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WISCONSIN STATE COLLEGE SUPERIOR. WISCONSIN TABLE OF CONTENTS The Spirit of: COLLEGE LIFE GRADUATION ADMINISTRATION ORGANIZATION ACTIVITYThe spirit of college life ... the essence of the compos . . . the Iriols ... the hours spent in study ... the goy donees . . . the swirling formols ... the roor of the crowds ot othletlc contests ... oil fuse together in memory . . . Into those unforgettable yeors . . . Thus we wish to present to you, the spirit of college life . . . college llfo ot Wisconsin State College in Superior ... SApproach To TKo Collogo Mom •oild g. Nof»K EnOeiKo The Spirit of FALLCampus vibrant, colorful leaves hcoralding the return to college . . . the entrance into a new life . . . brisk mornings and long lazy indian summer days - . . football fever in the air . . . tho spirit of fall on the campus... 7 IAkCoiy iioiMj j yTh orro Bo l Slog Cn'rorK and suddenly one morning, all is while ... frees shake their heavily laden boughs in the nippy breezes ... boots ond storm coots find their way into view ond tho campus is bothed in crystalline beauty ... the spirit ot winter on the campus ... Mo’-n Balding ond IK Snow tooSpring SPRING ... the awakening of nature ... a strange malady that strikes students and faculty both on bolmy oftcrnoons ... the verdant luxury of spacious lowns and budding branches ... the spirit of spring .... .. ond the wading VAot »ho!l I lole ... The ever prevent waiting . .. COLLEGE DAZE The Swing into School Life and the walling . . . All S hool Mix« - g lhoi aoty nog 13 The hoth whoop if up . . . No SQUARES ollowodCLASSES .... and between classesJUNIOR CLASS FIRST ROW: Mory Monlon. Pott OoifcoM. Mo.y HiM, lolo Cloutier, Ruth Muefexher. Olgo Moki, louite lor von. StCONO ROW: fu-gene R. lerto. 8 rnie Ktlvon. Jo Holvkk. Jo Vogt. Rito KoMer, Okk Oefore. Mary Dun»on. KothlMn TreWeock. W.JlIom York THIRD ROW: Okk foltr. Judd fortune. William 0. Sunio. lowrorxe Sofeolewjki, Cor on Gothom. 6ob Go- , Stephen Srogrwlh, Shormon Miller. td«ord Orolion, Povl Peterion.FIRST ROW) Do no Otopnon. Shirlec Olvon, PSylli Ansel). Alice Brisk! . Jocn Fe«(K lilOk Mary Jvn« Ann Toyloe, Judy Fintlod. Rose Bo sic. SECONO ROW: Richard Thearin, Roy Hull. Corole Greenwood. Oonno Morris. Jim Wodsworlh. William Formokes, John OeMort THIRO ROW: Roger Piepcr. Dorryl E. Coons. Roger Christensen. Erwin C. Johnson. Dole Blomquis!. Ernest I. Doty, lloyd C. Busch. Richard Foote, Bill McKee.SOPHOMORE CLASS FIRST ROW I Arlene lohlcr. Jennie too Koub. Dorothy Scholl. Vvww Co»r« . Joy Moeley. froncii Stone. CoroJ End'rtii. Shirley Ffetox. Mary Ann Schrveebergev, Gerry Wostoo. Barbara Oorkey. SECOND ROW: Croce fbngslod. Jor-et Bo'toll, Cborlen B-.con. Barbara Doherty. Jeon Krgvchv.4ir. 8«tty Jo Oonvnoor, Pot Sikes. Mo y Herobin. Jeonne Sproveels. Tom Nelson. 1HICD ROW: Robert Clement . Phil Orink-wine. loren Wcrelond, Jock Clough. John Eoton. Jo c|ih A Vitione, Richard Allen. Melvin Potter. Merle brown. Bob lind, Cherries Accolo.FRESHMEN CLASSFRESHMEN CLASS m$! «OW, Moxino I uni . Ctvol J OonVwIno. lucy A onion. !o" H trkUI. Suwn Smith. flow Stilltit. Nonty Dorn . Norma Adorni if CON 0 ROW, lofty Jmirk. lyW kko d G S iK. W« w Nordloy. Owfloi Clo k. junior Korttvto. CUford 0«»un» IMHO tow Alio WehMnQcr. Wiliam rhompton. G» xq S . CotWn,. W.lho« I owa Jofcn Bf. Rkkord W. Horntlc . K«nn«k A. tryv. Jim Gotkom 1 FIRST ROW. Joonno Bv'grott. Eleanor KovVown, Dxjno S -iih. Jeon Berg-folk. JoAnn DeMol. Borboro RobenWeh. Jeonno 8!oVo. Norxy Ctawtief. SECOND ROW: Ravtld Schwfci, Ed Voyllo. Gero'd Baldowin. Leonard Wagner. Wendell Anderion, RolPe (rkhien, tvgeno Cv"dcix - , Vaughn tcrln THIRD ROWi Roger Reoree. R«ao PeeMncr. Joltn H. lovo. Gv» Gioncolo. Bill Borneo Robert R. Thonwj. Hcldi'g A. Sedme. Cnwe Karov. Robert Shawl. FRESHMEN CLASSFRESHMEN CLASS jis ill! mviii Phi lij fIRST ROW: Icno’O King. Non y Moron. Roan Chorrior, Thor ) TpnplWon. Bor boro fi.'lon StCOMO ROW. Don ienn. Bony I or wo. fvnk flliion. Nonty lilliguijl. Lve.lto Hombl.n THIRD ROW: do-onto BorUv. Jim M«hcll. Rogpr Willow. Jcxk Ovpuo. Jorry Booth. John Jeike.For the first time — Fro hmen in the Royol Court Prince Moxine Tuttle Prince Bob Johnson HOMECOMING KING CAl KESSIE The Spirit of HOMECOMINGthe drama ... the oxcitoment ... the whirlwind of preparation for the buiy day ... th© elections ... tho friendly rivolry ... the golo porodc ... the smashing impact of the gome ... blending together into tho spirit of homecoming. 23 HOMECOMING QUEEN ESTHER WIITANENWild Excitement Cheers... and Jhe Game MMThe spirit of odministration ... the cogs thot kocp the machinery of college moving smoothly and progressively ... the friendly helpfulness that characterizes their endeavors ... the thirst for knowledge imboded into young minds ... such is tins enthusiasm of our faculty ... the zealousness of our office staff ... the spirit of administration ...COLLEGE PRESIDENTCOLLEGE REGENT REGENT BARNEY BARSTOWI “ T COLLEGE DEANS ELVIRA OEUENTHKN fcon of Women PHIL ARIAUUCY Ocon oi Men 32ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS MHARRY ANOERSON. AuiilOBI Oi-e l« oI Teotter Trolr-og. ROBERT TRAUBA. PrlfK.pol of grodci. STANDING; SfATfD. V. C. VAN PATTER, Oirocter of Teocfio' Training. M. H WHITNEY, Prlndpol ol junior high school. M McCASKILL ADMINISTRATORS AND OFFICE PERSONNELUSIl WAITE AliMaM S« e'oiy S«f«l vy to PWdoni DELORES KULAS Aulilonl S«' lofy EUEN GILMUIY Se rolo'y lo Pl x n«n» 8vr«o» GRACE STUB S«'«tory MARY COCKE S«'«rory, librory RUTH PETERSON Secrtlory 10 Deo ol InjlruttlonII IRA ft Y ASSISTANTS: Hooding from top to bottom, loft cokinn. Mory Woldum, Mory AJ.ce JutJo. 000 Mt-Konjio. Mory f.i . lill.on Plochlo. Ooloroi Yorr-g. SIGHT SOW. £d (VoIioa. Kennoth fcxlw, No non Adorno", tobon S.hornoU. ond Elmo Splolt. AftSfNI: Ingvold Shtrvy. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS AND CUSTODIANSAIR ROTC ENLISTED PERSONNEL M Sfl». VERNON I. BENGTSON M Sflt. FRED A. ROBINSON CUSTODIANS: l«ft I® r Sl, SEATEO. Dono AUn, EW Ande ion. HiWur McNouflKJOo. Anno Scots, Juel Or.o!d. Fronk Nevim STANDING. Melraer Goeke, Glenn Schullr. Soil HoMOei, Earl Snyder. Oorvsld Sccln. Superintendent; John leMor. CoSon MeRoe ond Stove Rindo. Sr. Abionl from picture. Bernord Frel . Polmer Hovgon ond Eorl Me-Nomoro. t. s9 . marshau bottomsDEDICATION We, the members of the 19S5 Gifche Gurnee staff, toko greet plcosurc in dcdicoting this yeor's onnuol to: DR. OMER I. LOOP on esteemed member of our focvlty since 1919 in the educotion ond psychology deportment. Dr. Loop's pleosont ond informol monner in closs hos endeored him to oil who hove possed through his courses on their woy to becoming teochers. His duties ond responsibilities during these mony yeors hove gone beyond the classroom. He wos deon of men from 1931 to 1947, ond vetorons coordinator. He hos been choirmon of the Douglas County Historical Socioty ond o member of the Stole Executive Committee of the Wisconsin Educotion Association. Since I960 he hos served os o member of the Douglos County Board of Supervisors. He b olso o golfer of some note in these ports.MARRY W. ANDERSON M.RK (1946) S«p »i»in9 Toother MU ARIAUSKY MS. (1938) Dcon of Mon Veteroni Coo d i not or GEORGE C. BAIL Ed.O.(IMO) fd. ot on FACET BEERS M A (1951) Speech 39 JAMU M. (AtOOCK e.S. 11950 Motor. USA» OAVIO 5. CAADNU (1954) Copr. USAf DOROTHY 0. BAIltY Ph 0. (19541 (oglitl. WYATT W. aaCMlft PH 0. 0944) HistoryBESS A BENTON M.A. (1935) German, lot in ItUSSUl (. BERT MA. (1948) Jou malum JOHN O. DANIELSON M.A. (1944) M.}lKe-ron MARY DEATON A.M. (1924) Engl.fl) H. CATHERINE BOWSER Mfd (1940) Aimlonl lituo'ion EDGAR VAN BRIGGS M 0. (19531 Phyik ARTHUR DUWt fk.O. (I9S4 Biology HARIEY ERICKSON Rh.O. (I9SJ) Edvtotion ROYAl J. BRIGGS ffcO (1949) Cconomks SHIRIEY M CAKRIAR AAA. (1946) Engllih IOA flOGSTAO MA (1938) Moth«mor« OONAIO Kxrc MMw. (1939) •tlWASYl MAtICM M).0.(I9A4) Hblory lOWAtO F. GREVf B S. M l_S. (I9S0I libfory Auiviont OARYl HANSON MA.09J4) M«,k ROBERT HARRINGTON ph.o. own {«yie iia H(STOR N. KYllO 8$ In I S (1948) library AuIUonl THORPE M. IANCIEY HA (1922) GcogrophyMARIIYN MARSTAD SS. (1954) Supcrr.ting TeocHcr JOStRH W. HORTON US. (1952) Chamiilry OMIR L LOOP HvO. H9I9) (dtKOJ on MtlfN I. LOTH PVO. (1924) lofinj Spor..ih MINOA HOVIANO UA (1924) SuparviUng T«o V WIlllAM C. KCllER Muk (1947) MumJAY MtKlt Ph.O. (1935) HitfOfyj Politicol Scicx (IIZAKTH MO NOW M A (1933) Svp«rv ng TeocKcr WltllAM SCHtltP MMa (1933) M«»ic EDWIN SCHMMCR MS. (1933) PkyiMs; Autonomy AMEHICO MOKTOKUI MS. (1954) Phyikol CdvcollOA StANUY OEXCMANN Ph D. (1949) Biof«gy MAfiJORIE SCUOOER MA. (1954) Svpcniung TtocKer HAZfl SEOUIN M.A. (1939)KAlMItYN OKMAN A.M. (1926) English Willi AM 0. PAUISON 8.A. (1951) II. Col. USAf EMUIE W. SONDRECGER Ph 0. (1947) fionclij WIUIAM E. STANStU 8 S. (1953) Svpcr.nmg Toochor william RECTOS Pk.O. (1954) HijTory IO f$T 5TEMIN M.A.(1952) Major. USAf JANE RlHNSTRAND Art (I9W) EDITH SWARTLEY M.K (1954)JAMES W. TANGNEY 8 S. (1952) III ll. USAf FIORINCE M. WAIOE BS. in LS. 1920 lib'O'ion IYOIA THERING B.S. 1950 Phyikol Edocoi-on GRACE I. WEBSTER MS. 1953) Phyiicol Ed.ioiien ROBERT TRAUBA MS. 1951) Svpe ..)iAg Troche' RAUl TYCH5EN MS. 1952) Geology HIIDUR WESUUND MA. (1952) Svperviiing Troche' M. H. WHITNEY MS (19541 Superviiing Troche' 46YERNON E. VAN PATTER IAS. 1920) Ed«otk n CARl VERGAMINI 8.S. (1954) Phyikol Edu ot ©« ROBERT 0. WIUIAMS Ph D. (I9J5I English IOUIS AOA WILSON M.A. (1933) Edurolion 47 WAITER WAOE Ph.O. (1953) Chomislry DOROTHY O. WAITE M. A. 1925) History MARGUERITE E. WOtfINGER M S. (1950) Supercliiz-g Too h r SIDNEY E. WRIGHT MjR. (1941) InduHflol ArtsJANUARY GRADS. . RAIPH 0. lURBtY, lodysmlth; B S. Mi5h School Troinlng; Mewmon Club I.2.3.4; Semper Compotes 1,2,3,4, secretory 3j Ar. "oW Av Society JA VIRGINIA 1. CAMPBIU. Trego; B.S.. Uber. ol Art}; Wcwioh chorus T,2.3; New iron Clvb I; Stg »o Gon»vo Chi I2j College Ployer) 4, "Corouicf. f JOYCI I. CHRISTOfTfRSIN, loreifo. 8.$.. l irrn«$ ole {duration, Messioh chorus 2; Korol Stote Groped 1.2; tmormedlotes 3.4, treoturer 3j Tou Alpho Chi 2.3,4; l.SA i.2.3.4. SOGIORIA FREDERICK, Chlppcwo Follt, 6.S. KlndergotlenPrimory Education; Homecoming eomnlrtco 3.4. |ucen «indido-c 4j Klnde-gorten-Primory 2_3j $ gmo Gommo Oil 3: lombdo Sigma lombdo 3.4; Crco-tion 3; CoOege Moyer 4. "Dork of tho Moon”, "Coeoriel" LEE A EONGER. Superior. »_A. High School Trolnlng; Alpha M Omega I.2.3.4. prei deni 3; Homecoming Comrlrtee 2.3; Me -fob 1.2.4; The Creoiion 3j Bond. O.chev iro, A Coppcllo choir I.2.3.- Socicl Com-•r-tlee 2.3. provident 3; Fex 2.3.4, CoEcgc Ployeu, "Silver Spoon ". "Romeo ond Jullel". “Oork oI the Moon", "Coeoo-vel”, "Mole Anlmol”. v li L ' WM SI IESTER I. FRYE., He'-mbvrg, Indlono; Tw yeor Rurol.OONNA I. HAYES, lodyM-ith; S S. ICfd -gotton-Frlmory IdvcotlOA; Metlioh CKo'ul 1.2,3, 0-1 o«d Sotponl Society 4, A.CE-; Klndotgotton-Ptlnory 1.2,3.4. ptei-Idont 4. Stylo Sho— cochoit-o" 4; Cliche Gvnee 4, MARY Alice JUTItA. Ely. Nevodo; B-S. KAdetgorten Ptlnocy (dvcotieo. 0-1 o«d Sot pool Society 4. Votvoh 1.2.4; Cteotio-3; A Coppotlo O o4- 2.3.4, Klndorgotte—-Ptimory 1.2.3,4. wcroloty 2; Sociol Co»-mlttoo 4; Inler-Ct b Council 4. president 4, Alpho Koppo 1,2,3.4, Socroloty 3, pt«U-denf 4, Signo Con mo Chi I. S2 LEILA FUHAKKA HOFFMAN, Svp kx, B S . Klr d fgort««vP(i.i ory Ed. olio«; Art Club 3j Tow Alpho Chi 1.2,3.4; Kindergarten-Pfimory kmw.« 3; A.C.f. 4, RICHARD KAJTNtR. Swp«i X; BS. Upper Grode .HICHAM) G. lIDfttRO. Cordon, S-. Borol Stoto Grodcd, Owl ond Serpent Society 4, Alpho Pil Onego 3.4, Homecoming Committee 3.4, Rorol Stole Gtoded I.?.3.4. vice pceiideni 2. pt end tot 3, Sociol Committee 2.3.4, Inler-froternity Council 3.4. Secyetory 3. pret«ient 4, Semper Compare! 2.3.4. ke prendetu 2.3. pretidenl 4, Rep-tomdt 123.4. out cd-’or 2. editor 3,4, College Ployort 2,3.4. "Anything Goo ". "The Dear Deported". "A Gome ©I Chew". 'Dork ol the Moon". "Not Only the Oeod Are Brove". BETH HEIWIG MARTIN. Superior, •.$„ Upper Grodet, Owl o d Serpent Society 4, Wevley fellowiAip 1,2.3,4. tecretorytreot-vrer 4, Art Ch-b 2.3.4, Too A Ip ho CM, College Mayen 2. "Anything Coet".JAW.ES E. ROTSAERT. Superior, B.S. High School Iro » 9 Foe'boll 2.3.4, Bosleiboll 2.3.4, SCIvb 2.3.4. vice president 3i Hone-con'ng comnittee 4. king 3; Mewmon Q b 2.3, Social Comnittee 3, ktlo Delto Cbi 2.3.4, prctideni 2.4; Sophomore io« v e president; Hockey 4. YVONNE CLOUTIER TAICOTT. Supers, B.S.. Kinder gotten. Primary Edvcotioa, Met-lioh 1.2.4, Creation 3, A Coppelfo choir 1. 2,3.4. Kindergorten-Prieory vice president 3; Nenrmon Club, An Clvb 2, lombdo Sigma lombdo treasurer 3; College Players. "Corovsel" occonpanltl 4, ROY E. WITTWER. Appleton. 8.S.. libero! Arts. Inlronurols 3.4, Homecoming con-mitfeo 3.4; Parade cocholmon 3.4. Social Commtleo 2.3.4, Inter.frotemity Council 3.4. vice precedent 4, fee 2.3.4, SvndqvHt Hall 2.3.4, pro,idem 3; Junior Clou treasurer, Peptomist 2; Arnold Air Society 3 4, Squadron C.O. Code! Moior 4, Drill Toon 3.4.JUNE AND NORMAN R. AOAMSON. Superior; B.S.. l.berol Aril; Weiley fellcr-ihip 1.2.3.A JULY GRADS___ JOHN R. ANDERSON, Superior; B.A, Hi® . School Troining; Mcilioh 1.2.4. Solo-lt i Creo-ion SoloiU 3; Modrigol Singeui 3.4; A Coppollo Choir; WeiWy foltew-ih-p RICHARD C. ANDERSON. Erederk B.V; lulheroi Student Aiwx-alior. 2.3.4. preil-dont 3; lombdo Oelto Chi 3.4. vko preii-dent 4; Syrdqvill Moll tecretory-Ireoiurer 4; Arnold Air Society 3.4; Com-mood Sgvodroo 2j Orill loom 1.2.3; College Koyeri. "Corcvtel" 4. SS8. OANICl BURBEY, lody»»»fh; 8.S.. liberol Art ; Footboll; Boxing 1.2. coptoin 2j IntromuroU 1.2; S-Club 1,2.3.4,- Alpho P»l Onego 3.4; Homecoming king condi-dote 3; Newmon Club 1,24.4; Semper Compotei, tec'efory 2, A nold Air Society 3. Of ill Teom 2; College Ployer 24,4, "Dork of the Moon". "The Mole Animol", two one o » ployl. mk OONAIO K. BUTTON, WebUO; 6S. Uber-ol Art ; Comoro Club 2.3.4, lecretory 3; lonbdo Delta Chi 3.4. recoding tecretory 4j Arnold AJr Society 3 4; Oeum ond Bugle Cop 1444.ROSARIO r. OUINAS, Oadedo. Guon., 8 S; Alpha Pii Orrago 2.3.4, Hom« o"-ng q aa" Condidota 3; Meuioh chotul 1.2; Newnon Club; vk pretident 3: Socid Committee 3; Tou Alpha CM lecratory }, Signo 0 l loeiol reporter 3j Peptoiriir 1.2.3; Gnche Gu«e« 1.2.3; CdJege Ployert, "Oort d the Moon". "Co'Ouwl". "Anything Goal". Diteeior. "Morrioge Piopotol", Student Director. "Iirportonce ol Balog Corneif ROBERT i. ECKERT. Mercc'; B.S.. Upper Grodei; Howmon Club 4, loto Oalto Chi 3.4, Sundqulp Holl KATHRYN A. EK. Shall lake; 6-S. K nder-gortao-Primory Edecotlori; Troniler horn Marquette, N»«.mon Club 2.3.4; lombdo Sigmo loeibdo 2.3.4, KindergorleriPrl. mory 2.3.4, S gao Genmo Chi 2.3. ICO C. ElllSON. Superior; B.S„ H,gh School Trolning, Mcmoh orcheifro 1,2; Craorlon 3; A Copallo Choir 1.2.3, Bond 1.2.3; Orchaitro l.?A tonbdo Dalto Chi 3At Drwn and Bugle Corpi 1.2; Cdlege Rfoyen 3 "Dork d the Moon". S9RODERICK S. HIISON, Pcplor, B.S., High School Trolnlng, Alpho PH Oeego 3.4. vice president 4; lombdo Delto Chi 3.4, Arnold Ale Society 3.4.- Coliege Moyers 2,3,4, "Importo-ce ol Being fornest", “ e«neo ond Juliet '. "As Yov I lie Ir. Oork ol the Moon", "Anything Goes” BIUIE 6. ffICHTINGIR. Superior, B.S.. High School Trolnlng.. Meisioh 1,23, Bond ond Oreheslro 1.2.3; Intermedlotei., Too Alpho Chi J.2.3,4, treasurer 4, G.fche Cvesee I. JAN( A. IORD, Amery.- 8.S.. Intermeddle Cducotionj Homecottlng Committee 3, Me -«ioh 1.2.4, Informed iotei 2.3.4, Soc-ol Committee 2.3, Inrer-CIvb Council 3. president 3, Too Alpho Chi I.2.3.4, treasurer 2. president 3, Nowtnon Club I.2.3.4. College Moyers 3. "Dork ol the Moon". ORVAl A. GABRIfI. Amery, BA. l.berot Ats, Mesvoh 4, lulheron Student Association 3.4, Air ROIC, group od;.‘ont 4, Arnold Air Society 3.4, vice president 3. Drill loom 3; A Coppello Choir 4, Colloge Moyers 4, "Coroutel". 60THOMAS H. KEllER, Sopofky. 6S.. Ubo,ol on . CAIVIN K. KESSEER. Svpwioo 8S. Uppc' O'odo; fooifcoll 1.2.3,4, coptoin 4; bov k ,boH 1.2, Iwro oK 2.3.4, SClub 1.2. 3.4. tieoturer 3, Momttpwing ki g 4, tolo Oolio Chi 1.2,3,4. vke p, »i J««i 2A «eo»-tire, 4, Oou vk« ScpVo-ore CIOM I'CflluffJ Jw«iM ClOH pretidont; A'ro'd Ai» Society 3.4, oil conference looiboll loom 4. DEIORES A KOENIG. Superior, 8 A. liber-ol Aitti New non Club 2.3.4; Alpho Koppo 3.4, vko pre»kJe i 4 ROBERT A. KOENIG. ChMek; 8.S.. High School Trolnlng, Tronitor from tho foBl $»OlO; ItllOMOll 2; 0 1 ond Serpen! Society 4; Meitioh 2.4; Creation 3; A Co-ppolio Choi, 2.3.4, Bond 2.3, Oreheeiro 3, 4, Into,-Vo,lily Chrhtion felkmehlp 2J.4, vice peetldent 3. Willi AM KOMUIA, BsOAt ood; BS High School Tfoimrvg. Inlromuroll 1.2; Co»mond Sgvod'on 2. 64RAIPH O. MAVIS. Superior; 6.S.. liberal Af)»; foot boll Monoger 4 ; Introievroll l,J, 3.4, SC lob 4j 0«l 0"d Serpent Society 4, Homecoming Comnirtce 4; Sociol Committee 3.4, Inter-Frolornlty Council 3.4; loto Oelto 0.1 3.3.4; Hocloy 3.4. trancis r. McGinnis. Superior, 8 a.. High School Training; 0-1 ond Serpent Society 4, Mcuioh 2.4, Ocot ion 3; A Cdppello Choir 3.4. COlllfN MERfOITH. So»on, Thrae Yeor Certificote. Klndergorfen-Ptimoey Edeco-tion, Oclra Sigmo Momeconlng queen con- didoie 3. (A I KENNETH T. McCtARNON, Iron Rl.or. 6 S. High School Troining. LOIS M. NEISON, Amity, B.S.. IGndc -gorlon-Primory EdvCOtiOA, Comrr.ileo 3; Meuioh 1.2,4; K d«gorloo-Primary 3.3.4] Sociol Comniirieo 3j Too Alpho Chi sece.lory 4, Sigmo Com-mo Chi 1,3,3,4, Eiccutiv Counsel 4; College Ployen, 0o l ol tho Moon" 3. HOlCfR M. NIELSEN. Willfwn, 3 S. lib-«eol Arlj; Boilclboll I. Inlromvrolj; lombdo Delia Chi 3A, Arnold Air Sooety 3.4; Drill loom 3.4. Whig I. ROBERT o. NUSON, perior. 8$. High School Troinlng; Semper Comporei 3.3.4] Peplomlil 3; Arnold Air Society 3.4, Drill Toon 3.4. SHIRltV I. OLSON, GroMsburg, 8.S.. In. lermediolo Cdocolioa, Meuloh 1.4; Creation 3; Colleoo Comnonity 8ond I, A Coppolto Choir 4; Iniermedioles, « roto y 3, Irter-Vonity Chriition Fellow Jhip, tecrolory 3. 66I LEONARD R. PETERSON. Svperioe; 8.A.. liberal A tl: M iiloA 1 Cr«!io» 3j A CoppeUo Cha r 4; Inler-Froterntty Council 3j lonbdo Oolio Chi 3.4, pretidenl 4; Arnold Air Society 3.4. Ireoivrcr 3.- Orum ond 8ogle Co-pi 3; Rift Toon Grovp Cotw no rider 4; Chkogo Tribane Award 3. ROBERT I. RAINAIOO, Horley.- 8$. HlQh SeVool Troininfl; In'romvroli; New-rvjn Chrb 67■GEORGE R. SAMARDICM. GiWi B.S., Upp G od« i Intcomvrotj 1,3.4; lomWo D lto 0.1 4. BETTY A. SIRIANNI, CcmWclond; 8.S.. Kindecgo'IcnPrinoey fduco'lon.- M«»loh 1,2; bttcc-CIvb Council 4; lonbdo Sigma Ion.Wo I.M.4, "Nwnr 5, p «M«M 4, Kinder Qo lm- Primory I.2.3.4, Sigmo Go -mo Oil 1.2.3, vie prciidmt 3; ptRMflbl A.C.E. 4; No-nmon CWb 1.2.3,4, vie pr l-deni 4. 691 I I tARt P. SNYOUC. Rh.nelondef; B.S . School Troiningj 6o-.l«rboll I.2.3.4; SClub 1.2,3.4. tecrolory 4, loto Delro C -: , Svk)• qui»l Holl 1,2,3,4, vice pteucfe'f j A no'd Alf Society 3,4, RICHARD j. SOU£. Superiot, B.S.. High School Trei-ing; Intromuroll 1.2; Owl ond Serpent Society 4j Meuloh I; Inter-Vooity Chrlttion Fcllowih p, trcoiuree 3.4; Rodio Culld 2.3,4, buuren moeoger 3. Chief onnooflCor 4; college PJoyeri 4, "CorouKl". CfARICt C. SUUIVAN. Supe .ec; 6.S.. High School Tro-lng; Ncnmon Club 1,2.3.4; Soc ol Committee 4, Infer Club CovncJ 4; Oelto Sigmo prciide ! 4; Citche Gurree I.DUANE M. SWANBESC. Solon Spring . 8.S.. llborol Am, $o..«g 2.3, S-Club 2.3.4. Hod © Guild 3.4, Infer-Eroterniiy Council 4. Semper Compote 3.4, protklonl 4; Sund-qultt Ho3 3.4, College Ployeri. "Coroviel" 4. SYDNEY M. VAN BUSXIItt. Boplor, 6S.. High School Tfoining, Alpho Pvi Omego 3. 4. Hocnecosmg Com i»ice Chowmon 3, Mesdoh 2, Creorion 3. A r Club 4. vice pcetidonr 4, Socio) Concritlco 3, Idler-Club Council 4, Oelro Sujuo ireos-ure 3, uico president 4, Sigma Comma Chi 1.2.3, CAcho Cvw I, Col logo l loy«c» 2.3.4. "Anything Goal". "Dork ol the Moon". "Corouwl".MARY E. WAIOUM. SupeeiOC; 6.S. High School Troining.. M i ioh 4; O colon 3; An Club 3.4; secretory 4; Social Committee 3; Inter-deb Council 3. Alpha Y.oppo 2.3. 4, president 3, secretary 4. ESTHER I WIITANEN, WoMk-W. M bi-«on; B.S.. Intermediate Education; Alpha Rii Omogo 3.4j Homecoming queen 4. Men-»ioh 1.2; Intermediate. 1,2.3.4; Inlec-Club Council 3. secretory 3; Tou Alpho Chi 1,2.3. 4. corresponding tecrelo'y 2; Sigmo Gom-mo Chi 1,2.3.4. treasurer 4; College Ploye i 3. 'Dock ol the Moan”. "Marriage Proposal”. DONAIO E. WESTER, Bennett; High School Training.- Orrl and Serpent Society 4; Arnold Air Society 3.4. MARTHA C. Wlltr. Wmtee, Three year colificole. Intermcdioee Cdvcotionj Messiah 1.3; Ocotkso 2; Rutol Store Groded l; Intermediates 2.3; Segno Gam o Chi 1.24; College Ployers I. "Anything Gael”,Seniors Not Pictured Williom Anonlch Richord Bettendorf Paul Brown Leonard Corljlrom Donold Crouse Don Doily Chorles Donlels Judd Fortune Eugene Herubin Ethel JocobsonThe Spirit ofORGANIZATION The spirit of orgonizotion ... the cogs thot torn the wheels of o trocurricular life . . . the fraternities and sororities ... the SDCcial interest groups ... the church affiliations . . . tins publications ... all these b lend in to the activity fronting o student's life . . . give to him a sense of belonging ... a sense thot college means more thon just books ond studies . . . the spirit of organization . . .fBONT ROW. ! -■ Collmi. Coiol Cnd lu I. A Ike le Roge. RHyKti Anted. Meritya Corhon. let C xt»on. SJCOND ROW Joel D.M0.1. Dono HJI. Clofke Svll-ron. eo Kouee. W 7 Ou.-?on. lok Holm. Joeol Reynold!. Jim Clo-k TOR ROW, M Yoek. John Mol... Jim T,o y. Merrill Re,.,,00. Joe Verne. lomreo Wee el d. Do.e $,oe. SOCIAL COMMITTEE I 7 Under the leadership of Jim Clork, the Social Committee hod on outstanding year in bringing social activities to the students in 1954-1955. The yeor's octivitios began with Homecoming, Com-poigning, skits, elections of o King and Queen, a pep roily ond the finol danco highlighted tho festive week. A fun-packed snow-week wos also sponsored for the students by the social committee. Skiing, skoting, tobogganing, dancing ond parties wero just a few of tho mony activities held. This was the first time anything of this type took placo on the WSC campus. To climox this successful year, tho onnuol skit night wos planned with dancing and refreshments in the smoll oym. 6INTER-FRATERNITY BACK, Clerk S tl w . Jo Sohiod f ONI, Mary Al « Jvtilo, B«l»y Sbienni. FforKVt S'or . Opol Andp jon. Rito Kolttr. COUNCIL The intor-froternity council it o control ©rgonizotion mode up of two representative from each of the four froternities. Tho purpose of the organization is to crcotc better interfraternity relations and to establish and maintoin regulations with regard to such activities os rushing, pledging, initiation of new members, ond other problems of mutuol interest to the social fraternities on the college campus. President Vico President Socrotory-troosurcr Jock O'Brien, lombda Delta Chi Joe Kalvick, Semper Compares James Clork, Fox INTER-SORORITY COUNCIL The inter-sorority council is mode up ol two members from each sorority on campus ond their advisor is Miss Gellenthien The purpose of Iho council Is to agree on terms regulating rushing, ini{ioting, pledging, donees, or any other questions that orise throughout the year, ond to insuro good fellowship. An ofternoon teo wos given for oil the new girl students ot the beginning of "the yoor. The social function wos held in the women's lounge to better ocquoint tho new girls with the olreody established students. President-----------------------Mary Alice Jutilo, Alpha Kappa Vice President_______________________JoAnn Solstad, Tau Alpha Chi Secretory ______________________Opol Anderson, Tau Alpho Chi t ONI: Ovon SwantMfg. CteKn K»VK tki. Joel 0- n o. Mwrill PrUue . BOTTOM. Jim ctork, Jo MoWel. 8 1 VoA, $vd Wstwtr.The Alpha Kappa Sorority storted out the year with preparations for Homecoming. The girls were all busy making posters for Rita Kot-ter, their condidoto for Homecoming Queen. Thoy olso worked on tho skit and their floot — "In All its Glory." Then followed the usual sociol meetings with Miss Marilyn Horstad, selected os the Assistant Advisor, taking over tho meetings during Miss Rohnstrand's absence. The onnual Christmos porty wos held ot Mary Woldum's where the girls ond their guests enjoyed the ofternoon. Tho sorority took in three new members during the first semester: Mory Agnes Schcely, Ann Toylor, ond Mrs. Catherine OHeoron. The sorority olso tried something new — o popcorn solo, instead of the usual eftndy sale. Then come rushing ond two busy weeks, followed by o bowling party ond sociol meetings A student was selected for the Art Scholarship ond the Alumni helped the "Artivos" ot the Ahnool Spring Scholarship Tea President................... Mory Alice Julila Vice President---------------- Delores Koenig Secrofory ....................... Mory Woldum Treasurer........................ J0net Hesscl ALPHA KAPPA fROMT ROW I Mory Alko Julllo, Mory Wolrfvm. Joo«r Hm»l, KooniQ. TOP ROW, Ann Toy lor, ■ 0 Kwior. Mory Ajno Sthylli. Mr . OHooron.DELTA SIGMA fRONI ROW, Mo Qc RuK . CIO'KO So .von. Vory Ovngon. Riio N«llOA. Sydney Von Ruikvk. Gwen Gwofton. StCONO ROW, Dclorei Okkoncn. Ivlie lorson. Colleen Vciditfc. Son4y lelond. Cornel Zimncrmon. Coil Joeobten TOR ROW, Model,rw Broil, . Arlene lokker, low! doeobwn. Joy Von ley. Ronnie Collinj. Joon Foni««N«. Arlene Olson The Delto Sigmo Sorority experienced another very octive year storting off with o colorful French theme in their campaign and float for Homecoming. Second prize honors went to the group for the float which featured con-con girls, tho Eiffel tower, and the Arch of Triumph. During December the onnuol progressive dinner wos held ot the homes of four different members. A Christmas fomily wos provided for, also. An all-school sock-hop oftor tho Michigon Tech baskotboll gome was sponsored by.the girls along with o privoto dinner donee ot the Duluth Athletic club in Jonuory. February rushing kept the girls busy. The year came to a successful climox when tho "Dramas" held their annual Spring formol in Way. Also in May wos the dinner for senior members ot the Flame. Miss Kathryn Ohmon served os the odvisor of the sorority. President----------------------- Clarice Sulliven Vice President --------------- Sydney Van Busklrk Secretory-------------------------- Gwen Gustafson Treasurer ---------------------------- Rita Nelson Sergeant-ot-Arms - ________________ Mory DungonThe Fex Frotornity began the 1954-55 school yeor with its traditional colorful homecoming campaign. Jerry Morris, a junior from Superior, was our selected condidote. The homecoming for the Fex wo highlighted by Lee Fonger's portrayal of Morilyn Monroe in the "Skit Do ' oclivitie ; and o first prize award for our ortistic floor displayed during the homecoming parade. During the holiday seoson the 39th annual Fex Christmas Formal added a festive affair to the college social calendar. The format's theme wo "Holiday Harmon ' and the spoctocular decora tians which fitted this theme, plus the smooth musk of Ralph Williams mode this yoor”s dance one of the most successful in it long history. A goto New Year's Eve party, supported by Fox members and guests, helped bring in tho New Yeor in reol style. The second somester found tho Fex sponsoring vorious college mixers ond KDAl Bandstands. During the Spring the Annuol Alumni Slog Banquet ond Fox Dinner Donco were held. The Eoster season found the fraternity sponsoring a horn dinrter for the children of St. Joseph's Orphon's Homo. This yeor the Fex enterod into civic offoirs by soiling tickets for tho Superior Bluos Baseball rally. The entire fraternity wo highly commended for their support by Tom Fleming, president of the Blues. FEX FRONT ROW, Ken Moriholl. John Bor tell. Ji» Kllppel. Cvrlli Boiko. Bill Kelly. Bl'vj Homo". Roy Wutnor. SECONO ROW, Bob letond. Mo. W.ijIq. Gene Mervbin. Of. (rkkion. od.i or, Too Friibrn. Okk 0c «. torle Anderioo. Jim KlmzlnQ THIRD ROW, Okk Smith, lorry ElMton. Don Winleri. BUI Formoke . loo longer. Jim Holmet. Jim Clorke. Rod I end berg. Chorlet Brondtor. M«nry Gingroi TOR ROW, Jo k Do Mori. Dove (llefiori, Ed Drolion. NmI Sporby. Jim Troey. Dole Wejlerbock. Okk Foole. Jerry Vorrli. Ron S hohrIOTA DELTA CHI FRONT ROW: Bill York. Coil.n Kiekheiki, Bob Cent. 1« Roitoen. lei Coition. Bob Sonbora. SECOND ROW: Roy Moll. B.'l McKco. Jock B'onvirow. O'. Me too. odvno'; Col KomI '. Tom Itko'i. Gcao Vo'tiao THIRD ROW, Goiy Po-wc. Rolph Klvboll. Jim P« kini. Mkkoy Moo. Oovo lo" ajon. froaoi Hilgoil, Jon Nolion TOR ROW- A no Soil . Jo n Joiko. Goorgo Johmon. CIo'cikc fcockoi. John 6«kenho9 n. toil Snydef. Bob Eckert, Ed Voylko. The loto's showed their chompionship form os thoy storted this yeor with o rousing welcome porty, ond the first donee of the term. Col Kessler, in oil Amerkon tradition, won the title of Homecoming King. This wos the second yeor in o row our "loom" hos coptured the coveted crown. A victory celebration, dinner donees, ond o Chrisfmos porty. by our new pledges ot the children's home brought us up to the Holidoys. With our team in excellent condition ond eager for competition, we started the second semester with o successful donee. Our Spring Formal ond Alumni banquet will never be forgotten, ond the mony bottles we hove won by team ploy bos bound us together in dose comrodeship. President_____________________________Jim Rotsaert Vice President___________________ les Corlson Secretory-----------------------Carlin Kielcheski Treasurer _______________________...___Bob Gone LAMBDA DELTA CHI The Lombdo Delta Chi frotornity storied the school year wilh o bock-to-school dinner given ot the home of Dr. Pool Tyschcn, froternity odvisor. The first major project for tho fraternity wos Homecoming with Jock "Darby" O'Brien nomi-notod as candidate for Homecoming King. The LDC float captured first prize in the humorous division. After the foil rushers, the froternity sponsored the first mid-week dance and volunteered to place the posters for the Red Feather compaign in tho Superior business establishments. Dr. Robert Harrington served as co-odvisor with Dr. Paul Tyschen. President__________________________Merrill Peterson Vico President_________________________________Dick Anderson Secretary______________________________John Scnty Treasurer____________________________Jock O'Brien Sergeant ot Arms____________________Glen Johnson fSONI ROW. Giro JoV.son. 0 k Andorra , Morrill Polorvon. Jock O'Brien, John Jcnty. StCOND ROWi Melvin W.lllomson. Ji Wodsworlh. Don Button. Hotrjor Neilton, Jim Sooty. TKIRO tOWi Gordon Grogo. kofler Pointer g, John lundeen. Irotk Aldrioh. Clyde Watkins. G« e 8ro h. TOP ROW, Or. Morringtoo, len Peterson, Rod (llifson, Don leisch, Dick Schronski, Gory Phlllipson. LAMBDA SIGMA LAMBDA ftONI ROW. P,i ilto AndwK». Owl.. Oom. Mwy Key to '. M-« WcUlwod. B ly A» ,kx.. Mwy Mwphy. w d t.owii Slow Mddfe Ro- 0w « Mw b. Chwl.w Bwo». Joyw r lto . Sh»l y Scmmtfvillf. Com Smilh. Mo— Htnbin. » K w.w«. ww Mwkw TfcoapM , Ge iy Wotton. Jed- Podo BACK ROW fhylb Ant H U'.no CollogAw. Glwio Iredwkk. Rilo So-kki, Polnyro Crwpi .o. Mwlyn tlndqwV. I 0« C-©» 01I. KoPPY ll- °«n® O opmo". Co ol SA-Wy Olxx. The Lombdo Sigma tombdo sorority began the school ycor by porticipoting in homecoming activities. Campaigning for home coming queen candidate, Gloria Frederick, was first on the list-The onnual Christmos Formal, a trodition with tho lombdos, hod the spectocular theme of "Fire and Icc". Occembor 10th wos the dote of the event. The holiday scoosn then brought obouf our Christmos party which wos held ot the home of Priscillo Anderson. The beginning of the second semester wos the signal for the rushing seoson. Thb wos followed by the White Rose initiation ond pledge dinners Portias, including one ot the Children's Home, os well as other social events become port of the program for the rest of the semestor until the senior bonquet drew to a close, the Lombdo Sigmo Lombdo sorority activities for onolher ycor. President__________________________ . Betty Sirionnl Vico President____________________Mary Koy Fa ocher Secretary____________________________Alice lePage Treasurer----------------------------Darlene DowSEMPER COMPARES President____________ Vice President..... Secretory__________ Recording Secretory Sergcont at Arms Duane Swanborg ----8ob Herubin ----Woync Kay Clotus Keohler Semper Compares fraternity hos enjoyed on active ond successful ycor, beginning with the "Grid Hop", the first football donee of tho year, ond followed by the "Horvost Moon" Thanksgiving For mol. A community benefit oclivity wos the "Christmas for the Kids" compoign for toys ond candy for the Superior children's homes. Tho Col-legaires, tho fraternity's own orchestra, enterto-n-ed as accompaniment for Christmos carols. The new yeor wos ushered in with the "55 Jive", tho first donco of the yeor, hold on a midweek dote. Prizes were awarded to winners of the jitterbug contest A Collegoire — bondsfond donco was plonncd for second semester, ond the traditional "Hobo Hop" was held also. Resplendent on the campus hove been tho members of Semper Compores In their block jackets with tho white and red knight'shcod shiolds. MONT SOW, Joe Motv l. Wcrreo Soy. lm-1 6vfon. John Holiw. t i Wiltoni. Dvone S o be«g. Henry logee. SJCONO ROW. Chuck Accolo. I -n Willoughby. Ton Monengote, Bob Hervbln. At Minor. Jock While. Mojo Fontn s-onxn. ocfriKv THIRD ROW. Dkk li bog. John Bvrron. Dkk Sionho. Soger Pie«e, Don Burfcey. Orfk llomong. Cion Do open. Bob Nclion. TOP ROW, Bruce Goppo. Don McheSo. Reno fechrnt-. I eon Ocolon. lorry Gold. Chuck Ctork. Phil Drlnkwino. Jin SlomenTAU ALPHA CHI FRONT ROW Non Moagwty. )»« Sotuod. Opo! Anderson. Bony 8«rg»roa. toil Notion. SiCOND ROW: Mory Ann S hn«ifcv ao . tuKo WUlonon. Jon fo»d, Oo it Mantel. TOP ROW, Monty Cor lion. Morgorcl Adorn, toilo Pirhotto. 8«»ly Ko okh. RolKorn W-U-omi The Too Alpho Chi Sorority begon o very successful year os it proudly opplooded it's eandi-dote. Homecoming queen. Miss Esther Wiitonon. Early in Jonuory Queen Esther ond the royol party ottendod o victory banquet sponsored jointly by tho Tou Alpho Chi and the lota Delta Chi Fraternity. An informol Christmos Party, ot which tho members exchange gifts and the more formal Christmos Tea given by tho alumni, rounded out the yvletide festivities Following the rushing procedure, in Februory the new members were initiated ot the impressive candle light ond ivy ceremony. Februory Sth featured the onnuol Sweetheort Boll held ot the Court Hdusc. Tho breoth-taking formal affair was presided over by the lovely "Sweetheort of Tou Alpho Chi" who wos selected by the honored guests os being the most typical exompte of everything o college sweetheort should be. In the spring come the Footboll-Boxing bon-quet ot which the lettermen in footboll ond boxing were honored by tho school ond the sorority. As Mother's Doy drew neor, the girls plonned their onnuol Mother-Doughter Too. Groduoting seniors were eoch presented with on oppropriote remem-beronee by their "undor-closs" sisters, ot the official Senior bonquot held ot the Flome. The sorority's wonderful advisor Mrs. Bess Benton recoived o small token of appreciation for the wise guidance ond mony lone hours she has graciously given in our behalf. President______________________________Opal Anderson Vice President_________________________Joan Solstad Recording Secretory____________________Lois Nelson Treasurer_______________________Nan Haggerty Corresponding Secretary__________Betty Bergstrom Advisors--------------------------Miss Bess Benton Mass Shirley CorriorCROWNHART HALL. ii'Hi fr ‘- 11 II i - = e 5 5 x IHJ iJJfipip !iiiijijjiii ■5 1 |I|fi! i J5J| Mfilfl ami!The Sigmo Gommo Chi Sorority's firs important event wos their initiation ceremony in October. Building o Homecoming float, decorating thoir balcony, ond numerous other Homecoming activities followed. In Decombor the dormitory was goily docoroted with a Christmas theme for their onnuol formol Foculty Reception. This was followed by a Christmas Party for the dormitory girls on the night before the vocotion. Other events included: o coffco hour during exominotion week, a donee, the awarding of tho Good Citizenship oword, the Senior dinner, ond, finally, the reception following Commencement Exercises for the dormitory groduotes ond their guests. Officers for the year President __________________________________________________ Palmyra Grupstro ViceProsidenI____________________________________________________Mary Murphy Secretary---------------------------------------------------Corole Greenwood Treasurer----------------------------------------------------------------Esther WiitanenSUNDQUIST HALL KONT ROW, Don Jm., Dole Anderson, ReSoid Therln. Henry frcehetle. Tom fetal, Sorry lorson. Vern Simon. SECOND ROW, Woberg. Glen Ooppren. (toy Hull. Jobn Holn. John Senli. Cory Peoeo. Geoego Jolilo. tain WeugoW. Froncii Hilgorrh. THIRD ROW, leeoy Bogely. teon Oeotco. W.IKoe. Moore, fronk Aldrich, Rkhord Andersen, Dick M«he",vold:. Charles Actolo. Roy W.nwee. Jores Scnri. TOR ROW, Reno Jclchner. Jock 8oetahos 3en. RonoM Crobe. loo l.loe. lock Oupo.s. tori $-.,der. orro Pcrlinv Jo ’ Jeike. Duoro S-orbeeg. Roger Wlliomt. fROHT ROW, Retat Wo nr . Don Mkhclo. Kervseih Wlilhoh, b-vee Oiocfei. Chorles Andersen. Wondoll Andersen SECOND ROW, Jerry Sorenson. Honey Zdmche . Robe-1 fekcet. Robert Thorros. Jun,or Kcrluto. CMIoed O'Bckno Jerry Bouehc. TOR ROW. Gor.h Keek. Robert lind. Mol™. Potior. Henry Woltocc. Ary.n Poll. George Johnson. John totco. Chorles Clork 880 Sundquist Holl opened for the foil semester in September. There wos an orientation meeting for the Freshmen offer which on organizational meeting wos held. At Homecoming lime o lorge painting wos pet on the front windows depicting defeot for the opponent. When Holloween come along a hard time party wos given in honor of the Crownhort Holl girls After Thanksgiving some of tho boys were busy with either making the front window scene or decorating the individual room windows with wreaths, while others brought in Christmas trees ond decorated them. The climax of the Christmos festivities wos when we donated fruit to the two children's homes of Suporior. Before departure for Christmos, we held a dinner In tho lounge ofter which the girls from Crownharf came over for a party. After vacotion overyono come back to settle down to study for the semester tosts, which everyone modo out pretty good. During the second semester, new members wero taken in to fill vacancies left from boys leaving the dorm. The rest of the semester wos filled with vorious activities with the year ending os a successful ono. 89At the first mooting of tho semester, Ed Droison wos named president of tho Alpha lambda cost of Alpha Psi Omego. Plons wore mode daring the scoson for initiation of new members which took place in Fobroary ot the annual initiolton dinner. A toboggen porly, os well os o trip to Park Foils was also pul on tho ogenda for port of the year's activities. The Alpha Psi Omega is on hooorory dramatics fraternity, the only national social organization on tho Superior State College campus. Membership may be achieved through participation in ploys, or taking on active port in backstage operations. ALPHA PSI OMEGA IRON! ROW. Anne Eckkird, PHytlj Vo'y Pvngon, Pocoy Been, Advijor, fdwo.d Diolv " . Mory Honlon. Sydney Von BvjU.1i. MerZyn Cortioo. top Row. lee longer. Cornel 2i»rerrroi, Berty Bcrgj'ro . 0io Kotiw, Non Hoggwfy, EjiKer W..ione«.Com poled of ort major , minor}, and other in-tereited in thi field, the leogue's purpose is to raise the level of art appreciation in the school and community. The league ho mode several trips to the Tweed Gallery in Duluth arvd b now making plan for o trip to Minneapolis. They also took part in the Homecoming porodc lost Fall. Aside from the workshops at which the members work on paintings or other art interests, the league also holds business meetings with programs pertoining to the field of ort. OfFICERS President Steve Stourseth Vice-President . ... -----Sydney Von Buskirk Secretary______________________________Mary Woldum Treasurer Kathleen Trebilcock ART STUDENTS LEAGUE IHONI OW, ToySsr. Mory Jwn fHk. C QO Moll. Aik Tyytdo. toil Holm JACK OW: Skdn«y Von evtSkS. lv« torso . Chorler Byron. Norxy 0o-n. twirl . Vory WokJum. KorklMn Trrb.kcxl. lor n W«ra rlor d. frn u Don. Corlm C kk tlii. Sr«v SrourKlh. Bob TKootmD. Morwi KotSi. f»ONT ROW, Of. Ooylc Monloo. odviwrj Jro-','c Noivcy Oonn. Phyln Anwtl. Moi9or i HcVIni. B lfy BfrgUron. Rkhofd Soli . TOR ROW. Duo S«oot g. l j.oVd S x vy. OoW Coo p«ov. A vkt Jo n»oo. Jim Sklnnof. Chudt And«.iOf., Itoyd $vsdv Jvrtd To«tun . Sh »oo W.I f. 0» R Ocfor . R xt Nwoon. RADIO GUILD ...........Booming Compos News and Activities to the Listeners in Wisconsin, Upper Michigon ond Minnesota." The Wisconsin State College Rodio Guild ;WSRG' was reorganized the Spring of 1954 with o five fold purpose To provide members with experience in various phases of rodio. to bring tho college to tho community through radio programs, to improve collogo spirit do corps through the medium of rodio; to initiote projects Which will result in higher standards of programming ond production ond in improved equipment ond facilities, ond to establish ond perpetuate on organization for social ond cducotionol octivities related to rodio. The Rodio Guild, with cooperation from Speech 30, 31. 75 ond 155 closses, produces "The College Hour." ond "Campus Showcase," heard weekly over WE8C. The Guild also produces programs for the nine-station AF-FM network of tho Stole Rodio Council. WSC programs heard the past year over the not include o recorded performance of Handel's "Messiah" ond Dr. Hill's December talk, "Europe: Ten Years After."The intermedKros meet once o month os o toc ol ond education group to oid the members in their pceporotions foe the teoching ol grodes 4, 5. ond 6. At ooch meeting the business sesuon is followed by on educational progrom which includes folks by post mombors not In tho oducotionol fiold, personol contributions of experience by members, ond a visit to a public school room in session. INTERMEDIATES BACK ROW Rvth Iwty Aronto . toll A, onto . lolt Irnon. ShtrWy Sonm»».ill . (Vo-n Sthvtt . Vieto Witt, WWoiwi. St CON 0 ROW: Joow Butgroll. tloiA UiHtl. Jo Am Soiuod. Inn R«t . ion. Sltblrr Oboe. lot MoWi. Joel.. Moglvnd FRONT ROW. AU« WPogo. Ctcooor KoAwn, A Wth JohntO . Mottho W.Wy, Jmm« Bortofl. Mory Kot’tni. Dfoao S»itK.KINDERGARTEN-PRIMARY SACK ROW, Jonel Severonce. Alie Bridal. Mory Honlon. Morin Tv'll®. Jeon Kri xhwiir. Berlho Wheel® , Joyt® S-eberl. Connlo Oonno Hoyei. Oonno NVolocd. Wory Hrrubin. 3'd ROW, Morion Boilo. Cvelyn Rodilo. Oorolhy Solbolr. Audrey ftvivell. Joyee Jheorrow. J»n » Itonion. Corol levin®. Glorio Bor; doge. Colherin® W. Morion® Thompson. lello llod-non ERONT ROV , Suvon Sv.ih. Joon torn®®, (hlo, Glorio fredeikV, Aik® Brill. , loodollo Johnion, l«o'o Corhlrom. Joon Roilen. Ann Sthnee- berfler. Morlin Thomoi. Shirley Mkloi. 6ACK ROW, Ron Grvpwio. Very Alke Juf.lo, Eileen Suber. Belly Jo Bumroy, Belly Bc-gilrom. Jtonnc Spreureti. Gerry Woiecn. Brtiy Kovol.h. StCO.NO ROW, Oclorci Nelicn. Joy Monly. Cho-kn® Buron. Jenny Koub, JoArm OeMol, Irontci Wooliey, RON I ROW Coiherine Willlomi. Mory Murphy, Jeer.-® Bloho, Bonnie Collint. 9 The Kindergortcn-Primory Deportment includos students mojocing in educotion who ore troining io become primory rcochcrs. The group ij affiliated with the Association of Childhood Educotion International. Meetings are hold the third hour, the second Tuesday of each month. There ore 98 members in the department this year. The style show, which wos hold November 30th. to earn expense money, wos a big success. Twenty-five dot lor s was presented to President J.D. Hill by co-chairmen Eileen Subcr ond Donno Hoyes to further interest in a student union at SSC. Sociol activities for the year included: teos, o party, ond o skating party. OFFICERS 1st. Semester 2nd. Semester Alico Briskie Treasurer . Advisor _____________________ Miss Louis Ado Wilson 95FRONT ROW, Robt'to Kgnjiw. J y SNwio . 6orbo-o And eo. (hi SoU. Rg-K Hu b«H«r. A Wfk JoAama. Mo,Vi Thom . lorno S«W. SUrfey Jo »ma. to' Ntfaoo SKOf.0 ROW: Ami Johaio . Kog f ChrtrtienMA. D I© «1 SrkvRj. toty Jo Ovmw. Mo W'« M»o'd . KoiM a« Txb-VcR. Mont " HOAJO". CMyi UVkoJo. flomo totf«r». 0 k Oc hxt TOR ROW, lloyd BvkK. Do. Donil„r ftob Kolnig. OkV Soil . Rovl Roie'K . Norm JoS ion. Dole Conpcou. Tow Goototon. Dole John © ,. Do Ot'erlvnd. Chg k Antotoo INTER-VARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP "Now then wo ore ombossodors (or Christ. os though God did beseech you by us wo proy you in Christ's stcod, be ye reconciled to God " 2 Corinthions 5:20. The lntor-Vors ty Christian Fellowship is on interdenominational group which meets three times o week ot tho First Covenont church. Tho schedule of the meetings held by the group consists of o Monday and Wednesday noon prayer meeting. Every Thvrsdoy evening is devoted to o fellowship hour. OFFICERS President.................................Arvid Johnson Vico President__________________________ Stcvo Staurseth Secretory _________________________________ Elsio Solio Treasurer . ______________________________ Pool Peterson Librorion_______________________________ — Bcrnio Nelson Bible Study Leader .. . ___________________Tom GundersonTho Lutheran Student's Association is organized on this campus os a port of a nationwide organization in on effort to develop and onrkh the college student's spiritual life. To achieve this olm the ISA holds supper moorings every Wodnosdoy ovoning of the Pilgrim Lutheran Church during which students take part in recreation ond o devotional program. Wednesday noon a Biblo study is led by the LSA counselor, Bonnie Sorem. The year's activities Includes exchange progroms with UMD, a prize winning homecoming float, a party for the children of St. Joseph's Children's Homo, deputations to various churches of the city, Christmas caroling at rest homes and hospitals, participation in Land O'Lokes regional conferences, and rocroationol octivitles. LUTHERAN STUDENT’S President.................................. Helen Kersfen Vice President . Peorl Wallace Secretory ...............................Mary June Fish Treasurer ..........................................Elmer Spteft Counselor .................................Bonnie Sorem Contoct Postor..................... Rev. Theodoro Nelson Foculty Advisors Miss Mindo Hovlond, Miss Marion Horstod flONT ROW, Sfclrlry Alice Ckorlene Bv'on. tood« o Joh«K «. Kothy WilhoiM, Jeon' lov Koeb. Cor©V ftohl. Noncy Ul gren. Joeki. Hogknd. Key Rohkci. Oori. Heinkl . Wo-y J«n© Rid.. MCONO ROW. luAnn UK . Pot SAet. Dorothy Soho. Jeon Crvikwitr. Bo-- • Nielton. P«vl Wolloe . Opol Ardert©". IviM lorion. Helen Kertfen. (konor Kovkonen. TOR ROWi Morion Hortlod. loll Borneo. ll o» Spleft. RKhorrf Nord. Dick Anderto . Onel CoV-el. Im n Joknton. GWn Doppeo. Betty Bergttroet. Violo Wirt.FRONT ROW. Vtria Boyd. Clofito Sgllivon. M xy Our on. Jonli Connolly Bonnlo ftoiboro Oohtify, Borbo’o Oofkoy, Coroie Gi «n«ood. SECOND ROW, TKe «o TpmpUto . Oonno Morrii. Mo y Ann $ Kr «-bftQt. Mo y Jo Kou«n. Co»©l Initiui. Bo, boo Fillion. Yv«n%« Sovogo. Mory Murphy. TMIRO ROW, Rolnyro Crvporo. Rot Bo . Jon Ftxd, Joon Owiin. Nonty CMv, Gttry Womon. Bartho Wh «J«r. Jeo-r« Spraulelv Morgo « Borton. Cafmtl Zimwormonn. M xy Koy Fonchor. R;to KoHor. FOURTH ROW, Shoron Bollond. Audrey Rvuell, Ralph Bor boy. J«rry Mo",i. Eugono Mortino. Joy » S-obort. Cennio Sototioa, M,. Tfoulo. Mory Hanlon. Joo n lv«. Mo-go,»l Adomi TOR ROW! Jot Mokick. Clo,«rx» Socket. Henry Wo Hoc . Bob Horvfeln. Gen Herubin. Jerry touch. Roger Wlftom. Jotk Oopvn. Rhil OrinkwiAt, Jerry BokJow-n. NEWMAN CLUB OFFICERS President ............... Vico President .......... Corresponding Socrotory Recording Secretory...... Treo surer............... .......Jerry Morris ......Botty Slrlonni ......Oonno Morris Polmyro Grupstro Mory Koy Fonchcr The Newmon Club of Superior Stoto is on orgonizotion composed of oil the Cothollc students on the compos. Its purpose is to promoto spiritual, infcllectuol ond social welfare for the college students. Meetings ore held eoch Wednesday evening ot the Cathedral Porish Holl with olfernotion of businoss ond discussion meetings. The group sponsors various social ond religious activities during the year; some of which are Banquet Suppers, Communion Breakfasts, Day of Recollection, Christmos party ot St. Joseph's Children's Homo and tho oonuol Newman Club picnic. At Superior Stato, the Newmon Club is a branch of the North Central Province of Newmon Clubs ond is affiliated with the Notional Newmon Club Federation.Wosley Fellowship is on organization composed of Superior Stoto Methodist students. It is devoted to promoting Christian fellowship for the benefit of the college student. Meetings ore held every Wednesday evening ot the Central Methodist Church. The meetings begin with a supper, followed by an evening speoker and devotions. Somo of our activities consist of a group mixer at the beginning of the year, our annual Christmas party at the Superior Children's Home and exchonge visits with the Wesley Fellowship at the University of Minnesota, Duluth Bronch. Our group is ofFilioted with tho Wisconsin Methodist Student Movement. Dr. Gayle Monion is our group advisor. WESLEY FELLOWSHIP FRONT ROW. Jock (o ©». Both Morli«. Shirley Hxkock. Jeon GoMunith, Ann Toylor. loll Mola, Cho k Akoio. BACK ROW, johr, Ardtuon. No.non Adomio«. Ke.ih ButterfeM. Gorth K« k. jia Booty. Roy Moll. R kord THoorin.fRONT ROW. Bob Jolly, R©«o Vito, Jli» Clerk. Rod tundb«rg. J»rry Wyrii, Gen Herwbln, BACK ROW, George St. Colberin., Georg N.lion. 8ob MeeuWe, Ooo- Jwonberg. Ooon Wolye. Jim Berryhlll. S CLUB OFFICERS Pre»i J w’ .................................. Rod lundberg Vico President .............................j0fry Morris Secretary.............................................Earl Snyder Treasurer ....................................j|m Clark Tho S-Club Is composed of varsity lottermen in football, basketball, ond boxing. This year they sponsored a game between the Harlem Globetrotters and tho Honolulu Serf-riders, the footboll benquet, and tho Lottormon's banquet. The club sold ice cream and pop during the half of the baskotboll games and also gave their senior members o blanket with on orongc letter on if.ABOVMIONTIOW. 0Htyt. A M HtH Mytrf, Bitty MONO tOW, Job k. tolpfi Mom IM Ixfag TOP m Mtn , M Widtr, l M So UlOW ho McOrnu Mofjcfk M OWL AND SERPENT Seven men ond five women were nomed lo Owl and Serpent, honorary srholosfk society. Those eligible for this honor must have earned ot least ninety semester hours credit. Not more thon the twelve highest are elected for this honor each year. Anyone with a grodo point average of 2.00 Is be considered. Those selected must be regularly enrolled in the college at the time of the announcement of their selection.The Spirit of ACTIVITY The spirit of activity . . . octivity on the compus of $SC . . . eoch day In a studont's lifo . . . o whirlwind of ©xclfoment . . . gomes . • • ploys . . . dosses . . . dorm lifo ... the cofo ... oil integrated Into the woll rounded education of o student ... the spirit of activity.Always the hurry between dosses . . . and the favorite meeting place — the "hitching post." . . . AROUND THE and ICLASSROOM ADDS SPICEACTIVITY TO STUDY . . . A OV£-"A « yc-j t jft Iho i rifhf? . tlOHT- Oom blow c-p th« loblAft activity it varied and interetting ... for majors and minors . . . and even for those faking courses for electives ... but what is that animal . . . It’s An Art . . .A Sound Mind and Body . . .♦ ♦ And Suddenly . The Student Becomes A Teacher.. . Suddenly the studont finds himself on tho other side of the book ... end for him . . . toaching becomes a profession . . . 112I! wot "Fire and Ice" for the lambda Sigma lambda annual Christmos formal . . . High point of th© Semps dances wos the Harvest Moon Thanksgiving formal at the courthouse .. . I COMMITTEES PLAN DANCES. . . Plonning ond hard work oro the jobs of the donee committees . . . achievement that shows op in a soccessfol formal, a successful dance . . . work thot produces an enjoyable time foe oil ... a job well done . . . n« —Novel oftergonvo donee was held by tho Delto Sigma sorority - complete with prizes . . .A Home owoy (rom Home lo oyt-oi-town $o ... o cHonce to loom to meet peop e... o ibonce to be on yoor own ., dorm We b W A ploosont plow to st idy.,. study... ottd two study.,.CROWNHART ENTERTAINS FACULTY AT CHRISTMAS RECEPTION . . . Swoshy not, candlelight, evergreens and mistletoe mark this highlight of the year at Crownhori . ..123The Spirit of the R.O.T.C. The spirit of tho ROTC... tho spirit of the futuro of the oir force ... the olr force blue thot in-vodes tho compus ... the spirit of tho morch ... the militory boll ... the spirit of the ROTC . . . COLOR GUARD 124 Ult to tight, t.chord T. lolly. A.v d J. tot, John M. fotoo. Oonl«l C«loCo dtl Co 0 «l Ptltrton ondll. Co'-orvol O'Brion First semester the leoders of 930th grwip R.O.T.C. unit were Cadet Colonel Leonard R. Peterson ond It. Colonel John I. 0'8rien, Colonel Orvol A. Gabriel and It. Colonel Edmond j. Mercier III were the leoders for the second semester. I CADET LEADERS Cod ! Colon ! Cob l«l ond ti. Colon ! MwcMrfIRST ROW, Curtii f. Boiko, lyle Dolono, Tom Keller. Orvol Gobriel. Oovfd I. Ellefjon. SECOND ROW. Evert SthmkJt. Konr.nK 8r Kkner. Ceroid Morris. Richord Anderson, John Holm. Woyne G. Koy, Uonod fetor .. THIRD ROW, Ro or ?o' l erg, Chorlo. McOongld, Merrill M. Peterson, Don K. Bolton, John I O'Brien. Holger Nelson, EmU Boron, RicHord A Botiendorf. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY The Arnold Air Socioty is composed of Juniors ond Seniors in ihe R.O.T.C. unii. Tho socieTy offords on opportunity for fellowship among the advanced students and enables tho members to further their interests in leadership and military knowledge. 126COMMAND SQUADRON The R.O.T.C. Command Squadron is an organization for Frcshmon and Sophomore cadets interested in pro-poring for a military career under the auspices of the Air R.O.T.C. college program. COV.VAND SQUADRON OFFICERS, Chorle. Clark. William Moot . Donold J. Peterson, leroy Bag'. ,, Joseph Ukor. FIRST ROW: Wendell A-dersoe. Oonitl C. MJchato. Charles Clark. Witllon Moore. SECOND ROW, Meejry Woltoce, Glen Doppen. Jones Senty, Jones Mitchell. Vou®hm levin. Myron Moe. THIRD ROW, Ro©ee Prone. Arvin J. Pott. Jerold P. Bauch. John J. Dipuis, froneii H.igort, Merle Brown. 127DRILL TEAM Tho R.O.T.C. Drill Team b on organization to gain experience in drilling and leadership. This organization is open to oil cadets, basic and advanced. fl ST ROW, Htwy Wolloc., We d«ll Anihtn . (.win JcKyoo. XCOND ROW, Mfro Mo». GUo Dopp CUv.f . B xk.,. Moreld A tcr,. W,IUo« XW,. THIRD ROW, Koflf. W. P or«. Anin J. Rolt, John H. Eotc . Rxho-d T. lolly, frwt H.lgo.t, M..I 128V VO VC tAt cw . Ate c mwta WA CN W V K yMtifiA MV vw d o '♦wV o rampft tMQ . AVfc W Vty 0 0 tNOtawA w HsOtVi V . RIFLE TEAM WttINfi, V Wooo. o toy. Iy 1 A Vkr. . M 1. N o« VANOING OomM A. V.«v. t«Mtfk WW. CWtH« VxV , OtMNrt 1. M n» . W li«l A tottMon. M« fan CoocS ttGLEE CLUB The R.O.T.C. Glee Club is o new orgonizotion under the I coder ship of Morrill Peterson. It is opened to oil Interested codcts. The Glee Club meets on Tuesdays, the third period. fl sr ROW, lorry fMlon. Cwtii Boiko. Err.1 Boron. Orvol Cobr l. Cl.flord O-Brion. SECOND ROSV, Evert Sctimdl, Way nr O Key. Join Holm. Leonard R Pelericn. Mo’grr Niolten, Oond ElMian THIRD ROW, CHortet Mr Donald. Merrill P«f«.-wn. Don K. Button. John I. OBtirn, Rkhord Anderton. 130The R.O.T.C. Drum end Buglo Cor pi serves os an intcgrol part of the R.O.T.C. program in performances o? parodcs and official campus ceremonies. The corps is under the direction of Merrill Peterson and Donald Button. DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS FIRST ROW. Merr.ll Retmoo. Cvrtii Bollo. JoSn Hein. Dav.d Kebord Btilcndc«l, SECOND ROW. Orvol Gabriel, lorry Gold. Dovid Oilerlund, Reno forhrner, Jomct Seniy. Don K. Bv1to» IMIRO ROW Meivrin Webcrg. Vovgbn levin, Rodney 8!ecler, Rkho-d Grv». Horry 0. And or 100, Franco H.lgort, lorry Ellefton. FOURTH ROW. Wendell Anderson. Cloronce Boric . Myron Woe. Hovuid ftvuell. Clifford O’BrienThe Spirit of FOOTBALL TKo spirit of football ... the excitement of the gome in tho crisp foil air . . . the comradeship ... the sportsmenship ... tho spirit of football . . . SEASON'S RECORD Wo Thoy Sept. 17 St. Cloud p 0 Sept. 25 Stout Institute 0 27 Oct. 2 Stevens Point o 14 Oct. 9 La Cross© 13 27 Oct. 14 Eou Claire q 19 Oct. 22 River Falls 0 33 Oct. 29 Bemidjl 21 14 Nov. 13 U. Minn. Duluth 8ranch 13 7 132a il li ?! sUj i litThe 195-1 grid scoson ended on o high note (or the comparotivcly inexperienced ycllowjackots, with victories over Bemidji Stole and the powerful UMD bulldogs. The record (or the seoson wos three wins and fivo losses. Superior ended in eighth place in conference ploy os oil three wins were over non-conference foes. The new heod coach Americo Mortorelli ond assistant Corl Vcrgaminl introduced on Interesting brond of foolboll . . . Area fons ore looking forward to o robirth of grid iron greotness . . . IfFTi Aitislonl o xK Corl WrgamM. RIGHT, H»od cooch Americo "W rll" MMtoroll.They Cheered Us On To Victory . . . Enthusiosm of the cheerleaders helped bolster school spirit on both field and floor. left l» right. Morgle Pclcrton. Irolo CorlUrom. Hsnry Gir9.o», tUoner KovKo-w . Joonno Bv Qiofl "Yollowjockets"ll! WJvThe Spirit of BASKETBALL fIRST ROW; George N io . Ken letond, Eo I Snyder. Joel Hulmcr, Jock Polrilto. Jock (Undo. Dote Weifer-bo:l. SECOND ROW Tom Corcoron. Bob Winnoeoki, Oo« Jorije'.v «. Bob Hwvbin. Donyi Cooni. Roy Bw h. Ron Sdnfci. 1954 - 55 WIN LOSS RECORD They We Dec. 3 St. Johns 93 65 Dec. 4 St. Cloud 85 81 •Dec. 7 Bethel 68 90 •Dec. 11 Bemldpi 63 74 •Dec. 16 Eou Cloiro 92 79 •Dec. 29 Aberdeen 67 73 •Dec. 30 Manleoto 94 73 •Jan. 7 Michigan Tech 76 92 •Jon. 11 UMD 79 88 Jan. 14 Milwaukee Stale 95 86 Jan. 15 White Water 74 75 Jon. 21 Stout 81 95 Jon. 22 LaCrosse 89 94 •Jon. 28 River Falls 71 77 •Feb. 1 Stout 57 87 Feb. 5 Eau Cloiro 103 80 •Feb. 7 Stevens Point 76 87 •Fob. 13 Plottevillo 94 92 Fob. 19 UMD 97 84 'Fob. 25 LaCrosse 74 93 Feb. 28 River Foils 105 80 •Indicotos home games 138Under the obk cooching of new hood cooch Corl Vergomini„ our 1954-55 boskotboll teom finished the seoson with o 12 win 8 loss record. In conference ploy the "Jockcts'' won 7 ond lost 5 to tie for third plocc with Plottcville ond Milwoukee. The (com scored a totol of 1.750 pointj for o 83.33 gome overoge, the highest in Superior Stole's bosketball history. The three high point men were Hulmor, Potritto ond Nelsen with game overogos of 20.47, 12.71 ond 12 49 respectively. In the second semester the squod lost the services of Potritto by graduation ond Westorback who entered the ormy. Other seniors on tho squod woro Hcrubin, Hulmer ond The Spirit of Boxing Tho 1955 boxing squod encountered three mote hoi plus their onnuol intro-squod golden gloves meet. The squad traveled to Eost loosing, Michigan for their first inter-school match where they met Michigan State. Our squad wos host to Michigan Tech and for their final motch traveled to Houghton, Michigan for a return engogoment.WINTER SPORTS Hockey Our 1955 Hockey teom was the first since the mid 30s Tho teom, coached by Poul Tychsen, established o 3 won ond 2 lost record. If is hoped that a sufficient number of inter-school games con be scheduled and enough interest created to put hockey on o firm bosis ot SSC in 1956. WON LOST RECORD OPP. SSC Carleton College 14 0 Superior Pollco 3 4 Ironwood Mich. "Jets" 18 8 Superior Police 5 8 Duluth Air Boso 2 7—The Spirit of SNO WEEK Winter spells frolic, ond frolic it wos during the first sno week evor held on the Superior Stole campus. A week of skating, tobogganing sleigh riding, ond dancing on the compus stortod off with a bang Friday, Februory 18, third hour in tho all important election of our chorming Sno Queen, Chorlcne Buron, Queen Charlene and King Jim Berryhill, her choico wero crowned at the Lumber-jock Ball that evening. Distributed over the front of the campus wero sculptures made by organizations on tho compus ond prizes were awarded for the best ones later at the Sno Boll held Friday evening Fobruary 25, after the bosketboll gome. Thursday evening collego students portrayed their talents ot o tolent show held in the ouditorium. The beard growing contest come to on end that evening when they were judged along with the tolent portrayed. All events ended Friday evening ot tho big, successful Sno Boll whero prizes of all sorts were oworded. Evoryone enjoyed themselves during this full week of fun ond cntertoinmenl and ore oil looking forward towards making this on onnuol event. Ovmt Owlm ftvron o d - 5 Bwrytullthe pfize winner. o tho to lent do need happily away Jhey ore. Ed Dtohon. f EX 2nd (he .ailing quean coodrdote.. .acted tefi lo fight. Joann luc. Nancy tJpe-gfcn. lo.. Nehon. Bo«i, 8e.lho Wheeler. Mory Agne. Schultz, Non Haggerty. the S-.D Weak Co-Chair IfOCy o-.’J O-anc Snu-bcrg each Other . chin be«d- O'OwtuflSnow Week Activities Slvd«Mi delighted !o doeclrvg in ihea jlock-ing-feel ol the lumber jock toll which it or tod off ih« wool ol fwi. Tho irocling-footcd king end qveen receive giln boir g preiontcd ihem by College Pin-idonl Jim Oon Hill. Quite o difference. . th« gol» og'ec, in ov beorded lellrmi leg ond oflor IK legc. Th tculplvring ev n wool on Inlo tk nighl.Second Priie Judge) representing the faotio• bon o1 Commerce ol Superior chae oi the prize winning xvlptm, firs priie, Semper Compares, jecond priie, f[X, ond third prize, loto Oelto Chi. Jhe lombdo Sigma lombdo Sorority woi oljo given honoroblc mention. Third Priie finI hr Our Royal Coeds $$C was very proud to boost thot one of its members was chosen Superior's Winter Frolics Queen, Mory Kay Froncher, left, and another a princess, Joonno Burgroff, on the right.Personalities CXtploy g g'oal loVnt throughout tho y or w«r« K,i iXorottiog duo. lon“ lorton with rho JOW ond John Bonell ot tho plow.A CAPPELLA CHOIR . . . fRONT ROW; Chorlenc fcvron. luivo lotion. Bo-r. Collmi, Non Hoggerty. lort Corlion, Oot.i Corlson. Morion 8o.'io, Oono Cbopnoo, VA.Imo Go-non, Jond Rencid). StCOND ROW; Morion Mo Oo old. Morgorei Chriv ,ion- 01 0". Wory Koy frorxher. tor boro Robcnowkh, Mory focee. Mory Agnei Schwbi. Shirley Morllyn Kftolven, Oo-lerc Dow. THIRD ROW, Bo'boro torlovkh. Dorko Johnjon, Dole Vo-ey, Andcrion, tooren Worgolond. OcnoW foil . Dirtelor. Orvol GobrW, lorry fllelvon. Ivor! Schnkli. Kenneih Noble. Dole Anderion. Polmyro GropiKO, Morfy) Hrvf uUl. FOURTH ROW: look Me,cr. Jr., U«o d Pefeoon. Oorid £llel»on. Merrill Pcicrsoa, Clifford O'Bcirne. Roberr Kocn j. Chorki AWOonold. fronk Rkhord Join, Clelu) Koehler. Cdnrord Orolion. Williom Clorlc 152STRING ENSEMBLE . . . STANDING: I0..1 Mcyw. Wllllom Koll f, Dii«! x. fRONI 9.0V . Ooryl Hoajoo, Moigc Ruxh, Prixillo Andt ion, Do00 H.ll MADRIGALS STANDING. Irom lop lo boilor Wo lyi liixjq.iir. V vy Koy fror«be». Montyn KnvlM«y Jontt R«tv Sd _ Wxy Agnej Schv-'U. Dorlmc Dow. Mofgoie ChrblM. On IS rlghl, h-Ofd fcJlz, Job" Ardttton. tv«i $ hmldr, KonnolK Noble.A FBONT OW, Oon Hodttfen. jin ferkkn. Mortbo A«e». (o'boo Thonpttn. Colby Ukuron «CONO BOW, loos'd JobfeaeM. lonotd Albc-I. Id Drobon. SKirlvy Honoi'on. Bo-boo Carbon, jo Am Hon«e . lob Clorke. Grore Ring Hod. loo f©ng«r. MoHyi l.-dov.n, Morale rcte'tO". Oon Oonielton. Gory Roore. Borboro Hoy«». THIRD SOW. If AT, Oxk Rerioni. Koy totki. Borboro Okonek. Roger Soumberger. Jeon Swxtn. THIRD BOW. BIGHT, Curtb Boiko. Kennetk Johnson, Jome» Sk-ntier, WondoD Anderton. Joor, Coldy-kb. Mory Dungen. BACK BOW. SfATfO, Km Ncblo. Rodney Blookor. Chorlet Col Wry. fronk Cor. Borboro Robenom-ch. Ho-ry logoe. Monte In R». BArir tnw standing, Ooryl Hotwon, Director. DKk fobl. Oovld Oner lord. Clyde Coi B A N D UFT TO BIGHT, FIRST CIBCU, Sion lord Morlin. Dono Mill. W.lllom Hojlor. Done Groy. RonokJ Skudslod. John Snell. (dllh Swortley. frinlBo Anderion. SICONO ClBCU. Morlho Wieuier. Joonne Korro. Bonnie Boyo. ilonore Ookot. Monho Anoi. Rkhord Bromley, Morforle Bunk. Bk.lkp Colon, Rot Kubolo, Audrey W«k, locy Nygoord. ten SI Of. TMIBD BOW, jono Conroy. Jonollo Smonion. (d-ord Bergioi. jonko Ooke . freer. BIGHT SIM. THIBO BOW, Marlene Tho-(»on. Mo-lyl llndgvisl. 11,10-beih Donley, lovll Meier. FOURTH BOW: Mkkoel Fedo. fOHh Mnkehen. lee longer. Jim Don Hodidon. Borboro Amlolie. STANOING. BACK BOW. Robert Koenig. Kenneth Noble. Curio Boiko, Horry C'odin. tvgene Jocobien, Bkhord foil . FRONT, Director W4l«m Keller.FIRST ROW. Jonet Honson, Sown Smith, Jennie low Kovb. Sboron Be land. Arleth Jobnion. Carol Endritii, Ba'boro Hoyvt. fthel Joe obion. Bonnie Co'.1 -m. SCCONO ROW: Morion Boiko. Audrey Rvucll. Dorothy Sobolt. io Ann Solilod. Evelyn Rodike. Bor boro Borlcnkh. Morgio Torr, Bo'boo fillion. loon Ctterrier. Margaret Adom , June Pederien. THIRD ROW: Jodie Hoglund, Alke BrUkie. Noncy dor-tier. Juno Johnion, Bonno Nlelten, Donald folti, Oirecter, Jean Goldimith. Joy o Seberl. Bor bora Rabonookb, Dorke Johnson, Alke CMmo. GLEE CLUBS . . . i FIRST ROW: Avdrey Rvtiell. occomponlit. Ocn Worn. Orvol Gabriel. Ton Poyton. John Gidley. lorry HeftO . Did Anderson. dome Sompjon, William Murphy. STCOND ROW' Dole Compeou. Theodore FroMmo". Tom Mourn-sole. Okk Folly, leonord Peter von. Donold Folu. Oirector. Louie Meier. Merrill Peterton. Bill McKee. Corl Schreyer. Don Rod.MESSIAH The 14th onnuol presentation of Handel's "The Mossioh" took ploco ot Gotes gymnoslum on Sunday, December 5, 1954. A chorus of 191 voicos and a 40-mcmber orchestra performed in the presentation sponsored by the College Music Deportment. Three guest soloists and three student soloists participated in the oroforio directed by Donald Foltz, choral director ot the college. Guest ortists feotured wore Mrs. Jeon Ycakoy Johnson, Mrs. Eudora lind-man Shephard, and 8)oke Stem.TSo teioirn lot thit )Wi Meuioh we. Iron left to right Cvert Schmidt. Non Kon.jerry. John Anderion. Tho wholo group gcl» loeMalnvte Inprvctloni ond o lew word) of pood look fro" Meiiioh director Oo old Fofrj, To h dfle f'Ot» tho vnilet, tho "bwtlcrfllct" before the per- for nonce mutt horo been conquered!CAROUSEL Noiric fowlfr (Rojcmory McCorlneyl Jinflt "Jvn Ij BvHln' Out All O orl" Corti (Jq-«i Rey.-otdil ond 1U0 (W.lllom ClofVO ho nonlz« on o duo . The first production of tho yeor by tho drama department was a musical by Rodgers and Hammer-stein, "Carousel" . . . Tuneful and tearful, it starred Janet Reynolds and William Clark in the leading roles while supporting players such os Nan Haggerty, Evert Schmidt and Roscmory McCartney turned in mastorful performances. It's cvrlelnooll l.«o.Confulicn roigiM ivprcno on HOQ«. A rollicking comedy by Jomes Thurbor ond Elliot Nugent wos the college ployers second production —"The Mole Animal" . . . Storring lee Fongcr ond Rita Kottcr, with the support of o fine cast, 'The Mole Anlmol" provided o laughter-filled evening. "Ok. lot rn ««pk .n oil pWodi l t. THo»e otlcr-»ft«li ol oVcoKol. 1S9 THE MALE ANIMAL___AS YOU LIKE IT. . . . A goy group ol songttf 11. 0 to»d© Iteity tilth! ) ond Revolted (0 !ty 8 rQlt r,) tovo'l in Iho forcit. All Ih v.«ld J» o jlogo. Using the enliro stage areo, in a novel setting designed by Mr. Gor-ski of the Art Department, the College Ploycrs' third major production wos Shakespeare's comedy, "As You like It." Jerry Ritchio and 8efly Bergstrom took the lead roles of Orlando and Rosalind.t •"PEPTOMIST PEPTOMIST STAFF FIRST SEMESTER Editor Dick lidberg Assistont Editor} Jim Wodiworth, William lundgren Society Editor .... ________... Phyllis Anjell Features ond Reporting Dick DeFore, Jock Branstrom, Henry Frechette, Henry Gingros, Shoron Morkovich, Louis Gerzic, Rita Sawicki, Marlene Edwords. Photogrophy .. _ Jim Senty, Chester Ball Advertising _____________________ Joe Holvick SECOND SEMESTER Editor Jim Wodsworfh Assistant Editor . Williom lundgren Socioty Editor ______________ Phyllis An sell Sports Editor_____ ___________Henry Frochetto Reporters Morlenc Thompson, Mario Horubin, Henry Gingros, Eleanor Kauko-nen, Joy Manley, Rito SawKki, Fronces Mun-nings, Dick DeFore, luonn Lillie, William Anonich, Hozol Hill, Robert Clements. Footures Rosario Duenas, Wo Iter lukos, Jconno Sprcutols, Geroldine Woseen. Photogrophy . __________________ Jim Senty Advertising ________ .. .... Joo Holvick1 ■ Soc ty and Sports fditors. Phyllis An-i».'l o.- l Ht«wy free holt (for obovt enough of loo mv h nows (or their P°9«‘ Assiilont tdnof, WUUon lwndg' « gives KosOfiO IXeaos ond (leonof Kovtonon sooo nokoino odvice "Thor's o good ideo". soy Geffy Wostoo. Jeonne Spreu-tob. ond Wollet Lucas. obovt o foorv't I hot joy Mon toy is woriirg cn 163INATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE Join our Christmas Fund Superior'! only Drive-in Bonk MEMBER FEOERAl DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. ROOKEY TRANSFER COMPANY COAL COKE BRIQUETS Dependable Service 1417 Bonks Dial 4-6609 LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING Give us a Call HAWKINS LAUNDRY "They Satisfy" Ogden near 13th Dial 4-5565 A D V E R T I S E R S SPONSORS OF GITCHE GUMEE The store for College Men RADZAK GLASS AND PAINT CO. Authorized Dealer for LIBBY OWENS-FORD GLASS 1214 Ogdon Avo. Ex 2-8771 Silver-Tonsberg Company Commercial Printing 1714 North 12th Street • "A Good Nome to Remember for See Us for Complete Home Furnishings POPKIN FURNITURE 518-20 Tower Ave. Ex-4-4010 Superior, Wis. Good Clothes" Wo tarry a Complete lino of School Supplie M. D. McLEAN STORE Spook to Speokes for Building Materials and Cool THESPEAKES COMPANY Your Ford Dealer REED MERRELL INC. fflM. 2208 Eojt Fifth Street 126 Banks Avo. Dial 4-3063 1219 Ogden Avenwo Superior, Wisconsin Dial 4 5588 DUNBAR'S Our Sincere ! Equipment and Supplies for the BEST WISHES SUPERIOR NATIONAL BANK RESTAURANT AND JANITOR FROM 720-722 Tower Superior. Wis. BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. Established 1897 Ea t End Compliments of Superior, Witcontin Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation WISCONSIN TYPEWRITER COMPANY Rental Typewriter and Deolers in I. C. Smith and Corona Typewriters 1306 Tower Ave.  BENSON ELECTRIC COMPANY Contractors and Engineers "What Grand Rapids Promises ... General Electric Appliances Grand Rapids Does" LAKE SUPERIOR 3rd ond Grond Avenue Ex 4-5548 GRAND RAPIDS HOUSE FURNISHING CO. REFINING COMPANY Belknap at Ogden Superior Petroleum Products THE TELEGRAM JOB SHOP Wo give S ond H Green Stomps Over 65 yeors of Printing Service The Most Modern and Largest Commercial Printing Plant in Upper Wisconsin Evening Telegram Building Ex. 4-4411... beautifully wM MDIAMONDS cedar 1213 Tower Avenue Diol 4-7241 THE QUICKPRINT Clyde B. Thomas; Prop. Commercial Printing You buy the be»t for leu ... ot ['0lr S BSl RUDOLPH'S [- '■'- ■ f r 0 t J J House of Fine Furniture 9 M 1820 North 12th Street STACK BROTHERS. INC. PLUMBING AND HEATING CONTRACTORS 1718 Winter Street Moving Storage Baggage and Parcels to All Parts of Superior and Duluth LONG DISTANCE MOVING SUPERIOR AND DULUTH TRANSFER COMPANY 911 Tower Ave. Ex 4 4471 BELKNAP ELECTRIC COMPANY Electric Wiring and Fixtures 1513 Bclknop Ex-2-1103 Health and Happiness to the 1955 Graduate COMMUNITY DRUG STORE ROY GRIMSRUD; Prop. 7)4 Tower Ave. Ex 4-3763 Compliments of MARCUS COMPANY Expert watch repoiring Sporting Goods, luggage and Jewelry 728 Tower Ave. Morrie Arnovich Bill Finn TOWER DIAMOND SHOP Watchmakers ond Jewelers Keepsake Diamonds 1320 Tower Ave. Superior, Wis. iCongratulations to the 1955 Graduation Closs • Superior's Only Fireproof Hotel THEANDROY ART ERICKSON'S SUPER SERVICE STATION pSBj "Where Friends and Service Meet" Belknap and Grand — Dial 4-9944 We Carry a Complete Line of Equipment for the Sportsmen . Archery Supplies . Hunting and Fishing Equipment . Keys Mode While You Woit LUND'S SPORTING GOODS 1817 Belknop Diol 4-9591 Compliments WIGHTMAN'S House of Flowers • 1307 Tower Avenue ERIC'S BARBER SHOP "one Place you Don't Mind Getting a Good Trimming" • Next Door to Bridgeman's 1115 Belknap Superior, Wis. THE EVENING TELEGRAM SUPERIOR. WISCONSIN Completely Blanketing the Vast Superior Market and All of Northern Wisconsin Circulation In Excost of 22.000 NORTHERN WISCONSIN'S LARGEST DAILY HENDRICKSON'S STANDARD SERVICE "Stop for Service ... for Service Never Stops" Belknap ot Grand-Dial 4-9989 Store: Diol 4-4461 8okery: Dial 4-9153 CONNOLLY'S Meats — Groceries — Bakery and Coffee Shop 1202-1204 Belknap Street Superior, WisconsinNORTHWESTERN OIL COMPANY Every Purchase pleases when you shop With our sincere good wishes at TWIN PORTS WwrfaozA STACK AND CO-OPERATE DAIRY VEEDOL MOTOR OIL TYDOL GASOLINE COMPANY. ASSOCIATION, INC. Visit any Northwestern Service Station and Get "SERVICE WITH A SMILE" in Superior Superior, WisconsinQUALITY ICE CREAM AND RICH DAIRY PRODUCTS IT'S BRIDGEMAN'S 1106 Belknop Street Diol 2-1372 Gruen, Elgin ond Homillon Wotche Perfect Diomond PETER'S JEWELRY 1126 Tower Avenue LURYE FURNITURE 1208 Tower Avenue Compliment COLLEGE CAFETERIA THE VOGUE BOOTERY "Your Shoe Store for 37 Year " 1218 Tower Avenue Phone 4-7493 The Campus Wheel Of Fashion Turns To Separates FromCompliments of CORNWELL-SUPERIOR CORPORATION Everyone Loves To Eat Out Try Our Delicious Meals and Our Home Made Ice Cream Open Evenings and Sunday Across From Courthouse 1316 Belknop Street RUSSELL CREAMERY COMPANY "Northwest' Finest—Visitors Welcome" Corner Broodwoy ond Ogden Oiol 4-6522 CREAM MILK BUTTER Whipping "Country Fresh" Golden Glow Hall and Holf Grade "A" Rose Brand Salad Sour Homogenized ICE CREAM Vitamin "0" "Smooth Frozen' Golden Guernsey Chocolote Home Of Russell’s Food ProductsCompliments of LIGNELL'S REXALL DRUG "Your Friendly Store" 1022 Tower Avenue CITY MARKET Henry Cohen, Prop. Quality Groceries and Meats Corner 11th ond Tower Diol 4-7703 MILLER’S STANDARD SERVICE Col Miller, Mgr. Atlos Products-Acccsjoriei Expert Lubricotion—Woshing SPECIALIZED TIRE SERVICE Opon 7-12 Winter—24 hour Summer Service The Most Modern Equipment Diol 4-9769 Belknop ol Tower PATRONIZE YOUR GITCHE GUMEE ADVERTISERS TEACHING FUTURE AMERICANS WILL BE THE CAREER OF MANY AMONG YOU Irving in a chonging, dynamic, powerful American democracy it the future of oil of you. Cooperatives ore o vital port of that dynomic democracy. They ore the yardstick with which Amcrico it beginning to meoturo the efficiency of ift other typet of butinett. Our notes recognize tho vitol role of the Co-ops, requiring that they be tought in our school systems. Learn about cooperative people's business. We shall be glad to inform you. CENTRAL COOPERATIVE WHOLESALE SUPERIOR, WISCONSIN ESCANA6A, MICHIGAN VIRGINIA ANO WADENA, MINNESOTA and to each graduate we wish every success BETTER LIGHT - BETTER SIGHT Secfr u i Ti atei a td "Poute BERTHIAUME'S Groceries, Meats and Our Own Baking 6 Phones 4-5551 1415-1417-1419 Tower Avo. Superior, Wisconsin Superior's Finest Store For Men and Boys EKSTROM'S Corner Tower ond Eleventh PAUL E. HOLDEN INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. 925 Tower Ave. Phone 4-7742 Superior's Finest ond Most Dcpendoble Insurance Agency FAGERLIN FUEL COMPANY Cool ond Wood Shell Fuel Oil Automatic Heating Equipment 6th and Boxter1 1 1 KOTTER-McKEE FLORISTS Flowers for all occasions Diol 4-7797-2419 Elmlro Avenuo 1 You Con Find ... The best in light lunches ond finest selection of boko goods at FEDERAL BAKERY 1116 Tower Avenue Dial 4-5883 1 V Distinctive Portraits Photographic Supplies MILLARD BERG'S 1509 Tower Avenue 1 MATHER PHARMACY, INC. Prescription Experts • Board of Trode Building 1505 Tower Avenue IT WILL PAY YOU... To Inquire About The Educationol Opportunities at WISCONSIN STATE COLLEGE AT SUPERIOR Ofieringj in UNDERGRADUATE WORK Include: 2,3, end 4-ycor teocher training programs •four-yeor liberal Arts degree programs •Preprofesstonol progroms for many fields of study GRADUATE WORK Will Be Offered leading to a Master of Education Degree Write for Information The Dean of Instruction WISCONSIN STATE COllEGE Superior, WisconsinCOMMUNITY SAVINGS BANK SUPERIOR. WISCONSIN Big enough to Serve You Small enough to Know You THE BEST REASON FOR GETTING UP IN THE MORNING Delicious Aromatic FOR A TRULY DELICIOUS BEEFBURGER TRY KITCH'S •Home-mod© Chili •Beefburgers •Humdingers •Orders to Toko Out KITCH'S DRIVE-IN Corner Fifth and Fisher Dial 4-9778 If you Don't Know Drugs ... Know Your Druggist! PEOPLES DRUG STORE 1124 Bolknop Street EAST END DRUG STORE 2131 East 5th Street J. A. Grimsrud ond A. C. Haugen, Proprietors Restaurant and Bar Supply Company Commercial Refrigeration Hotel—Restaurant—Bar Jonitor Supplies • 708 Tower Avcnuo Diol 4-5625

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