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University of Wisconsin Whitewater - Minneiska Yearbook (Whitewater, WI) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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Wdcondin State Coffey Wifewa fer inneidlea I 963 PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF WISCONSIN STATE COLLEGE VVHITEWATER, WISCONSIN Tifle-l 3AM i5 Wifewater . . . ?Ae Kadtedt growing coffege ,, Cam ud cl: 9 . . Io .2461minidtrah'0n - . - Studentj . ................................ Organizationd 64 ll I'CA gVOMIoJ GreeAd , . J4tMeh-w Specia Z Event, ......................... jnclex 0f Contenfd 70 732 2 I48 I84 270 . 227 ConfenTs-B $55 WW Campud 01:.fe Not quite four years ago, in September, 1959, the present Student Union opened its doors for the first time. The 38,000 square foot 9 structure cost approximately $700,000, and ade- qgately accommodated a student population of l 00. ' Since then the student body has more than doubled, and demands for services and pro- grams have increased accordingly. As early as 1961 it was evident that the building would be inadequate and programs seriously limited un- less present facilities could be expanded by 1964 or 1965 Thus a new program for the im- mediate future was developed A food service building of 200, 000 square feet, costing $400, 000 will be ready for opera- tion by February, 1964, and by the following September, a $705,000 addition to the present Student Union will nearly double its present SlZC. This is physical progress, but what about program growth, maturity, and the develop- ment of the intangible values to students as in- dividuals, to members of organizations, and to the student body as a whole? Since the initial program was sponsored by the all student Union Activities board, progress has been made in the interpretation of student needs, both culturally and socially. Programs have continued dynamic in nature, changing as the desires of students have changed Social functions have become more sophisticated and, hopefully, have assisted in the development of social graces and poise Progress in the U11- ion program is depen- dent upon a dynamic Student body and col- lege community. We can look for- ward to an impelling future if we are to use this year as a measure for progress. Richard R. Stoner Director, Student Union . . . Surrounold M5 MIA jAe jamifar , ; , , w .w Old Central, crowning the hill since ?miwgifgi'??$g .c Studew: Union, hub of campus activi'ies. Lights burn late in the library reading room. Campus Life-7 o u - :DQUQKOIOJ OM!" jnteredtd With Prexy for history, we cram for classes. Our talents guide our interests. Guess who this is? X it . NFL The New Liberty Slngers and HThe '1Greenback Dollar." Lef0 Ski conditions are excellent. Research takes many forms. VVRCW broadcasts nightly to campus radios. But I HATE getting my hair wet! Odetta,s Ubrawny bari- tonf rated an ovation. . . . cwmgw Our jcleags 3y 4" , XVe marched to the presidenFs home to pro- test rent hikes on Fraternity Lane. He was sympathetic and said negotiations were already underway. STUDENT LOAN FUND P l V We raised more than $900 to insure National Defense Student M, : Loan funds, The flagpole, a campus "lighthouse? UPON Dr. Klaus Bloemer, West Ger- man diplomat, told us Germany fa- vors a United States of Europe. A famous weekly newspaper editor and author, Harry Golden, came to speak on HOnly in America." Aaron Bohrod, UVV artist-imresi- dence, described how he put together his htrompe-P oeil three-dimensional still lifes. av WW M wwwwp jclmirtidfration "Where lies the frontier? It lies in meeting ' the revolution in higher education head on, in finding a way to separate the gifted, in holding all students and ourselves to the highest stand- ards of excellence. We should cling tightly to the freedom to teach and learn, should reassess our assumptions, and have the courage to reor- ganize, revise, and change emphasis in the light of new goals and the findings of research. Let our mood be experimental and our methods sci: entific,'butr1et us always encourage the imagi- native, the Creative, the searching mind that reaches for the stars. Let us challenge the great liberal tradition that the past has given to us, re- examine the present to see if what we do cannot 'be improved, and seek a more effective way to move into the future. Let us seek greatness by seeking excellence in all that we do, and abide by the axiom that men of good will can solve even the most vexing of problems? Walker D. Wyman, President tInaugural Address, Oct. 18, 1963 When the last bell rings and the curtain falls on the academic year of 1962-63, White- water students and faculty can look back on a good year. It was a busy year for all of us, and a pleasant year, too, despite the campus arguments over private housing and the use of the college auditorium for a minstrel show! It was a year of growth, for the enroll- ment exceeded 3,000 for the hrst time and two new residence halls and the new science building slowly rose before our eyes. It was a year of change, for it witnessed the reorgani- zation of the college into three schools, the birth of the Whitewater State College Foun- dation, and the launching of numerous stu- dent and faculty projects that contributed yeast to our intellectual life. Perhaps the year was best described by Dean Lindley J. Stiles MwPresidenf of the University of Wisconsin when he spoke of Whitewater as llreaching for the stars? At the end of my first year on campus, it is my belief that many students and faculty are reaching for the stars, and will look back on the academic year of 1962-63 as the best year of their lives. To the seniors, auf VViedersehen, but alw ways remember your obligation as alumni to help the college keep reaching for the stars. To the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, use your summer for work and relaxation and for reading some books you missed along the way, and come back next September pledged to enter the space age. Walker D. Wyman CORD O. WELLS, Ph.D. Dean of Instruction Like the president of the United States, Whitewateris president, Dr. Walker D. Wyman, has his cabinet, an administrative council which works with him to determine college policy. Members of the cabinet meet weekly in the Student Union to report on their separate schools. Other faculty members are fre-'. quently called into consultation. In the above picture, the cabinet hears a report on prospective enrollment for 1963-64- from Registrar John Prentice. Cabinet members are Heft to right standingi Dr. Cord 0. Wells, Dr. A. Donald Beattie and Dr. I. W. Schaf- fer, and tseatedi Dr. Arnold J. Lien, Dr. Richard J. Brown, Dr. Wyman, A. I. WINTHER, Ph.D. A. DONALD BEATTIE, Ph.D. Mr. Prentice, and Dr. A. I. Winther. Dean, School of Education Dean, School of Business and Economics xi 1. W; SCHAFFER phD. i ARNOLD J. LIEN, Phlj. RICHARD J. BROWN3 Ph.D.H Deany Division of'Student Affairs Dean, School of Graduate Studies Asmstant to the PreSIdent Cabinete15 Helena Ackermann, M.A. Head Resident Lucy Baker Hall Marie S. Benson, M.A. Professor of Business Education Franklin F. Bushman, Ed.D. Chairman, Department of Music Henry M. Collins, M.A. Associate Professor of Business Education 16-Faculfy William 0. Baldwin, M,A. Richard BallsmiJl, B.A. Assistant Professor Assistant Director, of Geography Student Union Germaine M. Blaskey, M.A. Janette M. Bohi, Ph.D. Instructor in Associate Professor Home Economics of History is; A y, Stith M. Cain, M.A. Joseph J. Chopp, M.A. Head Librarian Chairman, Department of Biological Sciences ss Lawrence J. Crone, Ph.D. Catherine Crossman, M.A. Assistant Professor Chairman, Department of Biology of Art VVynett Barnett, Ph.D. Chairman, Department of Speech Charles W. Brady, M.S. Instructor in Biology Alberta E. Christen, MVA. Assistant Professor of Mathematics John A. Cummings, M.S. Assistant Professor of Biology Robert P. Behling, M.S., C.P.A. Assistant Professor of Accounting Edwin Buchert, M.A. Instructor in Mathematics Myn T. Coe, B.Ed. Instructor in Library Science s s . ., a s s V Clay J. Daggett, M.A. Associate Professor of Education Henry A. DeVVind, Ph.D. Margaret Donovan, Ph.D. Charles H. Dorr, FILM. Clayton Droullard, Ed.D. N. Wesley Earp, Ed.D. Professor of History Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Dean of Men Associate Professor of History of Education of Education Frances Ebert, M.S. Lee A. Eckert, M.B.A. David L. Evan, M.M. Jean Ferguson, M.A. Carroll E. Flanagan, Ph.D. Instructor in Instructor in Instructor in Music Assistant Professor Coordinator of Physical Education Business Education of Education Secondary Education Faye Followell, A.M. Cora M. Forbush, M.S. Corinne E. Forster, M.A. Rex D. Foster, M.S. John M. Gibbens, M.S. Assistant Professor Dean of Women Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor of Library Science of English of Mathematics of Economics 7! 7 John L. Glenn, M.A. Dorothy S. Gollmar, M.A Donald L. Graham, Ph.D. Virgll C. Graham, M.A. G. Paul Grant, Ph.D. Instructor in French Assistant Professor Professor of History Associate Professor Professor of English of Mathematics of Business Education Faculty-17 ; Arzy R. Gray, PILD. Alyce M. Greene, M.S. Jay M. Greene, Ed.D. Gaylon Greenhill, PILD. David W. G ffiths, M.S. Professor of Chemistry Assistant Professor Professor of Assistant Professor of Instructor in Chemiytry of Physical Education Business Education Political Science Edna P. Grinstead, Ed.D. Martha Haley, Ph.D. Theodore A. Hansen, M.A. Kent Harris, M.S. Edwin Haynes, M.A. Associate Professor of Assistant Professor Instructor in English Instructor in Mathematics Assistant Professor Business Education of English of English John A. Heide, A.M. Jame Hellie, Ph.D. Chairman, Department Professor of Economics of English 83$ - Vernon E. Herdendorf, M.S. Leon P. Hermsen, M.A. Assistant Professor Associate Professor ' .. of Education of Business Education Swing your partner! 18-Faculty "K .J auw ' 4 2, x A V Noel Hjelmhaug, M.A. Dorothy C. Hood, M.A. William Johnston, M.S. Ora Jones, B.A. Mary Juaire, M.S. Instructor in Physics Head Resident Assistant Professor Head Resident Assistant Professor Nettie Sayles Hall of Mathematics Mary McCutchan Hall of Physical Education Michael J. Kennedy, M.A. Lharles R. King, M.S. Walter P. Klein, M.A. Evonne Kludas, M.F.A. Reuben W. Klumb, M.Ph.k Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Instructor in Economics Instructor in Art Associate Professor of History of Biology of Psychology . Ww , j? Clarence P. Knuth, M.A. Chi-Ling Lee, Ph.D. Lloyd E. Liedtke, M.A. Raymond E. Light, Ed.D. Gordon Long, M.A. Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Professor of Music Instructor in English of Geography of Economics of Science 3;: $3 ' Allen A. Lowrey, M.B.A. Robert L. Madden, M.S. Wm. Madden, A.B., C.?.A. Irving Madsen, B.Ed. Arthur L.1Madson, M.A. Instructor in Instructor in Mathematics Assistant Professor Faculty Assistant, Assistant Professor Business Education of Business Education Admissions of English FacuITy-19 a yMaxineUMann, Ph.D.. Henry N. Markham, Ph.D. Harold E. Marion, M.A. John L. Marquardt, Ed.D. Norman Martin, M.A.L.S. Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Instructor in of Education of Biology of Business Education of English Library Science Arthur G. McGraw, Ph.D. Clarence McNabb, Ph.D. Gerard M. Merte. s, Ph.D. Henry Meyer, Ph.D. Mary Mills, M.S. Professor of Education Associate Professor Associate Professor Professor of Biology Director of of Biology of German Public Relations k 1 Av, Ruth Mmer, J.D. Edward J. Morgan, Ph.M. Charles Morphew, Ed.D. Margaret Mueller, M.S. Reginald Nash, M.S. Associate Professor Chairman, Department Chairman, Department Assistant Professor Associate Professor of Business Education of History of Geography of Education of Biology ; Richard Olmsted, Ph.D. Richard Oschwald, M.A. . . Frank Palinay, D. Ec. Miriam A. Pape, M.A. Robert Partridge, M.A. Chalrman, Department ASSIStant Professor Associate Professor College Nurse Associate Professor of Foreign Languages of Mathematics of Economics of Music 20-Faculfy K ' ' B. Blaine Pennington, M.A. Forrest W7. Perkms, M.S. George E. Perry, M.M. Gladys L. Petersen, M.S. Rex M. Peterson, Ph.D. Head Resident, Assistant Professor Associate Professor Instructor in Education Assistant Professor S. A. White Hall of Physical Education of Music of Geography Edward Pfau, Ed.D. Richard D. Porter, Ph.D. John T. Prentice, M.A. Rudolph W. Prucha, M.S. B. John Rabe, B.S. Associate Professor Assistant Professor Registrar Chairman, Department Faculty Assistant of Psychology of Biology of Physical Sciences in Physical Education Norman A. Ramsey, M.Ed. Olive R. Reeve, M.A. Instructor in Speech Associate Professor of Education Everett L. Refior, Ph.D. Dorothy E. Remp, M.A. Associate Professor Assistant Professor . of Economics of Education Dr. Grant relaxes in the Umon Game Room. FacultyMQI II as V s v Stuart M. Rich, D.B.A. Donald Richards, M.Ed. Margaret Roxby, M.S. Kenneth Salzwedel, M.S. David Saunders, M.A. Associate Professor Head Resident Instructor in Instructor in Psychology Associate Professor of Economics Albert Salisbury Hall Physical Education of English Paul L. Schmunk, Ph.D. nix M.A Mildred Schultze, Edgar H. Schwager, M.S. Frederic Sederholm, Ph.D. Aeilt E. Se-r-lt; M.A. Associate Professor Associate Professor Chairman, Department Assistant Professor Associate Professor of History of Art of Physical Education of Speech of Social Studies 33: Everett Shaw, M.A., C.P.A. William F. Siebers, M.M. Richard R. Stonen B.S. Helen C. Swartz, B.A. Robert C. Sweet, M.A. Associate Professor Instructor in Music Director, Student Union Instructor in Education Instructor in Sociology of Business Education Max F. Taylor, M.F.A. Warr n S. Theune, Ed.D. James E. Toennies, M.S. Robert G. Toomey, M.A. Hugo C. Tscharnack, M.S. Assistant Professor of Art Associate Professor Instructor in Assistant Professor Instructor in Mathematics of Business Education Physical Education of English 22sFaculfy Kathryn E. Utz, Ph.D. Martha Van Steenderen, Leonard J. Varah, A.M. Donald Voeller, M.A. J. T. von Trebra, Ph.D. Professor of English M.S. Assistant Professor Instructor in Geography Professor of Sociology Assistant Professor of Business Education and Political Science of Physical Education Jack W. Vrieze, Ph.D. Robert G. Weigandt, M.S. Agnes Wessling, M.A. Everett M. White, Ed.D. Margaret L. Winch, Ed.M. Professor of Speech Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Coordinator of Instructor in of Physical Education of Mathematics Elementary Education Business Education Alvin E. VVLrtl, M S. Associate Professor of Manual Arts RebegexiurlllnezcilfiihtMA. Dr. Greene: ssHow to succeed in business without really trying." S. A. XVhite Hall FaCuIty-23 .guolentd ",5' .. 4-5.3 $9fgw a 6': 8' , 9..." L x.v , Wm a 1 wk: MWQ .n 26-Senior Class OFficers and Seniors Sen iom The class of 1963 wishes to express its appreciation to those who have helped to make its educational accomplishment possi- ble. Specific lecture content may be forgotten, but the graduates who are a product of the sound professional instruction received here will never cease to utilize and build upon the mental and social learnings which are so ncessary to self-realization. We came to Whitewater State College in the autumn of 1959, afraid, wondering, am- bitious and eager. We are leaving now in the spring of 1963. We leave with some of these feelings still lingering, but something new has been added s- something which can only be gained through a successful college ex- perience. We have, through the meeting and solving of problems, gained self-contidence, capability in our field, strength of character and the drive to succeed in our world. We are proud to be graduates of White- water and will do all in our power to give Whitewater the pride which can come only through out attainments. What does the future hold for us? This can best be answered by the words, uIn God we trust.H But let it never be forgotten that llGod helps those who help themselves? retary; Kathleen vice-president. KARL AESCHLINIANN XVhitewater, Wisconsin Elementary Education JOHN ALBEE Mt. Clemens, Michigan Business Education PHYLLIS AMES DarienJ VVisconsiu Kindergarten - Primary Education SARA ANDERSON Berlin, VVisconsiu Kindergarten - Primary Education MICHAEL ANDERSON Stoughton, Wisconsin Business Administration KAREN ANDERSON Monroe, Wisconsin Elementary Education SHANNON ANDERSON Coleman, Wisconsin Business Education JEAN ANDREOLI Kenosha, Wisconsin Elementary Education XVeinky treasurer; an d Left to right are: Dick Schafer, president; Janis Staflord, see- XVally Schoenfeld, RONALD ANTON RacineI Wisconsin Elementary Education LOUISE APLIN Manitowoc, Wisconsin Business Education DAVID QRBUiTHNOT DONALD BOWERS JOHN BAXTER Beloxt, Wisconsm Whitewater, Wisconsin Kenosha, Wisconsin Academic Academic Academic LOUANNE BECKER DOUGLAS BEi-IRENS Manitowoc, Wisconsin Wauwatosa, Wisconsin Elementary Education Business Administration ROGER BENEKER JACK BERNAU. . ' JUDITH ATHAS Whitewater, Wisconsin Troy Center, Wisconsm Oconomowoc, Wisconsin Business Administration Academic Elementary Education DONNA AUMANN Jefferson, Wisconsin Kindergarten - Primary Education RICHARD AUSMAN Manitowoc, Wisconsin Business Administration MARY IEAN BAEHLER Mount Horeb, Wisconsin Academic LEO BAKER Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Elementary Education WILLIAM BARRIBEAU Goodman, Wisconsin Business Education GLORIA BARTELT Monroe, Wisconsin Business Education Seniors-27 BARBARA BERNHARDT VVaukesha, Wisconsin Academic Education LARRY BESCHTA Watertown, Wisconsin Business Administration RICHARD BETH VVest Bend, Wisconsin RICHARD BRIEN LOIS BROOKS Academic Education Palmyra? Wisconsin Oconomowoc, VYisconsin Academlc Educatlon Busmess Education JUDY BROWN MARY BRUNKOXV Greendale, W'isconsin Juda, Wisconsin Elementary Education Business Education JAMES BL'NZEL VVILLIAM CAMPBELL Milwaukee, Wisconsin Williams Bay, Wisconsin Elementary Education Business Administration BARBARA BIERKNESS Janesville, Wisconsin Elementary Education SHARON BLACKMER Whitewater, Wisconsin Elementary Education THOMAS BULL New Holstein, XVisconsin Business Administration JUDY BOLTZ Sullivan, Wisconsin Elementary Education PATRICIA BONNER Wadsworth, Illinois Business Administration GAIL BRANDT Reedsburg, XVisconsin Kindergarten - Primary Education PAUL BRAUTIGAM Racine, W'isconsin Academic Education 28sSeniors LORETTA COBURN Beloit, Wisconsin Elementary Education JAMES COMPTON Chilton, Wisconsin Elementary Education DONALD CARPENTER JAMES CHAPPELL MICHAEL CONNELL Palmyra, Wisconsin Portage, Wisconsin Whitewater, Wisconsin Academic Education Academic Education Pre-Pl-ofessional LOIS CHASE CARL CHANDLER Brooklyn, Wisconsin Blanchardville, Wisconsin Elementary Education Liberal Arts JOSEPH CIOTTI KAREN CLAY Kenoslia, Wisconsin Whitewater, Wisconsin , 7 Elementary Education Kindergarten - DENNIS CONVVAX Salem, Wisconsin Primarv Education . . ' Academlc Educatlon SARA CONiVAY Brodhead, Wisconsin Primary Education JOY COVELLI Whitewater, Wisconsin Business Education LORNA COX Janesville, Wisconsin Kindergarten - Primary Education SHIRLEY CRIPPS Sheboygan, Wisconsin Business Education JOSEPH CRONICK Osceola, XVisconsin Business Education JAMES DAUBERS Racine, Wisconsin Elementary Education Seniors-29 RK'TH DITTMER Janesville, Wisconsin Business Education JUDITH DRAEGER Lake Mills, XVisconsin Elementarv Education ELAINE DZIEDZIC Richmond, Illinois Academic Education MARY ALICE EISCH Xeenah, XVisconsin Business Education BRYCE EKDAHL Stetsonville, XVisconsin Business Administration ROY ICNDRES Dane, XVisconsin Business Administration SANDRA ENERSOX DONNA DAVIS KAREN DAVIS Viroquu, iVisconsin XVatex-Ioo, Wisconsin Muskego, Wisconsin Business Education Business Administration Academic Education DANTE DE LA PASQUA MARY DE IWARSH Milwaukee, Wisconsin Milwaukee, XVisconsin Business Education Kindergarten - Primary Education XVIIILIAM DEVLIN MILDRED DICKINSON LINDA ENLOE Xthtewater, Wisconsin Rockford, Illinois Elkhorn, XVisconsin Liberal Arts Kindergarten - Business Education Primary Education JAMES ESSER Oconomowoc, Wisconsin Business Education JOHN FOSTER Janesville, Wisconsin Business Administration 30-Seniors : - Li - HARLAN FAUSCH Coloma, Wisconsin Business Administration KAREN FEHLING Juneau, Wisconsin Business Education HUXVARD FIEDLER Williams Bay, XVisconsin Business Administration KATHLEEN FIEDLER Milwaukee, Wisconsin Academic Education CAROLYN FISHER Palmyra, Wisconsin Business Education CAROL FREY H VVatertown, Wisconsin Elementary Education CAROL GALLAGHER Delavan, B'isconsin Elementary Education ROBERT GEIER Milwaukee, Wisconsin Business Education ATHANAS GEORGALAS Freeport, Illinois Liberal Arts VVILLIAM GIESE Janesville, Wisconsin Elementary Education VERONICA GILSDORF Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin Business Education JEROME GO LEMBIEWSKI Milwaukee, Wisconsin Elementary Education BRIDGET GREGORY Big Bend, Wisconsin Liberal Arts GERALD GLITZKY JeEerson, Wisconsin Business Administration CAROL GOURLIE Neosho. Wisconsin Kindergarten - Primary Education CAROL GRIFFITHS Whitewater, Wisconsin Liberal Arts Seniorss31 PATRICK GRIPPE Milwaukee, Wisconsin Business Education ROBERT GRZESZCZAK Milwaukee, Wisconsin Academic Education JOHN HAMANN Milwaukee. Wisconsin Elementary Education 32-Seniors SHARON GROVE Plymouth, iVisconsin Business Education PATRICIA HABERMAN Milwaukee, W'isconsin Elementary Education JANE HAMILTON Janesville, XVisconsin Liberal Arts RICHARD HANEY XVhitewater, Wisconsin Academic Education PATRICIA HARE VVaukesha, Wisconsin Academic Education DAVID HASENBACH Racine, Wisconsin Elementary Education RONALD HASSELL Appleton, Wisconsin Business Education GENE HEIN Manitowoc, Wisconsin Liberal Arts PERRY HELLUM Stoughton, Wisconsin Elementary Education Future Teacher Dan Sullivan gets a recommendation from Dr. A. G. McGraw. ILA HENRIKSEN Brooklyn, Wisconsin Business Education PATRICIA HAGAN Genoal Wisconsin Academic Education DALE HOLZHUTER Fort Atkinson, W'isconsin Business Administration JOHN HORN St. Cloud, Wisconsin Academic Education MARY HOST Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Elementary Education CAROL HOUSE Oneida, Wisconsin Elementary Education LOIS HUGHES South Milwaukee, Wis. Academic Education JERRY HUSS Whitewater, Wisconsin Business Administration RONALD JACOBSON Pell Lake, Wisconsin Business Administration ROBERT HUML Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Business Administration FREDERICK JACOBS Franksville, Wisconsin Business Education THOMAS JENSEN Elkhorn, Wisconsin Brsiness Administration Seniors-33 ROBERT JESSE Clintonville, XVisconsin Business Administration KAREN JOCHIMS Milwaukee, Wisconsin Elementary Education CAROLE JQHNSQN ROBERT KLITZKIE MARY KLUG Eswiiukeef Xilsconsm Elkhorin, Wisconsin Marshall, Wisconsin lrllgrriirarxlziiii .qucation Academic Education Academic Education RONALD KLUG ROGER KLUG Hales Corners, Wisconsin Marshall, XVisconsin Business Administration Academic Education JAMES KNURR JUDITH KNURR ROBERT JOHNSON Mukwonago, Wisconsin Big Bend, Wisconsin Deerfield, Wisconsin Elementary Education Academic Education Elementary Education RONALD JOHNSON VVashburn, Wisconsin Academic Education ALLAN JONES Manitowoc, Wisconsin Business Education IOY JUSTESEN Sun Prairie, Wisconsin Business Education GERALDINE JIVSTIN Sparta, Wisconsin Business Administration CURTIS KASPER Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Liberal Arts BARBARA KASTE Skokie, Illinois Elementary Education 34-Seniors , DAVID KROMENAKER Jefferson, Wisconsin Business Administration RALPH KRUEGER VVatertown, Wisconsin Business Education GARY KOCH THOMAS KOCH gngkas nggLL . Big Bend, Wisconsin Hilbert, XVisconsin B 6? lib . isctoni'ln Business Administration Business Education usmess i minis ra lon KAREN KOLLER BARBARA KONIECZKA Edgerton, Wisconsin Milwaukee, Wisconsin Business Education Elementary Education ROXANNE KOVARS DENNIS KRAUSE Boscobel, Wisconsin Clyman, Wisconsin JOHN LAY Business Education Business Administration West Bend, Wisconsin Business Administration GEORGE LECHNER Mayville, Wisconsin Business Education MONRICO LEHNERT Whitewater, Wisconsin Academic Education VVALLIE LEITZKE Delavan, Wisconsin Kindergarmn - Primary Education DORIS LEWIS Janesville, Wisconsin Academic Education WILLIAM LILLPOP Elkhorn, Wisconsin Business Administration MAXINE LISZEWSKI Milwaukee, Wisconsin Kindergarten - Primary Education Seniors-35 SHIRLEY LUNDSTROM Livingston, Wisconsin Business Education CAROLEE LYON Madison, Wisconsin Elementary Education ROBERT MADSEN Whitewater, Wisconsin Business Administration jUDITH MARCHI Milwaukee, Wisconsin Elementary Education MARIE MARES Bear Creek, Wisconsin Elementary Education yak Through these doors pass the next generationis taxpayers. GERALD MCGOVVAN PATRICK MCKEEVER janesville, Wisconsin Oconomowoc, XVisconsin Elementary Education Business Administration RONALD BRUCE MCKINNEY IVAN MCLAY MARGELOFSKY Lima Center, Wisconsin Janesville, Wisconsin Mayvilie, Wisconsin Business Administration Elementary Education Business Education BEVERLY MARTIN Oconomowoc, Wisconsin Elementary Education JAMES MATTEI Pence, Wisconsin Liberal Arts DANIEL MATULIONIS Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Academic Education JAMES MCGHEE Janesville, Wisconsin Academic Education 36sSeniors Elnine iDWziedzic and Tom Wilkie in a scene from HThe Beautiful Peoplefi ISABEL MEAD EUGENE MEIER Johnson Creek, Wisconsin Rosendale, Wisconsin Academic Education GERTRUDE MELILLO XVhitewater, Wisconsin Kindergarten - Primary Education Business Education HENDRICK MEYER Whitewater, Wisconsin Liberal Arts ROBERT MICKELSON Madison, W'isconsin Business Administration TRAVIS MIDDLESTEAD XVest Allis, Wisconsin Business Administration SHARON MILDBRANDT Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin Business Education PAUL MILLER Janesville, Wisconsin Elementary Education JEAN MINAYOSHI Haulaula, Hawaii Business Education JUNE MOHNS Brodhead, Wisconsin Elementary Education ROBERT MORGAN Oconomowoc, Wisconsin Liberal Arts PATRICIA MOULD Whitewater, Wisconsin Kindergarten - Primary Education DANNY MOUNCE Marshfield, Wisconsin Business Administration PATRICIA MUEHL Hales Corners, Wisconsin Kindergarten - Primary Education Seniors-37 VVILBERT NOLTEMEYER DeForest, Wisconsin Academic Education LES NESBIT Madison, Wisconsin Academic Education EDWARD OiDONNELL Niagara, Wisconsin Business Administration 38-Seniors JIM NEHS Oconomowoc, iVisconsin Liberal Arts GARY NICHOLSON Uconomowoc, Wisconsin Liberal Arts JOANNE ORTWIG Jefferson, Wisconsin Elementary Education RUSSELL OTTO Burlington, Wisconsin Academic Education JOANNE PADDUCK Antioch, Illinois Elementary Education GERALD PANKiHVSKi Milwaukee; VViscnnsin Academic Education MARY ANN PARKER XVhitefish Bay, VViscnnsin Kindergarten - Primary Education WALTER PARTENHEIMER Salem, Wisconsin Liberal Arts BRUCE PATRICK Wyaupun, Wisconsin Business Education MARVIN PAITRICK Beaver Dam, XVisconsin Academic Education HELEN PERTZBORN Cross Plains, Wisconsin Elementary Education CONSTANCE PETERSON Mount Horeb, Wisconsin Business Education RONALD PETERSON Larsen, Wisconsin Business Education SONJA PETERSON Stoughton, Wisconsin Liberal Arts CATHERINE PETRAS Madison, Wisconsin Business Education CAROL PHELPS Whitewater, Wisconsin Kindergarten - Primary Education JOHN PHIPPS Plymouth, Wisconsin Academic Education RONETTE PIEPER Whitewater, Wisconsin Business Education DAVID POISL Union Grove, Wisconsin Academic Education LOIS POLLARD Clinton, Wisconsin Business Education JOHN PONYICSANYI Monticello, Wisconsin Business Education FRED POSPESCHIL Janesville, Wisconsin Liberal Arts ROBERT POWASER Racine, Wisconsin Elementary Education JUDITH PRIAULX Racine! Wisconsin Academic Education RITA RITGER West Bend, Wisconsin Business Education NANCY ROLSTAD Verona, Wisconsin Business Education HELEN RENNHAK Rhinelander, Wisconsin Business Education MARY ROACH Florence, Wisconsin Business Education DENNIS ROSS Washburn, Wisconsin Business Administration Seniorsa39 40s-Seniors JUDY Ross Milwaukee, Wisconsin Business Education SALLY ANN ROTH Beloit, Wisconsin Primary Education CAROLYN RYER VValworth, Wisconsin Academic Education MICHAEL SAMOLINSKI Waterford, Wisconsin Elementary Education JOHN SAUERBURG Whitewater, Wisconsin Academic Education GREG SCHAEFER Pewaukee, Wisconsin Academic Education RICHARD SCHAFER LaVaIle, Wisconsin Academic Education THOMAS SCHAFFER Appleton, Wisconsin Academic Education ARLENE SCHERRER Verona, Wisconsin Elementary Education CLIFFORD SCHIEFELBEIN Janesville, Wisconsin Elementary Education DEWEY SCHIELE Slinger, Wisconsin Academic Education RONALD SCHMIDT Stratford, Wisconsin Business Administration WALLY SCHOENFELD Milwaukee, Wisconsin Business Education WILLIAM SCHMITZ West Allis, Wisconsin Academic Education THOMAS SCHMITZ Hilbert, Wisconsin Business Education JOHN SCHROEDER Big Bend, Wisconsin Business Administration ROBERT SCHULTZ Beioit, Wisconsin Liberal Arts ALAN SCOTT Orfordviile, Wisconsin Liberal Arts PETER SHEPPARD Palmyra, Wisconsin Business Administration GERALD SCHVVARTZLOW Edgerton, Wisconsin Business Administration JOHN SEITZ Johnson Creek, Wisconsin Business Administration JEAN SHOLTS Oregon, W'isconsin Business Education JOAN SIEGER Fremont, Wisconsin Business Education EDWARD SIERT Delavan, Wisconsin Business Administration CAROLYN SIMDON Cambridge, Wisconsin Elementary Education JUDITH SLOAN Milwaukee, Wisconsin Kindergarten - Primary Education JOHN SMARSLIK West Allis, Wisconsin Academic Education GORDON SMITH Whitewater, Wisconsin Business Administration RODNEY SMITH Milton Junction, Wisconsin i Business Administration JANIS STAFFORD LaGrainge Park, Illinois Business Education JULIANNE STARK Shorewood, Wisconsin Kindergarten - Primary Education MILTON STEARNS Edgerton, Wisconsin Business Administration JOEL STEFFEN Hortonville, XVisConsin Business Administration DONALD STEVENS Delavan, XVisconsin Liberal Arts JANICE STREBE VVaupaca, Wisconsin Elementarv Education HAROLD STERNBERG Kenosha, VViscnnsin Academic Education PATRICIA STULARZ Chicago, Illinois Kindergarten - Primary Education KATHLEEN STRONN Cudahy, Wisconsin Academic Education .e The hard part is remembering which is Xhe warp and which the woof. MARY STUTE East Troy, Wisconsin Elementary Education DAN SULLIVAN South Milwaukee, Wis. Academic Education jUHN SULLIVAN XVhitewater, Wisconsin Liberal Arts LEANNE TANNER Vs'auwatosa, Wisconsin Kindergarten - Primary Education JAMES THAYER Bamboo, Wisconsin Business Administration WAYNE THIELMANN ChiltonJ Wisconsin Liberal Arts Mary OnDay and friend stop by the student soc ial center. BRUCE THURBER Milwaukee, Wisconsin Business Education CHARLES TITUS Palmyra, Wisconsin Liberal Arts ROSS TORSRUD Milwaukee, Wisconsin Academic Education GALE TOVVNE Ripon, Wisconsin Elementary Education MONA TRAUTMAN Franksville, Wisconsin Elementary Education ROBERT VANDEN HEUVEL Green Bay, Wisconsin Business Education ARLIS VAN LAANEN Green Bay, Wisconsin Elementary Education MARY ANN VEHRS Nekoosa, Wisconsin Business Education GARY WALLACE Roscoe, Illinois Academic Education DOROTHY VAN VALIN Mukwonago, Wisconsin Elemeniary Education GERALD VOLHARD VVausau, Wisconsin Elementary Education RONALD WEBER Janesvrille, Wisconsin Academic Education Seniors-43 JANICE WEGE Shawano, Wisconsin Business Education KATHLEEN VVEINK Milwaukee, Wisconsin Busmess Education WAYNE .VVEI$HAAR Rnpon, Wisconsm, KENNETH XVICKLAND DONALD WlLCOX Academic Education XVhitewater, Wisconsin Edgerton, Wisconsin Elementary Education Business Administration JANE VVEISS Sun Prairie, Wisconsin Business Education RONALD VVELCH Kaukauna, Wisconsin Business Administration THOMAS XVESCOTT Elkhorn, VViscousin Business Education BARBARA VVEST East Troy, Wisconsin Academic Education CHARLES VVEYERS Hortonville, Wisconsin Business Administration The great day arrives, to the 44-Seniors ROBERT WITCZAK Manitowoc, Wisconsin Business Education NANCY VVUODBURY Ladysmith, Wisconsin Business Education 4 , tune of uPomp and Circumstance,y MICHAEL WUNSCH Whitewater, Wisconsin Business Education ROD YOUNG Frederic, XVisconsin Business Administration MARJORIE YUG Big Bend, Wisconsin Elementary Education SUSAN ZASTROVV Milwaukee, Wisconsin Kindergarten - Primary Education ROSEMARY ZICKERMAN Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Academic Education DAVID ZIECH Pewaukee, Wisconsin Elementary Education RONALD DEVINE Sharon, Wisconsin Academic Education FRANK JOHNSON Cudahy, Wisconsin Elementary Education Seniors-45 un ford The junior class officers are Jerry Packard, president; Ron Bronson, vice- president; Susie Nelson, secretary; and Karen Platt, treasurer. The adviser to the junior class this year is Dr. Edward Pfau. He has helped us greatly in our new undertakings. Our big project for the year will be to spon- sor a concert given by Ahmad Jamal, jazz singer. The performance will take the place of our yearly junior prom. The decision was voted on at a junior class meeting held early in the year and come mttees for the various jobs have been selected. As the Minneiska goes to press, the juniors have other plans for the future. Selecting and ordering junior class rings and a possible kick-off banquet 0r picnic honoring the seniors are on the agenda. Left to right are: Ron Bronson, vice-president; Karen Platt, treasurer; Jerry Packard, president; and Susie Nelson, secretary. Row I-Michael Scott, John Gustafson, Jay Bieberitz, Michael Greenwald, Ted Petrakis. Rorw 2eJ0hn Furlong, Loren Behrmann, Clark Kent, Dan Bentz, Jim Pechauer, Joe Kawatski, Steve Zantow. 46-Junior OFFicers ancl Juniors TOP PICTURE Rorw I-Janet Fromm, Judy Hendrick, Ellen Johnson, Pamela King, Naomi Koepp, Cathy Christensen, Sandra Fluke. Row z-Marlea Schuetz, Carol Hansen, Judith Schmidt, Carol Nelson, Sally Hahn, Sharon Adamson, William VVunrow. Rorw 3 Kenneth Rutsch, Robert Bender, David Graf, Thomas Finby, Gene Findlay, Bud Magnuson, Dick Oelhafen, Stu Vorpagel. MIDDLE PICTURE Row I Nancy Olson, Corinne Berg, Corinne Falinkmaier, Pat Anderson, Mary Ann De Mark, Kathy VVehr, Carol Mess. Rouv 2-Cathy Kitto, Pat Weaver, Sharon Baumgartner, Michele Mundt, Mary O Day, Rose Radtke, Norma GnatzigJ Judith PatchA Row 3-Carl Zirk, Mike Mucha, Richard Fischer, Donald Sippel, Norman Wegner, Wayne Harju, Joe Nuspl. BOTTOM PICTURE Row I-Beverly Young, June Stowell, Judy Kopccky, Pearl Powers, Janice Leschinsky, Marjory Humer, Frances Schultz. Row 2 Darlene Norem, Kathy Worden, Jo Kapoun, Karen Wolcott, Bonnie Holmes, Kathy Krans, Peggy Hein, Beverly Cooper. Rorw 3 Eugene Kunde, Roger Scherrer, John Osborn, Kenneth Oliak, Frederick Schmude, Thomas Eichman, Ed Grabow, Gary Berling. Juniors-47 TOP PICTURE Row 1-Julie Timler, Marion Klinner, Kathleen Riley, Patricia Zinda, Mary Jensen, Bonnie Fink. Rotw 2 E1izabeth Letter, Dorothy Campbell, Mary Tubbs, Janice Pribnow, Kitty Simon, Dick Cattanach, Dale Bartel. Row 3-Carl Pagel, Marshall White, Robert Schneider, Robert Aicher, Marvin Krull, Charles Henrich, Jerry Packard, Richard Claussen. MIDDLE PICTURE Rarw I-Joanne Zwicg, Barbara Fox, Carol May, Carol Reinke, Sarah Peters, Jan Boyd, Sharon Buhrow. me 2 Lloyd VVilz, Frank OyBrien, Gloria Sprhgue, Ursula Eddy, Maurice Bjornestad, Michael Schoene, Kenneth Davis. Row 3 Donald Lipske, Dave Sorenson, Bob Soule, Paul Rich, Mike Guolee, Dave Hahn, Mike Furlong, Bill McGraw. BOTTOM PICTURE Rorw x-Dave Mortensen, Nancy Nelson, Frances VVojtowicz, Liz Henkel, Randi Davidson, Marita Hale, Gary Patyk. Rorw z-Lee Hembel, Jim Frehner, Richard Klal'sL Dick ButenhofF, Dave Danielson, Elgin Baylor, Joe Fox. Rorw 3-John Ebenreiter, Bob Gundrum, Randolph Roth, Martin Peebles, John Brosteau, Bob Helgemo. 48-Juniors TOP PICTURE Row 1 Karin Malek, Judy Gunderman, Dorothy Olbrich, Pat Kelley, Ramona Chattillion, Terry Vosc, Susie Nelson. Row 2-Tom Wills, Glen Hauser, Don Schindler, Dewey Tofson, Jim Eaton, Robert Clcminson, Bill Seiler. Raw 3-John Cattelino, Bob Obenberger, Kirby Nicol, Thomas Cox, Dick Johnson. MIDDLE PICTURE Row 1 Janice Redford, Anita Gilliland, Nancy Shewczyk, Margaret Kramer, Jean Knickmeicr, Midge Griswold, Margene Goessling. Row 2-Ron Miner, Thomas Golden, Jane Johnson, Judy Getschman, Bob Hay, Bruce Christensen, Tom Nelson. Rorw 3-Cy Carlson, Mark Krahn, Tom Lother, Bob Jensen, Paul Siedschlag, Oscar Steele. BOTTOM PICTURE Rorw 1 Mary Ellen Veitch, Sandra Kasmerchekl Karen Tipple, Nancy Odinius, Jean Rasch. me 2-Gera1d Shay, Peter Bauer, Thomas Miller, Russ Stevens, Scott Turner. Rorw 3 Lavern Krueger, Kent Karberg, Merlin Zelm. Juniors-49 TOP PICTURE Row 1-Dawn Schenk, Ruth Anderson, Pat Angvick, Ann Heath, Kathleen Sweeney, Neila Wrasse, Eleanore Klimek, Sharon Schwaller. Row 2 Don 01in, VVallene MacDonald, Lora Finke, Judy Spaulding, Jan Ames, Carole Prange, Toni Kamenick, Ken Westphal. Row 3-T0m Galko, Jerry Arneson, jim Bartell, Bill Klabunde, Rolland Nelson, Dick Darula, Dick Jerabek, Mike Brosteau. MIDDLE PICTURE Rorw x Bette Hughes, Sharon Hart, Terri Maier, Janie Fisher, Ruth Hanak, Carol Easting. Row 2-Karen Flatt, Mary VVisniewski, Janice Ziegelmann, Jane Trachte, Pat Kintzler, Kay Victor, Judy McCarthy. Rn-w 3-Gene Lisiecki, Terry Geske, Karen Shower, Michaelene Seianas, Margery Gill, Eileen Vande Sand, Gary West, Berwyn Anderson. Rorw 4 David VVinnen, Paul Korth, Rich Housfeld, Jerry Voight, Ronald Bronson. BOTTOM PICTURE Raw I-Audrey Bosben, Karen VVeisenseI, Louise Cook, Carol Probell, Jane Jones, Sue Vogt, Charlotte Samz, Judy Koeppen. Ra-u 2 Shar0n XVagner, Richard Wicker, Darlene Stockstad, Beverly Hodgins, Sue Simmons, Robert Peterson, Russ Mayy Charlene Beyer. Rarw 3 R0hert Lory, Bruce Buss, Bill Hamilton, Jerry Hoeft, Ken Laun, Richard Steele, Mike Richardson, John Schmoll. 50 Juniors SOPLOMOI'QO The 1963 Sophomore Class of Whitewater State College is composed of 671 book-toting stu- dents. The presiding officers of this 012155 are Bill DeMaster president; Larry Gundrum, Vice-presi- dent; Barb Husting, secretary; and hiarilyn My- er, treasurer. There are numerous activities planned for the year of 1963. Among them are Skits-Ofrenia e in which the faculty participates in various planned skits, a studenbperformed skit evening, a weekend dance, and the presentation of a well-known sing- ing group on our campus. As freshmen, this enthusiastic group of stu- wh .1" glue 7 A e w , dents sponsored numerous activities with much Left to right are: Bill DeMaster, president; Marilyn Meyer, SUCCCSS. Some of them were Chez-Paree, a t ; B b H ti . t ; d L C d m, . tiiifgiigdenir "5mg mm ary an any '"n m weekend dance, a class float, and Collegiate Weekend. ...M V i1Yi k Rurw IeSharon Stanford, Karen Santschi, June Oelhafen, Dorothy Bu rdick, Sharon Kohler, Karen Kenders. Pam Hagert. Rorw 2eEtheI Wilton, Ricardo Bouche, Allen Roberts, Douglas Salanda, Gerald Desing, Richard Homan, Reza Doroudian, Charlene GursmiedL Row 3- John Nuspl, Don Pielin, Roger Jenrich, Sherman Swanson, C. Roger Grantham, Arthur Andersen. Rorw I--David Chase, James Meadows, Curt Kissinger, J. D. Rothsch adl, Jim Spataro. Rorw zeVV. D. W'igderson, Fred Bales, Gerald Katzman, Ken Pedersen, Tom Haen, Dan Bauer. Sophomore Class History Officers and SophomoreseSI 5 .32 TOP PICTURE Rorw x-Marianna Catania, Gwen Evans, Nancy Borkenhagen, Sherry Hess, Janet 01in, Marilyn Meyer, Arlene VVesemann. Row 2-Joan Melville, Judy Braun, Kathie Radewan, Helene Eggen, Janice Hingiss, Rosann Prudlow, Barbara Schmidt, JoAnn Baum- gartner. Row 3 David Salverson, Jack Stodola, John Stout, Gerald Wolf, Ken H012, Greg Dietz, Everett Tessmer. MIDDLE PICTURE Row I-Mary De Bruine, Mary Lou Fisher, Jan Everson, Rita Jorstad, Karen Kasakaitas, Nancy Nishimoto, Louise Burch. Row 2-Dottie Potter, Carol Schultz, Rosemary Rothenbueler, Gail Bullington, Margaret Purdy, Karen Peterson, Donna Schaefer. Row 3-Jerry Chase, Chuck Van Rens, Dave Figi, Jack Delanty, Steve Slinde, Jack Dresdow. BOTTOM PICTURE Row I-Barb Freas, Phyllis Harms, Sandi Quamme, Caroyn Rolfs, Kathleen Ling, Barb Bath, Judy Bognar. Row 2-Barbara Medower, Roseann Baldoun, Sandra Baldwin, Nancy Wosilait, Peter Theune, Ray Gilbertson. Row 3-Dick Geyman, Larry Kubehl, Robert Smith, John Eckhardt, Richard Weber, Robert Kehl, Jack Gribble. 52-Sophomores TOP PICTURE me I Barbara Hartel, Patricia Dunham, Gloria Eilks, Karen Dotter, Lorie Bie, Jill Mayhew, Bunny Pelton. Rorw 2 Margaret Porter, Marleen Becker, Karen Welty, Charlotte Erickson, Mary Christian, Mary Jo Sniderwin, Dave VVedeward. Row 3 Bi1l De Master, Dave Rhodes, Brian Schmidt, Dennis Cronce, Bill Kwapil, Jerry Teska, Bob Pavlik, Gary Grennier. Ravw 4,-Ron Depies, John Schmidt, Nathan Van Sluys, VVilIiam Ritchie, Robert Schneider, Jeff Zeigle, Walter Aspatore. MIDDLE PICTURE Rorw x-Domthy Jaeger, Pat Kennedy, Mary Thompson, Judy Mason, Sandy Peterson, Marilyn Behling, Nancy Keegan. Ro-w 2-Bob Vandervort, Vern Dahlstrom, Karen Miller, Valery Lewis, Mavis Markworth, Joan Miller, John Bell. Rorw 3-Gary Schrag, John Woelffer, Ronald Klitzkie, Raymond S oklosa, Robert Haugh, Tom Bell. Rorw 4 Tom Baldner, Wallace Sweet, Phil Bollhagen, Richard Allen, Stephen Derus, Larry Gundrum, Carl Ryba. BOTTOM PICTURE Rorw 1 Helen Friedmann, Marilou Baker, Pat Peters, Ida Mehre, Judy Haedt, Jane Heller, Marie Stiener, Barb Wilear. Row 2-Carol Tesser, jean Dobbratz, Sharon Dorsey, Barb Klein, Elizabeth Steinberger, Audrey Anderson, Kay Lucy, Jean Gibbs, Judy Zimmerman. Row 3-Gerald Whisman, Michael VVandschneidex, Richard Cornell, Wayne VVahlberg, Paul Anderson, Jeff Schulz, Richard Hordyk, Bill Hollingsworth. $ophomores-53 TOP PICTURE Rorw I-Ellen Kuchnbach, Helen Friedmann, Barbara Tabat, Donna Dorman, Jan Lutz, Joan Osterberg, Nancy Griesberg. Row 2-Barbara Pierangeli, Gail Sampo, Lani Smith, Judy McCarthy, Sandra Weber, Sandra Jensen, Sally Kosanke, Cheryl VVaIters. Row 3-D0nald Lee, Anthony Espey, Mike Irwin, Hank Evers, Dennis Bonikowske, Wayne Schnitger, LaVerne Olson. MIDDLE PICTURE Rorw I-Timothy Doolan, Paula Husty, Kathie Cull, Lou Ann Mueller, Barb Stube, Dee Martiniak, Mary Fleming, Mary DeCoster. Row 2 Fred Baehler, Bob Knudsen, Bob Honan, Darryl Sheggrud, John VVandrey, James Krause, Kurt Fuchs. Rorw 3-Denis Davidson, Robert Thostenson, Chuck Nolan, Gaarder Paynter, Tom Hinz, Terry Galle, Jim Miller, Rex Millheam. BOTTOM PICTURE Rorw I-Sandra Achter, Karen Digman, Kathleen Paap, Mary Lou Funk, Joan Latta, Marlene Lehman, Cecilia Mazurkiewicz, Dawn Wee- den, Phyllis Drechsler. Rarw 2 Car0le Waite, Patsy Rairdin, Pat Regan, Karen Stockholm, Mary Schnicker, Barb Husting, Georgette Mattson, Joyce Dreischmeier, Susan Schindler. ' Rorw 3 Darlene Pagel, Terry Nordal, Bill Kenyon, Barry Jensen, David Brugger, XVilliam Cnare, Ann Brooks. Row 4 Cyril Haslow, Ray Ropers, David Kuykendall, Gerald Voy, John Cimaroli, Charles Lehman, Tom McNaHy, Richard Schmeling. , wuuu . ?inwmuwhf . u m1 nthua-uv 54-Sophomores TOP PICTURE Row I-Carol Corpron, Sally Kwiatkowski, Delores Mell, Marlene Pinnow, Agnes Daley, Brenda Cowell. Row 2 Joan Collins, Kathy Downing, Judy Williams, Anita Gullickson, Diane Hanson, JoEllen Stenulson. me 3 Don Zielke, Dennis Chase, Jim Nehringl Toby Snodgrass, John Papastefan. Row 4 Wi1liam Rodd, David Watzke, Dick La Certe, Mike Beaupre, Michael Iselin. MIDDLE PICTURE Rorw I-Mary Jo Doyle, Janice Timmerman, Karen Langer, Carole Schneeweis, Kay Carney, Judy Schwan, Ellen Zernicke. me 2- Gerald Davis, Stanley Waga, Carlene Anderson, Betty Zuehls, Connie Ciganek, Myrtle Klaske, Elaine Smokowicz, Phil Nelson. Row 3:Gary Calacci, Richard Moyse, Gerald Thorstad, Arden Kuhn, William Lassow, Gregory Procknow, Tim Petzold. Row 4-Dale Boettcher, Rich Juhnke, Bill Pirkel, Bill Campion Steve Shober, Pete Church. BOTTOM PICTURE Row 1-Suzanne Foster, Dona VViedenheft, Maxine VVestphal, Karen Spongberg, Elaine Schneeberger, Sharon Hollis, Bonnie Baumann, Bonnie Johnson, Dian Eisfeldt, Carol Hoesly. Row 2 -Eugcne Rogers, Cathy Hubbard, Kay Beckman, Jan Boyer, Carol Strini, VViz Jackson, Merrily Madsen, Sally Best, Robert Rewald. Rorw 3 Richard Pritchard, Clarence Coleman, Ronald Isaac, John Korrison, John Vesbach, Alvin Gumz, Irv Swinehart, Tim Girard. $ophomores-55 TOP PICTURE Row 1 Barbara Kub, Judy Fuerstenberg, Penny RUE, Denise Sell, IVIartha Eberle. Rorw 2-Gary Pritchard, Susan Lee, Jane Luderus, Jan Janicsek, Joan Peterson, Richard Goniu. Row 3 R0n Bozynsici, Rick XVarren, Dave Bond, Bill Meinel, Ken Knuteson, Dan Jacobson. MIDDLE PICTURE Rorw 1- Marijean Stewart, Patricia Schmitt, Marilyn Wiegner, Betty Huettner, Carole Heindl, Vivian Dunning, Marjorie Ladewig. Raw 2 Albert Basile, Gordon Converse, Mel Crain, Dick Fernholz, Patrick Glynn, Henry Jacky, Jean Truttschel. Rorw 3--Barry Barton, Denny Gramins, Dave Hardginski, Win Parkinson, Dean Sommers, David Hodge. BOTTOM PICTURE Raw x Barb Toellc, Bonnie Zeaman, Petra Kohlberger, Nada Zurich, Karen Hansen, Ingrid Kremer, Patti Bergwin, Diane Claussen, Evelyn Heiniger, Jane Meingast. Rorw 2 Marie Bokemeier, Jean Gordon, Sandra Wittman, Virginia Stalbaum, Judith Johnson, Claudia Del Ponte, Kitty N011, Helen Schaefer, Virginia Dwyer. Rorw 3 Ron Travis, Mike Colbert, George Bliss, Larry Schmitz, Paul Shebesta, Rich VVestendorf, Jerry Zelm, Rod Weber. Row 4-wDan Steffen, Leroy Hoekman, Brent Schiefelbein, Robert Potter, Ed Sabey, Ron Wildermuth, Jim Michels, Jack Hoffmann. 56-Sophomores jredhmen The intiuenee of 1200 new- comers t0 the Whitewater Cam- pus has dehnitely been noticed. Their beginnings were not un- usual. Freshmen Orientation Week followed the standard pattern of convocations, regis- tration, and tours ending with the orientation dance. The freshmen desire to be- come an integral part of the school was fulfilled Oct. 12 when the traditional Home- coming bonfire was lit. They again received recognition when their Homecoming float took second place in the humor- ous division. On Jan. 25, the freshmen sponsored an all-school record w t Left to right: Takenori ttAndyh Ninomiya, viee-president; Sherry Dallmann, treasurer; Cheryl Gemoll, secretary; and Gerry Loebel, president. hop, Second semCStCr Swing. BOTTOM PICTURE Rorw 1-Sandra Simon, Kathy Deignan, Jean Host, Jean Galen, Marilyn Gould, Mary Hahn, Mary Jane Mayer, Arlene Krukar. Rorw 2eR0bert Bello, Neal Underhill, Chip Mortell, David VViIladsen, George Edenharder, Pat McFarIin, Marvin Vinz, James Dreiling, Tom Terry. TOP PICTURE Rorw I-jean Schacht, Susan Sehiewe, Carol Tessmnnn, Judy Janda, Gail Page, Judy Kayne, Pam Meyers. Rorw 2-R0bert Pikalek, Alan Norman, Gary Brooks, James Endres, Harry Peterson, Joseph Kroeten, Frederick Wiemer. Freshmen Class Officers and Freshmen-57 TOP PICTURE: Rorw I-Mardi Reuter, Susan Samson, Kay Kemnitz, Pam Sparkman, Carol Zirzow, Jane Schloemer, Sally Sasman, Barbara Sauve. Row 2-Karen Peterson, Judy Schaefer, Donna Zilles, Sue Schlitz, Rosemary Farrell, Mary Lou Fell, Judy Rude, Audrey Schaefer. Row 3-Hazel Robbins, Robert Schroeder, Hubert VVeisensel, John Schwab, Dennis Dunn, Ronald Golinski, Robert Schmidt, A1 Wilbert. me 4-James Dunford, Mallory Heindel, Donald Durkin, Harold Fritz, Bruce Edwards, Edward Duesterhoeft, Daniel Ferge. Row 5 Robert Freeman, Thomas Hendron, Art Schuetze, Stan Dobrovolskis, Lemuel Fraser. MIDDLE PICTURE: Row I-Sandra Jurkowski, Mary Joyce, Susan Zunker, Julie Siegel, Cecilia Lawless, Mary Hutson, Carol Tessmann, Lois Schulz. Row 2 Connie Olson, Connie Jennings, Carolyn Johnson, Lonnie Larson, Mary Pitzen, Barb Johnson, Priscilla Lardinois, Joann Lange. Row 3 NanCy Johnson, John Jaeger, Carl Huth, Ken Schmalz, Erv Kumm, Robert Giovannoni, Frederic Hoesly, Gary Stinson. me 4,-Dick Jones, Mike Krueger, Chuck Kohlhaas, Dennis Sheehan, Ed Joseph, Bernard Kratky. Row 5 Ken Jensen, Larry Janicsek, Ken Meyer, Ken Kosanke. BO'ITOM PICTURE: Row 1-Diane Reiter, Elisabeth Stark, Marsha Rybacki, Karen Kallay, Nancy Lenz, Judy Rickard,- Diane Thompson, Mary Becker, Faith Ruda. Rorw 2--Wilmer Dahl, Diane Rosenmeier, Toni Joslin, Barbara Kohl, Mildred Repky, Marylee Riitmann, Lorraine Englert, Garry Decker, Francis Ferguson. Rarw 3-David Holtan, Bob Walker, Gary Wallace, Gary Dawley, Bob Hull, Ron Crooks, Jim Ruhland, Ken Jaeger. Rorw 4-Kenny Jameson, Mike Collopy, Robert, Rick Rubach, Rick Felton, Dennis Damitz, Torn Remington, XVes Nosek. zmd 58-Freshmen TOP PICTURE: Rorw I Dorothy Johnson, Donna Harrison, Barbara Rauter, Mary Benedict, Sue Ransom, Lynda Reinke, Judy Bluhm, Pat Wagner, Pat Cipolla. Rorw 2 Diana Henry, Carol Zech, Bridget Botham, Dorothy Slaninka, Darlene Arndt, Barbara Race, Barbara Pung, Janet Read, Jane Lenz. Rorw 3-Evelyn Nagel, Thomas Cox, Carl Anderson, Thomas Andrews, James Delgado, Fred Alvarado, Jim Alf. Rorw 4.--Alan Cratty, Larry Adler, James Allen, David Charlton, Robert Albertson, Howard Cook, Ron Rothschadl, Marvin Vinz. Rarw s-Robert Wallace, Dale Baker, Bernard Pierce, Roger Rowin, Jim Dean. MIDDLE PICTURE: Row 1 Adrienne Ritter, Judy Raettig, Mary Richards, Nancy Guse, Jean Karl, Darlene Starker, Barbara Riedmayer, Betteanne Keith. Rorw 2-Cindy Reiskytl, Margie Reuther, Karen Jensen, Jane Darling, Carol Halvorsen, Ute Ziebarthc Barb Riemer, Bob Grise, Bob Head. Rorw 3-Robert Hansen, Bill Hebert, Jerome Goodger, Warren Hein, Jim Gorski, Michal Grbich, David Schultz. Rarw 4-Bill Gilson, Jim Haas, Chuck Kerkman, Todd Graves, Bill Wright. L'OTroM PICTURE: Rarw 1-Marcia Wilson, Barbara Brinkman, Pamela Bergstrom, Sue Matzner, Lynn Rae Liegel, Theresa McCormick, Susan Arentsen, Evelyn Weitzel. Row 2-Jim Laughlin, Thomas Zoellner, Jim Arneson, Carole Coleman, Kathy Swartz, Jan Terrill, Chris Brechler, Marian Lins, Linda Littell. Rorw 3-Tonv Baade, Tom Larum, Mel Sumwalt. Row 4-Joe Pleviak, Norb Svatos, Jim Lescohier, Rich Leiknes, Bengy Altheimer, Chris Alston, Bill Bethke. Freshmen-59 TOP PICTURE: Rorw 1 Marcia Wenninger, Sue Ggabow, Marilyn Schroeder, Gloria Gaworski, Barbara Deal, Carolyn Gilchrist, Mary Ann Tesser, Sandra Fowler. Row 2-Anne Milkie, Diana Dial, Jane Traeder, Peg Schober, Kathy Graf, Susie Griswold, Lynn Schmidt. Rorw 3 Mary Schroeder, Cheryl Peterson, Steve Armstrong, Dick Barbian, Dan Alleny Dick Radloff, Ruth Felton, Jeanne Carstens. Rorw .r-Ramon Perez, Jerry Apple, Michael Backus, Thomas Baldwin, Doug Sinclair, Jim Mitchell, Pat Milligan. Row 5-Steve Austin, Rodney Matz, Floyd Neuman, Terry Nairn. MIDDLE PICTURE: Row 1 Karol Stuessi, Barbara Kenyon, Gail Kleckner, Evelyn Hurst, Mary Jinkins, Mary Larson, Patty Weber, Dorothy Krueger. Row 2-Lynne Krueger, Jill Vander Brug, Nancy Kilb, Pat Heffernan, Susan Kopecky, Mary Koenig, Merodie Koer- ner, Donna Kiel. Rorw 3-Phillip Kramer, Rick Polman, Dennis Bleifuss, Jim Becker, Jim Krzeminski, Fran Schauer, Bob Harried. Rorw +-Charles Krull, John Voorhees, Ed Krisch, Michael Hillerman, Denver Young, Kenton Bennett, Deane Bauman. Row sn-Bill Kroening, Jim Bindl, Jim Bender, Herb Kulow, Tom von Heimburg, Lee Schauman. BOTTOM PICTURE: Rarw 1-Susan Greenwald, Terry Swendrowski, Pat McNally, Ellen Mathison, Diane Mottl, Jane Steinhart, Dyan VVie- denheft, Jeralyn Hetzel, Karen Wilson, Jean Manion. Ro-w 2-Rosemary Mueller, Jeanne Malec, Janis Langetieg, Lois McGrath, Dick VVhitford, Michael Kurth, Ron Teal, Ray Szeluga, Bonnie Loosen. Rorw 3-Ken Nurnberg, Fred Kuen, Jack Palmer, Ed Machacek, John Lagowski, Bob Pehanich, Phillip Kucher, Jon Litscher. Row 4wKennneth Kuehn, Melvin Noisen, ChuCk Gess, Dick Wilson, John Tait, John Laatsch, Denis Wiedenhoeft, David Vick, Rick Langan. 60-Freshmen TOP PICTURE: Rorw 1 Alice Klug, Jackie Brahml Carolyn Bruce, Kathy Buscemi, Virginia Smith, Carol Lattow, Karen Sutrick. Rorw 2 Ron Johns, Diane Braun, Sharyl Brown, Loretta Nelson, Wendy Camp, Meribeth Honeck, Marian Catania. Row 3 Dennis McCormick, Don Kelln, Edward Maag, Bill Nelson, Dick Nottestad, Don Rundquist, Vince Klemko. Raw 4-Kent Zahn, Cliff Markee, Lars Lein, Lynn Thornton, Eric Meurer, Terry von Dahlen. Row 5-Larry Schranfnagel, Karl Taylor, James Popanz. MIDDLE PICTURES Rorw I-Gaye Fogarty, Linda Finger, Janet Sarbachpr, Judy Tremaine, Sue Schneider, Jane SchecherJ Margaret Philippe, Carol Northey. Raw z-John Passini, Robert Wettengel, Nancy Schmiling, Mary Finch, Kathi Filo, Jean Thurow, Maxine Sassali, Mary Fish. Row 3 John Sanft, Kenneth Johnson, James Jandrain, Steve Olsen, Dave Peters, Phil Roou, Ray Partipilo. Row 4--Thomas Kester, George Olson, Richard Sands, John Paschke, Roger Payne, Denny Jenkins. Row 5 Tom Dimond, John Delorme, Frank Kandutsch. BOTTOM PICTURE: Rorw I Wendy Bentheimer, Kathy Baker, Susan Antisdel, Kathleen Atkinson, Karen Beals, Mary Waterstreet, Margaret Templeton, Judy Harenburg. Row 2-Sharon Bahr, Ann Bean, Lois Jensen, Delores Hanson, Bonnie Ames, Mary Froemming, Cathie McBride, Don Gerred, John Kepke. Rorw 3-110hn Sullivan, Jim Barth, Wally Coghlan, Wayne Fricano, Eugene Hatter, Bob Thomas, Gary Shealy, Jim Chapleau, Terry Esrael. Rorw 4-James Wolf, Jerome Wojtkiewicz, Ronald Gabriel, Bruce Kruger2 James Liska, VVil- liam Harding, Kenneth Kayser, Al Demaio. Freshmen-bl TOP PICTURE: Row 1 -Diane Hubbard, Susan Lange, Pam Liggett, Ru'h Olson, Janis OyLeary, Dianne Hoehne, Judi Reece, Beverly Sterr. Rorw 2-Kathy White, Cathy Pickering, Rilla Hughes, Cheryl Jahn, Jean Thessin, Lois Kubitz, Carole Riese. me 3 Jerry Olin, Douglas Mueller, Bob Lockyear, John Brunett, Ken White, Kenneth Miller, Martin Matras, Tom Ensweller. Raw 4-James Oldenburg, Lewis VVil- Iiams, Jorgeli Olsen, Paul Nordberg, John Gerstner, Peter Regan, William Sternberg, James Gibson. Raw 5 -Don Gavey, Pete Gibson, Charles Stohr, Larry Kahl, Russ Tikitilli, Ron Smith, Ron Isaac. MIDDLE PICTURE: Row I-Donna Smigun, Susan Czarapata, Susan DransEeld, Janet Drew, Barbara Weller, Naomi Schwartz. Row 2- Sheila Dorsey, Ellen Dammann, Lorna Shouldice, Kathy Toth, Diane Schwartz, Susan Scott. Row 3-R0bert Whalen, Jack Treadway, Stephen Peters, Gary Pippel, Bob Rye, Mark Rebholz. Row 4 Willie Laesch, Joel Crawford, Barry Smithy Jim Hofery Larry Simpson. BOTTOM PICTURE: Rurw 1 Beverly Wolff, Carol Christianson, Janet Mnnis, judy Gregg, Linda Berkley, Mary Ann Berg, Beverly Monthie, joAnne McDonald, Mary Finley. Row 2-Sherry Dallmann, Larry Grace, Mary Gee, Nancy Sickinger, Marilyn Money, Kathryn Feske, Donna Janzen, Tom Brewster, Chris Palinay, Rollin Burns. Rorw 3 Patricia MCFarlane, Jerry Ginsberg, Donald Rohner, Michael Binetti, Ken Rennison, Jerry Gryttenholm, Rick Drenk, Mary Church. Rorw 4 Dick Bolender, Arlyn Clark, Philip VVahlmark. Jerry Steinmetz, Steve Christenson, Roger Dales, Richard Rusch, Keith Beutin. xfw ; u k, I 62 Freshmen TOP PICTURE: Row IhSandra Erickson, Joyce Hillman, Carol Tackes, Cecelia Sine, Jean Seitz, Kristin Helstrom Sharon Seim Jeanette Koebbeman, Judy Schaus. Rorw 2-Bonnie Herberg, Edward Hamnier, Lyle Schuld, Barbara Syipiora, Esther Statz, Maxine Schultz, Harry Brodzeller, Richard Chapman, John Manyo Rorw 3-Betty Dvorak John Karsten, Jim Bobrowitz, Dave Bonner, Curtis Christenseyn, John Briggs, Wayne Walker, Helson Hough Row 4-Bob Schommer, Gerry Weaver Dale Manion, John Rupnow, Dave Hoerig, Bob Miller. Rarw siErnie Rosenthal, Vernon Bonlander, Charles Mast. MIDDLE FICTUREZ Rorw 1-Carol Kincaid, Marie Rausch, Mary Janowiak, Loreli LeMay, Rona Waymire, Marilyn LeBlanc, Sharon Fuelle- man, Karen Lloyd, Victoria Krubert. Rorw 2-Judy Keim, Patti Plautz, Carolyn Hard, Judy Gaston, Beverly Whitq, Gretchen Kolberg, Lathera Staben, Elaine Hansen. Raw 3hJohn Senkeik, Jim Ganoung, Bob Kopecki John Muehl, Mike Thompson, Doug Krueger Kathy Strapko. Row 4-Harold Miller, James Krueger Ardell Klug, George Healy, Dave Zellmer, Lee Siffren, Rich Shimaitis. Rovw 5hArthur LaFlamme, Dennis Tempel, Ray Hill, David Zell Jim Paulsen. BOTTOM PICrURE: Row IhJane Repyak, Sandy Mader, Betty Nero Barbara Harmes, Melbeth Mosser Judy Musback, Sheri Pleck Elaine Rhode, Carol Ponyicsanyi. Rorw 2-Kathy Thielen. John Rodee, Suzann Mittelstadt, Carol Stehling,B Barb Wild, Shirley Oehmichen Dar- lene Lubinski, Judie Mach, Steve Dennis. Rorw 3-Marv Clemons, Dennis Vetter, Bob Engei, David Rohrbach, Thomas Bair, Verllin Mead, Bill Doornbos. Row 4hDave Doyle, Dave Eberhardt, Wayne De'mpze, Dick Cline, Lee Nelson, Tom Robinson, Allan Eisentraut Mike Devine, Ronald Vandervort. Freshmen-63 TOP PICTURE: Rorw 1-Sandy Gimpl, Ronna Henning, Charlene Heise, Jean Germann, Susan Lounsbury, Nancy Callen, Sally Newton, Marilyn Krueger. Ron 2 Le0na MesserschmidtJ Thomas Moe,'Lloyd Carlson, Bonnie Miller, Teresa Pasold, Mary Ann Parsloe, Mary Ann Winn, Nancy Liedholm. Row 3 Gordon Anderson, Mike Svitter, Herbert Blasing, George Byrne, William New, Michael Neuman, Jim Pfaff. Rarw 4,-Roger Terracina, Bill Cerny, Tom Gruennert, Doug Neumann, Philip Stephenson, John Embrey, Gordon Ulferts. MIDDLE PICTURE: Row k-Iean Templeton, Nancy Kintz, Betty Douglas, Jaci Miller, Nancy Wirth, Carol Callum, Pam Meyers, Donna Gruezt. Rorw 2 Madeline Mochel, Betsy McCarthy, Karen Hyzer, Judi Gasparini, Jeanne Pearson, Pamela Williamson, Mabel Mitchell, Carol Lawrence, Jean Morgan. Rorw 3-Jeff Bartelt, Mary Lu Nicholson, Randy Braasch, Jack Murphy, Robert Bello, Edward Bolton, Rick Mozal, Danne Showers, Daniel Bayers. Row 4-Ron Propp, Richard Mueller, Dick Winnes, Steven Bedell, Robbi Stray, Larry Blasius, Thomas Miller. BOTTOM PICTURE: Rorw 1-Connie Casey, Sharon Sperle, Bede McCaskey, Bev Murray, Sally Bayer, Marion Davidson, Pat Wolters, Pat Howarth. Rorw 2 CheryI Marsden, Jane Moe, Margaret Noonan, John Jones, Patrick Johnson, Phil Adsit, Dan Bambrough, William Reeves. Row 3 Meribeth Nieman, Michael Wittkopp, Donald Nicolaisen, Keith Edwards, Art Beischel, Dick Covey, Takenori Ninomiya. Row 4-Marlin Bavery, James Dollhausen, Tim Cullen, Keith Kohlmann, Clair Aspenson, Paul Underwood, Richard Stoltz, Dick Stark. 64-Freshmen TOP PICTURE: Row 1-Kris Erdman, Sue Wentworth, Sandra Bodin, Joyce Woltmann, Carol Bransky, Kathleen Murphy, Susan Smlth, Martha Linquist, Jean Burhans, Suzanne Cinquemani. Row 2 Marilyn Wheeler, Nancy Bade, Margaret .McLeap, Pamela V.Valsh, Dalrlene Burk- wald, Georgia Spang, Marianne Armaganian, Kathe Murphy, Joy Howe. Rorw 3-Charles Popp, Jxm Gumn, Pat Gulf, john Flscher, John Gault, John Evers, Paul Foulke, John Fry. Rorw 4-John Wardlow, Donn Gustafson, John Freidenfeld, Fred Wolff, Bob Steffens, Bob Steinke, Jim Bray. Rorw 5 Jim Gresch, Chet Schmear, Dennis Nelson, Stan Brookins, Tom Simma. MIDDLE PICTURE: Row I-Tudi Haasl, Bonnie McKay, Sharon Buss, Lynn Butenhoff, Marilyn Bellmann, Nancy Boston, Carol Gant, Gall Pavek. Raw 2-Karen Kramer, Sandy Glover, Joan Andrews, Bonita Woltring, Judy Wornson, Jeanne Hassler, Vickie. Atherton, Robgrta Sternig. Row 3-Karen Mikkelson, Donald Bertram, Joseph Schopen, Bruce Hackbart, Freeman Weiher, Fred Schxlleg, John Elllott, Fritz Siegenthaler. Rarw 4-Pau1 Blahnik, Fred Dassler, Jim Burnham, Jim Butler, George Hanold, Steve Smith, Tom Cam. Rorw 5-Don Dunaway, Carl Angelello, Jeff Fohr, Bill Baughn. BOTTOM PICTURE: Rorw I-Eileen Vesbach, Donna Pickering, Karen Larsen, Joan Doss, Sharon Feldt, Elaine Dibble, Suzanne Freeman, Carol Edblom. me 2-.Judy Lemkuil, Judy Danielson, Marlene Dederich, Luelle Grudzinski, Janie Rosendall, Vikki Godding, Judy Gage, Marge Gruber. Row 3 Gail Wyman, Cheryl Furman, Dale Olson, Dominic Burrescia, Angelo Bruscato, Tom Carpenter, Pat Walsh. Row 4- Bob Dodson, Jim Fullerton, Gerald Walther, Bruce Grubba, Paul Raasoch, Warren Randall. Freshmen-65 TOP PICTURE: wa x Ruth Hafkemeyer, Cheryl Marks, Judy Meyer, Madelon Martin, Kathy Villwock, Mary Ann Gudenkauf, Mabel Smith, Cheryl Gemoll, Karen Millen, Dianne Milewski. Rorw 2 Linda Miller, Kathleen Melville, Mary VVhinnery, Mary Zastrow, Carol Mavis, Linda Mjaanes, Linda Glover, Sandra Fenney. Row 3 -Claire Gotller, Richard Fischer, Tom Adelman, Don Carrig, Joe Worachek, Todd Ervin, Steven Rubert, Richard Fischer. Row 4-R0bert Holzer, Lee Holmes, Richard Bowerman, Russell Fons, Peter Dressler, Ronald Fosdal, Al jenkins. wa 5 VVil11am Land, John Phillips, Richard Heeringa, Bill Hoebel, Gordon Caesar, David Fox, Dennis Seeley, Kent Phillips. MIDDLE PICTURE: Rarw I Ardys Schulz, Cynthia Kinasty Kay Huckaby, Karen Berg, Beverly Washington, Diane Branham, Suzanne Sturtz, Mary Glandt. Rorw 2 Conni Shulstad, Mary Kilkenny, Judy Boegen, Beverly Berndt, Judy Beyerstedt, Carolynn Tews, Carol Schimmelpfennig, Melody Schultz. Row 3 Barbara Hoyum, Susan Bohm, Bob Gilpatrick, Jim Jaklin, Robert Johnson, Richard Jahnke, Mary Biwer, Albert Schiefelbein. Rorw 4-Gary Jernberg, Rolf Hoppenz, Larry Prodoeml, Gary Jacobson, Jim Hess, David King, Jim Gibbons, Jim Yatzeck. Rorw 5 Michael PhillipsJ Robert Schellpfeffer, Richard Humphrey, Greg Bergman. BOTTOM PICTURE: Row I Chery1 Christofferson, Lydia Ceynowa, Sharon Douglas, Diane Hoffman, June Christensen, Jeanine Thubauville, Nancy Lowy, Sally Cramer, Marlene Schult. Rorw 2-Susan Klingelhofer, Kay Hendrickson, Sandra Chovanec, Lea Lovejoy, Carol O'Don- ald, Judi VVelch, Sandra Cummings, Judith Menheer, Lynn Opitz. Row 3-Daniel Whiteside, Phil May, Dick Janisch, Bob Zahnzinger, Gerry Loebel, Larry Makal, Pierre Higgins, Robert Ohlsen. Rorw 4 Frank1in Koboski, Pat Flood, Pat Lynn, Dave Schroeder, Curt Lings- Weller, Ken Sobkoviak, Ken Bachofen, Tom Tofte. 66-Freshmen TOP PICTURE: Rorw I Teri Griswold, Judith Smith, Patricia Streeter, Gloria Pflughoeft, Renee Higgins, Susan Pritzkow, Dolores Harding, Sandy Henrichs, Linda Melville. Rorw 2-Sandie Shepherd, Janet Cnare, Wendy Petermann, Carole Herzig, Andrea Kotteman, Kay Hens- ler, Jeann Shager, Margie Hoppe, Suzanne Conrad. Row 3 Kerry Nelson, Jim Shaffer, Cliff Phillips, Don Martinsonj Tom Stout, Duane Waugh, Charles Maxwell, Keith McIntosh. Row 4--Michael Mashak, James Easterday, Al Korenin, Tom Schilleman, Jim Diedrich, Andy Luzi, Bob McConnell. Rorw 5-Chet Mehring, Charley Zeeh, Kenneth Hoard, Thomas Lill, John Macdonald. MIDDLE PICTURE: ,Rorw 1 Freya Solem Marcia Gpwer, Sherry Gustafson, Bonnie Frame, Sheila Hettmansperger, Kathryn Hartjes, Jane Wells, Mary Dahms, Linda Hessel. me 2 Darlene Haas, Janice Gile, Susan Jach, Joan Gorder, Nancy Gerlin, Katie Van Lannen, Ellie Gnatzig, Betsey Ives. Rorw 3-Gera1d Gadow, John Siivonen, Ken Luedke, Gene Schwartzlow, Roger Moore, Dick Pautz, John Waddell. Row 4--Robert Lind, Robert Dreher, Donald Gauerke, David Morey, Paul Farley, Robert Gerlach, Jerry Zibell. BOTTOM PICTURE: Rorw 1-Patricia Rein, Chryl Scoggins, Sheri Padley, Barbara Simpson, Kathye Elliott, Christine Falkowski, Lisa Farinna, Betty Petrakis. Row 2 Diana Kniselz, Sue Dumproff, Alice Falk, Sue Ellis, Sandy Schoenfeldt, Dorothy Dutton, Pamela Dunlap, Harvey Kucaba. Row 3-Dan McGinnis, Tom Hunter, Robert Pawlak, Allan Roost, Bryan Lesser, Joe Schwebach, David Dwinell, Lee Merkel. Row Lk-Tom Morgan, Mike Morrison, Bob Schwartz, Curt Geller, Gary Petersen, Joe Polnyanskis, John Kawatski, David Perry. Row 5- Thomas Anderson, Thomas Zinda. Freshmen-67 redAman Orientation 02 . . . .Xd jme jar effing Jdcciuaih lac! There are alwa 5 long lines at the textbook library. The Freshman-Faculty Reception is a good place to make new friends. lV'Ioving day requires the help of the family. I k Prexy and his wife greet campus newcome WA03 WAD , u . . .JLlonord 22 a5 Out5tanoling? Lawrence Beschta, Judith Brown, Shirley Cripps, Carole Griffiths, Richard Haney, Patricia Hare. Frederick Jacobs, Ronald Jacobson, Gerald McGowan, Patricia Muehl. Twenty-two Whitewater State College Students honored by the national direc- seniors were selected for national recognition gory afreselaiygg FY fellow Simgrs'ani min;- . .. e cut'onteamosco- 1n the 1962-63 edmon 0f eWhoes Who M t e .a y . . . .5. . . , . , , arshlp, extracurrlcular act1v1tles, cmzenshlp, Among Students 1n Amerlcan Umversmes service to the college, and promise of future and Colleges? achievement. John Phipps, Rita Ritger, Mary Roach, Alan Scott, Walter Schoenfeld, Judith Sloan. Mona 'Irautman, Mary Ann Vehrs. Kathleen VVeink. Barbara West, Michael Wunsch, Rosemary Zickerman. Who's Whoe69 Organiza liond Organizations, prove your worth! It matters not the professed ideals of any or- ganization. For whatever reasons you think you exist, are you providing a certain proportion of the student body with the best that your organi- zation has to offer? The chance for excellence lies Within every group on this campus. What better places are there, also, to test and to make practical application of the gleanings from the ivory towers of academic life than in your or- ganization. Are you doing it? t When your organization fails to meet this challenge, you as a group; and every individual in that group, has failed something larger - the college. Your organization does not exist for itself, but because the college feels that your or- ganization can be an integral part of college life. And though many organizations may feel that the college fails in providing them With the necessary facilities for excellence, remem- ber that organizations are not made of things. Organizations are made of people. Excellence can only begin with the human links in the organizational chain. Prove yourselves worthy. Jack W. Vrieze Director of Drama $uclenl . Cycounif Student Council officers are Sally Hahn, secretary; Jim Greenlee, president; joe Sibley, vice president; and Mike Beaupre, treasurer. Student Council is the Vital heart of all campus activities. It is an understanding ear to student problems, a capable hand to solve these problems and a mind which works to improve this campus and to further progress in all areas. The council is made up of sixteen elected members, all of whom are ready to give of their time and energy in working toward the success of student goals and activities. Rorw IaJean Gordon, Bob Witczak, Barb Kaste. Rorw 2aRod Young, Jerry Hoeft, Doug Behrens, Tom Moe. 72-Studen'r Council iWany things were accomplished through cooperative work during the 1962-63 school year. The council had a hand in the promo- tion of the Student Loan Fund Drive which was an unqualihed success. A committee worked on the Fraternity Lane cooperative housing problem and helped to bring about a compromise solution. Planning of the new library was done with the aid of a special committee set up to ...JttAe l .jvleart 0K Camlmw .xdctiuilied 's ' .. V . a . 1'." Dick Hanke leads :1 discussion at a session of the United Student Council, which brought delegates from student governing bodies of all the state colleges to the WSC campus. investigate needs and possibilities. Other pro- jects of importance to our college are United Council and People to People, both of which serve to improve relations With other colleges and people outside Whitewater. Other con- cerns 0f the council include the blood drive, allocations, elections7 the all-school picnic, convocations, and others. Capable leadership was provided this year by Jim ,Greenlee, president; Joe Sibley, ': vice president; Sally Hahn, secretary; and Mike Beaupre, treasurer. These, along With four student delegates from each of the class- es, make up the Student Council membership. Meetings are open to the student body. The council welcomes the opinions and sug- gestions of others. This group can function only through the voice of the student body. YOU are the student body. Rorw IeAndy Niuomiya, Sue Ixuerschner, Cheryl Gemoll, Kathy Christensen, Gerry Loebel. Rorw 2eBill DeMaster, Jeff Fraser, Jan Ames, Karen Koenings, Jerry Arneson, Dick Hanke. Student Council-73 .x4zsdociafeol ,Mjomen $uJentd as : 5 Officers of A.W.S. are: Joan Miller, secretar y; Mona Trautman, vice- gs w. M .5 president; Ruth Dittmer, president; Margery Gill, reporter; Connie VVanninger, treasurer; Miss Ackermann, adviser. Associated Women Students provides a link between the coeds and the administration of the college. Every freshman woman is auto- matically a member of the organization. Representatives from the women,s dorms and residences housing ten or more women students compose the council, along with the five officers. This year AVVS was happy to welcome a new faculty adviser, Bliss Helena Aekermann, the assistant dean of women. Early November was the time and the place was the Fireplace Lounge 0f the Stu- dent Union when President and Mrs. Wyman were honored at the annual AVVS House- holder Tea. Throughout the spring, summer, and school year, Council members were busy revising. amending, and passing a motion proposing a change in the present hours of Sue Pospeschil, Mrs. Mills, Joan Miller, and Miss Ackermann prepare the Student Handbook. .st sum... . m an. MA women students on campus. Personal contact between the freshmen and upperclassmen was provided through the Big-Little Sister correspondence and pro- gram. Charity was the goal of women participat- ing in the yearly Care Drive sponsored by AVVS. Fashions became the Chief interest of council members as preparations were com- pleted for the Spring Fashion Show. Representatives on the Student Welfare Board were elected by the council. In the spring of last year new officers were elected in an all school election. They are Ruth Ditt- mery president; hlona Trautman, vice-presi- dent; Joan Miller, secretary; Connie Wan- ninger, treasurer; and :Wargie Gill, reporter. . . . ognAdujolminidtraUOfL anal Cogold 00m Mary O Day, Kathy Kitto, Cheryl Ziedler, Beverly Young wottom Sara Best, Helen Schaefer, Marianna Catania HOW Marilyn Meyer, Carol Gallagher, Jean Rasch, BarbaralHartel bottom Judy Lenth, Pat Zinda, Barbara Tabat, Kathy Hartjes AWS 75 349 Wnnedlza Mary Host, editor-in-ehief, evaluates pictures with Miss Muller, publication adviser, as judy Sloan looks on. Amid a great noise, confusion and turmoil the 1963 Minneiska was put together piece by piece until on one warm day in May the completed book hit the campus. It required long hours, late nights, and Sunday work to finish the project and pro- duce the largest book in the history of the college. The editorial staff was responsible for putting the book together, or- ganizing the groups for picture tak- ing expeditions and writng copy and identifications, designing layouts, and compiling the index. Anytime a passing student might Chance to look in on the office he would, of course, see the same neat, tidy, well organized group of IVIin- neiska staffers bent eagerly over their typewriters, proportioning pictures, drawing dummies, or con- niving one of their regular escapes. In spite of missed deadlines, bro- ken cameras, late copy and lost dumv mies, everyone had fun and the book hnally went to press, almost on sche- dule. f Ron Peterson, business manager, checks the books with Mrs. Mills, faculty Bob Schneider, layout editor, trims and pastes up the senior section. adviser. 76-Minnieska Staff . . . .4114 get your Coley in Ag jriclay Typist Lil Peterson, discusses Jane TigheYs special events copy. Mike Beaupre, athletic editor, writes copy fo; the football page. Kaye Cummings, typist, and Lani Smith, index editor, sell 1962 yearbooks at a special price. Jan Reetz, organization editor; Mitzie Daun, Greek editor; and Char Beyer, church editor; prepare their dummies. ; . Don Olin, photography editor, checks photo identi- Flcations with Kathy Fiedler, editor of the students section. Minnieska $1aff-77 law papa Sal 1y Roth, editor-in-chief The Royal Purple is the college newspaper, available to students every Tuesday afternoon and sent upon request to other schools and alumni. The paper is written and edited by the students at Whitewater. Within the last year the RP published a special freshman issue during Orientation Week, added the Presidentts Corner as well as our own cartoonist, and in Nlarch convert- ed to an eight-page tabloid paper. Each year the RP sponsors the best dressed girl contest. Sherry Hess was elected by the student body as VVhitewaterE best-dressed coed for 1963-64. In the latter part of April several members of the static attended the annual conference of the Wisconsin College Publications Associa- tion at Oshkosh. The editor attended the an- nual Associated Collegiate Press convention in Detroit, tVIich. As a climax to the yearhs activities, a spring banquet was held April 2. Mr. Larry Ray- mour, assistant to the publisher of the Beloit Daily News, was the guest speaker for the event. Special awards were given to all of the editors and the new staff was announced. Sue Kuerschner, Sue Hayward, 21ml Carine Berg, co-editors 0f the organization pagey analyze layout with the adviser, Mrs. Mary MiHs. . o . ibeaclfined awry II ., I . W4 One of the business managers, Louise Aplin, checks the advertisements with Susie Nelson and Judy Gunderman, advertising managers. Tom Wendelburg, co-editor of the sports page, examines page proofs with Carol Hansen and Ken Knutson, co-edifors 0f the news page. R. P. Reporters are iRow xi Joan Gorder, Barb Stube, Cathy Hubbard, Mary Hahn, and iRow 2i Sally Hahn, Dennis Erdmann, Terry Bradley, Tom Kock, and Naomi Koepp. Cartoonist Steve Sherry discusses hidy, with feature page CO-editors, Sandy Weber and J0 Kapoun. The Photo Staff is the only campus organization where projects are "shot" from the start, but diligently udeveloped", iifixedii, and actually "imprintedhY forever on the campus or Whitewater State. In room 223 at the Student Union, home of the Photo Staff, old and tired cliches such as, iiThrow light on the subject," take on literal meaning. The Photo Staff is responsible for the majority of the col- legeis photographic needs and spends long hours completing numer- ous assignments that pour into the Darkroom. Pat Mages directed the efforts of the Photo Staff this year, Don Olin put in double time arranging and scheduling Minneiska photos, while Cy Carlson handled the tasks required of a business manager. CY CARLSO KENT KRUEGERHI BOB SMITH PAT . 5 MAGES E "'5 DON OLIN MORRISON Mn ion jcliuitied 4g w Three members of the Student Union Board, Dick Hanke, Dr. I. W. Sch affer The Union Activities Board of the White- water Student Union is an all-campus organi- zation which strives to meet the needs of the college community through programs initi- ated by its student members. There are five major committees of the Union Activities Board, each of them serving different functions. The Arts and Crafts Committee provides the campus with art ex- hibits, lectures, a photography exhibit and the Holly and Ivy style show. The Clubs Com- mittee aids in the formation of clubs to meet the special interests of students and handles leadership conferences. The Entertainment Committee provides relaxation and entertain- ment for the campus through such activities as movies, concerts, student entertainment and tireside sings. The Public Relations Committee is the 50am! 1 V and Miss Miriam Pape, discuss a new facet of the Union program. communications system between the Union Activities Board and the campus community. It attempts to determine student needs and desires, and to convey to the student body the purposes and functions of U.A.B. The Recre- ation Committee provides tournaments for those skilled in billiards, table tennis, chess, bridge, tennis, etc. Another function of the Union Activities Board is the annual Ice-O-Rama weekend. I'Ce-O-Rama provides an organizational ice- carving contest and contests in badminton, volleyball, soccer, sled racing, and greased pole climbing, In addition there are relays, an Ice-O-Rama Queen contest, a student en- tertainment program, a dance, and TinameTT entertainment. Campus participation and en- thusiasm have made this and other Union AC- tivities Board programs a success. Mr. Richard Ballsmith, adviser to the Union Activities Board, is shown with officers and committee chairmen, Fran Wojtowicz, secretary; Carol Nelson, president; Sara Anderson, recreation committee chairman; Judy Hendrick, treasurer; and Bob Hay, vlee president. Not shown are Jane Howland, arts and crafts committee; Sally Kuecker, clubs comittee; and Robbi Kiley, entertainment committee. Q s? t e v V i .Cooralinatej g'lracurricufar jcliuilied Don't these Come any bigger? VFom Don't you have any that say happy birthday pledge? HVIiddlw Hey, he's got the answers for the econ exam. UighU Where is everybody? sm. ,Ew HQ Mm a .0 ma Concert guilt! Ruqv 1-Don Thom, Sanuy Gimpe, Marilyn Schroeder, Robert S"haefer. Diane Mottl, Rnrw 2eRoherta Sternig, Carol Ponicsanyi, Betty Zuehls, Sally Cramer, Carol Phelps, Mary Ann Tesser, Janice Ames Rim: 3eJudy Zimmerman, Lee Holmes, Mary Aime Zenz, Karen Larsen, Roberta Stray, Gary Pippel, Stan Brookins, Frank Ferguson. Rutw .1.-Mr. David Evans, jean Gordon, Gordon Smith, Karen Cone, John Papastefan, Roger Andreoli, David Zell. The Concert Band, an organization which was formed many years ago, has proven to be a successful, well-known group. This is true not only at Whitewater, but at schools throughout the state where it has appeared in concerts. Under the guidance and direction of Mr. David Evans, the band performs for various events during the year. Highlighting these events is the spring tour which this year in- cluded concerts at West Milwaukee, Brook- field Central, Mequon, Berlin, Bay View, and Big Foot High Schools. The Concert Band will conclude its year with an appearance at commencement exer- Cises. The oHicers for the year were Larry Oster- burg, president; Carmen Catania, vice presi- dent; Vicki Geise, secretary-treasurer; Sandy Neuenschwander, business manager; Mary . Alice Eisch and Carol Kelleher, librarians: A $010 Passage for the comet sm'on' 84-Concert March Band . . . Spring your Spreaclzi jtzi game 4, I" me I-Barbara Hoyum, Sandy Neuenschwander, Jan Boyd, Kelly Greenlee, Betty Letter. Row 2 Jerry McGowan, Mary Alice Eisch, Caro- lyn Ryer, Karen Beals, Janet Fromm, Marvis Ann Mal'kworth, Ruth H afkemeyer. Raw 3-Tnm Zoellner, Vicki Geise, Carol Kelleher, Cheryl jahn, Susan Schindler, Dale Boettcher, Roger Klug, Mary DeBruine, Iarry Osterburg. Rorw + A1Ien Roberts, Jane Meacham, Bonnie Ames, Bob Ohlsen, jim Bray, Pat Kelleher, Pat Johnson, Bill Land, Judy Slamp, David Dahlke, Marilyn Bellman. Jim Greenlee, David Ehren. Carmen Catania. Officers are Larry Osterburg, president; Carmen Catania, vice-president; Vicki Geise, secretary-treasurer; Carol Kelle- her, lxbrarian; NIary Alice Eisch, librarian; and Sandy Neuenschwander, busmess manager. Concert Ma rch Band-85 WarcAing .. Kano! Five minutes to get into marching formation! The year of 1962 was an exciting and event- ful one for the Marching Band. The football season found the band in the limelight, performing for the college games and the Homecoming Parade. The highlight 86-Concert March Band The band parades before a capacity crowd in Packer Stadium. of the year was a trip to Green Bay in Sep- tember to perform for a Packer game. The half-time show, which was nationally tele- vised, prompted many favorable comments from directors all over the United States. Top ler on the march; hop righO pa-. rade rest; Renter ler forward march; Mbovd off on tour; UefQ step softly. OI'CAedlI'CL . . . ejgad Wew :Direcfor WeWWWwwmwm w, , W v w ivgmv 5 Raw IeDavid Arbuthnot, Monrieo Lehnert, Dianne Milewski, Cecilia Biazurkiewicz, Bexerlv XV ashington jo Ellen Stenulson Nancx G1ies- , Mwmmy MP WW 1 i Q 1 burg Raw 2eMarion Klinner James Bender, Robert Schaefer, Barbara Hoxum Mary Alice Eisch, Ruth Hafkemexer tarol R5er Vicki Geise, Allen Roberts. R010 34'Vh. Sieb: rs, Gordon Smith, Dave Ehren, Bev Washington and Diane Milewski pick up the melody. 88-Orchestra Carmen Catania Larith Ludtke, C 21101 Kelleher The Whitewater State College Orchestra was organized 1n 1956 by Dr Franklin Bush- man present chairman of the music depart- ment. Since then the orchestra has increased in size and has participated in various activi- ties, including performances as a concert group and with the college choir. The orchestra is now under the direction of Mr. William Siebers. The group plays some of the best orchestral arrangements and this year performed uSymphony N0. 97H by Haydn and iiConcerto Grosse N0. 1 in G Majorii by Handel at the music department's Winter concert. Thevofficers 0f the orchestra are Monrieo Lehnert, president; Marion Klinner, Vice- president; Nancy Griesburg, secretary; and Mr. William F. Siebers, director. Maw 3 . i ZQAKQ 64X . . . proaluch'on Wum4em a Speciafty wa IeMr. Robert Partridge, Diane Mottl, Carol Northey, Marlene Schult, Lou Ann Mueller, Nancy Bade. Jean Karl, Cheryl Gemoll, Joan Collins, Sharon Baht, Elaine Schneeberger, Carol Lattow, Carolyn Ryer, Elaine Dibble, Marian Catania, Barbara Pierangeli. Row 2-Kath-V Ling, Carol Rae Edblom, Margaret Purdy, Nancy Odinius, Claudia DelPonte, Ellie Gnatzig, Judy Danielson, Carol Kelleher, Merrily Madsen, Jane Trachte, Cheryl Lynn Walters. Row 3-Cheryl Peterson, Marianne Armaganian, Carol Tessmann, Carol Tesser, Sandra Gimpl, Carol Schultz, Patricia Rein, Sharon Feldt, Sandra Glover, Dorothy Slaninka, Mary Fleming, Barbara West, Darlene Lubinski, Marianna Catania. Ra-w +ePam Liggett, Marilyn Schroeder, Helen Shampo, Marilyn Krueger, Joan Gorder, Linda Glover, Dyan W'iedenheft, Jean Gordon, Judy Schaus, Darlene Haas, Sherry Jerome, Jane Moe, Pat VVyss, Martha Hartshorn, Carolyn Rolfs, Jane Hamilton, Judy Bluhm. Treble Clef has over seventy members and is under the direc- tion of Mr. Robert Partridge. t e N This year the groyp made SCV' N h b; l t . Hiccrs 0f Treble Clef ar-e eral appearances, mcludtng full $3531 C263?1tzfessxcjfe-glzg: prOduCthD numbers In the I dent; and Barbara Pieran- Christmas and Spring Con- V . g8", secretary'- certs. Soloists for the Christmas ' h " W Concert were Carol Rae Ed- blom, Diane Mottl, and Mati- lyn Schroeder. Plans are being made for this group to make spring tours along With the oth- er musical groups on campus. The Treble Clef sings a vari- ety of music, including folk . SOHgS, religious materialv and Treble Clef Accompanists songs with Latin, French, or Jean Gordon, Jane Trachte, ' - Pam Liggett, and Barb j SpanlSh tCXtS' West are shown with Mr. 73 Partridge. Concert CA oir me I Betteanne Keith, Barbara Freas, Joan Andrews. Kathleen Murphy, Kathy Hartjes, Sylvia Northey, Charlene Heise, Ronna Henning, Marsha Moth, Jan Kolpitcke, Jane Trachte, Helen Heitz, Lois Hughes, Louise Aplin, Helen Friedmann, Eileen Anderson, Bridget Gregory, Marlene Pinnow, Lou Ann Mueller, Jean Rasch, Carol Gallagher. Rorw 2-01101 Schimmelpfennig, Marlene Schult, Karine Brager, Althea Drew, Patrick Milligan, Bruce Patrick, Jon Halstead, Roger Terracina, Lynn Opitz, Marshal White, Paul Miller, Peter Theune, Bill Pfis- terer, James Nehring, Dale Volberding, Gene Hein, Alan Peierson, Sonja Peterson, Marilyn Krueger, Margaret Carroll, Maxine VVestphaI. R0103 Sue Bishop, Margaret Schober, Cathy Danks, Melbeth Mosser, Jan Boyer, Joan CollinsY Bob Hay, Jim Oldenburg, Barry Barton, John Lay, Tom Haebig, Ron Travis, Gary Vehb, David Wick, Ed Grabow, Carol Stl'iniy Betsy Ives, Norberta Verthein, Suzann Mittelstaw y Jan Kolpitcke, Jean Rasch, Bruce Patrick, John Lay and Tom Haebig. . . . Sang at prediclentiai jnaugurah'on Sally Newton, Jean Germann, Judy Gunderman, Barbara West. Row 4eDonna Davis, Sharon Buhrow, Pat Wyss, Gary Ander- son, Richard Chapman, Kent Karberg, Paul Nordberg, Ralph Clark, Bill Scobie, Ron Jacobson, Don Jacobson, James Liska, Phil Bollhagen Nancy Liedholm, Joan Miller, Beth Peterson, Lathera Staben, Helen Shampo, Dian Eisfeldt, Gwen Evans. tNot pictured, Gary HansenL Barb West, accompanist for Concert Choir. The 90-member Concert Choir began this school year on a high note when it was invited to sing at inaugural ceremo- nies for President VVyman in October. Later in the year the choir presented its annual Christmas concert, which fea- tured Vaughn Williamst ttMass in G Minor? During the second semester the choir presented a spring program at WSC and went on a three-day concert tour of high schools in the state. The choir is directed by Dr. Raymond E. Light, professor of music. Its officers were John Lay, president; Bruce Pat- rick, business manager; Jan Kolpitcke, secretary-treasurer; Carol Strini and Phil Bollhagen, librarians; Sharon Buh- row and Dian Eisfeldt, robe keepers. Concert Choir-91 Raw IeDan Jacobson, Lee Hembel, John Hoffmvann, John Wandrey, Jim Allen, Marshall White, Paul Miller, Douglas Cook, Rick Meurer, David Dwinell, Bruce Patrick, Dr. Light, director. Rorw 2eVVilmer Dahl, Roger Terracina, Barry Barton, Dennis Lovaas, Jim Laughlin, Tom 92-Mens Chorus VVhitewaterk Nlerfs Chorus, under the direc- tion of Dr. Raymond Light, has become one of the most outstanding choruses in the state of VVis- consin. This year the men's chorus performed for the Faculty Dames organization and participated in the annual Christmas and Spring Concerts. The chorus extended its spring tour to three days and included performances at Randolph, Wau- pun, 101a, Almond, Montellot Lodi, Pardeeville, and at East High School in Kladison. Officers for the year were Lee Hembel, pres- ident; David Hodge, vice-president; Harry Dae vis, secretary; Marshall White, librarian; and John Lay, assistant librarian. Let's have some fortissimo on that passage! '9 ' I .5 b Haebig, Robert Smith, Bill Kruse, Dave Dahlke, John Lay, Bob Hay. Row 3- David Hodge, Joseph Kroeten, Kenton Bennett, Gerald Thorstad, Steven Smith, Phillip Kramer, Jim Oldenburg, jon Halstead, John Eckhart, Phil Bollhagen, Jim Miller, Jim Dollhausen. Officers of Menk Chorus are Dave Hodges, Marshall White, Lee Hem- bel, and John Lay. 4! , Rehearsal time for a Men,s Chorus quartet. Mens Chorus-93 Wadic gclucafOM Wallionaf Con erence . . . jar O era The membership of stu- dent chapter number 60 0f the NIusic Educators Nation- al Conference, a department of the National Education Association, is made up of music majors and minors. Dr. Raymond Light is the faculty adviser for the Chapter. Each year the group selects and attends several operas and concerts which are pre- sented in nearby cities. A- mong those attended this year were the opera, ttLa Travia- ta" in Nladison, and the Chi- cago Symphony Orchestra concert in Milwaukee. Bi- monthly meetings were held in which topics of special in- terest to music students were discussed. Officers for the school year were Jane Trachte, presi- dent; Carol Kelleher, Vice- president; Carolyn Ryer, sec- retary; Carmen Catania, treasurer; and Vicki Geise, publicity chairman. 94-MENC Row IeHelen Heitz, Lou Ann Mueller, Carmen Catania, Margaret Carroll, Dr. Raymond Light, adviser. Row 2-Sandy Gimpl, John Papastefan, Carolyn Ryer, Marsha Moth. Row 3eAllen Roberts, Jane Trachte, Carol Kelleher, Jean Rasch. Row 4hR0hert Strey, Dave Ehren, Barbara West, Dave Dahlke, Lois Hughes. young leelou5ficand . . . flay junior pofiliczam Bob Speri, Jim Nehs, Ron Travis, Paul Dicklin, Bill Hollingsworm. Bill Wigdersnn, president of YGOP, and Mr. Chopp, the faculty advisor, check for Republican victorics in The Congressional Record. Rorw I--Edward Bolton, Patricia Christian, Mirian Clark, Bill Wigderso'i, Dennis Peck. Ro-w 2eMr. Chopp, Lynn Opitz, Bob Gilpatrick, The Y. G. O. P. consists of college stu- dents who are interested in the workings of a political organization and who have a Re- publican philosophy of government. This year the Young Republicans helped with the fall election. A Republican head- quarters was set up downtown and manned by the college Young Republicans. The Y. G. O. P. was also host for a c0unty meet- ing which featured as speakers the Republi- can candidate for lieutenant-governor, Jack Olson, and Henry J. Schadeberg, first district representative to the United States Congress, as well as local candidates for public office. The Y. G. O. P. also sponsored several films that were open to the public. Officers this year were W. D. VVigdeF son, president; Robert Eggert, Vice president; NIickie Clark, secretary; Dennis Peck, trea- surer; and Profs. J. J. Chopp and Everett Shaw, faculty advisers. Young Republican-95 Ayala J440Aa ggma ' . . jntrocluced lAe gudinedd Warfal Rarw I-Judy Ross, Joy Justesen, Jill Mayhew, Darlene Pagel. Rorw 2eMary Ann Vehrs, Bill Campbell, Gerry Justin. Roqv 3-John Gustaf- son, Hugh Foy, Oscar Steele. Rome 4-Riehard Claussen, Howard Fiedler, Steve Zantow. Beta Alpha Sigma7 business Club, fulfilled its objective of acquainting members with the business world by having speakers from many fields, including public accounting, telephone service, outboard motor manufacturing, and banking. In the spring of the year the members en- 96-Beta Alpha Sigma joyed a field trip and their annual picnic. Officers for the year were Bill Campbell, president; Don Lipske, Vice-president; Judy Ross, secretary-treasurer; Hugh Foy, publi- city chairman; Steve Zantow, membership chairman; and Mr. Allen Lowrey, adviser. Zita geta gala . . . jodlerd Sludlenf leedearcA Rorw IsRamona Chattillion, Judy Knurr, Rosemary Zickerman, jane Hamilton. R00 z-Ron Schmidt, Carl Pagel, Don Stevens, Dan Matu- lionis, Doug Klitzkie, Charles Titus, Carl Zirk. Rorw 3-Dr. Clarence McNabb, Bob Schonta, Fred Schmude, Steve Swanson, Clarence Mag- nuson, Bob Wolff, Rick Meyer. Beta Beta Beta is a national honor society for students in the biological sciences. Its purpose is to promote interest in this held. Gamma Mu chapter meets twice a month, with outside speakers or new members of the biology faculty at every meeting. Members of the club are also urged to do individual research projects and make reports to the Club. Tri Beta activities have in- cluded field trips to the Ar- gonne National Laboratory and the Turtox Biology De- partment. The group also sponsored a public lecture on cancer this year. In April the annual initia- tion banquet is held and the years activities conclude With a picnic at Whitewater Lake in May. Dr. Clarence McNabb and the biology department sponsor the local chapter. Officers are Rosemary Zick- erman, president; Doug Klitzkie, vice-president; Ju- dy Knurr, secretary-treasur- er; and Jane Hamilton, his- torian. Calling Dr. Kildare! l m Tri Betae-97 Jealoloa ibefta l. . . . :J-l'or galucah'on eonnor Students : f2, Row IeSamlra Emerson, Kathy W'orden, Jane Hamilton, Norma Gnatzig, Janet Boyd, Kathleen Riley, Shirley Lundstrom, Lois Pollard, Audrey Bosben. Row ze-Marion Klinner, Pearl Powers, Connie VVanninger, jane Trachte, Karen Cone, Gertrude Melillo, Darlene Stock- stad, Beverly Cooper, Randi Davidson. Row 3--Fritz Jacobs, Sharon Adamsnn, Elizabeth Letter, john Albee, Ron Johnson, Barbara XVest, Rosie Ziekerman, Roger Brumm, joe Ciotti, David Arbuthnot. Kappa Delta Pi is an honorary education fraternity. To be eligible for membership, juniors must have a grade point of 2.2 and seniors a grade point of 2.0. During the year, Delta Nu Chap- ter of Kappa Delta Pi had two initi- ation banquets, one honoring the fall pledge class and the other for the spring class. Programs for the year have featured speakers in the field of education. Officers for the year 1962-63 were Carole Griffiths, president; Dick Haney, vice-president; Mary Ann Vehrs, secretary; Ron Peterson, treasurer; and Carolyn Ryer, histor- ian. Mr. Reuben Klumb served as sponsor and faculty adviser to the group. Officers are Carolyn Ryer, historian; Mary Ann Vehrs, secretary; Carole GriHiths, president; Dick Haney, vice-president; Ron Peterson, treasurer; and Mr. Reuben Klumb, sponsor and faculty adviser. 98-Kappa Delta Pi pi Jealoloa ibeffa . . . gAe jrt 0K perduadion, Signifying uthe art of persuasion e beautiful and just? Pi Kappa Delta provides many opportunities for persons interested in forensics. Wisconsin Epsilon chapter of Pi Kappa Delta has been active on the Whitewater State College campus since its founding in 1943. As part of a national forensic fraternity, the members of Pi Kappa Delta parti- cipate in many activities which pro- mote public speaking skills. Dr. Ben Collins was elected hon- orary member of the year because of his interest and participation in the debate program. First semester officers were Ron Jacobson, president; Terry Geske, Viee-president; Arlis Van Laanen, secretary-treasurer; and Bridget Gregory, corresponding secretary. Terry Geske was elected presi- dent for the second semester, along with Bill Sutter, Vice-president; Pete Hamilton, secretary-treasurer; and Rodney Vail, corresponding secretary. Bill Wigdcrson, Mrs. Mary Mills, Cheryl Gemoll, Jim Krueger. Rorw XwBarbargl Bernhardt, Roberta Kiley, Mary Jean Baehler, Arlis Van Laanen. Ro-w 2eJim Nehs, Dr. Edna Sorber, Gloria Sprague, Bridget Gregory, Dr. Wynett Barnett, Tony Georgalas. Rorw 3eRodney Vail, Jerry McGowan, Bill Seiler, David Arbuthnot, Dr. Everett Refior, Terry Geske, Frank OiBrien, Dale Spencer, Bill Sutter Officers of Pi Omega Pi are Fritz Jacobs, president; H. M. Collins, adviser; Ronald Peterson, vice-president; Jan Sholts, secretary; Helen Rennhak, reporter; Shirley Lundstrom, corresponding secretary; and Veronica Gilsdorf, treasurer. . 5" Mr. Collins advises Veronica Gilsdorf, chapter treasurer, on the organizationTs financial affairs. lOO-Pi Omega Pi Pi Omega Pi is an honorary scholastic fraternity for business education students and is represented by Psi chapter on the Whitewater campus. The organization has chapters in the leading business education teacher training institutons throughout the United States. Membership is limited to juniors and sen- iors who have a hB" average or above. Heading this years activities, as usual, was the publication of the college direc- tory and the second semester supplement. The group also published an alumni news- paper, sponsored a faculty tea, and went on a spring held trip. The annual banquet honoring gradu- ating seniors of Pi Omega Pi was held in the spring, and the new officers were in- stalled. The officers for the year were Freder- ick Jacobs, president; Ron Peterson, Vice president; Jean Sholts, secretary; Veronica Gilsdorf, treasurer; Shirley Lundstrom, historian; and Helen Rennhak, publicity Chairman. Mr. Henry 1W. Collins is the faculty adviser. - . . puAfidAed lAe ?KZQW ibireclory Jacobs distributes second semester supplements for the annual college dlrectory. j: . . 1 811aron Buhrow, jan Boyd Betty Letter, Sandy Enerson, Lois Pollard, Shirley Zitka, Shirley Cripps. Row 2-Ted Petrakis, Veronica GllSdOl'f, Jean Sholts, Mary Ann ,Vehrs, Marjorie Humer, Mary Alice Eisch, Helen Rennhak. Row 3 -Mike VVunsch, John Albee, Ron Peterson, Sharon Adamson, Wally Schoenfeld, Frederick Jacobs, H. M. Collins. Pi Omega Pi-IOI f" 1 fjAefa 444a I94l. . . . 3de pfayg the ineg, Rarw IeKathie Cull, pledge; Judith Patch, active; Elaine D7iedzic, president; Arlis Van Laanen, secretary-treasurer. Row 2-D1'. Jaek Vrieze, adviser; Paul Dicklin, pledge; Bob Pavlik, pledge; Mark Davenport, pledge; Elaine Schneeberger, pledge. Absent: Sharon Holl1s, pledge. llThe plays the thing . . . ,, This familiar ex- pression denotes the purposes of Theta Alpha Phi Which are to increase interest, stimulate creative- ness, and foster artistic achievement in all the allied arts of the theater. Theta Alpha Phi is a national honorary dra- ma fraternity with membership granted to those participating in dramatic activities and college play productions. Nlembers work on Whitewater College Players, three-act plays, sponsor the an- nual one-act play contest, and strive to promote interest in all forms of drama. Make-up time in the cast dressing room. I Period ensembles from previous plays are featured in a costume parade. 102-Thefa Alpha Pi . . . ,Curlal'ng MP, 30008!" ancl gown Kayaks Xe 35, Rim: IeArIis Van Laanen, Beverly Washington, Sally Kuecker, Susan Smith, Gretchen Kolberg, Arlene Antoine, Elaine Schneeberger, Kathie Cull, Dot Slater, Mary Heine. Rorw 2-Ken Rennison, Judith Patch, Elaine Dziedzic, Nlarjorie Yug, Patti Plautz, Marianne Arma- i ganian, Marilyn Money, Tom VVilkie. Row 3eMark Davenport, Don Pielin, Bob Pavlik, John Napierala, Dr. Jack Vrieze, Rick Meurer, Paul Dicklin, Jon Halstead. i Tower and Town Players have had a busy year. The former Whitewater Col- lege Players, we began by Changing our name and writing a whole new constitu- tion. We are now Tower and Town Players, and our aim is to make drama an active and Vital force on our campus. Membership is open to anyone on cam- pus, as well as to interested people from the faculty or the community. Tower and Town activities this year have included a trip to the Wisconsin Idea Theater conference on theater-in- the-round in Milwaukee last fall, two costume parades, plus participation in iThe Male Animal? itThe Beautiful ', h 1 r H .. . PCOplC and iq hC Lady S NOt for Members of the Constitution Committee, shown with Dr..Jack Vrieze, director . n of drama, are Paul Dicklin, Judith Patch, and Arlene Antoine. Not shown,, Burning. Sharon Hollis. WSC Players-1032 gorendicd A final practice session in the debate room precedes a weekend debate trip to St. Thomas for I0 forensic stude11ts.Terry Geske reviews his case for Ueft t0 Iight standingi Rodnev Vail, Frank 0Br1en, Bill Seiler, and tseatedi Tony :eorgalas, Ronald Iraxis, Bill Wigderson, Bill Suttel, Jerry McGow an and Pete Hamiltoh. Oxford UniversitV met VVSC to debate the pros and cons of TV advertising, but amiable relations Twenty - thFCC tOU F1121- were 1Hest01ed over coffee. The debaters served by D1 VVVnett Barnett, are John B. W. McDonnell . . V Tony Georgalas, Dale Spencer and William D. Madel. ments 111 Clght states haVC been only a part of the work of the forensic squad for 1962-63. Their honors have cov- ered a wide geographic range from fourth place in the group interaction tour- nament at Michigan State to top discusser at Omaha, Neb. Honors have ranged from the group award at Michigan State through team awards for excellent debating at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Ten squad members have re- ceived awards for excellent performances. Other activities of the forensic squad have in- cluded judging discussion for high school students and putting on demonstra- tion debates for high school students and service clubs. The November appearance of the Oxford debaters added a hrst for international debating. . . . jwenty-tdree journamenfd in 65th Stated Rorw I-Bridget Gregory, Arlis Van Laanen, Cheryl Gemoll. me 2 David Arbuthnot, Dale Spencer, Jim Krueger. ! 'v . f WSC teams who competed at av Michigan State tournament, shown with Dr. Edna Sorbet, debate coach, are Bridget Gregory, Terry Geske, Pete Hamilton and Tom Jensen. mm; $ A Cheryl Gemoll and David Arbuthnot handled registration for the annual high school debate , tournament. FOI'enSICS-105 J4Mociation 0K 6 fJAOOJ golucation Rurw 1 Kathy Ir 'ne, Eleanore Klimek, Cathy Christensen, Neila Wrasse. Nancy Underwood, Caroline Liehetrau, Patricia Haberman. ' 9-3. i $4i?;va9 so4 mo1 a 411 4 me I-Anita Gilliland, Janice Leschinsky, Margery Gill, Norma Gnatzig, Donna Schaefer, Carol Corpron. Raw 2 Janice Armstrong, Joanne Paddock, Eileen Vandesand, Karen Shower, Judy Spaulding, Joan Melville, Ruth Hanak. 1 06-ACE Many gifts for the children at Central Colony were donated at the ACE benefit tea. tillinli It HOOK Association of Childhood Education is an or- ganization for students intending to teach in kinder- garten, elementary or rural schools. Founded in 1892, it is concerned with the education and well- being of children from two to twelve years old. Some of the primary purposes of the organiza- tion are to promote desirable teaching conditions, programs and practices in schools; to raise the stan- dard of preparation and to encourage the continued , t professional growth of teachers and leaders in this V V ,, m t, , Jerk A; field; to inform the public The ACE sponsors the annual book falr. 0f the needs of children and how the school pro- gram must be adjusted to Ht those needs; and to bring into active coopera- tion all groups concerned With children in the school, the home and the com- ' w ' munity. W 332? 3,; The ACE. sponsored a 'VV H4 VVWL; e Christmas Benefit Tea and I a Book Fair during the year. They have seen films, heard speakers and have had a field trip. mif'mw mmm . Rorw I---MI'S. Margaret Mueller, adviser; Sharon Baumgartner, president; Marita Hale, vice-president. Row 2VNaom1 Koepp, treasurer; Jan Ziegelmann, secretary; Karen Anderson, publicity chairman. ACE-107 Karen Anderson, practice teaching in the fifth grade at Roseman Elementary School, assists a young student with an arithmetic problem. WI? leademan $144911! jddocialion The W. P. Roseman Chapter of the Student NEA-WEA is a professional organization for all students on campus who intend to become teachers in any curriculum. The purpose of SNEA- WEA is to acquaint future teachers with the professional organization with which they will be associated when they begin teaching. lVleetings are designed to stim- ulate interest in teaching. Programs for the year included panel discussions and guest speakers. We have begun an lntemational Relations Pro- ject. Official activities will commence with the 1963 Leadership Convention. These activities will involve chapter-toe chapter correspondence with foreign ecl- ucation associations. Officers are Joyce Hopkins, president; Richard Haney, vice president; Carole Griffiths, secretary; Gale Towne, trea- surer; Joy Justesen, historian; and Miss Corinne Forster, faculty adviser. Row I-Julie Timler, Kathy Worden, Janice Leschinsky, Carol Jean Mess, Sandy Enerson, Kathleen Stronn, Sara Conway. Rocw 2-Sue Vogt, Betty Manson, Carol Probell, Naomi KoeppJ Carol Corpron, Mary Klug. Row 3ePatricia Stolarz, Judith Lynn McCarthy, Dale Bartel, Fritz Jacobs, Helen Rennhak, Bruce Patrick, Roger Klug. lOBeWEANEA . . . Siimufated jnteredt in jeacAing 5H Row 1 Judy Knurr, Amy Erickson, Karen Kasa Kaitas, Barbara Hartel, Rita Ritger, Jan Mucha, Joanne Zwieg, Jane Hamilton. Raw 2 -Kitty Simon, Judith Boltz, Lou Anne Becker, Helen Pertzborn, Louise Aplin, Marie Mares, Jan Reetz, Shannon Anderson. Row 3 Barbara Paepke, Joy Justesen, Dorothy Jaeger, Donna Schaefer, Bea Terwall, Kitty Noll, Mary Stute. Rorw 4--Jer1'y McGowan, John Hamann, Sharon Adamson, Carol Nelson, Margery Gill, Kathy Krans, Gloria Bartelt. f Richard Haney, vice president; Carole Griffiths, secretary; Standing Gail Towne, treasurer; and Joy Justesen, historian. V .iz W3? Officers of Roseman Student Association are beatew Joyce Hopkins, president; WEANEA-109 IOAL. geld Jamzcla OHicers are tseatedl Jean Minayoshi, reporter; Rita Ritger, treasurer; Carol Nelson, sec- retary; and lstandingl Mr. Leon P. Hermsen, faculty adviser; Wally Schoenfeld, president; and Dick Moeller, vice-president. Organized in 1930 by Mr. Paul Carlson sive business leadership. It also provides in- as the Commercial Club, the business stu- formation for those students who, as future dents' organization underwent a change of teachers, may be asked to sponsor high school name in 1957 to Future Business Leaders of FBLA groups. America. This year the organization adopted There are many activities that will be re- the Greek name Phi Beta Lambda, which is membered from this years, work e guest the college level name for FBLA. speakers, Held trips, the all-school carnival, A club open to all business education and VVarhawk folder sales, after-game dance, business administration majors, Phi Beta chapter project, and state and national con- Lambda seeks to develop competent, aggres- vention time. W Rnrw I--Nancy Nishimoto, Jan Everson, Janet Fromm, Marilyn Wiegner, Sandy Enerson, Jill Mayhew, Karen Hansen, Carol Probell, Marjory Humer, Midge Griswold, Lois Pollard. Row 2--Patrick Johnson, Sharon Adamson, Judy Schmidt, Mary VVisniewski, Charlene Gutsmiedl, Sally Baker, Betty Steinberger, Darlene Pagel, Joy Justesen, Veronica Gilsdorf. Row 3eD0nna Klemens, Gerry Justin, Tom Nelson, Thomas Kock, Richard Olsen, Joe Cronick, Paul Korth, Marloa Schuetz, Michele Mundt, Shannon Anderson, LaVerne Olson, Gerald Desing. HO-Phi Beta Lambda . . . W900 Mame for an OfJ Cqu Rorw 1 I;eonard Rochwerger, Claudette Guma, Sandra Fluke, Terri IVIaier, Mary Goddard, Louise Aplin, Judy Johnson, Barbara Schmal, Diane Hanson. Rorw 2-Lee Hembel, Amy Erickson, Sally Harmann, Janie Burhop, Ida Mehre, Janice Pribnow, Carol Strini, Judy Williams. Rnrw 3 David Graf, Gary Berling, Roger Scherrer, Bill MCGraw, Fritz Jacobs, Robert Gundrum, Gene Findlay, Oscar Steele, Bob Helgemo. N" Chairman Lee Hembel Second righQ goes over plans for the annual FBLA Carnival, held March 23. Committee mem- bers are: Marlea Schuetz, Sharon Adamson, Fritz Jacobs, Lee Hembel, and Judy Schmidt. Phi Beta Lambda-1 11 mid . . . $13qu5 Ogleralure Over Conee hlembership in the Wits is open to all students who seek enjoyment from literature and the fine arts. The discussion begins when the coffee is ready. The group, sometimes large, sometimes small, always has an inter- esting topic to discuss, for subject matter is unlimited. This year a talk by Mr. Edwin Haynes was given concerning existentialism as seen in Albert Camus' HThe Stranger," which the group read. Also read this year was HNo EX- itl' by jean-Paul Sartre. A book sale and creative arts contest were sponsored by the group. They also pub- lished The Tower, an annual literary maga- 21116. 1 12-WITS gs X Kathy Worden, Dorothy M. Cambell, William Scobie, Mr. Edwin Haynes, Wendy Ann Peterrnann, Jerry Ginsberg, Karen Beals, Mr. John A. Heide, Curtis Kasper, James A. Sliebiel, Judith Patch, San- dra VVittman, John Hill, Bob Zimmerman, Julie Timler. Not shown, Mark Davenport. Winners in the Wits Creative Arts Contest were ttop picturel Dorothy Campbell, translation; Jim Shebiel, first place tie in poetry; Susan Pospeschil, oils and paintings; Tony Cardiel, first place awards in fiction and non-fiction, and hrst place tie in poetry; Ruth Hafkemeyer, honorable men- tion in oils and paintings; Heft picturel Bob Schneider, oils and paintings; Judy Patch, editor of the Tower, campus literary magazine, which will reprint prize entries; Bruce Bentz and Janice Redford, graphic arts awards. Wmenb leecreation jddociation t i 13 ha t Tolg, Royal Purple reporter. Number nine, you're over the line. VVRA officers are Sally Kuecker, treasurer; Joyce Hopkins, vice president; Judy McCarthy, president; Cathy Kitto, secretary; and Linda Sports enthusiasts comprise the membership of the VVomenhs Recreation Association. Trophies for championship basketball, volleyball, and soft- ball are presented at the spring banquet when the new officers are announced and installed. Interest groups were organized for anyone desiring to participate in and to learn more about field hockey, badminton, and ping pong. Last fall at the state convention in Eau Claire, Whitewater was elected president college for the Womenst Athletic Recreation Federation for College Women. It will hold this position until next fall when Whitewater will host the annual convention. Throughout the year the Club participated in a number of sportsdays, playdays and clinics held at other colleges. The club sponsored a state vol- leyball sportsday and clinic NOV. 10. One of WRAhs main activities of the year is Stunt Night. Traveling trophies are presented to the winning organizations. Miss Martha van Steenderen has been the clubts enthusiastic sponsor for this year, assisted by Miss Margaret Roxby. WRA-113 . . . 3 01150125 jnnuaf Stunt ?qi At P . 9 Sally Kuecker, Joyce Hopkins, Judith Lynn McCarthy, Cathy Kitto, Linda Tolg. Rorw 2 MilIie Repky, Beverly XVashington, Judy Boltz, Pat Stolarz, Mary Koenig. Rorw 3-Miss Roxby, adviser; Nancy Nichols, Marlea Schuetz, Ethel Wilton, Sherry jerome, Carol Strini, Maria A. Steiner, Kathleen Radewan, Lynn Rae Liegel, Ida Mehre, Betty Manson, June Stowell, Miss van Steenderen, adviser. R 01v I Marie A. Steiner, Judith Lynn McCarthy, attend the XVRA Christmas party. 1 14 WRA Pat Holarz, Mrs. Mary Juaire, June Stowell, Betty Manson and Carol Strini o n . promoted Sporlwlaga anal Cfinicz, A modern dance is members. XVRA participated in the women's intramurals. Modern dance develops posture and grace. VVRA was host to the annual slate convention. Campud uteranzs , oaague Spencer, sergeant-at-armsJ Vet's Homecoming Heat. 1 lb-Campus Veteran 39$ Jim Esser, secretary; Jim Nietz, treasurer; Mike Anderson, president; Chuck Clancy, vice-president; Dr. Hallie, adviser tNot shown, Dale The Veteranls League on the VVSC cam- pus represents students with a common ex- perience H a tour of duty with the Armv, Navy, Marines or Air Force. Membership in the club is open to anyone who has served at least 90 days of active duty in any of the armed services or has received an honorable discharge because of disability. Working as a team, the Vetls Club is a very active group. Competing against other organizations, the Vetls Club basketball, bowling and softball teams have always offer- ed top competition. Again this year, the Club sponsored the annual llCampus Confusionfl a highly entertaining all-school boxing and wrestling show. They also took an active part in Homecoming Weekend. As a Special service activity, the club aids in student registration. They also have a Vet- eransy Affairs Committee designed to keep members up-to-date on all matters concerning former servicemen. Socially, the Vetls Club sponsors the annual Military Ball, an exclusive function Which offers members of the club an oppor- tunity to proudly squirm back into their once trim-htting uniforms and enjoy a night of dancing. They also hold an annual Christmas party, a spring banquet. two smokers and a picnic. 2 . . . Spondord lCamlaLw Con udion x Rorw 1-Dan Bayers, Bob Madsen, Steve Sherry, Bob Hauser, Pat Walker, Lars Lein. Rorw 2 Clayt Sherwood, John J Fischer, Mike Devine, Bob Morgan, Jerry Wetherall, Mike Samolinski. Row 3-George R. Healy, Bernie Pierce, Robert Wallace, David King, John Tschumper, Gerald L. Glitzky. Row 4--Frank Gironimi, Roy Swisher, John Korrison, Bob Klitzkie, Robert Aicher, John Smarslik. Rorw 1-Dave Walker, John Roso, Ron Moore, Bob Beers, Duane Busch. Raw 2 Bob Schultz, Bruce Bentz, Lee Todd, Jim Miles, Dave Wake, Bob Rousseau. Rorw 3-Bob Haggerty, Dale Bartel, Jim Meadows, Bob Coon, Dave Holtan, Harley Reese. Row 4 Da1e Baker, Ed Douglas, Greg Rouleau, Jim Johnson, Jim Cahill. Campus Veteran-l 17 . . . .4116! Wififary gaff Twistirf the ni ht awav. g v My, but we're cool down South. Tear my pants, will you? Raw I-Mr. Pennington, Mary Lou Fisher, Marlon Klinner, Janlce K01p1tcke,Jean Gordon, Betty Zuehls, Ju Zimmerman Sue Coates, MISS Ackermann. Row 2eRay Honl, Jim Greenlee, Bill DeMaster, Dick Hanke, John Nickelsen, Bill Marten, Bob Schneider, Wayne VVahlberg. Bob Pavlik, Bob Hoffman, Gary Smith. Inter-Dormitory Council is an organiza- tion of residence hall counselors. The purpose of I.D.C. is to further the spring training program for newly-selected counselors who will assume their new duties in the fall. I.D.C. provides an opportunity for all coun- selors to exchange experiences in open dis- cussions and to learn more about the areas of counseling from guest speakers, who are ex- perts in their field. Agendas for the meetings, which are held the third Wednesday of every month, also included films, panel discussions, and an 11g evaluation of the year's work. Dean Cora Forbush, Dean Clayton Droullard, and the head residents, Miss Helena Ackermann, Mrs. Dorothy Hood, Mrs. Ora Jones, Mr. Blaine Pennington, and Mr. Donald Rich- ards work with the group and help to supply a more complete understanding of the role of student counselors. Mrs. Jones, head resident of hlary MC- Cutchan Hall is I.D.C."s adviser. Officers are Sandra Sanderson, president; Robert Pavlik, secretary; and Roger Brumm, program Chairman. Rorw x-Mrs. Jones, Jane Howland, Doreen Matara, Michaelene Seianas, Jan Ames, Pat Hare, Pat Miles, Sandy Sanderson, Marv Irving, Mrs. Hood. Raw 2eMartha Eberle, Joan Miller, Dottie Potter, Karen Koenings, Julie Cartwright, Barbara Husting, Pat SoroskiJRoseann Baldoun, Nancy Olson, Mr. Richards. Rorw 3-Lee Hembel, Jerry Teska, Jim Luzar, Vern Dahlstrom, Ralph Eckhardt, Roger Brumm, Dick Geyman, Dick Cattanach, Ray Gilbertson. Inter Dorm Council-1 19 lacy guitar yaff The dorm counselors, shown With Miss Helena Ackermann, the head resident, are tleft to right Fisher, judy Zimmerman, Sue Coates, Betty Zuehls and tstandingi Marion Klinner. Built in 1952, Lucy Baker Hall is as full of life and laughter as it was eleven years ago. One hundred and thirty girls contribute to the life and government of L.BH. Leading the dorm in its ruling proce- dures are the dorms officers, LVIary Lou Funk, president; Sally Best, Vice-president; and Nlary Dulik, secretary- treasurer. Help- ing to keep the dorm running smoothly are six counselors, an associate counselor, and four committee chairmen. iMost important to this miniature government is the dorm head resident, Miss Helena Ackermann. Residents of the dorm have participated in many events throughout the year. They decorated for the Tri-Dorm Formal, when 21 Baker girl, iVIary Koening, reigned as queen. The girls also participated in Homecoming and Ice-O-Rama activities and held dances and parties of their own. Reflecting back upon the year, the girls know that Lucy Baker Hall has lived up to its name as their ithome away from home." Baker otiicers are tseatedi Mary Dulik, secretary-treasurer; Mary Lou Funk, president; and Sally Best, vice-president, shown with com- mittee chairmen, Gloria Gaworski, Marilyn Bellmann, Nancy Sickinger, Sue POSPCSChli and hathy Hartjcs. i Jan Kolpitcke, Jean Gordon, Mary Lou . . . :jvlome jway zd'om yome, Uiottom A quick snack might spur studying. Baker took second in Ice-O-Rama women"s events. Six all, and my serve. Mary Koening reigned at the TrLDorm Formal. Mrs. Ora Jones, new head resident at McCutchan. The 1963-63 year at Mary McCutchan Hall was a successful one of scholarship, social activities and cultural achievements. These activities were carried on under the guidance of Mrs. Ora Jones, head resident, and the hall officers, Nancy Borkenhagen, president; Helen Schaefer, Vice president; and Nada Zurich, secretary-treasurer. President and Mrs. Walker D. VVyman were honored at a faculty tea and reception, an open house was held for parents and friends of residents, and three informal Friday night dances were held. hrICCutchan also participated in the InterDorm Formal in February. Widening our program of activities, a series of cultural events was scheduled this year. Nlr. George Perry, associ- ate professor of music at WSC, presented a musical pro- gram, and Mrs. A. 1. VVinther reviewed Emily Post's book on etiquette. The girls formed a Glee Club under the direction of Barb Freas, and a Christmas program was presented for the children at St. Colettas Mrs. Jones also instructed those interested in the fun- damentals of bridge. Our college life was broadened by these special activi- ties, planned to meet the interests of McCutchan residents. 122-Mary McCutcheon Hall Wary WcCutcAan JJaff . u o 349 $0,771 Over Me JJW Man on the Hoor? Where? Rehearsal time for the Glee Club. She's void in my suit. But 1 cath Come to the phone now. Post prints for posterity. Columbus discovered America in . . . a boat? Wettie Sayfezs ejJaff . . . Wew jraclih'ond Kor a Wew Eorm s, z 4 x 534 gyawm b-f Mow ,, , 4 e 215 w: 9w ; m.- w, W, WWm-vom Mrs. Dorothy Hood, head resi- dent at MCCutcllan, chats wrth a counselor and her guest. Nettie Sayles Hall, the newest womenls dormitory at XV.S.C., opened its doors to 208 girls in September, 1962. Under the leadership of Margery Gill, president; Susie Graham, vice president; Nancy Nishimoto, sec- retary; Sandra Quame, activities chairman, and Mrs. Dorothy Hood; housemother, several activities have taken place. Homecoming will be long remembered, for Sayles placed first in the house decorations with, llWe've Nlet the Enemy and They Are Ours." The continental breakfasts are a Sunday morning event. In mid-December, Sayles Hall had an open house. The doors of each room and the hallways were gayly decorated in the spirit of Christmas. The Tri-Dorm Formal was another activity in which Sayles participated. The Sayles girls provided the refreshments. Kathy Sweeney was our candidate for lce-O- Rama queen, and was elected one of the hve finalists. In the women's competition events of lce-O-Rama, first floor won third place honors. While Sayles Hall is completing only its first year of occupancy, many awards have already been written in its history book, a book we hope enlarges each year. 124-Nettie Sayles Hall New freshmen unmask at get-acqualnted party. whoops, dropped a stitch. Knit oneY purl two . . . Tea-time for dorm ochers. ijeI-t Sdfid4ul'y .jwlaff . . . Jargedl leadiolence .jJaff on Campud Mr. Richards, head resident, confers with his Counselors. A total of 230 residents called Albert Salisbury Hall hhomeh during the 1962-63 school year. Salisbury, named after an early president of Whitewater State College, is the largest residence hall on campus and was the second dormitory constructed at Whitewater, opening in 1957. The residents of A.S.H. carried on the traditions of their predecessors, entering twith vigow into Homecoming activities, Ice-O-Rama, open house, and various other academic, cultural, recreational, and social functions. The officers serving Salisbury Hall first semester were Glen Siegel, president; Gary Church, Vice-president; Tony Espey, secre- tary; and Laverne TTFlipTT Olson, treasurer. The second semester officers were A1 Rob- erts, president; Bob Gilpatrick, Vice-presi- dent; Keith Edwards, secretary; and Laverne hFlip" Olson, treasurer. sg Who ever said shaving was as easy as one. two, three? 126EAlbert Salisbury Hall Then the salesman said to the farmer . . Where is that other sock? Scientifically speaking, Superman could never make it in 4 seconds. waiting. i S. ,4. Wm JJJf . .. Wamem a wsc 3-way The dean of men counsels with hall residentsi Quiet hours . . . 128-White Hall in solid comfort. The 1962-63 school year was the first year S. A. White Hall was in operation. The new residence hall, which provides homes for 208 students, was named for Samuel Austin White, the first Whitewater regent 0f the state colleges. The first year has been an active one. The Hall Council adopted a constitution and a crest for the hall, along with regulating the hall,s business. Through the supervision of the hallis c0- ordinates, White Hall functioned well. The intramural co-ordinate entered four football teams and six basketball teams in the intra mural leagues. Also, S. A. White teams took second place in the Ice-O-Rama contest. The academic co-ordinate set up a schol- arship for the freshman earning the highest grade point each semester and issued numer- ous papers to help students with their studies. The cultural co-ordinate entered a play in the one-act play contest, which placed third, and arranged a number of interesting lectures. The social co-ordinate planned several dances and supervised the building of the Homecoming float, while the communica- tions co-ordinate was in charge of the hall newspaper. The elected wing representa- tives 0n the Hall Councxl con- affairs. ,sx h . The Judicial Board is a S preme Court for d sciplinary matter . fAbovw . . . and not yet awake. UQight abovd The academic cn-ordinate sponsored a faculty lecture serie . ' i 1 H . lance man 0'65 an m :11 in 16 mier room. Rglm lhe malntel ht '1 t It Ll l l C- O glupu're raternaf rgantza fion Rarw I-Mr. Griffiths, adviser, Stu Vorpagel, George Bliss, Bob Grzeszczak. Gerald Desing, Pete Theune. Rnrw zeBill Hullingsworth, jerl'y Teska, Harry Xillson, Robert Peterson, jack Hoffmann, Dick Johnson, Dave Sorensun. wa 3aBill Kenyon, Cyril Haslow, Don Thom, Jerry ZuHa, Nlarty Peeliles, David XVatzke, Tom Ehhers, Robert Lory. The newly formed Esquire Fraternal Or- ganization celebrated its first anniversary Vlth a party on D'Iarch 14. The major accom- plishment of the organization during its first year was the establishment of the Dr. Robert C. Williams Scholarship and Loan Fund. The fund was set up in honor of the recently retired president of the college. The Esquires have established an annual dance to provide for this fund. Among the various activities in which the organization has participated during the year, its outstanding performances in FBLA Carnival, one-act plays, and Iee-O-Rama have helped the Esquires to gain status on the campus. The organization has also held a pre- Homecoming dinner at Kings Restaurant, a Christmas party at the Holiday Inn and a pledge dance at F 8: A Steak Ranch. On the whole, we feel that the Esquire Organization has come a long way in its ini- tial year and that it will continue to grow and be of increasing help and assistance to the . t college and its students. 2222,1rtiit'5desibei?3:2:??easmzztr W 'W N l30wEsquires . . . Spondam 0f Wffiamd ScAofaMAilo junol Esquire oHicers are Robert Grzes7czak, vice president; Donald Thom, corresponding secretary; Bill Hollingsworth, historian; Bob Peterson, treasurer; Stuart Vorpagel. president; Tom Ebbers, social chairman; Harry XVilson, parliamentarian; and Dave XVatzke, Royal Purple reporter. Not shown, Pete Theune, record- ing secretary. The alI-campus Halloween dance launched the Dr. Robert C. Williams Scholarship Fund. For those who think young. x x $44M? gz $x$ssax CAurcA 4 ' groupd Whitewater pastors of all denominations, working side by side with faculty advisers, have through the years, deemed it a privilege and a challenge to work With and for students coming to our campus. Parents and college authorities experience much satisfaction in knowing that students find the security of their home envi- ronment by identifying themselves with the church group of their choice. These groups or clubs have grown not only in membership but in activity and accomplishment. In the earlier'years their program consisted of breakfasts and What has come to be known as ttcost suppers? Guest speakers were provided and students selected their own committees to work on these projects. A yearly picnic was cer- tain to be scheduled and sometimes a dance. While socialactivity still has its place, the student today usually devotes at least two eve- nings each month to a purely intellectual pro- gram. Sometimes it is panel discussion, some- times debate. For the most part, lecture series hold a place of prominence. Some of these series are of a religious nature, some psychological, some reveal the meaning and genuine value of peace-time citizenship, some deal with self- dependenee and individual responsibility, some are devoted entirely to character development, some constitute a study of the foundation and framework of Christian marriage. In recent years, an ever-increasing number of students seek to discuss their personal prob- lems and their plans for the future. Consequent- ly, pastors of the various denominational groups spend many hours each day in individual stu- dent conference. Of- ten these conferences provide . the very phrase for which the young man or woman has been groping and Which alone seems to enable him to readily understand his prob- lem and properly eval- uate his plans. Rev. Thomas F. Berry St. Patrickhs Church ttBill, will you read the next verse please? the buzz-group leader requests. iiAll the ways of a man are clean in his own eyes; but the Lord weigheth the spirit? iiWhat are some evidences of the truth of this verse? If this is true should it have any effect on us? continues the leader. The above is an example of a typical Thurs- day night Bible Study at Inter-Varsity Chris- tian Fellowship. Here many faithseLuther- an, Methodist, Baptist, Episcopalian, Breth- ren-iind agreement in doctrine and practical living of it. Besides being inter-denomination- al, Inter-Varsity is an international organiza- 134.-lnter Varsity Christian x 'jnleh-Uardity CAridtian geffowzsAilo . . . szgm 52iritua! Miamind w Row xeKathy Irvine, Marion Klinner, Anita Gilliland, Anne Livengood. Row 2eMiss Olive .Reeve, Dr. Janette Bohi, Pat Hare. Row 3eBarbara Deal, Dawn VVeeden, Ricardo Bouche, Jim Meadows, XVally Partenheimer, Davxd Arbuthnot, Jane Meacham, Sue Scott. tion which seeks to stimulate college-level faith. Spiritual Vitamins are offered through prayer times, Bible studies, speakers, panels, topical studies, and the sharing of experien- ces. Flipping pancakes and trips to Madison are also on the calendar for the year. The pan- cakes were prepared for the Missionary Breakfast. Last fall the Rev. Jack Drake, who works among the Navahos, spoke to the stu- dents and faculty at that event. iiIVCFers7 also traveled to state spring and fall confer- ences in Madison. SCPOOA? . . . ibidcudded CAr-ijh'an jaitAJ x, Rurw IeCarol Kincaid, Althea Drew, Karen Kurth, Marlys Mandel, Botmie Herbert. Rarw 2-Mr. Heide, Mr. Hobbs, Judith Gehner, Peter Theune, Miss Pape. Rorw 3-Kenneth Thoenes, Karen Tipple, David VVatzki, Gary Schrag, Richard Juhnke. A: The membership of Scrooby, the United Chris- tian Campus Fellowship, is drawn from five church- es. They are the Congrega- tional Church, the Evan- gelical and Reformed Church, the Disciples of Christ Church, the Presby- terian Church, and the Evangelical United Breth- ren Church. Scrooby meets every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. at the Congregational church. After enjoying refresh- ments the group partici- pates in discussion on the yearts theme, ttVarieties of Christian Faith? In addi- tion Scrooby had 21 Thanks- giving dinner and a Hal- loween party and partici- pated in the activities of the Inter-Church Council, including Religious Em- phasis Week. JutAera n Student .x4miocia lion 136-LSA The Lutheran Student Association, Whitewater Chapter, is one part of the nation-wide organization and movement which strives to confront the cam- pus with Jesus, the Christ, and to provide a means by which its members may deepen and express their Christian faith. Representatives of the XVhMewater L.S.A. attend- ed the fall L.S.A. Indian- head Regional retreat at Green Lake, where they were confronted with some progressive concepts of re- ligion through the theme of HThe Meaning of Christ in Christianityf, The local group meets every second and fourth Wednesday in Fellowship Hall of First Lutheran Church for social and seri- ous discussions and activi- ties. Major events this year included the fall picnic at Lutherdale Bible Camp, 21 special Thanksgiving Ser- vice, the Christmas Bane quet, and the Spring Ban- quet honoring the senior members. A new project, a Lumberjack Supper, was also sponsored by L.S.A. this year. The L.S.A. sponsor is the Rev. James Oliver. The groust faculty advis- ers are Miss Marie Benson and Rxlr. and Mrs. John Rabe. Officers for the year were Jan Boyd, president; Ronald Peterson, Vice-pre- sident; Julie Timler, secre- tary; and Tom Lother, treasurer. J J . . . jflencls jnclianAeacl lgegionaf leefreat 'x, Rorw I--Ute Ziebarth, Kathleen Paap, Janet Fromm, Suzanne Sturtz, Madeline MocheI, Ellie Gnatzig. Rorw 2 811ar0n Adamson, Julie Timler, Janet Boyd, Rose Ranltke, Trudy VVeiland, Norma Gnatzig, me 3 Kerry XVanish, Ronald Peterson, Don Zinke, James Oldenburg, Jerry McGowan, Anne Nereim. Rorw I-Janet Boyd, president; Julie Timler, secretary; Mrs. John Rabe, sponsor. Rorw 2 The Rev. James Oliver, Ron Peterson, vice president; Tom Lather, treasurer; Miss Benson, sponsor. LSA-137 JutAeran Synodicaf Con erence Students 1 38-LSCS Lutheran Synodical Con- ference Students is an or- ganization for Lutheran students Who are members of a synodical conference Lutheran Church. Its prime purpose is to culti- vate and increase Christian wisdom in the Holy Scrip- tures and to offer an oppor- tunity to students for Chris- tian fellowship and recrea- tion. The Rev. David A. Tetzlaff, pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. John, is the sponsor. The meetings are held on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month and a variety of events have been scheduled during the year. The programs have included discussions which are of great spiritual bene- tit to all, led by Pastor Tetzlaff; a roller skating party, guest speakers; cost suppers; religious films open to the public, Christ- mas caroling at the homes of members of St. Johns Church; a barbecue at which the men do all the cooking; an annual picnic; and a senior banquet at the church on Baccalaureate Sunday. This year St. Johns pur- chased the historic Dad- mun house on Main Street for use as a Church educa- tion building and student center. Raymond Gilbertson is president and Mr. Hugo Tscharnack is the faculty sponsor. building. N is Rarw 1- Carolyn Brulm, Marilyn Krueger, Karen Kruck, Judy Drager. Rorw 2-Elizabeth Stark, Diane Claussen, Bevefly Monthie, Lois Schultz, Sonja Peterson. Raw 3-Roberta Sternig, Gary Decker, John VVoIfer, Alan Peterson. Rarw 4-Ray Tcnrick, Pastor Tetzlaff. LSCS-l 39 Werder Iorouicled . . . oli'uin leodar 9 ? Mercier Club members meet twice monthly in the spacious hall of St. Patrick's Church. The organization functions to supplement the work of secular instruction with religious in- struction and spiritual guidance. The group is under the guidance of Father james R. johnson with Dr. Carroll Flanagan and hit. Leon Hermsen as faculty advisers. Committee chairmen in charge of religion, social events, and membership are appointed each year to carry out the work of the organi- zation under the guidance of the officers. The activities of the Club were numerous this year starting with the Living Rosary on Oct. 14. On Dec. 19 the group went caroling to different old peopleTs homes in the com- munity. On Feb. 22 the group had a Twist Party for all college students. A new thing on the agenda which turned out very successful was a White Elephant sale. A Day of Recollection was held in Novem- ber. Breakfast was enjoyed by Mercier mem- bers who Spent the entire day at the church in prayer. OHicers for the year were John Hamann, president; Joe Nuspl, Vice-President; Chare president; Joe Nuspl, vice-president; Char- secretary. Rorw I Char1ene Beyer, treasurer; Margie Gill, external vice-presidnt. Row 2 -J0e Nuspl, internal vice-president; John Hamann, president; Dr. Flanagan, adviser. Mercier-l 41 . . . Sociaf Events , $ i1mm: . Rarw -Ann VVitkins, Marianna Catama, Sharon Hart, Sharon Wagner, Marlene Lehman, Lisa Farinha. me 2-Sue Dumproff, Mary Winn, Mary Benedict, Kitty N011, Sue Matzner, Barbara Konieczka, John Feeney. Row 3 Mary Schicker, Dorothy Slaninka, Elizabeth Leiter, Cathy Hubbard, Carole Prange, Mardie Hartshorn, James Bunzel, Bill Kwapil. Rorw 4-Roger Scherrer, Allan Roost, Charley Zeeh, john Tait, Bill Gundrum, Peter Sheppard, Barry Remmel. J . a . V vi V R010 I-Karen Nettesheim, Cecilia Mazurklewxcz, Margaret Carroll, Mary Ann Tesser, Rita Ritger, Pat Zinda, Catherine McBride, Diane Mottl. Rarw 2-Marie Mares, Judy Wornson, Yvonne Kalscheur, Kathy Eck, VViz Jackson, Carol Tesser, Sandy Achter, Ann Brooks, R010 3-Arlene Scherrer, Veronica Gilsdorf, Bob Beers, Gerry Justin, Rosemary Zickerman, Pat Bonnar, Marita Hale, Mary Kent. Rn-w + Phi1ip Stephenson, Jim Bindl, Chuck Nolan, Frank Kanduisch, Ron Anton, Jerry Chase, Pete Regan, Betty Steinberger. 142-Mercier . . . gi-weeAfy jnzsloirafiond Candle after candle, the rosary came to life. Father James R. Johnson, Nlercier sponsor. rocked with a Bongo Beat. "55759 m9 u v Mercier-143 . . . a etAoclidf Organization Rurw I--Marj01'v W'iedrich, Louise Cook, Sylvia Northey, Karen Larsen, Sharon Buhtow, Bill Scobie,vR11th-Anderson, Cathy Ling, Marion Davidson. anvuzeRuss May, Carl Chandler, Don Gavey, Fred Ochs, Gary Koch, Frltz Jacobs, Ron leltzkxe. Wesley Foundation is an organization of the NICth- odist Church open to all students on campus. The purposes of this group are to help students develop spiritually and socially. Under the direction of the Rev. Walter Wagener and the assistance of the sponsors, Miss Gladys Pe- tersen and Mr. Charles Brady, the group has grown in both size and scope this year. Meetings and special events included, on Sunday mornings, discussions and Bible studV With the Rev. Kenneth Engelman of the First Methodist Church; Sunday evening, cost sup- per prepared by those tak- ing part; Wednesday eve- ning, regular meetings with planned programs or rec- reation, a worship service and business meeting; and Thursday at 10 a.m. in the Student Union with a discussion of previous and future meetings. Officers were Bill SCO- bie, president: Fritz Ja- cobs, vice-president; Shar- on Buhrows, secretary; and Ron Klitzkie, treasurer. Coffee and talk for VVesleyons. Weslefs Homecoming Float. I - l - A V V I Rorw I-Marjory VViedrich, Kathy Ling, Nancy Bade, Carolyn Rolfs, Ruth Anderson. Rorw 2-Sy1via Northey, Sharon Buhrow, Karen Larsen, Mary Jean McLean. Row 3 Russ May, Nancy VVosilait, Carl Chandler, Georgette Mattson, Bill Scobie. Row 4 Gary Koch, the Rev. Walter VVagener, Don Gavey, Fred Ochs. Wesley-145 JQMFQF Cfu$ . . . azferfaind Sluclenl $iocede Any student of the Episcopalian, Orthodox, Polish National Catholic, or the Old Catholic Church tGermani faiths are welcome to be- come members of this organization. Our acti- vities for this year have included exchange suppers and a meeting of the Student Dioce- san Organization here at Whitewater. Anoth- er event of importance was our being invited to be with Scrooby for their Thanksgiving Dinner. Officers for the first semester were Harry Wilson, president, Jan Janicsek, vice-presi- dent, and Carolyn Johnson, secretary-treasur- er. Row. I-Sally Cramer, Carolyn Johnson, Jean Gordon, Jan Janicsek, Julie Cartwright, Lynn Larweth. Row 2-The Rev. Robert W. Wise, Dav1d Rohrbach, Harry Wllson, Ross Torsrud, Mr. Herdendorf, adviser. 146-Kemper 3A9 Coffege . . . J4n jntegraf part oz Me CLurcA Members of the college Hfamily" who sing in the choir at the Congregational Church are tfirst roxw Mrs. Donald James, textbook librarian; Carol Zech, student; Mrs. Ora Jones, head resident at Mary McCutchan Hall; John L. Glenn, instructor in French; tsecond rowt Miss Patricia Muller, assis- tant director of public relations; Mrs. Gene Lee, stenngrapher, college office; Lm'eli LeMay, Janet Leet and David Zell, all students. Mark A Ruesch jr. i3 director. Helen Heitz is organist at First Methodist Church. Students attend special early morning Lenten services at First English Lutheran Church. The Candlelight Serenade, a new tradition of Alpha Sigma, was presented for all campus dormitories, fraternities and sororities. A spe- cial performance honored President and Mrs. Wyman. ? panAeffenic anal nter raternify Councigi from each . Panhellenic Council, which facilitates harmnninus relations among the five sororities, is compased of a junior and a senior representative ororlty on campus. Members are Rorw I Jeanne Weller, Claire Dronek, Georgia Pelton, Nancy Rolstad. Rorw 2--Susan Hayward, Eleanor Klimek, Sue Kuerschner. erw 3wShar0n Mildbrand, secretary-treasurer, Mrs. Alyce Greene, faculty adviser, Rosemary Zicker- man, president and Georgeann Heath. Interfraternity Council is the student governing body of the social fraternities. Members are Row.- Row 2 J0hn XVilloughb John Horn, Bob Melig. Row 3 150-Pan Hell and Inter Fra'r Councils x-Tom Vuethrich, Dick Hanke Arlan Anderson, Jm Pechauer, Ken Damschen, and Larry Beschta. MgOAa gamma ibefta . . . .Alel;96 jffliictecl CAifolren The Alpha Gamma Delta sorority sup- ports Children afflicted with cerebral palsy as a work project. This year Christmas and note cards were sold with the proceeds going to the cerebral palsy fund. At Christmas time the Alpha Gams purchased toys and cloth- ing for a child who was a victim of this dis- ease. A crafts show was held to help support this project. Alpha Gamma Delta had a successful year in campus activities. Homecoming saw the group take a first prize with their humor- ous float. They also took part in stunt night, Ice-O-Rama, and bake sales. The girls were active soci- ally as well with pledge par- ties at Hackettls resort and a Christmas party at the Holi- day Inn. The Valentine party at the F 8: A Steak Ranch and fall and spring pledge banquets were other somal activities. A Mother-Father- Daughter banquet was held in spring along with a sorori- ty picnic at Blue Spring Lake. A luncheon honoring the seniors and various ex- change dinners were on the agenda. Mary Roach was the sor- orityls candidate for Home- coming queen; she was also elected to VVhols Who and a Just five minutes to get to class' Whols got the wheels tonight? member of Pi Omega Pi. Nubby Verthein was Hearts Queen candidate and Marge Ladwig was candidate for Ice-O-Rama queen. Joy Iustesen was on the Sigma Tau Gamma Rose Court. Others elected to Whols Who were Rita Ritger, Mary Ann Vehrs, and Rosemary Zickerman. Alpha Gamma Delta is the only inter- national social sorority on campus. The end of this school year marked the 27th year that the Alpha Gams have been a sorority. The Beta Theta chapter house is located at 143 N. Fraternity Lane. Mr. and Mrs. John Spaay have been the house parents of the girls for two years. . . . like we did last summer. KAREN JOCHIMS JOY JUQESEN H LOU'SAE" AbLIN CORRESWNDaO SECQEIARY W; - 3 . . w w w; 33w ,t kg 0 7 E MILLIE DICKINSON LOIS BROOKS ROSIE ZICKERMAN J: v: 3? f 2 LYNN ABBINANTI HMWW , . 3 MARY ANN VEHRS 'REWSJQER KATHIE KELLIHER NUBBY VWERVfFEIN CONN!E WANNINGER KITTY NOLL JUDY GETSCHMAN sue BISHOP; BEA TERWALL J EAN KOPP NANCY SHEWCZYK w3 suzuE KOPP: JAN BOYD ' H IST Hf E 349599ka JEANNIE WOLLE KAREN SHOWE BARB 15le bk mam: LADEwi RtTA RtTGER PRESmENY ? $ W , ;; $ 5; Ru, V s; wW' , Q; m R "311:6"i6t105tiih HELEN PERTZBORN 2M3 WCE F?QESECIEN? JOAN S I EGER gECORUWG SZCVEYARY JUDY ROSS H MW hernias- Wiseonsfn Stain: E?olMBe ,Whifemahev x "'"smon HART JANE memmisf w? l? ' ANNE NERElM JAN LUTZ I gamma: WAGNER DOROTHY JAEGER ' KAREN warm " PAT REGAN EQWIiRB vammg Studios, Pamnmn M Y W 661E133 HEINISCH MARY STUTE KHHtEEN FlEDLER WJULIANNHEVS?ARKM WRTLE KLASKE .ssxenm mama umnsss CNA9LMM BARWA EbesoiIW UANET Rem snrwnywus RONEYTE Fispen CDQRESFCNOIW $$867ARv JANICE ARES SANDY RAKOW JUDY KWPPEN KAREN GLEICH KAREN 3cm mm KATNRYN om KAYE CUMEINGS EA N MEJEEOU i "JBBWKEESSM Ln'wA ENLOE mi asuam PHYLLIS AMES VWE PEESWENY BARBiRA WES PRESIMOEM Alpha .Wfseonsiu St Whitman JILL BAROEEN KAY BUYER W3 MARY ANN VAN cum ANN WHEEL KAREN KOENINGS CARLE NE ANDERSON SETYY RUETTNER DOROTHY BURDICK LANI SKIT" LAW umm 68ft. 3N4PD w $394 yg JULIE umwmem cumin: 5892K $3 5w MY WLSTAD sew: mm a JANE YKME MW: mamas C6330!- KATIUSA JUN?" 61124958th ULLMN PETERSON HELEN HEITZ mu. cm: SCHNEEWEIS KNEEN GUNDERSQN ROSANN PRUDLOVV 4 s Q? 4 MW Wymw? ENW non M KW x KWW WNWE Studios myww NY, .4440, ggma . . . gm! :Dreddeol .youae al.1vlomecoming TTSomething old, something new, some- thing borrowed, something blueH was the theme of this years Alpha Sigma Homecom- ing house decorations. The judges rated the Alpha Sigma house at 931 W. Main as the number one display on the campus. Residing at this house along with fourteen other A1- phas is the capable housemother, M rs. Fardy. Mrs. Greene is the Alpha Sigma adviser. Alpha Sigma was very successful again this year in activities on the campus. First place was captured by the AlphaTs rendition of TtChicago" in Stunt Night. An Alpha Sig- ma first was started on the campus with their Sorority Serenade along with an Alpha Sig- . . . lean into it and pull! ma auction. The girls ice carving entry of NAlpine LOVC,, won first place during Ice-O- Rama Weekend. Alphas were well repre- sented as queens in many events, and they were proud to capture the titles of Mistletoe Queen and last years Junior Prom Queen. The girls held positions on the Student Coun- cil, Sue Nelson served as junior class secre- tary, Judy Sloan and Barb West were elected to ttWhoTs VVhoT The Alphas had a good time at their two pledge dances, their Christmas Party, their Mother-Daughter Banquet, and the annual formal that was held in the spring. At Christmas time, the girls once again lent their support to a needy W'hitewater family. This annual Christmas project included giving food, Clothes, toys, and a tree. Through working together on this project the girls, as well as the fam- ily, benefited in many ways. Alpha Sigma is also proud to Claim the title of being a local sor- ority, and also the oldest sorority on the campus. Hope we're not late again! To be an Alpha Sig is quite a treat . $efta Zeta . . . ajvloude oz ejvlomecoming Queenzi Activities are an important feature of DZ life. This year their Homecoming float, H'Hold That Line,H captured second place in the serious division. Ruth Dittmer was chosen Klumb Girl for 1962; and With the election of Doreen Nlatara as Homecoming queen, Delta Zeta was honored by having the third Homecoming queen in three years. Delta Zeta is active in student govern- ment, too. Class officers included Karen Flatt, junior Class treasurer, and Barb Hust- ing, sophomore Class secretary. Sally Hahn was elected secretary of the Student Council. Eight Delta Zetas are presidents of organiza- tions and the Delta Zetas hold more than twenty-five offices in campus organizations. Patti Muehl was elected to Whois Who, and Sandy Enerson became a member of Kappa Delta Pi and Pi Omega Pi. Peg Tus- Chen was chosen as candidate for Sigma Tau Gamma Rose Queen. Jan Pribnow was the candidate for Ice-O-Rama Queen, and Sally Hahn for Hearts Queen. Special activities included the annual iiFall Fantasyw dance, a Christmas party, the iVIother-Father-Daughter Banquet, a formal dinner dance, and a spring picnic honoring Homecoming Queens - Doreen, ,62; i . the twenty seniors. Delta Zeta is deeply indebted to its chap- ter director, hits. Neil Ferguson; faculty ad- viser; Miss Martha van Steenderen; and their housemother, M rs. Ada Wilcox. Service projects included making Thanks- giving favors for patients at the Shore View Convalescent Home in Milwaukee and a Christmas tree and party in honor of the patients. Epsilon Kappa of Delta Zeta, the largest national sorority, is the largest DZ chapter in Wisconsin, and has more members than any sorority on the WSC campus. Looks good ! '63 rush preferential party. SANURA XL EMERSON Juana commas: aARWA 410.8? E S'mY J, V VOW WM JEAN H mmmsm JN-HCE M. 31.1?wa Wm; ' ifJiaGiisLER r i - ' xhnfu Mitfrssmm Bzvsriix MMWRS am, BOBBY M KILEY PATRtCIA LKINTZLER MARITA RHALE PAMSLA 5. NINE y LII. manLE c mmm I SHARON A MILDBRANDT CAROL J.GOURLIE i . MICMELENE K.SEMNAS mam WM: wmawa. w m mm MARGERY L9iLL ' macho! J OLBRION ELEANORE' MKLLNEK JOAN ELAT'I'A mm 3 HENDmCK ms mam 0! EETKY JCNRIS1 ; ,: Wt 3mm Eel 1952 misconsi' mu BEVERLY J YOUNG SALLY CEAH 3 ,- $, $5 w g m mamm u WiizAEEdi' mass; it seam JAR mama waaumth M minim! wean. p m kilUSTIW mm? k LLY ARGTH EARBaRIK h BEERKNSSS Tl LidUENL mu 3:5,: r 212a SARk M aNDERSON sin, x 1 wwmw Ru 19 53 e $011939, ltev c: c hniauow JEAN cxmcmmR N Looms CAROL Lscauwz KAREN A 01W 33 CAROL ANELmn , mam; m 31w: man m A COVELU sum .4 051mm CmOLEE $1! LYON MARY Ami mam VERA inScnROiDER 4mm GFtSHER SHARON mummn ' amt Laomsou CAROL a miism DONNA Ink KLEQERk :mm k 1.3m mam?" RUTH l1, mum unseat: ceofssnms , mm massusn cmaLdm: ASkMZ Eras" mo: sane mnmash KRnMER .106? M wnLLmE KAREN R, PLATT Mom mom gasuosrebwszc SAN BRA KWEBER Emu: MANSON ANN M isibbksf WW Y amm JUDY 0.845305 MT; LJORSTM! sum am muss RMMMR JiJOiTR LMC CMUWY SUSAN KSCHWDLER EDWaRL'? VANHN$ izmdmx, Hamriim NY ELIZABETH PETERSON MARY LOU FUNK PATRICIA ZINDA NANCY LUNN EILEEN ANDERSON BARBARA TOLL- MARYLYN BALOG, PRESIDENT CLAIRE DRONEK, SALLY BEST, JANICE HINGISS, VICE PRESIDENT TREASURER SECRETARY l Lambda HELEN SCHAEFE BARBARA TABAT MARY JENSEN BARBARA lADUC' DEE MARTINIAK MARJORY HUMER MARIE BOKEMElER MAXINE LISZEWSKI GALE FLASCHNE - PATRICIA BROUSSARD CAROL MAY ALTHEA DREW SALLY KOSANKE ELLEN KUCHENBACH NADA ZURICH plu' JamAcla . . . youngedt greeL group The Phi Lambda sorority was formed January 17, 1961, When the former Cameo social group completed its probationary perie 0d and received faculty approval to reorgan- ize as a Greek organization. Mrs. Frank Pal- nay became our new adviser this year. The Phi Lambdas sponsored bake sales and participated in the homecoming festivi- ties. Georgia Pelton was a member of the court. The Phi Lambdas also participated in Stunt Night, Ice-O-Rama, and the Hearts Dance, with Barb Toelle and Marie Bokea meir respectively representing the Phi Lamb- das as queen candidates. They also entered the one-aCt-play contest. The Phi Lambdas were active socially also. They held a pledge banquet at PegTs Supper Club, a mother-father-daughter ban- quet, and various other parties. The sorority is looking forward to a big- ger and better third year on campus. tTop righo Back to the grind after a weekend at home. tCentexO The Phi Lambdas hacked Barb for queen. tBeloxH Yve got nine chapters to read before the exam. WHWWNWJW M J. K QWWEG iAWRtEWW N J, WRASSE R KQUNDERWW $.91 macs: V PRESlQ NY 4. K. BROWN Mammy? , C. k aEINKE C, A. BASTING 8,6, HIM KA, HETZEL L MlLLER N; J. ODWiUS 3.0. WARD DLQ NEVER V. L.BEESE E 11.. MILES J. Lng um. scam m mmnsou QOHQESPONBMQ SECRt ?ARY BSEURGERMEISTER Emisaonsi'n $173,176 $allege Whitemabw WWWWH II. E FLEMNG g 23$ uarmeoumm w mmmm mam " sawmxmsxt BOW mmmg 31mins, Hamiitm Wt g s, 1;. ggma $gma .Syigma . . . Served CAifolren iiSigma Serves ChildrenH is Tri Sig- mais theme for social projects, which included gifts and caroling for the children at Southern Colony. A car wash and the annual Heartis Dance were sponsored by the sorority and the proceeds were given to charity. Social activities this year included a Christmas dance, two pledge dances, a formal dinner for the pledges, a moth- er-father-daughter banquet, Founderis Day Dinner, and a spring dinner dance. Other parties, exchange sup- pers and a box social were also held. Tri Sigma entered into Homecoming activities with house decorations and a float. Judy Brown was the candidate for Homecoming queen. The sorority also took an active part in Tce-O-Rama and Stunt Night. They captured first place in the one-act play contest and the Cavaliers Powder Puff Olympics. Individual honors were taken by Kathy Weink, senior class secretary, Jan Stafford, senior class treasurer, and Marilyn Meyer, soph- omore class treasurer. Car- 01 Seidl reigned as Sigma Tau Gamma Rose Queen. Nlary Ann Deklark was the Heartis Queen. Judy Brown and Kathy Weink were elected to HWhois WhoW Officers of Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigmas sing. Rorw I---XVayne Fricano, Ed S:aacke, Lee Merkel, Clayt Sherwood, Bob Engel. Rarw 2-Tom Adelman, Jim Gibson, Tom Cox, Paul Nord- berg, Bob Dodson, Curt Kissinger. Ratw 3eRaymond Stoklosa, John Voorhees, Ed Krisch, John W. Korrison, Chuck Nolan, Mike Krueger, Steven Rubert. The llPowder Puff Olympics" was intro- duced to the Whitewater campus by the Ca- valiers this year. This proved to be a very suc- cessful event and is certain to become an an- nual affair. The group was also active in Homecoming festivities, winning first place in menls division house decorations. The pro- ject of selling Homecoming Booster Buttons was also taken over by the Cavaliers. Social activities included the fall and spring pledge banquets, a Christmas party, a winter and spring formal, and the ilStew- binderH held with the Sigma Sigma Sigma and Delta Zeta sororities and Phi Sigma Ep- silon fraternity. There was a gambling party and numerous exchange suppers and informal mixers with the sororities on campus. Along with being an active social frater- nity, the Cavaliers exemplify their versatility and Character by participating in various church organizations, dramaties, music, ath- letics, and student government. In this, its third year on the WSC cam- pus, the Cavalier home was at 177 Fra- ternity Lane. lVIrs. Van Wie was the house- mother, and Mr. George Perry served as fa- culty sponsor. The Cavaliers number 86 men - the largest fraternity on campus. It is the constant aim of the Cavaliers to be an active, helpful, loyal, and respected fra- ternity, one that stands high among all fra- ternities, the college faculty and administras tion, and with the students at WSC. Cavaliersa165 WILUM WWLL Baum: mmmev DAVE RELSON WAUL ZQFPERER 4055 MATTE! 898 mmu NE Giant! MUELLER Puma Basra? m mm mm mom JORN WILL 199sz ms outsmznr mummy ao alfevs WILLIMA KlLKiNRY MIKE RlEHARDSON Wisconsin S$alze $01k Whifcwaliev RONALD bIELSDN DICK DELHAFEN BOB LEHMANN DOUG KANT 021$ STEELE CLARENCE WRUSON RON BDZVNSKt GEMGE PERRY 7M , $9$ MEET SCHNEI mm: summao ' mm: WES 1,, i? LARRY MTf GARY SGHEQERELK. BENMS men BILL HMJMERBEHG RKCMRU GENOA" CbiARLES BRN WW-M ,, - M... nn .H... , 1.qu swarms!!! MARK KRMN m $12 nmamm mxwatm sggaigggg JOHN BLASZAK ' ' W, Wm RT OBENEERGER FRED CATTELINO CONNIE BOWANN ROGER BRUMM WKUAM MAP? WKLMK SEILER 84, YOM VIILLS RICHARD RANIEWiCZ DEW?! TOFSON PAUL StEDSCNLM JACK SCHMOLL L LARm ENGEL mcx m9: mama LA cams 10L ANDERSON La: Hannkudkg JOHN uouzusfim ? TOBY 3800691358 WAYNE CUFF NAB SIGURDSSOM JOHN MATHEWS WAYNE WAHLBERE GARY WEBB MW" mzaaxw mm mm. m msm mu mum veau WLSTW Ca U61 fier Olympics - Cavalier Style. It,s about the frostbitten fingers. CA; :23 Km Kim. Rain I-Michael C. Scott John Kafer, Jr., Terry Esrael, Thomas Zoeliner, .jAe jfaterntty 636A f:r5 Steve Dennis, Dick Rusch, John Karsten, John Siivonen. Rorw 2KAllen Ribheek, Bob Frish, Gene Schaetten, Tom And1ews, David Lawlor, Al Gumz, Douglas Salanda, Mitch Covic, Mal Heindei. me 3KBill Rossmiller, Steve Zantow, Dave Figi Jim Liska, Bill Meinel, Lee Todd, Ron Franzen, Ken Holz. For the second consecutive year, Chi Delta Rho, local social fraternity, has resided at 181 Fraternity Lane. Mrs. Myrtle Zuehl- ke, known as TiMaii to the 60 Chi Delts, is the new housemother. The fraternityvs ideals, scholarship, fel- lowship and leadership, were carried forth according to tradition. Scholarship was em- phasized when the Chi Delts received the In- terfraternity Council scholarship trophy for the sixth consecutive year. Fellowship was exemplihed by functions like the Turkey Twist, Homecoming ban- quet, Christmas party, spring formal, pledge banquet, family picnic, exchange and beer suppers, and parties. Participation in intramural sports plays an important part in fraternity life. The Chi Delts had a football team, four basketball teams, and took the baseball championship for the second consecutive year. Leadership is highlighted by the list of activities in which fraternity men partici- pated. These include the position on Student Council held by Jim Greenlee, and Class offi- ces held by Dick Schafer, senior class presi- dent; Wally Schoenfeld, senior Class Vice pre- sident; Ron Bronson, junior class vice presi- dent, and Larry Gundrum, sophomore Class Vice president. Wally Schoenfeld and Dick Moeller were the top officers in Phi Beta Lambda. The Chi Delts boast the only recognized fraternity choir in the state as well as Neo Trio, a folk singing group composed of Bill Sutter, Bill Pfisterer and Terry Harris. Chi Delta RhoK169 A K?Qarw mma Kawara twwgg; .1; wags-vgsgngafa-s, ,,,, khan; paws dime Pay riftiwv'sl 0K1 DEITR RHCO ?$ 4 LM ?;ij 3; mm r ky m H; w, a Axum s7 a vagfas3asa$ i i w m r a. WBCQNSIN SEATE COLLEGE AT WHITEWATER s , AM: .Jhwm'sm ??RSP gym uhosqlw Qagxkfjgszaa a, I. "$?ka $352? ??Miaw HM? A5 max , k MN iwsh'm Bani bptma o ?mex 3:; BMQKFAHSff kw??? 143 fist 16 W! m" ,5 x H vfd . f ', VA n63? kaASCNI JE; $$: ??!;$?!7!??!$ , , f. XVVIW fywjglvggggg 5;? i3 ?fggnggygg 1A! $95 1:35 76705 DWZMM: 1 $33311 I X 533 :6ng 1 imygmww 645 ibefla I'll bet the angle is 36, 23, . . . A good guitar is all that I understand. The Chi Delt choir, in demand for campus events. .WQ me IeLarry Grace, Keith Edwards, John Jones, Carl Huth, Dan Alvarez, Robert R. Bello, Vincent Tung, Jim Alf. Raw 2-Rona1d Van- dervort, Kerry Nelson, George Byrne, Tom Sipolt, Jim Easterday, John Rndee, Brian Schmidt. Raw 3-John Thomas, Patrick Glynn, Mike McGuire, Bob Rondou, Tom Schwoegler, Robert Thostenson, Richard Stoltz, Jim Miles. Row 4wJames N. Dollhausen, Thomas Morgan, William Sternberg7 Rod Sonnenburg, Don Jacobson, Tom Kester, Stan Dobrorolskis, Dick XViIsnn, Doug Krueger. We of Phi Chi Epsilon would like to dedicate these pages in the Minneiska to the memory of our recently departed brother, Robert Bailey, who held fraternity positions as pledgemaster and house president. He was widely known on campus and was an enthu- siastic booster of fraternal life here at VV.S.C. The fraternity deeply regrets his untimely death. During the past year Phi Chi boasted the general chairman, entertainment Chairman, and publicity chairman for Ice-O-Rama. The social season was capped by a for- mal at Liggetth Resort. Our outstanding theme party was the TTDog Patch Junction Function," held in Davis barn on a nearby farm. The girls were tramported by a hay- wagon to an old fashioned hbarn dance." Phi Chi Epsilon is proud of its two pledge classes, largest on campus this year. We look forward to next fall with a new en- thusiasm. Phi Chi Epsilon-173 TERRY KRANZ MIKE ALDRICH JACK MARKS TOM STOUT PAUL BATHKE PHI CHI TERRY BRADLEY DICK ALLEN BOB MELIG. ANDY ANDERSON, PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT MARK miss LARRY RILEY KEN DAVIS MIKE LAMENDOLA L TREASURER SECRETARY DENNIS ARFSTEN BILI. CAMPION MIKE BEAUPRE EARL LOUCHNER TOM FINBY DHN SHEEHAN JEFF FRAZER GARY PRITCHARD ROD WEBER TERRY HENNING EPSILO e W DENNIS ERDMAN 0k xwm i JON LARSEN . nos SCHULTZ X ROLF HANSEN JOHN cnoss JIM KRAUSE . TIM nooum ' mcx cbmu " .9 BILL HAAKENSON n. A. 613nm w. WEISHAAR OM. 9035 w. J. TmaLnANQ E .1 HARTSHORN m LSON GA SGHAEFER rm. wn'cziu R mam RE onasou ccmesmnnma SECRKTMY VICE WESWENT pwsaxcfim 1313? Sigma -W u endow x; ATGREENE G. RASPEER x v' V w' 2mm. YAWW ?Miseonsfn Sb 1131';in J D ARNESON DNKRYSEAK KANICOL w gwgszgg 5 Jx R.EDCHER L: me A. .L WUELFEL a. w, BARTEL uL F: noggin R w. Kum' e F? KLmz " w A.RKTCRIE a H mom: R. u GATES o. a soiimowsxa 'C R HAEBIG G MSCREN TWZA SURKR flan 63 R. R, Gina? fQECDRDING 3:41am MR? D LKLITZKIE 11 KKAHN MAXRULL F. u. WEEKS a C?ECHINDLER K. M. BAKER m s :.-: J Annuity L.L.LAMCNTA8NE t : man Luscmm i Tshmsmn 9:311 men: 6. a mum; mu megs R.E.S?RAKA EDWAQD WNTFNE Studies Hamilton NY? 9., l IOAL. nga glaziiKon . . . jcliue in Campuzi government Raw IaLarry L. Kapheim, Irvin Swinehart, Gerry Loebel, Rich Motuelle, Chuck Popp, Jim Arneson. Rorw 2aTom Zinda, Barry Remmel, John Riddle, John Manyo, Jorgen Olsen, Jim Becker, Peter Hamilton. Row 3--Don Sippel, Denis Davidson, Tom VViskow, Harry Ramthun, Steve Olsen, Jerry Cook, Rick Warren. Rotw 4.--VVes Nosek, Norh Svatos, Chuck Kerkman, Dale Lewison, John Laatsch, Richard Schmeling, Bill Hebert, Bob Hammond. Phi Sigma Epsilon spent a successful year in campus activities. Their entry in the Home- coming Hoat won first place with the slogan, ttIt Adds up to Victory37 It was also judged the most original Hoat. The fraternity was also active in intramural sports, entering teams in the football and basketball leagues. The men of Phi Sigma Epsilon were active socially as well with a spring formal, Christmas formal, two pledge dances, and many fraternity parties. Charlene Beyer was presented with the Pearl Girl Award last spring, while Jan Reetz reignd as Mistletoe Queen at the Christmas formal. Their origi- 178-Phi Sigma Epsilon nal themes for parties are well-known. This year they had a hobo party and a roaring twenties party, to mention just a few. The fraternity was well represented in student government with Phi Sigs filling six of the nine upperclassman positions on the Student Council. Bill DeMaster was elected president of the sophomore Class. Mrs. Dorothy Fash is house mother at 173 Fraternity Lane, headquarters for Phi Sigma Epsilon 0n the Whitewater campus. Mr. Reuben Klumb is faculty sponsor for the national social fraternity. Will you ever forget Tlnlifty builders did something right - bought adjustable chairs. I wonder what Dick Tracfs going to do now. . a . agnlramuraf joolgaff CAGMIOJ Rnrw I-P. C. Milligan, Ralph L. Henke, Bob Gilpatrick, Dave Chase. Row 2--Richard Hess, Jerry Schmidt, Ed joseph, Mickey Gibbs, Jim Haas. wa 3-Bernie Spaeth, Chet Mehring, John Paschke, Rodney Marx, Thomas Cox. Sigma Tau Gamma, established in 1928', was the hrst national fraternity 0n the Whitewater campus. A Sig Tau alumnus, Mr. John Cummings 0f the biology depart- ment, is the new faculty sponsor. In activities on the campus, the Taus repeated as Intramural football Champs for the third consecutive year. They also hope to repeat this year as Intramural track champs, and to win again the All Men Events Trophy in lce-O-Rama. Three Sig Taus who were named to the All Conference football team this past season are Larry Davis, Don Sydow, and Pete Madden. Two Taus, Don Sydow and Frank Parish, were picked as co-captains of next years football squad. l80-Sigma Tau Gamma Sigma Tau was awarded the Citation for having an academic average above that of all men in the college. This year the Tau presi- dent, Larry Beschta, was also honored person- ally by being elected to NWhols Whofl 7 The big social event of the year was the Rose Dance which was held at Liggettsl Palm Room. Carol Seidl was chosen as Rose Queen for the event. Other social events consisted of two pledge dances, a father-son banquet, a Spring formal and numerous informal gath- erings. The Sig Taus were represented on the Homecoming court by Pete Madden and Jerry Golembiewski. Candidates for Rose Queen were Mitzi Daun, Joy Justesen, Barb Kub, Peggy Tuschen, and Queen Carol Seidl. XVEH, I'm tall and dark and . . . Ve've done it again! Homecoming house decoration. mi CU WARD FWD BIVF u 9 ,g..;. M5 vs Opraarrttrar'r!rr"v . M "NHKN'MMHMHHH agave t, s - 1:, I A , 3 . w w- A V4-1 RRRULAND LBUSSE g3r ca.oeuamo T c, HEBER I w, mmmm J, m. cmmcx M D. 6001.6 TQE UREV J" VutSVDtN R, L, M ARGE LOFSK'Y J, J. 0' NELL Wigconsfn Skate, $011232 Whilictgaiiev ' M JQM mam a mccwus I wuemmcu a. 3mm. wmsmoae , V mscmam 4 Amwmacnusmen m. spA'rARo wmarse' x H. SULLIVAN :?wa w 4; w; OESHELDON LFBESCHTA V ;.; 5:e;cmeas W M?UMMMT ' ' mxwwcn mammma J, Q6088 H. n swam I JOHNSON ; JJSPIEGELHOFF V, MPARISH gywr W J LCHAPPELL A 'M E Pmmcx J R BLOTT ERDBERNBERGER , m1 STEVENS ' 'JBMLiEEWW $wV 4m MA, MUCHA t $ 1 kkae'mlss ldESPEV' ; " '4 M19653 ' W Hams Emmi wss'xiwh amm Hamamn PW, PREL3M5WRY swam PHYSICAL EDUCATION BWmee w :3 STATE Comaea W H i TEE WATE R 5mm meg": yo" $42257 QWATE 3kt$ gqbgg 3K5: v ..... kw WM WW .J4tltfeticd ' I The future growth of our physical educa- ' tion and health curriculum, intramural and inf tercollegiate athletic programs" wiliebe greatly' broadened when Whitewater receives its new Health and Physical Education building. The tremendous growth in enrollment is limiting the programs in physical education and athletics, and the present facilities, con- structed int1915, cannot adequately take care of the demands placed upon them. V The proposed structure is being planned to include t1e Health Center, men and womenk physical education, and intercollegiate athlea tics. The expansion of all phases of our pro- gram will include a physical education major, year around intramural programs for both men and women, recreation programs for the facul- ty, and the addition of swimming and gymnasv tics t0 the intercollegiate program. The lack of seating capacity in HamiltOn Gymnasium for Winter sports has been critical the past two years. A seating capacity of 750 has limited the number of students attending inter- collegiate cOntests. The new structure will ac- commpdate 3000 to 4000 students. - When the new build- ing becomes a reality, Whitewater State Col- lege Will have facili- ties and an overall program of physical education and inter- collegiate athletics on an equal or higher level than our' sister colleges. W? a x x f sew 3W 4w LWWW Mew WLWM L WWWWWL WV." M ., mm E i 11 z Er Edgar Schwager, Chairman Physical Education Department Officers of the HWH Club are Rex Foster, adviser; Jerry Golembiewski, president; Mike Farina, secretary; and Bill Barribeau, treasurer. iNot pictured, Paul Joseph, vice presidentl. The W-Club consists of members who refreshments. The money from these projects have earned their letters in the major sports is used to grant loans and aid in the purchase at Whitewater. The main purpose of the club of jackets for those lettermen of junior stand- is one of service. At all of the athletic events ing. you will see members selling programs and The annual Dadls Day at a home football me IeTom Cox, Bud Aspatore, Bob Rondou, Dick Schmeling, John Martinek, Floyd Weeks, Don Sydow. Rorw 2eBill Kruse, Dick Poep- pel, John Horn, Anthony Espey, Jim Spataro, Joe Stefl'en, Gene Sheldon. $4; l86-"W" Club . . . .jvlonord ardity thKeled Rim: IeEileen DeRose, Mitzie Daun, ivian Dunning, Kathy Sweeney, Kathy Fiedler. Row 2eRoseann Baldoun, JoAnn Baumgarmer, Paula Husty, Karen Olson, Carol Seidl. game, the sponsoring of the football raffle at cession stand and the beginning of What is Homecoming time and an excursion to a hoped will be an annual event, the sponsoring Brave's game in the spring are looked-for- of a contest to select a queen to reign over the ward-to events by the members. Whitewater Invitational track meet held eV- The past year saw the purchase of a con- cry spring. Row 1-Russ Ruland, Pete Madden, Jerry SpiegelhoE, Jim Raffini, Tom Heber, Rop Anton, Pat .Pierotti, Jerry Schmidt. Rorw 2-Tom VVuethrich, Mark Patten, Travis Middlestead, Bill Marten, Harry Fisher, Ron Deples, Marv Paxtnck. "W" Club-187 Tom Cox is shown loosening up for another rugged tennis season. ready for his next wrestling match. Butch Espey gets Ron Novak and Floyd XVeeks get ready for another of VVhitewatexis track meets. 188-"W" Club Ron Anton, Jerry Golembiewski, and Tom VVuethrich are shown in the locker room after another baseball victory. A new idea initiated this year by VV-club was its mascot, Willie Warhawk. He rode around the field after each VVarhawk touchdown. JoAnn Baungarmer, VV-ette, gets a free ride from foot- ball player Mike Guolee Coach Forrest Perkins 0f the cham- plon Warhawk team. 190-Foofball Rorw 1 Pete Madden, Ron Bronson, Tony Zensy Harold Fisher, Jerry Golombiewski, Frank Parish, Terry Bahr, Larry Gocker, Larry Davis, Jim RaHini, Hank VVolosz, Paul Joseph, Dan SteEen, Don Sydow, Dave Nordentoft. Ro-w 2-B0b Rondou, Pat Pierotti, Bill Krusc, Tom Heber, Ron Anton, Russ Ruland, Tom Zagrodnik, Mike Guolee, Dick Schmeling, Roger Parish, Avitus Ripp, Bob Hauser, Ron Depies, Don Thompson, Tom Morgan. Row 3 Manager Dave 1962 FOOTBA LL SCOREBOARD WON LOST Sept. 15 No. Illinois Whitewater MD Sept. 22 Whitewater ; Eau Claire 7 Sept. 29 Whitewater Platteville 03 Oct. 6 Whitewater Stout 04H Oct. 13$; Whitewater Oshkosh MD Oct. 20 Whitewater UW-M 6 Oct. 27 Whitewater Stevens Point 0-0 Nov. 3 La Crosse QM Whitewater am Nov. 10 St. Norbert 64H Whitewater UM 'kHomecoming . . . Conzerence CZamlaiond Koch, Chester Schmear, Dave Lawlor, Tom Leahy, Eric Larsen, John Martinek, Tom Hotter, Dick Poeppel, Dave Rhodes, Jim Ganoung, Marlin Bavery, Dick Bolender, Tom Dimond, Tom Andrews, John Karsten, John DeLorme. Row 4-Manager Tom Johnson, Jim Lunde, Leo Kieliszewski, jim Miles, Ed Joseph, Jerry Schmidt, Paul Underwood, Vilnis Ezerins, Jon Litscher, Robert Frish, Bengy Altheimer, Doug VVelke, Richard Femholz, Curt Lingsweiler, Wesley White. Row 5-Manager Bill Barribeau, Frosh Coaches Marv Paitrick and Dave Poisl, Line Coach Ed Schwager, Head Coach Forrest Perkins, Defensive Coach John Rabe, Backfield Coach Rex Foster. Whitewater State Colleges 1962 foot- ball team won its third undiSputed Wisconsin State Conference Championship title in four years. The VVarhawks, under Coach Forrest Perkins, finished the season with a 6-1 con- ference record and a 6-3 overall record. After an opening loss to Northern Illinois Univer- sity, rated the third best small college in the nation, the Warhawks began to roll. Six straight conference games later, they claimed the conference title with a second half victory over Stevens Point, 20-14. The following two weekends were anticlimatic as Whitewater lost to La Crosse and St. Nor- bert. Co-Captains Larry Gocker and Larry Davis were injured in the La Crosse game and unable to play the last two games. At the conclusion of the season, Larry Davis, star tackle on both offense and defense, signed with the L05 Angeles Rams. Footba I 1- 1 91 The boys give Coach Perkins a ride of? the field after clinching the XVSC football tltle. w Gocker Charges through the line for another first down. 192 FoofbalI Coach Perkins sends Co-Captain Larry Davis back into the game. Footballys not all ups ilAcrc are a lot of DOXVNS involved. Pete Madden tackles another opponent for a big loss as Jerry Golembiewski comes up to help stop the play. 194-Foofball egawhetted . . . :ban jeam 0X Coeald Members of the Hawkettes are Kitty Simon, Jane Johnson, Pam Legreid, Nancy Stoltmann, Jan Hingiss, Sandie Jensen, Mary Dulik, Nancy Odinius, Jan Janicsek, Barb Smith, Mary DeCoster, Jo Kapoun, Jan Zieglemann, Sue Coates, JoEllen Stenulson, Sally Hahn, Vivian Dunning, Cecelia Mazurkiewicz, Bea Terwall, Trudy XVeiland, Barb Stuhe, Marilyn Balog, and Dec Martiniak. The Hawkettes are Whitewater States 23 C0- eds Who perform in com- bination With the marching band during halftime cere- monies at football games. About 7 hours practice a week is required for each game in drill routines and precision marching. The girls are chosen af- ter a two-week preliminary practice period during The Elamggstedamlnsmte which time signals and . marching tactics are learn- ed. They are selected on a rating basis by Miss Rox- by, the Hawkettes adviser, and Mr. Evans, the band director. The height of the girls is kept at SYW to 59W This year the Hawkettes, along With the band, per- formed at a Green Bay Packer game in Septem- ber. For this event they wore their new uniforms for the first time. Hawkeftese-195 CAeerKZacleM . . . .4616! 50W lo Swag! The Cheerleaders are: Barb Medower, Diana Henry, Pat Quillen, Pat Bergwint and Cheryl Gemoll. 1n the fall of 1962 something new was added to the cheerleading squad A boys! This is the first year after a long absence that boys were again added to the Whitewater cheerleading squad. The Cheerleaders are Chosen annually in the fall of the year, and practices are held at least one night a week for about two hours. In addition to cheering at home games the squad also cheered at away games such as Green Bay and Milwaukee. Besides cheering at athletic events, the cheerlead- ers do much behind the scenes - such as selecting the Klumb Girl at Homecoming time. The Cheerleading stunt men are: Harry Ramthun, Rick Warren, Bob Hay, Keith Edwards, and Andy Nino- miya. 196-Cheer Leaders WeAlKInQ . . . .jJaJ unclezgateo! -SJeaJon Rorw I-Jim Alf, Dan Bambrough, Jim Gibbons, Wayne Stapleford, Ed Staaeke. Row 2eDennis Feggestad, Dave Salverson, Keith Edwards, Dick Janisch, Tony Espey, Dick Stoltz, Mohammed Rezaian, Manager Bill qulmgsworth. Rorw 3-CoachIJohn Rabe, Wayne Wilde, Lou Piorkowski, Denver Young, Terry Kranz, Jerry Zeiger, Dick Wilson, Jim Currie, Tom Simma, Bob Pehamch, Manager Mlke Krueger. This was VVhitewateHs second season at wrestling but the boys wrestled like four year veterans, as Whitewater Hnished its season with an 11-0 dual meet record. The high- light of the year came When they finished third in the State Collegiate Tournament. Individual stars for this years team were Dick Stoltz with a 12-3 record and most tournament points, and Jim Gibbons with most pins for the season and most dual meet points. Next year promises to be an even better year as all lettermen will be returning to bolster the team. This years letter Winners were: Jim Gibbons, Dave Salverson, Dick Wilson, Jim Alf, Keith Edwards, Dick Stoltz, Tony ESpey, Jerry Zei- ger, Herb Curran, Bob Pawlak, Ed Staacke, Terry Kranz, Wayne Sta- pleford, and Dick Janisch. Another Whitewater wrestler grapples for position. Wrestling-197 gadAelAaff . . . .411 jnconzsidtent Seadon Row IaDale Holzhuter, Joe Steffen, Dave Rhodes, Jim Gorski. Row 2-Coach Robert VVeigandt, v .JWM? Win Parkinson, Chet Mehring, Dave Hahn. Row 3aG1enn Siegel, Paul Joseph, Tom Cox, Jim Paulson. me +eBill Marten, Chuck Nolan, Herb Ahleman, Bob Budgins. itlnconsistencyy This is the term Coach Weigandt used to describe the Warhawksi mediocre basketball season. The team's inability to win two consec- utive games was an indication of this incon- sistency, as the season continued through a one game on, one game off pattern. Although Whitewatefs overall season record was not glorious, it was able to upset two teams which at the time ranked as No. 1 quintets. Top-ranked Carroll College lost its un- defeated record in Hamilton gym Jan. 29, 198aBasketbaH when it bowed to the Warhawks, 63-57. Ste- vens Point, also undefeated, fell to a second place position after it was downed by WSC 76-74. Bob Budgins, sophomore center, led the team in a majority of categories. He scored a 13.5 point average per game, and his 365 per cent shooting average and 224 rebounds led the team. Joe Steffen accumulated 268 points, one fewer than Budgins, and headed the team in assists, 64, and free throws, 56. Jim Paulson driving toward the basket. joe Steffen lays-up two more pmnts. Big Bob Budgins hits two from the side. HXboth Paul Joseph puts two more in for the XVarhawks. xLefO Dale Holzhuter going in for another basket. Coach XVeigandt sends boys out on the floor. QOO-Basketball Junior Uardity . . . prepared Kor vanity Northern Illinois 66 Rockford Business School 90 Carroll 79 66The Kings,7 72 Rockford Business School 65 66Phi Sig? 53 66Sig Tau? 62 Carroll 70 Whitewater Lakers 80 VVauwatosa Blue Bunnies 62 Doug Neumann fires up another shot. From left to right-Manager Dave Dwinell, George Olson, Ken Jensen, Bill Richie, Don Dunaway, Doug Neumann, Willie Laesch, Ken Luedtke, Dave Doyle, Manager Rick Leiknes, and Coach Don Richards. BasketbaIl-QOI CPOAA Country . . . Capturm jourtd pface Whitewater has had a cross country team for a mere four years. Yet, this year1s VVarhawk team was able to capture a fourth place position in the WSC conference. Platteville 19 WSC 45 Rockford 35 WSC 21 Oshkosh 29 WSC 27 Lakeland 50 WSC 15 Elmhurst 41 WSC 20 Carroll 22 WSC 35 . i 15;: Coach Foster is 1,; J: shown timing his run- 1:? 11ers as they finish. I Pacing is alI-impor- tant in cross country. I 3 min; x war $59K $R'1' $ , V $1. 56593 i 1 Coach Rex Foster, Dave Galloway, Terry Esrael, Dennis Ve.ter, Mike Scott, Mike Trudeau. 202-Cross Country 1 gaff anal lnnid . . . Swing Out Tom Cox and Bud Aspatore check their racquets before another tennis season begins. Jim Lovelace tries out his driver be- fore the season gets underway. Golf and Tennis-203 gade$aff . . . 679mm uterarw gagsfer jeam Sixty-two men reported for baseball on March 11, in hopes of being among the 22 men to fill the uni- forms to be issued for this yeark team. Eleven veterans hold an edge, however, having played for Coach Per- kins last year. Returning players are Ron Anton, Tra- vis Middlestcad, Tom VVuethrich7 Jerry Golembiew- ski, Nlike Irwin, A1 VVoelfel, Stan VVaga, Gary Klotz, Tom Kettwig, Ed Sabey, and Gary Bender. Coach Perkins stated that this would be one of VVhitewatefs best years if he can solve his pitching, first and third base problems. K John Horn and Coach Per- kins discuss strategy. 204-Baseball Apri1 12 April 13 April 20 April 26 April 27 May 4 May 8 May 11 May 18 hlay 21 May 25 Winona Northern 111. St. Norbert Carroll UW-M Oshkosh Loras Stevens Point Platteville Milton Eau Claire Home Home Home Home Away Away Home Home Home Away Away Much exercise is needed to get into shape for another season. Pitchers Ed Sabey and Gary Bender are shown loosening up to catchers Mike Irwin and Ron Anton. jracl: . . . prepared zor gold? Seaman K. " .' .7 , V 9' . ' z N .. Row I J0hn Sullivan, Herb Kulow, Terry Sheldon, Jack Dresdow, Ron Novak. Row 2-B111 Hallett, Marvin Krull, Dave Schultz, Ed Joseph, Coach Rex Foster. Raw 3 Dennis Vetter, Ben Altheimer, Kirby Nicol, Jerry Wolf, Floyd XVeeks. March 9 Journal Games April 27 Platteville March 18 Beloit May 1 UVV-M March 23 Madison College May 7 Carroll March 27 Beloit May 11 Oshkosh March 30 UW-M May 14 Invitational, Home April 17 Milton May 18 Conference, Home April 20 La Crosse April 23 Quadrangular 1. Rockford 2. Milton 3. Lakeland 4. Whitewater ,: V n v '- V V I. . . .. w Rorw I John Freidenfeld, Jim Becker, Kenton Bennett, Ted Haasch, Jim Knurr, Dave Cook, Jim Ganoung, Bill Kwapil. Rorw 2 Barry Jensen, Louis Busse, Roger Jenrich, Jim Hill, Larry Kahl, Keith Toomey, Carl Huth, Gaarder Paynter. Row 3-Bill Hollingsworth, Dave Callaway, Tom Dimond, Wes White, Vern Dahlstrom, John Vesbach, Dick Nottestad, Roger Grantham. Track-205 jnframurags . . . 6xlaanc! program The ball is in the air and another intramural game is started. The intramural program took in more teams this year in an effort to better serve the students. The foot- ball season opened with 26 teams and proved to be ex- citing as well as rugged. The eventual winner of the title was Frat Annex, a private residence hall. Basketball was increased to include forty-four teams in four leagues this year, an increase of eight teams and one league over last year. This year the tournament action held at the end of the season, was witnessed by crowds of over 200 students. The Kings won the tournament title after finishing third place in the uN0 Name League" league. The league titlists were Counselors, Dons, Cavaliers, and U. P. DPS. Each spring the softball league opens and each year more and more teams enter the competition. This year was no exception, for 22 teams were entered. Something new was added to the intramural pro- gram this year, when for the first time, volleyball and badminton were included. These sports were receiv- ed very well and are expected to grow in popularity in future years. Intramural league basketball playoifs are tense. ne of the more popular Intramural sports 15 football. 206-ln1ra Murals VWenQ gowfing . . . axloerienced jctiue Competilion Bowling League oHicers are: Bob Knudsen, vice-president; Tom Eichman, president; and Tom Hinz, secretary-treasurer. The Profs: Tom Golden, Mr. Buchert, Mr. Cogswell, Mr. Daggett $$$$$ng v mmmwg? K34: ?AMs my my! Chi Delts: Bob Knudsen, Tom Hinz, Ted Haasch, Jim Pechauer, Wally Schoenfeld. Men's Bowling-207 Deltans: Rorw 1 Denny Keller, Marty Dunbar. Raw 2 Pat McKeever, Tom Zoellner, Dean Katzman. Hawk Dorm No. 1: Tom Eich- man, Phil Kucher, Bill Gilson, Lloyd Anderson, Joe VVm'achek. Vets Club No. 2: Dale Baker, jim Goetz, Robert Cleminson, Bernard Pierce, Jim Esser. Vets Club No. x: Row I Chuck Clancy Ron Peterson. Rafw 2-Jim Hess, John R050 Jim Nietz. Hawk Dorm N0. 2: Rorw I-VVilliam Reeves, Lloyd Carlson, Randy Braasch. R010 2-Phi1 Kramer, Larry Makal, Don Bertram. One Plus Fours: Rorw I B0b Thomas, Marsh XVhite. Rorw 2 -30b Bender, Bill Kroening. Row 3 -Travis Middlestead. Men's Bowling-209 ROAD STAR! N PRVaGAL EDUCKHQN AND ; 3EAL1H BUILniNG Puma: Q m Earring kynumudu m BuxuanunI-Ta MW Wu STAR"? ROAD -W..- --W- 32M ,. -r-a-myfw-v-tuuw- - lama j? C21 y In addltzon; aItentlon as glven to making 5 GRAMM sTREQMM-W our carripus more beautnfmi nyffacets oI this? "WIIW? I I Iplan femam to be fulfilled nWIIErfone spe- 4 cific item has develofied then exItEht where 1118 state architedt, based 0an personal observau' wtion, named our campus Ithc mast Sophisticated Wcampus m the state College system? I IT MA! N STRKBT 57R LET 4 Charles I E; ,Morph'ew, Chairman Campus DcvelopmcnstwiCommittee FLORENCE. KI , 2w G IRANGL $"rrubv pL-AN -7744: 22. 51M STAT a, COLLEGE. 'RKjEWgT mg. too O silanwcoming I 962 .ggger anc! getter 31011 aver Rorw 1--John L1nk,Kay Victor, Jan Boyd Pat Peterson, Lil Pet erson, Bob VandenHeuv el. Ro-w 2ESue Kuerschner M1ke Miicha, Carol PhE1ps Ruth Dittmer, Dick Hanke Judy Sloan. Homecoming 1962 -11Bigger and better than everf7 With this phrase in mind the Homecoming Committee began the task of planning the festivities for the weekend of October 12 and 13. And everyone at WSC. agrees that their efforts were not in vain. The weekend1s activities began on Friday evening at the Pep Rally. Gene Sheldonis wit- ty comments as master of ceremonies kept the show moving It featured ten entertaining skits put on by various social organizations a hlm of last year s homecoming highlights and a lively pep rally by the cheerleaders. The tra- ditional bonfire lit up the sky that night. Saturday 5 festivities began with an unfor- gettable fifty- unit parade featuring Hoats bands, and clowns Following the parade the alumni were entertained at a luncheon. Row I;Jim Miller, Don Lipske, Ron Jacobson, Sam Sullivan. Fisher, Brenda Cowell, Margery Gi11,Liz Jackson, Dawn Schenk. Row 3eRita Ritger, Gene Sheldon, Keith Collins, Bob Schultz, Larry Gundrum, Bill Hamilton, Cyril Haselow, Tony Espey, Marty Dunbar, Fred Cellitti, Dave Sorenson, Pat Regan. 212eHomecoming Queen Doreen Matara, King Ron Anton, and the queens court were introduced at the pre-game ceremonies. Our Warhawks then invaded the football held and added to the festivities by trouncing the Oshkosh Titans 35 to 0. VVhitewater's band put on an outstanding performance during half-time featuring a playing and dancing number entitled uSteam Heat.w The Hawkettes added to the half-time show by performing a precision drill. The weekend was Climaxed by the dance Saturday evening,r entitled11The Sound of Mu- sic." It featured Skitch Henderson, of tele- vision fame, and his orchestra. Added enter- tainment was provided by the 11Crosshres11 in the game room which was converted into a twisting lounge. Raw 2aLinlda Enloe,Caro1l Corpron, Carolyn The hve-minute sklts presented at the Fri- day evening Pep Rally entertained the capa- city crowd in the auditorium. Pictured above are scenes from the following skits: Phi Sig- ma Epsilon, hThe Hamilton Field Story? Alpha Sigma, WFhe Telephone Hour;H Cava- liers. hThe Brothers Five;w Sigma Sigma Sig- ma, hSing Along at the Muddlez" and the Vetts Club, hPost-Game Victory? Homecoming-213 214eHomecoming Roy Endres served as Chairman of Home coming 1962, and deserves much of the credi for its success. He is shown above congratu lating the 1963 Homecoming Chairman Dick Hanke. The Climax of the Pep Rally was the re vealing of two Closely guarded secrets, th identity of the UKlumb Girl" and H311'. Ug 1y.H Mr. Klumb, homecoming advisor.1' shown presenting roses to the uKlumb Girlf Ruth Dittmer. Avitis Ripp was named HMr Ugly" and is pictured receiving his trophJ from Lanny hchhee. The traditional bonhre is shown blazing a the left. Its lighting followed the Pep Rally The Cheerleaders led cheers at the bonfire. QM? E THEM; 1,: This yearis homecoming floats and house decoration were hbigger and better than every Hours of planning and work were put into the displays of the various Greek organi- zations, social groups, and dormitories After careful consideration the judges announced the four first place Winners:F10ats serious di- vision Q Phi Sigma Epsilon, iilt Adds Up to Victory;n Float, humorous division Q A1- pha Gamma Delta, iiThe Scent Of Victory;H House Decorations, womenis division - A1- pha Sigma, iiSomething Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue? and House Decorations, menis divi- sion - Cavaliers, HWe Have Not Yet Begun To Fight?1 The real purpose of Homecoming is to welcome all the alumni back to their Alma Mater. A group of alumni is shown at the luncheon in the Union. This luncheon, together with the Alumni Coffee Hour fol- lowing the game, provided an opportunity for alumni to renew old friendships. The various campus Greek groups also held teas and coEee hours following the game in honor of their returning alumni. The Whitewater band is shown in Tower forma- tion as it played our Alma Mater in honor of all the alumni during the half-time show. Our VVarhawks were in good form for the Homecoming Game as they trounced the Osh- kosh Titans 35 to o. This outstanding victory added to the festivities 0f the weekend. Homecoming Queen Doreen Matara, her court, and Klumb Girl Ruth Dittmer are shown enjoying the game. 216vHomecoming Homecoming weekend was Climaxed Sat- urday evening by the gala dance which fea- tured the music of Skitch Henderson, shown above, and his orchestra. Queen Doreen Ma- tara and King Ron Anton, left, led the dance following their coronation. Rorw IeLarry Gocker, Bunny Pelton, Doreen Matara, Rcin Anton, Mary Roach, Bob Hauser. me zepete Madden, Judy Sloan, Judy Brown, Jerry Golembiewski. Homecoming-217 jce- O' leama The third annual lce-O-Rama, sponsored by the Un- ion Activities Board, was held Feb. 15 and 16. This successful event had a large, enthusiastic turnout. The theme of the week-end was HAlpine Holiday." Friday night featured the Scandinavian Relays in Hamilton Gym and a show in the Union which present- ed student entertainment. Saturday found students busily at work ice carving and participating in the various 0r- ganized events such as tug-of-war, volleyball, sled races, soccer, and a greased pole climb. The week-end was climaxed by a concert featuring the Chad NIitchCll Trio and a festive tTAlpine Holiday" dance in the Student Union. place, Class A Serious, Sigma Tau Gamma, ttThe Burgomeister". First place, Class B Humorous, Phi First place, Class A Humorous, Sig- Sigma Epsilon, "Sophisticated Alpine ma Tau Gamma, HThe Big Boot". Holiday's Queen". First place, Class B Serious, Alpha Sig- ma, HAlpine Love." Determination marks the faces of Larry Davis and Jim Raffmi as they participate in the tug-of-war event. n 218-lce O Rama . . 0 aner .jvloficlay The Chad Mitchell Trio, one of the fastest rising vocal groups in America, is shown performing in the auditorium. Finishing touches are put 0n the mural which highlighted the dec- orations at the dance. John Math- ews received a special HDirectofs Award" for this outstanding cm:- trihution to Ice-O-Rama. The court congratulates Ice-O-Rama Queen Patti Miles after the awaited announcement was made. The court includes, from left to right, Mary Lou Fisher, Pat Miles, queen, Barb Toelle, Kathy Sweeney, and Jan Prihnow. Ice 0 Rama-219 MM! WWEILEEEI DE ROSE ; : ' SANDY RAKOW MAN SHERRY HESS, x ' ' BEST-DRESSED GIRL GER FORi963 ; x It! 9. JOY VJUSTESEN Organizationd jn alex Administration .................... 14-15 Associated VVOmen Students ........ 74-75 Association of Childhood Educaton 106-107 Athletics Baseball ........................ 204 Basketball .................. 198-201 Bowling .................... 207-209 Cross Country .................. 202 Football .................... 190-194 Golf ........................... 203 Intramurals .................... 206 Track .......................... 205 Tennis . ........................ 203 9W2 Club .................. 186-189 Wrestling ...................... 197 Band ............................ 84-87 Beta Alpha Sigma .................... 96 Beta Beta Beta ...................... 97 Best Dressed Girl .................. 220 Campus Veterans1 League ........ 116-118 Cheer Leaders ...................... 196 Church Organizations Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 134 Kemper Club ................... 146 Lutheran Student Association . . 136-137 Lutheran Synodical Conf. Students .......... 138-139 Mercier .................... 140-143 Scrooby ........................ 135 Wesley ..................... 144-145 Classes Freshmen .................... 57-67 Sophomores .................. 51-56 Juniors ...................... 46-50 Seniors ....................... 26-45 Concert Choir ..................... 90-91 Esquires ........................ 130-131 Faculty .......................... 16-23 Forensics ....................... 104-105 Fraternities Cavalier .................. 165-168 Chi Delta Rho .............. 169-172 Phi Chi Epsilon ............. 173-175 Phi Sigma Epsilon .......... 176-179 Sigma Tau Gamma .......... 180-183 Hawkettes .......................... 195 Homecoming ................... 212-217 Ice-O-Rama .................... 218-219 Inter-Dormitory Council ............. 119 Interfraternity Council .............. 150 Kappa Delta Pi ...................... 98 Men1s Chorus ..................... 92-93 Minneiska ........................ 76-77 Music Educators National Conference .. 94 Orchestra ........................... 88 Panhellenic Council ................. 150 Phi Beta Lambda 1FBLA1 ....... 110-111 Photography ........................ 80 Pi Kappa Delta ...................... 99 Pi Omega Pi .................... 100-101 Residence Halls Baker ...................... 120-121 McCutchan ................ 122-123 Salisbury , .................. 126-127 Sayles .......... . ............ 124-125 White ...................... 128-129 Roseman Student Association ...... 108-109 Royal Purple ..................... 78-79 Sororities Alpha Gamma Delta ......... 151-153 Alpha Sigma ................ 154-156 Delta Zeta .................. 157-159 Phi Lambda ................ 160-161 Sigma Sigma Sigma ......... 162-164 Student Council ................... 72-73 Theta Alpha Phi .................... 102 Tower and Town Players ............ 103 ' Treble-Clef .......................... 89 Union Activities Board ............. 81-83 ths Who .......................... 69 Wits ............................... 112 VVomen15 Recreation Association . . . 113-115 Young Republicans ................... 95 Organization lndex-221 A Abbinanti, Lynn 152 Ableman, Herbert 198 Achter, Sandra 54, 142 Adamson, Sharon 47, 98, 111, 110, 109 137 Adelman, Thomas 66, 165 Adler, Larry 59 Adrian, Mark Adrian, James Adsit, Phil 64 Aeschlimann, Karl 26 Agen, Richard Aicher, Robert 48, 117 Aiken, Susan Alagna, Phil Albee, John 26, 98, 101 Albertson, Robert 59 Albright, Delores Alderman, Rudy Aldrich, Robert 174 Alf, James 59, I73, I97 Allen, Daniel 60 Allen, James 92 Allen, Pat Allen, Richard 53, Allen, Thomas 59 Alston, Chris 59 Altheimer, Bengy 59, 190, 205 Alvarado, Fred 59 Alvarez, Dan 173 Amend, Gerald Ames, Bonnie 61, 85 Ames, Janice so, 73, 154, 84, 101, I74 119 Ames, Phyllis 26, 154 Amrozewicz, Jeff 182 Amundsen, William 183 Andersen, Arthur 51 Anderson, Arlan 174, 150 Anderson, Audrey 53 Anderson, Berwyn 50 Anderson, Carl Anderson, Carlene 55, 154 Anderson, Eileen 90 Anderson, Gary 90 Anderson, Gordon 64 Anderson, Karen 26, 107 Anderson, Lloyd 208 Anderson, Marilyn Anderson, Michael 26, 116 Anderson, Pat 47, 163 Anderson, Paul 53, 166 Anderson, Ralph Anderson, Roger Anderson, Ruth 50, 145 Anderson, Sara 26, 81, 106, 159 Anderson, Shannon 26, 109, 110 Anderson, Stanley Anderson, Thomas 59, 67 Andraska, Patricia Andreoli, Jean 26, 154 Andrenli, Roger 84 Andrews, Joan 65, 90 Andrews, Thomas 59, 169, Androff, Lenin D. Andrus, Carolyn Angelos, Peter Angilello, Carl 65 Angvick, Patricia 50 Antisdel, Susan 61 Antoine, Arlene 103 Anton, R011 26, 142, 187, 190, 204, 217 Anzalone, Michael Aplin, Louise 26, 90, 111, 109, 79 Apple, Jerry 60 222-Sfudent Index 5216!th 19.1014 Arbuthnot, David 86, 88, 98, 99, 105, 134 Aremsen, Susan 59 Arfsten, Dennis Armstrong, Janice 106 Armstrong, Stephen 60 Arndt, Darlene 59 Ameson, James 59, 178 Arneson, Jerry 50, 73, 176 Ashley, Steve Aspatore, Walter 53, 182, 186, 203 Aspenson, Clair 64 Athes, Judith 26 Atherton, Vickie 65 Atkinson, Kathleen 61 Aumann, Donna 26, 155 Ausman, Richard 26 Austin, Steve 60 Avery, Terry Axley, Richard B Baade, Tony 59 Bachoten, Kenneth 66 Backus, Michael 60 Bade, Nancy E. 65, 89, 145 Baehler, Fred 54 Baehler, Mary Jean 26, 99 Bahr, Sharon 61, 89 Bahr, Terry :83, 190 Bailey, Robert Bair, Thomas 63 Baird, Robert Baker, Dale 59, 117, 208 Baker, Kathryn 61 Baker, Ken 177 Baker, Leo 27 Baker, Marilou 53 Baker, Sally 110 Bakken, Lowell Baldner, Thomas 53 Baldoun, Roseann 52, 119, 187 Baldwin, Sandra 52 Baldwin, Thomas 60 Bales, Fred 51 Ball, Gary Balog, Marylyn 160 Bambrough, Dan 64, 197 Barbian, Richard 60 Bardeen, Jill 154 Barribeau, David Barribeau, William 27, 186, 190 Barry, Lawrence Bartel, Dale 48, 108 Bartel, Jim 50, 117, 176 Bartclt, Gloria 27, 109, 154 Bartelt, Jeffrey 64, 80 Barth, James 61 Barton, Barry 56, 174, 90, 92 Basile, Albert 56 Basting, Carol 50, 162 Bath, Barbara 52 Bathke, Paul 174 Bauer, Daniel 51 Bauer, Peter 49 Baughn, William 65 Bauman, Deane 60 Baumann, Bonnie Jeanne 55 Baumgartner, JoAnn 52, 187 Baumgartner, Sharon 47, 107, 159 Bavery, Marlin 64, 190 Baxter, John 27 Bayer, Sally 64 Bayers, Daniel 64, 117 Baylor, Ellen 48 Beals, Karen 61, 85, 112 Bean, Ann Louise 61 182, BeaUPre, Mike 55, 72, 77, I74 Becker, Daniel Becker, James 60, 178, 205 Becker, LouAnne 27, 109 Becker, Marleen 53 Becker, Mary 58 Becker, William Beckman, Kay 55 Bedell, Steven 64 Beede, Karen Beers, Robert J. 117, 142 Behling, Marilyn 53, 162 Behrens, Douglas 27, 72, 177 Behrmann, Loren 46 Beischel, Art 64 BeliakoE, James Bell, Carolyn Bell, Harriet Bell, John 53 Bell, Thomas 53 Bellman, Donna 158 Bellmann, Marilyn Ann 65, 85, 120 Bello, Robert 57, 64, 173 Beltz, Mildred L. Bender, Gary 174, 204 Bender, james 60, 88 Bender, Mardon Bender, Robert 47, 209 Benedict, Mary 59, 142 Beneker, Roger 27 Bengston, Sonja Benner, Larry Bennett, Kenton 6o, 92, 205 Bennink, Kathryn Bentheimer, Wendy 61 Bentz, Daniel 46 Berg, Corinne 47, 78, I65 Berg, Karen 66 Berg, Mary Ann 62 Bergman, Gregory 66 Bergstrom, Pamela 59 Bergwin, Patricia 56, 163, 196 Berkley, Linda 62 Berling, Gary 47, 111 Berman, Barry Bernau, Jack 27 Berndt, Beverly 66 Bernhardt, Barbara 28, 99 Bertram, Donald 65, 209 ' Bertz, Bruce 117 Beschta, Larry 28, 69, 150, 183 Best, Sarah Best, Sally 55, 75, 120, 160 Beth, Richard 28 Bethke, William 59 Betts, James Beutin, Keith 62 Beyer, Charlene 50, 77, 154, 141 Beyerstedt, Judy 66 Bie, Lorie 53 Bierberitz, Jay 46 Bierkness, Barbara 28, 159 Billiat, Robert Bindl, James W. 60, 142 Binetti, Michael 62 Bink, Sue Bishop, Sue 90, 152 Biwer, Mary 66 Bjornestad, Maurice 48 Black, Donald Blackmer, Sharon 28 Blahnik, Paul 65 Blasing, Herbert 64 Blasius, Lawrence 64. Blaszak, John 167 Bleifuss, Dennis 60 Bliss, George 56, 130 Bloedorn Ronald Blott, John 183 Bluhm, Judith 59, 89 Blumer, Ernest Bobrowitz, Jim 63 Bocher, Jeffrey 116 Bodin, Sandra 65 Boegen, Judith 66 Boehm, Sue 66 Bocttcher, Dale 55, 85 Bognar, Judith 52 Bokemeier, Marie 56, 160 Bolender, Richard 62 B011, Thomas 28 Bollhagen, Phil 53, 90, 92 Bolton, Dean 64, 95 Boltz, Judith 28, 109, 114 Bond, David 56 Bonikowske, Dennis 54, 176 Bonlander, Vernon 63, 190 Bonnar, Patricia 28, 142 Bonner, David 63 Bopp, Terrence Borgwardt, judith Borkenhagen, Nancy 52, 158 Bormann, Conrad 167 Bosben, Audrey 50, 98 Boston, Nancy Lee 65 Botham, Bridget 59 Bouche, Ricardo 134 Bowerman, Richard 66 Bowers, Donald 27 Box, Karen 154 Boyd. Janet 48, 85, 98, 137, 152, 212 Boyer, Janet 55, 90. 153 Bozyski, R011 56, 166 Braasch, Randolph 64, 209 Braden, James L. Bradley, Phyllis Bradley, Terry 79, 174 . Brady, Wil liam Brager, Karine 90 Bragg, Charles J. 166 Brandt, Gail 28 Branham, Diane 66 Bransky, Carol 65 Braun, Diane 61 Braun, Judy 52 Brautigam, Paul J. 28 Bray, James D. 65, 185 Breaker, Matthew Brechler, Christine 59 Brchm, Jacqueline 60 Bremmer, Richard G. Brennan, Francis Brewster, Charles Brewster, Tom 62 Erickson, Barbara 154 Brien, Richard 28 Brieske, Don Briggs, John W. 63 Brinckmann, Patricia Brinkman, Barbara 59 Bristow, Betty 8. Britt, Rebecca Brodzeller, Harold 63 Bronson, Ronald 46, 49, 190 Brookins, Stanley 65, 84 Brooks, Ann 54, 159, 142 Brooks, Gary 57 Brooks, Lois 28, 152 Brosteau, John 48 Brosteau, Mike 50 Broussard, Joan 160 Brown, David Brown, Kenneth Brown, Judith 28, 69, 162, 216, 217 Brown, Sharyl 6o Brown, Thomas Bruce, Carolyn 60 Brugger, David 54 Bruhn, Carolyn Brumm, Roger 98, 119, 167 Brunett, John 62 Brunkow, Mary 28 Brunner, Marilyn Bruscato, Angelo 65 Bruss, Sandra Bryden, Roger Buck, Robert Budgins, Robert 198 Buege, Karen Buhrow, Sharqn 48, 90, 100, 145 Budowski, Gerald Bull, Margaret Bullington, Gail 52 Bunting, Jane Bunzel, James 28, 142 Burch, Louise 52, 167 Burdick, Dorothy 51, 154 Burgermeister, Barbara 163 Burhans, Jean 65 Burhop, Janice 111, 158 Burke, John Burkhart, Betty Burkwald, Darlene 65 Burnham, James 65 Burns, Kathleen 162 Burns, Rollin 62 Burrescia, Dominic 65 Bursiek, Suzanne Buscemi, Kathleen 61 Busch, Duane 117 Bushke, DiAnn Busjahn Sharon Buske, Dale Buss, Bruce 50 Buss, Sharon 65 Busse, Louis 182, 205 Butenhoff, Lynn 65 Butenhoff, Richard 48 Butland, Michael Butler, Kay 154 Butler, James 65 Byrne, George 64, 173 C Cabelka, John Caesar, Gordon 66 Cahill, James Cain, John Cain, Tom 65 Calacci, Gary 55 Caldwell, Rebecca Callaway, David 202, 205 Callen, Nancy 64 Callum, Carol 64 Camp, Wendy 61 Campbell, Dorothy 48, 112 Campbell, William 28, 96, 166 Campion, Bill 55, 174 Cantwell, Ron Capiak, Gene Cardiel, Anthony Carlson, Cy 49, 80 Carlson, June Carlson, Lloyd 64, 209 Carlson, Ray Carlson, Walter Carmichael, Richard Carney, Kay 55 Carpenter, Donald 29 Carpenter, Sally Carpenter, Thomas Carpenter, Tom 65 Carrig, Donald 66 Carroll, Margaret 94, 142 Carstens, Jeanne 60 Cartwright, Julie 146, 154, 119 Casey, Connie 64 Catania, Carmen 85, 88, 94 Catania, Mariann 61, 75, 89, 142 Cattanach, Richard 48, 119 Cattelino, John 49, 167 Ceci, Dorothy Cellitti, Fred 167, 212 Center, Charles Cerny, William 64 Ceynowa, Lydia 65 Chandler, Carl 29, 145 Chapleau, James 61 Chapman, Richard 63, 90 Chappell, James 29, 183 Charlton, David 59 Chase, David 51, 180 Chase, Dennis .55 Chase, Lois 29 Chase, Jerome 52, 142 Chattillion, Romona 49, 97 Cherf, James Cherf, Richard Choncek, Chester Chovanec, Sandra 65 Christbaum, James Christbaum, Sharon Christensen, Bruce Christensen, Curtis 63 Christensen, June 65 Christensen, Cathy 47, 73, 158 Christensen, Donald Christensen, Paul Christensen, Steve 62 Christian, Mary 53 Christian, Patricia 95 Christianson, Carol 62, 106 Christofferson, Cheryl 66 Chubrilo, Dan Church, Gary 62 Church, Pete 55 Ciganek, Connie 55 Cimaroli, John 54 Cinquemani, Suzanne 65 Ciotti, Joseph 29, 98 Cipolla, Pat 59 Clancy, Charles 116, 209 Clark, Arlyn 62 Clark, Miriam 95 Clark, Ralph 90 Clarke, Helen Clary, Ronald Claussen, Diane 56, 158 Claussen, Richard 48, 96 Clay, Karen 29 Cleminson, Robert 208 Clemons, Marvin 63 Cline, Richard 63 Cnarc, Janet 67 Cnare, William 54 Coates, Robert 58 Coates, Sue 120, 119, 159 Cobb, J. Craig 183 Coburn, Loretta 29 Colbert, Michael 56, 130 Coghlan, Walter 61 Cohill, Jim 117 Cole, Linda Coleman, Carole 59 Coleman, Clarence 55 Coller, Norman Collins, Joan 55, 89, 90 Collins, Keith 182, 212 Collins, Lynn Collopy, Mike 58 Compton, Jim 29, 177 Condon, James Cone, Karen 84, 98, 163 Connell, Michael 29 Connery, Emmett Connery, Thomas Conrad, Suzanne 67 Converse, Gordon Conway, Dennis 29, 108 Conway, Sara 29 Cook, David 203 Cook, Douglas 92 Cook, Gerald 178 Cook, Howard 59 Cook, Louise 5o Coomes, Joseph Coon, Robert 117 Cooper, Beverly 47, 98 Cope, Anne Cornell, Richard 53 Corpron, Carol 55, 106, 108, 162 212 Corroll, Margaret 90 Corroo, James Coshun, Jean Covelli, Joy 29, 159 Covelli, Nicholas Covey, Richard 64 Covic, Mitchell 169 Cowell, Brenda 55, 159, 212 Cox, Lorna 29 Cox, Thomas 59, 165, 203, 198 Cox, Thomas 49, 180, 186 Crabtrce, Richard Crain, Mel 56 Cramer, Sally 66, 84, 146 Crane, Dennis 182 Cratty, Alan 59 Crawford, Joel P. 62 Cripps, Shirley 29, 69, 101 Cronce, Dennis 53 Cronick, Joseph 29, 182, 110 Crooks, Ronald 58 Cross, John 175 C1owley, Mary Kathleen Cliff, Wayne 167 Cull, Kathleen 54, 102, 103 Cullen, Tim 64 Culver, John Cummings, Douglas R. Cummings, Kaye 77, 154 Cummings, Patti Cummings, Sandra 65 Curran, Herb 183 Currie, Jim 197 Custer, Dawn Czarapata, Susan 62 Czoschke, Howard H. D Dahl, Wilmer A. 58, 92 Dahlke, David 85, 92, 94 Dahlman, Robert J. Dahlstrom, Vernon 53, 167, 205 Dahms, Mary 67 Dairdson, Randi 48 Daker, Sally Dales, Roger Alan 62 Daley, Agnes 55 Dallmann, Sharon 57, 62 Damitz, Dennis 58 Dammann, Barbara 162 Dammann, Ellen 62 Damschen, Ken :50, 177 Danielson, David 48 Danielson, Judy 65, 89 Danks, Catherine 90 Darling, Jane 59 Darula, Richard 50 Dassler, Frederick A. 65 Dauber, James M. 29 Daun, Mary Kathryn 77, 154, 187 Davenport, Mark 102, 103 Davidson, Allan Davidson, Denis 54, 178 Davidson, Marion 64 Davidson, Randi 98 Davies, Carolyn Davis, Birney Davis, Donna 3o, 90 Davis, Gerald 55 119, Davis, Davis, Harry Karen 30, 159 Davis, Kenneth 48 Davis, Larry 190 Dawley, Gary Allen 58. Deal, Barbara 60, 134 Dean, James 59 DeBruine, Mary 52, 85 Decker, Garry 58 DeCoster, Mary 54, 163 Deeder, Donald Dederich, Marlene 65 DeFries, Nancy 153 DeGarmo, Nancy Degner, Joan Deiguan, Kathy 57 Delanty, Jack 52, 166 De La Pasqua, Dante A. 30 Delgado, Jim 59 Delorme, John 61, 190 Del Ponte, Claudia 56, 89 De Maio, Albert 61 De Mark, Maryann 47, 163 De Master, Wayne 51, 53, 73, 119, I77 DeMarsh, Mary 30, 163 Dempze, Wayne 63 Denis, Cherie Dennis, Stephen J. 63, 169 Depies, Ronald 53, 183, 187, 199 DeRose, Eileen 162, 220, 187 Derrick, Dan Derus, Stephen 1. 53 Desing, Gerald 51, 110, 130 Devine, Michael 63, 117 DeVine, Ronald 45 Devlin, William 30 Dial, Diana L. 60 Dibble, Elaine L. 65, 89 Dickinson, Millie 30, 152 Dickinson, Thomas Dicklin, Paul 95, 102, 103 Dieckmann, Mario Diedrick, Frederick Diedrich, James G. 67 Diefenthaler, Marjorie Dietz, Greg 52 Dietzman, Joyce Digman, Karen 54 Dilley, Chester Dilley, Leilani Dimond, Thomas M. 61, 205 Dittmer, Ruth 30, 74, 159, 212, 214, 216 Dobbratz, joan 53 Dobrovolskis Stanley 59, 173 Dodson, Bob 65, 165 Dokken, Mrs. Lavona N. Dollhausen, James 64, 173, 92 Doolan, Timothy 54, 175 Doornbos, William 63 Dorman, Donna 54 Doroudian, Reza 51 Dorsey, Sharon 53 Dorsey, Sheila 62 Dorsey, William J. Doss, Joan F. 65 Dotter, Karen 53 Doughty, Errol V. Douglas, Betty 64 Douglas, Ed 117 Douglas, Leona Douglas, Sharon 65 Doven, Eugene Downing, Kathy 55, 163 Downs, Joseph D. Doyle, David 63, 201 Doyle, Mary 55 Draeger, Judith 30, 158 Dransfield, Susan 62 Drechsler, Phyllis 54, 159 Dreher, Robert 67 Dreiling, James 57 1 90: Sf'udenf lndex-223 Dreischmeier, Joyce 54 Drenk, Rick 62 Dresdow, John G. 52, 167, 205 Dressler, Peter 66 Drew, Althea 90, 160, 135 Drew, Janet 62 Dronek, Claire 150, 160 Dudley, Mark Duesterhoeft, Edward L. 58 Dulik, Mary Lou 120 Dumproff, Susan 66, 142 Dunaway, Donald 65, 201 Dunbar, Martin 208, 212 Dunford, James F. 58 Dunham, Patricia 53 Dunlap, Pamela 66 Dunn, Dennis A. 58 Dunning, Vivian L. 56, 187 Durkin, Donald 58 Dutton, Dorothy 66 Dvorak, Betty 63 Dwinell, David 67, 92, 201 Dwyer, Virginia 56 Dykman, Sandra Dziedzic, Elaine 30, 102, 103 E Earp, VVynelle Easterday, Jim 67, 173 Eaton, James 49, 177 Ebbers, Tom 131, 130 Ebenreiler, john 48 Eberle, Martha 56, 119 Ebling, Frederick Eck, Kathy 142 Eckhardt, John 52, 92 Eckhardt, Ralph 119 Edlzlom, Carol Rae 65, 89 Eddy, Ursula 48 Edenharder, George 57 Edwards, Bruce 58 Edwards, Keith 64, Edwards, Roger Eggen, Helene 52, 155 Eggert, Robert Ehren, David 85, 88, 94 Eickman, Thomas 207, 208 Eilk, Gloria 53 Eisch, Daniel Eisch, Mary Alice 3o, 85, 88, 101 Eisentraut, Allan 63 Eisfeldt, Dian 55, 90 Ekdahl, Bruce 30, 167 Elliott, John 65 Elliott, Kathye 66 Ellis, Elmer 66 Ellis, Suzanne Embrey, John 64 Endlich, John Endres, James 57 Endres, Roy 30, 177, 214 Emerson, Sandra Kay 30, 98, 100, 108, 110, 158 anel, Lawrence 167 Engel, Robert 63, 165 Engelman, Marge Englerr, Lorraine 58 Enloe, Linda 30, 154, 212 Enloe, Roger Ensweiler, Thomas 62 Erdman, Kristine 65 Erdmann, Dennis 79, 174 , Erickson, Mrs. Amy 109, 111 Erickson, Charlotte 53 Erickson, Isabel Erickson, Patricia Erickson, Sandra 63 Erikson, Herbert Ervin, Charles Ervin, Todd 66 Espey, Anthony 54, 197, 212 I73, I97 183, 186, 224-Sfuden'r Index Esrael, Terry 61, 169, 202 Esser, James 30, 116, 208 Ethen, Thomas Ethier, Judith Evans, Gwen 52, 90 Evers, Henry 54 Evers, John 65 Everson, Janet 52, 110, 158 Ezerins, Vilnis 190 F Falinkmaier, Corinna 47 Falk, Alice 66 Falkowski, Christine 67 Farinha, Elisa 67, 182, 142 Farina, Michael 186 Farley, Nevin Farley, Paul 67 Farner, Conrad Farrell, Rosemary 58 Fausch, Harlan ,31, 176 Fedorovich, Nina Feeney, John 142 Feggestad, Dennis 197 Fehling, Karen 31 Fqldt, Sharon 65, 89 Fell, Mary Lou 58 Fellows, Virginia Felton, Richard 58 Felion, Ruth 60 Fenney, Sandra 66 Fenrick, Raymond Fenzl, Mary 158 Ferge, Daniel 58 Ferguson, Francis 58, 84 Fernholz, Richard 56, 190 Feske, Kathryn 62 Fiedler, Howard 31, 96 Fiedler, Kathleen 31, 77, 154, 187 Field, Kenneth Figi, Dave 52, 169 Filo, Kathleen 61 Finby, Thomas 47, 174 Finch, Mary 61 Findlay, Gene 47, 111, 162 Finger, Linda Ann 61 Fink, Bonnie 48, 162 Fink, Cynthia Finke, Lora 50, 106, 162 Finley, Mary 62 Fischer, Charles Fischer, John 65, 109 Fischer, Kenneth Fischer, Richard 47 Fischer, Richard B. 66 Fish, Mary Ann 61 Fisher, Carolyn 31, 162, 212 Fisher, Harold 190, 187 Fisher, Jane 50, 159 Fisher, Mary Lou 52, 119, 120 Fisher, Richard Charles Flaschner, Gale 160 Fleming, Dean Fleming, Mary 54, 89, 163 Flintrop, Linda Flood, Bernard 66 Floyd, Catherine Fluke, Sandra 47, 111 Fogarty, Gaye 61 Fohr, Jeffery 65 Foley, Richard 176 Fons, Russell 66 Ford, Devon Ford, Dorothy Ford, Thomas Forsyth, James Fortney, A. Dale Fosdal, Karen Fosdal, Ronald 66 Foster, John 30 Foster, Suzanne 55 Foulke, Paul 65 Fowell, Donald Fowler, Sandra 60 Fox, Barbara 48 Fox, David 66 Fox, Joe 48 Foy, Hugh 96 Frame, Bonnie 67 Franzen, R011 169 Fraser, Jeffrey 73, 174 Fraser, Lemuel 59 Freas, Barbara 52, 90 Freeman, Robert 59 Freeman, Suzanne 65 Freeman, Wayne Frehner, Jim 48 Freidenfeld, John 65, 205 Frever, Wendell Frey, Carol 31 Fricano, Wayne 61, 165 Friedmann, Helen 53, 54, 40, 162 Frisch, Stewart Frish, Robert 169, 190 Fritz, Harold 58 Froemming, Mary 61 Fromm, Janet 47, 85, 110, 137 Fry, John 65 Fuchs, Kurt 54 Fuchs, John Fuelleman, Sharon 63 Fuerstenberg, Judy 56 Funk, Mary Lou 54, 120, 160 Funk, Pamela Fullerton, james 65 Furlong, John 46, 182 Furlong, Michael 48 Furman, Cheryl 65 G Gabriel, Ronald 61 Gadow, Gerald 67 Gage, Judy 65 Galfano, James Galko, Thomas 50, 176 Call, Thomas Gallagher, Carol 31, 75, 90 Galle, Terry 54 Gallina, Victor Ganoung, James 63, 205, 190 Gant, Carol 65 Garthwait, James Garvin, Michael Gasparini, Judith 64 Gaston, Judith 63 Gates, Richard 176 Gates, Rodney Gauerke, Donald 67 Gault, John 65 Gaa'ey, Donald 62, 145 Gaworski, Gloria 60, 120 Gee, Mary 62 Gehner, Judith 135 Geier, Robert 31, 177 Geise, Victoria 85, 88, 162 Geller, Curtis 67 Gemoll, Cheryl 57, 66, 73, 89, 99, I96 Georgalas, Athanas 31, 99, 104 George, James Gerlach, Robert 67 Gerlin, Nancy 67 Germann, Jean 64, 90 Gerred, Donald 61 Gerstner, John 62 Geske, Terry 50, 99, 105, 104 G655, Charles 60 Getschman, Judy 49, 152 Geyer, Dennis Geyman, Richard 52, 119, 166 Gibbs, Jean 53, 80 Gibbs, Hicky 180 Gibbons, James 66, 197 Gibney, Dean 176 Gibson, Bruce 166 Gibson, James 62, 165 Gibson, Peter 62 Giese, Jolane Gicse, William 31 Gilbertson, Ray 52, 119 Gilchrist, Carolyn 6o Gile, Janice 67 Gill, Margery 50, 220, 212 Gilliland, Anita 49, 106, 134 Gilman, Jeffery Gilpatrick, Robert 66, 180, 95 Gilsdorf, Veronica 31, 100, 101, 110, 142 Gilson, William 59, 208 Gimpl, Sandra 64, 84, 89, 94 Ginsberg, Gerald 62, 112 Giovannoni, Robert 58 Girard, Tim01hy 55, 177 Gironimi, Frank 117 Glandt, Mary 66 Gleich, Karen 154 Gleminson, Robert 40 Glitzky, Gerald 31, 117 Glover, Linda 66 Glover, Sandra 65, 89 Glynn, Patrick 56, 173 Gnatzig, Eleonore 67, 89, 137 Gnatzig, Norma 47, 98, 106, I63, 137 Gocker, Larry 190, 217 Goddard, Mary 111, 158 Godding, Vikki 65 Goessling, Margene 49, 159 Goetz, James 208 Golden, Thomas 49, 207 Golembiewski, Jerome 31, 182, 186, 190, 217 Golen, Jean 57 Golinski, Ronald 58 Goniu, Richard 56, 175 Goodenough, Richard Goodger, Jerome 59 Gorder, Joan 67, 79 Gordon, Jean 56, 72, 84, 89, 120, 119, 158, 146 Gorski, James 59, 198 Gorst, Roger Gother, Claire 66 Gould, Kathleen Gould, Marilyn 57 Gourlie, Carol 31, 158 Gowdy, John Gower, Marcia 67 Grabow, Edward 47, 90, 177 Grabow, Sue Carol 60 Grace, Larry 62, 173 Graf, Kathryn 6o Graf, David 47, 111, 176 Graham, Susan 159 Gramins, Dennis 56 Grant, Gerald Grantham, C. Roger 51, 20; Granzo, Sue Graves, Nelson 59 Grbich, Michael 59 Green, Francis Green, Steven Greene, Kenne:h 176 Greenlee, Kelly 85 Greenlee, James 72, 85, 119 Greenwald, Michael 46 Greenwald, Sue 6o Greer, Donna 154 Gregg, Judy 62 Gregory, Bridget' 31, 90, 99, 105 Greif, Mary Grennier, Gary Gresch, James 65 Gribble, Jack 52 Griesberg, Nancy 54, 88, 158 Griffiths, Carole 31, 69, 98 GriHiths, Penny 109, I58. Grimm, David Grinnier, Gary 53 Grippe, Patrick 32, 177 Grise, Robert 59 Griswold, Midge 49, 110 Griswold, Terry 67 Gross, John Grove, Sharon 32, 158 Grubba, Bruce 65 Gruber, Marge 65 Grudzinski, Luella 65 Gruennert, Thomas 64 Gruett, Donna 64 Gryttenholm, Jerry 62 Grzeszczak, Robert 32, 131, 130 Gudenkauf, Mary Ann 66 Guif, Patricia 65 Guinn, James 65 Gullickson, Anita 55 Gumz, Alvin 55, 169 Gunderman, Judith 49, 79, 154, 90 Gunderman, Larry 212 Gunderson, Curtis Gundcrson, Karen 154 Gundrum, Lawrence 51, 53 Gundrum, Robert 48, 111, 142 Gunia, Claudette 111 Guolee, Michael 48, 182, 190 Guse, Nancy 59 Gustafson, Donn 65 Gustafson, Gary Gustafson, John 46, 96 Gustafson, Sherry 67 Gutsmiedl, Charlene 51, 110 H Haakenson, Wm. D. 175 Haas, Darlene 67, 89 Haas, James 59, 180 Haasch, Ted. C. Jr. 207, 205 Haasl, Ruth 65 Haber, Suzanne Haberman, Patricia 32, 106 Hackbart, Bruce 65 Haebig, Tom 90, 91, 92, 177 Haedt, Judith 53 Haen, Tom 51 Hafkemeyer, Ruth 66, 85, 88 Hagan, Patricia 33 Hagert, Pam 51 Haggerty, Robert 117 Hahn, Dave 48, 198 Hahn. Mary 57, 79 Hahn, Sally 47, 72. 79, 158 Hale, Marita 48, 107, 158, 142 Hallett, Bill 205 Haltling, James 61 Halstead, Jon 92, 90, 103 Halvorsen, Carol 59 Hamann, John 32, 109, 141 Hamele, James Hamilton, Jane 32, 89, 97, 98, 109 Hamilton, Peter 105, 104, 178 Hamilton, Wm. H. 50, 212 Hammen, Edward 63 Hammerberg, Bill 166 Hammond, Robert 178 Hanak, Ruth 50, 106, 159 Hancock, Jonathan Haney, Richard 32, 69, 98, 214 Hanke, Lowell Hanke, Richard 73, 81, 150, 177, 212, 214 Hanlon, Lawrence Hanna, Larry Hanold, George 65 Hansen, Carol 47, 79, 159 Hansen, Donna Hansen, Elaine 63 Hansen, Frank 119, Hansen, Gary Hansen, George 166 Hansen, Karen 56, 110 Hansen, Krisdne Hansen, Larry Hansen, Robert 59 Hansen, Rolf 175 Hanson, Delores 61 Hanson, Diane 55, 111, 159 Hanson, Roy Hard, Carolyn 63 Hardginski, Dave 56 Harding, Delores 67 Hardyman, William Hare, Patricia 32, 69, 119, 134 Harenburg, Judy 61 Harenburg, Tracy Harju, Wayne 47 Harmann, Sally 111 Harmes, Barbara 63 Harms, Phyllis 62 Harried, Robert 60 Harrison, Donna 59 Harrison, Marvin Hart, K. Sharon 50, 153, 142 Hartel, Barbara 53, 75, 109, 153, 212 Harter, Eugene 61 Hartjes, Kathryn Ann 67, 75, 90, 120 Harding, Wm. Hartshorn, Jay 176 Hartshorn, Martha 89, 142 Harvanek, Mary Harvey, Robert Hasenback, David 32 Haslow, Cyril 54, 130 Hassell, Ronald 32 Hassler, Jeanne 65 Haugh, Robert 53 Hauser, Glen 49 Hay, Bob 49. 81, 92. 90. 166, 196 Hayward,Susan 78, 150, 162 Head, Robert 59 Healy, Georgq 63, 117 Heath, Georgeann 50, 150, 163 Heber, Thomas 183, 190, 187 Hebert, William 59, 178 I-Ieeringa, Richard 66 HeEernan, Pat 60 Heiliger, Loraine Hein, Gene 32, 90 Hein, Margaret 47 Hein, Warren 59 Heindel, Mallory 58, 169 Heindl, Carole 56, 155 Heine, Mary 103 Heiniger, Evelyn 56 Heinisch, Beverly 154 Heinisch, Sandra Heise, Charlene 64, 90 Heitz, Helen 155, 94, 9o Heldt, Esther Helgemo, Robert 48, 111 Heller, Jane 53 Heller, Lyle Hellum, Perry 32 Helstrom, Kristin 63 Hembel, Lee 48, 92, 111, 119 Hendrick, Judith 47, 81, 158 Hendricks, Lee 167 Hendrickson, Kay 66 Hendron, Thomas 59 Hendel, Ralph 180 Henkel, Liz 48, 162 Henning, Richard 90 Henning, Ronna 64 Henning, Terry 175 Henrich, Charles 48 Henrichs, Sandra 67 Henricksen, Illa 33 Henrimt, Ronald Henry, David 166 Henry, Diana 59, 196 Hensler, Kay 67 Hepfinger, Robert Herberg, Bonnie 63, 135 Herro, Charles Herzig, Carole 67 Hess, James 66, 209 Hess, Richard 180 . Hess, Sherry 52, 162, 220 Hesscl, Linda 67 Hetel, Jeralyn Hettermann, Harry Hettmansperger Sheila 67 Hetzel, Jeralyn 6o Hetzel, Kathleen 163 Hetzel, Mike Heuer, Ronald Hibbard, Gary Higgins, Pierre 66 Higgins, Rene: Hill, Gary Hill, Jim 205 Hill, John 112 Hill, Leonard Hill, Ray 63 Hillerman, Michael 60 Hillman, Joyce 63 Hingiss, Janice 52 Hinz, Tom 54, 207 Hirsig, Norman Hitchler, Gerald Hjortland, Sondra Hoard, Kenneth 67 Hobbs, James Hodge, David 56, 92 Hodge, Robert Hodgins, Beverly 50, 72, 166 Hoehne, Dianne 62 Hoekman, Leroy 56 Hoerig, David 63 Hoesly, Carol 55 Hoesly, Frederic 58 Hofer, James 62 Hoffman, Bob 54, 119 Hoffman, Diane 66 Hoffmann, Jack 56, 92, 130 Hofmann, William Hofschild, Roger Hogan, Pat 33 Hohenstein, John 167 Holarz, Patricia 114 Holling, Garret 177 Hollingsworth, William 53, 95, 131, 130, I97. 205 Hollis, Sharon 55, 102 Hollister, Robert Holmes, Bonnie 47 Holmes, Lee 66, 84 Holtan, David 58, 117 Holy, Jack H012, Kenneth 52, 169 Holz, Susan Holzer, Robert 33, 66 Holzhuter, Dale 198, 33 Homan, Richard 51 Honeck, Meribeth 61 Honl, Ray 119, 167 Hopkins, Joyce 113, 114 Hoppe, Marjorie 67 Hoppe, Ronald Hoppenz, Rolf 66 Hoppenz, Udo Hoppmann, Gerald Hordtk, Richard 53 Horn, John 33, 150, 186 204 Host, Jean 57 Host, Mary 33, 76, 155 Hotter, Thomas 190 Hough, Nelson 63 House, Carol 33, 158 Housfeld, Richard 47 Howard, William Howarth, Patricia 64 Howe, Joy 65 Howland, June 119 Hoyum, Barbara 66, 85, 88 Hubbard, Catherine 55, 79, 142 Hubbard, Diane 62 Huckaby, Kay 66 Hudgens, Audrey Huettner, Betty 56, 154 Hughes, Bette 5o Hughes, Elizabeth Hughes, Lois 33, 94, 90, 162 Hughes, Rilla 62 Hull, Robert 58 Humer, Marjory 47, 101, 110, 160 Huml, Robert 33 Humphrey, Richard 66 Hunter, Stephen Hunter, Thomas 67 Hurst, Evelyn 6o Huss, Lynne Huss, Jerry 33 Hustad, Nancy , Husting, Barbara 51, 54, 119, 158 Husty, Paula 54, 163, 187 Huth, Carl 58, 173, 205 Hutson, Mary 58 Hynum, Steven Hyzer, Karen 64 I Indermuehle, Darlene Ingersoll, Robert Iorio, Roger Irvine, Kathleen 106, 134 Irving, Mary 119, 159 Irwin, Mike 54, 204 Isaac, Ronald 55, 62 Iselin, Michael 55, 177 Ives, Betsey 67, 90 J Jacquart, Donald Jach, Susan 67 Jackson, Diane Jackson, Elizabeth 55, 158, 142, 212 Jacky, Henry 56 Jacobs, Fritz 33, 69, 101, 108, 111 Jacobs, Pete Jacobson, Daniel 56, 92 Jacobson, Donald 173, 90 Jacobson, Gary 66 Jacobson, Ron 176, 212, 33, 69, 90 Jaeger, Dorothy 53, Jaeger, John T. 58 Jaeger, Ken 58 Jahn, Cheryl 62, 85 Jahnke, Richard 66 Jaklin, James 66 Jameson, Kenneth 58 Janda, Judy 57 Jandrain, James 61 Janicsek, Jan 56, 146 Janicsek, Lawrence 58 Janisch, Richard 66, 197 Janowiak, Mary 63 Janowski, Peter Janzen, Donnarae 62 , Jaquish, Rod Jarvis, Robert Jeffers, George Jenkins, Allan 66 Jenkins, Denny 61 Jennings, Connie 58 Jenrich, Roger 51, 205 Jensen, Avis Jensen, Barry 54, 205 Jensen, Karen 59 Jensen, Kenneth 58, 201 100, 98, 109, 153 Student lndex-225 Jensen, Lois 61 Jensen, Mary 48, 160 Jense'n, Robert 49 Jensen, Sandra 54 Jensen, Thomas 33 Jensen, William Jerabek, Richard 50 Jerdee, Larry Jernberg, Gary 66 Jerome, Sherry 89, 114 Jesse, Robert 34 Jeter, Melvis Jinkins, Mary 60 Jochims, Karen 34, 153 Johansen, Charles Johns, Ronald 60 johnsen, Gary Johnson, Barbara 58 Johnson, Betty Johnson, Bonnie 55 Johnson, Carole 34 Johnson, Carolyn 58, 146 Johnson, Dorothy A. 59 Johnson, Ellen 47 Johnson, Frank 45 Johnson, James 117 Johnson, Jane 49, 159 Johnson, Jeffrey 166 Johnson, Judith A. 56, 111 Johnson, Kenneth 61 Johnson, Larry Johnson, Nancy 58 Johnson, Pat 85 Johnson, Patrick 64, 110 Johnson, Richard 49, 130 Johnson, Robert 34, 66 Johnson, Ronald 34, 98 Johnson, Thomas 183, 190 Jones, Allen 34 Jones, Darleen Jones, Don Jones, Gregory Allen jones, Jane 50 Jones, John 46, 173 Jones, Paul Jones, Richard 58 Jorgenson, Stephen Jorstad, Rita 52, 159 Joseph, Ed 58, 180, 190, 205 Joseph Paul 183, 190, 198 Joslin, Toni 58 Joyce, Mary 58 Juhnke, Richard 55, 135 Jurkowski, Sandra 58 Jury, Kenneth Justesen, Joy 34, 96, 109, 110, 153, 220 Justin, Gerry 34, 110, 142, 196 K Kafer, John Jr. 169 Kahl, Larry 62, 205 Kallay, Karen 58 Kalscheur, Yvonne 142 Kamenick, Toni 5o Kamla, Neal Kandutsch, Frank 61, 142 Kant, Douglas 166 Kapheim, Lawrence 178 Kapoun, IO 47, 79. 159, 220 Karberg, Kent 49, 90, 182 Karin, Malek 49 Karpinski, Robert Karsten, John 63, 169, 190 Karl, Jean 59, 89 Kasa Kaitas, Karen 52, 109 Kasmerchek, Sandra 49 Kasper, Curtis 34, 112 Kaste, Barbara 34, 72, 158 Katchenago, Reynold Katzman, Dean 208 Katzman, Gerald 51 Katzuba, Carol 155 Kauth, Marilyn 226-Sfudenf Index Kawatski, Joe 46 Kawatski, John 67 Kayne, Judy 57 Kayser, Kenneth 61 Kazanjian, John 182 Keegan, Nancy 53 Kehl, Robert 52 Keim, Judy Keith, Betteanne 59, 9o Kelleher, Carol 85, 88, 89, 94 Kelleher, Patrick 85 Keller, Dennis Kelley, Diane 208 Kelliher, Kathie 153 Kelln, D011 61 Kelly, Brian Kelley, Patricia 49 Kelsey, Larry Kemnitz, Kay 58 Kenders, Karen 51 Kennedy, John Kennedy, Pat 53, 162 Kennedy, Patrick Kent, Clark 46 Kent, Mary 142 Kenyon, William 54, 130 Kepke, John 61 Kerkman, Charles 59, 178 Kerwin, Mike Kester, Thomas 61, 173 Kettwig, Tom Kieliszewski, Leo 190 Kiernan, Donald Kilb, Nancy 60 Kiley, Roberta 99, 158 Kilkenny, William 166 Kilkenny, John Kilkenny, Mary 66 Kilps, Patrick Kinast, Cynthia 66 Kincaid, Carol 63, 135 King, David 66, 117 King, Pamela 47, 158 Kintz, Nancy 64 Kintzler, Patricia 50, 158 Kirchhoff, William Kirsch, Rose Kiryakakis, Andy Kish, George Kissinger, Curtis 51, 165 Kitto, Catherine 47, 75, 113, I14 Klabunde, William 50 Klaske, Myrtle 55, 154 Klaus, Richard 48 Kleckner, Gail 6o Klein, Barbara 53 Klein, Mary 63 Kleinheinz, Tom Klemens, Donna 110, 159 Klemko, Vincent 61 Klimek, Eleanore 50, 106, 150, 158 Klingelhofer, Susan 66 Klinkert, Thomas Klinner, Marion 48, 119, 120, 134 Klitzkie, Douglas 97, 177 Klitzkie, Robert 34, 117 Klitzkie, Ronald 53 Klotz, Gary 176 Klug, Alice 61 Klug, Ardelle 63 Klug, Mary Mullowney 34, 108 Klug, Roger 34, 85, 108, 176 Klug, Ron 34 Klusken, David Kneiser, Frank Knickmeier, Jean 49, 159 Knisely, Diana 67 Knox, Karen Knudsen, Bob 54, 207 Knudsen, Joyce Knurr, James 34, 205 Knurr, Judith 34, 97, 109 Knuteson, Ken G. 56, 79 88, 98, Knutson, Kenneth Koboski, Franklin 66 Koch, Dave 190 Koch, Cary 35, 145 Koch, Thomas 35, 79, 110 Koch, Wayne Koebbeman, Jeanette 63 Koenig, Mary 60, 114 Koenings, Karen 73, 119, 154, 220 Koepke, Suzanne Koepp, Naomi 47, 79, 107, 108, 159 Koepp, Roberta Koeppen, Judy 50, 154 Koerner, Merodie 60 Koerth, Ed Kohl, Barbara 58 Kohlhaas, Charles 58 Kohler, Sharon 51 Kolberg, Gretchen 63, 103 Kohlberger, Petra 56 Kohlmann, Keith 64 Kolden, Larry Keller, Karen 35 Kolpitcke, Jan 90, 91, 119, 120, 153 Konieczka, Barbara 35, 142 Kopecki, Robert 63 Kovecky. Judy 47 Kopecky, Susan 60 Koplin, Dale Kopp, Jean :53 Kopp, Susan 153 Koprek, Ernie A. Korenin, Albert 67 Korrison, John 55, 117, 165 Korrison, Shirley Korth, Paul 47, 110 Kosanke, Ken 58 Kosanke, Sally 54, 160 Kotteman, Andrea 67 Kovars, Roxanne Mae 35 Krahn, Mark 49, 80, 167 Kramer, Karen 65 Kramer, Margaret 49, 159 Kramer, Phillip 60, 92, 209 Krans, Kathleen 47, 109 Kranz, Terry 174, 197 Kratky, Bernard 58 Krause, Dennis 35 Krause, James 54, 175 Kreft, Gary Kramer, Ingrid 56, 155 Kremer, Pat Krenger, Bill Kreutzmann, William Krez, Mary Krisch, Edward 60, 165 Kritz, Herb Kroening, Willard 60, 209 Kroeten, Joseph 57, 92 Kromenaker, David 35 Kruhert, Victoria 63 Kruck, Karen Krueger, Dorothy 6o Krueger, Douglas 63, 173 Krueger, Harold 63, 105 Krueger, James 99, 105 Krueger, Kent 13o Krueger, LaVern 49 Krueger, Lynne 60 Krueger, Marilyn 64, 89, 9o Krueger, Michael 58, 165, 197 Krueger, Ralph 35, 167 Kuehn, Kenneth 60 Kruger, Bruce 61 Krukar, Arlene 57 Krull, Charles 60 Krull, Charles 35 . Krull, Marvin 48, 177, 205 Kruse, William 92, 186, 190 Krysiak, Dennis 176 Krzeminski, James 60 Kub, Barbara 56 Kubehl Larry 52 Kubitz, Lois E. 62 Kucaba, Harvey 67 Kuchenbach, Ellen 54, 160 Kucher, Phillip 60, 208 Kuecker, Sally 103, 113, 114 Kuehn, Kenneth Kuen, Fred 6o Kuerschner, Sue 73, 78, 150, 154, 212 Kuhn, Arden 55 Kuhnke, Rodger Kujus, David Kulow, Herbert 205 Kumm, Ervin 58 Kummerow, Lucy Kunde, Eugene 47 Kurth, Karen 135 Kurth, Michael 60 Kutz, Karen Kuykendall, David 54 Kwapil, William 53, 142, 205 Kwiatkowski, Sally 55, 163 L Laatsch, John 60, 178 LaBlanc, Kathie La Certe, Richard 55, 167 Ladewig, Marjorie 56, 152 LaDuc, Barbara 160 Ladwig, Dennis Laesch, Willard 62, 201 LaFIamme, Arthur 63 LaFrombois, Edward Lagowski, John 60 Laihinen, Richard Lamendola, Michael Lamontagne, Lionel 177 Lampsa, Betty Land, William 66, 185 Langan, Rick 60 Lange, Barbara Lange, Bettie Lange, Joann 58 Lange, Susan 62 Langenbach, Michael Langer, Karen 55 Langetieg, Janis 6o LaPatka, Bonnie Lardinois, Priscilla 58 Larsen, Eric Lee 190 Larsen, James 1 Larsen, John 175 Larsen, Karen 65, 84, 145 Larsen, Robert Larson, Jerome Larson, Lonnie 58 Larson, Mary 60 Larson, Mary E. Larum, Thomas 59 Larweth, Lvnn 160, 146 Lassow, William 55 Last, Raymond Latta, Joan 54, 158 Lattow, Carol 61, 89 Laughlin, James 59, 92 Laun, Kenneth 50 Laux, Daniel Lawless, Cecilia 58 Lawlor, David 169, 190 Lawrence, Carol 64 Lay, John 35, 9o, 91. 92 Laybourne, William Leahy, Thomas 190 Lean, Judith LeBlanc, Marilyn 63 Lechner, George 35 Lee, Donald 54 Lee, Mary Ann Lee, Susan 56 Lee, Winfred 177 LeerhoE, Larry Leet, Janet 147 Legreid, Pam Lehman, Charles 54 Lehmann, Robert 166 Lehnert, G Monrico 35, 88 Leibach, Carole Leidel, Jack Leiknes, Richard 59 Lein, Lowell Lars 61, 117 Leitzke, Wallie Reimer 35, 201 LeMay, Loreli 63, 147 Lemke, John Lemke, Mark Lemkuil, Judith 65 Lent, Jerome Lenth, Judith 75 Lenz, Charles Lenz, Nancy Jeane 58 Leon, Francisco Leschinsky, Janice 47, 106, 108 Lescohier, James 59 Letter, Elizabeth 48, 85, 98, 142 Levihn, Arnold Lewis, Doris 3 Lewis, Valery 53 Lewison, Dale 178 Lia, Ronald Liebetrau, Caroline 106 Liedholm, Nancy 64, 90 Liegel, Lynn Rae 59, 114 Liggett, Pamela 62, 89 Lill, Thomas 67 Lillesand, Alan Lillpop, William 35 Lind, Robert 67 Lindau, Eleanor Lindholm, LaVone 154 Ling, Kathleen 52, 89, 145 Lingsweiler, Curtis 66, 190 Link, John 212 Linquist, Martha 65 Lins, Marian 59 Linzmeier, Elaine Lipske, Donald 48, 212 Lisiecki, Gene 50, 182 Liska, James 61, 90 169 Lisser, Bryan 67 Liszewski, Maxine 35, 160 Litscher, Jon 60, 190 Littell, Linda 59 Livengood, Anne 134 Lloyd, Karen 63 Lloyd, Wilz 48 Lochner, Earl Locicero, Richard Lockyear, Robert 62 Loebel, Gerald 57, 66, Logan, Barbara Logan, Patricia Lehman, Marlene 54, 142 Lombardo, Frank Lombardo, James Long, Jim Loosen, Bonnie 6o Lory, Robert 50, 130 Lothe, Arlan Lother, Thomas 49, 137 Louchner, Earl 174 Lounsbury, Susan Lovaas, Dennie 92, 177 Lovejoy, Lea 66 Lovelace, Jiim 203 Lowy, Nancy 66 Lubinski, Darlene 63, 89 Lucey, Lynn Luderus, Jane 56 Ludtke, Larith 88 Luedke, Kenneth 67, 201 Luedtke, Geraldine Luey, Ena Kay 53 Luhn, James T. Lunde, Jamgs 190 Lundstrom, Shirley 36, 98, 100 Lunn, Nancy 16o Luther, Tom Lutz, Janet 54, 153 73. I78 Luzar, James 119 Luzi, Andrew 67 Lyke, Charles Lynn, Patrick 66 Lyon, Carolee 36, 159 Lysne, Eric M Maag, Edward 61 Maasz Janet Maasz, Joan MacDonald, John 67 MacDonald, Wallene 5o Mach, Judith 63 Machacek, Edward 60 Madaus, Letha Madden, D2111 Madden, Peter 193, 187, 190, 217 187 Madel, Bill 104 Mader, Sandra 16 Madsen, John 36, 105 Madsen, Merrily 55, 89, 162 Madsen, Robert 117 Mages, Pat1ick 80 Maglio, Joseph Magnuson, Clarence 47, 97, 166 Maier, Thgresa 50, 111 Makal, Lawrence 66, 209 Makowski, Bonnie Malec, Jeanne 6o Malek, Karin 163 Mandel, Marlys 135 Manion, Dale 63 Manion, Jean 60 Manson, Betty 108, 114 Manyo, John 63, 178 Manz, Douglas Mapp, William 167 Marchi, Judith Ann 36, 167 Marek, Caroline Mares, Marie 36, 109, 142, 155 Margelofskv, Ronald 36, 182 Markee, Cliff 61 Marking, Beverly Marking, William Marks, Cheljyl 66 Marks, Jack 174 Markworth, Mavis 53, 85 Marling, William Marot, Victor Marsden, Cheryl 64 Marten, William 119, 142, 187, 198 Marsh, Robert Marshall, Alan Martin, Beverly 36 Martin, Lawrence Martin,Madelon 66 Martin, Marjorie Martin, Robert Martinek, John 186, 190 Martiniak, Dianalee 54, 160 Martino, Catherine Martinson, Donald 67 Martinson, Jim Martinson, Robert Mashak, Michael 67 Mason, Jerry Mason, Judith 53, 159 Mast, Charles 63 Mast, James Matara, Doreen 119, 158, 216, 217 Mathews, Barbara Mathews, John 167 Mathias, Helen Mathison, Ellen 6o Matras, Martin 62 Mattei, James 36, 166 M8attner, SueAnn Mattson, Georgette 54, 145 Matulionis, Daniel 36, 97 Matz, Rodney 60, 180 Matzek, Russ Matzke, Robert Matzuer, Sue 59, 142 Maves, C2111 Mavis, Carol 66 Maxson, Susie Maxwell, Charles 67 May, Carol 48, 160 May, Phillip 66 May, Russell 50, 145 Mayer, Mary Jane 57 Mayhew, Jill 53, 96, 110 Mazurkiewicz, Cecilia 54, 88, 142 McBride, Catherine 61, 142 McCaEery, Ronald McCann, Terrance McCarthy, Elizabeth 64 McCarthy, Judith 54, 60, 108, 113, 114, I59 McCarthy, Judith McCaskey, Bede 64 McConnell, Robert 67, 104 McCormick, Dennis 61 McCormickLTheresa 59 McCue, John McDonald, Joanne 62 McFarlin, Pat 57, 62 McFarlane, Patricia McGhee, James 36, 214 McGhee, Juanita McGinnis, Daniel 67 McGinty, Patrick McGowan, Gerald 36, 69, 85, 99, 104, 199, I37 McGrath, L015 60 McGraw, William, Jr. 48, 111 McGuire, Michael 173 McGuire, Robert McIntosh, Keith 67 McKay, Bonnie 65 McKay, Lawrence McKeever, Patrick 36, 208 McKenzie Paul McKillips, Joseph McKinney, Bruce 36, 166 McLay, Ivan 36 McLean, Margaret 65 McLean, Mary Jean 145 McNabb, John McNally, Patricia 54, 60 McNally, Thomas McNeill, Gerald McNeely, Edith McNett, Michael Meacham, Jane 85, 134 Mead, Isabel 37 Mead, Verllin 51, 63 Meadows, James 117, 134 Medower, Barbara 52, 196 Mehre, Ida 53, 111, 114 Mehring, Chet 67, 180, 198 Meier, Eugene 37 Meier, Richard Meinel, William 56, 169 Meingast, lane 56, 153 Melig, Robert 150, 174 Melillo, Mrs. C. V., 37, 98 Mell, Delores 55 Mellonig, Thomas Melville, Joan 52, 106 Melville, Kathleen 66 Melville, Linda 61 Menheer, Judith 66 Merkel, Lee 67, 165 Merritt, Ronald Mess, Carolyn 47, 108 Messerschmidt, Leona 64 Messina, Mike Messner, Anna 159 Messner, Matthew Meurer, Erjc 61, 92, 103 Meyer, Frank Meyer, Hendrik 37, 97 Meyer, Judy 66 Meyer, Kenneth 58 Meyer, Ma-riilyn 51, 52, 75, 163 Meyer, Ruth Meyer, Stephen Meyer, Vernon Meyers, Frederick Meyers, Pamela 57, 64 Michels, James 56 Mick, Dennis 166 Mickelson, Robert 37 Middlestead, Travis 37, 187, 209 Mikkelson, Karen 65 Miklovich, James 182 Mildbrandt, Sharon 37, 150, 158 Miles, James 117, 173, 190 Miles, Patricia 83, 119, 162 Milewski, Diane 66, 88 Milkie, Anne 60 Millan, Karen 66 Miller, Bonnie 64 Miller, Hagold 63 Miller, Jacqueline 64 Miller, James B. 92, 183, 212 Miller, James D. 154, 177 Miller, Jill Miller, Joan 53, 74, 90, 119 Miller, John Miller, Judy 162 Miller, Kenneth 62 Miller, Linda 66 Miller, Lynn 162 Miller, Mary Karen 53 Miller, Paul 37, 9o, 92 Miller Robert 63 Miller, Spencer Miller, Thomas A. 49 Miller, Thomas John 64 Millheam, Rex 54 Milligan, Patrick 60, 90, 180 Minayoshi, Jean 37, 110, 158 Miner, Ron 49 Miner, Keith Mitchell, Dennis Mitchell, James 60 Mitchell, Mabel 64 Mittelstadt, Suzann 63, 90 Mjaanes, Linda 66 Moccero, Sam Mochel, Madeline 64, 137 Moe, Curtis Moe, Jane 64, 89 Moe, Thomas 64, 72 Moeller, Richard 110 Mohns, June 37 1 Mole, Thomas Molloy, Susan Money, Marilyn 62, 103 Monis, Janet 62 Monthie, Beverly 62 Mooney, Teresa Moore, Ceile Moore, John Moore, Roger 67 Moore, anald 117 Morey, David 67 Morgan, Jean 64 Morgan, Robert 37, 117 Morgan, Thomas 67, 173, 190 Morrison, Michael 67, 80 Mortell, Chip 57 Mortensen, Dave 48 Mortensen, Sue Mortenson, Thomas Mosel, Maureen Mosser, Mejbeth 63, 90 Moth, Marsha 9o, 94 Mottl, Diang 6o, 84, 89, 142 Motuelle, Henry 178 Mould, Patricia 37 Mounce, Danny 37 Moyle, Nancy Moyse, Richard 55 Mozal, Richard 64 Mrozek, Stanley Student lndex-227 Mucha, Jan 155, 109 Mucha, Mike 47, 183, 212 Mucks David Muehr, Maynard Muehl, John 63 Muehl, Patricia 37, 69, 159 Muehr, M. 183 Mueller, Douglas 62 Mueller, Gerald 166 Mueller, Judith 163 Mueller, Lee Mueller, LouAnn 54, 89, 9o, 94 Mueller, Richard 64 Mueller, Rosemary 6o Mueller, Sharon Muetzel, Sharon Mulder, Grant Mundt, Michele 47, 110, 158 Murphy, John 64 Murphy, Kathleen F 65, 90 Murphy, Kathleen M. 65 Murray, Beverly 64 Musbach, Judith 63 Myers, Blythe Myren, Roger N Nagel, Evelyn 59 Nagel, Terry Naglestad, Barton Nairn, Terry 60 Napierala, John 103 Nass, Carol Nehring, James 55, 90 Nehs, Jim 38, 9s, 99 Nelson, Carol 47, 81, 109, 110 159 , Nelson, Dav1d Nelson, Dennis 65, 166 Nelson, Gexjald Nelson, Goydon Nelson, Kerry 67, 173 Nelson, Lee 63 Nelson, Loretta Rae 61 Nelson, Nancy 48 Nelson, Phillip 55 Nelson, Rolland 50 Nelson, Ronald 166 Nelson, Susan 46, 49, 79, 154' Nelson, Thgmas 49, 110 Nelson, William 61 Nereim, Anne 137, 153 Nero, Betty Nesbit, Les 38 Nettesheim, James Nettesheim, Karen 142, 158 Neu, Richard Neuenschwander, Sandra 85, 154 Neuman, Floyd 60 Neuman, Michael 64 Neumann, Douglas 64, 201 New, William 64 Newcomb, Harvey Newton, Sally 64, 9o Nichols, Nancy 114 Nicholson, Gary 38, 176 Nicholson, Mary 64 Nickelsen, John 119 Nicol, Kirby 49, 176, 205 Nicolaisen, D011 64 Nieman, Meribeth 64 Nietz, James 116, 209 Ninomiya, Takenori 57, 64, 73, 196 Nishimoto, Nancy 52, 110 Nitz, Larry 166 Nitzsche, Roger 183 Noesen, John 176 Noisen, Melvin 60 Nolan, Charles 54, 142, 165, 198 Noll Katherine 56, 109, 142, 152 Noltemeyer, Wilbert 38 Noonan, Margaret 64 Nordal, Terry 54, 166 228-Stude'n'r Index Nordberg, Paul 62, 90, 165 Nordentoft, David 182, 190 Norem, Darlene 47 Norman, Alan 57 Norman, Joan Northey, Carol 61, 89 Northey, James Northey, Sylvia 90, 145 Nosek, Wesley 58, 171 Notbohm, Rex Nottestad, Richard 61, 205 Novak, Ronald 183, 205 Nurnberg, Kenneth 60 Nuspl, John 51, 167 NuspI, Joseph 47. :67, x46 Nyberg, Nancy 163 O Obenberger, Robert 49, 166 Obenberger, Fred 183 Obligato, Charlie 182 OyBrien, Frank 48, 99, 104 Debs, Frederick 145 08Day, Mary 47, 75, I62 Odelberg, Susan Odinius, Nancy 49, 89, 167 O8Donald, Carol 66 O8Donnell, Edward 38 Oehmichen, Shirley 63 Oelhafen, June 51 Oelhafen, Richard 47, 166 Ohlsen, Robgrt 66, 85 Olbrich, Dorothy 49, 158 Oldenburg, James 62, 9o, 92, 137 Oleary, Janis 62 Oliak, Kenneth Olin, Donald 47, 50, 77, 80 Olin, Janet 52 Olin, Jerry 62 Olsen, Jorgen 62, 178 Olsen, Richard 110 Olsen, Steve 61, 178 Olson, Carolyn Olson, Constance 58 Olson, Dalg 65 Olson, George 61 Olson, James Olson, Karen 189 Olson, LaVreme 54, 110 Olson, Nancy 47, 119, 163 Olson, Ruth 62 06Meara, David Ondercin, Dave 183 O8Neill, Joe 182 Opitz, Lynn 66, 9o, 95 Orchard, William Orear, Elizabeth Orsburne, Patricia Ortwig, Joanne 38, 162 Osborn, John 47 Osborne, David Osterberg, Joan 54 Osterburg, Lawrence 85 Otto, Robert Otto, Russell 38 P Paap, Kathleen 54, 137 Packard, Jelfry 46, 48, 166 Paddock, Joanne 38 106 Padley, Sharon 67 Paepke, Barbara 109 Page, Gail 57 Pagel, Carl 48, 97 Pagel, Darlene 54, 96, 110 Pagliaro, William 182 Paitrick Marvin 38, 183, 187 Palinay, Chris 62 Palmer, Jack 60 Palmer, Joseph Palmer, Roy Pankowski, Gerald 38 Papastefan, John 55, 84, 94 Pape, Nicholas 167 Parish, Frank 183, 190 Parish, Roger 190 Parker, Mary Ann 38, 159 Parkinson, Winn 56, 198 Parmeter, Larry 176 Parsloe, Ma1y Ann 64 Parsons, Richard Partenheimer, Walter 38, 134 Partipilo, W. Raymond 61 Paschke, John 61, 180 Pasold, Texjesa 64 Passini, John 61 Patch, Judith 47, 102, 103, 112 Patrick Bruce 38, 90, 91, 92, 108 Patten, Mark 187 Patyk, Gary 48 Paulsen, Jim 63, 198 Paulson, Donna Pautz, Richard 67 Pavek, Gail 65 Pavlik, Robert 53, 102, 103 Pawlak, Robert 67, 119 Payne, Roger 61 Paynter, Gaarder 54, 205 Pearson, Jeanne 64 Pearson, Thomas Pechauer, James 46, 150, 207 Peck, Dennis 95 Peck, Mareta Pedersen, Ken 51 Peebles, Martin 48, 130 Pehanich, Robert 60, 197 Peirick, Rita Pelton, Georgia 53, 150, 216, 217 Pennington, Betty Perez, Ramon 60 Perry, David 67 Pertzborn, Helen 38, 109, 153 Petermann, Wendy 67, 112 Peters, Brad Peters, David 61 Peters, Patricia 53 Peters, Sarah 48 Peters, Stephen 62 Peters, Thomas Petersen, Gary Petersen, Gary 67 Petersen, Pat 153, 212 Petersen, Stephanie Peterson, Alan 90 Peterson, Cheryl 6o, 89 Peterson, Constance 38 Peterson, Elizabeth 90, 160 Peterson, Harry 57 Peterson, Joan 56, 155 Peterson, Karen 52 Peterson, Karen 58 Peterson, Lil 77, 155, 212 Peterson, Lon Peterson, Mary 158 Peterson, Richard Peterson, Robert 50, 130, 131 Peterson, Ronald A. 209 Peterson, Ronald J. 38, 76, 98, 100, 101, 137 Peterson, Sandra 53 Peterson, Sonja 39, 90 Petrakis, Betty 67 Petrakis, Gus 183 Petrakis, Ted 46, 101 182 Petras, Catherine 39 Petrouske, Frances Petz, Andrew Petzold, Timothy 55 Pfaff, Jimmie 64 Pfeiffcr, Jacquelyn PBsterer, William 90 Pflughoeft, Gloria 67 Phelps, Carol 39, 84, 162, 212 Phillippe, Margaret Ann 61 Phillips, Clifton 67 Phillips, John 66 Phillips, Kent 66 Phillips, Michael 66 Phipps, Jack 39, 69 Pickering, Catherine 62 Pickering, Donna 65 Piddington, Bruce Piehl, Ann Pielin, Donald 51, 103 Pieper, Ronette 39, 154 Pierangeli, Barbara 54, 89, 162 Pierce, Bernard 59, 117, 208 Pierce, Edward Pierotti, Patrick 187, 190 Pikalek, Robert 57 Pilger, William Pinnow, Marlene 55, 90 Pior, George 183 Piorkowski, Louis 197 Pippel, Gary 62, 84 Pirkel, William 55 Pitzen, Mary Jane 58 Pitzka, Bruce Plageman, Stanley Platt, Karen 46, 50, 159 Plautz, Patti 63, 103 Fleck, Sheri 63 Pleviak, Joseph 59 Podriznik, Frank Poeppel, Richard 187, 190 Poggenburg, Les Pohlhammer, Sally Poisl, Dave 39 Polasik, Sandy Polglaze, Charles Pollard, Lois 39, 98, 101, 110 Pollock, Richard Polman, Richard 60 Poluyanskis, Joe 67 Pomplin, Carroll Ponyicsanyi, John 39 Ponyicsanyi, Carol 63, 84 Ponyicsanyi, Thomas Popanz, James 61 Popp, Charles 65, 178 Porfilio, Rita Port, Judy Porter, George Porter, Margaret 53 Pospeschil, Fred 39 Pospschil, Susan 74, 120 Potter, Dorothy 52, 119, 155 Potter, Jeanne Potter, Robert 56 Powaser, Robert 39 Powell, JoAnn 155 Powers, Pearl 98 Powers, Ron Prange, Carole 50, 142 Priaulx, Judith 39 Pribnow, Janice 48, 111, 159 Priebe, Dennis Priem, Thomas Pritchard, Gary 56, 174 Pritchard, Richard 55 Pritzkow, Susan 67 Probell, Carol 50, 108, 110, 155 Probst, Donald Procknow, Greg 55 Prodoeml, Larry 66 Propp, Ronald 64 Pross, Thomas Prudlow, Rosanne 52, 155 Pung, Barbara Ann.59 Purdy, Margaret 52, 89, 158 Purucker, James F. Q Quamme, Sandra 52 Quillen, Patricia 196 R Raasoch, Paul 65 Rabas, Cal 175 Race, Barbara 59 Rackow, Larry Radewan Kathleen 52, 114 Radloff, Richard 60 Radtke, Rose 47, 137 Raettig, Judith 59 Raffini, Jim 183, 190, 187 Rairdin, Patsy 54 Rakow, Sandy 154, 220 Ramsdell, Jill Ramthun, Harold 178, 196 Randall, Warren 65 Raniewicz, Richard 167 Ransom, Susan 59 Rappe, Richard Rasch, Jean 49, 75, 91. 94 9o Rasmussen, Donald Rathert, Esther Rau, Jeanette Rausch, Marie 63 Rauter, Barbara 59 Read, Janet 59 Rebholz, Mark 62 Redford, Janice 49 Reece, Judith 62 Reese, Harley 117 Reetz, Janet 77, 154, 109 Reeves, William 64, 209 Regan, John Regan, Pete 142, 62 Regan, Patricia 54, 153, 212 Reichardt, Donald Reid, Carolann Rein, Patricia 67, 89 Reining, Jo Ann Reinke Carol 48, 162 Reinke, Lynda 59 Reiskytl, Cindy 59 Reiter, Dianne 58 Reitman, Roger Remington, Thomas Remmel, Barry 178, 142 Rennhak, Helen 39, 100, 108 Rennison, Kenneth 62, 103 Repky, Mildred 58, 114 Repyak, Jane 63 Reschlein, Shirley Reuter, Martha 58 Reuther, Margie 59 Rewald, Robert 55 Rezaian, Mohammed 197 Rhode, Elaine 63 . Rhodes, David 166, 198, 190 Ribbeck, Allen 169 Rich, Paul 48 Richards, Mary 59 Richardson, Michael 50, 166 Richter, Tim Rickard, Judith 58 Riddle, John 178 Riedmayer, Barbara 59 Riedy, Mary Riemer, Barbara 59 Riese, Carole 62 Riese, Mark 174 Riley, Kathleen 48, 98 Riley, Laurance Riordan, Eileen Ripp, Avitus 190, 214 Ritchie, William 53, 176 Ritger, Rita 36, 69, 109, 110, 142, 101, .153 a thter, Adrxenne 59 Rittmann, Mary Lee 58 Roach, Mary 39, 69, 216, 217 Robbins, Hazel 58 Roberts, Allen 51, 85, 88, 94 Roberts, Dave Roberts, Judy Robinson, Bonnie Robinson, Thomas 63, 130 Roche, James Rochwerger. Leonard 111 Rodd, William 55 Rodee, John 63, 173 Rodman, George Rogers, Eugene Rogers, Gary 55 Roglitz, Terry Rohde, Richard Rohner, Donald Rohrbach, David 63, 146 Rolfs, Carolyn 52, 89, 145 Rollefson, Charles Rolstad, Nancy 39, 150, 155 Rondou, Bob 173, 186, 190 Roost, Allan 67, 142 Roou, Philip 61 Ropers, Raymond 54 Rose, Allen 130 Rosendall, Jane 65 Rosenmeier, Diane 58 Rosenthal, Ernie 63 Roske, Charles Roso, John 117, 201 Ross, Betty Ross, Dennis 39, 176 Ross, Judy 4o, 96. 153 Rossmiller, William 169 Roth, Gordon Roth, Randolph 48 Ro:h, Sally Ann 40, 78, 159 Rothenbueler, Rosemary 52, 155 Rothschadl, James 51 Rothschadl, Ronald 59 Rouleau, Gregory 117 Rousseau, Bob 117 Rowin, Roger 59 Rubach, Richard 58 Rubert, Steven 66, 165 Ruda, Faith 58 Rude, Judith 58 Ruff, Penny 56, 155 Ruhland, James 58 Ruland, Ross 182, 187, 190 Ruminski, Richard Rummler, Vanita Rundquist, Donald 61 Rupnow, john 63 Rusch, Richard 62, 169 Russell, Mary Russell, Raymond Rutsch, Ken 47 Ryba, Carl 53 Rybacki, Marsha 58 Rye, Robert 62 Ryer, Carolyn 40, 85, 88, 89 94. 98 S Sabey, Edward 56, 204 Sager, John 167 Salanda, Douglas 51, 169 Saltzman, Susan Salverson, David 52, 197 Salzman, Gerald Samb, Bruce Samolinski, Michael 40, 117 Sampo, Gail 54, 154 Samson, Susan 58 Samz, Charlotte 50, 159 Sanderson, Pat Sanderson, Sandra 119 Sands, Richard 61 Sanford, Richard Sanft, John Santschi, Karen 51 Sarbacher, Janet 61 Sasman, Sally 58 Sassali, Maxine 61 Sauerberg, John 40 Sauve, Barbara 58 Savage, Joan Scarbrough, John Schacht, Jean 57 Schaal, May Ellen Schaefer, Audrey 58 Schaefer, Donna 52, 106, 109 Schaefer, Greg 40 Schaefer, Helen 56, 75, 160 Schaefer, Judith Ann 58 Schaefer, Robert 84, 88 Schaetten, Gene 169 Schafer, Richard 40, 26 SchaEer, Thomas 40, 176 Schauer, Francis 60 Schauman, Lee 60 Schauman, Richard Schaus, Judith 63, 89 Schecher, Jane 61 Schellpfeffer, Robert 66 Schenk, Dawn 50, 163, 212 Scherrer, Arlene 40, 142 Scherrer, Roger 47, 111, I42 Scheuerell, Gary 166 Schicker, Mary 54, 142 Schiefelbein, Albert 66 Schiefelbein, Brent 56 Schiefelbein, Clifford 40 Schiele, Dewey 40, 182 Scniewe, Sue 57 Schildt, Lorraine Schilleman, Tom 67 Schiller, Fred 65 Schimmelpiennig, Carol 66, 90 Schindler, Donald 49, 177 Schindler, Susan 54, 85, 159 Schlegel, Robert Schlitz, Suzanne 58 Schloemer, Jane 58 Schmal, Barbara 111 Schmaling, Rose Ann Schmalz, Ken 58 Schmear, Chester 65, 190 Schmeling, Richard 54, 186, 190 Schmidt, Barbara 52 Schmidt, Brian 53, 173 Schmidt,Je11y 58, 180, 190 Schmidt, John 53, 182 Schmidt, Judith 47, 111, 110 Schmidt, Lynn 60 Schmidt, Robert Cchmidt, Ronald 97 Schmiling, Nancy 61 Schmitt, Pat 56 Schmitz, Bill 40 Schmitz, Larry 56, 177 Schmitz, Ronald Schmitz, Thomas 40, 167 Schmoll, john 50, 167 Schmude, Frederick 47, 97 Schnackenberg, John Schneeberger, Elaine 55, 89, 102, 103 Schneeweis, Carole 55, 155 Schneider, Carl Schneider, Lonita Shneider, Paul Schneider, Robert A. 53, 76, 119, 166 Schneider, Robert E. 48 Schneider, Susan 61 Schneider, Thomas Schnitger, Wayne 54 Schnook, Peter Schober, Margaret 60, 90 Shoene, Michael 21, 81, 169, 183 Schoenfeld, Wally 4o, 26, 69, 101, 110, 207 Schoenfeldt, Sandra 67 Schommer, Bob 63 Schonta, Robert A 97 Schopen, Joseph 65 Schrag, Gary 53, 135 Schraufnagel, Larry 61' Schroeder, David 66 Schroeder, Gerald Schroeder, John 40 Schroeder, John R. Schroeder, Marilyn J. 60, 89 Schroeder, Mary 60 Schroeder, Robert 58 178, Schroeder, Vera Mac 159 Schubert, Susan Schuchter, Sandra Schuetz, Marlea 47, 110, 111, 114 Shuetze, Art 58 Schuld, Lyle Roy 63 Schult, Marlene 66, 89, 90 Schultz, Carol 52, 89, 159 Schultz, David R. 59 Schultz, David 205 Schultz, Frances 47 Schultz, Les Schultz, Maxine 63 Schultz, Melody G. 66 Schultz, Robert, 41, 117, 175, 212 Schulz, Ardys 66 Schulz, Jeffreys 53, 80 Schulz, Lois 58 Schumacher, james Schwab, John 58 Schwaller, Sharon 50, 106 Schwan, Judith 55, 163 Schwartz, Diane 62 Schwartz, Naomi 62 Schwartz, Robert 67 Schwartzlow, Eugene 67 Schwartzlow, Jerry 41 Schwebach, Joseph 67 Schwcfel, Samson Schweitzer, Candy Schwoegler, Thomas 173 Scobie, William 90, 112, 145 Scoggins, Cheryl 67 Scott, Alan 41, 69 SCOLt, Carl Scott, Michael 46, 202 Scott, Susan 62, 134 Seeley, Dennis 66 Seianas, Michaelene 50, 158 Seidl, Carol 163, 187 Seiler, Robert Seiler, William Jr. 49, 99, 104, 167 Seils, Marsha Seim, Sharon 63 Seitz, Jean 63 Seitz, John 41 Sell, Denise 56, 163 Senkerik, John 63 Shaffer, James 67 Shager, Jeanne 67 Shager, Robert Shampo, Helen 89, 90 Shay, Gerald 49 Sheahan, Julie Shealy, Cary 61 Shebesta, Donald Shebesta, Paul 56 Shebiel, James 112 Shebuski, Joan Sheehan, Dennis 58 Sheehan, John 174 Sheggrud, Darryl 54 Sheldon, Clifford 183, 186 Sheldon, Gene 212 Sheldon, Terry 205 Shepherd, Sandra 67 Sheppard, Peter 41, 142 Sherry, Stephen 79, 117 Sherwood, Clayton 117, 165 Sherwood, Myrna Sherwood, Rhoda 158 Shewczyk, Nancy 49, 152 Shields, Edward A Shiffra, Edward .VV. Shilling, Thomas Shim, Chi Sup Shimaitis, Richard 63 Shober, Stephen 55 Sholts, Jean 41, 100, 101 Shouldice, Lorna 62 Shower, Karen 50, 106, 153 Showers, Danne M. 64 Shulstad, Constance 66 119, Student Index2229 Sibley, Josef 72 Sickinger, Nancy 62, 120 Siedschlag, Paul 49, 167 Siegel, Glenn 167, 198 Siegel, Julie 58 Siegenthaler, Fritz Richard 65 Sieger, Joan 41, 153, 220 Siert, Edward 41 Siffren, Lee R. 63 Sigurdsson, Ivar 167 Siivonen, John 67, 169 Simdon, Carolyn 41 Simma, Thomas F. 65, 197 Simmons, Sue 50 Simon, Catherine 48, 109 Simon, Sandra 57 Simonds, Cecilia Simpson, Barbara 67 Simpson, Eugene Simpson, Larry C. 62, 80 Sinclair, John 60 Sine, Cecelia 63 Sipiora, Barbara 63 Sipolr, Thomas 173 Sippel, Donald 47, 178 Six, Ronald Slamp, Judith C. 85 Slaninka, Dorothy 59, 89, 142 Slater, Dorothy 103 Slinde, Stephen 52 Sloan, Judy 41, 69, 76, 154, 216, 217, 212 Smarslik, John W. 41, 117 Smigun, Donna 62 Smith, Barbara L. Smith, Barbara Lynn Smith, Barry Lee 62 Smith, David Smith, Gary 119 Smith, Gordon C. 41, 84, 88 Smith, Judith A. 67 Smith, Lani 54, 77, 154 Smith, Lloyd Smith, Mabel G. 66 Smith, Robert K. 52, 80, 92 Smith, Rod 41 Smith, Ronald 62 Smifh, Steven 65, 92 Smith, Susan 65, 103 Smith, Virginia 61 Smithback, James Smokowicz, Elaine 55 Sniderwin, Mary Jo 53 Snodgrass, Toby 55, 167 Sobczak, Sharon Sobkoviak, Kenneth 66 Salem, Freyal 67 Sommer, Joanne Sommers, Dean 56 Sonnenberg, Carl Sonnenberg, David Sonnenburg, Rod 173 Sorenson, Barbara J. Sorenson, David 48, 130, 212 Soroski, Patricia 119 Soukup, Diane Soule, Bob 48, 167 Spaeth, Bernie 180 Spang, Geqrgia 65 Spangler, Robert L. Sparkman, Pamela 58 Spataro, Jim 51, 182, 186 Spaulding, Judy 50, 106 Speer, Glen 176 Spencer, Dale 99, 104, 105, 116 Speri, Bob 95 Sperle, Sharon 64 Spiegelhoff, Jerry 183, 187 Spielman, Dennis 167 Spillers, Mary Louise Spoke, Joseph Spongberg, Karen 55, 163 Sprague, Gloria 48 Sprecher, Jerome Staacke, Edward 165, 197 230- S'ruden'r Index Staben, Lathera Ann 63, 90 Stafford, Janis 26, 41 Stalbaum, Virginia 56 Stamm, Jerry Stanford, Sharon 51 Stapleford, Wayne 166, 197 Stark, Elizabeth 58 Stark, Julianne 41, 154 Stark, Richard 64 Starker, Darlene 59 States, Gail Statz, Esther 63 Stearns, Milton 41 Steele, Oscar 49, 96, 111, 166 Steele, Richard 50 Steffen, Dan 56, 190 Steffen, Joe 42, 186, 198 Steffens, Robert 65 Stehling, Carol 63 Steinberger, Elizabeth 53, 110, 142 Steiner, Marie 53, 114 Steinhart, Jane 60 Steinke, Robert 65 Steinmetzl, Jerry 62 Stekelberg, Terry Stenulson, JoEllen 55, 88 Stephenson, Philip 64, 142 Steponik, Pamcm Sternberg, Harold 42 Sternberg, William 62, 173 Sternig, Roberta 65, 84 Sterr, Beverly 62 Stevens, Donald 42, 97 Stevens, Russell 49, 183 Stewart, Marijean 56 Stiehl, Daniel Stinson, Gary 58 Stockholm, Mary Karen 54, 155 Stockstad, Darlene 50, 98 -- Stodola, John 52' Stoecker, Lynn Charles 167 Stohr, Charles 62 Stoklosa, Raymond 53, 165 Stolarz, Patricia 42, 108, 114 Stoltmann, Nancy 220 Stoltz, Richard 64, 173, 197 Stoklosa, Raymond 53 Stoner, Johnny Beth Stori, David Stout, John 52 Stout, Thomas Stout, Tom 67 Stowell, June 47, 114 Strack, Janice Straka, Russel 177 Strapko, Kathryn 63 Strebe, Janice 42 Streeter, Patricia 69 Stray, Robert 84, 94 Stringer, Kathy 153 Strini, Carol 55, 90, 111, 114 Strommen, Dennis Stronn, Kathleen 42, 108 Stube, Barbara 54, 79 Stuebe, Judy Stuessi. Karol 60 Stukenberg, Barbara Sturtz, Suzanne 66, 137 Stute, Mary 42, 109, 154 Sullivan, Dan 42, 183, 212 Sullivan, John 4,2, 205 Sullivan, John E. 61 Sumwalt, Melvin 59 Suriano, Gail Sutrick, Karen 61 Sutter, William 99, 104 Svatos, Norbert 59, 178 Sveom, Robert Svitter, Mike Swanson, Sherman 51, 97 Swartz, Don Swartz, Katherine 59 Sweeney, Kathleen Sweet, Barry 174 Sweet, Wallace Swendrowski, Terry Swenson, Sharon Swierzynski, Jim Swinehart, Irvin Swisher, Roy 117 Sydow, Donald 186, 190 F Tabat, Barbara 54, 75, 160 Tacks, Bruce 176 Tackes, Carol 63 Tait, John 60, 142 Tanner, Leanne 42, 155 Taylor, Karl 61 Taylor, Lane Taylor, Rolland Teal, Ronald 60 Temple, Dennis 63 Templeton, Jean 64 Templeton, Margaret 61 Ternus, Donald Terracina, Roger 64, 9o, 92 Terrill, Janine 59 Terry, Tom 57 Terwall, Beatrice 109, 152 Teska, Jerome 53, 119, 130 Tesser, Carol 53, 89, 142 Tesser, Mary Ann 59, 84 Tessmann, Carol Sue 57, 58, 89 Tessmer, Everett 52 Tews, Carolynn Ruth 66 Thayer, James 42 Theesfeld, Harold Theisen, Robert 182 Thessin, Jean 62 Theune, Peter 52, 90, 130, 135 Thielen, Kathleen 63 Thielmann, Wayne 42, 176 Thoenes, Kenneth 135 Thom, Donald 84, 130, 131 Thomas, John 173 Thomas, Robert 61, 209 Thompson, Diane 58 Thompson, Donald 190 Thompson, Mary 53, 163 Thompson, Roy Thompson, William Thomsen, Karen Thornton, Lynn 61 Thorson, Kenneth Thorstad, Gerald 55, 92 Thostenson, Robert 54, 173 Thubauville, Jeanine 66 Thurber, Bruce 43 Thurow, Jean 61 Tighe, Jane 77, 155 Timler, Julie 48, 108, 112, 137 Timmerman, Arlene 162 Timmerman, Donald Timmermann, Janice 55 Tipple, Karen 49, 135 Tiritilli, Rosario 62 Titus, Charles 43, 97 Todd, Lee 117, 169 Toelle, Barbara 56, 160 Tofson, Dewey 49, 167 Tofte, Thomas 66 Tolg, Linda 113, 114 Tonge, Martin Toomey, Keith 166, 205 Torkelson, Thomas Torsrud, Ross 43, 146 Toth, Kathleen 62 Totten, Laurence Towne, Gale 43 Traeder, Jane 59 Trachte, Jane 50, 89, 90, 94, 98 Trailer, Frederick Traugott, Madeline Trautman, Mona 43, 69, 74, 141 Travis, Ronald 56, 9o, 95, 104 Treadway, Jack 62 Tremaine, Judith 61 Trolliet, Don Trudeau, Michael 166, 202 Truesdell, Zoe Ann Truttschel, Jean 56 Tschumper, John 117 Tubbs, Mary 48, 159 Tucker, Kathy 155 Tueting, William Tulloch, Kathy Tung, Kin-Ta Tung, Vincent 173 Turner, J. Scott 49 Turner, Joel Tuschen, Peggy 158 Twes, Carolynn U Ulferts, Gordon 64 Underhill, Neal 57 Underwood, Nancy Kay 162 Underwood, Paul 64, 190 Unrein, Ray 106, V Vail, Rodney 104 Van Cura, Mary Ann 154 Vander Brug, Jill 6o Vander Brug, Karen Vanden Heuvel, Bob 43, 166, 212 Vande Sand, M. Eileen 50, 106, I59 Vandervort, Robert 53 Vandervort, Ronald 63, 173 Van Laanen, Arlis 43, 99, 102, 103, 105 Van Laanen, Lillian 67 Van Rens, Charles 52, 167 Van Sluys, Nathan 53 Van Valin, Dorothy 43 Varble, Daniel Veal, Elvery Vehrs, Mary Ann 43, 69, 96, 98, 101, 152 Veitch, Mary Ellen 49 Verboomen, Edward Verthein, Norberta 90, 152 Vesbach, Eileen 65 Vesbach, John 55, 205 Vetter, Dennis 63, 202, 205 Victor, Karolyn 50, 158, 212 Villwock, Kathleen 66 Vinje, Clayton Vinz, Carol Vinz, Marvin 57, 59 Vogt, Susan 50, 108, 155 Voigt, Gerald 47 Volberding, Dale 90 Volhard, Gerald 43 von Dahlen, Max 61 von Heimburg, Tom 60 Voorhees, John 60, 165 Vorpagel, Stuart 47, 130, 131 Vase, Theresa 49 Voy, Gerald 54 W Waddell, John 67 Waga, Stanley 55 Wagner, Patricia 59 Wagner, Sharon 50, 142, 153 Wahlberg, Wayne 53, 119, 167 VVahImark Philip 62 Waite, Carole 54. Wake, David C. 117 Waldera, James Waldman, James Waldemar, Arne Walker, Bob 58 Walker, David 117 Walker, Patrick 117 Walker, Wayne E. 63 Walker, Will Wallace, Gary 43 Wallace, Gary E. 58 Wallace, Robert 59, 117 Walrath, Donald E. Walsh, Pamela S. 65 Walsh, Pat 65 Walters, Cheryl Lynn 54, 89 Walther, Gerald M. 65 Walton, Elaine 162 Wandrey, John 54, 92 Wandschneider, Michael 53, 182 Wanish, Kerry L. 137 Wanninger, Constance 74, 98, 152 Wardlow, John 65 Warfield, George Warg, Paul VVame, Clinton Warren, Richard 56, 178, 196 Wartenweiler, William Washington, Beverly 66, 88, 103, 114 Wassberg, Curtis Waterstreet, Mary 61 Watson, Jerry 176 Watzke, David 55, 130, 131, 135 Watzke, Ronald Waugh, Duane W. 67 Waymire, Rona L 63 Weaver, Gerry 63 Weaver, Patricia 47 Webb, Gary 90, 167 Weber, Patty Ann 60 Weber, Richard J. 52 Weber, Rodney 56, 175 Weber, Sandra 79, 159, 162 Weber, Sharon 54. Weckerle, Jo Ann Wedeward, Dave 53 Weede, Lawrence S. Weeden, Dawn 54, 134 Weeks, Floyd 177, 186, 205 Wege, Janice Mary 44 Wegner, Norman 47 Wehland, Richard A. Wehr, Kathleen 47 Weibel, Ann 154. Weiffenbach, Ron Weiher, Freeman 65 Weiland, Trudy 137, 152 Weink, Kathleen 26, 44, 69, 163 Weis, Ronald 182 Weisensel, Hubert C. Weisensel, Karen 56 Weishaar, Wayne 44, 176 Weiss, K. Jane 44 Weiss, Karen Weitzel, Evelyn 59 Welch, Judith 66 Welch, Ronald 44 Welke, Doug 190 Weller, Barbara 62 Wellhausen, James Wells, Jane 67 Welty, Karen 53, 153 Wendelburg, T0111 79 Wenman, Bonnie Wenninger, Marcia A. 60 VVentworth, Susan 65 Wenzel, Thomas Werdermann, Patricia Ann Werfal, Kathleen Werner, Susan 16o Wescott, Thomas 44 Wesemann, Arlene 52 Wessies, Alan 8 West, Barbara 44, 69, 89, 90, 91, 94. 98, 154 West, Gary 5o Westendorf, Richard 56 Westphal, Ken 50 Westphal, Maxine 55, 90 Wetherall, Jerry J. 117 Wettengel, Robert 61 Weum, Joseph Jr. Weyers, Charles 44 VVhalen, Robert B. 62 Wheeler, Marilyn C. 65 Whinnery, Mary 66 Whisman, Gerald O. 53 White, Beverly 63, 163 White, Edward White, Elizabeth White, Kathleen 62 White, Kenneth N. 62 White, Marshal J. 48, 92, 90, 209 White, Wesley 190, 205 Whiteside, Daniel 66 Whitford, Richard J. 60 Wick, David R. 60, 90 Wicker, Richard 50 Wickland. Kenneth 44 Wiedenheft, Dona 55, 163 Wiedenheft, Dyan 6o Wiedenhoeft, Denis 6o Wiedrich, Marjory 145 VViegner, Marilyn 56, 110 Wiemer, Frederick 57 Wigderson, W. D. 51, 95, 99, 104 Wike, Allan A. Wilber, Allen Wilber, Barbara Wilbert, Albert 58 Wilcox, Donald 44 Wild, Barbara J. 63 Wild, Joseph W. Wilde, Wayne 197 Wildermuth, Ronald D 56 Wilear, Barbara 53 VVilger, Lloyd M. Wilk, Judith Wilkie, Thomas 103 Willadsen, David 57 Willems, Jule 166 Williams, Eleanore Williams, Judith 55, 111, 159 Williams, Lewis 62 Williamson, Pamela 64 Willoughby, John 150, 166 Wills, Thomas 49, 166 Willson, Robert A. Wilson, Harry L. I31, 130, 146 Wilson, Karen 60 Wilson, Marcia E. 59 Wilson, Richard 60, 173, 197 Wilton, Ethel 51, 114 Winn, Mary A. 64, 142 Winnen, David 47 Winnes, Richard 64 Wirth, Nancy 64 Wiskow, Tom 178 Wisniewski, Mary 50, 110 Witkins, Ann 142 VVittkopp, Michael Jon 64 Wittman, Sandra 56, 112 Woelffer, Nancy Wojtkiewicz, Jerome 61 Wojtowicz, Frances 48, 81 VVolcott, Karen 47 Wolf, Gerald 52, 182, 205 Wolf, James 61 Wolff, Beverly 62 Wolff, Fred 65 Wolff, Robert 97 Weller, Jeanne 150, 153 Wolosz, Henry 190 Wolters, Pat 64 Woltmann, Joyce 65 Woltring, Bmira 65 Woodbury, Nancy 45 Worachek, Joe 66, 208 Worden, Kathy 47, 98, 106, 112 Wornson, Judy 65, 142 Wosilait, Nancy 52, 145 Wrasse, Neila 50, 106, 162 Wright, William 59 Wuethrich, Thomas 187 VVunrow, William 47 Wunsch, Michael 45, 69, 101 Wyman, Gail 65 Wyss, Patricia 89, 90 1 82, 1 50, Y Yatzeck, Jim 66 Young, Beverly 47, 75, 158 Young, Denver 60, 197 Young, Rodney 45, 72, I67 Yug, Marjorie 45, 103 Z Zabel, Ronald Zagrodnik, Thomas 190 Zahn, Don 177 Zahn, Kent E. 101 Zahnzinger, Robert 66 Zahringer, Joseph W. Zantow, Steve 46, 96, 169 Zastrow, Carole Zastrow, Mary Lou 66 Zastrow, Susan 45, 155 Zeaman, Bonita 10 56 Zech, Carol 59, 147 Zeeh, Charles 67, 142 Zeidler, Cheryl 75 Zeiger, Jerry 183 197 Zeigle, Jeff 53, I97 Zell, David 63, 84, 147 Zellmer, David 63 Zelm, Gerald 56 Zelm, Merlin 49 Zens, Tony 19o Zenz, Mary Jane 59, 84 Zernicke, Ellen 55 Zibell, Gerald 67 Zickerman, Rosemary 45, 69, 97, 98, 142, I50 Ziebarth, Ute 59, 137 Ziech, David 45 Ziegelmann, Janice 50, 107, 152 Ziegler, Carql 158 Zielke, D011 55 Zilles, Donna 58 Zimmerman, Judy 53, 120, 119 Zimmerman, Robert 112 Zinda, Patricia 48, 75, 160, 142 Zinda, Thomas 67, 178 Zinke, Don 137 Zipperer, Paul 166 Zirk, Carl 47, 97 Zirzow, Carol Ann 58 Zitka, Shirley 101 Zoellner, Thomas 59, 85, 169, 208 Zuehls, Betty Ann 55, 84, 120, 119 Zuffa, Jerold 130 Zunker, Susan 58 Zurich, Nada 56, 160 Zwieg, Joanne 48, 109 Student lndex-231 . " n w h .- .3 '3 -2!- - inn, 33:34 nut..." . . 'lvv , '13... ..:;.;:'... . -- .3 '33 u, .,,,,..:s:;.' g m f 2.1!. a... 344,-? 5-. : . 4, .3 C; v. 511.. . .

Suggestions in the University of Wisconsin Whitewater - Minneiska Yearbook (Whitewater, WI) collection:

University of Wisconsin Whitewater - Minneiska Yearbook (Whitewater, WI) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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University of Wisconsin Whitewater - Minneiska Yearbook (Whitewater, WI) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


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