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.minneiska 1962 published by the students of wisconsin state college, whitewater, wisconsin table of contents Administration . Students . . . . . . 17 Organizations . . 61 Greeks . 143 Athletics Special Events . 177 Index dedication In the name of all those thousands of students and teachers who have known him for his unfailing friendliness, who have caught his 5 irit of cooperative endeavor, and who have grown stea ily under his quiet and effective guidance, this Minneiska is affectionately and respect- fully dedicated to President Robert C. Williams. Carrying books to the new Anderson President William's enioymg the Homecoming Game. Library. President Williams, with Dr. Barnett, former Dean of Women, helps break ground for Lucy Baker The President and his wife at the annual alumni Presldenf Williams delivering his . annual address Dormitory. banquet. i Ill6 l 96filll66llo lv?lll V. ??IIIIJ g x . ,. , k ; x .WW tion administra presidentis address President Robert C. Williams. Being associated with others who are seeking broader horizons and a richer measure of self-realization is a most stimulat- ing experience. Out of the classroom, laboratory, library, platform and other campus activities are distilled the unique charac- teristics of the individual and the contributions which he will offer to the world of tomorrow. It would be my hope and desire that each of us will become increasingly aware of the significance of knowledge and its relevance to the needs of our society. I am confident that we will measure up to the responsibilities which we have imposed upon ourselves. Among the abiding souvenirs of college will be the memories of students, colleagues and friends with whom we have shared our aspirations and matured our personalities. Alma Mater will become personal and possessive in meaning. Robert C. Williams President the administration Mr. Cain, Head Librarian Mr. Collins, Acting Director of Business Educailon and Administration Dr. Brown, Assistant 10 Dr. Droullard, Dean of Men the President Dr, Flanagan, Director of Miss Forbush, Dean of Women Dr. Leln, Chairman of the Secondary-Acudemlc Education Graduate Committee Dr. Schaffer. Director of Dr. Winther. Director of Student Personnel Laboratory School and Extension Services Dr. Wells, Registrar and Dr. Whife, Director of Dean of Instruction Elementary Education Mr. Ballsmith Dr. Barnett Mr. Beck Miss Benson Miss Bluskey Dr. Bohi Mr. Brady Mr. Bryan Mr. Bushman Mr. Chopp Miss Christen Mrs. Coe Miss Crossman Mr. Cummings Mr. Duggett Dr. DeWind Mr. Dorr Dr. Earp Miss Ebert Mr. Evans Miss Ferguson Dr. Flynn Miss Followell Miss Forster v , . . a Mr. Foster Mr. Gable Mr. Gibbons Dr. Gluzebrook Mr. Gloyd Dr. Graham Mr. Graham Dr. Grant Dr. Gray Mrs. Greene Dr. Greene Mr. Griffiths Dr. Grinstead Mr. Heide Dr. Hellie Mr. Herdendorf Mr. Hermsen Mr. Hielmhaug Mrs. Hood Mr. Kennedy Mr. King Mr. Klumb Mr. Knuth Dr. Lee Miss Lefler Mr. Liedtke Dr. Light Miss Lockwood Mr. Lowrey Mr. Madden Mr. Madson Dr. Markham Mr. Martin Mr. McConeghey Dr. McGraw Dr. McNubb . a ' ; Dr. Meyer Mrs. Mills Dr. Miner Mr. Morgan Dr. Morphew Mrs. Mueller Mr. Nash Dr. Olmsted Dr. Pulinay Miss Pupe Mr. Perkins Mr. Perry Miss Peterson Dr. Pfau Mr. Porter Mr. Prucha Mr. Rube Miss Reeves Mr. Refior Miss Remp Dr, Rich Miss Roxby Mr. Saunders Dr. Schmunk Miss Schulfze Mr. Schwager Dr. Sederholm Mr. Senlse Mr. Sents Mr. Shaw A , A Dr. Smith Mr. Stoner Mrs. Swartz Dr. Theune Mr. Thies Mr. Toomey L v A Mr. Traub Mr. Tscharnack Dr. Utz Miss van Steenderen Mr. Varah Dr. von Trebra Dr. Vrieze Mr. Weigandt Mr. Wum student council Bill Hruski, President Dick Schaffer, Vice-president Sally Reufher, Secretary Judy Brown, Treasurer Senior Representatives: John Horn, Jane Murquurdf, Terry Shea, Junior Representatives: Jim Greenley, Dick Hanke, Barb Kasfe, Bob Witczuk Donna Steinbrink Freshman Representatives: Carlene Anderson, Mike Beaupre, Mario Dickman, Sophomore Represenatives: Janice Ames, Joe Kowutski, Barb West, Skip Tessmun Beverly Young Advisers: Ed Swurfz, Dr. Droullard, Miss Cora Forbush student council The Student Council is the voice of the students. It is a vital organization which enables students to participate in the governing of student affairs. Its services include sponsoring the blood mobile, c0- sponsoring the All-School Fall Mixer and the All-School Picnic, awarding the scholarship plaque and conducting elections. It also chooses students to serve on the alloca- tions committee, the convocations committee, the student welfare board and the Student Union Board. In the fall of 1961 the Council sent five members to the Association of College Unions Conference in Muncie, Indiana. The WSC Student Council also became a member of the United Council of Wisconsin State College Student Governments. The officers of the Student Council this year are Wil- liam Hrasky, president; Richard Schafer, vice-president; Sally Reuther, secretary; and Judith Brown, treasurer. Of- ficers are elected in an all-school election and serve for one year, starting in March. There are sixteen other members on the Student Council. Four are elected from each of the sophomore, junior, and senior classes. The four freshman class officers serve as the freshman representatives. Representatives serve for one year, starting in September. These students constitute the Council; however, all members of the student body may attend meetings and voice their opinions. Meetings are held on the first and third Mondays of each month. Student Council members count ballots after an ull-school election The Student Council takes a survey to determine attitudes of W.$.C. students The Student Council sponsors a blood drive 13 associated women students Associated Women Students is a governing organiza- tion which offers consideration and guidance in Prob- lems relating to the responsibilities of all women stu- dents. A.W.S. also keeps in touch with other colleges and universities in the United States through conventions and many publications. All women students automatically become members of this group organization upon the day of their registration. The group carries out many activities throughout the school year. Activities include eliminate participation in orientation week through the big-little sister program, a householders tea, the publication of a student handbook, maintenance of the women's lounge, at pte-exam break- A W S officers preside at the Monday night meeting of A W S 14 Doreen Mature, reporter; Darlene Teubert, vice-presidenf; Karen Anderson, president; Elizabeth Madaghian, treasurer; Carol Kohlmetz, secretary. fast, a charity drive, and the spring banquet and fashion show. The A.W.S. Council is composed of these officers e- Karen Anderson, president; Darlene Teubert, vice presie dent; Carol Kohlmetz, secretary; Elizabeth Madahgian, treasurer; Doreen Matara, reporter; Janet Neuendorf, Intercollegiate Associated Women Students Representa- tive; and Miss Cora Forbush, advisor .. and the dormi- tory representatives and house presidents from houses with ten or more women students. One must have a "C" average or better to be a council member and a uC+" average or better to become an officer. associated women students wk Jan Dettmering, Jean Rasch, Phyllis Ames, Barbara Burgermeister, Judy Frank, Darcy Dufenhorst, Barbara Bierkness, Befte Hughes, Dinah Howard, Sharon Buhrow, Nuncl Gruver, Jan Neuendorf. Myrtle chzlxske, Jean Sommers, Carol Ziegler, Li! Peterson, Ann Logan, Mary Ann Vehrs, Barbara Paepke, Gloria Bartelt, Barb Stube, Rhoda Sherwood, Karen .reenwoo . 15 class officers Freshmen Skip Tessmer, treasurer, Carlene Anderson, secretary, Mike Beaupre, president. Sophomores Joe Kuwutski, president; Dick Hanke, vice-president; Kathy Christianson, secretary; Sue Kuerschner, treasurer. Juniors Nancy Rolstcd, treasurer; Judy Sloan, secretory; Jim Greenlee, vice-presidem; Bob Witczuk, president. students , EEE$EN$$ $$$ f x i .V x id-..- seniors Gordon F erg President Carol Kohlmetz Secretary In September 1958, we entered Wisconsin State Col- lege, Whitewater, as freshmen. The years have proved to be filled with many memories and activities. As freshmen, we learned to work together and our group efforts prosper- ed. Our homecoming float captured the first-place trophy in the humorous division. Freshman class officers were Justin Jankowski, president; Robert Biege, vice-president; Pamela Nielsen, secretary; and Geraldine VanLannen, treasurer. As sophomores, our numbers had suffered a slight decrease when we enrolled in September of 1959. Class officers that year were Jim Eberhardt, president Dennis Ladwig, vice-president; Shirley Burkardt, secretary; and Karen Anderson, treasurer. By this time the class was well represented in the many extra curricular and academic activities on campus. 18 Allen Siebel Vice-President Elizabeth Madagian Treasurer In the fall of 1960 the class elected John Horn as president, Gordy Ferg as vice-president, Norene Agnew as secretary, and Janet Dettmering' as treasurer. The War- hawks of Whitewater captured the football championship for the second consecutive season that year. uSong of the South", our last group function as juniors, saw Gloria Krosnicki and Gordy Ferg reign as their royal highnesses over the Junior Prom. Since September, 1961, the class has been occupied with plans for graduation. Gordy Ferg presided as class president, with Allen Siebel as vice-president, Liz Madaghian as secretary, and Carol Kohlmetz as treasurer, We will be attending the usual senior functionsethe picnic, the banquet, and the baccalaureate serviceeand are anxiously awaiting June 8, 1962, annd the 92nd Com- mencement. Gil Amborn Karen Anderson Allen Bauman Virginia Apfelbeck Marjorie Baker Merlin Baumann James Beaulier Carol Becker Mary Kay Beggs James Beistel Hildegard Belde Mike Belfer Sonja Bengston seniors Jane Bitz Eileen Bower John Boylan Laurence Bradley Marion Britton Barbara Brzezinski Jane Bulkow Beverly Bullard Richard Butcher I Conalee Calhoon David Cassidy Martha Carpenter seniors James Clark Kathryn Clay Ronald Cleminson John Coyle . . 9m? Mary Culshaw Sharann Dalee Douglas Davidson James Dehler 1 Auto Deichl Marlene Denzer, Sandralee DeSombre Janet Dettmering seniors x : awwi W pii44W $ 1 Paul Downey "Mun?!" 1.$ "" Mmmnw" gum; Mary Feiter ? Alfred Foster Judy Frank Jerome Fritsch John Ganoung Leon Gans Gm. Phyllis George Dean Gibney Marion Giencke Karen Gilbertson Carol Gile Bonny Glynn David G6urlie Michael Gradl Roland Gregory Willits Gretschmann Julianne Gray Dohna Groth Nancy Graver I Jeanne Guelig Clarence Haesly Gefald Hagan 23 24 . sen iors Doris Harsevoort Linda Hartman Mary Hase Kathleen Hauser Lucile Heck 1 Thomas Hehli Marjorie Hein Monte Hottman WW Carol Hubbard Charles Hunger Roger Hunt Marilyn Hunt seniors Donna Hynes Don Jacoby LeRoy Jahnke Carolyn Johnson 3 Sharon Johnson Joanne Kaber 1 Judy Kelly Helen Kerr Sandra Ketter L Judith Kielgas Linn Klitzkie Thomas Klug Dana Knaak Dorothy Koch Judy Kohlmeyer Gloria Korrison 25 26 .10 Thomas Kumlien Dennis Ladwig LaVerne Langer Marcella Larsen Louise Larson Mary Lien ; a g . . , Dennis Laverme Julene Lucchi CindyLudwig I Barb Lund 'ik'. . ., Phil Mattei Maxine McCormick seniors Peter McGregor i. James Mayer Janice McKay, Thomas McMenomy 27 2B Dick Morgan Maris Oelstrom Judy Messmer seniors Vernon Meyer Sharon Miller Sue Miller Jean Morrissey John Mossberg Sandra Muenchow Janet Neuendorf John Niemeier Robert Niendorf Ellen Okubo Joyce Olson Audrey Orr seniors Charles Pagel Joyce Plaushines . 1 , David Purdy Jetty Pyle ;Doinna Radbe William Rademan 29 30 seniors Judy Reinke Sally Reuther I Irene Riedl Salvatore Ritacca Robert Ritger Coll'een Roach Arthur Robinson Betty Rockwell g4 Chafles Roth Janice Rothschadl Charles Roum Betty Rowe Eugene Rue Andrew Ruzeck Colleen Ryan I Robert Sayre seniors David Schallhorn Howard Schlueter 5 Judith Schmude x55 Betty Schoechert Ken Schmeling Joyce Schnitger I 5 . m5; 5 William Schoenberg Allie Scott Rosemary Searles Gary Sell Marilyn Shea Terry Shea Gloria Sheatd 31 32 seniors Richard Skora Dennis Smith Don Smith James Sommers Jeanne Sommers Sharon Spredemann Will Stauske Charles Steele Donna Steinbrink Suzanne Stengel Ron Sterhard Shiriey Stone Rbn Strampe Lynn Sties Ed Swattz Robert Tiylor seniors Stan Taylor Gene Tepp Darlene Teubert William Tueting Joanne Tlewalt Ronald Van able Kent Vasby 33 34 seniors David Veith Horst Wartenberg Donald Watzke JoEllen Wautlet x. Roberta Weddig Frank Weinberg James Weiss Robert Wendt Sandra Whitmore Eugene Wick Shirley Williams M. Diane Winn L9,, a . Ron Wittenberg Wayne Wolfgram Robert Wurtz Linda Wyss seniors Dwight York Barb Handrich Carol Pederson Peggy Rusk "The beginnings and endings of all human undertakings are untidy . . . " juniors K gammy , E? g mevmmn K Row 1 - Sandee Bruss, Sonia Peterson, Rita Ritger, Marie Mares, Mary Sf'te, Judy Ross, Mary Roach, Joan Sieger, Sharon Mildbrandt, Elaine Scholl. Row 2 - John Seitz, Michael Connell, Ron Anton, Don Thom, Wally Schoenfeld, Stewart Frisch, Clarence Magnuson, William Thompson, Bruce Ekdahl, Bob Morgan. Row 3 - Patricia Bonnar, Joe Tkacz, Phyllis Ames, Bob Dohlmcm, Nancy De Fries, Joe Steffen, Mona Trautmun, Bruce Patrick, Jan Reetz, Ronald Peierson. , K i: - , y , , . K Row 1 Mary DeMarsh, Mary Alice Becker, Carol Gallagher, Kathy Weink, Mary O'Day, Helen Rennhak, Cecilia Simonds, Mary Ann Vehrs. Nancy RoIsiod, Lois Pollard. Row 2 - Robert Powasen, Dave Nelson, Joe Cronick, Fred Pospeschil, Wally Partenheimer, Edward O'Donnell, Dave Hahn, Rod Young, Wilbert Noltemeyer. Row 3 - Carolyn Simdon, Charles Titus, Jane Weiss, Jule Williems, Connie Peterson, Gerald McGowan. Maxine Liszewski, Dick Haney, Nancy Woodbury, Thomas Boll. 36 juniors Row 1 - Robby Kiley, Sally Roth, Pcmi Muehl, Bev Martin, Mary Ellen Peri, Judy Brown, Gloria Bartelf, Carol Phelps, Pat Haberman, Jun Reetz. Row 2 - Marshall Stewart, Ronald Schmidt, Keith Miner, Mike Guolee, Bob Johnson, Donald Lipske, Howard Czuschke, Bruce McKinney. Row 3 - Paul Zipperer. Arlene Scherrer, Greg Schaefer, Mary Host, Peter Sheppard, Joyce Hopkins, John Schroeder, Rosie Zickermun, James George. p Row 1 Carolyn Ryer, Ronette Pieper, Kathleen Fiedler, Gale Towne, Karen Clay, Catherine Petros, Bonnie Huessly, Jean Sholts, Patricia Taguch. thhleen Stronn. Row 2 - Ron Margelofsky, Bill Tueting, Jerome Wood, Bob Soule', Lawrence Hunlon, Edward Siert, John Lay, Peter Junowski, Travis Mnddlestead, Alan Scott. Row 3 - Jean Minayoshi, Thomas Schmifz, Carole Treleven, Keith Johnston. Betiy Ross, Tom Haebig, Judy Sloan, Joe Cioni, Barbara West, Joe Nuspl. 37 juniors Row 1 - Karen Beede, Barbara Kaste, Mary Jean Baehler, Barbara Kronieczku, Judy Bolfz, Karen Fehling, Ila Henriksen, Koren Anderson, Elaine Dziedzic, Row 2 - Jerry Glitzky, Robert Jesse, Ron Jacobson, Roy Endres, Mike Anderson, Paul Korfh, Cedric Anderson, James Shannon Anderson, Bonnie Jacobs, Patricia Hare, Liz Henkel, Sharon Carol Gourlie, Sara Conway. Bunzel, Hugh Foy, Barbara Bernhardt Row 3 - Sue Ludwig, Cynthia Branum, Grove. Carolyn Fisher, Veronica Gilsdorf, Ruth Dittmer, Linda Enloe. Row 1 - Gail Brandt, JuneIHamiIfon, Carolyn Klein, Lorria Cox, Sonnie Hiortlond, Joy Hanks, Carol Frey' Judith Krueger, Helen Perfzboon, Louise Aplin, qu Jusfesen. Row. 2 - Bl" Campbell, Doug Behrens, Dennis Krause, Thomas Koch, Charles Krull, Robert Grzeszczuk, Allan Jones, Perry Hellum, Richard Haney, Lms Burfhe. Row 3 - Bill Burribeau, Dame De La Pusquu, Judy Knurr, Gerry Justin, Ralph Krueger, Mary Fen, Robert Klitzkie, Marilyn Hetzel, Jim Esser, Lois Brooks, John Baxter. 38 juniors ; Row 1 Mrs. G. V. Melillo, Eileen Kube, Rhoda Sherwood. Row 2 - Tim Werner, Ron Moore, Jim Esser, Gary Wallace. Row 3 - Clifford Schiefelbein, Nevin Farley, Joe O'Nelll. As seniors, the class of 1963 will have seen the completion of Mo new dormiiorles on the WSC campus sophomores i Row 1 Corinne Berg, Frances Woifowicz, Therese Muier, Michele Mundt, Linda Schelm, Karen Shower, Sally Hahn, Marleu Schuetz, Barbara Pue;ke, Mary Wisniewski, Carol Probell. Row 2 - Peggy Pernot, Lynette Miller, Sandy Sanderson, Sharon Swenson, Judith Schmidt, Jo Kacoun, Sharon Adamson, Carol Nelson, Judy Mc Corthy, Michaelene Seianas, Jane Johnson, Elizabeth Teasdale. Row 3 - David Sykes, Mike Muchu, Don Schindler, Jim Eaton, Jeff Bocher, Merlin Zelm, Patrick Quinn, Terry Venema, Wayne Schmifz, Tom Heber, Row 4 - Dick Ruhde, Dove Merryfield, John Schnuckenberg, John Fuchs, Mike Furlong. Jim Miller, Paul Joseph, Keith Pavlovich, Robert Bender, Bill Mapp, Marshall White, Peter Bauer, Lee Hemlel. Row 1: Kathy Worden. Pearl Powers, June Stowell' Joanne Zwieg, Barb Mathews, Murgene Goessling, Kathy Wehr, Jean Rasch, Mary Ellen Veitch, Jeanne Woller, Charlotte Samz. Row 2: Sharon Muetzel, Connie Wanninger, Sandra Kasmerchek, Karin Malek. Dorothy Olbrich, Carol Jean Mess, Jenny Weinschenk, Trudy Weiland, Karen Platf, Janice Pribnow, Pat Petersen, Barb Roberts, Jean Palmer. Row 3: Bob Hepfinger, John Schmoll, Stan Plagemun, Bob Hay, Roger Scherrer, Seymour Pitts, Less Barf, William Scabie, Kerry Wanish, Dove Morfensen, Lloyd Wilz, Mark Patfen. Row 4: Gary West, Doug Munz, Robert Sveom; Paul Siedschlug, Fredrick Schmude. Bob Obenberger, Jerry Zuffa, Donald Sippel, Bob Jensen, Renee Oliver, Curl Pugel, Leonard Rochwerger. 46 sophomores Row 1 Marsha Ernest, Barbara Schmul, Jane? Fromm, Lorna Everson, Mary Goddard, Karen Kuiz, Mary Sebronek, Susan Hayward, Janet Brakefield, Doreen Matoru. Row 2 - Richard Claussen, Bill Hamilton, Bob Peterson, Marty Peebles, Ken Luun, Doug Kant, Ralph Eckhardf, Bob Gundrum, Terry Geske. Row 3 Anita Gilliland, Dale Bartel, Caroline Liebeirau, Cy Carlson, Judy O'Leary, Barry Bermon, Carolyn Davies, Ted Kinzer, Mary Jensen, John Cain. Rpw 1 a Betty Lebermon, Sue V091, Louise Meumunn, Nancy Shewczyk, Carol Busting, Bonnie Fink, Carol Ziegler, Susie Nelson, Beth White, Patricia Zlnda, Jan Spiegelhoff, Neilu Wrasse. Row 2 - Peggy Tuschen, Barb Zemp, NLbby Verthein, Carol Reinke, Ann Leidiger, Kay Victor, Mary Peterson, Carol Hansen, Mary Jean McLean, Janice Ziegelmann, Jane Trachte, Norma Gratzig. Row 3 - Earl Townsend, Jerry Packard, Loyld Wills, John Smarslik, Gprdon Roth, G. Pior, David Graf, William Wunrow. Jerry Voigt, Dewey Tofson. Scott Turner, John Sromulski. Row 4 - Kenneth Rutsch, Jim Pope, Artie HICKS; Dennis McWilliums, Robert Marsh, Jim Bartel, Randolph Roth, Richard Steele, Mike Wolff, Dick Oelhafen, Philip Manes, Jim Bloom. 4l sophomores Row 1 Jane Gibbons, Jame Pomeday, Kathy Peterson, Judy Gunerman, Janice Leschinsky, Pm Kintzler, Pat Bowes, Melinda Morgan, Sally Kohlbeck. Row 2 - Jerome Borucki, Dennis Wheeler, Edward Brabow' Dove Danielson, Paul Thielmann' George Fedorovich, Harry Davis, Bill Lamberg, William Kilkenny. Row 3 - Jim Raffini, Sharon Buhrow, Paul Joseph, Janice Kolpitcke, Jack Kooyman, Kathy Kelliher. Keith Pavlovich, John Furlong, Pam Legreid, Marita Hale. Row 1 Karen Gleich, Kathleen Hart, Barbara Burgermeister, Cathy Kitto, Naomi Koepp, Leah Jensen, Julie Timler, Gail Gerretsen, Lora Finke, Sally Kuecker, Kaye Cummings, Jan Buske. Row 2 Roger Stevens, Jerry Watson, Al Woelfel, Bramdon Machado, Bob Johnson, Joe Bluchnltzvy, Ken Baker. Mike Brosveau, Ronald McDovid, Augustine Ingutia. Row 3 - Nancy Nelson, Kathy Hetzel, Bob Helgemo, Ruth Hunak, Robert Farmer, Mariorie Martin, Bill Pfisferer, Kathy Kraus, Frank Breneisen, Peggy Hein, Bob Kasprzuk, Terry Vose. 42 sophomores Row 1 - Anne Livengood, Carole Hewes, Judy Kopecky, Marion Klinner, Sandy Fluke, Janice King, Penny Corr, Shirley Zifka, Nancy Menke, Kathy Irvine. Row 2 - John Link, Douglas Cummings, Bob Lehmann, John Cattelino, John Saunders, David Sobieralski, Mark Kruhn, Thomas Golden, Jerry Hoeff. Row 3 - Bonnie Holmes, Don Olin, Margery Gill, Larry Kolden, Louise Fogg, Skip Koerth, Betty Letter, Doug Farrell, Karen Wolcott. x Row 1 - Bruce :l'acke, Ellen Johnson, Eleanore Klimek, Annette Smullen, Myrna Sherwood, Janie Fisher, Beverly Young, Don Deeder. Row 2 - Eugene Kunde, Jim Pechauer, Ned Huwatschek, Paul Buthke, Don Sippel, Ken Greene, Glen Hauser, Jerry Arneson, Michael lselin. Row 3 - Margaret Kramer, Nancy Odlnlus, Julie Cartwright, Sharon Baumgarmer, Amy Fetterly. 43 sophomores Skifs-Ofrenia sponsored by the Sophomore Class Mr. Perry, Master of Ceremonies, entertains the large crONd at Skits-Ofreniu Mr. Dombeck sells flowers at "Skits-Ofrenia" "Skits - Ofrenia" presents the School Welfare Board consisting of Mr. Ballsmith, a typical student; Dr. Hellie, Mr. Hermsen, Dr. Reflon Dr. Glazebrook, Miss Blasky, A. w. 5.; and Mr. Brian, lnterfraternify Council. Robert Aicher, Phil Algomu, Dick Allen, Florence Amzallog, Carlene Anderson, Nancy Anderson, Paul Anderson. reshmen Ralph Anderson, Susie Anick, Jean Antoine, Jim Anffschall, Denny Armstrong, Steve Ashley, Walter Aspufore. mix A' ; t :gH , A Fred Boehler, Marie Bakemeier, Marilyn Baker, Sally Baker, Tom Baldner, Raseann Baldoun, Phil Bcllugen. Marlyn Balog, Nancy Bcrkenhagen, Mike Barrett, Jim Barthel, Barry Burton, Barbara Bath, Ron Bauer. freshmen Dave Bond, Dennis Bonifowski, Dick Bouche, John Bouwens, Janet Boyer. Betty Bristow, Mary Brabender. 7 ,5 a;- Ann Brooks, Carolyn Bruhn, Jeanne Bunting, Louise Burch, Dorothy Burdick, Marcia Burnham, Ron Bzynski. Gary Catocci, Mary Calhoun, Dave Callawuy, Marianna Cataniu, Marie Comer, Fred Cellini, Wilmonf Chandler. Sunnis chase, Jerry Chase, Jim Chief, Mary Chilton, Don Chilko, Mary Christian, Don Christensen. 46 freshmen Connie Cignek, Carol Clark, Diane Cluussen, Mary Kay Cleland, Bill Cnare, Charles Coates, Sue Coates. Norman Caller, Joan Collins, Ron Confuell, Joan Conom, Gordon Corneise, Carol Corpron, Jim Coveney. Brenda Cowell, Judy Cox, Kathie Cull, Bucky Curran, Dawn Cusfer, Margaret Cychasz' Cheri Czebutor. Colette Czerwinski, Bonny Duhms, George Daniels, Gerald Davis, Mary De Bruine, Mary De Cosfer, Nancy De Gormo. i m q Xv Joan Degner, Jack Delaniy, W. De Muster, Gerald Desing, Phyllis Diechsler, Fredrick Diedrick, Mariorie Diefenthaler. 47 freshmen Jack Dresdow, Greg Dietz, Karen Digmun, Tim Doalan, Karen Doher, Mary Jo Doyle, Joyce Dreischmeier, Althea Drew, Mary Lou Dulik, Martin Dunbar, Put Dunhqm. g? . 3; I w ,2 Vivian Dunning, Virginia Duyer, Martha Eberle, Tom Eddie, Dian Elsfeldt, Loretta Elliott, Larry Engel. Ray Fevierk, Dave Figl, Barbara Flrle, Harold Fisher, Mary Lou Fisher, Gale Fluschner, Jim Forsyth. freshmen Barbara Fuas, Judy Fuersfenberg, Eda Fulton, Jim Gufuno. Jig L fa f Denny Geyer, Dick Geyman, Jean Gibbs, Karl Gier. Mary Gier, Jerry Giesie, Raymond Gilbertson. .,. , , , M. L Kay Haagensen, Bill Hamilton, Dianne Hansen. freshmen Judy Hansen, Karen Hansen, Sully Hormonn, Barbara Hariel. Dick Hess, Mike Hetzel, Judy Hills, Janice Hengiss, Bill Hirn, Dave Hodge, Bob Hoene x ml, Barb Hosting. freshmen Sue Kopp. 5:, Rosemary Knufson, Sharon .135 - fad, Ken Kraft. Kohler, Rose Kohn, Charles Kolich, Jerry Kolls, Diane Kols freshmen Jim Kruuse, Carol Kraus, Harold Kroncke, Thomas Kruschke, William Krus2, Barbara Kub, Arden Kuhn. David Kuykendall, Bill Kwapil, Dick La Ceile, Margorie Ladewign, Marlene Lahmun, Mary Lange, Karen Longer. 52' reshmen , 4 Judy MC Curmy, Susan Joan Melville, Peter Mersberger, Stephen Meyer, John Miller. Tom Monahctn, Kathy Morris, Bob Mortlnson, Sue Mortenson, Torn Mortenson, Maureen Mosel. Les Motylewski. ; Lou Ann Mueller, John Naesen, Karen Naivlg, Jlm Nehrlng, John Nelspl, Jean Nelson, Michelle Nelson. 53 freshmen 1 Phil Nelson, Kathy Non, Nancy Nyberg, Karen Olsen, Jim Olson, Nick Pope, John Papestufun. Dale Rells, Brad Peters, Pat Peters, Alan Peterson, Karen Peterson, Steff Peterson, Jan Pfefferkorn. Margaret Porter, Sandra Porfz, Bob Potter, Ed Preise, Mary Preuse, Dennis Prlebe, Margaret Purdy. freshmen Dave Rhodes. Kandy Purnell, Sandy Quamme, Kathy Radewon, Jo Ann Raining, Fat Regan, . k w M: Jim RIVEFS, Allen Roberts, Barbara Roberts, Roy Rockwell, Harold Romthern, Nancy Rudreed, Vicki Rupp. Mary Russell, Barb Reitelbuck, Verrence Ryan, Marie Salomone, Jerry Saltzman, Susan Saltzman, Pat Sanderson. Sue Schindler, Jim Schlicht, Richard Schmellng. Donna Schaeger, Helen Schaefer, Pattie Schaefer, Duve Scheunemunn. .,. 5 Brian Schmidt, John Schmidt, Pat Schmm, Laurence Schmlfz. Elaine Schneeberger, Carole Schnelwels, Bob Schneider. freshmen Wayne Schnitzer, Gary Schrag, Carol Schwebke. Carol Schultz, Barbara Scott, Elizabeth Scully, Harmon Seaver. a .1 Vi: Seifert, Denise Sell, Sheol Shaber, Bob Shumway, Sue Shy. a Q h Ivar Sigurdsson, Judy Slump, Carol Sleine, Barbara Smith, Gary Smith, Lani Smith, Elaine Smokowicz. EELS ' , . Lu .W Sharon Sfaford, Arthur Stake, Virginia Stalbaum, Le Roy Stangel, Dorothy Staten Marie Steiner, Davld Sfeinlzky. freshmen Jo Ellen Stenulson, Goldie Stillson, John 5100?. Jun Struck, Russel Straka, Douglas Sfraus, Richard Strussburg. MS! ' Ginger Stuvetrqa, Bob Swan, Shermann Swanson, Jim Swierzynski, Irving Swinehart. Velma Tunaka, Tom Tarkeson, Ronald Taylor, Everett Tessmer, Bob Theiser, Peter Theune. A f: ' sf Thompson, Craig Thorpe, Gerald Thorstad, Diane Thuermunn, Janice Timmermann, Barb Toelle, Ron Travis. 57 freshmen Clay Vinii, Petra Vollberger, Gerald Voy, Janice Wagner, Mary Wagner, Wayne Wahlberg, Karen Walser. John Wundrey, Michael Wandschner, Earleen Wafers, Ron Wotzke, Don Webb, Richard Weber, Rodney Weber. Sandra Weber, Dove Wedewurd, Larry Welde, Patrick Weigman, Ed Weisbrod. Mary Weitz, Karen Welty. kwlxnum Herbert Wheeler, Eric Wick, Dora Wiedenheft, Irene Wild, Nancy Williamson, Ethel Wilton, Kent Winters. 58 freshmen Marilyn Brunner, Cindy Dyreson, Charlotte Erickson, gnw Bill Hollingsworth, Udo Hoppenz, Larry Kinckman, Barb Kline, Ken Knuteson, Carol Kurth freshmen ., . 4.- ;49..4'.... Bill Ritchie, Ed Sabey, Betty Schmidt Lonita Scheider, Jeff Schulz, Les Schulz, Sam Schwefel, Bob Seiler, John Stronf, Carol Tundu David Watzke, Jerry Weatherull, Gary Webb, Terry chkman 66 organizations W Jr MW m, . concert band The Concert Band was formed many years ago on the Whitewater campus and has developed throughout the years into an excellent, well-organized group. At the present time, it is composed of many fine musicians who were chosen through audition. Under the guidance of Mr. David Evans, direc- tor, the band took part in many activities. They participated in the Formal Concert in spring. With the assistance of the Warhawk Band, they performed at the Outdoor Concert "on the circle." They again went on a three-day tour visiting various high schools throughout the state. The Concert Band's last annual public appearance took place at this year's commence- ment exerc1ses. Mary Alice Becker, Librarian; Doris Harsevort, vice-president; Pat Kelleher, president; Carol Phelps, secretary-treasurer; Jim Greenlee. business manager. Row 1 - Jean Morrissey, Don Thom, Robert Bender, Phil Alagm, Bob Schaefer, Sandra Neuenschwander, Jun Boyd, Betty Letter, Maureen Greenlee. Row 2 - Jane Trachte, Betty Zuehls, Janice Wagner, Judy Zimmerman, Karen Shower, Mary Daun, Carol Phelps, Darlene Indermuehle, Mary Alice Becker, Jane Weiss, Janice Pribnow, Bonnie Jacobs, Kathy Worden, Mary Jensen, Marilyn Brunner, Betty Leberman. Row 3 .. Sherry Jerome, Carol Hansen, Janet Fromm, Ruth Ann Kingsbury. Mary Chilton, Jeqnne Bunting, John Baxter, James Kieselburg. Jim Mayer, Charles Pollock, Don Roe, William Fassow, Ralph Eckhardt, Vicki t Gelse. Carol Kelleher, Roger Klug, Dale Boettcher, Roger Brumm, Larry Osterburg, Ramona Chamllion, Ruth Holmes, James Caveney, Mary De Brulne, Ronald Thompson. 62 concert band Band members prepare to leave for a tour . ,5..., mp. -..w- 1 - m , Q; The Band forms the traditional W during all haIf-time ceremonies Mr. Evans, Band director, watches the band 90 through its paces at a hoIf-time show Row 4 - Sandy Ketter, Carolyn Ryer, Lucile Heck, Jan Ames, Ruth Dittmer, Jerry McGowan! Doris Harsevoort. Row 5 - James Wrangell, Jean Gordon, Linda Tolg, Frey Schlue'rer, Sue Vogt, John Stefan, Gordon Smith, Roger Andreoli, Gary Beggan, John Sauerberg. Allen Roberts, Jane Meacham, Carol Tesser, Sandra Weber, Pat Kelleher, Rita Ritger, Thomas Kalauder. Mariorie Martin, Dave Graf, Judy Stamp, Jlm Greenlee, Tom Steffen, Carmen Canfanla. orchestra Row 1 - David Arbuthnot, Monrico Lehnerf, Marion Klinner, Jun Boyd, Julie Kandutsch, Jane Trachte, Don Thom. Row 2 w Mary Alice Becker, June Weiss, Sandy Ketter. Doris Hursevoort, Janice Pribnow, Sara Jane Niemun. Row 3 - Phyllis Drechsler, Hildegard Belde, Cecilia Mazurkiewicz, Gordon Smith, David Evans' director; Thomas Kocander, Mariorie Martin, Carmen Catania, Patrick Kelleher, Vicki Geise, Carol Kelleher, JoEIIen Stenulson, Nancy Griesberg. The Wisconsin State College Orchestra was organized in 1956 by Mr. Franklin Bushman, present head of the music department. Since then the orchestra has greatly increased in size and has participated in various activities, including performances as a concert group and the college choir. The orchestra is under the direction of Mr. David L. Evans who has worked with the group since 1959. This year it accompanied "Unto Us A Child Is Born," by Johann Sebastian Bach, which was presented by the college choir at the annual Christmas Concert. A Spring Concert in cooperation with the Treble Clef and MenTs Chorus was also presented. The officers for the orchestra are Doris Harsevoort, president; Gordon Smith, vice-presidcnt; Sandra Ketter, secretary; and Mr. Evans, director. organizations. The group took several short tours during the second semester. treble clef Row 1 a Mr. Gable, Lou Ann Miller, Louise Cook, Barb Medower, Kathy Ling, Evelyn Heineger, Bonnie Johnson, Marie Bladow, Cheryl Walters, Barb PierAngeli, Lonita Schneider, Jane Kusrow, Jeanne Woller, Anne Livengood, Helen Friedman, Carolyn Ryer, Sue Lawrence, Bonnie Fink. Row 2 a- Dorothy Burdick, Carol Kris, Sharon Hart, Jan Armstrong, Margaret Hem, Pamela Morgan, Karen Karcher, Joan Osterberg, Judy Braun, Merrily Madsen, Mary Fleming, Donna Dunn, Myrtle Klaske, Shirley Zitka, Elaine Schneeberger, Carol Mess, Carolyn Rolfs, Karen Peterson. Row 3 - Judy Gunderman, Joan Degner, Jean Degner, Carol Tesser, Jody Trager, Margaret Purdy, Catherine Hubbard, Constance Wanninger, Betty Huettner, Sandy Peterson, June Hamilton, Jane Trachte, Trudy Welland. Kitty Noll, Jennifer Weinschenk, Joan Miller, Joan Ortwig, Judy Zimmerman. Row 4 - Dorothy Thomas, Sharon Dorsey, Helen Kerr, Karine Brager. Carolyn Davies. Jun Kolpltcke, Susan Kopp, Murlea Schuetz, Carol Strini, Judy Gehner, Sharon Buhrow, Pat Wyss, Margorie Gill, Michaelene Seiunas, Carol Schultz, Barb Peapke, Carol Clark. tPiunist, Julie Hansom This year Treble Clef sang for the annual Christmas too. Treble Clef rehearses every Wednesday and Friday concert, a spring concert, and for several different church afternoon. Margorie Gill serves as president, Ann Livengood as vice-president, and Jennifer Weinschenk as secretary. The Treble Clef sings folk songs and religious and The Treble Clef is under the direction of Mr. Bertram classical music. The group sings French and Italian songs Gable. men 9s chorus Whitewateris Men's Chorus, under the direction of Dr. Raymond Light, had a very active and successful year which included their annual Christmas and Spring Con- hcrts and a two day tour which included visits to the schools of Kaukauna, Appleton, Sheboygan, and Stevens Point College. The officers for the year were Tom Haebig, president; Don Smith, vicc-prcsidcnt; Bill Sutter, secretary; and Bob Wurtz, librarian. Tom Habig, president; Mitchell Smith, vice-president; Bill Suffer, secretary-treasurer; Bob Wurtz, librarian. Rov'v 1wDr. Raymond E. Light, director; Duane Peterson, Jack Hoffman, Lee Hembel, Daniel Jacobson, William Pfisterer, Peter Theune, John Wundry. Robert Johnson, Mario Dieckmunn, Robert Wurtz, m piano. Row ZwJames Barthel, David Schuenemann, Gerald Whismun, William Sutter, Thomas Nelson, Barry Barton, Roger Helmer, Travis Middlestead, Marshall White, Bruce Gibson. Row LThomas Haebig, Thomas McMenomy, Gerald Thorstad, Dennis Lovuus, Ralph Clark, Phil Bolihugen' Robert Smith, James Michels, William Crandall, Lawrence OsTerberg. Row 4-Donald Smith, Robert Gabridge, Harry Davis, Kenneth Gehrt, John Hodge, Ed Weisbrod, James Miller, John Eckhardt, Allen Ribbeck, William Scobie, John Lay. mot picturedeohn Bernau, Mike lrwlm. 66 men 9s chorus Dr. Light, director of Men's Chorus The Men's Chorus practices for H5 next concert Bob Wurfz, piano accompanist for Men's Chorus a cappella choir Row I-Myrna Sherwood, Darlene Crandoll, Dian Eisfeldf, Barbara Freas, Marlene Pinon, Lou Ann Mueller, Betty Schoecert, Janet Lloyd Piddington. Roger Helmer, Travis Middlestead, William Pfisferer, Gene Hein, Duane Peterson, Robert Bosmun, James Barthel, Thomas Nelson, Donna Davis, Helen Heitz, Joan Collins, Margaret Carroll, Maxine Westphal, Dr. Raymond E. Light, Director; Barbara West, Pianist. Row 2-Sharon Spredemunn, Susan Bishop, Carol Gallagher, Jean Rosch, Patricia Bosman, Mary Brunkow, Althea Drew, James Nehring, Bruce Patrick, Marshall White, Robert Wurfz, LaVern Longer, Gerald Whismen, James Sommers, Jon Hulstead, Sally Roth, Barbara Mathews, Sara Anderson, Rhoda Sherwood, Louise Aplin, Bridget Gregory, Karen Ku1z. Row kMursha Moth, Dawn El Custer, Janice Kolpitcke, Catherine Dunks, Joan Rubbo, Mario Dieckmann, William Scobie, John Stout, Paul Schneider, Robert Purmer, Thomas Haebig, Ronald Travis, Barry Burton, Ralph Clark, Sylvia Northey, Janet Boyer, Sharon Buhrow, Mary Ellen Peff, Janet Knudson Redford, Joan Miller, Connie Warninger. Row A-Mary Lou Hose, Koren P1011, Patricia Kinleer, Julie Hanson, Sonia Peterson, Lynn Sues, Muetin Peebles, Phil Bollhogen, Ken? Karberg, John Lay, Gary Webb, Ray Howard, Dennis Lovaas, Edward Grabow. Donald Smith, Carole Kurth, Sandra Esslinger, Marion Britton, Gloria Bar1elf, Lois Hughes, Carol Davis. During the first semester, the choir gave a Christmas Concert on a fully decorated stage. The setting was that of 21 Gothic cathedral. Verdi's "Te Deum" was the high- light of the program. During the second semester, the choir gave another campus concert and its annual spring tour concerts. The tour was conducted on April 10 and 11. The officers are Robert Wurtz, president; Don Smith, vice-president; James Sommers, business manager; Mary Lou Hase, secretary; Rhoda Sherwood, Treasurer; Sue Bishop and Patricia Kintzler, librarians; Louise Aplin and Barbara Mathews, robe keepers. Jim Sommers, corresponding secretary; Mary Lou Hose, secretary; Mitchell Smith, vice-presldem. 68 a cappella choir Director Dr. Light, and pianists Bob Wurfz and Barb West Barb Mathews. robe keeper; Sue Bishop, librarian; Louise Aplin, robe keeper. Bob WurtZ, piano accompanist for A Cnppellu Choir 69 music educators national conference Row 1 e Barbara West, Sandy Ketter, Maureen Greentee, Mary Alice Becker. Jean Rasch, Vicki Geise, Jean Gordon, Marsha Moth. Row 3 e Dr. Raymond Mary Lou Hase, Carmen Cutania. x x Row 1 - Doris Hursevoort, secretary. Row 2 - Jane Trachte, vice- president, Sandy Ketter, treasurer. Row 3 - Mary Lou Hose, president. ,. 70 Shirley Zitka. Row 2 e Doris Hursevoort, Jane Truchte, Jcm Plddington, E. Light, Caroly Ryer, Carol Tesser, Thomas Kolanner, Carol Kelleher, The membership of student chapter number 60 0f the Music Educators National Conference, a department of the National Education Association, is made up of music majors and minors. This group was started three years ago under the direction of Dr. Raymond Light. This group attended concerts and musical productions in the arm, with the Opera "La Boehm," the Chicago Symphony Orchestra concert, and the Eileen Farrell Re:ital among some of the activities. They sponsored a program on March 8, 1962. This group also assisted the music faculty in handling the Solo-Ensemble Contest and the Band and Choir Festival. The M.E.N.C. convention in Chicago during March 16-20 proved interesting to the many students who attended. The officers for the school year were Mary Lou Hase, president; Jane Trachte, vice-president; Doris Harsevoort, secretary; and Sandra Kctter, treasurer. photography Don Olin, Business Manager Jim Pervisky, Former Chief Mr. Gloyd, Staff advisor Put Mages, Chief Photographer "Let's turn out the lights and see what develops!" This is a standard catch-phrase used exclusively in room 223 of the Student Union, the meeting place, office, storeroom, sometime studio, repair shop, and darkroom of the Photography Staff. The photo staff handles the majority of the college's photographic needs which, most of the staff members have found, is a full-time job. All work, however, must be done on a part-time basis. The eight man staff was directed by Jim Pervisky until his graduation in January. The Photography Staff is presently directed by sophomore Pat Mages assisted by Business Manager Don Olin. Faculty advisor is mathematics instructor Ernest Gloyd, who served on the photography staff while he attended W.S.C. Mark Krahn Cy Carlson Bruce Gibson Roy Endres Jeff Schulz 7,1- minneiska staff Jan Neuendorf, Editor-in-chief, Mr. Saunders, Advisor. Art staff members Ceile Moore and Gene Lisiecki work on the division pages for the 1962 Mlnnalsku For the Minneiska staff, a busy year of gathering materials, checking details and hurrying to meet deadlines ended early in May e just in time to enable everyone to gather his wits and his energies for an attack on studies which had been neglected and to hope that from the welter of galleys and proofs which had so recently been the only evidence of his work, a new Minnleiska would somehow emerge. Now, at last, it's here a volume which is printed and bound. But the students who produced it are less able to breathe easily at last than they had fancied they might be. In fact, work on next year's book had begun even before the last proofs for the 1962 book had been sent off to the printer. In the latter part of April, four staff members attended a meeting of Wisconsin State Col- lege yearbook staffs at LaCrosse in search of new ideas and procedures, and in May, staff members were busily working out contract specifications and arranging for springtime photographs. Especially for Janet Neuen- dorf, this year's editor, it was clear that the whole fascinating business of producing a yearbook had begun all over again. minneiska staff Row 1 - Judy Sloan, special events editor; Sally Reufher, organizations editor; Mary Host, special events editor; Mary K. Daun, church groups editor; Jane Bulkow, typing editor; Carol Becker, students editor. Row 2 - Dick Haney, sports editor; Karen Gilberfson, photography editor; Ceile Moore, an editor; Janet Lutz, index editor; Jane Tighe, administration editor; Charlene Beyer, co-editor church groups; JoEllen Wautlef, Greeks editor; Ronald Pe- terson, business manager. Row 1 - Terry Vose, Janlce Hlnglss. Patricia Zlndu. Row 2 - John Nlemeer, Pat Mages. royal purple staff mu... uPIuA, y'ffrrtlr;vb++k ;,,yM-H-+H-o.. wugwunu A NWMHW Row 1 Bob Seward, news co-editor; Sally Roth, news co-edifor; Barb Lund, editor-in-chief; Mrs. Mills, advisor. Row 2 - Eleanore Klimek, copy editor; Susie Nelson, co-adverfising manager, Sue Hayward, third page editorial assistant; Sue Kuerschner, third page co-editor; Judy Gundermun, co-advertising manager; Shurie Mildbrandt, circulation manager; Marlys Mandel, feature co-editor; Judy Kielgas, feature co-editor. Row 1 - Roxanne Kovars, Cathy Kitto, Shirley Williams, Naomi Koepp, Carol Hansen. Cynthia Branum, Kathie Kelliher, Betty Rockwell, Jan DeHmering. 2 - Gordy Ferg, Ron Margelofsky, Ned Perri, Mark Krahn, Richard Stube, Bill Tueting, Bob Geier, Ken Knufeson, Joe Palmer, Row 3 - Robby Irene Riedl, Mary O'Day, Carol Nelson, Sharon Grove, Terry Vose, Martie Harfshorn, Janice Timmermonn, Joyce Dreisehmeler, Maxine Westphul. 74 royal purple staff The business staff "Have you seen the big story in the RP yetP'l is a familiar question heard every Tuesday afternoon as the college newspaper, the ROYAL PURPLE, is dis- tributed. The newspaper is written and edited by the students and published by the Whitewater REGISTER. Just within this last year the RP has enlarged from a C to a 7- column newspaper. . The BesteDressed Coed contest is sponsored by the paper. Every organization is asked to submit two nom- ineesefrom these nominees a tally is madeean all-school election takes place. Liz Henkel was elected by the stu- dent body as Whitewatefs best-dressed coed for 1962-63. Any student may become a member of the staff. The newsaper is available each week to all college students, it is sent upon request to other schools and alumni. In addition to the hard work, many hours spent in the RP Office, there is a special awardea spring ban- quet where all editors receive awards. Sandy Neuenschwonder and Sue Hayward work on third page layout Barb Lund discusses the Royal Purple with the printer Susie Nelson and Judy Gunderman layout the week's advertisemems Jim Beistle checks over the sports page association of childhood education ACE is an organization for students intending to teach in kindergarten, elementary, or rural schools. It was found- ed in 1892, and it is concerned with the education and well-being of Children from two to twelve years old. Some of the primary purposes of the organization are to promote desirable conditions, programs and practices in schools; to raise the standard of preparation and to encourage the continued professional growth of teachers and leaders in this field; to inform the public of the needs of children and how the school program must be adjusted to fit those Row 1 - Sharon Baumgar'mer, treasurer; Betty Ross, secre- tory; Sandy Ketter, president; Karen Peterson, vice-presidenf. needs; and to bring into active cooperation all groups con- cerned with children in the school, the home, and the com- munity. The ACE sponsored a Christmas Benefit Tea and a Book Fair during the year. They have seen films, heard speakers on "First Grade Reading" and "Speech Correc- tion," and held group discussions. Officers are Sandra Ket- ter, president; Karen Peterson, Vice-president; Betty Ross, secretary Sherri Baumgartner, treasurer; and Mr. Wesley Earp and Mrs. Mueller, faculty advisors. Bonnie Haessly practice teaches at the Campus School 76 association of childhood education J $" Row 1 - Rachel Rohde, Barbara Harfel, Mary Gier, Patricia Zinda, Gale Towne, Carolyn Klein, Betty Rowe. Row 2 - Cathy Christenson, Janet Anderson, Naomi Koepp, Margaret Purdy, Donna Hynes, Mary Jensen, Kathy Kelliher, Diana Schuenemann, Louise Neumon. Row 1 Linda Schelm, Lorna Cox, Judith Draeger, Jan Ziegelmann, Carol Becker, Jane Bulkow, Pam Muehl, M. Diane Winn. Row 2 - Janet Brakefield, Dona Dunn. Louise F099, Marita Hale, Marion Brmon, Pat Schmidt, Mona Trautman, Carolyn Johnson, Hildegard Anderson, Marlon Glencke. 77 78 w. p. roseman student association The fifth grade class at the Roseman Elementary School 433x - x; t s The W. P. Roseman Chapter of the Student NEA- WEA is a professional organization for all students on campus who intend to become teachers, regardless of their curriculum. The purpose of SNEA-WEA is to acquaint future teachers with the professional organization of which they will become members when they begin teaching. The meetings are designed to stimulate interest in teaching. The State SNEA-WEA convention was held in White- water on April 6-7, 1962, with the Whitewater chapter being host to colleges throughout the state. Several members of the organization attended a Leadership Conference at Carroll College during the fall. SNEA-WEA sponsored a sale of Wisconsin Teachers Handbooks during the year. Officers are Jerry Huss, president; Joh Platts, Vice- president; Ken Schmeling, treasurer; Elizabeth Rowe, secretary; Carole Treleven, historian; and Miss Forster, faculty advisor. w. p. roseman student association Row 1 - Judy McCarthy, Carolyn Klein, Mary Culshuw, Carole Johnson, Beverly Martin, Sharon Maetzel, Carolee Lyon, Jean Sholfs, Carol Krupke. Row 2 -- Charles Steele, K. Gilbertson, Marion Giencke, Marcella Larsen, Donna Ruabe, Louise Larson, Betty Ross, Joanne Paddock, Carl Pagel. Row 3 - Julene Lucchi, Judy Ross, Dona Hynes, Judy Ludwig, Joyce Hopkins, Maris Oelstrom, Sharon Spredemann. Tx Av min ?n0H . v3.0 9 c .cnIbt, 3..4 .' ouc'H' " 'Mu W 00v.nle"V xm !" unuuu-I , x ! a? Mound . aw Knuunyi, 3 gatif W.; Row 1 w Phyllis George, Lynne Huss, Carol Kohlmetz, Ida Henriksen, Gale Towne, Joanne Tewalt, Conway. Row 2 - Dennis Conway, Will Stuuske' John C. Niemeier, James Dchler, Philip Biskei, Merlin Buuman, Robert Volhard. Row 3 - Kathryn Ann Clay, Joy Mursden, Judy Foss, Lois Chase, Linda Schelm, Sandralee De Sombre, Ann Hougard, Judi Virginia Apfelbeck. Jeanne Sommers, Jo Ellen Wautlet, Rita Ritger, Sara Powaser, LoVern Langer' Gera'd Kelley, Peggy Hein, Row 1 e- Mary Ann Vehrs, secretary; Jean Minayoshi, reporter; Rita Ritger, treasurer. Schoenfeld, president; Paul Korth, vlce-presidenf; Leon Hermsen, sponsor. Wathawk folders, the all-school carnival, an after- game dance, a point system, the state officersi visit, and convention time e these are a few of the many things that occupied the members of the Future Business Lead- ers of America. A club open to all Business Education and Business Administration students, this organization seeks to develop competent, aggressive business leader- ship. It also provides information for those students Who, as future teachers, may be asked to sponsor high school FBLA clubs. Under the renewed leadership of president Wally Schoenfeld, the club was again one of the leading or- ganizations on campus. Other officers were Paul Korth, vice-president; Mary Ann Vehrs, secretary; Rita Ritger, treasurer; Jean Minayoshi, reporter; and Dr. Leon Herm- sen, faculty advisor. future business leaders of america Row 2 - Wally future business leaders of america x" i ; Row 1 Louise Aplin, Sandy Sanderson, Mary Wisniewski, Judy Koeppen, Terri Maier, Carol Nelson, Carol Probell, Ruth Dinmer. Row 2 - Marlee Schuetz, Shannon Anderson, Sharon Adamson, Kathy Weink, Joy Justesen, Lois Brooks, Connie Peterson, Jane Weiss, Maris Oelstrcm. Row 3 - Jill Mayhew, Put Andraska, Diane Hanson, Ida Mehre, Ronene Pieper, Ila Henriksen, Joan Sieger, Shirley Zitka. Row 1 - Sandra Adelman, Amy Fetterly, Collen Ryan, Judith Schmidt, Roxanne Kovars, Jo Kapoun, Sally Hahn. Row 2 - Mary Goddard. Jerry Arneson. William Schoeneberg, Richard Skora, Philip Bicket, Robert Bender, Travis Middlestead. Row 3 - Monte Hoffmann, Lee Hembel, Ron Margelofsky, Will Stauske, Marshall White, Bruce Patrick, Tom McMenomy. 8'I future business leaders of america FBLA State officers held their fall convention on the WSC Campus the FBLA Annual Spring Carnival was well attended this year. Booths were operated by vurich campus organizations. 82 beta alpha sigma Beta Alpha Sigma, business fraternity, is in its fourth year on the Whitewater campus. It is open to all students enrolled in the business education or business administration curricula. The purpose of the organization is to acquaint business and industry with our college and to acquaint club members with career possibilities. Row 1 - Eileen Bower. Betti Scully, Sandra Adelman, Sonnie Hlortland, P Weiss. Row 2 - Leffingwell, guest speaker; Carol Krupke, Steve Zantow. Sondra Hiortlund, vice-president; Andrew Ruzeck, expansion and ounlicity director; Peggy Rusk, secretory-ireasurer; Dr. J. M. Greene, club sponsor; Allen Siebal, president. The Club activities for the year included a field trip in the spring and hearing a number of speakers from various business fields. The elected officers are Allen Siebal, president; Sondra Hjortland, vice-president; Judy Ross, secretary- treasurer. Andy Ruzeck was expansion and publicity director. Dr. Jay M. Greene is the club sponsor. ? eggy Rusk, Judy Ross, Connie Peterson, Helen Rennhak, Corinne Berg, Jane Don Zinke, Richard Skoro, Al Siebel. Wm Schoeneberg, Dick Butenhoff, Jerry Schied, Tom Mc Menomy. Row 3 e Lloyd Wilz. Jerry Voigf, Ron Schmidt, Dave Engen, Phil Mattei, Donald Lipske, Hugh Foy, Monte Hoffmann, Andrew Ruzeck. 83 beta beta beta Row 1 - Jone Hamilton, Judy Schmude, Gloria Korrison, vice president; Brooks, Holle Chopp. Row 2 - Neal Markham' Henry Meyer, adviser; Karen Gilbertson, Wavne Endres, Doug Klitzkie. Row 3 -- Mr. Jack Cummings, advisor; Tim Werner, Ed Denmers, Charles Titus, secreiary-treasurer; Wolfg rum, Hendrite Meyer, Ronald Schmidt, Beta Beta Beta, Gamma Mu chapter, is the honorary society in the biological sciences. The purpose of this organization is to promote interest in this field. Tri Beta meets twice a month, having outside speakers e including new members of the biology faculty H at least once a month. Also, members of the club give demon- strations. The activities of Tri Beta include field trips to such places as the University of Wisconsin's Biology Depart- ment. Tri Beta also sponsored the public lecture on heart diseases this year. In April the annual initiation banquet is held and the activities of the year are brought to an end with a picnic at Whitewater Lake in May. Dr. Henry Meyer and the Biological Department are sponsors. This years officers are Jerry Paulin, president; Gloria Korrison, vice president; Karen Gilbertson, sec- retary-treasurer; and Bev Bullard, historian. 84 Judy Knurr, Jerome Puulin, president; Richard Haney. Carl Rosemary Zickerman, Pagel' Lois Roy kappa delta pi Row 1 2 Carol Becker, Carolyn Ryer, Joanne Tewult, Shirley Williams, Jane Hamilton, Mellunie Herbert, Beverly Bullard, Barbara Wied, Lois Pollard. Row 2 - Carole Treleven, Virginia Apfelbeck, Mary Ann Vehrs, Doris Hursevoort, Rosemary Zickerman, Gertrude V. Melillo, Carol Krupke, Marion Giencke. Row 3 - Charles Roum, Douglas Timmermon, Veronica Gilsdorf, Merlin Baumann, Fritz Jacobs, Dick Brien, Donna Steinbrink, Maris Oelstrom, Reuben W. Klumb, adviser. Kappa Delta Pi is an honorary education fraternity. To be eligible for membership, juniors must have a grade point of 2.2 and seniors 21 grade point of 2.0. During the couse of the year, Delta Nu chapter of Kappa Delta Pi had two initiation banquets, one honoring the fall pledge Class, and the other honoring the spring pledge class. Programs for the year have featured speakers in the field of education from outside areas as well as from the Whitewater campus. Officers for the year 1961-62 were Ken Schmeling, president; Donna Steinbrink, vice-president; Donna Rabe, secretary; Bob Niendotf, treasurer; and Shirley Williams, historian. Mr. Klumb served as sponsor and advisor to the Row 1 - Donna Ruabe. secretary; Donna Sfeinbrink, vice-presldent; Shir- ley Williams, historian. Row 2 - Robert Niendorf, treasurer; Reuben Klumb, group. udvisor; Ken Schmellng, president. 85 wi nah iww omega pi Row 1 - Judy Kielgas, secretary; Virginia Apfelbeck, treasurer: Conalee Calhoun, publicity chairman; Joyce Olson, Historian. Row 2 e Bob Niendorf, Pi Omega Pi is an honorary scholastic fraternity for business education students and is represented by the Psi chapter on the Whitewater campus. The organiza- tion has chapters in the leading business education teacher training institutions throughout the United States. Membership is limited to juniors and seniors who have a ttB" average or above. Heading this year's activities was the publication of the college directory and supplement. Other worth- while activities conducted by the chapter included the annual typing contest, publication of an alumni news paper, a faculty tea, and the spring field trip. president; Ken Schmeling, vice-president. Elizabeth Letter received the Pi Omega Pi plaque awarded to the freshman maintaining the highest grade point in business education. The annual banquet honoring graduating seniors of Pi Omega Pi was held in the spring at Sterlingworth Hotel. The officers for the year were Robert Niendorf, president; Kenneth Schmeling, vice-president; Judy Kielgas, secretary; Joyce Olson, historian, and Conalee Calhoon, reporter. Mr. Henry M. Collins is the faculty advisor. Shirley Cripps, Pi Omega Pi member, helps with the annual distribution of college directories pi omega pi "'1' Jo Ellen Wuuflef, Shirley Cripps, Barbara Wied, Mary Roach. Row 2 - Shirley Zitku, Maxine McCormickI Maris Row 3 i Micheal WunschI Douglas Timmerman, Grifz Jacobs, Merlin Baumann, Ronald Peterson Row 1 - Veronica Gilsdorf, Marilyn Shea, Oelstrom, Carol Krupke, Mellanie Herbert, Jean Sholts. Bob Nlendorf, president of PI Omega PI, initiates; Ihe groups' new members pi delta kappa o ,, a as . s ' 3 him Row 1 e Barbara Bernhardt, Arlis Van Laanen, Dave Engen, Tony Georgulas, president; Colleen Roach, corresponding secretary; Bridget Gregory. Row 2 - Bonnie Jacobs, Margaret Purdy, Wyneft Barnett, Edna C. Sorber, Terrence Ryan, Sandrulee De Sombre, secretary-treasurer. Row 3 e David Gourlie, Gerald McGowan, Ron Klug, Linn Klitzkie, Ron Jacobson, Frederick C. Malcolmson. Wisconsin Epsilon Chapter of Pi Kappa Delta has been active on the W5C campus since it was started in 1943. As part of a national forensic fraternity, the mem- bers of Pi Kappa Delta engage in many activities which further the study of public speaking skills. This year, 5: Pi Kappa Delta members traveled to tournaments throughout Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Wisconsin, where they competed in debate, discussion, oratory, interpretive reading, and radio and T. V. pro- gramming. Pi Kappa Delta also sponsors activities on campus. Each year a high school debate tournament is held on campus, with teams from the surrounding area compet- ing. This also provides a learning experience for the members of Pi Kap, for they set up the schedules, act as judges, and have all the other chores which go into creating a successful tournament. A well-known member of the Pi Kap family is their thirty-cup coffee-maker, which provides coffee for the faculty members during registration. Membership in Pi Kappa Delta provides many op- portunities for persons interested in forensic activities. Signifying "the art of persuasion, beautiful and just," membership in Pi Kappa Delta is quite an honor. theta alpha pi Row1 - Catherine Petras, Mary Nelson, Sandra Muenchow, Elaine Dziedzic, Marilyn Hunt. Row 2 - Dr. Jack Vrieze, sponsor; Linda Wyss, Dave Schallhorn, president; Frederick Malcolmson, Robert Kasprzqk. Theta Alpha Phi is a national honorary drama fraterni- ty. Membership is granted after one accrues 50 points by participating in dramatic activities and college productions. Its purposes are to increase interest, stimulate creative- ness, and foster artistic achievement in all the allied arts of the Theatre. In meeting these objectives, Theta Alpha Phi mem- bers supported and worked on the Whitewater College Players three act plays and sponsored the annual One Act Play Contest. Members of Theta Alpha Pl present Wailing for Godot 89 thespians Row 1 e Dr. Jack Vrieze, sponsor; Beverly Zinn, secretary; Linda WVss, president; Elaine Dziedzic' reporter; Dennis Cioglo, Treasurer. Row 2 - Anita Gilliland, Karen Kurth, Mary Ellen Veitch, Marilyn Hunt, Mary Nelson. Row 3 Mc Lean, Lynn Heincke. Row A - Bob Kasprzak, Jock Marking, Joe Blachnitzvy, A scene from one of the many plays presented by the Thespians e Kathleen Stronn, Judie Patch, Karine Brager, Mary Heine. Mary Jean Frederick Mulcolmson, Barry Barton. As individuals with individual creativity, we con- tribute our ideas and ambition to Thespians in order to build interest in and enjoyment of drama, to enjoy the social relationship that grows from sharing work and pleasure with those having interests similar to our own, to aid in the productions of the Whitewater Col- lege Players, and ; with the accumulation of 50 points e to become eligible to join the national honorary fraternity, Theta Alpha Phi. In return we feel a per- sonal satisfaction and a sense of artistic and cultural ac- complishment. We feel there exists an important job to be done in maintaining a high level of dramatic achieve- ment in colleges and communities, and that the value to individuals participating cannot be measured. Row 1 - Allan Fields, Kent Vasby, Curt Kasper, Sonia Peterson, Jane Howland, Mary Lou Hose, Julie Timler, Mary Harvanek. IZiow 1 Cathy Hubbard, Ricardo Bouche, Richard Butcher, John Suuerberg, John Heide, adviser; Dennis McWilliums, Carolyn Jean Mess, Sorna Everson, Kathy Worden. Sue Miller, Membership in the Wits is open to all students who are interested in the humanities, and anyone who attends a meeting is thereby a member. Subject matter is unlimited. The discussion begins when the coffee is ready, and the grOup, sometimes quite large, sometimes small, always has an interesting topic to discuss. This year a talk by Dr. Ben Collins was given con- cerning the writings of James Joyce. The group discussed, then attended, Pucciniis opera La Boheme. Shakespeare's King Lear was thoroughly discussed before and after the stage presentation. The group discussed the forthcoming creative arts contest and the Tower, the campus literary publication published by the Wits. Meetings are not always programmed ahead, but a big pot of coffee and a few people with the same general interests can be stimulating. 91 forensics Row 1 - Harold Theesfeld, Mary Jean McLean, Bonnie Jacobs, Sanndralee DeSombre, Colleen Roach. Joy Hunke, Mary Jean Baehler, Margaret Purdy' Biil Sutter. Row 2 e Athenas Georgalas, David Arbuthnot, Jim Nehs, Linn Khltsie, Ron KIug, Ron Jacobson, Dave Gourlie, Jerry McGowan. "The function of all persuasive utterance is real- ized in some decision." At the University of Omaha Kick- off Tournament, WSC debaters fulfilled the function Aristotle mentions here. They brought home the travel- ing trophy for first place in senior division debate as a good beginning for the year. Forensic squads cover territory. This year tournae ments were added to the schedule in Kansas, Nebraska, and Michigan. Return trips were made to tournaments in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin. In all, eighteen tournaments and several practice sessions pro- vided off campus participation. Forensic squads speak. In addition to debating, members have rated well in discussion, extemporaneous speaking, oratory, oral interpretation and, strangely, lis- tening. Forensic squads work. Besides studying the national 92 college subject several developed the high school topic and provided demonstrations. Some did additional work in keeping abreast of current events f0 use in extem- poraneous speaking. Some developed specific ideas for orations. All helped 0n the events sponsored by Pi Kap- pa Delta. Forensic squads play. Peppermint sticks, euchre, midnight train trips, boat rides, tours of Nebraska State Capital and Buick plants at Flint, Michigan, dinner in Chicago's loop, all are a part of off campus fun. Endless coffee making is one symbol of on-campus nonswork. Forensic squads produce. Recruitment of new meme bers added to the squad for the second semester. Ex- perience is building a stronger squad. Results Will in- creasingly apply to all forensic activities at W5C Aris- totle's admonition to discover all known means of per- suasion. forensics Debate team winners bring home a trophy First Contention Affirmative Negative Rebuttal young demacrats 94 Row 1: Frank Boeneisen, Carolyn Bell, Bob Melig, Pat Andrieck; Row 2: Bob Haugh, David Arbuthnof, Dick Weber, Russ Torsrud, Mike lselin. Attorney General Reynolds speaks to the Young Democrats The young Democrats this year had one of the finest programs in our history. Our delegation to the State Cone vention succeeded in electing the Second Vice-President for the state, a Southern liaison officer in charge of the SOuthem half of the state and a lst District Chairman in charge of the five counties surrounding Whitewater. These three officers serve on the state executive board. Public programs included a visit by the Attorney General Reynolds and Governor Nelsorfs top aid. The club activities centered around learning the issues and building a solid fOundation for the campaign next semester. Several resolutions were passed, including one sent to the United Nations supporting United States action im- mediately after the death of Dag Hammerjskold. A joint project to get out the vote for Student Council Officers capped our long year of activity. young republicans Row 1 - Dennis Conwayl Althea Drew, Dorothy Marti, Trudy Weiland, Janet Fromm, William Kilkennyt Row 2 e Gerald Volhard, William Wigderson, Lytton Musselman, Kent Vasby, Roy Ustby, John Nlemeier. The Y.G.O.P. is an organization of college students who are interested in furthering their understanding of government through intelligent discussion and who pos- sess a Republican political philosophy. It is also the pur- pose of the College Young Republicans to aid in electing Republican party candidates. The year's events were highlighted in speeches by United States Congressman Henry Schadeberg and Lt. Governor Warren Knowles. The club also presented speak- ers, lectures, and panel discussions. Cuba: America's Gift to the Soviet Union, Americals Foreign Policy, Wisconsin's Tax Structure, and The Nature of the Freedom Process, were topics discussed. Club membership also provides the opportunity for many students to attend conventions. Officers for the year were John Niemeier, president; Ralph Ackerman, Vice-president; Dorothy Marti, secretary; and Jake Biestle, treasurer. Merlin Baumann served as parliamentarian. Dennis Conway was reporter and chair- man of the publicity committee. Wis cousm POPULm 0N chREASE 19504960 Lieutenant-Governor Warren Knowles talks to the Young Republicans 95 womenis recreation association Row 1 e- Irene Riedl, R. P. Reporter; Allie Scott, treasurer; Virginia Apfelbeck, president. Row 2 e- Martha Van Steenderen, adviser; Carol Hub- bard, vice-presidenf; Judy McCarthy, secretary. Sports enthusiasts comprise the membership of the Women's Recreational Association. Trophies for champion- ship basketball, volleyball, and softball teams will be pre- sented at the spring banquet. Also, at that time, the new club officers are announced and installed. Interest groups were organized for anyone desiring to participate in and to learn more about ping pong, bad- minton, bowling, and field hockey. In the fall of the year, PEM Club tPhysical Educa- tion Minor's Clubs was created as a division of WRA. It was organized to promote a more progessional relationship among P.E. Minors. The board governing PEM activities was composed of two representatives from each class. The activities were a senior discussion program, a freshman Christmas party, a sophomore Valentine program, and a Jumor sprmg prcnic. Throughout the year the club participated in many play days. On February 3, the club sponsored a volley- ball play day. One of the main activities of the year was Stunt Night. This year for the first time the stunts were prejudged and then presented on two nights. Traveling trophies were presented to the winners in both the Thumerous" and "serious" divisions. Miss Martha Van Steenderen has been the club's enthusiastic sponsor for this year. She replaced Mrs. Stra- tewula Wulfkuhle who retired from teaching last spring. womenis recreation association 'M Row 1 - Marylyn Balog, Sally Kuecker, Cathy Kitto, Darcy Dufenhorsf, Mary Ellen Petr, Gloria Sheurd, Betty Schoechert. Row 2 - Lois Burfhe, Valery Lewis, Maris Oelsfrom, Joyce Hopkins, Sandy Peterson, Sandra MacDonald, Judy Boltz. Row 1 - Joyce Anderson. Karen Parmer, Jan Ziegelmann, Befson Korr, Sally Kosanke, Gerry Jusfln, Donna Hynes. Row 2 - Susle Graham, Mary Kay Cledland. Llnda Tolg, Judy Williams, Patsy Lund. Donna Dorman. 97 womenis recreation association x k , A W I: Row 1 - Ethel Wilton' Karen Purrner, Gloria Sheard, Betty Schoechert, Carol Gourlie, Miss Van Steenderen, adviser; Carol Becker, Marquart. Row 2 - Kathleen Stringer, Janice Ziegelmann, Mary Ellen Pett, Joyce Hopkins, Judy McCarthy, Darcy Dufenhorst, Marylyn Sandra MacDonald, Kathy Ling, Susan Graham. WRA members play volleyball in the women's gymnasium June Bulkow, Jane Balog, Kay Victor, Carol Hubbard, Gale Flaschner, Virginia Apfelbeck. Row 3 Joan OsYerbcrg, Phyllis Drechsler, Lollie Beck, Irene Riedl, Joyce Anderson, Lois Burthe. womenis recreation association Bowling is a Tuesday night activity for members of WRA student union Mr. Richard Stoner, Student Union Director; Mr. Richard Ballsmith, Assistant Director The Student Union is guided by two organizations, one being a policy-making body, While the other is a programming committee. The basic function of the Stu- dent Union Board is the proper operation of the Stu- dent Union. This is made possible through a constitution and by-laws to determine Union finances. The Student Union Board is composed of six faculty members and six students, the latter being appointed by the Student Council. The Student Union Activities Board, or iiU4A.B.," is concerned with Union programming. This is accom- plished through the operation of five committees directe ed by student chairman: Public Relations, Judy Frank, chairman; Clubs, Carol Davis, chairman; Recreation, Ian Pribnow, chairman; Arts and Crafts, Frank Brenei- sen, chairman; and Entertainment, Dennis Johnson, chairman. The President of iiU.A.B." for this year was Isi Stidham and secretary was Joy Hanke. Through the efforts of the Student Union Activities Board, the Stu- dent Union becomes more than just a building: it is the hub of Campus activity. Row 1 - Joy Honke, secretory; Isabel Stidham, president; Judy Frank, public relation chairman; Janice Pribnow, recreatio chairman; Row 2 - R. Ballsmith, Frank Breneisen, arts and crafts chairman; Denny Johnson, entertainment; R. Stoner, adviser. 10G student union Christmas cheer is in abundance during the holiday season the Ski Club prepares for an exciting weekend of skiing in Northern Wisconsin student mems f 1 1 PHvsmL First place in Class B Serious won by Class B Humorous was won by Phi Sigma Ap a Sigma Epsilon First place, Class A Serious won by the Cavaliers Icicle Bull queen candidates congratulate the queen. From left to right Pat Hare, Sue Kuerschner. Queen Sandy Sanderson, Eileen De Rose, Dorene Mataru. First place Class A Humorous went to Sigma Tau Gamma Tug-O-War student union Dancing proves 10 be another relaxing way to spend time while at the student union. the fireside sing draws large groups of amateur vocalists on weekends $3 the hour spent in the union is always 100 shor1-soon it's time to walk up to the the holiday fashion show Graham SYreet Entrance 103 albert salisbury hall Treasurer Tom "Tinker" Bell has the steam of all and trusted treasurers in his eyes. Secretary Bob Pavlik records the hall's words of wisdom. A typical "bull" session in counselor Tueting's room. President George Daniels adds his "touch" to Along with studies comes dates. Five minutes the hall lounge. please, Ike. Four men learn the fine points of ping pong from junior, Stu Frish. '105 campus veterans league Row 1 e Barry Smith, Ray Ustby, social chairman; Jerry Paulin, president; James Weinhold, secretary; Donald Smith, treasurer. The Veterans League on the WSC campus represents students with a common experience - a tour with the Army, Navy, Marines or Air Force. Membership in the club is open to anyone who has served at least ninety days of active duty in any of the armed services or has received an honorable discharge because of disability. Working as a team, the Vet's Club is a very active grOup. Competing against other organizations, teams, the Vet's Club basketball, bowling and softball teams have always offered top competition. Again this year, the club sponsored the annual 'lCampus Confusion," a highly en- tertaining all-school boxing and wrestling show. They 106 Nellie, faculty advisor; Michael Anderson, vice-president; Jerome have taken an active part in the Homecoming activities. As a special service activity, the Vetis Club aids in student registration. They have a Veterans Affairs Commit- tee designed to keep members up-to-date on all matters con- cerning veterans. Socially, the Vet's Club takes the honor of presenting for its members the Military Ball. An exclusive function, the Military Ball offers the members of the Vet's Club a chance to proudly squirm back into their once trim-fit- ting uniforms and enjoy a night of dancing. They also hold an annual Christmas Party, a Spring Banquet, two smokers, and a picnic. campus veterans league Row 1 Jerry Glitzky, Till Tueting, Mike Samolinski, Dave Gourlie, Dave Husenback, Jim Sommers, Andy Ruzeck, Leo Drunasky, John Kennedy, Stephen Sherry. Row 2 - Tim Werner, Jerry Wetheroll, Rodney Weber, Jim Luzur, Dave Sorenson, Chuck Pagel, Ken Friedewuld, Jerry McCarthy, Clarence Mugnuson, Fred Bramer, Robert Cleminson, Fred Schlueter, Paul Eichmiller, Bill DeMaster, Calvin Weck. a Row 1 - Jim Niefz, Gary Block, Bruce Bentz, Bill Neimun, Fran Landi, Phil Kinzer, Jim Esser, John Tschumper, Peter McGregor, David Thayer. Row 2 -- Kenneth Greene, Errol Doughty, John Schnackenberg, Ronald Von Able, Richard Poeppel, Ray Hoffman, Herb Krltz, Robert Marsh, Duvld Purdy. Leon Guns, Bob Vanden Heuvel, Merlin Zelm, Don Wilcox, Richard Claussen, John Smorsllk. 107 campus veterans league 3v; W 5 .- Row 1 - Robert Pamer, Charles Krull, Richard Sanford, Tony Georgalas, James George. Row 2 - Arlun Anderson, Bob Morgan, Jim Shebiel, Roben Klitzkie, Jule Willems. The Vet's group presents their annual Military Ball 108 campus veterans league The Vet's group entry in the Homecoming Parade It snowed for the Vet's Homecoming skit 109 cosmopolitan club of whitewater Row 1 - Augustine lngentia ir., Mivandu Tung, Cecilia Simonds, Nancy Wooc'bury, Mary Ann Vehrs, Marita Hole, Louise Aplin, Pat Toguihi, Carol House, Ricardo Bouche. Row 2 - Jean Minoyoshil Rita Rifger, Velma Tanuka, Carol Frey, R. Jl Brown' S. Chhofra, Judith Draeger, Rozanne Kovars, Petra Kohlbeerfer, Florence Hmzallay, Ellen Okubo. Are you interested in learning what people outside the continental United States do and think? Would you like to know how they live and what customs they have? If so, the Cosmopolitan Club would like to welcome you to their group. Organized to promote goodwill among nations and to create a better understanding of international problems and affairs, this group gives help and advice to new foreign students. Dr. Richard Brown, advisor for many years, resigned from the club this year and Dr. Frank Palinay took over the position. Activities included picnics, a Christmas party, enter- taining at the Methodist Church, and speakers. Officers were Pat Taguchi, president; Marita Hale, Vice-president; Jean Minayoshi, secretary; Judy Draeger, treasurer; Louise Aplin, reporter; Mary Ann Vehrs, Rita Ritger, Pyung Chae Min, and Ricardo Bouche, program committee. Cosmopolltan Club members hold Iniernational discussions 110 panhellenic council Row 1 - Sonnie Hiorfland, Joyce PIaushines, president; Nancy Rolsfud' Sharon Mild- brandt. Row 2 e Koren An- derson, Rosie Zickerman, M a r t h a Van Steenderen, odvisor; Sandrulee De Som- bre, secretary-t r e a s u r e r; Shirley Williams. The Panhellenic Council, an affiliate of the National Panhellenic Council, is composed of a junior and a senior representative from each sorority on campus. Its purpose is to facilitate harmonious relations among the five sororities. During freshmen orientation week, Panhellenic spon- sored the Talent Show. The two major projects of the Council this year were to help get the Phi Lambda's established on campus and to send out questionnaries to colleges throughout the United States to see if their campuses have the quota-limitation system. Officers for this year were Joyce Plaushines, presi- dent; and Sandtalee DeSombre, secretary-treasurer. The faculty advisors of the group are Mrs. Greene and Miss van Steenderen. interfraternity council Row 1 - Larry Beschfc, Clayton Droullard' faculty sponsor; Dave Engen, Mark Davenport, Jerome Weinhold, Ralph Ackerman, Jerry Cimarosfi, vice president; Jerry Fritsch, treasurer; tnot pictured-Doug Timmerman, president; Edward Swartz. secretarw. 112 alpha gamma delta Row 1 - Joy Justesen, house president; Peggy Rusk, recording secretary; Colleen Roach, president; sandralee De Sombre, panhellenic representative; Lois Brooks, activities. Row 2 - Sandra Aueman, corresponding secretary; Colleen Ryolnl treasurer; Liz Mcndcighicml Social chair- man; Holle Chopp, 2nd vice-president; Loretta Coburn, Ist vice-president. Alpha Gamma Delta is the only international social sorority on campus. The end of this school year marked the 26th year that the Alpha Gamis have been on Cam- pus as a sorority. The chapter house of Beta Theta Chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta was for the second year at 143 N. Fra- ternity Lane. The girls had two house parents this year. They were Mr. and Mrs. John Spaay, known to the girls as liMa" and liPa." This group took an active part in WSC life. They had a bake sale, a rummage sale, and took part in the bowling league and other womenis sports. They also took part in stunt night, one act play contest and in the ice carnival. The girls were as busy as bees during Homecoming. They had entries in the house decoration and float divisions. The float took first place in the humorous division. Socially, the group was active too. They had a Christ- mas party at Linden Terrace. The Valentine and second semester pledge parties were combined and also held at Linden Terrace. They had a sorority picnic and a mother- father-daughter banquet. In addition, they had two initia- tion banquets and a luncheon for graduating seniors. Lig- geth Marine Room was the scene of the Spring Dinner- Dance. The sorority had a very worthwhile work project. This year the girls sold Christmas cards and the proceeds went to a little boy who is a Victim of Cerebral Palsy. Liz Madaghian was the sororityis candidate for Homecoming queen; she was also the senior class sec- retary. Sharon Wagner was Mercier queen candidate. Sandra Lee DeSombre was elected to Whols Who. Bertha Lefler, who had been the Alpha Gamma Delta faculty advisor for 26 years, resigned at the end of the first semester. Miss Lefler was one of the founders of the chapter on this campus. Margaret Mueller was the Chapter Advisor. alpha gamma delta "k Row 1 - Joan Sieger, Sharon Hart, Nubby Verthein, Mary Brunkow, Holle Cfopp, Jan Boyd, Cynthia Branum, Colleen Roach, Millie Dickinson, Janis Spiegelhoff, Nancy Shewczyk. Row 2 Sully Kohlbeck, Sharon Wagner, LOLise Aplin, Trudy Weiland, Linda Schelm, Mary Ellen Petr, Rosemary Zickermun, Lois Brooks, Sandralee De Sombre, Julie Kandutsch, Liz Mudughian, Kathy Kelliher, CoHeen Ryan, Mary Roach, Helen Pertzborn. Row 1 - Lynn Abbinonti, Rita Rifger, Jan Rofhschadi, Janie Matsch, Sonia Peterson, Pat Petersen, Joy Jusfesen" Janice Kolpifcke, Delores Broksmo. Mary Charles. Row 2 - Sandra Adelman, Jeanne Woller, Loretta CobJrn, Susan Bishop, Jean Kopp, Anne Nereim, Peggy Rusk, Judy Ludwig, Judy Ross, Hildegard Belde, Barbara Paepke, Connie Wanninger, Mary Ann Vehrs. H4 alpha gamma delta The Alpha Gams presented the ideal sports broadE caster in their Homecoming Skit Alpha Gamma Delta Pledges Second Semester, 1962 EMA "Aunvms Boxes and boxes of napkins went into the Alpha Gums Homecoming House Decorations H5 alpha sigma Alpha Sigma is not only the only local sorority but is also the oldest sorority on campus. This year the girls' home at 931 W. Main Street housed fourteen 0f the active members. Their capable housemother was Mrs. Stiglbauer, better known as lers. S." Mrs. Greene served as faculty sponsor. Alpha Sigma had a successful year in campus activi- ties. Homecoming found the Alphas taking first place on both float and house decorations. The sorority also placed first in the one-act play contest. Stunt night and the ice carnival also saw the Alphas busily at work. The girls had a lot of fun this year. They had two pledge dances, a Christmas party, a sorority picnic, a mother-daughter banquet, and a formal dinner for their new pledges. In the spring the Alpha Sigmas held their annual formal. The girls again carried out their worthwhile social project. At Christmas, a time of giving, they got a great deal of satisfaction from giving food, Clothing, 21nd money to a needy Whitewater family. The Alphas held four class offices this year. They were Carol Kohlmetz, senior class treasurer; Judy Sloan, junior class secretary; Nancy Rolstad, junior class treas- urer; and Susan Kuerschner, sophomore class treasurer. Who's Who honors went to Jane Bulkow, Barbara Wied, Carol Becker, and Carol Kohlmetz. Many active Alphas also held offices in various other campus organizations. Row 1 - Shurunn Dalee, correspond- ing secretary; Karen Anderson, treasurer; Norene Agnewl President; Barbara Wied, vice-president; Jane Bulkowl secretary. Row 2 - Nancy Rolstod, pledgemuster; B a r b a r u Zemp, assistant pledgemaster, Sally Reuther, social chairman; Jean Hansen, sergeant-cn-arms, Judi Kel- ly, historian; Ann Hougard, chaplain; Carol Becker, sergeant-at-arms. Row 1 - Sue Kuerschner, Carol Kohlmefz, Jun Mucha, Leah Jensen, Julie Stark, Bonnie Haessly, Shirley Cripps. Row 2 - Ronette Pieper, Mary Kay Beggs, Jun Dettmering, Jun Neuendorf, Jo Ellen Wuutlet, Helen Heitz. Row 3 Linda Enloe, Judy Sloan, Gloria Bane", Susan Zasfrow. Sandi Rokow. Phyllis Ames, Marie Mares. Mi . Row 1 v- Karen Gleich, Barbara Lange, Beverly Heinisch, Jan Buske, Julie Cartwrighf, Mary Host, Lil Peterson. Row 2 - Carol Probell, Carol Katzuba, Judy Koeppen, Mary Daun, Le Anne Tanner, Mary Dallman, Jun Ames, Mary Stute. Row 3 Karen Box, Karen Connelly, Barbi Erickson, Jeanne Sommers, Charlene Beyer, Peggy Brinon, Sue Vogt. H7 alpha sigma Row 1 - Donna Aumann, Kay Butler, Kathy Fiedler, Lindy Morgan, Susie Nelson. Row 2 - Jean Andreoli, Jan Reeiz, Judy Port, Barb West, Jane Tighe, Sandy Neuenschwander. Row 1 - Kay Haagensen, Carlene Anderson, Jill Miller. Row 2 - Myrtle Klaske. Dorothy Burdick, Carole Heindl, Betty Huetfner, Carole ighneeweis, Ircanli Sdmith. Row 3 - Kaye Cummings, Judy Gundermon, Joan Peterson. Karen Koenlngs, LaVone Llndholm, Kathy Tucker, ary Kay Ce an . "8 phi lambdas The Phi Lambda sorority was formed January 17, 1961. The Phi Lambdas now reside in their new house at 147 N. Fraternity Lane with Miss Frances Ebert as their advisor. This year the Phi Lambdas have formed an active bowling team, have sponsored several successful bake sales, and have had exchange suppers with the fraternities. The fall found the Phi Lambdas busy in Homecoming festivities With Jan Redford tKnutsorQ 0n the court. Other activities of the year found Phi Lambdas partici- t , ,y i , j ,, ti t , '5. ' , "AM 5 w Row 1: Betty Rockwell, Sonya Bengstan, Pat Taguchl, Barbara Soltis, Knutson, Jlll Erickson, Bonny Jacobs, Penny Codrlngion. pating in Stunt Night, Ice-O-Rama, and Hearts Dance with Penny Codrington representing the Phi Lambdas. On campus we find Bonnie Jacobs as secretary-treas- urer of Pi Kappa Delta, Pat Taguchi as president of the Cosmopolitan Club and representative to the Junior Council, Jill Erickson as L.S.A. treasurer and A.W.S. rep- resentative, and Betty Rockwell as advertising manager for the Royal Purple. The Phi Lambdas are looking forward to a more prosperous second year on campus. Carol Frey, Dorothy Kock. Row 2: Cathy Petras, Jan 119 cavaliers Row 1 e Thomas Schmitz, secretary; Bruce McKinney, vice-president; George E. Perry, udvisor; Bill Lamberg, house-president; Thomas Wills, pledge master. Row 2 - Tim Werner, social chair- man, Dave Nelson, chaplain; Rod Young, president; Bruce Ekdahl, treasurer; Keith Johnston. historian. In its second year on the WSC Campus, the Cavalier Organization made its new home at 177 Fraternity Lane. Mrs. Samz was their housemother, and Mr. Perry served as faculty sponsor for the 54 men. The Cavaliers participated wholeheartedly in campus activities. The group was active in Homecoming festivi- ties and their house decoration won third prize. As a special project for the year the Cavaliers sold Home- coming Booster Buttons. The Social activities of the group included two Cavaliers sell Warhawk buttons for Homecoming 120 pledge banquets, 21 Christmas party, Spring Formal, and numerous exchange suppers and informal mixers with the sororities on campus. In addition to social events, the organization was well represented in college intramural activities. Football, basketball, bowling, and softball teams all participated in the athletic leaguesi The biggest disappointment of the year was the in- ability to receive official status, which the Cavaliers felt they had earned. cavaliers Row 1 .. Bob Souli, Mark Krahn, Dave Henry, Ray Honl, Bill Napp. Row 2 Marshall Stewart, Robert Rifger, Ronald Nelson, Joseph Nuspl. Eugene Kunde, John Schmoll. Row 3 - Jim Mattei, Philip Manes, Roger Brumm, Dewey Tofson, Bill Campbell, Bill Lamberg. Row 4 - Keith Toomey, Bob Lehmann, Dick Oelhafen, Nyler Berkley, Doug Kant, Ralph Krueger. Row 1 - Bruce Gibson, Gerald 1Mueller, Jerry Hoef'r, Ren Kafchenago, Poul Siedschlag. Row 2 - D. William Kilkenny, J. Willems, All Hoffman, Paul Thielmann, Jerry Packard, John Willoughby, Lynn Stoecker. Row 3 - John Saunders, Gene Findlay, John Blaszak, John Sager, Robert Taylor, Robert Gabrldge, John Schroeder. Row 4 - Danny Mounce, Bob Vanden Heuvel, George Hansen, Bob Obenberger. Tom Gamroih, John Gaffellno, Clarence Magnuson. 121 chi delta rho Chi Delta Rho started the school year by moving into a new fraternity house with Mr. William A. Bryan as the new advisor, and Mrs. Elizabeth Friday, known by the 72 Chi Delts as liMa", as the housemother. The three ideals of Chi Delta Rho are scholarship, fellow- ship and leadership. As the Chi Delts realize the im- Portance of scholarship its emphasis is clearly shown by the recipient of the scholarship award for the fifth consecutive year. Fellowship can be illustrated by its many social functions such as the turkey hop, champagne party, exchange suppers, masquerade patties, beer sup- pers, stag parties, pledge banquet, homecoming festivi- ties, and the highlight of the year, the Spring Formal. The Chi Delts also play a major role in the leadership of campus activities. This being exemplified in the position of Student Council president, Dick Schaefer and the newly elected president, Jim Greenlee. Class officers Wally Schoenfeld, treasurer; Doug Timmermon, were Gordy Ferg senior class president, vicerpresident Al Siebel; junior class president-elect Ken Westphal, vice-president Jim Greenlee, and sophomore class presi- dent Joe Kawatski. Wally Schoenfeld and Paul Korth were the top two officers of F. B. L. A. Al Siebel was president of Beta Alpha Sigma. Bob Niendorf was president of Pi Omega Pi. Paul Korth was general chair- men of Ice-O-Rama. The Chi Delts take pride in their choir which is the only recognized fraternity choir in the state. Intramurals also played an important part in fra- ternity life with teams entered in the bowling league, basketball league, football league and the softball league. The 32nd Division call up affected Chi Delta Rho in the recall of Ken Westphal, Dan Thompson, and Don Stevens. Mr. William A. Bryon, adviser; Jack Phipps, vice-presldent; Blll Crandalll corresponding secretary; Gordy Fergl recording secretary. 122 chi delta rho uh Row 1 - Monte Hoffman. Hugh Foy, Doug Farrell, Barry Pufuhl, Dave Thayer, Tony Georgalas. Jim Mayer. Row 2 - Ed Koerih, Rog Buelow, Bill Phister- er, Jim Thayer, Tom Steffen, Dick Mueller. Row 3 - Ron Van Able, Fred Malcolmson, John Link, Bill Tue'ing, Jim Pechouer, Dick Schaefer, Howie Schlueter. Row 4 - Bob Helgemo, Lavern Krueger, Avitus Ripp, Al Siebel, Doug Grove, John Horn. Row 1 - Bill Krenger, Jerry Voigt, Dave Zieck, Ron Bronson, Ron Schmidt, Jim Greenlee. Row 2 - Don Lipskl, Earl Townsend, Bill SuHer, Joe Palmer. Pa! McKeever. Row 3 - Tom Bull, Dave Engen, Paul Karth, Bill Thompscn, Dennis Kelly, Lavern Longer. Row 4 -. Joe chofski, Bill Marking, Jack Phipps, Ted Huasch, Ced Anderson. 123 chi delta rho Row 1 Bob Knudsen, Dennis Priebe, Terry Sheldon, Bramdon MacHadd Jr. Row 2 Tom Hinz, Steve Green, Hill Hamilton, Terry Mihlbcuer, Martin Dunbok, Mike Kerwin. Row 3 - Gary Hulbert, Larry Gundrum, Dean Katzmun, Ron Johnson, Kenneih Lavn. Ed Subey. - ? wwwwwwnm mW WWFMMWMWW A handsome group 124 chi delta rho What's so interesting? A group of nightingales I'm sure that there is any easier way to do this rmmg' .. .. 3;- V 4m mm The Chi Delf's Thanksgiving mascot given away at their Thanksgiving Hop delta zeta Delta Zeta, the largest national social sorority, at 155 Fraternity Lane, was very active this past year. Miss Van Steenderen was the faculty advisor, chapter director was Mrs. Neil Ferguson 0f Janesville and their capable housemother was Mrs. Ada Wilcox. Delta Zeta entered the Homecoming activities with much zest. The float, uThey're Redi-Whipped," won first prize in the original division. House decorations, "Weire Getting Married on the Morrow,' won honorable mention. Patti Muehl, a junior, was elected to reign as the 1961 Homecoming Queen. Social activities rated high on this year's calendar. iiFall Fantasy," an all-school mixer began the year. Oc- tober 20, Founder's Day, was celebrated. Fall and Spring pledge dances, a Mexican Christmas Party, mother-fath- er-daughter banquet, formal dinner dance and a picnic 126 honoring the seniors were held. Ice-O-Rama and Stunt Night also saw the Deltas busy at work. Several special service projects were carried out throughout the year. The Delta Zetas gave a helping hand to patients at the U.S. hospital at Carville, Louisi- ana. A helping hand was given to the Shore View Nurs- ing Home in Milwaukee at Christmas by making and filling stockings for the patients and decorating. Helping the blind children at Janesville proved to be very inter- esting. DZ's made little braille reading books for those children. Eleanore Klimek, Sally Roth and Charlotte Samz were on the Mercier winter formal court. Joy Hanke was on the Sigma Tau Gamma Rose Court. Cathy Christenson was elected sophomore class secretary. Row 1 - Ruth Dittmer, firs? vice-presldeni; Mary Feiter, president; Gloria Sheard, second vlce- presi- dent; Barb Lund, recordlng secretary. Row 2 - Jane Marquart, corresponding secretary; Joyce Olson, treasurer; Shirley Williams, senior panhel- lenic representative; Sharon Mildbrandt, lunior panhellenic representative. a '3 X A , f ' .. N Row 1 - Linda Hartman, Joan Rubbo, Margery Gill, Donna Steinbrink, Helen Kerr, Kathryn Ann Clay, Carolyn Johnson. Row 2 - Jane Gibbons, Mary Lou Hose, Mary Ann Parker, M. Diane Winn, Lois Burthe, Koren Anderson, carol Gourlie. Row 3 - Judy Kielgas, Barb Mmhews, Rosie Punn Nicholson, Mary Sebrcmek, Anna Messner, Ccrolee Lyon, Barbara Kaste. $ w: . wt? W L. K KW 3.x ;; Axx. A ,4 Ma .r V : k' 3 Row 1 - Sullv Hahn. Carol Nelson, Kay Victor, Jo Rapoun, Patti Muehl, Sally Roth, Sue Ludwig, Naomi Koepp. Row 2 - Cathy Christianson, Doreen Mature, Mellanie Herbert, Judy Hendrick, Sharon Boumgartner, Nanci Gruver, Carol House, Rhoda Sherwood, Marsha Ernst. Row 3 w Conny Florence, Eleanore Kllmek, Barbara Bierkness. Beverly Young, Joy Hanke, Mary Gunnelson, Karen Peterson, Robby Kiley. 'I27 delta zeta the Delia Zeta entry in the Homecoming skits Delta Zeta first semester pledges phi chi epsilon Founded in 1921, Phi Chi Epsilon is the oldest fra- ternity on campus. Among this yeafs projects included an open house held during freshmen week and a Father-Son Banquet in which the fraternity members, along with their fath- ers, attended the Whitewater-St. Norberts football game. A banquet was held after the game in honor of their fathers. The Phi Chi Fraternity offers its members many activities such as the Annual Alumni Banquet held dur- ing homecoming, and an annual Christmas Party held ROW I e Jerry Cimurosl, Ralph Ackerman, vlce-president; Dave Schallhorn, treasurer. president; Fran LandI, secretory. Row 2 - during December tHow did you like the favors, girls 9; Two formals are held yearly, a Winter Formal held dur- ing January, and the Spring Formal held during May. Also enjoyed by its members are an infinite number of impromptu patties. Along with being a Social Fraternity, Phi Chi Epsilon's leadership can be found in dramatic clubs, athletics, creative writing, student government and Church organizations. Most important of all, Phi Chi Fraternity offers to its members brotherhood. phi chi epsilon Row 1 Robert Bailey, Berney Davis, Leroy Jahnke, BEE! Hinskw Don Mr by Row 2 - Charlie Roth, Gerald Hogan, Lawrence Bradley, Ronald Olson, Leo Drunosky, Terry Henning Row 3 -- Robert Schlegel, Dave Spurgot, Vern Meyer, Bob Schultz, Don Wilcox Row 1 g- Denny Arfsfen, Tom Stout, Jim Czebofuanohn Ston'e, Jim Goodwin. Bob Parmer. Row 2 - John Shaman, Mike Lamendolu, Skip Warren, Ken Davis, Jim Bloom. Row 3 - Arlan Anderson, Riley McDavid, Pete Neisberger, Dick Allen, Jim Pope, Mike Aldrich. phi chi epsilon v . KVFI4 y nsz i Row 1 Lee Ganfen'aein, Rm Home", Richard Moacun. Pow 2 - Dave Schqllhorn, Lanny MC Ghee, Jerry Schwartzlow, Harold Sternberg, Jr. Row 3 Paul Rich, David Purdy, Charles Nelson. To the rescue mm Presenting President Williams with a new flag for the college "The Thinker" .................... entry In Ice-O-Ruma phi sigma epsilon reSponding secretary. Row 2 w Phi Sigma Epsilon, national social fraternity, resided at 173 Fraternity Lane this past year. Their housemother was Mrs. Mabel Jones and their faculty sponsor was Mr. Klumb. The Phi Sigs were busy in many activities on the W8C Campus. Participation in Homecoming earned them sec- ond place for their float and second place for their house decorations. The Phi Sigs competed in intramural sports, also. They won the first half championship in football but were defeated in the playoff. They also competed in basketball, softball and bowling. Stunt Night and Ice-O-Rama were also participated 132 Row 1 - Bob Witezck, recording secretary; Ed Swartz, president; Mark Davenport, vice-president; John Ganoung, Cor Dean Gibney, treosurer:Reuben Klumb, odvisor; Wayne Weishoar, pledgemaster, Salvatore Ritacca, social chairman; Jerome Weinhold, housepresident. in. The Phi Sigs won the greased pole climb and Humorous division of ice carving. Throughout the year the Phi Sigs had social activities. A spring formal, a Christmas party, pledge dances and other social gatherings were held. The annual father-son weekend was held in April. The fraternity was well represented in student govern- ment. Dick Hanke and Bob Witczak were elected to student council. Bob Witczak was also elected president of the junior class. Dick Hanke was elected vice-president of the sophomore class. Ron Jacobson and Dick Foley represented the Phi Sigs on the Inter-Fraternity Council. phi sigma epsilon 9 Row 1 - Davld Graf, Greg Schaefer, Jerry Watson, Jim Eaton. Row 2 - Gary Nicholson, Bob Erdman, Bill Clerihun, Bob Ward, Mike lselin. Row 3 - Don Zahn, John Sabrow, Dennis Ross, Robert Johnson, Jim Bartel. u? Row 1 - John Mossberg, Harlan Gousch, John Geeney, Tom Haebig, David Sykas. Row 2 - Roger Edwards, Bob Geier, Dennis Mitchell, Wayne Thielmann, Roy Endres, Don Schindler. Row 3 -- Bruce Tacke, Ron Klug, Ronald Jacobson, Jeffrey Booher, Gory Jungkuntz. 133 phl sigma epsilon $' 5. Row 1 - Dick Hanke, Mike Wunsch, Den Powers. Row 2 - Larry Parmeter, Pot Grippe, AI Woelfel, Joe Ehren. Row 3 Dick Foley, Jim Sommers, Nevin Farley, Errol Doughty. a 5 Row 1: Bob Schager, Jay Hartshorn, Frank Weinberg, Doug Barrens, Dennis Grysiack, Doug Klitzke. Row 2: Jerry Arneson, Ken Baker, Wayne Weishaar. Bob Schweers, Lee Mullally, Floyd Weeks. 134 phi sigma epsilon QWGQ coma: Cards seem to take up a lot of study time Homecoming decorations are coming along fine, boys Won't Mother be surprlsed? Just a short discussion on Philosophy 135 sigma tau gamma Sigma Tau Gamma, national social fraternity, has had another active year on this campus. The Sig Taus have a new faculty sponsor in the person of Mr. Beck. The Sig Taus again won first place in homecoming house decorations. They also won the intramural football championship for the second consecutive year. They also had three basketball teams, and three softball teams. Ice-O-Rama and Stunt night was participated in by the Sig Taus. The big social event of the year was the Rose Dance, which was held at Pegs Supper Club. Eileen De Rose was chosen Rose Queen for the event. Other social events consisted of two pledge dances, a father-son banquet, a spring formal, and numerous informal social gatherings. The Sig Taus were represented on the Homecoming Court by Dave Poisl, Dick Lueck, and Jerry Golem- biewski. Row 1 - Gary Sell, secretary; Marv Paltrlck. vIce-presldent; William Beck, adviser; Jerry Fritsch, president; John Boylan, treasurer. sigma tau gamma Row 1 - Joe O'Neill, Dana Knack, Charles Pollock, Rodney Smith, Mick Schoene, Ned Perri, Jim Britfelli, Mike Purina. Row 2 - Donald Sydow, Dennis Ludwig, Dewey Schiele, Jim Chuppell, Dick Lueck. Frank Parish, Dave Poisl, Maynard Muehr, Mike Furlong, Art Pirelli. Row 1 - Jim Miklovlch, Gus Petrakls, Roger Trombino, Denis Loverine, Gene Sheldon, Fred Obernberger, Ron Margelofsky, Gino Lislecki. Row 2 - Ted Kinzer, Jerry Spiegelhoff, Blll Pagliaro, Michael Anzulone, Jim Bafker, Gordon Roth, Roger Parish, Michael Greenwald, Dave Nordenfoff. 137 sigma tau gamma H; Row 1 - Dan Sullivan, Larry Beschfo. Jim Eberhardt, Dave Hahn, Louis Busse, Keith Collins, Allen Buumun, Joe Cronick. Row 2 i Tom Johnson, Jun Plcms, Russ Ruland, Tom Wescott, Mike Guolee, Mike Wolff, Mott Messner. Jim Hoffman, Dick Neu. Row 1: Don Trolllet, Wln Parkinson. Ron Hoppe. Row 2: Ted Petrakus, BIN Huebber, Dean Sommers, Bob Tlesen, John Schmidt. 138 sigma tau gamma Last minute work on the first place house decorations, Men's Intramural football champs win Under the lights of - . . HumorOJs DIVISIOn Hamilton Field The Sig Taus own Geisha Girls Rose Queen candidates and court Ueft to rightt Jan Dettmer- ing, Alpha Sigma; Kay Haagenson, Independents; Liz Mujah- gion, Alpha Gamma Delta; Eileen De Rose, Sigma Sigma Sigma; Joy Honke. Delta Zeta. Crowning of the Rose Queen Eileen De Rose of the White Rose Formal by Jerome Fritsch-her escort, Mike Schoene 139 sigma sigma sigma Row 1 .. Judy Kohlmeyer, vice-president; Judy Brown, Schola- stic secretary; Carol Phelps, recording secelury. Row 2 ., Janis Stafford, president; Susan Hayward, sentinel; Darlene Teubert, corresponding secretary; Rose chnchar, treasurer. Alpha Xi chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma, national social sorority, has been at Whitewater State College since 1932. This year Alpha Xi moved into a new house at 151 Fraternity Lane, with Mrs. Hallfrisch as house- mother. Miss Blaskey became the new faculty sponsor. The Tri Sigma's entered the Homecoming competi- tion with house decorations and a float, the float win- ning second place. The sorority also entered the Ice-O- Rama carving contest and Stunt Night. In addition, Sig- ma Sigma Sigma had bowling and basketball teams. Sigma Sigma Sigma girls were active socially as well with a Christmas party-Pledge Dance at Pegls Supper Club, mother-daughter banquet, formal pledge dinner, a picnic honoring the seniors, and various other parties, box socials, teas, and exchange dinners The slogan, uSigma Serves Children," was carried out through its social service projects, two carwashes for the benefit of the Robbie Page Memorial Hospital. The sorority also sponsored the Hearts Dance, the proceeds going to the Heart Fund. Sigmas also serve as ushers for all Whitewater State College convocations. Individual honors went to many Tri Sigmas this year. Many of the girls held offices in various school organi- zations. Marilyn Shea received a scholarship award for the highest grade point. Liz Henkel was the Sigma home- coming queen candidate. Mary Beth Pior was on the Merciet formal court of honor. Ann Heath was Miss Mistletoe at the Phi Sigma Epsilon Christmas Formal. Eileen DeRose was the Rose Queen at the Sigma Tau Gamma Rose Dance. Who's Who honors went to Joyce Plaushines, Mary Schallhorn, and Marilyn Shea. 140 sigma sigma sigma l I Row 1 Mary Feif, Kathy Wink, Mary O'Duy, Judy Reinke, Wallie Reimer, Sandra Muenchow. Row 2 - Ceile Moore, Sandee Bruss, Susan Hayward, Betty Leberman, Sandra Whifmore. Row 3 H Kathy Hauser, Maryann DeMark, Ann Heath, Eileen DeRose, Marilyn Shea. I 4! Row 1 Liz Henkel, Judy Brown, Joyce Schnitger, Helen Linfz, Lois Hughes, Carol Phelps, Bonnie Glynn. Row 2 Judy Kohlmeyer, Karen Clay, Darlene Teuberf, Pat Umberger, Sonnie Hiortland, Dawn Schenk. Row 3 -- Janis Stafford, Judy Frank, Mary Nelson, Rose Klunchar, Julie Gray. I41 sigma sigma sigma g : w X 1 Sb: - 'x to Row 1 Mary Beth Pior, Lynette Miller, Sharon Swenson, Carol Reinke, Carolyn Fisher, Donna Groth. Row 2 Norma Gnatzig, Bonnie Fink, Carol Busting, Barbara Burgermeister, Elaine Walton. Row 3 Pat Anderson, Karen Greenwood, Mary Lee, Barbara Bernhardt. x Row IwNancy Olson, Louise Burch, Sharon Weber, Mary De Marsh, Row 2-Carol Corpron, Judi Mueller, Barb Dammann, Karen Soongberg, Judi Marchi, Merrily Madsen. Row 3-Beth White, Penny Corr, Dede Sell, Joanne Ortwig, Paula Husty, Carol Seidl, Judy wilk, Marilyn Meyer. Row 4- Karin Malek, Mary DeCoster, Barbara Pierangeli, Rita Peirick, Kathy Peterson, Joan Miller, Karen Thomsen, Pat Miles, Lori Finke, Sully Kwiatkowski, Nancy Kay Underwood. Wot pictured, Helen Friedman, Kathie BurnsL I42 V i xgv uni w church groups campus christian fellowship :,g 3ng?. Row I - Bob Seiler, Curt Miller, David Arbuthnot, Steve Seifert, William Arndf, Lytton Musselman. Row 2 - Jerome Sherry, Paricia Hare, Carol Clark, Olive R. Reeve, sponsor; Janette Bohi, sponsor; Charles Traxter, Steve Shober. Row 3 - Walter Partenheimer, Karen Hansen, June Hamilton, Carol Rose. Julene Lucchi, Donna Raabe, Judy Johnson, Dian Lisfeldt. Row 4 - Kathy Irvine, Marion Klinner, Judith Athas, Carolyn Ryer, Phyllis George, Anne Liven- good. CAMPUS: uIn whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge." Col. 2:35 In CCF God is made relevant to campus life. All denominations are united in studying the Bible and making it practical and personal in their own lives. CHRISTIAN: "He was before all things and in Him all things hold together." Col. 1:17 CCF is centered on the person of Jesus Christ. FELLOWSHIP: uAs my Father has sent me, so send I you." John 20:21 CCF meets daily for prayer meetings, weekly for Bible studies and bi-annually for a Missionary Breakfast. By Prayer and study of missions the group shares the fellow- ship of believers around the world. 144 Icemper club Any student of the Episcopalian faith may become a member of Kemper Club. Activities for the year in- cluded: a convention at Milwaukee, an exchange supper with the Methodist hWesleyh Club, and a spring ban- quet held at Club 12. The club also helped paint and refumish Guild Hall. Officers for the year were Charles Roth, president; Ross Torsrud, viceepresident and treasurer; Carol House, secretary. Row 1 e Richard Aber, Charlie Roth, president; Augustine Ingutia. Row 2 - Jean Gordon, Susy Lawrence. Donna Dorman, Dr. Wynett Burnett, temporary faculty sponsor; Julie Cartwright, Bea Terwall. Row 3 - Dennis Arfsten, Dee Stillson, Sally Kohlbeck, Carol House, secretary; Karen Roth, Janis Splegelhoff, Father Robert w. Wise. Row 4 e Richard Wooster, Dick Cananach, Ross Torsrud, treasurer; James Kieselburg, Brumdon Machado, Jr., Charles Comes. Mr. Vern Herdendorf, faculty sponsor. was absent at the time picture was token. 145 lutheran student association LSA Sponsors: Mrs. Sigwalt, Reverend Siqwalt, Miss Marie Benson, Mr. Norman Thies. Fellowship Hall at the First English Lutheran Church is the meeting place of students of the Lutheran faith every second and fourth Wednesday night, as they gather in friendship and fellowship to discuss and learn more about their faith. "Christ, College and You" was the theme around which this year's L.S.A. programs were centered. In fol- lowing this theme, the group hosted several guest speak- ers. A movie, "The Harvest of Years," was also seen. An Hawaiian Party, Christmas Banquet, with the Kemper Club as guests, and a Spring Banquet honoring the senior members were the three big events of the year. Several of the L.S.A.'ers travelled to Green Lake in the fall and represented Whitewater at the L.S.A. Re- gional Retreat. The group is under the guidance of Miss Marie Ben- son and Mr. Norman Thies, who serve as faculty advi- sors, and Reverend and Mrs. Warren Sigwalt, L.S.A. sponsors. Officers for the year were Donna Raabe, president; Ronald Peterson, vice president; Margene Goessling, sec- retary; Jill Erickson, treasurer; and Carol Hubbard and Jan Boyd, program co-chairmen. Row 1 - Julie Tlmler, Pat Dunham, Margene Goessllng, secretary; Donna Raabe, president; Jan Boyd, co-progrum chairman; Dorothy Koch, RP reporter. Row 2 - Samson Schwefel. Jlll Erickson, treasurer; Sharon Adamson. Marlea Schuetz, Barry Jensen. Row 3 - Tom Baldner, Tom Lather, Vern Dahlstrom. I46 scrooby , 5 Joe Palmer, treasurer; Donald Hobbs, Row 1 -- Allen Roberts, Nancy Lewis, Ruth Ann Kingsbury, Bruce Pitzka. Row 2 - John Heide, faculty sponsor; erlam Pape. facu lty sponsor. The membership of Scrooby, The United Christian Campus Fellowship, is drawn from five churches. They are the Congregational Church, The Evangelical and Re- formed Church, The Disciples of Christ Church, The Presbyterian Church, and the Evangelical United Breth- ren Church. Row 1 - Dorothy Slater, Karen Kurfh, Marlys Mandel, secretary; Holle Chopp, vice-presidem; Gale Towne, Betty Rockwell. Row 2 - Maris Oelstrom, David Wats- ke, Jim Wellhausen, Charles Steele, president; Gary Schrag, Althea Drew. Scrooby held its meetings every second and fourth Wednesday at 5:00 RM. The meetings were held in the Commons Private Dining Hall, where each meeting was preceeded by a meal. During the first semester, Scrooby's theme was uThe Student and The College Campus;" the second semester theme was, nThe Student Faces His World." lutheran synodical L.S.C.S. is an organization for W.S.C. students who hold membership in a Synodical Conference Lutheran Church. Its prime purpose is to cultivate and increase Christian wisdom in the Holy Scriptures and to offer an opportunity to students for Christian fellowship and rec- reation. The meetings are held on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month, at which are scheduled a variety of events. The program for this year has included discussions which were of great spiritual benefit to all, led by Pastor Tetzlaff ; roller skating parties at Janesville; guest speakers; cost suppers; the showing of religious films to the public; Christmas caroling at some homes of members of St. Johns Lutheran Church; Christmas and Valentine parties; a barbecue at which the fellows do the cooking; an annual picnic; and a senior banquet at the church on Baccalaureate Sunday. Pastor David A. Tetzlaff is the sponsor. This year's officers were Sharon Spredemann, president; Jack Phipps, Vice-president; Judith Draeger, secretary; David Timm, treasurer; and Karen Beede, RP reporter. 148 conference students Row 1 - Judith Draeger, secretary; Sharon Spredemann, Karen Beede, RP Reporter. Row 2 - Dave Timm, treasurer; Phipps, vice president; Reverend D. A. Tetzlaff, Pastoral Advisor. president; Jack lutheran synodical conference students Row 1 - Jean Degner, Mary Preuss, Joan Degner, Sharon Spredemunn, Karen Beede, Carol Kohlmefz, Valery Leuels. Row 2 - K. 6., Dave Timm, Gary Berllng, Larry Kubehl, Jack Phipps, Rev. D. A. Tetzlaff, Will stauske, Lucile Heck. Row 1 - Judith Drueger, Carolyn Slmdon, Judith Schmidt, Eileen Kube, Janice Hlnglss, Marie Blado, Amy Jetterly. Row 2 - Elalne Schneeberger, Betty Schmidt, Jane Trachfe, Shirley Beske, Betty Zuehls, Diane Claussen, Karen Jehllng, Diana Schuenemann. I49 mercier Row 1 - Birney Davis, external vice president; Sally Roth, treasurer; Virginia Apfelbeck, secretary; John Coyle, presi- dent; Leon Hermsen, sponsor: Carroll Flanogun, sponsor: John Hamann, internal vice president. Mercier Club members meet twice monthly in the spacious parish hall of Saint Patrick's Church. The organi- zation functions to supplement the work of secular instruc- tion with religious instruction and spiritual guidance. The group is under the guidance of Father James R. Johnson. Dr. Flanagan and Mr. Hermsen are faculty advisor. Com- mittee chairmen in charge of religion, social events, and membership are appointed each year to carry out the work of the organization under the direction of the officers. Each year, Mercier sponsors an all-school winter formal which is held in the parish hall. This yeafs theme was iiPink Mood" and Virginia Apfelbeck and John Coyle were selected by the attending couples to reign over the winter fantasy. The members of the court were as follows: Eleanore Klimek, Charlotte Samz, Sally Roth, Mary Beth Pior, Sharon Wagner, Robert Gabridge, John Hamann, Bob Witszak, Joseph Nusph, and Birney Davis. This fall, to follow along with the activities during Homecoming, Mercier entered a float, iiOh, What A Bem- tiful Mourning." Each spring the club members attend a Day of Recol- lection. Breakfast is enjoyed by Mercier members who spend the entire day at the church in prayer. Each May a senior girl is chosen as May Queen which is held at church. Officers for the year were John Coyle, president; Iohn Hamann and Birney Davis, vice-presidents; Sally Roth, treasurer; and Virginia Apfelbeck, recording secretary. 150 mercier -. Row 1 - Eleanore Klimek, Jo Ellen Wuutlet, Ann Hougard, Peggy Hein, Carol Jean Mess, Mary Daun, Bridget Gregory, Shirley Zithu, Marianna Catania, Doreen Matara. Row 2 - Kathy Kelliher, Colleen Ryan, Colette Czerwinski, Barbara Kcnieczka, Joanne Paddock, Helen Pertzborn, Patricia Bowls, Sharon Schwalles, Charlene Gutsmiedl, Corinne Berg, Penny Corr. Row 3 - Pam Muehl, Mariorie Ladewig, Pat Schmitt, Betty Letter, Barbara Wendlick. Joe Nuspl, Cecilia Simonds. Irene Wild, Mary Kay Cleiand, Barbara Brzezinski, Beth White. Row A - Sharon O'Donnell, Sally Kwiatkowski, Veronlca Gilsdorf, Marylyn Bolog, Karen Miller, Arlene Scherrer, Margery Gill, Frank Breneisen, Gene Hein, LaVern Longer, Ronald Stortz, Stephen Derus, Jlm Garthwalt. Row 1 - Rita Rifger, Mary Gler, Mary Klein, Karen Weisensel, Bette Hughes, Alice Sheahan. Allie Scott, Jeanne Guelig, Irene Riedl, Margaret Carroll, Eurleen Wafers. Row 2 -- Karen Davis, Mary Schicker, Terrl Meier, Ruth Lufz, Carolyn Bell, Gerry Justin, Mary De Marsh, Sharon Weber, Pat Mlles, Rita Peirick, Joan Collins. Row 3 - Barbara Schmal, Joanne Orfwig, Joyce Sorenson, Cathy Hubbard, Rosanne Prudlow. Mary Peoriana, Rosie Zickerman, Kitty Simon, Mary Lou Dullk, Pal Kennedy, Janice Wege, Joan Miller. Row 4 - Michaelene Seiunus, Dale Krier, Bob wifezak, Ron Bozynskl, Blll Pirkel, Bob Jundrum, Joe Cronlck, Bob Gabrldge, Dave Velth, Susan Kinlery. 151 mercier Row Row 4 - Peter Bauer, Joe Ehren, Row 1 - Put Angvick, Charlene Beyer, Sandy Achter, Mquene Lohman. Row 2 - Peg Tuschen, Bob Beers, Jerome Borucki, Andreu Deluhanty. 3 - Dianalee Marfiniuk, Mary Sebranek, Kmy Noll, Betty Steinberger, Elizabeth Jackson, Cecilia Mazurkiewicz. Roger Scherrer, Dick Ausman, Ray Hoffmann. Row 2 - Pat Regan, Nancy Shewczyk, Mary Kay Beggs, Mary ow 3 Kathy Peterson, Marita Hale, Norene Agnew, Terry Vose, Merrily Mudsen, Denls Sell. Row 4 - Tom Mc Menomy, Cath- Row 1 - Martha Eberle, Jill Muyhew, June Pomeday, Marsha Ernst, Bonnie Makowskl. Greif, Charlotte Samz. R erine Petras, Liz Henkel, Mary Beth Pior, Patricia Soroshi. Jenny Welnschenk. 1'52 mercier formal The annual Mercier Winter formal, held at St. Patricks Church King John Coy5e. Q'Jeen Virginia Apflebeck. and Father Johnson From left to right: Bob Gubridge, Bob Witczak, John Hammon, Bernie Davis, Joe Muspl, John Coyle, Virginia Apfle- beck, Father Johnson, Eleanore Klimeck, Charlett Samz, Sharon Wagner, Sally Roth, Mary Beth Prior MtMNA :33haktigxe; va.NW"rM Row 1 - George GrimeH, director; Betty Schoecherf, president; Mariory Wiedrich, codieiifiun; Marty Carpenter, worship chairman; Mary Jean McLean. social co-chairmcm; Reverend Francis 5. Foulke, Pastor Direcior; Joy Marsden, secretary; mm picturedL Row 2 - Mr. Mailen, sponsor; William Scobie, treasurer; Dennis McWiIIiams, co-publicity chairman; Caro! Chandler, vice-presidenf; Jlm Nehs, social chairman; no'r pictured, Tom Dosemagsr, dieticiun; Fritz Jacobs, co-publicity chairman. pf; 1 f 1 Row 1 - Mariory Wiedrich, Louise Cook, Mariiean Stewart, Sharon Buhrow, Betty Schoecherf, Carol SchultzI Kathy Ling, Anita Gillilanq. Row 2 e MaryEllen Pett, Marty Carpenter, William Scobie, Gary Kock, Dennis McWilliams, Barbara West. Mary Jean McLean. Row 3 - George Grimmett, N. D. Marten, Jim Nehs, Ron Klitzke, Reverend Francis Foulkel Jim Barthell Mark Krahn, Carol Chandler. The Wesley Foundation is an organization of Metho- dist college students. It provides spiritual and social en- richment for its members. Wesley meetings are held weekly at the Methodist Church from 6:15 to 8:15. The activities of the Wesley Foundation tender service to the church, the school and the student. Service to the church is of great importance. During the month of September the Wesley Foundation pro- vided all the ushers for the Sunday morning services at the Methodist Church. In October it sponsored a IlWesley Work Week" during which members hired themselves out to earn money for the church organiza- tion. Flower Sunday worship service is an annual service provided by the Wesley Foundation for the Church. Both services on this Sunday morning are given by members of the Wesley Foundation at the Methodist Church. Service is also rendered to the school by the Wesley Foundation. It has taken an active part in Stunt Night for the past two years. A booth is entered in the FBLA Carnival annually. For the Collegiate Weekend festivi- ties, the Wesley Foundation enters a team in athletic contests. In all these activities, the Wesley Foundation has been faithful in rendering any service possible to make these all-school functions a success. One of the Wesley Foundationls primary functions is to aid its members both spiritually and socially. The regular Wednesday evening meetings have presented a worship service plus a program of discussion and film study. Led by its director, Rev. George Grimmitt, the Wesley Foundation has been studying and seeking an- swers to questions involving sin, predestination, the doc- trines 0f the different churches, and many other subjects. These discussions have served to give deeper spiritual meaning to the life of each participating student. The Wesley member is provided with much opportunity for social development and fellowship. In October the All- Church Banquet was sponsored by the Wesley Founda- tion. Here members of all Church groups on campus were invited to participate in an evening of fellowship at the Methodist Church. In the fall of the year, the Wesley Foundation held a square dance. A Christmas Party was held at the home of out very active and loyal advisor, Mrs. Hefferman. Wesleyans joined with Metho- dist faculty members in an evening of enjoyment and fellowship at the student-faculty dinner. At the end of the year the underclass Wesley members honored the graduating seniors at a picnic. This climaxes a year of service for the Wesley Foun- dation. This organization is a very important part of the lives of many Whitewater college students. 155 New officers for the Wesley group are Installed The Wesley group holds an informal discussion athletics The W Club at Whitewater State consists of those who have earned a varsity letter in any sport. The W Club has as its major activity the operation of refreshment stands at home athletic contests. The proceeds of this venture are donated to the colleges athletic scholarship fund. Among the other activities of the group during the school year are the sponsoring 0f the Dad's Day festivi- Q Row 1 - Ken Schmeling, Dave Nordenfoft, treasurer; Jim Eberhardf, president; club ties at an annual football game and the well-known selling of book covers to students tmostly to freshmero at the end of the registration line. A trip to Milwaukee in the spring for a Milwaukee Bravest game is the outstanding event of the social calendar. The trip never fails to produce a highly stimu- lating and interesting day for all. Pete Madden, secretary; W. Harris Lumberg, Sum Stewart. mot pictured, Russ Rulund, viceApresidenn Row 2 - Dove Poisl, Dick Lueck, Fred Obernberger, Jerry Spiegelhoff, Joe Tkacz. Row 3 - Ron Wittenberg, Bernie Spaeth, Don Trolliet, Tom Gamroth, J. P. Fisher. Jlm Knurr. 158 Row 1 - Pill Barribeuu. Jim Brinelli, James Beistle, Joe Steffen, David Thayer, Mike Farina. Row 2 - John Fuchs, Travis Middlesfead, Jim Thayer, Richard Schmeling, Don Wilcox, Dewey Schiele, Marv Puitrick. Row 3 - Ned Perri, Gerald Christiansen, Matt Messner, Tom Wescott, John Boylan, John Horn. The W-Club sells popcorn and pop at all home games. 159 Row l-Ron Anton 67L Larry Davis 09L Dave Nordentoff tSBL John Boylan BID, Dave Poisl mm, Don Sydow wan, Co-captaln, Les Lesblf cm, Mlso MVPL' Crrcaptaln, Mary Paitrlck um. Jlm Eberhard? 69L Jerry Golembiewski MD, Hunk Henerman 04L Roger Parish wn. Row 2-Frank Parish 94L Wayne Printz 05L Fred Obernberger an, Larry Gocker um, Hank Wolosz GD. Russ Rulund mm, Pete Madden GD. Bernie Spaefh un, Skip Foster om, Dick Lueck 69L Terry Bohr UM, Jim Clark 62L Row 3-Bob Hauser um, Bill Campio WSL Dick Klaus 03L Hank Fisher MAL Avitus Ripp mm, Bill Joskwhich 08L Mike Goulee MEL Bud Cialdini mu, Gus Petrakis 66L Paul Joseph Km, Ron Depies 0D, Jerry Hoppman 00L Row 4-Pete Angelos W0, Bob Frisch om, Bill Felicelli MD, Tom Heber mm, Don Zickert WU, Dick Fernholz 93L Dan Steffen um, Tom Zagrodnik UN, Tom Wuethrick 03L Ron Bronson an, Warren Hughes 60L Dick Lacerte 00L Row 5 Tom Leohy U2L Bill Hamilton 09L Jim Miles MU, Chuck Placek MD, Dick Hess, um, Don Thompson 02L Dolg Welke 040, Greg Deitz 06L Dave Flgi BU, Dick Schmeling pm, Bill Krause mm, Dave Rhodes 05L Row 6--Head coach Forres1 Perkins, assistant line coach John Rube, backfield coach Rex Foster, line coach Edgar Schwager, photographer Put Mages, manager Bill Bcrribeuu, sporYs publicity director and sfufistician James Beistle, manager Russ Stevens, manager Dave Barribeau. 11 09100! Whitewater State Colleges football team failed to win its third consecutive undisputed Wisconsin State Conference championship in 1961, but the able fourth place Warhawks provided their fans with much excitmg football. They finished the season with a 3-3 Conference record and a 6-3 overall mark. After a fast start with easy triumphs over Carroll and Platteville, Coach Forrest Perkints crew ran into a mid-season streak of hard luck. Star defensive end Bob Hauser was among those called to active duty with the 32nd Division, and injuries side- lined a number of regulars just as the chief challengers t0 Whitewaterts championship ascendency, La Crosse and Stevens Point, approached on the schedule. After the mid-season slump, the team rallied for a commendable late-season performance. They smacked the UW-M Car- dinals for a Homecoming Victory, and then knocked St. Norberts out of a post-season bowl bid. The team closed the season by flying to Arkansas State to bring home an 8-7 upset victory over a team that Played Southeastern Conference opponents. This edition of the Warhawks was a stellar defensive team. They were the eighth best small-college defensive club in the country against total offense, allowing 0p- ponents only 139 yards per game. Les Nesbit, a guard, was the team's top player, being named to the all-con- ference and all-state elevens, leading the team in tackles, serving as its co-captain with Marv Paitrick, and being named its most valuable player. Nesbit was joined by Larry Davis and Ron Anton on the all-conference team. Reuben Klumb, Athletic Committee Chairman football I961 Warhawk Football Scores wsc OPPONENT Opponent Score ,:28 Carroll 6 38 Platteville o 3 Stevens Point 20 13 La Crosse 21 12 Oshkosh o 0 Superior 31 M28 UW-Mllwaukee 0 H2 St. Norbert 7 7'8 Arkansas 7 t non-conference M Homecoming State College Conference Football Standings Stevens Point . W L T . 7 'I 0 La Crosse . 5 I 0 River Falls . . 4 3 0 WHITEWATER . . 3 3 0 Stout ....... . 2 3 1 Superior . 2 3 1 Eau Claire . . 3 5 0 Oshkosh ......... . 2 4 0 UW-Milwaukee 2 4 0 Platteville .. 1 5 0 JAMES H. BEISTLE e'Uake" has been Mr. In- dlspensible behind the scenes in the W5C athletic scheme of things. As sports publicity director, R. P. sports editor, statistician, manager, and all-around handy-man In the athletic department, he made valu- able contributions 10 Warhawk sports. football l-n-Q Myron Puynter Dave Nordenfoft Lorry Davis hulHime is over boys c1 good sight to see Couches Rube, Foster, and Perkins discuss points in the game Les Nesbit Marvin Puitrick Ron Anton Larry Gocker 162 football Where's the ball? The IOO-yard dash My but "'5 dark out here basketball Row 1 Manager, John Sromolski; Joe Steffen, Dole Holzhufer, Win Parkinson, Dean Sommers, Dave Hahn, Ken Schmeling, Glenn Siegel. Row 2 James P. Fisher, Don Trollie'r, Gary Bender, Don Thompson, Ron Hoppe, Tom Gamroih, Man Messner, Paul Joseph, Coach Robert Weigant. Ron Anton takes down the net as a championship souvenier Couch Robert Welgundt receives news of his teams championship 164 basketball Jack Ponyicsanyl, Coach of the junior varsity team Coach Robert Weigandt led a group of Cinderella, opportunistic basketball players to the undisputed Wis- consin State College conference championship in 1961- 62. In league play the Warhawks won ten games and lost two; overall the team compiled a sixteen and seven record. WSC started slow, but built up momentum when they came to the conference games on the schedule, and won four league games before losing at Stout. They refused to fold after losing two regulars at the semester, and went on to win the outright title. The most memorable games were the pair of two- point victories over Platteville, the 96-54 plastering of powerful Stevens Point in Hamilton Gym, and the two victories over Carroll. The championship tie was insured with a win at Oshkosh 90-77, and the outright crown was taken at home against Platteville. J. P. Fisher, Whitewater's fabulous Little All-Amer- ican, led the team in scoring with 412 points, 250 of them in league play.' His four-year point total: 1,592. Joe Steffen joined Fisher 0n the alleconference team. Dale Holzhuter was Steffen's running mate at guard. The team was blessed with an unusually strong bench and clutch players who came through when needed to aid in the championship drive led by Fisher, Steffen, and Holzhuter. Fisher and Ken Schmeling were the only seniors on the team. SEASON SCORES opponents Allen Bradley Northern Illinois Rockford UW-Milwaukee Carroll Milton Oshkosh Carroll Platteville Milton Eau Claire Stout Stevens Point UW-Milwaukee Rockford La Crosse Superior Oshkosh St. Norberth Platteville Stevens Point CONFERENCE STANDINGS WHITEWATER Stevens Point .............................................. River Falls .................................................. La Crosse ...................................................... Oshkosh ........................................................ Superior Stout .............................................................. Platteville Eau Claire .................................................... UW-Milwaukee ............................................ channps 70 85 NAIA PLAYOFF S opponent Carroll St. Norbert's W 10 9 8 7 7 5 5 5 3 opponent scores 85 63 50 7o 69 47 77 59 66 47 76 81 54 79 85 54 75 59 87 67 101 xoxoxlxlxloxuu-UJNH opponent scores 58 102 165 basketball Dale Halzhuter scores two for W5C Another two for Jay Jumping Jacks Back to back 166 basketball Modern dance Any foul here? 167 4.x?! lb; is - Q . p gnul ,. Row 1 - Mark Patten, Jim Roy, Chuck Kolich, Tom Schowalter, Mike Trudeau. Row 2 - Couch Rex Foster, Ross Tossrud, manager; Mike Fur- long, Jerry Wolf, Bill Hallett. Nevin Furey, David Griffiths, assistant coach. Row 1: Glen Siegel, Dennis Chase, Stuart Vordagel, Curfls Kissinger, Gary Pitchard, Gene Lisieckie, Genn Capiak, Ray Gross, Jack Dresdown, Tom Schowalter, Mike Trudeau; Row 2: Mike Kerwin, Bernie Spaeth, Jim Knurr, Dan Zielke, John Wundrey, Bill Seiler, Wes White, Mike Crane, Floyd Weeks' Dave Onderein, John Llnk; Row 3: Lou Busse, chk LuCerie, Chuck Placek, C'aig Thorpe, Jim Peschauer, Ted Huusch, Kirby Nicol, Marvin Krull, Phil Bollhagen, Bart Naglestqd, Mlke Maher, John Wendell, Blll Kruse, David Griffiths, Coach; Row 4: Barry Jensen, Dennls Cronce. Blll Kwapll, John Yun. Vern Dalhlstrom, Chuck Kollch, John Vesbuck, Dave Hodge. Bob Ward. Allen Ribbeck, Gene Doven, Rex Foster, Coach. I68 wrestling Row 1 - Gene Sheldon, Jack Marks, Dick Roppe, John Noeson, Chuck Kollch, Jim Spataro. Row 2 - Terry Kranz, Fred Boles, Frank Blumer, AI Bau- man, Herb Curran, Tony Espey. Row 1 - Irvin Swinehart, Brian Schmidt, Mark Patten, Eric Wick, Bill Hallett. Row 2 - Jerry Zeiger, Roy Genrick, Bill Campion, Dave Brugger, Ross Tossrud, manager. 169 cheerleaders Row 1 - Barbara Zemp, Barbara Medower. Row 2 - Jun Detfmering, Bonnie Haessly, Jill Jeske. The cheerleaders are one of the most active groups on campus throughout the school year. In addition to their regular duty of leading the cheering at the athletic contests, they do much work behind the scenes e such as selecting the Klumb Girl at Homecoming time. The cheerleaders do much to generate school spirit during the year. The Cheerleaders for 1961-62 are Lindy Morgan, Kar- en Gunderson, Barb Zemp, Jill Jeske, Bonny Haessly, Barbara Medower, and Jan Dettmering. Future Cheerleaders practice for tryouts. Cheerleaders participate in homecoming festivities. Cheerleaders in action at a basketball game. 170 hawketts Row 1: Sally Hahn, Barb Thayer, Kathy Downing. Row 2: Norma Gnonig, Maxine Liszewski, Jo Kapoun, Judy Brown, Beth Pier, Kitty Simon, Marita Hale, Kathy Wink, Nubby Verthein, Gale Gurretson, Judy Kohlmeyer. Whitewater State's novel feature during halftime at home football games are the Hawkettes, a precisiont marching platoon 0f Coeds. They combined with the Marching Band at halftime ceremonies during the foot- ball season to provide excellent entertainment. HuwkeHs go through intricate maneuvers during halHime ceremonies 171 warhawlc band Whitewater States Warhawk Band serves the pure pose of supplying the musical spirit at all home WSC basketball games during the hard-court campaign. The Warhawk Band also provides concert band experience l for members, and joins the Symphony Band in the an- nual outdoor concert during the spring. The director 19 Mr. David L. Evans and the student director is Par Kelleher. A Warhawk band performance at a home basketball game. Row 1 e Sherry Jerome, Nancy Keegun, Lollie Beck, Sandy Daly, Jane Trachie, Mary Allce Becker, Maureen Greenlee. Row 2 - Donna Hansen, Carolyn Ryer, Doris Hursevoorf. Donna Speer, Patricia Dunham, Jane Meachum, Carol Tesser, Janice King, Karen Weisensel, Susan Schindler, Dee Stillson, Larry Oslerburg, Ronald Thompson. Row 3 - Vicki Geise, Carol Kelleher, Pat Kelleher. Row 4 - Jean Gordon, Jim Schlichf, Carl Ryba, John Papastefan, John Sauerberg. Allen Roberts, Jim Mayer, Richard Selll Tom Kolander, Marjorie Martin, Carmen Catanla. 172 women ,s bowling llu Henriksen, Barb Hoffman, Beverly Martin, Kay Butler, Kathy Fiedler, Jane Tighe Judy Frank, Betty Leberman, Karen Clay, Louise Larson. Mary Dallman. Pcmi Mould. Mary Wertz, Judy McCarthy, Dianne Rulland. Move Salamone, Loni Benner, vice-president; Darlene lndermuehle. Marlene Denzer, secretary-freasurer; Marleen Becker M Cecilia Mazurkiewicz' Frun Woitowicz, ' ' ' Yvonne Kulscheur. Pam Johnson, Barb Firle, Mary Irving. V 1i: t , n . . Judy Priaulx, Mary Ann Gulshaw. Jane Bail, Penny Codringfon, Cathy Petras, Carol Frey, Lorena Coburn, Lois Brooks, Sundrulee Betty Ross. Betty Rockwell. DeSombre, president; Julie Kandutsch. 173 men is bowling Chi Delis Patrick McKeever, Jack Merking, Wally Schoenfeld, Ted Haasch, Dove Engen. mot pictured Dennis Wheeler, La Vern Longem Kofmirs Jim Pechouer, Roger Nitzsche, Dennis Mc- Willioms, Dick Sexton, Lorry Nitz. Hawk Dorm Row 1 Tom Eichman. Row 2 - Denny Erdmann, Bill Hommerberg, Tom Dickinson. Gory Pritchard, Bill Cnure. Profs Mr. Duggett, Mr; Meyer, Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Klumb, Dennis Bonikowske. men 9s bowling Deltuns Earl Townsend, Dennis Kelley, Bill Thompson, Hugh Foy, Monte Hoffmann mdependems Thomas Golden, Marshall White, Bob Bender. Terry Sheldon. Phi Sigs Don Zaln, Roger Edwards, Pete Jacobs, Floyd Weeks, Dave Sykes. Pi Chi's Lee Gantenbein, Terry Shea, Jerry Cimarosti, Dave Tarrolly, Dick Morgan. I75 men 9s bowling Cavaliers Row 1 - Bob Rifger. Row 2 - Dave Henry, Lynn Sfoecker, John Blaszuk, Gene Findlai, Keith Johnson. Vets Jim Esser, Ray Hoffman, Dick Brassington, Herb Kritz, Jim Nietz. Troians Arlan Lofhe, Bud Williams, Tom Hinz, Dennis Priebe, Jay Zuelzke. Fee Cees Harold Sfernberg, Ken Davis, Obert Schlegel, Ron McDavid, Ron Hassell. I76 special events homecoming committee .Qei t e- j? u was A. Row 1 - Sue Ludwig, Jane Bulkow, Sandy Muenchow, Kathy Hauser, Mary Brunkow, Peggy Rusk, Barb Wied, Ruth Dlttmer. Row 2 - Andrew Ruzeck, Bill Tuenng, Mr. Ruben Klumb, sponsor; Roy Endres, Dennis Ludwig, John Horn, Doug Timmerman. October 24th was an important day in the lives of Whitewateris College Students and Alumni. It was on this day that our football team played UWM in the 1961 Homecoming Game. The week-end celebration was well publicized through the aid of a special insert in the Royal Purple and the enthusiasm was high in anticipation of the coming events. The festivities got into full swing Friday night with each of the fraternities and sororities presenting a skit depicting the anticipated victory of the Warhawks. The cheerleaders were on hand to lead the audience in the pep rally. During the Program the 'iKlumb Girl," Karen Anderson was revealed and Myron Paynter was given the title of nMr. Ugly." Concluding the pro- gram was the announcement of Roy Endres for chair- man of Homecoming 1962. The skits were followed by a bonfire held in the Starin Road parking lot. 178 A large crowd was on hand to witness the arade that was held on Saturday morning. The paraci: was the end result of weeks of painstaking labor on the part of the organized groups on campus. Several area bands added much color and enthusiasm to the parade. In the pre-game ceremonies at Hamilton Field, King Les Nesbit and Queen Patti Muehl and her court were introduced. The players then invaded the field to add to the festivities by gaining a victory. The White water high-stepping band gave an energetic half-time show featuring a dance routine by the band and an intricate precision drill by the Hawkettes. The celebration continued on into the evening with everyone dancing to the music of Steve Swedish's two bands. The entire Union was gaily decorated along the theme, "Seasons On Parade," with ballroom dancing in the Commons and a jazz group featured in the Game Room. A capacity crowd for all events made Homecoming 1961 a huge success. Homecoming chairman. Ed Swartz goes through a last minute explanation before his commmee homecoming committee Row 1: Hildegard Beide, Ron Jacobson, Jill Erickson, Bruce Eckdahl, Marg1e Gill, Dave Spurgot, Donna Steinbrink; Row 2: Bob Witczak, Pat Quillan, Cindy Dierson, Cindy Branum; Row 3: Sue Kuerschner, Pat Peterson, Jan Boyd, Jean Minuyoski, Bob Ritger. Row 1;- Sonic Bengstan, Marilyn Meyer, George Hanson, Tom Wills, Fran Landl, Eileen De Rose. Row 2 - Jeff Bocher, Tom Willis, chk Hanke, Egr: nglzcka, Bob Soule, John Llnk. Row 3 - Karen Cone, Kay Victor, Mary O'Day, Bob Vanden Houvel, Lil Peterson, Joe Cronlck, Wally Reimer, m a noe. I79 homecoming I m the Phi Sigs back the Team wifh their ONn cheerleader and pep grOJp "I961 Homecoming Chairman Ed Swartz Con- Guest announcer, Percy Dovefonsils grufulates the 1962 Chairman, Roy Endres the cheerleaders lead me crowd before the bonfire Mr. Klumb presents Karen Anderson, 1961 Klumb Girl, with a bouquet of roses homecoming Winner of first place in serious flouts-Alpha Sigma Pam Muehl, Homecoming Queen "a, ' ' 3 . ,. .. ' It Homecoming Queen candidates and the Klumb Glrl enioy the game. From left to right: Jan Knutson, Liz Madghian. Karen Anderson, LIZ Henkle, Bonnie Haessly, Patti Muehl. ' 18l homecoming The Huddle after the Homecoming game three former football stars come back to see their alma mater play dressed girl Karen Box Judy Sloan Margorle Gm Barbara Kaste Liz Henkle, WSC's Best Dressed Girl for I962 Pam Muehl Nancy Underwood -Fv r," Isl Stldhelm Ann Heath ' Karen Anderson 183 stunt night First place in serious division was won by Alpha Sigma with "Shades of Chi" "Miss Collegiate," presented by the Alpha Gamma Deltas, won second place in the serious divigon. i84 'vetu pus stunt night Wrecks" was the Vet's skit for Stunt nghf. Liz Henkel "Hot Spots performs U.S.A." in the Sigma Sigma Sigma entry which received third place in the serious division. 185 who 93 who in american colleges and universities Row 1 - Mary Nelson Schallhorn, Carol Becker, Donna Ruabe, Donna Sieinbrink, June Bulkow, Carol Kohlmetz, Row 2 - Mellanie Herbert, Virginia Apfelbeck, Pete McGregor, Douglas Timmerman, Marilyn Shea' Judy Kielgos. Twenty-one Whitewater State College seniors have been honored by being selected for recognition in the publication "th5 Who Among Students in American These students have been selected for such traits as excellence and sincerity in scholarship, leadership and Colleges and Universities" The purpose of the book is participation in extra curricular and academic activities, to provide a nationwide recognition of outstanding stu- c1tlzenshlp and setv 1C8 t.0 the college, and the promlse 0f dents future usefulness to soc1ety. 186 VJ , r x a K , IVJIVII ,2 L C . , f . V ?EVIIJIIVIMVII WV? faculty 31 On Leave 1961-62 " Substitute 1961-62 ROBER; CAMPFELL WILLIAMS; Ph. 3., Central College; M. A.; Ph. 0.. State University of Iowa; L. L. 0.. Central College reSIaen JAMES N. ALLEN; B. A., M. A., Michigan State University Assistam Professor of Psychofogy RICHARD APOLLONI; B. A., 5?. Procopius College; M. A., Notre Dame Instrudo: in Englim RICHARD BALLSMITH; B. A., Southern Illinois University Faculty Assistant; Assistant Director, Student Union WYNETT BARNETT; B. 5., Southwest Missouri State College; M. A., State University of Iowa; Ph, D., University of Wisconsin Professor of Speech WILLIAM BECK; B. Ed., Wisconsin State College, Whitewater; M. 5., State University of Iowa Assistant Professor of Mathematics MARIE 5. BENSON; B. Ed., Wisconsin State College, Whitewater; M. A., No.?hwestern University Professor of Business Education GERMAINE M. BLASKEY; B. A., Wisconsin State College, Stevens Poini; M. A., University of Wisconsin Instructor in Home Economics JANETTE M. BOHI; A. B., Wheaton College; M. A., Ph. D., University of Illinois Associate Professor of History CHARLES W. BRADY; B. 5., Purdue University; M. 5., Universiiy of Wistonsin Instructor In Biology DAVID C. BROWN; B. S., University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; M. L. S. Rutgers, The State University Instructor in Library Science RICHARD J. BROWN; B. A., M. A., Ph. D., State University of Iowa Professor of Social Studies WILLIAM A. BRYAN; B. 5., Florida State University; M. 5., Indiana University Instructor in Guidance ROBERT F. BUNDE; B. A., Western Michigan University; B. 5., M. A., University of Michigan Instructor in Physical Science FRANKLIN F. BUSHMAN; B. 5., Bowling Green State University; M. A., Columbia University Associate Professor of Music STITH M. CAIN; B. A., Vanderbilt University; 8. S. in L. 5., George Peabody College; M. A., University of Virginia; M. Ed., George Peabody College for Teachers Associate Professor of Library Science JAMES G. CARTER; B. 5., Miami University; M. A., Michigan State University; C. P. A. Assistant Professor of Accounting PING CHIU; B. A., Amoy University, China; M. A. University of Missouri; Ph. 0.. University of Wisconsin Assistant Professor of History JOSEPH J. CHOPP; B. A., M. A., University of Wisconsin Associate Professor of Biology ALBERTA E. CHRISTEN; B. 5., M. A., University of Wisconsin Assistant Professor of Mathematics DONALD J. COCKERILL; B. A., M. A., State University of Iowa Instructor in English MYN T. COE; B. Ed., Wisconsin State College, Whitewater Instructor in Library Science BEN L. COLLINS; A. E., University of California; M. A., University of Connecticut; Ph. D., University of New Mexico Associate Professor of English HENRY M. COLLINS; B. 5., Iowa State Teachers College; M. A., Northwestern University Associate Professor of Business Education ROGER COPPENBARGER; B. M. E., Kansas State Teachers College; M. M. E., University of Wichita Instructor in Music CATHERINE C. CROSSMAN; B. A., Carleton College; M. A., University of Olegon Associate Professor of Art JOHN A. CUMMINGS; B. 5., Wisconsin State College, Whitewater; M. 5., University of Wisconsin Assistant Professor of Biology CLAY J. DAGGETT; B. A., Kearney State Teachers College; M. A., American University Associate Professor of Biology HENRY A. DE WIND; A. M., Ph. 0.. University of Chicago Professor of History EDWARD F. DICKERSON; B. 5., Western Michigan University; M. 5., University of Wisconsin Assistant Professor of Art JAMES 5. DOMBEK; B. S. E., Arkansas State Teachers College; M. A., Kansas University Instructor in Mathemaflcs MARGARET M. DONOVAN; B. 5., M. A., Ph. D., University of Wisconsin Assistant Professor of History CHARLES H. DORR; Ph. 3., Ph. M., University of Wisconsin Assistant Professor of Education CLAYTON A. DROULLARD; B. S., University of Dubuque; M. 5., University of Wisconsin; Ed. D., University of Colorado Professor of Mathematics 188 WESLEY N. EARP; B. S., M. Ed., West Texas Siaie College; Ed. D., Colorado State College Associate Professor of Education FRANCES EBERT; B. 5., Wisconsin State College, LaCrosse; M. 5., Indiana University Instructor in Physical Education DAVID L. EVANS; B. 5., University of Tennessee; M. M., University of Michigan JEAN FERGUSON; B. 5., Mankafcl State College; M. A., State University of Iowa Assistant Professor of Education iFifth Gradei CARROLL E. FLANAGAN; B. E., Wisconsin State College, Oshkosh; M. Ph., 0.. University of Wisconsin Professor of Mathematics JAMES R. FLYNN; B. A., M. A., Ph. D., University of Chicago Assistant Professor of Political Science FAYE FOLLOWELL; A. B., Wheaton College; B. R. E., Bupiist Misslonary Training School; B. S. in L. 8., Louisiana State University; A. M., University 01 Iliinois Assistant Professor of Library Science CORA M. FORBUSH; B. 8., Wisconsin State College, LuCrosse; M. S., University of Wisconsin Assistant Professor of Education REX C. FOSTER; B. 5., Wisconsin State College, Planeville; M. 5., University of Wisconsin Assistant Professor of Mathematics BERTRAM D. GABLE; B. Mus., iMus. EdJ, Music iVoicei, M. Mus. iVoicei, University of Michigan Associate Professor of Music JOHN M. GIBBENS; B. A., Simpson College; M. 5., Iowa State University Assistant Professor of Economics RUTH A. GLAZEBROOK; B. S., Central Missouri State Teachers College; M. A., Ed. D., University of Missouri Associate Professor of Education ERNEST E. GLOYD; B. Ed., Wisconsin State College, Whitewater; M. $., Marquette University Instructor in Mathematics DONALD L. GRAHAM; B. S., M. 5., Kansas State Teachers College; Ph. D., State University of Iowa Professor of History VIRGIL C. GRAHAM; B. A., Southwestern College; M. A., State University of lawn Associate Professor of Business Education G. PAUL GRANT; A. 8., Allegheny College; M. A., Northwestern University; Ph. D., University of Pittsburgh Professor of English ARZY R. GRAY; A. 8., Southwestern College; M. 5., Ph. D., University of Illinois Professor of Chemistry ALYCE M. GREENE; B. 5., Wisconsin Siuie College, Superior; M. 5., Unixersliy of Wisconsin Assistant Professor of Physical Education JAY M. GREENE; B. Ed., Wisconsin State College, Whitewater; M. A., Norftwesiern University; Ed. D., New York University Professor of Business Education MDAVID W. GRIFFITHS; A. B., Ripon College; M. 5., Purdue University Instructor in Chemistry EDNA P. GRINSTEAD; B. 5., Murycrest; M. A., Colorado State College; Ed. D., New York University Associate Professor of Business Education NORMAN HARRIS; B. A., Brown University; M. A., Bread Loaf School of English Assistant Professor of English JOHN A. HEIDE; B. A., Butler University; A. M., University of Michigan Associate Professor of English ELLEN, HEINE, B. A., Macalester College; M. A., Scarrm College Assistant Professor of English JAMES HELLIE; B. 5., M. A., Ph. D., University of Minnesota Professor of Economics DON H. HENSLEY; B. A., M. A., University of Oregon Instructor in English ROBERT L. HENDRICKSON; B. 5., Platteville State College; M. 5., University of Wisconsin Instructor in Education iEighth Gradei VERNON E. HERDENDORF; B. Ed., Wisconsin State College, Whitewater; M. S., University of Wisconsin Instructor in Education iFourth Grudei LEON P. HERMSEN; B. Ed., Wisconsin State College, Whitewater; M. A., Northwestern University Associate Professor of Business Education NOEL HJELMHAUG; B. 8., Wisconsin State College, Whitewater; M. A., Vanderbilt University Faculty Assistant in Physics DOROTHY C. HOOD; A. B., Albion College; M. A., Northwestern University Instructor in Guidance WEI HSUAN; B. A., M. 5., Northwestern University Instructor in Maihemufics ERNEST J. ISAACS; B. A., University of Colorado; M. S., University of Wisconsin Assistant Professor of History KARL A. JOHANNES; A. B., A. M., University of Rochester; Ph. D., University of Pittsburgh Professor of Mathematics SHERMAN J. JOHNSRUD; B. A., St. Olaf College; M. A., University of Chicago Assistant Professor of English MICHAEL J. KENNEDY; A. B., De Paul University; M. A., Northwestern University Assistant Professor of History CHARLES R. KING; B. A., Montana State University; M. 5., Montana Staie College Assistant Professor of Biology REUBEN w. KLUMB; 8. Ed., M. Ph., University of Wisconsin Associate Professor of Psychology CLARENCE P. KNUTH; A. B., M. A. tEdJ, M. A. sGeogJ, University of Mlchlgcn Assistant Professor of Geography itHUGO E. LAHTI; B. s., M. S., University of Michigan Associate Professor of Chemistry CHl-LING LEE; B. A., National Central University, Chungking, China; M. A., Ph. D., University of Wisconsln Assistant Professor of Economics BERTHA M. LEFLER; B. A., Central Michigan College; Diploma de la Sorbonne, University of Paris; M. A., Columbia University Assistant Professor of Languages MILDRED A. LENZ; B. A., Luther College; M. A., University of Kansas Instructor in English LLOYD E. LIEDTKE; B. Ed., Wisconsin State College, Whitewater; M. A., Northwestern University Associate Professor of Science ARNOLD J. LIEN; B. 5., Stout State College, Menomonie, Wisconsin; M. Ph., Ph. 0., University of Wisconsin Professor of Education RAYMOND E. LIGHT; B. 5., Bowling Green State University; M. A., Ed. D., Columbia University Associate Professor of Music ZENOBIA R. LIGHT; B. F. A., Oklahoma City University; M. A., Columbia University Faculty Assistant In Music DOROTHY s. LOCKWOOD; A. 3., University of Michigan; M. A., Columbia University Instructor in Guidance ALLEN A. LOWREY; B. 5., Louisiana Polytechnic Institute; M. B. A., University of Missouri Instructor in Business Education WILLIAM J. MADDEN; A. 8., University of Wisconsin; C. P. A. Assistant Professor of Business Education ARTHUR L. MADSON; B. A., Morningside College; M. A., University of South Dakota Assistant Professor of English HENRY N. MARKHAM; B. 5., Western Kentucky State College; M. 5., Ph. D., University of Wisconsln Assistant Professor of Biology NORMAN D. MARTIN; B. A., Wisconsin State College, Superior; M. A. L. 5., George Peabody College for Teachers Instructor in Library Science HOWARD W. McCONEGHEY; B. F. A., Washington University; M. A. Highlands University Instructor in Art ARTHUR G. McGRAW, JR.; B. Ed., Wisconsln State College, Whitewater; M. 5., Ph. 0., University of Wisconsin Professor of Education Wrincipal, Elementary SchooD CLARENCE D. McNABB; B. A., Loras College; M. 5., Ph. 0., University of Wisconsin Associate Professor of Blology HENRY MEYER; A. 3., Calvin College; M. 5., Ph. D., University of Michigan Professor of Biology MARY MILLS; B. J., University of Missouri; M. 5., Columbia University Assistant Professor of English and Journalism RUTH MINER; B. A., Knox College; M. A., University of Illinois; J. D., University of Chicago Assistant Professor of Business Education JOHN MITCHELL; B. A., Manchester College; B. 0., Grace Theological Seminary; M. S., University of Wisconsin Instructor in Physical Sciences EDWARD J. MORGAN; B. Ed., Ph. M., University of Wisconsin Associate Professor of History CHARLES E. MORPHEW; 8. Ed., Illinois State Normal University,- M. S., University of Illinois; Ed. 0., George Peabody College for Teachers Professor of Geography MARGARET S. MUELLER; B. S., University of Wisconsin; M. 5., University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Assistant Professor of Education Kindergarten, REGINALD NASH; B. A., Wm. Penn College; M. 5., State University of Iowa Associate Professor of Biology REBECCA NESMITH; B. A., Blue Mountain College; M. A., Texas Techno'ogical College Assistant Professor of English RICHARD OLMSTED; B. A., M. A., Ph. 0., University of Minnesota Professor of Foreign Languages FRANK PALINAY; M. Ec., D. Ec., Palatine Joseph University, Budapest Associate Professor of Economics MIRIAM A. PAPE; B. S., University of Chicago; M. A., University of Oregon Assistant Professor of Health Education FORREST W. PERKINS; B. 5., Wisconsin State College, Platteville; M. S., University of Wisconsln Assistant Professor of PhysicaI Education GEORGE E. PERRY; B. Mus., M. Mus., University of Wisconsln Associate Professor of Music GLADYS L. PETERSEN; B. E., Wisconsin State College, Whitewater; M. S. sEdJ, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Instructor in Education Second Grade, EDWARD PFAU; B. A., Carleton College; B. E., Minnesota State College, Mankato; M. A., Columbia University; Ed. 0., University of Denver Associate Professor of Psychology REX M. PETERSON; B. S., M. 5., Ph. D., University of Michigan Assistant Professor of Geography ROBERT D. PICKER; B. A., M. A., Columbia University Assistant Professor of Geography RICHARD D. PORTER; A. S., Weber College; B. 5., M. 5., University of Utah Assistant Professor of Biology 190 JOHN T. PRENTICE; B. A., Ofterbein College; M. A., University of Michigan Assistant Professor of Education RUDOLPH W. PRUCHA; B. Ed., Wisconsin State College, River Falls; M. S., University of Wisconsin Professor of Physics JAMES G. H. QUAN; B. S., Indiana Technical College; M. A., Ball Staie Teachers College Instructor in Mathematics JOHN E. RABE; B. 5., Wisconsin State College, LuCrosse Faculty Assistant in Physical Education DESSIE A. RATHER; B. 5., University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; M. A., Northwestern University Assistant Professor of Education iSixfh Grodei OLIVE R. REEVE; B. Ed., Wisconsin State College, Whitewater; M. A., Northwestern University Associate Professor of Education iFirst Grudei EVERETT L. REFIOR; B. A., lowa Wesleyan College; M. A., University of Chicago Assistant Professor of Economics DOROTHY E. REMP; B. 5., Wisconsin State College, LaCrosse; M. A., Northwestern University Assistant Professor of Education iSevenih Gradei STUART M. RICH; R. S. C., Ohio University, Athens; M. B. A., Ohio University, Columbus; D. B. A., Indiana University Associate Professor of Economics MARGARET ROXBY; B. 5., Pennsylvania State Teachers College, Slippery Rock; M. S., West Virginia University Instructor in Physical Education DAVID SAUNDERS; B. A., M. A., University of Wisconsin Associate Professor of English ISAAC W. SCHAFFER; B. S., M. 5., University of Illinois; Ph. 0., Northwestern University Professor of Education PAUL L. SCHMUNK; B. S. E., B. A., Bowling Green State University; M. A., Ph. 0., University of New Mexico Associate Professor of History MILDRED SCHULTZE; B. 5., M. A., University of Missouri Associate Professor of Art EDGAR H. SCHWAGER; B. Ed., Wisconsin State College, Whitewater; M. S., University of Wisconsin Assistant Professor of Physical Education FREDERIC SEDERHOLM; B. A., University of Minnesota; M. A., Ph. 0., State University of Iowa Assistant Professor of Speech FRANK R. SENISE; B. A., M. A., Marshall College Assistant Professor of Geography EVERETT R. SHAW; A. B., M. A., University of Michigan; C. P. A. Associate Professor of Business Education AEILT E. SENTS; B. A., Wheaton College; M. A., State University of Iowa Assistant Professor of Social Studies JOHN S. SMITH; B. 5., S. T. B., Tempee University; M. A., Ph. D., Drew University Associate Professor of English EDNA C. SORBER; A. B., Beaver College, M. 5., University of Pennsylvania; Ph. D., University of Wisconsin Associate Professor of Speech RICHARD R. STONER; B. 5., Ohio State University Faculty Assistant; Director, Student Union HELEN C. SWARTZ; B. A., Beloit College Instructor in Education iThird Gradei WARREN S. THEUNE; 8. Ed., Wisconsin State College, Whitewater; M. S., University of Wisconsin; Ed. E., Michigan Siaie University Associate Professor of Business Education NORMAN W. THIES; B. Ed., Wisconsin State College, Whitewater; M. A., State University of Iowa Assistant Professor of Business Education ROBERT G. TOOMEY; A. B., M. A., John Carroll University Assistant Professor of English JOHN L. TRAUB; B. 5., University of Minnesota; M. S., University of Wisconsin Assistant Professor of Mathematics HUGO C. TSCHARNACK; B. 5., University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; M. 8., University of Wisconsin Instructor in Mathematics JAMES M. TURNER; A. 8., Central College; M. S. iL. SJ, Syracuse University Assistant Professor of Library Science KATHRYN E. UTZ; A. B., B. S. in Ed., Capital University; M. A., Ph. 0., Ohio state University Professor of English MARTHA E. VAN STEENDEREN; B. 8., University of Wisconsin; M. 5., Indiana University Assistant Professor of Physical Education LEONARD J. VARAH; A. B., Hastings College; A. M., Colorado State College Assistant Professor of Business Education J. T. van TREBRA; B.. .5. Fort Hays State College; M. A., University of Nebraska; Ph. 0., Colorado State College Professor of Political Scuence and Sociology JACK W. VRIEZE; A. B., Kenyon College; Ph. 0., Stevie University of iowa Professor of Speech ROBERT G. WEIGANDT; B. S., M. 5., University of Wisconsin Assistant Professor of Physical Education CORD 0. WELLS; B. A., University of Kansas; A. M., Ph. D., University of Chicago Professor of Education EVERETT M. WHITE; B. S., Bemidli State TEOCherS College; M. 5., University of Wisconsin; Ed. D., Colorado State College Professor of Education MARGARET L. WINCH; B. E., Wisconsin State College, Whitewater; Ed. M., University of Pittsburgh Instructor in Business Education A. l. WINTHER; B. A., Augsburg College; Ph. M., Ph. 0., University of Wisconsin Professor of Education iRICHARD F. WOLLIN; B. A., Carleton College; M. A., University of Michigan Assistant Professor of Education ALVIN E. WUTTI; B. S., M. 5., Stout State College, Menomonie, Wisconsin Associate Professor of Manual Arts ACKERMAN, RALPH EDWIN Whitewater, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities: Debate 2, 3, 4; Pi Kappa Delta 2, 3, 4; Vet's Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Phi Chi Epsilon 2, 3, 4. ADELMAN, SANDRA Manitowoc, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities: F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4; Beta Alpha Sigma 4; NEA-WEA 4; Mercier 1, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Gamma Delia 2, 3, 4 iCorresponding Secretaryi; Fresh- man Counselor 4; Prom Committee 3. AGNEW, NORENE Whitewater, Wisconsin Academic Activities: Band 1, 2; Royal Purple iBuslness Manager; 2, 3; Mercier 1, 2, 3; Alpha Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4 iPresidenfi; NEA-WEA 4; Class Secretary 3. AMBORN, GILBERT Twin Lakes, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities: lniramuruls 1, 2, 3; F.B.L.A. 2, 3. ANDERSON, HILDEGARD WOLFER Williams Bay, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primary Activities: Band 1; Treble Clef 2, 3. ANDERSON, KAREN Rockford, Illinois Aciiviiies: Business Education ANDERSON, PHILIP Madison, Wisconsin Academic APFELBECK, VIRGINIA Colby, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: W.A.A. 2, 3, ivice-presidenn, 4; F.B.L.A. 2, 3; W.R.A. 3 iPresidenn, 4; Pi Omega Pi 3 iTreasureri, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 4; Mercier 1, 2, 3 iSecretaryi, 4. BAKER, MARJORIE Janesville, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primary Activities: Minneiskci 3; Royal Purple 3; Alpha Phi Pi 3. BAKKE, LORRAINE Waterford, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primary BAKKEN, LOWELL Madison, Wisconsin Academic Activities: Golf 1, 2, 3. BARTOS, SONIA Williams Bay, Wisconsin Elementary BASKFIELD, GERALD Whitewater, Wisconsin Academic Activities: lnirumurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatics 1; Sigma Tau Gamma 1, 2, 3 1Cor- responding Secretary;, 4 iSecretaryi. BAUMAN, ALLEN Johnson, Creek, Wisconsin Academic Aciiviiies: Sigma Tau Gamma 3, 4. BAUMAN, MERLIN Wciieriowm Wisconsin Business Education Activities: F.B.L.A. 3; Pi Omega Pi 3 4; Freshman Counselor 2, 4. BEAULlER, JAMES Goodman, Wisconsin Liberal Arts Aciivifies: Mercier 1, 4; Vet's Club 2, 3, 4. BECKER, CAROL Brookfield, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primary Activities: A.C.E. 4; WEA-NEA 4, Kappa Delia Pi 4; Who's Who 4; Min- neiska 2, 3 iEdiiori, 4; Mercier 2, 3, 4; Alpha Sigma 2, 3, 4 iSargeant- :1-Armsi; Union Activities Board 3, 192 seniors BEGGS, MARY KAY Clintonville, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: FBLA 4; NEA-WEA 4; Minneiska 4; Mercier 1, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Sigma 1, 2, 3, ipledge master; 4. BEISTLE, JAMES Allentown, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: Football Manager 1, 2, 3, 4; Track Manager 1; FBLA 3; NEA-WEA 3, 4; Royal Purple 3, 4; Sigma Tau Gamma 3, 4; W-Club 2, 3, 4. BELDE, HILDEGARD Milwaukee, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primury Activities: NEA-WEA 3, 4; LSA 3; Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Gamma Delia 2, 3, 4; ACE 3, 4. BELFER, MICHAEL Milwaukee, Wisconsin Elementary BELL, DAVID Delavan, Wisconsin Academic BENGSTON, SONJA Glenview, Illinois Business Education Activities: FBLA 1, 2, 3, 4; Phi Lambda 3, 4; WEA-NEA 4, Beta Sigma 4. BESKA, SHIRLEY Watertown, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: ACE 2, 3; NEA-WEA 1, 4; Treble Clef 2, 3; LSCS 1, 2, 3, 4 BICKET, PHILIP Waupaca, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: Band 1, 2; IVCF 1, 2, 3, 4; FBLA 4; NEA-WEA 4; Young Republicans l . BITZ, JANE Winslow, Illinois Elementary Activities: ACE 3, 4; NEA-WEA 4. BLAN KSCHEIN, ALBERTA Madison, Wisconsin Elementary BOSMAN, ROBERT Walworfh, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramurais 2, 3; Choir 1, 2, 3, iPresidenti; Wesley 1, 2; Delia Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2. BOWER, EILEEN Owen, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: FBLA 2, 3, 4; Beta Alpha Sigma 4; NEA-WEA 4; Freshman Counselor BOWERS, DONALD Whitewater, Wisconsin Academic BOYLAN, JOHN Portage, Wisconsin Business Adminisiraiion Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Truck 1, 2; W,Club 2, 3, 4; FBLA 1, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Tau Gamma 1, 2, 3, 4. BRAHE, TOM Fontana, Wisconsin Liberal Arts Activities: Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1, 2; Young Democrats 3. BRANKS, KATHLEEN Janesville, Wisconsin Elementary BRASSINGTON, RICHARD Whitewater, Wisconsin Elementary BRITELLI, JIM Kenoshcl, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: Basketball 1, 2; Track 1, 2, 3; Sigma Tau Gamma 2, 3, 4; W-Club 3, 4, iPresidenn; Student Council 1; Treasurer of Freshman Class. BRITTON, MARION Whitewater, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primary Activities: Treble Clef 1, 2; Choir 2, 3, 4; Wesley 1, 2, 3 BROCK, BRUCE Eagle, Wisconsin Liberal Arts Activities: Phi Chi Epsilon 2, 3, 4. BRZEZINSKI, BARBARA SOLTIS Glen Flora, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: WRA 2, iVice-presidenii, 3 isecre- toryi, 4; NEA-WEA 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3; Mercier 2, 3, 4; Cameos 3, 4; ACE iTreasureri 4; AWS 1, 2, 3, 4. BULKOW, JANE Sheboygan, Wisconsin Primary Activities: WRA 1, 4; Minneiska 3, 4 iTyping; iEdiiori; Alpha Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4 iSecreiaryi; Homecoming Committee 2, 3, 4; ACE 4; NEA-WEA 4; Who's Who 4. BULLARD, BEVERLY McFarland, Wisconsin Academic Activities: Beta Beta Beta 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delia Pl 4; iVCF 1, 2; NEA-WEA 4. BUTCHER, RICHARD Whitewater, Wisconsin Academic Activities: Wiis 1, 2, 3, 4; Royal Purple 1, 2 iFeaiure Editori; Scrooby 3, 4; Vet's Club 3, 4; Young Republicans 3, 4; NEA-WEA 3, 4. BUTLAND, MICHAEL Union Grove, Wisconsin Business Administration CALHOON, CONALEE Pardeevilie, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: WRA 2, 3, 4; FBLA 2, 3, 4; Pi Omega PI 3, 4; Wesley 3, 4. CARLSON, MARJORIE Janesville, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primary CARPENTER, MARTHA Burlington, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: WRA 3; Debate 3, 4; Wesley 3, 4; Freshman Counselor 4. CHARLES, MARY Waukesha, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: Mercier 4; Alpha Gamma Delia 3, CHHABRA, SURINDER Kenosha, Wisconsin CHOPP, HOLLE Whitewater, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primary Activities: Beta Beta Beta 1, 2, 3, 4; Scrooby i, 2, 3, 4; Theta Alpha Upsilon 1; Alpha Gamma Delia 2, 3, 4; Union Activities Board 3, 4. CHRISTIANSEN, GERALD Union Grove, Wisconsin Academic Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1; Baseball 1, 2; Sigma Tau Gamma 1, 2, 3, 4; W-Club 2, 3, 4. CIMAROSIT, JERRY Sheboygan, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities: Mercier 2, 3; Phi Chi Epsilon 2 Social Chairmani, 3 iVice-presi- denfi, 4 iPresidenii. CIZEK, ROBERT Whitewater, Wisconsin Academic CLARK, JAMES Rochester, Wisconsin Academic Activiiies: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1; W- Club 2, 3, CLAY, KATHRYN JunesvllIe, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: Delta Zeta 1, 2, 3, 4; NEA-WEA 4. CLEMINSON, RONALD Janesville, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: Vet's Club 4; NEA-WEA 4. COMPTON, JAMES Chilton, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: Phi Sigma Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4. COYLE, JOHN Madison, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: Mercier 1, 2. 3 ivice-presidenti, 4 4Presidenti; Vet's Club 1, 2, 3, 4; CRANDALL, WILLIAM Janesville, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: Men's Chorus 1, 2; Concert Choir 1, 2; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Delta Kape pa 1, 2, 3, 4 iCorresponding Secre- iaryi. CULSHAW, MARY Sturtevunt, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primary Activities: WRA 4; NEA-WEA 4. CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM Janesville, Wisconsin Academic DAGGETT, MARILYN Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Academic DALEE, SHARANN Whitewater, Wisconsin Academic Activities: AWS 1, 3; WRA 4; NEA-WEA 4; Mercier 1, 3, 4; Alpha Sigma 1, 3, 4 iCorresponding Secretaryi; Stu- dent Union Board 4. DAVIDSON, DOUGLAS Clintonville, Wisconsin Business Education Acfivlties: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 3, 4; FBLA 4; Sigma Tau Gamma 1, 2, DEHLER, JAMES Whitewater, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: Band 1, 2; Kemper Club 1, 2, 3; Phi Sigma Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4. DEICHL, ANTON Oxford, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: Football 1; Vet's Club 1, 2, 3, 4. DENZER, MARLEEN North Freedom, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: Band 1, 2. DeSOMBRE, SANDRALEE Sheboygan, Wlsconsin Business Education Activities: WRA 2; Debate 2, 3, 4; Pi Kappa Delta 2, 3 4Corresponding Secretaryi, 4 iSecrefary-Treasureri; K e m p e r Club 2; Alpha Gamma Delta 3, 4; NEA-WEA 4; Pan-Hellenic Council 4 iSecretury-Treasureri. DETTMERING, JANET Mukwonago, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primary Activities: NEA-WEA 4; ACE 4; Band 1; Royal Purple 3, 4; Alpha Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Officer 3 iTreasureri. DETTMERS, EDWARD Helenville, Wisconsin Academic Activities: Football 1; Beta Beta Beta 4; NEA-WEA 4. DOWNEY, PAUL Whitewater, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: Vei's Club 1, 2, 3, 4. DRUNASKY, LEO Madison, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities: Phi Chi Epsilon 2, 3, 4; Vet's Club 1, 2, 3, EBERHARDT, JAMES Madison, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: Football 1, 2, 4; Truck 1, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Tau Gamma 1, 2, 3, ; W- Club 2, 3, 4; Class Officer 2 iPresidenfi. EBERLE, EVELYN Watertown, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: ACE 1, 2, 3 4Treosureri, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 4. EDWARDS, ROGER Whitewater, Wisconsin Liberal Arts Activities: Phi Sigma Epsilon 3, 4. EHREN, JOSEPH Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities: lntrumurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Mercier 1, 2, 3, 4; Phi Sigma Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Coun- selor 2. ENGEN, DAVID Madison, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities: Delta Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4. ERICKSON, JILL Glenwood City, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: FBLA 1, 2, 3; Treble Clef 1; Royal Purple 3; LSA 1, 2, 3, 4; iTreasureri; NEA-WEA 3, 4; YGOP 3; Beta Alpha Sigma 4; AWS 4. ESSOCK, HARRY Whitewater, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities: FBLA 2, 3; Choir 1, 2; Men's Chorus 1. FAUSCH, HARLAN Westfield, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities: lntramurals 2, 3, 4; FBLA 1; Phi Sigma Epsilon 2, 3 iPledge-masteri 4. FEITER; MARY Slinger, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primury Activities: ACE 1, 2, 4; Band 1, 2; Mercier 1, 2; Delta Zeta 2, 3 Social Chairmani, 4 iPresidenn. FERG, GORDON Manawa, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: Thespians 1; 2; LSA 1, 2, 3, 4; Delta Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4 iSecrefaryi; Class Officer 3 iVice-Presidenn, 4 iPresidenii. FIELDS, ALLAN Whitewater, Wisconsin Liberal Arts Activities: Wifs 2, 3, 4. FISHER, JAMES Whitewater, Wisconsin Academic Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Tau Gamma 3, 4. FLORENCE, CONNY Waukesha, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: Choir 1, 2, 3 iSecreiary; 4; Delta Zeta 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Com- mittee 1, 2, 3, 4. F055, JUDITH Madison, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primary Activities: NEA-WEA 4; Treble Clef 1; LSA i. FOSTER, ALFRED Madison, Wisconsin Business Administration FRANK, JUDITH Milwaukee, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primary Activities: WRA 1; Thespiuns 1; Sigma Sigma Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4; Union Activities Board 2, 3, 4; AWS 3, 4 FRITSCH, JEROME Sheboygcn, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: Track 1, 2; LSCS 2; Sigma Tau Gamma 2, 3 iTreusureri, 4 iPresi- denti; Prom Court 3; FBLA 2, 3; w-Ciub 2, 3, 4; NEA-WEA 3, 4; InteriFruternity Council 3, 4 iTreas- urer . GADWELL, PEGGY Ladysmith, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: WRA 1, 2, 3; Mercier 1, 2, 3; Alpha Gamma Delta 1, 2, 3, 4 Re- cording Secretaryi; FBLA 1, 2, 3, 4; Beta Alpha Sigma 3, 4 Secretary- Treasureri. GANOUNG, JOHN Evansville, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: FBLA 1, 2; Thespiuns 1, 2 iSecreiaryi 3; Men's Chorus 1; Choir 1, 2, 3; Theta Alpha Phi 2 iSecretary-Treas- ureri, 3; Phi Sigma Epsilon 1, 2, 3 1Corresponding Secretary; 4 iCor- responding Secretaryi. GANS, LEON Watertown, Wisconsin Liberal Arts Activities: Vet's Club 1, 2, 3, 4. GEORGE, PHYLLIS Madison, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: NEA-WEA; R o semu n Educational Association 4; Campus Christian Fel- lowship 4. GIBNEY, DEAN Kendall, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities: Phi Sigma Epsilon 3, 4. GIENCKE, MARION Waukesha, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primary Activities: ACE 1, 2, 3, 4; NEA-WEA 4; Kap- pa Delia Pi 4; Scrooby 1. GEISE, WILLIAM Janesville, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: Choir 3. GILBERTSON, KAREN Janesville, Wisconsin Academic Activities: WAA 1, 2, 3; Beta, Beta Beta 2, 3, 4 iSecreiury-Treasurer; Minneiska 2, 3 Photography Editori, 4 iPhotog- naphy Editorh LSCS 1, 2, 3, 4; Wii- Jlam Roseman Student Education Ass. GILE, CAROL Sharen, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primary ' Activities: ACE 1, 2, 3, 4; NEA-WEA 4; Treble Clef 3; LSA 1; Scrooby 2, 3, 4. GLYNN, BONNIE Greendqie, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primury Activities: ACE 3, 4; NEA-WEA 3, 4; Mercier ;, 21, 3, 4; Sigma Sigma Sigma 1, 2, GOURLIE, DAVID Whitewater, Wisconsin Liberal Arts Activities: Baseball 1, 2; Debate 3, 4; Pi Kap- pa Delta 3, 4; Vet's Club 1, 2, 3, 4. GRADL, MICHAEL Hortonville, Wisconsin Business Administration GRAY, JULIANNE Waukesha, Wisconsin Academic Activities: WAA 1, 2; NEA-WEA 4; Choir 1, 2; Sigma Sigma Sigma 1, , 3, 4 GREGORY, ROALAND Kenosha, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: NEA-WEA 4. GRETSCHMANN, WILLITS Whitewater, Wisconsin Business Education GROTH, DONNA Manifowoc; Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primary Activities: ACE 4; NEA-WEA 4; Sigma Sigma Sigma 4. GROVE, DOUGLAS Glenview, Illinois Liberal Arts Activities: lniramurals, 1, 2, 3; Scrooby 1, 2; Delia Kappa 2, 3; Chi Delta Rho 4. 193 GRUVER, NANCI Janesville, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primary Activities: ACE 1, 2, 3 iSecreiaryi, 4; Concert Choir 1, 2, 3; Mercier 4; Delia Zeta 3, 4; Aws 4; NEA-WEA 4. GUELIG, JEANNE Lena, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: WAA 1, 2, 3, 4; FBLA 1, 2, 3, 4; Mercier 1, 2, 3, 4. GUGEL, LOUISE Cambridge, Wisconsin Elementary GUNNELSON, MARY Rockdule, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primary Activities: Royal Purple 2, 3; LSA 1, 2, 3; Delta Zeta 3, 4; ACE 1, 2, 3, 4. HAGAN, GERALD Oconio, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: FBLA 2, 3; Phi Chi Epsilon 2, 3 iPresidenii, 4 iPresidenn; Inter- Fraternity Council 2, 3 iPresidenn. HANSEN, JEAN CIinionviiIe, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primary Activities: FBLA 2; ACE 3, 4; Alpha Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4 iSargeuni-oi-Armsi. HARSEVOORT, DORIS Clinton, Wisconsin Academic Activities: MENC 3 iVice-Presidenii 4 iSecree furyi; Band 1, 2, 3, 4 iVice-Presi4 denii; Choir 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 2, 3, 4; Wesley 1, 3; NEA-WEA 2, 3, 4. HARTMAN, LINDA Bristol, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: WAA 1, 2, 3; AWS 1, 2, 3; ACE 2, 3; Thespians, 1; Treble Clef 1; Band 1; Delia Zeta 2, 3 4; NEA-WEA. HASE, MARY Horicon, Wisconsin Academlc Activities: Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 iSecreiaryi LSCS 1, 2; Delta Zeta 3, 4; Wits 4; MENC 2, 3 iSecreiary; 4 iPresidenn; Freshman Counselor 3, 4; AWS HAUSER, KATHLEEN Jefferson, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primary Activities: WAA 1; ACE 1; Mercier 1, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Sigma Sigma 1, 2, 3 iCor- responding Secretoryi, 4; Homecom- ing Committee 3, 4. HECK, LUCILE Mondovi, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: FBLA 2, 3; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Treble Clef 2; LSCS 1, 2, 3, 4. HEHLI, THOMAS La Crosse, Wisconsin Liberal Arts HEILIGER, LORAINE Cambridge, Wisconsin Academic Activities: WAA 1, 2; Thespians 1, 2; Treble Clef 2; Choir 2 HEIN, MARJORIE Milwaukee, Wisconsin Elementary HERBERT, MELLANIE WAITE Waukesha, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: FBLA 1, 2, 3 iSecreiaryn Pi Omega PI 3, 4; Kappa Delta Zeta 4; Wesley 1, 2; Delta Zeta 1, 2, 3 iVice-Presi- denn 4; AWS 2, 3 UAWS Repre- sentaiive. HOESLY, CLARENCE Brodhead, Wisconsin Academic Activities: Football 2; Band 1, 2, 3; Scrooby 1, 2; Phi Chi Epsilon 2, 3, 4. HOLLISTER, ROBERT Delovan, Wisconsin Liberal Arts 194 HORN, JOHN St. Cloud, Wisconsin Academic Activities: Basketball 1, 2; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; FBLA 2; Mercier 2, 3, 4; Delta Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Union Board 2; YGOP 2; Class Officer 3 iPresidenti. HOTTMAN, MONTE Spring Green, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities: Delta Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4; Beta Alpha Sigma 4. HOUGARD, ANTOINETTE Green Bay, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: Royal Purple 1, 2, 3; Mercier 1, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Sigma 2, 3, 4 iChapIuini; FBLA 1, 2, NEA-WEA 4 HOWARD, ALBERT Whitewater, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities: Freshman Counselor 4; FBLA 1. HOY, DAVID Janesville, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities: Men's Chorus 2. HRASKY, WILLIAM Racine, Wisconsin Liberal Arts Activities: Thespians 2, 3; Wiis 2; Kappa Delta Pi 3; Phi Chi Epsilon 2, 3 iPledge- master;, 4; Vei's Club 2, 3, 4; Young Democrats 2, 3, 4; Student Council 3 iVice-presidenti, 4 iPresidenn. HUBBARD, CAROL Ladysmith, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: WRA 2, 3, 4 iVice-Presidenii; FBLA 2, 4; LSA 2, 3, 4; NEA-WEA 4; PEM Club 4; lnierdormiiory Council 3, HUNGER, CHARLES Ft. Aiklnson Liberal Arts HUNT, MARILYN Whitewater, Wisconsin Academic Activities: Thespians 1, 2, 3 iPresidenn, 4; College Players 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1; Theta Alpha Phi 1, 2, 3 iHisioriuni, 4; Pi Kappa Delia 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delia Pi 3, 4; Westley 1. HUNT, ROGER Avalon, Wisconsin Liberal Arts HYNES, DONNA Janesville, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: WRA 1, 2, 4; Mercier 1, 2, 3, 4; NEA-WEA 2, 4; ACE 2, 4. IMSE, ROBERT Shorewood, Wisconsin Academic iNGERSOLL, ROBERT Delavan, Wisconsin Liberal Arts Aciiviiies: Band 1, 2, 3, 4. JACOBY, DONALD Racine, Wisconsin Academlc Activities: lniromurals 2, 3; Phi Chi Epsilon I I JAHNKE, LEROY Lake Mills, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities: FBLA 4; Phi Chi Epsilon 3, 4. JOHNSON, CAROLYN Lodi, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primury Activities: WRA 1; ACE 1, 2, 3, 4; Treble Clef 1, 2 iPresidenn; LSA 1, 2, 3, 4; Delta Zeta 2, 3, 4. JOHNSON, SHARON Cambridge, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: FBLA 1, 2, 3, 4; NEA-WEA 4; Alpha Sigma 1, 2, 3, iChapIuini 4. JUNG, DORIS Jefferson, Wisconsin Elementary KAKUSKE, BERNARD Beloit, Wisconsin Elementary KELLEHER, PATRICK Whitewater, Wisconsin Academic Aciiviiizs: tchd 1, 2, 3 iBand Maiori, 4 iPresi- en . KELLY, JUDITH Deerfield, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: WAA 1, 2; NEA-WEA 1, 4; ACE 1; Band 1, 2; LSA 2, 3, 4; Alpha Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4 iHisioriuni. KERR, HELEN Oconomowoc, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: WAA 1; NEA-WEA 1, 4; Band 1, 2, 13;2 Breble Clef 1, 2, 3; Delta Zeta , , ,4. KiELGAS, JUDITH Brillion, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: FBLA 3; NEA-WEA 4; Thespiuns 1; Pi Omega Pi 3, 4 Kappa Delta Pi 4; Royal Purple 3, 4, iFeature-Page Editori; Delia Zeiu 3, 4; LSA 1 KLITZKIE, LINN Fort Atkinson Liberal Arts Activities: Pi Kappa Delia 3, 4; KLUG, THOMAS Watertown, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities: Vet's Club 1, 2, 3, 4. KNAAK, DANA Stoughton, Wisconsin Academic Activities: Sigma Tau Gamma 1, 2, 3, 4. KOBER, JOANNE Racine, Wisconsin Elementary KOCK, DOROTHY Burnett, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primary Activities: WAA 1; ACE 1, 2, 3, 4; LSA 1, 2, 3, 4; Cameo's 3 iVice-Presidenti, 4; NEA-WEA, 4. KOCH, GARY Big Bend, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities: FBLA 3, 4; Wesley 3, 4. KOHLMETZ, CAROL Whitewater, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primury Activities: NEA-WEA 4; ACE 4; Kappa Delia Pi 3, 4; LSCS 1, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 1, 2, 3; AWS 3, 4 iSecreiaryi; Freshman Counselor 4; Class Officer 4 iTreus- ureri. KOHLMEYER, JUDITH Reedsburg, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: Band 1; Mercier 1, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Sigma Sigma 1, 2 iVice-Presidenn, 3, 4 iTreusureri; FBLA 1, 2, 3, 4; Beta Alpha Sigma 2, 3, 4; NEA-WEA 3, 4. KOPREK, ERNIE Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Business Administration KORRISON, GLORIA WESTPHAL Elkhorn, Wisconsin Academic Activities: Beia Beta Beta 2, 3, 4; Scrooby 1. KRESTAN, DIANA Eagle, Wisconsin Activities: FBLA 2; Royal Purple 3; Mercier 2, 3, 4; Alpha Sigma 2, 3, 4. KREUTZMANN, WILLIAM Oconomowoc, Wisconsin Liberal Arts KROMENAKER, DAVID Stevens Point, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities: Phi Chi Epsilon 2, 3, 4. KRUG, JAMES Janesville, Wisconsin Academic KRUPKE, CAROL Winslow, Illinois Business Education . Activities: FBLA 2, 3, 4; Beta Alpha Sigma 4; NEA-WEA 4; Pi Omega Pi 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pl 4; Scrooby 4. KUENY, THOMAS West Allis, Wisconsin Elementary KUMLIEN, THOMAS Milton Junction, Wisconsin Liberal Arts Activities: Phi Chi Epsilon 2, 3, 4. KUSMIERCZYK, DONALD Milwaukee, Wisconsin Academic LADWIG, DENNIS Beloi'r, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities: Track 1, 2; Sigma Tau Gamma 1, 2. 3, 4; Class Officer 2 iVice-Presidenn. LANDI, FRANCIS Kenosha, Wisconsin Academic Activities: Softball 2, 3 4; Wits 3; Beta Beta Beta 2, 3; Mercier 1, 3; inter-Fra- ferniiy Council 4; Phi Chi Epsilon 1, 2 iCorresponding Secretaryi, 3, 4 tVice-Presidenti. LANGER, LA VERN Waierfown, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: inframurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 2, 3, 4; Men's Chorus 2, 3 iSecretaryi, 4; Mercier 1, 2 tTreasureri, 3 Nice- President; 4 iPresidenn; Delta Kup- pa 2, 3, 4. LARSEN, MARCELLA Beloit, Wisconsin Elementary LARSON, LOUISE Milwaukee, Wisconsin Elementary LESAK, GERALD Whitewater, Wisconsin Liberal Arts LEUSINK, ARLENE JOHNSON Janesville, Wisconsin Academic LEWIS, DORIS Janesvilie, Wisconsin Academic LlEN, MARY Cambridge, Wisconsin Elementary LINTZ, HELEN Racine, Wisconsin Kindergarten4Primury Activities: NEA-WEA 4; Sigma Sigma Sigma l LIPINSKI, MURIEL Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Elementary LOGAN, ANN Brodhead, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: NEA-WEA 1; Scrooby 1; AWS 1, 2, I LOVERINE, DENIS Kenosha, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities: Sigma Tau Gamma 1, 2, 3, 4. LUCCHI, JULENE Brodhead, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primury Activities: NEA-WEA 1, 4; ACE 2, 3, 4; IVCF 1, 2, 3, 4. LUECK, RICHARD Beaver Dam, Wisconsin Academic Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Tau Gamma 2, 3, . LUND, BARBARA La Crosse, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: FBLA 2, 3, 4; Royal Purple 2 4Feaiure Editor; 3 tEdifori; 4 1Edi- ion; Delta Zeta 2, 3 Recording Secretaryi, 4; International Club 2 iTreasurerL 3, 4; AWS 2, 3. MAC DONALD, SANDRA Whitewater, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: WRA 4; NEA-WEA 4; ACE 4. MADAGHIAN, ELIZABETH Racine, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primary Activities: Alpha Gamma Delta 3, 4; AWS 3, 4 4Treasurer1; Class Officer 4 iSec retaryi. MALCOLMSON, FREDERICK Madison, Wisconsin Academic . Activities: Thespians 2, 3, 4; Theta Alpha Phl 2, 3, 4; Pi Kappa Delta 4; Delta Kappa 2, 3, 4. MALSCH, JANE Lyons, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: ACE 1, 2, 3; NEA-WEA 1, 2, 4; Band 1, 2; LSA 1, 2; Theta Sigma Upsilon 1; Alpha Gamma Delta 2, 3, MANDEL, MARLYS Colby, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: FBLA 1, 2, 3, 4; Thespians 2; Royal Purple 3 iFeaiure Editoryi; 41Feature Editorw; Scrooby 1, 2, 3, 4 iSecretaryi. MARQUARDT, LYN Mukwonago, Wisconsin Business Administration MARQUART, JANE Milton Junction, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: WRA 1, 2, 3, 4; NEA-WEA 1, 2, 3, 4; Delta Zeta 1, 2, 3, 4 1Correspond- ing Secretaryi; Pan Hellenic Co.mcil 3, 4; Student Union Board. MARSDEN, JOY Edgerfon, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primary Activities: ACE 1, 2, 3, 4; NEA-WEA 1, 2, 3, 4; Thespians 1; Treble Clef 1, 2, 3 WiceePresiden'n; Royal Purple 1, 2, 3 News Co-Edifori, Wesley 1, 2, 3, 4 iSeCretaryL MARTI, DOROTHY Friendship, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: FBLA 2, 3, 4; NEA-WEA 3, 4; YGOP 4 iSecretaryL MATTEI, PHIL Pence, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities: FBLA 2; Beta Alpha Sigma 4; Young Democrats 2, 3 iVice-Presi- denn. MATULIONIS, DANIEL Racine, Wisconsin Academic MAURER, EMMA Kiel, Wisconsin Business Education MAYER, EDWARD Hudson, Wisconsin Business Administration MAYER, JAMES Muskego, Wisconsin Academic Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, 4 iVice-Presidenn; Men's Chorus 2, 3; Orchestra 4; LSCS 1, 2, iPresidenD, 3, 4; Delta Kappa 2, 3, 4; MENC 4 iPresidenn. MC CARTHY, JERMIAH Whitewater, Wisconsin Academic Activities: Phi Sigma Epsilon 3, 4; Vet's Club II- MC CORMICK, WINIFRED Whitewater, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: Pi Omega Pi 3; Kappa Delta Pi 3. MC CUE, RICHARD Business Administration Janesville, Wisconsin McGREGOR, PETER Goodman, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities: Vet's Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Councilor 3, 4. McKAY, JANICE Beloit, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primury Activities: Treble Clef 2, 3; Mercier 1, 2, 3. McMENOMY, THOMAS Mauston, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities: FBLA 1, 2, 3, 4; Beta Alpha Sigma 2, 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Mercier 1, 2, 3, 4; Young Republicans 2. MEADOW, ELDRIDGE Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Liberal Arts MESSMER, JUDITH Edgerfon, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: Treble Clef 1, 2; Wesley 1, 2, 3, 4; NEA-WEA 4; ACE 1. MESSMER, MATTHEW Whitewater, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: Track 1; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Mercier 1, 2, 3, 4. MEYER, VERNON Janesville, Wisconsin Liberal Arts Activities: 3Bem Beta Beta 4; Phi Chi Epsilon I MICKEL, BEATRICE Waukesha, Wisconsin Elementary MILLER, CURTIS Barron, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: NEA-WEA 4; Choir 1, 2; Royal Purple 2; Wesley 1, 2; IVCF 1 Nice- Presidenn, 2 iPresidenn; 3, 4 Wice-Presidenn; International Club 2; Freshman Councilor 4. MILLER, SHARON Madison, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: ACE 4; NEAeWEA 4. MITCHELL, DALE Eikhorn, Wisconsin Academic MOORE, CEILE Chicago, Illinois Liberal Arts Activities: Wifs 4; Minneisku 4 iArf EdifoU; Sigma Sigma Sigma 3, 4; Union Activities Board 4. MORGAN, RICHARD Racine, Wisconsin Academic Activities: Phi Chi Epsilon 3, 4; Treble Clef 1; Orchestra 2, 3; Mercier 1, 2, 3, MORRISSEY, JEAN Eikhorn, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primury Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Treble Clef 1; Orchestra 2, 3; Mercier l, 2, 3, 4. MOSSBERG, JOHN Rosendule, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: Basketball 1; Band 1, 3, 4; Phi Sigma Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4 MUENCHOW, SANDRA Janesviile, Wisconsin Academic Activities: Thespians 1, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Sigma Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4. N ERE IM, LOIS Madison, Wisconsin Academic NEUENDORF, JANET Medford, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: FBLA 1, 2, 3, 4; NEA-WEA 4; Con- cert Band 1, 2; Freshman Band 1 1Secrefary1; Minneiska 3 1Layout Editon, 4 1Edifor-in-Chlef1; LSCS 1, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Sigma 2 ,3, 4; AWS 3, 4 UAWS RepresentativeL NIEMEIER, JOHN Sullivan, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: Minneiskq 4; Freshman Councilor 2, 3, 4; Young Republicans 2, 3, 4 iPresidenn. 195 NIENDORF, ROBERT Mazomaine, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: lntramuruls 1, 2, 3; Men's Chorus 1, 2, iSecreiaryn Choir 3 iTreas- uren; Kappa Delta Pl 3 iTreaSe ureri, 4; Pi Omega Pi 3 iPresidenn, 4; LSA 1; Delta Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4; FBLA 1, 2, 3, 4. N lGH, DUANE Madison, Wisconsin Academic NORDVIG, CARL Capron, Illinois Business Education NOVAC, KRISS . Fort Atkinson, Wisconsm Academic OELSTROM, MARIS Wales, Wisconsin Business Education . Activities: WRA 2, 3, 4; FBLA 1, 2, 3, 4;. Pl Omega Pi 3, 4; Kappa Dena Pl 3, 4; Wesiey 1, 2, 3; Scrooby 4; Fresh- man Councilor 4. OKUBO, ELLEN .. LaHuina Maui, Hawuu Bus'ness Education . Actilvities: FBLA 2, 4; International Club 1, 2 4Secretary1, 3 4; Freshman Counculor OLSON, JOYCE. Algoma, Wisconsin Business Educo ion ' A i'viiies: WRA 1; FBLA 1, 2, 3, 4; PI Omegci Cl Pi 3, 4 iHisioriam; LSCS 1, 2, 3, Delta Zeta 2, 3, 4 iTreusurerL OLSON, RONAyD Beloit, Wisconsm Academic Aciiviiies: Intramurals 2, 3; Beta Beta Beta 2; Phi Chi Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 3 O'NEIL, THOMAS New London, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities: Mercier 1; Vet's Club 1, 4. ORR, AUDREY . Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: Kappa Delta PI 3, 4; NEA-WEA 4. OTTO, RUSSEL Burlington, Wisconsin Academic PAGEL, CHARLES Chilton, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities: Vet's Club 2, 3, 4. PAITRICK, MARVIN Beaver Dam, Wisconsin Academic Activities: Fooiball 1, 2, 3, 4. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Tau Gamma 2, 3, 4. PANKOWSKI, GERALD Milwaukee, Wisconsin Academic PA'iLlN, JEROME Whitewater, Wisconsin Academic Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Beta Beta Beta 3, 4 iPresidenn; Phi Chi Epsilon 1, 2; Vei's Club 1, 2, 3, 4 iPresidenH; Student Council 2, 3. PECK, CAROL ROWLANDS Oconomowoc, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primary Activities: ACE 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2; NEA- WEA 4; inter-Dormitory Council 2, 3; AWS 1, 2, 3. PEDERSON, CAROL Madison, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: Minneiska 4; AWS 3, 4. PEIFFER, LARRY Whitewater, Wisconsin Liberal Arts PERRI, NATALE Kenosha, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: Sigma Tau Gamma 1, 2, 3, 4; Ten- his 1, 2, 3, 4- 196 PERVISKY, JAMES La Crosse, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities: Tennis 2; Photography 3, 4; Mercier 4; Young Democrats 3, 4. PETERSON, DUANE Cameron, Wisconsin Business Administration Acfiviiles: Intramurals, 2, 3; Men's Chorus 2, 3, 4; Choir 4; Delta Kappa 2, Re- cording Secreiurw, 4; LSA 2, 3; Vet's Club 1, 2; FBLA 2; Student Council, 3. PETERSON, KAREN Ashippun, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primory Activities: ACE 1, 3, 4; Treble Clef 1, 2; Delta Zeta 2, 3, 4 iGuardL PHIPPS, JOHN Plymouth, Wisconsin Academic Activities: Bond 1, 2; LSCS 1, 2, 4Presidenf1, 3, 4 iVicevpresidenn; Delia Kappg 1, 2, 3; Chi Delta Rho 4 iVice-PreSI- denn. PIDDINGTON, JANET Whitewater, Wisconsm Academic PINNOW, ALBERT Avolong, Wisconsin Academic PLATTS, JON Elkhorn, Wiscogsin Business Educu Ion Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3; FBLA 1,2, 3; NEA-WEA 3, 4 iVice-PreSIdenp; Sigma Tau Gamma 2, 3, 4; Junior Prom Court 3. PLAUSHINES, JOYCE Waukegun, Illinois Elementary . Activities: WRA 1, 2; Kemper Club 1, 2; Sigma Sigma Sigma 1, 2, , 4; Umqn Ac1ivities Board 3; Pan Heilenlc Council 3, 4 iPresidenn. POlSL, DAVID Union Grove, Wisconsin Academic Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1; W-Club 2, 3, 4; Sigma Tau Gamma 3, 4. POLLOCK, CHARLES Milwaukee, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Tau Gam- mu 1, 2, 3, 4 PONYICSANYI, JOHN Monticello, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: Intramurals 1, 2, 3. PRIAULX, JUDITH Racine, Wisconsin Academic PUFAHL, BARRY Fontana, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities: Delta Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4. PURDY, DAVID Shorewood, Wisconsin Liberal Arts Activities: Ski Club 2, 3 iPresidenH; Phi Chi Epsilon, 2, 3, 4 4Secreiary1; Vet's Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Young Republicans 4. PYLE, JETTY Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Academic RAABE, DONNA Wilton, Wisconsin Academic Activities: Band 1, 2; Kappa Delta Pi 3; LSA 1, 2, 3, 4; IVCF 1, 2 Secretary- TreasurerL 3 4Presidenn, 4. RADEMAN, WILLIAM Oconomowoc, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: NEA-WEA 4. READER, PHILIP Delavan, Wisconsin Liberal Arts REINKE, JUDITH Marinette, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: NEA-WEA 4. REUTHER, SALLY Berlin, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: FBLA 1, 2; Thespiuns 1, 2; Min- neiska 2 iCopy EditorL 3 4Copy Editon, 4 iOrganizaiions Editori; LSA 1, 2, 3; Alpha Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4 4Social Chairmam; AWS 1, 2; NEA- WEA 4; Student Council 3, 4 4Secre- tarw; Freshman Councilor 4. RICE, EUGENE Burlington, Wisconsin Liberal Arts RICHARDS, FRANK Whitewater, Wisconsin Academic Activities: Sigma Tau Gamma 2, 3, 4. RlEDL, IRENE Cussville, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities: 1w2RA3 2, 3, 4; FBLA 2, 3, 4; Mercier , , , 4. RITACCA, SALVATORE Kenoshu, Wisconsin Academic Activities: Phi Sigma Epsilon 3, 4; lnierfraiernity Council 3. RITGER, ROBERT Hartford, Wisconsin Liberal Arts Activities: Golf 1, 2, 4. ROACH, COLLEEN Florence, Wisconsin Liberal Arts Activities: Forensics 3, 4; Kappa Delia Pi 3, 4 4Corresponding Secretarw; Alpha Gamma Delta 3 iPresidenn, 4 iPresi denn; Freshman Counselor 4. ROBERTS, PAUL Beaver Dam, Wisconsin Liberal Arts Activities: Vet's Club 3, 4. ROBINSON, ARTHUR Delavan, Wisconsin Business Administration ROCKWELL, BETTY Delavan, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: WRA 3, 4; Thespians 1; Royal Purple 3, 4; Scrooby 1, 2, 3, 4; Cumeo's 3, 4 iReporien; NEA-WEA 1, 4; ACE 2, 3, 4. RONNING, LAWRENCE Waukesha, Wisconsin Business Administration ROTH, CHARLES Mausfon, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: Football 2; NEA-WEA 4; Kemper Club 1, 2, 3, 4 iPresidenn; Vet's 205m 1, 2, 3, 4; Young Republicans ROTHSCHADL, JANICE Watertown, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: Thespicms 1; Mercier 1, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Gamma Delta 3, 4; ACE 2, 3, 4; NEA-WEA 4. ROUM, CHARLES Cambridge, Wisconsin Liberal Arts ROWE, ELIZABETH Eagle, Wisconsin Kindergarten- Primary Activities: ACE 1, 2, 3, 4; NEA-WEA 1, 4; Wesley 1, 2, 3, 4; AWS 1, 2. ROWLAND, MICHAEL Whitewater, Wisconsin Liberal Arts RUZECK, ANDREW Beloii, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: NEA-WEA 3, 4; FBLA 1, 2, 3, 4; Men's Cholr 2; Choir 2; Mercier 4; Vet's Club 3, 4; Alpha Beta Sigma 3, 4 iMembership DIrecforL RYAN, COLLEEN Blue Mounds, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: WRA 1, 2; FBLA 2, 3, 4; Beta Alpha Sigma 2, 3, 4; Mercier 1, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Gamma Delta 2, 3, 4 iTreus- ureri; NEA-WEA 3, 4. SAYRE, ROBERT Jefferson, Wisconsin Academic Activities: Basketball 1; Baseball 1; NEA-WEA 4. SCHALLHORN, DAVID Milwaukee, Wisconsin Academic . Activities: Thespiuns 2, 3, 4; Theia Alpha Phi 2, 3, 4 iPresiden'O; Phi Chi Epsulon 3, 4 iTreasureri, SCHALLHORN, MARY NELSON Whitewater, Wisconsin Academic Activities: Thespiuns 2, 3, 4; Treble Clef 1; Theta Alpha Pi 3, 4 iSecreiuryi; Scrooby 1, 2; Sigma Sigma Sigma 2, 3, 4; International Club 1, 2; AWS 3. SCHIED, JERRY Milwaukee, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities: FBLA 3, 4. SCHIELE, DEWEY Slinger, Wisconsin Academic Activities: Football 1, 2; Basketball 1; Base- ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Inframurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Tau Gamma 3, 4. SCHLEE, DONALD Whitewater, Wisconsin Business Administraiion SCHMELING, KENNETH Kohier, Wisconsin Business Educqiion Activities: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; FBLA 1; Beta Alpha Sigma 4; Pi Omega Pi 3, 4 iVice-Presidenii Kappa Delta P1 3, 4 iPresidenn; Mercier 1, 2, 3, 4; NEA-WEA 3 iTreasureri, 4 iTreusureri; W-Ciub 3, 4. SCHMUDE, JUDY OHLGART Kenosha, Wisconsin Academic Activities: NEA-WEA 4; Debate 2; Treble Clef 1; Orchestra 1, 2, 3; Kappa Delta Pi 3; Beta Beta Beta 1 iHisioriani, 2 iSecreiary-Treasureri, 3, 4; Pi Kappa Delia 2, 3; LSA 1, 2, 3; Freshman Counselor 3. SCHNITGER, JOYCE Wuieriown, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: WRA 1; Thespians 1; Bond 1, 2, 3; 10r2chesira 3; Sigma Sigma Sigma , , 3, 4. SCHOECHERT, BETTY Watertown, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primary Trebel Clef 1, 2; Choir 2, 3, 4; Wesley 1, 2, 3, 4 iPresidenii; NEA- WEA 1, 3, 4; ACE 1, 2, 3; Fresh- man Counselor 4. SCHOENEBERG. WILLIAM Madison, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: FBLA 3, 4; NEA-WEA 4; Beta Alpha Sigma 4. SCHUENEMANN, DIANA Watertown, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primary Activities: WRA 3: ACE 2, 3, 4; NEA-WEA 1, 4; Treble Cief 2, 3; Thespians 1; LSCS 1, 2, 3, 4 iVice-Presidenii. SCHWEERS, ROBERT Mud ison, Wisconsin Liberal Arts SCOT, ALLIE Chelsea, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: WRA 2, 3, 4 iTreasureri; FBLA 1, 2, 3, 4; Mercier 1, 2, 3, 4; NEA-WEA 4. I SEARLES, ROSEMARY Heriel, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primary Activities WRA 2; ACE 3, 4; NEA-WEA 4. SELL, GARY Foresivilie, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: Baseball 1; iniramurais 1, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Tau Gamma 2, 3, SEWARD, ROBERT Janesvilie, Wisconsin Liberal Arts Activities: Royal Purpie 3, 4 iNews Co-Ediiori; Vet's Club 2, 3; Freshman Counselor 4. SHEA, MARILYN MEYER Lancaster, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: Pi Omega Pi 3, 4; Mercier 1, 2; Sigma Sigma Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4; in- ternational Ciub 1; AWS 1, 2. SHEA, TERRENCE Si. Nazianz, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: Mercier 1, 2, 3, 4; Phi Chi Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4; Vei's Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 4. SHEARD, GLORIA Rochester, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: WRA 1, 2, 3 iPresidenii, 4; ACE 1, 2, 3, iPresidenii, 4; NEA-WEA 4; Band 1, 2; Scrooby 1, 2, 3, 4; Delta Zeta 2, 3, 4 iVice-Presidenn. SIEBEL, ALLEN Madison, Wisconsin Business Adminisiruiion Activities: Tennis 3, 4; LSA 1, 2, 3, 4; Delia Kappa 1, 2, 3 iSocial Chuirmuni; Chi Delia Rho 4 iSocial Chairmani; FBLA 1, 2, 3, 4; Beta Alpha Sigma 2, 3 4Presidenfi, 4 iPresidenii; ln- ierfraiernity Council 4; Class Of- ficer 4 iVice-Presidenn. SKORA, RICHARD Bristol, Wisconsin Aci'iviiies: Baseball 1, 2; lniramurals 1, 2, 3, 47 Foofbail 1; FBLA 3, 4; Beta Alpha Sigma 4. SMITH, DENIS Bristol, Wisconsin Academic SMITH, DONALD Watertown, Wisconsin Business Adminisfrufion Activities: Vet's Club 1, 2, 3 iTreasureri, 4; Choir 1, 3, 4 iVice-Presidenfi; Men's Chorus 2, 3 iPresideni'vBusiness Manageri, 4 iVice-Presidenn. SOMMERS, JAMES Fond du Lac, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: Choir 2, 3, 4 iBusiness Manageri; Vei's Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Phi Sigma Epsilon 3, 4; FBLA 4; NEA-WEA. SOMMERS, JEANNE Burlington, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: FBLA 2; Thespians 2, 3 iTreasurerL' Wesiev, 2; Alpha Sigma 2, 3, 4; NEA-WEA 4. SOSSAMAN, JANET Muskego, Wisconsin Elementary SPIEGELHOFF, JERRY Palmyra, Wisconsin Elementary - Activities: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Tau Gam- ma 3, 4. SPREDEMANN, SHARON West Allis, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: ACE 2, 3, 4; NEA-WEA 2, 4; Treble Cief 1; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; LSCS 1, 2, 3 iPresidenii; Freshman Counselor. SPURGAT, DAVID Racine, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities Phi Chi Epsilon 2, 3, 4 tSecreiuryi. STAUSKE, WILLIS West Bend, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: FBLA 4; NEA-WEA 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; LSCS 1, 2, 3, 4; international Club 1, 2, 3, 4. STEELE, CHARLES Waukesha, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: NEA-WEA 4; Thespians 1; Scrooby 1, 2, 3 iTreasureri, 4 iPresidenii; Young Democrats 1. STEINBRINK, DONNA Racine, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primary Activities: ACE 2, 3; NEA-WEA 4; Treble Clef 1, 2 iVice-Presidenn; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4 iVice-Presidenn; iVCF 1, 2 iPresidenH, 3; LSA 2, 3; Delia Zeta 2, 3, 4; Student Council 2, 3, 4. STENGEL, SUZANNE Suring, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: FBLA 1, 2, 3, 4; Mercier 1, 2, 3, 4. STERNARD, RONALD Green Bay, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: FBLA 3, 4; NEA-WEA 3, 4. STEVENS, DONALD Deiavan, Wisconsin Liberal Arts Activities: Track 3, 4; Beta Beta Beta 3, 4; Minneisku 2; Delta Kappa 2, 3, 4; Photography 2, 3; Union Activities Board 3 iPresidenfi. STRAMPEE, ROLAND Janesviiie, Wisconsin Academic Activities: NEAvWEA 4; LSA 1; Freshman Counselor4 SUES, LYNN Chicago, illinois Elementary Aciivifies: Choir 2, 3, 4; Treble Clef 2, 3, 4; AWS SWARTZ, EDWARD Brodheud, Wisconsin Liberal Arts Activities: Debgie 4; Scrooby 2, 3, 4; Phi Sigma EpSIion 2, 3, 4; Union Activities Board 3, 4; Homecoming Committee Chairman 4; infer-Fraferniiy Council 4; Student Council 3, 4. TAYLOR, A. ROBERT Watertown, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: Beta Alpha Sigma 4; NEA-WEA 4; Band 3 iManageri, 4; Orchestra 3; Royal Purple 3; Cavaliers 3, 4 iChapiaini. TAYLOR, STANDLEY Whitewater, Wisconsin Academic Activities: Band 1, 2. 3; NEA-WEA 4. TEPP, GENE Stevens Point, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities: FBLA 3, 4; Phi Chi Epsilon 3, 4; Mercier 3, 4. TEUBERT, DARLENE Evansville, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: WRA 1, 2; NEA-WEA 4; Freshman Band 1; Band 2, 3; Sigma Sigma Sigma 2, 3, 4; AWS 4 iVice-Presl- denn; Freshman Counselor 4. TEWALT, JOANNE Madison, Wisconsin KindergartensPrimary Activities: NEA-WEA 4; Kappa Delta Pi 4. THAYER, DAViD Baraboo, Wisconsin Academic Activities: Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; Iniramurais 1, 2, 3, 4; Mercier 3; Delta Kappa 2, 3, 4; Vet's Club 4. THAYER, JAMES Bamboo, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: Golf 1, 2, 3, 4; Iniramuruls 1, 2, 3, ;; 3Melli'cier 1, 2, 3; Delia Kappa 1, , , . THORST'ENSON, THOMAS Edgerion, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: Debate 4. TIMBERS, HELEN Madison, Wisconsin Business Education TIMM, DAVID Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin Activities: LSA 1, 2; LSCS 3, 4 iTreusurerJ; NEA-WEA 1; international Club 2 iPresidenii, 3; Phi Chi Epsilon 2, ,4. 197 TIMMERMAN, DOUGLAS Northbrook, Illinois Business Education Activities: lntramurals 1, 2, 3; Pi Omega Pi 4; Kappa Delta Pi 4. Royal Purple 2; Delta Kappa l, 2, 3, 4 iPresidenH; Inter-Dormitory Council 2, 3. TRAXLER, CHARLES Whitewater, Wisconsin Liberal Arts Activities: LSC 3, 4. TROMBINO, ROGER Kenosha, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities: Intrumuruts 2, 3, 4; Mercier 2; Sigma Tau Gamma 2, 3, 4; Young Democrats 2, 3; Beta Alpha Sigma , 4. TRZECIAK, HENRY Armstrong Creek, Wisconsin Academic TURNER, JOEL Janesville, Wisconsin Liberal Arts UELAND, DONALD Janesville, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: Young Republicans 3, 4. UMNUS, RICHARD Burlington, Wisconsin Academic USILTON, THOMAS Monroe, Wisconsin Business Administration USTBY, ROY Whitewater, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: Freshman Band iPresidenU; Band 1; Vet's Club 1, 2, 3, 4; FBLA 1, 2; Young Republicans 3 iPresidenH, 4. VAN ABLE, RONALD West Allis, Wisconsin Academic Activities: Delta Kappa 2, 3, 4; Vet's Club 1, 2, 3 4. I VANCE, DIANA PEDERSEN Delavan, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: WRA 2; Thespiuns 3; Debate 1, 2; Treble Clef 1; Pi Kappa Delta 1, 2, 3, 4. VASBY, KENT Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Liberal Arts Activities: Young Republicans 3, 4; Wits 3, 4. VEITH, DAVID Waterloo, Wisconsin Academic Activities: Mercier 1, 2, 3, 4; NEA-WEA 4. 198 VOGT, THOMAS Clinton, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: ACE 1, 2, 3, 4; Mercier 1, 2, 3, 4; Vet's Club 1, 2. VRIEZE, PATIENCE Whitewater, Wisconsin Kindergarten, Primary WARTENBERG, HORST Janesville, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities: FBLA 1, 2, 3. WATSON, NATHALIE Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Elementary WATZKE, DONALD Business Administration Portage, Wisconsin Activities: lnframuruls 1, 2, 3; FBLA 1, 2, 3, 4. WAUTLET, JO ELLEN Brussels, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: FBLA 2, 3, 4; Pi Omega Pi 3, 4; Band 1; Minneiska 2, 3 iCopy Editor;, 4 iBreek Editorh Mercier 1, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4; NEA-WEA 4. WEDDIG, ROBERTA ROBERTS Marquette, Michigan Academic Activities: Alpha Sigma 2, 3, 4; Union Activities Board WEINBERG, FRANK Whitewater, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: lntramuruls 2, 3, 4; Phi Sigma Epsilon 2, 3, 4; NEA-WEA 4. WEISHAAR, WAYNE Ripon, Wisconsin Activities: lntrumurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Union Activi- ties Board 4; FBLA 1, 2; Beta Beta Beta 2, 3; Phi Sigma Epsilon 2, 3, 4 iPledge Masteri. WEISS, JAMES Barton, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Tau Gam- ma 1, 2, 3, 4; W-Club 1, 2, 3, 4. WENDT, ROBERT Johnson Creek, Wisconsin , Business Administration WHITMORE, SANDRA Racine, Wisconsin KindergartenePrimary Activities: WR; ;, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Sigma Sigma 1, , , 4. WICK, EUGENE Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Academic Activities: Royal Purple 2, 3, 4; LSA 1, 2, 3, 4; Phi Chi Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4; Union Activities Board 3, 4. WILLIAMS, SHIRLEY Wuukesho, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: NEA-WEA 1; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4 iHisioriuni; Wesley 1; Delta Zeta 2, 3, 4; lnierdormitory Council 2; Pan Hellenic Council 3, 4. WILSON, JAMES Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Academic WINN, MARGARET Whitewater, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primary Activities: ACE 'l, 2, 3, 4; NEA-WEA 3, 4; Wesley 1, 2, 3, 4; Delta Zeta 2, 3, 4; Freshman Counselor 3. WITTENBERG, RONALD Madison, Wisconsin Liberal Arts Activities: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; W-Club 4; NEA- WEA. WOLFGRAM, WAYNE Jefferson, Wisconsin Academic Activities: Beta Beio Beta 4; NEA-WEA 4. WURTZ, ROBERT Cambridge, Wisconsin Academic Activities: MENC 2, 3, 4; Choir 2, 3, 4 iPresi- denh; Men's Chorus 1, 2, 3 4 iLi- brarian; WYSS, LINDA Janesville, Wisconsin Academic Achvifies: Thespiuns 2, 3 iVice-Presidenn, 4 iPresidenn; WSC Players 2, 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Them Alpha Phi 3, 4. YORK, DWiGHT New Lisbon, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: NEA-WEA 3, 4. ZIECH, DAVID Pewaukee, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: Football 1; Delia Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4. ZINN, MARTHA SCHMIDLEY Janesville, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: NEA-WEA 4. Abblnunil. Lynn. 114 Aber. Richard. 145 Ableman. Herbert Abraham. Andrew Abrams. Brenda Achter. Sandra. 152 Ackerman. Ralph. 112. 129 Adamson. Sharon. 81. 146 Adelman. Sandra. 83. 113. 114. 81 Adrlunson. David L. Aeschllrnann. Karl Agnew. Norene. 19. 116. 152 Alcher. Robert. 45 Alken. Susan Alagna. Phillp. 45. 62. 63 Albee. John Alderman. Rudy Aldrlch. Robert. 130 Allen. Pavrlcla Allen. Richard. 45. 130 Allen. Thomas Aluurez. Daniel Alwln. Penny Amborn. G". 19 Amend. Gerald Ames. Janice. 62. 63. 12. 117 Ames. Phyllls. 15. 36 Amrozewlcz. Jeffrey Amundsen. Wllllam Amzallag. Florence. 45 Anderson. Arlun. 108. 130 Anderson. Audrey Anderson. Berwyn Anderson. Carleen. 12. 16. 45. 118 Anderson. Cedric. 38, 123 Anderson. Gary Anderson. Hlldegurd. 19. 77 Anderson. Janet. 77 Anderson. Joyce. 48. 97 Anderson. Karen J.. 127 Anderson. Karen M.. 14. 18. 37. 112. 116. 180. 181. 183 Anderson. Lloyd Anderson. Marilyn Anderson. Michael. 106. 38 Anderson. Nancy. 45 Anderson. Patricia. 142 Anderson. Paul G.. 45 Anderson. Phlllp Anderson. Ralph. 45 Anderson. Roger Anderson. Ruth Anderson. Sara. 68 Anderson. Shannon. 38. 81 Andraska. Patricia. 81 Andrea". Jean. 118 Andreoll. Roger. 62. 63 Androff. Lenln Angelos. Peter. 160 Angvlck. Patricia. 94. 152 Anlch. Suzanne. 45 Antoine. Arlene Antoine. Jean. 45 Anton. Ronald. 36. 160. 162. 164 Anzalone. Michael. 137 Apfelbeck. Vlrglnla. 19, 85. 86. 79. 96. 98. 150. 153 Aplln. Louise. 69. 68. 110. 38. 81. 114 Arbuthnof. Davld. 64. 92. 94. 144 Arfsien. Dennls. 130. 145 Armstrong. Dennls. 45 Armstrong. Janice. 67 Arndt, William. 144 Arneson. Gerald. 43. 81. 134 Ashley. Steven. 45 Asp. Judith Aspafore. Walter. 45 Afhas. Judith. 144 Aulf. Phlllp Aumann. Donna. 118 Ausman. Rlchard. 152 Babcock. Emery Bachmann. Judith Baehler. Frederick. 45 Baehler. Mary Jean. 37. 92 Bohr. Terry, 160 Bailey. Robert. 130 Balr. Thomas Baker. Kenneth. 134. 42 Baker. Leo Baker. Marlorle. 19. 45 Baker. Mary Baker. Sally. 45 Bakke. Lorraine Bakken. Lowell Baldner. Thomas. 45. 146 Baldoun. Roseann. 45 Bales. Fredrlc. 168 Balistrerl. Judith Balog. Marylyn. 45. 97. 98. 151 Balog. Richard Barczewskl. Dawn Ball. Tom. 123 Barn. Marcia student index Barr. Bruce Barrett. Michael. 45 Barrlbeau. David. 160 Barribeau. William. 38. 159. 160 Bartel. Dale. 41 Bartel. James. 41. 66. 133. 155 Bartelf. Gloria. 15. 37. 68. 117 Barthel. James. 45. 68 Burton. Barry. 45. 66. 68. 91 Burtos. Sonia Baskfield. Gerald Busting. Carol. 36. 142 Bath. Barbara. 45 Bathke. Harold. 43 Batker. James. 137 Bauer. Peter. 40. 152 Bauer. Ronald. 45 Bauhs. Thomas Bauman. Allen. 19. 138. 168 Baumann. Bonnie Buumann. Merlin. 19. 85. 87. 79 Baumgarfner. Jo Anne Buumgartner. Sharon. 43. 45. 76. 124 Baxter. John R.. 38. 62. 63 Beaster. Befhanl. 45 Beaulier. James. 19 Beaupre. Michael. 12. 16 Beck. Laurel. 45. 98. 172 Becker. Carol. 19. 73. 77. 85. 98. 116. 186 Becker. Danlel Becker. Marleen. 173 Becker. Harry Becker, Mary Alice. 62. 63. 70. 138. 172 Becker. William. 145 Bechman. Kay Beede. Karen. 38. 148. 149 Beer's. Robert. 59. 152 Beggon. Gary. 62. 63 Beggs. Mary. 19. 117. 152 Behling. Marilyn. 45 Behrens. Douglas. 38. 134 Behrman. Ronald Belsile. James. 75. 159. 160. 19 Belde. Hildegard. 19. 64. 114. 179 Belfer. Michael. 19 Bell. Carolyn. 94. 151 Bell. David Bell. Gerald Bell. Harriet Bell. John Bell. Peter. 45 Bell. Thomas. 45. 104 Bellls. Dennis Bellman. Donna. 59 Bender. Gary. 164 Bender. Robert. 177. 62. 63. 81. 40 Beneker. Roger Bengston. Sonic. 19. 179 Benke. Chrlsflne Benner. Lani. 173 Benner. Larry. 46 Bennink. Kathryn. 59 Benson. James. 46 Bentz. Bruce. 107 Berg, Corinne. 40. 83. 151 Berger. Darwin Bergles. Davld Bergwln. Patricia Berkley. Tyler. 121 Berling. Gary. 149 Berman. Barry. 41 Berncu. Jack Bernhardt. Barbara. 38. 88. 142 Beschfa. Larry. 112. 138 Beske. Shirley. 149 Best. Sarah. 46 Bens. James Beyer. Charlene. 73. 117. 152 Beyer. Harold Beyer. John Blckef. Phlllp. 2o, 81. 79 Ble, Loretta. 46 Bleberifz. Jay Blerkness. Barbara. 15. 124 Bllllaf. Robert Blnk. Suzanne. 46 Bishop. Susan. 68. 69. 114 8112. Jane. 20. 173 Biornesfad. Maurice Blachnitzvy. Job. 42. 90 Black. David L. Black. Dave Blado. Marie. 69. 149 Blankscheln. Alberta Blask. Dun Blaszak. John. 121. 178 Bliss. George Block. Gary. 107 Block. Thomas Blomgren. Sandra. 46 Bloom. James. 41. 130 B1011. John Blumer. Frank. 168 Bocker. Jeff. 40. 133. 179 Boenelsen. Frank. 94 Boeffcher. Dale. 62. 63. 46 Bokemeier. Marie Boll. Tom. 38 Bollhagen. Phil. 66'. 68. 169 80112. Judith. 37. 97 Bond. David. 46 Bond, Douglas Bonlkowske. Dennis. 46. 134. 168 Bonk. Marcia Bonnar. Put. 36 Bopp. Terrence Borgwardf. Judith Borkenbugen. Nancy Boruckl. Jerome. 42. 152 . Bosman. P01. 68 1 Bosman. Bob. 68 Boston. Lucille Bouche. Ricardo. 46. 91. 110 Bouwens. John. 46 Bower. Eileen. 83. 20 Dawes. Fat. 42. 151 Box. Koren. 117. 183 Boyd. Janet. 62. 63. 64. 114. 146. 179 Boyer. Janef. 68 Boylan. John. 20. 136. 159. 160 Bozynskl. Ronald Brabender. Marlorle. 46 Brabow. Ed. 42 Bradley. Lawrence. 20. 130 Bradley. Terry Brady. William Brager. Karine. 67. 90 Bragg. Charles Brahe. Tom Brakefleld. Janet. 77. 41 Bramer. Fredrick. 107 Brandt. Gall. 3 Brandi. Llnda Brandt. Robert Brandt. Ronald Branks. Kathleen Brunum. Cynthia. 38. 74. 114. 179 Brassington. Richard. 20. 178 Brautigum. Paul Boeneisen. Francis Braun. Judith. 67 Bren. Margorle Brenelsen. Frank. 15. 100 Erickson. Barbara. 117 Brlen. Richard. 85 Brleske. Donald Brlstow. Betty. 46 Brmelli. Jim. 20. 137. 159 Brmon. Peggy. 117 Britten. Marlon. 68. 77 Brock. Bruce Brog. Sharon Broeksma. Delores. 114 Bronson. Allan Bronson. Ronald, 160. 123 Brooks. Ann. 46 Brooks. Lots. 38. 81. 84. 113. 114. 173 Brosteau. Michael. 42 Brown. David. 110 Brown. Judith. 12. 14. 37. 140 Brugger. David. 169 Brumm. Roger. 62. 63. 121 Brunette. Dennis Brunkow. Mary. 68. 114. 178 Brunner. Marilyn, 59. 62. 63 Bruss. Sandra. 36. 141 Bryden. Roger Brzezinski. Barbara. 20. 151 Buchert. Donald Bucholtz. Joann Bucholfz. Douglas Buckingham. Llnda Budglns. Robert Buelow. Roger. 123 Buerkle. Elden Buhrow. Sharon. 15. 42. 67. 68. 155 Bulkow. Jane. 20. 73. 77. 98. 116. 178. 186 Bullard. Beverly, 20. 85 Bunting. Jean. 62. 63. 46 Bunzel. James. 38 Burch. Louis. 142 Burdick. Carol Burdick. Dorothy. 46. 67. 118 Burgermeisfer. Barbara. 15. 42. 142 Burghurdt. Joan Burhop. Janice Burke. John Burnham. Marla. 46 Burns. Ruth Burthe. Lois. 38. 46. 97. 98. 127 Buske. Dale Buske. Janet. 42. 117 Busiuhn. Sharon Busse. Lovis. 138. 169 Butcher. Lucy Butcher. Richard. 20. 91 Buflenholff. Richard. 83 Butland. Michael Butler. Judith Butler. Kay. 118. 173 Butters. Thomas Bzynski. Ron. 46 199 Cahill, James Cain, John, 41 Calucci, Gary, 46 Caldwell, Rebecccl Calhoon, Conalee, 20, 86 Calhoun, Mary, 46 Culluway, David, 46 Campbell, William, 121 Campion, Wil1ium, 38, 160, 169 Cannon, Sharon Comwell, Ronald Capiak, Eugene, 169 Capoun, Jo, 171 Carignan, Jo Anne Carley, Karen Carlson, Cy, 41, 71 Carlson, Jule Carlson, Mariorie Carlson, Raymond Carlson, Selma Carmichael, Richard Curnelly, Karen, 117 Carney, Carolyn Carpenter, Martha, 20, 155, 154 Carpenter, Sally Carpenter, Thomas Carroll, Margaret, 68, 151 Carter, Ellen Cartwright, Julienne, 62, 63, 64, 70, 172 Cary, Elizabeth Cussidy, David, 20 Catania, Carmen, 62, 63, 64, 70, 172 Catania, Marianna, 46, 151 Cather, Marie, 46 Cattonach, Richard, 145 Cuttelino, John, 43, 121 Caveney James, 62, 63 Ceci, Dorothy Cellim, Fred, 46 Center, Charles Ceremuga, Rita Chandler, Carl, 154, 155 ChandIer, Wilmont, 46, 134, 168 Chappell, James, 137 Charles, Mary, 21, 114 Chase, Dennis, 46, 169 Chase, Jerome, 46 Chase, L015, 79 Chumllion, Ramona, 62, 63 Chermak, Alan Chester, Edward Chhabra, Surinder, 110 Chilton, Mary, 46, 62, 63 Chilton, Norman Chitko, Edmund, 46 Choncek, Chester Chopp, Holle, 21, 113, 114, 147, 84 Chrisibuum, James Christensen, Bruce Christensen, Catherine, 16, 77, 124 Chrlsienson, Donald, 46 Christian, Arnold Christian, Mary, 46 Christlansen, Gerald, 21, 159 Christison, Catherine Chubrllo, Danlel Ciuglo, Dennis, 90 Cialdinl, Arnold, 160 Ciganek, Connle, 47 Clmaroll, John Cimaros1i, Jerrv, 21, 112 ,129, 177 Ciom, Joseph, 37 Clszewdkl, Joseph Cizek, Robert Clancey, Charles Clark, Carol, 67 Clark, James, 21, 160 Clark, Ralph, 68, 66 Clark, Tirchh Clarke, Carol, 47, 144 Clary, Ronald Clausing, Thomas Claussen, Diane, 47, 149 Claussen, Richard, 41, 107 Clay, Karen,137,141,173 Clay, Cathryn, 21, 79, 127 Cleland, Mary, 47, 97, 118, 151 Cleminson, Robert 21, 107 Clerihan, Donald Clerian, William,133 Cnare, William, 47, 176 Comes, Charles, 145 Coates, Sue, 47, 128 Cobb, Craig Coburn, Loretta, 113, 114, 173 Codrington, Margaret, 173 Collins, Carolyn Collins, Juan, 47, 68, 151 Collins, Keith, 138 Compton, James Condon, James Cone, Karen, 179 Confuell, 47 Conlon, Ann Connell, Michael, 36 Connery, Emmett 200 student index Connery, Thomas Conom, Jeannie, 47 Converse, Gordon Conway, Dennis, 79, 95 Conway, Sarah, 37, 79 Cook, Louise, 67, 155 Cooper, Beverly Cope, Anne Corpron, Carol, 47, 142 Corr, Penelope, 43, 142,151 Covelli, Nicholas Cowell, Brenda, 47, 128 Cox, Judith, 47 Cox, Lorna, 38, 77 Cox, Thomas Coyle, John, 21, 150, 153 Crabtree, Richard Cruin, Melvin Crandall, Darlene, 68 Crandall, William, 66, 122 Crane, Dennis, 169 Crawford, Kathryn Cripps, Shirley, 87, 88, 117 Cronce, Dennis, 169 Cronick, Joseph, 38, 151,138,179 Cronin, Carol Cuff, Wayne Cull, Kathy, 47 Culshaw, Mary, 21, 79, 173 Culver, John Cummings, Douglas, 43 Cummings, Kaye, 42, 118 Cummings, Nancy Cummings, Patti Cunningham, William Curran, Herbert, 47, 168 Curtis, Tom Cushman, Max Custer, Dawn, 47, 68 Cyschosz, Margaret Czapowski, Donna Czebotar, Cheri Czebotar, William, 47, 130 Czerneiewski, Ronald Czerwinski, Colette, 47, 151 Czoschke, Howard, 37 Daggetf, Marilyn Dahle, Jon Dahlman, Robert, 36 Dahlstrom, Vernon, 146, 169 Duhms, Bonnie Dalee, Shurann, 21, 116 DulIman, Mary,117, 173 Duly, Sandra, 172 Damkoehler, David Dammann, Barbara, 142 Damschen, Kenneth Daniels, George, 47, 105 Danielson, David, 42 Dunks, Cathrine, 68 Darnla, Richard Daun, Mary, 62-63, 73, 117, 151 Davenport, Mark, 112, 132 Davidson, Darwin Davidson, Douglas, 21 Davidson, Randi Davies, Carolyn, 41, 67 Davis, Birney, 150, 130 Davis, Carol, 68 Davis, Donna, 68 Davis, Gerald, 47 Davis, Harry, 42, 66 Davis, Karen, 151 Davis, Kenneth, 130, 178 Davis, Larry, 160, 162 DeBock, Donald De Bruine, Mary, 62, 63, 47 DeCoster, Mary, 47, 142 Deeder, Donald, 43 DeFries, Nancy, 36 DeGurmo, Nancy, 47 Degenhardf, Elizabeth Degner, Joan, 47, 67, 149 Degner, Jean, 67, 149 Deghitz, David Dehler, James, 21, 79 Deichl, Anton, 21 Delehanty, Andrea, 152 Delanty, John, 47 De La Pasqua, Dante, 38 DeLisle, Patrick: DelPonte, C laudia DeMark, Maryann, 141 DeMarsh, Mary, 151, 36, 142 De Master, Wayne, 47, 107, 168 De Master, Bill, 134 Denzer, Marlene, 21,173 Depies, Ron,1 DeRose, EiIeen, 102, 179, 135, 129, 141 Derrick, Dan Derus, Stephen, 151 DeSombre, Sandralee, 21, 79, 88, 92, 112, 113, 114, 173 Deihloff, Robert Dettmering, Janet, 21, 15, 74, 117, 155, 170 Deffmers, Edward, 22, 84 DeVine, Ronald Devilin, William Dickinson, Mildred, 114 Dickinson, Thomas, 176 Dieckmann, Mario, 12, 66, 68 Diedrick, Fred, 47 Diefemhaler, Marjorie, 47 Dierson, Cindy, 179 Dietz, Greg, 48, 160 Dietzman, Joyce Digmun, Karen, 48 Dilley, Chester Dilley, Lelani Dittman, Danie1 DiHmer, Ruth, 38, 62, 63, B1, 126 Dokken, Lavora, 48 Doolan, Tim Dorcas, Tom Dorman, Donna, 48, 97, 145 Dorney, Pat, 48 Dorsey, Sharon, 48, 67 Dosemuger, Tom, 154 Dotter, Karen, 48 Doughty, Errol, 107, 134 Douglas, James Doven, Eugene, 169 Downey, Paul, 22 Doyle, Mary, 48 Drager, Judy, 38, 77, 110, 148, 149 Dreschler, Phyllis, 64, 98 Dreischmeir, J! yce, 48, 74 Dresdow, John, 48,169 Drew, Althea, 48, 68, 95, 147 Dronek, Clalre Drought, Dennis Drunasky, Leo, 107, 130 DuCharme, Raymond Dudley, Mark Dufenhorsf, Darcy, 15, 97, 98 Dugar, Don Dulik, Mary, 48, 151 Dunbar, Martin, 48, 124 Dunham, Pat, 48, 146,172 Dunkel, Carol Dunn, Donna, 67, 77 Dunning, Vivian, 48 Duranti, David Dwyer, Mary Dwyer, Virginia, 48 Dyresen, Cynthia, 59 Dziedzic, Elaine, 38, 89, 90 Eaton, Jim, 40, 133 Eaves, Bill Ebgers, Tom Ebenreiter, John Eberhardf, James, 22,138, 158, 160 Eberle, Evelyn Eberlem, Martha, 48, 152 Eckduhl, Bruce, 36,179 Eckhurdt, John, 66 Eckhurdt, Ralph, 62, 63, 41 Eckharf, Jim Eddie, Tom, 48 Eddie, U. A. Edwards, Roger, 22, 133, 177 Eggen, Helen Ehren, Joe, 134, 152 Eichman, Tom, 176 Eichmmer, Paul, 107 Eilks, Glorlu Eisfeldf, Dlan, 48, 68 Elliott, Loretta, 48 Eisner, Joan Endres, Roy, 71, 180, 84, 38, 133 Engle, Lawrence, 48 Engen, David, 22, 176, 112, 88, 83, 123 Enloe, Linda, 38, 117, 179 Erdman, Robert, 133 Erdmunn, Dennis Erickson, Charlotte, 59 Erickson, J111, 22, 146, 179 Erickson, Wayne Erickson, Herbert Ernst, Marsha, 41, 124, 152 Espy, Anthony, 48, 168 Esser, James, 38, 39, 107, 178 Esslinger, Sandra, 6 Essock, Harry, 22 Ethen, Tom, 48 Evers, Henry, 48 Everson, Janet, 48, 128 Everson, Lorna, 41, 91 Farina, Michael, 137, 159 Farley, Nevln, 39, 134, 169 Farrell, Douglas, 43, 123 Fassow, Bill, 48, 62, 63 Fausch, Harlan, 133 Fedorovich, George, 42 Fedorovlch, Nine, 48 Feeney, John, 133 Fehllng, Karen, 38 Feif, Mary, 141 Feifer, Mary, 22, 38, 126 Feldbruegge, Bob Felicelli, Bill, 160 Fenrick, Ray, 169 Fenske, Jo Ann, 48 Fenzl, Mary Ferg, Gordon, 18, 74, 122 Ferguson, Blll Fernholz, Dick, 160 Fetterly, Amy, 43, 149 Fevicrk, 48 Fiedler, Howard, 163 Fiedler, Kathleen, 37, 118, 173 Field, Kenneth Fields, Allan, 91 F191, Dave, 48, 160 Filter, Jlm Finby, Thomas Findlay, Gene, 121, 178 Fink, Boni'a, 36, 67, 142 Finke, Lora, 42, 142 Firle, Barbara, 48, 173 Fischer, Ken Fischer, Ray Fisher, Carol, 38, 142 Fisher, Harold, 48, 160 Fisher, James, 22, 164, 158 Fisher, Jane, 43 Fisher, Mary, 48 Flamm, Thelma Flanagan, Carolyn Flatow, Mary Flaschner, Gale, 48, 98 Fleming, Mary, 67 Florence, Conny, 22, 124 Fluke, Sandra, 43 Flynn, Emlly Fogg, Louise, 77, 43 Fochs, Jeanette Foley, Richard, 134 I:ons, Kathleen Ford, Tom Forsyth, Jim, 48 Foss, Judith, 22, 79 Foster, Alfred, 22 Foster, John Foster, Marvin, 160 Foster, Suzanne, 49 Fox, Mary Lou, 49 Foy, Hugh, 38, 83, 123, 177 Frank, Diana, 59 Frank, Judith, 22, 15, 100, 141, 173 Frank, Mary Anne Fraser, Jeff Freus, Barbara, 68 Frederick, Ronald Frehner, Jim Freund, David Frey, Carol, 38, 160, 173 Friedmann, Helen, 67 Friedewald, Ken, 107 Frisch, Stewart, 105 Frish, Robert, 36, 160 Fritsch, Jerome, 22, 112, 136, 139 Fromm, Janet, 41, 62, 63, 95 Frost, Christine Faus, 49 Fuchs, John, 40, 159 Fuchs, Kurt Fueman, 49 Fuerstenberg, Judith, 49 Fulton, Eda, 49 Funk, Mary Louise Funk, Pamela Furlong, John, 42, 137 Furlong Mike, 140, 169 Furseth, LeRoy Gubridge, Roberf, 66, 121, 151 Gugliano, CamelHa Guiewski, Bernadette Galfano, James, 49 Gulko, Tom, 134, 168 Gull, Tom, 49 Gallagher, Carol, 38, 68 Gallagher, Vlrglnla Gallett, Bonnie Gamroth, Tom, 121, 158, 164 Gunoung, John, 22, 132 Guns, Leon, 22, 107 Ganfenbeln, Lee, 131, 177 Garthwaif, James, 151 Garvln, Michael Gates, Dave, 168, 134 Gates, Richard, 49 Gates, Rodney Gearhart, Dan, 49 Gehner, Judtth, 49, 67 Gehrf, Ken, 49, 66 Geier, Bob, 74, 133 Geise, Victoria, 49, 62, 63, 64, 70, 172 Georgalus, Athunas, 88, 92, 108, 123 George, Jlm, 37, 108 student index George, Phyllis, 23, 79, 144 Gerretsen, Gail, 42 Geske, Terry, 41 Geyer, Dennis, 43 Geyman, Richard, 43 Giaudrone, Judith Gibbs, Jean, 43 Gibbons, June, 42, 127 Gibney, Dean, 23, 132 Gibson, Bruce, 66, 71, 121 Giencke, Marion, 77, 79, 85, 23 Gier, Karl, 49 Gier, Mary, 49, 77, 151 Gieruch, Frltz Giese, Jolane Giese, Bill Giesie, Jerold, 49 Gilberfson, Karen, 23, 73, 79, 84 Gilberison, Raymond, 49 Gile, Carol, 23 Gill, Margery, 43, 67, 127, 151, 179, 183 Gilliland, Anita, 41, 90, 155 Gilsdorf, Veronica, 38, 85, 151 Girard, Tim, 43, 134, 16 Gleich, Karen, 42, 117 Glitzky, Gerald, 107 Glynn, Bonnie, 23, 141 Glynn, Patrick, 43 Gnotzig, Norma, 41, 142, 171 Gocker, Larry, 160, 162 Goddard, Mary, 41, 81 Godfrey, Lawrence Goede, Johanna Goessling, Margene, 40, 146 Goeiz, James Goff, Gerald Golden, Tom, 43, 177 Golembieski, Jerome, 160 Gonlv, Dick, 43 Goodenough, Richard Goodman, Larry Goodwin, Jlm, 130 Gordon, Llly Gordon, Jean, 43, 62, 63, 70, 128, 145, 172 Gould, Kathleen, 59 Gourlie, Carol, 38, 127 Gourlie, David 23, 88, 92, 107 Grubow, Ed, 68, 134, 168 Gradl, Michael, 23 Graf, David, 41, 62, 63, 133 Graff, Carol Graham, Susan, 98, 97 Gramlns, Dennis Grant, Gerald Gray, Julianne, 141, 23 Green, Steven, 124 Greene, Ken, 43, 107, 134, 168 Green Donna Grennier, Gary Greenlee, Jim, 62, 63, 123 Greenlee, Maureen, 12, 16, 70, 62, 63, 172 Greenlee, Richard Greenlee, Robert Greenwald, Michael, 137 Greenwood, Karen, 15, 152 Gregory, Bridget, 68, 88, 151 Gregory, Roland, 23 Greif, Mary, 152 Greisberg, Nancy, 64 Grefschmann, Willits, 23, 59 Gribble, John, 43 Griese, James Griffin, Ruth Grimell, George, 154, 155 Grippe, Patrick, 134 Griswold, Mldge Grone, 43 Gross, John Gross, Ray, 169 Gross, Steven Grofh, Donna, 23, 142 Grove, Douglas, 123 Grove, Roberta Grove, Sharon, 74 Gruennerf, Dennis Grunske, Stanley Gruver, Nancy, 15, 23, 124 Grzesczak, Robert, 38 Guellg, Jeanne, 23, 151 Guenther, Robert Gugel, Louise Gullickson, Anna, 43 Gumz, Alvin, 49 Gundermun, Judith, 42, 67, 74, 75, 118 Gunderman, Karen Gunderson, Curlls Gundrum, Lawrence, 124 Gundrum, Robert, 41 Gunia, Claudette Gunnelson, Mary, 124 Gunther, Margaret Guolee, Michael, 37, 138, 160 Gustafson, Gary Gufsmledl, Charlene, 151 Haugensen, Kay, 49, 118, 155 Haakenon, Paul Huukenson, Bill Haasch, Ted, 123, 169, 176 Habeck, Judy Habelski, Carol, 49 Haberman, Pat, 37 Haebig, Tom, 37, 66, 68, 133 Huedt, Judy, 49 Haedt, Tom Haesly, Clarence, 23 Haessly, Bonnie, 37, 76, 117, 170, 181 Hagan, Gerald, 23, 130 Hages, David, 104 Haggerty, Bob Haggerfy, BIII Hahn, Davld, 38, 138, 164 Hahn, Sally, 4o, 81, 124, 171 Hake, Ron 1 Hale, Marita, 42, 77, no, 152 1 Hallett, William, 169 Halsfead, Jon, 68 Halverson, James Hamann, John, 150 Hamele, James Hamilton, Jane, 38, 67, 84, 85, 144 Hamilton, Bill, 41, 49, 124, 160 Hammerberg, Bill, 176 Hammond, Bob Hanak, Ruth, 42 Haney, Dick, 38, 36, 73, 84 Hundrich, Barbara, 35 Hanke, Joy, 38, 92, 100, 124, 155 Hanke, Lowell Hanke, Richard, 12, 16, 134, 179 Hanlon, Lawrence, 37 Hansberry, Frank Hansen, Carol, 62, 63, 74 Hansen, Elwyn Hansen, Donna, 172 Hansen, George, 121, 179 Hansen, Jean, 116 Hansen, Judith, 50 Hansen, Karen, 50, 144 Hansen, Kristine, 50 Hansen, Rolf Hanson, Diane, 50, 49, 81, 128 Hanson, Julie, 50, 67, 68 Hardel, Lois Hardginski, David Hare, Par, 38, 102, 144 Harmann, Sally, 50 Harms, Phyllis Harsevoorf, Doris, 24, 62, 63, 64, 70, 85, 172 Hart, Kathleen Sharon, 42, 67, 114 Hurfel, Barbara, 50, 77 Hartmann, Linda, 24, 127 Hartshorn, Floyd, 134 Hartshorn, Martha, 50, 74 Harvanek, Mary, 91 Huse, Mary, 24, 68, 70, 91, 127 Hasenbach, David, 107 Haslow, Cyril Hassell, Ron, 131, 178 Haugh, Bob, 50, 94 Houser, Glen, 43 Hauser, Kathy, 141, 178 Hauser, Bob, 24, 160, 162 Hay, Bob, 40 Hayward, Sue, 41, 74, 75, 140, 141 Hazlewood, Jeanette Heath, Georgeann, 141, 143 Hebbe, Dick Heber, Thomas, 40, 160 Heck, Lucile, 24, 62, 63, 149 Hehli, Tom, 24 Heiliger, Lorraine Heln, Gene, 61, 151 Hein, Margaret, 42, 67, 79, 151 Hein, Mariorie, 24 Helndl, Carole, 118 Heine, Mary, 50, 90 Heiniger, Evelyn, 50, 67, 90 Heinisch, Beverly, 117 Heinisch, Sandra Helnsz, Ivan Heifz, Helen, 68, 117 Heldf, Esther Helgemo, Bob, 42, 123 Helgesfud, Don Heller, Jane, 50 Heller, Lyle Hellum, Perry, 38 Helmer, Roger, 66, 68 Hembel, Lee, 40, 66, 81 Hendrick, Judith, 124 Hendricks, Lee, 50 Henkel, Elizabeth, 38, 141, 152, 181, 183, 185 Henning, Terry, 130 Henrich, Charles Henricksen Ila, 173, 81, 79 Henrickson, Sue, 38, 59 Henry, Corbitte Henry, David, 121 Hensel, Bonnie Hepfinger, Bob, 40 Herbert, Barbara Herbert, Mellanie, 24, 85, 87, 124, 186 Herda, Sharon Herro, Charles, 50 Hershman, Laura Hess, Dick, 50, 160 Hess, Sherry Hetferman, Harold, 160 Hetzel, Kathy, 42 Hefzel, Marilyn, 38 Hetzel, Michael, 50 Heuer, Ron Hewes, Carole, 43 Hiks, Artie, 41 Hill, Elaine Hill, Gary Hills, Judith, 50 Hilfibidal, Bob Hingisc, Janice, 50, 73, 149 Hinz, Tom, 124, 178 Hirn, William, 50 Hitchlen, Gerald Hiorfland, Sondra, 38, 83, 112, 141 Hmzullay, Florence, 110 Hoadley, Janice Hougue, Kenneth Hobbs, David, 147 Hobelsaerger, Judith Hodge, David, 50, 66, 169 Hoeff, Jerald, 43, 121 Hoekman, Leroy Hoene, Bob, 50 Hoesly, Carol, 50 Hoesly, Clarence Hoffman, Albert, 121 Hoffman, Barbara, 50, 173 Hoffman, James Hoffman, Morrie, 83, 138, 177 Hoffman, Raymond, 107, 152, 178 Hoffman, Jack, 66, 50 Hoffman, Bob, 50 Hofschild, Roger Hohenstein, John, 50 Holling, Garrett Hoilingsworih, Bill, 59 Hollis, Sharon Hollister, Bob Homes, Bonnie, 43 Holmes, Ruth, 50, 62, 63 H012, Dennefh Holzhuter, Dole, 164 Honl, Ray, 121 Hopkins, Joyce, 37, 50, 79, 97, 98 Hopkins Steven Hoppe, Ron, 164 Hoppenz, Udo, 59 Hoppman, Gerald, 160 Hongand, Ann, 24 Horn, John, 12, 123, 159, 178 Hosf, Mary, 37, 73, 117 Hothian, Alexandria Hoffman Monte, 24, 81, 123 Hougard, Ann, 79, 116, 151 House, Carol, 110, 124, 145 Howard, Albert, 24 Howard, Dinah, 15 Howard, Ray, 68 Howard, Bill Howell, Bill Howland, Clare, 91 Howland, Jane Hoy, David Hrasky, Bill, 12, 24 Hubbard, Carol, 24, 96, 98 Hubbard, James Hubbard, Catherine, 50, 67, 91, 151 Hueffner, Betty, 67, 50, 118 Huey, Bernice Hughes, Elizabeth, 15, 151 Hughes, Lois, 68, 141 Hughes, Warren, 50, 160 Hulberf, Gary, 124 Human Mariory Huml, Mary, 50 Huml, Bob Hunger, Charles, 24 Hunt, Marilyn, 24, 89, 90 Hunt, Roger, 24 Hunter, Stephen Huss, Jerry Huss, Lynne, 79 Husfy, Paula, 51, 142 Husfing, Barbara, 50, 128 Huwafschek, Ned, 43 Hunes, Donna, 25, 77, 79, 97 Me. Dennis lmsc, Bob Indermuehle, Darlene, 62, 63, 173 lngersoll, Bob Irvine, Kathleen, 43, 144 Irving, Mary, 51, 173 lngutia, Augustine, 42, 110, 145 202 student index Irwin, Michael Iselin, Michael, 43, 94, 133 Jacky, Henry Jacobs, Bonnie, 38, 62, 63, 88, 92 Jacobs, Fred, 87, 154 Jacobs, Lynn Jacobs, Pete, 85, 177 Jacobson, Dan, 66 Jacobson, Ron, 38, 88, 92, 133, 179 Jacoby, Don, 25, 130 Jackson, Elizabeth, 128, 152 Jaeger, Dorothy, 51 Jahnke, Leroy, 25, 130 James, Ruby Junowski, Peter, 37 Jaquish, Rodney Janicsek, Janice, 51 Jarvis, Bob Jasko, Darlene Juskwhich, Bill, 160 Jeffers, George Jehing, Karen, 51, 149 Jennings, Joanne Jensen, Barry, 146, 169, 51 Jensen, Mary, 41, 62, 63, 77 Jensen, Peter, 51 Jensen, Leah, 43, 117 Jenson, Robert, 40 Jensen, Sondra, 51 Jerdee, Larry, 51 Jerome, Sherry, 62, 63, 144, 172 Jeske, Jill, 51, 170 Jesse, Bob, 38 Jette, Albert Johnson, Bonnie, 67 Johnson, Carole, 77, 79 Johnson, Carolyn, 25, 127 Johnson, Christine Johnson, Dennis, 100 Johnson, Ellen, 43 Johnson, Frank Johnson, Gary Johnson, June, 40 Johnson, Jeff Johnson, Judy, 144 Johnson, Larry Johnson, Lynne Johnson, Pamela, 51, 173 Johnson, Richard Johnson, Ronald, 124 Johnson, Robert, 133 Johnson, Robert, 37, 42, 66 Johnson, Sharon, 25 Johnson, Thomas, 138 Johnston, Keith, 37, 120, 178 Johnston, Michael Jones, Allan, 38 Jones, David Jones, Don Jones, Mary Jorsfad, Rita Joseph, Paul, 40, 42, 160, 164 Jundrum, Bob, 151 Jung, Doris JungKunfz, Gary, 133 Jusfesen, Joy, 81, 38, 113, 114 Justin, Geraldine, 38, 97, 151 Kafer, John, 51 Kakuske, Bernard Kulscheur, Yvonne, 173 Kamenick, Toni Kaminskl, Jacqueline Kamla, Neal Kandutch, Julie, 173, 64, 114 Kent, Doug, 41 Kapoun, Jo, 81, 124 Karberg, Kent, 51, 68 Karberg, Kent Karcher, Karen, 67 Kurth, Paul, 123 Kusakaifas, Karen Kasmerchek, Sandra, 40 Kasper, Curtis, 91 Kasprzak, Robert, 47, 89, 90 Kusfe, Barbara, 38, 183, 12, 127 Kasza, Roseanne Kafchenago, Reybold, 121 Kafzmcm, Dean, 124 Katzubu, Carol, 117 Kaufh, Marilyn Kawafski, Joseph, 16, 123 Kazaiian, John Keegan, Nancy, 51, 172 Keepers, Madonna Kehl, Bob, 51 Kelleher, Carol, 62, 63, 64, 172 Kelleher, Patrick, 62, 63, 64, 172 Kelley, Dennis, 123, 177 Kelley, Pat Kelliher, Kathy, 42, 74, 79, 114, 151 Kelly, Judy, 25, 79, 116 Keners, Karen Kennedy, John, 107 Kennedy, Kathleen Kennedy, P01, 51, 151 Kennedy, Patrick Kenyon, Bill, 51 Kerr, Helen, 25, 67, 127 Kerwin, Michael, 124, 51, 169 Ketter, Sandra, 25, 62, 63, 64, 70, 76 Ketfwig, Tom, 51 Kewehan, Jim Kieliszewski, Leo Kielgas, Judy, 25, 86, 74, 127, 186 Kieselburg, Jim, 62. 63, 145 Kiley, Roberta, 37, 74, 124 Kilkenny, John Kilkenny, Bill, 42, 95, 121 Kilpin, Marilyn Kiniery, Susan, 151 King, Janice, 43, 172 King, Pamela Kingsbury, Ruth, 62, 63, 147 Klntzler, Patricia, 42, 68 Kinger, Philip, 107 Kinger, Ted, 41, 137 Kipp, Charles Kirchhoff, Bill Kissinger, Curtis, 169 Kistler, Janet Kifto, Cathy, 42, 74 Kitzman, Carol Kiensfad, Bonita Klabunde, Ellen Klanchar, Rose, 140, 141 Klaska, Myrtle, 15, 67, 118 Klaus, Richard, 160 Klein, Barbara Klein, Carolyn, 38, 77, 79 Klein, Mary, 165 Klemens, Donna Kling, Jean Kling, Joan Klingbeil, Clifford Klinner, Marion, 43, 64, 144 Klimek, Eleanore, 43, 74, 124, 151 Klifzkie, Douglas, 84, 134 Klitzkie, Linn, 25, 88, 92, 108 Klifzkie, Ron, 38, 155 Klotz, Gary, 134, 168 Klug, Roger, 62, 63 Klug, Run, 88, 92, 133 Klug, Tom, 25 Knaak, Dana, 25, 137 Knerzer, Karen Knickneier, Jean Knilans, Fred Knopes, Leo Knox, Alice Knudsen, Bob, 124 Knudson, Janice, 68, 181 Knurr, David Knurr, Jim, 158, 169 Knurr, Judy, 38, 84 Knufeson, Ken, 74 Knufson, Rosemary, 51 Knufson, Royanne Knutson, Tana Kober, Joanne Kober, Robert Koch, Dorothy, 25, 146 Koch, Gary, 155 Koch, Thomas, 38 Koenings, Karen, 118 Koepp, Naomi, 42, 74, 77, 124 Koeppen, Judith, 81, 117 Koerth, Ed, 43, 123, Kohlbeck Sally, 42, 114, 145 Kohlbeerper, Pelr, 110 Kohler, Sharon, 57 Kohlmefz, Carol, 14, 18, 99, 117, 149, 186 Kohlmeyer, Judy, 25, 140, 141, 171 Kohn, Rose, 51 Kolander, Tom, 62, 63, 64, 70, 172 Kolden, Larry, 43 Kolich, Charles, 51, 168, 169 Kolls, Jerry, 51 Kopplfcke, Janice, 42, 67, 68, 114 Kolsfud, Diana, 51 Konieczka, Barbara, 38, 151 Kooyman, Clarence, 42 Kopecky, Judy, 43 Koplin, Dole Kopp, Jean, 51, 114 Kopp, Susan, 67 Koprek, Ernle Koren, Karyn Korn, Doug Korr, Befson, 97 Korrison, Glorla, 25, 84 Korth, Paul, 38, 80 Kosunke, Sally, 51, 97 Kovars, Roxanne, 74, 81, 110 Kowalsml, Thaddeus Kowulsky, Joan Kowatski, Joe, 12 Kraft, Kenneth, 51 Krahn, Mark, 43, 71, 74, 121, 155 Kramer, Margaret, 43 Kramer, James Kruns, Kathy Krunz, Terry, 168 Krause, Carolyn, 52 Krause, Dennis, 38 Krause, James, 52 Krauter, David Kreisa, William Kremer, Ingrid Krenger, William, 123 Krestan, Diana, 26 Kreutzmann, Bill Kritz, Herbert, 107, 178 Krier, Dale, 151 Kriz, Carol, 67 Kroil, Marvin, 168 Kromenaker, David Kroncke, Harold, 52 Kruckman, Larry Krueger, LaVern Krueger, Ralph, 38, 121, 123 Krug, James Krull, Charles, 38, 108 Krull, Marvin, 134, 169 Krupke, Carol, 26, 83, 85, a7, 79 Kruse, Bill, 52, 160, 169 Kruschke, Tom, 52 Krysiak, Dennis, 134 Kub, Barbara, 52 Kube, Eileen, 39, 149 Kubehl, Larry, 149 Kuchenback, Ellen Kuecker, Sally, 97, 42 Kueny, Tom, 26 Kuerschner, Sue, 16, 74, 102, 117, 179 Kuhlberger, Petra Kuhn, Arden, 52 Kuhnke, Roger Kumllen, Tom, 26 Kunde, Eugene, 43, 121 Kurth, Carol, 68 Kurth, Karen, 90, 147 Kusmierczyk, Don Kusrow, Jane, 67 Kufz, Karen, 41, 68 Kuykendall, David, 52 Kwapil, Bill, 52, 169 Kwiatkowski, Sally, 142, 151 La Certe, Dick, 52, 160, 169 Ludwig, Mariorie, 52, 151 Ludwig, Dennls, 26, 137, 178 Ludwig, Susan, 38, 124, 178 Ludwig, Dick Laltzke, Tom Lamarche, Charles Lamberg, Bill, 42, 120, 121, 158 Lumendola, Mike, 130 Lampsa, Betty Lamontagne, Lionel, 134, 168 Landi, Fran, 107, 129, 179 Landremonn, Mike Lone, Joane Lange, Barbara Lange, Mary, 52, 117 Langenbach, Mike Longer, Karen, 52 Longer, La Verne, 26, 68, 79, 123, 151 La Patkcl, Bonnie Larsen, Marcella, 26, 79 Larson, Bill Larson, James, 52 Larson, Jerome Larson, John Larson, Kafhleen Larson, Louise, 26, 79, 173 Lussow, Bill Laun, Ken, 124, 41 Lavaas, Dennis, 134 Lawrence, Sue, 52, 67, 145 Laws, Judlth Lawton, Fred Luybourne, Bill Lay, John, 37, 66, 68 Leahy, Tom, 160 Leon, Judith Leberman, Betty, 36, 62, 63, 141, 173 Lechner, George Lee, Donald Lee, Mary, 142 Lee, Sue Lee, Winfred Leeming, Blll Leerhoff, Larry Leet, Janet, 52 Lagreld, Pamela, 42 Lehman, Charles Lehmann, Robert, 43, 121 Lehmann, Sharon, 52 student index Lehnert, Monrico, 64 Leibach, Carole Leidigef, Ann Lemke, John Lemke, Mark, 52 Lent, Jerome Lenz, Charles Lenz, Joyce Leppla, Gerald Lerum, Bonita Lesak, Gerald, 26 Luschinsky, Janice, 42 Letter, Elizabeth, 43 62, 63, 151 Leusink, Arlene Lewis, Valery, 149, 52, 147 Lewis, Doris Lewis, Nancy, 52, 147 Licury, Philip Liebetraw, Caroline, 41 Lien, Mary, 26 Lillesand, Alun Lillpop, Bill Limbuch, Mike Lindholm, LaVonn, 118 Ling, Kathleen, 67, 98, 155 Link, John, 43, 123, 169, 179 Lintz, Helen, 26, 141 Lipinski, Muriel Lipske, Don, 37, 83, 123 Lisfeldt, Diane, 144 Lisiecki, Gene, 72, 137, 169 Lisowe, Don Liszewski, Maxine, 36, 171 Littleton, Jeff, 52 Livengood, Anne, 42, 67, 144 Livingston, Dick, 152 Lochner, Earl Logan, Barbara Logan, Ann, 26, 15 Lohman, Marlene, 166 Lombardo, James Long, James, 60 Lory, Bob Lothe, Arlan, 52, 178 Lother, Tom, 146 Lovaos, Dennis, 66, 68, 168 Loverine, Denis, 26, 137 Lower, Mary Lucchi, Julene, 26, 79, 144 Lucey, Lucy, 60 Luderus, Jane, 52 Ludwig, Jesslyn, 26 Ludwig, Judy, 79, 114 Lueck, Helen Lueck, Dick, 137, 158, 160 Luedtke, Geraldine Luey, Ena, 52 Luhn, James Luhner, Alexander Lund, Barbara, 26, 74, 75, 126 Lund, Patsy, 52, 97 Luiz, Janet, 52, 73 L012, Judy Lutz, Ruth, 165 Luzar, James, 52, 107 Lynn, Bonnie Lyon, Carolee, 79, 127 Lyons, Nola Lyons, Sandy Lysne, Eric Moasz, Janet MacDonald, Sandra, 28, 97, 98 MacHadd, Brumdon, 43, 124, 145 Madaghian, Elizabeth, 14, 113, 114, 155, 181 Madden, Peter, 158, 160 Mudsen, Merrily, 67, 142, 152 Madsen, Bob Muges, Patrick, 71, 73, 160 Mugnuson, Clarence, 36, 107, 121 Magnusson, Erik Muher, Mlchail, 134, 168, 169 Maier, Therese, 40, 81, 165 Makowski, Bonifa, 52, 166 Mulcomson, Fred, 27, 80, 88, 89, 90, 123 Malek, Karin, 40, 142 Molsch, Jane, 27, 114 Mandel, Marlys, 27, 74, 147 Monz, Douglas, 40 Mapp, Bill, 40 Marek, Caroline Mares, Marie, 36, 117 Margelofsky, Ron, 37, 74, 81, 137 Marking, Bill, 90, 123 Markham, Neal, 84 Marks, John, 168 Marling, Bill Marquurdf, Lynn, 27 Marquarf, Jane, 12, 27, 98, 126 Marsden, Joy, 27, 79,154 Marsh, Bob, 41, 107 Marshall, Ed Marten, Bill Marti, Dorothy, 27, 95 Martin, Beverly, 37, 173 Martin, Larry Martin, Mariorie, 42, 62, 63, 64, 172 Martin, Peggy, 53 Martin, Tom Martiniak, Mary, 53 Martiniuk, Dianalee, 152 Murtinson, Jim Murtinson, Bob Maruca, Gladys Musche, David, 53 Mason, Jerry, 53 Mason, Judy, 53, 128 Musterson, Dick Mature, Doreen, 14, 41, 102, 124, 151 Mathews, Barbara, 40, 68, 69, 127 Mathews, John Mathias, Mike Mathison, Sue Mafiel, Jim, 121 Mattei, Phil, 27, 83 Memes, Phillip, 41, 121 Mattson, Georgef1e, 53 Matulionis, Dun Maurer, Emma, 27 Maves, Carl May, Russell Mayer, Ed Mayer, James, 27, 62, 63, 123, 172 Muyhew, Jill, 81, 152 Mazer, Corrine Mazurklewicz, Cecilia, 53, 64, 152, 173 McBride, Put McCaffery, Ron McCarthy, Judith, 96, 98, 173 McCarthy, Judith L., 40, 53, 79 McCarthy, Jeremiah, 27, 107 McClure, Sue, 53, 128 McComb, Don McConley, Barbara, 53 McConnell, Doris McCormick, Maxine, 27, 87 McCormick, Winifred McCue, Richard McCue, William McDavid, Ron, 42, 130, 178 McDermon, Sally McGhee, Jim, 131 McGinty, Patrick, 60 McGowan, Gerald, 62, 63, 36, 88, 92 McGregor, Peter, 27, 107, 186 McGuire, Ruberf McIntosh, Donna McKay, Janice, 27 r McKeever, Patrick, 123, 176 McKinney, Bruce, 37, 120 McLuy, Ivan McLean, Mary, 36, 90, 92, 154, 155 McMenomy, Tom, 21, 66, 81, 83, 152 McMillion Raymond McNabb, John McMetf, Michael McWilliams, Dennis, 41, 91, 154, 155, 176 Meacham, Jane, 62, 63, 172 Mead, Isabel Medower, Barbara, 53, 67, 170 Meadows, Eldridge Meadows, James Mehre, Ida, 81 Meier, Eugene Meineke, Beverly, 53 Meingusf, Jane, 53 Melig, Robert, 94 Melillo, Gertrude, 39, 85 Mell, Delores, 53 Melonig, Tom, 134, 168 Melville, Joan, 53 Menke, Nancy, 43 Merking, Jack, 176 Merryfield, David, 40 Mersberger, Peter, 53 Mess, Carolyn, 40, 67, 91, 151 Messmer, Judith, 28 Messner, Anna, 127 Messner, Maffhew, 138, 159, 164 Meszaros, Tom Meumann, Ida Meyer, Frank, 134, 168 Meyer, Hendrick, 84 Meyer, Marilyn, 142, 179 Meyer, Phillp Meyer, Ruth Meyer, Stephen, 53 Meyer, Vernon, 28, 130 Michels, James, 53, 66 Mick, Dennis Mickel, Beatrice Mickelson, Bob Middlestead, Travls, 37, 66, 68, 81, 159 Miklovich, Jim, 137 Mihlbauer, Terry, 124 Mildbrandt, Sharon, 36, 74, 112, 126 Miles, Pat, 142, 165 Miles, Jim, 1611 Miller, B!" Miler, Curtis, 144 Miller, James, 66 Miller, James 3. 40 iller James ., Miller: Joan, 53, 67, as, 118, 142, 151 Miller, Karen, 151, 153 Miller, Lynn, 40, 142 Miller, Mary J. Miller, Mary K. Miller, Paul Miller, Sharon, 28 Miller, Suzanne, 28, 91 in B unet Minayoghi, Jean, 37, so, no, 128, 179 Miner, Keith, 137 Miner, Ron Mitchell, Dale Mitchell, Dennis, 133 Mitfelsteadt, Bob Moccero, Sam Moeller, Dick Monahan, Togn, 53 Monihe , Bo Moore, hue, 72, 73, 141 Moore, Terry Moore, Ram 39 Mordini, Paul Morey, Margo Mor an, ury Morgan, Melinclia,:72, 118 or an, Fame 0, Morgan, Richard, 28, 131, 177 Morgan, Robert, 36, 108 Morgan, Steven Morris, Donald Morris, Kathryn, 53 Morrissey, Jean, 28, 62, 63 Morse, James Mortensen, David, 40 Mortenson, Sue, 53 Mortenson, Tom, 53 Mosel, Maureen, 53 Mossberg, John, 28, 133 Moth, Marsha, 68, 70 Motylewski, Leslie, 53 Mould, Pat, 173 Mounce, ?inny, 121 se, D c mam, Jeanette, 117 Mucha, Mlcliwgel, 40 v 223$? F981, 37, 77, 124, 151, 181, 183 Muehr, Paul, 137 Mueller, Gerald, 121 Mueller, Judith, 142 Mueller, LgukABng, 67, 68, 53 Her, D c , msgnchow, Sandra, 28, 89, 141, 178 Muetzel, Sharon, 40, 79 Mulder, Grant Mulder, Tom Mulkey, Warren Mullally, Lee, 134 Mullowney, Mary Mulvaln, Jlm Mundt, Mlcnele, 40 nsch, Jo n mgsselman. LyHon, 95, 144 Myers, Blythe Myers, William Myren, Roger Nuglestad, Barton, 169 Nupp, Bill, 121 Napiearlu, John Nate, James Nutuig, Karen, 53 Nehring, James, 53, 68 Nehs, Jim, 92, 154, 155 Neiman, B1", 107 Neis, Dick Neisberger, Peie, 130 Nelson, Carol, 40, 74, 81, 124 Nelson, Charles, 131 Nelson, David, 36, 120 Nelson, Gerald Nelson, Joan, 53 Nelson, Mary, 28, 89, 90, 141 Nelson, Michelle, 53 Nelson, Nancy, 42 Nelson, Phllllp, 54 Nelson, Rolland Nelson, Ron, 121 Nelson, Susan, 74, 75, 41, 118 Nelson, Tom, 66, 68 Nerelm, Anne, 114 Nerelm, Lois Nesbit, Les, 160, 162 Netteshelm, Karen Neu, Dick, 138 Neubeck, Joan Neuendorf, Janet, 15, 28, 72, '117 Neuenschwander, Sandra, 62, 63, 75, 118 Neuman, Louise, 77 204 student index Neve, Gregory Newcomb, Harvey Nicholson, Gary, 133 Nickelsen, John Nickelsen, Rose, 127 Nicol, Kirby, 134, 168, 169 Nieman, Sara Jane, 64 Niemeier, John, 28, 73, 79, 95 Nieml, Shirley Niendorf, Robert, 25, 85, 86 Niefz, James Nigh, Duane Nitz, Larry, 176 Nitzshe, Rogert, 176 Nishimofo, Nancy Noesen, John, 134, 168 Noll, Kathy 54, 67, 152 Noltemeyer, WHbert, 36 Noonun, Kathy Nordal, Terry Nordentoft, David, 137, 158, 160, 162 Nordvig, Carl Norem, Darlene Norman, Diane Northey, James Northey, Sylvia Novac, Kriss Novak, Ron Nuspl, Joan Nuspl, Joseph, 37, 121, 151 Nyberg, Nancy, 54 Nure, Michael Obenberger, Bob, 40, 121 Obenberger, Fred, 137, 158, 160 Obligato, Charles Ochs, Fred O'Day, Mary, 36, 74, 179 Odelberg, Susan Odinius, Nancy, 43 O'Donnell, Ed, 36 O'Donnell, Sharon, 60, 151 Oelhafen, June, 60 Oeihafen, Dick, 41, 121 Oelstrom, Maris, 28, 81, 79, 85, 87, 97, 147 Okubo, Ellen, 28, 110 Olbrich Dorofhy, 40 O'Leary, Judith, 41 Click, Ken Olin, Donald, 43, 71 Oliver, Renee, 40 Olson, James, 54 mson, Jean Olson, Joan Olson, Jovce, 28, 86, 126 Olson, Ju ie Olson, Karen, 54 Olson, La Verne Olson, Nancv, 142 Olson, Ron, 130 O'Meara, David Ondercin, David, 169 O'Neil, Tom O'Neil, Joe, 39, 137 Operle, chk Orear, Elizabeth Orr, Audrey, 28 Orqu, Joanne, 67, 142, 151 Osborn, John Osborne, Davld Osferberg, Joan, 60, 67, 98 Osferhurn. larry, 62, 63, 66, 172 0110, Russe" Paap, Kathy, 60 Packard, Jerry, 36, 121 Paddock, Joanne, 79, 151 Paepke, BurbaraJS, 40, 67, 114 Paqel, Carol, 40, 79, 84 Pagel. Charles, 29, 107 Pauliaro, William Pahmeier, Lavem Pnifrick, Marvin, 136, 159, 160, 178 Pulinay, Adam Plamer, Jean, 40 Dalmer, Joseph, 74, 123, 147 Palmer, Roy Punkowskl, Gerald Pann, Rosella Papastefan, John, 54, 172 Pope, James, 41,130 Pape, Nicholas, 54 Pure, Carol, 54 Parisea, Yvonne, 54 Parish, Frank, 160, 137 Parishi, Roger, 160 Parker, Mary, 127 Parkinson, Winfield, 54, 164 Farmer, Karen, 97, 98 Farmer, Bob, 42, 68, 108, 130 Parmefer, Larry, 134 Parsons, Kay Partenhelmer, Walter, 36, 144 Patch, Judy, 90 Patch, Mary Paterson, Sandra Patrick, Bruce, 36, 81, 68 Patten, Mark, 40, 169 Paudlow, Rosanne Paulin, Jerome, 29, 84, 106 Pavlik, Bob, 54, 104 Pavlovich, Keifh, 40, 42 Paynfer, Myron, 162 Pearson, Tom Pechauer, Jim, 43, 123, 176 Peck, Carol, 29 Pedersen, Dianne Pedersen, Kenneth Pederson, Carol, 35 Pedriana, Mary, 151 Peebles, Martin, 41, 68 Peiffer, Larry, 29 Peirick, Rita, 142, 151 Pells, Dale, 54 Pelfon, Georgia, 54 Perkins, Donna Pernaf, Peggy, 40 Perri, Natale, 74, 137, 159 Pertzborn, Helen, 38, 114, 151 Pervisky, James, 29, 71 Peters, Bradley, 54 Peters, Judith Peters, Par, 54 Petersen, P01, 114, 179 Petersen, Stephanie Peterson, Alan, 54 Peterson, Constance, 38, 81, 83 Peterson, Duane, 29, 66, 68 Peterson, Joan, 118 Peterson, Karen, 29, 54, 67, 76, 124 Peterson, Karen L. Peterson, Kathleen, 42, 142, 152 Peterson, Leonard Peterson, Llllian, 115, 117, 179 Peterson, Loralee Peterson, Mary, 36 Peterson, Bob, 41 Peterson, Ronald E., 36 Peterson, Ronald J., 73, 187 Peterson, Richard Peterson, Sonic, 68 Peterson, Sandra, 67, 97 . Petroc, Catherine, 36, 37, 89, 91, 152, 173 Petrakls, Gus, 131, 160 Petrakis, Theodore PeH, Mary, 37, 68, 97, 98, 114, 155 Petz, Andrew Petzgold, Tim Pfefferkorn, Janet, 54 Pfisterer, Rebecca Pilster, William, 42, 66, 68, 123 Phelps, Carol, 14, 37, 62, 63, 140 Phipps, John, 122, 123, 148, 149 Piddingfon, Bruce Piddingfon, Janet, 29, 68, 90 Piehl, Ann, 54 Pieper, Ronefte, 37, 81, 117 Pierangeli, Barbara, 54, 67, 152 Pighe, June, 173 Pinnow, Albert Marlene Pinnon, 54, 68 Pior, George, 41 Pior, Mary, 142, 152 Piorkowski, Louise, 54 Pirelli, Arthur, 137 Pirkel, Bill, 151 Pittner, Truett Pitzka, Bruce, 54, 147 Pitzner, Kay Placket, Chuck, 40, 54, 160, 169 Plugeman, Stanley Plan, Karen, 40, 68 Platfs, Jon, 29, 138 Plaushines, Joyce, 29, 112 Plechu, Susan Pnice, Frank Podriznik, Frank Poeppel, Dick, 107 Pholiammer, Sauy Poisl, David, 137, 158, 160 Polasik, Sandra, 54 Pollard, Lois, 36, 85 Pollock, Charles, 29, 62, 63, 137 Pollock, Richard Pomeday, Jane, 42, 152 Ponyicsanyi, John, 165 Port, Judy, 118 Porter, Margaret, 54 Portz, Sandra, 54 Pospeschil, Fred, 36 Potochick, Jim, 60 Potten, Mark, 169 Potter, Bob, 54 Potter, Dorothy Potter, Jeanne Poutsch, Curtis Powaser, Bob, 36, 79 Powers, Dennis, 134 Powers, Pearl, 40 Powers, Richard Prunge, Carol Preuss, Mary, 54, 149 Priaulx, Judy, 173 Pribnow, Janice, 40, 62, 63, 64, 100 Priebe, Dennis, 54, 124, 178 Priewe, David Printz, Wayne, 160 Pritchard, Gary, 169, 176 Prifchard, Dick Probell, Carol, 40, 81, 117 Procknow, Gregory, 60 Propst, Rolland Presser, Nancy Prodlow, Rosanne, 151 Pufuhl, Barry, 29, 123 Purdy, David, 107, 131 Purdy, Margaret, 54, 67, 77, 88, 92 Purnell, Kathy, 55 Purucker, James Putnam, Rodney Pyle, Jetty, 29 Quumme, Sandra, 55 Quillen, Patricia, 179 Quinn, Patrick, 40 Raube, Donna, 29, 79, 35, 144, 146, 186 Rubas, Clarence Rube, Nancy Rudeman, Bill, 29 Radewan, Kathleen, 55 Rudtke, Kathryn Rudtke, Rose Ruffel, Keith Raffini, Jim, 42 Roimer. Steven Raining, Jo, 55 Rairdin, Pat Rakow, Sandra, 117 Ramthun, Harold Roppe, Richard Rasch, Jean, 15, 40, 68, 70 Rasmussen, Donald Reader, Phll Redenius, George Reese, Harley Reetz, Janet, 36, 37, 118 Regan, Fat, 55, 152 Reimer, Wallie, 141, 179 Reining, JoAnn Reinke, Judith, 30, 141 Reinke, Carol, 36, 142 Reitelbach, Barbara, 55 Rennhak, Helen, 83, 36 Reuther, Sally, 12, 30, 73, 116 Rewald, Bob Rhodes, Dave, 55, 160 Ribbeck, Allen, 60, 66, 169 Rice, Eugene Rich, Paul, 131 Richards, Frcmk Richardson, Judy Richie, Bill, 134 Riedl, Irene, 151, 30, 74, 98, 96 Riege, Kenneth Riggs, Tom Riordan, Eileen Ripp, Avitus, 123, 160 Rituccu, Salvatore, 30, 132, 179 Ritchie, Bill, 60, 168 Ritger, Bob, 30, 121, 178, 179 Ritger, R110, 36, 62, 63, 79, 80, 114, 165 Rivera, Hilda Rivers, James, 55 Roach, Colleen, 30, 87, 88, 92, 113, 114 Roach, Mary, 36, 114 Robby, Verry Robbins, Harry Robbins, William Robel, Randy Roberts, Allen, 55, 62, 63, 147, 172 Roberts, Barbara, 40, 55 Roberts, Paul Robinson, Arthur, 30 Robinson, David Robinson, Susan Roche, James Rochwerger, Leonard, 40 RockwelI, Betty, 30, 74, 147, 173 Rockwell, Roy, 55 Rodman, George, 62, 63 Roe, Donald Rogers, Eugene Rogers, Gary Roglitz, Jerry Rohde, Rachel, 77 Rohde, Richard, 160 Rohm, Ron Roles, Carol, 67 Rollefson, Charles Rolstad, Nancy, 16, 36, 112, 116 Romtham, Harold, 55 student index Rohning, Larry Ropers, Raymond Roppe, Dick, 168 Rose, Carol, 144 Rose, John Ross, Betty, 37, 79, 173 Ross, Dennis, 133 Ross, Judy, 36, 79, 83, 114 Roth, Charles, 30, 130, 145 Roth, Gordon, 41 Roth, James Roth, Karen, 145 Roth, Randolph, 41 Roth, Sally, 37, 68, 74, 124, 150 Rothenbueler, Rosemary Rothschadl, Janice, 30, 114 Roum, Charles, 30 Rousseau, Bob Rowe, Elizabeth, 30, 76, 77 Rowland, Mike Roy, James, 169 Rubbo, Joan, 68, 127 Rue, Eugene, 30 Ruegg, Dennis Rudrud, Kathy, 55 Ruff, Penny Ruland, Russell, 138, 160 Rulland, Dianne, 173 Rupp, Vicki, 55 Rusk, Peggy, 35, 83, 113, 114, 178 Russell, Mary, 55 Russell, Raymond Ruth, Gordon Rutsch, Kenneth, 41 Ruzeck, Andrew, 30, 83, 107, 178 Ryan, Colleen, 30, 81, 113, 114, 151 Ryan, Terry, 55, 88 Ryba, Curl, 172 Ryer, Carolyn, 37, 62, 63, 70, 85, 144, 172 Sabey, Ed, 60, 124 Subraw, John, 133 Sager, John, 121 Salomone, Marie, 55, 173 Saltzman, Susan, 55 Saltzman, Gerald, 55 Summariino, Vincent Sampo, Gail Sumolinski, Mike, 107 Samz, Charlotte, 40, 152 Sanderson, P01, 55 Sanderson, Sandra, 40, 81, 102 Sands, Roger Sunfiiippo, Anioineife Sanford, Richard, 108 Saxe, Sharon $querberg, John, 62, 63, 91, 172 Saunders, John, 43, 121 Sayre, Robert, 30 School, May Schafer, Donna, 55 Schaefer, Greg, 37, 133 Schaefer, Helen, 55 Schaefer, Dick, 12, 123 Schaefer, Bob, 62, 63 Schaetfen, Gene Schaeizel, Sandra Schaeffer, Tom Schuger, Bob, 134 Schaller, Pat Schallhorn, David, 89, 129, 131, 186 Scharrer, Eugene Schaub, Pat Scheil, Stephen Schelm, Linda, 40, 77, 79, 114 Schenk, Dawn, 1 1 Scherrer, Roger, 40, 152 Scherrer, Arlene, 37, 151 Scheuerell, Gary Scheunemonn, David, 55 Scheunamunn, Diane, 163 Schlicht, Jim Schicker, Mary, 151 Schied, Jerry, 31, 83 Schiefelbein, Brent Schiefelbein, Clifford, 39 Schiele, Dewey, 137, 159 Schindler, Don, 40, 133 Schindler, Sue, 55, 172 Schlee, Don, 31 Schlegel, Bob, 130, 178 Schlichf, Jim, 55, 172 Schluefer, Fred, 62, 63, 107, 123 Schlueter, Howard, 31 Schmul, Barbara, 41, 151 Schmeling, Ken, 31, 85, 86, 158, 164 Schmeling, Dick, 55, 159, 160 Schmidt, Betty, 60, 149 Schmidt, Bryan, 55, 169 Schmidt, John, 55 Schmidt, Judith, 41, 81, 163 Schmidt, Ron, 37, 83, 84, 123 Schmiff, P01, 55, 77, 151 SchmHz, Joe Schmitz, Larry, 55, 134, 168 Schmitz, Tom, 37, 120 Schmitz, Wayne, 40 Schmude, Fred, 40 Schmude, Judy, 31, 84 Schmoll, John, 40, 121 Schnackenberg, John, 40, 107 Schneeberger, Elaine, 55, 67, 149 Schneeweis, Carole, 55, 118 Schneider, Gary Schneider, Lonita, 60, 67 Schneider, Paul, 68 Schneider, Robert, 55 Schneider, Tom Schnitger, Joyce, 31, 141 Schnitger, Wayne, 56 Schoechert, Betty, 31, 68, 97, 98, 122, 154, 155 Schoenfeld, Walter, 36, 80 Schoenberg, William, 31, 81, 83 Schoene, Mike, 137, 139 Scholl, Elaine, 36 Scholle, Jim Schonta, Robert Schowalfer, Tom, 169 Schrag, Gary, 56, 147 Schramm, Bob Schroeder, John, 121 Schroeder, John R., 37 Schuchter, Sandra Schuenemann, Diana, 77, 149 Schuenemcmn, David, 66 Schuetz, Marlea, 40, 67, 81, 146 Schultz, Carol, 56, 67, 155 Schultz, Lyle Schultz, Bob, 130 Schultz, Jeffreys, 60, 71 Schulze, John Schumacher, Gordon Schwuller, Sharon, 151 Schwan, Judith Schwarting, Terry Schwartzlow, Jerry, 131 Schwebke, Carol, 56 Schweers, Bob, 134 Schwefel, Samson, 60, 146 Scieszinski, Bill Scobie, Bill, 66, 68, 154, 155, 40 Scott, Alan, 37 Scott, Allie, 31, 96, 151 Scott, Barbara, 56 Scott, Dale Scully, Elizabeth, 56, 83 Searles, Rosemary, 31 Sears, Peter Seaver, Harmon, 56 Sebanc, James Sebrunek, Mary, 41, 127, 152 Seely, Mary Sieunas, Michaelene, 40, 67, 151 Segger, Janice, 56 Seider, Kathleen Seidl, Carol, 42, 56 Seiferf, Stephen, 56, 144 Seiler, Bob, 60, 144 Seiler, Bill, 169 Seils, Marsha Seitz, John, 36 Sell, Dick, 172 Sell, Denise, 56, 142, 156 Sell, Gary, 31, 136 Seward, Bob, 31, 74 Sexton, Dick, 176 Shuger, Bob, 56 Shea, Marilyn, 31, 87, 141, 186 Shea, Terry, 12, 31, 177 Sheahan, Alice, 151 Sheahan. Julie Sheard, Gloria, 31, 97, 98, 126 Shebiel, James, 108 Sheehan, John, 130 Shegonee, Faye Sheldon, Clifford Sheldon, Gene, 137, 168 Sheldon, Terence, 124, 177 Sheppard, Pete, 37 Sherry, Stephen, 107 Sherwood, Myrna, 43, 68 Sherwood, Rhoda, 15, 39, 68, 124 Shewczyk, Nancy, 114, 152 Shim, Chi Shober, Stephen, 144 Sholts, Jean, 37, 79, 87 Showever, Karen, 40, 62, 63 Shumway, Bob, 56 Shy, Sue, 56 Sibley, Joe Siebel, Allen, 18, 83, 123 Siedschlag, Paul, 140, 121 Sieger, Joan, 36, 81, 114 Siegel, Glenn, 164, 169 Sierf, Edward, 37 Siewert, Douglas Siggers, Janlce Sigurdsson, Ivar, 56 205 Sllhu, Barbara Simdon, Carol, 149 Simmons, Sue Simon, Catherine, 151, 36 Simonds, Cecilia, 36, 110, 151 Sippel, Don, 40, 43 Sivertsen, Judy Six, Roncu: Skendziel, Ken Skora, Dick, 32, 81, 83 Slump, Judy, 56, 62, 63 blaney, BIII Slater, Dorothy, 147 Sleene, Carol, 56 Slinde, Stephen Sloan, Judy, 16, 37, 73, 117, 183 Smurslik, John, 41, 157 Smith, Barbara, 56 Smith, Barry, 106 Smith, David Smith, Denis, 32 Smith, Donald, 32, 66, 68, 106 Smith, Gary, 56 Smith, Gordon, 62, 63, 64 Smith, Daren Smith, Lani, 118, 56 Smith Lloyd Smith, Mitchell, 11, 66, 68 Smith, Bob, 66 Smith, Rodney, 137 Smith, Tim Smokowlcz, Elaine, 56 Smullen, Annette, 43 Sniderwin, Mary, 56 Snoeyenbos, Ed, 56 Snodgrass, Toby Sobieralski, David, 43 Socwell, Charlotte Sommers, Dem. 164 Sommers, James, 32, 68, 107, 134 Sommers, Jeanne, 15, 32, 79, 11! Sonnenberg, David Sorenson, David, 107 Sorenson, Joyce, 151 Soraski, Pat, 152 Sossaman, Janet Soule, Bob, 37, 79, 121 Spaeth, Bernie, 158, 160, 169 Sputaro, Jim, 168 Spaulding, Barbara, 56 Spaulding, Judith Speer, Donna, 56, 172 Speer, Glen, 134, 168 Spencer, Du : Speri, Bob Splegelhoff, Janis, 36, 114, 145 Spiegelhoff, Jerry, 137, 158 Spielmun, Dennis Splinter, Margaret Spoke, Joseph, 56 Spongberg, Karen, 56, 142 Spredemunn, Sharon, 32, 68, 79, 148, 149 Spurgaf, David 130, 179 Sromalski, John, 41, 164 Stacey, Dim Staford, Sharon, 56 Stafford, Janis, 140, 141 Stoke, Arthur, 56 Stalbaum, Ron Stalbuum, Virginia, 56 Stanford, Sharon Stangel, LeRoy, 56 STOnke, DKK Sturck, Fred Stark, Julianne, 117 Slater, Dorothy, 156 States, b"- Stauske, Willis, 32, 79, 81, 149 Stearns, Milton Steed, Dennis Steele, Charles, 32, 79, 147 Steele, Oscar Steele, Dick, 41 Stefan, John, 62, 63 Stefen, Dan Steffen, Joel, 36, 159, 164 Steffen, Thomas, 62, 63, 123 Steinbeck, John Steinberger, Elizabeth, 152 Steinbrink, Donna, 32, 85, 112, 127, 179, 186 Steineke, Lynn Stekelberg, Terry Steinger, Marie, 56 Stengel, Sue, 32 Stengel, Don Stenulson, JoEllen, 64, 57 Sternurd, Ronald, 32 Sternbert, Harold, 131, 178 Sternitzky, Darrel Stevens, Donald Stevens, Ralph Stevens, Roger, 42 Stevens, Russell, 160 Stewart, Mariiean, 155 Stewart, Marshall, 37, 121, 158 206 student index Stidham, Isabel, 100, 183 Stillson, Goldie, 57, 145, 172 Stobber, Jim Stockstad, Darlene, 121, 178 Stoecker, Lynn Stoltmun, Nancy Stone, Shirley, 132 Stone, John, 130 Stoner, Johnny Stori, David Stortz, Ron, 151 Stout, John, 57, 68 5105-1, Torn, 130 Siowell, June, 40 Stowers, Roger Struck, Janice, 57 Straka, Russell, 134, 168 Strampe, Bill Strampe, Roland, 32 Strand, Nancy Strassburg, Dick, 57 Struus, Douglas, 57 Strecker, Roger Strini, Carol, 67 Stringer, Kathleen, 57, 98 Sfronn, Kathleen, 37, 90 Strouf, John, 60 Stube, Barbara, 15, 57 Stube, Dick, 74 Stude, Mary, 36, 117 Sues, Lynn, 32, 68 Stuessi, James Stuvetraa, Ginger, 57 Sullivan, Daniel, 138 Sullivan, John Summeril, Terry Sutter, William, 66, 92, 123 Sveom, Bob, 40 Swan, 57 Swanson, 57 Swansby, Jean Swartz, Don Swarfz, Edward, 12, 32, 132, 180 Sweet, Barry Sweet, Wallace Swenson, Sharon, 40, 142 Swierzynski, James, 57 Swinehurf, Irvin, 169, 57 Sydow, Dem 137, 160 Sykes, Dan Sykes, Dave, 40, 133, 177 Tabor, Barbara, 57 Tacke, Bruce, 43, 133 Taguchi, Pat, 37 Tanaka, Velma, 57, 110 randa, Carol, 60 runner, Leanne, 117 Tarkeson, Tom, 57 Tarrolly, Dave, 177 Taylor, Arnold ruylor, Lane Taylor, Roberta Taylor, Robert, 121 Taylor, Rolland Taylor, Ronald, 57 Taylor, Stanley, 33 reasdale, Elizabeth, 40 remple, Carey Tepp, Eugene, 33 Ternus, Don Terwall, Beatrice, 145 Teska, Jerome Tesser, Carol, 62, 63, 67, 70, 172 Tessmer, Everett, 12, 16, 57 Teuberf, Darlene, 33, 114, 140, 141 Tewalt, Joanne, 33, 85, 99 Thayer, Barbara, 171 Thayer, David, 33, 159, 107, 123 rhayer, Gary Thayer, Jim, 123, 159 Theesfeld, Harold, 92 Theisen, Bob, 57 Theune, Peter, 57, 66 Thielmann, Paul, 42, 121 Thielmann, Wayne, 133 Thom, Don, 36, 62, 63, 64 Thomas, Dorothy, 67 Thomas, John Thompson, Daniel Thompson, Dem 160, 164 Thompson, Elmer Thompson, Erika Thompson, Mary Thompson, Ram 62, 63, 172 Thompson, Roy, 57 Thompson, Bill, 36, 123, 177 Thomsen, Karen, 142 Thorpe, Craig, 57, 169 Thorson, Sanford Thorstad, Gerald, 51, 66 Thorstenson, Tom, 33 Thuermann, Dlane, 57 Thurber, Bruce Tighe, Jane, 73, 118 Timber, Julie, 146, 91 Timbers, Helen Timm, David, 33, 14B, 149 Timmerman, Arlene Timmermann, Douglas, 33, 85, 87, 122, 178, 186 Timmermann, Janice, 74, 57 Tindall, Robert Titus, Charles, 36, B4 Tkacz, Joe, 36, 158 rodd, Lee Toelle, Barbara Tofson, Dewey, 57 Toguth, P01, 41, 110, 121 Tolg, Linda, 62, 63, 97 Toomey, Keith, 121 Torkenson, Tom Torsrud, Ross, 94, 145, 169 rotten, Laurence Towne, Gale, 37, 77, 79, 147 Townsend Earl, 36, 123, 177 Trachfe, Jane, 36, 62, 63, 64, 70, 67, 149, 172 Trager Joan, 67 Truutmun, Menu. 36, 77 Travis, Ronald, 57, 68 Traxler, Charles, 33, 144 Trebitowske, David, 57 Treedeau, Mike, 57 Treleven, Carole, 37, 85 Tripke, Larry Trollief, Don, 158, 164 Trombino, Roger, 33, 137 Trudeau, Michael, 169 Trzeciak, Henry Tschumper, John, 107 Tubbs, Mary, 128 Tubufis, Dick Tucker, Kathy, 118 Tuefing, Bill, 33, 74, 37, 107, 123, 178 Tung, Yee Wah Tune, Mivaranda, 110 Turner, Scott, 41 Turner, Jackie Turner, Joel Tuschen, Peggy, 36, 166 Ueland, Dan, 33 Umnus, Dick Umberger, Pat, 141 Underwood, Nancy, 142, 183 Usilfon, Tom, 33 Us'by, Roy, 33, 95, 106 Vail, Rodney Van Able, Ron, 33, 101, 123 Vance, Diana Vanden Heuvel, Bob, 71, 107, 121, 179 Van Laane, Arlis, 88 Vandervort, Bob, 57 Van Horn, John Van Rens, Charles, 57 Van Schoyck, Marsha, 57 Van Sluys, Nathan Vurble, Daniel, 57 Variu, Margaret Vasby, Kent, 33, 91, 95 Vehlow, Joan Vehrs, Mary, 15, 36, 80, 85, 110, 114 Vei'rh, David, 34, 151 Veltch, Mary, 40, 90 Venema, Terry, 40 Verthein, Norberfu, 36, 114, 171 Vesbach, John, 57, 169 Victor, Kay, 36, 98, 124, 179 Vinie, Clayton, 57 Vogf, Tom Vogt, Susan, 36, 62, 63, 117 Volghf, Arthur Voight, Gerald, 41, 83, 123 Volhard, Gerald, 79, 95 Vordagel, Stuart, 169 Vose, Theresa, 42, 73, 74, 152 Voy, Gerald, 57 Vrieze, Patience Wade, James Waga, Stanley Wagner, Janice, 62, 63, 57 Wagner, Joan Wagner, Mary, 57 Wagner, Richard Wagner, Sharon, 114 Wahlberg, Wayne, 57 Wake, David Walker, David Walker, Jerry Wallace, Gary, 39 Walser, Karen, 57 Walters, Cheryl, 67 Walton, Elaine, 142 Wandrey, John, 58, 66, 169 Wundschneider, Michael Wanish, Kerry, 40 Wanninger, Constance, 40, 67, 68, 114 Ward, Bob, 133, 169 Warne, Clinton Warren, Gail Warren, Dick, 130 Wartenberg, Horst, 34 Wartenweiler, Blll Waters, Earleen, 58, 151 Watson, Gerald, 43, 133 Watson, Nathalie Watzke, David, 60, 147 Watzke, Donald, 34 Watzke, Ronald, 58 Wauflet, JoEllen, 34, 73, 87, 79, 117, 151 Weatherall, 60 Webb, Donald, 58 Webb, Gary, 68, 60 Webb, George Weber, Herchel Weber, Richard, 58, 94 Weber, Rodney, 58 Weber, Ron, 107 Weber, Sandra, 58, 62, 63 Weber, Sharon, 142, 151 Weck, Calvin, 107 Weckerle, JoAnne Weddig, Roberta, 34 Wedeward, David, 58 Weede, Larry Weeden, Doris Weeks, Floyd, 134, 169, 177 Wegner, Norman Wege, Janice, 151 Wehr, Kathleen, 40 Weichmunn, Gerald WeidE, 58 Weiffenbach, Ron Weigmun, Patrick, 58 Weiland, Trudy, 40, 67, 95, 114 Weinberg, Frank, 34, 134 Weinhold, Jerome, 112, 106, 132 Weink, Kathy, 36, 81 Weinschenk, Jennifer, 40, 67, 152 Weis, Ron Weisbrod, Ed, 66 Weisensel, Karen, 151, 172 Weishuar, Wayne, 132, 134 Weiss, Jlm, 34, 36 Weiss, Jane, 62, 63, 64, 81, 83 Weitz, 58 Welch, Ron Wellhausen, Jim, 147 Welke, Doug, 160 Welt, Lonnie Welty, Karen, 58 Wendelburg, Tom, 58 Wendell, John, 169 WendIick, Barbara, 58, 151 Wendorf, Larry Wendt, Bob, 34 Wenman, Bonnie, 58 Werner, Tim, 39, 84, 107, 120 Wersbrod, 58 Wertz, Mary, 173 Wescott, Ted, 58 Wescott, Torn, 138, 159 Wesemann, Arlene Wessies, Alan West, Barbara, 12, 37, 68, 69, 70, 118, 155 student index West, Gary, 40 Westendorf chk Westphal, Carol, 58 Westphal, Claudia, 58 Westphal, Kenneth Westphul Maxine, 58, 68, 74 Wetherall, Jerry, 107 Weyers, Charles Wheeler, Charles Wheeler, Herbert, 59 Wheeler, Dennis, 42 Whismun, Gerald, 66, 68 White, Elizabeth, 11, 142, 151 White, Marshall, 10, 66, 68, 81, 177 White, Wesley 169 Whitmore, Sandra, 34, 141 Wick, Erik, 59, 169 Wick, Eugene, 34 Wicker, Dick Wickland, Ken Wickmun, Terry Widniredki, Mary Wied, Barbara, 85, 87, 116, 178 Wiendenheft, Donna, 59 Wiedrich, Mariory, 154, 155 Wiegner, Marilyn Wiekman Wigderson, Bill, 95 Wilber, Allen Wilber, Barbara Wilcox, Don, 107, 130, 159 Wilcox, Joanne Wild, Irene, 59, 151 Wildermuth, Ron Wileur, Barbara Wilger, Lloyd Wilk, Judy, 142 Willems, Jule, 36, 108 Williams, George, 178 Williams, Judy, 97, 128 Williams, Shirley, 34, 74, 85, 112, 126 Williamson, Nancy, 51 Willoughby, John 121 Wills, Lloyd, 71 Wills, Tom, 120, 179 Wilson, George Wilson, Jim Wilson, Judy Wilton, Ethel, 59, 98 MIL Lloyd, 40, 83 Wink, Kathy, 141, 171 Winn, Margaret, 34, 77, 127 Winters, Kent, 59 Wisniewski, Mary, 40, 57, 81 Witczak, Bob, 12, 16, 132, 151, 179 Witte, Robin Wittenberg, Ron, 34, 158 Winman, Sandra, 57 Woelfel, Alan, 134 Woelfel, Gilbert Woelffer, John, 42 Woesner, Ann Woida, Duane, 57 Wcitowicz, Frances, 40, 173 Wolcott, Karen, 43 Wolf, Gerald, 57, 169 Wolfer, 57 Wolff, Robert Wolff, Mike, 41, 138 Wolfgram, Wayne, 34, 84 Woller, Jeanne, 40, 67, 114 Wolosz, Henry, 160 Wood, Jerry, 37 Woodard, George Woodbury, Nancy, 36, 110 Woodstock, Bob Woodward, Tom, 57 Wooster, Dick, 145 Worden, Kathy, 40, 62, 63, 91 Wosilait, Nancy, 57 Wrangoll, Jim, 62, 63 Wrasse, Neila, 36 Wuethrich, Tom, 160 Wunrow, Bill, 41 Wunsch, Mike, 84, 134 Wurtz, Bob, 34, 66, 67, 68, 69 Wyderka, Joy Wyss, Linda, 34, 89, 90 Wyss, Put, 67 York, Dwight, 35 Young, Barbara Young, Beverly, 12, 43, 124 Young, Rodney, 36, 120 Yun, John, 169 Zubel, Ronald Zach, Jerry Zogrodnik, Tom, 160 Zahn, Don, 133, 177 Zahringer, Joe, 59 Zanck, George Zantow, Stephen, 83 Zarnsforff, Mariorie, 59 Zustrow, Carole Zasfrow, Susan, 117 Zeidler, Cheryl Zeiger, Jerome, 59, 161 Zeigie, Jeffery, 59 Zelm, Merlin, 107 Zemp, Barbara, 36, 116, 170 Zernicke, Ellen, 59 Zichert, Don, 160 Zickerman, Rosemary, 84, 85, 37, 114, 112, 151 Ziech, David, 123 Ziegelmann Janice, 36, 77, 97, 98 Ziegler, Carol, 15, 36 Zielke, Don, 169 Ziemer, Marcella Zimbric, Gerald, 59 Zimmerman, Judy, 62, 63, 67 Zimmerman, Bob Zinke, Don, 83 Zinda, P01, 36, 73, 77 Zinn, Martha Zinn, BeverIy, 90 Zipperer, Paul, 37 Zirk, Carl Zifka, Shirley, 43, 67, 70, 81, 87, 151 Zuehls, Betty, 149, 62, 63, 59 Zuelke Judy Zuelzke, Joy, 178, 59 Zuffu, Jerold, 40 Zukowski, Ted Zurich, Nada, 59 Zwieg, Glenn Zweig, Joanne, 40 WentzprV

Suggestions in the University of Wisconsin Whitewater - Minneiska Yearbook (Whitewater, WI) collection:

University of Wisconsin Whitewater - Minneiska Yearbook (Whitewater, WI) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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