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P Ours is an inslilution of learning. This basic objective, to acquire knowledge, is fulfilled academically and socially as we strive to uphold the standards of this institution. The 1962 Gitchee Gurnee pictures all aspects of campus activity. Events and persons recorded in this picture hook illustrate this move toward a common objective, that of an education.Contents DEDICATION ........................... 6 MEMORIUM ....................... " g ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY ........... 9 CURRICULUM .......................... 31 CLASSES ........................... 49 ORGANIZATIONS ...................... 95 ACTIVITIES ..................._... ' 123 ATHLETICS ....,..................... 153 ADS ............................. 175 -teat — flirt To l)r. Omcr Loop the memliers of the yearbook staff dedicate the 1962 Gitchec Gumec in acknowledgement of forty-two years of sendee to this institution and community. Since becoming a member of the faculty staff in 1919. Dr. Loop has served in many capacities. He has taught courses in education, history, political science a n d psychology. For two years he was the basketball and football coach. For a fifteen year period he was the dean of men. Dr. Ix op has directed several summer sessions and during W orld War II directed the military training school on campus. Dr. Loop received an A.B. degree from Indiana State University. He was a member of the Indiana varsity football squad. A master s degree from the University of Wisconsin, and a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota crown Dr. Loop's achievements in education. Dr. Omer Loop is a man who has dedicated his life to education, for himself and for others. In Memorium . . . Larry Roy Peterson died June 13, 1961. Larry was a senior at Wisconsin State College, Superior and an active member of the Lambda Delta Chi Fraternity. Larry was enrolled in secondary education, majoring in math and physics. lo his family and friends wc extend our sincere sympathy. He shall gal ur the lambs in his arm, and carry llicm in his bosom. Isaiah 10:11 uorjBjjsiuirapy Administration■ I Klizaljelli Hawkes Resent Harry W. Anderson Director of Teacher Placement Dr. Fred Johnston Director of Graduate Division James Vance Registrar Irene S. Weeks Union Manager Ron Rosenthal Union Food ManagerOffices Registrar’s Office: Ruth Peterson, Frances Fnrmakes, Kathryn Pckkala, Gwen Larson (seated). President's Office: Ellen Gilhuly (standing), secretary to the President, and Katrine Larsen. Business Office: Danna Meronek. Gladys Boch. Business Manager; LuAnn Bergman. Rita Keskincn. Eugene Butler. w 12Offices Placement Office: Katheen Sorenson Union Office: Ron Rosenthal, Josephine Brady, Tim Stauffer, Robert Comstock. IreneS. Weeks (seated). Public Relations Office: Judy Oliver 13The health office, the health service center for students. I)r. Kohert Malac .ynski. M.D. and Delia Wile), nurse. Health Office ■ 15John L. Coleman Supervising Teacher l)n. Nathan A. Coward Chemistry Webster 0. Crane Physics Dr. John Cronk Education Mary B. Deaton English Chester 0. Egner Economics MmDr. Harley Erickson Ed lira! ion Elizabeth F. Fisher Supervising Teacher Carolyn Flynn Library Ida Flocstad Mathematics Donald Foltz Music Gustav W. Frye Supervising Teacher■ Gkokce Cott English Edward Greve Library C. V. Hackbaktii Sociology Dr. Wasyi. Hamch History Cou.een Garvey An Georce B. Gerhard EnglishDr. Joseph W. Horton Chemistry Rhoda G. Jacobs Journalism-English Irene Herrmann Supervising Teacher John C. Haucland History Dr. Sylvan F. Jaknkk Political Science '•w .J- m Foreign Language GeorgeJavor 20 Dr. Arthur F. Kruk Art Dr. Omkk L. Loop Education Paul W. Lukens Biology Myra McDowall Education John Knicht Publications-Journal ism William C. Kf.llkr MusicJoanne Maikr Art l)u. Gayle D. M anion English Du. Neil K. McKay Music Joseph T. Mknckl Geology Ki th Mikicii Business Education Nancy Miller Supervising TeacherKiciiaiu H. Mii.lek Mathematics Dom Moselle Physical Education Americo iMortorelli Physical Education Dr. Stanley Oexeman Biology 23Orville D. Randle Physics Du. William Rector History Du. Harold D. Rutan Music Kdcau A. Schluetkr Biology Sherman Plkpler Music Joseph M. Pritchard McCaskill Library 2-1Du. William Siddall Geography-Geology Dr. Richard Smith History John C. Soeth Supervising Teacher Hazel Seguin Biology Kdwin H. Schiuebeu Physics John D. Schweitzer KnglishLydia Theiunc Physical Education Du. Ben L. Thoma Physics-ChemistryDavid Trojan Sociology l)u. Gus Tuhbeville Sociology Dr. Paul C. Tyciisen Geology Kuril Vaughn Supervising Teacher Jens von Sivers Foreign Language Caul Vekcamini Physical Kclucalion 271)r. John Webb Music Hildur L. Westlund Supervising Teacher Dr. Robert I). Williams English Dr. Louis Ada Wilson Education James I). Watson Mathematics Florence Head Librarian 2$Not Pictured Kathryn Oilman English ill 2030 ITwirlers: Val Edming, Kathy Sekelsky, Diane Halverson, Pal Smith, Sandy McKonc, Rosemary Uzclac, Pal Simonscn. First row: Carol Klug, Barb Bjur, Sue Drover, Zona Johnson, Maureen McGrath, Ellen Mcars, Jean Beck, I.arry Reitcn, Mary Ann Zier, Larry Hopkc. Second row: Lauren Nashlund, Judy Fostvedt, Barb Pacholski, Rita Panek, Lynn 'Fast, Nancy Olson, Mary Manosky, Connie Rah, Eileen Swanson, JoAnn Dietrich, Mary Sue Lange, Helen Linder, Carole Tietjcn, Mary Hess, Sandy Raoette. Third row: Pal Gunderson, Carol Terry, Dick Ford, John Stubbs, Jackie Rundquist, Paul Takkunen, Richard Kresscl, Don Sclterslroni, Don Anderson, Bob Bollcnbach, Roland Kemmick, Jerry O’Brien, Jay Carlsgard, Gary Taylor, John Erbc, Lloyd Peltzcr, John Bremer, Diane Noble, William Dignan, Jerry Wester. Standing: Steve Rantala, Roger Hendrickson, Dick Kresscl, Ray Krcul, Dr. Rutan. Band Wisconsin State College's band is divided into three sections: the concert band, the marching band and the pep band. 'Hie concert band performs at concerts such as the Christmas and Spring concerts. 'Hie marching band plays in parades, and the pep band plays at football and basketball games and rallies. The band as a whole loured upper Wisconsin in May and also played in the Fine Arts Festival. The band is under the direction of Harold Rutan and may I taken either for audit or for credit. 32On March Olh-ISth, Superior Stale College's choir toured upper Wisconsin performing numbers they had practiced for weeks. They also performed in the community concert, the annual oratorio, graduation and in the Fine Arts Festival. The choir is made up of about forty students who are taking it for cither audit or credit. It is under the direction of Donald Foltz. Choir First row: Karen Roos, Donald Olson. Carolyn Weimcr, El Chnr! onncau, Zona Johnson, Roger Johnson. Julie Christo pherson, Karen Cheevcr. Second row: Jean Beck, Larry Keith, Swannic Larson, .Mike Levens, Marilyn Gulickson, Tom Sullivan, Carolyn Burns, Vern Oaks, Helen Lindner. Third row: Ann Marie Nelson, Ed Sevals, Barbara Bjur, Byron Vocelka, Bonnie Boya. John Murray, Eva Krumhcin. Penny Blakeslee, Fred Johnson, Kathy Bjorkman. Liist row: Nancy Dignan. Fran Ioimb, Steve Rantala. Phyllis Reidner. Larry Hopke. Sandy Pederson, John Taylor. Connie Balko. Donald Foltz. Connie Rah, Bov Steward, Sue Smith. 33 L4The Creation’ “The Creation,” by Joseph Ilaydn, was presented by the college choral society and college orchestra as the 22nd annual oratorio. The choir was directed by Donald Foltz and the orchestra by William Keller. The role of Gabriel, soprano, was sung by Miss Charlotte Burr, SSC music instructor. Kathryn Bjorkman, soprano, a n d Byron Vocelka, bass, performed as student soloists. Joseph Haydn took eighteen months to complete “The Creation.” 'Hie text is taken partly from Paradise Lost and partly from Genesis. It tells the story of the beginning of the world on a day to day basis. It was first performed on April 29, 1798, in Vienna, and is considered Haydn’s masterpiece. 31Concentrating on the score of “The Creation” arc the string section and chorus. 35 il-'irst row: Ann Marie Craig, Karen Lundquisl, Joan Makvkka, Diane Kurokawa, Marge Flisher, Swanhild Larson, Diane Noble, Alice Leno. Second row: Sandra Dehn, Ann LaRock, Evelyn McLellan, Dorothy Ferguson, Pat Rooney, Jean Anderson, Mary Bukoski, Kathy Lindahl. Third row: Marjorie Largent, Karen Martin, Barbara Weber. Ann Marie Nelson, Donald Foltz, Sue Smith, Gail Maletzke, Marie Dencney, Lynettc Grantors, Beverly Stuart. Women’s Glee Club i . . Madrigals Zona Johnson, Earle Anderson, Anita Haugen, Larry Keith, Kay Bjorkman, Bonnie Boya, Jean Beck, Byron Vocelkn, Connie Rab, Tom Sullivan, Connie Balko. 36 Harry Phillips is engaged in the ancient art of making pottery. Tltc human hand that creates also bruises the fingers.—Lc Anna Johnson handles a strong acid solution with caution. Dr. Thomas in Ins advanced chemical class gives a demonstration for Dick Halverson. Ben Tlionia and student prepare for class. f 4344Professor Menpel and students olwerve different mineral specimens. Bill Scoblc gives instructions to his students. Snndccsays "1 can't miss will) my tongue out."Dalk R. Anderson; Liberal Ails; Superior. John H. Anderson; Rural Education; Couderay, Wis. lota Delta Chi, Chaplin 1.2; Art Students League 1,3; College Union Board 3.1, Chairman t; Young Democrats 1; Judicial Council 2. Justice 2; Freshmen Class Vice Pres. Kay F. Anderson; Intermediate-Upper; Superior. Seniors Mary H. Anderson; Inter-mcdiate-U pper; Dresser, Wis. Transfer from Gustavos Adolphus College; Rand 2,3,4; Tau Alpha Chi Sorority, Trcas. 3, Vice Pres. 4, Pres. 4; Young Republicans 3; Sigma Gamma Chi 2,3,4, Executive Council 4; N.E.A. 3,4; Oratorio 2,3,4; L.S.A.; Inter-Sorority Council 4. Roger A. Anderson; Liberal Arts; Superior. Deanna Baldridge: Kindergarten-Primary ; Hayward. Wis. oJanice Davison Bankky: Kindergarten-Primary; Superior. Della Sigma Sorority; Angel Flight 2.3,1; Messiah 1: Kindergarten-Primary Glee Club I. James II. Barker; Business Administration; Hayward. W is. Transfer from Northwestern University; Oratorio; Choir 3; Business Club 3,4; Business Club Pre$, 3. Wii.S B. Bercstrom; Chemistry-Mathematics; W c n l-worth, Wis. Phi Sigma Epsilon Fraternity. Historian; Chem. Club 4. Jay P. Bennetts; Wakefield, Mich.; Liberal Arts. 61Kathryn L. Bjorkman; Music; Superior. Transfer from Bethel College, St. Paul, Minn.; Choir 2,3,4; Madrigals. 3 1; Orchestra 2.3,4. Bonn'IK J. Boya; Music education; Superior. Lambda Sigma Lamlxla Sorority: Choir 2,3,4; Madrigals 2.3. 4; Orchestra 1.2.3,4; L.S.-A. 1.2,3,4; N.E.A. 2,1; Judicial Council 3; String Ensemble; Oratorio 1,2.3.4; Intcr-Rcligious Council 2. Marian C. Boya; Kindergarten-Primary; Superior. Kdgn.-Primary Club 2,3,4; Glee Club 1; N.K.A. 4. Carolyn P. Burns; Inter-mcdiatc-U p p C r; Superior. Newman Club 1,2,4, Treas. 2; Lambda Sigma Lambda Sorority, See. 2; N.K.A. 3, 4; Inter-Upper Club 1; Debate Team 3; Owl and Serpent 4; Choir 3,4; Glee Club 2; Oratorio 2,3; P.T.-A. Scholarship 3. Mary A. Brittan; Mathematics-Chemistry ; Superior. Freshmen Physics Award; Judicial Council 2,3; Tau Alpha Chi Sorority; Vice Pres. 3; Pres. 4; Newman Club 1,2,3,4; Chem. Club 2,3,4 Treas. 3; Junior Class Sec.; WHO’S WHO in American Colleges and Uni- u rsitirs. Mary G. CadigaN; Intermediate-Upper; Superior. W.A.-A. 1,2,3,4; Newman Club 1, 2,3; Peptomist Staff 1,2; N.- K.A. 3,4; Young Republicans 3; Gitchec Gurnee Staff 1,2. 63I Richard W. Carlson; Intcr-mcdiate-Upper; Iron wood, Mich. Sandra Lknkkstky Carlson; Intcrincdialc-Upper; Superior Oratorio 2,4; Int.-l’p-per Club 1.2 Treas. 1; N.-E.A. 3,4; Alpha Kappa Sorority Sec. 2; Social Committee 4; Homecoming Committee; Sno-Week Committee; Gitchc Gumcc Staff 2; Junior Class Treas. Janice G. Carlson; Intermediate-Upper; Iron wood. Mich. Transfer from Gogebic Community College; L.S.A. 3; Sigma Gamma Chi 3; N.E.A. 3,4; Tau Alpha Chi Sorority 3,4; College Choir. Joanne C. Cakoon; Secondary; Superior. Nancy L. Carriar; German-History; Superior. Newman Club 1.2,3,4 ; State Foundation Scholarship 2; Superior Women’s Club Scholarship 3; Morgan and David Roberts Scholarship 4; Deans Honor Roll 1,2.3. Kuanc-Fan ChaNC; Chemistry; Taichung, Formosa. Transfer from Howard University, Washington, D. C. 53Janice M. Coda; Liltcral Arts, Biology, Medical Technology; Superior. Newman Club 1,2; Oratorio 2; Alpha Kappa Sorority 1,2,4 Sec. 2; St. Mary's School ol Medical Technology, Duluth. Minn. 3. Richard L. Clemeksen; Mailt-Physics; Superior. James A. Collins; Physics-Math; Ladysmith, Wis. Chemistry Club 1; Drill Team 1; Chairman Election Assembly 2; Senior Class, Nice Pres.; Social Committee 2; Iota Delta Chi, ice Pres. I, Sec. 2; Wesley Fellowship 3; Judicial Council I. Robert F. Comstock; Art; Hayward, Wis. Transfer from University of Maryland. 51John T. Dkiessen; History-English; Superior. Fcx 1,2. 3,1; Football; “S” Club 1,2,3,1; W.I.A.A. Official 1,2.3.1. w H.i.tAM A. Durand; Music-Journalism; Spooner, Wis. Transfer from Milton College, Milton, Wis.; Band 1, 2,3,4; Orchestra 1,2; Choir 1.2,3,4; Brass Choir 2,3; 3 Music Scholarship; Command Squadron 1.2; Messiah; Elijah; Creation; K.- O.T.C. 1,2,3,4 Pilot Catego- ry- Averil M. Erbe; Kindergarten-Primary; Superior. Delta Sigma Sorority 1,2,3,4, Treas. 3, Vice Pres. 4; Inter-Sorority Council 4; Angel Flight 2,3,1; Messiah 1; N.E.A. 4; Glee Club 1. Carol Erickson; Secondary; Superior. David Erickson; Secondary; Superior. Jack W. Frandy; Math.; Manitowish Waters, W i s. State Seholurhhip 1; Iota Delta Chi; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Gogebic Club. 65r- Donald F. Ferkovich; Intermediate-Upper; Hurley, Wis. Transfer from Gogebic Community College, Iron-wood. Mich.; Football 3.1 Ass’t Football Coach 1; Football All Conference 3. I; “S” Club 2,3,1; Newman Club 3,1; N.E.A. 3,1; Peptomist Stuff 3; Ass l Baseball Coach 2.3,1. Betty Finsland; Secondary; Superior. Nancy M. Fredrickson; Kindergarten-P r i in a r y ; Ironwood, Mich. Newman Club 3,4; Glee Club 1; Oratorio 1; N.E.A. 1,2,3,4; Sigma Gamma Chi 3,4; Kdgn.-Primary Club 3,4; Transfer from St. Scholastics College. Donald G. Frye; Intermediate-Upper; Superior. Phi Sigma Epsilon Fraternity 2, 3,4; “S” Club 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2; N.E.A. 4. Francis J. Golden; Physics-Geology; Superior. Geology Club, Vice Pres. Glenn E. Gillette; Secondary; Superior. ' ' h. 56Gail C. Greenberg; Kindergarten-Primary; Superior. Alpha Kappa Sorority, Vice Pres., Pres.; Kdgn.-Primary Club 3,1; N.E.A. 1; L.S.A. 2; Inter-Sorority Council 3. JvMKS Gui.I.a; Intermediate-Upper; Su|)crior. Diane Gunderson: Secondary; Superior. Richard A. Halverson ; Chemistry; Superior. Transfer from Michigan Tech.; Chemistry Club 2, Parliamentarian; Arnold Air Society, Information Officer 3, Commander 4; Iota Delta Chi 2,3,4; Drilltcam 3,4, Commander 3,4; AFROTC, Chicago Tribune Award 3, WHO’S WHO in American Colleges and Universities. Donna M. Hanson; Kindergarten-Primary; Solon Springs, Wis. Kdgn.-Primary Club. Eileen HaSSKl; Kindergarten-Primary ; Superior. 67Richard Hasskl; Liberal Ails: Superior. Amt a M. Haugen; Music Education-Kindergarlen-Pri-mary; Superior. IS.E.A. 3,4; Madrigals 3,1; Choir 3,4; Oratorios 1,2,3,1; Tau Alpha Chi Sorority 1,2.3.1 Tics. 4; L.S.A. 1,2,3,4 L.S.-A. Action Director 2. Richard E. Hendrickson; Mathematics; Superior. L.S.-A. 1,2,3; Glee Club 1,2,3; Tennis 1,2; Track 4; Business Club 4. K. Lavkkn Hinaus; Chemistry-Mathematics; Bruce, Wis. Chemistry Club 1; Wesley Fellowship 2,3,4 Pres. 3, Junior Class Nice Pres.; Senior Class Pres.; Union Board 3,4; ice Chairman 3; YE.A. I; Intramurals 1.2,3,4; Iota Delta Chi Fraternity ,1,2,3,4 Trcas. 2,3, Chaplain 3. Pres. 1; Inter-Religious Council 3; See. 3: I liter-Fraternity Council 3,1; Homecoming King 4; WHO’S WHO in American Colleges and Universities 4. Barton Hoard; Secondary; Houghton, Mich. James Hudak; Liberal Arts; Ashland. W i s. Chemistry Club 1,2,3,4; Vice Pres. 3; Newman Club'1,2.3,4; Command Squadron 2. Comptroller 2: Drill Team 2; Intramurals 3. S3Betsy E. Isaacson; Inter-mediatc-U p p or; Iromvood, Midi. Transfer from Gogebic Community C o 1 1 c g c, Iromvood. Mich.; L.S.A.; X.K.A.; W'.A.A. Nancy E. Jackobs; Chemistry-Math; Superior. Newman Club 1,2.3,4; Chemistry Cluh 1.2.3. St. 2; Tau Alpha Chi 1,2.3.1; Treas. 2: W'.A.A. 1: Freshmen Mathematics Award; T u i t i o n Scholarship I: Dean's List 1.2.3. John G. Jakdink; Business Administration; Port Wing. Wis. Business C.luh 3.1; Ski Cluh 2.3; Track 3.1; L.S.A. 1. Donald K. Jensen; History; Chilton, Wis. Phi Sigma Epsilon 2,3,4; Command Squadron 1,2; N.E.A. 3,1. •tJsu, Mary Ann Johnson; Secondary; Solon Springs. W is. Marvin B. Johnson: Chemistry-Physics; Webb Lake, W'is. Young Republicans Club 3.1: N.E.A. 4; I.Y.C.-F. 2,3.1: Trcas. 4; Chemistry Club I: Command Squadron 2; Transfer from Bethel College and Seminary, St. Paul, Minn. 59 Gerald A. Johnson; Art; A s h 1 a n d, Wis. Transfer from Guslavus Adolphus College; L.S.A. 1; Art Students League 2,3,4; Co-Chairman Beaux Arts Ball 3. Zona Rak Johnson; Music Kducation; La on a, Wis. Transfer from Carroll College, Waukesha, Wis.; Band 3,1; A Cappclla Choir 3,4; Johnson Foundation Grant 1,2,3; Music Scholarship 3, 4; Orchestra 4; Madrigals 3, 4. Winifred N. Kawane; Inter-mediate-Upper; Hanapcpe, Kauai, Hawaii; Transfer from University of Hawaii; Crownhart Hail Vice Pres. 4. William Kelly Ralph Kluball; Football 1; Iota Delta Chi I : Wesley Fellowship 1. Ronald Kosola; Secondary; Superior. 60Richard Lee Kkakk; An; Gillett, Wis. Transfer from Stout State College, Menominee, Wise.; Alpha Psi Omega 3; “Major Barbara”; “Look Homeward Angel”; Phi Sigma Epsilon See. 3; Art Student lx ague Pres. 3; Beaux Arts Assembly 3, Co-Chairman. Norman E. Kunks; Intermediate-Upper; Wakefield, Mich. Transfer from Gogebic Community College, Iron-wood. jVIich. Ronald Laiinala; Intermediate-Upper; Iromvood, Mich. Intramural 1.2.3; Nominating Convention 2; Young Democrats 3,4; N.E.A. 4; Transfer from Gogebic Community College. David Laknicak; Intermediate-Upper; Fifield, Wis. Judith Larson; Liberal Arts; Superior. Harold Lee; Literal Arts; Superior. 61 Sandra Lblam): Secondary; Brule, Wis. Jkan M. I.kvakk: Kindergarten-Primary; Hayward, Wis. Sigma Gamma Chi 1,2,3: L.S.A. 1; Kdgn.-Primary 1, 2,3.1; Young Democrats Club I. Waynk I). Lindbkkg; History; Grantsburg, Wis. Young Republicans: Student Union Night Manager; Treas. of Senior Class: Iota Della Chi Fraternity; Tau Kappa Epsilon. William I. Lundbekc; Liber-al Arts; Poplar, Wis. Student Senate 1,4; Young Republicans 3,1, Vice Pres. 4. Jon P. Lyreck; Geology-Geography: Superior. Geo-ology Club. Mary McCokkkll; Kindergarten-Primary; Superior. Delta Sigma Sorority 2.3.4; Newman Club 1,2,3,4; N.-E.A. 4; Kdgn.-Primary 1.2, 3,4. 62Kdwakd; Second-ary; Hurley, Wis. Wilma K. Macnuson; Kindergarten-Primary; W o o d Dale, III. Kdgn.-Primary Club 1,2,3,4 Sec. 3; Tau Alpha Chi 1,2,3,4 See. 2; N.E.A. 2,3,4, Treas. 3; L.-S.A. 1,2,3 Sec. 3; Angel Flight 4»4 Vice Pres. 4. Ronald V. Makck; Biology, Amery, Wis. MauJOUIK MAItKON; Secondary; Superior. Oi.ivkk J. Mahtin; Business Administration: Superior. K i M. Mkaciiam; Kinder-garlen-Priinary; Spooner. Wis. Alpha Kappa Sorority 1,2,3,4 Treas. 2, Pres. 3; Shell Lake Scholarship; Wesley 1.2.3; Sigma Camilla ('.hi 1,2,3; Angel Flight Social Committee Chairman 3,4; N.E.A. 4; Young Democrats 4; Social Committee 4; Kdgn.-Primary I, 2. 63Julie A. O’Bkien; Kindergar-len-Primory; Superior. Kdgn.-Primary Club; New-man Club; Lambda Sigma Lunlxla Sorority 1,2.3.1 Sec. Khnnktii Nelson; Inlcrmedi- i ate-Upper; Minneapolis, 1 Minn. I Thomas W. Nichols; Secondary; Sparta, Wis. Football 1,2,3,4, LeUerman 1.2, 3.1: 'IVnnis I: "S” Club 1. 2.3,1 Sec. 4; Phi Sigma Epsilon Fraternity 1,2,3,4 Vice Pres. 3,4, Historian 2; Homecoming Court 2; King Candidate; Newman Club 1; Chairman of ibe Social Committee 4; Arnold Air Society 3,4; R.O.T.C. Drum and Bugle 1,2; Intramurals 1.2,3,4; Scholarship 1. Frances O’Connell; Secondary; Superior, Wis. Janet Ocrkn; Kindergarten-Primary; Port Wing, Wis. Judith Movick; Intermediate-Upper; Superior. Lamd-da Sigma Lambda Sorority.Donald E. Olson: Chemistry-Mathematics; Conover, Wis. Glee Club 1; Choir 2. 3,4; Young Democrats 3, 4; N.E.A. 4; I.V.C.F. 2,3. 4; Chemistry Club 2.3,1 Pres. 4; Drill Team 1; Oratorio 1,2,3,4. Karen J. Olson; Intermediate-Upper; South Range, Wis. George L. Pederson; Biology; Prairie Farm. Wis. I,amlxla Delta Chi Fraternity Vice Pres. 3; Intramural Basketball 2,3,4; H o m e-coming King Candidate 4. Mary Jane Peterson Beyers; Student Government 3; Newman Club 1,2; N.E.-A. 4; La m b d a Sigma lambda Sorority 1,2.3.4: Majorette 2; Homecoming Queen 3; Kdgn.-Primary Club 1,2; Freshmen Class. Sec.-T reas. Robert Peterson; Secondary; Bruce, Wis. Wayne M. Peterson; Mathematics; Bayfield, Wis. L.-S.A. 1,2,3,4; Band 1.2.3,4; Sundquis! Hall Assoc. 1,2, 3,4 Pres. 4; Drill Team 1, 2.3,4; Color Cuard 2; Arnold Air Society 3,4; Inter-Religious Council 4; WHO'S WHO in Colleges and Universities; Oratorio 4. 65Edna M. Ralston; Kinder-par! e n-Primary; Conrath, Wis. Sigma Gamma Chi 1, 2.3,1: Alpha Psi Omega 3, I; Alpha Kappa 3,4; Oratorio I: L.S A. 1; Kdgn.-Primary Cluh 1,3,4; Young Democrats 4; N.E.A. 4; Plavs 1.2.3. Sthvkn II. Rantai.a; Music; Superior. Wesley Club 1.2. 3.1, Pres. 4; Phi Sigma Epsilon 2,3,4: Arnold Air Society 3; Young Democrats 4; Baud 1,2.3.1; Orchestra 1.2.3,4; A Capped a Choir 4; Inter-religious Council 4. 66Donna Roy; Kindergarten-Primary; Superior. Jacqueline C. Rundquist; Business Education; Iron-wood, Mich. Transfer from Gogebic Community College, Iron wood, Mich. 67Patrick W. Savage; Liberal Arts; Iromvood, Midi. George W. Sears; Business Administration; Webster. Wis. Football 2.3.1 ('apt. 4; Baseball 1: All (.'(inference Specialist Team 2. 3; Business Club 3.1: “S" Club 1,2,3,4 Vice Pres. 4. Wit.La SeEBURCKK; Secondary; Phillips, Wis. Janette J. Seiffekt; Inter-mediate-Upper-Art; Cable. Wis. Choral Group 2,3; N.-E.A. I; Inter-Varsity 1,2,3, 4 Trcas. 2; Art Students league 4. Jean R. Seikfert; Intermediate-Up per; Cable, Wis. Choral Group 2,3,4; N.E.-A. 4; Inter-Varsity 1,2,3,4, Sec. 2; Intermediatc-Up| cr Club 1; Scholarship of the Wisconsin Statutes 1. Mary Ellen Sklinski: Art: Menomonic, Wis. A I p h a Kappa Sorority; Trcas. 3: Angel Flight 2: Art Students League See. 2: “Much Ado About Nothing" 2; “Major Barbara” 3; Student Government 2. Senator 2; Ski Club 1,2,3: N.E.A. 4; Marching Band 1. $SRalph Shall; Secondary; Superior. Ckorck M. Staupe; Intermediate-Upper Superior. L.S.-A. 1,2,3; Gamma Della I. Joan Stalpk; Kindergarten Primary; Superior. William Smeaton; Inicr-mediatd-Upper; Superior. Jeanne S. Smith; Biology; Poplar, is. Delta Sigma Sorority 1,2,3,4; W.A.A. 1. 2.3,4 See.-Ties. 3 Pres. 4: Cheerleading 2.3.1 ('apt. 3. 4; Band T v i r 1 e r 1,2,3; Drum a n d Bugle Corps Twirler 3,4; N.E.A. I; So-cial Committee Chairman I: General Chairman Homecoming 1; General Chairman Sno-Week I: Angel Flight 2.3.1; Military Ball Princess 3: Union Board Representative -I; Senior Class See.; iMabcllc Gates Scholarship in Biology. Gary Starstead; Secondary; Superior. 68F Irma Tami ita : Kindergarten Primary; W'ailuku, Hawaii. James R. Teppo; Math-Physics; Iron River, Wis. Transfer from U. of Wis.. Madison. Wariien S. Terkklson; Geography-Geology; M unit o-uish. Wis. Lambda Delta Chi 1,2.3.1 Pres., Treas.. Sgt. of Arms; Inter-Fraternity Council 2.3.1 Pres.; Social Comm. 2.3.1; Command Squadron 1; Newman Club 3; Sundquisl Hall Council 3, Sec.-Treas. Nancy S. Sweet; Secondary-English; Superior. Delta Sigma Sorority 1.2.3,1 See. 3. Pres. I; Social Committee, Sec. 2; Sno-Ball General Chairman 2; Senate 3; Angel Flight 2.3,1 Commander 4; Military Ball Queen 2; Inter-Sorority Council Pres. 1; Sophomore Class Sec.; N.E.A. 4. James Swanson; Intermediate-Upper, Lake N’ebaga-mon. Wis. Daniel Storry; Secondary; Superior. 70Roger B. Tyrrell; Chcmis try-Physics; Rice Lake. Wis Capt. R.O.T.C. Rifle Team Rifle Team Award; Com pany Squadron Command cr; Chemistry Club, Sec. Bkyon L. Vocelka; Music; Prairie Farm, Wis. A Cap-pel la Choir 1,2,3,4; Madrigals 1,2; Messiah Soloist; L.S.A. Trcas.; Iota Delta Chi Fraternity. Carol Warner; Liberal Arts; Superior, Wise. Robert Vandriessche; Intermediate-Upper; Superior. 71 Dwayne K. Woerpel; Speech •English; Marshall. Wis. N.-K.A. I; Wesley 1.2,3.1 Pros. 3; Iota Delta Chi 2,3. I. Chaplain -I; Poptomist Staff I Business Manager I: Oratorio 1.2: Alpha Psi Omega 1,2,3,4- Pres. 4; Inter-Religious Council 3; Col leg e Plays Student Director. Carolyn M. Wiemer; Vocal Music; Sheldon. W is. Sigma Gamma Chi 1,2.3,4; A Cappella Choir 2,3,4; Women’s Glee Club 1,2; Newman Club 1.2,3,4; Young Democrats I; N.E.A. 4; Oratorio 1,2,3,4. Mary anna Ziek; Music-Kin-dcrgartcn-Primary; Stanley. Wis. Band 1.2.3! 1: Orchestra 4; Oratorio 2,4; Newman Club 1.2,3,4; Alpha Kappa Historian 2. Pres. I; I nter-S o r o r i t y Council 4; Sigma Gamma Chi 1.2,3.4; Student Senate 1; Young Democrats 3.4; Kdgn.-Primary Club 1.2. 3,4; N.E.A. 3,4. Donald Zwernik; Secondary; Wcyerhauser, Wis. 72SENIORS NOT PICTURED Earle D. Anderson; FEX fraternity; lute r-fraternity Council 2; Social Committee 2,3; A Cappclla Choir 1. 2,3,4; Madrigal Singers 4; Men’s Glee Club 1,2,3; Drill Team 2; Drum and Bugle Corp 2; Basketball Manager 1; Assistant Gymnastic Coach 4; Messiah; Creation; Elija. Galen 0. Ballard; Intcr-mcdiate-U p p c r; Spooner, Wis. Transfer from Barron County Teachers College; N.E.A. 3,4. Curtis A. Bekakd; Intermediate-Upper; Hayward. Wis. FEX Fraternity 1.2,3,4; Art Student league 2.3,4; Pres. 3; Inter-fraternity Council 3. Mary J. Blumk; Biology. Chemistry-Physics; Cuml cr-land, Wis. Newman Club 1. 2,4; Messiah 1; Camera Club 1. Jane E. Duff; Intermediate; Port Huron. Mich. Transfer from Port Huron Jr. College. Ida Larsen; Secondary; Superior. Janet Lombard; Kindergarten-Primary; Spooner, Wis. Evelyn L. LaNGHUS; Kindergarten-Primary ; Anchorage, Alaska. Laura 1). Maki; English; Superior. Transfer from U.- M.D. Dorothy A. Milroy; Elementary; Sheboygan, Wis. Donald J. Olson; Secondary; Hayward, Wis. Larry W. Peterson ; Physics-Math.; Clovcrton, Minn. Fresh m a n Scholarship; Newman Club. James J. Schmidt; Intermediate-Upper; Park Falls, Wis. Newman Club 1; N.E. A. 1. Judith A. Thompson; Kindergarten-Primary; Superior. Tau Alpha Chi Sorority 1,2,3,4; N.E.A. I. Richard J. Tills; Fine Arts; Superior. Bund 1,2.3; Iota Delta Chi Fraternity 2,3,4. Sister M. Ursula. C.S.J. (Schwalen) ; Business Adminstration; Super ior. Owl and Serpent. Elias Vernikos; Art; Duluth. Minn. Phi Sigma Epsilon Fraternity, Treasurer; Art Students league. Senior Class Officers From left: Jim Collins. Vice Pres.; Jean Smith. Secretary; Bud llinaus. Pres.; Wayne Lindlierg, Treasurer 73 Memories of students who arc graduating will include the mental picture of Ostrander Hall which is now doomed to vacancy and ultimate destruction. The Old Memories will also include the depreciated hall park and its blazing end. 1 Lasting memories will also include the new expansion of the campus. Some new buildings constructed within the last four years include the students’ union, the Newman Club Center and the McCaskill and Barstoiv Hall. The New 76Juniors Class Okkickks: Carolyn Holm, secretary; Kitty O’Bcirnc, treasurer; Jerry Johnson, vice-president ; Wally Hcuer, president. 1 .o jgk (•% ’ —Bfl I uM .K V oh i A. u t A ' A k. I i k Jto. kM V.. o A © % A y ( 4 P »«• $ . ifi % y © ft O f l 'k TbF 1 m aW . At •» p fkT Charlene Abrahamson. Leon Aldcn, Nancy Amodt, Barbara Anderson, Harvey Anderson. James F. Anderson, James L. Anderson. James P. Anderson. Sharon L. Anderson. James Bach inski. Gene Belinas, Brute Blakcy. Diane Blomfelt. Philip Bohn-on.John Bonk. Donald Brown, Joyce Bustrak. Calvin Callaway, Douglas Camhensy, Morris Carlson. Ann Craig, Paul Dahlie, Rodney Daniels. Bernard Dart. Marjorie DeFore. Sandra Dehn, Carol DcMars, Judith Dencweth. Nancy Dig-nan. Barbara Donley. 76 George Donley, John Donnel-lan, Sandra Downs, Joan Duff, David Duffy.Basil Edgette, Joan Mining, James Ely, Roland Erickson, Russell Erickson. Nancy Fall, Mark Finn, Susan Flynn, Allan Foole, Roger Forrester. Sandra Forrester, JoAnn Fris-inger, Hester Gelding, Edith Gillcs, Steven Goldberg. Dorothy Good, Kenneth Gra-el ,, Carl Gregas, Rich a r d Grimsrud, Jerome Gronski. Marilyn Gulickson, Margaret Haasis, Carmen Hablc, Robert Hanson, Robert Hanus. Gary Harrer, Arthur Hasc, Patricia Haynes, I.ois Heino, Carl Heintzclman. Lynncllc Henthorn, Walter Heuer, Phyllis H i n t i k k a. George Hollenbeck, Carolyn Holm. Lloyd Holmberg, Sybcl Hopkins, William Hovey, Charles Johnson, David L. Johnson. Eric Johnson, Jerrold Johnson, Kenneth Johnson, Mary I). Johnson, Mary E. Johnson. Sally Johnson, William Kad-lecek, Barbara Kahl, Doris Kamrath, James Kantarik.Hilu Kasper, Donald Kawane, Gerald Kcaougli Larry Keith, Maria Kelley. Duncan Kennedy, James Kenyon. Rose Kervina, Keith Kiel-cheski. James Khmgness. Jack Knepper. Joan Knoepker. Raymond Koci. Judith Kon-geviek. Kathryn Kongevick. Kendal K or has. George Korn-stad, Patricia Koski, Kdward Kossak, Diane Kruger. Karl Kunz, Marilyn Kurl-zhals, Joanne Kusel, Thomas LaChapclIe, Kent I igro. Patsy Laier, Roger Lamherl, Mary Lange, Judy LaVine, Janet Lee. Diane Lidberg, Carolyn Lil-jegren, Helen Linder. Anna Lip perl. Donald Loyd. Charles McCauley, William McCreary, Michael McGrath, John McNeil. Ruth Macomljor Dasha Mahler, George Malin-oski. Mary Ann Marlwick. Donald Medemvalt. Robert Merlz. 7S Bruce Miller, Joan Mingucy, Robert Moe, Ronald Moore, Barbara Mosansky.William Murphy, Linda Nelson, Belle Nollct, Kathleen O’Bcirnc, Jerome O’Brien. William 0 in h c r g, Claudia Opien, Jon Orslad, Nancy Os-trom, Donna Palm. Richard Palm, Lloyd Peltzer, James Pcrala, Harry Phillips. David Polzin. Arnold Prochazka, Barbara Quinn, Nancy Rawn, Kenneth Raymond, Marilyn Reardon. Phyllis Rcidner, Larry Reiten, Garry Rindo, Donald Rock-stad, Dale Rodcll. Richard Ronn, Karen Roos. Edwin Rowlec, Dominic Rub-alt, Danny Ryan. Jerry St. Catherine, Donald Saari, Connie Salvcson, Lawrence Samardich, Norman Sar-azin. W i 1 1 i a m Saverda, Carol Schindler, David Scdin, Henry Sedin. Joseph Sekclsky. Richard Selinski. Sally Severson, William Sharp. 0 r i n ts? k. v , H _ a Carol Slanovich. i 1 1 i a m Smiley, David Smith. Kirby «l Smith, Warren Soule. w p i t V, . 1 k ad L 4 1 1 M nWalter Strcit, Murray Sullivan, William Summers, Lillian Swanson, Gary Swenson. William Swenson, Joseph Tar-ro, Mary Tierney, Gail Tor-gersen, Mary Tracy. Michael Tucker, Thomas Tur-chi, Wayne Turnquist, Tom Uchytil, Muriel Viggiano. Rosalie Vokovich, Marlin Vor-tanz. Clarrisa Waters, JoAnn Westlund, William Weston. William Whercatt, Marjorie Whitsitt, Mary Wilson, Olive M. Youngquist, Ronald Zanel-la. Eugene Zclcchowski, Robert Zonlncr.Sophomores Class Offickrs: Sandy Nelson, treasurer; Kathy Lundecn, secretary: Terry Cole, vice-president: Hal Wold, president. Donald Abell, Mary Adams, Julie Ames, Roger F. Anderson, Ronald F. Anderson. Sliarcn Anderson, Kdward An-ceki, Paul Arnovicli, Diane Bcirl, Diane Rendis. John Berchild, Marjorie Boss, Doris Brown, Thomas Brown, Jeffrey Ruhr. Mary Bukoski, Jay Carlsgaard, James Carlson, Clifford Chapman, Marie Chelik. Julius Christianson, Patricia Cieslieki. A. Darlene Cifaldi, Orvin Clark. Robert Clark. Charles Crisp, Norman C .er-wonka, Walter Dahl, John Danielson, Barbara Dann. ft t - Lw’-i A ) ft Q £1 o Kathleen Darst, Dale Darwin. Franklin Davis, Karen Davis, Paul DeBeir. siJudith DcBruync, Marie Den-enny, Margaret Doherty, Ronald Dosedel, Dean Duncan. Marlene Kkroth, Robert Erd-man. Dennis Fonger, Richard Ford, James Frandy. Jo A im Frederick, T h o m a s Frederick, Carl Frcdcrickson, Richard Galbraith, Carolyn Gale. Philip Gallo Jr., Richard Gcisler, Glenn Gctgcn, Cary Giesc, Jane Gillette. Phyllis Glosser, Cecilia Golden, Susan Gold e n. Robert Good. Thomas Colliding. Susan Gray, Clyde Gunderson. Patricia Gunderson, Gary Gustafson. John Hadley. Michael Hagen, John Hagfeldt, Donald Haig, Barbara Hal-mar. Diane Halvorson. Leonard Halvorson, Marie Hammond, Paul Hankowitz, Douglas Hanson, Helen Haynes. Patricia Hcnnessy, Mary Hess, Thomas Hill, James Hilton. Christine Hohnquist. William Holton, Gerald Horn-ick, Thomas Horst, John Hum-pal, Mary Infelise.Karen Iverson, Karen Jaggcrs, Bruce Jensen, Jon Jensen. Richard Jensen. Dale Johnson, Diana Johnson, Fred Johnson, LcAnna Johnson. Richard Johnson. James Jones, Richard Joos, John Joseph, Gloria Joslin, Ervin JuVelle. William Kalin, Allan Kangas, Lynn King, Wayne King. Kenneth Klein. Janice Kocik. Raymond Koehler, Dale Koistinen, Darryl Kortesma, Dianne Kruger. John Kulas, Bruce Kunsnian, George La Bar, Frances Lamb, Edward Lambert. Ann LaRock, Timothy Larson, Darlene Lcinkc, Donald Lenike, Dean Lindhlad. Delores Lindclof, Roberta Livingston, Thomas Lockcn, Terrance Lofblad. Eileen Longric. Thomas Lovely, Arlene Luet-schwagcr, Sandra Lund, Kathy Ltmdeen, l.arry Lundgren. Jack Lyon, Janet MacKenzie. Ann Maki, James Maki. Gail Malctzke.Robert Malinoski, Ernest Martinson, Herbert Martinson, Bartley Mauch, Lynda Mead. Ellen Mcars, Carole Meredith, James Melsala. Thomas Mich-ela, Jeanne Michelson. Joseph Mika. John Milroy. Raymond Mocn, Michael Monaghan, William Moon. Lee Morgan, Joan Mrkvicka, Ann Nelson, Douglas Nelson, Sandra Nelson. Susan Nelson, Virgil Nelson, Dale Nichols. Gene Nitschke, Diana Noble. John Norrish, Joseph Norrish, Joseph Novack, Jerry Nykan-en, Patrick O’Brien. Thomas O’Brien, Sandra Oja, Margaret Okkoncn, Dale Olson, Ellen Olson. Judith Olson. Julie Olson, Mil-ton Olson, Nancy Olson, Nell Olson. Richard Olson, Ronald Olson. Paul Palmer, Karen Pupineau, Magdalene Patterson. Connie Paulson, Michael Pedersen. Sandra Pederson, Herman Peters, Donna Peterson.Fred Petroske, James Petroske, Lawrence Plaszcz, Virginia Prior, Janice Provost. Lawrence Quam, Robert Ra-aflaub, Constance Rahenowich, Sandra Racctle, Rolx rt Randa. John Rasmussen, Kenneth Rcinickc, Paul Rcinkall, Carl Renoos, Spencer Rogers. John Rookcy, Douglas Saari, Anthony Saladis, Irene Salmi, Sandra Sanders. Richard Scheldroup, Edward Sevals, Janet Severance, Walter Shea, John Shudlick. Peggy Siegel, Jacquelyn Silver, Julc Sitek, Lynne Skemp, James Slattery. Patricia Smith, Robert Smith, Sue Smith. David Sprowls. Jo-Ann Stack. Shirley Sticn, Gilbert Stoebcrl, James Stoltz, I arry Stone, Horton Strom. Charlotte Stumph. Joan Suen-aga, Susan Suezaki, Thomas Sullivan, Dianne Sundby. V J Qi © © ■ ' m r v A J - V ‘ n w 1 ( ) IV v • • J . 0 ! V J,„ o w T. . f-A i 1 c ■ A n k W f» 8! i . • S J K J n A k a t r?s Ir 1 .rf'V .A JL . r f » " GV . o • V . i ) v © iM-( 1 a ( tiJim IT i A «£il h -1 i 1$ A’ -•V at t ■ f'. V- A 5 _ , t I o 85 Reverly Sutherland, Margaret Sweet, Jerome TaBclle, Paul Takkunen, Brian Tarro.—a £ a JL-w'iV i D, O 4 V Y -i - » k. P o P ft ■ » - Yr Ra .i v j fis J k ) , A JA ft - fi A _ » n i J P 4 Raymond Ziegler. Edward Tcppo, James Tetzlaff, Virginia Tierney, Timothy Titus, Henry Todd. William Tongue, Guy Twining. Gerald ukkola, Michael Van Landschoot, Janet V a n Ness. Thomas Yengrin, Joseph Vit-ccnda, Geraldine Voight, Kenneth Wasco, Jerome Weber. Jeffrey Wester, Robert Wheeler, William While, Dianne Wick, Dennis Wiclx . Jeanne Willoughby, Robert Wiltrout, Jacob Wisti, II a 1 Wold, Caren Wright. F reshmen Class Officers: Mike Brennan, vice-president; Marge Thompson, secretary; Phil Vergami-ni, treasurer and, standing, John Bremer, president. John Ahraham, Sandra Ahl-l erg, Gerald Aho, Robert Aim-quist, Edward Andersen. Douglas Anderson, Gerald Anderson, Jean Anderson, Mark Anderson, Robert Anderson. Carol Androsky, Sharon Bailey, John Baker, Wayne Ban-nick, Charles Barnard. Kenneth Bashara, Walter Beat-tie, Lionel Beaumicr, Anthony Beaulo, Lynn Berg. L 1 o y d Bergstrom, Richard Bcrntscn, Judith Bitney, Sheila Bogan, Joseph Brandstrom. George Brandt, Robert Brunei-lo, William Busch, Thomas Butler, Raymond Carlson. Stanley Carlson, Susan Carr, Verdun Cecil, Joseph Charbon-neau, Linda Chase.Karen Cheever, Carolynne Chingo, Mary Cirilli, Dennis Clark, Jerome Clement. j-s Terrence Coburn, Daniel Cohen, Mary Cole, Mary Connolly, Lloyd Cross. Charles Culver, Jerome Cummings, Joan Daellenbach, Robert Dahl, Larry Debele. Ronald DeFore, Eugene Delaney, Donald DeMuth, Lynda Dcnston, Dale Dewing. William Dignan, Terrence Diskin, Dorothy Dubicl .ig, Harold Duquaine, Jr., Mary Dur-ct. Carol El crt, Valeric Edming. (Jerald Egan, Marjorie Ely. John Erlx Jerry Erickson, Nancy Even-son, Laurel Evert, Roger Falk, George Fallinosky. I) o n a I d Fcatherly, Barbara Fe r g a 1, Dorothy Ferguson, John Fischer, Walter Fischer. Susan Fisher, Allan Follis. Nancy Foote. Judith Fostvedl. Faye Frank. Leonard Frank, Barbara Frasier, Sharry Frawlcy, James Galzke, Lorraine Gidley.Kathleen Gohler, Lee Golden, Lois Gonia, Margaret Gonski, John Gornick. I) a r r e I Granquist, Kathryn Greenberg, Bernard Gregoire. John Gregor, Richard Grevc. YV i I 1 i a in Grose. R. James Gross, Susan Gross, Claudia Gruhisic, Joy Grunau. I.dward Gullan, Kdwin Gunderson, Thomas Habcrstcin, Dennis Hagman, David Halverson. Bruce Hansen, Douglas Hansen, Gory Hansen, Patricia Hansen, Peggy Hanson. I hoinas Hanson, Dolores Has-sel, Johanna Havanac, Peter llavanac. Richard Heikkila. Ann Helgrcn, Terrence Hcr-sant, James Hershberger, William Hesselgrave. Carol Hill. Jay Hill, Judy Hill, Judith Millbo. Clifford Hoagland, Janice Hoar. Richard Holm. Douglas Holmgren, Larry Hopke, Darrell Hunter. Stewart Hunter. A JL. © IS ZJ m vi, j «r « - • , r A L © i 1- a «-K. w v. i JiV, w ‘a •A } A PN r% - r V • rv , «1V" i ?|9| ».. hL _ % -c V Jt 1, RoIn'iI Huse, Priscilla Hustvct, Darlene Ison. Jean Jncksino, Ronald Jacobson. 89Carol Janowski, Phillip Jar-vinon, Stanley Jarzin, Beverly Johns, Hrnnton Johnson. Darryl Johnson, David C. Johnson, David J. Johnson, Dennis Johnson, Donald Johnson. Cordon Johnson. Kathleen Johnson, S. Roger Johnson. Ronald W. Johnson, Roy Johnson. Virgil Johnson, William J. Johnson, William L. Johnson. William M. Johnson. Perry W. Johnston. Aimec Jondreau, W a y n c Kari, David Karter, Dale Kasl-l erg. Karen Kelly. Arthur Kern, Theodore Ketola, Mary Kevari, James Killoren. Muriel Kittelson. Carole Klug, Kathleen Knip-pcl, Joseph Knoll, Anthony Kochevar, Eulalia Koehler. El mam ice Kohel, Darrel Koi-stinen, Terrance Kortesma, Richard Kresal. Raymond Kreul. Eva Kruinbein, Sandra Kub-ala, Diane Kurokawa, Patricia l nnp. Hjaimer Lnppalainen. Marjorie Largent, David Larson, Gary Larson, Gerald Larson. Karen Lavellc.Mary Jo LeBlanc, John Leg-gale. JoJcan Leszeynski, Thomas LcTourneau, Michael Lev-cns. Howard Levo, Kathy Lindahl, Karl Linde, Christa Longrie, 'I'errence Lovejoy. David Lovik, J. Gary Lowell, Birke Luckenbill, Karen Lund-quist, Margaret Luoslari. lieroy McCreary, John Me-Faul, Michael McGettigan, Kvelyn McLcIlan, Bruce Maki. Elizabeth Manosky. M a r y Manosky, Robert Marcuk, Richard Marheine, Joanne Marlowe. Karen Martin, Thomas Martin, Margaret Mnrtinemi, 1) a v i 1 Martinson. Joyce Masaki. James Mathison, Diane Mat-thiesen, Vincent Mattson, Clifford Melby, Thomas Melerot-to. Marcia Melin, Franklyn Mercer, Georgeann Meronek, Roy Meronek, Ann Mertz. Mary Mcstclle, Robert Meyers, John Milchesky, John Miller. Susan Montgomery. Douglas Moquin, David Moss, Michael Munson, John Murray, Kenneth Musolf.Sharon Nagro, Joseph Naull, Donald Nelson, Donna Nelson, Garilee Nelson. A i v " N •C' ft . ft A » jt t j. r r !jr ( j a m M V ( J A ) { o yVw 'M: ft ft: T ‘ ’ ' 1 V 4 t t i •mr? M . ., A ) fdlBgit.V. • © o. 4 it. v 4 J I. .« kV w 5 if W iiS J fV’B tV) 0 1 l . V JV © A A . r P f „ S -• Vs» L i tiff’ , J i i ? ) 92 Kathleen Nelson, J. Rolicrt Nelson, Timothy Nelson, Frances Nenicek, Lloyd Ness. Ginny Lee Ncu, Beth Nichols, David Nordby, Robert Nytcs, Paul O'Brien. Linda Okonck, Mary Jo Oliver. Jon Olson. Lucille Olsen, Marcia Olson. Shirlyn Olson. Jeanne Orville. E. Warren Oscll. A. David Ouellette. David Oviatt. Barbara Pacholski, Janies Pan-anen, Rita Panek, Audrey Par-entcau, Daniel Passer. Neil Paton, Audrey Pearson. Lorcne Pearson, Ronald Pearson. David Pedersen. David N. Pedersen, Marlene Peltzer, David Pera, Elmer Perala. Benjamin Peterson. N a n e. y Peterson, Raymond Peterson, Richard P f i s t e r. James Platteter, Charles Pleski. Robert Pohl, Victoria Pollari, John Pope, John Raaflaub, Susan Raaflaub.Marlene Kajala, Darrell Has mussen, Katherine Rautio, Richard Rauwolf, Jerome Ray-ala. O (mb. T ' A Senator Raygor, Robert Relm-strand, James Rcinkall. Mary Ronilie. Joseph Richey. ft © « . 1 rS rrf ,r r' Richard Riedaseh. Robert Riedasch. William Riedaseh. Carl Roberts, Andrew Rock ■ ■? A A . ! ■A k p .0, . j. -KJ Michael Rodkcwich, Rodney Rogers, Robert Romans. Robert Ronn, Denis Rooney. At jAsJj 2m , ), Patricia Rooney. Dennis Root. Richard Rosenlof, Charlotte Rostad. Barbara Roy. ( i i '• N 4 (ft © k ; vA Kino Ruska. Charlene Russ, Dan Russell. Kathleen Saari. Ronald Saari. ■ © Ifrl' fit ) , t A. Joanne Salo. Donald Samuel-son, Eileen Sapik, Karen Sar-emba. James Scandin. o VV 1 ) e f f k . _l JSi P r . Nl Jeffery Scandin, Joe Schanf. I.inda Scbarp. Dwane Schultz. Irene Schulz. V£S, - 7 fC ) : ?«!• Jerald Schweiger. William Scott. Gerald Seggeliuk. Kathleen Sekelsky, Donald Setter-slrom. © ) r 7 ir •.j. yA A. ! ¥ • 1 i .A I) . y lN J A Harold Severson. Sandra Sharon, Nancy Sharp, Sharon Sim-atic, Patricia Simcnsen. i t p- ; CKm -or ... 1 » 1% 03Cora Sires, Margaret Sivcncy, Robert Skeway, Carol Slcva, Judy Slovik. Maynard Sodcrquist, Dorothy Sorenson, Fred Sorvala, Jo-Ann Starr, Thomas Staupe. William Steffeck, Jill Stone, Ronald Strak, Susan Strum. Jon Stukb. Terrence Sullivan, Robert Sundbakkcn, Francis Suo, Robert Sutherland, K i 1 e e n Swanson. Joseph Sybcldon, Pearl Tain-ter, Lynne Tast, Gary Taylor, Carol Terry. Crystal T It o m a s, Marilyn Thompson, Roger Thompson, Kenneth Thomson, James Thorpe. Bruce Touve, Charles Trcbil-cock, Jerome Trcmblcy, James Tyminski, Rose Mary Uzelae. Phillip Vcrgamini, Diane Vok-ovich, Clarice Waletzko, Phillip Wallace, Lawrence Wasli. William Wedin, Jerry Wester, Jean Whiteaker. Gerald Will, John Wilson. Russell Youngquist, Jeanine Zuchau, David Ziclsdorf, Larry ZucollaOrganizations H'. Seated: I)r. Jos ph Horton, advisor; Pat Koski, Jane Utschinski, Kitty O’Beirne, Connie Bryski. Marge Ely. Standing: Maynard Soderquist, Ray Koci. Jerome Clement. Cal Callaway. Paul Dalilie. Wayne Turnquist, Douglas Moquin. Bill Lundgren, Gene Relmas, Mike Van Ixinshoot. Student Senate The Student Senate is comprised of two representatives from each class. The function of the senate is to represent student views in matters of administration. It is through this body that the students may voice their opinions. The social committee plans and executes such activities as Sno-wcek, Homecoming, all school mixer dances and sets up the social calendar for all social events of the various organizations on campus. The Union Board regulates the activities of the union. Membership to the hoard consists of the union director, the two deans, the business manager, one faculty member, two elected students, a representative from the social committee and a senate member. I l Wayne Turnquist, President. 2 96 UNION BOARD -Standing: Cal Calloway. Bud Hitmus. Seated: Mrs. Brillan, advisor; Roger Forrester, vice-chairman; Mr. Arlmisky. Dr. Ccllcnthicn. Jeanne Smith, chairman: Miss Boch, Mrs. Weeks. Union Board Social Committee SOCIAL COMMITTEE—Standing; George LaBar, Marlene Zwakman, Kay Meacham, Dick Geislcr, Don Kawanc. Sealed; JoAnnc Starr, Jeanne Smith, chairman; Svhel Hopkins, secretary.I r— Standing: Dianne Sundby, Janet Ogren, Sally Severson. Sitting: Mary Anderson. Connie Brvski. Nancy Sweet. Ruth Macombcr. 'Hie Inter-Sorority Council is composed of eight members who arc the Presidents and Vice-Presidens from each of the four sororities. In February the Inter-Sorority Council sponsored an "All Girls' Tea” for all freshman girls and new transfer students. At this tea the new girls have an opportunity to become acquainted with members from each sorority and policies governing each. In the spring the Inter-Sorority Council also sponsored an ‘‘Alice in Dairy land Tea” where all girls were invited to meet Alice in Dairyland. At thus tea all girls were urged to enter the Alice in Dairyland contest. In addition to the teas that are given, the Inter-Sorority Council is responsible for setting the dates of the rushers. Inter Sorority Fraternity Seated: Gary Swenson, Tom Brown, Orv Clark. Standing: Bud Hinaus. Fred Route, Dnryll Berg, Dennis Cochrane, David Nolan. The inlcr-fratcrnity council consists of two mcml crs from each frat. The council puts on the first rusher so as to acquaint the hoys with the different fraternities. The council forms the rules and regulations by which all fraternities must abide in order to he eligible for rushingFirst Row: Irma Tamura, Julie Olson, Cail Greenberg, Sandy Lund, Diane Lidberg, Marvanna Zicr, Sandy Sanders, Connie Bryski, Ann Lippert, Sandec Carlson. Second Row: Joanne Kuscl, Kay Mcacham, Janice Koeik, Sharon Wcslcrgrcn, Geraldine Voight, Janet Van Ness, Pat Savola, Mary Sclinski, Karen Davis, Dianne Sundby. Third Row: Virginia Prior, Marjorie Raisch, Willa Seeburger, Rosalie Vokovieh, Penny Blakeslee, Connie Rab, Sharen Anderson, Jeanne Michclson, Sue Draver, Edna Ralston, Chris Holmquist, Marie Ruthgeerts, Not pictured: Karen Olson, Clarrisa Waters, Janice Co la. “Crown AK’s Connie” was the theme the AK’s followed for homecoming, 1961. Miss Connie Bryski, a junior from Spooner, was their queen candidate. Their float, “The Birds and the Bees”, won second prize in the humorous division. Shortly after homecoming they held their annual scmiformal dance, the Bewitching Ball. Decorations followed a Halloween theme, and the crowning at midnight of Marge Thompson as “Miss Bewitching” highlighted the evening. Christmas season began for the AK’s with a program for the McCaskill primary grades called ‘ Sing Along With the AK’s.” They also held their own Christmas party nad exchanged gifts, and gave a Christmas basket to a needy family. In January they sponsored an after-game dance, “January Jump”. The rest of the month kept them busy preparing for the talent show and other activities of Sno Week. Connie Rah was the AK’s choice for Sno Queen. During the second semester the AK's held their annual dinner dance, and presented an art scholarship to an outstanding art student. Their annual banquet honoring graduating seniors climaxed a most successful year. Officers: President ............................... Connie Bryski Vice President .......................... Dianne Sundby Secretary ............................... Irma Tamura Treasurer ............................ Jeanne Michclson Historian .............................. Karen Davis Seigeant-at-Arms .......................... Edna Ralston Publicity co-chairmen for the year were Sandec Carlson and Gail Grccnl erg. Advisors: Mrs. Robert Vaughn and Mrs. Richard Miller. Alpha Kappa Queen candidate, Connie Bryski. 99Hrst row: . ancy Hawn, Sue Gray, Killy O’Bicrnc, Jan Bankey, Sandy Forrester, Nancy Sweet, Carolyn Holm, Kathy Lundecn. Second row: Nell Olson, Linda Nelson. Karen Roos, Jean Nelson, Mary McCorkcll, Helen Haynes, Claudia Opien, Rosemarie Rutligccrts, Sandy Nelson, Phyllis Hinlikka, Kay Kongcvick, Sandy Oja. Third row: Carolyn Gale, Jane Utschinski, Phyllis Reidner, Kathy Benson. Joan Knoepker, Sally Severson, Lynda Mead, Barb Donley, Pat Haynes, Betty Nollet, Diane Kruger, Judy DeBruync, Sandy Pederson. Delta Sigma The year 1961 marked die “golden jubilee” of the Della Sigma sorority. Throughout die year, most of die activities have been linked to dicir 50di anniversary celebration. The first activities involved preparation for homecoming. The preparation proved rewarding with the election of their candidate, Carolyn Holm, as the Homecoming Queen and first prize for their float, “Sweet Smell of Success”. In keeping with the anniversary theme, a smorgasbord was held before the homecoming game for all actives and alumni. Next on the agenda were the activities of the Christmas season. The annual progressive dinner complete in four courses was held at the homes of members. Another activity of the season was the provision of a Christmas dinner and gifts for a needy family. The crowning of their candidate. Barb Donley, as the Sno-Queen highlighted Sno-Wcek activities. The Drama entry, a green turtle, won the second prize in the sno-sculpturing competition. The annual dinner dance was held at Cronstrom's supper club. Carousel, the semi-formal dance, was held in the union amid carnival decorations. The senior banquet and the Golden Anniversary tea climaxed the 50th year of the existence of the Delta Sigma sorority. Officers: President ...... Vice President .. Secretary ...... Treasurer ...... Sargeant-at-arms ...Nancy Sweet .... Avcril Erlie Sandy Forrester . Carolyn Holm .. Kilty O’Bicrnc Delta Sigma queens: Carolyn Holm and Barb Donley. 200First Row: Diane Beirl, Helen Linder, Barbara Erickson. Julie O’Brien, Eilcnc Kassel, Ruth Macombcr, Charlene Abrahnmson, Diane Johnson, Barbara Dann, Barbara Bjur. Second Row: Kathy Darst, Sharon Pedergnana, Janet Ogren, Rosemary McKinnon, Mary Tierney, Mary Jane Beyers, Jackie Aul, Nancy Dignan, Jackie Anderson, Connie Paulson, Jeanne Johnson, Third Row: Margaret Okkonen. Carole Meredith, Sybel Hopkins, Virginia Tierney, Barbara Kalmar, Pat Koski, Lynn Skcmp, Delores Lindclof, Swannie Larson, Deanna Baldridge, Julie Christopherson. Initialing the social activities for tbs 1962-63 year was the spirited celebration of homecoming. Mary Tierney was the Lambda’s candidate for homecoming queen. An adaptation from the Broadway musical “The Unsinkablc Molly Brown" facilitated the presentation of their candidate to the student body. In co-ordination with the Phi Sigma Epsilon fraternity, their float, “Fast Freight to Victory” captured first place in the artistic category. In their “promotion for school-spirit campaign”, they co-sponsored an all-school dinner for the football team and formally introduced the individual team members on the field at the first home conference game. The Lambda's brought the first annual Hair Fashion Show to the college co-eds in December of ’61. Their Winter Frolic sleigh-ride and dance brought out all the college snow enthusiasts for an evening of fun. Willi the entrance of the. new semester, Sno-wcck ushered in another series of thrilling activities for the Lambdas. The Lambda Candidate for Sno-Qucen was Kathy Darst, who they presented as Campus Choice, Kathy! Annual traditions brought their activities to a close with a donation of a musical scholarship, the Mother’s Day Tea, their formal dinner dance, and the Farewell to Seniors Banquet. Officers: President ............................... Ruth Macoinber Vice President ............................ Janet Ogren Secretary ............................... Sybel Hopkins Treasurer ................................. Lynn Skcmp Advisors: ............. Miss Thering and Miss Wrstlund Advisor Lambda advisor. Miss Wrstlund. Lambda Sigma Lambda J01First Row: Mary Anderson, Jeanette Benson, Anita Haugen, Mary Brittan. Second Row: Nancy Jackobs, Betty Finsland. Marge Flistcr, Janet Lombard, Judith Bitner, Judy Thompson. Third Row: Ann Craig, Mary Adams, Susan Golden, Patricia Gieslicki, Mary Bukowski, Jo Ann Westlund. Fourth Row: Karen Iverson, Gail Torgeson, Carmen liable, Wilma Magnuson, Jacqueline Rundquist, Janice Carlson. Tau Alpha Chi Jeanette Benson was the Tau Alpha Chi sorority homecoming queen candidate. A musical skit based on the “roaring twenties” was presented in support of their candidate. Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets were given to needy families. Toys were also given to the recipients of the Christmas basket. Sno-week featured Ann Marie Craig as the queen candidate. A piano solo by Mary Bukowski was the T.A.X. entry in the talent show. Tlu: annual dinner dance, the Mother’s Day tea and a senior banquet were among the activities included on the sorority social calendar. Officers: President .... Vice-President Secretary .... Treasurer .... Mary Anderson Carmen liable ... Jan Carlson .. Mary Adams 102 Homecoming Queen candidate Jeanette Benson.Seated: Pat O’Brien, Pudge Shea, Terr)' Byrne, Jack Sweeney, Dennis Cochrane, Earle Anderson, Don Midbon, George Kornstad, John Bcrchild. Standing: Dick Holm, Micky Killorcn, Dave Sprowls, Buzz Byrnes, Arnold Prochazka, Bruce Jones, Tom Fredrick, Pat Quinn, Fred Pclroske, Jim Maki, Dale Koistinen, Bob Banda, Joe Novack, Larry Teppo, Paul O’Brien, Bill Murphy, Jack Dricsscn, Bob Smith, Jim Petroske, Joe Charbonneau, Chris Wirtanen, Tony Novack, Terry Diskin. Fex Activities of the FEX fraternity began with the impressive campaign in support of their homecoming king candidate, Art Nelson. Their skit on behalf of their candidate featured “can can” dancers. The float entry in the parade was the “Wreck of the John B. Whitewater”. A survey taken by members of the fraternity in cooperation with the Superior Association of Commerce was one community project in which the fraternity contacted three-thousand homes. A gift to the children’s homes of turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner was another service of the FEX fraternity. Members also took the boys from the homes to a college basketball game. A car wash, the proceeds of which went to the Memorial Hospital Drive, was also sponsored bv the fraternity. A raffle, in which ten prizes were presented to winners, and a mixer dance were the other money raising projects of the fraternity. The 16th annual FEX Christmas formal held in the National Guard Armory attracted 250 couples. A false ceiling of parachutes and the encircling of the dance floor by evergreens were the basic decorations. Sno-week activities for the FEX fraternity were highlighted by the coronation of Sno-king Fred Pclroske. They participated in the snow sculpturing with their rocket entry and in the talent show. Five FEX awarded a trophy to Gene Evans, the teams high scorer, A jam session and free coffee to all students were all school events sponsored by the organization. Terminating the active year a stag for all members and a dinner dance for members and dates. Sno-king Fred Petroske.Seated: Dr. Tychscn, Warren Torkelson, Richard Sampson, Kendall Korbas, Larry Keith. Fred Route. Standing: Marvin Bilse, Mick Liston. George Pederson, Rill W'cston. Jerome O'Brien, Brad Bnlgord. Don Zwernik, Ron Marck, Boh Hard, Guy Twinning, Daryll Berg. Lambda Delta Chi The Lambda Delta Chi fraternity presented George Pederson as their candidate for homecoming king. They used “Chattanooga Choo Choo” as the theme for their float and did a rendition of “Mother Fletcher" for their skit. The fraternity helped in remodeling an agate shop for a handicapped person and their annual “Operation Santa Claus” helped give five needy families a Christmas they would never forget. They held their annual Christmas dinner dance at the Hotel Superior. The big event of second semester was their 50lh annual Shamrock formal and the crowning of a Colleen Girl. Officers: President .... Vice-President Secretary .... Treasurer .... Historian .... Pete Brcimcn Daryll Berg ... Fred Route „ Allen Todd Jerry O’Brien 10-1 "Cluittanoogo Choo Choo" was the L.D.C. entry in the homecoming parade.Scaled: Bill Holton, Brad Ncurala, Tom Quinn. Advisor: I)r. Coward, Dick Palm, Roger Johnson, Paul Takkunen, Bruce Kunsman, Ron Anderson, Paul Kcavy, Advisor: Air. Wright, Richard Krakc, Men' Shaffer. Cal Calloway. Standing: John Hurnpel, Don Jenson, Lloyd Peltzer, Spenser Rogers. Wally Heuer, Hein . Rudau, Terry Cole, Andy Ka .ukewiez. Chuck Campbell. Donald Kawane. Dick Ronn, Orvin Clark. Bud Sandvick, Tom Brown, Gene Bel mas, Don Brown, Jerry Johnson, Dick Gcisler, Gary Anderson, Paul Dahlic, Tom Hake, Wils Bergstrom, Jim Blcskan. The past year proved to l c an eventful one for the Phi Sigma Epsilon National Fraternity. Activities began with homecoming, in which Cal Calloway was entered as their king candidate. The Phi Sig “Victory Train” float won first place in the homecoming parade. At the close of the football season Mickey Sears was presented the Phi Sig “outstanding athlete of the year” award. The 17th annual semiformal held in November at the Hotel Duluth proved to l e a successful social event. Highlighting the evening was the coronation of the “Blue lee” queen, Beth Nichols. Sno-week found the Phi Sigs busy again with various activities. They presented a satirical skit on American dance scenes at the talent show; and received third place for their seal in the snow sculpturing contest. March came in like a lion for the Phi Sigs with their National Fraternity Conclave. Over two hundred Phi Sigs from Milwaukee. Stevens Point, La Crosse, Ashland, Stout, and Enu Claire participated in the events, 'file conclave culminated with the championship basketball game and the semi-formal dance at the Badger Room of the Hotel Superior. In the spring the Phi Sigs held tl cir annual dinner dance and Hawaiian Lunu which proved to l»c a huge success. Phi Sigma Epsilon President ................................. Paid Dahlic Vice-President ..................................... Cal Calloway Recording Secretary ....................... Dick Palm Treasurer .............................. Elias Vcrnikos Corresponding ............................. Jim Holton Scrgcant-at-arms .......................... Rod Daniels Advisors: Dr. Nathan Coward and Mr. Sid Wright Homecoming king candidate, Cal Calloway 105Front Row, Left to Right: Ed Simons, Steve Schroedcr. John Rassmussen, Mohamed Malik, Gary Swenson, Jack XVisti. Jean Buchcn, Rolx rt Xcnlner, Rick Dering, Larry Carlson. Hal Wold, Roger Anderson, Roliert Anderson, Erv JuVette, Joe Sekelsky, James Collins, Richard Halverson, Eric Johnson, and Ray Koci. Back Row, Ijeft to Right: Mr. Richard Miller (advisor), James Frandy, Gib Stroberl, George Sandstrom, Larry Brunello, Doug Cambensy, Jerry Wartgow, Larry Stone, Ken Reinike, Bartley Mauch. Janies Stoll ., 'loin Colliding. Gene Nilschke, Mike Van Landshoot. Wayne Liiulberg, Larry Pederson. Robert Peterson, Bill Forest, Don Drolson, Roger Forrester, Dave Lannigan, James Metzala, Boh Wiltrout. Dave Olson. James Slattery, Dave Smith, Leon Alden, Ronald Moore, Dr. Neil McKay (advisor), Bud Hinaus, and Dwayne Wocrpcl. Tau Kappa Epsilon Iota Delta Chi Planning the Homecoming campaign was first on the agenda for the Iota's as they returned to school in the fall. And the many hours spent planning songs, making posters, and arranging for receptions were not in vain as we came through for the second consecutive year with a winner. This year it was Bud Hinaus, who won the honor of presiding over the Homecoming activities as King. To add to the school spirit, we had a victory flag made and presented it to the college. It now flies over Old Main after every athletic victory. The pre-Christmas activities included our First Annual Red Carnation Ball and the choosing of our Iota-Teke Sweetheart, Mary Tierney. Second semester found us working diligently on our snow sculpture, “A Toast To The Queen”, and preparing our skit for Talent Night. The month of March found us lieing pseudo-French for our Fourth Annual French Sewer Party, and in April we traveled to Stevens Point for the TEKE conclave. In May the lota Delta Chi fraternity officially lx -canie a member of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity. The Iotas then existed only as a fond memory. President ........ V ice-President .. Secretary ........ Treasurer ........ Historian ........ Chaplain ......... Sergeant at Arms Pledge Trainer .... .. Bud Hinaus .... Jim Collins .... Don Drolson Roger Forrester ... Joe Sekelsky Dwayne Wocrpel ... Jim Metsala Doug Cambensy Mr. Cus Frye, on duty with the 32nd, Dr. Neil McKay, and Mr. Richard Miller are the advisors. Bud Hinaus, Homecoming King 106OFFICERS: Dave Polzin, comptroller; Tom Skar, deputy commander; Richard Clemensen, commander; Jim Slattery, adjutant recorder: Hugh Brace, information officer. Arnold Air Society SENIOR OFFICERS: Richard Clemensen, Dave Olson, Dick Halverson, Captain Hohorechl, Tom Skar, Marvin Bilsc, Roger Tyroll JUNIOR OFFICERS: Dick Palm, Jim Slattery, Jim Rindo, Jack Wisti, Dave Polzin, Hugh Brace, Gary Swensen, Bill Murphy, Don Drolson. vr.One of the activities of the Drum and Bugle Corp is its annual participation in the homecoming parade. Drum and Bugle Corp Rifle Team First row: Larry Brunello, Lioncll Bcaumicr, Ken Rogowski, Dennis Drinkwine, Doug Holmgren. Standing: S Sgt. Carl R. Heintxchnan, Roger Tyrrell. Ken Resellau, Dave Smith. Tech Sgt. Paul E. Towey. 10SScaled: Rosemary McKinnon, Pal Koski, Nancy Sweet, Sandy Forrester, Standing: Connie Bryski, Joan Mingucy, Ann Craig, Jeanne Smith, Carolyn Holm, Kay Kongevick, Judy Kongcvick. The Angle Flight is an organization affiliated with the Arnold Air Society. Participation in the homecoming parade, a tour of die Duluth Air Force Base, a Christmas luncheon with die Arnold Air Society and the International Tea which is an annual event with guests from foreign lands were the activities of the angels. The highlighting event for die Angel Flight is the Co-sponsoring of the Military Ball with the Arnold Air Society. Angel Flight THE BRASS I Honorary Ranks) Commander ......................... Maj. Nancy Sweet Executive Officer .. Executive Capt. Judy Kongcvick Adjutant Recorder .............. 1st Lt. Mary Tierney Comptroller .................... 1st Lt. Joan Knocper Advisor ...........................Mrs. J. M. Crick Newly initiated members of the Angel Flight participate in the banquet following the initiation ceremony. 109First row: Connie Bryski, Kathy Rautio, Diane Kurokawa, Frances Lamb, Sybcl Hopkins, Karen Wright, Sandy Kubala, Ann La Hock, Delores Lindelof, Sandy Racette, Charlene Ahrahamson, Mary Sue Lange, Nancy Dignan. Second row: Jeanne Orville, Stella Rogers, Diane Lidberg, Sue Smith, Ann Marie Nelson, Sandy Anderson, Gail Malet .ke, Gloria Joslin, Marge DcForc, Diane Vokovich, Ann Craig, Nancy Olson, Kitty 0 Beirut . Sandy Forrester. Third row: Evelyn McLclIan, Janice Provost, Mary Wilson, JoAnn Westlund, Patricia Cieslicki, Nancy Fredrickson, Kathy Moran, Wilma Magnuson, Janice Ogran, Swanhild Larsen, Penny Blakeslee, Joan Edling, Joan Knoepker, Claudia Opien. Fourth row: Margaret Luostari, Darlene Lemke, Janet MacKcnzie, Deanna Baldridge, Mary Johnson, Diane Kruger, Sharon Benglson, Rita Kasper, Kay Meacham, Gail Greenberg, Mary Jo Stubb, Kathy Lindahl, Julie Christophcrson, Mary Ann Martwick, Joanne Kuscl. Fifth row: Judy Thompson, Mary Jane Beyers, Evelyn Langhus, Sandy Oja, Margaret Okkonen, Janice Bankey, Patricia Hennessy, Bonnie Griffin, Kathy Benson, Rosemarie Ruthgeerls. K. P. Club The Kindergarten-Primary Club is an organization aimed at developing a more professional altitude in the teaching field. A 1 1 students majoring in elementary education are qualified as a member. Aware of the current stress on education and the importance of their purpose the club has affiliated itself with the Association of Childhood Fducation International. Nancy Fall keeping her students in line.Sealed: Joyce Moc, Doris Sweeney, advisor; Rosemary Cronk, Diane Johnson, Jan Kocik, Karen Papincau, Jackie Rundquist. Linda Nelson. Standing: Donald Medenwaldl. Charles Cocking, Jay Bennetts, Jerry Kcough, Eric Johnson, Boh Clark, Dave Ritche, Don Olson, Roger Forrester, Roltert Moc, Dr. Briggs, advisor. Business Club The Business Club, organized in January 1961, is an active campus organization meeting the second and fourth Mondays of every month. The membership is composed of students registered in business administration, business education, and economics major or minors. The objective of the club is twofold. First, to promote interest and recognition in the fields of economics, business administration, and business education. And second, to develope a better understanding of the business world through interaction of students and business leaders. To help achieve our objective, representatives from Burroughs Corporation. Oliver Mining and Manufacturing. Hartford Insurance Group, I ikehead Pipeline, Wisconsin Telephone Company, and others have been our featured speak- An Investment Club within live Business Club is currently l eing organized to familiarize mcmlx rs with the mechanics of investing in stocks and bonds. The highlight of the year was a meeting attended by 235 members and guests at the showing of Dan Balzer’s film, “African Safari.” A donation of over $100 was collected and presented to the Su| erior Memorial Hospital. Officers of the Business Club are Jay Bennetts, vice president; Dave Ritche. president; Don Olson, treasurer; Jackie Rundquist, secretary. Standing; Jerry Kcough. publicity director.F Back Row: Advisor: Dr. Thomas, Ed Rowlce, Marvin Johnson, John Hugfcldt. Kuang-Tan Chang, Advisor: Dr. Coward Front Row: Richard Olson, Nancy Jackobs, Betty Finsland, Donald Olson. Chemistry Club The members of the Chemistry Club arc students who wish to learn more about the field they have chosen to study in. Projects are planned and executed by the members which help them to belter learn and understand chemistry in the world around them. 112Sealed: Joe Charbonneuu, Carolyn Holm. Standing: Pat Murphy, Bob Zcntncr, Tom Sullivan, Jim Wollan, Sharry Frawlcy, Harry Duquaine, Jean Whittaker, Brad Balgord, Pat Gunderson, Bill Stcffek, Ann Marie Maki, Judy La Vine, Sue Gross, Marilee Anderson, Dianne Sundby, Sally Severson, Advisor: Rhoda Jacobs, Nancy Dignan, Kathy Knippcl. Gitchee Gumee Staff 113Standing: Dwayne Wocrpel, Marilyn Gulickson, Mrs. Rlioda Jacobs, advisor: Larrv Quam, Mary Ann Marlwick, Joe Sekelsky, Jean Whittaker. Seated: Sally Severson. Pep Staff “The Peptomist,” published bi-weekly, has attempted tins year to cover State’s news to the best of the staff’s ability. 'Hie staff has worked long hours in collecting, writing, editing, and laying out the copy to achieve an exciting and challenging newspaper for the students. Editor ........... City Editor ...... Copy Editor ...... Sports Editor .... Business Manager Advisor .......... Mary Ann Marlwick ......Sally Severson ...... Mary Infclisc ...... Don Fcrkovich ... Dwayne Wocrpel . Mrs. Khoda Jacobs Duwc and Tuffy checking over a copy of the “PEP".Seated: Marlene Ekroth, Marge Raisch, Edna Ralston, Karen Roos, Sandra Delin. Standing: Joan Mingucy, Lauren Nashlund, Dwayne Voer| cl. Advisors: Priscilla Bussan, Paccy Beers. Alpha Psi Omega Alpha Psi Omega is a national honor society in college dramatics. Over three hundred colleges and universities consider this a standard of achievement. In order to qualify, a student must have participated in a major production, in a one-act play, and in crew work. The Alpha Psi of Superior participated in homecoming activities ami attended the play “Prescription Murder” in Duluth. They held interesting and informative meetings including gin's! speakers. Their main function is to further interest in drama, dramatic literature, and plays. Officers: Dwayne Woerpol. Marlene Ekroth, Lauren Nashlund. Officers: President .... Vice-President Secretary .... Treasurer .... Dwayne Wocrpcl Lauren Nashlund ... Marge Raisch . Marlene Ekroth 115Standing: Pat O’Brien, David Sprawls, Jerry Johnson, James Bays, Rich Krake, Advisor; Miss Gravey, Dan Story, Dorothy Good, Bob Olson, Ann Lippert, Marjorie Whitsitt. Mary Ellen Selinski, Mary Jo jc Blanc, Marlene Eckroth. Buddy Lambert. Seated: Jim Ely, Kathy Knippcl. Don Jenson, Geoff Bush. Sandra Dehn, Sharon Anderson, Pal Smith. Dianne Bendis, Marty Christophcrson, Dennis Clark, Sharon Westcrgren, Donna Peterson, Steve Goldberg, Pat Rooney. Art Students League Officers: Standing: Dick Jenson, Jim Ely. Seated: Rich Krake, Jerry Johnson, Sharon Westcrgren. The Art Students’ league is concerned with developing a campus-wide appreciation for fine art. The League welcomes all art majors, minors and any person on campus interested in art. A number of activities such as discussion groups, movies, tours of art galleries, and parties, have been sponsored by the league throughout the year to create student interest. With participation in the Sixth Annual Beaux Arts Assembly and Beaux Arts Ball, the High School Art Conference and the spring exhibition the league feels they have accomplished their goal to bring art to the campus of Superior State College. Officers: President ....... Vice-President ... Secretary ....... Treasurer ....... Historian ....... Social Chairman .... Jerry Johnson ...... Rich Krake Sharon Westergren ........ Don Haag ...... Don Jenson ......... Jim Ely lie111. Young Democrats have had an active year in 196)1 62. They have held mon!h!y meetings, featuring special programs. Their purpose is to promote student interest in government. They presented some programs of interest to all students and programs to aid the chd in learning more about the functions of the Democratic Party. Sealed: Bill Hovcy, Mary Tierney, Mary Sue Lange. Standing: Wilson McClean. Kodncy Rogers, Jim Christenson, Daryl I Berg, Don Broun. Young Democrats Inter-Religious Council The purpose of the Inter-religious Council is to help each religious organization on campus so as to provide the necessary spiritual needs for all students. The Council consists of members from each active religious organization. The main work of the council is preparation for Spiritual Emphasis week, in which guest speakers arc seemed. Seated: Clayton Bowden, Connie Balko, Wilson McClean, Rita Panek. Standing: Brian Tarro, Jim Christenson, Advisor: Dr. Cronk. Robert Dahl, Arnie Prochazkn, Robert Malinoski.Seated: Pat Lamp, Ellen Mcars, Connie Balko. Standing: Jim Gross. Bill Summers. Bob Rrinkc, Marcia Olson. Fred Sarvala, Wavnc Kari. Gamma Delta Gamma Delta is an international religious organization for Lutherans of the Synodical Conference synods. The name of our specific chapter is Zeta Alpha. This is their first year on campus. President ....... Vice President .. Secretary .......... Treasurer ....... Faculty Advisor Pastoral Advisor ... Connie Balko ... Fred Freeman .... Ellen Mears .... Mar vin Bilsc .... Dr. Tyschen Rev. George WickSeated: Advisor: Pastor Warren Diskerud, Dianne Sundby, Valerie Edming, Margaret Luostari, Sandy Pederson, Nancy Dignnn, Advisor: Dr. Ovc Olson. Standing: Connie Paulson, Marlene Bajala, Nancy Sharp, Deanna Baldridge, Judy Ilillbc, Jeanne Michelson, Bonnie Boya, Anita Hagen, Wilson McClcan, Jack Kncpker, Brian Tarro, Jim Christenson, Ed Scvals. All Lutheran Students on campus arc members of the Lutheran Student Association. Weekly meetings are held at Holy Trinity Church and provide time for worship, special speakers, discussions, and informal get-togethers. The topics of discussion were of great interest ranging all the way from a study of the creation to church music. Guest speakers created an interesting stimulus in setting off many discussion periods. The L.S.A. distributes the L.S.A. Log to all Lutheran students once a month. This is to give the students an idea of the coming events. This year something new was added to the L.S.A. 'Phis year the L.S.A. formed a student choir under the direction of Pastor Warren Diskerud. The choir plans to do Schubert’s “Mass in G” and other selections of Lenten music. These were presented along with members from the Duluth Symphony during the lenten season. The L.S.A. provides strengthening of one’s religion through the various social gatherings and topics for discussion. Lutheran Student Association Officers: President .................................. Brian Tarro Vice-President .............................. Judy Hillbe Secretary .......................................... Sandy Pederson Treasurer ............................ Margaret Luostari Advisors: Dr. Ovc Olson and Pastor Warren DiskerudFirst Row: Mary Hess, Claudia Crubisic. Jule Sitek, Karen Davis, Jo Jean Leszcynski, Jeanne Berk, Judy Kongevick. Mary Me Corkell. Kay Kongevick, Carol Janowski. Second Row: Jerr Cummings, Walter B. Fischer, John Hadley, Dianne Kruger, Karen Papineau, Jane Ulschinski, Mary Briltan. Irene Schul . Joanne Marlowe, Marie Denenny. Third Row: Arnold Prochazkn, John Norrish, Joseph Norrish, James Slattery, Thomas Uclivlil. Patrick Quinn, Jerome Clemen!, Susie Manosky, Carole Meredith, Peggy Gonski, Fourth Row: Daniel Russell, William Weston, John Murray, Joseph Mika. Thomas Colliding, Robert Nytes, Patrick . Chapman, James W. Hudak, Sharon M. Rengstrom, Rita Kasper. Top Row: Richard Holm, Robert Meyers, Phillip Vcrgamini, Terry Sullivan, Robert Malinoski. John Rookey, Ix'onard Halvorson, Rol ert Wiltrout, Father William Wenninger, Chaplain, Joseph Pritchard, Faculty Advisor. The Newman Club is dedicated to the college's Catholic students, to assist them in enriching their spiritual life on campus. The Newman program is divided into three parts: religious, social, and educational. Their chosen topic for education was ethics. This year proved a busy one for the Newman Club. The year opened with an initiation banquet and they also participated in communion breakfasts. To raise funds for their new center the club held a candy sale. Their social life consisted of square dance, tobogganing party and Halloween and Valentine parties for the orphans at tire St. Joseph’s children’s home. 'Flic opening of the new center proved very successful and has enriched the spiritual life of the students. The members attended a convention at Mcnomonie and plan to attend one at Oshkosh in the future. Officers: President ............................ Arnie Prochazkn Vice-President ..................................... Hob Malinoski Recording Secretary ................... Judy Kongevick Corresponding Secretary ........................... Jean Beck Treasurer ................................... Mary Hess Newman Club 120Standing: John Taylor, Jean Whittaker, Erv JuVcltc, Stoncy Bowden. Karen Kelly, Wayne King, Hick Lovely, Sue Carr. Seated: Sue Golden, Richard Leighty; advisor, Kay Johnson, Don Drolson, Janet MacKen .ie, Steve Rantala, Kathy Greenberg. W esley F ellowship Wesley Fellowship, affiliated with the Methodist Student Movement, has been active on and off campus this year. On campus, Wesley entered and won second place in the Homecoming Parade. Off campus, the varied activities included different denominational services, Christmas caroling, discussions of major issues, and recreation - volleyball, bowling, tobogganing and swimming. Wesley meets every Wednesday evening at Central Methodist Church under the guidance of Richard Leighty. The cost supper and program arc open to all Methodist students and others who show an interest in the Fellowship. President ..... Vice-President Secretary..... Treasurer .... Advisor ...... ... Steve Rantala .... Don Drolson Janet MacKen .ie .... Kay Johnson Richard Lcighlv 121Women’s Athletic Association Theoretically, every girl is a member of the Women's Athletic Association. The active hoard is made up of one representative from each sorority, the cheerleaders, a meinl er from the Senior. Junior, and Sophomore classes, one delegate from the local Freshman, and one from out of town. Co-Rec nights arc monthly activities of the W.A.A. In the spring a Campus Carnival is held in which each organization on campus takes part. They also held a Junior High chccrlcading clinic. Monday nights arc open to all girls to participate in women’s activities at the gym. 122Joanne Kuscl, Captain Jeanne Smith, Carolyn Holm. Sybel Hopkins. Krannir l .nnh. Belli Nichols. Absent: Kilty O'Bcirnc Cheerleaders The cheerleaders form a “V” in anticipation of a victory. 123 First Row: Don Midbon, Ray Johnson, Jim Dokc, Gene Belmas, John McFaul, Bud Sandvick, Larry Zucollo, Bob Huff. Second Row: Advisor: “Mertz” Mortorelli, Jack Dricsscn, Jerome Gronski, Boh Good, Jim Hoskins, Jim Slattery, Jerry St. Catherine. Third Row: Ray Koehler, Larry Plaszcz, Dick Longini, Bill Deal, Dick Dickey. S Club Athletes who have earned one major letter or three minor letters are eligible to join the “S” Club. The club functions as a service organization for athletics. During the course of the year many of die members arc presented with various athletic awards, each for excellence in his chosen field. The climax of the season is the awarding of scholarships to deserving athletes. Officers: President ....... Vice-President ... Secretary ....... Treasurer ....... Sergeant-at-Arms Gene Belmas Col Calloway ... Jim Doke Jerry Johnson .. Paul Dahlic Gene Belmas and Jim Dokc prepare a letter of correspondence. t7jk ActivitiesConfusion serins lo reign on registration day RegistrationDr. Williams advises an English major. Lines continue at the text hook library. ) ) 1 Roger Forrester, number 522. poses for pass picture. Royalty candidates arc from left: Connie Bryski, Carolyn Holm, Jeanette Benson, Mary Tierney, Bud Hinaus, George Pederson, Art Nelson, and Cal Calloway. Homecoming Mary Ann's entry in the “Win Art Nelson" contest won for her an evening of dining and dancing with Art. Members of the royal court applaud one of the entertainers during the coronation assembly. From left: Art Nelson, FEX; Connie Bryski, Alpha Kappa; Cal Callaway, Phi Sigma Epsilon; Mary Tierney, Lambda Sigma Lambda; George Pederson, Lambda Delta Chi: Jeannette Benson, Tau Alpha Chi; King Bud Hinaus, Iota Delta Chi; Queen Carolyn Holm, Delta Sigma; Freshmen Princess, Ann Mertz; Freshmen Prince, Jerry Sweiger. 130Combined efforts of the Lambda Sigma Lambda sorority and the Phi Sigma Epsilon fraternity created the first place winner in the artistic category. Delta Sigma's comic entry, "Sweet Smell of Success" won for them first place honors. 131I lie royal couple reign over ihc dance.Sno-Week Sno-Wcek royalty, Barb Donley of the Della Sigma sorority and Fred Pclroske of the FFX fraternity begin their reign at the Lumberjack Ball. 133Sno-Quecn candidates, Ann Craig. Tau Alpha Chi sorority; Barb Donley, Delta Sigma sorority; Connie Rah, Alpha Kappa sorority; Kathy Darst, Lambda Sigma Lambda sorority. With their version of a minstrel show, the Lambda’s captured second prize in the Sno-Wcek talent show. 134Doug Cambensy Larry Brunello Sporting look-alike beards are Jim and Jeff Scandin. Kill rants in the Sno-Wcek beard contest are Doug Cambensy, Jim Stoltz, Joe Mika, George LaBar. 135136 FEX fraternity members go lo great heights in their sno-sculpture. Shades of the Flintstoncs ! If it isn't a dinosaur built by the Art Students League. 137 The Phi Sigs entered their seal in the sno-sculpturing contest. ('Inis Ilolmquisl sivms to have encountered some difficulty in the Pancake-eating Contest in the Union. C Dramatics "Blood Wedding" Cast-first row: lla Larson, Richard Kresal. Pnt Savala, Rose McKinnon. Jack Lyons. Karen Davis. hahy-Keith Mcinke, Larry Peterson. Darryl Kortesina. Marcia Olson, Crystal Tliomas. Lit Rue Alstroin. Second row: Jerry Clement, Priscilla Bussan, Judy Hill. Lauren Nasi) land. Joyce Moc, Dorothy Sorenson, Carolyn Mall is, Val Kdming. Cyldc Gunderson. Marge Raiseli. Penny Stack, Maryann Schowaltcr, Jeanne Orville, Joan Mingucy, Joan Duff, Brian Tarro, Jack Abraham, Marlene Kkroth, Joe Charhoneau, Tom LeTourneau, Bill Ahlslrom. “Hansel and Grclel” Angels arc Nancy Sharp, Jeanne Orville, Valerie Edming, Margaret Luo-stari. Pat Thomas. Shari Kindel, Carol Yaworski, Dorothy Dann, JoAnn Starr. Sue Oaks. Carolyn Dann. Nancy Foote. Other cast members arc Jackie Lel o, JoAnn Stack. Bartley Mauch. Karen Davis. Jerome Clement. Sandy Delm. Steven Kuether. and Kathy Campbell.Val Edming attempts to communicate with her husband, Lauren Naslilund. Penny Stack jests with Judy Hill, the bride. Jerome Clement says, “I love you”, to Ins bride-to-be, Judy. Blood noWedding Judy and Lauren, escaping llu angry crowd, profess their love. Searciting for his wife, Jerry comes upon “Death”, Marlene Ekroth. Lauren and Jerry both die by the knife. Marlene symbolizes death.Hansel and Gretel Gretel, Katliy Campbell. and Hansel. Step-l en Kuether, gather fire wood in the forest.Jackie Lebo, stepmother in Hansel and Grctel, tries to persuade Bartly Mauch, the father in the play. The witch. Jo Ann Stack, tests Hansel. Stephen Kuether, to sec how fat lie is as Grctel, Kathy Campbell, and Trudy the Cat. Sandy J)ehu, look on. 143Alpha Kappa dancers provide entertainment al the “Bewitching Ball’’. Margie Thompson succeeds Ruth Bauer ‘Miss Bewitching”. as 144 Joe ovack acts as master of ceremonies for the Alpha Kappa formal.DormI Sandy Forrester uses the lounge to work on decorations. Clean today, dirty tomorrow. Isn't that right, Frannie? Life According to Jan Breske and Joan Dael-lenbach, dorm life is hectic, but fun. —Paul Dahlie. Phi Pi chapter president and Orvin Clark, conclave chairman are hosts to Tod Wyman, National Executive Officer and Ed Birch, regional director. The regional conclave of the Phi Pi (Superior) chapter of the Phi Sigma Epsilon national fraternity attracted 161 members from ten chapters, nine of which were from Wisconsin and one from Iowa. 'Phe activities during the two days of the conclave, March 2-3. included a stag parly, basketball tournament of which the local chapter won a trophy, business meeting, noon luncheon, banquet and dance. Ted Wyman presents Paul Dahlie with the trophy won by the Superior chapter in the basketball tournament. Seated arc the advisors Sid Wright and Nathan Coward. Orvin Clark nuwts with the visiting executives Ed Birch and Tod Wyman.- Modeling fashions for diverse occasions in the Delta Sigma Style Show are: Pat Jansen, Nancy Goldfine, Phyllis Keidncr, Kathy Benson, Mary McCorkell, Killy O’Biernc, Betty Nollet, Claudia Opicn, Helen Haynes, Carolyn Holm, Jane Utschinski, Joan Knoepkcr, Barb Donley, Carolyn Liljegren. Pat Laicr, Sandy Peder-son. Sandy Nelson. Coffee free! Kay Kohler and Florence Beruhe receive tickets, compliments of FI'A members 'l orn Fredricks, Boh Banda, Larry Tcppo, Dale Koistincn. __iTo Bill, the Union is a place to cat. . The Sky Lounge is the scene of llic FEX jam session by fraternity members Dave Noldcn. Ron 'ruverson, John Hookey, and Larry Teppo. Leading the college bowling league, members of FEX team, Hob Randn, Fred Petro-ske and Jim Petroske, watch the pin action created by one of their teammates. T A farewell to seniors is expressed by President Jim Dan Mill in his commencement speech. The faculty proceeds to the graduation exercise. A graduate receives his master’s degree with the proper ceremony.Athletics VFirst Row. Ufl to Right: Jerry Johnson, John Miller, Janes Slattery. Jim Messina. Jack DHessen. Mick Sears. Gene Bclmas. Hod Daniels. Don Kruger, Bud Sandvick. Joe Brchenti, Second Row: Bill Deal, Dave Meyers, Waller Barker. Roberl Good. Cal Calloway, Paul Duhlie. Bill Wlwic. Garvy McMillan, Jim Hoskins, Chuck Crisp. Third Row: Boh Huff, Allan Kangas. Tom Nelson, Larry Plasacz. Jerry Wester, Hay Koelher, Jerry Gronski, Jerry St. Catlierine, Boh Dodge. Fourth Row: Managers Boh Paltctson and Harold Duquaine Jr.. Larry Xucollo. Jerry Sweigcr, Mike Mahaffey, John McFaul. Fifth Row: Coaches Ed Buck. Dick Dickey, Dom Mossele, Head Coach Mertz Morlorelli, Don Ferkovich. Absent from this picture are Mick McCelland. Dick Swedcroskv, Jeff Wester, Warren Gilbertson. Dan Conway, Phil Bohncn, Nick Minotlc. and Pat Hoss. F ootball 1961 Season We Tlicy U.M.D 43 0 0 River Falls 0 6 0 0 U.W. of Milwaukee 14 0 Enu Claire ..........................13 34 LaCrosse 13 40 Bern idji 13 9 Coaches Dom Moselle, Mertz Morlorelli head coach, and Carl Ycrgamini. 1M Jack Driessen Full Back Paul Dahlie ('enter Dave M vers Tackle 155 Hoh Dodge Back Jerry St. Catherine Guard Gene Belmns Guard Captain Mick Sears End»- 1? 39 Cal Calloway Full Back Bill While Tackle Dick Swedersky Tackle Blas .c End John Miller Quarter Back Mike Mahaffey End Jerry Sweiger TackleJerry Johnson End Hod Daniels Guard Don Kruger Tackle Phil Dolmen Back Jim Hoskins End Chuck Crisp Quarter Back Garvey McMillan Center 15715$W ally Barker (21) gets set for a long run against River Falls as Jerry Swciger throws a hloek to set him free. There is action at the Whitewater goal post as Superior scores. 169T ► r River Falls is caught behind their line of scrimmage. This pass intended for Jerry Johnson falls incomplete as Whitewater defenders step in h knock the ball down. 1G0Our score Opponent Our score Oppon Michigan Tech. 77 84 Winona 71 81 U.M.D. of Duluth 68 75 Bethel 82 66 Eau Claire 81 90 St. 'rhoinas 67 61 La Crosse 74 81 Stevens Point 81 105 River Falls 67 74 Whitewater 75 80 Swedish Nal ls 72 57 Bern id ji 82 91 Oshkosh 94 85 La Crosse 78 92 Platleville 76 68 Moorhead 62 59 U.M. of Duluth 52 61 River Falls 85 70 Stout 77 71 Stout 79 90 Eau Claire 83 75 Basketball 162  John Bonk Art Nelson, Captain Center (6 4”) Guard (6’) Chuck Crisp Guard t.Vl 1 "l Gene Evens Forward (6’0) John Norrish Joe Norrish Managers Jim Gulin Guard (6’1”)Wayne Benson Center (6 4”) Wallv Hcucr Stan Lulich Guard Forward (6 3”) Tony Darin Center (6 4”) 161 twww am • .wChuck Crisp ti| s the hall in as Wally Heucr (13) looks on.169i'Jt Standing: Garry McMillan, Terry Cole, Glen Gctchcn, Tim Stauffer, Dick Rauwolf, Mcrlz Morterelli. First row: Walt Fischer, Bill McCreary, Chuck McCreary, Paul Hankowitz, Pat Ross, Bruce Kunsmaii; manager. Absent: Bob Whitehead, Tom Wile, Larry Lungren. Wrestling Wrestling St. Thomas ..................... Stout .......................... St. Cloud ...................... Michigan Tech................... Michigan Tech................... Bern id ji ..................... Bemidji ........................ River Falls .................... Winona ......................... Moorhead ....................... Invitational Tournament at U.N.I). Superior ....................... Mankato ........................ University of North Dakota ..... North Dakota Stale ............. State Intercollegiate Tournament University of Wisconsin ........ Superior ....................... (15 teams competed) Big Ten Invitational University of Wisconsin Purdue Superior Wheaton Opp. Sup. 3 34 10 22 5 24 10 19 15 17 10 23 10 19 14 14 20 9 22 4 71 66 37 36 98 59 170 Tim Stauffer 177 Chuck McCreary 130 'Icrry Cole 147 Dick Rnuwolf Heavyweight Clen Getgen 157 Bill McCreary 123 1 n 172Gitchee Gumee Staff Editor ...............................................................Carolyn Holm Faculty section............................................Tom Sullivan, editor Marilyn Thompson Curriculum section...............................................Judy LaVine, editor Jean Whittaker, Pat Murphy Donna Peterson ('lass section..........................................Sharry Frawley, Dianne Sundby; co-editors Marilce Anderson, Ann Marie Maki, Carol Meredith, Dorothy Bryski Organization section..........................................Nancy Dignan, editor Connie Bryski, Sue Flynn, Pat Haynes Activity section..............................................Sally Severson, editor Bill Stcffck, Ken Rcinicke, Pat Gunderson Sports section...........................................................Jim Wollan, editor Harold Duquainc, Brad Balgord Business Managers..................................Bill Durand, Joe Charbonncau Photographers......................................Jim Frandy, Bob Zcnlncr, Kathy Knippcl, Jack Lyon Cover design........................................................J»'dy LaVine Advisor ............................................................Rhoda Jacobs 173DUNBAR'S Compliments of Hotel and Restaurant Supplies Wisconsin State Bank Est. 1911 720—722 Tower Superior, Wis. Member F.D.I.C. FAGERLIN FUEL COMPANY TOP QUALITY COAL The Store for Young Men SHELL FUEL OIL PITTSBURGH PAINTS • OFFICE YARDS SIEGEL'S 1124 N. 6th St. Superior, Wisconsin 1120-22 Tower Ave. — Superior, Wisconsin Phone EX 4-5561 IT WILL PAY YOU . . . To Inquire About the Educational Opportunities at Wisconsin State College at Superior Offerings in UNDERGRADUATE WORK Include: • 2, 3 and 4-year teacher training programs • Four-year Liberal Arts degree programs • Preprofessional programs for many fields of study GRADUATE WORK Will Be Offered Leading to a Master of Education Degree • Write for Information The Dean of Instruction WISCONSIN STATE COLLEGE Superior, Wisconsin 174"WISHING WON'T DO IT - SAVING WILL!" . THE WORKERS' MUTUAL SAVINGS BANK 1612 BELKNAP ST. Momber F.D.I.C. SUPERIOR, WIS.Everyone's Talking About The Pizza Pie ... At SAMMY'S Dominic Giansanti, Prop.-Owner Steaming Hot - In 13 Dolicious Varieties Mad Right Bofor. Your Eyo Combination Ordert Available Coty on tho . . . Havo a Pizza at Homo or More Delivered Free EXport 2-3829 fIZZA PREPARED TO TAKE OUT 1423 Tower Avenue NORTHWEST OUTLET NORTHERN WISCONSIN'S LARGEST SURPLUS STORE Complete Camping Outfitters 1814 Bolknap EX 2-1122 MATHER PHARMACY, INC. Prescription Experts ☆ BOARD OF TRADE BUILDING 1509 Tower Ave. SUPERIOR MOTORS, INC. BUICK SALES AND SERVICE 1705 TOWER AVE. LARSON The Northwest's Leading Chevrolet Dealer in Sales of New Cars and Trucks All Makes of Quality Used Cars BELKNAP OGDEN EX 4-5575 Congratulations RADZAK GLASS PAINT CO. 1214 OGDEN AVE EX 2-8771 on Ntr m VISIT YOUR FRIENDLY EAST END AMUNDSON PRODUCTS CO. ARROW CAFE C. A. GRAY INSURANCE COAST-TO-COAST STORE DEBROCK'S BARBER SHOP EAST END HARDWARE CO. EAST END RADIO AND TV SHOP McLEAN'S BEN FRANKLIN STORE PALMER BARBER SHOP GEORGE PESARK GROCERY BAKERY RETZER'S FOODS SANDBERG SHEET METAL INC. SMEDBERG GROCERY SULLY'S CAFE SUPERIOR ELECTRIC SUPERIOR NATIONAL BANK 177Home of Famous Brand Names ROOKEY TRANSFER COMPANY Local Long Distance Moving Dependable Sorvice Sinco 1912 1417 BANKS EX 4-6609 We Carry a Complete Line of EQUIPMENT for the SPORTSMEN • Archery Supplies • Hunting and Fishing Equipment • Keys Made While You Wait LUND'S SPORTING GOODS 1817 Bellknap Dial EX 4-9591 Compliments of COMMUNITY BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Superior, Wisconsin MEMBER OF F.D.I.C. 178ACE FOODS I3STO. 4000 WEST WISCONSIN AVrNUC MILWAUKte. WISCONSIN The Sportswear Center For the Man on Campus EKSTROMS SEVENTH AND TOWER To each of you . . . the best of luck! Safeguard your precious eyesight with proper lighting in your home. Use 150 watt bulbs in table lamps and 100-200-300 watt bulbs in floor lamps. BETTER LIGHT EQUALS BETTER SIGHT! SUPERIOR WATER, LIGHT and POWER COMPANY 179Mentor Pocketbooks, Magazines, Gift Cards, Films and Film Development - GLOBE NEWS TOWER BELKNAP Everything in Reading Material! THE QUICKPRINT Clyde B. Thomas Kermit Thomas 0 Commercial Printing 0 Wedding Invitations Dial EX 4-7241 1608 Tower Ave. With our sincere good wishes Twin Ports Co-Operate Dairy Association, Inc. Superior, Wisconsin iso bnComplete Line of Cameras and Accessories DRYSDALE-PERRY STUDIO 1408 Tower Avenue The COMPLETE CAMERA STORE Mittald Qe icjX 1310 Tower Avenue Superior, Wisconsin Superior's Newest VILLAGE BOWL 12 BRUNSWICK AUTOMATIC PINSETTERS The Latest In AIR CONDITIONING COCKTAIL LOUNGE SNACK BAR SUBWAY RETURNS TEl-E-SCORES TEL-E-FOULS TWO-WAY INTER-COM ON TELESCORE Owned and Managed By Med-Jack-Bill EX 4-3365 6419 Tower Avenue CO-OPS ARE DEMOCRACY IN BUSINESS! Co-ops arc a different type of business because they are owned by their customers and operated for service. They pay a fixed, fair return on investment capital, but the bulk of the net savings arc returned back to the customers, to each according to his or her annual purchase's. Each co-op shareholder has one, equal vote in the affairs of the co-op. The members elect a Board of Directors to run the co-op for them, and the Board hires a manager. For this reason, your co-op is very sensitive to the wishes of the customers, who arc its bosses. Everyone is welcome to join and shop at your friendly Co-op Supermarket, because co-ops are non-denominational and non-partisan. 'Hie mem! crship ruts across racial, economic, religious and national background lines. Co-ops are endorsed by churches of most denominations, by labor unions, farm organizations, professional associations, and many other types of American democratic groupings of citizens. Buy co-op and join a co-op, l ccausc no other, but NO other business in our area ever had so much to offer to the customer. Investigate a Co-op career — it is service of democracy with a brilliant future for YOU! CENTRAL COOPERATIVES, INC. JS1 SUPERIOR, WIS. WADENA, MINN.CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1962 Superior Associated Pharmacists O L APPLIANCE, INC. Headquarters for Better Appliances TV Maytag £ Philco £ Admiral G.E. Q Ironrite Sroadway Tower EX 4 6618 Setchell -Carlson "YOU'LL NEVER BE SORRY YOU SAVED" NEXT TO THE POSTOFFICE SUPERIOR MEMBER F.D.I.C. 1S2 "What Grand Rapids Promises . . . Grand Rapids Does" ☆ GRAND RAPIDS HOUSE FURNISHING CO. BELKNAP AT OGDEN We Give S and H Green Stamps Compliments of WISCONSIN TYPEWRITER COMPANY dealers for the famous OLYMPIA PORTABLE with the two year warranty easy terms 1306 TOWER EX 2-2239 IF IT'S IMPORTANT TO YOU - IT'S IMPORTANT TO US MEMBER F.D.I.C. SUPERIOR'S ORIGINAL DRIVE IN BANK!! 183SENIORS SWEENEY FUEL and MATERIAL CO. ☆ "Tell It To Sweeney" 216 BELKNAP EX 4 6606 College seniors arc a select class of citizens whose needs cull for special insurance plans. Because of these needs the Indianapolis Life Ins. Co. now in its 56th year, has developed a special program of life insurance adaptcrl especially to the needs of college seniors. 'Hie Ixmefits of this program are now available to seniors at WSC. For complete details on how this plan can serve you, sec your “Friendly Insurance Alan” HAY E. WICK. He feels that you should ask for, and get the finest life insurance advice possible, relying on the good judgement and skill of a professional life underwriter. RAY E. WICK Indianapolis Lifo Insurance Co. Phoenix Building, Duluth, Minn. Phones Bus: RA 7-5330 Res: RA 2-4180 Congratulations To The Class of 1962 IS 

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