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5w ' 1959 MINNEISKA Published by the students of Wisconsin State College, Whitewater Education should be as gradual as the moonrise, perceptible not in pro- gress but in result. George John Whyte--Melville TABLE OF CONTENTS The Administration The Students SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHDIEN The Organizations SCHOOL CHURCH GREEKS Athletics . Activities Hark the strains of our Alma Mater, Fill our hearts with loyal thoughts and true i . 2g 35?:- What could be so interesting? I I Everybodyworks hrd! Whafs so funny? vast Studv, study, study! It looks like all is met"? . . q The Purple and the White stand firmly tor the right. Hail the scenes of our college campus! WA The Cafeteria and Student Union I 1 Harold G. Anderson Libray ?$ Hamoiltn Gym Our Alma Mater Hail our by-gone memories thrilling us .f 4CURT ' mm: WW 5'6-9 JBNEGEE PRES, 7.1 am... u", WWW $ Convocations The New Union The; Greens Alma Mater! Alma Mater! Alma Mater! Whitewater! The Goal Post Main Street, Whitewater Future Whitewater High School This must be an important note! I cannot bear to 100k. Miss Bensods Words to the Wise The PresidenFs Message Reviewing the activities and accomplish- ments of a college year provokes mingled feel- ings. A variety of interests has brought us together but with the same g0als--t0 make the best of ourselves and to seek a place where we can offer a worthwhile contribution to the betterment of the society in which we live. The Minneiska reminds us of our happy as- sociations and the privileges they have afford- 10 ed. But, there also remains the desire that we may be worthy of those whom we are now proud to count as friends and whom we might otherwise not have known. I can think of no greater satisfaction than to be conscious that this college year has quickened your progress toward these goals. Robert C. Williams President 7; CLAYTON DROULLARD CORA FORBUSH ?va ISAAC SCHAFFER HAROLD G. ANDERSEN CORD 0- WELLS State College Board of Regents ADOLPH WINTHER VERETT WHITE HOWARD BARNETT I STANLEY BARR : VVILLiAM BECK 1V ARIE BENSON FRANKLIN BUSHMAN PAUL A. CARLSON 12 MRS. MYN COE n- HENRY DEWIND V MYRTLESTHER DUNKELBERGER ROBERT D. EDISON FERGUSON ' CARROLL FLAVAGAN 13 x ,1. t "Aw I MEN FELICIA FLORINE FAYE FOLLOWELL JEAN A. FRANK VIRGIL GRAHAM 14 CORRI NE FORSTER A KYuI ' PAUL GRA; T W, ,4 MRS. ALYCE GREENE JAY M. GREENE THOMAS HARTLEY 4 JOHN HEIDE JAMES HELLIE VERNON HERDENDORF x32? LEON HERMSEN MRS. DOROTHY HOOD CARL JOHNSON 15 MICHAEL KENNEDY , i DONALD KOEPPEN 7 BERTHA 'iEIIFLER MILTON LEVIN I LLOYD LIEDTKE 16 ARNOLD LIEN VAUGHN P. MANL MRS. DOROTHEA MEYER HENRY MEYER MARY MILLS RUTH MINER l7 EDWARD MORGAN CHARLES MORPHEW MRS. MARGARET MUELLER MIRIAM PAPE FORREST PERKINS GLADYS PETERSEN RUDOLPH PRUCHA 18 OLIVE REEVE GORDON W. RILEY MRS. JEANNE SCHMUNK EVERETT REFIOR EDWARD RITTER PAUL SCHMUNK 19 DOROTHY REMP DAVID SAUNDERS MILDRED SCHULTZE GAR SCHVVAGER EVERETT SHAW ! SKIBNESS MRS. HELEN SCHVVART NORMAR1 THIES CHARLES D. THOM JOHN L. T AUB 2O CARL VANDERLIN J. T. VON TREBA JACK VRIEZE ROBERT WEIGANDT I GERALD WESTON ROBERT G. WISSINK ! RICHARD WULLIN ALVIN XVUTTI LILLIAN ZARLING 21 STUDENTS 3: .v, a 3? ,, . - . XVhy does it ever have to snow? 23 Senior Class Four years--t0 some people short ones, to others long--have passed. The years have pro- vided a variety of experiences for all--know- ledge, friendships, attainment of goals. Freshman Orientation Week was the first real sample of college life . . . the highlight of our Sophomore year was NCampus Catastro- pheh . . . tTShang-ri-lah was an ideal place to spend the evening of our Junior Prom. Forty-five seniors graduated at mid year, the largest class thus far to receive diplomas 24 PresidenteCurtis Abendroth Vice-PresidenteDavid Rozelle SecretaryeMonica Hart Treasurer-Juldean Moul at the end of the titst semester. A banquet was held in their honor at Lake Lawn Lodge in Delavan. The calendar of activities for the June graduates started turning with Bacca- laureate services, June 7, in the auditorium, The senior-faculty banquet, also at Lake Lawn Lodge, and the senior picnic followed. We end our stay at Wisconsin State Col- lege, Whitewater, with the 89th commence- ment exercises held this year at Hamilton Field. K, CURTIS ABENDROTH ROBERT ACETO JOAN ALBY ROGER ALLEN V . ka HANS ANDERSEN ROGER ANDERSON CLIFFORD ANDERSON WAYNE ASTIN DAVID BALMER ALBERT BANKER EDWARD BARANOWSKI JERRY BAIRD ROBERT BECKER ROGER BEHLING JAMES BILLMANN , , ..; DONALD BOBB ' LOIS BOLLINGER HOWARD BOYER AMEs BRANNA PATRICIA BRUMMOND ROBERT BUCH LOIS BUTTERFIELD RAMERT CARLSON BYRON CHRISMAN JOHN CLEGG GENE COOK a MAXINE COOPER DONALD CRIPPS ELMER CUSTER RITA DAHLKE , ' V 4 GLEN DAVISON DONALD DEETER k MELCHIOR DONNY SHARON DOYLE LUCIA EASTMAN THOMAS EDGA EVERETT EDMUNDSON MARILYN EHRHARDT AUDREY EMMERICH EDWARD FALCK MARGARETT EARDY GEORGE FERGE GEORGE FLINT JOSEPH FRIDAY JOAN GAARTZ JEANNE GOCKER GREGORICH JAMES GROSS XVILLIAM HALVERSON RITA HAMILTON 28 JAMES GLANDER MARY ANN JANICE GREENWOOD ROBERT GSUS Gm HADFIELD RICHARD HANICK DIANNE HANSON J. YCE HARRISON MONICA H T BARBARA HAYVVORTH JO ANN HEWITT ROSEMARY HNILICKA VIOLET HODGE ANNETTE HOKKANEN HOLUB DORIS HORNBURG ROBERT HURLBUTT JOYCE ISAKSON RICHARD ISAKSON BARBARA ISON DUANE JACOBSON JEANNE JACOBSON WILLIAM JACOBSON GERALDINE JAVVORSKI THOMAS JOERS ARDIS JOHNSON MARIAN JOHNSON GEORGETTE JOHNSON MARILYN JOHNSON CAROL JONES ISABEL KADERLI 1 'i . ALBERT KAEPPEL DUANE KAMLA LELAND KAUTH SHIRLEY KEHOE y JOHN KEELING KA KLUENDER CAROL KORTBEIN KEN KUBJITZ . WARNER KERR SHIRLEY KLUKAS BARBARA KOSCHAK CAROL KUGLER KY; ALLEN KNURR VICTORIA KUNST A ROGER KITTELSON NANCY KOLLATZ EGER 1N LAFRAMBOIS MICHAEL MARGOSIAN MARIE McCU'E JANICE MENDEZ VALERIE LEBLANC JAMES MARTENS M' MICHAEL McGREY JOANNE MILLER JANICE LEWKE RICHARD MARTIN DONALD MEILLER GERALD MIRSBERGER K H LEEN MANOGUE JEROME: MCCARTHY P KTRICIA MELIUS THOMAS MITCHELL JULIUS MODLINSKI ALICE MONTGOMERY DUANE MORROVV ROSE MARIE MORSE JULDEAN MOUL RICHARD MURRAY MUILAN NAIVVI ROBERT NATZKE k? JERRY NEINFELDT RUTH NELSON JAM GI'L" OELKE $5 BARBARA OLSON RICHARD ORCHARD RODERICK OSTREM I MARY PALMER 33 . JOHN PATTERSON JANET PETERS EMILY PETERSON CARL POLACEK PATRICIA POPKE MARJORIE PORTER PAUL PROBST DOUGLAS RABBACH LAWRENCE RECK ELMER REDFORD WALTER REDINGER I ' AUGUST REVOY LEAH RICHTER D JXRLENE RUZEK ROBERT SCHADD g; GEORGE SCHMIDT CHARLES ROBERTS ALFRED RYAN CAROL SCHOENEMAN RICHARD RUGE JOHN RYAN KAE SCHENK WILLIAM SCHRADER gris MARY LOU RUSCH JEAN SALENTINE DORIS SCHROEDER JAMES SEKELSKY .SmMESTAD RICHARD JOHN STATz FRANK SCHULTZ 3x SANFORD SEVERSON HAROLD SMI H J UDITH STEELE 36 ARLENE SCHUMANN A LEE SHEALY ROLAND SOCVVELL CAROLYN STEINHOFF JOHN SCHWEIGL NORMAN SI NGER POLLY SPIES FAY STEINHORST ROBERT STEINWEG GRACE STELLA HELEN STIGLBAUER BEVERLY STEVENS NEIL STONE FRANK STRATTON BILL STROJNY ALICE SUTTON ki ARDIS TEMPELTON DALE TESSMER STANLEY TRIGGS KATHRYN VALASKEY MICHAEL VAN MUN VIVI VASSILIADES , w 3g , HARLAND VINER WALTRAUT VOHS KATHLEEN VOSS DONALD VVAHL Win VVAY-NE WAHL JOHN WARGIN ELLEN WARNKE JANET VVEIN L$ DONALD WITT JAMES WOLFF JAMES WOLOVVICZ PAUL WILL JOHN WEAVER JAMES RADOMSKI RICHARD CANTVVELL WALTER KOPPELMEYER 38 DORIS LEI DHEIS CHARLES SIEGLER JOSEPH COTTER The empty chairs were filled by Queen Victoria Kunst and King John Ryan 39 Rorw IeVictoria Kunst, Leah Richter, Carol Jones, Patricia Honohan. Rnrw 2-Polly Spies, Monica Hart, Dianne Hanson, Suzanne Newton, Arlene Schuman, Nancy Schiller. Row 3-Hans Anderson, Harland Viner, john Patterson, Edward Baranowski, Frank Strat- ton, Robert Buch. ths Who Twenty-five WSC students were chosen to receive 55Whohs Who? Among students in American Universities and Collegesh honors in the senior class this year. Students are selected on the basis of schol- arship, leadership, participation in extra-Cur- ricular activities and all-around good charac- ter. Only those students classified as seniors having a 1.75 grade-point average can be el- igible for consideration. The outstanding students are then ranked by the senior class and the faculty, with the final selection being made by a selection com- mittee composed of the co-ordinator of stu- dent personnel, dean of men, dean of women, 40 dean of instruction and directors of the various curricula. The students who received this award for the 1958-59 school year were: Hans Ander- sen, Edward Baranowski, Donald Bobb, R0- bert Buch, Dianne Hanson, Monica Hart, Patricia Honohan, Carol Jones, Albert Kaep- pel, Vicki Kunst, Lynn LaFrombois, Alice Montgomery, Suzanne Newton, James O,- Brien, John Patterson, Alvin Pofahl, Lawren- ce Reck,E1mer Redford, Leah Richter, Nancy Schiller, Arlene Schumann, Polly Spies, Frank Stratton, Jr., Dale Tessmer, and Har- land Viner. A winner The Erst appearance of a new extra curricular activity on our campus 42 PresidenteCurtis Klade Vice-President---Gerald Bowe Secretary-Janice Klemp Treasurer-Joyce Jerabek These juniors can look back on a year of accomplishment and hard work in both social and scholastic endeavors. Now they are look- ing forward to the year that Will bring them to their hnal goal. The main event of the year was the Jun- ior Prom. tTHigh Societyh was an appropriate theme for the formally attired couples Who 43 Junior Class attended. The top hat, cane, and white gloves atmosphere was accented by the Champagne music of the Top HatterTs Orchestra. The formal was held on April 18 at the White- water Armory. The class faculty advisor was Dr. G. Paul Grant. Rorw x-Rosemarie Lefebvre, Carol Eidenberger, Mary Ellen Harmon, Rita Noltner, Dianne Gray, Mary Lou Deist, Barbara Eichsteadt, Susie Bosley, Nancy Hanson, Karen Frankie. Rorw 2 -Kathleen Theisen, Carole Brassingion, Barbara Bente, Carol Gombar, Mar- lene Egstad, Mary Kay Gantenbein, Leila Matti, Barbara Bruce, Bette Cunningham, Fayrene Brown. Rorw 3 Judith York, Dewey Kaiser, Francis Gombar, George Grinde, James Kissinger, Dean Beischel, Richard Hein, Carol Ekdahl, Virginia Erckfritz, Beverly Den- sch. Rorw 4-Lorin Hecox, Gary Davies, Craig Herbert, David Camplin, Douglas Marquardt, Thomas Hamilton, Gerald Gutkowski, Gordon Barnwell, VViIIiam Cary, Clarence Colomhe. Rorw 1 Marjorie Craw, hay Etheridge, Marjorie Reichardt, Barbara Wasgien, Jeanette Campbell, LaVerne Carlson, David Hassell. Rorw 2- KaroI Schroeder, Ellen Rink, Faye Scott, Barbara Herma'i, Lucille VVegner, Elsie Ptak, Delores Timm, Darlene Kapp, Doris Bannister. Rorw 3-Myra Manta, Richard Sawyer, Kenneth Granik, Lenora Pfeifer, Judith VVhitmore, Marleen Scieszenski, Ruth Salzwedel, Rosemary Cuene. William Guyon, Dorothy Minorik Rorw 4 Verne Gilles, Russell Slicker, Lee Silves, Edward Pockelw- ald, Harold Kinyon, Paul Schadewad, Clark Pearson, James Minucci, VViIIiam Strand, Richard Campbell. 44 Rotw I Nancy Lee Runkel, Nancy Werner, Joan Scott, Stephanie Peich, Mary VVinther, Ruth Jerdee, Jeanine Bruecher, Janet 0m0ri, Kathleen McCluskey, Marilyn Ross. Row 2 -Dana Knaak, Jane Paasch, Jean Vick, Eloise Dettmer, Mary Lou Annis, Janice Klemp, Donna Bartz, Carole Luebke, Phil Lang, James Brown. Row 3-Milton Holl, Patricia Goeden, Barbara Bardeen, Juanita Gordan, Mary Aschenbrener, Mary Liz Trewyn, Carol Kohls, Sherrine Kampo, Nancy Pierner, Laverne Hemm. Rorw 4 DaVid Kraus, Dennis Beckius, Earl Grupe, Richard Jones, Fernand Colombe, Kenneth Etzelmueller, Jack Shepard, Allan Harding, Linus Lisowski, Richard Kuester. Rarw h-Elaine Kozaki, Myrtle Miyabara, Nancye Scobie, Susan James, Caroline Turnquist, Sandra Fox, Dalene Migas. Gayle Best, Virginia Karas, Caryl: Western. Row 2 Joyce Williams, Georgiana Tuschel, Carolyn Schultz, Mary Wilkinson, Mary VVesemann, Sally Walter, Mary Clunie, Joan Vreeland, Barbara Klemenko, Karen Worden. Rorw 3-Judith Meyer, Carole Swanson, Gwen Hook- stead, Mary Joy VVesslen, Deanna Kant, Blanche Schuerman, Patricia Dallman, Rose Mitchell, Barbara Vogel, Karen Lee. Row 4-James Strey, William Ward, Jon Sveom, James Vande Sand, Gerrit Vredeveld, Robert Thompson, Phillip Zuhse, Curtis Klade, John VVhelan, David Thayer. 45 . a Row 1 Grace Machut, Carol Wettengel, Yul Jah Ahn, Kathryn Klinner, Joan Rockwell, Cynthia Davis, Mary Jung, Carol Breitzman, Mary Bigelow, Yvonne Agnew. Rorw 2 Frances Morstadt, Rosemary Sell, Claudette Peterson, Mary Ann Smoody, Alice Lottig, Joseph Herro, Donald Amundsen, John Ochalla, Emmett Norton, Thomas Bostwick. Raw 2 James Silk, Margaret Othmer, Mary Monroe, Art De Thomas, Joyce Jerabek, Gerald Weir, Eric Knutson, Donald Kneiert, David Ehren, Edward Mouw. Row 4-David Shuman, Thomas Wilcox, James Morgan, Phillip Soltis, Thomas Mackin, Floyd Zwieg, Wayne Owens, Loren Miller, Michael Myszewski, James Krueger. Rorw I-Barbara Herman, Pat McCarthy. Rarw 2-Patricia Keepers, Howard Marousek, Janette Kutz. Ratw 3-Gera1d Nelson, John Holford, James Voss, Rich- ard Eberhardt. 46 President-Robert Bosman Vice-Presidentejames Schaefer SecretaryeSharon Wolf TreasureraJoan Ehle Bob Bosman was elected president of the sophomore class when its members returned 0 the familiar halls of WSC for the 1958-59 ear. Also chosen to represent the class was im Schaefer as vice-president and Sharon Volf and Joan Ehle as secretary and treasur- r, respectively. Mr. Eugene Kaueki acted as lass sponsor. 47 Sophomore Class The sophomores pushed forward both so- cially and scholastically as they neared the half-Way mark of their college career. In the spring, the class sponsored uCam- pus Confusionft Boxing, wrestling and skits were the highlights of the successful event held in the gym. Rorw I-Gertrude Melillo, Carolyn Kessler, Kathleen Orchard, Vera Ames, Lorna Stuessy, Mary McConnell, Harriet Heitz, Diape Babcock. Row 3 Car0yIn Stuntebeck, Donald Falkosky, William VVetherall, Thomas Schmidlkofer, Gerald Bergemann, Charles Ludms. Robert Post, Judith Pavlic. Row 3 David Gjestson, Dwight York, Richard Sutherland, Horst VVartenberg, Joseph Ganser, Donald Petersen, Richard Jansen, Dale Hokkanen, Leland Mayhew. Rozw I Mary Kay Beggs, Judith Meumann, Mary Ross, Sandra Pursel, Phyllis Lillevold, Rose Soldner, Marvel Calvert Barbara Jen- sen, Jeanette Cates, Shirley Kraft. Rorw 2 Doris Steiner, Carol Kinateder, Helen Froehlke, Judith O,Hearn, Marilyn Pautsch, Carol DeBock, Pauline Kedrowicz, Joan Severson, Beverly Kraby, Susan Brown. Rorw 3-Mary Hoppe, Sharon Wolf, Mona Maibaum, Carol Corneth, Mary York, Mary Ann Jorgensen, Donna Buchholz, Gloria VVestphal, Phyllis Cronin, Mary Frank. Rorw 4 Patricia Strozyk, Rudolph VVieIand, Richard Olsen, Robert Arndt, Gary Koch, Dale West, John Romanowski, Ronald Mueller, Arlenn Skille, Carol HoEmann. 48 A Row 1 Charlotte Lemke, Patricia Knackstedt, Glory Swoboda, Diana Olson, Karen Knaak, Kay Bass, Jackie Vogel, Donna Norton, Julie Schwertfeger, janet Fisher. Row 2 Eve1yn Zimpelmann, Wandra Crownhart, Carol Schuenemann, Ann DeCoster, Judith An- derson, Carol Harada, Beverly Drumm, Janice Wilson, Mary UConneH, Mary Malone. Rorw 3-Leon VVesterfeld. Phil Ludtke, Merlin Mueller, Ronald Gessl, Monte Bluske, Daniel Hauser, Michael Skogstad, Keene Warren, Delores Lauersdorf, Jerry Kelly. Raw 4- Paul Paddock, Douglas Wild, Thomas Nicholson, Tony Reinerio, Norman Hirsig, Robert McMillan, Charles Fischer, David Cox, Carl Bassler, David Hanneman. Rarw 1-Anne Meyers, Linda Irwin, Adella Klemp, Joan Ehle, Ida Niesen, Lillian VVeinbrecher, Celia Hojem, Lenore Jirush, Judith Hazelwood, Patricia Fischer. Rorw 2-.Barbara Stafeil, Marilyn Utzinger, Janet Runkle, Judith Ohlgart, Beverly Braun, Janice Heiden, Celene Hilkin, Judith Gendrich, Joan Jackson, Veronica Olsen. Row 3-Carol Thiers, Helen Bohman, Judith Elliott, Sharon Ortman, Barbara Thurston, Judy Goessling, Irene Altenburg, Eileen Schmidt, Patricia Tripp, Deborah Alseth. Row 4-Judith Young, Linda Harper, Sara Brennan, David Burton, Donald Ueland, Thomas Rhodes, Robert Bauman, Thomas Vogt, LeRoy Dibble, Kenneth Thielke. 49 Rorw I Sharyn XValmer, Glenda Miller, Betty Martens, Mary Broo me, Mary Ann Kearns, Mary Ann Uselding, Roseann Cribben, Mary Sternitzky, Kathleen Ternus, Virginia Schneeberger. R010 2-Robert Wurtz, Duane Peterson, Maureen Schopen, Robert Cahn, Judith Burdick, Joan Gorder, Josephine Nelson, Betty Ballmer, Donald Ber endssn, James Pelegrin. Rorw 3-Patricia Coe, Edward Sullivan, Harold jung, Richard Kalscheur, Frank Weinberg, John Gessert, Earl Allen, Richard Litzler, Ruth Kline, Irene Nimz. me 4 Larry Sackett, Lawrence Roberts, Laurence Dornacher, Carl Ganser, David Meisenheimer, Herbert Dhein, Robert Larson, George Kaempfer, Sigmond Kolano, Richard Rurey. , V , Roew 1 Mary Lou DeMund, Donna Petersen, Dorothy Louis, Sonia Bartos, Nancy Peterson, Norma Culpitt, Alexandra Horlick, Kath- leen Blaese, Marilyn Fowler, Joan Thompson. Rorw 2--Linda Lawrence, Nancy Courtice, Patricia Couch, Lois Zarnstorff, Patricia Miller, Mary Sperisen, Patricia Costigan, Elizabeth Renkas, Beverly Elliott, Frances Copper. Rarw 3-Barbara Leary, Gayle Meyers, Judith Schroeder, Barbara Kesler, Arlene Perkins, Gloria Malsch, Barbara Bonsack, Kathleen Maly, Dianne Kuehn, Barbara Beckman. wa + Jean Hansen, Helen Lehman, Robert Schweers, Ray Eberle, Larry Wing, Richard Balliette, Roy Hunter, Dale Ihland, Sandra HofHand, Irene Dries. Rorw I-Larry Birtzer, Mary Radloff. Rorw 2 John Wagner, Sandra Buckley, James Schaefer. Rorw 3-Robert Reynolds, LaVerne Langer, James Weiss, Dale Arenz. Row 4- David Gjestson, Peter Alm, James Tracy, William Jacobson. The Presidenfs Convocation. Everybody must go! Freshman Class The freshman Class has three main projects it carries out each year. The hrst is a home- coming Hoar which won hrst place in the humorous division this year. At Christmas time, the carols heard playing from the tower between the hours of hve and seven are due to the students of the freshman class who contribute their time to play these records. In the spring, Collegiate weekend is con- ducted by the class officers and committee chairmen. All students are welcome to attend the affair which provides events for the entire weekend. 52 President-Justin Jankowski Vice-President-Robert Biege Secretary Pamela Nielsen TreasureraGeraldine Van Laanen Not pictured the second semester president, Robert Sanderson and vice-president James Drew. This year on April 10, a jam session was held in Hamilton Gym. Saturday, April 11, in the afternoon, a humorous basketball game was held between fellows and girls with alter- nating rules of mens and womeifs rules. Sat- urday evening climaxed the weekend with a dance at Saint PatrickTs Hall carrying out the theme of iiGay PareeW La Parisiannes played and the highlight of the evening was a Hoor show in which students of all Classes per- formed. These projects were worked on by a good representation of the entire class and seemed to be enjoyed by all. W Rorw I-Nancy Pache, Sylvia Reuter, Bonnie Halvorsen, Karen Gilbertson, Elaine Fucilla, Dennise Miles, Ronette Pieper, Marlene Jorns, Sandra Spicer. Row 2--Sharon Kaupanger, Nancy Riedel, Linda Runions, Linda Hartman, Irenc Pollock, Lorraine Keck, Carol Krupke, Mathilda Aschenbrenner. Row 3-Kenneth Schmeling, Harley Schmidt, Ronald Schlise, Robert Sanderson, David Poisl, Bruce Bennett. Row 4-Robert McSweeney, Douglas Grove, Paul Pifer, Stanley Taylor, John Amundsen, Ronald Peters, Robert Bailey, Lester Nesbit. Ratw I-Phyllis Hooper, Karyn Dominy, Carol Kohlmetz, Peggy Mossholder, JoAnn Krening, Helen Mueller, Jane VVollm, Carole Hagan, Doris Johnson. Rorw 2-Gera1dine Van Laanen, Karen Smith, Patricia Price, Marjorie Kelly, Janice Swan, Carmella Mares, Jill Erickson, Shirley Stone, Judith Calhoun. Row 3- James Beaulier, John Paurich, Frank Richards, Kenneth Davis, Kenneth Fischer, Thomas O Neil, Leo Wiedenfeld, Roger Benkovic. Row 4-Leon Gans, Jack Graham, Roland Scott, John Ponyicsanyi, Gary Gotzion, Eugene Rice, Matthew Messner, Donald Thomsen, Robert Seefeldt. 53 Ra-w I-Betty Rockwell, Mary McBryde, Jeanne Sommers, Shirley Beske, Beverly Unertl, Suzanne Uyldert, Ruth Holden, Jeanne Hudson, Nancy Tesch. me 2-Ruth Salentine, Julieanna Molenda, Gloria Sheard, Carol Ann Hoffmann, Donna Raabe, Mary Nelson, Conny Florence, Anita Hopp, Mary Hooper, Peggy Gadwill. Rorw 3 Robert Darling, John Zboja, Norman Beck, Bernard Latham, Donald Bullamore, Robert Atkinson, Thomas Collins. Row 4-Harold Gilboe, Harry Youtsos, Donald Zimmerman, Richard Dose, Harold Meyer, Gerald Springbrum, Cyril Yelk. .1 ' :w w . . Rorw I-Mary Anne Nyman, Bonnie Rieck, Elizabeth Rowe, Joyce Plaushines, Julianne Gray, Beverly Kohls, Patricia Taylor, Judith Kielgas, Virginia Holden. Rorw 2 Linda Ludwig, Ione Rahn, Carol Raschka, Suzanne Stengel, Marion Britton, Diana Pedersen, Sally McDermott, Diana Krestan, Donna Braunschweig. Row 3-Nelson Lent, Richard Lornson, Donald Green, Charles Roth, Stephen Humer, Jon Frahm, Bruce Thurber, James Haun. Row 4-Barton Lessard, Dennis Shelp, Francis Devine, Frederick Bramer, Robert Bradshaw, Bruce Peich, Steve Walton. Row 5-Ronald Weaver, Ralph Zigler, David Hammond, Ronald Cleminson, Ronald McCaffex-y, Harold Amundson, Richard Gutkowski, Curtis Kasper. Rorw I-Jeanne Brunette, Mary Beth Bongard, Carol Cooper, Sandra Enerson, Ivahmarie Friberg, Andrea Mae Below, Conalee Cal- hoon, JoEllen VVautlet, Judith Helmeid. Rorw 2-Mary Lee Hase, Sharon Cunningham, Nanci Gruver, Arlene Erickson, Doris Har- esvoort, Janet Neuendorf, Dorothy Anderson, Sonja Bengston, Mary Feiter, Yvonne Egstad. Rorw 3 Marion Giencke, Carol Wirtz, Lucile Heck, Kathryn Ann Clay, Jannice Fietzer, Bonnie Glynn, Sally Fisher, Barbara Ayen, Anthony Burant. Row 4--John Ganoung, David Dahlke, Jerry Gaffney, James Drew, Thomas Hehli, Otto Bredendick, Joseph Ehren, Charles Pollock. Raw 5-Bruce Harvatine, James Thayer, Richard Cherf, Dale Mishleau, Howard Schlueter, James Krug. Rorw 1 J0yce Schnitger, Susan Otto, Paula Packard, Mary Charles, Carol Ann Gile, Judith Rudolph, Mellanie Waite, Sharon Brog, Sandra Schaefer. Rorwz-Donna Johnson, Susan Schill, Carole Ulrich, Judith Steffa, Gloria Krosnicki, Carol Gile, Judith Kelly, Norene Agnew. Rovw 3-Thomas Rolfson, Donald Wilson, Denis Loverine, John Molden, Michael Stern, Gerald Salchert, John Horn, Jerry Daun, Terry Shea. Row 4 Leo Drunasky, Lawrence Flanagan. me 5-VVilliam Danielson, Louis BLISse, David Hansen, Donald Mayer, Salvatore Ritacca, Robert Patrickus, VVilIiam Thompson, William Schomburg, Harry VValdron, Thomas Carney. Row 1 Janet Lloyd, Sharon Spredemann, Gail Tripp, Sandra Willems, Darlene Teubert, Jeanne G.uelig, Gloria Schneider, Margargt Geiger, Dorothy Marti, Judith Hansen. Rorw 2 Nancy Lapp, Beverly Waters, Carol Hubbard, Judlth Kresl, AInn. Saunders, Sylvla Kriegl, Bonita Farrah, Shirley Mirr, Sue Werner, Janice McKay. wa 3-Charles Roum, Gordqn, Wllllam Hebl, Thomas Kumlien, Darrell Vande Zande, Dale Holzhuter, Barry Pufahl, Robert Patterson. Rorw 4-Marv1n Paltrlck, Charles Pagel, Kenneth Haak, Donald Woelfel, Justin Jankowski, Steven Schweiger, James Hammersberg, Jon Platts. mg??? Raw 1-Darlene Greiber, Dianne Schuenemann, Marlys Mandel, Aileen Sprague, Janet Trumpy, Sandra VVhitmore, Sharann Dalee, Bonnie Haessly, Karen Anderson. Row 2-A11ie Scott, Shirley Williams, Mary Thiede, Judith Boyd, Margaret Diane Winn, Joyce Olson, Norma Cresson, Pamela Nielsen. Row 3 Ann Keller, Barbara Wied, Colleen Ryan, Joyce Dobson, Ann Hougard, Barbara Rygh, Irene Riedl. Row 4-Lawrence Bradley, Dale Belke, John Kennedy, Ronald Margelofsky, John Nielsen, Willis Stauske, Frank Luedtke, Gordon Ferg, Charles McGuire. Row 5-John Dickson, Earl Bartz, Jerry Cimarosti, Donald Lins, Joseph Monday, Thomas Miller, Donald Fox, Charles Bier. me 6-Ronald Korb, John Niemeier, Gilbert Amborn, Jerome Dick. 56 ; a Row I-Marilyn Boltz, Holle Chopp, Marlene Denzer, Mary De Marsh, Shirley Brukardt, Janet Dettmering, Mary O'Hern, Ann Logan. Row 2-Fern Bossler, Jeanette Spice, Gail Hansen, Donna Steinbrink, Jane Bulkow, Shirley Arends, Beverly Whipple, Jetty Pyle. Row 3 James O'Banion, David Eugen, Richard Miller, Ronald Olson, Douglas Timmerman, Dewey Draeger, James Esser. Raw 4- Richard Lueck, Donald Buchko, Ronald Katchever, Robert VVyss, Kent Vasby, Charles Steele, Larry Kettle. Row 5-Ronald Barton, Charles Henderson, William Schoenberg, Dennis Kruger, Robert Rentmeester, Stearns Wood, John Phipps. Row I-Kathleen Hack, Barbara Soltis, Doris Severson, Judith Kohlmeyer, Joan Rehse, Hildegard Wolfer Elizabeth Walter, Karen Peterson, Alyce Raboin. Rorw 2-Ann Sroemaker, Jacqueline Kara, Sally Reuther, Rosemary Searles, Helen Jean Kerr, Sandra Ketter, Carolyn Johnson, Dorothy Koch, Sharon Kamholtz. Row 3-Ten'ence D,Orazio, Carlton Ells, Robert Niendorf, Harlan Fausch, Stew- art Frisch, Thomas Allen, Richard Meier, William Brassard. Raw 4-Louis Genin, James Danielson, Harry Essock, Donald Janke, Rich- ?rd Kutz, Louis Storkel, Paul Ziegler. Row 5-Renard Chrobak, Howard Lamb, Thomas Newman, William Dollase, John Burns, VVil- iam Buchanan. 57 3! Row I-Julene Lucchi, Patricia Drath, Catherine Morris, Kathleen Fardy, Barbara Lund, Judith Allen, Marian Borja, Fran Rios, Julia Benavente, Ellen Okubo. Row 2--Virginia Apfelbeck, Judith Frank, Francis Landi, David Hoy, Robert Smith, Roger Hunt, Judith Messmer, Sandra Muenchow, Susan Televik. Row 3 Vernon Meyer, James O,Neill, Jerome Fritsch, Ernest Peterson, R. Craig Vivian, Gary Partridge, Allan Field, Dale Weast, Francisco Leon. Row 4 James Yale, Gilbet VVeitala, Allen Bauman, Roy Ustby, Philip Bicket, Rodger Kuhnke, William Crandall, Horace Wooster, David Timm. ? R010 1 Roberta Cull, Elizabeth Kubly, Diane Arentsen, Sandra Adelman, Ruth Mortensen, Kathleen Hansen, Judith Hayes, Judith Foss, Mary Gunnelson, Carol Cosgrove. Rorw 2-Joy Marsden, Judith Lohry, Barbara Lien, Jane Marquart, Jane Malsch, Karen Baar, Jean Morrissey, Donna Hynes. Row 3-Myron Paynter, Wayne Weishaar, Jerry Spiegelhoff, Walter McIntyre, Paul Greenberg, Conrad Linski, Gerald Rudolph, Kenneth Meyer. Row 4-Richard Skora, Philip Wheeler, Thomas VVenzel, Merlin Baumann, Kenneth Schoppe, Donald Smith. Row 5-Roger Sands, Bruce Roller, James Schmidt, James Beistle, Harlen Monfort, Kenneth Bird, Linn Klitzkie, James Eberhardt. 58 Row I Maris Oelstrom, Glenda Roehl, Barbara Cooper, Gail Wenman, Marilyn Hunt, Beverly Jung, Lynell Freng, Carol Rowlands, Janice Rothchald. Row 2 josephine Hibbard, Naomi Kuczynski, Georgia Zealley, Suzanne Hoppe, Beverly Bullard, Carol Leve, Suzanne Miller, Marilyn Meyer. Rorw 3-David Ziech, David Daggatt, Gene Hatter, John HoEman, Allen Harris, Richard Morgan, Eldridge Meadows, Ronald Hassell. Ro-w 4 John Damrau, Gregory Chermak, Donald Watzke, John Brosteau, John Boylan, Tim Dunlap, Kenneth Brackett. R010 5--Rodney Hoese, Robert Kramer, George Haugen, Robert Tesch, David Durdall, Charles Traxler, Wayne VVolfgram, Allen Siebel. $ $ Michael Rellahan, David Gourlie, Richard Butcher, James Ehlers. The Counseling Program The Hawkettes 61 Rurw 1-Dr. Droullard, James Minucci, Edward Baranowski, Mary Liz Trewyn, David Camplin, Miss Forbush. Ro-w 2-Veronica Olson, Harriet Heitz, Monica Hart, Patricia Keepers, Alice Montgomery, Delores Timm, James Schaefer. Rotw 3eRobert Bosman, Irvin Madsen, Paul Will, Steven Elbert, Justin Jaukowski, Robert Biege, Michael McGrey, James Kissinger. Student Council PresidenteEdward Baranowski Vice-Presidentejames Municci Secretary-lVIary Liz Trewyn Treasurer-David Camplin The Student Council, with its main function of providing students with self-government and a means of self-expression, moved on this year break- ing tradition and initiating new policies. Departing from social to legislative functions, the council reorganized committees, organized several others, and Vitalized the functions of each. The Council, for the first time, was represented on the Student Welfare Committee by Delores Timm and Ed Baranowski. This was another move by which the faculty and students began working closer together in setting up policies. The Blue-Cross-Blue Shield Insurance Plan was initiated for the second year after careful stu- dy. Bulletin boards were enlarged, and library hours were extended each evening as a result of a request by the Library Committee. Various Coun- cil delegations attended conferences on Leader- ship, Education Beyond the High School Level, and College Union Organization. 62 The Associated Women Students or- ganization was formerly known as the WomenTs Self-Governing Association. The name was changed when the organi- zation on campus became affiliated with the national group of the same name. The main event of the year was the Big-Little Sister picnic held in the fall at Starin Park to help the freshmen women become acquainted. A convocation con- cerning etiquette was also given for the freshmen by Mrs. Stewart Honeck, a former model and presently the state attorneys wife. A successful campus-wide charity drive was Sponsored by AWS for the benefit of CARE. It is planned to make this charity drive an annual project. Other activities included a Household- ersT Tea given at Lucy Baker Hall, a breakfast at mid-year examination time, and a banquet in the spring. Redecoration 0f the womerfs lounge was another project the council sponsor- ed. AVVS was also responsible for pub- lishing the WARHAWK--a guide for students on campus. Miss Cora Forbush is the advisor. ; s s : Row 1--A11ce Montgomery che-prCSIdenO; Doris Schroeder tpresi- dentT; Miss Cora Forbush tsponsorL Rarw 2-Delores Timm ttreas- urerh Lucia Eastman tsecretaryL Row I-Janice Greenwood, Diane Babcoek, Karen Knaak, Carol Rowlands, Kae Schenk. me 2aMartha Stevenson, Patricia Tripp, Helen Froehlke, Ann Logan, Myra Mante. Rorw 3aPatricia Costigan, Janice Lewke, Bonita Farrah, Karen Anderson, Phyllis DiBiase, Sharon Koeppen. Row 4aLois Butterheld, Mary VVesemann, Carol Kohls, Barbara Bardeen, Barbara Olson, Joyce Jerabek, Catherine Morris. Schwertfeger. Minneiska This year marks a complete Change in the Minneiska. We no longer have the small year book, but instead we have a beautiful large bound version. To different people the Minneiska means different things. For example, to the staff it represents the culmination of many meetings. me 1-Dr. J. T. van Treba, Joan Rockwell, Rosemary Cuene, ICarol Thiers. 64 1 Row 2-Diane Babcock, Nancy Scobie, Jean Vick, Julie assignments, deadlines and much work. To the editors it represents hard, often frustrat- ing hours of work-- hours that were rewarded by the production of a year book that Will be an interesting and warm reminder to all Who spent the 1958-1959 year at Whitewater. The Editors of the JOANNE MILLER BARBARA HERMAN ROSE MARIE LEFEBVRE Typing Photography Layout MR. KAGLE Art Advisor aw , i A ' K MR. BARR MARY LIZ TREWYN Production Adviser Editonin-Chief DARLENE KAPP JUDITH ANDERSON IRENE DRIES Index Co-Copy Minneiska SH IRLEY KLUKAS Proofreading JOAN SCHATZKA Business Manager Royal Purple hDid you see the RP yetW is a familiar question heard every Tuesday afternoon as the college newspaper, the Royal Purple, is dis- tributed. The newspaper is written and edited by the students. A major project of the paper was the stag- ing of the nBest Dressed Girl on Campusb Royal Purple Editors Row Iejoyce Jerabek tfeature co-editory, Isabel Kaderli, tfront pag co-editory, James Wolff teditory, Mrs. Mills tadvisory. R010 2 Kathleen McClusky Uront-page co-editory, Hadley Hornburg tsport editow, Blanche Schuerman tcirculation managery, Kathy Blues torganization co-editory. contest, sponsored by Glamour Magazine. Yul Ahn was elected by the student body as Whitewaterts best dressed co-ed for 1958-59. In the spring the annual banquet was held, at which time the new staff was named and presentation of awards were made. t a $9st 5mm? 't ?wzid Rorw IaMary Wilkinson, Janette Kutz, Barbara Herman, Ann Hougard. Rarw 2aJ0y Marsden, LaVerne Carlson, Maureen Schopen, Kathleen Voss, Judith Kresl. Rorw 3-Richard Hanko, David Hassell, Rose Soldner, Lillian XVeinbreCher, Dean Twist, Roy Hunter, James VandeSand. 66 VERNON MCCARTHY X h DOUGLAS MARQUARDT Photographers 'h'Hold it. Everybody smiley are familiar words for the members of the WSC Photography Club. This group is responsible for the taking and develop- ing of pictures printed in the Royal Purple and Mz'nneislea in addition to some outside publications, The advisor for the group is Mr. Prucha. X" BYRON CHRISMAN I. CHARLES VVILDE ROY HUNTER 67 1. ix x Joan Rockwel, Celia Hojem, John Patterson, Charles Wilde, Michael McGrey, Mary Ann Smoody, Neal Schulz, Dwane Kamla. Rarw I--Sharon Doyle, Monica Hart, Dorothy Sargent, Barbara Olson, Sharon Cunningham, Joyce Schnitger. ,x Row 2-Arlene Ski Roy Ustby, Mary VVinther, Robert Schadd, Carolyn Kessler, Sandra Lefebvre, Darlene Knpp, Sandra Ketter. Rorw geilaniee Hei- Patricia Knackstedt, Rudolph VVieland, Carole Ulrich, Lawrence Roberts, James Mayer, Leon VVesterfeld, Charles Pollock, Do Petersen, Dorothy Louis. Rorw 4eLawrence Flanagan, Janet Neuendorf, Jean Morrissey, Norene Agnew, Ruth Holden, Ruth Morten 'V 5-Stanley Taylor, David Cox, James Strey, Lawrence Sackett, Gerrit Vredeveld. Concert Band The smartness of a bright flank,H the sup- rise of an unexpected uright countb - these were the maneuvers which spelled precision, for which the WSC Marching Band has be- come highly regarded throughout the state. The attractive Hawkettes provided half-time entertainment at football games by executing well-practiced drills. Polly Spies and Pat Couch, the two twirlers, gave a spectacular performance, twirling their batons 0f Ere. 68 Drum majors, john Wargin and John Erick son, kept the band in step. The iTRienzi OvertureV by Richard Wag net, the iiSuite in PW, by Gustav Holst, an the HFanfare and Allegrob by Williams ar- a few of the numbers played in the moder vein in the bande successful concerts on th- campus and on tour. Soloists included D01 VVahl, Neal Schultz, Charles Wilde and James Schoemer. ! "'1 , w I Caro1yn Schultz, Mary Beth Bongard, Karen Lee, Joyce Jerabek, Carol Wirtz, Judith Hclmeid. Rorw 2- Patricia Couch, exandra Horlick, Jeanne Brunette. Irene Pollock, Doris Harsevoort, Mary Lou Annis, John Hauser. Row 3 J0hn Erickson, zanne Hoppe, Virginia Ehren, Philip Ludtke, Sandra Emerson, Helen Kerr, Barbara VVied, Barbara Bruce, John Wargin, Marilyn zinger, Sharon VValmer. Rorw 4 Ronald Mueller, James Schoemer. Gilbert Krahn, Thomas Rhodes, Theodore Algiers, Leo iedenfeld, Lawrence Rinn, Mary VVesemann Carol Thiers, Jon Frahm, Rose Mitchell, David Ehren. Row 5-Keene Warren, James -h1er, David Gjeston, Richard Smestad, Mr. Franklin Bushman, director. Raw I Barbara Bruce, Mr. Bushman, Mary Lou Annis. Rorw 2-Duane Kamla, Neal Schultz, Lawrence Rinn. 69 1x. e' t t W -a: s T3 41R 6 Row IeJanet Neuendorf, Jean Morrissey, Carole Ulrich, Sharan Cunningham, Judith Kohlmeyer. Row 2eRoy Ustby, Ruth Holden, Lawrence Flanagan, Barbara Soltis, Barbara Ayen, Lucille Heck, Sandra Ketter. Rorw 3eNorene Agnew, Darlene Teubert, Linda Hartman, Carol Rowlands, Shirley Stone, Otto Bredendick, Jane Malsch, Jannice Fietzer, Mary Fietzer, Bon- nie Halvorsen, Charles Pallock. Rorw 4eStanley Taylor, Sandra Willems. Freshman Band This year, for the hrst time, a new freshman opportunity to perform. The well-balanced band was formed. The anticipated increase unit promised to be a valuable addition to in enrollment and the large size of the regu- next years concert band. lar band prompted this action. Mr. Franklin Bushman was director, while The forty members all had much enthu- John Erickson acted as student director. siasm and talent even though they had little Rufw I-James Krug tbusiness representativw, Roy Ustby tpresidentL Dave Dahlke tvice- presidenO, Suzanne Hoppe Uibrariam, Janet Neuendorf tseeretaryL 7O me I-Mary Beth Bongard, Jeanne Brunette, Irene Pollock, Carol Wirtz, Judith Helmeid. Row 2-Ann Saunders, Beverly Kohls. Hildegard Wolfer, Donna Raabe, Patricia Price, Doris Harsevoort. Row 3-Suzanne Hoppe, Gloria Sheard, Kathleen Orchard, Ivahmarie Friberg, Sandra Emerson, Helen Kerr, Barbara Wied, Joseph Ehren, Jon Frahm. Rorw 4,-Marlene Denzer, John Phipps, Leo XViedenfeld, JoEllen VVautlet, James Krug, Gordon VVenham, Philip Bicket, David Gjeston, Sharyn VValmer. f 'k ,, 1 ,V .m Such beauty and perfect formatlons! Dance Mr. VVarhawk! The band is playing for you. 4 ' I M 3? ! g! I tf' '51 ,at g $T ,4 Raw I-Julianne Gray, Harriet Heitz, Marvel Calvert, Mary Bigelow, Victoria Kunst, Joan Vreeland, Patricia Miller, Janet Pfleger, Mary Jo Helfert. Raw 2-Conny Florence, Mary Lou DeMund, Sharon Spredemann, Elizabeth Knudsen, Mary Sperisen, Mary Lou Hase, Nancye Scobie, Sandra Schaefer, Alice Montgomery, Judith Anderson. Raw 3-eNanci Gruver, Marilyn Jensen, Juldean Moul, Patricia Keepers, Charles Ludois, John Ganoung, Dave Sherwood, Larry Amend, William Crandall, Duane Jacobson, Harry Essock. me 4,-Robert Bosman, Willamm Weatherall, Peter Retzlaff, Roderck Ostrem, Robert Albrightson, Edward Pockelwald, Thomas Miller, Charles Crary, Joseph Monday, Norbert Parkinson, Warner Kerr. Choir The concert choir under the direction of Dr. Raymond Light was kept quite busy throughout the year . The 86-V0ice choir tack- led Mendelssohns Elijah for the Thanksgiv- ing concert. The spring two-day tour, which was an enjoyable experience for all the mem- bers, took the choir to several Wisconsin high schools in Milwaukee County, Horicon and Green Bay. Their selecting consisted of Nev gro spirituals, hThe Creation? TTSouth Paci- fich and a variety of other serious selections. The chair is fortunate in having good soloists. They are Patricia Keepers, Mary Hase, David Sherwood, William Wetherall, and Mary Bigelow. Men,s Choir The MenTs Choir is a new organization a WSC. The 30-ma1e voice choir is under the direction of Dr. Raymond Light. Their high- lights of the year were a joint Christmas pro- gram, 3 program for the WomenTs Club and a Spring concert. Their singing consists of ne- gro spirituals, folk songs and more serious selections. Rorw 1 Mary Wilkinson. Catherine Morris, Beverly Kraby, Carole Brassington, Mary Radloff, Nancy Pache, Thelma Strom, Nancy Peterson, Dianne Gray. Rorw 2 Mary Ann Gregori, Barbara Haworth, Sally Walter, Alice Lottig, Mona Maibaum, Kathleen Fardy, Bonnie Haessly, Mary Clunie, Martha Stevenson, Muilan Naiwi. Rorw 3 Salvatore Ritacca, James Billmann, Donald Smith, Robert VVurtz, Harold Nordentoft, Barbara Bardeen, Linda Runions, Caroline McMahon, Patricia Rubins. Rarw 4-John Kaepernick, Philip Zuhse, Steven Walton, Harold Kinyon, David Woods, Kendall Kloehn, LaVerne Langer, Richard Kindschi, Robert Bradshaw Willis Stauske. Menk Choir w MMWW WWM .MWWA x Rarw I Duane G. Peterson, Robert Niendorf, Robert VVurtz, William Crandall, Dale Mishleau, Richard Cherf, Larry Martin, James Mayer, John Ganoung. me 2- James Billmann, Harry Essock, Ed Morkin, Thomas McMenomy, William VVetherall, Ronald Barton, Kendall Kloehn, Leonard Kopplin, Dale VVeast. Ratw 3-Charles Crary, Harold Kinyon, Joseph Monday, Phillip Zuhse, Gerri: Vrede- veld, Duane Jacobson, Edward Pockelwald, Thomas Miller, Gilbert Oelke, Dave Dahlke. 73 Raw I-Patricia Hoyt, Jane VVollin, Marjorie Craw, Ruth Jerdee, PatriCia Alby, Kathy Maly. Row 2-Carole Luebke tpresidenU, Virginia Schneeberger, Joy Marsden, Carolyn Stuntebeck tvice-presidentt, Shirley Stone, Lenore Jirush, Carolyn Johnson. Rorw 3e Marion Britten, Joan Rehse, Judy Messmer, Helen Kerr, Judy Kresl, Dianne Kuehn, Carol Cosgrove, Mary Monroe. Treble Clef The Treble Clef presented the annual titled ttThe Savior is Born,77 uAve INIaria,H Christmas concert, this year for the first time, and hThe Lords Prayer.H in the auditorium. The concert consisted of During the second semester the girls a medley of Christmas carols, a Cantata en- worked on the spring concert. V 3? me IeYvonne Egstad, Miss Dunkelberger, director; Mary Ann McConnell. Rorw 2-Betty Schoechert, Sylvia Kriegl,Barbara Jensen, Darlene Greiber. R010 3-Mariau Borja, Shirley Klukas, Barbara Stafeil, Joan Thompson, Mary Nelson. me 4-Janet Fischer, Jill Erickson, Patricia Dalman, Karen Baar, Linda Harper, Irene Altenburg. me 1-Patricia Keepers, Wayne Owens, Cynthia Davis, Mary Clunie, Kathryn Klinner, Nancye Scobie, Judy Ohlgart, Joan Seversnn. Raw 2-Mary Lou Annis, Sandra Ketter, James Schoemer, Mary Ann Smoody, Donald VVahl, Mary Beth Bongard, Jeanne Brunette, Roy Ustby, Dorothy Sargent, Sharon Cuningham, Carol Wirtz. Ronw 3-James Strey, Mr. Bushman, Parker Purcell, Terry Gnurdine. Orchestra Mary Lou Annis hrice-presidenw, Patricia Keepers Wresidend, Dorothy Sargent Secretaryy The WSC orchestra7 organized in 1956 by Mr. Franklin Bushman, continues to increase in membership. With students, faculty and townspeople comprising the membership, the orchestra played at the Christmas concert and again at the Spring concert. Rorw I-Myra Mante tvice-presidenti; Rosemary Sell tpresidenth Mrs. Margaret Mueller tsponsorL Raw 2- Mary Clunie ttreasureri: Barbara Bente tsecretaryi. ACE The Association of Childhood Education members met in the Home Economics Lounge for their meetings which were held every fourth Tuesday of the month. The ACE. organization was open to all members enrolled in Kindergarten-Primary, Rural and Elementary education. Some of the programs that the officers had planned for the school year of 1958-59 were as follows: a speaker, Mrs. Grieggs, from Milwaukee talking on 9School and Home Relationship;H a trip through Europe illus- trated with pictures given by Karen Frankie and Gerald Fulton; a talk on WVhat Superin- tendents Look for in Future Teachers,H and an exchange meeting with an A.CE. group from Milwaukee. During Spring vacation, the international A.CE. convention was held in St. Louis with several students from Whitewater attending the convention. The officers for the school year 1958-59 were as follows: President, Rosemary Sell; Vice President, Myra Blame; Secretary, Bar- bara Bente; Treasurer, Mary Clunie; Royal Purple Reporter, Kay Kluender. The faculty advisor is Mrs. hiueller. Row 1-Dorothy Koch, Nanci Gruver, Nancy Peterson, Carol Gile, Patricia Popke, Marilyn Ross. Row 2 Jane Malsch, Joan Severson, Rose Marie Morse, Joan Rockwell, Mary Winther, Jean Vick. Row 3--Judith Kelly, Lois Zarnstorff, Jeanette Cates, Kathy Maly, Kathleen Hauser, Betty Ballmer. me 4,-Irene Altenberg, Mary York, Gloria Malsch, Judith Anderson, Irene Dries, Rose Mitchell, Dianne Kuehn. Row I-Jane Wollin, Karen Peterson, Beverl Naiwi, Mary Feiter, Jacqueline Kara, Barbar Stuntebeck, Evelyn Zimpelmann, Patricia Hono Gloria Sheard, Jeanette Spice, Karen Smith, :V 160 s, Sylvia Kriegl, Patricia Couch, Barbaxau Soltis, Suzanne Uyldert. Raw 2-Miulan a Stafeil, Betty Schocchert, Ruth Jerlee, Donna Johnson, Mary Bigelow. Row 3 Carolyn han, Nancye Scobie, Sally Walter, Lenore Jirush, Beverly Kraby, Eileen Schmidt. Row 4- Mary Monroe, Marion Giencke, Patricia Dalman, Diane Winn, Josephine Hibbard. 77 . Rorw 1-Donald Babb lpresidentl; Mr. Leon Hermsen tsponsorl; Karen Knaak tsecretaryl. Rorw 2-Rosemary Cuene lpublicity directorl; Joyce Jerabek tvice-presidentl. FBLA The Future Business Leaders of America is an organization for all Business Education and Administration students. The purpose of the club is to acquaint students With various areas of business. The presentation of the Pi Omega Pi award was made to Julie Schwertfeger for the high- est freshman grade point. Under the direc- tion of Miss Skibness and Miss Benson the Gregg awards for shorthand and typing were presented. One of the main projects of the group was the sale of VVarhawk folders. Other activities included a number of guest speakers, an all school carnival, and a Sadie Hawkins dance. The officers for the year were: Donald Bobb, President; Joyce Jerabek, Vice Presi- dent; Karen Knaakl Secretary; James Vande Sand, Treasurer. 553 . , 3K L . : a; g , $6: L M, ya 3 R010 I-Mary Beth Bongard, Janet Neuendorf, Sandra Emerson, Kay Etheridge, Judith Meumann, Norma Culpitt, Phyllis Lillevold. Rorw 2-Jeanne Brunette, Joan Jackson, Janet Kuebli, Kathleen McCIuskey, Joyce Williams, Helen Froehlke, Mary Hoppe, Donna Peter- sen. Row 3-Darlene Migas, Linda Irwin, Marilyn Utzinger, Lucille Wagner, Lenora Pfeifer, Mary Wilkinson, Shirley Klukas, Carol Kinateder, Dorothy Louis. Raw 4-Mel1anie Waite, Ann Hougard, Carole Ulrich, Carol HOEman, Leila Matti, Linda Harper, Sally Reuther, Arlene Skille, Joyce Olson, Phyllis Cronin. 9 E x ,l , z 7z K x me 1-Doris Severson, Beverly Elliott, Judith Gendrich, Mary Ross, Mary UConnell, Sonja Bengston. Rarw z-Judith Kohlmeyer, Sharon Kaupanger, Jean Hansen, Marlene Jorns, Maureen Schopen, Pauline Kedrowicz, Beverly Jung. Rotw 3-Marilyn Pautsch, Kathleen Fardy, Mary Ann Jorgensen, Patricia Rubins, Donna Buchholz, Maris Oelstrom, Carol Thiers, Delores Lauersdorf. Row + Emmet Norton, Earl Grupe, James Schaefer, Thomas Mackin, William jacobson, Herbert Dhein, Donald Kalscheur, Dewey Kaiser, Elmer Custer. N ; - y :2??? R010 I-Glenda Miller, Allie Scott, Marian Borja, Fran Rios, Jeanne Guelig, Rose Marie Lefebvre. Row 2-Caroline Steinhoff, Kathleen V035, Patricia Melius, Jeanne Gocker, Mary Liz Trewyn, Sandra Fox, Grace Machut. Row 3-Susie Bosley, Gayle Best, Helen Bohman, Lillian XVeinbrecher, Janet Runkle, Mary Kay Gantenbein, Mary Sternitzky, Sherrine Kampo. Rorw 4-Leon VVesterfield, John Ganoung, Donald Berendsen, Donald Falkosky, Kenneth Etzelmueller, George Grinde, Rudolph VVieland, Howard Marousek, Robert Niendorf. . .43 m? v. f me 1 -Rose Soldner, Juli mix e Schwertfeger, Carol Scheunemann, Mary Ann Lselding, Virginia Ehren, Georgiana Tuschel. Row 2 Ann DeCoster, Jeanette Campbell, Monica Hart, Beverly Drumm, Dorothy Minorik, Marilyn Ehrhardt, Carol Corneth. Rorw 3 LaVerne Carlson, Janice Lewke, Nancy Kollatz, Juldean Moul, Roger Behling, Gordon Barnwell, Michael Skogstad, Richard Rurey. Rorw 4 Curtis Abendroth, Curtis Klade, DonaldVande Sand, Wayne Astin, Douglas Marquardt, Roy Ustby, Philip Soltis, Richard Olsen, James KiSSinger. 80 . 4 u , t: xww .. .X. :W V " 4; I ' , , a ,3 4 Row I Mary Lou Rusch, Marilyn Johnson, Rita Hamilton, Carol Kortbein, Karen Frankie. Rorw 2-Joan Schatzka, Barbara Herman, VVaItraut Vohs, Sharon Doyle, Janet VVien, Marlene Egstad, Georgia Dietrich. Rorw 3-Bruce Harvatine, Verne Gilles, Leland Mayt hew, Charles Roberts, Roger Allen, Donald Wilson, Spencer Benedict, David HasseH. Row 4-Ramert Carlson, Frank Stratton, Dale Tessmer, John Schillak, Gilbert VVeitala, Roy Hunter, Paul Will, John Ryan, Phillip Lang. Row I-Darlene Greiber, money making; Delores Timm, convention; Barbara Bruce, awards. Row 2-Patricia Keepers, speakers committee; John Kaepermck, speakers commlttee; Thomas Hamxlton, awards committee; Faye Scott, money making. 81 Row IeMarian Borja, Janice Heiden, Carol Harada, Yul Jah Ahn, Ellen Okubo, Julia Benavente, Fran Rios, Marie McCue. Row 2- Dr. Brown tadvisora, Nelson Perdomo, Thomas Schmidlkofer, Gerald Corda tpresidenQ, Duane Jacobson tsecretaryh Douglas Rab- bach, Jagjit Singh, Doris Bannister. International Club The International Club was organized this year to promote international understanding through the informal study of various nations and their cultures. Meetings were held every second and fourth Tuesday at 7 dclock. Talks or panel discussions were given by members 82 at the meetings and occasionally there was a speaker. Membership is open to all students from the United States as well as foreign students interested in international relations. -e . s w Rorw I-Ann DeCoster, Karen Lee, Marllyn Johnson. Row 2aJean Jacobson, Vivi Vassihades, Rita Hamllton, Carol Hoffman, Mary Monroe. Row 3aPhil Ludtke, John Patterson, James Stray, Robert Beige, Mr. John Heide, John Keeling, Richard Butcher, William Ward, Dale Ehland. A very informal group on the Whitewater ampus is the Wits. The only officer that the its have is that of Advisor, Which is held by Mr. Heide. Some of the activities that Wits held for the school year of 1958-59 were as follows: a book sale in the Spring; a talk by Mr. Kagle, TTHOW Modern Art is Becoming ImportantW During homecoming festivities they had a reunion for all former Wits members. The Wits biggest project for the school year was the annual publication of the Tower. Wits members meet every first, third and fifth Tuesday nights of the month in the cafe- teria or in private homes. This active group has informal meetings twice a month from September until June. Movies, slides, or demonstrations often follow the meetings. 5? t. i? II a :vze i h ? x X ' . Row I-Carole Breitzman, Stephanie Peich, Alexandria Horlick, Joan Scott, Marilyn Hunt. Rorw 2eSandra Schaefer, Sylvia Kriegl, Anne Meyers, Janet Pfleger, Don Berendsen, Gordon Ferg. Row 3eRuth Salentine, Mary Frank, Sue Werner, Rodney Hoese, Donna Buchholz, John Ganoung, Donald Wilson. me 4ejohn Dickson, Herbert Ellis, Jack Holub, Edward Baranowski, Ronald Ellis, Horace Wooster, Sandra Muenchow, Richard Scharine. Thespions The Thespian aim is to create interest in all phases of dramatics in college. Participa- tion in the various activities accumulates points toward membership in Theta Alpha Phi. g ThIS year ThCSpianS have taken part in 56' R0 I-Virginia Sclmeeberget ttreasurert, Dr. Jack Vrieze, veral dramatic productions: ttKing Of EsgonsorhdeElzglice Raymond tpresidenO, Margaret Othmer Hearts,H ttOutward Bound? ttTartuFfef and me'prw n ' ttChristmas in the Market Place? Acting, publicizing, costume making, makeup, pro- perty procurement, and stage construction form the tasks of the members. Thespians took part in the one-act plays presented by the directing class, in the Theta Alpha Phi One-Act Play Contst, and in Stunt Night. Members of the organization helped at the One-Act District and Regional Play Contest and with the Childrenhs Theater pro- ductions. Participation in the F.B.L.A. Car- nival; sponsorship of a school dance, the HHarvest Hop? and attendance of the Wis- consin Idea Theater Conference were other activities Which kept the group busy. Hard work was concluded by several parties at Whitewater Lake. 84 Sky- The WSC Debate grOup is organized with the purpose of giving students an opporunity to express their views on major issues of the day in a group discussion and to do so in competition with other intramural and inter- collegiate debate groups. The topic that received the attention of the debators this year was entitled iiResolved that the further development of nuclear weapons should be prohibited by international agree- mentW The debaters participated in tournaments Rorw I-John GeSSert, Jackie Vogel, Diana Pedersen, Judy Ohlgart. Raw 2eDale Weast, Leroy Dibble, Dean Twist, Dr. Brown, adviser. Roew 3-John Pauls, Marshal Gilliland, Russell Slicker. 85 Debate at Bradley University, the University of Illi- nois, State Normal University, Northern Illi- nois University, and the University of Wis- consm. Four debaters, Marshal Gilliland, Russell Slicker, LeRoy Dibble and Dean Twist re- ceived Certificates of Excellence in tourna- ment competition. Six debators became eligi- ble for membership in Pi Kappa Delta, a national honorary forensics organization, as a result of their participation in intercollegiate debate activities. Row 1-LaVerne Henn, Donald Smith, Albert Kaeppel, Kenneth Thiplke, Dave Hassell. Rorw 2-James Krueger, Marvin Norstrom, Gerald Nelson, Dale Arenz, Terry Shea, Richard Sawyer. Row 3-William Dallase, David Woods, John Sullivan, Donald Schoenhaar, Jerome Paulin, David Gourlie. Rorw 4-Edward Swartz, Robert Reynolds, John Holford, Richard Kuester, James Holford, Donald Petersen, XVilliam VVetheraIl, Donald Fox. Rarw x Elmer Custer, Melchior Donny, Walter McIntyre, Albert Banker, Charles Stroede. Row 2 Robert James, Charles Roth, Allen Harding, Emmett Norton, Roger Allen, Ralph Ackerman. Row 3 Leroy Dibble, Errol Doughty, Laurence Bradley, William Buchanan, Peter Retzlaff, Robert Biege, Fred Buob. Row 4-Gilbert Oelke, Thomas Mackin, Dale Tessmer, Carl Powell, Marshal Gilliland, Charles Schwenkner, Linus Lisowski, Richard Dunham. few"? in, arm!!! w :E $311!! Row I-Gerrit Vredeveld tpresidenti; James Hcllie tsponso1i.l Row 2-August Revoy isecretaryi; Ronald Bialozynski ttreasureri' , g William Chapman isecond vice-presidenti. Vets Club Boasting an increased membership, the softball, basketball, and bowling teams. They Vetis Club was one of the most active groups sponsored a successful picnic and banquet in on campus. They entered a float 1n the Home- the spring. coming parade and a successful skit in Stunt Meetings were held on the first and third Night. Tuesdays of each month. Athletically, the vets were represented by Row I-John Schillak, Ronald Mueller. Row z-Vernon Mc- Carthy, Neil Rolli, Charles Mc- Guire, Frank Petras, Joseph Friday. 87 x , Row x-Miss Ellen Skibness tsponsorl, Claudette Peterson Row 2eMarilyn Ehrhardt, Darlene Ruzek, Lois Bollinger. Campus Coeds Campus Coeds is a social and service or- ganization that is found on' the campus at Whitewater. The activities of the Campus Coeds for the school year of 1958-59 were as follows: ushering at all convocations, the NMiss Coedll party, a Christmas banquet, candy sales and a picnic. The Campus Coeds also sponsored 21 Christ- mas Tea during December. The money and toys that were collected were sent to the Chil- dren,s Hospital in Milwaukee. : l, l Mendez presidentl, Janice lsecretary-treasurerl. This year the Campus Coeds had a skit and a float for the Homecoming festivities. The name of the skit was l5Warhawks 0n the War- pathfl the slogan for the float was 9Welll Fix Pointls Little Red Wagon,H which placed second in the humorous division. The officers for the school year 1958-59 were Claudette Peterson, president; Barbara Bente, vice-president; Janice Mendez, sec- retary-treasurer. The sponsors were Miss Skibness and Miss Zarling. m 5x Row I-Harland Viner tvice-presidend, Juldean Moul ttreasurew, Donald Crihps tpresidenQ. VRorw 2-David Hassell, Julie Schwertfeger, Judith VVhitmore, Randall Koller tsecretaryt. The Recreation Committee is a branch of the Student Council. Its purpose is to provide numerous activities for the students so that they will be induced to remain on the campus for weekends. It is composed of a representa- tive from each sorority and fraternity, the dormitories, the Vet's Club, the freshman Recreation Committee class president, and vice-president of the Stu- dent Council. Some of the activities provided were a weekly Saturday afternoon recreation pro- gram at Hamilton Gym, various activity nights, and NCollegiate Weekend," which was co-sponsored with the freshman class. Raw I-Mr. Barr, Miss Goodhue, Dr. Barnett, Miss Pape, Miss Forbush, Miss Benson, Mr. Bushman, Dr. Vanderlin, Dr. Graham, Mr. V. Graham, Dr. Grant, Mr. Koeppen, Mr. Saunders. Rorw 3-Mr. Liedtke, Mr. Morgan, Dr. DeWind, Dr. Brown, Dr. Meyer, Mr. Hermsen, Mr. Barnett. Rarw 4,-Mr. Hellie, Dr. Morphew, Dr. Light, Dr. White, Dr. Droullard, Mr. Kennedy, Mr. ReEor, Dr. Schaffer. Miss Zarling, Miss Skibness, Mr. Johnson. R0102- Freshman Counseling Program The Freshmen Counseling Program, which includes 36 faculty counselors and 72 upper- Class counselors, is designed to help freshmen students become acquainted with our campus and to aid in the planning of their program. Each counseling group consists of one faculty member and two upper-class students Chosen by the faculty member. This group will then be assigned fifteen freshmen stu- dents to work with the Freshmen during Orientation Week and throughout the year. To be eligible for freshmen counseling, a stu- dent must have at least a 1.00 gradepoint av- erage. At a breakfast held on the hrst morning of Orientation Week, the student counselors meet with their faculty counselors. For the first week it is their duty to conduct tours of the campus for the freshmen and to attempt to answer any questions the freshmen may have regarding college. The counseling is continued throughout the freshmen year at freshmen convocations or group meetings which are held the first Tues- day of each month. F Row 1 Rita Hamilton, Mary RadloE, Harriet Heitz. Row 2 Kenneth Etzelmueller, Carol DeBock, Faye Scott, Marge Fardy, Jules Modlinski. me 3-John Wargin, Steve Elbert, David Camplin, Curt Klade, Herbert Dhein, Lee Shealy. k , Row 1 Karol Schroeder, Joanne Miller, Carol Jones, Victoria Kunst. Row 2-Dar1ene Kapp, Lynn LaFrombois, Joan Vreeland, Dar- lene Migas, Arlene Schumann. Row 3-Janet VVien, Karen Lee, Patricia Keepers, Mary Wilkinson, Mary Liz Trewyn, Maureen Schopen. Row 4 John Schillak, Frank Merson, Jack Holub, Thomas Hamilton, Harold Kinyon, Raymond Eberle, Thomas Zurkowski. me 1-David Hassel, Father Berry. Rorw 2eJames Wolf, Elsie Ptak, Vernon McCarthy. Mercier The Mercier Club was especially blessed this year by the completion of the beautiful new Saint PatriCkTs Church. The spacious parish hall was used as the Club room, as well as the Club ballroom, conference room and banquet hall. The Club room was used twice a month for meetings under the guidance of Father Thomas Berry and Mrs. Mary Fricker. This year the members enjoyed cost suppers and after-the-meetings, dances in their new sur- rOundings. The ballroom was used on December 6 as the scene of the winter formal7 TTMoonlight Sleigh RideW The attending couples selected King, John Wargin and Queen7 Pat Costigan. The Club conference room was displayed 92 rm HER BERR during the Regional Convention of Newman Clubs hosted by Mercier in November. Del- egates from colleges throughout this area spent the weekend as our guests. The Day of Recollection, February 22, pro- vided the parish hall with still another face- the banquet hall. Breakfast and an evening dinner were enjoyed by members who spent the whole day at the Church in prayer. A priest from hlarynoll Seminary in Milwau- kee was guest speaker. Other occurrences during the year were the purchase of a ping-pong table, attendance at Mass and Communion on First Fridays, a booth in the school carnival in April, and the presentation of a juke box to the Club as a gift from Father Berry. l 1 i Row 1 Janet Wettstein, Mary Beth Bongard, Mary Kay Beggs, Rita Noltner, Sharann Dalee. Raw 2-Sandra Pursel, Caroline Stein- hoff, Barbara VVasgien, Barbara Eichsteadt, Kae Schenk, Colleen Ryan. Rory 3 Pauline Kedrowicz, Jeanine Bruecher, Patricia Costigan, Ann DeCoster, Virginia Apfelbeck, Carol Honann, Carolyn Stuntebeck. Ro-w 4-Elsie Ptak, Barbara Herman, Helen Lehman, Patricia Rubins, Peggy Gadwill, Caroline McMahon, Margaret Hanley, Grace Stella. wa I-Julieanna Molenda, Allie Scott, Suzanne Stengel, Jeanne Guelig, Irene Riedl. R010 2-J0hn Gerald Salchert, David Thayer, Emmett Norton, Mary Ann Smoody, Sharon Cunningham. Row 3-LaVerne Langer, Richard Rurey, August Revoy, Richard Kuester, Joseph Friday, Thomas Miller, David Ehren. Row 4-Fred Schroeder, James Gross, James VandeSand, Thomas Hamilton, Donald VandeSand, Thomas Vogt, Joseph Monday, John Pauls. 93 Raw I-Jeanne Brunette, JoEllen W'autlet, Geri. VanLaanen, Ronald Hassell. Row 2 Melchior Donny, Arlene Parkins, Patricia Tripp, Darothy Louis, Maureen Schopeny Bette C1nningFam Roew 3 Patricia Strozyk, Judy Kresl, Justin Jankowski, Mary Monroe, Irene Dries, Pat McCarthy. me 1-Marilyn Meyer, Carol Jones, Helen Froehlke, Mary Lou Deist, Mary Ellen Harmon. Row 2-Mary Hoppe, Carol Kinateder, Lenore Jirush, Marilyn Utzinger, Celene Hilkin, Judith Kohlmeyer. Raw 3 Kathleen Fardy, Virginia Ehren, Ann Hougard, Betty Martens, Mary Kay Gantenbein, Kathleen Maly, Sandra Lefebvre. Ratu' 4-N0rene Agnew, Patricia Honohan, Dorothy Minorik, Sharon Doyle, Janice McKay, Rose Mitchell, Sherrine Kampo, Dianne Kuehn. 94 RouY xeMr. Norman Thies tadvisort, Miss Marie Benson tadvisor urerL Meeting every second and fourth Wednes- day night, in Fellowship Hall at the First English Lutheran Church, students of the Lutheran faith congregate for cost suppers followed by discussion on different religions and their relation to Lutheranism. The activities that the students of L.S.A. carried out during the year are numerous. Some are a caroling party to the Old Folks Home at Elkhorn, a banquet for Seniors in 95 L Mrs. Warren Sigwalt, Rev. Warren Sigwalt tsponsort. Row 2- Lawrence Rinn tvice-presidenU, Barbara Bruce tsecretaryt, Neal Schulz tpresidenQ, Joyce Jerabek tRP Reported, Faye Scott ttreas- LSA the spring of the year, two retreats to Luther- dale 0n Lauderdale Lake tone during the fall and another during the spring, and a Christ- mas Banquet with Pastor Bragstad, Director of the L.S.A. group at the University of Wis- consin. A news letter was also sent out to the members telling of the past activities, current activities, and what was to happen at future meetmgs. Rorw 1-Rose Soldner, Lois Zarnstorff, Darlene Greiber, Jane Malsch, hancy Courtice, Donna Johnson, Carolyn Kessler. Rorw 2--Phyl- HS Lillevold, Janet Pfleger, LaVerne Carlson, Donna Raabe, Marilyn Boltz, Ruth Jerdee, Eileen Schmidt, Judy Ohlgart, Barbara Jensen. Ro-w 3-Gloria Malsch, Lois Bollinger, Sharon Kaupanger, Barbara Lien, Janet Runkle, Judy Goessling, Patricia Miller, Evelyn Zimpelmann, Carol Thiers, Darlene Kapp. Rorw 4-David Timm, George Grinde, Arlene Skille, Jill Erickson, Carol Hoffman, Dewey Kaiser, Edward Pockelwald, Douglas Rabbach, Robert Larson, Robe rt Niendorf. Rotw I-Ivahmane Friberg, Judith Meumann, Dorothy Koch, Judy Klelgas, Barbara Wied, Jane VVollin. Rom; 2-Beverly Unertl, Eloise Dettmer, Judith Kelly, Rita Hamilton, Donna Petersen, Doris Severson. Rorw 3-Janice Heiden, Barbara Bente, jannice Fietzer, Shirley Klukas, Shirley Kraft, Carolyn Johnson, Delores Timm. Row 4 -Arlene Erickson, Phyllis Cronin, Kay Kluender, Joyce Harrison, Janice Lewke, Patricia Dallman, VVaItraut Vohs, Barbara Kesler. 96 Rorw IeJanet Fisher, secretary; Robert Bosman, vice-president; VVilIiam Strand, president; Gerald Fulton, state represen- tative; Kenneth Etzelmueller, treasurer. Raw 2eMrs. Hila Hefferman, lay sponsor; Rev. Arthur Johnson, tsponsori; Mr. Everett ReEor, faculty sponsor; Dr. Clayton Droullard, faculty sponsor; Rev. Francxs Foulke tsponsori. Wesley has grown twice as large this year as the previous year. The program of Wesley during the year was highlighted by such activities as a Chick- en Banquet and cost suppers, devotional meet- ings and conferences which were a huge suc- cess. Other activities were a number of films shown at meetings, talks and slides on Alaska, Wesley and clothing collected by the Church for Korea. The students sponsored a Flower Sunday during the spring in which the Church was filled with fiowers. A picnic was held for the seniors in the spring. The group was guided by Rev. Francis S. Foulke and Mr. Everett Rehor and Dr. Clay- ton Droullard, faculty sponsors. wmi z X Row l-Jeanette Cates, Joy Marsden, Spenser Benedict, Carol Rowlands. Row 2-Darlene Migas, Marjorie Kelly, Irene Altenburg, Howard Marousek, Claudette Peterson, Janet Lloyd. Rorw 3 Linda Harper, Marion Britton, Bruce Davis, Paul Schadewald, Curtis Klade, Lorraine Keck. Row I-Elizabeth Rowe, Carol Ann Gile, Caroline Turnquist, Patricia Popke. Row 2-Betty Schoechert, Kathy Orchard, Diane Van Marilyn Ehrhardt, Bonnie Halvorsen. Ro-w 3-Curtis Abendroth, Dean Beischel, Ralph Fenske, Doris Harsevoort, Maris Oelstrom. 55: sf T wwwth,.,. k . . ., Row I-Father John G. Mills tchaplaim, Pamela Nielsen, David Meisenheimer, Alexandria Horlick tvice-presidenw, Dr. Carl Vander- lin tfaculty advisor. Rorw 2-Diane Babcock, Joyce Plaushines, Maxine Cooper. Rorw 3eWilliam Stoup, Charles Roth, Thomas Jensen, George McKilligin, Richard Litzler, Michael Rellahan. Kemper Club Every first and third Wednesday night the tudents of the Episcopal faith meet together for cost suppers and for devotions. The activities for the year included an Ad- 'ent Party held in December, a Twelfth night party,ata1k by Mrs. Hood on her trip to Eng- and, and a corporate communion the hrst Vednesday of each month. As a project to am extra money, the students cleaned the hurch every week. The officers for the year were: Jim Dehler, resident; Alexandra Horlick, vice-presi- ent; Alice Sutton, secretary-treasurcr. The Iaculty advisor was Mr. Vanderlin. Scrooby Scrooby U.S.F. began its active year with panel discussions of current and interesting topics. Some of the panels were made up of faculty members. The usual program of Scrooby was devotions, cost suppers, and rece reation. Highlights of this yearTs program were guest speakers from the state U.S.F. office and a college Sunday morning service conducted solely by Scrooby members. Reverend Donald Hobbs, and Miss Miri- am Pape and Mr. John Heide, faculty advi- sors, guided the group. Scrooby Officers Rorw I-Mary Lou Annis, social chairman; Barbara Klemenko, secretary; Patricia Keepers, president; Marv VVesemann, vice-president. me 2eVVilliam VVetheraH, treasurer; Rev. Donald S. Hobbs, Miriam Papa, sponsor; Mr. John A. Heide, sponsor. Rorw x Marinn Johnson, Karen Knaak, Jean Vick, Judith Frank, Mary Clunie, Mary Nelsokn. Row 2 Mary Bigelow, Darlene Ruzek, Joan Rockwell, Mary VVinther, Ruth Salentine, Sally Walter, Karen Lee. Row 3 Mary Liz Trewyn, Mary Wilkinson, Patricia Coe, Ann Saunders, Beverly Drumm, Sue WVCrner, Leila Matti. Rorw 4 Thomas Schmidlkofer, Steve Walton, Douglas Grove, John Graham, Rudolph VVieland. K Rorw I-Gloria Bishop, Victoria Kunst, Andrea Below, Glenda Miller, Betty Rockwell. Row 2 Linda Irwin, Gloria Sheard, Holle Chopp, Dorothy Anderson, Ann Logan. Rorw 3 Judith Schroeder, Alice Lottig, Mary Frank, Beverly Elliott, Marlys Mandel, Yul Alm. Rarw 4-R0bert Bradshaw, James Strey, Charles Steele, Donald Bullamore, John Dickson, Douglas Timmerman. f Ro-Iv I-Marlene jorns, Beverly Kohls, Carol Kohlmetz, Karen Gilbertson. Rorw 2eRev. F. W. Loeper, Myra Mame, Rosemary Sell, janet Neuendorf, Miss Lillian Zarling. Rorw 3--Lucile Heck, Joy Ce Olson. David Dahlke, James BiHmann, Leon VVestex'feld, Mary Radloff. R014: 4-Janette Kutz, Joan Rehse, Lenora Pfeifer, John Kaepernick, Sally Reuther, XVillis Stauske, James Mayer. Every first and third Wednesday night of each month the students of the Lutheran Syn- odical Conference met together for cost sup- pers and for religious discussions. The first Wednesday night was for a cost supper and for meetings; the third Wednesday night was for a cost supper and religious discussions. Some of the activities for the school year were as follows: a Christmas party, roller skating party in the spring, and an annual pic- me. The officers for L.S.C.S. were as follows: Jim Mayer, president; Leon Westerfield, vice-president; Mary Radloff, secretary; John Kaepernick, treasurer. The advisors were Miss Zarling and the Reverend Loeper. LSCS ifM t ,- wa I-Rev. F. W. Loeper tsponsors, Miss Lillian Zarling tadvisorLRafw zejames Mayer, Leon VVesterfeld, Mary Radloff, John Kaepernick. a W , .4. Raw I-Miss Olive Reeve ssponsors, Kathryn Klinner, Donna Norton, Donna Raabe. Row ZeCarol Miesel, Karen Worden, Julene Lucchi. IVCF InternVarsity Christian Fellowship is an inter-denominational Christian student group on campus. The local chapter is part of the world-Wide Inter-Varsity movement. IVCF invites to its meetings all interested students and faculty members of any church or denom- ination. IVCF activities this year included weekly Bible studies centered around Christ and his me 3-Dan Cabush, Elmer Custer, Thomas Schmidlkofer, Dean Twist. Not pifmredeDonna Steinbrink, Beverly Bullard, Karen Frankie. relevance and challenge to the college student, spring and fall conferences at Williams Bay, a missionary breakfast and several informal get-togethers. This years officers were Curt Miller, presi- dent, Dan Cabush, Vice-president, Karen Wor- den, sercetary-treasurer, and Kathy Klinner, prayer chairman and missionary secretary. Rorw IeMonica Hart, Ardis Templeton, Ja Panhellenic Council The Panhellenic Council, composed of a junior and senior representative from each so- rority, is an affiliate of the National Panhel- lenic Council. The purpose of the council is to bring about a harmonious relationship among the four sororities on campus. The main function of the council is to regulate rushing and bidding rules. Rotw IeDr. Clayton Droullard tsponsorh Michael McGrey. Rorw 2eVVallace VVeise, John net Peters, Barbara Olson. Rorw 2-Patric1a Keepers, Rita Noltner, Deanna Kant. lnterfraternity Council The four fraternities on campus were regu- lated by the efforts of the Interfraternity Council. The Inter-fraternity Council is com- posed of two representatives from each frater- nity and the sponsor is Dr. Clayton Droullard. The Council presented two major sports events, the interfraternity-faculty basketball games for the entertainment of the student body. Ryan, Thomas Hamilton, Edward Baranowski, Curtis Klade, Merlin Mueller. 103 Rorw x-Mary Ann Kearns, Janet Fisher, Mary Lou DeMund, Mary Kay Beggs, Marilyn Johnson, Diane Babcock. Row 2e-Joan Ehle, Carol Corneth, Mary Wilkinson, Sharon Doyle, Mary Joy Wesslen, Patricia Keepers, Sharon Wolf. Rorw 3-Josephine Nelson, Sharon Ortman, Irene Dries, Mona Maibaum, Bette Cunningham, Judy Schroeder, Joan Rockwell, jeanette Campbell, Joan Gorder, Carol Kin- ateder. Alpha Sigma Energy, activity, and Vitality are the three words that apply to Alpha Sigma sorority. sAt homecoming the Alphas won first place for the most original float. They sponsored a play day for the grade school children and a blood bank campaign. Other activities included a Christmas party at the F5LR Steak Ranch, a candy sale and the selling of Christ- mas seals. To top off the year, the Alphas bought blue blazers with gold and white crests to match the sorority colors. On Stunt Night they walk- ed off with the first place trophy in the Seri- ous Division. The climax of the rushing sea- son for the Alphas was a formal dinner at the Green Shutters in honor of their 26 new pledges and a pledge dance at the F8LR. The Alphas wound up a successful year with a for- mal dance at Island View Resort. Rina I-Polly Spies, Kathleen Riley, Dorothy Sargent, Nancye Scobie, Cynthia Davis, Ida Niesen. me 2-Margaret Fardy, Doris Hamburg, Blanche Schuerman, Judith Burdick, Mary Liz Trewyn, Mary Jo Helfert, Mar; Jung. Row 3-Mary Broome, Carolyn Schultz, Fayrene Brown, Jean Hansen, Patricia Coe, Judith York, Mary Monroe, Janette Kutz, Judith Anderson, Barbara Gleasman. Alpha Sigma Officers Rorw I Marilyn Johnson Warliamentariam; Carol Wettengel QecretaryL Rorw 2-Lois But- terfield korresponding secretaryh Carol Jones wresidenw; Alice Montgomery Wice-presi- denU; Annette Hokkanen Ureasurew. Row 3 - Mary Joy VVesslen Qergeant-at-armsh Monica Hart Social chairmam; Juldean Moul Rhap- laim; Sharon Doyle Bergeant-abarmsh Pat- ricia Keepers Wledgemasterh Sharon Wolf mssistant pledgemasterk Rorw IeBarbara Wasgien, Jean Vick, Barbara Eichsteadt, Gay Hadheld. Row 2--Rosemary Hnilicka, Judith VVhitmore, Barbara Phelps, Elsie Ptak, Carol Kohls, Helen Stiglbauer, Kathryn Valaskev. Rorw 3-Jean Salentine, Patricia Keulman, Kathleen Theisen, Marleen Scieszinski, Jean Dammann, Patricia Costigan, Geraldine Hudson. Sigma Sigma Sigma The Tri Sigmas started an eventful year by winning second place on house decorations at homecoming with the theme hThe Little In- jun that Could? Throughout the year the Tri Sigmas were bUSy with the antique show, car washes, the Hearts Dance, winning second place in the one act play contest, and social service proj- ects. The end of a busy year was highlighted bV the spring formal and Mother-Daughter Ban- quet. Miss Miriam Pape serves as the faculty sponsor. Ra-w x-Nancy Runkel, Leah Richter, Carol Eidenberger, Janice Greenwood. Rorw 2-Kathleen Blaese, Jeanne Gocker, Carol Schleuter, Patricia Tripp, Elizabeth Knudsen, Ruth Nelson, Rita Lamberton. Ro-w 3-He1en Froehlke, Patricia Honnhan, Ardis Johnson, Martha Stevenson, Mary Hoppe, Susan James, Shirley Hocne. W 34 R010 1 Mary VVinther, vice-president; Patricia Melius, president. Rorw 2 Ar1ene Schumann, corresponding secretary, Barbara Ha- worth, recordmg secretary; Barbara Olson, sentinel; Dianne Hanson, treasurer; Kathleen Voss, keeper of the grades. me P-Carol Schoeneman, Lenore Jirush, Mary Lou Deist, Diana Olson, Judith Root, Julie Schwertfeger, Ruth Salzwedel. Rorw 2 Linda Irwin, Mary Lou Rusch, Patricia Fisher, IVIary Lou Annis, Mary Wesemann, Barbara Kesler, Ann DeCoster, Barbara Klemenko. Ro-w 3-Kathleen Maly, Marilyn Utzinger, Carol Ekdahl, Doris Schroeder, Phyllis DiBiase, Patricia Miller, Rose Mitchell, Delores Timm, Jeanette Cates, Patricia Knackstedt, Marilyn Pautsch. Delta Zeta Does this look familiar? 108 Row I Sandra Pursel, Karen Knaak, Marvel Calvert, Gloria Bishop, Patricia Andersen, Barbara Koschak, Joanne Miller, Susie Bosley. Rarw 2-Marilyn Krueger, Virginia Erckfritz, Patricia Rubins, Rogemary Cuene, Carol DeBock, Mary Ann Jorgensen, Sara Brennan, Joan Jackson. Rorw 3 Carol Thiers, Kay Mount, Betty Martens, Gale Best, Pauline Kedrowicz, Darlene Migas, Joan Severson, Kathleen McCluskey, Karen Lee, Marilyn Jensen, Janet Omori. Turn About 109 wide Roac- IeLynn LaFrombois, historian; Deanna Kant,jun10r panhellenic; Victoria Kunst, president; Barbara Ison, first vice-president; Joan Schatzke, recording secretary. me 2ejanet Peters, semor panhellemc; Janet VVien, corresponding secretary; Fay Steinhorsr, second vice-president; Barbara Bruce, treasurer. The Delta Zetas opened the year with an all-school mixer, 9Kickoff Kapers? A helping hand was given to the patients at the US. Hospital at Carville, Louisiana. Courtesy week for those poor pledges con- sisted of hoola-hoops, Christmas stockings, and beanies. The Delta Zetas printed the college calen- dar for the year of 1958-1959. They sponsored such activities as a cosmetic party, Christmas party, formal and informal parties, a candy sale, a Mother-Daughter Banquet, a formal dinner dance, and a picnic honoring the seni- ors to end a very busy year. The National Convention was held in Chi- cago at which time Epsilon Kappa Chapter received several citations. Mrs. Cord 0. Wells is the chapter director. R010 I-Mary Ann Gregori, second vice-president; Kae Schenk, first vice-president; Janice Klemp, pfesident;.Ardis Templeton, senior panhellenic; Emily Peterson, recording secretary. Row 2-Joanne Gaartz, edxtor; Marlene Egstad, assus'tant editor; Mary Ann Smooely, assistant treaurer; Joyce Jerabek, treasurer; Lucia Eastman, corresponding secretary, tha Noltner, Jumor panhellemc; Carol Kortbem, third vice-president. Theta Sigma Upsilon came back from its 10th national convention, at Port Huron, Michigan, full of Vigor for the 1958-59 school year. The efficiency and attendance trophies were awarded to Rho chapter. During Homecoming weekend, the sorority combined with the alums for a banquet. The national president and secretary and several state officers also attended. The sorority won second place in the serious division of the Hoat, with the theme TtTote Tem to VictoryW Activities throughout the year consisted of Theta Sigma Upsilon Stunt Night, the annual formal dinner-dance at the Marine Bar in Burlington, Mother- Daughter banquet, bake sales, candy sale, and rummage sale. To emphasize the national social service project, the tTCleft Palateh movie was shown to the public in January. Miss Bertha Lefler has completed her 23rd year as sponsor for the Theta7s. Mrs. Mar- garet Birk, assistant sponsor, has been with the sorority for three years. Raw I-Nancy Werner, Caroline McMahon, Anne Meyers, Ruth Kline, Linda Harper, Virginia Karas, Nancy Courtice. Row 2 Patri- cia Couch, Jean Pileski, Beverly Elliott, Carolyn Kessler, Arlene Parkins, Rosemary Sell, Virginia Ehren, Ruth Jerdee. Stunt Night Beatnicks Rotw 1 Dianne Gray, Beverly Drumm, Mrs. Margaret Birk, sponsor Miss Bertha Leflex, Maureen Schopen, Donna Petersen. Row 2 Lois Zarnstorff, Grace Stella, Gloria Malsch, Sally Walter, Barbara Bardeen, Carole Swanson, Dorothy Louis, Kaihy Orchard. R010 x-Jeanne Brunette, Carole Hagen, Holy Chopp, Jane Malsch. Rorw 2- Diane Kuehn, Joy Kanehl, Peggy Gadwill, Patricia Strozyk, Colleen Ryan. 113 Phi Sigma Epsilon Phi Sigma EpsilonTs highlight of the year was when it moved to its new home at the beginning of the second semester. The new home is at 604 West Main Street. Mrs. Ed- ward Sundin is the house mother and she also cooks meals for the men. An open house was well attended this Spring by the faculty, stu- dents and other guests. The Phi Sig basketball team took the United States League Championship in the in- Ro-w IsMr. Reuben Klumb tspon sorT; Michael McGrey tpresidenU me 2sMerlin Mueller tvice-presi- denU; Wayne Owens trecording sec retaryh David Casper ttreasurerT Dale Ihland tpledgemasterh Phi Ludtke tcorresponding secetaryy tramural program. The homecoming float was awarded firs place in the serious division. Of the many informal parties held dur- ing the year the Christmas and Valentine parties were rated as tops. Other highlights of the year included the annual spring formal and a trip to a BraveTs game. Why" Stlld-V 50' hard ?L R0 1-Phil Ludtke, John Mossberg, Lawrence Rinn, Brian McMahon, J. Peter Nysatrer, James Billmann. Rorw 2- Rudo1ph XVieland, Loran Goff, Steven Elbert, Randall Koller, Robert Schweex's, James Dehler, Jack Hipke. Ratw 3 101m Nelson, David Ehren, Ronald Gessl, John Pauls, Robert Larson, Norman Hirsig, James Schoemer, Gilbert Krahn. 115 Rorw I-David Rozelle, treasurer; Mr. Carl Vanderlin tsponsow; John Ryan, president; Lee Kauth, secretary. Row 2eJoseph Herro, social chairman; Donald Cripps, athletic chairman; James VVolmvicz, historian; Robert Albrightson, vice-president; Neal Schultz, chaplain; James Brown, corresponding secretary. Sigma Tau Gamma H6 Sigma Tau Gamma enjoyed a busy year which included many interesting activities. First on the calendar of events was the Home- coming Banquet sponsored by the Alumni. The Sig Tauts big social event of the year, the Rose Dance, was held at Beaulah Beach. Gayle Meyers was chosen Rose Queen of the annual event. During the second semester, the Fathe and Son Banquet was held. At this time, the dads and sons get together to share some of the fraternity experiences. The Spring Formal, which is held the last day of the school year, headlines the list of activities in the Spring. Other Sigma Tau Gamma activities in- clude smokers, hell weeks, and spring; picnics and parties. anzv I-James Hoppe, Robert Hagen, Ralph Reniewicki, Erwin Siegler, Gil Oelke, Norman Wood. Rou- 2-James Barker, David Hanneman, Thomas Mitchell, Peter Bell, Edward Baranowski, Thomas Allen, Douglas Davidson, Duane Jacobson. Row I-James Brittelli, Gerald Asmann, Earl Allen, Duane Morrow. Row 2-David Anderson, Richard Scott, Ronald Bialozynski, Robert Becker, Dale Huebner, Earl Grupe. Row 3-Robert Schadd, Paul Will, Richard Hanick, Warner Kerr, Gerald Zolkowski, Ken- neth Neumann, Roger Johnson, Gerald XVeir. H7 Rorw I-Mr. Charles Thomas tsponsori; Curtis Klade president; Row zelDwane Kamla, corresponding secretary; Frank Gombar, vice-president; XVilliam Strand, treasure; James Vande Sand, recording secretary. Delta Kappa Delta Kappa began a successful year by entering a new fraternity house. The chapter went domestic as the men enjoyed the home- cooked meals. Homcoming, as in the past, was again a highlight. john VVargin, general Chairman of the event, was succeeded by Tom Hamilton. The house decorations won first place. The fraternity was awarded the Interfraternity Council Scholarship Plaque for scholarship achievements. Mr. Charles Thomas, head resident of Salisbury Hall, was Chosen as the new advisor 0f the fraternity. His work throughout the year was a tremendous help to the chapter. Many of the fraternity men were active on the campus in sports, Clubs honor societies religious groups and various other organi- zations and activities As a result of Class elections, four men took over leadership posi- tions. They were as follows: Senior presi- dent, Curt Abend10th; Iunior president Curt Klade; Sophomore president Bob Bosman; and Sophomore vice president, Jim Schaeffer. The fraternity increased its initiative in finding new and original ideas for the enjoy- ment of all. The Delta Kappa Choir gave con- certs for the PTA. girlsi dormitory, sorori- ties, and various other groups. The pie- bak- ing contest was an interesting and enjoyable deviation from the usual fraternal activities. The numerous parties, Turkey Hop, Christmas party, pledge banquet, trips to the Braves games, spring formal, and various other events made the year complete. Ro-zc x-Richard Rurey, Harold Schuren. Raw 2wHarland Viner, Dean Beischel, Richard Olsen, Terrence Gurrie, Gordon Barnwell. Ro-w 3- R0ger Krans, Roderick Ostrem, Donald Vande Sand, Douglas Marquardt, James Kissinger Kendall Kloehn. Rorw 1 - Ge0rge Ferge, Leon Westerfeld, Charles Wilde. me 2--Laurence Dornacher, John VVargin, Robert McMillan, Thomas Gur- rie, Keene XVarren. Row 3 David Sherwood, Sigmund Kolano, Craig Herbert, Fred Mould, Thomas Mattick, August Revoy, Anthony Reinerio, Robert Bosman, VVilIiam Ward. Concentration! 120 me I James Mayer, James Schaefer. mueller. R010 3-Clark Pearson, Vince Ripp, James Gross, Pledges me I Duane Peerson, LaVerne Lan- ger, Larry Roberts, Clarence Colombc. Rorw z-Monte Bluske, Dave Cox, Phil Zuhse, Dick Kuesfer, Gary Davis. Rorw 2-Curtis Abendroth, Richard Litzler, David Thayer, James Martens, Kenneth Etzel- Thomas Hamilton, John Kaepernick, David Meisenheimer. 121 Phi Chi Epsilon Phi Chi Epsilon moved to a new house this fall. There are 32 active members enjoy- ing the new facilities. The house parents are Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gailloreto. At the beginning of the second semester the fraternity held open house. There was a very nice turnout. The Phi Chis sold Christmas cards as a 122 Row 1-Walter Koppelmeyer, presi- dent; Mr. Donald Koeppen tsponsod ; James VVoIff, vice-president. Row 2- Jules Modlinski, secretary; Wayne Trumbower, treasurer. money-ma'king project. We received third place on Stunt Night for the humorous pre- sentation, ttThey Said It Couldn,t be Done." The fraternity has been active in intra- mural sports, supporting a basketball team, and softball team, and bowling team. Mr. Donald Koeppen is the sponsor of the group. Rorw x Gerald Lindas, David Hassell, Lawrence Reck, John Gessert. Rotw 2-John Weaver, Richard Leranth, Paul Paddock, Richard Cantwell, Edward Falck, James Silk, Richard Hanko. Row 3-Richard Burpee, Gerald Hagan, David Purdy, James Radomski David Camplin, John Cease, Clifford Stachowski. Silence in the library! J -xjw Q i: aw a They said it couldnk be done! Raw 1 Frank UBrien, Donald Bobb, Kenneth Thielke, Joseph Feest. Rorw 2-David Petersen, James LeHin, Riqhard Sutherland, John VVhelan, David Haakenson, Robert Onson, Vernon McCarthy. Row 3 CharIes Crary, James Morgan, Jan Sells, Hadley Horn- burg, Donald Kalscheur, Richard Kalscheur Edward Morkin, Neil Rolli, Frank Schultz, Wayne Wahl. The Kitchen Cabinet The lovely ladiesof Phi Chi lane Look where the punch went Rorw l-George McKilIigin, Gerald Fulton, Reuben Klumb eadvisorx James O,Brien. Row 2eMary Clunie, Kathleen Klin- ner, Polly Spies, Karol Schroeder. Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta Pi is an honorary education organization Which is open to all students en- rolled in elementary, kindergarten-primary and academic curriculums. To become mem- bers of Kappa Delta Pi, juniors have to have an over-all grade point of 2.2, and seniors i? have to have an over-all grade point of 2.0. The officers for the school year 1958-59 are: Nancy Schiller, president; Hans Ander- sen, vice-president; Arlene Schumann, secre- tary; John Patterson, treasurer. The advisor is Mr. Klumb. w R010 Iw-Carol jones, Mary VVesemann, Nancy Schiller, Arlene Schumann. Row 2-Robert Buch, Elmer Redford, Alice Mon- tgomery, Alvin Pofahl, Hans Andersen. 126 w Row I-Rosemarie Lefebvre, Victoria Kunst, LaVerne Carlson, Karen Frankie. Rarw 2--He1en Kayser, Marilyn Johnson, Jean Salen- tlne, Joan Vreeland, Sandra Fox, Darlene Migas. Rarw 3eAnnette Hokkanen, Faye Scott, Monica Hart, Elsie Ptak, VValtraut Vohs, Jeanine Bruecher. Rarw 4-Joyce Jerabek, Hadley Hornburg. Robert Thompson, James Vande Sand, john Schillak, Nancy Kollatz. Pi Omega Pi is a national honorary fra- ternity for Business Education students on our campus. To be eligible a student must have attained a 2.00 average after four semesters on campus; a transfer student must attain a 2.00 average after three semesters on campus. The Pis chapter of Whitewater State Col- lege publishes the annual college directory and supplement which contains the names, addresses, telephone numbers and home towns of students and faculty members on campus, in addition to other information about the col- lege. Each Spring a banquet is held honoring graduating seniors of Pi Omega Pi. The officers for the year were: Dale Tes- smer, President; Frank Stratton, Vice-Presi- dent; Beverly Stevens, Secretary; Carol Kort- bein, Treasurer; Joanne Miller, Historian. Pi Omega Pi me 1-Carol Kortbein, treasurer; Mr. Paul Carlson tsponsorh Joanne Miller, historian. Row 2eDale Tessmer, president; Beverly Stevens, secretary; Frank Stratton, vice-president. Rovw 1-Stephanie Peich, Don Berendsen, Anne Meyers. me 2-Eunice Raymond, Mary Frank, Donna Buchholz, Carole Breitzman, Dr. Jack Vrieze. Rorw 3-Jack Holub, Herbert Ellis, Edward Baranowski, Ronald Ellis, Margaret Othmer. Theta Alpha Phi Membership in Theta Alpha Phi is gain- ed through participation in college dramatic productions. Delegates attended the national conven- tion at Indiana State Teacherts College in Ter- re Haute, Indiana in IWay. Fifty other Chap- ters throughout the United States also attend- ed. The Delta chapter of WSC is very active. The group directed college play productions, both on and off stage, and also sponsored a square dance, an all school one-act play festi- val, and helped with high school plays and speech contests. A11 active members of Theta Alpha Phi receive The Cue, a national honorary drama- tics magazine. Row IeMarvel Calvert, Judith Ohlgart thistoriani, Janice GreenvsibonhewGentes, Peter Nysather. a Row 3ePaul Paddock, Robert Bill Thomas Zurkowski. Rorw 4eA11en Knurr, Henry Meyer, Charles RVanSlyke. . ood tsecretary-treasurery Row 2-Glory Swoboda, Gloria Westphal,iat tvice-presidenQ, Gilbert Krahn, Hans Andersen tpresxdenti, ust, Ronald Lamberton, Michael Myszewski, Donald Hein, John Beta Zeta Beta is a newly organized biol- ogy club on the WSC campus, being official- ly recognized this year. The club has been very active SO far and hopes to become a chap- ter of a national biological society next year. The programs which are presented at the close of each meeting include interesting speakers and also presentations by the members. Beta Zeta Beta The social events included a Christmas party and a spring picnic. The club sponsors an award which is made annually to an outstanding freshman interested in biology. The individual is select- ed by the biology department and presented Wth a book concerning the field in Which his greatest interest lies. '2 a Row I-Phyllis Lillevold, Roger Kittelson, Jerold Mullane, Jules Modlinski. Row 2eNancy Kollatz, Phyllis Cronin, Kenneth Etzelmueller, David Anderson, Roy Klink. Row 3--James Minucci, Steve Elbert, Curt Klade, Warner Kerr, James Brannan, Lee Shealy. Beta Alpha Sigma Beta Alpha Sigma is a new organization on the campus of Whitewater. It is open to all students enrolled in business administration, or to any students interested in business. The elected officers are: Charles Bruns- wick, president; Suzanne Newton; executive vice-president; Joe Friday, secretary, Sanford Row 1- Vernon McCarthy, John Gessert, LaVerne Henn. Rorw 2-H0ward Marousek, Verne Gilles, Claudette Peterson, Harland Vinet, Severson, treasurer. The appointed vice-pre- sidents are: Bob Gregorich in Charge of pro- gram production; John Pauls in charge of re- search and development; Julius Modlinski in Charge of information and placement; Roy Klink in charge of public relations. Dr. Greene is the sponsor for the group. Spencer Benedict. Ro-w 3-R0bert Gregorich, Ralph Fenske, Suzanne Newton texecutive vice-presidend, Chuck Severson ttreasurerh Dean Beischel, Richard Jones. Rorw 4eJoseph Friday tsecretaryt, John Pauls, Dr. J. M. Greene tsponsod, Charles Brunswick tpresi- deno, Thomas Hamilton. Robert Krause, Richard Cantwell. Rorw I-Dale Weast, James Wolff, J; T. VonTrebra, adviser; Robert Brown, advisor; John Pauls. Row 2hHerbert Ellis, John Gessert, Jackie Vogel, Beverly Drumm, Russell Slicker. Roew 3-LeRoy Dibble, Marshal Gilliland, Dean Twist. Pi Kappa Delta is a national honorary forensic fraternity with chapters in 180 American College campuses. The Wisconsin Epsilon chapter has been on the Whitewater campus since 1943. The fraternity sponsors intercollegiate participation in both oratory and debate by 131 Pi Kappa Delta promoting tournaments and recognizing worthy participation in such events with Chapter membership. Dr. Brown, debate coach, and Dr. von Trebra, chapter sponsor, are assisted by Rus Slicker, chapter president and Marshall Gilli- land, chapter secretary-treasurer. ATHLETICS XVin team win Who will get it? Go team Rorw I-Bill Conklin, Harold Nordentoft, Gerald Bowe, Peter Bell, Duane Jacobson, Vince Ripp, Warner Kerr, Chuck Coulthart, Dave Spies, Dave Balmer, Roger Johnson, Dale Huebner,Richard Ruge. Row 24-Donald Schoenhaar, Les Nesbit, John BoyIan, Bob Bailey, Jim O1Neill, Norbert Parkinson, Dave Hanneman, Myron Paynter, Gene Harter, Dale Hokkanen, Dick Hart, Roger Kerkman. Football Bruising defensive action with no scor- ing punch was the story of Whitewatefs first conference game. The VVarhawks lost the game to River Falls, whose passing game help- ed them to a 14-0 Victory over Whitewater. Previously, the Warhawks had lost the season opener to Carroll College by a score of 26-13. The Warhawks then traveled to Platte- Ville and came from behind in the second half to win 34-26. Dick Ruge scored three times R010 34.1115 in Jankowski, jim Drew, Keene Warren, Sig Kolano, Tom as Whitewater gained its first conference Vic- tory. In the fourth game of the season VVhite- water was again engaged in a close contest. This time it was the VVarhawks over Oshkosh by a 20-14 score. One touchdown again separated the teams as Whitewater lost to Stevens Point. The Warhawks led at one time by a score of 14-8, but couldn1t hold their lead as they lost 22-14. Allen, Dave Poisl, Jim Eberhardt, Richard Lueck, Bruce Bennett, Dave Ziech, John Hartnett, John Brosteu. Row 4- Coaches Perkins, Foster, VVeigandt, Polacek, Marvin Paitrick, Richard Skora, Jim Clark, Jerry Paulin, Bill Hobl, Ken Haack, Gerald Flanagan, George Kaempfer, Gerald Asmann, Don Zimmerman. As the Warhawks displayed a defense that Coach Perkins described as the best of the ygar, Whitewater rolled over Milwaukee 18- l The next weekend Whitewater took part in a coachTs dream. They trampled Eau Claire by a score of 70-0. This was the largest margin of victory that Whitewater has ever scored in a conference game. Ending the season with a win over St. Norberts 34-8, Whitewater ended their season with a record of five wins and three losses. The Warhawks ended up in third place in the conference. Duane Jacobsen was selected hMost Valu- able PlayerTy for the 1958 season while Roger Kerkman and David Spies were elected to captain the 1959 squad. Jacobsen and Roger Johnson were singled out for All-Conference honors. 135 FINAL FOOTBALL STANDINGS River Falls Stevens Point WHITEWATER Oshkosh Eau Claire LaCrosse Platteville Milwaukee Stout Supedor W L T 6 O 0 5 0 1 4 2 0 4 2 0 3 3 0 3 3 0 1 4 1 1 5 0 1 5 0 1 5 0 N ight action All the way, all the way. Lefs g0! The Warhawk cage squad compiled a 2-10 conference record and a 6-15 over-all slate during the 1958-59 basketball campaign. Coach Bob Weigandfs quintet started fast, winning four of its first six encounters. This included victories over the alumni, Car- roll, Milton and Oshkosh. However, injuries, graduation and ineligibility resulted in the loss of several key players and Whitewater was able to garner only two more wins during the remainder of the season. J. P. Fisher, a sophomore from White- Basketball water, paced VVSC in the scoring department as he tossed in 318 points or an average of 15.1 per game. Dale Holzhuter was second with 226. The basketball outlook for the future is promising and the Warhawks should improve on their last place finish of this season. Coach Weigandt is expecting the entire team that finished this season, back next year. The eX- perience gained during the past season could be an important factor in the uphill climb. a Row I-John Verwey, Donald Lund, John Platts, Monte Bluske, Dale Holzhuter, Carl Tyggum, Manager William Cary. Row 2- Charles Rages, Robert Seefeldt, Tom VVedeward, James Fisher, Warner Kerr, Robert Meerschaert, Coach VVeigandt. Whitewater 72 Elmhurst 72 Whitewater 78 Whitewater 61 Carroll 72 Whitewater 60 St. Norbert 77 Plattcville 64 Whitewater 71 LaCrosse 77 Milton 88 Looks like another basket Alumni Whitewater Carroll Milton Whitewater Oshkosh Whitewater Whitewater Stout Whitewater W h i tewater Stevens Point 87 Milwaukee 83 DeKalb 82 Oshkosh 64 River Falls 78 Eau Claire 78 Whitewater 77 Platteville 76 Stevens Point 68 1Wi1waukee 104 Whitewater Whitewater Whitewater Whitewater Whitewater Whitewater Elmhurst Whitewater Whitewater Whitewater aleNonconfmence games Final Conference Standings Platteville iVIilwaukee La Crosse Eau Claire Superior Stevens Point River Falls Oshkosh Stout Whitewater VV ,-. .-. NWW-PUxOOOmO occocxIOx-Ia-IsN- P What will it do? This is serious business Everyonek eyes are on that ball Warhawk Scoring: 1A11 games1 Name FG FT Total Points Fisher 1 13 92 318 Holzhuter 94 38 226 Meerschaert 49 28 126 Verwey 38 31 107 Regez 34 22 90 Cassidy 32 23 87 Lund 30 16 76 VVedeward 29 12 70 Schmeling 18 14 50 Tyggum 18 8 44 Kerr 10 8 28 Seefeldt 8 1 17 Platts 4 7 15 Schadewald 5 1 1 1 Horn 0 1 1 Bluske 0 1 1 140 Rarw 1 Chuck Regez, Jim Weiss, Bill McIntyre, Wally VVeise, Joe Herro. me 2-Jim Wolff, Dewey Schealy, Dave Casper, Dave Balmer, Dale Huebner, Evan Weichman, Dick Hanick. me 3 Bob Buch, Gordon Morris, Dale Hokkanen, Jerry Christiansen, Boyd Hoskins, Roger Johnson, Dave Spies. Baseball and Track Rorw 1-Dennis Nichols, Mrg., Curtis Abendroth, Dick Scott, Norm Wood, Jim Brittelli, Harold Nordentoft, Rudy VVeiland, Allen Knurr, Larry Roberts. Rorw 2 Forest Perkins, Coach, Ralph Reniewicki, George Kempfer, Roger Kerkman, Ken Newman, Ed Baranowski, Warner Kerr, Pete Bell, Bill Jolly, Bill Conklin, Dave Honnoman. A notable record was turned in by Coach Bob Weigandths golf team during the 1958 sea- son. The Warhawks linksmen gathered 85 points in winning six matches and tieing one While yielding a mere 29 points. They took third place at the State conference golf meet. Golf Row IeRobert Becker, Al Pofahl. Row 2- Stan Severson, John Weaver, Cliff Schmidt, Art Malin. Bruce York Dell Olson 3, me IeJohn Ryan, Joseph Herro, James Brittelli. Rorw 2-110 Rauscher, Jerry Baird, Roger Johnson, James Welss. Row 3-R1chard Hanick, Thomas VVedeward, David Spies, Alvin Pofahl, Robert Bosman, Donald Lund. The VV-Club is an organization for var- sity letter winners. The club sold refreshments at all the home football and basketball games during the season. The club sponsored TTDads DayTT at a foot- ball game in the fall. During the spring the club made a trip to a Braves game. Officers: Duane Jacobson, president; John Ryan, Vice-president; Jim Brown, secre- tary; Don Witt, treasurer; Advisor, Edgar Schwager. Ex-officio members: Mr. Robert VVeigandt, Mr. Forrest Perkins, Mr. George Gould. Raw IeCurtis Abendroth, David Thayer, James Brown. Rorw zeThomas Mitchell, Ralhh Reniewicki, Leland Kauth, Robert Albright- son, Robert Buch. Rorw 3eDavid Casper, Richard Kuester, Charles Regez, Duane Jacobson, Sigmund Kolano. The W Club sponsored the sale of book covers this year. They were sold on the day of registration both the first and second semesters. The attrac- tive blue and white covers dis- played a picture of IWL War- hawk. Rorw 1-Carol Kohlmetz, Carol Jones, Bonnie Haessly. Row 2eJoan Ehle, Janet Dettmering, Carol Wettengel, Helen Froehlke. Cheerleaders Yeah team! Yeah team! is something that is always heard at any of the varsity sports at Whitewater State College, which are back- ed by the loyal fans and the pep and vigor of the cheerleaders. The cheerleadersi job is to organize pep and stimulate the desire to win. The girls on the squad for the 1958-59 season were: Joan Ehle, Janet Dettmering, Helen Froelke, Bon- nie Haessly, Geri Hudson, Carol Kohlmetz, Carol Jones, and Carol VVettengel. Mr. Rue- ben Klumb advised the cheerleaders in their activities. Rom: IfRoserr'iary Sell Tpresidentl; Miss Florence oodhue tsponsorl. Row 2-Arlene Park- ins h'ice-presldentl; Ruth Jerdee treporterl; Eileen Schmidt Tsecretaryl: Maureen Schopen ttreasurerl. The Womanls Athletic Association is an organization which promotes athletic activities for women students on campus. Whether it is ping pong, swimming, bowling or volleyball you enjoy, you will hnd active participation in these and many other sports with the hpep- py" members of the group. The club also presents the annual stunt night in which all school organizations part- icipate. This Christmas, money was collect- ed to buy gifts for the South Wisconsin Col- ony and Training School at Union Grove. Besides these activities the W.A.A. sponsored WAA a play-day, made trips to other schools for play-days and held tournaments in each of the several sports. The year was concluded with the annual spring banquet at which time presentation of awards was made and the new officers an- nounced. This years officers were: Rosemary Sell, President; Arlene Parkins, Vice President; Eileen Schmidt, Secretary; Maureen Schopen, Treasurer; Ruth Jerdee, Royal Purple Re- porter. ,- I .1: Raw 1 Mary Kay Gantenbein, Marilyn Johnson, Barbara Jensen, Jeanne Brunette, Patricia Alby. Rorw 2-Ju1ieanna Molenda, Julie Schwertfeger, Rita Hamilton, Marlene Jorns, Dorothy Louis, Kathleen Hauser. Row 3 Myra Mame, Marilyn Utzinger, Beverly Kraby, Virginia Schneeberger, Barbara Bente, Karen Gilbertson, Donna Bartz. Rorw 4 Ann DeCoster, Patricia Strozyk, Nancy Kollatz, Patri- cia Rubins, Joyce Harrison, VValtraut Vohs, Joyce Schnitger, Irene Altenburg. , , I 1? ' 1, 3 , y Rorw b-Rose Soldner, Darlene Greiber, Jane Bulkow, Patrxcxa Drath, Shirley Brukardt. Row 2 I.aVerne Carlson, Judith Kelly, Barbara Wied, Colleen Ryan, Jane Marquart, Barbara Stafeil. Rarw 3-Karen Worden, Lois Zarnstorff, Mary Ann Smoody, Mary Sternitzky, Lillian Weinbrecher, Nancy Courtice, Bonnie Halvorsen. Row 4-Ruth Kline, Joan Rehse, Joyce Jerabek, Virginia Ehren, Carol Hoffmann, Mary Monroe, Judith Anderson, Irene Dries. 148 Row I Darlene Greiber, Jeanne Brunette, Barbara Jensen, Mary Beth Bongard, Carol Hagen, Ruth Jerdee, Karen Gilbertson. Row 2- Marlene Jorns, Celia Hojem, Joyce Olsen, Carolyn Johnson, Rosema ry Sell, Barbara Bente, Karen Worden, Dorothy Lewis. Raw 3- Mary Monroe, Patricia Strozyk, Maureen Schoepen, Phyllis Cronin, Carol Kohls, Joan Rehse, Peggy Gadwill, Miss Goodhue, advisor. l 1 2 a... hlany girls participate in AVVS tournament. a Row I--Myra Mame, Rosemary Sell, Dons Schroeder, Donna Bar- tz Row 2-Carole Swanson, Carol Kohls, Joyce Jerabek, Patricia Strozyk, Nancy Kollatz. 149 Jump girls, jump! Make that basket 150 Throw it to me 3 a , w... - ma. W1. w , One of the many skits 0n Stunt Night, an event sponsored by W.A.A. 151 , a , W Vets Vernon McCarthy, Paul Probst, Charles Hunger, Satellites Rus Slicker, Paul Schadewald, Dennis Kruger, Wilford Chapman, James Brannan. Albert Kaeppel, Duane Peterson. BOWLING Rinky Dinks-Pete Bell, Joe Herro, John Ryan, Warner Sig Tau Jerry Weir, Bob Hagen, Duane Jacobson, Kerr, Jim Brittelli. Kauth, Robert Becker. $6, mmmw W 3 SWers Harland Viner, Tom Gurrie, Dean Beischel, Jim DKs Fred Mould, Curt Abendmth, Ken Etzelmueller, Gross, Jim Mayer. Dave Sherwood, Tony Reinerio. Fee Chees - Dick Isakson, Cliff Stachowski, Jim Radomski, Phi Chis Dick Cantwell, Hank Hamburg, Ed Falk, John Pierre Leranth, Richard Burpee. Weaver, Jim Wolff. EAGUE A , "a Profs - Clay Daggett, Reuben Klumb, Jim Hellie, Leon Disabled Vets - William Brassnrd, Charles MC Guire, Leon Hermsen, Henry Meyer. Gans, Thomas Klug. Ag Phi Sigs - John Graham, Ralph Chamberlin, Wayne Owens, Cardinals John Mossberg, Dave Hipke, Phil Ludtke, Ron James Billmann, Howard Boyer. Gessl, Jack Nelson. ACTIVITIES 3W g3 $7: , WW g; The church suppers a function of Freshmen Week The Hrst experience of belonging to an organization in college The Homecoming festivities opened with a booming start on Friday night With the ex- citing pep rally followed by a roaring camp- hre. Early Saturday morning the elaborately decorated Heats lined the streets for the big homecoming parade. The Spirit of gaiety reigned over the City of Whitewater with the beautiful house decorations. This put all W. S. CTers in high spirits for the game. The spirits of the undergraduates and the r'eturn- ing alumni were not dampened by the results of the Stevens Point victory over Whitewater. 1n the evening, WSC students could be seen dancing to the theme of Indian Summer. The honor . . . Queen Isabel Kaderli being presented the traditional bouquet of roses at the pre-game ceremonies bv President Williams. Homecoming The secret ................... Alice Montgomery ............................. suchenthusnasm Thebonfire..................................amust! Alpha Sigma V Delta Zeta Sigma Tau Gamma Phi Sigma Epsilon Campus Coeds 157 mmwamu. u! .m ...'m v.4 VCtyS Club r. Ugly Meet Mr. Ugly Win Team Win i5. iwm Theta Alpha Phi Charlie Hill-Nlaster of Ceremonies Delta K'lppa .4; ,na xXE AR W E N G S E'; W ELL Delta Zeta aw Mason,s Dorm w W ,: Phi Chi Epsilon Inter-Dormitory 159 C Delta Zeta XL. Theta Sigma Upsilon Freshman Class Cheerleaders I Daft We Look Neat? A Phi Chi Epsilon Shall We Dance? 161 Mr. Warhan Joyce Jerabek and Pauline Kedrowicz Queen Isabel Kaderli Polly Spies and Diane Hanson Queen Isabel aderli and King Dick Ruge put the finishing touches on the 1958 Homecoming. Crowning Glory Delta Zeta Stunt Night The annual event sponsored by the Womenhs Athle- tic Association was held on March 14 with nine organi- zations on campus participating. Three entries were in the serious division and six organizations were in the humorous division. Alpha Sigma was declared the win- ner of the serious division. The Delta Zetas walked off with first place in the humorous division. Alpha Sigma a wwwiw ,W 4w Sigma Tau Gamma Delta Kappa Sigma Sigma Sigma Phi Sigma Epsilon Vets 163 g You aren,t watching the music Mmmmm, this is Mrs. Hood is always ready to listen to a problem 164 Oops ! Albert Salisbury Hall Vi Oh, for some good, fresh coffee This must be serious business 165 Remember The textbook library The Mercier King and Queen HOW sore your feet were after dancing The traveling bowling team Registration Faculty Index HAROLD G. ANDERSON Board of Regents of State Colleges ROBERT C. WILLIAMS President; Ph. B., Central College; M.A., Ph. D., University of Iowa HOWARD A. BARNETT Assistant Professor of English; A.B., and A.M., Indiana University WYNETT BARNETT Professor of Speech; B.S. Ed., Southwest Missouri St. College; M.A., State University of Iowa; Ph.D., University of XVisconsin STANLEY L. BARR Instructor of English; A.B., St. Bernardine of Siena College, Loudonville, New York; A.M., University of Michigan WILLIAM C. BECK Instructor of Mathematics; B.Ed., Wisconsin State College, White- water; M.S., State University of Iowa MARIE S. BENSON Professor of Business Education; B.Ed., Wisconsin State College, White- water; M.A., Northwestern University RICHARD BROWN Associate Professor of Social Studies; B.A., M.A. Ph.D., State University of Iowa FRANKLIN F. BUSHMAN Chairman, Department of Music, and As- sociate Professor of Music; 3.8., Bowling Green State University; M.A., Columbia University STITH M. CAIN Associate Professor, Head Librarian B.A., Vanderbilt University; M.A., University of Virginia; BS. in L.S., George Peabody College for Teachers; M. of Ed., George Peabody College for Teachers PAUL A. CARLSON Director, Division of Business Education and Business Administration and Pro- fessor of Business Education; Ph.B., Ph.M., University of Wisconsin ISABELLE B. CARTER Assistant Professor of Elementary Educa- tion; B.S., M.S., University of Illinois JOSEPH J. CHOPP Associate Professor of Biology; B.A., M.A., University of Wisconsin MYN COE Library Assistant and Instructor of Li- brary Science; B.Ed., Wisconsin State College, VVhite- water HENRY M. COLLINS Associate Professor of Business Educa- tion; B.S., Iowa State Teachers College; M.A., Northwestern University CATHERINE CROSSMAN Chairman, Department of Art and As- sociate Professor of Art; B.A., Carleton College; M.A., University of Oregon CLAY J. DAGGETT Associate Professor of Education; A.B., Nebraska State College; M.A., American University HENRY A. DeWIND Associate Professor of History; A.M., Ph. D., University of Chicago CLAYTON DROULLARD Dean of Men and Associate Professor of Mathematics; B.S., University of Dubuque; M.S., University of Wisconsin; Ed.D., University of Colorado MYRTLESTHER DUNKELBERGER Assistant Professor of Music; 3.8., Kansas State Teachers College; M.Mus., Northwestern University ROBERT D. EDISON Instructor of Business Education; B.S.C., M.B.A., DePaul University JEAN FERGUSON Assistant Professor of Education and Su- pervisor, Fifth Grade; B.S., Mankato State Teachers College; M.A., State University of Iowa CARROLL E. FLANAGAN Director of Secondary Education and Liberal Arts; Chairman, Department of Mathematics, and Associate Professor of Mathema- tics; B.Ed., Wisconsin State College, Oshkosh; Ph.M., University of Wisconsin FELICIA FLORINE Instructor of English; B.S., University of Wisconsin; M.S., University of Wisconsin FAYE FOLLOWELL Assistant Professor Assistant Librarian; A.B., Wheaton College; A.M., University of Illinois; B.S.L.S., Louisiana State University CORA FORBUSH Dean of Women and Assistant Professor of Physical Education; B.S., Wisconsin State College, La Crosse; M.S., University of Wisconsin CORRINE FORSTER Assistant Professor of English and Super- visor of English, High School; B.S., University of Wisconsin; M.A., University of Minnesota REX FOSTER Assistant Professor of Mathematics; B.S., Wisconsin State College, Platteville; M.S., University of Wisconsin JEAN A. FRANK Instructor of Chemistry; A.B., Hunter College MARY E. FRICKER Assistant Professor of Home Economics; Graduate, Stout Institute FLORENCE A. GOODHUE Chairman, Department of Physical Ed- ucation and Professor of Physical Ed- ucation; B.S., M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University DONALD L. GRAHAM Associate Professor of History; B.S., M.A., Kansas State Teachers Col- lege; Ph.D., State University of Iowa VIRGIL C. GRAHAM Assistant Professor of Business Educa- tion; B.A., Southwestern College; M.A., State University of Iowa G. PAUL GRANT Professor of English; A.B., Allegheny College; A.M., Northwestern University Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh ALYCE M. GREENE Assistant Professor of Physical tion; B.S., Wisconsin State College, Superior; M.S., University of Wisconsin Educa- JAY M. GREENE Professor of Business Education; BlEdq Wisconsin State College, White- water; M.A., Northwestern University; Ed.D., New York University THOMAS G. HARTLEY Instructor of Biology; B.S., Wisconsin State College, Eau Claire; M.S., State University of Iowa JOHN A. HEIDE Chairman, Department of Languages; Associate Professor of English; B.A., Butler University; M.A., University of Michigan IAMES HELLIE Professor of Economics; . B.S, M.A., Ph.D., University of Mlnne- sota VERNON HERDENDORF Instructor of Education and Supervisor, Fourth Grade; B.E., Wisconsin State College, water; M.S., University of Wisconsin LEON HERMSEN Assistant Professor of Business Educa- tion; B.Ed., Wisconsin State College, White- water; M.A., Northwestern University DOROTHY C. HOOD Instructor Head Resident, Lucy Baker Hall; B.A., Albion College; M.A., Northwestern University CARL JOHNSON Assistant Professor of Geography; B.S., Northern Michigan College; A.M., University of Michigan JOSEPH L. KAGLE Instructor of Art; B.A., Dartmouth College; M.F.A., University of Colorado White- EUGENE F. KAUCKI Assistant Professor of Economics; B.A., University of Toledo; M.A., University of Michigan STRATEWULA KEHIAS Instructor of Physical Educaton; B.S., Carthage College; M.A., University of Denver MICHAEL J. KENNEDY Instructor of History; A.B., DePaul University; M.A., Northwestern University REUBEN W. KLUMB Associate Professor of Psychology; B.Ed., Wisconsin State College, Milwau- kee; M.Ph., University of Wisconsin DONALD B. KOEPPEN Instructor of Business Education; B.Ed., Wisconsin State College, VVhite- water; M.S., University of Wisconsin GRACE KOEPPEN Faculty Assistant of Business Education; B.Ed., Wisconsin State College, White- water HUGO E. LAHTI Associate Professor of Chemistry; B.S , M.S., University of Michigan MAXINE LAHTI Instructor Assistant Librarian; A.B., Ohio Northern University; A.B.L.S., M.A.L.S., University of Mich- igan BERTHA M. LEFLER Assistant Professor of Foreign Lan- guages; A.B., Mount Pleasant State Teachers Colleges; Diplome de la Sorbonne, University of Paris; M.A., Columbia University Teacher Col- lege MILTON I. LEVIN Assistant Professor of English; B.S., M.S., University of Wisconsin; Ph.D., University of Michigan LLOYD E. LIEDTKE Associate Professor of Science; B.Ed., Wisconsin State College, White- water; M.A., Northwestern University ARNOLD J. LIEN Professor of Education; Chairman, Dept. of Education; B.S., Stout Institute; M.Ph., Ph.D., University of Wisconsin RAYMOND E. LIGHT Associate Professor of Music; B.S, Bowling Green State University; M.A., Ed.D., Columbia University ARTHUR G. McGRAW Principal of Elementary Campus School; Associate Professor of Education; Supervisor, Eighth Grade; B.Ed., Wisconsin State College, White- water; M.S., University of Wisconsin; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin Department, VAUGHN P. MANLEY Assistant Professor of Geography; A.B., Stanford Universityl; M.A., San Diego State College; D.S.S., Syracuse University NORMAN D. MARTIN Instructor Assistant Librarian; B.A., Wisconsin State College, Superior; M.A., George Peabody College for Teachers DOROTHEA MEYER Assistant Professor of Biology; B.S., Illinois Wesleyan University; M.S., University of Michigan HENRY MEYER Professor of Biology; A.B., Calvin College; M.S., Ph.D., University of Michigan Medical School MARY MILLS Assistant Professor of English and Jour- nalism; B.J., University of Missouri; M.S., Columbia University RUTH MINER Assistant Professor; B.A., Knox College; M.A., University of Illinois; J.D., University of Chicago EDWARD J. MORGAN Associate Professor of History; Chairman of Social Studies Department; B.E., Wisconsin State College, Milwaukee Ph.M., University of Wisconsin CHARLES MORPHEW Professor of Geography; B.Ed., Illinois State Normal University; M.S., University of Illinois; Ed.D., George Peabody College for Teachers MARGARET MUELLER Instructor in Education; Supervisor, Kindergarten; B.S., M.Ed., University of Wisconsin REGINALD G. NASH Associate Professor of Biology; B.A., William Penn College; M.S., State University of Iowa A. LORAN OLSEN Assistant Professor of Music; B.A., Grinnell College; M.M., Drake University MIRIAM PAPE College Nurse; Assistant Professor of Health Education; B.S., University of Chicago; M.A., University of Oregon FORREST W. PERKINS Assistant Professor of Physical Educa- tion; B.S., Wisconsin State College, Plattes- ville; M.S., University of Wisconsin GLADYS PETERSEN Instructor in Education; Supervisor, Second Grade; B.E., Wisconsin State College, White- water R. W. PRUCHA Chairman, Department of Science; Professor of Physics; B.Ed., Wisconsin State College, River Falls; M.S., University of Wisconsin 169 DESSIE RATHER Assistant Professor of Education; Supervisor, Sixth Grade; B.S., Wisconsin State College, Milwau- kee' M.A.,, Northwestern University EDWARD RITTER Supervisor, Business Education, W.H.S.; B.E., Wisconsin State College, VVhite- water; M.A., Marquette University OLIVE REEVE Assistant Professor of Education; Supervisor, First Grade; B.Ed., Wisconsin State College, White- Water; M.A., Northwestern University EVERETT REFIOR Assistant Professor of Economics; B.A., Iowa Wesleyan College; M.A., University of Chicago DOROTHY REMP Assistant Professor of Education; Supervisor, Seventh Grade; B.S., Wisconsin State College, La Crosse; M.A., Northwestern University DAVID B. SAUNDERS Assistant Professor of English; B.A., M.A., University of Wisconsin I. W. SCHAFFER Associate Professor Director of Admissions; Coordinator, Student Peronnel Services; B.S., M.S., University of Illinois; Ph.D., Northwestern University JEANNE SCHMUNK Assistant Professor of Education; Supervisor, Business Education; B.S.E., University of New Mexico; M.A., University of New Mexico PAUL L. SCHMUNK Assistant Professor of History; B.A., B.S.E., Bowling Green State Uni- versity; M.A., University of New Mexico; Ph.D., University of New Mexico MLILDRED SCHULTZE Associate Professor of Art; B.S., M.A., University of Missouri EDGAR H. SCHWAGER Assistant Professor; Athletic Director; B.Ed., Wisconsin State College, White- water; M.S., University of Wisconsin AEILT E. SENTS Assistant Professor; Social Studies Supervisor, College High School ; B.A., Wheaton College; M.A., State Univerity of Iowa EVERETT R. SHAW Associate Professor of Business Educa- tion; A.B., University of Michigan; M.A., University of Michigan; C.P.A., Maryland ELLEN J. SKIBNESS Instructor in Business Education; B.S., University of Minnesota; M.Ed., Macalester College HELEN SWARTZ Instructor in Education; Superivsor, Third Grade; B.A., Beloit College NORMAN THIES Assistant Professor in Business Educa- non; Supervising Teacher; B.Ed., Wisconsin State College, VVhite- water; M.A., State University of Iowa CHARLES D. THOMAS Instructor of History Head Resident, Albert Salisbury Hall; B.A., A.M., University of Michigan JOHN L. TRAUB Instructor in Mathematics; B.S., University of Minnesota; M.S., University of Wisconsin KATHRYN E. UTZ Associate Professor of English; A.B, 3.8. in Ed., Capital University; M.A., Ph.D., Ohio State University CARL J. VANDERLIN Assistant Professor of Mathematics; Ph.B,, B.S., University of Chicago; M.S., University of Wisconsin J. T. VON TREBRA Professor of Political Science and Soci- ology; B.S., Fort Hays State College; M.A., University of Nebraska; Ph.D., Colorado State College of Educa- tion JACK W. VRIEZE Director of Dramatics; Associate Professor of Speech; B.A., Kenyon College; Ph.D., State University of Iowa ROBERT G. VVEIGANDT Assistant Professor of Physical Educa- tion; B.S., M.S., University of Wisconsin CORD 0. WELLS Dean of Instruction, Registrar, and Pro- fessor of Education; B.A., University of Kansas; A.M., Ph.D., University of Chicago GERALD WESTON Instructor of Economics; A.B., A.M., University of Michigan EVERETT M. WHITE Director, Rural and Elementary Educa- tlon; Associate Professor of Education; B.S., Bemidji State College; M.S, University of Wisconsin; Ed.D., Colorado State College ADOLPH I. WINTHER Director of Teacher Training and Place- ment; Professor of Education; Director of Summer Session; B.A., Augsburg College; Ph.M., Ph.D., University of Wisconsin ROBERT G. VVISSINK Instructor of Physics; B.S., Mankato State College; M.S., University of Rochester RICHARD F. WOLLIN Assistant Professor Principal, College High School; B.A., Carleton College; M.A., University of Michigan ALVIN WUTTI Assistant Professor in Manual Art; 3.3., M.S., Stout Institute LILLIAN ZARLING Associate Professor of Mathematics; 13.8., M.A., University of Minnesota Senior Index ABENDROTH, CURTIS Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities:Bowling League 3, 4; Class President 4; BW" Club 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 4; Delta Kappa 3, iSocial Chairman; 4; Wesley 3, 4; Beta Alpha Sigma 4; Track 2, 3, 4. ALBY, JOAN Burlington, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primary ActivitieszMercier I, 2, 3, 4; W.A.A. 3; A.CE. I, 2, 3, 4; Thespians x. ALLEN, ROGER D. New London, Wisconsin Business Education ActivitieszVets Club 2, 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 3, 4; Beta Alpha Sigma 4. ANDERSEN, HANS 0. Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin Academic ActivitieszVVho's Who; Kappa Delta Pi 3, iVice President; 4; Befa Zeta Beta iPresident; 3, 4; Freshman Counselor, 4. ANDERSON, ROGER B. Fox Lake, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities: Bowling League 2, 4; Football Squad 1; Vets Club I, 2; Phi Chi Epsilon 2, 3, 4; Beta Al- pha Sigma 4. ASTIN, WAYNE Milton Junction, Wisconsin Business Education ActivitieszBasketball Squad 1,2; F.B.L.A. 1! 29 3! 4' BAIRD, JERRY E. Greenwood, Wisconsin Business Admisistration ActivitieszBasketball Squad 2, 3; Base- ball Team 2, 3; Vets Club 2, 3; BW" Club 2, 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4; Phi Chi Epsilon 2, 3, 4; Wesley 2; Beta Alpha Sigma 4. BALMER, DAVID VVatertown, Wisconsin Academic ActivitieszBasketball Squad 1, 2; Base- ball Team 2, 3, 4; Football Squad 3, 4; Homecoming Roy- alty 3; Vets Club 2, 3, 4; iiW" Club 2, 3, 4; Sigma Tau Gam- ma 3. 4- BANKER, ALBERT C. Waukesha, Wisconsin Academic Activities:Band I; Vets Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Photo Club 4. BARANOVVSKI, EDWARD Milwaukee, Wisconsin Business Education ActivitieszClass President 2; Homecom- ing Committee 2; Interfrater- niiy Council 3, 4; Royal Purple Staff 2; Student Council 3, iPresidenti 4; Thespians 1, 2, iSocial Chairman; 3, 4; Who's Who; F.B.L.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Sig- ma Tau Gamma 2, 3, 4; Mer- cier 1, 2, Social Chairmani 3; Theta Alpha Phi 2, iHis- torian; 3, iHistoriani 4; In- ternational Club iPresidenti 3, 4; College Players 1, 2, 3; Track Team 3, 4; Freshman Counselor 2, 3, 4; Dormitory Counselor 4; Interdormitory Council 4. BECKER, ROBERT A. Janesville, Wisconsin Business Administration ActivitieszBowling League 2, 3, 4; $oif 2, 3, 4; Sigma Tau Gamma Ii 2! 3! 4' BEHLING, ROGER LEE Muskwonago, Wisconsin Business Education ActivitieszRoyal Purple StaE 4; F.B.L.A. 4. BILLIAT, ROBERT East Troy, Wisconsin Liberal Arts ActivitieszBeta Zeta Beta 3, iVice Presi2 dent; 4. BILLMANN, JAMES Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin Academic ActivitieszA Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4; Bowling League 3, 4; Phi Sig- ma Epsilon 2, U-Iistoriani 3, 4; LS.C.S. 2, 3, 4; Men's Chorus 4. BOBB, DONALD J. Clintonville, Wisconsin Business Education ActivitieszBand I, 2, 3; Homecoming Committee 4; Photographer 3; Royal Purple Staff 3, 4; Sth dent Council iTreasureri 3; Vets Club 2, 3, 4; Who's Who, F.B.L.A. I, 2, 3, iPresidenti 4; Phi Clii Epsilon I, 2 iExecu- tive Committe Chairman; 3, iAssistant Corresponding Sec- retary; 4; Mercier I, 2, 3, 4. BOLLINGER, LOIS Sharon, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primary Activities:A.C.E. , 2, 3, 4; Campus Co- eds I, 2 iSecretary-Treasurer; 3, 4; L-S-A- 1. 2, 3. 4- BOYER, HOWARD G. Black River Falls, Wisconsin Business Administration ActivitieszBand 2, iVice President; 3, 4; ' Bowling League I, 2 iPresv dent; 3, 4; Homecoming Com- mittee 2, 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4; Phi Sigma Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4; Beta Alpha Sigma 4. BRANNAN, JAMES T. Gratiot, Wisconsin Business Administration ActivitieszBowling League 3, 4; Vets Club 2, 3, 4; F.B.L A. 3; Beta Alpha Sigma 4. BRUMMOND, PATRICIA Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Elementary Activities: A.C.E. 2, Secretary; 3. BRUNSWICK, CHARLES W. Richmond, Illinois Business Administration Activitieerootball Squad 1; F.B.L.A. 2, 3, Sigma Tau Gamma x, 2, 3, 4; Beta Alpha Sigma iPresi- denti 4. BUCH, ROBERT Slinger, Wisconsin Liberal Arts 7n Activities:Baseball Team 1, 2, 3, 4; WK Club 2, 3, 4; ths Who; Sig- ma Tau Gamma I, 2, 3; Mer- cier I, 2, Kappa Delta Pi 4. BUTTERFIELD, LOIS Hayward, Wisconsin Business Education ActivitieszClass Secretary 3, Dorm For- mal Royalty iQueeni 2, Jun- ior Prom Royalty 3; XV.A.A. I, 2 iSecretaryi 3, 4; A.VV.S. 4; F.B.L.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Sigma 1, 2, 3 iCorresponding Secretary; 4; L.S.A. l, 2, 3. CAREY, EUGENE Beloit, Wisconsin Academic ActivitieszVets Club 3, 4. CARLSON, RAMERT Elkhorn, Wisconsin Business Education ActivifieszVets Club 3; F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4. CHRISMAN, BRYON R. Oxley, Arkansas Business Administration ActivitieszPhotographer 3, 4; Thespians 2; Vets Club 1; Delta Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4. CLEGG, JOHN Antigo, Wisconsin Business Administration ActivitieszVets Club 2, 3, 4; F.B.LA. 3. COLOMBE, LORRAINE Eikhorn, Wisconsin Academic Activities:Wits I, 2, 3. COOK, GENE Loyal, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: A Cappella Choir 3; F.B.L.A. 1, 2. 3. 4. COOPER, MAXINE J. Janesville, Wisconsin Primary ActivitieszKemper Club 4. CRIPPS, DONALD R. Columbus, Wisconsin Business Education ActivitieszBowIing League 2, 3; Class Treasurer 3; Recreation Com- mittee 2, iTreasureri 3, iPres- identi 4; F.B.L.A. I, 4; Sigma Tau Gamma 1, 2, 3, iAthletic Chairman; 4; Scrooby x. CUSTER, ELMER H. New Holstein, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: A Cappella Choir 1, 2; Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship 4; Vets Club I, 2, 3,4; F.B.L.A. 2? 3y 4' DAHLKE, RITA Westfield, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primary Activities:A.C.E. 2, 3; L.S.A. 2, 3; Dorm Counselor 3; Freshman Coun- selor 4.. DAVIDSON, GLENN A. Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Academic DEETER, DONALD Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Liberal Arts ActivitieszVets Club I, 2 ,3, 4. DICKHOFF, JAMES G. Jefferson, Wisconsin Academic DIETRICH, GEORGIA Janesville, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: Thespians 1, 2, 4; W.A.A. I, 2, 3; F.B.L.A. I, 2, 3, 4; L.S.A. 1; 2, 3, 4- DONNY, MELCHOIR Monroe, Wisconsin Business Administration ActivitieszVets Club I, 2, 3, 4; F.B LA. 2; Mercier r, 2, 3, 4; Beta Alpha Sigma 4. DOUGLAS, ROBERT L. Whitewater, Wisconsin Liberal Arts ActivitieszBand I, 2; Class Vice-Presi- dent 2; Homecoming Commit- tee 2; Royal Purple Staff iSports Editori, 2; Sigma Tau Gamma I, 2; Wesley 1, 2. DOYLE, SHARON Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin Business Education ActivitieszBand x, 2, 3, 4; F.B.L.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Sigma 2, 3 iSer- geant-at-Armsi 4; Mercier 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 2, 3. EASTMAN, LUCIA Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primary Activities:A.C.E. 1; Homecoming Com- mittee 3; Thespians 1, 2; Tre- ble Clef I, 2, iPresidenO 3; A.W.S. 3, Secretary; 4; The- ta Sigma Upsilon 1, 2, 3, iCor- responding Secretary; 4; Wes- ley I, 2. EDMUNDSON, EVERETT E. Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Academic ActivitieszBasebaIl Team 2; Vets Club 2, 3, 4- EHRHARDT, MARILYN South Byron, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: Campus Coeds I iPresidenti 2, iVice-Presidenti 3, 4; Home- coming Royalty 2; F.B.L.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Wesley 1. 2, 3, 4; Dorm Counselor 2. EMMERICH, AUDREY Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Elementary Activities:A.C.E. x, 2, 3, 4. FALCK, EDWARD A. Morrison, Wisconsin Business Education ActivitieszBowling League 2, 3, 4; Vets Club I, 2, iTreasurer; 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Phi Chi Epsilon 3, 4. FARDY, MARGARETT Whitewater, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primary Activities:A.C.E. I, 2, 3, 4; Class Treas- urer 1; Homecoming Commif- tea I, 2, 3, 4; Minneiska Staff 1, 2, 3; Treble Clef 1; Alpha Sigma 1, 2, 3; Mercier l, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Counselor 2, 3, 4. FLINT, GEORGE VVatertown, Wisconsin Liberal Arts Activities: Sigma Tau Gamma 2, 3, 4. FRIDAY, JOSEPH M. Stevens Point, Wisconsin Business Administration ActivitieszVets Club 1, iPresidenO 2, 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 2, 3; Mercier 1, 2, 4; Beta Alpha Sigma iSecre- taryi 4. FULTON, GERALD D. Beloit, Wisconsin Elementary Activities:A.C.E. 3, 4; Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship iPresi- denti I, iPresidenti 3, 4; Wesley l, 2, 3 iState Council Memberi 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Freshman Counselor 3. GAARTZ, JOANNE Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin Academic ActivitieszTheta Sigma Upsilon I, 2, 3, iEditori 4; L.S A. 2. GENTES, DONNA K. Kenosha, Wisconsin Liberal Arts ActivitieszA Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4; Treble Clef 1; Mercier 1, 2, 3, 4; Beta Zeta Beta iSecre- tary-Treasureri 3, 4. GLANDER, JAMES Oshkosh, Wisconsin Business Administration ActivitieszVets Club 3, 4: F.B.L.A. 3. GOCKER, JEANNE Beaver Dam, Wisconsin Business Education ActivitieszMinneiska 2; Royal Purple Staff 2, 3; W.A.A. x, 2; A.W.S. 3; F.B.L.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Sigma Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4; Mercier x, 2, 3, 4. 172 GOFF, LORAN Hartford, Wisconsin Academic Activities:Thespians l, 2, iPresidenti 3, 4; Phi Sigma Epsilon 3, 4; Theta Alpha Phi 2, 3; iTreasurer; 4; Dorm Coun- selor 4. GREENWOOD, JANICE Mukwonago, Wisconsin Academic ActivitieszHomecoming Royalty 3; Royal Purple Staff 3; Student Coun- cil 3; Thespians 1; W.A.A. x; A.W.S. I, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Sig- ma Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4; L.S.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Beta Zeta Beta iHis- toriani 3, iSecretary-Treasur- eri 4. GREGORI, MARY ANN Kenosha, Wisconsin Elementary Activities2A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4; A.C.E. 2, 3; Theta Sigma Up- silon 3, iSecond Vice-Presi- dent; 4; Mercier 2, 3. GREGORICH, ROBERT J. Chisholm, Minnesota Business Administration Activities:F.B.L.A. 3; Beta Alpha Sigma iVice-Presidenti 4. GROSS, JAMES Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Liberal Arts Activities:Bowling League 3, 4; Home- coming Committee iBonfire Chairmani 4; F.B.L.A. 1; Delta Kappa 2, 3, 4; Mercier 2, iTreasureri 3, 4. HADFIELD, GWENDOLYN GAY Crystal Lake, Illinois Elementary Activities:A.C.E. I, 2; Royalty 3; A.W.S. 2, 3; Sigma I, 2, 3, 4. Dorm Formal W.A.A. I, 2; Sigma Sigma HAMILTON, RITA Patch Grove, Wisconsin Business Education Activities:W.A.A. 4; Wits 4; F.B.L.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; L.S.A. 1. 2, 3, 4- HANICK, RICHARD Oconomowoc, Wisconsin Academic ActivitiessBasketball Squad 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Bowling League 3, 4; iiWiy Club I, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Tau Gamma I, 2, 3, 4. HANSON, DIANNE London, Wisconsin Business Education ActivitieszBand 1, 2, 3; Homecoming Royalty 4; W'hois Who; F.B.L.A. 1, 2, 4; Sigma Sigma Sigma 1, 2, 3, iTreasurer; 4; L.S.A. 1; Pi Omega P1 3, 4; Convocation Committee 2, iSecretaryi 3, 4. HARRISON, JOYCE FICK Wilton, Wisconsin Business Education ActivitieszMinneiska Staff 2, 3, 4; Treble Clef x, 2; W.A.A. 4; F.B.L.A. 1; 2, 3. 4; L.S.A. I. 2. 3, 4- HART, MONICA Florence, Wisconsin Business Education Activities:Band x, 2, 3, 4; Class Vice- President 2; Class Secretary 4; Homecoming Committee 2, 3; Panhellenic Council 3, 4; Student Council 4; Whois Who; F.B.L.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Al- pha Sigma 1, 2, 3Pledgemas- ter; 3, ;Social Chairman; 4; Scrooby I, 2; Pi Omega Pi 3, 4- HART, RICHARD E. Waterford, Wisconsin Business Education Activities:Football Squad 1, 2, 3, 3Co- Captaini 4; Vets Club 2, 3, 4; BWB Club 1, 2, 3, 4; F.B.L.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Mercier I, 2. HAWORTH, BARBARA JEANNE Monroe, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primary Activities:A Capella Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Sigma Sigma 2, 3, 4; Treble Clef I. HNILICKA, ROSEMARY Racine, Wisconsin Elementary Activities:A.C.E. r, 2; W.A.A. I, 2; Sigma Sigma Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4; Mercier l, 2. HODGE, VIOLET Whitewater, Wisconsin Elementary Activities:W.A.A. I, 2; A.C.E. I, 2. HOKKANEN, ANNETTE Lublin, Wisconsin Business Education ActivitieszBowling League 1; Home- coming Committee 2, 3; Thes- pians 1; WA.A. 1, 2, 3; F.B.LA. I, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Sig- ma 1, 2, 3, VFreasureri 4; L.S.A. I, 2; Pi Omega Pi 3, 4; International Club 4. HOLUB, JOHN W. VVausau, Wisconsin Academic ActivitieszRadio 2; Thespians 3, 4; Wits 3, 4; Mercier I, ;Presidenti 2, 4; Theta Alpha Phi 4; In- ternational Club 4. HONOHAN, PATRICIA Whitewater, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primary Activities:A.C.E. 3, 4; Band I, 2, 3, 4; Junior Prom Royalty 3; Min- neiska Staff iLayout Editori 2, Uiditor-in-Chiefi 3, 4; Royal. Purple Staff I, 2, 3, 3Feature Co-editori 4; Thespians I, 2; Treble Clef 2, iVice-Presi- denti 3; W.A.A. x, 2; Whois Who; A.W.S. iReporter 4; Sigma Sigma Sigma 1, 2, Cor- responding Secretaryi 3, 4; Mercier I, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 3, 4; Queen of HearEs Royalty 3; Freshman Counselor 3, 4. HORNBURG, DORIS ANN Waukesha, Wisconsin Primary ActivitieszA Cappella Choir 2, 3; A.C.E. 1; Recreation Committee 3; Student Council ;Vice Presi- denti 3; Treble Clef 1; W.A.A. 1; Alpha Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4; Scrooby I, 2. HURLBUTT, ROBERT H. Rhinelander, Wisconsin Business Education ISAKSON, JOYCE E. East Troy, Wisconsin Academic ActivitieSZWits 1, 2, 3. ISAKSON, RICHARD A. Whitewater, Wisconsin Business Education ActivitieszBasebalI Team 1; Bowling League 2, 3, 4; Football Squad 1; Homecoming Committee 2, 3, 4; Vets Club 1; F.B.L.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Phi Chi Epsilon 1, 2, 3. 4-- ISON, BARBARA Crandon, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primary Activities:A.C.E. 3; Band I, 2; Home- coming Committee 1, 2, 3, 4; AW.S. 1; Delta Zeta I, 2, iVice-Presidenti 3, 4; Wesley 1, 2. JACOBSEN, WILLIAM P. Elkhorn, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities:'F.B.L.A. 3; Beta Alpha Sigma 4. JACOBSON, DUANE Madison, Wisconsin Business Administration ActivitieszA Cappella Choir 1, 2, ;Presi- denti 3, 4; Bowling League 3, 4; Football Squad 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Royalty 3, 4; Vets Club I, 2, 3, 4; BWB Club I, 2, 3, ;Presiden0 4; Sigma Tau Gamma 2, 3, 4: Scrooby 2, 3, 4; International Club 3, Secretary; 4; Men's Glee Club 4. JACOBSON, JEANNE C. South Milwaukee, Wisconsin Primary ActivitieszA.C.E. 4; Wits 3, 4. JAWORSKI, GERALDINE Muskego, Wisconsin Business Education Activities:F.B.L.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Mercier I, 2, 3; Manager Student Union 4 JENSEN, MARILYN Mukwonago, Wisconsin KindergartenePrimary ActivitieszA Cappella Choir 4; A.C.E. 1, 2; Minneiska Staff 3; Thes- pians 1; Treble Clef 1, 2, iSecretary- Treasurer; 3; VV.A.A. 2; Wits I, 2, 3, 4; Delta Zeta I, 2, 3, 4; L.S.A. x, 2, 3. JOHNSON, ARDIS Madison, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primary Activities:A.C.E. 1, 2; Dorm Formal Queen 1; Thespians x, 2; W.A.A. 1; Sigma Sigma Sig- ma 1, 2, 3, 4; L.S.A. 1, 2, 3. JOHNSON, GEORGETTE Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin Business Education Activities:A Cappella Choir 1; Panhel- lenic Council 3; Student Coun- cil 2; W.S.G.A. x, 2, iVice- President; 3; Alpha Sigma 1, 2, 3; Pi Omega Pi 3, 4. JOHNSON, MARIAN E. Gays Mills, Wisconsin Business Administration ActivitieszBowling League 1; Campus Coeds 4; F.B LA. 1, 2, 3, 4; Beta Alpha Sigma 4. JOHNSON, MARILYN South Range, Wisconsin Business Education Activities:W.A.A. 4; Wits 4; F.B.L.A. 3, 4; Alpha Sigma 3, 3Parlia- mentariani 4; Scrooby 3, 4; Pi Omega Pi 4. JONES, CAROL Whitewater, Wisconsin Primary Activities:A.C.E. 1, 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader I, 2, 3, 4; Class Secretary 1; Junior Prom Court 3; Student Council Secretary; 2; Treble Clef I; W.A.A. 1; Who's Who; Alpha Sigma 1, 2, 3; 3Presidenti 4; Mercier I, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Freshman Counselor 2, 3, 4. KADERLI, ISABEL M. Brodhead, Wisconsin Business Education Activities:Campus Coeds 2, iPublicity Directori 3, 4; Homecoming Committee 3, 3Publicity Chair- mani 4; Homecoming Queen 4; Royal Purple Staff 2, iOr- ganization editori 3, ;Front Page Editor; 4; VV.A.A. 2; F.B.L.A. 2, 4. KAEPPEL, ALBERT Sullivan, Wisconsin Academic ActivitieszPhotographer 4; Vets Club 3, 4; Whois Who; Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4- KAMLA, DWANE J. Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Elementary ActivitieszBand I, 2, 3, 3Presiden0 4; Delta Kappa 2, 3, 3Corres- ponding Secretary; 4. KAUTH, LELAND Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: Basketball Squad 1, 2; Bowl- ing League 4; Tennis Team 1, 2. 3, 4; WV" Club I. 2. 3. 4; F.B.L.A. 1, 2, 4; Sigma Tau Gamma 1, 2, Secretaryi 3, Secretary; 4; L.S.A. I, 2. KEELING, JOHN Beloit, Wisconsin Liberal Arts Activities:Wits 3, 4. KERR, WARNER Waukesha, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities:A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball Squad 1, 2, 3, 4; Football Squad 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Royalty 3; BW" Club 2, 3, 4; F.B.L.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Tau Gamma x, 2, 3, 4; Beta Alpha Sigma 4; Track 2, 3, 4. KEULMAN, PATSY A. Antioch, Illinois Primary Activities:A.C.E. 1, 2, 3; Band I, 2: Homecoming Committee 2; Minneiska Staff 3; W.A.A. 1, 2; Sigma Sigma Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi U-Iistori- ani 3. 4. KITTELSON, ROGER Osseo, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities:Beta Alpha Sigma 4. KLUENDER, KAY P. Kenosha, Wisconsin Elementary ACtivities:A.C.E. 2, 3, 4; L.S.A. 2, 3, 4. KLUKAS, SHIRLEY A Bloomer, Wisconsin Business Education Activities:Minneiska Staff 2, iProofread- ing Editor; 3, iProofreading Editor; 4.; Treble Clef I, 2, 4; F.B.L.A. I, 2, 3, 4; L.S.A. 1, 2, 3. 4. KNURR, ALLEN D. Mukwonago, Wisconsin Academic Activities: Baseball Team 1; Football Squad 1, 2; Track 2, 3, 4; Beta Zeta Beta 4. KOLLATZ, NANCY West Allis, Wisconsin Business Education Activities:Band I, 2, 3; W.A.A. 1, Sports Chairmani 2, Sports chairman; 3, Sports chair- man; 4; F.B.L.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Pi Omega Pi 3, 4. KOPPELMEYER, WALTER G. Portage, Wisconsin Liberal Arts ActivitieszBaseball Team x, 2; Bowling League 3, 4; Football Squad 1, 2; Homecoming Royalty 1; Interfraternity Council iTreas- ureri 4; Vets Club 1; U m Club 1, 2; Phi Chi Epsilon I, 2, 3, iPresidenti 4. KORTBEIN, CAROL K. Norwalk, Wisconsin Business Education Activities:FB.L.A. 2, 3, 4; Theta Sigma Upsilon 2, 3 i3rd Vice-Presi- denti 4; Pi Omega Pi 3, iTreasureri 4. KOSCHAK, BARBARA Greenwood, Wisconsin Business Education Activities2A Cappella Choir I, 2, 3, 4; W.A.A. I, 2; F.B.L.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Delta Zeta 1, 2 iSergeant- at-Armsi 3, Song Chairmani iDream Girl; 4; Mercier I, 2, iVice-Presidenti 3, 4. KRAHN, GILBERT 13. Bristol, Wisconsin Academic ActivitieszBand I, 2, 3, 4; Thespians 1; Phi Sigma Epsilon I, 2, iCor- responding Secretaryi 3, 4; L.S.A. I, 2; Beta Zeta Beta iVice-Presidenti 3, 4. KRUEGER, MARILYNN Milwaukee, Wisconsin Primary Activities:A.C.E. 2, 3, 4; Treble Clef I; W.A.A. 1; Delta Zeta 1 iCourtesy Chairmani 2, 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 1; L.S.A. x, 2, 3, 4. KUGLER, CAROLYN Troy Center, Wisconsin Primary Activities:WA.A. 1, 2; Mercier I, 2, 3; Kappa Delta Pi 3, iHistoriani 4. KUNST, VICTORIA Birnamwood, Wisconsin Business Education ActivitiesrA Cappella Choir 1, 2, iSec- retaryi 3, iVice-Presidenti 4; Dorm Formal Royalty 1; Jun- ior Prom Queen 3; Recreation Committee 2; Royal Purple Staff 2, iNews Co-editori 3, 4; W.A.A. 1, 2; Whois Who; F.B.L.A. 1, iPublicity Chair- mani 2, 3, 4; Delta Zeta 1, 2, iPresidenti 3, iPresidenti 4; Scrooby 1, iSecretaryi 2, 3, 4; Pi Omega Pi 3, 4; Freshman Counselor 2, 3, 4; Dorm Social Chairman 2; Sigma Tau Gam- ma Rose Court 2. LXFROMBOIS, LYNN New Franken, Wisconsin Business Education ActivitiesiHomecoming Committee 2, iSecrefaryi 3, 4; Whois Who; F.B.L.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Delta Zeta I, 2, iTreasureri 3, iHistor- iani 4; Mercier 1, 2, 3, 4; Pi Omega Pi 3, 4; Freshman Counselor 4; Dorm Vice Presi- dent 2. LAMBERTON, RITA Highland Park, Illinois Kindergarten-Primary ActivitieszConvocation Committee I See- retaryi 2; Thespians 3; Sigma Sigma Sigma 1, 2, iSentineD 3, 4; Hawkettes 3. LEBLANC, VALERIE Rice Lake, Wisconsin Business Education Activities:W.A.A. I. 2; F.B.L.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Mercier I, 2. LEWKE, JANICE M. Columbus, Wisconsin Business Educa'ion Activitiest.B.L,A. 1, 2, 3, 4; L.S.A. x, 2, 3, 4; A.VV.S. 4. MALIN, ARTHUR Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Academic ActivitieszGoIf 1, 2, 3, 4; Vets Club 4; WV" Club 4. 174 MANOGUE, KATHLEEN Milton Junction, Wisconsin Primary Activities:A.C.E. I, 2, 3, 4; Mercier 2, 3. MARTENS, JAMES Pound, Wisconsin Business Administration ActivitieszBaseball Team 3; Delta Kap- Pa 3, 4' MCGREY, MICHAEL Kohler, Wisconsin Liberal Arts Activities:Band l, iBusiness Manageri 2, 3, 4; Class President 3; In- terfraternity Council iSecre- taryi 3, iPresidenti 4; Stu- dent Council 4; Phi Sigma Ep- silon 1, 2, iPresidenti 3, iPres- identi 4; Orchestra 2, 3. MEILLER, DONALD Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Elementary ActivitieszA Cappella Choir 3, 4. MELIUS, PATRICIA VVatertown, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: Cheerleader 1, 2; F.B.L.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Mercier l, 2; Class Treasurer 2; Homecoming Committee iPep Rally Chair- man; 4; Sigma Sigma Sigma 1, 2, iVice-Presidenti 3, iPres- identi 4. MENDEZ, JANICE MARIE Madison, Wisconsin Academic Activities:Campus Coeds Treasureri 4. iSecreta ry- MILLER, JOANNE Greenwood, Wisconsin Business Education ActivitieszBand I, 2, 3; Minneiska Staff 1, 2, iTyping Editori 3, iTyD- ing Editori 4; Royal Purple Staff 1; Treble Clef I, 2; F.B.L.A. I, 2, 3; Delta Zeta I, iSergeant-at-armsi 2, 3, Scholarship Chairmani 4: Wesley 2, 3; Pi Omega Pi 3, iHistoriani 4; Freshman Counselor 3, 4. MIRSBERGER, GERALD Sheboygan, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: Bowling League 2; F.B,L.A. 2, 3, 4; Mercier 2, 3. MITCHELL, THOMAS East Troy, Wisconsin Academic ActivitieszBand 1; Football Squad 1; an Club 3, 4; Sigma Tau Gamma I, 2, iChapIaini 3, 4; Mercier 1, 2, 3, 4. MODLINSKI, JULIUS J. Okauchee Lake, Wisconsin Business Administration ActivitieszRecreation Committee 1, 2; Student Council iVice-Presi- denti 2; Thespians 1; Vets Club 1, 2, 3, 4; F.B.L.A. I, 2, 3,4; Phi Chi Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4; Beta Alpha Sigma 4; Fresh- man Counselor 2, 3, 4. MONTGOMERY, ALICE Pewaukee, Wisconsin Elementary ActivitieszA Cappella Choir 3, 4; A.C.E. 1, 2; Homecoming Committee 3, 4; Student Council 3, 4; Treble Clef I; W.A.A. I 4Sec- retary; 2, 4Presiden0 3, 4; Whois Who; A.W.S. 2, iTreas- ureri 3, 4VicenPresiden0 4; Alpha Sigma 1, 2, 3, ;Vice- President; 4; Wesley I, 2; Kappa Delta Pi 4; Freshman Counselor 3. MORROVV, DUANE Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Business Education Activities:F.B.L.A. x, 2, 3; Sigma Tau Gamma 2, 3, 4. MORSE, ROSE MARIE Janesville, Wisconsin Primary Activities:A.C.E. I, 2, 3, 4; Treble Clef x, 2, 3; Wesley 3. MOUL, JULDEAN Fox Lake, Wisconsin Business Education ActivitieszA Cappella Choir I, 2, 3, 4; Class Treasurer 4; Recreation Committee 3, ;Treasureri 4; F.B.L.A. 1, 3, 4; Alpha Sigma I, 2, 3 4Chaplain; 4; L.S.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. NAIWI, MIULAN Honolulu, Hawaii Elementary Activities:A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; International Club 3, 4. NEINFELDT, GERALD Janesville, Wisconsin Business Education Activities:A Cappella Choir 2, 4Business Manager; 3; Royal Purple Staff 3; Thespians 2, 3; F.B.L.A. I, 2; Delta Kappa x, 2, iSocial Chairman; 3, 4; L.S.C.S. I, 2; Theta Alpha Phi 3, 4Vice-Presidenti 4. NELSON, RUTH Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin Business Education ActivitieszHomecoming Committee I, 2, Wrogram Chairman; 3, 4; Treble Clef I; A.W.S. 2; F.B.L.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Sig- ma Sigma 1, 2, 4Recording Secretary; 3, iMusic Chair- man; 4; LS.A. I, 4. NEWTON, SUZANNE C. Racine, Wisconsin Liberal Arts ACIiVitiCSIVVhdS Who; Wits 2, 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 2, 3; Beta Alpha Sig- ma Uixecutive Vice-President; 4; L.S.A. 4. UBRIEN, JAMES Elkhorn, Wisconsin Liberal Arts Activities:Whois Who; Kappa Delta Pi 4. OELKE, GILBERT Wausau, Wisconsin Elementary ActivitieszVets Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Tau Gamma 3, 4; Men's Glee Club 4. OLSON, BARBARA Stoughton, Wisconsin Elementary Junior Prom Royalty 3; Pan- hellenic Council 3, 4; A.W.S. 4; Sigma Sigma Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4SentineD 4; L.S.A. I, 2; Queen of Hearts Royalty 2. ORCHARD, RICHARD Kenosha, Wisconsin Business Education Activities:F.B.L.A. 3; L.S.A. 2, 3, 4'. OSTREM, RODERICK Viroqua, Wisconsin Elementary ActivitieszA Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball Squad I, 2; BW" Club I, 2, 3, 4; Delta Kappa I, 2y 3! 4' PALMER, MARY East Troy, Wisconsin Academic ActivitieszKappa Delta Pi 4. PASKEY, THOMAS ALLEN Watertown, Wisconsin Liberal Arts Activities:L.S.A. I. PATTERSON, JOHN Brooklyn, Wisconsin Academic ActivitieszBand I, 2, 3, 4; Thespians x; Whois Who; Wits 2, 4; Wes- ley I, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3, CFreasureH 4. PAULS, JOHN Cazenovia, Wisconsin Business Administration ActivitiestDebate 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Committee 4; F.B.L.A. 2, 3; Phi Sigma Epsilon 2, 3, 4; Mercier 2, 3, 4; Pi Kappa Del- ta 4; Beta Alpha Sigma 4. PETERS, JANET West Bend, Wisconsin Business Education ActivitieszMinneiska Staff 1, 2, 4Photog- raphy Editor; 3; Panhellenic Council 3, 4Secretary-Treasur- er; 4; F.B.L.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Del- ta Zeta I, 2, 3, 4; Mercier r, 2, 3, 4- PETERSON, EMILY McFarland, Wisconsin Elementary ActivitieszHomecoming Committee 2, 3, 4; W.A.A. I, 2; A.W.S. 2; Theta Sigma Upsilon I, 2, 4Corresponding Secretary; 3, 4Recording Secretary; 4; L.S.A. I, 2. PILESKI, JEAN Kenosha, Wisconsin Primary Activities:A.C.E. 1,2; Homecoming Com- mittee 4; W.A.A. I, 2; Theta Sigma Upsilon !, 2, 3, 4; Mer- cier l, 2, 3, 4. POFAHL, ALVIN GEORGE Kenosha, Wisconsin Academic ActivitieszDebate 2; Golf 2, 3, 4; "W" Club 3, 4; Whois Who; Kap- pa Delta Pi 4; Dorm Counsel- or 4; Inter-Dormitory Council 3! 4' 175 POLACEK, CARL Cudahy, Wisconsin Academic Activities:BasebalI Team 4; Football Squad 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Royalty 2, 3, 4; "W" Club 1, 2, 3; Sigma Tau Gamma I, 2; Mercier I, 2, 3. POPKE, PATRICIA Lake Mills, Wisconsin Primary Activities:A.C.E. I, 2, 3, 4; Campus Coeds 1, 2; W.A.A. 2, 3, 4; Wesley 1, 2, 3, 4. PORTER, MARJORIE APLIN Mukwonago, Wisconsin Business Education ActivitiestBand I, 2, 3; Recreation Com- mittee 2 Secretary; 3; A.W.S. 3; F.B.L.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Theta Sigma Upsilon I, 2, Ukssistant Treasurer; 3; Wesley 1; Pi Omega Pi 3, 4. PROBST, PAUL Benton, Wisconsin Business Administration ActivitieszBowling League 4; Vets Club I, 2, 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 4; Mercier 1, 2, 37 4. RABBACH, DOUGLAS Watertown, Wisconsin Academic ActivitieszBand I; Inter-Varsity Christ- ian Fellowship 1; L.S.A. 2, 3, 4; International Club 3, 4. RADOMSKI, JAMES South Milwaukee, Wisconsin Elementary ActivitieszBasketbaH Squad 3; Baseball Team 4; Bowling League 4; Phi Chi Epsilon 3, 4. RECK, LAWRENCE Kenosha, Wisconsin Elementary Activities:A.C.E. 3, 4; Bowling League 2, 3; ths Who; Phi Chi Epsilon 2, iSergeant-at-Armsi 3, 4. REDFORD, ELMER Cambridge, Wisconsin Academic ActivitieszVets Club 1, 2; Who's Who; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4. REVOY, AUGUST F. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Elementary ActivitieszVets Club 2, 4Secretary4 3, 4; Delta Kappa 3, 4; Mercier 2, 3, 4- RICHTER, LEAH RAE Watertown, Wisconsin Primary Activities:A.C.E. 4; VVhds Who; A.W.S. 2; Sigma Sigma Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4; Mercier I, 2, 3, 4. ROBERTS, CHARLES N. Janesville, Wisconsin Business Education Activities:F.B.L.A. I, 2, 3, 4. RUGE, RICHARD W. Pembine, Wisconsin Business Education ActivitiessBaseball Team 1, 2, 4; Foot- ball Squad 1, 2, 3; iCo-Cap- mini 4; Homecoming King 3, 4; HW" Club 2, 3, 4; F.B.L.A. Sigma Tau Gamma 1, 2, 3, 4. RUSCH, MARY LOU Oshkosh, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: F.B.L.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Delta Zeta I, 2, iSergeant-at-arms; 3, 4; L.S.A. 2, 3, 4. RUZEK, DARLENE Hillsboro, Wisconsin Business Education Activities:Campus Coeds I, iSecretary- Treasurer; 2, iPresidenti 3, 4; Homecoming Royalty 3; F.B.L.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Scrooby I, 2, 3, 4- RYAN, JOHN Menasha, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities:Basketball Squad 2, 3; Bowl- ing League 3, 4; Class Vice- President 3; Homecoming Roy- alty 4; Junior Prom Royalty 3; "W" Club 2, 3, iVice-Pres- identi 4; Sigma Tau Gamma 1, 2, 3, iPresidenti 4; Mercier 2. 3. 4- SALENTINE, JEAN Muskego, Wisconsin Business Education Activities:Cheerleader 1; Junior Prom Queen 3; Student Council 2, 3; ths Who; A.W.S. 4; F.B.L.A. 1, 3, 4; Sigma Sigma Sigma 1, 2, 3, iPresidenti 4; LS.A. I, 2, iTreasureri 3, 4; Pi Omega Pi 3, 4; Freshman Counselor 2, 4. SCHADD, ROBERT C. Kenosha, Wisconsin Academic ActivitieszBand I, 2. 3, 4; Bowling League 3; Sigma Tau Gamma 1, 2, 3, 4; Kemper Club I, 2, 3! 4i SCHATZKA, JOAN VVestf'ieId, Wisconsin Business Education Activities:A Cappella Choir 2, 3; Min- neiska Staff I, 2, iBusiness Manageri 4; Treble Clef 1; F.B.L.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Delta Zefa l, 2, 3, iRecording Secretary; 4; Scrooby 2, 3. SCHENK, KAE Kenosha, Wisconsin Primary Activities:A.C.E. 2, 4; A.W.S. 4; Thea: Sigma Upsilon 3, iFirst Vice- Presideno 4; Mercier 2, 4. SCHILLER, NANCY Delavan, Wisconsin Primary Activities:A.C E. 1: Whois Who; Kappa Delta Pi 3, iPresidenti 4; Freshman Counselor 4. SCHMIDT, GEORGE D. Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities:F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4; Mercier I, 2. SCHOENEMAN, CAROL Wausau, Wisconsin Business Education Activities:W.A.A. 1; L.S.A. I, 2, 3; F.B.L.A. I, 4; Delta Zeta I, 2, iStandards Chairman; 3, 4. SCHRADER, WILLIAM P. Brodhead, Wisconsin Business Administration ActivitieszBowling League 3; F.B.L.A. 3, 4; Delta Kappa 2. 3. 4: Scrooby I, 2, 3, 4. SCHROEDER, DORIS Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin Business Education ActivitieszRoyaI Purple Staff 2, 3; W.A.A. I, iPresidenti 2, iRe- porter 3, 4; A.W.S. iPresi- denti 3, iPresidenO 4; F.B.L.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Delta Zeta 2, 3, iStandards Chairman; 4; Freshman Counselor 3, 4; Dorm Counselor 2, 3, 4; Dorm President 2, 3; Interdormitory Council 4. SCHULZ, NEAL Clinton, Wisconsin Academic ActivitiessBand 1, 2, 3, iVice-Presidenti 4; Homecoming Committee 4; junior Prom Royalty 3; Sigma Tau Gamma 1, 2, iHistoriani 3, iChaplaini 4; L.S.A. 1, 2, iFood Committee Chairman; 3, iPresidenO 4. SCHULTZ, FRANK Milwaukee, Wisconsin Business Education Activities:A Cappella Choir 1, 2; Foot- ball Assistant Manager I; Photographer 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Phi Chi Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4; L.S.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Orches- tra 3, 4; Freshman Counselor 3. 4- SCHUMANN, ARLENE Elkhorn, Wisconsin Primary Activities:AC.E. I; W.A.A. x; Whois Who; A.W.S. I, 2, iSecretaryi 3; Sigma Sigma Sigma 1, 2, 3, iCorresponding Secretaryi 4; Wesley I, 2; Kappa Delta Pi 3, iSecretaryi 4; Freshman Counselor 2, 3, 4. SCHUREN, HAROLD Genoa, City, Wisconsin Liberal Arts ActivitieSIVers Club I, 2, 3, 4; Delta Kappa 2, 3, 4; Scrooby I, iVice-Presidenti 2, 3, 4. SEKELSKY, JAMES Hurley, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities: Vefs Club 1; Sigma Tau Gam- ma 1, 2; Mercier 1; Beta Al- pha Sigma 4. SEVERSON, SANFORD C. Marinette, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities: Golf 2, 3, 4; Vets Club 4; BW" Club 2, 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 2, 3; Kemper 3, 4; Beta Alpha Sig- ma iTreasureri 3, iTreasur- er; 4. SHEALY, LEE Big Bend, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities:F.B.L.A. I, 2, 3; Sigma Tau Gamma 1, 2, 3, 4; Beta Alpha Sigma 3, 4. SINGER, NORMAN A. Neshkoro, Wisconsin Business Education ActivitieszHomecoming Committee 2, 3; F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4; Phi Sigma Epsilon I, iTreasureri 2, iTreasureri 3, 4; L.S.A. 1, 2, 3. SMESTAD, RICHARD Janesville, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities:Band x, 2, 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 4; Sigma Tau Gamma x, 2, 3, 4. SMITH, HAROLD Whitewater, Wisconsin Elementary Activitiestootball Squad 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Royalty 3; ii " Club I, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Tau Gamma 3, 4. SPIES, POLLY FREDRICK Westfield, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primary Activities:A.C.E. 1, 2, iVice-Presidenti 3, 4; Band iTwirleri 3, iTwir- leri 4; Homecoming Royalty 4; Whois Who; Alpha Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4; L.S.A. 1, 2, 3; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4. STATZ, JOHN Madison, Wisconsin Academic ActivitieszGoIf I; Vets Club 4; HWB Club 4. STEINHOFF, CAROLINE LaCrosse, Wisconsin Business Education Activitiest.B.L.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Mercier I, 2. 3. 4- STEINHORST, FAY Baraboo, Wisconsin Primary Activities:A.C.E. 1, 2, iTieasureri 3, 4; Recreation Committee 2, 3; Delta Zeta I, 2, iScholarship Chairmani 3, Second Vice- Presidenti 4; L.S.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. STELLA, GRACE D. Kenosha, Wisconsin Business Education Activities:F.B.L.A. 3, 4; Theta Sigma Upsilon 3, 4; Mercier 3, 4. STEVENS, BEVERLY Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin Business Education Activities: F.B.L.A. I, 2, 3, 4; L.S.A. 1, 2, 4; Pi Omega Pi 3, Secretary; 4; Interdormitory Council 4; Dorm Counselor 3, 4. STIGLBAUER, HELEN HUEBNER Waukesha, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primary Activities:A.C.E. 2, 3, 4; Sigma Sigma Sigma 2, 3, 4; Scrooby I. STONE, NEIL Whitewater, Wisconsin Liberal Arts ActivitieszVVesley I, 2, 3. STRATTON, FRANK Janesville, Wisconsin Business Education . ActivitiesWVhois Who; F.B.L.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Pi Omega Pi 3, ;Vice-Presi- denti 4. SUTTON, ALICE Columbus, Wisconsin Business Education ActivitieszThespians 2; F.B.L.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Kemper I, 3, Secretary- Treasureri 4. TEMPLETON, ARDIS Evansville, Wisconsin Kindergarten-Primary Activities:A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3; A.C.E. 1, 2, 3, 4; Panhellenic Council 3, iPresident; 4; Treble Clef I; A.W.S. 2; The- ta Sigma Upsilon x, 2, 3, 4; L.S.A. 1, 2, 3. TESSMER, DALE Wausau, Wisconsin Business Education ActivitieszVets Club I, 2, iVice-Presi- dent; 3, 4; Whois Who; F.B.L.A. 1, 2, iVice-Presidenti 3, 4; Mercier I, 2, 3; Pi Ome- ga Pi 3, ;Presidenti 4. TRIGGS, STANLEY Madison, Wisconsin Academic Activities:Sigma Tau Gamma 2, 3, 4. VALASKEY, KATHRYN Janesville, Wisconsin Primary Activities:A.C.E. I, 2; Thespians x; Sig- ma Sigma Sigma 1, 2, 3, iHomecoming Chairman; 4; L.S.A. I, 2. VAN MUN, MICHAEL G. Kimberly, Wisconsin Business Education Activities:Vets Club 1, 2, 3. VASSILIADES, VASSILIKI Volos, Greece Business Education Activities: Wits 2, 3, 4; F.B.L.A. 2, 3, 4; Kemper 2, 3, 4; International Club 2, 3, 4. VICKERMAN, ROSE Milton, Wisconsin Academic Activities: Mercier 2, 3, 4. VINER, HARLAND Onalaska, Wisconsin Business Administration Activities:Bowling League 3, 4; Recrea- tion Committee 3, Secretary; 4; Vets Club I, 2, 3, 4; Whois Who; Delta Kappa 2, ;Treas- uteri 3, 4. VOHS, WALTRAUT Whitehall, Wisconsin Business Education ActivitieszMinneiska Stafi 3, 4; Thespi- ans 2, Secretary; 3,4; W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4; F-B-LA- I, 2, 3, 4; L.S.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Pi Omega Pi 3, 4; Theta Alpha Phi 3, 4. VOSS, KATHLEEN Muskego, Wisconsin Business Education Activities:Minneiska StaH 2, 3, 4; Royal Purple Staff 2, 3, 4; Thespians 1; W.A.A. I, 2; F.B.L.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Sigma Sigma 2, 3, iKeeper of the Grades; 4; L.S.A. 1, 2, 3. WAHL, DONALD Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin Academic Activities:Band 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 2, 3, 4. WAHL, WAYNE K. Durand, Illinois Business Administration Activities:Debate 3; F.B.L.A. 3; Phi Chi Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4; Beta Alpha Sigma 4. WARGIN, JOHN Milwaukee, Wisconsin Business Education ActivitieszBand 1, 2, 3, ; Drum Major 2, 3, ; Pep Band Director 3, ; Homecoming Committee 2, 3, iChairman; 4; Interfraternity Council ;Treasureri 3; Royal Purple Staff 2; F.B.L.A. I, 2, iTreasurer; 3, 4; Delta Kap- pa 1, 2, iPresidenU 3, Wub- licity Editor; 4; Mercier I, iSociaI Chairman; 2, iPresi- dent; 3, 4; Inter-Dormitory Council 4; Dormitory Counsel- or 4. WEAVER, JOHN T. Watertown, Wisconsin Academic ActivitieszBowIing League 1, 2, iSecre- taryi 3, Secretary; 4; Golf 2, 3, 4; Interfraternity Council 3; Vets Club 4; BW" Club 3, 4; Phi Chi Epsilon 1, 2, GHedgemasteri 3, 4; Wesley 2, 3. WIEN, JANET Janesville, Wisconsin Business Education ActivitieszRoyaI Purple Staff I, iAdver- tising Manager; 2, ;Business Manager; 4; F.B.L.A. x, 2, 3, 4; Delta Zeta x, 2, iGuardi 3, iCorresponding Secretary; 4; Mercier I, 2, 3, 4; Fresh- man Counselor 4. WILL, PAUL Janesville, Wisconsin Business Education Activities:Bowling League 3; Homecom- ing Committee 4; Student Council 4; F.B.L.A. I, 2, 4; Sigma Tau Gamma I, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Counselor 3, 4. WITT, DONALD E. Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin Business Administration ActivitieszBasketball Squad 1, 2; Home- coming Committee 2, 3; BW" Club I, 2, 3, iTreasurer; 4; F.B.L.A. 1, 2, 3, 4,; Sigma Tau Gamma 1, 2; L.S.A. x, 2; Freshman Counselor 3. WOLFF, JAMES Seymour, Wisconsin Liberal Arts ActivitiestBaseball Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Bowling League 2, 3, iVice- President; 4; Debate 4; Jun- ior Prom Royalty 3; Royal Purple Staff 1, ;Sports Editor; 2, iEditor-in-Chief; 3, 4; BW" Club 2, G'residenG 3, 4; Phi Chi Epsilon I, iCorresponding Secretary; 2, iVice President; 3, 4; Mercier 2, 3, ;Vice-Pres- ident; 4; Student Council 2, 3. WOLOWICZ, JAMES Port Washington, Wisconsin Business Education ActivitieszBaseball Team iManageri 1; Basketball Squad ;Manager; 1; Football Squad iManageri 1; F.B.L.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Tau Gamma 1, 2, 3, iHistor- ian; 4; L.S.C.S. I, 2. Student Index Abendroth, Curtis 24, 25, 80, 98, 121, 145, 152 Aceto, Robert 25 Ackerman, Ralph 86 Adelman, Sandra 58 Agnew, Norene 55, 68, 7o, 94 Agnew, Yvonne 46 Ahn, Yul Jah 46, 82, 100 Albrecht, John Albrightson, Robert 72, Alby, Joan 25 Alby, Patricia 74, 148 Algiers, Theodore 69 Allen, Earl 50, 117 Allen, Judy 58 Allen, Roger 25, 81, 86 A11en,Thomas 117, 134 Allen, Thomas F. 57 Alm, Peter 51 Alscth, Deborah 49 Altenburg, Irene 49, 74, 77, 98, 148 Amborn, Gilbert 56 Amend, Laurence 72 Ames, Vera 48 Amundsen, Donald 46 Amundsen, Harold 54 Amundsen, James Amundsen, John 53 Andersen, Hans 25, 40, 126, 129 Andersen, Patricia 109 Andersen, Roger 25 Anderson, Clifford 25 Anderson, David 117, 130 Anderson, Dorothy 55, 100 Anderson, Judith 49, 65, 72, 77, 105, 148 Anderson, Karen 56, 63 Anderson, Kenneth Annis, Mary 45, 69, 75, 99, 108 Apfelbeck Virginia 58, 93 Arends, Shirley 57 Arentsen, Diana 58 Arenz, Dale 51, 86 Armstrong, Gerald Arndt, Robert 48 Aschenbrenner, Mary 45 Aschenbrenner, Matilda 53 Asmann, Gerald 117, 134 Astin, Wayne 25, 80 Atkinson, Robert 54 Aughey, Robert Ayen, Barbara 55, 70 116, 145 Baar, Karen 58, 74. Babcock, Diane 48, 63, 64, 99, 104 Babcock, Emery Babcock, Gordon Bacon, Robert Bailey, Robert 53, 134 Baird, Jerry 25, 144 Balliette, Richard 50 Ballmer, Betty 50, 77 Balmer, David 25, 134 Banker, Albert 25, 86 Bannister, Doris 44, 82 Baranowski, Edward 25, 40, 62, 84, 103, 117, 128 Bardeen, Barbara 45, 63, 73, 113 Barnwell, Gordon 44, 80, 119 Barton, Ronald 57, 73 Bartos, Sonia 50 Bartz, Donna 45, 148, 149 Bartz, Earl 56 Bass, Kay 49 Bassler, Carl 49 Batker, James 117 Bauman, Allen 58 Bauman, Robert 49 Baumann, Merlin 58 Beaulier, James 53 Beck, Norman 54 Becker, Robert 25, 117, 152 Beckius, Dennis 45 Beckman, Barbara 50 Beggs, Mary 48, 93, m4 Behl, James Behling, Roger 25, 80 Beischel, Dean 44, 98, 119, 130, 152 Beistle, James 58 Belke, Dale 56 Bell, Peter 117, 134, 152 Below, Andrea 55, 100 Belzer, Spencer Benavente, Julia 58, 82 Benedict, Spencer 81, 98, 130 Bengston, Sonja 55, 79 Benkovic, Roger 53, Bennett, Bruce 53, 134 Bente, Barbara 44, 76, 96, 148, 149 Bentheimer, James Berendsen, Donald 5o, 80, 84, 128 Bergemann, Gerald 48 Beske, Shirley 54 Best, Gayle 45, 80, 109 Bialozynski, Ronald 87, 117 Bicket, Philip 58, 71 Bicksler, Richard Biege, Robert 52, 62, 83, 86 Bier, Charles 56 Bigelow, Mary 46, 72, 77, 100 Billiat, Robert 25, 129 Billmann, James 25, 73, 101, 115, 153 Bird, Kenneth 58 Birtzer, Larry 51 Bishop, Gloria 100, 109 Blaese, Kathleen 50, 66, 107 Blake, Bill Bluske, Monte 49, 121, 137 Bobb, Donald 26, 78, 124 Bohman, Helen 49, 80 Bollinger, Lois 26, 88, 96 Boltz, Marilyn 57, 96 Bonadio, Tony Bongard, Mary 55, 69, 71, 75, 79. 93. I49 Bonsack, Barbara 50; Borja, Marion 58, 74, 80, 82 Bosley, Susie 44, 80, 109 Bosman, Robert 47, 62, 72, 97, 120, 144 Bossler Fern 57 Bostwick, Thomas 46 Bowe, Gerald 43, 134 Boyd, Judith 56 Boyer, Howard 26, 153 Boylan, John 59, 134 Brackett, Kenneth 59 Bradley, Lawrence 56, 86 Bradshaw, Robert 54, 73, 100 Bramer, Frederick 54 Brannan, James 26, 130, 152 Brassard, William 57 Brassington, Carol 44, 73 Brassington, Richard Braun, Beverly 49 Braun, Thomas Braunschweig, Donna, 54 Bredendick, Otto 55, 70 Breitzman, Carole 46, 84, 128 Brennan, Sara 49, 109 Bringe, Bernard Brittelli, Jim 117, 144, 152 Britten, Marion 54, 74, 98 Brog, Sharon 55 Broome, Mary 50, 105 Brosteau, John 59, 134 Brown, Fayrene 44, 105 Brown, James345, 116, 145 Brown, Susan 48 Bruce, Barbara 44, 69, 81, 95, 110 178 Bruecher, Jeanine 45, 93, 127 'Brukardt, Shirley 57, 148 Brummond, Patricia 26 Brunette, Jeanne 55, 59, 71: 757 79, 94; I13 148, 149 Brunswmk, Charles 26, 130 Buch, Robert 26, 40, 126, 145 Buchanan, William 57, 86 Buchholz, Donna 48, 79, 84, 128 Buchko, Donald 57 Buckley, Sandra 51 Bulkow, Jane 57, 148 Bullamore, Donald 54, 100 Bullard, Beverly 59 Buoh, Frederick 86 Burant, Anthony 55 Burdick, Judith 50, 105 Burns, John 57 Burpee, Richard 123 Burton, David 49 Busse, Louis 55 Butcher, Richard 59, 83 Butland, Michael Butterfield, Lois 26, 63, 105 Cabush, Daniel 102 Cahn, Robert 50 Calhoun, Conalee 55 Calhoun, Judith 53 Calvert, Millicent 48, 72, 109, 129 Campbell, Jeanette 44, 80, 104 Campbell, Richard 44 Camplin, David 44, 62, 91, 123 Cantwell, Richard 38, 123, 130, 153 Carey, Eugene Carlson, La Verne 44, 66, 80, 96, 127, 148 Carlson, Ramert 26, 81 Carney, Thomas 55 Carpenter, Donald Cary, VVilIiam 44 Casey, John Casper, David 114, 145 Cassidy, David K Cates, Jeanette 48, 77, 98, 108 Caturia, Vernon Cease, John 123 Chamberlin, Ralph 153 Chapman, William 87 Chelius, Wayne Charles, Mary 55 Cherf, Richard 55, 73 Chermak, Gregory 59 Chopp, Holle 57, 100, 113 Chrisman, Byron 26, 67 Chrobak, Richard 57 Chilton, Norman Cimarosti, Jerry 56 Clark, James 134 Clark, Kenton Clark, Robert Clay, Kathryn 55 Clegg, John 26 Cleminson, Ronald 54 Clunie, Mary 45, 73, 75, 76, 100, 126 Coe. Patricia 50, 100, 105 Collins, Thomas 54 Colombe, Clarence 44, 121 Colombe, Fernand 45 Compton, James 115 Conklin, William, 134 Condon, James Cooke, Gene 26 Cooper, Barbara 59 Cooper, Carol 55 Cooper, Maxine 26, 99 Copper, Frances 50 Corda, Gerald 82 Corneth, Carol 48, 80, 104 Cory, VViIliam 137 Cosgrove, Carol 58, 74 Costigan, Patricia 5o, 63, 93, 106 Cotter, Joseph 39 Couch, Patricia 5o, 69, 77, 112 Coulthart, Charles 134 Courtice, Nancy 50, 96, 112, 148 Cox, David 49, 68, 121 Cox, James Coer, John Crandall, William 58, 72, 73 Crary, Charles 72, 73, 124 Craw, Marjorie 44, 74 Cresson, Norma 56 Cribben, Roseann 50 Cripps, Donald 26, 89, 116 Cronin, Phyllis 48, 79, 96, 130, 149 Crownhart Wanda 49 Cuene, Rosemary 44, 64, 78, 109 Cull, Roberta 58 Culpitt, Norma 5o, 79 Cunningham, Bette 44, 94, 104 Cunningham, Sharon 55, 68, 7o, 75, 93 Custer, Elmer 26, 79, 86, 102 Daggett, David 59 Dahlke, David 55, 70, 73, 101 Dahlke, Rita 26 Dalee, Sharan 56, 93 Dallman, Patricia 45, 74, 77, 96 Dammann, Jean 106 Damrau, John 59 Danielson, James 57 Danielson, William 55 Darling, Robert 54 Daun, Jerry 55 Davidson, Douglas 117 Davies, Gary 44, 121 Davis, Bruce 98 Davis, Cynthia 46, 75, 105 Davis, Kenneth 53 Davis, Larry Davison, Glenn 27 DeBock, Carol 48, 91, 109 DeCoster, Ann 49, 80, 83, 93, 108, 148 Deeter, Donald 27 Dehler James 69, 115 Deist, Mary 44, 94, 108 DeMarsh, Mary 57 DeMund, Mary 50, 72, 104 Densely, Beverly 44 Denzer, Marlene 57, 71 Dettmering, Janet 57, 146 Dettmers, Edward Devine, Francis 54 Dexter, David Dhein, Herbert 50, 79, 91 Dibble, Leroy 49, 85, 86, 131 DeBiase, Phyllis 63, 108 Dick, Jerome 56 Dickoff, James 27 Dickson, John 56, 84, 100 Diderrich, Alfred Dietrich, Georgia 27, 81 Dobson, Joyce 56 Dollase, William 57, 86 Dominy, Karyn 53 Donny, Melchior 27, 86, 94 D'Orazio Terence 57 Dornachcr, Laurence 50, 120 Dose, Richard 54 Doughty, Errol 86 Douglas, Robert 27 Downey, Paul Doyle, Sharon 27, 68, 81, 94, 104, 105 Draeger, Bernard 57 Drath, Patricia 58, 148 Drew, James 55, 134 Dries, Irene 5o, 65, 77, 94, 104, 148 Drum, Stanley Drumm, Beverly 49, 80, 100, 113, 131 Drunasky, Leo 55 Dunham, Richard 86 Dunlap, Tim 59 Durdall, David 59 Eastman, Lucia 27, 63, 111 Eberhardt, James 58, 134 Eberhardt, Richard 46 Eberle, Raymond 50, 91 Egstad, Marlene 44, 81, 111 Egstad, Yvonne 55, 74 Ehle, Joan 47, 49, 104, I46 Ehlers, James 59 Ehren, David 46, 69, 93, 115 Ehren, Joseph 55, 71 Ehren, Virginia 69, 80, 94, 112, 148 Ehrhardt, Marilyn 80, 88, 98 Eichsteadt, Barbara 44, 93, 106 Eidenberger, Carol 44, 107 Ekdahl, Carol 44, 108 Elbert, Steven 62, 91, 115, 130 Elliott, Beverly 5o, 79, 100, 112 Elliott, Judith 49 Ellis, Herbert 84, 128, 131 Ellis, Ronald 84, 128 Ells Carlton 57 Enerson, Sandra 55, 69, 71, 79 Engen, David 57 Erckfritz, Virginia 44, 109 Erdmann, Lee Erickson, Arlene 55, 96 Erickson, Bernice I Erickson, Diane Erickson, Jill 53, 74, 96 Erickson, John 69 ; Erickson, Roy Erikson, Herbert Esser, James 57 Essock, Harry 57, 72, 73 Etheridge, Alice 44, 79 Etzelmueller, Kenneth 45, 80, 91, 97, 121, 130, 152 Everman, Donald Fagen, Patrick Falck, Edward 27, 123 153 Falkosky, Donald 48, 80 Fallos, Donna Fardy, Kathleen 58, 73, 79, 94 Fardy, Margarett 27, 91, 105 Farrah, Bonita 56, 63 Fausch, Harlan 57 Feest, Joseph 124 Feiter, Mary 55, 7o, 77 Fenske, Ralph 98, 130 Ferg, Gordon 56, 84 Ferge, George 27, 120 Fergus, Robert Ferkey, Duane Fetherston, Wallace Fields, Allan 58 Fietzer, Jannice 55, 7o, 96 Fischer, Charles 49 Fischer, Janet 49, 74, 97, 104 Fischer Kenneth 53 Fischer, Patricia 49, 108 Fisher, James 137 Fisher, Sally 55 Fitzpatrick, Dennis Flanagan, Dennis Flanagan, Gerald 134 Flanagan, Lawrence 55, 68, 7o Flint, George 27 Florence, Conny 54, 72 Fons, Louis Foss, Judith 58 Fowler, Marilyn 50 Fox, Donald 56, 86 Frahm, Jon 54, 69, 71 Frank, Judith 58, 100 Frank. Mary 48, 84, 100, 128 Frankie, Karen 44, 81 127 Freng, Lynell 59 Friberg, Ivahamarie 55, 71, 96 Friday, Joseph 28, 87, 93, 130 Frederich, Phyllis 179 Frisch, Stewart 57 Froehlke, Helen 48, 63, 79, 94, 107, 146 Fuller, Ronald Fulton, Gerald 97, 126 Gaartz, Joanne 28, 111 Gadwill, Peggy 54, 93 113. 149 GaEney, Jerry 55 Ganoung, John 55, 72, 73, 80, 84 Gans, Leon 53, 153 Ganser, Carl 50 Ganser, Joseph 48 Gantenbein, Mary 44, 80, 94, 148 Garens, Judith Geiger, Margaret 56 Gendrich, Judith 49, 79 Genin, Louis 57 Gentes, Donna 28, 129 George, Marybelle George, Ruby Gerlach, Bette Gessert, John 50, 85, 93, 123, 130, 131 Gessl, Ronald 49, 115, 153 Giencke, Marion 55, 77 Gilbertson Karen 53, 101, 148, 149 Gilboe Harold 54 Gile, Carol 55, 77 Gile, Carol A. 55, 98 Gilles, Verne 44, 81, 130 Gilliland, Marshal 85, 86, 131 Gjeston, David 48, 51, 69, 71 Glander James 28 Glass, John Gleasman Barbara 105 Glynn, Bonnie 55 Gocker, Jeanne 28, 80, 107 Goeden, Patricia 45 Goesling Judith 49, 96 Goff, David Goff, Loran 28, 115 Gombar, Francis 44, 118 Goodsir, George Gorden, Juanita 45 Gorder, Joan 50, 104 Gordon, Keith Gorski, Richard Gotzion, Gary 53 Gourlie, David 59, 86 Gourdine, Terry 75 Graf, Nancy Grahm, John 53, 100, 153 Granik, Kenneth 44 Gray, Dianne 44, 73, 113 Gray Julianne 54, 72 Green, Donald 54 Greenberg, Paul 58 Greenlee, Richard Greenwood, Janice 28, 63, 107, 129 Gregori, Mary Ann 28, 73 111 Gregorich, Robert 28, 130 Greiber, Darlene 56, 74, 81, 96, 148, 149 Gretschmann, Willits Grinde, George 44, 80, 96 Gross, James 28, 93, 121, 152 Grove, Douglas 53, 100 Grunwaldt, Roy Grupe, Earl 45, 79, 117 Gruver Nanci 55, 72, 77 Guelig, Jeanne 56, 80, 93 Gunnelson, Mary 58 Gurrie, Terrance 119 Gurrie, Thomas 120, 152 Guss, Robert 28 Gutkowski, Gerald 44 Gutkowski, Richard 54 Guyon, William 44 Haak, Kenneth 56, 134 Haakensen, David 124 Hack, Kathleen 57 Hadfiield, Gay 28, 106 Haessly, Bonnie 56, 73, 146 Hagan, Carole 53, 113, 149 Hagan Gerald 123 Hagen, Robert 117, 152 Hahn, Barbara Haisting, Ronald Halverson, William 28 Halvorsen, Bonnie 53, 7o, 98, 148 Hamilton, Rita 28, 81, 83, 91, 96, 148 Hamilton, Thomas 44, 81, 91, 93, 103, 121, 130 Hamm, Martha Hammersberg, James 56 Hammond, David 54 Hanick, Richard 28, 117, 144 Hanko, Richard 66, 123 Hanley, Margaret 93 Hanneman, David 49, 117, 134 Hansen, David 55 Hansen, Gail 57 Hansen, Jean 50, 79, 105 Hansen, Judith 56 Hansen, Kathleen 58 Hanson, Dianne 28, 40, 107, 162 Hanson, Juanita Hanson, Nancy 44 Harada Carol 49, 82 Harding, Allan 45, 86 Haried, Susan Harlacher, Arlene Harmon, Mary 44, 94 Harper, Linda 49, 74, 79, 98, 112 Harris, Allen 59 Harrison, Joyce 29, 96, 148 Harsevoort, Doris 55, 69, 71, 98 Hart, Monica 24, 29, 4o, 62, 80, 103, 105, 127 Hart, Raymond Hart, Richard 29, 134 Hatter, Gene 59, 134 Hartman, Linda 53, 7o Hartnett, John 134 Hartwig, Robert Harvatine, Bruce 55, 81 Hase, Mary 55, 72 Hassell, David 44, 66, 81, 86, 89, 92, 123 Hassell, Ronald 59, 94 Haugen, George 59 Haun, James 54 Hauser, Daniel 49 Hauser, John 69 Hauser, Kathleen 77, 148 Haworth, Barbara 29, 73, 107 Hayes, Judy 58 Hazlewood, Judith 49 Hebl, Frank . Hebl, William 56, 134 Heck, Lucile 55, 70, 101 Hecox, Lorin 44 Hehli, Thomas 55 Heiden, Janice 49, 68, 82, 96 Hein, Don 129 Hein, Richard 44 Heit, Clarence Heitz, Harriet 48, 62, 72, 91, Helbing, Fregh Helfert, Mary 72, 105 Helmeid, Judith 55, 69, 71 Henderson, Charles 57 Henn, La Verne 45, 86, 130 Hennessy, Earl Herbert, Craig 44, 120 Herman, Barbara 44, 46, 65, 66, 81, 93 Herro, Joseph 46, 116, 144, 152 Hewitt, Jo 29 Hibbard, Josephine 59, 77 Hillman, Friedo Hilkin, Marie 49, 94 Hill, Charles 158 Hille, Robert Hipki, Jack 115, 153 Hirsig, Norman 49, 115 Hnilicka, Rosemary 29, 106 Hoague, Kenneth Hobbs, Louise Hobbs, James Hodge, Violet 29 Hoese, Rodney 59, 84 Hoff, Mylen Hoffland, Sandra 50 Hoffman John 59 Hoffman, La Verne Hoffman, Carol Ann 54 Hoffman, Carol 48, 79, 83, 93, 96, 148 Hojem Celia 49, 68 149 Hokkanen, Annette 29, 105, 127 Hokkanen, Dale 48, 134 Holden, Ruth 54, 68, 7o Holden Virginia 54 Holford, James 86 Holford, John 46, 86 H011, Milton 45 Holling, Carol Hollister, Robert Holub, Jack 29, 84, 91, 128 Holzhuter, Dale 56, 137 Honohan, Patricia 29, 4o, 77, 94, 107 Hookstead, Gwendolyn 45 Hooper, Mary 54 Hooper, Phyllis 53 Hopp, Anita 54 Hoppe, James 117 Hoppe, Mary 48, 79, 94, I07 Hoppe, Suzanne 59, 69, 7o, 71 Horlacher Arlene Horlick, Alexandra 5o, 69, 84, 99 Horn, John 55 Hornburg, Doris 29, 105 Hornburg, Hadley 66, 124, 127, 153 Hosler, Phil Hougard, Antoinette 56, 66, 79, 94 Hovgaard, Alvin 29 Hay, David 58 Hoynek, Ethel Hoyt, Patricia 74 Hubbard Carol 56 Hudson, Gerry 106 Hudson, Jeanne 54 Huebner, Dale 117, 134 Huebner, Helen Hughes, Arthur Hume, Alberta Hunger, Charles 152 Hunn, Patricia Hunt, Marilyn 59, 84 Hunt, Roger 58 Hunter, Roy 50, 66, 67, 81 Hunter, Stephen 54 Hurlbutt, Robert 29 Huston, Harvey Hutchinson, Elizabeth Hyland, James Hynes, Donna 58 Ihland, Dale 5o, 83, 114 Ingersoll, Robert Irwin, Linda 49, 79, 100, 108 Isabell, Louis Isakson, Joyce 29 Isakson, Richard 29 153 Ison, Barbara 29, 110 Jackson, Joan 49, 79, 109 Jackson, Robert Jacobsen, William Jacobson, Duane 30, 72, 73, 82, 117, 134, I45. 152 Jacobson, Jeanne 3o, .83 Jacobson, Milton Jacobson, William 30, 51, 79 James, Elizabeth James, Robert 86 James, Susan 46, 107 Jamieson, John Janke Donald 57 Jankowski, Justin 52, 56, 62, 94, 134 Janowiak, Judith 180 Jansen Richard 48 Jaworski, Geraldine 30 Jensen, Barbara 48, 74, 96, 148, 149 Jensen, Marilyn 3o, 72, 109 Jensen, Thomas 99 Jepson, Robert Jerabek, Joyce 43, 46. 63. 66, 78. 95. m, 127, 148, 149, 162 Jgrdee, Ruth 45, 74, 77, 96, 112, I47, I49 Jlrush, Lenore 49, 74. 77, 94, 108 Joel's, Thomas 30 Johnson, Ardis 30, 107 Johnson, Carolyn 57, 74, 96, 149 Johnson, Donna 53, 77, 96 Johnson, Doris 53 Johnson, Georgette 30 Johnson, Marilyn 3o, 81, 83, 100, 104, 105, 127, 148 Johnson, Marian 30 Johnson, Roger 117, 134, 144 Jones, Carol 30, 4o, 91, 94, 105, 126, 146 Jones, Richard 45, 130 Jorgensen, Mary 48, 79, 109 Jorns, Marlene 53, 79, 101, 148, 149 Jung, Beverly 59, 79 Jung, Harold 5o jung, Mary 46, 105 Kalerli, Isabel 30, 6'6, 156, 162 Kaempfer, George 50, 134 Kaepernick, John 73, 81, 101, 121 Kaeppel, Albert 30, 86, 152 Kaiser, Dewey 44, 79, 96 Kalscheur, Donald 79, 124 Kalscheur, Richard 50, 12.4 Kamholtz, Sharon 57 Kamla, Dwane 30, 68, 69, 118 Kampo, Sherrine 45, 8o, 94 Kanehl, Joy 113 Kant, Deanna 45, 103, 110 Kapp, Darlene 44, 65, 68, 91, 96 Kara, Jacqueline 57, 77 Karas, Virginia 45, 112 Kasper, Curtis 54 Katchever, Ronald 57 Katt, Kenneth Kaupanger, Sharon 53, 79, 96 Kauth, Leland 30, 116, 145, 152 Kayser, Helen 127 Kearns, Mary 50, 104 Keck, Lorraine 53, 98 Kedrowicz, Pauline 48, 79, 93, 109, 162 Keeling, John 31, 83 Keepers, Patricia 46, 62, 72, 75, 81, 91, 99, 103, 104, I05 Kehoe, Shirley 30, 107 Keller, Ann 56 Kelly, Jerry 49 Kelly, Judith 55, 77, 96, 148 Kelly, Marjorie 53, 98 Kemmerer, David Kempf, Weldon Kennedy, John 56 Kennedy, Kenneth Kerkman, Roger 134 Kerr, Helen 57, 69, 71, 74 Kerr, Warner 31, 72, 117, 130, 134, 137, 152 Kesler, Barbara 50 96, 108 Kessler, Carolyn 48, 68, 96, 108 Ketter, Sandra 57, 68, 7o, 75 Kettle, Larry 57 Keulman, Patsy 31, 106 Kielgas, Judith 54, 96 Kinateder, Carol 48, 79, 94, 104 Kinderman, Dale Kinlschi, Richard 73 King, James Kinna, John Kinyon, Harold 44, 73, 91 Kipp, Charles Kisseb, Renate Kissinger, James 44, 62, 80, 119 Kittelson, Roger 31, 130 Klade, Curtis 34, 45, 80, 91, 98, 118, 130 Klemenko, Barbara 45, 99, 108 Klemp, Adella 49 Klemp, Janice 43, 45, 111 Kline, Ruth 50, 112, 148 Klingbeil, Robert Klink, Roy 13o Klinner, Kathryn 46, 75, 102, 126 Klitzkie, Linn 58 Kloehn, Kendall 73, 119 Kluender, Kay 31, 96 Klug, Thomas Klukas, Shirley 31, 65, 74, 79, 96 Knaak, Dana 45 Knaak, Karen 49, 63, 78, 100, 109 Knaackstedt, Patricia 49, 68, 108 Kneiert, Donald 46 Knudsen, Elizabeth 72, 107 Knurr, Allen 31, 129 Knutson, Eric 46 Koch, Dorothy 57, 77, 96 Koch, Gary 48 Koeppen, Sharon 63 Kohlmetz, Carol 53, 101, 146 Kohlmeyer, Judith 57, 7o, 79, 94 Kohls, Beverly 54, 71, 77, 101 Kohls, Carol 45, 63, 106, 149 Kolano, Sigmund 50, 120, 134, 145 Kollatz, Nancy 31, 80, 127, 130, 148, 149 Koller, Randall 89, 115 Konst, Terrance Kopplin, Leonard 73 Koppelmeyer, Walter 38, 122 Korb, Ronald 56 Korrison, Jerome Kortbein, Carol 31, 81, 111, 127 Koschak, Barbara 31, 109 K012, John Kozaki, Elaine 45 Kraby, Beverly 4.8, 73, 77, 148 Kraft, Shirley 48, 96 Krahn, Gilbert 31, 69, 115, 129 Kramer, Robert 59 Krans, Roger 119 Kraus, David 45 Krause, Judith Krause, Robert 130 Krening, JoAnn 53 Kresl, judith 56, 66, 74., 94 Krestan, Diana 54 Kreul, Robert Kriegl, Sylvia 56, 74. 77, 84 Krosnicki, Gloria 55 Krueger, Douglas Krueger, James 46, 86 Krueger, Marilyn 31, 109 Krug, James 55, 70, 7I Kruger, Dennis 57, 152 Krupke, Carol 53 Kubiak, Clarence Kubitz, Kenneth 31 Kubly, Elizabeth 58 Kuczynski, Naomi 59 Kuebli, Janet 79 Kuehn, Dianne 50, 74, 77, 94, 113 Kuester, Richard 45, 86, 93, 121, 145 Kugler, Carol 31 Kuhnke, Rodger 58 Kumlien, Thomas 56 Kunst, Victoria 31, 4o, 72, 91, 100, 110, 127 Kutz, Janette 46, 66, 101, 105 Kutz, Richard 57 Lacke, Thomas Ladwig, Dennis La Frombois, Lynn 31, 91, 110 Lamb, Howard 57 Lamberton, Rita 32, 107 Lamberton, Richard 129 Landi, Francis 58 Landolt, Richard Lang, Philip 45 Langer, La Verne 51, 73, 93, 121 Langrehn, Delores Lapp, Nancy 56 Larson, Robert 50, 96, 115 Latham, Bernard 54. Lauersdorf, Delores 49, 79 Lawrence, Linda 5o Leary, Barbara 50 Leathem, William Le Blanc, Valerie 32 Lee, Karen 45, 69, 83, 91, 100, 109 Leer, John Lefebvre, Rose Marie 44, 65, 80, 127 Lefebvre, Sandra 45, 68, 80, 94, 127 Leme, James 124 Lehman, Daniel Lehman, Helen 5o, 93 Leidheisl, Doris 39 Leipold, Kenneth Lemke, Charlotte 49 Lemminger, James Lent, Nelson 54 Leon, Francisco 58 Leranth, Rich 123 Lessard, Barton 54 Leve, Carol 59 Lewke, Janice 32, 63, 80, 96 Lien, Barbara 58, 96 Lien, Richard Lillevold, Phyllis 48, 79, 96, 130 Lindas, Gerald 123 Lins, Donald 56 Linski, Conrad 58 Lintvedt, Ethel Lisilton, Tom Lisowski, Linus 45, 86 Litzler, Richard 50, 99, 121 Llanas, Eugene Lloyd, Janet 56, 98 Logan, Ann 57, 63, 100 Logemann, Robert Loggy, Dorothy Lohry, Judith 58 Lornson, Richard 54 Lottig, Alice 46, 73, 100 Louis, Dorothy 50, 68, 79, 94, 113, 148, 149 Louison, Duane Loverine, Denis 55 Lucchi, Julene 58, 102 Ludois, Charles 48, 72 Ludtke, Phil 49, 69, 83, 114, 115, 153 Ludwig, Linda 54 Ludwig, Richard Luebke, Carole 45, 74 Luebke, Roy Lueck, Richard 57, 134 Luecke, Ronald Lueder, Norma Luedtke, Allen Luedtke, Frank 56 Lund, Barbara 58 Lund, Donald 144, 137 Lund, William MacDonald, Gary MacDonald, Sandra Machut, Grace 46, 80 Mackin, Thomas 46,!79, 86 Madisen, Alvin Madsen, Irv 62 Madsen, John Miabaum, Mona 48, 73, 104 Malin, Arthur Malone, Mary 49 Malsch, Gloria 50, 77, 96, 113 Malsch, Jane 58, 70, 77, 96 113 Maly, Kathryn 5o, 74, 94, 108 Mandel, Marlys 56, 100 Manogue, Kathleen 32 Manske, Lois Mante, Myra 44, 63, 76, 101, 148, 149 Mares, Carmella 53 181 Margelofsky, Ronald 56 Margosian, Michael 32 Marousek, Howard 46, 80, 98, 130 Marquardt, Douglas 44, 67, 80, 119 Marquardt, Lynn Marquart, Jane 58, 148 Marsden, Joy 58, 66, 74., 98 Marshall, Alan Marshall, Edward Martens, Betty 50, 94, 109 Martens, James 32, 121 Marti, Dorothy 56 Martin, Larry 73 Martin, Richard 32 Mason, Louis Mathews, Douglas Mathias, Audrey Matti, Leila 44, 79, 100 Mattick, Tom 120 Matzke, Robert Maurer, George Maves, Carl Mayer, Donald 55 Mayer, James 68, 73, 101, 121, 152 Mayhew, Leland 48, 81 McBryde, Mary 54 McCaHery, Ronald 54 McCarthy, Jeremiah McCarthy, Jerome 32 McCarthy, Vernon 46, 67, 87, 92, 124, 130, 152 McCaughey, Terry McCluskey, Kathleen 45, 66, 79, 109 McConnell, Mary 48, 74 McCormick, Duane McCue, Marie 32, 82 McCue, Richard McDermott, Edward McDermott, Sally 54 McElroy, Thomas MCGregor, Peter McGrey, Michael 32, 62, 68, 103, 114 McGuire, Charles 56, 87, McIntyre, Walter 58, 86 McKay, Janice 56, 94 McKiIligan, George 99, 126 McMahon, Caroline 73, 93, 112 McMahon, Brian 115 McMenomy, Thomas 73 McMillan, Robe1t49, 120 McSweeney, Robert 53 Meadows, Eldridge 59 Meerschaert, Robert 137 Meier, Richard 57 Meiller, Donald 32 8 Meisenheimer, David 50, 99, 121 Melillo, Gertrude 48 Melius, Patricia 32, 80, 107 Mendesz, Janice 32, 88 Merson, Franklin 91 Messmer, Judith 58, 74 Messner, Matthew 53 Meumann, Judith 48, 79, 96 Meyer, Gertrude Meyer, Harold 54 Meyer, Judith 45 Meyer, Kenneth 58 Meyer, Marilyn 59, 94 Meyer, Vernon 58 Meyers, Anne 49, 84, 112, 128 Meyers, Gayle 5o Miesel, Carol 102 Migas, Darlene 45, 79, 91, 98, 109, 127 Miles, Dennise 53 Miller, Curtis Miller, Edward Miller, Glenda 5o, 80, 100 Miller, J5me Miller, Joanne 32, 65, 91, 109, 127 Miller, Loren 46 Miller, Margo Miller, Patricia 5o, 72, 96, 108 Miller, Richard 57 Miller, Suzanne 59 Miller, Thomas 56, 72, 73, 93 Minorik, Dorothy 44, 80, 94 Minucci, James 44, 62, I30 Mirr, Shirley 56 Mirsberger, Gerald 32 Mishleau, Dale 55, 73 Mitchell, Dale Mitchell, Rose 45, 69, 77, 94 108 Mitchell, Thomas 32, 117, 145 Miyabara, Myrtle 45 Modlinski, Julius 33, 91, 122, 130 Molden, John 55 Molenda, Julieanna 54, 93, 148 Moll, Frank Monday, Joseph 56. 72, 73. 93 Monfort, Harlem 58 Monroe. Mary 46, 74, 77, 83, 94. 105, I48. I49 Montgomery, Alice 33, 62, 63, 72, 105, 126, 156, 161 Moore, Patrick Morgan, James 46, 124 Morgan, Richard 59 Morkin, Edward 73, 124 Morris, Catherine 58, 63, 73 Morris, Sandra Morrissey, Jean 58, 68, 70 Morow, Duane 33, 117 Morse, Rose 33, 77 Morstadt, Frances 46 Mortensen, Ruth 58, 68 Mossberg, John 115, 153 Mossholder, Peggy 53 Moul, Juldean 24, 33, 72, 80, 89, 105 Mould, Fred 120, 152 Mould, Richard Mount, Barbara 109 Mouw, Edward 46 Mueller, Helen 53 Mueller, Joseph Mueller, Mary Niueller, Merlin 49, 103, 114 Mueller, Richard Mueller, Ronald 48, 69, 87 Muenchow, Sandra 84, 58 Mullane, Jerald 130 Murray, Richard 33 Muzzy, Harvey Myszewski, Michael 46, 129 Naiwi, Miulan 33, 73, 77 Natzke, Robert 33 Neinfeldt, Gerald 33 Nelson, Gerald 46, 86 Nelson, James Nelson, John 115, 153 Nelson, Josephine 50, 104 Nelson, Mary 54, 74, 100 Nelson, Roger Nelson, Ruth 33, 107 Nesbit, Lester 53, 134 Neuendorf, Janet 55, 68, 70, 79, 101 Neumann, Kenneth 117 Newman, Thomas 57 Newton, Suzanne 40, 130 Nicholson, Thomas 49 Nielsen, Cafol Nielsen, Johw 56 Nielsen, Pamela 52, 56, 99 Niemeier, John 56 Niendorf, Robert 57, 73, 80, 96 Niesen, Ida 49, 105 Nimz, Irene 50 Noltner, Rita 44, 93, 103, 111 Nordentoft, Harold 73, 134 Norstrom, Marvin 86 Norton, Donna 49, 102 Norton, Emmett 46, 79, 86, 93 Novak, Kriss Nygren, Carolyn Nyman, Mary 54 Nysather, John 115, 129 O'Banion, James 57 O'Brien, Francis 124 O8Brien, James 33, 126 Ochalla, John 46 O,Connell, Mary 49, 79 Odaff, Eugene Odland, Rollin Oelke, Gil 33, 73, 86, 117 Oelstrom, Maris 59, 79, 98 O8Hearn Judith 48 O8Hern, Mary 57 Ohlgart, Judi:h 49, 75, 85, 96 129 Okubo, Ellen 58, 82 Olsen, Richard 48, 80, 119 Olsen, Veronica 49, 62 Olson, Barbara 33, 63, 68, 103, 107 Olson Diana 49, 108 Olson, Joyce 56, 79, 101, 149 Olson, Karen Olson, Ronald 57 Omori, Janet 45, 109 O8Neill, James 58, 134 O8Neil, Thomas 53 Onson, Robert 124 Opgenorth, Thomas Orchard, Kathryn 5o, 71, 98, 113 Orchard, Richard 33 Ore, Nancy Ore, Stanley Orr, Audrey Ortman, Sharon 49, 104 Ostrem, Roderick 33; 72, 119 Othmer, Margaret 46, 84, 128 Otto, Susan 55 Owens, Wayne 46, 75, 114, 153 Paasch, Jane 45 Pache, Nancy 53, 73 Packard, Paula 55 Paddock, Paul 49, 123, 129 Pagel, Charles 56 Paitrick, Marvin 56, 134 Palmer, John Palmer, Mary 33 Parker, Leonard Parkins, Arlene 50, 94, 112, 147 Parkinson, Nancy Parkinson, Norbert 72 134 Partridge, Gary 58 Paskey, Thomas Patrickus, Robert 55 Patterson, John 34, 4o, 68, 83 Patterson, Robert 56 Paulin, Jerome 86, 134 Pauls, John 34, 85, 93, 115, 130, 131 Paurich, John 53 Pautsch, Marilyn 48, 79, 108 Pavich, Micrael Pavlic, Judy 48 Paynter, Myron 58, 134 Pearson, Clark 44, 121 Pack, William Pedersen, Diana 54, 85 Peich, Bruce 54 Peich, Stephanie 45, 84, 128 Peiffer, Larry Pelgrin, Jams 50 Perdomo, Nelson 82 Perri, Natale Peters, Janet 34, 103, 110 Peters, Ronnie 53 Petersen, David 124 Petersen, Donald Petersen, Donna 5o, 68, 79, 96, 113 Petersen, Claudette 46, 88, 98, 130 Peterson, Donald 48, 80 Peterson Duane 5o, 73, 121, 152 Peterson, Emily 34, 111 Peterson, Ernest 58 Peterson, Karen 57, 77 Peterson, Maxine Peterson, Nancy 50, 73, 77 Peterson, Wallace 182 Petras, Bernard Petras, Francis 87 Pfeifer, Lenora 44, 79, 101 Pfieger, Janet 72, 84, 96 Phelps, Barbara 106 Phipps, John 57, 7I Pieper, Ronette 53 Pier, Neil Pierner, Nancy 45 Pileski, Jean 34, 112 Pionkowski, JErry Platts, Jon 56, 137 Plaushines, Joyce 54, 99 Pockelwald, Edward 44, 72, 73, 96 Pofahl, Alvin 32, 126, 144 Poisl, David 53, 134 Polacek, Carl 34, 134 Pollock, Charles 55, 68, 7o Pollock, Irene 53, 69, 71 Ponyicsanyi, John 53 Popke, Patricia 34, 77, 98 Porter, Marjorie 34 Post, Robert 48 Powell, Carl 86 Price, Pat 53, 71 Probst, Paul 34, 152 Promersberger, John Presser, Nancy Prucha, William 34 Ptak, Elsie 44, 92, 93 106, 127 Pufahl, Barry 56 Purcell, John 75 Purdy, David 123 Pursel, Sandra 48, 93, 109 Pyle, Jerry 57 Quan, Carmen Raabe, Donna 54, 71, 96, 102 Rabbach, Douglas 34, 82, 96 Raboin, Alyce 57 RadloE, Mary 51, 73, 91, 101 Radomski, James 38, 123, 153 Rahn, Ione 54 Raschka, Carol 54 Rauscher, 110 144 Raymond, Eunice 84, 128 Reck, Lawrence 34, 123 Redford, Elmer 34, 126 Redford, Frederick Redinger, Walter 34 Reese, Richard Regez, Charles 137, 145 Rehse, Jean 57, 74, 101, 148, 149 Reichardt, Marjorie 44 Reinerio, Anthony 49, 120, 152 Rellahan, Michael 59, 99 Reniewicki, Ralph 117, 145 Renkas, Elizabeth 50 Rentmeester, Robert 57 RetzlafT, Peter 72, 86 Reuter, Sylvia 53 Reuther, Sally 57, 79, 101 Revoy, August 34, 87, 93, 120 Reynolds, Robert 51, 86 Rhodes, Thomas 49, 69 Rice, Eugene 53 Richards, Frank 53 Richter, Leah 35, 40, 107 Ridhour, Carol Riedel, Nancy 53 Riedl, Irene 56, 93 Riley, Kathleen 105 Rink, Ellen 44 Rinn, Lawrence 69, 95, 115 Rios, Fran 58, 80, 82 Ripp, Vincent 121, 134 Ritacca, Salvatore 55, 73 Roberts, Charles 35, 81 Roberts, Lawrence 50, 68 Roberts, Paul Roberts, Russell Rockwell, Betty 54, 100 Rockwell, Joan 46, 64, 68, 77, 100, 104 Roehl, Glenda 59 RofHer, Roger Rogers, Robert Rolfson, Thomas 55 Roller, Bruce 58 Rolli, Neil 87, 124 Romanowski, John 48 Root, Judith 108 Ross, Marilyn 45, 77 Ross, Mary 48, 79 ROLh, Charles 54, 86, 99 Rothschadl, Janice 59 Roum, Charles 56 Rowe, Elizabeth 54, 98 Rowland, Michael Rowlands, Carol 59, 63, 7o ,98 Rozelle, David 24, 116 Rubins, Patricia 73, 79, 93, 109, 148 Rudolph, Gerald 58 Rudolph, Judith 55 Ruge, Richard 35, 134, 168 Runions, Linda 53, 73 Runkel, Nancy 45 Runkle, Janet 49, 80, 96, 107 Ruryey, Richard 50, 80, 93, 119 Rusch, Mary Lou 35, 81, 103 Russell, Raymond Rust, Charles 129 Ruzeck, Andrew Ruzek, Darlene 35, 88, 100 Ryan, Alfred 35 Ryan, Colleen 56, 93, 113, 148 Ryan, John 35, 103 116, I44, 152 Rygh, Barbara 56 Sackett, Lawrence 50, 68 Salchert, Gerald 55, 93 Salentine, Jean 35, 106, 127 Salentine, Ruth 54, 84, 100 Salzwedel, Ruth 44, 108 Sandell, David Sanderson, Robert 53 Sands, Roger 58 Sargent, Dorothy 68, 75, 105 Saunders, Ann 56, 71, 100 Sawyer, Richard 44, 86 Sayre, Robert Schadd, Robert 35, 68, 117 Schadewald, Paul 44, 98, 152, Schaefer, James 47, 51, 62, 79, 121 Schaefer, Sandra 55, 72, 84 Scharine, Richard 84. Schatzka, Joan 35, 65, 81, 110 Schenk, Kae 35, 63, 93 111 Scheunemann, Carol 49 SchifEer, Cedric Schill, Susan 55 Schillak, John 81, 87, 91, 127 Schiller, Nancy 35, 40, 126 Schlee, Donald Schlise, Ronald 53 Schlueter, Carol 107 Schlueter, Howard 55 Schmaling, Delmar Schmaling, Rose Schmeling, Kenneth 53 Schmidtkofer, Thomas 48, 82, 100, 102 Schmidt, Eileen 49, 77, 96, 147 Schmidt, George 35 Schmidt, Harley 53 Schmidt, James 58 Schmitz, Joseph Schneeberger, Virginia 50, 74 84, 148 Schneck, Thomas Schneider, Gloria 56 Schnitger, Joyce 55, 68, 148 Schoechert, Betty 74, 77, 98 Schoemer, James 69, 75, 115 Schoen, Thomas Schoeneberg, William 57 Schoeneman, Carol 35, 80, 108 Schoenhaar, Donald 86, 134 Schoenrock, Judy Schomburg, William 55 Schopen, Maureen 50, 66, 79, 91, 94, 113, 147, I49 Schoppe Kenneth 58 Schrader, William 35 Schroeder, Doris 35, 63, 108, 149 Schroeder, Frederick 93 Schroeder, Judith 50, 100, 104 Schroeder, Karol 44, 91, 126 Schuenemann Diana 56 Schuerman, Blanche 45, 66, 105 Schultz, Frank 36, 124 Schultz, Carolyn 45, 69, 105 Schulz Neal 36, 68, 69, 95, 116 Schumacher, Gerald Schumann, Arlene 36, 4o, 91, 107, 126 Schuren, Harold 119 Schwartz, James Schweers, Robert 50, 115 Schweiger, Steven 56 Schweigl, John 36 Schwenkner, Charles 86 Schwertfeger, Julie 49, 64, 80, 108, 148 Schwentner, James Scieszinski, Marleen 44, 106 Scobie, Nancye 45 64, 72 75, 77 105 Scott, Allie 56, 80, 93 Scott, Faye 44, 81, 91, 95, 117 Scott, Joan 45, 84 Scott, Richard 117 Scott, Roland 53 Searles, Rosemary 57 Sebanc, Edward Seefeldt, Robert 53, 137 Seidel, Kenneth Seils, Jan 124 $6112, Robert Sekelsky, James 36 Sell, Rosemary 46, 76, 101, 112, 147, 149 Semo, John Severson, Doris 57, 79, 96 Severson, Joan 48, 75, 77, 109 Severson, Sanford 36, 130 Seward, Robert Shea, Terrence 55, 86 Shealy, Lee 36, 91, 130 Sheard, Gloria 54, 71, 77, 100 Shelby, Vanita Shelp, Dennis 54 Shepard, John Sherwood, Dave 72, 120, 152 Sherwood, Orrin Shoemaker, Ann 57 Shuman, David 46 Sickels, Gene Siebel, Allen 59 Siegler, Charles Siegler, Erwin 117 Silk, James 46, 123 Silvers, Lee 44 Silora, Donald Simdon, Claire Singer, Norman 36 Singh, Jagjit 82 Sinnen, Herbert Six, Donna Skille, Arlene 48, 68, 79, 96 Skogstad, Michael 49, 80 Skora, Richard 58, 134 Slicker, Russel 44, 85, 131, 152 Smeby, George Smestad, Richard 36, 69 Smith, Donald 58, 73, 86 Smith, Harold 36 Smith, Karen 53, 77 Smith, Robert 58 Smith, Rodney Smoody, Mary Ann 46, 68, 75, 93, 111, 148 Socwell, Roland 36 Soldner, Rose 48, 66, 8o, 96, 148 Soltis, Barbara 57, 7o, 77 183 Soltis, Phillip 46, 80 Summers, James Sommers, Jeanne 54 Spencer, Dorothy Sperisen, Mary 50, 72 Spice, Jeannette 57, 77 Spicer Sandra 53 SpiegelhoE, Jerry 58 Spies, Dave 134, 144 Spies, Polly 36, 40, 105, 126, 162 Spilde, Harley Sprague, Aileen 56 Sprecher, David Spredemann, Sharon 56, 72 Springbrum, Gerald 54 Stachowski, Clifford 123, 153 Stafeil, Barbara 49, 74, 77, 148 Staniszewski, Robert Stamper, Marie Stapelmann, Ronald Statz, John 36 Statz, Matthias Stauske, Willis 56, 73, 101 Steele, Charles 57, 100 Steele, Judith 36 Steffa, Judith 55 Steinbrink, Donna 57 Steiner, Doris 48 Steiner, Mavis Steinhoff, Caroline 36, 80, 93 Steinhorst, Fay 36 110 Steinmetz, Stanley Steinweg, Robert 37 Stella, Grace 37, 93, 113 Stengel, Suzanne 54, 93 S:em, Mike 55 Sternitzky, Mary 50, 80, 148 Stevens, Beverly 37, 127 Stevens, Donald Stevenson, James Stevenson, Martha 63, 73, 107 Stigslbauer, Helen 37, 106 Stirmel, James Stone, Neil 37 Stone, Shirley 53, 7o, 74 Storkel, Louis 57 Storm, Thelma 73 Stoup, William 99 Strampe Roland Strampe, William Strand, William 44, 97, 118 Stratton, Frank 37, 40, 81, 127 Strey, James 45, 68, 75, 83, 100 Stroede, Charles 86 Strojny, William 37 Stroupe, Frances Strozyk, Patricia 48, 94, 113, 148, 149 Stuessy, Lorna 48 Stuntebeck, Carolyn 48, 74, 77, 93 Sullivan, Edward 50 Sullivan, John 86 Sutherland, Richard 48, 124 Sutton, Alice 37 Sveom, Jon 45 Swan, Janice 53 Swanson, Carole 45, 113, 149 Swartz, Edward 86 Swoboda, Glory 49, 129 Taugher, Robert Taylor, Patricia 54 Taylor, Stanley 53, 68, 70 Teletzke, Douglas Televik, Susan 58 Tempelton, Ardis 37, 103, 111 Ternus, Kathleen 5o Tesch, Nancy 54 Tesch, Robem 59 Tessier, Gerald 37 Tessmer, Dale 37, 81, 86, 127 Teubert, Darlene 56, 7o Thayer, David 45, 93, 145 Thayer, James 55, 121 Theisen, Kathleen 44, 106 Thiede, Mary 56 Thielke, Kenneth 49, 86, 124 Thiers, Carol 49, 64, 69, '79, 96, 109 Thompson, Joan 5o, 74 Thompson, Richard Thompson, Robert 45, 127 Thompson, William 55 Thomsen, Donald 53 Thornquist, Karen Thurber, Bruce 54 Thurston, Barbara 49 Timm, David 58, 96 Timm, Delores 44, 62, 63, 81, 96, 108 Timmerman, Douglas 57, 100 Tober, Keith Tracy, James 51 Trauth, Ronald Traxler, Charles 59 Trewyn, Mary 45, 62, 65, 80, 91, 100, 105 Triggs, Stanley 37 Tripp, Gail 56 Tripp, Patricia 49, 63, 94, 107 Trow, Joyce Trumbower, Wayne 122 Trumpy, Janet 56 Tully, Janet Turner, Jerry Turnquist, Caroline 45, 98 Tuschel, Georgianav45, 80 Twist, Dean 66, 85, 102, 131 Tyggum, Carl 137 Ueland, Donald 49 Ulrich, Carole 55, 68, 7o, 79 Underwood, Robert Unertl, Beverly 54, 96 Uselding, Mary 50, 80 Usilton, Thomas Ustby, Roy 58, 68, 7o, 75, 80 Utzinger, Marilyn 49, 69, 79, 94, 108, 148 Uyldert, Suzanne 54, 77 Valaskey, Kathryn 37, 106 Valenza, Ben Vance, Lawrence Van Dyke, James Van Horn, John Van Laanen, Geraldine 52, 53, 94 Van Munn, Michael 37 Van Slyke, John 129 Vande Sand, Donald 80, 93, 119 Vande Sand, James 45, 66, 93, 118, 127 Vande Zande, Darrell 56 Vasby, Kent 57 Vassiliades, Vivi 37, 83 Veith, David Verwey, John 137 Vick, Jean 45, 64, 77, 100, 106 Vickerman, Rose 37 Viner, Harland 38, 4o, 89, 119, 130, 152 Vivian, Craig 58 Voelz, Sharon Vogel, Barbara 45 Vogel, Jacqueline 49, 85, 131 Vogt, Thomas 49, 93 Vohs, Watraut 38, 81, 96, 127, 148 Voss, James 46 Voss, Kathleen 38, 66, 80, 107 Vredeveld, Gerrett 45, 68, 73, 87 Vreeland, Joan 45, 72, 91, 127 Waggoner, Ellis Wagner, John 51 Wahl, Donald 38, 75 Wahl, Wayne 38, 124 Waite, Mellanie 55, 79 Waldron, Harry 55 Waller, Richard VValmer, Sharyn 69, 71 Walter, Elizabeth 57 Walter, Sally 45 73, 77, 100, 113 Walton, Steven 54, 73, 100 Ward, William 45, 83, 120 VVargin, John 38, 69, 91, 120 Warnke, Ellen 38 Warren, Keene 49, 69, 120, 134 Wartenberg, Horst 48 Wasgien, Barbara 44, 93, 106 Waters, Beverly 56 Watzke, Donald 59 Watson, Ferreal Wautlet, 10 Ellen 55, 71, 94 Weast, Dale 58, 73, 85, 131 Weaver, John 38, 123, 153 Weaver, Ronald 54 VVedeward, Thomas 144, 137 Wegner, Lucille 44 Weinberg, Frank 50 Weinbrecher, Lillian 49, 66, 80, 148 Weinhold, Jerome Weir, Gerald 46, 117, 152 Weishaar, Wayne 58 Weiss, James 51, 144 Weitala, Gilbert 58, 81 VVendt, Robert Wenham, Gordon 56, 71 Wehman, Gail 59 Wenzel, Thomas 58 Werner, Nancy 45, 112 Werner, Suzanne 56, 84, 100 Wesemann, Mary 45, 63, 69, 99, 108, 126 WeSSIen, Mary 45, 104, 105 West, Dale 48 Westerfield, Leon 49, 68, 80, 101, 120 Western, Caryle 45 VVestphal, Gloria 48, 129 VVetheralI, William 48, 72, 73, 86, 99 Wettengel, Carol 46, 105, 146 Wettstein, Janet 93 Wheeler, Philip 58 ' Whelan, John 45, 124 Whipple, Beverly 57 Whitmore, Judith 44, 89, 106 Whitmore, Sandra 56 Wick, Eugene Wied, Barbara 56, 69, 71, 96, 148 Wiedenfeld, Leo 53, 69, 71 Wieland, Rudolph 48, 68, 80, 100, 115 Wien, Janet 38, 81, 91, 110 Wiese, Wally 103 Wietersen, Frank Wilber, Robert Wilcox, Joann Wilcox, Thomas 46 184 VViId, Douglas 49 Wilde, Charles 67, 68, 120 Wilde, Robert Wilkinson, Mary 45, 66, 73, 79, 9x, 100, 104 Will, Paul 38, 62, 81, 117 Willems, Sandra 56, 70 Williams, Joyce 45, 79 Williams, Shirley 56 Wilson, Donald 55, 81, 84 Wilson, James Wilson, Janice 49 Wing, Larry 5o Winn, Margaret 56, 77 Winn, Diane 98 Winski, Daniel Winther, Mary 45, 68, 77, 100, 107 Wirtz, Carol 55, 69, 71, 75 Withee, Darlene Witt, Donald 38 Wittenberg, Ronald Woelfel, Donald 56 Wogsland, Wayne Wojtaszek, Bernard Wolf, Sharon 47, 48, 104, 105 Wolfer, Hildegard 57, 71 Wolff, James 38, 66, 92, 122, 131, 153 Wolfgram, Wayne 59 Wollin, Jane 53. 74, 77, 96 Wolowicz, James 38, 116 Wood, George Wood, Norman 117 Wood, Stearns 57 Wooster, Horace 58, 84 Worden, Karen 45, 102, 149 Woulf, Mary Wunsch, Michael Wurtz, Robert 50, .73 Wyss, Linda- Wyss, Robert 57 Yale, James 58 Yelk, Cyril 54 York, Dwight 48 York, Judy 4.4, 105 York, Mary 48, 77 Young, Judith 49 Youtsos, Harry 54 ZarnstorE, Lois 5o, 77, 96, 113, 148 Zastrow, Susan Zboja, John 54 Zeally, Georgia 59 Ziech, David 59, 134 Ziegler, Paul 57 Zigler, Ralph 54 Zimborski, Robert Zimmerman, Carol 44 Zimmerman, Donall 54, 134 Zimmermann, Roger Zimpelmann, Evelyn 49, 77, 96 Zolkowski, Gerald 117 Zuhse, Philip 45, 73, 121 Zurkowski, Thomas 91, 129 Zweifel, Dean Zweig, Floyd 46

Suggestions in the University of Wisconsin Whitewater - Minneiska Yearbook (Whitewater, WI) collection:

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