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STEVENS POINTForeword The dome that rises above Old Main has now become the symbol of our university. It is the visible symbol of the intellectual and social growth of WSU. The aim of this IRIS is to capture and record one year of this growth. Paper and ink cannot capture the inner growth of each student and the memories he cherishes cannot be bound between two covers; they are the invisible qualities that give meaning to a visible symbol.Editorial Board Carmen Kuegler Christine Monroe Patricia Maldonis Staff Jane Hahs Judy Przekurat Karen Sabrowsky Diana GolT Reggie Owens Tom Kujawski Jerry Rettke Jim McNamec Ron Sindric Bob Fiehweg Rick Copeland Ron Buckley Rollie Ostermick Dann Perkins Terry Dennis Fred Heni e Advisors D. Houlihan. T. K. Chang Contents Student Life ................ 4 Athletics .................. 62 Organizations ............. 128 Administration-Faculty 172 Underclassmen ............. 190 Seniors ................... 218 Senior Index .............. 242 General Index ............. 248 Advertisements ............ 260STUDENT LIFE “We must strive to acquire knowledge . . .and to apply it with wisdom. J. F. Kennedy and he'll l)c lull. dark, and handsome." Much of the activity of the 1965 Pointer Jubilee was held in the Frank Lloyd Wright room of the University Center. It was in this room that various organizations such as religious groups, fraternities, sororities and other social groups constructed their booths. Each of these groups hoped they would be able to acquaint both new and old students with the people and activities of their particular organization. In this way students would be able to choose their affiliations for the year. The before mentioned booths were both entertaining and informative. The following are samples of some of the displays that were constructed. A “lovc-o-mctcr" was sponsored by the Amateur Radio Club. It was at this booth that couples were able to find if they were "ex-lax. average, mediocre, or playboy-playgirl of the year.” The Young Republicans held drawings throughout the evening. The lucky winners were awarded this year’s most exotic prize, a "rat fink”. The International Student Organization had a fortune telling tent and Sigma Tau Gamma brought back many memories by showing slides of last year's activities. Alpha Kappa Lambda was another group that showed slides. By displaying extreme cases of water pollution and the number of deer that starved or were killed on highways they were able to point to the need for improved conservation practices. Large crowds were drawn to the College Theatre booth where movies that had been produced, directed and filmed by John Primm and Larry Klubakowski were being shown. A new' feature this year was the Homecoming booth. It featured portraits of the Queen Candidates and tickets were on sale for the finale program which featured the Village Stompers. The Gridiron room was turned into a Playboy Club for the evening. Soft romantic music played in the background and a number of college girls dressed as "bunnies” waited on tables. For those students that preferred a faster pace, the “Temptations” provided music for the latest dances. This activity took place in the new Wisconsin Room. 8 • Homecoming Thousands of flyers appeared on campus, huge posters were put up everywhere, large portraits of the Queen candidates were on display in the main lobby of the Science Building and the TKE’s sat on a scaffold ringing a bell for Paula. This was how Homecoming 1965 opened on October 6. This year for the first time, the Queens Assembly was held in the l ieldhouse and the following day. Friday, the tunnel was jammed with students voting for their favorite candidate. The "S' Club sponsored the Homecoming Dance and it was at this time that Miss Anita Knaack was crowned the 1965 Homecoming Queen. Saturday was the colorful parade featuring the Glcngary Bagpipe and Drum Corps and the Madison Scout's Drum and Bugle Corps. The latter group also performed between halves at the Poinier-Hillsdale game. Homecoming was climaxed by the appearance of the Village Stompers at the Fieldhouse on Saturday night. The Glcngary Bagpipe and Drum Corps performed after ihc parade. II12uThe Queen's Assembly w as the scene of a variety of demonstrations. Queen C undulates Paula Allen. Anita Knaack. Sue Lombard. Linda Kasch. Donna Tvedt. 1617“Sno-A-Go-Go”. the sixth annual WSU-SP Pointer Winter Carnival began with the now traditional torch-run from Madison and torch lighting ceremony on Sunday. February 13. Len Marcisz. General Chairman, announced at that time that this years’ carnival would be dedicated to Norman E. Knutzen. founder of the WSU Men's Glee Club and director of the group for more than 30 years. This years’ carnival program included a kick-oil' dance: contests for hairdos, legs, and unusual dress; endurance contests including pipe smoking and pancake eating; an evening of outdoor sports: the Wood-choppers Ball and the appearance of the Kingston Trio at the climax program. A new feature was the Legs Contest; there was both a man's and a woman's division. The categories were the cutest knees, the shapliest legs, the best decorated socks, the hairiest legs and the smoothest legs. Another new contest was the dress-up competition. A single costume appropriate for an A-Go-Go party, a masquerade ball on the ski slopes and an elegant soire at ’’PointilTany’s’’ was planned to challenge the ingenuity of the contestants. The Woodchoppers Ball on Saturday evening was highlighted by the crowning of the King and Queen. Jerry Glocke and Fran Lewis. The climax program on Sunday night featured the Kingston Trio. The Trio has performed before audiences in most of the top night clubs in the world. They have drawn sell-out crowds at the Hollywood Bowl, the Waikiki Shell, Red Rocks and Las Vegas. They have toured the Far East, Europe and Australia. Here at WSU the trio presented some of their most famous songs including, "Tom Dooley”. "Tijuana Jail”. "Where Have All the Flowers Gone” and "Greenback Dollar”. You say you prefer irccs? 2021 Hello Dolly!"Whcece whew" and crosseyed loo! 22Who's dragging their feet? Merc comes the HmmmmmKing Jerry and Queen Fran Sally Kauss and Marty Mickie. Psi Della Psi; Mary Lu Berg and Dennis Martin. Roach Hall: Paula Allen and Bill Ososki. Tau Kappa I psi Ion. Nancy Callahan and Lee Numcicr. Sigma Pi; Fran Lewis and Jerry Glockc. Sigma Tau Gamma; Chris Sargent and Jim Martin. Sigma Phi Hpsilon; Julie Monroe and Rich Harris. Alpha Phi; Sue Vandcnbusch and George Paul. Pray- Sims Hall; Sue Herr and George Pigges. Delta Zeta; Jan Karow and Ray Jergens. Alpha Sigma Alpha: Shirley Derksen and Jerry Schmidt. Phi Sigma Hpsilon; Mary RadlolT and David Patcticld. Dcl cll Hall: Annette Schlutcr and Tom Gault . Neale and Hycr Hall: Joann Pagliaro and Fran Camcn ind. Alpha Kappa Lambda: Sue Sicbcrt and Bob Schrank. Smith Hall. 24The appearance of the Kingston Trio climaxed the week of Winter Carnival activities.A DZ shiner Organizations in Action . . . 26 Oh. ii moves back and forth and then it27 Newman Club rides again!28 And we're off!29The Y-GOP draws another winner. The Packers battle the Phi Sigs. 30OK. who pulled the plug? 31 Siasefis practice street brawling.Four ball in the corner pocket! 32 Student government campaigns elects. Even Dior can’t design like this! 3335RHC's morale boasting sandwich program at full swing. Neale and Steiner battle in Academic Bowl Competition. Mow about that score! 36A new organization on campus this year, the Residence Hall Council, had many activities aimed at those who live in the halls. Among these activities were: the All-Hall-Ball. Creative Art Contest. ABC College Bowl competition, late movies shown in the halls, and the RHC Weekend. The All-Hall-Ball and Creative Art Contest were held in the Allen Center in December. The “Daze and Nights' played and awards were presented during intermission. The Academic Bowl Competition continued throughout the school year, tach residence hall had one team and the first place team from Hycr Hall was given a trophy. During RHC Weekend a carnival was held in the Allen Center with each hall participating by entering one booth. That evening a talent show was held. It was composed of skits, folk singing groups and classical singers. Trophies were presented for first and second place. As a finale to RHC Weekend, there was a dance held in the lieldhousc featuring the “Kingsmen." I'll bet Batman never had to do this. 37 That's really using the old head! Ilycr Hall's talent?.”? 38The Kingsmen brought RHC Weekend to a swinging close. 0 Tom Kujawski and Ron Sindric relax after one of many nights of hard work.One of Tom's better moments. 41 Diane finds dummy layouts quite a challenge.Pointer Liz goes over final layouts with the staff. T.C. in his natural habitat. 42Gene Kcmmcicr in his Sports Scene. V Retiring editor Tim Craig offers congratulations to new editor Li Fish and advisor Dan Houlihan. 43Students EverywhereThis year for the first time the stacks were opened for general use. This allowed the students to make extended use of the vast material available in the University library. The library also offers a large study area and a place to meet friends. Ingenious students are quite good at finding other study areas. They can be found ... 6in the Pinery Room. 47 and in the dorm.V The coming of spring heralds new places of study. The scenic campus then oilers opportunities where students may gather for studying and other constructive activities. 49Constructive activities that students participate in are varied. I.arry Klobukow-ski. for example, produces and films short movies which have afforded him several awards. One of Larry's many films was a Civil War production. 5051Eating may be a necessary activity but it can be varied and enjoyable. 52 The cafeteria line is one of the fastest moving lines on campus.Tasty meals come out of paper bags and arc eaten outdoors. V 53 Mom never cooked like this.541 doing the weekly or monthly laundry. 55 sleep-ins.On week-ends the real action moves to the food centers. 56They swing out with jug bands, gel acquainted mixers, sing alongs and informal dances. 57The week-end dances arc 58596061Football The Pointers, cheered by large crowds, managed to win over half of their games this season. Ron Ternouth. playing on the offensive for the first time in our homecoming game against Hillsdale, scored both WSU touchdowns on runs of 12 and 79 yards. This resulted in a 14 13 victory over the Dales. Football has been said to be a game of luck or fortune. But because of hard work and high spirits our Pointers have usually managed to push on to victory and respect.Pointers shag the Dales over the hills.k Tiggs hands off. Tcrnoulh carries (he hall for ihe Pointers.Pointers display a strong defense.Point lines up for the punt as Coach Counsell discusses strategy with Tiggs. 66Stevens Point 21 Augsburg 19 Stevens Point 7 N. Michigan 28 Stevens Point 13 Plallcvillc 0 Stevens Point 13 Oshkosh 26 Stevens Point 15 Whitewater 19 Stevens Point 14 Hillsdale 13 Stevens Point 13 Superior 7 Stevens Point 17 Liau Claire 7 Stevens Point 39 River Falls 7 Honors: All Conference: (1) RonTernouth (2) Bob Schultz All Slate: (1) RonTernouth (2) Bob Schultz Captain: (I) Peter Seiler MVP Offense: (I) RonTernouth MVP Defense: (I) Dennis RobichaudBasketball The Pointers pul a terrific finish on this year's season by winning their last six games. Under coach Krueger's watchful eye. the team after following a rugged road for most of the year, straightened out and finished the season in a blaze of glory.Anxious moments before the ball goes in the basket. Schaffer battles with Bluegolds for possession of the ball.Lay-ups. blocks and rebounds71Stevens Point 75 Winona 91 Stevens Point 94 Plattcvillc 83 Stevens Point 71 Oshkosh 88 Stevens Point 78 Oshkosh 80 Stevens Point 60 Winona St. Mary 70 Stevens Point 64 Whitewater 56 Stevens Point 87 Superior 70 Stevens Point 86 Superior 95 Stevens Point 56 Stout 74 Stevens Point 70 Stout 69 Stevens Point 84 Eau Claire 102 Stevens Point 106 Eau Claire 78 Stevens Point 76 Dakota Wcslyan 101 Stevens Point 88 LaCrossc 80 Stevens Point 104 Mayville State 94 Stevens Point 84 River Falls 74 Stevens Point 69 St. Norbert 67 Stevens Point 81 Plattcvillc 76 Stevens Point 71 LaCrossc 72 Stevens Point 85 Whitewater 79 Stevens Point 53 River Falls 66 Wrestling A modest improvement was made over last year’s record. Individual accomplishments included Larry Ironsides voted as most valuable man in state collegiate tourney, in district 14 NAIA and most valuable man on the team. Bernie Christianson made the all district team and Pete Seiler was 6th at the NAIA tourney. 7475 Unarmed, hand to hand combat.Individual strength and personal desire 76Necessary attributes for winning. Stevens Point 33 LaCrossc 10 Stevens Point 8 Winona 30 Stevens Point 16 Stout 26 Stevens Point 16 Oshkosh 17 Stevens Point 21 Michigan 19 Stevens Point 21 LaCrosse 13 Stevens Point 19 Eau Claire 14 Stevens Point 16 Marquette 19 Stevens Point 19 Stout 21 Stevens Point 16 River Falls 23 Stevens Point 23 U W M 17 Stevens Point 19 Plattcville 24 Stevens Point 10 Whitewater 24 3rd in State Collegiate Tourney 4th in Conference TourneySwimming The Stevens Point University swimming team made a terrific showing in the NAIA Championships held at Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas. The team cracked five schools records and scored 36 points. Point was one of 43 schools from all over the United Stales taking part in the event. Rob Simkins captured sixth place in the 100-yard back stroke and ninth in the 200-yard back stroke. Dave Stebnitz finished eleventh in the 200 breast stroke and thirteenth in the 100 breast stroke. Joe Conachen and Bill Gclwicks both took part in the 50 and 100-yard freestyle events. In the 50-yard event both were part of a four-way tic for thirteenth. In the medley event the Pointer team took seventh place and in the freestyle relay they captured ninth place. 78Bulik in line starting form. Mahnkc really looks determined. Joe Conachcn tops in freestyle relay. Dave Stebnit is oil'to a good start. 80 'MTiXBiH Gclwicks was voted by the coaches to be this year’s ’’Outstanding Swimmer." Stevens Point 27 Oshkosh Stevens Point 79 Stout Stevens Point 20 Winona Stevens Point 45 1 2 Mich. Tech. Stevens Point 71 River Falls Stevens Point 42 La Crosse Stevens Point 46 Lawrence Stevens Point 34 Plattevillc Stevens Point 46 UMD CONFERENCE MEET Platteville Oshkosh Stevens Point La Crosse River Falls Stout 68 15 75 49 1 2 24 52 49 61 49 96 61 58 35 6 0 81Caltanach rolls over the bar. A final push for victory. Point has the edge at the lirst hurdle. Leslie snaps the tape for a first. Breaking five school records and getting a meet record-breaking mile performance from Freshman Dale Roc. Stevens Point State University’s track team finished fourth in the annual State University Conference outing. Freshman Dale Roe showed excellent ability by breaking a WSU mark and setting a new conference standard on the mile. The mile relay team set new school records as did high hurdler Dick McGinlcy and triple jumper George Check. 83Baseball The Pointers’ "nine” began workouts in early March with about 50 able candidates turning out for practice. After fighting a wet spring, the team played their first game against Superior. Led by the hitting of Jerry DeBruin and the pitching of Al Larsen and Chuck Rit enthaler, we were off to a good season's start. Though defeats marred our hopes for the championship, the determination and the enthusiasm of our team were first rate. Dave Wolf fills in Ihc Imc-up. Jim Fil gerald wants that home run. 8-4Point inlicld ready for some action. 85Pointers display their terrific fielding ability. Ricker follows through with a powerful swing. 86Stevens Point 0 Superior 2 Stevens Point 5 Superior 3 Stevens Point 7 River Falls 5 Stevens Point 3 River Falls 0 Stevens Point 7 St. Norberts 0 Stevens Point 7 Winona 6 Stevens Point 0 Winona 5 DcBruin checks the pitch. BASEBALL STATISTICS AB Birkcl .............................. 26 DcBruin ............................. 33 Hcimerl ............................. 32 Fitzgerald .......................... 30 Hansen .............................. 31 Walkncr ............................. 28 Larsen, A.............................25 Larsen, K............................ II Lcnard .............................. 13 Ritzcnthaler ........................ II Wohlt................................ 12 Ricker ............................... 4 Peters ............................... 3 Strong................................ I Reichert ............................. 1 R 1 BB so - •WE. 2B 3B HR RBI 10 7 7 5 .269 0 0 0 0 II 16 2 2 .485 6 0 1 7 5 10 0 4 .313 1 0 2 12 6 7 3 11 .233 1 0 1 5 8 6 1 7 .225 0 1 0 4 3 9 4 3 .321 1 0 0 2 4 7 2 8 .280 1 0 2 6 0 1 1 2 .091 0 0 0 1 1 2 0 1 .130 1 0 0 0 I 1 0 1 .091 0 1 0 0 0 3 3 2 .250 1 0 0 2 1 0 1 2 .000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 .000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 .000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 .000 0 0 0 0 87FRONT ROW: H. Ochs. C. Ritzcnthalcr. G. White. J. Fitzgerald. K. Ziegahn. 2nd ROW: I). KcncholT (Manager). M. Fortune. B. Zimmer. A. Schaffer. M. Hughes. J. Lawetzki, W. Zucgc. R. DeFauw, D. Wolf (Manager). R. Krueger (Coach). FRONT ROW: J. Kutcila. B. Greenwood. J. Hauser. I). McGinlcy. M. Callanach. I). Holt . FI. Follas, D. Roc. P. La Me re. I). Leslie. 2nd ROW: J. I.anglois. L. Whilfin. D. Dchlingcr. G. Check. B. Barber. R. Witt, C. Johancsen. K. Hawker. 3rd ROW: G. Brosig. [). Reno. R. Sccfcld. I). Flahivc. M. Richmond. M. Manske. D. Omernik. J. Gchin. 4th ROW. I). Hoff (Coach). A. Crowe. P. Mason. D. Bay. V. Rcvlcin. G. Wcsloski (Manager). D. Jacoby. B. Eickson. M. Bowers. D. Counsel! (Asst. Coach). Basketball Team Track TeamGymnasts Team FRONT ROW: D. Hoff Jr. (Manager), K. Kober. F. Vassau. F. Fandler, t. Follas, T. Rohm. 2nd ROW. D. Hoff (Coach), M. Sloan, I). Olson, J. Fieldhack, B. Barber, D. Dclikat, V. Thiesfeld (Asst. Coach). Swimming Team FROST ROW: B. Mahnkc. B, Dopp. I). Ncl cr, G. Klingbail. 2nd ROW I. Blair (Coach), R. Pease. D. Stebnitz. R. Laddusirc. J. Conachcn (Co-Captain), R. Simkins. 3rd ROW: B. Stephenson (Manager). B. Irandy. A. Fish. G. Bishop. B. Bulik. B. Gelwicks (Co-Captain). I). Fuchs.One of the nation's top concert series was presented in the 1965-66 Art and Series. Beginning with the Roger Wagner Chorale in November, students, faculty and non-Univcrsity people had the best of the Arts available to them. Other presentations in this series were Eugene Istomin, pianist: the American Jazz Ensemble: the Philadelphia Orchestra, Eugene Ormandy conductor; Janos Starker, cellist; Shirley Verrett. mezzo-soprano; the Koeckert Ouarlet; Nathan Milstein. violinist. 90 Since 1950 l-.ugcne Istomin has gained international renown. It was at this time that he was chosen to participate in the Casals Festival at Pradcs. France. This distinguished pianist has attained success in such places as diversified as Israel and Iceland.Roger Wagner Chorale After winning distinction for its notable performances with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Roger Wagner Chorale became widely recognized as one of America's finest singing groups. The Chorale has recorded extensively in a series of songs ranging from Folk Songs and Sea Chanties to the great masses and madrigals. They have also engaged in lours of the United States and Europe. As a part of their tenth coast-to-coast tour of the United States, the Chorale performed in our University Field-house. 91AUDITORIUM WiV ONVN MAIt UN .I-Mil ■ l|vlf«V fOUlt Monday, March 28 at 8:00 P.M. A l.,.ly Co'dv Admi V(V : $4 00 SV00 Appearing with well-known orchestras throughout the world. Nathan Milstein has gained distinction as one of the most outstanding violin soloists on the concert stage. To an eager and receptive WSU audience. Milstein presented some of the finest and most familiar classics. In January 1966 Shirley Verrett returned for her second performance at WSU. having received a standing ovation from her last year's concert. This talented and beautiful mezzo-soprano has also appeared in places as distant as New York and the Soviet Union and has been rated among the world's great singers.66th sEASON: ,965-066 buoenb o -fsfsrs. “,r,e,or Celebrating h«s - uJerome Hines Hailed among the great bassos of the twentieth century, Jerome Hines has won acclaim in places such as New York, Moscow, Milan and Buenos Aires. Hines has performed often with every major American orchestra and is renowned as a concert singer as well as an operatic one. At his home theater, the Metropolitan, Hines has sung many of the great roles. He has done the title parts in “Don Giovanni" and "Boris Godounov", both King Philip and the Grand Inquisitor in “Don Carlo", Mephistopheles in "Faust". Sarastro in the "Magic Flute". King Markc in "Tristan and Isolde", Wotan in “Die Walkure”, Gurnemanz in "Parsifal” and Ramfis in "Aida". 94Janos Starker Each year Janos Starker, '“King of Cellists”, devotes part of his time to touring Europe and appearing at the major Music Festivals of the world. Not only has Starker graced Europe with his artistry, but he has also performed extensively in the United States both as a concert soloist and as a first chair cellist in such orchestras as the Dallas Symphony, the Metropolitan Opera and the Chicago Symphony. 95College Theatre Productions Right You Arc If You Think You Arc Everyman Summer and Smoke As You Like It A theatre production extends over many weeks not just a single week. 96Rehearsal and only rehearsal means perfection in production.Everyman 9899Right You Are if You Think You Are 100JO?Musical Productions 102 The Marriage of Figaro 103Academic Life 50.000 fish in the basement of Dr. Becker's home have been collected and classified by him. 104On the pollers wheel that he made. Mr. Schneider throws one of ihc many pots that he has designed for sales and for art shows. 105Dr. Canirick has for the past few years been experimenting with works that have primarily the same form as the avantgard trend now progressing in Luropc.Mr. Bastian displays oik of his thesis maps. His maps of the Great Lakes area arc done in the old style of artwork using his own patterns.Planting and caring for trees is more than a hobby to Dean Pierson. Dean Jenkins is also a ham radio operator. 108Mr, Cohan during his. recital.Mr. Rice and Dave Cooley go over a rnalh problem. Dr. Kroner joins the sing-along. 110Mr. Doxtator discusses a literature passage with Jerry Prcllwitz. Mr. Johnson checks geography lab work. Ill Dr. Gotham tells prospective students of WSU.Miss Gomez examines Spanish literature. Mrs. Kcrsl gives a few helpful hints to new student teachers. Physics can be a problem for students as Mr. Blochcr knows very well. 113Luck may 114sometimes help; nsWork“Where is the wisdom we 118have lost in knowledge? 119Where is the knowledge 120we have lost in information?” T. S. Eliot 121The great end of life is not knowledge . . . 124125We have not only obligations to fulfill . . .We have great opportunities to realize. J. F. KennedyAlpha Phi FRONT ROW: K. Post, J. M. Larsen, S. J. Wcsslcn, K. M. Timm, N. Schully, A. H. Knaack, M. J. Brill. 2nd ROW: J. A. Fredricks, S. J. Derksen, M. E. Martin, M. S. Howe, P. A. Wenker, N. M. Schmidt, M. A. Victs, M. L. Bubon. 3rd ROW: B. A. Brill, E. Wandschncidcr, P. L. Barry, D. M. Kanas, L. K. Rasch, P. A. O’Neil, S. R. Langton (Pres.), M. C. Hachmeister, L. J. Bablitch, D. A. Ray-more. 4th ROW: J. A. Gromoll (Trcas.), K. A. Krenz, A. J. Dowling, D. M. Lasinski, G. E. Campos. D. T. Orlando, L. M. Peters, C. A. Peterson, K. G. Gucths (V.P.), C. M. Derezinski 5th ROW: S. M. Schulz, B. V. Foxc, A. C. Thompson, P. A. Moffatt, K. J. Jcpsen, S. J. Kalt, M. K. Thorman, M. L. O'Keefe, A. I. O'Connell, L. E. Weber, J. F. Monroe, J. L. Sands. Alpha Phi Omega FRONT ROW: B. A. Hosterman (Pres.), R. E. Olson, R. L. Kracht, C. J. Worzella, R. O. Rcinkc (V-P), S. W. Roecklein, J. Schrciber, T. G. Grafenauer (Trcas.). 2nd ROW: G. S. Hano-ski (See.), C. W. Dahlk, G. J. Zwicky, P. L. Guenther, G. A. Simon- son, J. E. Conachen, J. K. Anderson. 3rd ROW: D. W. Colwell, D. E. Stroschinc, K. N. Haralson, M. R. Anderson (V-P), M. Mueller, J. A. Maas.Alpha Sigma Alpha FRONT ROW: C. Wanlcss, N. L. Inland. S. Schmicdlin, K. S. Thomas, K. L. Wurtz (Pres.), B. Williams, E. M. Brusk, S. M. How den. 2nd ROW: C. L. Could, R. L. Northrop. C. D. Becker, J. E. Karow, M. M. Wanichek, D. J. DeChambeau, M. C. Hick-ner, K. A. Zillmer, C. M. Heise, J. L. ChristofTersen. 3rd ROW: B. M. Kubehl, K. E. Radtke, K. L. Johnson, S. Jirovctz, P. J. Pope, M. Langton, B. A. Ellenson, P. Kroll, M. J. Leary- 4th ROW: J. A. Kraus, M. I. Prochnow, K. J. Riedel, D. M. Klipp-stein, P. A. Brown, P. A. Allen (V.P.), A. Martini, S. A. Sicbcrt, J. K. Chang. Delta Zeta FRONT ROW: R. J. Schmutzer, A. M. Pearson, F. T. Lewis, R. V. Sorensen, S. A. Christensen. 2nd ROW: M. M. McCullough, D. M. Tvcdt, L. E. Morasky, S. F. Schneider (Treas.), V. G. Clay (Pres.), M. L. Steward. C. A. Anchor. S. G. Washburn. 3rd ROW: S. M. Melchert, M. J. Becker, J. A. Unger, B. Weber, D. Evans, V. A. May, J. A. Stobbe, K. J. Zehner, J. C. Fullmer, D. B. Lewis. C. A. Wentworth. 4th ROW: S. D. Bergs. V. M. Grabowski, J. M. Kruger, C. A. Yach. L. A. Madsen. M. M. Hoffman, J. A. Holzmillcr, K. M. Campion, R. R. Dins, D. M. Franzcn. 5th ROW: L. Hall. K. A. Schenk. M. M. Broetz-man, S. J. Hirsch, A. K. Kuszynski, S. J. Shoemaker, E. E. Yelk, S. M. Strop. M. H. Nelson, P. E. Lyon, S. J. Herr, S. L. Bayard. 131Inter-Fraternity Council FRONT ROW: D. A. Bobrin, T. J. McCarrier, K. L. Zemanek, P. E. Gruenwald, L. C. Torgeson. 2nd ROW: L. G. Ncumcicr. J. F. Philipchuck, P. J. Kahlcr (Scc-Trcas.), J. R. Schmidt (Pres.), J. L. Glocke (V.P.), D. A. Johnson. 3rd ROW: L. D. Wright, D. C. Huth, P. J. Kane. Panhellenic Council FRONT ROW: V. L. Stillman, S. J. Shoemaker, M. L. O’Keefe, V. G. Clay, B. A. Jones. 2nd ROW: K. L. Wurtz, J. M. Kragcr, D. M. Rodziczak, S. R. Langton, K. J. Gueths, P. A. Allen. 132Phi Sigma Epsilon FRONT ROW: J. R. Fitzgerald, J. A. Liebenstein, J. R. Hillman, J. Schmidt (Pres.), G. J. Gibson (Adv.), D. A. Brown, T. L. Jungkuntz, L. E. Holmes. 2nd ROW: G- L. Zellmer, G. Goodman, C. H. Patchin, G. J. Herman, L. V. Zastrow, D. C. Kambach, D. A. Gruel, J. W. Kerkenbush, J. V. Davis, A. R. Millar. 3rd ROW: K. P. Petersen, J. L. Zabel, J. F. Lewis, H. M. Ochs, D. J. Baldovin, P. J. Kahlcr, D. L. Miller, L. P. Meyer, D. Valentine (V.P.), W. G. Rudersdorf. 4th ROW: S. E. Allen, R. W. Colvin, R. J. Fahrbach, W. L. Hembrook, L. P. Prcll. 5th ROW: F. Barnes, T. R. Thiclkc, D. I. Huinke, R. V. Tucker, K. L. I.udkc, T. G. Berghuis, T. Wyllie, M. G. Wundrock, J. R. Ungrodt, C.A. Akey (Treas.). Psi Delta Psi FRONT ROW: D. M. Rodziczak, C. A. Foss, S. Kauss, J. C. Markee, B. A. Jones (Pres.), P. A. Ruda, V. L. Stillman (V.P.). 133 2nd ROW: J. Backhaus, R. Knipp, L. M. Buyarski, J. C. Ruda, S. J. Havlik, J. K. Neuman.Sigma Phi Epsilon FRONT ROW: S. F. Baltus, D. Hauler, J. F. Hilgart, G- T. Wand- schneidcr, T. W. Gulan, N. J- Gould. 2nd ROW: M. A. Paulsen, G. R. Hein, E. W. Ferrall, G. L. Kramer, J. A. Anheier, J. R. Cmcyla, R. M. Donatcll. 3rd ROW: D. E. Clark, M. N. Peters, R. L. Lange, D. A. Gilge, R. W. Harris, R. C. Gayeske. 4th ROW. R. J. Kutella (Pres.), T. Nl. Paegelow, G. E. Finch, M. O. Sim. inons, D. E. Tekowski. FRONT ROW: D. S. Fausch, R. J. Fullmer, D. L. Schultz, G. R. Kcllett, P. MeGivern (V-P), B. Burt, L. D. Bogatin, M. L. Schillc-man. 2nd ROW: D. J. Lcider, B. A. Norem, J. R. Peterson, I. J. Niemezyk, B. L. Zacharias, J. Pierson, J. C. Finger. 3rd ROW: P. M. Keeffe, A. L. Stormocn, J. F. Hauser, J. Martin, D. C. Huth, R. W. Dchn. D. C. Knox. 4th ROW: II. J. Ilelmlc, R. T. Mc-Granc, K. H.' Searl, J. C. Avery, J. D. Omcmik, P. W. Hamm, S. E. Laedtke. 134Sigma Pi FRONT ROW: B. U. Kozlowski. T. Kluek (V. Pres ), R. A. Pepper, D. A. Bobzin (Treas.), R. Stegeman, T. L. Zmuda (Pres.), J. W. Kochi, E. A. Lindner, L. G. Ncumeier. 2nd ROW: C. H. Schmid (Advisor), L. V. Wysocki, A. J. Takishian, L. M. Fochs, R. E. Skinner, T. J. McCarrier, R. Porubean (Treas.), J- Philipchuck, M. McMahon (Sec.), M. A. Hollands. R. E. Olc n (Advisor). 3rd ROW: D. D. Fait, D. J. Hobin, J. J. Dando, D- l' Harris, J. F. Spatzek, J. J. Tomczak. Sigma Tau Gamma FRONT ROW: P. Jushka, B. C. Aabel, L- C. Torgeson (v. pres.), W. W. Schenk, L. Cruthcrs (Pres.), R. Rosing, R. Scott, P. Bratz. 2nd ROW: R. Herbert, G. J. Caanano, R. Snow, M. McGill, W. E. Biclenbcrg (Treas ), T. ZirtzlafT, K. J. Pajewski, J. Nirschl, J. Glockc. 3rd ROW: R. R. Kuchnc, M. Schlosser, D. J. Emmerich, P. D. Tofte, J. T. Shilling, M. D. Morgan, J. Daeblcr, H. Way, R. Rathke, G. Tiggcrs, G. Jackson, J. McGrath. 4th ROW: E- F. Hamilton, D. Patrnaude, A. Piekanki, A. Fehnnann, R. J. Olsen, J. C. Fowlc, L. Marcisz, J. A. Hclache, K. Zcmanck, K. Jaeger, J. Skrade. 135Tau Gamma Tau A. Rickman, E. C. Howard (Sec.), C. A. Huettner (Pres.), S. L. (V-P), A. M. Baker, C. J. Howie, E. M. Rathkc. T. K. Teppen- McGill, E. Sparks, M. J. Johnson. Not pictured: O. E. Kliinkc hardt, W. II. Paul. Tau Kappa Epsilon FROST ROW: R. C. Riley, D. M. Uvold, R. W. Schaal, P. E. Gruenwald, D. Nlenzel, G S. Engfcr, D. Belanger, D. L. Wavic. 2nd ROW: D. J. Wolf, D. L. Becker (V.P.), W. F. Liberty, D. A. Johnson, J. C. DeWitt, T. F.. Flood. J. M. Keefe, D. R. Palm-quist (Sec.), B. J. HeHick (Pres.), T. Mosgaller. 3rd ROW: B. Geipel, T. F. Hunt, P. N. Kopplin, R. Albert, F. Jensen, R. E. Jurgens, G. L. Lasch, B. Way (Trcas.), C. O. Kuchl, P. J. Kane. 4th ROW: C. J. Sroda, J. A. Ugcrbloom. C. Skagen, W. T. Oso-ski, E. E. Neubaucr. 5th ROW: D. A. Wahlcrs, A. L. Stueck, G. J. Dallman, J. A. Best, R. A. West, R. W. Sands, E. K. Schnell, P. G. Kallas, R. D. Rutta, G. L. Hocnotski. 136“S” Club FRONT ROW: D. A. BenchofF, R. Tcrnouth, D. R. Dehlingcr (Adv.), J. H. Lawetzki, J. Steinberg, P. M. Seiler. 2nd ROW: J. L. Gehin, G. F. Tigges, F. A. Charland, S. E. Johnson, H. M. Ochs, G. J. Herman. 3rd ROW: G. F. Klingbail. D. Bay, G. Bishop, L. E. Holmes, R. C. Riley, R. W. Schaal, G. Goodman. 4th ROW: D. W. Sambs, C. Beecher, M. G. Wumdrock, M. T. Scegcr, J. R. Fitzgerald, R. J. Olsen, J. T. Shilling. 5th ROW: A. R. Schroeder, C. L. Ritzenthalcr, W. M. Ferge, J. Hansen, J. V. Gaigals, T. Beversdorf. FRONT ROW: P. J. Birkcl (Treas.), J. DeBrain, D. J. Anderson (V.P.), T. G. Grafenauer, B. C. Christianson, J. R. Hillman. 2nd ROW: J. R. Wohlt (Sec.), W. H. Terry, T. A. Frank. D. L. Jurgel-la, L. M. Halverson (Pres.), B. Gclwicks, 1). A. Wolf, T. Heimerl, D. A. Fuchs. 3rd ROW: M. E. Cattanach, J. Z. Zabel, H. W. Fleck, J. H. Kriegl, J. P. Prais, P. E. LaMerc, R. J. Grote, W. Zuege, L. C. Whiffen. 137“550” FRONT ROW: R. W. Page (Pres), R. B. Prince, J. D. Stauf-fachcr, A. A. Elsen, M. J. Flcnnikcn, P. R. Tollakscn. J. M. Funk. R. E. Pfeiffer. 2nd ROW: W. A. Brockman, J. S. Anchor, W. W. Larson (Sec.), C. R. Whittaker, D. P. Paustcnbach (V.P.), S. B. Westre, J. J. Belke, D. E. Schulfer, J. W. Cook. 3rd ROW: B. Lejczymki, R. J. Lamberty, J. A. Wanke, (Treas.), A. J. Larson, E. J. Skarda, T. F. Weitkunat, W. D. Potterville, R. Oberg, J. M. Cherry, S. E. Turner. 4th ROW: D. G. Tschurwald. R. J. Bonki, T. P. Hofslicn, D. Mcch, D. P. Tennessen. K. L. Ellerman, R. E. Zaborski, J. A. Bullian, R. F. Scheible. SIASEFI FRONT ROW: J. D. Stauffachcr, W. W. Larson, A. A. Elsen Edwards, J. R. Tollaksen. 3rd ROW: J. E. Schwciger, R. F. Bcrard, III, R. W. Lorang, D. A. Anderson (Pres.), D. D. Scbold (V.P.). D. R. Hints, J. E. Cooper (Sec.), G. Cyrus, B Shepherd, J. D. 2nd ROW: T. J. Roberts, R. E. Raud (Treas.), D. R. Kcdruwski, Waterman, T. W. Craig. W. E. Burke, D. J. Wenkman, F. Vanllollc, J. D. Schultz, R. A. 138AWS FRONT ROW: J. E. Newby (V.P.), M. A. Lauer, P. A. O’Neil I angton, P. J. Pagenkopf, L. J. Westing, J. W. Weiss, R. M. (Pres.), K. J. Guettis (Treas.), J. A. Stobbe. 2nd ROW: S. R. Nickolai, B. N. Vangcn, A. Martini. Baldwin Hall Council FRONT ROW: J. M. Cason (Treas ), D. J. Steffen (V.P.), W. S. McKee (Adv.), J. W. Eggcnbcrger. 2nd ROW: G. A. Kiedrowski, 139 W. E. Haglund (Sec.), G. J. Kohl, G. C. Patrick, R. M. Bejcek, R. L. Doucette (Pres.), J. P. Pauer, R. Koenig (Not pictured).Delzell Hall Council FRONT ROW: C. J. Krcgcr. G. J. Reader, R. Riedncr, (Sec.), K. I. Steubcr, V. A. May, P. J. Pagcnkopf, R. M. N’ickolai (V.P.), S. A. Wilke, S. J. Pope (Pres.). 2nd ROW: D. Tvedt, C. J. Micssncr, R. A. Runquist (Trcas.), R. V. Sorensen, J. Krzykow-ski, V. M. Grabowski, P. M. Michaclcc, S. E. Sweeney, P. E. Lyon, D. A. Ettcn. Hyer Hall Council FRONT ROW: M. E. Kohel, W. R. Edwards, T. W. Miles (Pres), P. R. Laubcnstcin, W. J. Tomcck, T. J. Dicck, S. A. Kochcl, K. I). W. Chevalier, (Trcas.), R. E. Simkins, P. F. Miller. 2nd ROW: Ludkc, E. K. Schuell, J. J. Blohowiak, J. C. DeWitt. 140International Student Organization FRONT ROW: E. Y. Mi yaga wa, K. K. Ishu (Sec.), H. Kubo, S. A. Sccltnan, D. Evans, S. A. Johnson, D. A. Grant. 2nd ROW: G. H. . shy (Pres.), R. V. Lloyd, A. Takcda, D. F. Koshi, K. Iwata, W. K. Tcpfcnhardt, J. Kosolcharocn, D. J. Borley, (V.P.), J. M. Kellerman. 3rd ROW: II. G. Deutschmann, D. M. Goodwin, B. Makobero, D. Matsoukas, J. M. Ogweno, T. Kii, I. Soranaka, E. C. Njoka. Neale Hall Council FRONT ROW: A. J. Janczak, G. A. Cums (Pres.), K. E. Kcpple, S. A. Grabarski, C. M. Burger, N. E. Caves. 2nd ROW: S. J. Gregerson, L. G. Caves, J. R. Lemkc, C. A. Howard, M. Taylor Ml (V.P.), L. M. Bulman, B. A. Hutchinson, J. L. Bernards, S. A. Mitten, S. L. Benson.Nelson Hall Council FRONT ROW: L. J. Westing, C. M. Capstran, K. A. McAlpin (Trcas.), J- W. Weiss (Pres.), C. L. Gould (V.P.), V. A. Small (See.), C. A. Lussky, S. L. Watzke. 2nd ROW: V. S. Pierce, P. A. LcClair, J A. Rocnsch, B. J. Youngerman, G. E. Sandersen, N. L. McGillivray, M. L. Krause, B. J. Ilankcy, S. S. Schaefer, S. L. Pokcla, D. M. Schultz. Pocket Billiards League FRONT ROW: O. F. Steiner (Adv.), S. C. Anderson (Team Capt.), VV. E. Biclcnbcrg, M. Foster. 2nd ROW: L. J. Verhagen, T. J. Frisch (V.P.), J. G. Egen, E. A. Krajcck (Pres.). 142Pray-Sims Hall Council FRONT ROW: D. J. Love, A. N. Bandoli, G. Paul, D. A. Modra, S. F. Rol in (Pres.), C. R. Hcisc (See.). 2nd ROW: D. M. Hack-barth, R. Pilmonas, E. P. Anderlik, J. R. Skradc, G. D. Blahnik, A. J. Gallenbcrg, S. A. Benzine. 3rd ROW: J. F. Gavin, G. Haupoldt. T. Frank, J. Palmisano, G. M. Munia, M. C. Berg-mann. Resident Hall Council FRONT ROW: D. A. Johnson, D. C. Knox, W. S. McKee (Pres.), W. R. Edwards. R. D. Krueger, T. W. Miles (Trcas.), J. P. Paver, D. A. Chandler. 2nd ROW: F. C. Schir.clzlc, E. M. Bartclt, 143 C. A. Howard, J. W. Weiss, K. I. Steuber (Sec.), S. A. Wilke, D. M. Kanas.Roach Hall Council FROST ROW: J. Hottmann, C. A. Raddant, C. J. Szutkowski, B. J. Shaffer, J. J. Hansen, E. B. Putnam, B. A. Blakey, (Pres.), M. Giovctti. 2nd ROW: L. J. Hansen. D. J. Gelhar (Sec.), M. A. Hazlewood, P. A. Econom, M. B. Middleton, F. C. Schmel-zlc, B. R. Schaitel. Powder Buffs FROST ROW: S. G. Amachcr, A. Martini, M. B. Wenzelow, C. K. Janz, J. C. Gntbc, K. S. Bowen, G. E. Zcmlicka, M. A. Laucr. 2nd ROW: H. P. Pearson, J. A. Gromoll, B. A. Hotter man, J. J. Persike, T. D. Villand, A. M. Tanoc, J. P. Prais, L. D. Koko, M. M. Braun. 3rd ROW: R. E. TeRondc, T. H. Kraut-kramcr, T. F. Hunt, T. W. Wadzinski, S. E. Rees, S. E. Turner, R. J. I-angjahr, C. B. Skagen, J. A. LeDuc, G. Stingl. 4th ROW: J. H. Maxon, R. Albert (Sec.), B. H. Parker, G. L. Whitman. 144Smith Hall Council FRONT ROW: J. P. Hamilton, R. L. Simonscn, D. J. Lcidcr (V.P.), M. L. Schilleman (Treat.). T. L. Holly (See.), W. R. Johnson. 2nd ROW: J. S. Streichcr, D. L. Pedersen, J. P. Mo Namce, G. B. Wcsoloski, T. R. Gustin. H. J. Peterson, D. A. Chandler (Pres.). FRONT ROW: P. Entringer, E. K. Hansmire. J. R. Frisch (Treat.), W. M. Gillb (See.), W. Bielcnberg (Pres.), T. J. Frisch, D. A. Johnson. 2nd ROW: D. M. Goodwin, E. G. 145 Hayes, B. M. Wahl, D. C. Knox. D. J. Hill, A. L. Krass (V.P.), D. R. Howard.Student Senate FROST ROW: L. J. Boatman (See.). P. L. Barry. M. H. Nelson, J. F. Hauser, R. Glowac, B. Nchring (Treas.), L. D. Wright, J. E. P. A. Knowlton. 2nd ROW: W. I,. Kostroski (Pres.), R. S. La- Conachcn. Brant. K. J. Jcpsen (V.P.), B. V. Foxc. 3rd ROW: P. Harris, University Center Board 46 FROST ROW: R. I.. Northrop (Sec ), K. M. Kline, J. F. Monroe, K. A. Davis. 2nd ROW: R. Hachct (Adv.), J. B. Cropper, R. J. Schrank (Treas.), R. J. Kutclla, C. Malick (Pres.), T. H. Goltz, R. E. Smolinski.University Center Board FRONT ROW: F.. A. Grow, J. F. Laufenberg, J. K. Weber. P. J. Pope, L. A. Hamm, G. A. Greesiak, E. G. Okray, J. M. Patterson, J. Logan. 2nd ROW: R. E. Smolinski, M. C. Theiw, G. D. Blahnik. D. A. Modra, G. H. Hanson. S. J. Katt, B. A. Strclkc, K. I- Zuenglcr, W. E. Biclcnberg, T. C. Hacvcrs, G. Young. S. W. Roecklcm. Women’s Recreation Association FRONT ROW: N. L. Eggcncr. S. A. Kauss, C. A. Spychalla (V-P). 2nd ROW: S. M. Van-denbusch. E. H. Patterson (Treas.), T. J. Eschcnburg. J. M. Sandln-rg. K- Singer (Pres.), X. K. Arnold (Sec.). 147Young Democrats FRONT ROW: K. Piekarski. S. L. Michel, N. L. Daniel (Sec.), D. L. Goff, C. J. Bin . C. E. Mittclstcadt, K. F.. Woznicki, D. C. Lanzillotti. 2nd ROW: K. P. Schultz, J. A. LcDuc, G. D. Blah-nik, D. A. Modra, H. B. Helwig, M. A. Soper, B. Girard, D. L. Clemens, D. S. Fausch, A. Piekarski. 3rd ROW: R. E. Smolinski, G. L. Gisselman, W. E. Wiesjahn, D. Patcnaudc, G. Whitman, J. A. Manis (Treas.), J. M. Kellennan, T. R. Leider, B. Steiner. Young Republicans 148 FRONT ROW: K. L. Wurtz, J. E. Plautz, M. L. Robinson. J. A. Maas, C. S. Acer (See.), J. C. Fullmer, P. I. Anderson. 2nd ROW: D. W. Hopkins, P. J. Auairc, W. D. Chiappini, M. R. An- derson. R. E. Owens, W. R. Sprague, W. R. Samuelson, S. W. Roccklein.Band FRONT ROW: B. J. Peters, R. A. Nyre, L. Wood, A. R. Jack-jon, K. K. Isaacson, S. L. Hcndrccks, C. A. Fijalkicwicz, M. D. Rocmcr. 2nd ROW: J. A. Spindler, J. I- Bernards, M. A. Rindt, S. E. Ncssa, K. A. Krenz (Pres.), M. E. Day, L. L. Lehto, M. K. Giflin. 3rd ROW: D. R. Nordall, P. V. Bcycrl, R. L. Fellcnz, R. A. Prcchcl, C. M. Pederson, W. F. Liberty, B. Nchring, J. C. Hclkc, M. Murdock, M. Taylor, M. M. Toniashek, T. G. Braever. 4th ROW: F. Kurucz, P. J. Allaire, J. A. Anheier, C. Olson, T. L. Brass Choir Gorges. L. E. Truitt, L. E. Williamson, L. W. Vcrshcin, D. W. Smith, L. L. Schroedcr, R. A. Jaeger. 5th ROW: D. Wcasler, J. O. Kjosa. J. Misenko, B. M. Wallace, J. J. Wilson, M. C. Beach, P. C. Baumgarten, R. A. Hermanson, K. Nl. Buzzell, W. Corn. 6lh ROW: J. A. Ijgerbloom, C. R. Olsen. P. J. Kaland. R. L. Kcown. G. J. Ertl (V.P.), N. C. Tomey, T. M. Schlcier, G. M. Boyce, D. J. Sicja, J. Boehm, R. A. King, L. E. Ammel, E. G. Walters, D. E. Stroschine. 149 FRONT ROW: D. Stroschine, J. Wilson, G. Ertl, C. Emerson, M. Rindt, J. Nichols, M. Mor inski, E. Walters, R. Van Nuys (Di rector), J. LaValle, D. Weasler. BACK ROW: P. Baumgarten, C. Olson, R. Kcown, R. Fellenz, I). Becker, N. Tomey.Choir FRONT ROW: J. Wessell, P. Morgan. G. Miller, S. Laakso, J. Hanneman, P. Cornwell, J. Seefeldt. K. Johnson. C. Cole, J. Nichols, C. Fijalkiewicz, L. Palmer, C. Egcdal, K. Stcigcnberger, A. Jackson. 2nd ROW: D. Dick (Adv.), C. Breneman, E. Megy-ra, M. Murdock, E. Bowen, M. Broneszewski, M. Wasko, N. Olsen. V. Mcrriman, B. Kpple, K. Gchrke, S. Pluitcr. I). Marshall. C. Osowski, C. Hitt, J. Bernards. S. Nessa, M. Rindt. S. Salewski. K. Cotrone. 3rd ROW: P. Schrciber, L. Schroeder, M. Johnson. D. Berg, K. Eincichncr, B. Peterson. B. Braun, I.. Rude, S. Berg, C. Stor l ach, I,. Williamson, A. Pcct, S. Hassel, K. Dobbc, J. Nyc, D. DcChambeau, M. L’ntz. K. Anderson, W. Hettinga, J. Wilson, D. Schmitz. 4th ROW: M. Lucck, D. Trapp, L. Vcrthcin, P. Allaire, J. Gilteshy, G. Mauritz, K. Buz ell, R- Hermanson, D. Christofferson, S. Kromholz, W. Wallace, R. King, L. Truitt, D. Smith, R. Hertel, D. Wahlers, K. Howe, J. Weekly. 5th ROW: G. Kober, M- Wanicheck, W. Nchring, L. Ammcl, C. Emerson, P. Baumgerten, J. Kjosa, R. Holquist, N. Tomcy, J. Miscnko, T. Gorges, M. Stoltenberg, H. Leek, C. Olson, Wl. Corn, M. Dhein, L. Wood. Clarinet Choir FRONT ROW: K. A. Krenz 2nd ROW: T. G. Braever, B. M. Wallace, D. R. Nordall, C. M. Pederson, D. A. Wahlers. 130College Theatre FRONT ROW: M. C. Ustruch, C. Roodhouse. L. Oberman. L. J. Klobukowski, J. Priimn, A. Takcda (Trcas.), M. A. Jclich, D. Gryglcwski. 2nd ROW: J. A. Buttcrbrodt, B. Birrcnkott, C. Krause, M. J. Jotwick, B. L. Willett, S. E. Rees, J. R. Weaver (Sec.), M. Worman, M. J. Leary. 3rd ROW: P. Beyerl, P. E. Bratz, D. J. Wisby, D. J. Novak, C. J. Parkovich, R. C. Copeland, R. J. Sindric, J. M. Glinski (V.P.). French Club FRONT ROW: E. H. Patterson, J. P. McNamee, Nl. J. Ellcfson (Sec.)- 2nd ROW: J. H. Molcpskc (Pres.), L. R. Hoelt (V.P.). 151German Club FRONT ROW: F. P. Alber (Adv.), W. K. Tepfenhardt, P. M. Bauman, A. A. Bortz, Dr. P. A. Kroner (Adv.). 2nd ROW: V. U. Pctznick, R. V. Lcsczynski, T. W. Rohm. R. O. Reinke, H. G. Dcutschmann. Girl’s Glee Club FRONT ROW: K. Howe, B. Benson. I). Trapp, S. Hassel, K Steigen-berger. J. Spindler. C. Cone. F. Salzman, Nl. W'anichek. K. Johnson. J. Helkc, M. Uniz. 2nd ROW: C. Osowjki. M. Day, K. Odling, M. Bartel. J. Hanneman. D. Berg. S. Knutsen, J. Weber, K. Krenz, N. Olson, C. Carnveau. H. Jackson. K. Kesler. 3rd ROW: C. F.gedahl, L. Rude, M Walt, A. Kuszynski, K. Davis. S. Pluster. J. Bachkaus. C. Hitz, B, Peterson, J. Weekly. S. Troyanski, L. Lehto, D. Cjalkowski, T. G. Cultice.Men’s Glee Club FRONT ROW: J. L. Berg. J. W. Sccfeldt. L. C. Krueger. G. H. Cowles. D. M. Bushman. G. A. Kiedrowski, K. M. Keefe, D. R. Belanger. 2nd ROW. R C. Riley, K. W. Klawiter, J. A. LeDuc, C. G. Moon. J. II. .Maxon, G. L. Whitman. J. A. Best. I). E. Berg, G. W. Jackson, N. E. Knutzcn (Adv.). 3rd ROW: Mr. Clements (Adv.), L. J. Bolcsa, R. II. Pricbe, J. G. Parker, J. C. DeWitt, W. H. Way, S. A. Haag, E. S. Johnson. R. J. Presl. 4th ROW: L. J. Kostrova, S. Gonskc, J. K. Fox, V. U. Pctznick, R. E. Jurgens (Pres ), A. J. Stark. E. E. Neubauer. R. C. Olson, G. C. David, P. A. Braun. Russian Club FRONT ROW. L. Szramko (Pres), N. K. Arnold (V.P.), P. M. Bauman. A. B. Kamiruka. 2nd ROW: A. G. Dimof, D. Bob in. 153Student Art League FRONT ROW: L. A. Pumper, M. C. A Person, J. R Chang. A. W. Dennis, E. O Undner, E. C. Kalke (V.P.). 3rd ROW: J. L. Culler. R. Waisbrot. L. J. Boatman. 2nd ROW: F. L. Hoffman. B. Karberg, T. I). R. Frcdrich. Student Chapter, American Guild of Organists FRONT ROW: S. S. Salewski. A R Jackson. B J. Epple. 2nd ROW: (Advisor). J. M. 'niomas. B.A. Peterson, C. A. Osowski, I). I- Marshall (Pres.), R. A. Hcrtcl.Spanish Club FRONT ROW: L. L. Loewcr. S. C. Cummings (See.), R. A. Sackmann, Moon. H. Mate. J. E. Yach (V.P.). H. G. I)euischmann (Pres ), I). S. Norhma Gomez (Adv.), K. A. Ringstead (Treas.). 2nd ROW: C. G. Amaral. V Alpha Gamma FRONT ROW: G. J. Gibson (Adv.), D. R Balousek. I). A. Aronson, R. C. Wesell, I). M. Kopitzke (Sec.). W. L. Kostroski. J. P. Prais. R. S. R. E. Smolinski (Pres.). H. B. Helwig (V.P.), G. Kind (Adv.). 2nd ROW: LaBrani, K. L. Zemanck, I). A. Miller (Treas.), L. M. Grygiel. 155Alpha Kappa Lambda FRONT ROW: R. N. Hauvcr, W. E. Wheeler. B S«ephen»n. P. B. Holden (Pres ), E. K. Wcingartcn, W. S. McKee. V. J. Starostka, F. J. Gamen ind. 2nd ROW: M W. VVolter (Treas,), K. Jung, I). B. I.esczyn-ski, J. 1). Jeske, C. A. Laakso, P. C. Claussen, R. A. Frandy, R. Buckley, R. E. Kerl, J. F. Palmisano. 3rd ROW: R. L. Kracht, W. E. Bielchberg. K. I.. Zuengeler, I). A. Meronk, W. T. Thorn, R. Maitton, P. M. Strand. E. J. l-esc ynski. M. J. Sloan. 4ift ROW: T. N. Seefeldt, T. H. Marx, M. J. Thome, J. G. Yettcr. R. J. Langsahr. 5th ROW: M. J. Micke. K. D. Matzdorf, R. P. Ostermick, E. R. Br.ivn, R. 0. Kurowski, M. A. Schultz, E. K. Hanunire, R. W. Willey. G. L. Gullickson, R T. Graetz. Alpha Psi OmegaA.W.S. Honor Society FRONT ROW: B J Epplc. F. T. Lewi , P A Ruda. S A. Christensen. 2nd ROW: M. J. Sullivan (V.P.), M. J. Leary. J. L. Sands. J..L. DeVViu (Sec.-Treas.). J. A. Gromoll (Pres ). 3rd ROW: K. M. Campion. J. I.. Kuml, M. L. Bartels, M. A. Jelich, Nl. F.. Humke. Delta Omicron FRONT ROW: M. A. Rindt (Treas.), P. A. Morgan, A. R. Jackson (Sec.), M. V, Lueck. 2ndROW: R. A. Nyre (Pres.), J. Backhaus. B. J. Epple. M M. Wanichek (V.P.). 157Delta Phi Delta FROST ROW: M. C. Anderson, L. J. Boatman, J. K. Chang (Treas.), b(«(, C. L. Monroe, E. K. Drake (Adv.). 3rd ROW: R R. Frcdrich. V. A. May. 2nd ROW: L. A. Pumper. H. L. Bartkowiak. A. W. Wan- E C. Kalke (Pres ), W. J. Karberg, T. I). Dennis. E.O. Lindner (V.P.). Economics and Business Association FRONT ROW: L. L. Oberman. K. H. Lau, L. K Ritkert. 2nd ROW: J. E. Shippy. J. R Pehlke, P. J. Fulton, I). G. Tjchurwald, R. J. Fahr-hath, M. C. Zicmer, I). C. Marx. 3rd ROW: M. I„ Stankowski, W. R. 158 Glinski, R. I. Weisbrod. B. R. Budiibcrg, J. H. 1-ingloi (Pres.), I). R. Balousek (Treas.). W E. Wiesjahn.Future Elementary Teachers Association FRONT ROW: A A. Bom. I. I. Plautz. K J. Cueths (Sec). 2nd ROW: p. j. Kane. J K DcBruin. A. R.Slea(V-P). R. L. l-»brie. L. E. Cummings (Pres ).A. N. Beauchaine Geography Association T. H. Goltz (Retiring Pres ), I). H. Resheske (Retiring Sec-Treat ), C. |„ Wot (Prn H. A. Wegner (Scc-Treas). 159Home Ec. Club FRONT ROW: S. A. Seclman, B. All. R. D. Bubolz, C. C. Kueglcr. S. F. Knutson, S. A. Porter, C. J. Prell. 2nd ROW: S. A. Christensen, L. J. Lockwood, J. C. Schombcrg. S. M. Strop. C. B. Wywialowski (Pres ), A. S. Xussbaum (V.P.), C. A. Stcckbaucr (Sec.), R A, Hill (Treas). 3rd ROW: J. M. Akers, S. Murray, E. A. Kraemer, J. M. Korpella. C. A. Damrow, L. M. Buyarski. M. M. HolTman. E. M. Swiontck, C. L. Pederson. J. C. Grube, S. Jirouetz, S. L. Haczynski. Jth ROW: L. R. Nlelehert, I). R. Dietzman, R, Knipp, S. M. Behn, M. L. Jepson. B. C. Braun, L. Blashka, J. Becker. L J. Wesling. A. M. Helser. K. J. Gueths. 5th ROW: M. I). Getlinger. S. N. Schulz. J. A, Mayo. J. A. Ciriacks, C. L. Koukel. Y. R. Vorpagel, E. Seidlinger, I). I). Eckert, L. E. Schicsser. S. L. Watzke, J. B. Werner. C. A. Foss. Iris FRONT ROW: C. C. Kuegler (Co-Ed.), J. A. Przekurat, P. A. Maldonis (Co-Ed.) 2nd ROW: J P McXamee, J. L. Hahs, I) I.. Goff, K K Sabrowsky, G. Rcttke (Adv. Mgr ). 3rd ROW. R. J. Buckley. R J. 160 Sindric, R. C. Copeland, R. E. Fichweg, T. G. Kujawski, C. L. Monroe (Co-Ed. not pictured).Math Symposium FRONT ROW: D. A. Gram. K. S. Bowen. I). Koepke, T. J. Esehen- M. Halada, R. I). Rucinski, J. H. Gehrke. 3rd ROW: L. G. Ncumncr, burg, K. K. Isaacson 2nd ROW: E. C. Xjoka. R. A. Nelson (V.P.). J. L. S. Kurzynski (Pres.), VV. J. Cable (Adv.). Phi Alpha Theta FRONT ROW: P. A. Ruda (Pres.), R. L. Winter (Treas.), C. S. Ander- Meissner, C. E. Anderson, J. M. Sever a. P. L. Guenther. F. A. Kremplc son, M. E. Schrcibcr, J. J. Stas ak. Y. M. Klemm. 2nd ROW: M. K. (Adv.). 161Phi Mu Alpha FRONT ROW: L. E. Truitt. D. Weasler. R. A. King. P. C. Baumgar-tcn, R. A. Prcchel, R. A. Hcrtcl (See.), R L. Fellenz. 2nd ROW: I). E. Strosehine. C. R. Olsen, G J. Ertl (Pres.), J. J. Wilson. D. A. Wahlers (V.P.), R. A. Holquist (Treas.), H. H. l.eek, T. G. Braevcr (Adv.). Pointer FRONT ROW: P. A. Thomas. J. M. Grabowski. E. H. Roth. S. A. R. W. Holden. D. R Hartfiel. T. F. Usch. G. G. Kemmeter. T. W. Wantv. 2nd ROW: II. Brunow, E. J. Fish.J. W. Weiss. B. J. Birrcnkott. Craig (Editor). M.J. Troy. K. A. Frandy, W. Trutenko, R. E. Fichwee. 3rd ROW: I). L. Hanson, 162Political Science Ass’n FRONT ROW. H. B Helwig, J. P Pf.fTner, P. I. Anderson. J. I). Prais, R. J. Schrank. 2nd ROW: G. Prcllwitz, R. YVoznicki. R. S. La-Brant, M. K. Meissner, J. H. Langlois, J. A. 1-eDuc, N. L. Skibcki. 3rd ROW: R. E. Smolinski, J. R. Kildow. R. J. Fahrbach, R I. YVeisbrod. YV. R. Glinski. Mr. F. M. Cates Ad v.). Junior Primary Council FRONT ROW. R E. Meyers (Treas), S. C. YVutke (Pres). C. L. Whipple (V.P.), S. E. Sweeney. 2nd ROW: C. E. Mittelstcadt, G. J. Reader. J. K. YVidoc. S. J. Gregerson, K. L. Sasse. 163Senior Primary Council FRONT ROW: M. B. Jcskc. D. M. Buchberger (V.P.). N. C. Knaack Beach, G. E. Campos. S. S. Schaefer, A. K. Danielson. A. L. Torkelson. (Pres.), N. L. McCillivray, B. L. Zingg. 2nd ROW: J. L. Svoboda, J. G. L. G. Ziglinski, R. M. Bilkey. Hclke, S. M. Meter, J. M. Nlarguardi, J. A. Spychalla. 3rd ROW: M. C. Secondary Education Association FRONT ROW: C. S. Fisher, L. K Rickert, K L Lau, L. L. Oberman, N. L. Soldner. 2nd ROW: J. Olson. P. A. Parsons. P. A. Ruda (Sec), 164 B. J. Birrenicou, K. S. Bowen, A. A. Graver. 3rd ROW: J. A. Mass, Y. Klcmm. M.J. Leary (Treat.), D. R Hanfiel (Pres.), M. C. Ziemer.Sigma Mu Tau FROST ROW: K. J. Zehner. S. L. Bayard (V. Pres). 2nd ROW: G. L. Zellmcr. S. Orlowski, C. A. Madsen. Sigma Tau Delta FRONT ROW: J M. Olson. C. C. Kuegler, C. J. Counard, R. Remke. P. L. Guenther, S. L. Krause (Treas.). N. H. Soldner. 2nd ROW: M. B 165 Krueger, I.. C. Jaeger, J. C. Markee. B J. Birrenkou, M.J. Leary, M. L. Bartels. K. M. Campion, J. A. Holxmiller.Sigma Zeta FRONT ROW: C. C. Kuegler (V.P.), I). Y. Wingender. E. G. Giese. ROW: K. N. Haratson. R D. Rucinski, L. L. Schoch (Pres), D. L. R. Knipp. C. A. Foss, K. K. Isaacson, I). A. Grant, J. B. Werner. 2nd Clemens. W. R. Beversdorf. I.. G. Neumcicr, D. A. Gasch Speech Hearing Association FRONT ROW: T. J. Wentland, I). Aylesworth (Adv.), G. Johnson J L Sands, B. Nolan. 3rd ROW: S. M. Schoch, B. N. Vangen. M. M. (Adv.). 2nd ROW: C. A. Krause. J. A. Gromoll, G. J. Girard (V.P.), Mertens. S. L. Lcmkc, D. B. Tepp(Treas.). 166Canterbury Club FRONT ROW: H. T. Hall. J. R. Widoc. I). A. Gram. B A. Pelletier (Pres). 2nd ROW: D. C. Reno. I). I). Tincher. R. C. Copeland. N. L. Roddick. C. K. Blaus. Christian Science FRONT ROW: S. R Langton (V-P). J. M. Polzin, J. L. Merrinun. 2nd ROW: O. A. Essiet (Advisor). W. Quade. M. 1-ington, D. W. Mueller (Pres ). 167Council of Religious Organizations FROST ROW: J. A. Peterson. P. A. Johnson. R. W. Henrichs. M. McMahon, J. L. Cutler. S. S. Schaefer. P. Johnson, P. J. Kaland (Chm.). Deseret Club FROST ROW: D. A. White (Adv). I). A. Benchoff (Pres), J. C. Fullmer (See). R J. Fullmer. D. P. Warren (V.P.). 168Gamma Delta FRONT ROW: K laacson (Pres.), I I Plautz. J. A. Peterson. L. C. Jaeger. J. C. Abel (See.). I). Franz, R. L. Zuege. Y. Hanmann. S. M. Behn. 2nd ROW: M. Schreiber, C. A. Damrow. M. V. I.ueek, B. S. Nyen. V. Born. B. K LaFave, I). M. Schultz. S. J. Christian. 3rd ROW: R. Blanchard. P. J. Kaland. P. A. Johnson. P. A. Johnson. T. Meier (V-P), P. W. VVilsmann. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship FRONT ROW: L. G. Ziglituki. J. M. Vine. B L Weinltauf, R M. E«cdal 3rd ROW: C. W. Cross (Pres). I) J. Sentz. R. C Sommer. Bilkey (Trcas.), J. L. Nichols (V.P.), E. Y. Miyagawa. 2nd ROW: G. R. Radtke, A. N. Beauchaine. J. L. DeWitt, L. A. Pacholski. J. M. Marquardt. K. K. Ishii, C. E. 169Lutheran Student Association FRONT ROW: E. M. Anderson (Res-.), R. Grundeen, P. A. Johnson (Pres.), P. A. Nlaldonis. C. L. Monroe. T. Frank, P. Johnson (V.P.), V. H. Holian (Res.). Newman Student Ass’n. FRONT ROW: S. M. Knapp, D. L. Malolcpsy, J. A. Przekurat, M. C. Theiss, K. Singer, J. M. Korpela, J. A. LaFontaine (Sec.), D. C. Nelson (Pres.) 2nd ROW: B Giles. H. B. Jlelwig, I). J. Novak, M. H Me- 170 Mahon, J. M. Halada, B. J. Sokol, B. M. Wahl. 3rd ROW: J. P. Me Namec. M. A. Filtz, J. Nl. Gleisner, G. A. Gr egiak, C. C. Carriveau, 1). Ashenbrenner, L. L. Hansen.United Campus Christian Fellowship FRONT ROW: J. A. Aanensen (V-P). F. C. Henizc, P. J. Allaire. L. J. Boatman. K. A. Alexander, M. W. I (enrich . K. R. King, K. A. Goman. Wesley Foundation FRONT ROW: J. F.. Seidlinger, D. F. lliff, S. C. Camming , J. M. 2nd ROW: J. A. Seefeldt (Pro ), P. A. Parson . D. R. Milton, K L. Akers, P. A. Thomas (See.), J. I.. Cutler (V.P.), M. P. Holliman (Treas.). Tank, C. Roodhouse. B. B. Berry. J. K. Weber, S. S. Schaefer. 171PEOPLEGILBERT FAUST Director of Admissions and Registration GORDON HAFERBECKER V.P. for Academic Affairs, Dean of Faculties EDGER PIERSON Dean of Graduate Programs, Di rector Summer Session RAYMOND GOTHAM Director of Alumni and Placement MILTON SORENSEN V.P. for Business Affairs BURDETTE V. EAGON Dean of School of Education ROBERT LEWIS Director of Audio-Visual Services 174WILLIAM STIELSTRA V.P. for Student Affairs KURT SCHMELLER Assistant to the President DAN HOULIHAN WARREN JENKINS Director of Information Services Dean of Letters and Science PAUL YAM BERT Dean of School of Applied Arts and Science ORLAND RADKE Director Extended Services ROBERT CANTRICK Dean of School of Fine Arts TERRENCE SNOWDEN Director Campus Lalx ratory School FREDERICH KREMPLE Dean of Learning Resources JOHN GACH Director Student Teaching HELEN GODFREY Associate Dean of Students CARL WI EM ANN Director Counseling and Psychological Services 175Faculty Row 1 Ruby Allen Library Friedrich Alber Foreign Language Robert Anderson Geography Carroll Arndt Geography Donald Aylesworth Speech Everett Bailey Campus School Monica Baintcr Physics Mary Ann Baird Home Economics Row 2 John Barnes Biology Michael Baum Education Frederick Baumgartner Conservation Richard Beard Art Lloyd Beck Psychology George Becker Biology Leon Bell U.C. Director John Bemd Education Row 3 Verlene Bemd English Esther Berndt Campus School Mary Lou Biddlestone Physical Education Dean Blair Music Lynn Blair Physical Education William Bowen Biology Kenneth Boylan Mathematics Thomas Braeuer Music Row 4 Francis Brey Library Frieda Bridgeman Speech Eugene Brodhagen Physical Education Martin Brooks Pray-Sims Hall William Burns Physical Education Lee Burr ess English Maxine Burrcss English I.eland Burroughs Speech 176177Faculty w Row l William Cable Mathematic Ann Carlson Business Education Stanley Carlson Mathematics Mark Cate Political Science T. K. Chang Geography Abraham Chapman English Darrell Christie Economic William Clement Education Row 2 Fay Clifford Home Economics Jerome Coaly Campus School Jack Cohan Music Richard Conlon Mathematic Fred Copes Biology Helen Corneli English Duane Counsell Physical Education Frank Crow History Row 3 Tom Cultice Music Riad Daqqaq Mathematics Doris Davis Home Economics Mildred Davis Foreign Language William Dawson Speech John DeVinc Campus School David Dick Music George Dixon Sociology Row 4 Orthula Docscher Home Economics Fred Dowling Speech Lyman Echola Geography Dennis Elscnrath Baldwin Hall Arol Epple Biology Doris Epple Mathematics Okon Essiet Chemistry Merl Farmer Economics 178179Faculty Row 1 Richard Face History Scldon Faulkner Speech Donald Ferguson Library S bit Ferguson Speech Roger Fisher Sociology Michael Fortune English Garland FothergiU Political Science Judith Fricman Physical Education Row 2 Paul Friedman English Virginia Gcesaman Music Gordon Ceeseman Biology Guy Gibson History John Gillcsby Library Bertha Glen non English James Goodwin Hycr Hall Ronald Hachct U.C. Assistant Director Row 3 Wayne Halscrson Art Helen Hansen Health Service Milo Harpstcad Conservation Albert Harris Psychology Joseph Harris Biology Eleanor Hays English Rhys Hays History Arthur Herman Philosophy Row 4 Ethel Hill Home Economics Donald Hoff Physical Education Ralph Holloway Sociology Pauline Isaacson Speech Jerome Jennings English James Jensen Economics Allan Johnson Biology Alvin Johnson Geography 180im 181 Faculty Row | Gerald Johnson Speech John Johnson Mathematics Agnes Jones Home Economics Lawrence Kallandcr Chemistry Alexandra Kaminska Foreign Language Nells Kampenga Library Melvin Karg Steiner Hall Norman Keats Art Row 2 Paul Ketch Economics Lulu Kellogg Campus School Vivian Kellogg Campus School Marjorie Kcrst Campus School Robert Knowlton History Norman Knuircn Adm. Counseling Donald Kocppcn Business Education Irving Korth Conservation Row 3 William Kramer Speech . Frederich Kremple History Peter Kroner Foreign Language Robert Krueger Physical Education Hildcgard Kuse Campus School Gregory Kulas Physics Leonard l.ampert Engineering Drawing Marvin Lang Chemistry Row 4 John Larsen Admissions Counselor James Larson Smith Hall Peter Leahy Foreign Language Jane Lecy Debell Hall James Lee Psychology Alan Lehman English Warren Lcnsmlre Student Teaching Fred Littman Counselor 182183Faculty Row 1 Matthew Liu Mathematic Fred Leafttren Student Affairs Kathleen Lodjinskl University Nurse Harry I.oomer Geography Paul MacDougall Geography Bonnie McDonald Home Economics William McKinney Geography Elvin McLott Music Row 2 Gil Mage Mathematics Hugo Marplc Music Sable Mason Library Joel Mkkelson English Gordon Miller Mathematics Arlo Moehlcnpah Chemistry Clifford Morrison History Russell Nelson History Row 3 Frances Norton Psychology Edna Nyquist English Jarrell O'Kclly English Robert Olson Sociology Russell Olis-er Campus School I.cone Oyster Chemistry Alice Padden Library Donald Pattow English Row 4 Gayle Paulle Roach Hall Alice Peet Speech Maurice Perret Geography Donald Preston English Hale Quandt Physical Education Phyllis Ravey Campus School Arthur Ray Geography Rita Resch Music 184185Robert Rifleman Health Service Vera Rimnac Physical Education Joseph Rondy English Ruth Rondy English Robert Rosenthal Philosophy Robert Russell Art Mary Samter Education Herbert Sandmann Art Marjorie Schelfhoul Physical Education Calvin Schmid Chemistry Row 3 Richard Schneider Campus School Joseph Schuler Philosophy David Sengenberger Geography Irene Shaurctte Music Martha Shields English Elwin Sigmund History Robert Simpson Biology Mary Elizabeth Smith English Raymond Sommers Chemistry Wadaw Soroka History Raymond Specht Geography Marjorie Spring Physical Education 186187Michael Sullivan Economics Louis Sutton Physical Education Allen Taylor Physics J. Lamar Tcatc Conservation Marvin Temp Biology Row 2 Virgil Thiesfcld Biology Helen Thomas Library John Thomas Music Mary Elizabeth Thompson Speech Howard Thoyrc Mathematics Edith Treuenfels Mathematics William Truckcy English Robert Weaver Chemistry James Weber Biology John Weller Mathematics David White Biology Robert Whitmire Biology t I Robert Wilde Biology Anita Wray Music David Wrone History Irene Yost Counseling Robert Zieger History t 188189;F reshmen Row I Nancy Adamt Julia Ahhtron Perry Allaire Barbara All Dcocreuio Amaral Jerry Ammcl Edward Anderlik Jeff Anderton Jim Anderton Kathy Anderton Pete Anderson Carol And rut Kathy Apel Shon A|ifrt John Archer Row 2 Thomas Arnold Nancy Atchenbrenner Eugene Augustine Jim Augustine Rich Auth Warren Ayer Bob Bar hut Sherry Baehnian Jim Bakken Alan Bandoli Sandra Bannach Rich Bartktti Mary Bauer Lloyd Baum Susan Bauxar Row 3 Michael Baxter Bonnie Becker Bob Bedessen Richard Bejcck Judith Benesh Bruce Benoy Joan Benoy Surir Benson Donna Berg Steve Berg Sue Bergen Pat Bernard {enne Bernards lari Bcrtich Barbara Best Row 4 Charon Bclker Judir Briley Curtis Bevertdorf Dcnnit Bickford Richard BirkhoU {atnes Bislav lury Blaney Jim Btohow-ioh Charles Blumreich Bill Bobbc Jim Boehm Steve Boehm Virginia Born John Bovthard Robyn Bowleg Row 5 Bill Boylan Elizabeth Bowen Bob Bradach Beth Braun Mary Braun Bill Bresse Claire Brrneman Dennis Brrtnehan Erich Bretwhneidrr Nancy Breunig Dennis Brcutzman Ken Brice Jim Brien Barry Brigham Chartolte Rronk Row 6 Cary Brotig Mary Brunette Darla Brunner Steve Brunner Jerry Bruts (ike Bubla Ellen Buchberger Bob Bulik Linda Bulman Don Burling Judith Bunzyntki John Buthmaker Kent Bunrll Eli alieth Callahan Mike Callahan Row 7 lim Campbell Marilyn Cantwell Candy Capttran Claire Carrivrau Glenda Cartmill James Cason Bob Catperson Nancy Caves Dave Chaudoir Garth Chojnowski Jane Chmtel Russell Christensen Sherry Cichon Patricia Cietlik Margaret Cihlar Row 8 Frances Ciokajlo Lynette Cisewski Glenda Clark Bill Clifford Lvnnette Closser Michelle Colcord Kay Cole Carol Coiojna Cathy Conant Elizabeth Connell Sally Cooke Richard Copeland Francis Coutincau Greg Cowles Alan CroweFreshmen Row 1 Ed ly Cukjete David Cummin ! Karen Cummings Judy Creek Tom Czerniah Jim Daniel Paul Darrow Lana Davies Mary Day Mark DeBaker Brace De Boer Kathy Deeih Lloyd Deilz Row Marie DeKeyjer Dan De Lisle Row 2 Ruth I eininert Tom Dennee Drnnit Denncrlcin Ken Denow Mike Derer Kent Dereus Corine Derouther Neil Devroy Lynn Dhein Terry Diedc Richard Dietz Diana Dietzman Dennis Ditlcfsen Kenneth Doezal Robert Doj j Row 3 Phil Diake Donna Drew? Kathy Drydyk Mary Eastman Barbara Eaurechter Pixie Eeonom ce Edwards Ilians Edwards iantes F.gen ue Eichinxer Kathy Elliott Linda Enrol Peter Entriuger Douglas Erickson Dennis Esch Row 4 Tari Escherenborg Judy Eskritt Pat Evans Bonnie Faest Susan Fait Kathy' Falk Fred Fandler Sharon Favaro Terry Feltr Eddie Ferg Larry Ferg Pat Ferg Ron Feutz Robert Fiehweg James Firldhousr Row 3 Michael Filtz Mary Firth Jim Floriano Colleen Foley Mike Foley James Foltz Gail Foth Nancy Fouls Ann Fox Mary Fox Mary lane Francksen Tom Freitzag Pam French Patrick Frey John Friedcn Row 6 Denise Friestron Edward Furrer {•nice Sue Funk Vayne Gajess-ski Tim Gapen Mary Grace Gearing Kathy Gehrke Rob Gengler David Ger mehle Ken Geseh Mary Giffin Pal Gilbert Madge Gilkey Rolxrt Gleason Daniel Glcisener Row 7 Barbara Gloss Ron Glowac Jim Gluth Paul Goetz Diana Goff Terry Goldsmith Kay Golla Steve Gonske Dennis Goodwin Jerry Gorges Ron Graewin Christine Craf Shyla Gregerson Judy Gretzingrr Charles Groshek Row 8 Mary Jane Groshek Carol Gross Kim Grunow Dorothy Crvglewski Gayle Grzesiak Russell Gulwritot Gary Cullickton Lorna Gumm Doris Gunderson Nancy Gustaf Bi tty Jo Gustafson Gregory Gustafson Tom Gustin Nancy Gutknecht Richard Guver Freshmen low I Sherwood Hug Lind Haase Gary Hagenkord Virginia Hager Wayne Haglund Jane Haiti Jo Ann Haigh Jean Halada David Hall David Haller Wayne Hamlin Linda Hamin Joel Ilaneason Judy Hanke Yvonne Hanmann Row 2 Sieve Hannon Craig Hamen Craig Hanson George Hanson Richard Hanson Roger Hanson Harding Sle|shrn Harding John Harley Bill Harris Paul Harrit Richard Harvley Baris Harlr Richard Hasek Bill Hauptmann Row 3 Keno Hawker William Hay Eugene Haye Mary Hazlewood Terry Hebble Clifford Heil Roger Heimanson Melvin Heinlt Nancy Heinzc Cary Heinzelmann George Heller Marie Hemrny Emery Henrich Lois Herrel Karen Hielpas Row 4 Marie Hi (ge ns Dennis Higgins John Higgins Dennis Hildehrandt David Hill Connie Hillman Warren Hillmer 4crome Hinlr •’ancv Hlavac Carol Hoewisch Mark Hoffman Michael Hoffman Janice Hoffmann Dan Holla LcRoy Hoi Row 3 Chris Hopka Larry Horch Susan Horn Dennis Howard Tom Howard Mike Hudson ieri Huempfner like Hughes John Huisheere Judy Humphrey Greg Iluptcr Barbara Hutchinson Tom Huinik Brian Illingworth David Induton Row t Kathleen Ishii Dick Ishuwood Mary Iverson Rose Marie Iwen Gerald Jabtonski Harriet Jackson Kathleen Jacobs Aria Jacobson Barbara Jacobson Jill Jacoby Paul Jahn Kathleen Jahnke Helen Jahsman Ann Jancuk Carol Jan Row 7 Douglas Jrpson Tom Jeske Donna Jesse Carolyn Jewell Dennis Jilot David Johnson Dennis D. Johnson Dick Johnson Elizabeth Johnson Rrving Johnson Jill Johnson Kay Johnson Thomas Johnson Val Johnson Dale Jones Row 8 Denny Judd Suzanne Jung Bonnie Kahre Elizabeth Kaiser jane Kaik Pat Karaliunas David'Karl Ron Karnatz Sandra Kearns Emery Kelly Gene Kemmeter Jan Kschefski Gary Kiedrowski Mary Kiedrowski Lynn KiefferFreshmen Row 1 Kenneth King lean Kirschling Nicola Kirsenlohr Alan Kittling Keith Klawiter Toni Klein John Kletmith im Klismilh ionald Klitz Orie Klottertnan Dean Klucheiky Susan Knapp Pal Knowlton Ann Marie Knucppcl Russell Knutton Row 2 Pat KoBishop Robert Koch iamet Kocher ane Koegler lathie Koehl Dave Koeller Diane Koepke Harvey Koestcr Michael Kohel Cindi Kohrt Mary Kolbe Mary Kopan John Kosolcharocn Tom Kowlentes Cain Korlowtki Row 3 Evonne Kraemer Allan Krtu Mary Jane Kraut Lethe Krause David K remits Mike KroJI Linda Kropidlowskil Rose Krueger Allen Krull John Krutz Joan Krxvkowtki Nathalee Kuck Mavis Kuchl Tom Kujawtki Frank Kurucx Row 4 Ann Kvalo Richard Laddusire Barbara La Fave Mike Landowski Michelle Landry Dennis Lang Leon Lange Barbar Langill Robert Langjahr Kent Larsen Gerald Larson Jon Larson Gary Lathrop Dave Laubc Paul Laurenstein Row 5 John Laughlin Ron Laumcr tohn Lawryk 'ony Lazcwski Ann Leary Dan Lecher Jim D Clair Diane Lehner Lynne Lehto Tom Le May Gerald Lemkc Joan Lemke ton Lemkc Sandra Lemke Dan Lemmcnt Row 6 Philip Lemmens Lee LcMoine Susan Lendvcd Gretchen Lcnk Alice Lentien Marilyn Lenuis Jane Lepak Ervin Lcsczynski Jayne Leslie Richard Leslie John Lewis Sharon Lewis Roy Lindeman William Lindstrom Jeffrey Little Row 7 Linda Lockwood Izsrilyn I.oewer Keta Lolly Cathy Lotspeich Dan Love Cindy I.ubcrda John Lubs Carol I.uttky Dennis Lynch Phil Lydine Lynn MacDonald Donna MacLachlan Andrew MacMorran Stephen Madson Sue Mahlkc Row 8 Barthelcmy Makobcro Connie Marchal Donna Marcou Kd Marguard Bevercty Martin Greg Martin Val MartinkOvie Mary Mar olf John Matykowski Ken Matzdorf Jim Maxon Connie Mayer Ruth Mayer Sheldon Mayer Richard McCarthyvrRow I D»ve McGrcw Thomas McMillan William McMillcn Mary McNeight Joel McOlash Wanda McKcalh Ileen Meier Timothy Meier Pat Messier Dale Mellenthin Karen Mellum Mary Jane Metier Virginia Merriman Margaret Mcrtcus KuikII M cissy Row 2 Berland Meyer Delores Meyer Judy Meyer Ed Meyer Jacklyn Meyer Pat Michalec Karen Miehalski Sharon Michel Gene Micholiczyk Gloria Mikich Gail Miller Louis Miller Mary Miller Paul Miller John Mitchell Row 3 Sandra Mitten E»telle Miyagawa Elray Moberg {im Mohan (ary Motion Wayne Mompier Barbara Montgomery Robert Moravcc B, Helen Motelet Dick Maocayiuki Richard Mroriiuki jerry Munia Maella Murdock Marfi Neitzel Patricia Nelson Row 4 Thomas Nelson Sharon Nnu Don Nettum Dan Neuer Richard Neuville Jackie Ncveu Calhlcne Newby Doreen Newton Beverly Niemiec Mary Nix Tom Noel Joyce Novotny Carolyn Nygaard George Nygaard Maureen O'Connor Row 5 Pat O'Day Karen Odling Peter Oemiehen Julie Ohrmundt Clara Okrasinski Jim Okrasinski Andrew Olander Mary Otia Cal Olson Dan Olson Jerry Olson Linda Olson Nancy Olson Norma Olson Marilyn Onan Row 6 Jcnnjf ' Onson Carol Osowskt Rollie Ostermick Robert Ostrowski Gregory Otl (ohn Otto landall Owens " ' »!d Owens EPacyna as Page! Pat Pagcnkopf Gale Parch David Parker Chuck Parrot Jim Parsons Row 7 Donna Pascavis Greg Patrick Cheryl Patton Richard Pawelka Howard Pavegio Hans Pearson Richard Pease David Prhowski Diane Pc low Barbara Peter Barb J. Peter Beverly Peterson Mike Peterson Jlobert Peterson rffrey Persike EowB ve Petsk Alan Phelps Polly Piehl Nancy Pilson Georgia Plamann Ralph Plate Karen Pohl John Policello Judy Polrin Signe Porter Carol Pospyc halls Bill Pormantki Bruce A. Prat Carol Prell Paul PrikarxFreshmen Row 1 Barbara Prate Carol Prcusscr Kim Primmer Jo Ann Prunty teiy Prrrkurat le Pupp Mary Rades Audrey Radue Caivl Raley Gail Rathke George Raymer Verlyn Rcbelcin Steve Rce Jim RtilT Carole Rein fried Row 2 Allen Rcinke Julie Renlmeester Willie Retzcr terry Rhinncy Lcn Rierion Bobbie Ricsc John Kiknola Sharon Riley Andy Kiiberg Philip Rispalsc Lynn Riltner HI wood Roehl Suiie Rochrdanz Marcia Rocrner Bob Rohde Row 3 Charlotte Roodhouse Janet Rosenthal Nancy Roser Joanne Rouak Roger Rorek Carol Rudlant Barbara Rucckl Donald Rufledt Audrey Rupnow William Ruucll Lawrence Russell Bill Rust Karen Sabrowsky (im Sager Jarvcy Samson Row 4 Tom Sanders Felicia Santini Shirley Sarow Mnrcy Sccorsi llolly Schaefer Sue Sehcicher Todd Scheider Diane Schmahl Barb Schmidt John Schmidt Sally Schmidt Dave Schmitz I avr Schmitz Wayne Schmooek Pat Schmutzer Row 5 Tom Schrank Wanda Schrank Lynn Schroeder Pete Schroeder Joyce Schuelke Bill Schultz Charles Schultz Ed Schultz Katherine Schultz William Schultz David Schulz Scott Schutta Susan Searl ianet Sedgwick ames Seefeldt Row 6 Linda Segebrecht Alan Selmer Sandy Stslar Barb Shaffer Mary Shamrowicz toan Sharkey loger Shepherd Mike Sherma Jill Sherman Nancy Shirley Ronald Shoemaker Carolyn Sholtis Sandra Shucha Tony Shulist Elmer Siegel Row 7 Dennis Sieja Robert Sirnkins Barbara Simmons Pat Simon Richard Simonsen Ronald Sindric Jon Skarda Kathy Slepandc Michael Sloan Jan Sinail Jean Smejkal Dale Smith Date Smith Dennis Smith Desmond Smith Row 8 Julie Smith Sally Smith Tom Smith Kathy Sobieck {ohn Softestad 'ora Soik Bonnie Sokol Mike Somers Owen Sonnenberg Erol Sorensen Beverly Sorenson Tom Sparhawk Carol Sprada Dan Spreng Margo StauffacherFreshmen How 1 Brlty Standiford Frea Steffen Karen Stcigenbcrgcr Carl Steinke Cindy Stetlmaelier Cary Stingl Joanne Stoltt Sandra Stone Barbara Streteh Ron Stuber Ken Sturgis Dave Swagel Bob Sweat Carol Sruthowski Margie Tauschek Row 2 Mary Taylor .Nancy Taylor Joy Teskc Lila Tha lacker Nancy Theit Michael Thome Donna Thompson Georgette Thorn Thornton erly Bill TVttle Lauren Tot Steve Toepel Laurel Tonn Neal Tomey Row 3 Mary Trainer Susan Travis Jim Trebatoski David Treiber Terry Trepte Sally Troyandski Pat Tuchcteherer Sandy Tyree Robert Uhl Steve Umbras Mary Ann Untz iohn Utech lary Ustruck Roberta Vancos Ron Vandertie Row 4 Leo Verhagen Larry Verthein Rownusry VerVoort Dale Villeneuve Steve Voelz Don Voermans Paul Voss Don Waehter Maureen Wachti Barbara Wagner Karen Wagner Bernard Wahl Carol Walker Tom Walkner Row 5 Bill Wallace Bill Wallner Peter Wallner Mary Walt Jerry Walther _ Rosemary Wapiwocki es Warner Warren Kelly Watkins Gloria Watson Harlan Weber Mike Weigand Susan Weisenfeld Robert Weiss Tom Weitkunat Row 6 Jane Welch Dick Wenzel Mary Wenzelow Linda Wealing Terry Westenberger Sharon Westhuis Theresa Weslphal Carol Whittaker Karen Wickert Marsha Wiesjahn Richard Willey Roger Williams Suzy Willis Windels Winter Row ,a-JS Jalayne Witte Kathy Wittenberg Bob Worden Chet WorzelLa Joanne Wruck Jim Yach rid Yagodinski John Yaurh Sandi Yelich Jerry Yetter Kathy Yingling Robert Young Garreth Youra Row 8 Pat Zager Jim Zahn LeRoy Zahnlc Deanna Zanella avada ilieka vifelhofer , .Zhe Jerry iekert Larry Zingsheim Don Ziolkowski Dave Zoromski Rebecca Zuege Barbara Zuhse Tom ZupancSophomores Row 2 Sara Bachholer Pat Barry Row 3 Milr BIuih Jjm« M. Bowen Row 4 Wolfgang Cahn John Campbell Row 3 William Cutter Dianne Czajkowski Row 6 Roland Donath Jim Dowling Row 7 Eugene Evrand Jack Finger Row 8 Suvan Fuhrmann Donald Gamble Joyce Amet Carolyn Anchor Jane Anderton Edward Arendt Eileen Arens Nancy Arnold Fat Ault 1.. A. D_________ Merrily Bartman Jim Bauer Janice Becker Charles Beecher Sharon Behm Bonnie Beilfuss Tom Berken Al Boyle Jim Brady Bill Brockman Patti Brown Chuck Brownlow Patricia Buchholx John Buttcrbrodt Lynn Buyartki Larry Casper Candy Caylor Gary Chilcwski Judith Ciriackt Mike Clement Colleen Colligan Tom Congdon Daphne Copeland Damkot Decker Richard Dettoff Hans Deutschmann Mary Devlin Rita Dins Pat Dobbc Margaret Doerkop Eugene Louii Steve Drake James Duetcher Richard Duive Jerry Eggenberger Nancy Eggwcr Margie Ellcfson Jane Esterl Penny Etten Sandra Fischer Henry Fleck Bob Fowler Nancy Fowler Barbara Fox Dorothy Franz Tom Frelich Jim Frisch Caro! Giovre Steve Coctsch Judi Goll Ky Goman James Gorman Charlotte Gould Sandra Grabarski Vicki CrabowikiSophomores Row 1 Robert Greenwood Connie Greucr Row 2 Lind Hansen Marilyn Hanson Row 3 Tom Holly Sue Holy Row 4 Bill Johnson Deane Johnson Row 5 Diane Kanas Jim Kellerman Row- 6 Diane Kobleski Linda Koko Row 7 Robert LaBrant Stephen Laedtke Row 8 Ralph Lepak Dianna Lewis Betsy Gross Jim Groth Glenda Gums Ed Haas Tom Haever Judy Hall John Hamilton Joy Hansen Cliff Kernel Herrick Hoed Rodney Hocth Donald Hoffman Margaret Holford Daniel Holloway Renie Huebner Mary Jo Hume Don Ithcrwood Kumhiko Iwata Anita Jackson William Jackson Karen Jaeger Ruth Jaeger Evonne Johnson Karen Johnson Peter Johnson Paul Johnson Roger Johnson Laurel Jones David Jurgella Peter Jusnka Julie Kempfert Kathleen Keppie ......n Kitchell Richard Klein George Klingbail Jean Klu Tom Krautkramer Carol Kroger Kathy Kresh Janet Kruger llikarec Kubo Ronald Kurowski Richard Kurxymki Shirley La also Gail Landsley Paul Lange Nancy Langtoi Roderick Wi Henry Leek Karen Lee Nancy 1.eland Steve Leonard Martha Lindstrom Ricardo Lloyd Mary LuBerg Dick Lubinski Barbara Maas Ellen Magyera Robert Mahnke Carleen MahoneySophomores Row 1 John Slaranger Dune Marshall Row 2 Rosie Meyer Tom Miln Row S Roper Nelson Edward Nevbrauer Row 4 Susan Oik Richard Olson Row 5 Cary Peterson Judith Peterson Row 6 Michael Probst Edith Putman Row 7 Kathleen Riedel Mary Ricdl Row 8 Tom Rohm Sue Rope Jim Marlin Marcia McCullough Bill McKee James McXamce Dave Mcdin Robert Meet! Creg Meka Dan Mcronski Sue Miller Charlyne Mittelsteadt Dave Modra Clyde Moon Si ary Moore Slikc Morgan Lynn Sloeasky Paul Nelson Janice Newman Nedra Newman Ruth Nickolai Nick Xiemczyk Slikc Norman Evans Njoka Alice Xusscbaum Ronald Okray Clement Oniango Donna Owens Timothy Paegelow Cheryl Page! Dale Panko Bruce Parker Dan Patenaude Barb Pelletier Jim PlifTner Sandra Pitt Robert Plawski Nolan Pluke Chuck Pouba Sue Preneau Ronald Presl John Primm Wayne Quad! Charleen Quam Lynn Radtke Jan Rasmussen Gayle Reader Rich Reed Russ Reger Bonnie Richards Rosemary Rirdner Kathy Riley Mary Rindt Virginia Robbins Mary Lou Robinson 4 Roensoh ark Roeacki Donna Rogerson Don Rothlsauer Janet Ruda Linda Rude David Kulahl Rosemary Runquist Rolsert Rutta William Sakowski Sharon SalewskiSophomores Row 1 Joy Salrman Fran Schaeblc Rcw 2 Robert Schrank David Sibranak Row 3 William Sparr Bill Sprague Row 4 Larry Svaton Judy Sweeney Row 5 Warren Terry Karen Thoma Row C William Volm Mike Walkner Row 7 Donald Wetlover John W bailey Row 8 Cinny Wroblew»ki Waller Wudlke Bonita Sehaitrl Rick Scheffel Mike Sehillcman Annette Schluter David Schmidt Edwin Schnell Joan Schomberg Letlce Schram Rodney Seefeld Thoma Seefeldt Alan Sharpee Bill Simton Kathy Singer Art Somu Marcella Soper Maurice Sparhawk Jack Springer Diane Spurgeon Carl Sroda Connie Stanke Kleo Steuber Kenneth Stoltrmann Carol Story Kathvrn Su e Sutan Sweeney Ellen Swiontck Cutth Synhortt I.udmiha Srramko Wayne Tabbert Barbara Tatch David TeBeett Bob TeRonde Patty Thomat Pat Timber Walter Trutenko Donna Tveldt Sue Vandenbutch Jim Vane Bette Vantten Steve Wallher Jeanette Weber Joey Weekly Harriet Wegner Pa trite ha Weinberg Bonnie Weinkauk •beryl V Bob W i'ett William Wheeler Catherine Whipple Sander Wiliee Barbara William Kathy Wil on Dale Winkler Kathleen Womieki Kandy Wornicki Dick Wunderlich Sutan Wutke Janice Wvtocki Jeff Yelton Bernard Eager Jeff Zahel Ken Zaruha Diane Eoromtki■Juniors Row I Gerald Ac ken Cot.i Ac or Richard Albert Row 2 Jeff Bern Mary Bergemann Warren Bielenberg Row 3 Linda Bronsteatter John Brotig Dave Brotski Row 4 Chamian Carlton Charlet Chcnlweth David Chevaliar Row 5 Lee Counard Jim Cropper Leonard Cychosz Row 6 Wiliam Evans join Feather ane Fiedler Row 7 Melda Getlinger Ktola Giete Germaine Girard Row 8 Richard Harris Sharon Havlik Audrey Helser Paula Allen Duaine Arndt James Arntsen David Aronson John Avery Jeffry Barsch Patricia Basrnan Sharon Bayard Carol Bcidcl Barb Birrenkott Mary Blackwood Barbara Blakely Captola Blus Gerald Bonfigt Doritan Born Karen Bower Cathy Boyer Robert Bramcr Diane Buchberger Myles Burehan Dean Burg Kathy Bushar Mike Buts Keith Busse Gerardo Caamano Gerry Campos Carol Carlson Edward Clabots Suzanne Clark Paul Clauisen Virginia Clay Daniel Clencnt James Cmcyla Carta Cole Joe Cottachen Carlton Counard Kathy Davis Mark Deadman Dennis Demuth Ka Dine ymond Donate!! Andrea Dowling Marleen Drogc Kurt F.ide Dave Engel Janet Fjelstad Tom Frank Marcella Fuehrer Junis Gaigalt Allen Gallenberg Keith Gardner Diana Grlhar Bill Gelwicks Jerry Genton Gary Gissrlman Kathy™ Glubka Gail Gouchee Ardell Graikowtki Deborah Greer Paul Gruenwild Kaye Cutenburger Sally Hanson Patricia Harris213Juniors Row 1 Harry Hclwig In Hcram Richard Hertel Row 2 Sara Howden Catherine Huettner Ruth Hunter Row 3 Peter Kaland Paul Kane Dave Kappell Row 4 Richard Korbel Doris Kashi Janice Kosobuchi Row 5 Diana Lanzillotti Marje I,as inski Kathy Laurr Row S Dennis Marin Janet Markec Annette Martini Row 7 Mike Mitchell Dale Mueller Lee Neumeier Row 8 Bruce Parkinson Weldon Pa rue h James Pats Dennis Her hcrg John P. lliiirm Ruth Hill Jim Hillman Dennis Hobin Eugene Hoeft Robert Holquist Cheryl Howard Eloise Howard Jim Jetke Karen Isaacson Gary Jackson Karen Janny Doris Jenson Thomas Johnson Beverly Jones Ray Juergens Keith Jung ierry Kautra ohn Kerkonbush Lick Kcrl Tony KleiJgan Karen Kline Mary Kling Sue KlitAe Shirley Koch_ Douglas Kopitzke Joe Kassel Warren Kostroski Bruce Korlowski Richard Kracht Margaret Kramer Tony Kreuger Cole Kuehl Charles Laakso Richard LaBric {ane Laufenberg Jaryl Ix'hman David lesczynski_ Robert I-esczynski Patricia Lyon I-eonard Malik Edward Mallek Dorothy Malolepsy Beverly Manch Richard Mattson Valerie May Tom McCarrier Sue Melchert I-oss Melchert Caro] Meyer Carol Mirtsner T. O. Mills Kathy Milner Mary' Ellen Nolan I-inda Oherman John Oqweno Tom Olsen Pat O’Neil Diane Orlando Laurie Pacholski Jo Ann PagUaro Roy PalmerJuniors Row 1 Charles Patchin Esme PtlltHM ican Patterson fartin Paulsen Nicholas Pearson Dale Peters Linda Peters Cheryl Peterson Jim Peterson Richard Peterson Marilyn Prochnow Lucille Pumper Allan Puser Row 2 James Rades Mary KadlolT Joanne Radtke Donna Radricrak Dick Reinke Evelyn Rethke Patricia Rewalt Linda Rickert Gary Rine Rosa I Robinson Daniel Roe Andrea Roman Date Ronrani Row 3 Eileen Roth Bob Ryskoski Ro|(er Saekrnann Donald Samplawski Judy Sandberg Roicer Sands LeRoy Saucier Lowell Sauers Dale Schambureck Sandy Schaefer Barbara Schewt Barb Schmidt Lora Schmidt Row 4 Susan Sehoek Joan Schomberg Carol Sehvrlrr Ca'la Schulte Delores Schulu Patricia Schultx Duane Sr bold Surie Seelman Jim Seeebrecht Clark Shagen Terry Shoenuker Sue Siebcrt Terra Lee Sigl Row 5 Gary Simonson Donna Smith Caroline Sopa Rheta Sorenson Richard Sowiak Ted Steinke Verna Stillman Ron Stowell Paul Strand Surannr Stroo Daniel Stroschine Judy Stubbe Barbara Srplit Row 6 Robert Thomson William Thorn William Tomcek Anita Torkclson ludy Travicki Wayne Truitt Darrell Tschurwale John Turnbull Diane Urbanek Cynthia Von Ohe Yvonne Vorpagel Dale Wahlers Lindv Walrer Row 7 Jo Ann Wangen Mary Wanichck Jim sVankc Sharon Watxke Barbara Weber Mary Wchrke Pam Wenker William Wiesjahn Doug Wisby Eloite Yelk Gary Zellmrr Michael Ziemer Kristi Zillncr 21d217Seniors Brian Aabcl Jacqueline Ackerman John Agen Tom Ahlcs Judy Akers Earl Akey Wayne Akey Don Alexander Sherrie Amachcr Carole Anderson Clark Anderson David Anderson Richard Anderson Gary Ashy Elaine Asness William Aylward Alice Baker Dale Balovsek Bonnie Barnes Bruce Bartel James Baxter I.ourna Beahm Allan Bcauchainc Diana Bell David BcnchafT Jennifer Bentz Louise Berard James Best Roy Beversdonf Karl Blahnik Roger Blanchard Jerone Blum 218Seniors I.inda Boatman David Bock Alice Bortz Bruce Botsford Patricia Boylon Mike Brcnnand Randolph Bricttncr Robert Brown David Bruckner Dale Bucttncr Karen Campion Lucille Cassidy Mike Cattanach Eugene Chauvin Sylvia Christensen Suzanne Christian JoAnn ChristofTersen Joseph Clabots Jim Congdon Clark Coolcc David Cooley Timothy Craig Karen Crcswcll Charles Cross Larry Cummings Susanne Cummings Gary Cyrus Carolann Damke Crystal Darnrow Ardycc Danielson Jerome DeBruin Richard Dchn 220221Seniors Terry Dennis Michael Dicstlcr Keith Ellcrman Barbara Epplc David Faux Ronald Fedenkc James Fowle Robert Fredrick Joyce Dishcr Jacquelyn Druckrcy Henry Dumkc Delores Eckert Wayne Edwards David Erickson Roger Erickson Gary Ertl Richard Fahrbach Dale Fausch Ellison Fcrrall Carol Fisher Janice Fisher Leroy Fochs Carol Foss Jim Freliek John Fries Kurtis Fruit Robert Fullmer Paul Fulton 222223Seniors Juliann Funk David Gasch Roxanne Gass James Gchrkc Bill Gething Darlene Girard John Glcisncr William Glinski Norbert Gould Bill Grams Anne Graver Joan Gresens Myrna Grittner Jane Gromoll Janet Grubc M. L. Gructzmachcr Leonard Grygicl Paul Guenther Terrance Gulan Kathleen Gumm Virginia Haasl Alan Hafcmcistcr George Hagg Linda Hall Patricia Hamilton Donald Hanson Harold Hanson Shirley Hedin Joanne Hclkc Eileen Hcnchen Melvin Hcnrichs Fred Henize 224225Seniors Sharon Hcnschcl Donna Hcrnct Susan Herr Blake Hcrtick Joseph Hilgart Judith Hines Roman Hintz Frederick Hoffman Mary Hoffman Paul Holden Karen Holleen Larry Holmes Janet Holzmillcr Dennis Homcl Bruce Hosterman John Houghton Dennis Huber Dennis Humkc Mary Humkc F.lizabcth Hulbult Donald Iliff Barbara Jackubowski David Jaeger Lorraine Jaeger Dennis Jameson Suzanne Jirovitz Jim Jneds Gordon Johnson Marvin Johnson Sally Kalt Richard Kalvclage William Karberg 226227Seniors Janet Karow Sally Kauss David Kedrowski Robert Kenseth Ronald Kcowh Daniel Kcppic Kyle Kidney Elizabeth Kimani Yvonne Klcmm Olga Klimpke Janet Klismet Harold Kluender Anita Knaack Nancy Knaack Bcrnadinc Koschak Richard Kraettz Dennis Krahn Eugene Krajcck Judith Kraus Brenda Krause Sandra Krause Ralph Kresin Patricia Kroll Harold Krubsack Echo Krueger Marsha Krueger 228Seniors Duane Kruegel Carmen Kucglcr Tom Kufahl Janet Kuhl Charlotte Kudla James Kurtz Dennis Laack Robert Lamprey Sharon Langcl Julianne Larsen Peter I.arscn Mary Jane Leary Peter Leder Edmund Lcege Carolyn Lemaneik Frances Lewis Sherrill Lindstrom Philip Literski Richard Lorana Howard Lorenz Sandra Lucht Marie Lucck Theodore R. Lyons James Maas David Malach Patricia Maldonis Gordon Malick James Martin Judith Mayo Nora McQuillivray Morgan Meissner Richard Mertig 230231Seniors Michael Meyers Gladys Mikes Marianne Miller Dick Milota Nancy Montour John Monty David Morf Patricia Morgan Dennis Much! Mark Mueller Ruth Muema David Nelson Robert Nelson Roger Nelson Phyllis Ncraec Joan Newby Barbara Nolan David Novak Robert Nygaard Ruth Nyre Eugene Oestrcich Ralph Olsen Judy Olson James Omcmick Ellen Ostring John Otto Mary Pantcr Peggy Parsons Ann Pearson Allen Pease Charles Pederson James Pchlkc 232233Judith Peterson John Pierson Frank Pictrzak Juris Piyats Janice Plautz Inez Plautz Roger Precourt Gerald Prcllwitz Robert Priebe Marie Prondzinski Tom Radlcr Lcnorc Ragusc Robert Rand Dorothy Reheske Dennis Richard Mary Ristau Tom Roberts Gary Roctchcr Ronald Rosenthal Mary Rolfson Steven Rolzin Robert Rosing Ronald Roth Patricia Ruda Donald Rucsch Josphinc Russ Pamela Sadowske Bob Sakowski 234235Seniors Ronald Savoy Gene Schclicnbcrgcr William Schenk George Schcrck Linda Schicsscr Roger Schocnbcrgcr Jonathon Schrciber Margaret Schrciber James Schuknecht Robert Schultz John Schwartz James Schwcigcr Marsha Searl Joseph Severa Gerald Shafranski Robert Shepherd John Shippy Gene Silovsky Joan Singstock Sharon Slaadt Peter Smith Ronald Smolinski Michael Sneidcr Nancy Soldner Richard Sommer Isao Soranaka Judith Spychalla Bernard Stankc Myron Stankowski Joan Staszak Allen Stea Roger Stein 234Seniors Roland Stein James Steinberg Elton Stephenson Margaret Stcpnock Ralph Stoeberl David Stremer Kay Struebing John Sullivan Mary Sullivan Janet Svoboda Ayako Takeda Waltraud Tepfenhardt Martin Tepp Sam Thiel Anne Thompson Paul Thompson Arlene Thoryc Marcia Thorman Peter Tollaksen Ray Treiber Robert Tucker James Ungrodt Joyce Vandcntcuod Marie VanderVoort Marguerite Victs Dale Vogel Doris Wadzinski Edward Walters Elaine Wandschncidcr Gary Wandschncidcr Marie Wanlcss John Waterman 23a239Seniors Donald Weber Edward Weber Gerald Weber F.llcn K. Wcingartcn Ronald Wcisbrod Glen Welles Dennis Wclscnsel i Donald Wendorf Janice Wenzel Jolly Werner Tom Wettcngcl Grant White Paul Wilsmann Larry Wilson Dawn Wingender Gerald Wissbrocckcr Wayne Wold David Wolf Michael Woltcr Kathryn Wood Lloyd Wright James Zalabsky Donald Ziaja Ronald Zinda Weston Zuege Linda Zulhke 2 0241Senior Directory AABI-.I.. BRIANC Minong I S; Major. History. Minor Political Science: Activities: Sigma Tau Gamma. Y-Gops. UCB. Senior Class Treasurer: l.uthcrdn Student Association. ACKI RMAN. JACQUF.EINL: Two Risers Sec. I d Major Biology; Minor Chemistry: Activities: Sima Zeta. AGF.N. JOHN I..: Cumberland 1. S; Major Biology; Minor Conservation: Activities AKL. AKI I S. THOMAS Mosincc AKERS. JUDY M Wautomu See I d. Major: Home Economics: Minor: Activities; Senior Class Sccrctarv. Wesley Foundation. Homccc. Club. AKI Y.I ARI T Wisconsin Rapid' Sec. Ld: Major: English: Minor: History: Activities. AKI Y. WAYNF.J.: lola I. S: Major: History and Geography: Activities: Geography Association. A I.FT. W II I.IAM. White I .ike Al TMANN. MARY: Stratford ALEXANDER. DONAI.DJ Brooks AAS; Majors: Medical Technology: Minor: Chemistry. AMACHER. SHERRIE I. S: Major. Sociology. Minor: Psychology: Activities. Nelson llall Council. Gamma Delta. Ski Club. Jr. Primary Council. French Club. ANDPRSON. CAROLF. Waupaca Sec. Ed.: Major: O S. Ilistoiy: Minor Mathematics: Activities: SI A. Phi Alpha Theta. ANDERSON.CLARK I Phillips See. Ed.: Major: History; Minor: English; Activities. Phi Alpha Theta. ANDI RSON. DAVID A.; Phillips I. S: Minor Physical Education; Major: History: Activities: Si a sc h. ANDERSON. RICHARD W. Beloit 1 S; Major Sociology; Minor: Economics and Biology: Activities: Sigma Phi Epsilon ARONSEN. DAVID: lola ASIIENBI.RG. GARY: Wisconsin Rapids ASHY.GABY ll. Sidon. Lebanon Major: Economics; Activities: News I duor. Inter. Student Org.. Soccer. Economics Club. Hall Council. F rench Club. ATTOE. JOHN K. Wild Rose See. I d.; Major: Mathematics; Minor: Chemistry: Activities Math Symposium. AYLWARD. W ILLIAM Lodi BACK.GARY. Wisconsin Rapids BACKIIAUS. JEAN FT Tl M.: Lndcavor AAS: Major: Home Economics. Minor Music; Activities: Ps; Delta Pm. Alpha Kappa Rho. Delta Omicron. Opera Theatre. Girls Glee Club BAINE. RAYMOND Friendship BAKER. ALICE: Wausau Primary Ld. BALOUSEK. DALE R.: Muscoda I. k S: Major: Economics: Minor Political Science: Activities: Football. F.con. and Bus. Ass Alpha Gamma. BAI.TUS. STF PIIF N: Auburndale BANGSBERG. W ESLEY: Sparta BARNES. BONNII Stevens Point Education: Major. Primary. BARNES. GF.OKGI Solon Springs BARTEL. BRUCE: West Allis BARTEl.S. MARGARET I..: Portage Sec. Ed; Major: English; Minor: History: Activities: Alpha Sigma Alpha. Sigma Tau l clta. College Theatre SEA-WEA. BARTEI.. PEGGY: Portage BAIJERNFF.IND. ROBERT: Milwaukee BAUMANN. ROBFRT: Gknbcukih BAXTER. JAMES J: West Allis AAS: Major: Conservation and Political Science: Minor Biology. BFAHM.I.AURNA Spencer Fine Arts. Major Speech: Minor I nglish. BLAUCHAINL. Al l AN: Marshfield Elem. Ed.; Major. Upper Elem. Ed.; Activities Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. NEA-WEA. Future Elementary Teachers Ass’n. BFI.ANGI R. DONAI.D: Wisconsin Rapids BELL. DIANA: Waukegan. Illinois LAS: Major: Sociology: Minor: Philosophy, psychology. BECKER. DAVID Colby Sec. Ed. Major: Music; Activities: Tau Kappa Epsilon. BECKER. MARILYN: I andO’l.akcs Education; Major: Kindergarten-Primary; Activities: Delta Zeta. Jr.-Sr. Primary Council. Cheerleader BLUE. DENNIS: Oconomowoc I. A: S: Major: Psychology; Minor. Sociology and Biology. BLNCIIOFF. DAVID Nekoosa Int.-Upper Elem.: Major: Chemistry and Geography: Activities. Football and Basketball mgr.. Track mgr.. Cheerleader. Deseret Cluh, NEA-W EA. Geography Ass’n. S-Club. BENSEN. BARBARA: Madison BENTZ. JENNIFER: Shawano See. Ed. Major Speech P3th. and Audio.; Minor: Psychology: Activities: Newman Ass’n.. Y-Dems. Speech and Hearing Ass'n. BERARD. LOUISE: Wisconsin Rapids Education; Activities: Primary Council. BERTRAND. PIIII.I.IP: Amigo BI ST. JAMES: West Allis BEVERSDORF. ROY: Shawano I. S; Major: Chemistry: Minor Math: Activities: ABC Team. HI I BEE. BONNIE: Green Bay BLAHNIK. KARI Wauwatosa BLANCHARD. ROGE R: Stevens Point. BLUM. JEROME: W iseonsin Rapids I. S: Majors: Math: Minor: Economies. BOATMAN. LINDA: Wausau E.duc.; Major: Art: Activities: Pointer Stall. Secretary Student Senate. U.C.C.F.. Ski Club. Delta Phi Delta BOCK. DAVID Spring Valley AAS: Major: Conservation: Minor: Biology: Activities: Gamma Delta. AKI. HOICE. KATHRYN: Stevens Point BORTZ. ALICE: Stevens Point Int.-Upper Elem. Ed.; Minor: German; Activities. Elem. Teachers Assoc.. German Club. Secretary. BOTSI OKI). BRUCE: Ncenah AAS: Major: Conservation. BOYEAN. PATRICIA: Slevcn Point Major: Social Science: Minor: Sociology. Activities: Newman Club. BRAUN. HAROLD Waupaca BKI NNAKD. MICHAEL. Fond Du l ac AAS: Majors: Conservation and Biology BROW N. KLLD W ausau BROW N. ROBI RT: Athens BKUCKNI R. DAVID Rhinelander AAS: Majors: Biology. Medical Technology: Minor: Chemistry: Activities: Phi Sigma Epsilon. BUI.TTNER. DALE:Shawano AAS: Major: Conservation: Minor Biology. HULTTNLR. TANDOI PM Milwaukee AAS: Major. Conservation- Biologv. BURANT. DOLORES Hatley BURKE. W II LIAM: Rockford. Illinois BURT. WILLIAM Green Bay I Si S: Major Biology. Minor Geography: Activities Signu Phi Epsilon. BUSS. BETTY: Caroline CAIN. W AYNE. Manitowoc CAMEN IM). IRAN Monroe I. St S: Major: Biologv. Minor.Conservation; Activities AKI CAMMACK. Will I AM. Montcllo CAMPION. KAREN: Montcllo I Si S: Major: English: Minor: Biology; Activities SLA. Newman. NEA-WEA. Delta Zeta. A.W.S. Honor Society. Sigma Tau Delta. CARSON. DALE: Beloit CAKIN'.CAREN CASSIDY. LUCILLE: Berlin AAS: Major: Home Economics: Activities Ncwmjn. Home be Club. CATTANACH. MICHAEL L.: Kimberly I. S: Major. General Science: Minors Chemistry. Biology. Math. Gcogrjphv; Activities: Track. S-Club. CHAUVIN. EUGENE. Ill: Merrill I Si S; Major: History: Minor English. Activities: Sigma Phi Epsilon. CHRISTLNSEN. JOHN; W aupaca CHRISTENSEN. SYLVIA: Oregon Sec. Ld.: Major: Home Economics: Activities: Delta Zeta. Sigma eta. Home Ec. Club. CHRISTIAN. SUZANNE: Merrill I. Si S: Major: Sociology: Activities: Gamma Delta. CIIRISTOFFFRSFN. JOANN: Clintonvilk See. Ed. Major: Lnglish: Minor: History; Activities Alpha Sigma Alpha. Ski Club. Trippers. CLABOTS. JOSEPH:Green Bay See. Ed. Major Fnglish: Minor: Speech. CI.AFI IN. LARRY Algoma CLARK. JOAN CI.ARK. VIRGINIA: Stevens Point COBB. JOHN: Sun Prairie COLLIER. ERNST Marshfield CONE.CAROLYN: Stevens Point CONGDON. JAMLS: Coloma AAS: Majors: Conservation and Biology; Activities. AKI CONNORS. ALEC: Manitowoc AAS: Majors: Conservation and General Science. COOLEY. DAVID: Wist Bend See. Ed.: Major: Chemistry; Minor. Math: Activities: Senior Class President. CORDY. GAIL: Green Bay CRAIG. TIMOTHY: Rhinelander I. S: Major: Lnglish: Activities: Siascti. Pointer Editor. CRESWELL. KAREN: Mosincc Sec. Ld.; Major: English: Minor History; Activities: French Club. UCB Social Committee. Alpha Sigma Alpha. CROSS. CHARLES: Menomonee Falls I. S; Major: Chemistry: Minors: Math and Biology: Activities: Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. CUMMINGS. I.ARRY. Wautoma Inter.-upper Flem. Ed.: Minor. General Science: Activities: FETA. 242NEA-WEA. Wesley Student Foundation. Iniiamufal Sports. CUMMINGSSUSANNH. Waterloo L S: Major: Sociology: Minor: Psychology: Activities: Wesley Student Foundation. CURWEN. SIIEILA Stevens Point CVkNGROS.CLARENCE: Phillips CYRUS.GARY Crandon L S. Maior: Economics: Minor: History: Activities: Siascti. Hcon. Bus. Ass'n CZAC HOR. HENRY: Stevens Point DAHI.K. CLAUDE: Madison See. Ed.: Major. Biology: Minor: Conservation: Activities Alpha Phi Omega. DAMROW. CRYSTAI. Rccscv .lie AAS: Major Home Economics. DA Nil. I SON. ARDYCE Waupaca Prim. Ed.; Major Kdgn.-Prim. Educ.: Activities: Primary Council. DEBRUIN. JEROME: Kaukauna Inter. Id : Maior Int. Upper I lem. Id.: Minor: Physical Education: Activities I E.T.A.. Newman Student Ass'n DEHN. RICHARD: Wausau Major Speech. English: Activities: Sigma Phi Epsilon. DENNIS. TERRY: Racine Education: Major: Art Ed.: Activities: Stud. Art League. Ins. Bowling League. 1)1 Kl INSKI.CHRISIINL Stevens Point Sec. Ed.. Major. Music: Activities: Alpha Phi. Alpha Kappa Rho. Newman Student Ass'n. IHTTWIELR 1 IOYD: Verona AAS. Major Conservation; Minor: Geography. DEW 11 I. JAON Marshlield DICKMAN. MARLENE: Hatley DIE STEER. MICHAEL Wittenberg See. Ed,; Major: Lnglish: Minor: History: Activities: Men's Glee Club. Sigma Tau Della, Newman Students Ass'n. DISHER. JOYCE: Stevens Point See. Ed.; Major; Speech Pathology and Audiology; Minor. Psychology; Activities: Speech and Hearing Ass'n. Alpha Sigma Alpha. SEA, AWS. DOMKE.CAROI.ANN: Oconto AAS; Major Home Economics: Activities: Home Economics Club. DOWNII . DUANE: Lancaster DRAKE. PAUL: Stevens Point DKE.NGBI RG. ROBE RT Stevens Point I) R l C K RI Y. J ACQU E LY N: Gillen See. Id: Major Home Economics; Activities Home Ec. Club. DUCK LOW. RICHARD Tomuh See. Ed.. Major. Social Science: Minor: History. Sociology Activities Phi Alpha Theta. Y-Dems. 55©'s Vets Club, Dt.MKI.HENRY Milwaukee I. S: Major: Economics; Minor Social Science: Activities. 550‘s. Eton, and Bus Ass'n. ECKERT. DELORES: Medford See. Ed.: Majors: Home Economics: Activities: Newman Student Ass'n. Home Ec. Club. EDW ARDS. W AYNE Pardee'ville Education: Major: Elem. Ed. I LRNISSI . MARY: Waupun ELLERMAN. KEITH: Athens I. Si S: Major: Economics: Activities: I con. and Bus. Ass'n. Y-Gop. 550 s Vet ENGLER. GREGG: Brookfield LPPLL. BARBARA: Stevens Point Line Arts; Major: Music Literature. Activities: Alpha Kappa Rho. Delta Omicron. Panhcllcnic council. Alpha Sigma Alpha. AWS Honor Society. EPPS. STEPHEN: Rio 1 S. Major: Sociology. I RICKSON. DAVID: Prentice I. S: Majors. Economics. Business Administration; Activities: Eton, and Bus. Ass'n. IVCK. LRICKSON. ROGER Milwaukee See. Ld.; Major: Math: Minor: Phv.-ed. ERTL. GARY: Marshhcld See. Ed.. Major. Music; Activities; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Alpha Kappa Rho. Tau Kappa Epsilon. Newman Student Ass'n. Band. EAHRBACK. RICHARD. Kaukauna I. S; Maior. Pol. Sci.. Economics: Activities: Phi Sigma Epsilon Econ. and Bus. Ass'n. EAIKCHII.D. JUDITH: Baileys Harbor KAUSCII. DALE Wisconsin Rapids FAUX. DAVID: Pekin. Illinois Major: Biology. KENDENKO. RONALD: Fonddu Lac KENTON. DONALD: Stevens Point FENTON. I INDA: Stevens Point EERRALL. ELLISON: Gresham Education: Major: English; Minor. French; Activities Sigma Phi Epsilon. Alpha Psi Omega. College Theatre. French Club. Inter. Stud, Organ. Y-Dems. Sigma Tau Delta. I INCH. GERALD: lola EISII, AUBREY. Wausau I. S: Major: Social Science. Minor: Sociology and Phv.-ed.; Activities: Football. Swimming. Tennis. EISHER.CAROL: Stevens Point See Ed.; Major: Business Education: Minor: Economics; Activities: NEA. SEA. FISHER. JANICE: Wisconsin Rapids FOCUS. I.I ROY Pitlsvillc See. Ed.; Majors: History. Social Science: Activities: Sigma Pi FOSS.CAROL: Ripon e . Sec. Ld.: Major: Home Ec. Minor Art; Activities: Home Ec. Club. Gamma Della. Psi Delta Psi. FOWLE. JAMES: Milwaukee I Si S Major Biology; Minor: Geography. FRANCAR.GENE: Manitowoc EREDRICH. ROBERT: Mosince Fine Arts: Major: Art; Minor: Geography: Activities: Delta Phi Delia. Student Art l eague. NEA. W'EA. FREDRICKS. JACQUELYN: Glendale I S: Major: Home I c: Minor: Sociology; Activities: Alpha Phi. Home EcClub. E RF.I.ICH. JAMES. Manbcl AAS: Major: Conservation; Minor: Biology. FRIES. JOHN: Rhinelander Education; Major: History; Minor: Biology. FRUIT. M R ITS: Mcnomoflk AAS: Major. Conservation: Minor: Biology: Activities: AKL. FULLMER. ROBER I Lake Delton Sec. Ed.: Major: Social Science: Minor History: Activities: Sigma Phi Epsilon. Y-Gops. FUNK. JUI.IANN: Bay City _ „ , See. I d.; Major. Home Economics; Activities: Home he. Club. Wesley . Foundation. Pointclles. GABRYSIAK. EUGENE: Wausau GADE. PAUL: Eorcstv.lle GASS. ROXANNI Wisconsin DdU AAS: Major: Home Economics: Activities: Home Ec. Club. Sigma ela. GAYESKE. ROBERT: Vesper GEHRKF.. JAMES: Stevens Point L Si S: Major: Mathematics; Minor: Physics; Activities: Maih Symposium. GETHING. WILLIAM: Stevens Point L S: Major: Lnglish: Activities. Newman Stud. Ass'n. GIESE. DAVID: Auhurndatc I. S: Major: Biology.General Science. GILLETTE. LOW I LL: Rockford. Illinois GILSON. ROBERT Port Edwards GIRARD. DARLENE: Algoma Kindcr.-Prim. Ed.: Activities: Newman Student Ass'n. GLEISNER. JOHN: Marshfield I S: Major: Chemistry: Activities: lota Tau Mu. Sigma eta. Newman Stud. Ass'n. GI.INSKI. WII 11AM: Stevens Point I S: Major: Economics and Political Science: Activities: Phi Kappa Theta. Econ. and Bus. Ass'n. Newman Stud. Ass'n. GOLT .GRANT: Fonddu Lac. GON AGOWSKI. BRUCE Madison GOU LD. NOR BERT: Schofield GRABSKI. SULVESTER: Mos.nee I. Si S: Major: History: Minor: Phy.-cd.: Activities: S-Club. Y-Dems. Football. GRAFT . RICHARD: Waterford AAS: Major: Conservation. Biology: Activities: AKL. GRAVER. ANNE: Stevens Point Sec. Ed.: Major: English: Minor. Library Science; Activities SI:A. GRESENS. JOAN: W ausau I. Si S; Major English: Activities: Gamma Delta. GRESL.GARY: Manitowoc CRITTNER. MYRNA: Westboro I. Si S: Major: Biology. CROMOLL. JANE: Eagle River Fine Arts: Major; Speech Pathology and Audiology: Minor: English: Activities: Alpha Phi. AWS Honor Society. Class Treasurer. Speech and Hearing Ass'n. GRUBE. JANET: Brookfield AAS: Major: Home Economics: Activities: Home Ec. Club. GRUF.T MACHER. MARY LOU: Merrill Llem. Ed. GRYGIEL. LEONARD Krakow See. Ed.; Mayor: Social Science: Minor History. GUENTHER. PAUL: Stratford Sec. Ed.; Major: English. History: Activities: Alpha Phi Omega. Phi Alpha Theta. Sigma Tau Della. Newman Stud. Ass'n GUETSCHOW. PAT: GUEAN. TERRENC E: Hurley Sec Ed.: Major: History: Minor Political Science: Activities: Sigma Phi Epsilon. Y-Dem. GUMM. KATHLEEN: Arpin Education: Major: Inter. Ed.: Minor: Geography. General Science. Activities: Psi Delta Psi. F.E.T.A.. Geography Association. HAAG. GEORGE: Creendale Sec. Ed.: Major: History: Activities: Geography Ass'n. Newman Stud. Ass'n. HAASE. VIRGINIA: Milladore I. S; Major: Math: Minor: Chemistry. H AFE M EISTE R. A I. A N: West Allis Upper Elem. Ed.: Minor: History: Activities: Phi Sigma Epsilon. F.E.T.A. HALL. LINDA: Westport. Conn. Education; Major: Intcr.-uppcr Llem, Ed. Activities: Delta Zeta. HAMILTON. PATRIC IA: Oxford Sec. I d.; Major English: Minor Sociology. 243HAMILTON. ROBF.K I Waukesha HAMM. PEDLR: Steven Point HAMMOND. GARY: Rothschild L S: Major: Economics, Social Science; Minor: Political Science: Activities: hcon. and Bus. Ass’n. HANSEN. LOUISE Montello HANSON. DONALD: Manawa Sec. Ed.: Major: Mathematics: Minor: Geography; Activities; Pointer Staff. Sigma eta. Math Symposium. HANSON. HAROLD: Portage L S; Major: Mathematics: Minor Philosophy, psychology: Activities: Math Symposium. HART I ILL. DANIEL Weyawcga HASSLE K. DONALD: Princeton HAVEY. Dr NNIS: Milwaukee HEDIN. SHIRLEY: Wisconsin Rapids Education; Major Inter. Upper Elem. Ed.; Activities; I SA. College Theatre. F.E.T.A. HEINE. LOIS Madison Education; Major: Elem. Ed.; Activities. SNEA. H EISE. CH A RM AIN F : West Bend IIEl KE. JOANNE Port Edwards Education; Major: Kinder.-Prim. Ed.; Activities: Gamma Delta Council. HENCHEN. Ell EEN: Stevens Point IIENIZE, FRED: Cincinnati. Ohio AAS: Major: Conservation; Activities: UCCE. HENNE. DAVID: Waupaca HCNRICHS. MELVIN Ripon Sec. Ed.; Major: Chemistry, Minor Mathematics: Activities: UCCE. HENSCHEL.SHARON: Deforest AAS; Major: Home Economics; Activities: Delta Zcta. I.SA. Home Ec. Club. Band. Orchestra. HERI.I'CK. BI.AKE: Green Bay I. S: Major: History; Minor: Geography. English. HERNE I . DONNA: Sobiesk. Kinder.-Prim. Ed. Ill RR. SUSAN: Madison Inter.-Upper E Icm. cd. Activities: Delta Zcta. HE I I INGA. WARREN: Schofield l ine Arts; Major: Music Literature: Activities Opera, IIICKNER. MARY: Marshfield Sec Ed.: Major: Music: Activities: Alpha Sigma Alpha. Della Omicron. III l-GA RT. JOSEPH: Grafton I S; Major Political Science: Activities: Sigma Phi Epsilon Y-Dcm. HINTS. JUDITH: Lake Dcllon Kinder.-Prim. Ed.; Activities: Delta Zcta. Sr. Prim. Council. IIINZ, 1)1 NNIS: Stevens Point I. S: Major. Social Science: Minor. Economics; Activities: Siasefi. IIINTZ. ROMAN: Amherst I S: Major: Economics Business: Activities. S-Club. F.con And Bus. Ass’n. Newman Stud. Ass’n. HOE M, WALLACE: Melrose HOEI MAN. ERKDRICK: Columbus Sec. Ed.: Major: Art Ed.; Activities: I rack. UCB. NEA. WEA. SEA. HOEI MAN. MARY Branlwood Sec. Ed.: Major: Home Economics; Minor: Mathematics: Activities: Della Zcta. Home Ec. Club. Newman Stud. Ass’n. HOFFMAN. ROBERT: Mondovi AAS; Major: Conservation; Activities: AKI.. Intramural Sports. HOLGERS. SUSAN: Montreal HOI I.EEN. KAREN: Stanley Prim-Ed.; Activities: Sr. Pnm. Council. IVCE. HOLMES. I.ARRY: Portage L Sc S; Major: Economics; Minor: Mathematics; Activities: Football. Phi Sigma Epsilon. IIOLZMII I LR. JANET Baraboo Sec. Ed.; Major: English: Minor. History; Activities: Delta Zeta. Sigina Tau Delta. HOME!.. DENNIS: Pulaski I. Sc S: Major Economics; Activities: Phi Sigrna Epsilon HOPKINS. DALE: Stevens Point HOSII.RMAN. BRUCE Menasha I S: Major: History: Minor: English. Socio.ogy; Activities; Alpha Phi Omega. Alpha Gamma. HOSTETLER. MURRAY Rudolph IIOUGILION. JOHN Wisconsin Dells Sec. Ed.; Major: Social Science: Minor: History. HUBATCH. GERALD. Wausau Sec. Ed.; Major: Music. Minor. Psychology. HUBER. DENNIS: Spencer AAS: Major: Conservation; Minor: Biology. Economic . HUGHES. ANDREW': Stevens Point IIUMKl. DENNIS: Greenwood I. St S: Major: Biology: Minor: Conservation; Activities: Phi Sigma Epsilon. HURLBl. IT. I I.IZABI.TH Rhinelander IIUTCTIINS. JEROME: Spencer I. St S; Major: Social Science; Minor: Sociology and Psychology. II.IFF. DONALD: Black River Kails I. S; Major: Biology; Minor: Conservation: Activities: Wesley Foundation. JACKLIN.GARY: Plover JAEGER. DAVID West Bend L Sc S; Major: Biology . JAEGER. LORRAINE: Mercer Sec Ed.; Major: English; Minor: History. JAMESON. DENNIS: Adams AAS; Major: Biology. Conservation; Activities. Ski Club. JAROCKI. ARTHUR: Curtis JELICH. MARY ANN: Stevens Point Jl ROVE IZ. SUZANNE: Maribel Sec. Ed.; Major Home Economics. Activities: Alpha Sigma Alpha. Home Ec. Club. Newman Stud. Ass’n. JOHNSON. GORDON: Wisconsin Rapids Upper Elem. Ed.: Major: Education and Geography; Minor: General Science; Activities: Geography Avs’n, F.E.T.A. JOHNSON. LOWELL: Conover I. S: Major History, and Social Science. JOHNSON. MARVIN: Wisconsin Rapids I. Sc S: Major: Chemistry: Minor: Mathematics. JUEDS. JAMES Marion Sec. Ed,; Major: Geography; Minor: American History. KALI. SALLY. Milwaukee I. Si S: Majors. English. Psychology: Activities: Alpha Phi. KAI VEI AGE. RICHARD: Dubuque. Iowa KARBERG. WILLIAM: Port Edwards Sec. Ed.; Major Art; Activities: Della Phi Delta. KAROW. JANET: Withce AAS: Major: Home Economics; Minor: Sociology; Activities: Alpha Sigma Alpha; Home Ec. Club, KAUSS. SALLY: Tigcrlon AAS: Major Biology; Minor: Phy-Ed.; Activities: Gamma Della, Psi IX-lia Psi. KEDROWSKI. DAVID: Adams Sec. Ed.: Major: History: Minor: Sociology; Activities: Alpha Gamma. Siaseli. KEI.M. DALE: Ncshkoro 1. S; Major: English. History. KENSE III. ROBERT: Cambridge I. S: Major: Geography: Minor: Phy-Ed.; Activities: Geography Ass’n. KLOW N. RONALD: Kendall Fine Arts: Major: Music. KF.PPIE. DANIEL: W auwatosa AAS; Major:Conservation. Biology; Activities: AKI.. KIDNEY. KYLE: Pardeeyille AAS; Major: Conservation; Minor: Biology; Activities: AKI.. KILCOYNK. ROBERT: Stevens Point I. S: Major: Biology: Activities. Phi Sigma Epsilon. Sigma Zcta, College I heal re. Newman Stud. Ass’n. KIMANI. ELIZABETH: Nairobi. Kenya I. S; Major: History; Minor: Geography. KLEMM. YVONNE: Medford Sec. Ed.: Major: Business Ed.: Minor: History; Activities: Phi Alpha Theta. Newman Stud. Ass’n. Alpha Gamma. SKA. KLIMPKE.OLGA: Stevens Point KLINGBIEL. ROLAND: IX Sou KI.ISMET. JANE I Stevens Point KLUENDTR. HAROLD: Baraboo I. St S; Major: Mathematics. Chemistry: Activities: Sigma Zeta. KNAACK. ANITA: Manawa Education; Major: Kinder.-Pnm. Ed.; Activities: Alpha Phi. AW'S Board. KNAACK. NANCY: Berlin Education; Major: Primary Ed. Activities: 1.SA, NEA-W'LA. KNIGIIT. JOHN: Tripoli KOHLI. JOHN: Knowles KOPPLIN. PETER: Menomonee 1. S: Major: Geography and Biology; Activities: Tau Kappa Epsilon. KORDUS. MICIIEAL. W ausau KORNOW SKI. JAMES: Green Bay AAS: Major: Conservation; Minor: Mathematics: Activities: S-Club. AKI.. KORPELA. JUDI I II Tripoli AAS: Major. Home Economics; Minor; Music: Activities: Home Economics. Newman Stud. Ass’n. KOSCIIUK. BLRNADINK Greenwood 1. Si S: Major: Economics; Activities: Kcon. and Bus. Ass n. KRAIIN. DENNIS: Stratford I. Si S: Major: Economics: Minor; History. KRAJECK. EUGENE. Appleton L S; Major: Economics; Minor: Mathematics. KRAMLR. GARY: Kkho KRAUS. JUDI I H. Muscoda See. Ed.; Major: German; Minor: English; Activities Alpha Sigma Alpha. German Club. KRAUS. BRENDA: Stevens Point KRAUSE. SANDRA: Spencer Sec. Ld.: Major: English: Minor: Business Ed. KRrNZ. KATHRYN: Columbus K RESIN. RALPH Wausau 1. Si S: Major: Sociology. KROLL. PATRICIA: Clmtonville I Si S; Major: Kinder.-Prim. Ed : Activities: Alpha Sigma Alpha. Primary Council. KRUBS'ACK. HAROLD; Stevens Point Sec. Ed.; Major: History; Minor: English. KRUEGE R. ECHO: Adams Sec. Ed.; Major: English: Minor. History; Activities: SEA. W'csley Stud Ass’n 244KRUEGER. MARSHA. Tomahawk See. Ed.; Major: English; Minor Political Science; Activities: Sigma Tali Delta. SEA, Gamma Delta. KRUESEL. DUANE: Marathon See. Ed.; Major: English.and History. Activities: Newman Stud. Ass'n. KUDLA. CHARLOTTE: Mosinec See. Ed.; Major: Speech Pathology and Audiology; Minor: English, Activities: Alpha Sigma Alpha. UCB. Speech and Hearing Ass'n KUEGI.KR. CARMEN: Dorchester See. Ed.; Major: Home Economics; Minor: English. KUEAHL. THOMAS: Wausau KULT. I.ARRY: Marshfield KURTZ. JAMES: CXMnomowoc AAS. Majors Biology. Conservation. LAACK. DENNIS: Plymouth I. S; Major: Chemistry; Minor: Mathematics. LAGERQUIST. CAROL: Stevens Point LAMBERT. EUGENE: W’aupun Sec. Ed.; Major: Mathematics; Minor: History. Activities: Sigma Phi Epsilon. LANGEL. SHARON: Stanley See. Ed.; Major: Biology; Minor; Chemistry; Activities: Gamma Delta. LA NT . CARL: Scandinavia LARSEN. JULIANNE Denmark AAS: Major: Home Economies: Minor: Speech: Activities: Alpha Phi; Ski Club. Home Ec.CIub. LARSEN. PETER: Stevens Point I.ASCH. GARY: Manitowoc LASSAI.LETTE. THOMAS: Reedsburg LAWETZKI. GERALD: West Allis LEARY. MARY: Stevens Point Sec. Ed.; Major. English; Minor: Speech; Activities: Alpha Sigma Alpha, Alpha Psi Omega. AWS Honor Society. College Theatre. Newman Stud. Ass'n.. SKA. Sigma Tau Delta. l.EDER. PETER: Wisconsin Rapids I. S; Major: Mathematics. Minor: Economics and Biology. LEEGE. EDMUND: Wisconsin Dells See. Ed.; Major: Biology and General Science. I.EIDER.THOMAS: Manitowoc LEMANCIK. CAROLYN: Stevens Point L S; Major: Sociology: Minor. Psychology; Activities: UCB. Y-Dem- LEWIS. FRANCIS: Almond See. Ed.: Major: English: Minor: Speech; Activities: Delta Zeta. Pan-hcllenic Council, AW’S-Honor Society. I.IEG. JAMES: Shawano LINDSTROM. SHERRILL: Wausau LITERSKI. PHILIP: Athens Major: Primary Education; Minor: Geography; Activities: Newman Stud. Ass'n. Sr. Primary Council. LORANG. RICHARD: Oconto AAS; Major: Biology. Conservation; Activities: Siascli. AKL. LORENZ. HOW ARD: Plymouth AAS: Major: Conservation. Biology. LOTZER. MARGARET: Brookfield L S; Major: Psychology; Minor: English; Activities: German Hour. Newman Stud. Ass’n. I.UCHT.SANDRA: Manawa See. Ed,; Major: English; Minor: Sociology: Activities. SEA. LUKCK. MARIE: Reedsburg See. Ed.: Major: Music; Minor, none. Activities: Gamma Delta, Alpha Kappa Rho. Delta Omicron. LYONS. THEODORE: Racine KUIIL. JANET: Racine Education; Major: English: Minor: Sociology: Activities: AWS Honor Society. Omega Mu Chi. L$A. MAAS. JAMES: Portage See. Ed.; Major: Social Science; Minor. History: Activities: Alpha Phi Omega. Y-Gop. SEA, Alpha Gamma. MAGALSKA. JAMES: Manitowoc MALACH. DAVID: Park Kails L S; Major: Mathematics; Minor: Physics. MALDONIS. PATRICIA: Medford Kinder.-Prim. Ed.; Activities: Jr. Primary Council. German Club. Iris Staff. Sr. Primary Council. MALICK. GORDON: Stevens Point L S; Major: Political Science; Minor; English; Activities: UCB. Y-Gop. Roger Williams Fellowship. MARSHALL.CHARLES; Berwyn. Illinois MARTIN. JAMES: Lyons. Illinois AAS; Major: Conservation. Biology; Activities: Newman Stud. Ass'n. Phi Kappa Theta, MARTINI. HENERY: Aoon.Conn. MARX. DAVID: Wisconsin Rapids I. S; Major; Economics; Activities: Bus. and (icon. Ass'n. MAUK. JAMES. Butler. Pa. MAYO. JUDITH Eagle River Sec. Ed.; Major Home Economics; Activities: Delta Zeta. Home Ec. Club. Sigma Zeta. WI A-NEA. MeGILL. MICIIEAL: Franklin See. Ed.; Major: Biology: Minor: English: Activities: Sigma Tau Gamma. Weslcv Foundation, College Theatre. McGII.I.IVRAY, NORA LEE Pulaski Kinder.-Prim. Ed. Minor: French; Activities: Primary Council McMAIION. MICHEAL: DeForeM MEIER. DAVID: Ncillsville See. Ed.: Major: Mathematics: Minor: German. MEISSNER. MORGAN: Racine I. S; Major History. Political Science: Activities: Alpha Phi Omega. Phi Alpha Theta, Political Science Ass'n. MENNING. WARREN: Appleton MENZEL. LAURA. Stevens Point Sec. Ed.; Major: English; Minor. Speech. MF.RTIG. RICHARD. Hayward MEYER. MIKE: Stockbrid'gc 1. S; Major: Chemistry; Minor. Mathematics: Activities: Theta Delta Phi. MIKES. GLADYS Mosinec Education; Major: Intcr.-Uppcr Elcm.; Activities: E.E.T.A.. UCB. MILLAR. ALEXANDER; Nccnah MILLER.CAROLYN:Chclsia. Michigan MILLER. MARIANNE: Highland Sec Ed.; Major: Social Science: Minor Political Science; Activities: SEA. Newman Stud. Ass'n.. Pol. Sc. Ass'n. MILOTA. RICHARD: Wisconsin Rapid: L S; Major: Economics. MITCHELL. DAVID: Milwaukee MITCHELL THOMAS MOELLER. JOHN Rhinelander MONROE. CHRISTINE Stevens Point MONROE. JULIANA: Stevens Point MONROE. VIRGIL Tigerton MONTOUR. NANCY: Shawano Education: Major; Kinder.-Prim.; Minor: Psychology; Activities: Jr. Prim. Council. Sr. Primary Council. Alpha Sigma Alpha. Gamma Delta. MONTY. JOHN: Phelps Sec. Ed.: Major: History. Social Science. MORGAN. PATRICIA Milwaukee See. Ed.; Major: Music; Activities: Alpha Kappa Rho. UCCE. MUEIIL. DENNIS: Chilton 1. S; Major: Political Science. MUELLER. DAVID: Rockford AAS; Major: Conservation. MUELLER. MARK: Appleton MUKMA. RUTH: Kenya Major: History. Minor: Sociology. MURPHY. SIIARON: Grafton MYERS. VIOLET NEI.SON. DAVID llartland I. S; Major: Biology: Minor. History: Activities Newman Stud. Ass'n.. Y-Dems. NELSON. JEAN NEI.SON. ROBERT: Stevens Point L it S; Major. Sociology and Social Science; Minor: History; Activities: Alpha Gamma. NELSON. ROGER Scandinavia See. Ed.; Major: Mathematics; Minor. Chemistry. NEMEC. PHYLLIS Spencer. South Dakota R S; Major: Primary Ed.; Minor. Biology. NEWBY. JOAN: Stevens Point Sec. Ed.: Major: Home Economics; Activities: Sigma Zeta. Alpha Pm Omega. College Theatre, Home Ec. Club. NICHOLS. JANICE: Friendship NIKNAST, JEWEL NOLAN. BARBARA: Stevens Point See. Ed.: Major: Speech and Hearing Pathology; Minor: Psychology: Activities: Speech and Hearing Ass'n. Newman Stud. Ass'n.. SEA. AWS NOLDE. ROBERT: Wauwatosa AAS; Major: Conservation: Minor: Biology. NORTEMANN. JON. Two R ers NORTH. JAMES: Green Bay See. Ed . Major. Biology. Minor. History. NOVAK. DAVID: West Allis L S; Major History; Minor Political Science; Activities: Newman Stud. Ass'n. College Theatre. NYGAARD. ROBERT: Scandinavia L S; Major: Economics: Minor Mathematics; Activities: Mens Glee Club. NYRE. RUTH Mor.dovi See. Ed.. Major: Music; Activities .Alpha Kappa Rho. Delta Omicron. OCHS. HOWARD: Adams OESTRICM. EUGENE: Wittenberg L S; Major: Economics and Social Science; Minor: Geography; Activities. Men'sGlec Club. Bus. And Eicon. Ass'n. OLSEN. CHARLES Medford OI.SEN. RALPH: Stevens Point I. S; Major History and Economics. OLSON. JUDY: Waupaca Sec. Ed.; Major Geography; Minor. English: Activities: Sigma Tau Delta: Geog Ass'n. NEA. SEA. WEA. OLSEN. ROBERT: West Allis OMERNIK. JAMES: Garfield I. S; Major: Economics; Minor: Mathematics; Activities Sigma Phi Epsilon. Econ. and Bus. Ass'n. ORTHMANN. TODD: Wausau OSNESS, K.I.AYNE OSTRING. ELLEN: Wausau Education: Major. Kindcr.-Pnm; Minor Home Economics. OSWALD. GARY: Greenwood I. S; Major; Economics. PALISANO. JOHN: Chicago. Illinois PALMQUIST. DAVID Brantwood 245PARSONS. PEGGY ANN. Waterloo See. I d.: Major: English; Minor: History: Activities: Wesley Foundation. Sigma Tau Della. SEA. PAL I SON. DALE: W isconsin Rapids A AS: Major: Conservation: Minor Biology. PI A BODY. GEORGIANIA: Wausau PI ARSON. ANN Stevens Point AAS; Major: Home Economics: Activities Delta eta PI ACI. AI.I.EN: W'yoccna PECIIA. SANDRA: Clintonvilk PI DI.RSLN.CHARLES:Grafton PLIII KE. JAMES: Merrill I. S: Major: Economics and Business Administration: Activities: Econ. and Bus. Ass'n. PLI.OT. CAROl Wisconsin Rapids PETERS. EDWARDS: Stevens Point PI TERS. LINDA: W isconsin Rapids Education. Major: Kinder.-Prim I d : Minor French: Activities: Alpha Phi. Primary Council. Newman Stud. Ass’n. PETERSON. JUDITH Peshtigo PI I NICK. VI RI.ON Athens Education: Major l.lcm. Ed.: Minor, (ierman: Activities Men’s Glee Club. German Club. Gumma Della. PIERSON. JOHN: Stevens Point PIETR AK. FRANK Withcc Elem. Ed.; Major: Inter.-Upper l.lcm. Ed.: Activities I E T A.. Newman Stud. Ass’n. PI.AUTZ.INF : Hamburg Inter -Upper Elem. Ed.: Major: I ducalion: Activities: Gamma Delta. F.E.T.A. PLAUTZ. JANICE: Merrill See. Ed.: Major: E nglish: Minor: History: Activities: Y-Gops. SEA. POI AKOSKI. KENNETH: Fonddu l ac I. S: Major: Biology: Minor Chemistry: Activities: Sigma eta. lota Tau Mu POQUI TTO. DAW N POSS. JANICE. Marshticld PRECOURT, ROGER: Stevens Point I. S: Major Economies; Activities: Geog. Ass’n. l-.con. Club. PRE.I I.WIT .GERAI.I): Kipon PREUSS. Ml RNA Manawa Sec. I:d.; Maior. History: Minor Physical Ed.: Activities; Psi. Delta Psi.lSA. PRIEBE. ROBERT: I ugle River I S; Major: English and Mathematics. Activities: Men’s Glee Club. Sigma Tau Delta. PROND INSKI. MARIE: Plover PUSER. ALLAN: Bnllain I. S: Major: Lnglish; Minor: Geography: Activities. Newman Stud. Ass’n.. Phi Kappa Theta. QUINN. JOAN Wausau RADI.I.R. THOMAS: Milwaukee RAETHER.GARY Caroline Sec. I d,: Major: History: Minor: Political Science. RAGUSE. LLNORI. Milwaukee See. Ed.; Maior. History: Minor. L.nplish; Activities: WLA-NI A. Delta eta. Phi Alpha Theta. UCCF. Alpha Gamma. RAND. ROBERT: Black River I all. AAS; Major: Conservation: Minor Biology: Activities: Siascti. REICHERT. ALAN: Nckoova KI SHESKE. DOROTHY Nekoosa See Id: Major. Mathematics and Geography: Activities-Geog. Ass’n. SE Rl I IKE.GERAl I): Stevens Point REYNOI DS. ANNE: Aniwa RISTAL. MARY ANN: Kaukauna I S; Major English: Activities: Prim. Council RITTLNHOUSA. JACK Owen ROBERTS. THOMAS: Argonr.c AAS: Major: Conservation: Minor: Biology: Activities: Siascti. KOHK HAL I). DENNIS: Manitowoc 1. S. Major Economic; Activities Newman Stud. Ass’n S-Club. ROI ESON. MARY. Wausau Kinder. Prim. Ed.: Activities Delta cla. Pmnictlcs. ROL IN. SI I Pill N: Nekoosa See. Ed.. Vlajor: History: Minor: Political Science: Activities: Y-Dems; S-C'lub. Newman Stud. Ais’n, ROSENTHAI . RONALD: loU I. S; Major Sociology and Social Science; Activities Basketball. ROSINCi. MARY: Wisconsin Rapids I S: Major History: Minor: English: Activities UCB. AWS Honor Society. ROSING. ROBI R I Kenosha E S: Major: Geography. Minor Biology: Activities: Sigma Tau Gamma. Geog. Ass'n. ROSSMII I I R. El VINE Stevens Point ROTH. RONALD: Stevens Point E S: Major: Economics and Business Administration: Minor: Geog-graphy: Activities: Men's Glee Club. Geog Ass'n. S-Club. Gamma Della. ROTHMAN. MARY: Wausau RUCINSKI. RAYMOND: Stevens Point See. Ed.. Vlajor: Mathematics; Minor: Physics; Activities: Sigma Zcla: Newman Stud. Ass’n.. Math Symposium. KUDA. PATRICIA: Merrimac See. Ed.. Vlajor: History: Minor Art; Activities Psi Delta Psi. SEA. Phi Alpha Theta. RUDLRSDORF. WILLIAM: Hartford RUI.seIE DONA I I) Medford AAS: Vlajor Conservation: Activities: Siascti. RUSS. JOSEPHINE: Wausaukee AAS: Vlajor: Vied. lech. Activities Sigma Mu Tau. SADOW SKL, PAMELA Three l akes See. Ed.: Major Home E conomics. SAKOWSKI. ROHI R E Junction City SANDS. JEANMNE: Stevens Point Sec. Ed.: Vlajor: Speech Pathology and Audiology: Minor Psychology; Activities: Alphj Phi. UCB. Speech and Hearing Ass'n.. AWS Honor Society. SAVOY. DONALD Madison SAVOY. RONALD Madison See. Ed.: Vlajor. Biology: Minor: General Science: Activities Sigma Tau Gamma. UCB. SAVOY. BARBARA: Milwaukee See. Ed.: Vlajor: Speech; Minor: English: Activities' UCB. Alphj Sigma Alpha. SCIH I I ENBERGER.GENE: North Freedom AAS: Major: Conservation; Minor: Biologv. SCIIEI.LKOPF. JOHN: Oxford See. Ed.: Vlajor. Speech. Minor Music. SCHENK. Will I AM: Gleason I. A; S: Major: Biology; Minor History: Activities: Sigma Tau Gamma. Alpha Bela Rho. SCIIE RCK. GEORGE: Fond du Lac SCHIESSLR. 1 INDA: New Glarus Sec. Ed.: Major: Home Economics: Activities: Home Economics Club. UCCF. Iris. NEA. W LA. SEA. SCHILLING. ALICE.: Cmndon SCI I LUTE R. SAN DR A: Bara boo I S: Major: Psychology. SCIIMU I M R. MARK Wausau SCHNEIDER. BI TTY: Whiling SCHOOL LARRY: (Hidden Sec. Ed.; Vlajor: Mathematics: Minor: Biology. General Science; Activities. Sigma eta. Newman. Stud. Ass'n. SCHOENBERGER. ROGER: Gresham Sec. Ed.: Major. Economies and English; Activities Tau Kappa Epsilon. Men’s Glee Club. Bus. and Econ. Ass’n. Newman Stud. Ass'n. SOIOLTERN. MARY Waldo SCIIKEIBI.R. JONA I HON: Mosinec AAS: Major. Conservation: Minor: Chemistry: Activities: Alpha Phi Omega. SCHREIBER. MARGARET: Westfield See. Ed.; Vlajor English; Minor History. Activities Gamma Della. Phi Alpha Theta. Sigma Tau Delta. SCHUKNECT. JAMES: Port Washington AAS. Major: Conservation: Minor Biology: Activities: Newman Stud. Ass'n. AKL. SCHUI.Z. ROBERT Wisconsin Dells Education. Major: Intcr.-Uppcr Elem. Ed. Minor. Physical Education; Activities: Phi Kappa Theta. Newman Stud. Ass’n. WT A. NE A. SCHW ARTZ. JOHN: Montello I. S: Major: History. SCIIWLDA. I.AWRENCl Stevens Point SCHWEIGER. JANICE West Bend AAS: Vlajor: Conservation: Activities: Siascti. AKE, SCOTT. MYRA SCUI I Y. NOREEN Lyndon Station Kinder.-Prim I d,: Vlajor: Prim. I d ; Activities Newman Stud Ass'n Jr. jnd Sr. Prim. Council. Omega Mu Chi. Alpha Phi SI ARE. MARSHA: Mukwonago Education: Major: Primary: Minor: Psychology. SEILER. PETER: Arehbold. Ohio SI VERA.JOSI PH Phillips L S; Major: History: Minor: English; Activities Phi Alpha Theta. Russian Circle. SIIAFRANSKI. GERALD: Stevens Point Sec. Ed.: Major: Art; Activities Delta Phi Delta. Newman Stud Ass’n, SHEPHERD. ROBI RT Crandon AAS; Major: Conservation and Biology. Activities Siascti. SHERMAN. LOUISE Wisconsin Rap.ds SHILLING. JAMES: Massillon.Ohio See. Ed.: Major: History: Minor: Physical Education SHIPPY. JOHN: Stevens I. S; Major: Economics: Activities Bus and Leon. Ass'n SH OUSKY. GENE: Chicago. Illinois AAS: Major. Conservation: Minor. Biologv SIV1M0NS. MICKEY Vlcrrill SI MOMS. GREGORY: Stevens Point SINGSTOCK.JOAN: Wisconsin Rapids See. Ed.: Major: Vlathematics: Minor: Lnglish. SLUSARSKI. LAURA: Stevens Point SMETANA. DENNIS: Mcquon AAS: Vlajor: Conservation. SMITH. LARRY: Stevens Point SMITH. MARLIN: Waupaca SMITH. PETER: LaCrossc AAS. Major. Conservation. B-.ology: Activities Alpha Phi Omega. SMI I II. TERRY: Stevens Point SMITH. THOMAS SMOLINSKI. RONALD:Cudahy I. S; Majors: History. Political Science: and Social Science. Activities: Alpha Gamma. Newman Stud. Ass’n.. Y-Dems. Pol, Sci. 246Club. UCH. Student Senate. SNEIDER. MICIIEAL: Milwaukee AAS; Major. Conservation; Minor: liioloity. SOBIESKI. MARY: Hawkins SOLDNI R. NANCY Rccscvillc Set lid.; Major: iinglidi. Speech: Activities: Gamma Delta. SKA. Sigma Tau Delta. SOMMER. RICHARD: Beloit Major: Biology.(icncralScience: Minor: Chemistry. SORANAKA. ISAO: Kobe. Japan I S: Major: History. Economics. SPYCHAI.LA. JUDITH: Antigo Kinder -Prim lid.: Minor Biology: Activities Sr. Priin Council. Newman Stud. Ass'n. NT A W| A. STAADT.SHARON Stratford education; Maiors Inter.-Upper Blent.: Activities: F.E.T.A. STADI HR.GERALD: Kaukauna SI AN KL. Bl R NAR I). Scholfield STANKOWSKI. MYRON Rosholl I A S: Major: Economics: Minor: Mathematics: Activities: Eicon, and Bus. Ass'n. STAS AK. JAON: Wausau I A S; Major: History: Minor. Political Science: Activities: Phi Alpha Theta. STEA. ALI.EN: Wautosa I ducat ion: Major: Intcr.-Uppcr l-lem. Id. STEIN. ROGER: Cold Spring. Minnesota AAS: Major: Biology.Conservation. STI IN. ROLAND: Cold Spring. Minnesota AAS: Major Biology. Conservation STEINBACH. GARY: Medford STEINBERG. JAMES: WCyauwCga Sec, Ed,: Major: History: Minor Physical Education: Activities S-Club. Football. STEPHENSON. H TON: Sturgeon Bay I S: Majors: Chemistry and Mathematics, STI PNOCK. MARGARI1 Junction City Education: Major: Inter.-tipper I tem STOEBERU RALPH Momcilo E S: Major: Economics: Activities: I con and Bus. Ass'n. STRLMER. DAVID Athens L S: Major: History: Minor Geography. ST RUE BING. KAY: Recdsburg Primary Ed. SULLIVAN. JOHN: Wisconsin L S: Major: History. Social Science. Economics: Minor: Political Science: Activities: Newman Stud. Ass'n. Phi Kappa Theta. SULLIVAN. MARY: Chctek Education: Major: Kindcr.-Prim.: Activities: Alpha Phi. Newman Stud. Ass'n.. Sr. Primary Council. SVOBODA. JAMI I Colby Education: Kindcr.-Pnm. I d.: Activities: Jr. and Sr Primary Council. Newman Stud. Club. SWANKE. PATRICIA: ligcrton SW|H. RICHARD: Waterford 14BOR. DENNIS: Stevens Point TAKLDA. AYAKO Kobe. Japan L S: Major: Mathematics: Minor Speech: Activities: College Theatre. Alpha Psi Omega. TALCOTL. LUCILLE: Unity TEPP. MARTIN: Stevens Point t S: Major: History.Social Science: Minor: Sociology THEIS. RONAt I) Wausau THIEL.SAMMY: Malta ? I S: Major Psychology. I conomics. THOMPSON. ANNE Oconto I A S. Major: Psychology. Minor. Sociology: Activities: Omega Mu Chi. Alpha Phi. IJCB. Newman Stud Ass'n. THOMPSON. PAUL Stevens Point THORMAN. MARCIA: Janesville L S: Major: Psvvhology; Minor Psychology: Activities: Alpha Phi. THOYRL. ARl ENE. Stevens Point Inter -Upper Hem. Ed ; Major Education TOEPEL. Till RON Stevens Point TOLEAKSEN. PETE Wisconsin Dells I S; Maior: Econ. and Business Administration: Activities: 5$0 S. Sigma Tau Gamma. Econ. and Bus. Ass'n. TOMCEK.WIl LIAM: Gillen I RAPP. DIANNI Hudson TRAVICKI. JUDITH: lola THRLIBLR. RAYMOND Appleton I. cY S: Major. Sociology. TRIPI.AT. THOMAS: Pituvillc TUCKER. ROBERT: Warrens AAS: Major Biology.Conservation. UNGRODT. JAMES: Medlord 1 Si S: Major Political Science and Economics; Activities Phi Sigma Epsilon. Y-Gop. UR BA NEK. WALTER: Wausau VANDLN HEIJVEL. JOYCE: Seymour VANDLR VOORT. MARIE: Tomahawk Sec Ed.: Major: Home Economics. Activities Home F.c. Club. VAN HULLt. I RANK: Oconto VAN I YSAI .GARY: Wisconsin Rapids I A S: Major: History and Sociology . VERKEST. EDGAR: Hayward VII TS. MARGUERITE.Stevens Point Kmdcr.-Prim. Ed. Activities: Alpha Phi VINCELI.I. BETTY: Wausau Education; Kinder.-Prim. VINE.JEAN Ncillsvillc Education: Kinder -Prim. Ed.: Activities: IVCK. VOGEL. DALE: Sturgeon Bay WADZINSKI. DORIS Marathon Primary I d Major: Kindcr.-Pnm : Aclivilics: Delta Zctu. WAI TERS. I DWARD; Wisconsin Rapids Fine Arts: Major: Music Literature: Activities Phi Mu Alpha. WANDSCHNf i DI R. 11 aim Stevens Point Pine Arts: Major Speech Pathology and Audiology: Minor: English: Activities. Alpha Phi. Speech and Hearing Ass'n W ANDSCIINEIDI R. GARY: Delaficld I S: Maior: History: Activities:Sigma Phi Epsilon WANI I SS. CONNIE: Virosjua I S: Major. Psychology: Activities: Alpha Surma Alpha WEBI R. DONAl t) Sturgeon Bay AAS. Major: Conservation. WEBER.EDWARD: Kendall AAS. Major: Conservation. W EBI R.GERALD: Merrill L S: Major: Mathematics. Minor: Philosophy. WEGNER. ROBERT WEINGARTEN. ELLEN: Kcnnan Sec. Ed.. Major Biologv. Minor: Conservation Activities: AKL. WEIZBROD. RONALD Waupaca WIESENSLI . DLNNIS: Sun Prairie WELLES.(il l NN Uonia AAS. Major Conservation and Biology. Activities. AKL. WENGLAND. WAlTER: Stevens Point Wt N DORK. DON AI D Schofield WI NZE L. JANICI Milwaukee See. Ed.; Major: Business Ld.; Activities. SE A. NEA-W'EA. W| RNI R. JOI I.Y Tomahawk See. Ed.: Major: Home Economics: Minor Art: Activities: Home Ec. Club. Sigma Zeta. Wesley Foundation. W E SSL I . JOYCI Gienbeulah Sec. Ld.: Maior Music: Minor English: Activities Alpha Kappa Rho. Delta Omicron. WESTBY. DONALD Madison WETTENBEI. THOMAS: Hales Corners Education: Major Soc. Sci.: Minor: History; Activities 550 s. Y-Dcms. Football. Track. WHITE. GRANT: Medford I. S: Major: Lconomicsand Geography. WIESMANN. PAUL Manitowoc Sec. Ed.: Major: Biology. Conservation. Activities Gamma Della. K1 WILSON. I ARRY Beloit AAS: Major: Conservation; Minor. Biology WINGLNDER. DAWN Marinette Sec. I d.: Major. Mathematics: Minor. Biology. Activities Srgma Zeta. Math Symposium. SEA. WINTER. RONALD Catawaba WIRTH. BYRON: Stvens Point W ISI .GEORGE Morton Grove. Illinois WISSBROECKER. GERALD: Pickerel 1 S: Major: Mathematics and General Science. WOLD. WAYNE: Milwaukee AAS; Major Conservation. Minor Biology WOLF. DAVID: Kccdsvillc L S; Major: Geography: Activities S-Cluh. Geog Ass'n. WORI E. RUSSELL. Milwaukee WOETER. MICIIEAL: East Chain. Minnesota AAS; Major Conservation jnd Biology: Activities AKL. Newman Stud Ass'n WOOD. KATHRYN Schofield Elem. Ed.; Major: Upper Elem. Activities; E.E.T.A. WORMAN. MICHEAL: Antigo WRIGHT. LLOYD: Mukwonago WURTZ. KATIII I I N Fonddu Lac Sec. I d.: Mjjor Speech: Minor. English: Activities NT A. WEA. Alpha Sigma Alpha. Y-Gop. College Theatre YALGER. RAYMOND: Shawano Sec. t d.. Major History: Minor Physical Education. YOUNK. DAVID Algoma YOURA. Kl NW'OOD: Denmark ZACHARIAS. BERNARD: Phillips EHNER. KAREN: Arlington ZIAVA. DON Stevens Point ZIGLINSKI. I AURANNE Antigo Education: Kindcr.-Prim. ZINDA. RON AI D Stevens Point ZIOI.KOSKI. ELAINE: Stevens Point ZUEGI . WESTON W ,Jd Rose L S: Major: Biology; Activities S-Club ZUENGLI R. KEITH: Adcll ZUHI.KE. IINDA. Ripon Sec. I d.. Major: Elomc Economics: Activities Pci l clla Psi. Home Ec. Club 247General Index Aabcl. Brian C. 135.218 Aancnscn. Joel A. 171 Aancrud. Roy L. Aascn. James A. Abel. Joan C. 169 Abitz, Carole A. Abraham. Roger L. Accorsi. Marcicle Ackcn. Gerald A. 212 Ackerman. Jacqln K. 218 Acor.Cora S. 148.212 Adams. Arthur R. Adams. Bryan M. Adams. Charlotte 204 Adams. Dean J. Adams. Nancy L. 190 Aderman. Robert D. Adler, Paul F. Adomaitis. William J. Agen. Alan J. Agen. John L. 218 Agnes. Mary K. Ahles. Henry C. Aigner. David W. Akers. Judy M. 160.171.218 Akey. Craig A. 133 Akey. Earl T. 218 Akey. Wayne J. 218 Albert. Richard R. 136.144.212 Alexander. Kathrvn A. 171 Allaire. Perren J. Allen. Kathleen Allen. Paula A. 131.132.212 Allen. Stuart E. 133 Allman. John E. 204 Alt. Barbara J. 160.190 Altenburg, Thomas K. Altmann. Mary D. Am3chcr. Sherrie G. 144.218 Amaral. Dcocresio 190 Ames. Joyce M. 204 Ames. Richard R. Ammcl, Jerry W. 190 Ammcl. Larry E. 149.150 Anchor. Carolyn A 131,204 Anchor. 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Douglas P. Barnes. Bonnie B. 218 Barnes, George F. Barnes. Michael J. Barry, Patricia 130.146.204 Barry. Thomas C. Barsch. Jeffrey R. 212 Barsch. Rolinda R Bartelt. Marie E. 152 Bartels. Peggy L. 157.165 Bartelt. Esther M. 143 Bartig. Jean L. Bar let (i. Richard E. 190 Bartley, Janice L. Bartman. Merrily A. 204 Barton. Michael J. Bales, Brian 11 Batten. Dennis R. Bauer. Dennis G. Bauer. James A. 204 Bauer. Mary E. 190 Bauernfeind, Robert J. Baum. Loyd E. 190 Bauman, Patricia 153.212 Baumgart. James L. Baumgarten. PaulC 149,150,162 Baurichtcr. Barbara 1. Baxter. Michael J. 190 Bay. Daniel F. 127.88 Bayard. Sharon L. 131,165.212 Bay ness. Gary A. Beach. Mary C. 149.164 Beal, James M. Bcastock. Rose I la A. Bcauchaine. Allan N. 159.169.218 Beaudry. Albert J. Bccht. Bruce A. Becker. Bonnie L. 190 Becker. Charlene 131 Becker. David L. 136.149 Becker. Janice F. 160.204 Becker. Karen M. Becker. Kenneth G. Becker. Marilyn J. 131 Becker. Robert A. Bedessem. Robert G. 190 Bedwanic. Alan L. Beebe. Donald W'. Bcccham. Dennis M. Beecher. Charles J. 137.204 Befera. Thomas F. Behl. Dennis L. Bchm. Thomas F. Behn. Sharon M. 160.169.204 Bchnkc. Gary L. Beidel.CarolA.212 Beicr. RossC. Bcilfuss, Bonnie L. 204 Bcjcck. Richard M. 139.190 Belanger. Donald R 136.153 Bclke. James J. 138 Bell. Diana J. 218 Bellack. William R. Benchoff. David A. Bcr.esh. Judith A. 190 Bengtson. Robert W. Benjamin. Earl C. Bennett. Judith A. Bennett. Mary J. Bennett. Nancy A. Benov. Bruce A. 190 Benoy.Joan A. 190 Benson, Barbara L. 152 Benson. Susan L. 141.190 Bentz. Jennifer 218 Bentzen. Paul B. Benzine. Steven A. 143 Benzine. Terry L. Ben millcr. James T. Berard. James M. Berard. Louise M. 218 Berg. Dean E. 153 Berg. Donna L. 152.190 Berg. Jeffrey. L. 153.212 Berg. Kaaren L. Berg. Mary L. 206 Berg. Susan L. 150 Berg. W'allacc E. Bergemann. Mary J. 212 Bergen. Suzanne A. 190 Bergeron. James R. Berghuis. Thomas G. 133 Bergmann. Michael C. 143 Bergs. Shirley D. 131 Berken. Thomas P. 204 Berkes. Bruce P. Bernacki. Ronald E. Bernard. Patricia 190 Bernards. Jenne L. Bernett. A deice F. Bernuen, Bruce A. Berry, Barbara B. 171 Berry. William W. Bertolino, James D. Bcrtsch, Mari J. 190 Best. James A. 136.153,218 Betker. Charon K 190 Bclley. Judith L. 190 Beveridge. Andrew L. Beversdorf. Curtis L. 190 Beversdorf. Roy A 218 Beversdorf. Tom C. 137 Beversdorf. W illiam R, 166 Bcycrl. Paul V. 149.151 Bickford. Dennis A. 190 Bicbcl. Bonnie M. Biedermann. Keith L. Bielen. Gary L. Biclcnbcrg. Warren E. 135.142 145 156.212 Biendarra. Marsha M. Bicrmicr. Brian E. Bilkey. Ruthann M. 164.169 Bill. Donald L. Binter. Robert J. Bird. Barbara J. Birdeau. Neil N. Birkel. Philip J. 137 Birkholz. Richard 1.. 190 Birrenkott. Barbara J. I5l.162.164.l65.2l2 Birrenkott. Thomas H. Bishop. Glen C. 137.89 Bishop. Julie A. Sisley. James C. 190 Blackwood. Dan J. Blahmk. George I). 143.147.148 Blaics. Charles K. Blakcy. Barbara A. 144.212 Blanchard. Roger L. 169.218 Blancy. Dennis I. Blancy. Kerry M. 190 Blashka. l.ois A. 160.204 Blaskowsky. Emery D. Blavat, David W'. Blazck. LuAnne M. Blohowiak. Jim J. 140.190 Blombcrg, Richard J. Bloom. James J. Bloyd, David J. Blum. Jerome E. 218 Blumreich. Charles W. 190 8lus. Captola J. 148.167.212 Boatman. I inda J.,220 Bobbe. W illiam F. 190 Bobzin. Dan A. 132.135.153 Bock. David J. 220 Bodendem. Steve C. Boehm. Gary C. Boehm. James A. 149.190 Boehm. Steven M. 190 Bocltcr. Joseph M. Bogatin. Lee D. 134 Bohacck. Jerome A. Bohl. Pamela K. Bohlman. Duane M. Boicc, Kathryn K. Boksa. Lawrence 153 Bontigt. (icraid A. 212 Boots. AnneC. Bord. Richard J. Borg. Maria E. Borlcy. David J. 141 Born. Dorisan J. 212 Born. Virginia 169,190 Borski. David A. Borski. Ronald J. 138 Bortz. Alice A. 159.220 Bosma. Sarah M. Bosshard. John H. 190 Boston. William J. Botsford. Bruce F. 220 Bouck. Russell C. Bowen. Elizabeth 150,190 Bowen. James M. 204 Bowen. Karen S. Bowen. Ruth E. Bower, Dale C. Bowers. Michael L. 88 Bowcrsock. W'allacc J. Bowker. Jerry E. Bowker. Sarah A. Bowles. Robyn B. 190 Boyer. Catherine 212 Boyer. Helen J. Boyer. Robert E. Boyett. Christoph Boylan. W illiam K. 190 Boyle. Allen D. 204 Boyle. James D. Boys. Larry D. Bradach. Robert F. 190 Brarncr. Robert A. 212 Brandenburg. John G. Brandcr. John J. Brandon. Thomas L. Brandt. Mark E. 1 Bratz. Peter E. 135.151 Braun. BethC. 150.160.190 Braun. Edward R. 156 Braun, Harold A. Braun. Mary M. 144.190 248Braun, Paul A. 131,153 Brcdacl. Thomas J. Bred I. Barbara L. Bred low . Marcia L. Brccsc. Bill R. Brehm. Daniel J. Bremer. Jack II. Bremer. Robert A. Brcndcl. Mary Jane Brencman. C laire A. 150.190 Brennand. Daniel D. Brennand. Michael D. 220 Breske. Carol A. Bresnehan. Dennis M. 190 Breunig. Nancy li. 190 Breyman. Susan P. Brezinski. Doris L. Brice. Kenneth A. 190 Bricn. James A. 190 Brigham. Barry K. 190 Bright. Thomas J. Brikowski. James F.. Brill. Barbara A. 130 Brill. Mary J. 130 Brill. Michael J. Brockman. William A. 138.204 Broderick. Dennis J. Brocskc. Robert A. Broetzman, Mary M. 131 Brogan. Peggy A. Broniszewski. Marlene l;. 150 Bronk. Charlotte 190 Bronk. Richard D. Bronstcaltcr. Linda F. 212 Brooks. Frances A. Brosig. Gary M 198.88 Brosig. John M. 212 Brostowitz. David D. Brotski. David F.. 212 Browan. James Brown. Daniel A. 133 Brown. Michael S. Brown. Patricia 204 Brown. Reed L. Brownlow, Charles B. 204 Bruckner. David A. 220 Brunette. Mary C. 190 Brunner. Darla B 190 Brunner. Steven J. 190 Brunow. Helen M. 162 Brusk. Lllcn M. 131 Brusoe. Michael A. Brusc. Gerald J. 190 Br Paul L. Bubla. Michael J. 190 Bubolz. Barbara D. 160 Bubon. Mary L. 130 Buchbcrgcr. Diane M. 164.212 Buchhcrgcr. Lllcn M. 190 Buchholz. John O. Buchhol . Patricia B. 204 Buckley. Ronald J. 156.160 Buckley. Valley V. Budsberg. Bryan R. 158 Buchlcr. David G. Buell. Louis F. Buclow. Dianne K. Buettner. Dale II. 220 Bugni. Barbara L. Bukowski. Peter A. Bulik. Robert J. 190.89 Bullian. Jerald A. 138 Bulman. Linda M. 141.190 Bumann. Lois A. Burant. Dolores M. Burch. Beverly L. Burger. Cynthia M. 141 Burger. Pauline F. Burke. Joseph B. Burke. Michael A. Burke. William K. 138 Burling. Donald P. 190 Burns. Margaret Burns. Mary L. Burns. Michael J. Burress. Michael R. Burl. W illiam J. 134 Burrynski. Judith J. Bushar. Kathryn L. 212 Bushmakcr. John P. 190 Bushman. Dennis M. 153 Busko. Wayne S. Buss. DelharlC. Buss. Michael D.212 Bussc. Keith F. 212 Butler. John F. Butterbrodt. John A. 151.201 Buyarski. I.ynn M. 133.160,20s Buzzcll. Kent M. 149.150.190 Byrd. Constance Caamano. GcradoJ. 135.212 Caesar. Daniel J. Cahn. Wolfgang 204 Cain. Wayne M. Calcminc. Michael D. Calhoun. Mary A. Callahan. Nancy F. Calvi. Jerry J. Camen ind. Fran J. 156 Campbell. James K. 190 Campbell. John II. 204 Campbell. Patrick J. Campion. Karen M. Campos. Geraldine 130.164.212 Cantrick. Timothy T. Cantwell. Marilyn L. 190 Capstran. Candace M. 142.190 Carberry. Dennis V. Carew. David A. Carey. Wayne Carlson. Alan J. Carlson. Charmian 212 Carlson. Farl J. Carlson. James M Carney. Holiday C. Carriveau, Claire C. 152.170.190 Carstens. Michael L. Cartmill. Glenda A. 190 Casalc. Linda A. Cashin. Richard G. Cashman. Paul I.. Cason. James M. 139.190 Casper. Larry R. 204 Casperson, Robert J. 190 Cassidy. Lucille A. 220 Cassidy. Thomas B. Catlin, Steven J. Cattanach. Michael F. 137.220.88 Cattanach. Thomas J. Caves. Linda G. 141 Caves. Nancy F. 141.190 Caylor. Candace. A. 204 Cerrato. Robert A, Chadek. Paul F. Chandler. David A. 143.145 Chang. Emily K. Chang. Jane K. 131.154.158 Charewicz. John F. Charland, Francis A. 137 Charland. William L. C hattier. Richard R Chaudoir, David W. 190 Cheek. George D. 88 Chenoweth. Charles D. 212 Cherney. James R. C herry . John M. 138 Cherwenka. James A. C hesebro. Larry K. Chcscmorc. James P. Chetney. Michael A. Chevalier. David W. 140.212 C hiappini. Wilbert D. 148 Chick. Susan M. C'hickcnng. Charles P. Chilewski. Gary J. 204 Chirwa. Lancelot Chmicl. Mary J. 190 Christensen. John R. Christensen. Roland A. Christensen. Russell L. 190 C hnslcnscn. Sylvia A. I3I.I57.I6O.220 Christian. Suzanne J. 169.220 Christianson. Allan G. Christianson. Bernhard 137 Christianson. David A. Christianson. Robert G. Christman, Kenneth A. C'hristotTcrscn, David A. 150 ChristolTcrscn. Joann I.. 220 Christopherson. Kenneth C. Ciaglo. Robert J. Cibik. Lois J. Cichon. Sherry N. 190 Cieslik. Patricia 190 Cihlar. Margaret 190 Ciakajlo. Frances T. 190 Ciriacks. Judith A. 160.204 Cisewski. Lynctlc K. 190 Ciszewski, Marvin 1 Clabots. Edward G. 212 Claflin. Larry W'. Clark. Donald I Clark. Douglas F. 134 Clark. Duane R. Clark.Glenda M. 190 Clark. Jeanne A. Clark. Rodney P. Clark. Suzanne A. 212 Clark. W'illiam F. Clausen. Joel II. Claussen. PaulC. 156.212 Clay. Virginia 131.132.212 Cleary. Charles J. Cleaves. Howard S. Clemens. Daniel L. 148.166.212 Clement. Donald M Clement. I homas M. Cleveland. Robert J. dosser. Lynnette 190 Clouse. Hugh J. Cmcyla. James R. 134.212 Coady. Joseph II. Cobb. John S, Colby. Gwendolyn Colcord. Michelle 190 Cole. Carla M 150.212 Cole. Kathlvn M. 190 Colligan. Colleen R. 204 Collins. W'illard F. Cologna. Carol A. 190 Colton. David D. Colvin. Richard W'. 133 Colwell. Donald W. Conachcn. Joseph F. Conant. Cathy I.. 190 Cone.Carolyn R. 152 Cone. Paul F.. Congdon. Thomas D. 204 Connell. Elizabeth 190 Connors. Alee N. Cook. John W. 138 Cooke. Sally J. 190 Cooley. David W. 220 Cooper. James L. 138.212 Cooper. Jane G. Copeland. Daphne D. 204 Copeland. Richard C. 151,160.167.1? Copeland. Sharon L. Copp, James A. Corn. W illiam G. 149.15C Cornell. Allen B. Cornwell. Patricia 150 Cotronc. Kathleen 150 Coulter. Brianc L. Counard. Carlton J. 165.212 Counard. I ce W'. 212 CounscII. Michael A. Cousmeau. I rands P. 190 Couture. Gary M Cowles. Gregory II. 153.190 Craig. Michael J. Craig. Sandra A. Craig. Timothy W. 138.162.220 Crawford. Larry D. C res well. Karen M. 220 Crimmings, Karen M. Croft. Patrick A. Cronin. John J. Cropp. Kenneth L. Cropper. James B. 146 Crosby. Lllcn C. Cross. Charles W. 169.220 Crosslcy. Carolyn M. Crottcau. Barbara I Crottcau, David W. Crottcau. Susan M. Crowe. Alan J. I90.8X Crump. Roger M. Cruthers. Larry R. 135 Cukjati. Eddie II. 192 Colbert. Patrick R. Cummings. David F. 192 Cummings. Larry E. 159.220 Cummings. Susanne C. 171.220 Cundari, Patrick J. Curlcss. Garry W. Curran. Dean R. Custer. W'illiam G. 204 Cutler. Jerry I 154.168.171 Cutler. Joseph II. Cvengros. Clarence Cwiklo. Mary A. Cybcla. Douglas J. Cychosz. Leonard J. 212 Cychosz. Mary B Cyrus. Gary L. 138.220 C ajkowski. Dianne L. 204 Czcck. Judy A. 192 C erniak. Thomas R. 192 Dablow. I can C. Dachcl. William I. Dacblcr. John I . 135 Dagsgard.Gary O. Dahlk. Claude W. 130 Dahm. Fred M. Dakc. Philip J. Dallman. George J. 136 Damitz. David J. Damkot. Eugene P. 204 Damrow. Cry stal A. 160.169.220 Danezyk. Joseph B. Dando. John J. 135 Daniel, James M. 192 Daniel, Nancy L. 148 Danielson. Ardycc K. 164.220 Darnton. Clifford Dartl. M. Kathln Dashner. James C. David. Daniel F. David. Guy C. 153 Davidson. Margaret Davies. Lana L. 192 Davies. Rachel I.. Davis. James V. 133 Davis. John B. Davis. John C. Davis, Judith L. Davis. Kathleen 146.152.212 Davis. William J. Da wiedezyk. Terrance Day. Kenneth L. Day. Mary F. 149.152.192 Dcadman. Mark W, 212 Dean. W'illiam D. Dc Baker. Donald W. Dc Baker. JoanC. IX- Baker. Mark J. 192 Dc Boer. Bruce J. 192 IX Broux, James R. De Brum. Jerome F. 137,159.220 IX- Chambeau. Dorothy J. 131.150 Decker, Louis II. 204 Decker. Steven M. LX- Fauw. Russell A. 88 IX-gncr. Daryl L. Dc Groot. Dale R. Dchlingcr. Bruce R. IXhlingcr. David R. 137.88 Dchn. Richard W . 134.220 IX Kcyscr. Rose M. 192 Dekker. David A. Dclikal. Dennis G. 89 Dclislc. Daniel E. 192 Dcllcnbach. Richard L. IX Forme. John F. Dclozicr. IXnms R. Demmcrl. Ruth A. 192 IXmutb. Dennis M 212 Dcnbocr. Gordon R. Dcnncc. Thomas R. 192 Dennis. Terry I). 154.158.222 Denow. Kenneth A. 192 Dcnsch. Mary Lou Denzin. Roy F. IXrcr. Michael 1). 192 IX- Reus. J Kent 192 Derezmski. Christine 130 Derksen. Shirley J. 130 Dcs Jarlais. John L. Dcllotf. Richard M. 204 249Dcttwiler. Lloyd P. Dcttwiler. Phillip M. Deulschmann. HansG. 141.204 Devlin. Mary E. 204 Dcvroy. Neil J. 192 Dc Wm. James C. 136.140.153 DeWitt. Joan L. 157.169 Dhem. Lynn R. 192 Dhein. Mary J. 150 Dicck. Terry J. 140.192 Dicrbeck. Patricia Dicsller. Michael J. 222 Dietrich. Roberta J. Diet . Richard C. 192 Diel man. Diana R. 160.192 Dimof. Assen G. 153 Dine. James R. 212 Dingcs. Carol M. Dins. Rita R. 131.204 Dionne. Conrad L. Dishcr. Joyce A. 222 Dittburncr. Larry D. Di Verde. Robert A Dix. Robert W. Dobbe. Karen I. 150 Dobbe. Patricia 204 Dolczal. Kenneth C. Dollhopf. Douglas J. Dolores. Sister M. Dona tell. Raymond M. 134.212 Donath. Roland 204 Donovan. George P. Dooley. William E. Dopp. Benjamin Dopp. Robert B 192.89 Doucette. Richard L. 139 Dowling. Andrea J. 130.212 Dowling. James E. 204 Downic. Duane C. Doxtator. Janice J. Doyle. Jean M. Doyle. Thomas J. Dovnc, William C. Drake. Ethel K. 158 Drake, I-ranees D. Drake. Paul Drake. Steven P. 201 Draxlcr. Kathryn M. Dregcr. William R. Drengberg. Robert A. Dressier. Janice M Drews. Donna J. 192 Drocgc. Marlccn S. 212 Druckrcy. Jacqlyn E. 222 Drydyk. Kathleen 192 Du Bore. David L. Duchrow. Cynthia M. Duchrow. Richard M. Ducklow. Richard I.. Duda. James E. Duerkop. Margaret Ducscher, James L. 204 Dunn. Barbara J. Dunn. Donna J. Duwe. Debbie M. Duwe. Richard H. Dysert. Lyle M. Earll. Sharon A. Eastman. F.dythc M. Eastman. Mary S. 192 Ebel. Thomas F. Ebcrle. Ronald C. Ebsen. David W. Eckert. Delores D. 160.222 Eckert. Harvey J. Econom. Patricia 144.192 Edberg, James R. Eddy. Charles J. hdminstcr. Dorothy L. Edwards. Joyce A. 192 Edwards. Richard A. 138 Edwards. Wayne S. 222 Edwards. William R 140.143.192 Edwardson. Michael F. Egan. Mary F. Egcdal.Carolyn h. 150.152.169 Egen. James G. 142.192 Eggenberger. Jerry W’. 139.204 Eggencr. Nancy L. 147.204 EglolT. Keith T. Ehlcrt. Paul II. Ehmkc. Jeffery R. Eichclberger. Robert L. Eichhorn, Richard D. Eichingcr. Su anne M. 192 Eidc. Kurt W. 212 Eighme. Darrell G. Eineichncr. Kathleen 150 Elbe. Darlene E. Ellcfson. Marjorie 151.204 Ellcnbcckcr, Joseph A. Ellenson. Rebecca A. 131 Ellcrman. Keith I.. 138.222 Elliott. Kathryn J. 192 Elmer. Steven L. Elscn. Albert A 138 Elsen. Mary E. Emerson. Charles A. 149.150 Emmerich. David J. 135 Emmerich. Rodney C. Endlich. John E. Engebretson, David H. Engel. David D.2I2 Engel, Dennis A. Engel. Linda M. 192 Engel. Peter A. Engelbert. Donald M. Engfer. Gregg S. 136 Engles. Terr -c C. Enkro. Bern dG. Enloc. Bruce D. Entringcr. Peter G. 145.192 En . John W. Epplc, Barbara J. 150.154,157,222 Epps. Sally J. Epps, Stephen J. Erdman. Mary A. Erickson. Brian M. 88 Erickson. David E. 222 Erickson, Diane H. Erickson. Douglas L. 192 Erickson. Eric E. Erickson. Michael E. Erickson. Ned C. Erickson. Roger P. 222 Erlandson. Daniel J. Erschnig. James M. Ertl. Gary J. 149.162.222 Esch. Dennis M. 192 Eschcnbauch. John S. Eschcnburg. Tan J. 147.161.19s Eschcr. Barbara A. Eskritt. Harry II. Eskritt. James T. Eskritt. Judith A. 192 Estcrl. Jane V. 204 Etten. Penny A. 140.204 Euler. Nancy J. Evans. Dorothy E. 131.141 Evans. Patricia 192 Evans. W'illiam C. 212 Eve. Michael N. Evensen. Gary F. Evenson. Donald C. Everson. James L. Evrard. Eugene E. 204 Fadum. Morten E. Eacss. Bonnie A. 192 Fahrbach. Richard J. 134 150 ,,, ,,, lahrenkrug.J.Richard - 3,222 Fairchild. Judith A. Fait. Dennis D. 137 l ait. Susan K. 192 Fame. Philip R. Falk. Kathleen 192 Falkinham. Kenneth D. handler. Frederick 192.89 Fandry. Sandra L. Farrar. Julie A. Farrell. James M. 134 Farrey, Colleen D. Farrey. David W. Faultcrsack. Dwight D. Fausch. Dale S. 134.148 22? Faux. David R. 222 2‘ Favard. Sharon S. 192 Fa cn. James C. Feathers. Gerald W'. Feathers. Joan G. 212 Fedenko. Ronald A. 222 Federman, Michael E. Federwit , Don Fee. Patrick H. Fchl. Georgians Fehrmann. Allen L. 135 Fcllcn . Richard L. 149.162 Felt . Terry G. 192 Fenton. Donald N. Fenton. Linda F. Ferg, Edward W. 192 Ferg. Larry H. 192 Ferg, Patricia 192 Ferge, William M. 137 Ferguson. Sybil B. Ferk. David J. Fcrrall. Ellison W. 134.222 Fetter, Louis R. Feutz, Ronald L. 192 Fiala. W'illiam D. Fick. Mary N. Fiedler, James H. Fiedler. Jane A. 212 Fichweg. Robert E. 160.162.192 Fields. William K. Ficldhack. James F. 192.89 Figy, Dwayne R. Fijalkicwic . Carolyn A. 149.150 Filt . Michael A. 170.192 Finch. Gerald E. 134 Finch. Mary A. Finch. Paul D. Finger. Jack C. 134.204 Firth. Mary E. 192 Fischer. John L. Fischer. Ruth A. Fischer. Sandra M. 204 Fish. Aubrey C. 89 Fish. Elizabeth 162 Fisher. Carol S. 164.222 Fisher. Janice J. 222 Fisher. Keith W'. Fitzgerald. James R. 133,137.88 Fjclstad. Janet R. 212 Flahive. David M. 88 Flak. Paul W. Flannery. Allan B. Fleck. Henry W. 137.204 Fleming. Thomas R. Fienniken, Marilyn J. 138 Fletcher. Thomas M. Fletcher. William W. Flood, Thomas E. 136 Floriano. James 1.192 Fochs. LcRoy M. 135.222 Fogarty. James P. Fogarty. Judith I. Fogo. Judith A. Foley, Colleen A. 192 Foley. Michael P. 192 Foil as, Edward C. 88.89 Follcn. Fond G. Follcn. Penny L. Folz. James H. 192 Fonferek. Paul A. Fonstad. Mary A. Forbcck. Susan R. Forcyt. William J. Fortune. Mike P. 88 Fortune. Patrick J. Foss. Carol A. Foster. Brian J. Foster. Mark D. 142 Foth.GailA. 192 Fouls. Nancy K. 192 Fowle. James C 135.222 Fox. Ann C. 192 Fox. James N. Fox. Jeffrey K. 153 Fox. Mary A. 192 Fox. Mary E. Fox. Timothy M. Foxc. Barbara V. 130.146.204 Fraa a. Richard H. Francar. Gary J. Francar. Gene P. France). Arthur J. Franckcn. James E. Frandy, Robert A. 162.89 Frank, Thomas A. 137, Franke. Helen M. Franken. Peter H. Franz. Dorothy M. 169.204 Fran cn, Dianne M. 131 Frary.Gary J. Fred rich. Robert R. 153.158.222 Fredricks. Jacqlyn A. 130 Freiman. John C. Frclich, Jim R. 222 Frelieh. Tom A. 204 French, pam R. 192 Frey. Patrick W. 192 Friday. Kathryn M. Frieden, John M. 192 Fries. John W. 222 Fricstrom. Denise J. 192 Frisch. Anton J. 142.145 Frisch. James R. 145.204 Fritz, Michael R. Frome. Wayne L. Frost. Richard E. Frost. Virginia Fruit. Kurtis A. 222 Fuchs. Dale A. 137.89 Fuehrer. Marcella 212 Fuhrmann. Susan M. 204 Fullmer. Joan C. 131.148.168 Fullmer. John D. Fullmer. Robert J. 134.168.222 Fulton. Paul J. 158.222 Fulton. Robert N. Funk. James M. 138 Funk. Janice S. 192 Gadc. Paul E. Gaigals. Juris V. 212 Gajewski. Daniel Gajewski. W'aync A. 192 Galacx. Patricia Gallenbcrg. Allen J. 143.212 Gamble. Donald A. 204 Gamp. Michael Gannon. Edward J. Gansebom. Margaret Gapen. Timothy R. 192 Gardner. Keith A. 212 Gasch. David A. 166.224 Gates. Lance B. Gatterman. Kathleen Gaucrkc. Dale F. Gavin. John F. 143 Gayeske. Robert C. 134 Gearing. Mary G. 192 Geboy. Jon W. Gchin. Joseph L. 137,88 Gchling. Lucille A. Gchling. William D. Gehrig. Ronald H. Gchrkc. James IL 161.224 Gchrkc. Kathleen 150.192 Gchrkc. Marccda M. Gchrkc. Thomas F. Gcipcl. W illiam E. 136 Gcisc. Deborah Gclhar. Diana J. 144.212 Gclwicks. William W. 137.212.89 Genson. Jerry J. 212 Gcrcau. Roger L. Gerritts. Dorothy A. Gervais. Glenn C. Gcrzmchlc. David A. 192 Gcsch. Kenneth H. 192 Geske. Milton J. Gething. W'illiam A. 224 Gctlingcr. Mclda D. 160.212 Gibbs. Kent W. Gibeke. Greta L. Giesc, David J. Gicsc. EtolaG. 166.212 Giesc. Kim A. Giflin, Mary K. 149.192 Gilbert. Patrick A. 192 Gilbert. Philip C. Giles. Barbara A. 170 Giles. Patrick J. Gilge. Dennis A. 134 Gilkey. Madge A. 192 Gillis. William M. 145 Gilman, Gordon T. Gilson. Robert E. Gmocchio, Frederick Giove. Carol M. 204 250Giovctti. Mary M. 144 Girard. Beth 148 Girard. Darlene A. 224 Girard. Germaine 166.212 Gissclman. Gary L. 148.212 Glcisncr. John M. 151.170.224 Gleissncr. Daniel J. 192 Glinski. John J. Glinski. John M. 156 Glinski. W illiam R. 158.163.224 Clock, Gary M. Glockc. Jerry L. 132.135 Glodoski, Charles J. Glodowski, James L. Glodowski. Joseph S Gloudeman, Allen J Glover. Gerard L. Glowac. Ronald J. 146.192 Glubka. Kathryn 212 Gluth. Jimmie S. 192 Godfrey. Donna D. Godin. Anita L. Goccks. Ronald J. Goesling. Paul H. Goctsch. Stephen J. 204 Goct , Paul M. 192 Goff. Diana L. 148.160.192 Gohlkc. Gene A. Goldsmith. Terry A. 192 Golkc. Stephen R. Goll. Judith C. 204 Golla, Kathleen 192 Golla.KcnJ. Goll , Grant E. Goll . Thomas H. 146.159 Goman. Kay A. 171,204 Gome . Bonita C. Gonskc, Steven T. 153.192 Goodman. Gordon J. 133.137 Goodweiler. Dennis W. Goodwin, Dennis M. 141.145.192 Gordon. Craig J. Gorges. Terry L. 149.150.192 Gorman. James R. 204 Gorski. Dora V. Gos . Robert J. Gottfredsen. Michael F. GoiKhcc. Gail M. 212 Gouin. Ronald J. Gould. Charlotte 131.142.204 Gould. Norbert J. 134.224 Grabarski. Sandra A. 141.204 Grabow. Ronald D. Grabowski. Victoria 131.140,204 Grabski. Sylvester Graef. William J. Gracl . Richard T. 156 Gracu, Robert A. Graewin, Ron E. 192 Graf. Christine 192 Grafcnaucr. Thomas C. 130.137 Grant. Daphne A. Graver. Anne A. 164.224 Gray. Dale F. Greenwood. Robert J. 206,88 Greer. Deborah I. 212 Gregerson. Shyla J. 141.163,192 Gregg. Howard W. Grcilmg, Gary G. Grciscr. Constance 206 Gresens. Joan M. 224 Grcsl, Gary J. Gress. tugenc W'. Grct ingcr. Judy I.. 192 Griffin. Lawrence Griffith. John T. Grignon. Joncllc B. Grimm. Michael B. Gnttner. Myrna S. 224 Grodc. Bette J. Groff. Joseph C. Groff, Stephen W. Gromoll. Jane A. Gropp, Orla M. Groshek. Charles H. 192 Groshck.Christphr Gross. Carol L. 192 Gross. Lh abeth 147.206 Gross. Hubert A. Gross, Mary E. Grotc. Robert J. 137 Groth. James F. 206 Grover. Herbert J. Grubc. Janet C. 144.160.224 Gruber, Donald R. Gruber, James L. Gruel. David A. 133 Grucnwald, Paul E. 132.136.212 Grundeen, Ronald H. 170 Grunow. Kim E. 192 Grygicl. Leonard M. 192.155.224 Gryglcwski. Dorothy A. 151.192 Grzesiak. Gayle A. 147.170.192 Gubernot. Russell J. 192 Guderski. Allen R. Guderski, Gary J. Guclig. Judith A. Guenther. Paul L. Gucths. Karen J. 132.1.W.I39.159.160 Gulan. Terrence 134,224 Gullickson, Gary L. 156.192 Gullikson. Donald H. Gumm. Kathleen 224 Gumm. Lorna J. 192 Gums. Glenda A. 141.206 Gunderson. Doris A. 192 Gunderson. Gary D. Gurlt.Su annc L. Gurske. Gary W. Gustaf. Nancy S. 192 Gustafson. Betty J. 192 Gustafson. Gregory E. 192 Gustin. Dennis M. Gustin. Thomas R. 145.192 Gustrowsky. Harold L. Gutenberger. Kaye F. 212 Gulh. Thomas F. Gutknccht. Nancy A. 192 Guyer. Richard C. 192 Gu man. Joan T. Haag. Sherwood 153.194 Haas. Edward F. 206 Haas, Mari J. Haase. Linda A. 194 Haasl, Donald L. Haasl, Virginia 224 Haberman. John J. Haberman. Michael D. Hachmcisicr. MaryC. 130 Hackbarth. D. Michael 143 Haezynski, Sharon L. 160 Hacni, Frank R. Haevers. Thomas C. 147.206 Haffeman. Barbara A. Haffeman. Gerald R Hagen. Roger J. Hagen. Ryan A. Hagcnkord.Garv L. 194 Hager. Virginia 194 Hager. William G. Haglund. Wayne E. 139.194 Hagmann. H. Charles Hahn. David E. Hahs.JancL. 160.194 Haines. Philip P. Haka. James J. Haka. Margaret Halada.Jc.nM, 161.170.194 Haider. Robert K. Haider. Steven A, Halccn. Jeffery W. Halford. Patricia Hail. Harris T. 167 Hall. James B. Hall. Judith A. 206 Hall. Linda J. 131.224 Hall. Patricia Hall. Ray D. Hall. Sharon L. Halloran. Ann E. Halsey. Richard R. Halverson, Lee M. 137 Halverson, Marian L. Hamclc. Kenneth V. Hamilton. John P. 145.206 Hamilton. Patricia 224 Hamilton. Phillip C. Hamilton. Robert F. 135 Hamlin. Wayne L. 194 Hamm. Linda A. 147.194 Hamm. Peder W. 134 llammcrslcy. Thomas P. Hammond. Gary L. Hamshirc. David G. Ilandrick, Kenneth J. Hanes, Charles A. Hankc, Judith A. 194 Hankey, Barbara J. 142 Hanmann, Yvonne M. 169 Hanneman. Judith G. 150.152.194 Hannemann. David K. Hannon. Stephen J. 194 Hanoski, Geralds. 130 Hans. Douglas S. Hansen. Allan R. Hansen. Craig P. 194 Hansen. James H. Hansen. Joy J. 144,206 Hansen. Linda L. 170.206 Hansen. Lorna J. 144 Hansen. Louise M. Hansen. Roger A. 194 Hansmirc. Eben K. 145.156 Hanson. Alan R. Hanson. Craig II. 194 Hanson. Dale E. Hanson. Daniel H. Hanson. Donald L. 162.224 Hanson. George II. 147.194 Hanson. Marilyn C. 206 Hanson. Norman J. Hanson. Richard C. 194 Hanson. Sally K. 212 Hanson. ThomasC. Haralson, Kent N. 130.166 Harder. Susan K. Harding. Judith R. 194 Harding, Stephen D. 194 Haring. Charles E. Harkins. Gay L. Harkins. Patrick Wf. Harley. John L;. 194 Harpstcr. Duane L. Harries. Shirley A. Harris. David L. 135 Harris. John L H. 14 Harris. Paul A. 146.194 Harris. Richard W. 134.212 Harris. William M. 194 Harter. Ronald R. Harlftcl. Daniel R. 162.164 Hartill. Joseph G. Hartman. Raymond K. Hartman. Richard A. Hart , Barbara A. 194 Hasek. Richard S. 194 Haslow. Cyril G. Mattel. Susan J. 150.152 Hassclsirom. James C. Hasslcr. Donald A. 134 Hastreitcr. Gordon A. Hatch. Tom I. HauboIdt.Gary H. 143 Haugen. G. Annette Hauptmann. William A. 194 Hauser, John F. 134.146.88 Hauver. Richard N. 156 Havclka. Eliska II. Havey, Kathleen Havlik. Sharon J. 133.212 Hawker. Keno L. 194.88 Hawkins. Daniel R. Hawley. Michael G. Hawley, Richard D. Hay. W'illiam J. Hayes. Eugene G. 145 Ha en. Harold H. Ha Icwood. Mary A. 144 Healt. Edith A. Hcbblc. Terry L. Hebert. Richard J. Hcckcrt. Robert B. Hedin. Shirley J. 224 Hedman. Donald E. Hcdquisl. J. Patrick Hedtke. Dan H. Heideman. Belly J. Heikkinen. Donna M. Hcil. Clifford Hcil.Gary F. Hcimerl. Thomas L. 137 Hem. George R. 134 Hcindl, Jerry A. Heme. Thomas L. Heinze. Nancy L. Hcin clmann. Gary A. Heisc. Charmainc 131 Heisc. Clifford 143,206 Hcisiad. Nancy C. Helbach. Larry M. Helf. Michael J. Hclgcson. James J. Hclkc. Joanne G. Heller. George H. 194 Helling. James T. Hclmholz, Barbara R Hclmkc. James E. llclmlc. Howard J. 134 Hclscr. Audrey M. 160.212 Helwig, Harry B Hembrook. William L. 133 Hemmy. Marie S. 194 Henehen. Eileen E. 214 Henderson. Glen R. Hendricks. Susan L. 149 Hcm c. Fred C. 171,214 Henke. Gary R. Henne. David R. Ilcnnig, Nancy L. Hcnrich, Emery W. 194 Hcnrichs. Melvin W. 168.171.214 Hcnschcl, Bradley C. Hensley. Garry A. Henson. John R. Hcrlachc. James A. 135 Herlick. Blakely J. 136 Herman. Eugene J. 133.137 Hermann. Jan P. 214 Hermanson. Roger A. 149.150 llcrnct. Donna M. Hcrnct. Sharon R. 206 Herr. Susan J. 131.226 Hcrrbold. Daniel W. Ilcrrbold, Delbert W. Hcrrcll. Lois A. 194 Herrick. Peter W, 206 Herro. Sandra A. Hcrtcl. Richard A. Hcr berg, Alice A. Her berg. Dennis R. 214 Hcr berg. Gary D. Hcttinga. W arren N. 150 Hickncr. MaryC. 131 Hicks. DcLoyd F. Hictpas. Karen J. 194 Higgins. Daniel E. Higgins. Dennis 194 Higgins. Ernest N. Higgins. John J. Higgins. John P. 214 Higgins. Marie E. 194 Hildcbrandt. Dennis E. 194 Hilgart. Joseph F. 134.226 Hill. David J. 145.194 Hill. Ruth A. 160.214 Hillman. Constance 194 Hillman. James R. 133.137.214 Hillmcr. Warren J. 194 Hines. Judith A. 226 Hint . Dennis R. 138 Hint , Jerome V. 194 Hint , Judith A. Hint . Melvin W'. Hint . Roman D. 226 llrisch. Alvin J. Hirsch. Susan J. 131 Hitz. Carolyn M l50.152 H la vac. Nancy A. 194 Hoban. Kathleen Hobbs. Ronald C. Hobin. DennisJ. 135.214 Hochcvar, James J. Hoefs. Eugene V. 214 Hoeft. Lowell R. 151.206 Hocksema. John E. Hocksiru. Peter J. Hocm. Connie B. Hocna. Gerald L. Hoclh. Rodney J. 206 Hocwisch. Carol A. 194 251HolT. Bernice L'. Hoffman. Frederick 154.226 Hoffman. Janice A. 194 Hoffman. Kcnnclh P. Hoffman. Mark 0.194 Hoffman. Mary M I3I.IW.226 Hoffman. Michael P. 171.194 Hoffman. Robert J. Hoffmann. Jaeqein A. Hoffmann. Janice M. Holman. John H. I lofmann. Thomas J. Hofschild. Joanne Nl. Hofslicn. Thomas P. 138 Holden. Paul B 156.226 Holden. Robert W. 162 Holders. Susan J. Hollands. Michael A. 135 Hollccn. Karen M. 226 Holloway. Daniel L. 206 Holly. Thomas L. 145.206 Holm. Glcnnis L. Holmes. Everett L. 133 Holmes. Larry E. 136.226 Holquist. Robert A. 150.162.214 lloltan. Constance Holt . Daniel C. 194.88 llolubiw. I ida Holy. Lora L. Holy. Su anne L. 206 Hoi . Leroy A. 194 Hol millcr. Janet A. 131.165.226 Homan. Kathleen Homcl. Dennis A. 226 Hopewell. Jerri A. Ilopka. Christian 1% Hopkins. Dale W. I4S Hopkins. David L. Hoppe. David L. Hoppe. Robert R. Ilorch. Lawrence 194 Hordyk. Douglas T. Horn. Susan L. 194 Hoskin. Jo Anne L. Hosterman. Bruce A. 130.144.226 Hostcttcr. Murray W. Hottmann. Jacqclinc 144 Hoitmann. Julie M. Houghton. John H. 226 Houle.Caryl II. Housner. Roger J. Howard. Cheryl A. 141.143.214 Howard. Dennis R. 145.194 Howard. Lloisc C. 136.214 Howard. Tom J. 194 llowdcn. Sara M. 131.214 Howe. Karen L. 150.152 Howe. MaryS. 130 Hubatch. Emily M. Hubatch. Gerald t. Hubbard. Robert D. Hubbs. Robert L. Ilubcr.Chcryn H. Hudson. Drew T. Hudson. J. Michael 194 Rcnell M.206 Hucbschcn. Michael J. Hue gel. David R. Huempfner. Geraldine 194 Huettner. Catherine 214 Hughes. Andrew N. Hughes. Michael A. 194 Hughes. Michael F. Huishccrc. John M. 194 Huisman. Richard H. Hume. Mary Jo 206 llumke. Dennis I. 133,226 liumkc. JohnW. Humke. Mary E. 157.226 Humphrey. Judy I.. 194 Hunnicutt. James J. Hunt.Thomas F. 136.144 Hunter. Ruth A. 214 llurlbutt. Lli abcth Hutchings. Eonne R. Hutchins. Jerome D. Hutchinson. Barbara A. 141.194 Hutchison. Dennis E. Huth. David C. 132.134 Hutnik. Thomas J. 194 Hydukc. Linda A. Hytnen. Erie Ikoh. Sunday M. Miff. Donald F 171.226 Illingworth. Brian D. 194 Ircton. Sharon I.. Ironside. Jahn II. Ironside. Larry F. Ironside. Leonard J. Irwin. Judith M. Irwin. Michael A. Isaacson. Karen K. Isherwood. Donald J. 206 Isherwood, Richard G. 194 Isherwood. Robert E. Ishii, Kathleen 141,169.194 Iverson. Mary M. 194 Iverson. Susan K. Iwata. Kumhiko 141.206 Iwcn. Rose M. 194 Jablonski. Gerald C. 194 Jack.Jay Jacklin. Garv I.. Jackson. Anita R Jackson. Gary W. 153.214 Jackson. Harriet M. 152.194 Jackson. Richard L. Jackson. William E. 206 Jacobs. Kathleen 194 Jacobs. Terry L. Jacobson. Alan E. Jacobson. Allen K. Jacobson. Barbara J. 194 Jacobson. Merry S. Jacoby. David L. 88 Jacoby. Jill J. 194 Jacck. Michael W. Jaeger. David R. 226 Jaeger. Karen M, 206 Jaeger. Kenneth J. 135 Jaeger. Lorraine 165.169.226 Jaeger. Ruth A. 149.206 Jagodzinski. Kenneth W. Jahn. Alice L. Jahn. Paul R. 194 Jahnke. Daniel E. Jahnkc. Kathleen 194 Johns. Wayne II. Jako. Michael J. Jameson. DennisG. 226 Janc ak. Ann T. 141.194 Janisch. Thomas P. Jankowski. Donald J. Jannv. Karen K. 214 Jan .'Carol K. 144.194 Janz. Peggy L. Jaskie. Frederick Jefferies. Michael G. Jeffrey. Jane J. Jelich. Mary A. 151.156.157 Jciinski. Robert P. Jenkins. John W. Jensen. Bonnie A. Jensen. Frederick 136 Jensen. Harry A. Jensen. James C. Jensen. James P. Jensen. Phillip C. Jensen. Richard B Jenson. Doris I. 214 Jcpscn. Douglas II. 194 Jcpscn. Karen J. 130.146 Jcpson. Jerry B. Jcpson. Mary L 160 Jeske. Gregory C. Jeske. James D. 156.214 Jeske. Mary B. 164 Jeske. Thomas R. 194 Jesse. Donna J. 194 Jewell. Carolyn J. 194 Jilol. Dennis L. 194 Jirovct . Su anne G. 131.160.226 Jochcm. Joseph J. Jocius. Carl M. Johancscn, Craig L. 88 Johanknccht. Gary A. Johanknecht. Sandra S. Johnson. Barbara M. Johnson. Cheryl L. Johnson. Daniel K. Johnson. David A. 132,136.143.145 Johnson, David C. Johnson. Deane A. 206 Johnson. Dennis D. 194 Johnson. Douglas S. Johnson. Elizabeth 194 Johnson. Eric S. 153 Johnson. Evonne E. 206 Johnson. Gordon P. 226 Johnson. Helen I). Johnson. Irving L. 194 Johnson. James H. Johnson. James P. Johnson. Jill J. 194 Johnson. Karen L. 131.206 Johnson. Kay I. 150,152.194 Johnson. Lawrence Johnson Lowell E. Johnson. Marjorie Johnson. Marvin G. 150.226 Johnson. Mavmc M. Johnson. Paul A. Johnson. Peter A. Johnson. Richard M. 194 Johnson. Robert G. Johnson. Robert J. Johnson. Roger A. Johnson. Roger D. Johnson. Sandra L. Johnson. Sharon A. 141 Johnson. Steven E. 137 Johnson. Thomas G. Johnson. Thomas J. Johnson. Timothy D. Johnson. Warren C. Johnson. William O. Johnson. William R. 145 Jones. Beverly A. 132.133.214 Jones. Janice M. Jones. Laural P. 206 Jones. Pamela A. Jones. Thomas L. Joski. Thomas 0. Joswick. Michael J. 151 Joyce. Michael B. Judd. Dennis F.. 194 Judine. Sister M. Jueds. James L. Jung. Keith W 156.214 Jung. Su anne 194 Jungkuntz. Thomas L. 133 Jurgclla. David L. 137.206 Jurgens. Raymond E. 136.214 Jushka. Peter J. 135.2% Kabelc. John E. Kadlec. Charles J, Kadow. Janice N. Kaemmer. Gerald A. Kahila, Larry W. Kahl. Judith M. Kahlcr. Peter J. 132.133 Kahre. Bonnie J. 194 Kaiser. Eli abcth 194 Kaland. Peter J. Kalk.JaneE. 194 Kalkc. Bonnie M. Kalke. Edwin C. 154.158 Kallas. Phillip G. 136 Kalpinski.Ray A. Kalt. Sally J. 130.226 Kalvclagc. Richard II. 226 Kambach. David C. 133 Kanas. Diane M 130.143.206 Kane. Paul J. Kanter. David C. Kapit kc. Jack L. Kappcll. David A. 214 Kappcll. Ronald J. Kapszukicwicz. Michael S. Karaliunav. Patricia 194 Karberg. William J. 154.158.226 Karch. Gerald J. Karl. David A. 194 Karlen. Donald R. Kama! . Ronald C. 194 Karow. Janet E. 131.228 Karpinske. Vcrlan. D. Kaskey. Terese M. Kaspcrck. Byron B. Kauss. Sally A. 133.147,228 Kaut a. Jerome J. 214 Kawakami. Nathan Kearns. Sandra J. 194 Kedrowski. Carla J. Kedrowski, David R. 138.228 Keefe. John M. 136,153 Kceffc. Peter M. 134 Keeney. Mary M. Keith. Diane M. Keller. James H. Keller. Richard A. Kellcrman. James M. 141.148,206 Kellcll. George R. 134 Kelley. Conrad J. Kelley. Patricia Kelly. Emery J. 194 Kelly. Jack E. Kclm. Dale A. Kcmmctcr.Gcnc G. 162.194 Kempfert. Julie A. 206 Kennedy. Thomas J. Kennedy. William J. Kcnselh. Robert D. 228 Kcohanc. Julia Kcown. Ronald L. 149.149.228 Kcppic. Daniel M. 228 Kcppic. Kathleen 141.206 Kerkenbush. John W. 133.214 Kcrl. Richard E. 156.214 Kcrslcn. Philip J. Kersten. Thomas R. Kcslcr. Karlcnc M. 152 Keslcr. Tracy D. Kcsscnich. Mary A. Kcslcr. Thomas J. Keyzer. Gary C. Kichcfski. Jan D. 194 Kiedrowski. Gary A. 139.153,194 Kicdrowski. Mary K. 194 Kieffer. Lynn SI. 194 Kiehl. James R. Kil. Toshimasa A. 141 Kilcovnc. Robert J. Kildow. Jeffrey R 163 Killingcr, John D. Kilp. David G. Kimani. Eli abcth 228 King. James R. King. Kenneth R. 171.196 King. Roger A. Kirby. Robert E. Kirschling, Jean J. 196 Kirsenlohr. Nicola M. 196 Kirsling. Alan J. 196 Kiichcll. Kathleen 206 Kjosa. John O. 149.150 Klappa. Wayne A. Klawitcr. Keith W. 153.196 Kleifgcn. Tony L. 196.214 Klein. Antoinette Klein, Marc S. Klein. Richard M. 206 Klcinc. Candace B Klcinhcinz. Frank W. Kleisncr. Robert J. Klcmm, Yvonne M. 161.164.228 Klcpp. Marjorie Klesmith. John P 196 Klimpke. Olga E. 136.228 Kline. Karen M. 146.214 Kling. Mary L. 214 Klingbail. George F. 137.206.89 Klmgheil. Rolland M. Klingforth. KarIG. Klippstcin. Dianne M. 131 Klisez. Ray mond A. Klismcl. Janet 228 Klit . James D. Klit . Ronald J. 196 Klil kc. Sue F. 214 Klohukowski. Lawrence 151 Klochn. Robert L. Kiosinski. Thomas L. Kloslcrman. Oric W. 196 Kluchesky, IJcan L. 196 Kluck.Corrinc A. Kluck. Timothy J. 135 Klucndcr. Harold C. 228 Klug.Jean M.206 Knaack. Anita II. 130.228 252Knaack. Nancy C. 164.228 Knapp. Bruce J. Knapp. Elaine T. Knapp. Susan M. 170.196 Knez. Janice K. Knight. John J. Knipp. Rosalind 133.160.166 Knipplc. Paul 11. Knocck. Albert P. Knoedlcr. Michael J. Knopc. Lloyd D. Knott. Dennis B. Knowlton. Patricia 146.196 Knox, DouglasC. 134.143.145 Knudsen, Mary E. Knucppcl. Ami M 196 Knuth. Jerald W. Knutson. Russell A. 196 Knutson. Sandra 1 152.160.206 Knut cn. Nets E. 153 Kobach. Penelope Kobe r, Gwendolyn 150 Kober. Kenneth C. 89 Kober. Peter P. . Koblcskc. Diane J. 206 Koch. Robert D. 196 Koch. Shirley A. 214 Kochcl. Steven A. 140 Kochanowski. Ursula A. Kochcr, James M. 196 Kocurck. Thomas F. Kocglcr. Jane E. 196 Kochi. John W. 135 Kochi. Kathleen 196 Kocllcr. David J. 196 Koenig. Robert E. 139 Koepke. Diane C. 161.196 Kocshall. John F. Koessl. Joe A. Koester. Harvey J. 196 Kohcl. Michael F 140.196 Kohl. George J. 139 Kohli. John R. Kohrt. Cynthia A. 196 Koiis. James A. Koko. Linda I). 144.206 Kolbc. Mary A. 196 Kolinsky. Patrick G. Komatz, Ronald J. Konkcl. Carol L. Konkol. Diane M. Kopan. Mary C. 196 Kopil kc. Douglas M. 155.214 Koppang. Vic A. Kopplin. Peter N. 136 Korbas. Neil II. Korbcl. Richard A. 214 Kornowski, James H. 228 Korpela. Judith M. 160.170.228 Koschak. Bcrnadinc Kosek. Joseph D. Koshi, Doris F. 141.214 Kosloski. Mary A, Kosobueki. Janice M. 214 Kosolchurocn. John 141.196 Kosobueki. Neil R Kososki. Vivian C. Kosscl. Arthur A. Kostccki. Leo W. Kostka. Terence A. Kostroski. Warren L. 146.155,214 Kostrova. Lester J. 153 Koszenski. Carole A. Kotchy. Alan W. Kotccki. Allen J. Koulcntcs. Tom R Kovach. Stanley D. Kowalc .yk. Mary P. Kowalski. Gary W. Koy, Gary G. Koy. Larry L. Ko lowski. Bruce U. 135.214 Ko lowski. Camille K. 196 Kracht. Richard L. 130.156.214 Kraegcr. Robert J. Kraemcr. I vonnc A. 160.196 Krahn, Dennis W. 228 Krajeck. Eugene A. 142,228 Krajnak. Thomas J. Kralapp. Glen II. Kramer. Gary L. 134 Kramer, Marcellus Kramer, Margaret 214 Kranig. Barbara A. Krans. DennisC. Kranz. Ralph E. Krasavage. Dennis Krasemann. Stephen J. Krass. Allan L. 145.196 Kraus. Jdith A. 131.228 Krause. Carla A. 151.166 Krause. Leslie E. 196 Krause. Mary L. 142.196 Krause. Sandra L. 165.228 Krauska. Lawrence Kraulkramer. Thomas II. 14 1.206 Krcgcr. Carol J. 140.206 Kretc. Lu Ann R. Krembs. David G. 196 Krenz. Kathryn A. Kresh. Kathleen 206 K resin. Ralph 11.228 Kreul. Susan J. Kreutz. John P. Krtcgl. John II. 137 Kricsc. Lawrence Kriewaldt. Arthur R Kriha. Mary E. Kroening. Marjorie Krolc yk. Thomas A. Kroll. Michael E. 196 Kroll. Patricia 131.228 Kroll. Ronald C. Kromenakcr. Robert T. Kromholz. Steven S. 150 Kronberger. Dennis G. Kroner. Sven E. Kropidlowski. Donald D. Kropidlowski. Linda M. 196 Kroupa. Raymond C. Krubsack. Harold D. 143.228 Krueger. Echo A. 228 Krueger. James A. Krueger. Laurecn O. Krueger. Lawrence 153 Krueger. Marsha B. 165.228 Krueger. Michael L. Krueger. Rocklyn D. Krueger. Rose A. 196 Krueger. Wayne D. Kruger. Janet M 131.206 Krull. Allen P. 196 Kryshak. James G. Kr mareik. Lance E. Krzykowski, Joan M. 140,196 Kubchl. Bonnie M, Kubo. Hikaru 131.141.206 Kucaba, Ronald L. Kuchlcr. Richard G. Kuck. Nathalie 196 Kuc ynski. Mary E. Kudla. Charlotte 230 Kucglcr. Carmen C. Kuchl. ColcO. 136.214 Kuchl. Mavis A. 196 Kuchnc. Robin R. 135 Kugcl. James M. Kuhl. Janet L. 157.230 Kuhs. Charles E. Kujawski. Thomas G. 160.196 Kult. Larry E. Kurasz, Helen R. Kurowski. Ronald C. 156.206 Kurszewski, Lyle R. Kurtz. James W. 230 Kuruez. Frank 149,196 Kurzynski. Leonard S. 161 Kurzynski. Richard M. 206 Kuske. James H. Kus ynski. Annette K. 131.152 Kutchcra. John B. Kutclla. Jim D. 88 Kutclla. Ronald J. 134.146 Kvalo. AnnC. 196 Laack. Dennis E. 230 Laakso. Charles A. 156.214 Laakso. Shirley M. 150.206 Labis ak. Charles I). La Brant. Robert S. La Brie. Richard L. 159.214 La Chapeilc. Susan K. La Chapeilc. Harold J. Laddusirc. Richard K. 196.89 Ladwig. Bcvcrlcc Laedtke. Stephen E. 134.206 La Favc. Barbara K. 169.196 Laflin. Dennis J. La Flammc. Lee l;. La Fontaine. Judith A. 170 l.agcrbloom. James A. 136.149 Lambert. Fugcnc J. Lamberty. Roy J. 138 La Mere. Paul E. 137.88 Lamstcr.Scott II. I.ancclk-. Carlton W. Landowski. Michael J. 196 Landry. Michelle 196 Landsness, Conrad W. Lang. Dennis R. 196 Lange. I con L. 196 Lange, Paul A. 206 Lange. Roger 1.. 134 Langcl, Sharon A. 230 Langill, Barbara T. 196 Langjahr. Robert J 144.156.196 Langlois. James F. 163 Langlois. Jeri H. 158 Langton. Nancy A. 167.206 Langion. Susan R. Lansing. Kathleen Lant .Carl E. Lanzillotti. Diana C. 148.214 Larsen. Allan C. Larsen. Julianne 130.230 Larsen. Kent A. 196 Larsen. Peter A. 230 Larsen. Raymond E. Larsen. Roderick Larson. Allan J. 138 Larson. Carol J. Larson. Gary K. Larson. Gerald C. 196 Larson. Jonathan 196 Larson. Laverne L. Larson. Oscar W. Larson. W. Wayne 138 Lasch. Gary L. 136 L.asch. Timothy F. 162 Lasinski. Diann M. 130 Lu sallcttc. Thomas E. Las inski. Margaret 214 Lathrop. Gary M. 196 Latimer. John T. Lau. Kathleen 158.164 Laubc, David M. 196 Laubcnstcin, Paul R. 140.196 Laucr. Kathleen 214 Laucr. Mary A. 139.144 Laufenberg. Jane F. 147.214 Laughlin. John D. 196 Lauschcr. Jane M. Lautcnbach. James E. Lautcrbach. Darwin A. Lavalle. Jerome R. 149 La Violctic. Dorothy J. La void. Daniel M. Lav«!d. David M. 136 Lawetzki. Gerald P. 88 l.awctzki. Leslie W. Lawryk. John L. 196 Lawson. Richard W. La cwski.Tony K. 196 lean. Patricia Leary. AnnC. 196 Leary. David T. Leary. James P. Leary, John B. Leary. Mary J. 13I.I5U56.I57.I64. 165.230 Le Chaussc. Grctl B. Lecher. Daniel A. 196 Leek. Henry H. 150.162.206 Lccl3ir. James P. 196 Le Clair. Patricia 142 Leder, Peter J 134.230 Le Due. Jon A. Lee, Karen J. 206 Lccgc. Edmund E. 230 Lehman. Daryl J. 214 Lehman. David E. I.chncr. Diane K. 196 Lehr. Thomas J. Lchto. lna R. Lchto. Lynne L. 149.152.196 Lcidcr. Dan J. 145 Lcidcr. Thomas R. 148 l.cland. Nancy L. 131.206 Lemaneik. Carolyn F. 230 le May, Thomas J. 196 l.cmkc. Joan R. 141.196 Lemke. Ronald A. 196 Lemke. Sandra L. 166.196 Lemmens. Daniel A. 196 Lemmens. Philip A. 196 Le Moine. Lee K. 196 Lenard. Edwin J. Lendved. Susan J. 196 1 cnius. Marilyn F. 196 Lcnk.Grctchcn 196 I cnsmirc. Paula A. Lent cn. Alice K. 196 Leo James A. Leonard. Richard D. Leonard. Robert L. Leonard. Steven J. 206 Leonard. William J. Lepak. Jane M.196 Lepak. Ralph E. 206 Lepinski. Barbara A. Lesezynski. David B. 156.214 Lesezynski. Ervin J. 156.196 Lesezynski. Robert V. 138.214 Leslie. Jayne M. 196 Leslie. Richard A. 196.88 Leslie. T homas W. Lev®ranee. James A. Le vc rent . Charles S. Levinson, Michael D. l.cwandowski. Lance I.. 1 cwandowski. William J. Lewis. Cheryl A. Lewis. D. Anna B. 131.206 Lewis. Frances T. 131.157.230 Lewis. Helen P. Lewis. John L. 196 Lewis. Jon F. 133 Lewis. Sharon J. 196 Lewko. James K. Liberty. William F. 136.149 Liddell. I.orcn A. Licbcnstcin. James A. 133 Lieg. James L. Lien. Douglas M. Lienhardt. Thomas G. Lighifoot. Joseph F. I.tgman. Ronald A. Lind. Carole J. Lindberg. Jennifer Lindeman. Rov II. 196 Lindner. Edward A. 135.154.158 Lindslcy. Gail M. Lindstrand. Keith D. Lindstrom. Martha R. 206 Lindstrom. Sherrill 230 Lindstrom. William E. 196 Lippert, JoanC. Liston. Patrick J. Literski. Philip J. 230 Liu. Virginia Livingston. Lawrence Lloyd. Ricardo V. 141.206 Lobner. Gary F. Locker. Barbara E. Lockwood. Linda J. 160.196 Lodholz, Lynn A. l.odholz. Mary M. Lod inski. Kathleen Locflcl. William R. l.ocwen. I.arilyn L. 196 Logan. I.ois J. 147 Lohr. Richard J. Lomprey. Robert F. Long. Laura J. Loock. James D. Loock. Thomas C. Looker. Larry R. Loper. Charlene Lorang. Richard W. 138.230 Lorenz. Howard E. 230 Lotspcich, Cathlccn 196 253Lotts. Su an K Lotzcr. Margaret Louis. Terrence Love. Daniel J. 143.196 l.owc. James L. Luberda. Cynthia A. 196 Lubinski. Richard A. 206 John A. 196 Lucas. Charles R. Lucht. Larry W. Lucht. Sandra J. 230 Ludke. Kurt L. 133.140 Lueck. Frederick Lueck. Greg I.. Lueck. Mane V. Lucschow. Ronald V. Lucschow. Thomas J. Lukas. Linda K. Lukaszewicz. F.dward S. Lung. YuanC. Lussky. Carol A. 142.196 Lynch. Dennis W. 196 Lyon. Patricia 13!.140.214 Maas. Barbara J. 206 Maas. James A. Maas. Robert W. MacDonald. Jocnc K. MacDonald. I.ynn M. 196 Macha, Allen E. Mackay. Donald D. MacLachlan, Donna J. 196 MaeMorran. Andrew T. 196 Madcr. Mabel P. Mader. Michael R. Madsen. Carol A. 165 Madson. Stephen J. 196 Madson. Steven J. Magalska. James M. Magyera. Ellen A. 206 M ah Ike. Suzan A. 196 Mahloch. James I. Mahnkc. Michael G. Mahnkc. Robert G. 206.89 Mahoney. Carlccn li. 206 Mains. Lrncsl L. Mair. Robert A. Majeska. Diane M. Majeski. Anthony J. Majewski, David S. Majewski. Richard L. Makobero. Barthclmy 141.196 Maldonis, Patricia 160.170.230 Malick.Gordon R. 146.230 Malik. Leonard I:. 214 Malick. Clare C. Malick. Edward F. 214 Mallon. Richard J. Malolepsy. Dorothy 170.214 Malzahn, Mary L. Mandelin. Bruce A. Manders, Albert F. Mancy. Patrick J. Mann, lirvin J. Manske. Mark M.88 Mantey. Marilyn J. Manuel. Richard A. Man . Frank R. Marangcr. John D. 208 Marchcl.Conny F. 196 Maroniak. Stephen F.. Marcis . Leonard J. 135 Marcou. Donna P. 1% Marcouillcr. Robert II. Marcusscn. Harold L. Mann. Dennis C. 214 Markcch, Barbara V. Markcc. Janet C. 133.165.214 Marko. Linda L. Marquard. Edward H. 196 Marquard. Lawana N. Marquardt, Janice M. 164.169 Marsh. ChcrvlJ. Marsh. Pete H. Marshall. Charles W. Marshall. Dianne I.. 150.154.208 Martin. Beverly J. 196 Martin. Gregory E. 1% Martin. James D. Martin. James R. Martin, Lance L. Marlin. Lynne A. Martin. Mary E. 130 Martin. Melanie L. Martin. Stanley K. Martini. Annette Martini. Harvey li. Martinkovic. Val W. 196 Marlinsek. JohnC. Martinson. Jane E. Marx. Daniel F. Marx. DavidC. 158 Marx. Thomas H. 156 Marzolf. Mary M. 196 Mason. Patrick J. 88 Mason. Stephen J. Mate. Henry J. Mater. Peggy J. Mathews. George M. Matranga. Daniel F.. Matsoukas, Dan F. 141 Matteson, Dennis L. Mattson. Richard A. 156.214 Matykowski. John J. 196 Mat dorf, Kenneth D. 156.196 Mauk. James R. Mauntz. Gary A. 150 Mavis. James A. Maxon. James H. 144.153.196 May. Lawrence May. Valeric A. Mayer. Constance 196 Mayer. Leslie A. Mayer. Ruth A. 196 Maver, Sheldon J. 196 Mayo. Judith A. 160.230 Maziarka. Edward M. McAlpsn. Kathleen 142 McCarricr. Thomas J. 132.135.214 McCarthy. Kathleen McCarthy. Patrick H. McCarthy. Richard J. 196 McCarthy. Terrence McCartney. David A. McClelland. Robert L. McConnell. John R McCormick. Susan M. McCullough. Marcia M. 131.208 McCullough. Mark W. MeGaughey. Mark D. MeGauran. Joseph R. McGill. Michael D. 135 McGill. Shirley L. 136 McGillivray. Nora L. 142.164 McGmlcy. Richard J. 88 MeGivern. Patrick A. 134 MeGocy. Gary J. McGranc. Robert T. 134 McGrath. James R. 135 McGrath. Michael J. MeGrew. David F. 198 McGuire. Patrick E. McHugh. John K McKcaguc. Patsy I. McKee. William S. McKeilh. David L. McKelvcy. Cecily G. McKclvcy. Dexter C. McKelvcy. Judith McLellan. Frank A. McLcrnon. John li. McMahan. Dennis J. McMahon. Hugh E. McMahon. Michael H. 135.168.170 McMillan. Thomas L. 198 McMillcn. William F.. 198 McNamcc. James P. 145.151.160, 170.208 McNcight. Mary L. 198 McNown. Mary A. McNutt. Mary li. McOlash. Joel C. 198 McQuin. Kenneth G. MeRcath. Wanda R. 198 Mcchtcr. Michael E. Mcdcnwaldt. Fred N. Medin. David A. 208 Meet . Robert P. 208 Mccuwscn. Margaret Meier. David G. Meier. Ilcen M. 198 Meier. Sally G. 164 Meier. Timothy A. 169.198 Meier. Wesley R. Meissner. Morgan K. 161.163.230 Meister. Gene II. Master. Patrice E. 198 Meister. Rebecca I.. Mcka, Gregory D. 208 Mckc. Frank J. Mckc. Peter J. Mclchcrt. Lois R. 160.214 Mclchcrt. Susan M. 131.214 Mcllum. Kaocn L. 198 Melter. Mary J. 198 Menning. Warren L. Menu. Mark D. Menu. Michael J. Mcn cl. David G. 130 Mcnzel. Richard E. Merkel. Richard E. Mcronck. Peter J. Mcronck, Thomas S. Mcronk. Daniel A. 156 Merriman. Virginia 150.167,198 Mertens. Margaret 166.198 Mertens, Timothy M. Meusy. Russell M. 198 Meyer. Borland A. 198 Meyer. Carol A. 214 Meyer. David W. Meyer. Delores M. 198 Meyer. Douglas W. Meyer. John D. Meyer. Judith A. 198 Meyer. Larry P. 133 Meyer. Michael J. Meyer. Michael L. Meyer. Richard R. Meyers. F.dward L. 198 Meyers. Jacklyn J. t98 Meyers. Rosmond E. 163.208 Michaelis, Paul C. Michaels. Judith M. Michalcc. Patricia 140.198 Michalski. Karen M. 198 Michel. Sharon L. 148,198 Michels. Fredrick Michiclson. Michael M. Mickc. Martin J. 156 Middleton. Mary E. 144 Micssner. Carol J. 140.214 Mikes. Gladys A. 232 Mikich. Gloria J. 198 Mikula. Mary A. Miles. Thomas W. 140.143.208 Millar. Alexander 133 Millard. Hann Miller. Charlene Miller. David A. 155 Miller. David L. 133 Miller. Dennis J. Miller. Gail I.. 150.198 Miller. Jean K. Miller. LouisG. 198 Miller. Marianne 232 Miller. Mary F.. 198 Miller. Paul F. 140.198 Miller. Peter M. Miller. Richard L. Miller. Roger D. Miller. Susanne C. 288 Millettc. Gerard A. Mills. T. Ogden 214 Milton. Donna R. 171 Mitchell. David G. Mitchell. John E. 198 Mitchell. Michael J. 214 Mitchell. Shirlic J. Mitchell, Thomas D. Mitchell. Thomas L. Mittclstadt. Warren A. Mittclsteadi.Charlvnc 148.163.208 Mitten, Sandra A. i41.198 Miyagawa. Fstcllc M 141.169.198 Moberg. Elrav D. 198 Modra. David A. Moeller, Jane L. Mochknpah. Jane M. Moeller. John G. Moeller. Thomas M. MofTalt. Patricia 130 Mogg. Allan J. Mohan. James T. 198 Moldcnhaucr. Lorna G. Motenda. Fdward R. Molepske. Jcrrold II. 151 Moll. Lauralec Mollon. Mary C. 198 Mompicr. Wayne C. 198 Monroe. Christine 158.160.170 Monroe. Juliana F. 130.146 Monroe. Virgil W. Monson. Susan E. Montgomery. Barbara A. 198 Monte. Michael R. Monthey . Stephen J. Montour. Nancy A. 232 Monty. JohnC. 232 Moon. Clyde G. 153.208 Moore. Mary E. 208 Morasky. Lynn E. 208 Moravec. Robert D. 198 Morgan. Michael D. 135 Morgan. Michael J. Morgan. Patricia 150.157.232 Mork. Edward G. Morrissey. Mary M. 131 Morzinski. James A. Morzinski. Mary E. 149 Mosgaller. Thomas J. 136 Mosher. Michael L. Mosing. Geraldine Moskicwicz. Peter F. Moskonas. Douglas J. Moss. Alan T. Moss. Cclinda A. Motclct. Bertha H. 198 Mowers. Michael J. Moyle. Thomas R. Mro ck. Daniel J. Mrozinski. Richard J. 198 Much). Dennis W.232 Mueller. Dale W. 167.214 Mueller. David H. Mueller. David J. Mueller. Edward A. Mueller. Mark J. 130.232 Mueller. Steven J. Muema. Ruth M. 232 Muenstcr. Douglas W. Mucskc. Scott S. Mullcnix. David J. Munia. Gerald J. 143.198 Munven. Robert II. Muraski. Mary L. Murdock. Maetta 149.150.198 Murphy. Sharon A. Natter. Michael D. Ncdland. Jack V. Nehring. William A. 146.149,150 Ncisius. Lynn J. Ncit cl. Marilyn L. 198 Nelson. Albert J. Nelson. David C. 170 Nelson. David L. Nelson, Harvey A. Nelson. John G. Nelson. Jean H. Nelson. Marsha H. 131.146 Nelson. Patricia 198 Nelson. Paul L. 208 Nelson. Robert J. Nelson. Robert L. Nelson. Roger A. 161.208.232 Nelson. Rose M. Nelson. Thomas B. 198 Nelson. Todd 1. Ncmcc. Nelson Ncmcc. Phyllis L. 232 Ncssa. Sharon E. 149.150,198 Ncsscr. John A. Nettekoven, James K. Nettum. Donald G. 198 Netzer. Daniel A. 198.89 N'cubaucr. F.dward E. 136.153 Ncubauer. William J. Neuman. Janice K. 133 Neumann. Douglas A. Ncumcier. LclandG. 132.135.161. 166.214 254Neuville. Lonnie J. Ncuvillc. Richard J. 198 Ncvcu. Jackie L. 198 Newby. Cathlcne 198 Newby. Charlene Newby. Joan F. 139.232 Newby. Sally R. Newman. Nancy A. Newman. Ncdra I.. 208 Newton. Doreen I). 198 Newton. Richard F.. Nezda. David J. Nichols. James L. Nichols. Janice L. 149.150 Nichols. Robert F. Nicholson. Kav K. Nickolai. Ruth M. 139.140.208 NichofT. Leslie A. Nicmczyk. Ignalias 134 Nicmiec. Beverly A. 198 Nicnow. l ance R. Nightingale. Richard T. Nilsson. Eric W. Nimmcr. Susan J. Nimmow. William F. Ninncman, Ian M. Nirschl. James A. 135 Nix. Mary R. 198 Njoka. Evans C. 141.161.208 Nobles. Barbara A. Noel. Thomas F. 198 Nolan. Barbara S. 166.232 Nolan. Mary F. 214 Nolan. Theodore Noldc. Robert C. N'ordall. Danny R. 149.150 Norcika. Roland O. Norcm. Barry A. 134 Norman. Michael 208 Normington, Charles A. Normington. Walter J. Nortcmann. Jon W. North. Christine North. James A. Northrop. Roberta L. 131,146 Norton. John W. Novak. David J. 170.232 Novak, Dennis J. 151 Novak, Leonard A. Novotny. Joyce A. 198 Nowacki. Helen M. Nowacki. Robert I.. Nowicki. Jerry M. Nowicki. Theresa M. Nowmsky. Lynda L. Nuck. William S. Nugent. John A. Nugent. William M. Nuhlicck. James C. Nussbaum. Alice F. 160.208 Nuthals. Ellen C. Nyc. Julie C. 150 Nvc. Ronald M. N'yen. Bjorg S. 169 Nygaard, Carolyn D. 198 Nygaard, George R. 198 Nygaard. Robert L. 232 Nyre. Ruth A. 149.157.232 Nytes. Robert A. Oberbcck. John A. Oberg. Ronald N. 138 Oberman. Linda L. O'Brien. David J. O'Brien, George F. Ochs. Howard M. 133.137.88 O'Connell. Ara I. 130 O'Connor. Maureen M. 198 O’Connor. Timothy J. O'Day. Patricia 198 O'Dell. Michael A. Odling. Karen A. 152.198 Ocmichcn. Peter l;. 198 Ocstrcich. F.ugene W. 232 Ocstrcich. Kenneth D. Ogweno. John M. 141.214 O'Hare. Fdward N. Ohrmundt. Julie J. 198 Okrasinski, Clara L. 198 Okrasinski. James A. 198 Okray, Paula 147 Ok ray. Ronald F. 208 Okmder. Andrew S. 198 O'Leary. Timothy J. Olcson. Clark D. Olia. Mary J 198 Olingy. PaulC. Oik. Richard A. Oik. Susan J. 208 Olkowski. Larry L. Olsen. Charles R. 149 Olsen. Norma J. 150.152.198 Olsen. Ralph L.232 Olsen. Rodney J. 137 Olsen. Thomas A. 214 Olson. Calvin R. Olson. Daniel L. 198 Olson. David D. Olson. Harold J. Olson. Judy M. 164.165.232 Olson. Larry P. Olson. Linda K. 198 Olson. Linnea B. Olson. Nancy L. 198 Olson. Richard C. 153.208 Olson. Robert F. 130.135 Olson. Wayne D. Olson. William K. Olszewski. Theodore Omcmik. David L. 88 Omernik. James D. 134.232 Onan. Marilyn J. 198 O'Neil. Nancy J. O'Neil. Patricia 130.139.214 Oniango. Clement M. 208 Onson. Jennifer 198 Opper. Glenn R. Orcutt. Guy S. Orlando. Diane T. 130.214 Orlowski. Sharon A. 165 Orthmann. Todd D. Osborn. Robert D. Osness, Hlavnc J. Ososki. William T. 136 Osowski. Carol A. Osowski, Ronald L. Ostcrmjck, Rollic P. 156,198 Ostram, Claude D. Ostrowski. Mary H. Ostrowski. Robert F. 198 Oswald. Gary W. Ott. Gregory L. 198 Ott. Roger P. Ottensmann, Jean M. Ottcrlcc. Karan M. Otto. Elizabeth Ouellette. W'ilford J. Ovcl. Daniel H. Owens. Donna J. 208 Owens. Nancy F. Owens. Randall W. 198 Owens. Reginald 148,198 Pacholski. Lauretta 169,214 Pacyna. John D. 198 Paegetow. Timothy M. 134.208 Pagac. Mary A. Page, Barbara J. Page. Robert W. 138 Pagcl. Cheryl L. 208 Pagcl. Thomas A. 198 Pagcl. Thomas A. Pagenkopt. Patricia 139.140.198 Pagliaro. Dennis li. Pagliaro. Joann 214 Pajewski. Kenneth J. 135 Palmer. I.cta A. 150 Palmer. Roy H 214 Palmisano. John F. 143.156 Palmquist. David R. 136 Pangburn. Helen R. Panko. Dale M. 208 Panko. Laurel I.. Pankow, Hadi li. Pankratz. Robert F. Parch. Gale A. 198 Parish. Robert P. Parker. Bruce H. 144.208 Parker. David J. 198 Parker. Jerry G. 153 Parker. Joan T. Parkin. Sharon L. Parkinson. Bruce B. 214 Parkovich. Cynthia J. 151 Parmctcr. Kay D. Parrott. Charles A. 198 Parsons. David M. Parsons. James B. 198 Parsons. Peggy A. 1(4.171.232 Parsons. Peter J. Paruch. Weldon 214 Pascavis. Donna M. 198 Pass. James C. 214 Patchin. Charles H. 133.214 Patclicld. David R. Patenaude. Darnel P. 135.148.208 Patcrick. Diane M. Path. Marlin D. Patrick. Gregory C. 139.198 Patterson. Charles A. Patterson. LsmeH. 147,151.214 Patterson. Gerald G. Patterson. Jean M. 147.214 Patterson. Robert F. Patton. Cheryl D. 198 Paucr. Jcncho P. 139.143 Paul. George R. 143 Paul. John C. Paul. Wilma H. 136 Paulin. Dennis J. Paulsen. Martin A. 134.214 Paulson. Dale J. Paulus. Lois A. Paustcnbach. David P. 138 Pavcglio. Howard A. 198 Pawclka. Richard P. 198 Pawlik. James F. Payne. Goerge T. Payne. Patricia Pa ar. Vicki A Pearson. Ann M. 131.232 Pearson. Hans P. 144.198 Pearson. Nicholas 214 Pease. Richard L. 198.89 Pedersen. David I . 145 Pedersen. William R Pederson. Carol L. 149,160 Pederson. Charles M. 150.232 Pchlkc. James R. 158.232 Pchowski. David A. 198 Pelikan. Sandra S. Pelletier. Barbara A. 167.208 Pcnovich. Mitchcl F. Pepper. Ronald A. 135 Pcrcnick. Mary Jo Perkins. Daniel J. Peroutka. Corine S. Pcrsick. Gerald J. Persike. Jeffrey J. 144.198 Peters. Barbara A. 198 Peters. Barbara J. 149.198 Peters. Dale W. 214 Peters. Dianne L. Peters. Fdward J. Peters. James F. Peters. I inda M. 130 Peters. Linda M. Peters. Michael N. 134 Petersen. Gary J. 208 Petersen. Judith M. Petersen. Kenneth P. Petersen. Mark F. Peterson. Beverly A. Peterson. Charles A. Peterson. Cheryl A. 130.214 Peterson. David A. Peterson. David A. Peterson. Faith A. Peterson. Harry J. 145 Peterson. James A. 169 Peterson, James R. 134 Peterson, James W. Peterson, Judith A. 208.234 Peterson. Kenneth P. 133 Peterson. Melvin L. Peterson. Nancy F. Peterson. Richard S. 216 Peterson. Robert L. 198 Peterson. Susan F. Petska. David J. 198 Pctznick, Verlon U. 153 Pfeiffer. Richard F. 138 Pliffner. James P. 163.208 Phelps. Arthur A. 198 Philipchuck, John F. 132.135 Pickard. William F. Pickering. William F. Pichl. Lawrence Piehl. Paulette 198 Pickarski. Kaaren M 148 Pickarski, Andrew C. 135.148 Pickarz. Paul F. Picnschke. Richard F. Piepenburg, Leon P. Picpcr. Louise A. Pierce. Cynthia I.. Pierce. Jeffrey F. Pierce. Vicki S. 142 Pierre, Perry D. Pierson. John P. 134.234 Pictrzak. Frank A. 234 Pilmonas. Raymond 143 Prison. Nancy J. 198 Pingcl. Ralph II. Pitt. Sandra J. 208 Plachctla. Kurt L. Plamann. Georgia L. 198 Platts. Harrv F. Platz. Ralph F. 198 Plautz. Inez I. 159.169.234 Plautz. Janice F. 148.234 Plawski. Robert G. 208 Plcuss. Henry G. Plinska. Kenneth O. Pluckcr. Thomas G. Pluke. Nolan R. 208 Plustcr. Sandra L. 150.152 Pohl. Karen A. 198 Pokcla. Sandra I.. 142 Polakoski. Kenneth L. Policello. John J. 198 Polzm, Judith M. 167.198 Pomcrcning. Charles L. Pomeroy. Scott II. Pope. Phyllis J. 131.147 Pope. Susan J. 140 Poppe. Lois L. Porter. Signe K. 160.198 Porubcan. Randolph 135 Poss. Janice A. Post. F. Kav 130 Pottcrvillc. Wilson D. 138 Pouba. Charles J. 208 Poznanski. William R. 198 Prais. John P Pratz, Bruce A. 198 Prechcl. Ronald A. 149.162 Precourt. Roger L. 234 Prcll. Carol J. 160.198 Prcll. Lamont P. 133 Prcllwitz. Gerald L. 163.234 Prcmcau. Susan L. 208 Prcmcau, William J. Premo. James H. Prcsl. Ronald J. 153.208 Preuss. Merna J. Preusser, Carol J. 200 Pride. Richard B, Pncbc. Patrick R. Pricbc. Robert H. 153.234 Primm. John H. 151.156,208 Primmer. Kim W'. 200 Prince, Robert B. 138 Probst. Michael J. 208 Prochnow, Marilyn I. 131.216 Prondzinski. Marie A. 234 Prondzinski. Sandra A. Pruetz. Steven J. Prunty. Jo Ann 200 Prutz. Bernard F. Przekurat. Judith A. 160.170.200 Pudlo. Anthony M. Pufahi, David F. Pujats. Andris K. Pukis. Ruth A. Pumper. Lucille A. 154.158.216 Pupp. Dale J. 200 Purin. Richard I. Purnell. Raymond C. Puscr. Allan F. 216 Putnam. Fdith B. 144.208 Puza. Gregory M. 255Quadc. Wayne M. 167.208 Quam. Charlccn 208 Queoff. James R. Quglcy. Edward J. Quinn. Joan M. Quinn. Patricia Raabc. Earl T. Rabc. Sonia I.. Kaboin. Mary F. Raddant. Carol A. 14-1 Radcs. James F.. 216 Radcs. Mary A. 200 RadlotT. Mary K. 216 Radtke. Gordon R. 169 Radtke. Jack M. Radtke. Kathleen 131 Radtke. l.vnn M. 208 Kaduc. Audrey H. 200 Racthcr. Gary L. Rafferty. Jean I. Ragan. Duane J. Rahne. Donald G. Raiski, Stanley A. Rake. Geraldine Ralcy.CairlW.200 Rand. Robert E. 138.234 Rapp.Chcryn I.. Rappold. Gail A. Rasch. Linda K. 134 Rasmusen. Janice L. 208 Rasmussen. Dennis A. Rasmussen. John I . Rasmussen. Roger A. Raspotmk. Duane H. Rather. Richard J. Rathke. Fvclvn M. 216 Rathke. Gail M. 136.200 Rathke. Ronald P 135 Rauschenbcrger. David J. Raymer. George A. 200 Raymond, l.ynn K. Raymorc. Darlene A. 130 Rayomc. James A. Rcadcl. Samuel R. Reader. Gayle J. 140.163.208 Rcbclcin. Verlyn J. 200 Rcber. Diane K. Reddick. Barbara J. Rcdfield. Linda L. Reed. Jack K. Reed. Larry J. Reed. Richard B. 208 Rees. Stephen L. 144.151.200 Rcevs. Jean A. Reger. Ltlcn L. Reger. Russell L. 208 Reichardt. Martha S. Reichel. Paul A. Reichert. Alan J. Reichert. Betty J. Reiff. James L. 200 Reim. James M. Reiman. Stephen W. Rcmdl. John H. Rcincck. Thomas F. Reinhardt, Edith P. Rcinkc. Allen E. 200 Rcinkc. Gerald H. Rcinkc. Richard O. 130.165.216 Rcinsma. Russell R. Running, Donn F. Reno. Dennis C. 167.88 Rentmccstcr. Julie A. 200 Resheske. Dorothy K. 159 Rcltkc. Gerald J. 160 Rcltkc. Mari J. Retzer. Wilmcr E. 200 Rewall. Patricia 216 Reynolds, Anne M. Rheinschmidt, David R. Rice. Paul D. Richard. Vernon C. Richards. Bonnie A. 208 Richards. Kathleen Richards. William A. Richardson. James A. Richmond. Esther S. Richmond. Frederick Richter. Juliann Ricker. Alan E. Rickcrt, Linda K. 158.164.216 Rickman. Agnes M. 136 Riedel. Kathleen 131.208 Ricdl. Mary A. 208 Riedner. Rosemary 140.208 Richie. Elaine M. Rierson. Kenneth H. 200 Ricsc. Bobbie L. 200 Rikkola. John R 200 Rilev. Kathleen 208 Riley. Richard C. 136.137.153 Rilev. Sharon A. 200 Rindt. Mary A. Rinc. Gary D. 216 Ringstad. Kathy A. Risberg. Andrew W. 200 Rispaljc. Philip L. 200 Ristau. Mary A. 234 Ritter. Lynda L. 200 Ritlcrhusch. Sylvia L. Ritzcnthalcr. Charles L. 88 Roach. Jean K. Robbins. Dale W'. Robbins. Gregory H. Robbins. Virginia 208 Roberts. David A. Roberts. Larry R. Roberts. Thomas J. 138.234 Robinson. Mary L. 148.208 Robinson. Pamela T. Robinson. Rosalie A, 216 Rochcleau. Reid M. Rochelle. Edward C. Rockc. Barbara J. Roddick. Nancy L. 167 Rode. Richard Rodman. Jeffrey O, Rod ic ak. Donna M. 132.133 Roc. Dale Roe. Daniel J. 216 Rocckcr. James D. Roecklein, Steven W. 130.147.148 Rocdcr. Robert E. Rochl.ElwoodJ.200 Roehrdan , Susan T. 200 Rocmcr. Marcia D. 149.200 Rocnsch. Judith A. 142.208 Roga heski. William A. Rogacki. Mark M.208 Rohde. Robert A. 200 Rohm. Thomas W. 208.89 Rolfson. Mary K. 234 Roloff. Kent L. Rol in. Stephen F. 143.234 Roman. Andrea H. 216 Romanowski. Jerry E. Romberg. Dave L. Ron ani. Dave J. 216 Ron ani. Therese J. Roodhousc. Charlotte 151.171.200 Rook. Harley N. Rose. Lawrence Roscland. Sally A. Rosenthal. Janet A. 200 Rosenthal. Ronald W. 234 Roscr. Barbara J. Roscr, Nancy L. 200 Rosing. Mary K Rosing. Robert A. 135.234 Rossmillcr. F.laine M. Rossow. Arlyn W. Roszak, Joanne T. 200 Roth. Eileen 11. 162.216 Roth, Ronald G. 234 Rothbaucr. Donald I.. 208 Rothman. Mary E. Rothman. Roberts. Ro ck. Roger P. Rubey, Douglas K. Rucinski. Raymond I). 161.166 Rucinski. Sandra M. Rucinski. William J. Ruda, Janet C. 133.208 Ruda. Patricia Rude. Linda J. 150.152.208 Ruder. Paul J. Rudersdorf. William G. Rufiedt. Donald W. 200 Rugg. Michael H. Ruh. William E. Rung. David H. Runnels. Alice V. Runquist. Rosemary 140.208 Rupnow, Audrey J. 200 Ruprccht.Tom J. Russell, Lawrence 200 Russell. William B. 200 Rust. William E. 200 Rutta. Robert D. 136.208 Ryerson, Donna J. Rvskoski. Robert R. 216 Sabrowsky. Karen K. 160.200 Saci3. Jane A. Sacia, John F. Sackmann. Roger A. 216 Sadowske. Pamela S. 234 Sadowski. Carol A. Sager. James C. 200 Sakowski. Robert J. 234 Sakowski. William F. 208 Salaja. Jerome L. Salcwski. Sharon S. 150.154.208 Salisbury. Robert C. Saltsbcrg, Mark J. Salzman. Faye E. 152 Sal mann. Joyce E. 210 Sambs. Daniel W. 137 Samplawski. Donald C. 216 Samplawski, Eugene A. Samson. Harvey G. 200 Samuclson. William R. 148 Sandberg. Judith M. 147.216 Sanders. Tom 200 Sandersen. Grctc E. 142 Sands, Jeanninc 130.157.166 Sands. Roger W. 136.216 Santini. Felicia M. 200 Sargent. Christine Sarow. Shirley E. 200 Sassc. Kathryn L. 163 Sattersten. Eric Saucier. Lc Roy F. 216 Sauers. Lowell D. 216 Saunders. Kathrin M. Savoy. Barbara R. Savoy. Ronald G. 236 Saylcs. Thomas A. Schaal. Richard W. 136.137 Schaalma. James S. Schachtcly. James R. Schachtschncid. Steven L. Schacdc. Donald R. Schaefer. Holly R. 200 Schaefer. Randall S. Schaefer. Sandra S. 142.164.168. 171.216 Schaet cl. John F. Schaff. Nicholas Schaffer. Andrew A. 88 Schailcl. Bonita R, 144,210 Schallcr. Richard F. Schambureck. Dale A. 216 Schau. Barbara Schaucr. Richard J. Schcffcl. Ricky K. 208 Sellable. Nancy M. Scheiblc. Robert F. 138 Scheldt. Kenneth E. Schcllcnbcrgcr. Gene R. 236 Schcllkopf. John D. Schenk. Kathleen 131 Schenk. William W. 135.236 Schcrck. Goerge 1). 236 Schewc. Barbara K. 216 Schicfclbcin, Sue J. Schicld. Susan A. Schicsscr. Linda F.. 160.236 Schiltcman. Michael L. 145.210 Schilling. Alice H. Schilling. Edward I.. Schilling. Paul R. 5khinkowitch. Ronald C. Schlag, Eugene W. Schleicher. Susan K. Schlcier. ITtomas M. 149 Schlocmcr. Linda M. Schlosscr. Michael N. 135 Schlutcr. Annette J. 210 Schlutcr. Sandra R. Schmahl. Diane M. 200 Schmclling. John P. 134 Schmclzlc. Frances C. 143.144 Schmidt. Barbara E. Schmidt, Barbara J. Schmidt. David R.2I0 Schmidt. Glenn L. Schmidt. James J. Schmidt. Jerome R. 132 Schmidt. John W. 200 Schmidt. John W. Schmidt. Kenneth J. Schmidt. Lora K. 216 Schmidt. Nancy M. 130 Schmidt. Sally A. 200 Schmtcdlin. Su anne 131 Schmitt. Mary M. Schmitz. David J. 200 Schmitz. David W. 200 Schmollcr. George C. Schmoock, W ayne J. 200 Schmutzcr, Patricia 200 Schmutzcr. Rita J. 131 Schnabel. Mary F. Schneider. David A. Schneider, David C. Schneider. Gloria B. Schneider. Michael B Schneider. Sheri A. Schneider. Stephen B. Schneider. Su anne L Schneider. Todd M. Schncll. Fdwin K. 136.210 Schoch. Larry L. 166 Schoch. Susan M. 166.216 Schocnbcrgcr. David L Schocnbcrgcr. Katherine Schocnbcrgcr. Nancy J. Schocning. Mark C. Scholtcn. Mary E. Schomberg. JoanC. 160.210.216 Schorsch, Linda M. Schou. Karen G. Schram. I.cslcc A. 210 Schrank. Robert J. 146.163,210 Schrank. Thomas Wr 200 Schrank. Wanda K. 200 Schrcibcr. Jonathon 130.236 Schrcibcr, Margaret 161,169.236 Schrocdcr. Alan R. 137 Schrocdcr. Jcrc H. Schrocdcr. Lynn L. 149.150.200 Schrocdcr. Bob A. Schrocdcr. William J. Schuclcr.Carol H. 216 Schuclkc. Joyce J. 200 Schuctz. Laverne E. Schuh. Edward W. Schuknccht. James H. 236 Schulfcr. David E. 138 Schulfer. John E. Schultz. Carla A. 216 Schultz. Charles M. 200 Schultz. Delores M 142.169,216 Schultz. Donald H. Schultz. Donald L. 134 Schultz. Edward A. Schultz. Edwin H. Schultz. James I). 138 Schultz. Katherine 200 Schultz. Katherine Schultz. Keith P. 148 Schultz. Marc A. 156 Schultz. Patricia 216 Schultz. William M. 200 Schulz. David L. 200 Schulz. Susan N. 130.160 Schumacher. Ronald R. Schuster. Tom J. Schutkowski. J. James Schulte. Scott 200 Schulz. Linda J. Schwartz. John A. 236 Schwartz. Steven R Schwcder. Jon K, Schwedcr. Robert F. Schweigcr. James E. 138,236 Schwenn. Tom D. Schwerdtfegcr. Ronald E. Scipior. Lawrence Scott. Robert W 135 256Scotiurn. Robert W. Scully. Norccn A. 130 Scarl. Kenneth H. 134 Scarl. Marsha M. 236 Scarl, Susan M. 200 Scbold, Duane D. 138.216 Sebora. Nora J. Scbranck. David C. Sedgwick. Janet H. 200 Scdlak. Sharon A. Sccfcld. Rodney D. 210.88 Secfcldt. James W. 153.200 Sccfcldl. Judith A. 171 Secfcldt. Thomas N. 156.210 Sccger. Michael T. 137 Scclman. Susan A. 140.160.216 Segcbrccht. James K. 216 Scgcbrccht. Linda R. 200 Scidlingcr. Joan E. 160.171 Seiler, Peter M. 137 Scilhcimcr. Allen V. Sci cr. John R. Sclmcr. Alan T. 200 Sclmo. Michael L. Sending, Andrew J. Sending. Donna M. Sennhenn. Alyce M. Sennhenn. Gene II. Sent . Daniel J. 169 Scslar. Sandra L. 200 Severa. Joseph M. 161.236 Severson. Donald J. Severson. Robert G. Shaffer. Barbara J. 144,200 Shallit. Charles B. Shallit. Marianne Shamrowic . Mary A. 200 Shannon. Karen G. Sharkey, Joan A. 200 Sharp. Richard B. Sharpcc. Alan R. 210 Shca.TheaJ. Shefehik, I.eonard J. Sheffield. Jeffrey R Sheldon. Thomas J. Shepherd. Robert A. 138.236 Shepherd, Roger L. 200 Sherman. Dianne K Sherman. Jill A. 200 Sherman. Louise B. Sherman. Michael L. Shilling. James T. 135.137 Shipc, Thomas M. Shippy, John E. 158.236 Shirck. Linda R. Shirley. Nancy L. 200 Shoberg. Robert G. Shoemaker. Jerome L. Shoemaker. Ronald L. 200 Shoemaker. Shirley J. 131.132 Sholtis, Carolyn J. 200 Shucha, Sandra I.. 200 Shulfer. Patrick P. Shymanski. Drew E. Sicbert. Sue A. 131.216 Siegel, Elmer F. 200 Sieja. Dennis J. 149.200 Sickert. Lynn S. Sigl. Terra L. 216 Sigmund. Charles F. Sigmund. Joseph C. Silovsky. Gene D. 236 Simkins. Robert K. 140,200.89 Simmons, Barbara A. 200 Simmons, Mickey O. 134 Simon. Jerry W. Simon. Patricia 200 Simon. William G. Simonds. Larry A. Simonis. Dennis L. Si monis. Gregory C. Simonsen. Richard L. 145.200 Simonson. Daniel R. Simpson. Kurt L. Simpson. William W. 210 Sindric. Ronald 151.160.200 Singer. Kathleen 147.170.210 Singh. Jean J. Singslock. Dennis L. Singstock. Joan C. 236 Skagen. Clark B. 136.144 Skalski. Kathy A. Skamscr. Steven T. Skarda. Earl J. 138 Skarda. F. Dan Skarda. Jon M. 200 Skibba. Craig F. Skibicki. Norbert L. 163 Skibrud. John M. Skille, Jack M. Skinner. Robert E. 135 Skrade. Jeffrey. R. 135.143 Skulan. Jerry A. Sliwicki, Elaine M. Sloan. Michael J. 156.200.89 Slominski. Jerome W. Slowcy. Bernard D. Slusarski. Laura J. Small. Janet H. 200 Small. Virginia 142 Smeaton. Glenn R. Smcjkal. Jean F. 200 Smetana. Dennis R. Smith. Craig A. Smith. Dale W. 149.200 Smith. Daniel J. Smith. Dennis N. 200 Smith. Desmond C. 200 Smith, Donna L. Smith. Donna M. Smith. Dorothy C. Smith. Gregory Smith. Jack W. Smith. Julie A. 200 Smith. Lamont P. Smith. I.arry N. Smith. Marlin A. Smith. Mary L. Smith. Sally A. 200 Smith. Steven J. Smith. Terry M. Smith. Thomas G. Smith. Thomas J. Smith. Thomas V. „ . Smolmski. Ronald E. 146.14M 163.236 Snapp. Richard G. Sneidcr. Michael J. 236 Snow. Ronald D. 135 Snyder. David G. Sobicck. Kathleen 200 Sobrinho. Antonio D. Sobrofski. James P. Soik. Thomas J. 200 Sokol. Bonnie J. 170.200 Solbcrg, Marlow R. Soldncr. Nancy L. 164,165.236 SolveSon.Carl E. Somers. Arthur C. 210 Somers. Michael O. 200 Sommer. Richard G. 169,236 Sommers. Mary A. Son. Sally A. Sonnenberg. Owen L. 200 Sook. Roy F. Sopa. Caroline 216 Soper. Marcella 148.210 Soranaka. Isao 141.236 Sorensen. Errol W. 200 Sorensen. John R. Sorensen, Rheta V. 131.140.216 Sorensen, Thomas W. Sorenson, Beverly A. 200 Souik. George F. Southworth. Joseph W. Sowiak. Richard S. 216 Spactc. Paul E. Sparhawk. Maurice T. 210 Sparhawk. Thomas A. 200 Sparks. Edith R. 136 Sparks. John E. Sparr. William C. 210 Sparrow. Richard W. Spat ck. James F. 135 Spears. William O. Spccht. Warren R. Spcckhard. Thomas T. Spencer. Paul E. Spencer. Sharon J. Spindlcr. Judith A. 149,152 Spot . Kristin N. Sprada. Carol A. 200 Sprague. William R. 148.210 Sprengcr. Marilyn R Sprouse. James L. Sprouse. Timothy L. Spurgeon. Diane L. 210 Spycnalla, Carol A. 147.198 Spvchalla, Judith A. 164.236 Sroda. Carl J. 136.210 Sromalski. Sandra J. Staadt. Sharon E. Stadlcr. Gerald W. Staff. Jon P. Stafford. James W. Stahmer. John W. Stanchik. Joseph J. Stanke. Connie M. 210 Stankowski. Myron L. 158.236 Stark. Alan J. 153 Starostka. Victor J. 156 Staska. Raymond F. Staska. Richard C. Staszak. Joan J. 161.236 Statz. Jane A. Staudcnmaicr. Janice L. Stauffacher. John D. 138 Stavlo. Omar T. Stca. Allen R. 159.236 Slcbnitz, David S. 89 Stcckbaucr, Carol A. 160 Steffen. David J. 139 Stegeman. Richard J. 135 Stcigcnbcrgcr. KarenS. 150.152.202 Stein. Barbara E. Stein. Margaret Stein. Roger A. 236 Stein. Roland P. 238 Slcinbach.Gary A. Steinberg. James H. 137.238 Steinberg. Marjorie Steiner. Robert A. 148 Stcinke. Carl 202 Stcinkc. Theodore 216 Slcllmachcr. Cynthia A. Stelmaszcwski, Michael J. Sicltcnpohl. Jerome J. Stcltenpohl. Jerry L. Stclter. Sandra L. Stcngl. John L. Stephenson. RobertO. 156.89 Stepnock. Margaret 238 Sterling. G. Jerry Sternberg, Richard A. Sternit ky. Allen O. Stcuber. Klcol. 140.143.210 Stevens. Carol L. Steward. Mary L. 131 Stillman. Verna L. 132.133.216 Stingl. Gary J. 144,202 Stobbe. Judy A. 131.139 Stock. Thomas G. Stocbcrl, Ralph W. 238 Stoltcnbcrg, Mark A. 150 Stoltz. Joanne M. 202 Stolt mann. Kenneth L. 210 Stordahl. Lurry L. Stormocn. Arthur L. 134 Stormocn. Katherine Story. Carol J. 210 Stor bach. Carol A. 150 Stott. David B. StowclI. Ronald G. 216 Struct . Cheryl A. Strand. Paul M. 156.216 Slrandbcrg. David R. Strandberg. Gary D. Strangstad. LynetteC Stratton. Catherine St rebig. Mary S. Strcich. Barbara A. 202 Strcichcr. James S. 145 Strclke. Barbara A. 147 Strcmcr. David E. 238 Stricklcr. William S. Stringer. Charles H. Strode. Jackson Dennis G. Strohbusch. Michael J. Strong. Stephen G. Strop. Suzanne M. 131.160.216 Slroschinc. Daniel L. 130,149 uj s., Strucbing. Kay A. 238 ' b Slrzclcc. John A. Slubcr. Ronald N. 200 Stuezynski. Lawrence Studlcy. Carolyn S. Stucck. Allen L. 136 Sturgis. Kenneth C. 202 Subera. Alan D. Suhr. Marvin C. Sukanen. Carol A. Sullivan. Catherine Sullivan. James E. Sullivan. John P. 238 Sullivan. Mary J. 157.238 Summers. Suzanne K. Suprisc. Ann M. Suralski. William Sutter. Barbara R. Sutter. Michael R. Svaton. I.arry J. 210 Svoboda. Janet L. 164.238 Swankc. Patricia Swanson. Donald J. Swanson. Martin V. Swanson. Ronald R Sweat. Robert W. 202 Sweeney. Susan E. 140.163.210 Sweet, Robert G. Swency. Judith E. 210 Swenson.John G. Sw iderski. Suzanne C. Swift, Richard L. Swiontek, Ellen M. 160.210 Sword. Sherman P. Syftcstad. John L. Synhorst. Curtis II. 210 Szalcwski. Mary Szalcwski. Paul P. Szplit. Barbara A. 216 S ramko, Ludmilla 153.210 Szulkowski. Carol J. 144.202 Tabbert. David J. Tabbert, Wayne W. 210 Tabor, Dennis H. Takcda.Ayako Takishian. Arthur J. 135 Talbot. John R. Talcott, Lucille S. Tanck. Darlene R. Tandc. Allen M. 144 Tank. Karmyn L. 171 Taplick. Thomas A. Targonski, Nancy A. Tasch, Barbara A. 210 Tatzel. Wayne I). Tauschek. Margery R. 202 Taves. William R. Taylor. Clifton J. Taylor. James C. Taylor. Mary A. 141.149.202 Taylor. Nancy S. 202 Taylor. William S. Teague. Sally K. Tc Bccsi. David 0.210 Tech. Georgia A. Tekowski. Donald E. 134 Tennessen. Dennis P. 138 Tcpfcnhardl. Waltraud 136.141.238 Tepp. Dennis B. 166 Tepp. Martin L. 238 Ter Horst. Stuart J. Ternouth. Ronald G. 137 Te Rondc. Robert li. 144.210 Terry. Patrick L. Terry. Warren H. 137.210 Tcshcneck. Kathleen Teske. Joy L. 202 Tct loff. Dale II. Thalackcr. Lila D. 202 Theis. Nancy J. 202 Ihcis. Ronald L. Theisen. Jeffrey E. Theiss. Michael C. 147,170 Thiclkc. Tom R. 133 Thomas. Donald I. Thomas. Karen S. 131.210 Thomas. Leslie II. Thomas. I’atsy A. 160.171.210 Thome. Michael J. 156.202 257Thompson. Anne C. 130.238 Thompson. Donna J. 202 Thompson. Lynfred L. Thompson. Robert J. Thomson. Robert J. 216 Thorman. Marcia K. 130.238 Thorn. Georgette 202 Thorn. William C. 156.216 Thorpe. Beverly J. 202 Thorpe. Erik J. Thovre. Arlene W. 238 Ticdl. Gregory S. Tietje. William D. 202 Tiel . lillen K. Tigges. George F. 135.137 Timbcrlakc. Carolyn M. Timbers. Patrick J. 210 Timm. Kathryn M. 130 Timm. Patricia Timpson. Evelyn J. Tinchcr. Donaid D. 167 Tipple. James F. Tocllc, Lauren J. 202 Tocpcl. Thcron M. Toetz. Paul B. Tofson. Toby D. Toftc. Paul D. 135 Tollakscn. John R. 138 Tollakscn. Pete R. 138.238 Tolley, Rcta Mac Tomashek. Mary M. 149 Tomcck. William J. 140.216 Tomchck, Gary D. Tomevak. Jerome J. 135 Tomc ak, Robert M. Tonn. Laurel J. 202 Tonn, William P. Toomey. I hcodorc Toomirc. Gregory N. Torbenson, June A, Torchia. Frank I. Iorgeson. Lewis C. 132.135 Torkclson. Anita L. 164.216 Torncy. Neal C. 149.150.202 Tracy. Arthur R. Trainor, Mary K. 202 Trapp. Diane A. 150.152 Traut. Constance Travickc. Arlene L. Travicki. Judith B. 216 Travickc. Margaret Travis. Susan F. 202 Trebatoski. James T. 202 I rebatoski. Bill F. Treiber. David J. 202 Treiber, Raymond J. 238 Trcptc, Terry D. 202 Treptow. Richard L. I rimbcrgcr. Daniel L. Triplat. Thomas J. Trojanowski. Jcrold R. Troy. Michael J. 162 Troyanoski, Gerard X. I royanoski. Sally A. 152.202 Truitt. Larry E. 149.150.162 Truitt, Wayne E. 216 Trulson, Terry L. Trutenko. Walter 162.210 Tr inski. Donald I schurwald. Darrell G. 138.158.216 Tuchschcrcr. Patricia 202 Tucker. Robert V. 133.238 lues. Arnic I ully. Barbara L. Turkow, Lynn K. Turnbull. John P. 216 Turner. Spencer E. 138.144 Tus ka. Stephen J. I vedt. Donna M. 131.140.210 I wecdalc. Mary C. Tyree, Sandra L. 202 Uhl. Robert A. 202 Ukpo. Flim J. U mbras. Steven 202 Umhoefer. Paul A. Unger. Jo Ann 131 Ungrodl. James R. 133.238 Unu. Mary A. 150.152.202 Urban. Dianne M. Urban. Richard A. Urban. Thomas J. Urban. Wade C. Urbanek. Diane L. 216 l.struck. MaryC. 151.202 Utech. John C. 202 Vaessen. Sandra A. Valcn. Terry R. Valentine. David M. 133 Valley. Rebecca A. Van Beckum. Linda K. Van Beynen, George W. Vance. Jimmy J. Vandchcy. Michael J. Vandcnbusch. Susan M. 147.210 Vanden Hcuvcl. Joyce M. 238 Vanden Plas. Bruce D. Van Dcr Hoeven. Carol L. Vandertie. Ronald A. 202 Vandcr Voort. Marie F. 238 Vandervort. Darryl L. Van Drasck, Thomas H. Van Galder. Kathleen Van Galder. Kurt M. Vangen. Bette N. 139.166.210 Van Goethen. Phillip E. Van Hullc. Frank D. 138 Van Lysal.Gary L. Van Natta. Nancy E. Vansclow, Burt I.. Van Thiel, Jay A. Van I hullcnar. Ted F. Vassau. Frederick 89 Vaughn. Linda L. Verbeten. Mary Lou Verburgt. Michael P. Verhagen. Lcs J. 142.202 Verhey. Timothy J. Vcrgland. Steven R. Verthein. Larry W. 149.150.202 Ver Voort. Rosemary 202 Vetter. Richard J. Vick. Kenneth E. Victor. rimothyJ. Victh. Edward J. Viets. Margucril 130.238 Villand. IhomasD. 144.202 Villcncuvc. Dale F. 202 Vincclli, Betty J. Vine. Jean M. 169 Vitek, Glee A. Voborsky. Joseph J. 210 Voelz. Steven R. 202 Voermans, Donald J. 202 Vogel. Dale J. 238 Vogt. Darrell M. Vogt. Jerome M. Volek. Bonncll K. Volk. David A. Volk. Jan C. Volkmann. Ihomas E. Volm. William P. 210 Vonderheid, Larry J. Von Dcr Ohc. Cynthia L. 216 Von Gncchtcn. John G. Von Gncchtcn. Ruth B. Vorpagcl. Yvonne R. 160,216 Voss. Paul K. 202 Vos . Peter C. Wachowiak. Ellen J. Wachlcr. Donald R. 202 Wachtl. Maureen J. 202 Wad inski. Doris A. 238 Wad inski. Theodore 144 Wage. Ronald D. Wagner. Jan K. Wagner. Jeffrey D. Wagner. Karen R. 202 Wagner. Mickic Wagner, Vincent G. Wahl. Bernard M. 145.170.202 Wahlcrs. Dale A. Walasek. Russell J. Walc ak. Marjory A. Walker. Carol J. 202 Walker. Deborah A. Walker. Katrina B. Walkncr. Michael A. 210 Walkncr. Thomas P. 202 Wall. Michael J. Wallace. Gerald R. Wallace. Patricia Wallace. William M. 149.150.202 Wallcnfang, John M. Waller. David I.. Wallin. Lani L. Wallner, Peter L. 202 Wallncr. William J. 202 Walsh. Scott W. Walt. Mary F. 152,200 Walters. Edward G. 149.238 Walthcr. Gerald E.202 Walthcr. Stephen A. 210 Walvig. Daniel T. Wal cr. Linda M. 216 Wandschncidcr. Elaine T. 130.238 Wandschneidcr, Gary T. 134.238 Wangen. Jo Ann 216 Wanichck. Mary M. 131.150,152.157.216 Wanic. Donald L. Wankc. James A. 138.216 Wanlcss. Marie A. 131.238 Wanscrski.Gary J. Wanly, Shirley A. 162 Warner. James M. 202 Warner. Joseph A. Warren. Donald P. 168.202 Warrington. Valeric A. Washburn. Sandra G. 131 Wasko. Margaret 150 Wass. Diane J. Waterman. John D. 138.238 Waters. Henry C. Watkins. Carol L. 202 Watson. Gloria M. 202 Wallers. Carolyn A. Wat kc. Sharon L. 142.160.216 Waukau. Hilary A. Way. David J. 135 Way. William R 136.153 Weasier. David F. 149.162 Weaver. Joel R. 151 W ebber. John W. Weber. Barbara J. 131.216 Weber. Charlene W eber. Donald F. 240 Weber, Edward L. 240 W'cbcr. Gerald N. 240 W eber. Harlan J. 202 W eber. James R. Weber. Jeanette Weber. JeanineC. Weber. Lorraine 130 Webster. Grant M. Weekly. Elaine J. 150.152 Weekly. Thomas H. Wegner. Harriet A. 159.210 W'cgncr. James R. W'cgncr. Robert M. W'chrlc. John R. Wchrlc. Mary L. 216 W'cichelt. Norman G. Weigand. Michael F. 202 Weinberg. Patricia 210 Weingarten. Ellen K. 156.240 Weinkauf. Bonnie L. 169.210 Weirich. Diana L. Weisbrod. Ronald I. 158.163.240 Wciscnlcld. Susan F. 202 Wciscnscl, Dennis C. Weiss. Jo Ann W. Weiss. Robert J. 202 Weiss. William P. Weitkunat. Thomas F. 138.202 Weil . Lloyd D. Welch, Jane E. 202 Welch. Terence J. W'clhousc. James G. Welles. Glenn E. 240 W'ellncr. Michael J. W'clnet . David C. Welsh. Terry J. W cndland. Walter R. Wendorf, Donald R. 240 Wendorf. Greg L. Wcngclcr. William F. Wenk. Richard J. Wcnkcr. Pamela A. 130.216 Wenkman, Daniel J. 138 Wentland. Marilvnn 166 Wentworth. Cheryl A. 131.210 Wenzel. Janice D. 240 Wenzel. Kenneth Wenzel. Louise E. W'cnzcl. Richard C. Wenzel. Richard K. W'en clow. Mary B. 144.202 W'ernberg, Ryan R. W erner. Jolly B. 160.165.240 Werra. Gail B. Werra. Edward J. Wcscll. Richard C. 155 W'esenberg. William D. Wesley. Rosemary Wealing. Linda J. W'csoloski. Gerald B. 145,88 W'csscl. Joyce M. 150 Wcsslcn. Sara J. 130 W'est. Arlyn G. W'est. Gale L. 159 W'est. Marilyn V. W'est. Richard H. 136 W'est. Robert A. 210 W'est. Stephen J. W'cstcnbcrgcr. Terry J. 202 Wester. David J. Westergard. Peter A. Westhuis. Sharon R. 202 Westover, Donald E. 210 Wcstphal. Larry A. Wcstphal. Theresa H. 202 Westre. Steven B. 138 Wcttcngcl. Thomas F. 240 Wcttstcin. Dorothy Wevn. Cynthia M. Whalley. John R. 210 Wheatley. James L. Wheeler. Barbara K. Wheeler. Terry J. Wheeler. W'illiam F. 156.210 Whiffen. Lawrence 137.88 Whipple. Catherine 163.210 W hile. Grant R . 240.88 White. Richard L. Whitman. Gary L. 144.148.153 Whittaker. Carl R 138.202 Whittaker. James F. Whittaker. Susan M. Whittington. Paula J Wichmann. Chase G. Wickert. Karen R. 202 Widoc. Judith K. 163.167 W icdcnhocfl. Gilbert J. Wien. Gary A. W'icsjahn. Marsha L. 202 W'ilesjahn, William E. 148.158.216 W'ilbur. Raymond J. W'ild. Jerome T. Wilfert. William D. Wilke. Sandra A. 140.143.210 Wilke. Sharon L. Wilkinson. Everette Willems. John J. Willett. Bradford 151 Willey. Richard M. 156.200 Williams. Barbara M. 131.210 Williams. Donald R. Williams. Roger H. 202 W'illiamson. Barbara J. Williamson. Linda E. 149.150 Wilsmann. Paul WT. 169.240 Wilson. Florence W ilson. Jerome J. 149.150.162 Wilson. Kathleen 210 W'ilson. Kent D. Wilson. Larry J. 240 Wilson. Lyn E. Windcls, William A. 202 W'inecki. William W. W'inegarden. Cary A. Wingendcr. Dawn Y. 166.240 Winkler. Dale A. 210 Winkler. Suzanne S. Winkles. Barbara R. Winter. Eugene P. Winter. Jim D. 202 Winter. Ronald L.. 161 Wipfli. Mariann R. Wirth, Bryan R. Wirth. James L. Wirth. Virginia 258Wirtz. George A. Wisby. Douglas J. 151.156.216 Wise. George W. Wisnewski. Robert J. Wisniewski. Mary A. Wissbrocckcr. Gerald O. 240 Witcrafl. Michael L. Witt. Doncllc A. Witt. Kevin J. Witt. Paul A. Witt. Peter J. Witt. Ronald C. 202.88 Witte. Jalayne M. 202 Wittenberg. Kathy M. 202 Wnuk. LcRoy J. WoeHl. Robert H. Wohlt. John R. 137 Wohlt. Nicholas Wohlt. Ralph D. Wojtalcwicz, Gerald B. Wolding. Catherine Wolding. Peggy L. Wolf. Catherine Wolf. David A. 137.240 Wolf. Dudley J. 136 Wolfe. Lawrence Wolfe. Leslie J. Wolfert. Mary W. Wolff. Judith G. Wolff. Russell C. Wolfgram. John L. Wolfgram. Robert T. Wolter. Joyce M. Woltcr. Michael W. 156.240 Wood. David L. Wood. Kathryn E. 240 Wood. Lois A. 149.150.200 Woodcock. Paul A. Worachck. Roger G. Worden. Robert W. 202 Worman. Michael J. 151 Worzclla. Chester J. 130.202 Wozniak. Helen M. Wozniak. James K. Woznicki. Kathleen 148.210 Woznicki. Randall J. 163.210 Wright. James H. Wright. Lloyd D. 132.146.240 Wroblcwski. Virginia 210 Wruck. Joanne F. 202 Wryeza. George N. Wuerzberger. Robert L. Wunderlich. Elinor J. Wunderlich. Richard C. 210 Wundrock. Michael G. 133.137 Wurtz. Kathleen Wutke. Susan C. 163,210 Wyllie. Terence J. 133 Wysocki. Janice A. 210 Wywialowski. Clara B. 160 Wywialowski. Louise J. Yach. Camille A. 131 Yach. James E. 202 Yach. Sandra A. Yagodinski. Edward J. 202 Yauch. John E. 202 Yeager. Elizabeth Yclich, Sandra 202 Yelk. EloiseH. 131,216 Yelton. Craig M. Yelton. Jeffrey L. 210 Yelton. Nancy B. Yetter. Jerome G. 156.202 Yingling. Katherine 202 Young. Martha J. Young. Robert J. 202 Youngerman, Barbara J. 142 Younk. David E. Youra. Garrette 202 Youra. Kenwood N. Zabcl. Jeffrey L. 133.137 Zaborski. Robert E. 138 Zacharias. Bernard L. 134 Zager. Bernard E. 210 Zager. Patricia 202 Zahn. James A. 202 Zahn. Mary L. Zakrzcwski. Norman R. Zalabsky. Jacqulinc Zalusky. Russell L. Zanella. Deanna C. 202 Zanow. Bruce A. Zanzig, Thomas M. Zaruha. Kenneth L. 210 Zarwell. Richard W. Zastava. Gregory L. Zastrow. Larry J. 133 Zastrow. Suzette M. Zavada.Gary M. 202 Zdroik. Grace A. Zchner. Karen J. 131.165 Zei. Joseph P. Zcllmcr. Gary L. 133,165.216 Zcmanck. Ken L. 132.135.155 Zcmlicka. Gail E. 144.202 Zhe. Dudley S. 202 Ziaja. Don T. 240 Ziekert. Gerald G. 202 Zicbcll, Hgucnc N. Ziegahn. Ken M, 88 Ziegler. Dwight M. Ziegler. Merlin D. Ziemann, Irvin H. Ziemer. Michael C. 158,164.216 Zierson. Billie J. Ziglinski. Lauranne 164.169 Zikan. Daniel H. Zilisch. Dcllc A. Zillmcr. Clarice A. Zillmcr. Kristi A. 131.216 Zimdars. Barbara J. Zimdars. Ferdinand Zimick. Patrick H. Zimmer. Robert W. 88 Zimmerman. David L Zimmerman, Dean P. Zimmerman. Gary N. Zimmerman. George H. Zimmerman. Theresa J. Zimmermann. Richard H. Zingg, Betty L. 164 Zingg, Shirley R Zingsheim. Lawrence 202 Zink. Judith M. Ziolkowski. Donald J. 202 Zirtzlaff. Thomas F. 135 Zmuda. Mitchell Zmuda. Thomas L. 135 Zoromski. David W. 202 Zoromski. Diane M. 2IO Zuege. Rebecca L. 169.202 Zuegc. Weston P. 137.240.88 Zucnglcr. Keith L. 147.156 Zuhlkc. Linda L. 240 Zuhsc. Barbara A. 202 Zupanc. Thomas F. 202 Zurawski. Mike F. Zwcttlcr. Michael E. Zwickc. John M. Zwicky. Gerald J. 130 Zwifclhofcr. Janet M. 259Serving Portage County Since 1883 FIRST NATIONAL BANK . . . For Complete Banking ServiceWHITING HOTEL Your parents will enjoy the all-ways new Whiting Motor Hotel Downtown on U. S. Highway 10 PaAtethackiA STEVENS POINT, WIS. 921 Main Street Stevens Point, Wisconsin Phone: 344-8391 VETTER Lumber Building Supply Center Home Planning Service 2116 Wood St. 344-4780 261SHIPPY SHOES Two entire floors of quality footwear for the whole family HOLT DRUGS East Side Store Park Ridge BEN’S JEWELERS Accutron Headquarters 1028 Main Street Stevens Point, Wisconsin Phone: 344-9111 PARKINSON’S CLOTHES FOR MEN "Where the college men and women like to shop."N i S DRINK plenty of MILK and quality DAIRY PRODUCTS for better health WE ARE A STEVENS POINT INDUSTRY 344-2826 2611 Main St. Park Ridge NORMINGTON’S For fast, dependable service. PORTESI’S Italian Food Products 1103 2nd St. Stevens Point Phone: 344-7974 263 Home Owned Home Operated RAY’S RED OWLWESTENBERGER’S The place to go for your lunch or snack and the best drugs. CAMPBELL’S Latest women's opparcl and new men's department. 26-t OTTERLEE’S JEWELRY STORE Headquarters for lasting gifts and Orange Blossom Diamond RingsNIGBOR FURS Wisconsin's lorgcst furrier "Your Friendly Bonk in a Friendly Town" CITIZEN’S NATIONAL BANK 1045 Main Street Phone: 344-3300 MAIN STREET CAFE Open: Monday Nights til 6 P.M. Other Nights til 2 AM. Welcome Students 265 -f-ia+utiwA (uuL-fauu uil SmiuFLORAL SHOP 1220 Briggs Two Blocks N. of Woolworth's) This is where to select your corsage or any floral needs. Personalized.service is our byword. 344-2244 SORENSON’S HOT FISH SHOP Dining Room "Sea Food Is Our Speciality" THE RIGHT STORE FOR THE COLLEGE GIRL Sportswear Accessories Foshion Shoes 1217 Main St. 344-9024 LEVI’S Co« A-1 Racer JaY$0° lee Monticello All These Famous Brands SHIPPY CLOTHING 944 Main Street Stevens Point's Largest Men's and Boy's Wear HANNON’S PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY Visit us for oil your drug and photography needs. thrifty prices ... tasty food Specialize in Hamburgers French Fries and ShakesTHE JOURNAL PRINTING COMPANY Publishers of the Stevens Point Doily Journol Printers and Lithographers prescriptions OSKA R pharmacy ROSKA PHARMACY Phone 344-5929 2235 Church Street Ste ens Point, Wisconsin Free Prescription Pickup and Delivery DUN-RITE CLEANERS Compliments of LULLABYE FURNITURE CORPORATION "Cleaning Is Our Business We Do It Well" Pick Up and Delivery Odorless Cleoners Fine Baby Furniture Since 1897 Stevens Point, Wisconsin—Toccoo, Georgia 268 1109 College Avenue Stevens Point, Wisconsin Phone: 344-3540ALTENBURG’S DAIRY BERNDT-MURAT Pasteurized Grade "A" Dairy Products Delicious Pure Ice Cream INSURANCE AGENCY Serving this community for over 30 years with the finest dairy products available. "Your Protection Is Our Only Business" 2164 Water Street Stevens Point, Wisconsin Phone: Dl 4-3976 1455 Water St. (2 Blocks South of Main St.) Locally Owned—Locally Operated 344-2222 1128 Second STEVENS POINT EASTSIDE IGA 344-6180 NORTHSIDE IGA 344-2880 SOUTHSIDE IGA 269 3296 Church 344-5049COLLEGE VARIETY STORE Readers Are Leaders CITY-NEWS SERVICE Stevens Point UHLEMANN CUSTOM OPTICIANS We specialize in eye glasses and contoct lenses fittings PENNEY’S A complete department store retail and catalog division Penney's Department Store has a large selection of Men's ond Women's fashions 270 HOME FURNISHINGS, INC. of Stevens Point Carpets, linoleum, resilient tiles, window shades, Venetian blinds, ceramic tile, metal trims 1205 Second Street Stevens Point, Wisconsin Phone: Diamond 4-4003There is always on open door for Wisconsin Slate University People at SENTRY. jQ INSURANCE The Hardware Mutuals Organization COCA-COLA Distributed by the Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Stevens Point 3149 Church St. Stevens Point. Wisconsin "Have a Coke" BREITENSTEIN COMPANY, INC. Am ana Jacobsen Phone 344-9100 833 Clark St. the ANTLERS Food, Cocktails, entertainment, dancing visit our New Golden Nugget Room Midway between Stevens Point and Wausau overlooking beautiful Loke DuBoyUNIVERSITY CENTER large formal lounge and reception ccnler Branch post office University store New enlarged snack bar Multi-purpose room with portoblc stage Offices for student organizations Increased recreational facilitiesACE FOODS 2 MeyFeoiS Mh fooi Stniu ™ F»4S«vIn 273SKY CLUB Heovenly Food . . . Served by Angels EMMONS UNIVERSITY STORE On the north campus BILL’S PIZZA SHOP Dining Room Facilities or Carry Outs 3 4 Hour Delivery Service 344-9557 1319 Water St.FLOWERS BY ZINDA Flowers for All Occasions Compliments of: C. M. LIPMAN FURNITURE COMPANY 1817 Clark St. FRANK’S HARDWARE 917 College Avenue Phone 344-4191 FISHERS DAIRY 1212A Main Street 1319 Strongs Avenue 344-7058Ace Foods ................................ 273 Altenburg's Dairy .........................269 Antlers ................................. 271 Ben's Jewelers ........................... 262 Bcrndt-Mural Insurance ................... 269 Bill's Pizza ............................. 274 Boston Furniture ......................... 265 Breitenslein ........................... 271 Campbell's .............................. 265 Citizens National Bank ................... 265 Coca-Cola Bottling Co..................... 271 College Variety .......................... 270 Copps Co.................................. 269 Dunrile Cleaners ......................... 268 Emmons Stationery ........................ 274 First National Bank ...................... 260 Fisher's Dairy ........................... 275 Flowers by Zinda ......................... 275 Golden Hanger .......................... 275 Graham Lane................................264 Hannon Pharmacy .......................... 267 Holt Drug ................................ 262 Home Furnishing Inc....................... 270 Hot Fish Shop ............................ 266 Journal Printing ......................... 268 Kellerman's Pharmacy ..................... 274 Lullabye Furniture ...................... 268 Main Street Cafe ........................ 264 Nigbor Furriers ......................... 264 Normington's Cleaners ................... 263 Otterlee's Jewelers ..................... 264 Parkinson's Clothing .................... 262 Pasternaki's Clothing .................. 261 Penny's Dept. Store ..................... 270 Portesi Pizza ........................... 263 Quality Beverages ....................... 267 Ray's Red Owl ........................... 263 Robbys' ................................. 267 Roska Pharmacy ........................ 268 Sentry Insurance ....................... 271 Shippy Clothing ........................ 266 Shippy Shoes ........................... 262 Sky Club ................................ 274 Sorenson's Floral ....................... 266 Sports Shop ............................. 260 Uhlcman Optical ......................... 270 University Center ....................... 272 Vetter's Mfg............................. 261 Walt's Recordland ...................... 260 Wclsby's Cleaners ....................... 267 Wcstenberger's Drug ..................... 265 West's Dairy ............................ 263 Whiting Hotel ........................... 261 Wilshire Shop ........................... 266 ’’Tell our advertisers you saw them in the Iris"

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University of Wisconsin Stevens Point - Horizon / Iris Yearbook (Stevens Point, WI) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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