Historian; David L. Denemark, Vice-President; Michael S. Garbus, Carol A. Seeger, Presi- dent; Charles A. Peterson. SECOND ROW: Carol A. Johnson, Kathleen E. Daly, Cathy A. Brylinke, Terry L. Minami, Mary J. Scoviak, Margaret R. Ernst, Betsy Weyland, Patricia K. Sharkey, Catherine McCormick, Dr. The Society of Professional Journalists, Sigma Delta Chi was in its second year on the UW-Whitewater campus. Chapter members were involved in all levels of campus communications including newspaper, radio and yearbook. They assisted with the annual fall high school yearbook and newspaper conferences and sent 10 members to the national conven- tion in Buffalo, New York. Membership was open to students studying in the field of journalism with the intent to pursue a journalistic career. WSUW-FM, the campus non-commercial radio station, is completely student operated. WSUW-FM operates with the power of 340 watts at a frequency of 91.7 mhz. The broadcast day begins at 6 a.m. with S$The Morning Show" and continues with musical formats and public service broadcasts until sign-off at 12 midnight. Besides broadcasting Warhawk and Whitewater Whippet football and basket- ball games, WSUW-FM features the un- iversity student assembly meetings and Whitewater City Council meetings. WSUW-FM is in its tenth year of service to the Whitewater listening audience. 88-Organizations George Hafer, Adviser. BACK ROW: Kevin Graunke, Philip J. Wickey, Stephen C. Weber, Dr. Robert Lerner, Lisa Gordon, Gregory C. Parsloe, Brent F. Bernau, William A. Archer, Kenneth D. Favell, James U. Kienast. ' adio Station " SUW STAFF: FRONT ROW: Curtis M. Howard, James C. Wiskow, raig T.Wallin, David Denemark. SECOND ROW: Michael P. Gordy, illiam C. Nackers, Paul T. Steser, Jeffrey I. Wolfeld, Patricia A. Thom, onnie D. Assmann, Carol A. Johnson. THIRD ROW: Michael R. " SUW DIRECTORS: FRONT ROW: Stephen C. Weber, 2nd Semester rogram Director; John R. Parks, Assistant Sports Director; Patricia A. hom, lsl Semester Program Director. BACK R0 W: Michael R. Schissel, 'romotion Director; Carol A. Johnson, News Director; Brian R. Thomas M. Sobolke, Sandra K. Schlaugat, Barbara A. Brown. BACK ROW: Philip J. Wickey, Robert E. Clifford, Ronald F. Moat, Gregory C. Parsloe, Kevin G. Graunke, Edwin Storer IV, John K. Parks. ' 3M XFMN Woodhff, Record Librarian; Thom Gerretsen, lst Semester Production Director; Paul T. Setser, Music Director; Daniel P. Markus, 2nd Semester Production Director; Philip J. Wickey, Continuity Director; Ronald F. Moat, Sports Director; John M. Donohue, Assistant News Director. Radio Stalion-89 International Club This year the International Club con- tinued in its quest to familiarize foreign students on campus with their new sur- roundings. The club also continued its ex- change program whereby American students visit the countries from which the foreign students on campus originally came. The Student Sociology Association became a chapter of the National Sociology Honor Fraternity, Alpha Kappa Delta. This year members devoted time to a teacher course evaluation form for the sociology department and sponsored lee- tures and symposiums for campus and community. To some Canoe Club was a refuge from an increasingly technological and imper- sonal world where people seemed to forget what it was to he a down-to-earth human being. To explore caves, to challenge thundering rapids, to camp in wilderness or to have fun interacting with nature were the objectives of Canoe Club. . J A 1 INTERNATIONAL CLUB: FRONT ROW: Damodar K. Kumandan, Asi Canny, Leonard L. Amattey, William Brunckhorst, Adviser, Rishiy M. Patel, Pravin M. Patel, Chittranjam Thakkar, Awa Eme Awa. BACK Mohan. ROW: Maher S. Kayyali, Kristie L. Kanthak, Farkhanda Tatar, Nancy A. 90-0rgan izations anoe Club L k L I ' ' A L 5 5 , 5 5 NOE CLUB: FRONT ROW: Cindy Lehman, Jill BOUWmeester, Lois Todd, Linda Wurtz, Tryon Andreas, Patty Hub, David Kist, Gary Klan, schke, Debbie Buggs, Laura Nankin, Jackie Jenson, Duane Louig. Tom Aumann. ' CK ROW: Barb Wildman, Catherine Willis, Linda Lueck, Tomee Sue , tudent Sociolo ; Association ; dkggx 5 V lCIOLOGY ASSOCIATION: FRONT 0W: Scott Martin, Kristie Nudo, David Wittrock, Kathleen Scott, Nancy Canny, William Winter, nthak, Keith Hansmann, Farkhanda Tarar. BACK ROW: Benjamin Advisor. Canoe Club. Student Sociology Association-91 Associated Women Students It was a busy year for members of Associated Women Students. Under the direction of president Nancy Lund, the group sponsored a symposium on sexuality in September, planned successful womengs day activities and held a bridal fair in April. Ellen Wurch and Sue Ann Peterson directed the womenas day agenda and Rosanne Kottal presided over the bridal fair. The local chapter sent representatives to the IAWS National Convention in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, March 27-31 and attend- ed the state meeting chaired by Rochelle Schad. The Student Wisconsin Education AssociationeNational Education Associa- tion is a professional organization for all education majors. New developments in education such as IGE were discussed at meetings. Representative of the student teaching office and placement service gave presentations. Members attended the an- nual teachers convention in Milwaukee. AWS: FRONT ROW: Wendy Worby, Gloria Petersen, recor- Estervig, Cheryl Feigley. BACK ROW: Peggy Fairchild, Lauri ding secretary; Sharon Larkin, treasurer. SECOND ROW: Nan- NiCk, CH0! Meyer, Sue Ann Peterson, Jeanne Waelchli, Susa Cy Lund, president; Ruth Fenhouse, Deborah Hapka, Janet Sterlinske, Rosanne Kottal, vice president. 92e0rganizations tudent Wisconsin Education Association-NEA '11 J. Wise, advisor, Gail L. Dieball, Susan C. Swanstrom, irg V Sharon A. Fieldstad, Diane Hammarlund, David F. Kowal BACK ROW Kathy A. Kashuda, treasureir, Mary L. Van : FRONT ROW: WEA-NEA -president. , vlce 'e Laarschol, president, Janet L. Presslein, secretary, Joan M. Pospyhalla. SWEA-NEA 93 Law Society The Society for the Advancement of Management tries to expose the student to the business community. Top name speakers from the business world along with field trips offer a wide view of the road they will take when they embark upon careers in business. Gamma Theta Upsilon is a national Honorary fraternity for geography. The society tries to promote interest in geography through non-classroom ac- tivities.eThis year, Gamma Theta Upsilon investigated job opportunities for geographers in education, government and business. The Law Society, composed of mainly general business majors with pre-law emphasis, accepted political science majors for the first time this year. There was an increased emphasis on civil law study to supplement the business law program. The group took field trips to law schools in Milwaukee and Madison, visited the coun- ty court in Elkhorn and the state Supreme Court. LAW SOCIETY: Joseph L. Garrett, John E. Ragert, Charles L. Ricks, ad- Tom Landowski, Richard Tracy, Dave Kachel, treasurer, Tony Bauschka visor, James Paton, George E. Ruth, John Miller, Manning W. Kilton, Debbie Dryja,Kathie Herkelmann,Kathi Krug, Nancy Allison,secretary Dave Pfanzelter, president, Jim Palmer, Jim Buchanan, Mike Moore, 94-0rganizations ociet for the Advancement of Management AM: FRONT ROW: Ross Meland, Len French, Jeff Kranz, James Iding, ROW: Dorothy Tiefenlhaler, John Harden, Manning Kilton, Craig San- 'aul Traiber, Bob Kiefer, Warren Jeziorski. SECOND ROW: Karen ford, Bruce Campion, Randy Brown, John Krifka, Patrick Runte, Jim alnory, David Comeau, Tom Warriner, Karen Clougherty, Karen Palmar, Jeanne Dahmen, Tammy Olson, Regis Clougherty, Advisor. roening, Jon Speckman, Richard Swingen, Charles Monroe. BACK amma Theta Usilon AMMA THETA UPSILON: FRONT ROW: Shirley Crawford, Eileen Michols,Gail Dieball, Lori Ann Chevalier,Diane Huff,William Apmann. erninger, Vicki Reimer, Susan Swanstrom. BACK ROW: Kenneth SAM, Gamma Theta Upsilon 95 Kappa Delta Phi KAPPA DELTA Pl: FRUNTROW: Laurie S. Thompson, kalhleen M. Lewko, Patricia A. Turck, Lynn M. Van Bogarl, Shara" A. Galarncau, Wendy J. Svhuren, Ann M. Hanson. Constance M. Smith. SECOND ROW: Juan D. Nienow, Shirlei M. Bollz, Man U. Heinrich, Janet L. Presslcin, Karen A. Kruvgcr, Gail L. Diehall, Kappa Delta Pi is an honor society in Education. Delta Nua the Whitewater Chapter, was founded in 1938. Monthly meetings present a variety of programs relative to education. ACEIeThe Association for Childhood Education International was an organiza- tion on campus whose members shared a common interest in the welfare and educa- tion of young children. Meetings were monthly, either performing a service for children or hosting a speaker. Although ment. most members were education majors, ACEI was open to anyone who was in- terested in children. 96e0rgunizations Jean .Vl. School's, Treasurer: Pamela A. Martin, Historian; Beyer A. Boll, Debra J. Allen. BACK ROW: Ruchen lx'lumh, Adviso Sandra L. Nimz, Jane M. Hahn, Bonnie A. Windcrl. Diane ll Etzcl. Mari Beth Kut'zkowski. Ruth E. Hamiller, President: To C. Malin. Dean E. Hang, Michael J. Kragh. Whitewateris chapter of THETA ALPH PHI, the national honorary dramatic soci- ty, promoted avid participation in all I the dramatic productions produced thi year. Members gained experience an recognition through their profession orientated work in theatre. THETA, sponsored an opening nigh reception for each main stage productio and also contributed a photo display 3 past productions, to the Theatre Depar THETAls membership is open to an person who has shown a great interest i Theatre and has participated in th productions produced at Whitewater. Nd eqdw 919m IE'IVA ALPHA PHI: FRONT ROW: Daniel Rcichcl. Pal Foster. me, Dmid IA. Dcncmark, Gan Mm 0wdcrcn bloopingL JCH' ne Wilson,Jcaninc Fassal, Meredith Dcncmark, Philip Munthci. Baas. Chris Brown. CK ROW: Jackie Scnk, Larr'x llahcrson, Turn Wicsncr, Don IE1: FRONT ROW: Phyllis Lardinois, Diane Hummarlund, Sandy Tranel, Vicki Holterman, Mary Nigbor, Laura Kowalski. mz, Peggi Martin, Terri Hahn, Susan Chapman, Pamela Rich, Sandi ACEI!97 Pi Sima Esilon 3 $90.. a QV$DC I PI SIGMA EPSILON: FRONT ROW: Phil Sussed, Paul Chan, Paul T. George Rath, Mark A. Siebenaller, Gary Hoehne. BACK ROW: Da Setser. Ken Cehrt, Randy Hoffman, Tom Hansen, Marcia Miller. Nancy Kent, Roger Steingraber, Jim Carter, Jim Baumgart. John Zimmerma Zill. SECOND ROW: Gary Lindholm, David Harper, James Paton, Marv Steve Demand, Mark Viesselmann, Steve Lomal. John Knap, Tony Wimmer, Jeff Herrmann, Tim Sweemer, John Miller, Chuck Taggart, Rakun. PI SIGMA EPSILON EXECUTIVE BOARD: FRONT ROW: John Gevaert, Treasurer; Nathan M. Burton, Presi- dent; Weylin Walker, Vice-President of Administration Affairs; Dr. Gerald Udell, Co-Faculty Adviser. SECOND ROW: Steve Lautenshlager, Sergeant at Arms; Don Newman, Vice-President of Marketing; W. Jeffrey Fraser, Corresponding Secretary; Dale Roble, Recording Secretary; Larry Waurunek, Vice-Presidenl of Personnel. 98 0rgan izations Phi Beta Lambda 'HI BETA LAMDA: FRONT ROW: Bonnie J. Prahl, Secretary; Shirley E. Dohmann. President; Ronald L. Di Benardo, Treasurer; Susan M. l ikolajczak, Vice-President; Jane L. Wiese. SECOND ROW: Marcia E. Ranke, Janet M. Roboke, Kristine Ort, Jane M. Heger, Carolina F. Aiello, Beverly A. Kreutter, Patricia J. Rusch. THIRD ROW: Karen M. Malnory, Sharon A. Noppe, Jeannine M. Bohnsack, Debra A. Behnke, Kathleen M. Gilbertson, Julie A. Backes, Cynthia A. Mastricola, Cheryl A. Bilski. BACK ROW: William R. Gordon, Kathryn M. Karnes, Daniel E. Weber, Beverly A. Boll, Lina M. Rollinger, Debra S. Chadek, Linda A. Kurth, Jeanne M. Wick, Robert J. Brandt, Darlene R. Lear, Rodney Weber. Phi Beta Lambda was a business orien- tated organization that was involved in both educational and social activities throughout the year. The past yeafs ac- tivities included such events as; Student Teaching Panel, Christmas Dinner at the Fireside, guest speakers, and these events climaxed in March at the State Conven- tion. Phi Beta Lambda also was involved in projects such as: A Pizza Sale, March of Dimes for handicapped children, and a Candy Sale. Pi Sigma Epsilon was a national professional sales and marketing fraterni- ty. The brothers of Beta Gamma set three goals for the 1973-74 year. The first goal was to stimulate greater individual input into the fraternity. The second goal was to increase involvement in community and campus affairs. And the third goal was to repeat as the top chapter in the nation for an unprecedented third straight year. Phi Beta Lambda-99 American Marketing Association AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOCIATION: FRONT ROW: Daryl E. blc. Kevin Mt-Glynn, Darrell A. Kindred, President. BACK ROW: Jeffer Kamin. Nancy L. Zill, Marcia L. Miller, Kathleen S. Pfaefflc, Herbert A. J. Christensen, John J. Becrman, Jeff Fraser, V'it'c-Prcsidcnl; Michael Nisvhik. SECOND ROW: Stu on L. Pfeffer, James T. Marsh, Dale J. Ro- Craig, James E. Oelslrom, Kenneth C. Gehrt,Trcasurer. PI OMEGA PI: FRONT ROW: Alice J. Wellnitz, Regina B. Beverly A. Boltz, Jean A. Werfal, Karla J. Masterson, Linda Justus. Janet M. Kaster, Diane R. Embertson, Bonnie J. Prah Millclstadl, Mary E. Heinrich, Bonita C. Koehn, Linda Ann Kurlh, Paula S. Heinemann, Mary C. Ciha, Sharon A. Hoppe. SECOND ROW: Cindy L. Novak, Kathryn M. Karnes, Vicki L. Ralzlaff, BACK ROW: Janice C. Heling. Doris E. Mattison, Sally Washburn, Leonard Varah, Co-Advisor: William Goodman. Pi Omega Pi 100 0rganizali0ns i conomics Club Being in its third year, the Economics Club is a relatively new organization on campus. The club promotes interest in and understanding of economics through stu- dent sponsored activities. A forum on Hgovernment spendingii was held in which topics such as military spending, revenue sharing and government payrolls were dis- cussed. Other activities included a book sale, a volleyball game against the faculty and a Christmas party. Presently, the Economics Club is recruiting new members. The American Marketing Association was formed by Whitewater marketing students to promote and develop interest and knowledge in the field of marketing. The goals of the AMA are to foster scien- tific work in marketing, to develop sound thinking in theory and practice, to im- prove methods and techniques of marketing and to develop public un- derstanding of marketing. Members had the opportunity to spend a day with the company of their choice, and presentations by practicing businessmen were also spon- iCONOMICS CLUB: FRONTROW:David Laurent, Co-Advisor; Maureen M. Dunn, sorefi' . . . Ellis, President; William Lehman, Secretary; Kathleen J. Meier, Viee- Pl Omega P1 15 an honorary Busmess rcasurer. BACK ROW: Dr. Jerome President;Patrika.Lam. Education society with membership limited to juniors and seniors with a grade point of 3.0 or better. An annual project since 1960 has been publication of the stu- dent directory. A formal banquet is held every spring for the installation of officers. Educational betterment, community ser- vice, and drawing more people into the field of education are among the goals of the organization which celebrated the 45th anniversary of its charter. Economics Club-IOI Symphonic Band SYMPHONIC BAND: FRONT ROW: Steve Mealey, Bill Worden, Gene Aulinger, Sue Getts. Mimi Steiner, Denise Kolmos, Annette Kuhlmann, Cynthia Chapman, Sue Natchke, Loo Schneider, Lorene Sattler, Alice Rich, Melody Tuinstra, Pam Baumann. SECOND ROW: Paul E. Viemeister, Greg Strohm, Greg Anderson, Janice Kurth, Kristi Lou John- son, Karen Vollmer, Ron Lehr, Kathy Kroeze, Anne Miller, Lynn Lambert, Lisr Erickson, Laura Webster, Joan Tomlinson, David D. Viemeister, Vicki A. Price, Steven Gehrke, Dean Breunig, Mark Schmitt, 102-0rganizations Bill Sefton, Randy Zelinks. THIRD ROW: Mike Wyman, Randall Siever William P. Edington, Dan Austin, Scott Langholff, Jim Neist, Den Vilhauer, Les Gallatin, Neal Chandek, Stephen F. Schiller, Sally Evan Dave Dunkley, Jon A. Radosta, David E. Williams, Mark Tschohl, Jeffer Durr, Jill Eisenreich. BACK ROW: Jeff Brellenthin, Oscar Mayer, Pau Neitzal, Mike Tichkowski, John Koser, Perry Bell, Rick Sniff, Fay Shull Clyde Nyhus, David Ferris, Chris Crye, Karl Ruthenberg, Jim Sanders Lee Schimer, Don Deal. wing Choir ING CHOIR: FRONT ROW: Charlotte Olson, Sandra Kuykendall, Mary Kemps, Gail sek, Pam Gallagher. SECOND ROW: John Stephan, Kevin Korb, Mike MacDonald, Pete rski, Dennis Wagie. BACK ROW: Mark Olm, Diane Kachelmeier, Gary Huber, Roxanne ymouth, Michael Kragh, Marianne Kolar, Scott Willson, Susan Brown, Ronald Froem- g. Z BAND: REEDS: David Wright, Steve Mealey, Mark Tschohl, Durr, Rilla Haugen. TRUMPETS: Steve Schiller, Scott gholff, James Neist, Randy Sievert, Jeff Armstrong, Mike an. TROMBONES: Jon Radosta, Valerie Mathias, Don Deal, David Dunkley, Jerone Spencer, Cliff Lueck. RHYTHM: Miriam Steiner, Ross Lahlum, Paul Carter, Mike Lynch, Jim Perdue, Johm Koser. VOCALIST: Barbara Dandridge. The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Music Department supports several bands to provide performance opportunities to students of various levels of interest and ability. These include the Warhawk Show Band, Symphonic Band, Concert Band, a student-directed Pep Band, and a Jazz Laboratory Band. All but the latter are directed by Dr. Dennis Rohrs and Mr. Jack Seidler. The Jazz Laboratory Band has been in existence since 1968 under the direction of Mr. Frank Ferriano and its positions are open, by audition, to any musician at UW- Whitewater. Members learn as many styles in the Jazz and Jazthock idioms as possi- ble and are encouraged to develop reading and improvisation skills. The UW-Whitewater Swing Choir is now in its fourth year as a campus organization. It also is open to any student by audition. The group combines choreography with popular songs by such artists as Beatles, Seals 81 Crofts, Fifth Dimension, and others. pHBH 2291' Jazz Band-103 Delta Omicron DELTA OMICRON: FRONT ROW: Rilla Haugen, Nancy Reick. SECOND ROW: Juanita Tucker, Mary Kemps, Charlie, Amy Davis, Lorene Sattler. Dickmann, Linda Travis. THIRD ROW: Laura Webster, Sandi In December the Concert Choir, presented two identical concerts of Christ- mas music to packed houses in the Recital Hall, Center of the Arts. The enthusiastic audiences gave the Concert Choir standing ovations at both performances. Works in- cluded on the program were Beatus Vir by Vivaldi, Missa Brevis in C by Mozart and a series of Christmas songs arranged by Greg Smith. Spring found Concert Choir busily preparing for a three day tour, hopeful that the energy crisis would not eliminate bus charters. Musical highlights of the semester were Vier Zigeunerlieder by Brahms, Serenade to Music by Vaughan Williams and To Saint Cecelia, a Cantata for chorus and brass choir by Norman Dello Joio. Delta Omicron, a professional and honorary music fraternity for women, was 104-0rganizalions installed in the chapter name of Omicron Phi on this campus in 1965. Scholastic achievement, high quality of performance, and a serious commitment to the field of music are basic requirements for membership. During the past academic year, Delta Omicron has been active in the area of per- formance, including pledge recitals, an in- formal Christmas presentation, and light concerts in the Spring. In addition Omicron Phi chapter hosted the annual Province Days which included other chapters from throughout the state. The days9 curriculum included music educa- tion and leadership workshops, and a province-wide recital. Delta Omicron is also respected for her services to the music department, by offer- ing scholarships, receptions for faculty and student recitals, and ushering the various activities of the department. Barnekau, Heidi Hayduk, Pam Baumann, Pam Gallagher, Donn. Concert Choir CONCERT CHOIR MEMBERS: FRONT ROW: Sue Weiland, Peter Bonovich, Sue Tiede, Ron Froemming, Shirley Dohmann, Bill Brue, Christine Sigmund, Peggy Irwin, Paul Murphey, Jean Hughes, Marla Weaver, Kathy Lynch, Darrell Nell, Pam Gallagher. SECOND ROW: Marcia Ranke, Nancy Hahn, Bruce Williams, Kathy Houdek, Princess Hill, Michael Jablonski, Amy Dickmann, Tom Dwyer, Edie Hart, Jean Brigham, Brian Wales, Bonnie Zimmermann, Laura Webster, Deborah Berger, Eric Switalski, Elizabeth Johnson, Sue Phillips, Jan Horn, Sandi Barnekow. THIRD ROW: Dr. John Hunter, Mary Kemps, Jeff Hibberd, Roxanne Weymouth, Greg Kath, Mary Gauthier, Mary Ellen Johnson, John Weiland, Theresa Dushek, Sidney Boersma, Cindy Bacon, Peter Gorski, Nancy Reich, Michael Ajango, Jeanette Jess, Ed Lemmons, Linda Travis, John Barnes, Kathy Webb, Tony Villarreal, Lori Erlinger, Michael Miles. BACK ROW: Carol Haupt, Michael MacDonald, Mary Moldenhauer, Charles Nicols, Amy Smukal, Ken Oberg, Ramona Knapp, Jonathan Ross, Sue Uttech, Bill Koehn, Anna Branigan, Kerry Keen, Lin- da LaCrosse, Patti Hub, John Stephan, Linda Wingreen, Cheryl Kufalk, Dennis Wagie, Alice Miller, Mark Wenzel, Peggy Pryce, Carol Bennett, Mark 01m, Leslie Lazarus, Carolyn Simona, Diane Kachelmeier, Accom- panist. Concert Choir 105 t Pla ers lVCI'Sl Un 'Ww; N , ,. w; UNIVERSITY PLAYERS: LEFT SIDE: Terry Wiesner, Joan Murphy, Kim Sievers, Steve Martell. RIGHT SIDE: Gene Wilson, Koldon, Larry Halverson. Chris Brown, Pat Foster. MIDDLE: Adviser; Jeanine Fassal, Charlene Cobb, Sue Maas, Michael Brad Witt, Maureen Murphy, David Denemark, Don Love, Paul LaBarbera, Sharon Moldenhauer. MADRIGALLIANS: FRONT ROW: Rebecca S. Ludemen, Susan K. A. Williams, Kerry L- Keen, Gregory R Katha Robert F- Stange. Dr Phillips, Cynthia A. Bacon, Laura Y. Bowker, Jean M. Brighman, Jen- Robert Jennings, John R. Penkoske, William L. Schrank, Paul W nifer W. Franjevic, Jill A. Eisenreich, Susan D. Weiland, Nancy C. Reich, Murphey. Mark A- Wenzel, Brian W. Wales. Marcy L. Frasca, Alice A. Miller. BACK ROW: Curtis M. Howard, Bruce 106-0rganizations Treble Clef REBLE CLEF: FRONT ROW: Virginia Schwertfeger, Pam Mathewson, Larsen, Debbie Waltz, Penny Nowak, Heidi Hayduk, Denise Rinaldi, athleen Svoboda, Donna Denk, Carol Nelson, Barb Matz, Linda Susan Halvenleben, Jennifer Passini, Kathy Christensen, Barb Farmer, i'chardson, Cheryl Weeks, Gail Sadowski, Shari Kunz, Jennifer Jill Cox, Vicki Reichert. BACK ROW: Linda Howe, Sue Linsley, Mary nrunette, Shelly Henning, Sharon HOPPC. Julie E- Miller, Randi Knut- Kiley, Mary Beth Bargielski, Jeanne Hays, Julie Salamone, Maryann Vic- on, Gemma Pollina, Laura BOWkeFa DT- Robert Jennings. SECOND tory, Ann Marie Kobrzycki, Pat Veto, Linda Marquardt, Marge Ammann, 'OW: Debbie Hadley, Jean Timmer, Julie Heiman, Chris Weiner. Nancy Peggy La Fleur, Bobbie La Blane, Debby Kirkeeng. The Madrigalians have been active as a egular performing music ensemble of the Department of Music since Dr. Jennings ecame their director in 1966. This chamber choir of mixed voices aries in number of members from 16 t0 4, due to the interest and availability of apable singers who attain membership hrough auditions with the director. About 0 students applied for membership in the all semester and 24 were selected to form he group. The Madrigalians, main ndeavor for the first semester was roviding music for the first Jul-Fest Dinner. It was held on December lst, ttended by 257 guests. This gala evening as a benefit for the Music Department cholarship Fund which realized $500 for l usic scholarships. During the second semester the adrigalians held a joint Spring Concert ith Treble Clef on April 28th, and con- erts for Wisconsin high schools. Treble Clef Choir, one of the oldest stu- dent organizations at UW-Whitewater is comprised of university women who are selected for membership through audition. Through the years this musical organiza- tion has been known for its high caliber of performance in concerts on campus and in the Whitewater community. Members rehearse four days per week under faculty supervision performing seldom-heard choral works for womenis chorus. University Players was an organization made up of students who were interested in promoting theater arts. Many of the group's activities were service projects for the community. For example, providing hot beverages at intermissions of theatre productions, and producing one act plays. This years officers are: President Chris Brown, Secretary Dan Reichel, Treasurer Maureen Murphy. Treble Clef-107 Meistersingers MEISTER SINGERS: FRONT ROW: Clyde Nyhus. Dave Lynett, Wes L. Manthe, Peter Bonovich. James Carroll, Jr., Greg Young. BACK ROW Kirkpatrick, Tony Villarreal, Jim Sampson, Mike Jablonski. Ken Fave", Scott Willson, Jeff Hibbard. Jeff Conlon, Jeff Brellenthin, Brett Adsit Bill Shimer. SECOND ROW: Charles Wonderly, Tomoki Miyagawa, Pete Gorski, Alan Jernherg, Jim Athas, Dan Reichel, Dean Breumg, Den Darrell Nell, Jeff Allender, Perry W. Bell, Steve Martell, Philip N. nis Wagie, Bill Schrank, Fay Shultz. The UW-W Meistersingers have gained a reputation as one of Wisconsints finest male choirs. Their concerts were well received par- ticularly because of the wide variety in per- formance. While presenting the standard choral repertoire with taste and vitality, they also entertained with popular and folk music presented with a dash of stcollege men,s humorf, Dr. Edwin Foot is the musical director and John Weiland the student conductor. Highlights of the 1973-74 year were the annual campus Christman celebration ttFeast of the Boarts Head,,, co-sponsored by U.C.A.B., and the spring concert tour to Canada. 108-0rgunizalions I MU ALPHA SINFONIA: FRONTROW: William F. Worden; Recor- William P. Edinguon, Warden; James A. Carroll Jr., Gregory J. Strohm, ng Secretary; Ronald D. Froeming,Vice-President; Steven W. Gehrke, Alumni Secretary; Stephen F. Schiller. BACK ROW: Antonio R. easurer. SECOND ROW: Fick E. Kokan, Corresponding Secretary; Villarreal, Timothy A. Sobie, quy J. Huber, William A. Koehn, Jeffry T. ichael W. Jablonski, John J. Maglio, Jeffery J. Brellenthen, Historian; Durr, William L. Shimer, Ronald Kraehnke. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia-109 ???ee Warhawk Show Band The Warhawk Show Band provided spectacular entertainment with a variety of music ranging from classics to rock to country hoe-down. Besides playing at all home football games, they gained national acclaim through their appearance with the Chicago Bears. Homecoming was an in- teresting day with 2000 high school bands participating. This year, the girls of the pom pom squad were a part of the band7 who, along with the color guard, did much to add to the enjoyment of the fans. The director of the band is Dr. Dennis K. Rohrs; assistant director, Jack W. Seidler; Drum Major, Skip William; Color Guard Co-captains, Lori Ulma and Andy Graener; and pom pom leader, Sue Kleinedler. IIOeOrganizations Warhawk Show Band ynthia D. Anderson regory A. Anderson Ianny K. Austin ancy J. Bakker a'mela B. Baumann erry W. Bell arry A. Borden acquelina Borucki ickie L. Bouton ill 5. Bouwmeesler effrey J. Brellenthin Dean J. Breunig obert S. Burns andice H. Cervenka eal C. Chandek ynthia L. Chapman hristopha Crye erri L. Daniels onald W. Deal u hn J. Dixon arker W. Dow ffrey T. Durr ' illiam P. Edington rome Edwards III A. Eisenreich isa Erickson .lly A. Evans homas M. Fenwick avid W. Ferris rian L. Fiegle ancy J. Fischer ita R. Fragassi Leslie W. Gallatin Susan W. Gehrke Susan A. Cetls Larry B. Cell Theresa L. Gilgcnbach Heidi M. Crisa Sandra M. Crooner Sandra L. Halgerson Kevin R. Hart Rilla J. Haugen Jane M. Heger Janice C. Heling Gary J. Huber Steven E. Johnson Yvonne M. Jones John F. Kanelzke Tracey L. King Susan M. Kleinedler Denise M. Kolmos John R. Koser Beverly A. Kreutter Kathy J. Kroeze AnnetleM. Kuhlmann Janice L. Kurth Lynn A. Lambert Scott G. Langholff Ronald D. Lehr William E. Leon Suzanne A. Liltlefield Vannessa L. Lowery Martha A. Marion Scott M. Martin -, Fri '1 , Diane L. Mathews Valerie J. Matthias Steven R. Mayer Patricia M. McCourt Kathleen McKinney Steven R. Mealey Yvonne J. Meichtry Anne E. Miller Annette L. Mitchell Laurie A. Nalchke Susan J. Natchke James J. Neist Paul W. Neitzel Susan M. Northey Clyde 0. Nyhus Gary H. Paape Jody A. Penniston Rita A. Podnar Mary J. Popa Vicki A. Price Karen L. Pudleiner Victoria J. Pulvermacher Yvonne M. Radloff Kris J. Reeves Soon H. Robinson Mary E. Ruesch Patricia J. Busch Karl N. Ruthenberg Mark B. Sahy Stephen F. Schiller Jeffrey L. Schcicher Paul L. Schlievc Linda L. Schneider William N. Schrank Francine M. Schultz Susan M. Schultz William L. Shimer Fay S. Shultz Michele R. Shuppe Pamela J. Soer Marc J. Sommerfeldt Kathleen M. Spanton Jerome Spencer Miriam D. Steiner Brad G. Skeinke Gregory J. Slrohm Michael Tichkowski Margo M. Trevino Mark M. Tschohl Melody Tuinslra Lorelei Ulma David D. Viemeister Paul E. Viemeister Dean A. Vilhauer Karen A. Vollmer Eva M. Wehner Donald L. Wendlandt Colin B. Williams David E. Williams Daren A. Witzd Debra J. Woznick Kurt B. Zimdois Warhawk Show Band III 112e0rganizations The Panhellenic Council, an affiliate of the National Panhellenic Conference, coordinates the activities of its five member sororities on campus. It functions not only to organize activities such as the Reach Out period, but to also promote the harmonious relations between sororities. The Council sponsored an all-sorority dinner, at which awards for outstanding accomplishments were presented. The Council is currently in the process of set- ting up a scholarship fund in the name of Linda Kurth. Sigma Pi Little Sisters consisted of loyal, enthusiastic coeds who were interested in promoting the aims and purposes of the Sigma Pi Fraternity. The Little Sisters ac- tivities included helping the fraternity with rush and supporting them in in- tramural events. Along with their annual spaghetti dinner for the brothers, the sisters and brothers went caroling at Fairhaven. But the year wouldnit have been complete without the many parties the Little Sisters had with the fraternity. ' anhellenic Council s' 'l'iillil .;;V "W- anuyr , Corresponding Secretary. BACK ROW: Wynne Wellach, Carson Cline, Hendricks, Mitzi Kathy Greenhalgh, Holly Haney, Linda Scott, Debbie Bradelich, Toni ANHELLENIC COUNCIL: FRONT ROW: Barbara acGowan, President, Shirley Jo Wickum, Vice-presidem, Krys Stepke, Stringera Jane Cara. ecording secretary, Kathy Dumstrey, Treasurer, Sue Lofquist, ima Pi Little Sisters Lofquist, Pat Turek, Kay Behl, Janet Jarmolub, Vice-president, Linda Farnham, Gail Zimmerman, Secretary-Treasurer. GMA PI LITTLE SISTERS: FRONT ROW: Kathy Pfaeffle, Jenny terson, Sharon Woodin. BACK ROW: Karen Tortorella, President, Sue Panhollenic Council, Sigma Pi Little Sisters-113 STUDENT SENATE: FRONT ROW.- Gary Thompson, Patti Mc- BACK ROW: Tom Giesler. John Pinto, Wes Ramseier. Da Gilx'ray, Assembly Secretary; Joe Polasek, President; Linda Cook, Wegner, Andrea Nestor, John Inzeo, Steve Kumrow, Doug M Senate Secretary; Colin Williams, Vioe-President; Roger Price. Callum, Carl Schueler, J06 Mattson. STUDENT ASSEMBLY: FRONT ROW: Keith Lohman, Adviser; Claude Keshemberg, Jan Budnik. BACK ROW: Geny Mull. Patti McGilvray, Assembly Secretary; Colin Williams, Assembly Leroy Erickson, Wendy Worby, Bob Pfeil, Jane Wiese, La Chairman; SECOND ROW: Carolyn Gobin, Jeffrey Butler, Cathy Aslum, Kim M. Babler, Larry Whitman, Mandy Pahde, Patr' Brylinke, Dave Denemark, Ken Favell. THIRD ROW: Dan Taugher, Bob Frisk, Sam Loizzo, Lu Ann Ripp, Dave Kowal, Ja Reichel, Steven Cohen, Cheryl Saugstad, Mary Heinrich, Carol A. Heger, Virgil Guralski. Johnson, Jill Bouwmeester, Randy Te Winhh, Dean Walden, Student Government 114 Organizazi0ns Student Government The 1973-74 Student Government, led by President Joe Polasek, was involved in reviving some programs from previous years and in some new innovations in an attempt to better inform the students and to get them more involved in student government. The Student Assembly enlarged and strengthened under the new constitution led student government in the fight to TTSave the Whitewater Grad SehooUa This yearTs Assembly was enlarged with the ad- dition of the class officers and several new organizations. The Student Senate attempted to in- crease student interest by broadcasting the Senate meetings over WSUW radio and by holding open hearings for students to pre- sent their opinions, criticisms, and recommendations. The Senate was also ex- panded to include a Graduate Senator. TUDENT GOVERNMENT EXECUTIVE BOARD: FRONT ROW: Patti McGilvray, ssembly Secretary; Linda Cook, Senate Secretary. BACK ROW: Colin Williams, Vice- resident; Joe Polasek, President; Tom Giesler, Treasurer. Student Covernment-l 15 Class Officers The Freshman Class Officers automatically became members of the Stu- dent Senate. The problems of the class were given special attention but the major goal of saving the Graduate School was ac- complished through a combined effort. The primary project of the Sophomore Class Officers was that of determining how to utilize the class funds. Worthwhile ideas were solicited from the sophomores. Other activities included Winterfest and May Week. They also represented the sophomores in the Student Assembly. The four Senior Class Officers, along with their advisor Dr. Steven Summers, put forth a total effort to represent the Senior Class. This was accomplished in a variety of ways: participation in Student Government, and the Commencement Committee, supervision of class funds, and other related activities. One of the main goals of the Senior Class Officers was to keep the seniors informed about campus activities. Organizationselm SOPHOMORE CLASS: FRONT ROW: Carolyn Gobin, Treasurer, Vicky Fisk, Secretary, Judy Johnson, Vice-president. L!$ M : FRESHMAN CLASS: Gary Thompson, Vice-president, Andrea Nestor, Secretary, Roger Price Treasurer, Dave Wegner, President. BACK: Randy TeWinkle, President. 2i wul$ oh W" m k ,- ; x , , , Wwv- .d J ... W " .. . : L L. - v 'mW Wyx wM r- 2 - 1 ;k .. r dz 253' . I ' 4,! IUNIOR CLASS: Larry Alsum, President, Bob Pfeil, Vice-president, LeRoy Erikson, Treasurer. Not Pictured: Lu Ann Ripp, .ecretary. ; i, ENIOR CLASS: FRONT: Steven Pfeffer, President. BACK visor, Sally Michalko, Secretary, Kim Babler, Treasurer. ' 0W: James Wagner, Vice-president, Dr. Stephen Summers, Ad- Class Officers 117 Reserve Officers Training Corps Army ROTCts fifth year on campus will go down in history as one of its best and most challenging. Women joined the program for the first time. UW-W stu- dent Ron Miller brought fame to himself and the university by being designated one of the best Army ROTC cadets in the na- tion during the 1973 ROTC Advanced Camp. ROTC students entered inter- murals as a team and competed in an inter- national orienteering meet at Northern Michigan University. In a continuing ef- fort to meet the needs and to satisfy the in- terests of the students as individuals a new ROTC curriculum was designed and ap- proved. The new curriculum, which ex- , panded the number of ROTC credit hours, CPL John M- Long CPL Thomas J- Morriso" changed the emphasis from purely military to a more realistic approach based on the principles and dynamics of the management of people and resources. In keeping with this policy of continual improvement the Military Science Depart- ment sponsored a series of extra-curricular organizations that one could join; they are pictured on these pages. The newest was the Color Guard, composed of four women ng. Jess F. Deegan DAC. Carlene A. Rodee Jeanne M. Pope 118-Organizations TC T. Larry Andreas: Graduating Senior, MAJ Bob K. Chase: Graduating Senior, LTC Vern C. Vangen: Graduating Senior, ommander, COFPS 0f Cadets; Cadet Corps 5-1, Distinguished Military Student, Executive Of- Special Staff, Operations Officer, Corps of 6'50"qu Rifle Marksman, Commander TBC- finer, Corps of Cadets; Recondo, Rifle Cadets; Recondo, Orienteering Team, Tactics iCS Squads BCSt Squad Leader. Sharpshooter, AUSA Award for Military Ex- Team. cellence. Graduating Seniors TC Gerry M. Hardy: Graduating Senior, Distinguished Military Student. LTC Ron L. Miller: Graduating Senior, Distinguished Military Student, uecial Staff, Commander, Corps of Cadets; Ranger, Rifle Expert, President of Cadet Association, Special Staff, Executive Officer, Corps of cademic Honor Ribbon, Superior Cadet Award, 5010 Flight Badge. Cadets; Airborne, Recondo, Outstanding Cadet of Cycle, ROTC Advanced Camp; Solo Flight Badge, Rifle Marksman, American Veterans of WW II Award, Rifle Team, Tactics Team. and six men. They presented the colors at the home football and basketball games and led the 1973 Homecoming parade. During the 1973-1974 school year, ROTC students worked hard to become a truly contributing part of the campus life, both academically and extra-curricularly, and lived up to their new slogan-9The BOLD ONESf9 Veterans in ROTC: Bill May, Greg Judd, Steve Casperson. ROTC-119 The Bold Ones TICS TEAM: FROV'T ROW.- Larry Andreas. Dan Cull, Mike Parks. Slew COX. Bob Luvht, Tim Hoffman. Cathy Nyberg, Steve Cohen. Ph G Krajac, Lou W ierchs. Dan Schmerse, Brett Jannan. BACK ROW: Adamsa Diane BOIIO". Mike Finnegan. ROTC COLOR GUARD: FRONT ROW: Bill Bryan, Commander; Phil Krajac, Eileen Schroder, Marilyn Brunig, Debbie Wieland, Bob Hamli Adams, Cathy Nyberg, Mike Finnegan, Steve Cox. BACK ROW: Dennis 120 0rganizations LE TEAM: FRONT ROW: MSG Bickford. John Bryant. Diane ton, Dennis Krajac. BA CK ROW: Bill Ingersoll, Luther Jacobson, Bob ht, Bill Leon. TC CADET CORPS: FRONT ROW: James Sanders, Scott Morgan. Art Bill Leon, Tom Chcsnik, Bob Lucht. THIRD ROW: Bill Ingersoll, Diane tina, Lou Wierichs, Reggi Ingersoll. Bill Bryan, Steve Cohen. Brett Bolton, Dennis Krajac, Phil Adams, Steve Cox, Scott Thomas. BACK man. SECOND ROW: Luther Jacobson,Cathy Nyherg, Wally Wagner. ROW: John Bryant, John Beck, Harlee Borneman, Bob Hamlin. ROTC-l2l RHF cnmuun. or nu 3mm. RHF: Terry Minami, Editor of the Voice of R.H.F.; Wes Ramsier, Presi- Secretary; Cathy Fuhrman, Treasurer; Claude Keshemberg, Vic dent; Ann Galko, Corresponding Secretary; Karen Parfitt, Recording President; Steven Pesek, Social Chairman. The Residence Hall Federation spent the 1973-74 school year expanding previous policies and initiating new ones. For exam- ple, visitation hours were expanded to 119 hours per week. Parties were also allowed in the basement of each dorm. New this year was a newspaper put out by RHF and the establishment of a social budget for all dormitory residents. RHF emphasized making itself known to the students, not only by trying to improve and establish new dorm policies, but also by physical contact, made possible by the legislation for a social budget. IZZ-Organizations SIDENCE HALL FEDERATION: FRONT ROW: Steve Pesek, Social Minami, Tom Dwyer, Merry Lockwood, Carol A. Johnson. BACK ROW airman; Mary Ann Sanders, Lori Butler, Ric Vogt III, Luke Wine, Alice Miller, Dave Arnold, Dan Koessl, Sam Lozzo, Wes Ramseier, Cathy ude CasM Keshemberg, V ce-President. SECOND ROW: Jeffery Fuhrman, T easurer; Joe Pitts. Paul Kiefer, Bill Hamblin. hl, Karen Parfitt, Secretan, Corinne Kasai, Barb Brown, Terry RHF-123 Photo Staff i PHOTO STAFF: Brett Jarman, David Denemark, Chief Photographer; Meredith Denemark, Photo Services; Robert Gebel, Minneiska Photo Editor; John Pinto, Business Manager; Jerry Parsutin, Royal Purple Photo Editor; Juan Rodriguez. 124-0rganizations WW h; EA N W ' thux Y t h-V h: guy ' . s s. mm"; Mme", L. After 19 years of service to the student body and administration of the UW- Whitewater campus the Photo Staff con- tinued to produce the highest quality and most interesting photographs possible. While supplying most of the photos used by the Royal Purple and the Minneiska, last yearls Photo Staff handled many assignments for the universityis depart- ment. A photo show and contest was organized last year by Chief Photographer, David Denemark and Royal Purple Photo Editor Jerry Pasutin, during the spring semester. Because of the Showis success, it will become tradition for the Photo Staff to sponsor such an event each year. Through hard work and a lot of in- itiative many Photo Staff members have gone into some phase of professional photography after having graduated from UW-Whitewater while others will make their main hobby. Royal Purple u. p , E t g: 3. 5 ii k w www-ww , ROYAL PURPLE: FRONT ROW: Nancy Ostergaard, Asst. Advertising Manager. SECOND ROW: Cynthia A. Fontana, Business Manager; Bar- bara S. Poile, Advertising Manager. 126-Orgnnizalions I' oyal Purple THE RQYAL PURPLE L hard nhonllumxg-J i OYAL PURPLE; FRONT ROW.- Brent F, Bernau, News Editor; Donald J. Huebscher, Sports Editor. SECOND ROW: Kenneth D. Favell, ristina M. Fennell, Feature Editor; Carol A. Seeger, Managing Editor; COPY Editor; Charles A- Peterson, Editor. Campus unification was one of the main objectives of the Royal Purple in its 73rd year of publication. The RP made many ef- forts to involve students in their newspaper and reported the events of the university by soliciting their opinions and thoughts on various issues. In the interest of preserving the ex- istence and progress of UW-W, the RP was confronted with many battles. Tasks of alerting and uniting students, faculty, and administrators were some of the problems encountered. The business staff became an even more vital part of the RP. Continued budget decreases forced everyone to become more efficient and thrifty with existing resources. Royal Purple-127 Minneiska 1974 is a survival success story. Spring 1973, this book was in danger of becoming a victim of the funding crunch. Amid death sentences from the ad- ministration and newspaper cartoons depicting the demise of the Minneiska era, the staff dedicated itself to preserving the hook for another year. Armed with initiative and intense desire to keep the hook alive, the staff set out to plan a survival Minneiska. There were agonizing hours of budget preparation. With funding cut 50 per cent, few outsiders believed a book could be produced. But the staff proved it could. Although fewer pages were used, more students were pictured than in any previous year. Dorm pictures were used for the first time. Brett Jarman, editor, Tony Rakun, business manager and Mrs. Mary Mills, ad- xisor put the book hack on firm footing and the Minneiska survived. Brett l.. Jarman, Editor-in-Chief. Minneiska CAMPUS LIFE AND INDEX: FRONT ROW: Patti Geidel, Index Sue Stephan, Campus Life Editor; Bev Boll, Campus Life Edi Editor; Beth Kroehler, Cindy Clark. BACK ROW: Steve Mitchell, Ginny Boyd. 128-0rganizali0ns "Wan ENIORS AND GREEKS: Mary Wellenstein, Bonnie Breen, Greeks and Seniors Editor; Barbara ngenfeld. I29 ?? Minneiska y BUSINESS STAFF: FRONT ROW: Paui P. Chan, Anthony S. Rakun, Ed .1. Villicssc, Mark C. Kovacic, Weylin 0. Walker, Chuck H. Tagga Steve F. Laulenschlagcr, William J. Fraser. BACK ROW: John C. Ccvacrt, Gail E. Duly. Jean A. Timmcr, Joan R. St-hlager. SPORTS: Sharon Rindt, Sports Editor; Cliff Bira, Kathi Potter, Sports Editor. lJO-Organizalions TYPISTS: Ellen Eaton, Gloria Boehm. Minneiska 131 .urvival of tradition . . . Greeks Ks tymylh mmvg a Creeks 135 Alpha Phi Alpha ',i$w$ $111 ; fh Fl? 5 ill! : ' ' A n . t 1': 7: " i1 if mu Lt .. .N r; ,'I 5K; 8 v ' u FRONT ROW: Lovell Johnson, David Graham, Andrew Roberts, Len Michael Holmes, Charles Rogers, Charles Johnson, Larry Harris, Le- Royal, Ronald Powell, Ronald Minor. SECOND ROW: Kendell Reed, Stewart, Glen McDanials, Steven Bowen. Anthony Bellamy, Jerry Johnson, Greg Talbert, Phillip Robertson, 136-Greeks Alpha Sigma Alpha The newest national sorority on campus, Alpha Sigma Alpha, stressed intellectual, social, spiritual and physical growth for every sister. During the year, Panhellenic Council honored the chapter for being the most academically improved sorority on cam- pus. The sisters took part in campus ac- tivities, a parent-daughter brunch, ex- changes, spiritual days, and spring and winter formals. The ASA national project is aiding men- tally retarded persons and the local chapter also helped with the project dur- ing the year. Deborah Mazurek Bnrhnra Hendricks President Vire President Judith Slimmer Nancy Davenport Treasurer Secretary Cindy Anderson Sunan Gama Mary Louise Kuluszewiz Patricia Miethke Barbara Nelson Nancy Potter Darlene Ralzlaff Susan Rindfleisch Dolly Teifenthller Shirley Jo Wikum Linda Schumncher Cheri Shallock Advinnr Adviser A lpha Sigma A lphav-137 Alpha Gamma Delta 138-Greeks Margaret Fallon Debbie Weycnberg Toni Stringer Karen Larson President In. Vice President 2nd Vice President Treasurer Every year for Alpha Gamma Delta is a Carolina Ai.ello Debby 'Nunemaker Kathleen Bonzell - . Correspondmg Secretary Recording Secretary Housemolher good year and this was no exceptlon. Throughout the year the Alpha Cams have exhibited their sisterhood and warmth through group activities, in the communi- ty. Christmas caroling at Fairhaven, collec- ting money for cleft palatexresearchwollec- ting cancelled stamps for the people at Southern Colony are just a few of the good will activities they have participated in. Alpha Gamma Delta is the only inter- PntBellcrs J-ne Cara CaroIFrank Greta Gnciser national sorority on campus. Marianne Klann Christine KIusey Beverly Kreuller Linda Kuerlh Susan Lofquis! Theresa Mysliwy Jennifer Peterson Dianna Radlke . u 11!?! m 43M Mary Sadlon Michelle Saladin Karen Schlichling Marge Swenringen Lori Ulmn Debra Weiher Judy Weismnnn Sandi Wick Fran Ziehr Alpha Gamma Delta 139 Alpha Sigma Alpha Sigma is Whitewateris oldest and only local sorority. Projects this year included fund drives for the heart fund and muscular dystrophy campaign. The sisters also sponsored a par- ty for children at St. Colettais school and cleaned the senior citizens club. Alpha Sigmas won first place in the TKE Powder Puffs and took part in cam- pus events such as homecoming and Winterfest. Mary Brennan Rehcrca Parkman Marilyn Salerno President Vive-president Treasurer Jenn Herman Brenda Gromiuk Deborah Krausx Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Sm-inl Chairman Loren Amore Julie Ball Kathy Edwards Pamela Goldberg Kathy Greenhalgh Pulrivia Hall Marcia Hayden Susan Johnson Cynthia Kirsch! Debbie Knights Sue Kowalski Kathy Lynd I40-Creeks Ann Lull Mary Kunk Milli MICGDWBH Dona McGuire Karen Miller Regina Minelsladl Sharmnn Moen Barbara Novacek Michaela O'Reilly Nancy Peterson Darcy Ryan Mary Schuler Sue Stebhins Cheryl Thompson Vicki Tumler Gloria Wallace Wendy Wenzel A lpha Sigma-141 Delta Chi Brothers of Delta Chi complete an active year in 1973-74 both on campus and in the Whitewater community. In addition to w i n n i n g t h e flo at co m petitio n at Charles Ricks David Lang Dave Mogul Steven Pfeffer h 0 m eco m in g, t h ey participated in Faculty Adviwr Alumni Advisur President Vice Presidenl Winterfest, May Week, the Vetis Club Campus Confusion and the Intramural program. At the community level, the brothers have worked with the Jaycees on communi- ty service projects and also sponsor a big brother program for some of the areais young people. Mark Rnwuki Mii'hlti Lamping Thomas Kryslosek Jerome Mullen Frat. Treasurer House Treasurer Corr. Secretary Recording Serrelary David Lepic Len Ccderholm Marlin Ciebien Sgt-Al-Arms James Daniels Robert Davey Dennis Delaney David Dunkley Bob Ehrhardl Donald Huebacher John Keller William Kora! Michael Kovnnda 142-Greeks James Leffclmln Douglas McCIIIum Charles Mlodzik Rick Pnusback .Ioe Pulasek James Rediske Arnold Sherey Paul Slurm Gregory Suchomel Patrick Voss Don Younger William Wendlandl Bill Wengcr Stephen Zaslrow Steve Zcinemunn Delta Chi-I43 Delta Sigma Pi Delta Sigma Pi, an international .V , professional business fraternity has been PaulD.Schmitz nmaouson ThomasF.Prochowicz Gar, 1.0mm" in existence on the UW-W campus for Preside"! SnVive President Treasurer Secretary almost four years. Delta Sigma Pi en- courages the student to develop himself both scholastically and socially while in school, plus for his career in business. With the acquisition of a fraternity house this year the members are learning more than ever what brotherhood is. his not only the good times but also all the work that is involved in running a successful fraternity. Keven W. Bien Hon Ti Burlingame James J. Lepak Richard A. Ulson V.P. Professional Act. V.P. Pledge Education Chancellor Historian George H. Pulsford Mark A. Bunker Adviser Dwain A. Dyer William J. Henney Thomas L. Hilsberg Steven .L Hoefl Steven M. Kling 144-Creeks Donald M. Kusak Steven D. Lulzke Scott W. Mnebiua David W. Morgenstern Jim Newmann Jen S. Petersen Joseph A. Rusche Wayne A. Schmilz Thomas F. Schultz Jon D. Sorenson Joseph J. Treml Delta Sigma Pi-145 Cynthia Barnes Debra Brndelich Susan Burton Carson Cline Janet Dietrich Kathleen Dumalrcy Dawn Gauge! 146-Greeks Delta Zeta A Delta Zeta is a universally well- rounded woman, who strives for perfection in all aspects of her social and private life. Membership in the sorority has helped each girl to define their individuality, rather than to conform to the s0ne-mold,7 ideal that is so often believed of Greek organizations. Nanry Kay Karla Masterson Barbara Jexherger Judith Drummond Presidcnl 'IVrcnsurcr Corresponding Secretary Recording Secrclar Carol Arndorfer Jean Werfad Karen Jones Pledge Trainer V. P. Membership Mary Pat Goodspeed Kathi Guagliardo Linda Hartzell Janice Hyde Gail Indra lhia Jackson Mary Knox Rode" Krupke Mary Van De Laarschot Martha Marion Janet Merkel Raye Ann Ou Mandy Pahde Vicki Reichert Debra Snyder Ruth Sparby Katherine Summers Sharon Thielke Christine Van Hoof Jan Wucherer Mary Yakel Lambda Chi Alpha Lambda Chi Alpha is no longer the stereotyped fraternity of the 50,5 and 60is. Those days are thankfully gone forever. While some fraternities still cling to the outdated methods and traditions of the past, Lambda Chi looks to the future with innovation. The stress in Lambda Chi has shifted from the conformity of the past to individual achievement within the bond of friendship and brotherhood. It is with pride that the individuals within the brotherhood of Lambda Chi wear their letters. They have gone through an experience that can be had only once in life. 148-Creeks $VW'A! I . RONT ROW: Tom Gundrum, Howard Maeklein, John Wilmet, Greg Robert Willumsen, Jeff Siegman, Richard Luowig, James Wagner, Mike inahan, Robert Chase, Eugene Cassanova, Jeff Paulson, James Loomer, Tipps, Fritz Weitendorf. Michael Cutowski, Tony Cefulu, Mike MeQuadc. aron Trummer. SECOND ROW: Arthur Graham, James Tielsen, NOT PICTURED: Gerald Maccore. John Beerman, Douglas Dougarian, ugene Wondra, Ed Harrop, Dave Zander, Robert Wagler, Steven Drab, Gary Zicco, Jeff Kersten, James Thoma, David Hoffmam Grant Gcislcn. ' obert Bates, Tom Rutledge, Paul Kiefer, Robert Posorke. THIRD ROW: Gary Current, Marc Peterson, Ken Simon, Ken Stevens. f u- hiwg Phi Chi Epsilon Phi Chi Epsilon is the oldest of the Greek Fraternities 0n UW-W campus, es- tablished in 1921. A fraternity is a group of men who join together to accomplish goals, from having fun together to helping each other graduate from school. Phi Chfs feel they are doing a good job of accomplishing these goals for themselves as well as each other. Stephen J. Duster Daniel J. Christensen President Vice President Rolfe K. Johnson David M. Giangrossi Dean P. Anderson Treaau rer Secretary Bradford C. Bailey Pele 0. Bockhorsl Patrick J. Conerty Paul J. Conery Jim Cowley Jan V. Czajkowski Michael W. Dougherty :5 Tim Gallagher Roger L. Gcnnme Alan A. Gromacki Don P. Hayden Jim S. Hoffman Jeff J. Honer David A. lnglish 150 Creeks Jeffrey A. Jnnkiewicz Pal Johnson Paul R. Kepen William Koepnick Lawrence W. Lacke Robert M. Mueller Paul A. Nelson ed1 Joseph J. Palumbo Gregory M. Pinlar Stephen H. Sawalake Larry D. Seslun John N. Slavin Terry E- Stevens Ed ward T. Nowell Jeff Stoflel Norman E. Slozek David .L Sullivan Ron T. Tambourine Thomas R. Wallace Charles E. Welsh Jeffrey L, Werch Phi Chi Epsilon 15I James M. Arena Recording Secretary Glen F. Treml Cnrrespunding Su-rclary t Richard D. Hley Daniel R. Blou Don H. DePrau James B. Ellenberger IA Dave H. Kialenbroker Mark D. Koncki $ Gerald E. Papich :3 Ole Olson 152-Greeks Reuben W. Klumb Adviser Gary D. Falkner Alumni Chairman PhiIip R. Cerny Alan G. Hanke Daniel R. Kruszka Michael .I. Parulski John J. Budyak President Charles W. Brand Social Chairman Ronald D. Chilcole Gary R. Harrison Mark R. Marina Scott S. Piearl Gerald J. Mooren House President Mark S. Nelson Pledge Masler Kevin .I. Cnnnelly Bob A. Hinkel Kevin E. McDonald Robert C. Popper William E. Simonis Virc Presidenl James Amidei Judd A. Decker James L. Hunn James E. Nasl Rick J. Radwell William J. Ever; Treaau rer Robert S. Blain Mark L. Denu Steve E. Johnson John L. Olson Gary E. Rice Phi Sigma Epsilon fraternity was found- ed at UW-W in 1950 and has a membership of 56 active brothers. Besides running an active social program, Phi Sig,s participate in com- munity and public service projects during the year. They are proud to be one of the few Creek organizations to own their own house. Greg M. Rusteberg En J. Sndowski Marc E. Schmidt James C. Small Ken Smerchek Richard C. Slauff Gary J. Valeui William L. Vogel James R. Wilde James D. Wilson Jim P. Zarek Michael R. Steidl Carl M. Treml y it: ,5 FRONT ROW: Henry S. Coleman, Curtis R. Johnson, Edward E. Chcalham, Kenneth M. Williams. BACK ROW: Garry Grimes, Leonard C. Omega Psi Phi Omega Pearls SITTING: Barbara Ann Dandridge, Mary Anna Metcalf, Joyce R. Blackburn. BA CK ROW: Johnnie Mae Cole, Shirlene Montgomery. Ethel Jean Wells, Mary Unila Sims. L 'k '3' a.5x WWWWWWMW, . W,,-Mm.,w N ,, WWW. Sigma Pi The past year for Sigma Pi has been one of change. The moving and renovation of a new fraternity house at the Land Mark Hotel has consumed much of the fourteen active members time. We invite anyone to stop by the Landmark to see the NEW SIGMA PPS. ONT ROW: Ed Walhowicz, Ron Kundinger. SECOND ROW: Harold Swetland, Jim Dyrhaug, Gunner Heim. BACK ROW: Larry Testin, John es, Bill Pappa, Dale Asleson, Rich Hooper, Tom Brown, Tom Kempf, Nick Martisek, Jeff Cavanaugh, Ken Ottmann. Sigma Sigma Sigma So, what do you do? We raise money for Muscular Dystrophy, UNICEF, and we built a pediatrics wing on a hospital in North Carolina. Is that all you do? No, welre like any group of friends. We party, study, laugh and cry together. Well, Ilve got friends, too. Yeah, but welre one step more than just a group of friends. We have a commitment to each other and to the whole sorority, national and local. Hey! what sorority are you in anyway? SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Catherine ll. Marks Sandra G. Balharh Gail P. Armstrong President Vice President Treasurer Krys M. Slcpke Connie L. Albrecht Susan Herrmann Pamela T. Albrecht Judy Boggiano Claudia M. Clerken Susan C Cunningham Corr. Secretary Recording Secretary Scholastic Chairman Kathleen M. Dinlvo Jun M. Dombrowski Susan A. Frank Jan Gnllzis Jonn P. Gocra Cynthia M. Griggel 156-Creeks Holly A. Haney Ann L. Harker Marni Hays Susan J. Janowski Christine A. Lessner Karen L. Maakeslod Irene Mncznla Jenn T. Miels Debra A. Murray Susan E. Navarrelle Gail M. Netzer Kalherine L. Offerdahl Elizabeth C. Palm Jenn R. Punter Debbie L. Plalck Bonnie R- Roby Cindy A. Route Linda K- 500" Pamela J- Smnle Ruth A. Stink: Patricia D. Sweeney Mnrjorie-Lec Wilson Sigma Sigma Sigma 157 The brothers of TKE tlota 0micron chapterl boast themselves as being part of the largest national fraternity in the coun- try with over 310 chapters in the U.S. and Canada. 0 The Tekes are involved in a wide range Tau Itappa EpS 11011 of activities. They are active participants in , Intra-mural sports. In the spring the Jack Sulik fraternity kicks off May Week with its an- Preside"! nual Powder Puff Olympics in Starin Park. UW-W Tekes will be hosting the first annual TKE football tournament this spr- ing for all the TKE chapters in the state. The fraternity also sponsors a public Ser- vice Weekend in the spring which consists of service projects for the city and working on national charities. Bob Noonan Marty Wittenmeier John Ecko Vice Presidenl Treasurer Secretary Richard Nelson John L. Weiss Jack Silverman Larry Lycholat Pete James Tim Ferger Joe Pyzyk Adviser Adviser House President Funds Chairman Social Chairman Pledge Trainer Rush Chairman Rod Barbers .Iohn Barr Jeff Berger Mike Brady jim Carroll Bruce Chernnk Daryl Dombrawski Mike Grady Glen Graham Rick Uraycarek Tom Godfrey Richard Grube Ralph Hamilton Mark Inch Kll Kelliher Gary Knapp Frank Krause Ken LaBudn TONI Lewandowski 15B-Creeks Mark Siebanaller Al Teske Chris Liu Scoll McElroy Dave Neva": Jim Poannski Jim Schumaler Terry Webster Bob Wod ke Tom McSorer Jeff Rose Glenn Schultz Ken! Yunker Steve Maresso John Milbnuer Mike Pappaa M itch Salter Jeff Shoemaker Tau Kappa Epsilon-159 Tau Nu Tau Tau Nu Tau offers unity, strength, and strong ties to those men who seek the brotherhood. Robert F. Behnke John Kordirh 5mm At Bush President Treasurer Serrctary Along with excelling in social and academic life, the brothers boast excellent representation on intercollegiate and in- tramural athletic teams. This year the Taus added to the Whitewater community by acquiring a Big Brothers chapter. They hope to make life more meaningful , w for many fatherless boys In southern 661 Wisconsin through the Big Brother ac- Brian T.Bloom RirhardC.Bnllz Fred M.Eoskmioh tivities. Ma $1M. Km in D. Buringlon Charles C. Collings Jeffrey S. Duchin Kevin J. Fleming Roger A. Gaffner Patrick J. Gibbons 160-Greeka Hugh D. Cnalzig Howard K. Henning Dennis R. Lange Michael K. Osni Mark E. Schlirhler Geoffrey R. Hale James K. Hudson Gene .I. Kruuklis John A. Mullica Dave J. Pakenhnm Viclor R. Spanlon Ray W. Jacobsen Mark S Kryda Smu W. Morgan Gary A. Phillips Michael R. Slanek Steven M. Thompson Robert A. Zanlon TauNuTau-161 F raternity Sweethearts I62-Greeks Helen Taylor, Alpha Phi Alpha Tara Eberts, Tau Nu Tau Donna Adams, Delta Sigma Pi Tricia Dykstra, Phi Chi Epsilon Joan Posphalla, Delta Chi, Holly Knuth, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Bev Wenger, Lambda Chi Alpha, Jan Eckola, Tau Kappa Epsilon. 164 Creeks $h,hina 9i u r , azhhymn u, g. . , v.?.?iivit .. swmwwwgt$ww+ ,, 1. ,, v v??? Melody Taylor. Omega Psi Phi Rochelle Sdano, Sigma Pi ! 166 Greeks The rousing cheers at rallies and par- ties have become more mellow with the passage of time. Bonfires, hazing, and panty raids are mere echos of a bygone era. Old traditions are rapidly replaced by new. Yet, at times stillness persists. Beset by the battering of rapid change and the stillness of myths and stereotypes, the system known as ttGreekt, stands alone in its quest to hold on to a unique tradition. To the skeptics it is conformity and secret ritualism. To the men and women who wear Greek letters it is individuali- ty and accomplishment of the highest degree. Achievement beyond the norm, scholastic as well as social, must be a tradition if Greeks are to survive. Through innovation and accomplish- ment fraternities and sororities in the seventies have striven to be a part of everyonets life on campus and in the community. As they look to the future, made un- certain by prejudices and irrelevant traditions, Greeks are preparing to meet the needs of the future human being. No longer are the Greeks made up of in- dividuals, but rather, individuals may be a Greek. Those that are find themselves an intricate part of UW- Whitewaterts life, and by the same stan- dard a part of the life so vaguely referred to as Greek. 16? m thmek urvival in a cubical . . . Routine is not conducive to creativity. So, I polish off a six-pack 0f Pabst and three dozen hands of sheepas head at least once a week. Dorms n m. , k I S m r O D e h t n .l ife L WHITE; 101-122: FRONT ROW: Joe Espinosa, Ed Fxhcr. Jim Wcrncrke, John Dax 5, Dan Sullivan, John Owen. WHITE; 20I-213: FRONT ROW: John Culvclli, Greg Tanski, Tom Lightholder. SECOND ROWE Jeff Shoemaker, John Milbauor, John Barr, Viv Moreno, Gary Barlels, Kendall Haag. WHITE; 214-227: FRONT ROW: Bill Price, Dave Gavigan, Jeff 2Fly2 ROW: Charley Fischer, Greg Madson, Mark Baumgarlner, John Cayne, Dave Sohmedlin, Mark Dresen, Dan Gruharvhik, Ed Reilly. 1YBrien,'rom Chesnik. SECOND ROW: Tim Kilzman, David Scuglek, Mark Sullivan. THIRD WHITE; 301-313: FRONT ROW: Chuck Hermscn. Slexe Smith. Slexe Jeff Fischer. Mark chzel, JeffAlt-xander, Bruce Henry. Dunhouse. SECOND ROW: Dave R001waeffY0unger, Gary Amoroso, 172 WHITE; 314-327: FRONT ROW: Tom Strauss. SECOND ROW: Mike Finnegan, Richard Tracy, Joe Hicke, Parker Dow, Phil Adams. WHITE; 401-413: FRONT ROW: Darrell Fleck, Jeff Schenning, John Wolf, Paul Defenet. SECOND ROW: Mark Gleisner, Neil Rosenthal, Michael Jacobs. THIRD ROW: John Brandt. Tom Fenwick, John Lahl, John Penkoske. FOURTH ROW: John Graf, Robin Brose, Richard Schowalter, Ralf Selensky. 173 174 WHITE; 414-427: FRONT ROW: Dan Sawicki, Jeff Schenning, Jeff Ericksen, John Wolf. SECOND ROW: Steve Bodie, Arab Morgan, Bob Arthur, Frodo Baggins. THIRD ROW: Mike Heyer, Dope Dealer, Mike Halpin, Lez Zoril, Ralf Selensky, Craig Liegel. FOURTH ROW: Joe WELLERS; 101-128: FRONT ROW: Joann Amore, Pat Miller, Jane Jenkins, Babette Brown, Linda Jones. SECOND ROW: Colette Isebell 11C011, Peggy Bishop, Debbie Clark, Nancy Heeringa, Pam Mathewson. Bienieb, Pal Schmidt, Bilbo 11Clouds" Baggins. FIFTH ROW: Kevin Steffens, Bob Mueller, Brian McCarthey. SIXTH ROW: Howie Marklein, Mark Krueger, Dave Schmidt. THIRD ROW: Jeannine Bohnsack, Sarhtu Rabeh, Julie Backes, Karen Scherer, Kathie Houdek, Bernice Johnson, Princess Ann Hill. FOURTH ROW: Kathy Willick, Karen Willick, Sue Monigal, Mary Kobel. WELLERS; 201-218: FRONT ROW: Lynne Leiber, Bobbie Lablanc, Mary Aydlolle, Cindy Hudson, Phyllis Gygax, Barb Quinn. SECOND ROW: Lois Birr, Hope Metzner, Nancy Belenz, Debbi Oswell, Beth Ann WELLERS; 219-236: FRONT ROW: Debbie Neunann, Lynn Friedma, Julia John, Jean Winger, Linda Bullette. SECOND ROW: Diane Bolton, Cindy Clark, Holly Wicen, Cheri Shumann, Joan Lahl, Karen Beal. THIRD ROW: Teri Kragenerink, Marilyn Mertz, Jani-Sue Kroehler, Mary Marjenka. THIRD ROW: Martha Wilke, Wendy Craw- ford, Pauline Howard, Debbie Paruzynski, Barb Anderson, Judy Spindler, Diane Pontel. Shugarls, Diane Ambrose, Debbie Dutcher, Martha Haldiman, Cynthia Thompson. FOURTH ROW: Mr. WIW, Sue Ullmar, Cindy Gaska, Debbie Hadlew, Mary Jo Decker, WThe M80161 175 WELLERS; 301-318: FRONT ROW: Lisa Brammcr. Lorrae Jahns. Lynn Plewa, Margie Fons, Sue Hanson. Laurie Grmes, Jackie Borucki. SECOND ROW: .Vanq Hermus, Ellen Reid. Debbie Swanson. Diane WELLERS; 319-336: FRONT ROW: Gail Bierle, Phyllis White, Gcmma Pollina, Cheryl Fleck, Eileen Schweitzer, Donna Schiefelbein. SECOND ROW: Linda Marquardt, Karen Lackey, Joy Brabec, Glenda Woosley, Allen, Mardel Kleinsmith, Sue Vcrslegem. Kay Kalrinc" Landl. Jm Josephine" Brabec. THIRD ROW': Kenlun Kirby Karon Timmcrman. Eileen Schroeder, Vick; Fisk, Carolyn Gobin. Janet Balcstricri. Laurie Natrhke, Marty Marion, Diane Bocder. THIRD ROW: Kathtx McKinney, Joanie Koldon, Vivki Reicherl, Jeanne Ambrose, Jill Buuwmeester, Diane Whitney. wwx fg ; 9 wt . ?.?.Emw WELLERS; 401-418: FRONT ROW: Joanne Jensen, Suc Templin, Kat- ROW: Adrea Miles. Nam'y CarstenS. Annie Boyle. Patty Murphy Karen lie Hyde, Theresa Rosales, Buffy Johnson, Kathy Maddock. SECOND WCiSC. WELLERS; 419-436: FRONT ROW: Lisa Mcrzalk, Jan Clowcs, Nancy hie Kornuth, Valerie Harbor, Barb Matz, Carol Nelson, Sue Northey, Becker, Rita Podnar, Lisa Blackmon, Ann Jondle. SECOND ROW: Deb- Mimi Steiner, Michele Shuppe. I77 CHCVI: l01-123: FIN , 1T ROW: Chuck Mlodyika Greg Sm-homcl, Bob Kevin McCarragher, Conrad Brazzale, Jeff Bodine. Slungo. Torry ngnivr. SINK D ROW: Wesley Smilh. John Kreuscr, CLICM: 201-217: FRO I ROW: Grog: Gallagher, Jeffrey Buhl, Barn Thompson,Don Hughesa Mark Carlson,Brad Doyle. Vordvgun, Carl Forbes, Mark Carlos. SECOND ROW: Jeff Bodinc, Curl CLEM: 318-333: FRONT ROW: Carl Eller, Peru, Dan, Ben. Thighllilvr. Dan C, Jon, Turk. CLEM: 4IlI- 1l7: FRO. YT ROW: Dan Krvmu, Bub Sniwoh, Charles Ron. man, John Boldl, J. L. Sullivan. THIRD ROW: Lam Brown, Hugh, Samuel Law. SECO D ROW: Slcve Bailey, Mark Ad I, Dale Oppcr- Kewin Horner,Terry Glynan'arl Rulhcnberg. 180 CLEM; 418-433: FRONT ROW: Hugh Tollack, Mike Martin, Lee ROW: Lee Taylor, Scott Sanderson, Charles Goodrum, Leon Banks, Coonen, Jon McMurtrie. SECOND ROW: William Evans, John Lust, Neil Green, Frank Scuglik, Mark SchmuhI,Dan Johnson. Robert Miller, Carl Reid, Mike Tonstad, Fred Greifenhagen. THIRD SAYLES; 101-122: FRONT ROW: Megan Rollefson, Barbara Garbo, THIRD ROW: Gail Diehall, Sharon Fieldstad, Kathy Kashuda, Mary Chris Fick, Rebekah Heller, Vicki Reimer. SECOND ROW: Barbara Kclley,PatTrznade1,Deborah C. Randolph,.leanie Paschke. Salvo, Cathy Argos, Kim Anderson, Laurie Mani, Maureen Burke. 181 182 SAYLES; 201-213: FRONTROW: Patsvx Chan. Carol JuhnsnlLSPXXIND ROW: Lois Huethlcr, Sandra Svhlaugal, Teresa Chem, Lois Bowhkc, Ellen Tao, Elise Nehm. THIRD ROW: Val Bien, Thomasinc valcrson, SAYLES; 214-227: FRONT ROW: Juan Pulliam, lgnn Bayer. SECOND ROW: Linda Grolh, Linda Uckcrlund. Bonnie Assmunn. Sue Polt-rson, Sue Watson, Heidi Woodruff. THIRD ROW? Janet Bunkelman, Chris an Debbie Ruge. FOL'RTH ROW: Jinccn Bowycr. Ann Silxola, Carol Bennett, Marilee Baker, Carol Bruss, Cind-x Lehmann. Anderson, Pally Hub, Mary Beth Bargiclski, Skogalono. A rlcnc Zmuda, Debbie SAYLES; 301-313: FRONT ROW: Sue TiedaJo Pat Brunette. Farkhan- da Tarar, Lori Ann Chcxalicr. SECOND RUW': Suzanne Sajdak. Lou Krejcarek, Carol Ross, Pal Lubke, Mary Nighor. Vivki Hollcrmun. SAYLES; 314-327: FRONT ROW: Cheri Lenz, Kathrx Gilberlson, Gail Semonis, Ruth Snarl, Richelle Holmes. SECOND ROW: Pearl Schilling, THIRD ROW: Jurh Van lb kc. 141m Lambert. Dlehiv Frank. Carol Dcnzor. Bvlh Dykstra, Lynn Dallmun. Ann Guinen. Doris Wink. THIRD ROW: Diana Hogan, Janet Ccrk, Nancy Chuck, Cindy Wilsmun. l 851 SAYLES; 401-412: FRONT ROW: Barb Wollner, Jenny Tsang, Janet Presslein, Faith Coughlin, Pal McCowan. SECOND ROW: Kathy Stan- SAYLES; 413-427: FRONTROW: Sandra Ducsterbeck. SECOND ROW: Tsang WaiGuen Sophia, Marianne S. Klann, Sharilyn Kunz, Nancy ton, Sue McKinney, Lynn Prochazka, Carmen Chan, Mary Young, Deb- bie Dekker. Wolf, Colleen McCarthy, Sharon Hefter. THIRD ROW: Carol Zellmer, Julie Lennox, Vicki Ratzlaff. FISCHER; 101-102: FRONT ROW: Linda Barnett, Cathy Herr, Sandie Lyn Comstovk, Nancy Canny and Piglet, Vicki Pierce, Debi Priu'hard. Colombe. SECOND ROW: Sue Filut, Sandy Sch mitt, Rita Rose Fazekas, FOLVRTH ROW: Paulette Beirow, Sherri Strauss, Alive Peat, Jami Bier- Cheryl McMurray, Wendy Liebmann, Denise Ferd Lotharius, Ben, Mary nacki, Sandi Trancl, Jean Bunton. Ann Zelmanski. THIRD ROW: Gail McGihany'. Nancy J. Koeninger, FISCHER; 201-2l4: FRONT ROW: John Rude, Thomas J. Kohlmeyer. Svhlcicher, Arnold Shekcy, Gary Lukken, Mark Chaplean, Lou SECOND ROW: Jerry Teclaw, Larry Buege, Thomas Hansen, Jeffrey Wicrichs. Jr., Gary Puapc, John Danielson. 'Nio-J 'WW I 85 FISCHER: 2l5-228: FRUV'I' ROW: John Dxivkan, Bill Hcrlws. Bill Booker. 11I'm Dustinhrnnk. huh Burrivnln. SECUVD ROWE Thom .4 Gorrvlsvn. Richard Spencer. Joseph Nilka, Jim Erickson. Jim Wilde, Bob Dmid. Wuclvhli, Coral Klement, Pat lsakscm. THIRD ROW: Kathy Spanlon, Kathy Braland, Margie Marsh. FISCHER: 315-328: FRONT ROW: Barbara Sparks. Jill Fruh, Maribn Sul'urik. SECU VD ROW: Carol Mcvxer, Joyce Jarnugin, Elaine Pm-zutck. THIRD ROW: Jay 00 Stewart, YVOIIIIC Jones, Kathy Kroczc, Wendy Wor- I'ISCHER; 401-414: FRONT ROW: Richard Wuvek, Jcl'l'rg Furnhum. Tum Calhoun, Dunn Vernon, Kit Carson, Eric Olson, Hit-hy Stroud. SECOND ROW: Slew: Sawatskc, Ross Rickkofl', Robert Whislcr, Slcx cn In, Ruth Fcnhousc, Tracey King Barh Hakes. FOURTH ROW: Debra Uuriniun. Cheryl Fciglevx, Susan Sterlinskc, Carol Isuksen, Karen .Iurrull. Carla Dziuba. Buumann, Darrel Wurnvkc, Robert Lucht, Scull BL'illldI'y, John Yuunglka, John Drugun. l87 FISCHER; 415428: FRONT ROW: Kevin Johnson, Susan Roberts, R Sum HIankv. SECOVU ROW: Mike Knapp. John Dom, Perry Shukas, Hike Sarumundit-h. Richard Reakins, Mark Borlcskc. Alan Muir. GOODHl'E; IOI-l22: FRONT ROW: Jim Woodruff, Ed Perry, Jeff Tremble. Terry Mullcm. SECOND ROW: Don Samuelsom, Brian Morgan, Scull Forbes, Freddy Townsend, Kent Yunker. THIRD ROW: THIRD ROW: Dennis L. Birr, Dennis chzel, Greg Koprivu, Mark Ccrszowoki. Bill Hamhlin, Marcus Haas. chin Rcsrhcnhcrg. John Janiuk. Dave Dornbos, Doug Czerwinski, Gary Kvasniva. FOURTH ROW: Tom Sweeney, Gibby Yule, Rodncc Rice, John Chevy, Tom Dw3 er, Claude Kcshcmberg. GUODHUE; 201-214: FRONT ROW: Kevin Part'ell, Vim-cnl Graham, Ron Skrcns. Eric Tum, Brad Kuzic. Philip Cho, Kelly Yunkcr. Gary Paul Kluscndnrf, Rick Curry, Rick Cruz, Paul Neitzel. SECOND ROW; Current, Jeff Hulllncr. Nulu Burton, Tom Sodcmunn. GOODHUE; 215-228: FRONT ROW: Mike Warshauer, Rivk Majeskie, Langc, Pole Bcrncl, Ron Burlingamc, Greg Wamlcl, Tim Timm. Tim Narowclz. Gary Balwovk, Don Kusak. SECOND ROW: Daxe FOURTH ROW: J.R. Weber, August Ncumunn, Charlie Chernak, Fred Pcrrin, Todd Lengniok, Ron Powell, Dean Bladorn. THIRD ROW: Curl chtl, Scott Bildslcn, H. Norton. e? - V' ' v , v Y ,z I89 GOODIIUE; 301-314: FRONT ROW: Bill Hamilton, Dan Riley. BillGessert.BillGenthe.THIRDROW:JimSampson.Jim HousegDave SECOND ROW: Amir Soleimani, Gary Dunnigan, Edward Lemmons, Silyw Joseph Leew Christopher GenCthfa Marty Carroll, H- Horton. GOODHUE; 315-328: FRONT ROW: Terry Tucker, Dave Connors, Gary man, Paul Ambro, Steve Ritzman. THIRD ROW: Jim Sampson. Keith Zizzu, Marty Carroll. SECOND ROW: Patrick Lung, Michael Haber- Kwok, Ken Nyberg, Nate Burton, Kerry Keen, Marvin Herman. 190 COODHUE; 401-414: FRONT ROW: Reginald Verncll. H. Horton. ROW: Ricky Bcgotka, DaYid Dean. Mike Romaine. Marty 0,Brien, SECOND ROW: Dave Page, Dennis Montanye, Steve McArdle, Greg Vince Wcidncr, Peter Wu, Dax'id Wong. Enz, Steven Cohen, Edward Hung, Al Elly, Jerome Wallace. THIRD COODHUE; 415-428: FRONT ROW: John Owens, Eskender HezCkieL Bosco Hui. Danny Fok, Keith Galloway, Ramh Hoffman, Rich Steve Pesck, Greg Matczynski. SECOND ROW: John Prasher, Matiwos Boslwick, Clyde Lipp, Donn Frey, George Schultz. Shifferraw, Henry Anderson, Alvarez Elzy, H. Horton. THIRD ROW: I91 a KNILANS;101-114: FRONT ROW: Jody Penniston, Joanne Rasmussen, Jane Bricscmeistcr. SECOND ROW: vamc Radloff, Marsha Paulson, Jeannette Krusiec, Lisa Murray. THIRD ROW: Teresa Cook, Judith KNHANS: 115-127: FRONT ROW: Martha .11031ahon.Cinde Dion, Sharon Vmirk. Cindix Allen. SECUVU ROW: Pulli Stark. Jonathan Jurgulis, Gayle Pfurr. Kath Winiccki, Kristie Rode. THIRD ROW: Cris Laust'hner, Judy Hallcn. Jean Howland. Susan Schulz, Carol Schneider, Jean Siffcrmann, Vhian Springs,Ca1Vcna Brown. Mary Suhr. FOURTH ROW: Christine Dcrke, Debbie Zirkm'ich, Anna Matt, Valerie Pfarrer. Hwahumson, Hurlcnc Schwartz. Susan Chapman. Pamela Rich, Sue Luncr. FUIVRTH ROW: Bonnie Borcnitsvh, Robin Wuvhcrer, Mary DeYoung. Lenore Keen. KNILANS; 201-218: FRONTROW: Holly Weisnicht, Debbie Van Geem, Alise Rutzky, Barb Denor, Jalaine Cooley. SECOND ROW: Debbie Dickmeyer, Mary Hoover, Mary Wellenstein, Bonnie Breen, Barb KNILANS; 219-236: FRONT ROW: Rose Seurer. SECOND ROW: Beverly Kreuuer. Diane Chapp, Debbie Roberts, Kim Bechlolt, Mary Hillebrandt, Debbie St'hewe. THIRD ROW: Sue Tomlinson, Marilyn Rutkowski, Cathy Leffelman, Debi Nelson, Celcsline Washington, Linda 'K a Q! . .3 xiv y s . . v v v .1 y y ' v s; y x y gt .- V x Lohrentz. THIRD ROW: Marge Last, Debbie Molbeck, Rode" Krupke, Kathy Connell. FOURTH ROW: Marcia Ranke, Mary Moldenhauer, Mary Lenz, Vicki Price. Wingrccn. FOURTH ROW: Anne Sevker, Laura Wheeler, Lynn Kocttcrlugen. Judy Gilbert, Patricia Tihhilts, Janie Hcgcr, Beth Austin. FIFTH ROW: Chris Klasscy, Mary Mcusling, Diane Dunes, Kathy Lan- low, Pam Soer, LuAnn chdig, Louise Torhorst, Marge Ernst. v g .p 194 ' ,x f.gxk H..,.X IIIQ - . . . 3 :uxxx xx - ., KNIIANS: 301-318: FRONT ROW: Joan Wiggin. Janice Kurth, Huriunnc Kolur. Both Elmer. Kim Clark. SECOND ROW: Nancy Larsmn Bm Hendricks. Sue Dame. Diane St-hlugcnhauf, Kristine Gvrmvr, Giselle: Lilla. THIRD ROW: Melanie Collins, Maryann KNHAVS; 319-336: FRO VT ROW: Janis HvCarxillc. Theresa Dushck, MJvm- Pupkv. Luna Camp. Lorene Hivkolscn. Foliru Cofrin. SECOND ROW: Ruth Sparln. Leah Rode. Julie Ilcimun. Janet Nlcrkcl, Cindy Hillhruncr. Barb Langcnfcld, Jean Mueller, Sharon Meyer, Sue Nevins, Knn Chasm, Linda Cook. FUl'RTH ROW: Peggy Domrcs, Gail Renner, Sandy Felivijan. Nunq Hahn, Terri Daniels, Susan Svhultz. Bacon. Peggy Fairchild, Lindy Scip, Pam Timms, Lori Erlinger. THIRD ROW: A my Smukal. Kathy Garski, Carol Rickert, Jane Dooley, Doreen Peck, Sue Paape, Diane Schwahn. KNILANS; 401-418: FRONT ROW: Chris Arentsen, Cheri Schick, Judy Gorski, Barbara McClellan, Katherine Koo. SECOND ROW: Amy Daugherty, Jennifer Brunette, Ted E. Bare, Nancy Schleicher, Tina Wong. THIRD ROW: Pat Conklin, Vicki Knaup, Diane Grenawalt, KNILANS; 419-436: FRONT ROW: Deborah Morrison, Sue Melaas, Diane Zelten, Melody Carr, Pam Welly, Darcy Spellman, Kim McWilliams, Linda LaCrosse. SECOND ROW: Kris Wagner, Patricia Williams, Sue Conrardy, Barb Farmer, Diane Winter, Marylis Muckler, Kathie Roherty, Gayle Feesl, Sharon Adams. Holly Reat, Sherry Bresslcr, Diane Evans. FOURTH ROW: Rhonda Diehl, Shelly Henning, Wynnae Kenislon, Terry Minami, Kristan Franzen, Rulhann Starr. Barb Anderson. THIRD ROW: Gail Sadowski, Nanette Nicolay, Barbara Markovilz, Debbie Weber, Donna Soderquist, Kathi Miller. FOURTH ROW: Sue Weiland, Susan Leban, Gloria Krause, Marcella Varela. FIFTH ROW: Cheryl Weeks, Sue Natchke, Kathy Matheson. TUTT; 101-114: FRONT ROW: Dave Pfanzelter, Tim Epping. John Esser, John Tenhaken. DJ. Orski, Dave Lorenz, Purdy Qualley. TUTT; 115-128: FRONT ROW: Brad Kommer, Dan Gartland, Sherwin Keys, Cary Whitaker. SECOND ROW: Craig Gruenberg, Paul Haen, Doug Swenson, Jeff Kleu. w mmnm :m-mma aw SECOND ROW: Randy Kuhn, John Stempfl, Mike Flaherty, Paul Vanden Branden. Scott Burns, Ken Paukner, Brad Steinke, Kent Kritz. TUTT; 201-218: FRONT ROW: Tom Trepczyk, Fox-Kuuee, Mike Ryan, Mike Bahlcr, Ja'y Sncider, Kent Harris, Jeff Reich, Brett Jarman. SECOND ROW: Steve Brink, Paul Kepen, Tom W'ellnitz. THIRD TUTT; 219-236: FRONT ROW: Randy Rischer, Maynard Krebs, Robert Gehcl, Scott Thomas. SECOND ROW: Mike Gray, Dennis Lamping, John Hillinger, John Hoffman, Scott Stanley Martin, Dennis Stern, ROW: Bill Roper, Curt Brockhoff, Ned Storer, Anthony Chesser, Gerry Heiting, Dave Larson. FOURTH ROW: Rick Wrobel, Steve Kadonsky, Bobby Fischer, Darnell Wenzel, Bob Miller, Greg Worsey. Craig Sullivan. THIRD ROW: Cary Bindas, Mike Fleig, Keith Pullen, James Glazier, A. Karl Puslina, Jeff Johnson, Jim Ott. 3x TUTT; 301-318: FIH VT ROW: Bruce Lopak. Stove Kumrow, Vlikc Brucggcman. SECUVD ROW: Rit'h Puglilsvll. Todd Follcnsbec, Kim Huwarlh, Kim Whilcursl. Mr. Curlis R. Johnsonisl. THIRD ROW: TUTT: 3l9-336: FRON'I' ROW: Waller Rufncr. SECOND ROW: Dav: erust'xN Sxolmdu, Mike WNW" HvKUon, R'u'k Kracmcr Mrho Rock", Paul hTIL-cya" Haul, Thomas 5M1!" Welkc, Glynn E Sparky " .Vcltcsheim. THIRD ROW: Jim Slcinuvkcr, Phil HLeak" lAut-kc, Dun wPuck" Bow- man, Run Dingcr" Huidingcr. Brian Bruun, Thomas K. E0soarag Chris Rilm , Rick Fuller, Keith Dolm. Mike Coghlan, Marlin Potter. Jeff Hanson. Joseph Bell. Man or. FUl'RTH RUN": Dun Wurnko. Mike HDel Czlizu" Bct'kcr, Jerry Wilind Hula" Faldnvss. Don k Dink" Em-k. Dun Wlngamillc" Reimcr, Bill Hcgcman. FIFTH ROW: Bruce Meyer. Mike Lcnnux, Mark wrurdc-uws" Jones. Wm. "erom'ho" chhncr, Bruce Buivk5a Gibson, Rivk "Buck" Worden. TUTT; 401-418; Non Visitation Wing: FRONT ROW: Randy Chaney, John Christie, Tony Schmitz. SECOND ROW: Mark Johnson, Al Schott, TUTT; 419-436: FRONT ROW: Tom Williams, Neal Frauenfelder, Dr. J.S. Feelgood-Jerome Spencer, Joel Peebles, Flamond Trainer. SECOND ROW: Scott Robinson, Doug Castro, Bill Monfeli, Jeff ivr Ia ,J'S ! ? V Robin Guelich, Luther Heller. THIRD ROW: John Klemp, Jay John- son, Joe Geifert, Michael Lee. Frcdericks, Steve Peterson, Michael Lee, Pete Krempel. THIRD ROW: Jeff Entress, Wayne Van Meter, Steve Haugen, Al Long, Mike Walton, Tom Sobouke, Roger Holtz. I99 A ;.:;1 WELLS: 20l-219: FRONT ROW: Sue Svhultz. Diane Hummarlund. Darla Thicl. Lora Schallhnrn. C'xnlhiu chzcl. SECOND ROW: Ht'lq Cook. Diane D0 Lush, April Sthuwr. Gail Lindberg. Sand; h'xsol. WELLS: 220-233: FRONT ROW: Rollin Himu. Chcr'xl Jansen. Gail Du- lhx. Sull'x Pomeroy. Kristi Ullmun. Juan Juvuhsvn. SECOND ROW: Pam Kirsl, Cheri Mclzclfcld, Jill Cox, Dianna Kleewein. THIRD ROW: Pam Kulh'x Ulorklw Corcoran. THIRD ROW: Debbie Wylie, Jean Powers, Karon Lapradc, Rosanne Hicck-W Marrcsc. Nancy Bishop. Denise Fccsl. Hurlwig. Sue Laird, Paulette Buomsma, Carla Bradley. Linda Rogers, Dvhln Welst'h. Vikki Puhcrmat-hcr,SucSpcur. WELLS; 301-332: FRONT ROW: Micki Sandec, Dee Dickie, Sue Myers, Johnic Cole, Mary Beth Km-zkowski. SECOND ROW: Gloria Brennan, Joan Schlagcr, Kathy Fornero, Megan Olson, Kelly GrIHin, Sally WELLS; 320-333: FRONT ROW: Steve Bessire,Willie Scott. SECOND ROW: Lori Butler, Sue Littlefield, Yvonne Hunt, Gail Nails. THIRD ROW: Red Kasai, Luke Wine, Joanie Niccolai, Mary Bliss. FOURTH Ramagc, Kim Collins. THIRD ROW: Jane Cara, Sandi Wick, Luannc Shadof, Susan Dahl, Carol Frank. ROW: Debbie Waltz, Mike Schocnemann, MMMMMeureen Lyons, Jane Stibhe. Ann Galko. Susan Halvensleben, Vicky Chopp, Marge Ammann. 201 202 WELLS; 401-419: FRONT ROW: Patty Rllsvh. Darlene Lear. Mun Afm Harkmina. Kath Kinsey, Kathy Stanford. Linda Schneider. SECOND RUWQ Cimh Horton, Rene Hishcr.xh1l1 Volson. Alive Hughes. Colleen St'hacfcr. Sue Filiatrouu, Susan Powell, Meredith Whitcomh. Linda WELLS: 420-433: FRONT ROW: Donna Dcnk, Han Hcinrit'hs. Dohlu Hurray Ham Frcitag, Juno Farrell. SECOND ROW: Kullu Christensen, Jane Pahlc, Joan Denecn, Karen Ura'H-arvk, Mary Lou Holmgren. THIRD ROW: Andrea Nestor, Christine Johnson. Kathy Nimtz, Pull Hchc, Marge Staley. Elaine Jackson. Michele Taulm. Sheila Buckley, Sue Dascenzo. Karen Wcingart, Nanq Meyer. Houvk. Barb Renncr, Barb Brown. THIRD ROW: EH1 Wchncr. Jeanne Hays, Linda Hayman, Carol Fuhret-k, Kath; Dunn. Tama Cook, Tern Gilgenbavh, Pat Stawarz, Peg Jones, Jean Timmer. xx WELLS: 501-5192 FRONT ROW: Jam: Zicnlok, Gail Duane. SECOND Falkowski. THIRD ROW: Sue Kilsoonk. KrisBarth.Barl1Lurscn. Kay- RUW: Beth Schoenecker, Heidi Riegcr, Mary Slmckcn. Cathy Stanowsky. WELLS; 520-533: FRONT ROW: Rila Dcmhny, Jeannie Klotz, Dona Lessner, DeAnnc Carl, Jan Budnik, Virginia Weller. THIRD ROW: Rogutich. SECOND ROW: Judy Boggiano, Linda Scott, Christine CarolStrauss. . l 2 "z w I I fit I x 1 X x. 1 8 203 204 WELLS: 601-619: FRONT ROW: Cindy Maslrit'olu. Jennie Frvnl-h. Vanncssa Lowery. Linda Johannson. SECOND ROW: Jvannv Wick. WELLS: 620-633: FRUNTRUW: Kathy Lcwko. Cindy Stock. Sue John- snn.KaticNublwfcld. Jal'kiv BUILSECUND ROW: Juth Rasmussen. Lori Sorcnson, Terri Gr'xszkiewivz, Kim Teachoul, Man Hochnc. THIRD ,9' ' 'f 5 W '4' v .. n "nuv". Pamela Hilfcr. Annette Mitchell, Marcia Krinkc. THIRD ROW: Debbie Pagol. Terri Hchn. Brigid MvCormivk, Patti Shea, Sue Kallas. ROW: Joanne Stalker. Debbie Tallgren, Mary Zwygarl, Patti Elliott, Cind'x Reilly Joyce Horack, Ann St-huelkc. WELLS; 701-719: FRONT ROW: Nancy Bakkcr, Gail Merrickq Ja'x ma Lynn Frnula, Bev Wengcr, Pam Schuulcr. THIRD ROW: Chris W'ciner. Covey, Denise Reencrs, Lindy Brownrigg, Ann Lull. SECOND ROW: Michelle Saladin. Penny NOWaks Cathy Fuhrman, Nancy Hutchinson, Cindy Spankowski, Jane Lenherr, Mary Fishbunc. Cathy Bachman. Sue K0walskyJ0ni Pospyhalla. WELLS; 720-733: FRONT ROW: Scooter Moss, Debbie Hynes, Toni Pam Johnson, Laurie Slack. THIRD ROW: Candy Cervenka. Vivki Gregori, Linda Kahlor. SECOND ROW: Barbara Jones, Jean Joseui, Tweet,Tweeler Redfield, BonnieZimmermann,Connie Thomas. SPA C E "ABET 205 WELLS; 801-819: FRONT ROW: Sue Linsley, Jenna Horsens. Maureen Morrissey. Terri Woods, Tanya Bobis. Jennifer Knight. SECOND ROW: Francine Schultz. Cheryl Grams. Geri Mt-Ginnity, Ann Holmhoe, Nancy WELLS: 820-833: FRONT ROW: Kerry Lynch. Jeannie Hughes. Maureen Bishop, Virginia Svhwcrtfeger. SECOND ROW: Wcrilee Sohmers, Jean Oberbillig, Debbie Woznivk, Candy Harwood, Marla Krout, Gini Morack, Cindy Edwards. THIRD ROW: Laurie Gauthier, Pat Veto, Liz Spaeth, Janice Lewko, Janis Howard. Julie Leas. Jessica Robins, Nancy Dean. Weaxer, Linda Pollin. THIRD ROW: Pat Mountin. Gina Marrcse, Valerie MacDonald. Anne Fredericks, Pat Kern, Kathy Rofferdhl. Judy Lambert. WELLS; 901-919: FRONT ROW: Sue Kjellenberg, Laurie Bauer, Ann Tcsch, Mavis Malewa, Sheree Lane, Kathy Schneider. SECOND ROW: Yvonne Meichtrey, Pally Barr, Linda Nelson, Alexandrea Saramandich, WELLS; 920-933: FRONT ROW: Carol Haukc, Kris Uphoff, Deborah Carnie, Lynn Smithhack. SECOND ROW: Jean Buschke, Susan Gallatin, Lisa Schroeder, Lynn Sicvcr, Barb Boston. THIRD ROW: Diane Kclcerlragcn, Diane Kachclmeirer. THIRD ROW: Kris Stolpe, Mary Mahcr, Becky Boilcy, Bonnie Taggc, Jackie Knowll. Joyce Harris, Denise Kolmos. Karen Stanley, Lori Puerschner, Karen Miller, Sharon klawillcr. Put Scrak. 207 WELLS; 1001-1019: FRONT ROW: Sally Ghiglieri, Chris German, Kim Schroeder, Gwenda Noah, Julie Sattler, Kris Kimble, Anna Branigan, Crystal Bush, Sue Birkholz, Pat Heiden. SECOND ROW: Mary Popa, WELLS; 1020-1033: FRONT ROW: Barb Brown, Mary Luebkc. Pam LoMonaco. SECOND ROW: Lorna Rigney, Debbie Hoffman, 5110 Toomey, Janet Bjelde. THIRD ROW: Carol King, Debbie Malo, Cris V Kathy Waterson, Cheryl McGroarty, Peggy LaFIeur, Jinx Perpignani, Kim Orcutt, Judy Nass. THIRD ROW: Leslie Peters. Donna Morris, Jane Ulma. Holly Zillmer. Karnes, Linda Jenks, Becky Draeger, Sue Monaghan, Bonnie Crosley, Cindy Gosernile. FOURTH ROW: Carolyn McManus. Barb Brady, Noreen Kochicas, Susan Lange. WELLS; 251-269: FRONT ROW: Dave Lanphear, Robert Gross, Joe Beck, Dwight Crosse, Jeff Danielson, Bob Korlewitz. SECOND ROW: Tom Bruns, Leslie Helberg, Steve Hauge, Mike Banks, Bill Dorion, Jeff WELLS; 270-287: FRONT ROW: Jim Geisthardt, Bob Locker, Rick Glowe, Dave Beetstra, John Power, Rick Schwab, Mike Zeimet. SECOND ROW: Don Szulczewski, Larry Sandy, Jim Horan, Greg Equi, Nachreiner. THIRD ROW: Walt Johansen, Craig Artl, Jim Hanser, Dan Mroz, Don Meredith. FOURTH ROW: Mike Pandou, Gary Meier, John Tautges, Jeff Rathjen, Bill Barwick. Bruce Caspari, Dennis Voit. THIRD ROW: Bogie Regis, Tom Dahmen, Paul Schueue, George Stroesenreuther. FOURTH ROW: Pat Sweeney, Jeff Slaussen, John Witlstock. 209 210 WELLS; 351-369: FRONT ROW: Warren Ottrein, Robert Branen, Perry Bell, Stan Mutthauf, Paul Nowak, Rick Smith. SECOND ROW: Bob Kaiser, Ken Martini, James Vogel, Tom Perry, Jim 011, Al Brandt, Jeff Kranz, Al Keller, John Minard. THIRD ROW: Brian Miller, Bill WELLS; 370-387: FRONT ROW: Tom Bowen, Chuck Breunig, P. .l. Conerty, Clyde Zimmerman, Bill Wade. SECOND ROW: Brad Prasse, Pele Leux, Roger Kylmanen, Tom Dixon, Dave Lynetl, Mike Miles, Lars Panlener. Mike Rieck, Bob Junk, Frank Hozeska, Greg Lownik, Jim Stone, Brian Bondehagen. FOURTH ROW: Tim Sweemer, Marc Rausch, Terry Filker. Ballweg, Rocky Bell, R. Dad Tambourine. THIRD ROW: Steve Censky, Tim Shalhrack, Mark Chandler, John Kanetzke, Roger Christianson, C. J. Wyks. WELLS; 451-469: FRONT ROW: R. E. Whitley, Randy Rue, Jeff Brenzel, Ken Ostrenga, Gary Huber, Bob Johnston, Craig Janusz, Chris Crye. SECOND ROW: Tom Lukas, Jim Schneider. Tom Felker, Pat WELLS; 470-487: FRONT ROW: Tim Warden, Rick Anderson, Rick Ressner, Steve Hammong, Mike LaFratta, Greg Strong. SECOND ROW: Bill Shrunk, John Trilling, Bill Hutson, Dean Dimitriou, Brian Norem, Terry, John Stachnik. THIRD ROW: Dean Breunig, Dan Reid, Steve Crevcoure, Bob Sieckman, Joe Lynch, Craig Wallin, Booth, Tom Brelinski, Christian Penev. Paul Dolan. THIRD ROW: Dale Poquette, Gary Schepp, Dave Krempel, Jeff Jensen, Bob Schuster, Wayne Lemens, Dave Cook, Kris Reeves, Si- meon Lakutz. 211 212 WELLS; 551-569: FRONTROW: Joe Percival, John Dvesing, Jim Stein, Dale Williams, Bob Schoofs, Bob Turner, Bill Brue, Bill Fairchild. Dave Kowal, Jacky Yam. SECOND ROW: Andy Chu, Tom Fraser, Jerry Epping, Greg Haines, Joe Loizzo, Sam Loizzo, Bob Marks, John Ruball, WELLS; 570-587: FRONT ROW: Dan Koessl, Kevin Smith, Mike Omer- nik, Rick Priegel, John Hall, Jay Cotton, Gary Peters. SECOND ROW: Gary Kirch, Mike Schaen, Dave McGrath, Chuck Konopacky, Dave Pfeil, Evan Brudahl, Mark Zuccarello, Tony Caruso. THIRD ROW: Joe John Zach. Jim Baumgart, Kevin. THIRD ROW: Tom Sanew, Steve Ritzman, Jim Hendrickson, Dale Slaves, Henry Peterson. Craig Seivert, Shane Dolohonty, Scott Seering, Paul Finke, Dan Stack. Thoma, Rick Omasch, David Williams, Ron Sarow, Fay Schultz, John Miller, Steve Radowski, Terry Rice, Larry Woods, Jeff Herrmann, AI Novotny. WELLS; 651-669: FRONT ROW: Randy Forman, Craig Kreml, Jeff Dobrecvich, Gary Peterson, Peter Wirlz, Bruce Kuzminski. Clark WELLS; 670-687: FRONT ROW: Dan Lytle, Robert Ginler, Greg Mews. SECOND ROW: Tom Alf, Marc Kuster, John Lorscheider, Brad Rodgers. THIRD ROW: Scott Viesselmann, Grant Hrushka, David Hunholz, Marc Hanson. SECOND ROW: Phil Amery, Karl Fuhrman, Rufus L. Gray, David McCartney, Kenneth Jungwirth, Jeff Heizberger. Recknagel, D. Carpenter, Bill Sonnenberg, Bob Schulz. FOURTH ROW: Chester Chamberlain III, Peter G. Schuster. WELLS; 751-769: FRONT ROW: Tom Lacenski, Doug Nelson, Joe Sicfkes, Denms Krajac, Bill Viney, Glen Swanson. SECOND ROW: Tom Natz, Dale Wegener, Dan Stein, Paul Heidemanns, Ric Vogl, Eric Ahrecht, Steve Grossman, David Wegner, Dale Rusch, Tom Gieslcr. WELLS; 770-787: FRONT ROW: Dave Curs, Jim Dawson, Dave Moonq Paul Duhe, Brad Lawson, Chuck Jonas, Ken Reisel. SECOND ROW: Jim Liebner, Greg Anderson, Kurt Bitters, Reggie Ingersoll, Bill THIRD ROW: Jeff Engel, Bill Greatsinger, Dick Hanson. FOURTH ROW: Mark M 7racken, Bruce Williams, David Rehfeldt, Gary Yerke, Steve Brossard, Mike Brey, Pal Sling, David Grossheim. Nackers, Raymond Kan, Duane Simon, Otis Nash, AI Priske, Percival Z. Phurvowski, Dan Schmidt, Jack Buri, Greg Monahan. WELLS; 851-869: FRONT ROW: Dennis Carpenter, John Pesche, Clint Baranowski, Kevin Dunne, Tom Mathews. SECOND ROW: Tom Lutz, Mark Geiger, Joe Prat, Roger Price, Dave Krueger, Jim Trantor. THIRD ROW: Paul Tushinski, John Vernon, Mark Preuschl, Carl Treml, WELLS; 870-887: FRONT ROW: Tom Knoll, Perry Bell, 8Trojan8, Jeff Moriva, L. A. Landgraf. SECOND ROW: Barry Borden, Michael Michael Stout. FOURTH ROW: Roger Queen, David Weaver, Jim Paton, Henry Cole, Jim Appleberry, John McCormack, Knut Forsman, Kevin Setzer, Rick Dehring. Hunter. THIRD ROW: Billy Prellum, Don Depralh, Jim Nelson, Steve Johnson, Kevin Anderson, Jeff Blyth. g44A8A8A 215 WELLS; 951-969: FRONT ROW: John Altmer, Michael Brunner, Wally Mulvany. Dave Lindberg, John Etter. Jim Amidei, Tony Schauer. SECOND ROW: Dave Thomas, Steve Gundrum, Greg Brown, Harry WELLS; 970-987: FRONT ROW: Don Behrendt, Paul Janczak. Ray Jacobson, Tom Hoskin, John Coleman, Ronald Minor. SECOND ROW: a Penguinm Tom Sell, Stan Schraufnagel, Gary Ingersoll, San Rotter, Ron Rico, Pat Finley. Dave Mesich, John Lauber, Jeff Nitecki, Bob PfeiL Joe Pius, Pete Malak, Rod Meloue, Dan Brunner, Dan Coonan. ,9; WELLS; 1051-1069: FRONT ROW: Art Chmelik, Stanley Lan, Carl Edstrand, Ron Mickelson, Richard Peterson, Bob Peashey, Tom Gaglione. SECOND ROW: David Brusko, Bob Huss, Tom Kees, Jack WELLS; 1070-1087: FRONT ROW: Reginald Wilkeison, Derek Samp- son. SECOND ROW: Bob Patzwald, George Dorwas, John Stoneberg, Ron Chilcote, Christian Djorup, Jr. THIRD ROW: Peter Reissell Swan, w " f4, x ,0! 13804! Zerbel, Dana Farina, John Galbraith, Bruce Bottolfson. THIRD ROW: Don DeMartini, Marty Ford, Gary Lindauer, Gary Doperalski, Mike Uzelac, Tom Mirsberger. Jim Saint Louis, JL, Chuck De Grave, Gary Weston, Jay Johnson, Don Wakeman, Pat Decker. FOURTH R0 W: Greg Rusleberg. s m r 0 D . 010. 2 .Xithhlywk , Dorms 2l9 Survival in the cold, real world . . . Sometimes I have to look at the name on my high school diploma to remind myself of who I am. When I get my college diploma, Iall know who I am twice. Seniors n .w n e S 9.. W. Seniors-223 $ 224 Seniors Seniorsv225 226-Seniors ROBEBTJ Io BLE , General-Businm HERBERT J. CABLSON ' Management, CH Marketing ROBERT CHASE L Management STEPHEN J. DOSTER: , General Business ' DAVID A.DRASCIC ' Accounting DAVIDLLDK m , Safe 228-Senio rs 3': "mu x. a 229 Seniors KATIiLEEN M. FERSCHINGER - ; Mathematics T JAMES p, FETZER ' , Socielyogy,y$ociai WeIf'arc s: ,9?- CHRISTINE 'E ,. Elementary Egkiyukcatkiyoh 230 Seni0rs 232--Seniars Senio "-233 wwwsx . aux u , m, 0f .ud :5 f 32 ' ms ax; ,rA $33; A $31? . . 3 x 33;, Mfgh X -x g 3? 3 $3M $$$$ng 3 V3133? 33? 3 w m 2343Seniors g; X k x 25 w 353;; x, 1 , Seniors-235 ROBERT L. KIEFER game ' JANET L'- KLECKNER , , , HV ry ' MARGARET n. KLEIRER ; Specia1,Elementgry : 0R . L 23 6 Senio rs Seniors-23 7 mum R; warms L Management, 238-Seniors Senio rs -23 9 240-Senio rs N NCY A.LUND Sociology , Biology STEVE D. LUTZKE DANIELJ LYNCH eneralBu i ' L - Special, Elementary Q CARLA 1. MARTY Elementary Educatign Seniors-241 1W5!!! .1 kg ,u B. d... r m e G Seniors-243 Seniors-245 GENE K. QUALMANN , International Relations ROBERTA L. mecca , Elementary, German JON A. RADOSTA V ' ANTHONY 3; Finance MARK w. RAWSKI ' , L Mathematics , Physics?! Eduatio JEROME M. REGET 246 Seniors Seniors-247 L 1315mm? 1'. smmm' L : U .Manugemem L , mvmascumnm , v Management L 24B-Sen io rs 250-Sen iors L Histgry, Politicatsamw ' 1i TRICK ' ' 252-Seniors ,PATRESA K. WELSH Elementary Education BEVERLY A. WENGER Psychology ROBERT D. WHISLER, JR. Geography PHILIP J. WICKEY J ournalism CHERYL A. WIESE Physical Education JUDY K. WIESMANN Physical Education CANDACE M. WILKE Kindergarten Primary COLIN B. WILLIAMS General Business MARGARET A. WILLIAMS Elementary Education TERRY J. WILLIAMS Marketing THOMAS n. WILLIAMS Management ROBERT C. WILLUMSEN Accounting ROBERT W. WILP Finance, Accounting BONNIE A. WINDERL French JOHN L. WINGERT Psychology KATHY WINIECKI English DEBORAH A. WINN Social Welfare MARCIAL R. WINTER Special Education MARY-CAROLE WISE Special Education DENNIS c. WITEK Mathematics nAva.mnocK k ' , .Sociglogy L ' JOHN L. WITTSTOCK ' Accounting KAREN A. WITZEL ,. ,. Elementaryzdnmion , L KATRINA: WOLWK , aganenyrimm. 254-Sen io rs Seniors-255 Senior Directory ADAMS, MICHAEL Jr-Palmyra, W1. Society for the Adumvcmcnl 01' Management 3,4. AIELLO, CAROLINA F.4Kenosha, W1. Alpha Gamma Delta Sororiq Corresponding Secretary 3,4; Phi Beta Lambda 4; Soviet; for the Ad- vancement of Management 3; University Center Activities Board Filmstrip Committee 4: Standards Representative 3; Swim Queen 3. AKI'JOBI, AUGUSTINE A.-Owerri, Nigeria. International Club 3; Campus Crusade for Christ 3. ALIOTA, LAUREL A.-Hartford, W1. Symphonic Band 1,3. ANDERSEN, DANNY Lr4Franksvi1Ie, W1. Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity Treasurer 3; Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society 3,4; Accounling Society 2,3,4; Varsity Baseball Letterman 2,3,4. ANDERSON, BONITA 11.40;;0n0m0w0t', WI. ANDERSON, DENNIS 1.4Wauconda, IL. Lambda Chi Alpha 4, Alumni Chairman 2, Pledge Committee 2,3, Treasurer 3. ANDERSON, NANCY 11-Manil0woc, W1. ANDERSON, NINA R.-Madison, W1. Debate Team 2; Wisconsin Educa- tion Association-National Education Association 3. ANDERSON, RICHARD J.4Brookfield, W1. Resident Assistant 3,4; 1n- tramurals 1,2,3,4. ANDREAS, TRYON L.-Crysla1 Lake, IL. Flying Dragonk Karate Club 3,4;Knighl1sCluh 3; International Club 3; Tactics Team 3,4, Commander 2. ANDREWS, MARGARET F.-Cuperlino, CA. ANDROSH, DAVID G.4Brookfield, W1. Ski Club 2,3; Student Council for Exceptional Children 3. ANGELL, PATRICIA A.-Beloil, WI. Alpha Beta Alpha 3,4; University Center Activities Board 3,4; Dorm Council 3. ARNDORFER, CAROL J.4Eagle, W1. Delta Zeta Sorority 2,4, Vice President-Pledge Trainer 3; Silver Scr0114; Benson Hall Vice President 2; Associated Women Students l,2,3,4. ARNOLD, VERNITA L.4Edgerton, WI. Alpha Beta Alpha 3,4. ASMA, MICHAEL J.--Gurnee, 1L. Christian Student Association 1,2,3; Cross Country 1. BADTEN, JOHN C.-Milwaukee, WI. Phi Kappa Phi3,4;1ntramurals 2,- 3,4. BAERBOCK, MARLENE A.4De1avan, W1. Mathematics Council 3; Stu- dent Wisconsin Education Association4Nalional Education 3. BAETEN, STEPHEN D.4De Pere, WI. Circle K Club 2,3, Treasurer 4; Accounting Society 3,4. BAILEY, BRADFORD C.4Mequon, WI. Phi Chi Epsilon 1,2, Secretary 3, House President 4; Interfraternity Council 3,4; Wrestling l,2,3,4. BAKER, JAMES G.-Elkhorn, W1. American Marketing Association 3,4. BAKKE, DENISE K.-Sun Prairie, WI. Alpha Sigma Sorority 2,3,4. BAKKEN, RUTH A.-Mt. Horeb, W1. Ski Hawks 1,2,3; Fischer Hall Dorm Treasurer 2; Resident Assistant 2. BALBACH, SANDRA G.-Warren, 1L. Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority 2,4, Vice President 3. BANES, DOTTI A.4Brook1ield, W1. Physics Club 1,2; Social Represen- tative 2; Academic Representative 3. BARANSKI, CHARLES C.- BARBER, DAVID J.-Janesville, W1. BARRY, BARBARA E.-Chicago, 1L. BAST, KAY L.4Richfie1d, WI. BASTHEMER, STEVEN A.-Ml. Horeb, W1. College of Education Ad- visory Council 4; Baseball l,2,3,4. BATZLER, SUSAN D.-Menomonee Falls, WI. BAUER, MICHAEL T.-Madison, W1. Baseball 1. BAUM, JEFFREY D.4Ixonia, W1. Flying Hawks President 4; 1n- tramurals 3. BAUMEISTER, LAURIE L.4Burlington, W1. American Women Society 1,2; Social Representative 1; Wing Representative 2; Wisconsin Education Association 3; Girls Bowling 2; Girls Softball 3. BEATTY, NONA L.4Watertown, WI. Student Council for Exceptional Children President 3. BEAUDOIN, JULIE M.-New Berlin, WI. Dorm Hall Council 3. BECKER, STEVEN T.- BEERMAN, JOHN J.4Niagara, W1. Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity 2,3,4; American Marketing Association 3,4; Class Vice President 2; Class Senator 3,4. BEERS, WILLIAM M.4Whitewater, W1. Vets Club 1,2,4, Social Chair- man 3; Ski Hawks 1,2,3; Sailing Club 1,2,3; Wrestling 1,2. BEHL, BETH B.4Lake Mills, W1. Dorm Executive Board Treasurer 2,3; Intercollegiate Gymnastic Team 2,3,4; Residence Hall Federation 2; Warhawk Ambassador 2,3. BENNETT, CAROL C.4Trevor, WI. BENNETT, GREGORY J.40conomowoc, WI. 256-Senior Directory BENNETT, ROBIN L.-New Berlin, W1. Spanish Club 3; Slude Wisconsin Education Association4National Education Associali Secretary 3. BENTZ, JANET M.4St. Francis, W1. BERRYMAN, DONNA V.-Beloit, W1. Association for Childhood Edlu tion 3,4. BIDIJNGMAIER, SITE D.-Winslow, 1L. Sociology Club 3,4. BILSKI, CHERYL A.4Cudahy, W1. Phi Beta Lambda 2,3. B1N10K, JOAN 1..4Milwaukcc, W1. Royal Purple 1; Wing Represc tative 2; Residence Hall Federation 2; Canoe Club 2; Assoviat Psychology Students 3. BIRDSALL, RICHARD W.4Racine, W'l. Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Clarin Choir 1,2,3,4; Student Wisconsin Education Association4Nalion Education Association 2,3,4; Unh'ersity Center Aclixilies Board Fine A Chairman 4. BISCHOFF, VICTORIA Lr-Verona, W1. Social Representative 1; Wi Representative 2; Sociology Club 2; Women in Communication Secretary 3, Vice President 4. BLANKENHEIM, ELIZABETH J.-West Allis, WI. BLIX, HOWARD G.4Brookfield, WI. Phi Mu Alpha Si fonia4Historian, Vice President. BLUMENSTOCK, BETTY J.4Whitewalcr, W1. Synchronized Swimmi 2; Intramurals 3. BOERNER, KAREN L.-Niagara, W1. BOLTZ, SHIRLEY M.4Fort Atkinson, WI. Concert Choir 1,2,3,- Madrigalians 3; Associate Resident Assistant 2; Resident Assistant 3. BOORSMA, DORIS E.-Randolph, WI. BORCHART, BARRY J.-Huntley, IL. Society for the Advancement Management 3,4; Football 1. BORENITSCH, RICHARD L.4Pewaukee, W1. Canoe Club 2; Co-l Volleyball 2,3; Accounting Society 3. BOSCH, ALICE M.-Highland, WI. BOUCHER, LINDA A.4Green Bay, WI. University Center Activili Board Publicity 3; University Players 3. BRAASCH, CATHI 1.-Mukwonago, WI. Sigma Delta Chi 3,4. BRAUN, GARY L.-1013, WI. BRENNAN, MARY B.-Milwaukee, WI. Alpha Sigma Sorority Preside 3,4. BRETTHAUER, GREGORY D.4Menasha, W1. BREUCHEL, GARY A.4Wauwatosa, W1. Lambda Chi Alpha Fraterni 1,2, Vice President 3,4; Resident Assistant 2; Resident Assistant Council , Ski Club 1,2; Intramurals 1,2; Homecoming Planning Committee 4. BROSNAN, MARY A.-Chicago, 1L. BROWN, JOAN E.4Burlinglon, W1. BROWN, MARCELLA M.4Brodhead, W1. BROWN, RANDALL E.-Delavan, WI. Flying Dragons 1,2. BROWNLEE, CAROL A.-Barrington, 1L. Associated Women Studen 2; Dorm Council Vice President 2; Residence Hall Federation 2. BRUSDA, KENNETH J.-Kewaunee, W1. Phi Kappa Phi Honor Socie 3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. BRYLINKE, CATHY A.-Chicago, 1L. Sigma Delta Chi 3; Stude Assembly Representative 1,2,3; Dorm Hall Secretary 1, President 2, Royal Purple 3; Residence Hall Federation 1,2,3. BUCHANAN, NANCY L.4Lodi, WI. BUCKETT, JAMES D.-Beloil, WI. BUDYAK, JOHN J.--Greendale, WI. Phi Sigma Epsilon Fraternity 1,2,3 4; Interfraternity Council 2,3,4; Finance Club 4. BUDZIEN, JANICE D.4Waukesha, WI. Alpha Sigma Sorority 2. BUELOW, GARY D.4Jefferson, W1. Marching Band 2,3,4; Jazz Band Synphonic Band 3,4; Sax Quartet 3,4. BUNKER, MARK A.-Menasha, WI. Delta Sigma Pi Fraternity 4, Vi President-Pledge Class 3; Society for the Advancement of Manageme 3,4. BURGETT, MARY L.4Kenosha, WI. Wing Representative 1;Dorm Ha Secretary 2,3, Alternate Assemblyman 2,3; Resident Hall Federation . Warhawk Ambassador 2,3; Alpha Beta Alpha 3, Parliamentarian I Assemblyman 4. BURMAN, WANDA A.4West Allis, WI. Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority Philanthropic Chairman 4, Panhellenic Council 4; Campus Gold 2; Foo Committee 1,2; Hall Council 2. BURTON, NATHAN M.-New London, WI. Pi Sigma Epsilon; Society 1 the Advancement of Management; University Center Activities Boar Dorm Hall Staff; Royal Purple Advertising Manager. BURTON, SUSAN R.-Baraboo, WI. Delta Zeta Sorority 2, Activiti. Chairman 3,4; Panhellenic Council 2. BUSS, JUDITH M.-Milwaukee, WI. CABLE, ROBERT J.-West Allis, WI. Intramurals 3,4. ALEY, SANDRA G.4Ft. Atkinson, WI. AMPION, BRUCE J.4New Berlin, WI. ANRIGHT, JEAN Ar-Twin Lakes, WI. Data Processing Management ssocialion 2,3,4; American Computing Machines 3,4; Phi Kappa Phi 3,4. AREY, GREG W.4Mineral Point, WI. 'ARLSON, HERBERT J.-Waukesha, WI. Vet1s Club 2,3; Society for the dvancement of Management 3. ARRAN, CARL K.-Whitewater, WI. HAN, DEREK K. C.4Sookun Po, Hong Kong. Soccer Club 3. HAN, PAUL P.--Toronto, Ontario. International Club 1,2,3,4; Chinese ssociation 1,2,3,4; University Center Activities Board Film Committee 3,4; Pi Sigma Epsilon 2,3,4. HAN, PETER4Whitewater, WI. 1HASE, ROBERT K.4Sheboygan, W1. Lambda Chi Alpha 3, President 4; eserve Officers Training Corp 1,2,3,4. HEN, MARY W.4West Bend, WI. HRISTENSEN, KATHLEEN M.-Bristol, WI. IEBIEN, MARTIN B.-Park Ridge, IL. Delta Chi Fraternity 2,3,4; orm Hall Vice President 1; Residence Hall Federation Vice President 2; tramurals 1,2,3,4. IHA, MARLENE A.-Two Rivers, W1. LAPPER, RUBY CHRISTINE-Lake Geneva, WI. Hawk-ettes 2,3,4. LARK, LINDA-West Bend, WI. Council for Exceptional Children 3. LARK, ROBERT J.-Beloit, WI. Residence Hall Federation 3; Dorm all Council 3; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. LEMENT, DEBORAH J.-Mequon, WI. Society for the Advancement of anagement 3,4; Economics Club 4; Law Society. LOUGH, SANDRA A.-Janesville, WI. LOWES, JAMES R.-Beloit, WI. Navigators 1,2,3; Resident Assistant 3; reshman Football 1; Intramurals 1,2,3. OHEN, MICHAEL C.4Denmark, WI. Pi Sigma Epsilon 2,3,4; Dorm all Council 1,3; Accounting Society 3,4; Equipment Manager 1,2; Foot- -Il, Basketball Student Trainer 3,4. ONROY, KAREN K.4Ft. Atkinson, WI. ONSTANCE, ROBERT 3C.-Northbrook, IL. Society for the Advance- ent of Management 3. UNVERSE, SUSAN K.4LeLand, 1L. Delta Zeta Sorority 1,2,3,4; Beta eta Beta Fraternity 3, Secretary 4; Golf Team 1; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. OOPER, MICHAEL R.-Janesville, WI. Phi Alpha Theta 3,4. ORRELL, MARCIA L.-Edgerton, WI. American Marketing Association 3,4. UUGHLIN, JOHN J.-Whitewater, W1. Vet15 Club 1,2,3,4; Gamma heta Upsilon 4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. RAIG, MICHAEL J.-Milwaukee, WI. Circle K 1,2; Canoe Club 2. BASS, DONNA F.4Phelps, WI. Beta Bela Beta 3, Co-president 4; ean's Advisory Council 4; Financial Aids Committee 4; Environmental uality Committee 4. RAWFORD, SHIRLEY L.4Poynette, WI. Gamma Theta Upsilon 3; andards Representative 2; Associated Women Students 2; Cicilian horale 2. REEK, CANDACE A.4Janesville, WI. RONIN, NANCY Jr-Racine, WI. RONIN, PATRICK J.-Racine, WI. Accounting Society; Vet7s Club. ZAJKOWSKI, JAN V.4Whitewater, W1. Phi Chi Epsilon Fraternity, Iumni Secretary; Intramurals. AHL, JAMES L.4Elm Grove, WI. AHMEN, BRUCE A.-Middleton, WI. Baseball 2. AHMEN, JEANNE M.4South Wayne, WI. Phi Kappa Phi 4; Society for e Advancement of Management 3,4. ALY, KATHLEEN E.--Racine, WI. Minneiska 3; Dorm Vice President Associated Women Students 2; Intramurals 1,2,3. ANIELS, JAMES H.4Burlington, WI. Delta Chi Fraternity 2,3,4; merican Marketing Association 4; Homecoming General Committee 1,- 3; Dorm Hall Council 1; Residence Hall Federation 2; Dorm Hall Presi- nt 2; Winterfesl Chairman 4. AWSON, ELLEN M.-Kaukauna, WI. MajoMMinor Physical Education lub 2,3,4; Southern Wisconsin National Education Association 3,4; cademic Standards Committee 3,4; Intramurals 1,3,4. eBRUINE, JAMES M.-Sheboygan, W1. Chairman1s Advisory oard-Geography Department 3. ECKER, PAUL L.-Port Washington, WI. Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity 1, ice President 2, President 3, Scholarship Chairman 3,4; Interfraternity ouncil 3, President 4; Whitewater University City Housing Committee 4; Radio Staff 3,4; Wing Representative 2; Dorm Athletics Director 2; tramurals 1,2,3,4. ECKER, VICKI LYNN-Oconomowoc, WI. EMAND, STEPHEN S.-Racine, WI. Pi Sigma Epsilon 3; Associate esident Assistant 3. ENEMARK, DAVID L.-Whitewater, WI. Theta Alpha Phi 3,4; Sigma elta Chi 3, Vice President 4; Student Publications Board 3,4; University layers l,2,3,4; Photo Staff 1, Royal Purple Photo Editor 2, Chief hotographer 3,4. ENEMARK, MEREDITH V.-Whitewater, WI. University Players 3,4; hoto Staff 3,4. DenHARTIGH, CARLA R.-Racine, WI. Accounting Soviety 3. DETHMERS, BRUCE W.-Waupun, W1. DiBENARDO, RONALD L.-Beloit, W1. Phi Beta Lambda Treasurer 3,4; Accounting Society 2; Wisconsin Education Association4Nalional Education Association 2. DIERKEN, KATHLEEN A.4Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania. Council for Ex- ceptional Children 3. DIETRICH, JANET E.-Cassville, WI. Delta Zeta Sorority 2,4, Treasurer 3; Silver Scroll 4; Phi Kappa Phi 4; Pi Omega Pi 3, President 4; Phi Beta Lambda 2; Resident Assistant 2,3; Associated Women Students l,2,3,4. DiSALVO, KATHLEEN M.-Madison, WI. Sigma Sigma Sigma Sororiu 3, Scholastic Chairman 4. DITTER, DANIEL J.4Fond du Lac, WI. Freshman Football 1; Inter- collegiate Football 2,3,4. DOLEZAL, SUSAN E.-Mequon, WI. Canoe and Outdoor Club 1,2,3,4; Minneiska 1,3,4, Section Editor 2; Gamma Delta 3,4. DOMURET, DIANA-Chicago, IL. DOOCE, GARY A.-Stratford, WI. DOSTER, STEPHEN J.-H0mew00d,1L. Phi Chi Epsilon Fraternity 2,3, Treasurer, President 4; Basketball 1; Golf l,2,3,4. DRASCIC, DAVID A.-Sturtevant, W1. Accounting Society; Vetqs Club. DRESEN, DAVID L.-Racine, WI. Golf 2,3,4. DREW, ROSE M.-Janesville, W1. Associate Resident Assistant 2; Resi- dent Assistant 3. DRUMMOND, JUDITH A.4Hinsdale, IL. Delta Zeta Sorority Courtesy Chairman 3, Recording Secretary 4; University Center Activities Board 4; Intramurals 3,4. DUMSTREY, KATHLEEN B.-West Allis, WI. Delta Zeta Sorority 3,4; Pan-Hellenic Council 4. DUNN, DARLENE L.-Ripon, WI. DUNN, MAUREEN M.-Sheboygan, WI. Economics Club 2,3,4. DUTCHER, ROGER L.4Beloit, W1. Association of English Majors and Minors 1,2,3,4. DUYSER, DEBRA J.4Milwaukee, WI. Sigma Alpha Eta 2,3,4. EBERT, ROBERT 5.4Janesville, WI. Wrestling 1. EBERT, WILLIAM R.-Janesville, W1. Wrestling 1. EDWARDS, SUSAN K.-Waukesha, W1. Alpha Beta 2, Recording Secretary 3. EGAN, JANE C.-Monona, W1. Phi Alpha Theta 3,4. ELIAS, BARBARA A.4Kenosha, WI. Delta Omicron 3,4; Student Wisconsin Education Association 3,4. ELLSWORTH, PATRICIA J.-Johnson Creek, WI. Associated Women Students 2; Council for Exceptional Children 2,3; Student Wisconsin Education Association-Student National Education Association 3; 1n- tramurals 2. ELSTROM, DIANE A.-Lake Bluff, IL. EMBERTSON, DIANE R.4McFarland, W1. Phi Kappa Phi 3,4; Associa- tion for Distributive Education Majors 2,3,4. ENGELHARDT, NANCY L.-Loves Park, 11.. University Center Ac- tivities Board 4. ENSLEY, MICHAEL T.4Beloil, WI. Society for the Advancement of Management 4. ERICKSON, GREGG W.--New Glarus, W1. ERICKSON, M. TIMOTHY4Waukegan, 1L. Canoe and Outdoor Club 1,- 2,3,4. ESCH, JEANNE E.40ak Creek, WI. Speech and Hearing Association 4; Intramurals l. ESSER, NANCY E.-Waukesha, W1. Student Council for Exceptional Children 3. ETZEL, DIANE M.-Menomonee Falls, WI. Silver Scroll 3,4; Student Wisconsin Education Association4National Education Association 3,4; Student Assembly 2; Associated Women Students 1,2,4, Corresponding Secretary 3; Dorm Hall Vice President 2; Resident Assistant 3; Prophet Food Committee 2,3; Food Contract Advisory Committee 3. EVANCHO, DARLENE M.4Waukesha, W1. Residence Hall Federation 2; Alpha Omicron Pi Historian 3,4; Pan-Hellenic Council 3; Student Council for Exceptional Children 2,3,4. EVANS, DANIEL R.-Pekin, IL. Class Treasurer 3; Campus Crusade for Christ 3,4; Warhawk World Sports Editor 3. EVERSON, JEFFREY M.4Smughton, WI. Phi Kappa Phi Honorary Society 4; Lettermen1s Club 3,4; Track 1,2, Most Valuable Player 3, Cap- tain 4. FADNESS, DONNA R.-Madison, WI. Cicilian Choral. FAIRCLOTH, SHIRLEY A.-Beloit, WI. FALK, BARBARA J.4Stoughton, WI. Phi Kappa Phi 4. FALKNER, DEAN D.-Wauwatosa, W1. Ski Hawks 1,4; Sailing Club 2; Equestrian Club 1; Ralley Club 1,2,3. FASSL, JEANINE M.4Racine, WI. Theta Alpha Phi 4; Dorm Hall Social Committee Chairman 1; University Players 2,3,4. FAVELL, KENNETH D.-Mukwonago, WI. Phi Alpha Theta 3,4; Phi Kappa Phi 3,4; Meislersingers 1,2,3,4; Royal Purple 3,4. FEBOCK, MARY A.-Cambridge, WI. FEHRMAN, JANE M.-Oconomowoc, WI. FELSECKER, MARY C.4Milwaukee, W1. Resident Assistant 2,3. Senior Directory4-257 FERGUSON, ELLEN-Richland Center, WI. FERSCHINGER, KATHLEEN M.-Wauwatosa, W1. Concert Choir 1. FETZER, JAMES P.4Milwaukee, WI. Alpha Kappa Delta 4; Student Senator 3,4; Assemblyman 2; Student Sociology Club 1,4; Peace Studies Club 1, Vice President 2,3; Student Mobilization Committee 1, President 2,3; Residence Hall Federation 3; Dorm Hall Representative 2,3. FICK, CHRISTINE E.4Beloit, WI. Sigma Delta Pi 3, Vice President 4; Silver Scroll 4; Phi Kappa Phi 3,4; Warhawk Ambassador 2,3,4; Spanish Club 1,2,4, Treasurer 3; Assistant Resident Assistant 2; Resident Assistant 2,3,4. FIGI, MATTHEW L.4Monroe, WI. Math Club 3; Crambling Exvhange 3; Student Education Association 3,4. FILUT, SUSAN A.4Greendale, WI. Associate Resident Assistant, Resi- dent Assistant. FINCO, ELIZABETH A.4Cudahy, W1. Circle K International 3,4; Food Committee 2,3,4; Associated Women Students 2; Student Wisconsin Education Association-National Education Association 3,4; Residence Hall Federation 2; Standards Representative 1; Dorm Hall President 2; Associate Resident Assistant 3; Synchronized Swimming 1. FIROUZABADL AMIR-Whitewater, WI. Delta Sigma Pi Fraternity 3; International Club 3; Swimming 3; 00113. FISCHER, KATHY E.4Waukesha, WI. Phi Kappa Phi 3,4. FISHER, CHERYL L.-Madison, WI. Senator, Assemblywoman, Student Body Corresponding Secretary 3; Allocations Committee 3; Student Government Foundations Committee 3:, Warhawk Ambassador 3; Womens Recreation Association l,2,3,4; Womens Intercollegiate Golf Team 1,2; W-eue 1; Cheerleader 2,3; Intramurals l,2,3,4. FLEMING, CAROLYN4JanesviIIe, WI. FLETCHER, ROBERT C.-Beaver Dam, WI. Tau Kappa Epsilon Frater- nity 2,3,4; Accounting Society 3,4; Wing Representative 1. FLYNN, BARBARA J.-Whitewaler, W1. FONTANA, CYNTHIA A.4Freeport, IL. Royal Purple Secretary 2, Assis- tant Advertising Manager 3, Business Manager 4. FORNER, LINDA L.-Milwaukee, WI. Sigma Alpha Ela 2,3; Deanss Ad- visory Council 4; Forensics 2; Concert Choir 1. FORTE, ROBERT D.4Greendale, WI. Dorm Hall Representative 1; Dorm Hall Social Chairman 1; Basketball Official 2,3,4; Inlramurals 1,2,- 3,4. FORTNEY, KIM-Lake Geneva, WI. Law Society 3,4. FOSTER, PATRICIA A.wBurlington, WI. University Players 2,3,4. FRASER, WILLIAM J.-Whitewater, WI. Pi Sigma Epsilon 3; American Marketing Association; Executive Board Corresponding Secretary. FREDRICKSON, JAMES A.4Whitewaler, WI. Vefs Club 3,4; Photo Staff 2,3; Meistersingers 3. FRENCH,JEANN1E K.-Milwaukee, W1. Movements and Advancement Forum for the Independence of the Arts Assemblyman, President 3; Slu- dent Publications Board 4; Class Vice President 3; Dorm Hall Joint Coun- oil 3; Dorm Hall Judicial Board 3. FRIEDLI, JOHN E.4Wauwatosa, WI. FRY, KATHLEEN L.-Helenville, WI. Kappa Delta Pi 3; Student Wisconsin Education Association 3; Canoe and Outdoor Club 1,2, Secretary 3. FURSTENBERG, ALICE M.-Brookfield, WI. Associated Women Students l,2,3,4; Student National Education Association-Wisconsin Education Association 3,4; College of Education Student Advisory Coun- cil 3. GADZALINSKI, KAREN M.4Milwaukee, WI. Speech and Hearing Association 3,4. GAGLIONE, THOMAS A.4Milwaukee, WI. CAJEWSKI, MARLYEE J.-Milwaukee, WI. Pi Omega Pi 4; Phi Beta Lambda 4; Canoe Club 2; Inter-Varsity 3. GALARNEAU, SHARON A.-Waukesha, WI. Academic Representative 2,3. GALLAGHEN, TIMOTHY-Whitewater, WI. Phi Chi Epsilon Fraternity l,2,3,4; American Marketing Association 3,4; Freshman Football 1; Varsi- ty Football 2; Intramurals l,2,3,4. GALLAS, ANNE4Milwaukee, WI. GALLE, STEVEN C.4Mineral Point, WI. GALLENBECK, NANCY J.4Burnett, WI. Homecoming Committee 2; Prophet Food Committee 2,3; Student Wisconsin Education Association4National Education Association 2, Vice President 3,4; Associated Women Students 1,3; Dorm Representative 2; Dorm President 2; Residence Hall Federation 2; Dorm Standards Committee 1. GALLUP, JAMES R.-Delavan, WI. CALVIN, MICHAEL J.-Milwaukee, WI. Track l,2,3,4; W-Club 2,3,4; Cross Country 3,4. GARREAU, ROBERT G.-Hurley, WI. Beta Beta Beta 3, Treasurer 4; Dean1s Advisory Council 4. CATZKE, DEBORAH S.-Tomah, WI. Data Processing Management Association 2,3,4; Homecoming Committee Elections Chairman 3, Dance Chairman and General Vice-Chairman 4; University Center Activities Board Special Events Committee 4; Student Assembly 2; Associated Women Students 1; Residence Hall Federation 2; Dorm Hall President 2; Intramurals l,2,3,4. 258-Senior Directory CAUTHIER, MARY L.4Tigerlon, WI. Delta 0mi6ron 2,4, Music Dire tor 3; Swing Choir 2,3,4; Concert Band 3; Treble C1ef2,3. GEHRKE, STEVEN W.-Wausau, WI. Kauphz KnoppskiFs Tap 2; P Mu AIpha-Sinfonia Corresponding Secretary 1,2, Treasurer 3,4; Conce Band l,2,3,4; Jazz Ensemble 1,2,3, Pep Band l,2,3,4; Marching Band 1, 3,4; Symphonic Band l,2,3,4; Clarinet Choir 2,3,4; Co-ed Volleyball Wrestling 1; Bowling l,2,3,4; Intramurals 2. GEHRT, KEN CvHaIes Corners, WI. Pi Sigma Epsilon 3,4; America Marketing Association Treasurer 3,4; Residence Hall Government 1; Club l,2,3,4; Cross Country 2,3,4; Track l,2,3,4. GEIDEL, PATRICIA A.-West Bend, WI. Alpha Omicron Pi 2, Vii President 3; Alpha Beta Alpha Treasurer 2, Vice President 3,4; Phi Kap Phi 3.4; Silver Scroll 3,4; Minneiska 1,2, Index Editor 3,4; Intramura 1,3. CERNETZKE, MICHAEL E.4Reeseville, WI. Phi Kappa Phi 3,4; Da Processing Management Association 3,4; University Band 1. GERRETSEN, THOM4FOX Lake, IL. Associated University Broadcaslc Secretary l,2,3,4; Concert Choir 1,2,3; Mcistcrsingers 1; Radio Staff 1,2,. 4. GEVAERT, JOHN C.4Menomonee Falls, WI. Sigma Pi Fraternity 1,2;1 Sigma Epsilon 3, Treasurer 4; Royal Purple 3; Finance Club 4. GEVELINGER, JOSEPH W.4Mineral Point, W1. GNATZIG, CATHERINE R.-Whitewater, WI. Sigma Pi Little Sislc 2,4, Secretary and Treasurer 3; Dorm Hall Council 2; Phi Kappa Phi Student Wisconsin Education Association 3,4. GOBEL, STEVEN M.4Burlington, W1. Accounting Society 2,3, Residence Assistant 2,3; Associate Residence Assistant 1; Baseball 1,2,. Intramurals 1,2,3. GOETZKE, WILLIAM D.-Oconom0woc, W1. GOHR, BETH A.4Brown Deer, WI. GOLDBERG, PAMELA J.-M0rton Grove, IL. Alpha Sigma Sorority 2,3 4. GOODSPEED, MARY PATF-Franksville, WI. Delta Zeta Sorority 2,3, Panhellenic Council 3,4. GRAY, SUE ANN4Milton, WI. GREBEL, SUSAN A.-Horicon, WI. GRIMM, CHARLES B.4Racine, WI. Vel1s Club 4. GRONINGER, KAREN A.4Greenfield, WI. Kappa Delta Pi 3. GROVE, VIRGINIA J.4Whitewater, WI. GUAGLIARDO, KATHLEEN M.4Wauwatosa, WI. Delta Zeta Sorori l,2,3,4; Kappa Delta Pi 3,4; Initiate in Silver Scroll 3,4; Dean1s List 1,2,3 4; AWS l,2,3,4; AWS Bridal Show 3; Bonne Bell College Board 2,3,4. GUELTZOW, GARY A.-Brookfield, WI. Delta Sigma Pi 2,3,4; Stude Assembly 3; Student Government 2. GUMM, JAMES C.-Jackson, WI. Intramurals l,2,3,4. GUNDRUM, LAWRENCE J.4Slinger, WI. Accounting Society 3,4; Dor Athletic Co-ordinator 3; Basketball 1. GUNTHER, JANIS M.4Cedarburg, WI. Associated Women Students Wisconsin Educational Association4National Educational Association. GUST, PETER L.-Milwaukee, WI. Treasurer, Wellys Hall 3; Football 1 GYGAX, PHYLLIS J.-Waukesha, WI. Phi Beta Lambda 2,.' Navigators 2,3. HAAS, THERESA A.-Platteville, WI. Sigma Alpha Eta 1,2; Phi Kapp Phi 4; Cecelian Chorale 1; Associate Resident Assistant 2; Resident Assi lant 3. HAMMILLER, RUTH E.-Burlington, WI. Kappa Delta Pi 3,4; Phi Ka pa Phi 3,4; Wing Representative 1; Association Childhood Education Associated Women Students 3. HAMRE, BEVERLY J.4DeForest, WI. Council for Exceptional Childre 3,4. HANKES, THOMAS F.-Beaver Dam, WI. Accounting Club 1; Veteran Club 2. HANKO, SALLY S.4Lodi, WI. Sigma Delta Pi 3; Alpha Kappa Delta 3 HANSMANN, HENRY D.-Sheboygan, WI. HANSMANN, KEITH M.4Glenbeulah, WI. Student Sociology Assooi tion, 3, Treasurer 4. ; HANSON, ANN Mr-Albany, WI. Phi Kappa Phi 4; National Educalio Association4Wisconsin Education Association 3,4. HANSON, SALLY D.-St. Francis, WI. Dorm Council, Dorm President 2 Dorm Council Social Representative 1; Food Committee 2; Cheerleadin 2; Major-Minor Club 2,3; Silver Scroll 3; Southeastern Board of Wome Officials 3; Intramurals. HARDY, GERALD M.-Genoa City, WI. HARRY, ANNE L.-Eau Claire, WI. Student Action Coun cil-W.A.H.P.E.R., 2, Secretary 3; Major-Minor Club 1,2, Secretary 3 Orchesis Dance Club 3; Women1s Intramural Association 1,2, President 3 Women3s Intercollegiate Gymnastic Team, Treasurer 1,2,3. HART, EDITH E.-New Berlin, WI. Phi Kappa Phi 3, Dorm Counci Member 2; Academic Council Chairman 2; Concert Choir 2,3,4; Swin Choir 2,3,4. HARTZELL, LINDA S.-Milton Junction, W1. Delta Zeta Sorority 3,4 Alpha Beta Alpha 3. ' HARWOOD, CHERI L.4Madison, WI. Wisconsin Student Teache Education Association 3,4; German Club 2,3,4. AUG, DEAN E.-DeForest, W1. Kappa Delta Pi 4; Duty Counselor orm 1 Wing Representative 2,3; Data Processing Management Associa- on 1,2,3,4; Association for Computing Machines 3,4; Lutheran Student 1ovement, financial manager 3,4. AUGAN, DEANN K.4Brodhead, WI. Phi Beta Lambda 3,4; Pi Omega i 3,4. AUPT, CAROL A.4Arlington, W1. SECE 3; Student Education Associa- on 3; Concert Choir 1,2,3. AYDON, BARBARA J.-Wauwatosa, W1. Kappa Delta Pi 3,4; Sigma elta Pi 3,4; Social Representative for Dorm 1; Student Wisconsin Educa- on Association4National Education Association 3,4; Spanish Club 3; W-Marching Band 1,2,3. AYNES, PAUL G.4000nomowac, WI. Phi Alpha Theta 2,3, President Phi Kappa Phi 3,4; Tun Hall Council 1; Residence Hall Federation, resident 3; United Residence Hall Association 3; University Housing oard 3,4; University Advisory Housing Committee 4; Food Contract Ad- sory Committee 3; University Food Committee 3; University Student Af- irs Committee 3; University Parking Committee 3; University Recycling ommittee 3; University Homecoming Board 3; Associated History ludents 2,4, President 3; History Department Student Representative 3; History Department Teacher Evaluation Committee 2; Wisconsin 1m- rovement and the Teacher Internship 4; Wisconsin College Republicans 3. EBDEN, JOHN D.-Hinsdale, IL. Dorm Social Committee 3; Society yr the Advancement of Management 3,4; Knighi Karate Club, Vice Presi- bnt 1, President 2; Intramural football 3,4. EIBEL, MIKE R.4Dodgeville, W1. Accounting Society 4; Intramurals 4. EIDEN, RICHARD B.4Fort Atkinson, WI. Society for the Advance- ent of Management 3,4; Intramurals 3,4. EIM, GLENN W.4Whitewater, WI. ELBING, RICK 0.4Whitewater, WI. Lee Hall President 2; Chairman udent Activities, Resident Hall Federation 2; President of Democratic outh Caucus 3,4; Political Science Club; Intramurals 2,3,4. ELDT, GAIL L.4Madison, W1. ELLENTHAL, ANN M.-Muskego, WI. ELLER, MARY L.4West Bend, WI. Student Council for Exceptional hildren 1,3,4, Secretary 2. ELOM, JUDITH K.-Beloit, W1. Student Assembly Representative 3; ludent Advisory Council to the College of Education 3; Selection Com- ittee for Excellence in Teaching Awards 3; Departmental Honors Selec- on Committee 3; Representative Women,s Intercollegiate Athletic Coun- 1 1,2,3; Major-Minor Club Officer 1,2,3; Intercollegiate Volleyball 2,3; asketball 1,2,3; Field Hockey 1,2,3; Softball 1,2,3. EMBREE, PAULA E.-Poynette, W1. Pi Kappa Delta 2,4, Secretary 3; Ssociated Women Students 1; Forensics Squad 2,3,4; English Club 1,2,3,- Intramural Baseball 1,2. EMMENS, JAMES Rr-Janesville, W1. Psychology Department Student epresentative 4. ENDRICKS, CAROLYN D.--Milwaukee, W1. Sigma Alpha Eta 2,3. ENNEY, WILLIAM J.-Burlington, W1. Delta Sigma Pi 2,3, Vice Presi- ent 4; Tutt Hall Council Representative 1. ENSEN, BARBARA L.4Waukesha, W1. Major-Minor Club 2,3,4; omen,s Intramural Association 2,3,4. ENTHORN, CHERYL L.4Beloit, WI. ERALD, HOLLY A.4Milwaukee, W'I. Residence Hall Federation 3, ssociated Women Students 3,4. ERMAN, DEBORAH S.-Sheboygan, W1. Accounting Society 3,4; Inter- Ilegiate Gymnastics Team 3,4. ILSBERG, THOMAS L.4Cedarburg, WI. Delta Sigma Pi 3,4; Residence all Representative 1; Treasurer 2. INCHLIFFE, MARY C.-Racine, WI. INTZ, PETER A.-Burlington, WI. SAM 4. O, KWOK-CHU B.-Hong Kong. Student Association of Sociology, thropology, Social Welfare 3,4; Chinese Students Association 2,3,4; Hternational Club 2,3,4; Canoe and Outdoor Club 3,4. OFFERT, MICHAEL D.4LaSalle, IL. Baseball 1,2,3. OGAN, MAUREEN D.4Milwaukee, WI. OGLUND, CAROLYN S.-Tomahawk, W1. Phi Beta Lambda 3,4; ational Business Education Association 3,4. OLLATZ, CASEY W.-Glenview, IL. OLMSTROM, MARY-Kenosha, WI. OOPER, EUGENE R.-Lake Mills, WI. Sigma Pi 2,3, Treasurer 4; CAB 4; Accounting Society 2,3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4. OPPE, SHARON A.4North Prairie, WI. Phi Beta Lambda 3,4; Hall ouncil Member 1; Assistant 2; Student Activities Board 1; Cecilian horale 1, President 2; Treble Clef 4, Historian 3; Intramurals 1,2. ROVAT, CHRISTEL L.-West Allis, WI. Alpha Beta Alpha 2,3,4; Dorm 00d Committee 2,3. UDLIK, SUSANNE M.-Delavan, WI. Treble Clef, C.E.C. UGHES, BARBARA A.-Milwaukee, WI. Wisconsin Educational ssociation-National Educational Association. UNSAKER, DONALD B.-Dolton, IL. DRA, GAIL J.-Watertown, WI. Delta Zeta Sorority 3, House Presi- dent 4; Associated University Broadcasters 3,4; Student Safety Association 4, Secretary 3; Associated Wromen Students 1,2,3,4; 1ntramurals 1,2,3,4. INGELLI, FRANK W.-Milwaukee, W1. Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity 2, Ritualist 3,4; American Marketing Association 3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. ISAKSER, CAROL J.-Middleton, W1. Dorm Vice President 1; Resident Assistant 2,3,4; Associated Women Students 2, President 3; Allocation Committee 3. ISON, GRACE F.4Hales Corners, WI. JACOBSON, CHERYL L.-Burlington, WI. Phi Kappa Phi 4. JANOWIAK, JANE E.-Waukesha, W1. JARREAU, CHERYL M.-Milwaukee, W1. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority 2,- 3,4; Afro-American Society 1,2,3,4; Alpha Phi Alpha "Miss Black and Gold" 1; Ebony Warhawks Drill Team 3. JENSEN, JACQUELINE S.4Racine, W1. Canoe Club 4. JENSEN, NANCY L.-Whitewater, W1. Student Wisconsin Educational Association 3,4; English Club 3,4; Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 2,3,- 4. JESBERGER, BARBARA B.4Greenfield, WI. Delta Zeta Corresponding Secretary. JESBERGER, DAN J.4Sun Prairie, WI. Phi Chi Epsilon Fraternity 2,3,- 4; Tennis Team 3,4. JEZIORSKI, WARREN R.-South Milwaukee, WI. Dorm Social Chair- man 1; Student Assembly 1; Legislative Affairs Committee 2,3; Studentgs International Meditation Society 2, President 3,4. JOANIS, MARY A.4Kenosha, W1. Manager, Men's Swim Team 2,3. JOHNIKIN, CHARLES H.-Milwaukee, W1. Afro-American Society, Vice President. JOHNS, LARRY D.-Horivon, WI. Pi Sigma Epsilon 2; Phi Kappa Phi 4; Accounting Society 3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. JOHNSON, ANN L.-Ashland, W1. Student Council for Exceptional Children 2,3; Orchestra 1. JOHNSON, LAURA A.4Fort Atkinson, WI. Assistant Residence Assis- tant 3; Knight Club, Secretary 2; Young Republicans 2. JOHNSON, LAURINE R.4Cambridge, WI. JOHNSON, MARK M.-.Ianesville, WI. JOHNSON, SUSAN M.-Racine, W1. JOHNSON, WILLIAM D.-Whitewater, W1. Lee Hall Secretary 2; Young Democrats, Treasurer 3; Intramurals 2,3,4. JONES, BARBARA L.4Palmyra, W1. Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority 2,4, Treasurer 3. JONES, KAREN A.-Madison, W1. Delta Zeta Sorority 3, Vice President 4; Standards Committee 1; Dorm Social Chairman 2. JORGENSON, JESSIE R.-Genoa City, WI. JUNK, JOANNE M.-W'isconsin Rapids, W1. Phi Kappa Phi 4; Accoun- ting Society 2,3,4; UW-Swing Choir 1,2; Liturgy Committee at Shalom 2. JUSTUS, LINDA M.-F0rt Atkinson, W11. Pi Omega Pi 3, Secretary 4. KANE, CATHERINE M.-Pewaukee, W1. Pi Kappa Delta 2,3,4; Forensics 1; Wells Hall Joint Council 3. KASTELIC, DIANE M.-Kenosha, WI. Dorm Art Representative 2; Slu- dem Council for Exceptional Children 3,4; Intramural Baseball 3,4. KASTENHOLZ, PAULA J.-Milwaukee, W1. Phi Bela Lambda 2; Law Society 3. KASTER, JANET M.4Elkhorn, W1. Pi Omega Pi, Representative 3,4; Standards Committee 1; Associated Women Students 1,2. KAY, NANCY S.-Palatine, 1L. Delta Zeta Sorority, President 4; Residence Hall Federation, Secretary 2; Delta Zeta Historian 3. KEEN, KEVIN R.-Brodhead, WI. Concert Choir 3; Freshman Basket- ball 1, Varsity Basketball 2. KEENEY, MELODY A.-Beloit, WI. Phi Alpha Theta 2,3,4; Kappa Delta Pi 3,4; Associated History Students 2,3,4; Major-Minor Club 2,3,4; Gym- nastics Team 3,4. KENNEDY, LYNNE F.4Watertown, W1. KENT, DALE J.-Br0wn Deer, W1. Pi Sigma Epsilon 3,4; Phi Kappa Phi 3,4; Accounting Society 3,4. KENYON, SHARI M.4Madison, WI. Kauphzknoppskifs Tap, Secretarv 2; Young Republicans l; Women1s Tennis Team 2. ' KERN, MARK F.-Wheeler, W1. Sigma Pi Sigma 4; Society of Physics Students 1,2,4, President 3. KERN, SUSAN L.-Oconomowoc, WI. KIEFER, ROBERT L.-Marinette, WI. Society for the Advancement of Management 3,4. KILTON, MANNING W.-Sheboygan, W1. Society for the Advancement of Management 3,4; Law Society 4; Law Review 4; Intramural Basketball, Football, Softball 1,2,3,4. KIMPEL, BETTY L.4Whitewater, WI. Data Processing Management Association 3; Association for Computing Machines 3. KINDRED, DARRELL A.-Edinburg, IL. American Marketing Associa- tion 3, President 4. KINDSCHI, ROGER A.4Beloit, WI. Accounting Society 2,3,4. KIRLEY, DEBORAH A.4Madison, W1. Dorm Social Committee Chair- man 1; Dorm Secretary 2. KIRSCHT, CYNTHIA A.-Beaver Dam, WI. Alpha Sigma Sorority 2,3. KLECKNER, JANET L.-Whitewater, W1. Phi Alpha Theta 3,4; Phi Kap- Senior Directory4259 pa Phi 3,4; Associated History Students 3,4; German Club 1,2,4, Secretary 3. KLEIBER, MARGARET R.4Wesl Allis, WI. KLEINHEINZ, VICTOR A.-Libertyville, IL. KLING, STEVEN M.-Brookfield, WI. Delta Sigma Pi 2,3,4. KLOCKSIN, MICHAEL J.4Germantown, WI. KNEPPRATH, LURALIE B.4Saukville, WI. Intercollegiate Volleyball 3,4. KNUTESON, RONDI J.V-Poynetle, W1. Treble Clef. KOEHLER, GERALD A.-East Troy, WI. Canoe and Outdoor Club 2; UCAB Movie Commitlge 3. KOEHN, RONALD E.4Genoa City, WI. KOEHN, WILLIAM A.4West Allis, WI. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 2,4, Pledgemaster, Vice President 3; Concert Choir 1,2,3,4; Meistcrsingcrs 1,2; Swing Choir 2,3,4; Student Council of Exceptional Children 2,3,4. KOEPSELL, DAVID P.4Shehoygan, WI. American Marketing Associa- tion 3. KOLLAKOWSKY, MARK R.w8011lh Milwaukee, WI. D. P. M. A. 4. KOLLMANSBERGER, BEN W.-W'hitewaler, WI. Hockey Club 4; Baseball 4. KULTON, GREGORY P.-Milwaukee, W1. Lambda Chi Alpha 2,3,4; In- trafraternity Council 2,3; Assistant Resident Assistant 2; Dorm Counselor 3; Homecoming Committee 2. KONRATH, LINDA J.4SIinger, WI. Womens Iniramural Association 1,- 2,4, Representative 3; Major-Minor Club 1,2,3,4; Field Hockey Team 1,2,- 3; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Softball l,2,3,4. KORB, KEVIN D.4Whitewater, WI. Swing Choir, President; In- lramurals; Phi Kappa Phi; American Marketing Association. KOSANOVICH, JAN-Milwaukee, WI. Association for Childhood Educa- tion 3,4; National Education Association 4; Intramurals 2,3,4. KOVACIC, MARK C.4Whitcwater, W1. KOVALASKE, MARY 3.4Milwaukee, WI. Tri Beta 3, President 4. Concert Band 1. KOVANDA, MICHAEL C.-N0rth Riverside,1L. Intramurals Football 1,- 2,3; Basketball 1,2,3; Delta Chi Fraternity. KOWALSKI, LAURA M.-Belgium, WI. Alpha Beta Alpha 3,4; Dorm Standards Representative 2; Treble Clef 1,2,3; Hawk-elte 3,4. KRAGH, MICHAEL J.-Racine, W1. Swing Choir 3; UCAB Committee. KRAUSS, DEBORAH K.4Mi1waukce, W1. Alpha Sigma Sorority 2,3. KRIFKA, JOHN L.-Kenosha, W1. Football 1,2. KROENING, KAREN M.-Milwaukee, WI. Secretary Socier for Ad- vancement of Management 3,4; Cecelian Chorale 1,2. KROENING, KENNETH J.4Sheboygan, WI. Accounting Society 3,4. KREEGER, BETH M.-Horican, WI. KRUEGER, JAMES A.-Walertown, WI. KRUEGER, KAREN A.-Horiv0n, W1. Assistant Resident Assistant 3; Resident Assistant 3. KRLVEGER, THOMAS A.4Walertown, WI. KRUSIENSKI, JOY M.4Studenl Council for Exceptional Children 3. KUEHL, ALBERT R.-Columbus, W1. Inlramurals l,2,3,4. KULASZEWICZ, MARYLOUISE M.4Milwaukee, WI. Alpha Sigma Alpha 2,3,4; Panhellenic Council, Vice President 3; Student Counvil for Exceptional Children 3,4; Orchestra 1. KUNDERT, LAWRENCE T.-Madison, WI. KUNDINGER, RONALD F.-Marshfield, WI. Sigma Pi Fraternity Secretary 3, President 4. KUSACK, MARY V.4Park Ridge, IL. Alpha Sigma Sorority 3,4. KUTSCHENREUTER, KAREN M.-Waukesha, WI. LABOL'VE, CAROL A.4Shcb0ygan, W1. LAM, CHOW S.-Hong Kong. LAM, PATRICK C.-Whilewater, WI. LAMBERT, SANDRA A.-Delavan, W1. Wells Representative to Hall Council 2; Student Council for Exceptional Children 1,3, Chairman 2, State President 4. LAMPING, MICHAEL R.4Men0monee Falls, WI. Delta Chi Fraternity Treasurer 2,3,4. LANPHEAR, DAVID L.4Madison, W1. Assistant Resident Assistant 2; Resident Assistant 3,4; Marketing Club 3,4; Campus Crusade 3,4; Baseball Team 1; Intramurals 1,2,3. LARDINOIS, PHYLLIS A.-Milwaukee, WI. Association for Childhood Education 2,3. LA ROSE, DEBRA A.-Kenosha, W1. Treble Clef 1. LARSON, KAREN L.-Milwaukee, W1. Alpha Gamma Delta Editor 2, Vice President 3, Treasurer 4. LARSON, MARLENE L.4Kenosha, WI. Student Assembly 1,2; Deanas Committee for Education 4; Choir 1,2; Canoe and Outdoor Club Treasurer 1, Historian 2, Secretary 3; Rally Club 1, Chairman 2. LARSON, SHERYL A.4Menomonee Falls, WI. Wellers Hall Secretary 2; Canoe Club 3; Womens Intramurals 1,2,3. LAU, LARRY R.-Brillion, WI. Accounting Society 3,4; Lutheran Collegians 2. LAUGHRIDGE, WILLIAM R.-Albany, W1. Circle K. 3,4. LAUTENSCHLAGER, STEVE-Sheboygan, W1. Pi Sigma Epsilon 3; American Marketing Association 4. 260-8enior Directory LEDVINA, LINDA M.-Greenfield, WI. Alpha Beta Alpha 3,4; Slude Wisconsin Educational Association. LEE, NATALIA M.--Whitewaler, WI. LEFFELMAN, JAMES L.4Burlington, WI. Delta Chi Fraternity 2,3, Resident Assistant 2,3;SkiClub1,2;DPMA Club 3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3, LEGLER, RANDALL W.-Sun Prairie, WI. LEHMAN, MARY C.4Madison, WI. LEHMAN, WILLIAM A.4Mayville, W1. Accounting Club 2,3; Vetera Club 2,3; Intramurals 1,2,3. LEHR, DONALD A.-Jefferson, WI. LEIFER, RON L.-Wauwatosa, W1. American Marketing Association Circle K Club 2, Secretary 3,4. LEINBERGER, SUSAN C.-Milwaukee, W1. Alpha Beta Alpha 3,4; St dent Wisconsin Educational Association-National Educational Associ tion 3,4. LEMKE, MARY N.4Forl Atkinson, WI. Kappa Delta Pi 3,4; Alpha Be Alpha 3,4; Wisconsin Educational Association4National Education Association 3,4; Early Childhood Education Association 4; Clarinet Cho 1,2,3; Concert Band 2; Symphonic Band 3; International Club. LESER, CAMILO H.-Milwaukee, WI. LESPERANCE, SUZANNE Jr-West Allis, WI. Hall Wing Represenlali 1; Womens Recreation Association 1,2; Major-Minor Club 1,2,3, Orchesis 4; Cheerleading 2,3; Warhawk Ambassador 3,4; Basketball . Volleyball 4. LEWKO, KATHLEEN M.4Milwaukee, WI. Resident Assistant 2,3,4; St dent Council for Exceptional Children l,2,3,4. LICHTERMAN, INA R.-Racine, W1. Student Assembly 1,2; Associate Women Students; Council of Exceptional Children 1,2; Circle K. 1,2, Hillel 1,2, President 3. LIEBENOW, LINDA S.-Lake Mills, WI. Wells Joint Council 2; Der Art Representative 1; Associated Women Students 1,2,3,4; Wisconsi Educational Association-National Educational Association 3,4; Inne Varsity Christian Fellowship 1,2. LIERMANN, RENEE C.-Whitewater, WI. Curriculum Committee 2, Silver Scroll 4; Womens Intramural Association l,2,3,4; Major-Mino Club 1,3,4, Vice President 2; Intercollegiate Athletics l,2,3,4. LINCOLN, ELISE A.-Union Grove, WI. Student Wisconsin Education Association 3,4. LINDEMER, PHIL A.-Wauwatosa, WI. Accounting Society 3,4; Circle International 3,4; Intramurals. LINDERT, JOY F.-Watertown, WI. LISAK, LINDA S.-Plainfield, WI. DPMA 2,3,4; DPMA Internship Co . miltee 3; Intercollegiate Volleyball l,2,3,4. LIU, STAN S.-Kenosha, WI. International Club, Vice President. LOCHNER, BARBARA A.4Sauk City, WI. LOCKWOOD, HELEN L4Whitewater, W1. Dorm Art Chairman 2. LOCKWOOD, RODNEY D.4Whitewater, WI. LOWENBACH, AMY-Oconomowoc, W1. Major-Minor Club; U ' Copenhagen Program, Minneiska. LONG, RICHARD G.-Fort Atkinson, WI. Society for Advancement D Management 4. LOOMER, JAMES R.-Rockford, 1L. Lambda Chi Alpha, Chairman 4 LOTHARY, JAMES L.-Whitewater, W1. Student Assembly 4; Dean3 Advisory Council 3,4; Law Society 1,4, Treasurer 2, President 3; Busines Law Review Editor 3,4. LOVE, ANN M.4Shar0n, W1. Alpha Beta Alpha 3,4. LOVE, DONALD P.4Edgerton, W1. University Players; Theta Alph Phi. LOWY, CHARLES E.-Park Ridge, IL. LUCAS, JEFF J.4Milwaukee, WI. Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity 2,3; I lramural Football, Basketball 1,2. LUECK, ROBERT J.-Watertown, WI. LUETY, DAVE W. JR-Beloit, WI. Rod and Gun Club 4, Vice Presiden 2, President 3. LUND, NANCY A.4Edgerton, WI. Associated Women Students 1,2, President 4; IAWS National Vice President 4. LUNDQUIST, COLE D.-Lincolnwood, IL. Beta Beta Beta 3,4; Phi Ka- pa Phi 3,4. LUTZKE, STEVE D.4Sheboygan, WI. Delta Sigma Pi 3. LYNCH, DANIEL J.4Janesville, WI. Society for the Advancement 0 Management 4; Varsity Tennis l,2,3,4. MAAHS, DEBORAH A.4Sussex, WI. Phi Kappa Phi 3,4; Dor Treasurer 2; Treble Clef 1,3. MAAHS, KATHLEEN M.4Watertown, WI. Dorm Art Representative 1 Dorm Council 1; Assistant Resident Assistant 2; Silver Scr0113; UCAB Ar Committee 2; Royal Purple Staff 2,3. MAC GOWAN, MITZI L.-Beloit, WI. Alpha Sigma Sorority 2,3,4 Panhellenic Council Vice President 2; President, Representative 3,4; P Alpha Theta 3,4; Dorm Wing Representative 1; Associated Wome Students 3; Society of Guidon 3,4. MACGREGOR, SALLY J.4Beloit, W1. Alpha Sigma Sorority 1,2; Stu dent Senate 1; Freshman Class Secretary 1. MADSON, SUSAN G.-Fort Atkinson, WI. Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority Hawkette; Cheerleader; Warhawk Ambassador. AGLIO, JOHN J.-Madison, WI. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 4, Correspon- ing Secretary 2,3; Swing Choir 2; Social Welfare Club 4; Intramurals 2,4. AK, DORIS M.-Madison, WI. Phi Beta Lambda 3,4; Resident Assistant g4 ALKMUS, CAROL M.-Kenosha, WI. ALNORY, KAREN M.-Pine River, W1. Phi Beta Lambda 3,4; Society .or the Advancement of Management 4. ANHARDT, ROBIN D.-Wauwatosa, WI. Dorm Social Chairman 2. ANLICK, CYNTHIA M.-Kenosha, WI. ARKOVINA, MARY ANN4Milwaukee, WI. Associate Resident Assis- ant 1; Resident Assistant 2,3,4; RAC 2,3, President 4; Student Health jammittee 3. ARKS, CATHERINE L.4Wilmeue, IL. Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority ,3, President 4; May Week Committee 3; Homecoming Representative 3; 1' omen1s Intramurals 3,4. ARKUS, DANIEL P.-Lake Geneva, WI. Fencing Club 2, President 3,4; M Radio Station 3,4; Cheerleading 3. ARGUARDT, KENT S.-Tomah, WI. Accounting Society 3,4. ARSH, JAMES T.-Janesville, WI. American Marketing Association ,4; Society for the Advancement of Management 3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; ntercollegiate Tennis 1,2. ARTIN, PAMELA A.4Muskego, W1. Kappa Delta Pi 3,4; Dorm Social hairman 2; Resident Assistant 3; Silver Scroll 4; Band 1; Lutheran .ollegians 1,2,4, Treasurer 3. ARTINOVICH, JEAN M.-Wauwatosa, W1. Student Council for Excep- ional Children 2,3; Associated Women Students 1,2. ARTY, CARLA J.-Madison, W1. Phi Kappa Phi 3; Associated Women tudents 2; Baseball 2. ARVER, JOSEPH E.4Sheboygan, W1. Society for the Advancement of anagement 4; Veteran1s Club 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. ATHWEG, KATHLEEN C.4Randolph, WI. Dorm Social Represen- ative 2; National Business Education Association 3. ATICHICH, CAROL A.-Sheboygan, WI. ATTER, MICHAEL E.4Spencer, WI. Accounting Society 3,4; In- ramurals 1,2,3,4. AYR, DONNA M.4DeForest, WI. Sigma PI Sigma 4; Society of Physics tudents Vice President 2, Secretary-Treasurer 3,4; Cecilian Chorale 1, ice President 2. AZUREK, DEBORAH 0.4Milwaukee, WI. Alpha Sigma Alpha 2,3; resident 4; Girls Intramurals 2,3,4. C CALLUM, DOUGLAS K.-Mauston, WI. Delta Chi Fraternity 1,2,3,4; hi Kappa Phi 3,4; Resident Assistant 2,3,4; Class President 2; Class enator 3,4; Intramurals 2,3,4. C CARTHY, CATHY M.4Burlington, WI. Sigma Alpha Eta 2; Wells Iall Joint Council 2; Ski Club 1. C CAIGUE, CECILIA A.4Mi1waukee, W1. Major-Minor Club President ; Campus Gold 2,3; Track Team 2; Gymnastic Team 1,2,3,4. C CLELLAN, BARBARA J.4Delafield, WI. C CULLOUGH, PATRICK4Fond du Lac, WI. Accounting Society 4. C GIBANY, GAIL E.4Kenosha, W1. Dorm Art Chairman 1. C KEE, KATHLEEN A.4Watertown, WI. Alpha Beta Alpha 3,4; Dorm " ing Representative 2,3; S. E. A. W. 4. C MANUS, KATHLEEN L.-Brodhead, WI. Alpha Beta Alpha 3,4; ssistant Resident Assistant 2; Resident Assistant 3,4; Food Service Com- ittee 3,4; Association for Childhood Education 2,3; Student National ducation Association4Wisconsin Education Association 3,4. EIER, KATHLEEN J.-Whitewater, WI. Phi Kappa Phi 4; Economics .lub 3,4; Young Republicans 1. EINECKE, PENNY L.4Milwaukee, WI. Dorm Social Chairman 1,2; ;' omens Track Team 2; Women's Golf Team 3. EISENHEIMER, JOEL M.-Beloit, WI. ELAND, ROSS M.-Columbus, W1. ERTENS, KELLY J.-Sheboygan, WI. Data Processing Management ssociation 4. ESNER, JUDY A.-Tomah, WI. ESNER, ROBERT L.-Tomah, WI. ICHAELS, BONNIE L.4Waubeka, WI. ICHALKO, SALLY J.-Waukesha, WI. Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority 1,2, ecording secretary 3,4; Panhellenic Council 2, historian 3,4; Residence all Federation, secretary 1,2; Homecoming Steering Committee 3; ssociated Women Students 1,2, Vice President 3; Young Republicans 1. ICHELL, THERESE A.-Green Bay, WI. IETHKE, PATRICIA A.4Milwaukee, WI. Alpha Sigma Alpha 4, Vice 'resident 2, President 3; Associated Women Students 3. ILLER, CHARLES M.-Waukesha, WI. dILLER, JOANNE M.-Sheboygan, WI. Delta Omicron 2,4, President 3; Assistant Resident Assistant 2; Resident Assistant 3; Silver Scroll 4; Ioncert Choir 1,3, Secretary 2; Swing Choir 1,2; Canoe Club 1,2,3,4. IIILLER, MARCIA L.-Racine, WI. JILLER, RONALD L.-Dousman, W1. R. O. T. C. Council 3,4; Rifle Feam 1,2,4, President 3; Canoe and Outdoor Club 1,2,3,4. VIINTZ, STEVEN J.-Madison, W1. Dorm Wing Representative 2; In- ramural Basketball, Bowling 2,3. LIIROWSKI, JEANNE M.4Madison, WI. MISAKI, CORINNE K.-Milwaukee, WI. Students Wisconsin Educational Association 3,4; Canoe and Outdoor Club 3,4. MISKE, CHARLES W.-Lake Geneva, WI. Senior Art Show 4. MOEBIUS, SCOTT W.-Kenosha, W1. Delta Sigma Pi 3,4. MOGA, DAVID J.-St. Francis, W1. Delta Chi Fraternity 2, President 3,4; Sigma Delta Pi, President 3,4; Residence Hall Federation Food Com- mittee 1; Crumbling College Exchange Student 2; Spanish Club, Vice President 1, President 3; Student Advisor, Foreign Language 2. MONROE. CHARLES W. JR.-Delavan, W1. Society for the Advance- ment of Management 3, President 4. MONROE, MARSHA J.-Eagle, WI. MONSON, MARY A.-South Milwaukee, WI. UW-Copenhagen Program; Associated Women Students 2. MOOBERRY, BRIAN W.-Cheney, KA. MOONEY, MARY .1.-Madison, W1. Student Council for Exceptional Children, Secretary-Treasurer 3. MOONEY, THOMAS G.4Madison, WI. MOORE, MICHAEL L.4Janesville, WI. Deans Advisory Council 3,4; Academic Affairs Committee 4; Honors Committee 3; Law Society 3, Vice President 4; Wisconsin Civil Liberties Union. MOORE, PHILIP G.-Mission, KA. MORIN, THOMAS H.4Palatine, IL. Intramurals Basketball 1, Baseball 1,2,3. MORRIS, LAURA P.4Greenfield, W1. Phi Beta Lambda 3; Dorm Coun- cil 2; Symphonic Band 2; Concert Band 1,3; Marching Band 1,2,3; Clarinet Choir 1,2; Associated Women Students 2; Society for Advance- ment of Management 2, Secretary 3. MORRISON, ROSE ANN-Waukesha, W1. Alpha Beta Alpha 2,3. MORWOOD, MICHAEL H.--Beloit, WI. MOTL, KATHLEEN M.-Lake Geneva, WI. Student Council for Excep- tional Children 1,2,3. MOTVELLE, ROBERT D.4Homewood, IL. Data Processing Manage- ment Association 4. MUELLER, DONNA J.4Janesville, WI. Major-Minor Club 3,4. MUNDT, SANDY 1.4Watertown, WI. Assistant Resident Assistant 2; Resident Assistant 3; Psychology Club 4; Social Welfare Organization 4. MURKOWSKI, MARY L.4Athens, WI. Phi Beta Lambda 3,4; Phi Kappa Phi 3,4; Dorm Council, Treasurer 2,3; Silver Scroll 3,4; Accounting Socie- ty 2,3, Secretary 4; Liturgy Committee 2; Young Democrats 2. MURPHY, CHRIS A.4Cudahy, WI. Resident Assistant 2,3; Student Council for Exceptional Children 1,2,3,4; Concert Choir 1,2,3; Swing Choir 3,4; Madrigalians l. MURPHY, WILLIAM J.-Whitewater, WI. MUTH, DEBORAH L.4Waukesha, WI. Dorm Council, Treasurer 3; Stu- dent Council for Exceptional Children 3,4; Ski Club 1,2. MYERS, KEITH A.4Waukesha, W1. Delta Chi Fraternity 2,3; Drumlin Complex Vice Presidenl4President 2; Intramurals 1,2,3. NAST, JAMES E.-Milwaukee, WI. Phi Sigma Epsilon Fraternity. NELEZEN, PETER H.-Oak Creek, WI. Resident Assistant 2,3; Students for McGovern 2,3. NELSON, BARBARA L.4Arlington Heights,1L. Alpha Sigma Alpha 3,4; Hall Council 2,3; Associated Women Students 2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. NELSON, CHRISTOPHER J.-Black Ridge Falls, WI. NELSON, JERRY M.-Delavan, WI. NEUENSCHWANDER, TOM R.-0rfordville, WI. Baseball 2; In- tramurals 1,2,3. NEVENS, DAVID F.4West Allis, WI. Tau Kappa Epsilon 1,2,3,4. NICCOLAI, JOAN T.4Kenosha, WI. Resident Assistant 2,3,4; RAC 3,4; Dorm Wing Representative 1; Treble Clef 1. NIEBRUEGGE, LINDA D.4Milwaukee, WI. Gymnastics Team 1,2,3,4. NIEMIEC, RUDY A.4Cudahy, WI. Data Processing Management Association 3,4; Intramural Tennis 2, Basketball 2,3,4. NIENOW, JOAN D.-Wauwatosa, WI. Phi Kappa Phi 3,4; Pi Delta Phi 4; Tau Kappa Epsilon Sweetheart 3; Resident Assistant 2; Silver Scroll 4; French Club 1,3,4, President 2; Flute Choir 1. NISCHIK, HERB A.4Sheboygan, W1. Intramurals 3,4. NIXON, VALARIE J.4Walworth, WI. Readers Theatre 3; Warhawk Am- bassadors 2,3,4. NORTELL, NANCY A.4Skokie, IL. NOVACEK, BARBARA A.-Eau Claire, WI. Alpha Sigma; Intramurals. NOVAK, CINDY L.-Greendale, WI. NOVAK, RONALD G.4Fort Atkinson, WI. Minneiska Photographer 1; Royal Purple Photographer 1; Canoe and Outdoor Club 2,3, President 4; Ski Hawks 2,3; Scuba Diving Club 4; Ku-Kan Judo Club 1,2; Intramurals 3 1,2,3,4. NOWICKI, LINDA G.-St. Francis, WI. Synchronized Swim 3. OBERHOFER, DIANE L.4Greendale, W1. Counselor Off Campus Hous- ing 3,4; Pachasandra 3,4; Show Band 4; Women1s Recreation Association 1,2; Synchronized Swim Club, President 1; Men15 Swim Team 1, Manager 2; Women,s Swim Team 1,2. O1DONNELL, MARYBETH-Rockford, IL. OECHSNER, KATHY A.-Mayvi11e, W1. Phi Beta Lambda 4. OGUMBIYI, AFOLABI 0.4Whitewater, W1. International Club 1,2,3,4; Foreign Students Soccer Team 1,2,3,4. Senior Directory-261 01LEARY, MARY E.-Footville, WI. OLSON, CAROL E.4F0rl Atkinson, W'I. Inter-Varsily Christian Fellowship 3,4. OLSON, GARY A.-0ak Creek, WI. Band 1,2,3,4; Jazz Band 1,2,3; Pep Band 2,3. OLSON, HARLANv A.-Cambridge, W1. OLSON, JOHN L.-Tw0 Rh'ers, W11. Phi Sigma Epsilon Fraternity 3; Data Processing Management Association 4. OLSON, RICHARD A.-Be10it, W1. Delta Sigma Pi, Historian 3,4; In- lramurals softball 1,2, basketball 1,3,4. OLSON, TAMMY M.hBasseu, W1. Wells Hall Council 2; W-Elte 3. ORTMAYER, WILLIAM R.-Whitewater, W1. Resident Assistant; Knight Club, Instructor. ORTON, RANDY D.4Waukesha, W1. Intramurals 1,2,3. OSTERGAARD, NANCY L.-Whitewater, W1. OTT, RAYE ANN G.7Forest Junction, WI. Delta Zeta Sorority 3,4; Stu- dent National Educational Associattion-Wisconsin Educational Associa- tion 3,4; Assovialcd Women Students 1,2,3,4. OTTMANN, KENNETH P.4GIendale, W1. Sigma Pi Fraternity 3,4; Veteran Club 3,4. PACKMAN, LINDA 1..4Kenosha, W1. Alpha Beta Alpha 3,4; Student Wisconsin Educational Association 3,4. PALEN, DAVID M.4Greendale, W1. Gymnastics 4. PALM, ELIZABETH C.-Madison, W1. Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority 3,4; Math Education Association 2,3,4;Nati0na1EducationalAssocialion 2,3,4. PAPlA, MARGARET J.;Milwaukee, W1. Student Council for Excep- tional Children 2.3; Cccilian Chorale 1,2; Intramurals 1,2,3. PARKMAN, REBECCA CAMilwaukee, W1. Alpha Sigma Sorority 3, Vive President 4. PAI'SBACK, RICHARD M.4Park Ridge,1L. Delta Chi Fraternity 2,3,4. PEDRI, MARY A.-Greenfield, WI. PERRELLE, DEBRA LiRacine, W11. Alpha Beta Alpha 3,4; Wisconsin Educational Association-National Educmional Association 4. PETERNEIL, MICHELE M.-F0rt Atkinson, WI. Royal Purple 1,3; Psyvhulogy Association 4. PETERS, LINDA J.4Delavan, W1. Association for Childhood Education, Treasurer 4. PETERSON, CHARLES A.AEvansville, WI. Sigma Delta Chi, Vice Presi- dent 3, Treasurer 4; Royal Purple, Editor-in-Chief 4. PETIT, JOHN C.-Beloit, W1. Marketing Club 3; Intramurals 1,2. PEYTON, PATRICK H.4Tomah, W1. Intramurals 3,4. PFARR, GAYLE M.-Kcnosha, W1. PFEFFER, STEVEN L.4Manilowoc, WI. Delta Chi Fraternity 2,3,4; Clem Hall Council 1; American Marketing Association 3,4. PICHELMAN, PETER P.wRaCine, W1. American Accounting Associa- tion 3. PIEA RT, TERRY LWBatavia, 1L. PIERCE, KRISTINE C.mMen0monee Falls, WI. Student Council for Ex- ccpliunal Children 3,4. PILICHOWSKI, DONNA L.-M11waukee, WI. Wells Hall Representative 2, Judicial Board 2; Council for Exceptional Children 2,3,4; Inter- t'ollcgiachntramurals 2,3. PINNOW, SUSAN K.-F0nd du Lac, WI. Dorm Standards Chairman 3; Student Assembly 3,4; Associated Women Students 3,4; Association of Distributive Education Majors 3, President 4. PIZZICHINI, ANTHONY L.4Arvada, CO. Flying Dragons Karate Club 3,4; Track Team 1,2,4. POBLOCKI, MARCIA A.4Milwaukee, W1. POETHIG, WILLIAM P.-Milwaukee, W1. UCAB 2,3; Instructional Media Services 1,2,3,4; Tau Kappa Epsilon 3,4. POILE, BARBARA S.-Clarend0n Hills,1L. Royal Purple 3,4; Society for the Advancement of Management 3,4; Women1s Recreational Association Representative 1. POLASEK, JOSEPH P.-St. Francis, W1. Delta Chi Fraternity 2,3,4; Phi Kappa Phi; Class Vice President 1; Student Government Senator l, Treasurer 2, President 3,4; Whitewater City Council 3,4. POPOWYCZ, MICHAEL4Minaukee, WI. Accounting Society 2,3,4. PORTER, DOUGLAS L.-Beloit, W1. Dorm Council 3, Treasurer 2. POTT, MICHAEL M.v-Green Bay, WI. Accounting Society 2,3,4; Veterans Club 3,4; Sailing Club 3,4; Lutheran Collegians, Treasurer 3,4. PRIEGEL, RICHARD V.4West Allis, WI. Accounting Society 3,4. PRIEWE, DAVID A.4Whitewater, W1. PULLIAM, WILLIE J.-Beloit, WI. Assistant Resident Assistant 3; Resi- dent Assistant 4; Secretary of Film Committee 3,4; Food Committee 1,2; Switchboard 2,3,4; Gideon Society 4; Afro Society 1,2; English Club 4. PUTZ, DAVID W.4Middleton, WI. Campus Crusade for Christ 2,3,4; In- lramurals 2,3,4. QUALMANN, DAVID M.4Hustisford, W1. QUALMANN, GENE K.4Whitewater, W1. QUICLEY, MICHAEL G.-A1gonquin, IL. QUINN, MARY E.-Darien, WI. Alpha Beta Alpha 3,4; History Associa- tion 2,3,4; Associated Women Students 3,4. RABIZADEH, MANSOUR T.4Chicago, IL. RACCOLI, ROBERTA L.-Brookfie1d, WI. Deans Advisory Committee 3; 262-Senior Directory Student Activities Board 3; German Club, Vice President 3. RADOSTA, JON A.7Cudahy, WI. Festival of the Arts Committee Music Educators National Conference, President 3; Marching Band 1,2, Symphonic Band 1,2,3,4; Jazz Ensemble 1,2,3,4; Brass Ensemble 1,2,3, Orchestra 2,3,4. RADOVAN, PATRICK J.-Sheboygan, W1. RAFTERY, JOHN E.4W'hitewater, W1. Law Society 3,4. RAKUN, ANTHONY 5.4Sheboygan, W1. Pi Sigma Epsilon Fraternil 3,4; Minneiska, Photo Editor 3, Business Manager 4; Finance Club 4. RAW'SKI, MARK W.4SL Francis, W71. Delta Chi Fraternity 2,3,4; Alph Sigma Alpha Big Brother 3,4. REESE, SANDRA L.-Evansville, W1. Major-Minor Club 1,2; Women Revrealional Association 1,2; Intramurals Official 1,2. REGET, JEROME M.4Pa1atine, 1L. Lambda Chi Alpha Fralernity 2,3,1 REGNER, RANDY RiNew Berlin, WI. REIMER, VICKI L.-Delavan, W1. Gamma Theta Upsilon 3,4. RENK, LINDA M.AMilwaukee, WI. Dorm Wing Representative 2. RISKIN, KATHLEEN A.4Wyckoff, NJ. Lambda Chi Alpha Court - Crescents 2,3; Student Assembly 2,3; Student Government Foundatio Committee 3; Associated Women Students 2, Treasurer 3; Stude National Educational Associali0n4Wisconsin Educational Association ; Warhawk Ambassador 3; Hawkctte 3; Pom-Pom Squad 3. ROBLE, DALE J.4Brookfield, W1. Pi Sigma Epsilon, Recordin Secretary; American Marketing Society. RUBOKE, JANET M.-River Grove, IL. RUBY, BONNIE R.-St. Charles,1L. Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority 2,3, Assistant Resident Assistant 3; Lambda Chi Alpha Court of Crescents ' President 2,3; Major-Minor Cluh 1,2,3,4; Warhawk Ambassador 3 Cheerleader 3; Intramurals 3,4. RODGERS, SALLY J.-VVhitewater, W1. Council for Exception Children 3. ROERDINK, ROBERT J. JR.-Des Plaines,1L.De11aChiFraternity1,2 3,4: Intramurals 1,2,3. RUETHLER, JUDITH K.4Beloit, W1. ROLLINGER, LINA MrvBelgium, W1. Associated Women Students 3. ROLTGEN, THERESE Raclenbeulah, W1. ROSKO, KATHY 1.4Kenosha, W1. Kappa Delta Pi 3,4; Phi Kappa Ph 3,4; Student Wisconsin Educational Association-National Educationa Association 2,3,4; UCAB 3; Women"s C011 1,2,3,4. ROSKOPF, CAROL1.vGermantown, W1. Phi Beta Lambda 3,4; Cecelia Chorale 1. ROTHEWBERGER, LARRY EAWausau, W1. Accounting Society 3,4 Veteran Club 1. RUM, SANDY M.vRockford, 1L. RUMMLER, LINDA J.-Walertown, W1. Tri Beta 3; Knight Karate Clu n Treasurer 2. RUNTE, PATRICK M.-Milwaukee, WI. Society for Advancement 0 Management 2; Newsletter Editor 3,4; Career Day Publicin 4. RUPPEL, PHILIP A.4Sheboygan, W1. Varsity Tennis 1,2. RUSCH, SHARYL L.4Camhridge, WI. RUTLEDGE, THOMAS J.-Glenview, 1L. Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternit 1,2,4. Secretary 3; Student Assembly 2; UCAB 4; Athletic Committee 3; I tramurals 1,2,3,4. RYGH, KAREN S.-Oregon, W1. Student Wisconsin Educationa Association-Nalional Educational Association 3; Lutheran Studen Movement 3. SAALSAA, DAVID E.-South Wayne, W1. SAGEN, SUSAN J.-Janesville, W1. Phi Kappa Phi4;A1pha Bela Alph 4. SALERNO, MARILYN J.-Kenosha, W1. Alpha Sigma Sorority 2, Treasurer 3. SANDLEBACK, JOHN J.-Whitewater, W1. Accounting Society 4; 1n tramurals 3,4. SANNES, MARY L.4Shar0n, W1. Society of Physics Students 3,4. SATTLER, LORENE M.4Ma10ne, WI. Delta Omicron 3,4; Warhaw Show Band 2,3; Symphonic Band 2,3,4; Flute Choir 1,2,3,4; Orchestra 3 Inler-Varsity Christian Fellowship 1,3,4, Secretary 2. SCHAEFER, HEATHER E.-Milwaukee, WI. Wisconsin Educationa Association 4; UCAB Fine Arts Committee 3,4; Concert Choir 3,4; Chris tian Science Organization, Vice President 1,2,3,4. SCHALLHORN, BETH Equconomowoc, W1. Kappa Delta Pi 3,4; Resi dent Assistant 3; Student Wisconsin Educational Association-Nationa Educational Association 3,4. SCHARINE, THOMAS A.4Delavan, WI. Delta Sigma Pi 2,3,4; Assistan Resident Assistant 2; University Library Committee 3; Minneiska Staff4 Symphonic Band 1,2,3. SCHARSCHMIDT, KATHLEEN A.4Beaver Dam, W1. Student Wiscon sin Educational Association 3,4. SCHAUER, THOMAS P.4Sauk City, WI. Veteran1s Club 2,3,4. SCHELL, JODY A.4Sheboygan, WI. SCHENNING, JEFFRY J.-Kenosha, WI. Resident Assistant 2,3,4; Socie ty for the Advancement of Management 3,4; Intramurals 3,4. SCHIEBLE, DAVID J.4Pewaukee, W1. Phi Chi Epsilon 1,2,3,4; Footbal 1; Baseball 1,2. SCHIELDT, ROVERA J.4Whitewater, W1. Secretary, Fisher Hall 2; Residence Hall Federation 2; Associated Women Students 1,2; UCAB 1,2. SCHIELE, CAROL L.4Racine, WI. Co-chairman of Fine ArtS4UCAB 4. SCHILD, BETTY L.-Monroe, W1. SCHlLKE, JANIS E.-Racine, W'I. Student Council for Exceptional Children 3,4. SCHLEICHER, CONSTANCE A.-C0lumbus, WI. Sigma Alpha Eta 2,3,4; Spanish Club, Secretary 1. SCHMALOWSKI, CYNTHIA M.-Monona, W1. Wells Hall Joint Council 2; National History Fraternity 3; Co-ed Volleyball 2. SCHMIDT, CHARLES R.4Hatley, W1. Intramurals 2,3,4. SCHNEIDER, TINA L.4Pewaukee, WI. Hall Council 3. SCHOEPHOERSTER, BONITA S.-Lodi, W1. Phi Kappa Phi 3,4; Kappa Delta Pi 3,4; Student Council for Exceptional Children 3,4; UCAB 3. SCHOLZ, MICHAEL 1.4Milwaukee, WI. English Club 2,3; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. SCHOOFS, JEAN M.-F0rl Atkinson, WI. Kappa Delta Pi 2,3, Treasurer 4; Alpha Beta Alpha 2, Treasurer 3,4; Assistant Resident Assistant 2, Resi- dent Assistant 3; University Library Committee 4, Secretary 2,3; Student Wisconsin Educational Association-Nalional Educational Association ,4; Association of Childhood Education 3. SCHROEER, PAULA R.-Menasha, W1. Student Psychological Associa- tion 3,4. SCHUELLER, MARY B.-Milwaukee, WI. SCHULD, BOB W.-Jefferson, W1. SCHULTZ, GEORGE W.-Sheboygan, W1. SCHUMANN, JOEL W.-Burlingt0n, WI. Phi Kappa Phi 3,4; DPMA 3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. SCHWAHN, KEN R.-Bri11ion, W1. Phi Chi Epsilon Fraternity 2,3,4; Law Society, Vice Presidem 3,4; American Marketing Association 3,4. SCHWARTZ, NODA M.-M0nroe, W1. International Committee 1; Slu- dent Assembly 1. CHWICHTENBERG, CAROL A.-Reeseville, W1. Phi Beta Lambda 4; Hall President 3; Resident Hall Federation, Secretary 3; Student Assembly 3. SCOTT, CRAIG L.aLaValle, W1. Residence Hall Council 1,3; Residence Hall Judicial Board 2; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. SCOTT, LAUREL A.-Weslchester, IL. Concert Choir 1; Treble Clef 1. SCOTT, PAMELA Lr-Northbrook, IL. Sigma Pi Little Sisters 1,2,3; Intercollegiate Golf Team 4. SEFTON, WILLIAM A.4Milwaukee, W1. Marching Band 1,2,3; Symphonic Band 1,2,3; Orchestra 1; Woodwind Ensemble 3. SELL, GLENN A.4Green Bay, WI. Basketball 1; Intramurals 1,2,3. SEMANKO, GAY Er-Whilewaler, W1. SERPE, ELIZABETH M.4Chicago,1L. Wells Company 1; Fifth Wall 1; University Players 2; Student Director-Phedra 3. SEURER, ROASNNE D.wNew Holstein, W1. Resident Assistant 3,4; Associated Women Students Representative 2; Band Colorguard 3,4. SHEFFIELD, BARBARA A.4Kenosha, WI. Curriculum Committee 2,3; Major Minor Club, Secretary 1,2,3; Womens Intramural Association, Scorctary Treasurer 1,2; Intercollegiate Athletics 1,2,3. SHULL, BARBARA J.4Clinton, WI. National Education Association 2,3,- 4. SIEVERT, RANDY C.-Black Creek, WI. Band 1,2,3,4. IMMONS, JANEAN L.-Birmingham, AL. SIMMONS, PENNY L.4Madison, W1. Resident Assistant 2,3; National Educational Association 3,4; Student Council for Exceptional Children 2,. 3,4; Symphonic Band 1,2; Orchestra 1,2. SKALMOSKI, BARBARA A.--Neenah, WI. SLAVIN, JOHN N.4Harvard, 1L. Phi Chi Epsilon Fraternity 2,3,4; Homecoming Committee 2; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. SLIMMER, JUDITH A.4DePere, WI. Alpha Sigma Alpha 2,3, Treasurer 4; Phi Beta Lambda 3,4. SLOWINSKI, MARCIA J.-Stevens Point, WI. Accounting Society 4; 'owling Team 3,4. SMITH, ANITA 1.4Gotham, WI. Phi Theta Kappa 1,2; Dorm Art Representative 3; Choir 1,2; Treble Clef 3; Madrigalians 3. SMITH, CHERYL A.-Whitewater, WI. Jazz Band 1;Concert Band 1,2,3,- 4; Treble Clef 4. SMITH, CONSTANCE M.-Janesville, WI. Assistant Resident Assistant 2. SMITS, DAVID O.aDePere, WI. DPMA 3,4. SNAVE, JOAN P.4Wilmington, DE. Delta Chi Fraternity Sweetheart 2,3; Minneiska Sports Staff 1; Associated Women Students 1; Studenfs Wisconsin Business Education Association 3,4; National Business Educa- tion Association 3,4. OKOLSKI. JERILYN A.4Whitewater, WI. Dorm Representative 1,2; l'om-Pom Hawkette 2; Cheerleader 2,3; Warhawk Ambassador 2,3; Track eam 2,3. 4ORENSON, JUDITH L.-Racine, WI. ORENSON, LINDA M.4Brookfield, WI. OVA, ARNOLD R.-Fort Atkinson, WI. SPENCER, RICHARD W.-Calesville, WI. Resident Assistant 3,4; Ac- ounting Society 3,4; Warhawk Band 1; Warhawk Ambassador 3,4. PINDLER, JUDY M.-Clenbeulah, WI. Beta Alpha Epsilon 2; Phi Beta Lambda 3; Standards Committee 2,3; Associated Women Students 1; Cecelian Chorale 1. SPOKE, VERONICA K.4Delafield, WI. STAAB, SUSAN B.-Beaver Dam, WI. Assistant Resident Assistant 2. STAKS, PETER-Milwaukee, W1. Rod and Gun Club, Vice Presiden12,3,- 4; Canoe Club 2. STARK, MERI A.-Watertown, W1. STEELE, LINELLE F.-Spring Green, WI. STEINGRABER, LOIS J.4New London, W1. Pi Omega Pi, Treasurer 3. STEKELBERG, DEBBIE A.-Middleton, WI. STELLPFLUG, JAMES R.4Galesville, WI. Accounting Society 3,4; W- Club 2; Varsity Golf 1. STENGER, DANIEL R.4Janesville, WI. Phi Alpha Theta 3,4; In- tramurals 1,2. STEPHAN, SUSAN L.4Lakeland, FL. Minneiska 2, Section Editor 3,4; Student Council for Exceptional Children 2,4. STEPKE, KRYSTEN M.-Oak Creek, WI. Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority1,- 2,3,4; Panhellenic Council, Recording Secretary 3,4; Homecoming Steer- ing Committee 3; Homecoming Executive Board 4; Silver Scroll 4; UCAB Fine Arts Committee 1; W-Ette 2; Varsity Cheerleader 3,4. STINEBRINK, JERRY L.4Fort Atkinson, WI. Accounting Society 3,4; Canoe and Outdoor Club 2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. STISKA, RUTH A.-Whitewaler, WI. Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority; Women1s Tennis Team. STOCKER, STEVEN C.-Beloit, WI. Resident Assistant 2,3; Society for the Advancement of Management 4; Vocational Rehabilitation Aid 3; Canoe and Outdoor Club 3; Campus Crusade for Christ 2; Intramurals 2,- 3,4. STODDARD, KEVIN W.4Palmyra, W1. Delta Chi Fraternity 2,3,4; Stu- dent Assembly 3; 1.F.C. 2. STOLLER, DARLENE 1.4Forl Atkinson, WI. Alpha Beta Alpha 3,4; Stu- dent Wisconsin Educational Association 3,4; Faculty Committee on Fine Arts 4; Clarinet Choir 3,4. STOVEKEN, MARY B.4Green Bay, WI. Resident Assistant 2,3,4; Stan- dards Representative 1; Pep Band 1; Warhawk Ambassador 2; Womenk Recreation Association Bowling 3. STRAITS, COLETTE-Chicago, IL. Sigma Sigma Sigma 2,3,4. STURM, PAUL J.-Manawa, WI. Delta Chi Fraternity 2,3,4; R.0.T.C. 1; Royal Purple Advertising Staff 3; Band 1. SUESS, LORI L.4Neenah, WI. SULLIVAN, DAVID J.4Whitewater, WI. Phi Chi Epsilon Fraternity 1,2, 3,4; Dorm Wing Representative 1; Football 1,2. SULLIVAN, MARGARET A.-Two Rivers, W1. Data Processing Manage- ment Association 3,4. SWEENEY, PATRICIA D.-Waunakee, W1. Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority 3,4; Student Anthropology, Sociology, and Social Welfare Association. SWOFFURD 111, HUGH W.-Butler, W1. Alpha Beta Alpha 4', Young Democrats 1,2,3,4. SYRING, DIANE L.-Madison, W1. Kappa Delta Pi 4; Deank Ad1isory Council 3; Silver Scroll 4; Student Council for Exceptional Children 1,2,4, Vice President 3; Disabled Students Club 3; Educational Foundations and Special Education, Representative 3; Catholic StudenISwShalom 1,2,3,4. SZALAPSKI, JULINN J.-Twin Lakes, WI. TARKOWSKI, JEROME 1.4Lake Geneva, WI. TARSITANO, NANCY C.4Chicago, IL. TAUSCHER, ALLAN P.-Brookfield, W1. Ski Club 2,3. TEED, RUSSELL L.-For1 Atkinson, WI. TEMPLIN, MARIE-Creenficld, WI. Association for Childhood Educa- tion 3: National Educational Association-Wisconsin Educational Association 1; Intramural Softball 2,3. TERWALL, ROBERT C.-Kenosha, W1. Society for the Advancement of Management 4; Football 1; Baseball 1,2,3,4. TESSAR, JAMES A.-Kewaskum, WI. TESSMANN, CAROL J.4Waterlown, WI. TETZLAFF, DALE R.AGreen Bay, WI. Phi Kappa Phi 3,4; Accounting Society 2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2. THIELKE, SHARON J.-Saukville, W1. Delta Zeta Sorority 2, Secretary 3; Phi Kappa Phi 3; Intercollegiate Softball 2,3; Intramurals 2,3. THIES, ALAN H.-Whitewaler, WI. Athletic Committee, Representative 4; Football 1,2,3,4. THOM, PAT A.-Janesville, WI. Silver Scroll 4; Associated University Broadcasters 3,4; WSUW Radio 3, Program Director 4. THOMPSON, CHERYL L.-Burlington, WI. Alpha Sigma Sorority 2,3; Warhawk Ambassador 3; Student Assembly Representative 3. THOMPSON, MARY J.-McFarland, W1. Student Wisconsin Educational Association4National Educational Association; Associated University Broadcasters; WSUM-FM. . THOMPSON, NANCY K.-McFarland, W1. THOMPSON, VICKI Er-Brodhead, WI. Council for Exceptional Children 3,4. THUR, CYNTHIA M.4Wauwatosa, WI. TO, TONY K.4Kowloon, Hong Kong. Bridge Club, President 3; Table Tennis 3; Soccer Club, Vice President 3. TODRYK, JEFFREY T.-West Allis, WI. Resident Assistant 2,3,4; Senior Directory-263 Basketball Official 2,3,4; Intramurals 123,4. TOFTUM, CAROLINE A. 4Amherst, WI. Kappa Delta Pi 3,4; Sigma Delta Pi 3, Treasurer 4; Spanish Club 1, 2, Show Band1,,2 3, Concert Band 1; Symphonic Band 2,3,4; Clarinet Choir 1, 2 3, 4. TOMCZAK. CAROL A.4Kenosha, WI. Student Wisconsin Educational Association. TOMLINSON, JOAN M.-Clinlon, WI. Phi Kappa Phi 3,4; Dorm Academic Council 2; University Honors Committee 3; Interrelated Arts Committee 3; Symphonic Band 2,3,4; Marching Band 2,3. TRAIBER, PAUL M.4Milwaukee, WI. Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity 2,3, Treasurer 4, Society for the AdVancemenl of Management 4. TREML, GLEN F. 4Applet0n, WI. Phi Sigma Epsilon FraternitV, Vice President 3, SecretarV 4, Intramurals, Student Director 3, 4. TROST, MARY T.4 4Burlington, WI. Student Assembly,Representative 3; National Students Speech and Hearing Association 2 ,.3 TRU MMER, AARON J. 4Graflon, WI. Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity 3, 4, Intra FraternitV Council 3,;4 Student Government 1,3,4; Homecoming Committee 4: Tim al Purple 12,4; UniVersitV Center ActiVilV Board, Chairman 4; Young Republicans 1,4. TI'BBS, HENRY A.4Whitewater, WI. Society for the Advancement of Management 3.4: Veterans Club 4; American Legion 3,4; Musketeers Club, President 1,2,3; Theatregoers Treasurer 1, President 2,3; Ski Club, Treasurer 2, Secretary 3. TUMLER, VICKI L.4Milwaukee, W1. Alpha Sigma Sorority 2, Historian 3. TUREK, PATRICIA A.4Milwaukee, W1. Sigma Pi Little Sisters of Athena 2,3,4; Associated Women Students 1,2,3,4; Association for Childhood Education 3,4; Student Wisconsin Educational Association4Nalionai Education Association 4. TURNER, VICKIE L.4Milwaukee, WI. Society of Afro-American Students l,2,3,4. TWELMEYER, BETTY J.4Wauwatosa, W1. Student Wisconsin Educational Association-Nalional Educational Association 2,3,4. UNGEMACH, CYNTHIA A.4Kenosha, W1. UTKE, JANE R.4DeForest, WI. Sailing Club 2, Vice Commodore 3. VAN BOGART, LYNN M.4Racine, WI. VAN DE BOGART, THOMAS F. 4Whitewater, WI. Student Represen- tatch, Political Science Department 4, Political Science Club 2, FlVing Dragons 3; W- Club 1,2 3; Basketball 12, 3 4, Baseball 1. VAN VONDEREN, GARY .1. 4DePere, WI. VEITCH, JINEEN N. 4Milwaukee, WI VELZKA, JANET M. 4Racine, WI. Student Council for Exceptional Children 2, 3,;4 Ski Hawks 2; Intramurals, Softball 3. VICK, DEANNA L.4B1anchardVille, W1. Alpha Beta Alpha 3,4; Student Advisory Commission 4; National Educational Association-Wisconsin Educational Association 3,4; Intramural Softball 3,4. VIESSELMANN, MARILEA-Grafton, WI. Associated Women Students 1: Student Council for Exceptional Children 3,4. VILLIESSE, EDWARD 1.4Green BaV, WI. Hockey 1. VOGTS, SUSAN K.4 4Madison, WI. Alpha Beta Alpha 2, Secretary 3 President 4; Phi Kappa Phi 3 ,;4 Kappa Delta Pi 3, Secretary 4, SiIVe 91 roll 4, Dean s AdVisory Council 3; Library Science Student Represen tative 3; Association of Childhood Education 3,4; Nationa Educational-Wisconsin Educational Association 3,4. VOLKERT, BARBARA C.4West Bend, WI. VON BERGEN, MARILYN R.4Walworth, W1. WCALDRON, JANE A.4Madison, WI. WALKER, WEYLIN 0.4Manawa, W1. Pi Sigma Epsilon 3,4. In lramurals. WALKOWICZ, EDWARD J.4Almond, WI. Sigma Pi Fraternity 2,4 Treasurer 3, Dorm Wing RepresentatiVe 1; Accounting Club 3, Veteran Club 3,;4 Ski Club 34. WALLACE, GLORIA J.4Racine, WI. Alpha Sigma Sorority 3,4' Orchestra 1,2. WALLACE, MARY S.4Wauwatosa, WI. Kappa Delta Pi 3; Naliona Society of Guidon, Vice President 3; Student Wisconsin Educationa Association-National Educational Association 3: Lutheran Collegian 1,2. WALSH, W'ILLIAM J.4Milwaukee, W71. Intramurals 1,2,3,4. W'ALWORTH, BONNIE L.4Helena, MO. WARDA, AMY B.4Milwaukee, WI. W'ASHBURN, SALLY J.4Freeport, IL. W'AT, KAI-CHEONG D.4Whitewater, WI. WAUGAMAN, ROBERT M.4Pittsburgh, PA. WAVRUNEK, LAWRENCE J.4Denmark, W1. Pi Sigma Epsilon 2,3,4; RoV'aI Purple Accounting Executive 3; Minneiska Sales Staff 3; Jazz Band 1; Marching Band 1,2,3; Concert Band 1,2; Intramurals 1,2,3. WEBER, RODNEY J.4Iron Mountain, M1. Phi Beta Lambda 3,4. WIEIDNER, VINCENT W".4Ar1ington Heights, IL. Track and Field 1,2; Cross CountrV 12 Intramurals, Basketball 123,4 W'EIHER, DEBRA L.4 Athens, WI. Alpha Gamma Delta 3,4, English I iuh 3, 4; Wells CompanV 12 University PlaVers 2, 3, 4, Cecelian Chorale WEILER, NORMA J.4Whitewater, WI. Pi Omega Pi 4; Economic Club 4. WEINBERG, RUTH A.4Brookfieid, W1. Concert Choir 1,2,3,4. WEINHOLD, KRISTIN A.-South Milwaukee, WI. WrEINKRANZ, JANET4 Chicago, IL. Residence Hall Federation Ex- eculiVe Board 3' Wells Hall Joint Counci12,,3 4; Student AssemblV 12 3; Student Mobilization Committee, Vice President 1. 2; Peace Studies Club 1, 2' Association of English Students 2, 3, 4, Student Sociology Association 3, Wells CompanV 1,2. WEISS, LINDA M. 4Port Washington, WI. Student Council for Excep- tional Children 12 3., 4. WEI LNITZ, ALICE J. 4CIinton, WI. Student Assembly 3' Pi Omega Pi 3 4' SilVer Scroll 4; Business Law ReV 1ew 3, 4. WELSH, PATRESA K. 4JanesVille, WI. Alpha Beta Alpha 2,3,4; National Who9s Who Among Students In American Universities and Colleges 4Sonior Directory Danny L. Anderson Nona L. Beatly Catherine I. Braasch Nathan M. Burton Donald R. Carlson Donna F. Crass Diane M. Etzel Kristina M. Fennell Christine E. Fick Linda L. Forner Steven M. Gobel Sandra L. Halgerson Susan L. Hilleshiem Sharon A. Hoppe Carol J. Isaksen Gail A. Johnson Joanne M. Junk Dale .1. Kent Mark F. Kern Linda K. Kuerth Sandra A. Lambert David L. Lanphear Mary C. Lehman Mary N. Lemke Renee C. Liermann Cole D. Lundquist Deborah A. Maahs Mary Ann Markovina Mary L. Murkowski Donald G. Natzke Cathryn M. Palesse Barbara J. Pellegrini Jean M. School's David T. Wittrock Sharon K. Woodin Randy L. Zelinka Educational Association 2,3,4; Intramurals, Baseball 3. WENGER, BEVERLY A.-Milwaukee, WI. Assistant Resident Aid 3; Resident Assistant 3,4; Student Government 1,2; Freshman Treasurer 1; Homecoming Committee 3,4; University Center Activities Board 3,4. WHISLER, ROBERT D. JR.-Franksville, W1. WICKEY, PHILIP J.4Oak Park, IL. Sigma Delta Chi 2,3,4; Associated bniversily Broadcasters 4, President 3; Royal Purple 2. WIESE, CHERYL A.4New Berlin, WI. Athletic Committee 3; Major- inor Club 1,2,3; Captain Girls Swim Team 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2,3. V IESMANN, JUDY K.4DesPlaines, 1L. Alpha Gamma Delta 3,4; Fen- ing Club 1,2; Orchesis 3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. V ILKE, CANDACE M.4Edgerton, WI. V ILLIAMS, COLIN B.4Clarendon Hills,1L. Resident Assistant Council, ice President 3, Secretary 4; Student Body Government, Vice President ';Warhawk Ambassadors 3,4; Warhawk Band 1, Drum Major 2,3,4. V ILLIAMS, MARGARET A.-Mukwonago, WI. Student Assembly 2; ; ssociated Women Students 2; German Club 2,3,4; Cecelian Chorale 2. V ILLIAMS, TERRY J.4Oconomowoc, W1. University Center Activities 'oard 3; Community I 3; Intramurals 2,3. V ILLIAMS, THOMAS B.-Edgerton, WI. V ILLUMSEN, ROBERT C.4Northbrook, 1L. Lambda Chi Alpha Frater. ily 1,2,3, Treasurer 4; Beta Alpha Epsilon 2; Accounting Society 3,4; Law ociety 3,4; Law Review 3,4; Kauphznoppskiik Tap 2,Treasurer 3; Young ' epublicans 2,3; Intramurals 1,2,3,4. ' ILP, ROBERT W.-Waukesha, W1. Accounting Society 2. V INDERL, BONNIE A.4Whitewater, W1. French Club 1; Christian cience Organization, Secretary-Treasurer 1,2,4. V INGERT, JOHN L.4Milwaukee, WI. Dorm Wing Representative 1,2; 1anoe and Outdoor Club 3,4; Student Psychology Association 2,3,4; In- ramurals 1,2. V INIECKI, KATHY A.-Princeton, WI. Resident Assistant 3,4, Council ' epresenlalive 3,4; Silver Scroll 4. V INN, DEBORAH A.-Whitewater, WI. Alpha Sigma Sorority 1,2; 'anhellenicCouncil1,2;Minnieska 3; Treble Clef l. V INTER, MARCIA R.4Monona, WI. V ISE, MARY-CAROLE-Madison, WI. Student Council for Exceptional .hildren l,2,3,4. V ITEK, DENNIS C.4Janesville, WI. V ITTROCK, DAVID T.-Kenosha, WI. Dcan1s Advisory Council 3,4; Stu- em Association of Sociology, Anthropology, Social Welfare 2,3,4; ' merican Sociological Association 4; Veterans Club 2,3,4. V ITTSTOCK, JOHN L-Waukesha, WI. Resident Assistant 3,4; Accoun- ing Society 3,4; Business Law Review, Editor-in-Chief. V ITZEL, KAREN A.-Sheboygan, W1. Marching Band 3,4; Inter- ollegiate Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. " OLLINGER, KATRINA 1.4Evansville, WI. V 00, ANDY-Whitewater, WI. Soccer Team 3. " 00D, ELAINE M.4Grafton, WI. Phi Kappa Phi 3; Dorm Wing Representative 1; Economics Club 2,3. WOOD, JANE M.4Wauwatosa, W1. Assistant Resident Assistant 3; Club of Disabled Students 4, Treasurer 3; Student Council for Exceptional Children 2,3,4; National and State Educational Association 3,4; Educational Foundations, Representative 3. WOODIN, SHARON K.4Waukesha, W1. Sigma Pi Little Sister 2,4, Presi- dent 3; Phi Kappa P1114; Data Processing Management Association 3,4. WORDEN, WILLIAM F.4Union Grove, WI. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 2, Recording Secretary 3,4; Veterans Club 2,3; University Bands 1,2,3,4; W.W.W.S. 1. WORLUND, BILL Jr-Janesville, W1. Phi Kappa Phi 3,4; Captains Counv oil 4; W-Club 1,2,3,4; Gymnastics, 1,2,3, Captain 4. WRIGHT, KAREN M.-Menomonee Falls, WI. Student Assembly 1; Stu- dent Senate 2; Student Council for Exceptional Children 3,4. WUCHERER, JAN T.4South Milwaukee, WI. Delta Zeta Sorority 1,2,4, Recording Secretary 3. WYSZYNSKI, DIANE L.4Racine, WI. YAKEL, MARY J.-Cudahy, W1. Delta Zeta Sorority 3,4; Residence Hall President 2; Concert Choir 1,2; Madrigalians 1. YAU, FRANCIS T.-Hong Kong. Chinese Student Association, Secretary 4-. ZAKOWSKI, KAREN M.-West Allis, WI. Kappa Delta Pi 3,4; Phi Kappa Phi 3,4; Association for Childhood Education 3,4; Student Wisconsin Educational Association 3,4; Campus Gold 2. ZANDER, DAVE P.4Cross Plains, W1. Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity; Bowling Team 3. ZASTROW, STEPHEN W.4Milwaukee, W1. Delta Chi Fraternity 3,4; Resident Assistant 3; Assistant Resident Assistant 2. ZASTROW, SUSAN M.-Walertown, WI. Who1s Who Committee 3; Basketball Official 2,3; Intramurals 1,2,3. ZASTROW, TERRENCE C.-Kenosha, WI. ZEINEMANN, STEVEN A.-Sheboygan, WI. Delta Chi Fraternity 1,2,3; Data Processing Management Association 3; Varsity Track 1. ZELINKA, RANDY L.4Milton Junction, WI. Phi Kappa Phi 3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Meislersingers 1,2; Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Chamber Singers 3; Woodwind Quintet 2,3,4. ZIECLER, SHARON V.4Milwaukee, WI. Alpha Beta Alpha 3; Sigma Tau Rose Queen 3; Social Representative in Dorm 2. ZIEHR, FRANCES A.-Menomonee Falls, WI. Alpha Gamma Delta 3, Vice President 4; Student Council for Exceptional Children 2,3,4. ZIELKI, JAMES F.-Milwaukee, W1. Veterans Club 4. ZILL, NANCY L.-Green Bay, WI. Dorm Wing Representative 2; Marketing Club 3; Homecoming Committee 2. ZILLMER, HOLLY L.-Sussex, W1. Resident Assistant 3. ZWEIFEL, RONALD F.-Fort Atkinson, WI. Phi Kappa Phi 4; Accoun- ting Society 3,4. Selection for Who1s Who in American Universities and Colleges was based on excellence and sincerity in scholarship, leadership and participation in extra- curricular and academic activities, citizenship and service to the university, promise of future usefullness to society, grade point average of 2.75 or better. Students were nominated by the academic departments and by the Dean of Students Office. Final selection was made by a student-faculty committee. Senior Direclo ry-265 A Abrahamson, Christine J. Adams, Donna Adams, Michael J. Adams, Philip L. Adams, Sharon A. Adsit, Brett C. Adsit, Mark, C. Aiello, Carolina F. Ajango, Michael F. Akjobi, Augustine A. Albrecht, Connie L. Albrecht, Eric P. Albrecht, Pamela T. Alexander, Jeffrey L. Alf, Thomas L. Aliota, Laurel A. Allen, Craig C. Allen, Cynthia E. Allen, Debra J. Allen, Diane Allender, Jeff Allison, Nancy J. Alsum, Lawrence A. Altman, John C. Amattey, Leonard L. Ambro, Paul R. Ambrose, Diane H. Ambrose, Jeanne E. Ames, Susan G. Amidei, Roger J. Amman, Marjorie L. Amore, Jo Ann Amore, Loren .1. Amoroso, Gary M. Andersen, Danny L. Anderson, Barbara J. Anderson, Barbara M. Anderson, Bonita L. Anderson, Christine 1. Anderson, Cynthia D. Anderson, Dean P. Anderson, Dennis J. Anderson, Gregory A. Anderson, Henry D. Anderson, Kevin D. Anderson, Kimberly S. Anderson, Nancy D. Anderson, Nina R. Anderson, Richard J. Andreas, Tryon L. Andrews, Margaret F. Andrews, Michael J. Androsh, David G. Ange", Patricia A. Angst, Thomas J. Apmann, William F. Appleberry, James M. Archer, William A. Arens, James M. Arentsen, Christine A. Argos, Helene C. Armson, Donald M. Armson, Ronald B. Armstrong, Gail P. Arndorfer, Carol J. Arnold, David W. 266-! ndex 192 163 222 120,121,173 195 108 180 94,138,222 105 222 156 214 156 172 213 222 179 192 96 81,176 108 94 114,117 216 90 190 175 176 84 152,216 107,201 174 155 172 222 175 146,195 222 182 111,137 150 222 102,111, 214 191 215 181 222 222 211,222 91,119,120, 223 223 154 223 223 71 95 215 88 152 195 181 82 82 156 82,146,223 123,179 General Index Arnold, Vernita L. Arthur, Robert G. Arh, Craig S. Asleson, Dale J. Asma, Michael J. Assmann, Bonnie D. Alhas, James R. Aulinger, Gene T. Aumann, Thomas Austin, Danny K. Austin, Elizabeth C. Awa, Awa E. Aydlotte, Mary A. B Baas, Arthur J. Babcock, Gary M. Babler, Kim M. Bahler, Michael J. Bachman, Catherine A. Backes, Julie A. Bacon, Cynthia A. Badlen, John C. Baerbock, Marlene A. Baelen, Stephen D. Bailey, Bradford C. Bailey, Steven W. Baker, James G. Baker, Marilee S. Bakker, Nancy .1. Bakke, Denise K. Bakken, Ruth A. Balbach, Sandra G. Baleslrieri, Janet L. Ball, Julie A. Ballweg, Lawrence L. Banes, Dotti A. Banks, Leon J. Banks, Michael E. Baranski, Charles C. Bararowski, Clinton .1. Barber, David J. Barbera, Rodney R. Bargielski, Mary B. Barnekau, Sandra L. Barnes, Cynthia L. Barnes, John R. Barnett, Linda L. Barr, John T. Barr, Patricia L. Barriento, Andrew Barry, Barbara E. Bartels, William G. Barth, Kristin Barwick, Billie G. Bast, Kay L. Basthemer, Steven A. Bates, Robert W. Batzler, Susan D. Bauer, Laura L. Bauer, Michael T. Baum, Jeffrey D. Baumann, Pamela B. Baumann, Steven E. Baumeisler, Laurie L. Baumgart, James L. Baumgartner, Mark E. Bauschka, Anton Bayer, Lynn M. 223 174 201 155 223 89,182 108 102 91 102,111 193 90 175 97 189 114,117 197 205 94,174 105,106,194 223 223 82,223 150,223 180 223 182 111,205 223 223 156,223 176 140 210 223 181 209 223 215 223 158 107,182 104,105 146 105 185 158,171 85,205 186 223 171 203 209 223 223 149 223 207 223 223 102,104,111 187 224 98,212 172 94 182 Real, Karen E. 175 Beally, Nona L. 224 Beaudoin, Julie M. 224 Beaudry, Scott T. 187 Bechtolt, Kimberly A. 87,193 Beck, John 121 Beck, Joseph C. 209 Becker, Michael J. 197 Becker, Nancy J. 177 Becker, Steven T. 224 Becker, William J. 186 Beerman, John J. 224 Beers, William M. 224 Beelstra, Dawid WV. 209 Begolka, Ricky C. 85,191 Behl, Beth B. 224 Behl, Kay 1. 113 Behnke, Debra A. 94 Behnke, Robert F. 160 Behrendt, Donald W. 216 Beirow, Paulette C. 185 Bell, Joseph L. 197 Bell, Michael G. 210 Bell, Perry W. 102,108,111,210 Bellamy, Anthony D. 136 Bennett, Carol C. 224 Bennett, Carol .1. 105,182 Bennett, Gregory J. 224 Bennett, Robin L. 324 Bentz, Janet J. 224 Berger, Deborah J. 105 Berger, Jeff T. 158 Bernau, Brent F. 88,127 Bernet, Peter F. 189 Berninger, Eileen .1. 86,95 Berryman, Donna V. 224 Betenz, Nancy H. 175 Belters, Mary Pat 138 Bickfard, Billy A. 118,121 Bidlingma1er, Sue D. 224 Bielinski, Thomas A. 211 Bien, Kevin W. 144 Bien, Valeer P. 182 Bienfang, Kathleen A. 186 Bieniek, Joseph F. 174 Bierle, Gail M. 176 Biernack, Jami 185 Bildsten, Scott A. 189 Bilski, Cheryl A. 94,224 Bindas, Gary R. 197 Biniok, Joan L. 224 Birdsall, Richard W. 224 Birkholz, Sue M. 208 Birr, Dennis L. 188 Birr, Lois A. 175 Bischoff, Victoria L. 224 Bishop, Maureen C. 206 Bishop, Nancy L. 200 Bishop, Peggy D. 174 Bitters, Kurt M. 214 Bjelde, Janet L. 208 Blackburn, Joyce R. 154 Blackmon, Lisa M. 177 Bladorn, Dean A. 189 Blain, Robert S. 152 Blanke, Robert S. 188 Blankenheim, Elizabeth J. 224 Bley, Richard D. 152 Bliss, Mary C. 201 Blix, Howard G. 224 Bloom, Brian T. 31011, Daniel R. 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The purpose of yearbook is to help a reader recapture the feeling of a year and remember himself as he was in 1974. A year- book dated 1974 is meant to he read in 1989. More than anything, the year was media oriented. Nothing was doneefrom streaking in Esker Hall to Kissinger visiting Paris without it being reported. This insight into the year section should help to give some perspective. It is placed at the back of the book because it is a belief that yearbooks are most often read backwards. 280 The one sustaining story of the year was Watergate. The hearings held the nation spellbound and made superstars of Senators Sam Er- vin and Howard Baker. Presidential advisers went down the judicial drain one by one. Cries for presidential impeachment were seen on humperstiekers and heard in the Senate. President Nixon staunchly denied in- volvement but there was fear for the sur- vival of the presidency. On the international scene, Arabs and Israelis were involved in more bloody war- fare. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger patched things up and according to some, earned for himself the name HPeacemaker 0f the Worldf Viee-president Spiro Agnew resigned from office amid charges of campaign eor- ruption. Gerald Ford was appointed his successor. 281 282 The energy situation in 1974 became a personal problem when gas pumps all across the country were closed. Some blamed the shortage 0n the Arab oil embargo but others said it was about time Americans stopped over-consuming natural resources and turned their ther- mostats down to save fuel. The small car market boomed. Deep thinkers wondered if the American way of life would survive. McDonaldas Quarter Pounder cost 650:. W H mm ELF same: msmumwrm; 1. Ramon nozzle 2. Zero dial: 3. Tum rod pump hondlcvu. 4. Put nozzle in gas tank. 5. kaonso gasoline. 6. turn red hondh OFF. 7 ,lloplccohlxuk In pump. . t. ' i $ s E 0 m , M W, NH 284 Streaking became a campus craze. Clad in tennis shoes and occasionally a ski mask, the streakers raced through classrooms, court houses and theaters. Warm spring weather brought out the streakers in great numbers. Billie Jean King proved women could play tennis when she beat Bobby Riggs in a spectacular match at the Houston Astrodome. Super horse Secretariat won the first Triple Crown in 25 years. Skylab Astronauts spent three months in space and landed on the moon but few peo- ple could name the men or remember when they came home. Henry Aaron sought to break Babe Ruth95 career homerun mark. Mohammed Ali regained the world heavyweight boxing title. Big movies of the year were: The Exor- cist, Last Tango in Paris, American Grafit- ti, The Sting. Obituaries were written for Pablo Casals, Edward G. Robinson, Pearl S. Buck, Eddie Rickenbacker, J. R. R. Tolkien, W. H. Auden, Noel Coward, Jac- ques Lipchitz, Gene Krupa, David Ben- Gurion, John Ford, Veronica Lake, Pablo Picasso, Edward Steichen and Betty Grable. 285 aw L x 1enemark, David .............. 6, 10,17, 8, 39, 88, 89, 97, 105, 106, 168, 218, 288. 1ebe1, Robert ................ 2, 6, 8, 9, 9, 27, 30, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 40, 41, 42, 3, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 7, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 83, 85, 93, 94, 97, 8, 99,101,106,107, 109,112,113,114,115, 23, 141, 155, 157, 170, 218, 219, 286, 287. endrickson, James ........... 122, 169. arman, Brett ................. 3, 12, 16, 8, 19, 21, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29, 31, 33, 4, 35, 40, 41, 42, 44, 45, 56, 47, 53, 56, 57, 8, 59, 69, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 84, 85, 90, 91, 2, 93, 95, 104, 105, 108, 114, 116, 118, 119, 22, 128, 129, 130, 131, 133, 134, 135, 136, 37, 138, 139, 140, 142, 143, 144, 145, 146, 47, 138, 149, 150, 151, 153, 154, 155, 156, 59, 160, 161, 162, 163, 164, 165, 166, 170, 74, 175, 176, 177, 181, 182, 183, 184, 192, 94, 195, 196, 197, 198, 199, 200, 201, 202, '03, 204, 205, 206, 207, 208, 209, 210, 211, 12, 213, 214, 215, 216, 217, 219, 221, 283. cCormick, Catherine ........... 13,218. iller, Roger ................ 43, 60, 63. orman, Paul ............ . . .18, 36, 37, 8, 71,110,126,127,134,171,172,173,174, 78, 179, 180, 181, 185, 186, 187, 188, 189, 90, 191, 193, 213. 'asulin, Gerald .............. 21, 29, 50, 4, 70, 72, 99, 112, 123, 124, 125. 'odriguez, Juan ............ 60, 61, 147. Photography Credits 287 5W . Mm ' 5 55,4 1974 Minneiska Staff A yearbook editor is always tired, often hungry, and cold, usually lonely. To say what of himself the editor gives to a yearbook, one speaks of nervous stomachs and tears, vonsevutive sleepless nights and a year in which every thought is monitored by a page layout or picture possibility. The deadline comes ahead of personal comfort, friends, and class work. One editor may look back upon the work of his predecessor and think how easy that year must have been. But each editor faces a trauma. As the staff changes, so do the problems. The magnitude and multitude remains. Amid the responsibility and chaos, there is a moment in the editoris day when he is almost overcome by his significance. The editor is the preserver of history, a spokesman for the year and will live with the hook into the life of each reader. That seems to he as close to immortality as one individual can expect to come by age twenty. 288 Editor-in-Chief ........................................ Brett Jarman Theme Editor .................................. Catherine McCormick Business Manager ................................... Anthony Rakun Photo Editor .......................................... Robert Gebel Adviser .................................................. Mary Mills CAMPUS LIFE: Bev Bolz, Susan Stephan, editors, Ginny Boyd, Cindy Clark, Debbie Frank, Beth Kroehler, Steve Mitchell. SPORTS: Kathi Potter, Sharon Rindt, editors. Cliff Bira, Joe Espinosa. GREEKS AND SENIORS: Bonnie Breen, editor. Barbara Langenfeld, Carole Schroeder, Aaron Trummer, Mary Wellenstein. INDEX: Patti Geidel, editor. SALES STAFF: Paul Chan, Gail Daly, William Fraser, John Ceraert, Marie Koviae, Steve Lautensehlager, Chuck Taggart, Jean Timmer, Joan Sehlager, Ed Villiesse, Weylin Walker. ORGANIZATIONS: Steve Mitchell, Debbie Frank. TYPISTS: Gloria Boehm, Ellen Eaton, Debbie Skoglund. SPECIAL SERVICES: Eileen Berninger, William Schulz, Glenn Sell. SENIOR PORTRAITS: Root Photographers. PRINTER: Inter-Collegiate Press.

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