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I mmam1GITCHE G U M E E 1967 WISCONSIN STATE COLLEGE SUPERIOR, WISCONSIN VOLUME XLVII1957 GITCHE GUMEE STAFF Eleanor Kaukonen...................... Editor Henry Gingras...........................Editor George Trton................Business Monoger Jim Wadsworth.....................Photographer Joanne BurgrafF..........................Photo Editor Joanne Oleas..............................Copy Editor John Kopnick............................Sports Editor Joy Manley.................Organization Editor lois Almstedt...........................Senior Editor Marilyn Nodolski.......................Faculty Editor Toni Ann Yoworski Katherine Olson Deanna lodin Margaret Stephenson Thom Frisbie Joan Kay Yoworski Judy Fried “v Ronald Hawley T  PREFACE Longfellow once wrote, "the thoughts of youth are long, long thoughts." May this book, the 1957 Gitche Gurnee, be your guide in the years to come when you recall the long, long thoughts of your happy college days. May your memories be filled with the happiness surrounding the college formals you attended . . . the athletic events at which you cheered the Yellowjackets on to victory . . . and even the hours in which you spent studying and preparing for those final examinations. May this book be your guide in the years to come when you recall the long, long, happy thoughts of your college days at Wisconsin State.CONTENTS TABLE O F CONTENTS CAMPUS LIFE GRADUATION ADMINISTRATION ORGANIZATION ACTIVITY 1 CAMPUS . . . WISCONSIN STATE COLLEGE, SUPERIOR"A bright way to the future. 7The Women's Dormitory — CROWNHART HALL The Men's Dormitory — SUNDQUIST HALL 9With a he ha ho and a ho ho ho, off to itudent teaching we gol Romeo, where are thou Romeo?i MS» e5fea iMSESSSwW DEDICATION I ! President DR. JIM DAN HILL . . .  In 1956.Dr. Hill, retired bimdriderM th®32nd National Giidrd unijjlHoweviipW llehe prudent his] c|ctive interest in his school promises Wisconsin State College, Superior, a bright future. AUTHOR, EDUCAT The 1957 Gitche Gumee staff takes great pleasure in dedicating this year's annual to DR. JIM DAN HILL who is currently celebrating his 25th year as president of Wis- consin Superior. Dr. Hill came to 1931 after brilliqn educator. In 1946. eral in the more than a college and author. sin SlCdBCollege, Superior, in levemerffe bs both a soldier and ur president received the ranlj of gen- writesmmS3SSY1DThese senior girls start their last semester out right by looking over their new text books in the cafeteria. SENIORS Jim Wadsworth and Joy Monley laugh together over some of the experiences they both have had at W.S.C. Marilyn Knutson and John Senty just got back from registering for their last time.JANUARY GRADUATES Phyllis B. Anscll, B.A., Superior; Al-pho Psi Omega 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4; Homecoming Committee 2; Radio Guild 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 2, 3, 4; Social Committee 2; Lambda Sigma Lambda Sorority 1, 2. 3, 4; Peptomist Staff 1, 2, 3, Society Editor 2; Gitche Gurnee 1. Geotge Gonski, B.S., Superior. Lyle M. Delano, B.S., Weyerhauser; Radio Guild 1, 2, Chief Engineer 1, 2; Amateur Radio 2, 3, 4, President 4; Arnold Air Society 3, 4; P.I.O. 3; Rifle Team 3, 4; Drill Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4. Carlin J. Kielcheski, B.S., Phillips; Boxing 3; Intramurals 3; Homecoming Committee 4, Royalty 3; Lutheran Student Association 3, 4; Art Club 3, 4; lota Delta Chi Fraternity 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Junior Class President; Peptomist Staff 3; Arnold Air Society 3, 4; Command Squadron 1, 2; Drill Team 1, 2, 3; Air ROTC 19 Honors 1; «Se ■MWMWB flPSSCS«x George E. Lehto, 8.S., Superior; Trans, from University of Illinois, Oklahoma City University, Lake Forest College, William and Mary; Retired from U.S. Navy; Owl and Serpent 4. Arlene M. Lokker, Three Year Certificate, Ladysmith; The Creation 1; Kindergarten-Primary 1, 2, 3; Delta Sigma Sorority 1, 2, 3; Sigmo Gamma Chi 1,2, 3; "Dark of the Moon" 2. William M. Lundgren, B.S., Superior; Owl and Serpent 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Peptomist Staff 2, 3, Associate Editor 3. Duane A. Matye, B.S., Cumberland; Football 1, 2. 3, 4; Basketball 1; Infromurals 1, 2, 3, 4; S-Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Fex Fraternity 2, 3, 4; College Players 4. 20Eustorgio Castro Moreno, B.S., Panama City, Panama; Trans, from Nebraska Western University; Alpha Psi Omega 4; The Messiah 4; Newman Club 4; lota Delta Chi Fraternity 4, Vice President 4. Robert Pollock, B.S., Bennett. Robert Welty, B.S., Cable; Football 1; Boxing 1; S-Club 1; Rural State Graded 1. M Robert Thoorsell, B.S., Solon Springs; Art Club. JUNE GRADUATES Charles E. Accola, B.S., Alma; Hockey 2; Wesley Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4, President 2, Vice President 3; Social Committee 4; Inter-Fraternity Council 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4; Semper Compares 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Treasurer 4; Sundquist Hall 1, 2, 3; Command Squadron 1. Janet Bartell, B.S., Superior; Trans, from St. Scholastica; The Messiah 4; The Elijah 3; Glee Club 3, 4; Newman Club 2, 3, 4; Lambda Sigma lambda Sorority 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3. Richard Allen, B.S., Superior. Raymond Birch, B.S., Superior; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. 22Lloyd C. Busch, B.S., Superior; Infer-Vorsify Christian Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, President 4; Radio Guild ), 2, 3, 4, Assistant Business Manager 2, Finance Secretary 3; Gitche Gumee Staff 2, Sports Editor 2. V Kathleen Bostetter, B.A., Kenosha. Donna Campbell, B.S., Birchwood; Creation 1; Intermediates 2, 3, 4; Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 2, 3; Alpha Kappa 3, 4; Sigma Gamma Chi 1, 2, 3, 4. Doris A. Carlson, B.S., Ladysmith; The Messiah 1, 2, 4; The Elijah 3; Glee Club 1; Choir 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 1, 4; Tau Alpha Chi Sorority 2, 3, 4; Sigma Gommo Chi 1, 2, 3, 4 "Anything Goes" 1; "Carousel" 2 "The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker' 4. ■ Alice G. Briskie, B.S., Hurley; The Messiah 2, 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Kindergarten-Primary 1, 2, 3, 4; Lutheran Student Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Lambda Sigma Lambda Sorority 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3; Sigma Gommo Chi 1, 2, 3. 4; Secretory 3.Yvonne M. Collins, B.S., Ladysmith; The Messiah 2, 4; The Elijah 3; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Kindergarten-Primary 1, 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 2; Social Committee 2; Delta Sigma Sorority 1, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Gamma Chi 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3; ______________________ Lois E. Carlson, B.S., Ladysmith; The Messiah 1, 2, 4; The Elijah 3; Glee Club 1; Choir 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 1, 4; Tau Alpha Chi Sorority 2, 3, 4; Sigma Gamma Chi 1, 2, 3, 4; "Anything Goes" 1; "Carousel" 2; "The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker" 4. Herman J. Clough, B.S., Hayward; Football 1; Boxing, Managor 2; Camera Club 2; Sophomore Class Treasurer. Dana M. Chapman, B.S. Superio Homecoming Queon 3; The Messio 2, 4; The Elijah 3; Choir 1, 2, 3, Intermediates 1, 2, 3, 4; Social Corr mittee 2; Inter-Club Council 3; Lamb da Sigma Lambda Sorority 1, 2, 4, Vice President 3. Darryl E. Coons, L.A., Minong; Bat ketboll 1, 2, 3; S-Club 2, 3, 4, Se retary-Troosuror 4; Lambda Delt Chi Fraternity 2, 3, 4, Vice Presiden 3, President 4; Inter-Fraternity Cour cil 4.Carol A. Endrizzi, 8.S., Hurley; W.A.A. 3, 4; The Messiah 2, 4; The Elijah 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Kin-dergorlen-Primary 1, 2,. 3, 4, Secre-lory 3; Newmon Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Social Committee 2; Inter-Club Council 3, 4, President 4; Lambda Sigma Lambda Sorority 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 2, President 4; Sigma Gamma Chi 1, 2, 3, 4. r; Glen M. Oappen, B.S., Bruce; Owl h and Serpent 4; Lutheran Student As-l; sociation 1, 2; Sundquist Hall 1, 2, i 3, 4; Command Squadron 1, 2. Elizabeth J. Dunsmoor, B.S., Duluth, Minnesota; The Messioh 2, 4; The Elijah 3; Choir 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 4; Kindergarten-Primary 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3; Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4; Social Committee 4; Sigma Gamma Chi 1, 3, 4, Social Chairmon 4. Carson Gotham, B.S., Chetek. Carol Greenwood, B.S., Park Falls; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Social Committee 3; Lambda Sigma Lambda Sorority 2, 3, 4; Sigma Gamma Chi 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2; Social Committee Chairman 3; Executive Council 4; Gitchee Gurnee Staff 2. Ronald W. Hicks, B.S., Superior; Intramurals 3, 4; Social Committee 3, 4; Inter-Fraternity Council 3, 4; lota Delta Chi Fraternity 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Sophomore Class President. Elsie J. Hicks, B.S., Superior; Calvin Club; Tau Alpha Chi Sorority 1, 2; Medical Technologist. Janet A. Hanson, B.S., Hayward; The Messiah 2; The Elijah 3; Kindergar ten-Primary 2, 3, 4; Lambda Sigmc Lambda Sorority 2, 3, 4; Sigmc Gamma Chi 2, 3, 4. Rosemary Johnson, B.A., Superior; Owl and Serpent 4; Alpha Psi Omega 1, 2; Intermediates 3, 4; Pepto-mist Staff 2. Sylvester E. Karis, B.S., Bruce; Basketball 1; Intramurals 3, 4; Owl and • Serpent 4; Newman Club 1, 3, 4; i Camera Club 1; Sundquist Hall 1, 2, 3, Vice President 3. Marilyn Knutsen, B.S., Superior; Kindergarten-Primary 1, 2, 3, 4; lambda Sigma lambda Sorority 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Madrigals 2, 3, 4; The Messiah 2, 4; The Elijah 3; The Creation 1; Ski Club 4. Jennie Lou Kaub, B.S., Chetck; Kindergarten-Primary 1, 2, 3. 4; Tau Alpha Chi Sorority 1, 2, 3, 4. Jeon M. Kruschwitz, B.S., Ashland Homecoming Committee 3; The Mes sioh 4; The Elijah 3; Kindergarten Primary 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4 Lutheran Students Association 1, 2 3, 4, Chairman 3, 4; Social Commit fee 3; Alpha Kappa Sorority 2, 3, 4 President 3; Sigma Gamma Chi 1 luanne J. Lillie, B.S., Phillips; Trans, from Milwaukee Stole; Lutheran Students Association 2, 3, 4; Social Committee 3; Tau Alpha Kappa Sorority 2, 3, 4, Homecoming Chairman 4; Sigma Gamma Chi 2; Pepto-mist Stoff 3; Gitcho Gurnee Staff 3.Joy A. Manley, B.S., Ashland; Kindergarten-Primary 1, 2, 3, 4; Inter-Club Council 4, Secretary 4; Delta Sigma Sorority 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Vice President 4; Sigma Gamma Chi 1, 2, 3, 4, Executive Council 4; Peptomist Staff 2, 3, 4, Society Editor 3, 4; Gitche Gurnee 3, 4, Allan O. Loyva, B.S., Superior. Joyce A. Mattson, B.S., Hibbinc Minnesota; Trans, from Hibbing Jur ior College.Donna L. Morris, B.S., Superior; Homecoming Committee Chairman 3; Sno-Queen 3; The Messiah 4; The Elijah 3; Kindergarten-Primary 1, 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, 3; Social Committee 3; Inter-Club Council 4; lambda Sigma lambda Sorority 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 4, Vice President 4; Sophomore Class Secretary. I Arlene I. Olson, B.S., Superior; Owl i and Serpent 4; Homecoming General Co-Chairman and Committee Chairman 4, Homecoming Royalty 3; Kindergarten-Primary 2, 3, 4; Social Committee 4; Inter-Club Coun-cil 4; Delta Sigma Sorority 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Student Cabinette 4, George H. Nelson, B.S., Superior; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 3, 4; lota Delta Chi Fraternity 1, 2, 3. James R. Nelson, B.S., Superior; Intramurals 2, 3; Campus Democrats 3, 4. Robert J. Ostazeski, B.S., Superior; Newman Club 1, 2; Fex Fraternity 3, 4. 29June C. Pedersen, B.S., Cable; The Messiah 1; The Creation 2; The Elijah 3; Intermediates 1, 2; Kindergarten-Primary 3, 4; Tau Alpha Chi Sorority 2, 3; Sigma Gamma Chi 1, 2, 3. Robert J. Schmidt, B.S., Pork Falls; Intramurals 1, 3, 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Command Squadron 1, 2. John I. Senty, B.S., Independence; Lambda Delta Chi Froternity 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3; Carnival Chairman 3; Social Committee 3; Ski Club 4. 30 Roger A. Pieper, B.S., Mayville; Bas kotball 1; Alpha Psi Omega 4; Radii Guild 3; Sundquist Hall 1; Stagi Crew, "The Male Animal" 2, "Thi Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker" 4 "Carousel" 2. Mary Ann Schneeberger, B.S., Su perior; Owl and Serpent 4; Kinder garten-Primary 1, 2, 3, 4; Newmar Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Inter-Club Counci 4; Tau Alpha Sorority 1, 2, 3, 4 Secretary 3, Vice President 4.Dorothy N. Scholt, B.S., Spooner The Messiah 2, 4; The Creation 1 . The Elijah 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Kindergarten-Primary 1, 2, 3, 4 Lutheran Students Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Inter-Club Council 4; Alpha Kappa Sorority 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Vice President 4; Sigma Gamma Chi 1, 2, 3, 4. Ann Taylor, Trego, Wisconsin. Patricia R. Sykes, B.S., Delta; Trans, from Stout College; Kindergarten-Primary 2, 3, 4; Social Committee 3, Secretary 3; Inter-Club Council 3; Alpha Kappa Sorority 2, 3, 4, President 3; Sigma Gamma Chi 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3; Lutheran Student Association 2, 3, 4, President 3, 4. Frances M. Stone, B.S., South Range; Lambda Sigma Lambda Sorority 1, 2, 3, 4. Joseph A. Vittone, B.S., Hurley; Owl ond Serpent 4; Social Committee 1, 2; Arnold Air Society 3, 4; Squadron Leader 3. 31 MlMitsuo M. Watabe, B.A., Tokyo, Japan; Trans, from Florida Southern College,- Art Club 4, Troosurer 4. James R. Wadsworth, B.S., Minong; Trans, from Luthcr-Dccorah, Iowa; Homecoming Committee 3; Camera Club 3; Inter-Fraternity Council 4, President 4; Lambda Delta Chi Fraternity 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, 4; Peptomist Editor 2, 3, 4; Gitche Gurnee Photo Editor 4. loren W. Wergoland, H.S.T., Park Falls; Owl and Serpent 4; Homecoming Committee 3, 4; The Messiah 2; Men's Glee Club 1; The Elijah 3; Choir 2, 3; Art Club 2, 3; Social Committee 2, 3; Sundquist Hall 1, 2, 3 4; "As You Like It"; "Madwoman of Chialotl"; ' Robert L. Wanek, B.S., Rico Lak Intramurals 1, 2; Musical Orgoniz tion 1, 2; Inter-Varsity Christian F lowship 1; Sundquist Hall 1, 2; Cor mand Squadron 1, 2. Peggy Lundeen Wilder, 8.S., Brule; Trans, from U.M.D., Duluth, Minnesota; Lutheran Student Association 4, _____------------------Richard Wm, Foils, Superior, B.S.; The Messiah 1, 4; The Creation 2; Tho Elijah 3; Madrigal Singers 2, 3, 4; Camera Club 1, 2, 3, president 2, 3; Poptomist 1, 2; Gitche Gurnee Staff 2, 3, photographer 2, 3; Drum and Bugle Corps 1, 2; Bond 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Men's Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Donald E. Jostad, Superior, B.S.; The Messiah 1, 4; The Elijah 3; The Creation 2; Madrigal Singers 2, 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Bond 1, 2, 3, 4. Jack Eaton, Hayward, B.S.; The Messiah 1, 4; The Elijah 3; The Creation 2; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Men's Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Aplha Psi Omega 1, 2, 3, 4, president 4; Social Committoo; Radio Guild; "Madwoman of Chaillot", "Tho Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker", "The Crucible." JANUARY GRADUATES NOT PICTURED Edith Priscilla Anderson Helen Virginia Arseneau John Louis Benson Eugene C. Johnson James C. Mather Donald Patrick Moreland Everett Joseph Rouncc Donna M. Skiba Doris A. Torvick Violo Louro Witt Carmel Zimmerman JUNE GRADUATES NOT PICTURED Wayne Aaker Daniel L. Nelson Ronald Albert Jamos Nelson Edith Beebe Clyde E. Norell Dale B. Blomquist James J. Oliver Elvin Braman Donald J. Peterson Merle W. Brown Gretchen Pfeiffer Joseph Cvengros Eugene E. Roberts Mildred Ecklund Roy D. Hull Fred Engel James Isabella Dale A. Erickson Kenneth Johnson Corson Gotham Joanne Jones Edwon A. Hissa George Kolak Donald Hodson Edward J. Krynski Mike Ladin James Rutherford John R. Langan Raymond Schiltz Dave G. Lindquist Gerald Sislo Dorothy Maas Robert Timm James McHugh Mrs. Robert Wallace John W. Moore S. Richard Wallace 33Teaching a class to use cloy in making Christmas ornaments are Sally, Morgie, Grctchen, Greta, Lois, and Joan. JUNIOR CLASS "Studying hord?" Lucy, Earle, Reuben, and Neal arc trying to get some work done in the library. Sitting in the cof are several juniors talking over a cup of coffee and waiting for tho next class to start. —I- FIRST ROW: Rosolla Wallace, Ruth Wolloco, Jean Goldsmith, Daisy Samudio SECOND ROW: Nancy Cloutier, Florence Chapck, Patricia Hoffman, Mary Sullivan, Audrey Russell, Joyce Shcarrow, Nancy Franklin THIRD ROW: Reno Fcchtner, Richard Medenwoldl, John Jeske, Henry Wallace, William Tawlin, Clancy Backes, Vorn Simon, Llewellyn Edming. FIRST ROW: Marlene Edwards, Donna Nccland, Connie Colosimo, Cathy Sweet, Nancy liliegren SECOND ROW: Mary Jo Sorenson, Sharon Bclland, Mary Jo Kastcn, Gladys Ukkolo, Bertha Wheolor, Joyce Sicbcrt, Del Bourget THIRD ROW: Don Donielson, Don Jorgenson, Jim Gotham, Arnold Wicklund, Neal Sparby, Bun O'Beirnc, Elwood Erickson, Charles Anderson, Robert Klungness. 35 rfi FIRST ROW: Morge Torkelson, Dorice Johnson, Borboro Robenowich, Eleanor Kaukoncn, Joanne Burgraff SECOND ROW: Tom flelson, Marlin Labor, Susan Smith, Marianne Willwcr, Bill Kelly, Frank Genisot, John Bertolonc THIRD ROW: Robert Thomas, Junior Kcrttulo, James Kertulla, Chris Balias, Douglos Dean, James Willoughby, Jim Mitchell, Jerry Bauch, Jack Koivisto, Henry Gingras. Oiscussing their classes are the following juniors: Jerry Baldowin, Mary Helen Beck, Cathy Sweet, Ed Slovak, Bob Thomas. 36SOPHOMORES Taking a coffee break are Lois Aim-sfedf, Ann Greene, and Tom Bugel. Jim Nagle and Martha Ames take time to admire one of the art exhibits. FIRST ROW: Jim Nagle, Kay Koski Joanne Oleas, Shirley Paulson, Mary Jo Cajey, Barbara Eckerr, Marion Lee SECOND ROW: Dave Munteon, Alroy, Donald Anderson, Ben Seig|ey Jim Cowman, Gene Burbey, August Munoz, Jerry Pyykolo, Allen Johnson, Norman Fields. FIRST ROW: Jackie Schmidt, Mary Helen Beck, Marlys Chell, Betty Palmer, Maxine Hanson, Sue Kimball SECOND ROW: Jane Oviatt, Zoe Von Ende, Crystal Mickcn, Shirley Jorgensen, Carolyn Anderson, Barbara Kubala THIRD ROW: Jim Wade, Howard Shirley, Llewellyn Reed, Edward Slovak, Jerome Sjostrom, John Post, Charles Concoran, Philip Franke, 30 Albert Hart. - ,FIRST ROW: Sylvia Sheridan, Janef Pedersen, Kay Garnich, Lillian Witt, Muriel Berglund, Dorothy Steele SECOND ROW: Ronald Anderson, Larry Clark, Eugene Byrne, Ronald Rep, Robert Burm, Tom Banks Jr., Bill McMullen, Robert Barton, Jon Tierney, Gerald lundeen. FIRST ROW: Connie Erickson, Evangeline Peterson, Ardith Warring, Mary Dahlbcrg SECOND ROW: Lois Anderson, Shirley Davis, Barbara Smith, Mary Lou Stonke, Pat Bryski, Veronno Britton THIRD ROW: Clement Thomas, Paul Chamberlain, John Kopnick, Edward Marquardt, Alvar Clarson, Bradley Goffin, Melvin Hoke, John Fortier, Gerald Bolin, Joncurtis Boiley, Donald Snyder. 39FIRST ROW: Alice Smith, Alice Peterson, Morion Sorenson, Norma Wcsterlund, Jeon Meyers, Carol Warner SECOND ROW: Imogene Thompson, Marie Larson, Barbara Carlson, Georgia Pettingill, Beverly Pitmon, Judy Jacobson THIRD ROW: Robert Lucas, Frank Zadra, Phillip Soltis, Russell Frohm, Merwyn Brown, Russell Hankins, David Johnson, Dick Porsons, Larry Gilbertson, William Schiller.FRESHMEN Studying hord, girls?" Hmmmm, you don't say? "All set for the next class now?" FIRST ROW: Judy Freid, Dorothy Timblin, Josephine Glonehok, Potsy Killoren SECOND ROW: Betty Johnson, Patlie Smith, Eleanore Koivisto, Lonora Konieska THIRD ROW: Thomas Jordon, Lawrence Chada, Ralph Golden, Frank Barnard, Steve Rantala, Robert Hanson, Richard Rasmussen, Eddy lonnstrom, Jon Peterson. FIRST ROW: John Hess, Toni Ann Yaworski, Mary Lou Gross, Nancy Jo Conkrighf, Katherine Olson, Dick Zell, Jim Thompson SECOND ROW: Dan Anderson, John Kastern, Ralph Sathen, Steve Relich, Norman LaPole, Frank Larson, Wayne Kofal, Koith Kielcheski, Donn Staley. i rFIRST ROW: Sondra Fahlin, Margaret Robinson, Ruth Ann Colosimo, Christine Chelik SECOND ROW: Esther Perrin, Marita Moser, Julia Ann Peterson, Janet Borgaro THIRD ROW: lee Shaw, John Vandenberg, Wayne Hicks, George Sheridan, Richard McKellar, Donald Busch, Bob Mclead, John Hilten, Howard Gotz, Bruce Carlsgaord. FIRST ROW: Joyce LaTour, Gail Ostrom SECOND ROW: Vivian Richardson, Katherine Strom, Joanne Johnson, Kothryn Wilson, Evelyn Edming, Lucy Richart, Peggy Stephenson THIRD ROW: Larry Peterson, Herbert Pomish, Marvin Perala, Dick Reinkall, Ralph Shaul, James Jamisko, Hank Clement, Fritz Scholder.FIRST ROW: Judith Phillips, Mory Markee, Gretchen Harper, Mary Carol Granberg, Joan Hurst, Deanna ledin, Char'.-no Vesperman SECOND ROW: Thomas J. Barry, Richard Kelnhofer, James lobard, Roger Scheldroup, Bill Wright, Bob Dollenbach, Steven Bauer, George Grinde, Jim Foote. AA FIRST ROW: Mary Ann Magdzas, Donna Roy, Pauline Elavsky SECOND ROW: Joan Stoupe, Dianna Van Goethen, Am.-lle Olson, Patricia Pokola, Rachel Moki, Carol Hanson, Morian Spohn THIRD ROW: Raymond Rowe, Kenneth JuVette, J m Patritto, Don Feit, Jim Meyer, Eugene Micholski, Ernest Lahti, Alberto Sanchez, Thomas Perkins.FRONT ROW: Frances Okonek, Janice Blair, Carol Walker, Janice Burgess SECOND ROW: Laureen Pomish, Joanne Karra, Virginia Johnson, Donna Hagberg THIRD ROW: James Leonard, Wallace Koel, George Paddock, Thomas Christopherson, Thomas Snyder, Ronald Olson, Raymond Scharenbrock, Kermit Pohnke, Robert Borgstrom, Leigh Svacino. FIRST ROW: Claudette Jensen, Susan Rudolph, Ellen Raisanen, Donna Maki SECOND ROW: Sally Maas, Karen Berksefh, Edalec Tidstrom, Margo Shirley, Patricia Rock, Janice Johnson THIRD ROW: Lyle Thewis, Roger Miller, John Montgomery, 45 Richard Treadway, Eldore Fronzen, Stanley Hurst, John Anderson, Warren Terkelson, Franklin Crase.FIRST ROW: Mazie Matsuda, Helen Forbes, Mary Ann Belanger. Sandy Loga SECOND ROW: Joan Yoworski, Ellon Wig-chers, Judith Gembolis, Dea Bowden THIRD ROW: Myron Dabich, Dole Schcapvold, Robert Ahonen, Roger Thompson, Jim McGrow, Ronald Schneider, Glenn Gillette, Donald Peterson, Dewey Kaiser, Sam Foster. Keren Berksefh and Joanne Karra get together with Mary Ann Magdzas and Janice Blair in the Women's lounge to 46 study for a mid-semester exam.  Students of W.S.C. enjoyed themselves ot W.A.A. Co-Rec Night . . . games, dancing, ping-pong, and other activities reigned over the festivities. Tony DaPra was one of the performers on the "tramp-o-lino." "Be Kind to Boys' Week" started out right with Eleanor Kaukonen, Joo Hol-vick. Bob Clements, and Joanne Burgraff. This was part of the girls' duty to be kind to the boys for one week before a dance held on the weekend when all the boys were let in for a special price. ■THE ADMINISTRATION  IN MEMORIAM COLLEGE DEANS EDWIN H. SCHRIEBER Dean of Instruction ELVIRA GELLENTHIEN Dean of Women PHIL J. ARLAUSKY Dean of Men ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS WILLIAM RECTOR Registrar 53 EUGENE OLSON Administrative Assistant GLADYS BOCK Administrative Assistant ELLEN GILHULY Secretory to President DONNA SCHIESTL RUTH PETERSON Assistant Secretary Secretary to Dean of Instruction MARY BRUKKE Secretary library Office ROBERT SNYDER Secretary, Business Office JULIE OSSELL TypistHARRY W. ANDERSON M.Ph. (1946) Acting Director of Tcochor Training GEORGE C. BALL Ed.D. (1950) Education PHIL J. ARLAUSKY M.S. (1938) Dean of Men DOROTHY D. BAILEY Ph.D. (1954) English ROYAL J. BRIGGS Ph.D. (1949) Economics PACEY BEERS M.A. (1951) Speech WYATT W. BELCHER Ph.D. (1946) History EDGAR VAN BRIGGS Ph.D. (1953) Physics JOHN O. DANIELSON M.A. (1946) Mathematics MARY E. DAY M.S. (1956) Physical Education BERENICE COOPER MA. (1928) English KEITH COAD Ph.D. (1954) ChemistryIDA FIOGSTAD M.A. (1928) Mothemotics DONALD G. FOLTZ M.Music (1939) Music ELVIRA GELLENTHIEN Ph.D. (1947) Dean of Women, Education RICHARD GOMPF M.Ed. (1955) Art MARY B. DEATON A.M. (1926) English ARTHUR DUWE Ph.D. (1954) Biology HARLEY E. ERICKSON Ph.D. (1952) Education JAMES T. ERTRESVAAG B.A. (1956) English-Speech RICHARD K. GORSKI M.S. (1954) Art WASYL HALICH Ph.D. (1946) History ORVALD B. HAUGSBY B.A. (1956) Moth-Physics MINDA P. HOVLAND M.A. (1924) Supervising TeacherTHORPE M. LANGLEY M.A. (1922) Geography FRED N. JOHNSTON Ed.D. (1956) Director, Graduate Division WILLIAM C. KELLER Music (1947) Music JAY W. McKEE Ph.D. (1935) History, Political Science MYRA McDOWALL M.A. (1953) Supervising Teacher HELEN E. LOTH Ph.D. (1924) languages OMER L. LOOP Ph.D. (1919) Education AMERICO MORTORELLI M.S. (1954) Physical Education ELIZABETH MONGER M.A. (1922) Supervising Teacher Robert m. mcmillan B.S. (1955) Chemistry ORVILLE G. MANION Ph.D. (1952) Speech STANLEY OEXEMANN Ph.D. (1949) KATHRYN OHMAN A.M. (1926) CHARLES A. PARTIN M.A. (1956) English Biology English Economics G. RECTOR (1954) ir, History EDWIN H. SCHRIEBER M.S. (1922 Dean of Instruction Physics, Astronomy HAZEL SEGUIN M.A. (1929) Biology LYDIA THERING M.S. (1954) Physical Education WAYNE H. SMITH B.S. (1956) Supervising Teacher EMILE W. SONDEREGGER Ph.D. (1947) Languages EDITH G. SWARTLEY Music (1944) Music JEAN-MARIE SWORD M.A. (1956) Supervising TeacherROBERT TRAUBA M.S. (1951) Principol, McCoskill PAUL TYCHSEN Ph.D. (1952) Geology VERNON E. VAN PATTER M.S. (1920) Education RUTH VAUGHAN B.S. (1955) Supervising Teacher DON F. WARMAN M.A. (1956) Journalism DOROTHY WAITE M.A. (1925) History WAITER H. WADE Ph.D. (1953) Chemistry CARL VERGAMINI B.S. (1954) Physical Education LOUIS ADA WILSON M.A. (1933) English ROBERT D. WILLIAMS Ph.D. (1953) English HILDUR WESTLUND M.A. (1952) Supervising Teacher JOHN WEBB M.M. (1946) MusicMARGUERITE E. WOLFINGER M.S. (1950) Supervising Teacher SIDNEY. E. WRIGHT M.A. (1941) Industrial Arts LIBRARY STAFF H. CATHERINE BOWSER M.Ed. (1948) Assistant Librarian EDWARD GREVE B.S. in l.S. (1940) Library Assistant JOSEPH PRITCHURD M.S. (1956) Library Assistant FLORENCE H. WALDE B.Ed. (1924) Head Librarian HEALTH STAFF 60 MRS. LEILA WILEY Nurse DR. ROBERT MATACZYNSKI College PhysicianLt. Col. D.S.A.F. JULES J. VAN DERSARL B.A. (1955) MAJ. JOE SCHIEBOUT B.A. (1956) CAPT. D. S. GARDNER (1954) CAPT. WM. H. ALVIS B.S. (1955) T SGT. LAURENCE SHELDON M SGT. FRED A. ROBINSON S SGT. HAROLD M. BLITSCH S SGT. CHARLES D. STEIN 3S555E555 rfilVij i‘r ORGANIZATIONS Wit'-:hi mmmrmmrnm FIRST ROW: Ronald Hicks, James Wadsworth, Henry Gingras SECOND ROW: Charles Brandser, Dick Thearin, Gerald Sislo, Jerry Bauch, Darryl Coons. INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL The Inter-Fraternity council consisted of two representatives from each of four fraternities on campus. The purpose of this organization was to create better inter-froternity relations and to establish and maintain regulations for rushing, pledging, initiation of new members, and other problems of intorest to the social fraternities. 64FRONT ROW: Joy Manley, Arlene Olson, Susan Smith, Marion Lee BACK ROW: Ann Taylor, Jean Bergfalk, Dorothy Soholt, Mary Ann Schneeberger. INTER-SORORITY COUNCIL Carol Endrizzi Ann Taylor Joy Manley President Vice President Secretary The Inter-Sorority Council is made up of two members from each sorority on campus. The purpose of the council is to agree on terms regulating rushing, initiating, pledging, dances, and other questions that arise during the year. An all-girls' tea was held by the Council January 8 to acquaint new girls with the various sororities on campus. Miss Gellenthien served as advisor to the group.ALPHA KAPPA As Alpho Kappa's we began the year with twenty-two members. First event of the year centered around Homecoming. Jean Goldsmith was our candidate. Our theme emphasized our "Jeanie Co-ed." The annual semi-formal dinner dance. "Harequinade" was held November 10 at the Androy. Two new members. Delores Holm and Mary Helen Beck, were pledged in November in traditional candlelight ceremonies. Our Christmas party was held at the home of an alumnus. Hazel Hill. We were in charge of the election assembly ond we selected our Sno-Week candidate. Rushing got under way with a Musical Tea with prizes owarded for the best costumes. A host of new girls were pledged in early March and a formal initiation was held. We presented an art scholarship to a deserving student at our annual tea. The year's activities came to a climax at the semi-formal banquet honoring our seniors, Pot Sykes, Jean Kruschwitz, Ann Taylor, and Dorothy Soholt. Our advisors were Miss Nancy Mullen and Mrs. Ruth Vaughn. President..........................................Ann Taylor Vice President.................................Dorothy Soholt Secretary......................................Shirley Dovis Treasurer.......................................Gladys Ukkola — FIRST ROW: Crystal Micken, Jackie Schmidt, Janice Sctterstrom, Mary Helen Beck SECOND ROW: Miss Nancy Mullen, Gladys Ukkola, Dorothy Soholt, Ann Toylor, Jean Kruschwitz, Sue Kimball, Mrs. Ruth Vaughn THIRD ROW: Koy Koski, Pat Sykes, Jean Myers, Delores Holm, Zoe Von Ende, Jean Goldsmith, Maxine Hanson, Sylvia Sheridan, Nancy Franklin."Co-ed Jean Goldsmith for Homecoming Queen." Two of the sorority members spend a quiet evening in the lounge of the dorm. "Cold, girls? Let's go into I dorm and talk instead of « here." Pictured are many the sorority sisters talking front of the dorm. FRONT TO BACK: Arlene Olson, Arlene lokker, Bonnie Collins, Joy Manley, Carmel Zimmerman, Nancy Holmes, Eleanor Kaokonen, Cathy Sweet, Mary Kornstad, Joanne Burgraff, Donna Ncclund, Jane Oviatt, Lactitia Cadigan, Joan Anderson, Marilyn Nadolski, Janet Pederson, Joanne Oleos, Barbara Thompson, Marlene Edwards, Ann Greene, Shirley Clark, Carol Keaough, Georgia Pettingill. DELTA SIGMA The "Dramas" started off their first semester events by winning first prize in the Homecoming parade with their float, "Dorn it, let's win!" Eleanor Kaukonen was our choice for Homecoming Queen. A new event, "Be Kind to Boys' Week," was started by the Dramas which was followed by a hard times dance where the boys were admitted for a lower price than girls. We held our annual Progressive Dinnor on December 12, where we traveled from house to house for the different courses. A Christmas family was taken care of with gifts and food from the sorority. The final event of first semester was the closed Dinner Dance January 13 held at the Duluth Covenant Club. Second semester started out with rushers, and the new members were formally initiated. Jane Oviatt headed Sno-Week activities as our chairman. Our very successful year ended with the annual spring formal "Carousel", with Joanne BurgrafF and Joy Manley as co-chairmon. Officers for the past year wero, front to back: Eleanor Kaukonen, secretary; Arlcno Olson, president; Joy Manley, vice president; Mary Kornstad, treasurer; and Joan Anderson, sergeant-at-arms.wmmmmmmmmmmk Graduoting seniors are, front to back: Bonnie Collins, Joy Manley, Arlene Olson, Carmel Zimmerman, and Arlene Lokker. Bonnie Collins, chairman of Homecoming; and Jane Oviatt, chairman of Sno-Wcck get together with Joanne Burgraff, chairman of the Spring Formal and Carol Keaough and Marilyn Nadolski, co-chairmen of the Hardtimes dance. Riding on our winning float were: Marilyn Nadolski, Ann Greene, Janet Pedersen, Shirley Clark, Georgia Pettingill, Carol Keaough, Nancy Holmes, and Cathy Sweet.FIRST ROW- Ron Tuverson, Mike Bryne, Pete Rozowski, Bill Kelly, Dick Erickson, Henry Gingros SECOND ROW: Dick Dolan, Bing Hanson, Dan Vucovick, Pat Byrnes, Jim Bergoro, Jim Klinzing THIRD ROW: Bruno Wojtoszek, John Berto-lone, Jim Nagle, Roger Moe, Chuck Bankey, Chuch Brandser FOURTH ROW: Jim Ronca, Dick Foote, Neal Sporby, Duane Matye, Earle Anderson, Bob Ostazeski. ABSENT: Don Anderson, Joe Arco, Doug Bibler, Chuck Erickson, Jack Evens, Tom Frisbie, Ron Orlandi, JefF Sell, Lyle Smith, Bernie Tomzok, George Wastila, Don Winters, Ron Schultz. FEX The FEX Fraternity began the 1956-57 school year with a burst of spirit and color which reigned throughout the year. Homecoming activities were fccuscd around George Wostila, co-captain of the football team, who ron os the FEX candidate for Homecoming King. A Fex Variety Show was used as a theme for the Homecoming Skit. With many members of the fraternity on the basketball team it was decided to take the city orphonages to one of the Home gomes. Pencils with the 1956-57 Baskotboll schedule were sold throughout the school with the aid of the new members. Holiday spirit was started with the huge FEX poster in the front hall advertising the 41st annual FEX Christmas Formal, "Fantasy in Frost." With the decorations ond soft music of Ken Hankey's Orchestra the formal held on Dec. 27th was one of the most successful in its long history. A gala New Year's Eve party, supported by FEX members and guests, helped bring in the New Year in real style. After Initiation, Sno-Week was tackled with a sno-sculpture ond acts in the annual "Talent Night." Various activities kept the FEX busy until the Annual FEX Alumni Stag Banquet wos held. Again the FEX went all out in putting on the FEX Dinner Dance held in the early spring . . . another unforgetable year. From all around the states come FEX membors . . . Marion, Ohio . . . Gibsonburgh, Ohio . . . Manislique, Michigan . . . Hurley, Wis. . . - Iron Bolt, Wis. . . . Cumberland, Wis. . . . Brooklyn, New York . . . Wheeling, West Virginia . . . 70New foces . . . new helpers . . . new friends . . . Pat Byrnes, Jim Nagel, Jim Borgoro, Mike Byrne, Bruno Wojtaszek, Ron Tuverson. "Doc" Kelly pounded away busily at the typewriter before his article "Yellowjacket Yarns" came out in each issue of the Peptomist. Yearbook editor, Henry Gingras, made sure the "Gitch" was one of tho best. "Chopper" Evens got the basketball team off to a roaring start and spurred the team on to many victories.IOTA DELTA CHI 1 FIRST ROW: Arne Salli, Ed Larson, Dick Theorin, Dale Granstrom SECOND ROW: Dr. Arthur Duwc, Ed Slovak, Estorgio Castro, Carlin Kielchcski, Don Danielson, Bob Klungnoss, Ron Hicks, Dr. Jay W. McKee THIRD ROW: Tom Nelson, Ed Marguardt, John Fortier, Tom Perkins, Stan Kuberka, Vern Simon, Ken JuVelte, Gary Poore, Eugene Koei, John Hilten, Dick Treadway FOURTH ROW: Ray Rowe, Jim Foote, Bob Kinbloom, Clarence Backes, Delbert Jerome, Don Feit, Alvar Carlson, Henry Clement, lorry Olson, Wayne Shattuck, Keith Kielcheski. The lota Delta Chi fraternity is composed of a group of young men from oil courses of study working together to promote the social activities of our school. It is our purpose to develop a well-rounded individual who can work within an organized group os well os by himself. Each member learns leadership, cooperation, ond the problems involved with the organization. As a result the member learns the function of his school while he develops his ability to successfully conduct himself in its activities. We oponed the year by sponsoring Clarence Backes os our candidate for Homecoming King. We participated in the skit day events ond conducted the decorating of Gates Gym for the Homecoming Dance. Our float entitled "Our Spirit Will Down Them" won first prize for comic floats. Our fraternity assisted a Christmos seal drive by putting up posters. Part of our initiation procedure was having our pledges scrub and wax some of the floors in St. Joseph's Hcspitol. Last year our fraternity won the ice sculpture contest during Sno-Week and wc hope to repoat this year. Our annual alumni banquet is held overy January and we have a Spring Formal each May. President...................................Carlin Kielcheski Vice President..............................Estorgio Costro Secre,°fy........................................Ed Slovak Treasurer...................................Don Danielson Ch°P|ain.........................................Ron Hicks Sergeont-at-orms............................Bob Klungness 72Ed, Ron, and Don are ready to begin the distribution of posters for the Christmas Seal sale. Our candidate for Homecoming King, Clor-ence Backes of Clayton, Wisconsin. Doug, Ed, Ed, Dick, and Carlin enjoy themselves at one of the rushers. 73FIRST ROW: Leon Anderson, Jim Wadsworth, Darryl Coons, Ken Johnson SECOND ROW: Dale Bloomquist, Al Lindblad, John Lundeen, Al Jchnson THIRD: John Senty, Don Ankley, Tom Larsen, Henry Wollace, George Bran doen, Gerald Baldowin. LAMBDA DELTA CHI A party here and a party there was the order of the social scene for the Lambda Delta Chi fraternity prior to Homocoming. When Homecoming time rolled around, Tom Lorsen. high scoring center on the WSC basketball team was named candidate for Homecoming King. After Homecoming, the LDC's began laying groundwork for the fall rushers. Eleven new members, not pictured above, were added. Twos the night before Christmas vacation and all through the house, not a creature wos stirring — not even a . . . because all the members and their dates were at the Golden Gate near Cloquet, Minnesota for the fraternities' annual dinner dance. Immediately following the holiday season, the LDC's held the first midweek dance of the school yoor. John Lundeen was chairman. Music was provided by the Frank Cox trio. The big social ovent of the fraternity year was the 45th annual Shamrock semi-formal held in March at the Androy Hotel. Highlight of the evening was the selection of the Colleen Girl. Tho yoor ended as it had began — with a party here and a party there. LDC OFFICERS: left to right, Jim Wadsworth, vice president, Ken Johnson, soc-cretary and Darryl Coons, president.w The LDC Staff car, equipped with six members, was a common sight on Superior streets before the WSC home football games last fall. John lundeen was chairman of the first mid-week dance of the school year. Three LDCs, loft to right, John Koepp, Al Lindblad and Roger Miller move in on co-ed Pat Smith — the subject, the 45th annual Shamrock semi-formal.  FIRST ROW: Connie Colosimo, Lucy Aronson, Donna Morris, Miss Mary Day, Miss Hildur Westlund, advisors, Carol End-rizzi, Barbara Dohorty, Susan Smith SECOND ROW: Priscilla Anderson, Marion lee, Phyllis Ansell, Joan MacKenzie, Diane Smith, Janet Hanson, Marian Balko, Natalie Anderson THIRD ROW: Fran Stone, Maurine Yaworski, Carol LaVine, Noncy Cloutier, Bertha Wheeler, Dorice Johnson, Mory Juno Fish, Marilyn Johnson, Martha Ames BACK ROW: Carole Greenwood, JoAnn Gullan, Dana Chapman, Donna Dahlie, Shirley Paulson, Carolyn Anderson, Mary Jo Casey, Carole Forslund. LAMBDA SIGMA LAMBDA The lambda Sigma lambda started the year with their Homecoming Queen candidate, Carol LaVine, winning the election. On December 7, the sorority sponsored its annual formal dance named "Fascination." Co-chairmen of the dance were Maurine Yaworski and Lucy Aronson. Also in December, a Christmas party was held. A Christmas dinner was provided for a family in Superior. In January, the sorority sponsored a pancake supper and we also held a car wash. During second semester, the Lambdos sponsored o private dinner dance for the members and their dotes. The alumnae held a tea for the members. Rushers were held and fol-lowd by a pledge dinner and initiation. The Lambda's also participated In Sno-Wcck activities. As is the custom, an Easter basket was sent to an orphanage. The year was concluded with the annual Mother's Doy tea and the Senior Banquet. K 76 President. . . . Vice President Secretary. . . . Treasurer. . . . . . . Donna Morris . . .Carol Endrizzi ...lucy Aronson Connie Colosimo——-- FIRST ROW: John Sondorson, Joe Holvick, Jock Roome, Ben Seigley SECOND ROW: Reno Fechtncr, Chuck Accolo, Bill McMullen, Jim Willoughby, Jim Mitchell, Jerry Bauch, Jim Stemen THIRD ROW: Gene Burbey, Jim Cowman, Doug Dean, Dave Muntean, Don Jones, Jack Teaporten, Jim Sheridan. SEMPER COMPARES The Semps first order of business was to elect officers for the first semester. Tho socond order of business was to elect a Homecoming King candidate. We ran Ladysmith's versatile athlete Gene 8urbey. With the fraternity behind Gene, he came through victoriously. Our first semester formal was postponed until January because of conflicting dates on ■ he social calendar. Our initiation of new members during Hell Week was very successful. With our annual visit to St. Joseph's Orphanage, we closed out a very successful semester. President.......................................Joe Holvick Vice President..................................Jerry Bauch Secretory......................................Jim Mitchell Recording Secretary......................................Don Lindsey Treasurer..............................................Chuck Accola Historian.....................................Jack Teaporten Sergeant-at-Arms.......................................Elroy Mersnick Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms...............................Jim Cowman 78Jim, Sam, Jim, and Reno loke time out to pose for a picture before going bock to school. Chuck and Jerry complete their plans for the dance by hanging up the last poster. A couple of the Semps decide to carry their President out of the caf and into the library to get some studying done. ■FIRST ROW: Mory Lou Stanke, Lois Carlson, Joyce Siebert, (ucillo Keaough, Marilyn Jennings, Muriel Berglund SECOND ROW: Lois Benson, Barbara Rabencwich, Joan Reilen, Mary Jo Kasten, Mary Ann Schneeberger, Joan Bergfalk, Evan geline Peterson, Rhode Lind, Barbara Kubala THIRD ROW: Connie Erickson, Jenny Lou Kaub, Adolle Nygoord, Jean Blaha, Ardith Warren, loudella Jchnson, Barbara Smith, Dorothy Steele FOURTH ROW: Jonet Bourdeau, Helen Butrick, Lois Anderson, Marlys Chell, Shirley Jorgenson, June Peterson, Audrey Russell, Sharon Belland, Luanne Lilli. TAU ALPHA CHI The Tou Alpha Chi Sorority began the school year by entering into the Homecoming spirit with Barb Rob as its candidate. The sorority won second place for a humorous float in the homocoming parade. In December a bake sale was held. To celebrate Christmas festivities, Tau Alpha Chi members exchanged gifts at on informal Christmas parly held at the home of Marilyn Jennings. Food ond presents were given to o needy family in Superior. Following the rushers wos the impressive candle light and ivy initiation ceremony. In February the sorority held its annual Sweetheart Ball and o lovely "Sweetheart" was chosen to preside over the golo evoning. In spring, o football banquet wos given by the sorority to honor the letfermen in foot-boll. The annual Mother-Daughter Tea was held to celebrate Mother's Doy. To close the year and honor tho graduating seniors, o farewell banquet wos given by the underclass sisters who also presented the seniors with farewell gifts. OFFICERS Mary Jo Kosten.................... Mory Ann Schneeberger............. Jeon Bergfalk..................... Joan Reiten....................... Evangeline Peterson............... Miss Berenice Cooper.............. Miss Marguerite Wolfinger......... ............. President ..........Vice President ..............Secretary ...............Treasurer Corresponding Secretory .................Advisor .................Advisor 80__________________________' Our new advisors. Miss Wolfmger and Miss Cooper. Off to the meeting with Homecoming supplies is Tou Alpha Chi's Marilyn Jennings. The executives, Joan Reiten, Mary Ann Schneeberger, and Mary Jo Kasten.FIRST ROW: Helen Bufrick, Imogene Thompson, Gretchen Pfeiffer, Gretto Von Tussi, Doris Carlson, Lois Carlson, Donna Dohlie, Della Klippel, Florence Chapek, Pat Hoffman, Evelyn Edming, leola Janke, Ann Baker SECOND ROW: Ruth Wallace, Shirloy Davis, Sharon Mattis, Pat Corolewski, Frances Okonek, Jan Burgess, Jcannie Lou Kaub, Betty Jo Duns moor, Joy Manley, Ann Taylor, Pot Sykes, Joan Lepkowicz THIRD ROW: Arlene Lokker, Margie Tarr, Sally lempke, Carol Dohl, Margoret Jahnke, Helen Forbes, Jean Kruschwitz, Alice Briskie, Jean Goldsmith, Carol Greenwood, Dorothy So-holt, Carol Endrizzi, Margaret Berndt, Bonnie Collins. CROWNHART HALL Della Klippol and Dorice Johnson admire Janet Petersen's new stuffed animal at the Women's dorm. 82FIRST ROW: Eleanor Kaukonen, Ellen Wigchers, Eleanor Koivisto, Viola Witt, Sherry Mattis, Diane Smith SECOND ROW: Carmel Zimmerman, Dianna Van Goethen, Sharon Belland, Ed Slovak, Mary Jo Kasten, Mary Lou Gross. INTERMEDIATES The Intermediates met once a month as a social and educational group to aid the members in the preparation for the teaching of grades from four to eight. The group had combined supper and business meetings. Various speakers spoke to the group throughout the yeor. This year the intermediates published a Student-Faculty Directory, which they sold for fifty cents. Miss Dorothy Waite served os our advisor and was most helpful in guiding us throughout the year. Officers are, left to right: Ed Slovak, secretary; Sharon Belland, vice president; Dianna Van Goethen, treasurer; and Viola Witt, president.FIRST ROW: Margaret Robinson, Judy Gembolis, Anno 8aker, loolo Janke, Helen Forbes, Margaret Jahnke, Carol Dahl, Janet Borgaro SECOND ROW: Deo Bowden, Margaret Torkelson, Mary Jo Casey, Jennie leu Kaub, Mary Alice Sullivan, Joyce Shearrow, Audrey Russell, Alice Peterson THIRD ROW: Eva Mineau, Veronna Britton, Lois Benson, Joan Retin, Doris Torvick, Maxine Hanson, Nancy Franklin, Marlene Heuring. KINDERGARTEN The Kindergarten-Primary Club consisted of students in education who were training to become primary teachers. The group was offiliated with the Association of Childhood Education International. Meetings were held the second Tuesday of each month. Social activities for the year included several teas and a Freshman Mixer, a Christmas Party, and an education program for second semester. Miss Louis Ada Wilson served as advisor of the group. 84UMkMil FIRST ROW: Bonnie Collins, Wilma Gorman, Shirley Hile, Dorothy Soholt, Alice Briskie, Carol Endrizzi, Betty Jo Dunsmoor, Connie Colosimo, Joyce Siebert, Gretta Von Tussi SECOND ROW: Janice Johnson, Patricia Pokilo, Lois Anderson, Susan Smith, Mary Markee, Nancy Liljegren, Donna Noelund, Carol LaVine, Cathy Sweet, Yvonne Peterson, Karen Borkseth THIRD ROW: Judy Philips, Sue Kimball, Barbara Kubala, Rhoda Lind, Crystal Micken, Mary Carol Granbcrg, Gretchcn Harper, Sally Lemke, Marge Tarr, Arlene Olson, Pat Rock FOURTH ROW: Arlene Lokker, Carolyn Anderson, Shirley Jorgenson, Nancy Thompson, Karen Moc, Marilyn Nadolski, Maizie Matsuda, Adelle Nygaord, Jeanne Blaha, Gladys Smith. PRIMARY K. P. OFFICERS Jean Kruchwitz, President.................Ashland, Wisconsin Margaret Torkelson, Vice President. . .Tomahawk, Wisconsin Mary Jo Casey, Secretary............New Richmond, Wisconsin Maizie Matsuda, Treasurer..............................Hawaii 85W. A. A. BOARD LEFT TO RIGHT: Sally Maas, Carol Endrizzi, Janet Borgaro, Carol LaVine, Eleanor Koukonen, Marlene Edwards, Lois Anderson. W.A.A. is an organization composed of every girl in the college. The board is made up by delegates from each sorority, out of town students, and the freshman class. The W.A.A. sponsored such activities as co-rec nights and play days with nearby colleges. Miss Thering served as the advisor of the group. Officers of the organization ore: Carol LaVine, president; Eleanor Kaukonon, secretary-treasurer; and Marlene Edwards, vice president.FIRST ROW: Jack Evens, Ron Schultz, Roy Birch, Tom Larsen, Darryl Coons, George Wastila, Jack Stark SECOND ROW: Bruno Wojtaszek, Lyle Smith, Bernie Tcmzack, Ben Seigley, Jim Cowman, Tony Da Pro, George Nelson THIRD ROW: Bill Koberick, George Trton, Dave Muntean, Sam Mersniek, Jim Munro, Gene Burboy. S" CLUB The "$" Club is composed of Varsity lettermen in football and basketball. The club boosted athletics and sold refreshments during half-time at the basketball and football games. They olso provide a scholarship for students who have interest in sports. 87 President.......... Vice President.. . . Secretory-Treosurer . .. Lyle Smith Don Barnobo Darryl Coonslama FIRST ROW; Carmel Zimmerman, Barbara Smith, Jeanne Burgraff SECOND ROW: Llewellen Edming, Phyllis Ansell, Ann Ecklund, loudello Johnson, Eustorgio Castro, Jim Stemen THIRD ROW: Mr. Pacey Beers, advisor; Bill Schiller, Phil Fronke, Glen Johnson, Jack Eoton, Roger Pieper, Loren Wergoland. ABSENT: Henry Gingras, John Fortier, Jeon Meyers. ALPHA PSI OMEGA Alpha Psi Omega, an honorary dramotic fraternity, was the only national social organization on the Wisconsin State Campus. Membership is ochieved through participation in plays and by taking an active port in operations backstage. Jack Eaton was named president of the Alpha lambdo Cast at the First meeting of the year. Participation in all the college plays are port of the duties of each member. The Melodromo is presented each year at the Carnival. Many other activities keep the organization busy. John Fortier makes some lost minute changes on the make-up of Jim Stemen who played the title role in "The Remorkable Mr. Pennypacker" the first production of the year.FIRST ROW: Delores Stourseth, Alice Smith, Judy Jacobsen, Arleth Johnson, Joyce Shearrow, Barbara Smith, Elaine Seif-fort, Jeanne Johnson, Kathy Strom SECOND ROW: Don Edgette, Chuck Anderson, Bruce Carlsgaard, Martin Labor, Jim Wade, Lloyd Busch, Don Busch, Don Johnson. INTER-VARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP "Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we proy you in Christ's stead, be ye reconciled to God." Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship is an inter-denominational student organization on this campus which seeks to investigate the claims of Jesus Christ and to consider His challenge to today's college students. It is a completely studont-led group with national and international affiliations. President...............................................Lloyd Busch Vice President............................Norman Johnson Secretary...............................................Alice Smith Treasurer.....................................Donald Johnson Librarian.................................Delores Stourseth Social Committee..............Alice Poterson, Elaine Seiffert 89 FIRST ROW; Florence Chopck, loi» Benson, Kay Koski, Janice Johnson, Alice Briske, Helen Forbes, Edalee Tidstrom SECOND ROW: Jeanie Lou Kaub, Margaret Torkelson, Beverly Pittman, Jean Kruschwifz, Mary June Fish, Marie Larson, Donna Maki, Loudella Johnson, Shirley Paulson, Dorice Johnson THIRD ROW: Dorothy Soholt, Dorothy Timblin, Llewellyn Reed, Dick Persons, Jr. Kerttula, Buzz O'Beirne, Carlin Kielcheski, Jerome Sjostrom, Evelyn Edming, Pat Hoffman, Pot Sykes, Judy Freid. LUTHERAN STUDENTS The L.S.A. is an association of all Lutheran Students on campus. Their program includes Wednesday supper meetings where they gather at Pilgrim Lutheran Church for worship and fellowship ond discuss topics vital to Christians on campus. The L.S.A. also schedules social get-togethers such as skating and toboggan parties. This year they had two Ashrams and a Christmas party for underprivileged children. Officers in picture are: Loudella Johnson, secretary; Jerry Sjostrom, treasurer; Pat Sykes, president. Absent from picture is Terry Anderson, vice president. NEWMAN CLUB FIRST ROW: Cloudetle Jensen, Fronces Okonck, Mory Ann Belanger SECOND ROW: Mary Markce, Rcsella Wallace, Mary Jo Casey, Mary Alice Sullivan, Donna Roy, Palsy Rock, Sharon Belland THIRD ROW: Diana Van Goethen, August Munoz, Gene Byrnes, Lawrence Olson, Ed Slovak, Tom Barry, Judy Gembolis. The Newman Club is an organization of Catholic students on campus. Its purpose is to promote spiritual, intellectual, and social welfare for the college student. Meetings during the year were held on the first and third Wednesday of each month at the Cathedral Parish Hall. Activities sponsored during the year were banquet suppers. Communion breakfasts, o Christmas party at St. Joseph's Children's Home, the Day of Recollection, and the annual Newman Club picnic. The Newman Club at Superior Stato is a branch of tho North Central Province of Newman Clubs and is affiliated with the National Newman Club Federation. 91 WESLEY FOUNDATION Wejley Foundation, an organization of Superior State Methodist ond Congregational students, spent most of its time promoting Christian fellowship for the benefit of the college students. The group met every Wednesday evening at the Central Methodist Church. The meetings began with o supper followed by an evening speaker ond devotions. Activities included o group banquet at the beginning of the year, the annual Christmas parly at the Superior Children's Home, ond exchange of visits with other student religious organizations. Delegates also were sent to the various MSM conferences held at several colleges during the year. Wesley Fellowship was affiliated with the Wisconsin Methodist Student Movement. Officers are, left to right: Ann Taylor, vice president; Susan Smith, president; ond Marion Lee, secretary. Absent from the picture was Bill Dillon, treasurer. FIRST ROW: Susan Smith, Peggy Stephenson, Janice Burgess SECOND ROW: Corol Warner, Judy Phillips, Dea Bowden, Ann Taylor, Nancy Gotham, Jeon Goldsmith THIRD ROW: George Paddock, Norman Fields, Allen Johnson, James JuVette, Fritz Scholder, Kathryn Wilson. ART STUDENTS LEAGUE FIRST ROW: Barbora Smith, Mary June Fish, Ann Taylor, Susan Smith SECOND ROW: Marion lee. Chuck Anderson, Dale Granstrom, Mary Jo Sorenson THIRD ROW: Russell Frahm, Bob Thoorsell, Honk Clement, Muriel Bcrglund, Fritz Scholder, Kay Koski, Kent lagro, lee Shaw, Alberto Sanchez, Kay Olson, Jack Koivisto FOURTH ROW: Merwyn Brown, Gretchen Sutter, Jim Grittner. Belonging to this honorary organization are: Front to Back: Edith Anderson, Arlene Olson, Joe Vittone, Bill lundgren, George lehto, and Dick Allen. OWL AND SERPENTSOCIAL COMMITTEE FIRST ROW: Joonne Burgroff, Henry Gingras, Jim Borgaro, Bruno Wojtoszek, Eleanor Kaukoncn SECOND ROW: Maxine Hansen, Ron Schultz, Martha Ames, Jeanne Oleas, Tish Codigan, Donna Neolund, Diane Smith THIRD ROW: Nancy Franklin, Chuck Brandser, Neal Sparby, Clarence Backus, Terry Anderson, Jerry Sislo, Jim Ronca, Pete Rozowski, Don Anderson. SKI-CLUB FIRST ROW: Joanne BurgrafP, Jim Herubin, John Tilman, Al Lindblad, Eleanor Kaukoncn SECOND ROW: Mary Hovon, px Yvonne Peterson, Donna Neelund, Helen Forbes, Charlene Vcsperman, Marian Spohn, Pat Smith, Joanne Oleas THIRD ROW: laotitia Cadigan, Karen Moc, Maxine Hansen, Diane Smith, Lucille Keaough FOURTH ROW: Roy Rowe, Chuck Accola, Dick Wallace, Terry Anderson, Bob Clements, Jim Grittner, Woyne Shaltuck, Tom Nelson, Mike Watabe.EDITORIAL STAFF Editors...............Jim Wodsworlh, Zoc von Ende Society Editor..........................Joy Manley Sports Editor.............................Bill Kelly Features Editor.....................Joan MacKenzie Reporters — Ann Baker. George Trtan, Marie March, John Holt, Tom Tafelski, Henry Gingras, Don Lindsey, Marilyn Jennings, Ronald Howley Business Manager............................Joe Holvick Assistants.....................George Trtan, Phil Soltis Advisor................................Donald Worman Some editors never had it so good. PEPTOMIST editor, Jim Wadsworth dictates his 'Just a Thought' column to one of the staff members. Wadsworth retired ot the end of the first semester after two years at the post. Zoe von Ende handled the paper for the rest of the year. PEPTOMIST 1956-57 was a most eventful year for the PEPTOMIST. It saw the famed Crippled Ycllowjackef column come and go, the editorship changed hands, and, for a change, the PEP was manned by a full complement of staff members. Big stories of the year? SSC's winning footboll team, student government, new registration system, and biggest of all, the passing of the Crippled Yellowjocket. PEPTOMIST Sports department, left to right. Bill Kelly, sports editor, Ron Hawley and George Trtan ore caught in the midst of a brainstorming session as they mull over ideas for onother issue.Staff members: Deanna Ledin, Joanne Oleas, John Bertolonc Editors, Henry Gingras and Eleanor Kaukoncn finish lost minute details. Ron Hawley gets lost minute reports finished.Annually, It's the R.O.T.C. MILITARY BALL the biggest social event of the year . . . The ninth Annual Military Boll saw another big orchestro in the spotlight. The $3,000.00 social affair was again sponsored by the Arnold Air Society. Captain William H. Alvis was the faculty advisor. Past Military Bolls have featured such name bonds os Horry James, Ray Anthony, Ralph Morterie, Frankie Carle, Hal McIntyre, Jan Garber, and Billy Moy. The ball was a great success and the memory of it will stay in all students' minds for years to come. 98FIRST ROW: Alvin Carlson, Clarence Backes, Captain William Alvis, advisor; Albert Hart SECOND ROW: John T. Nelson, John Moore, Gary Poore, Augusto Munoz THIRD ROW: Richard Medenwaldt, Erland lindclof, Chris Balias, Joseph A. Vittone. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY The Arnold Air Society, composed of Juniors and Seniors of the R.O.T.C. unit, provided an opportunity for companionship and understanding among upperclass cadets. The cadets sponsor the annual Military Ball. 99 71983CADET LEADERS Group Commander, Cadet Colonel Joseph A. Vittone, left and group executive. Cadet Lt. Colonel Erland Lindelof. (first semester) Erland Lindelof, Cadet Colonel and John Moore, Cadet Lf. Colonel, (second semester) AFROTC DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS The AFROTC Drum and Bugle Corps serves as on integral port of the AFROTC program in performances at porodes and official campus ceremonies. Faculty advisor is Major J. Schiebout assisted by S Sgt. H. Blitsch. First Row: F. Peters, G. Gunde, R; Rowe, T. Barry, D. Simenson, L. Woiak. Second Row: J. Borgaro, majorette, G. Wastilo, drum major, D. Ankley, R. Miller, J. Foote. Third Row: Major Schiebout, odvisor, S Sgt. Blitsch, NCO odvisor, S. Bauer, C. Backes, J. Kopnick, C. Balias. 100- Second Row: Ronald Rep, T. Nelson. Third Row: Frank Barnard, Clarence Backes, William Wright, Myron Dabich, Thomas Christopherson. First Row: Copt. David S. Gardner, advisor, M Sgt. Fred A. Robinson, coach, S Sgt. Chorles D. Stein, Ass't. coach. A.F.R.O.T.C. RIFLE TEAM The AFROTC Rifle Team, a competitive group, entered into inter-school competition with our college units. Practice is held once a week at the campus range. This leads up to a notional shoot for the Heorst Trophy. Copt. David Gordner is the team advisor, M Sgt. Fred Robinson is the coach, assisted by S Sgt. Charles Stein. Codet Clarence Backes is the team captain.A.F.R.O.T.C. COMMAND SQUADRON FIRST ROW: Leon Anderson, Don Anderson, Jerry Pyykolo, Stanley Hurst, John Hess, George Grinde, John Hilton SECOND ROW: Capt. Wm, H. Alvis, advisor; Gary Bader, Wayne Shattuck, George Deemer, Roymond Rowe, Thomas Barry, Leigh Scavina, James Kenycn, Russell Hankins, Eugene Olson THIRD ROW: Allen Johnson, Bob Burm, John Kopnick, Bob Lucas, Donald Feit, Robert Dallcnboch, Robert Eddy, John Vandcnbcrg, James Bauer, Albert Hart FOURTH ROW: Lyle Thewis, Ronald Rep, Myron York, Warren Terkelson, Tom Dean, Ken JuVette, John Montgomery, Roger Thompson. The Command Squadron is an organization for Freshman and Sophomore Cadets interested in extra curricular activities. This organization held several campus dances and sponsored several aerial flights during the year. A long distance flight to Denver, Colorado, during January was the highlight of activities during the year. Captain William H. Alvis is the faculty odvisor, Left to Right: Albert Hort, Commander; Tom Dean, Comptroller; Don Ankley, Deputy Commander; Allen Johnson, Public Information Officer; Alvar Carlson, Adjutant Recorder.FIRST ELEMENT: S Sgt. H. Blitsch, C. Bockes, C. Balias, D. Fei», R. Burm, A, Carlson, A. Hart, R. Rcwe, K. JuVette, S. Hurst SECOND ELEMENT: D. Simenson, G. Poore, J. Kopnick, A. Johnson, E. Michalski, $. Bauer, R. Treadway, R. Hankins, J. Hilten THIRD ELEMENT; J. Moore, A. Munoz, R. Miller, W. Kofal, G. Grinde, J. Foote, J. Pyykola, L. Suacina, E. Morquardt FOURTH ELEMENT: Major J. Schiebcut, E. Lindelof, D. Ankley, J. Montgomery, P. Peters, E. Byrnes, T. Barry, E. Koci, W. Mommsen, R. Brennan. DRILL TEAM The A.F.R.O.T.C. Drill Team is an organization composed of basic and advanced cadets who desire experience in drill and leadership. They perform in parades and ceremonies throughout the school year. Major J. Schiebout is the faculty advisor and is assisted by S Sgt. H. Blitsch. 103 LADIES AND GEORGE WASTIIA CLARENCE BACKES BARBARA STEMEN OF THECOURT ELEANOR KAUKONEN TOM LARSEN GENTLEMEN JEAN GOLDSMITH King Gene Burbey and Queen Carol La VineHomecoming ... the Royal CourtHOMECOMING ACTIVITIES WKIIEBREAKINBAHL RECORDSJohn Lundeen and Queen Janet Pedersen SNO-WEEK WnYiMfrrSNO-QUEEN CANDIDATES Sharon Belland, Tau Alpha Chi Diane Smith, Lambda Sigma Lambda Mary Helen Beck, Alpha Kappa 114 SNO-SCULPTURES : Semps came close to the lotas by ing second place. The lotas take first place again this year. Third place winners, the TAX. V A i -Which one will win Ihe beard contest? Lacing up ice skates Does it feel like a winner, Janet? Come on Andy, let's go down. Eoen fegu LIFE AT CROWNHART INITIATIONSincere music student studies daily lesson. Three smiling coeds find period of relaxationCrownharr girls enjoy the All-Girl Tea. 119 ■ , ' - I Studying for exams already, girls?Where's Phil? SUNDQUIST ACTIVITIES Do you always sleep laughing?REMARKABLE MR. PENNYPACKER "The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker" was a three-act light comedy by Liam O'Brien. Its setting was in late 19lh century America. It recorded the life of the quiet, gentle but remarkable Mr. Pennypacker who enjoyed all the comforts of a respectable happy home in Wilmington, Del., and similar delights in another household in Philadelphia. Portrayal of the characters were by James Stemen, Donna Maki, Llewellyn Edming, Arnelle Olson, Donna Hagburg, Nancy Conkright, Jean Meyers, Wayne Hicks, Robert Nelson, Frankie Sayner, Richard Treadway, John Fortier, Bill Schiller and Jim Herubin. Six pupils from McCas-kill also took part as the younger Pennypacker children. 123 THE RAINMAKER "The Rainmaker," a romantic comedy by N. R. Nash, was a story centered around a would-be old maid and a threatened crop failure. Richard Treadway was in the lead role as Bill Starbuck. Other cast members were John Fortier as H. C. Curry, Llewellyn Edming as Jim Curry, Bob Berg as Noah Curry, Barbara Smith as Lizzie Curry, James Stemen as File and Ernest Doty os Sheriff Thomas. 125 BEAUX ARTS BALLCollege is just one big rocket! "Watch this one girls!" And whot lucky fella will get to skate with WSC's Snow Queen!°h! I that really me? Whota ya mean? My nor the "Ms" are registering!lota police, a pledge, and a pretty nurse! I really shouldn't. My diet you know! Trying to score with the boys at Co-Rec night! 136 The wreck of Cc-Rec night!Donee, student teachers, dance! Now just how does this electric razor work! And the doctor once said I'd never play again!'Basketball First Row: Roy Birch, Ron Shultz, George Nelson, Jock Evens, Dole Westerbock, Don Bellilc. Second Row: Coach Carl Vergamni, Don Anderson (Student Manager), Ken Richardson, Steve Relich, Bob Thomas, Chuck Erickson, Jim Jomisko, Glenn Gillette, Don Feif, Jim Monroo, Jim Isabella, Jim Patritto, Don Jorgenson, Phil Arlousky (Trainer), Assistant Coach Mortorelli. Not pictured: Bernie Tomzak, Howie Anderson, Del Bourget. The Yellowjackets enjoyed a successful basketball season, finishing with an overall record of 13 wins and 9 losses. In the Wisconsin State Conference, WSC won 7 and lost 5, to finish in a third place tie with UW Milwaukee. WSC represented the conference in the newly organized NCAA small college tournament at Beloit, losing to Beloit 103 to 79. Jack Evens, who was the fifth leading scorer in conference play, led WSC in scoring with a 19.6 average in 20 games. He also was selected to the all-conference squad by the league's coaches. Ron Schultz was elected to captain the squad for the 1957-58 season. The outlook for the basketball team in 1957-58 is bright. All players, with the exception of coptain George Nelson and Ray Birch, will be back. SEASON'S RECORD Bemidji 78 Superior 65 Macalester 80 Superior 71 Bethel 67 Superior 72 Bemidji 66 Superior 72 Ecu Claire 70 Superior 81 U.M.D. 95 Superior 78 U.M.D. 77 Superior 78 Michigan Tech 63 Superior 75 Northland 68 Superior 102 La Crosse 94 Superior 77 Whitewater 71 Superior 72 Stevens Point 80 Superior 79 River Falls 66 Superior 75 Stout 83 Superior 79 Eau Claire 91 Superior 66 Northland 61 Superior 69 Platteville 75 Superior 86 Oshkosh 55 Superior 56 La Crosse 70 Superior 93 River Falls 82 Superior 86 Stout 83 Superior 79 Beloit indicates Home Games 103 Superior 79 145An action shot of our all-conference guard, Ron Schultz. Tomzok scores two more for the Yellowjoclcets.Intramural action! St. Catherine scores. George: "Pardon me Dick, but your tongue is showing!" St. Catherine rebounds for the Raviolli Rippers! INTRAMURALSFIRST ROW: Douglas Dean, Wallace Anderson, Leon Ander son, Stanley Kuberka, Stanley Hurst, Eugene Olson, Carson Gotham SECOND ROW: Dr. Tychsen, Jim Gotham, John An derson, Henry Wallace, Rocci lucarelli, Bruco Oradei, Paul Chamberlin. ABSENT: Dan Winters. HOCKEY WON LOST RECORD OPP. WSC. St. Cloud, Minnesota Stoto College. . . .5 0 Carleton College...........................4 1 S». Olof College...........................8 0 Northland College..........................8 3 St. Cloud, Minnesota State College. . . .5 ? Northland College..........................7 2 Our 1956-57 Hockey team wasn't too successful in its second season of competition. The team, coached by Dr. Paul Tychsen, osablished an 0 win and 6 loss record. It is hoped that the sport, in the future yoars, will secure better support at WSC.SKIING Mount du Loc Mount Telemark . . . The food tastes good after skiing all day. Jim and Bing load the car after an afternoon of skiing.Eleonor Koukonen, Head Cheerleader Working on a new formation arc Eleanor, Joyce, Joanne, Judy and Esther. CHEERLEADERS Joann© Oleas Joanne Burgraff Shirley Kielcheski The six regular members of the squad: Joyce, Joanne, Eleanor, Shirley, Joanne, ond Esther. Judy Freid Ann Greene Esther Perrin Joyce LoTourTouchel WOMEN'S  o i s n w ■  A CAPPELLA CHOIR Mr. William Keller, the late Mr. William Schlicp, and Mr. Donald Foltz converse over musical scores. (Music pictures by Richard Foltz.) First Row: A. Russell, J. Schmidt, M. Balko, E. Dunsmoor, D. Chapman, D. Klippel, Mr. D. Foltz, C. O'Beirne C. Doty, A. Olsen. Second Row: D. Johnson, M. Knutsen, L. Aronson, J. Blair, J. Goldsmith, D. Dahlie, C Endrizzi, G. Holman, M. Brown, M. LcBar, B. Nelson, D. Ostcrlund, J. Eaton. Third Row: L. Carlson, A. Pe terson, J. Setterstrom, Y. Collins, J. Myers, M. Dahlberg, S. Smith, R. Zell, J. Sell, D. Danielson, R. Thcarin L. Meier. Fourth Row: D. Carlson, S. Hilc, J. Kaub, B. Stemen, W. Gorman, N. Cloutier, S. Kielchcski, B. Bor kovich, H. Shirley, E. Goufhier, R. Albert, D. Jostad, K. Johnson, K. Lindquist.Left to Right: Wilma Gorman, Clifford O'Bcirne, Lucy Aronson, Donald Jostad, Marilyn Knutsen, Barbara Stemen, Louis Meier, Barbara Borkovich, Donna Dahlie, Richard Foltz, Jean Goldsmith. The Madrigal Singers ore o group of distinguished college choral singers. The group made a three day concert tour of Northern Wisconsin starting on March 12th. They gave performances in Ashland, Iron River, Bayfield, Pork Falls, and Mellen before returning to Superior on March 14th. The group gave a pre-Christmas program in early December under the direction of Donald G. Foltz, associate professor of music.ORCHESTRA BAND Under the direction of S. B. Shaw, the College Bond marched at Homecoming, gave concert ond assemblies. They completed the year with a tour to several Wisconsin towns. Under the direction of William Keller, the SSC Orchestra participated in many interesting concerts and assemblies this year. They presented the fourth community concert on March 5, 1957, and also took part in the Messiah on December 2, 1956.GLEE CLUBS First Row: Van Tussi, Kaub, Belland, Casey, Briskie, Janke, Hagberg, J. Johnson, Davis. Socond Row: Metis, Gcmbolis, Munnings, Bartell, Tidstrom, Endrizzi, Markee, Yaworski, Klippel, Matsuda. Third Row: Soholt, Sullivan, Goldsmith, Hoffman, Karra, Dahlie, Dahl, Edming, Rookey, V. Johnson, Von Goethon, Wallace. Fourth Row: Setlerstrom, Holm, Blair, Meyors, B. Johnson, Torkelson, Mr. Foltz, Tarr, Krusehwilz, Burnt, Margo, Pitmon. First Row: Thearin, Olson, Sjoslrom, lonnstrom, Keller. Second Row: Mr. Foltz, Lindquist, Dahlbert, Foltz, Albert, Wobber. Third Row: Sampson, Nelson, Calloway, E. Anderson, Hinks, Shirley, A. Anderson. 163THE MESSIAH The 16th presentation of Handel's "The Messiah" was given December 2 in the Wisconsin State College gymnasium. The successful performance was repeated before a Hurley, Wisconsin audience in their own town the following night. Student soloists were Barbara Stamen, Park Falls, and Nancy Cloutier, Superior. Trip To Hurley ■ ■■■■■mi ■ SSEOR! UCCCAitOWVL ruxcL [j Congratulations to the Class of '57 Always remember that proper lighting plays an important part in your everyday life. Soft, glare-free lighting is easy on the eyes and helps you perform every seeing task easier and more efficiently. SUPERIOR WATER, LIGHT POWER COMPANY What Grand Rapids Promises . . . Grand Rapids Does' . GRAND RAPIDS HOUSE FURNISHING CO. BELKNAP at OGDEN We give S and H Green Stamps 166fy! means so much MILLER’S STANDARD SERVICE Col Miller, Mgr. Atlas Products—Accessories —Motorola Radio Expert Lubrication—Washing SPECIALIZED TIRE SERVICE Open 7-12 Winter—24 hour Summer Service The Most Modern Equipment k Dial 4-9769 Belknap at Tower VHtamm CHEF'S RESTAURANT KOTTER-McKEE FLORISTS Flowers for all occasions HENRY COHEN, Prop. Dial 4-7797—2419 Elmira Avenue Open Saturday Night Until 4 A. M. DUNBAR'S THE VOGUE BOOTERY "Your Shoo Storo for 38 Yoon" Equipment and Supplies for the RESTAURANT AND JANITOR 1218 Tower Avenue Phone 4-7493 720—722 Tower Superior, Wis. Our Sincerest BEST WISHES RUSSELL BROS. NEWS STAND FROM 1127 Tower Ave. BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. PHONE 2-1703 167 Arrow jers ,d Sunbeam Schick Rolfs White Stag t °v at' eOf M Swank f e et Home of Famous Brand Names c ° seamP $c °d Ci x J°Ss lady 4c «V V oni p0lt 4 rn]e Teaching Future Americans Will Be the Career of Many of You Living in a changing, dynamic, powerful American democracy is the future of all of you. Cooperatives are a vital part of that dynamic democracy. They are the yardstick with which America is beginning to measure the efficiency of its other types of business. Our states recognize the vital role of the Co-ops, requiring that they be taught in our school systems. Learn about cooperative people's business. We shall be glad to inform you. CENTRAL COOPERATIVE WHOLESALE Superior, Wisconsin Escanaba, Michigan Virginia and Wadena, MinnesotaCompliments of WISCONSIN TYPEWRITER COMPANY Superior's Newest Store For Men and Boys ★ GOODWIN EKSTROM Corner Tower and Eleventh We Carry a Complete Line of EQUIPMENT for the SPORTSMEN • Archery Supplies • Hunting and Fishing Equipment • Keys Made While You Wait LUND'S SPORTING GOODS 1817 Belknap Dial 9591 For a Truly Delicious Beefburger TRY KITCH'S • Home-made Chili • Beefburgers • Humdingers • Orders to Take Out KITCH'S DRIVE-IN 24 hour service Corner Fifth and Fisher Dial 4-9778 BELKNAP ELECTRIC COMPANY Electric Wiring and Fixtures • 1513 Belknap Dial 2-1103 Rental Typewriters and Dealers in L. C. Smith and Corona Typewriters 1 306 Tower Ave. Dial 4-6901 Moving Storage Baggage and Parcels to All Parts of Superior and Duluth ★ LONG DISTANCE MOVING SUPERIOR AND DULUTH TRANSFER COMPANY 911 Tower Avenue Export 4-4471 Compliments WIGHTMAN'S • House of Flowers 1307 Tower Avenue Dial 4-6581 169IT WILL PAY YOU . . . To Inquire About the Educational Opportunities at Wisconsin State College at Superior Offerings in UNDERGRADUATE WORK Include: • 2, 3 and 4-year teacher training programs • Four-year Liberal Arts degree programs • Preprofessional programs for many fields of study GRADUATE WORK Will Be Offered Leading to a Master of Education Degree Write for Information The Dean of Instruction WISCONSIN STATE COLLEGE Superior, Wisconsin Compliments of COMMUNITY BANK and TRUST COMPANY SUPERIOR, WISCONSIN If You Don't Know Drugs . . . Compliments of LIGNELL'S REXALL DRUG KNOW YOUR DRUGGIST ! PEOPLES DRUG STORE 11 24 Belknap Street "Your Friendly Store" • 1022 Tower Avenue Dial 2-8553 MATHER PHARMACY, INC. ART ERICKSON'S Prescription Experts SUPER SERVICE STATION ★ "Where Friends and Service Meet" Board of Trade Building Belknap and Grand 1505 Tower Avenue Superior, Wisconsin Dial 4-9944 Store: Dial 4-4461 Bakery: Dial 4-9153 THE QUICKPRINT CONNOLLY'S Clyde B. Thomas, Prop. Meats — Groceries Commercial Printing Dial 4-7241 Bakery and Coffee Shop 1820 North 12th Street 1202 - 1204 Belknap Street Superior, Wisconsin Superior, Wisconsin LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING Congratulations to tho 1957 Give Us a Call Graduation Class HAWKINS LAUNDRY "They Satisfy" ★ ★ Superior's Only Fireproof Hotel Ogden near 13th Dial 4-5565 THE ANDROYFIRST NATIONAL BANK Superior's Oldest Bank" "Save First at the First National" (Next to the Post Office) Member F.D.I.C. LEBO'S JEWELRY STORE "Congratulations to the Grads" 1124 Tower Avenue SAFFORD'S INC. "Choose It and Charge It" "Our Methods Will Please You" SCHOOL SUPPLIES 1312 Tower Awe., Superior, Wisconsin T. A. Saari Insurance Agency COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE Ex. 2-8010 1711 Belknap Street ROSS ELECTRIC CO. 1717 Belknap Street, Superior, Wisconsin Roy W. Springer, Proprietor Dial 6687 "You can be SURE ... 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THE TELEGRAM JOB SHOP Compliments of Over 66 Years of Printing Service COLLEGE CAFETERIA The Most Modern and Largest Commercial Printing Plant in Upper Wisconsin Evening Telegram Building Ex 4-4411 1767 j-Wi- ■Mm™0' WlSCONS UPCRlOfl 3 Hk3 00177fl40fl

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