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University of Wisconsin Whitewater - Minneiska Yearbook (Whitewater, WI) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Cover

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Then blend They-Iike green leaves wiTh golden flowers, Info one beautiful and perfect whole. Sir Edward Arnold wwm, w meW $HH4$ evLiguunl m??? R EL T A W EL H H W 5,1,5; ,. . t if m r Mir ? 2m in $36"ng , $4.5M, 6., a Mawwzwhv Mme MINNEISKA I965 WW amw Loni Smith . Editor-inC ef Robert Smith ........ Photo Editor M Mory Mills .. .. Adviser Cover Medallion by Miss Mildred Schultze w Administration Table of Contents hSeniors wFaculty Special Services -"+Campus Life ;... Students . . . a campus of many stu- dents, shifting chonging students who leave and come and go and students you never meet and some you'll never forget. . . . this was Wisconsin State University - Whitewater, the stu- dents; and to these 4,901 in- dividuals we dedicate this year- book. . . to the students who de- voted their time and energy to new ideas and new goals; to those who may not have won, but tried; to those who ran the race instead of watching it run by. . . . to the student that was and the student that is, to the student that is yet to come whose face we do not know Administration-FacuIty-Special Services When The ear sees, And The eye hears, One cherishes no doust: How noTuroHy The rain drips from The eaves! DoiTo Kokushi Page 9 There Are Many Sides To A President PresidenT Wymon is a man of many moods and many TolenTs. We have all seen The educated odminisTroTor rushing off To speak CT The Kiwanis or RoTory Club; a fling of The cooT and hoT is hard- Iy necessary, for in a momenT he will dosh To a cobineT meeTing. A desk calendar is filled wiTh reminders of meeTings, IecTures, op- poinTmenTs, The daily headaches and ioys of heading 0 universiTy. This demanding schedule, however, is sTreTched just a biT To include Time for wriTing. Dr. Wymon is The aUThor of many books including, The Wild Horses Of The WesT, The Frontier In Perspective, and his loTesT endeavor, o Tebeook enTiTled, The American Adven- Ture. Our PresidenT also fulfills The role of husband and foTher buT perhaps There isn'T as much Time for homelife as he would like. On The infrequenT evenings when boTh The Wymons are at home, he can ofTen be found flipping pancakes, on orT which he has per- fecTed. A few quieT momenTs of The close of The clay provide an op- porTuniTy for reading and Then To bed, for cmoTher busy day will begin very soon. President Walker D. Wyman In The posT yeor Willie and Sally Worhowk have be- come occusTomed To The exciTemenT and inconvenience of growTh on The WhiTeoner campus. Upon Their reTurn To classes in The fall, They learned of The name change To SToTe UniversiTy, Thus necessiToTing The purchase of noTebooks 0nd sweoTers bearing The new name and allowing Them To send old Things home To young broThers and sisTers who could noT yeT read or wriTe. The War- hawks onched The oddiTion To The library and union go Up, and witnessed greoT commoTion on The WesT Campus 05 new residence halls rose There. In The Royal Purple They read of new moiors in psychology and sociology, and of The menTolly reTorded program in Teacher education. The Freshmen Forum goT off To 0 rough sTorT, buT iT added a new dimension To campus life. The enrollmenT reached 4901 wiTh 275 foculTy. GrowTh There was, and iT was everywhere. The Tempo of universiTy life was seT by The symbolic drums beoT by demanding TocuITy, excellenT sTudenT leadership, and The sTepped-up ocTiviTies of The Univer- siTy CenTer. We won few championships, buT all of us were "champs" in Training for significonT lives. To The seniors, a ban voyage as you enTer The exciting world of work; To The oThers noT yeT ready To leave These familiar Troils Tor disTonT porTs, make use of your summer so ThaT you can reTurn in The fall beTTer oble To live on a campus of rapid change. 5bede U kaxuau Vice-President Richard J. Brown Publication of The Minneiska is one means whereby sTudenTs oTTempT To memorialize evenTs of The year ThoT played important porfs in Their lives. The pictures on These pages reloTe o sTory of classroom acTiviTies, ex- Trocurriculor evenTs, and individual endeavors. In shorT, They depict a rich academic year filled wiTh opporTuni- Ties Tor sTudenTs represenTing mony inTeresTs ond obiec- Tives. Each sTudenT will sTop on certain pages and reminisce on Those scenes holding special meaning be- cause of a personal concern. The ToToI volume should remind us of The varied efforTs of The UniversiTy Com- muniTy To have on enriching influence on cull Those in oTTendonce. IT should depicT a universiTy in one sToge of TronsiTion, growing in moTuriTy as if oTTemst To influence The lives of Those wiTh whom if is in conTocT. IT should also be a conTinuous reminder ThoT sTudenTs, Through Their involvemenT in various campus ocTiviTies, help deTermine The direcTion of The universiTy. , f3 Page 11 Presidentts Ca binet Dr. Beathe The President's Cabinet, composed of eight mem- bers, serves as an advisory board to the President. The cabinet consists of Dr. Beottie, Dean of the School of Business, Dr. Wells, Dean of Instruction, Dr. Lein, Dean of the School of Graduate Studies, Dr. Brock, Assistant to the President, Dr. Schaffer, Dean of Admissions, Mr. Prentice, Registrar, Dr. Graham, Dean of the School of Page 12 Dn VVeHs Arts and Sciences, and Dr. Winther, Dean of the School of Education. Once cu week President Wymon and the cabinet meet to discuss policies which will influence all under- graduate and graduate students alike, and determine what is best for all interests involved. These policies . l. W. Schaffer Dr. Charles Graham vary. For example, The discussion mighT include such Topics as The parking problem 0T W.S.U. WhiTeoner, The oddiTion of several new courses To The educoTion cur- riculum, The building of Two new sTcTe dorms or a fine arts building. These discussions are inTeresTing and in- formoTive; for The cabinet members can conTribuTe noT Mr. Prentice Dr. WinTher only Their own ideas and feelings, bUT also The con- siderations of Their various deporTmenTs or schools. Unlike some cobineTs, The WSU-WhiTeoner cabi- neT does noT possess a voTing or veTo power. However, Their informal discussions prove invaluable To The pro- gress 0nd TUTure growth of our universiTy. ROBERT P. BEHLING, M.S., C.P.A. ' ' CLAYTON G. BAILEY, M.$. Associoie Professor of Accounting Instructor in Art RALPH M. WILLIAMS, M.B.A. Associate Professor of Accounting CLARENCE A. BLACK, Ph.D. ; , GERMAINE M. BLASKEY, M.A. Instructor in Home Economics Professor of Accounting NORBERT J. ZELTEN, M.B.A., C.P.A. Associate Professor of Accounting HENRY M. COLLINS, M.A. FRANCIS R. COELHO, M.A. Associate Professor of Accounting Associate Professor of Art CATHERINE CROSSMAN, M.A. 1 MAX F. TAYLOR M.F.A. Associate Professor of Art Associate Professor of Art JOSEPH F. HLAVACEK, B.A. Faculty Assistant in Art THOMAS M. PARKER, M.F.A. L ' ' CLINTON MOCHON, M.A. Assistant Professor of Art , Assistant Professor of Art MILDRED L. SCHULTZE, MAA. Associate Professor of Art ERNELLA HUNZIKER, M.A. GEORGE C. BECKER, Ph.D. Asusfunf Professor of Art Assistant Professor of Biology JOSEPH CHOPP, M.A. Associate Professor of Biology LAWRENCE CRONE, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Biology Page 16 JOHN A. CUMMINGS, M.S. Assistant Professor of Biology ' $1 CLIFFORD J. DENNIS, B.A. Associate Professor of Biology MAURICE C. KALB, M.S. Faculty Assistant in Biology CHARLES R KING, M.S. Associate Professor of Biology MW JAMES R. LAMPKY, M.A. Instructor in Biology HENRY N. MARKHAM, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Biology HENRY MEYER, Ph.D. JAMES C. RUSSEL.L, MD. Professor of Biology Professor of Biology GLEN R. BOWEN, J.D. Assistant Professor of Business Administration RICHARD PORTER, Ph.D. GEORGE H. SEEBURGER, Ed.D. Associate Professor of Biology Assistant Professor of Biology ROBERT H. COX, M.B.A. Instructor in Business Administration ROBERT K. ROSE, M.A. LEONARD W. STORM, Ph.D. Instructor in Biology Assistant Professor of Biology DAVID J. FLECKENSTEIN, M.B.A. DOROTHY C. HENTZ, M.A. Instructor in Business Administration Assisian'r Professor of Business Administration EDWARD J. O'BRIEN, M.S. Assistant Professor of Business Administration JAY M. GREENE, Ed.D. LEON P. HERMSEN, Ph.D. Professor of Business Administration Professor of Business Administration DALE H. SCHARINGER, D.B.A. Instructor in Business Administration ETHEL D. HANSEN, M.S. WILLlAM J. MADDEN, C.P.A., A.B. Assistant Professor of Business Assistant Professor of Business Administration Administration GARY J. ZENZ, M.B.A. VlRGlL C. GRAHAM, M.A. Instrucfor in Business Administration Associate Professor of Business Education EVERETT R. SHAW, M.A., C.P.A. Associate Professor of Business Administration EDNA P. GRINSTEAD, Ed.D. CARL J. GANSER, M.B.A. Associate Professor of Business Instructor in Business Education Education DONALD A. WIRRIES, M.B.A. Instructor in Business Administration ALLEN A. LOWREY, M.A.B. DAVID G. GOODMAN, Ed.D. Associate Professor of Business Professor of Business Education Education Page 19 HAROLD E. MARION, M.A. Assistant Professor of Business Education NORMAN W. THIES, M.A. Associate Professor of Business Education EDWIN E. THELE, M.$. Assistant Professor of Accounting BRUCE O. COZZINI, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Chemistry E . . . i , A - l n. ,A . .1 WARREN S. THEUNE, Ed.D. Professor of Business Education Page 20 EDWARD J. DREXLER, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Chemistry ARZY R. GRAY, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry HUGO E. LAHTI, M.S. Associate Professor of Chemistry CHARLES R. MC COY, Ph.D. ' ' FRANK PALINAY, D.Ec. Associate Professor of Chemistry ' Professor of Economics JAMES HELLIE, Ph.D. Professor of Economics ROLLIN B. COOPER, M.B.A. V V EVERETT L. REFIOR, Ph.D. Instructor in Economics Professor of Economics CHI-LING LEE, PhD. Associate Professor of Economics JOHN M. GIBBENS, M.S. STUART M. RICH, D.B.A. Associate Professor of Economics Professor of Economics JEAN FERGUSON, M.A. DANIEL A. KIES, M.S. Assistant Professor of Education Instructor of Education DONALD H. SILVA, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Economics n, , 3a ROBERT L. HENDRICKSON, M.S. MAXINE L. MANN, M.$. Assistant Professor of Education Professor of Education HARRY A. SUHR, M.A. Instructor in Economics VERNON HERDENDORF, M.S. ARTHUR G. MC GRAW, PhD. Assistant Professor of Education Professor of Education Page 22 $3; ,, Q ,, . . . MARGARET H. MUELLER, M.S. DOROTHY E. REMP, M.A. Associate Professor of Educaiion Assistant Professor of Education THOMAS E. BOLDUC, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Education and Psychology HELEN E. SWARTZ, B.A. Instructor in Education GLADYS L. PETERSEN, M.$. Assistant Professor of Education CLAY J. DAGGETT, M.A. Associate Professor of Education and Psychology ' '''' ' JOHN V. BATTRAM, Ph.D. OLIVE R. REEVE, M.A. Associate Professor of Education Associate Professor of Education and Psychology Page 23 FRED J. DZARA, EdD. Associate Professor of Education and Psychology CORA M. FORBUSH, M.S. Assistant Professor of Education and Psychology DALE O. IRWIN, PhD. Assistant Professor of Education and Psychology Page 24 WILLIAM R. JOHNSTON, M,Ed. Assistant Professor of Education and Psychology GEORGE KAPRELIAN, Ph.D. Assoaime Professor of Education and Psychology REUBEN W. KLUMB, M.Ph. Associate Professor of Education and Psychology PAUL W. LAURITZEN, PhD. Associate Professor of Education and Psychology MARY A. MORROW, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Education and Psychology VERNON A. SCHUMACHER, Ph.D. RICHARD G. ADAMANY, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Education Assocmte Professor 0f EnQ'ISh and Psychology EDWARD PFAU, Ed.D. Associate Professor of Education and Psychology HOWARD D. ALLEN, Ph.D. EVERETT M' WHITE' Ed'D' Assistant Professor of English Professor of Education and Psychology KENNETH D. SALZWEDEL, M.5. Instructor in Education and Psychology RICHARD F. WOLLIN, Ph.D. ANNE W. BALDWIN, M.A. Professor of Education and Psychology Instructor in English JOHN L. FOSTER, Ph.D. Associate Professor of English WAUNETTA L. BLACKBURN, M.A. Instructor in English 11: a THOMAS C. FAULKNER, M.A. Instructor in English G. PAUL GRANT, Ph.D. BEN L. COLLINS, Ph.D. Professor of English Professor of English CORINNE E. FORSTER, M.A, Assistant Professor of English MICHAEL C. EMERY, M.A. Associate Professor of English Instructor in Journalism Page 26 THEODORE A. HANSEN, M.A. . ' ' BETTY RUZICKA, M.A. Instructor in English ' lns1ructor in Psychology ELLEN HEINE, M.A. Assistant Professor of English NORMAN HARRIS, M.A. DONALD F. KAUSCH, Ph.D. Associate Professor of English . Assistant Professor of English JOANNE J. JEDLICKI, M.A. Instructor in English JOHN A. HAWKINS, M.A. AGATE KROUSE, M.A. Instructor in English Instructor in English JAMES M. LEAVER, M.A. ARTHUR A. MADSON, M.A. Instructor in English Associate Professor of English HARRY B. KROUSE, M.A.T. Assistant Professor of English ALEENE LEBO, M.A. JOHN L. MARQUARDT, Ed.D. Instructor in English Associate Professor of English EDWARD C. LAUN, M.A. Assistant Professor of English GORDON D. LONG, M.A. THEOLA A. MC DONALD, Ph.M Instructor in English Assistcm Professor of English Page 28 RUTH A. SCHAUER, Ph.D. MARY MILLS, M.S. Assistant Professor of English Assistant Professor of Journalism JEANNE K. WALKER, M.A. Instructor in English m - ROBERT G. TOOMEY, M.A. Assistant Professor of English BARBARA M. O'GRADY, M.A. Instructor in English ARTHUR B. CONNOR, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Foreign Languages DAVID B. SAUNDERS, M.A. KATHRYN E. UTZ, PhD. Associate Professor of English Professor of English Page 29 ROLAND E. DURETTE, M.A. JOHN L. GLENN, A.M. Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages RICHARD W. MACHOWSKI, M.A. Instructor in Geography NATALIE METENKANICH, M.A. Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages RICHARD H. OLMSTED, Ph.D. Professor of Foreign Languages DICKINSON WEBER, Ph.D. Instructor in Geography GERARD M. MERTENS, Ph.D. PAUL BLACKFORD, M.A. Professor of Foreign Languages Instructor in Geography Page 30 ROBERT B. MANCELL, M.A. JOHN W. SNADEN, Ph.D. Instructor in Geography Associate Professor of Geography FLORENCE JONES, M.A. Instructor in Geography CHARLES E. MORPHEW, Ed.D. CHARLES E. VARNEY, Ph.D. Professor of Geography Professor of Geography HERBERT J. LUNDlN, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Geography REX M. PETERSON, Ph.D. HELENA ACKERMANN, M.A. Assistant Professor of Geography Instructor in Guidance DOROTHY C. HOOD, M.A. Instructor in Guidance JOANNA W. BARSNESS, B.S. Assistant Professor of Library Science ROBERT C. MUNNECKE, M.A. Instructor in Guidance $3 , WINSON C. BLANKENSHIP, ECLD. Associate Professor of Library Science ORA JONES, B.A. Faculty Assisiant in Guidance DONALD J. RICHARDS, M.E. Instructor in Guidance IRV A. MADSEN, B.E. STITH M. CAIN, M.A. Faculty Assistanf in Guidance Associate Professor of Library Science Page 32 THOMAS L. REITZ, M.5. Instructor in Library Science MYN J. COE, B.Ed. Instructor in Library Science NORMAN D. MARTIN, M.A.L.S. Instructor in Library Science Saw FAYE FOLLOWELL, A.M. Associate Professor of Library Science S. DONALD ROBERTSON, M.S.L.$. Assistant Professor of Library Science AMY K. PETERSON, A.M.L.S. Instructor in Library Science JAMES M. TURNER, M.S. MAXINE E. LAHTI, M.A.L.S. Assistant Professor of Library Science Instructor in Library Science Page 33 ALBERTA E. CHRISTEN, M.A. Assistonf Professor of Mathematics WILLIAM BECK, M.$. Associate Professor of Mathematics JAMES D. CHURCH, M.A. Instructor in Mathematics EDWIN W. BUCHERT, M.A. Assistant Professor of Mathematics JIM S. DOMBEK, M.A. Assistant Professor of Mathematics Page 34 CLAYTON A. DROULLARD, Ed.D. Professor of Mathematics RICHARD C. ENSTAD, M.M. Instructor in Mathematics SAMUEL ISAAK, Ph.D Assistant Professor of Mathematics REX D. FOSTER, M.S. KARL A. JOHANNES, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Mathematics Professor of Mathematics ALTON J. OLSON, M.S. Instructor in Mathematics DOROTHY M. GOLLMAR, M.A. WILLIAM F. JOHNSTON, M.S. Associate Professor of Mathematics Associate Professor of Mathematics KARAMANEH l. OSCHWALD, M.A. Assistant Professor of Mathematics LYLE W. HUNTER, M.S. STEPHAN LEWANDOWSKI, M.A., LLB. lnstrudcr in Mathematics Associate Professor of Mathematics Page 35 RICHARD A. OSCHWALD, M.A. Associate Professor of Mathematics PAUL BREITSPRECHER, M.A. Faculty Assistant in Library Science JAMES R. TRIER, M.S. Assistant Professor of Mathematics Page 36 FRANKLIN F. BUSHMAN, Ed.D. Professor of Music PATRICIA J. CONNOR, D.M.A. Assistant Professor of Music ROGER D. COPPENBARGER, M.M.E. Assistant Professor of Music RAYMOND E. LIGHT, Ed.D. Professor of Music ZENOBIA R. LIGHT, M.A. Faculty Assistant in Music JASPER J. MATTHEWS, Ed.D. Professor of Music DONNA L. PARSONS, M.A. Assistant Professor of Music ROBERT P. PARTRIDGE, M.A. Associate Professor of Music EUGENE F. KRUCHESKI, PhD. Associate Professor of Physical Education DENNIS K. ROHRS, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Music WILLIAM F. SIEBERS, M.M. Instructor in Music ROY DOORNBOS, Ed.D. Professor of Physical Education MERCEDES C. FERNANDEZ, M.S. Instructor in Physical Education ROBERT WEIGANDT, M.S. ALYCE M. GREENE, M.S. Assistant Professor of Physical Education Assistant Professor of Physical Education MARGARET A. ROXBY, M.S. Instructor in Physical Education PATRICIA A. MCBRIDE, M.S. Instructor in Physical Education E. JOHN RABE, 3.5. Faculty Assistant in Physical Education EDGAR H. SCHWAGER, M.S. Assistant Professor of Physical Education FORREST W. PERKINS, M.S. JAMES E. TOENNIES, M.S. Assistant Professor of Physical Education Instructor in Physical Education Page 38 mm? RALPH E. LEHMAN, M.Ed. MARTHA E. VAN STEENDEREN, M.S. Assistant Professor of Physics Assistant Professor of Physical Education CHARLES W. DOWSE, M.S. Assistant Professor of Physics RONALD R. BERGSTEN, MS. I , LLOYD LIEDTKE, M.A. Instructor in Physics V . , Associate Professor of Physics wi W WW MWWM NOEL N. HJELMHAUG, M.A. Instructor in Physics SHIRLEY L. DOW, M.A. GREGORY A. MAC GREGOR, B.S Instructor in Physics Instructor in Physics DON L. MANLEY, M.A. Assistant Professor of Physics RUDOLPH W. PRUCHA, M.$. Professor of Physics Page 40 DAVID M. ROACH, M.S. Instructor in Physics BENEDICT Y. OH, M.S. Instructor in Physics PETER R. BARRY, M.A. Assismn? Professor of Social Studies M. JANETTE BOHI, Ph.D. Professor of Social Studies PING CHIU, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Social Studies HENRY A. DE WIND, PhD. Professor of Social Studies DANIEL D. Dl PIAZZA, Ph.D. DONALD L. GRAHAM, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Social Studies Professor of History MICHAEL J. KENNEDY, M.A. Assodate Professor of History H. GAYLON GREENHILL, Ph.D. MARGARET M. DONOVAN, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Political Science Associate Professor of Social Studies DOUGLAS L. MEIKLE, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Social Studies STEPHEN V. FULKERSON, Ph.D. KENNETH R. HOOVER, B.A. Associate Professor of Social Studies lnsfrUcfor in Social Studies EDWARD J. MORGAN, Ph.M. Associate Professor of Social Studies KRISS M. NOVAK, M.S. Instructor in Social Studies KENNETH OTTING, Ph.D. Assistom Professor of Social Studies Page 42 DAVID H. OVERY, M S. Instructor in Social Studies MARVIN J. PENTON, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Social Studies WILLIAM O. REICHERT, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Social Studies NOEL J. RICHARDS, M.A. Instructor in Social Studies PAUL L. SCHMUNK, Ph.D. Professor of Social Studies H JOHN ASHENFELTER, M.s. LOREN D. CRANE, Ph.D. Instructor in Biology Assistant Professor of Speech A AEILT E. SENTS, M.A. Associate Professor of Social Studies $5 K2: J. T. VON TREBA, Ph.D. GLORIA K. GROVER, MA. Professor of Social Studies Instructor in Speech C. HARDING VEIGEL, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Social Studies WYNETT BARNETT, Ph.D. FANNIE E. HICKLIN, M.A. Professor of Speech Assistant Professor of Speech Page 43 FREDERIC L. SEDERHOLM, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Speech MEL M. SLOTT, M.A. Instructor in Speech EDNA C. SORBER, Ph.D. Professor of Speech Page 44 JACK W. VRIEZE, PhD. Professor of Speech THOMAS ADAMS, 35. Faculty Assistant for Student Affairs EULALA COOK, B.$. Faculty Assistant for Student Affairs ANNE T. KLEINER, Ed.M. Instructor in Student Affairs DALE F. STEHNO, M.$. Instructor in Student Affairs RICHARD R. STONER, B.S. Faculty Assistant; Director, Student Union ROBERT N. BURROWS, Ph.D. Associate Professor of English CURTIS l. COWLE, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of History RUSSELL D. HELWIG, M.S. Instructor in Physics MARVIN HERSKO, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology DENNIS C. HOOD, M.B.A. Instructor in Economics WILLIAM A. MILLER, M.A. Assistant Professor of Mathematics JOHN A. MITCHELL, M.S. Assistant Professor of Physics Page 45 Special Services i' we Dr. Bolduc The growth of Whitewater has resulted in the demand for additional facilities to serve the students. To serve us academically there is the Registrar's Office, which is important in matters of cioss selection, confirmation of credits, and administrative information. A large staff is employed to answer the endless questions of students in doubt. The Dean's Office serves to give us social clearance, housing information and advice. Mrs. Pzge 46 Dr. Aufderhaar Dr. Russell Meadows 0 member of the office staff contributes to its smooth efficiency. Drs. Aufderhoor and Russell have been kept quite busy at the Student Health Center, for the increasing enrollment means an increase in the number of colds and broken bones. Dr. Bolduc, the school psychologist, also has on exhausting schedule of tests and appoint- ments, for the emotional and mental attitude of a student does much to determine his academic interest. Registrar's Office Mrs. Meadows Whether a student needs a supplementary Text or a bar of soap, he can be sure That The competent staff in The bookstore will find if for him quickly. Hunger pains also can easily be satisfied, for the snackbar is open from morning to night. The student may have his choice of snacks, beverages or meals and eat in The noisy comfort of the union. University Snackbar Campus Bookstore Last, but not least, is the staff of maintenance engineers who are always prepared To move a ladder or fix a light. These people all are important in giving the stu- dents of This campus special services which allow us to lead an easier life. Campus Life Experience is never limiTed, 0nd iT is never compIeTe; H is an immense sensibiIiTy, a kind of huge spider web of The finesT silken Threads suspended in The chamber of consciousness, and coTching every oir-borne porTicle in HS Tissue. IT is The very onosphere of The mind; and when The mind is imaginoTive- much more when iT happens To be ThoT of a man of genius, iT Takes To iTseIf The fainTesT uniTs of life, iT converTs The very pulses of The air inTo reveloTions. Henry James Page 49 Campus Buildings . . . STATE UNIVERSITY - WHITEWATERT ? ST. 1868 , Progress continues, ever mindful of the students it serves. Physical Symbols Of Our Efforts Students enjoy The fading clays of summer behind S.A. White Hall. Harmony Hall contributes a new elegance to our campus. Row 1 - Bill Hollingsworih, Bill DeMcster. Row 2 - Tom Bell, Mary Greif, Brenda Cowell, Joan Miller, Carol Corpron, Judy McCarthy, Carol Seidl. Row 3 - Mike Mucho, Jim Liska, Larry Kapheim, Dick Henning, Bob Hay, John Riddle. Alpha Sigma, Page 52 "Hawks have the Midas Touch." Phi Sigma Epsilon, "Toast the Titans." Homecoming WSU students experienced a wonderful homecoming weekend This year. Ilene Larson reigned over the festivities as Queen, and Pat Pierotfi was elected homecoming king. Friday night brought the Four Lads on campus for two per- - I964 formances, and much of SoTur- day was spenT viewing house decoroTions and enjoying The parade. On SoTurdoy evening, The sTu- denTs enioyed The sighTs and sounds of New York 0T The dance, which was "ForTy-five MinuTes From Broadway." Phi Lambda, "Let's Not Monkey Around with Victory." $72; T, , W M $?me amuse. i3 x m Harmony Hull, "Titan Bridge is Falling Down." Alpha Sigma, "Around The World and Into Orbit". Court Row 1 - Bonnie Zeamon, Marilyn Gundrum, Bonnie Ames, Carol Seidl, Ilene Larson Row 2 - Leo Kieliszewski, Tom Hotter, Jim Knoblauch, Jim Ruffini, Pat Pieroni. Page 54 KING PAT PIEROTTI AND QUEEN ILENE LARSON Joan Miller; deserving recipient of Klumb Girl award. Homecoming Many sTudenTs Thoroughly en- joyed The performances of the Four Lads in the auditorium. After the show, Two of "Lads" obliged students with their oufo- graphs. Pot Pieroni: King becomes "Mr. Ugly". Student Covuncil Bill Hamilton, ex-officio member; Jane Zenz, secretory; Larry Schmitz, president; Kerry NeIson, vice president; Kay Hensler, treasurer. Among the accomplishments of Stu- dent Council this year are an increase in voting percentages in campus elec- tions, better policy for student groups' use of state cars, better hours for women students, and on increased enthusiasm among students in solving their problems through'constructive discussions such as the "Yell Like Hell" sessions where pertinent suggestions were taken to Student Council meet- ings and appropriate action taken. The academic area improvement is also one of the Student Council projects. Row 1 - Nikki Migas, Jeanne DeQuaine, Cathy Conrad, Judy Rogge, Pam Hartman, Pat Koiis, Barb Conry. Row 2 - Roger Dieringer, Kroig Schwartz, Tom Hansen, Robert Strande. This year marks the first concerted effort by Student Council to evaluate course offerings, credit requirements for education students, student teacher programs, class attendance policies and cultural enrichment programs. The Student Council is the student body and works for the best interests of all students. Every student is 0 member upon enrollment at this Uni- versity and has a choice and a res- ponsibility to elect his representatives on the Council. Row 1 - Denise Sell, Ellie Gnatzig, Bonnie Ames, Barbara Kub, Donna Grueh, Judith McCarthy. Row 2 - Bob Gilpctrick, Arlan Anderson, John Riddle, Gary Webb, Bob Engel, Lawrence Kapheim. Page 57 Campus Politics J Homecoming time came, and a very spirited campaign for Homecoming Queen was conducted to ?he tune of posters and banners. Each class turned out to vote for their class officers, putting their trust in the campus leaders. Fl"11i EVENSIIH .7 SOPH. V.P. Wisconsin's Attorney General George Thompson was on honored guest at a Republican Dinner. About 400 Republicans attended the event. Page 58 Every year our campus becomes in- volved in various cuspecTs of poliTicing, wheTher H be To deTermine a new sTu- denT governing body or choosing a preTTy girl for our Homecoming Queen. STudenTs prinT posters, poinT banners, and disTribUTe leoerTs proclaiming The meriTs of Their condidoTe. Then, one day, everyone flocks To a voTing Table seT up in The University CenTer and The winners are deTermined. This year was a special year for poIiTics, however. A greoT many of our students were asked To casT Their voTes for a NaTionol PresidenT. En- Thusiasm surrounding This elecTion was noT limited To Those eligible To voTe. Before The fall semester had even sTorTed, Goldoner focTions had formed and were piTTing Their sTrengTh agoinsT The Johnson focTions. Prom- inen'r poliTicol figures were inviTed To speak To The sTudenTs, and some sTu- denTs ocTiver engaged in voTe so- IiciTing. When elecTion nighT finally came, hundreds of sTudenTs were glued To Their Television seTs following The elecTronic reports of voTing re- Turns. Whether They were involved in lo- col campus poIiTics or in national poli- Tics, WSU's sTudenTs had a very busy year. Members of Young Republicans and Young Democrats arouse inTer- esT in Their candidoTes by passing OUT political liTeraTure To The sTu- dent body. ... m m... mmmm Congressman and Mrs. Henry Schadeberg were honored guests 0T 0 Republican Dinner held in The UniversiTy Center. Women students on campus voted for new officers To represenT Them on The Council of AssociaTed Women STUdenTs. Row 1 .. Mike Nelson, Carole Stowe, Penny Muehl, Marilyn Tafel, Carmen Alvarado, Marlene Connor, Eileen Lindaas, Judy Wornson, Kathy KcuTh, Mary Joggi, Joyce Drndak, Jeanne Femrite. Row 2 - Chris lngles, Tom Schouten, LariTh Ludie, Sue Flemming, Lorretta Seianas, Donna Lane, Melody Conrad, Phyllis Ogren, Collen Reddy, Eleanor Johnson, Philip Dorn, Charles Umhoefer. Row 3 - Dennis Walter, Tom Walsh, Theodore Strand, Jerry Blum, Alon Ellis, Tom Monker, Gregory Larson, Ralph Stock, Ken Hack, Philip McMahon, Roger Rowin, KenneTh Graf. Dennis WalTer, LariTh Ludie, Roger Rowin, Chairman; Joyce Drndok, secretary, officers of The Young Dem's. Mr.. Kennedy greets Attorney General Bronson La Follene. Page 60 The WSU Young DemocroTs Club is a group of young men and women inTeresTed in The problems of noTionol, sToTe, and local government The club is o TOHNord IooHng group and has a regubr program of speakers, panels and poliTicol discus- sion. The evenTs sponsored by The club prior To The November elecTion were addresses by ATTorney General Bronson LaFoIleTTe and Congressman Lynn SToIboum; The co-sponsorship of a mock elecTion in which PresidenT Lyndon B. Johnson defeaTed Republican condidoTe Barry M. Goldoner 950-429; and campaigning for various condidaTes by disTri- buTing liTeroTure, bumper sTickers, cor-Tops, eTc. VicTory aT The polls in November was followed by a vicTory celebroTion by The club. ElecTion ofTer- moTh included movies on "John F. Kennedy's Speeches To Labor" and "The Truman Years," an address by NoTional CommiTTeemcm David Carley 0nd preporohons for porhdpohon in The Skne ConvenTion which was held in The spring. The Young DemocroTs is The fosTesT growing and mosT consTrucTively progressive group on The campus. The formoTion of an ExecuTive Board and o PoIiTicol AcTion CommiTTee wiThin The or- gonizaTion has served To disTribuTe responsibiliTy among The various members. Young Republicans W5 , Row 1 - George Diamond, Carolyn Johnson, Barbara Luchf, Candace deVeau, Sharon Kubico, Sheila Winkelmun, John Senkerik, Lynn Opitz. Row 2 - Arlene Klug, Carolyn Bruhn, Kathy VanGalder, Alice Klug, Linda Schelm, Bob Meracle, Dennis Torkko, Dick Orth, Art Benzel, Jeff Riebow, Roger KuckkonA Row 3 - Ken Pedersen, Mitchell Covic, Gory Peterson, AI Poe, Larry Wiersum, Norman Wipperforth, R. Fredrick Harding, Xan Johnson, David Beoman, Dale Bierning, Warren Dorau, Bob Madsen, H arvey Erickson, Dave Harper, Don Bergman. The YGOP is an organization designed To meet the needs of students on campus who have on interest in government on the national, state, and local level. Membership includes those who encourage the ideals of The Republican Party. Politics is on important part of these students' lives, and membership often leads to many challenging and satisfying moments. The club 1' . d f I . Th I 1' . Sheila Winkelman, corresponding secretary; Gary Peterson, president; Carolyn par ICIpOTe 0C Ive Y m e e ec Ion campaigns, Johnson, recording secretory,- Sharon Kubica, vice president. held mock-elections, had many inferesfing speakers and films, and enioyed many political discussions. Each month the club held Two meetings. This year's officers were Lynn Opifz, president,- Fill Wigderson, vice-president; Carolyn Bruhn, szacretory; Linda Schelm, corresponding secretory; Charles STohr, Treasurer; and Mr. Robert Parf- ridge, faculty adviser. Lynn Opifz confers with young G.O.P. members. Kappa Delta Pi Kappa DelTo Pi is on honorary socieTy open To juniors and seniors in The curri- culum of educaTion. Juniors must have on average of 3.2 while seniors are required To have a 3.0 overall. TwenTy-seven members were iniTioTed of The fall initiation ceremony bringing The , membership ToTol To ThirTy-eighT. A bon- queT was held in honor of The new mem- bers of Harmony Hall. The guest speaker was Dr. James Hellie who showed his films from o recenT Trip To Europe. During The year much emphasis was placed on educoTion and iTs various ospecTs of in- TeresT To beginning Teachers. Officers for The year 1964-65 were MorTho Eberle, presidenT; KoThleen Poop, secreTory; Judy Roberfs, Treasurer; and Dennis STrommen, hisTorion. Mr. R.W. Klumb is The organionion's adviser. SeaTed - Koren Spongberg, MorTha Eberle, Mary Schicker. Standing - KiTTy Noll, Joan Miller, Judy Roberts, Reuben Klumb, adviser Row 1 - Catherine Hubbard, Jan Everson, Judy Schwan, Ellie GncTZig, Barbara Souve, Phyllis Drechsler, Sue Bink, Betty Christensen. Row 2 - Sue Samscn, PcTTi Miles, Carol Zech, Kay Hensler, Jean Morgan, Joan Andrews, Koroi STuessi, Suzunn MiTTelsTadT, Sally Kosanke, Jayne Zielinski. Row 3 h Dennis Bonikowske, Warren Hein, Dove Zeil, Roy Hanson, Gary Smith, Pete Etter, Lewis Williams,George Edenhorder. Page 6? 4Ray Ropers 3; Fred Harding Jan Daniels Todd Graves Photo Staff x Sally Owen "Hurry up, I need that print immediately." This usually means five minutes after the picture was taken. You carefully explain to people that you have to process the film, dry it, print it and process again. This year the Photo Staff consists of fourteen hard working photographers under :the direction of Bob Smith. Mr. Ralph Lehman serves as od- viser. Rvobert Smith, Chief Photographer 3v; Mary Syverud Jerry Yonke Mr. Ralph Lehman, Advisor The function of the Photo Staff is to supply the University Publica- tions Office, Royal Pur- ple, Minneiska, and other campus organiza- tions with needed photo- graphicol coverage. Ob- iectives this year were to improve quality of photos taken, to increase photographic services to the students and to influence "legislation" favorable to increasing floorspace and equip- ment. Art Andersen ? Richard Moyse James Fine Lu Mehnke Joe Biachy Michael Cormio 0 Minneiska "To give an accurate, complete record of Wisconsin State University, Whitewater," this was the goal of the 1965 Minneisko staff. At times this seemed an impossible task. Will we ever get all those faculty shots taken? Will we ever get all that copy in? Will we ever meet that lost deadline? Positive answers to these questions required the continued work not only from the editors but from many others who offered their services. Room 205 of the Student Union which was the center of activity, was constantly filled with students typing, loy- ing out pages, cropping pictures, working endlessly to fulfill that goal. Mrs. Mills adviser; Lani Smith, editor-in-chief; John Rupnow, junior editor "3W? Tom La Dousa, art editor Jo Ellen Siehr; uss't. sports editor; Rick Beard, sports editor F Cathy Hubbard, church editor; Dorothy Burdick, Greek editor. Tom Tofte, business manager; Mary Greif, index editor. Editor-ln-Chief Junior Editor ...... Photo Edifor Campus Life Editor .......... Art Editor ...... Faculty Editor . Organization Editor Lani Smith John Rupnow Robert Smith .. Kathy Deignan Tom LoDousa .. Conni Schulstad Norene Lewis ..... Rick Beard ......... Sports Editor Jo Ellen Siehr ............ Ass't Sports Editor Cathy Hubbard .................... Church Editor Greek Editor . Senior Editor ...... Student Editor Dorothy Burdick . Sandy George Barb Pellman ..... Mary Greif Index Editor Tom Toffe . Business Editor Mrs. Mary Mills ............................ Adviser Sandy George, senior editor; Barb Kathy Deignan, campus life editor. Pellman, student editor. es . Row 1 - Carlene Anderson, Eileen Lindoas, Susan Talg, Barb Zaborowskl, Mary Gee, Beverly Wolff, Mary Simons, Georgia Kesfol, Karen Olson, Lisa Heifetz. Row 2 - Winnie Huebsch, Marlene Connor, Elizabeth Bierdz, Celeste Hagedorn, Arlene Heinzelman, Janet Hodgson, Margo Schramm, Diane Osesek, Gail Ryan, Jayne Zielinski. Row 3 -- Steven Freitag, Barbara Seidita, Karen Wisby, Sharon Warriner, Kathy Haig, Lynn Jewell, Jacqueline Baum, Sue Barth, Susan Luedtke, Linda Beck, Brian Townsend, Keith Larson. Page 65 The Royal Purple serves as the student voice to the students and faculty. The weekly publica- tion supplies news information, features, sports results, high- lights of campus life, and edi- toriols. Staff elections were held for the first time in 12 years during the fall semester. With the new staff a few major changes come, including 0 Wednesday publica- tion date. Russ Fons succeeded Garrett Holling as the editor-in- chief and 10 other persons 0- MWMO,y MiHs,udviser chieved editorial positions. The year was climaxed by the RP's annual banquet held March 11, cut the Sterlingworth Hotel. Garrett Holling, editor-in-chief ,4 m1 Seated - Mary Struckmeyer, Penny Muehl, Sharon Kelly, Ruth Klimek. Standing - Pat Griffith, Suzette Adomowicz, Tim Mates, Mary Shively, Virginia Pedersen, Carol Martinek, Linda Smith :1 m Page 66 :. bum yr Ann. m wmlk m , m .M gum uliwm Rosanne Prudlow, feature editor; Carol Strini, organization editor. Editor-in-chief .................................... Garrett Holling News Editors ................................................ Jim Liska Mardie Harishorn Feature Editor ......................... Rosanne Prudlcw Organization Editor ........................... Carol Strini Sports Editor .............................................. Russ Fons Copy Editor .......................................... John Noesen Circulation Manager A. ............... Marilyn chYd Business Editor .................................... Terry Sheldon Advertising Manager ............................ Carol Waite Adviser ............................................ Mrs. Mary Mills u... Terry Sheldon, business manager; Marilyn Gould, circulation manager. M Q '13 pg ??wiltm.m - Jim Liska, news editor; Mardie Hartshorn, news editor. John Noesen, copy editor. Page 67 Pi Omega Pi Seated - Joe Zahringer, treasurer; Judy Roberts, co-historian; Mary Schicker, president; Jan Everson, reporter. Standing - Jo Ellen Stenulson, co-historian; Betty Zuehls, vice president; Judy Zimmerman, secretary Psi chapter of Pi Omega Pi, National Business Education Honorary Society, was well represented at the Nineteenth Biennial Delegates Convention held at the Palmer House in Chicago this year. A demonstration of officer installation was presented by Psi chapter delegates at the convention. Mem- bers were also invited to attend and participate in the North-Central Business Education Association Convention being held concurrently. Other activities of Psi chapter include the annual publication of the college directory and the second semester supplement, a faculty tea, and a spring banquet at which time the new officers are install- ed. Officers for 1964-65 were: Mary Schicker, presi- dent; Betty Zuehls, vice-president; Judy Zimmer- man, secretary; Joe Zahringer, treasurer; Jan Everson, reporter; and Jo Ellen Stenulson and Judy Roberts, historians. Dr. Warren Theune is the fac- ulty adviser. Row 1 - Judy Roberts, Judy Zimmerman, Bonnie Herberg, Cheryl Furman, Betty Zuehls, Jan Everson. Row 2 - Kay Hensler, Jane Zenz, Carol Waller, Joan Andrews, Elaine Dibble, Karol Stuessi, Suzann Mittelstadt, Ida Mehre. Row 3 - Jo Ellen Stenulson, John Madsen, Mary Schicker, John Wandrey, Lloyd Mack, Dr. Warren Theune - faculty adviser, Joe Zahringer, Carol Seidl, Al Wilbert, Lynn Liegel, Karen Spongberg Page 68 Phi Beta Lambda Row 1 - Brian Townsend, Karen Spongberg, Patricio Cyr, Nancy Lunn, Loretta Luce, Nikki Migas, Marilyn Meyer, Donna Zingler, Kenneth Graf. Row 2 - Betty Steinberger, Janice Luethi, Carol Strini, Cheryl Bluhm, Barbara Lucht, Put Kennedy, Darlene Pagel, Beverly Kaeser, Barbara Rausch Row 3 - Bernard Gallenberg, Gary Schouls, James Tennant, Dick Winnes, Tom Baldner, Mark Lemke, James Herman, I-C"'I'Y Leerhoff, Michael Hermon Row 4 - Garry Decker, David Watzke, Jerry Beck, Gary Scheuerell, Stephen Slinde, Dick Cornell, Gerald Voy, Philip Gustafson All business administration and business education Most of the meetings are highlighted by guest speak- stuclents are encouraged to ioin Phi Beta Lambda. ers from various phases of the business world. Some of Membership in this organization ocquoints students with the guest speakers included Norman Lynch, soles repre- vorious areas of business and prepares them for future sentative for the Fullerton Metal Co., Milwaukee; Henry business leadership. M. Collins, Placement Director; and a representative from the Bell Telephone Co. 1 Row 1 - Mr. Cox, Adviser; Dione Hanson, secretory; Barbara Schmcl, Nancy Griesberg, Terri Swendrowski, Sandy Seibel, Penny Andis, Phyllis Grundahl, Margaret Sell, David Soleau. Row 2 .- Dr. Hermsen, Sponsor; LaVerne Olson treasurer; Judy Williams, reporter; Esther Stctz, Judy Janda, Kay Radtke, Jann Hofberger, Ida Mehre, Len Ochowicz. Row 3 - Tom Robinson, Richard Homun, vice president; John Gustofson, Peter Bauer, Ray Carlson, Allen Wilber, DuWayne Reim, Roger Kleinstick, Richard Hinze Row 4 - Lee Teigen, Gerald Desing, Tom Larum, James Powers, Ken Meyer, Richard Johnson, Gory Gray, Tes Culmes, Allen Ellis, Keith Jensen V Page 69 Beta Beta Beta "To sTimulaTe sound scholarship, To promote The dissemination of scienTific TruTh, and To further research" is The Three-fold purpose of BeTa BeTa BeTa. The Gamma Mu ChapTer of This NaTionaI Honor SocieTy was organ- ized oT WhiTewaTer in SepTember, 1957. Membership is restricTed To Biology majors and minors, who have of- Tained an above average record in Biology and Their academic sTudies. Honorary membership is exTended To members of The Biology faculty. Members are encour- aged To carry on individual research and sTUdenTs have given reporTs and speeches on Their proiecfs during ChapTer meeTings. The chapter meeTs Twice a month. FirsT semesTer, work was sTarTed on classifying The displays and specimens in The Biology Museum. in December The club sponsored an AMA speaker, Dr. William Parsons. Fall initiation was held aT The Christmas ParTy. A field Trip was conducted second semester. National lniTiaTion was held in April aT The Spring Banquet. Each year a deserving freshman is chosen by Tri BeTa To receive The Biology Award. A picnic aT Whitewater Lake concludes The year's acTiviTies. Row 1 - Pom Ploutz, Patty Dunham, Barbara Schmal, Arlene Wesemonn. SeaTed - Les Schultz, hisTorian; Barbara Schmal, secretary4reasurer; Carl Pagel, president. Row 2 - Matthew Breaker, vice-president; John Cummings, adviser Ken Molly. Row 2 - Carl Pagel, James Cahill, Richard Cherf, Les Schultz, Don Ernest Row 3 - Mr. John Cummings, Matthew Breaker, Bruce Edwards, Thomas Goll, Rolland Taylor Page 70 Beta Alpha Sigma Row 1 - Dan Varble, James Van Alstine, Don Kleineidam, Lorry Canncdy, Wilmer Dohl, Allen Lowrey, Dennis Ahlmun, Brian Townsend, Robert Oberbruner, Marvin Vinz, Harold Miller. Row 2 e- Tony Espey, Larry Jerdee, Gerry Weaver, John Lemke, Gary Lichtenberg, Tom Horter, John Gustufson, Todd Ervin, Torn Baldner, Fred Bales. Row 3 - Bob Larsen, Walter Aspafme, Kenneth Pedersen, Jack Delonty, Dick Johnson, Robert Hein, Gerald Wolf, Roger Davis, Larry Kubehl, Ronald Zabel TOP PICTURE: Thomas Harter, president; Roger Davis, vice president; Gory Lichtenberg, treasurer; Wilmer Dahl, secretory. BOTTOM PICTURE: Mr. Lowrey, adviser and Tom Harfer, president confere. Beta Alpha Sigma is a local business organiza- Tion open to all interested business students. The primary purposes of the organization cure To pro- mote the college among industry and business cmd to increase The knowledge of iob opportunities available To business graduates. Beta Alpha Sigma is a growing organization and as it grows, if welcomes new members with new ideas. Some of the speakers during The year have been: Mr. Lloyd R. Seiling, Chief Auditor, US. Navy Audit Office, Milwaukee, who spoke on "Auditing and Other Management Techniques Used by The Department of Defense." Mr. Max Oleson, Person- nel Department Representative for Wilson Meof Packing, spoke on "Career Opportunities in the Meat Packing Industry." Various faculty members have also been guests of the club. Dr. Charles J. Graham spoke on "The Relationship of Politics cmd Business." Dr. Clarence Block spoke on "Accounting Systems in the State Highway Commissions." Page 71 x. s , I 3 I A , ' '23 K '3 , w i s V ;: ,4 WW 3 ?'V 5 'X, i ,4; ; , w , , 0M A 4; y Seated - Robert Seiler, treasurer; Ardon Kuhn, president; Gerald Thorstad vice- president; John Wandrey, secretory; standing - Mr. Robert Behling, adviser; Mr. Beanie, adviser mw Circle K The Circle K club is a service organiza- tion for college men operating on the campus and is similar to Kiwanis and other service clubs. It is a leadership and char- octer-building group which serves the com- pus and the community. The Circle K club is a unique organiza- tion. Its uniqueness is apparent from the following opportunities which Circle K off- ers to the students, the colleges and uni- versities, the community and the notion. Circle K is an opportunity for college men because it provides 0 means of leadership in c college community. An opportunity for joint as well as individual participation in many activities for the service of humanity and for campus and community better- ment. An opportunity for self-expression regarding the life of the campus and com- munity. An opportunity for seIf-develop- ment. An opportunity to serve and learn at the same time. Every mom in a school of higher learning is preparing himself for life. Circle K augments this learning in CI practical, interesting, and effective manner. Row 1 - Mr. Behling, Gerald Desing, Richard Walker, John Mischler, John Krupa, Ron Bowker, Mr; Becttie. Row 2 - Kenneth Sobkoviak, David Clements, William Lassow, Timothy Loatsch, Edward Shields, Arden Kuhn, Gerald Thorstodi Row 3 - Tom Terry, Don Hellstern, Stan Brookins, James Papanz, Robert Seiler, John Wandrey, Richard Mueller Page 72 Row 1 - Guy Wiley, Dennis Erdmonn, John Siivonen, Glenn Millard, Thomas Horter. Row 2 - Patrick Kilps, John L. Nielsen, Rod Weber, Mrs. Alice Greene. Row 3 - John M. Casey, Bob Rousseau, Phil Stephenson, Curtis Wassberg. Row 4 2 Lloyd Mock, Rolf Hansen, Donald A. Wirries, Jay M. Greene. Row 5 t Gary Johnson, Mr. Robert Partridge, instructor, Stephen Lewandowski. Row 6 -Curtis Otto,Arlon DeBeir. Flying Hawks "What a wonderful feeling to remember what I have learned from my instructor and hours of practice in making that first solo flight and landing." Whatever the number of hours of flight time, this is the typical reaction of a Flying Hawk. The Flying Hawks are one of the newest organizations on campus. The Club was formed April 23, 1964, and had direction thereafter from faculty sponsor Mr. Donald Wirries. Start- ing with on original membership of 17 the great interest that the Hawks have generated has increased the club to 34 mole and female members. At the present time the Flying Hawks are proud owners of e 1957 Cessna 172 single engine four seat plcme which is located 3 miles east of Whitewater on highway 12 on the Glenn Millard residence. At the present time the club has two Federal approved instructors in Mr. Glenn Millard and Mr. Robert Partridge. Through their fine instruction, the club now has licensed one private and 12 student solo pilots. Member- ship increases will include plans for purchasing an additional aircraft. n. W o t n W 0 d 0 g - t .n g .rlc ID 6 r C s f h .m. e r e m A Town With Many Moods Jo Ellen Siehr and Rachel Onikul pay a visit to Barty's. A movement of color in summer, a teepee in winter . that is the fountain in Library Park. Steve Sherry provides a welcome relief for students at the Hawk. immune , . ' ALLOWED YOU mums ; , 4! ' 2l Loni: x K mam Rooster Crossing?! Page 75 Dorm Life MOST of Whifewoter's students have spent some Time in one of the dormi- tories, and They all agree there is no other campus life quite like if. LosTing friendships have been formed in dormi- Tory rooms, and future lives determined over rooming Ouiia boards. Even with studying, it's cu great life! Page 77 lnter-Dorm Council Row I - Cora Forbush - faculty ex- officio adviser; Jaclyn Wilhelmi, Joan Anderegg, Mrs. Ora Jones - faculty, Virginia Smith, Susie Repensek, Sharon Kohl, Cheryl Scoggins. Row 2 - Linda Berkley, Sue Samson, Terry Walker, Jon Hughes, Karen Saxler, Lonnie Lar- son, Janet Mitchell, Sandra Bodin, Tracy Harenburg. Row 3 Judy Beyersfedf, Judy Meineke, Sue Bem nett, Mabel Mitchell, Carol Christian- son, Terry Busting, Jane Zenz, Sonia Lombach, Mary Lou Zastrow Row 1 H Victoria Krubert, Nancy Hadden, Kathy Casey, Dyan Wieden- heft, Nancy Bade, Judy Bluhm, Marilyn Gundrum, Beverly Mcnthie, Patty Weber. Row 2 - Sue Trautwein, Arlene Heinzelman, Marlene DiSalvo, Lea Loveioy, Sandra Fenney, Mary Fish, Bonnie Ellingham, Mary Ann Parsloe, Valery Geise, Marge Trachte, Mrs. Cook - faculty. Row 2 - Sandy Moder, Dede Sfoehr, Sheila Dorsey, Donna Grueff, Lois Nelezen, Lois Kmuski, Nancy Tennie, Judy Towne, Liz Stork, Jon Szybo. Row 1 - Gary Smith, David Schluet- er, Keith Edwards, Edward Shields, Vern Dahlstrom, Tom Adams. Row 2 - R.C. Munnecke, John Whaley, Bob Hoffman, Gerry Weaver, Mike Phillips, Skip Lubenow, Richard Hauk. Row 3 - Bill Herbert, Mike Backus, David Perry, David Tanski, An Schuetze, Dick Geyman .. nunnanxnt Row 1 - James Schornell, Ron Fish, Bill Premeau, Jerry Beachcm, Wally Daumler, Larry Grzemkowski, John Monyo. Row 2 - Vernon Rexrout, Jerry Teska, Allen Roberts, Wayne Koch, Robert Brandt, John Schedel, Dave ZeH. Row 3 - Ken Holz, Bill Baughn, Tom Roesch, Warren Hein, Herb Kulow, Torn Knutson, John Tait Page 78 Student Wives Row 1 - Sherry Luzar; Fran Meadows; Janice King; Beverly Marking; Row 2 - Beverly Connady; Geg Vanyke; Marty Amend; Kathy Schumacher; Row 3 .- KaThy Pladies; Sheila Clary; BeTsey Johnson; Nancy Koskic. Jack and Bev Marking have To Take Turns wiTh The housework when Therels studying To be done. Mrs. Eddie Koscik explains To Lori Lee That daddy has work To do. STUdenT Wives wos organ- ized during The 1962-63 school year. Membership is open To any wife of a sTu- denT or To married women sTudenTs. The main purpose of The group is To provide a social ouTleT for sTudenT's wives, buT members also share in cuITur- GI and inTelIecTuoI growTh. The highlighT of The school year is undoubTedly The Tea where The club presenTs To each member wiTh o groduoT- ing husband Their P.H.T. degree. This commemoraTes ouTsTonding service and soc- rifice while "pUTTing hubby Through." Mrs. Larry Amend keeps Bobby away from studying dad. Something Page 80 New... Boarshead The Men's Chorus, under the direction of Mr. Robert Partridge, celebrated Christmas this year by carrying on in the tradition of the Secret Order of the Boar's Ear. This is on English secret society dating back to the days of Old England. The Boors Head carol and other Christmas carols were presented in the University Center by the group. Freshman Forum Bob Pcvlik, Dr. Vorney, Pam Hartman, Dr. Refior, and Dr. Schmunk formed a committee to set up special programs for freshmen viewing. Yell Like Hell This year the Student Council conducted 0 series of "Yell Like Hells" in the Univer- sity Center snockbor. Students were given a chance to cxir their views and express any dissotisfcctions with current school policies. Convocations Mr. Raymond Preston of the Preston Chemical Company, Hender- son, Kentucky, flew in to address students moioring in Business Administration. Mr. Gary Zenz met him at the Rock County Airport. Miriam Makebc appeared here in February to present a selection of Native African songs. Governor Warren Knowles spoke with students after delivering his keynote address as part of a conference on "Wisconsin's Economy in 1970 and Its Challenges to Higher Education." Wigww Mr. Richard Leonard, managing editor of the Milwaukee Journal, spoke to students at ?he Second Annual High School Newspaper and Yearbook Con- ference held on this campus. Thor Johnson and the Chicago Little Symphony Orchestra presented a concert in the University Auditorium. Page 83 Music Educators National Conference The M.E.N.C. student chapter of WSU is composed of music majors and minors. White- oner's ChapTer 60 is under The direcTion of Dr. Raymond LighT and Dr. J. Thomas Maf- Thews. Throughout The year various programs and demonsTroTions, discussions and fesTivols i are planned and cTTended by This organizo- i Tion. By direct porticipofion in These various activities The opporTuniTies available for pro- fessional development for The members is increased. iT also ocquoints Them wiTh The privileges and responsibiliTies of The music educaTion profession and provides an op- portuniTy for The members To know The leaders in Their profession. Mr. Lloyd Schusz, The Wisconsin STaTe Su- perinTendenT of Music and ArT, spoke on The iob opporTuniTies in Wisconsin To The group. The Messiah was aTTended on December 7, 1964, in Jonesville. IT was presenTed by The Dr. Raymond Light, co-sponsor; Dr. J. Thomas Matthews, co-sponsor; David Dahlke, Milton Choral Union. president; Allen Roberts, vice-president; Carol Duenow, secreTary. Each year a Christmas dinner is presenTed by M. E. N. C. for oil The music maiors and minors. Row 1 - Lynn OpiTz Linda Reimer, Jeanne JulseTh, Marilyn KrUeger, Anne Schuster, Virginia Barfoloffa, Marsha Moth, Martha Meiselwifz, Lynn Leffel, Margaret Carroll, Judy Hendricks, Jeannine Jonas, Anita Garriott, Cindy Ohrmundf. Row 2 - Roger Gmur, Ruth Schoff, BeTTy Ellis, Linda Sitman, Jane LUeThke, Cheryl John, Dianne Miller, Virginia Olson, Nancy Klemme, Judy Monis, Victoria Teale, Susan Baker, Ann Badeou. Row 3 - Jeanne Fuer- stenau, Suzann MiTTelsTodT, Helen Shompo, Harley Shadof, Peter Roth, Eric Plahna, Ken Osborn, Bill Land, John Papestefan, Wayne SchoeHer, Carmen Catoniu, John Meyers. P:ge 84 DirecTor, Mr. William Siebers The UniversiTy Or- chesTro, under The direc- Tion of Mr. William Sieb- ers, has increased in size and performances This year wiTh The oddi- Tion of many new sTu- denTs and members of The communi'ry. The orchesTro per- formed wiTh The Treble CleTc and Men's Chorus QT The annual ChrisTmos ConcerT, and also ac- companied The ConcerT ChoirinpresenTing "Isaiah's Prophesy," by Paul CresTon. In spring, The orches- Tro presenTed iTs second annual concerT, which i n c l u d ed Beethoven's "FirsT Symphony" and Beniomin BriTTon's "Soir- e e s Musicales," a n d which fecTured a guesT arTisT. Dianne Milewski, president; Dunc Gisselmun, secretary-Treosurer Concert Band 4A Row 1 - Sondra Gimpl, secretary; Ruth Schoff, librarian. Row 2 - AI Roberts, president; William Land, vice president. The ConcerT Bond sTorTed iTs season's work in Jan- uory by inouguroTing a new service for The area high schools. All high school bond direcTors in The sToTe were inviTed To aTTend on ofTernoon session in which all TwenTy of The numbers from The SToTe ConTesT LisT were played. The program was so well received ThoT iT is planned To make H on annual evenT. in March The bond Took porT in The FesTivol of Con- Temporory ArTs wiTh cu concerT of conTemporory band music. The highlighT of This concerT was The performance of GunTher Schuller's "Twelve-Tone" composiTion Medi- Tafion. IT is believed ThaT was The TirsT public per- formance of The work since iTs publicoTion. During The losT week in April The bond Took iTs annual Tour, appearing in several high schools Through- ouT The sTciTe. In May The bond presenTed iTs annual Spring ConcerT in The UniversiTy AUdiTorium. Two fresh- man music moiors, PeTe RoTh and Eric Plohno, performed The Vivaldi ConcerTo for Two TrumpeTs accompanied by The band. In loTe May a biT of pre-exominoTion reloxoTion was given by The band's ConcerT on The Circle which feaTured music of a IighTer noTure. The band made iTs final op- peorcmce of The year when H provided music for The commencemenT ceremonies in June. In addiTion To Their appearances on The above oc- casions, members of The concerT band ioined wiTh Those of The Marching chd To form Two pep uniTs which provided music of The home boskeTboll games. IT was indeed a busy year, and a rewarding one. Director - Dr. Dennis Rohrs The Worhowk Show Bond had 0 very active season. In addition to pre- paring shows for five home games, the bond traveled with the football team to Eou Claire. Two of the routines which received the greatest audience reac- tion were the "Block mog- ic" of pulling cu rabbit out of a hat and the drill rou- tine of Dixie. For the first time in many years twirlers appeared with the bond, and it was obvious that the crowds were well pleased with the work of feature twirler Cheryl Tess and her partner, Bonnie Reason. Treble Clef Dedicates This Page Claudia Del Ponte Claudio Del Ponte, President of Treble Cletc dur- ing 1964, who died of leukemia was a wonderful person and had so much enthusiasm. Even while she was in the hospital she wished to share some of it with others. The exerpt which follows is taken from a tape recording which Claudio mode while she was in the hospital. Since she could not reach Treble Clef in person she wanted to be able to communicate with the chorus in some way, and so her messages were recorded on tape. . . ". . . Don't forget that there is always room for improvement and the more you put into the group the more you are going to get out of it by the way of seIf-sotisfoction and the love and icy of singing for others. Those of you who haven't been in Treble Clef before will probably understand more what I mean after the first concert when you can see and feel the joy in the eyes and hearts of the people you've sung to. . ." To Claudio Del Ponte Page B9 e T hi Row 1 - Ann Thompson, Darlene Wanninger, Non Dixon, Nikki Migas, Marilyn Krueger, Dione Bradford, Jean Osmundson, Theorfrice Kimbrough, Judy Hendricks, Eileen Smith. Row 2 - Sue Samson, Jan Dixon, Kathy Leach, Barbara Hade, Jean Gordon, Jean FuersTenau, Judy Graf, Lois Napierala, Ruth Schoff, Louise Jacob. Row 3 - Helen Shompo, Jo Ann Chopp, Mary Bierning, Beverly Heppler, Jane Moe, Nellie McGinnis, Virginia Olson, Julie Bartlett, Dianne Miller, Terry Busting. Treble Clef The Treble Clef is a musical organization composed of 75 selecTed women's voices, and is under The direcTion of Mr. Robert PorTridge. The group has made local appearances in The past, including programs 0T Foirhoven, The Masonic Temple, and The Kiwanis Club. AT The cmnuol ChrisTmas concerT This year, The group presenT- ed "A Ceremony of Carols" by Benjamin BriTTen, sung in The original Old English, beginning wiTh a TrodiTionol Grand Pro- cessioncl March inTo The dark audiTorium. FeoTured in This Officers of Treble Clef me: Row 1 e- Darcy Ankomeus' Kathy selecTion was a noTed harpisT and several soIOIsTs from The Leach. Row 2 - Jean Gordon, Donne Geach group. Row 1 e Gail Gonske, Sharon Downie, Joan Gorder, Susan Halverson, Alice Knight, Becky Hesgard, Pamela GesserT, Ankomeous, Sarah Bush. Row 2 - April Hooker, Mary Delony, Rhonda CornUe, Cindy Ohrmundf, Kathy SToTz, Victoria Teuie, Anita Gorriott, Donna Geach, Elsie Jane Duesler, Arline Hardy. Row 3 - Shiela Winkleman, Karen Brunsell, Carol Duenow, Kathy Dannies, Corinne PlaTt, Kridel, PaT Nuss, RuTh Echerf, Ruth Woipgram, Ellen Keck. Jackee Diekroeger, Darcy Mary Saaisa, Nancy Page 90 Row 1 - Mr. Robert Partridge, director, Bill Land, Ron Keup, Richard Marshall, Tom Mauer, Jim McGowan. Row 2 - Allen Roberts, Ralph Kroehnke, Fred Fry, Rich Board, Bob Oberburner, Peter Gieschen, MorTy Rennels. Row 3 - Tom WoTTs, Jerry Kubly, Bill Horriman, Cecil AusTin, Dennis Gray, Mick Nelson, Bruce Edwards. Mews Chorus This year The Men's Choir did someThing really differenT; They noT only 901 ouT of Town, bUT They left The sToTe completely. NoT Tho'r Their absence wosn'T noTiced. IT'S iusf ThoT H was so peaceful while They were gone. They Took a Tour of Lower Michigan and presenTed some real fine concerTs of high schools in ThoT area. The Men's Choir hopes ThoT They added To The prestige of The UniversiTy by Taking The Tour. "So do we." Mr. ParTridge, director; Jim Loughlin, president; Bob Engel, vice-presidem; Dove Dobkoski, secretary; Ed Douglas, lib- rariun. Row 1 - Paul Weinfurter, Ron Tabot, Ken Williams, Keith Edwards, Dennis Sfeckler, Roger Gmur, accompanist Row 2 - Walter Jones, Keith AdsiT, Rick Lamberi, Bill Sheppard, Von Volaskey, ArT Benzel. Row 3 - Andy KeTTerer, Tom Persha, Tom Ayers, Dove Tanski, Dan Fowell, Dave Ehren. Page 91 Concert Choir Seated - Phil Bollhagen, vice-president; Sally Newton, treasurer; Jeanne Julseth, robe-keeper; Darcy Ankomeus, librarian; Margaret Carroll, secretary. Standing - Dove Dohlke, president; Suzanne Minlestad, 055'? business manager; Cheryl Plan, librarian, Dr. Raymond Light. Page 92 Row 1 - Darcy Ankomeus, Diane Benzschowel, Sally Newton, Bonnie Odenbreft, Marsha Moth, Mary Frehner, Patricia Stafz, Sandra Seibel, Robert Nelson, James Cremer, Kenneth Williams, Henry Fellows, Lynn Opifz, Charlene Heise, quon Baker, Judith Scunlon, Susan Loomis, Jeannine Jonas, Pamela Harred. Row 2 - Mary Lewondowski, Kathleen Woller, Virginia Arthur, Gail Mayer, Ronna Henning, Helen Shampo, Suzann Mittlestadf, Virginia Holland, Anthony Manson, Don Bergman, Chuck Henderson, Russ Northey, Jeanne Julseth, Margaret Carroll, Sharon Wurriner, Melbeth Mosser, Sandra Rogg, Sharon Curtis. Row 3 - Virginia Pederson, The Concert Choir, composed of op- proximotely eighty-five members and under the direction of Dr. Raymond E. Light, climaxed the first semester's work with the December 13th Christmas Concert featuring "Isaiah's Prophecy" by Paul Creston. The second semester was highlighted by the annual spring tour which took place April 27th through the 29th and included concerts in Brodhead, Oregon, Barboo, St. Croix Falls, Hoyword, Mellen, cmd Rhinelander, Wisconsin. The concert season terminated with the spring con- cert here on May 2nd. The officers of the choir included David Dohlke, president; Phil Bollhogen, vice-president and business manager; Suzanne Mittlestodt, assistant business manager; Margaret Carroll secretory; Sally Newton, treasurer; Jeanne Julseth and Jeannine Jonas, robe keepers; and Darcy Ankomeus and Cheryl Platt, li- brarians. The accompanist was Mary Zimmerman. Director Raymond Light. Carol Drettwan, Cathy Conrad, Sally Christiansen, Marilyn Krueger, David Dahlke, Phil Bollhagen, Dave Hughes, Poul Nordberg, Scott Randle, Dave Beaman, Jim Liska, Robert Madsen, Patricia Gwynn, Gerald Kubly, Joan Collins, Patricia Tull, Jeanne Fuerstenau, Virginia Olson, Gloria Krause. Row 4 - Joan Andrews, Judith Monis, Carol Johnson, Cheri Platt, Mardi Stelsei, Donna Geach, Sandro Hurd, Mary Johonnott, John Meinecke, Tom Galaris, Lynn Watts, Dale Namio, Dennis Becker, Edward Olson, Michael Durfee, Richard Lambert, Roger McCombs, Timothy Laatsch, Sandra Sloat, Linda Sitman, Victoria Wilkins, Karen Larsen, Mary Zimmerman, Pat Wyss. Page 93 Student Union Board The STUdenT Union is The communiTy cenTer of The UniversiTy, for all members of The college family e sTudenTs, foculTy, alumni, and guesTs. The STUdenT Union is porT of The educofionol in- sTiTuTion, and uses iTs fociliTies To carry on a wide ranging educoTionol and social program supplemenT- ing and enriching The formal insTrucTion received in The classroom. The Union program for The social and culTuraI life of The campus is planned and adminis- Tered by sTudenT commiTTees, wiTh sTofT ossisTonce. These commiTTees known as The STUdenT Union Activi- Ties Board, are composed of eighT sTudenT members serving as co-ordinoTors for The following commiTTees: ArTs and CraTTs, EnTerTainmen'r, Public Relations, Re- creoTion, and The ExecuTive Council. Some programs sponsored by The board include: Freshman TolenT Show, Freshman Week Dance, ArT ExhibiTs, Hayride and Fireside Sings, The annual Ice- O-Romo Weekend and various oTher activities ThroughouT The year. Dr. Clayton Droullard and Mr. Richard SToner. The STUdenT Union Board, consisTing of six sTudenTs and six ToculTy members, govern The operoTion of The STUdenT Union by seTTing policies To ensure proper and equiToble use of The Union's fociliTies as ouTlined by The STUdenT Union's ConsTiTuTion cmd By-laws. Row 1 - Robert Engel, Nikki Migas, Mrs. Hood, Judith McCarthy, GorreTT Holling. Row 2 T Mr. Stoner, Larry Schmitz, Mr. Lewondowski, Dr. Clayton Droullord, John Riddle Page 94 University Center Activities The University Center Activities Board is on alI-stu- dent organization which strives to meet the needs of the University community through programs initiated by its student members. The co-ordinating committee of this organization is composed of the President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer, and four commit- tee co-ordinotors. Each committee is responsible for one phase of the activities of the University Center. The Fine Arts Committee provides a cultural influ- ence on campus through faculty and student ort ex- hibits, stage presentations, and exhibits by artists from across the country. This committee also sponsors the annual style show. The Entertainment Committee provides relaxation through such activities as dances and special enter- tainers. The Recreation Committee provides opportunity for practice in various games through gym-ond-swims, bowling, ping-pong, billiards, checkers, chess, and bridge, with tournaments sponsored in many areas. Vern Duhlstrom,president; Dale Stehno,assistcnt director The Public Relations Committee is the communica- tions system of the activities board. It attempts to determine student needs and desires through various surveys, and conveys to the student body the purpose and functions of the University Center Activities Board through posters, announcements, and articles in the Royal Purple. Seated - Carol Strini, Sandra Fenney, Gail Sompo, Karen Digman. Standing - Tom Robinson, Pete Bauer, Paul Shebesto Arctic Antics 42 An ice block carry had many of The men sliding across the campus. A snow shovel relay proved To be a very fun game for The men. . . Sororities and fraternities vied for honors in The ice carving contest. Despite The warm weather, ArcTic An- Tics proved To be 0 rioTous weekend for oil. Many sTUdenTs porTicipoTed in The winTer games and general fun. V V W is and the girls Too! Jone Casper, ArcTic Antics queen, was crowned CT The ArcTic AnTics Boll Satur- day nighT in The University CenTer; and Pat Soroski claimed The TiTIe of "Miss FrosTbiTe" 0T 0 sTudenT enTerToinmenT show. Phi Sigma Epsilon and Sigma Tau Gamma demonsTroTed Their skill by Tok- ing firsT place Trophies in The ice carving contesT. The Village STompers, creators of hill- billy-folk music, performed before sell out audiences for Two shows in The Uni- versity AudiTorium. JANE CASPER - ARCTIC ANTICS QUEEN Page 97 The Village Sfompers performed in the University Auditorium Friday night. Arctic Antics lce-O-Ruma planners, klockwise around tabla Sandy Richter, Sally Owen, Bob Gilpatrick, Sue Schlitz, Kathy Deignan, Rick Felton, Paul Shebesta, chairman; Lori Luedke, Lee Holmes, Tom Robinson and John Rupnow. Page 98 Ph Sigma Epsilon took first place in serious ice carving with "Arctic Tragedy." Par Soroski was named "Miss Frostbite" on the merits of her outstanding legs. Sigma Tau Gamma "on a first place trophy in humorous divisirvl with "Starr of the North." Page 99 To commemoroTe Shakespeare's 400Th anni- versary, The Tempest wos sToged by The WSU-W drama deporTmenT This year. This play was Shake- speare's IosT play and considered To be his farewell To The TheoTre. The Theme concerns iTseIf wiTh a moTTer of reconcilioTion - man To man and mom To his own noTure. There are many elemenTs of fchosy, ro- mance, 0nd villoiny To be found in iT. The play appeals To audiences of all ages. The Tempest CAST Prospero .......................................... James Shebiel AnTonio ................................................ Rick Mourer Alonso ................................................ George Shier SebosTion ...................................... William Esmond Ferdinand .......................................... Bob Twyning Gonzalo ............................................ Barry Nelson Adrian ............................................ Kenny Williams Francisco ............................................ Xcm Johnson Caliban .................................................. Ron Travis Trinculo ............................................ Richard Furlick STephcmo ............................................ Fred Roemer Ariel ........................ Ken Rennison and Tom Wilkie MosTer of The Ship ............................ Don NeWTOn BooTswoin ...................................... James Qorlond Iris ............................................ Barbara BoTTermon Geres ----------------------------------------------- JUdlih POTCh Miranda ................................... Renee Prudhomme Mariners ........................................... Dennis Wood Truman Roblee Lorry Schroeder Greg Nowicki Nymphs ........................................ Judy BeyersTodT Gino Humer Sonia Lomboch Chris McGovern Barbara KunderT Mary Jane Casper EvonThio Mesoloros SpiriTs .................................................... Remy Ceci Dione HunTer Sandy Johnson Terry Wilson Noncy STephen Page 101 Dramatic Presentations "These Are Not Children," a play about the problems a mentally retarded youth faces in coping with society, was presented to 1he Association for MentoHy Retarded Children in Fort A?kinson. This was part of a social service function performed by Tower and Town Players. Eugene Ionesco's "The Bald Soprano" was staged by the Tower and Town Players for presentation in Fresh- man Forum. For The Time Being," W. H. Auden's Christmas Orat- orio, was presented in the University Auditorium in December. The oral reading retold the story of Advent in modern times. Page 102 The Fantasticks An "intimate musical" by Jones and Schmidt was present- ed to the student body in March. It was The first time WSU-W had attempted to perform a musical show, and it Turned out to be on excellent production. Cost El Gallo ............ Dave Beomon Muff ........................ Lynn Opifz Louisa ................ Kathy Woller Huckleby ............ Fred Roemer Bellomy ................ Jerry Kubly Mute .................... Dan Newton Henry ................ Richard Furlick Mortimer ................ Bob Martin Theta Alpha Phi Officers are Ken Rennison, Bob Pavlik, president; Judith PoTch and Kathie Cull 2: 9 TheTo Alpha Phi, c1 noTionol honorary froTerniTy, is represenTed in This sToTe and on This campus by The Wisconsin DeiTo ChapTer. The objecTives of T.A.P. are To increase inTeresT, sTimuIaTe creoTiveness, fosTer orTisTic ochievemenT in all The allied orTs 0nd crchs of The TheaTre, and To furTher dromoTics 0T Wisconsin SToTe UniversiTyeWhiTeoner. To achieve our obiecTives, T.A.P.ers This year have been ocTive in The major producTions on campus as well as several one-ocT plays and play readings. We have performed for The Freshman Forum, for oTher college groups, and for groups in The communiTy. Members porTicipoTed ocTively in The Wisconsin High School Forensic AssocioTion disTricT and secTionol one- ocT ploy conTesTs. Members are also ocTive in Tower and Town Players. The group is cenTering iTs efforTs This year on how To furTher dramoTics 0T WSU-W. Seated - Judy Meineke, Marilyn Money, Ken Rennison, JudiTh PcTch, Kathie Cull. Standing - Tom Wilkie, Bob' Pavlik, Jack Vrieze, adviser, Dennis Wood, Paul Dicklin Page 10A Tower and Town Membership in Tower and Town Players is open to all students and community mem- bers inferesfed in promoting a general interest in Theatre and securing a broader appreciation of The dramatic arfs. The moior efforts of the organization dur- ing The year were directed Toward four major productions - "The Tempest," "For the time being," "The Fantos'ricks," and "Right you are if you Jhink you are." In addition To These, several one - acts and dramatic readings were presented on and off the campus. Officers for The 1964-65 school year were: Poul Dicklin, president; Tom Wilkie, vice presi- dent; Judy Mieneke, secretory-Treosurer; Sonic Lomboch, reporter; and Glenn Norgren, parlia- menTorion. Seated - Judy Meineke, secretory-treasurer; Marilyn Money, Sonia Lomboch, reporter; Georgiana Benz. Row 2 - Ken Rennison, Dennis Wood, Dr. Jack Vrieze, Sponsor; Glenn Norgren, Tom Wilkie, vice-president. Row 3 - Poul Dicklin, presi- dent; James Shebiel Row 1"- Glenn Norgren, Tom Wilkie, Sandy Johnson, Bonnie Young, Candy Terry, Judith Patch, Ken Rennison, Bob Martin, Gina Humer. Row 2 - Kenneth Williams, Dr. Jack Vrieze, Dianne Morini, Kathie Cull, Sandra Jacobson, Barbara Kundert, Lorna Everson, Georgiana Benz, Esther Anderson. Row 3 - Dennis Wood, Charles Umhoefer, Marilyn Money, Dione Skurczynski, Remy Ceci, Liane Aylwurd, Mimi Aylwurd, Jan Richardson, Sandi Tarro, Dun Newton. Row 4 - Warren McHenry, Paul Dicklin, Paul Joseph, James Shebiel, Robert Povlik, Xcm Johnson, Thomas Mohr, George Shier, John Moseng. Page 105 Forensics Row 1 - Tom Wilkie, Ken Rennison, Beverly Kaeser, Liane Aylward, Lynn Oliver, Steve Dickmcnn. Row 2 - Robin Jarvis, John Schedel, Rich Motuelle, Pete Hamilton, Dan Bozik, Paul Dicklin. Dr. Edna Sorber and Dr. Loren Crone congratulate Sandro George and Peter Hamilton on their first place trophy won at the University of Chicago. Page 106 As the forensics program grows, its activities become both more diversified, and more numer- ous. With the expansion of the University, an increasing expansion in the size of the for- ensics squad is accompanied by an improved level of performance. The members of the squad this year have worked more diligently and more continuously than in the post, and their efforts have been rewarded in their own accomplish- ments both as forensics participants, and GS WSU- W student-higher rankings both in competition and in grades. Forensics is one of the few intercollegiate ac- tivities which enables the small university to o- chieve a national reputation. Concurrent with the growth of the reputation of Whitewater, the members of the squad have become proficient enough to participate in a number of related ac- tivities demonstrating their ability to campus groups in audience situations, and in sponsor- ship of on-cclmpus tournament situations similar to those experienced on other campuses. Ed Shwery instructs time-keepers for an on-compus debate tourna- ment. Sandy George organizes fellow de- baters for a trip 10 Pittsburg, Kansas. Oxford University's debate fecm of Jonathan Aitken and Michael Beloff on campus for a debate with Whitewater's Pete Hamilton and John Madsen. Debate members check the location of their next debate Eastern Illinois discussion tournament finalists, Robert Nelson and John Madsen. frip, Tacoma, Washington. Page 107 Pi Kappa Delta Seated -- Dr. Edna Sorber, adviser; Sondra George, Liane Aylward, Dr. Loren Crone. Standing -s Daniel Bozik, Peter Hamilton, John Madsen, John Schedel, Edward Shwery, Richard MotueTTe, Richard HammersTrom. "The orT of persuasion - becuTiful 0nd iusT" is The guiding principle of members of Pi Kappa DelTo, The noTionol honorary foren- sics TroTerniTy. Those persons parTicipaTing in debaTe, oratory and relcTed speech ocTiviTies and who have moinToined a 2.25 overall grade poinT are eligible for membership. Wisconsin Epsilon chopTer sponsored The TirsT annual KeynoTer Tournament, OcTober 3. This TournamenT was The eorliesT one held in This area. The Third annual Pre- ChrisTmas TournamenT become a Two-doy, six-rounder This year. WiTh The help of sTU- denTs, foculTy, and Harmony Hall Housing, we were able To accommodoTe approximoTely 150 visiTors from 16 schools. The NoTionol ConvenTion held in Tacoma, WoshingTon, during Spring vocoTion was The highlighT of The Pi Kappa DelTo acTiviTies This year. AT This Time Wisconsin Epsilon chopTer inviTed The NoTionol To hold Their 1967 con- venTion on The WhiTeoner rimpus. If This inviTcTion is occepTed, iT will mean almosT 2000 people will visiT This campus over EasTer Officers of Pi Kappa Delta are Richard HammersTrom, vice-presidenf; Liane Aylward . . secreTcry-Trecsurer; Peter Hamilton, president. VOCOTIOn m 1967' l Page 108 English Club English Club meets twice cu month to sponsor guest 5 p e 0 k e r s , to critically evaluate student w o r k 5 presented to the group, and to discuss works of various authors. The club also edited and produced the Tower. This campus literary mog- ozine publishes work writ- ten by students, and prizes are given for the best pub- lished pieces. Officers for the 1964-65 school year are president, Boyd Johnson; vice-presi- dent, Vicky Krubert; secre- te r y , Koren Casodonte; and treasurer, Millie Riep- ky. Bill Henderson, Nancy Bade, John Riggert, Victoria Krubert, Karen Casondonte, Boyd Johnson, Millie Repky, Pat Gaustad, Connie Casey Whitewater Wits The purpose of the Wits is to talk about things they aren't familiar with. Favor- ed topics are art, architec- ture, music, and sometimes essays. T h e y emphasize discussion, eoch p e r s o n presenting his own view- point. This procedure con- trasts with the usual class- room in which the so called student is quiet and pos- sive, asking only minor questions. Do you like the architecture of Mies vcm der Rohe? Why? Karen Knox, John Hill, Mr. Munnecke, adviser; John Riggert, Sally Bayer, Lorna Everson. Page 109 International Club Row 1 - Judie Vogt, program director; Vicki Hynous, secretary; Arline Hardy, treasurer. Row 2 e- Rezo Doroudion, president; Ricardo Bouche, vice-president Are you interested in meeting students from other countries and learning about their ways of life? If so, the International Club would like to welcome you to their group. International Club, this year is most active in its informative and entertaining programs which include promotion of international friendship and respect among nations through understanding and panel dis- cussions of differences in educational, cultural, and social systems. Other activities of the club include exhibitions, con- certs, parties, dances and picnics. The club also holds "Know-Your-Neighbor" programs at which talks are given and slides of other countries are shown. Meet- ings are held on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month. All students attending Whitewater are welcome. The faculty adviser is Dr. Frank Polinoy. Officers are as follows: Reza Doroudion lfrom Ironl, President; Recordo Bouch lfrom Ponomol, Vice President; Judie Vogt lU.S.AJ; Vicki Hynous lU.S.AJ, Secretory; Arline Hardy lU.S.A.l, Treasurer. Seated - Judie Vogt, Vicki Hynous, Nasreen Doroudian, Arline Hardy, Cecelia Sine, Mary Finley. Standing - Lee Nelson, Soifulloh Abdullahzadeh, Firooz, Sonadaii, Rezo Doroudian, Richardo Bouche, Dr. Frank Palincy, adviser. Pogo HO German Club " The Deutsche Klub" or German Club is a new face on campus this year. It was formed under the super- vision of Mrs. Metenkanich, a new language teacher. This is the first time that a German Club has been formed on Whitewater's campus. The purpose of the club is to familiarize the student with and stimulate his interest in the German language and culture. At the monthly meetings, the members hear speakers, students as well as faculty, see slides and films and discuss various timely topics. Field trips are also an important activity of the club. Membership in the "Deutsche Klub" is not restricted to those students enrolled in German classes. Anyone who is interested and wants to participate actively in the program may ioin. Seated -- Carolyn Johnson, secretary-treasurer; Vicki Hynous, president. Standing - Mrs. N. Metenkanich, adviser; Uda Hoppeuz, vice-president Mrs. N. Meteukanich, Cindy Kinast, Diane Mom, Aide Manz, Nancy Kracher, Jutta Watkins. Row 2 - Gerard Mertens, Latosca lehnert, Mary Ellen Bluemink, Phil Bauer, Jeff Sannes. Row 3 - Mitchell Covic, Loren Behrmann, Ed Duesterhoeft, Doug McLeish, Ron Teal Page 111 Management Game Whitewater was one of the seven state universities that pitted their business knowledge against a com- puter. Each team comprises the board of directors of a manufacturing firm pro- ducing and marketing a metal costing item, which has a wide variety of uses in the construction industry. The computer at the Univer- sity of Wisconsin is pro- grammed to weigh and evaluate each team's deci- sions in light of predeter- mined conditions and those created by the other teams. The game is imaginary but the competition is not. Each decision must be made as though it were your own capitol involved. Row 1 - Gerald Voy, Alice Klug, Steve Hunter, Tom Bell, James Dix. Row 2 - Mr. Wirries, Robert Smith, Larry Amend, Mr. Cox, not pictured Mr. Gary Zenz. Radio Station At five-thirty, Jan. 10, the University's ten-wott, FM radio station, WSUW, began broad- casting on the frequency 91.7 megocycles. The station is de- signed to provide qualified students the opportuntiy to gain on-the-oir experience in various broadcast areas and to provide programs of education informa- tion, and entertainment to the University and Whitewater com- munities. Dr. Frederic Sederholm director and adviser to the student staff said it is financed iointly through the student ol- Iocotions fund and the Univer- sity. Licensed by the FCC as on educational, non - commercial radio station, WSUW is restricted from broadcasting commercial announcements or advertising. Richard Lubenow and Tom Baldwin prepare a radio broadcast. Page 112 Practice Teaching Donna Martin has no trouble getting a response from her students. Mary Greif makes sure everyone is bundled up warmly before they go outside. Gary Webb explains a workbook lesson to his class. Page 113 Practice Teaching wnmwmn coummu mmim W99 a . x s a 7 a z, m u 173; 1. mm H u w :n 2112 21 75341,,17010 Madeleine Nicoiai conducts a class at Whitewater High SchooL Bill Seiler assists his students in a speech class. Richard Cherf shows his students the ins and outs of Biology. Page "4 Association For Childhood Education Row 1 - Judy Lenth, Mary Klein, Betty Christensen, Pat Miller, Barb Wileor, Cheryl Lynn Walters, Dione Mottl, Carol Hoesly, Mary Holler, Evelyn Heiniger. Row 2 - Donna Hardt, Kathy Eck, Sharon Douglas, Ellen Dammann, Teryl Fluke, Terry Walker, Karen Stiles, Mary Ann Gudenkcuf, Jill Vanderburg, Sandi Chovanec, Ruth Ann Schultz. Row 3 - Judy Malsch, Shirley Dahle, Carol Zech, Dorothy Krueger, Eileen Vesbach, Jean Karl, Jo Ann Petersen, Maria Gloiek, Sue Saltzman, Denise Sell, Pat Peters, Carolyn Rolfs. Row 4 - Mary Jane Pitzen, Jayne Zielinski, Dorothy Dutton, Andrea Kotteman, Nancy Wosilait, Jean Morgan, Mabel Mitchell, Nancy Koertge,Kuthy Toth,Nancy Johnson,Bcrbara Harmes. The purpose of ACE. is to work for the education and well-being of children by promoting desirable con- ditions, programs, and practices in the schools - nursery through the elementary; raising the standard of prepara- tion and encouraging continued professional growth of teachers and leaders in this field; bringing into active cooperation all groups concerned with children in the school, the home, and the community; and informing the public of the needs of children and how the school program must be adjusted to fit those needs. ACE. is open to all students in elementary and kindergarten- primary education. The program for the past year was full and informa- tive. The film "Billy" was seen. Books for children from pre-primary to eighth grade were sold at the annual Book Sale. A Christmas Teo was held for the benefit of mentally retarded children. Faculty and students were invited to donate gifts for the Tea, which were then taken to Central Colony. A representative from Ginn 8: Company presented an interesting program. A field trip was taken to Delavon School for the Deaf in the spring of the year. The exceptional child was discussed by a child psychologist. afficers of A.C.E. are: Sitting Joyce McCann, Mary Irving, Carol Corpon. Standing: Carole Liebach, Brenda Cowell, Ginny Smith. Page 115 Roseman Student Education Association 51ml; The W.P. Rosemun Campus Elementary School The Rosemon Student Educa- tion Association is a professional organization for students en- rolled in any education curricu- lum. Affiliated with the National Education Association and the Wisconsin Education Association, the chapter has a membership this year of about 215 college students who are preparing to become teachers. The purpose of SNEA-WEA is to acquaint future teachers with the professional organization of which they will become mem- bers when they begin teaching. Designed to stimulate interest in teaching, a variety of programs throughout the year provided opportunities for the profession- al growth of the members. A panel of the college supervising critics discussed the maior prob- lems of student teaching. T h i s y e o r the Whitewater chapter hosted a two day Fail Convention for the student WEA chapters. We welcomed approxi- mately 100 people to our com- Officers: Row 1 - Katherine Noll, president; Catherine Hubbard, secretary,- Mary DeBriune, f . vice-president. Row 2 e Dr. Wollin, adviser; Bill Buughn, treasurer. pUS rom VGI'IOUS college com' puses throughout the state. Page 116 Row I - Jean Templeton, Dionne Milewski, Marianne Catonia, Diane Beeskuu, Violet Schmidt, Kathryn Eck. Row 2 - Mary Richards, Dona Wieden. heft, Evelyn Heiniger, Diane Claussen, Terry Walker, Jeryl Fluke, Karen Stiles. Row 3 Carol Zech, Koren Beals, Kathie Burns, Lorna Everson, Ginger Stuvetraa, Sharon Gutenberger, Sharon Douglas. Row 4 Sandy Wienke, Sandy Schlesner, Lois Kubitz, Ruthcnn Mickelson, Kay Beckman, Jean Gibbs, Cheryl John. Row 1 - Nancy Griesberg, Nancy Guse, Nancy Peebles, Brenda Cowell, Cheryl Lynn Walters, Terri Swendrowski, Judy Wornson. Row 2 - Judy Haedt, Judy Tremaine, Ellie Gnatzig, Karen Spongberg, Pat Peters, Carol Hoesly. Row 3 - Joan Gorder, Dotty Krueger, Judy Williams, Pat Kennedy, Cathy Pick- ering, Sandy Peterson, Ester Statz. Row 4 - Darryl Sheggrud, David Zarling, George Edenharder, Frederick Ebling, Tom Bair, Joe Zahringer. Page 117 Mercier-Newman Club sponsored a bike hike to Whitewater Lake in the early fall. University Religious Center members distributed religious materials To the student body. W5 a pleasant walk to the University Center after attending St. Patrick's Catholic Church on Sunday morning. The University Religious Center sponsored a series of church conferences, visiting different church services. Keeping In Touch With Our Religion Students turn towards home after visiting their church on Sunday morning. So often when we leave home and break our family ties, we find ourselves break- ing other ties too. When we are away from home it is all too easy to forget about our religion, too easy to stay in bed on Sunday morning rather than visit our church. Our school is unique in that there are over twelve church groups represented on our campus. It is a small town, but the opportunities for keep- ing in close contact with our religion are great. This year, a University Religious Center was established with all church groups participating. The Center provides cu setting for inter-church discussions on religious topics and encour- ages students to keep in close contact with their religion. Page H9 lnter-Varsity Christian Fellowship Row 1 - Miss Olive Reeve, adviser; Violet Schmidt, Susan Scott, Kathy Casey, Joanne Razor, Mary Limbcch, Rosie Smith, Naomi Linderud, Dr. Janet Bohi, adviser. Row 2 - Mabel Smith, Nellie McFinnis, Cleo Annes Meiners, Larith Ludtke, Carol Zech, Dawn Weeden, Dianne Driver, Jane Mecchum. Row 3 H Darryl Sheggrud, Harvey Erickson, Darryl Turner, Dione Bodmer, Karen Fesdal, Sandra Shepherd, Audrae Hoffman, Sarah Bush, Shirley Maierus. Row 4 - James Meudous, James M. Clark, Ken Keihibauch, Bob Madsen, Jim Rich, Michael Peterson, Dove Zarling, Lonny Melville, Brian Townsend. Row 1 w Dione Driver, Secretary-Treusurer; Jane Meacham, Prayer and Bible Study; Susan Scott, Missionary Chairman; Dave Darling, Vice-President. Row 2 - Dr. Bohi, Advisor; Ken Keihlbouch, President; Olive Reeve, Advisori lnter-Vorsity Christian Fellowship is international. The Chapter is one of 750 that makes up inter-Vorsity Christian Fellowship in the United States. This is one of 30 fellowships in the Inter- national Fellowship of Evangelical Students. lnter-Vorsity is involved. The Christian life is the greatest challenge of all. They explore it every Thursday night meeting Ed Folk, Director of Twin Disc, Speaker. and Ken Keithlbauch, and at state and national conferences. They feel the meetings President after a discussion meeting in which Mr. Folk was h I Th I. Th . b l. f the principal speaker. e P em Ne elf e 'e S. Page 120 Lutheran Student Association Row 1 - Jeanne Julseth, Lynne Karl, Naomi Linderud, Bonnie Mcuel, Victoria Blake, Elaine Dibble, Kathryn Eck, Sandro Seibel, Beverly Jones, Eliza- beth Clarke, Karen Middleson, Penny Andis. Row 2 - Kristi Fredricksen, Jon Everson, Jann Hofberger, Ann Johnson, Karen Kubi'rz, Ilene Larson, Mavis Markworth, Linda L. Schelm, Petra Schlecht, Karen Pedersen, Darlene Pugel. Row 3 e Richard Juhnke, James Popanz, David Jacobsen, Larry Erdmann, Paul Roasoch, Todd Graves, Rod Weber, Fred Boehler. Rev. Gerald Wendi The Lutheran Student Association met in Fellow- ship Hall of First English Lutheran Church every sec- ond and fourth Wednesday of 6:45 pm. The evening began with a Vesper service and was followed by 0 business meeting and a specific Topic each evening. The programs had several speakers and a panel composed of University teachers which discussed politics and the church. Many members subscribed To Frontiers, the ore gonizofional magazine. Phyllis Grunduhi, vice president; Lorraine Bochler, secretary; Mary Jo Kethcorf, treasurer; Bergene Riemer, president Christmas was celebrated with a coroling party and hoofenonny; many members participated in Ash- rams held Greenloke. The year ended with a picnic at Luiherdale. This year L.S.A. participated in the discussion groups and projects of The University Religious Center. Page 121 Lutheran Collegians Row 1 - Susan Luedie, Margaret Sell, Joan Degner, Diane Claussen, Diane Woelffer, Suzy Fendrick, Nancy Klemme, Karen Kramer. Row 2 - MarTha MeiselwiTz, Phyllis Drechsler, Shirley Lemke, Karen Mathes, Pat Free, Phyllis Schultz, Marilyn Krueger, Jean Karl, Sharon Dale. Row 3 e Karren Siegmann, Tim Matas, John Woelffer, DuWayne Reim, Harold Redfield, Marvin Drohn, Susan Talg, Garry H. Decker. Gary Decker, president; Mr. RoberT Behling, faculty adviser; Phyllis Schultz, Treasurer; John Woelffer, vice president; Susy Fendrick, Royal Purple; Karen Kramer, secreTory; Marilyn Krueger, historian. Page 122 LuThercm Collegicns is on ossocioTion of LuTheron UniversiTy sTudenTs sponsored by The Wisconsin Evan- gelical LuTheron Synod. The group, under The direcTion of Rev. D. A. TeTzIoff, endeavors To conserve and develop Christian foiTh and To encourage ChrisTion ocTion omong universiTy sTUdenTs Through a program based on ChrisTion knowledge and ChrisTicxn service. MeeTings are held Twice a monTh CT The LuTheron STudenT CenTer. They consisT of o Vesper Service and discussion, followed by The regular business meeTing. LuTheron Collegions porTicipoTed in various ocTivi- Ties during The year. Some of These were: ChrisTion coroling 0T The home of shuT-ins, a roller-skoTing porTy, several cosT suppers, sponsoring c1 bowling Team, cm ice-skoTing porTy, and The annual spring picnic. Row 1 - Marianne Aymaganian, Gay Zurich, Dee Stillson. Row 2 - Audrey Kruak, Candi de Veuu, Penny Muehl. Row 3 e Jean Gordon, Evan Mesoloras, Nancy Hadden. Row 4 - Allen Loabs, Father Robert Wise, Ethel Tsausis. Row 5 - Bill Hough, Richard Wooster. Kemper Club, named in honor of the first Episcopal bishop of the Middle West, is spon- sored by the Episcopal Church under the gui- dance of Father R.W. Wise. It serves the mem- bers of the Episcopal Church as well as those of the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Polish National Catholic Church. The monthly Sunday night meeting is not only for discussion, but also for socially m e e t i n 9 Father Wise,oclviser your friends. We hope that the club will grow with t h e increasing growth of the school. Ralph Laabs, Candi cle Veou, student coordinators Page 123 Mercier Row 1 - Sondra Schroeder, Judy Bognar, Jeannette Fahey, Sandra Doll, Margaret Sirianni, Lee Recoy, Janet Speers, Margaret Olson, Ruth Olson, Mary Polk, Colleen Reddy. Row 2 - Barb Zaborowski, Judy Fuerstenberg, Pay Coyne, Karen Soxler, Barbara Rousch, Bernard Gallenberg, Barbara Schober, Frances Seeger, Mary Humbach, Doris Henningfeld, Kathy Haig. Row 3 Kathleen Marks, John Sheppard, Philip Dorn, Leland Buchta, Rodney Bohr, Judy Jandu, Bill Filo, James Fredrickson, Gene Weber, Richard Ziehr, Rosemary Kuken. .z mmmwm $553". , :nn- .. mama: ' paw: ixg'd. 1Z2 Row 1 - Jo Ann Balbraith, Pm Miller, Judi Gucgliordo, Carmen Alvarado, Marilyn Culver, Ann Delmore, Helen Harrington, Janice Daniels, Alice Minn, Sally Best. Row 2 - Carole Stowe, Patricia Collins, Elizabeth Johnson, Rita Graber, Jackie Liles, Judy Hendricks, Anita Renummel, Ann Dezewiecki, Judith Lanigon, Linda Jo Maltby. Row 3 - Barbara Maier, Sally Heidt, Pot Pechauer, Suzanne Klinger, Mary Weiler, Ann Fitch, Louise Jones, Arlene Heinzelmon, Rosemary Swoboda, Ruth Ann Schultz. Row 4 - Robert Fucillo, John Meyers, John Groves, Charles Umhoefer, Mary Winn, Sherri Riederer, Peggy Gormcm, Andy Ketterer, Lee Nelson, Dave Cox. Page 124 Row 1 - Pamela Gessert, Kathleen Olsen, Carol Shinstine, Terrie Wilson, Mary Wilfrath, Louise Jacob, Suscn Winn, Margaret Carroll. Row 2 - Patricia Hart, Judith Polocarz, Lois Napierala, Sondra Fritsch, Marilyn Rinka, Sally Jablonski, Florence Harlow, Kathy Lothory. Row 3 - Christine Falkowski, Joan Collins, Jone Brimmer, Mary Lee Cucio, Nancy Stephan, Charlene Harlow, Susan Kelley, Joan Hansen, Susan Flemming, Loretta Seicnas. Row 4 - Nancy Jeane Lenz, Joycelyn Minessole, Gloria Ann Arthur, Eugene Beummel, James Hermon, Lorry Power, Mary Kolonder, Jim Diderrich, Alon Michels. The Mercier-Newman Club meets twice monthly in the hall of St. Patrick's Catholic Church under the capable direction of Father John- son and advisers Dr. Martha Haley and Dr. Leon Hermsen. The purpose of the club is further religious and spiritual instruction of Catholics at the University. Mercier had several special functions including the Living Rosary and the Day of Recollection with a guest speaker. Members also went ccroling 0t nursing homes in the White- water area. The club remained active during the Lenten season by participating in the Lenten devotion each Wednesday evening. Father Johnson Seuted - Joan Collins, recording secretary; Cecilia Mazurkiewicz, corresponding secretary. Standing - Bob Beers, president; Liz Jackson, vice president of internal affairs, Mardie Hartshorn, vice-president of enternal affairs; Dr. Haley, adviser. Page 125 Scrooby 4 , V , m3; ' . rm $ es Row 1 - Joy Olson, Alice Knight, Eileen Smhh, Marilyn Wolf, Locklin Bell, lynn Weinsich, Jean Gerlach. Row 2 h Kristin Holm, Gloria Chadek, Alice Raymond, Linda Kapple, Audrey Beach, E. Jane Duesler, Helen Fania, Louise Jenks, Doug Davis. Row 3 - Ken Pike, Jeffrey Addie, James Chevalier, Gary Schrag, Ronald Correy, Dick Baker, David Lader, Ted Harms. Row 1 - Don Nechrony, vice-president; Carol Zech, secretary; Cheryl John, treasurer; Jim McSwoin, president. Row 2 - Dr. Richard Wollin, faculty adviser; Mrs. Wollin, faculty adviser; Mrs. Lyle Hunter, faculty adviser; Lyle Hunter, faculty adviser. Chrisficm Fellowship, with siuden'rs 0nd faculfy, is on important porf of growth in college. Scrooby feels if has made college life more complete for its members. This year The group discussed campus problems and attempted To relate Them to Christian living. ther dis- cussions centered around The beliefs of other churches and faiths as compared and contrasted with The beliefs of the United Church of Christ. Page 126 Rev, Philip H. Day For the first Time, faculty members who belong To The WhiTeoner Congregational Church have periodically held informal discussions in Their homes on Sunday even- ings. Scrooby members have also enjoyed various activities during The year, such as a square dance, a Halloween party and a hayride, o Thanksgiving-Chrisfmos dinner, a coroling party, and a spring picnic. Row 1 - Dorothy DUTton, Anne Tandy, Ruth Ann Grippen, Barbara Wilear, Lynn Bennett, Veverly RussetT, BeTTy Jayne Smith, Kathy Leach. Row 2 - Jim Fine, Brad Webb, Nancy KoerTge, Carolyn Rolfs, Nancy WasiluiT, Corrine Platt, Dana Gisselman, Kenneth Miller. Row 3 - Ken Osborn, Wes White, Darryl Sheggrud, Terry MieIke, Dennis Earle, Larry Leerhoff, Dennis Gray, Reverend WaITer Wagener, Tom Mohr. x Rev. WclTer Wogener The Wesley FoundoTion 0T WSU-W exisTs for The stu- denT and is kepT in exisTence by The sTudenTs. MeeTings are planned To include a wide vorieTy of individuals wiTh many inTeresTs. Topics for discussion range from sex To religion, poIiTics To religion, school problems To religion, and someTimes concenTroTe on iusT religion. Wesley is ocTive in campus affairs. Much Time has been spenT by members To achieve The Campus Christian CenTer. December broughT a paper drive, caroling, and a ChrisTmas parTy cuT The home of The Wageners. Row 1 e Dorothy DuTTon, social chairman; KcThy Leach, vice- president; Ruth Ann Grippen, dietitian. Row 2 - Kenneth Miller, Treasurer; Terry Mielke, sTaTe representative; Darryl Sheggrud, ecumenical house represenTuTive; Betty Jayne Smith, worship chairman. Row 3 - Reverend Walter Wogener, Caro- lyn Rolfs, publicity chairman; Linda Nicoson, dietitian. Social and inTeIIecTuol life is imporTonT, but The spiriTu- ol life is The real basis of Wesley. Various kinds of worship services were Tried. ReTreoTs of camp and a Trip To Lincoln, Nebraska, were made. Only The mosT brave mode The 7:15 AM. services on Wednesdays. Page 127 Row 1 - Bob Beers, Gail Povek, Kristin Holm, Arlene Heinzelman, Janice Daniels. Row 2 - Sonya Lamboch, Father Johnson, Jim McSwoin, Jerry Wends, Bergene Riemer, Allen Laobs, Mary Jo KeThcarT, The Rev. Walter Wogener. In on efforT To provide sTudenTs wiTh a closer Tie To Their religious life, a UniversiTy Religious CenTer was founded. The cenTer was open Monday Through SoTurday from 9 o.m. To 10 p.m. MinisTers were presenT for coun- celing each day. Several religious classes were presenTed ThroughouT The year. "TradiTionol ChrisTicm Thought," on infroducTory sysTemoTic Theology, was developed by The Rev. WoITer Wogener. An infroducTion To The Old TesTomenT Biblical Theology, "Salvation HisTory," was developed by The Rev. James Johnson. Two oTher classes for The year were "ConTemporory ChrisTion ThoughT" and "The Church and The CiTy." STudenTs were encouraged To use The building at any Time for sTudying and lounging. Row 1 e Mordie HorTshorn, Dodie Dutton, Kenneth A. Miller, Lynn Bennett, Cecilia Mazurkiewicz. Row 2 m Terry Mielke, Reverend Phillip H. Essex, Darryl Sheggrud, Wes White. Page 128 Ski Club Row 1 - Mike Rieken, Joellen Siehr, Leon Piepenburg, Mordi STelsel, Bruce Tom Hickinbotham, Jan Dixon, Skip Sickels, Beverly Mackin, Shirley Tonn. Howard, Joyce Frauenfelder, Bob Evans, Dian Moe, Julie Bartlett, Werner Alexander. m3 ,ntm. myumr . p4 SKI CLUB OFFICERS: Row 1 e Suzie Dean, Keith Edwards, Kathy Downing. Row 2 - Mr. Ed BucherT, Adviser, Ray Fini, John Beard. Halvorsen, Non Dixon, Larry KasTen. Row 2 - Roy K. Sfetfer, Janice Ferries, Row 3 - Dennis DobbroTz, Carol Johnson, John McKay, Marilyn Pfistor, Karen Frey, Linda Nading, Mary Jane Kolvog, Rick Beard, Bob Petersen, Rod Nearly one hundred ski enThusiosTs and persistenT be- ginners are enrolled as members of The WSU-W Ski Club This year. The club has been The fastest growing organizaTion on campus since if was initiated Three years ago. This year, The club affiliaTed iTsehc wiTh The Union AcTiviTies Board. Under The auspices of This board, plans are being considered for The consTrucTion of o chaleT and ski area on The campus or in The surrounding area. Purchase orders for ski equipmenT have already been submiTTed To The UniversiTy. The highlight of The year was The Trip made To Big Powder Horn MounToin 0T Bessmer, Michigan, over The semesTer break where forTy members TesTed Their skills and spills on The var- ious slopes. Row 1 - James Fink, Virginia Smith, Yvonne Anderson, Andy Ninomiya, ridge, James Lindsley, Darryl Sheggrud, Anne Welch, Rae Lynn Russo, Jack Sylvia Northey, Bob Hoyard, Bill Weissmcnn, Steve Felix, KiTTy Harris, Georgia Bauer, Charlene Harlow. Cathy Anderson, Jan Unander, Daniel Lung, William Owen. Row 2 e Jay Ald- Carlson, Lisa HeifeTz. Row 3 e Richard Knudsen, Rosemary Rothenbueler, Page 129 Campus Veterans League g s i S Roger Sell, sgt. at arms; Jim Johnson, president; Jerry Wetherall, vice-president; Dave King, secretary; Jim Cohill, treasurer. The Campus Veterans League is an organization of men who have actively served in the armed forces of The United States or have been honorably discharged. Members not only enjoy the informality and ready friendship of the Vets Club, but have cm opportunity to participate in many campus activities as well. Included on the Vets Club's busy agenda are smokers, parties with various sororities, 0nd 0 picnic. The Vets offer top competition against other organizations in basketball, bowling, softball, and golf. A year of planning and preparation goes into the production of one of the Univer- sity's biggest events - - - "Campus Con- fusion." The Vets gather entertainment from near and for to bring this evening of fun and enjoyment. up, V A . t W . For those more formal occasions the Vets The Vets held their annual Military Ball at Peg's Supper Club. C1150 have 0 spring bGanET and Christmas Dance. The end of another successful year is highlighted by the Military Bell, a gala occasion which gives members the oppor- tunity to don old uniforms for on evening of dancing and entertainment. Page 130 Row 1 w Philip Meisfer, Dun Buyers, Joe Day, Hank Pappcs, Floyd Hart, Jim Weller. Row 2 - Joseph Kroeten, Jan Casey, Paul Christensen, Dean Holco b, Peter Kieschen, Harry Lobby, Alan Schroder. Row 3 - Dave VunDyke, Bob Rousseau, Lowell Hansen, Robert Wallace, John Rottinghoes, Richard Ras- zkiewicz, Jim Strand, Floyd Johnson. Row 1 - Stan Koenig, John Gitter, Robert Stiles, Robert Oberburner. Mike Riter, Dennis Salverson, Bill Donner. Row 2 - Joseph Boysa, Larry Gabrysiak, Jim Miles, Paul Klingelhofer, Chuck Hovey, David Jones, Jerry Walher. Row 3 - David Koehn, John Gatewood, Fred Gieschen, David Jacobsen, Greg Rou- Ieau, Robert Johnson, Kenneth Kopp, Bill Weissmann. Page 131 Lorraine Spies demonstrates a modern dance formation. WRA members engage in an inTramurol Volleyball game. Basketball player makes a concentrated effort To "sink The ball." Womenis Recreation Association The Women's Recreation AssocioTion promotes athletic activities for all women sTudenTs on campus. Membership in The ossocioTion includes all undergroduoTe women of This universiTy. Each woman becomes 0 member Upon paying her incidenTol regisTroTion fees. An executive board plans and manages all The acTiviTies. inTromurol TournamenTs furnish compeTiTive 0nd enioyoble recreoTion for Those who are in- TeresTed. These sporTs include volleyball, bod- minTon, boskeTboll, and sofTboll. Trophies for each championship Team cure presenTed 0T The spring banqueT. The officers and sporTs heads for The following year are also announced of This bonqueT. in March, W.R.A. sponsors The annual STunT Night. Any organization on campus may parTici- poTe in This TrodiTional TolenT compeTiTion. Travel- ing Trophies ore presenTed To The winners. Miss MarThc: Van STeenderen and Miss Mor- goreT Roxby served as advisers. Marge Flemming succeeds in outiumping her opponent. Officials confer on team scores during half time. Seated - Violet Schmidt, president; Ida Mehr, secretory; Judy Williams, vice-president; Marge Flemming, treasurer. Row Sommer, Ginger Stubetraa, Dione Reiter, Lorrie Koppein. Row 3 - Kristine Fredrickson, Sheila Strizic, Ellen Freitag, Ku y qufke, Carol Hauge. 2 - Susan Trautwein, Jo Ann Page 133 Row 1 - Andrea KoTTemon, Eileen Vesbach, Joan Knoebel, Suzie Dean, Ann Fitzgerald, Susan Schilfz, Nina Re, Norene Lewis, JuTTo Watkins. Row 2 - Susie Shapiro, Colleen Tyler, Janis Fischer, Mavis Markworfh, Jone Souer, Mary Coogan, Helen WiTT, Marty Collins, Susan Schindler, Nikki Migas. Associated Women Students AssocioTed Women STudenTs provides a link between The coeds and The odminisTrcTion of The universiTy. Every women student, Upon her entrance To The universiTy, is ouTomoTicolly a member of The organizofion. This year, c unique Five-Yeor Plan was inTroduced. lTs primary aim was To rewrite The consTiTUTion and To seT Up a definiTe function for A.W.S. on The campus. IT is hoped ThoT fUTure councils will strive Toward definiTe goals and obiecTives, each year enlarging and expanding The council's scope. An efforT was made To bring more women into The council and To make The women sTUdenTs more Row 1 - Sue Comes, secretary; Joan Miller, president. Row 2 OCUTer aware Of The organizaTion. - Gail Sampo, vice-presidenf; Miss Cora Forbush, adviser; Kathy Deigncm, reporrer. Row 1 - Marianne Armagonian, Jacquelene Kern, Ginger STuveTraa, Lynn Scheel, Rachel Onikul, Dianne Hoffman, PaTricia Beck, Lou Ann Merfes. Row 2 - Jean Lehr, Sully Newton, Jill Mayhew, Jeanne Scheuer, Judy Gehner, BeTty Steinberger, Mary Schroeder, Marie Karczewski. page 134 Campus Beauties .mt 2 2523 n Bev Heppler g Miss Lady of the Lake Kathy Krier - Miss Sheboygan Pot Quillen - Miss Illinois Pot, Bev, and Kathy are normal, busy coilege students struggling with classes and time schedules; but they have experienced even more than the average college coed. The excitement of competition, the thrill of being 0 winner, and the demanding life of o reigning queen are theirs also. We are proud to have them for our classmates. Page 135 Barb Toelle Joan Miller Kathy Thielen Best Dressed The formoT of The BesT Dressed conTesT was changed This year as The AssocioTion of Women STudenTs assumed The sponsorship. A condidaTe To represenT WSU-W in Glamour Magazine's BesT Dressed ConTesT was chosen by presenTing Ten coeds To a panel of five iudges. These judges were Lorry SchmiTz, STudenT Council presidenT; Nancy SToleonn, a former BesT Dressed condidoTe; Mr. R. R. SToner, direcTor of The UniversiTy CenTer; Miss Donno Johnson, foculTy; and Mrs. Hazel Archer, cloThing buyer for CI Jonesville dress shop. Nina Re Jean Somorajski was selecTed on The basis of poise, posTure, a good cloThing sense, personaliTy, and grooming. Kay Hensler Carole Waite Vic Krubert 0a. A, M Sally Owen JEAN SAMORAJSKT - WSU-W'S BEST DRESSED COED. Mary Jane Kalvog tmxzwzsm . w w. x1342 wk 1 : m? "s xx; Mwywp . wmxiwt gm "w m w Panhellenic Council Row 1 - Mrs. Margaret Mueller, Adviser; Barb HusTing, DoroThy Jaeger, Cheryl Gemoll. Row 2 - Roseonn Buldoun, Bonnie Wenmun, Judy Jcmda, Mary Lou ZosTrow. Row 3 - Miss Martha VanSTeenderen, adviser; Jane Zens, Eileen Anderson, Mary Thompson. BoTTom To Top - Mrs. Margaret Mueller, adviser; Roseann Boldoun, presidenT; Miss Martha VonSTeenderen, adviser. Page 138 The Ponhellenic Council, on offilioTe of The NoTionol Panhellenic Council, is composed of Three represenTa- Tives from each of The five sororiTies on our universiTy campus. Among iTs many funcTion and purposes, iTs main purpose of promoTing 0nd fociliToTing harmonious relofions among The campus sororiTies sTonds ouT uTmosT. During Freshman Week, of The beginning of each school year, Ponhellenic sponsored a Greek TalenT Show. Each sorority 0nd froTerniTy performed 0 novelTy skiT-- humorous or serious. The Council senT c delegoTion To The Organionion NighT in The early parT of The year To summarize OH The sororiTies' acTiviTies on campus. The major projecTs of The Ponhellenic Council This year were The sTudy of The quoTolimiToTion sysTem, which shall be odopTed in The near fuTure; The odopToTion of Three Ponhellenic Council represenToTives from each sororiTy on campus; The invesTigoTion and acceptance of o perma- nenT adviser, who shall serve as o sTobilizing poinT To The Council; and The orgonionion of The biannual Rush Week. The officers for This year were: Roseonn Boldoun of Alpha Sigma, presidenT; Mary Thompson of Sigma Sigma Sigma, secreTory; DoroThy Joeger of Alpha Gammon DeITo, Treasurer; Eileen Anderson of Phi Lambda, corre- sponding secreTory; and Barb HusTing of DelTo ZeTo, publiciTy chairman. These officers are selecTed on o roToTion basis each year. Sorority Life Every year, Alpha Sigma sponsors on auction for the students and townspeople. Rushees got a chance to meet sorority girls at a tea at the Alpha Gamma Delta house. Tri Sigma pledges had a pledge song all ready for their actives on bidding nightt Page 139 Members of Phi Lambda put all 1heir strength into the tug of war on lce-O- Rama weekend. Bobbi Sternig, a Tri Sig, shows some new freshmen what sorority life is ON about Members of Delta Zeta add a little of their own color to the Homecoming pur- ode. Page 140 Alpha Sigma sorority put on a Hawaiian Luau for their preferential pony during rush week. Alpha Sigma took first place honors in Stunt Night with "Little Girl Blue." Page 141 A banner went up on the Alpha Gamma Delta house when Ilene Larson was chosen Homecoming queen. The Phi Lambda house echoed with excitement as new pledges were welcomed in. Members of Delta Zeta and new pledges greeted each other in the Univevsity Cen- ter snackbar. Some Alpha Sigma first semester pledges performed for students at the Alpha Sigma Sound-Off. Delta Zetus pulled hard with hopes of an Ice-O-Ramo victory. Merrily Madsen, Pam" Bergwin, and Pat Quillen performed for prospective pledges of the Tri Sigma preferential party. 'M"w s mvim , M w x 5 e w;.; j , weuuwu, s W,vammwzy-Wzmamw 4 V immw , ' w wgw v anv, ...'. w JOAN COLLINS MLL MAYHEW JANET LUTZ MARJOFNE LADB Racmmue SECRETARY ; 2ND wcc PRESIOEM PRESIDENT 5r woe PRESWENT WLINDA ScriEiKA MARIE KARczEwsm SANDRA wuzmcs Wisconsin 51133112 13 1331111160: afev . DARLENE 9mm, sue amx MARY scmcxea .nu. VANDER anus KATHLEEN woman worm JANDA SHERI PLECK rih-RQ' mills? Fm DOROTHY HANSEN LYNNE KARL SUSAN LUYZ KAREN SYOLES LYNNE DIDUCM JEANNE CLARK Page 144 ATHERINE NOLL TnzAsunen it; ELMNE DIBBLE moms scm'mv TM DOROTHY MEGER JANE MEINGAST BERTRTCE TERWALL a KATHY STRlNGER agorm saunas: lLENE LARSON - ANN suosnxau; ANN T SE ITZ KATHRYN ECK LMNE MNSHRLL imam sense 5., a Mao"; menu: Alpha Gamma Delta This school year marked The fifth anni- versary of BeTa TheTa ChapTer of Alpha Gamma DelTa and The TwenTy-ninTh year for The group as a sororiTy. The Alpha Gams were acTive in campus life during The year. The group sponsored rummage sales, bake sales, and a candy sale To raise funds To conTribuTe To The lnTernaTional AlTruisTic ProiecT which is helping The brain damaged child. On The local level, The Alpha Gams raised funds To sponsor a handicapped child of Camp Waubeek during The summer. OTher cam- pus acTiviTies in which The group parTici- paTed were Ice-O-Rama, STunT NighT, and Homecoming. Homecoming Weekend saw The Alpha Gam's Queen Ilene Larson reign over The acTiviTies. The group also enTered a floaT and enTerTained many alumnae of an Open House afTer The parade. Socially, Too, The group was acTive. Fall broughT a pledge parTy held aT F 8: A STeak Ranch and in winTer a ChrisTmas ParTy was held aT Arizona Inn. The FeasT of Roses was held aT Harmony Hall follow- ing The fall iniTiaTion. Second semesTer broughT a ValenTine ParTy, The Spring Formal, a MoTher-FaTher-DaughTer BanqueT, and a picnic held aT Blue Spring Lake for The graduaTing seniors. KiTTy Noll and Mary Schicker were elecTed To Who's Who. KiTTy is also presidenT of NEA-WEA. Mary is presidenT of Pi Omega Pi and Elaine Dibble is a member. In Kappa DelTa Pi are Sue Bink, KiTTy Nolll and Mary Schicker. Joan Collins is secreTary of Mer- Cier. Each fall The Alpha Gams of souTh easTern Wisconsin gaTher in April for lnTer- naTional Reunion Day. This evenT was held in Madison of The Park MoTor Inn and a good Time was had by all. Alpha Gamma DelTa is The only lnTer- naTional sororiTy on The WSU campus. The Alpha Gams began Their 1964-1965 school year in a compleTely remodeled home locaTed aT 404 WesT NorTh STreeT. The housemoTher, Mrs. Mildred Parkinson, is an Alpha Gam, Too. All of The girls of Alpha Gamma Delta are Truly proud of Their new home and new housemoTher. Page 145 Alpha Sigma WhiTeoner's oldesT sororiTy, Alpha Sigma, compleTed onoTher rewarding year. STorTing The new year wiTh Homecoming, The Themes of "The Warhawks Have The Midas Touch" and "We'll PUT The TiTons lnTo OrbiT," won firsT place in house and flooT compeTiTion, respecTively. Bonnie Ames represenTed The sororiTy on The Home- coming CourT. The girls serving on STudenT Council were Barb KUb, Bonnie Ames, and Donna GrueTT. Class officers were Polly Voss, Sophomore secreTory, and Gail Sompo, Senior secre- Tory. Gail Sompo also served as vice-presi- denT of AWS, wiTh Carol WaiTe 05 Treas- urer. Loni SmiTh held The posT of EdiTor of The 1965 Minneisko, 0nd Roseonn Baldoun served as presidenT of Ponhellenic Council. Mary Lou Fisher, Koren Koenings 0nd Roseonn Boldoun were elecTed To Who's Who. The Alphas copTured many Queen TiTIes, also. KoThi Filo reigned 05 Track Queen in The spring of '64. The TKE's voTed her Their SweeTheorT, and also, Their candidoTe for InTernaTionol TKE SweeThearT. Jon Ames wos IosT year's Ice-O-Romo Queen. Mary- Ann Van Curcn was Phi Sig Pearl Girl, and Barb Conry Their MisTleToe Queen. Jon Sor- barcher represenTed The Alphas by being nominoTed Tor Sigma Tau Gommo's Rose Queen. Many ocTiviTies such as on AucTion, Ploy- doy, 0 Candy Sale, and Caroling kepT The girls very busy. The annual ChrisTmos proi- ecT, which is To help a needy family in WhiTeoner, proved To be a very rewarding experience for The sororiTy. Four Alphas were chosen To be W-eTTs This year, by The W Club. They were Donna GrueTT, Cheryl Andre, Barb KUb, and Joanne BoumgorTner. The sororiTy held Two pledge dances, on ChrisTmos dance, 0 MoTher-doughTer bon- queT, a Senior bcmqueT, and a Spring Formal. FourTeen girls kepT housemoTher, Mrs. J. W. Fordy, company CT The Alpha Sigma House, 931 Main STreeT. Mrs. J. M. Greene served as SororiTy Adviser. The Alphas were Thrilled by The news obouT Their oTher sponsor, Mrs. Mary Fricker. As she has broughT honor To us, The UniversiTy broughT honor To her, by naming a new dormiTory "Mary Fricker Hall." Page 146 comm eunmcx may trigger: MTHLEENTQELER Mimi sewam M. Kagmmw e MW? WLWW MRBARA KUB LANI am ... secatjrm .i ,4 v": 333m erLts IAARTLikkomm ,o i W moat: KELBE wm uumav . Avmpnii'iimm' i: 1i Mehtasm nounui A JOHN TWWFWWW 'homenwsLm BARBARA mans CAROLE mm: DOTTXE POTTER OEQRGXA KEsTDL INGRID KREHER JANE LURRUS LONNIE LWN 3M i KARER xosmuas mucus"! mm." V KATHI FILO we: numern' BONNDE MES SECIKYMV 19ch HEW menus!!! 06331:" azusm W m Lamina! m2 smut" cousin 512m; linfoergilvg mhibemalzev , . 3 Tam msmw JANE? DREW m Fm xmnsou mum aminni MMTRA REUTER 'JUDY MEYER SsWE POGISRTY khiFAiEkf KAREN JUECH 1L , MARY tAUTERBACH . CHERYL SMOKE mm Tami ROBERTA LENTN f 0mm wean mea noose ' Page 147 ?HYLLIS R. DREW MARY E. BLWINK SAW MW SUSAN L. comes JOANNE x. semen susm K. sdimbEEn 3' LYME M. mum JEAN comm NANCY J. PEEK.- EUZABETN M. mm DIANE L NA 239 m: mum Ramona usr wee mtsmxm momma: Hm" ti Ewan" ewnii mmmsm . k vmemi Ii Siam! worm ammmof 2111a ?Eeiza Wisconsin Sham ilninevsiixg whiizemafev 0 RAY Amgik biamexnuaean 1;HAnoNL WNW a Johnsm Ami. Av suck: A Page 148 Dim: 1Y am' Mr NANCY anon AN ;;,33 PATRKiRVakWER ooNM R. scrium; L JANE? mic kw M NSWW R? x mm JUDITH A, LENTK RlTA L. m $0 MAR! 91 HEIN EM l L, NEWTON JUDY M. KAYNE Wm M. WEN GMNE LREITER SANDRA L. MADER cm A, KRWI dUOITH LTPELEN LTEKJJSUQEICW Delta Zeta Epsilon Kappa of DelTa ZeTa, The IargesT naTional sororiTy, is The largesT sororiTy on The WSU-WhiTewaTer campus. The DelTa ZeTa's house acquired a new look This fall wiTh The addiTion of a new porch wiTh four whiTe pillars. Mrs. Ann MaThison acted as The girl's sororiTy moTher for The second year. TwenTy-Two girls re- sided in The house. Mrs. Ora Jones was The chapTer direcTor and Miss MarTha Van- STeenderen was The adviser. DelTa ZeTa's annual dance, "Fall Fan- Tasy," was again held aT The union. Music was provided by The Madadors. The dance proved very successful This year. Homecoming, 1964, found Marilyn Gun- drum serving as DelTa ZeTa's candidaTe for queen. The DZ's house decoraTion, "Pin- nochio 'Nose' We'll Win,ll Took second place in The compeTiTion. DelTa ZeTa is acTive in sTuolenT govern- menT. Two DelTa ZeTas were elecTed officers of STudenT Council; They were Jane Zenz, secreTary, and Kay Hensler, Treasurer. Dee STillson served as Treasurer of The senior class. Brenda Cowell filled The posiTion of presidenT of ACE. Sue CoaTs also was elecTed secreTary of AWS. Numerous DelTa ZeTas held offices in oTher campus organi- zaTions. Many DelTa ZeTas also received various honors This year. Nancy Peebles lBorken- hagenl was elecTed To Who's Who. Twelve DelTa ZeTas were admiTTed To honorary fraTerniTies. Dee STillson was selecTed as DZ's candidafe for Sigma Tau Gamma Rose Queen. Judy McCarThy represenTed DelTa ZeTa as lce-O-Rama Queen candidaTe. Judy Bognar also represenTed DelTa ZeTa in The HearTs Queen elecTion. The DelTa ZeTa's house was honored, for The second Time in a row, as The house receiving The highesT grade poinT average for privaTe housing. The girls in The house had The pleasure of having desserT wiTh PresidenT and Mrs. Wyman. Included in DZ's PhilanThropic proiecTs for This year were making ChrisTmas favors for an old people's home, and also sending favors To a hospiTal for deaf children. The DelTa ZeTa ChrisTmas formal was held aT Island View ResorT on December 11. Music was provided by Ed Sabey's band. Page 149 ; I W... x L M a ; ; I DEE MARTINIAK MARYLYN E BALOG GALE C FLASCHNER SALLY J. BEST , SUSAN W. WERNER LORETTA R; NELSON . . . WEASWCR mEsmmT was ?nmiirm . ,, - . . 1am Eambda M. :03 DI Pu; 5!.sz HM. W; . s LYNN M. LARWETH BARBARA J. TOELLE w. ' 1' 9 ' A 65 wfscousfu State lanfnersi'lig . 'iBhikewabev BONNIE LWENMAN l sighs MCGRAY mm H LARSON BARBARA L BRINKMAN SARAH M. OWER MARY J, CASPER MARY A, ULMA' DOROTHY H SCHEEL MARGARET ROXBY SUEAN M REPE wow R. GuAeunaoo JOAN M 6:an A 4 MARY a, SYVERUD Dumas N swam BETTY J0 KELSgY ROSA M PLEVIAK V PM A mp: MARIE L SCHROEDER mm 4, 25mm ' :LEN M, SGHAEFER MARIE EV BOKEMEIER MARTA P GLOJEK JANEHAT MOE BEVERLY .1 momma Y M smoomvse f PAMELA R, GESSERT GER! L. HUGL 13 EN LadlilTETiboiRFv i SANDRA J, mcmzn' anszaa Vsixirswt SiddiOSz aosn Es STEFFENs i Pgixwifau N Y Phi Lambda Phi Lambda resides aT 1107 WesT Main STreeT. Also living in The sororiTy house is Their housemoTher, Mrs. DoroThy Sheel. This has been a prosperous fourTh year for The Phi Lambs as a local sororiTy on campus. BoTh The housemoTher and faculty adviser, Miss MargareT Roxby have been a greaT help and guidance for The sororiTy. 1964 was The firsT year ThaT The Phi Lamb- da sororiTy conTracTed a sororiTy house. During The firsT semesTer The house had accommodaTions Tor Twelve girls; buT new addiTions were made, and during second semesTer There were 22 girls living in The house. The Phi Lambs were acTive in many campus acTiviTies. Homecoming acTiviTies found The Phi Lambs again capTuring 1sT place in The humorous division of The floaTs in The homecoming parade. "LeT's NoT Monkey Around WiTh VicTory" was The winning Theme. Repre- senTing The Phi Lambs as Their homecoming queen candidaTe was Bonnie Zeaman. The sororiTy was also acTive in bowling, baseball, and volleyball; and This year The Phi Lambs won The 1ST place Trophy in volleyball. Phi Lambda's social acTiviTies during The year included Pledge Dances, ChrisTmas Formal, MoTher-FaTher-DaughTer BanqueT, Spring Formal, and social parTies. The school year was climaxed wiTh The Tra- ditional Spring picnic aT PreTTy Lake. This year The sororiTy began The money- making proiecT of selling chocoIaTe candy TurTles. OTher money-making proiecTs dur- ing The year were car washes and bake sales. AT ChrisTmas Time The sororiTy boughT Toys and oTher gifTs for The menTaIly re- Tarded children aT CenTral Colony Home in Madison. Sally Owen was our Rose Queen candi- daTe for The Sigma Tau Gamma Rose Dance. Page 151 CAROL deEDDL PaTRlCIA A.CURRAN PATRICIA LBERGWIN KATHLEEN R.EURNS KATHLEEN AVDOWNING MARILYN C MEYER . DENISE MLSELL BARBARA 6 EN nsnousm FAT A MILES BARBARA LDAMMANN JUDY K75 I Musunu Mtaxoam' ms mssmem mmcmmm st : KAREN mmsnsm um LXHQMPSM' DQNNA J.MARYIN, AGNES E, DALEY CAROL LCORPHON PAULA J; RUSTY waconSiu Sizalzc Quiversilig Whitewater ubNNA L, PAULSON DVAN J.VIIEDENHEFT ELIZABETH STARK cvaiX'dw JOE: a. mijznranih E wMm c.?irzsaaaw 1w 'xiuiiKEiE SWRA LJACOESON - CAEiJcmaAd RENE: a eiRmUEE' BEAN FSAMiiRAJsmW $3575" d.ARZ!KpVIC eKitWR'A Page 152 ' A. BEHLIRG 'F9 or! mum PATRICIA LDUILLEN Wm Vamossu PAT AKENNEDY MNCY M. SGHMtLING MARY ANN BERG JA NET DV ROMS KETKY EWRITE JANE? a bum: um LzAszoa JEAN s MAMON MARY M, R0114 f. Whtfw mam t W'h.6W i - L" hisibsssn MAR" J cowis xn'memu 'E J.GASTRaU : BARBARA 431mm ' , susanumms ' 4 'QOE'LL'EN sienn mm mines ,w- .mm H UTH 3X. VGKAW JJNE E SCNMtDT Sigma Sigma Sigma In the fall of this year almost seventy members of Tri Sigma once again came together in their chapter room to find that a pledge, Beth Bartosh, had been chosen as Wisconsin's Alice in Dairyland, and that a collegiate member, Pat Quillen, had won the title of Miss illinois. While making preparations for their Homecoming house and float entries, the women of Sigma Sigma Sigma were also planning ahead to their regional meet at Stout State University, which finally arrived during the latter part of October. While pledges added to the fun of Home- coming, the Tri's were well represented in the parade. Carol Seidl appeared as the chapter's choice to represent them on the court and Patti Bergwin rode as one of the cheerleaders. The pep rally an- nouncement of Klumb Girl surprised the Alpha Xi chapter, as they found out that one of their sisters, Joan Miller, had been chosen. Quickly following the football season and the participation of Carol Seidi, Paula Husty and Ginny Smits as W-ettes, came the initiation of nineteen new members, as a direct result of the hectic rush week. The Royal Purple published the names of twenty-two Who's Who seniors, of whom five were the following Tri's: Carol Cor- pron, Barb Dammann, Patti Miles, Joan Miller, and Carol Seidl. Following the policy of the national phil- anthropic proiect at Chapel Hills polio research hospital, supported by the con- tributions of Tri Sigma's throughout the nation, the Alpha Xi's sponsored a Mus- cular Dystrophy drive, resulting in a $450 donation. Second semester the Annual Heart Dance allowed the Tri's to contri- bute to the Heart Fund. Sigma Tau Gamma selected Ginny Smits as their Rose Queen in January. Pledge dances and formals rounded out the social calendar. Closer ties with the scattered alumnae chapters were emphasized this year, and as this book again goes to press, the Tri's are busy making the second semester 0 time to remember, and are anticipating a fun-filied, constructive 1965- 66 school year. Page 153 lnterfraternity Council Row 1 - Kenneth Greene, John Totooles, Lonse Myers, John Kafer. Row 2 - Mike Hetzel, Terry Nordol, Dennis Mick, Larry Amend, Michael Ken Greene, president; Dr. Clayton Droullard, adviser Page 154 Colbert, Poul Shebesta. The 1964-65 lnferfrofernify Council serves as the governing body for the social fraternities on campus. The Council acts as an arbitrator in matters concerning The welfare of each individ- ual fraternity. IFC also co-ordinofes The rush program, and is closely allied with the Ponhellenic Council in sponsoring Greek activities which will further cultural, intellectual, and social inferesTs. The Council is composed of Two representa- Tives from each social fraternity and one faculty adviser elected by its members. Chi Delta Rho sponsored a Thanksgiving dance, and Diane Hoffman was chosen "Miss Turkey Twist." Members of Sigma Delta Pi rode in from of their float in the Homecoming parade. Fraternity Life One good way to relax after a hard week is to go down to the Huddle and play the pinball machine. Page 155 Members of Sigma Tau Gamma participated in the snow shovel relay during Ice-O-Ramu weekend. Phi Sigma Epsilon put their two cents worth in 01 the snow shovel relay too. Two members of Sigma Tau Gamma show froterni wares to prospective Greeks. Page 156 Dcn Alvarez scoots across the finish line for Phi Chi Epsilon in the ice block carry at Ice-O-Roma. Members of Tau Kappa Epsilon dressed up in their Sunday best for the Home- coming parade. 5 EM 1; miter; YKEERTS 1mm mg L WW Each year Phi Chi Epsilon sponsors a "Mr. Ugly" contest at Homecoming time. Chi Delta Rho receives their ice to begin their ice carving for Ice-O-Ruma. Page 157 Sigma Tau Gamma put a lot of work in on their ice carving to fake a first place trophy. Rick Warren, 0 Phi Sig, visits the blood bank to donate blood to the Red Cross. A magician vished the Phi Chi Epsilon house to entertain prospective pledges of a smoker during rush period. Page 158 Fraternity Sweethearts Ginny Smits - Sigma Tau Gamma Rose Queen Barb Conry - Phi Sigma Epsilon Mistletoe Queen Mary Ann Van Curc - Phi Sigma Epsilon Pearl Girl Kathy Filo - Tau Kappa Epsilon Sweetheart Chi Delta Rho Chi DelTo Rho sTorTed The new school year by moving mm a new fraTerniTy house, wiTh Mr. Gary Zens and Mr. RoberT Cox as Their new advisers. FundamenTol To The exisTence of Chi Delta Rho are The precest of scholarship, leadership, and fellowship. In searching for a more realisTic enhancemenT of These ideals, The Chi DelTs hove iniTiaTed a drive To offillioTe wiTh Lambda Chi Alpha NaTion- al FroTerniTy, wiTh The final sTeps To be Taken in The spring. This will be The initio- Tion inTo Lambda Chi. The froTerniTy clearly recognizes The need for The well-rounded man, and iTs goals are exemplified by iTs excellenT scholarship, and iTs fellowship, The many social func- Tions, such as The Turkey TwisT, exchange suppers, masquerade porTies, beer suppers, The pledge banquet, and The highlighT of The year, The Spring Formal, all help To build This fellowship. Leadership also plays a moior role in The lives of The Chi DelTs. This being exem- plified in The posiTions of Senior Class Vice- PresidenT, Tom Bell; BeTo Alpha Sigma PresidenT, STeve ZanTo; and Sophomore Class Vice PresidenT, Ron Fish. Mr. and Mrs. Spooy have served as The house parenTs for The TroTerniTy This posT year. ParTicipaTion in inTramural sporTs plays on imporTomT porT in froTerniTy life. The Chi DelTs had a football Team, Three boskeTball Teams, and were ocTive in every oTher form of inTromurals. They were especially proud of Their swimming Trophy, for winning The inTerfroTerniTy swimming meeT. Page 160 l :, K muscmmm mm; mama , semen mm KS" L, ma: meant 5.; mm ' W: i mum; naamuuu TWWMM"T " WM - sogem LKWTDSEN A B ILL MEKNEL DENNIS M 0W W ITEM uixamum 313"!!! J. DENNTS mmun 'E ANDERSEN , ROH LF'SH RICHARD A. SAVI t - ROBERT W MARTINW EDWARD R,SA$Y STEVE QZANTOW ADI!" Axum , JOSEW EPALRER AILLEN RRWBECK am. , M . Wm3M-VT cams nxeuav WILLIAM examssn Ton mum mm x ,, V umnsm Rsommx JOSEPH amsuu max VLRUBACH ROGER monas, w v353$ittiwi51fiit$nfoersilzg ' mhikgwatgv.. ' rm L 1 nmmsmb, BOGK Am J zen: mmHELL Garvin mcmbEL .L PHILLIPS ROSE??? 5. 39mm 4mm F, ummv THOMAS ARELL ROGER rum Page 161 TERRY P. BRADLEY JACK asmnom CHARLES R.EDLLEFSON RICHARD J, PRITCHARD ISOLF D. am 13 $ DAN ALVAREZ cAL R; RABAS mm?! a FRASSR mLme 0 BECKER mo LWEBER mom AL DOOLAN wmnmts 05m 5. H01 'LRE'EW" PIESAQSN'I VICE RESIDHIT ' SEMEYW V W em 2951.... AL AEQSILE MICHAEL ALRMENDOLA TERRY 3 Km! GEORGE a RODMAN FREDERICK H. EBLING Wisconsin State llnfoers ' f Whitewaizer $iOBERT a PETERSON amo a oou'ZaLas om 0 aeanaaw TERRY W. NAGEL vvmcENf s.L.Tuns ULLIH s,mm DICK O NUTTESTAD MIKE E.MORRlSON am M. EASTEROAY JIM JALF HANEAHLPALM momma mamm NM QCLARK RICHkRD A. FELTON DAVE c, m MCMRD J, STOLTZ J. WILLARD DEBAUGHE JR MN LMELSEN GARY T. PRITCHARD J!" A; HILGARY Page 162 ALaE'RT .1. swmsm W18 wakwow MARTIN LMDRW s. 808 "JONES mums JAuqadm "st museum ' DEERE AVERDMANN nousLAs H, mums ?LARTTY Lsmmsikk" Phi Chi Epsilon Once again, Phi Chi Epsilon, The oldesf social fraTerniTy aT WSU-W, had a success- ful year. The experT guidance of our advi- ser, Mr. James Trier proved To be quiTe valuable. Mrs. Hanna Palm, known To The men as "Ma," was Trequenle complimenTed on her fine cooking and ThoughTfulness as a housemoTher. Phi Chi Epsilon has kepT Up wiTh The progress of WhiTewaTer STaTe UniversiTy Through iTs own versaTiIe programs. New landscaping of The fraTerniTy house grounds, compleTe remodeling of The lounge areas, The recreaTion areas, and individual rooms has been emphasized This year. AnoTher significanT change was The addiTion of a maior office in The fraTerniTy, The Alumni SecreTary. This addiTion is a maior sTep Towards perfecTing communica- Tion wiTh The alumni chapTers. The fraTerniTy also published an inTrafraTerniTy news- paper, The Brother To Brother, which helped The members keep weII-informed and enTer- Tained. A special alumni conference was held early in The school year To keep The various alumni chapTers in close conTacT wiTh The acTive chapTer. Phi Chi Epsilon was acTive in STudenT Government Kerry Nelson was vice-presi- denT of STudenT Council, and numerous Phi Chi's held offices in campus organizaTions. Several broThers served as counselors dur- ing The pasT year. Also, Terry Bradley was elecTed To Who's Who in American Colleges and UniversiTies. The Homecoming House DecoraTion was consTrucTed in Typical Phi Chi TradiTion. The entire fraTerniTy puT forth a group efforT To make The Theme we chose, "Dumbo Says Wheel Win." The TraTerniTy was acTive in varsiTy aTh- leTics. The inTramural program was suc- cessful, also. Phi Chi Epsilon produced several excellenT Teams for TooTbalI, baskeT- baII, baseball, bowling, volleyball, and swimming. The fraterniTy's social acTiviTies during The year included numerous parTies, a ChrisTmas formal, a Spring Formal, The annual FaTher's Day BanqueT, and oTher acTiviTies. Page 163 Phi Sigma Epsilon Phi Sigma Epsilon has had anoTher very successful year in campus acTiviTies. Their enTry in The Homecoming FloaT ConTesT was judged mosT original for The Third consecu- Tive year, Thereby giving The men of Phi Sigma Epsilon permanenT possession of This award. The slogan of This year's floaT was "ToasT The TiTans." Bill De MasTer, chairman of This year's Homecoming, an- nounced John Riddle as nexT year's gen- eral chairman. This will make The sixTh consecuTive year ThaT 0 Phi Sig has been general chairman of Homecoming acTiviTies. The FraTerniTy was also acTive in inTra- mural sports by enTering Teams in fooTball, soccer, baskeTball, volleyball, bowling, swimming, wresTling, and baseball. D DAVTDSON 1 R, BOCHER The men of Phi Sigma Epsilon were socially active as well, wiTh a winTer for- mal, spring formal, pledge dances, and numerous fraTerniTy parTies. Barb Conry, of Alpha Sigma Sorority, was elecTed Mis- . a TleToe Queen an The WinTer Formal. The Phi , ,5; s Sigs are well known for Their costume . T j i . parTies. This year They had an OccupaTion parTy, Hillbilly parTy, Paiama parTy, Cham- m Aiwoeum ' 4 l ssuioscxm i isfisTiihw pagne, and Golden Age parTy, iusT To menTion a few. Phi Sigma Epsilon received The l.F.C. Scholarship award This year. The award is presenTed annually To The fraTerniTy wiTh The highesT overall grade point. The FraTerniTy was well represented in sTudenT governmenT This year. Jim Bindl and Don "Crow" Pielin served as Junior 2 m 15,4.sszuzv' l musmos J,H,ALBEE Class presidenT and vice-presidenT re- l , specTively. Larry SchmiTz served as presi- denT of STudenT Council, while several oTher members of The fraTerniTy held posi- Tions on STudenT Council. Other Phi Sigs holding noTeworThy posiTions are, Ken Greene, presidenT of l.F.C.; GarreTT Holling, ediTor of The Royal Purple; Jeff Bocher, sTUdenT direcTor of inTramurals; Dennis Bonikowske and Bill De MasTer who were WJTHEBERT mu" Mmmm HMANY elecTed To Who's Who in The Senior Class; and several dorm officers and counselors. Mr. Reuben Klumb conTinued in his six- TeenTh year as adviser To Phi Sigma Epsilon. Mr. Klumb's experT guidance, along wiTh ThaT of The FraTerniTy's honorary mem- ber, Mr. RoberT Munnecke, has been an in- valuable aid To The success of Phi Sigma Epsilon. i L; w A. gsaggggin Page 164 VLA meme 6. J, PELKOLA kw mmuu Am. c. 21m 0. M, wnunm 4,9 LARSEN F. 4; WEEKS SWINEMRT MR. ISELN K, A. GREENE J F? TATOOLES J W BECKEIR D. M LEWKSON R; M THIEL D. S. BOZXK wususm Mares!" war mmutm cuuuuwx Amman: , ; ; u : . w ,.. I i Stsma LEPSilon D, C, KAMBACH D. J GALLE 9 65 o. P mam Wisconsin Stake ilniuevsiiig mhttzcwalzcr ' ' amoums amuse K. conwm' M; martian; ea. LSEEEC T s SIMMX' x a, c. iQKSHHOLTZ 4 Q L POP? R. W KLUMB R; L COVEY R. L, RQWIN J, W, BiNDL I a ; i M s L .WJ L41 GARSKE RE. STUART v. 4' BRANN R, .5. smmna , . M a. gmxeum L wEE POW? L, E SCHAUDER Page 165 01.1-11me R. J, LUBENOW M. J.LEMKE R P, JONNEN xrconnms szckxww 6. Jv URWNKRT i 7r aoamson' ' L, RHOLMES RES" EBESTA WRKENYON L.E.OLSON VICE vwswvn mmmmr masonss LS imam DECTA PI ll Wisconsin ' 512m Enioevsilg mbitema?ev R, B.ENSTAD MSCMMIT'T mmmwmo arms"!!! GAR. DESING P. J. BAUER B. L. JENSEN J E.FUSEK VLWHEIN C, L. STONR D E, JANTE we, as MURE ! LLocnowocz Page 166 Km maxim P, J. PAwmwsm x11 KRuE'eEn ' H 37E gamma d, L . SCBREIBER G. E WENCER Sigma Delta Pi Sigma Delta Pi is the youngest social fraternity on campus. It was founded on campus in 1961 to help our school's frater- nity system meet the demands of a rapidly- increasing student body, and perhaps, to offer male students something which no other group has to offer. With the departure of D. W. Griffiths from the campus, the fraternity was left with the task of finding a new adviser. This void was filled when Richard Enstad of the Mathematics Department accepted the position as fraternity adviser. Sigma Delta Pi is active in many of the campus affairs. Each year Sigma Delta Pi sponsors a scholarship dance in honor of President-Emeritus Robert C. Williams. The proceeds of this dance go into a scholar- ship fund which provides a one-hundred- dollar scholarship each year for a de- serving iunior with a grade-point of 3.00 or better. it is the only scholarship of its type offered on this campus. Other events that the men of Sigma Delta Pi were active in were an All-Greek Dance at the beginning of first semester, building a float for homecoming, taking part in lce-O-Rama festivities, and spon- soring a brat stand for the annual high school band day. Many social events also highlighted the year for the men in Sigma Delta Pi. The first semester pledge dance was held at the Cordovan Inn near Janesville, and the Christmas Formal was held at Kings in Fort Atkinson. Each semester, a pledge banquet is held at Kritzans. The Spring Formal, top social event of second semester, was held at Liggets on Brown's Lake. Several members of the fraternity have gained special recognition on campus. Laverne Olson was elected State Treasurer of F.B.L.A., and Paul Shebesta was chosen general chairman for lce-O-Rama. Jerry Teska and Warren Hein are assistant head residents in the state residence halls. Participating in the college intramural program, the Sig Delts did not take any championships, but they had teams entered in all the sports offered. Page 167 5 MLTHESEN W EEfJosePn W L B.fsnaaasm k D. E. SOMMERS Q d. 0' MEARA CWESPONMW MRETW msmmu RE EUERAN CH FLR!N D,E,CHASE MA. MUCHA C L RISSINGER S.E.DBLIGATO AJ. ESPSY K.H.RIEGE R. A. MATZ Jim mus L.J, x iauszawsm T. N.DICKINSW k R, KARBERG SEMETW R J. FERNNOLZ mesmzm sL H, ZEIGER we: mason!" T. D. BAH m:nun Wisconsin Skate Ean'oevsilz mhfbewafev 942A HAUSERM WQQJA. sanaNEL: +1 ;.;;msK. egnxuagsen GNU, MCNEILL i ;;;;;; NAM, GARITY xL H KOPCZY. . M. a, winesm J, 1-: L xyoaLAuqu Page 168 w, A; Esmnn ... EATGLBER'T 4A mtunmau 4.1; Commas uclwemcxa 1,, A; Di CIALDINT Jt D PASONKE mum": l. RBELL , mature, 8.0 LISIECKI ".5. FARINA E E BRLES J. B, IOILLER Rt A.OTTD D. E BUSCH AA eals'EHEL a miss: CKEFNK'E i E.J. LITRENTA l'Aiabeumo E 3'. austn EJANDERSOM i RD. GORDON L MA." me. I a.gnssse . j Sigma Tau Gamma Sigma Tau Gamma, headed by the expert guidance of its adviser, Mr. John Cummings, had another successful year on campus. Social functions and athletic por- ticipotion have placed the Tcus in high standing among the fraternities of the State University campus. The fraternity takes deep pride in its participation in intramural athletics, fielding more teams in competition than others on campus. On the Varsity level, the Tous hold equal prestige. Leo Kelly and Jerry Schmidt ore co-coptoins on the Warhowk football squad, while Paul Joseph and Don Shebestc ore captains of the basketball team. Heading oll athletics, as president of the W-Club, is Tony Espey, a senior member of Sigma Tau Gamma. The Winter and Spring Formals and pledge dances head the list of social functions. Numerous other parties are scheduled with sororities or as date parties. Each party carries 0 theme, which eno- bles creativity and a good time for all! The traditional Rose Queen for 1965 was Ginny Smits of Sigma Sigma Sigma. In the spring, the Father and Son Bon- quet offers an afternoon out with Dad. This meeting offers entertainment and par- ticipation, by the fathers, in the functions of the fraternity. Page 169 RICRAHD Ln GERTE DOUGLAS Mills DENNIS MICK LAWRENCE ENGEL . 98521059" cuwum TERRY, NORDAL VICE mmwmr gan gamma 125953;? Wu. STEWART N3?MM JOHN SCNMOLL masons: L DAWD RHODES m ROEERY LEHMANN THOMAS KLEINHEINZ GERALD MUKLLER meconsin, State Quinn's? CHARLES ROSKE CHARLES BRKGG WIUiER DAHL R ICHARD BEARD VIRWURWEWM mhiiaewahv F'Rk "K F UM Pam? MROMEN PAUL maosenc ANDREW LUZ! MR GEORGE PERRV RAVMOND STOKL ARDEN nvm THOMAS HOE RAYMOND m! ; VAN E SYA PL E mo M KZHAEL NELSON JOPm SEYER Imam HANNA THOMAS mew INBDTHAM Page 170 BOBEM KILPIN KENNEYR KORE DAWD FROEMMING Rosin? ummms ""5755: W13; VERRON w. W "i'mm'ibmmw LEE HENDRICKS F mniison utsmu ROBERT SODWEIDER waning i am; wees ' mum w MTCHA E L WDEW JDHN cimmv JON" WOSLFFER MAUNCE BJWNESTAD CLAYT SHERWND m: Gui??? FRANCIS SCNAUER WILUAM NELSON Joan 'kum'n E F RIBAW PAUL wArib moms MSELMAN mm mummy: L P NORTELL '1ch QEL HELSER DAVE UOBKOSM TuoEiiiEswm "C?EkiWW ' weim$it WTLEY PETERSON mmm eiaugw :i R ICHARD MUELLER Tau Kappa Epsilon Awaiting the completion of a new 50- man house located on north Starin Road, Tau Kappa Epsilon spent the year on Frater- nity Lane once again. The new house, underway since April, will be ready for occupancy in the fall of 1965. The past year saw Mrs. Ena Samz return as housemother after a severe automobile accident, and the resignation of the Teke faculty adviser, Mr. George Perry. Mr. Perry had been with the fraternity since its origin as Cavaliers. However, a popular replacement, Mr. Dennis Hood, took over in 1965. Rated the best of the six fraternities on campus by the College Survey Rating Ser- vice in 1964, the Tekes strove to retain that lofty perch in 1965. Homecoming was actively participated in through the house decoration, float, and various other "groups" in the parade. The "Drum and Bungle Corp" and the "Teke-O- Dots" performed for the second straight year. The Winter Formal was held at the Abbey in Fontana; the Spring Formal aboard the "Lady of the Lake," heading across Lake Geneva. Other perennial so- cial outings included the Gambling Party, the Halloween Party, and the Roman Orgy, along with numerous other parties and ex- change suppers. Besides having Tekes participate in every conceivable activity and sport on campus, and Mike Trudeau and Dennis Mick being elected to Who's Who, they still found time to watch their new color TV set. The enthu- siasm of the 73 man fraternity is boundless, a concept that keeps Tau Kappa Epsilon moving ever upward on Whitewater's campus. Page 171 Athletics We grow great by dreams. All big men are dreamers. They see Things in The soft haze of a spring day or in The red fire of a long winter's evening. Some of us let Those great dreams die, but others nourish and protect Them Through the bad days until They are finally Translated info ACTION. IT is the ability To ACT after dreaming which distinguishes success from failure. Theodore Roosevelt Page 173 Lef? To right: John Rupnow, Dove Wernicke, Rick Warren, Tom Pink, Andy Ninomic. Standing: Pot Bergwin, Barb Medower, Cheryl Gemoll, Sharon Kohl, and Bonnie Renzel. Cheerleaders The W.S.U. Cheerleading Squad was increased To five boys and five girls during The fooTball season. The oddi- Tionol members added greole To The overall spiriT 0nd enThusiosm of The squad. Three girls and cm alTernoTe were also selecTed from The squad To cheer 0T all Worhowk home baskeTbolI games. Along wiTh Their adviser, Mr. Klumb, The squad is also responsible for selecTing The "Klumb Girl." Joan Miller was chosen as This year's "Klumb Girl." During The fooTboll season The squad mode a special Trip To Saginaw, Michi- gan, where They parTicipoTed in The Red Feather charity fooTbcll game wiTh Cen- Trol Michigan. W-ettes In the fall, prior to the football season, the W-Club selects a group of coeds to assist them in the soles of programs and refreshments during each home football game. At Homecoming the W-Ettes concentrated their ef- forts on promoting soles of the Homecoming football raffle tickets. The girls also sponsored a tea for the mothers of the players on "Dad's Doy." Leo Kieliszewski, next year's co-coptain, poses with W-Ette Ginny Smits. Paulo Husty presents the winning raffle ticket holder the Homecoming football as W-Club President, Tony Espey, looks on. Row I e Cheryl Andre, Donna Paulson, Barb Weber, Donna Gruett, Carol Seidl. Row 2 - Ginny Smits, Jo Ann Baumgurtner, Paula Husty, Kathy Krier, Nancy Jewson, Joan Clark, Barb Kub. Page 175 Y s1 1,. Row 1 - Fred Boles, Wayne Stapleford, Ed Staacke, Jim Knoblauch, Stew Burkhammer. Row 2 a John Boumcn, Bernie Spaeth, Mike Furlong, Leo Kie- liszewski, Don ShebesTo. Row 3 -- Barry Jensen, Dick Bolender, Jerry Schmidt, Dove Stephenson, Dennis Chose. Row 4 - Mike HeTzel, Kirby Nicol, Rich- ard Schmeling, Mike Trudeau, Tim Farr. TOPlo 30mm T Anyone who has earned a IeTTer in men's sporTs Jerry Wolf, is eligible To ioin This organionion. AT all sporting Treasurer; evenTs during The year The W Club operofes a refresh- Bob Om, menT sTond and proceeds from The sales are put info 0 loan fund To be used by The members. Purpose of The organization is To bring honor and presTige To WSU, To promoTe sporTsmonship and leadership, To promoTe uniTy among moior IeTTer winners, and To lniTiaTe Butch Espey. compeTiTive porTicipoTion in school aThleTic evenTs. president During The year The club sponsors The Homecoming fooTboll raffle, Dad's Day, and This year The lsT Annual AThleTic BonqueT will be held. secretary; Jerry Zeiger, vice president S T l ,e, . e A f T A214 ........... 1 Row 1 - Carl Sonnenberg, Ross Gordon, Duane Busch, Phil Nordgren. Row 2 - Ed Lifrenta, Art Beischel, Len Hill, Paul Busch, Larry Anding. Row 3 - Terry Kronz, Gary KloTz, Jim Miles, Bengy Altheimer, Al Woelfel. Row A - Greg Humbcch, Bob Lay, Pete Bell, Jerry McNeill, Dick Stoltz. Page I75 Football Following each game players view movies and discuss future games. Jerseys, spikes, shoulder pads . . . forget anything? The Warhawks board 1he bus in pursuit of another victory. Page 177 Page 178 Row 1 - Larry Anding, Jim Miles, Bernie Spoeth, Dick Schmeling, Dick Bolender, Tom Hotter, John Martinek, co-captain; Ron Bronson, co-cap- toin; Pot Pierotti, Jim Comp, Jerry Schmidt, Don Zickert, Hurry Peterson, Rod Dolee. Row 2 .. Bill McCombs, George Hurvanek, John Seyer, Ed Douglas, Clark Wilkerson, John O'Connell, Ross Gordon, Bob Berezowitz, Leo Kieliszewski, Jim Knoblauch, Jim Ganoung, Vilnis Ezerins, Archie Gough, Dick Rymer. Row 3 - William Bononse, Doug Nelson, Jim Mulligan, Rick Parish, Chet Nowacyk, Bob Lombardo, Tom Sapinski, Bengy Altheimer, Dick Nottesfcd, Ken Redders, Dick Anderson, Barry Wostak, Daryl Bealhen, Erwin Weaver. Row 4 w Jim Skalitzky, Mike Thompson, Football The 1964 W.S.U. Worhawk Football Team finished the season with a 3-2-1 con- ference record. Whitewater, had it beaten Eau Claire in its second last game, would have captured the conference title. Eou Claire won the game in the final minutes of play on several pass plays. Jerry Schmidt set a new school record in tackling points on defense with a total of 93V2 points. t72t Other school records set during the season were as follows: Most yards pass- ing, 278 by John Martinek against Eou Clorie QSD; Longest touchdown pass, 73 yards, from Mortinek to Jim Gonoung against Oshkosh wot; Longest punt, 76 yards by Jim Comp, against Stevens Point 68L Old records are indicated in parenthesis. A total of 11 game records and 6 team records were either tied or broken during the season. Paul Bockhorst, Ron Wiiydorski, Jay Anosov, Sam Postich, Pete Bioletto, Terry Beck, Ron Wardinski, Mike Perkins, Dan Romeo, Paul Buchert, Paul Ebert. Row 5 - Jeff Siudo, Dennis Storms, John Sfumm, Bill Pomphlin, John Ayers, Jerry Whip, Hollis Bliss, Ron Spcefh, Pete Gocker, Dick Poepple, Roy Rymer, Gary Palmer, Dick Johnson, Mark Malinowski. Row 6 - Couch Forrest Perkins, Coach John Rube, Jim Olmsted, John Acker, Mgr. Barry Jensan, Mgr. Russ Stevens, Mgr. Dick Rothenbedler, Larry Czosnek, Garry Gamlin, Coach Rex Foster, Couch Ed Schwoger. Football Head Coach Forrest Perkins 1964 W.S.U. FOOTBALL RECORD WHITEWATER 7 13 7 7 28 21 7 33 23 OPPONENTS Central Michigan U. Northern III. U. iWiiver Fclls 7Ploffeville icOshkosh 3Stevens Point Sf. Norberts 7Eou Claire i7S'rouf ivDeno'res Conference Ploy 13 32 13 24 19 20 37 19 Page 179 Football Senior quarterback and co-coptain John Martinek was chosen as most valuable player at the close of the season. Jim Comp making the initial tackle on an opponent with aid from Bob Lombardo. Worhawks Stifle Yardage Attempt. Page 180 All eyes intent upon victory in the making. A Warhawk play produces a disturbed Head Coach For- rest Perkins and a puzzled Line Coach John Robe. Halfbock Jim Gonoung reaches for one of his 24 pass re- ceptions which totaled 502 yards to lead the Warhcwk team in that department. 1914 Championship Football Team returns to Alma Mater. Row 1 - Dr. R. Kutz, W. Rhode, H. Keller, P. Dorr. Row 2 - A. L. Mitten, E. C. Severson, P. G. Cresson, B. Drobnik, F. Duncombe. Page 181 Sitting, Bob Schuldt. Row 1 e Steve Dickman, Tom Kerney, Mike Trudeau, Phil Nordgren, Dennis Vetter. Row 2 - Mgr. Dick Dike, Len Hill, Jim Donner, Mike Wingert, Jim Gochenuer. Row 3 - Mike Furlong, Paul Busch, Coach Jim Toennies, Bob Schreiber, Dean Hanke. Cross Country The 1964 Cross Country Team completed its most successful season since the sport was introduced at W.S.U. six years ago. As a Tribute to its outstanding season The Team was invited To Travel To Omaha, Nebraska, To compete in The N.A.I.A. meet where They finished 151h among the nations small colleges. Phil Nordgren was the ousfanding runner, cap- turing nine OUT of 10 firsT place finishes. He was State University Champion and A.A.U. Champion. Whitewater 22 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Plaffeville 34 Whitewater 24 .................... Carroll 33 Whitewater 22 .............. Marquette 35 Whitewater 23 ................ ,. Oshkosh 32 Whitewater 22 ...................... UWM 33 Carroll Invitational Champions Whitewater Invitational Champions STATE UNIVERSITY CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS State A.A.U. Champions N.Aal.A. National Meet - 15th Page 182 Warhawk runners in preseason workout at Starin Park. Varsity Basketball The eyes of the Warhowk fans follow ?he game intently. A Worhowk player adds two more points. Where are they going? Post game activities center at the Hawk, the Huddle, and the University Commons. Page 183 Front Row - Coach Weigandt, Duane Busch, William Kressig, Dick Haas, Torn Schwoegler, Don Shebesta, Tim Farr, Ken Wall, Stu Burkhommer. Back Row - Richard Board, Paul Joseph, Bob Kleinschmidt, Dennis Nitschke, Bob Budgins, Tom Roesch, Howard Hopeman, Pat Flood. Varsity Basketball The Worhowk Cogers experienced what might be con- sidered an inconsistent season, placing eighth in the con- ference. Their record included 6 wins and 16 loses with a 4-12 conference record. Shorpshooter Don Shebesto captured first place in the conference in field goal averages making 61 out of 1 1O baskets for o 55.5 per cent. In the same category Denny Nitschke placed fourth with 64 out of 123 for 52 per cent. Nitschke olso grabbed a fourth place in conference re- bounds with 185. NAIA Honorable Mention went to letter- mon Tom Schwoegler. 144 field goals and 86 free throws gave Paul Joseph the top scorer honors. Injuries took their toll of players half way through the season when Don Shebesto, Bob Baode, and Bill Kres- sig were unable to play. To compensate, several promising freshmen were moved Up from Junior Varsity to take their place. Page 184 Coach Bob Weigandt discusses the individual statistics with team manager, Stu Burkhommer. Bob Budgins sets a screen for a drive by Paul Joseph. Warhowks reach high for a rebound. Paul Joseph, Wisconsin State University All Conference player, scores again. Coach Weigandt discusses strategy with his team during a time our. Team captain, Bob Budgins was high scorer for the 1964-65 season. Worhowks go up for a "tip-in." Sophomore Denny Nischfke shoots from the charity stripe. Page 186 Kneeling - John Budgins, Al Scott, Paul Brockhorst, Reiny Meir, Sam Salter, Henry Seabrooks, Dan Hughes. Standing e Marty Govinski, Bob Coomer, Gary Thostenson, Gary Gayhart, Bill Hartwig, Roy Tung, Coach Don Richards. Junior Varsity Basketball The Worhawk Junior Varsity team, under the coaching of Mr. Don Richards, ended their season with 0 record of 9 wins and 5 loses. This was, coincidentally, a repeat of last year's record. After losing to Northern Illinois, the Frosh team came back to beat the University of Wisconsin-Milwoukee. Marquette and Carroll were included in the other freshman teams the J.V.'s undertook. Although losing to a tough Marquette squad, they defeated Carroll College. Throughout the season the team challenged intramural teams including fraternities and indepen- dent groups. With several promising players such as Reynold Meier, Gory Goyhort, Sam Salter, Bob Coomer, and Danny Hughes, two of them were moved up to the injured varsity squad. They were Meier and chhort. High scoring honors were given to Dcmny Hughes, Bob Coomer, Gory Gay- hart, and Reynold Meier. Junior Varsity coach Don Richards takes time out to discuss a future game with piayer Henry Seabrooks. Page 187 Phi Sigma Epsilon were intramural football champions, Row 1 - The members of the Phi Sigma Epsilon Fra- ternity Football team are: Front row, left to right, Gary Klotz, Rick Case, Rick Warren, Dave Stephenson, Jeff Bocher, Tom Wiskow, John Noesen. Middle Row - Scott Steinhardt, Floyd Weeks, Mike Iselin, John Riddle, Tom Simma, Dennis Winkler, Gary Decker. Back Row e- Fred Terp, Dale Lewison, Harry Runthun, Ron Stuart, Bill Ritchie, Bob Ham- mond, Bill Buchholtz, John Tate. Intramural Sports The men's intramural program on campus is conducted for all men regardless of ability. The program is designed with the following obiectives in mind: UT to promote the fitness of its members, QT to develop group and individual leisure time activities which enrich school years, i3t to develop permanent recreation and sport interest that will contribute to happy adult living, Mt to provide a chance for students to make many friendly and lasting acquaintances. The program consists of the following activities: two golf meets, soccer, tennis, touch football, bowling, free throw contest, open swimming, swimming meet, volleyball, badminton, softball, and a track meet. To provide equalized competition, an "A" and "B" team was organized in most maior events. For teams that play on a permanent basis, a point system was established for fraternity, residence hall, and independent team competition. The team scoring the most points receives a "Sports Cup" which remains in its possession till the following year. intramural "B" League Basketball winners were the Bay Area Bombers. Row 1 e John Litscher, Burt Hermann, Bob Pikalek. Row 2 - Phil Schmidt, Dick Johnson, Warren Dorau, Stu Burkhammer iCaptaint. Page 188 Intramural "A" League basketball winners were the Roadrunners, Row 1 - Daryl Beahlem, Jim Knoblauch, Bob Berezowitz, Ken Redders. Row 2 - Bob Tesch, Clark Wilkerson, Dennis Williamson, Tom O'Connell. Intramural Swimming Champions are Row 1 - Don Pielin, Tom Tenover, Tim Girard, lrv Swinehart, Bill Geraman. Row 2 - Richard Rymer, Craig Schwartz, Rick Warren, Gary Pelkolu, John Riddle, John Manyo. Page 189 Wrestling Row 1 -- Jim Jens, Cecil Austin, John Baumon, Ed Sfoccke, Keith Edwards, Jerry Zeiger, Dick Stoltz, Rick Schroeder TMonageO. Row 2 - Ed Litrenfa, Marv Lesch, Mike Wingert, Bob Schuldt, Bob Tomczyk, Mike Wolf, Bucky Curran, Alynn Rodeen. Row 3 - Coach John Rube, Poul Weinfurter, Pete Marsh, Dan eBrienzo, John Rosko, Mike Miskulin, Lee Teigen, Jim McGowan, John Beld, Jerry Mita, Bill Momblow. The 1964-65 edition of The Wrestling Warhawks included ten lettermen from 1963-64. This Team compiled on 8-1 dual meet record offer on undefeated, 11-0 sea- son in 1962-63. The 1962-63 and 1963-64 Teams had 0 string of 19 straight dual meef victories before a late season defeat in 1964 stopped their fine string. The 1964-65 Team won The second place Trophy in the Store Collegiate meet of Madison. Wisconsin won the meet held on December 5, 1964. The returning lettermen included co-copfoins Jerry Zeiger and Dick Sfolfz. The remaining Ieffermen were Wayne Stopleford, Ed Staocke, Cecil Austin, John Bou- mon, Ed Lifrenfo, Herbert Curran, Keith Edwards, and Dave Stephenson. Page 190 1964-65 Conference Record Stout 6 ................................................................ WSU 24 Eou Claire 4 ........................................................ WSU 3O Oshkosh 12 ........................................................ WSU 18 Plotfeville 9 ........................................................ WSU 21 Conference Meet .................................... WSU 3rd place A.A.U. Meet ............................................ WSU 4th place S'rcs're Collegiate Meet .............................. WSU 2nd place Wrestlers assume a starting position. Returning lettermen Terry Martzke and Barry Woitak assist each other in practice. 1965 Golf Schedule Rockford ................................................................ There Milton .................................................................... There U.W.M. .................................................................... Here Oshkosh and Marquette ........................................ Here N.I.U. .............................................................. Af DeKolb Carthage ...................................................... Af Kenosho Stevens Point ........................................................ There U.W.M. .................................................................. There State Meet .................................................... AT Oshkosh Early spring finds Terry Marfzke improving golf techniques. Page 191 Track 1965 Truck Schedule Indoor Meets March 13 - North Central 20 .2 Milwaukee April 0300-' 22 24 27 28 May b-a ll 22 Outdoor Meets Milton Beloit Ripon-Milton-Rockford Concordia Ploteville U.W.M. Rockford U.W.M. Relays Marquette Elmhurst lnv. Whitewater lnv. LoCrosse Conference Meet-LoCrosse lonely hours, hard work, and fortitude are requirements for an outstanding trackmon. The 1963-64 Worhowk track squad compiled an overall ll-3 season record. There are 19 lettermen returning from this squad to compete this season. Jim Gonoung was lcxst years state conference champion in the 100 yard dash, setting a record at 9.7 seconds. Jim also set a school record in the 220 yard dosh at 21.6 seconds. Ron Bloedorn vaulted 13 feet 3V2 inches and Pete Bell put the shot 48 feet 7M: inches to also establish new school records. This season, as in the post, the Worhowks will compete in 14 events in ecach of the meets. Coach Rex Foster has great potential on this years squad which promises to be a S.C.C. conference title contender. Row 1 - Mike Trudeau, Phil Nordgren, Bob Schreiber, Jim Ganoung, John Henning, Tom Hendron, Len Hill, Barry Jensen. Row 2 - Dennis Chase, Paul Busch, Greg Humbach, Arlyn Clark, Phil Bollhagen, Geoffrey Abbott, Pete Bell, Tom Sapinski, Herb Kulow, Jerry Wolf, Ron Bloedorn, Coach Rex Foster. Page 192 Hurdler Jerry Wolf stretches across 1he hurdle on his way to the finish line. Kirby Nicol demonstrafes his high iumping form. Ease and grace describes Bill Esmond's polevaulfing form. Determination is expressed in fhe face of broad iumper Phil Bollhagen. Page 193 Womenk Bowling . v: y, :. : WNW : 1!! $3321; 2'3 mm Evy mama: am ?meim ' 4 The first place team was Alpha Sigma. The team consisted of Marilyn Gould, Nancy Liedholm, and Merodie Koerner. WRA took second place. The team members were: Colleen Reedy, Sue Trautwein, and Lorrie chpein. Page 194 Mews Bowling The Gorillas, first place champions, are: Tom Hinz, Bob Knudsen, Brian Bohuty, Mike Oberndorfer, Roy Schmidt. The second place Sigma Tau Gamma team consists of: Sitting, Ken Reige and Bob Grise. Standing, Dave O'Meara, Dick Fernholtz, Bud Aspotore, and Don Shebesfu. Page 195 Bob Otto and Bud Aspmore return to represent Whitewater in the 1965 tennis season. April 27 30 05-4 15 18 22 Page 196 Tennis 1965 Schedule U.W.M. .................................................. , ......... Here N.I.U. .................................................... AT DeKolb Oshkosh ......................................................... Here Milton ........................................................... Here Carthage ........................................................ Here Rockford ........................................................ There U.W.M. .......................................................... There Milton ............................................................ Here Rockford ........................................................ Here SToTe Meet ............................................ At LoCrosse Inclement weather forces letterman Bud Aspatore 10 practice in Hamilton Gym. Row 1 - Manager S1u Burkhammer, Mike Irwin, Tom Fischer, Tim Farr, Dick Trolliet, Gory K1012. Row 2 - Dennis Williamson, Art Beischel, Don Shebesto, Mike Hetzel, Doug Krueger, Gary Bender. Row 3 - Bob Rowden, Bob Berezowitz, Bob Lay, Tom Adelmun, Bob Houck. Baseball April 19 24 26 May 11 14 18 22 1965 Schedule Carthage ........................................ Home 1Plotfeville ...................................... Home Carroll ............................................ Home 1STevens Point .................................. There U.W.M. ............................................ There 1Oshkosh ........................................ There Northern Illinois University ............ Home HECJU Claire ...................................... There Northern Illinois University 1L0Crosse ........................................ Home WConference Games and Double Heoders1 Page 197 Students Progress to knowledge is not To coHecTive information but to roof realities: not complexity but simplicity of thought origins-the inquisitor self and The axioms cmd WHAT and WHY. The end is To encounter beginnings. Grace Tom Williams Freshmen Standing - Pct Koiis, secretory; Jeanne DeQuaine, student council rep; Judy Rogge, student council rep; Pam Hartman, treasurer. Seated - Tom Hansen, president On Tuesday, September 8, 1964, the Class of 1968 entered Whitewater as the largest class under its new title, Wisconsin State University - Whitewater. We were privileged to help inaugurate a new tradition on the Whitewater campus, the Freshman Forum. The Forum was of great benefit in helping to unite the freshmen through several class meetings. These meetings were presided over by Tom "Tiny" Hansen, president; Clary Nash, vice-president; Pot Koiis, secretory,- ond Pom Hartman, treasurer. Our class officers carried out their many duties to the fullest, plus many additional projects. The freshmen were well represented on the Student Council as a further voice of the class as a whole. Our first big Homecoming was fabulous; the bonfire being one of the best, with our float adding to the spirit of victory. Homecoming festivities were com- plete with an exciting football win. The freshmon-sponsored dance in February was a great success, and a good time was enjoyed by all. The officers carried out a campaign among the student body to design a University flog - a very worthwhile proiect to better our University. Our first year at Whitewater was filled to capacity with great accomplish- ments and thrilling events. We are a truly energetic class, looking forward to on even more challenging year as sophomores 0t WSU-Whitewoter. Page 200 As freshmen converging on This campus, we were each one alone. We were a liTTle afraid; buT finding oThers iusT like our- selves, it didn'T Toke long for us To unite Together. We were a class iusT beginning on exciTing four year journey on The paTh To odulThood. MosT of us were sTill closely Tied To home, and we made frequent Trips back To The only really familiar place we knew. Slowly we broke our Ties and exposed ourselves To new inTeresTs and new people, profiT- ing by each and every one. We slowly formed a close Tie wiTh our school, and soon we called our campus home. STeodi- ly we matured and began To oc- cepT responsibilities. We learned To accept The challenge of our education, and we will be ready To return in The Toll wiTh a new found enThusiosm for The years ahead. Page 201 TOP PICTURE: Row I - Donna Zingler, Donna Zenz, Janet Wollmow, Barbara Zaborowski, Sharon Worriner, Jeanne Wheeler, Helen Witt, Valerie Voeks, Karen Wisby, Gay Zurich. Row 2 - Darlene Wanninger, Terrie Wilson, Peggy Young, Rita Wolbronf, Susan Winn, Susan Wettstein, Mary Walker, Diane Whyte, Judy Whitlock, Marilyn Wolf. Row 3 - Jon Unander, Kathy Wickerf, Mary Wise, Carrol Walker, Nancy Whaley, Suzanne Wolfe, Kathy Yan- kow, Mary Wheeler, Donna Wilson, Cynthia Zoporski, Mary Weiler. Row 4 -Michael Warczyglowo, Paul Weinforter, Terry Weidmer, Wayne Watkins, Dav- id Wenninger, Bradley Webb, William Weber, Kenneth Williams, John Zwieg, Richard Wylie, Gerald Woiciechowski. Row 5 - Gregory Zeszofclrski, Ricky Vermillion, Dennis Wright, Stephen Williams, Ronald Wurdinski, Merlin Zitzner, Edwin Wescott, Norman Wipperfurth, Kenneth Yokus, Larry Wiersum, Rich- ard Ziehr. MIDDLE PICTURE: Row 1 m Barbara Wolff, Barbara Winters, Donna Young, Ruth Wolfgram, Patricia Whalen, Deane Vallier, Lynn Weinrich, Jill Wolslager, Elizabeth Zaccagnini, Sandi Toeppe. Row 2 - Susan Welch, Betty Zoran, Lana Watters, Christine Zappia, Diane Wanschneider, Barbara Weber, Kathryn Wanschneider, Suzanne chee, Anne Welch, Nancy Woelker, Edanu Wielgosz. Row 3 - Bernard Williams, William White, Susanna Walker, Dione Woelf- fer, Kathleen Van Golder, Louise Wahl, Rita Ward, Charlotte Wolsvik, Judethe Verhaalen, Bev Van Korn, Gene Weber. Row 4 - Thomas Vogel, Wallace Wagner, Wayne Zaporski, Richard Velten, Michael Wasielewski, James Williams, Jonathan Westphal, David Wendf, Ronald Vycitcl, David Van Golder, Henry Zielinski, Bruce Walters. Row 5 - Roger Windorski, Thomas Watts, Fred Zoellner, Daniel Wunsch, Richard Walker, Stanley Wong, Wayne Wolter, Erwin Weaver, Jim Wafers, James Vaugier, Richard Vath, Frank Walsh. BOTTOM PICTURE: Row 1 .. Ann Smith, Karis Sawyer, Mary Struckmeyer, Sally Sovignuc, Sandra Sauer, Frances Seeger, Ruth Thrun, Julie Tsinka, Christine Stollfuss, Ann Schuetze. Row 2 - Barbara Traufman, Mary Upson, Kathleen Thurow, Judith Scanlon, Alice Winn, Karen Schaefer, Donna Tarsifono, Karen Server, Jane Sfotz, Susan Talg, Margaret Symon. Row 3 - Samuel Weidemon, Calvin Voskail, Chris Voter, Jerry Whipp, Wayne Schoeller, Cheryl Schwartz, Mike Wolf, Milt Vondermeuse, Art Tutton, Robert Wyanf, James Weller. Row 4 - Dan Thekan, Dennis Wake, Jim Weber, Larry Weber, Terry Wyderka, Michael Von Rite, Robert Stiles, Bill Stevenson, Kenneth Warner, Kenneth Visser. Row 5 - Dennis Thornton, Gordon Smith, Donn Schwarze, George Shier, Rick Winkler, Ron Zarnstorff, Gary Thostenson, Gary Westman, Jerry Yanke, Harold Seefeldt, Robert Schaar, William Shannon; Page 202 TOP PICTURE: Row 1 - Suzanne Schneider, Sandra Tutino, Linda Sitman, Sandra Tarro, Phyllis Salza, Kcrren Siegmonn, Diane Turner, Ann Silhovy, Mary Saalsaa, Sally Paul. Row 2 - Dani Schumann, Jo Anne Schmidt, Sue Pfunzelter, Ann Schuster, Sandra Stiero, Patricio Steliga, Karen Simons, Kathleen Statz, Susan Stephan, Patricia Thomson, Carol Petterson, Shirley Steinhart, Beverly Russet. Row 3 Steve Tupper, Roger Ston, Tom Stacy, Andy Subiect, Clair Schulz, Jeff Sannes, Richard West, David Ruppel, Bill Stolp, Michael Smith, Robert Twywing. Row 4 - Don Tayler, Ernest Quarne, James Tomlin, Craig Olson, Alan Peterson, Terry Schulz, Lee Teigen, Lynn Smith, Clark Wilkerson, Fred Traxler, Jim Strey. Row 5 - Franklin Peot, James Pfeiffer, Roger Peterson, Richard Runte, Ronald Theison, Bob Plohn, Allen Rockwell, Terry Schilhabel, Bill Stcnge, Andy Scannel, Tom Schleifer. MIDDLE PICTURE: Row 1 - Sue Roberts, Pam Ritter, Becky Reuss, Alice Raymond, Ccrolynne Rosinski, Patricia Ruud, Marilyn Rinku, Phyllis Ruhr, Sherry Ritter, Anita Rettammel. Row 2 - Carol Rausch, Ellen Reinel, Gail Ryan, Mary Raupp, Joanne Re, Christine Poker, Wendy Roloson, Judi Rogge, Judi Reich, Colleen Reddy, Ruih Ramos, Bonnie Reason, Roe Lynn Russo. Row 3 -- Bonnie Rudolph, Sandy Rogg, Diane Rychtarik, Althea Schoefer, Joanne Razor, Diane Rodenkirch, Dione Roherson, Laurel Ross, Barbara Rousch, Pamela Reuter, Janis Richardson, Marilyn Robertson, Lee Ann Recoy, Row 4 - Curtis Rubeck, Jim Rodgers, Wayne Rash, Dan Marani, Vince Tranchitc, John Trudeau, Mike O'Mara, Mike Richmond, Wayne Roth, Tom Rebro, Dun Rinehart, Ron Thomp- son. Row 5 - Dick Rosenberger, Lorry Redfurd, Joe Richter, Ed Saxe, Martin Rennels, Gregory Straehl, James Rash, Alynn Rodeen, Bill Roskopf, Dick Rad- zak, Don Reinders. BOTTOM PICTURE: Row 1 Pat Ryan, Luann Prien, Sandra Pfeiffer, Virginia Pedersen, Pamela Pomerson, Sandra Pederson, Kathe Parsons, Sue Place, Sharon Olson, Cathy Primeau. Row 2 - Mary Jo Puana, Chris Parrinello, Joy Rotello, Pam Parker, Sherlyn Pellmann, Judy Polacorz, Penny Plyer, Leslee Redinger, Rachel Parkman, Maralyn Pongratz, Lynda Reif, Kathy Rosacker, Cheryl Running. Row 3 - James R. Riddle, R. F. Rothenbueler, David Rumyl, Paul Reising, Randall Paulson, Frank Ross, Charles Rolland, Harold Redfield, Vern Rose, William Rowe, Gordon Russel, Bob Soewell. Row 4 - Duwoyne Reim, Garry Rogers, Donald Ruege, Thomas Rothwell, Robert Russ, Darrel Richardson, Joseph Regan, Fred Rosa, John Rottinghaus, Thomas Ploughman, Kim Rohde. Row 5 - Jack Priester, Brent Redford, Gary Rockweiler, David Sebastian, James Ricmer, Peter Roth, Brion Patterson, Eugene Mincy, Eric Pluhnu, David Petersen, John Pledl, Jon Peterson. E 1 Page 203 TOP PICTURE: Row 1 - Kathryn Smieio, Penny Small, Barbara Sittig, Janet Schmal, Mary Schout, Sheila Sfronn, Millie Sockol, Mordi Stolsel, Susan Stockes, Pot Spicer. Row 2 - Arm Spicer, Nancy Stephan, Sandy Strong, Nancy Thurnav, Linda Smith, Candy Terry, Mary Toshner, Mary Lou Short, Sue Seuke, Sandy Saunders, Sue Schroeder. Row 3 James Salverson, Lois Schumacher, Mary Shively, Sharon Sorensen, Geraldine Schmidt, Vicki Selck, Diane Sersch, Dionne Schrog, Barbara Styplo, Cheryl Tess, Roy Smart. Row A w Robert J. Swaim, Richard C. Thate, John Schmeling, Harley Shadof, Roy K. Sfetter, Charles Shu- lcmder, Gary Schleinz, Gary St. Louis, James Thompson, Thomas Schouer. Row 5 - Terry Storbakken, David Tessmann, Daniel J. Spohn, Ronald W. Stoehr, Charles J. Schlough, Dennis O. Stonewall, Laval Suiter, Steve Shields, Jerry Sommerfeldt, William Schumon, Peter Sfoaf, Tom Taverniq MIDDLE PICTURE: Row 1 - Kathleen Sobczak, Patricia Ternes, Kathleen Stouber, Susan Steinmetz, Carol Shinstine, Sheila Sfrizic, Janet Schumacher, Margo Schrumm, Susan Speel, Carole Stowe. Row 2 - George Schlagel, Ann Thompson, Linda Townsend, Mary Simons, Eileen Smith, Kay Schmidt, Kathy Schrei- ber, Sue Speer, Sondra Schroeder, Judy Townsend, Sandro Stehz, Tom Schocfen. Row 3 Jerry Sorhoge, Charles Salberg, Brian Townsend, Jim Tsuru, Richard Schwartz, Gordon Sander, Mike Sass, Tom Schiefelbein, James Stamper, Herb Sfolienberg. Row 4 - Bob Slaffery, Lon Schoor, John Sfamm, AI Sanger, Francis Stieber, Jim Sanders, Ken Sickels, Lorry Schneiberg, Dennis Storms, William Schaffer, Mare Siion. Row 5 w David Schueler, John Stone- man, Mike Thompson, Phillip Shealan, Daniel Stair, Jeff Siudo, Robert Sfamm, Ross Sioppenbach, Samuel Salter, Edward Olson, Dennis Torkko, Larry Sch- roeder. BOTTOM PICTURE: Row 1 - Dione Skurczynski, Loretta Seianos, Jeanne Schiro, Nancy Spink, Connie Siuedemann, Linda Slauson, Suzanne Schindel, Shirley Tonn, Carol Schultz, Marilyn Tafel. Row 2 - Mary Tews, Ethel Tsavsis, Pat Stuewer, Carol Shaffer, Janet Speers, Victoria Teale, Susan Steinert, Sheila Schultz, Koren Slota, Anne Tandy, Nicole Schuldt, Janice Stewart. Row 3 - Robert Santi, Lohr Sizer, Mike Shelly, Edward Speer, Louis Ritacca, Frank Ruffolo, Dennis Troho, Lee Tank, Jerry Schiedt, Allan Scott, Tom Tessman. Row 4 - Martin Stroik, John Shebesfa, Bill Savafski, Bob Tomczyk, James Thursfen, Gary Tvefen, Larry Thurow, Michael Sklcvos, John Osfen, Gary Schmidt. Row 5 - John Shenneson, Alan Schrader, Larry Simonson, Sheldon Taylor, Tom Schwalen, Wayne Tinder, Richard Schicker, David Kottke, Robert Seneco, Henry Seabrooks, William Seitz. ; Page 204 TOP PICTURE: Row 1 - Judith Odell, Kathleen Piering, Cheri Plan, Kathleen Olsen, Judith Platf, Susan Pahlke, Bonnie Penson, Mary Pronold, Kathryn ODeen, Lois Napierala. Row 2 Judi Orban, Barbara Olsen, Bonnie Odenbreh, Joy Olson, Mary Olson, Marilyn Pfistor, Diane Onusch, Marilyn Pinzl, Dione Ose- sek, Kathleen Peck, Christine Pilipuf, Sharon Pike, Jeanne Offord. Row 3 - Larry Powell, Dale Powers, Jerry Porsche, Allen Prunuske, Wayne Pipkorn, Rob- erf Peters, Alan Peters, Kinn Mochel, Lee Paque, Wayne Perry, Roman Obermeier, James Pautsch. Row 4 - Pete Phillips, Bill Pomplin, Gary Palmer, Gary Peterson, Ken Pike, Austin Patterson, Dennis Patterson, Gory Nonesmd, Tom Persha, Roger Pitcel, Carl Peterson. Row 5 - Bob Petersen, Don Romeo, Bob Poitz, Tom Pishney, Donald Peterson, Stephen Pfeffer, Richard Peterson, David Peacoue, Bruce Nash, John Moseng, Terry MacDougoll. MIDDLE PICTURE: Row 1 - Loni Nelson, Judy Nieman, Kathy Neef, Diana Williams, Mary Nelson, Janice Nolte, Shirley Nevins, Kay Larvick, Judy Nortman, Elizabeth Novomy. Row 2 - Judy Nehring, Mary Nedderman, Marti Nedderman, Bev Niemi, Cynthia Ohrmundf, Donna Zoeller, Jorelle Melillo, Rita Nash- reiner, Sally Nelson, Lee Ann Newlan, Dianne Norder, Dale Nork. Row 3 - Dean Miller, Patrick Murphy, Sam Moscoto, Mike Nelson, William Owen, Rich- ard Medlo, Richard Murkee, Richard Owens, Richard Orth, Sieve Olsen, Dennis On. Row 4 .- Buckley Nielsen, Mike O'Dea, Arnold Oehme, Bob Nelson, Clary Nash, Kenneth Osborn, WiIIiam Popp, Barry Nelson, Philip McMahon, James Niemeier, Howard Nelson. Row 5 - Donald McKinney, Reiny Moier, Rob- ert Meisel, John McGiIl, Pat McQueen, Michael MiHer, Ernest Manz, Dennis 0110, Robert Matheson, Charles Megol, Roger Munro. BOTTOM PICTURE: Row 1 -- Kathie Most, Beverly Mockin, Carol Kemink, Joon Mognuson, Dianne Marini, Diane Mogill, Betty Malsch, Anne Malone, Mary Jo MacDonald, Sandra Mayo. Row 2 - Bonnie Mauel, Vivian McCann, Sue Ellen Newton, Lucille Mahnke, Mary Ann McKenna, Janice Mayer, Cheryl Man- cuso, Gail Mayer, Nancy Moresh, Kathleen Marks, Carol Mcrtinek, Nancy McCreath, Sandra McCarthy. Row 3 - Ken MacFarlune, Pete Marsh, Nellie Mc- Ginnis, Shirley Maserus, Jane Maculun, Judy McDowell, Patricia Nuss, Gayle Mcack, Janice Muclmyre, Marie McDonovoh, James Maxfield, John Main. Row A - John McCarrogher, Dennis Lohti, Barry McMillion, John F. Mischler, Thomas Mock, Bruce McDowell, Gregory Nowicki, David McDonald, Ted Nagel, Bob Malnke, David Mottes, Rodger McCombs. Row 5 -- Mark May, Robert Madsen, James Mottek, Michael Morkgraff, Jim Millard, Richard Marshall, Dole Nomio, Michael McCarthy, Jim Buenger, Thomas Marsh, Bob Mayer, Douglas McLeish, Bob Mourer. Page 205 TOP PICTURE: Row 1 - Jane Milfon, Cleo Meiners, Sharon Mullikin, Charlene Miller, Janice Morlan, Jackie Minch, Linda ching, Pot Myers, Chris Mc- Govern, Yvonne Meili. Row 2 - Mabel Mills, Jeanne Morgan, Ruth Michalski, Marsha Munz, Susan Milligan, Carol Meston, Marilyn Miller, Judy Mellonig, Susan Norsman, Evan Mesoloras, Mary Miller, Jeanne Myers, Edith Miller. Row 3 - Roy Mita, Neil McNamara, Jim Milbrandt, Penny Muehl, Carol Man- ion, Susan Mildbrundt, Wilma Michel, Sandra Miller, Judy Monis, Patricia Morse, James McGowan, Michael Mikkelsen, Garry Meister. Row 4 William Meinecke, Paul Milbrant, Brad Meinert, Thomas Moore, Steve Murchler, Jacques Niay, Earl Munson, Michael Montgomery, Richard Mera, John Meyers, Bob Meske. Row 5 - Jeff Nelson, Anthony Mottson, Thomas Mohr, Mike Mueller, Gordon Mayne, Lee Nelson, Dale Mueller, Mike Miskulin, Ray Morrell, Jim Merfins, Tom Michaelis. MIDDLE PICTURE: Row 1 Kathy Knoflicek, Sandra Loycock, Mary Kalvog, Mary Kolander, Joanne Lukas, Paula Kramer, Nina Neupert, Audrey Krook, Susan Kelley, Darlene Lovos. Row 2 - Naomi Linderud, D. Law, Charluyne Lenz, Kathy Kanvik, Betty Ellis, Kathryn Krouse, Kathy Jahnke, Kathleen Lothary, June Lindsley, Cecil Knapton, Susan Luedfke, Louise LaFave. Row 3 - Theo Lorenz, Ron Kulft, Noel Kincode, Robert Nuszbaum, Jeff Louison, Mike Kroetsch, Robert Longgufh, Clifford Lentz, Dennis Kramer, Marv Krohn, Leo Long. Row 4 - Richard Lambert, Richard Kups, Greg Lindner, Kenneth Kopp, Allen Laabs, William Kringel, Jim Klempen, Kurt Krueger, Mike Kizaric, Bob Luebke, David Ludwig, Dennis Lisko. Row 5 - Bill Kuykendall, Robert Koenig- seder, Ken Kline, James Luger, Thomas Litherlund, Terry Lawler, John Karnitz, Nicholas Ledcnski, Lynn Ludtke, Jim Konrcnh, David Kulikowski BOTTOM PICTURE: Row 1 - Martha Kelsey, Elaine Kerner, Ruth Klimek, Sharon Kelley, Kathy Klus, Suzanne Klinger, Coleen Kennedy, Mary Kasten, Margye Kelkenny, Junne Longer. Row 2 - Mary Ann Kern, Mary Ann Larson, Donna Lune, Sondra Lowry, Kathleen Kauth, Laurie Lay, Patricia Keuer, Edith Larson, Beverly Kaeser, Rose Lcabs, Sue Lufz, Sharon Kolbfleisch, Carol Kaifosz. Rov 3 - Douglas Kanies, Edward Lentz, Thomas Koczmarek, Ronald Katzer, James Lemunyon, Gary Lewis, Dave Lavold, Andrew Ketterer, Allan Krumsee, Ed Keim, Tom Kenney. Row 4 - Roger Kuckkcn, AI Lashock, Peter Long, Kent Lawton, Larry Katzman, Roger Kleinstick, John Kablitz, William Kramer, Ralph Kohl, Keith Larson, Charles Keshemberg. Row 5 - Jerry Konz, Bill Isaacs, Kenneth Jurek, Marlin Hartwig, Jon Jerome, Thomas Lombard, David Harding, Ron Kwiaff, Mike KOHI'OSS, DGVid Laden Kenneth KrGVik. Page 206 TOP PICTURE: Row 1 H Mary Kienasf, Susan Kulp, Ellen Keck, Nancy Kraus, Kay Kometer, Kay Leeder, Eileen Lindaos, Arlene Klug, Nancy Koeser, JoAnn Kroll. Row 2 m Cherryl Kasakaitas, Karen LoCount, Alice Knight, Maurine Klugman, Susan Loomis, Florence Ludwig, Carol Klotz, Sharon Kubico, Phyllis Lutzke, Pat Koiis, Poulene Keil, Loretta Luce, Kristine Kroczek. Row 3 - David Lutz, David LaCroix, Ruth Lenz, Gloria Krouse, Karen Loudenbeck, Marsha Knott, Jean Lehr, Michelle Kieffer, Nancy Klemme, Nancy Krccher, Geraldine Labudde, Thomas Kolodzinski. Row 4 - Todd Kelsey, Robert Liddicoat, Tom Krumpen, Don Long, Herbert Krase, J. Kozmo, Tom Lutz, Robert Kretz, Robert Kramarczyk, Jim Krawczyk, Frank Kudelka. Row 5 Douglas Lockrem, Niles Klaves, Terry Listol, Paul Kleppe, Wayne Krueger, Robert Kleinschmidf, Daniel Lang, Mark Kuklai, Mike Lesmeister, Roger Kindschi, Gregory Kramer, Roger Krause. MIDDLE PICTURE: Row 1 - Nancy Larsen, Toni Jueff, Mary Listwon, JoAnn Lemanczyk, Sandra Luedtke, Barbie Kundert, Barbara Lyman, Vicki Loss, Vicki Johnson, Mary Johonnon. Row 2 - Carol Hake, Shirley Lemke, Theortrice Kimbrough, Lynn Leffel, Dolores Kokuske, Toni Lane, Judy Johns, Judy Linde- mann, Kay Kirkland, Joan Kempf, Jeannine Jonas, JoAnn Lippert. Row 3 - Dennis Jokubowski, Dick Liddicoaf, John Lippens, Gory Jamison, Bruce Krantz, Sue Lehman, Linda Johnson, Tom Lunn, David Kimrall, Ralph Kraehnke, Dennis Kertz. Row 4 Richard Johnson, John Jung, Grant Johnson, Al Jovano- vic, John Johnson, Barry Lamont, B. Larson, Joan Kim, Howard Johnston, Bruce Lisiecki, Frederic Leverenz. Row 5 - Wayne Harland, Robert Ledger, Jack Carlson, Craig Johnson, John Jones, Donald Johnson, Tom Johanneson, Craig Johnson, Ron Lemke, Chuck Grant, William Haber, Dennis Gray. BOTTOM PICTURE: Row 1 Diane Hunter, Sandy Hurd, Patricia Hughey, Kathy Hunt, Judi Hurelle, Kuylene Hufcheson, Mary Humboch, Gino Humer, Gertrude lselin, Lynn Jewell. Row 2 - Judith Hulberg, Alyce Jenkin, Pot Janicek, Nancy Jacobs, Judy Hunscker, Kathy Christensen, Elizabeth John- son, Carol Johnson, Sandi Jacobson, Beth lmig, Louise Jenks, Patricia Igl. Row 8 Jim Jens, Michael Jako, Daniel Jensemq, Sam Gonzales, Gory Hughes, Dennis Jewerf, Hardy Kroeze, Jim Holvorsen, Bernard Gollenberg, Lawrence Janus, Robert Jartz. Row 4 - Gary Jenson, Dick Grow, Chris Ingles, Jim Hagen, Dave Gronke, Patrick Gwynn, Stanley Johnson, Larry Jahnke, Bill Hamblin, John Heine, Art Gibeout. Row 5 - Fromzene, James Krostue, Tom Gile, Ray Hudzinskil Dennis Lovold, Frank Joyce, Bill Gregersen, Jon Hinz, Ken Johnke, Mike Greenhalgh, Ed Grebe, Peter Gieschen. Page 207 TOP PICTURE: Row 1 - Joan Heinrich, Lois Friedmann, Patricio Janka, Darlene Holek, Bonnie Huesemcm, Kristin Holm, Sally Heidt, Karen Heuser, Trudy Holfe, Judy Hoeff. Row 2 - Judy Hendricks, Esther Hiram, Rebekah Hesgurd, Janet Heiting, April Hooker, Jeanne Herwig, Janet Hodgson, Julie Helfer, Virginia Holland, Dione Hinterberg, Judy Herrick. Row 3 - Darlene Heiderich, Carole Hoffman, Christine Holman, Diana Hedden, Winnie Huebsch, De- loris Hildy, Lynn Herms, Marcia Helf, Joan Henry, Elizabeth Hill, Karen Johnson, Jone Hess. Row 4 - Jim Holland, John Holmer, Chuck Hoernke, Bur- 1on Hermann, Koren Howard, Lisa Heifetz, Many Gerling, Vickilynn Hellriegel, Charles Hopper, Teddy Hendzel, Mike Hoar, Dale Hoitmann. Row 5 - Norman Luecke, Pete Kluff, R. J. Herrera, Ron Husman, Don Hellsfern, Dennis Hulbert, Michael Herman, Richard Houseman, Kurt Holzinger, Terry Hilton, William Hoefer, Richard Hough. MIDDLE PICTURE: Row 1 - Pamela Horred, Kitty Harris, Rita Hanson, Patricia A. Hamill, Elizabeth Hanson, Donna Hays, Celeste Hagedorn, Kathy Haig, Carol Hauge, Sandra Hahfo. Row 2 - Norma Hummons, Pam Hartman, Kathleen Haisch, Florence Harlow, Phyllis Hordt, Patricia Hart, Helen Harring- ton, Valerie Harrison, Jeonene Houge, Beverly Hagar, Janice Hull. Row 3 -- Chrys Hassell, William chsser, John Houg, Bruce Halvorsen, Barbara Hade, Marionn Harrington, Marilyn Harvey, Eddie Hafermcm, Dale Homm, Dean Honke, Tom Hahn, Brian Hackbarf. Row 4 - Wayne Hanke, John Haas, David M. Hoen, Neil A. Hansen, Theodore W. Harms, Pete R. Hacketf, Burton Hcigh, Lorry Handrich, Larry Hoffman, William Hartwig, Dorian Hermunson. Row 5 - Robert Eastman, Wayne Harfling, Thomas Gibbons, Steve L. Griffin, Don Hoffman, John W. Gafewood, Dennis Earle, John Gobbei, Robert Evans, John Graves, Ted Devenish. BOTTOM PICTURE: Row 1 - Connie Gartzke, Carol Gay, Mary Gulinowski, Alice Garey, Judy Graf, Elizabeth Goetz, Peggy Geise, Evie Feddersen, Carol Gendusa, Louise Frye. Row 2 - Ruth Gullatin, Barbara Griffing, Susan Graham, Patricio Gilbert, Evelyn Graul, Joan Guile, Anne Graceffa, Sheila Gem- mell, Patricia Griffith, Sandra Fritsch, Gail Ganske. Row 3 - Rosalee Fuhrman, Krisiin Franken, Judith Gesfeland, Diane Grosser, Jean Gerloch, Joanne Frunkwick, Barbara Groth, LouJeon Graumann, Fran Fox, Fat Free, Ann Frierdich, Tom Fulop. Row 4 - Gerald L. Green, William P. Gundrum, Bill J. Hu- berf, Jim E. Gigowski, Jim A. Gochenaur, Brian R. Germaine, Gary E. Griffith, Gordon R. Fode, Jerome A. Gou, Roger R. Gruhle, Donald J. Gibson. Row 5 - Tim Gerstner, Gory Gable, Rick Grover, Fred Fry, Werner Frey, Daniel Fox, Gary Guenoert, Lyle Fonlke, Rick Furlick, Dave Gola, Pete Gocker, Jim Garot. Page 208 TOP PICTURE: Row 1 - Cathy Eberle, Diane Ferris, Daisy Embury, Susan Flemming, Helen Fanta, Beverly Emerson, Ellen Freitag, Sharon Folkers, Chris Ehrhurdf, Annette Engum. Row 2 - Mary Jo Fischer, Mary Faber, Arlene Fischer, Jeannette Fahey, Judith Fowler, Lynda Fenne, Linda Foster, Rita Gra- ber, Roberta Friske, Marilyn Flatten. Row 3 - Kristi Fredricksen, Richard Filzen, Robert Fitzgerald, Gory French, Michael Forkes, June Danielson, John Fullerton, James Fredrickson, William Filo, Robert Fergerson, John Fronsway. Row 4 - David Fellows, Thomas Felio, Antonio Failluci, Donald Huml, Gary Friedlund, Thomas Finnegan, James Florine, Harold Frantik, Steven Freitag, Henry Fellows, John Egan. Row 5 - Frank Frysfok, Richard Fosso, Phillip Ginter, Martin chinski, Donny Hughes, Jacob Frey, Dale chharf, Pete Fulcone, Lynn Febock, David Harper. MIDDLE PICTURE: Row 1 Andrine Erickson, Patricia Eckhart, Pamela Dietz, Ruthe Drachenberg, Peggy Fiedler, Ruch Eckert, Nancy Etzel, Christine Eger, Mary Kay Eichsfedt, Loretta Ehrke. Row 2 - Alhurve Epton, Michael Dymond, Alice Ernst, Anne Code, Marilyn Culver, Linda Fischer, Rena Evans, Phoebe Eisele, Carmen Alvarado, Bruce Everard. Row 3 - Richard Erdmann, Daniel Eudoly, James Eliason, Dean Bennington, Richard Elliott, Michael Engel, Thomas Claridge, James Butler, Peter Broutigam, James Fink. Row 4 - Tim Rasmussen, Larry Kosten, Vernon Eulerf, Lawrence Erdmonn, Ken- neth Elmer, Bill Daley, Robert Campbell, Robert Edwards, Gerald Edler, Dick Derrick. Row 5 - Douglas Davis, Norb Dubo, Poul Frey, Alon Ellis, Louis Doescher, Jim Drakulich, Robert Coomer, James Durkin. BOTTOM PICTURE: Row 1 Joan Considine, Shirley Czarnecki, Marlene Connor, Jeanne DeQuaine, Patricio Dozler, Kathryn Christianson, Sharon Cyp- her, Carol Carlson, Mary Donahue, Donna Cornett. Row 2 - Jean Christensen, Janice Daniels, Joyce Dull, Elizabe1h Cerny, Nancy Duecker, Mary Duhl, Jane Duesler, Darlene Drought, Rhonda Cornue, Koihy Cuffs, Jeanie Carlson. Row 3 - Judith Ettlie, Judith Crombie, Karen Dolensek, Linda Conle, Susan Dravis, Maria Cigcnovich, Mary Condon, Christine Carson, Nancy Dalton, Marian Cook, Charlene Dettmann. Row 4 William Clay, James Daniels, John Cooper, William Comer, James Dunham, Jim Donner, William Contwell, John Finnone, Wesley Davis, Stephen Dickmunn, Gene Frank. Row 5 - Jeffrey Addie, Richard Coley, Russell Dalton, Thomas Derus, Robert Cosgrove, Richard Dike, Jeff Christofferson, Charles Corbett, Victor Clickner, Art Caflisch, Ronald Covey. 7, x , A w; $ m s i n 5: M Ma J?.levfu Page 209 Ww WWWV TOP PICTURE: Row 1 w Helen Casey, Joan Collins, Mary Cucio, Dionne Cuuley, Sue Domufh, Cindy Curran, Dona Castillo, Carol Dreftwcm, Carol Dickson, Cheryl Christianson. Row 2 7 Sharon Clermont, Sharon Curtis, Jean Dennee, Pat Collins, Jon Dixon, Non Dixcn, Pot Dexter, Sharon Downie, Sandro Doll, Suzanne Davidson, Dione Doiley. Row 3 - Sharon Dale, Lauren Conklin, Ann Drzewiecki, Sally Christiansen, Gail Dennis, Barbara Buechner, Kmhleen Dannies, Nancy Caesar, Cynthia Chase, Helen Dohms, Pam Dunn. Row 4 - Bill Beyer, Dan Como, Dan Brienzo, John Drummond, John Constantini, Philip Dorn, George Cash, Terry Carroll, Daniel Damionovic, Doug Cronin, Michael Durfee. Row 5 a Kenton CouHs, John Ccdwell, Patrick Krefschmer, John DuBois, Jim Chevalier, Jim Cremer, Lawrence Dower, Mathias Dietrick, David Danby, Harvey Boyd. MIDDLE PICTURE: Row 1 - Marilyn Cresswell, Pot Jones, Pot Coyne, Pot Dopki, Sydney Dana, Morguerhe Coldwell, Sara Conrow, Linda Cecchinelli, Kathy Ccdemurfori, Marilyn Barre". Row 2 - Robert Becker, Steve Davis, Mary Dolcny, Patricio Bright, Bonnie Bruss, Candace DeVeou, Gail Ebert, Jackee Die- kroeger, Pat Dorshorsf, James Aho. Row 3 - John Daugherty, Larry Chamberlain, Dole Desjardins, J. Clouder, Dennis Dobbrotz, Tony Burkhalter, Dean Disch, Richard Conepcu, John Acker, Dan Crowley. Row 4 W Dole Ausfin, Lorry Boos, Ken Brooks, Dennis Becker, Jim Crowley, Lorry Domas, Dennis Butts, Ronald Auer, Arnold Bubolz, Brion Bohmy. BOTTOM PICTURE: Row 1 Janis Fischer, Linda Borkenhogen, Kay Beckman, Koren Buehre, Sondra Borenitsch, Sue Bredeson, Virginia Bartolona, Jacqueline Baum, Linda Bjornstod, Janet Bos. Row 2 - Gail Couper, Karin Bochroch, Lynda Bernstein, Kathryn Daniels, Marilyn Benson, Gloria Chodek, Locklin Bell, Lynn Bennett Jone Brimmer, Dione Bucherf, Judy Baldoun. Row 3 - Audrey Beach, Susan Albrecht, Deanne Abel, Lynn Adams, Patricia Berssenbrugge, Cathy Anderson, Barbara Andersen, Marilyn Aylward, Sandro Arawinko, Bonnie Berg, Cheryl Anderson. Row 4 - Stanley Becker, Mike Cormia, Bill Biele- feldt, Ervin Burrow, Peter Brockman, Glen Bierke, Jack Beinlich, Louis BenedeHo, John Bartlett, Bury Bothun, Roe Abshire. Row 5 - James Bidlingmoier, Roger Becker, Kenneth Boeffcher, John Beld, Clyde Brunette, Paul Becher, Dave Buchberger, Dave Clements, James Anderson, Gregory Androcki, Duane Bloom- qukL Page 210 TOP PICTURE: Row 1 - Francine Albert, Patricia Burke, Robyn Anderson, Virginia Arthur, Kmhleen Ashley, Mary Andresek, Kathleen Braun, Sharon Ash- amy, Judy Bowyer, Barbara Boden. Row 2 - Lorraine Austin, Judith Anderson, Ruth Bingham, Sandro Bode, Jacqueline Ahlgrim, Judy Amann, Mary Bus- cagliu, Bonnie Burke, Victoria Bloke, Barbara Barker, Lois Bucholz. Row 3 -Diane Bradford, Patricio Bewicki, Cheryl Busse, Julie Bartlett, Suzette Adamo- wicz, Catherine Bertsche, Ann Brandt, Margie Anderson, Cindee Burczak, Susan Baker. Row 4 - Leroy Blodow, Gerald Brummond, Robert Bachhuber, Thomas Bunck, John Burke, Thomas Baker, Timothy Bertrandt, Jerry Blum, Al Behm, Charles Bollenbach, David Bunker. Row 5 - Dale Bierning, Gilbert Du- Paul, Keith Adsit, Rickey Anderson, Gene Ackerman, Mike Adamec, Wayne Alden, Rodney Bohr, David Bonkrude, Dick Baker, Kenneth Burns, Thomas Ayers. MIDDLE PICTURE: Row 1 - Karen Brunsell, Susan Banoszak, Sandi Artman, Bonnie Breidenbcch, Gail Bowhay, Sharon Bauspies, Lynnette Baxter, Kathy Brindley, Elizabeth Bierdz. Row 2 - Myles Beckum, Michael Arneth, Chris BueH, Mary Lou Braafz, Linda Beck, Jon Bennett, Dione Anderson, Janet Akuliun, John Brady. Row 3 - Rod Anderson, Bill Banonse, Dave Buser, Timothy Befz, Leland Buchta, Frederick Bechteler, Robert Bagley, John Budgins, Don Bergman. BOTTOM PICTURE: Row 1 - Phillip Lindsay, Ann Delmore, Mary Falkowski, Mary Lewandowski, Linda Friend, Jim Heller. Row 2 Kristine Bach, John Owen, Ken Gardner, Rick Freifcg, Gary Gramly, Suzanne Lotta. Page 211 Sophomores Officers of the Sophomore Class Seated -Ron Fish, vice-presidem; Polly Voss, secretory. Standing - Suzie Deon, treasurer; Richard West, president. "The Fabulous Class of '67" was the motto the Sophomore Class officers selected to express the spirit and aims of their class. In the past year the aim of this class has been to organize its 1200 members and to provide entertainment for WSU-W students, with on over-oll purpose of making a name for the sopho- more closs and promoting the University. In an effort to achieve this objective, the sopho- mores presented on extensive line of entertainment, including dances featuring nationally known dance groups such as "The Rivieras," "The Pharaohs," "The Legends," and "The Kingsmen." Whitewater students were also provided with entertainment from several popular folk singing groups. "The Fabulous Class of '67" feels that by presenting these various groups for the enjoyment of the student body, it achieved its goals of entertaining the students of Whitewater and promoting the name of the school. None of this could have been possible without the help and guidance of class adviser, Mr. James R. Lumpky. Page 212 TOP PICTURE: Row 1 - Virginia Nennig, Susie Repensek, Shirley Szopinski, Patricia Cyr, Mary Milbrath, Beverly Jones, Nancy Chase, Phyllis Schultz, Bon- nie Gasfrau, Nancy Houser. Row 2 - Jutfa Watkins, Kay Kelleher, Joqueline Martens, Chris Hamerla, Joni Clemensson, Helen Norsman, Penny lsleb, Ruth Mehre, Joyce Drndak, Karen Stiles, Dione Beeskau. Row 3 - Nancy Peik, Judy Meineke, Ruth Carpenter, Elaine Minshull, Jane Meindl, Elonor Johnson, Carol Roegge, Wynne Freitag, Jeanne Fuerstenau, Pot Pechauer, Teryl Fluke. Row 4 - Alan Wunsch, Dick Haas, Stan Koenig, Ted McMillan, Ron Peterson, John Letter, Jerry Albrecht, Poul White, Walter Green, Ray Jeffries, John Sheppard MIDDLE PICTURE: Row 1 - Linda Pratt, Mary Syverud, Judy Thelen, Jane Willoughby, Diane BenzschaweI, Sandy Savaglio, Jocelyn Minessole, Gloria Arthur, Ellen Rodebough. Row 2 - Wayne Kirsch, Mary Voss, Carolyn Blazek, Sheila Winkelman, Lynn Scheel, Kathy Rompella, Bergene Riemer, Audrae Hoffmann, Kathy Cox, James Wolf. Row 3 - Geralding Hugl, Sally Owen, Robert Hellmuth, Gary Wentworth, Gerald Schuetfe, Cecil Austin, Dennis Schwarten, Ken Wall, Keith Krinke, Randy Martin. Row 4 - Dan Beers, Michael Peterson, John Schedel, Kroig Schwartz, Kent Rockwell, Thomas Simonsen, Eugene Lauen, Poul Franklin, Bob Kilpin. BOTTOM PICTURE: Row 1 - Sharon DeLoria, Jeanne Scheuen, JoAnn Chopp, Sandy Jacobson, Kathy Rouse, Carole Fragen, Cindy Christianson, Elizabeth Schuetze, Phyllis Meissner, LoRoyne Nelson, Jackie Liles. Row 2 - Janet Mitchell, Terry Busting, Barbara Schober, Chris Keyes, Sonia Lamboch, Patricio Beck, Kathy Jefferson, Barb Johnson, Ruth Schoff, Mariio Yirchon. Row 3 - Marcia Tuchel, Patricio Wigderson, Sharon M. Bischoff, Robert Houck, Dave Alien- burg, R. Fredrick Harding, Charles Umhoefer, Roverf Mecklenburg, Thomas White, Jun Hughes. Row 4 Gerald Kubly, William Esmond, Michael Stikle- stud, William Shepherd, Richard Trolliet, Boyd Johnson, Paul MueHer, William Harriman, John Holicn, Gregg Van de Loo, Charles Fink. Page 213 TOP PICTURE: Row I - Mary Holler, Joan Knoebel, Nancy Hodden, Dionne Schulf, Margaret Sirianni, Deborah Schlegel, Donna Pope, Connie Gable, Jennifer Checofo, Marilyn Gundrum. Row 2 - Mary Ann Broker, Clarice Walker, Koren Mathes, Romoyne Beuthling, Ann Slinde, Sue Lizer, Holly Hansen, Arlene Heinzelman, Nancy Norman, Ramona Rook. Row 3 - Ronald Marshall, Gory Schquls, Roger Gmur, David Purnell, Gerald Burton, Ronald Keup, James Ten- nunf, Richard Wooster, John Meichtry, Richard Engllbrechf. Row 4 - Tom McMahon, Jim Buhl, John Bcuman, Xon Johnson, Dave Hughes, Wayne Groll, Bill Gonion, Dick West, Roy Reidel, Bob Pfister. MIDDLE PICTURE: Row 1 - Rona Roepcke, Judi Guagliardo, Mary Jaggi, Louise Jacob, Barbara Dresbock, Donna Schilling, Carol Oberdeck, Marcia Jones, Phyllis Boche, Sherry Harrington. Row 2 - Susan Bennett, Susan Dchm, Joyce Swanson, Laurie Russell, Valerie Lukaszewicz, Judy Lamoc, Charlene Cau- cutt, Sharri Gutenberger, Sherry Mclen, Susan Sweet. Row 3 - Sharon Hubbard, Pamela Stewart, Corinne Plan, Joan Griffiths, Mary Bierning, Barbara Stern, Margaret Sell, Barbara Meyer, Alice Rudolph, Barbara Dewerfh. Row4 a Dennis Comes, Carl Swan, Frank Neils, David Tanski, Thomas Roesch, Eugene Gobeli, Richard Evans, Russ Northey, Mahlon Wescon. BOTTOM PICTURE: Row 1 - Carol Duenow, Annette Armsfrong, Mary Wilfrmh, Darlene Jacobson, Kathryn Eck, Sandro Seibel, Peggy Salmons, Donna Lund, Sandee Bellman. Row 2 - Linda Hancock, Pat Stafz, Nancy Wollet, Patricio Hoke, Koren Saxler, Darlene Boier, Ann Johnson, Penny Andis, Janet Plcenske, Carole Mantz, Janice Luethi. Row 3 Kent Mognuson, June Rude, Kathleen Exner, Heofher Rutledge, Jone Luethke, Lou Ann Merfes, Ann Stolz, Laura Blom- quist, Cheryl Zemke, Larry Mason, Don Bublitz. Row 4 i Cecil Morris, Ed Morris, Mike Mitchell, David Kombcch, Jerome Gruber, Robert Strande, Gerald Martinson, Brod Wilcox, Richard Chapman, Jerry Smith. Page 214 TOP PICTURE: Row 1 - Jeanne Julscth, Kathleen Gallagher, Lynn Chambers, Kathy Casey, Nancy Tennie, Dianne Boranick, Jean Anne Young, Pizzio Doff, Emma Royt, Sue Kepler. Row 2 Mary Greiber, Petra Schlecht, Harley Smith, David Meives, Chuck Evenson, Lawrence Czosnek, Bill Dachel, Jon Greenquist, Barbara Luchf, Donna Wrensch. Row 3 - Ronald Tabot, Oscar Seibel, Robert Kruger, Rick Johnson, John Rosko, Bill Kraut, Michael Murini, Mark Westphol, Mike Wolf. Row 4 - Stan Arpke, Indrikis Petersons, Art Nennig, Howard Hopemun, Jon Greenwood, Alex Dziuba, Fredric Uehling, Tom Knutson, Bob Baade, Bill Schulz. MIDDLE PICTURE: Row 1 a Mary Goult, Susan Buizlaff, Lormine Bochler, Pat Thorstud, Mary Donstad, Kathi Dick, Ann Roduenz, Linda Reimer, Nikki Migas. Row 2 - Frederick Krueger, Susan Milarch, Pot Klepel, Virginia Olson, Frank Kempf, Jim Johnson, Roger Dierimger, Joe Sekelsky, Jeanne Wat- rous, Phyllis Grundahl. Row 3 - Frederic Stripe, Jack Morquurdf, Bruce Lamb, T. 0. Mills, Peter Hulka, David McDonald, John P. Gifter, Bill Buchhohz, Kenneth Graf, Jim Diderrich. Row 4 a Bob Berezowiiz, Rolland Burhcms, Tom Sopinski, Jim Comp, Ron Stuart, Ron Caldron, Tom Ogren, Sid Walesh, Thomas Clark, Lorry Anding BOTTOM PICTURE: Row 1 v- Susan Mollerup, Nicole Stilp, Beny Hanson, Fred Roszok, John Fuelleman, James Goede, Lance Myers, Mary Uglow, Koren Reich, Susan Rewold. Row 2 - Bill Henderson, David Buschmann, Greg Poole, Rob Lombardo, Bob Buhrmann, Carl VanEngen, Richard Honk, Dave Shaw, MichaeI O'Neil. Row 3 - John Krupal, Eric Lund, Larry Mosfon, Ken Berholtz, Steve Allen, Bob Quirk, Rich Gavigon, James Movcheske, Jon Bieck. Row 4 - Clifford Markee, Mike Rieken, George Mira, BiH Albert, John Johnson, Richard Board, Verlyn Nelson, Michael Lilly, Dick Scrock, David Hougen. Page 215 TOP PICTURE: Row 1 - Kathy Cizmar, Sharon Kohl, Mary Seifert, Katherine Dyson, Karen Juech, Suzanne Konieczka, Mary Jo Jokethcart, Barbara Scheribel, Amber Ankele, Vonnie Mefzen. Row 2 Dionne Miller, Lauren Kay Radtke, Jacquelene Kern, Dona Gisselman, Audrey Zcrling, Rosemary Kucken, Doris Henningfeld, Carol Barth, Ann Fitch, Barbara Maier. Row 3 - Jack McGinley, Craig Leslie, Leonard Ochowicz, Philip Quorwstrom, Robert Blume, James Schuenke, Bob Kubocki, Loren Bisegger, Dove Schlueter. Row 4 - Art Benzel, Greg Weinfurf, Mike Bates, Tim Hendron, Chuck Dearth, Glenn Johnson, Har- vey Erickson, Bill Greig, Jerry Pasdo, Howard Schimdt, Tom Jones. MIDDLE PICTURE: Row I - Joan Smith, Joan Hartfiel, Bernadette Stark, Jeanette Kramer, Karen Tucker, Vicky Zimmermann, Marge Trachte, Mary Schultz, Barbara Nicholas, Jean Samoroiski, Karolyn Johnson. Row 2 - Donna Hardt, Judy Malsch, Shirley Dohle, Esther Anderson, Joen Steffens, Carol Berendes, Eileen Depies, Mary Lee Zimmerman, Madeline Phillips, Marjorie Fleming, Mary Bocksmeyer. Row 3 - Dottie Rewald, Rose Smith, Larry Garske, Torn Gon- ring, Ron Rothschadl, Bab Honrahon, Thomas Tenhover, Jeff Schlueter, Thomas Pink, DOVid C. Wernicke, POUI Zabel. ROW 4 - Brian C. Livingston, John Wm. Hansen, John Whalen, Ken Woodruff, John Wightmon, Alan Bilse, Lynn Watts, Robert Lambert, Bruce Neff, Robert John Wilke, Dale J. Morgan. BOTTOM PICTURE: Row 1 Carolyn Powalka, Mary Brigham, Pot Zurnke, Janet Weiler, Georgiana Benz, Faye Wormet, Narciu Miles, Vicki Lobue, Mary Leipzig, Lynne Karl. Row 2 - Kay Heller, Karen Smith, Chris Sovic, Carolyn Gossard, Lynn Oliver, Jeanne Clark, Lois Nelezen, Judy Towne, Koren Trucken- brod, Bonnie Young, Janet Omdoll. Row 3 - Vcn Valoskey, AI Michels, John Curtis, Mike Wingert, Harold Jones, Allan Smeikol, Alan Mursden, Jeff Bar- Iogcl, Ernie Olson, Morv Svacino, Philip Meisfer. Row 4- David Froemming, John Bloss, Barry Woitak, Blair Bishop, Mike Souders, Ken Gratz, Gene Bell, Randy Molueg, Dennis Anderson, Tom O'Connell, Bill Stofflet. Page 216 TOP PICTURE: Row 1 - Julie Larsen, Holly Crist, Ruth Himz, Ron Bowker, Greg Schneider, Bob Matthews, Richard Knudsen, Lynne Bode, Rosie Smith, Georgia Bauer. Row 2 - Lanny Melville, Sully Jublonski, Margaret Stuuf, Marilyn Clausen, Joan Clark, Down Buskie, Mary Kay Dowidof, Thomas Hebl, Thomas Blonkenheim, Robert Martin. Row 3 - Dean Kohlmetz, Bob Stubbs, Richard Daschen, Mark Popp, Jim LaBelle, John Brandt, Timothy Laafsch, Albert Welke, John Conley. Row 4 -- Bruce Manthey, Dale Jame, Richard Schaffer, Kirk Kipitzke, Jim Kroll, Mike Frei, John Hinton, Robert Rosemeyer, Tom Krukowski, Mike Neuperf. MIDDLE PICTURE: Row 1 - Mike Thoennes, Tom Oreor, Mike Helser, Terry Martzke, Harvey Helgeno, Donald Kleineidom. Row 2 - John Beard, Gary Gray, Tom Hickinbotham, Rick Johnson, John Surinok, Ken Kiehlbouch, Bill Gehrmunn. Row. 8 - Martin Krygiel, Kenneih Korb, Dennis Bock, Patrick Lacey, Roger Mierzwa, Arthur Nennig. BOTTOM PICTURE: Row 1 - Linda Jo Maltby, Dena Young, Judi Allen, Mary Jane Gillis, Judi Seeger, Bev Glendy. Row 2 - Douglas Fox, Thomas Heise, Louise Jones, Sue Anderson, Margi Ostic, Duane Clarke. Dave Sclunda. Page 217 Juniors Jim Bindl, president; KoThy WhiTe, secreTary; Don Pielin, vice-presidenT; Barb Simpson, Treasurer The 1965 Junior Class of WhiTeoner SToTe Univer- siTy is composed of 804 enThusiosTic sTudenTs. Under The leadership of Jim Bindl, presidenT; Don Pielin, vice-presidenT; KaThy WhiTe, secreTary; and Barb Simpson, Treasurer, The class parTicipoTed in many acTiviTies. Two major events sponsored This year by The Junior Class were a winTer dance feoTuring The fabu- lous Seven Sounds from Milwaukee, and an Annual March of Dimes drive on campus. WiTh The help of our adviser, Dr. Glenn Bowen, we dug back inTo The Treasury reporTs To balance OUT some eighT hundred exTro 0nd unoccounTed dollars. As The Junior Class geTs larger each year 0T WhiTeoner, more fociliTies are being builT To serve and educoTe Them. We are seeing The compleTion of on oddiTion To The library, as well as Two more dor- miTories To relieve The sTudenT housing problem. By working and helping To solve problems of growTh, The Junior Class of 1965 was kepT busy and learned many Things ThoT They will carry wiTh Them ofTer groduaTion. As The Minneisku goes To press The The Juniors will be selecTing and ordering class rings, and planning a budgeT for The coming year. hfvhv, A $ A ".mufyimn, .A n'- v v Irv;;;' ' '1'? unnou.u. AA . ' qvvvvwvw , TOP PICTURE: Row 1 - Judy Wornson, Ellen Dammann, Peg Schober, Helene Joseph, Jeanne Pearson, Cindy Reiskytl. Row 2 -- Marilyn Wheeler, Barbara Simpson, Irene Jonokuchi, Darlene Lubinski, Millie Repky, Bonita Woltring, Mary Schroeder. Row 3 - Sondra Shepherd, Nancy Moyle, Melvin Noisen, Donald Nicolaisen, James Ray, Lee Holmes, Rich Westendorf. Row 4 - Charles G. Theune, Darryl B. Sheggrud, Win Parkinson, Jim Haas, Don Klicko, Robin Jarvis, Michael Mucha, Patrick McDermoH. MIDDLE PICTURE: Row 1 - Cheryl Marks, Pam Bergstrom, June Christensen, Sondra Bodin, Cindy Kinost. Row 2 - Carolyn Johnson, Bob Grise, Larry Grace, Phillip Stephenson, Jerry Olin, Kenneth A. Miller, Nancy Strutz. Row 3 - Robert W. Rogers, Howard Cook, Donald Gauerke, Joe Blachy, Jerry Graff, David Good, Tom Hunter. BOTTOM PICTURE: Row 1 - Wayne Bohm, Jim Gibson, Mardi Bender, Judy Musbach, Peggy Madden, Dennis McCormick. Row 2 - Richard Mayer, Robert Holzer, Herb Kulow, Pete Gibson, Leroy Nauert, John Waltenberger. Page 219 TOP PICTURE: Row I - Sondra Chovanec, Jone! Drew, Pom Sporkman, Carol Lahow, Melbeth Mosser, Joan Gorder. Row 2 - Nancy Cullen, Meribeth Honeck, Koren Jensen, Cheryl John, Jone Darling, Jane Rosendall, Barb Riemer, Nancy Wirth, Donna Poulson. Row 3 a Linda Tuchel, Donna Zilles, Roy Rodgers, Ray Szellga, Lee McGuire, Don Rundquist, James Bennett, Lorraine Spies, Jeannette Ruu. Row 4 Jon E. Litscher, Gerry Weaver, R. Scott Stern- hardt, Robert Wcrrens, Thomas F. Breicho, John Laotsch, Robert J. Lockyear, Ken Joeger, Lee Siffren. MIDDLE PICTURE: Row 1 a Jean Monion, Suzanne Schleifer, Sharon Seim, JoAnn Norman, Eileen Vesbuch, Dottie RendalI, Madeline Mochel, Sharon Doug- las, Diane Bronhom. Row 2 Dotty Krueger, Nancy Schmiling, Alice Klug, Jeff Riebow, Mitch Covic, Jerry Bock, Denny Ahlmon, Charlene Heise, Suz- anne Ellis. Row 3 - Gary Lichtenberg, Rick Polman, John Meinecke, Jerry Zibell, Bob Momsen, James Popunz, Gory Criddle, Bill Boughn, Tom Robinson. BOTTOM PICTURE: Row 1 - Helen Shampo, Carol Christianson, Wayne Fricuno, James Zows, David Meister, Jean Karl, Donna Smigun, Marilyn Krueger. Row 2 - Donald Gerred, Paul Nordberg, Garry H. Decker, Tom Mahnke, Fred Kuen, John Mooney, Mike Cline, Willy Dahl, Sandy Gimpl, Row 3 .. John Lawrence, Larry Gabrysiak, William Sternberg, Frederick Wiemer, Jim Beerbaum, Tom Cain, Rick Beard, Roger Davis, John Gersmer, Page 220 TOP PICTURE: Row 1 - Jean Templeton, Sue Wentworth, Marilyn Money, Terri Swendrowski, Gloria Gaworski, Barb Weller, Lydia Ceynowa, Row 2 - Sally Newton, Gail Pavek, Joan Andrews, Lois Kubitz, Maxine Schuhz, Joyce McConn, Mary Jane Pitzen, Ester E. Statz, Carol Waller. Row 3 - James D. Mullins, Gerry Laebel, John Rupnow, Erv E. Kumm, Fred Loack, John Henning, Mike Hauser. Row 4 - Donald Ernest, Todd Ervin, William Land, Kenneth Meyer, Roger Gorst, Phillip Kramer, Rick Rubach, Ken Nurnberg. MIDDLE PICTURE: Row I - Nancy Koertge, Ginny Smifs, Dianne Hoffman, Korcn Larsen, Teri Griswold, Diane Mottl, Beverly Wolff. Row 2 7 Bonnie Her- berg, Cheryl Peterson, Janet Adams, Dionne Driver, Karol Stuessi, Jayne Zielinski, Barbara Sipioru, Judy Beyerstedt, Koren Keck. Row 3 - Mary Roth, Rosemary Farrell, Karen Geiger, Lynn Opifz, Ralph C. Clark, Barbara Riedmayer, Caro! Zech, Marilyn Unfz. Row 4 - Steve Felix, Paul Raosoch, Neal UnA derhill, Tom Walsh, Don Pielin, Todd Graves, Gary Pelkola, Daniel Bozik, Kent Zohn. BOTTOM PICTURE: Row 1 - Suzann Mitfelstadt, Kay Hensler, Sheri Pieck, Dorothy Dutton, Karen Peterson, Carole Herzig, Cheryl Scoggins, Lynne Krueger, Mary Richards. Row 2 - Randall Ryan, John Embrey, Dave Golley, John L. Nielsen, Jim Miles, Tom Farr, Lee Nelson, Jock Totooies Row 3 - Dennis Nelson, Lewis Williams, Tom Lorum, Steve Christensen, James Powers, Robert A. Schworiz, Jim Bindl, Norb Svatos, Dennis Seeley. Page 221 TOP PICTURE: Row 1 Jean Schocht, Mary Fish, Judie Vogt, Vicki Hynous, Joan Doss, Nancy Guse, Koren Lloyd, Sondee Jurkowski, Carolynn Tews, Dianne Milewski. Row 2 - Nancy Bade, Jeanne Shager, Lea Loveioy, Sandy Moder, Judy Schaus, Joyce Hillmon, Barb Hermes, Linda Berkley, Sue Samson, Kathy Melville, Row 3 - Joe Schopen, Jerry Linzmoier, Jill Vander Brug, Ronna Henning, Mary Ann Gudenkauf, Sheila Dorsey, Judith Tremaine, Nancy John- son, Tom Tofte, John Senkerik. Row 4 - Dick Winnes, Chuck Roske, Len Hill, Robert Willson, Jim Diedrich, George Edenhcrder, Bryan Lisser, John Kierstyn, Dennis Strommen, Arthur Andersen. MIDDLE PICTURE: Row 1 Mauanne Armogonean, Judy Bluhm, Jan Szyba, Shirley Oehmichen, Cheryl Furmcn, Junn Hofberger, Judy Jando, Nancy Lenz, Christine Folkowski. Row 2 a Richard Johnke, Michael Gain, Marvin Vinz, Thomas Harfer, Robert Oberbruner, Harold Miller, William Cerny, Richard Fox. Row 3 7 Michael Krueger, Robin Staacke, Bill Heberf, Tom Simmo, Arf Schuetze, Bill Hortling, Dick Jones, Dole Monion, Jerome Finger. BOTTOM PICTURE: Row I - Carol Halvorsen, Karen Beols, Karen Millen, Tracy Uudw Horenburg, Beverly Momhie, Valerie Voeks, Ccfhy Pickering, Joy Mickey, Virginia Smhh. Row 2 - Ute Zieborth, Joan Hansen, Mabel Mitchell, John Sanderson, Steven Ruben, Donald Rohner, Roger Rowin, Andrea Kone- man, Sally Cramer, Row 3 - Patrick Walsh, Richard Mueller, Steve Shober, Bengy Altheimer, Mary Gee, Arlen DeBeir, Stan Brookins, Arlyn Clark, Jim Paulsen. Page 222 Now we have com- pleted our third year on This campus, and we cull have reached a higher level of maturity. Most of us can call ourselves on individual,- we are not so completely depen- dent upon our peers for approval. We have learned To accept res- ponsibility, and we know what it is to work hard Towards a goal. Only one year of school separates us from c: waiting world, and we are eager to prove our- selves ready. Every day is a busy one. There are classes To go to, Teachers to see, meetings to attend, po- pers to write, and work to be done. Our school is getting larger; The compefition is getting stiffer. It wosn'f all work Though. Somehow we found Time to relax and enjoy ourselves. We all made new friends, and we Took time 10 enjoy their company. It was a good year. Page 223 Seniors From The lowest depths there is Cl path to the Ioftiesf heights. The tendency to persevere, to persist despite hindrances, discouragements and impossibilities dis- tinquishes the strong from The weak. The man without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder. Thomas Carlyle Page 225 Seniors Officers of the Senior Class - Dee Stillson, treasurer; Gail Sampo, secretary; Mr. John Cummings, adviser; Tom Bell, vice-president; John Madsen, president. Thinking back through the last four years produces mingled feelings of sorrow and icy, and bits and snatches of memories that will be cherished forever. Only snatches will be remembered, only minutes that were important . . . speeches to listen to . . . classes to go to . . . papers to sweat over . . . classes on the lawn . . . people rehearsing somewhere . . . campus leaders working towards something . . . new buildings, bricks and mud and ditches on the lawn . new teachers in the classroom . . . new faces . new plans . . .'0 time for class . . . time. Our time has come. The most important moment in our college career arrives May 30, when we receive that long-owoited diploma and prepare to demonstrate to the rest of the world that we are able to face the inevitable challenges of life. "May I . . . show an affirming flame." W. H. Auden Page 226 ths Who Carol Corpron Karen Koenings Nanci! Peebles Carol Seidl Michael Trudeau Z 3, z E 39W Zuehls John Mcdsen Page 227 ths Who Terrance Bradley J ohn Martinek ikowske Dennis Bon Barbara Dammcnn Katherine Noll Miles Iciu Pair Dennis Mick Page 228 Mary Schicker James Luzar Roseann Buldoun Wayne De Master Mary Lou Fisher Martha Eberle Page 229 RODNEY ALEXANDER Green Bay, Wisconsin Business Adminisiration RICHARD ALLEN LAURENCE AMEND DONALD AMUNDSON ARLAN ANDERSON Racine, Wisconsin Portage, Wisconsin Edgerton, Wisconsin Whitewater, Wisconsin Business Administration Business Administration Secondary Educaiion Business Administration PAUL ANDERSON Lake Forest, Illinois Liberal Arts FREDRIC BALES West Bend, Wisconsin Business Administration CARLENE ANDERSON Rockford, Illinois Secondary Education THOMAS BALDNER Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Business Administration PETER BAUER Manitowoc, Wisconsin Business Administration EILEEN ANDERSON Lakewood, Colorado Secondary Education ROSEANN BALDOUN Racine, Wisconsin Elementary Education KAY BECKMAN Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Elementary Education FREDERICK BAEHLER Mount Horeb, Wisconsin Liberal Arts CONSTANCE BANNERMAN Milwaukee, Wisconsin Elementary Education MARILYN BEHLING ROBERT BEERS Beaver Dam, Wisconsin Business Administration JAMES BEHLING West Milwaukee, Wisconsin Liberal Arts LOREN BEHRMANN Kenosha, Wisconsin Secondary Education JEFFREY BOCHER Two Rivers, Wisconsin Elementary Education DALE BOETTCHER Two Rivers, Wisconsin Secondary Education Oconomowoc, Wisconsin Elementary Education SARAH BEST Madison, Wisconsin Liberal Arts SUZANNE BINK Port Washington, Wisconsin Secondary Education THOMAS BELL Janesville, Wisconsin Business Administration MAURICE BJORNESTAD Walworth, Wisconsin Liberal Arts PATRICIA BERGWIN South Milwaukee, Wisconsin Business Administration JAY BIEBERITZ Valders, Wisconsin Business Administration MARIE BOKEMEIER Freeport, Illinois Business Administration JUDITH BOGNAR Greendale, Wisconsin Elementary Education PHIL BOLLHAGEN Milwaukee, Wisconsin Secondary Education Page 231 DENNIS BONIKOWSKE Waupaca, Wisconsin Secondary Education CONRAD BORMANN RICARDO BOUCHE CHARLES BRAGG MATHEW BREAKER Medford, Wisconsin David, Panama Ladysmith, Wisconsin Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Business Administration Business Administration Secondary Education Secondary Education DAVID BROWN Janesville, Wisconsin Business Education MARJORIE BURNS Clinton, Wisconsin Elementary Education HARRIET BRIGHAM Whitewater, Wisconsin Elementary Education DOROTHY BURDICK Edgerton, Wisconsin Elementary Education TED CALMES Athens, Wisconsin Business Education RONALD BRONSON East Troy, Wisconsin Business Education KATHLEEN BURNS Elkhorn, Wisconsin Elementary Education LARRY CANNADY Wausau, Wisconsin Business Administration SUZANNE BURSIEK Rockford, Illinois Elementary Education CAROLYN BRUHN Racine, Wisconsin Elementary Education Page 232 CARMEN CATANIA Whitewater, Wisconsin Secondary Education MARGARET CARROLL Janesville, Wisconsin Elementary Education KAREN CASADONTE Mequon, Wisconsin Secondary Education MARIANNA CATAN A Whitewater, Wisconsin Elementary Education RONALD CLARY Annawan, Illinois Secondary Education CONNIE CIGANEK Pewaukee, Wisconsin Secondary Education DENNIS CHASE Woukesha, Wisconsin Liberal Arts RICHARD CHERF Franksville, Wisconsin Secondary Education DIANE CLAUSSEN Milwaukee, Wisconsin Elementary Education CURTIS CHERRY Beloit, Wisconsin Liberal Arts BETTY CHRISTENSEN Chicago, Illinois Elementary Education PATRICIA CHRISUAN Kenoshc, Wisconsin Secondary Education ELLEN JOYCE CHOVAN Racine, Wisconsin Elementary Education SUSAN COATES Racine, Wisconsin Elementary Education JOAN COLLINS Kendall, Wisconsin Business Education PHYLLIS CORNELL East Troy, Wisconsin Elementary Education CAROL CORPRON Milwaukee, Wisconsin Elementary Education BRENDA COWELL Milwaukee, Wisconsin Elementary Education VERNON DAHLSTROM Ladysmith, Wisconsin Secondary Education DAWN CUSTER Oregon, Wisconsin Secondary Education BARBARA DAMMANN Wauwatosa, Wisconsin Elementary Education DAVID DAHLKE New Lisbon, Wisconsin Secondary Education CATHERINE DANKS Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin Elementary Education AGNES DALEY Columbus, Wisconsin Elementary Education Page 234 RICHARD CRABTREE Beloif, Wisconsin Business Administration KATHLEEN CULL Milwaukee, Wisconsin Business Education DOROTHY DARULA Kenosho, Wisconsin Elementary Education MARY DE BRUINE Cedar Grove, Wisconsin Business Education JOHN DELANTY Greenfield, Wisconsin Business Administration GERALD DAVIS Palmyra, Wisconsin Liberal Arts ERROL DOUGHTY KAREN DIGMAN Eagle, Wisconsin Waterford, Wisconsin Elementary Education Business Education WAYNE DE MASTER Oostburg, Wisconsin Business Education Stratford, Wisconsin Business Administration WARREN DORAU Wausau, Wisconsin Secondary Education Twin Lakes, Wisconsin KATHLEEN DOWNING Watertown, Wisconsin Secondary Education SUSAN DILLMANN Somh Milwaukee, Wisconsin Elementary Education FREDERICK EBLING Milwaukee, Wisconsin Secondary Education PATRICIA DUNHAM Jefferson, Wisconsin Secondary Education MARTHA EBERLE Trevor, Wisconsin Elementary Education Sheboygon Falls, Wisconsin Secondary Education PHYLLIS DRECHSLER Milwaukee, Wisconsin Secondary Education ALTHEA DREW Kenosha, Wisconsin Elementary Education DIAN EISFELDT Watertown, Wisconsin Elementary Education Page 235 DENNIS ERDMANN West DePere, Wisconsin e , , s a . Au Business Administration ' V ,. ANTHONY ESPEY PETER ETTER GWEN EVANS JANET EVERSON McHenry, Illinois Waukesha, Wisconsin Racine, Wisconsin Neenah, Wisconsin Business Administration Elementary Education Elementary Education Business Education MARY FENZL Milwaukee, Wisconsin Elementary Education JEFFREY FRASER Racine, Wisconsin Elementary Education LORNA EVERSON Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin Secondary Education MARY LOU FISHER West Allis, Wisconsin Elememory Education MARLENE FREHNER Palmyra, Wisconsin Elementary Education MICHAEL FARINA Waukesha, Wisconsin Secondary Education DONALD FOWELL Viroqua, Wisconsin Elementary Education FRANK FREIMARK South Milwaukee, Wisconsin Business Administration GEORGE FETTY Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin Business Administration BARBARA FREAS Madison, Wisconsin Elementary Education Page 236 SANDRA GEORGE Milwaukee, Wisconsin Liberal Arts LOUISE FUERSTENBERG Whitewater, Wisconsin Elementary Education JEFFREY GILMAN Whitewater, Wisconsin Elementary Education JUDITH GEHNER Madison, Wisconsin Elementary Education HELEN FRIEDMANN Milwaukee, Wisconsin Liberal Arts TIMOTHY GIRARD Oconomowoc, Wisconsin Secondary Education VICTORIA GEISE Waterloo, Wisconsin Secondary Education JUDITH FUERSTENBERG Lancaster, Wisconsin Business Administration JEAN GIBBS Wauwatosa, Wisconsin Elementary Education THOMAS GALKO Milwaukee, Wisconsin Business Administration MARIA GLOJEK THOMAS GOLDEN RICHARD GONIU JEAN GORDON Wauwatosa, Wisconsin Antioch, Illinois Milwaukee, Wisconsin Wauconda, Illinois Elementary Education Business Administration Business Administration Elementary Education BARBARA GRABOW Racine, Wisconsin Elementary Education Page 237 KENNETH GREENE Hayward, Wisconsin Business Administration SALLY GREENLEE MICHAEL GREENWALD MARY GREIF NANCY GRIESBURG Lake Mills, Wisconsin Powers Lake, Wisconsin Pewaukee Lake, Wisconsin Milwaukee, Wisconsin Business Education Secondary Education Elementary Education Business Education LAWRENCE GUNDRUM Kewaskum, Wisconsin Liberal Arts JAMES HAMELE Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Liberal Arts ANITA GULLICKSON Sun Prairie, Wisconsin Elementary Education JOHN GUSTAFSON Kenosha, Wisconsin Business Administration LARRY HANNA Wauwatosa, Wisconsin Elementary Education RICHARD GUMM Milwaukee, Wisconsin Business Administration s WW JUDITH HAEDT Omro, Wisconsin Elementary Education KRISTlNE HANSEN New Berlin, Wisconsin Elementary Education ALVIN GUMZ Rudolf, Wisconsin Business Administration WILLIAM HAMILTON Waukesha, Wisconsin Business Administration Page 238 ROY HANSON MARY HEINE Viroqua, Wisconsin Hariland, Wisconsin Secondary Education Liberal Arts ROLF HANSEN Madison, Wisconsin Business Administration LANA HARTFORD Oconomowoc, Wisconsin Elementary Education LEE HENDRICKS Casco, Wisconsin Business Administration DIANE HANSON Racine, Wisconsin Business Education ROBERT HAY Elgin, Illinois Business Administration JAMES HERMAN Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin Business Administration SALLY HARMANN Mukwonago, Wisconsin Business Education EVELYN HEINIGER Madison, Wisconsin Elementary Education KATHLEEN HOEHNE CAROL HOESLY JACK HOFFMAN GARRETT HOLLING Whitewater, Wisconsin Brodhead, Wisconsin Oostburg, Wisconsin Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Business Education Elementary Education Business Education Business Administration WILLIAM HOLLINGSWORTH West Allis, Wisconsin Business Administration Page 239 JOHN HOLY Kenosha, Wisconsin Secondary Education KENNETH HOLZ RONALD HOPPE ARLENE HOPPMANN THOMAS HOTTER Muskego, Wisconsin Shawano, Wisconsin Madison, Wisconsin Jefferson, Wisconsin Secondary Education Business Education Elementary Education Secondary Education SHARON HUNTER Whitewater, Wisconsin Liberal Arts RONALD ISAAC Cooksville, Ontario, Canada Liberal Arts WILLIAM HOWARD Beloit, Wisconsin Business Administration BARBARA HUSTING Brookfield, Wisconsin Business Education DANIEL JACOBSON Waterford, Wisconsin Secondary Education CATHERINE HUBBARD East Troy, Wisconsin Secondary Education MARY IRVING Kenosha, Wisconsin Elementary Education DONALD JACQUART Hurley, Wisconsin Business Administration STEPHEN HUNTER Whitewater, Wisconsin Business Administration MICHAEL ISELIN Lyons, Wisconsin Business Administration Page 240 DOROTHY JAEGER Ashippun, Wisconsin Elementary Education LEE JAY Milwaukee, Wisconsin Elementary Education PAUL JOSEPH Lakewood, Wisconsin Secondary Education ROGER JENRICH Milwaukee, Wisconsin Secondary Education w 1' SANDRA JENSEN Racine, Wisconsin Elementary Education LARRY JERDEE Brooklyn, Wisconsin Business Administration KEITH JENSEN Dwight, Illinois Business Administration DOUGLAS JULIUS Racine, Wisconsin Elementary Education JOHN KAFER Delafield, Wisconsin Liberal Arts JEFFREY JOHNSON Beloit, Wisconsin Liberal Arts RICHARD JOHNSON Stamford, Connecticut Business Administration RITA JORSTAD Madison, Wisconsin Elementary Education LARRY JOHNSON Rockford, Illinois Secondary Education YVONNE KALSCHEUR Cross Plains, Wisconsin Elementary Education MARIE KARCZEWSKI Milwaukee, Wisconsin Elementary Education Page 241 MARILYN KAUTH Evansville, Wisconsin Secondary Education KAREN KENDERS PATRICIA KENNEDY WILLIAM KENYON GEORGIA KESTOL Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Rockfon, Illinois Park Falls, Wisconsin Janesville, Wisconsin Business Education Business Education Business Administration Liberal Arts SUSAN KOPP Port Washington, Wisconsin Business Education DAVID KNURR Mukwonago, Wisconsin Elementary Education SALLY KOSANKE Oconomowoc, Wisconsin Elementary Education WAYNE KOCH Hcrtland, Wisconsin Secondary Education MARY KLEIN Hartford, Wisconsin Elementary Education GARY KLOTZ KAREN KOENINGS INGRID KREMER West Allis, Wisconsin Racine, Wisconsin Libertyville, Illinois Liberal Arts Secondary Education Elementary Education KENNETH KNUTESON Whitewater, Wisconsin Business Administration JOHN KORRISON Madison, Wisconsin Business Administration Page 242 RICHARD LA CERTE Wausau, Wisconsin Business Administration BARBARA KUB Milwaukee, Wisconsin Elementary Education KAREN LANGER Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Elementary Education WILLIAM KRENGER Shawano, Wisconsin Business Education WILLIAM KWAPIL Watertown, Wisconsin Business Administration ILENE LARSON Coon Valley, Wisconsin Business Education HERB KRITZ Whitewater, Wisconsin Business Administration JOHN LA BRASCA Racine, Wisconsin Elementary MARJORIE LADEWIG Waukesha, Wisconsin Elementary Education JAMES KUJAWSKI Pewaukee, Wisconsin Business Administration ROBERT LARSEN WILLIAM LASSOW RAYMOND LAST KATHLEEN LEACH Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin Wausau, Wisconsin Whitewater, Wisconsin Whitewater, Wisconsin Business Administration Business Administration Business Education Elementary Education JUDITH LEAN Palmyra, Wisconsin Elementary Education DONALD LEE Beloif, Wisconsin Business Administration SUSAN LEE LARRY LEERHOFF ROBERT LEHMANN CAROLE LEIBACH Buyside, Wisconsin Leaf River, Illinois Hustisford, Wisconsin McHenry, Illinois Elementary Education Business Administration Business Administration Elementary Education JANET LUTZ Kenosha, Wisconsin Elementary Education GENE LISIECKI Whitewater, Wisconsin Secondary Education fi JOHN LEIDEL Milwaukee, Wisconsin Business Administration JOHN MADSEN Amery, Wisconsin Business Education JANE LUDERUS Milwaukee, Wisconsin Elementary Education MERRILY MADSEN Racine, Wisconsin Elementary Education LARITH LUDTKE Waterford, Wisconsin Secondary Education JUDITH LENTH Crystal Lake, llinois Elementary Education JAMES LUZAR Kenosha, Wisconsin Business Administration RICHARD LUBENOW Milwaukee, Wisconsin Liberal Arts Page 244 VICTOR MAROT Milwaukee, Wisconsin Secondary Education BEVERLY MARKING Janesville, Wisconsin Liberal Arts MAVlS-ANN MARKWORTH Milwaukee, Wisconsin Secondary Education ALAN MARSHALL Whitewater, Wisconsin Secondary Education JAMES MAST Whitewater, Wisconsin Business Administration DONALD MAY Menomonie, Wisconsin Business Administration M. DIANALEE MARTINIAK Waukeshu, Wisconsin Secondary Educaiion JUDY MASON Belvidere, Illinois Elementary Education DONNA MARTIN Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Elementary Education SALLY MASON Palmyra, Wisconsin Secondary Education JOHN MARTINEK Cuduhy, Wisconsin Secondary Education ROBERT MARTINSON Burlington, Wisconsin Business Administration JILL MAYHEW Greenbush, Wisconsin Business Education CECILIA MAZURKIEWICZ Kenosha, Wisconsin Elementary Education JUDITH Mc CARTHY West Allis, Wisconsin Business Education Page 245 JU'E Mc DOUGALL Ashland, Wisconsin Business Administration IDA MEHRE Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin Business Education JANE MEINGAST Jonesville, Wisconsin Elementary Education Page 246 PAUL Mc KENZIE Waukesha, Wisconsin Secondary Education DELORES MELL Sun Prairie, Wisconsin Elementary Education THOMAS MELLONIG Milwaukee, Wisconsin Secondary Education JANE MEACHAN JAMES MEADOWS BARBARA MEDOWER Mazomanie, Wisconsin Whitewater, Wisconsin Milwaukee, Wisconsin Elementary Education Business Administration Business Administration MARILYN MEYER Racine, Wisconsin Business Education JOAN MELVILLE DENNIS MICK Colgate, Wisconsin Kenosha, Wisconsin Elementary Education Liberal Arts MARION MERTZ Milwaukee, Wisconsin Elementary Education PATRICIA MILES Reedsburg, Wisconsin Elementary Education STEPHEN MEYER Argyle, Wisconsin Business Administration JOAN MILLER Milwaukee, Wisconsin Secondary Education JAMES B. MILLER Whitewater, Wisconsin Secondary Education JAMES D. MILLER Madison, Wisconsin Liberal Arts PATRICIA MILLER Madison, Wisconsin Elementary Education MADELINE NICKOLAI Janesville, Wisconsin Liberal Arts RICHARD NEU Kenosha, Wisconsin Secondary Education SHARON MILLER Racine, Wisconsin Elementary Education NADA MOELLER Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Business Education KIRBY NICOL Shannon, Illinois Secondary Education MARSHA MOTH Pecatonica, Illinois Secondary Education GORDON NELSON Milton Junction, Wisconsin Elementary Education PHILLIP NELSON Orfordville, Wisconsin Liberal Arts RICHARD MOYSE Whitewater, Wisconsin Liberal Arts JOHN NOESEN Wauwatoscl, Wisconsin Business Administration KATHERINE NOLL Racine, Wisconsin Secondary Education Page 247 MARIE NORTHEY Sullivan, Wisconsin Eiementary Education SYLVIA NORTHEY JANET OAK FRANK O'BRIEN CAROLYN OLSON Dousman, Wisconsin Oconomowoc, Wisconsin Fort Aikinson. Wisconsin Waukegan, Hlinois Liberal Arls Elementary Education Liberal Arts Elementary Education DAVID ONDERCIN Whitewater, Wisconsin Secondary Education NICHOLAS PAPE Reedsburg, Wisconsin Secondary Education LA VERNE OLSON Larsen, Wisconsin Business Administration CARL PAGEL Jonesvilie, Wisconsin Liberal Arts GAARDER PAYNTER Whitewater, Wisconsin Business Administration MARGARET OLSON Wouwofoso, Wisconsin Business Education DARLENE PAGEL Hilbert, Wisconsin Business Education KENNETH PEDERSEN Palatine, Illinois Business Administration KATHLEEN PAAP Frcnksville, Wisconsin Elementary Education ROBERT PAVLIK South Milwaukee, Wisconsin Secondary Education PATRICIA PETERS Walworth, Wisconsin Elementary Education SANDRA PETERSON Union Grove, Wisconsin Elementary Education RICHARD PLADIES Mukwonugo, Wisconsin Liberal Arts NANCY PEEBLES Beloif, Wisconsin Elementary Education KAREN H. PETERSON Suamico, Wisconsin Business Education JUDII'H PENN Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Elementary Education KAREN M. PETERSON Garden Prairie, Illinois Elementary Education CHARLES POLGLAZE Janesville, Wisconsin Business Administration ANN PIEHL Racine, Wisconsin Elementary Education JO ANN PETERSEN Mukwonago, Wisconsin Elementary Education MARGARET PORTER ROBERT POTTER CAL RABAS JOHN RABATA Janesville, Wisconsin South Milwaukee, Wisconsin Green Bay, Wisconsin Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Liberal Arts Business Administration Business Administration Elementary Education KATHLEEN RADEWAN Racine, Wisconsin Business Education Page 249 PATSY RAIRDIN Belvidere, Illinois Elementary Education ESTHER RATHERT ROBERT REWALD DAVID RHODES ALLEN RIBBECK Janesville, Wisconsin Lyons, Wisconsin DePere, Wisconsin Milwaukee, Wisconsin Elementary Education Liberal Arts Secondary Education Business Education GEORGE RODMAN Madison, Wisconsin Liberal Arts ALLEN ROSE West Allis, Wisconsin Liberal Arts SUSAN SALTZMAN Madison, Wisconsin Elementary Education DAVID ROBERTS Rio, Wisconsin Secondary Education TERRY ROGLITZ Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Secondary Education JUDY ROBERTS Milwaukee, Wisconsin Business Education CAROLYN ROLFS Black Earth, Wisconsin Elementary Education GAIL SAMPO Milwaukee, Wisconsin Elementary Education GARY ROGERS Belvidere, Illinois Business Administration .' GORDON ROTH Delavan, Wisconsin Secondary Education Page 250 LINDA SCHELM Helenville, Wisconsin Elementary Education DONNA SCHAEFER Muskego, Wisconsin Elementary Education HELEN SCHAEFER West Bend, Wisconsin Business Education ALICE SCHERER Burlington, Wisconsin Elementary Education BARBARA SCHMIDT Milwaukee, Wisconsin Elementary Education VIOLET SCHMIDT Kenosha, Wisconsin Elementary Education GARY SMITH Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Business Administration MARY SCHICKER Jefferson, Wisconsin Business Education LAWRENCE SCHMITZ Plymouth, Wisconsin Business Administration SUSAN SCHINDLER New Glarus, Wisconsin Business Administration 39? is, f. M, BARBARA SCHMAL Johnson Creek, Wisconsin Business Education RICHARD SCHMELING Kohler, Wisconsin Business Education SANDRA SCHLESNER Delofield, Wisconsin Elementary Education JOHN SCHMOLL Milwaukee, Wisconsin Business Administration ELAINE SCHNEEBERGER Evansville, Wisconsin Elementary Education Page 251 LONITA SCHNEINDER Peshtigo, Wisconsin Business Education WAYNE SCHNITGER CAROL SCHULTZ LESLIE SCHULTZ RUTH ANN SCHULTZ Watertown, Wisconsin Salem, Wisconsin Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Kenosha, Wisconsin Business Administration Elementary Education Secondary Education Elementary Education ROBERT SEILER Portage, Wisconsin Business Administration ROBERT SHAGER Monroe, Wisconsin Secondary Education JUDITH SCHWAN Madison, Wisconsin Elementary Education DENISE SELL New Holstein, Wisconsin Elementary Education PAUL SHEBESTA Wauwatosa, Wisconsin Business Administration CAROL SEIDL Morshfield, Wisconsin Business Education PAUL SEVERSIKE Federal Way, Washington Elementary Education TERENCE SHELDON Milwaukee, Wisconsin Business Administration WILLIAM SEILER Shorewood, Wisconsin Secondary Educcnion DONALD SHEBESTA Janesville, Wisconsin Elementary Education Page 252 LARRY SKAFF La Crosse, Wisconsin Business Administration STEPHEN SHERRY Whitewater, Wisconsin Secondary Education RHODA SHERWOOD Portage, Wisconsin Liberal Arts DOROTHY SLATER Wauwatosa, Wisconsin Business Education JOSEPH SPOKE Deiafieid, Wisconsin Business Administration KAREN SPONGBERG Rockford, Illinois Business Education BETTY JAYNE SMITH Milwaukee, Wisconsin Liberal Arts LANI SMITH Suring, Wisconsin Liberal Arts VIRGINIA STALBAUM Waukesha, Wisconsin Elementary Education ROBERT SMITH Boroboo, Wisconsin Business Administration DEAN SOMMERS Tompico, Illinois Liberal Arts BERNARD SPAETH West Bend, Wisconsin Business Education MARY JO SNIDERWIN Mukwonago, Wisconsin Elementary Education ELIZABETH STEINBERGER Denmark, Wisconsin Business Administration JOELLEN STENULSON Black River Falls, Wisconsin Business Education Page 253 ROGER STEVENS Rockford, Illinois Business Administration RUSSELL STEVENS Melrose, Wisconsin Elementary Education KATHLEEN STRINGER Milwaukee, Wisconsin Business Education NANCY STOLTMANN Milwaukee, Wisconsin Elementary Education JANICE STRACK Rockton, Illinois Elementary Education BARBARA STUBE West Bend, Wisconsin Elementary Education Page 254 MARSHALL STEWART Park Ridge, lllinois Business Administration DON SWARTZ Burlington, Wisconsin Business Education IRVIN SWINEHART Oconomowoc, Wisconsin Business Administration JOHN STODOLA Sarona, Wisconsin Business Administration GOLDIE STILLSON Antioch, Illinois Secondary Education ROY SWISHER Whitewater, Wisconsin Business Administration FRED TERP Manitowoc, Wisconsin Business Administration BEATRICE TERWALL Kenosho, Wisconsin Secondary Education VERONICA SZELIGA Kenosha, Wisconsin Business Administration JEROME TESKA Racine, Wisconsin Secondary Education CAROL TESSER Walworth, Wisconsin Elememary Education MICHAEL TRUDEAU Green Bay, Wisconsin Business Administration VIRGINIA THOMAS Palmyra, Wisconsin Elementary Education MARY THOMPSON Wauwatosa, Wisconsin Elementary Education MARY ANN VAN CURA Milwaukee, Wisconsin Business Administration ROBERT THOSTENSON Edgerton, Wisconsin Elementary Education GERALD THORSTAD Wautomu, Wisconsin Business Administration DANIEL VARBLE Rockford, lllinois Business Administration LEE TODD Racine, Wisconsin Secondary Education BARBARA TOELLE Freeport, lllinois Business Administration JOHN VESBACH Muskego, Wisconsin Business Administration PATTI TOTTEN Whitewater, Wisconsin Elementary Education RONALD TRAVIS Burlington, Wisconsin Liberal Arts is; Es EUGENE VINCENT Monroe, Wisconsin Elementary Education Page 255 MARGARET VOGT Whitewater, Wisconsin Elmenfary Education GERALD VOY Horicon, Wisconsin Business Administration CURTIS WASSBERG Whitewater, Wisconsin Business Administration JOHN WANDRY Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Business Education RICHARD WARREN Whitewater, Wisconsin Business Administration DAVID WATZKE Portage, Wisconsin Business Administration Page 256 WAYNE WAHLBERG Beloif, Wisconsin Business Administration GARY WEBB West Allis, Wisconsin Elementary Education DORIS WEEDEN Beloit, Wisconsin Elementary Education CAROLE WAITE Kenosha, Wisconsin Elementary Education FLOYD WEEKS Monroe, Wisconsin Business Education RONALD WEIS Union Grove, Wisconsin Business Education CHERYL WALTERS Elkhorn, Wisconsin Elementary Education ARLENE WESEMANN Watertown, Wisconsin Secondary Education BARBARA WESTCOTT Pewaukee, Wisconsin Elementary Education MARILYN WIEGNER Pewaukee, Wisconsin Business Education MAXINE WESTPHAL East Troy, Wisconsin Elementary Education DONA WIEDENHEFT East Troy, Wisconsin Elementary Education SANDRA WIENKE New Berlin, Wisconsin Elementary Education ETHEL WILTON Eagle, Wisconsin Secondary Education THOMAS WISKOW Milwaukee, Wisconsin Business Administration BARBARA WILEAR Delavan, Wisconsin Elementary Education CAROLE WIERSUM Kenosha, Wisconsin Elementary Education MARGARET WILLIAMS Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Elementary Education JEANNE WILDE Sfoughton, Wisconsin Business Education THOMAS WILLS Milwaukee, Wisconsin Liberal Arts JUDITH WILLIAMS Waukesho, Wisconsin Business Education SANDRA WITTMAN Des Plaines, Illinois Secondary Education ALAN WOELFEL New Holstein, Wisconsin Business Administration GERALD WOLF West Bend, Wisconsin Business Administration Page 257 NORMAN WOOD E Oconomowoc, Wisconsin Business Administration 1 z NANCY WOSILAIT ELLEN WOYWOT PATRICIA WYSS RONALD ZABEL Racine, Wisconsin Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Albany, Wisconsin Monroe, Wisconsin Elementary Education Elementary Education Secondary Education Business Administration BONITA ZEAMAN Jonesville, Wisconsin Elementary Education DONALD ZINKE Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin Business Education TIMOTHY DOOLAN West Allis, Wisconsin Business Administration JOSEPH ZAHRINGER Eagie River, Wisconsin Business Education MATHEW ZIMA Manitowoc, Wisconsin Business Administration DAVID ZARLING Milwaukee, Wisconsin Elementary Education JUDY ZIMMERMAN Mellen, Wisconsin Business Education PAULA HUSTY Milwaukee, Wisconsin Liberal Arts ELLEN ZERNICKE Bonduel, Wisconsin Secondary Education BETTYANN ZUEHLS West Allis, Wisconsin Business Education Page 258 ROBERT JOHNSON RICHARD POEPPEL EDWARD SABEY DeForest, Wisconsin Whitewater, Wisconsin Whitewater, Wisconsin Business Administration Business Administration Business Administration Graduation is a climax, but also a beginning. Page 259 Organizations Index Administration Associated Women Students ................................ 134 Association of Childhood Education .................... 115 AfhleTics Baseball Basketball .................................................... 184 Bowling ........................................................ 194 Cross Country ................................................ 182 Football Golf .............................................................. 191 Intramurols .................................................. 188 Track ............................................................ 192 Tennis ............................................................ 196 Wresfling ...................................................... 190 Beta Alpha Sigma ................................................ 71 Beta Beta Beta .................................................... 70 Best Dressed Girl .................................................. 136 Campus Veterans League .................................... 130 Cheerleaders Church Organizations lnter-Vorsity Christian Fellowship ................ 120 Kemper Club ................................................ 123 Lutheran Collegions ...................................... 122 Lutheran Sfudenf Association ...................... 121 Mercier .......................................................... 124 Scrooby ........................................................ 126 Wesley .......................................................... 127 University Religious Center .......................... 128 Circle K Classes Freshmen ...................................................... 200 Sophomores .................................................. 212 Juniors .......................................................... 218 Seniors .......................................................... 226 Concert Band ........................................................ 86 Concert Choir ........................................................ 92 English Club ........................................................ 109 Faculty .................................................................. 14 Flying Hawks ........................................................ 73 Forensics Fraternities Chi Delta Rho .............................................. 160 Phi Chi Epsilon ............................................ 162 Phi Sigma Epsilon ........................................ 164 Sigma Delta Pi ............................................ 166 Page 260 Sigma Tau Gamma ...................................... 168 Tau Kappa Epsilon ...................................... 170 German Club ........................................................ 111 Homecoming lce-O-Romo lnfer-Dormifory Council ........................................ 78 lnTerfraternity Council .......................................... 154 InTernoTionol Club ................................................ 110 Kappa Delta Pi .................................................... 62 Management Game .............................................. 112 Marching Bound .................................................... 88 Men's Chorus ........................................................ 91 Minneisko Music Educators National Conference ................ 84 Orchestra Ponhellenic Council .............................................. 138 Phi Beta Lambda .................................................. 69 Photo Staff ............................................................ 63 Pi Kappa Delta .................................................... 108 P1 Omega Pi ........................................................ 68 Radio Station ........................................................ 112 Rosemon Student Association .............................. 116 Royal Purple ........................................................ 66 Ski Club ................................................................ 129 Sororities Alpha Gamma Delta .................................... 144 Alpha Sigma ................................................ 146 Delta Zeta .................................................... 148 Phi Lambda .................................................. 150 Sigma Sigma Sigma .................................... 152 Special Services .................................................... 46 Student Council .................................................... 57 Student Union Board ............................................ 94 Theta Alpha Phi .................................................. 104 Tower and Town Players .................................... 105 Treble Cle1c ............................................................ 90 University Center Activities Board ...................... 95 W-eftes Whitewater Wits Who's Who .......................................................... 227 Women's Recreation Association .......................... 132 Young Democrats ................................................ 60 Young Republicans .............................................. 61 A Abbott, Geoffrey 192 Abel, Deane 210 Abdullahzadeh, Saifullah 110 Abshire, Roe 210 Acker, John 178, 210 Ackerman, Gene 211 Adamec, Michael 211 Adcmowicz, Suzette 66, 206 Adams, Janet 153, 221 Adams, Lynn 210 Addie, Jeffery 126, 209 Adelmon, Thomas 171, 197 Adsit, Keith 91, 211 Ahenburg, Dave 213 Ahlgrim, Jacqueline 211 Ahlman, Dennis 71, 220 Aho, James 210 Akulian, Janet 211 Albee, James 164 Albert, Bill 215 Albert, Francine 211 Albrechet, Susan 210 Albrecht, Jerry 213 Alden, Wayne 211 Aldridge, James 129 Alexander, Rodney 129, 230 A1f,Jim J. 162 Allen, Judi 217 Allen, Richard 163, 230 Allen, Stephen 164, 215 Ahheimer, Bengy 176, 178, 222 Alvarado, Carmen 60, 124, 209 Alvarez, Dan 157, 162 Amann, Judith 211 Amend, Laurence 79, 112, 154 162, 230 Ames, Bonnie 54, 57, 146 Amundsen, Donald 230 Anderegg, Joan 78, 146 Andersen, Arthur J. 63, 160, 222 Andersen, Barbara 210 Anderson, Arlan 57, 230 Anderson, Carlene 65, 146, 230 Anderson, Cathy 129, 210 Anderson, Cheryl 210 Anderson, Dennis 216 Anderson, Diane 211 Anderson, Esther 105, 216 Anderson, Eileen 138, 230 Anderson, James 210 Anderson, Judith E. 211 Anderson, Mariorie 211 Anderson, Paul 171, 230 Anderson, Richard 178 Anderson, Rickey 211 Anderson, Robyn 211 Anderson, Rodney 169, 211 Anderson, Sue 217 Anderson, Yvonne 129 Anding, Larry 176, 178, 215 Andis, Penney 69, 121, 214 Andracki, Gregory 210 Andraska, Patricia 152 Andre, Cheryl 146, 175 Andresek, Mary 211 Andrews, Joan 62, 68, 93, I48, 221 Ankele, Amber 216 Ankomeus, Darcy 90, 92, 93 Anosov, Jay 178 Arawinko, Sandra 210 Armagaian, Marianne 123, 134, 222 Armstrong, Annette 214 Arneth, Michael 211 Student Arpke, Stan 215 Arthur, Gloria 125, 213 Arthur, Virginia 93, 211 Artman, Sandra 211 Arzikovic, Susan 152 Ashamy, Sharon 211 Ashley, Kathleen 211 Aspatore, Bud 71, 168, 195, 196 Auer, Ronald 210 Austin, Cecil 91, 190, 213 Austin, Dale 210 Austin, Lorraine 211 Austin, Robert 163 Ayers, John 178 Ayers, Thomas 91, 211 Aylward, Liane 105, 106, 108 Aylward, Marilyn 105, 210 Baude, Bob 215 Baas, larry 210 Bach, Kristine 211 Bachhuber, Robert 211 Bachrach, Karin 210 Bocksmeyer, Mary 216 Backus, Michael 78, 165 Bade, Nancy 78, 109, 222 Badeau, Ann 84 Baehler, Fred 121, 230 Bagley, Robert 211 Bohr, Rodney 124, 211 Bohr, Sharon 146 Bohr, Terry 168 Baier, Darlene 214 Bailey, Ronald 162 Bair, Thomas 117, 161 Baker, Dale 163 Baker, Richard 126, 211 Baker, Susan 84, 93, 211 Baker, Thomas 211 Balbruith, JoAnn 124 Baldner, Thomas 69, 71, 230 Baldoun, Judy 210 Baldoun, Roseann 138, 146, 229, 230 Baldwin, Thomas 112 Bales, Fred 71, 169, 176, 230 Banaszak, Susan 211 Bannermcm, Constance 230 Banonse, William 178, 211 Bcranick, Dionne 215 Barczak, Cynthia 211 Barker, Barbara 211 Barloga, Jeff. 216 Bariell, Marilyn 210 Barth, Carol 216 Barth, Susan 65 Bartlett, John 210 Bartletf, Julie 90, 129, 211 Bartlolfic, Virginia 84, 210 Basile, Albert 162 Busting, Terry 78, 90, 213 Bates, Mike 216 Banerman, Barbara 101 Bauer, Georgia 129, 217 Bauer, Phillip 111 Bauer, Peter 95, 69, 230 Baughn, William 78, 116, 220 Baum, Jacqueline 65, 210 Bauman, John 176, 190, 214 Baumgartner, JoAnn 146, 175 Bauspies, Sharon 211 Baxter, Lynnette 211 Buyer, Sally 109 Buyers, Dan 131 Beach, Audrey 126, 210 Beacham, Jerry 78 Beclhen, Daryl 178, 189 Index Beals, Karen 117, 145, 222 Beuman, David 61, 93 Been, Ann 146 Beard, John 129, 171, 217 Beard, Richard 64, 129, 170, 220 Becher, Paul 210 Bechteler, Frederick 211 Beck, Jim 69 Beck, Linda 65, 211 Beck, Pot 213 Beck, Terrence 178 Becker, Dennis 93, 210 Becker, James 165 Becker, Roger 210 Becker, Robert 210 Becker, Stanley 210 Becker, William 162 Beckman, Kay E. 210 Beckman, Kay A. 117, 230 Beckum, Myles 211 Beek, Patricia 134 Beerbaum, James 162, 220 Beers, Dem 213 Beers, Robert 125, 128, 163, 231 Beeskau, Diane 117, 148, 213 Behling, James 231 Behling, Marilyn 153, 231 Behm, Alfred 211 Behrmann, Loren 111, 231 Beinlich, Jack 210 Beischel, Art 169, 170, 197 Beld, John 190, 210 Bell, Gene 216 Bell, Pete 169, 176, 192 Bell, Locklin 126, 210 Bell, Tom 52, 112, 226, 231 Bellman, Sandee 214 Bender, Gary 163, 197 Bender, Mardi 219 Benedetto, Louis 210 Bennett, James 220 Bennett, Janice 211 Bennett, Lynn 127, 210 Bennett, Susan 78, 152, 214 Benning, John 170 Bennington, Dean 209 Benson, Marilyn 210 Benz, Georgianna 105, 216 Benzel, Arthur 61, 91, 216 Benzschcwel, Diane 93, 213 Berendes, Carol 216 Berezowiiz, Robert 178, 189, 197, 215 Berholtz, Ken 215 Berg, Bonnie 210 Berg, Mary 153 Bergman, Donald 61, 93, 211 Berquisf, Renee 152 Bergstrom, Pamela 148, 219 Bergwin, Patricia 143, 152, 174, 231 Berkley, Linda 78, 222 Bernstein, Lynda 210 Berssenbrugge, Patricia 210 Berirandt, Timothy 211 Bertsche, Catherine 206, 211 Best, Sally 124, 231 Betz, Timothy 211 Beummel, Eugene 125 Beuthling, Romayne 214 Bewick, Patricia 211 Beyer, William 210 Beyerstedf, Judith 78, 101, 148, 221 Bidlingmaier, James 210 Bieberitz, Jay 231 Bieck, Jon 215 Bielefeldt, William 210 Bierdz, Elizabeth 65, 211 Bilse, Alon 216 Bindl, James 165, 218, 221 Bingham, Ruth 211 Bink, Suzanne 62, 144, 231 Bioletto, Peter 178 Bischoff, Sharon 213 Bisegger, Loren 216 Bishop, Blair 216 Bierke, Glen 210 Bierning, Dale 61, 211 Bierning, Mary 90, 149, 214 Biornesfod, Maurice 171, 231 Biornesmd, Linda 210 Blachy, Joe 63, 219 Bladow, Leroy 211 Blake, Victoria 121, 211 Blankenheim, Thomas 217 Blazek, Carolyn 213 Bliss, Hollis 178 Blomquist, Laura 214 Bloomquisf, Duane 210 81055, John 216 8101?, John 168 Bluemink, Mary Ellen 111, 148 Bluhm, Cheryl 69 Bluhm, Judith 78, 149, 222 Blum, Jerry 60, 211 Blume, Robert 216 Board, Richard 91, 184, 215 Boche, Phyllis 214 Bocher, Jeffery 164, 188, 231 Bochler, Lorraine 121, 215 Bock, Dennis 161, 217 Bock, Jerry 69, 166, 220 Bockhorsf, Paul 178 Bode, Lynne 217 Bode, Sandra 211 Boden, Barbara 211 Bodin, Sondra 78, 219 Bodmer, Diana 120 Boeffcher, Dale 231 Boettcher, Kenneth 210 Bognar, Judith 124, 148, 231 Bohuty, Brian 195, 210 Bohm, Wayne 219 Bokemeier, Marie 231 Bolender, Richard 176, 178 Bollenboch, Charles 211 Bollhogen, Phil 92, 93, 193, 192, 231 Bonikowske, Dennis 62, 164, 228, 232 Bonkrude, David 211 Bonner, David 162 Borenitsch, Sondra 210 Borkenhagen, Undo 210 Bormann, Conrad 171, 232 805, Janet 210 ' Bofhun, Bary 210 Bouche, Ricardo 110, 232 Bowhay, Gail 211 Bowker, Ron 72, 217 Bowyer, Judy 211 Boyd, Harvey 210 Boysa, Joseph 131 Bozik, Daniel 106, 108, 165, 221 Braatz, Mary 211 Bradford, Diane 90, 211 Bradley, Terry 162, 228 Brady, John 211 Bragg, Charles 170, 232 Brandt, John 217 Brandt, Ann 206 Brandt, Robert 78, 161 Branham, Dione 220 Brann, VeeJay 165 Braun, Kathleen 211 Brautigam, Peter 209 Breaker, Ma1thew 70, 232 Page 261 Bredeson, Sue 210 Breidenbach, Bonita 211 Breicha, Thomas 220 Brienzo, Daniel 190, 210 Brigham, Mary 216, 232 Bright, Patricia 210 Brimmer, June 125, 210 Brindley, Kathleen 211 Brockhorst, Paul 187 Brockman, Peter 210 Broker, Mary Ann 214 Bronson, Ronald 178, 232 Brookins, Stan 72, 222 Brooks, Kenneth 210 Brown, David 232 Bruhn, Carolyn 61, 232 Brummond, Gerald 211 Brunette, Clyde 210 Brunsell, Karen 211 Bruss, Ronnie 210 Bublitz, Don 214 Bubolz, Arnold 210 Buchberger, Dave 210 Bucherf, Diane 210 Bucherf, Paul 178 Buchholtz, Bill 215 Bucholtz, William 165, 188 Buchli, Carol 148 Bucholz, Lois 211 Buchta, Leland 124, 211 Budgins, John 133, 187, 211 Budgins, Robert 184, 185, 186 Buechner, Barbara 210 Buehre, Karen 210 Buell, Christine 211 Buenger, James 205 Buhl, Jim 214 Bunck, Thomas 211 Bunker, David 211 Burdick, Dorothy 65, 146, 232 Burhans, Rolland 215 Burke, Bonnie 211 Burke, John 211 Burke, Patricia 211 Burkhalfer, Anthony 210 Burkhammer, Stewart 176, 184, 188, 196, 197 Burmann, Bob 215 Burns, Kathleen 117, 152, 232 Burns, Kenneth 211 Burns, Marjorie 232 Burrow, Ervin 210 Bursiek, Suzanne 232 Burton, Gerald 214 Buscaglia, Mary 211 Busch, Duane 169, 176, 184 Busch, Paul 169, 176, 182 Buser, David 211 Bush, Sarah 90, 120 Bushman, David 215 Buskie, Down 217 Busse, Cheryl 211 Butler, James 209 Butts, Dennis 210 Bu'rzlaff, Susan 215 C Cademartori, Kathryn 210 Cadwell, John 210 Caesar, Nancy 210 Caflisch, Arthur 209 Cahill; James 70, 130 Cain, Tom 220 Caldron, Ron 215 Cullen, Nancy 220 Calmes, Theodore 69, 232 Campbell, Robert 209 Canepa, Richard 210 Canncdy, Beverly 79 Cannady, Larry 71, 232 Cantwell, William 209 Carlson, Carol 209 Carlson, Jack 129, 207 Carlson, Jeanie 209 Page 262 Carlson, Ray 69 Comes, Dennis 214 Carpenter, Ruth 213 Carroll, Margaret 84, 92, 93, 125, 233 Carroll, Terry 210 Carson, Christine 209 Casadonfe, Karen 109, 233 Case, Richard 165, 188 Casey, Connie 109 Casey, Helen 210 Casey, Jon 73, 131 Casey, Kathy 78, 120, 215 Cash, George 210 Casper, Jane 197 Catania, Carmen 84, 233 Catania, Marianna 117, 233 Caucun, Charlene 214 Cowley, Dianne 210 Cecchinelli, Linda 210 Cerney, William 222 Cerny, Elizabeth 209 Ceynowa, Lydia 221 Chadek, Gloria 126, 210 Chamberlain, Larry 210 Chambers, Lynn 215 Chapman, Richard 214 Chase, Cynthia 210 Chase, David 168 Chase, Dennis 160, 176, 192, 233 Chase, Nancy 213 Checofa, Jennifer 214 Cherf, Richard 70, 114, 233 Cherry, Curtis 233 Chevalier, James 126, 210 Chopp, JoAnn 90, 149, 213 Chovan, Ellen 233 Chovanoc, Sandra 115, 220 Christensen, Betty 62, 115, 233 Christensen, Jean 207 Christensen, June 219 Christensen, Kathy 207 Christensen, Paul 131 Christenson, Steve 221 Christiansen, Sally 93, 210 Christian, Patricia 233 Christianson, Carol 78, 220 Christianson, Cheryl, 210 Christianson, Cindy 213 Christianson, Kathryn 209 Christofferson, Jeffry 209 Cialdini, Arnold 169 Cigenek, Connie 233 Ciganovich, Maria 209 Cizmar, Kathy 216 Claridge, Thomas 209 Clark, Arlyn 192, 222 Clark, James 120 Clark, Jeanne 144, 216 Clark, Joan 175, 217 Clark, Ralph C. 221 Clark, Timothy 162 Clark, Thomas 215 Clarke, Duane 217 Clarke, Elizabeth 121, 144 Clary, Ronald 233 Clary, Sheila 79 Clauder, J. 210 Clausen, Marilyn 217 Cloussen, Dione 117, 122, 149, 233 Clay, WiHiam 209 Clemensson, Joan 152, 213 Clements, David 72, 210 Clermonf, Sharon 210 Clickner, Victor 209 Cline, Mike 220 Cnare, June? 153 Comes, Susan 134, 233 Code, Ann 209 Cohen, Jeffrey 163 Colbert, Michael 154, 166 Coldwell, Murguerit 210 Coley, Richard 209 Collins, Joan C. 125, 144, 233 Collins, Joan J. 93, 125, 210 Collins, Martina 134, 153 Collins, Patricia 124, 210 Comer, William 209 Comp, James 178, 180, 215 Condon, Mary 209 Conklin, lauren 210 Conley, John 217 Connor, Marlene 60, 65, 209 Conrad, Cathleen 57, 93, 152 Conrad, Melody 60 Conrad, Suzanne 149 Conrow, Sara 210 Conry, Barbara 57, 146, 159 Considine, Joan 209 Constantini, John 210 Coma, Daniel 210 Conway, Kenne1h 165 Coogan, Mary 134 Cook, Howard 219 Cook, Marian 209 Coomer, Robert 133, 187, 209 Cooper, John 209 Corbett, Charles 209 Cormio, Michael 63, 210 Cornell, Phyllis 234 Cornell, Dick 69 Cornetr, Donna 209 Cornue, Rhonda 90, 209 Corpron, Carol 52, 115, 152, 227 Correy, Ronald 126 Cosgrove, Robert 209 Cotfle, Linda 209 Couper, 6011210 Courts, Kenton 210 Covey, Dick 165 Covey, Ronald 209 Covic, Mitchell 68, 111, 161, 220 Cowell, Brenda 52, 115, 117, 149, 234 Cox, David 124 Cox, Kathy 213 Coyne, Pct 124, 210 Crabtree, Richard 234 Cromer, Sally 222 Cremer, James 93, 210 Cresswell, Marilyn 210 Criddle, Gray 220 Crist, Holly 217 Crombie, Judith 209 Cronin, Douglas 210 Crowley, Daniel 210 Crowley, James 210 Cucio, Mary 125, 210 Cull, Kathleen 104, 105, 234 Culver, Marilyn 124, 209 Curran, Herbert 168, 190 Curran, Lucinda 210 Curtis, John 216 Curtis, Sharon 93, 210 Custer, Down 234 Cuffs, Kathleen 209 Cypher, Sharyn 209 Cyr, Patricio 69, 213 Czarnecke, Shirley 209 Czosnek, Lawrence 178, 215 D Dachel, Bill 215 Dahl, Mary 209 Duhl, Wilmer 71, 170, 220 Dohle, Shirley 115, 216 Dahlke, David 84, 92, 93, 234 Dahlstrom, Vernon 78, 95, 171 234 Dahm, Susan 214 Dahms, Helen 210 Dolley, Diane 210 Dalany, Mary 210 Dale, Sharon 122, 210 Dulee, Roderick 178 Dales, Roger 161 Daley, Agnes 152, 234 Daley, Bill 209 Dallmann, Sharon 152 Dalton, Nancy 209 Dalton, Russell 209 Damianovic, Daniel 210 Dammann, Barbara 152, 228, 234 Dammann, Ellen 105, 217 Damuth, Susan 210 Dana, Sydney 210 Danby, David 210 Daniels, James 209 Daniels, Janice 208, 124, 128 Daniels, Kathryn 210 Danielson, Jane 209 Danks, Cathy 234 Dunner, William 131 Donnies, Kathleen 210 Darling, June 220 Darula, Dorothy 234 Daschen, Richard 217 Daugherty, John 210 Doumler, Walter 78 Davidson, Denis 164 Davidson, Suzanne 210 Davis, Douglas 126, 209 Davis, Gerald 234 Davis, Roger 71, 220 Davis, Steve 210 Davis, Wesley 209 Day, Joseph 131 Dean, Michael 166 Dean, Suzanne 129, 134, 152, 212 Dearth, Chuck 216 DeBauche, Willard 162 DeBeir, Arlan 73, 222 DeBruine, Mary 116, 234 Decker, Gary 69, 122, 164, 188, 220 Degner, Joan 122 Deignan, Kathy 65, 98, 134, 152 DeJardins, Dale 210 Delanty, Jack 71, 171, 234 Delony, Mary 90 Delmore, Ann 124, 211 DeLorio, Sharon 213 Delponte, Claudia 89 Demaio, Albert 169 DeMasfer, Wayne 52, 229, 235 Dennee, Jean 210 DeNure, William 166 Dennis, Gail 210 Dennis, Stephen 160 Depies, Eileen 216 DeQuaine, Jeanne 57, 209 Derrick, Richard 209 Derus, Thomas 209 Desing, Gerald 69, 72, 166 Dettmann, Charlene 209 DeVeau, Candace 61, 123, 210 Devenish, Ted 208 Dewerth, Barbara 214 Dexter, Patricia 210 Dezewiecki, Ann 124 Diamond, George 61 Dibble, Elaine 68, 121, 145 Dick, Kathi 215 Dickson, Thomas 168 Dicklin, Paul 104, 105, 106, 235 Dickmann, Stephen 106, 182, 209 Dickson, Carol 210 Diderrich, Jim 125, 215 Diduch, Lynne 144 Diedrich, Jim 222 Diekroeger, Jackee 90, 210 Dieringer, Roger 57, 161, 215 Dietrick, Mathias 210 Dietz, Pamela 209 Digman, Karen 95, 235 Dike, Richard 182, 209 Dillmann, Susan 148, 235 Dimond, Thomas 163 DiSalvo, Marlene 78 Disch, Dean 210 Dix, James 112, 235 Dixon, Jan 90, 129, 210 Dixon, Nan 90, 129, 210 Dobbrutz, Dennis 129, 210 Dobkoski, Dave 91, 171 Doescher, Louis 209 Duff, Pizzia 215 Dolensek, Karen 209 Doll, Sandro 124, 210 Demos, Larry 210 Donahue, Mary 209 Donner, Jim 182, 209 Donstad, Mary 215 Doolan, Timothy J. 162, 258 Dopki, Patricia 210 Dorau, Warren 61, 188, 235 Born, Phillip 60, 124, 210 Doroudian, Reza 110 Dorsey, Sheila 78, 222 Dorshorsf, Patricia 210 Doss, Joan 148, 222 Doughty, Errol 235 Douglas, Edward 91, 162, 178 Douglas, Sharon 115, 117, 148, 220 Dower, Lawrence 210 Dowidat, Mary Kay 217 Downie, Sharon 90, 210 Downing, Kathleen 129, 235, 152 Dozler, Patricia 209 Drachenberg, Rufhe 209 Drakulich, James 209 Dravis, Susan 209 Drechsler, Phyllis 62, 122, 148, 235 Dresback, Barbara 149, 214 Dretfwan, Carol 93, 210 Drew, Althea 235 Drew, Janet 146, 220 Driver, Dianne 120, 221 Drndak, Joyce 60, 213 Drought, Darlene 209 Drummond, John 210 Drzewiecki, Ann 210 Duba, Norb 209 DuBois, John 210 Duecker, Nancy 209 Duenow, Carol 84, 214 Duesler, Elsie 90 Duesler, June 126, 209 Duesferhodft, Edward 111 Dull, Joyce 209 Dums, Robert 165 Dunbar, Martin 160 Dunham, Jim 209 Dunham, Patricia 70, 235 Dunn, Patricia 210 DuPuul, Gilbert 211 Durfee, Michael 93, 210 Durkin, Donald 209 Dutton, Dorothy 115, 127, 221 Dymond, Michael 209 Dyson, Katherine 216 Dziuba, Alex 215 Earle, Dennis 127, 208 Easterday, Jlm 162 Eastman, Robert 208 Eberle, Catherine 209 Eberle, Martha 62, 229, 235 Ebert, Gail 210 Eben, Paul 178 Ebling, Frederick 117, 162, 235 Eck, Kathryn 115, 117, 121, 145, 214 Eckharf, Patricia 209 Eckerf, Ruth 209 Edenharder, George 62, 117, 222 Edler, Gerald 209 Edwards, Bruce 70, 91, 164 Edwards, Keith 78, 91, 129, 163, 190 Edwards, Robert 209 Egan, John 209 Eger, Christine 209 Ehren, David 91, 235 Ehrhardf, Christine 209 Ehrke, Loretta 209 Eichsfedf, Mary 209 Eisele, Phobe 209 Eisfeldt, Dian 235 Eliuson, James 209 Ellingham, Bonnie 78 Elliott, Richard J. 209 Ellis, Alan 60, 69, 209 Ellis, Betty 84, 206 Ellis, Suzanne 220 Elmer, Kenneth 209 Embrey, John 221 Embury, Daisy 209 Endres, James 63 Engel, Lawrence 170 Engel, Michael 209 Engel, Robert 57, 91, 94, 171 Engllbrecht, Richard 214 Engum, Annette 209 Epton, Alharve 209 Erdmann, Dennis 73, 163, 236 Erdmann, Larry 121, 209 Erdmunn, Richard 209 Erickson, Andrine 209 Erickson, Harvey 61, 120, 216 Ernest, Donald 70, 221 Ernst, Alice 209 Ervin, Todd 71, 221 Esmond, William 101, 168, 193, 213 Espey, Tony 71, 168, 175, 176, 236 Etter, Peter 62, 236 Ettlie, Judith 209 Efzel, Nancy 209 Eudaly, Daniel 209 Eulerf, Vernon 209 Evans, Gwen 146, 236 Evans, Reno 209 Evans, Richard 214 Evans, Robert 127, 208 Everard, Bruce 209 Evenson, Chuck 215 Everson, Janet 62, 68, 121, 149, 236 Everson, Lorna 105, 109, 117, 236 Exner, Kathleen 214 Ezerins, Vilnis 178 F Faber, Mary 209 Fahey, Jeanette 124, 209 Faillaci, Antonino 209 Falcone, Peter 209 Falkowski, Christine 125, 222 Falkowskim, Mary 211 Fanfa, Helen 126, 209 Farina, Michael 169, 236 Farr, Thomas 168 Farr, Timothy 184, 197, 221 Farrell, Rosemary 221 Febock, Lynn 209 Feddersen, Evelyn 208 Fedorovich, Nina 148 Felix, Stephen 129, 221 Fellows, David 209 Fellows, Henry 93, 209 Felfon, Richard 98, 162 Femrite, Jeanne 60 Fendrick, Susan 122 Fenne, Lynda 209 Fenney, Sandra 78, 95 Fenzl, Mary 236 Fergeson, Robert 209 Fernholz, Richard 168, 195 Ferries, Janice 129 Ferries, Diane 209 Fetty, George 236 Fiedler, Peggy 209 Figi, David 160 Filo, Kathleen 146, 159 Filo, William 124, 209 Filzen, Richard 209 Fine, James 63, 127 Fingen, Jerome 222 Fini, Raymond 129, 170 Fink, Charles 213 Fink, James 129, 209 Finley, Mary 110 Finnane, John 209 Finnegan, Thomas 209 Fischer, Arlene 209 Fischer, Janis 134, 210 Fischer, Linda 209 Fischer, Mary Jo 146, 209 Fischer, Thomas 197 Fish, Mary 78, 220 Fish, Ronald 78, 160, 212 Fisher, Mary Lou 209, 229, 236 Fitch, Ann 124, 216 Fitzgerald, Ann 134, 152 Fitzgerald, Robert 209 Flach, Thomas 163 Flatten, Marilyn 209 Fleming, Mariorie 133, 216 Flemming, Susan 60, 125, 209 Flinfrop, Linda 146 Flood, Patrick 184 Florine, James 209 Fluke, Teryl 115, 117, 213 Fode, Gordon 208 Fogarty, Gaye 146 Fohr, Thomas 165 Folkers, Sharon 209 Fonlke, Lyle 208 Fons, Russell 67 Forkes, Michael 209 Fosdal, Karen 120 Fosso, Richard 209 Foster, Linda 209 Powell, Donald 91, 236 Fowler, Judith 209 Fox, Douglas 217 Fox, Frances 208 Fox, Richard 222 Fragen, Carole 213 Frank, Eugene 209 Franken, Kristin 208 Franklin, Paul 213 Frankwick, Joanne 208 Fransway, John 209 Frantik, Harold 209 Franzene, Michael 207 Fraser, Jeffrey 162, 236 Frauenfelder, Joyce 129, 152 Freas, Barbara 146, 236 Fredericksen, Kristi 121, 133, 209 Fredrickson, James 124, 209 Free, Pat 122, 208 Freeman, Douglas 161 Frehner, Marlene 93, 236 Frei, Mike 217 Freimork, Frank 236 Freiiag, Ellen 133, 209 Freitag, Rick 211 Freitag, Steven 65, 209 Freiiag, Wynne 213 French, Gary 209 Frey, Jacob 209 Frey, Louise 208 Frey, Paul 209 Frey, Werner 129 Fricano, Wayne 171, 220 Friedlund, Gary 209 Friedmann, Helen 152, 237 Friedmann, Lois 208 Friend, Linda 211 Frierdich, Ann 208 Frish, Robert 160 Friske, Roberta 209 Frifsch, Sandra 125, 208 Froemming, David 170, 216 Fry, Fred 91, 208 Frystak, Frank 209 Fucilla, Robert 124 Fuerstenau, Jeanne 84, 90, 93, 213 Fuerstenberg, Judy 124, 237 Fuerstenberg, Louise 237 Fuhrman, Rosalee 208 Fullerton, John 209 Fulop, Thomas 208 Furlick, Richard 101, 208 Furlong, Mike 169, 176, 182 Furmun, Cheryl 68, 222 Fusek, James 166 G Gabbei, John 208 Gable, Connie 214 Gable, Gary 208 Gabrysiak, Larry 131, 163, 220 Gadinski, Martin 133, 209 Gain, Michael 222 Galaris, Thomas 93, 161 Galbraith, JoAnn 124 Galinowski, Mary 208 Galko, Thomas 237 Gollaher, Kathleen 215 Gallatin, Ruth 208 Galle, David 165 Galle, Joanne 208 Gallenberg, Bernard 69, 124, 207 Gamlin, Gary 178 Ganoung, James 178, 181, 192 Ganske, Gail 90, 208 Gardner, Ken 211 Garey, Alice 208 Garland, James 101 Garof, James 208 Garrioif, Anita 84, 90 Garske, Larry 165, 216 Gartzke, Connie 208 Gasfrau, Bonnie 125, 153 Gatewood, John 131, 208 Gau, Jerome 208 . Gauerke, Donald 163, 219 Gaulf, Mary 215 Gausfad, Patricia 109 Gavigan, Richard 160, 215 Gavinski, Marty 187 Gaworski, 148, 221 Gay, Carol 208 Gayhart, Dale 209 Gayhurt, Gary 133, 187 Geach, Donna 90, 93 Gee, Mary 65, 222 Gehner, Judith 134, 145, 237 Gehrmann, William 164, 217 Geiger, Karen 221 Geise, Peggy 208 Geise, Valery 78 Geise, Victoria 237 Gemmell, Sheila 208 Game", Cheryl 138, 174 Gendusa, Carol 208 George, Sandra 65, 106, 107, 108, 237 Geraman, Bill 189 Gerlach, Jean 126, 208 Gerling, Margaret 208 Germaine, Brian 208 Page 263 Gerred, Donald 220 Gerstnen, John 220 Gerstner, Tim 208 Gessert, Pamela 90, 125 Gesieland, Judith 208 Geyman, Richard 78, 170 Gibbons, Thomas 208 Gibbs, Jean 117, 237 Gibeauf, Arthur 207 Gibson, Donald 208 Gibson, James 219 Gibson, Peter 219 Gieschen, Fred 131 Gieschen, Peter 91, 131, 207 Giese, John 163 Gigowski, James 208 Gilbert, Patricia 208 Gile, Thomas 207 Gillis, Mary 217 Gilman, Jeffery 237 Gilpatrick, Robert 57, 9B, 169 Gimpl, Sandra 86, 220 Ginter, Phillip 209 Girard, Timothy 164, 189, 237 Gisselman, Dana 85, 127, 216 Giner, John 131, 215 Glendy, Bev 217 Gloiek, Maria 115, 237 Glynn, Patrick 163 Gmur, Roger 84, 91, 214 Gnatzig, Ellie 57, 62, 117, 152 Gobeli, Eugene 214 Gochenaur, James 182, 208 Gocker, Peter 178, 208 Goede, James 215 Goetz, Elizabeth 208 6010, Dave 208 Golden, Thomas 237 6011, Thomas 70 Golley, Dave 221 Gonion, Bill 214 Goniu, Richard 163, 237 Gonring, Tom 216 Gonzales, Samuel 207 Good, David 219 Gorder, Joan 90, 220 Gordon, Jean 90, 123, 237 Gordon, Ross 169, 178 German, Peggy 124 Gorst, Roger 221 Gossard, Carolyn 216 Gough, Archie 178 Gould, Marilyn 67, 146, 194 Graber, Rita 124, 209 Grabow, Barbara 152, 237 Grobow, Sue 149 Grace, Larry 163, 219 Graceffo, Anne 208 Graf, J 111 20, 208 Grof, Kenqxetw 60, 69, 215 Grafenouer; M1chae1 160 Groff, Jerry 219 Graham, Susan 208 Grall, Wayne 214 Gruml, Gary 211 Grant, Clemment 207 Grosser, Diane 208 Grafz, Ken 216 Graul, Evelyn 208 Graumcnn, Lou 208 Graves, John 124, 208 Graves, Todd 63, 121, 221 Gray, Dennis 91, 127, 207 Gray, Gary 69, 217 Grebe, Edward 207 Green, Gerald 208 Green, Walter 164, 213 Greene, Kenneth 154, 238 Greenhalgh, Michael 207 Greenlee, Sally 238 Greenquist, Jan 215 Greenwald, Michael 238 Greenwood, Jon 215 148, 165, Page 264 Gregersen, Bill 207 Greiber, Mary 215 Greif, Mary 52, 65, 113, 146, 238 Greig, Bill 216 Griesberg, Nancy 69, 117, 238 Griffin, Stephen 208 Griffing, Barbara 208 Griffith, Gary 208 Griffith, Patricia 66, 208 Griffiths, Joan 214 Gringle, Robert 166 Grippen, Ruth 127 Grise, Robert, 169, 195, 219 Griswold, Teri 146, 221 Gronke, David 207 Grofh, Barbara 208 Grover, Richard 208 Grow, Dick 207 Gruber, Jerome 214 Gruennerf, Thomas 170 Gruetf, Donna 57, 78, 146, 175 Gruhle, Roger 208 Grunduhl, Phyllis 69, 121, 215 Grzemkowski, Larry 78 Guagliordo, Judi 124, 214 Gudenkauf, Mary 115, 145, 222 Guendert, Gary 208 Gullickson, Anita 238 Gumm, Richard 238 Gumz, Alvin 161, 238 Gunderson, Robert 163 Gundrum, Lawrence 238 Gundrum, Marilyn 54, 78, 148, 214 Gundrum, William 208 Guse, Nancy 117, 222 Gustafson, Joan 149 Gustcfson, John 69, 71, 238 Gustafson, Philip 69 Gutenberger, Sharon 117, 214 Gwynn, Patrick 93, 207 H Hook, Kenneth 60 Haas, James 168, 219 Haas, John 208 Haas, Richard J. 169, 184, 213 Haasl, Ruth 146 Huber, William 207 Hackbart, Brian 208 Hacketf, Pete 208 Hadden, Nancy 78, 123, 214 Hade, Barbara 90, 208 Haedf, Judith 117, 238 Haen, David 208 Haferman, Eddie 208 Hagar, Beverly 208 Hagedorn, Celeste 65, 208 Hagen, James 207 Hahn, Thomas 208 Hahto, Sandra 208 Hoig, Kathy 65, 124, 208 Haigh, Burton 208 Haisch, Kathleen 208 Hake, Carol 207 Hall, Janice 208 Huller, Mary 115, 144, 214 Holvorsen, Carol 222 Holverson, Susan 90 Halvorsen, Bruce 129, 208 Halvorsen, James 207 Hamblin, William 207 Hamele, James 238 Hamerla, Chris 213 Hamill, Patricia 208 Hamilton, Pefer 106, 107, 108, 164 Hamilton, 238 Hamm, Dale 208 Hammerstrom, Richard 108 Hammond, Dennis 162 William 57, 160, Hammond, Robert 164, 188 Hommons, Norma 208 Hancock, Linda 214 Handrich, Larry 208 Hank, Richard 215 Honke, Dean 182, 208 Henke, Wayne 208 Hanna, Larry 170, 238 Hanrahan, Bab 216 Hansen, Dorothy 144 Hansen, Holly 214 Hansen, Joan 125, 222 Hansen, John Wm. 216 Hansen, Kristine 238 Hansen, Lowell 131 Hansen, Neil 208 Hansen, Rolf 73, 162, 239 Hansen, Thomas 57 Hanson, Diane 69, 148, 239 Hanson, Elizabeth 208, 215 Hanson, Rita 208 Hanson, Roy 62, 239 Hardginski, David 160 Harding, David 206 Harding, Frederick 61, 63, 213 Hardt, Donna 115, 216 Hardf, Phyllis 208 Hardy, Arline 90, 110 Harenburg, Judith 78, 222 Harland, Wayne 207 Harlow, Charlene 125, 129 Harlow, Florence 125, 208 Harmann, Sally 239 Hermes, Barbara 115, 222 Harms, Theodore 126, 208 Harper, Dave 61, 209 Horred, Pamela 93, 208 Hcrriman, William 91, 213 Harrington, Helen 124, 208 Harrington, Marionn 208 Harrington, Sherry 214 Harris, Kitty 129, 208 Harrison, Valerie 208 Hart, Floyd 131 Hart, Patricia 125, 208 Horfer, Eugene 163 Harter, Tom 71, 133, 222 Hanfiel, Joan 216 Hartford, Lana 239 Hurtiel, Joan 216 Hartling, William 208, 222 Hartman, Pamela 57, 81, 208 Hartshorn, Martha 67, 125 Hartwig, Marlin 206 Hurtwig, William 133, 187, 208 Hauser, Nancy 213 Harvanek, George 178 Harvey, Marilyn 208 Hassell, Chrys 208 Haug, John 208 Hauge, Carol 133, 208 Houge, Jeanene 208 Hauk, Richard 78 Hauser, Michael 168, 221 Hausser, William 208 Hey, Bob 52, 170, 239 Hays, Donna 208 Hebl, Thomas 217 Hedden, Diana 208 Hefty, James 169 Heiderich, Darlene 208 Heidt, Sally 124, 208 Heifetz, Lisa 65, 129, 208 Hein, Robert 71 Hein, Warren 62, 78, 166 Heindel, Mulory 161 Heine, John 207 Heine, Mary 149, 239 Heiniger, Evelyn 115, 117, 239 Heinrich, Joan 208 Heinzelman, Arlene 65, 78, 124, 128, 214 Heise, Charlene 93, 220 Heist, Thomas 217 Heiting, Janet 208 Helf, Marcia 208 Helfer, Julie 208 Helgeno, Harvey 217 Heller, Jim 211 Heller, Key 216 Hellmu'rh, Gary 213 Hellriegel, Vickilynn 208 Hellstern, Don 72, 208 Helser, Michael 171, 217 Henderson, Charles 93 Henderson, William 109, 164, 215 Hendricks, Judy 84, 90, 124, 208 Hendricks, Lee 171, 239 Hendron, Tim 216 Hendzel, Theodore 208 Henke, Ralph 169 Henning, John 221 Henning, Richard 52, 162 Henning, Ronna 93, 222 Henningfeld, Doris 124, 216 Henry, Joan 208 Hensler, Kay 57, 62, 68, 136, 148, 221 Heppler, Beverly 90, 135, 149 Herberg, Bonnie 68, 221 Herbert, Bill 78, 164, 222 Herman, James 69, 125, 239 Hermon, Michael 69, 208 Hermann, Burton 188, 208 Hermanson, Dorian 208 Herms, Lynn 208 Herrera, Rudolph 208 Herrick, Judy 208 Herwig, Jeanne 208 Herzig, Carole 221 Hesgurd, Becky 90, 208 Hess, June 208 Hess, Richard 169 Hetzel, Mike 154, 169, 176, 197 Heuser, Karen 208 Hickinbotham, Thomas 170, 217 Hildy, Deloris 208 Hilgort, James 162 Hill, Elizabeth 208 Hill, John F. 109 Hill, Len 176, 182 Hillman, Joyce 222 Hilton, Terry 208 Hinterberg, Diane 208 Hinton, John 217 Hintz, Ruth 217 Hinz, Jon 207 Hinz, Tom 161, 195 Hinze, Richard 69 Hiram, Esther 208 Hoar, Michael 208 Hodgson, Janet 65, 208 Hoefer, William 208 Hoef'r, Judith 208 Hoehne, Kathleen 149, 239 Hoernke, Chuck 208 Hoesly, Carol 115, 117, 238 Hofberger, Jonn 69, 121, 222 Hoffman, Audrea 213 Hoffman, Carole 208 Hoffman, Daniel 208 Hoffman, Dianne 134, 152, 155, 221 Hoffmann, Lawrence 208 Hoffman, Robert 78 Hoffmann, Audrae 120 Hoffmann, Jack 166, 239 Hohenstein, John 171 Hoke, Patricia 214 Holcomb, Dean 131 Holek, Darlene 208 Holland, Jim 208 Holland, Virginia 93, 208 Holling, Garrett 66, 94, 164, 239 1 29, Hollingsworth, William 52, 166, 239 Holm, Kristin 126, 128, 208 Holman, Christine 208 Holmer, John 208 Holmes, Lee 98, 166, 217 Holtan, John 213 Holte, Trudy 208 Holy, Jack 164, 240 Holz, Kenneth 7B, 160, 240 Holzer, Robert 219 Holzinger, Kurt 208 Homan, Richard 69 Honeck, Meribeth 146, 220 Hooker, April 90, 208 Hopemcm, Howard 184, 215 Hoppe, Ronald 168, 240 Hoppenz, Udo 111 Hopper, Charles 208 Hoppmann, Arlene 240 Hotter, Thomas 54, 178, 240 Hottmann, Dale 208 Houck, Robert 197 Hougen, David 215 Hough, Richard 123, 208, 213 Houseman, Richard 208 Houey, Chuck 131 Howard, Karen 129, 208 Howard, William 240 Hoyord, Robert 129, 170 Hubbard, Catherine 62, 65, 1 16, 240 Hubbard, Sharon 214 Hubert, Willard 208 Huckuby, Kathleen 146 Hudzinski, Raymond 207 Huebsch, Winifred 65, 208 Hueseman, Bonnie 208 Hughes, Daniel 133, 187, 209 Hughes, David 93, 214 Hughes, Gary 207 Hughes, Jonilee 78, 213 Hughey, Patricia 207 Hugl, Geraldine 213 Hulberg, Judith 207 Hulbert, Dennis 208 Hulka, Peter 215 Humbach, Gregory 176 Humbach, Mary 124, 207 Humer, Georgina 101, 105, 207 Huml, Donald 209 Hunsaker, Judith 207 Hunt, Kathleen 207 Hunt, Martha 146 Hunter, Diane 101, 207 Hunter, Sharon 240 Hunter, Stephen 112, 240 Hunter, Tom 219 Hurd, Sandra 93, 207 Hurelle, Judith 207 Husmcm, Ron 208 Husiing, Barbara 138, 148, 240 Husty, Paula 152, 175, 258 Hufcheson, Kaylene 207 Hutch, Curl 162 Hvam, Arden 170 Hynous, Vicki 110, 111, 222 Igl, Patricia 207 Imig, Beth 207 lngles, Chris 60, 207 Irving, Mary 115, 140, 240 Irwin, Michael 197 Isaac, Ronald 240 lsaacs, Willard 206 lselin, Gertrude 207 Iselin, Michael 165, 188, 240 Isleb, Penny 213 J Jablonski, Sally 125, 215 Jackson, Elizabeth 125, 148 Jacob, Louise 90, 125, 214 Jacobs, Nancy 207 Jacobsen, David 121 Jacobson, Daniel 240 Jacobson, Darlene 214 Jacobson, Donald 163 Jacobson, Ronald 163 Jacobson, Sandra 152, 207, 213 Jacquart, Donald 240 Jaeger, Dorothy 138, 145, 241 Jaeger, Ken 220 Jaggi, Mary 60, 214 John, Cheryl 84, 117, 126, 220 Jahnke, Kathleen 206 Johnke, Kenneth 207 Johnke, Larry 207 Juhnke, Richard 121, 222 Jako, Michael 207 Jakubowski, Dennis 207 Jamison, Gary 207 Jando, Judith 69, 124, 138, 144, 222 Janicek, Patricia 207 Janka, Patricia 208 Junk, Dennis 166 Jame, Dale 217 Janus, Lawrence 207 Jurfz, Robert 207 Jarvis, Robin 106, 219 Jay, Lee 241 Jefferson, Kathy 213 Jeffries, Ray 213 Jenkin, Alyce 207 Jenks, Louise 126, 207 Jenrich, Roger 241 Jens, James 190, 207 Jensema, Daniel 207 Jensen, Barry 166, 176, 178 Jensen, Karen 146, 220 Jensen, Keith 69, 241 Jensen, Sandra 241 Jenson, Gary 207 Jerdee, Larry 71, 241 Jerome, Jon 206 Jersfud, Rita 149, 241 Jewell, Lynn 65, 207 Jewerf, Dennis 207 Jewson, Nancy 175 Jinkins, Mary 148 Johannesen, Tom 207 Johns, Judith 207 Johnson, Ann 121, 214 Johnson, Barb 213 Johnson, Betsey 79 Johnson, Boyd 109, 213 Johnson, Carol 93, 129, 207 Johnson, Carolyn 61, 111, 219 Johnson, Craig J. 207 Johnson, Craig R. 207 Johnson, Donald 207 Johnson, Eleanor 60, 213 Johnson, Elizabeth 124, 207 Johnson, Floyd 131 Johnson, Gary 73, 160 Johnson, Glen 216 Johnson, Grant 207 Johnson, James R. 130, 215 Johnson, John J. 207, 215 Johnson, Jeffrey 171, 241 Johnson, Karen L. 208 Johnson, Karolyn 216 Johnson, Larry 241 Johnson, Linda 207 Johnson, Nancy 115, 148, 222 Johnson, Richard D. 178 Johnson, Richard E. 161, 215 Johnson, Richard L. 267 Johnson, Richard P. 166, 188 Johnson, Richard S. 69, 71, 241 Johnson, Robert 131, 259 Johnson, Sandy 101, 105 Johnson, Stanley 207 Johnson, Vicki 207 Johnson, Xan 61, 101, 105, 214 Johnston, Howard 207 Johonnotf, Mary 93, 207 Jokethcarf, Mary Jo 216 Jonas, Jeannine 84, 93, 207 Jondu, Judy 69 Jones, Beverly 121, 213 Jones, David 131 Jones, Dick 222 Jones, Harold 216 Jones, John D. 162 Jones, John E. 207 Jones, Louise 124, 217 Jones, Marcia 214 Jones, Patricio 210 Jones, Tom 216 Jones, Walter 91 Jonokuchi, Irene 219 Joseph, Edward 168 Joseph, Helene 219 Joseph, Paul 105, 168, 184, 185, 241 Jovcnovic, Albert 207 Joyce, Frank 207 Juech, Karen 146, 216 Juetf, Tani 207 Julius, Douglas 170, 241 JUlseth, Jeanne 84, 92, 93, 121, 215 Jung, John 207 Jurek, Kenneth 206 Jurkowski, Sandee 222 Juzenus, Walter 163 K Koblitz, John 206 Kaczmarek, Thomas 206 Kaeser, Beverly 69, 106, 206 Kafer, John 154, 161, 241 Kohl, Ralph 206 Kaifosz, Carol 206 chuske, Dolores 207 Kalbfleisch, Sharon 206 Kalscheur, Yvonne 241 K01", Ron 206 Kolvog, Mary 129, 136, 206 Kambach, David 165, 214 Kcmes, Douglas 206 Kanvik, Kathy 206 Kapheim, Lawrence 52, 57 Kapple, Linda 126 Karberg, Kent 168 Karczewski, Marie 134, 144, 241 Karl, Jean 115, 122, 220 Karl, Lynne 121, 144, 216 Karnitz, John 206 Karsfen, John 161 Kasukaitas, Cherryl 207 Kasten, Larry 129, 209 Kasten, Mary 206 Katzer, Ronald 206 Katzman, Dean 160 Kutzman, Lorry 206 Kcuth, Marilyn 242 Kayne, Judith 149 Keck, Ellen 207 Keck, Karen 221 Keil, Paulene 207 Keim, Edward 206 Kelbe, Pamela 146 Kelley, Dennis 161 Kelleher, Key 213 Kelley, Sharon 66, 206 Kelley, Susan 125, 206 Kelsey, Martha 206 Kelsey, Todd 207 Kemink, Carol 205 Kempf, Frank 215 Kempf, Joan 207 Kenders, Karen 242 Kennedy, Coleen 206 Kennedy, Pat 69, 153, 242 Kenney, Thomas 206 Kenyon, William 166, 242 Kepler, Sue 215 Kern, Jucquelene 134, 216 Kern, Mary Ann 206 Kerner, Elaine 206 Kerney, Torn 182 Kertz, Dennis 207 Keshemberg, Charles 206 Kestol, Georgia 65, 146, 242 Kefhcarf, Mary Jo 121 Ketterer, Andrew 91, 124, 206 Keuer, Patricia 206 KeUp, Ronald 91, 214 Keyes, Chris 213 Kieffer, Michelle 207 Kiehlbauch, Ken 120, 217 Kieliszewski, Leo 54, 168, 175, 176, 178 Kienasf, Mary 207 Kierslyn, John 222 Kilander, Mary 206 Kilkenny, Margaret 148, 206 Kilpin, Robert 170, 213 Kilps, Patrick 73 Kim, Joon 207 Kimball, David 207 Kimbrough, Thearfrice 90, 207 Kinasf, Cynthia 111, 219 Kincade, Noel 206 Kindschi, Roger 207 King, David 130 King, Janice 79 Kinzer, Ted 169 Kipitzke, Kirk 217 Kirkland, Kay 207 Kirsch, Wayne 213 Kissinger, Curt 168 Kizaric, John 206 Klatf, Pete 208 Klaves, Niles 207 Klein, Mary 115, 148, 242 Kleineidom, Donald 71, 217 Kleinheinz, Tom 170 Kleinschmidf, Robert 184, 207 Kleinstick, Roger 69, 206 Klemko, Vincent 170 Klemme, Nancy 84, 122, 207 Klempen, James 206 Klepel, Pa? 215 Kleppe, Paul 207 Klicko, Don 219 Klimek, Ruth 66, 206 Kline, Kenneth 206 Klingelhofer, Paul 131 Klinger, Suzanne 124, 206 Klotz, Carol 207 Klotz, Gary 165, 197, 248 Klug, Alice 61, 112, 207, 220 Klug, Arlene 61 Klugmun, Maurine 207 Klus, Kathleen 206 Knopton, Cecil 206 Knight, Alice 90, 126, 207 Knoblauch, James 54, 168, 176, 178, 189 Knoebel, Joan 134, 214 Knoflicek, Kathryn 206 Knott, Marsha 207 Knox, Karen 109 Knudsen, Richard 129, 215 Knudsen, Robert 160, 195 Knurr, David 242 Knuteson, Ken 242 Knutson, Thomas 78, 215 Koch, Wayne 78, 242 Koebbemon, Jeanette 153 Koehn, Roger 131 176, 188, Koenig, Stanley 131, 213 Koenigseder, Robert 206 Koenings, Karen 146, 227, 242 Koerner, Merodie 146, 194 Koertge, Nancy 115, 127, 221 222 Koeser, Nancy 207 KohI, Sharon 78, 174, 216 Kohlmann, Keith 165 Koiis, Patricia 57, 207 Kolander, Mary 125 Kollross, Michael 206 Kolmefz, Dean 217 Kolodzinski, Thomas 207 Kometer, Kay 207 Konieczka, Susanne 216 Konroth, James 206 Konz, Jerry 206 Kopczynski, Joseph 168 Kopp, Kenneth 131, 206 Kopp, Susan 242 Koppein, Larrain 133, 194 Korb, Kenneth 170, 217 Korrison, John 170, 242 Kosanke, Sally 62, 242 Koscik, Edward 79 Kosciki, Nancy 79 Koneman, Andrea 115, 134, 220 Kottke, David 204 Kozma, Kurt 207 Kraak, Audrey 123, 206 Krucher, Nancy 111 Kroczek, Kristine 207 Kraehnke, Ralph 91, 207 Kroetsch, Michael 206 Kramarczyk, Robert 207 Kramer, Dennis 206 Kramer, Gregory 207 Kramer, Jeanette 216 Kramer, Karen 122, 149 Kramer, Paula 206 Kramer, Phillip 221 Kramer, William 206 Kraut, Bill 215 Kringel, William 206 Krinke, Keith 213 Krantz, Bruce 207 Kranz, Terry 162, 176 Krose, Herbert 207 Kraus, Nancy 207 Krause, Gloria 93, 207 Krause, Kathryn 206 Krause, Roger 207 Krauski, L015 78, 149 Kravik, Kenneth 206 Krawczyk, James 207 Kremer, Ingrid 146, 242 Krenger, William 161, 242 Kressig, William 184 Kretschmer, Patrick 210 Kretz, Robert 207 Krier, Kathleen 135, 175 Kritz, Herb 243 Kroeten, Joseph 131 Kroeze, Hardy 207 Krohn, Marvin 206 Kroll, Jim 217 Kroll, JoAnn 207 Krostue, James 207 Kruberf, Victoria 78, 109, 136 Krueger, Dorothy 115, 149, 220 Krueger, Douglas 163, 197 Krueger, Frederick 215 Krueger, Kurt 166, 206 Krueger, Lynne 148, 221 Krueger, Marilyn 84, 90, 93, 122, 220 Krueger, Michael 222 Krueger, Wayne 207 Kruger, Robert 215 Krukowski, Tom 217 Krumpen, William 207 Krumsee, Allan 206 Krupal, John 72, 215 Krygiel, Martin 160, 217 Kub, Barbara 146, 175, 243 Kubocki, Bob 216 Kubehl, Larry 71, 163 Kubica, Sharon 61, 207 Kubifz, Koren 121 Kubitz, Lois 119, 221 Kubly, Gerald 93, 213 Kucken, Rosemarv 124. 216 Kuckkan, Roger 61, 206 Kudelka, Frank 207 Kuen, Fred 220 Kuhn, Arden 72, 160 Kuiawski, James 243 Kuklai, Mark 207 Kulikowski, David 206 Kulow, Herbert 78, 219 Kulp, Susan 207 Kumm, Erv E. 221 Kunderf, Barbara 101, 105, 207 Kups, Richard 206 Kurth, John 171 Kuykendall, William 206 Kwapil, William 164, 243 Kwicm, Ronald 206 L Lcabs, Allen 123, 206 Laabs, Rose 206 1 Laack, Fred 221 Laafsch, John 220 1 Laafsch, Timothy 72, 93, 215 LaBelle, Jim 217 1 La Brasca, John 243 1 La Budde, Geraldine 207 LaCerfe, Richard 170, 243 Lacey, Patrick 171, 217 La Count, Karen 207 La Croix, David 207 Lader, David 126, 206 Ladewig, Mariorie 144, 243 La Dousa, Thomas 64 Laebel, Gerry 221 LoFave, Louise 206 Lager, James 206 Lahti, Dennis 205 Lumoc, Judy 214 Lamb, Bruce 215 Lambach, Sonic 78, 101, 105, 128, 213 Lambert, Richard 91, 93, 206 Lambert, Robert 216 Lamendolu, Michael 162 Lamont, Barry 209 Land, William 84, 86, 91, 221 Lane, Donna 160, 206 Lane, Toni 207 Long, Daniel 129, 207 Long, Leo 206 Longer, Janice 206 Longer, Koren 243 Langguth, Robert 206 Lanigan, Judith 124 Larsen, James D. 165 Larsen, Julie 217 Larsen, Karen 93, 148, 221 Larsen, Nancy 207 Larsen, Robert 243 Larson, Edith 206 Larson, Gregory 60 Larson, Ilene 54, 55, 121, 145, 243 Larson, Keith 65, 206 Larson, Lonnie 78, 146 Larson, Mary Ann 206 Lcrum, Thomas 69, 221 Larvick, Kay 205 Lashock, Alan 206 Lass, Victoria 207 Lassow, William 72, 243 Last, Raymond 243 Lama, Suzanne 211 Lcmow, Carol 146, 220 Page 265 Lauen, Eugene 213 Laughlin, James 91, 171 Lauterbach, Mary 146 Lovold, David 206 Law, Dorothy 206 Lawler, Terry 206 Lawrence, John 220 Lawton, Kent 206 Loy, Laurie 206 Lay, Robert 176, 197 Loucock, Sandra 206 Leach, Kathleen 90, 127, 243 Lean, Judith 243 Ledanski, Nicholas 206 Ledger, Robert 207 Lee, Donald 162, 244 Lee, Susan 153, 244 Leeder, Kay 207 Leerhoff, Larry 69, 127 ,244 Leffel, Lynn 84, 207 Lehman, Susan 207 Lehmann, Robert 170, 244 Lehnerf, La Tosca 111 Lehr, Jean 134, 207 Leibach, Carole 244 Leidel, John 244 Leipzig, Mary 216 Lemanczyk, Joanne 207 Lemke, John 71 Lemke, Mark 69, 166 Lemke, Ron 207 Lemke, Shirley 122, 207 Lemunyon, James 206 Lenfh, Judith 115, 149, 244 Lemh, Roberta 146 Lemz, Clifford 206 Lenfz, Edward 206 Lenz, Charluyne 206 Lenz, Nancy 125, 222 Lenz, Ruth 207 Lesch, Marvin 190 Leslie, Craig 216 Lesmeisfer, Michael 207 Letter, John 170 Leverenz, Frederic 207 Lewandowski, Mary 93, 211 Lewis, Gary 206 Lewis, Norene 64, 134 Lewison, Dale 165, 188 Lichtenberg, Gary 71, 220 Liddicoat, Robert 207 Liddicoat, Richard 207 Liebach, Carole 115 Liedholm, Nancy 146, 194 Liegel, Lynn Rae 68 Liles, Jackie 124, 213 Lilly, Michael 215 Limbach, Mary 120 Lindaas, Eileen 60, 65, 207 Lindemann, Judith 207 Linderud, Naomi 120, 121, 206 Lindner, Greg 206 Lindsay, Phillip, 211 Lindsley, June 129, 206 Linzmaier, Jerry 222 Lippes, John 207 Lipperf, Jo Ann 207 Lisiecki, Bruce 207 Lisiecki, Gene 169, 244 Liska, James 52, 67, 93, 160 Lisko, Dennis 206 Lisser, Bryan 222 115101, Terry 207 Listwan, Mary 207 Lifherlcmd, Thomas 206 Litrenta, Edward 169, 176, 190 Litscher, Jon 188, 220 Livingston, Brian C. 216 Lizer, Sue 214 Lloyd, Karen 222 Lobby, Harry 131 Lobue, Vicki 216 Lockrem, Douglas 207 Lockyear, Robert 220 Loebel, Gerald 165 Page 266 Lombard, Thomas 206 Lombardo, Robert 178, 215 Long, Dan 207 Long, Peter 206 Loomis, Susan 207 Looze, James 93, 166 Lorenz, Theodore 206 Lothary, Kathleen 125, 206 Loudenbeck, Koren 207 Louison, Jeffrey 206 Lovas, Darlene 206 Loveioy, M. Lea 78, 222 Lovold, Dennis 207 Lowry, Sandra 206 Lowrey, Allen 71 Lubenow, Richard 78, 166, 244 Lubinski, Darlene 219 Luce, Loretta 69, 207 Lucht, Barbara 61, 69, 215 Luderus, June 146, 244 Ludtke, Lynn 206 Ludtke, Larith 60, 98, 120, 244 Ludwig, David 206 Ludwig, Florence 207 Luebke, Robert 206 Luecke, Norman 208 Luedtke, Sandra 207 Luedtke, Susan 65, 122, 206 Luethi, Janice 69, 214 Luethke, Jane 84, 214 Lukas, Joanne 206 Lukaszewicz, Valerie 214 Lund, Donna 214 Lund, Eric 215 Lunn, Nancy 69 Lynn, Thomas 207 Lufz, David 207 Lutz, Janet 144, 244 Lutz, Susan 144, 206 Lutz, Thomas 207 Lufzke, Phyllis 207 Luzar, James 229, 244 Luzar, Sherry 79 Luzi, Andrew 170 Lyman, Barbara 207 M Maack, Gayle 205 MacDonald, Mary 205 MacDougolI, Terry 205 MacFarlcne, Ken 205 Maclmyre, Janice 205 Mack, Lloyd 68, 73 Mack, Thomas 205 Mackin, Beverly 129, 205 Maculan, June 205 Madden, Margaret 219 Mader, Sandra 78, 149, 222 Madsen, John 106, 107, 108, 226, 227, 244 Madsen, Merrily 143, 153, 244 Madsen, Bob 61, 93, 120, 205 Magill, Diane 205 Maglio, Joseph 161 Magnuson, Joan 205 Magnuson, Kent 214 Muhnke, Lu 63, 205 Mchnke, Robert 205 Muhnke, Thomas 60, 220 Maier, Barbara 124, 216 Meier, Reynold 205 Main, John 205 Maierus, Shirley 120 Malen, Sherry 140, 214 Mclinowski, Mark 178 Malone, Anne 205 Malsch, Betty 205 Malsch, Judy 115, 216 Maltby, Linda 124 ,217 Malueg, Randy 216 Mancuso, Cheryl Ann 205 Manion, Carol 206 Manion, Dale 222 180, 112, Manion, Jean 153, 220 Munker, Tom 60 Manthey, Bruce 217 Muntz, Carole 214 Manyo, John 78, 164, 189 Manz, Alde 111 Mcnz, Ernest 205 Marani, Daniel 203 Maresh, Nancy 205 Marini, Dianne 105, 205 Morkee, Clifford 215 Marini, Michael 215 Markee, Richard 205 Markgraff, Michael 205 Marking, Beverly 79, 245 Marking, Jack 160 Marking, William 79 Marks, Cheryl 219 Marks, Kathleen 124, 205 Morkworth, Mavis 121, 134, 245 Mcrof, Victor 245 Marquardt, Jack 215 Marsden, Alan 216 Marsh, Pete 190, 205 Marsh, Thomas 205 Marshall, Alon 245 Marshall, Richard 91, 205 Marshall, Ronald 214 Martin, Donna 113, 152, 245 Martin, Randolph 164, 213 Martin, Robert 105, 215 Martinek, Carol 66, 205 Martinek, John 178, 228, 245 Murfiniak, Dianolee 245 Martinson, Gerald 214 Marfinson, Robert 161, 245 Martzke, Terry 171, 191, 217 Maserus, Shirley 205 Mason, Judith 245 Mason, Lorry 214 Mason, Sally 245 Most, James 245 Most, Kathleen 205 Matas, Tim 66, 122 Mafhes, Karen 122, 214 Matheson, Robert 205 Matthews, Bob 217 Mathews, John 170 Momek, James 205 Manes, David 205 Matthews, Robert 170 Manson, Anthony 93, 206 Mctz, Rodney 168 Mouel, Bonnie 121, 205 Mourer, Robert 101, 205 Muurer, Tom 91 Mavcheske, James 215 Muxfield, James 205 May, Cindy 152 May, Don 168,245 May, Mark 205 Mayer, Gail 93, 205 Mayer, Janice 205 Mayer, Richard 219 Mayer, Robert 205 Moyhew, Jill 134, 144, 245 Mayne, Gordon 206 Mayo, Sandra 205 Muzurkiewicz, Cecilia 125, 245 McCann, Joyce 115, 221 McConn, Vivian 205 McCarragher, John 205 McCarthy, Judith 52, 57, 94, 149, 245 McCarthy, Michael 205 McCarthy, Sandra 205 McCombs, Rodger 93, 205 McCombs, William 178 McCormick, Dennis 219 McCrea'rh, Nancy 205 McDermott, Patrick 219 McDonald, David B. 205, 215 McDonough, Marie 205 McDougall, Judy 205, 246 McDowell, Bruce 205 McGiIl, John 205 McGiniey, Jack 216 McGinnis, Nellie 90, 120, 205 McGovern, Christine 101, 206 McGowan, James 91, 190, 206 McGuire, Lee 171, 220 McGuire, Robert 162 McHenry, Warren 105 McKay, John 129, 163 McKennc, Mary Ann 205 McKenzie, Paul 245 McKinney, Donald 205 McLeish, Douglas 111, 205 McMahon, Philip 60, 205 McMahon, Tom 214 McMillan, Ted 213 McMillion, Barry 205 McNamara, Neil 206 McNeill, Jerry 168, 176 McQueen, Patrick 205 McSwain, Jim 126, 128 Meacham, June 120, 246 Meadows, Fran 79 Meadows, James 120, 246 Mecklenburg, Bob 213 Medla, Richard 205 Medower, Barbara 174, 246 Megal, Charles 205 Mehre, Ida 68, 69, 133, 246 Meichtry, John 214 Meili, Yvonne 206 Meindl, June 213 Meinecke, John 93, 220 Meinecke, William 206 Meineke, Judith 78, 104, 105, 213 Meinel, William 160 Meiners, Cleo 120, 206 Meinerf, Bradley 206 Meingasf, June 145, 246 Meir, Reiny 133, 187 Meisel, Robert 205 Meiselwitz, Martha 84, 122 Meisler, David 220 Meissner, Phyllis 213 Meisfer, Garry 206 Meisfer, Philip 131, 216 Meives, David 215 Melillo, Jorelle 205 Me", Delores 246 Mellonig, Judy 246 Mellonig, Thomas 246 Melville, Joan 246 Melville, Kathy 222 Melville, Lanny 120, 217 Mera, Richard 206 Merccle, Robert 61 Merkel, Lee 170 Mertens, Gerald 111 Mertens, Jaqueline 213 Mertes, Lou Ann 134, 214 Merfnis, James 206 Merfz, Marion 246 Meske, Robert 206 Mesoloras, Evamhia 101, 123, 206 Mestan, Carol 206 Metzen, Yvonne 146, 216 Meyer, Barbara 152, 214 Meyer, James 206 Meyer, Judy 146 Meyer, Kenneth 69, 221 Meyer, Marilyn 69, 152, 246 Meyer, Stephen 246 Meyers, John 84, 124 Michaelis, Tom 206 Michalski, Ruth 206 Michels, Alan 125, 206, 216 Mick, Dennis 154, 170, 228, 246 Mickelson, Rufhann 117 Mickey, Joy 222 Mielke, Terry 127, 162 Mierzwa, Roger 160, 217 Migas, Nikki 57, 69, 94, 134, 148, 215 Mikkelsen, Michael 206 Mikkelson, Karen 121 Milarch, Susan 215 Milbrandt, James 206 Milbrandf, Paul 206 Milbrcnh, Mary 213 Mildbrandf, Susan 206 Miles, James 131, 163, 176 178, 221 Miles, Marcia 216 Miles, Patricia 62, 152, 228, 246 Milewski, Dianna 85, 117, 222 Millard, Glenn 73 Millard, James 205 Millen, Karen 153, 222 Miller, Charlene 206 Miller, Dionne 84, 90, 216 Miller, Dean 205 Miller, Edith 206 Miller, Harold 71, 222 Miller, James B. 169, 247 Miller, James D. 67, 247 Miller, Jacqueline 146 Miller, Joan 52, 56, 62, 134, 136, 229, 247 Miller, Kenneth 127, 219 Miller, Marilyn 206 Miller, Michael 205 Miller, Mary 206 Miller, Pat 115, 124, 247 Miller, Sandra 206 Miller, Sharon 247 Milligun, Susan 206 Mills, Mabel 206 Mills, Susan 153 Mills, T. O. 215 Milton, June 206 Minch, Jacquelyn 206 Mincy, Eugene 203 Minessale, Joycelyn 125, 213 Minn, Alice 124 Minshall, Elaine 145, 213 Miro, George 215 Mischler, John 72, 205 Miskulin, Michael 190, 206 Mita, Jerry 190 Mite, Roy 206 Mitchell, Janet 78, 148, 213 Mitchell, Mabel 78, 115, 222 Mitchell, Michael 165, 214 Minelstadt, Suzann 62, 68, 84, 92, 93, 221 Mochel, Kenn 205 Mochel, Madeline 220 Moe, Dian 129, 152 Moe, Jane 90 Moe, Thomas 170 Moeller, Nada 247 Mohr, Thomas 105, 127, 206 Mollerup, Susan 215 Molly, Kenneth 70 Momblow, William 190 Momsen, Robert 220 Money, Marilyn 104, 105, 221 Monis, Judith 84, 93, 206 Montgomery, Michael 206 Monthie, Beverly 78, 222 Mooney, John 220 Mooney, Kathleen 153 Moore, Linda 146 Moore, Thomas 206 Morgan, Dale J. 216 Morgan, Jean 62, 115 Morgan, Jeanne 149, 206 Morgan, Martin 162 Morgan, Thomas 162 Morlon, Janice 206 Morrell, Raymond 206 Morris, Cecil 214 Morris, Ed 214 Morrison, Mike 162 Morse, Patricia 206 . Morten, Clifford 171 Moscato, Sam 205 Moseng, John 105, 205 r Mosser, Melbeth 93, 220 Moston, Larry 215 Moth, Marsha 84, 93, 247 M0111, Diane 111, 115, 148, 221 Motuelle, Henry 165 Mofuelle, Richard 106, 108 Moyle, Nancy 219 Moyse, Richard 63, 247 Mucho, Michael 52, 168, 219 Muehl, Penelope 60, 66, 123, 206 Mueller, Dale 206 Mueller, Gerald 170 Mueller, Lou Ann 148 Mueller, Michael 206 Mueller, Paul 213 Mueller, Richard 72, 171, 222 Mulligan, James 178 Mullikin, Sharon 206 Mullins, James D. 221 Munro, Roger 205 Munson, Earl 206 Munz, Marsha 206 Murphy, Jerry 161 Murphy, Patrick 205 Musbach, Judith 219 Mutchler, Steve 206 Myers, Lance 154, 161, 215 Myers, Jeanne 206 Myers, Patricia 206 N Nachreiner, Rita 205 Noding, Linda 129, 206 Nagel, Terry 162 Nagel, Theodore 205 Nomio, Dale 93, 205 Napierala, Lois 90, 125, 205 Nash, Bruce 205 Nash, Clary 205 Naverf, Leroy 219 Nechrony, Daniel 126 Nedderman, Martha 205 Nedderman, Mary 205 Neef, Kathleen 205 Neff, Bruce 216 Nehring, Judy 205 Neils, Frank 214 Nelezen, Lois 78, 149, 216 Nell, Thomas 161 Nelson, Barry 101, 205 Nelson, Dennis 221 Nelson, Douglas 178 Nelson, Gordon 247 Nelson, Howard 205 Nelson, Jeffrey 206 Nelson, Kerry 57, 162 Nelson, Lani 205 Nelson, Lee A. 124, 221 Nelson, Lee C. 110, 206 Nelson, LuRuyne 152, 213 Nelson, Michael 60, 91, 205 Nelson, Michael 170 Nelson, Mary 205 Nelson, Phillip 247 Nelson, Robert 93, 107, 205 Nelson, Sally 205 Nelson, Verlyn 215 Nelson, William 171 Nennig, Arthur 161, 217 Nennig, Virginia 213 Nero, Beny 146 Neu, Richard 247 Neupert, Mike 217 Neupert, Nina 206 Nevins, Shirley 205 Newlon, Lea Ann 205 Newton, Dan 101, 105 Newton, Sue 205 Newton, Sally 92, 93, 149, 221 Niay, Jacques 206 Nicholas, Barb 216 134, Nickolai, Madeline 114, 247 Nicol, Kirby 176, 193, 247 Nicolaisen, Donald 219 Nicoson, Linda 127 Nielsen, Buckley 205 Nielsen, John 73, 162, 221 Nieman, Judith 205 Niemeier, James 205 Niemi, Beverly 205 Ninomiyc, Takenori 129, 174 Nitschke, Dennis 162, 184, 185, 186 Noesen, John 67, 165, 188, 247 Noisen, Melvin 219 Nolan, Charles 170 Noll, Katherine 62, 116, 145, 228, 247 Nolfe, Janice 205 Nordal, Terry 154, 170 Norder, Dianna 205 Nordberg, Paul 93, 170, 220 Nordgren, Phil 170, 176, 182, 192 Norgren, Glenn 105 Nork, Dale 205 Norman, JoAnn 153, 220 Norman, Nancy 148, 214 Norsmon, Helen 213 Norsmcm, Susan 206 Northey, Marie 248 Northey, Russ 93, 214 Northey, Sylvia 129, 248 Nortman, Judith 205 Noftesfud, Gary 205 Nonestad, Richard 162, 178 Novak, Ronald 169 Novotny, Elizabeth 205 Nowaczyk, Chester 178 Nowicki, Gregory 101, 205 Nurnberg, Ken 221 Nuss, Patrick: 205 Nuszbaum, Robert 206 0 Oak, June! 248 Oberbruner, Robert 71, 91, 131, 222 Oberdeck, Carol 214 Obermeier, Roman 205 Oberndorfer, Michael 195 Obligato, Charles 168 O'Brien, Frank 248 Ochowicz, Leonard 69, 166, 216 O'Connell, John 168, 178 O'Connell, Thomas 189, 216 O'Dea, Michael 205 Odeen, Kathryn 205 Odell, Judith 205 Odenbretf, Bonnie 93, 205 Oehme, Arnold 205 Oehmichen, Shirley 149, 222 Offord, Jeanne 205 Ogren, Phyllis 60 Ogren, Tom 215 Ohrmundt, Cynthia 84, 90, 205 Olin, Jerry 219 Oliver, Lynn 106, 149, 216 Olmsted, James 169, 178 Olsen, Ernie 216 Olsen, Kathleen 125, 205 Olsen, Barbara 205 Olsen, Stephen 205 Olson, Carolyn 145, 248 Olson, Craig 203 Olson, Edward 93, 204 Olson, Joy 126, 205 Olson, James 163 Olson, Karen 65 Olson, LaVerne 69, 166, 248 Olson, Mary 205 Olson, Margaret 124, 248 Olson, Ruth 124 Olson, Sharon 203 Olson, Virginia 84, 90, 93, 215 O'Mara, Michael 203 Omdoll, Janet 216 O'Meara, David 168, 195 Ondsch, Dione 205 Ondercin, David 169, 248 OlNeil, Michael 215 Onikul, Rachel 75, 134 Opitz, Lynn 61, 84, 93, 221 Orbcm, Judith 205 Orear, Tom 160, 217 Orth, Dick 61, 205 Osborn, Kenneth 205 Osborne, Ken 84, 127 Osesek, Diane 65, 205 Osmundson, Jean 90 Osten, John 204 0511:, Margi 217 011, Dennis 205 Otto, Curtis 73 0110, Dennis 205 Otto, Robert 169, 176, 196 Owen, John 211 Owen, Sally 213 Owen, Sarah 63, 98, 136 Owen, William 129, 205 Owens, Richard 205 P Poop, Kathleen 248 Pagel, Carl 70, 248 Pagel, Darlene 61, 69, 121, 144, 248 Pahlke, Susan 205 Palmer, Gary 17B, 205 Palmer, Joseph 161 Pamplin, Bill 178, 205 Papanz, James 72 Papastefun, John 84 Pope, Nicholas 248 Pappos, Henry 131 Paque, Lee 205 Parish, Richard 178 Parker, Pamela 203 Parkinson, Winfield 168, 219 Parkman, Rachel 203 Parrinello, Christine 203 Parsloe, Mary 78 Parsons, Kathe 203 Paschke, John 169 Pasdo, Jerry 216 Patch, Judith 101, 104, 105 Patterson, Austin 205 Patterson, Brian 203 Patterson, Dennis 205 Patterson, Pamela 203 Paul, Sally 203 Paulsen, Jim 222 Puulson, Donna 152, 175, 220 Paulson, Randall 203 Paufsch, James 205 Pavek, Gail 128, 221 Pavlik, Robert 81, 104, 105, 248 , Pawlowski, Peter 166 Paynter, Gaorder 248 Pearson, Jeanne 219 Peasove, David 205 Pechauer, Pat 124, 148, 213 Peck, Kathleen 205 Pedersen, Karen 121 Pedersen, Kenneth 61, 71 248 Pedersen, Virginia 66, 93, 203 Pedersen, Sandra 203 Peebles, Nancy 117, 148, 227, 249 Peik, Nancy 213 Peirick, Rita 153 Pelkola, Gary 165, 189, 221 Pellman, Barbara 65 Pellmann, Sherlyn 203 Penn, Judith 249 Penson, Bonnie 205 Feet, Franklin 203 Perkins, Michael 178 Perry, David 78 Perry, Wayne 205 Persha, Thomas 91, 205 Peters, Alan 205 Peters, Patricia 115, 117, 249 Peters, Robert 205 Petersen, David 203 Peiersen, JoAnn 115, 249 Petersen, Robert 129, 205 Peterson, Alan 203 Peterson, Curl 205 Peterson, Cheryl 221 Peterson, Donald 205 Peterson, Gary 61, 205 Peterson, Harry 178 Peterson, Joan 146 Peterson, Jon 203 Peterson, Karen H. 249 Peterson, Karen L. 148, 221 Peterson, Karen M. 152, 249 Peterson, Michael 120, 213 Peterson, Richard 205 Peterson, Robert 162 Peterson, Roger 203 Peterson, Ron 213 Peterson, Sandra 249 Peterson, Wiley 171 Petersons, lndrikis 215 Petterson, Carol 203 Pfonzelter, Susan 203 Pfeffer, Stephen 205 Pfeiffer, James 203 Pfeiffer, Sandra 203 Pfister, Bob 214 Pfistor, Marilyn 129, 205 Phillips, Madeline 216 Phillips, Michael 78, 161 Phillips, Peter 205 Pickering, Catherine 148, 222 Peihl, Ann 249 Pielin, Donald 165, 189, 218, 221 Piepenburg, Leon 129 Piering, Kathleen 205 Pieroni, Patrick 54, 55, 56, 178 Pikolek, Robert 188 Pike, Kenneth 126, 205 Pike, Sharon 205 Pilipuf, Christine 205 Pink, Thomas 174, 216 Pinzl, Marilynn 205 Pipkorn, Wayne 205 Pishney, Thomas 205 Pitcel, Roger 205 Pitzen, Mary 115, 148, 221 Place, Susan 203 Pladies, Kathy 89 Pladies, Richard 249 Plahn, Robert 203 Plahna, Eric 84, 203 Plcm, Cheryl 92, 93, 205 Plan, Corinne 127, 214 Plait, Judith 205 Plautz, Patti 70 Pleck, Sheri 144, 221 Pledl, John 203 Ploenske, June? 215 Ploughman, Thomas 203 Plyer, Penny 203 Poe, Al 61 Poeppel, Richard 168, 178, 259 Poitz, Robert 205 Polacarz, Judith 125, 203 Polglaze, Charles 249 Polk, Mary 124 Polman, Rick 220 Pongartz, Maralyn 203 Ponyicsanyi, Carol 152 Poole, Greg 215 Popanz, James 121, 220 Pope, Donna 214 Popp, Charles 165 PopP, Mark 217 Popp, William 205 Porter, Margaret 249 Postich, Sam 178 Potter, Dottie 146 Potter, Robert 249 Powolka, Carolyn 216 Powell, Larry 205 Power, Lorry 125 Powers, Dale 205 Powers, James 69, 221 Pratt, Linda 213 Premeau, William 78, 171 Prien, Luann 203 Priester, Jack 203 Primeau, Ccthrine 203 Pritchard, Gary 162 Pronold, Marv 205 Prudhomme, Renee 101 Prudlow, Rosanne 67, 146 Prunell, David 214 Prunuske, Allen 205 Puarta, Mary Jo 203 Pum, Frank 170 Q Quarne, Ernest 203 Quarwstrom, Philip 216 Quillen, Patricia 135, 143, 153 Quirk, Bob 215 R Raasoch, Paul 221 Rabas, Cal 162, 249 Rabata, John 249 Radebaugh, Ellen 213 Radewan, Kathleen 249 Radtke, Kay 69, 133, 216 Ruduenz, Ann 215 Radzak, Richard 203 Rahne, Frank 160 Ruhr, Phyllis 203 Ruirdin, Patsy 148, 250 Ramos, Ruth 203 Randle, Scott 93 Ranthum, Harry 165, 188 Rash, James 203 Rush, Wayne 203 Rasmussen, Carol 153 Rasmussen, Timothy 209 Raszkiewicz, Richard 131 Ratherf, Esther 250 Rau, Jeannette 146, 220 Ruupp, Mary 203 Ruusch, Barbara 69, 124, 203 Rausch, Carol 69, 203 Ray, James 219 Raymond, Alice 126, 203 Razor, Joanne 120, 203 Re, Nina 134, 136, 152 Re, Joanne 203 Reason, Bonnie 203 Rebro, Thomas 203 Recoy, Lee 124, 203 Redders, Kenneth 178, 189 Reddy, Colleen 60, 124, 194, 203 Redfield, Harold 122, 203 Redford, Brent 203 Redfurd, Lawrence 203 Redinger, Leslee 203 Regan, Joseph 203 Reich, Judi 203 Reich, Karen 215 Reidel, Roy 214 Reim, DuWayne 69, 122, 203 Reimer, Linda 84, 215 Reinders, Donald 203 Reinel, Ellen 203 Raising, Paul 203 Reiskytl, Cindy 219 Page 267 Re'n, Lynda 203 Reiter, Dianne 133, 149 RendalI, Dottie 220 Rennek, Martin 91, 203 Rennison, Kenneth 101, 104, 105 Renzel, Bonnie 146, 174 Repensek, Susan 78, 213 Repky, Mildred 109, 217 Rettammel, Anita 124, 203 Reuss, Rebeccu 203 Reuter, Martha 146 Reuter, Pamela 203 Rewald, Dottie 216 Rewald, Robert 250 Rewald, Susan 215 Rexrou', Vernon 78 Rhodes, David 170, 250 Rich, Jim 120 Richards, Mary 117 Richardson, Darrell 203 Richardson, Janis 105, 203 Richmond, Michael 203 Richter, Joe 203 Richter, Sandra 98 Richter, Tim 161 Ricmer, James 203 Riddle, John 52, 57, 94, 165, 188 Riddle, James 203 Riebow, Jeff 61, 220 Riederer, Sharon 124 Riedmayer, Barbara 221 Riege, Kenneth 168, 195 Rieken, Michael 129, 166, 215 Riemer, Bergene 121, 213 Riemer, Barbara 146, 220 Riggert, John 109 Rinehart, Danny 203 Rinka, Marilyn 125, 203 Ritacca, Louis 204 Ritchie, William 165, 188 Riter, Michael 131 Ritter, Pamela 203 Ritter, Sherry 203 Roberts, Allen 78, 84, 86, 91 Roberts, David 250 Roberts, Judy 62, 68, 250 Roberts, Sue 203 Robertson, Marilyn 203 Robinson, Thomas 69, 95, 98, 166, 220 Roblee, Truman 101 Rockweiler, Gary 203 Rockwell, Allen 203 Rockwell, Kent 213 Rodeen, Alynn 190, 203 Rodenkirch, Diane 203 Rodgers, James 203 Rodgers, Roy 220 Rodman, George 162, 250 Roe, Richard 169 Roemer, Frederick 101 Roepcke, Rona 145, 214 Roesch, Thomas 78, 184, 214 Rogers, Gary 250 Rogers, Garry 203 Rogers, Robert 217 R099, Sandra 93, 203 Rogge, Judith 57, 203 Roglifz, Terry 250 Rohde, Kim 203 Roherson, Diane 203 Rohnek, Donald 222 Roker, Christine 203 Rolfs, Carolyn 115, 127, 250 Rolland, Charles 203 Rollefson, Charles 162 Roloson, Wendy 203 Romeo, Dan 178, 205 Rompella, Kathy 213 Rondou, Bob 163 Rock, Ramona 214 Ropers, Ray 63 Rose, Fredric 203 Page 268 Rosacker, Kathryn 203 Rose, Allen 250 Rose, Vern 203 Rosemeyer, Robert 217 Rosenberger, Richard 203 Rosendall, Jone 220 Rosinski, Curolynne 203 Roske, Charles 170, 222 Rosko, John 190, 215 Roskopf, Bill 203 Ross, Franklin 203 Ross, Laurel 203 Roszak, Fred 215 Rotello, Joy 203 Roth, Gordon 250 Roth, Mary 153, 221 Roth, Peter 84, 203 Roth, Wayne 203 Rothenbueler, Diane 146 Rothenbueler, Richard 178, 203 Rothenbueler, Rosemary 129, 146 Rothschadl, Ron 216 Rothwill, Thomas 203 Rottinghaus, John 131, 203 Rouse, Kathy 213 Rousseau, Robert 73, 131 Rowden, Robert 197 Rowe, William 203 Rowin, Roger 160, 165, 222 Rubach, Richard 161 Rubeck, Curtis 203 Rubert, Steven 170, 222 Rude, June 214 Rudolph, Alice 214 Rudolph, Bonnie 203 Ruege, Donald 203 Ruffulo, Frank 204 Rumyl, David 203 Running, Cheryl 203 Runte, Richard 203 Rundquist, Don 220 Ruppel, David 203 Rupnow, John 64, 98, 163, 174, 221 Rusch, Richard 161 Russ, Robert 203 Russel, Gorden 203 Russell, Laurie 214 Russetf, Beverly 127, 203 Russo, Rae 129, 203 Rutledge, Heather 214 Ruud, Patricia 203 Ryan, Gail 65, 203 Ryan, Patricia 203 Ryan, Randall 221 Rychturik, Diane 203 Rymer, Raymond 178 Rymer, Richard 164, 178, 189 S Saalsaa, Mary 203 Sabey, Edward 161, 259 Sulanda, Dave 217 Salberg, Charles 204 Salmons, Peggy 214 Salter, Samuel 133, 187, 204 Sultzman, Susan 115, 152, 250 Solverson, James 131, 204 80120, Phyllis 203 Samoroiki, Jean 137, 152, 216 Sampo, Gail 95, 134, 146, 226, 250 Samson, Sue 62, 78, 90, 222 Sanandoii, Firooz 110 Sanders, James 204 Sanderson, John 222 Sanger, Albert 204 Sannes, Jeffry 111, 203 Sami, Robert 204 Supinski, Torn 168, 178, 192, 215 Sarbacher, Janet 146 Sarver, Karen 202 Sassali, Maxine 153 Saver, Jane 134 Sauer, Sandra 202 Saunders, Sandra 204 Sauve, Barbara 62 Savaglio, Sandy 213 Savatski, William 204 Savignac, Sally 202 Sawyer, Karis 202 Saxe, Ed 203 Saxler, Karen 78, 124, 145, 214 Scunlon, Judy 93, 202 Scannel, Andrew 203 Schaor, Robert 202 Schacht, Jean 222 Schaefer, Althea 203 Schaefer, Donna 251 Schaefer, Helen 251 Schaefer, Karen 202 Schaetten, Gene 160 Schaffer, Richard 217 Schaffer, William 204 Scholler, Jeanne 146 Scharnell, James 78, 168 Schauder, Lawrence 165 Scheuer, Francis 171 Scheuer, Thomas 204 Schuuls, Gary 69, 214 Schaus, Judith 149, 222 Schauf, Mary 204 Schedel, John 78, 106, 108, 213 Scheel, Lynn 134, 213 Schelm, Linda 61, 121, 144, 251 Scherer, Alice 251 Scheribel, Barb 216 Scheuer, Jeanne 134 Scheuerell, Gary 69, 170, 251 Scheun, Jeanne 213 Schicker, Mary 62, 68, 144, 229, 251 Schicker, Richard 204 Schiedf, Jerald 204 Schiefelbein, Thomas 204 Schilhcbel, Terry 203 Schilling, Donna 148, 214 Schindel, Suzanne 148, 204 Schindler, Susan 134, 251 Schiro, Jeanne 204 Schlagel, George 204 Schlecht, Petra 121, 215 Schlegel, Deborah 214 Schleifer, Thomas 203 Schleinz, Gary 204 Schlesner, Sandra 117, 251 Schlitz, Suzanne 98, 134, 152 Schlough, Charles 204 Schlueter, David 78, 216 Schlueter, Jeff 216 Schmal, Barbara 69, 70, 251 Schmol, Janet 204 Schmeling, John 204 Schmeling, Richard 176, 178, 251 Schmidt, Barbara 251 Schmidt, Gary 204 Schmidt, Geraldine 204 Schmidt, Howard 216 Schmidt, Jerry 168, 176, 178 Schmidt, JoAnne 203 Schmidt, June 153 Schmidt, Kay 204 Schmidt, Phi1lip 188 Schmidt, Roy 195 Schmidt, Violet 117, 120, 133, 251 Schmiling, Nancy 153, 220 Schmitz, Lawrence 57, 94, 251 Schmoll, John 170, 251 Schneeberger, Elaine 251 Schneeberger, Linda 149 Schneiberg, Lawrence 204 Schneider, Greg 217 Schneider, Lonita 252 Schneider, Robert 171 Schneider, Suzanne 203 Schnitger, Wayne 160, 252 Schober, Barbara 124, 213 Schober, Peg 219 Schocfen, Tom 204 Schoeller, Wayne 84, 202 Schoenke, James 216 Schoff, Ru1h 84, 86, 90, 213 Schommer, Robert 163 Schoor, Leonard 204 Schopen, Joe 222 Schouten, Thomas 60 Schrader, Alan 131, 204 Schrag, Dianne 204 Schrag, Gary 126, 166 Schramm, Margo 65, 204 Schreiber, John 166 Schreiber, Katharine 204 Schreiber, Robert 182 Schroeder, Lorry 101, 204 Schroeder, Mary 134, 217 Schroeder, Richard 190 Schroeder, Sandra 124, 204 Schroeder, Sue 204 Schueler, David 204 Schuenke, James 216 Schuene, Gerald 213 Schuetze, Ann 202 Scheufze, Arthur 78, 222 Schuetze, Elizabeth 213 Schuldt, Nicole 204 Schuldf, Robert 171, 182, 190 Schuleifer, Suzanne 220 Schult, Dianne 214 Schultz, Carol 204 Schultz, Carol 252 Schultz, Leslie 70, 252 Schultz, Maxine 221 Schultz, Phyllis 122, 214 Schultz, Ruth 115, 124, 252 Schultz, Sheila 204 Schultz, Terrence 203 Schulz, Bill 215 Schulz, Clair 203 Schumacher, June? 204 Schumocher, Kathy 79 Schumacher, Lois 204 Schuman, William 204 Schumann, Danielle 203 Schuster, Anne 84, 203 Schwalen, Thomas 204 Schwan, Judy 62, 152, 252 Schwarten, Dennis 213 Schwartz, Cheryl 202 Schwartz, Kraig 57, 189, 213 Schwartz, Robert A. 221 Schwartzlow, Eugene 161 Schwarze, Donn 202 Schwaegler, Tom 184 Scoggins, Cheryl 78, 221 Scott, Allan 133, 204 Scott, Susan 120 Scrock, Dick 215 Seobrooks, Henry 133, 187, 204 Sebastian, David 203 Seefeldf, Harold 202 Seeger, Frances 124, 202 Seeger, Judi 217 Seeley, Dennis 164, 221 Seianas, Loretta 60, 125, 204 Seibel, Oscar 215 Seibel, Sandra 69, 93, 121, 145, 214 Seiditu, Barbara 56 Seidl, Carol 52, 54, 68, 152, 175, 227, 252 Seifert, Mary 216 Seiler, Robert 72, 252 Seiler, William 114, 170, 252 Seim, Sharon 152, 220 Seitz, Ann 145 Seifz, William 204 Sekelsky, Joe 215 Selck, Vicki 204 Sell, Denise 57, 115, 152, 252 Sell, Margaret 69, 122, 214 Sell, Roger 130 Semal, Barbara 69 Seneco, Robert 204 Senkerik, John 61, 222 Serofin, JoAnne 146 Sersch, Diane 204 Seuke, Sue 204 Serersike, Paul 252 Seyer, John 170, 178 Shadof, Harley 84, 204 Shaffer, Carol 204 Shager, Jeanne 222 Shager, Robert 252 Shelly, Michael 204 Shompo, Helen 84, 90, 93, 220 Shannon, William 202 Shapiro, Susan 134 Share, Barbara 148 Show, Dave 215 Sheahan, Phillip 204 Shebesta, Donald 154, 176, 184, 195, 197, 252 Shebesta, John 204 Shebesta, Paul 95, 98, 166, 252 Shebiel, James 101, 105 Sheggrud, Darryl 117, 127, 129, 219 Sheldon, Terence 67, 252 Shepherd, Sondra 120, 219 Shepherd, William 91, 165, 213 Sheppard, John 124, 213 Sherry, Stephen 75, 253 Sherwood, Clayton 171 Sherwood, Rhoda 253 Shields, Edward 72, 78 Shields, Stephen 204 Shier, George 101, 105, 202 Shinsfine, Carol 125, 204 Shively, Mary 66, 204 Shober, Steve 222 Short, Mary Lou 204 Shulander, Charles 204 Shulstad, Constance 64, 152 Shunneson, John 204 Shwery, Edward 106, 107, 108 Sickels, Kenneth 129, 204 Siegmann, Karren 122, 203 Siehr, Jo Ellen 64, 75, 129, 153 Siffren, Lee 220 Siivonen, John 73, 161 Siion, Marc 204 Silhavy, Ann 203 Simma, Thomas 165, 188, 222 Simons, Karen 203 168, 120, . Simons, Mary 65, 204 Simonsen, Thomas 213 Simonson, Larry 204 Simpson, Barbara 219 Sine, Cecelia 110 $ipioro, Barbara 221 Siricnni, Margaret 124, 214 Sitman, Linda 84, 93, 203 Sinig, Barbara 204 Siuda, Jeffrey 178, 204 Sizer, Lohr 204 Skaff, Larry 252 Skclitzky, Jim 178 Sklavos, Michael 204 Skurczynski, Diane 105, 204 Slump, Judith 152 Slater, Dorothy 253 Slotfery, Robert 204 Slauson, Linda 204 Slinde, Ann 214 Slinde, Stephen 69 $1061, Sandra 93 Slam, Karen 204 Small, Penny 204 153, 218, Smart, Roy 204 Smeikal, Allan 216 Smieicl, Kathryn 204 Smigun, Donna 220 Smith, Ann 202 Smith, Betty 127, 253 Smith, Eileen 90, 125, 204 Smith, Gary 62, 251 Smith, Gerald 78, 214 Smith, Gordon 202 Smith, Harley 215 Smith, Joan 216 Smith, Koren 216 Smith, Lani 3, 64, 146, 253 Smith, Lynn 203 Smiih, Linda 66, 204 Smith, Mabel 120 Smith, Michael 203 Smith, Robert E. 63 Smith, Robert K. 3, 64, 112, 253 Smith, Rosie 120, 216 Smith, Virginia 78, 115, 129, 148, 222 Smits, Virginia 152, 159, 175, 221 Sniderwin, Mary 253 Sobczok, Kathleen 204 Sobkoviak, Kenneth 72, 161 Sockol, Mildred 204 Socwell, Robert 203 Soleau, David 69 Sommer, JoAnne 133 Sommerfeldf, Gerald 204 Sommers, Dean 168, 253 Sonnenberg, Carl 176 Sonnenburg, Rod 163 Sorenson, Sharon 204 Sorhage, Jerry 204 Soroski, Patricia 99 $ouder, Mike 216 Sovic, Chris 216 Spaeth, Bernie 168, 176, 178, 253 Spaeth, Ronald 178 Spcrkman, Porn 220 Speel, Susan 204 Speer, Edward 204 Speer, Sue 204 Speers, Janet 124, 204 Spencer, Gary 166 Spicer, Ann 204 Spicer, Pat 204 Spies, Lorraine 132, 220 Spink, Nancy 204 Spohn, Daniel 204 Spoke, Joseph 253 Spongberg, Karen 62, 68, 69, 117, 152, 253 Staacke, Edward 176, 190, 222 Staaf, Peter 204 Stacy, Thomas 203 Stauf, Margaret 217 Stair, Daniel 204 Stalbaum, Virginia 253 Stomm, John 178, 204 Stamm, Robert 204 Stamper, James 204 Stange, Bill 203 Stapleford, Wayne 170, 176 Stark, Bernadette 216 Stark, Elizabeth 78, 152 51012, Esther 69, 221 Stafz, Jane 202 $1012, Kathleen 90, 203 Statz, Patricia 93, 214 Stauber, Kathleen 204 Steckler, Dennis 91 Steffens, Joan 216 Steinberger, Betty 69, 134, 253 Steinerf, Susan 204 Steinhardt, Richard 164 Steinharf, Shirley 203 Steinmetz, Susan 204 Steliga, Patricia 203 Sfelsel, Murdi 93, 129 Steliz, Sandra 204 Sfenulson, Jo Ellen 68, 253 Stephan, Nancy 101, 125, 204 Stephan, Susan 203 Stephenson, David 165, 176, 188 Stephenson, Philip 73, 219 Stern, Barbara 153, 214 Sternberg, William 162, 220 Sternhardt, Scott 220 Sternig, Roberta 104, 152 Stetter, Roy 129, 204 Stevens, Roger 163, 254 Stevens, Russell 169, 178, 254 Stevenson, William 202 Stewart, Janice 204 Stewart, Marshall 170, 254 Stewart, Pamela 214 Stieber, Francis 204 Stievo, Sandra 203 Stiklestad, William 213 Stiles, Karen 115, 117, 144, 213 Stiles, Robert 131, 202 Stillson, Goldie 123, 148, 226, 254 St. Louis, Gary 204 Stilp, Nicole 215 S!oakes, Susan 204 Stock, Ralph 6O Sfodola, John 162, 254 Stoehr, Diedre 78 Sfoehr, Ronald 204 Stofflet, Bill 216 Sfohr, Charles 166 Stoklosa, Raymond 170 Sfollfuss, Christine 202 Stolp, William 203 Sfolsel, Mardi 204 Sfoltenberg, Herb 204 Stolfmann, Nancy 229, 254 Stolz, Ann 214 510112, Richard 162, 176, 190 Ston, Roger 203 Sfoneman, John 204 Stonewall, Dennis 204 Stoppeanch, Ross 204 Storbokken, Terry 204 Storms, Dennis 178, 204 Stowe, Carole 60, 124, 204 Struck, Janice 254 Straehl, Gregory 203 Strand, Jim 131 Strand, Theodore 60 Strande, Robert 57, 165, 214 Strey, James 203 Stringer, Kathy 145, 254 Strini, Carol 67, 69, 95 Stripe, Frederic 215 Strizic, Sheila 133, 204 Straik, Martin 204 Strommen, Dennis 170, 222 Strong, Sandra 204 Struckmeyer, Mary 66, 202 Strutz, Nancy 219 Stuart, Ronald 165, 188, 215 Sfubbs, Bob 217 Stube, Barbara 153, 254 Siubetroa, Ginger 133 Stuedemann, Constance 204 Svuessi, Karol 62, 68, 148, 221 Stuewer, Patricia 204 Sfuvetraa, Ginger 117, 134 Stypla, Barbara 204 Subiect, Andrew 203 Suiter, Laval 204 Surinak, John 217 Sufrick, Karen 152 Svacina, Marv 216 2Svatos, Norbert 164, 221 Swaim, Robert 204 Swan, Carl 214 Swanson, Albert 162 Swanson, Joyce 214 Swartz, Don 254 Sweet, Susan 214 Swendrowski, Terry 69, 117, 148, 221 Swinehart, Irvin 165, 189, 254 Swisher, Roy 245 Swoboda, Rosemary 124 Symon, Margaret 202 Syverud, Mary 63, 213 Szeliga, Veronica 254 Szellga, Ray 220 Szopinski, Shirley 213 Szybu, Janice 78, 222 T Tabat, Ronald 91 Tafel, Marilyn 60, 204 Tait, John 78, 164 Talg, Susan 65, 122, 202 Tandy, Anne 127, 204 Tank, Lee 204 Tanski, David 78, 91, 214 Tarro, Sandra 105, 203 Tursitano, Donna 202 Tate, John 188 Tofooles, John 154, 165, 221 Tavernia, Thomas 204 Taylor, Donald 203 Taylor, Rolland 70 Taylor, Sheldon 204 Teal, Ronald 111 Teole, Victoria 84, 90, 204 Teigen, Lee 69, 190, 203 Templeton, Jean 117, 221 Tenhover, Thomas 165, 189, 216 Tennonf, James 69, 214 Tennie, Nancy 78, 146, 215 Ternes, Patricia 204 Terp, Fred 164, 188, 254 Terry, Candith 105, 204 Terry, Thomas 72 Terwall, Beatrice 145, 254 Tesch, Bob 189 Tesku, Jerome 78, 166, 255 Tess, Cheryl 204 Tesser, Carol 255 Tessmann, David 204 Tessman, Thomas 204 Tews, Carolyn 222 Tews, Mary 204 Thate, Richard 204 Theisen, Robert 168 Theisen, Ronald 203 Thekan, Dan 202 Thelen, Judith 213, 249, 213 Thelen, Kate 153 Theune, Charles G. 219 Thiel, Ralph 165 Thielen, Kathleen 136, 146 Thoennes, Michael 171, 217 Thom, Donald 166 Thomas, Virginia 255 Thompson, Ann 90, 204 Thompson, James 204 Thompson, Michael 178, 204 Thompson, Mary 138, 152, 255 Thompson, Ronald 203 Thomson, Patricia 203 Thornton, Dennis 202 Thorstad, Gerald 72, 255 Thorstud, Pot 215 Thosfenson, Gary 133, 187, 202 Thostenson, Robert 255 Thrun, Ruth 202 Thurnou, Nancy 204 Thurow, Kathleen 202 Thurow, Larry 204 Thurston, James 204 Tinder, Wayne 204 Todd, Lee 161, 255 Toelle, Barbara 136, 255 Toeppe, Sandi 202 Toffe, Thomas 65, 222 Tomczyk, Robert 168, 190, 204 Tomlin, James 203 Tonn, Shirley 129, 204 Torkko, Dennis 61, 204 Toshner, Mary 204 Toth, Kathleen 115, 148 Toffen, Patti 255 Towne, Judith 78, 146, 216 Townsend, Brian 65, 69, 71, 120 Townsend, Judy 204 Townsend, Linda 204 Trachte, Margaret 78, 216 Tranchita, Vincent 203 Truutman, Barbara 202 Traufwein, Sue 78, 133, 194 Travis, Ronald 101, 255 Traxler, Fred 203 Tremaine, Judith 117, 222 Troha, Dennis 204 Trollief, Richard 197, 213 Trudeau, John 203 Trudeau, Michael 171, 176, 182, 192, 227, 255 Tsovsis, Eihel 123, 204 Tsinka, Julie 202 Tuchei, Linda 220 Tuchel, Marcia 213 Tucker, Karen 216 Tull, Patricia 93 Tung, Ray 133, 187 Tung, Vincent 162 Tupper, Stephen 203 Turner, Darryl 120 Turner, Diane 203 Tutino, Sandra 203 Tutfon, Arthur 202 Tveten, Gary 204 Twyning, Robert 101, 203 Tyler, Colleen 134 U Uehling, Frederic 215 Uglow, Mary 215 Umhoefer, Charles 60, 124, 213 Ununder, Janice 129, 202 Underhill, Neal 221 Umz, Marilyn 221 Upson, Mary 202 Urquhart, George 166 V Valuskey, Van 91, 216 Valley, Donald 163 Vollier, Diane 202 Van Alsfine, James 71 Van Curd, Mary 146, 159, 255 Vanderburg, Jill 115, 144, 222 Van de Loo, Greg 213 Vandermeuse, Milton 202 Van Dyke, David 131 Van Engen, Carl 215 Van Golder, Kathy 61, 202 Van Golder, David 202 Van Korn, Bev 202 Van Rife, Michael 202 Varble, Daniel 71, 255 Voter, Cris 202 Vath, Richard 202 Vaugier, James 202 Venlfen, Richard 202 Verhaalen, Judy 202 Vermillion, Ricky 202 Vesboch, Eileen 115, 134, 220 Vesbach, John 255 Vetter, Dennis 182 Vincent, Eugene 255 Vinz, Martin 71, 222 Visser, Kenneth 202 105, Voeks, Valerie 202, 222 Voelker, Nancy 202 Vogel, Thomas 202 Voigt, Gerald 161 Vogf, Judith 110, 222 Vogt, Margaret 256 Vokcny, Ruth 153 Voskail, Calvin 202 Voss, Mary 153, 213 Voss, Polly 146, 212 Voy, Gerald 69, 112, 256 Vycifol, Ronald 202 W Wagner, Wallace 202 Wahl, Louise 202 Wahlberg, Wayne 171, 256 Waite, Carole 67, 136, 146, 256 Wake, Dennis 202 Walbrandt, Rita 202 Wakher, Jerry 131 Walesh, Sis 215 Walker, Carroll 202 Walker, Clarice 214 Walker, Mary 202 Walker, Robert Jr. 166 Walker, Richard 72, 202 Walker, Terry 78, 105, 117 Wall, Kenneth, 184, 213 Wallace, Robert 131 Waller, Carol 68, 148, 221 Wullmow, Janet 202 Walsh, Frank 202 Walsh, Patrick 222 Walsh, Thomas 60, 221 Wolsvik, Charlotte 202 Wuhenberger, John 219 Walter, Dennis 60 Walters, Bruce 202 Walters, Cherllyn 115, 117, 256 Wandrey, John 68, 72, 256 Wandscheider, Diane 202 Wondschneider, Kathryn 202 Wanee, Suzanne 202 Wanninger, Darlene 90, 202 Warczyglowa, Michael 202 Word, John 161 Ward, Rita 202 Wardinski, Ronald 178, 202 Warg, Paul 171 Warner, Kenneth 202 Warren, Richard Jr. 158, 164, 174, 188, 189, 256 Wurrens, Robert 220 Warriner, Sharon 65, 93, 202 Wasielewski, Michael 202 Wassberg, Curtis 73, 256 Wosilhif, Nancy 127 Waters, James 202 Watkins, Jutta 111, 134, 213 Watkins, Wayne 202 Wotrous, Jeanne 215 Waiters, Lane: 202 Watts, Lynn 93, 160, 216 Watts, Thomas 91, 202 Wotzke, David 69, 166, 256 Weaver, Erwin 178, 202 Weaver, Gerry 71, 78, 220 Webb, Bradley 127, 202 Webb, Diana 161 Webb, Gary 57, 113, 171, 256 Weber, Barbara 175, 202 Weber, Gene 124, 202 Weber, James 202 Weber, Larry 202 Weber, Pairicia 78 Weber, Rod 73, 121, 162 Weber, William 202 Weeden, Down 120, 256 Weeks, Floyd 165, 188, 256 Weideman, Samuel 202 Weidmer, Terry 202 Page 269 Weiler, Janet 216 Weiler, Mary 124, 202 Weinfurt, Greg 216 Weinfurter, Paul 91, 190, 202 Weinrich, Lynn 126, 202 Weis, Ronald 168, 256 Weissmann, William 129, 202 Welch, Anne 129, 202 Welch, Susan 202 Welke, Albert 217 Weller, Barbara 149, 221 Weller, James 131, 202 Wells, Jane 146 Wendf, David 202 Wenman, Bonnie 138 Wenninger, David 202 Wentworth, Gary 213 Wentworth, Susan 148, 221 Wernicke, David 168, 174, 216 Wescott, Hamlon 214 Wesemann, Arlene 70, 256 West, Richard 203, 212, 214 Westcott, Barbara 256 Westcott, Edwin 202 Westendorf, Rich 219 Westman, Gary 202 Westphal, Jonathan 202 Westphal, Mark 215 Westphal, Maxine 257 Wetherall, Jerry 130 Wettstein, Susan 202 Whalen, John 216 Whalen, Patricia 202 Whaley, John 78 Whaley, Nancy 202 Wheeler, Jeanne 202 Wheeler, Marilyn 219 Wheeler, Mary 202 Whipp, Gerald 178, 202 White, Kathleen 153, 218 White, Paul 213 White, Tom 213 White, Wesley 127 Whitlock, Judith 202 Whyte, Diana 202 Wickerf, Kathleen 202 Widderson, Pat 213 Widgerson, Bill 61 Wiedenheft, Dona 117, 153, 257 Wiedenheff, Dyan 78, 152 Wiegner, Marilyn 257 Wielgosz, Edana 202 Wiemer, Frederick 164, 220 Wienke, Sandra 117, 144, 257 Wiersum, Carle 257 Wiersum, Larry 61, 202 Wightman, John 216 Wiiydorski, Ron 178 Wilcox, Brad 214 Wilbert, Albert 68 Wild, Barbara 152 Wilde, Jeanne 257 Wilear, Barbara 115, 127, 257 Wiley, Guy 73 Wilfrath, Mary 125, 214 Wilhelmi, Jaclyn 78 Wilke, Robert John 216 Wilkerson, Clark 178, 189, 203 Wilkie, Thomas 101, 104, 105, 106, 164 Wilkins, Victoria 93, 146 Williams, Diana 205 Williams, James 202 Williams, Judith 69, 133, 149, 257 Williams, Kenneth 91, 93, 101, 105, 202 Williams, Lewis 62, 221 Williams, Margaret 257 Williams, Stephen 202 Williamson, Dennis 189, 197 Wi1loughby, June 213 Wills, Thomas 257 Wilson, Donna 202 Willson, Robert 222 Wilson, Therese 101, 125, 202 Wilton, Ethel 148, 257 Windorski, Roger 202 Wingert, Michael 168, 182, 190, 216 Winkelman, Sheila 61, 213 Winkler, Dennis 165, 188 Winkler, Richard 202 Winn, Alice 202 Winn, Mary 124 Winn, Susan 125, 202 Winnes, Richard 69, 161, 222 Winters, Barbara 202 Wipperfurfh, Norman 61, 202 Wirth, Nancy 146, 220 Wisby, Karen 65, 202 Wise, Mary 202 Wiskow, Thomas 188, 257 Witt, Helen 134, 202 Wittmon, Sandra 148, 257 Woelfel, Alan 164, 176, 257 Woelffer, Diane 122 Woelffer, John 122, 171 Woiciechowski, Gerald 202 Woitak, Barry 163, 191, 216 Wolf, Gerald 71, 169, 176, 193, 257 Wolf, Marilyn 126, 202 Wolf, Michael F. 202, 215 Wolf, Michael J. 190 Wolfe, Suzanne 202 Wolff, Barbara 202, 221 Wolff, Beverly 65, 144 Wolfgram, Ruth 202 Woller, Kathleen 93, 144 Wollet, Nancy 214 Wolslager, Jill 202 Wolter, Wayne 202 Wong, Stanley 202 Wood, Dennis 101, 104, 105 Wood, Norman 258 Woodruff, Ken 216 Wooster, Richard 123, 214 Wormet, Faye 216 Wornson, Judy 60, 117, 217 Wosilait, Nancy 115, 258 Wosfak, Barry 178 Woywot, Ellen 258 Wrensch, Donna 215 Wright, Dennis 202 Wunsch, Alan 213 Wunsch, Daniel 202 Wyant, Robert 202 Wyderka, Terry 202 Wylie, Richard 202 Wyss, Patricia 93, 258 Y Yanke, Gerald 63, 202 Yonkow, Kathryn 202 Yirchoff, Mariio 213 Young, Bonnie 105, 146, 216 Young, Dena 217 Young, Donna 202 Young, Jean Anne 215 Young, Peggy 202 Z Zobel, Paul 216 Zaborowski, Barb 65, 124, 202 Zaccognini, Elizabeth 202 Zahn, Kent 221 Zahringer, Joseph 68, 117, 258 Zanck, George 160 Zuntow, Stephen 161 Zaporski, Cynthia 202 Zaporski, Wayne 202 Zappia, Christine 202 Zarling, Audrey 216 Zarling, Dave 117, 120, 258 Zarnke, Pa? 216 Zarnstorff, Ronald 202 Zostrow, Mary 78, 138, 153 Zeaman, Bonifa 54, 258 Zech, Carol 62, 115, 117, 120, 126, 221 Zeiger, Jerry 168, 176, 190 Zell, David 62, 78- Zeman, Barbara 152 Zernicke, Ellen 258 Zeszotarski, Gregory 202 Zenz, Donna 202 Zenz, Mary Jane 57, 68, 78, 138, 148 Zibell, Jerry 220 Zickert, Don 178 Ziebarth, Ute 222 Ziehr, Richard 124, 202 Zielinski, Henry 202 Zielinski, Jayne 62, 65, 115, 221 Zielke, Don 161 Zilles, Donna 146, 220 Zima, Matthews 165, 258 Zimmerman, Judy 68, 258 Zimmerman, Mary 93, 216 Zimmermann, Vicky 216 Zinke, Don 258 Zingler, Donna 69, 202 Zitzner, Merlin 202 Zoeller, Donna 205 Zoran, Betty 202 Zows, James 220 Zuehls, Betty 68, 227, 258 Zurich, Guy 123, 202 Zwieg, John 202

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