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University of Wisconsin Superior - Gitche Gumee Yearbook (Superior, WI) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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 „ . w OFTEN MfT 1» ,m THE YEAR OF-THE ttt VYI1TECS the temperature Etow ZfRO. SPOKEN WORDS, W w: 200 •AND SHQMr-fV0 IH TH6 MU. D WHEN tf»EY THAWED W THE MG ttt€ DIN WAP AWFUL.. FEET CAUSED TMfc ?coJ0,000 LAKES AND THE «T----xWN MINES ■MINN. 'JPAUCritO THE NORTH - WINO TO THE NORTH POLE WHICH Hfe HAD CARRIED 6 9 M LEP PROM, nowheret Mi PAUL PUG THE % GREAT tAKE-P TO MAKE A WAVER, MOLE FOR 6A e..1 -£2 .. THIP IP THE-BRIDGE MADE OE PRUNC-PTONEP used IN THE CAMP ON THE 810 ONION AND. LITTLE GARLIC RIVERS., IN WISCONSIN. fTHiPlP APIDE HILL GOUGE R. yADOU t .HEADED rHl WHERE PAUL , PTCAIOKTENED Lthe rouno I IN MICHIGAN. PAUL WAP DORN IN 'THE PTATfe OE MAINE AND THE STORK WAP IN THE PTATEOE EXHAUPTION. I THIS IP IHERE PAUL 'WENT TO SCHOOL 'when Paul wap two ARP OLD HE BUILT TH£ NIAGARA EALLP PO HE-COULD TAKE- A PHOWER. BATH..- PAUL WAP . ANCHORED , °rh HIP CRADLE Off THE COAST, MAINE. PfcVEW WIRE PUNK TO AWAKEN HIM.; OOOf MAII VWACPHIPP rt TCVlNO TO t WAP PT TIME 1 ACRES LEASED.. FRO? LINE II 'CAME PAULS | PANCAKE GUDDIEJ WAP 263 fEET ;qopp. IN DEEPENING THE MISSISSIPPI, THE DIRT THROWN THIP WAY . kfORMED THE-V ALLEGHENY MTJ Paul woetfi v PO FAPT HE I 2__PEE MED TO i THROW DIRT TWO DIRECTION! VOHllL ERE roD6 ( - J • " O________ PAUL’P men COOLED THEII u AXES IN WATERS THIP CAUPED Tl HOT SPRINGS.' HE FAMOUS 6UNYAN IAT WERE TORN Me ROOM FOR THE PRAIRIEP. ) AT THE LOWER end' NO HIT QOCKS INTO MS WAP IINGOF UP 'One lunch hour. .AFTER EATING. PAUL JILT WHAT IP NOW CALLED THE NATURAL BRIDGE... Bade, rIN TRYING TO Dli AflELD MOUSE, DUG T«€ MAMMOTH CAVEP.. I CHRlS CROPPHAUL ‘ DROVE THE WRONG VDOWN THE RIVER. TO I )THEM BACK PAUL FED 'BABE SALT FORK AND THE OX SUCKED THEM [BACK, LOOP AND I ALL... THIP IP WHERE PAUL WOULD PIT AND PMOKE HIP PIPE-WHILE HE WORKED OUT HIP PROBLEMP. THESE MOUNTAINS ARE NOW CALLED "THE OLD SMOKIES" [WHILE DOWN VOLTH.PAUL GOT 'LONESOME FOR. IVA HITE PNOW TO HE .INVENTED COTTON. :co THIS IP THE crops:ur billed woofle fish that Paul killed to MAKE HIP NAU. FILE... « £TP£iNTER' CORRECT vfSo?JHe VEARP THAT PAUL TURNED WORLD AROUND PO TwWSStC TC 1 nuistocert ftcts on tWs maf kation..... WttSUM ib {jtfmtf.Mar ±j HiHibilllllFl Jj J1 PAUL FOUGHT A BELL TAILED PEA SERPENT USING A FROZEN PWOCDFIPH AS A WEAPON. ■ ■ . 4 Gtci 'P'le cdettt DR. JIM DAN HILL President. Author. Educator. Critic and Soldier PRESIDENT of Superior State College since 1931. AUTHOR of several books and articles on history. EDUCATOR: Dr. Hill was a professor of English, social science and economics before assuming duties as college president. CRITIC: His newspaper column on national affairs and historical events is well-known to the public. SOLDIER: Maj. Gen. Hill has been associated at one time or another with both the army and navy in two world wars. He is now Commanding General of the 32nd Division, Wisconsin National Guard. His background and pleasing personality have been an inspiration to both faculty and students in striving to make this college, in the true sense of the word, an institution of higher learning.0 etUcatitot , , DR. LEWIS J. CAREY “You Kids don’t know beans!”, is a phrase as familiar around lhe halls of SSC as its author—Dr. Lewis J. Carey. "Doc” Carey, as he is affectionately known by the student body, is an embodiment of all the characteristics essential in an ideal instructor. Being involved in the cold, analytical, field of economics has in no way deterred him from putting into everyday practice those principles often so far removed from the practical world of today— principles of Patience. Understanding, and Kindness, seasoned with a good dash of Humor. To thousands of pupils, past and present, Dr. Carey has far transcended the normal duties of an instructor. He has ever been ready with a word of advice, a recommendation, or the utilization of his vast knowledge, in assisting a student to attain his goal in life. In the fashion of a true scholar, prominence in one field has not caused Dr. Carey to abandon his search for knowledge. He has an avid interest in medical science, and in recent years embarked upon a study of the Russian language. The voices of former students blend with those of the present day, in a unanimous declaration of thankfulness for such men as he. To ‘ Doc'’ Carey, instructor, scholar, and friend, this 1949 Gitche Gurnee is respectfully dedicated.Front Row—Morion Caldwell. Hester Kyllo Second Row—Esther LaRowc. Thorpe M. Langley. Catherine Bowser Third Row—Mark Dean. Alden M. Bebb iMcCaskill). George M. Gleason (MeCaskillt. Russell Bert. E. P. Lannon Top Row—E. A. Weaver. Captain Carl A. Lindberg. Frank L.. Irwin. Major Tim R. Johnson. Frank C. Waliaee. E. W. Wakeland yttfriactuduy 'Tfeui Pacuityacuity . JOANNA E. TEERINK, M. A. Supervisor Iowa Stole Teachers College Tcochcrs College of Columbio University VERNON E. VAN PATTER, B. S. Director, McCoskill School HARRY H. WHITNEY, M. S. Supervising Toochcr Colorodo Stole College Carnegie Institute of TechnologyHARRY W. ANDERSON, M. Ph. Counselor; Supervising Teacher Superior Stole College University of Wisconsin PHIL ARLAUSKY, B. S. Physical Education Lo Crosse State Teachers College Graduate Student: Indiana University GRACE E. BARNEY, M. A. French University of Wisconsin University of Minnesota Graduate Student: Universities of Dijon, Fronce; Sorbonne, Paris; Minnesota ALDON MCKEE BEBB, M. A. Supervising Teacher Colorado State College of Educotion WYATT W. BELCHER, Ph. D. History University of Oklohomo Columbia University BESSIE A. BENTON, M. A. German University of Minnesota Graduate Student: Universities of Munich and WashingtonEDGAR VAN BRIGGS, Ph. M. Physics Lawrence College University of Wisconsin Graduate Student: University of Minnesota LEWIS J. CAREY, Ph. D. Economics—Sociology Wesleyan University, Conn Northwestern University Notre Dome SHIRLEY CARRIAR, M. A. English Superior State College University of Wisconsin CELIA CARSLEY, M. A. Education Superior State College University of Iowa Graduate Student: University of Minnesota RUSSELL BERT, B. S. Publications—Journolism Northwestern University HARRIET CATHERINE BO' M. E. Assistant Librarian University of Wisconsin Marquette University BOWSERELIZABETH N. CASTLE, M. A. Supervising Teochcr University of Chicogo Tcochers College of Columbia University WOODROW CHRISTIANSON, 0. Ed. Dcportmentol Assistant— Chemistry Superior State College Graduate Student: University of Wisconsin Marquette University ELLEN M. CLARK, A. M. History University of Chicogo Groduote Student: University of Chicogo BERENICE COOPER, M. A. English Beloit College University of Wisconsin Graduate Student: University of Chicogo JOHN DANIELSON, M. A. Mothcmotics Superior State College University of Wisconsin Groduate Student: University of Wisconsin MARK EDWARD DEAN, M. A. Physical Education Northern Illinois State Teachers College University of IowaMARY 8. DEATON, A. M. English Mississippi Stotc College for Women Columbio University Graduate Student: Universities of North Corolino, Chicago, Minnesota LEO Dl MARCO, 8. Ed. Physicol Education Superior Stotc College Graduote Student: University of Minnesota IDA W. FLOGSTAD. M. A. Mathematics Iowa State College Groduotc Student: Universities of Michigon Colorado, Chicogo DONALD G. FOLTZ, M. Mus. Music Defionce College Northwestern University J C'.- DAISY 8. FULTON, M. A. Supervising Teocher Superior Stole College Teachers College of Columbio University ELVIRA GELLENTHIEN, Ph. D Education University of Colorado University of ChicogoGEORGE D. GLEASON, M. A. Supervising Teacher Arizona State College Northwestern University GERALD V. HAACK, B. S. Music Superior State College Graduate Student: Northwestern University WASYL HALICH, Ph. D. History University of Dubuque University of Iowa OSCAR M. HAUGH, M. A. English University of Minnesota Graduate Student: University of Minnesota RITA C. HAUGH. B. S. Supervising Teacher University of Minnesota ARNOLD F. HOFSTAD, B.S.C. Accounting—Economics Northwestern University Groduote Student: Northwestern School of Business Administration; University of ChicagoMINDA HOVLAND, M. A. Supervising Teacher Superior State College Teachers College of Columbia University FRANK L. IRWIN, 0. Ed. Education Kansas University New York University DOROTHY E. JOHNSON. 8. A. Children's Librarian Troining School Northland College TIM R. JOHNSON, Moj. USAf PMS ond T. 8. S. Military Science Michigan State College of Education Groduotc Student: University of Chicago WILLIAM C. KELLER Instructor in Stringed Instruments Institute of Musicol Art ANSON KENDALL, Ph. D. Chemistry Depouw University Iowa State CollegeHESTER HOLMES KYLLO, B. E. Librory Assistant Superior Stotc College Graduate Student: University of Minnesota THORPE M. LANGLEY, M. A. Geogrophy University of Wisconsin JEANNE MARIE KUHN, M. A. Supervising Teacher Southwest Stotc College, Springfield, Mo. Northwestern University ESTHER M. LAROWE, M. A. Physical Education University of Michigan Teachers College of Columbia University Graduote Student: Universities of Colorado, Michigan AGNES V. KIRK, Ph. B. English Lindenwood College for Women Central State Tcochcrs College, Mo. University of Chicogo Tcochcrs College of Columbia University CARL A. LINDBERG, Copt., USAF Military Science University of MinnesotaOMER L. LOOP, Ph. D. Educotion Indiono University University of Wisconsin University of Minnesota HELEN E. LOTH, Ph. 0. Lotm, Spanish Valparaiso College University of Chicogo JAY W. MCKEE, Ph. 0. History, Politico! Science Ohio Stote University ELIZABETH MONGER, M. A. Supervising Teacher Teachers College of Columbio University JOAN OESAU. 8. S. Physical Education La Crosse Stote Teachers College Graduate Student: University of Wisconsin KATHRYN OHMAN, A. M English University of ChicagoHAZEL SEGUIN, M. A. Biology University of Wisconsin Teochers College of Columbio University LYMAN H. SHAFFER, M. S. Geology University of Idoho DONALD E. OLSON, 8. S. Deportment Assistont—Physics Superior Stotc College Groduotc Student: University of Wisconsin JANE REHNSTRAND, Art Art Columbio University Chicago Art Institute WILLIAM A. SCHLIEP, M. Mus. Music University of Minnesota Eostmon School of Music EDWIN H. SCHRIEBER, M. S. Physics, Astronomy University of Illinois University of WisconsinEMIUE SONDEREGGER, Ph. D. Frcnch-Sponish University of Freibourg, Switzerland Northwestern University JOHN STEELE, M. A. Chemistry Corleton College University of Wisconsin EDITH G. SWARTLEY Music Supervisor Cornell College University of Southern Californio University of lowo GERTRUDE UNTHANK, A. M. Art Supervisor University of Minncsoto University of lowo DOROTHY WAITE, M. A. History University of Ncbroska EDWARD W. WAKELAND 1st Lieut., USAFR Military Science Texas A MFLORENCE H. WALDE, 8. E. Librorion Superior State College JOHN WEBB, M. Mus. Music Louisiorva State University Eostmon School of Music HER8ERT M. WEEKS, M. S. Chemistry Superior State College University of Iowa LILIAN B. WHELAN, M. A. Supervising Teacher University of Minnesota Teachers College of Columbio University R08ERT 0. WILLIAMS, Ph. D. English University of Michigan LOUIS ADA Education George WILSON, M. A. Pcobody CollegeSIDNEY E. WRIGHT, M. A. Industrial Arts University of Minnesota EDWARD L. BOLENDER, M. S. Biology Miomi University University of Wisconsin Groduotc Student: Iowa Stote College MARION CALDWELL, B. E. Supervising Teocher Illinois Stote Normal University of Chicago University of Colorado Northwestern University EDWARD P. LANNON, B. A. Economics St. Ambrose College St. Poul Theologicol Seminory University of Iowa MARY LOIS LUCKE, M. S. Supervising Teacher Pcstalozzi Frocbcl Teochers College Columbia College FRANK G. WALLACE, 8. S. Art University of Wisconsin EDWARD A. WEAVER, Ph. D. Botony Nebrasko Wesleyan University University of Missouri JOHN S. WHITE, B. A. Departmental Assistant— Mathematics University of MinnesotaFACULTY HARD-TIMERS included Mr. and Mrs. Hau|(h who allowed Coach Di Marco to pour them a glass of cider from a whiskey bottle. Mr. and Mrs. Christenson, standing, and Mr. and Mrs. White were reading game instructions. The lady in funny papers was Miss Castle.FACULTY ENTERTAIN editors and state legislators. Above: Sen. Lenroot. Jr.. Dr. Hill, Editor Savage and Assemblyman Nelson. Faculty and guests enjoying dinner in cafeteria during banquetFACULTY MEMBERS snapped during banquet for editors and state legislators.DR. GEORGE N. SUNDQUIST Member of the Board of Regents The entire student body and faculty wishes to extend their heartfelt appreciation to Dr. George N. Sundquist. a man who has given lavishly of his time to civic interests, and who this year finishes eight years of service on the Wisconsin Board of Regents for state teachers colleges. He served capably as Board president from October. 1946, to July. 1948. To Dr. Sundquist we extend best wishes for many years of continued service.HARRY W. ANDERSONMatter Sergeant John S. Walton. Staff Sergeant Juel O. Jacobson. Sergeant Joteph T. Hennewy Deor Editor: This it the first year for Air ROTC at Superior State college, but the response and interest to the progrom has indeed been most gratifying. To serve at this institution is both enjoyable and satisfying because of the support thot is always given to the military science deportment. I con speok for oil members of the Air ROTC in soying thot we are proud to be part of the progrom at Superior State. TIMOTHY R. JOHNSON Major, USAF. ROTC Major Timothy R. Johnson. Captain Carl A. Lindberg. First Lieutenant Edward W. Wakeland - Left to Right— MRS. HESTER KYLLO MISS CATHERINE BOWSER Assistant librarians MISS FLORENCE WALDE Chief librarian Left to Right— MISS SHIRLEY CARRIAR Documentary librarian MISS JEAN WINSLOW Clerical assistantFront Row— FRANK MIHM, DONALD STIEN. HILDUR McNAUGHTON,, JOHN LeMAR. Bock Row— COLON McRAE, CHARLES FRIVARD FRANK NEVIN, HARVEY DOHERTY, DANA AKERS, EARL McNAMARA. SCHOOL NURSE AND DOCTOR MRS. LELIA M. WILEY DR. EDWARD G. STACK MAINTENANCE STAFF O icc ELLEN GILHULV LORRAINE NELSON ROBERTA BYRNES RUTH PETERSON GLADYS BOCK RUTH LINDFORDDORLEEN 8ERGESON, 8. S.; Superior; Kindergorten-Primory; Tou Alpho Chi, 1, 2, 3, 4; Social Chair-men of Elementory Dept., 4; A.C.6. 1, 2, 3, 4. VIOLET 8ERTOLUZZA, 8. S.; Hurley; H.S.T.; Sigmo Gommo Chi, 1, 2; Choir, 4; 8ond, 1, 2; Glee Club, I, 2, 3, 4; Junior Closs Officer, trees. MARGARET ADAMSON, 8. S.; Superior; H.S.T.; Lambda Sigma Lambda, 1, 2, 3, 4, Social Committee, I. MARION L. ANDERSON, B. S„ Balsam Loke; H.S.T.; W.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4; Social Committee, 3. MARVIN EUGENE ANDERSON, 8 S.; Superior, H.S.T. FRANCIS GEORGE BALDWIN, 8. S.; Superior; H.S.T.; Men's Glee Club, I; Compus Christians, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 2. BOYD C. BARTLETT, B. S.; Comcrcn; H.S.T.; Bond. 2, 3. EVELYN BARRON, 8. S.; Superior; Kindergarten- Primary; Sociol Committee, 4; Glee Club, I, 3; A.C.E., 1, 2, legislative choirmon, 3, treasurer, 4; Lombdo Sigma Lombdo, I, 2, 3, Secretary, 4. L T'.RUTH AUDREY BJORKMAN, B. A.; Superior; Libcrol Arts; Owl ond Serpent, 4; Lombdo Sigmo Lombdo, I. 2. 3. 4. BYRON W. BOURGEOIS, B. S.; Pork Foil ; H.S.T.; Bond, 1; Football, 1; Bosket ball, I; Sophomore closs officer; Semper Compores, 3, 4; "S" club, 1; Intra-murol Basketball ond softball, 3, 4; Univ. of Wisconsin, 2. ROGER G. BRAMEL, 8. S.; Superior; H.S.T.; Owl ond Serpent, 4. ANGELINE BURCH, B. S.; Minong; H.S.T.; Sigma Gamma Chi, 1, 2; Peptomist Staff, 2, Society Editor, 4; ''Fly Awoy Home", 4; Lombdo Sigma Lombdo, 1, 2, 3; Stoge crew, "I Remember Moma”, 4. GLORIA BYSTROM, B. S.; Iron Belt; Kindergarten-Primory; Sigma Gamma Chi, I, 2; Peptomist Staff, I; A.C.E., I, 2, 3; W.A.A., 1, 2; Alpha Koppa, 1. 2, 3. 4. GLENN ALVERN CARLSON, B. S.; Superior; H.S.T.; Men's Glee Club, I; Choir, I, 2, 3, 4, Student Asst., Chem. Dept. 1, 2, 3, 4. TESTER J. CARLSON, Virginia, Minn.; Rural State Grcdcd; Sigma Rho, I, 2. JOHN F. CHAMPAIGNS, JR., B. S.; Superior; H.S.T.; Owl and Serpent.EUNICE ANN EMERICH B. S.; Antigo; Kindcrgortcn-Primory; Sigma Gommo Chi, 3, 4, vice-president; Glee Club, 3, 4; A.C.E., 3, 4; Tronsfer student from Northlond College, Ashland. SYLVIA C. ENGEN, Rurol-Stotc Grodcd; Frederic; Sigmo Gommo Chi, 1, 2, Glee Club, 1; W.A.A., 1, vice-president, 2; Sigmo Rho, I, 2. LEROY E. FECHTELKOTTER, B. S.; Poplor; H.S.T.; Intramural Basketball, 2, 3, 4. AOELE FRITZ, 8. S.; Superior; H.S.T.; Inter-Club Council, 2; Orchestra, 1, 2; Social Committee, 4; Delta Sigmo, I, 2, 3, vice-president, 4. MARGIE CONLEY, 8. A.; Superior; Liberal Arts; Pep-tomist stoff, reporter, 2, monoging editor, 3; editor-in-chief, 4; Sociol Committee, 1; Glee Club, 1, 4; Delta Sigmo, 1, 2, treasurer, 3, vice-president, 4. RAYMOND DONALD DILLON, 8. S.; Superior; H.S.T.; Choir, 2, 4; Glee Club, I; president of Junior closs; Lambda Delto Chi, sergeont-ot-orms, I, secretory, 2; homecoming kind condidotc, 3; Campus Fellowship, 3, President. SHIRLEY MAE EITREM, 8. S.; Park Foils; H.S.T.; Sigmo Gamma Chi, 4, Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Sigmo Omego, 1, 2, 3. ELAINE MARIE EMANUELSON, 8. S.; Superior; Intermediate. Inter Club Council, 2; Double Trio, 2, 3, 4; Choir, I, 2, 3, 4; Social Committee, 2; Delto Sigmo, I, 2, 3, treasurer, 4; "Messioh” soloist, 3, 4.I GUSTAVE W. FRYE, B. A.; Superior; H.S.T.; Boxing, 3, 4; Germon Club, 2, vice-president. MILDRED E. J. GRANT, B. S.; Superior; Kindergarten-Primary; A.C.E., 1, 2. 3, 4; W A.A., 1. vice-presi-dent, 2; Gommo Phi Epsilon, I, 2, 3, secretory-treasurer 4. DELORES J. GROSS, B. S.; South Range. H.S.T.; Choir, 1, 2, 3. 4, Glee Club, I; I.R.C.. 2, 3, 4, Germon Club, 3; Delta Sigmo, 1, 2, 3, 4. LOIS HANDELAND. 8. S.; Superior; H.S.T.; Campus Christions, 2, 3, vice-president, 4, Inter-club Council, 3; Social Committee, 3. ARLENE HANSON, B. S.; Washburn; Kindergorten-Primory; Sigmo Gommo Chi, I, 2, 3, 4; Gitchc Gumce staff, 2, art editor, 3, 4, Alpha Psi Omega, 2, 3, sergeont-ot-orms, 4; Glee Club, I, A.C.E., 1, 2, vice-president, 3, president, 4; Lambda Sigmo Lambda, I, 2. secretory, 3, vice-president, 4; Owl ond Serpent. ELLA A. HARJU, B. S.; South Rongc; H.S.T.; Owl ano Serpent; Inter-Club Council, 1, 2; Social Committee, 2; Glee Club, I; Tou Alpha Chi, I, 2, 3, 4, W.A.A., I; Germon Club, I, 2. YASUO HIGA, B. S.; Elcclc, Kauai, Howoii; H.S.T.; Lambda Delta Chi, 1; Owl ond Serpent. CLIFF W. HILL, 5. S.; Superior, H.S.T.; F.O.P.S., 1; Semper Compares, 3, 4.NANCY WESTON HOPKINS, 8. S.; Cumberlond; H.S.T.; Sigma Comma Chi, 2, 3, 4, Doable Trio, 2, 3, 4, Choir, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Psi Omego 2, 3, 4; Social Committee 2; Lambda Sigma Lambda, 2, 3, Oroclc, 4; "The Drunkord"; "Trifles"; "I Remember Mama"; transfer sophomore year. EDITH JANET HORMAN, Rural-Stoic Grodcd; Hayward; Sigma Gamma Chi, I, 2; Glee Club, 2; Rifle Club, 2; Tou Alpha Chi, I, 2; Sigma Rho, I, secretory, 2, president; I.R.C., I, 2. ONA MAE (8RAMER) ISAACSON, B. S.; Superior; Kindcrgortcn-Primory; A.C.E., 1, 2, 3, 4; Tou Alpho Chi, I, 2, 3, 4; W.A.A., I. DONNA MAE JACKSON, B. S.; Superior; H.S.T.; Tou Alpho Chi, 1, 2, 3, vice-president, 4; German Club, I. 2, 3, 4. EMIL JOHN HOEFT, 8. S.; Hurley; H.S.T.; Football, 1, 2, 3. 4. WILLIAM JEPSON, 8. S.; Superior; H.S.T.; Owl and Serpent, 4. HAROLD W. HOAG, 8. S.; Superior; H.S.T.; Glee Club, 3; Football, 3; Lambda Delta Chi, I, 2, 3, 4; Ploy production, 4. GLORIA M. JOHNSON, 8. S.; Superior; H.S.T.; Tou Alpho Chi, I. 2, 3, 4.I ELIZABETH ANN KELLY, B. S.; Superior; Intermcd.otc; Inter Club Council, 2; Glee Club, I; Gammo Phi Epsilon, I, 2, Pres., 3. ond See'y, 4- MARGARET LAHTI, B. S.; Superior. H.S.T.; Choir, I, 2. 3, 4; Orchestro, I, 2, 3, 4; Lombdo Siflmo Lombdo, I. 2. 3. 4. LUCILLE ANN JOHNSON, Rural-State Groded, Moplc; Campus Christians, I, secretary, 2. MARVIN EUGENE JOHNSON, B. A.; Superior; Liberal Arts; Owl and Serpent; Men's Glee Club, 2, 3, 4; Choir, 4; Orchestro, I; Lambda Delta Chi, I, 2, 3. 4. MARY JANz JOHNSON, 3 ycor certificate; Brule; Kin-dergarten-Primory; Gamma Phi Epsilon. I, 2, 3. I R C., 3. SHIRLEY J. JONES, B. S.; Poplor; H.S.T.; WA.A, I, 2, 3, 4. PEARL LEVIN, Rural State Groded; Mople; Compus Christions, 1, 2; Treasurer, I; Sigma Rho, I, 2; Vice-President, I. JEAN MAY, B. S.; Superior; H.S.T.; Delta Sigmo, 2, 3, 4.ANNETTE MCFARLIN, B. S.; Superior; H.S.T.; Choir, I, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club, 1; Lombdo Sigmo Lombdo, I, 2, 3, Treosurer, 4. PEGGY ANN MCDONOUGH, B. S.; Superior, H.S.T.; Dclto Sigma, I, 2, 3, 4. MARILYN MCKENZIE, 6. S.; Superior; Kindergarten-Primary; Inter-Club Council, President, 4; Glee Club, I. 2. 3. 4. A.C.E., I. 2. 3, 4, Sec y, 2, 3; Lombdo Sigmo Lombdo, 1, 2, 3, President, 4. MARY MCKEOUGH B. S.; Superior; H.S.T.; Glee Club, 1. 2, 3. 4. Tou Alpho Chi, I, 2. 3, 4, Secretory. 2. GAIL B. MODEEN, B. S.; Superior; Intermediate; Inter-Club Council, 3; Bond, I. 2; Tou Alpho Chi, I, 2, 3, Pres., 4; Intermediate Dept., I, 2, 3, Treos., 4; W.A.A., I. PATRICIA MORIARITY, B. S.; Superior, Kindergorten-Primory; Social Committee, 4; Glee Club, I, 2, 3, 4; A.C.E., 1, 2, Publicity Choirmon, 3, Vice-Pres., 4; Lambda Sigma Lambda, I, 2, 3, 4. BARBARA M. NELSON, 8. S.: Superior; H.S.T.; Dclto Sigma, 3, 4. EDWARD 8. OLANDER, B. A.; Superior, Libcrol Arts; Owl and Serpent; Men's Glee Club, 3; Choir, 4; Orchestra, 1, 3; Bond, I; Alpho Psi Omego, 1. IGAIL M. OLSEN, 8. S.; Superior; H.S.T.; Choir, 3, 4; Glee Club, 2, 3; Tou Alpha Chi, 2, 3; Transferred from Univ. of Wisconsin. WANDA PETERSON, Rurol-stote Gorded; Clom Foils; Sigmo Gommo Chi, I, 2; Glee Club, I; W.A.A., I, 2; Sigma Rho, I, president, 2. ARTHUR E. RASMUSSEN, JR., B. S.; Superior; Liberal Arts; Rifle Club, 2, 3, 4. HENRY D. RAUCHENSTEIN, 8. S.; Superior; H.S.T.; Men's Glee Club, 3; Choir, 4; Football, I; Fex, 1, 2, 3, 4. KEITH 8. ROE, 8. S.; Duluth, Minn.. H.S.T.; Owl ond Serpent. LAILA E. RONKAINEN, Rural-Slotc Grodcd; Brule; Glee Club, 2; Gcmmo Phi Epsilon, 1, 2; Sigmo Rho, I, 2. ALICE JUNE RUSCH. B. S.; Superior; H.S.T.; Inter-Club Council, 3, 4; Gitche Gurnee Stoff, 2, 3; Choir, I, 2; Social Committee, I; Tou Alpha Chi, 2, 3, president, 4. GERALDINE JOYCE RUTHERFORD, 8. S.; Supenor; H.S.T.; Inter-Club Council, secretary, 4; Social Committee, 3; Delta Sigmo, I, 2, 3, president, 4.BARBARA JANE SQUIRES, B. A.; Moson; Libcrol Arts; Sigmo Gamma Chi, 3, 4; W.A.A., 3, 4; Transferred from Northland College, Ashlond. JAMES L. STEFFEN, B. A.; Appleton; Liberal Arts; Transferred from Oshkosh Stotc Teochcrs College. MRS. I. ESTHER SALMI, B. $.; Superior; Kindergarten-Primary; Peptomist stoff, circulation monoger, I, 2, business monoger, 3; Gitche Gurnee staff, business monoger, 2, 3, foculty editor, 2, editor-in-chicf, 4; I.R.C., 2. 3, 4; "Messiah ", I. 2, 3, 4. LCMS JEANETTE SANDERS. B. S.; Superior; H.S.T.; Choir, 3, 4; Glee Club, 2, 3; Lombdo Sigma Lombdo, 2, 3; Transferred from St. Olof, North-field, Minn. RHODA CAROL SOLIE, B. $.; Superior; H.S.T.; Glee Club, 1; Campus Christians, 2, 3, 4, president. EDWARD STEPHEN SILVERS. B. S.; Evanston, III.; H.S. T.; Men's Glee Club, 3; Football, 3, 4. ARLENE ANN SOETEBEER, B. S.; Phillips; H.S.T.; Sigma Comma Chi, 3, 4; Inter-Club Council, 2; Peptomist Stoff, 1; Society Editor, 2 ond 3; W.A.A., I. MARIE ANTOINETTE SLADKY, B. A.; Superior. Liberal Arts; Owl ond Serpent; Lombdo Sigma Lombdo, I, 2, treasurer, 3, 4; W.A.A., 1.BERNICE STELLICK, B. S.; Medford; H.S.T.; Tronsferred from Ecu Claire Slate Teachers College. INEZ SULLIVAN, B. s.; Iron Belt; H.S.T.; Sigma Gamma Chi, 1, 2; Peptomist Staff, reporter, 1, 2; Alpha Psi Omego, I; Glee Club, I, 2, 3; W.A.A., I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 2, President, 3. R08ERT J. THIEDE. B. A.; Gordon; Liberal Arts; Owl ond Serpent; F.O.P.S., 1, 2, President, 2. HELEN CATHERINE TIERNEY. B. S.; Superior; H.S.T.; Inter-Club Council, 3; Delta Sigma, I, 2, 3, 4. HARRIET WEDIN, Rurol-State Groded; Frederic; Glee Club, 1; Compus Christians, 1, 2; Sigmo Rho, I, Vice-President, 2. GLORIA WILSON, B. S.; Superior; Intermediate; Bond, I, 2; Tou Alpha Chi, I, 2, vice-president, 3; Intermediate deportment, vice-president, 2, president, 3. MAVIS JUNE WILSON, 8. S.; Rhinelondor; Kindergarten-Primary; Sigma Gamma Chi, 1, 2; Inter-Club Council, 3; Gitche Gurnee staff, junior editor, 3; Glee Club, 1, 2, 4; Tau Alpha Chi, 1, 2, 3, secretory, 4. ELEANOR WOLFE, B. S.; Superior; Intermediate; Lambda Sigmo Lombdo, 1, 2, 3, 4; Intermediate Club, I, 2, 3, Secretory, 4.WILLIAM E. BRYANT, B. S.; Superior; H.S.T.; Semper Comporcs, I, 2, 3, 4, Trcosurer, 3; Basketball, Boxing. ELISE EAST, Rurol-Stotc Groded; Webster; Sigmo Rho, 2. ROBERT E. FOIZIE, 8. S.; Duluth; H.S.T. RONALD G. GROAT, B. S.; Hayward; H.S.T.; loto Dclto Chi. 2. 3. ROBERT STEPHEN GOLIGOSKI, B. $.; Super,or, H. S. T„ Bosketboll, 2, 3, 4. SIGFRED HERBERT LEE, 8. S.; Superior, H. S. T.; Alpha Psi Omega, 2; Orchestro, 4; Double Trio, 4; Smog Trio, 4; Men's Glee Club, I; Bond, 1. GEORGE WILLIAM O'KEEFE, L. A.; Super,or; Pcptomist Staff, 2, 3, 4, Reporter, 2, Copy Editor, 3, Make-Up Editor ond Editor-in-Chief, 4; Semper Comporcs, 1 2, 3, 4, Secretory, 2, President, 4; On The Compus (Radio Show), 3; Press Institute, Publicly Committee, 3; Gitche Gurnee, Publicity Editor, 4. FRANCIS JOHN PAQUETTE, 8. S., Super,or; H. S. T.; Fex, I, 2, 3, 4; Football, I, 2, 3, 4, Captain, 1940; 8oskctboll, 1. JOHN CARLSON SAMPLE. B. S.; H. S. T.; Superior; Lambda Delto Chi, 2, 3, 4. THEODORE ADOLPH SANNWALD. B. S.; M.nong, Rural; Sigma Rho, I, 2, Vice President, I, Social Choirmon, 2; Intcr-murol Footboll, I. JAMES SCHOETTEL, B. S.; Stevens Point; L A.; I. R. C.. 4; Semper Compares, 4. ROBERT WARREN SLADKY, B. S.; Superior, H. S. T.; Orchestro. I, 2, 3, 4, Bond, I, 2, 3. 4. GLENN STEINBACK, B. S.; Springbrook; H.S.T.; Lambda Delto Chi, I, 2, 3, 4. R08ERT JEAN THIEDE. B. S.; Gordon, L. A.; F. O. P. S.. I, 2, President, 2. GLADDIES MAE WEYANDT, Rurol; 8rulc; Women's Glee Club, I; Lombda Sigmo Lombdo, I, 2, 3,; Sigma Rho, I, 2; Messioh, 1. RUTH WOODWORTH, B. S.; Rccdsburg; Kindergarten-Pnmory; Tronsfcr from Miss Wood's School. MARGARET IRENE ZEIDEL, B. A.; Superior.CO-OP Offers a Future The day will soon arrive when you will leave your Alma Mater and go forth to make a place for yourself in the crowded world. What will be your place? Many do not know, for the future is uncertain. There is a limit to the number of people the machine age needs for producing the necessities of life. Probably the brightest rays of hope on the American economic scene are the cooperatives, a form of private enterprise with a system of doing business that is superior to anything any other organizations offer. It enables ordinary private citizens to gain ownership and control of industry for the benefit of all free citizens rather than concentrating ownership in the hands of a few. CO-OPS are an established fact in practically every field of service in America. Whatever your field, there can be a place for you: administration, engineering, chemistry, medicine, art, writing, and various technical fields. A growing organization demands plenty of young, energetic personnel. There may not be a spot for you today, tomorrow' holds great things in store. The first requirement for employment in any organization is an understanding of that organization. There is a great deal to be learned about CO-OPS—much more than schools can take time to provide. Plan now to find out for yourself about cooperatives. Visit the CCW, or write to Educational Division, CCW, Box 2000, Superior, Wis., for information. Central Cooperative Wholesale Superior, WisconsinB tyeuiivu . , JACK HANNAN _____ MARILYN BERGQUIST . IRVING EKELUND .. VIRGINIA CRONSTROM I ! ____ President Vice-President ____ Secretory ---- Treasurer Front Row—Evelyn Hnnkey. Loretta Hcrubln. Audrey Thaemcrt. Marilyn Bergquiat. Second Row—Hope Cruenberg. Mae Ellen Edgettc. Beverly Mae Jacques. Beverly Bramel. Hester Kyllo. Virginia Cronstrom. Third Row -Emory O. Elllngson, LaVerne Laurvick. Lawrence Anderson. Edward Staurseth. Don Edgette. Jacqueline Bergren. Alice Augustine. Top Row -George Kosanke. Conway Jansen. Robert Folxle. Roger Hill. Joseph Krutell. John Rutkowski. George R. Austreng. Wayne McNulty.I front Row—Laura Hodsdon. Marian Sampson. Ann Cismoski. Second Row—Warren Jones. Robert M. Donohue. John W. Peterson. Dean M. Voth. Third Row—William J. Bemriek. George Treadwell. Norbert Daley. John S. Brandscr. Karl Helwlg. Jr. Top Row—Arthur Biggs. Wesley J. Swensen. Richard Johnson. Roland H. Olson. Donald Anderson. John A. Wilkin . I Front Row -Mary Jane Johnson. Marian Eckholm. Charlene Reece. Lois Turner. Second Row—Maura Kathryn Manning. Dorothy Olson. John A. Rock. Richard E. Lclghty. Maxine Myrman. Julia G. Peterson. Rita Friola. Third Row—Robert Robinson. Willis A. Warner. Lloyd Newman. Russell Baragcr. Edward P. Olton. Gene C. Olsen. Top Row—Ken Watson. Wallace De Bruyne. Che tcr V. Anderson. Michael A. Bonaccl. John Henncssy. Neal B. 0,ShauKhnc sy. Jay Austreng, George Van Vynckt.Front Row—Marguerite Hartman. Reran nc Schulz. Ruth McKenzie. Judy Kyllo. Second Row—Jack Allen. John Vuchetlck. Willard Washatka. Philip Jones. Vincent Cray. Third Row—Wallace Ritchie. Eugene Hoff, Duane McElmurry. Raymond Hanson. Top Row—Jay Plttalcy. Harold Peavey. Ralph Kllexon. Jameo Sawlckl. James Su»en . Jack Hannan. DAVID ADAMS RAY A. ANDERSON WILMER ANDERSON JAMES R. ARMSTRONG DONALD E. AUSTIN PHYLLIS BALLOU JOHN M. 8ALTES ROBERT A. BARRETT GEORGE BARRON HENRY L. BEGLINGER WILLIAM J. BEMRICK WILFRED G. BERRYHILL IRENE BIDDELL ARTHUR V 8IGGS ROONEY BILLERBECK JOHN H. BRADSHAW JAMES S. 8RANDSER JOHN S. BRANDSER ROBERT C. BROWN MIKE 8UKOVICH RICHARD CHAPMAN MRS. ANN CISMOSKI DELBERT R. CRAIG ELAINE CRONSTROM HENRY B. CYR MICHAEL DALEY NORBERT DALEY HUGH J. DIULIO HUBERT M. DODGE THOMAS DOHERTY ROBERT DONOHUE ROBERT G. DOWNS MIKE J. DRAVECKY CHARLES E DRAYNA IRVING F. EKELUND MRS. CATHERINE ELLIS ROGER W. ESSEN LEROY GALGAN BRUCE H. GOULD CARL GULLO ROBERT J. HAGLUND WILLIAM J. HANSEN WILLIAM F. HARRINGTON KARL L. HELWIG MAURICE HENNESSY JAMES A. HICKSON LAURA E. HODSDON KEITH HOLDEN MAYNARD E. HOLMES JOSEPH G. JAKSHA NORMAN T. JARVI HARVEY G. JOHNSON RALPH M. JOHNSON RICHARD T. JOHNSON WARREN G. JONES NORMAN C. JORGENSON MARSHALL S. KANER WILLIAM D. KOL8E DONALD KREMER MILTON KR2NARICH EDWARD J. KUBALA JOSEPH F. KUBALA LOUIS J. KUBALA DANIEL J. LENIHAN ROBERT LONGTINE KENNETH LUDVIGSON PAUL E. LUNDMARK james e. McCarthy edward McCartney john e. McDonald MIRIAM McDONELL W. JOSEPH McFARLIN JAMES McHUGH HARRY S. McKENZIE MICHAEL McNAMEE R08ERT T. MAKIE PETER H. MARTENS ROBERT MATTHEWS ARNOLD R. MATTSON ROBERT MERCIER JOHN P. MILAKNA BRUCE G. MOODlE KARL T. MORAVEK DONALD MORIARITY DOM MOSELLE RUTH K. MURRAY DAVID I. NYQUIST EUGENE OAKES MARJORIE O'BRIEN BERNADETTE O'CONNELL ALEX OKASH ROBERT O'KEEFE CLARENCE E. OLSON RONALD H. OLSON ROSWELL OLSON ARISTOBEL PAPPELIS GLENN A. PARISH HAROLD L. PEAVEY WILLIAM J. PETERS JOHN W. PETERSON ELINOR H. PHILLIPS MAURICE A. PIERCE DESSA MARIE POTTER MARTIN R. RANTALA DONALD RIPLINGER EARL T. ROOKEY VIRGINIA SAMPLAWSKI MARION SAMPSON GRACE M. SISLO GORDON E. SKOWLAND WILLIAM C. SLOAN WILLIAM J. SNELL ORWELL J. SOPER SCOTT F. SOPER JAMES SORENSON JOANNE STENSLAND GLEN STREAM GEORGE SUTHERLAND WESLEY J. SWENSON JOHN C. THIEDE KERMIT S. THOMAS THEODORE THOMAS JOHN S. TIBBS WILLIAM P. TITUS HAROLD J. TORRO GEORGE TREADWELL ROBERT W. VITZ DEAN M. VOTH GEORGE R. WALDUM LLOYD A WESTERBACK GLADDIES WEYANDT ALLEN JOSEPH WILES JOHN A. WILKINS JOSEPH M. WINEK WILLIAM C. ZELL DANIEL 8. ZUKAITIS tKront Row—Florence Rousch, Lillian Leva. Mary Lori Burbey. Joan Kroner. Edith Erdmann. Second Row—Harriet Wcdln. Charlotte Krantz. Eleanor TempelU. Lucille Johnson. Betty Lange. Elbe East. Joan Greene. Ruth Little. Kathleen O’Connell. Third Row—John Chalch. Jr.. Nathan Lupplno. Ted Freymiller. Carl Wyezawski. Howard New. Dick Rlsberg. George Augspurger. Top Row—Edward Kozial. James Anderson. Charles Cooper. David Hammcs. David Rlma. Frans Wentcla. Joe Pritchard. McCarthy. O'Connell, and Jordan KATHY O'CONNELL LAWRENCE JORDAN tom McCarthy_____ President _____ Vice President Secretory-T reosurerFront Row—Joyce Rasmussen. Nancy Hunter. Nancy Co.vmz:. Second Row—Yvonne Voxels. Wanda Peterson. Dorothy Gunnerson. Carol Beckon. Beverly Smith. Third Row- Gloria Mae Nielsen. Janet Sell. Ksthcr Soper. Wilma McTrusly. Jeanlne H.vthind. Dorothy Hagnun. Emory Giles. Top Row—Byron Goldstein. William Williams. Bill Benson. Russell Hachcy. Merlin Czoschkc. Robert Johnson. James Dillon. Front Row—Sylvia Engen. Adeline Cobrys. June Olson. Second Row—Donna Lundmark. Dorothy McCourt. Marilyn Klang. Marilyn Shaw. Kathleen Anderson. Third Row—Vera Jane Rehnstrand. Jeanne Stouffcr. Thomas McCarthy. John Fritschler. Jr.. William Dorcy. Doris Olson. Top Row—Robert Block. Eugene Hofstcdl. Donald Koepp. James Lucas. Ccorge Markgrcn. Edwin Sprague.I ( LEROY M. ANDERSON WILLIAM ANDERSON LEO ANECKI MABEL A. 8AENEN KENNETH L. BELANGER GEORGE E. BENSON WILLIAM MERRILL BERGER R08ERT E. BIGGS ROBERT BLOCK KENNETH A. BLOOM RAYMOND BLOOM FRANKLIN BRADSHAW DELORES BRENNAN CARROLL D. 8ROWN F. HENRIETTA BROWN PHILIP BRUCKBAUER LEORA ZA8ELLE BRUNSWICK JAMES WILLIAM BUSCH RONALD E. CHAMBERLIN CHESTER A. CHRISTIANSEN FRANK W. CHRISTOPHERSON DONA L. CONWAY RODNEY M. DELIN FRANK DEMYAN ROBERT DORFMAN BETTY DURST JAMES G. EASTLUND HELEN LEONE ECKHOLM JOHN C. ENGWER EDWARD NEAL ERICKSON R08ERT C. ERLANSON CECELIA FITZGERALD RAY CHARLES FREEBORN GLORIA MAXINE GABRIEL ROBERTA GIRARD JOHN GLONCHAK R08ERT E. GORDON MARK M. GORMLEY CYRIL GRAY ROBERTA MARTHA GREENE PAUL A. GRUENFELDER R08ERT FRED GUENTHER GEORGE A. HANNEMANN DOROTHY MAE HANSEN ROBERT P. HANSEN KATHERINE 8RIDGET HART CAROLYN FRANCES HARTMAN MARY FRANCES HAWKINS JANET HEIMSTEAD JANICE MARIE HEIMSTEAD WILLIAM OTTO HELWIG EDMUND HERBERT ROLAND EDGAR HETFELD LOUIS RICHARD HOLST AUDREY L. HOLTEN EDITH HORMAN ROBERT D. HUNTER HAROLD A. JOHNSON LAWRENCE JOHN JORDAN HOWARD MATHEW KALLIO ARDATH R. KENNEDY W JOHN NICK KERECMAN HAROLD GUSTAVE KERTTULA WILLIAM EARL KISSNER LILLIAN KORPI GLENN F. LANDIN PEARL A LEVIN MARYLIN J. LONG SAMUEL LUELL RUTH A. LUNDBERG EARL G. LUNDMARK JOHN McCARTY THEODORE J. MocGREGOR HAROLD MANNING MARY JANE MANNQUIST DEAN A. MERRELL SEYMOUR MILAVITZ JOHN PETER MOE MARION MONDEAU JAMES PATRICK MORGAN DONALD J. MORIARITY BERNICE H. MUNNINGS ROBERT W. MUNNINGS MARGARET ANN MURPHY GAIL M, NELSON MYRON ALLEN NELSON FAITH CAROLYN NEVIN WILLIAM MAXWELL NEWSOME SHIRLEY MAE OAKES NORMAN OFSTAD ARTHUR J. OLSEN STANLEY OLSEN FRANK L. OSTASZEWSKI STANLEY OSTAZESKI JEAN OUIMETTE FREDERICK PAHULA RAYMOND L. PATNODE F. MIKE PAVLOVICH JOHN PIERORO ARTHUR HAROLD PETERSON DONALD C. PETERSON MYRTLE PHILLIPS JAMES H. PINKOSKI FRANK POZEGA ALLAN PRICE SHIRLEY RANDS JOHN LINCOLN REED ROBERT GERALD RITCHIE ROBERT T. ROGERS LAILA RONKAINEN ROBERT R. RUCKDASHEL THOMAS J. RYAN ERNEST RZEPECKI MARY C. SCHRIEBER RUTH LOIS SELL WILLIAM SIMSICH DAN SIMENSON THOMAS SlTEK JUNE C. STEWART BERNARD JOSEPH SUSENS KEITH L. SVEE JOHN WILFRED SWENSON DORIS A. SYRING CATHERINE TANCIG JAMES TAYLOR RODERIC THOMPSON VLADIMIR TINTOR LILLIAN MAE TUKALEK STANLEY VERICH ROBERT H. VINCE JOHN A. WALLENSTEIN ROBERT RAY WARREN A. ALLEN WARNER WALTER WEST KENNETH RUSSELL WESTLUND ORA JEANNE WEYANDT CLIFFORD BYRON WIITA JACK C. WILLIAMSs Hennewy. Bcrtalonc. and Campbell MIKE HENNESSY ______________________________ —.. President KATHLEEN BERTALONE ................ —... Secretory Treasurer FRANK CAMPBELL__________________________ Vice-President Front Row—Germnlne Patten. Marilyn J. Anderson. Rosemary Herubin. Janet Beine. Carmel Hartlund Second Row—Roger Bergstrom. Glenn Nordln. Rosemarie Mntyc. Beulah Kormell. Alice Brook . Clyle Novak. Sylvia Wohlk. Third Row-Robert Bemrick. David McLeod. Allen Lindblad. Clifford Leskelo. Thomas Winters. George Vcllen. Top Row—Donald Vogt. Glenn Larson. Ingvald Shervy. James Busch. Jerotd Jensen. John Genosho. Sherman Correll. Matt Shubat.From Row—Mary Ann Biscay, ftlymo Stewart. Rita Ellman. Clementina Shear . Second Row—Catherine Shutt. Joanne Van Busklrk. Jean Sheridan. Dorothy Melstcr. Ruth Rampier. Geraldine Saladis. Third Row—Dorothy McKee. Carol Jean Anderson. Kllynn KJeldscn. Patricia Corning. Joanne Solie. Jeanette Larson. Janet William . Top Row—Eton Case. John Munnings. Robert Gustafson. Lawrence Hagen. John Lundstrom. Roger Jollcocur. Charles Hagen. Richard Hog»trom. Front Row—Jean Ann Endriz I. Violet Mae Ebll. Mary Beth Sehlcndcr. Second Row—Beatrice Nurmi. Sue William . Jean McDonald. Kathleen Bertolonc. Billie Backua. Diane Donatell. Third Row—Clifford Wilta. Irene Thoreson. Betty Bjima. Jarmlla Brccka. Barbara Bong. Ralele Rawn. Top Row—Ruth Lundberg. Carol Reynolds. June Westcrback, Dolores Arnes. Marjorie Pederson. Muriel Peterson. Ruth Ann Klauck.Front Row—Lots Palumbo. Janet Gundhus. Eileen Peterman. Barbara DcBruyne, Elaine Sable. Second Row—Elinor Phillips. Pat Mlsfcldt. Duane Swanberg. Bob Mataczynskl. Mike Carey. Richard Polnaszck. Bernice Munnlngs. Third Row—Jack Wallenstein. R. Jim Ralnnldo. Glenn Landin. Randolf Haugstad. Robert Hokanson. David Lcrdall. Tom Whltacrc. Keith La Casse. Top Row—Hclmcr Kildahl. Jr.. E. James Whittier. Arthur J. Olsen. James E. Grant. Clctus Campbell. Ralph Turk. Judd R. Fortune. Stanley May. Front Row—Vera Keith. Lori Balko. Second Row—Edward Higgins. Wayne Smith. Raymond Rlshet. Patricia Taft. Top Row—Marcus Myrman. Ronald Nelson. Robert Hanson. Donald Susens. Robert Screen!.PARD ADAMS PAUL H. AKERS IVER R. ANDERSON HARVEY D. ANDERSON ROBERT A. ANDERSON ROGER ANDERSON VERNON E. ANDERSON ALDEAN ARGANBRIGHT A. DAVID ARONSON HENRY N. ARONSON HYMEN BEAR GALEN K. BIDOLE ROBERT H. BLOOMQUIST JOHN BLOOM GEORGE P BOGUMILL WILLIAM F. BOGUMILL FRITZ BOST DOROTHY G BOWSER ROBERT BROCK ROGER A. BRUGGEMEYER LAURENCE BUSTRAK FRANK CAMPBELL ARTHUR W. CARLSON JOHN G. CHICRAS ROBERT J. CONRAD BERNER OAHLBERG THOMAS F. DONOVAN RICHARD F. DOYLE ROGER D. DRAYNA BARBARA EKHOLM HENRY 0. ELLESON MARJORIE L. ESSEN ELIZABETH I. EVES GORDON FRANKLIN FAY LEONARD VERNON FIEGE JAMES G. FINDLAY ROBERT G. FONGER RALIEGH L. FOX TOM FUNNE RULODPH F. GABRYS THAD GARDNER JACK GLASHOF LEO GOOD LAWRENCE J. GORDON ROBERT W. GOTH WILLIAM J. GRIMSRUD LOIS GUENTHER LOIS MAE GUSTAFSON RICHARD W. HAGLUND ROBERT S. HAMILTON MARILYN JUNE HANSON HARVEY HEL8ERG MICHAEL HENNESSY JERRY HERMAN KENNETH J. HICKS VERNE F. HILL JOHN W. HOGLUND JAMES R HOLAHAN MAYLENE HOWK LOUIS IDA ISAACSON LEROY ISAKSON RICHARD W. JACKSON DUANE H JACQUES L. NOMAN JENSEN VERNON JENSEN ARTHUR F. JONSON DONALD A. JOHNSON JAMES JOHNSON RUTH JOHNSON DONALD R. JORGENSON MARVIN W. KAMPSULA JOHN C. KARLSON RICHARD KASTNER ROBERT HUGO KATTMAN R08ERT L. KINNEAR DONALD KORHONEN GEORGE D. KROETEL EDWARD J. KRYNSKI MIKE LADICH WINIFRED C. LARSON JAMES LESTER EDWARD M. LIEBAERT JOHN W. LONGTINE RICHARD M. LOVE CAROL E. LUND8ERG Robert g. McConnell DOROTHY McCOURT Patrick McDermott WILLIAM B. McDOUGALL B. DONALD McGILL ELYNORE A. McHUGH JAMES H. MocLACHLAN 8AR8ARA McTRUSTY GORDON N. MALAISE JOSEPH MARCHES VIRGINIA MATTSON DONALD MEIER RITA MAE MENACHER MILES MILLER SHIRLEY E. MOBERG ARTHUR L. MORGAN CHARLES R. NEAL JAMES NELSON LAWRENCE DONALD NORD GENE O'BRIEN LAWRENCE E. O'CONNELL FREDERICK M. ODELL ELDON OLSEN DONALD G. OLSON ROBERT T. OLSON ANTHONY E. OMERNIK LARRY O'SHAUGHNESSY DONNA JOAN OTTENSMEYER JOHN PANYON ROBERT E. PAQUETTE RAYMOND C. PAULSON ALAN E. PEDERSON MARJORIE L. PEDERSON WALTER PETERS JUNE R. PETERSON MARLEN PETERSON ROY W. PETERSON VERNON P. PETERSON E. SEVERIN PETRON BLAKE G. PHILLIPS EUGENE BLOMMER FRANK POLLOCK TOM GEORGE PUCKEY DAVID H. RANTA JOSEPH RAYKOVICH PIERRE F. RAYMOND F. ROBERT RICHARD STEVE J. RINDO JOHN C. ROBARGE JACK E. ROBINSON KATHRYN ROUNCE BRUCE RUTHERFORD SAM RUTZKY ROBERT SALANI ROBERT SANGER KAY JOYCE SAUTER DONALD SCHMIDT DAVID SEAQUIST JUNE B. SEELOW DONALD SHANE ROBERT L. SILVERNALE DONALD C. SMITH WILLIAM STANLEY SMITH DONALD SODERBERG ROBERT C. SPICER ALBERT D. SWANY H. EMMET SWANSON ANTHONY J. TEMPLETON ELIZABETH A. TEMPLETON WILLIAM TIFFANY LOYAL W. TOWNE DONALD VECHELL GEORGE G. VELTON LAWRENCE VUCHETICH LAWRENCE WACHSMUTH WILLIAM WALLACE JOSEPH G. WARD WILLIAM K. WHEREATT THOMAS WHITACRE CAROL WILSON HARRY WILSON DAN WINTERS SISTER MARY ALBERTA KING. S. S. J.Downs trys helmet on Hester Kyllo ns Jackie Ber«ren. left, and Beverly Bramel look on CHEESECAKE FOR FOOTBALL: Capt. Bill Zell and Coach Mark Dean pose with Bill Bryant of Semper Compares. ffOPCHTY or jpCRtoR vtxTtENGLISH LITERATURE sets the treatment in Miss Oilman's class. Dr. Briggs conducts his Physics class.THE AIR ROTC UNIT makes its first appearance on campus. Campt. Lind berg conducts a class in air tactics. Dave Nyquist trys on new ROTC uniforms as Major Johnson and Sgt. Jacobson look on.RADIO CLASSES conducted by Mr. Oscar Hough surrounded themselves with the real atmosphere by conducting some class problems in the studios of WDSM in Superior. Here are two groups around the microphones experimenting.W.mM 11 Arlene Soelebecr and Esther Salmi, editor . Editorial Staff Editor___________________________Mrs. Esther Salmi Associate editor____________________Arlene Soetebeer Art editor____________________________Arlene Hanson Assistant art editors______________ - Marilyn Shaw, Loretta Herubin, and Delores Gross Publicity editor_______________________ Bill O’Keefe Staff photographers __ ____________Laverne Laurvick and John Lundstrom Sports editors . ...... Dick Lent and Bob O’Keefe Women’s sports editors ______ --- - June Peterson and Shirley Mikkoncn Club editor...................... Dorleen Bergeson Class editor_____________________________Jean May Feature editor________ . — Byron Goldstein Business Staff Business manager —----------------------Betty Lange Advertising manager------- Helen Gibbs Assistant advertising manager-----------— Emory Giles Circulation manager — Dorothy Bowser Assistant circulation manager Marilyn McKenzie O'Keefe, publicity— Emory Giles, buying subscriptionEmory Cilcs. assistant advertising manager, and Dorlcen Bergeson, club editor. Hetty Lange, builnni manager. Shirley Mlkkoncn. women' sports editor, and Marilyn McKeniic. assistant circulation manager. Arlene Hanson, right, art editor, and assistants. Loretta Hcrubln and Marilyn Shaw June Peterson, women's sports editor and Dorothy Bowser, circulation manager.Bob O’Keefe and Dick Lent, sport writers. Byron Cold teln and Jim Anderton. reporters. ftr t semester. Bill O’Keefe and Marse Conley, editor , first semester 'peft Mttet Sta Jim Anderson and Paul Hilton, editors, second semester First Semester Staff Editorial Staff Editor................................ Bill O’Keefe Co-editor-----------------------------Margie Conley Society Editor---------- __ __ __ Angeline Burch Sports Writers_________________ Bob O’Keefe, "Red” Wyczawski. Dick Lent Art Editor_____________________________ Bill Kolbe Copy Editors __________ Wayne McNulty, Dave McLeod Reporters __ _ James Anderson, Byron Goldstein, Norman Ofstad, Harold Torro, Tom Whitacre, Paul Hilton, Carmel Hartlund Business Staff Business Manager -------------------Jane Mannquist Advertising Manager________________ Helen Gibbs Second Semester Staff Editorial Staff Co-editors ------ Managing Editor Feature Editor Make-up Editor Society Editor Sports Editor Art Editor Copy Editor Photographers Reporters __ . Paul Hilton, Jim Anderson -------------Margie Conley -----Byron Goldstein _____________Norman Ofstad --------------June Peterson ________________Dick Lent ________________Bill Kolbe ______________Dave McLeod __________LaVerne Laurvick. John Lundstrom Louis Holst, Wilfred Sharon, Allan Price, Paul Akers Business Staff Business Manager ____________________Jane Mannquist Advertising Manager---------------------Helen Gibbs Circulation Manager-------------------Tom WhitacreANNUAL PRESENTATION OF HANDEL’S MESSIAH by the COLLEGE CHORAL SOCIETY and ORCHESTRA LUCILLE HAMMILL WEBB, Orgonist WILLIAM SCHLIEP, Conductor DONALD FOLTZ, Chorol Director Performance at Superior, Dec. 5, 1948 GUEST SOLOISTS STUDENT SOLOISTS Robert Ekstrom, tenor Gertrude O. Lorsen, controlto Audrey Thocmcrt, soprono Goil Olsen, controlto Hozel Thompson, soprono Irvin Nordquist, boss Paul Lundmork, bontonc Performance at Luck, Dec. 6, 1948 GUEST SOLOISTS Julie Ann Honson, soprano Robert Ekstrom, tenor STUDENT SOLOISTS Audrey Thaemert, soprono Eloine Emonuelson, contralto Pnul Lundmork. b ritcos A speciol feoturc of the ninth annual presentation of Hondcl’s immortol oratorio, the "Messiah" this year was the first out of town performance at Luck, Wisconsin. The trip was mode by a Soo Line speciol troin. Besides the Chorol Society ond orchestra, the group included severol of the foculty end o number of Superior business-men and their wives os guests. The performance ot Luck wos sponsored by the Luck High School Music Deportment. Mr. Curtis Honsen, choirmon.I First Row—Nancy Hopkins. Dorothy Olson. Audrey Thacmcrt. Elaine Kmanuclson. Mary Schrlcbcr. Second Row—Call Olsen. Paul Landmark. Glenn Carlson. Harvey Johnson. Marvin Johnson. Plano—Laura Hodsdon. Madrigal Singers For the first time in the history of the S. S. C. Music Department a Madrigal group was organized. The major portion of work was the singing of music made famous during the Elizabethan era. This group also proved quite flexible in the fact that it made possible a male quartet and a women’s double trio. They made a spring trip in May appearing at eight schools and made numerous appearances in Superior.First row: Billie Backus. Carolyn Hartman. Shirley Moberg. Dan Winters. Rosemary HerubinRalclo Rawn. Richard Swiler. Robert Cuatafson. Second row: Gloria Wilson. Marilyn Hanson. Eldon Olsen. Muriel Peterson. Robert Johnson. Charlotte Krantz. Audrey Holten. Donald Jorgenson. Third row: John Genoshe. Clarence Olsen. Stanley Olsen. Keith La Gasse, Robert Sergent. Robert Bemerlck. James Armstrong. Charles Neal. Fourth row: Richard Hegstrom. Kathryn Rounce. Jeanne Stouffcr. James MacLachlin. George Kachcy. Jack Allen. Top row: G. V. Haack (director). Marcus Myrman. Donald Faye. James Killon. Russell Hackey. Not present In picture: John Bradshaw, Donald Korhonen. Phillip Eaton. Lee Fonger. The College A music organization with dual purpose, that’s S.S.C.’s band. When the pep band takes over at football and basketball games, or at pep assemblies, the basic spirit it generates helps send our teams to victory. The concert group takes pride in presenting the finest literature for band. Concert Band Following a heavy program of athletic performances including a marching band the concert group took to the road for a series of appearances at four of the Northern Wisconsin high schools, the first venture of this nature since 1939. The final concert, to conclude a performance-packed season, was presented at the college on Tuesday. May 10, 1949.Superior State College Choir Donald Foltz. Director Front Row—Audrey Thaemert. Gloria Gabriel. Dorothy Olson. Vera Keith. E'.alnc Emanuel wn. Delores Grow. Ruth McKenzie. Nancy Hopkin . Laura Hodsdon. Second Row—Barbara DeBruyne. Janet Gundhus. Charlene Reece. Marilyn Hanson. Janet Sell. Call Olsen. Mary Schricbcr. Lois Sander . Jarmlla Brccka. Kathryn Rounce. Third Row—Violet Bertolluzza. Janice Hcimstead. Robert Dorfman. Harvey G. Johnson. Clarence Olicn. Henry Rauchenstein. Lloyd Jostad. Donald Foltz. Howard Ness. Dick Rlsberg. Anncttc McFarlin. Shirley Moberg. Top Row—Ed Olander. Wayne Smith. Ted Peterson. Gordon Hard. Paul Lundmark. Charles Cooper. Marvin Johnson. John Robarce. David Nyquist. Eldor Olsen. Absent—Margaret Lahti. Tolvo Rlnnet. Henry Aronson. The Choir took part in the “Messiah” as in the past as well as appearing in a concert presented by the Community Concert series and an annual spring concert on May 24.Left to Risht: Mr. Keller. Loretta Herubln. Janice Hclmstead. Mr . Swartley. and Janiee Ekholm. Concert Ensemble The Concert Ensemble consisting of faculty and students, is maintained for the study and performance of fine chamber music literature. This instrumentation, which this season consisted of a stringed quintet, is varied according to the literature studied. The group makes an annual spring tour to various high schools in Northern Wisconsin, in addition to local appearances, and college concerts. Faculty members (1948-49 season) were William Keller, first violin; Mrs. Edith Swartley, cello. Student members were Loretta Herubin, second violin; Janice Ekholm. viola; and Janice Heimstead, piano.Alpha Psi Omega The Alpha Psi Omega is an honorary dramatic fraternity for the purpose of providing a society for those doing a high standard of work in dramatics. It also provides a wider fellowship for those interested in the college theater throughout the United States and Canada. The fraternity is not intended to take the place of the regular dramatic club or other producing groups, but, as students qualify, they arc rewarded by election to membership in this society. A regularly-enrolled student of satisfactory scholarship who has participated in a major role of one long play, or two one-act plays, and has done work of such merit and quality as to be approved by the director, shall be eligible for membership in the Alpha Psi Omega, of which the local group is the Alpha Lambda cast. Membership can also be earned through work as business manager, stage manager, or student director for two long plays, or by taking minor speaking parts in four full length plays. Staff work, such as carpenter, property man, electrician, or work in scene painting, costume making and designing, may be credited toward membership as equivalent to minor roles. Front Row - Eileen Peterman. Arlene Hanson. Carol Wilson. Second Row—Jane MannquUt. Joan Greene. Rovemary Hcrubin. Becky Brccka. Top Row—Nathan Lupplno. R. E. OI»cn. John Budxynski. Paul Hilton. Richard Chapman. Harold Hoag.THE COLLEGE PLAYERS Present " ) 'Wtanui A Play in Two Acts By JOHN VAN DRUTEN Adapted from Kathryn Forbe’s Book “Mama’s Bank Account” Friday, November 19th, 1948 THE CAST Rosemary Herubin Richard Chapman Joseph McFarlin Edward Erickson Katherine Hart Marilyn Klang -----Judy Kyllo -------Dana Hill Rosamund Schliep Katrin___________________________Jane Mannquist Aunt Jenny Mama_____________________________Nancy Hopkins Uncle Chris____ Papa________________________________Allan Price Mr. Thorkelson Dagmar_____________________________Carol Wilson Dr. Johnson Christine______________________Eileen Peterman First Nurse_____ Mr. Hyde_________________________Robert Ritchie Second Nurse - Nels--------------------------- John Fritschler Soda Clerk _____ Aunt Trina____________________Catherine Tancig Madeline________ Aunt Sigrid______________________Jarmila Brecka Dorothy_________ THE COLLEGE PLAYERS Present "'Deem, A Comedy in Two Acts By NORMAN KRASNA Friday, March 18th, 1949 THE CAST Ruth Wilkins __ ____________Jarmila Brecka Miriam Wilkins________________________Eileen Peterman Albert Kummer____________________________Joe McFarlin Mrs. Edith Wilkins_____________Nancy Hopkins Judge Harry Wilkins _________Robert Chapman Lt. Wm. Seawright_________________John Tibbs Sgt. Chuck Vincent____________________Robert Ritchie Martha Seawright____________ Jane Mannquist Dora__________________________________Arlene Hanson Harold Klobbermeyer ........Stanley Verich Plans for next year call for the production of “The Rivals” by Sheridan and either “Pygmal ion” or “Candida” by Shaw.Owl and Serpent Club Founded in 1926 by a committee of four teachers, the Owl and Serpent is the original honorary scholastic fraternity at SSC. The organization was formed by Miss Geary. Miss Waite. Mr. Bolender, and Mr. McCarthy, for the purpose of advancing scholastic achievement. To be eligible for membership in the fraternity, a student must have completed 90 semester hours credit. Anyone with a grade-point average of 2.00 (B) is considered for membership, but not more than 12 students are chosen each year. Selected by the Credits Committee, the election is made at the close of the second semester of the candidate’s junior year. All students must be regularly enrolled in the college at the announcement of their selection. RUTH AUDREY BJORKMAN ROGER GREGORY 8RAMEL JOHN FRED CHAMPAIGNE ARLENE CHARLOTTE HANSON ELLA AMANDA HARJU WILLIAM RICHARD JEPSON MARVIN EUGENE JOHNSON EDWARD BERNARD OLANDER KEITH B. ROE MARIE ANTOINETTE SLADKY YASUO HIGA ROBERT J. THIEDEFront Row Ann Clsmoski. Evelyn Hankey. Charlene Recce. Evelyn Barron. Arlene Hamron. Dorlcen Bergeron. Cecelia Fitzgerald. Second Row—Mary Jane Johnson. Charlotte Krantz. Janet Cundhus. Onn Mac Isaacson. Mavis Wilson. Gloria Bystrom. Eunice Emcrlch. Joan Greene. Beverly Smith. Third Row—Janet Belne. Gloria Mae Nielsen. Dorothy Beckman. Miriam McDoncll. Violet Mae EMI, Pat Mlsfcldt, Vera Keith. Lillian Korpi. Yvonne Vogels. Diane Donatell. Kathryn Rouncc. Top Row—Marilyn McKenzie. Pat Moriarity. June Stewart. Ellynn KJcldscn. Janet Sell. Maxine Myrman. Doris Olson. Dolores Arnes. Carol Beckon. Ruth Ann Klauch. Rosemary Herubln. Jeaninc Haglund. Kindergarten Primary The A. C. E. members have their meetings every first Tuesday of the month. They have had many interesting speakers at their meetings including Dr. Hill. In social affairs, they had a Christmas party and Mother-Daughter tea. ARLENE HANSON ______________________________President PAT MORIARITY__________________________Vice-President CECELIA FITZGERALD--------------------------Secretory EVELYN BARRON_______________________________Treosurer DORLEEN BERGESON______________________Social Choirmon JOAN GREENE________________________Publicity Choirmon JEANINE HAGLUND-----------------Legislative Choirmon Advisor—MISS LOUIS ADA WILSONIntermediate Group The Intermediate department joined forces with the Grammar Grades and Rural departments to undertake a new project this year. Under the general chairman-ship of Gail Nelson the group made plans to send representatives from the Kindergarten-Primary, Intermediate, Grammer Grades, and Rural to Central High School on College day for the purpose of informally counseling students to show the opportunities and advantages that these departments offer. First Semester Second Semester MARQUERITE HARTMAN ..... President________FREDERICK PAHULA 8EVERLY JACQUES___________Vicc-Prcs. MARJORIE NATVIG ELEANOR WOLFE______________Secretory__________________ELIZABETH KELLY MAE ELLEN EDGETTE__________Treosurer____________________MARILYN SHAW Front Row—Elizabeth Kelly. Irene Biddell. Elinor Phillips. Dorl Syrlng. Second Row— Gloria Wilton. Gail Modern. Maura Manning, Alice Augustine. Marguerite Hartman. Mae Ellen Edgette. Top Row—Eleanore TempcIU. Rita Friola. Dorothy Cunnerton. rcdrlck Pahula. William L. William . Julia S. Peterson. Marjorie O'Brien. Gail Nelson.HOMECOMING: King Carl "Red" Wyeznwski and Queen Nancy Hunter in parade through Superior Streets. Red and Nancy lead grand march at Homecoming dance.CAST OF PLAY presented by women's dorm at annual formal faculty reception Mr. Webb gets plenty of attention when he enters Crownhart Hall to attend faculty reception  THE CROWNHART HALL FORMAL reception for faculty members brought out the best smiles from faculty and Crown hart residents. All enjoyed a pleasant evening.CROWN HART HALL uirls listen in on date conversation. Cutting hair at Crownhart Hall is thriving businessMR. WEBB pounding some harmony into his music students. Miss Carriar gives test to freshmen in English.FAREWELL PARTY for Mrs. Grace Quinn, school nurse. Above, refreshment table. Mrs. Hough. Dr. Iiill and Mrs. Grace QuinnDOROTHY OLSON. ROTC corp sponsor College Glee Club entertains wtih carols at Christmas time.,— LAMBDA DELTA CHI fraternity holds successful candy sale AIR ROTC unit Marks Time During drill in gymnasiumFront Row—daddies Weyandt. Harriet Wedin. Edith Horman. Wanda Petemon. Dclorc Brennan. Second Row Ora Jeanne Weyandt. Lucille Johnson. Ruth Rampier. Louise Isaacson. Dorothy Mclstcr. Sylvia Engen. Third Row—Pearl Levin, Catherine Shutt. Dorothy McKee, Dorothy McCourt. Beulah Formed. Elsie East. Latla Ronkalncn. Top Row—Sue Williams. Alice Brooks. Lester Carlson. Theodore Snnnwald. Maynard Holmes. Ingvald Shervy. Glenn Larson. Myrtle Phillips. Patricia Coming. Rural - Sigma Rho First Semester Second Semester EDITH HORMAN................. President__________LEWIS HOLST HARRIET WEDIN------------------ Vice-President___RUTH RAMPIER WANDA MAE PETERSON----------Sec'y-Treos__________DOROTHY McKEE DELORES BRENNAN .............Sociol Choirmcn LAI LA RONKAINEN Advisors—MISS CELIA CARSLEY ond MR. HARRY ANDERSON Students of the Rural State Graded Section are enrolled in either a two, three, or four year curriculum in preparation for teaching in one teacher and first or second class state graded schools. The organization of this section is known as the Sigma Rho. During the year, members sponsor a number of educational programs, excursions to places of interest in Superior and Duluth, and several social events.First Row—Carol Anderson. Elisabeth Kelly. Lalla Ronkalncn. Eleanor Phillips. Second Row—Mary Jane Johnson. Dorothy Gunnerson. Jcanlnc Haelund. Dorothy Bauman. Ruth Rainplcr. Third Row Rita Frioln. Marguerite Hartman, Janice Ekholm. Janet Sell. Alice Augustine. Mnblc Baenon. Gamma Phi Epsilon The Gammas opened their activities in the fall with the building of a football float with the motto. “We’re on the Ball,” for the Homecoming parade. They then held their traditional ••Duel" rusher, with the duel between the Gingham dog and the Calico cat as the theme. “Wisconsin Centennial” was the theme of the second rusher. In November, the girls held a formal pledge service in the Women’s Lounge and ushered at the play, “I Remember Mama.” A Christmas party, a candy sale, and a party in honor of the graduating members closed the semester. Pledges were initiated at a dinner in the Superior Hotel in February. The chief project for the second semester was the compiling, publishing. and successful sale of the student and faculty directory. Spring social events were an outing, a senior dinner, and a Mother’s tea. First Semester Dorothy Hogmon......... Pres......... Dorothy Gunnerson _____ Vice-Prcs. Rita Friola —.......... Secretory .. Marguerite Hortmon..... Treasurer . Second Semester .. Dorothy Gunnerson Mory Jone Johnson .. Dorothy Hogmon ..Jconine Haglund Faculty Advisor—Miss Dorothy WaiteFront Row—Jim Hill. Michael McNamee. Ray Paulson. Thomas Ryan. Irvins F. Ekclund. Second Row—LeVcrne Laurvick. Jim Ncwlandcr. James C. Eaitlund. Wallace DcBruync. Gene Olsen. Wayne McNulty. Glenn E. Landln. W. J. Ritchie. Third Row—Willis Warner. Bill Bcmrick. George Treadwell. Jim Brandser. Norbert Daley. Bob Walker. Dave Rauchenstcin. R. E. Olsen, James W. Nelson. Mike Daley. Top Row—T. Freymlllcr. R. C. Erlanson. Dick Doyle. Dean Mcrrell. James C. Findlay. Robert Makie. Robert Matthews. Arthur J. Olsen. Elmer G. Eckland. Cage Hanson. Gene O'Brien. Jim Whittier. Hubert Dodge. John Hannan. Fex Fraternity The Fex annual sweater dance this year gave the honor of "SSC Sweater Girl For 1949” to Jarmila "Becky'’ Brccka. Other activities sponsored by the fraternity were: A football dance in the fall, the 32nd annual Christmas formal at the V. F. W. Ballroom, the New Years Eve party for active alumni members at the community hall, presentation of gifts to the children of the city's orphanages on St. Valentines day. the annual stag banquet for members and alumni at the Gitchinadji Country Club, a formal dinner dance for members and their guests, and several private parties. Advisers—H. M. Weeks and John O. Danielson.Alpha Kappa The year began with a “Backward” rusher followed by a Smorgasborg. These activities closed with an informal pledge service and formal pledge dinner. A new field that was put forth was the Alpha Kappa Art scholarship award won by Leora Brunswick. Other events highlighting the AK season included an initiation party, several sorority parties, and an alumnae party. First Semester Second Semester ESTHER SOPER .............. — President _______ ROBERTA GIRARD CAROLYN HARTMAN .............Vice-President ........ GAIL NELSON FLORENCE ROUSH ............. Secretory ......... JEAN STOUFFER DONNA CONWAY ________________ Trcosurcr _________ LILLIAN TUKALEK Advisor—MISS JANE REHNSTRAND First Row—Florence Roush. Esther Soper. Carolyn Hartman. Loris Balko. Second Row Jean Endrlzzl. Carmel Hartlund. Gall Nelson, Chnrlette KranU. Kathleen Anderson. Roberta Girard. Top Row—Faith Nevln. Dorothy McKee. Maylenc Hawk, Violet Ebli. Lillian Tukalck. Patricia Corning. Diane Donatcll. Gloria Bystrom. Dorothy Micstcr.lota Delta Chi Activities sponsored by the Iota Delta Chi fraternity this year were: the all school dance held after a football game Sept. 17. a New Year’s Eve party, the 28th annual Easter formal held on April 23rd. and several private parties. Officers for this year were: President ___________— Ncol O'Shooghncssy Vice-President .......... Jim Swoicke Secretory — .........— Fronk Ostosjcwski Treosurer............ —..... Bob Poqucttc Choplin ................ John Hcnnessy Front Row—John C. Frltchler. Dr. Jay W. McKee. Ccorge Waldum. Second Row—Ray Patnodc. Harold Johnson. Robert E. Paquette. George A. McDonough. Frank Oataazewakl. Top Row—John Hcnnessy. Leonard F. Peterman. Lloyd Westerback. Neal B. O’Shaughnessy. James Sawlckl. James H. Pinkoskf. Gordon Skowlund.Delta Sigma JERRY RUTHERFORD ________________ President MARGIE CONLEY ............. Vice-President JACKIE BERGREN .................... Secretory ELAINE EMANUELSON _________________ Treasurer BEVERLY 8RAMEL______________________Sgt. at Arms Fall semester events for the Delta Sigma sorority included their football mixer Dec. 3 in the small gym. sponsership of the annual football banquet in the college cafeteria for members of the football squad, and contributing to a Christmas family. The first rusher of the sorority was in the form of a carnival theme, and the second rusher at the home of Catherine Tancig was the sorority’s traditional “High Tea.” The formal White Rose pledge dinner, followed by initiation ceremonies Feb. 15 at home of Mrs. Willis Brace climaxed these activities. Other Drama affairs included the annual May ball held May 7 at the Androy Hotel, the annual dinner honoring graduating senior girls, and an informal party given by the new members for the old members which was held soon after their initiation. Ftrtt Row—Margie Conley. Jerry Rutherford. Beverly Bramcl. Jackie Bcrsren. Elaine Emanuelson. Delore Crow. Second Row—Jean Marie MacDonald. Catherine Tancl . Hester Kyllo. Audrey Thaemcrt. Jean May. Lol Turner. Donna Lundmark. Third Row—Kathleen Bertalone. Jane Mannqulst, Ellynn KJeld on. Roberta Green. Betty Lou Balma. June Olson. Dorothy Han on. Top Row—Mary Beth Schlendcr. Ruth Ann Klauck. June Westcrback. Myrtle Phillip . Jane Rehn trand, Joanne Stcnsland. Joan Green, JoAnn VanBusklrk. Miriam McDonell.Front Row—David Nyquist, James Anderson. Wally Christianson. Robert W. Munning . Howard Peter . Thomas E. McCarthy. Second Row—Lee Fox. Frank W. Anderson. John Rutkowski. Glenn Stcinback. Richard L. Sell. John Sell. Kcrmlt Thomas. Third Row—Ted Peterson. Bob Johnson. Conway Jansen. Robert Haglund. Harvey G. Johnson. Robert Anderson. Lawrence Jordan. Ray Bloom, Troy L. Johnson. Top Row—Bruce Moodlc. Merlin Czoschkc. William Hansen. Paul Hilton, Joe Krutell. Raymond Dillon. Dave Rimn. Richard W. Jackson, Marvin Johnson. Robert Hansen. John W. Hoglund. Lambda Delta Chi The election of Carl “Red” Wyezawski as State’s 1948 Homecoming king highlighted the L. D. C.’s first semester activities. After a series of traditional rushers, new pledges were initiated at Lake Nebagamon. A basketball mixer, held Jan. 18, started the fraternity’s second semester activities. The SSC “colleens” were honored at the Shamrock dance. One of the outstanding events of the Spring season was the 28th annual Spring Formal. In addition to many private parties, the L. D. C.’s held their annual banquet in May. First Semester Wolloce Christianson Joe Krutell ___ Conway Jonson Gordon Hard ... Troy Johnson . Tow McCorthey _....... Officers Second Semester Pres...........Conway Jansen Vice-Pres. — Bog Haglund Secretary .. ,— Jim Anderson Treasurer......Morvin Johnson Choplin ... Wallace Christianson _ Sgt.-ot-Arms ..... Ted Peterson iLambda Sigma Lambda Fall semester events included the traditional "Cuckoo Bridge” first rusher, while a “Prison Theme" was used for the second rusher. The Lambda float “The Sting of Defeat” was awarded second prize in the annual Homecoming parade. Pledges were entertained at a formal initiation dinner followed by a dance at the Badger Inn. New members entertained the old Lambdas at an informal initiation later in the semester. A Mother’s Tea and Senior Dinner concluded the Lambdas successful season. Winter entertainment included the annual formal dance Christmas night at the Androy Hotel. The alumnae, during the winter season, also gave a skating party for the actives. First Semester Second Semester Marilyn McKenzie ...... Pres. ... ... Ruth Bjorkman Arlene Honson ________ Vice-Prcs...... Mory Schrieber Evelyn Barron ________ Sec'y .........Gloria Gobriel Annette McForlin .....Treos. .......... Betty Bole Helen Eckholm......... Sgt. ot Arms .............. Advisor—Miss Groce Barney Front Row.—Marilyn Shaw. Adeline Cabrys. Virginia Mattson. Second Row—Shirley Hands. Marie Sladky. Marilyn McKenzie. Eleanor Wolfe. Ruth Bjorkman. Arlene Hanson. Ralcic Rawn. Third Row—Barbara Eckholm. Joyce ChrUtan en. Loretta Hcrubln. Gloria Gabriel. Bernadette O'Connell. Evelyn Barron. Marion Eckholm. Ruth McKenzie. Top Row—Margie Estcn. Becky Brecka. Cola Guenther. Barbara Swanson. Rosemary Hcrubln. Dolores Arne . Marge O'Brien. Nancy Hopkins. Marilyn Hanson. Kathryn Rouncc. Kay Hart. Dorothy Olxon. Not In picture—Margaret Adamson. Betty Bole. Laura Hodsdon. Margaret Lahti. Helen Eckholm. Annette McParlln. Pat Moriarity, Mary Schrieber. Muriel Peterson. Janet William . Germaine Patten. Carol Berger. Winnie Larson.Semper Compares First Semester Office Second Semester Du one McElmwrry_____________President ......... -...Bill O'Keefe Pool Lundmork ...... Vice-President ............... Byron Bourgeois Russ Borogcr ....... ........ Secretory „____________Bruce Gould Chet Anderson ................. Treosurcr........... Chet Anderson Roy Anderson _ Historian............... Russ Borogcr Ralph Ellison ............... Sgt.-ot-Arms___________Rolph Ellison Front Row—Kenny Wcstlund. Bill O'Keefe. Larry Wick. Mr. Sid Wright. Advisor; Jack Rock. Steve Slromko, Second Row—Harry McKenzie. Duane McElmurry. Byron Bourgeoua. Roger Essen. Harry Wilson. Gene Hofstedt. Ed Pappelts. Bill Harrington. John Peterson. Bob Downs. Ed Seaqulst. Cliff Hill. Third Row—Don Soderbcrg. Ed Olson. Chet Anderson. Eugene Hoff. Russ Barager. Art Morgan. Del Craig. Ken Wataon. Bill Bryant. Al Wiles. Dick Sanger. Top Row—Bill Slmcich. Charlie Drayna. Bruce Could. Ralph Ellison. Bill Berger. Sam Lucll. Jack Tibbs. Roger Hill. Bob Mercier. The first social event of the year for the fraternity, was the sponsoring of a "Football Dance." Next.came the Homecoming parade, in which the frat copped third place, with their "Engine and a Caboose" theme. The Fourth Annual Thanksgiving formal was held at the Androy hotel, which opened the formal season of the year. The second semester included the fourth annual "Hobo Hop,” a fraternity sleighride and was climaxed by the annual banquet, late in May. Extra-curricular activities included many private parties held at a “local establishment.”Tau Alpha Chi The 1948-49 race for Homecoming queen found the Tau Alpha Chi gaining the honors with red-headed Nancy Hunter as the winning candidate for queen under the able guidance of her manager, Bev. Jacques. Taking place shortly after, was their first rusher in its traditional Chinese Tea fashion, followed by the second rusher which carried out a theme of ‘Top Hats.” The impressive candle light Pledge service was next on their social calendar. . . . this being followed by the formal initiation of all new members at the Badger Room of Hotel Superior. Sorority activities continued during the course of the year including several successful candy sales, collecting of charity baskets for needy families, a closed dance at the Onaway club, and the traditional basketball banquet honoring the court artists of S. S. C. First Semester Second Semester June Rusch ...._....—....President _____________ Mae Ellen Edgettc Donno Jockscn ........... Vice-president _______Cecelia Fitzgerald Evelyn Hankey------------Secretory ............. Beverly Smith Beverly Jacques.......... Treasurer ----------------Yvonne Vogels Betty Lange -------------Scribe _ ............Dorothy Me Court Edith Hormon ------------ Corresponding Secretary Front Row—Geraldine Saladl . Evelyn Monkey. Charlene Reece. Dorlccn Bcrgcson. Mary McKcough. Second Row—Eileen Peterman. Sylvia Wohlk. Janet Hclmstcad. Janet Gundhu . Barbara DcBruync. Gloria Johnson. Mac tiles Edgcltc. Cecelia Fitzgerald. Beverly Smith. June Rusch. Mary Burbcy. Gail Modeen. Third Row—Barbara Bong. Gloria Wilson. Bernice Munnlngs. Nancy Hunter. Ona Mac Isaacson. .Mavis Wilson. Joyce Sautcr. JstlCl Larson. Marjorie Peterson. Vera Keith. Mary Sue Williams. Ruth Lundbcrg Top Row—Carol Beckon. Yvonne Vogel . Lois Palumbo. Jean Sheridan. Donna Jackson. Ruth Sell. Doris Olson. June Stewart. Dorothy McCourt. Edith Horman. Elcnor Tempcll .First Row—Audrey Thacmcrt. Roberta Greene. Wilma MeTrusty. Marjorie Pederson. Bernice Munninx . Sylvia Wohlk. Second Row—Dick Rlsbcrg. Howard Net . Randolf Hanxstad. David McLeod. Myron Nelson. James E. Anderson. Harvey G. Johnson. Top Row—Paul I.undmark. William Itelwljt. Lawrence Nord. Donald Goetzl. Arthur Olsen. James Sawlckl. John Wilkins. Kenneth Ludvixson. Edward Olson. Roxer Essen. The Estaka 1948.49 1949-50 Audrey Thocmert-------------------President Donold Goetzl______________________President Jchn Wilkins...........—... Vice-President Horvey Johnson Vice-President Loura Hodsdon................... Secretory Williom McTrusty ___________ Scc'y-Treasurer Betty Bole--------...-------- Trcosurcr The STK or Estaka is an organization of the college students who are studying or have studied German. The letters STK are the initials of the club’s name—Sigen und Tanzen Klub, or singing and dancing club. At the meetings the members sing German Lieder, dance German dances and play German games. STK in an informal way supplements the class work but with emphasis on fun. The last meeting of the school year is usually a German “Picknick” with plenty of Wienerwurste and Kaffee.Sigma Gamma Chi The Sigma Gamma Chi Sorority began the year with an initiation of the new girls into the dormitory with their usual initiation pranks. Crownhart Hall started the season off right by winning first place in the Homecoming parade with their "Heart’s Desire" float. The girls are building up a tradition by having an annual all-school Sadie Hawkins dance. The proceeds of the dance were put into a special fund. The Christmas festivities were topped off with the senior reception tea held at the dormitory December 12. The officers for the year were: Dorothy Olson_____________________ President Eunice Emcrich ____________ Vice-President Phyllis Bollow........ _...,______ Secretary Maxine Myrman .................. Treasurer First Row—Rita Monnchcr. Barbara Jane Squire . Shirley Motoric. Dorothy Olson. Carolyn Hartman. Janet Hcimstad. Arlene Hanson. Lori Balko. Kathleen Bcrtalone. Elaine Sable. Second Row Yvonne Voxels. Sylvia Wohlk. Marguerite Hartman Gloria Gabriel. Dorothy Beckman. Nancy Hopkins. Kathleen Anderson. Roberta Girard. Betty Lou Balma. Janice Hcimstad. Sylvia Engcn. Third Row—Florence Roush. Gloria Nielson. Jean Endrizzl. Elinor Phillips. Carol Beckon. Arlene Soctotccr. Lillian Tuknlck. Violet Ebll. Julia Peterson. Dorothy Meister. Eunice Emcrich. Diane Donatcll. Top Row—Kathryn Bounce. Katherine Hart. Marilyn Hanson. Janet Sell. Dorothy McKee. Dorothy McCourt. Doris Olson. Patricia Corning. Dolores Ames. Ruth Ann Klauck. Muriel Peterson. Mary Beth Schlender. Mary Sue Williams.front Row—Lucille Johnson. Harold R. Anderson. Donald Olson. Rhoda Solle. Lois Handclnnd. Second Row Ora Jeanne Weyandt. Harriet Wcdln. Pcorl Levin. Joanne Solle. Janice Ekholm, Dolores Arnes. Diane Donated. Myrnn Stewart. Top Row -Myron Voth. Edward Staurseth. Randolf HanRstad. Ralph Turk. James Busch. Orvald Hnug»by. Charles Neal. Dick Hcestrom. Frank Geo. Baldin. Campus Christians RHODA SOLIE_____________________ _ President LOIS HANDELAND .............. Vice-President LUCILLE JOHNSON .................. Secretary HAROLD ANDERSON ............. _... Treasurer MR. DON OLSON____________________________Advisor II Corinthians 5:20 “Now then we are the ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ’s stead, be ye reconciled to God.’’ The Campus Christians is an inter-denominational group which met daily in room 301. The schedule for the meetings held by the group during the year consisted of Monday, Bible study, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, prayer meeting and Wednesday, a general prayer discussion. The group entertained similar campus organizations from Duluth Junior college, St. Lukes, and the University of Minnesota, Duluth Branch during the year. They were also called upon to present services at various churches in the vicinity in addition to invitations from Webster, Frederic, and Cloverland. A bus had been chartered at various times and the entire group made the trip. Apart from the religious activities, the C. C.’s enjoyed numerous outings and parties. These included a Freshman welcome, Christmas caroling. Thanksgiving and many others. A Parent’s tea was also held.International Relations Club The I. R. C. met the third Monday of each month to discuss and analyze current events. Dr. Wyatt Belcher, history instructor, served as advisor of the group, frequently furnishing background information for the topics at hand. Several guest speakers addressed the club on subjects of present day importance. Among them were Dr. Wasyl Halich on Russo-American relations, and Dr. Lewis Carey, who contrasted Russian and American ideologies and economics. Dr. Carey’s speech was wire recorded for presentation to the problems of democracy classes of Central high school at a later date. During one of the earlier meetings of the year. Dr. Belcher spoke concerning the significance of the 1948 elections. Through the Carnegie Endowment fund, the I. R. C. received numerous books for the S. S. C. library, coming from the national branch in New York. JOHN WILKENS------------------------------------President JOHN BALTES________________________________Vice-President MARY FRANCES HAWKINS__________________________ Secretory RANDOLPH HAUGSTAD_______________________________Treosurcr Front Row—Mary Jane Johnson. Lalla Ronkalnen. Mary France Hawkina. Second Row—Wyatt W. Belcher. Henry B. Cyr. Joseph C. Jak»ha. William C. Sloan. Third Row -Donald Mortality. Edward C. McCarthy. John Wilkin . Delbert Craig. F.ugene F. Hoff.Front Row—Marilyn McKenzie. Jerry Rutherford. Top Row Dorothy Olron. June Stewart. Dorothy HaKinan. Either Soper. Inter-Club Council MARILYN McKENZIE____________________President GERALDINE RUTHERFORD________________Secretory MISS ELVIRA GELLENTHIEN_______________Advisor One member from each sorority and the Women’s Athletic Association make up the membership of the Inter-Club Council. The purpose of the council is to agree on terms regulating rushing, initiating, pledging, dances, or any other questions that arise throughout the year, and to insure good fellowship.LAMBDA DELTA CHI basketball dance last winter attracted many to the gymnasium. Here arc two views taken during the Course of the evening.RKGISTRATION DAY with !)r. Irwin awl Miss Ohnrnn controlling the door. Wail your turn and stop shoving—some classes arc still open eryacson select courses. Lillian Korpiu and Delores Brennan cheek blackboard for registration times.A TRIGONOMETRY PROBLEM keeps one of Mr. Danielson's classes busy al blackboard. Mr. Weaver watches over his biology students during a laboratory periodCROWNHART HALL FORMAL RECEPTION: Candlelight service procession Crownhart Hall girls snapped on grand staircaseI REMEMBER MAMA was tlu» first play produced by the college players this year. Above shows a scene from the play Below is a group of players during rehearsal.STAGE PRODUCTION crews did much to make college plays a success this year. Above shows members of the stage pro duction class painting flats for the play "Dear Ruth." Below is part of the lighting crew of “I Remember Mama."SCHOOL DANCES in the gymnasium attract hundreds of students during the year. These two photographs reveal most students have fun.R. O. T. C. Officers Club The Air Force R. O. T. C. Officers Club is a new organization on the SSC campus. It is composed of the advanced students of the R. O. T. C. program and has as its'expressed purpose the development of leadership of its members. It is based on the officers clubs found in the services and it offers much experience in the intricacies of parliamentary procedure. Social activities are also an important feature of the Club. The annual Stag of SSC was sponsored by the officers club. The annual Military Ball is the major social event of the ROTC social season. This is sponsored by the club and incorporates both the advanced students and the basic students. Movies from the Air Force film library are shown at the meetings when they are available, to inform the members of new developments and methods of the Air Force that will help prepare future officers for future duty. The Officers club incorporates all things necessary for building good officers, leadership, education, and social abilities. Front Row—John P. Milokna. Karl Moravck. Ed G. McCartney. Dona'd Morlarity. Second Row—Irvine Ekelund. Henry B. Cyr. Richard D. Chapman. Frank Anderson. Jame Eastland. Top Row—Jack Allen. William Sloan. Roswell Olsen. James Sorenson. Thomas Hoskins. William Kolbc. Leonard Peterman. Jack Hannan.The newly formed Military Science Department of Superior State College, organized and sponsored a rifle team to serve as its representative in all rifle matches. Although hampered at first bv lack of experience and equipment, the team made a hearty comeback at the end of the season due to the acquisition of new rifles and an amclc suoply of ammunition with which to practice. The team is indebted to Sgt. Juel Jacobson for his untiring efforts in supervision and coaching. Next year the R. O. T. C. Rifle team will be looking forward to a bigger and better year, not only in inter-squad meets but also in national competition. This year the team fired the following matches: 1. Iowa State College. 2. Oregon State College. 3. Colorado State College. 4. Kansas State College. 5. Bradley College. 6. St. Thomas College. 7. Coe College. 8. University of Minnesota. 9. University of Wichita. 10. University of Illinois. 11. University of Iowa. 12. University of Missouri. 13. University of Indiana. 14. University of Nevada. 15. University of Denver. Front Row—Robert Scrgcnt. Jock Gcnoshc. Donald Schmidt. Harvey Heiberg. Second Row—Donald Vogt. William Sloan. Donald Meier. Thomas Hoskins. Top Row—Henry Cyr. Lawrence Jordan. Charles Neal. Richard Chapman. Frank Anderson. Howard Peters. R. O. T. C. Rifle Teampint Row -Cliff Wilts. Donald Vogt. Donald Schmidt. Donald Meier. Emmett Swanson. Second Row—Harvey Heiberg. Wayne Smith. Kenneth Bloom. Lawrence Jordan. Jim Mac Lachlan. David McLeod. Leo Good. David Nyquist. Third Row—Ray Bloom. Arigtotcl PappcIU. Robert Sergent. James Lester. Dean Arganbright. Don Peterson. Verner Dahlberg. Charles Neal. Howard Peters. Stan Olsen. Top Row—Arthur Larson. Sam Luell. Donald Jorgensen. John lfoglund. Paul Hilton. Roger Drayna. Ronald Nelson. Bob Conrad. Dick Love. Bob Block. Pershing Rifles DONALD PETERSON CLIFF WIITA_____ PAUL HILTON ____ HOWARD PETERS __ ----Preiident Vice-President ---- Secretory ---- Treosurcr The National Society of Pershing Rifles, the newest organization at Superior State College, is an honorary military fraternity. Only basic Air ROTC students who have honor grades in their ROTC courses are eligible for membership. The Pershing Rifles, named after their founder, General John J. Pershing, hold a national convention each spring and each local unit sends a crack drill team to compete for honors. Because of the late date of organization at Superior the unit was unable to send a drill team to the national convention this year, but the club plans to do so in future years. This year, in addition to several closed parties. The Pershing Rifles aided the Officers Club in staging the first annual Military Ball.1 YEARS of SERVICE I N SUPERIOR SINCE 18 8 8 Sporting Good Delta Power Tool 1888 Luggage - Camping Supplies • Sherwin-Williams Paints Jungers and Duo-Therm Oil Heaters - Eclipse Lawn Mowers 1011 TOWER AVENUE SUPERIOR WISCONSIN 1949 NORTHWESTERN OIL COMPANY VEEDOL MOTOR OIL TYDOL GASOLINE Visit Any Northwestern Service Station and Get "SERVICE WITH A SMILE" (a t e Class of '49 May Furniture Company "EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME” 1713 BELKNAP STREET DIAL 4133Sweaters ‘Va ztioH 7wte worn by Superior State College Athletes Spend part of your summer vacation in the fine lake region of Northern Minnesota. The Missabe Road reaches many of these localities. Furnished By Call the Duluth Union Nelson Knitting Depot for fares and service. Mills Co. Duluth, Missabe and Iron 2105 W. Superior St. Range Railway Company Duluth. Minn. Duluth. Minnesota Compliments to the Class of 49 DISTINCTIVE PORTRAITS COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY MUM Merg’s Studio 1509 Tower Avenue Dial 5261Left to Right: Boxing Coach. John Ennis; Trainer. Phil Arlautky; football Conch. Mark Dean: Athletic Director and Botkctball Coach. Leo DiMarco. SSC Coaching Staff Superior State’s athletic squads made strong bids for national attention this past year, and in several instances were righteously rewarded with just that. This high achievement was to a great extent attributed to the tutoring capabilities of the coaching staff. General overseer of the SSC 1948-’49 sports program was Athletic Director Leo DiMarco, who successfully undertook the task of filling the vacancy left by highly regarded, former head man. Ted Whereatt. Leo’s chief undertaking and most outstanding task of the past year was his guidance of State's basketball squad, which he led through a highly commendable season. The degree of success attained by this club was one which DiMarco may well be proud of. especially since the ’48-’49 era marked his first year at the sports helm at SSC. As Athletic Director, Leo deserves unlimited credit for the smooth, successful. and entertaining manner in which all of the college’s sports activities—both intramural and varsity—were conducted. The 1948 football squad also came under the tutelage of a new coach with the assignment of Mark Dean to that position. Dean proved that his past record, which included numerous championships in other conferences, was not just a farce by directing grid activities at SSC in a worthy fashion. Hopes for next year’s season are bright and with Mark in the driver's seal all should go well. Old timer in State’s sports counseling department is boxing instructor John Ennis. This year John completed his fourteenth year with the college. In that time he has played a leading part in building the school’s boxing program from scratch to one of national renown. If Ennis stays at the head of the mitt department, Superior State is certain to attain even greater fame in boxing circles. State's reliable trainer, Phil Arlausky, rates a prominent spot in the school’s athletic picture. Official healer and bone-mender, Phil is always on the job. His work with the newcomers to the football squad, the wholehearted support which he offers to the McCaskill sports aspirants, form a firm foundation of fundamentals which is the basis of all athletic endeavors.Football - The Yellowjackcts emerged from the rough course of the 1948 football program with an even .500 conference standing. Under the guidance of newly inaugurated grid coach. Mark Dean, the Superior State lads faired well considering the strong opposition which is to be encountered in this northwest area. As a season total. State's squad registered u record of five wins in eight starts. The expansion of the Wisconsin State College Conference to nine teams gave SSC the opportunity to compete with more opposition than in the past. Such teams as Milwaukee STC, Plate-villc STC and Whitewater STC arc now numbered among the ’Jacket’s conference foes. It is hoped that Coach Dean will return to State next fall. With a year of experience at SSC behind him and most of last year’s material returning next fall, Dean will be aiming high when he fields his second Superior squad. Regardless of the outcome of this past season or any future one, college sports fans in this part of the country can always be assured that the SSC spirit will never flicker. Win or lose our 1948 Style The success of the Yellowjackcts initial venture into the 1948 gridiron season, in which they stopped Bcmidji STC 13-0. was due largely to the expert playing of halfback Dom Moselle. Passing to end Ted Thomas for State’s first tally. Dom accounted for the next and final marker of the game on his own. He intercepted a pass on the Minnesota 25 yard line and scampered over for the TD. The other SSC point was acquired through use of Frank Pozega's educated toe, as he placekickcd the first attempt at an extra point. Seeking to continue their victory trend, the Yellowjacket's efforts were thwarted by a 26-12 defeat at the hands of the LaCrosse Indians. In this, their first conference game of the year, the 'Jackets were outchargcd by the overpowering line of the visitors. Despite an early 6-0 lead the SSC squad could not hold the Indians onslaught in check. A pass, Doc West to Hub Dodge and a short plunge by back Tom Suscns, resulted in State’s two tallies. State nipped their second conference opponent. Oshkosh, by a 26-13 score to re-enter the win column and raise local hopes. Outstanding Superior player in this fracas was veteran end Ted Thomas who snagged two touchdown passes and played all-around good ball. This SSC player continued to prove his worth throughout the remainder of the season. grid squads will always continue to display the highest qualities of aggressiveness and. above all else, good sportsmanship. First Row-J. Mllokna. W. DcBruyne. E. Hocft. W. Zell. T. Susent. R. Walker. W. Wc t. Second Row—D. Moselle. H. Dodge. C. Drayna. S. Soper. R. Elleton. S. Verlch. R Makie. R. Matthew . T. Thoma . Third Row—M. Galgan. R. Brown. W. Harrington. F. Bradshaw. L. Ander»on. H. Kallio. T. McGregor. R. Downs. K. Svcc. Foruth Row—C. Campbell. R. Nelson. J. Ralnaldo. R. Merclcr. J. Herman. E. Scaqulst. R. SaUnl. H. Wilton. F. Pozega. R. Rinhcl. T. Frymlller.'48 Resume (Cent.) Stevens Point STC bowed to State next, 26-7, as the host squad continued their long string of victorious homecoming games. Halfbacks Moselle and Zell scored TD’s for SSC. with Dorn scoring the first and last tallies of the game. Zell was the second to reach pay dirt, but the third Superior score was the highlight of the game. Most local fans witnessed for their first time a TD scored by one of State’s centers. This feat was accomplished by Joe Milokna who scored in a free ball after it had escaped the arms of Capt. Bill Zell and carried over the final stripe. Bud Mathews booted SSC's two extra points through the uprights. Dean’s squad slipped back to the .500 mark in conference play and lost all hope of gaining top league honors when defeated by powerful River Falls, 27 to 18. Despite the remarkable record of 11 pass completions in 13 attempts compiled by quarterback Doc West and an early 12-0 lead, SSC could not overcome the Falcon’s persistant surges. Fullback Wally DeBruync scored first and the other two were passes by West to Hub Dodge and Ted Thomas. In their fifth conference match of the season the ’Jackets were drubbed by Stout Institute 33-19. This contest was over the heads of Superior players as Stout chalked up 152 yards on passes, completed 7 of 13 attempts, and scored twice via the airways. State battled gamely from start to finish. Scorers for Superior were Ted Thomas und Howie Kallio. ends, and back Bill Zell. Frank Pozega kicked the only point after touchdown. The Yellowjacket’s conference finale was reward enough for the entire season’s work. State handed league champion Eau Claire its only defeat of '48. 13-0. Flcety Dom Moselle, braced by a stout line and excellent blocking, paced the field. Bill Zell, playing his usual brilliant brand of ball, scored first for State and Dom Moselle tallied the final six pointer. Pozega kicked the point. Outstanding line-work in this battle was contributed by Bob Brown. Joe Milokna, LcRoy Anderson, Mike Galgan and Keith Svce. The season ended on a successful note as the Orange and Black clad lads trounced their Duluth Bulldog rivals 21-6. Holding back a little. Coach Mark Dean sent 36 players on to the field, and had little trouble acquiring the year’s fifth win. Wally DeBruync scored twice for SSC, once on a line plunge and the second on an end zone pass from West. Moselle scored the other TD. Conference Statistics CONFERENCE GAMES ALL GAMES W L T TP OP Pet. W L T TP OP Pet. Eau Claire 5 1 0 72 33 .833 Eau Claire 6 1 0 92 33 .857 La Crosse 4 1 1 124 83 .750 La Crosse 7 1 1 177 96 .833 Milwaukee 4 1 1 72 39 .750 Milwaukee 4 3 1 90 73 .563 River Falls _.4 2 0 113 96 .667 River Falls 4 4 0 127 150 .500 Superior 3 3 0 114 106 .500 Superior _.5 3 0 148 112 .625 Stevens Point 3 3 0 77 65 .500 Stevens Point 4 4 1 136 112 .500 3 o 85 90 500 8 4 1 111 122 .438 Whitewater 1 4 1 76 109 .250 Whitewater 2 5 1 121 126 .313 Oshkosh 1 4 1 39 90 .250 Oshkosh 1 4 1 39 90 .250 Platteville 0 6 0 69 130 .000 Platteville 0 6 0 69 130 .000 SSC Statistics INDIVIDUAL RUSHING INDIVIDUAL SCORING GP BC YG YL NY Ave. Tds PAT PC TP Moselle 7 104 772 34 738 7.09 Moselle — — .7 0 0 42 Zell 8 91 481 11 470 5.16 Thomas — 5 0 0 30 4 38 Zell 3 0 0 18 West 8 62 209 60 149 2.40 DeBruync _ _3 0 0 18 Wilson 6 19 143 3 140 7.36 Dodge . 2 0 0 12 1 45 3 21 1 2 0 8 Drayna 8 10 30 5 25 2.50 Susens 1 0 0 6 n 13 22 1 80 Kallio 0 0 6 Walker _ 8 5 16 0 16 3.24 Pozega -0 10 5 5 Pozega 8 1 6 0 6 6.00 Matthews 0 6 3 3 F. Campbell 3 1 4 0 4 4.00 Bradshaw 3 1 4 0 4 4.00 Rainaldo 7 5 6 7 -1 -0.31 First Row—J. Whittier. H. Dodge. D. Moselle. Second Row- W. West. J. Ratnaldo. M Hennemy. M. Kr narich. S. Vcrich. Third Row T. McGregor. H. Kalllo. G. Omernlk. R. EMI, R. Makle. J. Lucas. Basketball 1948-49 Superior Slate's varsity basketball club cot off to a roaring start this past season, winning their first eight games in a row. However, U. M. D. upset the cart and from that first defeat through the remainder of the season the boys really had to work to stay in the upper bracket. Under the leadership of head coach, Leo Di-Marco. the cage aggregation wound up conference play with a record of seven wins in twelve starts. This percentage was good enough to place them in a two-way tie, with La Crosse, for second spot in league standings. Despite their excellent ’48-’49 over-all record of 14 wins. 8 losses, the 'Jackets hope for an even belter season next year, with practically every member of the team returning. Coach DiMarco, although pleased with past season's results, is aware that there is still plenty of room for improvement. If the capabilities of the cagers cannot be improved then at least the boys will strive to maintain the spirit and enthusiasm which is so necessary to cither victory or defeat. All SSC fans are assured that, no matter what the statistics may have read at the end of last season, or any future season, as long as Di-Marco is guiding the club there will at least be the fundamental “will to win.”Cage Statistics 1948-49 RECORD Own Score Opponent Opp. Score 74 Bethel College 43 57 Gustavus Adolphus 52 58 •La Crosse STC 51 52 •River Falls STC 49 55 St. Olafs College 43 48 Augsburg College 45 54 Macatester College 26 62 •Stout Institute 48 48 U. of Minn. (Duluth) 60 54 •Platteville STC 65 53 •Stevens Point STC 58 63 Bcmidjl STC 50 57 •Eau Claire STC 55 49 Macalcslcr College 37 55 •La Crosse STC 66 58 Bemidji STC 61 63 •Milwaukee STC 52 70 •Oshkosh STC 62 39 •River Falls STC 86 58 •Eau Claire STC 62 58 •Stout Institute 53 47 U. of Minn. (Duluth) 49 •Indicates Conference Games TEAM RECORDS Item SSC Opponent Ave. FG per Game _ - 20.2 19.8 Avc. Pts. per Game 55.9 53.3 Free Throw Attempts ... 450 Free Throws Made - ---342 Free Throw Pet. — .772 Personal Fouls 432 469 Avc. PF per Game ------ —19.6 21.3 INDIVIDUAL HONORS FG FT PF TP GP Krznarich 102 71 61 275 22 Moselle 81 68 50 230 22 MacGregor 76 63 61 215 22 Omernik . —76 42 79 194 22 Dodge 58 47 69 163 22 West 20 12 16 52 16 Rainaldo _ -- 13 13 33 39 19 Whittier _ _ 6 9 15 21 12 Ebli 6 2 16 14 10 Lucas 6 2 8 14 11 M. Hcnnessy 1 0 3 2 4 Makic . - 0 2 22 2 11 Goligoski - 0 1 0 1 1 J. Hcnnessy 0 1 2 1 2 Sample 0 0 1 0 1 Donovan 0 0 2 0 3 Kallio 0 0 1 0 1 Team Totals 445 342 432 1232 22 Opp. Totals 436 301 469 1173 22 WON-LOST BREAKDOWN Item Won Lost Pet. All Games _ — .14 8 .636 Conference Games 7 5 .583 On Home Court 9 3 .667 On Opp.'s Court 5 5 .500Kneeling—Willard Wanhalka. Jimo McCarthy. BUI Harrington. Byron Goldstein. Ernie Ripeeki. Standing—Capt. Cui Frye. Mike Daley. Don Soderberg. lx-Roy Anderson. Ed SeaquUt. Bob Longtinc, Ed Higgins. Mgr. Ted Frymiller. Coach John Ennis. Boxing - 1949 Style Boxing at SSC attained new heights in ’49 despite a short schedule. The five events which Superior mittmen participated in were five more milestones in the struggle of the boxing department to gain a top position in the national collegiate ring picture. Under the eye of veteran Coach John Ennis, the SSC squad furnished fans with some of the best cards ever to be seen in the college gymnasium. Despite the fact that Superior dropped its only two dual matches of the season, they supplied plenty of entertainment for home town fans. The season opened with the annual Intermurals Tournament which awards golden gloves to all participants. In their next match the mitt aggregation dropped a 5-2 decision to Wayne Teachers College, of Wayne, Neb. DePaul University of Chicago, put forth the opposition for the clubs only home card of the regular season. State lost out to their regarded foes by a scant 4-3 count. In post-season bouts Superior fared bettor, copping four of the nine contested titles of the 6th Annual Northwest Intercollegiate Tournament. This event, which featured 30 contenders from five northwest colleges, was held in the local gym April 1 and 2. To put a finishing touch on the year’s boxing activities Ennis entered two contenders in the N. C. A. A. National Boxing Championships at Lansing, Mich., April 7, 8 and 9. Although neither of the two entrees, Jim McCarthy and Bill Harrington, reached the finals of this affair they both portrayed the gameness and high standards of Stale’s boxing code. John Ennis in his 14 years at SSC has produced excellent teams of which we can be Justly proud. Since entering his pioneering squads in college boxing, he has lost only four matches. This amazing record presents a high mark for future squads to maintain. Using past accomplishments as a yardstick it is safe to say that in the not too distant future SSC will be the source of more than one national collegiate boxing champion.SSC Card Results INTRAMURALS RESULTS 165 lb.—Howie Peters d. Jerry Hermap 140 lb.—John Frilschlcr d. Stan Olson 135 lb.—Willard Washatka d. Byron Goldstein 155 lb.—Mike Daley d. Bruce Moodie 175 lb.—Ed Scaquist d. Henry Cyr 160 lb.—Bob Longtinc d. Gus Frye 155 lb.—Ed Higgins-Ernic Rzpccki—draw Hwt. LeRoy Anderson-Ralph Ellison—draw 145 lb.—Don Sodcrberg d. Jim McCarthy SSC-WAYNE RESULTS 125 lb.—L. Rouse. Wayne d. W. Washatka. SSC 145 lb.—K. Boughn. Wayne d. J. McCarthy. SSC 150 lb—J. Sherlock. Wayne d. E. Rzpccki. SSC 150 lb — D. Sodcrberg. SSC d. D. Suhr, Wayne (2) 155 lb.—P. Hartnett, Wayne d. B. Longtinc. SSC 175 lb.—C. Jensen. Wayne d. R. DcBrock SSC (2) Hwt. L. Anderson. SSC d. A. Jensen. Wayne SSC-DePaul RESULTS 125 lb.—W. Washatka. SSC-L. Kelly, DePaul— draw 165 lb.—R. DcBrock. SSC-W. Kocklcr, DePaul —draw 145 lb.—J. McCarthy. SSC d. P. Fleming, De-Paul (2) 175 lb.—R. Kelly. DePaul d. Ed Scaquist. SSC (1) 155 lb.—D. Amidci, DePaul d. W. Harrington. SSC 145 lb.—D. Sodcrberg. SSC d. H. Radcliffe. Dc-Paul Hwt. W. Shcrtler, DePaul d. L. Anderson. SSC (1) 6th ANNUAL NORTHWEST INTERCOLLEGIATE TOURNAMENT SEMI-FINALS: 125 lb.—Willard Washatka. Superior, d. Bob Brigham. U. of Wis. 135 lb.—Joe Mackey, U. of Minn. d. Dave Wiseman. U. of Wis. 145 lb.—Jim McCarthy, Superior, d. Ernie Wcr-rem, U. of Wis.: Don Sodcrberg, Superior, d. Bud Gunderson, U. of Minn. TKO-1 150 lb.—Ernie Rzpccki, Superior, d. Dwayne Wiltc. Bemidji, TKO-2 155 lb.—Bill Harrington. Superior, d. Jerry Hanratty, U. of Minn. TKO-2: Ed Higgins. Superior, d. Don Larson. U. of Wis. 165 lb.—Glen Laffin, U. of Minn., d. Bill Jefferson, Bemidji: Bob Longtinc, Superior, d. Walter Nichols. U. of Wis. 175 lb.—Paul Turgeon, U. of Minn. d. Bud Scaquist. Superior Hwt.—LeRoy Anderson, Superior, d. Calvin Roberts. Bemidji; Gordon Kowing. U. of Wis. d. Paul Brown, U. of Minn. FINALS: 125 lb.—Paul Basquin, U. of Minn. d. Willard Washatka, Superior. 130 lb.—Paul Kotrodimus. U. of Wis. d. Cal Lennox. Bemidji 135 lb.—Joe Mackey. U. of Minn. d. Ro s Hos-kins. Bemidji 145 lb.—Don Soderberg, Superior, d. Jim McCarthy. Superior. 150 lb.—Ernie Rzpccki, Superior, d. Mike Daley, Superior 155 lb.—Bill Harrington, Superior, d. Ed Higgins. Superior 165 lb.—Bob Longtinc, Superior, d. Glen Laffin. U. of Minn. 175 lb.—Gene Fleming, U. of Wis. d. Paul Turgeon. U. of Minn. TKO-1 Hwt.—Gordon Kowing. U. of Wis. d. LeRoy Anderson. SuperiorFirst Row Grace Slslo. Carol LindberB, Elaine Sable. Second Row—Rita Manachcr. Yvonne Vogels. Shirley Jones. Sue William . Lori Ualko. Third Row—Esther Soper. Carolyn Hartman. Louise Isaacson. Gloria Bystrom. Sylvia Enten. Fourth Row- Beverly Smith. Rosanne Schulz. Shirley Oakes. Marian Sampson. Marguerite Hartman. Wanda Peterson. Faith Nevin. Women’s Athletic Associaton The Women’s Athletic Association completed an exciting year of sports, including such activities as basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, speedball. softball, shuffle board, bowling, and rifle shooting. There was a very enthusiastic group of girls participating and the activities were enjoyed by all. Some of the highlights of the season included a volleyball game with the R. O. T. C. fellows. It was very enjoyable with only a few scratches and nails broken. Two basketball games were scheduled with the Duluth Branch girls. The State freshman girls were victors while the seniors were defeated. An intramural basketball tournament was again held with seven teams participating. The winner ______ see the W. A. A. Intramural basketball “loving cup” which decorates the women’s lounge. The W .A. A. bowling team turned the tables on a faculty bowling team when they won more than their share in a series of matches during the season. The Women’s Athletic Association has organized a rifle club this season which has been enjoyed by many. They held matches with the R. O. T. C. men, and expect to compete with women’s rifle clubs from other colleges.W. A. A. Activities VOLLEY BALL BADMINTON BOWLING RIFLE BASKETBALL TENNISIntramurals Athletic Director Leo DiMarco piloted sports minded SSC students through another successful year of Intramural sports. Continuing the intensive program of last year, the department offered opportunities for students to participate in a large variety of sports, rnnging from volley ball to golf. The student response shown toward the 1948- ’49 program was gratifying and the enthusiasm and spirit were rewarding. As in the past the aim was to include as many participants in as great a variety of sports as possible. The results were highly successful and certainly merit the carry over of the extensive program into next year's extra-curricular activities. MEN’S INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL The Men's Intramural Basketball tournament wound up this year with the National League champs, the Clowns, taking the trophy. The Clowns whipped the Old Men 43-34. In a fast final contest, played In the college gym. The champ , under the leadership of their playing manager Jim Sawlcki. won eleven straight games this season. That total Includes three tournament games. Second place club, the Old Men. were also champs in their own league, the American, having won eight and lost one during the regular season. Eight squads took to the court In this event. The only rule governing participation is that no player may be a letterman on the varsity basketball elub. As usual, this tourney was the highlight of the intramural program. Also, as In the past, competition was keen and the champs deserve a good deal of credit for their fine play and hard work. WOMEN’S INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL The girl's intramural squads completed their seasonal tournament with the Alpha Kappa Club coming out on top of the heap. Play was of an unusually high standard this year and all participating teams showed well throughout the season .especially In tournament games. The championship team, the Alpha Kappas, composed of forwards Esther Soper. Violet Ebli. Jean Endrixxf. Lil Tutalck .and guards Loris Balka. Gloria Bystrom. Dorothy McKee, and Dianne Dona tell, won their laurels by sweeping their tourney schedule with four straight victories. MEN’S ALL-NATIONS TOURNAMENT The SSC annual All-Nations Tournament drew to a close with the Shamrocks drubbing the Engltsh-Irtsh squad 33-M. to cop the championship. The win gave the Shamrocks an .800 percentage mark in tourney play as a result of four wins against only one Iocs. This entire event was marked by the fact that all teams were of comparatively equal strength, thus no winner had an easy )ob of it. Another earmark of this, and so many other Intramural sports events, was the fact that Jim Sawlcki was leader of the champs. Sawickl's enthusiasm for such programs is always an Incentive for other participants. The 1949 tourney featured nine contending aggregations with the chief rule In effect being one which provides that team rosters must be composed of individuals who have at least one parent of the particular racial stock. SSC Cheerleaders Left to right. Eileen Peterman. Loris Balko. Betty Balma. Sue Williams and Barbara Bong. COACHES GALORE snapped at football conicd. Coach Dean. Ted Whereat!. former SSC athletic director. Arlowski trainer, and DiMarco. athletic director. SSC Football squad returns to field at end of halt ime restWALLACE DoBRUYNE trying to duck from Stout tackier in football battle last fall. It was cold when we met UMD in a football contest that wound up the season. SSC won.SSC CAGERS shake hands with Coach DiMarco before the start of a basketball battle Omcrnick and Nate DeLong of River Falls vie for tip-off in starting of battleCLOWNS—First place winners in intramural basketball tournament. Front row: Ladich. Sawicki, M. Hennessey, D. Peter son: Back row: MacDcrmott, Westcrback, J. Hennessey. Bill Grimsrud. Old Men—second place winners. Front row: Moravek. Patnodc,Barron and Zell Back row: Kubula. Moriarity. Bergstrom.CLOWNS AND OLD MEN battle it out for -championship of intramural basketball league. Clowns were winners. SSC Cagers and visiting team on sidelines during time out period. Press box can be seen back of playersWashatka and Goldstein Frye and Longtinc Stan Olsen and Fritschler Higgins and RzcpcckiTIIE MESSIAH SPECIAL: Members of the orchestra and chorus pause to be snapped as they are nlxmt to board special train to Luck where Messiah was presented in December.MESSIAH CHORUS MEMBERS wave goodbye from rear of observation car at Soo station, on way to Luck A postman's holiday for male choristers during ride to Lu on Soo line, getting in trim for Messiah performance.MESSIAH group arriving in Luck got cold and crowded into baggcgc room awaiting buses to take them to Luck High School Director Foltz enjoying the spotlight with students during trip down on Messiah specialTHE MESSIAH group boards school buses at railroad station to be taken to Luck high school. LUCK AUDIENCE hears performance of MessiahCOWOVCT FACULTY AN’D ALUMNI wore among those on trip to Lurk for Messiah performance. Thorpe Langley gives ticket to conductor for 200 passenger in Messiah group. Mr. Schlicp grins with approval.WHICH ONE HAS THE TONI? Gene Olsen. left, and George Glenson. GITCHE STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER. John Lundstr■4. 1 om. Stacks of dishes and conversation in cafeteria. COLLEGE CAFETERIA steam tables where hunjjr.y students pass by.CHEMISTRY BUILDING opens to send students to other classes CINDERS, compiling his memoirs of days at Superoir Stat 7 Gun rfduenti en : A lot of people have worked hard to make this year's annual possible. To the many merchants, both in Superior and Duluth, we owe a debt of gratitude for the very important part they have played. It is outstanding proof that the merchants are strongly behind the projects we undertake here at Superior State College. We express our deep appreciation for the firms who have helped sponsor the 1949 Gitche Gurnee. ‘ Look For . . . And Ask For . . . Arrow Shirts At Brandser's” "Flavor Fresh" Dairy Products RUSSELL’S Food Products are "Flavor Fresh" because they are direct from farm to you ASK FOR RUSSELL'S ice Cream — "Smooth Frozen" Grade A Milk Whipping Cream Homogenized Milk Cottage Cheese Chocolate Milk Butter Russell Creamery Company Broadway and Ogden Dial 5522 Visitors? always Welcome REMEMBER THE NAME WD8M few" ” 1230 on the Dial American Broadcasting Co. 1111111111 y Your Symbol of Quality Service DIAL 7788 911 Ogden Ave. 1411 Belknap ST. 2022 TOWER AVE. COMPLIMENTS OF Zower Electric Co. “NO JOB TOO BIG; NONE TOO SMALL 1414 TOWER DIAL 2-2832 Marsh Me Lennan of Wisconsin, Inc. W. R. Bolton, Iss't. Vice President GENERAL INSURANCE 1222 TOWER AVE. PHONE 4083 TYOMIES Publishers and Printers Oldest Finnish-American Daily 601-603 Tower Avenue Dial 4961 CITY MARKET HENRY COHEN, PROP. Quality Groceries and Meats Corner lltli and Tower Dial 4453 Compliments HOUSE OF FLOWERS 1.107 Tower Avenue Dial 6581 Compliments Of Wisconsin Typewriter Co. Rental Typewriters and Dealers in L. C. SMITH and CORONA TYPEWRITERS 1.106 Tower Ave. Dial 6901Valley Brook Farm Creamery ¥1 Satisfaction use Dependable Dairy Products Twin Ports Icc Cream X)2 - W4 Belknap Creamed Cottage Cheese Dial 8531 Superior's Largest and Most Modern Drycleaning Plant OLZBERG’S CLEANERS - DYERS - FURRIERS DIAL 6685 CORNER HAMMOND and BELKNAP -WHEN HOLZBERG'S CLEAN IT - - IT’S C-L-E-A-N" FURNITURE - RUGS APPLIANCES 6 rani HOUSE FURNISHING BELKNAP AT OGDEN SajriiC WISHING CO.Vimtaim rpvirx 1106 Belknap Street Our 40tli Year at 7tli and Iower Quality Clothes for Men and Hoys SaSSmDSKI SEVENTH AND TOWER CRONSTROM S CASH FOODS EVERYONE LOVES TO EAT OUT Try Our Delicious Meals and Our Home Made Ice Cream Open Evenings and Sunday 1316 BELKNAP ST. — — — ACROSS FROM COURT HOUSE BRIDGEMAN’S . . . RICH DAIRY PRODUCTS QUALITY ICE CREAME. O. Thompson Grocery The Store of Quality and Service We carry at all times a complete line of Staple and Fancy (Irooeries FRESH FRUITS and VEGETABLES "Try the Cheerful Service” Tu verson Service Station Expert Automobile Handling Fuel Oil Deliveries Washing and Greasing Jobs 1422 Tower Avc. Dial 7718 The Telegram Job Shop Over 54 Years of Priming Service The Most Modern and Largest Commercial Printing Plant in Upper Wisconsin Evening Telegram Bldg. Dial 4411 Always Remember in the years ahead — Eyes are PRICELESS Light is CHEAP! ☆ ☆ ☆ Superior Water, Light and Power Company Belknap and Cummings Dial 8621 The Vogue Bootery "YOUR SHOE STORE TOR 25 YEARS" ★ l-'IX Tower Avenue Superior Fhoiie "4 )3 COMPLIMENTS OF ‘Roltutd 'Suck INCORPORATED ENGINEERS Telegram Building Campbell Lumber and Supply Company COMPLETE BUILDING SERVICE Muilding Material Store 1808 Tower Ave. Material Yard 54th St. and Butler Avenue Dial 7241 1L QUICKPRINT CLYDE H. THOMAS. Prop. Commercial Printing 1820 X. 12th Street : Superior, Wis. SAFFORDS, Inc. SCHOOL SUPPLIES Greeting Cards . . . Gifts ART SUPPLIES Dial 2-1721 1312 Tower Avenue Sasner’s Emporium CLOTHING AND SHOES For The ENTIRE FAMILY 1017 Tower Ave. Dial 4602 Clemens Agency INSURANCE REAL ESTATE - LOANS ☆ 1717 WINTER STREET Chefs Restaurant SUPERIOR’S FINEST (Air Conditioned) Welcomes You "Food Prepared to Your Taste" McNulty and Harris Owners Across from Post OfficeCompliments of lord Mop kins Co. World’s Finest Drug Stores Phone 2-1211 1221 Tower Ave. Superior AVis. You Can Find— The best in light lunches ami finest selection of hake good . AT Federal Bakery 1116 Tower Avenue Dial 5NM Milton M. Ilinz Scott Williamson COMPLIMENTS Ellis Plumbing Heating Company Plumbing Shop On Wheels "We Carry liverylhtny With Us" Superior, Yis. - 1414 I’.cl knap St. 6 Phones—5551 Berthiaume’s GROCERIES. MEATS, and OUR OWN BAKING 1415-1417-1416 Tower Avenue Superior, Wisconsin s4 'p'lee "Piete AiydtA tdc ★ Serving You ★ Serving the Community ★ Serving the Nation THE EVENING TELEGRAMSAVE IN A SAVINGS BANK Home Mortgage Loans The Workers’ Mutual Savings Bank Member FDIC 802 Towei Avc. Su| erior, Wisconsin In Superior for Fine Furniture and Appliances its . StOM fa Congratulations to the Class of 1949 ☆ For Hard Building Material Fuel and long-Distance Hauling . . . SEE Northern Supply Fuel Company 809 Winter Street Dial 3832 H. CEDAR A complete line of Elgin and Hamilton Watches as they are the finest in timepieces. 1213 Tower Avenue SINGER SEWING MACHINE COMPANY We Supply All Sewing Needs 1210 Tower Avc. Dial 6851 CLASSES WEEKLY In beginning and Advanced Sewing The Store for Young Men ASHBY’S TOWER FLORAL Dial 2-2512 llondcd Member of F. 'I'. I). Patronize our AdvertisersCareer or College . . . Fun or Frolic . . . You’ll find just the fashions Northern Wisconsin's Leading Department Store! SUPERIOR STATE COLLEGE Founded 1896 A Teachers College A Liberal Arts College 'Two Three and Four Year Teacher Training Courses Kindergarten through the Senior High School Four Year Liberal Arts Courses Preprofessional Courses in all fields All Four Year Curriculums Lead to the B. A. or B. S. Degree For further information Address the Dean at the College Superior. WisconsinCOMPLIMENTS OF KARI GARAGE STUDEBAKER SALES and SERVICE 1002 Ogden Avc. Dial 2-3343 LOUIS G. HOWATT JEWELER 1425 Tower Avenue Capitol Candy S- Tea Rooms, Inc. CHICRAS BROS. ★ 1114 Tower Avc. Superior, VVis. COMPLIMENTS M. BERGER HARDWARE. FURNITURE AND SPORTING GOODS SMART YOUTHFUL FASHIONS ☆ .Ljjhtlo y s 1402 Tower Ave. Compliments of Lignells Rexall Drug "Your Friendly Store" 1022 Tower Avenue Dial 8553 Corner 6th and Tower Dial 3873 il RCCULAR CR,h7 |U HarcoI coffee Pressure Packed Compliments of Braham Granite Works, Inc. Designers and Manufacturers of CUSTOM BUILT MEMORIALS MARKERS and MAUSOLEUMS 1612 Tower AvenueFrisco Cleaners and Shoe Repair Shop Shoes Repaired Odorless Dry Cleaning and Pressing Our work is our best advertisement 1426 Tower Avenue DIAL 5752 Laundry and Dry Cleaning . GIVE US A CAM. Hawkins Laundry 'Thev Satisfy" Dial 5565 Ogden Near 13t): If you enjoy eating well - prepared meals in a pleasant atmosphere Choose The Coffee Shop OK THE HOTEL SUPERIOR "Young People Welcome” HENDRICKSON'S Standard Service "Stop for Service . for service never stops" Belknap at Grand Dial 9989 We were glad to have had a part in the publishing of the 1949 Gitche Gurnee R. D. HANDY, Inc. Artists - Engravers - Electrotypers 30 East Superior St. Duluth, MinnesotaV 1 c has bound books for many years and knows how. Phone 6892 Superior Book Bindery riiimc 5142 710 Winter Street. SILVER-TONSBERG COMPANY 1714 NORTH I2TH STREET Everything For A Comfortably Fashionable Vacation Commercial Printing 1’rices to Kit Your Budget Stacks PRINTERS OF THE 1949 GITCHE GlIMEE Selden’s Inc. A Combination That Makes For The Tops In Meats. Groceries Hardware Performance and Economy ☆ COOLERATOR and ICE Two Phones: Dial 5518 5833 Tower Avenue ☆ Superior Floral For Parties Use Ice Cubes or Sized Ice Company Telegraph Florists Superior Ice Fuel SAY IT WITH FLOWERS” Company 1416 Tower Avenue Dial 2-1432 Dial 3282 Office. 1517 TowerMotor Inn, Inc. Nash Sales Service Hotly Fender Straightening Wheel Aligning Balancing Complete Automotive Service 24 Hour Wrecker Service 12th and Ogden Dial 8002 Su| erior, Wis. For Complete Satisfaction Send IT T ☆ CAREFUL CLEANER8 1116 BELKNAP DIAL 9041 Cash and Carry Service DELIVERY SERVICE Peoples Drug Store J. A. GRIMSRUD A. C. HAUGEN. Prop. Two Phone»: Dial 9161 - 9841 you don 7 know drugs-know your Druggist 1 ☆ 1124 BELKNAP SUPERIOR, WIS- Mather Pharmacy, Inc. Prescription Experts Board of Trade Building 1505 Tower Avc. Superior, Wis. For Quality Furniture See Lurye Furniture 1208 Tower Avc. Dial 4040 Estimates Cheerfully Given Geo. J. Morrisette CONTRACTOR Plain and Ornamental Plastering Stonckote - outside finish Wrightex - rubber floors Plastic Tile- 1504 Belknap Dial 2-2093 —-- - — - - - WE CARRY . . . A Complete Line of School Supplies Come in and inspect our moderately priced, high quality merchandise THE M.D. McLean Stores 1120 Belknap Street 2280 Fast Fifth StreetCompliments of Kelly Furniture Company 1302 Tower Avc. Dial 9232 Northern Jobbers, Inc. CANDY CIGARS TOBACCO Dial 8711 913 Tower Avc. Superior, Wis. Fagerlin Fuel Company Coal 8 Wood Shell Fuel Oil Automatic Heating Equipment 0th Baxter Superioi LARSON [II J LV COMPANY 1414-20 Odgcn Avenue, Su|»crior, Wis. ENJOY Good 8ats with FOUNTAIN SERVICE at Al’s Eat Shop Located in Peoples Drug Store THE CITY OF SUPERIOR says Congratulations and Best Wishes to the SSC Graduates of 1949 Superior has been proud to serve as host to you students during your successful years at the college. May we extend our best wishes for your every success in the future. City Council George Erickson, President Henry Skudstad L. M. Hagen Edward DcBrock A. I). Whealdon Clyde Thomas Richard Wheaton Win. J. Dcegaii, Jr. City Manager R. E. McKcague. City Clerk Geo. I). Flynn. City A HomeyBenson Electric Company CONTRACTORS ENGINEERS GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES 3rd Grand Ave. Dial 5548 Knudsen Brothers Shipbuilding 6k Drydock and Northern Engineering Campbell Motors Hudson ft Packard Sales Service Corner of 9th Nothin Superior's Oldest Dealer For the Most for Your Money TRANSIT BUS No other means of public transportation offers so much for so little. No other is safer, more economical, and more all - weather dependable. Duluth-Superior Bus Co.Forstrom Motors, Inc. Lincoln - Mercury 1 707 N. 14th Street. Superior. Wis. Mini 77.t“ MOVING STOR AGE Baggage and Parcels to All Parts of Superior and Duluth Superior and Duluth Transfer Co. PI 1 Tower Avenue Dial 4471 ALLOUEZ MARINE SUPPLY COMPANY For Fine Service ☆ HIM. 5567 BELKNAP ELECTRIC CO. Flectric Wiring and Fixtures 1513 Belknap Dial 2-1103 BARBO’S DRY CI.F.ANRRS and DYERS "Definitely Metier Cleaning ’ Pick-Up and Delivery Service Dial 3877 181.1 Iowa Avenue Superior. Wis. COMPLIMENTS OF O. E DUNN CO. j REAL FSTATE 1114 Belknap Si. Dial ‘ |r,| Lang’s Music Store Bueschcr Band Instruments Music Supplies. Accessories. Repairs 1510 Belknap Dial 8070 DeVinck-Madsen Pontiac Cadillac Co. Mill-05 Broadway Phone 4042 MACK TRUCKS COMPL IMF NTS OF Superior Funeral Directors Association Superior . WisconsinCompliment Of Community Drug Store 714 Tower Ave Dial .4763 COM IM.IMKXTS OK Marcus Company Sporting Goods, Luggage and Jewelry 728 Tower Avenue GREENHOUSES Flowers for all Occasions 24th Street and Klinira Avenue Superior. Yi$. Phone: Dial 9203 SUPERIOR MOTORS, Inc. BUICK SALES A AND SERVICE 1705 Tower Ave. Dial 20171 Superior, Wisconsin Modem Cleaners CLEANING - PRESSING - HYPING ☆ 1016 TOWER AVEXIT. - Dial 5477 2111 TOWER AVEXUE - Dial 2-2971 SUPERIOR. WI SCO X SIX BILL SOLEIM MARTY SOLEIMRookey Transfer Company COAL. - COKE - BRIQUHTS Insured Moving Service 18H Belknap Dial 3 W COMPLIMENTS OE WOLD Tailors Cleaners Stack Brothers, Inc. PLUMBING « HEATING CONTRACTORS ☆ 1718 WINTER STREET Superior, Wisconsin ☆ COMPLIMENTS OF Ross Electric Co. 1717 Belknap Si. Dial 6687 AutographsPAUL DUO PUOtT POUND BUT IT FILLED UP WITH WATEB PO fT COulONT BE UPtO.. PAUL rhlP IP THE COI rPTALK THAT PAUL' TO PHOW TOjHf of OfNNEfc AT PAlfljr CAMP l WAP AN ENOCMOUP VMbtQJHL'HO'. CEMENEffljttfcP WEB UPEO ATTCe. TWO HUf aEP"CrALLON KETTLEP CACBlfO THE BATTtftlOA' ftlUUU GCfAJtp BY COUteCD POVP1 WITH BACON LABP PTRAPPEO TO THElfc FEET. BELT Qi Ci .CONVEVORP BBOU HT THE FINIPHED GfilDDlE v CAKEP TO THE TABLE . " r£ THlP THE WAV PAUL'f MEN 9HABPENED -AXEP... | ‘WHEN BABE WAP PICIC, PAUL CAUGHT | A COW WHALE PO ME COULD FEED THE OX WHALE VVIUO.. r 'When raul went TEAVfclllNG HE JUPT HITCHED BABE TO THE WHOLE CAMP AND HAULED IT TO ITT NEW LOCATION.. THET COuiD MOVE THREE THOUPAND MILEU IN ONE DAY- THlP IP THE UPPlOE DOWN V MOUNTAIN THAT PAUL LOGGED OFF. A BEAL JOB... OO PAUL LOGGED OFF • A- THE DAKOTA P UPlNCr • AN AXE HEAD TIED TO A BOPE THE ROCKIE.P WEBE BUILT WITH 0IB.T THBOWN TWP WAY WHEN PAUL WAP DEEPENING THE ft THE MIPPIP. WAP C BY A I ONE WATER £N FOB THE JOB... Mippippippi.r m PAUL' BRINY TEABP FILLED PA IT LAKE WITH I TP PALTY WATER,.. PAUL'P OINNE PO C THAT IT WAP BL OF LANO l RAUL UPED A PAIL KPWfOR A BQATL r AS .w •PAUL PILEO ' ABOUND A PIKE POLE CAUPlNGr PUCEIP PEAK. ... A ' WHEN PAUL WAP OUT JFOR A WALK. HE DRAG- G€D HIP PEAVEY HOOK, "AFTER HIM DIGGING-THE GfiAND CANYON.. THIP IP JOHNNY TBYING TO DIPCOV HIP PURVEYING PI TAKEN BY PAUL THE IDEA. ( IN THE LAND OF THE PTONEWOOO TBEEP PAUL INVENTED THfr 2 EDGED AXE THAT PHARPENEO ON THE —iw — -r ftAr.K Pwmrv-P T oniv 7 BAur; BUNYANf map. UNITED DEPICTING SOMf: OF HIS D€r€DS QV EXPLOITS 744a ONE day; jM AVI NOT NOTHING TO DO, PAUL FOUNDv. THE PKELErTON Of- A MOOPE ____ 0 DIED OF- OLD AGE". J£ FolBdwed ITP TBACKP AND FOUKR THE PLACEr THE rr GOCN.. ■M A r fOUADOVOH (NOT _ , JAM 6UNDIB(ON Olt£ CZnwL Ikt, Ikn JA A, JOHNNY IHKILIMGCIA OklOa DIO HM( OLE . CAOdHAUL 7lu RLzcJcamuA Stomr , IN THE VEAROF-m WWFCP THE TEMPERATURE --- NY ' Ntvei? ABOVE , ,. 200 BtlOW 2ERO.PPOKEN WORDS , , 'SO »»» AND FROZE in THE AIR., THE VSOFTEN MET THEM AND WHEN THEY THAWED IK THE Y Tw D‘N WAP AWFUL.. fWMP FEET CAUPfeD li F JO.OOO LAKES' AND TH ;——xIRon mjnep __■ MINN. v-Y .. OPAULT ItD THE NORTH IS 'WIND. TO THE NORTH POLE WHICH HE HAD CARRIED 689 Mlt« FROM NOWHECET PAUL DDCr THC GREAT LAKE- TO MAKE A WATER. Hou Dte;tAde.,T ■ ippT' AUPE3 EAK. Ul ?F rauUt i mows.. THI5 IP THE BRIDGE MADE OF PRUNE-PTONEP USED IN THE CAMP ON THE 816 ONION AND, LITTLE GARLIC RlVERP., IN WlPCOWPlN. THiPlPl APIDEi HILL GOUGER.1 -A DOUBLE-.HEADED PAUL WAP BORN IN 'THE PTATE OP MAINE ''AND THE STORK WAP IN THE STATE OE EXHAUSTION. WHERE PAUL , PTRAIGHTENED iTHE ROUND Rr UN MICHIGAN. ____ when Paul was two , rYf ARP OLD HE BUILT THE NIAGARA FALLP fV HE-COULD TAKE- A PHOWE-IR BATH... THIP IP -S PAUL WAP JgT PCMOOL Of F THE COAST , 09 Of MAINE. PEVEM X tyARPHlPP WERE PUNK C TRYINO TO AWAKEN HIM.; • £1 Jtr 8BSI rfc MC9I WAP« THE KPT TIME )YYN WACREP WERE CLEARED.. INE II f CAME PAULS " PANCAKE G lDDlEj WAP 26S fEET IN DEEPENING THE MlPPlPPlPPl THE DIRT THROWN THIP WAY . kFORM£D THfeVA MTP.tS ALLEGHENY .A, PAUL WOC K£t PO f APT Ht i EMED TO THROW DIRT IN „ . two directions ATONCE.. INKS GER V Xv £ PKTlON37.C -"v "AXEP WERE Xr -N 'P NWTO fit ( ' . LF05EPT., £ w PAUL'P MEN COOLED THEN AXEP IN WATERS THIP CAUPED Tl HOT PPRlNOP.' BAB , 'IN TRYING A FIELD MOUPE,DUO THE: MAMMOTH CAVE . ONE LUNCH HOUR. VAFT£R EATING, PAUL JILT WHAT IP NOW CALLED THE NATURAL BRIDGE-... THIP IP WHERE PAUL WOULD PIT AND PMOKE HIP PIPE WHILE HE- WORKED OUT HIP PROBLEMP.THEPE MOUWT AINP ARE NOW CALLED "THE OLD PMOKIEP" f ARf THE FAMOUP UNXAN( TWINS'THAT WERE TORN i TO HAKE ROOM FOR THE PRAIRIEP. . ptcod AT THE LOWER end' TEXAS AND HIT GOCKP INTO MIIOATHIP WAP : BECNNlNCrOF H.F IK THIP DUNlty.. «% CHRlP CROPPHAUL DROVE THE WRONG I I DOWN THE RIVER. TO I )THEM BACK PAUL FED 'BABE PALT PORK AND THE OX SUCKED THEM BACK, LOOP AND I ALL... Srrl 'WHILE DOWN ’POUTM, PAUL GOT 'LONFPOMt FOR, •WHITE PNOW SO HE .INVENTED COTTON. «rl2£rPO,NTER' CORRECT «CCPT FOR THE THREE-YEARP THAT PAUL TURNED nod?!??L? AROL, t -PO tc M is to certify j dltf the ontms THIP IP THE CROJIfCUT BILLED WOOFLE FlPH THAT PAUL KILLED TO MAKE HIS NAU. FILE... "CO « tiOTl WtJ iMCidbw 0 1 - T4iii«au PAUL FOUOHT A BELL TAILED PEA PERPf NT USING A FROZEN PWOCDFlPH AP A WEAPON3 1U3 00220714 2

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