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 - Class of 1956

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1956 GITC UMEE SUPERIOR, WISCONSIN PATTI CIOLKOSZ, edi»or-in- hief ELEANOR KAUKONEN, assistant editorA Camera’sEye View of STATE COLLEGE SUPERIOR, WISCONSIN 1956 Gitche Gurnee Staff Pott; Ciolkosz-------------------Editor-in-Chiof Dick Foltz........................ Photographer Eleanor Koukonen------------------- Copy Editor Gladys Ukkola______________________Faculty Editor Jo© Holvick------------------Advertising Manager Lois Almstedt._____________________ Sonior Editor Hank Gingras-------------------------Copy Editor Olga Maki_____________________________Art Editor Vern Simons------------------------Sports Editor Phillip Soltis. Tom TafeUki. Chuck Brandtor. Marilyn Joy Manley. ...............Organizations Editor Jonnings. luann Lille. Mary Murphy. Ray Jennison. JoAnn Bur graft---------------------Photo Editor William Schiller______________________Copy DeskThe Camera Views YOU ---------The Student; guidance end the whole oxper -i a chance to s« tii inThe Camera Views THE CAMPUS Click ... the shutter of the collcgo camera shuts on the view of tho Library entrance . . . the front lawn . . . the dorm . . . and all the othor hi-lites of our compus . . .The cold bricks that house the warmness of learning and laughter are widespread on the campus and all relay some image to the mind of the Superior Stote College Student. Ono of lit tc«ft i. common lo Ik colloqo Comoro.Ah the Northland . . . the birch trees .. . the cooling water . . . and the campus full of loxy students, resting on tho grass between classes either in the sunshine of Indian Summer or the heat of early spring ... all these ore seon as the camera of S.S.C. wonders through the heart of the North-lond. Heart off the Northland In theCampus Ablaze With Fall Finery ...Winter hat corn to the campus. The trip to the cafeteria for a cup of coffee to get warmed and the walk back to the main building for the neat cUu i» caught by the college camera.The quiet dash from the mein building of (ho cefotoria fo e car for a felt ride home ere eeptured by the college camera.In Quest of Knowledge Night and Day Nigh and day tho building are ablozo with lights . . . seekers of knowledge, not only from books but from the taking part in college activities . . . only with the combined knowledge secured from books ond that from participation in activities is the eternal quest for knowledge secured. Sunlight ond moonlight pots through ihoso windows os tho student stud os in lk« librery.The Camera Views the GRADUATES Tho cramming . . . the dances . . . the parties . . . the games and all the campus activities come to a close for those who graduafo - . . The camero gets a final picture of the GRADUATES.WILLIAM P. ANONICH OPAL C. ANDERSON. Superior B. S-. Inter, mediate and Upper Grados: Intermediates I. 2. 4: Lutheran Student Associat-on I, 2, 4; Inter Club Council ). 4. sec.-t'eas J. president 4; Tau Alpha Chi I. 2. ). 4. president J, vice president 4 WILLIAM P. ANONICH. Montreal: t S.: Foot, ball I. 2. J. 4; Intramural I. J. ). 4; S-Club I. 2. 3. 4; Nev.r-.en Club I. 2. 3. 4; Radio Guild 3: Peptomist 3. CURTIS P. 6ALKO. B. S.: "The Messiah" I. 3: "The Creation" 2: "The Elijah" 4; Lutheran Student Association 2: Inter.Fraternity Council 3: Fe« 2. 3. 4; Arnold Air Society 3. 4. Adjutant Recorder 4: Command Squadron I. 2. socretary 2: Orum and Bugle Corps I. 2. 3. 4. squadron commander 4; Dri'l Team 3. 4; Distinguished Military Graduate 4; Air R. O. T. C. Glee Club 3. 4: Band I. 2. 3. 4: Orchestra I. 2. 3. 4; Mens Gee Club I. 2; Creel Drill Squad ron 4. KENNETH G. BRECKNSR, Chetel 8. S: Ar-nold Air Society 3. 4: Drvm and Buqle Corps 2: Drill Team 2. 4; Rifle Team I. 2. 3. 4. loam cap-•ain 4: W. S. C. Rifle Team Aua.d 2: "The Male Animal” 3. JOHN A. BUYTAERT. Superior; B S : OJ and Serpent 4; Neuman C'ub I: Gitchee Gurnee 2. JOHN A. 8UYTAERTLESTER L CARLSON. Rhinqlaodor; 8. S.: 8o. iaq 2: Homecoming committee 2. 3. q«n«rel chairman J: Social Commit'oe 2. J. vice president ): Inter-Fraternity Council 7. 3. president 3; lota Oel'a Chi 7. 3. 4. president 3: Sundquist M«ll I, 7: Junior Clan Vito Prescient 3: "Rom»o and Julie!" I. MERILYN L. G. CARLSON. Tamvninq. Guam. B. S.: Hiqh School Treininq. Alpha Ps Omeqa 3. 4: Homecominq Committee 7. 4; Man eh Chorvs I. 2: Newman Clwb I. 2. 3. 4; Social Committee 2. 4; Tou Alpha Chi I. 2. 3. 4; vice president 3: Siqma Gamma CKi I. 2. 3: Fresh, man Clan treessrrer: Junior Clan Secretary: Col-laqa Player . "Anythinq Goal." "Carousel" "Oofl of th Moon." student director. "Shadow of a Dream" "Importance of Beinq Earnest." PATRICIA CIOLKOSZ. Thorp 8 A Liberal Art . Camera Club I. secretary I: Su»« Gemm Chi I. 2: Lambda Siqma lambda I. 2. 3. 4. Scribe 2. 3: Newman Club I. 2. 3: Peptomisf Staff I. 2: Gitchee Gvmoe I. 3. 4. Organ -rations Editor I. Editor-in-Ch.ef 3. 4; Alpha Psi Omega I. 2. 3. 4; Girl's Chorus I: Messiah Cho'-t I: Homecominq Cemmiltoe 2: Radio Guild I. E oc"-tive Secretarv I; Cot'eae Players. "Anyth'nq Goos". "The De'L of the Moo«". "The Deer Do-parted'. "Suppressed Desires". "The Madwoman of Chnillot". DALE E. COMPEAU. Webster: B S: Man'. Glee Club 3: Inter-Vartitv Christian Fellowship 1 2. 3. 4: Radio Guild 2. 3. 4. chief enqinear 3; Camera Club 2. 3. . vice-president 3: president 4- Command Squadron I. 7: Drill Team I. 2: "Ai Yn.. Lila It" 3. RICHARD A. DEFORE. Superior. 8. A.: later-Vanity Christian Fellowship 3. 4. treasurer 4; Rad o Guild I. 2. 3. continuity director I. program director 2. qenerel meneqer 3: Peptomist 2 3: Gitchee Gurnee I: "Anythinq Goes" I: "Carousel" 3. LESTER L. CARLSON GENE COLTER MERILYN I. G. CARLSON PATRICIA CIOLKOSZ DALE E. COMPEAU RICHARD A. DEFORE74 THOMAS P. EOCERT MARY KAY FANCHER MARY L. DUGAN DARLENE M. DOW. Sup.. : 8. S.: O-f and Serpent 4; Homocc-mirq committee 2; "The Met-tlah" I. 3: "The dii»N" 4; Madrigal S ngon Ac-companitr J: Gloo Club 2: A Capella Cbo J. 4; Kindergarten-Primary 2. J. 4: Lutheran Student Allocation I: Social Committee 2: Lambda Siq-me Lambda I. 2. 3. 4, treatur... vice pretident 3. EDWARD J. DROLSON. Lalo Nobaqamon: B. S-: Alpha Pti Omoga I. 2. 3. 4. provident 3. vice pretidont 4: Homecoming committee 3: "Tha Motsiah" 3: "Tho Croation" 2: "Elijah" 4: Band I. 2. 3: $oyt’ Glee Club I: A Capolla Choi. 2. 3: Luthe.en Student Aiiocietion 4; Social Committee I. 2. 3: Fei I. 2. 3. 4: Sunquilt Hall 4: F.eihman Clan Vice Pretident I; Drum and Buq'o Co.pi I. 2: Student Cabinet 3. 4, p»eil-dent 4; "An.ythinq Goei" I: “Oa'l of the Moon' 2: "Romeo and Juliet" I; "Cefouie!" 3. One-Act Pteyi. MARY t. OUNGAN. 8. S_: Alpha Pil Omega 2. 3. 4; Homocominq Committee 2. 3. 4; "Tho Motiiah" I. 3: "The Creation" 2: Band 2. 3: Ne—man Club I. 2. 3. 4: Social Committee 2. 3. 4; Delta Sigma 2. 3, 4. largcantat-armi 3: Gitchee Gurnee 2: W. A A. 3. 4. pret-idont 4: Gloo Club I. 2: "Anythinq GooV' I: "Da.l of the Moon" 2: "Coroutel" 3. THOMAS P. ECKERT, Me.ce-: B S : Newman C'ub 3. 4: lota Oolte Chi 3. 4; Sundquiit Hall 2. 3. 4: Rifle Team I. captain—Sth Army DM lion R. O. T. C, chempipnihip teem. W. R. Heart Medal MARY KAY FANCHER. Superior: 8 S : Alpha Pil Omega 2. 3. 4: "The Meiilah" I. 3: "The Creation" 2: A Capolla Choi' I. 2. 3. 4: Madri-qel Singen 3. 4: "Elijah" 4: Kinderqerton-Prima'v I. 2 3 4; Neuman Club I. 2. 3. 4, 3: Into.-Club Council 4; Lambda Siqme Lambda I. 2. 3. 4, V o proildent 3. dent 4; "Any. thing Goei" I: "Candida" 2: "Only the Dead Are Brave" 3: "Whero tho Cron it Made”, ttud-ont dlrne'o. 3. JUDITH V. FINSTAD. Gordon: Two-year State Groded: Homocoming Committee 2: Rural State Graded I. 2. 3: Lutheran Student Aiiocietion I: Sigma Gamma Chi I. 2: W, A. A. 2. 3: "Dari of tho Moon" I. JUDITH V. FINSTADJOYCE 0. FJELLING. Superior; B 5 : 4; Kinderqarter.Primary I. 2. 3. 4: Lambda Siqma lombd I. 2. 3. 4. IIMIM« 3. RICHARD FlAMANO. So o« Spriaqs: • S.: Camilla CUib 2. 3. 4; Semper Compares 2. 3. 4; Sundquist Hall 2. 3. 4: Rid Team I. 2: -Romeo and Julia - 3. JUDD R. FORTUNE. Superior; 6 S: Radio Guild 3. 4. (raffle manager 4; GilcKee Gomee 2. Sporli Editor 2. LORETTA J. GALLAGHER. Superior: Certificate: Kindergarten-Primary I. 2. 3: Lambda Siqme Lambda I. 2, 3. R08ERT E. GANE, TomaKawl 8 S: Wesley Fellowship 3. 4. treasurer 4; Iota Delta Chi I. ?• 3. 4. treasurer 3. secretary 4: Orum and Buqle Carps I. 2. JOYCE 0. FJELLING JUDD R. FORTUNE JEAN FOLEY ROBERT E. GANE 25 LORETTA J. GALLAGHER RICHARD FLAMANGEUGENE A. GUSTAFSON ROBERT T. GOLLY WILLARD F. GUSTAFSON MARGARET D. HAWKINS GWENDOLYN L. GUSTAFSON ROBlRT T. GOLLY, Radinon: L. A.: Football 2: Boilnq I. 2: Introrrvrali I. 2. 4: S-Club I. 2. 3. 4: Ne«man Club I, 2: Fa- I. 2: Arnold Air Society 3. 4: Commend Squadron I: Drill Team I: Rifle T am I. GWENDOLYN L. GUSTAFSON. Aihtand: 6 S : Homocominq Committco 4; Kif'derqartcn.Primary I. 2: Social Cornmitteo 4; Intor-Club Council 4; Della S'qma I. 2. 3. 4, tocro'o-y 3. preiident 4: Sioma Gamma Chi I. 2 WILLARO F. GUSTAFSON. Bcant-ood: B. S.: Inlramurali I: Arnold Air Socialy 3. 4. treaivrer 4: Drill Toam 3. 4. MARGARET D. HAWKINS. Superior: 6. S.: O-l and Sorpent 4: Alpha Pl Orneqa 3. 4: Radio Guild 2. 3. 4; "Carouiel" 3: ''Melo Animal" 3: "At You Lila If" 3: Ellen M Clark ichohmhip. DORIS W. HENKEL. Minonq: 8 A; Home-cominq Commillao 4: Homeccminq Altendant 4: Lutheran Student Allocation I. 2. 3. 4: Social Committao 3. 4; Tau Alpho Chi I. 2. 3. 4: Junior Clan Secretary 3: Honorary Cadal Colonel 3. DORIS W. HENKEL■ JOHN R. HOLM. LeVo Forest. Illieois: 8. S : L. A.; Football 2. J; Bo.inq 2. 3: Ice MocUy 2. 3. 4. captain 3. qamo captain 4: Intramurals I. 2. 3. 4: Homccominq Commitloo 3: Home-comlnq Royalty 4; Social Committee I. 2. 3: Inter-Fraternity Council 2. 3. 4; Sempor Compares I. 2. 3. 4, secretary I. 2. vice prosidont 3. president 4; Sundquist Hall I. 2. 3: Arnold Air Society 3. 4, treasurer 4: Command Squadron I. 2: Drum and Boqlo Corps I. 2. 3. 4; Drill Team 3, 4; ’Dari of tho Moon" 2: "Anythinq RUTH I. HUEBSCHER. Minneapolis. Miaoesota: 8. $.. Intermediates I. 2. 3. 4; Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 3. 4; Art Club 3. 4: Gamma Phi Epsilon I. 2: Alpha Kappa Scholarship 2. ARVID JOHNSON. Lake Nebaqemon; 6 S.: Intramurals I: Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship I. 2. 3. 4. president 3. 4; Radio Guild 3. 4. chiel announcer 3. proqram director 4. HOWARD G. JOHNSON. Spooner: B S "The Messiah" I. 2: "Tho Croation” 3: "The Elijah" 4. PAUL J. RENDING, lampson: 8 S.: Alpha Psi Omeqa 4: Radio Guild 4. qenerel meneqer 4: Drum and Buqle Corps 2: Color Guard I; "The EHieh". narrator 4; "As You tile H" 3: "Tho Cruciblo" 4. HELEN M. KERSTEN. Superior: 8 S.: 0-1 and Sorpent 4; Lutheran Student Association I. 2. 3. 4. president 3: Peptomist 2. JOHN R. HOLM HOWARD ■ JOHNSON ARVID JOHNSON RUTH I. HUEBSCHER PAUL J. KENDING HELEN M. KERSTEN 77 ' W28 RITA J. KOTTER LENARD W. KRESHECK JAMES C. KLIPPEL. Cable. I. A.: Intramural 2. 3. 4: Homecoming Committee 3: Social Com-mitteo 3: Pet 2. 3. 4; Arnold Air Society 3. 4; Omm and Bugle Corps 2: Orill Taam 3. CIETUS A. KOEHLER, Ladysmith; 6 S.: Alpha Pli Omeqe 2. 3. 4; "The Mess-ah" 3: Choi' 3: Sompof Compares I. 2. 3. 4; Surdguist Hall I. 2. 3: Drum and 8ugle Corps I. 2: Rifle Team I. 2: "Romeo and Julio ' "I: ''Carousel' 3: “The Crucible" 4. MARVIN E. KOSKI. Superior: 8 A,: Intramural 2: Comoro Club 2. 4; Art Club I. 2. 3. 4. vice orosident 2. 4 RITA J. KOTTER. Superior: 8 A.: Owl and Serpent 4: Alpha Psi Omega 2. 3. 4: Homecoming Committee 3. 4. Genoral Chairman 4. Royalty 3: Messiah I; V omon'i Gloe Club I; Nc-man Club I. 2. 3. : Rarfio Guild I. 2. 3. 4, Historian 3. Chief Continuity Writor 4: Social Committoe 3. 4; Inter-Club Council 3. 4: Alpha Kappa Sorority 2. 3. 4; Gitchoo Gumoe I. 2: Student Cabinet 4: Snow-Weal Committee 3: Modern Oanco Group . pres dent 4; "Anything Goos". "Romeo and Ju£ef I: "The Importance of Being fernost". ''Candidn”. "Oa'L of the Moon" 2: "Carcvsol". "The Male Animal". "As You Lite If. "Aria Do Capo" 3: “The Crucible" 4. LENARO W. KRESHECK. Cete-bo: 8 $.: Rut-at Stato Graded Arnold Air Society 3. 4; Drill Team 4; Rifle Team 4, LUISE S. LARSON, Superior: 6. $.: Kinderga'-ton-Primary: Tho Messiah I. 2: Tho Creation 3: Musical Organisation I, 4; Lutheran Students Association I. 2. 3. 4; Delta Sigma Sorority 3. 4, LUISE S. LARSONKENNETH J. LELANO. Superior; 8 $.: Seslet ball I. 2. 3: S-Club I. 2. 3. 4: Homecoming Committee 4: Social Committee 4. Vice President 4; Fei Fraternity I. 2. 3. 4: Clan Vice 2. ALICE M. LEPAGE Superior: 8. S-: Itlt'mtd-•ate : Homecoming Committee Chairmen 3: The Elijah 4; Newman Club 4; Social Committee 3: lambda Siqma Lambda Sorority I. 2. 3. 4. Secretary 3. MARIYS K. LINDQUIST. Hey-e.d: 8 S.: The Meuiah I, 3: The Creation 2: The Elijah 4; A Cepelle Choir I. 2. 3. 4: Madrigals 2. 3. 4: Symphonic Band I. 2. 3: Gloo Club 4; lambda Sigma Sorority I. 2. 3. 4; Sigma Gamma Chi I. 2. 3. 4; Tau Alpha Chi Swoolheart 2. WARREN S. LIVINGSTON. Shell Lake L. A : Boring 2. 3: Intramural I. 2. 4; Commond Squadron 3. 4. SHERMAN J. MILLER. Superior; B S; High School Training and L. A, 80s ness Administra-tioa; Ne»man Club I. 2. 3. 4; Radio Guild 3. 4; Peptomitt Sports Editor 2; "The Male Animal” 3. GERALO T. MORRIS. Superior; 8 S.: Football I: 8n lolba l I: S Club I. 2. 3. 4. Vice Preiident 3. 4; Homecoming Committee 2: Homecoming Royalty 3; Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4. President 3: Social Committee 2. 3: Fei Fraternity I. 2. 3. 4; Freshman Class Olf.cer. Treasurer I; Sophomore Treasurer 2: Arnold Air Society 3. 4; PIO Of. ficer 4. WARREN S. LIVINGSTON MARLYS K. LINDQUIST GERALD T. MORRIS 29 ALICE M. LEPAGE SHERMAN J. MILLERKENNETH V. NELSON RITA J. NELSON 30 BERNARD C. NELSON MARY M. MURPHY. Hurley: 8. S.: Kinder- Jarten-Primery. Trentfer from St. SchoUitice. he Men I ah J: Elijah 4; Gl«« Club }, 4; New-mae Club 2. 3. 4; lambda Siqma lambda Sorority 2. 3. 4: Siqma Gamma Chi 2. 3. 4. Vice Prot-idont 3: Gitchoe Gurnee 4. DENNIS V. MUSIl. Tomahawk; 8 S.: Intramural! I: Su dqunt Hall I: Arnold Air Soc'ety 3. 4; Drill Toam 2. 3. 4; Group Adjutant 4: Lutheran Student! Allocation 4; Hockey 2. 3. 4. BERNARD C. NELSON. Superior: I A.: Owl and Serpent 4: Inter-Vanity Chriiiien FoHo-ihip I. 2. 3. 4: Librarian 3. KENNETH V. NELSON, Prentice: 8 $.: 8eiket-ball I. 2: S Club 3. RITA J. NELSON. Ladyimilh: 8 S.: Kindor-qerton-Primary; Newman Club I. 2: Inter-Club Council 4; Delta Siqma Sorority I. 2. 3. 4. Treat-urer 3. Vice Proiident 4; Siqma Gamma Chi I. 2. KENNETH NOBLEJACOUELINE f. PEDERSON. Superior; 6 S: Kiridorqerton-Primary. Tho Messiah I: lambda Siqme lambda Sorority 2. 3. 4. Serqoant at Armj 4: W. A. A. Board 3. 4. Secretary 3. PAUL PETERSON. Poplar: B S: Bactotball I: Inter-Varsity Christian fellowship I. 2. 3. 4. Treasurer 3. 8iblo Discussion Lead 4; Rad-o Guild 2. 3. 4, General Manaqor 2. Program Oiractor 3. Chief Enqinear 4. JOHN PUDAS. Iron River: 8 S-: Bo.inq I. 2: Nowmnn Club 3. 4. JAMES R. RAINAlDO. Hurley: B S.: Football I. 2: Basketball I. 2: S-Club I. 2. 3. 4; Oats Treasurer 3. JACQUELINE F. PEDERSON JOHN PUDAS JAMES R. RAINALDO RICHARD E. RASSMUSSEN 31 1 PAUL PETERSON GRANT E. POHL .r JOYCE YVONNE SAVAGE GRACE A. RINGSTAD. Udytmilh: Three Year K-nderaertonPfima'y. Tho Messiah 2: The Creation I; 8a d I. 2: Gleo Club I. 2: An Club I: Tau Alpha Chi Sorority 2. J: Siqme Gamma Chi 1. 2: "Carousel" 2: Orchestra I: W. A. A. Roerd 2. 3 Vka President 2 3 ROBERT F. SANBORN. Superior: 8 S.: Homo-cominq Committee 2: Social Committee 2: lota Delta Chi Fraternity I. 2. 3. Treasurer 3: Drill Taam I. 2. JOYCE YVONNE SAVAGE. Iron River; Two Yoer Rural Stata Graded Ne»men Club I: Tau Alpha Chi I. 2: Twitters 2. EVERT A. SCHMIDT. Almena: 6 S : Owl and Serpent 4; Alpha P i Omeqe 3. : The Mossiah I. 3. Soloist 3: Tha Creation 2: The EKjeh 4, Solot 4: Medriqals I. 2. 3. 4; Class President I: Arnold Air Society 3. 4. Vico PratideM 3. 4: Command Squadron I. 2. Secretary I; Orum and Buola Corps 2, 4; Gleo Club 3. 4: Rilla Taam I. 2. 3. 4. Co-Captain 4: Reserve Officer A-ard and Drttinquished M.litary Student: Lutheran Studeoti Association 2. 4; Student Cabinet 4; “AnvtKino Goat" I: "Caro tal 3. JOANN E. SOLSTAD. luck 6 S: Inarmed iatet The Messiah 3: The Elijah 4; Glee Club 2. 3: Inter-Club Council 3: Tau Alpha Chi I. 2. 3. 4: Sioma Gamma Chi I, 3. 4. ELMER W. SPIETT. Turtle lake: 8 A,: Social Commiltoe 4: Air ROTC I. 2: Command Squadron I: Drill Team I. 2: Lutheran Students Association 2. 3. 4. Treasurer 3. President 4; Qenn-t McKenna Scholarship 3. ELMER W. SPLETTSTEPHEN M. STAURSETH. Superior; 8. S.: Basketball I: lnir mgrals I. 2: Inter-Varsity Christian fellowship I. 2. 3. 4. Vic President 3: Art Club I. 2. 3. 4. Vice President 2. President 3: Orum end Buqle Corps I: "Corousor I; "Ai You Like I " » BETTY ANN KOVACH THOMPSON. Minn 8. S. K.nderqorten-Prime'v. The Messiah 3: Sociel Committee 3. 4; Teg Alpha Chi Sorority 2. 3. 4. Publicity Chairman 3. 4; Soo AV,el Com-mill 3: Ice ScuJtpwro Chairmen 3: "Romeo end Juliat" I: "Dark of the Moan” 2: "Carousel" 3. KATHLEEN E. TRE8ILCOCK. Lek Nebeqamon; 8. S. Inter-Varsity Christian fellowship I. 2. 3. 4. Camera Club 4: Art Club I. 2. 3. 4. Treasurer 3. President 4. JOSEPH G. VOGT. Butternut; 8 S: Bo.inq I. 2: Intremgrels I. 2. 3. 4: Sundquist Hell I: Command Squadron I. 2: Drill Teem I. PEARL L. WALLACE. Luck: 8. S: Intermedi ales. Tau Alpha Chi Sorority I. 2. 3. e, Treasurer 2: Lutheran Students Association I. 2. 3. 4. Secretary 2. V»c President 3. KATHLEEN E. TRE8ILCOCK BETTY ANN KOVACH THOMPSON JOSEPH G. VOGT JEAN TRACY PEARL L. WALLACE 33JUNE H. WARD DONALD T. WARN LUCILLE E. WIINAMAKI JUNE H. WARD. Santa Barbara. Calif: 3. S. Transfer from University of California. DONALD T. WARN. Superior: B S. Transfer from University of Wistonsin: The Messiah I. 3: Eliiali 4: Glco Club 3. 4: Arnold Air Socioty 3. 4. LUCILLE E. WIINAMAKI. Maple: 3. S. Inter-modiates. Tau Alpha Chi Sorority 3. 4: lulhoran Studnnlt Association I. 2. 3. CATHERINE L. WILLIAMS. H«rloy: 3. S Kindarqarten.Primarv. 0»f and Sarpont 4; The Messiah 3: Glco Club 3: Inter.Club Council 4. Vice President 4; Tau Alpho Chi Sorority 2. 3. : Presidont 4; Sifli-n Gamma Chi 3. 3. a. Social Committee 3. 4; Lutheran Students Association 3. 4- Student Cabinet 4, WILLIAM C. YORK. Superior: B S.: Home-comino Committee 7. 3. Chairman of Elections 2: Lutheran Students Association I. 7. 3. 4: Social Committee I. 7. 3: Inter-Fraternity Council 7. 3: Iota Delta Chi Fraternity I. 2. 3. Socreteru 2. Treasurer 3: Command Squadron I. 2: Drill Team I. 2. 34 CATHERINE L. WILLIAMS WILLIAM C. YORKSENIORS NOT PICTURED Barbara Ann Andreen Wayne P. Aaker Gerald L Bloomquist Allco Gay Briskie Kennolh Babcoclt Florenco A. Bergseth Frank Jerome Chizck David Lyndon Ellcfson Franc!; Jame; Erchul Chorlcs JoKn Everson Theordoro M. Frostman Edward Richard Goisky Allon Francis Gustofson Esther Mario Horris Lucille Joan Hamblin Harold H. Hill Hazel Alice Hill Edwin Allen Hessa Donald Tracy Hadidan Lois Mono Holm Jack Bornard Hulmcr Leonard C. Jablonski Shirley Darlene Jensen Delores M. Johnson Eugene Johnson George A. Jutilo Francis W. Kcough Carlin J. Kielcheski William Gordon Loughncr Eugene Robert Lcrza Donald Dean Liesch James W. Lieser John Henry Love Rodney Charles Lundberg Ruby Helen Lur.dgren Olga E. Maki Thomas Massengale Duane Allen Matyo Margie Brooks Morrell Anna Mae Mikkola Bernard Clinton Nelson Catherine Fitxgibbon O'Hceron Floyd Jarvis Pederson John Richard Rindo Mildred M. Rlucar Mary Ann Schneeberger Mary Agnes Schultz lowrence L. Sobolewski Shirley Sommerville Jconne Claire Spreutels William Donold Sunie Rudy V. Valosano Rocco A. Vito Geraldine Anne Wasson Thomas Charles Whitacro Robert T. WilliomsJunior Class FIRST ROW: Prlscila A Jerjon. Marilyn Kntiboo. Pat CioUcxi. Donna Morrir. Barbara Oaharty. Mary Schr-aoborgor. SECOND ROW: KannatK Sackatt. Dick Thaarin. Jack Eaton. Ernest Doty. Charles Accol . Robert Clomonts, Janos Isobo'a,Junior Class FIRST ROW: Bonnio Coll.M. CHarlot 8-andt.r. Joy Manl.y. Joan Fontoehio. SECOND ROW: J.not 8ort.ll. J««M Katl . Shirloy Somm.rvillo, Janico Connolly. Ann. Taylor. Mary Fith, THIRD ROW: Violo Wilt. Robart. Kunwnan. Batty Du-imoor. Dorothy Soholt. Kay Sosloll r. Joann. Spreuloli. Alic. Brill o.Sophomore Class FIRST ROW: Joanne BurgraW. Alico Tyylila. Eleanor Keulonon. Arloth Johnson. Lucille Hembln. SECOND ROW: Roger Reas. Job) Jeslo. Gary Poore. Job" Hanson. Gorald BoMowin.Sophomore 40 FIRST ROW: Jeon Berqfalk. Jean Goldsmith. Berber Okonek. GUdyt Uklole. Barthe WV-e«l«r. SECOND ROW: Joy « Sie-baW. Sail lemplo. Marge Tarr. Loii Benton. Donne Vogen. Elaino Seiflert. THIRD ROW: Olck Tho pton. Claronoe 8atkot. Neal Spa'by. Norman Maki, David Oitodund. Vorn Simon. Marlin La Bar.FIRST ROW: Joyco Shoarro . Eunice Ellison. Carolyn Dahl.. Pat Corolowsti. Wilma Gorman. SECOND ROW: Loll Schulte. Barbara Andreo. 8nnita Nielson, Nancy Franklin, lovdelle Johnson. THIRD ROW: Richard Medenwaldt. Bruce Orodoi. Clifford O'Boirno. Jamos Gotham. Oicl Smith. Goorqo Wastila. Rano Fochtner.Sophomore EIRST ROW: Connie Colotlmo: Rvby Polerion. Sinan Smith. Toni leoU CaiMroan. Sharon 8e'tand. 8acbara Rab. SECOND ROW; Charlei Suparcynili. Daily Samvd . Wary Jo Kaiten. Nancy Moran. Audroy Rime . Dorico Johwoo. »r-bara Hayev Robar! Thoma». THIRD ROW: Wcndoll Andonon. Cocil Kavajoci. Arnold Widlund. RoHe Ericbon. Leonard Wagner. Date And anon, lleaeltyn Edming. Myral Moneng. William Chriitiamon.FIRST ROW: Dee ro Ncc'und. Mynno Orirllo. Ca'ol loVin«. Nancy Kay Liliegren, Lucy Aronson. SECOND ROW: Ooa Mae Ball. Joan MacKenjIe. Joan Anderson. Joan Rollon. Marlone Edwards. THIRO ROW: Charles Anderson, James Willoughby, lerry Gatos. Honry Walleco. Jr„ Jorry Bauch, Don Jonat. James Mitchell. 43Freshman FIRST ROW: Mery Ann Hurben, Marilyn Anderson. Patty Mather. Marilyn Jennas. Mary Christman. SECOND ROW: Barbara Thompson. Yvonne Pctorsoa. Mavrino Yewonti, Margaret Heurvbin. Naney Thompson. Jamos Webor. THIRD ROW: Jamas lengen. Wililam Mommsen. Jerry PyyVola, Rodney Smith, Ted Erspamer. Leonard Ardarton. George Brardsen. Donald Bellile. Walter N.lsen.Class FIRST ROW: Ruue'l Frehm. Mary Oahlberg. Nancy HoUiller. ABc 8ryjki. Jean KUr. Augurto Mend . Richard Belli! . SECOND ROW: John Kopnick. Gary Holman, Veronne Britton. Imogeno Thompion. Donna Bodin. Mary Hilo. Audrey Rayala. Barbara Eckert, Dean Brunor. Runoll Hankin. THIRO ROW: John Forlier, Frank Zadra, Albert Hort. Tom Bankt. Roger Donley, Allen Will. Bob Lucat. Jamoi MacKinnon. Frank Youngquiit.Freshman FIRST ROW: Oo M Dahlia. Mokhi loo. Barbra Carlson. Betty Palmer. SECOND ROW: Joen-e Oloes. Roio Marie Kwdul. Morio lor son. Morolyn Thompson. Shirley Paulson, G»e.n Merlin. Suzanno Swenson. Mary Hovon. THIRD ROW: Edvard Slovak. Joromo Sulllft. Donald Fonr.eny. Howard Shirloy. Go-aid lundocr. Ronald Anderson, Clifford Panenen. Tom Simon. Jon Tiornoy.Class FIRST ROW: Lewronce Olioo. Ronald Orlandi. Gorald McGauley. David RicRart, Donald Snyder. PhillTp Soldi. SECOND ROW: gill B«n«d‘ l. Carol Zipperor. Maureen All-ode. Joann Hilgert, MartRa Amoi, Barbara Smith. 8ob Haanal. Donald Lindiay. THIRO ROW: Wosloy BaRm. Davo MuBteen, Bon Soi jley. Ooneld Andoraon. Alroy Meranicl. Jim Co-man. Ja l Stark. Bob Kimblom.Freshman FIRST ROW: Connie Eficksoe, Evangolire Poter oa. Thissen. Richard Tobio . Eugene Olson. Roneld Johnson. SECOND ROW: AJUn Brir.l. loi Anderton. Judy Andorson, Nancy McGrath, Sally Ruud. Jecl Andorson. Donold 8ronson. THIRD ROW: John Reefleub. Chorles Benkey. Robert Mick. Frank teisy. Hugh McOormott. Myron York. Norman Field . Horvoy Sorenson.FIRST ROW: Jean Myori, Mergerot Gllat. Shirloy Ann Holman. Marilyn Reed. Donne Gundarton. SECOND ROW; Shirley Davit. Oorothy Stcolo. Shirloy Jorgontov Marlyt Chell. Karan Kvrtchnor. SyWa Sheridan. ROW THREE: William Schiller. Clamant Phonal. Chariot larion. William McMullen, Horbort Stral. Bruca Bcrgraff. Honry Hagan. Ronald Rep. Tom Baggt. 49 ClassFreshman FIRST ROW: Leon Roy Ando non. Martyt McLaqqan. Colloon O'Brion, Korea Grendahl. Judy Jacobson. Morilyn Nodolsli. Jody O'Mal'ay. SECOND ROW: Richard Wilson. Philip Nossmen. Shirloy Johnson. Nancy Olson. Karon Brown. Phyllis Elia-son. Alico Potorscn. Tom Ooan. Goorqo Morcor. THIRO ROW: Laurence Gilbartson. Gaorqo Proislor. Tom TalolsVi. Stan Train. Skip Jardino. Tom Biscobinq. Kan! Laqro. Ronnio Sandahl.Class FIRST ROW: Ardith Warring, Loii Almttodt. Mariano Wobig. Alice Smith. SECOND ROW: lif.'oen W,tt. Kathleen KotLi. Janot Pederten, Norma Welch. Jactio Schmidt. Boverly Pitmon. THIRD ROW: Richard Pertont. William Larder. Dovg'at Keith, Chariot Cotcocoa. Robort Burm. Eugene Byrnet.52 FIRST ROW: David Johnion. Gerald Keaough. Dick Willi amt. William Nation. SECOND ROW: Kay Rifiman. Crystal Mielon, Rhoda Hod. Shirley DeMott. Barbara Kubala. Svten Kimball. THIRO ROW: Donald Nirdorf. Doan Lo»qborq, Robert Nation, John Winter. Gary Andarion. Jamal Wade.Class FIRST ROW: Milton Holmquist, Jano Oviatt. Lucillo Kenough. Noma Wosterlund. Goraldino Andorson. Jamos Soronsen. SECOND ROW: Loon long, Don lundtvoit. Zoo Von Endo. Marilyn Johnson, Oarcy Froer. Sown Munnings, Paul Chamborlin, Calvin Doty. THIRD ROW: loon long. Oonald Jognson. Harold H l«ig, Donald Chisholm. Rogor Moo. Gerald Carlson. Allon Johnson. David Mooro. Gary Elwood.The Camera Views ... THE ADMINISTRATION Tho camera with a flick of the shutter viewj the vital innards of collegiate life . . . the administration ... the faculty, the office . . . without whom the picture of college life would be incomplete.College President Dr. Jim Don Hill AJ College Regent Regent Barney BarifowAdministrative Assistants EUGENE OLSON Gladys sock Adminijtrative Asjiitant Adminijtrative Auistant60 OR. JAMES W. EASTON and LELIA WILEY, school doctor and nurse.ELLEN GILHULY ELSIE WAITE RUTH PETERSON Secretary fo President Assistant Secretary Secretary to Dcon of Instruction KATHLEEN SMALL Secrotary to Placement Bureau BARBARA LINDNER Secretary to Registrar MARY BROKKE Secretary, Library Offico GRACE STUBB Secretary, Businoss Office 61WILLIAM H. ALVIS B. S. (1955) 1st Lt.. USAF HARRY W. ANDERSON M. Ph. (1946) Supervising Teechor PACEY BEERS M. A. (1951) Speech WYATT V . BELCHER Ph. D. (1946) History PHIL J. ARLAUSKY M. S. (1938) Dean of Men Veterans Coordinator BESSIE A. BENTON M. A. (1925) Languages DOROTHY D. BAILEY Ph. D. (1954) English H. CATHERINE BOWSER M. Ed. (1948) Assistant Librarian GEORGE C. BALL Ed. D. (1950) Education EDGAR VAN BRIGGS Ph. D. (1953) PhysicsROYAL J. BRIGGS Ph. D. (1949) Economics MARY B. DEATON A. M. (1926) English SHIRLEY M. CARRIAR M. A. (1946) English ARTHUR DUWE Ph. D. (1954) Biology KEITH COAD Ph. D. (1954) Chemistry HARLEY E. ERICKSON Ph. D. (1952) Education BERENICE COOPER M. A. (1928) English IDA FLOGSTAD M. A. (1928) Mathematics JOHN O. DANIELSON M. A. (1946) Mathematics DONALD G. FOLTZ M. Mus. (1939) Music 63DAVID S. GARDNER (1954) Capt. USAF WASYL HALICH Ph. D. (1946) History ELVIRA GELLENTHIEN Ph. D. (1947) Dean of Women Education ROBERT HARRINGTON Ph. D. (1951) Economics RICHARD GOMPF RICHARD K. GORSKI EDWARD F. GREVE M. Ed. (1955) M. S. (1954) B. S. in L. S. (1950) Arl Library Assistant MARILYN HARSTAD B. S. (1954) Superviiing Toacher MINDA HOVLAND M. A. (1924) Superviiing Teacher WILLIAM C. KELLER Music (1947) MusicARTHUR F. KRUK M. A. (1949) Art THORPE M. LANGLEY M. A. (1922) Geography JAY W. McKEE Ph. D. (1935) History. Political Scienco ROBERT M. McMILLAN B. S. (1955) Chemistry 11 OMER L. LOOP Ph. D. (1919) Education ORVILLE G. MANION Ph. D. (1952) Speech HELEN E. LOTH Ph. D. (1924) Languages ELIZABETH MONGER M. A. (1922) Supervising Teacher MYRA McDOWALL M. A. (1953) Supervising Teachor AMERICO MORTORELLI M. S. (1954) Physical Education asSTANLEY OEXEMANN Ph. D. (1949) Biology KATHRYN OHMAN A. M. (1926) English EDWIN H. SCHRIEBER M. S. (1922) Dean of Instruction Physics. Astronomy HAZEL SEGUIN M. A. (1929) Biology KENNETH OPSTElN B. A. (1955) Journalism EMILIE W. SONDEREGGER Ph. D. (1947) Languages WILLIAM G. RECTOR Ph. D. (1954) Registrar History WILLIAM E. STANSELL M. Ed. (1953) Supervising Teacher WILLIAM SCHLIEP M. Mus. (1932) Music FOREST W. STEMEN M. A. (1952) Maior. USAFEDITH G. SWARTLEY Music (1944) Music JAMES W. TANGNEY B. S.(I952) Copt., USAF LYDIA THERING B. S.(I9S4) Physical Education JULES J. VAN DERSARL VERNON E. van PATTER 8. A. (1955) M. S. (1920) Lt. Colonel, USAF Education RUTH VAUGHAN B. S. (1955) Supervising Teacher ROBERT TRAUBA M. S. (I%l) Supervising Teacher CARL VERGAMINI B. S. (1954) Physical Education PAUL TYCHSEN Ph. D. (1952) Geology WALTER H. WADE Ph. D. (1953) ChemistryDOROTHY O. WAITE M. A. (1925) History FLORENCE H. WALDE B. S. in L. S. (1924} Librarian GRACE L. WE8STER M. S. (1953) Physical Education HILDUR L. WESTLUND M. A. (1952) Supervising Teacher HARRY H. WHITNEY M. S. (1937) Supervising Teacher ROBERT D. WILLIAMS Ph. D. (1935) English LOUIS ADA WILSON M. A. (1933) Education MARGUERITE E. WOLFINGER M. S. (1950) Supervising Teacher SIDNEY E. WRIGHT M. A. (1941) Industrial Artsmore nil S Sgt. CHARLES D. STEINDEDICATION... V o respectfully dedicate the 1956 Gitche Gumee to Clough Gates. Vice President and General Manager of the Evening Tolegrom. for his throe decades of service to higher education. Throughout the yoers, Gates has been a vital force in the improvement of educational facilities at Wisconsin State College in Superior, whether he has been actively connected with the institution or not. In the spring of 1954, the Evening Telegram, with which he has been associated for the post 50 years, prosenfed the college with a portrait of Clough Gates by a local artist. Doris Looney. This portrait is a fitting commemoration of the long and faithful service ho has given to this collcgo and to the young men ond women whoso interest in education ho has always promoted. Ho served from 1912 to 1931 on the Superior State College Board of Regents. from 1936 to 1939 on the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents and from 1947 to 1954 on the University of Wisconsin Boord of Visitors. Ha has also served as a member of tho Wisconsin Conference on education. Gates Gymnasium on our campus was named in his honor. From the studonts of tho colloge to which Clough Gofos has given so many yoors of volun-teer service, o big salute. 70The Camera Views... ORGANIZATIONS Religious forums, the publications, froternitios ond sororities ore captured by tho college camera. These activities produced a unity of purpose as we’l as college spirit, sportsmanship ond comrode-ship . . . The camera now focuses on organizations. IKTER-SORORITY COUNCIL OFFICERS Opel Anderson Prosidont Cathy Williams Vice President Rita Kottar Socrotary Miit Galenthien served as advisor for tho Intar-Sorority Council which was made up of two members from each sorority on campus. Tho purpose of the council was to ogree on terms regulating rushing. initiating, pledging, dances, and other questions that arose during tho year. An all-girls tea was held by the Council in Jenuory to acquaint new girls with the various sororities on campus. In March, the council sponsored a tea in honor of Wisconsin's Alice in Doiry-lond. Front Row: Joon Roil . Opal Andorson. Rita Nolion, Gwon Gvilofton. Book Row: Joan Krutch-wilr. Pal Sylos. Darfpno Dow. Mary Kay Fanchor.INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL Inter-fratemity council consisted of fwo representatives from oach of four fraternities on campus. The purpose of this organization was to create better inter-fraternity relations and to establish ond mointain regulations for rushing, pledging, iniation of new members, and other problems of interest to the social fraternities. Loft to right: Henry Gingres, John Scnty, 8ob Horubin. Joo Holvic. Tom frisbi 75Tho Alpha Rapps Sorority used an "ort" •homo in ilt Homecoming campaign for Marilyn Kennelty. queen candidate. The sorority re-ettob-lijhod its tradition of a formal dance with Harlequenodo" in October. This theme fpl-lows tho traditional colors of the sorority, bfacl and white. Candy sales and rummage solos constituted somo monoy moling schomas. The on-r jel Christmas party was held ot the homo of Mrs. Ruth Vovqhn. advisor to tho group. Second semester began with Sno-Weok activities. Rat Sykes »as Sno-Oueen candidato. Tho sorority took second place in snow sculpture and third place in the falont sho-w. Rush;nq followed with tho addition of rinetoon girls, who were honored et a cer.dloliqht pledgo service ard the annual block and whito initiation banquet. Sovoral ofterqamo dances wero sponsored throughout the year which ended successful with the annuel dinner in May for sonior members. Advisor wero Mis Marifyt Harstad ond Mrs. Ruth Vaughn. FRONT ROW: Dorothy Soholt. Rita Rotter. Pat Sylc . Joan Goldsmith. SECOND ROW: Marilyn C'arl. Miss Harstad. Jean Krusehwitt. Mrs. Vaughn. TOP ROW: Ann Taylor. Maureen Al-swede. Barbara Olonel, Mary Agnus Schvltr. 1st Samestor ?nd Samaster Pat Syles Joan Kruschwrit: Joan Goldsmith Ann Toylor Ocro'hy Soholt Maureon Altwede Rita Rotter Catherine O'Hcoroa OFFICERS Presidon Vice President Secretary Treasurer Alpha KappaThe Delta Sigma jorority started on activo year by winning first place with a Homecoming float. The sorority's queen condidotc was Arlene Olson. In December, the sorority held its annual progressive dinner. Food and presents were given to a needy family during Christmas. A successful sock-hop following a boskctboll gome also was sponsored by the girls in December. In January, the sorority hold its annual Erivote dinner dance at the Duluth Ath-itic Club. ruory nival I A carnival theme for the first rusher was followed by a High Toa as the second rusher. During April, the sorority held its annual Spring formal. Carousel. In May. President Gwen Gustafson the senior dinner was held honoring grad- Vice President Rito Nelson uating members. Secretary Joy Manley Miss Kathryn Ohman served as advisor Treasurer Cormcl Zimmermann of the sorority. Sergeant-af-Arms Arlene Lokker Delta Sigma FRONT ROW: Joy Wsnloy. luiso Larson. Car-mol Zimmormann. Mary Oungon. Rita Nation. Sandra lofand. Gwen Gustafson, Arlono lotior. SECOND ROW: Mada'ino 8oattio. Arlono Olson. Cathy S-oet. LooU Carlstrom, Joan Andarson. Eloanor Kaulonen. Joanna Burqraff. Doa Mae Ball Joan Fontaochio. JarVie Haqtund. 8onni« CoSni. Mariano Edwards.OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER SECONO SEMESTER T om Friibi Pfovde»t Jtrry Morris The Fax Fraternity began the 1955-56 school year with a burst of spirit which carried throughout the year. In addition to dances following the football games, tho fraternity went to work and had a colorful Homecoming campaign. This year the Fex candidate. Jim Tracy, a senior from Superior, was the 1955 Homecoming King. A take-off on the television show "The Medic" was a highlight at the Homecomina "skit day." A second Sriie was awarded the fraternity for a oat in the Homecoming parade. Holidoy spinT started” with the 40th annuel Fox Christmos formal. The formal’ thome wai "Snowflako Sonata" and the decoration plus the 10ft music of Ken Honkoy's Orchestra modo tho formol ono of tho mo t successful in its long history. A highlight of the formal was tho one hour broadcast from tho bandstand. A gala Now Year's Evo party, supported by Fex members and guests, helped bring in the Now Year in reol style. When Sno-Week come, the Fex did their part with snow sculpture and the Fox Ouortot sang at "Talent Night.'1 During the spring, the Annuol Alumni Stag Banquet and tho Fox Dinner Dance were held. The advisors wero Prof. John Danielson and Dr. Horlcy Erickson.• During Homocoming Week, the fraternity sponsored Carlin Kielchcski as candidate for Homocoming King, and entered the float "We'll Take Eau Clairo to the Dump'.' in the parade. Sno-Week brought several awards to the lotos. First prize was won for tho Hockey Players, in the Sno-sculpture con-tost. A musical slit brought second ploco honors on skit night, and one of tho members of the fraternity. Carlin Kielcheski. won first prize for the cleverest beard. A vory successful Alumni Banquot was held on March 6 at the Hotel Superior. Also of notable succoss was the annual lota Spring Formal on May 5 ot the Douglas County Courthouso. Several informal doncos woro sponsored by the fraternity throughout the year. In athletics. tho fretornity entered a tcom in the intramural Baskotball League. lota Delta Chi FIRST ROW: Bruco Johnson. Bruce Rasmussen. Carlin KUkhetka. Dick Rasmussen. Bob Gene. John Borkanhaqan. SECOND ROW: Roy Hull. Dick Theerin. Clarence Backus. Garth Keck. Vorn Simon. Gary Poore. Bob Klunqnoss. THIRD ROW: Ed Slovak. Les Carlson. Don Danielson. John Hanson. Dick Thompson. Augusto Munoz. FOURTH ROW: l.n larson. Tom Eckert. Stan Train, Ron Hicks, Henry Frechette. Estorqio Castro OFFICERS Fir»t Semoiter Richard Rasmviion Rratidant Carlin Kiolchoiki Vic Pioiidont Bob Gar Sacratary 8ru o Ratrnofta Traai'.rcr 8»ue Johnton Chaplain John Boilonhaqen S rq ant-at-Ar Second Semoitac Ronald Hickt Bob Gano Biota Johnton Oicl Thoarin Garth K cl Cla'ance Baclut THo yoar's activities were stortcd with ♦he Homecoming race with our candidate for homecoming Morrill Peterson. Then, there was a stag dinner, the annual fall rushing week, and a co-ed Christmos dinner party. Second semostor also startod out with a bang. Sno-Week and snow sculpturing wero followed by a rusher end two semi-formal dinner dates. The annuol Shomrock Dance was highly successful. highlighted by the crowning of the 1956 ' Colleen'’ girl. Mode HorubTn. The LDC's also participated in tho first annual carnival and held a smelt fishing party. The fratornity ended the year with an alumni banquet. Lambda Delta Chi FIRST ROW: Darryl Coons. John Senty, Sob Uftd. Kll Lolfner. SECOND ROW: MeMa Wil. liamson. Bryce Sullivan, Dale Bloomgeiit. Glen Stw y. Dalo Morey. Jm Wadsworth. THIRD ROW: John Hoar. Did Wallace, John lundoon. Don leisch. Henry Wallace. Doan Brener. OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER John Softly President John Lundoon Darryl Coons Vico President Jim Weds-orth Clydo Wallins Secretary Marwift Woborg Bill Loffnor Treasurer John HoarDona Chopmon, Lambda Sigma Lamb-da't candidate, wat namad Homecoming Quean of 1955. The sorority’s float won second prize in fho humorous division. This year "Frosted Fantosy" wos chosen as the theme for the annual winter formal. In December, the sorority sponsored a pancake supper which was a heaping, big success. The annual Chn'stmos party was held at Alice Le Page's home. A Christmas dinner was provided for o family in Superior. Tho second semester included a tea for the alumnae, rushers, and initiation. Donna Morris, candidate for Sno-Qucen, was crowned at the dance. Lambda Sigma Lambda also participated in the ecHvitios of Sno-Week and an Easter basket was sent to on orphanage. In May. the annual Mother's Day tea wos held. Activities for the year were concluded with a Senior Dinner. OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Mery Kay Fencher President Alice le Pane Carol Endrizzi Vke Preside" Dana Chapmen SWrley Somerville Treasurer Alice Briskie Oonna Morris Secretary Janet Bortell Lambda Sigma Lambda First Row: Dana Chapman. Donna Morris. Mary Kay Fencher. Miss Westlvnd. adrisor, Shirley Somerville. Carol Eedrini. Mery Juno Fish. Second Row: Jenis Connolly. J»"« Hanson. Dor-ica Johnson. Nancy Cloutier. Mariano Thompson. Joan Foley. Alice Briskie. Gerry Wosson. Jenat Bartel). Phylis Ansell. Third Row: Jackie Pederson. Mary Murphy. Priscilla Anderson. Oio«e Smith. Ann Wo Wringer, Con no Colotimo. Bertha Wheeler. Susio Smith. Marian 8elko, Marilyn Knwtsen. Fourth Row: Lucy Aronson, Joan McKenzie. Carole Groenwood. Mario Herubie. Pat Crollosz. Merlys Lindquist. Darlene Oow. Jean Spreutels. Joyco Fj el ling.THo Somper Comparos began tho 1955-56 year with successful Homecoming planj. The fraternity chose John Holm as its candidate, with the theme. "Male John Our Holmcoming King." Aftor this, plans wore started for the i Annual Thanksgiving Formal, which was held at the Androy Ballroom. November j 19. The theme was "Harvest Moon.” The next social evont of tho fraternity j was December 12. a dance following the first home basketball gome of the season. First Lt. Williom Avis was elected coadvisor with Mr. Sidney Wright. Other activities of the year were the two rushers, and the grand finale, the Alumni Dinner. Semper Compares FIRST ROW: Harold to . Jim Stamen. John Holm. J rry Sl.lo. Chutl Attola SECOND ROW: Mr. Wriqht, advisor. Bob Haenel. Tom Bvqel. Charles Clark. Jack Tea port e«. Rano FetSfner. lit LI. William Avis. »d.itor. THIRD ROW: Clyda Cor, Bob W.Kamj, J,m W.llovrjh. by. Fred Hannetly. Jock Roome. Jim Mitchell. Don JoAai. Jerry Booth. FOURTH ROW: Jim Cowman. Geno Borbey. John Sanderton. Bab Hervbin. Norm Mali. Cletos Kohler. Larry Gala . Barry Larson. OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Bob Hervbin President John Holm Job" Holm Vita President Jerry Side Charles Attola Secretary 8111 Christianson Bob W, Treasurer Charles Attola Clefvt Kohler Srjt. At Arms Georqe Gothner John Gidley Historian Bob HervbinThe Tau Alpha Chi Sorority began the school yoer by ontoring into the Homocoming spirit. Activities were climaxed with first prize honors for a humorous float in the homecoming parade. To colebroto Christmas festivities. Tau Alpha Chi members exchanged gifts at an informal Christmas party which was followed by the more formal Christmas Tea given by the alumnae. Following the rushers was the impres-sivo candle light end ivy initiation ceremony. The sorority held its onnual Sweetheart Ball and a lovely "Sweotheart" was chosen to prosido over the golo ovoning. Wilma 6orman was nominated as tho Tou Alpha Chi candidate for Sno-Ouecn. Tau Alpha fUtl Row: Joan BsrqfalV. Lois Co'lvoo. Josn 0 Selil«d. Opel Anderson, Cethy Williams. M ry Ann Schneeburgor. Audrey Russell. Jvme Pedor-so«. Second Row: Janny Lou Kaub. Luci o Wiin-arnali. Luann liKe. Poarl Wsllec . Carolyn OaM. Berb Rabanovich. Barb Hayes. Sharon 6ella«d. Mary Jo ICastan. Third Row: Bonnie Savage. Wilma Gorman. Joan Roifon. Joyce Siebort. Lois Benson. Batty Thompson. Peqqy Adams. Shirley Jansen. Spring brought new activities as the alumnae of Tau Alpha Chi govo a tea for the octivo mombors. A Football Ban-auet was given by the sorority to honor the lettermon in footbell. The ennuel Mother-Daughter Tea was planned to celobreto Mother’s Dey. To close the yeer end honor the grad-uating seniors, a farowoll banquet was givon by the ’’under-cless" sisters who also presented the seniors with forewcll gifts. Mrs. Boss Benton, a wonderful advisor for years who announced her retirement. was also presented with a faro-well gift as a toxen of appreciation for tho wise guidenco ond many hours she had devoted to Tou Alpha Chi. OFFICERS President - Cathy Williams Vice President - Opal Anderson Secretary - Mory Ann Schnooburger Troosurer • Joann Solstad Corresponding Sec’y - Audroy Russell Advisors - Mrs. Bess Bonton Miss Shirley CorriorFiril Row: Mery Oirislme . Karen KvricKner. Carol Eedritti. Jean Spraulalt. Alice Briilie. CarKy Wil. Kami. Donna Dahlia. Alice PoteMon. Marian lee. Second Row: Dolly Staa'e. Pal Sylei. J a a n GoldtmilK. J a a n Krutchwih. Carol Graanwood. Bally Palmar. Mery Ann Hurben. Marilyn Arderson. Doric Johnion. TMrd Row: I m o o a n a Thompaon. Jce»n Gyq . DorolKy So-holl. Marion 8alko. Adal Nyqard, Kay Boiioltor, SKirley MoImen. Be v Jo Dunvnoor. Mary Morphy. Fourth Row: Mary loo Slanla. Bonnie Nia.'-ion. Shirley Jorpen-ion. Jenel Peder-ton. Sylvia Sheri-da Emily Sertich. Donna Bodin, Marina Hanion. Muriel Barflland. 84 Crownhart HallTha first big ovant of tho year for Sigma Gamma Chi was th« initiation of freshman. In October there were the Homecoming activities. The theme for decorations of the dorm was "A Toast to the Toem." A floot was entered in the parade and orange and black papor shakers wore sold. The dorm also sold college stationery as a project. December brouaht tho annuel Faculty Christmas Tea and o party for the aids. Bonita Nielson was Sno-Queen candidate. Spring came and brought with it the Sonior Farewell Dinnor for graduates. After the formal commencement eiercises. a tea for the dorm graduates and their guests was held. OFFICERS President - Bonnie Collins Vice President - Pat Sykes Secretary • Alice Briskie Treasurer • Gerry Wasson Knt Sharon Be'lend. Pei Car-elewli. Shirley Dev-is. Maureen Alive-de. Do"«« Camp-bell. Marlys Lind-qwll, Shirley Somerville. Gerry Wasson. Second Rov: Joy Manley. Son-nie Collins. Barb Rabenovich. Lois Carlson. Mary Jo Casey. Carolina Anderso . Merlyi Chall. Jana Hanson. Ann Taylor. Third Rov: Arlene locker, Joan Fon-tecchio. Carol CFn-Ion. June Pederson. Audrey Russell. Shirley Jenson. Ia b Andrea. Keren Brown Helen Butrick. Fourth Rev: Jenny leu Kewb. Ooris Carlson. Gretchen Plait ter. Joann Sol-sled. Mary Jo Kef Ian. Bertha Wheeler. Lucy Henblin. Joyce Sieberl. Con nie Colosimo.First Row: lovdtlla John ion. Olga Mali. Laola Carl-ttrom. Marmara Hawlini. Sato nd Row; Rail! Ciel-low, Caimal Zim-marman. Barbara Hayoi. Aa-« Eci-lund. Rita Kottor. Pbylit AmoII. Third Row: Mr. Baart. Manry G i n q r a t. llewoflyn Edmino, Ed Orolion. Tom MatiangaU, Glon Johnson, PaJ Konn. loy. Ernoit Doty. Rolfo Eric Eton. Morrill Petortoo. Alpha Psi Omega Tom Mossengolo was named provident of Alpho Psi Omega. Alpha Lambda cast, at the first meeting of the year. Other officers included Ed Drolson. vice president. and Phyllis Ansell, secrotory-trcas-urer. Besides participating m the Superior State College Theatre's three plays. "The Crucible." "The Lady's Not For Burning." and "The Madwoman of Cheillot.” Alpho Psi members were also octive back-stage. Other activities of the group included listening to recordings as well as reading plays. New members, including two honorary faculty members, were admitted to the group ot the annual initiation dinners. Alpha Psi Omega, on honorary dramatic fraternity, was tho only national social organization on the Superior Stote College campus. Membership was achieved through participation in plays and by taking an active part in operations backstago. Foculty advisor wos Poccy Boers. 84 86ART STUDENT’S LEAGUE Tho Art Students Looguo was composed of art maiors. minors, and others interested in this field. Tho purpose of the league wos to reiso the level of art appreciation in the school and community. The league held several suppers throughout the year and o good old fashioned sleigh ride. Teas for all graduating art students also wore held. During March, the league sponsored tho I Oth Regional Art Show. A trip to Minneapolis to the art gal-lories took place in the spring. President Vice President Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS Kothlinc Trcbilcock Marvin Koski Mary Juno Fish Ernest Doty Firs I Row: Key Kos-li. Stary Juno Fish. Shirloy Paulson. Second Ro»: Aon Taylor. Kathloen Trobileocl. Barbara Smith. Oaisy Sa-mudio. Third Row: Milo Watab. Car-lin K i o Ic h a s I i. Fourth Row: loron v crqolond. 8ob Thorjoll, C h a r I a t Andorson. Stove Stounoth. Ernest Doty.Front Row; Mor-qofot Howiini. Rita Kottor. Ralph Chap-mao, Phyllis Antoll. Top Row: Dick Do Foro. Lloyd Bosch, Ray Jonoisoo. Lois Almitadt. Yvonne Poterson. Phil Pronto. Sill K o 11 y, Chariot Andorson. Ernest Doty. RADIO GUILD Wisconsin State Radio Guild (WSRG) rotated with a rodio participation class in producing a weekly show for station V EBC during 1955-56. The wookly sor-ies wos called "Campus Showcase." Members of tho guild ond radio class produced. directed, wrote and octod in these shows. Some productions were musicals. Others consisted of interviews and variety.Fir Row: Arloth Johnson. Do'oroi Johnion. M«ry Jo foil on. Opal An. d arson. $ c o n d Row: Violo Will, Evangolina Pater-ion, Elein Saiffor, Oo'orai S c h u I I. TKird Row: Lucy Aronion. Dorothy Sloolo. Fourth Row: Laila Magnuion, Alio La Pago. Bar-!ha Whaolar, Shar. on Ba'land. Connio ErioWon, Ruby Pat-Orion. Ruth Hueb-seher. INTERMEDIATES OFFICERS Marv Jo Koston Viola Witt Alice Le Paae Delores Schultz Miss Dorothy Waito President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Advisor The Intermediates met once a month as a social and educational group to aid the members in the preparation for the teaching of grodes 4, 5 and 6. The meetings were held on the first Tuesday of every month. The group also had combined supper and business meetings at which past members now in teaching talked about their experiences.KINDERGARTEN - PRIMARY CLUB Tho Kindorgorten-Primory Club consisted of students in cducotion who wore ♦raining to become primary teachers. Tho group was affiliated with the Association of Childhood Education International. Meetings were held the second Tuesday of each month. Social activities for the year included sevoral teas and o farewell party for seniors. FIRST SEMESTER Alice Brisltie Jean Spruetels Corol Er.driixi OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary Treasurer SECOND SEMESTER Botty Jo Dunsmoor 8onnie Neilson Alice Peterson Shirley Jorgenson FIRST ROW: Grace Ringstad, Imogona Thompson, Janot Hanon, Connie Colosimo, Susan Smith. Jeetio Pederson, Barbara Borkovich. Mario Horwbin. SECOND ROW: Joyce Fjolli«g. Joan Sproutoli, Luiso Larson. Sally Lomko. Alico Potarson. Patty Mather. Poor! Wallace. THIRD ROW: Nancy Lilia-gron, Shirley Do Moss. Mary Jo Catoy. Carol Endriui. Ar.'cno Olson. Doris Torvick. Bonnio No 'ion. FOURTH ROW: Alico Brisk. . Joyco Shell, Margo Tarr. Shirley Jorqonvon. June Potarson. Nancy McGroth. Carolyn Andorson. FIFTH ROW: Pat Bcyske. Cathy Williams. Mariana Thompson. Gorry Wasson. Barbara Okonak. Joorno Blaho. Morilyn Nedohki, Donna Ncalund. SIXTH ROW: Mrs. Brit-tan. Nancy Ohon. Dorothy Soho!!. Helen Arsonaau. Juno Ward. Joan Tracy, Nancy Franklin. Loratta Gallaghor. Barbara Ooharty. TOP ROW: Joan Krvtcharilt, Pat Sylas. Karon Kurschnor, Dorico Johnson, Lois Benson. Donna Vogoo. Janot Bartall. Donna Morris. 91INTER-VARSITY CHRISTIAN "Now then wo ore ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ's stood, be yo reconciled to God." The Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, an interdenominational group, met three times a wool at tho First Covonant church. The schedule of meetings held by the group included a Monday ond Wednesday noon prayer meeting. Every Thursday evening wos devoted to a fellowship hour. Fint Row: Evaaqal-' no Petorton. Ms , lone Edwards. Afieo Smith. Ruby Polar-ton. Second Ro»: Glodyl UUoU. Marilyn Hi«io«, Roborta Kiovnon. Oalorat S c h u 111. Joyce Shoarrow. Alico Petorton. Nancy Olton. third Row: Loit SchJtr. Arloth Johnioa. Connie Ericltoa. E I e a n o Soitfert. Fourth Ro»: Be'- "ard Nelton. Oavid Oiterlund. Stephan Staurseth. Arvid Johnton. Date Com-poau. Wilton Hufm-quilt. Chariot Ar-dorton. Lloyd 8-uth. Did DeFo'e. Oavid Rechont. Oala An-dorton. 0 o n a I d Johmon. FELLOWSHIP OFFICERS President - Arvid Johnson Vice President - Lloyd Bush Socrefary - Elaine Seiffert Treasurer • Dick Do ForeFin! Row: K«y Ko»-li. Dorii Carotye Dahl. Pol Syl .. Opal A-aV-ton. K«ron Reach-nor. Second Row: Dorothy S o h o 11.'o Johnjon, loll 8onton, Cathy Williomi, Mary Jyoo Fish, Shirley PauUon. Min Mar-•lad. Third Row: 0 o r i c o Johnion, LurtO la'ion, Hatan K o r i U r, Marilyn Read. Jaan K'utch-witj. Viola Wilt. Shirlay Da Mon. Top Row: Tom Nat. •on. Chariot Clail. $yj: O'Baima. Diet Nord. Richard Por-•onv Ed Drolton. Delbert Jerome. Elmer Sp'-olt. Carlin Kiokhoiti. Jerry Sioitrom. LUTHERAN STUDENTS The Lutheron Student s Association was formed as a port of o national organization in an effort to develop and enrich the eolleae student's spiritual life. To achieve this aim. the ISA hold supper meetings every Wednesday evening at the Pilgrim Lutheran church ond students took port in o rccreationol ond a dovo-tional program. Each Wednesday noon a 8ible study was led by the ISA counselor. The yeor's activities included e change programs with UMD. o homecoming floot, a party for youngsters ot St. Joseph's Children's Home, deputations to vorious churches of the city. Christmas caroling ot rost homos and nospitals. and participation in Land O' Lakes regional activities. 93 INEWMAN CLUB Finf Row: Loolilia Codiqan. Marilyn NodoitVi. Mary Ann Schneoborqer, Mory Koy Fanohor. Daisy Samudio. Sacond Row: Jo Anno Gul-Jan. Shirley Oavis. Janij Connolly. Barbara Do'horty. Ooa-no Morris, Co-mo Colosimo. J a n o Bartoll. Pot BrysVi. Third Row: Joan-o Loo. Mr. Trouts . Jeon Klor, John Fortior. Rono Focht-nor, Joo Tiornoy. Noal Sparby. Jerry Morris. Mary Mur-phy. Jerry Baldo-win. Pat Ccrelewili. The Newman Club was an organization of Cotholic students on campus. Its purpose was to promote spiritual intellectual and social welfare for the college student. Meetings wero hold each Wednesday ovonina at the Cathedral Parish Hall. Tho group sponsored many social ond religious activities during the year. Among the activities were banquet suppers. Communion breakfasts. Day of Recollection, Christmas party at St. Joseph's Children's homo and the annuol Newman Club picnic.. At Superior State, tho Newman Club was a k ..nch of the North Central Province cf Nowman Clubs and was affiliated with the Notional Nowman Club Federation.Wesley Fellowship, on organization of Superior Stato Methodist students, spent its time promoting Christian fellowship for the bonofit of the college student. Meetings were hold every Wednesday evening ot tho Central Methodist church. The meetings began with a supper which was followed by on ovcnir.g spooler and devotions. Activities included o group mixer at the beginning of the year, the annual Christmas party at the Children's Homo and an exchange of visits with Wesley Fellowship at the Univorsity of Minnesota. Duluth Branch. The group was affiliated with tho Wisconsin Mothodist Student Movement. 95'' t S-CLUB The S-Club wos composed of varsity lettermen in football and basketball. The S-Club boosted athletics and sold refreshments during halftime at the basketball games. Front Row: Goorqe St. Cothorino. Don-M Bonobo. Theo-dcxo Ertpomer, Rocco Vito. John Kovimty. Rudy Vol-etono. Second Row: Front O'Berto. Ron-old Shvlti. Goorqe Neljon. Ouone Mo-tyo. Kownotk lo-lend. Third Row: Jim Cowmoa. Don-o'd Andorjon. Gene Bu'boy. 0 o n n i » Smith. CKorlot So-porcymli. OFFICERS President Vico President Socrotory-Trcosurer Rocco Vito Bob Herubin Jorry MorrisFi»»t Ro»: Judy Finstad. G r o e o ftinqslad. Mary Mill. Co'ol laVinc. S« ond Row: E' -a-nor Kowlonon. Mary Dunqan, Poora Vo-non. Win WobftOf, Joan Gotdl"'ilh. Jooono Luc. Tcni Bridle. The W.A.A. had a very successful year sponsoring such activities as cor-rec night, play days at Hibbing. St. Scholostice, U.M.D., ond hero on our own campus. The W.A.A. sold S.S.C. swoat shirts and had a concession at the all-school carnival. W. A. A. tvery college girl was automatically a member. Board members were: one from coch sorority, ono upperclassman from out of town, one upperclassman from town, one freshman from out of town, one froshman from town, and ono dclcgoto ot large who did not represent a sorority. President Vico President Secretary Treasurer Advisor OFFICERS Mary Dungan Grace Ringstad Eleanor Kaukor.en Joanne Luc Miss Webster 97SOCIAL COMMITTEE The social committee had an outstanding year bringing a variety of evonts to the students. Activities included a homecoming parade. campaigning for queen, skits, elections, pep rellios ond dances. Sno-Week was a fun week of skiing, skating, sleigh riding, and dancing. The contest for Sno-Queon and judging of tho snow sculpture helped meko the effoir a grand success. For the first timo. a spring carnival was planned by organizations on campus to raise funds to equip a new student union. 9tFfont Row: Mat- qarof Melon K o n e n, Catherine William . Bach Row: 8ernard Nelion. E v e r t Schmidt. Jack 8«v taonl. OWL AND SERPENT fhe Owl end Serpent. an honorary scholastic society, opened its rolls to students who had at loost 90 semester hours credit and a grado point average of at least 2.00. Not moro than 12 students have ever been selected for this honor in any year.| Above) Stiff member!. Mary Murphy. Cherlei Brandiar. Elea.noc KauVoncn, Joy Manley and Henry Ginqrei confor on placemen of copy, (loft) Irdutlriouily on gaged In leyovt wort aro Lua«n Li:, o. Tom Tofe'ilr. Bl ’ Scbillor. Joanne Burqraff. Ma'ilyn Jen-ninqt and Loll Almitcd .THE PEPTOMIST 1st Semester Staff 2nd Semester Staff Editor ................__.Jim Wodsworth Society Joy Manley Reporters ............... Zoo von Endc. Thom Frisbic, Gene Hcrubin. Joan Mac-Kenzie. Roger Lowney. Jay Koncr. Walt Lukas. Tom Tafolski. John Holt Editor------------- Society Sports_____________ Reporters---------- Joan MacKenzie. 8otlach _Jim Wadsworth Joy Manley Them Frisbio . Zoe von Ende, John Holt, Frances Picture of e busy editor tatioq a puoturo . . . Doubling in tKo role of photogrephor end editor. Jim Wadsworth struggled with doedlinet ord darlrooms to diroct tho production of each issue of tho "Pop". With the day of publication close at hard, tho "Poptomist' staff ti.nishos last minute assignments. Pieturod (loft to right) aro Frances 8etlaeh, Thom Frisbe, Joan MecKaorio. Jim Wadsworth. Zoe von Endo ond John Holt.A CAMERA VIEW OF THE R. 0. T. C. A camera' eye view of the R.O.T.C. . . .the flashing colors that pass in review ... the snop and precision that belong only to the A.F.R.O.T.C. A cemora view of what lios ahead for the boys in Air Forco blue . . .Annually, It’s the R.O.T.C. MILITARY BALL Tho camera points its eye on the biggest iocial event of tho yoar ... the MILITARY 8ALL. In tho spotlight to supply the music was tho nationally famous bond of BILLY MAY. with Sam Donahue in the lead and Marcie Miller providing the lyrics. The $3,500 affair was sponsored by the Arnold Air Socioty. General chairman of the boll was Curtis Boiko. His deputy was Joseph Vittone. Officer advisor was 1st Lt. William Alvis. This was the eighth Military Ball. Post military bolls have seen Harry James. Ray Anthony. Ralph Marterie. Fronkie Carle. Hoi McIntyre, and Jon Garber. Tho ball was a greot succoss and the memory of it will stay in the graduates' minds for years to come. The Cadet Group Officers of the 930th group R.O.T.C. unit for the first semester of 1955-56 were Codet Colonel Charles C. McOon-aid. Cadet Lt. Colonel James C. Klippel. Cadet Colonel David I. Ellefson. and Cadet Lt. Colonel Lenard W. Kresheck. were second semester ofli- 104 CADET LEADERS Ca M Cofoftol CKarlei C. McDonald (l«fi) aCadef L . Colorol Jomos C. K'ippol.R.O.T.C. RIFLE TEAM Tho R.O.T.C. Riflo team, a competitive group, entered into inter-school competition with our college units. Practice. held once a week on the campus rifle rongc, made the SSC squad one of the finest ever. 105 loti to RIjKt: lit R©«: Ronald Ardors© . Tom Bonis. Ronald Rop. lonard Kreihocl. John T. Nolioo. 2nd Row: M Sqf. Fred A. Robinson. Wendell Anderson. Cloreno Bacles. Kenneth Broctnor. Evert Schmidt.ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY The Arnold Air Socioty. composed of Juniors end Seniors of ♦he R.O.T.C. unif, provided on opportunity for componionship end understanding among upper-closs Air Forco men. L,f F:,‘ , w: T- 6® V. Lyte Delano. Curtis P. Ballo. Evert A. Schmidt. and 1st Lt. Williom H. Alvis. faculty advisor. Second row: Gerald T. Morris. Gorald C. Sislo, John I. Nohow. W! l am J. Moore, ond Warren Livingston. Third row: David L. Ellofsoi. Kennoth G. BrocVnor, Erlasd J. Lindolof. Willard Gustafson. Lonard W. Kroshecl. and Joseph A. Vittono.COMMAND SQUADRON 107 L«f to Right: lt» Row: Copt. Jamei W. Tang-ay. Edward Merquerdt Donald Fenneiiy. Loo Fit!-petrict. Ruiso'l Hanlini. Loon Anderson. 2nd Row: Albert Hart. Robert Eddy. Thomas Doan. Clarence 8actos. Goorgo Marco . Jrd Row: Joel Roomo. Sholdon Liebovich, Donald AnVIay. Henry WoHoco. Robert Locos. Wendell Anderton. The A F R O T C Command Squadron ... an organization for Freshmen and Sophomore Cadets interested in extracurricular activities. This organization held several campus dances and other social events during the school year. Captain James W. Tongnoy wos tho foculty advisor. IFrom loll lo RiqM: Id Row: lyU M. Oalano, CKorUi C. McDonald. lenerd A. Kretheck. Carlin J. KielchetkJ. Evert A. Schmidt, Cvrtii P. Bello, Robert T. Go'-V- 2»d Pow: Willard F. Guttefton. Kenneth Breckner. David I. Ellalton. William J. Moore. Warren S. livingiton 3rd Row: Clarence Backut. Robert Eddy. Alan Johnton. John Kopnick, Avqoito Munoz. 4th Row: Goorqe Mercer. Robert Bade". Chariot Corcoran. Norman FieWt. Gerald PyyloU. Sth Row: Donald Ankley. Mehrin Hole. Eugene Byrnet. Rvttall Hanlint. William Mommtan. 4th Row: Robert Berm, Allan Brink. Wendell AndartO". James Fitzpatrick. Edward Marquordt. The AFROTC Drill Toam was comprised of besic ond advanced cadets who desired experience in drill and leadership. They performed at parades and ceremonios throughout the school year. Major Forest W. Stomen was tho foculty advisor. He was assisted by S Sgt. Harold M. Blitsch. 108 R. 0. T. C. COLOR GUARDGLEE CLUB The AFROTC Glee Club, only in its second year of organization. was an enthusistic group of AFROTC Cadets who enjoyed sinqing. During the first semester they were under the leadership of Merrill Peterson. The second semester saw Curtis Balko as their leedor. Lt, William Alvis was faculty advisor. From Lot lo Rifht: Row: Curfis P. Ballo (director). Evert A. Sck -idt. Colvin Doty. Konneth Breclnar. Albert Hart. 2nd Row: David I. EHehon. Gary Bader. George Moreor. . Donald Ankley. Rvivell Fratm. Robert Eddy. 3rd Row: Gerald Keougti. Alvar Carlson. Melvin Hole. Russel Hankins. Charles C. McDonald. From Loft to RiqM: lit Ro«- Goorqo R Woitilo. Cvrtii P. lotto (diroc-tor). W.Uoo Moi«. 2nd Row: Oovid L. EWto». John R. HoU. Ronald Rod. Morwyn Brown Ird Row: RvtioM Frohm, Evort A. Schmidt, Richard Palmar. Goorqo Morcor. Do-old AM lay. 4th Ro»: Colvin Doty. Gory Holmo . Clo'o-co BacLoi. M-loi Schvitodt. David Richort. Wondoll An-dorion Faculty Adviior: Mojor Foroit W. Stomon. Au’t AdrHor: Staff Sqt. Harold W Blitich. DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS 7ho AFROTC Drum ond Bugle Corps served at an integral part of the AFROTC program in performances at parades and official campus ceremonies. The group served under the direction of Curtis P. Balko. 109The Camera Views... ACTIVITY Never to bo forgotten ore the Homecoming election . . . tKe cheering ot the games ... the curtain call for a now play . . . the dances . . . beards and tho royalty of Sno-Week. Tho camera sees you, the student, taking part in your activities.Leading the S. S. C. Spirit... the school spirit at intercofletjlato spotting cents were S.S.C. choerleodors (top row). Hank Gingres. Shirlay Paulson. Kay Ritjman, (front row) Eleanor Joan Burqraft and Joan Oleas. 113OUR HERO By usinq comparative foo'boll scores and a series of lorsq complicated mathematical formulas. Prof. Da-iolso" arrived a fiqurei that proved Superior to ba tha National Champs . . . Nice Qoinq! He’s not tha quarterback. He’s not tho coach. 8ut Prof. John A- Danielson produced o National Football Championship Toem at SS.C. |o« paper).Our 1955 season started with 47 boys out for practice and finished with 39. Our record for the soason was 2 ties. 0 wins, and 7 defeats. Only 15 of the boys out for football had ever played in college before. But tho future for '56 looked better than the past. Rocco Vita and Jack Hulmer served as co-captains for the season. George St. Catherine and George Wastilo wcro olccted cocaptains for the 1956 season.1)5Building For the Future. •. Producing a winning team for tomorrow takes hours of hard work today. Those strenuous hours spent on the practico field provide rewords. Suparvitinij fho earo ard tr«ini«j of football play. w» was Coach Amarlco IMartr) Mortorelll. top.Row ?"iJTu£ «lSft S 7Sa. N k0fti u™- w- Evm’- e ,,i' -el,;-BOTTOM SuArBASKETBALL Tho Yellowjackets enjoyed o successful bosketboll season. finishing with on overall record of 13 wins and 8 losses. In the Wisconsin State Conference. S.S.C. won 8 and lost 4. George (Duke) Nelson, who captained the team, was re-elected for the 1956-57 season. Long Tom Larsen led the club in scoring with an 18.2 average for 21 qomes. Ron Schultz wos nomed to the oll-conforonce squod by the league's coachos. The outlook for the basketball team in 1956-57 is bright. All players, with the exception of Gerald Bloom-quist. will be back. Season’s Record 8ethel 68 Superior 83 Bomidji 77 83 •La Crosse 76 92 Northern Mich. 65 94 Michigan Tech. •St. Cloud 82 77 64 72 River Foils 68 82 St. Cloud 94 80 •Stout 61 72 •Milwaukee 74 88 •Whitewator 84 97 Eau Claire 96 75 U.M.D. 87 65 La Crosse 104 89 •River Foils 78 98 Platteville 91 82 Oshkosh 83 86 Northern Mich. 66 86 •U.M.D. 73 92 Stout 79 90 ♦Eau Claire 90 64 • Home games 119•in DuU Notion btlievei boll co - Ciptai trol it important in baitotboll. Above ho controls two bailolballt with eaio. Ron Schutti (right) ihoott and scores I JO A Basket... A Basket... A Basket, Boys...TOP ROW: Monaqa- Mercian. 8®b Ha®n®l. Jim Gotham. 8ob Fcaiar. D®nni» Mini I. Joh® Holm, Bruco Oradoi. H®nrv Wal-lac®. Mr. Tychit®. BOTTOM ROW: Tom Dean. Wally Anderjon. Philip Franlt. Did Smith. I ton A'vdarton. Eyqe-e Olio . 122HOCKEY The hockey teem, coeched by Prof. Poul Tychjen. hed a rocord of two victories ond six losses. The sport, relatively new at S.S.C., captured the intorest of a largo number of students in its second year on the campus. Season’s Record Ironwood. Mich. Jets 12 Superior A St. Cloud State College II Suporior 1 'St. Olaf College 3 Superior A Duluth Air Base 8 Superior 2 ’St. Cloud State College 6 Superior 0 Corleton College 9 Superior 2 St. Olaf Collego 3 Superior 1 ’Superior Police 2 Superior 5 'Home games 123Homecoming... (Abovo) Pop and onthuiiasm tiT’ tho air at tho qiqoniic bonfiro and rally. (Right) Tho TAX qivo thoir float a "savago" atpcct to capturo another of tha pri:ot. Slits and slogans . . . football and fun . . . pep and parodes . . . The wcel of campaigning and activity was climaxed by a gigantic bonfire roily, the Homocoming gome ogoinst the Eau Claire ' Bulldogs' and the Coronation Dance. Dana Chapman of the Lambda Sigma Lambda sorority and Jim Tracy of the Fox Fraternity were elected Queen and King to reign over Homecoming activities. 125 |Abovo) Quoan Dana Oapman a-d Kirxj Jim Tracy load »Ko parado with gay cntKvsIein’.SSC on TV siSNO - WEEK Tho Annual Sno-Weck celebration got off to a wintory start when students bravod the wcother and went to the coronation of the Sno-Royality at the Lumberjack Ball. Many icy breaths were also seen at the toboggan party and tho sleigh ride. Until the wee hours of the morning, students worked on ice sculpturo. Old vaudevillo staged a comeback when a star-studded performance was given on Talent Night. Finally, in a snowflake decorated gym. the student body gathered to bid onother Sno-Week farewell. Con it bo truo? It it real? It suro it Corlin Kiolcbotl! ond John Sonty chect boordt grown for tho fotliviliot of Sno-W.ol.SNO BALL After a weal of fun in tho mow. coup'e danced emidtt thiny mowflekot which adorned tho walk at Ibo Sno Ball. A look at the dancer and ono can eo thot the ovoni.nq wo fully onioyeblo. Many "Ico Ido! " filled tho qroundt when tfudeah uiod water and mow for mow On tho riqhi it a creation by tho Newman club. A popular tuno about roptilei helped mato tho tculpturinq fun. AFTER while :•TALENT SHOW With iltit and kouiutl tonqi Sno Wo«k talent night went over with thvnderooi oppUuio. The wiiv ef» ell »top e morriont for tho collogo Comoro.Colloge start! with long lines of registration. millions of forms to fill, faculty conferences. testing, dances, assemblies . . . and suddenly the green high school grad finds himself a "college student." And... It’s the Beginning! (Loft). Roglitratlon and chocking to ioo that oil ii right. (Below). Faculty wire ootortaln Fro h at tea and acquaint thorn with collego activitia .Life At Crownhart It's o homo away from home ... a place to meet fellow students ... a place for study ... a place for relaxation ... a place for activity. Life at the women's dorm is fun and excitingLearning Is More Than Books Learning nevor comes sololy from books. The sciences, arts, and social studies all utilize visual aids and laboratory work. Learning through c perienco is learning to think! No shocking developments in ft Physics lab. while students chock the results of their wort. Interesting rock formations in the display cases of Iho Geology Lab cepturo tho imagination.I r ) At work in the lob . . . developing in the dork-room . . . toking o look ot ono of the troveling ex-hibitj or leorning something new in modern donee . . . oil ore importont ossots in o college educotion. ')! ty t tnu i) BOOKS LEAVES OF GRASS DEMOCRATIC VISTAS nw AU. »OT TO CUKATl: onv i ,i mm m or nmiTrui U t fet QUA I 3 A , Behind the Footlights (Above) Phil Frankie pulls tho switch for tho final "fado-out." (left) Congratulations aro in order ofter e successful performance of "Tho Crucible." 138 .f vn In the wings. tho "madwomen" from the "Madwomen of Cbailtot" aro sere-.adod. Backs to go is ofton moro exciting, especially to the dramatically inclined, than front row center. Openinq night excitement . . » tho dimming of the houseliqhts . . . and then tho play's the thing . . .EDUCATIONAL TV Pioneering educational TV in Northern Wisconsin. Prof. Arthur Kruk inaugurated a series of art programs over a local station. Homo viewors who took a final examination at S.S.C. were able to obtain collcgo credit for the TV course.SWEET N LOW . . . Th;« bran quart® bf® f» In a m®lody of too for an off-tho-cuff j,Music.. Mush._ MUSIC. -a to a highly organized bdnd' -h? .C ‘n?P1,s !s with music ' ' ; us,c• • m,iv,c! Music mojors. music minors ond ©von thos© who con t corry a tuno in o pail |Oin into th© musicol octivitios with zost!Testing One... Two... Three On the Air! All Quiet!! W.S.R.G. produced many programs of interest to tho students of S. S. C. ond Superiorites. 142On of tK m«ny t «m acfivffiot it fencing. Touch ! TK girl qym cUit it buty l rn'ing IK® fvndamcntali wnder IK gt xfanc of Mitt Grac Wabtlef. The Feminine Side of Sports... 149 Tli college camera »top» a minute to tale a picture of the tinrlert getting inttrwctioni from MH» Grace Webiter.The "Pencako Eating" championship was won by "Chub" Koehler. who a!« 27 flapjacks at a Lambda svppar. Wow! That's quite a few pancakes. cupcake. 144 Personalities in the News... We again had royalty on campus, from the Superior Winter Frolics. Petite Ann Greone was selected es ono of the princeisas in the 1956 Winter Frolics. Mono of us l'«« Browning. Byron. Shelley or Keats but wo all know tho friendly smilo of custodian Oono Akers, who has becomo widely known for his splendid pootry."Two hoadt ero batter than at anyone can plainly ia«. at a college rnliecX COWtWOVJVE. ■UMF.-MOO-tOO AOH«SSVOH-'2 » KEN HMW A ploco to put tho pottor is the thought in mind ns Barb Rabonowich and luenn lillio put tho final touches on the TAX postsr. (Top Left) Chuck Clark and Bill Christianson tako a glance at tho camera bofore putting up fho SEMP poster. (Bottom Loft] Patti Clolkos: osks Carol Endrini if the LAMBDA postar is In a good spot bofore Nancy Cloutier puts it up (Above).The organizations busy with preparations for their annual formols was a part of college life that tho roaming camera couldn't miss. In tho fall came Semper Compares' Harvest Moon Formal. The holiday spirit was ushered in with the Lambda Sigma Lambdo Sorority's "Frosted Fon-tosy". To top off the holiday spirit, the FEX Fraternity held its annual Christmos Formal. At the beginning of the new year, the Tau Alpha Chi Sorority held its Sweothoart Formal. With green everywhere. tho Lambda Delta Chi Fraternity's Shamrock Dane© was hold. Using balloons and a carnival theme, tho Delta Sigma Sorority held its Carousel Formal. The yeor's formals onded with the Iota Dclfo Chi Fraternity's Formal.The Way of "Greek” Activities LDC -♦'o «chongad ,he I"• « e V.m to h« Superior orphenoqo, ? £"’ (Above) Sparkling chain, offre.T fwrol"h d , ,C 01 wera ,h •« •»»©« for lh0 LAMBDA 48(Left) Membor of If FEX gather bought for winter decorating. (Top) TAX members dratt in oriental garb for their annual tpring rusbar. {8e!ov| A humorous touch in the Wintor Frolics parado was tho gaily decorated "Sompmobile." The Greek letter societies ploy on importont 'port in tho picturo of life ot S.S.C. Activities ronging from those of a philanthropic nature to those of "jutt-for-fun" ore port of going to college. 149I CARNIVAL TIME... "Step this way. ladies and gentlemen! Try your skill and luck at this gome of chance!'' Fun and frivolity marked the First Annual Carnival at S.S.C. Under the chairmanship of John Senty and with the cooperation of all campus organizations, "Carnival time" was success time. Proceeds were donatod to a fund for the furnishing of o proposed new student union. (Above) A well-eimed dirt would pvneturo ono of the balloons, tooling t)i« pretty mtimold. (left) For only on thin dime. Mademo Ceniuro to'd your fortune. |Far Left) John Sonty enjoys his tern in joit nft«r being sentenced by tho "Korny Kourt". With such protty guards, who wouldn't?And Finally .• COMMENCEMENT TO OW; SUWoo Erxlio . Bom W«M. cwi oomoi. i «h OwHoo. J “ S 3. N,. y Clovis. »:•!. U-do.,t ierb.-. R»b«r«vkh. CUrlti McDomM. Wi'Y K«y f xUf. O -.V IUfir.7 Gj y H V.. THIRD ROW; A»!»th SS. Dixx Job'io . lof.n Wor doed. W«iym Ry'b rferd. Joyce fi lioo. Oo Joined Jms Go'dimlth lovil j.,J Morlh Lolor. Ub Ccchoo. SECOND ROW: M..y A,.« SeMr. K„ NobV Ivey Arooioe. M.r, Foot,. 0,1. V. "?"■ jU-b... 8o.«o«l K_Dom. OeVfi,. Ooo Outbox. C -tcr, M«r„y. Btc-. WiU,, Go-m... FIRST ROW: t»llo E«..t Oo.Kd.l. 0..!.« Oo-. U.i« Ucmo. O.roctoy O .VJ foil:. M.Hy. U- .l.t. D.o. Did F0II1. Betty Jo Dwiw«r». Sk.r'xy Jof.j "n-r 156 A CAPPELLA CHOIR:RONT ROW—Mary Aqnei Schulti. Mary Kay Fenchoe. 8arbara Rabo-o»i b. Marly UndquHI. Marilyn Knerlie . Wilma Gorman. Serbara 8ortovi t . SECOND ROW—Ken Noble. D eV Folli. ,ogi» Meier and Evert ScSmidt MADRIGALS»-4 COLLEGE BAND 158 Under the direction of S. B. Show, the College Band porticipoted in concerts ond assemblies, sponsored two successful "Battle of the Bonds" dances and culminated the year with a three-day four of Ashland and Bayfield counties.FRONT ROW — Janice Sol-torjtrom. Mary HUI. Carol Endow. Sharon 8ol'and. Donna Bodoon. Jeon Goldimith, Donna . Dahlie. Shirley Davit. Joan ijlor. SECOND ROW— ) Mary Murphy. Alieo Briilo. Pal Briilo. Alice LoPaqo , Morlyt Chell. Carolyn Andor-• »oo. Norma Woitorluod. Nancy Olion. Alice Poteric-n, Shirley Peulion. THIRD ROW —Jo-nio Lou Kocb. Koran Kurtchner. Dorothy Sobolt. Joan Myeri. Doloroi Holm. Karen Grundahl. Froncil Bor-loch. June Ward. Anno Taylor. Juno Poterion, Joyce Shoarrow. Doricc Johnion ) GLEE CLUBS FRONT ROW—Ken Noblo. Richard Thoerin. Dolo Com-poau. Joel Eaton. La-ronee Olton. David Oitorlund. Richard Ne-rd. Bob Eddy. Donald Fo!ti. director. SECOND ROW—Don Jeitad. Cal Doty. Sholdoa Ericltoe. Merwyn Brown. Louil Moior. Ken Johnion. Torry Andorion. Milei Schuitodt, Jamal Pe'lint.ELIJAH Superior Slate College students presented Mendelssohn's ''Elijah" for their onnuol oratorio. Guest soloists for the affair were Ethel Wagner Delong. Harriet and Warren Woddridoe and Rov The production was under the direction of William Keller, hoad of tho SSC orchestra. Donald Folfi directed o combined collego and community chorus of 187 in the presentation of tho 100-ycar-old musical story which was suggested to Mendels-sohn by the biblical possogo 'Behoid. the lord passed by." Delong. Harriet and Warren Woold Schuessler. Evort Schmidt shared the sp professionals os the lone student soloist.THE CRUCIBLE The tragic setting of New England's witchcraft trials was the background for th 0 coV’ego playors in thoir first me'|Or production of the year. "The Crocib'-o." The lead of John Proctor was portrayed by Pad Kendino end his wife. Efiro-both, by Rita Kotter. The mystical olement was introduced through the character of Abigail, who was played by Oeloros 8uchenan.THE LADY’S NOT FOR BURNING Our student and faculty members showed their acting ability in tHa second production of tho year . . . concert reading by Christopher Fry— Lady’s Not For Burning." The leads were taken by Dr. Bailey who portrayed Jennet Jourdemeine and Paul Kending who played Thomas Mendipl. Other members of the faculty wore Or. Gayle Henion, Agnes Currie, and Pacey Beers. Student participants were Jim Stomom, Gle« Johnson, and Earnest Doty.THE MADWOMAN of CHAILLOT A farcicol fantasy sot in Paris was (ho final production by the col’ego players. "The Madwoman of Chaillot'' ended the season with a bright note of com-ody. Rojos went to Phyllis AnseSI for hor load as tho nvadweman. Othor student participants were Phil Frankie. Rolfe Erickson. Potti Ciolkow. Marilyn Clark, ond Lou-dole Johnson.No. tho editor didn't end up in an insane asylum, but sho was gcing ’round and 'round in circles .. . Wo would like to acknowledge our grotitudo to Herbert Day of tho Carr.pjs-Community Camera Club for the photo on this page and the other unusual photographic designs which have been used on the Division pages.ADVERTISING Tho following page of tho "G»tch" ero full of tho thought of the bufinettmen and woman of Suporior who ore intorejted in S.S.C. Wo oxpross our grati-tud© to you. the Advortiierv who have played such an important part in melina the IVS6 Gitcho Gurnee potvWe. NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE Join our Christmas Fund Superior' only Drive-in Bonk MCMIfR: IIMPAI DEPOSIT INSOHANCf CO P.Wo carry a Complete lino of School Supplies M. D. McLEAN STORE 2208 Eost Fifth Street Speak to Speokes for Building Material and Cool THE SPEAKES COMPANY 126 Bank Avc. Diol 4-3053 The store for College Men "A Good Name to Remember for Good Clolho " Our Sincere ! BEST WISHES FROM BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING Give u a Coll HAWKINS LAUNDRY "They Satisfy" Ogden neor 13th Dial 4-5565 DUNBAR'S Equipment and Supplies for the RESTAURANT AND JANITOR 720-722 Tower Superior. Wis See Us for Complete Home Furnishings POPKIN FURNITURE 518-20 Tower Ave. Ex—4- 4010 Superior, Wis. SUPERIOR NATIONAL BANK Established 1897 Eost End Superior, Wiscomin Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Your Ford Dealer 1219 Ogdon Avenue Superior, Wisconsin Diol 4-5588 REED MERRELL INC. WISCONSIN TYPEWRITER CO. Skyway Luggage (Perpetually Matchable) All Makes of Portable Typeur Iters Rental Typewriters L. C. Smith and Corona 1306 TOWER AVENUE too BENSON ELECTRIC COMPANY Contractors and Engineers "What Grand Rapids Promises ... General Electric Appliances Grand Rapids Does" LAKE SUPERIOR 3rd ond Grond Avenue Ex 4-5548 GRAND RAPIDS HOUSE FURNISHING CO. REFINING COMPANY Belknap at Ogden Superior Petroleum Products THE TELEGRAM JOB SHOP Over 66 Years of Printing Service We give S ond H Green Stomps The Most Modern and Largest Commercial Printing Plant in Upper Wisconsin Evening Telegram Building Ex 4-4411 167... beautifully exquisite DIAMONDS H. CEDAR 1213 Tower Avenuo You buy the best for less ... ot RUDOLPH'S House of Fine Furniture Moving Storage Baggage and Parcels to All Parts of Superior and Duluth LONG DISTANCE MOVING SUPERIOR AND DULUTH TRANSFER COMPANY 911 Tower Ave. Ex 4-4471 Quality means so much Dial 4-7241 THE QUICKPRINT Clyde B. Thomos; Commercial Printing 1613 TOWER STACK BROTHERS. INC PLUMBING AND HEATING CONTRACTORS EXPORT 4-3243 Health and Happiness to the 1955 Graduate COMMUNITY DRUG STORE ROY GRIMSRUD; Prop. BELKNAP ELECTRIC COMPANY Electric Wiring and Fixtures 714 Tower Ave. Ex 4 3763 1513 Belknap SX-4-7769 148ROOKEY TRANSFER COMPANY COAL COKE BRIQUETS Dependable Service 1417 Bonks Diol 4-6609 Compliment- ERIC'S BARBER SHOP WIGHTMAN'S on® p,oe® yo° Don 1 Min G rtino o Good Trimming" House of Flowers _ ... • Next Door to Bndgeman s 1307 Tower Avenue 1115 Belknop Suporior, Wis. Congratulations to the 1956 Graduation Clast Superior s Only Fireproof Hotel THEANDROY ART ERICKSON'S SUPER SERVICE STATION f£$ "Where Friends and Service Meet" L§6) Belknap and Grand — Dial 4-9944 We Carry a Complete line of Equipment for the Sporttmen . Archery Supplies . Hunting and Fishing Equipment . Keys Mode While You Wait LUND'S SPORTING GOODS 1817 Bolknop Dial 4-9591 THE EVENING TELEGRAM SUPERIOR, WISCONSIN Completely Blanketing the Vast Superior Market and All of Northern Wisconsin Circulation In Excess of 22,000 NORTHERN WISCONSIN'S LARGEST DAILY Store: Dial 4-4461 BokefY: O‘o1 49,53 CONNOLLY'S Meats — Groceries — Bakery and Coffee Shop 1202-1204 Belknap Street Superior, Wisconsin 169NORTHWESTERN OIL COMPANY Every Purchase pleases when you shop With our sincere good wishes at TWIN PORTS PURE OIL PRODUCTS STACK AND CO-OPERATE DAIRY COMPANY. ASSOCIATION. INC. Vi»if Any Northwestern Service Station in Superior Superior, Wisconsin and you get "Service with a Smile" For... QUALITY ICECREAM AND RICH DAIRY PRODUCTS IT’S BRIDGEMAN’S • 1106 clk»op Street Oiol 2-1372 Gruen, Elgin ond Hamilton Wotchet Perfect Diamonds PETER'S JEWELRY 1126 Tower Avenue Compliments of COLLEGE CAFETERIA Patronize Your THE VOGUEBOOTERY GITCHEE GUMEE "Yoer Shoe Store for )• Years" Advertisers 1218 Tower Avenue Phone 4-7493 Integral Parts of Superior Wisconsin State College AND... N xth« a Wiitoniifi'i L« d iq 0«p«rlm fit Stof Compliments of CORNWELL-SUPERIOR CORPORATION CARLSON'S CASH FOODS owned by Gordon Carlstrom CAFE - BAKERY GROCERY - MEATS Open 7 Days a Week Across From Courthouse 1316 Bcllnap Street . •sferrrrTTTCompliment of LIGNELL'S REXALL DRUG "Your Friendly Store" 1022 Tower Avonuo ART MOIN, Prop. CHEF'S RESTAURANT HENRY COHEN. Prop. Open Saturday Night Until 4 A. M. MILLER’S STANDARD SERVICE Col Miller. Mgr. Allot Prodocis-Acceuories—Motorola Radio Expert lubrication—Washing SPECIALIZED TIRE SERVICE Open 7-12 Winter—24 hour Summer Service The Most Modern Equipment Dial 4-9769 Belknop at Tower PATRONIZE YOUR GITCHE GUMEE ADVERTISERS TEACHING FUTURE AMERICANS WILL BE THE CAREER OF MANY AMONG YOU living in o cbonging, dynamic, powerful American democracy is the future of oil of you. Cooperative ore a vital part of that dynamic democracy. They are the yardstick with which America is beginning to measure the efficiency of its other typos of business. Our states recognize the vital role of the Coops, requiring thot they bo tought in our school systems. learn about cooperative people's business. We shall be glod to inform you. CENTRAL COOPERATIVE WHOLESALE SUPERIOR, WISCONSIN ESCANABA. MICHIGAN VIRGINIA AND WADENA, MINNESOTAand best wishes to the Graduates of 1956 Reddy Reminds You That - Eyesight Is Priceless-Good Light Is Cheap! Superior Water, Light and Power Co. BERTHIAUME'S Groceries, Meats and Our Own Baking • 6 Phonos 4-5551 1415-1417-1419 Tower Avo. Superior. Wisconsin Superior's Finest Store For Men and Boys • EKSTROM'S Cornor Tower ond Eleventh PAUL E. HOLDEN INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. 925 Tower Ave. Phono 4-7742 Superior's Finest ond Most Dependable Insurance Agency FAGERLIN FUEL COMPANY Cool ond Wood Shell Fuel Oil Automatic Heating Equipment • 6th and BoxterKOTTER-McKEE FLORISTS Flowers for all occasions Diol 4-7797-2419 Elmiro Avenue You Con Find ... The belt in light lunches ond finest selection of bake goods ot FEDERAL BAKERY 1116 Tower Avenuo Dial 4-5883 Distinctive Portraits Photographic Supplies MILLARD C C'S 1509 Tower Avenue MATHER PHARMACY, INC. Prescription Experts Boord of Trade Building 1505 Tower Avenue IT WILL PAY YOU... To Inquire About The Educational Opportunities at WISCONSIN STATE COLLEGE AT SUPERIOR Offering in UNDERGRADUATE WORK Include. 2,3, ond 4-ycor leather training progrom •Four-year liberal Art degree progrom Prcprofe »ionol progrom for mony field of »udy GRADUATE WORK Will Bo Offered I coding to a Motfer of Education Degree Write for Information The Dean of Injtruction WISCONSIN STATE COLLEGE dupe-. WhrnnjinCompliments of E COMMUNITY BANK and TRUST COMPANY SUPERIOR, WISCONSIN THE BEST REASON FOR GETTING UP IN THE MORNING Delicious Aromatic FOR A TRULY DELICIOUS BEEFBURGER TRY KITCH'S •Home mode Chili Beefburgert •Humdingers Order» lo Toke Out KITCH'S DRIVE-IN Corner Fifth and Fisher Dial 4-9778 If you Don't Know Drugs . Know Your Druggist! PEOPLES DRUG STORE 1124 Belknap Street EAST END DRUG STORE 2131 East 5th Street J. A. Grimtrud Restaurant and Bar Supply Company Commercial Refrigeration Hotel—Restaurant—Bor Jonifor Supplies 708 Tower Avenue Dial 4-5625 174 176

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