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 I i »Winter Fall 4 UC Remodeling ................................42 Oklahoma! ....................................44 Madrigal Dinner ..............................46 Hockey........................................48 Soccer .......................................49 Penguin Panic ................................50 Rugby Artie Fest..............................52 Concerts .....................................54 Wrestling ....................................56 Professoriat .................................108 Graduates.....................................138 Organizations................................174 In Retrospect ................................206 Advertisements................................208 Staff ........................................214 Dedication ...................................216 f 2Get Fit! ........... International Dinner Superdance ......... Dance Theatre ...... Short Reports ...... Gnu’s Briefs ....... Men’s Basketball.... Women's Basketball Swimming ........... Trivia.............. Tim Weisberg........ Student Life........ Men’s Tennis ....... Softball ........... Baseball ........... Women's Track ...... Men’s Track ........ ..60 ..62 ..64 ..66 ..68 ..70 ..72 ..74 ..76 ..78 ..80 ..82 101 102 103 104 106 Spring LAYOUT EDITOR Terry Lutz PHOTO EDITOR Rick McNitt BUSINESS MANAGER Larry Krueger Contributing writers: Lauren Cnare. Steve Swan Staff photographers: Michael Grovich, Eric Peterson, John Severson, Jeff Czuder, Marjie Carlson, Tricia Hanson, Judy Ziolkowski Contributing photographer: Gary LeBouton Summer 3 PHOTO ADVISOR ADVISOR Jim Pierson Bob Busch4To season, to give flavor, to add zest . . . o spice up a dorm room with posters and paint To age textbooks on an out-of-the-way shelf ... I o prepare minds and bodies for another semester . Seasoning, flavor, savory ingredients . . . Seasons are the spice of life. 5 y 6What is a season? According to Webster, a season is "a time characterized by a particular circumstance or feature." There are all sorts of seasons: seasons of time, seasons of weather, seasons of the year. We all know the four seasons, and who could forget Frankie Valley? There is the baseball season, the football season, the basketball season, and the hockey season. There are in-seasons, off-seasons, and season tickets. One can go to a season sale unless it’s out of season. There are mating seasons, migrating seasons, men for all seasons, and seasons in the sun. The Bible states, "for everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under the heavens." To be seasonable is to be opportune. A season is a beginning. It is a time to start anew. Seasons are challenges meant for open minds and eager spirits. From these seasons the 1982 HORIZON takes its theme. 7 T7Lend Me an EarPreppy, anti-preppy, sneakers and shades: all were part of Homecoming 1981. On Oct. 7. UAB Special Programs presented Marty Pollio, who performed mime and magic. UWSP Intramurals sponsored a peanutbutter sandwich eating contest as part of a week long decathlon. The rock band ARROYO performed on Oct. 9. courtesy of UAB Contemporary Entertainment. Homecoming 14 •15 "The Importance of the Arts and Humanities— What else is there?" For John Ciardi there is nothing else. On Wednesday. September 9. Ciardi shared his view with UWSP at Convocation IV in Quandt Fioldhouse. A renowned poet and critic. Ciardi deplored the language he calls "education-ese." the language in which nothing can be done. He said. "You cannot make love in this language, you cannot do anything humanly significant in this language, and alas, it is becoming the language of the school system, of the corporation, and of the federal government." Ciardi regards education as a way of building a memory. The Humanities give one the opportunity to test his own humanity, he said. Faculty Excellence Awards were presented at the ceremony by Chancellor Philip Marshall. —Laura Stemweis 1617huck Mitchell This is a familiar toast to UWSP. It's heard whenever Chuck Mitchell is in town. And in town he was. at the Coffee House for three shows. Sponsored by UAB Contemporary Entertainment. Mitchell appeared on stage Sept. 24-26. at 8:00 PM. In his performances Mitchell combines traditional music with poetry, show tunes, and contemporary works. While singing Mike Smith's song "The Dutchman,” he stops to recite the last part of T.S. Eliot's "Prufrock.” His casual style makes his audience feel at home. Singing and drinking together. Mitchell and his audience follow a lovesick hippopotamus to the hallow, and there wallow in glorious mud. The songs "You Are My Sunshine," and "Tennesee Stud" were among the many audience favorites that Mitchell performed. —Laura Sternweis "The Firemen's Band, the Firemen's Band. Here's my heart and here’s my hand. Oh do you really, really think That we should pause and have a drink?” 1. Chuck Mitchell was back in town, once again toasting the Firemen's Band. 2. Mitchell's touching performance charmed his audience. 3. His arms ruised. Mitchell encouraged audience participation. 18The coffee house ... a refuge at the end of the hall, a place to sit down, relax and enjoy. Performers like Linda Black. Doc Hull, and Kim and Reggie Harris entertained many a coffee house audience. "Open Mike" was another coffee house special. On those nights volunteers had the chance to share their talents. Even the University Center renovations could not close the coffee house’s doors. When the Grid was closed off. a hall was made leading from the doorway of the Grid to that of the coffee house. Although it was a little harder to find during second semester, the coffee house continued to be that refuge, that place to relax. 19On Friday. October 9. Senator William Proxmire (D-WI) spoke to UWSP students in the University Center's Wright Lounge. Proxmire touched on a number of topics including the economy, student financial aid. Project ELF. US aid to El Salvador. and the space program. Regarding the economy Proxmire said. "For the first time the federal government is sinking over $1 trillion in debt." He feels that now is the time to balance the budget. He continued. 'The two toughest things you can do in Washington these days are to cut spending or increase taxes. Both arc unpopular and that's why the Congress just doesn't want to do this.” Proxmire said he believes that work study is the best program available to students. Student loans should still be provided, but they should be repaid in full. ”1 feel wo have to be careful ai out continuing to provide hums at a 9 percent interest rate when government has to borrow at 15 percent." he said. Proxmire challenged his audience saying. "If you want to ask me a question or give me the dickens. go ahead.” In reference to Project ELF. the extreme low frequency communication system proposed for Clam Lake. Wisconsin, and Michigan. Proxmire objected. "The Navy said very clearly three months ago that they don't want Project ELF. It's extraordinarily slow— to send one syllable takes minutes." Proxmire stated his opposition to US military aid to El Salvador, saying. "It's wrong, not only from a moral standpoint, but aLso from an economic standpoint and a strategic standpoint. Sending arms is simply suppressing people who want freedom" Ho than spoke of the space program, in particular, of the Space Shuttle Columbia. He said, "My problem with the space program is that there are really veiy few critics of it. When the shuttle took off. everybody thought it was marvelous but it needed criticism. People lost sight of the fact that it had been a real turkey.” "We scratched a lot of good scientific programs because the shuttle moved in." he continued. "It took over the money that should have been used for much more profound and scientific programs." —Laura Sternweis 20UWSP was host Oct. 13 to Dr. Sol Gordon, director of the Institute for Family Research and Education and professor of Child and Family Studies at Syracuse University. Gordon, a vocal advocate of sex education in the schools, delivered a speech entitled "Developing Your Own Sexuality First: A Pro-Family Message." One of his main premises is that sexuality should be taught not only in the home and church, but in the schools as well. He maintained that parents can be the main educators, but not the exclusive. Sex education must be presented with values and morals, he stressed. One must realize that "teenagers shouldn’t have sex because they are too young, too vulnerable, and it’s a health hazard." One of the primary points of Gordon’s speech was directed toward parents. He stressed that they become "askable” to their children, meaning that parents should answer their children’s questions openly, honestly, and using the proper terminology. On the subject of free speech, Gordon also warned against allowing special interest groups to withhold his right to speak. He and others with controversial messages have the right to be heard. "Don't let the bigots determine what’s going to be taught in our schools. Don’t let the fanatics determine what our children are going to read.” —Lauren Cnare 21It's magic; captivating, amazing illusion. And it is what Bob Fellows does best. Billed as America's master illusionist. Fellows is a sleight-of-hand artist, an escape artist, a mime and mentalist. and an all-around entertainer. On October 21. Bob Fellows brought illusion to the University Center's Program Banquet Room. Fellows performed card tricks, made rubber balls appear and disappear, and experimented with ESP. He sawed a man in half, and made a woman rise high into the air in a puff of smoke. In several of his illusions, he called for audience volunteers. One volunteer taped Fellows’ thumbs together. Fellows then caught metal hoops over his thumbs and down his left arm. without undoing the tape. When five volunteers tied him to a chair with 100 feet of boat rope. Fellows escaped in 1 minute. 44 seconds. Later he was locked in a six-foot-tall box. His assistants then slid seven steel blades into it. The blades were removed, the box unlocked; there stood Fellows. upside-down, and in a different costume. Based in Los Angeles. Fellows has performed in theatres, nightclubs, universities, and industrial shows throughout the United States. He has taught college courses in “The Art of Illusion." and has received awards at magicians conventions. —Laura Sternweis 77Tom DeLuca Tom DeLuca sees hypnosis and unconscious communication "as a freeing of creative potential, to change stagnant lifestyles and achieve goals." On Wednesday, November 11, he brought his philosophy to UWSP during one 8:00 pm performance in the University Center’s Program Banquet Room. Hypnosis and unconscious communication are DeLuca's specialties, and his show revolved around the two. The first segment of his show involved "B.S.P.", a parody of E.S.P., extended sensory perception. In the second segment, DeLuca hypnotized a group of audience volunteers. DeLuca received a B.A. in communication and psychology from the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida, and an M.A. from Sangamon State University. Springfield, Illinois. He is presently working on his PhD. For the past four and one half years, DeLuca has been working as a hypnotherapist dealing with psychosomatic disorders. —Laura Sternweis 23Josh McDowell "I'm not here to shove anything down your throats." he said. I'm going to irritate some of you. I'm really going to tick some of you off." These were the opening words of Josh McDowell, an international speaker for Campus Crusade for Christ. "Josh." as he was billed on fliers all over campus, gave two presentations in Quandt Fieldhouse. On Wednesday. October 21. ho told UWSP about "The Resurrection Hoax." and on Thursday. October 22. he talked about "Maximum Sex." His "Maximum Sex" presentation drew the larger crowd. Josh said that the main purpose of sox from the Christian viewpoint is not procreation, but is a "unity factor." "Sex isn't something you go out and have." he continued. A relationship needs time to grow and develop. Josh urged his audience to accept "the exciting person of Jesus Christ." Spiritual closeness parallels sexual enjoyment in a relationship, ho said. In closing. Josh said. "All I can do is share with you what I have learned. Do with it what you like.” —Laura Sternweis 24"Men and Women together, we shall not be moved," was one of many chants heard Thursday, October 15. as men and women from the University and the Stevens Point community joined to "take back the night." The UWSP sundial was the sight for the “Take Back the Night” rally sponsored by the UWSP Women's Resource Center and the National Organization for Women (NOW). The rally climaxed three days of activities designed to "help stop violence against women." The coordinator of NOW. Janet Newman, and Denise Matyka. a former NOW coordinator were among the rally’s speakers. —Laura Sternweis y y 1. Men and women of varying backgrounds spoke al the rally. 2. A march through the campus and downtown area followed the rally. 3. A sizeable crowd gathered in the sundial to "take back the night." 25The football squad was ably managed by Ignatius Mish and his two assistants. William Herrick and Harris Shafton Mish was the veteran manager; he resigned at the close of the football season. Herrick and Shafton carried on the work during the basketball season. Cletus Collins was appointed manager of the "B" Team In the fall of 1931. we saw one of the most welcome sights at the fairgrounds. when Coach Kotal called for football candidates sixty-two boys readily responded. This was the largest squad that ever answered when the call of the gridiron resounded through Central State. In 1932. the squad will be aided materially by the addition of experienced veterans from the ranks of other colleges and high schools. We have the highest hopes in looking forward to the season of ‘32. with the games on our new campus athletic field. 26January $ Bach Again once more with the holiday ruth run a memory Con-venation need never lag now with all the new lapse to "bu T about. They've done tome at Nelvon Hall while we were away. 1. Once a year the tnow geta the beat ol W, A. A. girla, and they have a tleigli rrdr Judging Irom the hilarity and the amount ol chili contumed. it wa oh. well, anyhow, it vailliii. H Elimination contrtt inoralot) and citempor-ancout «peaking Twelve students were choten to compete lot rep rcarntation in the local 11n a I a Nuette won in oratory and Boyle in ettemp The Tower ol Babel wa. the place where Solo non kept hit wivea. "My titter got a pearl Irom a dam "That nothing my titter got a diamond Irom a lohater 16. Hall Zorn brought hit boy Irom Eat Claire Mr Walton per tented "Bill'' with a tropin tmee lie waa a former Central man Well done! W won but that wa. only lair, considering the) got the ttoph) 20. Jutien Horkitra ol gulden Irallad lame wat with ut Hit name already hat to many adjective attached toil, but to show our appre-ciation we can aay juat one thing lot voice makes hit balladt golden 22 Omega l ap Year Dance in the new gym There'a a tiouble decker lor you. 20 A middle o' the wrrk game with Othkoih Boy. oh boy' how the machinery clicked that night' The Kolal men beat 'em up. M 22 F.itm- tetm paper . book n view t and "Heavy heav hang Diet th bead 1 he eighlr that • tretchrd into morn !-elotr one dared gne up Qaiisim » Tm «f (r t) The young man led lor a hcail The maid Im a diamond (•laved The old man earn - down with a elub And the teaton uted • epade 20 Sght ol reliel ami rnuai in the air Juat when we net.led it mo t thr Saul Committee gave ut a dance anti a Iter one. grata widow la thr wilt ol vrgetanan THE POINTER HfMKK 1WI-VTY ON f ACl'LTY mu t- iyp:.rwprjfc| mu q m Football Although the wore do not indicate it. our football aeaton war moat tueeeatlul All the garnet were I oat by comparatively close train No team ever succeeded in teonng more than two touchdown again ! the Pointer The bo) t learned the fundamental of football ami the style ol play uted by Coach KomI Nett year we thall mi lamihar facet on the football held lor Klapp Neobetgrt Trebalotki and r-.bel will be loti to ut through graduation Hart Kiet ( a ( apltin |Jno| a steady and conusttnt game at end Albert Ntubcrgcr. another end wat one ol the beat pant rreeiveit on the squad Ollie" Certainly could btrak op the opponent • play Frank Trebatoaki playing a con ttttent game at tackle wat a hard and dependable worker, always to he found in the midst ol the (Jay h tor mbel "Vie." wat one ul the Hathtnt Her to wear the Purple and the ( olri . veteran of the squad he showed it b hi cool and elrver (dating I remember yesterday Better than today. For yesterday is in my mind. A memory to stay. It has been called nostalgia. A wistful yearning for old. But I'm a sentimental fool. And memories are gold. My future is uncertain. My present unclear, at best. But memory saves securely My fondly faded past. I'll never see tomorrow; 1 may forget today. But I’ll remember precious past. My merry yesterday. —Laura Stemweis 271. The women's volleyball team shows its championship form. 2. A lady Pointer spikes the ball. 3. "I've got it!" 4. Here's another example of powerful Pointer spiking. 5. "We did it!” Volleyball Earning a spot in a national tournament for the second time in three years was the women’s volleyball team of coach Nancy Schoen. Her Lady Pointer spikers won the WWIAC championship and had a regular season record of 34-4. UWSP hosted an NCAA Division III Regional and in the finals of that tourney. Point was defeated by a talented team from Occidental College (Los Angeles, CA) in a grueling five game showdown. Earning All-WWIAC laurels for Point were Tina Hill of Glendale. Doris Riley. Waupaca, and Mary Jo Wamser, Cedarburg. —Steve Swan 28Strong individual performances marked the Pointer football team's 5-5 season. Chuck Braun earned first team honors from the NAIA. and was named to the Kodak All-American Team as a wide receiver. He led the nation with 61 catches for 949 yards and seven touchdowns, averaging 7.6 catches and 118.6 yards per game, (story continued on page 31) 30(continued from page 30) Quarterback Brion Demski received honorable mention All-American laurels from the NAIA after leading both the NCAA and the NAIA in total offense with an average of 289.5 yards per game. He was also number 2 in passing. Five Pointers were listed as members of the All-WSUC honor team. Joining Braun and Demski in earning the honor were running back Andy Shumway. placekicker Randy Pyskoski. and defensive back Gary Van Vreede. —Steve SwanField Hockey 1. Will the goal be made? 2. There's a struggle on the field. 3. A determined Pointer faces her opponent. 4. Coach Nancy Page led the Pointers to their second WWIAC championship. 5. Spectators watch another action-packed game. 6. A player falls, and the tension mounts. jnaiRNF ________ 32The women's field hockey team of veteran coach Nancy Page competed in a national meet for the second consecutive year. The Lady Pointer stickers won the WWIAC championship for the second time in as many years, as they compiled a glossy regular season record of 20-3 and were the number 6 ranked team in the NCAA Division III rankings. UWSP was then one of six teams picked to participate in the NCAA Division III National Tournament. Point traveled to Elizabethtown. Penn., where it lost to Elizabethtown College 2-0. Named to the All-WWIAC honor team were seniors Barb Bernhardt of Port Edwards and Karen Konopacki of Menasha. and junior Sara Boehlein of Weston. Conn. —Steve Swan 33Coach Rick Witt’s harriers won UWSP's first WSUC men's cross country championship this fall. Point then advanced to the NAIA National Meet where it finished in eleventh place. Dan Schoepke of Burnsville. Minn., was UWSP's top finisher with a fifty-seventh place finish. Schoepke and Leon Rozmarnowski of Wittenberg were named to the All-WSUC and NAIA District 14 honor team and Witt was chosen as the District 14 coach of the year. —Steve Swan 1. His surroundings out of focus, the cross country runner concentrates only on the race. 2. A Pointer harrier prepares for the next race. 3. A storm of harriers thunders down the hill. 4. The race becomes an uphill battle. 5. "And they're off!" 6. To run through an open field, to race one’s reflection: this is cross country. 34The most successful UWSP team in 1981 was the women's cross country team which finished third in the NCAA Division III National Meet. The Lady Pointer runners were led by All-Americans Dawn Buntman of Green Bay. and Tracey Lamers of Kimberly, who finished sixth and eleventh respectively. First year coach Deb Lindert also guided her team to a second place finish in the NCAA Midwest Regional, and to third place in the Wisconsin Women's Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Meet. —Steve Swan 33toThe Lady Pointer tennis team finished fifth in the WWIAC Meet and came away with its first individual winner in a number of years. Sarah Schalow. a junior from Marshfield, captured the individual title at number 5 singles to cap an outstanding season in which she compiled a record of 13-2. Teammate Kerry Meinberg. a senior from West Bend, finished third at number 3 singles to further aid the UWSP cause. —Steve Swan Tennis 37After losing most of his team that tied for the WSUC title in 1980, golf coach Pete Kasson predicted a rebuilding year. His prophecy proved correct as the Pointers finished seventh in the WSUC Meet in 1981. The Pointers did have some big moments, however, as they captured the first place trophy in both the Lawrence and UW-Green Bay Invitationals. Bob Van Den Elzen, a senior from Green Bay. was the only Pointer named to the All-WSUC all-star squad. —Steve Swan 381. "Unhand me. you lout!" 2. Someone has to clean the Held. 3. Ken Francb races down the field as teammate |ohn Spicuzza shouts encouragement. 39Renovation was rampant in the University Center during the 1981-82 term. The Grid, the Pinery, and Granny’s Kitchen were closed, and a cafeteria line was set up in rooms 125A and B. The Program Banquet Room doubled as an eating and study area. Ronald Wimmer Construction, Inc., of Wausau, was the general contractor hired for the dining and kitchen renovation. Wimmer’s use of nonunion workers caused unidentified union workers to picket in front of the University Center. 42Although it opened way behind schedule and was temporarily closed in February because of fire damage, Jeremiah’s Lounge built up a large following. UWSP loved its new on-campus drinking and dining establishment, located behind Rec Services. 43Under the direction of Edward |. Hamilton, the UWSP Theatre Department presented the musical "Oklahoma!" on Nov. 13-15, 17-22. This well-known musical features the music of Richard Rodgers, and the lyrics of Oscar Hammerstein II. Based on the play "Green Grow the Lilacs" by Lynn Riggs, the musical is set in tum-of-the-century Oklahoma. All performances of "Oklahoma!" were sold out. 45The castle had been readied for the occasion; the courtyard bedecked with banners and boughs, the dining tables festively decorated. The Lords and Ladies had taken their places. The merriment could now begin. And thus the scene was set for the Madrigal Dinner. On December 11-13, the UWSP Madrigal Singers performed at this traditional English dinner held in the courtyard of the Fine Arts Building. 47The UWSP ice hockey team ended a 10 game losing streak with two smashing wins against St. Norbert College. The Pointers beat St. Norbert 9-1 on Feb. 19, and 14-1 on Feb. 20. The Pointers finished the season with a 3-23-1 record, having upset Iowa State 4-3 on Jan. 15. 48The UWSP soccer team took second place in the First Annual Stevens Point Soccer Tournament, and fourth place in the Chancellor's Cup. The hooters had a 6-6 regular season record. A better record is expected next year since the entire squad will return. UWSP SOCCER TEAM: Mohammed Tarmidzi. Tim Patterson. Mike Smith. Rick Groshong. Kurt Lukas. Steve Gilbort. |off Condley. George Kilsdonk. |cff Miller. Mark Haber. Jerry Cahak. John Terre. Jerry Hudziak. Chris Dupre. 49Penguin Panic An epidemic of "Penguin Panic” struck Stevens Point for one wintery week in February. From January' 30 to February 5. UWSP made way for Winter Carnival 1982. Movies, musical entertainment, live theatre and sports events were among the many fun-filled activities that took place during the week. Comic Robin Tyler performed at the U.C. Coffee House, and the Alpha Phi Sorority sponsored a "Jeremiah Johnson" mountain man look-alike contest. There was also a “Penguin Paradise" dance at Allen Center on February 5. A pie-eating contest, a co-ed snow softball game, a snow shoe race and many other contests were held. 50What do you get when you cross the month of February with the exciting game of rugby. 22 teams and 50 halfbarrels of Michelob? The answer, of course, is the Fifth Annual Arctic Rubgy Fest. The snow was deep and the compeitition keen. This year teams from Green Bay. Appleton. TWATS (The Westside Arctic Touring Side). Stout and SPFP (Stevens Point Former Players) joined the veteran Arctic teams from LaCrosse, Platteville, Eau Claire, Ripon, Marquette, Oshkosh. Flyway. Stevens Point and the many women’s teams. i p 5253Music, music, music! The concert scene at UWSP just couldn't be beat during the 1981-82 season. A wide variety of musical entertainers made their way to Stevens Point to give one great concert after another. The multi-talented Jim Post was one such entertainer. He and Randy Sabien were a combination of off-the-wall and jazzy improv in their January concert at the Program Banquet Room. Other performers like Hartsfield and Jordan, the Britton Sisters, and the Bermuda Triangle Band have brightened the concert scene at UWSP. 54A variety of entertainers performed their music during the 1981-82 concert season. 6 After finishing second at 177 pounds in the NCAA Division II Midwest Regional Tournament. UWSP wrestler Jim Erickson advanced to the Division III National Meet at State University of New York at Cortland. There he finished twelfth in his 177-pound weight class, and placed forty-fifth in the country. Erickson finished the season with a 27-4 record. 5657Get Fit ELC Refresh your mind and body on this trail. More than your muscles con be exercised here. Enjoy your environment os you move through the stations. The fitness trail . . . A place to run, to exercise; A place to relax and enjoy. There, one can be in harmony with nature, while invigorating one’s body, mind, and spirit. A place of restful solitude, A place of freedom and peace, Follow the numbered sequence so that you "Warm Up" at the first stations and "Cool Off" gradually as you finish. RELAX AND HAVE FUN. the fitness trail. 6061t f 62 The planning had begun well ahead of time. Committees had been established, and chairmen named. The entertainment was organized, and a mouth-watering menu was designed. After months of planning and hours of preparation, the Twelfth Annual International Dinner was a huge success. The International Club sponsored the Dinner, held Saturday. March 6. at Allen Center. Over 400 guests sampled foods from nine different countries. They feasted on Vietnamese egg rolls and taufu goreng from Singapore. These treats were followed by chilashi sushi (Japan), chicken with satay gravy (Malaysia). Jollot rice (Africa). Maishie (Libya), and sweet and sour pork (Taiwan). For dessert there were speculaas from Netherland. and baklava from Iran. Jasmine tea was also served. Afterward, the International Club presented an entertaining program featuring music and dance from many different countries.From 6:00 p.m. Friday. March 5. to 10:00 p.m. Saturday. March 6. Inter-Greek Council sponsored Super Dance ‘82. a dance marathon for muscular dystrophy. For 28 hours. 18 couples danced, raising over $3000 in the process. Barb Reynolds and Dennis Caidosik. the couple who brought in the most money in pledges, won a trip to Daytona for their efforts. Thee Obsession. N’orlhwind. and Tight Squeeze performed, and dance contests and challenge dances were held throughout the marathon. 641 like to sneak up on them when they are only two or three or four years old; when their bodies are straight and healthy and full of bounce and fun. full of life and joy, and when they're saying, “Look at me. Dad. see how fast I can run! Look at me. Mom. watch me catch the ball!” Those are the little ones 1 like to pull down. Because I hate people, especially children.... .MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY 65Dance Theatre ’82 The choreography of Susan Hughes Gingrasso. James Moore. Regina Sadono and Tim Zimmerman was showcased in Dance Theatre '82 for six performances in mid-March. James Moore's "Appalachian Spring" was the first example of this choreography. Moore explained that it was a work in progress and would be shown in its finished form later in the year. Next was "Pas De Deux.” the Peasant Pas de Deux from the ballet "Giselle." Originally choreographed by Coralli and Perrot in 1841, it was restaged for Dance Theatre by Moore. Moore also re-staged “Lake,” one movement from a ballet entitled "The River” choreographed by Alvin Ailey. Tim Zimmerman then danced "The Easy Life." choreographed by Gingrasso. Zimmerman also presented his own piece. “Cry Witch." a dance dealing with the Salem Witch trials. "Decades and Directions." choreographed by Sadono. featured narration and music from the 1940's through the 1980's. Dance Theatre's final piece was choreographed by Gingrasso. Entitled "Alice In Wonderland." the ballet was an adaptation of six episodes of the Lewis Carrol novel. 66 —Laura StemweisHorizon's FOR THE LOVE OF A PARADE—THE DEATH OF ANWAR SADAT It was a lovely day for a parade. October 6 was the eighth anniversary of Egypt's attack on Israeli positions across the Suez Canal at the start of the Yom Kippur war. and was Egyptian President Anwar Sadat's favorite holiday. Sadat loved parades. On Oct. 6. 1981, he stood in a grandstand in Cairo, in full dress uniform, watching the motorcycles, artillery trucks, and other military vehicles parade past him. As the parade progressed. Sadat's attention was drawn to an air show of Egyptian fighter planes. He then noticed an artillery truck leave the parade and stop in front of the grandstand. Expecting to be saluted. Sadat watched a young officer get out of the truck and approach the stand. But the lieutenant did not salute. Instead, he threw a grenade at the grandstand. He was Khaled Ahmed Swaky al Islambouli. an Islamic fundamentalist and leader of a band of assassins. Three gunmen started shooting from the back of the truck, jumped off. and continued to shoot as they ran toward the grandstand. Sadat’s security guards were slow to return fire. One gunman was killed, and others were captured. Sadat was carried to a helicopter behind the grandstand, and then flown to Maadi Military Hospital. His body riddled with bullets and shrapnel. Sadat was wounded in his left thigh, in the right side of his neck, in his right forearm, and twice in the left side of his chest. Physicians were unable to revive him. The official report listed as the cause of death "heavy nervous shock with internal chest hemorrhaging and laceration of the left lung and the main blood vessels at the base of the left lung.” Sadat was buried at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Cairo. MUBARAK SUCCEEDS SADAT Anwar Sadat’s successor, vice president Hosni Mubarak, was nominated for president by a 330-0 vote of the Egyptian Parliament. He was retained as vice president, and was named Acting Prime Minister and Commander in Chief of the armed forces. His interim government imposed a one-year state of emergency in Egypt. Mubarak and Menachem Begin agreed to hold their own summit. President Ronald Reagan invited Mubarak to visit the Unitd States next year. Reagan did not attend Sadat’s funeral because of the security risk. However, former presidents Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, and Richard Nixon represented the U.S. at the funeral. Before their departure for Egypt, the three former presidents met with Reagan at the White House. This marked the first time in U.S. history tha that four U.S. presidents had gathered there. 68O’CONNOR APPOINTED The Moral Majority and Pro-Lifers opposed her. The main issue of ber Senate Judiciary Committee hearing was abortion. But Ronald Reagan supported her. as did the Senate with a 99-0 vote in favor of her nomination. THE YEAR IN REVIEW On the first Monday in October 1981, Sandra Day O'Connor became the first woman on the U.S. Supreme Court. She replaced retiring justice Potter Stewart, an Eisenhower appointee. We lost many talented people . . . actress Natalie Wood, actors William Holden. Warren Oates, and Lee Strasburg, rock and roller Bill Haley, comedian John Belusbi, author Harriet Stratmeyer Adams. We gained the Rubik’s Cube. Smurfs, supplyside economics. 5% sales tax. Pac Man fever, and "Bette Davis Eyes." In Poland. Solidarity was stopped as martial law was imposed. Lech Walesa was held incommunicado. We wondered if there would be war in tbe Falkland Islands; if the Equal Rights Ammendment would be ratified by June 30. 1982; if ketchup would be considered a vegetable in school lunches. Prince Charles and Lady Diana and the whole world awaited the birth of a noble heir to the throne. The Columbia Space Shuttle was launched and landed safely for the third time. Lena Horne was back on Broadway, nabbing a few Grammy Awards in the process. John Lennon won a Grammy for Album of the Year with "Double Fantasy." His widow Yoko Ono and six-year-old son Sean accepted the award. "Chariots of Fire" was named best picture at the 54th Academy Awards ceremony. Henry Fonda and Katherine Hepburn won awards for "On Golden Pond.” but Harrison Ford stole the most hearts in "Raiders of the Lost Ark." The British tradition that brought together playwright W.S. Gilbert and composer Arthur Sullivan came to an end as the D’Oyly Carte Opera Company folded after 106 years. Baseball's Tug McGraw promoted 7-Up as a caffeine-free soft drink. Wayne Williams was convicted of the Atlanta murders. Mick }agger rocked on. MOSHE DAYAN Moshe Dayan died at Tel Aviv's Tel Hashomer Hospital after suffering a massive heart attack. He was 66 years old. Dayan held a significant role in Israeli history. In the 1967 Six Day war, he arranged a blitz that enabled Israel to claim the Sanai, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, the Golan Heights, and the old city of Jerusalem. After the war he ordered that the concrete walls and barbed-wire fences dividing Arab and Jewish Jerusalem since 1948 be torn down. He served as Israel's Defense Minister under Golda Meir. and from 1977 to 1979 was Menachem Begin's Foreign Minister. He was re-elected to the Knesset in June 1981. David Ben-Gurion called him "a loner—an incomparably brave and courageous soldier, but a loner." He was Moshe Dayan, a man who lived for Israel. 69 STASZAK DEMANDS GRAD BUILDING; CHANCELLOR MUST COMPLY "I’m mad as hell and I'm nol going to take it anymore!" said David Staszak. "I want a building for the graduate school and I want it now!" With these words. Staszak, Dean of Graduate Studies and Coordinator of Research, held Chancellor Marshall at gunpoint and demanded immediate construction of a graduate school. ‘This shotgun and I mean business!" he said. "Every other College has its own building." he said. "Even the Communication Department has its own building. I demand equal treatment!" Marshall himself has begun work on the new building in order to appease Staszak. "What else could I do?” he asked. "Let Staszak blow my brains out? Then I’d never achieve international fame from my book about the Rubik's Cube!" Deans Howard Thoyre and Burdette Eagon have agreed to help Marshall build a new graduate school. "He's cutting us in on the profits from his book." Eagon said. 70UWSP Geography and Geology faculty were perplexed by the advance of a short-lived fifth ice age into central Wisconsin. The Stevens Point area alone was covered by seven feet of snow from Nov. 1 to April 30. When the snow finally retreated, countless UWSP students rejoiced and paid their respects to the sun god. Although students signed petitions and wore buttons for months. UWSP did not succeed in getting a WisPIRG of its own. Perhaps this was because no one knew what the letters meant. The letters stand for Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group, not for "When it says paraquat, it's really good!" as many students erroneously believed. A non-profit, non-partisan public interest corporation. WisPIRG is controlled and funded by students. MARSHALL BEATS RUBIK Master strategist and UWSP Chancellor Philip Marshall has solved the notorious Rubik's Cube. In a book he's entitled "The Rubik's Cube—the Simplest Solution," Marshall describes his method of mastery. Using the Marshall plan, one can solve the cube in approximately two and one-half minutes. Marshall sent his 55-page manuscript to a New York publisher and is waiting for a reply. The Chemistry Department is offering a new graduate level course this semester. Chemistry 792.5 involves the in-depth study and application of the basic analytical concepts of ala carte chemistry, with an emphasis on field work. This course may be added at any time during the semester. This is an experimental course for Chemistry graduate students only, (sec picture at left.) SO LONG WISPIRG STILL TO COME . . Students run for SGA . . . Gerald Ford hired as me- chanic for Columbia Space Shuttle . . . Ronald Reagan and Jerry Falweil join forces as "The New Righteous Brothers." sing "My Prayer" in public schools . . . 71cd m DO a • I—H o C Follow the o m With Coach Dick Bennet at the helm, the UWSP men's basketball team sailed through a 21-5 season and won its first WSUC championship in 13 years. Ranked number 1 in team defensive average in the NCAA Division III. the Pointers were 16th in the NAIA national rankings. The Pointers made it to the NAIA District 14 playoffs, but lost to UW-Eau Claire. 70-66. Kevin Kulas and John Mack were named to the All-WSUC team, while Jef Radtke and Fred Stemmeler were given honorable mention on the honor team. Bennet was named coach of the year. 7?73The women's basketball team ended its season with a 9-11 regular record. Junior Anne Bumgarner advanced to second on the UWSP all-time lists for scoring and rebounding with 855 points and 624 rebounds. Bumgarner also was named to the second team of the All-Wisconsin Women’s Intercollegiate Athletic Conference honor squad. Regina Bayer received honorable mention on the honor team. 7475CD O Coach Lynn "Red" Blair led the UWSP men’s swimming team to second place in the WSUC Swim and Dive championships. The Pointers finished with 391 points behind Eau Claire with 658 points. Pete Samuclson and Brad Thatcher both finished first in the 100 meter and 200 meter backstroke, setting new records for the WSUC. Eau Claire pool, and national meet qualifying times. Scott Olson finished second in the one meter diving competition, and the team of Thatcher. Dave Raster, Baron Richardson, and Brian LeCloux captured third place in the 400 yard medley relay. These fine finishes qualified the Pointers for the NCAA Divison III National Meet at Washington and Lee University in Lexington. VA. 76 Splish, Splash The Lady Pointer swimming team had five national qualifiers in Ann Finley. Kim Swanson. Ellen Richter. Jane Germanson. and Cindy Getting. Getting set a new school record in the 200 free relay, while Germanson set a record in the 400 free relay. Finley set records in both relays. The 200 medley relay team of Finley. Richter. Sarah Greenlaw, and Marcia Jahn set a record, as did the 800 free relay team of Finley. Germanson. Swanson, and Mary Carm. Finley also set a record in the 100 backstroke, and Germanson set a record in the 200 backstroke. 77Ward Cleaver would be proud. For what team was the victor of Trivia 1982? Why. none other than “Hugh Beaumont.” The team’s 22 members combined their trivia talents to finish the contest with the top score of 5190 points. The teams "Network” and "City News" finished in second and third place with 4770 and 4450 points respectively. A total of 283 teams competed in Trivia 1982. “Hester’s Harem" and "Occupation Foole" were back. as were "Village Idiots" and "Mutated Members." A wide variety of trivia addicts participated in Trivia 1982. as their team names clearly showed. "The Immoral Majority." "G.O.D." and “Catholic Janitors” played trivia, as did a few "Friendly Humanoids." Even the "Slim Whitman Fan Club" and the "Ted Kennedy Swim Team" were represented. Also among the ranks were "Minimal Cleavage.” "Worms Can Feel Pain," and “Oliva Is A Nice Guy." —Laura Sternweis 7879Flutist Tim Weisberg appeared in concert along with his special guest Michael Gulezian on April 17 in Quandt Fieldhouse. Approximately 1200 people attended the U.A.B. sponsored event. Gulezian, a guitarist from Tucson, Ariz., opened the concert at 8:00 p.m. "You’re all real nervous wondering whether I'm going to like you.” he said as he began to perform. His audience certainly liked him. as the applause indicated. After a 20-minute intermission, Weisberg claimed the stage. He and his band performed a number of songs from his 13 albums. Weisberg gave two encores, the second of which consisted of on-the-spot composition.81832. 3. 84 Steiner Steiner Hall received this certificate from tbe late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat in recognition of service during Alcohol Awareness Week. What a lovely day for n wedding! "With my books and | apers strewn about. I now sit down to study."85Smith 871. The switchboard is busv as usual at Roach Hall. 2. "Oh. just getting ready for a night on the town." 3. These Roach Hall private eyes arc watching you. 881. If you don'l have real hunk beds, put your bed on the dressers. 2. "May I help you?" asks Mike Wubben. 89Nelson 1. |u$l a liltle good, clean fun at Nelson Hall. 2. One must take time to dream. 3. "Sit down, put your feet up. make yourself at home.' 90Neale92 Knutzen 1. Are there cobwebs in this man's pantry? No. only fishnet. 2. "I was studying, honest. 1 was!" 3. The spirit of Knutzen is revealed!1. A student reflects on her Hyer education. 2. Hyer Hall residents believe in the two "R's": rest and relaxation. 3. Inspired from above, this student works far into the night. 94•• . The men of Baldwin lake backgammon seriously. 2. At Baldwin, rooms are often filled to overflowing. 3. A man and his stereo can make beautiful music together at Baldwin. 97OUTSIDE DORMIELAND Finally I've made the move— I live off-campus now. No R.A.'s No quiet hours, A bathroom of my own. I have a real bathtub now. A kitchen and a living room. Yes, my house has real rooms And lots of real bills. Food bills. 98100All’s Fair at Love The UVVSP Men's Tennis team took sixth place in the Wisconsin State University Conference Meet held at Eau Claire. Fourth place finishes went to UWSP's Todd Ellenbecker and Rick Perinovic while fifth place finishes went to the doubles teams of Todd Ellenbecker and Bob Simeon as well as Bob Smagiik and Rick Perinovic. 101UWSP's women’s softball team won the WWIAC (Wisconsin Women’s Intercollegiate Athletic Conference) Northern Division title with a 6-0 mark. The "Purple Crush” defeated UW-Whitewater for the championship. The Lady Pointers were 15-2 for the season, having lost twice to Whitewater in regular season play. The Pointers also competed in the NCAA National Tournament, but were unsuccessful. 102The UWSP men's baseball team placed second in the WSUC Southern division. The Pointers trailed UW-Oshkosh with a 6-6 conference record, and a 9-9 record overall. There were only two seniors in the Pointer ranks—Dan Wilcox and Don Zoromski. But Coach Ken Kulick expected a bright future for the Pointers, since a strong nucleus would return next season. 103Trackin’ The Lady Pointers’ track and field team claimed fifth place in the Wisconsin Women's Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Meet. Coach Nancy Schoen was satisfied with her team’s performance at the meet held at Carthage College. The Pointers had four second place finishes. Shannon Houlihan qualified for the NCAA Division III National Meet with her 1:04.38 time in the 400-meter hurdles. 104Coach Rick Wilt was pleased with his teams efforts at the WSUC track and field meet held at UW-Stout. The Pointers finished second behind UW-LaCrosse. Senior Bruce Lammers gave a stunning performance, winning both the 110-meter high and 400-meter intermediate hurdles with times of :14.72 and :54.1 respectively. Pointers Dave Soddy. Tim Lau. Steve Brilowski and Eric Parker won the 1600-meter relay with the time of 3:18.94.107 • Chuncoll mkjip Affairs . . Pa e 112. TheC§( ImLJJ J L oli 110 Acaaemm of Fine Arts . . . Sciences . . . fossidnOl Studies . . . rta! Resources . . rc Renter and Academic Sdft0!L • ‘ fXJge 137 page 13i SupportSeasons come and go in Stevens Point and some are more severe than others. During my first two winters at this institution, natives were almost apologetic that the winters were not more severe; that the cold was not sharper and the snow not deeper. The Winter of '81-'82 seems to have made up for the two preceding ones. The wind chill was more than 60 degrees below zero and several communities in Wisconsin set temperature records. While the icicle outside my window probably exceeds 15 feet in length and weighs several hundred pounds, the warmth of the staff and students here at this university continues to more than compensate for the rigors of Wisconsin winters. The recession grips the Wisconsin economy and therefore the budget of the University of Wisconsin suffers. Nevertheless, this institution is strong and will prevail. While there will always be good times and hard times, time will soften the edges and memories will concentrate on the enjoyable events; but with the passage of time, even our defeats will not be remembered as so bad. Nevertheless, our basketball team will remember much more clearly the victory at Creighton than the defeat at Nebraska or the heartbreaking overtime lost to Eau Claire. May this yearbook enable you to relive your college days with memories that gladden the heart and warm the soul and may you be enabled to say that this was a good part of your life and well remembered. Philip'K. Marshall no ChancellorVICE-CHANCELLOR PATRICK MCDONOUGH JOHN E. ANDERSON News and Publications Director DAVID COKER Assistant to the Chancellor DONNA GARR Academic Affairs Office JOHN LARSON Director of Admissions FREDERICK LITTMANN Counseling and Human Development Center VERA RIMNAC Director of Student Assistance Center GEORGE SEYFARTH Budget Officer JOHN TIMCAK Co-curricular Student Service Center inThe College of Fine Arts instructs students in art. drama, dance and music. The College’s two year pre-architecture program prepares students for entrance into a school of architecture. Also included in the College of Fine Arts is the Communication Department, which offers courses in Communication. Journalism, and Radio-TV-Film. William J. Hanford is Dean of the College of Fine Arts. 112r 1 RICHARD C. SCHNEIDER DAVID L. SMITH Art Department STEPHEN HANKIN HENRY RUNKE HERBERT SANDMANN 13114 Communication Department JANE BANKS ROGER BULLIS FRED DOWLING HYUN KIM JIM MOE JOEL MUHVIC ERIC SOMERSBRIAN GORELICK Music Department JON BOROWICZ MARY BURROUGHS DAVID A. COPELAND PAUL DOEBLER KATHLEEN I. FRANCESHI CHARLES GOAN 115Music Department GEARY LARRICK MICHAEL KELLER CHARLES REICHL RICHARD T. PINNELL BRIAN MARTZ RICHARD SCOTT DEE MARTZ JOHN THOMAS 1 6Theatre Arts Department ALICE FAUST SUSAN HUGHES GINGRASSO FRIEDA BRIDGEMAN JAMES S. MOORE REGINA A. SADONO TERRANCE KAWLESKI 117C D CD O G 0 •rH CJ CO h3 G cd cn f-H 0 0 College of i-3 Howard Thoyre is Acting Dean of the College of Letters and Sciences. The programs in this College are designed to give the student a well-rounded education in social studies, sciences, languages, and humanities, and to train him for professional, technical. and graduate studies. 118Sociology Anthropology Department JOHN H. MOORE ROBERT WOLENSKY Religious Studies Department THOMAS OVERHOLT Psychology Department CORALIE DIETRICH WOLFGANG HORN JAMES JOHNSTON THOMAS ROWE Political Science Department JAMES CANFIELD RICHARD CHRISTOFFERSON EDWARD MILLER JOHN MORSER JOHN OSTER Physics Astronomy Department! JAGDISH CHANDER Mathematics Computer Sciences RICHARD ANDERSON-SPRECHER GILBERT MAGES 119120 History Department RICHARD FACE GUY GIBSON ROBERT KNOWLTON CLIFFORD MORRISON RUSSELL NELSON CHARLES RUMSEY WACLAW SOROKA G eogra phy Geology WIN DIFFORD DELMAR MULTHAUF MAURICE PERRET DONALD STETZER Foreign Language Department ROBERTO ASSARDO Math Computer Science Department DUANE OLSON ORVILLE RICE WAYNE WILD Foreign Language Department MELVIN BLOOM MARK SEILER English Department THOMAS BLOOM Economics Business Department JAMES HAINE PAUL KELCH EDWARD WOTRUBA. JR. WILLIAM CLARK LOUIE CREW MARY CROFT DANIEL DIETERICH RICHARD DOXTATOR HELEN HEATON ALAN LEHMAN MARY SHUMWAY ISABELLE STELMATOSKEEconomics Business Department ERGUN YENER Chemistry Department OLIVER ANDREWS CARL FARNSWORTH MARVIN LANG JANE PIECZYNSKI DOUGLAS RADTKE JACK REED DONALD SHOWALTER RAYMOND SOMMERS ROLAND TRYTTEN Biology Department JOHN W. BARNES FRANK BOWERS FRED COPES ROBERT W. FRECKMANN123 biology Department ED GASQUE GORDON E. GEESEMAN KENT HALL JOSEPH HARRIS CHARLES LONG CLAUDINE LONG DAVID POTTER SOL SEPSENWOL ROBERT SIMPSON EDWARD STERN VIRGIL THIESFELD STEVEN VAN HORN CHARLEY WHITE ROBERT F. WILDEC D o • r— '“CJ GO cd eJ o • r-H C D C D OD c+- o College of The School of Communicalive Disorders, the School of Education, the School of Home Economics, and the School of Health. Physical Education. Recreation and Athletics comprise the College of Professional Studies. The Military Science. Medical Technology, and Gesell Institute programs are also included in COPS. Arthur L. Fritschel is Dean of the College of Professional Studies.Director of Student Teaching THOMAS HAYES WARREN LENSMIRE Military Science KARL HAMILTON LEONARD SWARTZ Medical Technology SUSAN RAAB Home Economics MARY ANN BAIRD LINDA FORBESS LYNN JOHNSONHome Economics Department AGNES A. JONES PAMELA KEMP ELLEN KIEDROWSKI RUTH SYLVESTER H.P.E.R.A. DON AMIOT MARYLOU BIDDLESTONE 126 127H.P.E.R.A. WAYNE GORELL JERRY GOTHAM PAUL HARTMAN JUDITH HERROLD DONALD J. HOFF ROSALIND KOCIUBA KEN KULICK JOHN W. MUNSON NANCY PAGE DALE SCHALLERT NANCY J. SCHOEN MARJORIE SPRING 128Education Department BETTY ALLAR WILLIAM FARLOW WILLIAM KIRBY Communicative Disorders Department DENNIS NASH Business Education Department ANN D. CARLSON ROBERT HILLE HILDEGARD KUSE DARVIN L. MILLER JOHN C. PEARSON ROBERT ROSSMILLER ROBERT SCHMATZ HERBERT WENGER 129The College of Natural Resources offers programs in Forestry, Resource Management, Soil Science. Water Resources, Wildlife Management, and Paper Science. Daniel O. Trainer is Dean of the College of Natural Resources. 30MILO HARPSTEAD RONALD HENSLER JAY H. CRAVENS JAMES HARDIN 131132• 33134STAN SZCZYTKO RICHARD WILKE SUBHASH DEODHAR ROBERT ENGELHARD LARRY GRAHAM MICHAEL KOCUREK 135Since the summer of 1960. UWSP has had a graduate program. Then a cooperative program with the State Colleges and the University of Wisconsin, it became a fulltime academic year program in the fall of 1966. David J. Staszak is Dean of Graduate Studies and Coordinator of Research. 136r CD 3 i—•• 5 OQ Resource Center Burdette W. Eagon is Dean of the Learning Resource Center and Academic Support Programs. The LRC houses an official federal and state documents depository, the Interlibrary Loan service, the instructional Materials Center, and a Student-Faculty Media Production Lab. Instructional Resources and Education LARRY RIGGS Learning Resource Center RUTH STEFFEN 137ADDISON. BRIAN L. Forestry ADESHINA. OLUFUNSHO BOLAJI Communication and Public Administration and Management ALLEN. SCOTT J. Biology ANDERSEN. KAREN A. History' and Broad Field Social Science ANDERSON. DANA M. Elementary Education ANDERSON. L. FRED Business Administration ARMITAGE, Wendy Business ARNOLD. PATRICIA JEAN History and Broad Field Social Science ASCHBACHER. ROBERT T. Forestry ASKF.RIS. CHRISTY ANN Resource Management AUGUSTINE. KURT E. Mathematics AVE’LALLEMANT. TED Forestry ALLWARDT. LINDA M. Communicative Disorders ALTRAIDE, INNOCENT Communication and Psychology ANDERSEN. ALAN A. Forestry and Resource Management AVEY. WILLIAM Forestry BABROS. TIMOTHY E. Fisheries. Limnology, and Resource Management BAILEY. WILLIAM MERRYLL Wildlife and Biology uoBAN DEII INI, CHRISTINE MARIE Communication BATASSA. BETH A. Theatre BAUMANN. KATHLEEN A. Resource Management BEACH. KENNETH ]. Water Resources BEATTY. DENISE M. Housing and Interiors BECHLE. ION EDWARD Wildlife. Biology, and Resource Management BEDNAREK. DONNA MARIE Communication BEHELER. KERRY ANN Wildlife. Biology, and Resource Management BEHNKE, NANCY Dietetics BELLE. ELIZABETH E. Early Childhood Education BEMOWSKI. BONNIE B. Housing and Interiors BENNETT. NANCY L Communication BENZINE. LISA M. Elementary Ecucation BERENZ. BILL fOHN Communication BIEDERWOLF. M. CHRISTINE English BIELINSKI. BARBARA C. Business Administration BMSCZYK. MARY ANN Sociology BLODGE7T. CHARLES D. Water Resources 141BLOM, VICKI JO Housing and Interiors BLOM BERG, HEIDI L. Elementary Education BOOCK, ROBERT F. JR. History BOREN. JANE ELIZABETH Dietetics BORLAND. ROBERT L. Business Administration BOVILLE, ROCHELLE M. English BOWEN. RICHARD L. Communication BRANDT. DEBORAH Elementary Education BRANDT. PHILLIP RONALD Communication BRAUN. SUSAN A. Food Service Management BREHMER. PAUL Biology BREMSER. RENEE D. Elementary Education BREUER. ANN LOUISE Psychology BREWER. SCOTT ALAN Forestry Management BRINK. SUSAN MARIE Sociology BRINKMEIER. JULIE NADINE Communication BROEKING. NANCY L. Home Economics Education BRONDYK. WILLIAM HOWARD Biology M2BROOKER. GREGORY GUY Political Science BROSSARD. DEBRA FLOOD Communicative Disorders BROWN. NANCY KATHRYN Communication BROWN. WILLIAM ROBERT Communication BRUCKER. LINDA Home Economics Education BRUDER. STACEY J. Theatre Arts BRUE. MARK E. Fisheries and Biology BRUHA. DAVID BRIAN Mathematics BUSSE. SUSAN R. Communication BUTTERS. ANN MARGARET Dietetic s BUTTERS. CHARLES S. Instrumental Music CALKINS. LINDA A. Communication CAMPBELL. KRISTY L. Spanish and Political Science CASH. PEGGY S. Communication CHAMP. PAUL Communication CHANDLER. POLLY Resource Management CHAPMAN. MARION R. Communicative Disorders CHECK. JAMES R. Managerial Accounting U3COOLEY. JAMES FREEMAN Psychology COPENHAVER. THOMAS S. Soil Science CORNELIUS. HOLLIE L. Housing and Interiors CORRIGAN. FRED P. Biology COSTELLO. TIMON J. Business Administration COUILLARD. KEVIN LEE Resource Management CHEKOURAS. DONNA R. Resource Management CHRISTIE. MARY C. Chemistry CIRIACKS, LINDA K. Resource Management CLOUTIER. KATHERINE M. Dance COBUS. KAREN MARIE Early Childhood Education COCHENET. LISA JEAN English COERT. JOEL LAWRENCE Soil Science and Resource Management COLLINS. ELIZABETH C. Forestry COOK. RANDALL Biology CROWLEY. JOAN MARIE Communicative Disorders CUNNINGHAM. PAUL K. Water Resources CUOCO. MICHAEL THOMAS Resource Management 144CURRIE. KATHLEEN LINDA Geography DAPRA. SUSAN M. Communicative Disorders DARM. SHARON ANN Elementary Education DEBAKER. MARISA F. Fashion Merchandising DEGUELLE. PAMELA ANN Communicative Disorders DEKARSKE. ROBERT f. Paper Science and Engineering DERBY. MICHAEL PAUL Forestry Administration DERLETH. JAMES WILLIAM History and Political Science DIEDR1CK. KAREN LEA Elementary Education DIESTLER. DANIEL WILLIAM Art D1LLMAN. CARRIE SUSAN Communication DOBBE. LAWRENCE STEPHEN Mathematics DOELGER. ELIZABETH GWEN English DOMASK. SANDRA LEA Psychology DORO, SANDRA J. Communicative Disorders DOUCETTE. PERRY JOHN Paper Science and Engineering DUCHROW. DEBORAH JEAN Psychology DUNN. JULIE Business 145EIDE, PETER S. Business Administration EK, MARY Forestry ELLIE, RICK RAY Forestry ENGUM. DEBORAH E. Business Education Office Administration ERBLAND. DANIEL MERRITT Business and Economics EREMIE, MAXWELL DAWORIMA Business Administration and Economics ERICKSEN, KATHY L. Resource Management ERICKSON, SUSAN CHERYL Elementary Education ERMATINGER, LYNN M. History and Broad Field Social Science EVANS. MONICA M. Wildlife and Biology FAHRNER. BRIAN ARTHUR Communication FALK. SUSAN MARIE Communication FAUST. JERRY ALLAN Paper Science and Engineering FAUST. KATHERINE VALERIE Elementary Education FEDERWISCH. BRENDA LEE Home Economics Education FELDHAKE. MARTIN F. Forestry and Resource Management FILBRANDT. MARGARET M. Elementary Education FINCO. JOHN H. Resource Management W6FINLEY. KAREN MARIE Communicative Disorders FISHER. JULIANNA LYNN Communicative Disorders FOAT. DEBORAH R. Psychology and Philosophy FOKUM. BERNARD DINGA Public Administration and Political Science FOX. JEFFREY GUY Art FR1TSCHLER. KAREN Communication FULLER. RICHARD L. JR. Forestry Administration FUNCKE. CRAIG STEVEN Communication GATLING. SONDRA JO WOJCIK Psychology GAUDYNSKI. SUSAN Early Childhood Education GAVIN. JEFFREY J. Communication GEIS. GLENNA JEAN STEWART Communication GIBSON. BARBARA ANNA Resource Management GILLIS, GREGORY F. Business Administration GIROLAMO. THOMAS JOHN Forestry GIVEN. KIMBERLY S. Communication GLODOSKY. PATTY A. Communication GLODOWSKI. MARY BETH Communication 147GOETZ. RICHARD H. Resource Management GONIU. PAULA ANN Sociology GOSTOMSK1. KEVIN M. Business Administration GRAFF, fOHN . Art CRAMBO. WESTLEY Social Science GRAVES. MAUREEN DIANA Physical Education GREENWOOD. PATTY ANN Elementary Education GREER. BRUCE A. Waters GRESENS. SHARON E. Art Education GR1ESBACH. MARY C. F. Biology GRIFFIN. JESSICA MARIE Communication GRISA. GREGORY R. Drama GRONDIN. VALERIE J. Water Resources and Biology GROSSHUESCH. JOELLYN Fashion Merchandising GRUETZMACHER. SHERRI LYNN Business Administration HAAG. CARL R. Forestry HADLER, KF.RI LYNNE Fashion Merchandising HANNA. KATHLEEN PARICE Philosophy 148HANRAHAN. VICKI Biology HANSEN. CAROL LYNN Natural Science HANSEN. STEPHEN GERARD Business Administration HANSEN. TODD MICHAEL Business Administration and Political Science HANSON. KRISTEEN ANNE Music Education HASHASSELQUIST. ROBIN A. English HAVERKAMPE. KATHLEEN L. Polotical Science HADTCHE. NANCY Medical Technology HEFTY. VIRGINIA LYNNE Theatre Arts HEINRICH. MARY HELEN Music Education HEITING. STEVEN R. Communication HELMER, LAURA LEONI Political Science HEMBROOK. KIM . HERMUNDSTAD. SHELLEY ANN Biology HERRING. KIMBERLY K. Communication HIGGINS. JODY LEE Resource Management HOBSON. MARK HEATHERLY Sociology HOBYAN. KATHRYN M. Elementary Education upMODEL, TAMMY L. Early Childhood Education HOFER, LINDA E. Early Childhood Education HOFF. MARK C. Forestry HOFFBECK. CARMEN KAY Physical Education HOFFMAN-REIMER, PAULA Psychology and Sociology' HORVATH, GARETH JOHN Water Resources HUTCHINSON. HOLLY A. Vocal Music Education HUTCHISON. KOLLEEN K. Communication IMHOFT. RUTH ELIZABETH Business Administration IRONS. SCOTT Resource Management JACOBY. DAN Limnology JAN EGA. KATHERINE MARIE Communication HOTTENROTH. JENNY L. Resource Management and Natural Science HOWARD. WARREN GRANT Business Administration HOWIJKND, MICHAEL J. Business Administration HUG HER. JAMES J. Business Administration HUNTER. DANIEL JAMES Psychology HUNTOON. ANDREW E. Chemistry 150JAWSON. ANNE E. History JENSEN. JOSEPH THOMAS Resource Management JENSEN. RUSSELL W. Psychology JENSEN. SONJA Fashion Merchandising JOHNSON. BRIAN PETER Business Administration JOHNSON. DOUGLAS STANLEY JR. Business Administration JOHNSON. MARIA L. Communicative Disorders JOHNSON. NANCY RUTH Early Childhood Education JOHNSON. STEVE G. Chemistry JONES. BRIAN E. Political Science and Public Administration JONES. JACQUELINE KAY Forestry JORDON. THERESA LOUISE Communication JOSEPH. JEFFREY WILLIAM Forestry Management SCOTT. JOSEPH D. Business and Economics KARRELS, LYNN Interior Design KASON. TIMOTHY J. B. Resource Management KATERZYNSKE. LAWRENCE B. Communication KEHRING, ALLAN JR. Mathematics 51KELLY, WANDA MAE Psychology KERKMAN. JAMES RAYMOND Forest Management KING. CATHERINE ANN Business Administration KING. KATHLEEN ANNA Communicative Disorders KING. LAUREN Business Administration KIPP. NANCY A. Vocal Music Education KISER. JEFF W. Physical Education KLEMM. ELIZABETH JEAN Soil Science KLOMSTAD. WAYNE M. Managerial Accounting KOEHLER. CHERY LYNN Dietetics KOPPA. PATRICIA ANN Political Science KOSCHAK, JEFFREY ALLEN Wildlife and Biology KLUZ. DEBORAH A. Geography and Secondary Education KNUTSON. STEVEN J. Public Policy and Administration and Political C 'ip npp KOCHANIK. WILLIAM STEVEN Paper Science and Engineering KOSER. PATRICIA ANN Communication KOSMERCHOCK. MARY Elementary Ecucation KOSOBUCKI. KARI M. Psychology 152LABELLE. RENEE JEANNE Resource Management LAMB. JOSEPH R. Biology' LAMMERS. BRUCE W. Social Science and Secondary Education LANDOWSKI. DOLORES A. Business Administration LASPA. LORA T. Soil Science and Biology LIM. SIEW-CHOO Dietetics KOSS. BRIAN A. Business Administration KOSTECHKA. MARSHA A. Elementary Education KRAUS. BETTE E. Elementary Education KREJCAREK. DANA M. Natural Science KREKLOW. KATHI LEE Physical Education KREKLOW. SHAWN COLLEEN Business Administration KROLL, KATHLEEN ANN Business Ecucation and Office Administration KROMREY. MARK THOMAS Forestry Management KRUEGER. DIANE L. Biology KRUEGER. MAUREEN DANIELLE Broadfield Physical Education KUMBALEK. KAREN M. KUSZEWSKI. ANNETTE RENE Psychology 153r LIND. IANK ELLEN LABUDA Communicative Disorders LINSKENS. CHARLES Business LONSDORF. LAURIE ANGELA Art LORENZEN, DONNA JEAN Biology LUBBERS. JOHN E. JR. Forestry Administration LUCAS. MARY KATHARINE FREEMAN Forestry LUCAS. THOMAS JOHN Business Administration LUGER. LISA MARIE Water Resources and Resource Management LUKAS. LLOYD C. Social Science LULLO. MARY FRANCES WRIGHT English LULLO. MICHAEL ANTHONY Physical Education LYNCH. KATHLEEN MARY Theatre Arts LYNCH. MARY MARGARET Forestry MACHL1CA. KENNETH . Forestry MAJESKI, MARY KAY Elementary Education MANHART, HEIDI A. Communicative Disorders MARQUARDT. BETTY J. Elementary Education MARTIN, DAVID ALEXANDER Psychology 154MARTINSON. KATHLEEN M. Psychology. Sociology, and Public Administration MATEL. FRANK A. Psychology MAY. DEBORAH ANN Fashion Merchandising MECH. MARY THERESA Dietetics MELANZ, STEPHAN J. Forestry Management and Resource Management MEVIS. MICHAEL Business Administration MEZJCH, RONALD Wildlife and Biology MICHALEK. ZENDY M. Physical Education ME1LKE. CONNIE KAYE Elementary Education MC CANN. THOMAS G. History and Bo rad Field Social Science MC GINNIS. VICTORIA M. History MC GINTY. SALLY E. Communication MC HUGH. MARY K. Elementary Education MC LAUGHLIN. GAIL ELSPETH Elementary Education MC MAHON. MEGAN F. Fashion Merchandising MC NEIL. PAMELA A. Psychology and Social Studies MEADOWS. THOMAS Broadfield Social Science MEALINS, KENT business Administration ssMIKUS, ANTHONY M. Forest Management MILLER. ROBERT G. Natural Resources Management MILLER. ROBERT H. Ill Paper Science and Engineering MILLPOINTER. fANE MARGARET Housing and Interiors MORGAN. LORI LYNN Dietetics MOOS. MICHAEL R. Biology MROTEK. KARLA L. Communication MEUNCH. BARBARA ANN Sociology and Psychology MUNZENMAIER. MARK D. Limnology MYK1SEN, JANIS LYNN Home Economics Education MYTAS. BRIAN LEE Music NACZEK, TED SAVERIO Urban Forestry and Resource Management NAPHOLZ. MARK T. Physical Education NELSON. KAREN LEE English and Secondary Education NEUMANN. SHARON KAY Housing and Interiors NGRINGEH. HANNAH NWABE History NICHOLS. DIANA LEE Elementary Education NICHOLS. EVERETT DEAN Business Administration 156NIEFT. SUE A. Dietetics NIELEN. SUSAN ANN Communication NINNEMAN. DAVID SCOTT Geography NITSCHKE, AMY J. Fashion Merchandising NIX. DAVID M. Business Administration NORMAN. CAROL AMY Psychology NOVAK. JOHN JOSEPH Resource Management and Political Science O'BRIAN. DANIEL M. Business Administration O'BRIAN. KENNETH A. Business Administration and Economics OGDEN. WILLIAM JAMES Communication OJA. SHARON LEIGH Elementary Education OKON. PATRICK E. Communication OLSON. ANN MARIE Psychology OLSON. DONALD W. Biology OLSON. GAIL A. Psychology OLSON. LINDA MAE Elementary Education ONESTl. ANDREA JEAN Fashion Merchandising OSTRANDER. DEBRA K. Home Economics Education 157PORTEN, JOHN DAVID Economics POURCHOT, REGAN G. Communication PRICKETTE. JEFFREY MARK Business Administration and Economics PRILLWITZ, DAVID CHARLES Psychology PYKE. WILLIAM VERNON Psychology QUAH, KUNG-KHOON Business Administration OSTROWSKI, GAIL ELIZABETH Communication PAKENHAM. LORRIE ELIZABETH Fashion Merchandising PANACEK, LORI ANN Resource Management PAPE, STEVEN P. Political Science PASCOE, CINDY L. Elementary Education and Communication PAUL, LESTER W. Business Administration PAULOWSKE, JAY D. Business Administration PETERSON, DIRK ALLEN Water Resources PEIRSON, KATHLEEN A. Physical Education PLANA, ANTHONY TESORO History and Broad field Social Science PODVIN, JULIE ANN Communicative Disorders PORN, DAVID M. Urban Forestry 158RAPP. PAULETTE L. Communicative Disorders RAU. PATRICIA JEAN Biology RAWSON. STEVEN A. Forestry REED. KATHRYN LYNN Resource Management REGAN. MARLENE ANN Home Economics in Business REICHERT. ANN MARIE Chemistry REINHARDT. JUDY A. Elementary Education RETZA. BONNIE KAY Fashion Merchandising REYNOLDS. BRUCE ALAN Psychology RICHARDS. DEBRA LYNN Natural Resource Management RICHTER. JAMES JEFFERY Business Administration RIEDEL. LON N. RINGLO. GUY R. Mathematics RINGSTAD. ROBERT EDWARD Political Science and Spanish ROBERTS. SCOTT B. Forestry Administration ROCHON. CHARLES ALAN History and Social Science ROEPKE. MARK DONALD Political Science ROGGENTIN. CARYL LYN Communication S9ROMER. LINDA ANN Elementary Education RUCHTI. STEPHEN ]. Communication RUDE. LISA A. Business Administration RYKAL. KERRI K. Communicative Disorders and Psychology SABO. MARY C. Elementary Education SAKOWSKI. MICHAEL Z. Paper Science SCHL1CHT, SHEILA Business Administration. Economics, and German SCHMELEBECK. BRENDA LEE Business Administration SCHMIDT. ILL MARIE Communication and Psychology SCHARRER. GARY L. Chemistry SCHEID, MARGARET A. English SCHIMAN. DAVID ROBERT Biology SANNER. CHRSTOP T. SATHRE. IULIA MARIE Resource Management SAVER. THOMAS J. Soil Science SCHMIDT. TAMERA ]. Sociology SCHMIT. ROBERT J. Forestry Management SCHNEIDE. CLIFF R. Paper Science 160 SCHOEPEL, DAVE J. Business Administration and Computer Science SCHROEDER. JODENE ELLEN Fashion Merchandising SCHROEDER. MELODY ANN Elementary Education SCOTT. STEVEN E. Elementary Education SEEFELT, SUSAN A. Communication SEILER. CATHERINE C. Elementary Education SCHULTZ. DAVID Communication SCHULTZ. DENNIS ALLEN History SCHTULZ. DOREEN MARIE English SCHULTZ. JOANNE R. Dietetics SCHULTZ. PHILLIP JOHN Business SCHULTZ. TONI A. Dietetics SCHUMACHER. BILL DALE Psychology SCHWABE. MICHAEL . Biology SCHWEIGER. LAURIE A. Wildlife Management SENNETT, MARGARET A. Elementary Education SHEETS. KEVIN G. Forestry SHERMAN. JOHN STEPHEN Communication 161SOMMERS, THEODORE A. Communication SONDELSKI. RICHARD THOMAS Forest Management SPERN. ANDREA Wildlife SHIERY. MARK D. Forestry Management SHUTTER. PAMELA JEAN Business Education Office Administration SIEGAL. TIMOTHY JOHN Business Administration and Economics SKARDA. AMY LOU Communication SKORCZEWSKI. JAMES B. Forestry SMEDAL. ERIC K. SOINEY. KARI J. Communication SOMERS. JULIE A. Dietetics SOMMERS. JUDY L. Business Administration SIMEON. ROBERTO E. Psychology SISTERMAN. MARY ANN Communication SKALSKl. RICHARD W. Business Administration and Economics SMITH. JUDITH L. Dietetics LORENZ. VICKI SMITH Forestry' SOETEBER. STEVEN WARREN Elementary Education 162SPILLANE. RODNEY LEE Communication SPOERL. ROBERT GEAHARD Forestry and Natural Resource Management STEHLI. LINDA C. Political Science STEINFELDT, EILEEN D. Art STEL, MICHAEL E. Business Administration STENGL. AUDREY ANN Medical Technology STIER. REBECCA Business Administration STRAUSS. CAROL S. Sociology STREBEL. SUSAN A. Elementary Education STRELOW. STACIE LEE Music STUMPENHORST. MARY LYNN Resource Management STUMPF. LYNN K. Dietetics STURZL. SUSAN M. Dietetics and Food Service Management SUCIK, MICHAEL THOMAS Soil Science SUKENIK. MARI HANNAH Communicative Disorders SWAG EL. KAREN A. Early Childhood Education TAGGETT. MARY JENNIFER Communication TALL. ANN MARY Fashion Merchandising 163TANNAH, DEBORAH L. Psychology TEOH. SENG-LEE Mathematics, Economics, and Business Administration TERRE, DAVID ROGER Water Resources. Biology, and Resource Management THATCHER. BRADLEY RICHARD Business Administration THIEDE, KENNETH W. History THOMAS, NATHALIE ANNETTE Dietetics TUTTLE, GWYN ELLEN Wildlife Management and Biology TYRALT. PAMELA JEAN German VAN ACKER. TWILAH JO Soil Science THOMSON. JEFF WALTER Business Administration THORNE. SCOTT Forestry TILBURY. RUTH f. Forestry TORRISON. SCOTT E. Paper Science TRAAS, DANIEL R. Forestry TRAPP. HEIDI H. Resource Management TRAVIS. DEBORAH LYNN Fashion Merchandising TURNER. MARK S. Forestry Management TURZINSKI. TERRENCE G. Political Science 164VAN HAREN, SHERRY R. Biology VAN HAREN, THOMAS H. Wildlife VAN HARPEN, GLADY A. Natural Resource Management VAN RIXEL, GARY M. Geography VAN SLUYS, TINA L. Fashion Merchandising VASQUEZ, CAROLYN BETH Resource Management and Biology VERKUILEN, PETER JON Business Administration VOICA, JOSEPH A. Business and Economics VOIGT, TERRY SCOTT Resource Management VON DER PUETTEN. FRANK Geography WALTHER, GAIL ELIZABETH Home Economics in Business WAMSER, MARY JO Biology WASNER, LYNN WASSHAVSEN, JOHN R. Paper Science and Engineering WAWERU. DUNCAN M. Biology WEDEWARD, WILLIAM E. Finance WEGENER. JAMES A. Housing WEGNER, PATRICIA ANN Elementary Education 165WEGNER. STEVEN . Watershed Management WEISNICHT, JERRY LEE Managerial Accounting WE1ZENICKER. LINDA L. Elementary Education WENDT. MICHAEL J. Forestry WERNER. LES P. Urban Forestry WESENER. CYNTHIA MARIE Elementary Education WINTERS. CHRISTINE M. Elementary Education WISMAN. SUSAN GLENN Business Administration and German WISNESKI. HELEN M. Elementary' Education WESSBERC. ROBERT STEVEN Resource Management WEYKER. LORI A. Communication WHELAN. JOAN MARIE Elementary Education WIDSTRAND. SUSAN ELAINE Dietetics WILCOX. DANIEL R. Physical Education PAUL. WILLIAM GEORGE Biology WILSON. MARGARET C. Home Economics WIMME. DIANE M. Business Administration and Economics WINN. LINDA Wildlife 166Wi n MAN, STACY A. Elementary Education WOLTER. KIM M. Business Education WONG. WINDRIE Mathematics WOODMAN. PATRICIA ANNE Communicative Disorders and German WOODSIDE. THOMAS . Communication WOPPERT. KAREN A. Home Economics Education WOTTRENG. BARBARA G. Business Administration WUEBBEN. DAVID W. Business Administration YOKERS. MICHAEL Business YONG. KEE-TECK Business Administration ZACH. PATRICIA A. Water Chemistry ZAWAUCK. SUSAN M. Elementary Education ZDROIK. MICHAEL . Business Administration ZECKMEISTER. MICHAEL TODD Wildlife and Biology ZELAZOSKI. SUSAN MARIE Elementary Education ZEMAN. fANELLE . Communication ZIEBOL. SCOTT THOMAS Biology ZIEMKE. MICHAEL H. Business 167Senior Catalogue About Our Catalogue. . . The Catalogue provides information on the college achievements of participating members of the senior class and candidates for master's degrees at UWSP. Majors in which the students earned degrees are listed beneath their manes in the photo section. Students are listed in the Catalogue last name first. The degree received, college within the university issuing the degree, and date of graduation are listed, along with a list of up to six activities, honors, or experiences of the student's choice. Students who transferred to UWSP from another institution were permitted to declare activities and honors from their former school, if so specified. The following is a list of abbreviations used for various colleges within the University of Wisconsin—Stevens Point and for degrees issued by those colleges: COPS—College of Professional Studies BS—Bachelor of Science CNR—College of Natural Resources MAT—Master of Arts in Teaching FA—College of Fine Arts MAC—Master of Arts in Communication L S—College of Letters and Science ME-P—Master of Education—Professional Development A—Associate MME—Master of Music Education BA—Bachelor of Arts MS—Master of Science (field will be specified). BM—Bachelor of Music ADDISON. BRIAN L BS 5 82. CNR Society- of Anunun Forratecx Studeeil Society of Arboriculture ADESHINA. OLUFUNSHO BOLAJI BS 12 82. FA and LAS Officer. ROTC Pershing Rifle. Officer. Nigerian Student Union, to. Muslim Student Union. '61 International Club. Amoc of Com m un K twn ALLEN. SCOTT |. BS unspec. dale. LAS ALLWARDT. LINDA M. BS 5 82. COPS ALTRAIDE. INNOCENT BS unspec. date. FA American Advertising Federation International Club; Club Manage . International Club Soccer ANDERSEN. ALAN A. BS 5 82. CNR Society of American For rater ANDERSEN. KAREN A BS 12 82. COPS Co-chairman. Alien Studim Aaaoc 60 History Club; Phi Alpha Theta Academic Honor Honor Roll |3 yeanl ANDERSON. DANA M BS unspec. date. COPS Volleyball ANDERSON. L. FRED BS 12 81. LAS ARMITAGE. WENDY BS unspec. date. LAS SentMter Abroad 0 | England) American Marketing Aaaoc ARNOLD. PATRICIA |EAN BS unspec. date. LAS UWSP Symphony Orehtatra |1 yeanl Amoc for Community Talk |3 year ! Student legal Society Phi Alpha Theta I Minor, Honor Society UWSP Hbtory Club Senior Honor Society ASCHBACHF.R. ROBERT T. BS unspec. dale. CNR Society of American Former . Xi Sigma Pi IForralry Honor Society) ASKERIS. CHRISTY ANN BS 12 82. CNR W» Parka and Recrnation Aaaoc: Wikllife Society AUGUSTINE. KURT E. BS uns|M c. dale. LAS University Activitiea Board Ttlppm. PRIOR |t yuan) Academic Hon on High I km ora |l ynatl lligheal Honor |2 ynanl AVF.LAI.LKMANT. TED BS 5 82. CNR Aaaoc for Buainna and Economic Student Society of American Forester . Participation. Phil Up Morria National Marketing CommumcatKna Contort. Izaac Wahon League AVEY. WILLIAM BS unspec. dale. CNR Untiersaty Act tv tea Board Tripper Xi Sigma Pi I Foreaery Honor Society! BABROS. TIMOTHY E. BS 5 82. CNR BAILEY. WILLIAM MERRYLL BS 5 82. CNR Wildlife Society BANDETTINI. CHRISTINE MARIE BS unspec. date. FA Secretary. Hyer Hall Council: Rmadenl Am latent Editor. Student Affair Pointer Newipaper ■ . New Reporter. Pointer Newspaper 79. BATASSA. BETH A. BS 12 82. FA BAUMANN. KATHLEEN A. BS 5 82. CNR Rep. Roach Hall Council. Rep. South Flail Council. Environmental Education and Interpretation Aaaoc; Environmental Education and Naturalist Aaaoc BEACH. KENNETH J. BS 5 82. CNR BEATTY. DENISE M. BS unspec. dale. COPS Hall Council: Aaaoc for Community Task American Society of Interior Decorator BECHLE. JON EDWARD BS 12 82. CNR Wildhfe Society- Society of American ForaUfi: Ininmunh BEDNAREK. DONNA MARIE BS 5 82. FA Community Accra Television: Pointer Newspaper 1: University Film Society BEHELBR. KERRY ANN BS 12 82. CNR Vice-Preaidenl Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society. Wetlands Taskforce Representative to Environmental Agenda Boon! of Directors |2 yean): Student Advisor, CNR Scholarship Committee; Wetlands Stale Senate District Coordinator •81 Academic Honor High Honor (2 yeinj BEHNKE. NANCY BS unspec. date. COPS Alpha Della Alpha {Dietetic Club| BELLE ELIZABETH E. BS 12 82. COPS Newman Center. International Club Who' Who in American Colleges and Universities •61 Academic Honor Honor (I year) BEMOWSKI. BONNIE B BS 5 82. COPS Aaaoc for Community Task ; Vice-President American Society- of Interior Designer BENNETT. NANCY L. BS 8 82. FA BENZINE. LISA M. BS unspec. date. COPS Wmg Rap. Hall Council; Reaadent Hall Orientation Assistant BF.RENZ. BILL JOHN BS 5 82. FA American Advertising Federation 12 yeanl Officer. American Advertising Federation SI Advertising Manager. Pointer Newspaper |2 year ) BIEDERWOLF. M. CHRISTINE BS 5 82. UkS BIELINSKI. BARBARA C. BS unspec. date. LAS Univenity Activities Board: Phi File Sigma Honor Society. Aaaoc for Buaineaa and Economic Student Student Government Aaaoc: Intramural BLASCZYK. MARY ANN BS unspec. dale. L S BLODGETT. CHARLES D. BS 5 82. CNR American Water Resources Aaaoc: Fiahariaa Society. Intramural Foot ha 11 Baseball and Basketball BLOM. VICKI JO BS 5 82. COPS Resident Assistant. Seamier Abroad. American Society of Interior Design BLOMBERG. HEIDI L. BS unspec. dale. COPS IntervarUty Christian Fellowship |2 year ) BOOCK. ROBERT F. JR BS 5 82. L S Asian Student Aaaoc BOREN. |ANE ELIZABETH BS 5 82. COPS Alpha Della Alpha (Dietetics Club) BORLAND. ROBERT L. BS unspec. date. L S BOVILLE. ROCHELLE M. BS unspec. date. 1. S Residence Itall Council Intramural Newman On ter. Campus Bowling League. Society of American Foe raters BOWEN. RICHARD L. BS 5 82. FA Student Experimental Television UWSP Campus Radio BRANDT. DEBORAH BS unspec. dale. COPS BRANDT. PHILLIP RONALD BS 5 82. FA Rugby Chib Hockey Club Intramural BRAUN. SUSAN A. BS 5 82. COPS BREHMER. PAUL BS unspec. date. L S BREMSF.R. RENEE D BS unspec dale. COPS Intramural Cross Country. Track. Citiienship Award 61 BREUER. ANN LOUISE BS 5 82. L S Semester Abroad 79 | Germany) Treasurer. Alpha Phi Sorority-. Assoc for Community-Taaka Smith Hall Council: Ontario Chora PRIDE {2 years) BREWER. SCOTT ALAN BS 12 82. CNR Rmidenl Assistant. Rep. Burroughs Hall Council Varstty Track: Society of American Forester It yean) BRINK. SUSAN MARIE BS 12 82. LAS Student Asaoc lor Social Work. Asaoc for Community Task BRINKMF.IER. JULIE NADINE BS 12 82. FA Vke-Prrridant. University- Film Society |2 years) Senior Honor Society: Psi Chi |Neti Honor Society in Psychology! BROEKINC. NANCY L BS 12 82. COPS Historian. Wls Home Economics Amoc 60 Secretary Wla Home Economics Asaoc 61: Lutheran Collegians |4 yean) BRONDYK. WILLIAM HAROLD BS unspec. dale. L S Vanity Swim Taam: Beta Beta Beta (Nall Honor Society): Presents Hall Council Hall Council President BROOKER. GREGORY GUY BS unspec. dale. L S Asaoc for Community- Task Campus Lrademhlp Award 7 . President. Student Legal Society-. Pohtlcal Science Amoc: Senior Honor Society. Academic Honor Dean's List |3 yean) BROSSARD. DEBRA FLOOD BS unspec. dale. COPS Student Speech and Hearing Amoc Academic Honor Honors {2 years) BROWN. NANCY KATHRYN BA unspec. date. FA Resident Assistant. Who's Who m American College and UnnersMta BN Commander. R OT O: Pershing Rifle. BROWN. WILLIAM ROBERT BS 12 82. FA BRUCKER. LINDA BS unspec. dale. COPS Academic Honor Highest Honors |2 yeanl BRUDER. STACEY J BS unspec. dale. FA BRUE. MARK E. BS 5 82. CNRFisheries Socitty. Wildlife Society. American Water Rnounn Society Cain put Cnntiie lor Christ XI Sigma PI IForaalry Honor SocMyl BRUHA. DAVID BRIAN BS 12 82. I- S GLAGURH: Treasurer. KnuUen IUII Council 7 Vice-President. Knutm IUII Council 7 ; Intramural BU8SE. SUSAN R BA 5 82. FA Officer. Aaaoc of Communicator Cheer leading Semester Abroad 'll I England! Health Advbory Committee. Senator. Debate Forcnslca Tram BUTTERS. ANN MARGARET BS 5 82. COPS Campus Cruaada for Christ BUTTERS. CHARLES S. BA 5 82. FA Campu Cruaada for ChrM CALKINS. LINDA A. BS 5 82. FA Amrrtcan Advertising Federation. Aiaoc of Bualnraa anti Economic Sludenli. American Marketing Aiaoc .. Semeater Abroad 0 IC.rmanyl CAMPBELL KRISTY L. BS 5 82. LAS Spanlah Club CASH. PEGGY S. BS 5 82. FA University Activiltea Board. Public K.Urioru Board CHAMP. PAUL BS 12 82. FA President. Rugby football Club. Vtce-Presldanl. Vat’s W. President. Club Sports Council CHANDLER. POLLY BS unspoc. dale. CNR Inlramural folk (lancer It year ! XI Sigma Pi (Fontfry Honor Societyl Senior Honor Society. Environmental Education Amoc CHAPMAN. MARION R. BS 5 82. COPS Student Rep. Undergraduate Advisory Commllte : Alpha Croup. CHECK, JAMES R BS 5 82. US CHEKOURAS. DONNA R. BS 5 82. CNR Vtce-Prresdent. Wla Parka and Racreotion Aaaoc; Environmental Educallon lnlerpretatton Aiaoc. Campui Crusade for Chrtat. XI Sigma Pi (Forealry Honor Society! CHRISTIE. MARY C. BS unspec dale. US an Chemical Society - Student Affiliate CIRIACKS. LINDA K. BS unspec. date. CNR Xi Sigma Pt IForeetry Honor Society! Sigma Tau Gamma Utile Staler CLOUTIER. KATHERINE M BS 5 82. FA UWSP Dance Theater Dance Midwest (Dante Company! UWSP Pom Pen Squad 7 UWSP Marching Band 7 COBUS. KAREN MARIE BS unspec. date. COPS Gesell Initliutr Advisory Committee. Aiaoc for the Education of Young Children. Acadrmlc Honor Honors |l year! COCHENET. LISA JEAN BS unspec dale. US University Film Society: University Writer COERT. JOEL LAWRENCE BS 12 82. CNR Treasurer. Soil Conservation Society of America. COLLINS. ELIZABETH C. BS unspec. dale. CNR Roach IUII Council. Society of American Forester . Xl Sigma Pi | Forestry Honor Soctery! Who’ Who In American College and Unlvenitia Chi Alpha COOK. RANDALL BS unspec. date. IAS Campus Crusade for Christ COOLEY. JAMES FREEMAN BS 12 82. IAS Scuba Chib Copt. Inlramural Volleyball COPENHAVER. THOMAS S. BS unspec. date. CNR Soil Conservation Society of America. Summer in Germany and Poland 7». Land Reclamation Internship. Argonne Nall Lab Academic Honor High Honor CORNELIUS. HOLLIE L. BS 5 82. COPS Hall Council: Vice-President University ActrvMea Board 81. Resident AislOaot CORRIGAN. FRED P. BS unspec. date. IAS Co-President Spanish Club COSTELLO. TIMON |. BS 12 81. LAS Student Government Assoc COUILLARD. KEVIN LEE BS 5 82. CNR President. Slsrefl 80 Prandeot. Vr4s HO 7». Student Covemmenl Assoc : Student Leader Organisation CROWLEY. |OAN MARIE BS 5 82. COPS Student Speech and Hearing Am: WI . Speech and Heating Aiaoc : American Speech and Hearing Aaaoc CUNNINGHAM. PAUL K BS 5 82. CNR Fisheries Soctery . Intramural . Hall Council Recreational Service Staff CUOCO. MICHAEL THOMAS BS 5 82. CNR Vice-President. UWSP Park and Recreation Aaaoc CURRIE. KATHLEEN LINDA BS 5 82. IAS Senator. Student Government Aaaoc ; Geography Club DAPRA. SUSAN M. BS 5 28. COPS Student Speech and Hearing Aaaoc. Wla. Speech and Hearing Aaaoc : American Speech and Hearing Assoc. DARM. SHARON ANN BS 5 82. COPS Student education Aaaoc : Aaaoc for Community Task Wmg Rep. Neale Hall Council DEBAKER. MARISA F. BS 12 82. COPS Fashion Merchandising Club; Social Director. Neale IUII. Aiaoc for Community Task DEGUELLB. PAMELA ANN BS 5 82. COPS Student Speech and Hearing Aaaoc DEKARSKE. ROBERT J. BS 5 82. CNR Intramural Volleyball and Softball TAPP! Student Chapter. PIMA Student Chapter. Phi eta Sigma Honor Society. Xl Sigma pi iFormtry Honor Society| DERBY. MICHAEL PAUL BS 5 82. CNR Society of American Forester : Officer. Slasefl 81. Aaaoc (or Community Task DERLETH. JAMES WILLIAM BS 5 82. US Treasurer. Phi Alpha Theta Dilatory Honor Societyt Pray-Slmt IUII Council Ruman Club Team Cap). College Bowl Caoapua QkMnpunt DIEDRICK. KAREN LEA BS 12 82. COPS Intramural Semetter Abroad 78. 79. ’81 I England! DIEST1.BR. DANIEL WILLIAM BS 5 82. FA Steiner IUII Council (Undent AiaMant DILLMANN. CARRIE SUSAN BS 5 82. FA Creative Director. American Advertising Federation. Resilient Assistant. Homecoming Rep. Smith lull. Residence IUII Council Advertising Internship Danish Aaaoc. Milwaukee Academic Honor High Honor 0 year| DOBBE. LAWRENCE STEPHEN BS 5 82. I-AS DOELGER. ELIZABETH GWEN BS 12 81. LAS Sigma Tau Gamma Little Sister Seawater Abroad ’81 Volunteer Work. St Bernard Hospital London England. Volunteer Work. United Way 79 DOMASK. SANDRA LEA BS unspec. dale. LAS Psychology Chib P i Chi IPaychology Honor Soctery! DORO. SANDRA J. BS 5 82. COPS Student Speech and Hearing Aaaoc DOUCETTE. PERRY JOHN BS 5 82. CNR Student Chapter of TAPPI DUCHROW. DEBORAH JEAN BS 5 82. US Oratorio Chore P l Chi IPiychology Honor Dunn! JULIE BS 5 82. US EIDE. PETER S BS 5 82. US UWSP Weightlifting Club Marketing Club Amoc for American Business and Ecceiomic Student EK. MARY BS unspec. date. CNR Soctery of American Forester University Activities Board Tripper XI Sigma PI I Forestry Honor Soctery! Burroughs Hall Council BLUE. RICK RAY BS 5 82. CNR Society of American Forester ENGUM. DEBORAH E. BS 5 82. COPS Baldwin Hall Council, Treasurer. Vrce-Preoidrnt Phi Beta Lambda ERBLAND. DANIEL MERRITT BS 12 82. US UWSP Ski Team. Aaaoc for American Business and Economic Student American Marketing Aaaoc: University Center Policy Board EREMIE. MAXWELL DAWORIMA BS 5 82. US Executive Coordinator. African Sludant Chairman. Advisory Commutes. Ngerian Student ERICKSEN. KATHY L. BS unspec. dale. CNR ERICKSON. SUSAN CHERYL BS 12 81. COPS Aaaoc for Community Teak International Club ERMAT1NCER. LYNN M BS unspec. dale. COPS Intramural EVANS. MONICA M. BS 5 82. CNR Executive Beard. Student Chapter of the Wildlife Society'. Steven. Poteil Chapter of Audobon Society Acadrmlc Honor Highest Honor |! ysuf Deans Lut II you! FAHRNER. BRIAN ARTHUR BS unspec. date. FA Pointer Marching Band. Student Experimental TelevMon FALK. SUSAN JEAN BS 12 81. FA Campu Television Cheer lead mg. Campus Leader Aaaoc. Pointer Newspaper FAUST. JERRY ALLAN BS 5 82. CNR Intramural Volleyball. Photographer. TAPPI Student Chapter. Lake-Stales TAPPI National TAPPI: Chrmiatry Tutor. PIMA FAUST. KATHERINE VALERIE BS unspec. dale. COPS Delta Zeta Sorority. Honor Wing Rep. Hall Council Student Education Aaaoc President. Delta Zeta Sorority'. Campus Leader Assoc : Campu Loader Award Nominee. FBDERWISCH. BRENDA LEE BS 5 82. COPS Aaaoc foe Community Task Vice-President. Wi Home Economics Aaaoc : American Home Economic Aaaoc Academic Honor High Honor (« year ! FELDHAKE. MARTIN F. BS 5 82. CNR Treasurer. President. Hyer IUII Council: Resident Assistant: Head Building Student Manager. Intra-Varsity Cblatlan Fellowship FILBRANDT. MARGARET M. BS 5 82. COPS FINCO. JOHN H. BS 5 82. CNR Parking Appeals Board. ACUl Campus Football Cham plan FINLEY. KAREN MARIE BS 5 82. COPS Secretary. Student Speech and Hearing Aaaoc » FISHER. JULIANNA LYNN BS unspec. date. COPS Secretary. Steiner Hall Council Resident Assistant. Aaaoc for Community Task Student Speech and Hearing Assoc: Student Health Advisory Committee FOAT. DEBORAH R BS 5 82. LAS P t Chi (Psychology Honor Society! Semeater Abroad ’80 (Taiwan | FOKUM. BERNARD DINGA BS 12 82. LAS International Chib FOX. JEFFREY GUY BS 5 82. FA Coif Team: Resident Assistant FRITSCHLER. KAREN BS unspec. date. FA American Advertising Aaaoc FULLER. RICHARD L. |R BS unspec. dale. CNR Intramural Society of American Forester FUNCKE. CRAIG STEVEN BS 5 82. FA Hall Council GATLING. SONDRA JO WOJCIK BS 5 82. US Pu Chi (Psychology Honor Society! Aiaoc for Community Task Academic Honor Honor it year! High Honor (I year! Highest Honor |! year) CAUDYNSKI. SUSAN BS 12 82. COPS Inter-Vanary Chrtetten Fellowship Navigator Nat l Amoc for the Education of Young Children GAVIN. |EFFREY J. BS 5 82. FA Vice-President. Visual Art IlnlvmWy Activities Board: Staff Writer. Pointer Newspaper. University film Society: Semester Abroad 81 (England) GEIS. GLBNNA |EAN STEWART BS 5 82. FA GIBSON. BARBARA ANNE BS unspec. date. CNR Intramural Roach Hall Council GILLIS. CRECORY F. BS 12 81. US UWSP Marketing Club Aiaoc of Business and Economic Student GIROLAMO. THOMAS |0HN BS 5 82. CNR GIVEN. KIMBERLY S. BS 5 82. FA Senator. Student Govern meal Assoc: Vice-President of Public Relation University Activities Board. Wi Assoc of Communicator Student Manager Who s Who In American College and UnlvenStte GLODOSKY. PATTY A. BA 12 81. FA GLODOWSKI. MARY BETH BS unspec. dale. COPS Alpha Delta Alpha (Dietetics Club! Home Economics Advisory Council GOETZ. RICHARD H. BS 5 82. CNR XI Sigma PI (Forestry Honor Society! American Water Resources Amoc: Soil Conservation Society of America. Archery Club Carroll College Football CONIU. PAULA ANN BS 12 81. US Secretary. President's IUII Council 7T. Semester Abroad '80 (England! Volunteer Work. St Bernards Hospital London England Volunteer Work. United Way.GOSTOMSKI. KEVIN M. BS 12 82. US African Student Organization GRAFF. JOHN |. BFA 12 81. FA Football Town. Wraelhng Tomb. Rugby Tns Intramural CRAMBO. WESTLEY BS unspec. date. COPS Ph. Alpha Thro H«t0f Honor Society) GRAVES. MAUREEN DIANA BS unspec. date. COPS Amc tor Community Tool . Student GREENWOOD. PATTY ANN BS 5 82. COPS UWSP For Pen Squad. Kira Council Memorial Schoterahlp « CREER. BRUCE A. BS unspec. date. CNR GREENS. SHARON E BS uns| ec. date. COPS Roach IU1I Council Sigma Ton Coamo Little Surer GRIESBACH. MARY C. F. BS unspec. dale. US SocMy ot American Korabn. Wolion IUII Council. Vice-President. Tri-Brea Iboiogy Chib. Who Who la Amoricon Colleges and Universities Academic Honor Honor Roll I y« r»l GRIFFIN. JESSICA MARIE BS 5 82. FA Amoricon Advert isKtj Federation. Special Olympic Volunteer CRISA. GREGORY R. BS unspec. date. FA Actor. Macbeth GRONDIN. VALERIE |. BS 12 82. CNR Vka-PromdrnL Delta Z«U Sorority. Socroiory. UWSP Ftstwne Society 81. Trt-Bot Biology Club GROSSHUESCH. JOELLYN BS 5 82. COPS President Vice-President and Secretary. Kaituon Merchandising Club Reudml Asantant UWSP Huakelhsll Cheerleader. Building Studonl Manager. lie hot Acodemk Honor Honor High Honor GRUETZMACHER. SHERRI I.YNN BS 8 82. US HAAG. CARL L. BS 5 82. CNR XI Sigma 1 1 (Fonolry Honor SocMy) Society ol American FocMten HAULER. KERI LYNNE BS 8 82. COPS President and Vice-President Alpha Phi Sorority. Vice-President Inter Crrel Council; Women InlercoUegUte Volleyball Tram; Secretary. Student Adviiory Council (COPS) Pro repotter. Wb Hoom Ec Amoc. University Band HANNA. KATHLEEN PATRICE BS 12 81. US ACUL National Pool Champion »1 HANRAHAN. VICKI BS 5 82. US Intramural Secretary and Treasurer. Tri-Beta Biology Honor SocMy HANSEN. CAROL LYNN BS 5 82. I S Vice-President and Secretary. Ph k Club; University AdMtloa Board Tripper Rooch Hall Council HANSEN. STEPHEN CERARD BS unspec. date. US Hansen Hall Council; American Business and Economk Student. HANSEN. TODD MICHAEL BS 8 82. US Political Science Amoc : Public Administration Student Organization. American and Economic Student HANSON. KRISTEEN ANNE BS 5 82. FA Delta Omkron; Wind Ensemble; Marching Band. Intramural HASSELQUIST. ROBIN A. BS 5 82. COPS Amoc (or Community Task University Writer Chi Alpha HAVERKAMPE. KATHLEEN L BS unspec. date. US Soviet Seminar HEFTY. VIRGINIA LYNNE BS unspec. date. FA Campus Television. University Player HEINRICH. MARY HELEN BS 5 82. FA University Orchestra University Touting Choir. Madrigal Stager Column Muuc Scholorship. Wardt-Brodf Munc Scholonhip HEITING. STEVEN R BS 5 82. FA Football (1 years) Sport Editor sad writer. Pointer Newspaper HELMER. LAURA LEONE BS 12 82. US Alpha Phi Sorority Semester Abroad "80 | Germany) HERMUNDSTAD. SHELLEY ANN BS 5 82. US Tri-Beta Booings Honor Society. HERRING. KIMBERLY K. BS 5 82. FA UWSP Basketball Cheerleader. University Activities Board. Public Relation Semester Abroad '81 I England t Assoc (or Community Task Amoc. oI Business and Economic Student American Advertising Federation HIGGINS. JODY LEE BS 5 82. CNR Secretary. Wb Parks and Recreance Aaaoc HOBSON. MARK HEATHERLY BS 12 82. US Ski Chib. President. Sociology anthropology Student-Faculty Affair Comaunee. Intramural Water Solely Instructor HOBYAN. KATHRYN M. BS 5 82. COPS Student Trainer HODEL TAMMY L. BS 12 82. COPS Aaaoc (or the Education o( Young Children HOFER. LINDA E BS unspec. date. COPS Intramural Amoc (or Community Task Aaaoc (or the Education ol Young Children HOFF. MARK C. BS 5 82. CNR HOFFBECK. CARMEN KAY BS unspec. dale. COPS SHAPER Club. Sem ruler A bread (England | HOFFMAN-REIMER. PAULA Aaaoc (or Community Task Volunteer at FCC (2 year ). HORVATH. GARETH |OHN BS 5 82. CNR American Water Resources Aaaoc; Fisheries SocMy. HOTTENROTH. |ENNY L BS 5 82. CNR Student Chapter—Park and Recreation Assoc. Izsak Walton League. Volunteer Nature Cusde. Jordon County Park HOWARD. WARREN GRANT BS 12 81. US Baseball HOWLAND. MICHAEL J. BS 5 82. US Rep. Thompson Hall Council. Aaaoc ol Business and Economic Student HUGHER. JAMES J. BS unspec. date. US HUNTER. DANIEL JAMES BS 12 81. US HUNTOON. ANDREW E BS 5 82. US American Chemistry Society. American Physics Society American Institute ol Chemist Society ol Physics Student HUTCHINSON. HOLLY A. BM 5 82. FA Phi Kappa Lambda; Madrigal Dinner, Chaplain. Delta Omkron 7 . Vlce-Pretidenl. University Choir 78; Resident Assistant; Susan Coleman Scholorship HUTCHISON. KOLLBEN K BA 5 82. FA President. Hall Council. Vice-President President's Hall Council; Nat I Communication Coordinator. CL AC UR H: Resident Assistant. Campus leadership Award 78. ‘81. Outstanding Young Women ol America SO IMHOFT. RUTH ELIZABETH BS 5 82. US Co-Preaid enl and Vice-President. Amoc o( Bustnew and Ecattomk Student Intramural IRONS. SCOTT BS unspec. date. CNR Wb Parks and Recreation Aaaoc JACOBY. DAN BS 12 81. CNR American Water Resource Aaaoc. Aaaoc lor Community Task Resident Assistant Intramural JANEGA. KATHERINE MARIE BS 8 82. FA JAWSON. ANNE E. BS 8 82. US Choru Jesus Christ Superstar. Rep. Hall Council; Muakian. Mother Courage. Orchestra I Betaeve In Sonic Clous JENSEN. JOSEPH THONAS BS unspec. dale, CNR Board Member Wildlife SocMy. Fisheries Society JENSEN. RUSSELL W. BS 12 81. US Residence Hail Council Knutzen Hall Council Reaidant Assistant Freshman, Orientation; Peer Advisor. Academic Advising Center. Tutor Reading and Study Shi la Lab JENSEN. SONJA BS unspec. date. COPS Fashion Merchandising Club JOHNSON. BRIAN PETfiR BS 5 82. US Golf Team. Ski Chib Academic Honor Doan’s Lbs || year) JOHNSON. DOUGLAS STANLEY |R. BS unspec. date. US Honor SocMy IOHNSON. MARIA L. BS 5 82. COPS President. Vice-President, and Treasurer. Delta Z ta Sorority. Student Speech and Hearing Assoc; Wb Speech and Hearing Assoc . chairperson MDA Dance Marathon IOHNSON. NANCY RUTH BS 12 81. COPS President. Student Education Assoc: Senior Honor SocMy: Residence Hall Council IOHNSON. STEVE G. BS 5 82. LAS President. Smith Hall Council; American Chemical Society-Student Affiliate JONES. BRIAN E. BS 5 82. US Treasurer. Student Legal SocMy. Treasurer. Political Science Amoc: Aasoc lot Community Tasks JONES. JACQUELINE KAY BS 12 82. CNR Society ol American Forester JORDON. THERESA LOUISE BS 5 82. FA University Activities Board: Alpha Phi Sorority. 90FM Radio Station: Copy Chief. American Advertising Federation: Student Experimental Television JOSEPH. IEFFREY WILLIAM BS 12 81. CNR SocMy of American F’oreslrr KARR ELS. LYNN BS unspec. date. COPS KASON. TIMOTHY J. B. BS uns| cc. date. CNR lease Walton League KATERZYNSKE. LAWRENCE B BS 12 81. FA KEHRING. ALLAN L BS 5 82. US KELLY. WANDA MAE BS 12 81. US KERKMAN. JAMES RAYMOND BS 5 82. CNR President and Treasurer. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Karate Club XI Sigma Pi (Foroatty Honor Society! KING. CATHERINE ANN BS 5 82. US President and Trnaaurer. Aaaoc ol ifciainesa and Ecooomk Student Tutor. Writing lob KING. KATHLEEN ANNE BS 5 82. COPS Student Speech and Hearing Amoc. Student Rep. Com Dt Outstanding Junior Award. Com Die Aaaoc (or Community Task Resident Assistant KING. LAUREEN BS 5 82. US President. Hver Hall Council. UnsvonMy Center Policy Board. Vice-President. Residents Hall Council. Resident Assistant KIPP. NANCY A. BA 5 82. FA M.EN.G. University Choir. Intramural KISER. JEFF W. BS 12 82. COPS Football: Intramural SHAPER Chib KLEMM. ELIZABETH |EAN BS unspec. date. CNR Intramural Proaidenl. Soil Conservation SocMy ol America. Technical Service Vke-President. Student Advisory Board KLOMSTAD. WAYNE M. BS 12 81. US Intramural Weight Training Chb KLUZ. DEBORAH A. BS 12 81. COPS GTU Geography Society KNUTSON. STEVEN J. BS 5 82. US Pray-Stm Hall Council Public Administration Student Organization Academic Honors High Honors |l year) KOCHANIK. WILLIAM STEVEN BS 5 82. CNR Treasurer. Amoc lor Coomunky Task Ki Unit her Big Sister ol Portage County. Student Chapter ol TAPPI: Other. Newman University Pa rub Technical Amoc of Pulp and Paper Industry. Paper Industry M n ifmrnl Aa oc KOEHLER. CHERY LYNN BS 5 82. COPS KOPPA. PATRICIA ANN BS 5 82. US Polttical Science Assoc: Board Member. Student Legal Society Neale IUII Council KOSCHAK. JEFFREY ALLEN BS unspec. date. CNR KOSER. PATRICIA ANN BS 5 82. FA Hall Council; Resident Assistant. Vice-President Leisure 1)01 Activities University Activities Board. Semester Abroad |England). Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities Pointer. President ABB.M-PSFM Sorority KOSMERCHOCK. MARY BS unspec. date. COPS KOSOBUCKI. KARI M. BS 5 82. US KOSS. BRYAN A. BS unspec. date. L S Intramurab; Amoc. ol Busineos and Economic Student KOSTECHKA. MARSHA A. BS 5 82. COPS Assoc (or Community Task . Noale Hall Council; Resident Assistant. Intramural Academic Honor Honor Roll |4 years) KRAUS. BETTE E. BS unspec. date. COPS Secretary. Education Assoc. International Chib KREJCAREK. DANA M. BS 5 82. COPS Secretary. American Chemical SocMy. Student Advisory Council (or Education. In tram lira U KREKLOW. KATHI LEE BS 5 82. COPS R.O.T.C. KREKLOW. SHAWN COLLEEN BS 12 82. US UWSP Women' Field Hockey UWSPWomen's Track and Field. KROLL. KATHLEEN ANN BS 8 82. COPS Phi Beta Lambda. KROMREY. MARK THOMAS BS 12 81. CNR Resident Assistant: Treasurer. Thompson Hall Council: Society of American Foresters KRUEGER. DIANE L. BS unspcc. date. US Tri-Beta Biological Honor Society. KRUECER. MAUREEN DANIELLE BS 5 82. COPS Captain. Women's Swimming Team: Women’s Crow Country Team: SHAPER Club KUSZEWSKI. ANNETTE RENE BS unspec. date. L S Psychology Club LABELLE. RENEE JEANNE BS 5 82. CNR Secretary and President. Wb Parks end Rocrostlon Assoc: Student Advisory Board: Society of American Foresters: SPBAC. LAMB, JOSEPH R. BS 5 82. L S Tennis Team: Vice-President Chemistry Chib President. Senior Hence Society. Pro-Med Club LAMMERS. BRUCE W. BS unspec. date. COPS Track LANDOWSKI. DOLORES A. BS unspec. dale. L S PBU Assoc of Business and Economic Student LASPA. LORA T. BS 12 81. CNR Soil Conservation Society of America: XI Sigma Pi | Forestry Honor Society). LIM. SIEW-CHOO BS 5 82. COPS Overseas Christian Fellowship: International Club: Assoc, for Community Task LIND. JANE ELLEN LABUDA BS 5 82. COPS Alpha Lambda Della Honor Society. Intramural . Student Speech end Hearing Assoc: Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society. LINSKENS. CHARLES BS unspec. date. L S Food Service Committee Flat land Bicycle Club: Co-Presadenl Nelson Halt Areoc of Business and Economic Students LONSDORF. LAURIE ANCELA BFA 5 82. FA American Advertising Assoc LORENZ. VIKKI SMITH BS unspec. dale. CNR Officer. Sigma Tau Gamma Little Sisters; Inter-Greek Council: Campus Leaders Award: Rural Rehabilitation Scholarship. XI Sigma PI (Forestry Honor Society) LORBNZEN. DONNA JEAN BS 12 81. US LUBBERS. JOHN E. JR. BS unspec. date. CNR Society of American Foresters: Xl Sigma Pi (Forestry Honor Society) LUCAS. MARY KATHARINE FREEMAN BS 5 82. CNR Society of American Foresters: Social Activities Chairperson. Wls Parks and Recreation Assoc: Student Society of Arboriculture: Wing Rep. Baldwin Hall Council: Xi Sigma Pi (Forestry Honor Society) LUCAS. THOMAS JOHN BS unspec. date. US LUGER. LISA MARIE BS 8 82. CNR President. American Water Resources Assoc: Student Atlvitory Board: Campus leaders Award. LUKAS. LLOYD C. BS 5 82. US UWSP Varsity Track: UW8P Marketing Assoc.: Assoc, of Business and Economic Assoc. I.ULLO. MARY FRANCES WRIGHT BS 12 82. US LULLO. MICHAEL ANTHONY BS 12 82. COPS Officer. SHAPER Club: Assoc for Community Tasks YMCA Volunteer. LYNCH. KATHLEEN MARY BS 5 82. FA LYNCH. MARY MARGARET BS 12 82. CNR Sigma Tau Comma Little Sisters: Social Chairman. W'i Parks and Recreation Assoc MACHLICA. KENNETH J. BS unspec. date. CNR Society of American Foresters: Stu-Awoc Board (CNR) R.O.T.C Riflo Team MAIESKI. MARY KAY BS 12 82. COPS Secretary. Smith Hall Council: Student Education Aaaoc: Assoc for Community Task MANHART. HEIDI A. BS 5 82. COPS Hall Council: Campus Leaders: Vice-President. Student Speech and Hearing Assoc: |r. Sr Rep.. School of Comm Dt MARQUARDT. BETTY |. BS 12 81. COPS MARTIN. DAVID ALEXANDER BS unspcc. date. US MARTINSON. KATHLEEN M. BS unspcc. dale. US Forensic Vice-President Steiner Hall CouncIL Student Government Aaaoc . Budget Director Student Aaaoc for Social Worker Public Adminlatnation Student Organization MATEL. FRANK A BS unspec. date. US Research Assistant: Intramural MAY. DEBRA ANN BS unspec. dale. COPS Fashion Merchandising Clubc Vice-President. Home Economics Student Advisory Council. Academic Honors: Highest Honor MC CANN. THOMAS C. BS 5 82. COPS Phi Alpha TheCa (History Honor Society) History Club MCGINNIS. VICTORIA M. BS unspec. dale. US Intramural FoochalL Volley hall, and Soflhall. Ski Club MCGINTY. SALLY E. BS 12 81. FA Student Coordinator. Assoc for Community Task President Neale Hall Council. President President s Hall Council CLA.CUJ1.H4 UWSP Women s Rugby Club. Co-op Ed Program MC HUGH. MARY K BS 5 82. COPS I lido Club Secretary. Student Ed Assoc: Choraliees—Clark County- Leader and Assistant Leader. Brownies: Square Dance Club Academic Honors- High Honor (2 years) Highest Honors |2 years) MC LAUGHI.IN. GAIL ELSPETH BS unspec. date. CNR Pershing Rifles: Society of American Foresters: Xi Sigma PS (Forestry Honor Society ) UWSP Karale Club MC MAHON. MEGAN F. BS 5 82. COPS Home Ec Advisory Council. Fashion Merchandising Chib: Student Manager MC NEIL. PAMELA A. BS unspec. date. COPS IDll Council. Campus Crusade foe Christ Semester Abroad n. Resident Assistant MEADOWS. THOMAS BS unspec. date. COPS History Club. Social Welfare Club MEALINS. KENT BS unspec. date. US Hall Improvements Chairman. Residence Hall Government: Troasuree. Student Marketing Assoc. Assoc of Businew and Economic Students: Student Government Assoc MECH. MARY TERESA BS unspcc. date. COPS Alpha Delta Alpha I Dietetic Chib) Assoc for Community Task MELANZw STEVEN J. BS 12 81. CNR Wls Parks and Recreation Assoc: Hall Council: Society of American Forester Wildlife Society. MEVIS. MICHAEL BS unspec. date. L S Awoc. of Business and Economic Students: Treasurer. American Advertising Federation Academic Honor High Honor |3 years) Highest Honor | year) MEZICH. RONALD BS unspec. date. CNR MICHAI.EK. ZENDY M. BS 5 82. COPS MEILKE. CONNIE KAYE BS 5 82. COPS Assoc of Community Task Student Education Assoc.: Intramural Vollevball and Softball MIKUS. ANTHONY M. BS 12 81. CNR MILLER. ROBERT G. BS 5 82. CNR Resident Assistant: Officer. Wildlife Society MILLER. ROBERT H. Ill BS 5 82. CNR Intramural : Student Chapter of TAPPI: Football Photographer. University Band M1LLPOINTER. JANE MARGARET BS 5 82. COPS American Society of Interior Designer Semester Abroad 79 (Germany) Assoc, for Community Task Smith Hall Council MORGAN. LORI LYNN BS 12 82. COPS Assistant Director. Nelson Hall: Resident Assistant: Summer Orientation Leader. Senior Honor Society. Phi Eu Sigma. SHAC MOOS. MICHAEL R. BS unspec. date. L S Tri-Btta Biology Club: President. Karate Club MROTEK. KARI.A L. BS 5 82. FA Sigma Tau Comma Little Suter Forensic Team MEUNCH. BARBARA ANN BS 5 82. US Sociology Statistics Lab Assistant Academic Honor High Honor Highest Honor Dean 's List MUNZENMAIER. MARK D. BS unspec. date. CNR MYKISBN. JANIS LYNN BS 12 81. COPS Vice-President. Wu Home Economic Awoc MYTAS. BRIAN LEE BM unspec. date. FA NACZEK. TED SAVER 10 BS 5 82. CNR Writer. Pointer Newspaper. Society of American Foresters NAPHOLZ. MARK T. BS unspec. dale. COPS Track and Field: Gymnastic Club. Intramural SHAPER Club. Ski Chib University Activities Board Tripper NELSON. KAREN LEE BS 12 82. COPS Awoc for Community Task Resident Assistant. Assistant Director. Steiner Hall Academic Honor Highest Honor It year! NEUMANN. SHARON KAY BS 12 82. COPS American Society of American For eater NGRINCEH. HANNAH NWABE BS 5 82. US Oversea Christian Fellowship NICHOLS. DIANA LEE BS and BA 5 82. COPS PRIDE: Treasurer. Fellowship of Christian Athlete United Migrant Opportunity Serviot NICHOLS. EVERETT DEAN BS 5 82. L S Vanity flaw-ball. Inlraraural Softball. Basket bill, and Football. Aiaoc for Business and Economic Student NIEFT. SUE A. BS 5 82. COPS Alpha Delta Alpbi (Dietetic Club) Dial- -Student Dietitian: Nutritional Task Force. Assoc, for Community Tasks. NIEI.EN. SUSAN ANN BA 8 82. FA NINNEMAN. DAVID SCOTT BS 5 82. US Treasurer. Gamma Theta Upsiion: Ceog Ceol Curricular Committee: Tutor. Geography Dept NITSCHKE. AMY J. BS 5 82. COPS Fashion Merchandising Club NIX. DAVID M. BS 12 81. US NORMAN. CAROL AMY BS 12 81. US NOVAK. JOHN JOSEPH BS 5 82. US President. Political Science Assoc: Sludent Legal Society- Senior Honor Society. O’BRIAN. DANIEL M. BS 12 81. US President and Treasurer. University Activities Board: Assoc of Business and Economic Student Campus Leader Award 0: Who Who in American Colleges and Universities: Awoc for Community Task University Center Policies Board O'BRIAN. KENNETH A. BS unspcc. dale. US Awe , of Buiinew and Economic Student Residence Hall Staff OGDON. WILLIAM JAMES BS 12 81. FA Tau Kappa Epsilon: Swing Choir. OJA. SHARON LEIGH BS 5 82. COPS President. Wls Student Education Awoc: Senator. Student Government Awoc: United Council: Who's Who In American Colleges and Universities; Student National Education Awoc OKON. PATRICK E. BS unspcc. dale. FA OLSON. ANN MARIE BS 8 82. US Assoc for Community Task OLSON. DONALD W. BS unspec. date. CNR Fisheries Society'. American Water Resources Awoc OLSON. GALE A. BS unspec. date. US OLSON. LINDA MAE BS unspcc. date. COPS Concert Choir. Student Education Awoc: Intramural PRIDE ONESTI. ANDREA |EAN BS 5 82. COPS Fashion Merchandising Club OSTRANDER. DEBRA K. BS 5 82. COPS State 2nd Vice-Chairman. Wu Home Economics Awoc. Home Economic Student Advisory Council Sen tor. Student Government Awoc. Semester Abroad 7 I England) UWSP Concert Choir. Resident Aaittai OSTROWSKI. GAIL ELIZABETH BS 12 82. FA PAKENHAM. LAURIE ELIZABETH BS 12 81. COPS Fashion Merchandising Chib PANACEK. LORI ANN BS 5 82. CNR Wls Parks and Recreation Awoc: Student Advisory Heard: XI Sigma Pi (Forestry Honor Society) PAPE. STEVEN P. BS 5 82. L S PASCOE. CINDY L. BS 5 82. COPS Awoc for Community Task Student Education Assoc. PAUL. LESTER W. BS unspec. date. US Co-Captain. Varsity Wrestling.PAUL. WILLIAM CEORCE BS unspec. date. US Pointer newspaper. UWSP Environmental CounciL Semester Abroad 81 {EngUndt Intramural Ecological Society of America. PAULOWSKE. |AY D. BS unspec. date. US Intramural Football IUvU.ll Basketball and Wrestling: Business Club: Marketing dub PETERSON. DIRK ALLEN BS 5 82. CNR American Fisheries Society. President. National Forestry Assoc: Ree Son-ices. PIERSON. KATHLEEN A. BS 5 82. COPS Women's Basketball: WARMER PLANA. ANTHONY TESORO BS 5 82. COPS R.O.T.C, Asian Studies Assoc; Phi Alpha Theta PODVIN. )ULIE ANN BS unspec. date. COPS Student Speech and Hearing Assoc: University Film Society PORN. DAVID M. BS 5 82. CNR Student Society of Arboriculture: Pointer Marching Band PORTEN. JOHN DAVID BS 5 82. LAS Intramural : Officer. Student Senate. Residence Flail Council Society of Business and Economic Students POURCHOT. REGAN G. BS 12 81, FA Resident Assistant; Wildlife Society-. American Advertising Federation; Intramurals; Hansen Hall Council. Academic Honors: High Honors |2 years! PRICKETTE. JEFFREY MARK BS 12 81. L S Vice-President and Secretary. Newman Parish Council: Intramural PRILLWrrZ. DAVID CHARLES BS unsiMic. date. COPS President. Steiner Hall Council: Presidents Hall Council Campus Leaders' Assoc . Resident Assistant: School of Cocam DU Outstanding Junior. Senior Honor Society. PYKE. WILLIAM VERNON BS 12 82. US QUAH. KUNG-KHOON BS 5 82. L S President International Chib Assistant Director, Resident Assistant. Student Rep.. National Assoc of Foreign Student Affairs: International Student Programmer: Special Event Chairperson. University Activities Board RAPP. PAULETTE L. BS 5 82. L S President Student Speech and Hearing Assoc.: CCD for MR' ; Bowling Team RAU. PATRICIA JEAN BS 5 82. US Student Manager. Wildlife Society. Oratorio Choro Biology Hitor Volunteer. St Michael s Hospital RAWSON. STEVEN A. BS 12 81. CNR REED. KATHRYN LYNN BS 5 82. CNR Secretary'- Environmental Education Naturalist Amoc ; Softball full Council: Resident Assistant; Orchestra. Wind Ensemble RECAN. MARLENE ANN BS 5 82. COPS Presklent. American Society of Interior Designers. Assoc for Community Tasks: Bessie May Allen Scholarship. Student Manager. Academic Honors: Honors (J years! REICHERT. ANN MARIE BS 5 82. US President. American Chemical Society' Senior Honor Society; Phi Eta Sigma I Freshman Honor Society!. Treasurer. Central Wis Gaming Society'. TAPPI REINHARDT. JUDY A. BS 12 82. COPS Vice-President Neule Hall Council Residence Hall Council Presidents' Hall Council GJ.AC.U R H : Who's Who in American College and Universities; Campus Leaden’ Award RETZA. BONNIE KAY BS 5 82. COPS Secretary. Smith full CounciL University Activities Board: Assoc for Community Tasks. Fashion Merchandlstng Chib REYNOLDS. BRUCE ALAN BS unspec. date. US Psychology Club: Pa Chi (Nall Honor Society in Psychology! RICHARDS. DEBRA LYNN BS 5 82. CNR President. Roach Hall CounciL University-Center Policies Board. Wildlife Society Presidents' Hall Council RICHTER. JAMES JEFFERY BS unspec. date. US RINGLO. GUY R. BS unspec. date. US Protect Pal Assoc for Community Tasks Math Tutor. Intramural Academic Honors Hooor . RINCSTAD. ROBERT EDWARD BA 5 82. US forensic . University Band. University Honors Committee. Spanish Club: Senior Honor Society. ROBERTS. SCOTT B. BS 5 82. CNR Society of American Foresters: Intramural ROCHON. CHARLES ALAN BS 5 82. COPS Resident Assistant: Baseball Intramurals ROEPKE. MARK DONALD BS 8 82. US ROGGENTIN. CARYL I.YN BS 5 82. FA Secretary. Women's Studios Student Asaoc: Secretary. Asaoc. of Business and Economic Students: American Marketing Asaoc; Forensics Team ROMER. LINDA ANN BS 5 82. COI»S Wing Rep. Hall Council: Columnist. Hall Newspaper. Manager. Hall Snack Bar. UWSP Marching Band; Resadent Assistant: Summer Orientation Leader RUCHTI. STEPHEN J. BA 5 82. FA Miller Brewing Co. Campus Rep: American Advertising Federation: Advertising Director. 90 KM RUDE. LISA A. BS unspec. date. US RYKAL. KERRI K. BS 5 82. COPS UWSP Pom Pon Squad: Student Speech and Hearing Asaoc.: Intramural . SABO. MARY C. BS 5 82. COPS Education Club: Resident Assistant SAKOWSKI. MICHAEL Z. BS 5 82. CNR Intramural Football and Basket bell; TAPPI. SANNER. CHISTOP T. BS 12 82. CNR SATHRE. JULIA MARIE BS 8 82. CNR Co-President. Hall Council SAVER. THOMAS J. BS unspec. date. CNR Intercollegiate Track and Field: Secretary. Soil Conservation Society of America SCHARRER. CARY L. BS unspec. date. US American Chemistry Society SCHEID. MARCARET A. BS unspec. date. US Columnist. Pointrr University Klim Society Tutoring SCHIMAN. DAVID ROBERT Tri-Beta Biology Club Resident Aaaiatant SCHLICHT. SHEILA BS unspec. date. US SCHMELEBECK. BRENDA LEE BS 5 82. US Officer. Thompson Hall Council Resident Assistant: Asaoc for Cosamunity Tasks SCHMIDT. JILL MARIE BS 12 81. FA Alcohol Task Force: Psychology Club. Treasurer. P i Chi (Honor Society in Psychology! Senior Honor Society. Resident Assistant. Assistant Director. Steiner HalL SCHMIDT. TAMARA |. BS unspec. date. US Student Manager. Student Consultant for the Sociology Dept: Semester Abroad |England! SCHMIT. ROBERT |. BS 12 81. CNR Society of American Foresters SCHNEIDE. CLIFF R. BS 5 82. CNR Hall Council: TAPPI. Intramural . Campus Advance: Forenslca; FBLA SCHOEPEL. DAVE |. BS 5 82. US Student Marketing Asaoc: American Advertising Federation: Hall Council Academic Honors Honors (3 years! SCHROEDER. |ODENE ELLEN BS unspec. date. COPS Football Cheerleader. Fashion Merchandising Club SCHROEDER. MELODY ANN BS 5 82. COPS Treasurer. Student Education Amoc: Asaoc for Community Task . SCHULTZ. DAVID BA unspec. dale. FA Asaoc for Community Tasks: Student Esperimenul Television SCHULTZ. DENNIS ALLEN BS 5 82. COPS Intramural Football and Basketball. Martial Arts; United Way Volunteer SCHULTZ. DOREEN MARIE BS 12 81. US Vice-President. English Club Mary Elizabeth Smith Scholarship SCHULTZ. JOANNE R. BS 5 82. COPS Asaoc for Community Tasks; UWSP Pom Pon Squad: Dietetics Club SCHULTZ. PHILLIP JOHN BS 5 82. US Ski Team SCHULTZ. TONI A. BS 5 82. COPS SCHUMACHER. BILL DALE BS 5 82. US Intramural Tennis. Basketball Football Track and Wrestling SCHWABE. MICHAEL |. BS 5 82. US Tri-B«U Biology' Chib Xi Sigma PI (Foreatry Honor Society! Club Hockey Team SCHWEIGBR. LAURIE A. BS 5 82. CNR Wildlife Society: University Activities Board Tripper SCOTT. JOSEPH D. BS unspec. dale. I. S SCOTT. STEVEN E. BS 5 82. COPS SEEFELT. SUSAN A. BS 12 81. FA SEILER. CATHERINE C. BS 12 81. COPS Intramural Tennis Team: Hall Council Honor Roll 14 year ! SENNETT. MARGARET A. BS unspec. dale. COPS Treasurer. Residence Hall Council Student Education Amoc SHEETS. KEVIN G. BS unspec. dale. CNR International dub XI Sigma Pi | Forestry Honor Society! SHERMAN. JOHN STEPHEN BA unspec. dale. FA Intramural Football Baseball and Basketball Academic Honors: High Honors (J years! Highest Honors (1 year! SHIERY. MARK D. BS 5 82. CNR SHUTTER. PAMELA JEAN BS 5 82. COPS Pom Pon Squad SIEGAL. TIMOTHY JOHN BS 12 81. US Amoc of Busmen and Economic Students SIMEON. ROBERTO E. BS unspec. dale. US Men's Varsity Tennis. Student Rep for Budget Committee: MVP. Men s Tennis: Athletic Honor Society Academic Honor Honors (I year! SISTERMAN. MARY ANN BS 12 82. FA Asaoc for Community Tasks SKALSKI. RICHARD W. BS unspec. dale. US Asaoc. of Ifcisiness and Economic Student Marketing Club SKARDA. AMY LOU BS 5 82. FA Football Cheerleader. Publicity Manager. Student Experimental Television; Orientation Assistant: Semester Abroad '81 (England! Pep Band: Symphonic Band SKORCZEWSKI. JAMES B. BS unspec. date. CNR Society of American Foreater Student Society of Arboriculture SMITH. JUDITH L. BS 5 82. COPS Officer. Food Service Committee. Dietetics Club: Nutrition Task Force SOETEBER. STEVEN WARREN BS 5 82. COPS SOINEY. KARI J. BA 5 82. FA Public Relations Director. 90FM UWSP. President. Fencing Club. Student Experimental Television SOMERS. JULIE A. BS 5 82. COPS SOMMERS. JUDY L. BS unspec. dale. US SOMMERS. THEODORE A. BA unspec. dale. FA Ski Tram: Karate Chib SONDELSKI. RICHARD THOMAS BS 5 82. CNR Society of American Foreater SPERN. ANDREA BS tinspec. dale. CNR Outdoor Education Program. Residence Hall Council Secretary. Wildlife Society. SPILLANE. RODNEY LEE BS 12 81. FA President. Burrough s Hall Council President. University Health Club. C.LA.CU R.H: Alcohol Task Force: Resident Assistant SPOERL. ROBERT GEAHARD BS 5 82. CNR Board Member. Izaak Walton League. Student Chapter Arborist: Intramural STEHLI. LINDA C. BS 5 82. L S STEINFELDT. EILEEN D. BS unspec. dale. FA Treasurer. Roach Hall Council. STEL MICHAEL E. BS 5 82. US Assoc of Bust net and Economic Student Intramurals STENCL. AUDREY ANN BS 12 81. COPS STIF.R. REBECCA BS unspec. dale. US STRAUSS. CAROL S. BS 5 82. US President. Society of American Social Worker Asaoc for Community Task ACT lcadmhlp Council STREBEL. SUSAN A. BS unspec. dale. COPS Intramural Student Education Amoc: Asaoc for Community Task Academic Honor Honors |J years! STRELOW, STACIE LEE BM 5 82. FA Symphonic Band. Wind Ensemble: Concert Choir. University Choir. Madrigal Flute Choir. STUMPENHORST. MARY LYNN BS 8 82. CNRunh n ColWfUa . X» nm P I Far tr Honor Society I STUMPF. LYNN K. BS unspec date. COPS Alpha tVIU Alpha iDwtatics Club) Moor Economic Student Advisory Council STURZL. SUSAN M. BS unspec. date. COPS Co-C pUln UWSP Pora Pen Squad: Co-President. Food Service Coenmitw. Dietaries Ctub SUCIK. MICHAEL THOMAS BS 5 82. CNR Intramural . Soil Conservation Society- of America SUKENIK. MARI HANNAH BS 5 82. COPS Student Speech and Hearing Aaaoc : Residence flail Council: Campua Cruaade for Christ. Aaaoc for Community Task SWAGEL. KAREN A. BS 5 82. COPS TAGGETT. MARY JENNIFER BS 5 82. FA Secretary. Mall Council: UWSP Pont Pon Squad. American Advertising Federation: LU.C.TT Workshop Leader TALL. ANN MARY BS 12 82. COPS Faahton Merc handling Club TANNAH. DEBORAH L BS 5 82. LAS TEOH. SENG-LEF. BS 8 82. LAS International Club. Aaaoc of Buaineaa and Economic Students TERRE. DAVID ROGER BS 12 81. CNR Prraadenl. UWSP Soccer Cbib Ftaheriee Society. Yahara Fisherman a Scholarship Academic Honors Dean Uvt It yean) THATCHER. BRADLEY RICHARD BS 5 82. I- S Captain. Swim Team THIEDE. KENNETH W. BS 5 82. COPS Aiatslant Director. Intrasaunb THOMAS. NATHALIE ANNETTE BS unspec. dale. COPS Dietetics Club: Home Economics Club: Resident Assistant. Hall Council THOMSON. JEFF WALTER BS 5 82. LAS Aaaoc ol Hutlneaa and Economic Students THORNE. SCOTT BS uns|Mtc. date. CNR Society of American Foresters TILBURY. RUTH ). BS unspec. date. CNR Baldwin Hall Council: Society of American Foresters: Environmental Education and Interpretation Assoc; Central Wl Naturalists TORRISON. SCOTT E. BS unspec. dale. CNR TRAAS. DANIEL R BS 12 81. CNR Officer. Society of American Foresters: Wis Parks and Recreation Aisoc: Xi Sigma Pi |Forestry Honor Society! Officer. Student Advisory Board. Officer. Campua Leaden' Aaaoc TRAPP. HEIDI H. BS 5 82. CNR Student Advisory Board: Rep. Wis. Parks and Recreation Assoc TRAVIS. DEBORAH LYNN BS 5 82. COPS Secretary Fashion Mercbandoing Club Neale Hall Council. Academic Honors Honors TURNER. MARK S. BS 5 82. CNR Socsety of American Foresters TURZINSKI. TERRENCE G. BS unspec. dale. I- S President. Public Administration Student Organ Union: Vice-President. Student Legal Society. Political Science Aaaoc: Polotical Science Faculty Scholarship Award: Campua leadership Award TUTTLE. GWYN ELLEN BS 5 82. CNR Xi Sigma PI | Forestry Honor Society! Wildlife Society Academic Honors H«be» Honors TYRALT. PAMELA JEAN BS 5 82. US German Club Semeater Abroad '•) (Germany! VAN ACKER. TWILAH |0 BS 5 82. CNR Soil Conservation Society of America: Wh Trappers Aaaoc VAN HAREN. SHERRY R. BS 12 82. US Student Chapter Wildlife Society. Wl» Parka and Recreation Aaaoc. Tri-Beta Biology Ctub Neale Hall Council. Intern. Environmental Education Recreation Rec VAN HAREN. THOMAS H BS unspec. dale. CNR Student Chapter Wildlife Society. Co-Chairman LMD of Wildlife Society Academic Honors High Honors |« years) VAN HARPEN. CLADY A. BS 5 82. CNR Women s Traci and Field: Secretary, fisheries Society VAN RIXEL. GARY M. BS unspec. dale. US Tau Kappa Epoilon Fraternity. President. Camm Theta Uptalon |N t I Geography Honor SocWTyfc Iot rxr k Council: !n!f A fin: f i VAN SLUYS. TINA L BS uns|)ec. dale. COPS VASQUEZ. CAROLYN BETH BS 5 82. CNR Budget Director and Senator. Student Government Asooc. Assoc (or Community Tatis: Wildlife Society. VERKUILKN. PETER |ON BS 12 81. US President Marketing Asooc: Aaaoc of Business and Economic Students VOICA. |OSEPH A. BS 5 82. US Senior Honor Society: Dui Processing Management Aaaoc: American Marketing Assoc.: University |azi Band: Student Faculty Advisory Board VOIGT. TERRY SCOTT BS 5 82. CNR Fisheries Society. Society of American Foresters: Soil Conservation Society of America VON DER PUETTEN. FRANK BS 5 82. US WALTHER. CAIL ELIZABETH BS 5 82. COPS WAMSER. MARY JO BS unspec. dale. US Women's Volleyball Tram: Tri-Bata Biology Club: Pre-Med Society WASSHAVSF.N. JOHN R BS 5 82. CNR President Assoc for Community Tatis. Big Brothers: Intramural TAPPI. Campus Leaders' Asooc WAWERU. DUNCAN M. BS unspec. date. US WEDEWARD. WILLIAM E BS unspec. dale. US WEGENER. |AMES A BS unspec. date. COPS Track: Intramural American Society of Interior Designers: Campus Tout Guide WEGNER. PATRICIA ANN BS unspec. date. COPS CLACU RH: Intramural New Concepts Recreation Student Leader. Asooc for Community Task Sem aster Abroad I England) WECNER. STEVEN J. BS 5 82. CNR WEISNICHT. |ERRY LEE BS 5 82. US Asooc of Business and Economic Students WEIZENICKER. LINDA L BS 12 81. COPS Secretary . Hall Council. WENDT. MICHAEL J. BS 5 82. CNR Student Society of Arboriculture. Society of American Foremen: Student Advisory Board. University Center Pobciai Board: Wing Rap. Knutxoo Hall Council WERNER. LES P. BS 12 81. CNR Wrestling Soorev of American Foramen Vice-President. Student Society of Arboriculture. Outstanding Freshman Athlete 7b WESENF.R. CYNTHIA MARIE BS unspec. date. COPS Student Education Assoc: Student Advisory Committee for Education WESSBERG. ROBERT STEVEN BS 12 81. CNR Sigma Tau (rammi Fraternity. Rugby Football Club WEYKER. LORI A. BS 5 82. FA Psychology Club. American Advertising Federation. Semester Abroad 1 (England) WHELAN. JOAN MARIE BS 12 82. COPS Education Club: Navigaton Student Advisory Council (Education Drpt! Assoc for Community Task WIDSTRAND. SUSAN ELAINE BS 5 82. COPS WILCOX. DANIEL R. BS 12 82. COPS Baseball Team: Officer. SHAPER Chib Supervisor. Intramural All-Conference In Baseball (2 years! Hale Quandt Manorial Scholarship WILSON. MARCARET C. BS unspec. dale. COPS Fashion Merchandising Club WIMME. DIANE M. BS 5 82. US Asooc of Business and Economic Student Semester Abroad bl |Egnland| WINN. LINDA BS unspec. dale. CNR Scuba Club: Karate Club: Wildlife Society WINTERS. CHRISTINE M. BS 8 82. COPS Secretary and Treasurer. Fencing Club Student Education Asooc. Radio Drama Chib WISMAN. SUSAN GLENN BS 5 82. US Bunness Club Luthrm Collegian Marketing Chib German Chib WISNESKI. HELEN M. BS 5 82. COPS Academic Honor High Honor WITTMAN. STACY A BS 5 82. COPS Secretary, lull Council Resident Amount Student Education Asooc Academic Honor High Honor (1 year) Highest Honor |l year) WOLTER. KIM M. BS 5 82. COPS President and Hatorvin Phi Beta lambda WONG. WINDRIE BS 12 81. US International Club Freobmon Honor Society Sufi Advisor. Watson Hall Council WOODMAN. PATRICIA ANNE BS unspec. dale. COPS German Chib President Seine Flail Council Presidents' Hall Council. Resident Asoutent Student Speech and Hearing Asooc WOODSIDE. THOMAS |. BS 5 82. FA President and Treasurer. American Advertising Federation: Advertising Manager. Pointer Newspeper. Who's Who in American Collegia and Untvorwtwa WOPPERT. KAREN A. BS unspec. dale. COPS WOTTRENC. BARBARA C. BS 12 81. US WUEBBEN. DAVID W. BS unspec. dale. US Steiner Hall Council Presidents Hall Council: Resident Assistant: Intramural Student Marketing Assoc. Academic Honor Honor 12 year ) YOKERS. MICHAEL BS unspec. dale. US YONC. KEE-TECK BS 5 82. US Internal tonal Club Wit N’AFSA Student Rap. ZACH. PATRICIA A. BS unspec. dale. CNR American Water Resource Assoc: Xl Sigma Pi (Forestry Honor Society! Intramural Technical Service ZAWALICK. SUSAN M BS unspec. date. COPS Watson Hsll Suff: UC Information Desk Staff: Usher, Technical Service ZDROIK. MICHAEL J. BS 5 82. L S ZECKMBISTER. MICHAEL TODD BS 5 82. CNR Vice-President. Senior Honor Society. Wildlife Society. Natural Resources Honor Society: Trt-BrU Biology Club Sectary of American Forester ZELAZOSKI. SUSAN MARIE BS 5 82. COPS Susdent Education Asooc . Oratorio Chorus ZEMAN. JANBLLE |. BS unspec. dale. FA Dietetics Club Assoc lor Community Task ZIEBOL SCOTT THOMAS BS 5 82. US Student Society of Arlmrlculture: Intramural ZIEMKE. MICHAEL H. BS 12 81. US Treasurer. Pray-Sims Flail Council. Resident Assistant. Hansen Hall Council UWSP Track TeamCampus Leaders Association CLA: Deb McDonald, Scott West, Dan Traas, Barb Schneider. Jean Klemm. Cindy Cseri. A fall workshop, a spring awards night, and monthly dinner meetings were a few of the activities of the Campus Leaders Association. The CLA channelled information between student leaders and campus and community administrative offices. John Jury advised the Campus Leaders Association. University Activities Board The University Activities Board sponsored a variety of programs for UWSP students. Concerts, films, and minicourses kept students entertained throughout the year. 176The University Center's Policy Board is responsible for the formulation and review of the University Center's policies and programs. The Board also promotes the U.C.’s role in co-curricular activities and services. The renovation of the U.C. is one of the Board’s projects. Bob Busch is advisor of the University Center’s Policy Board. 177 University Center’s Policy BoaYoung Democrats UWSP-YDs: |on Pike. Richard Krieg. Greg Carlson. Maria Smith. Lori Poffingarger Under the direction of Helen Sigmund, the UWSP Young Democrats sponsored a petition drive to oust Secretary of Interior James Watt. The UWSP-YD’s also showed the film "The Iron Horse” and planned a program featuring financial aid cuts by the Reagan Administration. A.B.E.S. Sixty business and economics majors and minors comprised the Association of Business and Economics Students. The ABES, or Business Club, planned to revise the Business curriculum and preregistration procedures, and to recruit an Advisory Council of local business people. The club also sponsored speakers on career placement and resume-interview preparation. James Haine served as club advisor. 178 ABES: Bob Schlosse (treasurer). Caryl Roggentin. (secretary). Lynn Borkenhagen (placement coordinator). Catherine King (co-president). Ruth Imhoft (co-president), |im Maine (advisor). John Taylor (publicity).The Student Government Association acted as the voice of the student body, and administered and funded student organizations on campus. SGA's thirty- six members were elected by the student body, and held weekly student senate sessions. The Student Government Association was advised by John Jury. 179 Student Government AssociationA.C.T. The Association for Community Tasks provided community service, and gave students practical training. ACT sponsored a concert on October 1. and a recognition night on April 29. Cindy Chelcun served as advisor to ACT's forty members. ACT: Scolt Hough. Carol Strauss, Bobbie Bunko. Carrie Peterson. |oyce Peel. |ulic Behnkc. Cindy Chelcun. Linda Sanville. John Wasshausen. Gwen Osterberg. Sarah Dunham. Deb MacDonald. Tammy Thomas. Beth Zuyhock. Beth Lund. Michelle Mclichar. Laurie Kuivancn. Laury Itaasen. Deb Kessler. Sharon Carlson. Kris Carl. Linda Ruether. Trade Weinlierger. Sandy Brennan. Kelly Mack. Lyn Wlachor. Pam Hoffman. Bill Kochanik. Kim Marzcc. Tammy Bina. Ingrid Dauderl. John Bezier. Trina Papenfus. 180Phi Alpha Theta Phi Alpha Theta, the History Honor Society, along with the History Club, held a bake sale for the Frank Crow Scholarship fund, and assisted with the WATCH (Wisconsin Association of Teachers of College Hsitory) conference. The two organizations also sponsored a history awards night in December, and history tutoring throughout the year. Neil Lewis advised both Phi Alpha Theta and the History Club. PHI ALPHA THETA: 1st row-Cary Worthing. Peter Picchictti. Patricia J. Arnold. Debbie Bannach. Neil Lewis: 2nd row—Mark Koepke. |on Miskowski. |ohn Hessefort: 3rd row—James Derlelh. Thomas McCann. 181 HISTORY CLUB: 1st row—Jeanne Edwards. Debbie Bannach. Kay Johnson: 2nd row—Thomas McCann. Neil Lewis. Patricia J. Arnold. Mark Koepke. Gary Worthing: 3rd row—Brian Liskens. James Derlelh. |on Miskowski. Peter Picchietti. John Hessefort.The Tri-Beta Biology Club stimulated interest, scholarly attainment and investigation in the biological sciences. The club also promoted the dissemination of information and new interpretations among students of Tri-Beta Biology Club the life sciences. Dr. Kent D. Hall advised the Tri-Beta Biology Club, while Jeff Laursen served as president. Mary Griesbach as vice president, and Vicki Hanrahan as secretary treasurer. 182La Liaison Francaise Michael Smith served as advisor for La Liaison Francaise. Members of this organization had the opportunity to speak French outside of a classroom setting, and to experience the culture of France. La Liaison Francaise planned to attend the Holiday Folk Fair in Milwaukee. Club de Espanol Students with some knowledge of Spanish were eligible for membership in the Spanish Club. This organization gives its members a chance to use that knowledge. Once again, the Spanish Club went to Milwaukee for the Holiday Folk Fair. Mel Bloom advised the club's forty members. 183Student Marketing Association The American Marketing Association provided its members with extracurricular educational and professional opportunities in all fields of marketing. Richard Choyke advised the Association. Student Art League The Student Art League sponsored gallery exhibitions, visiting artists, and field trips in order to promote the visual arts on campus and in the Stevens Point community. The SAL also sponsored an art auction and a workshop dealing with “the business of art." Gary Hagen advised the Student Art League. 184 SAL 1st row—Lois Freeberg. John Grolh. Terri F.mcrich. Teri Martens. Julie Burshbak. Kathy Olson. Mary Baunan: 2nd row—Laurie Dehlinger. Sharon Iverson. D'Ann LeUrnn. Gary Hagan.Two hundred fifty students were members of S.H.A.P.E.R. (Safety. Health. Athletics. Physical Education. Recreation). This organization was designed to promote professionalism among H.P.E.R.A. majors and minors. S.H.A.P.E.R. participated in a convention on October 29. and sponsored speakers in November and in February. Rosalind Kuciuba, Wayne Gorell. and Duaine Counsell advised this organization. 185R.O.T.C. Rifle Club Judo Club The UWSP Judo Club promoted the sport of Judo, and self defense for the student. The club participated in the Fourth Annual UWSP Judo Tournament on November 7, and in the State Judo Tournament in the spring of 1982. The |udo Club also gave demonstrations throughout the year. Tom Gustin and Jim Weidner advised the club. 186Pom Pon Squad The UWSP Pom Pon Squad performed at basketball games in order to promote school spirit. Paul Hartman served as the squad's advisor, while Joanne Schultz and Julie Giuliani served as squad cocaptains. i-S n cf cr 187 The UWSP Karate Club gave numerous demonstrations to promote a realistic view of the art of Karate, and attended tournaments in Madison. Anthony Desardi advised the thirty members of the Karate Club.International Folk Dancers The International Folk Dancers studied and practiced folk dancing for enjoyment, relaxation, and recreation. The Dancers performed at Sentry Theatre on April 16 and 17. The International Folk Dancers were advised by Regina Sadono. 188Wildlife Society Dover Book Sales, and a wildlife film fest were among the activities planned by the Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society. TWS encouraged participation in outdoor activities, and promoted tbe preservation of natural resources, especially wildlife. Dr. Raymond K. Anderson advised the 215 members of The Wildlife Society. Fisheries Society The UWSP Fisheries Society sampled the fish populations in Dreyfus Lake, and made field trips to LaCrosse and Woodruff. The Fish Society also held a fishing contest with the wildlife society. The Society’s twenty members were advised by John R. Heaton. 189Pre-Med Society Twenty students interested in health-related professions comprised the UWSP Premedical Society. The UWSP PMS planned to tour the UW-Madison Medical School, and sponsored lectures in career opportunities in the allied health sciences. The UWSP Premedical Society was advised by Dr. Sol Sepsenwol. Parks and Recreation “Parks and Rec" provided students with opportunities for practical experience in recreation. Students also had the opportunity to meet with professionals on an informal basis. The association participated in the National Recreation and Park Association convention, and in the Wisconsin Parks and Recreation Association State convention. Richard Geesey and Ron Zimmerman advised the Parks and Recreation Association. 190Chemistry Club Chemistry majors and minors, along with other students interested in chemistry, were eligible for membership in the American Chemical Society—Student Affiliate. The Society promoted chemical interest and inquiry. Stephen Bondeson and James McClure advised the Society. Central Wisconsin Gaming Society Fantasy role playing, science fiction gaming, and military simulation gaming awaited the members of the Central Wisconsin Gaming Society. A Dungeons and Dragons tournament and a squad leader tournament were among the group's planned activities. The Society also planned a nuclear war tournament and a field trip to Lake Geneva. Jim Gifford advised the Society. 191Legal Aid Society John Morser and Ed Miller advised the Student Legal Society. Among the organization's planned activities were a Pre-Law Caravan. Law Day Awareness. and an LSAT workshop. The Society also sponsored monthly speakers, and operated the Legal Services Office. 194Ski Club The UWSP Ski Team promoted the sport of downhill racing, and competed on an intercollegiate level. John Rasmussen was team president, while Dan Blum. Greg Patrick, and Dave Vergara served as vice president, secretary, and treasurer respectively. The Ski Team was advised by Dale Schallert. 95Alpha Delta Alpha Through Dial-a Student-Dietitian, the Alpha Delta Alpha Dietetics Club provided the community with sound nutrition information. The Dietetics Club also sponsored guest speakers, and a favorite recipe tasting party. Diane Libby advised the club. 196Student Speech and Hearing Declared communicative disorders majors, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, were eligible for membership in the Student Speech and Hearing Association. The SSHA attended the Wisconsin Speech-Language and Hearing Association convention in Oshkosh. The Student Speech and Hearing Association was advised by Sue Klescewski. 197POINTER With Mike Hein as staff editor, the POINTER met the 1981-82 school year with a new look. Featuring a different theme each week, the POINTER had a news magazine style. The POINTER gave a closer look at such topics as "Phil’s Kids.” "Intellectual Freedom.” "Working.” and "Marshall Law.” Dan Houlihan advised the POINTER staff. POINTER: 1st row—Gary LeBouton. Mike Hein. Steve Heiting; 2nd row—Mark Hoff. Bernard Hall, Cindy Sutton. Larry Katerzynski, Charisie Hunter. Chris Celichowski: 3rd row—Margaret Scheid. Joe VandenPlas. Bob Ham. Women’s Resource Center The Women’s Resource Center provided a supportive atmosphere for self-expression, and interaction in which women could realize their fullest potential. Kathryn Jeffers served as president, while Kate Dins served as vice president. Sally Clanton advised the Women’s Resource Center. 198University Child Learning and Care Center The University Child Learning and Care Center provided educational programming for children of UWSP students, faculty, and staff. Art. music, science, and outdoor play were among the Center's activities designed to promote socialization skills and positive self concepts in children. Residence Hall Council Residence Hall Council provided campus residents with many entertaining programs. RHC sponsored a blue grass festival, a tri-celebration, and a dinner theatre. The organization also sponsored free movies, coffee house performances, and College Bowl competition. Dave Rooney advised RHC. 199Hyer Hall Council A balloon sale and a pig roast were among the activities planned by the Hyer Hall Council. Lloyd Platson advised this council that provided educational and recreational activities for Hyer Hall residents. Burroughs Hall Council Burroughs Hall Council sponsored holiday parties and health awareness programs. The council's officers were elected by Burroughs Hall residents. John Hammat advised the council. 200Steiner Hall Council The Steiner Hall Council sponsored the second annual Steiner Hall Fund Run for Alcohol Awareness. from Madison to Sevens Point, and planned a community service project and a religious wellness week for hall residents. The Council was advised by Frank O'Brien. Council A kisses sale, and a horror show with Pray-Sims were among the activities planned by the Neale Hall Council. The Council provided educational and recreational programming for Neale Hall. Dawn Williams advised the Neale Hall Council. NEALE HALL HOARD: Lynn Foley (president). Colleen Green (vice president). Nancy Carver (secretary). Amy Sievert (treasurer). Dawn Williams (director). Laurie Kneisler (assistant director). 201TKE Scholarship, leadership, and brotherhood were the bywords of the Tan Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. The TKE’s sponsored a basketball tournament and assisted Inter Greek Council with the Muscular Dystrophy Dance Marathon. Edward J. Hamilton advised Tau Kappa Epsilon. Delta Zeta The Delta Zeta Sorority sponsored a volleyball tournament, and attended the Delta Zeta State Days convention at UW-Whitewater. The sorority's ten members promoted sisterhood, friendship, and community service. The Delta Zeta Sorority was advised by Wanda Bembenek. DELTA ZETA: 1st row—Valerie Grondin. Maria Johnson. Ann Skupniewitz. Wanda Bembenek. Kathy Faust: 2nd row—Kim McGee. Amy Schmidt. Jane Bembenek. Michelle Lutzcwitz. Crystal Nelson.Inter Greek Council Inter Greek Council sponsored an all-campus welcome back party in the fall of 1981. and the Muscular Dystrophy Dance Marathon on March 5-6. The Council encouraged communication be- INTER GREEK COUNCIL: 1st row-Carolyn Hackler. Gretchen Wermfer. Greg Bisbee. Kcri iladler. Amy Schmidt: 2nd row— tween UWSP greek fraternities and sororities. Inter Greek Council was advised by Barbara Knowlton and Stu Whipple. Steve Czenczek. Vicki (ochims, Stu Whipple. Valerio Crodin. Judy |nkusz. Debbie Boclimer. Barbara Knowlton. 203Phi Sigma Epsilon In 1981. Phi Sigma Epsilon Muscular Dystrophy Dance Marathon, celebrated its fiftieth anniversary Dr. Guy Gibson advised Phi Sigma on campus. The Phi Sigs assisted Epsilon, with Special Olympics, and with the PHI SIGMA F.PSILON: Is row-C. Zajicek. E. Wilson. D. Reilly. W. Camp: 2nd row—J. Wilber. D. Frankie wicz. S. Zcnczek: 3rd row—G. Haferbecker. M. Jersey. G. Gibson. 204Central State Siasefi visited the River Pines Retirement Home, and planned Homecoming activities for UWSP alumni. The club also sponsored happy hours, and set criteria for a Siasefi scholarship. Fred Copes and Douglas Post advised Siasefi. SIASEFI: 1st row— Buffy Burke. Lamong P. Smith Jr., Brian Claucy. Jeff Knoll: 2nd row—Chuck Kelly. Jerry Henthom. Mike Hunt, Mike Derby: 3rd row—Fred Copes, Rory Braenne. Dave Carroll. Paul Schnell. 205April 22 was Ground Zero Day at UWSP. A rally was held in the sundial to commemorate Ground Zero Week, a "nationwide week of non-partisan, community based discussions and events designed to educate and involve the American people on the issue of nuclear war.” A Ground Zero Film Festival was held at the Newman Center, and information about Ground Zero was available at the UC Concourse. FrieJe 206 1 Blugrass Was Never BetterI Brats ‘n’ Beer at BukoltJ R Liquor “Your full service liquor store” 484 Division Street Stevens Point, WI 54481 344-8132 Burger King i- Diamond Center 1116 Main St.. Stevens Point 1616 Academy Street Stevens Point, WI 54481 341-6885 211Summer turns to fall. Fall turns to winter. Winter turns to spring .. . One season follows another In an endless circular pattern. There are changes. There are challenges. We are freshmen. We are sophomores. We are juniors. We are seniors. We apply for admission. We graduate. Seasons bring changes and challenges. We Face those changes. And accept those challenges. We flavor our lives With seasons of experience.T3 • r-H Q Dear friends. The theme of ihe 1982 HORIZON is one of seasons. There are many implications to the word "seasons'': there are seasons of the year, seasons that spice and seasons of lime. However, as ambiguous as the word is. one common denominator all the meanings share is that they all involve change. I am reminded of a song by Joni Mitchell, called “The Circle Game" which goes something like this: . . . and the seasons they go round and round . . . we're captive on a carousel of time. We can't go l ack. we can only look behind from where we've come, and go round and round and round in the circle game. 214 Editor-in-Chief: Sue Lendmon '82 Horizon Staff: Jim Pierson. Photographic Advisor Terry Lutz. Layout EditorThe 1982 HORIZON staff has put many long hours and much hard work into this volume which seeks to capture and preserve some of those memories from the seasons of time. We sincerely hope that you enjoy this volume and that for each and even' one of you it constitutes a culmination of some of your most memorable experience here. I would like to thank this year's staff without whose help and encouragement I would not have made it through this year of trial and tribulation. This was my first year working on this type of publication and I had a lot to learn. Much of it was learned the hard way. but we made it through. For most of the staff, this volume marks tbeir final contribution to tbe HORIZON. After three years of dedicated service, our veteran photo editor. Rick McNitt will be moving on as will be Terry Lutz, layout editor. Laura Sternweis. copy editor and Lam’ Krueger, business manager. I wish them all the best of luck in their future endeavors. I'm looking forward to working with next year's staff as they'll bring fresh ideas, innovations and vitality to next year's book. I guarantee the continued professtionalism of journalistic, photographic and creative effort brought to you in the past Dy the HORIZON. Sincerely. Sue Lendman Editor-in-Chief Larry Krueger. Busch. Advisor Business Manager; Rick McNitt. Photography Editor, Bob Copy Editor: Laura Sternweis 215It is with pride that we dedicate this 1982 SEASON'S issue of HORIZON to PAULINE ISAACSON who retired in summer 1982 after 36 years as a teacher and administrator at UWSP. Twelve years ago Isaacson founded the International Programs, and has been its director since that time. With this dedication, we applaud her achievements and her service. THE 1982 HORIZON STAFF 

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