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DUNC£ ■ ■ .  %e Qitche Qumme SUPERIOR STATE COLLEGE SUPERIOR, WISCONSIN I CURRAN L‘-» .•' •» WISCONSIN STATE COLLEGE SUPERIOR, WIS.In this Year 5 of the Atomic Age—a year marked by insecurity and pessimism throughout the adult world—we present a group of young people who refused to be pessimists. They acted with faith in the future. Under the hovering threat of the atom, they went their merry way believing that there is a future to civilization and preparing themselves for that future. May history of the years to come prove that their faith was justified.We rip the Atom in a toast to the future TO THE FACULTY, THE ADMINISTRATION (Who have taught the ones who will hold it) TO THE CLASSES ( Which have learned how it should be held) TO THE ORGANIZATIONS (Which have shown how to cooperate in it) TO THE SPORTS (Which have shown the spirit to attain it) TO THE ACTIVITIES (Which have shown that it may be enjoyed) TO THE ADVERTISERS (Who have financed this record for it) An optimistic toast to the future in this, the yearbook of Supc rior State College, the Gitche Gurnee of 1951.In the fall of 1950, ground was broken for a new $400,000 men’s dormitory on the S. S. C. campus. The new building will house 84 students and include lounges, dating rooms, and kitchen facilities. It will be ready for occupancy in the fall of 1951. LYLE HOLLAND President, Freshman class; Fex Fraternity; Peptomist staff; Honorary member of the S Club. Though the living personality of Lyle Holland is absent from the classes and activities of Superior State this year, he will be remembered for his quick easy smile, his courageous attitude, and his optimistic faith in the future. Undaunted by extreme physical handicaps, Lyle was able to achieve excellent grades in his studies in addition to being one of the most avid of sports fans. Because of his contributions in so many functions of the school, his classmates elected him president of his class. He died September 27, 1950. Faith, mighty faith, the ptomisc sees. And looks to that alone; Laughs at impossibilities, And cries it shall be done. Charles WesleyJAMES PATRICK MORGAN Cadet Captain in the Air Force R. O. T. C. Radiant smiles, sparkling ways, and hopeful attitudes were the characteristics of James Patrick Morgan, popular senior student of Superior State who died October 29, 1950. He served in World War II in the navy for twelve months and was a cadet captain in Air Force R.O.T.C. on the campus. Despite his experiences with war and turmoil, he had definite aims and ambitions for the future. The memory of him will assuredly linger. ,l ' good to lengthen to the hit a tunny mood. J. R. LowellAs member of the Board of Regents of State Normal Schools, Dr. Geo. N. Sundquist has shown throughout the years an unwavering faith in the future of Superior State College. He has worked for the improvement of the school with vision and imagination. He has been influential in the great progress made by the college during the last ten years.REGENT Dr. George N. Sundquist Member of the Board of Regents Good lortunc brings success, but it is endeavor that deserves praise.To Students in 1951: In a year when many people are looking toward the future with misgivings, it is encouraging to find students expressing in the 1951 annual a theme of optimism. We who are older sometimes need to be reminded by youth that optimism and faith in the future are justified by the history of the progress of humanity. May your theme, "Optimism and Faith in the Atomic Age," serve as an inspiration to any who ever lose sight of the fact that living in any age is not only worthwhile but is a privilege.PRESIDENT Jim Dan Hill I ft Reason ond calm judgment, the qualities specially becoming to a leader. Ill Tacitus, HISTORYDedication Today, more than ever before, we need men with the youthful outlook as leaders of youth. We need men with an idealism that accepts no compromise and a faith that laughs at disappointments. We need men who have faith in young people and in the future of the young people with whom they deal. Such a man is Phil Arlausky. As instructor, dean of men, assistant coach, and veterans co-ordinator at Superior State College, he has been an inspiration to young men and women during a period when their faith was shaken by a world turned topsy-turvy and when they needed a sympathetic friend to give them hope. By his counsel, his friendliness, and by the example of his own life, he has been an uplifting influence upon more young persons than he will ever realize. To Phil, we dedicate this yearbook of 1951.To look uo ond not down, To look forward ond not bock. To look out ond not in,— ond To lend a hand. HoleI o the Faculty ana Administration The deeds of the leader shall live, ond the hard-won glory of his exploits; this endures, this alone escapes the greedy destruction cf death. OvidVERNON E. VAN PATTER, M. S. (1920) Director, McCoskill School 8. S., Dokoto Wesleyon University M. S., University of Wisconsin Graduate Student: Universities of Wisconsin, Minncsoto, Colorado Stole College of Education EDWIN H. SCHRIEBER, M. S. (1922) Dean of Instruction A. B., University of Illinois M. S., University of Wisconsin Groduote Student: Universities of Minncsoto, Colorodo, Michigon HARRY H. WHITNEY, M. S. (1937) Principal, McCoskill Junior High School B. S., Carnegie Institute of Technology M. S. Colorodo State College of Agriculture and Mechanic ArtsELVIRA GELLENTHIEN, Ph. D. (1947) Dean of Women A. B., University of Colorado A. M., Ph. O. University of Chicogo PHIL ARLAUSKV, M. S. (1938) Dcon of Men 8. S., LaCrosse State Teachers College M. S., Indiono University Graduate Student: New York University JOANNA E. TEERINK, M. A. (1921) Assistant Director of Teocher Training B. A., Iowa State Teachers College M.A., Teachers College, Columbio University Graduote Student: Colorado State College of Education University of AlbertaFLORENCE H. WALDE, B. S. (1924) Librorion 8. Ed., Superior Stote Teachers College 8. S. in L. S., Peabody College for Teochcrs Graduate Student: Stote University of lowo REGISTRAR MISS MABEL MC KINNON ADMINISTRATION ASSISTANT MISS GLADYS BOCKFaculty HARRY W. ANDERSON, M. Ph. (1946) Counselor; Supervising Teacher B. Ed., Superior State College M. Ph., University of Wisconsin Graduate Student: University of Minnesota GRACE E. BARNEY, M. A. (1921) French B. A., University of Wisconsin M. A., University of Minnesota Graduate Student: Universities of Dijon, Sorbonnc, Paris, France, Minnesota ALDON M. BEB8, A. M. (1948) Supervising Teacher A. B. and A. M., Colorado State College of Education WYATT W. BELCHER, Ph. D. (1946) History B. A. and M. A., University of Oklahoma, Ph. D., Columbio University 8ESSIE A. BENTON, M. A. (1925) German 8. A. and M. A., University of Minnesota Grcduatc Student: Universities of Munich, Germany, WashingtonHARLAN BOWER, M. A. (1950) Journalism Boch. of Journ., M. A., University of Missouri CATHERINE BOWSER, M. E. 11948) Assistant Librarian 8. A., University of Wisconsin M. E.. Marquette University ROYAL BRIGGS, Ph. D. (1949) Economics B. S.f Knox College M. A,, University of Illinois Ph. D., University of Missouri SHIRLEY CARRIAR, M. A. (1946) English B. Ed., Superior Stote College M. A., University of Wisconsin Groduote Student: Universities of Colorado, Minnesota CELIA CARSLEY, M. A. (1927) Education B. Ed., Superior Stote College M. A,, University of lowo Groduate Student: University of Minnesota HARRY W. CARTER, M. S (1950) Supervising Teacher B. S., M. S., Southern Illinois UniversityELIZABETH N. CASTLE, M. A. 1940) Supervising Teacher Ph. D., University o Chicogo M. A., Teachers College of Columbia University H. WOODROW CHRISTIANSON, B Ed. (1946) Chemistry 8. Ed., Superior State College Graduate Student: Universities of Wisconsin, Marquette, Minnesota ELLEN M. CLARK, A. M. (1913) History A. B. and A. M., University of Chicago Graduate Student: University of Chicago BERENICE COOPER, M. A. (1928) English A. 8., Beloit College M. A., University of Wisconsin Graduate Student: University of Chicago Bread Loof School of English MARK E. DEAN, M. A. (1948) Physical Education B. A., Northern Illinois State Teachers College M. A., University of Iowa MARY B. DEATON, A. M. (1926) English A. 8., Mississippi State College for Women A. M., Columbia University Groduatc Student: Universities of North Carolino, Chicago, Minnesota 1IDA W. FLOGSTAD, M. A. 0 928) Mathematics B. S., M. A., Iowa State College Groduote Student: Universities of Michigan, Colorado, Chicogo DONALD G. FOLTZ, M. Mus. 0 939) Music A. 8., Defiance College B. M. E., M. Mus., Northwestern University Groduote Student: University of Idaho, Berkshire Music Center LEO Dl MARCO, 8. Ed. 0943) Physicol Education B. Ed., Superior State College Groduatc Student: University of Minnesota URSEL R. EMBRY, M. S. 0 950) Physics 8. S., Utoh State Agricultural College; M. S., University of Illinois Graduate Student: University of New Mexico HAROLD GLANDER, M. S. 0 950) Mathematics B. S., Milwaukee State Teachers College M. S., Marquette University Groduote Student: University of Chicogo HENRY W. GRAYSON, M. A. 0 949) Economics-Sociology B. A., University of Soskotchewan M. A., University of Toronto Graduate Student: University of TorontoEDWARD F. GREVE, 8. L. S. (1950) library Assistant 8. S., State Teachers College, Duluth 8. L. S., University of Minnesota Graduotc Student: University of Minnesota GERALD HAACK, 8. S. Music B. S., Superior State College Groduate Student: Northwestern University MINDA HOVLAND, M. A. (1924) Supervising Teacher 8. Ed., Superior State College M. A., Teachers College, Columbia University FRANK L. IRWIN, D. Ed. (1948) Education A. 8., M. A., Konsos University D. Ed., New York University WASYL HALICH, Ph. D. (1946) History 8. A., University of Dubuque M. A., Ph. D., Stotc University of Iowa ARNOLD F. HOFSTAD, B.S.C. (1947) Accounting—Economics B.S.C., Northwestern University Graduate Student: Northwestern School of Business Administration, Universities of Chiccgo, MinnesotaSHIRLEY B. JAMESON, M. A. (1949) Physical Education B. S., University of Illinois M. A., Northwestern University TIM R. JOHNSON, Moj. USAF B. S., Central Michigan College of Education Graduate Student: George Williams University of Chicago WILLIAM C. KELLER, (1947) Music New York Institute of Musical Art ANSON R. KENDALL, Ph. D. (1946) Chemistry A. B., DePouw University M. A., Ph D., lowo State College AGNES V. KIRK, M. A. (1911) English B. L., Lindenwood College for Women Ph. D., Centrol State Teachers College, Missouri Ph. 8., University of Chicago M. A., Teachers College of Columbia University Groduate Student: Universities of Minnesota, Californio, Berkeley ARTHUR F. KRUK, M. A. (1949) Art Supervisor 8. S., New York Stole College for Teachers, Buffalo M. A., Columbio University Albright Art School Graduate Student: Columbio UniversityHESTER HOLMES KYLLO, B. S. in L. S. (1948) Children's Librarian B. E., Superior Stole College B. S. in L. S., University of Minnesota THORPE M. LANGLEY, M A. (1948) Geography A. M., M. A., University of Wisconsin ESTHER LA ROWE, M. A. (1948) Physicol Education 8. S., University of Michigon M. A., Columbia University CARL A. LIND8ERG, Copt., USAF Military Science University of Minnesota OMER L. LOOP, Ph. 0. (1919) Education A. B., Indiana University M. A., University of Wisconsin Ph. D., University of Minnesota HELEN E. LOTH, Ph. 0. (1924) Latin—Spanish A. 8., Volporaiso College Ph. B.. A. M., Ph. D., University of ChicagoFRANK R. MAHOVLICK, M. A. 0 950) English 8. S., University of Minnesota M. A., University of Southern California Graduate Student: University of Southern California JAY W. MCKEE, Ph. D. 1935) History—Political Science 8. A., University of Toledo M. A., Ph. D., Ohio State University HELEN M. MANKE. B. A. (1949) Supervising Teacher 8. A., Williom Penn College Graduate Student: Northwestern University ELIZA8ETH MONGER, M. A. (1922) Supervising Teacher 8. S., M. A., Teachers College, Columbio University LOUISE MURRAY, M. A. (1950) Supervising Teacher B. A., University of Toronto M. A., Teachers College of Columbio University KATHRYN OHMAN, M. A. (1926) English A. 8., Bellevue College M.A., University of Chicogo Graduate Student: Universities of Minnesota, Chicago, Southern Californio, Northwestern DONALD E. OLSON, 8. S. (1947) Physics B. S., Superior Stotc College Graduate Student: University of Wisconsin MERRILL C. PALMER. M. A. (1950) Mathematics B. $., University of Chottonoogo M, A., Vanderbilt University, Nashville Graduate Student: Washington University HAZEL SEGUIN, M. A. (1929) Biology 8. A., University of Wisconsin M. A., Teachers College, Columbio University Graduate Student: Universities of Virginio, Columbia EMILIE W. SONDEREGGER, Ph. D. (1947) French—Spanish Ph. 8., Loyolo University M. A., Northwestern University Ph. D., University of Fribourg, Switzerland JANE REHNSTRAND (1922) Art Superior Stotc College Lewis and Art Institutes of Chicago, Columbio University, Stanford University, University of Californio Europeon and Asiatic art tours Associate Editor, School Arts Mogozinc WILLIAM SCHLIEP, M. Mus. (1932) Music 8. S., University of Minnesota M. Mus., Eostman School of Music, Wormelin School of Music, Pupil of George Griscz Graduate Student: University of MinnesotaEDITH G. SWARTLEY, ( 944) Music Supervisor Cornell College Upper Iowa University University of Southern California University of lowo DOROTHY WAITE. M. $. (1925) History A. 8., M. A., University of Nebraska Graduate Student: Universities of Chicago, Minnesota, Colorado, Columbio EDWARD W. WAKELAND. Copt. USAF Texas A. M. College FRANK G. WALLACE. 8. S. (1949) Art 8. S., University of Wisconsin Graduotc Work: University of Wisconsin JOHN E. WEBB, M. M. (1925) Music 8. M., M. M., Louisiana Stotc University Graduate Student: Louisiana State University Eostmon School of Music HERBERT M. WEEKS, M. S. (1925) Chemistry 8. Ed., Superior Stote College M. S., University of lowo Graduate Student: University of Minnesota ROBERT D. WILLIAMS, PhD. (1935) English A. B., Kenyon College M. A., Ph. 0., University ol Michigan LOUIS ADA WILSON, M. A. (1933) Educoticn B. S., M. A., George Peabody College Graduate Student: George Pcobody College, Stanford, Chicago MARGUERITE E. WOLFINGER, M. S. (1950) Supervising Teacher B. E., Superior Stole Teachers College M. S., University of WisconsinFaculty Not Pictured GEORGE G. BALL, Ed. D. (1950) Education B. S., M. A., Kent Stote University Ed. D., University of Wyoming EDWARD L. 80LENDER, M. S. (1923) Biology 8. S., Miomi University M. $., University of Wisconsin Groduote Student: lowo Stote College ANDREW CLARK, Copt. USAF 0950) Woyne University MURRAY L. MILLER. M. A. 0 950) Geology 8. A., M. A., University of Toronto Groduote Student: Universities of Toronto ond Minnesoto STANLEY OEXEMANN, Ph. D. 0949) Botany A. 8., McKcndrce College M. S., PH. D., University of Illinois EDWIN H. RANDALL, M. A. 0 950) Education 8. S. in Ed., Stote Teachers College, Bridgewoter, Moss. M. A., Colorodo College Graduate Student: Colorodo University RUTH S. SMITH, M. A. 0 949) Supervising Teacher A. B., Colorodo State College of Education M. A., University of lowo Graduate Student: Universities of Iowa, Washington, Minnesoto, Colorodo Stote College of EducationTo the Cl asses They never foil who light Their lamp of foith ot the unwavering flome Burnt for the alter service of the Race Since the beginning. ELSA BAKER- - • ! SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President—Paul David Hilton Cumberland, Wisconsin. Vice-President—James Fronklin Brodshow, Superior, Wisconsin Secretary—Cecelia Fitzgerald Superior, Wisconsin. Treasurer—Louis Jomes Thompson Superior, Wisconsin. - ' ANDERSON, LEROY M„ B. S„ Pert Wing, Wisconsin; Footboll 1, 2, 3, 4; Boxing 2, 3; Intromursls 1. ANDERSON, 8ERNICE M., Two year Rural, Stale Graded, Omcgo, Wisconsin; Mcssioh Chorus I, 2; Rural Sigma Rho 1, 2; Treasurer 1; Sigmo Gommo Chi 1, 2; Compus Christions I, 2; W.A.A. I. BERTOLONE, MARYVERN, B. A.. Hurley, Wisconsin; H. S. T„ Mcssioh Chorus 4; Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4, College Players 3, 4; Delta Sigmo 3, 4; "The Rivals," "Condlelight." BROOKS, ARLENE, Rural Stole Grodcd (Two Yeor) Clam Falls, Wisconsin; Rural Sigmo Rho 1, 2; Sigmo Gommo Chi 2. CHEEVER, BEULAH P., Rural Stotc Grodcd (Two Year) Gordon, Wisconsin; Rural Sigma Rho 1, 2; President 2; Campus Christions I, 2; Intcrnotionol Relations 2; Camero Club 2. CHRISTOPHERSON, MARILYN LONG, B. S.. Superior, Wisconsin, H. S. T., Delta Sigma I, 2, 3, 4; Sergeant at Arms 4; Social Committc 3. ClSMOSKIE, MRS. ANN S., B. S., Superior, Wisconsin; Intermediate. CONERY, DELORES M., Three Year Certificate, Virginia, Minneseto; Kindergarten Primary; Messiah Chorus 2, 3; College Cheir 2, 3; A. C. E. 2, 3. CRONSTROM, ELAINE, B. S.. Superior, Wisconsin; Tau Alpho Chi 1, 2, 3, 4. DELIN, RODNEY M., B. S., Webster, Wisconsin; Upper Grades. DONATELL, DIANNE B., Three Year Certificate, Spooner, Wisconsin; Kindergarten Primory; Messiah Chorus I, 2, 3; A. C. E. 1, 2, 3; President 3; Alpha Kappa 1, 2, 3; Sigmo Gamma Chi 1, 2, 3; Lutheran Student Association 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3. ECKHOLM, HELEN, B. S., Superior, Wisconsin; Kindergarten Primory 2, 3, 4; Lambda Sigma Lambda 1. 2.ESSEN, RODGER W., B. A., Superior, Wisconsin; H. S. T.; Semper Compares 2, 3, 4; Secretary 3; Vice-President 4; The Estoko 2, 3, 4. FITZGERALD, CECELIA M„ 8. S.. Superior, Wisconsin; Kindergorten Primary; Closs Secretory 4; Gitche Gurnee Stoff I; Kindergorten Primary I, 2, 3, 4; Secretory 2; Tau Alpho Chi I, 2, 3, 4; Vice President 3; Inter Cub Council 4, President 4; Newmon Club 4; Owl end Serpent 4. FULLER, WILLIAM J., B. S., Superior, Wisconsin; H. S. T., Closs Officer (President) I; Fcx 2, 3, 4; The Estoko I; Intromurols I. GA8RYS, ADELINE L., B. S.. Superior, Wisconsin; H. S. T., Lambda Sigma Lombdo 2, 3, 4; Secretory 3; Vice President and President 4; International Relations Club 2; Inter Club Council 4, GORMLEY, MARK M., B. S., Superior, Wisconsin; H. S. T. GREENE, JOAN 8., 8. S., Superior, Wisconsin; K. P.; Secretary of Elementary Education Dept. 3; Alpho Psi Omega I, 2, 3, 4; Kindergorten Primary I, 2, 3, 4, Delta Sigma I, 2, 3, 4. GREENE, ROBERTA M., 8. a., Superior, Wisconsin; Upper Grades; Delta Sigmo 1, 2, 3, 4; The Estoko 1, 2, 3, 4. GUNNERSON, DOROTHY R„ B. S., Superior, Wisconsin, Intermediate; Messioh Chorus 3; Intermediate Group 1, 2, 3, 4, President 3; Gamma Phi Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice President 3; President 4; Owl ond Serpent 4.HAGMAN, DOROTHY G.. B. A., Superior, Wisconsin; H. S.T., Alpho P$i Omega 3, 4; Gommi Phi Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4; President 2; Secretory 2, 4; The Esteka 3, 4; Inter-Club Council 2; Writer's Conference 3, 4; Owl ond Serpent 4. HARTMAN, CAROLYN F„ B A.. Stone Lokc, W.scon-sin; Liberal Arts; Mcssioh Chorus 3; College Concert Bond 1; Alpha Koppa 1, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Gammo Chi 1, 2, 3, 4; International Relations Club 2; Bowling 3. HASSARO, ALICE M., 8. S.. Forest Hills, New York; K.P., Messioh Chorus 3, 4; Kindergarten Primary 3, 4; Tou Alpho Chi 3, 4; Sigmo Gamma Chi 4; Glee Club 3; Newman Club 4; Owl and Serpent 4; R.O.T.C. Corps Sponsor 3; Social Committee 4. HEIMSTEAD, JANET M., 8.S., New Auburn, Wisconsin; Mcssioh Chorus I, 2, 3, 4; Kindergaren Primary 1, 2, 3, 4; Tou Alhpa Chi 2, 3, 4; Sigmo Gammo Chi I, 2. 3. 4. Glee Club I, 2. 3. 4. HEIMSTEAD, JANICE M„ B.A., New Auburn, W.scon-sin; H.S.T., Messioh Chorus I, 2, 3, 4; College Choir 2, 3, 4; Concert Choir 2; Tou Alpha Chi I, 2, 3, 4; Sigmo Gamma Chi I, 2, 3, 4. HILTON, PAUL D., B.S., Cumberland, Wisconsin, H.S. T., Transfer from Augsburg college. Senior class president; Gitchic Gurnee 3; sports editor 3 Messiah chorus 4; Peptomist 2, 3, 4; Editor 2, 3 Alpho Psi Omega 2, 3, 4; College Players 2, 3, 4 Lambda Dclto Chi 2, 3, 4; President 3; Secretory 4; R.O.T.C. Officers Club 3, 4; Pershing Rifles 2, 3; Secretary 2, 3; R.O.T.C., 2, 3, 4; Intromurals 2, 3, 4; Athletic Publicity 2, 3. HOLST, LOUIS R., Rural State Graded, Superior, Wisconsin; Peptomist staff 2; Rurol Sigma Rho 1, 2; President I; Publicity Choirmon 2. HOLTON, AUDREY L., B.S., Chetek, Wisconsin; Kinder-garton Primary, Gitchc Gurnee 1; Peptomist staff 3, College Concert Band 1. 2, 3; Sigma Gamma Chi I, 2. 3, 4; Sociol Chairman 4; W.A.A. 1, 2, 3; Social Committee 4.KLAUCK, RUTH, Three year certificate, Stanley, Wisconsin; Kindergarten Primary, Dclto Sigma Sorority, I, 2, 3; Sigma Gommo Chi 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 2, 3. KOZIAL, EDWARD W., B.A., Shjldcn, Wiscons.n; H.S. T., Whig Social Club 3, 4; Newman Club 4; International Relations Club 3, 4. LANGE, BETTY MAE, 8.S., Superior, Wisconsin; Kindergarten Primary 3, 4; Publicity Chairman 3, 4; Tau Alpha Chi I, 2, 3, 4; Scribe 2; International Relations Club 3; President 3; Orchestra 1; Gitchc Gurnee I, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Editor I, Business Monoger 3, 4; Editor in Chief 4; Press Conference Housing Chairman I; Little Players I. LARSON, ARDlS E., Two yeer certificate; Webster, Wisconsin, Rural State Graded; Messiah Chorus I, 2; Rurol Sigma Rho 1, 2; President I; Campus Christions 1, 2; International Relations Club 1, Glee Club I, 2. ISABELLA, JEAN M., B.S., Spooner, Wisconsin; Kinder-gerten Primary 3, 4, Messiah Chorus 3, 4; soloist 4, College Choir 3, 4; Tou Alpo Chi 3, 4; Sigma Gamma Chi 4; N:wmon Club; Treasurer 4; Owl and Serpent Club 4. JOHNSON. HARVEY W.. 8.S., Brule, Wisconsin H.S.T., Boxing 2, 3. JONES, PHILLIP N., Cornucopia, Wisconsin, H. S. T. KLANG, MARILYN Y., B.S., Bennett. Wisconsin; Kindergarten Primary; Messioh Chorus 2; Delta Sigma Sorority 2, 3, 4; PresidentLARSON, ARTHUR D., B.S., Woshburn, Wisconsin; H. S.T., Closs Officer; Sccrciory Treosurer 3; Messioh Chorus 3, 4; College Choir 3, 4; Lambda Delia Chi 3, 4; R.O.T.C- Officer's Club 3, 4, Pershing Rifles 2, 3; R.O.T.C. Drum and Bugle Corps 2, 3, 4. LAURVICK, LAVERNE B., B.S., Superior, Wisconsin, H.S.T., Peptomist stoff 1, 2, 3, 4; Gitchc Gurnee stoff I, 2, 3, 4, Social Committee 3; Fex Fraternity 2, 3. 4. LETTS, CAROL, Two Ycor Rural State Graded, Webster, Wisconsin; Messiah Chorus 2; Rural Sigma Rho 1, 2; Social Choirmon I; Sigmo Gommo Chi 2. LUCAS, JAMES J., B.S., Bessemer, Michigon; H.S.T.. R.O.T.C. Officer's Club 3; R.O.T.C. 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; S Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice President 4. LUNCMARK, DONNA, B. S., Bolsom Lake, Wisconsin, Kindergorten Primory; Delta Sigmo Sorority I, 2, 3. 4. LUPPiNO, NATHAN M , B.S., Hurley, Wisconsin; H.S. T., Alpha Psi Omego 2, 3, 4; Vice President 4; Intromurols I, 2, 3, 4, Newman Club 4. MARTENS. PETER H., B.S., Cornucopro. Wisconsin, Liberal Arts. MARHEINE, LOUISE H., Rural State Groded. Brentwood, Wisconsin.MORIARITY, DONALD J., 8.S., Superior, Wisconsin, H. S.T., R.O.T.C. Officer's Club 3, 4; Treosurcr 4; R.O.T.C. Drum and Bugle Corps 3, 4; Intramurals I. 2, 3, 4. NELSON, GAIL M., B.S., Superior, Wisconsin, Upper Grades, Intermediate Group 2, 3; Alpho Kappa », 2, 3. MARTIN, FRED H., B.S., Chicago, Illinois, Upper Grades. McCARTY, JOHN E., B.S.. Phillips, Wisconsin; H.S.T., Footboll 4; Boxing 3; Intromurals I, 2, 3, 4. MeDONALD, JOHN E., 8.S., Superior, Wisconsin, H.S. T., Semper Compares 2. MeTRUSTY, WILMA J., B.A., Amberg, Wisconsin; H. S.T., The Estaka 2, 3; Secretary 2; Women's Glee Club 1, 2. MOHA, JAMES A., B.S., Montreol, Wisconsin; Libcrol Arts; Intromurols 2. MORGAN, CHARLES R.. B.S., La Crosse, Wisconsin Liberal Arts, Messioh Chorus 3; College Choir 3 College Players 3. 4; Lambda Dclto Chi 3, 4 Intromurals 3, 4; Newman Club 4. NESS, HOWARD O., 8.A., Barton, Wisconsin; Mcss.oh Chorus •, 2, 3, 4; Soloist 3, 4; Madrigal Singers 3. 4; College Choir 1, 2. 3, 4; Glee Club I, 2, 3. 4; The Estoko 1 2; Intramurals 1. NIELSON, GLORIA M., B.S.. Luck. Wisconsin; Kindcr-gortcn Primory I, 2, 3, 4; SockjI Chairmen 3, Secretory 4, Alpha Psi Omega , 4; Business Manager 4; College Ploycrs 3. 4; Tou Alpho Chi I, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Gommo Chi 1, 2, 3, 4; W.A.A. 1. OLSEN, ARTHUR J., B.A., Superior, Wisconsin, H.S.T., Messiah Chorus 1; Fcx I, 2, 3, 4; The Estoka 2, 3; International Relations Club 3; R.O.T.C. Officers Club 3, 4; R.O.T.C. Drum and 8uglc Corps 3; R.O.T.C. 3, 4; Intromurols 4. OLSON, JUNE M., B.S., Superior, Wisconsin, Kindergarten Primory 1, 2, 3, 4; Delta Sigmo Sorority I. 2, 3. 4. O'KASH, ALEXANDER N.. B.S., Superior, Wisconsin, Liberal Arts; The Estako I; Boxing 1. I PAPPELIS, ARISTOTEL J., 8.S., Superior, Wisconsin, H. S.T., Semper Compares 2, 3, 4; R.O.T.C. Officer's Club 3, 4; Pershing Rifles 2, 3; R.O.T.C. Drum and Bugle Corps 2; R.O.T.C. 2, 3, 4. PAVLOVICH, MIKE F., B.S., Ironwood, Michigan; H. S.T., Football 3. PETERMAN, LEONARD F.. B E., Superior, Wisconsin; Upper Grodcs, Iota Dclto Chi 2, 3, 4; Vice President 3; R.O.T.C. Officer's Club 3. 4; R.O.T.C. Rifle Tcom 3, 4; Pershing Rifes 4; R.O.T.C. 3, 4.SCHLENDER, MARY 8ETH, Three Ycor Kindergorten primary. Hurley, Wisconsin; Delta Sigmo I, 2, 3; Sigma Comma Chi I, 2, 3; Newmon Club 3; Kindergarten Primary Group I, 2, 3. SELL, JANET A., B.S., Pork Falls, Wisconsin; Kinder-gorten Primory Deportment 1, 2, 3, 4; Messiah Chorus I, 2, 3, 4; College Choir 2, 3, 4; Gomma Phi Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4; President ond Treasurer 3; Sigma Gamma Chi I, 2, 3, 4; Inter Club Council 3; Newman Club 4; Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4. SELL, RUTH LOIS, B.A., Superior, Wisconsin; Upper Grodes, Messiah Chorus 4; Tou Alpha Chi I, 2, 3, 4. SIMSICH, WILLIAM F., B.S., Cicero, Illinois; Intermediate Group 3, 4; Semper Compores 1, 2, 3, 4; President 2; Basketball I; Intramurols I, 2, 3. PETERSON, DONALD C„ B.S., Superior, Wisconsin; H. S. T., Closs Officer 3; Vice President 3; Lambda Delta Chi 2, 3, 4; Secretory 3; President 4; R.O. T. C. Officer's Club 3, 4; Pershing Rifles 2, 3; President 2, 3; R.O.T.C. 2, 3, 4; Cadet Commanding Officer 4; Basketball I; Junior Varsity; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. RASMUSSEN, JOYCE A., B.S., Superior, Wisconsin; H. S.T., Messioh Chorus 4; Gomma Phi Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4; Secretory 3; President 4; Inter-Club Council 4; College Orchcstro I, 2, 3; Gris Glee Club 4. REED, JOHN L., B.S., Superior, Wisconsin; Upper Grodes; R.O.T.C. Officer's Club 3, 4; President 3, 4. R.O.T.C. Rifle Teom 3, 4, R.O.T.C. 3, 4; Intro-murols I, 2; Arnold Air Society 4; Squadron Com-monder 4. ROUSH, FLORENCE E., B A., Rice Lake, Wisconsin; H. S.T., Messiah Chorus 4; Alpha Koppa I, 2, 3, 4; Secretary 2, President 4; Wesley Fclowship I, 2, 3, 4; President 4; College Concert Bond I. ; V' TSOPER, ESTHER A., B.S., Superior, Wisconsin; H.S.T., Alpho Koppo 1, 2, 3, 4; President 2, Secretary 3; Inter Club Council 2; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Owl and Serpent 4. SPRAGUE, EDWIN B., 8.S., Herbstcr,' Wisconsin; H.S. T., Peptomist staff 3, Lombdo Delta Chi 1, 2, 3, 4; The Estaka 4; International Relations Club 4; Intromurals 3; Owl end Serpent 4. STEWART, JUNE C., B.S., Osccolo, Wisconsin; Kindergarten Primory Department I, 2, 3, 4; President 3; College Concert Bond I, 2, 3, 4; College Ensemble (wood wind) 4; Tau Alpho Chi 1, 2, 3, 4; Sigmo Gomma Chi 1, 2, 3, 4; President 3; Sociol Chairman 2; College Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 4; Social Committee 2; Wesley Fellowship ), 2, 3, 4; Vice President 2; Secretary 3, Treasurer 4. SWENSON, JOHN W., B.S., Grantsburg, Wisconsin; H.S.T., Lambda Delta Chi 3, 4; Intromurals 3, 4; Transfer from the University of Wisconsin. SWILER, RICHARD H., B.S., Hayword, Wisconsin; H. S.T., Messiah Chorus I, 2, 3, 4; Madrigal Singers 3, 4; College Concert Band 1 2, 3, 4; College Choir I, 2, 3, 4; Iota Delta Chi I; R.O.T.C. Officer's Club 3, 4; R.O.T.C. Drum and Bugle Corps 3. 4; R.O.T.C. 3, 4. SYRING, DORIS A., B.S., Superior, Wisconsin; Intermediate Group I, 2, 3, 4; Secretary Treasurer 3; Gomma Phi Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4; Secretary 3. TANCIG, CATHERINE MARIE, B. S., Superior, Wisconsin; H.S.T., Peptomist stoff 3; Messiah Chorus 4; Alpha Psi Omega I, 2, 3, 4, College Players 1, 2, 3, 4; Delta Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4. THOMPSON LOUIS J., B.S., Superior, Wisconsin; H.S. T., Closs Officer (treasurer) 4; College Choir 3; Intromurals I, 2.HANSEN, DOROTHY M., B.S., Amcry, Wisconsin; Upper Grades, Messiah Chorus I, 4; Delta Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Gamma Chi I, 2, 3, 4; Sooal Chairman 3; Social Committee 3. GABRIEL, GLORIA, B.S., Amcry, Wisconsin. Kindergarten Primary 1, 2, 3, 4; Gitche Gurnee Staff 1; Pcptomist Staff 1; Messiah Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; College Choir 2, 3, 4; Lambda Sigmo Lambdo 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretory 2; Warden 3; President 4; Sigmo Gamma Chi I, 2, 3, 4, Girl's Glee Club 1; Owl ond Serpent 4. TUKALEK, LILLIAN M., B.S., Haugen, Wisconsin; H, S. T., Alpha Kappa I, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer 2, President 3; Inter Club Council 3; W.A.A. 3, 4. TURRIFF, JOHN A., 8.S., Stevens Point, Wisconsin; H.S.T. WASHATKA, WILLARD P., B.S., Pork Falls, Wisconsin; L.A., Semper Compares 3, 4; Intromurals 2, 3; Boxing 2; S. Club 2, 3, 4; Newmon Club 4. WINEK, JOSEPH M., B.A., Superior, Wisconsin; H. S. T. IBUSCH, JAMES W. B.S., Superior, W.sconsin, H.S.T., Campus Christians 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice President 3, President 4; Intramurals 2, 4; Camcro Club 4; Owl and Serpent 4; International Relations Club 4. KALLIO, HOWARD M., B.S., Superior, Wisconsin; R. O.T.C. 3, 4; R.O.T.C. Rifle Team 3; Football 1, 2. 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3; Intromurals 1, 2, 3, 4; S. Club 1, 2, 3, 4. MANNQUIST, JANE, 8.S., Cameron, Wisconsin, Kindcr-gorten Primary 3, 4; Peptomist staff 1, 2; Business Manoger 2; Alpha Psi Omega 1, 2, 3, 4; President 4; College Ployers I, 2, 3, 4; Delto Sigmo I, 2, 3, 4; Vice President 4. TITUS, PATRICK WILLIAM, B.A., Minoequo, Wisconsin; College Ployers 4, "Silver Spoons" 4. WALTERS, MARY BURBEY, B.A., Ladysmith, Wisconsin; H. S. T., Peptomist stoff 1; Tou Alpha Chi 1, 2, 3, 4; W.A.A. 1. WILLIAMS, WILLIAM L., 8.S., Gordon, Wisconsin; Upper Grades, Intermediate Group 1, 2; Intro-murols 1, 2.—BB— c (SET Seniors Not Pictured ANDERSON, HAROLD C. ANDERSON, WILLIAM G. ANECKI, LEO ARNOVICH, MATHEW J. ARMSTRON, JAMES R. AUSTRENG, ELEANOR MARIE BELANGER, KENNETH L. 8IGGS, ROBERT E. BLACK, ROBERT L. BONNE, PATRICIA A. BRAOSHAW, FRANKLIN J. BRENZELL, WILLIAM L. BUGNI, CLARENCE G. BRUCKBAUER, PHILIP G. BRUNSWICK, LEORA Z. COLE, LINUS C. CZOSCHKE, MERLIN C. DAL PRA, FORTUNATO DORFMAN, ROBERT ECKLAND, ELMER G. ERLANSON, ROBERT C. FRASER, PHILIP A. FREEBORN. RAY C. GABRIEL, SISTER M. GEE, GORDON J. GIRARD, ROBERTA A. GONSKI, JAMES J. GRAY, CY A. GUENTHER, ROBERT F. HANSEN, ROBERT P. HELWIG, WILLIAM 0. HILL, JAMES D. HOLZBERG, KENNETH P. HORMAN, EDITH JANET HULLINGER, R08ERT E. JOHNSON, ANN G. JOHNSON. GORDON C. JOHNSON, MARVIN E. KYLLO, JULIA LINDHOLM, WILBUR L. MARTENS. PETER H. MATHEWS, ROBERT L. McCarty, john e. McNAUGHTON, JAMES M. MOODIE, BRUCE G. MRDJENOVICH, STEVE MUNNINGS, ROBERT W. NEVIN, FAITH C. NICHOLS, RUTH L. NELSON, MYRON A. NORD, CLIFFORD E. NOLING, HENRIETTA M. OUIMETTE, JEAN P. PAHULA, FREDERICK L. PERRORO, JOHN J. PINKOSKIE, JAMES H. PRITCHARD, JOSEPH W. RINNET, TOIVO I. ROCK, JOHN A. RZEPECKI, ERNEST O. RUCKDASHEL. ROBERT R. SAWICKI, JAMES A. SOPER, ORWELL J. JR. STOUFFER. JEANNE STRAUMAN, KENNETH W. STREAM, GLEN E. SVEE, KEITH L. STUBBS, KATHRYN LENORA TAYLOR, JAMES A. THOMAS, KERMIT S. TINTOR, VLADIMIR F. WALLENSTEIN, JOHN A. WALTER, WILLIAM JR. WARREN, A. ALLEN WEST, WALTER W. WESTLUND, KENNETH R. WILSON, DONALD C.JUNIORS CLASS OFFICERS President ... Vice-President Secretory --- Treasurer ... .... HARRY WILSON .... ROBERT HOKANSON __ MURIEL PETERSON ... RONALD NELSON Through love, through hope, and faith's trunscedent dower. We feel that we arc greater than we know. WordsworthFront Row—Pot Butters, Geroldine Solodis, Clementine SKeors, Eileen Petermon, Kothyryn Rounee. Second Row—Borboro 8ong, Billie 8ockus, Borboro DeBruyne, June Seelow, Rosemory Hcrubin, Marilyn Hanson, Muriel Peterson, Robert Willod, Keith LaGosse. Third Row—Ann Johnson, Ellynn Kjeldsen, Borboro MeTrusty, Jonicc Ekholm, Morlen Peterson, Horry Wilson, Shirley Zwokmon, Corol Anderson, Robert Hokonson, Orvold Haugsby, Cliff Nord. Fouth Row—Charles Neal, Donold Schmidt, Eton Cose, Poul Akers, Roger Drayno, Donald Smith, Fitch Taylor, Ronold Nelson, Jock Wallenstein, Mike Corey. Juniors Not Pictured Anderson, Alfred W. Essen, Morge L. Lester. Jomes W. Pollock, Fronk R. Anderson, Marion D. Essen, George R. Longtme, John W. Roykovich, Joseph F. Anderson, Mary Jo. Evens, Borboro H. MocKenzie, Julio J. Richort, Robert F. Arganbright, Aldcon C. Fortune, Judd R. Mokelo, Richard John Rindo, Steve J. Arntson, Dovid A. Freberg, Corol F. Moloise, Gordon N. Roberts, Corless K. Aronson, Henry N. Freemon, John E. Mortin, Anno R. Rutzky, Som G. Boiko, Loris A. Funne, Tom H. Motoezynski, Robert R. Soblc, Eloine M. Baumon, William J. Gobrys, Rudolph F. Matye, Rosemorie C. Sahlsteen, William P. Beor, Hymen Gardner, Thod J. Moy, Stanley Solani, Robert A. Bell, Jonet R. Geisert, Rolond N. Mcnocher, Rita M; Schecr, Fred C. Bergstrom, Roger C. Gold, Aaron S. Meyers, Robert N. Seoquist, Edward C. Berry, John G. Good, Leo H. Miller, Miles E. Sharon, Wilfred A. Bloom, John R. Gundhus, Jonet C. Moberg, Shirley E. Shinedo, George F. Bogumill, George P. Gustofson, Robert Edward Nelmork, Floyd K. Smith, Wayne H. Brecka, Jormilo Heikkinen, Wilho A. Nelson, Evoh G. Solie, Joanne E. 8rown, James F. Heiberg, Harvey H. Nelson, Jomes W. Sorenson, Jomes W. Bruggemeycr, Roger Allen Hennessy, Michocl F. Ness, Richord W, Stansky, Charles Alfred Jr. Bugcl, Lillion K. Hicks, Kenneth J. Nestel, Robert W. Sullivon, John B. Byhre, Henry P. Hill, Verne Nordin, Glenn L. Susens, Bernard J. Campbell, Cletus C. Holst, Louis R. Nordness, Robert W. Susens, Donald C. Cattoi, William J. Isoksson, LeRoy E. Novak, Clyde A. Swonson, Barbara Jean Clark, Henry G. Jensen, Alton O'Brien, Gene G. Templeton, Anthony J. Concry, Delores M. Jensen, Normon L. Ostozeski, Stonley A. Templeton, Elizobeth A. Dohlberg, Verner G. Jensen, Vernon Lyle Ottensmeyer, Donna Joan Turk, Rolph G. Demyan, Fronk S. Johnson, Donald A. Uuimettc, Williom L. VonBuskirk, Joonne C. Donated, Dionc Beverly Korlsen, Jehn C. Polumbo, Lois M. Vogt, Donold H. Doyle, Richard F. Kostner, Richard A. Pederson, Alon E. Waite, Harry Ebli, Violet M. Kendmg, Robert H. Pederson, Marjorie L. Wallis, Jonc A. Eckholm, Borboro J. Kennedy, Ardeth R. Peterson, Frederick A. Wasiclcwski, Edmond F. Endrizzi, Jean Ann Klauck, Ruth Ann Peterson, Vernon P. Whitocrc, Thomos C. Engberg, Alice M. Koepp, Donold W. Petron, Severin E. Whittier, James J. Englehort, Sperling R. Larson, Winnie C. Phelps, Williom D. Erickson, Alphin Leskelo, Clifford W. Plummer, Gene S. SOPHOMORES CLASS OFFICERS President ROBERT LUNDSTROM Vice President ________TIM TIERNEY Secretory_________MILDRED SWANSON Treasurer____ BEVERLY SUNDSTROM Frcnt Row—Kathleen McDcnnetl. Irmo Richart, Joyce Lenihan, Laurice Hendrickson, Jconne Foley, Verda Riegcl, Mildred Swonson, Janice DcMars, Louis Worburton, Betty Smith. Scccnd Row—Moxwell Witzig, Jean Wallenstein, Noncy Storiho, Marion Polmcr, Arlccn Koris, Joon McCray, Marilyn Pcilcrin, Louro Moe Wicklund, Lorraine Mcciosik, Donna Hoyes, Milo Tukalct, Joyce Christoffersen. Third Row—Donold Dunn, Jock Kyllo, Marlin Jackson, Muriel Jackson, Gwencth Lester, Virginio McKee, Bev Sond-ctrom, Jeann® Christensen, Mary Morgon, Robert Gcimer, Lee Tourville, Michoel Grittner, Allan Loyvo, Charles Ccunselmon. Fourth Row—John Komulo, George Johnson, Tom Aschbocher, Richard Floherty, Derrick Wolker, Ted Olonder, Tom Show, Allon Zar, Robert Bergmon, Richord Wordcr, Kenneth Nelson, Ralph Holmes, Fronk Washatko.- ! Front Row—Kothryn Mockie. Donomoe Reynolds, Beuloh Cheever, Jocnnc Peorscn, JoAnno Scott, Elconor Worn, Trudy Templeton, Jeon McKenzie, Glorio Stremski, Joonne Kopocz Second Row—Paul Jorgenson. Betty Menzics. Bernice Anderson, Jonc Wahlstrom, Alic Chclmo, Vicki Vodo, Seymour Koncr, Lyle Olson, Bob Lundstrom. Third Row—Vernon Lmdstrom, LcRoy Olson, Williom Robinson, Harris Mahon, Sccgor Swanson, Roy Savera, Poul Mielke, Richord Duthey, Louis Pretti. Sophomores Not Pictured Abrohom, George R. Greene, Robert C. Millhollm, Ivan C. Anderson, Bonnie M. Gudmore, Jomes D. Nelson, Moxme L. Allen, Bart D. Honson, Bernard F. Nelson, Patsy J. Bobcock, Kenneth Hanson, Sonjo M. Nelson, Horry 0. Balko, Eldon W. Homilton, Melba Jean O'Brien, Gerald M. Krob, Lloyd A. Horrington, Froncis Charles Olson, Gerald E. Boustion, Dorothy E. Houglond, Paul L. Ohmon, Curtis E. Bengs, August H. Haugstod, Rondolf S. Ponizzo, Leonard M. Benlick, George H. Howley, Jomes Edward Peterson, Rom on J. Bennett, Bernord H. Hennessy, Eileen K. Pclc, Bruno T. Biscay, Mary A. Hill, Allen S. Pclto, Lucille M. Borge, Carol M. Huebschcr, Ruth 1. Peters, Wolter J. Brotonovich, Barbara A. Iverson, Franklin W. Polglose, Donold W. Brooks, Arlene Jacobson, Robert E. Philpott, Raymond Douglas Brown, Poul A. Johnson, Dean D. Robinson, Jock E. Cambell, Roger J. Johnson, Jomes D. Robinson, Barnie L. Carlson, Bruce L. Jordan, Williom M. Rockstod, Earl M. Clonton, John D. Kandutsch, Gregor F. Roberts, Leonard B. Clements, Barbara A. Kending, Paul J. Stcuber Douglas John Colemon, Woyrvc E. Kromor, Lcland F. Senn, Ralph E. Colter, James R. Lolly, Anthony F. Skinner, James G. Connolly, Gory J. Lolly, Patrick R. SpaMord, Helen K. Cooke, Lucille L. Larson, Ardis F. Tierney, Timothy A. Critchficld, Verna M. Lorson, Harriet A. Holm, Lois Marie Culhone, Phyllis K. Louri, Carl E. Templeton, Rosalie Cujok, Benjamin W. Lee, Lois Moo Tucker, John A. Dahl, Frederick H. Letts, Carol L. VonBuskirk, James M. Danielson, Ronald J. Marhcinc, Louise H. Wilson, James E. Delono, Jay McLellan, Donald 1. Wangen, Donald J. Durst, 8orboro A. Matye, Duonc A. Word, Robert J. Egon, John P. Markeson, Clyde M. Wold, Delores A. Emmonuelson, Vern L. Moline, Williomctte A. Williams, Robert T. Erickson, Robert W. Moline, William E. Weeks, Roger M, Ewing, Donald C. Motyko, Peter Poul Werglond, Marvin L. Fillion, Poul R. Moline, Donna M. Wallocc, Richard S. Finn, Velvie Mosentinc, Gordon R. Zodro, August J. Fosgotc, Kenneth R. McQuoid, John E. Zipperer, Gordon N. Gobler, Roger T. Moki, John Ziminermon, Gerold E. Gotsky, Edward R. Mottson, Hubert D. IFRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS President_________JOHN BENNETT Vice Praidcnt ..... JACK WAHLGREN Secretory -------- BILL GALLAGHER Treasurer ..______ DICK CHRISTIAN Front Row—Manonne Taylor. Anna Mane Leusmen, Clone: Sullivan, Norma Quam, Motildo Porker, Clarice Krontz, Rita Come, Mory Locy, Mary Moho, Mane Colosimo, Cloirc Word, Corol Mick. Second Row—Kathryn Wilson, Morgery Doherty, Jomes O'Konck, Russell Shonohon, Dove Morey, Gerald Fincklcr, Whitney Archomboult, Don Neely, Carl Thompson, John Stark, Betty Larson. Third Row—Audrey Sclvick, Jock Radek, Harris Boiko, Morgan Fizcll. Lowrence Seiffert, John Bennett, Robert Sather, Jock Zufall, John Schmidt, James Kcrttula, Phil Collins, Vic Greunke, Eugene Martins, Jock Wolgren, Bill Dillon, Dorothy Wouno. Fourth Row—Duone Paulsen, Robert Roatch, Dick Whitaker, Don Somerville, Sam Holverson, John O'Kcrstrom, Jomes Isabella, Bob Koser, Robert Strunki, Arnold Rick, Gerald Jacobs.Front Row—Jeon Dcody, Glorio Roll, Betty Ritter, Ruth Tuttle, Mory Hilten, Anne Lundgren, Mary Lou Klinzing. Second Row—Donno Franks, Marilyn Reiter, Corol Toylor, Zolo Johnson, Chorlotte Modeen, Nancy Dolton, Shirley Atchinson, Ardeone 8roy. Third Row—Joanne Peterson, Ruth Wahlstrom, Peppy Worcup, Lois Johnson, 8etty Williams, Shirleyon Porker, Chorlotte Olson, Betty Hannum, Beatrice Molcnda, Marjorie Motthews, Willis Strcom, Joy Kaner. Fourth Row—John Kungness, Clyde Londrum, Sherman Miller, Rolond Heinkel, Williom Lowler, Glen Borncs, Adrion Swenson, John Rodkewich, Don Motheny, Doug Dougherty. Ye whose hearts arc fresh and simple, Who have faith in Cod and nature. Longfellow, HiawathoJBBi Front Row—Virginio Compbell, Nancy Cornwall, Ethel Jacobson, Patricio Hutchinson, Delores Horrison, Geroldme Goldberg, Jeon Scderland. Second Row—Barbara Andrcson, Lois Selin, Margaret Anderson, Joan Kelly, Virginio Carlson, Joann Fogon, Loree Fitzgibbons, Sharon Brennan, Bordello Honson. Third Row—Marion McGinnis, Jeon Riggle, Emmo Peterson, Corol Johnson, Shirley Hvoss, Dianna Holzbcrg, Carol Hendrickson, lla Roe Wosccn, Roberta Waite, Annobelle Westberg, Audrey Lien, Donna Christophcrson, Freddie Lu Huber, Annette Potter. Fourth Row—Chorles Everson, Charles Chellmon, Roger Persons, Wm. Benson, Horry Dodge, Don O'Konek, Ed Bankey, Alon Olson, Lee Fonger, Phillip Eoton. Freshmen Not Pictured Albertson, Clarence G. Anderson, Emmett D. Anderson, Joyce E. Anderson, leRoi C. Anderson, Robert B. Andrus, Anthony C. 8oshow, Kay F. Britton, Williom F. Buchonon, Bruce J. Budmck, Francis George Burbey, Ralph D. Byrne, Williom L. Carey, Patrick J. Carlson, Virginia F. Carlson, Woltcr J. Jr. Christion, Richard E. Czock Don no M. Dohl, Douglas D. Donicls, Chores G. DeBruyne, Corol J. Derogan, Daniel J. Dillon, Elio Rachel Douglas, Mary Lou Drocgc, Marie G. Eiroa, Roymond J. Edholm, Harley C. Ficrek, Eugene C. Fitzgerald, Pot A. Flomang, Richard Jr. Frisbie, Thomas Lowrencc Gollogher, William L. Zawicki, Alice J. Glum, George H. Jr. Gustofson, Dorothy L. Hendrickson, Robert C. Hcmmilo, Herbert W. Hester, Williom R. Heytons, Richard W. Holt, John M. Hulmen, Jock 8. Iverson, LoVcrn C. Jacobs, Cathryn S. Jeffery, Delores M. Johnson, Arvid Johnson, Donold Leslie Jchnson, Ellen M. Jchnscn, Kenneth A. Jchnscn, Robert E. Jcncs, Robert W. Jones, Wayne R. Keller, Madge A. Kinnec, Lois M. Koski, Gene W. Koski, Williom A. Kroll, Michoel D. Kziozek, Adam E. Ladich, Mike Lahti, Leslie E. Leroy, Lois C. Lindell, Chod Linn, Robert L. McAulcy, George A. Jr. Meinkc, Dean Lee Mchtalo, Fronk R. Martin, Norman D. Moao, Mary Kothryn McCuskcr, John Thomos Jr. Ncssmon, Jerald R. Nelson, Quentin R. Nordby, Alfred R. Ness, Harold M. Peters, Marvin L. Pederson, Jeon A. Pretti, Louis F. Peterson, Muriel B. Pederson, Esther E. Pomuch, Arlyn J. Pcllcrin, Diane J. Porentcau, Thomas M. Robinson, Edword J. Riel, Horold J. Ronkaincn, Lois M. Rohrcr, Richord R. Riggle, John A. Richardson, Ernest A. Steele, Avcnnc A. Solcm, Donald Eugene Swanson, Raymond S. Solmclo, John M. Sanborn, Woltcr R. Stevens, Jack D. Simonson, Lots L. Sullivan, Brice T. Sister Mary Barbara Sheridon, Robert L. Tipton, Robert D. Thomson, Frederick M. Jr. Thiele, Roymond G. Viggiono, James V. Viggiono, Muriel J. Wartman, Lew E. Wcinondt, Lowrencc A. iOrganizations A mystic bond of brotherhood makes oil men one. GoetheSocial Committee Back Row—Alice Chclmo, Pat Butter . Harris Mahon, Robert Guenther, Shirley Zwokmon, Gloria Nielsen, Roger 8crgstrom. Front Row—Violet Ebli, Bonnie Anderson, Marilyn Pellerin, Cecelia Fitzgerald, Alice Hossard. The Social Committee is composed of chosen members of the various social and professional organizations on the campus. Their duty is to plan and carry out the all-college social activities held. Their achievements for the year are Homecoming and the Spring Mixer. Miss Elvira Gellenthien is advisor.Inter-Club Council i The purpose of the organization is to discuss and solve the problems that may arise within the sororities due to rushing, pledging and other functions of the sororities. An afternoon tea was given for all the new girl students at the beginning of the year. The social function was held in the womens lounge to lx-1ter acquaint the new girls with the already established students. It was a very successful affair. The officers of the Inter-Club Council are: President .................. Cecelia Fitzgerald Secretary...................... Marilyn Klang Advisor.................Miss F.lvira Gellenthien The Inter-Club Council is an organization consisting of the presidents of the five sororities at SSC. Lambdas____________ Tox________________ Gommo Phi Epsil.n Alpha Kappa _______ Delta Sigma ______ .... Adeline Gobrys Cecelia Fitzgerald Joyce Rasmussen ____ Je;n Endrizzi ... Marilyn KlangAlpha Kappa First Row—Betty, Dionc Doootcll, Audrey Sclvick, Dorothy Wourio, Glor.o Strcmski, Joonnc Kopocz. Second Row—Cloudettc Postoret, Florence Roush, Betty Rittler, Faith Ncvin, Victoria Voda, Violet Ebli Third Row—Roberto Girold, Carolyn Hortmon, 8eryl Prochnow, Esther Soper, L.llion Tukolek, Jeon Stouffer, Jean Endrizzi. Fourth Row—Milo Tukolek, Ruth Tuttle, Rito Caine, Marie Colossimo, Carol Frebcrg, Mary Anderson. First Semester Jeon Ann Endrizzi __________ Lauricc Hendrickson ________ Gloria Stremski_____________ Foith Nevin_________________ OFFICERS Second Semester President______________Florence Rouch Vice-President ________ Beryl Prochnow Secretory..............Lillian Tukolek Treasurer__________Jeon Ann Endrizzi Adviser----------Miss Jorve Rehnstrond Assistant Adviser_______Miss Elizabeth Castle A "Musical Revue" was the theme of the first rusher of the year which was followed by the traditional smorgasbord. An informal pledge service was held at the home of our adviser, Miss Jane Rehnstrand. Rushing activities were climaxed by a formal pledge dinner in the Badger Room of the Hotel Superior. Among other events of the AK season were the awarding an art scholarship, an initiation party, an alumnae square dance, a cotton ball, a dinner honoring graduating seniors, and several sorority parties. One of the projects during the Christmas season was the sending of gifts to a children's hospital in Honolulu.Delta Sigma First Row—Marilyn Christophcrson, Dorothy Hanson, Morilyn Klong, Shirley Zwokmon, Jane Mannquist. Second Row—Margoret Anderson, Koy 8oshow, Joan Kelly, Donna Lundmark, Nancy Storiha, Joan Greene, Maryverne Bcrtolone, Clarice Sullivan, Corol Hendrickson. Third Row—Virgin.o Carlson, Laurie Fitzgibbons, Joan Wallenstein, Pat Bohne, Nancy Conness, Kay Tanc g, Mary Beth Schlender, Janet Bell, Mary Morgon, Koy McDonnel, Ha Roe Woscen. Fourth Row—Corol DeBruyne, Kathy Jacobs. Roberta Waite, Mary Hilton, Ruth Ann Klouck, Myrt Phillips, Joon Von Buskirk, Jonc Wahlstrom, Ellen Kjeldson, June Olson, Ruth Ogren. Absent from Photo---Roberta Greene, Audrey Lien. President ........ Vice-President ... Secretary .......— Treasurer -------- Sergeant-at-Arms OFFICERS .......... MARILYN KLANG ..-________ JANE MANNQUIST __________ DOROTHY HANSON .......... SHIRLEY ZWAKMAN __ MARILYN CHRISTOPHERSON Condidate lor homecoming queen was Roberto Greene. We won 2nd prize on our floot. The lirst rusher wos held in the womens lounge ond followed a Carnival theme. The second rusher wos a High Tco held at Joon Van Buskirks house. Fifteen girls were pledged at the White Rose pledge dinner held at the Hotel Superior right after the Christmas vacation. The sorority chose a Christmas fomily to give food ond clothing to, in order for them to hove a Merry Christmas. The finol function of the year was the annual May 8oll held ot the Vets Club. The orange ond black State pennonts seen ot all the football and basketball gomes were sold by the Dromos. The sorority presented its first annual Drama Scholarship to Dorothy Hogmon.Fex Fraternity First Row—Roger Weeks, Pug Polglose, Herbert M. Weeks (advisor), Laverne Laurvick, Maxwell Witzig. Second Row—Tom Ryon, Gordon Mosentine, Ed 8onkey, Bruno Pole, Bob Johnson, Butch Peterson. Third Row—Ted Frcymiller, Stanley Verich, Derrick Walker, Charles Hagen, Elmer Ecklond, Verne Peterson, Jim Holmes, Fritz Thompson. Fourth Row—Gene O'Brien, Ronnie Nelson, Dick Doyle, Harry Dodge, Art Olson, George McAuley, Jim Whittier, Bernord Susens, Don Susens. A gloss is good, and a loss is good. And o pipe to smoke in cold weather; The world is good, and the people arc good, And we're oil good people together. John O'Keefe Early in the school year, activities got underway with the beginning of o strong campoign for our homecoming condidotc Jim Whittier. The results of the election weren't so satisfactory os we ended up with o firm grip on second place. The homecoming perode, however, told a different story ond we corriod home the laurels in the floot department by capturing first prize. Several parties (soeiol gatherings) occurred os the year wore on and Christmos finolly rolled orourvd. At this time the 35th Annual Fex Christmas Formol proved again to be o big success, ond highlighted the yeor's activities. A mid-semester party rang out the old ond rang in the new (semester, thot is), after which time things were quiet again until Eoster when we held our annual stog banquet. Activities were concluded in Moy with the traditional spring dinner dance and a froternity picnic.Gamma Phi Epsilon First Row—Lucille Pelto, Joyce Rojmussen, Dorothy Hogmon, Pot 8uttcrs, Pot Hutchinson. Second Row—Ruth Hucbschcr, Morion Anderson, Geraldine Goldberg, Nancy Cornwell, Joanne Peterson, Delores Horrison. Third Row—Doris Syring, Annobell Westbcrg, Lois Johnson, Shirley Hvoss, Betty Honnum, Annette Potter, Chorlottc Olson. Fourth Row—Jonct Sell, Roberto Wiscmon, Betty Williams, Corol Anderson, Muriel Jackson, Jonicc Ekholm, June See low, Dorothy Gunnerson. Finl Semester OFFICERS Second Semester Joyce Rasmussen ___________President...........—..... Lucille Pelto Lucille Pelto ...._________Vice-President ________ Ruth Hucbschcr Dorothy Hogmon_____________Secretory--------------Patricia Butters Patricio Butters___________Treasurer______________Carol Anderson Adviser—Miss Dorothy Woitc For their first rusher the Gamma Phi's used an Indian Pow-wow theme, anil for their second, 'Twilight Time." They carried out their annual project of compiling and selling student and faculty directories. Other first semester activities were a Halloween party, a pledge service, a Christmas party, and a sleigh ride. Second semester Ixrgan with a formal initiation and twenty-five anniversary dinner, at which alumnae were present, held at the Superior Hotel. In May, the Gammas gave a tea for the mothers and alumnae. A picnic and a graduation party concluded the year's activities.Iota Delta Chi Front Row—Jerry Nessmon, John Schmidt, Tom Porcntcou, Eugene Sothcr, Don Solcm. Second Row—Bill Burns, Ted Olonder, Morgon Fczell, Bruce Corlson, Stan May. Third Row—Bob Strunk, John Somelo, Al Anderson, Bob Nordness, Adrian Swenson. President —...._..................... JACK WALL6REN Vice-President -------------_.--__---__-------- JACK HOLT Secretory ------------------------------ BOB SHERIDAN Treasurer .................—------------- TIM TIERNEY Sergeant-at-Arms—-Chaplom ............ RUSSELL SANBORN Faculty Advisors DR. JAY McKEE and WOODROW CHRISTIANSEN 1950-51 has been a re-orgonizalionol year for the lotos. Alter losing many graduating seniors plus mony members Icoving SSC to join the Armed Forces, the froternity hos been engaged in a remarkable re-building process. The lotos again sponsored the first football dance after the Aberdeen gome. Next they participated in the homecoming activities. Throughout the year they hove had mony closed parties and took port in the All-school mixer. The froternity ended their year with their onnuol picnic.Lambda Delta Chi Top Row—Don Dunn, Don Peterson, Roger Bruggcmeycr, Bill Dclonjy, David Ottcnsmcycr, Muff Johnson, Squire Morgon, Jock Swensen. Third Row—Jerry Olson, Dick Whitokcr, Doug Steuber, Art Larson, Wally Christianson, 8ob Colter, Paul Molkic. Second Row—Don Neely, Corky Brodshow, Vern Lindstrom, Brice Sullivan, Mike Benliek, Bcrnic Bennett. First Row—Tom Whitocro, Paul Hilton, Bob Mannings, Fronk Mahovlick, odvisor, Cliff Nord, Bob Block. The Lambda Dclto Chi fraternity started this ycors activities in a big woy when, after o successful compoign. Corky Bradshaw wos elected Homecoming King for 1950. Other activities during the first semester included he onnuol post gome Bosket Brawl, a hell week and initiation held at o lorgc resort downstate, ond o Dinner Dance at the Flomc. Another Rushing season, closely followed by the Annual Shamrock Dance commenced the second semester activities. Joonne Pearson wos selected to be the fraternities Colleen Girl at this Irish affair. Three troditionol events, the 39th onnuol Spring Formol at the Androy, the Alumni Banquet, and the Spring picnic climoxcd the ycors agenda. In oddition the members enjoyed mony cloved parties at popular Superior watering places. First Semester OFFICERS Second Semester Cliff Nord ............. —...- President ............... Don Peterson Bob Mannings_________________— Vice-President-----------Bermc Bennett Poul Hilton__________________Secretory --------------------- Wayne Smith Bob Block____________________ Treasurer------------------- — Cliff NordLambda Sigma Lambda I —- First Row—Adeline Gobrys, Gloria Gabriel Mildred Swanson, Rosemary Hcrubin, Muriel Peterson, becand Row-—Morion Palmer, Marilyn Hanson, Rito Mcnochcr, Koy Spofford, Peggy Ann Warcup, Ruth Wahlstrom. Third Row—Barbara Durst, Janice DeMors, JoAnno Scott, Eleonor Warn, Lois Simonson, Norma Quom, Kothrinc Rouncc. Fourth Row—Jeon McKenzie, Corole Taylor, Marilyn Reiter, Jeon Pederson, Mory Treodwell, Ann Lundgren, Patsy Nelson, Morionne Taylor. Fifth Row—Bernic Robinson, Bonnie Anderson, Phyllis Culhonc, Shirley Aotchinson, Ardcone Bray, Nancy Dolton, Beverly Sondstrom, Barbara Andresen, Lois Riggle, Marion MeGnnis. Absent from Photo—Winnie Larson, Corol Borgc, Shirley Momberg, Barbara Swanson, Mory Moynord, Gladys Groven, Becky Brecko, Virginio Mottson, Lois LcRoy, Lois Kinncc. 1. Two Foil Rushers: A Cookee Bridge held at the VWF Prison Theme of the Androy 2. Christmos Formol Dee. 8, of the VFW 3. Old Folks Boxes—Christmos time—boxes of fruits and condy and gifts 4. Formol Initiations—February—for pledges 5. Homecoming—Queen; Virginia Mottson—3rd prize float 6. Mothers Tea—Also Senior Bonquot—both in Moy OFFICERS President _____________ Adeline Gobrys Vice-President -......... Glono Gabriel Secretory ------------ Mid I red Swanson Treasurer------------Rose mory Hero bin Sergeant-of-Arms------.Barbara Swanson Advisor____________________GfOCC 8a,ncVSemper Compares First Row—Roger Oroyno, Sidney Wright (odvisor), Wayn; Coleman. Second Row—Kenneth Wcstlund, John Egon, Richard Duthey, James Gonski. Third Row—Richard Kostner, Frank Harrington, John Karlson, John Soble, Willord Woshotka. Fourth Row—Paul Hauglond, Clctus Campbell, John Wallenstein, Robert Guenther, Hubert Mattson, Donold Soderberg. Absent from Photo—Roger Essen, James McNaughton, George Abraham, Horry Wilson, Edword Olson, Alon Wiles, Williom Harrington, Mike Hennessey, William Simcich, Richard Christian, Carl Thompson, Gcrold Fmcklcr, Ernest Rrcpccki, Som Luell, John Clanton, George 8ogumill. OFFICERS: President . . . Secretary Vice-President Treasurer . . . . Roger Drayna . . John Clanton .. . Roger Essen Wayne Coleman In addition to their annual Thanksgiving formal the Sempers held three other parties, one a stag and two minor dances. Also they held the usual homecoming activities and a Turkey race to publicize the formal.Tau Alpha Chi First Row—Donno Christophcrson, Morjorie Pederson, Ruth Lundberg, Cccclio Fitzgerold, Borboro Bong. Second Row—Jeon Isobcllo, Elizobeth Templeton, Mary Lacy, Joyce Anderson, Elio Dillon, Eileen Peterman, Pat Fitzgerold, Claire Word. Third Row—Alice Hassord, Rosalie Templeton, Lois Palumbo, Marilyn Pcllcnn, Joyce Christophcrson, Gloria Nielsen, Joyce Lenihon, Mory Lou Klinzing. Fourth Row—Trudie Templeton, Clarice Kronz, Arlene Koris, Dionne Pcllcrin, Winnie Huber, Helen Anderson, Donna Ottensmeyer, Ruth Sell, June Stewart, Betty Lange. Members not present for picture—8arboro DcBruync, Gerry Soladis, Sharon Brennon, Dolores Wold, Donno Moline, Peggy Wilson, Mory Walters, Janet Hcimstcod, Jonice Hcimstcad, Jeon Foley. First Semester OFFICERS Second Semester Cecilia Fitzgerold -------- President ___ Donna Ottensmeyer Barbara Bong ... _________ Vice-President .......Arlene Koris Ruth Lundberg Secretory ................... Eileen Hennessy Morjorie Pederson---------- Treasurer ------------ Marilyn Pcllcrin Geraldine Solodis__________Corresponding See'y-------Borboro Bong The girls of the Tou Alpha Chi got things off to o good start with o successful candy sale early in the foil. Two rushers were held in the foil and were great successes. The first was the traditional Chinese Tea ot the VFW clubrooms ond the finol rusher was a Progressive Dinner. At the Progressive Dinner, the oppetizer was served ot the home of Donna Ottcnswoycr. Then the group went to the Gitchinadji Country club. Cecelia Fitzgerold entertained for dessert ond coffee. A pledging ceremony was held at Cecilio Fitzgcrold's home just before the annual Christmas Party. Initiation ceremonies included a formol dinner ot the Androy hotel. Soon afterwords, the new members gave o porty for the older members in the girl's lounge. The rest of the semester included the onnuol Basketball-Boxing banquet, a Mothcr-Doughtcr Tco, and the Senior Dinner ot the Flame. The Tou Alpha Chi wos very happy to have Miss Shirley Carrier consent to become their assistant foculty advisor, to aid Mrs. Bessie Benton, who is the senior advisor.Owl and Serpent Pounded in 1926 by a committee of four teachers, the Owl and Serpent is the original honorary scholastic fraternity at SSC. The organization was formed by Miss Geary, Miss Waite, Mr. Bolendcr, and Mr. McCarthy, for the purpose of advancing scholastic achievement. To be eligible for membership in the fraternity, a student must have completed 90 semester hours credit. This year four men and six women were elected to the Owl and Serpent society representing the 10 highest ranking students in the senior class, according to the credits committee. Front Row—Gloria Gabriel, Cecelia Fitzgerald, Alice Ho$s;rd, Jeon Isabella, Dorothy Hogmon Lost Row—Edwin Sprague, Donald Peterson, James Busch, Philip 8ruckbouer, Esther SoperRural State Graded First Row—Jeon Dcody, Kothryn Mockie, Henrietta Noting Joyce Christophcrson Second Row—Corol Letts, Shirley Hvoss, Beuloh Chcever, Ardis Larson, Lucille Pclto, Louise Morhcinc Third Row—Lois Johnson, Charlotte Olson, Roberta Wiseman, Arlene Brooks, Betty Lou Willioms, Dorothy Baustion, Bernice Anderson, Ruth Young Donielson Fourth Row—Ann Johnson, Arvid Johnson, Raymond Swanson, Louis Holst, Jim Shcllito, Donald Somerville, Donna Fronks Students of the Rural State Graded section arc enrolled in either a two, three, or four year curriculum in preparation for teaching in one teacher and first or second class state graded schools. The organization of this section is known as the Sigma Rho. During the year members sponsor a number of educational programs and social events. OFFICERS Roy Piepcnbcrg ------ Beuloh Chcever ------ Joyce Christophcrson Lois Johnson -------- Dorothy Baustion — ___President .............. Arvid Johnson ...Vice-President......... Louise Morhcinc ___Secretory -------------- Lucille Pelto ..—Treasurer ________ Joyce Christophcrson ...Social Chairman Dorothy BoustinIntermediate Department Back Row—Gordon Gee, Frederick Pohulo, Wilho Hcikkcncn. Muriel Viggiono, Ellen Johnson, Marion Polmcr, Beverly Sondstrom, Par Butters, Beatrice Molendo, Marilyn Pcllcrin, Maxme Nelson wend Row—-Marionn Taylor, Elaine Cronstrom, Ann Cisnsoski. Emma Peterson, Alice Chelmo, Betty Smith, Rosemarie Motye first Row—Eileen Peterman, Ruth Huebscher, Lois Holm, Anna Cook, Lois Simonson, Mory Ann 8iscoy OFFICERS President ----- Vice-President Secretory .... Treasurer --Alice Chelmo ... Ellen Johnson .... Moxinc Nelson Wilho Hcikkcncn The Intermediate group is made up of students who are training to teach in the grades -1, 5 and 6. The group has social gatherings and gives a spring tea for the parents. It meets the first Tuesday in each month and usually has entertainment.Kindergarten Primary Department Front Row—Ardcone Bray, Mary Lou Klinzing, Zola Faye Johnson, Delores Concry, Rita Mcnocher, Kathryn Rouncc, Dionc Donatell, Joan McCray, Loura Moe Wicklund, Marilyn Klang, Betty Lange, Donna Hayes, Betty Lou Honnum Second Row—Claire M. Word, June Olson, Ruth Ann Klauck, Janet Sell, Roscmory Hcrubm, Barbara Evons, Ellen Kjeldsen, Lois Polumbo, Barbara DeBruync, Barbara Micken, Patricia Donnellon, Virginia Abramson, Mary Beth Schlender Third Row—Geraldine Goldberg, Marie Colosino, Norma Quam, Donno Christophcrson, Betty Larson, Corolc Mick, Corol Frcbcrg, Mary Anderson, Nancy Cornwall, Betty Ritter, Ruth Tuttle, Ethel Jacobson, Kathryn Stubbs, Laurice Hendrickson Fourth Row—Margery Doherty, Carol Johnson, Audrey Lien, Glono Roll, Gloria Gabriel, Janet Heimstcad, Audrey Worrio, Verdo Ricgcl, Joan McCorthy, June Stewort, Delores Harrison, Pat Hutchinson Fifth Row—Kathryn Wilson, J one Monnquist, Gloria Neil son, Alice Hossord, Jeon Isobetlo, Avonne Steele, Audrey Selvik, BerdeMa Honson, Milo Tukolek, Dione Pcllcrin, Donna Czock, Alice Engberg, Janet Gundhus OFFICERS President Vice-President______ Secretory __________ Treasurer........... Publicity Choirmon Advisor_____________ ___-__Dionne Donatell ------ Kathryn Rounce ________ Gloria Nielsen ---.-----Corolc Frcbcrg ____________Betty Lange Miss Louis Ada Wilson Speakers were engaged for several combined meetings held with the Intermediate Department during the year. The girls sponsored a "get acquainted" tea for the freshmen girls in the fall, a candy sale, and a Mother's tea in the spring. Their candidate for R.O.T.C. honorary corps cadet, Audrey Lien, was victorious. This is the largest organized departmental group on the campus.AFROTC Band PERSONNEL: FLUTES, Billie Backus, Bordello Hanson; OBOE: Phillip Eoten; Bb CLARINETS: Richord Swiler, Robert Gustafson, Ruth Tuttle, Virginia McKee, Jock Stevens, Nancy Dalton, Freddie Huber, Normon Martin, Emma Peterson, Marilyn Hanson; BASS CLARINET: Eldon Olsen; 8ASSOON: June Stewart; ALTO SAXOPHONE, Gory Connolly, Mary Hilton; TENOR SAXOPHONE: Ted Olondcr; CORNETS: Keith LoGcsse. Alfred Nordby, Frank Washatko, Charles Everson, Jack Kyllo, Duane Hurd; FRENCH HORNS: Lee Fongcr, Cathy Jacobs, Ethel Jacobson, Alan Olsen; TROMBONES: James Armstrong, James Skinner, Jconnc Stouffcr, Betty Rittlcr, Bernie Robinson, Kenneth Babcock; BARITONE: Kathryn Rouncc; BASSES: Hcrbcr Hommilo, Sam Halverson; PERCUSSION: John McQuaide, Patricio Hutchinson, Charlotte Olson; DIRECTOR: Gerald V. Hoack. The band appears at all athletic events and joins with other concert organizations of the College in a series of concert programs presented during the spring semester. A concert tour to upper Wisconsin high schools is usually taken in the spring. Band membership, carrying military credit, is offered to qualified members of the College ROTC.Madrigal Singers Reading from left to right: Howard Ness, first tenor; Richard Swiler, second tenor; Kathryn Rounce, mezzo; Janice DcMars, mezzo; Shirley Zwokman, alto; Shirley Moberg, alto; Loris 8olko, first soprano; Marilyn Hon son, first soprono; Henry Aronson, Jr., boritOne; Eldon Olson, boss; ond seated ot the piano, Carol Borgc. In the third year of its existence, the Madrigal Singers group participated in many local programs and made its annual spring tour. On the itinerary this year was an assembly appearance at Eau Claire Teachers College.SSC Choir As the central unit in the college choral society and performing as a separate organization, the college a cappella choir was acknowledged as one of the best groups of this kind. In addition to the 'Messiah,” this group participated in the annual concert for the College-Community Concert Association and also on the annual spring concert of the Music Department.Annual Presentation of Handel’s Messiah by the COLLEGE CHORAL SOCIETY AND ORCHESTRA LUCILLE HAMMILL WEBB. DONALD FOLTZ, Choral Director WILLIAM SCHLIEP, Conductor ELEVENTH ANNUAL PERFORMANCE. DEC. 5. 1950 GUEST SOLOISTS STUDENT SOLOISTS NANCY CARR______________________Soprano JEAN ISABELLA ------------- ELAINE EMANUELSON_____________Contralto HOWARD NESS ______________ FRANCIS BARNARD __________________ Boss Soprano _ Tenor The eleventh annual performance of Handel's famous oratorio, "The Messiah”, carries on one of the interesting traditions of Superior State. In this performance, the musical organizations are joined by many people from the city of Superior, thereby making this a truly community project.String Ensemble I I The String Ensemble went on a tour through the northeast section of Wisconsin in May. They also gave a Spring concert at the college, besides giving various small recitals. Director — Mr. Williom Keller; 1st violin — Louis Lee, Williom Hester; 2nd violin — Jone Wohlstrom, Ruth Wahl-Strom; Viola — Joanne Solie; Cello — Lee Fonger; String boss — Allan lot.Woodwind Ensemble In addition to the larger musical organizations such as Choir, Orchestra, and Band, the music department offers opportunity for study and experience in chamber music literature through the work of the String Ensemble, Madrigal Singers, and Woodwind Ensemble. These groups hold weekly rehearsals under the guidance of a member of the music faculty. Public appearances consist of performances at concerts and recitals on the campus and at various community functions where this type of music is suitable. The activities of the groups include an annual Spring tour to various high schmls in upper Wisconsin. Flute: Morjorie Rusch; Oboe: Phillip Eoton; Clorinet: Robert Gustofson; Bossoon: June Stcwcrt; French horn: Lee Fonger; Foculty Advisor: Williom Schliep.AFROTC Parade Seniors and Corps SponsorsAFROTC Arnold Air Society ________._______ Firtt Row—T Sgt. Joel O. Joccbioo, Fortuooto Dol Pro, Stonlcy Oiterieski, Frederick Peterson, Williom Wolters, Arthur Olson, Copt. Andrew R. Clork, Howord Kollio, John Reed, Dovid Ottcnsmeyer, Oonold Ewing, Arthur Larson. Second Row—Wayne Smith, Roger Droyno, Harvey Heiberg, Don Schmidt, Steve Rindo, Charles Ncol, Don Smith, Don Peterson, Don Vogt. Third Row—George Bogumill, Ronald Nelson, Glen Nordin, James Lester. This organization consists of the advanced AFROTC cadets, and closely parallels the Officer’s Club, to which all members belong. It was instituted to further the purpose, mission, tradition, and concept of the United States Air Force, promote American Citizenship, create a close and more efficient relationship among the Air Reserve Officers Training Corps cadets. Sponsored by the Arnold Air Society are the Junior Drill Team, the Drum and Bugle Corps, the Rifle Team, the Air Scouts, the Laison Officer to the Basic Club, the Corps Sponsors, and the Military Ball which is the outstanding Formal Dance of the year with a Nationally popular name-band. Several stags are included in the program. A delegation of twelve cadets and Advisor Captain Andrew Clark attended the National Convention of the Arnold Air Society at St. Louis in November; flown down and back in an Air Force C-17. Officers for the year President.......................... RICHARD DOYLE Vice President.........................BART ALLEN Secretary....................... FREDRICK WALKER Treasurer........................... DONALD EWINGAFROTC Rifle Club First Row—Jock Wollgrcn, Horvcy Heiberg, Don Schmidt, James Okcnck. Second Row—Williom Gallagher, Richard Flomang, Donald Ewing, Ernest Richardson. Third Row—Howard Kallio, Williom Wolters, T Sgt. Jucl O. Jacobson—Team Monogcr, Frederick Peterson—Team Captain, Clorcncc Albertson, Herbert Hemmilo. The AFROTC Rifle Team is now three years ohl, being organized in 1918. hath year has seen much improvement in the teams. With the repairing of rite rifle range and rite re-location of lighting facilities, the team can look forward to a better season next year. This years team was under the supervision of Cadet Captain Frederick Peterson and under the direction of T Sgt. Juel O. Jacobson. The following matches were fired this year: 13 13 13 13 27 27 27 27 9 14 t 4 1 7 3 Morch 1951 3 3 March 1951 - 3 3 Morch 1951 - University of IowaAlpha Psi Omega First Rcw—David Ottensmeyer, Moryvern Bertolonc, Jon© Monnguist, Gloria Nielsen, Jeon Greene, Nothan Luppino. Second Row—Rosemary Hcrubin, Rudolph Gobrys, Dorothy Hogmcn, Horry Woite, Barbara Evons, Jchn McQuaid, Catherine Toncig, Shirley Zwokmon, Roger Bergstrom, Paul Akers, Violet Ebli, Roger 8ruggemcyer. Members not in picture—Jarmillo Brecko, Jonice DeMars. Paul Hilton, Eileen Peterman. Director__________ Stage Monoger Business Manogcr Inner Guord ____... Inned Guard------- Worthy Prompter Advisor __________ OFFICERS _____ - ___ Jonc Monnquist __________________ Nothon Luppino _______________ Gloria Nielsen ___________________ Joan Greene _____________ Moryvern 8crtolone _______________ David Ottcnsmeycr _____________ Miss Kathryn Ohmon Alpha Psi Omega is a national dramatic fraternity in which the membership is earned by acting in a college play, working back stage or on committees, directing, or writing a play that is produced by the group. Any Student enrolled in the college is eligible to earn membership in the group.THE COLLEGE PLAYERS present Arms and the Man A SATIRICAL FARCE BY G. B. SHAW Directed By Miss Kathryn Ohman THE CAST Raina Catherine Louka Bluntchii Officer Nicola Major Petkoff . . . . . . . . Roger Bruggemc-ycr Sergius  THE COLLEGE PLAYERS present The Silver Spoons A comedy drama taken from the novel Burchester Towers By Anthony Trollope Directed By Miss Kathryn Ohman THE CAST Dr. Stonhope ............ —.. Scegor Swanson Bertie Stanhope ........ David Ottensmeyer Modelme Stanhope Ncroni ...... Maryvern Bertolone ...—....-......-......_. Roger 8ruggemcycr Eleanor 8old ...— — .......... Jane Monnquist Mr. Arobm ......—........... _. Philip Fraser Bishop Proudie.......................... Pot Titus Mrs. Proudie ............. Joann Fagan Mr. Slope —.................. Lee Fanger Miss Thorne of Ulothorne....... Dorothy Hogman Archbishop ..— ............... William Wolters VCrownhart Hall First Row—Norma Quam, Marie Colosimo, Betty Ann Larson, Carole Mick, Bernice Anderson, Rosemarie Matyc, Eloinc Soble, Donna Czock, Diane Pellerin, Gloria Stremski, Jeon Ann Endrizzi, Violet Ebli, Carol Frcbcrg, Joanne Kopacz, Mary Anderson. Second Row—Gloria Gabriel, Beryl Prochnow, Bcrnic Robinson, Vicky Vodo, Bonnie Anderson, Carol Borgc, Zola Faye Johnson, Virginia Campbell, Ardconc Broy, Noncy Dolton, Shirley Atchinson, Marion Palmer, Marilyn Pellerin, Audrey Holtcn, Janice Hcimstcod, Jonct Hcimsteod. Third Row—Loris Boiko, Carolyn Hartman, Edith Horman, Florence Roush, Gloria Nielsen, Arlene Brooks, Carol Letts, Janet Sell, Ruth Tuttle, Betty Rittler, Ethel Jacobson, Loouise Morheine, Gwen Lester, Nancy Cornwall, Verda Ncl1 Riegcl, Delores Conery, Dorothy Honson. Fourth Row—Charotte Olson, Carol Johnson, Emma Peterson, June Stewort, Freddie Lu Huber, Diane Donotell, Jeon Isabella, Alice Hossord, Pat Bohnc, Ruth Ann Klouck, Myrtle Phillips, Donno Lundmork, Shircy Mobcrg, 8everly Sandstrom, Virginia McKio. Fifth Row—Betty Menzics, Kathleen McDonell, Mory Beth Schlcnder, Jeonne Foley, Anna Mortin, Mary Morgan, Rita Menochcr, Kay Spofford, Morilyn Honson, Kathryn Rouncc, Betty Jone Smith, Donna Christoffersen, Joyce Christoffersen, Muriel Peterson, Morjory Motthews. President ..... Vice-President Secretory ----- Treasurer _____ Advisor ....... OFFICERS ________ Glorio Gobriel ______ Rita Menacher ___________Loris Balko ______Muriel Peterson Miss Elvira Gollcnthicn The girls decorated the balcony for homecoming and broadcasted music during the days activities. The faculty were entertained by the girls at Christmas time at a formal reception. Several days later the girls held a Christmas party for themselves. Other activities of the year included a coffee hour for the girls’ guest after the homecoming, a tea for parents and guests of the dorm girls after Commencement activities, and a coffee and donut hour during exam week.Campus Christians "Now then we arc ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ's stead, be ye reconciled to God." II Corinthians 5:20. The Campus Christians is an inter-denominational group which meets daily in room 314. The schedule for meetings held by the group during the year consisted of a Monday Bible study and a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday prayer meeting. The group entertained similar campus organizations from St. Luke's Nurses’ Home, and the University of Minnesota, Duluth Branch. It also was called upon to present services at various churches. Apart from their religious activities, the CC's entertained at their annual Freshman Welcome, and annual Parent's Teacher’s reception. In addition, numerous parties and outings were enjoyed. Of He ers lor the year were: President------------------- Vice-President Secretory _____ Treosurer______ Advisor________ _______________Jomes Busch --------------James Johnson ---------------Joonne Solie _ Orvald Houghsby Mr. Donold Olson First Row—Janet Gundhus, Irmo Richort, Leora Brunswick, Bculoh Chccver, Alice Engberg. Second Row-—Don Olson, Bernic Anderson, Jim Johnson, Joonne Solie. Lorry Sciffort, Lois Lee, Jomes Busch. Third Row—Arvid Johnson, Roy Swanson, Ralph Turk, Bob Meyers, Vcrn Dohlberg, Vern Jenson, Orvold Haugsby, Al Nordby, Chorles Ncol. Not present—Horry Nelson, Bob Richort, Velvie Finn, Horold Anderson, Ardis Larsen, Mile Krall Louise Morheine, Henry Clork.Newman Club Front Row—Rito Coin, Morilyn Ricdcr, Morie Colosimo, Shirley Porker, Geraldine Goldberg, Gloria Strcmski, Elaine Sable. Second Row—Nancy Dolton, Janet Sell, Margery Templeton, Claire Morie Word, Mary Lacy, Anne Lundgrcn, Jeon Endrizzi, Joonnc Von Buskirk, Nancy Storiho. Third Row—Jeon Isobello, Virginia Compbcll, Gcroldine Solodis, Rosemory Herubin, Margery Doherty, Arlene Koris, Lorroine Mociosik, Joonne Pearson, Alice Hossard, Mory Loo Klinzing, Katherine Toncig, Joan Wallenstein. Fourth Row—Lovcrnc Lourvick, Donold Schmidt, Rolph Scnn, John Pcrrcro, Philip Bruckbouer, John Wallenstein, John Clanton, Michael Corey, John Schmidt, Frank Woshotka, Willord Woshatka. Bock Row—Fr. Kress Donold Smith, Romon Peterson, Ronald Nelson, Cletus Campbell, Robert Word, Roger Droyno, Richard Flohcrty, Roberty Willioms, Thomos Aschbacher, Patrick Corey, Mortin Jackson, Fr. Tracy. In its first year the Superior State Newman Club boasts a total membership of close to 150 members. Organized under the direction of Father Kress and Father Tracy it has already sponsored two school dances and sent delegates to the North Central Province of Newman Clubs in Duluth and in Minneapolis. The club meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month for regular business and on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays for discussion or for social events. The Superior State unit is affiliated with the North Central Province of Newman Clubs and with the National Newman Club Federation. OFFICERS President ______________________________________Ronold Nelson Vice-President ----------------------------------- Verne Hill Recording Secretory..........— Noncy Storiho Corresponding Secretory --------------------------- Ralph Scnn Treasurer--------------------------------------- Jean IsabellaInternational Relations Club The Superior Scare College chapter of the International Relations Club is sponsored by the social science department, with Dr. J. V. McKee as advisor. Highlight of IRC activity is the annual midwest conference. This year the event was held at Marquette University, and Superior was represented by Wilbur Lindholm, Robert Biggs, and Randolph Haugstad. Membership in IRC is open to anyone in the college who is interested in participating. Officers for the past year were: President, Paul Akers; Vice-President, Gordon Johnson; Secretary-Treasurer, Randolph Haugstad. Back Row—Ed Sprague, Poul Akers, Randolph Hougstod, Wilbur Lindholm, Dr. McKee. 1,0,1 0w—Gordon Johnson, Muriel Peterson, Donomoc Reynolds, Bculuh Chccvcr, and MaxFirst Row—Donald Mothcny, Jim Lucos, Mike Hennesy, Woltcr West, Stonlcy Verich, Fred Walker, Ray Bcling, James Whittier. Second Row—Horry Wilson, Gerold Finekler, Eugene Sother, Woync Smith, Clctus Campbell, Howard Kallio, Tom Ashcnbocker, Eugene Martino, Frank Pozego. Third Row—Orville Soper, Duane Motyc, Clorcncc Bugni, Steve Mrdjcnovich, Leroy Anderson, Williard Woshatka, Ronald Nelson, Robert Salom, Louis Pretto, Edword Seaquist. Fourth Row—Horry Dodge, Don Polglose, Ted Freymiller. S - Club Anyone who gets a varsity letter in athletics is eligible for membership in the S-Club. The club offers two scholarships of $75 each. One goes to a student from a high school in the city of Superior and one to a student from a high school outside the city. OFFICERS President.................Walter "Doc” West Vice-President....................James Lucas Secretary-Treasurer..........Clctus Campbell I ! I L I ) Staff members: Eloinc Soble, Mildred Swanson, Bob Ncstcl, Stan May, Carl Lauri, and Bill Sohlsteen. Peptomist Staff FIRST SEMESTER Editorial Staff Managing Editor...............................Robert Matthews News Editor...................................Maurice Sparby Society Editor............................ Donna Ottensmeyer Sports Editor.....................................Stan May Photographers............ LaVerne Laurvick, Robert Lundstrom Reporters................. Roland Geisert, Virginia Mattson, Henrietta Noling, William Sahlsteen, Robert Nested, Mildred Swanson, Dale Walton, Roger Drayna. Business Staff Business Manager..............................................Carl Lauri Advertising Manager................................Michael Carey Circulation Manager................................Quentin Nelson ISECOND SEMESTER Editorial Staff Managing Editor................................ William Sahlstcen Sports Editor.........................................Stan May News Editor........................................ Elaine Sable Society Editor................................. Mildred Swanson Reporters......................Shirley Atchinson, John Karlson, Don Polglasc, Sam Rutzky, Douglas Stcubcr. Easiness Staff Business Manager......................................Carl Lauri Advertising Manager....................................Bob Nestel Circulation Manager...............................Quentin Nelson Reporters: John Karlson, Doug Steuber, Jo Anna Scott, Don Polglasc, and Shirlie Atchinson. Bill Sahlsteen, managing editor of the Pep, spent fourteen hours a day in the publications office and lived on cigarettes and mucilage.Clorice Sullivon, Stonley Moy, Judd Fortune, Robert Biggs, Helen Groyson Kenneth Holzbcrg. GITCHE GUMEE STAFF EDITORIAL Editor in chief..................Betty Lange Art Editor............... Claudette Pastorct Staff Photographers .... Robert Lundstrom LaVerne Laurvick Sports Editor..................Judd Fortune Feature Editor................Helen Grayson Class Editor................Clarice Sullivan Copy Editor...............Edward Robinson Organization Editor.............Elaine Sable BUSINESS Business Manager..........Shirley Xwakman Advertising Manager .... Kenneth Holzberg Advertising Salesmen: Robert Biggs, Cyril Gray Cover Design by Frank Wallace Division Pages by Mike Hennessy Eluinc Subic, Betty Lunge, Shirley ZwokmonWomens Athletic Association WAA BOWLERS— TOP BOWLING TEAM Gwen Lester, Faith Nevin, Pat Butters, Alice Xawnck. HIGHEST INDIVIDUAL AVERAGES—BOWLING VOLLEYBALL AND BASKETBALL SQUAD F rent R o n —Ruth Tuttle, Nancy Cornwall, Betty Rittler Second Row—Delores Harrison, Pat Huchison, Ethel Jacobsen Third Row—Marlcn Peterson, Bcrnie Robinson, Gwen Lester, Louise Marheine Seated—Rita Menacher, Joanne Van Buslcirk Standing—Donna Czock, Vi Ebli, Estlier Soper.The real ones, (he right ones, the stroight ones ond the true. The pukka, peerless sportsmen — their numbers ore but few; The men who keep on ploying though the sun be in eclipse, The men who go on losing with o lough upon their lips. Williom Henry Ogih ioImp© 0itm% ■ti’ .• ' • -• ‘. W fsr. awwK iiMi Bern COACHING STAFF With the completion of his third year as athletic director and basketball coach at Superior State, Leo Di Marco can point to the success to this college in the field of sports and feel proud of the accomplishments of his basketball teams and the work of his staff in their athletic endeavors. A tireless worker, Coach Di Marco has guided the intramural program throughout the year, helped with the football team, arranged the football and boxing schedules, arranged all trips for athletic teams, and taken care of countless other minor details which have sprung up throughout the year, besides teaching his regularly scheduled classes, and coaching the basketball team. Another busy man on the coaching staff is Mark Dean, football coach. Besides coaching the football team, he guides the juniors varsity in basketball and takes good care of his teaching assignments. His football teams have acquired much respect from colleges in the Northwest and his teams, though sometimes beaten, are never out-fought. Due to a cut in the budget for Wisconsin colleges for the next year coach Dean will be released and we all regret his departure. His cheerful manner and fine examples have set a precedent at SSC which will not be stx n forgotten. Rounding out the full time staff is Phil Arlausky. Dean of men, assistant football coach, trainer, and teacher are a few of his duties, besides the time he spends with the physical education groups from the training school moulding future stars for SSC. The only part time member of the coaching staff is the capable John Ennis, boxing coach. He has now completed 16 years of guiding the fortunes of the Yellowjacker mitters and they have all been successful. Well known and well liked in the community as well as here at SSC, his boxing teams have carved an excellent record in college boxing and are a credit to the sjxjrt. Assured of the return of all but one of our fine staff, the future looks bright for the continuation of the fine sports record which has been set in the past by SSC mentors. Next year Mr. Di Marco will take on the duty of coaching the football team, and his fine record in basketball assures us that Superior teams will continue to Ik- highly regarded in the sports circles.Gridiron Optimists There is work to the game, too. Some very good blocking on a try lor the extra point against Aberdeen. Polglase doing the kicking. Salani carries to the two-yard line as the Yellow packets head for pay dirt. Some nice blocking paved the way for that run.Some fancy stepping by Mike Hennessy added a few more yards to a nice run. Season’s Record Superior State 29 Michigan Tech 27 Superior State 24 Aberdeen STC 0 Superior State 7 River Falls 7 Superior State 7 Plattcville 12 Superior State 7 Eau Claire- 7 Superior State- 0 White-water 28 Superior State 0 LaCrosse 72 Superior State- 33 Stout 28 Superior State 0 UMD 26 Superior State Total Points.................107 Opponents Total Points......................207Front Row—Ted Freymillcr, Frank Pozega, Howard Kallio, Steve Mrdjcnovich, Walter "Doe” West, Leroy Anderson, Kicch Svee, Stan Verich. Middle Row—Mike Hennessy, Bob Salani, Bill Harrington, Dick Christian, Charles Chellman, Harry "Whitey” Wilson, Carl Thompson, Lou Prctti, Gene Sathcr, Don Mathcney, Don Neely; Back Row—Manager Wayne Smith, Gerald Finkier, Scverin Perron, Ronny Nelson, Jim Isabella, Duane Matyc, Harry Dodge, Don Okonek, Cletus Campbell, Jake Campbell, Don Flatton, Whitney Archambault, Glen Nordin, Eugene Martino, and Buzz Hagen. CONFERENCE STANDINGS W L T W L T LaCrosse .... 6 0 0 Milwaukee . . . . 2 3 I Whitewater .... 6 0 0 Stevens Point .... . .. . 2 4 0 Platteville .... 4 2 0 Superior 1 3 2 Stout .... 3 2 1 Eau Claire . .. . 1 4 1 River Falls ■ 3 1 Oshkosh .... 0 6 0Punching Pugilists Front Row—A1 Anderson, Johnny Konuila. Adam Ksiazok, Gene Koski, Pat Lally. Back Row—Coach Johnny Ennis. Manager Charley Stansky. Ronnie Nelson. Don Susens, Don Soderberg, Bud Novak, Frankie Mehtala. SSC GOLDEN GLOVES SSC—WISCONSIN RESULTS 155 lb.—Komula d. Erickson 125 125 lb.—Novak d. Mehtala 130 135 lb.—Abrams d. Koski 130 135 135 lb.—Lally d. Neely 135 150 lb.—Nelson d. Susens 155 lb—Komula d. Warder 145 Hwt. Div. Okonok d. Bongs 150 155 Exhibition Soderberg vs. Anderson lb.—Bud Novak, SSC, draw Pat Farmer. Wis. lb.—Frank Mehtala. SSC. d. Jack Pciper, Wis. lb.—Tom Zamzow, Wis. d. Pat Lally, SSC. lb.—Carrol Sternberg. Wis. Tko Don Neely, SSC lb.—Dave Wiseman, Wis. d. Gene Koski, SSC lb.—Don Soderberg. SSC. d. Bob Reneough, Wis. lb.—Bob Grab, Wis. d. Don Susens. SSC lb.—John Komula, SSC. d. Gerald Fruth, Wis. Exhibition—Bud Novak. SSC vs. Adam Kaiazek. Ksiazek, SSC 125 lb.—John Simmons. Mich. Tech. d. Frank Mehtala. SSC 135 lb.—Pat Lally. SSC. d. John Zak. Mich. Tech 135 lb.—Gene Koski. SSC. d. Charles Stewart, Mich. Tech lb.—Don Soderberg. SSC. Tko’d Ray Fink, Mich. Tech 155 lb.—John Komula, SSC, d. Calvin Caldwell, Mich. Tech 1G5 lb.—A1 Anderson, SSC. d. Bob Collins, Mich. Tech 175 lb.—Gene Enyart, Mich. Tech, d. Ronnie Nelson. SSC SSC—MICHIGAN TECH RESULTS 145Basketball 1950-51 With the close of the 1950-51 basketball season, we can look back with pride to the records and tell Coach Di Marco and the players that it was a job well done. This year’s contingent of cagers completed the season with a won-lost record of 12 and 8 and fourth place in the ten-team conference with 7 wins and 4 losses. Five of the Yellow jackets losses were by less than 7 points, and three of these close games were lost to La Crosse and Eau Claire, the two top teams in the conference. Though the SSC cagers won games by point margins as great as 36 points, the best any opponent could do was the 12-point defeat handed the Yellowjackcts by La Crosse in their first meeting at the downstate city. This year’s team had little in height with the tallest man being barely 6’ 3”, but what they lacked in height they made up in fight and aggressiveness. Guards like Mike Henncssy and "Doc” West were a constant threat to any INDIVIDUAL SCORING Player FG FT A FTM FT Pet. TP Walker 131 151 100 .662 362 Whittier 112 181 114 .629 338 Hennessy 72 13 7 .538 151 West 57 55 34 .618 148 Beling 28 46 19 .413 75 Dougherty 19 19 7 .368 44 Dodge 17 17 7 .411 41 Polglasc 15 19 7 .368 37 Morrisette 13 20 7 .350 33 Okerstrom 6 4 3 .750 15 Thompson 2 4 3 .750 7 Whittaker 1 0 0 .000 2 Meinkc 1 0 0 .000 2 Isabella 0 2 1 .500 1 opponent’s passing attack, and the forwards, Jim Whittier and Derrick Walker, were excellent rebounders and scorers. Ray Beling also did a marvelous job rebounding and was an excellent feeder. With the help of capable reserves this year's crew set a new scoring record in averaging 62.9 points per game. The scoring was evenly balanced with the two leading scorers being only 24 points apart over the 20 game schedule. Walker average 18.1 points per game with Whittier close behind at 16.9 "Doc” West and Mike Hennessy both posted better than 7 points per game averages. Coach Di Marco will be faced with the task of finding replacements for Captain Walter "Doc” West and Ray Beling as they will be lost through graduation. Otherwise his club should be returning intact, and with the help of this year’s reserves SSC should floor a formidable team of veterans. CONFERENCE RECORD LaCrossc .. Won 11 Lost 1 Eau Claire 10 2 Whitewater 10 2 Superior 7 4 Plattcvillc 5 6 Stevens Point 5 7 Oshkosh . .... 4 8 Milwaukee 3 9 River Falls 3 9 Stout .... 1 11 WON-LOST BREAKDOWN Won Lost Pet. All games 12 8 .600 Conference games 7 4 .636 On home court 7 3 .700 On opp's court 5 5 .500''HERE'S HOW IT WENT Football at S.S.C. in 1950 saw the start of a big rebuilding job. After the loss of sixteen lettermen through graduation and transfer. Coach Dean built a light but fast club around a group of freshmen and sophomores. With a continuation of their fine spirit plus the experience gained this season the future should hold much in store for the ycllowjackcts. Injuries put many of the boys on the sidelines at various times forcing coach Dean to use many of the boys on both offense and defense. The schedule was tough too. including games with U.M.D. of the Minnesota College Conference, Michigan Tech and Aberdeen, besides their always tough conference foes. With the U.M.D. game State brought an end to the season with a record of 3 wins. 4 losses and two ties, the Conference record was one win. three losses and two ties. Oshkosh and LaCrosse ended in a tic for conference honors, with perfect conference records. Oshkosh suffered one nonconference loss, but LaCrosse ended their season undefeated by defeating Gustavus Adolphus, champion of the Minnesota College Conference and until then undefeated. LaCrosse was then chosen as the opponent for Valparaiso U. in the Cigar Bowl in Tampa, Florida on New Years Day. LaCrosse won with ease 47-14. Huskies Weren’t Husky Enough For the first game of the season the Yellow-jackets ventured to Houghton. Michigan as guests of Michigan Tech. After opening fast in the first half and building up a 19-0 lead, the Ycllowjackcts had to fight off a determined rally by the Huskies to win. The deciding factor came in the fourth quarter with State leading when Howard Kallio’s educated toe directed a field goal right down the middle to insure the margin of victory. 29-27. That Goal Line in. Forbidden Territory The home opener for the Yellowjackets found them facing a rugged Aberdeen State Teachers College eleven. The boys were up to the occasion however, as they scored first, last, and in-between to send Aberdeen home with a whitewashing as a souvenier. It was a team victory as all the boys played great ball to earn a well deserved win. This was State’s first game in Municipal Stadium after the wind beat old age and tore down the Stadium at Gates Field last Spring, 24-0. Oh, That Homecoming Record Homecoming brought River Falls to town and in the mud and rain that usually accompanies a game with the Falcons, the Ycllowjackcts kept the homecoming record clean. Seventeen homecomings now without a loss. Next year every game is going to be homecoming. Things looked mighty black for a while as River Falls ran back a blocked punt to score first and casually added the extra point but the fireworks weren’t over. With one minute left in the fourth quarter, “Doc" West uncorked a 29 yard pass to Carl Thompson on the 9 yard line and two plays and 25 seconds later passed to Don Matheney in the end zone. Don Polglasc then coolly split the uprights. That was it, 7-7. Things Are Getting Tougher The next game look the Yellowjackets to Plattcville and there they suffered the first loss of the season. State scored first as "Whitey" Wilson plunged over to climax a 70 yard march. In the third quarter Plattcville retaliated with a 22 yard scoring jaunt by Tom Koch and then used the Yellowjackets favorite weapon, a pass, to beat them in the closing minutes of the ball game. That’s all there was. 7-12. He Couldn't Do It Twice The next game took the Ycllowjackcts to Eau Claire and with the aid of a passing break the Blue Golds got out of it with a tie. For three quarters the two teams battled to a scoreless tie, but in the fourth quarter, the Eau Claire quarterback shot a pass down field. State’s defense was there but so was Dick Emanuel and as the defense batted the pass down, he caught the ball on the dead run and continued un-touched to the goal line. Then to add insult to injury. Mr. Emanuel booted the extra point. State then retaliated with a fifty yard scoring drive with Wilson carrying it over from the four. Don “Ice-water" Poglase calmly kicked the extra point 7-7. They Sure Grow Them Big Down There Following the Eau Claire tussle, Whitewater came to town and after seeing the visitors take a 21 point lead in the first half the boys from State played their heavier opponents to almost a standstill. Whitewater scored once in the second half and though they couldn’t score, the Yellowjackets were knocking on the goal line door most of the second half. We lost to a very good team 0-28. Which Way Did He Go? Thank Goodness that’s in the past. The next outing for the Yellowjackets was at LaCrosse and Coach Dean's injury riddled squad really took it on the chin. They held the highly talented Indians to 21 points in the first half but the last thirty minutes were a nightmare, as the LaSrosse club scored 51 points while shutting out the Yellowjackets. 0-72. We'll scalp ’em next year. That’s More Like It Stout furnished the opposition for the next encounter and forgetting the LaCrosse massacre, the boys from State came from behind twice to beat a good Stout team. Kallio was on the receiving end of three of West’s four touchdown tosses with Thompson taking the other. The only tally on the ground was by Okonek. It was a grand night for every one and, oh yes!, the first conference win. Yep, we did it 33-28. Bulldogs Bite Hard The season closed with the U.M.D. game in Duluth. U.M.D. scored once in the first half and 3 touchdowns plus a safety in the last half. The Yellowjackets came close to pay dirt several times but close doesn't count. The ground was frozen so hard that the sidewalk would have been a softer place to play and bey!, was it cold! They froze us out 0-26.Hopeful Hoopsters Mc 4Q Front Row—Wayne Smith (manager). Derrick Walker, Ray Baling, Jim Whittier. Walt ••Doc" West (captain), Ed Morrisctte, Don Mathcncy, Doug Dougherty. Second Row—Dick Whittaker. Mike Hennessy. Jim Isabella. Harry Dodge, John Okcrstrom. Alan Olsen, Bob Ahlbcrg, Fritz Thompson. Back Row—Roland Heinkel, Dean Meinke Russ Shanahan. Don Polglase, John Patritto. 1950-51 Basketball Record Own Score Opponent Opp. Score 46 Bethel College 43 61 Macalcstcr College 53 53 Sc. John’s University 49 61 Sc. Cloud STC 70 63 •La Crosse S'l'C 75 62 Valley City STC 59 53 St. Cloud STC 55 55 4 River Falls STC 53 14 •Stout Institute 66 70 U. of Minn. (Duluth) 50 76 •Oshkosh STC 40 61 •Eau Claire STC 67 51 •La Crosse STC 57 84 •River Falls STC 78 65 Sc. John's University 67 56 U. of Minn. (Duluth) 67 76 •Whitewater STC 56 42 ‘Milwaukee STC 35 79 •Stout Institute 58 70 ' Eau Claire STC 73 ' Indicates Conference Games Northwest Tournament Winners Left to Right—Pat Farmer, Univ. of Wis.; Tom Zamzow, Univ. of Wis. Dave Wiseman, Univ. of Wis.; Don Soderberg, SSC; Don Susens, SSC; John Komula, SSC; Bob Collins, Mich. Tech.; Gene Enyart, Mich. Tech.; Gordon Kowling, Univ. of Wis.V Don Soderberg of SSC, winner of the 1.45-lb. division in the Northwest Tournament, receives the trophy from Milton Weeks, chairman of the SSC athletics committee. Looking on arc Heavyweight Winner Gordon Kowling and Announcer Roger Drayna. Northwest Tournament Semi-finals: 125 lb.—Bud Novak, SSC. d. Roy Olson, U. of Minn. 125 lb.—Pal Farmer, U. of Wis. d. Frank Mchtala, SSC 135 lb.—Dave Wiseman. U. of Wis. d. John Zak, Mich. Tech 135 lb.—Bob York, U. of Minn. Ko'd Gene Koski, SSC 145 lb.—Don Soderberg. SSC, Tko’d Gene Lynn, U. of Wis. 150 lb.—Jerry Fruth, U. of Wis. d. Adam Ksiazek. SSC 155 Ib.Bob Grab. U. of Wis. d. Calvin Caldwell. Mich. Tech 155 lb.—John Komula. SSC. d. Pete Lee. U. of Minn. 165 lb.—Bob Collins. Mich. Tech, d. Ronnie Nelson, SSC 165 lb.—A1 Anderson, SSC. d. Jim Hcdlund, U. of Minn. 175 lb.—Gene Enyart, Mich. Tech. d. Tom Bergstcdt. U. of Minn. 175 lb.—Dave Halls, U. of Wis. d. Don Wolf. Mich. Tech Hwt. Div.—Don Gundy, U. of Minn. d. Bruce Slumnor, Mich. Tech Finals: 125 lb.—Pat Farmer. U. of Wis. d. Bud Novak, SSC 130 lb.—Tom Zamzow, U. of Wis. d Pat Lally, SSC 135 lb.—-Dave Wiseman, U. of Wis. d. Bob York, U. of Minn. 145 lb.—Don Soderberg. SSC Ko’d Maury Durkec. U. of Minn. 150 lb.—Don Suscns. SSC. d. Jerry Fruth. U. of Wis. 155 lb.—John Konuila, SSC. d. Bob Grab, U. of Wis. 165 lb.—Bob Collins. Mich. Tech, d. Al Anderson. SSC 175 lb.—Gene Enyart. Mich. Tech, d. Don Wolf. Mich. Tech Hwt. Div.—Gordon Kowling. U. of Wis. d. Don Gundy, U. of Minn.Boxers relax during a break. I)i Marco gives the boys some last minute instruction.AutographsIntramural Champs -- Schooners Intramural Basketball This year's iniramurals basketball program saw a closely matched see-saw struggle in both the American and National league. The Hungry Five finally won, leaving three teams tied for second place. The season was climaxed by the Schooners winning the interleague play-offs in a close tussle with the Rangers. Both leagues were well sprinkled with stars of local and area high schools and the incentive displayed was in keeping with the fine competition. AMERICAN LEAGUE Won Lost Hungry Five 7 1 Assassins 6 2 Rangers 6 2 Schooners 6 2 Northerners 5 3 Fox 3 5 Very Old Men 2 6 Calverts Missionaries 1 7 Whigs "88” 0 8 NATIONAL LEAGUE Won Lost Campus Christians 5 2 Hamm's Shorties 5 2 Mustangs 5 2 Teetotalers 5 2 Rails 0 7 Hangovers 3 4 Scholars 3 4 Delta Rhythm boys 2 5INTRAMURAL SPORTS The intramural sports program is indispensable in every college for it gives those not competing in varsity athletics an opportunity to display their skills and, above all, h;;vc fun. This is certainly the case at Superior State where, as before, the facilities were always available to all who wished to take advantage of the opportunity. Athletic Director Leo DiMarco and his assistants in both men's and women’s sports divisions offered a well rounded program including basketball, softball, badminton, tennis, table tennis, archery, and volley ball. In all sports the competition was tough and all competitors had a good time. It has been the practice here to give trophies to the best teams in several sports with the names of the com-peitors inscribed thereon. These trophies arc-then retained in the athletic departments offices and offer a fine symbol to future com-peitors. The athletic department has stressed, as always, the fact that the sports facilities of the college are open to all who wish to make use of them and every effort is made to provide the favorite sport of the majority in the program. This year’s program was highly successful and under the careful guidance of Mr. Di-Marco and his assistants the future of intramural sports here is very promising. INTRAMURALS Intramurals are to be played By tall and short tdike. Tor no matter what the size may he They'll show a little fight. Competition is sometimes great. And tempers may arise. But everyone knows the cause of this. The ref is full of lies. No matter what the score may be. And who may think they've won. The only thing that really counts Is good sportsmanship and fun. By Gene O'BrienBoxing 1951 Another successful boxing season was closed on March 10, with the final bout in the Northwest Collegiate boxing tournament. Under the expert guidance of Coach John Ennis, the Yellowjacket mitters beat Michigan Tech 5-2 and lost to the University of Wisconsin 4 Vl-3 Zi in dual meet competition. To add to this honor, the SSC mitters took three championships in the Northwest tournament though Wisconsin captured the team championship with four wins. The Superior boxers began the season with the annual intramurals Golden Gloves matches which was a crowd pleasing show from start to finish. Fourteen boxers vied for the Gloves with several of last year’s champions repeating. The first dual meet of the year brought the University of Wisconsin to town and, though the Yellowjackets lost, it was extremely close. The meet was tied at 3lA-3lA at the start of the final bout between Pat Lally and Tom Zamzow of Wisconsin. Zamzow won, but only by a hair-line decision. The other dual meet was with Michigan Tech, and the Huskies brought a slugging aggregation to town. State won 5-2 but the Tech men left a fine impression on the local team. The highlight of the evening was the slugfest between A1 Anderson of Superior and Bob Collins of Michigan Tech, last year's Noithwcst 165-lb. champion. Anderson won, much to the pleasure of the crowd. To climax the season. Coach Ennis took his ace welterweight, Don Soderberg, to the NCAA tournament at Michigan State where he lost in the quarter-finals on a close decision. Don has an outstanding record in never having been beaten in three years of dual-meet competition and only losing twice in the NCAA tourney and once in the Golden Gloves bouts. He has never lost in the Northwest tournament. SSC's wonderful success in boxing is due primarily to Coach Ennis's ability to take boys who have never donned gloves before and make polished performers of them. Well liked and respected, he has put Superior on the map in the field of boxing. The outlook for boxing at SSC next year appears quite good as none of the members of this team are seniors and with the experience gained from this season they should have little-trouble maintaining the high caliber of boxing which the sc1kx I is noted for.t NE SOr, BOXING ACTION .V v sh?. WirI DAVID OTTENSMEYER AND JOANN FAGAN IN THE SILVER SPOONS COLLEGE PLAYERS PRODUCTION IN THE SECOND SEMESTERFor men only! The new dormitory, that is! President Hill and State Senator Lenroot look over the blueprints for the new $450,000 men’s dormitory which will be ready for occupancy by Fall.Everyone lends a hand at the ground breaking ceremonyFaculty watch scaling of the copper lined container holding historical documents Laying the Cornerstone Miss Agnes Kirk wields a wicked trowel OH, WELL, LOOK AROUND 'KELK .Barbara Bartonovicli Helen lick holm I Marilyn Klaus , SSC Camera Club 'Portrasture Session” Barbara Bartonovich, Marilyn Klang, Helen Eckholmstudents start trekin' for Mont du Lac Go on, there’s nothing to it!SSC Yellow jackets had their ups and downs this year, but always came back for more "You gotta be a football hero” SSC Yellow jackets ready for anything All aboard!Donna Lundmark Ruth Ann Klauck supervise second grade-finger painting Observation and Concentration Gloria Nielson has interview with superintendentJean May conducts class in first grade spelling while Judy Kyllo listens in PRIMARY KINDERGARTEN TEACrownhart Christmas formal for facultyMyrtle Phillips gets The Bird The annual Semper Compares Turkey RaceSSC Calendar Girl Marilyn Pellerin twirls a mean baton1 mi to. ..MMM . .Their Majesties' attendantsMUSIC AT McCASKILL PLAY FIDDLES PLAYSSC Assembly presents Mr. Henry J. Williams, Minneapolis and Mrs. Brandon Southworth, Duluth i 'ft I I i iAbove Four new instructors at local ROTC Unit Sgt. Frederick G. Schroeder, Capt. Andrew R. Clark, Sgt. Peyton Reese, and Sgt. Theodore Elmore Below Cadet James Lester receives first Air Force blue uniformRegistration smiles Miss Bowser June Olsen REGISTRATION Fees, receipts and passes Library SceneBetty Menzics and Barbara Eck-holm admire painting by Wisconsin artist Dorothy Hagman receives Delta Sigma dramatics scholarship from sorority president Marilyn Klang II Occl rfetv Ui etid.. . They Support us, Let’s Support them Distinctive Portraits Commercial Photography ☆ Millard-Berg Studio 1509 Tower Avc. Dial 5261 COMPLIMENTS OF Erlanson Lumber Co. 310 Belknap Dial 4481 It will Pay You . . . to inquire about the educational opportunities at SUPERIOR STATE COLLEGE Offerings in UNDERGRADUATE WORK include: 2. 3 and 4 year teacher training programs Four year Liberal Arts degree programs Preprofessional programs for many fields of study GRADUATE WORK will be offered leading to a Master of Education degree Write for information The Dean of Instruction SUPERIOR STATE COLLEGE Superior. Wisconsinr. . . . o • ' 2 Dress Formally Dress Correctly You’ll like our COMPLETE RENTAL SERVICE • FORMAL • SEMI-FORMAL All garments freshly cleaned and pressed. Fitted to you perfectly. Columbia Clothing Company Corner Tower Broadway Motor Inn, Inc. Nash Sales Service Body Fender Straightening Wheel Aligning Balancing Complete Automotive Service 24 Hour Wrecker Service 12th and Ogden Superior, Wis. Dial 8003 COMPLIMENTS OF KARI GARAGE STUDEBAKER SALES and SERVICE 1002 Ogden Ave. Dial 4420 Superior's Newest Store For Men and Boys Corner Tower Eleventh ART ERICKSON’S Super Service Station "Where Friends and Service Meet" Belknap and Grand Dial 9944 For a Truly Delicious Beefburger, Try Kitch's • Beefburgers • Humdingers • Orders to Take Out Kifch's Drive inn Corner Fifth Fisher MFTc6laAR CRIND 11 (Tar coll ARCO coffee Pressure Packed Radzak Glass Paint Co. Authorized Dealers for LIBBY-OWENS-FORD GLASS 1214 Ogden Avenue Superior, Dial 8771 Wisconsin Tower Diamond Shop Watchmakers and Jewelers KEEPSAKE DIAMONDS 1207 Tower Ave., Superior, Wis.HOME OF RUSSELL’S FINER FOOD PRODUCTS Russell Creamery Company Dial 5522 ‘'Northwests Finest” Cor. Broadway Ogden Visitors always welcome MILK “Country Fresh” Grade "A” Homogenized Vitamin "D” Golden Guernsey Chocolate CREAM Whipping Half Half Salad Sour BUTTER Golden Glow Rose Brand COTTAGE CHEESE Creamed ICE CREAM "Smooth Frozen" STYLE LEADERSHIP ... Our 42nd Year at Seventh and lower Quality Clothes'for Young Men SEVENTH AND TOWER National Bank of Commerce Assets Over $12,000,000 Member: Fed. Dep. Ins. Corp.Phone 6S92 SILVER-TONSBERG COMPANY 1714 NORTH 12th STREET SUPERIOR, WISCONSIN Commercial Printing PRINTERS OF THE 1948-49-50-51 SUPERIOR STATE COLLEGE GITCHE GUMME THE CITY OF SUPERIOR says Congratulations and Best Wishes to the SSC Graduates of 1951 Superior has been proud to serve as host to you students during your successful years at the college. May we extend our best wishes for your every success in the future. CITY COUNCIL Clyde Thomas, Pres. Henry Skudstad Edward DcBrock H. W. Brace, Jr. Scott G. Williamson Hilda Henrich Roland L. Amundson Robert E. Baumberger, City Manager R. E. McKcaguc, City Clerk George D. Flynn, City AttorneySchool can be a World of Fun If you’re Smartly Dressed in Fashions from In years ahead always remember what Professor “REDDY” taught, “Eyes are Priceless, Light is Cheap!” Always Protect those Precious Eyes with Plenty of GOOD LIGHT REDDY KILOWATT Your Electric Servont Sufreniai TOeUen,, and T otven,If you don’t know drugs— know your druggist! ■’oolites Drug Store 1124 Belknap Street East Eml Drug Store 2131 East 5th Street J. A. CRIMSRUD Sc A. C. HAUCEN, Prop. In Superior for Fine Furniture and Appliances its . "74c Stoic far “t omc-i SMART FASHIONS for SMART COLLEGE GIRLS MAURICES 1227 Tower Avenue Superior DeVinck-Madsen Pontiac Cadillac Co. 1601-05 Broadway Phone 4642 BODY SHOP ;1gr . . beautifully exquisite DIAMONDS H. CEDAR 1213 Tower Avenue Everything for Building • New Construction • Remodeling • Additions • Repairs Use our complete building service Lumber and Supply Co. 1808 Tower Dial 6461 Campbell Bingham Hardware Co. Paints—Sporting Goods ★ 1011 Tower Avc. Superior. Wisconsin Jensen Motors, Inc. CHRYSLER AND PLYMOUTH DEALERS 1226-30 Ogden Ave. Dial 4409Laundry and Dry Cleaning . GIVE US A CALL Hawkins Laundry "They Satisfy” Dial 5565 Ogden Near 13th Compliments i cj Id man HOUSE OF FLOWERS 1307 Tower Avenue Dial 6581 Sasner’s Emporium CLOTHING AND SHOES For The ENTIRE FAMILY 1017 Tower Avc. Dial 4602 Clemens Agency INSURANCE REAL ESTATE - LOANS 1717 WINTER STREET Coca-Cola Bottling Company of SuperiorWE CARRY A COMPLETE LINE OF EQUIPMENT FOR THE SPORTSMEN • Archery Supplies Hunting Fishing Equip. • Keys made while you wait Lund’s Sporting Goods 1817 Belknap Dial 9591 Specializing in the “Visual Flavorizer” For all Meats THE HUH CAFE FOR TASTY FOODS 1220 Tower Ave. Dial 3712 The Store Paints, Stoves, Cutlery For College Men Kitchen Ware, Builders Hardware, Sporting Goods East End Hardware INC. Company, Inc. 1316 TOWER 2207 East Fifth Street, "A Good Name to Remember SUPERIOR, WISCONSIN For Good Clothes" It’s Stacks IT’S 1309-11 TOWER THE BARBECUE FOR STYLE FOR FINE FOODS FOR QUALITY FOR WORICMENSHIP NEAR THE CAMPUS "Where Fashion isn't Expensive . . . only looks it" 812 Belknap St. Dial 2-2595 COMPLIMENTS OF Brownies Service Station Catering to Special BANQUETS and WEDDINGS 509 East 7th St. Superior, Wis. — • • • Curtis Signs Hotel Superior 1216 Ogden Ave. Dial 7541 ENJOY FINE FOODS AT THE Black Cat Cafe Bernard Conwcll, Prqp. 915 Tower Avc., Superior, Wis. Superior Floral Company Telegraph Florists "SAY IT WITH FLOWERS" 1416 Tower Avenue Dial 2-1432 FOR QUALITY ICE CREAM AND RICH DAIRY PRODUCTS IT’S BRIDGEMAN’S 1106 Belknap St. Dial 2-1372 TOWER SHELL SERVICE BUD LITCHKE, prop. Expert Washing, Greasing, Lubrication Accessories—Tire Service PHONE 9863 SUPERIOR, WIS. Belknap Electric Company ELECTRIC WIRING and FIXTURES 1513 Belknap Dial 2-1103 Mather Pharmacy, Inc. Prescription Experts Hoard of Trade Building 1505 Tower Avc. Superior, Wis. COMPLIMENTS College Cafeteria See Us For Complete Home Furnishings Dial 4010 Popkin Furniture 518-20 Tower Ave., Superior, Wis.MOVING STORAGE Baggage and Parcels to All Parts of Superior and Duluth Superior and Duluth Transfer Co. 911 Tower Avenue Dial 4471 Community Savings Bank Superior, Wis. Superior Motors, Inc. BUICK SALES AND SERVICE © 1705 Tower Ave. Dial 2-2171 Superior, Wisconsin Compliments of Tu verson Service Station Expert Automobile Handling Fuel Oil Deliveries Washing and Greasing Jobs Belknap and Cummings Dial 8621 COMPLIMENTS OF Superior Funeral Directors Association Superior Big enough to serve you Small enough to know you WisconsinPAUL DINGMAN MOTORS DeSoto - Plymouth 1215 Belknap St. Dial 8752 SUPERIOR. WISCONSIN "MEMBER OF F. 0. I. C." Superior National Bank Fagerlin Fuel Company Coal 8 Wood Shell Fuel Oil Automatic Heating Equipment 6th Baxter Superior The Vogue Bootery “YOUR SHOE STORE FOR 31 YEARS” ☆ 1218 Tower Avenue Phone 7493 Superior Dial 7241 JL QUICKPRINT CLYDE B. THOMAS, Prop. Commercial Printing 1820 N. 12th Street Superior, Wis. Established 1897 East End Superior, WisconsinFor the Most for Your Money px TRANSIT BUS No other means of public transportation offers so much for so little. No other is safer, more economical, and more all - weather dependable. Duluth-Superior Bus Co. A Store with a NAME Featuring NAME BRANDS That You Know SUITS BY • "Botany 500” Tailored by Daroff • G G G Varsity Town Clothes Phoenix Scott Barrie COATS BY • Mt. Rock Barron Andersen THE STORE FOR YOUNG MEN l.ll .4 ‘CuldKit Florist ■ Greenhouse ☆ 28th St. and Billings Drive SUPERIOR, WIS. MERCURY SALES AND SERVICE JZ, an , JL 1707 North 14th Street SUPERIOR, WIS. DIAL 7737COMPLIMENTS OF IQolattd . INCORPORATED FOR THE FINEST In China, Gifts, Furniture-Shop Here- Famous names in China Castle-ton, Haviland, Spode, Franciscan Minton, Royal Doulton, Many Others ENGINEERS Telegram Building ZdeltieUvl Furniture and China Store 1521 Tower Ave . Dial 2-2621 Your FORD Dealer Reed Merrell, Inc. 1202 Ogden Ave. Dial 5588 Superior, Wisconsin Rookey Transfer Company COAL - COKE - BRIQUETS DEPENDABLE SERVICE Since 1912 1813 Belknap Dial 3939 Benson Electric Company CONTRACTORS ENGINEERS E. O. Thompson Grocery The Store of Quality and Service Wc carry at all times a complete line of Staple and Fancy Groceries FRESH FRUITS and VEGETABLES 1422 Tower Ave. Dial 7718 ★ GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES AMERICAN FINNISH PUBLISHERS, INC. Publishers of: "TYOMIES-ETEENPAIN" oldest Finnish-Amcrican daily, and “NAISTEN VI1RI." the only Finnish woman's journal ★ 3rd Grand Avc. Dial 5548 TYoMIES SOCIETY Printers and Booksellers Sub-agency for SWEDISH-AMERICAN LINE Ernest Koski, Business Manger 601-03 Tower Ave. Dial 4961Compliments Of Wisconsin Typewriter Co. Rental Typewriters and Dealers in L. C. SMITH and CORONA TYPEWRITERS 1306 Tower Avc. Dial 6901 Headquarters for GRADUATION PICTURES BARRY STUDIO Fine Camera Portraits ☆ Dial 5696 1111 Tower Ave. Restaurant Bar Supply ALLOUEZ MARINE company Commercial Refrigeration SUPPLY COMPANY Hotel-Restaurant-Bar For Fine Service Janitor Supplies ☆ Dial 5625 622 Tower Ave. Superior, Wis. DIAL 5567 A little savings and a little edweation can he dangerous Never Slop Savin .... Never Slop Learning ... Ik a Formula for Sueoess First National Bank Since 1887 822 Tower Member F D I CCompliments of ?ord Hopkins Co. World’s Finest Drug Stores Phone 2-1211 1221 Tower Ave. Superior,Wis. Milton M. Minz Scott Williamson COMPLIMENTS Ellis Plumbing Heating Company Plumbing Shop On Wheels "We Carry Everything With Us” Superior. Wis. - 1414 Belknap St. You Can Find— The best in light lunches and finest selection of bake goods AT Federal Bakery 1116 Tower Avenue Dial 5883 6 Phones—5551 Berthiaume’s GROCERIES. MEATS, and OUR OWN BAKING 1415-1417-1419 Tower Avenue Superior, Wisconsin A ? €€ 'P'l M AtyA i t e wayf T i ★ Serving You ★ Serving the Community ★ Serving the Nation HE EVENING TELEGRAM SAVE IN A SAVINGS BANK ASHBY’S Home Mortgage Loans TOWER FLORAL The Workers' Mutual Dial 2-2512 Bonded Member of F. T. D. Savings Bank Member FDIC Compliments of 802 Towei Ave. Kelly Furniture Company Superior, Wisconsin 1302 Tower Ave. Dial 9232 CENTRAL SHEET Kiddie-Land, Inc. Start far tttic pal4a METAL WORKS Sheet Metal Work of All Kinds Ventilating—Air Condition—Roofing Gas, Oil Coal Heating 1316 Ogden Ave., Superior, Wisconsin Dial 6593 ☆ — 1529 Tower Ave. Superior, Wis. ABC CLEANERS Cleaning. Pressing Telephone 3214 Hatters 1121 Vi Tower Ave., Superior, Wis. Compliments of COMPLIMENTS OF WISCONSIN O. E. DUNN CO. REAL ESTATE STATE BANK 1414 Belknap St. Dial 9461 Established 1911 ■ COMPLIMENTS OF Member of Federal Deposit Marcus Company Insurance Corporation Expert Watch Repairing Sporting Goods, Luggage and Jewelry 728 Tower Avenue HENDRICKSON'S Standard Service Gruen, Elgin, and Hamilton Watches PERFECT DIAMONDS PETER'S JEWELRY 1126 Tower Ave. £ "Stop for Service . BENSON StucU for service never stops"' Belknap at Grand Dial 9989 1709 Belknap St., Superior, Wis.• • Wo ilolivor ★ Valley Brook Farm Creamery Dial 8531 902 Belknap The three Os of Dining Pleasure COURTESY - COMFORT - CLEANLINESS are always on the job at the CHEF’S RESTAURANT “Fine Foods Carefully Prepared” 1410 Tower Avenue Dial 6402 Superior, Wis. NORTHWESTERN OIL COMPANY VEEDOL MOTOR OIL TYDOL GASOLINE Visit Any Northwestern Service Station and Get •SERVICE WITH A SMILE'’ Why carry? • •SWEATERS worn by SUPERIOR STATE COLLEGE Athletes huniitltcd by Nelson Knitting Mills Co. 2105 W. Superior St., Duluth, Minn. Willys Truck Jeeps NORTHWEST MOTORS, Inc. 1814 Belknap St., Telephone 2-2792 SUPERIOR, WISCONSIN Store Dial 4461 Bakery Dial 9153 Connolly’s MEATS, GROCERIES. BAKERY COFFEE SHOP 1202-1204 Belknap Street Superior, Wisconsin Be a Thrifty One Shop the Leader In ’51 Leader Dept. Store Superior, Wisconsin Capitol Candy and Tea Rooms, Inc. CHICRAS BROS. 1114 Tower Ave. Superior, Wis. Stack Brothers, Inc. PLUMBING « HEATING CONTRACTORS ¥ 1718 WINTER STREET Superior, Wisconsin THE LURYE FURNITURE CO. Phone 4040 1208-10 Tower Ave. ☆ SUPERIOR, WISCONSIN TRIFFET’S BARBER SHOP “One Place You Don’t Mind Getting a Good Trimming” Next Door to Bridgeman’s 1115 Belknap Superior, Wis. Dial 4483 KAPUS GARAGE, INC. Dodge, Plymouth Dodge Job-Rated Trucks 1318-24 Ogden Ave.Fine Portraits For All Occasions VANOD's of SUPERIOR 1822 Tower Avenue s Superior, Wisconsin Vesterby Radio Sales and Service 1527 Tower Ave. Phone 6952 Motorola Home Car Radios The Telegram Job Shop Over 54 Years of Printing Service The Most Modern and Largest Commercial Printing Plant in Upper Wisconsin Evening Telegram Bldg. Dial 4411 LOUIS e. HO WATT JEWELER 1425 Lower Avenue Democracy is on Trial Humanity is at cross-roads today. The world’s people are divided into two hostile camps. On one side are those of us who believe in democracy. On the other side, with guns cocked, are the people who have fallen for the siren songs of totalitarianism. Search for bread and security has misled hundreds of millions of the earth’s “shirtless ones” into the communist camp. These people did not know that under democracy they could have built security and ownership through their own institutions. You, the future torchbearers of democracy, should familiarize yourselves with some of its economic aspects, such as cooperatives. CENTRAL COOPERATIVE WHOLESALE Superior, Wisconsin GRANTS CAFETERIA V I c Home Cooked Meals has bound books for many years Home Style Bakery and knows how. Delicatessen Foods 1425 Tower Dial 2 1031 Superior Book Bindery SARATOGA CAFE Phone 5142 710 Winter Street. "Open All Night" 804 Tower Ave. Dial 4991 COMPLIMENTS OF Kotter-McKee Lignells Rexall Drug GREENHOUSES Flowers for All Occasions "Your Friendly Store" 24th Street Elmira Avenue 1022 Tower Avenue Dial 8553 Superior, Wis. Dial 9203 COME IN AND SAVE EYES EXAMINED GLASSES FITTED Billings Park Webb Service BACKUS GAS—Cut Prices—OIL ACCESSORIES OPTOMETRIST Tires—Parts—Lubrication 1320 Tower Avc. Dial 4571 2620 Belknap Superior, Wis. Northern Jobbers, Inc. Marsh Me Lennan of Wisconsin, Inc. CANDY W. R. Bolton, Ass' . Vice President CIGARS—TOBACCO GENERAL INSURANCE DIAL 8711 1222 TOWER AVE. 913 Tower Ave. Superior, Wis. PHONE 4083Superior's Largest and Most Modern Dryclcaning Plant and Laundry OLZBERG’S CLEANERS - LAUNDERERS DIAL 6685 CORNER HAMMOND and BELKNAP "WHEN HOLZBERG’S CLEAN IT - IT’S C-L-E-A-N” iiTiTiii iIifliTiilnTiTr777'. .,ir,'i HCTm unmtujmiiiiiiiuiTVWiiiniimjuiimifiiiiMUiiiiii IKLK MAI EVERYONE LOVES TO EAT OUT Try Our Delicious Meals and Our Home Made Ice Cream Open Evenings and Sunday 1316 BELKNAP ST. — — — ACROSS FROM COURT HOUSE t % t e Class of ’51 May Furniture Company "EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME" 1713 BELKNAP STREET DIAL 4133MILLERS STANDARD SERVICE ATLAS PRODUCTS—ACCESSORIES Expert Lubrication—Washing Tire Service COMPLETE SERVICE—THE MOST MODERN EQUIPMENT Service Calls Pickup Delivery DIAL 9769 BELKNAP AT TOWER Service and Quality 7L 911 OGDEN Phone 7788 1411 BELKNAP Phone 2-2202 FURNITURE - RUGS APPLIANCES 6 rani HOUSE FURNISHING UajiihC WISHING CO.-V BELKNAP AT OGDENCOMPLIMENTS OF Superior Theatre ☆ "Northwest's Finest Show Place" CONGRATULATIONS TO The “1951” Graduate Community Drug Store Roy Grimsrud, Prop. 714 Tower Ave. Dial 3763 Free Delivery Service Compliments of COMPLIMENTS Braham Granite M. BERGER Works, Inc. Designers and Manufacturers of HARDWARE. FURNITURE CUSTOM BUILT MEMORIALS AND SPORTING GOODS MARKERS and MAUSOLEUMS 1612 Tower Avenue Corner 6th and Tower Dial 3873 We were glad to have had a part in the publishing of the 1951 Gitche Gumee R. D. HANDY, Inc. - StQ'uxovi4 - Sfcctrotypci-i 30 East Superior St. Duluth. Minnesota 97591CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 1951 GRADUATING CLASS SUPERIORS ONLY FIREPROOF HOTEL In the Heart of the Shopping District AIR CONDITIONED COFFEE SHOP PRIVATE DINING ROOM Ioctroy Campbell Motors PACKARD SALES and SERVICE Corner of 9th Hughitt SUPERIORS OLDEST DEALER Superior Ice Fuel Company Quality Coals—Ice Cubes Phone 3282 1517 Tower Ave., Superior, Wis. For Even Tempered Heat, Burn Solid Fuel CITY MARKET HENRY COHEN, PROP. Quality Groceries and Meats ★ Corner 11th and Tower Dial 445.? LARSON 1 til J tv COMPANY 1414-20 Ogden Avenue, Superior, Wis. BARBO’S Dry Cleaners and Dyers "Definitely Better Cleaning" Pick-up and Delivery Service DIAL 3877 1813 Tower Ave., Superior, Wis. We Carry a Complete Line of Sch(X)l Supplies THE M. D. McLEAN STORE 2208 East Fifth Street Patronize the Gitche AdvertisersDUNC£

Suggestions in the University of Wisconsin Superior - Gitche Gumee Yearbook (Superior, WI) collection:

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