University of Wisconsin Superior - Gitche Gumee Yearbook (Superior, WI)

 - Class of 1960

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University of Wisconsin Superior - Gitche Gumee Yearbook (Superior, WI) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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ttWMflGUMEEideas, textures, shapes emerged into complete design . . . the design of our campus where our activity and existence are blended into a still life arrangement of glass and steel, to the men who erected these structures, we dedicate this fiftieth volumeCONTENTS Faculty page 7 Classes page 29 Organizations page 67 Fine Arts page 99 Activities page 119 Sports page 143 Advertisements page 166 Biography page 180FACULTY Editor SALLY PLESKI______ _ ADMINISTRATION Mr. Barney Bar stow. Regent of Superior State. Mr. Phil Arlusky. Dean of Men. Dr. Elvira Gcllenthien, Dean of Women. Mrs. Weeks, I’nion Secretary. I ITHE OFFICES Eugene Olson, Administrative Assistant; Gladys Both. Business Manager; Ellen Gilhuly, Secretary to the President; Ruth Peterson, Secretary to the Dean of Instruction; Kathleen Sorensen, Secretary in Placement Office. Beverly Cuskey, Frances Farniakes, Pat Boya, Jean Halvcrsen, Mary Jo Gangnon. Gwen Nelson. Danna Mcronek, Bita Keskincn, Kathryn Pekkala. Judy Oliver.HEALTH Dr. Robert R. Mataczynski, Mrs. Lelia Wiley. Ostrander If all, dormitory for men. 13LIBRARY Mr. Charles Anderson, Mr. Edward Greve, Mr. El-wood Erickson. LANGUAGES and LITERATURE Miss Catherine Bowser, Miss Florence Walde, head librarian. Dr. Thomas Cook, Dr. Samuel Andrews, Miss Bernice Cooper, Miss Mary Deaton, Miss Helen Pesark, Mr. Roger Gcimcr, Dr. Orville Manion, department head.Mr. Theodore Pittman. Mr. Richard O'Connell. SOCIAL STUDIES I)r. Sylvan Jaenke. Miss Dorothy Gro-vom. Dr. Wyatt Belcher, department head. Dr. Philip Anast. SCIENCE and MATHEMATICS Miss Hazel Seguin, Miss Helen Heino. Mr. Edgar Schlueter, Dr. Stanley Oexemann, department head.Mr. Ben Thoma. Mr. Edwin Schrieber, department head. Dr. Joseph Horton. Mr. Ben Thoma, Dr. Nathan Coward, Dr. Howard Thomas, department head. Dr. Paul Tychsen, Mr. Clyde Harris, Mr. Thorpe Langley, department head. Mr. John Danielson, department head; Mrs. Agnes Brittan, Mr. Edward Ebberl.M. Keith Harp. Miss Ida Flogstad, Mr. Erwin Marks. EDUCATION Front, Miss Myra McDowall, Miss Louis Wilson, Dr. Elvira Gellenthien; back, Dr. Ovc Olson, department head, Dr. Omer Loop. 20Dr. Harley Erickson, I)r. Fred Johnston, Mr. Robert Trauba. Architecture is man in possession of his earth. It is the only true record of him where his possession of earth is concerned. — Wright.PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mr. Carl Vergamini, department head; Miss Roxic Diver, Miss Lydia Thering, Mr. Americo Mortorelli. The space within the building is man’s reality.FINE ARTS Mr. Michael Bachi, Dr. Arthur Kruk, department head; Mrs. Roger Geimer. Dr. Orville Manion, department head; Miss Priscilla Bussan, Mr. Pacey Beers.itlH Mr. John Webb, department head; Mr. William Keller, Mr. Donald Foltz, Dr. Neil McKay, Mr. Norman StalFord. Mrs. Edith Swartley, at piano. Miss Marjorie Kircher. Mr. Sidney Wright.Mr. William Hesseltine, Mrs. Edith Swartlcy, Miss Marguerite Wol-finger. Miss Hildur Westlund McCASKILL Students and teachers feel daily the. impact of architectural order.Mr. Gustav Frye, principal; Miss Nancy Mullin, Mr. John Coleman, Mr. Joseph Pritchard, Mr. Harry Anderson, placement director. Miss Myra McDowell, Mrs. Ruth Vaughan, Mrs. Irene Herrmann, Miss Elisabeth Fisher. 4Major Weldon Woodward. Captain Henry J. Engel, Lt. Col. James M. Crick. Lt. Leonard F. Barlolutti. AIR SCIENCE MW»« VCLASSES Co-Editors RICHARD HOUTARY, ARLENE TOBIASLEON R. ANDERSON Bachelor of Science Arbor Vitae AMESJ. ARNOVICH Bachelor of Science Montreal CAROL A. ANDERSON Kindergarten-Brimary Crantsberg HAROLD ANDERSON Biology Superior seniors GARY A. BADER Speech Catawba JONCURTIS C. BAILEY Speech Superior 30 ■tJANICE BLAIR Music Superior ROBERT BLASCOSKI Bachelor of Science Park Falls DONALD R. BUSCH Geography-Geology Superior PATRICK K. BYRNES Biology Superior CHARLES BANKEY Biology Superior KAREN BERKSETH Kindergarten-Primary Superior MARGARET BERNDT Music Juneau WALTER J. BILLE Business Administration Luck WILLIAM BYRNES Chemistry Physics Superior MARY JANE CARLSON Intermediate Duluth. Minnesota LAWRENCE CHADA G eography- C oology Boulder Junction ANN CHAMPAIGN Engl ish-H i story Superior JAMES CHILDS Intermediate Webster ROBERT N. CHURITCH Bachelor of Science Wakefield, Michigan HENRY J. CLEMENT Art-English Superior MARY P. CONNESS Speech-English Superior 32. JAMES H. COWAX H istory Manistique, Michigan GWEX M. CULVER Certificate Webster RUSSELL J. CUSKEY Chemistry-Physics Spooner CAROL I. DAHL Kindergarten-Primary Cumberland HP-'ALICE J. DELODDER Intermediate Iromvood. Michigan ROBERT C. EDDY Math Phillips ELEANOR NANCY EDWARDS Intermediate Iromvood, Michigan DEANNA M. EHMANN Math Mcllen PAULINE C. ELAVSKY Kindergarten-Primary Munising, Michigan BARBARA ECKERT Kindergarten-Primary Mercer DONALD EKMARK Business Administration HurleyDAVID FAHRENBACH History Iron wood, Michigan ART FAULKNER Math-Physics Woodruff LAWRENCE C. FIELDS English Park Falls RICHARD FOOTE English-!! islory Superior NANCY GOTHAM English Dallas MARY CAROL GRANBERG Kindergarten-Primary Mellen r 35 ANN GREENE Kindergarten-Primary SuperiorDONALD L. GREENWOOD History Park Falls MARY LOUISE GROSS Intermediate Brule SUSAN M. GUSTAFSON Music Park Falls DONNA MAE HAGBERG Kindergarten-Primary Superior 36 GRETCHEN HARPER K indergarten-Pri mary Hayward JOHN HILTEN Chemistry-Math BruceMICHAEL HODGES Music Superior RICHARD HOUTARY English Bayfield NED HUNTER Bachelor of Science Superior JOAN M. HURST History Eagle River STANLEY HURST History Eagle River MARGARET A. JAHNKE Kindergarten-Primary Rhinelander JAMES JAMISKA Chemistry-Physics Maple ALLEN JOHNSON Bachelor of Science Shell LakeJEAN M. JOHNSON Intermediate Iron wood, Michigan KENNETH J. JUVETTE Math Park Falls PATRICIA E. KILLOREN English-Speech Brule BETTY. R. JOHNSON Kindergarten-Primary Superior DEA S. JUVETTE Kindergarten-Primary Superior JOE KELLY Foreign iMnguage-History Bessemer, Michigan DELLA A. KLIPPEL Music Richfield VIRGINIA A. JOHNSON Kindergarten-Primary Superior JOANNE E. Karra Music SuperiorWALLEY KOEL Chemistry-Physics Superior MARIE A. LARSON Bachelor of Science Superior JAMES LANCLOIS History Hurley FRANK LEISZ Bachelor of Science New Richmond LESLIE F. LARSON Bachelor of Science Iron River ANN L. LEYDA Kindergarten-Primary Richland Center SANDY LOCA English Ladysmith RACHEL E. MAKI English Superior EDWARD J. McCRAW Intermediate-Biology Florencejames McKinnon Bachelor of Science Prentice william McMullen Chemistry-Physics South Range ALROY J. MERSNICK Geogra ph y-Geology Manistiquc, Michigan JAMES L. MEYER Geography-Geology Chippewa FallsDONNA MUELLER English-Specch Richland Ceiitcr AUGUST C. MUNOZ Bachelor of Science Agana, Guam JAMES MUNRO Chemistry-Physics Superior JACK W. MUSSEY History Westfield JON NELSON Chemistry-Physics SuperiorRICHARD I. NUMMI Bachelor of Science Superior FRANCES OKONEK English Spooner JOHN OLESCZUK Bachelor of Science Cite ARNEELE A. OLSON English Superior i EUGENE OLSON H i story-Geogra phy Conover ANDREW OSTAZESKI Art Foxboro KERMIT PAHNKE Biology-Geology Superior CLIFF PANANEN Bachelor of Science SuperiorMAUDE K. PANLENER istory Las Cruces, New Mexico JULIE ANN PETERSON English Ashland JOHN 0. PLAHN Bachelor of Science Shell Lake SUSAN RUDOLPH PLAHN Kindergarten-Brimary Clintonville THOMAS D. PLANT Business Administration Superior THOMAS F. RADEK Intermediate Superior ELLEN A. RAISANEN English Chicago, Illinois RONALD REP Liberal Arts Superior- .............................................................. • • KENTON K. RICHARDSON Math Superior LUCY M. RICHART Intermediate Solon Springs 44 JEAN A. RIECELMAN History Hayward DONNA M. RIGONI Intermediate Ironwood, Michigan PETER R. ROZOWSKI Bachelor of Science SuperiorLAWRENCE N SCHMIDT History Superior ROGER SHOBER Liberal Arts Superior MILES SCHUSTEDT Music Clear Lake ROBERT SIMONSON English Willenberg JEROME K. SJOSTROM Geography-Geology Hayward 45THOMAS SNYDER Liberal Arts Superior JAMES STURGEL Liberal Arts Hurley RAYMOND A. THILLMAN Bachelor oj Science Superior CLEMENT THOMAS Intermediate Superior PATRICIA THOMPSON Kindergarten-Primary Superior WILLIAM R. THOMPSON Intermediate Superior 46ED ALEE J. TIDSTROM Intermediate Ashland RICHARD C. TREADWAY Speech Phillips GLORIA H. UZELAC Arl-English Superior DIANNA F. VAN COETHEN Intermediate Minoequa EARL W. VER BUNKER History Minoequa JOAN M. VIDER Intermediate ExelandDALE D. WESTERBACK Biology Superior WILLIAM WRIGHT Liberal Arts Superior JOAN K. YAWORSKI Kindergarten-Primary Superior RICHARD F. ZELL History Hurley 48Junior Class Officers: Diane Smith, secretary; Sandy Len-fesly, treasurer; Pat Quinn, vice president; John Taylor president. juniors Arlene Aho, James Amundson, Arlyn Anderson, Dole Anderson, Raymond Anderson, Gerald Au-nct. David Barto, Don Bcidler, Curtis Bcrard, Brian Berg, Robert Ber-gum, Jerry Bcrndt. Frank Bey, Kathryn Bingham, James Bleskan, Richard Borg, Judith Brandcen, Martin Bretl. 49Robert Burlaga, Donald Busch, Allen Byrnes. Charles Cadigan, Richard Cameron, Charles Cara-gon. Marian Caragan, Richard Carlson, Natalie Cherricr, Jane Cimn-rosti. Ann Conley, Ronald Cuhcl. Thea Dahlberg. Carver Davis, Marta Dehler, Robert DeSantis. Judith Doherty, Josephine Drink-wine. Madelyn Drinkwine. William Durand, Harlow Edlund, Ed-monston, James Egan, Joanne Ekstrom. Gary Elwood, Dale Erickson. Jack Eslcr, Clarence Evens, Oskar Fcichtinger, Mary Fclten. Catherine Fiandt, Margaret Flis-ter, Samuel Foster, Fred Freeman, Edward Fujikawa, Barbara Gallagher. Michael Gallagher, Janis Gatzke, Lawrence Guinn, Donald Jensen, Joseph Gnoza, Francis Golden. Howard Gotz, Ann Greene, Gene Hagen. Thomas Hake, Lois Hankins, Janice Hargraves. Thomas Hartzell, Dick Hassel. Nancy Hcdstrom, Fred Henncs-sy. Dean Hoar, Paul Hoffman. Dolores Holm, Marshall Horne, George Hutchinson, Roy Irwin, John Jackobs, Leonard Jacobs. 2 r § c 50Darlene Jardinc, Daniel Johnson, Glen Johnson, Joanc Johnson, Joanne Johnson, Willard Johnson. Betty Johnston, Lowell Jones, Lawrence Kaffinc, Rosclla Kar-na, Earl Karow, John Kastern. Arlyn Kielsmeier, Robert Kin-blom, Gerald Kinncc, Lawrence Koshak, Dave Krahncnhuhl, David LaBar. Norman LaPolc, Judith Larson, Sandra Lcnfcsty, Lee Liljandcr, Jerry Lindenberg, Lawrence Lindquist. Bill Lindstrom, Frank Little, Phillip Little, Susan Little, James Lombard, Janis Lundberg. Kenneth Lundberg, Brian Lund-mark, Thomas Lundtveit. Jon I.y-beck. Joe McDonald, Ruthmary McGlasson. Edward McKellar, Richard Mc-Kcllar, Laura Maki, Ronald Marck, Ernest Mattson, Peter Mattson. Richard Mazanec, James Messina, Carol Meyer, Daniel Mich-cla, Donald Midbon, James Miller. John Minor, Patrick Murphy, Jack Musscy, Emma Nadolski, Eugene Nelson, Susan Nichols. Thomas Nichols, Janice Nitta, Janet Nordley, Eleanor Oaks, Joyce Obatakc, Thomas Ostrom. 51James Palmer, Mark Parish. Donald Parker, Mary Patten, Walter Pawliowski, George Pederson. Larry Pederson, Larry Peterson, Larry Peterson, Wayne Peterson, James Pfaff, Carl Pfeifer. Sylvia Picard. Kathy Plachta, Clifford Plasch, Patricia Quinn, Barbara Raaflaub, Daniel Raleigh. Steven Rantala, Wayne Remus, John Robinson, Donald Rock-stead, Barbara Rogers, Dean Rowe. Joseph Ruppe, Dexter St. George, Walfred Salen, James Sampson, Richard Sampson, James Sendek. Dale Schapveld, Tom Schindler, Ronald Schneider, Judith Sevals, Robert Shaul, James Sheridan. Duane Shutter, Sister M. Vesula, Diane Smith, Patricia Smith, Cora Lee Soper, Myrna Soroka. Gary Stavstcad, Carol Stilwell, M ichacl Stolpman, JoAnn Strand, James Swanson, Susan Swenson. John Taylor, Julie Templeton, Warren Tcrkclson, Lyle Thewis, Betty Thompson, William Thompson. Arlene Tobias, Vincent Tollers, Roger Tyrrell, Patricia Urli, Judith Utech, Mary Utschinski. a M a, a aM lv r ' r 9 IQ Vt a o B •• • oi r tVk D, an r I A-t 52Donna Van Holla, Kenneth Van Holla, Elias Vernikos, Morris Ves-perman, Catherine Vider, Robert Vocelka. Dave Waite, Knute Wallin. Roberta Wastrack, Janice Water-house, Michael Willette, Joanne Willoughby. Patricia Winter, Ruth Witt, Dwayne Woerpel, Francis Wol-den, James Yaworski, Joe Zondlo. sophomores Sophomore Class Officers: Pete Mattson, treasurer; Paul Dahlie, president; Marvin Bilse, vice president; Nancy Sweet, secretary. Barbara Abrahamson, Jean Aho, Julie Ames, Arnellc Anderson, Cary Anderson, George Anderson. Harvey Anderson, John Anderson, Kay Andersdn, Kenneth Anderson, Mary Anderson, Roger Anderson. 53Janyce Assmudrud. Nancy Baker, Deanna Baldridge. James Barber, LaVern Basina, William Bay. Michael Becker. Janet Benson, Jeanette Benson, Wayne Benson. Daryl Berg, Wils Bergstrom. Nona Berray, Paul Byers, Marvin Bilse, Judith Bitner. Kay Bjork-man. Patricia Black. fi « Lon Blakey, Phillip Bhamen, Albert Busier. Bonnie Boya, Marion Boya. Milon Brceka. Geraldine Britzmann, Mary Brit-tan, Jares Brown, Carolyn Burns, Charles Burt. John Burton. Daniel Carlson. Karen Carlson. Nancy Carriar. Patrick Chapman, Sandra Christ, Phyllis Cleary. Richard Clcmcnscn, Janice Coda. James Collins. Daniel Conway, Judy Cook. Lew Cote. Paul Dahlie, Franklin Davis. Janice Davison. Marta Dehlcr, Sandra Dehn, Richard DeMars. Diane DeRiemakcr, Donald Dint-more. JoAnnc Dippil. Jack Drie-son. David Duffy, Rose Marie Durand. Diane Erst. Linda Elkin, Averil Erhc. Carol Erickson, David Erickson. Nancy Erickson. 54Alice Esselstrom, Robert Ferguson, Donald Ferkovich, William Fiandt, Betty Finsland. William Foerst. Allen Forseth, Jack Frandy. Donald Frye. Glenn Gillette, Frank Glonchak, Warren Gobin. Linda Gocltz, Kenneth Graetz, Gail Greendberg, Patricia Grig-Ink, Dick Grimsrud, Kenneth Grochler. Ronald Gunderson, Richard Halverson, Donna Hanson. Jacquilinc Hanson, Robert Hanson, Robert Hard. Anita Haugen, Kenneth Heino, William Henrich, Richard Hendrickson. LaVern Hinaus, Dale Hintikka. James lludak, LaVern Iverson, Arthur Jacobs, Nancy Jacobs, Ely win Jamison, Dale jardine. John Jardine, George Jcssick, Emily Johnson. David Johnson, John Johnson, Joyce Kadlecek. Leonard Kavojeez, Winifred Ka-wane. Andrew Kazukcwicz. I-arry Keith, Luisc Kelley, William Kerr. John Kirkwood, Judy Kirmsc, Ralph Kluball, James Klungness. Mary Koel, Patricia Kocl. Mary Gongevick, Kendall Korbus, George Kornstad, John Koski, Theodore Koski, Ronald Kosola. 55Edward Kossnk, Dick Krake, Ruth Krcsin, Norman Kuncs, Shirley Kunes, Roy Kunke. Albert Kunselman. Thomas Le-Chapelle, Roper Lambert, David Lannipan, Lois Larson, Swanhild Larson. 'Charlotte Lee. Jean Levake. Wayne Lindberg. Carol Lindsay, Patricia Liston, Theresa Loehr. Janet Lombard, Cathy Lue, Wil-liam Lundberg. Charles McCauley, Betty McClaire, Mary Me-Corkell. William McCreary, Mike McGrath, Daniel McKenzie, Wilson McLean, John McLennan, Tom McMullin. | Ronald Maki. Marjorie Marken, , Donald Martin, Oliver Martin, i Kay Meacham, Carol Melchert. •11 Judy Mizinski, Allen Miner, Richard Moncel, Kathleen Moran, Dean Mores, Judith Movick. Keith Mueller. Loren Nashland, Fredric Nelson, Theodore Nelson, Thomas Nelson, Robert Nett. Thomas Nicoski, Anthony No-vock, Julie O’Brien, Janet Ogren, Donald Olson, Donald Olson. David Olson, Gerald Olson, Karen Olson, Thomas Olson, Thomas Olson, Jon Orstad. P r n cj o q, d ,.v I A j ni te 4 -=r A V j i . Iftra PaVVj' t( V k Ilk B $ q'b p 7 3t 0 j V ; j C5 rr A Rjk V A V «■ 9 7" ■» 1C • J P r o ft ' - - 15 | -1 •» 1 o j5i. 56Donnn Palmer. Douglas Palmer, John Palmer. George Pontellas, Robert Patterson, Mary Jane Peterson. Robert Peterson. Sally Pleski, Robert Poljnk, Karen Pollnri, Mary Post, Thomas Quinn. Edward Raboin. Marjorie Raisch, Edna Ralston, Harvey Reynolds, William Reynolds, Ferdinand Ri-goni. David Ritschc, Robert Robey, Dale Rodcll, Charles Roebke, Patricio Rowe. Heinz Rudarr. Marie Ruthgcrts, Andres Rydberg, George Sears. Donald Saari, Bonnie Salo, Gretchen Sauer. Donald Sauter, Patrick Savage. Dennis Savoy, Richard Schel-droup, James Schmidt, Henry Schowalter. Ruth Schultz, William Seoble, Willa Sceburgcr, Jean Sciffert, Jeanette Sciffert, Richard Selin-ski. Sister M. Garette Germain, David Smith, Jeanne Smith. Stanley Smith. Robert Sorenson, Daniel Storry. Peter Strooyas, Mary Slubb, Joanne Stubfors, Mae Sumikawa, William Summers. Nancy Sweet. Robert Tafelski. Duane Thielbar, Robert Thomas, James Thompson, Judy Thompson, Robert Thompson.■ — — —' 1 1 • ................................................................................................................................................................................................................... William Thompson. Carole Tiet-cen, Richard Tills. Jerry Tinder, Wayne Tongue. Thomas Vehlin. i Judy Vacha. Robert Van Dries- sche, Robert Verba, Byron Voccl-ka. Judith Vricsacker, Anabelle Weiss. Melvin Wollan, Gerald Zero, Maryanna Zier, Mary Ellen Zil-lisch, Robert Zuber, Donald Zuiernik. freshmen Freshman Class Officers: Mary Ann Martivick, secretary; Ray Koci, president; Judy Johnson, treasurer; John Miller, vice president.Donald Abel, Richard Abner, Charlene Abrahamson, Alan Abb grimm, Ronald Ahcnkicl, Lawrence Albert. Leon Aldcn, Milton Alswager, William Amcll, Nancy Amodt, Beverly Anast, Barbara Anderson. Elaine Ajiderson, Jacqueline Anderson, James Anderson, James Anderson,Sharon Anderson, Mark Andrews. Tom Baker, Michael Baldwin, Carrie Ann Barsness, Richard Barthen, Kathleen Bast, Charles Bear. Daniel Bekkum, Gene Belmas, Sharon Bengston, David Benson, Susanne Benson, Judy Ann Berg. Panela Bergman, Sandra Bergman, Donna Berray, Frank Bina, Larry Birch, Phillip Birch. Ruth Bjugstad. Barbara Bjur, Beverly Blaha, Penelope Blakes-lee, Bruce Blakcy, Diane Bloom-felt. Edwin Boers. Steven Boese, John Bonk, Kenneth Borca, Peter Boss, Ronald Boss. Mark Bovee, Clayton Bowden, Hugh Brace. Charles Braun, Gerald Braun, Roger Brietzman. Joseph Briggenti, Doris Briski, William Brown, Constance Bry-ski, Rudolph Bubalo, Irene Bur-lago. 59Richard Byrkit, Charles Campbell, Edward Carlson, Gene Carlson, Larry Carlson, Rodney Chell. Ronald Chell, Harry Chipman, Jean Clarke, Terry Collins, Ann Craig, Douglas Cambensky. Ccrald Cristie. Kathryn Cudo, Walter Dahl, Rodney Daniels, John Danielson, Bernard Dart, Marjorie DeFore, Judith Dene-with, Richard Dickey, Joan Diet-rich, Barbara Donley, Carol Dow-den. Susan Dravcr, Donald Drolson, Karl Drolson, Suzanne Eddy, Patricia Edelstcin, Basil Edgcttc. Joan Edling. David Ekroth, John Elliot, Ronald Erickson, Dennis Essclstrom, Jeffrey Evans. 1 John Evered. Charles Evered, I Ronald Fair, Nancy Fall, Nathan Fedha, Richard Felien. Robert Fenton, Charles Ferguson. Carolyn Fleissncr, Elizabeth Fleissner, David Fleming, Susan Flynn. i Michael Foderick. Janet Forbes, Roger Forrester, Sandra Forrester, Betty Frederick, Michael Fuller. Hester Gehling, Phillip Gerber, Andrew Gerbozy, Marlene Gjess-ing, Roger Godeck, Steven Goldberg. 60Sara Goldsworthy, Robert Cons-key, Kathleen Gordon, George Grandish, Dennis Granstrom, Janet Grybawski. Michael Grimes, Carl Gregas, John Grimsrud, Jerome Gronski, Susan Grundy, Margaret Haasis. Carmen Hable, Karen Haffcrman, Mark Halmar, James Hammer-beck, Richard Hanlon, Doris Hanson. Ernest Hamden, Gary Harrer, Susan Harris, Ellie Mae Hart, Arthur Hose, Wallace Hauscchild. Sharon Havcnor, Patty Haynes, Gloria Heikkila, Lois Heino, Joan Hemmingson, Robert Hendrickson. Patricia Hennessey, Mary Hen-rich, Grace Hcrtlicn. Walter Heu-cr, Dennis Hicks, Michael Hill. Phyllis Hintikka, George Hollenbeck, Carolyn Holm, Sybel Hopkins, Thomas Horst, Robert Huff. Robert Jacobs, Wayne Jacobsen, Charles Johnson, Betty Johnson, Karen Jaggers, Juliann Jaskolski. Connie Johnson, Dorothy Johnson, Eric Johnson, Gerald Johnson, Gerald Johnson, Jerry Johnson. Judith Johnson, Kenneth Johnson, Lyle Johnson, Mary Johnson, Mary Johnson, Norman Johnson.y. , Ronald Johnson, Ronald Johnson, Sally Johnson, Sandra Johnson, Frederick Jorgenson, Gloria Joslin. William Kadlecck, Barbara Kahl, Donald Kaptonak, Ray Karvonen, Donald Kawane, Joyce Kazinke- Sandra Kelly, Thomas Kennedy, Rose Kervina. Sandra Kervina, Gerald Kcttuncn, Gary Keup. Arlene Kitchen. Carol Klugg, Jack Kncppcr, John Knuepker, Gary Knudson, Lois Knudson. Raymond Koci, Clinton Kolaski, Judy Kongvick. Kathryn Kong-vick, Darryl Kortesma, Karen Koski. Pat Koski, Bruce Kunsman. William Kurpjuweit, Marilyn Kurtz-hals, Joanne Kusel, Patsy Laicr. Mary Lange, Katrine Larson Evelyn Larson, Timothy Larson George LaValley, Franklyn La Vine. Judy LaVine, Jackie Lawler, Myr-na LcfTel, Diane Lidbcrg, Paul Lenfesty, Carolyn Liljegrcn. Helen Linder, Betty Lintala, William Lindquist, Ann Lippet, Roberta Liss, Leon Long. Donald Loyd. Sam Luddington, Patsy Lue, Caroline Lundquist, Joan Lundquist. Robert Lynn. ft ftft ft ' It! ft 62David McCtrley. Robert McCarthy. Thomas McFaul, Annette MeGraw, Dan McNamara, John McNeil. John Macomhcr. Robert Mae, Nada Maenpaa, Dasha Mahler, John Maki, Mohammed Malik. Richard Malinoski, Mary Ann Martwiek, Ken Maurer, Robert Mertz, Thomas Michcla. Marcia Michen, Bruce Miller, John Miller, John Milroy, Joan Minguey. Tom Montgomery. William Moon, Ronald Moore, Patricia Morrison, Joan Makvic-ka, Maryann Mujvid, Donald Murphy. Thomas Murray, Kathleen Nagro, Robert Neimi, Linda Nelson, Nancy Jane Nelson, Barry Nichols. Dale Nichols, Linda Nikula, Kathy Noonan, Vem Oakes, Carol Oberg, Jerome O’Brien. Kathleen O'Brien, Sandra Ogren, Dale Olson, George Olson, Lawrence Olson, Milton Olson. Virginia Olson. William Omberg, Nancy Ostrom. Edward Oviatt, Richard Palm, Sharon Palm. James Patton, Michael Payton. Dean Pearson, Deanna Pearson, Donald Pederson, Sharon Pcdcr-anana. 63Lloyd Peltzer, Joanne Pete, Herman Peters, Alice Peterson, Glenda Peterson, John Peterson. Jon Peterson, Karen Peterson, Fred Petroskc, Harry Phillips, Beverly Pokela, David Polzin. Stephen Popavich, Ralph Pappe, David Preiti, Arnold Praekozkn, Patrick Quinn, Fred Raichle. Nancy Ravm, Diane Raye. Kenneth Raymond, Ronald Rebae, Foster Reed, Larry Rciten. Clement Riedner. Garry Rindo, Francis Rogers. Linda Rogers. Stella Rogers, Richard Ronn. Karon Roos. Clinton Ross. Robert Rowe, Edwin Rowlee, Dominic Rubatt, Rosemary Ruthgerts. Daniel Ryan. Jerry St. Catherine, Carol St. George, Douglas Saari, Irene Salmi. Nancy Sauvc. William Scott, Gerald Scrivner, Henry Scdin. Peggy Seigel, Bill Seil, Lcnorc Schciblcir. Esther Sehilindcr. James Schnee-herger, Gloria Schneider, Richard Scbramski, Henry Scott, Robert Serre. William Sharp, Walter Shea, Lawrence Sheldon. Joseph Sikal-ski, Judith Simenson, Orin Simon. t X. ■X - 5 — r ■ » o ry r L A C5 £“ O £3 I i • n m a lb a -r 1. 1 w n! ■Ci % n d L. pHi WJ 64Edward Simons. Thorvald Skar, Carol Slanovich, David Sloan, William Smiley, Kerby Smith. Dennis Soper. Warren Soule, John Springer, Walter Stevens, Paul Strop, Robert Sutherland. John Swcdberg. John Sweeney, Marge Sweet. Gary Swenson, William Swenson, Phillip Takkuncn. Denis Tarbor, Elsie Thielsbar, Mary Tierney, Judith Tomasa, Gail Torgerson, William Tongue. Mary Tracy, Michael Tucker, Sonya Turner, William Turnquist, Thomas Uchytil, Arnold Ukkola. Virginia Valle. Joseph VanHorn, Patrick Volk, Mary VonEnde, Martin Vortanz, Rosalie Vuko-vich. James Walsh, James Wanck, Bruce Warren. Elizal eth Waseen, Clarissa Waters, Walter Wed-gartner. Sharon Westgren. JoAnn West-lund. William Weston. James Whalen. Donald Wieckowicz, James Willocks. John Williams. Jacob Wisti, Leone Wyszyuski, Robert Zanclla, Eugene Zelechowski. Robert Zent-ner. 65ORGANIZATIONS Editor GRETCHEN SAUERFIRST ROW: Pat Quinn, Gail Creenberg, Arlene Aho, Mary Ellen Zillisch, Kathy Placta, Kay Meachen. SECOND ROW: Joan Yaworski, Gretchen Sauer, Jinny Johnson, Jan Nitta, Judy Utcch, Carol Dahl, Roberta Wastrack, Arnclle Olson. THIRD ROW: Kathryn Wilson, Alice Peterson, Edie Tiedstrom, Ann Leyda, Pauline Elavsky, Marie Larson, Margoric Raish, Willa Seeburger. FOURTH ROW: Donna Muller, Linda Elkin, Janice Coda, Evelyn Edming, Ellen Raisanen, Janice Blaire, Maryanna Zicr, Janice Waterhouse. ALPHA KAPPA The center of Alpha Kappa’s first activity, the Homecoming campaign, was Miss Janice Nitta from Kauai, Hawaii. The skit to present our candidate followed a Hawaiian theme as did our float, “We’ll Shake ’Em Up!” The Bewitching Ball, this year’s Alpha Kappa semi-formal dance, was held on Halloween night. A weird floor show happened and a Miss Bewitching was chosen to reign over the ball. November brought i: Do first semester rushing and five new members: Donna Mueller, Janice Hargraves, Willa Seeburger, Marjorie Raisch and Alice Peterson. In January the Alpha Kappas held a dance in the Union after a game. Sno Week was triumphant with Gert Sauer elected as the 1960 Sno Queen. Also during the second semester an art scholarship was presented to an art student. President........................Virginia Johnson Vice President........................Judy Ulech Secretary - - '......................Carol Dahl Treasurer...........................Gretchen Sauer Advisors • Miss Nancy Mullen, Mrs. Ruth Vaughan 68 Row 1: Ann Conley. Pat Berard, Pat Killorcn, Gloria Uzclac, Mary I.ou Gross, Barbara Eckert, Avert I Erby, Bonnie Salo. Rom 2: Mary Conness, Jean Concllcy, Dianne Smith, Susan Swenson, Judy Mizinski, Jeanne Smith, Margaret Robinson, Helen Forbes. Row 3: Mary McCorkell. Jan Davison. Nancy Sweet, Mary Konjevick, Sally Pleski, I.aVerne Winnemaki, Ruthic McGlasson. Row 4: Toni Foote, Julie Peterson, Alice'DeLodder, Betty Johnson, Grctchcn Harper, Mary Carol Granberg, JoAnn Karra, Ann Greene. 1959 Homecoming was climaxed with the announcement of our candidate. Miss Barbara Eckert from Mercer, Wisconsin, as the Homecoming Queen. A Roman float and musical skit were our part in the festivities. Be Kind To Boys was the boys’ familiar and favorite phrase for the week ending with a girl’s treat dance. The holiday season began with our progressive dinner, and once again we worked to make a family happier for Christmas. Rushing in the first semester brought Alice DeLodder and Mary McCorkell in the Dramas. The annual dinner dance in January concluded one semester and began a new year successfully. A queen candidate, talent contest and skating were a few of the winter events that made Sno Week tops. The gaiety of our spring formal, Carousel, seemed to give the much needed spark to May and our weighty studies. President.........................Mary Lou Gross Vice President......................Gloria Uzelac Secretary..........................Barbara Eckert Treasurer.............................Pat Killorcn Advisor..............................Miss Ohman DELTA SIGMA FIRST ROW: Judy Doherty, Della Klippcl. Margaret Rerndt, Sandra Loga, Darlene Jardine. Pat Urli. SECOND ROW: Naomi Kawani, JoAnn Ekstrom, Susan Plahn. Donna Hagberg, Dianna Duthey. Ruth Witt. THIRD ROW: Janet Ogren, Deanna Baldridge, Mary Jane Peterson. Judy Kirmse. Cathy Cue. Myrna Soroka. FOURTH ROW: Mary Patten, Nat Cherrier, Betty Thompson. Jury Larson, JoAnn Willoughby, Susan Gustafson, Rosella Kama. LAMBDA SIGMA LAMBDA A big year for the Lambdas began with our choice for Homecoming Queen candidate, Miss Joann Ekstrom. We captured first place for our float in collaboration with the Scmps. First semester rushing brought us Cathy Lue and Deanna Baldridge, and we met the holiday season with a basket for a needy family. The semester ended with our 41st Annual winter formal. Golden Ice. Joann Willoughby and Judy Larson were co-chairmen for this most successful dance. Sno Week highlighted second semester with our queen candidate, Miss Judy Doherty and our first prize talent featuring the West Side Story. In May we had a tea honoring our mothers and a banquet for the graduating seniors: Margaret Bcrndy, Sue Gustafson, Donna Hagberg, Maizie Johnson, Della Klippcl, Sandy Loga and Susan Plahn. A scholarship was presented to a music student by the Lambdas. Miss Joanne Ekstrom, 1959 Homecoming Queen Candidate. President - - - Vice President • • Secretary • • • • Treasurer • • • Advisors • • • • • - • • Margaret Bcrndt •................Sandy Loga ............Darlene Jardine ...............Della Klippel Miss Westlund, Miss TheringFIRST ROW: Kathy Moran, Lucy Richart. Maggie Jahnke, Judy Moran. Kay Bingham, JoAnn Dipple. SECOND ROW: Wilma Magnuson. Joan Staupe, Mary Brittan. Joan Hurst. Miss Wol finger, Miss Fisher. Pat Griglak, Nancy Jacobs, Jane Cimarosti. Betty Finsland. THIRD ROW: Dianna Van Goethen. Cathy Vider, Joan Vider, Cora Soper, Janet Lombard. Jeanette Hendricks, Judy Thompson, Marge Klistcr. Anita Haugen, Mary Kaye Utschinski, Lois Hankins, Marta Dahlcr. Donna Roy. t- Many activities dotted the calender for the Tax this year. Miss Barbara Raaflauh was our candidate for Homecoming Queen; our float exhibited the theme, “Spirit Is the Key to Victory.” Soon after, wc sponsored a sock hop after the Moorhead game. The holiday found the Tax providing a Thanksgiving dinner for a needy family and Christmas gifts for another. Three new members, Lois Hankins, Janet Lombard and Donna Roy, were the result of first semester rushing. The Sweetheart Formal began second semester in bright red and valentines. A Mother’s Day tea, athletic banquet honoring the lettermen, and senior banquet wound up a good year for the Tax. President..........................Margaret Jahnke Vice President........................Kay Bingham Secretary • • • •...........................Judy Moran Treasurer......................................Lucy Richart Advisors .... Miss Fisher, Miss Wolfinger Donna Roy. Barbara Raaflauh. Marge Flisler, A'ay Binpham. Tau Alpha Chi officers. TAU ALPHA CHIFIRST ROW: Steve Rclisch. Pat Byrnes, Arlyn Anderson, Mark Parish. SECOND ROW: Tom Plant, Ron Turerson. Jerry Nindorf, Bud Byrnes, Mike Willette, Ray Thillman. THIRD ROW: Brian Berg, Jack Mussey, Ken Richardson. Jack Drieson, Curt Bcrard, Dave Duffy, Bing Hanson, Louie Burlaga, Jack Bawer. FOURTH ROW: Dan Conway, Jerry Salo, Warren Nordlev, Don Midbon, Jim Monroe. Roger Donnlcy. George Kornstad, Danny Mosca, Jim Yaworski, Joe McDonald. FEX The first social event of the year, a record dance, was a result of the early planning and work of the Fex fraternity. Homecoming took on new dimensions with our novel float, chef’s special, and our king candidate, Jim Munro. While everyone else vacationed at Christmas, we were having the busiest time of our year. The children’s home needed turkeys; we had to prepare for New Year’s Eve, and of course we had to make a success of our 44th Annual Christmas formal. A dinner dance, spring picnic and various informal get-togethers kept our 42 members busy but happy. Easter Monday is the traditional day set for honoring our alumni with the annual Stag Banquet. This year we again united with scattered Fex from Ohio, Michigan, Illinois and many other states. Good time was had by all seems to be a good punctuation for this event. New Members of the First Semester: Dan Conway Warren Nordley George Kornstad Mark ParishFIRST ROW: Dave Smith, Larry Koshak, Dick Tills, Roy Irwin. Jim Collins, Dave Erickson. SECOND ROW: Gene Koci, Joe Zondlo, Knute Wallin, Ken JuVette, John Hilten. Tom Moore, Dick Cameron. THIRD ROW: Jim Miller, Pete Madson, Dave Krahenbuhl, Bud Hinaus, John Williams, Lee Edmonston, Lon Blakey, Dwayne Woerpel, Dick Treadway. FOURTH ROW: John Taylor, Bob Robey, Mohammed Malik, Dean Ncwmann, Dave Lannigan, Gene Nelson, Bill Wright, Howie Gotz. Lauren Nashlund, Dick Selin-ski, Byron Vocelka. ABSENT: Hank Clement, Vcm Hollister, Len Jacobs. The new School of Paris dominated the style of the colorful campaign for John Taylor, our Homecoming King candidate. Our car, or parade entry, capped second place, and Frankie and Johnnie brought down the house. We drew from Paris again for our French sewer parly in February; only Frustrations I and II could be somewhat comparable t to it. On the more formal side, we honored our 16 new members with a dinner dance. A formal dance was scheduled for March while the alumni banquet was set for late spring. Iotas arc active in student government, ROTC, dramatics, religious organizations and claimed six of the seniors chosen for the Who’s Who in American Colleges honor. First semester officers were: president, Ken Juvette; vice-president, Knute Wallin; secretary, Tom Moore; treasurer, John Hilton. I President.............. Vice President • • • ■ Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer.............. Advisors................ • • • • Gene Kool - • - - John Taylor - - - • Jim Collins • - - Lee Edmonston - • • • Bud Hinaus • Mr. Frye, Dr. McKay IOTA DELTA CHI It is persons, not principles, that move the age-FIRST ROW: Larry Keith. Tom Radek, Gary Bader. Ron Marck, Larry Peterson. SECOND ROW: Boh Reykdal. Stan Hurst, Duane Shutter, Marv Bilse, George Jessick, Pete Brennan. THIRD ROW: Frank Cox, Bing Ankley, Bill Henrich, Warren Terkelson, Bob Eddy, A1 Johnson, George Sampson. ABSENT: Mel Wallin, George Peterson, Roger Miller, Dennis Savoy, Willy Johnson. Dr. Tychscn, advisor. LAMBDA DELTA CHI The Lambda Delta Chi fraternity’s first weeks of school were spent on our first prize float which featured a large pair of Oshkosh overalls, and on a campaign for Roger Miller, king candidate. Invitations for new members brought Boh Reykdal and Bill Henrich into the frat. After the hectic week was over, the fraternity spent its time with various social gatherings climaxed by a Christmas dinner dance; the annual debate was given, the LDC scroll was presented and the dance followed. With the start of the second semester, the 48th Annual Shamrock formal was planned. The Colleen girl was crowned by Miss Mary Zillisch, last year’s queen selected on poise, charm and beauty. The remainder of the semester was spent in rushing and attending outdoor gatherings. We would like to give a special salute of thanks to the graduating members for the leadership and inspiration they have provided. President............. Vice President - - - • Treasurer............. Recording Secretary - • Corresponding Secretary Advisor............... • • Gary Bader • - Ron Marck ■ - - Larry Keith • - Roger Miller • - - Tom Radek Dr. Paul Tyschscn Homecoming King Candidate, Roger Miller.I FIRST ROW: Jim Bleskan, Dean Rich, Dick Hassel, Rob Berg. Mr. Wright, Tom Nichols, Bill Koberick. Brian Lundmark. SECOND ROW: Don Frye, Tom Quinn. Paul Beyers. Wayne Benson, Pat Murphy, Boh Whitehead. THIRD ROW: Heinz Rudau, Bob Sorenson. Steve Rantala, Cary Anderson. Bob Verba. Paul Dahlic, Merve Schaeffer. Don Jensen, Tom Olson. Homecoming for the Scmps was a victorious one with our campaign and King “Moose” Lacina taking first place honors along with our float. Early in the year we held a freshman parly and spaghetti dinner. The 15th Annual Thanksgiving Formal in November honored Jim Langlois who received the athlete of the year award. Christmas prompted the Semps to have a part in making a bright holiday for the children’s home. A new tradition seemed to he taking shape with the Semps sponsoring jazz concerts in the union; these became very popular with the student body. A frat slag, rushing, participation in Sno Week and a record dance finished out the year hut not the ideas that the Semps have in reserve. President - • Vice President Secretary - • Treasurer • Advisor - - - Boh Berg Tom Nichols John Burton Dick Hassel Mr. Wright “Moose” Lacina, 7959 Homecoming King. SEMPER COMPARESINTER FRATERNITY INTER SORORITY FIRST ROW: Dca JuVctte. Margaret Berndt, Kay Bingham, Judy I tech. SECOND ROW: Mary Conness, Sandy Loga, Maggie Jahnke. Virginia Johnson. INTER FRATERNITY COUNCIL In order to create better social relations on campus, two members of each fraternity act as representatives to the Inter Fraternity Council. This year the Council reorganized the rushing program to make it possible for fraternity members to get acquainted with all men interested in joining a fraternity. INTER SORORITY COUNCIL The Inter Sorority Council, composed of two executive officers of each sorority on campus, acts as a common policy making group. Rushing, pledging, initiating and discussion of current problems are familiar topics at most of the meetings. In January the Council directed a coffee hour for all women students interested in becoming acquainted with the members and policies of each sorority. 76 Pete Brennan, Bill Kerr, Dick Hassel, Gene Koci, Gene Evans, George Kornstad.FIRST ROW: Janice Lundberg, Helen Forbes, JoAnn Johnson, Sue Swensen, Nancy Amodt, Jeanette Benson, JoAnn Kusel. SECOND ROW: Arleth Anderson, Carol Dahl, Barbara Raaflaub, Madclyn Drinkwine, Patsy Laier. THIRD ROW: Judy Utech, Wilma Magnuson, Claudia Opien, Mary Jane Peterson, Darlene Jardine, Evelyne Edming. Donna Roy, Joan Straupe. KINDERGARTEN PRIMARY KIN DERG A RTEN - PR IM A R Y The Kindergarten-Primary Club is an organization aimed at developing a more professional attitude in the leaching field. Any student majoring in primary education is a member. Keenly aware of the current stress on education and the importance of their purpose, the Kindergarten-Primary Club is affiliated with the Association of Childhood Education International. Many of the members also belong to the Student National Education Association. President.............................Carol Dahl Vice President..................Madelyn Drinkwine Secretary..................................Barbara Eckert Treasurer..........................Margaret Jahnkc Advisor.......................................Miss Wilson 78FIRST ROW: Kay Mcachem, Dorothy Johnson, Susan Eddy, Dianne DeReimaker. SECOND ROW: Rosalie Vokovich, Charlene Abrahamson, Dianne Bloomfell. Penny Blakcslec, Pat Koel. THIRD ROW: Dianne Lidberg, Carolyn Liljegren, Joan Lundquist, Beverly Blaha, Maryanna Zier, Judy Kirmse. FIRST ROW: Margaret Robinson, Helen Forbes, Betty Johnson, Gretchen Harper. SECOND ROW: Susan Harris, Pat Winters, Diane Smith, Marta Dahlcr, Madelyn Drinkwine, Kay Bingham. Sibcl Hopkins, Barbara Raaflaub, Karen Berkseth, Sandy Sabotka. j 79S CLUB FIRST ROW: Howie Anderson, Jim Sheridan, Dick Zell. Kash Cowman, Jerry Schriebner, Americo Mor-terelli, Jim Petrito, Russ Cuskey, Morris Carlson. Merv Shaffer. SECOND ROW: Don Ferkevitch, Paul Dahlie. Sam Mcrsnick. Bill Scobel, Jerry Berndt, Jim Langlois, Gene Bilmas. Jim Hugdahl, Jack Mussey. THIRD ROW: Dick Perry, Roger Sheldrop, Dan Conway, Bob Hurley, Bill Smiley, Mickey Sears. Tom Kennedy. Terry Collins, Don Midbon. FOURTH ROW: Bob Lynn, Jack Driessen, Jim Anonich, Chuck Latina. Dick Abner, Rod Daniels. Bob Verba, Jim Munro, Tom Nichols. FIFTH ROW: Bunky Thompson, Ray Tillman, Larry Fields. Duane Shutter, Bob Huff, Bill Koberick. W.A.A. Every girl in the college is theoretically a member of the Women’s Athletic Association. The more active Board is made up of one representative from each of the sororities. the cheerleaders. Senior, Junior and Sophomore classes, one delegate from the local Freshman and one from out of town. Co-rcc nights held through the year are the main activities of the W.A.A. along with the spring Campus Carnival. Miss Lydia Thcring is advisor for the group. FIRST ROW: Barbara Raaflaub, Ann Conley, Dianne DcReimaker, Pat Koel, Jeanne Smith. SECOND ROW: Donna Roy, Donna Vogan, Pat Urli, Janice Gatske. ! I FIRST ROW: Robert Nollet. Ronald Hyra, John Taylor, Robert Ferguson, Ann Conley, Helen Forbes, William Hovey, Tom Hartzcll, Dick Burkett. SECOND ROW: Lenny Schiebler, Marg Sweet. Pat Winters, Mary Conness, Joan Murkick, Patty Lue, Susan Harris, Sybel Hopkins, Bette Waseen, Dianne Raye. THIRD ROW: Judy Johnson, Carolyn Liljugren, Pat Urli, Bob DeSantis, Jim Egan, Paul Dahlie, Bruce Kunz-maim, Robert Mertz, Frank Bay, Roy Irwin, Richard McKeller, Dick Halverson, Heinz Rauda, Dave Smith, Jim Bower, Dick Houtary. FOURTH ROW: Norman LaPole, Jerry Yehle, Jim Palmer, John Jardine, George Kornstad, Dan Carlson, Brian Lundmark, Bing Hanson, Earl Karow, Bing Ankley. Designed to teach, improve and perfect the art of skiing in all interested students, the Ski Club again had an excellent season. The group was kept closely knit with weekly meetings, movies and a constitution. Living in northern Wisconsin may have been the force that snowballed the Ski Club into becoming one of the largest and most active organizations on campus. During the height of the winter season, the Ski Club sponsored its first candidate for Sno Queen, Pat Lue, and gave free skiing lessons. November took the group and their skis to Virginia and Lutscn; Port Arthur was on the agenda for two trips in the second semester. President.....................................Bill Hovey Vice President.......................Helen Forbes Secretary......................................Ann Conley Treasurer • - ....................Boh Ferguson Advisors..................Mr. Ebert, Miss Thering Sno-Queen Candidate — Catty Lue. SKI CLUBCALVIN CLUB OWL and SERPENT In order to be considered for membership in the honorary scholastic society, Owl and Serpent, a senior must have an over all grade point average of 3.0 in 90 semester hours of work. Not more than 12 students are selected in one year. Arnelle Olson. Keith Lindquist, Maude Panlcncr, Ellen Raisancn, Cliff Pananen, Jean Johnson. FIRST ROW: Kathy Noonan, secretary. JoAnn Kusel, Della Klippel, Nancy Fall, Pat Koski. Pat Killorcn. SECOND ROW: Don Jensen, Paul Dahlic, Bob Ferguson, Vince Tollers, vice president, Roger Tyrell, Cene Koci, president. ABSENT: Alice Peterson, treasurer. Rev. Moreland, advisor.FIRST ROW: Marg Berndt, Linda Elkin, Cora Soper, Maggie Janke, Roberta Wastrack. Lois Hanken, Wilma Magnuson. SECOND ROW: Janice Waterhouse, Bonnie Boya. Anita Haugen. Marie Larson. Pauline Elavsky, Bev Pokcla, Janet Forbes, Edie Tiedstrom, Jeanette Benson, Doris Hanson. Eldri Johanson. THIRD ROW: Suzanne Benson, Donna Berray, Bob Simonson, Fred Freeman, Jerry Sjostrom, Dean Rowe, Dick Houtary, Wayne Peterson, Evelyne Edming, Carmen Hable, Carol Dahl. All Lutheran students on campus arc members of the Lutheran Students Association. Weekly meetings at the Pilgrim Lutheran Church provided time for worship, special speakers, discussions and suppers. The Lutheran students at UMD and SSC exchanged a number of meetings and parties during the year. President..............................Dean Rowe Vice President .................... Marie Larson Secretary ......................... Anita Haugen Treasurer.................................... Cora Super Stewardship Secretary ................ Bonnie Boya Advisors............... Dr. Olson, Miss Johannson LUTHERAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATIONF IRST ROW: Mr. Pritchard, Tina Schultz, Judy Kongevick, Jan Grybowski, Nancy Jackobs, Cathy Fiandt, Rose Kervina, Sharon Rengston, JoAnn Westluna, Kay Kongevick, Bette Waseen, Kay Stack, Pat Griglak, JoAnne Stubfors, Larry Schmidt, Mary Ann Mujwid. SECOND ROW: Father Wenninger, Carol Slano-vich, Kay Cudo, Sally Pleski, Cathy Luc, Mary Conness, TufTy Marktwick, Kaarcn HafTerman, Mary Brittan, Mary McCorkell, Mary Kongevick, Mike Becker, Dan McNamara. Arne Proascha, Cathy Gordon, Frances Rogers. THIRD ROW: Ray Sharonbrock, Carolyn Burns, Donna Roy, Josephine Drinkwine, Phyllis Cleary, Mary Jane Utschinski, Nancy Carrier, Joan Knepker, Sandy Forrester, Patty Lue, Mary Tierney, Rosemarie Ruthgerts. Kathy Bast, Elaine Anderson, Eldore Franzin, Bob Nollet, Cathy Vidcr, Barbara Rogers. FOURTH ROW: Ann Conley, Nat Cherrier, Joan Staupe, Dan Raleigh, Jan Coda, Connie Bryski, Irene Burlaga, Ferdinand Rigoni, Tom Hake, Ray Koci, Jim Hudak. FIFTH ROW: Ann Black, Mary Post, Diane De-Reimaker, Jim Sweeney, Buddy Lambert, Tom Quinn, Roger Forrester, Don Zournek, Don Wieckowicz, Joan Vider, Pat Chapman, Jeanette Hendricks, John Jacobs, Pat Quinn, William Hendricks. NEWMAN CLUB Dedicated to fostering spiritual life on campus, the Newman Club is open to all Catholic students. Newman Clubbers copped second prize with their float in the Homecoming parade. Early in the semester, new members were welcomed with an initiation banquet. Meetings this year were enhanced with the showing and discussing of religious art slides. The Newman Club is a branch of the North Central Province of Newman Clubs and is affiliated with the National Newman Club Federation. President ...................... Ray Schranbrock Vice President ...................... Jim Bower Secretary.........................Carolyn Burns Treasurer ............................. Dona Roy Advisors............ Mr. Pritchard, Fr. WenningerWesley Foundation is an organization for Superior State Methodist and Congregational students. Wednesday nights throughout the year were, taken up with devotions, supper meetings featuring various speakers, or exchange visits with other student religious organizations. Wesley members entered a float in the Homecoming parade competition and sold holiday greetings cards during December. Wesley Fellowship is affiliated with the Wisconsin Methodist Student Movement. President.......................Duane Woerpel Vice President..................Donna Mueller Secretary.......................Grctchen Sauer Treasurer.......................Dave Erickson Advisor..............................Mr. Leighty WESLEY FELLOWSHIP FIRST ROW': Ann Leyda, Kit Wilson, Mae Sumikawa, Gretchen Sauer, Dwayne Woerpel, Donna Mueller, Thea Dalberg, Janice Nitta, Helen Forbes. SECOND ROW’’: Dave Kragenbuhl, Tom Moore, Clayton Bowden, Kirby Smith, Steve Rantela, Mr. Leighty.FIRST ROW: Dick Halverson, Annette McCraw, Hetty Finsland, Nancy Jackobs, Mary Brittan. SECOND ROW: Dean Neumann, Ron Moore, Allen Forscth, John Jackobs, Marvin Bilse, John Hilten. THIRD ROW: Roger Tyrell, David Fleming, Larry Peterson, Jim Hudak, Thomas Moore. Another first at SSC is the Chemistry Club. Newly organized in 1959, the club began the year with a visit to the DuPont Chemical Laboratory in Ashland. Throughout the year students could attend lectures by Dr. Duke, head of the Chemistry department at Iowa State, brought here by the Chem Club. One meeting of the American Chemical Society, a professional chemical organization for industry and education, was sponsored by the Chem Club along with several impressive ACS seminars with UMD. President ........................ Dean Neumann Vice President ...................... John Jacobs Treasurer ......................... Mary Britton Corresponding Secretary ............Tom McMullen Recording Secretary ............... Nancy Jacobs Advisors........... Drs. Thomas, Horton, Coward If something which did not lake place had taken place at a given moment . . . 86Pat Killorcn, Co-Editor Their madness passes judgment on their ideas. Len Jacobs, Co-Editor The Wisconsin State College at Superior mmmmm FIRST ROW: Ruthie McGIasson, Ann Conley, Judy Mizinski,Sally Preski, Myrna Soroka. SECOND ROW: Gretchen Sauer, Arlene Tobias, Doris Hanson, Ruth Witt.student government Liljander, President of Student Government. If you have any problems, write your senator! This was the cry of Student Government president, I-ee Liljander who was always ready to act. Amendments, ping pong and chess tournaments, new records for the I nion. a nominating convention were just a part of the 1959-1960 agenda. SENATE FIRST ROW: Dianna Van Goethen, Mary Ellen Zilish, Carmen Hable, Pat Koski, Ann Liita, Barb Raaflaub, SECOND ROW: Dick Hassel, Mohammed Malik, Bob Kempton, Carl Gregas, Bill Wright, Knute Wallin, John Taylor, Mr. Horton. 88Steinbeck’s Crapes of Vrath. Falk-ner’s Intruder In the Dust, and Chester's favorite. Frontier Cal were a small portion of the emotion packed. 1960 initiated. Social Committee sponsored movie program. Sno-Wcck and Homecoming were two of the most important campus traditions directed by this committee along with two mixers and a graduation tea. New contributions this year along with the movies were a movie projector for the Union and an Interstate Mixer with UMD. To form this committee, each class elects two members; the chairman and secretary are elected from the student body. The two social deans arc members to complete the ten member subcommittee of the Senate. Providing the students with all the available relaxation facilities in the Student Union and coordinating its activities are the services of the Union Board. The Board was created this year with the opening of our new Union. Its closed membership consists of the union director, the two social deans, business manager, one faculty member, two elected students, a Social Committee representative and a Senate member. Besides establishing policies, the Board plans a broad social and cultural program for the Union. UNION BOARD Buth Kresin, Cathy Lue. Bill Wright. Miss Waite, Miss Gellen-thein, Mr. Lehman, Mr. Arlusky. FIRST ROW: Joan Hurst. Miss Ccllenthein. Patty Lue. Gloria Uzelac, Nancy Sweet. SECOND ROW: John Hilten, Len Jacobs. Michael Baldwin. Jim Collins. Warren Terkelson. SOCIAL COMMITTEE 89NOMINATING CONVENTION 1959 John Fortier acted as chairman for the 1959 Nominating Convention. Some political maneuver has pleased the Alpha Kappa sorority.W.U.S. FIRST ROW: Sue Draver, Kathy Fiandt, Bette Waseen, Dasha Mahler, Jinny Valle, Fat Koski. SECOND ROW: Diane Lidberg, Mary Von Ende, Phil Takkinen, Judy Simonson, Wally Hauer, Mohammed Malick, Sandy Loga. World University Service is an international organization dedicated to mutual assistance in meeting the most crucial needs of the university community throughout the world. It offers American students and professors an opportunity for giving to students abroad who are in need, and for increasing international understanding both at home and abroad. The WUS effort is rooted in a firm belief that education is the key to many of the world’s problems in the immediate and distant future. In the university students of today we have the leaders of tomorrow. To guarantee their education is to guarantee a sounder future. President Hill is first to donate to WUS.930TH AFROTC CADET GROUP FIRST SEMESTER Cadet Commanders: Cadet Major Richard Nummi, Inspector; Cadet Col. William Wright, Croup Commander; Cadet Lt. Col. John Hilten, Deputy Commander. SECOND SEMESTER Cadet Commanders: Cadet Major Russell Cusky, Cadet Lt. Col. John Hilten. Cadet Major Richard Nummi.FIRST ROW: Russell Cuskey, Ronald Ankley, Roger Miller, Clement Thomas, Jim Miller, Bill Wright, Hank Clement. SECOND ROW: Sam Mersnick, Jack Esler, Dick Nummi, David Krahenbuhl. Eugene Nelson, David Le Bar, Ray Anderson, Jerry Lindberg, Dean Neumann. THIRD ROW: Jerry Nindorf, Marshall Horn, John Hilten, Bill Koberick, John Taylor, Wayne Peterson. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY Marvin Bilsc, Bill Durand, Jim Hudak, Wilson McLean. COMMAND SQUADRON The Command Squadron is an organization for Freshman and Sophomore AFROTCcadets interested in learning more about the Air Force and the college cadet program. Lt. Bartolutti is the faculty advisor.FIRST ROW: Sgt. Heintzelman, Jacob Wisti, Paul Strope, Donald Wieckowicz. SECOND ROW: JcfT Evans, Lloyd Pcltzcr, Steve Goldberg. THIRD ROW: Jim Hudak, Larry Carlson, Henry Schowalter. FOURTH ROW: Roger Forrester, Dave Benson, Wayne Turnquist. FIFTH ROW: Ed Carlson, William Kadlecek, James Whalen. DRUM and BUGLE CORPS Wednesday morning practice is a familiar sight during the dry season.In the jail of 1959 AFROTC cadets went to Denver, Colorado. This flight was part of a program designed to familiarize cadets with hast: operations and air force life.ABOVE LEFT: Basic cadets at attention during flight drill. ABOVE: Cadet 1st Li. John Henry Taylor inspects a basic cadet during squadron inspection. CENTER: IVhile attending Suwmer Training University at Luke Air Force Base in Phoenix. Arizona, the following cadets were visited by I resident Jim Dan Hill and and Lt. Col. James Crick: FRONT ROW: Kenneth JuVelle. Gerald Nindorf, Dean Neumann, John Hilten. STANDING: Don-old Ankley, Russell Cuskey, William Wright, Dr. Hill, Col. Crick, Lt. Col. Johnson, S.T.U. Commander, Richard Nummi, Henry Clement. LEFT: President Jim Dan Hill decorates cadets at final Parade and Review, 7959.The AFROTC Rifle Team, a competitive group, has been entered this year in national inter-collegiate matches. Faithful practice sessions at least twice a week have brought the team excellent ratings. The team captain is William Wright. The group, a member of the Twin Ports Armed Forces League, is advised by Sgt. Dejan-ovich. The AFROTC Drill Team, devoted to increased military efficiency, is composed of basic and advanced cadets who desire experience in drill and leadership. Thursday night is drill night in preparation for parades and other ceremonies for which the team performs. Faculty advisor is Lt. Bartolutti assisted by Sgt. Stein. RIFLE TEAM FIRST ROW: Dick Malinowski, Daryll Kortesma, Robert Mertz, Dick Peters, E. Boers. SECOND ROW: Jack Eslcr, Jeff Evans, Bill Wright, D. Sloan, Sgt. Dejanovich. DRILL TEAM FIRST ROW: Paul Strop, Larry Carlson. Jacob Wisti. Harvey Reynolds, Ronald Wieckowicz. SECOND ROW: George Malinoski, Ray Ziegler, Gary Swenson, Art Hase, Henry Schowalter, LcRoy Eliason. THIRD ROW: David Krahenbuhl, Russell Cuskey, John Hilten, David LeBar. 97FINE ARTS Co-Editors MILAN BRECKA, CAROLYN HOLMSTUDENTS art LEAGUE FIRST HOW: Dr. Arthur Kruk, Andy Ostazeski, Sharon Anderson, Jack Lundgren, Mary Ellen Zillisch, Clarisa Waters, Sharon Westcrgren, Dave Erickson, Sandy Dehn, Kichard Krake, Dan Storry, Kit Wilson, Mrs. Geimer. SECOND ROW: Marty Bretl, Arlyn Kielsmeicr, Carol Kluge, Nancy Turnbull, Ruth Kresin, Willa Seehurger, John McCumbcr, Judy Sevals, Janice Hargraves, Theresa Loer, Mary Henrich, Curt Berard, Pat Berard, Fred Freeman. THIRD ROW: Jerry Johnson, Don Zwarnik, Lowell Jones, Ann Lippert, Dorothy Cood. Bud Lambert, Mr. Michael Bachi, Dan Mo sea.I at and Jan think that being natural is simply a pose. Dr. Kruk tells Pal and Zil that painting is not a way in which to express something, but the nay it must be expressed.Willa Seebcrger finds morning a time for abstraction Arlyn tells us that as soon as somebody paints something, the public says he drinks loo much. Nat finds the art wing good atmosphere for learning.0 how this sullen, careless world ignorant of me is!”FIRST ROW: Fred Freeman, Mary Conness, Joan Vidcr, Pacey Beers. SECOND ROW: Marge Raisch, Joncurtis Bailey, Vern Hollister, Dwayne Woerpel, Priscilla Bussan. THIRD ROW: Arlene Tobias, Bob Berg, Dick Treadway. ALPHA PSI OMEGA dramaABOVE LEFT: Madelyn Drinkwine, as Hero, with her ladies in waiting. ABOVE: Benedick makes Beatrice forget her elusive and independent manner for a moment. LEFT: Much ado about makeup backstage as the cast prepares for entrance. much ado about nothingABOVE: Don John plants seeds of conspiracy. ABOVE RIGHT: Benedick overhears a plot that changes his plan of action. RIGHT: Beatrice gives some advice as Margaret helps Hero prepare for her wedding. BELOW: The villains, Richard Hou-tary, Robert Berg and Fred Freeman.MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING Directed by Pacey Beers Scene Design by Henry Clement Don Pedro.......................ROGER MILLER Don John..................ROBERT BERG Claudio.............DWAYNE WOERPEL Benedick......................RICHARD TREADWAY Leonato........................VERNON HOLLISTER .Antonio.............RICHARD REINKALL Conrade..................FRED FREEMAN Borachio..............RICHARD HOUTARY Friar Francis................. ROBERT SIMONSON Dogberry ........... JONCURTIS BAILEY Verges..............CLAYTON BOWDEN Sexton.........................LAUREN NASHLUND Hero...............MADELYN DRINKWINE Beatrice ........... PRISCILLA BUSSAN Margaret.......................ARLENE TOBIAS Ursala...................... MARJORIE RAISCH Watch .................. JAMES MEYER ROBERT SIMONSON DEATH OF A SALESMAN Directed by Priscilla Bussan Willy Loman .......... ROBERT BERG Linda Loman................ ARLENE TOBIAS Happy Loman.................DWAYNE WOERPEL Biff Loman.......RICHARD TREADWAY Bernard.....................VERNON HOLLISTER The Woman.........NANCY HEDSTROM Charley...........JONCURTIS BAILEY Ben .......................... DAN McNAMARA Howard......................LAUREN NASHLUND Stanley....................VINCENT TOLLERS Jenny...........MARY ANN MARTWICK Miss Forsythe.............GRETCHEN SAUER Lena ........... ELIZABETH WASEENdeath of a salesman “Dad you gave her morn's stockings." “Scotch, make it doubles," says Biff Loman to Stanley the waiter. Robert Berg and Arlene Tobias, as Willy and Linda Loman at the end of Act One. £% music The Department of Music presented Joseph Haydn’s Crealion as its twentieth annual Oratorio. The College Choral Society was directed by Donald Foltz and the College Orchestra was conducted by William Keller. Haydn composed the Crealion in the latter part of his life, taking some eighteen months to complete it; Haydn considered this his masterpiece. It was first produced on April 29, 1798 in Vienna. The text is taken partly from Paradise Lost and Genesis.STUDENT SOLOISTS Janice Blair............................ Soprano Margaret Berndt.........................Soprano Keith Lindquist .......................... Bass Jean Connolly .......................... Pianist the creation ANNUAL ORATORIO 113CHOIR WOMEN'S GLEE CLUB FIRST ROW: Margaret Jahnke, Ann Craig, Karen Roos, Rosemarie Ruthgerts, Penny Blakcslec, Kitty O'Beirn, Carolyn Wiemcr, Grctchen Sauer. SECOND ROW: Judy Denewcth, Judy Cook, Betty Fleissner, Carolyn Burns. Nancy Ostrom, Rosalie Vokovich, Doris Briskie, Ruth Bjugstad, Sandra Forrester, Thea Dahlberg, Swanhild Larson. THIRD ROW: Irene Salmi, Sandra Kervina, Virginia Valle, Bette Waseen, Carol Oberg, Mary Carol Cranberg, Director Donald Foltz, Donna Berray, Sue Gustafson. Sybel Hopkins, Dianna Baldridge, Connie Bryski, Karen Carlson. 114 ■1 f Della Klippel, Gerald Kinnee, Janice Blair, Arlene Aho, Willard Johnson, Linda Elkin, Margaret Berndt, Director Donald Foltz, Bonnie Boya, Larry Keith and Janice Waterhouse. MADRIGALSORCHESTRAS3LLIALLDVOurs is a campus of cold steel, concrete, glass and warm friendships. For us it is a new skyline with new structures in which we learn, relax and live. Campus activities are many and varied; the campaign of Homecoming with its rain of posters, fantastic bonfire, skits and tied game held Queen Barbara Eckert, Delta Sigma sorority, and King Clarence Lacina, Semper Compares fraternity, in the spotlight. Fraternity and sorority rushers happened both semesters. The Inter-fraternity Council initiated a new system to introduce the men to the fraternities before rusher bids were sent. Hell Week in all its tradition was the final step to acceptance. Sorority rushers began with an All Girls’ Tea for freshmen and transfer students; formal and informal initiations were held after bid acceptances. Sno Week, radiating from the campus, exceeded its bounds to skating at Amnicon Lake and skiing at Mount du Lac. The anxious election revealed Gretchen Sauer, Alpha Kappa sorority, as Sno Queen who chose Frank I rson, Semper Compares fraternity, as her escort for the Lumberjack Ball. Having given up hopes (?) for snow, we were unprepared for its surprise appearance, and were quite rude by ignoring our late arriving guest. The Art Department, through Delerium IV and its Beaux Arts theme, packed Old Main’s auditorium with the curious and the interested. Death of a Salesman and Much Ado About Nothing were the major presentations of the Drama Department. Dressing rooms were lit at all hours while students worked to perfect these productions. For research, reflection, relaxation and romance, night played its part at SSC. The colored panes of the science building indicated minds in experiment and night classes. The Union was made of red curtained reflections for relaxcrs in the lounge; students played table tennis and pool, studied and talked near the blue hangings, while behind yellow squares were chess players and the busy Gitch staff at work until the familiar announcement of closing time. Curran Library too revealed its stacks to the passerby while students read, researched and crammed, but the dorms, stadium and gym were stages for varied types of games. Night was a time for other activity; our contacts extended from Gino’s and the Bar-B-Q to the Tap-A-Wingo. The Androy Hotel held many of our formal dances, but parties and picnics could be found most anywhere. For a year students could be found everywhere and nowhere ... we walked together, laughed together, ate together, studied together, listened together, and sometimes we did all of these things alone . . . sometimes the familiar tread of a thousand footsteps became the lonely echo of only two in pace for thoughts, resolutions and decisions. This was the way of freshmen to graduates; the year is over, and its pages have been bound.REGISTRATION Help! and a few more exclamations describe the confusion at registration. Semi-annual pilgrimage for texts. Oh, but there must be books for me this semester!A composed attitude at registration. Is this my best side, Ed?' HOMECOMING Frank Cox leads the college orchestra and audience in the Alma Mater to start Homecoming on the right beat. 123ABOVE: Della Sigma sorority skit. RIGHT: Semper Compares candidate. Moose La-cina, during the Scmps skit. BELOW: Floats from the Homecoming parade. Left to Right: Lambda Sigma Lambda and Semper Compares, Alpha Kappa, Delta Sigma, and Newman Club. OPPOSITE PACE ABOVE: The lota's present Frankie and Johnny. CENTER: Members of the Fex present their interpretation of Hans Frichel. FAR RIGHT: Marvin Layman, Master of Ceremonies for the skit.The Homecoming court: Janice Nitta, Alpha Kappa; Joanne Ekstrom, Lambda Sigma Lambda; Barbara Raaflaub, Tau Alpha Chi. John Taylor, lota Delta Chi; Jim Munro, Fex; Roger Miller, Lamba Delta Chi. Sandy Logo leaves the 1958 Homecoming crown to Barb Eckert, this years queen. Ah heck, now they'll know! 1959 Homecoming Royalty: Queen Barbara Eckert, Delta Sigma and King Clarence Lacina. Semper Compares. 127LEFT: Mr. and Mrs. Ebert at the Homecoming half-time show. CENTER: The grand march. LEFT: Dancing is only hugging set to music. ABOVE: Lee and Barb at the Homecoming dance.Students practice cafeteriology between classes and sometimes during classes in the familiar atmosphere where the laws of reversibility are unfathomable. Union night managers are Wayne Lindberg, Knute Wallin, Marvin Bilsc and Warren Ter-kelson. Cafeteria by day, ballroom by night.lii!UILIlli|i|i| n Tools of civilization became too much for us. BELOW: You have to care about relationships to see them. RIGHT: The Skyroom Lounge.hllrn Kaisanen takes a break in serving while other Cro u nhurt girls entertain the faculty. Inter Sorority tea for all girls interested in sororities. an Sandy ioga and Miss C. take care of overlooked detail. ALL GIRLS TEAGIRLS DORM Quick! Drop the boys! All you can uash for only $.25. told him, and well, what could he say? SNOW WEEK “But Officer Krupke., you're really a square." Judy Kirmse in the West Side Story. Knute in his illegal beard. Pull, pull, pullICandidates for Sno Queen: Judy Sevals, Delta Sigma; Gretchen Sauer, Alpha Kappa; Maggie Jahnke, Tau Alpha Chi; Patty Luc, Ski Club; Judy Doherty, Lambda Sigma Lambda. Wonder who the photographer is? All those men pulling on that little bitty rope?Jim, Phil, Paul and Danny took a prize for their talents. President Hill crowns Queen Cert Sauer, 1560 Sno Queen, and gets a kiss for it. I960 Sno King, Frank l irson. Semper Compares and Queen Cert, Alpha Kappa, at the Lumberjack Hall. Cretchen Sauer, I960 Sno Queen.BEAUX ARTS BALLSPORTS Editor MEL WOLLANw FOOTBALL As Driessen and Langlois move in for a tackle. Oshkosh goes for a touchdown to tie our Homecoming panic. Meeting of the minds. Football coaches Mertz Morterelli. Lyle Smith. Don Green-uood and Carl Vergamini. Another game is tied as the 'Jackets bring the Hirer Falls Falcon fallback to a stop.THE YELLOWJACKETS 1959-60 Russell Cuskey, Co-captain. Jim Langlois, Co-captain. FIRST ROW: Jim Hugdahl, Dick Perry, Jim Hammcrbcck. Dick Zell. Bill Koberick, Clarence Lacina, Bill Smiley. Jim Langlois, Russell Cuskey, Jim Munro, Jim Sheridan. SECOND ROW: Jerry Scrivner. Mickey Sears, Don Ferkovich, Jim Yaworski, Morris Carlson, Bob Lynn, Jerry Bcrndt, Bob Verba. Mervin Schaeffer, Terry Collins. Dan Conway. THIRD ROW: Gene Reed. Rodney Daniels, Bob Moc, Dave Prctti, Tom Nichols, Paul Dahlic, Donald Frye, Gene Bel mas, John Miller, Tom Kennedy, Wally Heucr. Tom Kuklinski. FOURTH ROW: Dick Abner, Dan Bekkum, Jack Dricssen. Bob Hendrickson. Bill Stevens, Carl Gregas. Duane Shutter, Tom Montgomery, Ken Johnson, Heinz Rudau. FIFTH ROW: Lyle Smith, James Cowman, Carl Vcrgamini, Buddy Cranich, Don Greenwood. Mertz Mortorelli.ABOVE: Stout suffers from one of the plays that made Langlois All Conference Candidate. ABOVE RIGHT: Don Fcrkovich and Bill Smiley perfect their hall handling. BELOW RIGHT: Note out on the town BELOW: l.ookiii fer sompin'?SEASON’S RECORD 1959-1960 FOOTBALL OPP. SIP. I'MD 28 0 Northland 6 46 •LaCrosse 28 0 •River Falls 13 13- Eau Claire 0 7' •Oshkosk 13 13- •Stout 0 9' •Stevens Point 0 19 Bemidji 32 26 BASKETBALL Michigan Tech....................... 72 60 Bemidji State....................... 65 66 Bethel College ..................... 59 69 Moorhead ........................... 54 •Stout ............................. 71 22 Eau Claire......................... 75 68 I MI) .............................. 96 82 I'MD ............................... 60 65 •Platteville ....................... 70 72 •Stevens Point ..................... 64 70 Northland .......................... 57 Northland .......................... 71 •LaCrosse .......................... 76 68 •River Falls........................ 77 93 •stout.............................. 55 $5 •Eau Claire......................... 66 76 •Whitewater ........................ 89 75 T. W. Milwaukee..................... 86 Bemidji ............................ 97 90 , •LaCrosse .......................... 80 93 •River Falls........................ 83 62 • — Conference Games WRESTL INC No. Dakota U 15 28 River Falls 33 3 Bemidji 24 13 Stout 25 13 Stout 28 7 Bemidji 38 5BASKETBALL OPPOSITE PACE ABOVE: Patritlo shows good scoring form. CENTER: Captain Harold Anderson figures out the next move. RIGHT: Keith Mueller goes for a jump shot as Eau Claire unsuccessfully tries to slop him. ABOVE: Team sweats out practice session. RIGHT: Coach Vergamini explains details of a new play to attentive ’Jackets. 151 . - I'KONT BOW: Coach Carl Vcrgamini. Jerry Hermit. Hol Hurley. Jim Patrilto. Keith Mueller. Boh Sorenson. Asst. Coach Don Greenwood. SECOND HOW: Boh Pctlerson. manager: Dick Dicky. Harold Anderson. Tom Baker. Bill Scohle. John Bonk. Paul Beyers. Wayne Benson. Wayne Tongue. Jim Munro. manager. YELLOWJACKETS The not-so-eery-happy tram learns of the errors that lost a pome for SSC.FRONT HOW: Wally Hcucr. Joe Brijihcnli. Hon Kehnc. Hob Sorenson. SKCONI) HOW : Don ( rcenwood. Dick Dicky. Toni Baker. Bill l ebylil. John Bonk. Jerry St. Catherine. Tom Nelson. FRESHMEN HKSr ROW: Phil Bohnen, John Anderson. Bill McCleary. Sieve Raise. Andy Kazucawicz. SECOND ROW: Coach Morlorclli, Boh Verba. Jim Sheridan, Asst. Coach Dan Ferkovich. WRESTLING Hill McCleary seems to hare his man pinned as the ref checks his hold.the season Regardless of the outcome of this past season or any future season, college sports fans can always he assured the SSC spirit will never flicker. Under the able guidance of head coach Mcrlz Mor-torelli. the Yellow jackets grid squad compiled a conference record of 3 1-2, which was good for a third place finish. Stale’s over all record was 4-3-2. With only two weeks of practice under their hells, the Jackets were trampled by powerful I'MD 28-0. The first taste of victory came at the expense of Northland College. Co-captains Russ Cuskey and Jim I.anglois led the ’Jackets to the easy 46-0 victory in the non-conference tilt. In the first conference test of the season Superior fell to mighty LaCrosse 28-0. After ticing the River Falls eleven, the 'Jackets got hack on the winning trail with a 7-0 victory over Kau Claire. The SSC homecoming game provided many thrills for college fans as Oshkosh tied the 'Jackets 13 13. One the following week-end Stout bowed to the 'Jackets 9-0. In the season's final conference game the ’Jackets trounced Stevens Point 19-0. In the season’s finale. Bemidji nosed out Superior 32-26. Jim Munro. Dick Zell. Clarence Lacina, Russ Cuskey, Jim Sheridan, and Bill Koberick played their last game for the Orange and Black. Prospects for next year's season look good with such outstanding lettermen as Merv Shaffer, Mickey Sears, Don Ferkovich. Bill Smiley, and Jerry Berndt returning next fall. Superior State's varsity basketball squad got off to a roaring start this past season by winning seven of their first 10 games. The last half of the season proved to he a complete turnabout as they lost eight of 11 games for an over-all record of 10-11. Under the leadership of head coach Carl Vergarnini, the Superior five wound up conference play with a 6-6 record good for 5th place in the conference. Superior fielded a relatively inexperienced team this season with only two seniors. Captain Howie Anderson and Jim Patritto on the squad. The 'Jackets hopes for a better season next year look very good. John Bonk. Boh Hurley, Don Midhon, Bill Scoble, and Wayne Benson will be just a few of the letter-men who will make Superior a top contender for the basketball title. Head wrestling coach Mertz Morlorelli had a young, inexperienced team which won only one of five matches to place 6th in the conference. Injuries to key wrestlers hurt Superior’s chances for a higher finish. Next year’s team, with a year of experience behind them, will be a strong title contender. Athletic Director Mertz Mortorelli piloted sports minded SSC students through another successful year of intramural sports. As in the past, the aim of the intramural program was to include as many participants in as great a variety of sports as possible. The results were successful and certainly merit the carry-over of the program into next year’s extra-curricular activities. The Men’s Intramural Basketball Leagues wound up with the Falcons winning the National League title and the Ruckers winning the American League title. In the intramural tournament. Fex I heat the Yanceys to take the championship. As usual this tourney was the highlight of the intramural program. Competition was keen and the champs deserve a great deal of credit for their fine play and hard work. The annual All-Nations basketball tournament provided many thrills as the Swedes dumped the Germans to cop the championship. The 1960 tourney featured team rosters which must he composed of individuals who have at least one parent of the particular racial slock. Every team was of almost equal strength, thus, no winner had an easy job of it. The Superior State Men's Bowling League climaxed the season with the GDI’s nosing out five other fine teams for the championship. Approximately 60 men took part in the league from time to time to make the league a success. Superior State faculty, students and alumni can he proud of Superior’s coaches, teams and intramural programs. No matter what the record reads at the end of a season. Superior students will always have the fundamental “will to win.”BASEBALL 1959 FIRST HOW: Jim Corlic. Larry Clark. John Taylor, Jim Cowman, Hon Hawley. SECOND HOW: Carl Verjramini. Boh Sorenson. Dennis Savoy. Boh Thomas, Jim Palmer, Wayne Benson, Paul Beyers, Jim Patritto, Delbert Jerome. Keith Mueller, Jake Jacobson.INTRAMURALS Gene Evens goes in for a lay-up shot and wins another game for Fex I. LOWER LEFT: Dale Westerbach takes the ball from the Yancey's players. Way up and over the teams. Dale Wester-back makes more points for Fex I while Donolcy, Jardine and Evens look on. ■ammMMHnmi'Good Morning!" I.XTRAMl RAL STA.XDI.XG: The Falcons won the Xational League title: the Hackers won the American League title. Fex won the play-off tournament of both leagues. The Su edes non the All ations Tournament.CHEERLEADERS Ruthie McGlasson, Jeanne Smith, Bonnie Farrow, Captain Patty Smith, Carolyn Holm and Sally Plcski provide the sparks for the players’ morale during the seasons. WOMENS SPORTS SKIING ABOVE: Louise Kelly and Mr. Eberl lake the easy way up. LEFT: Jim Palmer demonstrates a difficult turn. BELOW: The Ski Club displays frozen smiles near a Canadian chalet.f ■ LEFT: Bill l ovey, SAi C «6 I resident. illustrating poor form to the members. Fatty Lue and Bill Hovey start down a long Canadian slope.THE EVENING TELEGRAM SUPERIOR, WISCONSIN NEWS • SPORTS • HUMOR • WEATHER Completely Blanketing the Vast Superior Market and All of Northern WisconsinCollege League and Open Bowling - at - HENNESSY'S 3 STAR LANES 32nd and Tower Ave. BAR LOUNGE Automatic Spotters open year ’round Mike Hennessy, Mgr. Phone EX 2-2081 E. E. TV. Remember 1125 Tower The HUB BAR Your Favorite Beverages Business Man's Lunch 11:30-3:00 HOLZBERG'S Complete Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service Conveniently located at Corner of Hammond and Belknap Phone EX 4-6685 For a Good Deal in Fill Sand or Dirt. Road and Concrete Gravel Topseal and Leveling, etc. CALL ANDREW OSTAZESKI Trucking Dial QY. 5-6291 FAGERLIN FUEL COMPANY Coal Wood Shell Fuel Oil Automatic Heating Equipment • 6th and Baxter Superior, Wisconsin 167 —■■ . Bar B. Q. 812 Belknap St. Steaks - Chops • Chicken - Hamburger SeaFoods - Bar B. Q. Ribs and Hamburgers BAR-B-Q SPECIAL Complete Meal 50 Orders to Take Out By the New Drive • In (During Summer Season) Hamburgers, Malts, Hot Dogs for... 19 Half Fried Chicken In the Basket.. 99 Try Our SPECIALS. EVERY DAY. for. 75 ROOKEY TRANSFER COMPANY Local • Long Distance Moving Dependable Service Since 1912 1417 Banks EX 4-6609 The Store for Young Men 1120-22 Tower Ave. — Superior, Wisconsin 168 Congratulations CLASS OF 1960 "A Future for You In Pharmacy" Superior Associated Pharmacists SWEENEY FUEL AND MATERIALS CO. Quality Ready - Mixed CONCRETE "Tell It to Sweeney" EX. 4-6606 — 4-6607 216 BELKNAP Superior WisconsinCOMPLIMENTS o f Superior National Bank East End Superior, Wisconsin MEMBER of F.D.I.C. "Visit Your Friendly East End" 1. C. A. Gray Insurance 2. Superior Electric 3. De Brock Barber Shop 4. Amundson Products Co. 5. George Pesark Grocery £r Bakery "Get the East End Shopping Habit" 1. Coast-to-Coast Store 2. East End Hardware Company 3. East End Radio and TV Shop 4. East End Tavern 5. McLean's Ben Franklin Store 6. Palmer Barber Shop 7. Sandberg Sheet Metal Inc. 8. Smedberg Grocery 9. Superior Refrigeration 10. Wold Cleaners Arrow Cafe "Superior's Finest Restaurant" "Meet Your Friends at the Arrow"Setchell -Carlson The COMPLETE CAMERA STORE MiUonA B upi 1310 Tower Avenue Superior, Wisconsin Everyone's Talking About The Pizza Pie . . . AT SAMMY5 170 1423 Tower Avenue SAMMY'S PIZZA Drive - Up 2801 East 2nd Street U. S. Highway 2 The TELEGRAM JOB SHOP Over 68 Years of Printing Service The Mott Modern end Largest Commercial Printing Plant In Upper Wisconsin ivening Telegram Building Ex. 4-441Moving Storage Baggage and Parcels to All Parts of Superior and Duluth ★ LONG DISTANCE MOVING SUPERIOR AND DULUTH TRANSFER COMPANY 91 1 Tower Avenue Export 4-4471 LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING Give Us a Call HAWKINS LAUNDRY "They Satisfy" ★ Ogden near 1 3th Dial 4-5565 THE QUICKPRINT Clyde B. Themes Kermit Thornes • Commercial Printing • Wedding Invitations Dial EX 4-7241 1608 Tower Ave. 171Compliments Of BRIDGEMAN'S FAMOUS PRODUCTS RIDGEMAN DUNBAR'S Hotel and Restaurant Supplies 720—722 Tower Superior. Wis. •A. C E FOODS I NO. 4000 WEST WISCONSIN AVENUE MILWAUKEE. WISCONSIN THE WORKERS' MUTUAL SAVINGS BANK 1612 BELKNAP ST. Member F.D.I.C. SUPERIOR, WIS.O L APPLIANCE, INC Headquarters for Better Appliances and TV MAYTAG • PHILCO • ADMIRAL G.E. • IRONRITE Broadway and Tower EX. 4-6618 "Congratulations to the Grads" SAFFORD, INC. School Supplies 1312 Tower Avenue Superior, Wisconsin IT WILL PAY YOU . . . TO INQUIRE ABOUT THE EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES AT WISCONSIN STATE COLLEGE At Superior UNDERGRADUATE OFFERINGS INCLUDE: • 2, 3, and 4-year teacher training programs • Four-year Liberal Arts Degree programs • Preprofessional programs for many fields of study GRADUATE OFFERINGS: Lead to a MASTER of EDUCATION Degree Under the • Professional Plan • Teacher Improvement • Cooperative Plan Write for Information The DEAN of INSTRUCTION WISCONSIN STATE COLLEGE Superior, Wisconsin ___________173 ______________________________-CO-OPS ARE DEMOCRACY IN BUSINESS! Co-ops ore a different type of business because they are owned by their customers and operated for service. They pay a fixed, fair return on investment capital, but the bulk of the net savings are returned back to the customers, to each according to his or her annual purchases. Each co-op shareholder has one, equal vote in the affairs of the co-op. The members elect a Board of Directors to run the co-op for them, and the Board hires a manager. For this reason, your co-op is very sensitive to the wishes of the customers, who are its bosses. Everyone is welcome to join and shop at your friendly Co-op Supermarket, because co-ops are non-denominational and non-partisan. The membership cuts across racial, economic, religious and national background lines. Co-ops are endorsed by churches of most denominations, by labor unions, farm organizations, professional associations, and many other types of American democratic groupings of citizens. Buy co-op and join a co-op, because no other, but NO other business in our area ever had so much to offer to the customer. Investigate a Co-op career—it is service of democracy with a brilliant future for YOU! CENTRAL COOPERATIVES, INC. SUPERIOR, WIS. WADENA, MINN.STACK BROTHERS, INC. Plumbing Heating Contractors Superior, Wisconsin 1613 Tower Avenue PEOPLE'S DRUG STORE 1124 Belknap Street IF IT’S IMPORTANT TO YOU —IT’S IMPORTANT TO US Member F.D.I.C. Superior's Original Drive In Bank!! 175Success to You! TWIN PORTS DAIRY Superior, Wisconsin Tel. EX. 2-8531 S. S. KRESGE CO. 1303 Tower Avenue Superior, Wisconsin "HONEST FURNITURE - HONEST PRICES FOR NEARLY 50 YEARS" Two Years to Pay RAND RAPID HOUSE FURNISHING CO. SUPERIOR. DULUTH We Give S H Green Stamps Superior Belknap and Ogden EX. 4-4477 Downtown Duluth 26 East Superior St. Former Fronch-Building RA. 2-0563 West Duluth 5614-16 Grand Across from Penne MA. 4-4462 176NORTHWEST OUTLET NORTHERN WISCONSIN'S LARGEST SURPLUS STORE Complete Camping Outfitters 1814 Belknap EX. 2-1122 Compliments of LIGNELL'S REXALL DRUG "Your Friendly Store" 1022 Tower Avenue Dial 2-8553 GAMBLES STORE The Friendly Store 1109 Tower Ave. Ex. 4-6523 We Carry a Complete Line of EQUIPMENT for the SPORTSMEN • Archery Supplies • Hunting and Fishing Equipment • Keys Made While You Wait LUND'S SPORTING GOODS 1817 Belknap Dial 9591 BRANDERS MUSIC SHOP Superior i 1418 Tower Ave. Wisconsin 177. MATHER PHARMACY, INC. Prescription Experts ☆ BOARD OF TRADE BUILDING 1509 Tower Ave. Complete Line of Cameras and Accessories DRYSDALE-PERRY STUDIO 1408 Tower Avenue For Your Fashion Needs! Northern Wisconsin’s Leading Department Store Compliments Of WISCONSIN TYPEWRITER COMPANY dealers for the famous OLYMPIA PORTABLE with the two year warranty EASY TERMS 1306 Tower EX. 2-223 Mentor Pocketbooks, Magazines, Gift Cards, Films and Film Development GLOBE NEWS TOWER BELKNAP Everything in Reading Material!Compliments of COMMUNITY BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Superior, Wisconsin MEMBER OF F.D.I.C. NICKELSON'S MUSIC STORE 1425 Tower Avenue To the of 1960 Our Sincere Congratulations! It is Reddy's Sincere Wish That You Will Remember: "BETTER LIGHT Equals BETTER SIGHT" SUPERIOR WATER. LIGHT POWER COMPANYsenior biography CAROL A. ANDERSON Owl and Serpent 4: Messiah 1; Creation 4; Glee Club 1; Choir 2. 3. 4: Intcrmcd. 1, 2; K. I . 4; Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4. HAROLD A. ANDERSON Basketball 1. 2. 3, 4, Capt. 4; SClub 1. 2, 3, 4. Pres. 4. LEON R. ANDERSON Hockey 1. 2: Social Comm. 2: Homecoming Royalty 3; Inter Club Council 4: Lambda Delta Chi 1. 2, 3. 4. Treas. 2. Vice Pres. 3. Pres. 4: Class Vice Pres. 2. Command Sqdn. 1, 2; Drill Team 1, Rifle Team 1, Sno Week Comm. 3. JAMES J. ARNOVICH Football Mgr. 3. 4; Intramurals 3. 4; S-Cluli 3, 4; Ski Club 3: Ostrander Hall 3. GARY A. BADER Intramurals 1, 2, 3: Messiah 3; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Inter Club Council 3. 4, Sec.-Treas. 4; Lambda Delta Chi 2. 3. 4. Sec. 3, Vice Pres. 4. Pres. 4; Command Sqdn. I, 2: Drill Team 1, 2; Young Republicans 1, 2; Baseball 2, 3, 4: AFROTC Glee Club 2: One Act Plays 4; Debate Team 4. JONCURTIS C. BAILEY Alpha Psi Omega 3. 4; Glee Club 4; SNEA 4: Wesley 1, 2. 3. 4: Radio Guild 2. 3, 4; Command Sqdn. 1, 2; Drum Corps 2; Debate Team 2; Much Ado About Nothing, Hamlet. Death of a Salesman. KAREN R. BERKSETH K. P. 1. 2, 3. 4; Delta Sigma 1. 2, 3. 4; SNEA 4. MARGARET M. BERNDT Messiah 1. 3: Soloist 3; Creation Soloist 4: Elijah 2: Band 1. 2, 3: Choir 2. 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Madrigals 3. 4; LSA 1, 2, 3, 4. Treas. 2; Lambda Sigma Lambda 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4; Sigma Gamma Chi 1, 2, 3; Council 3; SNEA 3, 4. ROBERT L BLASKOSKI Band 1; Newman Club 3. 4: Drum Corps 1. DONALD R. BUSCH Fellowship I. 2. 3, 4. PATRICK K. BYRNES Basketball Mgr. 3: Intramurals 1, 2, 3; SClub 3, 4; Inter Club Council 2, 4, Pres. 4; Fex 1, 2, 3, 4. LAWRENCE F. CHADA LSA 1, 2. 3, 4: Semper Compares 3. 4. Treas. 3; Sundquist Hall 1. 2. 3. 4: SNEA 4: Ski Club 4; Senate 2. HENRY J. CLEMENT Newman Club 1: Art Student League 1, 2, 3. 4: Iota Delta Chi 1, 2, 3, 4; Gitche Gurnee 4. Editor; Arnold Air Society 3. 4; Command. Sqdn. 1; Matchmaker; Alpha Kappa Art Award 2; F.I.P. 4; Senate 4; Scene Design Matchmaker, Much Ado About Nothing; Who’s Who in American Col leges and Universities. MARY P. CONNESS Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4; Newman Clu} 3. 4; Delta Sigma 3. 4; College Players 4; Ski Club 4; SNEA 4. JEAN CONNOLLY Messiah 3: Creation 4; Glee Club 2; Choir 4; Madrigals 4; Delta Sigma 3. 4. JAMES H. COWMAN Football 1. 2. 3. 4: S-Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Semper Compares 1. 2. 3. 4; Baseball 2. 3, 4. CWEN M. CULVER Rural Slate Graded 1. RUSSELL J. CUSKEY Football 1. 2. 3. I. Co Capt. 4; S Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Arnold Air Society 3. 4. Treas. 4; Drill Team 3. 4: Chem. Club 2; Track 2; All Conference and Telegram Award 3. CAROL I. JiAHL Messiah 1, 3; Creation 4; Elijah 2; Choir 2, 3. 4; Glee Club 1; K. P. 1. 2. 3. 4. Pres. 3. Vice Pres. 2: LSA 1. 2. 3. 4. Vice Pres. 2, 3; Alpha Kappa 2, 3, 4, Sec. 4; SNEA 4. ALICE J. DELODDER Intcrmcd. 3; Delta Sigma 4. Sigma Gamma Chi 3. 4. BARBARA ECKERT Delta Sigma 3. 4. Sec. 4; Homecoming Queen 4; K. P. 3. 4; Newman Club 3. 4; SNEA 4, See.; Creation 4; Choir 3. 4. ROBERT C. EDDY Intramurals 1 Elijah I; Radio Guild 1; Lambda Delta Chi 3. Sec. 4: Sundquist Hall 1; Command. Sqdn. 1, 2; Drill Team 1. 2. NANCY EDWARDS Intermed. 3; Sigma Gamma Chi 3; SNEA 4. DEANNA M. EHMANN Messiah 1; Gitche Gurnee 1; SNEA 4. PAULINE C. ELAVSKY Alpha Psi Omega 2. 3. 4; K. P. 1. 2. 3; LSA 1. 2. 3. 4; Alpha Kappa 2. 3. 4; SNEA 4; The King and the Duke. DAVID A. FAHRENBACH Intramurals 3. 4; Sno Ball Comm. 1, 2; Newman Club 4. LAWRENCE C FIELDS Boxing 1 2: S Club 1, 2. 3, 4; Intermed. 2; Newman Club 2. 3. 4; Camera Club 1; Semper Compares I, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 3; Pep. 2; SNEA 4. NANCY C GOTHAM Alpha Psi Omega 2. 3, 4: Wesley 1. 2. 3; Alpha Kappa 1, 2. 3; Inter Club Council 2; The King and the Duke. MARY CAROL GRANBERG Messiah 1. 3; Creation 4; Elijah 2; Glee Club 1. 2. 3, 4; I.SA 1; Delta Sigma I. 2, 3, 4; Sigma Gamma Chi 1, 2; Ski Club 4. ANN GREENE Delta Sigma 1. 2, 3. 4; K. P. 1. 2. 3. 4; Ski Club 3. 4. DONALD L GREENWOOD Football 2; Asst. Coach 2; Basketball 1; Asst. Coach 1; S-Club 3. Vice Pres. 3. MARY LOUISE CROSS Intermed. 1. 2. 3: Vice Pres. 3; Newman Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Social Comm. 2, 3; Sec. 3; Delta Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3; Pres. 4; Sno Queen 3; Twirler 1, 2; Angel Flight 3. 4; SNEA Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities.SUSAN M. GUSTAFSON Messiah 3; Band 3. 4; Choir 3, 4; Glee Club 3, 4; Newman Club 3, 4; lambda Sigma Lambda 3, 4; Sigma Gamma Chi 3; Ski Club 4. DONNA MAE HACBERG Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3. 4; Messiah 1; Creation 4: Elijah 2: . K. P. 1, 2. 3. 4, Sec. 2: LSA 1; Lambda Sigma- Lambda 1, 2. 3, 4: The Remarkable Mr. Pcnnypacker, The King and the Duke. Much Ado About Nothing. GRF.TCHEN HARPER Delia Sigma 1. 2. 3. 4: K. P. I. 2. 3. 4. JOHN W. HILTEN Intramurals 1. 2, 3. 4; Homecoming Comm. 4: Wesley 2. 3, 4: Inter Club Council 3; Iota Delta Chi 1, 2, 3. 4, Pres 3, Treas. 4: Arnold Air Society 3, 4; Command. Sqdn. 1. 2: Commander 2: Drill Team 1, 2. 3. 4: Commander 4; Distinguished Military Cadet 4; Chemistry Club 3, 4; Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. VERNON L. HOLLISTER Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3. 4: Wesley 1, 2, 3. 4: Iota Delta Chi 2. 3. 4: Pep. 1, 2. 3. Editor 3: Gitchc Cumce 3, 4; Drum and Bugle Corps 1, Drill Team 1; College Players 1, 2, 3, 4; Journalism Award 3; Debate Team 4: Hamlet, The Time of Your Life. The King and the Duke, Much Ado About i othing,-l)ealh of a Salesman. JOAN M. HURST Homecoming Comm. 4; Messiah 1; LSA 2; Social Comm. 4; Inter Club Council 3. Vice Pres. 3; Tau Alpha Chi 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3; Sigma Gamma Chi 1, 2. 3, 4; Hall Council 4: Pep. 3: SNEA 4: Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities. STANLEY L HURST Hockey 1; IJSA 1. 2; Lambda Delta Chi 1, 2, 3, 4; Sund- Suist Hall 1, 2, 3. 4: Command. Sqdn. 1; Drill Team 1; aschall 1. MARGARET J. JAHNKE Messiah 1. 3; Creation 4; Elijah 2; Glee Club 1, 2, 3. 4; K. P. 1. 2. 3. 4. Treas. 4; LSA 1. 2. 3. 4; Inter Club Coun-cil 4: Vice Pres. 4; Sno Queen Candidate 4; Tau Alpha Chi 2. 3. 4; Pres. 4. JAMES L JAMISKA Basketball 1, 2. ALLEN B. JOHNSON Inter Club (Council 4; lambda Delta Chi 1, 2. 3. 4. Sec. 3. Treas. 4; Arnold Air Society 3. 4: Command. Sqdn. 1, 2; Drill Team 1. 2. 3. 4; SNEA 4; Wesley 1. 2. 3. 4; Bowl-ing 4. BETTY R. JOHNSON Messiah 1: Glee Club 1; K.P. 1. 2. 3. 4; Delta Sigma 1, 2. 3. 4; Angel Flight 3. 4. JEAN M.JOHNSON Owl ond Serpent 4; Intermcd. 3; Sigma Gamma Chi 3. 4; SNEA 4. VIRGINIA A. JOHNSON Messiah 3; Creation 1; Glee Club 1: K.P. 1. 2. 3, 4; Wesley 1. 2. 3. 4: Art Club 3. 4: Inter Club Council 3. 4; Alpha Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 2, Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4. DEA S. JUVETTE Messiah I, 3; Creation 1; K.P. 1, 2, 3, 4; Wesley 1, 2, 3, 4; Della Sigma 1. 2. 3. 4; Angel Flight 2, 3, 4. KENNETH J. JUVETTE Homecoming King 2: Wesley 1. 2. 3. Pres. 2; Inter Club Council 4: Iota Delta Chi 1. 2. 3, 4, Vice Pres. 2, Pres. 4; Class Pres. I. 2; Class Treas. 4; Arnold Air Society 3. 4; Command. Sqdn. 1: Drill Team 1. 3; Rille Team 1. 2. 3: Senate 4; Executive Council 2; Social Council 3: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. JOANNE E. KARRA Messiah 1. 3: Creation 2; Elijah 4; Clec Club 1. 3: Choir 4; Orchestra 1. 2. 3. 4: Delta Sigma 1. 2. 3. 4; Angel Flight 2. 3. 4: Fex Sweetheart 3. PATRICIA E. KILLOREN Owl and Serpent 4: Alpha Psi Omega 2. 3. 4. Sec. 4: Majorette 2. 3. 4: Calvin Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Delta Sigma 2. 3. 4. Sgt. at Arms 3. Treas. 4; Pep 1. 2. 3. 4. Co-Editor 2. 3. 4: Gitchc Gurnee 1. 2. 3. 4; Matchmaker, Humlel, The King and the Duke, Rainmaker; Angel Flight 3. 4; Senate 3. Exec. Council 3. DELLA A. KLIPPEL Homecoming Court 1: Messiah I. 3: Creation 4; Elijah 2:! da Sigma Lambda 1, 2. 3, 4, Treas. 2. 4; Sigma Gamma Chi 1, 2. 3. 4; Calvin Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Madrigals 4: Choir I. 2. 3. 4: Glee Club 1, 2: Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities. LESLIE F. LARSON Intramurals 2. 3. 4: Semper Compares 2, 3, 4. Sec. 2, 3. 4; Pep. 2. 3. 4: Gitchc Gurnee 2. MARIE A. LARSON Homecoming Comm. 1. 3. 4; I.SA 1. 2. 3. 4. Vice-Pres. 4: Social Comm. 1. 2: Alpha Kappa 3. 4. Treas. 3: SNEA 4. ANN LEY I) A Hand 3; K.P. 3. 4: Wesley 3. 4; Alpha Kappa 3. 4; Sigma Gamma Chi 3: Senate 4; Inter Religious Council 4; SNEA 4. SANDY J. LOGA Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3. 4: Homecoming Queen 3; Newman Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Inter Club Council 4, Pres. 4; l-ambda Sigma lambda 1. 2. 3. 4. Treas. 3. Pres. 4. Vice Pres. 4: Sigma Gamma Chi 1. 2. 3. 4: College Players 1. 2. 3; Outstanding Junior of NEA 3; Ski Club 3, 4; Military Ball Princess 1. 2: Angel Flight 2. 3. FRANCES J. OKONF.K Newman Club 1. 2; Alpha Kappa 1. 2. 3, 4; Sigma Gamma Chi 1: SNEA 4. JOHN R. OLESCZUK Semper Compares 2, 3. 4: Ski Club 3. ARNELLE A. OLSON Owl and Serpent 4: Alphi Psi Omega 1, 2. 3. 4: Sec. 2, Vice Pres. 3; Senate 2; Social Comm. 3. Chairman 2: SNEA 4: Inter Club Council 2: Alpha Kappa 1, 2, 3. 4. Sec. 2, Pres. 2; Class Vice Pres. 1: Angela Flight 3, 4; College Players 1. 2. 3. EUGENE 0. OI.SON Hockey I. 2: Intramurals 2. Messiah 3; Inter Club Council 3. Lambda Della Chi 2. 3. 4. Treas. 3; Arnold Air Society 3: Command. Sqdn. 1, 2: Drill Team 3; Rifle Team 3; Ski Club 2, 3; Sundquist Hall I. ANDREW J. OSTAZESKI Newman Club 1. 2: Art Student league 1. 2. 3. 4. Pres 4: Pep 3: Alpha Kappa Art Scholarship 4, SNEA 4. MAUDE K. PANLENER Owl and Serpent 4: Sigma Gamma Chi 3: Marshall at Graduation 4; Morgan and David Roberts Scholarship 4. 181JULIE ANN PETERSON Delta Sigma 1, 2, 3. 4; Angel Flight 3, 4, 1 reas. 4. SUSAN RUDOLPH PLAHN K.P. 2, 3. 4; Lambda Sigma Lambda 3, 4; Sigma Gamma Chi 1. 2. 3: SNEA 4. THOMAS D. PLANT Intramurals 2. 3. 4; Creation 4: Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship 4: Social Comm. 3: Inter Club Council 3, 4. Scc.-Treas. 4: Fex 2, 3. 4. THOMAS F. RADEK lambda Delta Chi 3. Sec. 4. Pres. 4. ELLEN A. RAISANEN Owl and Serpent 4: Homecoming Comm. 2, 3. Chm. 3; LSA 2: Social Comm. 3: Inter Club Council 3. Pres. 3: Alpha Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4. Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4; Sigma Gamma Chi 1. 2. 3, 4, Vice Pres., Exec. Council 3, 4: Class Sec. 3; Class Vice Pres. 4: Pep 3: Gitche Gurnee 1; SNEA 4: Angel Flight 3. 4. Vice Pres. 3; Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities. KENTON K. RICHARDSON Basketball 1. 2: Intramurals 3. 4: Homecoming Comm. 3, 4; Social Comm. 2; Fex 1, 2, 3. 4; Drill Team 1. LUCY M. RICHART Messiah 3; Elijah 2; Glee Club 3; Interned. 1. 2, 3; Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship 2: Tau Alpha Chi 3. 4; Treas. 4; SNEA 4. JEAN A. RIEGELMAN Creation 4: Sigma Gamma Chi 3, SNEA 4. DONNA M. RIBONI Intcrmed. 3; Newman Club 3; Sigma Gamma Chi 3, 4; SNEA 4. PETER R. ROZOWSKI Intramurals 4; Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4; Fex 1, 2, 3, 4; SNEA 4. GERALD E. SAW Intramurals 4; Fex 1. 2, 3, 4; Citche Cumcc 3. RAYMOND T. SCHARENBROCK Newman Club 1. 2. 3. 4, Pres. 4; Sundquist Hall 1, 2; Inter Religious Council 4. LAWRENCE N. SCHMIDT Intramurals 1. 2. 3. 4; Newman Club 1. 2, 3. 4. Pres. 3: Iota Delta Chi 1. 2; SNEA Pres. 4; Inter Club Council Treas. 3; Exec. Council 3; Bowling League Vice Pres. 4. ROBERT SIMONSON Glee Club 4: Creation 4; Elijah 3; LSA 1, 2, 3. 4; College Players 3, 4. JEROME K. S.IOSTROM Messiah 1. 3: Elijah 2: Glee Club 1. 2. 3; LSA 1. 2. 3. 4. Treas. 2. WILLIAM R. THOMPSON Football 1, 2, 3; Intramurals 1; S-Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Gitche Gurnee 3. EDA LEE J. TIDSTROM Messiah 1. 3; Creation 4: Elijah 2; Choir 2. 3. 4; Glee Club 1, 2; Intermed. 1. 2, 3: LSA 1. 2. 3. 4: Alpha Kappa 1. 2. 3. 4: Sigma Gamma Chi 1. 2. 3. 4: SNEA 4; Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities. RICHARD C TREADWAY Elijah 2: Calvin Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Iota Delta Chi 1. 2. 3. 4: Sundquist Hall 1, 2; College Players 1, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Psi Omega 1. 2. 3. 4, Treas. 2. Pres. 4; Alpha Psi Omega Acting Awards 1, 3. GLORIA H. UZELAC Homecoming Chairman 4: Calvin Club 2, 3; Art Student League 2. 3. 4. Sec. 4: Social Comm. Chairman 4; Inter Club Council 4: Delta Sigma 1. 2. 3. 4. Treas. 3. Vice Pres. 4; Gitche Gumcq Co-Editor 4; Drum Corps Majorette 1, 2. 3: Angel Flight 2. 3. 4, Commander 3. 4; Senate 1. 3: Sno Week Chairman 4: Hamlet. One Act Play 1. 2. 3: Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities, Union Board 3. DIANNA F. VAN GOETHEN Homoroming Court 3; Messiah 1, 3; Creation 4; Elijah 2: Choir 3. 4: Glee Club 1. 2: Intermed. 1. 2. 3. Pres. 3 New-man Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Sec. 4: Tau Alpha Chi 1, 2. 3, 4, Sec. 2. Vice Pres. 3. Pres. 4; Sigma Gamma Chi 1, 2, 3, 4. Treas. 3. Pres. 4; Union Board 4: Senate 3. 4; Treas. 3, Sec. 4; Angel Flight 3. 4. EARL W. VER BUNKER Football 1; Basketball 1; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 2. JOAN M. VIDER Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4; Messiah 2: Elijah 3; Music 2, 3: Newman Club 2, 3. 4; Inter Club Council 3, Sec.-Treas. 3; Tau Alpha Chi 2. 3. 4. Vice Pres. 3; Sigma Gamma Chi 2. 3. 4: Play 2. 3; SNEA 4. DALE W. WESTERBACK Basketball 2. 3. 4; Fex 1. 2, 3. 4. JOAN K. YAWORSKI Messiah 1; Elijah 2: Glee Club 1, 2; K.P. 1, 2. 3; Alpha Kappa 1. 2. 3. 4: SNEA 4. RICHARD F. ZELL Football 2, 3. 4: Intramurals 1, 2, 3. 4; S-Club 2, 3, 4; Messiah 2; Creation 4. 182Co-Editor GLORIA UZELAC Editor HENRY CLEMENT gitche gumee Photographers CARL BONG RICHARD HOUTARY BILL HOVEY PATRICIA KILLOREN LEE LILJANDER Also HERBERT DAY DR. ARTHUR KRUK Advisor MICHAEL BACH I y-ls-t. Editor HENRY CLEMENT design Co-Editor GLORIA UZELAC copy Business Manager WILLIAM DURAND Advisor MICHAEL BACHI Staff Editors ROBERT BERG. MILAN BRECKA, CAROLYN HOLM, DICK HOUTARY, DEAN NEUMANN, JUDY MIZINSKI, SALLY PLESKI, GRETCHEN SAUER, ARLENE TOBIAS, MEL WOLLAN. A cknowledgements CARROLL BROWN, JOE SWAN, ARTHUR KRUK, BYRON JOHNSON, Z,£0 V NORD.ttWMfl

Suggestions in the University of Wisconsin Superior - Gitche Gumee Yearbook (Superior, WI) collection:

University of Wisconsin Superior - Gitche Gumee Yearbook (Superior, WI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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