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 All the world's .1 stage. And .ill the men and women merely plovers I hey have their exits and their entrances. And one man in his time plays many parts .  ■ ■ . presents s. s. e 'so" A Comedy jn Three Acts featuring a cast of 900 characters at the Sccfre ttar State @Meye Superior, Wisconsin ’Play 'd- t e 7'fatty Shirley Zwakman Stilton-in-'P'uielcictio i Sta . . . Faculty and Administration @OAt . . . Seniors and Underclassmen rfct 1 . . . Achievements and Organizations rfct 2 .. . Sports at Superior State ?4ct 3 .. . The Year’s Feature Attractions 4eUAenti4iH$ . . . r giaeia—'lutioduciuo . the tunt Ceaditty characters udta udCl tahe each you att a tom through scenes am. fiieuf.  DOiect n DEDICATION Miss Kathryn Ohman Back of every play is a director, one who remains in the background but whose influence is felt in every phase of the production. Our play has many directors, all members of the faculty. But one director, in our opinion, stands out among the rest. She is one whom the Gitche Gurnee staff feels has contributed much to the success of this year s term, and who in the past has directed and influenced many a student in the drama of school life. We feel it is especially appropriate to have chosen her as chief director this year, for our theme of the annual, that of a play, lends itself admirably to her particular talents. Director of many college stage productions and instructor of the ever popular English literature courses which end up with standing room only ', Miss Kathryn Ohman represents our choice for this year's dedication. Her sparkling wit. personality and talent describe her best, both in and out of the classroom. To Miss Ohman the annual staff presents a toast for a job well done and for memories of a grand person long to be remembered.—— 'P’ioduce%- "Dciectw A MESSAGE FROM OUR PRESIDENT Dr. Jim Dan Hill To Students and Patrons: I he turn of the half century has been an excuse for the nation and many organizations to look back over the last fifty years at the progress that has been made. In the field of education, especially at Superior State college, we can point with pride to our accomplishments, due mainly to the efforts of the faculty and the desires and needs of the many students who have passed through our doors. Starting as a two-year normal school in 1896, with a faculty of fifteen and an enrollment of 247, our college has progressed both physically and academically. Today our college is recognized as one of the outstanding institutions in the state. Those years have seen the granting of Bachelor of Science degrees and degrees of Bachelor of Arts, climaxing this summer with the inauguration of graduate work leading to the Masters Degree in Education. Since 1933 all courses have been fully accredited. It is to you. the students, the patrons and the public, that much of the credit of this school’s progress must go. You have demanded it. You deserve it. Vi. ( (m VanInterior view of librory reading room.KvVt tV- ’'DinectonA 'pacodty JOANNA E. TEERINK, M. A. (1921) Supervising Teacher B. A., Iowa State Teachers College M. A., Teachers College, Columbia University Graduate Student: Colorodo State College of Education, University o‘ Alberta VERNON E. VAN PATTER, M. S. (1920) Director, McCoskill School B. S., Dokoto Wesleyan University M. S., University of Wisconsin Groduote Student: Universities of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Colorodo State College of Education HARRY H. WHITNEY, M. S. (1937) Supervising Teacher B. S., Corncgic Institute of Technology M. S. Colorodo State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts MMfMMMMM mmmmuammmT 'iodccctiott - ALOON M. BEBB, A. M. (1948) Supervising Tcochcr A. B. ond A. M., Colorado State College of Education GRACE E. BARNEY, M. A. (1921 French B. A., University of Wisconsin M. A., University of Minnesota Graduate Student: Universities of Dijon, Sorbonne, Poris, Froncc, Minnesota HARRY W. ANDERSON, M. Ph. (1946) Counselor; Supervising Teacher B. Ed., Superior State College M. Ph., University of Wisconsin Groduotc Student: University of Minnesota WYATT W. BELCHER. Ph. D. (1946) History B. A. and M. A. University of Oklahoma, Ph. D., Columbia University PHiL ARLAUSKY, M. S. (1938) Physical Education B. S., LoCrosse Stotc College M. S., University of Indiona Graduate Student: New York UniversityIbMS: ' • __________- CATHERINE BOWSER, M. E. (1948) Assistont Librorion B. A., University of Wisconsin M. E., Marquette University EDGAR VAN BRIGGS, Ph. M. (1947) Physics B. A. Lowrcncc College Ph. M., University of Wisconsin Groduote Student: University of Minnesoto 8ESSIE A. BENTON, M. A. (1925) German B. A. ond M. A., University of Minnesota Graduate Student: Universities of Munich, Germony, Washington RUSSELL BERT, B. S. (1948) Publications—Journalism B. S., Northwestern University ROYAL BRIGGS, Ph. D. (1949) Economics B. S., Knox College M. A., University of Illinois Ph. D., University of Missouri SHIRLEY CARRIAR, M. A. 0 946) English B. Ed., Superior State College M. A., University of Wisconsin Graduate Student: Universities of Colorado, MinnesotaCELIA CARSLEY, M. A. (1927) Education 8. Ed., Superior Stotc College M. A., University of Iowa Graduotc Student: University of Minnesota ELIZABETH N. CASTLE, M. A. (1940) Supervising Teocher Ph. B., University of Chicago M. A., Teachers College of Columbia University HELEN M. CHEAIRS, 8. A. (1949) Supervising Teocher B. A.. William Penn College Graduate Student: Northwestern University H. WOODROW CHRISTIANSON, B. Ed. (1946) Chemistry B. Ed., Superior State College Groduotc Student: Universities of Wisconsin, Marquette, Minnesota ELLEN M. CLARK, A. M. (1913) History A. B. and A. M., University of Chicago Graduate Student: University of Chicago BERENICE COOPER, M. A. (1928) English A. B., Beloit College M. A., University of Wisconsin Graduotc Student: University of Chicago Bread Loof School of EnglishMcCoskill school foculty holds afternoon tea. JOHN O. DANIELSON, M. A. (1946) Mathematics 8. S., Superior State College M. A., University of Wisconsin Groduotc Student: University of Wisconsin MARK E. DEAN, M. A. (1948) Physical Education 8. A., Northern Illinois State Teachers College M. A., University of lowo MARY B. DEATON, A. M. (1926) English A. B., Mississippi Stote College for Women A, M., Columbia University Groduote Student: Universities of North Carolina, Chicago, Minnesota LEO Dl MARCO, B. Ed. (1943) Physiccl Education B. Ed., Superior State College Groduotc Student: University of MinnesotaThe Johnsons ond Schriebers were omong those ot Crownhort faculty reception. IDA W. FLOGSTAD, M. A. (1928) Mothemotics 8. S., M. A., lowo State College Graduate Student: Universities of Michigon, Colorado, Chicago DONALD G. FOLTZ. M. Mus. (1939) Mujrc A B. Defiance College B. M. M. Mus., Northwestern University Graduote Student: University of Idaho, Berkshire Music Center DAISY B. FULTON, M. A. (1928) Supervising Tcochcr B. Ed., Superior State College M. A., Teochers College, Columbia University ELVIRA GELLENTHIEN, Ph. D. (1947) Educotion A. B., University of Colorado A. M.. Ph. D., University of ChicagoGERALD HAACK, 8. S. Music 8. $., Superior Stole College Graduotc Student: Northwestern University WASVL HALICH, Ph. D. (1946) History B. A., University of Dubuque M. A., Ph. D., Stote University of lowo GEORGE D. GLEASON, M. A. (1948) Supervising Tcechcr B. A., Arizono State College M. A., Northwestern University HENRY W. GRAYSON, M. A. (1949) Economics-Sociology B. A., University of Saskatchewan M. A., University of Toronto Graduote Student: University of Toronto OSCAR M. HAUGH. M. A. (1946) English—Speech B. S., M. A., University of Minnesota Graduate Student: University of Minnesota ARNOLD F. HOFSTAD, B.S.C. (1947) Accounting—Economics B.S.C., Northwestern University Graduate Student: Northwestern School of Business Administration, Universities of Chicago, MinnesotaMINDA HOVLAND, M. A. (1924) Supervising Teacher B. Ed., Superior State College M. A., Teachers College, Columbio University FRANK L. IRWIN, D. Ed. (1948) Education A. B., M. A. Konsos University D. Ed., New York University SHIRLEY B. JAMESON, M. A. (1949) Physical Education B. S., University of Illinois M. A., Northwestern University TIM R. JOHNSON, Maj. USAF B. S., Central Michigan College of Education Graduate Student: George Williams University of Chicago WILLIAM C. KELLER (1947) Music New York Institute of Musical Art ANSON R. KENDALL, Ph. D. (1946) Chemistry A. B., DePouw University M.A., Ph. D., Iowa State College■ W Kims Olsens and Glcosons Feted ot Reception AGNES V. KIRK, M. A. (1911) English B. L., Lindenwood College for Women Ph. B., Central State Teachers College, Missouri Ph. 8., University of Chicago M. A., Teachers College of Columbia University Graduote Student: Universities of Minnesota, Californio, Berkeley ARTHUR F. KRUK, M. A. (1949) Art Supervisor B. S., New York State College for Teachers, Buffalo M. A., Columbia University Albright Art School Graduate Student: Columbia University HESTER HOLMES KYLLO, B. S. in L. S. (1948) Children's Librorion B. E., Superior State College B S. in L. S., University of M nnesota THORPE M. LANGLEY, M. A. (1948) Geography A. 8., M. A., University of Wisconsin —i ESTHER LA ROWE, M. A. 0 948 Physical Education 8. S., University of Michigon M. A., Columbia University CARL A. LINDBERG, Copt., USAF Military Science University of Minnesota OMER L. LOOP, Ph. D. 09)9) Education A. B., Indiono University M. A., University of Wisconsin Ph. D., University of Minnesota HELEN E. LOTH, Ph. D. 0 924) Latin—Spanish A. 8., Valparaiso College Ph. B., A. M„ Ph. D., University of Chicago yJAY W. MCKEE, Ph. D. (1935) History—Political Science B. A,, University of Toledo M. A., Ph. D., Ohio Stole University ELIZABETH MONGER, M. A. (1922) Supervising Teacher B. S., M. A., Tcochers College, Columbio University ROCHELLE MILLER, B. M. Ed. (1949) Supervising Teacher 8. M. Ed., Roosevelt College KATHRYN OHMAN, M. A. (1926) English A. B., Bellevue College M. A., University of Chicago Graduate Student: Universities of Minnesota, Chicogo, Southern Californio. Northwestern DONALD E. OLSON, B. S. (1947) Physics B. S., Superior Stole College Graduate Student: University of Wisconsin JANE REHNSTRAND (1922) Art Superior State College Lewis and Art Institutes of Chicogo, Columbio University Stondford University, University of California Europeon and Asiatic ort tours Associate Editor, School Arts MogozineWILLIAM SCHLIEP, M. Mus. (1932) Music B. S., University of Minncsoto M. Mus., Eostmon School of Music, Wormclin School of Music, Pupil of George Griscz Groduote Student: University of Minnesoto EDWIN H. SCHRIEBER, M. S. (1922) Physics, Astronomy A. B., University of Illinois M. S., University of Wisconsin Groduote Student: Universities of Minnesota, Colorado, Michigan HAZEL SEGUIN, M. A. (1929) Biology B. A., University of Wisconsin M. A., Teochers College, Columbio University Graduate Student: Universities of Virginia, Columbia EMILIE W. SONDEREGGER, Ph. D. (1947) French—Spanish Ph. B., Loyola University M. A., Northwestern University Ph. D., University of Fribourg. Switzerland HELEN STRATTE, B. S. (1949) Circulation Librarian B. S., Macolostcr College Groduote Student: University of Minnesoto EDITH G. SWARTLEV (1944) Music Supervisor Cornell College Upper Iowa University University of Southern California University of IowaDOROTHY WAITE, M. S. (1925) History A. 8., M. A., University of Ncbrosko Groduote Student Universities of Chicago, Minnesota, Colorado, Columbia EDWARD W. WAKELAND, Copt. USAF Texas A. M. College FLORENCE H. WALDE, B. Ed. (1924) Librorion B. Ed., Superior State College Graduate Student University of Iowa librory School, Peobody School for Teachers JOHN E. WE8B, M. M. (1925) Music B. M., M. M., Louisiana State University Groduote Student Louisiana State University Eastman School of Music HERBERT M. WEEKS. M. S. (1925) Chemistry 8. Ed., Superior Stote College M. S., University of Iowa Groduote Student: University of MinnesotaLILIAN B. WHELAN, M. A. (1922) Supervising Teacher B. S., University of Minnesota M. A., Teachers College, Columbia University ROBERT D. WILLIAMS, Ph.D. (1935) English A. 8.. Kenyon College M. A., Ph. D.. University of Michigan LOUiS ADA WILSON, M. A. (1933) Education B. S., M. A., George Pcobody College Graduate Student: George Pcobody College, Stonford, Chicago SIDNEY E. WRIGHT, M. A. (1941) Industrial Arts B. S., M. A., University of Minnesota JOSEPH T. 2YGMANSKI, M. A. ('49) Education B. S., University of Minnesota, Duluth Broach M. A., University of Minnesota Graduate Student: University of MinnesotaEDWARD L. BOLNEDER, M.S. (1923) Biology 8. S., Miomi University M. S., University of Wisconsin Graduate Student: Iowa State College STANLEY OEXEMANN, Ph. D. ('49) Botany A. B.( McKendree College M. S., Ph, D., University of Illinois RUTH SMITH, M. A. 0 949) Supervising Teocher 8. A., Colorado Stotc College of Educotion, Greeley M. A., Stotc University of Iowa Groduotc Student: Universities of Washington, Iowa, Colorodo State College PAUL C. TYCHSEN, M. S. (1949) Geology A. B., Carleton College M, S., University of Nebraska Grcduote Student: University of Wisconsin FRANK G. WALLACE. B. S. (1949) Art 8. S., University of Minnesota Graduate Student: University of Wisconsin JOHN S. WHITE, B. A. (1947) Mot iemofrCS B. A., University of Minnesota Graduate Student: Ripon ond Oberlin Colleges, University of Minnesota NEW FACULTY MEMBERS Seated—Helen Chcairs, Ruth Smith, Rochelle Miller, Shirley Jameson. Stonding—Arthur Kruk, Paul Tychsen, Joseph Zyqmanski, Stanley Oexemonn, Helen Strotte, Henry Groyson. eywt- 'Director Dr. George N. Sundquist Member of the Board of Regents Much of the success of the drama at SSC must go to Dr. George N. Sundquist. who for the last nine years, has guided our destiny as a college, serving as an outstanding member of the Wisconsin Board of Regents. Our place among other educational institutions in the state and nation is an enviable one. thanks to the efforts of this man. whose interests have been ours. His serving as board president from October 1946. to July 1948. is another proof of his talent and ability. The entire staff of directors, producers and cast look forward to many more years of guidance under Dr. Sundquist.'Dcatt 'Dviectwi DEAN OF MEN HARRY W. ANDERSON mwm — Sutiaete T inecfon • . — REGISTRAR MISS MABEL MC KINNON Sta RUTH UNFORD RUTH PETERSON ELLEN GILHULYAIR ROTC PERSONNEL DIRECTORS Major Timothy R. Johnson, Coptain Corl A. Lindberg, Captain Edward W. Wokclond Dear Editor: The Military Science Deportment is now in its second year at Superior State College and the response and interest in our program hos been most gratifying. The objective of our deportment is to select ond train students who possess the char-actcr, intelligence, desire ond sense of duty to become Air Force officers ond responsible citizens. I can speak for all members of the Air ROTC in saying Unit we uie proud to be u part of the program at Superior State College. TIMOTHY R. JOHNSON Major, USAF PAS T. Sergeent Joseph T. Hennessy, Staff Sergeont Joel O. Jaccbson, Moster Sergeont Jehn $. WatsonMISS FLORENCE WALOE Head Librarian MRS. HESTER HOLMES KYLLO Children's Librarian■' £ ‘DfoectonA MISS CATHERINE BOWSER Assistant Librarian and Cotologucr MRS. JEAN WINSLOW DODGE Clerical Assistant MISS HELEN STRATTE Circulation—Reference Librarian  Donald Stien, superintendent, Frank Mihm, John LeMar, Horvey Doherty, Earl McNomoro. 1Seated—Beverly Bromel, Bill Riplingcr. Stonding Mike Drovecky, Wally DeBruyne ALLEN, JACK B., B. $.; Comcron, Wisconsin; College Concert Bond, I, 2. 3, 4, ROTC Officers Club, 3, 4, President 3; ROTC Drum and Bugle Corps 3, 4, Captain 3, Major 4; College Orchestro 1, 2, 3, 4. ANDERSON, CHESTER V., B. S.; Superior Wisconsin; Semper Compares 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3. ANDERSON, LAWRENCE, B. S.; Superior, Wisconsin. ANDERSON, WILMER P., B. S.; Superior. Wisconsin; Fcx 1, 2, 3, 4; Football, I, 2; Intramurals, I, 2; S Club, 1,2, 3, 4. SfasntKy PCayeM- Senior Class MIKE DRAVECKY WALLY DcBRUYNE BEVERLY BRAMEL BILL RIPLINGER _ ----President Vice President ---- Secretory ---- TreasurerAUSTIN, DONALD E., B. S.; Superior, Wisconsin; Tronsfer from U of Dayton, Doyton, Ohio. AUSTRENG, GEORGE R., B. S.; Superior, Wisconsin. 8ALLOU, PHYLLIS G., B. S.; Cable, Wisconsin; Sigma Gamma Chi 2, 3, 4; Secretory 3. 6EMRICK. WILLIAM J., B. S.; Superior, Wisconsin; Fex 2, 3, 4; The Estoka 1, 2. BERGREN, JACQUELINE J., B. S.; Rockmont, Wisconsin; Delta Sigma I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 4. BARRETT, ROBERT A., B. S.; Superior, Wisconsin; Fex 2, 3, 4. SEINE, JANET F., Two year Rurol; Superior, Wisconsin; Peptomist Stoff 2; Rural-Sigma Rho I, 2, Social Chairman 2. BECKON, CAROL J., Three year K. P.; Cumberland, Wisconsin; GitchcGumee I; Messioh Chorus I, 2, 3; Kindergarten Primary I, 2, 3; Tau Alpha Chi 1, 2, 3; Sigmo Gamma Chi 1, 2, 3; International Relations Club 1; Glee Club 2, 3.8USTRAK, AUDREY I., B. S.; Brule. Wisconsin; Gomme Phi Epsilon 2. 3, 4, Vice President 2; W. A. A I. COLLINS. JOHN F., 8. S.; Hurley, Wisconsin; Footboll Monogcr 4; Boskclboll 4; S. Club 4; Tronsfer from St. Froncis, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. BRAMEL. BEVERLY. B. S.; Superior. Wisconsin; Dclto Sigma I. 2, 3, 4, Sargent at Arms 3, Vice President 4, Social Committee 3. BRANDS JOHN S.. B. S.. Supeno,, Wisconsin; Fc I. BROOKS, ALICE, Two ycor certificate; Clom Falls, Wisconsin; Messiah Chorus 2; Rural-Sigma Rho 1, 2; Sigma Gammo Chi 2. BUDZYNSKI, JOHN V., B. S.; Superior, Wisconsin; Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3, 4; College Players 2, 3, 4; Lombda Delta Chi I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 2, President 4; Ploys: "Squaring The Circle," "Fly Awoy Home," and "The Rivols." BOLE, BETTY C., 8. S.; Superior, Wisconsin; Lambda Sigma Lambda 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3; The Estako I, 2, 3, Treasurer 2. 8RADSHAW, JOHN H.. B. S.; Superior, Wisconsin; College Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4. DODGE, HUBERT H., 8. S.; Superior, Wisconsin; Fex I, 2, 3, 4; Football I, 2, 3; 8osketboll 1, 2, 3, 4; S. Club I. 2. 3, 4. DRAYNA, CHARLES E., 8. S.; Superior, Wisconsin; Pep-tomisf Staff 1; Semper Compares 4, Treasurer 1st semester, President 2nd semester; Footboll 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader I; College Players 1; S. Club 2, 3, 4. _ _____ CYR, HENRY 8., B. A.; Superior, Wisconsin; International Relations Club J, 2, 3, 4, President 2, 3, Student Adviser 4; ROTC Officers Club 3, 4. Treasurer 3; ROTC Rifle Team 3, 4, Captain 3; Pershing Rifles 4, Commanding Officer 4; Boxing 1, 3, 4; Intramurals 1; Women's Rifle Tcom Assistant Cooch 3, 4; Social Committee 3; Owl ond Serpent 4. CZOSCHKE, MERLIN C., B. S.; Brownsville, Wisconsin; Peptomist Staff 4; Lambda Delto Chi 3, 4, Vice President 4. DALEY, MICHAEL C., B. A.; Superior, Wisconsin; College Concert Bond I; Fex 1, 2, 3, 4; Boxing 3; Intromurols 1, 2, 3, 4. DE BRUYNE, WALLACE H., B. S.; Superior, Wisconsin; Fex 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 2, 3, 4, Bosketball 1; S Club 2, 3. 4. CORNING, PATRICIA J., Two year certificate: Shell Lake, Wisconsin; Rural Sigma Rbo I, 2; Alpha Kappa I. 2; Sigma Gamma Chi I, 2. CRANDALL, DOROTHY A., B. S.; Spooner, Wisconsin; Peptomist Stoff I; Messiah Chorus 4; College Choir 4; Rural Sigma Rho 4; W. A. A. I.EKELUND, IRVING F., B. S.; Superior, Wisconsin. ELLESON, RALPH C., 8. S.; Spooner, Wisconsin; Semper Comperes 2. 3, 4; Footbcll 1, 2, 3, 4; Boskctboll 1; Boxing 2, 3; Intromurols 1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis I, 2, 3, 4; S. Club 2, 3, 4. ELKINGTON, ROBERT B. A., Virginia, Minnesota. FORMELL, BEULAH L., Rural-Stotc Groded Certificate; Clom Foils, Wisconsin; Messiob Chorus 2; Rural Sigma Rho I, 2; Sigma Gamma Chi 2; W. A. A. 2. EDGETTE, MAE ELLEN, B. S.; Loke Nebogamon, Wisconsin; Alpha Psi Omego 1, 4; Informed ate Group 1; Tou Alpho Chi I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, President 4; W. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4. FRIOLA, RITA, B. S.; Hurley, Wisconsin; Intermediate Group 3, 4, President-Secretary 3; Gommo Phi Epsilon 3, 4, Secretary 3. DULLER, LAURA E., 8. A.; Superior, Wiscosnsin; Madrigal Singers 3, 4; College Choir I, 2, 3, 4; Messiah Chorus I, 2, 3, 4; Lombda Sigma Lombdo 1, 2, 3, 4; Estoko 2, 3, Secretary 3; Owl and Serpent 4. E8LI, ROBERT L„ B. S.; Ironwood, Michigan; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1; Intromurols 3; S. Club 1, 2, 3, 4.GOULD, BRUCE H., B. S.; Pork Foils, Wisconsin; Semper Compores 3, 4, Secretory 3, Vice President 4; In-tcrnotionol Reloticns Club 3; Foofboll I; S. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Rifle Club I. GULLO, CARL, B. $.; Superior, Wisconsin. HAGLUND, ROBERT J., B. S.; Superior, Wisconsin; Lombdo Delta Chi 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. HANNAN, JOHN A., 8. S.; Superior, Wisconsin; Jr. Closs President; Fex I, 2, 3, 4; ROTC Officers Club 3, 4; Vice President 3; ROTC Rifle Teom 4; Boxing 1, 2,; S. Club 1, 2, 3, 4. HARD, GORDON E., B. S.; Superior, Wisconsin; Messiah Chorus I, 2, 3, 4; College Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Lambda Delta Chi 2, 3, 4, Trcosurcr 3. HARTMAN, MARGUERITE V., B. S.; Grontsburg, Wisconsin; College Concert Band 2, 3; Intermediate Group 3, President 3; Gammo Phi Epsilon 2, 3, 4, Trcosurcr 3, Sigma Gammo Chi 2, 3, 4; W. A. A. 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, Secretory 3, President 4; Owl ond Serpent 4. HENNESSY, JOHN A., B. S.; Superior, Wisconsin; loto Delto Chi I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Vcc President 3, President 4; Basketball 1, 2; Intromurols 3, 4; Homecoming Porodc Chairman 4. HERUBIN, LORETTA A., B. S.; Superior, Wisconsin; Gitche Gurnee Staff 3; Concert Ensemble 2, 3; Lambda Sigma Lambda I, 2, 3, 4, Scrgcnt ot Arms 2, President 4; fntcr-Club Council 4; Orchestra 1, 2. 3. 4. HOFF, EUGENE F., 8. S.; Superior, Wisconsin; Semper Comporcs 3; International Relations Club 3, 4. HOL28ERG, KENNETH P., B. S.; Superior, Wisconsin; Gitchc Gumcc Staff 3; Peptomist Staff 3; ROTC Officers Club, ROTC 3, 4; Basketball 1. ISAACSON, LOUISE I., Two year certificate; Siren, Wisconsin; Rural Sigma Rho 1 2; Sigma Gamma Chi 1, 2; W. A. A. 1, 2. JACQUES. BEVERLY MAE, B. S.; Superior, Wisconsin; Intermediate Group 1, 2, 3, 4; Tou Alpha Chi ), 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2 3; The Estoka I; Owl and Serpent 4. JANSEN, CONWAY D., 8. S.; Superior Wisconsin; Lambda Delta Chi I, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, Secretary 2, President 3; The Estaka 1, 2, 3; Boxing I; Social Committee I. JOHNSON, HARVEY G„ 8. S.; Superior, Wisconsin; Messioh Chorus 3, 4; Madrigal Singers 3, 4; College, Choir 3, 4; Lombda Delto Chi 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer I, Secretory 2; The Estaka 3,4, Vice President 3; Chem-Lob. Assistant 3, 4.KOSANKE, GEORGE A., 8. S.; Superior, Wisconsin. KRUTELL, JOSEPH R., B. A.; Superior, Wisconsin; Mes siah Chorus 3, 4; Lambda Dclto Chi I, 2, 3, 4 Choploin 2, Vice President 3. KOLB, ROBERT A., B. S.; St. Paul, Minnesota. KOLBE, WILLIAM D., B. S.; Superior, Wisconsin; Pep tomist Stoff I, 2, 3, 4, Art Editor 1, 2, 3, 4 Gitche Gurnee Staff Art Editor 4; Fex I, 2, 3, 4 ROTC Officers Club 3; Intromurols I, 2, 3, 4 Golf 2, 3. KR2NARICH, MILT J., B. S.; Ironwood, Michigan; Basketboll 2, 3, 4; Intromurols 2, 3, 4; S. Club 2, 3, 4. KYLLO, HESTER M„ B. S.; Suptrior, Wisconsin; Messiah Chorus 4; Kindergorien Primary 3, 4; Dclto Sigmo 1, 2, 3, 4, Treosurcr 4, ARSON, GLENN W., Two year Certificate; Dairylond, Wisconsin; Rurol Sigmo Rho I, 2. LEIGHTY RICHARD E„ B. S.; Superior, Wisconsin; Pep-tomist Stoff 2; Writer's Conference 4.MEISTER, DOROTHY L., Two ycor Certificate; Shell Lokc, Wisconsin; Rural Sigma Rho I, 2; Alpha Kappa 1, 2; Sigma Gommo Chi 1,2. MURRAY, RUTH K.. B. S.; Super.©r. Wisconsin; Tau Alpha Chi I, 2. NIELSEN, GLORIA M., Three year State Graded; Luck, Wisconsin; College Players 3; Alpha Psi Omega 3; Kindergarten Primory I, 2, 3, Social Chairmon 3; Tau Alpha Chi 1, 2, 3; Sigmo Gamma Chi 1, 2, 3; W. A. A. 1. OAKES, EUGENE R., 8. S.; Superior, Wisconsin; Inter-notional Relotions Club 2; Alpha Psi Omega 1, 2, 3, 4. LUNDMARK, PAUL E., B. S.; Cumberland, Wisconsin; Mcssioh Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Soloist 3, 4; Singers 3, 4, College Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Semper Compores 2, 3; The Estako I, 2, 3; Bosketball 1, 2. McKEE, DOROTHY M., Two Year Certificate; Donbury, Wisconsin; Messiah Chorus I, 2, Rural-Sigma Rho I, 2; Alpha Kappo 1, 2; Sigma Gamma Chi I, 2; Girl's Glee Club I. 2. McKENZIE, INA R., B. S.; Duluth, Minnesota; Messiah Chorus 2, 3, 4; College Concert Bend 2, 3, 4; Kindergarten Primory 3, 4; Lombdo S:gma Lambdo •. 2, 3, 4; Sigma Gommo Chi 4; Sociol Committee 3. McNULTY, BETTY, B. S.; Superior, Wisconsin; Delta Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4.O'BRIEN, MARJORIE A., B. S.; Superior, Wisconsin, Intermediate Group 3; Lambda Sigma Lambda I, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4; Social Committee 2. O'CONNELL. BERNADETTE P„ B. S.; Superior, W.scon-sin; Messioh Chorus I; Lambda Sigmo Lombdo 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4. OLSEN, CLARENCE E., B. S.; Superior, Wsconsin; Messiah Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; College Concert 8and 1, 2, 3, 4; College Choir 2, 3, 4; Fex 2, 3, 4; Inter-Club Council 4; ROTC Officers Club 3, 4, President 4; ROTC Drum ond Bugle Corps 4, Ext. Officer 4; Homecoming General Chairmen 4. OLSEN, ROSWELL E., B. S.; Superior, Wisconsin; Alpho Psi Omega I. 2, 3, 4; College Ployers I, 2; Fex I. 2. 3, 4, ROTC Officers Club 3, 4, ROTC 3, 4. OLSON, DORIS A., Three ycor Certificate; Ashlond, Wisconsin; Kindergorten Primary 2, 3; Tou Alpho Chi I, 2, 3; Sigma Comma Chi I, 2, 3; W. A. A. I, 2, 3, Secretary 3. OLSON, DOROTHY A., B. S.; Cumberland, Wisconsin; Messiah Chorus I, 2, 3, 4;Madrigol Singers 3, 4; College Concert Bond I, 2; College Choir 2, 3, 4, President 4; Kindergorten Primary 1, 2, 3, 4, Lomb-da Sigma Lombdo 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4; Sigma Gamma Chi I, 2, 3, 3, Secretary 2, President 3; ROTC Corps Sponsor 3. OLSON, EDWARD P., B. S.; Cameron, Wisconsin; Semper Compares 2, 3, 4, The Estoko 2, 3; International Relations Club 2; Intromurols I, 2, 3, 4. OLSON, RONALD H., B. S.; South Range, Wisconsin; The Estoko I, 2. PAHULA, FREDERICK L., Three yeor slate graded; Soudan, Minnesota; Messioh Chorus I, 3; Intermediate Group 1, 2, 3, President 2. PARISH, GLENN A., B. S.; Superior, Wisconsin; Messiah Chorus 4; College Choir 4. PEAVEY, HAROLD L., B. S.; Ladysmith, Wisconsin; Semper Comporcs I, 2, 3, 4. PETERSON, JOHN W., 8. S.; Washburn, Wisconsin; Semper Compares 3, 4; Boxing 2; Intromurols 1, 2, 3, 4; S. Club 2, 3, 4. PETERSON, JULIA D., 8. S.; Bessemer, Michigan; Sig-mo Gamma Chi 2, 3, 4; Tronsfer student from Gogebic Jr. College, Ironwood, Michigon. PIERCE, MAURICE A., B. S.; Superior, Wisconsin RAMPIER, RUTH H„ Two year Certificate; Bennett, Wisconsin; Rural Sigmo Rho I, 2, Vice President 1; Gommo Phi Epsilon I, 2, Vice President 2. RIPLINGER, DONALD W., B. S.; Spooner, W.jconiin; Semper Compares 2, 3, 4; Intromurols 2, 3, 4; Tennis 2, 3.SAMPSON, MARION S., B. $.; Exeland, Wisconsin; College Players 3; W. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Secretory 3. SCHULTZ, ROSANNE, B. S.; Superior, Wisconsin; Messiah Chorus I, 2, 3, 4; Intermediate Group 3, 4; W. A. A. 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 4. SOPER, SCOTT F., B. S.; Superior, Wisconsin; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 2, 3, 4. SHERVY, INGVALD W„ Two Year Certificate; Superior, Wisconsin; Messioh Chorus 2; Rural Sigma Rho 1, 2; International Relotions Club 1, 2, Secretary-Treasurer 2. SISLO, GRACE, B. S.; Superior, Wisconsin; W. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. SNELL, WILLIAM J„ B. S.; Superior, Wisconsin. STAURSETH. EDWARD J.. B. A.; Poplar, Wisconsin; Campus Christians I, 2, 3, 4, President 4; Intra-murols 3, 4. STREAM, GLEN E., B. A.; Superior, Wisconsin; The Estako 1, 2, 3, 4; Compus Christions 4.TIBBS, JOHN E., B. S.; Superior, Wisconsin; Peptomist Stoff 2; Alpho Psi Omego I, 2, 3, 4, President 3; College Ployors I, 2, 3, 4; Semper Compotes 1, 2, 3, 4, President 2, Secretory 4; Sociol Committee 2. 3; F. O. P. S. I. TORRO, HAROLD J., B. S.; Ironwood, Michigan; Peptomist Stoff 3; Intromurols I. STROMKO. STEPHEN E.. B. A.; Superior, Wisconsin; Peptomist Stoff 3, Semper Compares I, 2, 3, 4. TEMPEUS. CONSTANTINE H., B. S.; Superior, W.scon-sn; The Estoka 2; Football 1; Intramurals 1, 2, 3. THAEMERT, AUDREY J„ B. S.; Superior Wisconsin; Messioh Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Messiah Soloist 3, 4; Modrigol Singers 3, 4; College Choir I, 2, 3, 4; Delta Sigmo I, 2, 3 4; The Estoko 1, 2, 3, President I, 2; Double Trio 3, 4. THEIDE, JOHN C., 8. S.; Gordon, Wisconsin; International Relations Club 4; Intromurols I, 2, 3, 4. TURNER, LOIS J., 8. S.; Superior, Wisconsin; Kindergarten Primary I, 2, 3. 4; Delta Sigmo 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretory 4, Social Committee 2. VOGELS, YVONNE M.. Three year Certificate; Good-mon, Wisconsin; Messioh Chorus 2, 3; Kindergarten Primary 1, 2, 3, Tou Alpho Chi I, 2, 3. Treasurer 3; Sigmo Gomma Chi 2, 3; W. A. A. I, 2, President 2.WELCH, ELIZABETH J., B. A.; Superior, Wisconsin; The Estoko I. WESTERBACK, LLOYD, B. S.; Superior, Wisconsin; In-rromurols I, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAMS, MARY S., Two ycor Certificote; Gordon, Wisconsin; Mossioh Chorus 1, 2; Rurol Sigma Rho I, 2; Tou Alpho Chi 1, 2; Sigma Gommo Chi 1, 2; W. A. A. 1, 2; Cheerlcoder 1. MYRMAN, MAXINE F., B. S.; Chctek, Wisconsin; Mes-sioh Chorus I, 2, 3; Kindergarten Primary I, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Comma Chi I, 2, 3, 4, Treosurer 3; W. A. A. 1. WATSON. KENNETH N., B. S.; Tripoli, Wisconsin; Sem-per Compotes 3, 4, Treasurer 4; International Relations Club 3, 4; Transfer student from Central State Teochcrs College, Stevens Point, Wisconsin. JONES, WARREN G., B. $.; Poplor, Wisconsin; Messiah Chorus 2; College Choir 2; lota Delta Chi 4, Intromurals I, 2; Glee Club I, VUCHETICH, JOHN R„ B. S.; Park Foils, Wisconsin; Semper Compares 4. , GALGAN, LEROY M., B. S.; St. Paul, Minnesota; Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2; S. Club I. 2, 3, 4, Semper Compares I, 2, 3, 4.SENIORS NOT PICTURED ARMSTRONG. JAMES R„ B. S., Lodysmith, Wis. BARRON, GEORGE F., B. S.. Superior, Wis. BEGUNGER, HERBERT L., B. S., Superior, W.s. BERRYHILL, WILFRED G., B. S.. Superior, Wis. BILLERBECK, RODNEY, B. S.. Superior W.s. BONACEI, MICHAEL A., B. S.. Hurley, Wis. BUGNI, CLARENCE J., B. S., Hurley, Wis. CHAPMAN, RICHARD D.. B. S. Superior, Wis. CRAIG, DELBERT, B. S., Superior, Wu. MCDONALD, JOHN E.. B. S„ South Ronge. W.s. MCDONELL, MIRIAM, B. S„ Montreal, Wis. MCFARLIN, JOSEPH. 8. S., Superior ,Wis. MERCIER, ROBERT P„ B. S.. Superior. W.s . MILAKNA, JOHN P., 6. S., Ircnwood, Mich. MOSELLE, DOM, B. $., Gilc, Wis. NEWMAN. LLOYD E.. B. S.. Superior. Wis. O'KASH, ALEX, B. $., Superior, W.s. OLSON. GAIL M., B. S.. Super.or, Wis. DALEY, NORBERT, 8. A., Superior. W.s. DIVLIO, HUGH J., B. S., Superior, Wis. DRAVECKY, MIKE J., B. S.. Ironwood, Mich. ECKHOLM. MARIAN, B. S., Superior, Wis. ELLINGSON, EMORY 0., 8. S.,, Wis. HANSEN. WILLIAM J„ B. S. .Superior, Wis. HEBERT, LEONARD J„ 8. S., Boyfield, Wis. HENNESSY, MAURICE F„ B. S.. Superior, W.s. HOLMES. MAYNARD E., 8. S., Foxboro, Wis. JAKSHA, JOSEPH G., B. A., Superior, W.s. JARVI, NORMAN T., 8. S., Superior, Wis. JONES, CHESTER, B. $., Superior. Wis. KREMER, DONALD G.. B S.. Minong, W.s. KU8ALA, EDWARD J., B. S., Superior, W.s. KUBALA, JOSEPH F.. B. S., Superior, Wis. LENIHAN, DANIEL, B S., Superior, Wis. LENT, RICHARD E., B. $., Superior, W.s. LONGTINE, ROBERT P.. 8. S.. Super , Wis. LUDVIGSON. KENNETH, 8. S., Superior, W.s . MCCARTHY. JAMES E.. B. S., Superior, Wis. MCDONALD, ALLEN J., B. S., Ashland, Wis. PETERS, WILLIAM, B. S., Phillips, Wis. PITTSLEY, JAY, 8. S„ Brule. W.s. RANTALA, RICHARD M„ B. S., Superior. Wis. ROCK, JOHN A.. B. S., Superior, Wis. SALEN, BERNICE K.. B. S.. Superior. W.s. SANDERS, LOIS, B. S., Superior, W.s. SELL. RICHARD, B. S., Superior, Wis. SKOWLAND, GORDON E., B. S.. Superior, Wis. SLOAN. WILLIAM C., B. S., Superior. W.s. SORENSON, JAMES. B. S., Superior. Wis. STRAUMAN, KENNETH, B. S.. Superior, W.s. SUTHERLAND, GEORGE, B. S., Superior. Wisconsin. THOMAS, THEODORE, B. S., Hurley, Wis. TITUS, WILLIAM P., 8. S.. M.nocquo, Wis. VERICH. DOROTHY, B. S., Hurley, Wis. VITZ, WILLIS R., 8. S., Superior, Wis. VOTH, DEAN M„ 8. S.. Superior, Wis. WILES. ALLEN, 8. $., Superior, Wis. ZELL. WILLIAM. B. S., Hurley. Wis. ZUKAITIS. DANIEL B„ B. S., Superior. W.s.Dick Risborg Arthur Lorson, Donold Peterson Sotfifeontitiy @ 4t- Juniors DICK RISBERG ........... -..........-....... President ARTHUR LARSON ........................... Vice-President DONALD PETERSON —............... -.... Socrctory-Treosurer First Row—Celia Fitzgerald, W.lmo MeTrusty, Beverly Smith, Joyce Rasmussen. Second Row—Roy Freeborn, Jeonne Stouflcr, Betty Lange, Dorothy Gunnerson Willard Wusbotka, Toby Third Row—James Morgan, Fortunato Dal Pro, John Reed, Peter Mortens, Bill Anderson, Anton Novak, Rodney )e'' Fourth Row Harold Kerttula, Paul Hilton, Arthur Olson, Jomes Lucas, Leroy Anderson, Robert Ritchid, James )illon, Ted Freymillcr, Fred Martin.First Row—Donrvo Lundmork, June Olson, Moryvern Bertolone, Joyce Christionson, Dorothy Honsen, Kothlecn O'Connell, Jeon Isabella, Joan Greene, Ann Cismoski, Evelyn Jonscn. Second Row—Kermit Thomos, Catherine Toncig, Nancy Conncss, Glorio Gabriel, Carolyn Hortmon, Ruth Sell, Elinor Phillips, Charlotte Krontz, Janet Sell, Frederick Pohulo. Third Row—LeVcrne Lourvick, Florence Roush, Vera Jone Rhcnstrand, Dcsso Foote, Esther Soper, Mary Woltcrs, June Stewart, Adeline Gobrys, Alice Hassard, Noncy Hunter, Eleanor Tcmpelis, Arthur Larson. Fourth Row;—Kenneth Stroumon, Dick Risberg, Howard Ness, Robert Hullingor, Williom Simcich, David Rimo, David Ottensmeycr, Stcn Vcrich, Edward Kozial, Myron Nclssn, Edwin Sproguc, John Swenson, Don Simenson, Robert L. Block. JUNIORS NOT PICTURED ANDERSON. HAROLD BELINGER, KENNETH BELING, RAY BIGGS, ROBERT BRENZEL, WILLIAM BROWN, ROBERT BRUCKBAUER, PHILLIP CHRISTIANSON, WALLACE COLE, LINUS CONWAY, DONNA LOU CRAFT. JAMES CRONSTROM, ELAINE DOUGHERTY, THOMAS DORFMAN, ROBERT EASTLUND, JAMES ECKHOLM, HELEN FRASER, PHILLIP G'RARD, ROBERTA GLONCHAK, ANDREW GLONCHAK, JOHN GOETZL. DONALD GORMLEY, MARK GRANDELIS, JOHN GRAY, CYRIL GREENE. ROBERTA GUENTHER. ROBERT HAGMAN, DOROTHY HANSON, GAGE HANSON, ROBERT HEIMSTEAD, JANET HEIMSTEAD, JANICE HETFELD. ROLAND HICKSON, JAMES HILL. JAMES HOLTEN. AUDREY HOSKINS. THOMAS HEUBSCHER. PEARL HURD. DWAYNE JOHNSON, HAROLD JONES, PHILLIP JOSTAD, TORGER KALLIO, HOWARD KENNEDY, WILLIAM KLANG, MARILYN KUSCHEL. MARY LANGE, DARRYL LARSON, ROBERT LONG. MARILYN LUELL, SAMUEL LUNDMARK, EARL LUPPINO, NATHAN McCartney, edward McCarty, john McDonough, george McHUGHS, JEWELS MANNQUIST, MARY MORAVEK, KARL MORGAN. CHARLES MUNNINGS, ROBERT MURPHY, MARGARET NELSON, GAIL NEVIN, FAITH NOVAK, JOHN OLSON, RAYMOND OLSEN, STANLEY OMERNIK, ARLENE OSTRAZESKI, STANLEY OUIMETTE, JEAN PAPPELIS, ARISTOTLE PAVLOVICH, MIKE PEASE, VICTOR PERRERO, JOHN PETERMAN, LEONARD PETERSON. GEORGE PINK, BENJAMIN PINKOSKI, JAMES POZEGA. FRANK PRITCHARD, JOSEPH RUCKDASHEL, ROBERT RYAN, THOMAS RZEPECKI, ERNEST SAMPLAWSKI, VIRGINIA SANDSTROM, RUSSELL SCHIAVIRRI, 8ENJAMIN SEPINA, DORES SHARON, WILFRED SITEK, THOMAS SOPER, ORWELL SVEE, KEITH SWILER, RICHARD SYRING, DORIS TAYLOR, JAMES THOMPSON, LOUIS THOMPSON, RODERIC TINTOR, VLADIMIR TUKALEK, LILLIAN WARNER, ARTHUR WEST, WALTER WESTLUND, KENNETH WILLIAMS, WILLIAM WILSON. DONALD WINEK, JOSEPH WINEK, LOUIS WENK, RICHARD SISTER M. GABRIEL2it Sophomores HARRY WILSON___________________________________ President RONALD NELSON ___________________________ Vice-President VIRGINIA MATTSON ..................... Secrctary-Treosurcr Ronold Nelson, Virginia Mottson, Harry Wilson First Row—Ellynn Kicldscn, Carmel Hortlund. Eileen Pctermon, Elaine Sable, 8orbora Bong, Pol Butters Second Row—Donald Vogt, Woync Smith, Barbara Dc Bruyne, Lois Palumbo, Janet Gundhus, Elizabeth Templeton, Dionc Donotcll, Rito Menochcr, Joonnc Von Buskirk, Marilyn Hanson. Third Row—.Donold Schmidt, Mike Corey, Marjorie Pederson, Jeon Shcndon, Vero Keith, Donna Ottensmeycr, Rosemary Herubm, 8arbora Swansea, Harry Wilson, Anthony Templeton, Vern Peterson, Robert Brock. Fourth Row-—Dove Arntson, Donold Sodcrbcrg, Jomcs Lester, Donald Jorgensen, Cletus Campbell, James Busch, W.lliom Walters, Glenn Torgerson, Ronold Nelson, Aldean Arganbright, Lawrence O'Connell, Ardoth Kennedy.First Row—Jonct Beine, Billie Backus, Geraldine Soladis, Betty Lou Bairrto, Helen Peovey, Kothlccn Bcrtolonc, Ruth Lundberg, Kathryn Rouncc, Loris Boiko, Sue Williams, JeonAnn Endrizzi. Second Row—Borbaro McTrusty, Shirley Moberg, Ruth Johnson, Ruth Rompier, Anna Mortin, Muriel Peterson, Rosemorie Motye, Alice Brooks, Mary Beth Schlendcr, Violet Ebli, June Wcstcrback, Bill Cottoi. Third Row—Fritz Bost, Don Schomisch, Dorothy McKee, Potricio Corning, Delores Conery, Carol Jean Anderson, Shirley Zwokmon, Ruth Ann Klouck, Delores Arnes, Morlcn Peterson, Joonnc Solic, Ralph Turk, Ingvold Shervy, Keith LoGossc. Fourth Row—Judd Fortune, Elden Olsen, Robert Goth, Dave Hubin, Harvey Heiberg, Glenn Londin, Charles Hogen, Vernon Jensen, Elon Cose, Orvold Haugsby, Jock Wallenstein, Robert Hokonson, George Kroetch, Fronk Pollock, Roger Brugge meyer. SOPHOMORES NOT PICTURED AKERS, PAUL ANDERSON, HARVEY ANDERSON, IVER ANDERSON, VERNON ANECKI, LEO BEAR, HYMAN 8IDDLE, GALEN BLOOMQUIST, ROBERT BLOOM, JOHN BOGUMILL, GEORGE BRECKA, JARMILA BRENNAN. DELORES BRUNSWICK, LEORA 8YHRE, HENRY CAMPBELL, FRANK CATTOI, WILLIAM CHAMBERLIN. RONALD CHRISTOPHERSON, FRANK CLARK, HENRY CONRAD. ROBERT DAHLBERG, VERNER DEMYAN. FRANK DOYLE, RICHARD DRAYNA, ROGER ECKHOLM, BARBARA EKHOLM, JANICE ELLISON, HENRY ENGSTROM. CHARLES ERICKSON. ALPHIN ESSEN. MARJORY FAY. GORDON FIEGE. LEONARD FULLER, WILLIAM FUNNE, THOMAS GARDNER, THAD GEE. GORDON GEISERT, ROLAND GOOD. LEO GORDON. LAWRENCE GRANT, JAMES GRIMSRUD. WILLIAM GUSTAFSON, ROBERT HANNEMANN, GEORGE HARD. WALTER HELWIG, WILLIAM HENNESSY. MICHAEL HICKS. KENNETH HIGGINS, EDWARD HILL, VERNE HOLST, LOUIS HUBID, DAVID JACKSON. RICHARD JACOUE, DUANE JENSEN. NORMAN JOHNSON, ARTHUR JOHNSON, DONALD JOHNSON, GORDON JONES, ROBERT KAMPSULA, MARVIN KASTNER, RICHARD KILDAHL, HELMER KORHONEN. DONALD LALLY. PAT LARSON, WINNIFRED LESKELA, CLIFFORD LINDHOLM, WILBUR LONGTINE, JOHN McDonald, jean , McLEOD, DAVID MALAISE. GORDON MATACZYNSKI, ROBERT MAY. JOSEPH MEIER, DONALD MILLAVITZ, SEYMOUR MILLER, MILES MORGAN, ARTHUR MUNNINGS. BERNICE MUNNINGS, JOHN NEAL. CHARLES NELSON. JAMES NESS, RICHARD NESTEL, ROBERT NEWMAN, LLOYD NEWSOME. WILLIAM NICHOLS. RUTH NORDIN, GLENN NORDNESS. ROBERT NOVAK. CLYDE O BRIEN, GENE O'DELL, FRED OMERNIK, ANTHONY OUIMETTE. WILLIAM PAULSEN. RAYMOND PEDERSON, ALLAN PERHAI, KENNETH PETERSON. FREDERICK PETRON, SEVERIN PHELPS, WILLIAM PIERRARD, KENNETH PLUMMER, GENE PRICE, ALLAN RAINALDO. JIM RAWN. RALCIE RAYMOND. PIERRE RINDO, STEPHEN RISHEL, RAYMOND ROBARGE, JOHN ROBERTS, CORLETT ROBINSON, JACK RUTHERFORD. BRUCE RUTZKY, SAMUEL SALANI, ROBERT SAMPLE, RICHARD SANGER, ROBERT SASNER, ROBERT SEAQUIST, EDWARD SEELOW, JUNE SHANE, DONALD SHEARS, CLEMENTINA SHUBAT, MATTHEW SILVERMALE, R08ERT SMITH, DONALD SORENSEN, JAMES STANSKY, CHARLES SUSENS, BERNARD SUSENS, DONALD SWANBERG, DUANE SWANSON, HAROLD TIFFANY, WILLIAM VEIHELL, DONALD VELTEN, GEORGE VER BUNKER, EARL VINCE, R08ERT WHITACRE. THOMAS WHITTIER, EDWARD WILSON. HAROLD WINTERS. DANIEL SISTER M. ALBERTATtacteMtucUeA Maxwell Witzig, Bonnie Anderson, Lyoll Hollond, Donald Polglosc Freshmen LYALL HOLLAND .......—----------------- President MAXWELL WITZIG----------------------------Vice Pres. BONNIE ANDERSON ........................ Secretory DONALD POLGLASE -------------------------- Treasurer Front Row—Donn Swanson. Pete Matyka. Paul Flllion. John Gldley. William Murphy. Norman Grande. Second Row—George Abraham. Robert Ward. Ray Nlcoskl. Richard Dahlgren. Denjaminc Cujak. James Bronson. George Colander. Martin Jackson. „ . „ Third Row—Jim Skinner. Lowell Olson. Dick Duthey. James Stafford. Don Larxon. Richard Flaherty. Douglas Lownex. James Cox. CRoJ.lj_xoln Aschbachcr. Allan Zar. Richard Gillis. Albert Pctlock. William Robinson. Ray Philpott. Eugene Nelson. Marvin Christenson. Lloyd Krob. Ed Cotsky. Bernard Bennett.First Row-Vcrda Riegel, Donamac Reynold . Irma Richart. Shirley HnvJcland. Mary Ekslrom. Lolv Holm. Claudette Pastorcl. Louesc Marhelne. Second Row- Ardis Larson. Carol Lett . Bonnie Anderson. Phyllis Culhanc. Ruth Ogren. Gladys Carlson. Jean McKenzie. Joyce Larson. Nancy Pope. Beulah Chcevcr. Third Row -Alice Chclms. Dorothy Baustrnn. Arlene Brooks. Betty Smith. Barbara Bratanovich. Maxine Nelson. Patsy Nelson. Sonjn Hanson. Mrs. R. V. Harrington. Delores Sorenson. Lorraine Maceoslk. Fourth Rotv—Laurlcc Hendrickson. Lucille Cooke. John Tourvillc. Thorstcin Haug. Robert Bergman Jay Delano. Robert Anderson. Dennie Subcr. George Koehler. Robert Willard. First Row—Verna Crltchtield. Joanne Kopjcz. Joanne Pearson. Nancy Steen. Gwcncth Lester. Charlotte Kilbourn. Second Row—Richard Lidbcrg. Donald McLcllon. Paul Miclkc. Bruce Carlson. Ted Olandcr. Bob Gelmer. Wllho Helkklnen. Ma,v Third1 Row—Vern Llndstrom. Seegar Swanson. Paul Hauglund. Ralph Holmes. Dale Ingvaldson. Dick Germond. Ken Leland. George Benlick. Timothy Tierney. Dale O’Brien. Fourth Row—Joe Saraxin. Richard Ohvall. Earl Rocks tad. Harold Larr.on. Bill Mallne. James Hawley. Frank McGinnis. Charles Herubin. Jack Larson. Lyle Olson. Donald Wartgcn. Allan Loyva.First Row—Jacqueline Po'lock. Florence Mann. Marilyn Pcllerln. Betty Menzieo. Winifred Ward. Joyce Lcnlhan. Barbara Clements. Willamette Mallne. Phyllis Lcmiesz. Alma Brcnsdal. Be nice Anderson. Mary Helium. Second Row Bruno Pelc. Gordon Moscntine. Doyle Rein. Dick Mortenson. Donald Dunn. John Euan. Jack Bernt. Jim Carter. Robert Richter. Leonard Panina. Third Row—Thomas Shaw. Wally Skerbeck. Edward Balder. Richard Roc. Arthur Johnson. Wayne Coleman. Eldon Balko. Richard Warder. Roger Campbell. Ralph Serr Elmer Bonkosky. Mi:hael Grittner. Top Row—Ivan Millhollin. Kenneth Nelson. Murlyn Stalvig. George Johnson. Harris Mahan. Kenneth Fosgntc. Gregor Ksndulsch. Lawrence Hagen. LeRoy Olson. Duane Matyc. John jsomula. Robert Dickinson. ■ First Row Janice DeM »r». Ruth Rondeau. Nancy Slariha. Janice Wascen. Delores Wold. Kathryn Macktc. Eleanor Warn. JoAnna Scott. Harriet Larson. Margie Prohaska. Second Row—Gloria Strcmski. Mary Ann Peacock. Dolores Chicras. Mary Morgan. Eileen Hennessy. Jeanne Christiansen. Laura Mac Wickland. Mildred Swanson. Myra Handlovsky. Barbara Durst. Gladys Groven. June Hillestad Third Row—Nancy Foster. Jean Foley. Joan Mazanec. Marjorie Templeton. Rosalie Templeton. Patricia Van Horn. Beverly Sandstrom. Beryl Froehnow. Joan Wallenstein. Kay McDonnell. Joan Braun Fourth Row—Jean Thoorxcll. Robert Lundstrom. Charles Conselman. Leland Krcmer. John Clanton. Edward Smet. Robert Aronson. Keith Hansen. Jack Kyllo, Frank Washatka. Kenneth Johnson. sFRESHMEN NOT PICTURED ADDIS, CLIFFORD ALBERG, ROBERT ANDERSON, DONALD ANDERSON. LEROY ANDREWS, THOMAS ARNDT, KENNETH BEGLINGER. HERBERT BENGS. AUGUST BORGE, CAROL BROWN, WAYNE CHRISTIANSEN. EUGENE CLEMENTSON, DEBORAH COX, RONALD DAHL, FREDERICK DANIELSON, RONALD ELKERTON, DONALD EMANUELSON, VERNON FISHER, WALTER FLEMMEN, HARRY FORSLUND, LEROY FORTE, JOSEPH GABRYS. RUDOLPH GAFFNEY, CAROL GIRARD, JOHN GOTSKY. EDWARD GREENE, ROBERT GUSTAFSON, ALLAN GUSTAFSON, JOSEPH GVORA, MARY HAMILTON, ROBERT HANSON, BERNARD HANSEN, WILLIAM HAUG, THORSTEIN HAYES, DONNA HILL, ALLAN HOGANSON, ROBERT HOLLAND, LYLE HEUBACHER, RUTH ISAKSSON. LEROY ISRAEL, DONNA JACOBSON, ROBERT JACOBSON, ROBERT ELDON JEDLICKA, ETHEL JOHNSON. JAMES JORDAN, WILLIAM JORGENSON, DONNA JORGENSON. PAUL JOYCE, RICHARD JOYCE, TERRENCE KANNER, SEYMOUR KARRIS. ARLENE KARLSON, JOHN KINNEAR, ROBERT KINNEY. JOAN LALLY, TONY LEE, LOIS LEE, WILLIAM LEGGATE, DONALD LETTS. CAROL MACDONALD, ROBERT MCDOUGALL, WILLIAM MCNEE. FLORENCE MARKKESON. CLYDE MARTRELLA, PATRICIA MATTSON, HUBERT MAYNARD. MARY MORAVEK. JEANETTE MORRISSETTE. EDWARD MOUNTJOY. PAUL NELSON, HARRY NORD, LAWRENCE OHMAN, CURTIS OLANDER, THEODORE OLSON, DORIS O'SHAUGHNESSY. LARRY OSWALD, MRS. STELLA PALMER, MARIAN PELTO, LUCILLE PETERS. WALTER PETERSON, ROMAN POLGLASE, DONALD RAYKOVICH. JOSEPH REYNOLDS. LYLE RICHART, ROBERT RIEGEL, VERDA RIPLEY, ROBERT ROBERTS, LEONARD ROEMER, GERALDINE RONCHAK, RICHARD ROSS, RODNEY RUSSOM, NEIL SAED, WILLIAM SAHLSTEEN, WILLIAM SALVESON, DONALD SAVERA. ROMON SKAMSER, GORDON SPAFFORD, HELEN SPARBY, BERNARD STEUBER, DOUGLAS SYBELDON, SALLY TUCKER, JOHN UTYRO, PATRICK VAN BUSKIRK, JAMES VINCENT, JOYCE VODA, VICTORIA WALKER. FREDERICK WALLACE, RICHARD WALLENSTEIN, JOAN WARBURTON, EVELYN WEEKS, ROGER WELTY, ROBERT WERGELAND, MARVIN WIEDERHOLT, DALE YOUNG. JOHN ZIMMERMAN, GERALD'Pwetuctitei Bill Kolbc, Shirley Zwokmon Editorial Staff Cditcr n-chicf --------------------- Shirley Zwokmon Art Editor----------------------------------Bill Kolbe Assistant Art Editor) — Cothenne Toncig, Sonjo Honson, Cloudcttc Postoret Staff Photogrophers----------LeVerne Lourvick, Robert Lundstrom Sports Editors---------------Richard Leal, Pool Hilten Women's Sports___________________________Mildred S won ion Club Editors —_____________Ruth Ogren, Nancy Conness Closs Editor___________________________William Anderson Assistont Closs Editors — Douglos Steuber, Bob Mercicr Feature Editors___________Moxinc Nelson, Janice DeMars Copy Editor________ —... .......... Jacqueline Bergren Faculty Adviser------------------------ Russell Bert Business Staff Dusiness Manager ------------------ Betty Mae Longc Advertising Manager ................... Helen Gibbs Assistant Advertising Manager .......... Cyril Groy Circulation Monogcr Kenneth Hol berg Betty Longc. Cyril GroyJohn Clonton, Poul Hilton ‘Pefototniat 'P'umUcc cm, Reporteri—-First row—lister M. Gobriel, Rito Mcnocher, Audrey Hcltcn, Phyllis Ballou, Morion Sompson. Top Row Toby Marcovich, Richard Jackson, Edwin Sprague, Roger Bruggemeycr, Verne Hill, Robert Erlonson, John Robcirgc oivl Glenn Lonrlin,First Semester Staff EDITORIAL STAFF .. Bill Kolbe Richard Lidberg, Wesley Swansea. Mildred Swanson, Sonja Hanson, BUSINESS STAFF Business Manoger ------------------- Dovid McLeod Advertising Manager .............. Helen Gibbs Sports Writers________Harvey Heiberg, Bob Lundstrom Cletus Campbell, and Business Manoger, Dov.d McLeod Feature Writers ..... Marion Sampson, Janet Gundhus, Geraldine Solodis, Mouricc Sparby, ond Shirley Zwokmon Second Semester Staff EDITORIAL STAFF Editor .... Paul Hilton Assistant Editor________________ David Ottcnsmoycr Desk Assistants__________ Dick Lent, Carolyn Hartman, Paul Akers, John Budxynski Sports Editor------------------------- John Clanton Sports Writers________Bob Lundstrom, Cletus Campbell, Harvey Heiberg, Dick Lent Art Editor________________________________ Bill Kolbc Society Editor _________________ Donna Ottensmeyer Photographer ___________________ LoVerrve Lourvick Feature Writers_____ Shirley Zwokmon, Janet Gundhus, Elaine Sable, Gcroldinc Saladis, Marion Sampson, Maurice Sporby Reporters___________Phyllis Ballou, Roger Bruggemeyer, Robert Erlonscn, Sister M. Gabriel, Verne Hill, Audrey Holten, Richard Jackson, Glenn Londin, Toby Marcovich, Rita Menocher, Moxinc Myrmon, John Roborge, Marion Sampson, Edwin Sproguc BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager David McLeodSuperior State College Choir Under the direction of Prof. Donald Foltz, our College Choir dropped the curtains on another successful year of school and community performances. In addition to several fall appearances the Choir once more took part in the annual Christmas presentation of Handel’s Messiah, both in Superior and in Barron. This year the Choir was honored by an invitation to sing with the Duluth Symphony Orchestra in the presentation of Verdi’s Rcquim on April 2S. The Choir appeared in a concert presented by the Community Concert scries on April 18, and an annual spring concert on May 26. First Row—Marilyn Hanson. Carol Borge. Loris Dalko. Barbara Dc Bruync. Janet Gundhuc. Gloria Gabriel. Jean Isabella. Audrev Thaemert. Janice DeMars. Second Row—Janet Sell. Janice Hclmstad. Kathleen O'Connell. Nancy Steen. Ruth McKenzie. Dorothy Crandall. Dorothy Olson. Vera Keith. Laura Fuller. Jarmlla Brccka. Third Row—Wilma McTrusty. Delores Connery. Robert Dorfman. Dick Swiler. Dick Rlsbcrg. Howard Ness. Tom Aschbachcr. Lloyd Jostnd. Klwood Balko. Barbara McTrusty. Shirley Zwakman. Shirley Moberg. Kathryn Rouncc. Fourth Row—Charles St.inskcy. Art Larson. Henry Aronson. Tom Shaw. William Moline. Rodney Thompson. Mr. Foltz. David Ottenvmcyer. Charles Morgan. John Robargc. Paul Lundmark. Gordon Hard. Wayne Smith. Eldon Olsen.Madrigal Singers The Madrigal singers who made such a hie in their debut hist year, were reorganized again this year under Prof. Donald Foltz and made numerous public appearances in Superior and surrounding communities. It was the custom during the Elizabethan era in England for groups to get together and spend the evening singing songs. The Madrigal group is an attempt to recapture some of the spirit and fun of that era and to present to audiences some of the songs so popular at that time. This group is more than a Madrigal group, for it also sings numbers not associated with that organization. With the ten group harmony, Prof. Foltz had available a men’s quartet and a women's double trio. The Madrigal tour this year took place in May. It included performances in various high schools in surrounding towns and evening performances for the general public. Howard Ncm. !Uo ard Swllcr. Audrey Thacmert. Marilyn Hanson. Laura Fuller. Janice De-Mans. Kathryn Rouncc. Shirley Zwakinan. Dorothy Olson. Paul l.undmnrk. Kldon Olsen. ANNUAL PRESENTATION OF HANDEL’S MESSIAH by the COLLEGE CHORAL SOCIETY and ORCHESTRA LUCILLE HAMMILL WEBB, Orgonist WILLIAM SCHLIEP, Conductor DONALD FOLTZ, Chorol Director PERFORMANCE AT SUPERIOR, DEC. 4, 1949 PERFORMANCE AT BARRON, DEC. 5, 1919 GUEST SOLOISTS GUEST SOLOISTS James McCofferty STUDENT SOLOISTS STUDENT SOLOISTS Goil Olsen Contralto BaritoneFront Row—G. V. Haack. director. John Br«dsh«w. Myra H»ndlov ky. Shirley Moberg. Richard Swlier. Billie Backu . Second Row—Phillip Eaton. Arlene Karls. Audrey Holten. Ted Olandcr. Robert Gustafson. Third Row—Kenneth Perhal. Carol Borge. Cathy Jacobs. Lee Fonger. Donald Jorgenson Fourth Row—Frank Washatka. Gloria Wilson. Keith LcGasse. Stan Olsen. Charles Marcoe. Fifth Row—Robert Sergcnt. Charles Conselman. Kathryn Rounce. Robert Munnlngs. Sixth Row—June Stewart. John Kyllo. James Skinner. Jeanne Stouffer. Jack Allen. Seventh Row—Allen Gustafson. Marvin Christianson. James Dillon. Marvin Wergeland. Arthur Larson. Not in Plcture -Jame Armstrong. Marilyn Hanson. Charlotte Kilboum. Eldon Olsen. Corlctt Roberts. Beverly Sandslroni, Louise Warburton. Superior State College ROTC Band The band, following a heavy program of athletic performances, including marching band, went on the road for a scries of seven concerts at Northern Wisconsin high schools. A final concert to conclude a performance packed season was presented at the college on Wednesday, May 17. Band membership, in addition to music students and general college-students, was offered for the first time this year to qualified ROTC members. The cadets were granted military credit for their work. This practice will continue in the future.Mr. Keller. Loretta Hcrubln. Marjorie Templeton. Janice Ekholm. Jane Wahlstrom. Alan Zar. Janet Williams joan„, Not shown. Mrs. Edith Swartley. nne So,lc String Ensemble String instruments in the mind of the great composers, and in writing their works have always held their major attention. From the early days of the "Lute" to the present day the only major addition to the string instrument has been the bow. Through the use of the how the artist has been able to express his innermost feelings, when drawing it across the strings, and it is with this bow the string instrument has moved nations and jx-ople to great heights. Superior State College String Ensemble forms the basis of the College Orchestra. The interest of playing a string instrument at the College has been on a steady increase and this manifested interest indicates that in a few years the string department will be one of the major sections of the music department of the college.£lr»t Row—j nc MannquUt. Joan Greene. Catherine Tanclc. aeeonc Row—Gloria Strcm.nkl. Gloria Nielson. Eileen Peterman. Maryvem Uertotone Third Row—R. E. Olson. Violet Ebll. Rosemary Hcrubln. Shirley Zwakman. Nathan Luppino. rourth Row—James Eastlund. David Ottensmeyer. Paul Hilton. Charles Morgan. Jaek Tibbs. John Budzynski. Alpha Psi Omega The Alpha Psi Omega, under die direction of Miss Kathryn Oilman, once more won wide acclaim for its dramatic achievements. The Alpha Psi Omega is a national honorary dramatic fraternity for the purpose of providing an honor society for those students doing a high standard of work in dramatics. The fraternity is not intended to take the place of the regular dramatic club or other producing groups, but as students qualify, they are rewarded by election to membership in this society . Membership in the Alpha Psi Omega, Alpha Lambda cast at SSC, may be earned by any regularly enrolled student at the college who is in good scholastic standing, in one or a combination of the following ways. He may take a major role in one full length play, or in two one act plays staged by this institution; he may write a play or do sufficient work back stage; he may act as business manager or work on any committee of production in such a manner that in the estimate of the director he has fulfilled the requirements demanded of anyone carrying a major role in a long play. Special honor awards are given each year to the persons who have contributed most talent and unselfish effort to the dramatic productions on which they have worked. These awards are gold keys or pins of the Alpha Psi Omega fraternity.THE COLLEGE PLAYERS present IRtc U 18th CENTURY COMEDY OF MANNERS by RICHARD BRINSLEY SHERIDAN “DinectceC Sy Miss Kathryn Ohman THE CAST Thomas Capt. Jock Absolute ... Faulklcnd —.......... Bob Acres ........... Sir Anthony Absolute Lydia Languish ..... Lucy---------------- Julio Melville Mrs. Molaprop ...... Sir Lucius O'Triggcr David................ Chambermaid .... Sccgar Swonson ....—... Charles Morgan .... David Oftensmeyer ..... John Budzynski -..._ Joseph MeFarlin .... Richard Chapman Moryvern Bcrtclone ...... Eileen Peterman ____ Catherine Toncig ------ Rochelle Miller ....... John Tibbs .......— Gordon Fay ....... Gloria NielsenTHE COLLEGE PLAYERS present la cvututn tyiove AN IMMORAL COMEDY IN THREE ACTS by J. li. PRIESTLY "Diiedcd "S f. Miss Kathryn Ohman THE CAST Elsie Rodfern .....................- Ja"'CC OcMars Mrs. (Lucy) Boxlcy ................ Rosemary Hcrubin Bernard Boxlcy .....-........-..... Roger Bergstrom George Rodfern.....................-..... Paul Akers Harold Russ ........—..............Richord Germond Joe Flettcn..............—............. P «l Hi,,on Mrs. (Dorothy) Radfern ..... -.....- Shirley Zwokman Inspector Stock ...................- Rudolph Gabrys Sargent Morris .....-..............Robert Matthews Owl and Serpent Club Founded in 1926 by a committee of four teachers, the Owl and Sepent is the original honorary scholastic fraternity at SSC. The organization was formed by Miss Geary, Miss Waite, Mr. Dolender, and Mr. McCarthy, for the purpose of advancing scholastic achievement. To be eligible for membership in the fraternity, a student must have completed 90 semester hours credit. This year seven men and five women were elected to the Owl and Serpent society representing the 12 highest ranking students in the senior class, according to the credits committee. HENRY BRUCE CYR BEVERLY MAY JACQUES MIKE JOHN DRAVECKY JOSEPH FRANCIS KUBALA MARION IRENE ECKHOLM MARTIN RICHARD RANTALA LAURA HODSDON FULLER ROSANNA SCHULZ MARGUERITE VIOLA HARTMEN GEORGE ROLAND WALDUM ROBERT JOHN HAGLUND JOHN ARTHUR WILKINSFlrtt Row—Mac Ellen Edrctlc. and Sell Second Row—Lillian Tuknlck. Dorothy OUon, Jackie Bergren. Inter-Club Council The purpose of the Inter-Club Council is to insure smooth functioning and good fellowship among SSC sororities. The club is composed of a representative from each sorority, and from the Women's Athletic Association. The council sets up regulations in regard to rushing, initiation, pledging of new members, dances and other activities engaged in by the co-ed groups. Officers for the year were: President............... MAE ELLEN EDGETTE Secretary - -_____________ — JACKIE BERGREN AJviscr_____________MISS ELVIRA GELLENTHIENSeated—Bernice M minings. Jeon Ann Endrirzl. Marilyn Xiang. Dorothy llaiucn, Rosemary Hcrubin. Dorothy Baustlan. Standing—Elmer Ecklund. Edward Olson. Doris 1 . Olson. Joyce Rasmussen. Roger Bruggemeyor. Stanley May. David Oucnsmeycr. Social Committee Every organization is invited to send representatives to the social committee. These student representatives planned and put into effect the following activities for the school year: Homecoming General chairmen: Nancy Hunter, Gene Olson Election Assembly: Elmer Ecklund Rally: Bill Riplinger Coronation: Dorothy Hansen Parade: John Hennessy Dance: Gene Qlson, Nancy Hunter Another first semester activity was the Men's Stag, the chairman of that event being Wally DeBruyne. The second semester activities included the girl s Valentine Tea, co-chairmen Jackie Bergren and Mae Ellen Edgette. The next event was the all-school mixer co-chairmen Jean Endrizzi and Ed Olson. The last all-school activity was the school picnic with Rosemary Herubin and Elmer Ecklund as co-chairmen.Front Row—Geraldine Roemer. Claudette Paslorct. Nancy Pope. Jeanette Moravek. Marjorie Prohotka. Joan Mazanic. Second How—Loris Balko. Florence Roush. Roberta Girard, Rose Matyc. Dorothy Mcister. Carmel Hartlund, Joanne Kopacz. Gloria Stremski. Third Row—Charlotte Krantz. Faith Ncvin. Laurice Hendrickson. Esther Soper. Mary Helium, Beryl Proehnow. Betty Mcnzies. Alma Bronsdal. Jean Endrizzi. Top Row—Donna Conway. Carolyn Hartman. Snlly Syheldon, Lillian Tuknlck. Patricia Cornlne. Jeanne Stotiffer. Joyce . Violet Ebll. Victoria Voda. Willamette Mallno. Larson Alpha Kappa One of the highlights of the Alpha Kappa’s season was the awarding of the art scholarship won by Sonja Hanson. Miss Hanson submitted 20 pieces of art work including landscape, still life and figure drawings in charcoal, pencil, watercolor and pastel. Their social year began with a "backward" rusher which was followed by a smorgasborg. These "rushing" activities closed with an informal pledge service and formal pledge dinner. Among events of the AK season were an initiation party, several sorority parties, and an alumnae party. Officers for the year were: President........................ LILLIAN TUKALEK Vice-president ...,........... ROSEMARIE MATYE Secretory ESTHER SOPER Trcosurcr _______________________ LORIS BALKO Adviser ................. MISS JANE REHNSTRANDDelta Sigma As the curtain came up on the activities of the year for Delta Sigma, the girls were seen painting hobby horses for their float in the homecoming parade, and putting up pictures of their candidate for queen, Marilyn Klang. The girls not only had the victorious queen, but also took first prize for their float. A new field put forth was the Delta Sigma Dramatic scholarship. Orher activities included the annual rushers, the first being a breadfast in Hollywood idea and the second a "High Tea.” The sorority also held the first football mixer, and annual football banquet in the college cafeteria, and contributed to a Christmas family. The May ball was held May 20, and the new members gave a party for rhe rest of the group in April. The girls ended the year with their dinner honoring graduating seniors. Officers for the year were: President-----------------------JACKIE BERGREN BEVERLY BRAMEL LOIS TURNER HESTER KYLLO _ MARILYN KLANG Adviser MISS KATHRYN OHMAN Firxt Rmv Jnrkic Bcrgren. Beverly Br.imcl. Lola Turner. Hester Kyllo. Marilyn Klang. Audrey Thacrnerl. Second Row—Marilyn Long. Nancy Conncftx. Roberta Greene. Dorothy Hanson. Jane MannquUt. Kathleen O'Connell. June Olson. Katntocn Bcrtolcne. Third How—Nancy Foster. Delores Chlcras. Betty Lou Balm a, Join Greene. Donna Lundmnrk. Ruth Ogren. Nancy Slnrlha, Joan Van Buskirk. Kathleen McDoncll. Fourth Row Mary Jean Kefcatrom, Catherine Tancljt. Jane Wjhlxlrom. Myra Handlovxky. Jane Behind rand. Shirley Zwaknian. Ruth Ann Klntich. June Woxlerluick. Mary Beth Schlender. Mary Morgan.Advisers—H. M. Weeks, John O. Danielson. Fex Fraternity The highlight for the Fex fraternity this year was their very successful Christmas formal, the 33rd such affair, held at the V. F. W. Ballroom. Gay decorations following a winter motif trimmed the hall. The group also sponsored a football dance after one of the games, and was active with a colorful campaign for this year's homecoming. They held a New Year's Eve party for actives and alumni at Community hall, presented gifts to the children of the city's orphanage, sponsored the annual stag banquet for members and alumni, held a formal dinner-dance, and had many private and inter-fraternity parties. Fir l Row—Tom Ryan. Danny Winter . Don Polglase. Bill Bcmrick. Lyatl Holland. Roger Weeks. Jim McCarthy. Ted Kreymlller. Max WllUt Row_jln, Ea»t|Und. Daverne Laurvlck. Jim Hill. Glenn Landln. Doyle Rein. Jack Hannan. Jim Holmes. Jim Grant. Hoiwcil Olsen. Gordy Mosentlne. Bob Hoitanson, Don Korhonen. ......... Third How Harry OHcn. Vern Peterson. Harvey Anderson. Chuck Hagen. Norbcrt Daley. Bud Waite. Jim Nelson. Vern Emanualson Irv Ekclund. Ray Paulson. Pat McNamee. Gage Hanson. Fourth Row Dick Sell. Wally DcBruync. Bud Matthews. Gene O'Brien. Art Olsen. Hub Dodge. Bill Anderson. Jim Whittier. Bud Ecklund. Kenny Leland. Dick Doyle. Ron Nelson. Dennis Suber.From Row—Pat Button. Ruth Hucbschcr. Lucille Pelto. LouIkc Warburton. Second Row—Dorothy Gunnerson. Cnrol Anderson. Elinor Phillips. Ruth Rampfcr. Top Row Janet Sell. Juno Soclow. Audrey Buxlrnk. Arlene Omernlck. Janice Bkholm. Doris OlM n. Gamma Phi Epsilon The very handy S. S. C. student and faculty directories arc the product of the .girls in Gamma Phi. Each year the members sponsor and sell these directories to the student body. The year lx. gan with the "Calico Cat and Gingham Dog" rusher, followed by a Harvest rusher. The girls also held a sleighride for members and their friends, had the annual Christmas party, besides a Mother's Tea in the spring and a party for the graduating seniors. The group also had a candidate in the homecoming queen race, and sponsored a float. Officers for the year were: First Semester Second Semester Jonicc Ekholm ..._...President ......... Jonet Sell Ruth Rompicr ....—...Vicc-Pres.... Joyce Rasmussen Joyce Rosmusscn ..._.Secretory .... Doris Syring Jnnet Sell ....—.....Treosurcr Morgucrite Hartman ———HUMFir»t Row—Gene Thoorsoll. Walter Peters. Norman Grando. Warren Jones. Second Row—Henry Aronson. Harold Johnson. Georitc MeDonousth. Robert Conrad. Stanley May. Third Row—Ben Pink. John Munninfs. Frank Chrislophcmon. John Hennessy. James Pinkoski. Leonard Peterman. lota Delta Chi The curtain went up on the Iotas social program by the sponsoring of an all school dance held after a football game. Other activities held during the year were: a New Year's Eve party, a sleighride, and several private parties. For the first time Iotas had a Costume Rail which was held in the spring of the year. Officers for the year were: President ............ Vice-president —...... Secretary ............ Trcosurcr ....— — Choplin, Sgt.-ot-Arms Adviser ......—.....—.. ...... HAROLD JOHNSON .... LEONARD PETERMAN ......... GERRY RITCHIE _________ DARRYL LANGE _________ STANLEY MAY ....._.. DR. JAY MCKEEFirst Row—Bernard Bennett. James Cotter. Thomas Whitacrc, Kermlt Thomas. Second Row—Kenneth Perhal. Wayne Smith. John Budzynskl. John Swanson. Harvey Johnson. Third Row—Wally Christianson. William Hanson. Merlin Czoschke. Edwin Sprague. Bob Munnings. Kenneth Strauman. Ray Bloom. Top Row—Conway Jansen. Robert Hansen. Charles Herubin. David Ottensmeyer. Joseph Krulell. Paul Hilton. David Rima. Richard Jaekson. Donald Peterson. Lambda Delta Chi Two all-school football dances commenced the year's activities for the LDC's. A basketball dance, two slcighridcs, and a formal dinner dance at the "Gitch" filled out the semester for the fraternity . The traditional Shamrock Dance, held at the V. F. W. club rooms, was the first event of the busy second semester. Two other annual affairs, the 29th Spring Formal and the Alumni banquet, in addition to many social gatherings at popular Superior party places closed a successful year for the fraternity. Officers for the year were: First Semester Second Semester John Budzynskc .........President —........ Paul Hilton Merle Czoschke .........Vicc-Prcs....... Merle Czoschke Roy Bloom ______________Secretary ....... Don Peterson Kermit Thomos .........Treasurer . .... Kermit Thomos Ed Sproguc ___________Sgt.-ot-Arms .... Woyne Smith Jim Dillon______________Choplin —................ Dove Rima Russell Bert ...... —...AdviserFirst Row—Gladys Carlson, Margie Kssen. Carol Borgo. Eleanor Warn. Janice DcMar . Joanna Scott. Second Row Harriot Larson. Kathryn Bounce. Patsy Nelson. Rita Menacher. Winnie Larson. Adeline Gabrys. Joyce Christianson. Gladys Grovcn. Mildred Swanson. _ .... , . ....... ... . Third Row—Marian Palmer. Bonnie Anderson. Marjorie O'Brien. Muriel Peterson. Mary Maynard. Janet Williams. Phylls Culhane. Barbara Durst. Laura Puller. Fourth Row Barbara Swanson. Gloria Gabriel. Loretta Herubin. Dorothy Olson. Rosemary Herubln. Beverly Sandstrom. Delores Arnez. Arlene Hanson. Becky Brccka. Shirley Moberg. Lambda Sigma "Cuckoo Bridge,” (he traditional first rusher, was the initial event on the Lambda calendar. This was followed by the second rusher, "Prison Theme,” at the Hammond Avenue Church. Lambda The rushing activities were climaxed at the beginning of the second semester when the pledges were entertained at the annual formal initiation dinner in the Badger Room of the Hotel Superior. In return the new members amused the old members at an informal initiation party. The highlight of the winter season was the annual Christmas formal at the Androy Hotel, and the alumnae later gave a skating party for the active members. The spring events included the annual Mother's Day Tea, with the senior dinner concluding the Lambda activities. Officers for the year: First Semester Second Semester Lorctto Herubin President________Dorothy Olson Marjorie O'Brien________Vive-Pres.________Lauro Fuller Bcrnodclfc O'Connell____Secretory------Adeline Gabrys Dorothy Olson___________Treasurer — Joyce Christenson Barbara Swonson --------Sgt.-at-Arms Rosemary Herubin Miss Grace Barney_______AdviserFirst Row—Steve Stromko. Dick RUberg. Allen Wiles. Bill Slmcich. Robert Mcrcicr. Robert Sanger. Bill Washatka. C?cond mw-Art Morgan. James Conski. John Peterson. Harry Wilson. John Vuchetich. John Egan. Robert Kastner. George Abraham Third Row—James Stafford. Kenneth Watson. Charles Drayna. Chet Anderson. Ed Olsen. Wayne Coleman. Aristotle Pappelis. Bill Riplinger. Roger Essen. Fourth Row—John Clanton. Bruce Gould. Roger Drayna. Cletus Campbell. Gene Omernlck. Ralph Ellison. Jack Tibbs. Sam I.uell. Joe Pritchard. Semper Compares For the second year in a row, the Semper Compares fraternity had the winning candidate for the homecoming king race, in the person of Harry "Whitey” Wilson. The hoys also had a colorful float in the parade. The Fifth Annual Thanksgiving formal was held at the V. F. W. ballrooms this year, and other activities of the group were a hard-time dance at school, a fraternity sleighride, numerous rusher stags and also a number of informal get-to-gethers. The social year was climaxed by a banquet held late in May. Officers for the year were: President -------- Vice-president — Secretory ________ Trcosurcr ........ Sergccnt-at-Arms Adviser ......... JOHN TIBBS KENNETH WESTLUND .._.. ROGER ESSEN ..... WAYNE COLEMAN ..... 8RUCE GOULD MR. SYDNEY WRIGHTTau Alpha Chi Fall activities began early for the Three Arts girls. The first was a very successful mixer held after the second football game. Following were the first and second rushers; for the first the girls went "Oriental’’ in their annual Chinese tea. The second rusher took place in the form of a progressive dinner with the main course held at the Gitchinadji Country Club. As usual, the formal initiation followed a dinner in the Badger Room of the Superior Hotel. The traditional candlelight service was used in welcoming fourteen girls into Tau Alpha Chi. The annual Sweetheart formal was an outstanding event early in the second semester. This "cupid inspired ball” centered around the crowning of the "Sweetheart.” Officers for the year were: First Semester Second Semester Mac Ellen Edgcttc ....— President .. Cecelia Fitzgerald Cecelia Fitzgerald ...—Vicc-Prcs....... Barbara Bong Beverly Smith ....... Secretary Ruth Lundbcrg Yvonne Vogels ..........Treasurer ... Marjorie Pederson Marjorie Pederson ...._.Cor. Scc'y ..Gcroldinc Solod-s Nancy Hunter ..._...—Scribe..........—.... Vera Keith Mrs. Bess Benton _______Adviser s-ir»! Row—Filwn Peterman. Geraldine Saladi . Yvonne Vogels. Janet Gudhus. Jane Foley. Jean Isabella. Second Row- Cecelia Fitzitcrald. Rosalie Templeton. Delores Wold. Marilyn Pellcrln. Alice Hansard. Gloria Nielson. Phyllis LCmi Thlrd Row___Marjorie Templeton. Vera Keith. Arlene Carls. Donna Otlcnsmeyer. Ruth Sell. Laura Wlckland. Donna Jackson. E"e'nFoJ"th Row-Mac Ellen Edcette. Beverly Smith. Bernice Munnlngs. Carol Beckon. Doris Olson. Marjorie Pederson. Ruth Lundbcrg. Nancy Steen. Janice Watsccn. Barbara Bong. Sue William . ■525 Wtrnw ____wmmm KtofflOBS , Flr»t Row—Roiallc Templeton, Jane Wahlatrom. Lcora Brunswick. Second Row—Joanne Pearson. Marjorie Templeton. Ruth Lundbcrg. Third Row—Wilma MoTrujty. Leland Kremer. Joanne Sollc. James Johnson- Fourth Row—Harvey Johnson. Howard Ness. Glenn Pariah, Myron Nelson. Orvald Haugsby. Estaka Club S. T. K., pronounced Estayka in German, is an organization of students in the German department of the college. All students currently studying German are eligible for active membership. Also those who have studied the language in the past may become associate members. The aims of the organization are both social and scholastic. The games and songs in German, also the movies and discussions about German speaking countries lead to a better understanding of the language and the German people. Officers for the year: First Semester Second Semester Donald Goctzl -------------------President.......... Robert Silvcrnalc Harvey Johnson — ............ _..Vice-Pres. Marjorie Pederson Betty Jorvi ........—-----------Sec'y-Trcos.___________Jonicc DeMors Mrs. Bess Benton ............... Adviser mm- R. O.T. C Rifle Team The newly organized Military Science Department of Superior State-College organized and sponsored a rifle ream to serve as its representative in all rifle matches. The men in the unit are now well trained and have inter-squad meets which provides a good competitive si ort and a fine skill to develop. This year the team fired the following matches: •1 February.............Michigan College of Mining and Technology I I February..............Purdue University and University of Kansas 18 February............................... University of Wisconsin 25 February .... Wayne University and University of North Dakota •1 March.................................. University of Wyoming I I March ........................................ Ohio University 18 March...............................................Notre Dame ■1 April..........................................Michigan Tech 13 May............................................Michigan Tech Team Captain is Thomas R. Hoskins. Front Row—Henry Cyr. Thomas Hoskins. John Reed. Donald Schmidt. Second Row—Stan Olsen. Ralph Holmes. John Hannan. Llye Olson. Donald Johnson. Vernon Peterson. Irvin Ekclund. Top Row—James Letter. Robert Larson. Ronald Nelson. Howard Kalllo. James Pinkoski. Richard Flaherty. Donald Suvcns.First Row—Dick Swller Thaddcu Moravck. Donald Morlarlty. John Rccd. Stan Olicn. Henry Cyr. Second Row____Ted Krcymlller. C. K. Olson. Jamo Eoitlund. Irving Ekclund. Arthur Larson. Richard Chapman. Edward McCi Thtrd Row—James Morgan. Rowell Olsen. Kortunnto Dalpra. Anton Novak. Joe Raykovich. John Hannan. Thomas Hoskins. S t a n 1 c Os I a zc jkU Fre d c rl c k 0Onll| | Pclcraon. Robert Larson. Harold Kcrltultt. Howard Kulllo. James Sorenson. James Lucas. Paul Hilton. Leonard Peterman. James Pinkoski. William Walters. R. O. T. C. Officers Club The Air Force R. C). T. C. Officers Club is composed of the advanced students of the R. O. T. C. program and has as its expressed purpose the development of leadership of its members. It is based on the officers clubs found in the services and it offers much experience in the intricacies of parliamentary procedure. The R. O. T. C. is not all business, and on its social calendar this year were the annual stag and the big formal in the spring, the second of its kind. The club is shown movies from the Air Force film library, with the pur-|x sc of informing the numbers of new developments and methods of the Air Force that will help prepare future officers for duty. Officers for the year were: President . JOHN REED Vicc-Prci.dcnl __________________ EDWARD MCCARTNEY Secretory __________________________ KARL MORAVEK Trcoturcr_________________________DONALD MORIARITYFront How—Henry Cyr. Donald VoRt. Horvcy Hclbcr . Loo Good. Leonard Peterman. Second Row—Wayne Smith. Glenn Nordln. Donald Meier. Arthur Larson. Stan Olsen. Donald Schmidt. Emmett Swanson. Top Row--Raymond Bloom. Aristotle Pappcll . Ronald Nelson. Donald Joritcnsen. Paul Hilton. Donald Peterson. Robert Conrad. Charles Neal. James Lester. Pershing Rifles The National Society of Pershing Rifles is an honorary military fraternity. Only basic Air R. O. T. C. students who have honor grades in their military courses are eligible for membership. A national convention is held each spring by the various units, and each local unit sends a crack drill team to compete for honors. Plans are under way to send a drill team to the national convention this year, as they were unable to have a representative there last year. In addition to several informal parties this year, the unit aids the Officers Club in putting on the annual Military Ball. Officers for the year are: Prcsidcnl Secretory DON PETERSON .. PAUL HILTONFirst Row—Marian Palmer. Joanne Kopaez. Nancy Pope. Ruth McKenzie. Rita Mcnachcr. Kathleen O'Connell. Kathleen Bertolonc. Elaine Sable. Nell Riegel. Charlott Kllbourn. Second Now—Gloria Stremiki. Sue William . Marrueri Hartman. Dorothy Hanten. Betty Lou Baima. Marilyn Pcllcrin. Dorothy Olson. Beryl Proehnow. Dorothy MeUter. Loris Balko. Phyllis Lcmicaz. Kathryn Rouncc. Third Row—Betty Smith. Betty Menzies. Jean Ann Endrizzi. Mary Beth Schlender. Cwenth Lester. Bonnie Anderson. Mary Helium. Murial Peterson. Beulah Formed. Shirley Mobere. Alma Brenxdahl. Yvonne Voxels. Audrey Holten. Delores Arnes. Fourth Row—Bernice Anderson. Gloria Gabriel. Violet Ebll. Dorothy McKee. Delores Concry. Doris Olson. Beverly Sandstroin. Louise Isaacson. June Stewart. Rosemarie Malyc. Alice Brooks. Joyce Larson. Janet Hcimstcad. Janet Sell. Ruth Ann Klauck. Crownhart - Sigma Gamma Chi Act one at Crownhart Hall saw the girls decorating the balcony for the Homecoming festivities, and broadcasting music over the campus to add to the heightened spirits. The faculty was welcomed at the Crownhart reception in the fall, and the girls planned their year's activities early. They included the Sadie Hawkins dance, a float in the parade, and the nice tradition of having a coffee and doughnut hour during exam week. Meetings are held every week. Officers for the year were: Provident........................... JUNE STEWART Vice-President_________________________________GLORIA GABRIEL Secretory______________________KATHLEEN O’CONNELL Treosurcr-------------------------------LORIS BALKO SockjI Choirmon_____________________OOROTHY HANSEN Advisor-------------------MISS ELVIRA GELLENTHIENCampus Christians "Now then we arc ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ’s stead, lx- ye reconciled to God.” I 1 Corinthians 5:20. The Campus Christians is an inter-denominational group which met daily in room 314. The schedule for the meetings held by the group during the year consisted of a Monday Bible study and a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday prayer meeting. The group entertained similar campus organizations from St. Luke’s Nurses Home, and the University of Minnesota, Duluth Branch, during the year. It was also called upon to present services at various churches. Apart from the religious activities, the CC’s enjoyed numerous outings and parties as well. Officers for the year were: President ------------------- EDWARD STAURSETH Vice-President ...._................. JAMES BUSCH Secretary ................ _........ JOANNE SOLIE Treasurer .................... HAROLD ANDERSON Adviser ..._................. MR. DON OLSON First Row—Edward Staurxcth. Don Olson. Lots Lee. Second Row—Lcora Brunswick. Beulah Chccvcr. Sonja Hanson. Shirley Hnndcland. Thirl Row—Henry Clark. Joanne Solic. Myron Voth. Orvald Haugsby. James Johnson. Ardix Larson. Fourth Row—Harold Andcrxon. Harry Nctxon. Ralph Turk. Charles Neal. James Busch. Verncr Dahlberg. Vclvic Finn.mmsamm Firm Row-Mr . Henry Cyr. Ardls Carton. Alice Chelmo. Dorothy BawtUn. Dorothy Mcltter. Second Row—Dr. Wyatt Belcher, adviser. Henry Cyr. Ingvald Shervy. Paul Aker . Third Row—Jack Thle-'e. Gene Hoff Bill Andereon. Randolf Hojptad M , Fourth Row -Robert Hannon. Joe Krutell. Arthur Ol»on. Merlin Cioichke. Ronald No.non. International Relations Club The I. R. C. met the third Monday of each month to discuss and analyze current events. Dr. Wyatt Belcher, history instructor, served as adviser of the group, frequently furnishing background information for the topics at hand. Representatives of Superior State College at the Mid-West International Relations dub conference at Southern Illinois university, Carhondalc, this year were Gordon C. Johnson and Wilbur Lindholm. The annual conference was held on March 10-11. The Superior branch of the IRC is sponsored by the Social Science department in conjunction with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Officers for the year were: President .................................. PAUL AKERS Vice-President ---------------------------- HENRY CYR Secretory.Trcasurcr ......................— INGVALD SHERVY Adviser ------------------------- OR. WYATT BELCHERFirst Row—Donna Israel. Shirley Hnndcland. Kathryn Mneki;. Sue Williams. Louise Marheine. Second Row—Joyce Christoffersen. Mrs. Henrietta Nolinj;. Janet Belnc. Bernice Anderson. Arlene Brooks, Dorothy Meittcr. Dorothy Crandall. Third Row—Richard Lldbcr . Ruth Ramplcr. Carol Lett . Alice Brooks. Louise Isaacson. Beulah Formell. Beulah Cheever, Ardis Larson. Fourth Row—Ruth Johnson. Dorothy Baustlnn. Dorothy McKee. Thorstein Haug. George Koehler. Gordon Gee. Patricia Comine. Raymond Olson. Glenn Larson. Rural - Sigma Rho Students of the Rural State Graded Section are enrolled in either a two, three, or four year curriculum in preparation for teaching in one teacher and first or second class state graded schools. The organization of this section is known as the Sigma Rho. During the year, members sponsor a number of educational programs, excursions to places of interest in Superior and Duluth, and several social events. Officers for the year were: First Semester Second Semester RAYMOND OLSON ------------------President ________ ARDIS LARSON MRS. STELLA OSWALD-------------Secretory ___________ DONNA ISRAEL ROBERT ANDERSON ----------------Treosuror 8ERNICE ANDERSON JANET SEINE--------------Soc. Choirmon _ MRS. CAROL LETTS Adviser—MISS CELIA CARSLEYFir l Row—Phyllis Lcmlw;. Billie Bickus. Second Row—Belly Menzles. Dorothy Gunncrson. Rosemarie Mat ye. Lois Holm. Third Row Barbara Bong- Rosannc Schull. Marlann Niemi. Marilyn Pellerin. Pat Butters. Fourth Row -Frederic Pahula. Maxine Nelson. Beverly Sandstrom. Betty Jane Smith. Carol Jean Anderson. Alice Chclmo. Wllho Helkklnen. Intermediate Group The Intermediate Section is composed of SSC students who are being trained for teaching in the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades. Quite a number in the group belong to the American Childhood Association, so the course of study offered includes observation with participation training. The Intermediate students of SSC hold meetings on the first Tuesday of each month. The President, Dorothy Gunncrson and adviser, Dorothy Waite, supervised numerous social affairs during the past year. Officers for the year were: President --------------------- DOROTHY GUNNERSON Vice-President----------------------ROSEMARIE MAT YE Secretory----------------------------------------DORIS OLSON Treosurer-------------------------------DORIS SYRING DOROTHY WAITEFront Row—Jeanne Foley. Irma Richnrt. Cecelia Fil gcrald. Jane Mannqulit. Joyce Chrlstiannon. Joan Greene. Evelyn Janten. Joyce Lcnlhan. Mnrv Morgan Second Row Kathleen McDoncll. Mary Ek»lrom. Lol Palumbo. Eileen Peterman. Ruth McKenzie. Diane Donated. Kathryn Rounce. Rita Mcnuchcr. Delores Wold. Arlene Karls. Jean Isabella. Third Row—Louis Warburton, Gloria Nielson. Gloria Gabriel. June Stewart, Janet Hclmstead. Hester Kyllo. Dorothy Olson, Vera Keith. Alma Brcnsdal. Mary Ann llelum. Lorraine Maclosek. Evelyn Smith. Fourth Row—Charlotte Krantz. Donna Hayes. Doris Olson. Mary Ann Klauck. Rosemary Herubin. Maxine Myrman. Carol Beckon. Deiorc Arnes. Violet Eblt. Laura Mae Wlcklund. Eileen Henncssy. Darlene Samplawski. Not In Picture—Dolores Chlero . Jeanne Christiansen. Janet Gundhus. Dessa Potter Foote. Nancy Foster. Alice Hassard. Laurlce Hendrickson. Audrey Holten. Donna Lou Jorgenson. Charlotte Kllbourn. Betty Mac Lange. Joyce Larson. Jeanette Moravek. Arleen It. Omernik. Nancy Pope. Beryl Prochnow. Marjorie Prohaska. Verda Nell Hlcgcl. Nancy Starlha. Sally Sybeldon. Lois Turner. Victoria Voda. Yvonne M. Vogel. Winifred Ward. Kindergarten - Primary The members of the K. P. department have meetings every first Tuesday of the month. They have many interesting speakers at these meetings, and discuss pertinent problems. The social activity of the year is the annual Christmas party, and each member is affiliated with the National Association of Childhood Education. Officers for the year: President---------- .— Vice-President ------- Secretory ------------ Trcosurcr ____________ Membership Chairmon Prcgrom Chairmon ----- Social Chairmon _________ Publicity Chairman---- Legislative Committee _______ JUNE STEWART ______GLORIA GABRIEL _______ JOAN GREENE .. CHARLOTTE KRANTZ LAURA MAE WICKLUND .. KATHLEEN ROUNCE ..... GLORIA NEILSON BETTY LANGE __ RUTH ANN KLOUCHSpeakers table at banquet (or Japanese visiting dignitaries. Left to right. Dr. Justin Williams. Vaklzo Matsumoto. Dr. Jim Dan Hill. Saburo Shllkuma and Hideakl Kondo. y zfazue e Visit our Campus The appearance of three members of the Japanese Diet (Parliament) to the Superior State College campus March 6, was a distinct honor for our institution. The three were part of the group that toured the country to see democracy in action. Coming to Superior with them was Dr. Justin Williams, member of General Douglas MacArthur’s staff in charge of the governmental set up in Japan. The delegates and Dr. Williams appeared in an assembly in the morning and were honored guests at a banquet that noon at the Badger Room of the Superior Hotel, attended by faculty, students and prominent persons in Superior. . . And so did the studentsFirst Row—Mike Galgan. Wally DcBruyne. Scott Soper. Ralph Elleson. Bob Mercler. Dom Moselle. Ted Thomas. Bob Ebll. Bob Matthews. HowarJ Killio. and Harry Wilson. Second Row—Jim Ralnaldo. Walt West. Bob Brown. Stanley Verlch. Bob Kinnear. Sevcrin Petron. Clarence Buirnl. Steve Mrdjenovfch. Mike Pavlovich. Bob Salani. Keith Svce and Ronald Nelson. Third Row—Duane Matye. Donald PolRlase. Ernie Rzpcckl. Mike Hcnnessy.Bob Welty. Jim Van Buskirk. Ted Frcymiller. Frank Bradshaw. Frank Campbell. Clctus Campbell. Roman Peterson. LeRoy Anderson. Alphln Erickson and Ken Plerrard. Season’s Record - 1949 Superior State 33 Michigan Tech 18 Superior State 13 Mankato Superior State 13 Eau Claire 6 Superior State 27 UMD Superior State 19 La Crosse 28 Conference Wins 2 Losses Superior State 7 Oshkosh 13 Total Wins 3 Losses Superior State 7 Stevens Point 12 Superior State's Total Points Superior State 9 River Falls 6 Opponents' Total Points Superior State 19 Stout 35 Football Drama of 1949 The 1949 football drama at Superior State was played under the most difficult conditions that have faced a SSC eleven for many years. The nine games schedule that included many of the finest teams in this section of the country would have been enough to cause any team trouble. But when this high caliber competition was coupled with the phenominal string of tough breaks and injuries to key players that beset the Ycllowjackets, the record that the squad produced is a monument to courage anjl determination. Six Wins, Three Losses The Yellow jackets, who for the second year were under the direction of head football coach Mark Dean, ended the season with a record of six wins and three losses. In their Wisconsin Teachers college conference play the Orange and Black had the same percentage record. .333. with two victories and four defeats. Superior grid fans can look forward to next year’s season with much optimism. Although many stellar preformers have left the squad via the graduation route, the team still has a backbone of dependable seasoned veterans. Also to be mentioned arc the many reserves who were called on to do yeoman duty during the past season. With the experience these lads gained, they should be capable of much first line duty. Defeat Michigan Tech The curtain rose on the 1949 gridiron action with the Yellowjacket gridders devastating a strong and highly favored Michigan Tech eleven by the impressive score of 33 to 18. The veteran studded Huskies, who boasted an undefeated record in 1948. found the hard running of Dom Moselle and Harry Wilson, plus the lethal punch of Walt "Doc’’ West's passing arm just too much to handle. Defensive work by tackles Scott Soper and Bob Matthews and center LeRoy Anderson contributed much to the success of the Jacket backfield. The Ycllowjackets stayed in the win column by tripping up the defending conference champs, the Eau Claire Bluegolds. West and Wilson, aided by superb blocking by Bob Mcrcicr and Howie Kallio, came through with two last quarter tallies that enabled the Statcmcn to score a 13 to 6 victory. LaCrossc First Loss The season’s first loss was handed to the men from State by the LaCrosse Indians. Injuries to several key players, including Dom Moselle and Frank Pozcga. hampered States offensive maneuvers. and the only bright spot in the whole encounter was the “Doc" West to Ted Thomas pass combination that netted the Jackets two scores. The final count was 28 to 19 in favor of the Indians who went on to win a share of the conference title. Two blocked kicks, coupled with heavy rains, added up to the Yellowjackct’s second defeat of CONFERENCE STANDINGS Win Loss Tie Percentage La Crosse .. 5 1 0 .834 Stevens Point . .. 5 1 0 .834 Stout .. 5 1 0 .834 Milwaukee 3 2 1 .583 Whitewater .. 3 2 1 .583 Eau Claire 3 3 0 .500 Superior .. 2 4 0 .333 Oshkosh ... 2 4 0 .333 Plattc illc 0 0 0 .000 River Falls 0 0 0 .000 the year at the hands of the Oshkosh Titans. "Whitcy” Wilson scored State’s lone touchdown in this 13 to 7 defeat, but later in the game this star halfback received an injury that sidelined him for the rest of the season. Mike Hcnnessy and Steve Mrdjonovich turned in a top notch job of ball carrying for the home team. The Ycllowjackets next traveled to Stevens Point. Leading 7 to 6, with a minute left to play, the Jackets saw victory hopes fade when the Pointers pushed across their winning touchdown from the one foot line. Win Homecoming Battle The Superior State homecoming win tradition was preserved when the Ycllowjackets tipped the Falcons from River Falls 9 to 6 on a soggy and snowy Gates field. Dom Moselle scored State’s touchdown and Don Polglasc added the extra point. Superior's other two points came as a result of a safety, following a beautiful kick by ace fullback Wally DeBruync that stopped on the River Falls one yard line. The Falcon running attack was held to next to nothing by the work of the Jacket line with Clarence Bugne. Bob Ebli and Keith Svee doing fine work in rock-an-sock-cm department. The men from State dropped below the .500 mark in conference standings as they were drubbed by Stout Institute to the tune of 35 to 19. The Yellowjacket scores came as a result of a run by Moselle and two nay off passes by West, one to Kallio and another to Moselle. Bob "Bear" Brown and Mike Galgan did Spartan work for the Jackets, both on offense and defense. The SSC eleven enjoyed a comfortable lead until late in the second half when their phenomenal tough luck record caught up with them and the Blue Devils pushed across three quick tallies. Galgan Injured at .Mankato The first non-conference loss of the season was handed to the State squad by the Mankato Teachers college eleven. Mike Galgan. veteran end and outstanding defensive quarterback, was cut out of any further action with a back injury. Dom Moselle" scored twice for the Yellowjackets during the 32 to 13 setback. The first tally came on a 50 yard run and the second on a pass from West. In the season’s finale, the Jackets were edged out by a powerful UMD squad by the margin of 33-27. The men from across the bay had things their own way during the first half of the encounter, with the Bull Dogs gathering in 27 points while Wally DcBruyne made State's only counter on a five yard plunge. A last quarter scoring spree by the Yellowjackets fell just short of the desired victory. Moselle and Bob Salani racked up six points apiece for state on runs in the last eight minutes, and Bob Mereier fulfilled the “lineman’s dream” by recovering a UMD fumble in the end zone for the final Superior score. SSC SCORING PAT Touch- downs Total Points Moselle 0 8 48 Wilson I) 3 18 Thomas 0 3 18 West 0 3 18 Polglasc 11 0 11 Kallio 0 1 G DcBruyne 0 1 G Rainaldo 0 1 6 Sclani 0 1 6 Mereier 0 1 6 Matthews 2 0 2 — — — 13 22 1451949-50 Basketball Record Own Score Opponent Opp. Score 56 °La Crosse STC 53 66 Bethel College 45 60 •River Falls STC 86 52 Macalestcr College 50 64 •Stout Institute 61 47 Augsburg College 46 54 U. of Minn. (Duluth) 55 53 •Stout Institute 46 61 •Eau Claire STC 50 54 St. John’s University 47 50 Bern id ji STC 37 60 •Eau Claire STC 60 51 •Whitewater STC 67 39 South Dakota Slate 44 49 •Milwaukee STC 60 51 St. Cloud STC 55 50 St. John's University 47 44 Macalestcr College 48 40 •La Crosse STC 60 59 Bern id ji STC 50 39 •River Falls STC 58 19 •Platlcvillc STC 59 65 U of Minn. (Duluth) 63 58 •Stevens Point STC 44 •Indicates Conference Gaines First Row—Fred Walker. Jim Whittier. Cone Omerniek. Hub Dodge. Milt Krxnarlch. Second Row—Leonard Flegc. manager. Ken Lcland. Don Polgtasc. Karl Moravek. Ken Nelson. Wayne Smith, manager. Third Row—Jack Collins. Jim Ralnaldo. Jim Lucas. Dick Sample. Bill Lee. Dorn Moselle. Walt West.Basketball 1949-50 Again this year, as last, Superior State’s cage team began their season with a streak of wins. Coach Leo DiMarco’s lads went six straight games without dropping a tilt before they were finally downed by South Dakota State during the Christmas vacation. From that point on the season was a give and take affair with the Jackets ending with a record of 14 wins, 10 losses. Although the season schedule in 1949-50 was lengthened by two tilts to a 24 game roster. State still played only 12 conference contests and from that number emerged with a split record of six wins and six loses. That standing placed them in the middle of the conference ratings. State will be minus the back line combination of Dorn Mo'cllc and Milt Krznarich next season but the showing made by the reserves in the past season indicates that there will be an ample supply of material to fill that gap. But. unless some lanky freshman or transfers appear next year DiMarco will still be handicapped with a comparatively short ball club. Even though the percentage of wins and losses barely managed to stay above water at .583, SSC fans were in agreement that the season was a successful one. The Yellow jackets scored ten field goals more than their foes but mi-sed the hcop from the charity line. State tallied a total of 1,278 points, only 13 less than their fees, or an average of about one half a point less per game. The Jackets won six games by less than four points while dropping four by less than five points. All which offers decisive proof of the fact that the 1949-50 cage campaign was a hard, close, and successful one. INDIVIDUAL RECORD Player FG FT PF TP GP Omernik, Gene 111 70 105 292 24 Walker, Derrick 78 81 86 237 24 Moselle, Dom 74 46 58 194 24 Krznarich. Milt 59 48 75 166 24 Dodge, Hubert 41 34 47 116 14 Whittier, Jim 31 37 44 99 24 West, Walter 26 21 39 73 20 Morrissettc, Ed 11 14 27 36 10 Polglase, Don 13 1 6 27 16 Lucas. Jim . 4 4 9 12 9 Beling. Ray . 3 5 21 11 8 Rainaldo, Jim . 3 3 10 9 9 Lee, Bill 1 1 9 3 9 Lcland, Ken 1 0 2 2 3 Collins, Jack . 0 1 1 1 1 Hennessy. Mike . 0 0 0 0 1 Sample. Dick . 0 0 0 0 1 Moravek. Carl . 0 0 0 0 1 Matye, Duane 0 0 0 0 1 SSC Team Totals 456 366 532 1278 24 Opp’s Team Totals 446 399 542 1291 24 WON-LOST BREAKDOWN Item Won Lost Pet. All games .. .. 14 10 .583 Conference Games .. . 6 6 .500 On Home Court . .. .. 9 4 .692 On Opp's Court 5 6 .455 TEAM RECORDS Item SSC Opponent Avc. FG Per Game 19 18.6 Ave. Pts. Per Game ... 52.9 53.9 Free Throw Attempts 655 639 Free Throws Made 366 399 Free Throw Percentage ... .559 .628 Personal Fouls 532 542 Ave. PF Per Game 22.1 22.6INTRAMURAL PROGRAM The 1949-’50 Intramural sports program at SSC again reached out to include a great variety of activities and to admit all students who dc-sired to participate. As always, stress was placed on the fact that anyone and everyone, except the members of varsity sports squads, was invited and encouraged to take part in the schedule. Athletic Director Leo DiMarco. together with his assistants in both the men's and women's sports divisions, put forth a schedule of activities ranging over the fields of basketball, soft-ball. badminton, table tennis and volley ball. In all catagories the competition was tough and the champions produced were truly the best In their brackets within the college walls. The Athletic department again stressed the fact that the sports facilities of the college were open to all students who wished to make use of them and every effort was made to include the favorite sports of the majority in the program. The response to the program was highly commendable thus prompting the department to consider a carry-over of the entire schedule, with possible additions, to next year's calendar of extra-curricular activities. AMERICAN LEAGUE Team Won Lost Pet. Raiders .. .. 9 0 1.000 Fighting Irish .. . .... 7 2 .778 Big 8 Bailers .. . .. 7 2 .778 Hamm's Shorties 5 4 .556 Duds 5 4 .556 BTO’s 4 ' 5 .444 Fex Fraternity . .. 3 6 .333 Apostles . .. 3 6 .333 Optimists . 2 7 .222 Delta Rythmns 0 9 .000 CAGE INTRAMURALS The Superior State Intramural basketball program evolved around two ten team leagues again this year. In the American loop the Raiders emerged with the season crown by virtue of an unmarred record of nine wins and no losses. The National league also produced an unbeaten club. The Old Men took every one of their eight starts. In the post-season playoffs the hard-fighting, sharpshooting Old Men captured three games without meeting defeat and thus garnered the school championship honors for themselves. In the final tilt they worked a 34-22 win over the previously unbeaten Raiders of the American circuit. In quarter-finals play the Oldsters downed the Hamm's Shorties quintet of the American league 37-25 and in the semi-finals they beat the strong Campus Christians of their own league 47-30. Under their playing manager George Barron the Old Men won a total of eleven games without meeting defeat. Members of the Old Men's Intramural championship squad were Barron, playing manager. John Milokna, Joe Raykovich, John Hcnnes«y, Don Moriarity, Lloyd Wcstcrback, Maurice Hen-ncssy, Wally DeBruync. Ivor Bergstrom, and Louis Kubalek. Many of these members were on the Old Men aggregations of the past two years which reached the finals in the tourney but never, until this season, managed to take the crown. NATIONAL LEAGUE Team Won Lost Pet. Old Men .. .. 8 0 1.000 Schooners .. .. 7 1 .875 Moc's Maulers 5 3 .625 Stags .... 5 3 .625 Campus Christians 5 3 .625 Neal House .. .. 3 5 .375 Down Staters .. 2 6 .250 Calvert's Missionaries .... 2 6 .250 Midgets 2 6 .250 Whoozits 1 7 .125 ALL-NATIONS TOURNAMENT For the second consecutive year the All-Nations tournament was dominated by the Sham-rockets. This group of cage-wise Irishmen bettered their tourney record of last year by breezing through the entire meet without a defeat. In the 1949 affair the Shamrockets were beaten once and forced to stage a comeback in order to eapturc the crown. In this year's tourney the Rockets worked their way into the finals without too much trouble but there were confronted with a game squad of Polish-Scandinavians. The Wearers of the Green managed to best their finals foes in an overtime period, 44-43. Members of the championship squad were John Hcnnessy, Mike Hcnnossy. Maurice Hcn-nessy. Gene O'Brien. John Collins. Don Moriarity. Lcn Fiegc and Bill Grimsrud. The governing rule of the meet is that team rosters must be composed of individuals who have at least one parent of the particular racial stock.INTKA.Ml KAI. CAGK CHAMPS: )LI» MK OF NATIONAL LKAOl'PKilinear T I'etron (1 Pozega l-'B (•alkali I. Wilson I.II Deltruyne l-li Klleson T Nelson K liiiKni (i •Moselle i: 11 Mereier ( West (JitBrown (J Soper T Salani FB llenne Campbell, F.. ()B Ijcnovieh MI Kainaldo ()B—Polglase QR I’avlovieh T Anderson C Braveeky T Matthew.- T Welly K Campbell. C Fltli C f-V» SSC BALI. CARRIER NAILED BY LINK BAI K! US OSHKOSH GAME MICH. TECH. GAME MRDJENOVICH SCAMPERS FOR YARD AC. ITHOMAS SCORES LAST SECOND TD I. KOSSE GAME SIIKOSII GAME DEBRCYNE DRIVES DOWNFIELDPolglasc G. Ituinaldo G. Sample G. .Morrisseito . Nelson K C.I)o lgp F. west ;. WhiUicr t Deling C. Krznarich G.. ('apt Oniernik ('. Mom lie G. Walker F. t» C5- . n t i t i I.eland F.WALK Kit II KOK TIP-IN SSC—KAC (LA IKK O.MKKNIK GOES IT gp1 ! v !i »■-- C— PLATTE VILLK IIKADING BACK KOK DEFENSE DODGE WAITS. O.MKKNIK G It ATrainer Phil Arlauiky, Athletic Director Leo DIMarco Football Coach Mark Dean. Boxing Coach John Knnl Superior State’s four-man athletic coaching staff, working together and as individuals, again produced a record of which students, faculty and alumni may well be proud. In as much as no school expects a championship squad every year the SSC fans can honestly feel their team came through with a successful season. The various Yellowjacket squads consistently put forth a top flight brand of competition for their foes to contend with and always showed the desired "fight to the finish" spirit. Rounding out two years as athletic director and head basketball coach at State, Leo Di-Marco turned in a year of hard work and earnest endeavor toward building successful teams. DiMarco, together with his staff, produced excellent programs in both the varsity and intramural fields. If the ability of a team can in any way be judged by the caliber of the op|x -sition it meets then State’s clubs were among the best. In attempting to present a better program to the public DiMarco increased both football and basketball schedules, dropping some teams and adding others. These alterations met with the approval of the fans and raised the standard of sports at SSC in the eyes of all. Given the time and cooperation which are essential DiMarco is almost certain to produce a top flight team in future years at Superior State. The Yellowjacket Boxing squad, under the direction of John Ennis, produced State’s sole championship record during the 1949-’50 period. Ennis' miners copped the team championship of the Northwest Intercollegiate Boxing tournament for the third consecutive season by taking five of the nine titles which were contested. This accomplishment was fitting tribute to the close of 15 years service to SSC by mentor Ennis. Despite a never ending battle against the forces of hard luck Football Coach Mark Dean earned praise from many corners for his accomplishments with the 19-19 grid squad. Dean's second year at SSC was climaxed with the loss of the greater part of his first string material, thus leaving a big job for the mentor when he returns next season. Phil Arlausky came through with his in-dispensible aid in all athletic departments again during the past year. Phil's duties as trainer, freshman grid coach and tutor of the younger athletic set at McCaskil! provide a thoroughness to the school’s athletic program which is greatly appreciated by all. His work in both varsity and intramural sports circles deserves praise far beyond that which has so far been offered. LL 9■■■ I Flrtl Row- Ernie Rrpccki. Duane Swanbcrg. Pal Lally. James Johnson. Ed Hiegins. Jim McCarthy. Second Row—Jim Cox. Norberl Daley. Ronald Nelson. Leroy Anderson .Coach John Ennis. Tom Aschbachcr. Gene Plummer. Don Sodcrbcrg. Manager Ted Frcymlllcr. SSC GOLDEN GLOVES 125 lb.—Pal Lally d. John McCarty 135 lb.—Jim Cox d. Duane Swanbcrg 145 lb.—Ernie Rzpccki d. Don-Sodcrbcrg 150 lb.—Tom Aschbachcr d. Glenn Landin 165 lb.—Bob Longline d. Gene Plummer 165 lb.—James O. Johnson d. Ron Nelson 175 lb.—Norbcrt Daley d. James L. Johnson Hwt. Div.—Leroy Anderson d. Bob Welle SSC-BEMIDJI RESULTS 125 lb.—Pal Lally, SSC d. Ray Blum. Bcmidji 130 lb.—Duane Swanbcrg. SSC d. Cal Lennox. Bcmidji 135 lb.—John Plattncr. Bcmidji d. Jim Cox. SSC 145 lb.—Ernie Rzpccki. SSC d. Dick Nlonbcrg. Bemidji 150 lb.—Don Sodcrbcrg. SSC d. Jim Almending-cr, Bemidji 160 lb.—James O. Johnson. SSC d. Duane Welle. Bemidji 165 lb.—Norberl Daley. SSC d. Ed Vinji, Bcmidji 170 lb.—Tom Aschbachcr. SSC d. Remold Chase. Bcmidji Hwl. Div.—Leroy Anderson. SSC d. Bill Robertson. Bcmidji SSC-M1CII1GAN 125 lb.—Pal Lally. SSC. d. John Simmons, Mich. 135 lb.—John Zak, Mich., d. Duane Swanbcrg. SSC Exhibition—Norberl Daley, SSC. vs. Bruce Shanner. Mich. Exhibition—Don Soderberg. SSC. vs. Tom Asch-bacher, SSC TECH RESULTS 150 lb.—Bill Molzny, Mich., d. Jim McCarthy, SSC 155 lb.—Bob Collins Mich., d. Ernie Rzpccki. SSC 165 lb.—Don Wolf. Mich., d. James O. Johnson, SSC 165 lb.—Mel Koenders. Mich., d. Ed Higgins. SSCmmm Boxing 1950 Fifteen years of boxing at Superior Stale were rounded out this season with John Ennis, the instructor who took over at the inaguration of the program, still at the department’s helm. In his decade and one half at State Ennis has lost only five dual meets. Ennis had the satisfaction of seeing his 1950 squad cop the Northwest Tournament’s team championship for the third consecutive year. Superior began this year's boxing program with a crowd pleasing card of Intramural Golden Gloves matches. Sixteen SSC milters vied for the Gloves in that meet with several of last year’s champs staging successful defenses of their titles. As usual the 1950 Golden Gloves affair was staged before an overflowing crowd in the SSC gym. In their first dual meet of the year the Superior State lads trounced the glovers from Bemidji STC by an eight to one score. Although the win was a comparatively easy one for the Ennis squad the visiting Beaver milters gave notice that their school's boxing program is improving considerably as it gains more of the much needed experience. State was able to schedule only one other dual match during the season. For that event they traveled to Houghton, Michigan, to take on the squad from Michigan Tech. Tech took the heavy end of the scoring in this meet and the SSC boys were handed their only defeat of the year. State’s Boxing prowess was bolstered considerably when the Yellowjacket contenders took five of the nine titles which were contested in the Seventh Annual Northwest Collegiate boxing tournament. Runner-up school in this event, the University of Wisconsin, took only two crowns while the remaining two were split between the University of Minnesota and Michigan Tech. The tourney ran two nights again this year with a total of 25 bouts being carded. Instructor John Ennis rounded out the year by taking SSC's top welterweight contender, Don Soderberg, to the national NCAA tourney, held this year at Penn State in Pittsburgh. Pa. Soderberg was winner of the Golden Gloves and Northwest titles in the 145-pound division. At Penn State Don failed to get past the quarterfinals but lost on a split decision. Don. a Sophomore is expected to be back for further ring duty at SSC next season. NORTHWEST TOURNAMENT Quarter-finals: 165 lb.—Ed Higgins. Superior, d. Duane Welte, Bemidji 165 lb—Bob Collins. Mich. Tech. d. Vearl Nelson. Moorhead 165 lb.—Perry Turgcon. U. of Minn., d. Bill Jefferson. Bemidji 175 lb.—Tom Aschbacher, Superior, d. Jack Dooley. U. of Wis. Semi-finals: 130 lb.—Pat Lally, Superior, d. Joe Branks, U. of Wis. 135 lb.—Mill Jacobson, U. of Minn., d. Duane Swanberg, Superior 145 lb.—Don Soderberg. Superior, d. Ernie Wer-rem, U. of Wis. 145 lb.—Charles Amodeo. U. of Minn., d. Morion Dawson, Moorhead 150 lb.—Ernie Rzpecki, Superior, d. Bill Martin. Moorhead 150 lb.—Harvey Stewart. Moorhead, d. Dick Wallinder, U. of Minn. 155 lb.—Jim McCarthy. Superior, d. Lloyd Nelson, U. of Wis. 155 lb.—Jerry Hanratly. U. of Minn., d. Bill Motzny, Mich. Tech 165 lb.—Bob Collins. Mich. Tech. d. Ed Higgins. Superior 165 lb.—Perry Turgeon, U. of Minn., d. Bill Jefferson. Bemidji 175 lb.—Norbert Daley. Superior, d. Don Wolf, Mich. Tech 175 lb.—Gerald Meath. U. of Wis.. d. Tom Aschbacher. Superior Finals: 125 lb.—Bob O'Ryan. U. of Minn., d. Lcland Schultz. U. of Wis. 130 lb.—Pat Lally. Superior, d. Cal Lennox, Bemidji 135 lb.—Pat Ryan. U. of Wis., d. Milt Jacobson. U. of Minn. 145 lb.—Don Soderberg. Superior, d. Charles Amodeo. U. of Minn. 150 lb.—Ernie Rzpccki Superior, d. Harvey Stewart. Bemidji 155 lb.—Jim McCarthy. Superior, d. Jerry Han-ratty, U. of Minn. 165 lb.—Bob Collins. Mich. Tech. d. Perry Turgeon. U. of Minn. 175 lb.—Gerald Meath, U. of Wis.. d. Norbert Daley, Superior Hwl. Div.—Leroy Anderson. Superior, d. Gordon Kowing, U. of Wis. _ _  ■MOBOa F»r»t Row—Sue William . Barbara Bone. Charlotte Kilboum. 5JCOIV1 Row—Marseuerite Hartman. Ruth Lundberg. Shirley Moberg. Audrey Holtcn. Third Row—Roianne Schulz. Cwcncth Letter. Beulah Formcll. Marian Sampson. Marilyn Pellcrln. fourth Row—Dorothy McKee. Esther Soper. Marlon Peterson. Louis Isaacson. Betty Smith. Alice Brooks, nernice Anderson. Women’s Athletic Association The Women’s Athletic Association, whose purpose is "to promote and stimulate an interest in recreational sports, and to encourage a spirit of good fellowship and good sportsmanship,” enjoyed as always a successful year during 1949-50. In addition to the activities they already partake in, such as, basketball volleyball, badminton, table tennis, speedball, softball, shuffle board, bowling, and rifle shootings they have added golf. According to the W. A. A. Constitution, "every woman student at SSC is automatically a member" of the group and "becomes active on participation in activities sponsored by the organization.” Active members are awarded W. A. A. monograms, while a block "S" is given any member who participates in 12 sports and attends a minimum of two thirds of the meetings held in connection with the IS activities sponsored by the association. Officers for the year were: President ________ Vice-President ___ Secretory_________ Treosurer ________ Adviser----------- .. MARGUERITE HARTMAN .... MAE EDGETTE BARBARA BONG _ DORIS OLSON ESTHER LoROWE Winning nn'knlloll S |ii.-u!W. A. A. Bowling Champions . . . Winners N2i,“r£S?l ta Plct'ure- Ru’th McKenzie'113"'8, J°a" Ma“nlc- R1,a ™' r. Marguerite Hartman. Marlin Peterson Eileen Peterman. Barbara Bom; Runners-up Phyllix Lemlesz. Marilyn Pellerln S. S. C. Cheerleaders . . .Bob Merrier and Marilyn Klang miw during their skllnt: holiday In view the panoramic wonder of the Mont dti Ski Comer. at Carole Borge leads group of college ski enthusiasts toward ski tow at base of giant 1.300 foot Mont du Lac slope. Chalet for the skiers is in background. wmmmmmmmmmmmmmm VcijZac College skiers watch Jack Murphy. Mont du Lac ki expert, demonstrate some trick of the sport. Looking on arc Kathleen Bcrtolonc. Violet Ebll. Shirley Moberg and Carole Borge. Jack Hannan and Roger Essen help Marge Essen up to the kl tow. IlFWWWf '-v DRAMA OF REGISTRATION—FRKSHMKN EXAMS. FACULTY GET REGISTRATION PROCEDUREFIRST LINK IN THE CHAIN OF REGISTRATION SCIENCE INSTRUCTORS PLEADING THEIR CAUSE mm— Al.l. TIIKSK AND .MOKE TOO VETERANS SIGN WITH DEAN ANDERSONPROCESSIONAL BEGINS FALL CONVOCATION IN VEILING OF PORTRAIT OF FORMER PRESIDENT McCASKILI npMMnHm HOMECOMING—ALPHA KAPPA SKIT. LAMBDA DELTA CUPS -SKIRTING" FOR VOTESHOMECOMING ROYALTY—QUEEN MARILYN KLANG AND KiNG HARRY WILSON ROYALTY ON PARADECORONATION OF ROYAL TARTY KING AND QUEEN AND THEIR COURT.»4 A MERRY-GO-ROUND FLOAT WINS FOR DELTA SIGMA Daisies ten DAISIES TELL FOR GAMMA l’lll EPSILON  COMMITTEE LUNCHES AT PRESS CONFERENCE IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT—REMEMBER?WELL. WHERE IS THIS GUY BOB HOPE BOB HOPE IN PERSON ON OlIR CAMPUSMR. CHRISTIANSON DEMONSTRATES FOR FRESHMEN. FRESHMEN BOYS LEND HELFING HAND DATES AND EVENTS FROM DR. McKEE INDUSTRIAL ARTS WITH MR. WRIGHT(ilTCHIK STAFF HARD AT WORK .MISS WILSON EXPLAINSCORPS SPONSORS ALICE HASSARI) ANI) .MARILYN HANSON •SOT. JACOBSON EXPLAINS AIR TACTICS.KOTC DRILL TEAM ROTC DKl'.M AND BCGLK COUPS f 7 ’ '' - — -- --Me FAR UN DANCES AI.ONE BACKSTAGE DURING "THE RIVALS THE RIVALS" CAST PAUSES FOR PICTURELABURNUM GROVE” IN REHEARSAL. YOU AND YOUR FILTHY LUCRE ■MiiiFACULTY RECEPTION—CANDLELIGHT PROCESSION FACULTY WATCH PROCESSION RECEPTION I.INE AT CKOWNHAKT FACULTY PAUSES FOR TEAAMONG THE FACULTY PRESENT. STUDENTS ENTERTAIN WITH ORIGINAL SKITLDC'S CATER TO SWEET TOOTH MEN'S STAG—THE GANG'S ALL HEREHKOO.MKAI.I, AND SKINNED SHINS ALL FOR TWENTY-FIVE CENTS,STEAKS FOK STARS. MOKE STEAKS. MORE STARS.LACROSSE GAME— DOM MOSELLE BREAKS AWAY STEVENS POINT BATTLE: DOC WEST IN THE OPENWELL. BETTER LI CK NEXT TIME.MESSIAH SOLOIST: AUDREY THAEMERT. NEW HARP FOR SSC MESSIAH SOLOISTS PERFORM IN ASSEMBLY■fiftcaififi MESSIAH GOES TO BARRON—THE TRIP DOWN HOMEWARD BOUND.LAST MINUTE PRIMPING SPRUCING AND TUNINGValley Brook Farm Creamery Dial 8531 902 Belknap mmi IllO'tl Ilwtflv . - SvHfitr.a.s. The Store for Young Men featuring "Botany 500”—Tailored by Daroff For famous brand names you know and see advertised in leading Magazines!V I c has bound books for many years and knows how. Superior Book Bindery IMionc 5142 710 Winter Street. Mather Pharmacy, Inc. Prescription Experts Hoard of Trade Building 1505 Tower Ave. Superior, Wis. COMPLIMENTS M. BERGER HARDWARE. FURNITURE AND SPORTING GOODS Comer 6th and Tower Dial 3873 SINGER SEWING MACHINE COMPANY We Supply All Sewing Needs 1216 Tower Ave. Dial 6851 CLASSES WEEKLY In Beginning and Advanced Sewing A little savings and a little education can be dangerous KVFIt STOP SAVING........ NEVER STOP LEARNING . . . IS A FORMULA FOR SIJCUESS First National Bank Since 1887 822 Tower Member F D I CCompliments of ?ord Jiopkins Co. World’s Finest Drug Stores Phone 2-1211 1221 Tower Ave. Superior,VVis. Milton M. Hinz Scott William.sou COMPLIMENTS Ellis Plumbing Heating Company Plumbing Shop On Wheels "We Carry Everything With Us" Superior. Wis. - 1414 Belknap St. You Can Find— The best in light lunches and finest selection of bake goods AT Federal Bakery 1116 Tower Avenue Dial 5883 6 Phones—5551 Berthiaume’s GROCERIES. MEATS, and OUR OWN BAKING 1415-1417-1419 Tower Avenue Superior, Wisconsin s4 t e co xff T ★ Serving You ★ Serving the Community ★ Serving the Nation HE EVENING TELEGRAM ALLOUEZ MARINE SUPPLY COMPANY For Fine Service ☆ DIAL 5567 WE CARRY . . . A Complete Line of School Supplies Come in and inspect our moderately priced, high quality merchandise THE M.D. McLean Stores 1120 Belknap Street 2208 East Fifth Street The Store For College Men Rookey Transfer Company COAL - COKE - BRIQUETS DEPENDABLE SERVICE Since 1912 1813 Belknap Dial 3939 AKKUw bMIKIb “ - Compliments Of Wisconsin Typewriter Co. Rental Typewriters and Dealers in L. C. SMITH and CORONA TYPEWRITERS 1306 Tower Avc. Dial 6901 COMPLIMENTS OF WOLD Tailors Cleaners COMPLIMENTS OF Compliments of C1 Braham Granite bupenor Works, Inc. Wtneral Directors Designers and Manufacturers of Association CUSTOM BUILT MEMORIALS MARKERS and MAUSOLEUMS Superior . . . Wisconsin 1612 Tower Avenue 'Vacation 7i tte Spend part of your summer vacation in the fine lake region of Northern Minnesota. The Missabe Road reaches many of these localities. Call the Duluth Union Depot for fares and service. Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range Railway Company Duluth, Minnesota Phone 6892 SILVER-TONSBERG COMPANY 1714 NORTH I2TH STREET Commercial Printing PRINTERS OF THE 1948. 1949 AND 1950 SUPERIOR STATE COLLEGE GITCHE GUMEE Compliments to the Class of '50 DISTINCTIVE PORTRAITS COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY Milford Merg’s Studio 1509 Tower Ave. Dial 5261Superior s Largest and Most Modern Drydeaning Plant OLZBERG’S CLEANERS - DYERS - FURRIERS DIAL 6685 CORNER HAMMOND and BELKNAP •WHEN HOLZBERGS CLEAN IT - - IT S C-L-E-A-N" BRIDGEMAN’S . . . $ " i.MTAIKJ CPDVir F IBPIDGEMAN j£E CPEAM RICH DAIRY PRODUCTS 1106 Belknap Street Dial 2-1372 FURNITURE - RUGS APPLIANCES 6rattii itapi C HOUSE FURNISHING C0.4? BELKNAP AT OGDEN DeVinck-Madsen Pontiac Cadillac Co. 1601-05 Broadway Phone 4642 MACK TRUCKS Laundry and Dry Cleaning . . . GIVE US A CALL Hawkins Laundry “They Satisfy” Dial 5565 Ogden Near 13th Compliments l lJialitnuiH j HOUSE OF FLOWERS 1.107 Tower Avenue Dial 6581 Superior National Bank Established 1897 East End Superior, WisconsinMotor Inn, Inc. Nash Sales Service Body Fender Straightening Wheel Aligning Balancing Complete Automotive Service 24 Hour Wrecker Service J2th and Ogden Dial 8003 Superior, Wis. For Complete Satisfaction Send II' To— ☆ CAREFUL CLEAN ER8 1116 BELKNAP DIAL 9011 Cash and Carry Service DELIVERY SERVICE The Vogue Bootery "YOUR SHOE STORE FOR 31 YEARS” ☆ 1218 Tower Avenue Rhone 7493 Superior Dial 7241 lie QUICKPRINT CLYDE B. THOMAS, Prop. Commercial Printing 1820 N. 12th Street Superior, Wis. E. O. Thompson Grocery The Store of Quality and Service We carry at all times a complete line of Staple and Fancy Groceries FRESH FRUITS and VEGETABLES 1422 Tower Avc. Dial 7718 Marsh Me Lennan of Wisconsin, Inc. W. R. Bolton, Ass’t. Vice President GENERAL INSURANCE 1222 TOWER AVE. RHONE 4083 Jj RtCULAR CR.n7 I| I IrARrol ARCO coffee Pressure Packed Fagerlin Fuel Company Coal 8 Wood Shell Fuel Oil Automatic Heating Equipment 6th Baxter SuperiorEverything for Building New Construction Remodeling Additions Repairs Use our complete building service Campbell “ 1808 Tower Dial 6461 In Superior for Fine Furniture and Appliances its . Store far 't o-.hca . . beautifully exquisite DIAMONDS H. CEDAR 1213 Tower Avenue TYOMIES Publishers and Printers Oldest Finnish-American Daily Sub-Agcncy for the SWEDISH AMERICAN LINE Ernest Koski. Business Manager 601-603 Tower Avenue Dial 4%1 you ya— 'ZV ateven you da— Always Remember: To do well You must see well! So: Provide your eyes with plenty of good lighting for every seeing task! Sctfienivi tutci 'Pocven, famficutyPlay Refreshed ... Have A Coke Before the game, during the game, after the game, a frosty bottle of ice-cold Coca-Cola is so refreshing. %»- • m—0» t Of ••€ w« «)• «•• •• Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Superior MOVING STORAGE Baggage and Parcels to All Parts of Superior and Duluth Superior and Duluth Transfer Co. 911 Tower Avenue Dial 4471 Compliments Of Community Drug Store 714 Tower Ave. Dial 3763 COMPLIMENTS OE Marcus Company Sporting Goods, Luggage and Jewelry 728 Tower Avenue ASHBYS’ TOWER FLORAL Dial 2-2512 Bonded Member of F. T. D. Compliments of Kelly Furniture Company 1302 Tower Ave. Dial 9232 SMART YOUTHFUL FASHIONS JLJdolj . 1402 Tower Ave. COMPLIMENTS OF O. E DUNN CO. REAL ESTATE 1414 Belknap St. Dial 9461Community Savings Bank Superior, Wis. Big enough to serve you Small enough to know you "Try the Cheerful Service” Tu verson Service Station Expert Automobile Handling Fuel Oil Deliveries Washing and Greasing Jobs Belknap and Cummings Dial 8621 Compliments of Lignell’s Rexall Drug “Your Friendly Store” 1022 Tower Avenue Dial 8553 Superior Motors, Inc. BUICK SALES AND SERVICE © 1705 Tower Ave. Dial 2 2171 Superior, Wisconsin COMPLIMENTS OF ‘goUnct INCORPORATED ENGINEERS Telegram BuildingNORTHWESTERN OIL COMPANY VEEDOL MOTOR OIL TYDOL GASOLINE Visit Any Northwestern Service Station and Get "SERVICE WITH A SMILE" EVERYONE LOVES TO EAT OUT Try Our Delicious Meals and Our Home Made Ice Cream Open Evenings and Sunday 1316 BELKNAP ST. — ACROSS FROM COURT HOUSE (?OKyiatui ztian fo t e Class of '50 May Furniture Company "EVERYTHING TOR THE HOME” 1713 BELKNAP STREET DIAL 4133LARSON 1 [II J I . . COMPANY 1414-20 Ogden Avenue. Su| erior, Wis. COMPLIMENTS of Connolly’s MEATS - GROCERIES BAKERY 1202-04 Belknap Street SHOP HERE FOR FINE FOODS Dial 4461-2-3 Frisco Cleaners and Shoe Repair Shop Shoes Repaired Odorless Dry Cleaning and Pressing Our work is our best advertisement 1426 Tower Avenue DIAL 5752 HENDRICKSON'S Standard Service ‘‘Stop for Service . for service never stops" Belknap at Grand Dial 9989 We were glad to have had a part in the publishing of the 1950 Gitche Gurnee R. D. HANDY, Inc. - Steel 30 East Superior St. Duluth, MinnesotaOur 41st Year at 7th an J 1 ower Quality Clothes for Men and Boys SEVENTH AND TOWER Home of RUSSELL’S Finer Food Products MILK “country fresh”. Homogenized Vitamin “D” — Golden Guernsey Whipping Cream—Butter —Buttermilk Half Half—Salad Sour Cream — Creamed Cottage Cheese — Chocolate Drink—' “Smooth Frozen” ICE CREAM National Bank of Commerce A Friendly Bank for all your banking needs MEMBER: Fed. Dep. Ins. Corp. Russell Creamery Company 1625 Broadway Visitors always WelcomeIVoplos Drug Store 1124 Belknap Street Fiisl End Drug Store 2131 East 5th Street J. A. CRIMSRUD A. C. HAUGEN, Prop. ☆ Jf you dou 't know drugs-know your 'Druggist! ART ERICKSON’S Super Service Station "Where Friends and Service Meet” Belknap and Grand Dial 9944 SAVE IN A SAVINGS BANK Home Mortgage Loans The Workers' Mutual Savings Bank Member FDIC 802 Towei Ave. Superior, Wisconsin Vesterby Radio Sales and Service LOUIS G. HOWATT 1527 Tower Ave. JEWELER Phone 6952 1425 Tower Avenue Motorola Home £5 Car Radios CITY MARKET Superior Floral HENRY COHEN, PROP. Company Quality Groceries and Meats Telegraph Florists ★ "SAY IT WITH FLOWERS" Corner 11th and Tower Dial 445.? 1416 Tower Avenue Dial 2-1432Cooperation ecfiuatd The Golden Rule Cooperation is an ideal. Operating a cooperative is putting into practice the Golden Rule principle that men can work together to make a better world. Successful cooperatives are a practical demonstration that men CAN live together in peace and in understanding. Cooperatives make you a partner with your neighbor in the most "common-sense" kind of business in the world. As owners of a cooperative business you assume the rights of ownership as well as its responsibilities . . . including the responsibility to cooperate in all efforts to further the prosperity of the community. Central Cooperative Wholesale SUPERIOR. Wise. It Will Pay You .... to inquire about the educational opportunities at SUPERIOR STATE COLLEGE llcginnina this summer GRADUATE WORK will be offered leading to a Master of Education degree Offerings in UNDERGRADUATE WORK include: 2. and 4 year teacher training programs Four year Liberal Arts degree programs Preprofessional programs for many fields of study Write for information The Dean of Instruction SUPERIOR STATE COLLEGE Superior. WisconsinCOM HA Ti'LA TiO.XS to the CLASS OF 10,10 For Hard Building Materials. Fuel and Long-Distance Hauling . . SEE Northern Supply Fuel Co. 809 Winter Street Dial 3832 The Telegram Job Shop Over 54 Years of Printing Service The Most Modern and Largest Commercial Printing Plant in Upper Wisconsin Evening Telegram Bldg. Dial 4411 Chi-Namel Capitol Candy PAINTS AND VARNISHES Amundson Products Co. and Tea Rooms, Inc. 816 21st Ave. East. CHICRAS BROS. SUPERIOR. WISCONSIN' Phone 8579 Wholesale Only 1114 Tower Ave. Superior, Wis Compliments of Stack Brothers, Inc. WISCONSIN PLUMBING HEATING STATE BANK CONTRACTORS Established 1911 Member of Federal Deposit 1718 WINTER STREET Insurance Corporation Superior. Wisconsin SWEATERS worn by Bingham Hardware Co. SUPERIOR In Superior Since 1888 STATE COLLEGE Athletes ★ Furnished by 1011 Tower Ave. Nelson Knitting Mills Co. 210S W. Superior St, Superior. Wisconsin Duluth. Minn. A Combination That Makes For The Tops In Performance and Economy COOLERATOR and ICE COMPLIMENTS OF KARI GARAGE STUDEBAKER SALES and SERVICE ☆ 1002 Ogden Ave. Dial 2-3343 For Parties Use Ice Cubes or Sized Ice Superior Ice Fuel Company Dial 3282 Office. 1517 Tower Clemens Agency INSURANCE REAL ESTATE - LOANS ☆ 1717 WINTER STREET Benson Electric Company Selden’s Inc. Meats. Groceries B Hardware ☆ CONTRACTORS ENGINEERS Two Phones: Dial 5518 5833 Tower Avenue ★ GENERAL ELECTRIC For Quality Furniture APPLIANCES see ★ 3rd B Grand Avc. Dial 5548 Lurye Furniture 1208 Tower Ave. Dial 4040THE CITY OF SUPERIOR says Congratulations and Best Wishes to the SSC Graduates of 1950 Superior has been proud to serve as host to you students during your successful years at the college. May we extend our best wishes for your every success in the future. City Council Clyde Thomas, resident Kicliard Wheaton tleorge Kriekson Henry Skudstad L. S . Hagen ICdward DeBroek H. W. Brace. |r. Koliert 1C. HauinlHTger. City Manut er K. 1C. McKeagne. City Clerk (ieorge 1). Flynn. 07v Attorney For the Most for Your Money px TRANSIT BUS No other means of public transportation offers so much for so little.- No other is safer, more economical, and more all - weather dependable. Duluth-Superior Bus Co.All the world's .1 stage. Ami all the men and women morels plovers Ihey have their exits and their entrances. And one man in his time plays many parts ShaLvspoiirc

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