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University of Wisconsin Superior - Gitche Gumee Yearbook (Superior, WI) online yearbook collection, 1923 Edition, Cover

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• .’jeilur J iaie tEeacljers v Jiibrairg HELEN GERTRUOE CANOYER EOITOfi-IH-CHI(f MAXWELL U. MARSH BUSINESS MANAGER1923 Published by THE CLASS OF 23 VOLUME TWENTY-FIVE STATE NORMAL SCHOOL SUPERIOR. WISCONSINTKc GitcKc Gumec NINETEEN TWENTY THREE30 0f.3(, Foreword This 1923 Gitche Gumce xs embodied with a two-fold purpose: To record tkc happening's of the scholastic year, and also to present an enduring monument of the ideals of our Alma Mater to this class of 1923. These ideals make up the unwritten code of those who dwell within these walls. Although intangible, yet they arc as everlasting as though chiseled on tablets of marble. They are the inspiration of our Normal school; they are our heritage. Therefore, although the years may vanish like shadows and like ghosts may glide away, yet the Staff will be content with its endeavors if, at some distant day, you open your Gitche and, living again your college days, feeling afresh the influence of those ideals, you pledge anew undying fealty to your Alma Mater. 3Z 8 oto ' Dedication To Ellen M. Clark, a true educator, who. as a representative of the spirit of the age in vigor, honor and integrity and who, as a leader of most telling influence in the upbuilding of the student thought and ideals, and who as a very pleasing personality has won our esteem and everlasting praise, the class of 1923 dedicates this Gitche Gurnee. Table of Contents OUR HERITAGE ADMINISTRATION SENIORS ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS HIT OR MISS ADVERTISING c ty[ANY, many winters ago the Great Spirit wandered in the land of the sky-blue waters, in the valley where the argosies of cloudland lie. Seasons changed, moons flew by and the Manitou and his children departed leaving to us their heritage, precious memories, word pictures, and faint murmuring echoes.I Left the south wind s gentle whispering In the tree tops o'er our pathways.• -T "t - - % • %REGENT CLOUGH GATES The Superior Normal is very fortunate in having for her regent a man of great vision, provided with the power to think clearly, and able, through his earnest efforts, to be of great value to our school.  Tim is President Merrill s first year as president of the Superior Normal School. He has gained the respect of the student body. In all respects his year has been a very succes.- ful one. ' I IFACULTY AI.BKUT I . WIIKAI.HO.N. b. a.. i. a. Chemistry. I! B. Normal School. Wnrrt'iisliiirjr. M". University "f Missouri. Uulvcrsity nf Wisconsin. University »f Berlin. KI.I.KN M. CI.AKK. A. I!. I Jean of Won.on. iiixtory. 1913" University of Chicago. UKOltUli MKKKI 1.1. SMlIXi 15ASS. | li. B. Principal of 'Plaining 1 la mil n University. SI. I'.ml. Minn. Nonliwestern University. s. ii.M.i, ioitj!' .Superior, Wls. .Superior. W Is. Superior. Wls. I "A It l.TOX W. SMITH. A. B. ................... Muthnmnlles. lMKi. University of Minnesota. NONA MACQUII.KIN. IMi. B.. Public Speaking. Knglish. 11 11. University of Chicago. II. C. A I.MY, l h. B.................................... Psychology. l‘e«lngogy. 1915 . Kivcr l-’alls Normal. University of Wisconsin. ........... .Superior, Wls. ...Superior, Wls. ............Superior, Wls. 17FACULTY AGNES KIRK. l»h. B.....--------------------------------------------------- Superior, Wla. Director of Junior High School, 1011. I.lndcnwood College, St. Cbnrlca, Mo. North Central Teachers' Collier. Warrcnsburg. Mo. University of Chicago. THORPE M. I.ANGI.KY. B. A--------------------------------------------- -...... Superior. Win. Geology. Accounting. 1922. Superior Normal, University of Wisconsin. kditii M. BRAND............................................................... Superior, vi«. Rural Department, 1922. Superior Normal. University of Minnesota. English. 1021. Art. 1922. FRANK E. YITJJ, A. B., M. A....... University of Wisconsin. JANK KE1INSTKAND.................. Art Institute, Chicago. Columbia University. TIMOTHY J. MCCARTHY, B. S., M. S---------------- •--•••- ■ Agriculture. Biology, 1913. West Virginia University. Michigan Agricultural College. —1S- .Superior. W!«. Superior, WIs. Superior, Wis.FACULTY COltNELIA M'CABK, It. A. University of Wisconsin. Latin. English. 1921. CAUL J. UOLI.KKSOX. A. It.. 1. 1)............................. Medical Ailvlsor. Physiology. 1912. St. Oluf College. University of Minnesota. Cornell University. Rush Medical College. BUNICH GIBSON............... Superior, WIs. ..Superior, WIs. Physical Education. 1922. LnCrossc School of Physical Education. .........l.aCrossc. WIs. OMAR L. LOOP. A. It..................................................................Superior. WIs. History. 1010. University of Indiana. IltBXK CURTIS........... Wilson Junction. Iowa. Music. 1013. Obcrlln College. University of Chicago. VEKXOX K. VAX PATTKIt. M. S...................................................... Superior. WIs. Social Sciences, ltrJO. Dakota Wesleyan University. University of Wisconsin. — 19—FACULTY GKACK 11AKNKY It. A. Superior. WIs. French. 1021. University of Wisconsin. V. K. It KAMA. '............................................................. Superior. WIs. Manual Arts. I! 12. Normal TrailiioK School. New York. Oswejco Manual Tmiiiiiig Srhmil. DELLA KKANCKS TIlOMi’SON. It. A.. M. A. Superior. WIs. Spanish. 1018. University of Minnesota. University of Chicago. CUItA MAE WAltl)................................................. Supervisor of Music. Tmintiig School, 1021. Northwestern University of Music. ETHEL CiOKDON.. Critic Kindergarten Department, uinbis University. Superior. WIs. ....Superior. WIs. Superior Normal. Colui BEltTlIA L. CAKXS............................................................... LMattevillc. WIs. Itural Department, 11110. lHattevlllo State Norinnl. University of Chicago. Crane Institute. University of Wisconsin. —20—FACULTY HRLKN K. CANT It. A. ........... Duluth, Mlun. 1 Ionic . II. Stout Institute. MU llolyokc Collfgo. University of Minnesota. R. II 8CIIKIRIIKR. A. II................................................ St. Louis, Mo. Physics. 1 V”. Southern Illinois Normal. Washington I'niverslty. St. Louis. University of Illinois. University of Wisconsin. ALVA Si QROTII H. A! Jackson. WIs. Penmanship. Milwaukee Normal. University « f Wisconsin. Cornell University. UA ICO LINK W. HAKIiOUl: ... .. ... Superior. WIs. Principal Kindergarten Training Itepartinent. ISHf. . Chicago Kindergarten Collegiate Institute. Teachers' College. Columbia. JOANNA TKKItINK. II. A. Alta. Iowa. Assistant Principal of Training School. Iowa State Teachers' College. BLANCHK B. BAR8K Superior. WIs. Kindergarten Department. Miss Wood's Kindergarten and Prininry School. Teachers" College. Columbia. —21—FACULTY KSTHEK ROBINSON. B. S................................ Primary Critic. 1021. Teachers’ College, Klrkvllle. Mo. SIDNEY J. FRENCH. B. S............................... Science and English, 1022. University of Chicago. HARRIET EATON.................. Pratt Institute. I,il r:tri:iu. 1002. Superior. Wis. Superior. Wis. .Superior, Wis. BERTHA TRUDEI.LE........................................................Chippewa Fulls, Wis. Critic of Fifth and Sixth Grades, 1022. Superior Normal. Columbia University. IRA I. TUBBS. B. A........................................................... Superior. Wis. Athletic Director. Coach. 1021. William Jewell College. Chicago University. FLORENCE DODD. B. A............................................................Ashland, Y.'Ij. Assistant Librarian, 1020. University of Wisconsin. Wisconsin Library School. -22-F A“C U L T'jY OB I.ILIAN B. WIIKLAN........................................ ’....................Superior, Wis. Critic of Seventh and Bightli Grades, 1922. Superior Normal. University of Minnesota. BLIZABBTH MONGER......................................................... Superior, Win. Critic of Social Science, 1922. Superior Normal. Columbia Teachers' College. University of Wisconsin. MABEL M'KINNON..... Clerk. 1021. HAKBL PItKNCH...................................... Training Sehoul Clerk, 1919. MKS. RAR SCIINRIDKR Fill RI MAX.-._................ Clerk. 1912. —23— ...Superior, Wis. ...Superior, Wis. ...Superl VI». KAY SUGAItS...................................................................... Lmllngton, Midi Third and Fourth tirade Critic. State Normal School, Mt. Pleasant. Mich. Chicago University.SENIOR OFFICERS OKFICKltS. President...... ..................................... Kdward Whereat! Vice President Bernice BeUerlen Secretary Tr« :iMir.-i Hlket COMMKNCRMRNT Mertjre Oleen I.ucllo Anderson Roue K1 Ink Core Armstrong Helen Cnrlson Thuin.-i Ilnrney Gwendolyn Carver Herbert llnrd Clerlee While Jennie I.nwton SOCIAL Digs Andersen Munro Florence Leary Arthur Hoff Muriel Willlmns CLASS DAY llnrold Steel Alice Clarke l.eiih LcTtoux Robert Sher Clara Hines CO.MMITTKKS. CLASS PLAY Again, this year’s senior class, in keeping with the tremendous growth of the school, is by far the largest ever graduated from Superior Normal. Not only has the past year been noteworthy for the large size of its graduating class but because it has seen the inception of several innovations in the life of the school, which altho not strictly senior institutions, still were planned and carried sucessfully thru under the guidance of the senior class. Such is the spirit of loyalty to the school and genuine regret in leaving her institutions that every member of the senior class is determined, in college, in teaching or in business to spread far and wide her fame and her opportunities. With such a body of spirited boosters in all parts of the country Superior Normal cannot but grow and prosper.ALICE CLARKE.............-...Superior. WIs. Kindergarten Primary. Drama Study. Treas.. '22. -2S. Oitcho Staff. EDWARD WIIKREATT...........Superior. Win. High Sehool Training, lota Delta Chi. Football. 20, '21, '22; Captain. '21. Basket Ball. '20. '21. '22. Class President. Oltcho staff. Peptomist Staff. “The Mob." NL A. C. BETTY FOWLER Superior. WIs. Kindergarten Primary. Se „ '22. '2:5. Drama Study. Cliche Staff. CWEXDOLYX CARVER Tower. Minn. Kindergarten-Primary. Treas.. 22. Three Arts. Vi.-.-Pres., 2S. A coo pell... 22. Sigma Camuia Chi. Senior Class Play Crimmlltee. Till ESA SCII.MOLT Dulutli. Minn K indergarleii - Primary. Three Arts. 01.0A S. ANDERSON Ashland. WIs. Kindergarten-Primary. Vie.-Pres.. “£l. Three Arts. Treas.. 2:5. A net ion Committee. Sigma Camma Chi. Senior Social Commit tee. MARY M. M'CI.EARY .........Cllhert. Minn. Kindergarten- Primary. I.ami.da Sigma Lainhda. "Pomander Walk." A coo polio. dec Club. See.. '22. “2S. SENIORS 1 v m SENIORS HKI.KX «. CANOYKK Superior, Win. College. Drama Study, l’res.. '22. '2: . Sigma Delia IMtl. Tresis.. '23. Y. V. C. A. Triangular Debate. "22. 23. State Championship. 'I'-'!. Pepl uni list Staff. Assoelute Kdltor. "22. Oratorical Association. Scc.-Trcas.. '2:1. Cliche Staff. Associate Killtor. '22. Kdltor III Chief. '2.'!. 1COBKKT K. SIIKIt Superior. Win. High School Training. I.. I). C. Sigma Delta I'hi. Triangular Debate. '21. '22. 23. State Championship. '23. "Kngagod By Wednesday." • The Mob." Cliche staff. Assistant Killtor. -21. Killtor-In-Chief. '22. President Iator-State Oratorical League, '22. KI.KCTA M. DAVIS Duluth, Minn. Crnimnur-.ltttilor High. Y. W. . A. IIKI.KN CKCK Superior. Win. Kindergarten-Primary. Drama Study. Y. W. C. A. Auction Committee. MK1CTYS K. OI.SKN CrtiiUsburg. Wls. College. Three Arts. Vice l’res.. 23. Sigma Delta I’hl. I’eptomist Staff. Club Killtor. '22. Cliche Staff. Society Killtor. '2:». Y. W. C. A. C. A. A. Basket Ball. '22. Volley Ball. "22. Coitimencenienl Coniniillce. 11 A .KL A.NDKKSON .Gilbert. Minn. Klutlergiirlen-I’rlmary. I.amhda Sigma Lambda. Sigma Camilla Chi. C. A. A. Clrls' Glee Club. '22. AItTHUlt HOFF...............Superior. Wls. High School Training. Fox. Kappa Itho Kpstllon. Orchestra, '20 . Senior Class Social Committee. M. A. C. 2 .» Itl'TII N. CARTER...........Iron River. Wls. Foreign Languages. Drama Study. (ilcr Club. C. A. A. V. V. C. A.. Vico-Pros., '22. Itnxkd Hall. Inter-Club Connell. Sigma Camilla Chi. NATIIA.NIKI, COLDSTBIX..Superior, WU. College. M. A. A. MARCARKT VIRGINIA OLSEN.............. Sii|ierlor, Win. Rural. Throe Arts. Sigma Delta Phi. MATH BClIAlt...................Superior. WU. High Sehonl Training. Drama Study. See.. '21, 22. C. A. A. Soe.-TrejiH. .Tuiilor Class.'K TRKCKNZA Kvoleth.MInn. Intermediate. Drama Study. Sigma Camilla Chi. Itl'TII ELIZABETH CORDON............. ...................Superior. WU. Kindergarten-Primary. Drama Study. Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. NKLLIK B. BIXCHAM ..........Superior. WU. College. Drama Study. Cor.-Sec., '22. '23. Sigma Delta Phi. Y. W. C. A. "The Mob.” H ' w w si ini'd 11 y j m g$g£m SENIORS GENEVIEVE SINCLAIR.. Superior. Wl . Kindergarten-Primary. Drama Study. ALICE SWANSON................Ashland. Wl . Grain mar. G. A. A. Simula Gamma Chi. MONICA M’KKON...............Superior. Wl . Klndcrgnr ten-Primary. CHARLES SCIIMIDT.............Superior. Wl . College, lota Delta Chi. M. A. C. MARIK COAN.................Vshland. Wl . Kindergarten-Primary. Pres.. ‘23. Comet Club. Auction Committee. Sigma Gamnm Chi. AMY LANG...................Vurora. Minn. Kindergarten-Primary. Lambda Sigma Lambda. Sigma Gamma Chi. Glee Club. RUTH E. ERICKSON.........Cloquet. Minn. Grnttiinu r. Three Art . Sigma Gamma Chi. —31— IKKNK AXDKRSON .........Clayton. Win. Cram mar. Sigma Camilla Chi. C. . . A. WlK'V .l............. WIlUlll, Intermediate. Lambda Sigma Lambda. C. A. A. «!le Club. Intermediate Club. Pres.. "22. "Pomander Walk.” KAT1II.EKN M-CUIKK ICiinli City. Mlim. Kindergarten-Primary. MARION K1NSTAD.............Superior. Win. Kindergarten-Primary. FI.OICKXCK JBAN I.HAltV..Superior, Win. High School Training. Drama Study. Y. W. C. A.. Pres.. 22. Cheer l.eader. C. A. A.. Proa.. ’20. Vice-Pro Junior Class, ‘20. See.-Trcn .. -22. Pcptoinlst Staff. Managing Bill tor, ". 3. Auction Committee. Senior Class Social Committee. “The Revolt.” Varsity Basket Ball Team. School Championship Basket Ball Team. W11.1,1 AM A. OAKI.AND........Superior. WIs. College. L. D. ( .. Sec.. 22. Sigma Delta Phi. Inter-Fraternity Basket Ball. OLIVK KM Kit SON...........Superior. W Is. Grammar. I •I I JSENIORS i ANN C. SIIIISTKII............Gilbert. Minn. I n termed In lc. I.ninliih Sigma Lambda. Glee Club, pres.. '2.'t. Sigma Giimiim Chi. Vlce-Prcs.. '2-1. Acco|H llo. Senior Commencement Committee. •IAV S. KlSIlEi; ............. ..Ashland, WIs. 11 lull School Training. I.. I . Vice Pro .. '22. Orchestra. 21. 22. Intcr-CInli Council. I’re ., "23. See.-Tie . Senior Class. DOItOTIIV K. MI'M.KN Irunwuud. Mich. Intorniedliite. Glee Club. Ml I.DItKD 11. IIKXSON Drummond. WIs. It urs I. Y. W. C. A. SI2m i Kho. AI.ICB VOIGIIT........................Su|»erlor. WIs. II lirh School Triiliilnsr. Glee Club sigma i i. sigma Della 1 1 1. Y. W. C. A. Itirril CRAWFORD.......Ashland. WIs. Kindergarten-Primary. M A It IK SCI IOKNW A I.I • Kit..Superior. WIs. Kindergarten-Primary. Comet Club. u .MONA Cl.KAKON SI. IMnl. Minn. Kimlfr irlcit ITlinary. I.ilinlnlii Sl inn l,:llllli lsi. Sicinn (iiimnni Clii. Bn« «miI Ivo linar I. «:iw ''lull. •■INimainlor Wiilk." IIKDWIN A. IO .OKKK 1 Mi I nt li. Minn, ili li Svlmul Training. Thivr Arts. I’ivs.. -::i. A m l l»n CnimnllUc. IIAKOI.D KVKlttil SnpiTlni-. Wis. Illyli Sclinnl Training. Iota !»«•!I:i Chi. KCTII SAOIK VAl.ltY Su|H-rl»r. WIs. liiU'riia'ilinK . MA15Y AVIS I I.AKITV Sii|..ii»r. Wis. Kin«leryaiU-n Primary. Slyinn |M. Y. W. C. A. CKAI'K !•:. OII.I.S I til ill li. Minn. KlinliM-garli’ii I'rlmury. Tlim' Arts :. a. a. CI.AKK KCKI.O . Ashland, Wis. KiiuUT arU'iil'ilmnry. Slynni Cainni.'i Chi.MAItCBI.I.A A. SMITH .............._.... ......... . Chippewa Rail . V1 . Kindergarten-Primary. (Jlec Clnli. Trmia.. '23. Shakespeare Cliil . Acco poilo. :. A. A. TIIOilAS K. IIAUNKY . Cloquet, .Minn. High School Training. Sicilia Delta Phi. I.. I). ( . Pres.. ’23. Disarmament Oratorical CuRleil. Triangular Deli.itr. 22. '23. "Pappy Kicks.” • The Moh." •'Poiiiaiiilor Walk." Cliche Staff. ’21. '2.1. Pcptnuiist Staff. Bdltor-lllChief. '22. Pres. II. S. T. Dept, t'liiw Play Committee. Pros. Inler Normal Forensic League. .1. MAKION NOLAN Iroiiwood. Mieh. I ntoriiioillitlo. t'KI.IA KKI.KSNICK . Superior.WIs. Illgli School Training. (!. A. .. Vice-l res., ’21. Sigma PI. Pros.. '21. '22. Sigma Delta phi. Dice ('lull. Student SiH'lal Colli mil ha-. ISOIIKI. KYAN Dllliltli, Minn. (Sraiiiuiar .liinlor High. O. A. A. Y. f. A. NINA KITH I ID UN A DAY Superior. Wl . High School Training. I.ainliiln Sigma Lanilnla. Y. V. (’. A. I loonier Clnli. Allot Ion ('em mil lee. Hood Kiigllsh Play. ••Pomamler Walk." I 01.01!US DIKTKICH..........Superior, VI . (Smmiiiiir Junior IIlirli. Drama Study.- MAK M'KKKNAN............I’oplar. Win. Intermediate. AGNKS KUDK..............Wushbiirn. Win. Prim a ry. KTIIKI. Sl'KCHT............Superior, Wl . Kindergarten-Primary. SYLVIA HOWDBN...............Sii|K-rlor, Wl . Grammar. Y. W. C. A. MAIII.K lltKXK K AIX ..... ..... Tw.. Harbor , Minn. Grammar. W A I.TBit L. FAG Bit UN Superior. Wl . College. I.yecuin Debating Club. "The Mob." l. A. C. IDA II. IICGDAlll.. .......Hansen. Wl . Gramma r. Y. W. C. A. Banket bull. ’22. •2.!. Volley Hull. '22. 23. lla e Ball, 22. '23. —.10—I } MILDRED YEOELL Frederic. Win. Intermediate. •II'ANITA WALKER Superior. Win. High School Training, Sigma 1 1. Vice-l’res.. ’22: Pres.. ’23. Sigma Delta Phi. Y. V. C. A. C. A. A. Itasket Hall. Volley H:ill. ESTHER KENNEDY Virginia llnn. Kindergarten Primary. Drama Stmly. KI TH M. .MOONEY..............Superior. Win. Intermediate. Itr U NADRTTK I.AMBERT................. ........................Virginia. Minn. Intermediate. Drama Study. Sigma (ininmn Chi. A I.ICE K. SCOTT...... .....Cameron. Wl . High School Training. Y. W. C. A. Sigma Delta Phi. a. a. TELFORD THOMPSON Superior. Wlv College. L. I . C. .SENIORS MANY .IMMKItMAX Aurora. Mum. Grammar. a. a. MAliGAKKT MAKY GAI.I.OWAY ...... Superior. Wl». Cnllejje. Three Arm. It Kit NICK KINSI.AND Superior. Win. Illul School Training. CO It A A It MSTItONG. Grantshnrs. Wis. Grammar-.l iiiihu High. Simula | |. Y. Y. C. A. G. A. A. Sigma Gamma Chi. Grammar Club. Vice-Pre .. '23. ltemling Hnreau. Senior Class I»ay Committee. K I' I mi 1.1 11 I.. SWANSON .Vmery. W Is. High School Training. Sigma Delta I’lii. Orchestra. Kx-Service Men's Club. Senior Pin Com in it tec. M. A. C. IIKSTKIt JANK A OKI.MAN Superior. Wis. College. Y. W. C. A. G. A. A. OKItTltCDK G. GII.I. ... Suiierlor. Win. High School Training. G. A. A. Y. Y. ( . A. ltanket Hall. '22. 28. Volley Hall. "22. ’28. lta selia 11. 22. 23. "The Revolt." -.tS—SENIORS a;.KI:KH RKSCIIKK ...Superior. Win. Illjrh School Training. I.. I), c. Orchestra. Triangular Debate. '•.'L . M. A. « Sigma Iiclta I'hl l»«UIS DAXIRLSOX Khliiclanilcr. WIs. Intermediate. Sigma (lamina Clii. Y. W. C. A. TIIICI.MA THOMPSON Superior. WIs. High School Training. Y. C. A. fi. A. A. MAKKI. KNTTSOX ............... ntlgo. Wl . Kindergarten-Primary. I.auiliilii Sigma l.anilnla. Sigma Camilla Chi. C. A. A. IIRI.KX IIAXSSOX Superior. Wl . Colli'i'O. Comrl Club. Orchestra. .IOSKPIIIXK SWAXSOX .larolixnn. Minn. Itural. Sigma Kim. RSTIlKIt l„ SWAXI.r.XI) Superior. Win. Illgh School Training:. Sigma Delia I'lil. (i. A. A. -39—SENIORS MII.DItKD V. CWSIIMAN Superior. Win. Rural. SlfEllin Ulio. C. A. A. 15I-T11 1‘UOYBX Minneapolis, Minn. Criiiiinuir'.lunlor High. KDNA T. lU'DNY...................Cllnian. Win. Criiiinnar-.Iunior I llgli. Kea.liiiu Bureau. i;i.AI YS M. IIKYKH Clayton, Win. Kur:il. Sijjnin Ciunmn Chi. «. A. A. Y. W. C. A. sigma Him. MAX I Kl. BltACB.,.,. ...........Burron, Win. l'rincipal Training. IIRI.KX IVKY................Superior, Win. Ills'll School Training. C MX KVA SIIO.XC Duluth. Minn. College. !. A. A.. I res.. ’22. -»:S. Y. W. A.. Cal) I net. -10—KVEI.YN DOWI)...............Duluth, Minn. Kindergarten-Primary. Comet Club. CI.AUICE HANSEN...... Kindergarten C. A. A. ..Superior, Vlt riinnry. ANSI'S MACDONALD.......Superior. VK lllb'li School Training'. MAUIE SKOWLDND...............Marinette, AVI . Intermediate. C. A. A. (lire Club, '22. PHOKIIK CARLSTUOM ........ .Mellon. WIs. Kindergarten-Primary. Sijjin:i Camma Chi. A ecu pel I o. '22. Clee Chili. '22. C. A. A.. '22. AI.YS MAIMON WARD Suiicrliir. WIs Kindergarten-Primary. Comet Chili. C. A. A. YUUA KItAUS................Crosby, Minn. Kindergarten-Primary. —II—S R NMORS MARION OR.WA ..Maple. Wis. l'rlimiry. AN Voicin' Superior. Wis. lllsli Srlmnl Trainiii". Siutn.i 1 1. Simula Delia I’lil. .MINUS A. TKN KVCKK Ceiilurin. Wls. Knrnl. O. A. A. Si.rinn Cninni.'i Clii. CI.ADYS i:. ('A K I,SON ,| nrk I-': His. Wis. Iiiterineillutr. l.anilMln SI "in.■« l.giinlxla. KI.SIK ANOHI.IXA WKSTKHX ...................... Superior, Wls. era hi mar Course. M.vRION MTAA1HN Superior. Wis. 11 iirli Srlmnl Training. Y. W. A.. Cgiliinel. SIkuiii 1‘lii. A. A.. W A I.I.ACK IU’SSKI.1. SMITH ................. •............................ I 11 lot li. Ml it ii. ColIcKC. - 12— I 1 I Ixiliis I.. .lOIINSON North Hudson. WIs. Illjrh School Tr.iliiln". Sijjma Cnmntri CM. Sixmo Delta fill. Sigma |»l. AI.NO M SIMONSON Million'll, WIs. Sixmo It KONA AN OKI! sox Superior, WIs. (irninmur. C. A. A. V. W. I-. V. sixm.i ri. I.II.I.IAN A. OINOBItSON linn Ron. WIs. dammar. Y. W. C. A.. -js. Basket Hull. "SJ. Itnsehiill. Volley Hull. KIMSAII I., smith Superior. WIs. Ilixli School Trainiux. IKKNB C. NO It Til ......... Hudson. WIs. Klndortf:irl»ii-Primary. Comet Cluli. Sigma Oainiiiu Chi. NINA K. I'OItTIvit....................Spooner. WIs. Primary. Comet Cluli. !lee Cluli. Sigma (::iiiiui:i Chi. SENIORS —w—XIXA IIOl.MQriST Beloit. Wis. Iiitormoillnto. Sixain ('III. MAKY MKYKTT Superior. Wis. Kimlerxurlen Chili. Kimlorxnrloii Primary. AI.VA C. I’AI'I.SOX Kl.o. I.ako. Wis. Kliiiloi'v'ni'loii Primary. !. A. A. Y. C. A. Sigma Cantina Clil. CKNHVIBVK SCIH'TX Park Falls. WIs. Kindergarten-Primary. KI SSKI.I. Ull.l, Superior. WIs. Prlm-ipal's Course. Foul hall. ‘VI. Foul Wall. 21. TIIBUKSA KLOBl'CIlAK Ituhl. Minn. Kiintergarlon- Primary. CKKTKUDK SFIIDY .....Tower, Minn. Kindergarten-Primary.SENIORS CI.AIMCK WUITli Superior. Wis. Klmlergiirlon • Primary. Cornel (‘Iill . Pres. •! :!. SOIMIIK CKIswoi.n Superior. Wis. Kimlcrviirlou Primary. Kimli'raurlrii Cluli. KSTIIKi: K. IIAKIMS Hnliilli. Mimi. Kiiitl.Tjr-irlfii Primary. Kiinlorjftirtoii Clul . WAI.I.ACK MKKTZ Superior. Wis. College. M. A. C. I.. 1». C. Senior Class lilnx mil VIVIAN IIKXSOX. .. Superior. Wis. Intoriiiv linlo. IM’TII I.AW Superior. Wis. IMyli Seliool Tr.iiiiiny, Y. W. C. A. I.-. A. A. Kasfcel Kail. Si. Kaseltnll. Si. Volley Knll. •••rile Kev oil." ••«. AI.MA WICK Superior. Wis. Cniiiiinur. • ir. Coinel l lnl».SENIORS ; ! SICNV IIKNKHKSON iHiIntli. Minn. Kiinlnvorlcii- iTimnry. Three Arts. K(»SK KI.INIi Virginia. .Minn. Klinlcrgniion I'rimiiry. Tim Aris. Sigma Ciiiiiiiiii I’lil. I'ri-s. ANNA KOVAi'll Aurora. Miiei. Intcrilirilinlc. Sigma Camilla (‘til. • I. A. A. IKVINc; KAIIII1.I. I mini It. Minn. High School Training. I.. I). Sigma Ilcl|;i Phi. M. a. r. M A l.CA I.KT K A Til A 11INK K KK‘I I l-:i. Superior. WIs. Ci'iiinninr. SI.-m.I 1 1, A. A. I-WITII WAI.XII Kly. Mliin. Kiliilcrgnrlon I ci m;«r y. Sigma Camilla ('III. C. A. A. IIKI.KN Ml'KKU, Primary. 17— Wo.slflclil. M is.S ENIORS AMOK Cl’XDKKSOX Hausen. Wis. It ii nil. Sigma Itlio. ("ATI IKK INK l.o KI S..I..11 Sprint's. Win. Itiirnl. Sigma It ho. PEAII I. ilTXK Him.lug. Mipn. Kindergarten I rimary. Sigma Camilla fill. KIIKH KKI.I.V,, Superior. Wis. t'»IIP|!t'. 1.. Ii. C.. Trolls.. •»!. 1.. I». C.. Hask. iliall Cap!.. S. . 11 ATT IK K. ( 1.SUN Ashland. Win. Kindergarten- l r'unary. Comet Club. Sicilia Camilla Clii. SICNK SWANSON Itriilc, Win. Kiirnl. Sfgiilil KIio. MAItCAKHT IIKI.PS Kvololh. Minn. Primary. Comet Club. Sigma Cnuinia Chi. Kindergarten-Primary, Capl. SENIORS mm £i?a m Y Kit DA JOHNSON ..........Virginia, Minn. Kindergarten-Primary. MILDRED III.OOMQI'IST Virginia. Minn. Urninninr. G. A. A. Vice-Pro , Grammar Group. 22. Sigma Gnniniii Chi. AI.BINA BA KICK Two Harbors. Minn. Kindergarten-Primary. CLAKA A I PEI..............Duluth. Minn. Primary. SAHA M A It IB GKKCO.........Kvcleth, Minn. Intermediate. VEKA NELSON SHANNON ..Superior, Wls. Primary. OLIVE M. ANDERSON. . Rural. Sigma Rho. Y. W. C. A. Class President. -19-SENIORS W J8S gS I i! 11 - W MAKGAKET K. OLSON.........Luck. Wl . High School Training. Sigma ltho. TINA (SAVIN...................Superior, WIs. Intermediate. OL(SA tS. ANDKKSON Superior. WIs. It u rul. Sigma ltho. DOKIK CALLISTBIt ..........Gilbert. Minn. Intermediate. Lambda Sigma. Sigma Gamma (’hi. Glee Club. "22. G. A. A.. ,22. "Cnppy Kicks." Intermediate Club. EDITH KI.LKN HEN I HICKSON........... ....................... Superior. WIs. 'It u ral. LirCILLE It. ANDKKSON........Duluth, Minn. High School Training. Three Arts Club. Trans,. "22. Y. W. C. A.. Cabinet. '22. ’23. G. A. A.. See.. "22. "23. Basket Ball. '21. £1. Volley Ball. "21. Baseball. "21. Class Day Committee. Gltche Staff. Athletic Editor, ’23. ALICE LANGE..................Duluth. Minn. Sigma ltho. Itural.SENIORS IKKXK SMKAI Clayton. Win. Itural. GlOP C l»ll». Sigma 4in 111:1 Chi. Sigma Klio. Y. C. A. c. a. a. 1IA7.KI. I.. CAR I.SOX.... Ilnyflcld. Wls. Itural. Sigma Rho. MIM)Ki:i XKVIX. SuiH-rlor. Wls. Col logo. ItAGXIIll.D XKI.KOX. . .Itayfleld, Wls. Itural. Sigma It ho. JI'IUTII OI.SO.V McKinley. Minn. Kindergarten-Primary. I.nmlnl.i Sigma I.amlnlii. "Pomander Walk." Sigma Gamma Chi. MAK KOItKltG. Cumberland, Wls. Itural. Sigma It ho. G. A. A. Y. W. I . A. CRACK AKXTSKX. Washburn. Wls. Kindergarten-Primary.SENIORS EVELYN MAKJOKIK COOPER................ .......................Superior, Wis. Kindergarten. Kindergarten Club. Ill I.MI MAKI Ashland. Wis. Junior High School. Lambda Sigma. Vice-Pres.. 22. ‘2.1. Grammar ('lull. Slglllil (ilUUIIIU ('111. HANNAH UUICKSON Kuml. G. A. A, Frederic, Wis. GKKTKUHE 1(0(110US.........Conturin, Wis. Primary. Sigma l’i. HELEN K. CAKI,SON........Duluth, Minn. Rural. Sigma ltho. JAMBS KEHK....................Superior, Wis. High School Training. Fox. ELLA CHELL..................Frederic, Wis. Grammar Department. G. A. A.SENIORS 4. % f 4 MABKI.I.R CASING......SI. Jmncs. Minn. Grammar. Pros, of Grammar .Ir. lliyli Croup. Grammar Tea. Grniiumir Stunt. C. A. A. Grammar Basket Hall Train. I.EI.AND WINCHESTER ...Cholok, WIs. CnlU'Ke. PI lota Chi. I.CKIJ.A M. JOHNSON Mllltowu. WIs. It lint I. Sigma Klin. Sigma Caiiinm Chi. KOSLYN KANRIt..............Superior. Win. Grammar. Si ma Delta Phi. Sigma Pi. Gltchc Editor for Grainiuar Dept. «. A. A. Bus. Mgr. of Hemline Bureau. Booster Coimnllteo. HANNAH BIBOS.................Superior, WIs. Kindergarten-Primary. «. A. A. Basket Ball. I.niiilxlu Sigma. Kindergarten Clul . Visit A PACKARD.............Superior. WIs. Grammar. Glee Club. ’22. Orchestra, ’22. 2». KDITH ANDKltSON ... Superior. WIs. Primary. 1 —53—VIOI.A JOXKS........... Hlwiihllc. Minn. KIikIit i Mon - I'rlmnry. Siyimi Camilla Chi. LKAII I.K KOCX Cr-.inil Kaplils. Minn. Kiiiilrrxnrhni Primary. Tlir«'«» Arli . «. A. A. Slymn Camilla Chi. IIKI.KXK XI KM I.. IlllihiiiK. Minn. KlmliTirarliMi Primary. (J. A. A. Slyum Camilla Chi. KlmlorviirU'ii Cluli. :iw Clnh. Y. W. C. A. AI.KKK1) I50DKX.... iMilulh. Minn. Illyli S -lnml Train ills;. M. A. C. Kappa l:ho Kpsllmi, ALICE HANKS IIIIiIiIiik. Minn. I iil rin«' li;ito. I .illlllnisi Sly inn l.iliiilnln. Sluniii Cammn Chi. Sn-.-Tivas. Clir Club. liihiiiicilliilc Croup, Pits.. a3. cKItTIII'IiK SAXHHEUC....VIrKlnln. Minn. Kimli'r arliMi iTimary. IIKI.KX K. M’Cl'Ilt K...... .Kush CHy, Minn. Crammar.1 SENIORS XA.XXIK KKICKSOX. River KmIIx. Minn, liuriil. Sigtnn Kho. CAROLINE SCIIAKBK Sigma Kim. Cordon. Win. RKCIXALI LK KAIltK College. I it 1 iitli. Minn. AflXKS fiKRTRUDK ROCK Mofluah. Win. Slginn Rho. Y. W. C. A. MARY IIAVKKICK............Cornneopl.i. Win. Rural. Xorugi Club. CLARA OLSOX................Mllltown. Win. Rural. Sigma Kim. LUMP! TOIVOLA.............HIMilng. Mum. Primary. —55—SENIORS I.YI.ITII I.l'NI).............Iron Klver. Wl . IIIrIi School TralnliiR. 1IA .K1. TOl.I.KliH) ..........Superior. Wl . I IIkIi School Training. Y. Y. ( . A.. 22. ’23. (S. A. A.. ’22: I rex.. ’23. • The Kcvoll." -22. "One Slonny Xifrht." 23. IMItlE AIIO...................-....Brule. VI . Iturnl. SIriiui Klio. JOHN B. OOTilNKH Superior. Wl . College. M. A. (’. KCTII HI MON............... Superior. Wi . Kindergarten- Primary. . JI'LIA JOHNSON...................Asblnnd, WIs. Klim I. SiRIIIII KIlO. Y. W. A. «. A. A. BBBA NKI.SON....................Superior, Wl . (irunininr. (’omd Club. Junior High O ruin in nr (’lull. SENIORS ltl'TII ItBIN...................Gilbert. Minn. Klmlerjrnrton-Primary. Comet (Miih. Kiiiili-rjairlcn-l'rlumry Oink. Orchestra. 22. Olcc (Mnli. MAUI ON M'HKIDK Dnliilli. XCtui. Klmterynrlcii-Primary. Comet Clnli. (Sice (Mali. 22. Accnpcllo. '22. HKllXATTK ItKItXAKD Duluth. Minn. Kindergarten Primary. Cornel Cliih. Arcnpello, "22. Oliv (Mull. '22. IDA MAK IIKFKItON llmlson. Wis. Primary. 0. A. A. Slyma Camilla (Mil. Inlermeiliale Clnli. IIAItOI.D A. NOIIMAN. Glle. WIs. College. I.. D. C. AGXKS 1CUDE....................Mellon. Wis. Kindergarten-Primary. Comet (MiiIi. IIHIJ.A M. JEN’SKN........VShlninl, Wis. Grammar. Sigma Gamma (Mil. —57— ■B SENIORS KSTIIKIt V. I.INDDICItG... Intcniieillutc. MAKY ANN MSC'IIAI.K It n ml. Sljrma Ittw. MINNIK IIOl. HKltO......... Intermediate. INOKBORG BI.OMOKK.V I1 Ora mmar. 01 PC Club. 22. CECILK IIOI.MK Rural. G. A. A. Sigma It bo. HARRY ANDEHSON....... College. "Pomander Walk." M. A. C. -SS- ..Xuperlor, Wls. Aslila ml. Win. ..Superior. Wls. orl Wing, Wls. ..Sawyer. Minn. ..Superior. Wls. ODELLA KIJNIIOI.T ....Cottonwood, Minn. Primary.I SENIORS 1.11.LI AX KUNKKT..........Superior, Wli. Kindergarten-Primary. Kindergarten Club. MARY MORRIS....................'..Superior. Wli. Grammar. MARIK KUAMKIt 11 ll l l ntr. Minn. Kindergarten-Primary. HKI.KX STKI'BKR ..Superior, WIs. Kindergarten-Primary. Three Art . G. A. A. RAGN'A OI.SKX............. Ashland, Wit. Grammar. r,ainb(l:i Sigma. See.. ‘22. '2.1. Sicilia (lamina Chi. IRRNK IIAKOMAKI.............Gilbert. Minn. Intermediate. Lambda Sigma Lambda. (•lee Club. •22. (J. A. A. Sigma Camilla Chi. ARTHUR CARLSON.................Superior. WIs. College. —53—SENIORS YVONXK KERR....................Ashland, WIs. Kindergarten- Primary. LnillIxla Si ma. Slgnm (lanima ('hi. "I'onmnili'r Walk." A I.EX SOHOKA....................Superlor.Wis. Colk'ito. l. . I). C. m. A. c. Sicilia Delia Phi. •The Xloli." "Pomander Walk." I'cptomlst Stuff. 1111.DA STEELE............Waslihurn. WIs. Kindergarten- Primary. OXOXA M. DRUMMOND ......Brule. Win. Kural. KINAK LARSEN...................Duluth. Minn. College. EUGENE JOHNSON..............Duluth. Minn. High School Training. Hertzian Radio Club. '21. Kappa Rho Epsilon, Scc.-Tre.i3., i -60-SENIORS HLAXCIIB COFFBY................._..KIy. Minn. Kindergarten. ARTHUR CAl[|,SO.V........Superior, Win. High School Training. KLSINORK COOrKK..............Newport. Ky. Grammar. KTIIKL MKRKDITII -------------- Mellon, Wl . Primary. IIAKKL .MARTIN ..............—Superior. Wl . Grammar. TILDA MOKN ...........-...Superior. Win. lira in mar. WILLIAM HARROW ...............Superior. Win. College. DONALD .M'DON A 1.1) Superior. Wl . High Sehool Training. CARO LINK DOYI.K Superior. Win. Orainniar. KI.OYD S. NICOI. ...............Su|«crlor. Win. College. ARNOLD I.. DKNLKIt Dulutli. Minn. High School Training. RKSSIK IIALLOCK Superior. Win. Kindergarten. LILLIAN NKI.SON..............Gordon. Win. Rural. K.MKLINK OI.SO.N . Superior, Win. Orainniar. CLARA A. IIINKS. ......CuiiiberUiml. Win. Kindergarten. CIIARI.OTTK IIKYDON Superior. Win. Intermediate. IIA7.KL IIALL....................Mlnong. Win. Rural. IONK IIKIMS.................Howard. Win. Rural. LAURA HANKINS Cordon. Win. Rural. IONK IIKRMANSON Superior. Win. Primary. KUNICK IIKAI.Y Duluth. Minn. High Sehool Training. JULIA JAMNICK.............. Soudan. Minn. Intermediate. ANN B. JOHNSON. Frederick, Wla. Oraminar. RUTH JOHNSON Duluth. Minu. I ISAUKLLK JORDAN Superior. Wl . Inlermediale. PKAKI, JKNSKN -Luck. Wla. Rural. A (INKS JOHNSON..........Frederick. Win. Ominniar. KDMCND JACUBINAS----------Superior, Wl . High School Training. ANNA KOVACH .............. Aurora. Minn. Intermediate. AONKS KIJIINLY..............Webater. Win. Rural. JOHN KKLLY. .. —Superior, Wl . Grammar. WALLACK M'PIIKK ..........Su|K rlor. Wl . College. TAYLOR MOB Superior. Wl . College. ItOBKKT MUNN........... Superior. Wl . College. LILLIAN M’DON A LI)_________Barue . Wl . Rural. INK . MARCUM.......... Glen, Minn. Rural. MARYKTTA PHILLIPS............-.......... New Rielimoml. Win. Rural. HILDA I'UDAS ............Iron River. Wl . Rural. HKATRICK PKL'DKOY Sauk Collier. Minn. Grammar. LILLIAN KKYNOI.DS..........Su|N-rlvr. Win. Grammar. MABKI. SI I.VIvR ...........Su|M-rlor. Win. Kindergarten. KDWINA C. XTONK Duluth. Minn. Kindergarten. ALICK SCANXKLI..........— Superior. Win. Intermediate. MKIKKK SIIOGRKN .......... Superior, Win. High Sehool Training. WBRL SMITH.................Proctor. M.nn. High Sehool Training. KATHBRINK STKI'IIKR Suiierlor. Win. High Sehool Training. KDNA TOOMKY. Superior. Win. Kindergarten. MRS. FOItRKST TALBOT Superior. Win. Oral.................... CAT 11KRIN K TA Y LOR...............—... ...-............. St. Croix Fall . Win. Intermediate. FAITH WALSH.................._....Bly. Minn. i men.... KI TH WKSTRKRG.........South Range. W in. Rural. LKOXAKD WALSH .Superior. Win. College. IIAItVBY WILSON Superior. Win. High School Training. GRACH YOUNG .Virginia. Minn. Kindergarten. MILDKKD YOUNG ............._.Cro hy, Minn. Kindergarten. JULIA R. .CPANICH Soudan. Minn. Intermediate. —ClKAPPA RHO EPISLON Jenson Rodin Mroslus Carlson Hoff Johnson OFFICERS. President....................................................Arthur Iloff ice 1 resident .......................................... Eugene Johnson Secretary-...................................................Alfred Rodin (■corcc Hrosius Arthur Carlson MEMBERS. Arthur Hoff Minor Larson Arthur Jensen Alfred Iiodln EuRcno Johnson FACULTY MEMBERS. Mr. Smith Mr. Merrill -rtfl—DRAMA STUDY Solon Wiley Holmes Kennedy McDermott KI Icon Kennedy Xewland McPbce Johnson Gordon Allen Trcgcnxa Bingham Carter Klllott Clarke Fowler Murphy Johnson Kennedy Mendenhall Crotteau (Saynor Peck Witters Johnston (Saynor Met! ill Sinclair Merrill Iguiibort Conroy Ilulinr Clarke Canoycr Blackwood OFFICERS. Alice Clarke Faculty Advisor.. Nona MaoQiilIkin Alice Allen Nellie Bingham Lein Blackwood Mate ltuhar Helen Canoyer Until Carter Ellen Clark Alice Clarke Margaret Clarke Bernice Conroy Geraldine Crotteau Dolores Dietrich Mary Klllott Betty Fowler MKMBKKS. Lucilc (Saynor Mary Caynor Ruth CSordon Hester Holmes Lllllas Johnson Katherine Johnslon Mary Johnson llerlha Kennedy Ksthcr Kennedy Rose Kennedy Marie Klleen Agnes Kirk Bernadette Lambert Florence Leary Margaret McDermott Kllnore McGill Nona MacQiiilkin Elisabeth Mo mien hall Louise Merrill Zona Gale Miles Florence Murphy Mildred Ncwland Helen Peek Zoo Savage Eleanor Solon Genevieve Sinclair Alice Tregenza Sue Wiley Ruth WI berg FEX OFFICERS. First Semester Mux Marsh Edward Spring Second Semester Krroll Smith Arnold I.orriin John Hanlon Harold Camp .Tames Conroy Kny Crawford Roy Fox Sydney French James Kerr Earl KI Icon MEMBERS. Robert Kniffen Arnold Lcrnnn Max Marsh Kclnhoit Moo Owen Orvald Claude Remus Donald Rock Irvin Shaft In Ray Sicard Errol Smith Holland Smith Edward Spring Milton Weeks A. w. Whcaldon Jack Whcrcatt Smith Hoff Orvald Camp Bowser Crawford Kniffen Burdon Klli-on Whcaldon Smith Kerr Whcrcatt Weeds Marsh ltemus Rock Spring Conroy Fox Moe Shaft In SlcardLAMBDA SIGMA LAMBDA Gleason Hanks Carlson Vaughn Olson Anderson Anderson Hcrquist Knutson Sw.ilin Shuster Mnki Leonard Lawton Thompson Barney llakomnki Kriops Kox McCloary Kleyn Johnson Grckoln llnrnedny Gunderson Olsen Kennedy Kerr Lung Kleyn 'nlllster Olson Chadwick OFKICKltS. President Jennie Lawton Faculty Advisor Della Thompson M KM It KltS. McArton Kn glu ml Sullivan Klnlne Anderson Hazel Anderson Alice Banka Ktliel Berquist Hannah H urox Dorla Calllster Gladys Carlson Marjorie Chadwick Avis Craig Gladys Knglund Rdna Kox Mona Gleason Cecilia Grckoln Ingrid Gundersen Irene Ilnkomukl Nina llorneday Kthel Johnson l'earl Johnson Nina Kennedy Yvonne Kerr Thelma Kleyn Mabel Knutson Burnette Krleps Viola Krleps Amy Lung Jennie Lawton Kathleen Leonard Hilml Mnki Thresa McArton Mary McCloary Agnes Olson Judith Olson Itagna Olson Anna Shuster Alice Sullivan Geraldine Swnlm Theresa Vaughn HONORARY MKMBKItS. Grace Barney Irene Curtiss Mrs. A. D. Whenldon Mrs. 0. L. Loop Joanna Teerlnck Mnble McKinnonALPHA KAPPA Olson Olson Lambert Grizokl White Bernard McBrble Helps Dowd Wick Ward North Dormcdy White Williams Budc Young First Semester Clarice White...... Grace Young........ Irene North....... livelyn Dowd, ltay Sugars........ OFFICERS. .....President...... ...Vice President.. ......Secretary..... ......Treasurer..... ..Faculty Advisor. Second Semester ...-..Clarice White .......Grace Young ...Muriel Williams .........Vgnes Kudo ...lane Rhenstrand Pauline Benson Bernetta Bernard Marie Conn Alice Congdon Kvelyn Dowd Anna Grlxwohl Helen Ilanson Mary Harding Muriel Harmon Margaret Helps Grace Young MEMBERS. Helen Hoffman Muriel Lambert Marion McBride Nancy McGill Kbbn Nelson Irene North Eleanor Olson Hattie Olson Edna Osmundson Nina Porter Until Hein Agnes J. Undo Marie Sehoemvaldor Marguerite Swanson Norma Tompkins Elinora Vail Alyce Ward Clarice White Eunice White Alma Wick Muriel Williams Mildred Wilson Eunice Gibson HONORARY MEMBERS. Mrs. II. C. Almy Mr. II. C. Almy Hay Sugars —70-THREE ARTS Idsorlck Andersen Glddlngs Beams Welluer Munter Galloway l.cRmix Swanson Andrews Dill Kllnk Ward Grabowsky l.ueaa Steuber Scbmoldt Anderson Carter Consldlne Steuber Neville Olsen French Thompson Bclllveau Olsen Krlcson Andersen llorst Mather Hendrickson OFFICERS. First Semester Second Semester Bernice Belllvean President.™.. Iledwin Idxorlck Gwendolyn Carver Vice President Mertys Olson Margaret Olsen Secretary........... Dorothy Mather Ruby Horst Treasurer............... Olga Andersen Faculty Advisors .Clara Mne Ward. Ethel Gordon Hope Andersen l.ucllc Andersen Olga S. Andersen Alva Andrews Dorothy Itennis Bernice Belllvean Gwendolyn Carver Grace Dills Klsle I.ocas Claire Consldlne MEMBERS. Ruth Krlcson Margaret Galloway l.ols Glddlnga Irene Grahowsky Slgne Hendrickson Ruby llorst Iledwin lilxorlck Rose Kllnk l.onh l.dtdiix Dorothy Mather Kniina Munter Ellen Neville Margaret Olsen Theresa Schinoldt Helen Steuber Katherine Steuber Anna Grace Swanson Nan Thompson Alice Wellner IIONt. . A I! Y M KM B K IIS. Caroline Barbour Clara Mao Ward Blanche Barae Ilaxel French Ethel I.. Gordon- LYCEUM DEBATING CLUB FJerstnd Buro Soroka Christianson Fnsterlln Bergland Frame Oyiinx Rrlfwc Shcr Knner Rollefsou Limrtefreii Mertx Norman Van Pallor FI her Anctcncon Dirkinuii Halverson Harney Kelley Oakland llniltalll OFFICERS. ‘First Semester Second SenicKtcr Irvins llalhlll......-.......-...President.................Thonm llnrney Harold Norman................. vice President...... Raymond Dlrkmnn Maurice Friunes ....................Secretary............. Walter Fascrllnd Alexander Soroka ...................Treasurer.. Fred Kelley V. K. Van Patter .. Faculty Advisor V. 1{. Van Patter Harry Anderson Maynard Bergland Oscar Buro Manley Christiansen Kaymond Hickman Walter Fagcrlind jay Flaker Lloyd KJeratad Julius Frleese MEMBERS. Morris Krumes Earl Halmrsen Thomns Harney Cedric Jamleseii Fred Kelley Walter LundeKren Wallace Mcrtx Harold Norman Tliomas Oyaas Irvlny Italhlll Robert Ralnsford Alfred Itcschke ICaymir Itollefson Robert Shcr Russell Skoylund Alex Soroka Telford Thompson -72-IOTA DELTA CHI Walsh O'Neill Moore Christiansen 1 In II Schmidt Nlcol McGill Leo Anderson Smith Gronxeth Brlckson Munro Murphy McGrath Alexander Dor row Steele Westland McCarthy Bvered Itroslous Lindberg Hard Whereat! ltussell Ilnyencr Spink OFFICERS. First Semester Second Semester Harold Steele...................President....................Mbert ICussoll Sigurd Vice President Kdward Wherentt Hubert Hurd .Secretary................ Hurbert Hurd Albert Itussell .Treasurer................Henry Hu gene r William Alexamler ltaillus Anderson George Hroslus Manley Christiansen William Harrow Harold Brlckson Harold Bvered John Gallagher John Gronscth Oscar Hall Henry Hugener MEMBERS. Hurbert Hurd Sigurd Loo Lome Liudherg Merrill Lynch (■eraId McGill William McGrath Gordon Miller Taylor Moc Eugene Moore Harold Munroe Thomas Murphy Floyd Nlcol Wallace O'Neil A inert Itussell Charles Schmidt lleleard Smith Wesley Spink Harold Steele Wallace Westlund Edward Wherentt Leonard WalshPI IOTA CHI Karon Holland McDonald Johnson Nor in ii n French Andersen DJerat Clare Gibson Cushuian Berg Shustermun Kknian Hanson Sukov Borgerson Thatcher Winchester OFFICERS. First Semester Second Semester Bernard Clare ................President.........................Marvin Sukov Marvin Sukov........... Vice President................Murly Borgerson Clarence Thatcher .Secretary............ Clarence Thatcher Carl Hanson.....................Treasurer...........................Carl Hanson Faculty Advisor...... Mr. S. J. French Honorary Member President .1. A. Merrill Harold Anderson Charles Berg Marly Borgerson Sumner Cushman Clarence Dlers .1 ohn Keknian MEMBERS. Herbert Hibson Carl Hanson Dudley Holland Robert Karon Leonard Johnson Roland McDonald Willard Norman Jack Shusterman Marvin Sukov Clarence Thatcher Inland WinchesterSIGMA PI Rogers 1 .of i it i • t Kaner Swnnluml Hanson Kulnsford Vo Ik'ht Cushman Walker McCabe Klarlty Volght Wlcrclsxewskl Cushman Zeleznlok Armstrong Ileiuleraon Erickson Helehel , Dahl Ileiuleraon New McFnddcn OFFICERS. President.................. -........................ Juanita Walker Vice President Jeanette Kaner Secretary................... -........-................ Edna Itelchcl Treasurer..™.......................................... Florence I.of |ul»t Faculty Advisor.............................. ....Cornelia McCabe The faculty, the atudent body and the senior class Join with the Sigma PI club In expressing their sincere sympathy over the untimely death of one of Its members. Miss Rdnn Helehel. Edna Anderson Corn Armstrong Dortha Cushman Itnybournc Cushman Violet Dahl l.uella Erickson Mary Klarlty Olive Orotb Jenny Hanson I.llllan Whelan MEMBERS. I.ettlsbn Henderson Florenee Henderson Jeanette Kaner Itoslyn Kaner Marian MeFadden l.eona MeOIbbnn Kiitbcrlne Nni Margaret Helehel Hernadctte Hnlnsford HONOR A R Y M KM HER S. Kllxalieth Monger Esther Swnnluml Isabel Swnnluml Mable Sliver Alice Volght I.llllan Volght Juanita Walker Regina Wlerclsxewskl Ruth Alice Zelexiilck Cornelia McCatieSIGMA RHO (•undersea Jenson Musing Sankman Benson Heyer Roberg SninO Carlson Hankins I abl Drumtuond Cornish Follls TfiiByok Olson Johnson Simonson Cams Carlson Rock Anderson Nelson Johnson Hollis Kuhncly Itjorklnml Carlson ('aslunan Helms .Markham Schaffer Carvcla Kricson Reich Nelson Phillips Lange Aho Jnzn Hall Stenten MhcDonald OFFICERS. Preside at----------------------------------------- J. Winston Bilk Vice President Irene Siuead Secretary................................ Onona Drumiuond Faculty Advisor.................................... Bertlin Cams MEMBERS. Hannah Erickson Nannie Erickson Imble Aho Olga Anderson Olive Anderson Anna Anderson Ellen Bslnter Dagney Ha k ken Eleanor Barnes Mildred Benson Max Bigelow Winston Billie Mattie Bitner Mildred Brown Irwin Bruennlng Hazel Carlson Hellen Carlson Lillian Carlson Svea Carlson Tlllle Carlson lleliua Carvcla Augusta Cashman Mildred (Ashman Katherine Corcoran Katherln Cornish Florence Dahl Onona Drummond Ethel Follls Anna Crosse Alyee Cundersen Myrtle Hallberg Hazel Hall l aura Hankins lone Helms Edith Hendrickson Cladys lleyer Violet Holcombe Cecil Hollis Irene Howard Emma Hustvet Leona Izzard Mary Jaza Pearl Jensen Jennie Johnson Julia Johnson Luclla Johnson Oliver Johnson Lillian Jokela Elsie Kesler Margaret KJedstad Agnes Knhncly Alice Lang Dina Lee Borghlld Lenin Mary Llschalk Katherine Lord Virginia McDonald Matilda McLelland Inez Marcum Bertha Marley Edythe Moslng Lillian Nelson Rngnhild Nelson Victoria Nyland Clara Olson Margaret Olson Waltlna Orloskl Agnes Parks Newella Parodis Maryetta Phillips Florence Ploof Hilda Pudss Lilllnn Putnam Elvina Reich Bra Rlvord Mae Roberg Agnes Rock Lillian Konning Lainn Sanrl Ruth Sandman Caroline Schaefer Etna Sellwood Alno Simonson Esther Simonson Irene Smead Anna Sternhllpert Julia Sterien Teekla Sterzcn Josephine Swanson Slgne Swanson Agnes Ten Eyeke Josephine Torgerson Katherine Ulvlla Hilda Wattmnn I evlnn Westerberg Ruth Westerberg Alice Williams Qlortt Wood 7»- Y. W. C. A. Hendrickson Leary Anderson Cordon Shorn: Johnson Erickson CABINET. President....................................... ....Florence Leary Vice President............................................Ituth Carter Secretary..............................................Amies I.midseth Treasurer........................................................Ethel Johnson Under Graduate Representative..................... Luella Erickson World Fellowship Chairman..... ............... Lcttish.-i Henderson Publicity Chairman.................................... Geneva Shong Social Service Chairman............................... Ituth Gordon Social Chairman.................................. Thelma Thompson Finance Chairman.................................. Lucllc Andersen MEMBERS. Cora Armstrong Lucllc Andersen Grace Barney Mildred Benson Mrs. Braliaman Edith Brand Constance Buliar Helen Cant Bertha Cams Marjorie Chadwick Bernice Conroy Dorothy Darrow l.uclla Erickson Jennie Hansen Florence Henderson Lettlsha Henderson Glndys Heyer Clara Hines Ethel Johnson Mary Johnson Elisabeth Kerr Margaret KJclstad Ruth Law Florence Patterson Florence Leary Alva Paulson Jane Rehnstrnnd Elvera Reich Esther Robinson Alys Saxlne Mattie Sutherland Geraldine Swalm Geraldine Walker Juanita Walker Ina Watson Mrs. A. I). Whealdon Delegates to the Y. W. C. A. Summer Conference at Lake Geneva: Florence Leary, Luella Erickson, Geneva Shong. —77— KINDERGARTEN PRIMARY OKKICKKS. Prcxlilont................-....—......................... Marie CMn Vice President ...... (Iriicp Young. Murhil WIIIIiiiiik, Olga S. Andersen Seeretnry..............-............... _............. .Hetty Fowler Treasurer Loons Slsrroll SOClsI Assistant Father Kennedy Faculty Advisor. CSroHoa v. Barbour Studenl Welfare Hlnneho 1,. Karw Social Adrlsor—............................................— Kthcl Gordon This year was the first year the Kindergarten and Primary groups have been together, and although it has made a large roll call, it has been a great success. The department has had many social functions which have had the desired effect of bringing the members more closely together. Aside from the social side, the group has been greatly interested in Child Welfare, which was shown by the scries of sandwich sales in which the girls raised a sum of money for the “Singing Carr Creek’’ Mountain-Whites’ School of Kentucky and for the Armenian Relief. TTic department also pledged itself to give annually one hundred dollars to the McCaskill Friendship Fund. This year has certainly been a successful one for the group in developing school spirit and ability to co-operate. We hope that a precedent has been established for the years to come. “It is babyhood that has made man what he is”—Fiskc. -SO—“Learning is a necessary incident in dealing with real things"—Dr. Dewey. Social Activities. Picnic. The annual initiation picnic was held September 22 on the Point. The weather was fine and everyone enjoyed themselves eating and singing around the large bonfire. Dinner. The annual dinner Saturday, November 18, at which the Juniors were hostesses to the Seniors, was a royal feast from the first course to the after-dinner speeches and program. Birthday Parties. The birthday girls were hostesses to the other girls of the department and faculty at delightfully informal affairs held Friday afternoons, every second month, in the Kindergarten Rooms. The fun we had dancing, singing and sitting about the hcarthfirc will occupy a page in every girl’s Memory Book. Formal Dance. The Valentine dance, February 9, was the largest affair the department has had. The entire Recreation Room was effectively decorated in pastel colors. The novel program and the favor dance were interesting features of the evening. The dance was pronounced one of the greatest successes of the school year. Exhibit and Tea. Open house at the Kindergarten Rooms was held in the form of the annual exhibit and tea on Friday, May 11. Many artistic pieces of handwork were exhibited, but the special features of the day were the doll houses of the Juniors and the beautifully illustrated books made by the Seniors. Music was furnished throughout the afternoon by talented girls of the department. "What you would have in the life of tomorrow, you must put into the schools of today”—P. P. Claxton. -SI—HIGH SCHOOL TRAINING AND COLLEGE 0FKICBR8. PtmMcbI Tkonu Uariejr Vice Praridni .Waller Lendmea Scordnry Treasurer........................... Oxcar Huron There is little prospect for debate when the statement is made, “Of the five departments in the Superior Normal, the High School Training: and College Department is the best. The contention for the superior merit of this department is based upon a comprehensive array of facts. Three hundred and sixty-five students arc enrolled in this group, which makes it the largest department in the Superior Normal, and the smaller and better half of the total school enrollment of 825. Among these 365 students are found 99 44-100 per cent of all the Football Players, Orators, Basketball Players, Dcbators, Trackmen, Actors, Journalists, Social Leaders and even the High-Grade, Hand-Picked Tea Hounds. The members of this noble 300 make a one-third greater monetary contribution and a far greater mental, moral and physical contribution to this Normal than the members of the other departments, because on the average they remain at the school one year longer. October, 1922, marked the reorganization of the school into departmental training groups which has led to the formation of five group clubs which serve the purpose of bringing the group members in closer contact with one another. Each group meets every Monday to discuss problems pertaining to its field of education. The meetings of the High School Training and College Department have been largely devoted to the consideration of the possibilities for a higher education, and to talks on the nature of university life. Several members of the faculty have addressed these gatherings, narrating their scholastic experiences and making recommendations in regard to the manner of acquiring a higher education. It is safe to assume, that as a result of this policy, many of the members of this department have been so enlightened that they will see their way clearer and farther up the path of intellectual progress. —83—■ GRAMMAR JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Mnble OuxiiiK )felon Unffninii Com Armstrong OFFICERS. I’rcfiaoni Silvia West Faculty Advisor Mr. 11. C. Almy This year our Grammar Junior High School Department became an unified i ody not only in name, but in spirit and activity. Under the excellent guidance of Mr. Almy the department was organized immediately after the opening of school in September, and has continued in "the field of action" throughout the year. Besides being ardent supporters of every school activity, the members managed to have a Hallowe’en party, a Christmas Tea, basketball games, a dance, and a banquet. From the department’s activities during the year, we must draw the conclusion that to accomplish as much as the Grammar Junior High School Department did, one must not leave for tomorrow that which he can do today. We know that next year the fame of the department cannot lessen, because the outgoing seniors are parting from juniors who have done as well as the seniors have, and who are well able to continue the great success which was reached in one short year. -S3—INTERMEDIATE MEMBERS. President ....................................... Mice Hunks Vice President Muriel Harmon Secretory-Treasurer............................ Catherine Tnylor Faculty Advisor....................................... Mr. Almy The Intermediate Department was organized in September, 1923. It is a new organization being best characterized in our class song: (To tune of K-K-Katy) Intermediates, Marvelous classmates, We're the classiest class For many a mile around. Whenever achievements attain perfection, Someone from this mighty class Is sure to be found. The officers for the first semester were. Agnes Olsen, President; Charlotte Hcyden, Vice President; and Francis Marsh, Secretary-Treasurer. Catherine Taylor Alice Banka Muriel HarmonRURAL Kilitli Hendrickson Mildred IIciiiumi Olive Anderson OKFH'KHS. Pmldtal olive Anderson Vice President Mildred Benson Secretary-Treasurer ..Kdltli IIciidrlckson The national trend of education is changing its course. Bducntors arc turning their attention from the highly-developed city systems to the rural, where comparatively little progress is in evidence. One indication of this movement is reflected in the a maxing growth of our Rural Department during the past year. In 1915-1916 the need for more intensively trained rural teachers was recognized and rural subjects were introduced in the school curricula. This was followed in 1910-1920 by the organization of the Rural Department. Since that time the department has grown by leaps and bounds as the following figuics show: 1919- 20 1920- 21 1921- 22 1922- 23 Number Enrolled 13 26 • . -14 • 110 Graduates 9 13 31 62 In correlation with the department is an organization which aims to develop in the teacher, a keener appreciation and understanding of rural problem. By developing the quality of leadership in the prospective teachers it will enable them to inculcate the spirit of cooperation between community mmbers by introducing interests common to all. With this purpose in mind, the Rural Department students have had several Successful social and educational affairs during the past year. An Alumni Association has also been organized which will benefit, financially, worthy and needy students.CLOWE rowLtf? cf?orrwu WVNR WHCffEftTr CRNOYCR fWOWSON MQftSH RU55ELLThe Staff Bdltorln-Chlof. I1KLKN «. CANOYKK. Associate Kditor, A Ml BUT II. KtSSKLL. Business .Melinger. MAXWBLL r. MARSH. AHnlst;! ui Business Managers. SICItOD I.KK OSCAR III-ROS RAYMOND DICKMAN Organization Kdltor. MKRTYS OLSKN. Col. IIIkIi School Tr.p THOMAS 1IAKXKY. Department Kditors. Intermediate. .1 BN NIK LAWTON. Kindergarten-Primary. IIBTTY KOWI.KR. Orainma r. KOSI.YN KANKH. Senior Kdltor, A LICK CLARK. Rural, ONONA RRYMMOND Men’s TKD Will: KB ATT Altiletie Kditors. Olrls’ LUCILLB ANDKRSON It AY MONO SK’AItl) lllt-nr-MIss Kditors. ( IKRALDINB CltOTTKAI’ Cartoonist. WILLARD NORMAN. Activity Hilllor IIKRIIKRT OlltSON. .1 BAX CLARK Snap Kditors. IIBSTKIt IIOLMKS BRACK YOUNO Art Kditors. K KB 1X A W1K R C1S . K W S K1 Rl'TII YKRKA FRANK K. VITV. Fnculty Advisors MISS ACNKS KIRK - ai-DEBATING I s KAO CI.AIKK-SUPRIIIOU • WHITBWATBR-SUPBUIOR Superior. March 2. 102.1. Whitewater, March 2S. 1023. RKSOI.VKI): That An Unemployment liiminince I.ntv Kmlmilylnc the Kxxeutlnl Feature of the Ilulter Kill Should lie Puxxed by the WI ron«ln l.ojtlnluture of IMS. AFFIRMATIVE TEAM THOMAS 1IAHNKV BERNADETTE ItAlNSFOKD WAl.TKIt I.INDC It K. 01.1 VB OltOTH. Alternate. SIDNKY J. FRENCH. Coarh. DECISIONS Ran Clulre—2 to I. In favor of the affirmative. Whitewater—2 to I. In favor of the affirmative. STATE CHAMPIONS WITHOUT A DEFEAT. DEBATING Hubert Sher Helen Canoyer. Albert Kuxtu-ll ItlYRIt KAl.S-SCPBItlOlt OSH KOSHSCPKIt toil Uiver Falls. March 2. 1923. Superior. March 2S. Hr.1:!. KKSOl.VKI): That An Unemployment Insurance I.a v Embodying the Essential Features of the Huber Bill Should Be I’nmeil By the Wisconsin Legislature of lirirt. NKCAT1VK TBAM KOBKItT SI IKK 1IRI.KN CAXOYBlt ALBBItT UUSSKM. It AC N Alt ltOl.l.KFSON, Alternate. FUANK B. VITZ. Conch. DKCISION'S ltlver Fulls—2 to 1. In favor of the negative. Oshkosh—3 to 0. In favor of the negative. STATK CHAMPIONS WITHOUT A HBFBAT. —01— Frank K. Vitas ltagnar ItollcfxonORATORY Waller Lundgren Mias Nona MnrQiiilkin Thomas llarney Tradition is a recorder of facts. In the history of a school, two events stand out clearly in the minds of those who have had an interest in that school and who have participated and been a part of the activities that their alma mater has signified. During the past school year we have been specially fortunate in debating and oratorical activities. One of the most difficult situations for the judges was the work of choosing members for the debating teams. After they were once picked, however, the school was unanimous in its decision that it possessed two invincible teams. And so it turned out to be, for our negative and affirmative teams, under the excellent guidance of Professor Vitz and Professor French, won both victories, thus creating for them the title of state champions without a single defeat. Estimable praise and credit is due the coaches who made it possible for these championship teams, to carry away the honors for the year. The past season in debating has indeed been a successful one. And oratory. In the preliminary school tryouts, Walter Lundgren won first place and thus represented Superior Normal at the State Contest at Milwaukee where he delivered his theme "American Isolation," winning second place. Walter’s delivery is forceful, clear, and convincing and his theme a timely one. The difference was so slight between first and second choice that it was by the merest hance Mr. Lundgren was awarded second place. We wish to express our gratitude to Miss MacQuilkin, who devoted her efforts 50 unceasingly to inspire our representative to do his best. It is to her that we wc our success in forensic talent. On May 4, Walter Lundgren was sent as alternate to the Inter-State contest at Cedar Falls. Iowa. It is also to our credit that the Presidency of the Inter-State Forensic League was awarded to one of our own debaters—Thomas Harney, a member of the championship teams. We wish to congratulate all those who represented us in debating and oratory during the past school year and we want them to realize our appreciation for their excellent work. —92—ORATORICAL ASSOCIATION Albert ltiwsoll Helen '.in oyer Wnller l.iiiiilyrcii OKKICKHS. Pnddtil Albert Ruraell Vice President Welter Lundgren Secretary .Uelee Canojrer Realizing the need for a local organization to raise funds for literary activities, the Oratorical Association has been organized during the past year. Those who conceived the idea dispayed their good judgment by seeding three officers fully competent to fill their particular positions in the local Inter-Forensic League. Albert Russell was elected President of the association; Walter Lundgren, Vice President, and Helen Canoyer. Secretary-Treasurer. Inasmuch as the association intended to send a special delegation to Milwaukee for the purpose of representing the school at the Oratorical contest held there this year, plans were formulated to raise as much money as possible to finance the enterprise. The boys put on a luncheon at the school, the profits of which amounted to $55.00. Not to be outdone by the boys, the girls also staged a lunch party and cleared $90.00. The crowning event was the Auction, which netted the Oratorical Association $285.00. The completion of “Stunt Nite” brought the association’s activities to a close, and with the $80.00 realized from that evening’s entertainment, the receipts totaled $500.00. This sum was sufficient to pay the expenses of sixteen girls of the Glee Club to Milwaukee; Miss Curtis, the director; Mr. Wallace McPhce, the accompanist, and Messrs. Earl Sherman and Irving Auld, of the “Sherman and Auld” act, winners of the school contest. As seen by the above account, the Oratorical Association was a success both from a finanial and an inspirational standpoint. It supplied a long-felt need and accomplished what it set out to do. We look for great things from this new-born organization in years to come. —03—DRAMATICS “Pomander Walk BY LOUIS N. PARKER, Presented By The Lambda Sigma Society — The Lyceum Debating Club December 15, 1922. Coached By Miss Dorothy Ekstrom. CAST OK CHARACTERS: The Hon. Lieut. John Sayle, R. N Mile. Marjolaine ........—«... Admiral Sir Peter Antrobus John Style, 10th Baron Otford Madame Lachesnais...........— Jerome Brooke-Hoskyn, Esquire The Rev. Jacob Stcrnroyd-.... Mr. Basil Pringle ..-........ Mrs. Pamela Poskett----------- The Eye Sore................— Jim--------------------------- The Muffin Man...—_______ ___ Miss Ruth Pennymint --------- Miss Barbara Pennymint------- The Honorable Caroline Thring. Nanette----------------------- Jane—------------------------- — ..... Roy Harnish ........Agnes Olson Oscar Buros ----Thomas Harney --------Judith Olson ------Thorpe Langley ...Raymond Dickman ..Manley Christiansen — —....Mona Gleason .....Harry Anderson -...-..Alex Soroka — ----Lloyd Fjerstad -------Ethel Johnson ..— Mary McCleary ..——Nina Hornaday ....—...Yvonne Kerr — .Theresa Vaughn ACT ONE “Pomander Walk,” a little English village about the year 1805. ACT TWO The same. The next day. ACT THREE The same. A few hours later. Faculty Director, Miss Della Thompson .PEPTOMIST STAFF Sukov Karon Harney Russell Soroka Whereat! Olsen Savage Clare Blair Loulsell Loo Spink Gibson Leary Canoyer Wlberg Winchester Thatcher FIRST SEMESTER Editors-in-Chief Thomas Harney Albert ltnssell L. K. Grover Managing Editor Albert Bussell Associate Editors Helen Canoyer Gertrude Allen Sport Editor William Dupuis Associate Sport Editor David Brusso Club Editor Mcrtys Olsen Humor Editor John Bardon Business Manager Signal Lee Advertising Manager Bernard Clare Circulation Manager Ted Wheron tt SECOND SEMESTER Editor-in-Chicf II. F. Gibson. Jr. Managing Editor Florence I.e-.iry Associate Editors Wesley Spink 55©C Snvnge Sport Editor Ted Whoreatt Society Editor Bath Wlberg Club Editor Mcrtys Olsen News Editors Robert Karon Loin ml Winchester Alex Soroka Business Manager Marvin Sukov Special Writers Avis Blair Modern Loulsell Circulation Manager Clarence Thatcher -93— Frank K. Vlt Agnes KirkPOETS CORNER To Old St. Louis River. Thou long and winding mystery, If you could tell your talc, What ancient unknown history Would you to us unveil? Would you unlock your mighty heart, And tell of long ago; And of your great mysterious part In lands thru which you flow? Could you tell how the world began And who its maker was; And what relates to early man, And why his many flaws? And would your talc be full of strife, Where peoples come and go; And could you tell of unknown life, Of things no longer so? And did you sec that mass of ice, That molded out our land; As natures work, not over nice; Upturned as by an angiy hand. St. Louis were you always great, Or were you greater still? Did, long ago, our mighty lake O'er flow our highest hill? You saw the Indian live his life Beneath the mighty forest kings. You heard the clash of racial strife When came the ships, with great white wings. You saw the great green forest fall, You saw the Indian go. You’ve missed the early mating call, When spiing drives ’way the snow. Thou great immortal life on earth, What secrets do you know? Are all so stern and free from mirth, And will we never know? Oh, Old St. Louis, I wish you speech, That you may free your sullen breast Of truths, that many may never reach 'Till time will come to'rest. Oh, sullen, ruthless, mighty power Each age has passed, but as a day. Events were as the sun and shower, Results, as time went on its way. —C. G. DIERS.POETS CORNER A Winter Sketch i The setting sun casts long, thin shadows o’er the snow, Ruddy and glowing with the sun’s reflected light: Then slowly sinks the golden orb behind the hill, Sharply outlined against the clear, pale-tinted sky. The rosy light soon fades and dies, ar.d in its place A faint, ethereal lustre lights the gleaming snow. The evening star, a timid virgin, ventures forth, And twinkles through the tracery of leafless trees. Lace-like and delicate against the sunset sky. The ling’ring dusk soon deepens into solemn night, And, like a painting veiled, the scene is lost from view; The heavens, serene, brood, silent, o’er the sleeping world. There is no scene in all of life. That more appeals to me, Than just the breaking of the day. With all in beauty free; So from my home on distant hill. And in my garden round about, I watch the sun to rise at dawn, And put the night to rout. I watch the glory of the morn When all the golden beams First strive to wake each sleepy life From out its tardy dreams. There too, I wander joyously, And watch all life to come awake; The buds, the birds, with lastly man To greet the sun above the lake. Then do I hear the male bird sing Its song more sweet than other time. Those moments do I value more Than any others I call mine. By far more welcome arc those buds That seem to open just for me; And far more beautiful is life When viewed at morn with song so free. Oft times I think that man does wrong To waste this perfect gift of God; The dawn, that seems is just for me, While yet the dew is on the sod. —Elizabeth M. Kerr. —C. G. Dicrs. —97—ORCHESTRA KcIIok Sukov Brace Mct’hcc McGill Packard Kckmau Curtin ltcsehke Hanson Harris Johnson Torjjcr.son I-'Ishcr Jay Fisher Margaret Galloway Helen Hanson ENSEMBLE DIRECTOR. Miss Irene Curtis PIANO Wallace McPhee VIOLINS Lillian Harris Esther Jones Venetta Kellog Nancy McGill VIOLA Marvin Tukov Zona Gale Miles Alfred Reschke Gudrun Torgcrson CELLO C. W. Smith CORNETS Rudolph Swanson Vera Packard TROMBONE Daniel Brace SAXOPHONE Cecil Johnson Gcoige Baird DRUMS John Eckman i -os-GLEE CLUB ■i_!—Lii!LLH-.!iL UJ-Jj___________L.g Patterson Andrccn Sinead McGill McClenry Carpenter Crlutlil Allard Curtin Jordon Watts Toonioy Aarntsoii I.ouisell Sinister OFFICERS. President .....Ann Shuster Secretary..... Mary McHenry Treasurer ..................................Irene Sinead DIRECTOR Miss Irene Curtis MEMBERS. Kldni Aronson Inyrrlil Gunderson Irene Sinead I.ucllle Allard Isnliel Jordon Marcella Sniltli Kstlier Alidrcen Medora I.ouisell Edna Tooniey Katherine ('arpentor Mary McClenry Kloreneo l’atterson Anna Grlzold Nancy McGill Ann Shuster Florence Watts t . % J SIGMA GAMMA CHI m Trvucnxn Kerr Yonii Shunter Hunks Hel liven u Klink Andersen Mauler Harding OFFICIOUS. President.... Vice Presidents Secretary Treasurer Faculty Advisor Rose Klink llernlce Helllveau. Ann Sinister Grace Young Alice Banks Miss Ellen Clark Allard. l.iicllle Anderson. iOlaine Anderson. Hazel Anderson, Irene Anderson, Oljra Armstrong. Cora Hanks. Alice Helllveau. Bernlec Herman. Mary Hey. Pearl Uloom |lli t. M lldred Calllster. Doris Carlstrom. Phoehe Carter. Knth Conn, Marie C’ott, Dorothy Crotteau. tiernlillne Danielson, Doris Kcklo. Clara Knulnnd. Gladys lOrlcson. l.tiella Gunderson. Ingrid Grlxold, Anna lleyor. Gladys lloltnqiifst, Nina .larvey. Violet .lensen. Hella Johnson. Doris Johnson, Kthel MK.MHKKS. InhiiKon. l.uelln Johnson, Mary Jones, Viola llakainaki. Irene llaknlu. Helen Grekela. Celia Krleson. Until Gleason. .Mona Hardin . Mary Harrison. Kdilh Helps. Margaret .liinke, Margaret .1 iink« . Mar re I Kerr, Yvonne Klink. Hose Kovach. Anna l.ainhcrt. Kcrnndctlc lain . Amy l.nwton, Jennie l.eounrd, Kathleen I.cKotiN, I.eali Makl. 11 iluia MeCleary. Mary MeGill. Nancy Meredith. Kthel Mnnter. Kimna Xicinl. Helen North, Irene Olsen, Klcaiinr Olsen. Mertys Olson, Ilattie Olson. Judith Paulson. Alva Quine. Pearl Knhja. 11ilinn Snxitie. Alice Shuster, Ann Stebley. Molly Smith. Well Swanson. Alice Taylor. Catherine TenKyck. A lies Totnlinsoii. Vesta Touipkins. Norma Treeenxn. Alice Walsh. Faith Williams. Muriel Young, Grace -100-I It A I. Tt'BHS Superior Normal s Ideals in Athletics By COACH TUBBS It is the purpose of the Athletic Department of the Superior Normal School: First: to have an'important part in the development of men into clean, forceful thorobrcds who arc conscious of their influence over the boys of their com 1 munity and who play the game of life hard, fair and unflinchingly. Second: Thru the medium of our games to be a centralizing influence in the life of our school, and v Third: Since “All work and no play makes Jnck a dull boy," to have a play time and a play for every student. - 101 —THE TEAM Right Half Loft Half .'.Full Rack Russell Rill Full Rack Right Half T off Hnlf THE SEASON o o _ o 0 26 52 12 Nov. 18—Superior— 0 North Dakota Aggies - - 6 — 102—CAPTAIN M Kit RILL LYNCH, "Bee”—Left Tackle. As a football player and a leader Bee is hard to beat. He is a fighter all the way thru and his (tameness and ever-present congeniality kept a wonderful morale in his team thruout the season and put them most successfully thru the hardest schedule the Orange and Black ever had. With the graduation of Bee this yenr Superior Normal will miss a (treat athlete. CAPTAIN-ELECT THOMAS MURPHY. “Tommy’ —Left Half. We know of no one in the Normal conference better able to lead our 1923 team than Tommy. He is one of the best all-around backficld men that ever wore the Orange and Black; is a hard worker possessed with unconquerable spirit, and his unerring sportsmanship and continued chccri-ness command the admiration of everyone that knows him. With Tommy as pilot we are confident of great success next year. We wish you luck, Tommy. EDWARD WHERE ATI', "Ted"—Right End. To Ted goes the distinction of being one of the earnest and best players that the school has ever produced. Ted captained the 1921 varsity and it was this team that put the Orange and Black in the football limelight and the prowess which it now holds. At end this season Ted burned things up as usual, and his clever, consistent. clean playing and experienced leadership was a powerful factor in the great success of this year’s team. When Ted graduates in June he will leave a record at Normal hard to equal. —103————Li:—— HENRY HUGENOR, “Hud"—Right End. This was Bud's first year of Normal football. Coming from Superior Central High where he had captained their 1921 team, he easily landed a place on the varsity. Bud was injured in the Eau Claire game and altho unable to play in any of the following games he remained on the squad. Bud’s grit is hard to beat, and we rejoice in saying that he has two more years on Tubbs’ teams. WALLACE WESTLUND, “Wally”—Left Half. One of the coaches in the Normal conference said that Wally was the best interference runner that he had ever seen; but Wally is more than that. In carrying the ball he is phenomenal and his wonderful defensive work was the feature of every game. Wally has one more year at Normal. JAMES CONROY. “Jimmy”—Right Half. Due to injuries, Jimmy was kept in reserve and not called upon only at the most crucial time, and he always came thru. His line plunging and accurate tackling will make Jimmy a most valuable man to the Orange and Black the two years he has yet to play. -101'I M AN LEY CHRISTEN SON, “Christy’’—Center. Christy was one of the most valuable men in the line. With his accurate, consistent passing, combined with clever defensive ability, Christy made our ideal center. He is a hard worker and game to the core. Christy will be a big factor in Coach Tubbs’ 1923 championship machine. JOHN GALLEGHEH, “Jack”—Right Guard. Although Jack got a necessitated late start on the squad he soon proved that he was first team calibre and whenever called upon, bore his bunt of the attack. His unusual physique and his willingness to work made Jack a tower of strength in the line. HAROLD STEELE, “Fat”—Quarterback. Fat does everything that is required of a good quarterback, and does it well. His unerring judgment, bull-dog grit, and his pleasing personality inspire his team-mates like no other leader can do. Fat leaves us this year and will long be remembered at Superior Normal. -103-BAILLISS ANDERSON. "Billy’’—Quarterback Billy’s cheerfulness and his clever generalship pulled us thru many trying situations in our hardest games. A great pilot with a rare knowledge of the game, Billy is an ideal quarterback. He is a genuine dll-around athlete and has the distinction of captaining the 1922 basketball team. EUGENE WATTS. “Boots’’—Right Guard. Boots was a constant terror to the opposition. His massive length and powerful body combined with lots of fight and pep made Boots ideal for his position at guard. If Boots returns next year an important cog in the 1923 machine will be ably filled. WILLIAM DUPUIS, “Dupe”—Right Tackle. “Dupe” is a veteran of many football teams. With his powerful physique, 190 pounds of hard fighting iron, and his wonderful aggressiveness, Dupe was a lineman unsurpased in the conference. With him back at tackle again next year Coach Tubbs will build a line that is unbeatable. -IOC-LEONARD WALSH, “Wapo”—Fulback. In hitting the line or incircling the ends Wapo is a wonder. It was his consistent ground gaining thruout the season that put the Orange and Black out in front. Possessed with 175 pounds of muscle and a pair of speedy legs to drive it, Wapo makes a fullback that can’t be beaten in the conference. With Wapo back next year, and with Captain Murphy as a running mate, Coach Tubbs will form a wonderful back-ficld. HAROLD CAMP. "Jerry”—Left Guard. Jerry’s powerful build, greatly enhanced by his fleetfootedness, made him invaluable to the team in running interference and in carrying the ball. It was Jerry’s uncanny ability in leading the interference that gained many a yard. In the line he was a veritable Hercules and his ability on the offense was well balanced with his steady, aggressive defensive work. Jerry has one more year on the varsity. HBLBARD SMITH, “Smoke”—Left Half. Smoke did his best work on the defense. At this he was a bear, and his hard, accurate tackling was very evident to opponents. In punting and carrying the ball Smoke also showed, whenever he was called upon, that he was one of the most adept on the squad. With his graduation this year, Smoke’s place will be a hard one to fill. —107—RUSSELL RILL. "Russ”—F ullbnck. Russ is the veteran of veterans. Having played on the state championship team of 1013. Russ returned to school this year where he soon hitting and gamest fullback in Wisconsin. Due to severe injuries he was kept out of the game the latter part of the season and the Orange and Black was badly crippled without him. We all take our hats off to “Dad,’’ and his memory will live long at Superior Normal. At end Wally is a whirlwind. His ability to get down under punts and passes and his accurate spiking and tackling make him a powerful, well-balanced wing man. With Wally back again next year Tubbs will have a wonderful line. O'Neil also captains the 1923 basketball team. k’it- proved to everyone that he was still the hardest physique plus his willingness to work and many seasons of football experience made him a tackle feared by many an opponent. If Dotey returns next fall the left tackle position wil be ably filled. Dotey is no ordinary lineman. His husky WALLACE O’NEIL. ••Wally”—Left End. 10S-FOOTBALL, 1923 Unquestionably one of the best all-around squads that ever donned the Orange and Black uniform reported to Coach Tubbs with the opening of school in September. The entire school was imbued with football spirit to the saturation point, every Normalile was talking football, dreaming football, and the squad was living football. Everyone looked forward with great expectations for a championship year. And justifiably enough, for never before in the history of our Alma Mater did we have such an ideal combination of brains, brawn and coaching as we had to begin our 1922 season. Just before our first game we found that our old traditional jinx was still with us and Lady Luck was yet our enemy, when injuries put several of our first team men on the sidelines and from then until the middle of the season Coach Tubbs had to overcome one obstacle and misfortune after another. But the slow start and discouraging luck of the first few games did not kill the fighting spirit of the team and the student body for the bigger, harder games yet to come, and by the invincible pep of the learn, the coach and the school, we came thru!! Never before were our ancient enemies—Stout, River Falls and Marquette—given such drubbings. The football season of 1922 was a great tonic for the faculty and students of Superior Normal. It showed what we could do in putting over a most successful undertaking after misfortune and discouragement hnd seemingly destroyed all our high hopes. The season and the team of 1922 will long be remembered at Superior Normal.THE TEAM Ira I. Tubbs....-......-...-............-.........-... -....Coach Bailliss Anderson (Captain).........................—.....Forward Eugene Moore.......................................... Forward John Gronseth—......—.-....................... —.........Forward Edward Whcreatt................................. — -..-Center Eugene Watts------------------ -......-..--------------- -Center Wallace O’Neil.....-.........-------------------- —.....—Guard Heleard Smith-----------.-.............................. Guard Roy Fox-------------- —.....-............ -...-...-........Guard Walter Nelson............................................ Guard THE SEASON S. N. S...-...-.........-..-...29 Eveleth Junidr College......... 4 S. N. S. .....-.....-.........—10 Virginia Junior College--------10 S. N. S.--------- -......—.....11 Stevens Point Normal.............23 S. N. S...-..—....—--------- —15 Eau Claire Normal .............22 S. N. S-----------------------15 River Falls Normal............ 28 S. N. S....—------------—......21 La Crosse Normal.......—......—26 S. N. S...-....—............ 24 Stevens Point Normal...........17 S. N. S....................... 18 Eau Claire Normal.......-......25 S. N. S..............--------- 31 Stout Institute-.-..-...-..—• 17 S. N. S. 15 River Falls Normal 17 S. N. S...................... 20 Stout Institute............... 28 S. N. S........................29 Hibbing Junior College........ 18 S. N. S. ...................... 9 Virginia Junior College..-.....22 S. N. S........................19 Hibbing Junior College..... 22 S. N. S.-----------------......15 Eveleth uJnior College...... 22 MMCAPTAIN BAII,LIS ANDERSON, Right Forward. Billy led our team in one of the hardest and most trying seasons the school has ever had, and Billy demonstrated that he was more than a phenomenal forward. He is a born leader. His firmness of character and invincible spirit served as a great inspiration to his team-mates and carried them thru the hardest season in the history of the school. We hardly know of anything better to say for next year’s team than that Billy will be back again on the varsity. CAPTAIN-ELECT WALLACE O’NEILL, Right Guard. In the selecting of Wally to lead next year’s team the old Normal will have a captain whose equal is not to be found in the conference. We could not pay a higher tribute to the 1923-24 varsity than to say that we are confident that it will have the same unconquerable gameness, the same bull-dog grit and moral fiber that its captain possesses. JOHN GRONSETH. Left Forward. This was Johnny’s first year on the varsity and we are certainly glad that it is not his last. His speed and accuracy at shooting baskets and his uncanny ability in doging his guard, tgoether with remarkable skill on Vne defense, makes Johnny a well-balanced, all-around player. With the Norseman on the team again next year we look forward with confidence to our 1923-24 squad.EDWARD WHEREATT. Center. Ted is the same hard fighter on the basket ball floor that he is on the gridiron. Ilis cool-headod-ncss, invigorating talks and sterling qualities have pulled the Orange and Black thru many hard-earned victories. Fast, brainy, game and clean, Ted made our ideal pivot man. One of the keenest losses which the school could feel will be the graduation of Ted in June and his memory will live long in the hearts of Normalites. WALTER NELSON, Left Guard. Wally is one of the hardest working players we know of. Kept in reserve most of the season and called upon to show his real metal at crucial times, Wally always came thru. He has shown the Orange and Black in his first season at Normal that he will be one of the mainstays of the varsity in the two years he has left to play. ROY FOX, Right Forward. Although the smallest basket ball man in the Normal conference Foxy was a terror to every opposing guard. His marvelous speed, his rare shooting ability and his gamenoss contributed considerably to our success in tight places. Roy has one year on the team. —in— H ELEA HI) SMITH. Left Guard. With the graduation of Smoke in June, the Orange and Black loses a wonderful all-around guard. Possessed with lots of speed, a keen eye for the basket and his consistent defensive work he was invaluable to Tubbs’ machine. It will be hard for the Orange and Black to fill Smoke’s place. EUGENE MOORE, Left Forward. Gene’s first year of Normal basket ball proved that he was an aggressive, all-around versatile player. He is equally good at cither guard or forward and his stellar work was the feature of every game. Gene’s size and speed will be a big factor on next year’s team. —115—BASKETBALL, 1923 Again Superior Normal can be proud of its basket ball team. The season of 1922 23 was not as successful as others in the recent history of the school from the standpoint of winning conference games but from many other standpoints its supremacy cannot be questioned. Starting out against odds with everything but good luck with them at all times, Tubbs’ men played through a disheartening season with the fight, determination and gamcness that few teams could summon. The basket ball season opened most auspiciously when we defeated Eveleth 29 to 4. The next week injuries put our first team in a crippled condition and shifted lineups and misfortunes were with Coach Tubbs the remainder of the season. With the same "never quit" spirit, characteristic of Coach Tubbs’ teams, this squad put over a season that gained the admiration of every coach and player in the state. The school was ever behind the team and the confidence of the student body had everything to do with the fighting machine that we had, a team which fought harder as the game progressed and as in other years, always scored more points in the last half than their opponents. The members of this team will long be remembered and the team of 1922-23 will go down in history as a pronounced success, a success not of winning games alone but a success of a team whose morale could lot be beaten. -116-FEX WINNING TEAM The Inter-Club Basket Ball League was organized this year for the first time, under the direction of Coach Tubbs and the athletic committee. Its chief purpose was to get every man in school into the game, and with this primary aim was very successful. The eligibility was limited to those not on the varsity squad. The Superior Hardware Company presented the league with a beautiful loving cup which will be contested for three years. Interest in the league was very high, the teams were evenly matched and many closely fought games were played. There were no large scores and in half of the contests, over-time periods were necessary to decide the winner. The Fex team very ably earned the cup this year with a clean record of six games won with no defeats. They had a well-balnaced, hard-fighting, game team and many of their victories were put in the win column after it appeared as tho they were defeated, in the last few minutes to play. With such an auspicious beginning, the 1023-24 season of the Inter-City League is looked forwnrd to with great interest. The standing of the teams: Fex Won Lost Pet. 1.000 .333 .333 .333 2 4 Kno Klub 2 4 L. D. C. 2 4 —117—G. A. A. l.nHIf Anderson Geraldine Walker Kulb l.nw Genera Shon llaxel Tolleruil Mias tilltsnn OFFK’KHS. PiwMmI Hazel Tullerud Kx-l’resMriit ... Girls Athletic Association This is the fourth year of the history of the Girls’ Athletic Association. This organization is composed of a group of enthusiastic girls working together for the fulfillment of their aim “to promote a higher physical efficiency among the girls of the Superior Normal School by fostering an interest in all gymnastic and athletic activities.” With such a worthy aim. capable leadership, and the sound advice of Miss Gibson the G. A. A. has progressed. To provide an incentive for greater interest a point system has been worked out. Awards are given as follows: Pins .... 100 points Numerals 1100 points Letters 300 points Monogram H00 points Sweater 1000 points Our scope is very large, special attention being given to the following: Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Hiking, Swimming, Coasting, Skiing, Tennis, Model School Coaching and Elective Physical Training. With such a breadth of choice each girl is given an opportunity to take part in that form in which she is most interested. —ns-VARSITY TEAM Florence Leary Gcrlruilc (Jill Geraldine Swnlm I.uclle Anderson Monn Kelly Conch Gil on Florence I'attcrsun Itulh Law Ida lluKdnhl Geraldine Walker BASKETBALL. When the cnll was first issued for basketball about seventy girls came out for practice. Handicapped by the fact practices had to be carried on during vacant periods, the girls worked persistently and in two months class teams were formed. The games, played on a two-court floor, were fast and peppy throughout. Fine teamwork and strong organization was displayed. A large silver cup was donated by the Men’s Athletic Club for the winning team and this, together with the playing of interclass games as curtain-raisers to the regular school games, created an added interest. The tournament ended with the High School Training team as champions. The teams scored as follows: High School Training -100 Kindergarten-Primary . 75 Grammar 50 Rural £5 Intermediate 0 Following the tournament the varsity team was chosen. This team is an aonorary team, their players chosen for the following qualities: Spirit, Interest, Attendance and Ability. no-HIGH SCHOOL TRAINING TEAM Florence Henderson Viola Krlcp dcmldlne Walker Kuili Law t’npl. Mona Kelly Constance linliar Florence Leary 1-iielle Anderson Ceraldlne Swulm dertrude dill GRAMMAR TEAM Knhy IIonline Helen Hoffman Ida Ilugdnlil Florence I’aUerson Hope Anderson Mahel daxliiK Alice FJersiad (‘apt. I.nrllle Movlck — 120—INTERMEDIATE TEAM ltulli Dlnivlitilk (VuipIi CiliKiin l.«-l y MHiivpIx Oftpl. l .»rothy Kuiicy l.yilln lijiir Julia Xii|»inlrli VOLLEY BALL Volley ball was not attended with ns large a number as basketball, but what was lacking in numbers was made up in pep and vocal ability. Although no regular teams were chosen the games were exciting, especially as the player’s skill to serve and return improved. TENNIS This is the first year that any marked attention has been given to tennis. Owing to the fact that we have only one indoor court each girl has had to wait her turn to practice. An indoor tournament is held at which the championships for both singles and doubles arc determined. BASKETBALL When the spring days come baseball occupies the center of interest on girls’ ns well as boys’ athletics. Class teams are formed and a tournament is held. The Gitche goes to press too soon to publish the results of this tournament.RURAL VcitA Tomlinson Louise Merrel Cerda Olson Helen I’oek Olga Anderson Alice ('lark Helen Steubcr Cant. Clarice Hanson Theresa Klobuchar -122— Julia Johnson Mildred Cnslimnn Ononrt Drummond Cnpt. Violet Holcombe Violet Sinnel l.llliaii McDonald Lillian Nelson Helen Carlson KINDERARTEN-PRIMARY A HEAP OF THE FUN IN THIS WORLD WOULDN'T BE IF IT WASN'T FOOLISH PERSISTENCY. I called her, But she refused to come. I begged— I threatened— I scolded— I even swore; But to no avail. She would not come to me. I stood silently for awhile And watched her. I saw her go To Jack, To Dick, To Tom, To Ed, But she would not come to me. Finally I decided on one more attempt— She came. • • • • Dice are peculiar. A Missouri farmer who was somewhat of a poet had the misfortune of having one of his hogs killed by the train and he addressed the claim department in the following manner: “My razor-back Strolled down your track Aweek ago today. Your Twenty-nine Came down the line, And sniffed his life away. You can’t blame me, The hog you see Slipped through u cattle gate So kindly pen A check for ten, The debt to liquidate.” The claim adjuster was somewhat of a poet himself and answered thus: “Old Twenty-nine Came down the line And killed the hog we know; But razor-backs On railroad tracks Quite often meet with woe. So you see, my friend, We cannot send The check for which you pine, Just plant the dead, Place o’er his head, Here lies n foolish swine.” THE OLDEST JOKE WE OFFER. Two actors came out on the stage and one of them made this speech: “Ladies and gentlemen, we Rave with Us tonight a man who is known the world over and one everyone of us has heard of. Will Mr. Henry Ford kindly stand up and let us see him?” After waiting a minute or so and seeing that no one had risen, he turned to his partner, saying: “Are you sure that Mr. Henry Ford is in this audience?” “Why, sure he is!” was the reply. “I saw "his car standing outside.” As he placed that hand in his own, And pressed it close to his chest, He dared not whisper a sound, Nor even breathe, at best. He squeezed it lightly, and knew That it meant lots of good things, For whatever hand in the world, Could beat an ace and four kings? When did this happen? Oh, a long time ago—yes, before we ever thought he’d be one of our school orators. His baby sister was shouting lustily from the depths of the cradle. His mother said: “Walter, I wish you would rock the baby.” And he answered: “I would be glad to if I had the rocks.” “What is the matter, old man, you look worried?” "I should say so. I hired a man to trace my pedigree.” “Why does that worry you? Hasn’t he been successful?” “I should say he has. I’m paying him hush money.” Mr. Van Patter—What part of the constitution gives the women the right to wear short sleeves ? Wally McPhcc—That part of the constitution which gives citizens of the United States the right to bear (bare) arms. Who was that fellow that thought dates grew on poplar trees? —123—IT WOOD HELP. As the fair damsel truly said as she watched the great big athlete contesting in the pole-vault event, “Just think how much higher he could go if he didn’t have to carry the big long stick.” Teacher—Johhny, how much is three times three? Johnny—Nine. Teacher—That’s pretty good. Johnny—Pretty good, h------, it's perfect. It was midnight on the ocean And was storming to beat the band, But the jackie didn’t mind it— He was sitting on dry land. Sambo—Mandy, can ah kiss you? Mandy—Piggly Wiggly. Sambo—What you all mean? Mandy—Help yo’ self. Hubby—Shall I have your lunch brought up on deck, dear? Sea-sick Wifey—No, darling. Just have them throw it overboard. It’ll save time—and trouble. First Stude—Are you sure that your folks know I'm coming home with you? Second Stude—They ought to; T argued with them for a whole hour about it. Lorna—Is Jim’s wife jealous? Doone—Is she jealous ? Why. whenever Jim comes home with a hair on his coat he has to show her the horse. Being disgusted with the late hours his daughter’s beaux kept, the father turned the lights off at 10 p. m. From hen on, he noticed they came after ten. Vitz (in Lit. class)—Has any one in this class read “Freckles? Flo. Henderson—No,- but I have some brown ones. Dad had to mind the baby when she was young. She is eighteen but Dad still minds her. Hobo (passing near beer advertisement)—That’s the fourth one of those signs I’ve passed, and I don’t seem to be getting any nearer. DUMBBELL PO’TRY. My beau is flied; He done me dirt. Inever knowed He was a flirt! I do forbid. Now, to be done As I was did, How can it was? Be, she gone, are she went? How she left I all alone. Must I always go to she? Must she always come to I? Ah, me, it cannot was! ODB TO 8IG. Ixse sat on a moonlit deck, His head was in a whirl; His eyes and mouth were full of hair, His arms were full of girl. SCANDAL!!! There were muffled sounds of a struggle in the other room, and a girl’s voice squealed, “Stop!” No response. “Oh, please don’t. Mother said—” “Oh, wait just a minute, please.” No response. “Let me go this minute." “One more yank and I’ll have it out,” consoled the dentist. Mr. Van Patter—I think it is very strange that golf is a Scotch game and is so expensive. Steel (while teaching—What’s one good .thing about telling the truth? Small boy—You don’t have to remember what you say. “That’s my idea or a broad, educated man,” said the driver of the steam roller, as he glanced back upon the corpse of the professor he had just run over. Host—Won’t you have some more turkey. Miss Blackwood? lA?la—No, thank you. Host—Oh, do. Here’s a nice little leg just your size. "My heart is in the ocean,” cried the poet. "You’ve got me beat," said his seasick friend as he leaned over the rail. You can’t be a howling success by sirooly howling. —lav-CSOD SOTDBC S7 7.-45 STARTS first POUND IN DALE 3 BELLS-ON WAY TO SCHOOL - SNOWS INCREASE OF SPEED IN THIS ROUND JRO ROUND-RECEIVES SOME HARD JABS. 3awlco ourroR BEING LATEL NTH ROUND-LECTURE. NEARLY SENT TO DREAM -L AND BUT IS SA VED BY BELL AT END OF PERIOD PUNISHED SEVERLY IN TN S ROUND ASSIGNED S CHAPTERS IN UAHCt PSYCHOLOGY £ rH ROUND-RAPID EXCHANGE OB SHARP z ABS. ANARGUMENT ON the League of- NATT ONE. Z— passives TERR rc BLOW- -RRNDR-SPR NOS CPU Z. Be:G NW NG 70 Lose strength wear reom last POUNDS BUT HOLLOS Good W6 A) CHEMISTRY Lecture. GROGGY' HT GONG. ANOTHE.4R-LEOTZJ . _. Put to sleep TOR COUNH or nvc. Bui JAvrtjd by HooN BELTo the Friends of the 1923 Gitche Gumee Wc take this last opportunity, while the presses are at work on the last forms of the 1923 “Gitche Gurnee” to thank with sincerest appreciation those who have so greatly aided in the publishing of this book. First to our staff of very competent, reliable and thoughtful workers whose united efforts have made possible this Gitche. To Mr. J. J. Shcr of the Bureau of Engraving, Minneapolis, to whose splendid ideas and help wc owe much of our success. To our printer, Mr. Somerville, of the Evening Telegram Company, whose advice and suggestions have been invaluable to us. To our Faculty advisors, Miss Kirk and Mr. Vitz, who have backed us to the limit in all our undertakings. Last but not least to our advertisers who by their loyal support made this publication a reality. And to all those who have in any way contributed ideas, time, or material or who have lent their support in a word or a smile to the staff, we offer our thanks. • € —127—Always Something New for l]oung Men Clothing and Haberdashery 1118 Tou er 120—Temco Coffee-Best Yet T E M C o Success What you are seeking as you depart from your school life. What we have found after many years of uphill climbing. Today the world is crying for MEN—real men, men who can put things over, men who can carry the “Message to Garcia”— Men who are SUCCESSES Our hand is with you—May you be in the count. The Eimon Mercantile Company SUPERIOR, WISCONSIN " Where Sail Meets Rail" Better Food Products T W I N P O R T S “James, I hear your brother died and left a lot of money.” “Yes, a policeman snot him before he got out of the window.” Durret—“Well, I showed up the teacher before the wnole class again today!” Bowser—“Ych? Wise us up!” Durret—“She asked me for Lincoln’s Gettysburg address 'n I had to tell her he never lived there. Oh! Ya shoulda heard the class laugh then.” "Printing is the inseparable companion of achievement." The Quickprint 1310 Ogden Broad 1224 A good thing to remember. Diplomacy. Mother (after kissing her three-year-old child “Good-nite”)—“And did you ask the Lord to give you your daily bread?” Child—“N’m! ’Cause I seen we got a loaf in the closet.” McCarthy (to class in Biology)— “What kind of birds are most frequently kept in captivity?” Bright Stude (in rear)—“Jailbirds.” Carlson Bros. Company INCORPORATED ROOFING and Sheet Metal Works Phone. Broad 3M 1216-18 Banks Are. Superior, Wisconsin. r- V IrpialHfferry Gin. 1 4 08 TOWER AVENUE SUPERIOR, WIS. WE WISH TO THANK THE NORMAL SCHOOL STUDENTS FOR THEIR LIBERAL PATRONAGE -131—They command attention, Kuppenheimer good clothes. EKSTROM'S TOU7ER at SEDENTH Ignorance Is Bliss. A couple of shorthorns had been dragged into a game of draw poker. The game reached the point where the betting was fast and furious. “I’ll bet it all,” said the first shorthorn. “Call you,” said shorthorn number two. “Watcha got ? “Aces.” “How many.” “One.” “You win—Darned if I didn’t think you was bluffin’!” JJrrfrrt JIrntrrtimt For HOME, for BUSINESS, for OLD AGE NOEL A. DEGLER REPRESENTATIVE H U. S. Bonk Bldg. Superior. Wi . Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. Sprin«field. Mauaehuteiit EiUMuhrd I SSI (iarfriner MARINELLA BEAUTY SHOPPE 228 Boston Block. Open Evening by Appointment Phone. Broad 155 “3Lntfk ■Dour Hcst” C o (7 by having Expert Marccll ing, Hair Dressing, Facials, Manicuring Hair Bobbing. Special Hair Trimming, 35c Hour jiljojjpe Try Our .. .. Family Washing Service “Sure you will like It” HAWKINS LAUNDRY IMionr. Ilroad 873 1312 Ogden Ava. Farmers Co-operative Creamery Association “Superior Brand” Butter Telephone. 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"All right," answered the sailor, “but give me another star. I’ve passed that one already." Zclla: How did you gel that won- derful wavy hair, Antspa? Gerard: Turning somersaults on a corrugated roof in my youth, Kllu7.u. Miss Clark: What makes the Tower of Pisa lean? Merle Borgeson: If I knew I’d take some myself. Student (Yawning in Assembly): “That man may be an artist, but he cannot draw my attention." Peck-Foster Motor Co. 197People’s Pharmacy HEADQUARTERS FOR NORMAL SCHOOL SUPPLIES Fancy Stationery, Fountain Pens Eastman Kodaks and Films EVERYTHING TO MAKE A STUDENTS LIFE PLEASANT WHILE IN SUPERIOR SPECIAL Lontf Distance Telephone Post Office Sub-Station All Here for Your Convenience PEOPLE’S PHARMACY THE HOME OF BRICK ICE CREAM ll20Belknap Street Superior, Wisconsin Miss Barney—When you were in France I suppose you saw the great tracts of barren waste? Rosalie—Oh, my, yes. He has a wonderful estate. Jess—Why is it all the girls seem to be so crazy over Tommy Murphy? Bess—I don’t know, he’s Irish, but maybe it’s their love for remnants. Mr. Snodgrass—Arc you a student? Young Lady—No, sir, I just go to school here. Qlass.... ORNAMENTAL CLASS MIKKORS AND KF.SILVERINC PLATE AND WINDOW GLASS Auto Wind Shields and Head Lights Ritainqer Qlass Co. Phonr, Broid 648 1316 Ogden Ajre. Customer—“What are the least expensive calling cards you have?" Stationery Clerk—“A royal flush, madam." ------------ “Hell, yes,” said the devil picking up the phone receiver. Though they had never met B4, What cause had she 2 care? She loved him lOdcrly because He was a l,000,000air. Salesman: This a Dc Luxe shirt. Dupuis: I don’t care for dc looks, what I want is de wear. Berthiaume Bros. GROCERS llulcliers Bakers We Invite Your Account. We Sell the Best for Less. People Tell Us Our Store Is Different. Six Deliveries Daily. Phone, Broad 260 1026-28 Tower nsMen and Ladies Footwear At the Right Price Vogue Bootery 1120 Tower Aoe. Superior, Wis. PLANTS AND CUT FLOWERS Funcrul DeaignH a Specialty Superior Floral Co. WUXI AM It F.IIC. Pro,.. FLORISTS Green llou»cn at Billingn l’urk 3302-21 1 51. Broad BH6.K PIIONE, IIIIOAU 293 1410 Tower Ave. Su|»erior, Wia. Duplex fflmwfarturiug (do. Superior. Wisconsin U. S. A. manufacturers of Wind Mills, Pumps, Tanks. Cylinders Heating Boilers, Plumbers Supplies Jobbers of Gas Engines, Farm Power Equipment Water and Lighting Systems, Plumbing Heating and Well Supplies Hot—Boy. she sure is n fast baby. Sok—Oughta be. She wears Russian Boots. “Wait! What’s that on the Faculty door?” “Looks like crepe from here.” “Let’s go bnck and see who they admit is dead.” Student of Lit.—Have you read “Lambs Tales”? Vitz—This is an English class, not a meat market. Cameron h Sprowls Pharmacq Co. .. Start Something.. THE PRESCRIPTION STORE A word from you and we will send out to you any 1420 Tower Avc. Superior, Wia. Vicirola Whose Sr. Is This. She was peeved and called him Mr. Not because he went and Kr. But the thing that made her sore Was, that on the night before This same Mr. Kr. Sr. “Here are some wild women,” said the keeper, as he took us through Parkland Asylum. “I’m on the track,' said the detective as he watched the train approach. V i % 1 V-e V V4 model you say. It won’t take but a minute to explain our easy payment terms. Then why not have your own Victrola today? Ted Barron’s Victrola Store 1108 Tower Avenue. —ito — SAFETYFIRST ® THE ® FIRST w. B. BANKS President J. L. BANKS Vice Pres. tit Cashier NATIONAL BANK ESTABLISHED ® 1887 ® PHAR BENSON Vice President W. B. BANKS. Jr Assistant Cashier J M KENNEDY Assistant Cashier SUPERIOR, WISCONSIN Oldest and Strongest Bank in the City MOTOR INN INCORPORATED QJdstjK0 Cars and Trucks day and night service REPAIRS AND ACCESSORIES TUBES TIRES STORAGE 12th St. and Ogden Ave. Superior. Wisconsin hi-Stack Co. 1309-13 Tower Aoe. DRYGOODS READY-TO-WEAR .. .. MILLINERY .. .. Mens’ Furnishings “A Good Place to Trade." S tack’s Snatches from Kew pie’s Diary. 11:05 Prof. Loop’s History class: lid. Spring says that he would rather go to school here than go to Harvard, which accounts for his being here. 12:35 Down at foot or stairs: Had talk with Betty. She said she wasn’t feeling very well. I agreed. Christie came by, real jealous. I leave. Give him chance. 12:05 Go up to Assembly room, usual seats occupied. Count fourteen couple today. Something wrong. Where’s Alexander? Special Assembly 1:20 Bell rings— woman talks about the benefits of oral penmanship in the grade schools. Cracks a few dry jokes. A few laugh. I don’t, nor does Crawford or Wappo. Mr. Merrill has to. H.... to be prominent. Talks one hour. All women alike. Leave. Just because a fellow gets a few bum steers is no sign he has a herd of worthless cattle on his hands. Robert J. Shields Agency Established 1895 INSURANCE LOANS SURETY BONDS Superior, Wfs. Hugh. A. McRae GENERAL INSURANCE Room 106 U. S. IS'ul'l Bunk Bldg. SUPERIOR, WIS. J. E. Nicol Funeral Director 1314 Oqden Auenue Sciffert: "Did you notice that girl— the one with the blue hat, and champagne colored socks?" Grannis: "Did she have on a blue hat?" . Colored Officer: Eyes right! Black Private: You am, like hell. Prof. Almy: Listen closely to this lecture now. You don’t know anything about this subject; you are all ignorant, or else you wouldn’t be here. —142— THE OLD RELIABLE BANK OF COMMERCE SUPERIOR. WISCONSIN ESTABLISHED l 88 1117 TOWER AVENUE Saving Department Safety Deposit Vaults Ladies' Department SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT THREE PER CENT INTEREST PAID ON SA VINOS DEPOSITS He struck her, but she uttered not n sound. He struck her again but nary a word escaped her lips. Once more he hit her on the head. Brave thing that she was, she did not even whimper. Then enraged beyond all reason at her unconcern of his actions, the brute uttered a low oath and began raining blow after blow on her pretty little head, even scratching her in his madness. Even through this she remained silent. But finally, not being able to stand it any longer, she heaved a reluctant sputter and burst into flame. For you see she was only a match. Eddy Plumbing Heating Co. Its all in the work 1706 Twelfth Street Bingham Hardware Co. .. quick .. DELIVERY Phone us your orders to the Big North End Hardware “Docs this boy show any evidences of breeding?” “Yes, he scratches his head continually.” City-bred: “You look kinda fa- tigued. Been exercising?” Dorm-girl: “Yeh. I went out to a rally dance at the gym and spent the evening swinging the dumbells around. We editors may wearily toil Till our finger tips arc sore; But some poor fish is sure to say ‘T’ve heard that one oefore.” USThe Ixtst Word in Smartness The Season’s Newest in Style The Perfection of Quality All These Essentials Are to be Found in Our Clothes For Young Men The Finest Products of the World's Best Clothing Manufacturers Hart, Schaffner Marx Tower Clothing Com pang TOWER AT THIRTEENTH STREET HATS. SHOES AND FINE FURNISHINGS MOTOR 1 CHANDLEf |( CLEVELAND Six) L CARS U Distributed by SUPERIOR TIRE MOTOR CO. 1701 Tower Avenue MOBILOILS MILLER TIRES P E O P L E S Srlmtsmt ffiutttbrr (En. Shoe Shining Parlors HAT WORK EVERY ROOT 12124- Tower Ave. AFOOT O F Ijour Shop QUALITY —145—To accommodate the Normal School Students we have installed a Two Things Every Mother Tells Her Boy "Son, keep your face clean" and "Son, keep your shoulders back." Rent-a-Ford SERVICE It iii ju t a important to get the right kind of clothe . that' why we feature. Faskion Parks CLOTHES Webb Motor Co. Floan Leveroos 1419-21 Ogden Ave. Superior SL Paul Duluth "Mama, Daddy called the nurse an angel-yesterday. Will she fly?” "Yes, darling. Very soon." "Watch your step, miss,” said the conductor. "It isn’t, necessary," snapped the girl. "Those Frat boys on the curb are doing it for me.” Cockroach: “Hey there! What’s your hurry? Where’s the fire? Ditto: 4 "Fool! Can’t you read ? Don’t you see it says "Tear along this Line." There she lay completely tucked away within his tender arms. At each caress she would purr happily. Each stioke of his hand through her soft hair made her happier—but who could blame him—she sure was a wonderful cat. Father: Marry, is that young man there yet? Mary: No, Father, but he’s getting there. City slicker, to deaf old man: "Merry Xmas, you old fool.” Deaf old man, in shrill voice: “Same to you, Sonny, same to you." TRl] OUR , i j , l-»... . Compliments of CTu;ohi Smith Co. Itfhdlesale" Qrocers J Superior, IDis. Business ITlen’s Lunch Positiuelij the Best in the Citq Wright Brothers Restaurant -lie-ijfrtersmi Ilriuplry do. Manufacturing Jeweler And Optician lHatrli Erpalrtmj in thr Hrru iUrut Iflamtrr. Nf l l)x r lo Woolwerih's Sc and 10c Store 1207 Tower Ave. Superior. Wis. Dear Doctor: Our cow swallowed a safety razor blade. What sbnll I do? Ans.: Feed her another, she might give shaving cream. Ed. Spring (falling down an elevator shaft): My (josh! I forgot to close the door after me. Father: What is your favorite hymn, daughter? Dawtoi: The one you chased over the wall, last night. Exclusive OPTICAL STORE Kindy Optical Company 1109 Tower Avenue Roy F. Kidd. Mgr. Broad 824 Mr. Caterpillar: “Mr. Bedbug, we want you to come out to the insects reunion tomorrow night.” Mr. Bedbug: “Sorry, old man, but I'm still working nights." “How is it that I find you kissing my daughter, sir?” “I don’t know, sir, unless it’s that you wear rubber heels.” The laundries do not wash collars any more. They sharpen’ them. KINDY SERVICE FO !R =— Athletic and____ Sporting Goods Gymnasium and Field Sports, Base Ball and Foot Ball GO TO THE Superior Hardware Co. 1306-1308 Tower Avenue Superior, Wisconsin —117—.. MAY .. With Apologies to Henrp Ward Beecher Bill Jones FURNITURE COMPANY said a the other day that Gately s EVERYTHING sells clothes that won t come hack FOR THE HOUSE to men and women that will— .or? BILL WAS RIGHT TOWER AND BELKNAP SUPERIOR WIS. open an account ANTON JOHNSON FANCY GROCERIES AND MEATS HAY AND FEED BUTTER AND EGGS A SPECIALTY. Phone, Broad 233 1820-24 Iowa Avenue. —n»—IDORLK’S Qijt Shop ISOS Tower Are.. Superior, Wto. GIFTS PICTURE FRAMING Ladies Wearing Apparel OF QUALITY AND DISTINCTION 1123 Tower A ve. Superior, Wls. We Invite Your Patronage Tower Floral Company Top-floor class: Where’s the prof? Tough student (walking in): I just beat him up. Class: Honest? T. S.:- Yeh, he’s too fat to run up three flights. Flowers of Quality 1418 Tower Ave. Phone. Bioad 456 Happy: How did you puncture that tire? Nicol: I ran over a bottle. Happy: But couldn’t you see it? Nicol: No, he had it under his coat. Van Patter: Wake up that fellow next to you. Killeen: Do it yourself, you put him to sleep. Opera House Jimmy: “Do you like to dance in the dark, Gerry?" “Mais Qui, M’sicu.” “Close your eyes, then.” Drug Company J. S. Hailey, Pres. Five years later: She: How foolish we were when we were young. He: Yes, and how young we were when we were married. » Corner Tower Ave. and Belknap St. Superior. Wisconsin (Cnmpltmrnts nf rntt-draff Humber (Ho. Duluth, fRiuupflota.sporting (Snnfts Headquarters WE CARRY ALL THE NECESSITIES FOR Baseball, Tennis, Basketball Football, Swimming Fishing, Hunting. Ifeab? Iktriiumrp (Ernttpattg “EVERYTHING FOR EVERY SPORT" The Best Laid Plans—When Tut-ankh-Amen retired into his dugout he little thought that he would be. Doctor—“I would advise you. Madam, to take frequent baths, plenty of fresh air, and dress in cool gowns." Husband (An hour later)—“What did the doctor say?” Wife—“He said I ought to go to a watering-place, and afterwards to the country. Also, I must get some new light gowns at once.”. 3-HOUR SERVICE odak Finishinq Kodak Repairing Commercial and Dclail Work ENLARGING LA BREE’S SUDDEN SERVICE MODERN KODAKERS Hotel Suporior lll.lg. Phone Brood 1246 Superior, Wis. So. Bibbing, Minn. SERVES YOU BETTER CHARGES YOU LESS Lawyer—“Now that we have won, will you tell me confidentially if you stole the money?” Client—“Well, after hearing your talk in court yesterday, I am beginning to think I didn’t.” “Did you know that Stephens talks in his sleep?” “No, does he?” “It’s true, he recited in class this morning.” —131—Christenson Larson GROCERIES AND MEATS TELEPHONE, BROAD 1234 1514 Belknap Street, Superior, Wisconsin Ikey and Jakey were playing golf for a dollar a hole. They had arrived at the seventh hole and were even; but they were both a little anxious and were watching each other closely. They both drove off the eighth tec. Both had beautiful straight shots, but when Ikey went up to the place where his ball should have been he couldn’t find it. So Jakey reminded him that he had only five minutes to look for the ball. At last Jakey spoke up: “Better find dat ball quick; you haff only von minute to find him.” Then Ikey spoke up: “Here it iss.” Jakey: “I saw you drop dat ball oud of your pants pocket.” Ikey: “How do you know?” Jakey: “How do I know? Veil, I have been standing on your ball for five minutes, you cheat.” Tom—Harry ate something that poisoned him. Dick—Croquette ? “Not yet; but he’s very ill.” Radio Supplies Storage Batteries Hard Makes Your Electrical Troubles Easy Hard Electric Co. Superior's Oldest Electrical Dealer 1318 Tower Ave. Phone, Broad 194 For Convenience and Good Workmanship in Shoe Repairing TAKE YOUR SHOES TO John Johnson’ Shoe Repairing Shop 1112 Belknap Street —152—Public Utility .. . is measured by the service it renders the public. We aim to give the best service possible at the lowest cost to the consumer. Students are cordially invited to visit our plants and office; perhaps we can show you some things of interest. g itpmnr Slater, iEujht flower (Co. —KB—Little Stories From Real Life A grade tear her. a graduate «f the local Normal. i""k oui Tenchora' Training Courne. Aa ahe desired actual offlii experience. wo aoiit her to a large Duluth ronurn .it an n mini ally high hoglmiliig anlnry. She has nljtncl a runt met for next year to loach shorthand ami tyiM -writing in a Nchraaka high • artiuol anil when wo Ian: talked with her. was ri-.-oiv ing offora fur xhulhir poal linns at I ho rate of IliriM-ami four a iluy. BARTLEY Business School Truux Bid .. Tower unit I till. IMianr llrontl IS! . (Snail JffurnitiuT Uiplls Jits ©um § tnnf The Qrand Rapids Cfhe Qualilq Kind IJour Credit is Qood 1301-03 Ton er Aoe. Superior. Wis. S.YxJosepJis Co. Superior's Smartest Shop for Women Tower Avenue At Thirteenth Street Devoted to the Sale of Women s and Misses Smart o uter Garments and Dress Accessories (The Fritzr-Cross Co. SCHOOL SUPPLIES Meeting Place for Normal Students —Iltt—BASTIAN BROS. CO. ORIGINATORS OF Exclusive Class Pins and Rings Engraved Commencement Invitations OFFICIAL JEWELERS CLASS OF 1923 938 Bastian Bldg. Rochester, N. 1]. “Yes,” said the old man to his visitor. “I am proud of my girls and would like to see them comfortably married, and as I have made a little money they will not go penniless to their husbands. “There is Mary, 25 years old and a really good girl. 1 shall give her one thousand dollars when she marries. Then comes Betty who won't see 35 again. I shall give her three thousand dollars, apd the man who WHO’S YOUR TAILOR ? Klaunq JJo d ‘ Tailors That Know How’ takes Eliza, who is 40, will have five thousand dollars with her.” The young man reflected a moment and then asked, “You haven't one about 50, have you?” Fat—“Music always intoxicates M me. Burr—“Huh, where was the concert lust night?” Fast Traveller—We like a story that was very popular with the Army in France. It is the tale of a negro who was beating it for the back areas as fast as he could go, when he was stopped by a white officer. “Don’t delay me suh,” said the negro. “I’se gotta be on my way.” “Boy,” replied the officer, “do you know who I am? I’m a general.” "Gwan, man, you ain't no general.” “I certainly am,” insisted the officer, angrily. “Lordy!” exclaimed the negro taking a second look. “You sure is! I musta been travcllin’ some, ’cause I didn’t think I got back that far yet.”The Science of Sanitation "That which Is of Superior Qaulity ever quickly seeks it kind." MA RCUS A U RE LIUS Your garment are sterilised as well is cleaned through the sanitary science of this house. If you are not one of our patrons send us a trial order. Phone. Broad 82 or 83 buLUTH fvla Superior Laundry "whin ano whwc you want it." ‘SRNI IT TO TIIE LAUNDRY" The Paper Used in This Book is Basis SO lb. XSiT India Melatone Enamel CANDY SODA Ice Coal Coke Briquets NONE NICER Superior WE AIM TO PLEASE Ice Fuel Co. 1418 TOWER AVE. NONE NICER ALB. S. HART Treasurer and Manager LUNCH ICE CREAM 909 Tower Ave. Phone, Broad 282 —ir,7—People’s Ice Fuel roattamt’a Company Srntpl ru Z. E. DARROW Pres,, and Mngr. Distinction nnil extra value Ik placed on Jewelry from Swansun'n. Twenty-one years In Superior Ims established that enviable reputation. ICE, COAL And WOOD The spirit of giving In bent expressed in a gin front the Jeweler's. A Joy today and a keepsake sweet with memories for alt time to route. Phone: Broad 503 (£. A. gauausun Office in U: S: National Bank Building 919 Tower Avenue TIir Hallmark Srmrlrr An animal scene was recently in the course of production in a California movie studio. During the rehearsal the director had occasion to use a negro actor in conjunction with a lion. Accordingly, the lion was placed in bed and the negro summoned. hands in ma resignation right now an’ heah.” "Why, man,” assured the director, "the lion was brought up on milk.” "So was Ah, boss,” wailed the negro, “BUT AH EATS MEAT NOW.” “Sam.” ordered the director, "walk into the room as if you didn't see the lion and get into bed with it." "No, Sah! Not dis niggah! Ah Who was the absent-minded professor who wrapped his wife up and put her down the chute and kissed the garbage good-bye? CThe Snappiest in Toum —AT ANY PRICE That’s u?hat they say about our Ijoung Men's Suits and Top Coats S1EQEL BROS. 720-722 Tou er Avenue Superior, IDisconsinCLEANING AND PRESSING A little icasollnc nml n hot iron line- nnl nimn eliunlnr unil prr lnc. To clean tlior-oiiclily one mu t luvf the nrcr» ary nu%-lerlnl machinery, extractor . irrm killer , dry room , etc. To prr » antlafactory one mu«l have the luteal unil beat miielilne. We mil your attention to the fuel thill our aliopa are r |iiippr l with nil these thine nnd our workmen lire up to the nilmilr. Your Ot erront. fault. Itreaa. Skirt, or Clouk rc-relvea our clo e»l iiltentlon mill our work i« (iCARANTBBD. AH «.• oak to a trial order anil you will mil iisuln. We »end for mill ileliver. Phone us and our representative will be right out. Yale Laundry Co. Telephone 213 911-1.1 OdTYKV AVK. Utsninaitt lank Total Resources Over $500,000 H. L. Ha german. President Robert Stewart, Vlce-Pres F. S. Campbell. Cashier Better Than Nothin’ Marge—That fresh geek who just came in here from the poolroom makes me tired. Gwen—Whatsa matter? “When I had watted on him this morning he handed me a little round green thing offa one of the pool cues— Well— And then when I said “What’s the bid idea?” he says, “Why, girlie, that’s a tip.” The cover for this annual was created by THE DAVID J. MOLLOY CQ W wisnyx m Chicago SmJjirStmfla Itt Milwaukee, Albert Russell stepped up to a lonesome looking lady in the hotel lobby, and inquired, “Arc you looking for a particular person?” "I’m satisfied,” she said, "if you are.” The conjurer was producing eggs from a top hat. He addressed a boy in the front row. “Your mother can’t get eggs without hens, can she?" “Oh, yes.” said the boy. “How’s that?" asked the conjurer. “She keeps ducks,” answered the boy. J. M O rresre J'imorf . H Hr rtf C irrr rr n t (. m 41 mrr 15 N Belknap Street. -130-Turin Ports Ice Co. 1111 TOWER AVE. I . II. PERSONS, Manager HANDLES Sprinq IDater Crystal Ice Call Broad 199 for SERVICE Discriminating folks wear Foot-Room Shoes Normal Students we wish to extend our sincere thanks for your patronage during the term. Our mail order service is able to supply your footwear while on vacation. IDe pay ihe postage Kinney’s 1226 Toiuer Awe. I] our Qrocer, Butcher, Baker The Old Reliable T. J. Anderson Qrocery Co. Belknap and Tower Phone Us 315 BROAD 316 Home of Premium Blend and Tom Sterling Brand Better Coffees —101—Stack Brothers HEATING AND VENTILATING 916 Ogden Avenue SUPERIOR WISCONSIN BLUEY SAYINGS “Is the Gitche coming; out on time?” “Are you going to have some keen snaps?” “How big an Athletic section did you put in?” “Won’t you be glad when the work is all over?” “I don’t see how you do it. Can't I help out in some way? I’ll have an hour or so to spare sometime next week.” “I have been so busy with my lessons but I guess I can hand in some copy now. Is it too late?” “Honestly, I can’t imagine how you can spare the time!” Taste It! Puritu Bread J Compliments of Purity Baking Co. DULUTH, MINN. Northwestern Oil Co.’s aim is to. be the Best Concern for Superior in Superior —1C2— tnrf nmothinn 't'OU can start a Savings Account with SI.00 L kDUIi IkZU III iy and a hank hook is a letter of recommendation UNITED STATES NATIONAL BANK His Peculiarity. A man who was in the habit of stuttering was asked why he did so. “That’s my p-p-pcculiarity,” returned the man. “Everybody has his p-p-peculinrities.” “I have none,” asserted the other. “Don’t you stir your t-t-tea with your r-r-right h-hand?" “Well, t-t-that’s your peculiarity. Most p-p-people use a s-s-spoon.” My girl is so dumb she thinks an aspirin tablet is a writing tablet. Monica—I think it’s wonderful to have a limousine lighted inside like that of Harold’s. Hcddy—That’s funny, I never saw any lights. Lindberg—Are you the barber that cut my hair last? Barber—No, I don’t think so, I’ve only been here a year. “I beg your pardon,” cried the convict ns the governor passed his cell. F. D. PRIEST Castmcm Kodaks and SuppIies Phone, East 98 Fifth and Becker Avc., Superior, Wis. 1] our Monet] Always Goes Further Here If pou can’t come, phone 2196-2197 WE DELIVER Central Market 1704 North 12th St. Superior. Wi».Now more than ever Tkc Sign of Good Clotkco SUPERIOR AT BROADWAY KNOX HATS FOR MEN AND FOR WOMEN r r cx?r-e 7rL L -RLAYJTJD f Jptrs 'r- LJD Jr 4- 9 ■ 57-e l_ fuNcz jc -r tf vy- y fU. L —1W— FTER you complete ___your studies at the Normal School you will most likely need a home, or perhaps you will want to invest your money in good mortgages. In either event see The McCabe Agency II11 Tower A oe. Kelly—Where are you goin’ all dressed up? Lloyd F.—To a dog fight. Kelly—I hope you win. “Where did you get the crumbs you had the other night?” “Oh, we picked them up at the Baker's Ball!” Similar. The elevator is something like a lady’s heart; there is always room for one more. CHOES CHINED HATS CLEANED Our Service is Our Best Advertisement 3fie 3risco 1426 Tower Ave. TOY ©TO CAFE This is the Natural Place to Eat EMANUAL ROSSITER MANACER SOUTH SUPERIOR MOTOR CO. Hudson and Essex ITlotor Cars 5822 Tower Avenue —185—■ w. F. Harper LeBaron L Harper Snmvmtv IN ALL ITS HKANCHKS fHortrjagr Cnaufl ral tsiatr 11 1 1 'r() V |?K AVION UK SECOND KI.O )l The Qitchee Staff joins with the entire school in expressing their Sincerest Sympathy to the Fishing IDidows Mrs. F. E. Ditz Mrs. O. L. Loop Mrs. D. E. Pan Patter Mrs, A. D. IDhealdon Mrs. H. C. Almy IPhen attending the Normal School Exercises Don’t Forget to take a box of those delicious San Man Chocolates Stacy-Essort Co. Local Distributors Every time Cupid shoots a dart, he Mrs. it. She—Did you ever see a horse hide in a shoe store? He—No, but I’ve seen a peanut stand. He—I am not tiring you with my presence ? She (Sweetly—What presents? Orange—Were you advertising for a jack-ass ? Black—Why, yes. S tep right in. Mast Printing Co. PRINTING Ruling Binding Manufacturers of Blank Books and Loose Leaf Devices. We Bound Ihe Qitche Qumee mr.WHY HE FAILED. Within the quiet park they sat; The light was growing dim; Held its own against Fate, She proudly gazed at him. “And so you failed in love,” she sighed. “Your manner tells one so," “Alas! I did,” the youth replied; “ Twas many years ago." “I loved a maid of virtues rare. And features fair to see; 1 loved her tenderly, I swear. And she was fond of me. “Our perfect courtship rippled past, Like melody; but, oh! That dream of heaven could not last, It never docs, you know." “But why," she softly asked of him, "Why were you never wed?" He turned away—his eyes grew dim— “We were,” he sadly said. This poem appeared in the first publication of the Gitchc in 1898. A guest hurried up to the hotel clerk’s counter. He had just ten minutes to pay his bill, reach the station and board his train. “Hang it!” he exclaimed. “I’ve forgotten something. Here boy, run up to my room, number 306, and see if I left my shaving kit and pajamas. Hurry, I’ve only five minutes now!” The boy hurried. In four minutes he returned out of breath. “Yes, sir," he panted, “you left them." Stude—"Why does a sculptor die a most horrible death?” Prof.—1“Dunno. Why?” Stude—“ ’Cauce he makes faces and busts.” THE MISSING CHINKS Three Chinese laundrymen there were ' Who toiled the livelong day, Till one broke down from overwork And went insane, they say. His yellow brethren deemed it wise To take him down the track And put him in a madhouse, Till his wits he should get back. A fast express roared by just then And through the trio cut. That evening on the track were found Two washers and a nut. The Rouse of Satisfaction When you build or remodel, your satisfaction with the finished work will depend upon the grade of materials used. Our policy is to handle only the highest grade, carefully selected, lumber and building materials. We prefer to sell nationally advertised products. When we furnish the materials for your job you are assured of complete satisfaction. Campbell Lumber Co. The House of Service. 54th and Butler. Broad 517 - TRY OUR- GREEN RIVER And Coca Cola 1018 Ogden Avenue Broad 883 ©hnlpsale Jruttfi 170? Winter St. Superior, Ms. Great Northern Bottling Works (Mbrrtaan 3Fruit (£n. —1G7—f Compliments of Q. H. Si John Co. f Distributors of IDonderful Flour Normal Students Contemplating Matrimony will find our List of Building Sites of interest. WE Sell Real Eslale Write Insurance Loan Money Rent Houses and Stores THE GEO. G. NEWTON CO 1111 Tower Ave. Marinello Beauiij Shoppe WE APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGE Lightbody- Wingate Co. BROAD 198 Originators of the 2"Pants Suit Idea From Maker to IDearer. Clothing fa 1202 Tomer Auenue J OOP 7+NJD V 7-Z. Cr ?7 -STC r i _r Vow J g r r- or 7Y £'E-t'Vr+Y' 70 L.rtKlZ S T ' , S Some people wear ready-made clotkes, kut people witk common sense kave tkeirs made to order. Clothes W GoodCioiLr41' Superior Tailoring Co. 1515 Tower Avenue H. O. Blifilad. Prop. Florence Strauch—"Gee! it makes me sick, you can talk to you fellows for hours and it rocs in one ear and out the other." Bob—“Huh, we’ve got nothing on you girls. Tell you anything and it goes in both ears and out their mouth.” Waiter—“Sir, wnen you eat here lyou needn’t dust off the plate.” Collegiate—“Beg pardon, force of habit merely. I just returned from school, where I was Varsity umpire.” Prof. Van Patter says—“A real fisherman’s paradise is a place where they’ve crossed the mosquito with the fish, insuring a bite every minute.” Ted—What is a buttress? Fed—A butler’s wife. Sol D. Fliehr DISTRIBUTOR 1808-1810 Eleventh St. Superior, Wisconsin - 17»®frrg pano (£n. 1602-04 TOWER AVE. Oldest Piano House at Head of the Lakes Agency for the Great Gulbransen Player Pianos and the Wonderftd Aeolain Vocalion Phonograph BEST IN THE WORLD EXPERT TUNING and PLAYER WORK Your Credit Is Good at the Terry Piano Co. Store PrtsriUa Ifautg 322 fioari) nf tErafcr Marcel Waving Facial and Scalp Treatments Hairdyeing, Hair Dressing and Manicuring PHONE, BROAD 874-1 PATS INTERPRETATION • His Neighbor—“Why are ye wearin’ so many coats on such a hot day?" Pat—“Well, ye see, O’im goin’ to 4 aint me barn, and’ it says on the tan, ‘To obtain the best results put on at least three coats’.” t _______ ! Roslyn Kaner, (rushing madly into the library), “Miss Eaton," she gasped breathlessly, “can you tell me where to find 'the Man Wthout a County?’” THIN SOLED Colored Rookie—“I’d lahk to" have a new pair of shoes, suh.” Sergeant—“Arc your shoes worn out?" Rookie—“Worn out! Mun, the bottom of my shoes is so thin that when ah stands on a dime I can tell whether it’s heads or tails.” He’s such a poor salesman he couldn’t sell life-savers in a flood. —171—LAPPED WAVES While boating: on the bay one night, I saw the ocean’s arm Steal gently ’round a neck of land, To keep it’s shoulder warm. 'This made me jealous as could be, It made me real sore; And so I paddled toward the land, An closely hugged the shore. DO IT FOR SUPERIOR Oh, winter enme with is sultry breeze and found me here in my B. V. D.’s, Now summer comes with its heat and burning, In dad’s red flannels I’m sojourning. As Shakespeare, the great philosopher, once «•»»' . “V«n can string beans »nd kid gloves, but you can’t bullfrogs.” The world’s three great mysteries —Love, women, and hash. “And what Frat pin is that on your vest?” asked the Frosh. “That’s not a Frat pin,” returned the Junior, “that’s gravy.” Long years ago the students used to go down-town and pick out their over-shoes. Nowadays they go down in the locker room. TRUE FRIENDSHIP “I’ve never seen two fellows so demoted as Bob and Al. Why I believe Bob would follow Al to the end of the ■world.” “Of course he would, Al owes him money.” Yes, folks, Babe Ruth did go on the vaudeville stage, but he is not playing in the Bat. (Compliments of Superior (Etmmtissttm (Ho. W. W. Sanford The 1422 Tower Ave. Appreciated Phone . Broad 1073-1074 I I Chocolates Staple and Fancy Groceries — Chocolatis HOME BAKING u Just Like Mother Ised to Bake We have the exclusive sale of Tea Garden Preserves Hanson-Boqden Co. Party Orders Given Special Attention Distributors Give Us a Trial Order —171—1 The new and unusual—that sparkling reality which is known as the life of each school year—is caught and held forever within the pages of Bureau built annuals. The ability to assist in making permanent such delightful bits of class spontaneity rests in an organization of creative artists guided by some 17 years of College Annual work, which experience is the knowledge of balance and taste and the fitness of doing things well. In the finest year books of American Colleges the sincerity and genuineness of Bureau Engraving quality instantly impresses one. They arc class records that will live forever. BUREAU OF ENGRAVING, Inc "COLLEGE ANNUAL HEADQUARTERS" MINNtAfOlK. MINNISOTA Tin ffttiet tUt •{ WwrfUin . «• . mi A '■ - frtknuiyrtj tnttti m • »«.'«. » Ci W Bm.vtt " A'" 1 MSmf," f r » i f'n ■ - Stmtno. J««'» Wt in jour ccnripo a■».  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Suggestions in the University of Wisconsin Superior - Gitche Gumee Yearbook (Superior, WI) collection:

University of Wisconsin Superior - Gitche Gumee Yearbook (Superior, WI) online yearbook collection, 1920 Edition, Page 1


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University of Wisconsin Superior - Gitche Gumee Yearbook (Superior, WI) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 1


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