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IWe Grow And Move In The City. . . STAFF Judith Ostrowski Catherine Clark Editor-m-Chief Art Editor Charles Kahsen Business Manager Thomas Radler Chief Photographer Patricia Maldonis Copy Editors Carol Rynar Carmen Kuegler Layout Editors Christine Monroe Kathryn Kroll Senior Editor Jeffrey Barsch Sports Editor David Berenz Robert Hamilton James McNamee Karen Demske Marvin Hughes Bonnie YVolslegel ADVISORS F. A. Kremple Business D. Houlihan Editorial T. K. Chang Photography 2CONTENTS Dedication 6 Salute 7 Seniors 11 Activities 55 Organizations 89 Administration-Faculty 161 Athletics 199 Underclassmen 229 245 274 General Index 280 .. .By How We Do In The School. 3FOREWORD Through the halls, down Reserve Street, up the stairs, each day the students of WSU move. From the muddy ground, from lots on which stone houses once stood, and from grounds now bare of oak and elm trees grow buildings of blond brick, steel beams, and cement. These are but physical activities for the real growth and movement of the University lies within the intellectual growth and the successful movement of its students within society, a collegiate society of peers perhaps, but also one of faculty and administrators, and a community strange to most. A society labeled small by some while others may feel it is too large. Some will find it a warm and invigorating society while others will find it unsatisfactory. Hut in accepting it, in using it as a guide to establish who we are and what we are, we establish a base on which we shall move and continue to grow when these four hectic, yet, wonderful years are culminated. It is the aim of this IRIS to capture one year of life, the life in and on this campus; one year of studying, playing, and working; one year of intellectual growth and social movement. It contains pictures of classmates and teachers, of dances and classes, of plays and sports, and of Carnivals, Homecomings, fraternities, religious groups, and even blood donors. It is a chest of paper, cloth, and inks to which must be added what each WSU student has reaped in this one year, and what memories he cherishes. Only then is this annual valuable, only then will the hours spent on it be fruitful, and only then will it become a treasure chest.DEDICATION FRANK W. CROW The 1965 IRIS is dedicated to this history professor as a tribute from all the students he has aided in his first eighteen years at WSU. 6SALUTE ELIZABETH PFIFFNER DEBOT The IRIS salutes Dean Pfiffner upon the culmination of twenty-five years of service to the students of wsu.MEMO: TO: all WSU “pirates” FROM: the mates of the IRIS The 1965 IRIS is a pictorial treasure chest of memories . . . one year of work, of activities, of growing and moving... to be rediscovered each time it is opened. After graduation each one of us will go off on our own expeditions, following personal treasure maps in search of hidden wonders and rewards. Days will pass, perhaps years, before we will take up this small paper chest again ; brush off the dust and cobwebs; and turn its pages once more. We will recall old shipmates, shed a sentimental tear or two, and laugh at how much we have changed, while hoping no one will ask, "Is that really you?” We have dug into the cache of old IRIS issues and have pirated some of their "valuables” for you to enjoy. "IRIS,” the name of our school flower and of our annual publication is a word that symbolizes at Central State Teachers College beauty in life and in art—a beauty that springs from purposeful work and recreation.—1929 8 — we should have been very humble, but we weren’t—1940RETURN It is late. Voices, calmed from early evening hilarity, have become stillness and starlight. Against darkness I can see the building—t he tower rises into haze and stars of the sky. I’ve come back to school. Vaguely I hope for others, as 1 gaze, some semblence of wishes fulfilled, of dreams of the future and friendships and learning and struggling that have been mine. More clearly, I wish that nothing will take this year away from me. If no one can attain the height of my feeling, selfishly I wish for myself that I can recapture the happiness of another year. 1940 in a world no longer mysterious and beautifully unreal, our tasks seemed double hard— 9In observing the students, the different attitudes toward school distinguish one class from another. First, we have the Senior Class, who are apt to be quite worldly in their attitude. They’re ready for graduation now and are going to seek their fortune. Next in line we have the juniors, who are just beginning to get their taste of teaching through their education and technique classes. Then come sophomores, who generally have all the self confidence in the world, but, of course, after one year of college it’s expected that they would acquire self assurance. The “fresh-ies” are usually termed "green as grass" but we must give them credit—they catch on to college life in a hurry.—1947 Me . ' r ,aH 'OOT BALL Tn 'Rand-1 During your four years at Central State you have lived in a small college town enjoying all the freedoms which come with college life. You have chosen your own friends, made your own decisions, and established ideals which will greatly affect your way of life and the quality of your character. As you leave, you take with you memories of your college years, but the freedom you exercised is more than a memory. It is a usable possession upon which our American way of life is built.—1948 10SENIORSAPPLIED ARTS GERALD L. ADAMS RICHARD H. BAXTER. JR. Conservation Conservation WILLIAM J. BECK Conservation TERRY A. BLUNT Conservation ARNOLD R. CHRISTIAN Conservation RALPH CHRISTENSEN LARRY W. CLAFLIN STEVEN F. CRULL Conservation Conservation Conservation 12 SCIENCE THOMAS W. DLUGOS Conservation EDWIN J. FICKLER Biology Conservation GEORGE R. FRICKE Biology Conservation DANIEL E. GEHLING Conservation THOMAS G. GRAFENAUER Biology Conservation EDWARD R. GROSS Conservation JEAN A. HALLENBECK Home Economics RICHARD C. HEIKING 13APPLIED ARTS JOHN W. HUMKE Biology Conservation DIANA JAKEL Home Economics MICHAEL G. JEFFERIES Biology Conservation JOHN KLIEJUNAS Conservation FLORENCE R. KNAUF Medical Technology 14 JOANNE L. KOSHALEK Home Economics JOHN KOTAR Conservation RUTH M. LAMBERT Medical Technology SCIENCE KARL LANGLOIS, JR. Conservation DAVID J. LORTSCHER LOLA MAIN Home Economics PATRICE M. MURDOCK Home Economics BERNARD OLKER Conservation DAMIKL M. LARSEN Conservation PATRICIA A. MILLER Home Economics JOHN L. PORTER Conservation 15APPLIED ARTS JOAN POSPYHALLA DAVID RADES Medical Technology Biology and Conservation SANDY ROEBKEN BURTON J. SCHNUR III JOSEPH W. SOUTHWORTH Home Economics Biology and Conservation Conservation and Biology SANDRA SZYMANSKI THOMAS M. TALAREK Medical Technology Conservation RON TORKELSON Conservation 16 SCIENCE CAROL A. GUNDERSON Speech STEVEN VAN HORN Biology and Conservation ROBERT H. WENNERSTRAND KENNETH G. WINGENDER JAMES T. ZDANOVEC Biology and Conservation Conservation Conservation FINE ARTS JEAN BROWNLOW ALINDA KUSSMAN SALLY L. LEHNER Art Music Literature Speech 17FINE ARTS MICHAEL R. BACOVSKY BioloRy RICHARD H. NEZDA Music RUTH F. PUMPER Art SANDRA SCHULTZ Speech Therapy LAWRENCE J. SCHWEDA Art JON W. WHIRRY Speech BARBARA M. ANDERSON Sociology ALAN M. BABLER HistoryLETTERS SCIENCE LARKY BALOUSEK Geography BRUCE A. BAY Economica ROBERT A. BECKER Economica DAVID C. BENNETT Sociology PAUL M. BlENEMAN Geography ALBERT J. BOURCIER Economica KAREN A. BUR Sociology MARY BERG Sociology History Social Science 19LETTERS DAN D. CARLSON General Science MAN MING ROBERT CHEUNG Chemistry Mathematics BRUCE CLEMENTS Political Science DONNA CONN Psychology English THOMAS A. CORRIGAN Economics 20 JAMES R. COUNTER English RONALD P. CZAJA Sociology BYRON DALE German English SCIENCE BEVERLEY A. DEMOSS Economic CAROL A. DERING Sociology DANIEL A. DOBERSTEIN Biology ALAN B. DUDKIEWICZ Biology History BARBARA J. DURAND History Social Science 21 JOHN H. EGENHOEPER Economics JAMES A. EGGERT Physics General Science RODNEY C. EMMERICH General ScienceLETTERS ROBERT E. EPP Geography WAYNE H. ERICKSON Economics THOMAS P. FLAHERTY TRUMAN A. FLOWERS, JR. JOHN M. FOLSOM Geography English Mathematics 22 TODD A. FONSTAD Geography WILLIAM W. FULLMER Economics JAMES E. GEORGE Economics Geography SCIENCE LOWELL J. GILLETTE Biology Economic RONALD H. GUT Political Science History JEROME 0. GUYANT Economics Social Science J M. CAROL HANSON English SHIRLEY HANSON English PHILLIP R. HEMMING LEON W. HOLMES WILLIAM J. HULL Political Science Economics English Social Science 23LETTERS DOROTHY E. IGL DENNIS M. JAECKS English Physics Biology Mathematics ALAN O. JOHNSON KEITH E. JOHNSON ROBERT L. JOHNSON Physics Mathematics Economics General Science ROBERT H. KLEIN PHILIP F. KNAUF KATHRYN M. KROLL Conservation Economics English Biology 24 SCIENCE JAMES W. KRUEGER RONALD K. KRUEGER Sociology JON F. KUHL JAMES J. KUHN JAMES E. LAACK History History Social Science History DAVID IjOPPNOW History GARY J. MACIEJEWSKI Economics MICHAEL R. MADER History Economics 25LETTERS RICHARD J. MARCHIANDO Biology ROGER A. MARQUARDT Biology PATRICK G. MEEKER JUDITH M. MICHAELS Geography English French ROBERT E. MILLER Political Science Economics 26 WAYNE E. MUELLER Genera] Science Chemistry DONALD J. MUTHENGI Geography History PATRICK J. NOONEY Economics Geography SCIENCE JOHN E. NOVAK Biology JASON NYARIK1 History JUDITH A. OSTROWSKI History English CHESTER D. SCHEIBEL Chemistry SUSAN SCHIELD Sociology WARREN SCHIMPPP Chemistry RICHARD T. SCHOENBERGER Economics DAVID SCHWARTZKOPK Mathematics 27LETTERS CAROL SMITH Sociology GEORGE J. SMULLEN English RUSSELL E. SODERBERG Political Science SUSAN M. STANKE Political Science English OLIVER F. STEINER Mathematics DOREL L. STUECK RICHARD VICKER ROSE M. WAGNER History Biology English 28 SCIENCE FREDERICK J. WALCZAK Mathematics DONALD WANSERSKI Economics DAVID WENTZKA Biology General Science KATHRYN WERONKE Sociology ARLYN G. WEST History Political Science 29 GARY L. WKSTPHAL Biology GARY D. WILLIAMS English American Civilization GEORGE W. WISE BiologyCHARLES A. WITTENBERG Geography History PETER R. WYSOCKI Political Science English LETTERS SCIENCES THOMAS L. YACH KAREN YOUNG LEAHY LORRAINE KLUKAS ZINDA Economics Sociology Sociology Geography ROBERT J. ZINDA CATHERINE A. ZINK DARRELL F. HOFFMAN Sociology Sociology Biology 30EDUCATION 4 FLORENCE WILLIAMS CERRATO Intcr.-Uppcr Elem. Ed. SUE ANN ESKRITT Intcr.-Uppcr Elcm. Ed. PATRICIA ALFUTH ABBREDERIS Inter.-Upper Elem. Ed. GARY D. BRALEY Intcr.-Uppcr Elem. Ed. JUDITH CHRISTENSEN Intcr.-Uppcr Elem. Fid. LAURENCE E. DOBBS Intcr.-Uppcr Elem. Ed. ROBERT L. FLORIANO Intcr.-Uppcr Elem. Ed. GARY GRESL Intcr.-Uppcr Elem. Ed. 31EDUCATION FREDERIC G. KUHL Int.-Upp«r Elem. Ed. PETER J. KUST Int.-Uppcr Elem. Ed. KAREN L. KUROWSKI Int.-Uppcr Elem. Ed. SALLY A. KUNDINGER Int.-Uppcr Elem. Ed. ELLEN M. GULLIXON Int.-Upper Elem. Ed. CHARLES J. HERMAN Int.-Upper Elem. Ed. LORNA A. HAYES Int.-Upper Elem. Ed. JUDITH R. JOHNSON Int.-Upper Elem. Ed. 32EDUCATION SUSAN M. LINDBERG I nt.-Upper Blem. Ed. HAZEL M. LINDOW Int.-Upper Elcm. Ed. JOSEPH A. MUENCH Int.-Upper Elem. Ed. LARRY E. PERRODIN Int.-Upper Elcm. Ed. ANDREW PILCH Int.-Upper Elem. Ed. BARBARA SCHAETZEL Int.-Upper Elem. Ed. JUNE SERRAHN Int.-Upper Elcm. Ed. DAVID M. SICKLER Int.-Upper Elcm. Ed. 33EDUCATION LOLA L. BUDDENHAGEN Kindergarten-Primary KAREN CORSTEN Kindergarten-Primary MARYLN BURIK ANNABELLE CALLIGARO Kindergarten-Primary Kindergarten-Primary DENNIS WILTGBN Int.-Upper Elem. Ed. RITA STUMPER Intermediate Ed. RICHARD R. THOMPSON Intermediate Ed. KARREN K. ZAHN Int.-Upper Elem. Ed. 34EDUCATION JANE G. HAMBURG Kindergarten-Primary Ed. MARY E. ENGEL Kindergarten-Primary Ed. BARBARA H. FRIDAY Kindergarten-Primary Ed. DARLENE JECKLE Kindergarten-Primary Ed. TED JOHNSON Kindergarten-Primary Ed. LU ANN HYLAND Kindergarten-Primary Ed. VICKI JOHNSON Kindergarten-Primary Ed. CHARLENE A. JOSWICK Kindergarten-Primary Ed. 35EDUCATION ROSE MARIE KNUTSON Kindergarten-Primary Ed. JOYCE L. KOLDA Kindergarten-Primary Ed. SANDRA H. KRUGER Kindergarten-Primary Ed. PATRICIA A. KUNDINGER Kindergarten-Primary Ed. SANDRA L. REIDENBACH Kindergarten-Primary Ed. CATHERINE J. SARA SMART RIIODY SCHLAIS Kindergarten-Primary Ed. Kindergarten-Primary Ed. SHARI ANN STANGL Kindergarten-Primary Ed. 36EDUCATION JEAN WESTBY Kindergarten-Primary Ed. MARCIA J. ANDERSON Kindergarten-Primary Ed. PHYLLIS STERK JANET SWANSON Kindergarten-Primary Ed. Kindergarten-Primary Ed. AUDREY J. WOLFF SHARON WYSOCKI Kindergarten-Primary Ed. Kindergarten-Primary Ed. NOLA BACON KATHRYN A. BRUNNER Kindergarten-Primary Ed. 37EDUCATION ELIZABETH CARLSON Primary SUE DAUBERMAN Primary KARLA HUETTL Primary MARY FRANCES CASTOR Primary JOAN F. LEMKE Primary JANET B. LYNCH MARY A. HASTREITER LOIS FRANKE Primary 38EDUCATION CONSTANCE A. MILLER ROSE ANN KENOWSKI Primary PACYNA Primary LAURIE FREDRICKSON SUZANNE ELLEN SIMPSON ELLEN J. SMITH PASCUTTI Primary Kindergarten-Primary Secondary BARBARA JANE ARNOTT Home Economics 39 MALLA ANDERSON Music DAVID M. ARNESON MathSECONDARY NORMA JO BARBER English ANNE MARIE BECKER Art CAROL BRANDL Mathematics DAVID A. BENCHOFF Geography BONITA BOUTWELL Home Economics JAMES E. BROWN Social Science RUTH BROWNLOW Home Economics GERTRUDE BUSCH English 40EDUCATION KATHLEEN A. CUTLER Mathematics DENNIS E. CARLSON Mathematics CATHERINE G. CLARK Art RODNEY G. CLEMENTS Geography CHARLES M. COLLINS Biology LINDA M. CROSS English CHERLYN DANIELSON JUDITH DAVIS MARVIN R. DEGENEFFE Home Economics Geography Biology 41SECONDARY ROGER C. ERNST English ERMEN FEDEL Biology RONALD ERNST JOHN M. ESSER English English 42 MARIANNE FEUTZ Art nil GARALD R. EMEICH Mathematics KAREN DEMSKE Business Education DELLA JEAN ELDEN English MARILYN J. DREWITZ MusicEDUCATION LINDA GRUVER Speech SANDRA RAE FOEMMEL Home Economics JOHN A. FISH Biology ra MARVIN GOLDSON General Science WARNER R. HALVERSON Art JAMES GASS Chemistry CURTIS M. HAGEN English MARY JANE GETLINGER Home Economics DIANE LEE IIAHS English 43SECONDARY BONNIE L. HANCOCK JEROME HARTWIG Music Speech English SUSAN E. HEIKKINEN Home Economics DWANE W. HEIN Biology MARVIN HUGHES History GERALDINE C. JAJEWSKI JUDITH A. JOHNSON ERNA A. KEMPS English Home Economics DUWAYNE R. KLEINSCHMIDT Mathematics •14EDUCATION CONNIE KOCIAN Chemistry JUDITH KORT Music KATHLEEN KOSCHAK Art KAREN A. KRUEGER Home Economics GLORIA KUBISIAK EDWARD J. KUROWSKI English General Science Speech MAX V. KOPCHINSKI Music BEVERLY M. KRAUS Business-Education BONNIE LAEDTKE Home Economics 45SECONDARY CAROLYN R. LEMKE RUTH LEWIS Speech Therapy Art BARBARA J. LONG DENNIS LORENTZ Home Economics Biology Conservation GLENN LUTZE German Biology KATHRYN A. MARQUARDT GEORGE A. MEANS KATHRYN L. MENZEL MARY MIELKE Home Economics Speech English Home Economics 46EDUCATION GERALD S. PACYNA History Geography ROY H. MUNDERLOH Music LANE THOMPSON MUSSON English SHARON NEITZEL THOMAS NEWMAN Home Economics English STANLEY NICHOLLS JOHN H. PANKO History Social Science CHARLES PANKRATZ German FRANK J. PARKEL Art 47SECONDARY DONALD PROHASKA Biology RALPH L. RANTA Social Science EDITH REGNER Home Economics VIRGINIA V. PERNER General Science Biology DONNA M. PETERSON English SALLY J. RHEAUME ■■■■■I DELORES S. RIIODY Mathematics NANCY M. RIPP Home Economics GEORGE H. RIVERS History 48EDUCATION KAY M. ROBINSON English Home Economies S. DAVID ROHRER History Mathematics KAREN E. ROTH Home Economics JUNE ROTHENBURGER Home Economics CAROL RUCINSKI English DENNIS RYBICKE CAROLE A. RYNAR JUDITH A. SAGER CHARLES SAMBS English Business Education English 49SECONDARY CAROL L. SCHAEFER EDWARD M. SCHMIDT Home Economics History ROBERT F. SCHOEN MARIANN SCHOWALTER History ROMELLE SCHNEIDER Home Economics KENNETH SCHWANTES RONALD SELTZER WILLIAM A. SHAY MARILYN L. SHERMAN Social Science Business Education Music 50EDUCATION JEROME SIEGLER Mathematics DENNIS SLEZEWSKI Social Science AARON D. SLOMINSKI JOSEPH W. SMITH SHARON M. SMITH History English Home Economics CAROLE STEINKE English CHESTER C. STROYNY French PATRICIA STROZINSKI English 51SECONDARY FRED J. STUDACH ELIZABETH A. TARABEK History Home Economics AUDREY TIIORBUS ALICE TORDEUR Home Economics Art JERELYN S. TOWNSEND English NANCY TRAINOR GAIL JEAN TREU ALETHA M. TURNER BERNARD D. UEBERSETZI Home Economics Home Economics Home Economics Mathematics 52EDUCATION JAMES W. WOLLER History BONNIE WOLSLEGEL Business Education HERBERT C. WEBER, JR. Speech Therapy Speech SANDRA WESTPHAL Mathematics JANE WOUDSTRA Mathematics RICHARD T. VARSHO Social Studies PRISCILLA VAUGHN English ROBERT B. WHYTE III Biology KAREN YARKIE Home Economics 53DAVID R. ZICK History PETER L. ZIEGLER Music NADEEN THOMPSON Int.-Upper Elern. KAREN PRAST HASS Int.-Upper Elem. SUE MEINERT Art (F.A.)ACTIVITIESCALENDAR 1965 September 9 Freshman Orientation 14 Classes for all students 15 Local merchants host WSU students 28 History Reception introduces new department members October 2 Pointer Jubilee 7 Opening Night: “The Detective Story" 16 Homecoming Queen’s Dance 18 Faculty String Quartet 19 Warsaw Philarmonic Concert 21 Faculty Jazz Quartet 23 Four Freshmen Concert 24 Homecoming parade Game: WSU vs. Eau Claire Science Building and Resident Halls Dedicated Homecoming Dance November 2 President Albertson returns from trip to Phillipines 8 N. Gotkovsky Violin Concert 9 History Reception: Dr. Berndt Last home game vs. River Falls 10 Ugly Man Contest Voting begins 18 Emlyn Williams as Dickens 24 Basketball opener 26 Thanksgiving recess begins December 4 Delta Zeta Snow Swirl 6 Messiah: Music Department Presentation 9 Opening Night: “Romanoff and Juliet" 13 Community Sing 15 Madgrigals’ Christmas Concert 16 Chamber Orchestra Concert 18 Christmas recess begins January 3 Classes resume 6 Shirley Verrett Concert 7 Dr. G. Borlaza arrives from the Phillipines: Dean of Instruction, Phillipine Normal College, Manila 8 P. Yarabek Recital 13 Dr. Treunfels returns from a one semester teaching assignment at University of West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad February 3 Univ. of Illinois Gizz kids vs. Freshman Basketball team 4 Herman Prey Concert 14 Winter Carnival begins 17 King and Queen are introduced 18 Juliard Strings Concert 22 History Reception: Dr. Borlaza 25 Organizational meeting of the Political Science Organization March 3 Opening Night: “Light Up the Sky" 8 Student Government Week begins 11 Selma Sympathy March 24 Opening Night: "South Pacific" 27 “In White America" 29 John Browning Concert April 4 New York Woodwind Quartet 5 Men’s Glee Club Concert 6 Choir Concert 9 Easter recess begins 25 R. Snyder Violin Recital 26 History Department Reception 28 Opening Night: "Murder in the Cathedral” May 3 Band Concert 5 Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra 18 Alpha Kappa Rho Student Recital 22 AWS Senior Banquet 29 Final Exams begin 30 Memorial Day Graduation Exercises 3 o’clock p.m. South Terrace 56POINTER JUBILEE Allen Center is all decked out for the first big event of the school year. Lovely little animal, isn’t it? It was a cool, windy evening in October. The campus organizations had set up booths in a balloon and streamer bedecked Allen Center to introduce themselves to the incoming Freshmen. Presented were Greek organizations, religious groups, honor societies, professional organizations, and political groups. There were fortune booths, kissing booths, fishing ponds, bean bag games, and dancing. The turnout was large, the conversations alluring, the entertainment lively, the evening enjoyable. The Pointer Jubilee, sponsored by the University Center Board, was considered a great success. 58Guess what the Y-GOP is doing in the next booth. IBooks like a success. Juggin’ along with the Phi Sigs. Watch that diplomatic action! 59HOMECOMING The year 1964 gave Stevens Point its first homecoming as a state university. Spirits were unusually high as the festivities opened with the introduction of the queen candidates. They were Marilyn Becker, Delta Zeta, sponsored by Phi Sigma Epsilon; Karen Gueths, Alpha Phi, sponsored by Sigma Phi Epsilon; Jan Holtzmiller, Delta Zeta, sponsored by Theta Delta Phi; Mary Panter sponsored by Sigma Tau Gamma; Jeannine Sands, Alpha Phi, sponsored by Tau Kappa Epsilon. “The Rejects” provided the music for this Student Council sponsored dance.THE CAMPAIGNTeke culinary artists sample their work. The campaign to pick a queen for Homecoming 1964, opened Monday morning as members of sponsoring organizations greeted students on their way to early classes with pictures and favors of their candidates. Nightly during the week, the shouts of supporters and blare of bands were heard as they moved from hall to hall singing the virtues of their candidates. Pizza parties, hayrides, popcorn, and cars to be wrecked were all a part of the campaign. The climax came Thursday night as each candidate spoke in her own behalf at the Queen’s Assembly. Friday all was quiet as the students spoke on behalf of their choices. The candidates converse? 62 WSU students voted for their choice. 63THE PARADE Alpha Phi’s first place float.THE GAME Arf! Arf! Arf! . . . and they held that line! We depart victorious. Happiness is two black eyes and a Homecoming victory. 65Janet Fjelstad and Mark Deadman, representing Roach Hall, walked down a long white carpet, up a drawbridge and into a huge castle where they were crowned King and Queen of the 1965 Winter Carnival. The crowning was the climax of the Woodchopper’s Ball on Friday night, held at the new Allen Center. Janet is a sophomore majoring in home economics and Mark is a sophomore majoring in economics. This year seventeen halls and campus organizations sponsored candidates for the king and queen contest. These seventeen candidates, pictured on the following page, were first introduced at the Torch Lighting Ceremony held on the front lawn of Old Main on Sunday afternoon. 66KING AND QUEEN CANDIDATES Dick Schoonborger, Co Co Cnshin (Alpha Phi); Ron Snow, Gerry Campos (Pray-Sima llall); George Haag, Ruth Nyre (llycr Hall); Mark Headman. Janet Fjclstad (Roach Hull). Chuck Sambs, Judy Ranch (Smith Hall); Larry Holmes, Pam Wenker (Phi Sigmn Epsilon); Tod Wise, Mary Rolfson (Delta Zeta); John Wenger, Kristin Wcingnrten (Alpha Kappa Lambda). Steve Zoine, Julie Twichcll (Steiner Hall); Thomas Zmudo, Karen Zehner (Theta Delta Phi); James Davis, Sue Schmied-lln (Alpha Sigma Alpha); James Fickler, Jacqueline Horel (Sigma Phi Kpsilon); Kenneth Davies, Carol Foss (Psi Delta Psi). John Wchrlc, Marlene Anderson (Dolxcll Hall); Jim Schilling, Sue Sadowske (Sigma Tau Gamma); James Best, Ginger Clay (Tau Knppa Kpsilon); Gary Lunch, Paula Wendschuh (Ski Club). 67“Sno-lympics” dedicated to Dean Debot after 25 years of service opened Sunday, February 14. A torch lit by Governor Knowles in Madison was carried by seventeen WSU men to the lawn of Old Main where Mrs. Debot ignited the huge Sno-lympics torch. The spirit of Winter Carnival was alive all week in the form of the huge burning torch. The games officially started with the pancake eating contest. WSU won the State University crown away from Superior when Smoky Joe Southworth ate over fifty pancakes. During the week the hairdo and pipesmoking contests were held. In the pipe smoking contest, there were two divisions, one for men and one for women. Thursday night skiing, skating and tobogganing were some of the activities that students participated in at Iverson Park. This year the Woodchopper’s Ball was held at the new Allen Center. King Mark and Queen Jan reigned over the dance. Official game time was all day Saturday. The women opened the games with their own brand of football and Nelson Hall was this year’s champ. New games added were the chariot race, greased pig and Sadie Hawkins. The 1965 Winter Carnival was brought to a brilliant close at the climax program with the appearance of the New Christy Minstrels. 68Judy makes the touchdown. The TKEs placed first in the new chariot race. The lost art of log-sawing was revived for Winter Carnival. 6970 Sigma Tau Gamma placed first in the men’s division with “Buddha.”RNIVAL CLIMAX PROGRAM The New Christy Minstrels UNIVERSITY FIELD HOUSE SUNDAY, FEB. 21, 1965 8:00 p. m. S2.00 O They won?7374LECTURE SERIES In a continued effort to make the best of the arts available to students, faculty, and non-University people of Central Wisconsin, the 1964-65 ARTS AND LECTURE SERIES provided a variety of dramatic and musical productions beginning with the October performance of the Warsaw Philharmonic. Other presentations this year were Emlyn Williams as Charles Dickens; John Browning, pianist; Minneapolis Symphony; Nell Gotkovsky, violinist; Shirley Verrett, mezzo soprano; Hermann Prey, baritone; Juilliard String Quartet; dramatic presentation of “In White America”; and the New York Woodwind Quintet. SHIRLEY VERRETT Since her first appearance at the Spoleto Festival in Italy, Shirley Verrett’s mezzo-soprano voice and her feeling for her music have moved audiences throughout the world. She became the first Negro to sing “Carmen” at the Bolshoi Theatre and debuts with it at the New York City Opera in the fall of 1965.EMLYN WILLIAMS The memory of Emlyn Williams as Charles Dickens sums up the peak of an actor’s art. Mr. Williams created a galaxy of Dicken’s characters, moods and emotions. 76THEATRE PRODUCTIONS 77“ROMANOFF AND JULIET”COLLEGE THEATRE PRODUCTIONS The Detective Story by Sydney Kingsley Romanoff and Juliet by Peter Ustinov Light up the Sky by Moss Hart Murder in the Cathedral by T. S. Eliot 79"SOUTH PACIFIC” 808182During the year the senior Home Ec majors presented programs of homemaking interest to the women of the community and the campus. One program explored the world of fabrics and interior decorating, while another presented a lecture on furniture styles. A ski Club style show during Winter Carnival week presented the latest fashions in ski wear. 83While voting for Student Council and class officers was light; it was heavier for Homecoming and Winter Carnival royalty. Student Council President J. Christensen made a statement, on the Courthouse steps, after the march protesting the Selma, Alabama treatment of Negroes. On the night of the national elections results were followed in the University Center lounge. 84Children’s eyes are wide with wonder with what Santa has in his bag at the Speech and Hearing Association’s Christmas Party. Miss Schelfhout and Miss Gidwani relax with cups of coffee. Former WSU students and faculty gathered together for a dinner on Homecoming weekend. 85SOME ACTIVITIES ARE OF COMMUNITY SERVICE... It’s the list of student donors that enables Portage County to reach its Bloodmobile quota. Three thermometers, three pints of blood and three glasses of orange juice. The spirit of giving enables some Indian families a happier Christmas. 86... the road won’t be traveled alone, Four years pass and we no longer can count on being guided by schedules, classes, friends, or faculty. The gate swings open and we must choose our own paths, there can be no lingering anymore. For some ... . . . will lead to service through the Peace Corps, industry or teaching, . . . or perhaps some will make their way in service. 87'ft) ur Hmrric, mm. 11 e AND FRUITFUL YEARSORGANIZATIONSUNIVERSITY CENTER BOARD FRONT ROW: B. R. Jnkubowski, M. K. Ranter (See.), D. E. Iff], J. L. Sands 2ND ROW: W. L. Knstroski, A. M. Babler (Pres.), B. C. Aabol. G. R. Mallck (V.P.), J. D. Waterman, ft. L. Gonzagowski 3RD ROW: R. Hatchet (Advisor), B. W. Clements (Treasurer), I). W. Cooley. R. G. Savoy, J. LeDuc, J. Goodwin (Advisor) The UNIVERSITY CENTER is currently experiencing u period of rapid expansion of its physical structure and facilities. Progress in this form is inevitably accompanied by new problems and challenges, but more importantly, new opportunities. It is primarily in these new opportunities that the University Center Board of future years will be interested. The UCB of this past year, bearing in mind the limited facilities afforded the students, not only utilized those available to the fullest, but also went far beyond the confines of the center itself to provide activities for the students of WSUSP. In accord with the stated purpose of the UCB, these activities were designed to provide for the recreational, social, and cultural development of the student body. A few concrete examples of these might be the following: Freshman Mixer; All-School Mixer; Pointer Jubilee; Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Dances; Christmas Decorating Party; the Election Night Vigil; and Winter Carnival. The aforementioned activities, and many others, were made possible only through the efficient functioning of the Committee structure of the Board. The committees which constitute this structure are the seven standing committees, (Cultural, Games, House, Outing, Public Relations, Social, and Special Events) and three special committees (Foods, Personnel, and Property). It is only through the constant efforts and many sacrifices of these committee chairmen, the UCB officers, and innumerable students that the University Center Board can continue to operate effectively. 90HOUSE COMMITTEE FRONT ROW: A. M. Becker, J. E. LaPorto, R. Anderson. 2ND ROW: G. G. Meka, D. C. Schneider, D. A. Christianson. CULTURAL COMMITTEE FRONT ROW: J. M. Patterson, L. J. Lodzinski, M. S. Howe. K. M. Rogge. 2ND ROW: K. A. Spat , P. A. Moffatt. R. C. Wesell. GAMES COMMITTEE FRONT ROW: K. J. Jaeger, R. W. Scott, K. L. Zemanek. 2ND ROW: R. D. Snow, L. D. Wright, J. C. Fowle. SPECIAL EVENTS COMMITTEE FRONT ROW: .1. F. Russ, K. A. Davis, S. M. Carow. 2ND ROW: K. H. Lnngloiso, R. W. Harris. J. LcDue, S. J. Goctach. SOCIAL COMMITTEE FRONT ROW: S. L. Kudla, E. Ziolkoski, G. A. Mikes, J. F. Laufenberg. 2ND ROW: J. E. Scidlingor, J. Twicholl, R. J. Schmutzer, K. M. Creswell. 3RD ROW: S. A. Woisgerber, R. T. Waefgrom, K. A. Davis. OUTING COMMITTEE FRONT ROW: C. B. Skagen, L. Pieper, N. Hean, L. R. Cruthers. 2ND ROW: R. F. Hamilton, S. A. Nichols, G. L. Westphal, W. E. Bielenberg. 3RD ROW: O. D. Lokkcn, L. W. Lawetzki, R. G. Savoy, T. R. Grcnlie, T. C. Haevers. 91U.C.B. BOARD OF INQUIRY FRONT ROW: C. Lemancik, D. J. Elden, J. F. .Mon- 2ND ROW: G. O. Williams, L. R. Cruthen. E. R. roc (Chm.), S. R. Lanjfton, E. Kruoger. Gross, A. Wolf ram, L. J. Zuatrow. The Student Council is the supreme student governing body on campus. It is purely a student elective organization, whose primary duty is to promote harmony between the student body and the faculty and the administration. Each year as the University expands, the council acquires more duties and thus more re- sponsibility. Among the many student activities, the Student Council is in charge of: Homecoming, elections, cheerleader selections, Awards Day, Student Government Week, student-faculty committee appointments, student allocations, bulletin boards, and mailboxes. STUDENT COUNCIL FRONT ROW: W. L. Kostroski, C. M. Sopa, C. A. 2ND ROW: J. P. Pierson, D. R. Shcier, N. J. Gould Schultz, K. J. Jepacn, D. E. IkI, I). E. Younk. (Vice-Pros.), R. D. Dcrichson, W. A. NchriiiK Jr.ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS FRONT ROW: C. A. Rynar, H. A. Bcuscr, L. A Hyland, Catkin, i . Jaekla (Pm.). 2ND ROW: N. Newman, M. A. Lnwer, J. E. Newby. P. J. Pope. J. A. Davis (V.P.). 3RD ROW: M. Feutz, K. M. Corsten, K. J. Gueths, C. A. Howard. ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS represents all the women on WSU campus. The women are represented by twenty-one board members, which is the governing body responsible for formulating and executing regulations for women students. Some of the activities are Big-Little Sister Picnic, Songfcst, and the Senior Banquet. AWS also provides an orientation booklet for freshmen women students called Petunia’s Pointers. A. W. S. has initiated a new program — Associated Women Students’ Honor Society. The purpose is to recognize and have as its members, senior and second semester junior women who have contributed much to the campus — in terms of leadership and service as well as having attained the required scholastic average. The major projects for 1964-65, consisted of an evaluation of all department, organizations, and services under student affairs. A. W. S. HONOR SOCIETY 93 FRONT ROW: L. Hyland, S. Smart. C. Rynar, G. Kllbisink. 2ND ROW: J. David. K. Menzel, P. Strozinski, P. Ifd, M. Sherman, K. Corsten.JUNIOR PRIMARY COUNCIL FRONT ROW: B. R. Schnidel. M. A. Potter, S. R. LanKton (Vice-Pres.), L. L. Hojan (Rcc. See.). M. L. Rubon (Troas.) 2ND ROW: B. L. Zineg, S. 0. Meior, B. J. Man , B. L. Beilfins. A. L. Torkclson, M. E. Doyle. C. A. Peterson. K. J. Brown 3RD ROW: M. Kashirski, D. M. Ruchborec, N. A. Arnold, J. M. Marquardt, P. J. Pope, M. B. Jcskc, D. M. Franzen, G. E. Campos, S. V. Dzubny, I’. E. Lyon 4TH ROW: S. L. Premcau. M. L. Densck, K. F. Seidel, S, C. Wutke, R. M. Bilkey, M. C. Bench. B. S. Nycn, C. R. Collienn, S. S. Schaefer JUNIOR PRIMARY COUNCIL is a professional organization for freshmen and sophomores interested or enrolled in primary education. The purpose of Primary Council ia to acquaint the students with their future profession by providing information, some actual experiences and observations of children in the classrooms and elsewhere. The SENIOR PRIMARY COUNCIL is a professional organization on campus for all juniors and seniors majoring in primary education. One of the main goals of the council is to develop in its members, the qualities necessary for a successful primary teacher. Each year S.P.C. sponsors a fall and spring nursery school, a spring luncheon, scholarships and a Christmas project. SENIOR PRIMARY COUNCIL FRONT ROW: J. L. DoWitt, N. A. Scully, A. L. Calligaro (Pres.), P. D. Dettwikr, L. G. Zielinski 2ND ROW: J P. Lemke, k. II. Holton, s. s Smart, S. L. Reidcnbnck, J. G. liclkc, P. A. Maldonis 3RD ROW: L. A. Hyland. J. W. Vine, J. A. Hines. N. C. Knaack, N. A. Montour. V. J. Johnson. J. I.. Svoboda, A. K. Danielson 4TH ROW: D. A. Wadzinski, P. A. Kundingci, K. K. Kujnwxki, K. M. Corsten, I.. M. Peters. M. E. Kneel, S. A. Stanel, N. L. McGillivrayF.E.T.A FRONT ROW: K. L. Kurowaki, F. A. Mites, A. A. Bortsc, I. I. Plautz, B. M. Krause, P. A. Alfuth (Correa. See.), K. M. (iumm, K. E. Wood. 2ND ROW: J. H. Nelson, F. V. Cerrato (Treus.), L. Hayes, B. A. Schnetzcl, M. L. Kling, S. J. Hedin, R. J. Stumpner, P. J. Kust. 3RD ROW: J. A. DcBruin. A. N. Beuuchuinc (PreR.), L. E. Cummings, A. E. Pease, A. R. Stea, P. D. Bertrand. The FUTURE ELEMENTARY TEACHER’S ASSOCIATION, a professional organization for all students in intermediate-upper elementary education, aims to encourage better acquaintance among members, to promote the interests of the division, and to give members opportunities to discuss and to listen to authorities speak on various educational topics and trends. S. E. A. is affiliated with the Wisconsin Education Association and the National Education Association. Its purpose is to acquaint prospective high school teachers with the problems and issues that they will encounter. The program featured the observance of American Educational Week, educational films, and speakers who discussed certain aspects of high school teaching. SECONDARY EDUCATION ASSOCIATION FRONT ROW: A. GRAVER (V.P.), M. J. Leary, C. K. Scibcl (See.), N. L. Sold nor. B. J. Wolslegel. W. M. Klcmm. C. Anderson. 2ND ROW: P. A Ruda, J. M. Olson, C. A. Rynar, K. I). IVmske, L. 0. Jaeger, C. T Brandi. 3RD ROW: .1. Gnch (Advisor), I). M. Anderson (Pres.), B. D. UeberMetsig, J. A. Siegler, D. E. Carlson, H. C. Weber. 4TH ROW: R. R. Ernst, J. M. Scvera, R. C. Ernst, K. J. Kurowski, K D. Scbwantcs.GEOGRAPHY ASSOCIA TION FRONT ROW: T. Goltz (I'rcs.), B. Locker, M. Williams, J. Olson. D. Hutehinson (Sec-Treus.), J. Davis. 2ND ROW: R. Kenseth, P. Meeker, R. Klein, J. Malloy, R. Iahorwood, T. Fonstad. A. Millar, D. The object of the WISCONSIN STATE UNIVERSITY GEOGRAPHY ASSOCIATION is to foster an interest in geography for students at Stevens Point. It is further intended to promote a sider scope to geography by having interesting and authoritative speakers and to promote a better union of students through the use of educational and recreational field trips pertaining to the field of geography. Muthcngi, R. Precourt. J. Shafel. 3RD ROW: R. Roth. W. Grams, P. Bicncman. W. Akey, K. Rlahnik (V.P.), K. Eide. L. Saucier. R. Pcndl, T. Leidor, T. Olszewski. The ECONOMICS and BUSINESS ASSOCIATION meets once a month to promote interest, discussion, and free exchange of ideas among economics and business students. Speakers are brought in each month to acquaint the students with various facits of industry and government. Each year the club takes a field trip. The spring banquet concludes the club’s activities for the year. ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS ASSOCIATION FRONT ROW: I. Wciabord, R. G. Roth. L. E. Holmes, Dr. J. E. Jensen, P. L. Novotny, K. H., M. L. Muraski, B. A. Buy, J. Malloy (V.P.), R. W. Stoebcrl. 2ND ROW: J. Pujats, .1. A. Egenhoefcr, R. E. Miller, D. R. Ralousek, J. H. Langlois, M. K. Vaughn, D. A. Wanserski, R. Zimin, J. O. Guyant, J. A. Liobcnstcin. 3RD ROW: M. R. Mader (Pres.), M. L. Stankowaki. J. D. Omoraik, R. I,. Precourt, J. R. Pehlkc, R. A. Becker, C. W. Kahsen, It. T. Schoenberger (Treas.), It. D. Hintz. G. J. Mnciejewsii (Sec.). 4TH ROW: W. H. Ericson. G. J. Rchkc, J. V. Gni-gals, P. A. Thompson, P. R. Tollakscn, G. L. Cyrus, Dr. Farmer (Advisor), H. J. LaChapelle, D. A. Christie (Advisor). 96ALPHA GAMMA FRONT ROW: 1). R. Zick (Pres.), D. W. Slczcwski. 2ND ROW: L. E. Raguse, J. A. Ostrowski (See.- R. E. Smolinski, L. M. Grygiel, H. B. Hclwig, K. D. Trens.), Y. M. Klcmm. Schwantes, B. A. Hosterman. In 1951 the Social Studies Club was changed to the Creek ALPHA GAMMA, the name being a derivation from two Greeks, one a historian and the other a geographer. Increasing scholarship and understanding is the aim of the organization, open to all social studies and social science. It fosters this by programs as this year’s mock presidential balloting, slices of Brazil and Russia as shown by T. Sabrinko and N. Masterson, of Sentry Life, discussions and invited speakers. PHI ALPHA THETA is the national honorary history society open to those who have attained high academic achievement in the field of history. During the first semester, Phi Alpha Theta sponsored a panel discussion on graduate school. The panel featured three history faculty members, and the meeting was open to all interested students. PHI ALPHA THETA 97 .1. M. Sevcra, B. L. Zacharias, III, I)r. i. Borlaza, J. J. Staszak. A. M. Babler.IOTA TAU MU D. M. Burant, R. J. Mnrchiando, R. Mambo, J. M. Gloisner, K. L. Polakoski SIGMA MU 'I'AU, the professional organization for medical technology students seeks to aid its members in their field. Activities include tours of hospital labs, guest speakers, and films which pertain to the field. SIGMA MU TA U FRONT ROW: K. M. Younjr Pres. , M. R. Wipfli (Sec.), C. M. Sopn 2ND ROW: K. J. Zehner, S. Bayard, D. Raymora, M. M. Steinberg, C. Adams, E. E. Johnson 3RD ROW: T. A. Olson. C. A. Madson. R. C. Rcwalt, C. J. Brendcl 98SIGMA ZETA FRONT ROW: R. M. Wagner, K. E. Roth, Y. R. Vorpago), J. W. Woodstra. J. E. Newby, N. M. Ripp, V. 0. Clay 2ND ROW: D. M. Arneson, S. A. Christensen, J. E. Mayo, K. J. Zchncr, V. M. Foldbrueggc, C. II. Kocian, D. Y. Poquotto, C. C. Kuegler, T. II. Ahlcrs 3RD ROW: R. C. Gayeske, W. L. Kostroski, J. M. Gleisner, S. A. Nichols, L. L. Schoch, D. E. Carlson, G. A. Bonfigt, D. I). Carlson 4TH ROW: J. A. Sieglor, D. L. Clemens, H. C. Kluendcr, T. R. Richard, R. D. Rucinski, B. Ueber-setzig, K. Polakowski, E. J. Kurowski, F. J. Walczak SIGMA ZETA is the national Honorary Science Society. The group's aims are to give recognition to outstanding students in science and mathematics, and to aid its members in obtaining scientific information. Sigma Zeta held monthly meetings with a program, and cosponsored the presentation of papers by members of the Junior Academy of Science. The national convention was in Macomb, Illinois, with Kappa Chapter as host. The MATHEMATICS SYMPOSIUM was founded in 1963 when several students expressed their desire for such an organization. The main purpose of this organization is to meet periodically to discuss mathematical topics. Students may present topics in which they have a special interest or in which they have done research. Presentations by members of the Mathematics Department and special field trips may also be included in the programs. MA THEM A TICS S YMPOSIUM FRONT ROW: J. Woudatra, D. W. Poqucttc, C. T. Brandi, J. Peterson, B. Giles, C. Abltz. W. J. Cable 2ND ROW: J. A. Sieglcr (Pres.), I). A. Schwartz-kopf, D. M. Arneson, B. I). Ucbersctzig. E. F. Mai- lek, II. L. Hanson 3RD ROW: S. M. Meyer, T. R. Grenlio, J. H. Gchrkc, T. M. Sehleier, R. P. Kiefer, D. E. Carlson (Scc-Treas.), L. L. Schoch. R. M. Halford 99ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA FRONT ROW: E. J. Forrester. P. V. Holden, I). M. Keppic, G. E. Welles, D. E. Berg. R. A. Blunt, R. A. Mertljc, P. J. Kurt. 2ND ROW: J. H. Kornowaki, P. J. Camenzind, K. G. Kidney, J. C. Congdon, M. 0. Simmons, K. Wcin-garten, J. T. Zdanovcc, B. J. Sehnur, V. J. Sturoatka. M. G. Jefferies. A. R. Christian. 3RD ROW: J. F. Pnlmissano, K. L. Zuenglcr, J. W. Southworth, C. W. Marshall, R. T. Grnetz F. C. Heinzc, G. C. Grviling, J. L. Agon, E. R. Gross, M. W. Walter. W. R. Halverson. (upper classmen) The championship rope pulling team enjoy a hearty laugh. A. K. L. is the professional conservation organization on campus serving its members, school, and community. Some of its projects include selling Homecoming booster buttons, sponsoring the Woodchopper’s Ball, conducting a National Wildlife Week educational program, and various field projects, such as stream improvements, work on the Chequa-megon Hiking Trail and timber stand improvement in the school forest The social activities include an annual venison banquet, smelt fry, and watermelon feed. The championship rope pulling team enjoy a hearty laugh.A touch of the Far East in the ice of the American Middle West.HOME ECONOMICS CLUB FRONT ROW: B. L. Eschcnbauch, S. L. Ilnczynski, S. A. Seel man, E. T. Nowacki, E. Swiontek, R. A. Hill, L. Hi Boyanld, K. I. Steuber, B. M. Barterlt 2ND ROW: J. A. Ciriack.s, A. M. Ileiscr, G. A. Gums, M. A. Ricdl, J. A. Hoffmann, I . E. Bullion, C. A. Steckbauor, B. J. Buchholz, L. S. Siekort, K. L. Anderson, L. J. Schutz 3RD ROW: Y. R. Vorpagol, J. K. Becker, L. A. Blnshka, R. B. Halter, S. M. Strop, E. E. Yelk, M. A. Schaefer, C. A. Zillmcr, J. C. Schombcrtf, S. A. Grabaraki The HOME ECONOMICS CLUB is open to all WSU students majoring or minoring in that field. The purposes of the club are to: present the opportunity to explore the vast areas of the work of home economists, to learn to be cooperative and share experiences with another and to help a deserving freshman by presenting her with a scholarship. Twice during Homecoming week, the annual caramel apple sale was held. The club also sponsored a Christmas sale of baked goods and handicraft. Our campus was the location of the Wisconsin Home Economics College Charter Convention held in November. FRONT ROW: C. B. Wywlalowskl, K. M. Lauer (See.), L. Schicsscr (Pres), S. L. Watskc (Trcas.), A. F. Nusxbaum 2ND ROW: K. E. Roth, C. C. Kuctrlcr.C. L. Schaefer, A. F. Jakel, J. M. Korpela, M. E. Hoffman, C. A. Damrow, S. G. Jirovctx, J. E. Karow, K. A. Mar-quardt, B. G. Lacdtkc 3RD ROW: D. D. Eckert, I. N. Raehl, N. M. Ripp, C. A. Foss, S. M. HenKchcl, J. B. Werner, S. L. Neitzel. M. F. Vandcr Voort, M. A. Mielkc, J. M. AkersSTUDENT ART LEAGUE FRONT ROW: M. F. Me Cel Ian (V.P.), A. Walsh (See.), C. G. Clark. D. F. Jakcl, A. M. Becker, J. Chang (Treas.) 2ND ROW: P. Rauschl, K. J. Koschak, R. E. Sar-nowxki, L. J. Boatman, M. Feutz, J. M. Brownlow. D. J. Phillmorc. 3RD ROW: D. J. Hobin, A. L. Tordcur, W. R. Halverson, T. W. Neuman, K. A. Spat ., G. J. Shnfranski (Pres.), F. L. Hoffman, E. C. Kalke. The STUDENT ART LEAGUE represents the Art department in a social capacity. Brought together with the aim of promoting art interest and appreciation, the league mem-bet’s are art majors and minors. The league sponsors a Spring Exhibition of student work at the University Center, Senior members exhibits and Off-campus shows. Members are represented at major shows throughout the state. DELTA PHI DELTA 103 FRONT ROW: M. Feutz, A. Becker, R. Sarnowski. 2ND ROW: F. Parkel, Mias Sands (Advisor), W. Halverson.SIGMA TAU DELTA FRONT ROW: D. K. 1 1, G. C. Jajcwuski (Sec.). J. S. Townsend. 2ND ROW: J. Ostrowslci, K. M. Robinson. N. J. Bar- ber, G. Kubisiak. 3RD ROW: B. C. Dale, T. A. Flowers. T. 1). Newman. D. J. Ryblcke (Pres.), P. R. Wysocki (V.P.) SIGMA TAU DELTA is the National lion-orary English Fraternity. Its purpose is to foster creative writing and to fain an acquaintance with literary masters and their works. This year’s activities included publication of the “Prism,” participation in the Pointer Jubilee via a booth, and sponsorship of the monthly Faculty Poetry Reading Hours. The FRENCH CLUB of WSU is keeping up its defined tradition of participating more fully in the French language and culture to aid its members to more active understanding. To realize its aims, the French Club invites qualified guest speakers to give information on French poets, novelists, and philosophers. Through various other activities, the members enjoy a stimulating experience in the understanding of French. FRENCH CLUB 104 FRONT ROW: J. H. Molcpskc (I’rc .), M. K. PanU r, J. M. Patterson (See.), E. H. Patterson. 2ND ROW: J. Devine (Advisor), D. J. Novak, J. P. McNnmce, L. R. Hocft, B. C. Aabcl.GERMAN HOUR FRONT ROW: H. A. Wegner, A. J. Kussman, P. M. Bauman, S. L. Reidenbach, J. C. Kruger, O. E. Klimplc, J. A. Kraus, A. A. Bortz 2ND ROW: M. W. Bowers, R. 0. Reinke, B. C. Dale, Dr. Peter Kroner (Advisor), H. (I. Deutsehmann, 1). R. Hnrtficl, V. U. Petznick The GERMAN HOUR is composed of all students currently enrolled in German classes or interested in the German language and culture. We meet to see German films, discuss the cultural aspects of Germany, and carry on our meetings in German. Our main purpose is to promote a basic understanding of the contemporary German people and to realize their cultural heritage. Official membership in the RUSSIAN HOUR consists of all students currently enrolled in Russian classes. All meetings, however, are open to the general student body and faculty. The RUSSIAN HOUR provides educational and cultural benefits to its individual members. We draw upon the resources of our student body and faculty to further this purpose. RUSSIAN HOUR FRONT ROW: D. A. Bobzin, N. K. Arnold, I. R. 2ND ROW: 0. F. Steiner, A. O. Johnson, J. M. Grescns (Sec.-Treas.), V. Novik Sevcra, J. Nyariki 105DEBATE TEAM FRONT ROW: J. R. Gass (Cnpt.), V. A. Paznr, R. J. Bord. 2ND ROW: G. R. Mnlick, F. R. Dowling (Ad-visor), D. J. Perkins, P. J. Timbers. Modern society issues daily speaking challenges and it is through debate that students are able to meet these challenges clearly and with organization. The novice and varsity debate teams travelled to Superior, Oshkosh, Madison pursuing winning points. Earlier in the year some of the members went to Michigan State at East Lansing. The high point of the year for the novice team occurred in Superior when they, with the forensic team, won first place in the Inaugural Novice Northern Forensic Tournament. The SPEECH AND HEARING ASSOCIATION is a new organization on campus this year. It is open to all speech and hearing therapy majors and minors. Its projects have included a Christmas Party complete with Santa Claus for the children who are having therapy at the speech and hearing clinic, and several speakers of interest. The members take pride in their newly painted clinic which they helped to plan and decorate. SPEECH AND HEARING ASSOCIATION FRONT ROW: H. M. Brunow, B. J. Tickler, S. A. Siebcrt, K. B. Fraliah, G. J. Girard, S. L. Schultz (V.-P.). 2ND ROW: G. Johnson (Advisor), A. M. Kubiak, B. N. Vangen, J. Ferguson, M. Rimshaw, H. C. Weber, D. Aylexworth (Advisor). 3RD ROW: J. Gromoll, K. J. Fish, B. Nolan (Pres.), T. Kaskey (Trcas.), J. Sands (Sec.), M. Fick, J. Bentz. 106COLLEGE THEATRE FRONT ROW: T. M. Knskey, H. R. Jabubowksi, P. A. Werner, J. ChanK, G. J. Treu, M. A. Jclich (Proa.), A. H. Schilling, A. Tokeda, Miss Poet (Advisor). 2ND ROW: L. Willett, B. Giles, D. Hubs, F. Pacann, P. L. Bartels, S. A. Sicbcrt. C. J. Parkovich, B. Hancock (Sec.), K. K. Kujawski, C. M. Grove. 3RD ROW: D. J. Wisby, T. A. Flowers (Trens.), M. J. Leary, G. E. Rutzen, K. L. Wurtz, P. M. Murdock, K. M. Robinson, M. A. Schowalter, K. M. Kline, P. V. Beycrl. 4TH ROW: J. Rodman, L. Klobukowski, P. Bentzcn, J. G. Hartwis:, J. M. Glinski, B. Busch, D. L. Waid, D. M. Lavold, J. Mueller, M. Wormnn. COLLEGE THEATRE is an organization of the Department of Speech and Drama, School of Fine Arts. Its goal — to foster interest and participation in dramatic activities—is realized in the four productions presented each school year. Students interested in theatre are welcome members. The College Theatre banquet at the end of the year acknowledges the culmination of interest in theatre: QUALITY. In recognition for a high standard of work in the college theatre, ALPHA PS1 OMEGA, national honorary dramatic fraternity, provides membership to those who have worked behind or before the footlights, accumulating a specified number of merit points. United, we work under the motto “We seek to become artists by the one and only road of labor and service.” ALPHA PSI OMEGA FRONT ROW: C. J. Parkovich, S. A. Sicbcrt, C. K. Scipcl, J. M. Woltcr, J. E. Newby, M. A. Jclich (See.-Truas.), Miss Peet (Advisor). 2ND ROW: K. K. Kujawski. A. H. Schilling A. Takcda, B. L. Hancock, K. M. Robinson, M. J. Leary (Pres.), M. Schowalter. 3RD ROW: J. E. Hartwiff, J. A. Mueller (V.P.), T. A. Flowers, J. O. Rodman. 4TH ROW: M. J. Wormnn. D. L. Waid. E. W. Fcrrall. 107ALPHA KAPPA RHO FRONT ROW: M. L. Johnson, J. A. Kort, J. M. Weasel, M. A. Potter, C. M. Derozinski, P. A. Morgan. 2ND ROW: T. A. Kufahl, B. J. Epplo, B. L. Han-cock, R. A. Nyre (Sec.), R. A. Siebcr (Vice-Proa.), A. J. Kussman (Trons.) 3RD ROW: D. A. Wahlers, G. J. Ertl (Pres.), 1). K. Stroschine, K. F. Wensler, C. R. Olsen. ALPHA KAPPA RHO, the Honorary Music Fraternity, seeks to help its members become acquainted with all aspects of music. This year they have had honor recitals, sponsored dances and brought music to the community by visiting the old folks home and presenting a program for them. The advisor is Mr. Dean Blair. The WSU BRASS CHOIR, directed by Robert Van Nuys, has enjoyed a busy season this year in campus programs and in tours. Last May they were selected to play for the University commencement, and in December the ensemble toured the eastern part of Wisconsin for three days, in the Green Bay and Manitowoc areas, playing to large groups of high school students. In January the brass choir toured the southern part of the state for four days. BRASS CHOIR FRONT ROW: D. Stroschine, G. Ertl, W. Branden- ber, I). Becker, It. Keown, K. Davies, P. Ziegler. 2ND burg, P. Wagner, I). Westby, Mr. Van Nuys, D. Sie- ROW: M. Kordus, L. Palmer, C. Emerson, F. Lewis. 108MADRIGAL LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Dick. R. Hcrtcl. M. Wanichck. N. Mills, G. Morrow, C. Cath-rond, C. Cole. S. Hermit, H. Mauritr., R. HolquisL MEN’S GLEE CLUB FRONT ROW: W. Way, R. Nygaard, R. Jurgens, R. Lynett, J. Do Witt, B. Locker, Mr. Knutzen, B. looker, J. LeDuc, F. Studach, R. Prielw, J. Kasperck, E. Ocstrcich, R. Roth. 2ND ROW: M. Dicbtlcr, K. Oostroich, R. Johnson. D. Siowcrt, E. Noubauor, D. Tincher, A. .Miller, J. Groth, D. Polzin, G. Jackson, J. Jucdn. 3RD ROW: R. Harris, D. Palmquist, J. Kessler, V. Petznick, L. Kostccki, T. Welsh, R. Kerr, R. Presl, D. Degner, J. Wickstrom, J. Hoekscma, P. I cahy. ABSENT: T. Corrigan, R. Hatcher, R. Riley, B. Clements, J. Fox, C. Blaise, H. Grey.COLLEGE CHOIR COLLEGE BAND noCHEERLEADERS C. M. Stratton, C. A. Peterson, P. S. Sadowskc, S. Schmicdlin, D. M. Lasinski, M. Becker POINTETTES FRONT ROW: S. Schmicdlin, S. A. Seclak, P. S. 8RD ROW: S. (I. Washburn, J. E. Newby, M. K. Sadowske, Cnpt. Rolfaon 2ND ROW: L. R. Resch, .1. K. Weislcdcr, J. Funk 111 £ 2“S” CLUB FRONT ROW: B. Grams, T. G. Grafenauer, Trcas.; A. E. Pease, B. Ray, R. G. Sommer. L. E. Holmes. I). L. Robichaud, C. J. Herman 2ND ROW: G. W. Wise. R. H. Kalvelage, E. J. Herman, J. Nyariki, J. H. Stoinbcrg (Pros.), C. H. Pan-krntz, P. Seiler. R. A. Johnson, J. II. Kornowski, B. C. Christianson (Pres.), 1). M. Valentine (Treas.) 3RD ROW: W. J. Jinskc, J. H. Fitzgerald, H. M. Ochs, E. R. Molcnda. R. L. Swift. T. A. Frank. I). J. Anderson. D. A. Wolf 4TH ROW: D. J. Vogor, J. R. Wohlt, J. E. DcBruin, B. R. Wirth, D. R. Dehlinger, J. T. Shilling, G. P. Lauetzki, W. P. Zuege, G. H. Glock 5TH ROW: J. H. Kviegl, P. J. Birkcl. A. R. Schroe-der, J. R. Avery, R. D. Hintz, P. E. La Me re, L. M. Halverson (Sec.), G. L. Kitzcnthalcr, R. L. Stogeman The “S” CLUB is an organization for athletes who have won a letter in one of the intercollegiate sports at WSU. The organization presents official award jackets to athletes who have earned three letters in one sport, and who have been active in the club. Freshman athlete of the year and most valuable player awards for each sport are also presented by the "S” Club. The annual homecoming dance is one of the major activities sponsored by the "S" Club. We are also in charge of the refreshment stands at football and basketball games. Social events include a fall banquet for football players and club members and a spring picnic.113 Up for the basket.SKI CL UB FRONT ROW: J. C. Avery (Treas.), C. C. Olson (Sec.), C. B. SkuRcn (Pres.), G. L. Lunch (V. P.). 2ND ROW: C. M. Steinke, C. I). Becker, J. C. Grata, P. K. Bohl, A. Martini, S. Armacher, K. I). Dcmskc. 3RD ROW: A. G. Pusor, J. Kotar, M. E. Nolan. J. L. Christofferecn, O. M. Gropp, L. J. Boatman, J. A. Kempfert, D. R. Bclongcr. ITH ROW: A. R. Tank. J. R. Cmeyln, T. R. Grenlio. I). G. Jameson, P. A. Wcndschuh, M. A. Lauer, T. F. Hunt, J. I). Waterman. The 1964-65 WSU SKI CLUB, organized in mid-October, completed another enjoyable year. It was represented in the Ugly Man Contest and took part in Winter Carnival where it presented its annual style and movie show, ran a king and queen candidate, and participated in the competition games. The high point of the season took place during the semester break when the club travelled to northern Michigan. Membership in this association is automatically opened to all university women who are interested in taking part in an intramural sports program for women. Throughout the year the girls are invited to sportsdays at the other state universities. This year Stevens Point played host to a basketball sportsday and a high school playday. Come out and join the fun. WOMENS RECREATION ASSOCIATION FRONT ROW: S. A. Kauss (See.), P. A. O’Neil, R. A. Hunter (Pres.), N. R. Hcun (Trcas.), C. Stoinko, K. A. Cutler. 2ND ROW: J. A. Davis, E. H. Patterson, M. L. Bent, K. A. McAlpin, M. E. Nolan, M. K. Arnold, N. A. E if lor (V. P.), C. M. Sopa.PANHELLENIC COUNCIL FRONT ROW: B. Epple, F. Lewis. 2ND ROW: M. P. Strozinski, C. Cnshin. G. Clay, J. Davis. The PANHELLENIC COUNCIL is com-posed of representatives from the four social sororities. It acts as a governing and advising body on such things as rushing and pledging. The Council works together on Greek Week, the Panhellenic Tea and the Panhellenic semi-formal dance among other activities. INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL is composed of representatives from the five social fraternities on campus. It provides an organization representing the general fraternities, through which all matters affecting them or the fraternity system can be handled. This year the Inter-fraternity Council sponsored such events as Greek Week, the Four Freshman, and a Mass Rusher. INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL FRONT ROW: J. D. Omernik, J. T. Shilling (V. P.), D. Huth (Pres.), G. A. Shaw (Sec.-Treaa.). 2ND ROW: W. F. Liberty, J. R. Craig. H. G. Czachor, R. F. Hamilton. B. C. Kress. 3RD ROW: W. F. Lowe, K. A. Lindner, T. J. Olszewski, J. F. Spatnek, P. R. Hemming, L. D. Wright. 115ALPHA PHI FRONT ROW: V. D. Clark (V. P.), M. A. Viet , J. A. Fredrick , I.. J. Lodzinski, C. A. Peterson, K. Ziol-koski, I . A. Wenker, G. B. Campos. 2ND ROW: A. J. Dowling. M. Rimshaw, M. L. Bubon, S. R. Langton (V. I .), B. K. Schcwe, C. G. Clark, C. M. Derozinski, K. M. Kroll. 3RD ROW: L. M. Peters, J. M. Morel, S. A. Rocbken, N. A. Scully, A. C. Thompson, K. J. Gueths, J. M. Larsen. A. H. Knaack (Pres.). 4TH ROW: M. K. Thurman, S. J. Halt, J. Van Beokum, S. Sands, C. L. Miller, K. Timm, J. Gromoll. Omega Mu Chi now belongs to the ages. On December 5, 1961 the Omega Mu Chi members were initiated into Delta Sigma chapter of Alpha Phi International Fraternity. ALPHA PHI, one of the oldest social sororities for women, was founded at Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York in 1872, and now has more than 37,000 members and has installed 90 collegiate chapters. The Phis actively participated in Homecoming by winning first place in the serious division with the float “Arms for Victory,” and by supporting Karen Gueths, the Sig Fp’s Queen candidate and Jeannine Sands, the TKE Candidate. Second semester’s activities included participation in Winter Carnival, rush parties, pledging and the Mother’s Day Tea. The Sorority’s new colors are silver and bordeaux. 116Q n The finishing touches for a first. Another Alpha Phi chapter Carol Smith, Mrs. Baird, Mrs. Robertson. Just try and get away! Determination! The Friday night fish fry. 117ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA FRONT ROW: I). J. DeChaml ci»u, G. J. Morrow. C. I). Becker, S. A. Sicbert, Mrs. Kapler. C. J. Pnrko-vich, M. A. Cwiklo, S. Sohmicdlin, J. E. Knrow, S. G. •lirovetz. 2ND ROW: P. .1. Pope. S. I.. Millar. J. A. Karaus. S. S. Smart (Treas.), M. 1. Prochnow, M. C. Hickncr, A. Disher, P. L. Bartels, K. M. Crcswell, B. G. I.acdtkc, P. K. Vaughn. 3RD ROW: P. K. Kroll, P. M. Strozinski (Pres.), K. A. Zillner, N. M. Ripp, M. M. Wanichek. S. L. Kudla, B. .1. Epple, K. I,. Wurtx. B. R. Jnkubowski, B. A. Elleson, M. J. Ix-ary. ITII ROW: F. M. Pacana, P. A. Allen (V. P.), A. Martini, B. Strelke, .1. Bacovsky. D. K. Igl, K. A. Yarkie. At the Pointer Jubilee, amid balloons and “bedlam” of the ASA booth, new students were introduced to Gamma Beta chapter of ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA. Alpha Sigma Alpha is the oldest national sorority on campus. As a sorority, it endeavors to promote friendship and good will on the University campus, through community spirit. It establishes close bonds with other Alpha Sigma Alpha chapters as shown when members, Pat Strozinski and Barb Jakubowski were present at the installation of a new chapter at Loyola University in the fall. Alpha Sigs exhibited spirit through Homecoming activities, participation in the annual Songfest and support of Winter Carnival. Promoting the national philanthropic project, Alpha Sigs bought Christmas gifts for the mentally retarded children at Northern Colony, Chippewa Falls. Spring brought “Spring Festival” enthusiasm from Alpha Sigs. Kush parties and initiation of pledges culminated the year. 118Alpha Sig beauties with their latest hairdos. Shall we deal you in? What? You really want to help? 119 Gaucho Guitarski rides again!DELTA ZETA FRONT ROW: P. L. Swonke, P. A. Sadowske (V. I .), E. E. Yolk. K. T. IiCwis (Pres.), R H. Sorensen (Trens.), A. M. Pearson, A. J. Herr (V. P.). 2ND ROW: J. C. Kruger, S. Hayard, S. L. Rciden-bach, M. M. Hoffman, S. A. Eskritt, K. J. Zehncr, M. E. Ecrnissc, B. Friday, E. Smith, S. M. Mclchcrt, •I. A. llol .miller, R. Weber, A. Grnikowski. 3RD ROW’: C. J. Danielson, M. M. Broctznmn, J. M. Patterson. J. A. Mayo. V. G. Clay, D. L. Hobs, S. A. Christensen. L. J. Hall, .1. C. Raseh. A. C. Thorbus, M. L. Sherman. 4TH ROW: J. A. Stohhe. J. A. Johnson. S. Henschel. N. M. Zalabsky, D. W'adcinski, J. Hines, M. Rolfson, K. A. Schenk, P. Lyon. 6TH ROW: M. H. Nelson, L. RaKues, Miss Reger (Advisor), C. Sands (Advisor), S. M. Strop, S. E. Hcikkinen, K. M. Campion. DELTA ZETA began the year with their booth, “Find Your Way With Delta Zeta” at the Pointer Jubilee. Homecoming was a busy time for the I)Z’s. The girls cam| aigncd for both of their sisters, the Theta Delta Phi’s candidate, Jan Holzmiller, and the Phi Sigma Epsilon’s candidate, Marilyn Becker. They were very proud when Marilyn Becker was chosen to reign as Queen over the Homecoming festivities. The DZ float, “Not Vain the Weakest When Their Force Unite,” won second place in the serious division. An Alumni reunion was held after the game. Nine new members were initiated during open rush and Delta Zetas participated in the Intersorority Tea. In December, the DZ’s annual “SNOW SWIRL” was presented and the girls had a Christmas Party. Second semester, Delta Zeta participated in Winter Carnival, Spring Rush, and the Intersorority Dance. 120Door of Friendship The ship of Homecoming victoryPHI SIGMA EPSILON FRONT ROW: R. R. Clement , K. II. Herrmann, A. P. Hafcmeister (V. P.), T. R. Fleming (Pres.), E. .1. Herman, C. H. Patchin, L. J. Gillette. 2ND ROW: J. I.. Nichols, M. K. Vaugn, C. J. Her-man, R. Turnquist, J. V. Davis. D. J. Moskonas, G. L. Zillmcr, N. T. Lcwandowski, B. A. Bay, R. K. Howard, L. E. Holmes, J. R. Schmidt. 3RD ROW: D. A. Homol, D. Zappia, H. M. Ochs. R. •J. Fahrbach, C. A. Akey, R. L. Kupper. J. A. Lieben-stein, E. It. Molcndn, J. R. Ungrodt. D. I. Humke, J. P. Kardulcs, M. Vnughn. 4TH ROW: U. Groth, B. Grams, A. Reichert, T. Toe-|H?I, T. Qyllic, R. V. Tucker, I). Arthur, R. Schocn, C. M. Collins, R. W. Calvin, N. T. Lcwandowski. l’HI SIGMA EPSILON, Kappa Chapter, at Wisconsin State University, Stevens Point, is the oldest of its chapters in the state. Founded in 1931, Kappa Chapter has, since then, turned out many proud alumni who approach all fields of endeavor. These men, commonly known as the “Phi Sigs,” are a dynamic group who sincerely believe that brotherhood is the primary goal of all fraternities. With this idea in mind, the organization has grown and prospered. During this period, it has continuously participated in Homecoming, Winter Carnival and other campus events to do whatever it could to enhance the social pleasure of the whole school. Also, academically, the Phi Sigs possess the prestige of having one of the highest organizational grade points on this campus. Thus, this combination of academic prowess, social interaction and, primarily, its concept of brotherhood made Phi Sigma Epsilon a well-balanced organization. 122Our favorite pastime! We were better spectators! Oh! To be popular. We finally won! Individual ability, we excel! 123SIGMA PHI EPSILON FRONT ROW: R. W. Haogcr, R. M. Donatell, J. G. Hilgart, T. V. Guinn, I). A. Hnasdor, J. A. Anhoior, I). C. Down , T. H. A hies, R. W. Harris, J. P. Pier- son. 2ND ROW: R. VV. Dehn (Pres.), R. W. Anderson, S. F. Hnltus, R. Gass, R. Heiking, D. E. Tekowski, .1. Jaskic, A. Bidder. J. Kuhn, P. Kol er. 3RD ROW: W. J. Burt, R. J. Fullmer, G. E. Finch, I). L. Schultz, H. .1. LnChnpelle, A. L. Stormocn, E. W. Forrall, D. S. Fausch (V. P.), E. P. Chauvin. J. F. llnuscr, G. T. Wandschneider, R. Baumann, R. Florinno. 4TH ROW: E. .1. Ficklcr, .1. C. Avery, J. D. Omernik. I). R. Shcicr, D. A. GIIkc, D. C. Huth. P. W. Hamm. T. M. Parsons, R. C. Emmerich, B. L. Zacharias, L. I). Hogatin, K. N. Youra, J. O. Guyant. 6T11 ROW: K. II. Searl, G. B. Johanknecht, R. Bandt, E. M. Collier, E. Lumhcrt, R. Gould. SIGMA PHI EPSILON is a national fraternity, the second largest in existence in the U. S. On this campus it is the oldest social fraternity, dating back to 1930. Although Sigma Phi Epsilon is designated as a social fraternity, it also attempts to develop to the fullest all of the important ingredients of campus living—high scholastic attainment, community service, and personal development through companionship and brotherhood. Annual activities include float boat trips, Homecoming, Christmas party, Sweetheart dance, viking party, and numerous other festivities. The fraternity, through its national organization, sponsors a summer camp for underprivileged children.Fishing trip at Green Lake. Winter Carnival “Pull our hearts out.” 125 Formal reception after initiation. Sig Ep section at Winter Carnival.SIGMA TAU GAMMA FRONT ROW: M. D. McGill (See.), T. F. Zirtxlaff, Q. J. Caamano, L. A. Gruthors (Treas.), R. A. Rosing (Proa.), S. A. Nichols, P. K. Bratz, B. C. Aube). 2ND ROW: G. L. Wesplutl, M. J. Arco, K. J. Jaeger, 1). R. Kleinschniidt, T. A. FonsUtd, R. A. Stein, R. P. Stein. 3RD ROW: R. G. Savoy, B. C. Kress (V. P.). D. J. Emmerich, L. D. Wright, J. C. Zalabsky, J. T. Shilling, S. O. Meyer, D. H. Savoy. 4TH ROW: R. F. Hamilton, J. C. Schafer, P. R. Tollaksen, W. W. Schenk, J. C. James. SIGMA TAU GAMMA, the newest of the four national fraternities on campus, actively participated in school functions and affairs as well as its own. Its purpose is that of promoting fellowship among its members through scholarship, loyalty to school and fraternity and the establishment of an environment for life-long friendships. Homecoming was a busy time for the Sig Tau’s as they sponsored Mary Panter as their Homecoming queen candidate and built a float which placed second in its division. The Sig Tau’s came on strong during winter carnival as their giant “Buddah” won a first place for them in the ice carvings. Their king-queen candidates, Jim Schilling and Sue Sadowski, placed third, making Sigma Tail Gamma the only fraternity represented on the court. The brothers also participated in the games and ended the week coming in with a second place for winter carnival. Traditionally valuing high scholarship, Sigma Tau Gamma has had the highest grade point of all the social fraternities on campus for 15 out of 16 semesters. Other points of the school year include the White Rase formal, the annual sweater dance, smelt fry, safaris, various pledging activities and intramural and interfraternal s|K)i’ts such as bowling, basketball and baseball. The fraternity colors are blue and white, the fraternity flower is the white rose.Alumnus returns for Homecoming Pizza and Pepsi Onward to victory! 127 First place Buddha in Sno-lympics. Our candidate for Homecoming, Mary Panter.TA U KAPPA EPSILON FRONT ROW: R. H. Klein, I). G. Mcnsel, T. A. Corrigan (Pres.), H. J. Ilcrlick, R. E. Schocnberger, P. R. Hemming (V.P.).2ND ROW: I). L. Wanie, J. R. Craig, W. R. Way, W. F. Liberty, J. M. Keefe. I). L. Becker, G. S. Engfcrm, J. R. Wickstrom. R. Riley, I). Belanger. 3RD ROW: D. R. Pnlmquist, W. E. Gcipcl, C. B. Skagen, D. A. Wahlers, W. T. Ososhi, G. M. Mani, W. J. Davis, H. G. Czncbar, M. R. Ba-covsky. 4TH ROW: D. J. Wolf, C. O. Kuehl, G. L. Lasch, R, B. Soderberg, J, R. (Counter, D. H. Mueller, W. J. Beck, P, C. Marten. 6TH ROW: n. L. Stueck, D. J. Lortscher, G. J. Ertl. P. N. Kopplin, J. A. Beat, R. W. Sands. 128Teke first in beard contest and all around trophy for Winter Carnival 129 First in Winter CarnivalTHETA DELTA PHI FRONT ROW: W. L. Kostronkl, M. A. Holland, T. Znuidn, B. U. Kowlowttki, T. J. Kluck (V. P.). D. W. Orr, P. J. Parkcl (Pros.), I). J. Wiltgen. UNI) ROW: M. H. McMahon, E. A. Lindner, W. F. Ix» ve, T. McCarrlcr, M. McGlnley, A. J. Bourcior, A. I). Zurawski. 3RD ROW: L. M. Kochs. L. V. Wysocki. T. J. Alfuth, (J. L. Hocna (Sec.), M. L. Meyer, G. A. Shaw, K. A. Spatz, C. II. Pankratx. 4TH ROW: I). I). Fait, J. A. Ilutkua, .J. F. Spntrck. THETA DELTA PHI is a social fraternity for men, founded on February 11, 1964. Its aims are to encourage its members to high scholastic standing, to make available to its members the example, environment and training that best characterizes the college man, and to foster a more vigorous spirit of loyalty to the social and intellectual spheres that best traditionalize university life. Theta Delta Phi participated in Homecoming this year by entering Miss Jan Holzmiller as their queen candidate and by their float entry. Among their other activities were the Winter Carnival events, the Bloodmobile, Cancer and March of Dimes drives. They also co-sponsored a drive to raise funds for a heart operation for their house-parents’ daughter, “Squeaky.” The Brothers were welcomed back to school this year with the opening of their fraternity house, the first such house on the WSU campus. During the year, the fraternity also will participate in other social functions and further their hopes of becoming a chapter of a national fraternity in the fall semester of 1965. 130Home Sweet Home. 131 Man’s best friends. Homecoming.PS I DELTA PSI FRONT ROW: S. A. Causa (V. P.), J. C. Markoc, J. C. Blocchcr. 2ND ROW: K. H. Patterson, M. J. Preuss, A. L. Tordeur, A. Torkelson, S. Focmmel, B. Jones, S. J. Havlik. 3RD ROW: V. L. Stillman, J. A. Davis (Pres.), C. A Foss, M. A. Miolkc (Trens.), K. M. Gumm, R. A Ruda, D. M. Rodziczuk. PSI DELTA PSI, a local sorority, was established in 1959 and is the newest sorority on the VVSU campus. Psi Delta Psi began its activities by participating in the annual Pointer Jubilee. Seven new members were welcomed into the group through open rush this fall. During Homecoming activities, old actives reminisced with the present actives at the annual Homecoming Banquet. “Queen Victory, Bee Ours,” the Psi Delta Psi float entry won first place in the humorous division. Monthly service projects and special service projects were among the many activities for the year. Songfest, Intersorority Tea. and Winter Carnival urere among the many and varied activities that the Psi Delts participated in. Each spring one girl, who has shown great leadership, service, and so on, to the sorority, school, and community, is selected as the “Outstanding Girl.” The sorority motto: Fun, Friendship, and Service. The sorority colors: Green and White.ALPHA PHI OMEGA FRONT ROW: R. J. Phelps, D. E. Wendt, I). R. Hanson, J. D. Schreibcr, D. L. Kastonmeior, W. F. Cummnck, K. C. Bennett, K. G. Wingcndcr, T. A. Blunt, D. S. Green (V.P.). 2ND ROW: M. Micsncr, D. Younk, B. Hosterman, M. Cordis, K. Gruber, B. Cheung. B. Dale, K. Davies, P. Smith, T. Rndlcr. 3RD ROW: B. A. Bartil, R. E. Olson, J. A. Maas. J. C. Nuhlicek, M. .1. HllWOn, T. C. Beversdorf, A. N. Connors, W. A. Shay. B. C. Dale. W. W. Geh-wicks, R. O. Rcinke. 4TH ROW: G. J. Zwicky, T. Grafenauer, D. H. Stras-burg, C. W. Dahlk, G. A. Simonscn, M. J. Mueller (Pres.). M. R. Kramer. ALPHA PHI OMEGA, the only national and international service fraternity on campus has the purpose of assembling college men in the fellowship of the Scout Oath and Law, to develop friendship, and to promote service to humanity. The past year has l een a busy one indeed for the fraternity. It has extended services on four levels: students, faculty, community, and nation. Once again the used book exchange offered all students the opportunity to buy and sell used paperbacks. The fraternity served as guides for high school visitation days, and as assistant marshalls for Homecoming. Alpha Phi Omega sponsored for the second time the Ugly Man on Campus Contest to raise money for the United Fund, was in charge of the campus bloodmobile drive, and assisted the local scouts on paper drives and other projects. State and nation-wide services include assisting at the State Red Cross convention, serving as Peace Corps representatives on campus, and collecting funds for the John P. Kennedy Memorial Library. This year, A-Phi-0 won second place with its float at Homecoming and participated in Winter Carnival activities. 133TAU GAMMA TAU FRONT ROW: F. W. Cerrnto. 0. E. Klimpkc (Sec.). N. J. Barber (Pres.), C. A. Iluettner (V. P.). L. M. Kuuow. 2ND ROW: E. R. Spark , E. C. Howard, W. K. Tep-fenhardt, C. L. Haulc, A. M. Baker, M. K. Stepnoek, M. J. Johnson, H. M. Lindow, P. J. Gncchtcn. TAU GAMMA TAU, a social club, was designed to Rive adult students a chance “to get together.” Their aim is to provide a congenial atmosphere for adult students through luncheons and other informal gatherings. All married women students and the wives of men students are welcome as members of the STUDENT WIVES’ CLUB. Monthly meetings on the third Tuesday featured speakers including Dr. James Albertson, President of the University, Mr. Ken Grover, a local attorney, and a home economics demonstration by Mrs. Born of the Public Service. STUDENT WIVES’ CLUB 134 FRONT ROW: S. A. Malloy, S. L. Rohrcr (See.- 2ND ROW: K. L. Kurowaki, E. E. Brihowski. J. C. Trcaa.), M. A. Schmitt (V. P), M. B. Ter Horst Pehlke. (Pres.).“550” VETERANS FRONT ROW: R. Pago, J. Cook. W. Larson, V. H. Licbe, R. Schefke, J. Funk. J. Houghton. I). Ducklow (Sec.). 2ND ROW: J. A. Wanke, R. V. Lesczynski, D. Reif. J. Freimun, O. F. Steiner, J. H. Clausen, T. P. Hof-slien, M. Hostetler, K. Ellcrman. 3RD ROW: J. Brandcr, R. N. Crouse. E. E. Fournier, I . R. Tollakson, P. R. Hemming, R. R. Voll-rath, S. B. Westre, J. S. Anchor. G. E. Brillhart, W. A. Brockman. 4TH ROW: F. W. Slusarski. R. R. Rice. R. L. .Martens, Mr. Christie, advisor. Composed of campus veterans, this organization promotes the social aspect of an education. Throughout the year the 550’s participated in the annual Fall Cornroast, various Homecoming exploitations, the Winter Summit Conference, the Military Hall, the Oshkosh Invasion and Counter-Invasion, and the Siasefi-550 softball game. Point Bowl was the scene of the group’s Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day parties. SIASEFI is a social club for men. Members are chosen for their individuality and creativity. The group participates in Homecoming, and provides school spirit, which is one of the purposes of the organization. The activities include pledge week, 50 degree party, spring formal, and Christmas party. The group also supports the Bloodmobile and Ugly Man Contest and boasts the most active alumni association on campus. SIASEFI FRONT ROW: R. A. Shepherd, B. Gonzagowski, D. Relf (Pres.). J. Dineen. J. E. Cooper, T. F. Broderick. 2ND ROW: R. Edwards, J. Schwciger, D. Wenkman (Sec.), D. Hint . D. Reusch, R. E. Rand, T. J. Roberta. 3RD ROW: D. R. Kcdrowski, T. W. Craig, J. D. Waterman, D. D. Sobold, D. A. Anderson, (V. P.), D. M. Larsen, R. W. Lorain,' 4TH ROW: P. A. Tadych, G. L. Cyrus, C. W. Kah-acn. J. D. Schultz. I). A. Dobcrsti in.QUIMUS JULI FRONT ROW: D. Gruber, A. Millar, R. Scottuip, P. W. Kerr, P. Campbell, J. R. Kildow, C. E. tiering. 2ND ROW: W. J. Wudtkc, R. E. Larsen, D. Lavold, S. Allen (Sec.), G. R. Splinter, J. A. Krnft. 3RD ROW: L. W. Kahila (Pres.), R. H. Palmer, M. J. Kramer, T. G. Koy, D. M. Labold. One of the newest organizations on campus this year is the QUIMUS JULI CLUB of second floor, Steiner Hall. “Quimus Juli,” a Navaho saying, has come to mean "live it up” among the members. Participation in campus activities was the focal point for Quimus Juli this year. THE INTERNATIONAL STUDENT ORGANIZATION provides an atmosphere in which students from all over the world can exchange their ideas. We discuss political problems, social interests, and cultural backgrounds of the different countries which we represent. In this way the International Student Organization helps to promote friendship and international understanding. We welcome all W'SU students to participate in our program. INTERNATIONAL STUDENT ORGANIZATION FRONT ROW: II. Kubo, C. Y. Lee, S. A. Scclmun, Y. J. Huh, D. A. Grant. 2ND ROW: R. M. Mambo, I). J. Muthcnfd, A. Takeda, E. II. Patterson, E. J. Ukpo, E. C. Njoka. 3RD ROW: G. J. Caamano, I. Sor- anaka, F. K. Wambari, A. D. Sobrinho, K. D. Schwantcs, J. Nyariki, L. M. Chirwa, D. F. Mat-soukas. 136YOUNG AMERICANS FOR FREEDOM FRONT ROW: T. J. Beining, S. F. Rolzin, B. C. 3RD ROW: li. B. Helwig, (5. L. Prollwit , T. M. Par- Aabcl, C. J. BIuh, J. Ostrowski, R. E. Smolinski, M. sons, P. R. Hemming. K. Vaughn. The newest organization on campus is the POLITICAL SCIENCE ASSOCIATION. On February 25, this organization, open to Political Science majors and minors, held its first meeting. A banquet was held March 25 at Hotel Whiting to inaugurate the association’s activities. Tentative plans call for three meetings a semester and an annual banquet. Mr. Mark Cates is the advisor. YOUNG AMERICAN FOR FREEDOM, INC. is a chartered organization designed to foster and encourage political participation. Y. A. F. primarily emphasizes the need for continually re-evaluating the role of government pertaining to the rights of individuals as guaranteed by the Constitution. Members met throughout the year determined to inform themselves and fellow students regarding conservative candidates and ideology. POLITICAL SCIENCE ASSOCIATION 137 FRONT ROW: S. W. Rocoklein. P. I. Anderson, E. J. Fish. B. C. Aabcl (Chr.) 2ND ROW: D. W. Hopkins, J. A. Haas, M. R. Anderson, G. R. Malick.YOUNG DEMOCRATS FRONT ROW: J. E. Pago (Chr.), M. A. Soper, C. E. Mittclstoadt, K. L. WSlcnia, N. L. Canid, S. M. Carow, K. J. Jcpson (Treus.), C. A. Howard, J. A. LoDuc. 2ND ROW: A. Gallenberg, L. Gaxcley (Vicc-Chr.), K. L. Zcmanck, R. E. Miller, S. F. Rolxin, E. F. Mallek, N. R. Pluke. 3RD ROW: J. R. Cmcyla, G. L. PrellwiU, A. E. Pease, J. A. Mavis, R. W. Harris, R. E. Sniolinski, P. M. Kccffe. This being our second year in operation and an election year, we started off our year in Y-DISMS with a drive to build up our membership. Our big project this year was an active participation in the election campaigns. Our time and efforts proved worth while. In an effort to extend our role on campus we took part in the Pointer Jubilee and other campus activities. We sponsored speakers, debates and discussion groups. In keeping with our goals we tried to acquaint the students of our University with governmental problems and to establish in the students a feeling of responsibility toward those problems. One of our prime efforts was made in the direction of presenting the views and ideals of the Democratic Party to the students. We ended up our year by sponsoring a Miss Y-Dem contest and attending the state convention.Y-GOP FRONT ROW: S. R. Langton, C. A. Peterson, K. S. Thomas, B. !.. 'Murk, J. C. Kruger (Sec.), P. I. Anderson (V.-P.), K. J. Gucths, C. A. Howard. ‘2ND ROW: J. A. Gromoll, J. J. Hanson, K. L. Ratzburg, J. Plautx, K. Wurtz, E. J. Fish, B. Aabel (Treas.). HR!) ROW: Dr. Clements (Advisor), C. D. Scheibel, D. W. Hopkins, G. D. Williums. G. R. Mnlick (Pres.), S. W. Roecklein, J. J. Burwcll, A. R. Kriewaldt. Republicans believe that government must remain always the servant—never the master—of the people. With this creed of individual freedom through private enterprise and integrity, the members of this club gather together with a common basis of understanding. The members do not profess to know “AH’' about politics, but they meet to learn more about the American political way of life so that they may become better citizens. Conventions, panel discussions, movies, well-known speakers, but most of all, expression of individual ideals and philosophies, are characteristic activities of this club. 139 Advisors: Dr. Gibson, Dr. ClementsGAMMA DELTA FRONT ROW: C. L. Newby, L. K. Schmidt, B. L. Zingg, C. S. Saegor, K. L. Sasso, J. E. Druckrcy, S. J. Christian, M. V. Lueck, D. M. Schultz, C. A. Damrow, N. L. Soldncr 2ND ROW: R. A. Hill, K. K. Isaacson (Sec.), J. C. Abel, S. A. Lnngcl, M. L. Kling, E. E. Johnson, L. C. Jaeger, M. E. Schreibor, I . A. Buchholz, B. S. Nyon 3RD ROW: I. I. Plautz. J. A. Hoffmann, Y. R. Vorpagcl, D. L. Spurgeon, K. A. Riley, L. L. Hojan, R. A. Jneger, S. M. Bchn, J. A. Peterson (Treas.) 4TH ROW: R. H. Mundorloh, I). W. Locppnow, P. A. Johnson, P. J. Kaland (Pres.), P. A. Johnson, H. O. Johnson, P. L. Schreibor, R. L. Blanchard GAMMA DELTA is an international association of Lutheran students. Gamma signifies Christian knowledge, and Delta signifies Christian service. Gamma Delta endeavors to conserve and develop Christian faith and to encourage Christian action among college students through Bible discussions, programs, projects, and intercampus fellowship with other Gamma Delta Lutheran groups. The LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION is the organization sponsored by students of the National Lutheran Council for all interested students on the campus. The L. S. A. endeavors to be a worshipping, listening, studying, and expressing community bridging the gap between the secular university and the faith of the church. We Function as a church; socially, intellectually, and religiously. LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION FRONT ROW: A. J. Kussman, B. N. Vungen, S. 2ND ROW: J. P. Pierson, T. A. Frank, P. A. John-Honschel, B. L. Zingg son, P. A. Johnson (Pre .), E. L. Olson (Adv.) 140INTER-VARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP FRONT ROW: K. M. Hollcen. V. M. Mnrqunrdt, D. M. Bcrbcrjc, L. G. Zielinski, K. G. Cotronc, M. A. Potter (See.) 2ND ROW: A. N. Bcnuchnine, L. D. Halln. J. L. De Witte. R. M. Bilkey (Trens.), J. M. Vine. B. J. Schnur (Pres.), C. W. Cross. INTER-VARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP is a non-denominational organization whose purpose is to provide Christian fellowship and to strengthen the students spiritual life. This is accomplished through study of the Bible, prayer meetings, conferences, deputation teams, and various types of recreational activities. Another important aspect of Inter-Varsity is the field of missions. U. C. C. F. is the organization of students affiliated with the Presbyterian Church, the United Church of Christ, the Evangelical United Brethern Church, the Disciples of Christ, and beginning this year the Moravian Church. Three types of activities were sponsored by the group: weekly study session of a current book, weekly Wednesday evening discussions, and joint Sunday night programs with Wesley and L. S. A. UNITED CAMPUS CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP 2ND ROW: E. J. Ukpo, M. W. Hcnrichs (Pres.), J. FRONT ROW: P. E. Lyon, N. R. Heun, L. .1. Boat-W. Southworth, E. C. Njoka man, C. Lopcr 141ROGER WILLIAMS FELLOWSHIP FRONT ROW: W. J. Caperton (Advisor), Mrs. W. J. Malich, B. W. Clements, R. L. Wilkes, D. W. Hopkins. Caperton (Advisor), K. G. Cotronc. 2ND ROW: G. R. The WESLEY FOUNDATION is the ministry of the Methodist Church at the campus. It offers opportunities for worship, study, fellowship and service to the end that religious growth will match intellectual growth. Weekly programs include discussions, lectures, movies, study, worship services and recreation. The members conduct deputation worship services and programs in churches of the area. The ROGER WILLIAMS FELLOWSHIP is an informal organization of Baptist preference students. Depth Bible study and discussion sessions were held weekly, followed by Christian worship and fellowship. RWF welcomes all students interested in the religious opportunities offered. Faculty Advisor, Dr. William Clements; Lay Advisors, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Caperton. WESLEY FOUNDATION FRONT ROW: II. Kubo, P. A. Thomas, S. C. Cummings, J. A. Sccfcldt, P. A. Parsons (Pros.), S. S. Schaefer (V.-P.), C. L. Schaefer. 2ND ROW: J. L. Cutler (Treas.), K. E. Roth, S. A. Weitzel, J. M. Akers, A. M. Turner, B. A. Locker, I). R. Milton (Sec.). 3RD ROW: R. Steffen (Dir.), II. D. Gray, I). F. Iliff, L. I). Wright, B. A. Bartel, L. E. Cum-mings, D. E. White. 142NEWMAN STUDENT ASSOCIA TION FRONT ROW: I I. Fontaine (Sec.), E. J. Drapes Baruch (Vice-Bros.), R. P. Stein, M. H. McMahon. (Co-Sec.). 2ND ROW: I). C. Nelson (Proa), J. R. The NEWMAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION is u Catholic Organization of culture and fellowship that is organized internationally to foster the spiritual, intellectual, and social interests of the Catholic student on secular campuses. The activities this year were highlighted by the selection of the new officers and the selection of Miss Newmanite. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE Chet Edwards llarlene Edwards (Sec.-Trout,) Sue Lanyton (Vice-Pres.) Susan Lincoln Miss Thompson (Adv.) Nancy Lincoln Dale Mueller (Pres.) Barbara Williams Miss Xyquist (Adv.) oiynimtiun is open to nil students who rested in Christian Science. It meets eek; subject lessons are prepared by members from the Ilihle and from inn Science textbook, Science and Health wilh Key to the Scriptures by Mary linker Eddy. Part of the meeting consists of testimonies or remarks on!'. ir” ‘ ’ or use of Christian Science. A cordial invitation is extended to all. 1 16431807INTER-HALL COUNCIL FRONT ROW: L. Ilall. K. Krenz. P. Allen. 2ND ROW: W. Cahn, W. K. Schimpff. Absent: J. Keeker, I). Holloway. INTER-HALL is a fairly new organization, composed of the presidents of the various residence halls. The purpose of this organization is to encourage unity among the halls and to encourage unity on WSU campus. Some of the many areas that Inter-hall participates in are: Homecoming, Winter Carnival, a special Christmas dance, the Christmas decorations in front of the halls, a spring dance. Under the leadership of president Lynn Hall, Hyer Hall took on its second great year in operation. Starting off the school year, Hyer participated in Homecoming with outside decorations to the theme "Achievement through Unity.” Throughout the year, we also actively participated in the AWS Songfest, Christmas festivities and Winter Carnival. Hyer Hall Council encouraged the continuation of our educational programs in the basement lounge. HYER HALL COUNCIL 144 FRONT ROW: L. J. Hall (Pres.), D. M. Franzen, G. E. Campos, J. A. Fiedler, K. J. Brown, I. L. Crescas. 2ND ROW: S. E. Sweeney, J. C. Grubc, K. M. Glubkn, S. A. Seclmnn, V. A. May. 3RD ROW: N. K. Arnold, S. E. Peterson, E. M. Bar-tolt.Push—Pull Homecoming 1964 Everybody loves Saturday night. Oh, those snowball fights. 145 Home sweet home!DELZELL HALL For the third year in a row, the men of Delzell have taken the leadership at Christmas time in beautifying the campus with decorations. It has become a tradition at Delzell to decorate the hall and in doing so to help spread Christmas Sprit throughout the campus and the town of Stevens Point. The Christmas decorations made a glow in Fremont street for all to see. 146To the Turkey-Trotters and to winner Warren Terry this unidentified director served one large turkey dinner. The great white whale of homecoming — anyone for guard duty? Wednesday night, 10 p.m., popcorn and dart-ball. Dan Sambs threw the log for Delzell in for a grand total of three feet. 147DELZELL HALL COUNCIL FRONT ROW: J. B. Cropper (See.), W. K. Schimpff (Pres.), D. B. Berg (V. P.)p I). W. Chevalier (Treas.). 2ND ROW: B. E. Zagor. R. H. Baxter. R. J. Schrank. G. H. El Ashy. R. 3RD ROW: D. H. Strasburg, L. P. Johnson, T. M. Paegelow, S. J. Goetsch, L. J. Zastrow. This year, DELZELL HALL is fortunate in having an active Hall Council and a cooperative group of residents who are interested in bettering the hall’s image on campus. This was shown by the Hall’s fine participation in the various Homecoming activities. The men of Delzell carried on dances with the various women’s residence halls, and continued the tradition of competing in the Christmas decoration contest. NELSON HALL is always a busy and inviting place to people who come to visit us. The girls of Nelson Hall, headed by a very active Hall Council, have participated in songfest, outside Homecoming and Christmas decorations, and various inter-hall activities. The annual Christmas Tea, Nelson Hall Ball, and closed lounges which featured guest speakers, have rounded out a very active year the girls in Nelson will not forget. NELSON HALL COUNCIL FRONT ROW: S. L. Iluczynski. I . A. Allen (Pres.), M. I. Prochnow (V. P.). 2ND ROW: J. R. Bclongin, M. J. Prcuss, S. G. Amn-cher, A. L. Torkelson, D. T. Nowacki, J. Ringclstct-gor. 3RD ROW: F. T. Lewis, M. E. Schnabel, M. F. Van-der Voort, S. S. Schaefer, P. A. Doync, J. W. Weiss, K. A. McAlpin. 148NELSON HALL The Pointer Pup welcomes alumni. Prize-winning spooks. Champs! And have you all been good “little girls"? Flowers aren’t the only thing that comes out in spring!! 149Some of us called this homePRAY-SIMS HALL COUNCIL FRONT ROW: W. A. Foemmel (Sec.-Treas.), J. L. Glocke. Absent: I). Holloway (Pros.) 2ND ROW: J. L. Clark, M. W. Dcadman, J. P. SchmcIlinK, F. J. Cumcnzind, K. W. Junjc. T. M. Louis, R. A. Johnson, M. I). Morgan. .SRI) ROW: K. L. Zuenglcr, L. M. Halverson, C. L. Ritzcnthnler, D. L. Clements, R. A. West, R. A. Korbol, D. L. Singstock, J. F. Peters, T. E. Flood. PRAY-SIMS HALL was active in school activities this year. It entered a float for Home-coming. Pray-Sims also entered the Winter Carnival games and ran a king and queen candidate. There was activity within the Hall too. Various speakers were invited to speak at the Hall, a new weight room was opened for the use of all hall members. STEINER HALL COUNCIL is again a men’s residence hall this year. In order to operate the dorm, the men of the hall wrote and put into effect a new constitution. This constitution, along with the new officers, formally began operating on November 4. The hall is looking forward to many prosperous years in the service of its residents, the University, and the people of Stevens Point. STEINER HALL COUNCIL FRONT ROW: II. T. Recker (Prea.), L. L. Duvia (V. P.), P. A. McGivern (Sec.) 2ND ROW: D. L. Bchl, D. M. Kordua, M. J. Troy, J. P. Uuamuaacn, J. A. Mielkc, M. K. Meissner. 3RD ROW: T. G. Grafenaucr, S. W. Groff, T. J. Mos gallcr, G. J. Chilcwski, W. E. Bielcnbcrg. J. R. Talbot, R. J. Gosz. 151STEINER HALL 152 Steiner Hall is once again a men’s dorm.There’s a hall that has a really swinging crew. On the north campus of our “U,” Full of fun and pep, why not get in step, With the chic co-eds Who live at R-O-A-C-H. 153 ROACH HALL Our Pride and Joy!MAY ROACH HALL COUNCIL FRONT ROW: K. A. Krenz (Pres.), C. C. Olson (V. P.), L. C. Jaeger (Treas.), K. D. Dcmskc (Sec.) 2ND ROW: C. A. Dnrarow, J. J. Hansen, B. A. The Main purpose of MAY ROACH HALL COUNCIL is to be the governing body of the residence hall. The council establishes hall policies, provides social, cultural, educational, and recreational programs. With the planning done by the council, May Roach Hall participated in Homecoming, Winter Carnival, Song-fest, the Christmas Tea, trade parties with other halls and a series of lectures and parties within the hall. Blakoy, S. M. Carow, D. M. Kanas, D. J. Gelhar. 3RD ROW: E. A. Madera, S. E. Evans, B. N. Van-gc n, P. K. Buhl, E. B. Putnan, M. E. Doyle. The objectives of the SMITH HALL COUNCIL are to promote a means of self-government by the residents. Each representative has the delegated power from his wing to take problems and ideas to the Council meetings. The main objectives are to provide an atmosphere in which one will advance in his academic studies, and also to provide an atmosphere of fellowship and fun for all residents. SMITHHALL COUNCIL FRONT ROW: M. J. Hanson (V. P.-Treaa.), W. 3RD ROW: R. W. Schaal, W. R. Wcndland. R. B. Cahn (Pros.). C. 0. Kuchl (See.) Slabin, A. K. Jacobson, S. J. Leonard. 2ND ROW: T. A. Krolczyk, R. J. Hocking, J. S. Bradley.Well, get up you lazy bicycle. Fourth Floor West has its own Songfest. SMITH HALL Judy Rasch and Chuck Sambs, Smith Hall’s candidates for Winter Carnival King and Queen. 155IRIS FRONT ROW: C. C. Kucslcr (Co-Layout Editor), C. A. Rynar, C. L. Monroe (Co-layout Editor), K. M. P. A. Muldonis (Copy Editor),J. A. Ostrowski (Edi- Kroll (Senior Editor), T. U. Radlcr (Photographer), tor), B. J. Wolslegol. 2ND ROW: J. P. McNamcc, Long hours, miles of pen lines, yards of typewriter ribbon, and a large bottle of aspirin, all add to an annual called the IRIS. Each Monday night, and many nights in between, the volunteer staff met, planned, worked and worked some more. There were times when everything seemed to go wrong — once there was no film in the camera, another time the file drawers locked and no one had the key, pictures mysteriously disappeared from the room, things got lost on the editor’s desk, and the builders sealed up the office windows and then proceeded to make holes in the opposite wall, and on it went. November passed into December, January into February and the deadline was creeping up on us. But then came Easter and sighs of relief were heard in Room 26 of the Center lor the annual was complete. Looking back things were not so bad. We remembered the strange letters some received, the times we laughed so hard we cried, and when we saw the results we smiled and felt rewarded for all our hard labor. Yes, annuals are the resulting product of many long hours of hard work, but what would Wisconsin State University—Stevens Point be without the Iris?Pat nearly not calluses from typing. “What do you mean you lost the picture?” Sometimes “Koz” dropped in. Christine is camera shy. “Let’s do it this way!” 157POINTER FRONT ROW: P. A. Thomas, S. M. SUnke, J. L. Rasmuscn, J. E. La Porte, V. Grabowski, C. Dnnclski, H. Brunow. 2ND ROW: M. J. Troy, S. L. Rinoau, C. J. Cargiove, E. J. Kieliszcioski, R. L. .McKoand, G. J. Smullcn. 3RD ROW: W. R. Samuelson, B. W. Clements. R. J Nevens, R. E. Olson. This has been one of the most memorable years for the POINTER and certainly one of the most exciting for the staff. Early in the year our Editor was hung in effigy outside of the University Center, because of his front page editorial endorsing Senator Barry Goldwater for President of the United States. The staff was exposed to everything from ugly epithets to a gift of a bouquet of roses—they had some enemies, but someone loved them too. To com- memorate Winter Carnival this year, the Pointer published its first 12 page edition, another Pointer milestone. Perhaps the highest compliment paid the Pointer was received from an administrator when he said that this was the first time in thirty years that the Pointer stimulated intellectual discussion on this campus. Yes, it was a great year for the Pointer. FRONT ROW: K. II. I,nu, W. Trnvis, D. Ilnmmcs, M. Borberg, D. R. Clark. D. L. Hanson, D. R. Ilart-L. F. Saucier. fie). 2ND ROW: I. A. Smith, K. II. Rhody, E. J. Fish, D.An Editorial GOLDWATER: America's Last Chance t x . .-v-r . •rr ’ li- ; OINTER the stigma ol discrimination from our society. i Surry Cold water represent the million of Americana who are fliHlIiiK It Incnnslngly difficult to swallow the present administration’ policy of appeasement. The Russians will not only ’bury" us. but at the present rate of affair . It won’t even be an eff-ei — we’re digging our own hole. America was not destined to coexist with Communism. It U because of Communism’ basic philosophy of world domination that we must rise and defeat It; at the conference table. In the newspaper , in the school and If need be — on the battlefield. Harry Goldwater totally refutes the slogan. "Belter Red than dead." The choice U clear, the alternative are before u . one candidate espouse appeasement, the other erlea. “Victory.” I realize that many believe thl current campaign Is merely a contest between personalities, an “elect me because he’ worse” type of affair. Many are so sick of the whole thing that they are not even going to vote. They » y. “What difference will It make " lad me say that. In my opinion. It will make a fantastic difference. A vote for Johnson I a nod of approval for: deficit spending, creeping socialism, dishonesty In government, an amassing of centralized power, a detrementiil foreign policy and the eventual downfall of America and all it stands for. On the other hand, a vote for Goldwater Is a demand for a balanced economy, n return to Individualism. Integrity In government. states’ constitutional right , a realistic foreign policy and a restatement amt assertion of the American Ideals and goal . Hut In a larger a vole for Barry Goldwater I a plea representing millions of the world’ oppressed people who look to America for the leadership of the work!, a nation which lives by the Ideals of government for man rather than the loss of Individuality for the sake of the state. I urge you to discuss this amt vote for lire candidate of your choice. -l)OS MIT.I.KN. Editor of the Pointer Tills lx an endorsement by the Kdltor of the Pointer and does not necessarily convey !1m- opinion of the Pointer staff, Its advisor . the student body or the administration. The reason It la being made Is that I feel there Is a great need for Intelligent discussion on the part of the student con- BARKY GOLDWATER EXTREMISM IN THE DEFENSE OF IJBERTY IS NO VICE. MODERATION IN TIIE PURSUIT OF JUSTICE IS NO VIRTUE. YEAR OF CONTROVERSY V rWWord by KENNETH TRAY THE PURPLE AND THE GOLD Wisconsin State University Song arranged by FRANK K.PERC1VAL Olh-rr school of val - or boast Of Our men arc all vie - torlou Thru To the bank of old WIs - consln When vie - tor-lea ga - lore ev - ry state n - round years ore past and gone Of lau - rela nev-er lost. Our ath - lete and de - bators A.% school-mates we have parted trl-ufaplrs by the scorer Let them Yell yon of their prow-ess Of war-rlor strong and wln-nlug great re-nown, Thowe’re proud of all WIs - consln Whose fame's In sto-ry le»-son all are done We'll re - turn and show our com-radesWe’re loy - al ns of Hut their col - or ev-er low-er To • the Our heart'swith Al-mn Mat-er And the And cheer them on to vie - to - ry ‘Neath the Pur-ple and the Gold Pur-pleand the Gold Pur-pleand the GoldADMINISTRA TION FACULTY 161PRESIDENT JAMES H. ALBERTSON Ed.D., Stanford UniversityREGENT JOHN C. THOMSON Vice-president Board of Regents164 ORLAND E. RADKE Associate Dean of Students BURDETTE W. EAGON Dean, School of EducationROBERT B. CANTRICK Dean of School of Fine Arts WARREN G. JENKINS Dean of School of Letters and Science 165166 RAYMOND E. GOTHAM Director of Extended ServicesROBERT S. LEWIS Director of Audio-Visual Services 167168 JOHN YUTIIAS V. Pres., for Student AffairsART HERBERT H. SANDMANN M.S. Assistant Professor BIOLOGY RICHARD E. BEARD Ph. I). Associate Professor NORMAN E. KEATS M.S. Assistant Professor The beginnings of a new Picasso? ROBERT SIMPSON M.S. Associate Professor JOHN W. BARNES M.S. Associate Professor GEORGE C. BECKER Ph. D. Professor 169WILLIAM R. BOWEN Ph. D. Assistant Professor FREDERICK A.COPES B.S. Instructor AIIOL C. EPPLE M.S. Associate Professor GORDON E. GEESEMAN Ph. D. Instructor Mr. Searles is an expert taxidermist. A frog’s skeleton is studied in Freshman zoology. ROBERT K. SEARLES M.S. Instructor HARRY H. SMITH M.S. Assistant Professor ROBERT S. WHITMIRE M.A. Associate Professor ROBERT F. WILDE M.S. Associate Professor 170BUSINESS EDUCATION CHEMISTRY DONALD B. KOEPPEN M.S. Assistant Professor ROLAND TRYTTEN Ph. D. Professor LA WRENCE KA LLANDER Ph. D. Professor L. LEONE OYSTER M.A. Assistant Professor CALVIN II. SCHMID M.A. Assistant Professor 171CONSERVATION RAYMOND A. SOMMERS Ph. D. Assistant Professor ROBERT H. WEAVER Ph. D. Associate Professor BERNARD WIEVEL Ph. D. Professor LEE G. ANDREAS MS. Assistant Professor JAMES S. FRALISH M.S, Instructor MILO F. HARPSTEAD Ph. D. Associate Professor G. Fricke checks the soil testing oven. 172ECONOMICS IRVING L. KORTII MS. Assistant Professor GERRY M. LYNCH Faculty Assistant JAMES E. JENSEN Ph. D. Professor DARRELL A. CHRISTIE M.S.-J- Instructor MERLL FARMER Ph. I). Associate Professor SUSIIILA J. GIDWANI Ph. D. Assistant Professor BERNARD WEBB M.S. Lecturer 173EDUCATION JOHN M. BERND Ph. D. Professor WILLIAM H. CLEMENTS Ph. I). Professor MARJORIE E. KERST M.S. Associate Professor RUSSELL L. OLIVER Ed. D. Assistant Professor MARY S. SAMTER M.A. Associate Professor Ron Ernst does research on education in the special Curriculum Library. 174ENGINEERING DRA WING ENGLISH WAYNE E. IIELGERSON B.S. Lecturer LEONARD L. LAM PERT B.S. Lecturer LEE A. BURRESS, JR. Ph. D. Professor 175MICHAEL J. FORTUNE Ph. 1). Associate Professor ABRAHAM CHAPMAN C. Sc. Associate Professor PAUL A. FRIEDMAN M.F.A. Instructor GEORGE P. INMAN. JR. M.A. InstructorNORMAN E. KNUTZEN Associate Professor Emeritus EDNA NYQUIST A M. Associate Professor ALAN LEHMAN Ph. D. Professor WILFRED G. RICHERT M.A. Assistant Professor JOEL C. MICKELSON Ph. i). Associate Professor JOSEPH J. RONDY Ph. D. Associate Professor RUTH D. RONDY M.A. Lecturer 177MARY E. SMITH Ph. D. Professor KARL K. STEVENS Ph. I). Assoeiutc Professor MARSHALL B. TYMN M.A. Instructor NORMAN C. WACKER M.A. Instructor The Central office for English, our largest department, is room 022 in Old Main. 178FOREIGN LANGUAGE PETER A. KRONER Ph. D. Professor FRIEDRICH P. ALBER Ph. D. Assistant Professor MILDRED G. DAVIS M.A. Associate Professor A modem lab enables students like Dan Perkins to improve their speaking vocabulary in a foreign language. 179GEOGRAPHY HARRY LOOM HR, JR. M.A. Instructor william m. McKinney Ph. D. Assistant Professor 180 T. K. CHANG Ph. D. Professor MAURICE E. PERRET Ph. D. Assistant ProfessorDAVID SENGENBERGER M.A. Instructor Map exercises are only part of the geography lab program. RAYMOND E. SPECHT M.A. Associate Professor HISTORY FRANK W. CROW Ph. I). Professor RICHARD I). FACE Ph. D. Associate Professor GUY J. GIBSON Ph. I). ProfessorRHYS W. HAYS Ph. D. Associate Professor ROBERT J. KNOWLTON Ph. D. Assistant Professor FRKDERICH A. KREMPLE Ph. I). Professor i CLIFFORD A. MORRISON Ph. I). Professor RUSSELL NELSON. JR. M.A. Assistant Professor EL WIN W. SIGMUND Ph. I). Professor WACLAW VV. SOROKA Ph. I). Assistant Professor DAVID R. WRONE Ph. I). Assistant Professor ROBERT II. ZIEGER M.S. Assistant Professor 182ORTHULA DOESCHER M.S. Assistant Professor Mirror reflects home economics students rating a foods project. ETHEL V. HILL MS. Associate Professor bonnie b. McDonald M.S. Assistant Professor CAROLYN ANN SANDS M.S. Instructor 183MATHEMATICS c i RICHARD L. GONLON M.S. Assistant Professor DORIS EPPLE A.B. Part-Time ORVILLE M. RICK MS. Associate Professor KENNETH W. BOYLAN M.A. Associate Professor WILLIAM J. CABLE M.B.S. Assistant Professor MARGOT SENGKNBERGER B.A. Instructor 184NEAL K. TOWNSEND M.A. EDITH TREUENPELS Ph. D. Assistant Professor Professor JOHN F. WEILER .M.A. Assistunt Professor MUSIC HUGO I). MARPLE Ph. D. Professor DEAN G. BLAIR M.M. Assistant Professor JACK G. COHAN M.M. Instructor The Chamber Orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Tarabek, presents several concerts durinK the year. 185TOM G. CULTICE M.M. Instructor DAVII) DICK M.M. Assistant Professor WARREN W. LUTZ D.E. Associate Professor ELVIN MCLOTT M.M Assistant Professor DONALD V. RUPERT A.M.D. Associate Professor PAUL A. TARABEK M.M. Assistant Professor JOHN M. THOMAS A.A.G.O. Assistant Professor ROBERT VAN NUYS M.M. Assistant Professor ANITA A. WRAY Lecturer Part-time 186PHILOSOPHY PHYSICAL EDUCATION ROBERT ROSENTHAL B.A. JOSEPH L. SCHULER M.S. Instructor Assistant Professor EUGENE BR0D1IAGEN M.S. Assistant Professor MARY L. BIDDLESTONE M.A. Instructor WILLIAM I . BURNS M.S. Instructor The lounge in the Physical Education Building is a good place to watch the 1964 World Series, as Mike Hanson and Les Willett can testify. 187FREDRICK IIAGERMAN Ph. D Assistant Professor DUAINE K. COUNSELL M.S. Assistant Professor EVA LOU DILI.IN M.A. Instructor DONALD HOFF M.S. Instructor ROBERT II. KRUEGER M.S Assistant Professor HALE F. QUANDT M.A. Associate Professor VERA RIMNAC B.S. Instructor MARJORIE SCHELFHOUT M. Ed. Assistant Professor 188PHYSICS MONICA E. BAINTER Ph. D. Professor GREGORY S. KULAS M.A. Instructor RONALD A. LOKKEN M.S. Instructor A. G. TAYLOR M.S. Instructor Mr. Taylor aids physic students in calculating data from experiments. POLITICAL SCIENCE JOHN J. OSTKR M.A. Assistant Professor GARLAND FOTHERGILL M.S. Associate Professor MARK CATES M.A. Assistant Professor 189PSYCHOLOGY i ALBERT HARRIS Ph. M. Associate Professor LLOYD H. BECK Ph. D. Associate Professor JAMES A. LEE Ph. D. Associate Professor FRANCIS J. NORTON Ph. D. Associate Professor SOCIOLOGY 190 ROBERT E. OLESEN M.S. InstructorSPEECH ALICE PEET Ph. D. Professor DONALD AYLESWORTH M.A. Instructor WILLIAM M. DAWSON Ph. D. Professor FRKI) DOWLING Ph. D. Professor PAULINE ISAACSON Ph. D. Assistant Professor Theories are put into practice in the Speech Therapy clinic. GERALD JOHNSON Ph. D. Associate Professor WILLIAM C. KRAMER M.S.-f-Associatc Professor MARY E. THOMPSON Ph. D. Associate Professor 191CAMPUS SCHOOL LULU 0. KELLOGG M.A. Assistant Professor The Campus School classroom, today's 192 VIVAN KELLOGG M.A. Assistant Professoroor to better teachers tomorrow. HILDEGARD KUSE Ph. D. Assistant Professor FRANKLIN PEARSON M.A. Assistant Professor IRENE SHAURETTE B.S. Instructor PHYLLIS ItAVEY M.S. Assistant Professor MILDREDS WILLIAMS M.A.-f Professor RICHARD SCHNEIDER M.S. Assistant Professor 193LIBRARIANS JOHN GILLESBY M.A.L.S. Instructor SYBLE E. MASON MS. Assistant Professor ALICE M. PADDEN If .A Cumpus School Librarian 194RESIDENCE HALL DIRECTORS MARTIN T. BROOKS Pray-Sims Hull JAMES GOODWIN Delzell Hull MELVIN KARG Suintr Hull JACQUELINE MCQUILLIAN Roach Hall JOAN DOYLE Hyer Hall 195LEON E. BELL Director University Center RONALD HACHET Assistant Director University Center ROBERT SLATER HELEN HANSEN University Physician University Nurse JOHN LARSEN MARCIA OLSON JOHN NELSON Admissions Counselor Counseling Staff Associate Student Affairs 196GUEST DR. GREGORIO BORLAZA Dean of Instruction at Phillippine Normal College, Manila: An administrative intern at WSU from January until August.IN MEMORIAM THOMAS EUGENE MEIERS Tom Meiers was born on August 23, 1940 and died in an automobile accident December 11, 1964. From Westchester, Illinois, he was an Economic major and Geography minor in the School of Letters and Science. He was a member of the Economics and Business Association, Phi Kappa Theta, and was President of the 550’s at the time of his death. A requiem mass was celebrated on December 15, 1964 at Saint Stanislaus Church. TERRENCE THURNER Terrence Thurner was born October 2, 1945 and died in an automobile accident July 16, 1964. A Business Administration major in the School of Letters and Science, he was a Freshman. On May 15, 1965 a formal Memorial Service was held at Saint Stanislaus Church and he was posthumously initiated into Theta Delta Phi. He was also a member of the Newman Club.FRONT ROW: Coyote. Wohlt. Titles, Schmidt, Dehlinger, Stein-burg, Shilling, Pease, Clench, Kriegl, Birkel. 2ND ROW: Buy, Van Valin, Jensen, Sambs, Mahloch, Higgins, Seefelt, Hermans, Pleuss, Ludtc, Coach Bums. 3RD ROW: Coach Quandt, Seegier, Peters, Erickson, Anderson, Hanson, Schuetz, Wundrock, Pcrge, Jngler, Valentine, Clark, Beecher, Coach Counsel. 4TH ROW: Kreknwski, Charland, Normington. Seiler, Rabichaud, Ternouth, Schrocdcr, McVinley, Gralski, Falkinham, Derrickson, Olson. 6TH ROW: Balousek, Prcll, Wanthy, Reim, Rivers, Hess, Ca-hoon, Miller, Slominski, (irenburg, Hochevar. 6TH ROW: Jur-gclln, Mgr.; Wolf., Mgr.; Thilke, Helmle, Moretto, McGrnno. Burt. Andersen, Hemerl, Paulsen, Mgr.; Benchoff, Mgr. FOOTBALL 1964 200 Rolling stones.Coaches watch the action. One little, two little, three little Pointers . . , 201STATE UNIVERSITY STATISTICS TOTAL OFFENSE TOTAL DEFENSE RUSHING OFFENSE Yds. Avg. Yds. Avg. Yds. Avg. Fan Claire ... 2998 374.8 River Falls 1379 197.0 Stevens Point 1996 285.1 2022 288.9 1288 214.7 Superior 1338 223.0 Stevens Point 1996 285.1 Stevens Point 1730 247.1 River Falls 1227 173.3 Superior 1702 283.7 Platteville 1499 249.8 La Crosse 1026 171.0 Whitewater 1611 268.5 Oshkosh 1866 266.6 Stout 1077 144.9 La Crosse 1360 226.7 Superior 1635 272.5 Eau Claire 1075 134.4 River Falls 1531 218.7 Eau Claire 2296 287.0 Whitewater 751 125.2 Oshkosh 1457 208.1 Whitewater 1808 801.8 Oshkosh 848 121.1 Platteville 1079 179.9 Stout 2238 319.7 Platteville 530 88.8 RUSHING DEFENSE PASSING OFFENSE PASSING DEFENSE Yds. Avg. Yds. Avg. Yds. Avg. Stevens Point 710 101.4 Eau Claire 1923 240.4 Platteville 394 65.7 Whitewater 740 123.3 Stout 1008 144.0 River Falls 505 72.1 River Falls 874 124.9 Whitewater 860 143.3 La Crosse 477 79.5 La Crosse 811 133.5 Platteville 549 91.5 Eau Claire 682 85.3 Oshkosh 1077 153.9 Oshkosh 609 87.0 Superior 604 100.7 Superior 1031 171.8 Stevens Point 532 76.0 Stout 768 109.7 1105 184.2 Superior 864 60.7 Oshkosh 789 112.7 Eau Claire Kill 201.8 La Crosse .... 334 55.7 Stevens Point 1020 145.7 Stout 1470 210.0 River Falls 304 43.3 Whitewater 1068 178.0 202WIN LOSS RECORD t Heading for a score W L T Eau Claire 7 1 0 La Crosse 4 2 0 Whitewater 3 2 1 River Falls 4 3 0 Superior 3 3 0 Stevens Point 3 4 0 Oshkosh 3 4 0 Stout 2 5 0 Platteville 0 5 1 Going down ? 203204 Football has been said to be a game of luck or fortune. That critical fourth down play or that measurement for the needed first down rely on fortune. “Fortune mere fortune may make even madness wisdom.”WSU All (Conference Hack Holmes bursts forth.The Pointer football locomotive was clogged early in the season by ineligibility to key squad members, but with hard work and high spirits the Pointers derailed conference champions Eau Claire at our WSU homecoming and dismantled River Falls, a contender for the Wisconsin State University Conference Crown. As has been the case in past years, the Stevens Point football team once again roared down the track to respect and victory. " • •• N • 1 'V % I 206 The cries of the cheerleaders salute the 196 1 team and welcome the 1965 team.FRONT ROW: T. Frank, D. Ccplina. J. Lewia. J. Bertrand, P. La Merc, I). Berry, R. Scefcld, C. Con- Baruch, J. Nynricki. 2ND ROW: Coach D. Hoff. P. no™. E. Polo . Mgr. K. Jaeger. . . . turn right then left and right again. “ . . . and miles to go before 1 sleep and miles to go CROSS COUNTRY The Pointer harriers under the watchful eye of Coach Don Hoff and a determined squad of primarily freshmen proved that hard work can always make up for inexperience. Led by D. Ceplina and J. Nyaricki the harriers covered the three mile courses in outstanding times. Prospects point to an even better year in 1965. 207FRONT ROW: G. Lnwctzki, R. Zimmer, M. Fortune, I). Johnson, G. White, C. Ritzcnthulcr, H. Ochs, W. Borchordt, J. Fitzgerald, B. Wirth, W. Zucbc, G. Johanknccht. MANAGERS: D. Bcnchoff. D. Wolfe. 208 Cheerleaders cheer Pointers on to victory. Stevens Point 88 Winona 57 Stevens Point 77 Lawrence 65 Stevens Point 65 St. Mary’s 72 Stevens Point 94 Lakeland 71 Stevens Point 78 Superior 93 Stevens Point 62 Stout 76 Stevens Point 70 N. Michigan 94 Stevens Point 62 Oshkosh 79 Stevens Point 70 St. Norbert 84 Stevens Point 74 LaCrosse 80 Stevens Point 77 River Falls 90 Stevens Point 81 Eau Claire 76 Stevens Point 80 Whitewater 77 Stevens Point 79 Oshkosh 74 Stevens Point 89 Platteville 62 Stevens Point 85 Eau Claire 67 Stevens Point 66 Superior 70 Stevens Point 88 Stout 63 Stevens Point 92 Whitewater 85 Stevens Point 86 La Crosse 87 Stevens Point 80 River Falls 66 Stevens Point 81 Platteville 82 CONFERENCE RECORD ALL GAMES Won I ost Won Loot 8 8 11 11 209Fortune and Lawetzki battle for the tip in. 210Darin scores as Point beats Lakeland 94-71. 211Cn CS CD I—1 W £d H »-3 2 »-h oJ. Lawetzki arches a shot for two more points.Ochs battles against River Falls’ Falcons. Coach Krueger’s Pointers began the 1964 65 Basketball season with wins over Winona State (Minnesota) and Lawrence University (Appleton). WSU conference play was rugged and the Pointers lost their first five conference games. As the season progressed the team straightened out becoming one of the conference’s finest by winning eight of the last eleven games played. 214 All Conference Center W. Zuege stretches for the basket.A tip in by W. Zuege gains another two points for Coach Krueger's boys.The beginning ... 216 . .. the End!FRONT ROW: W. Burns (Conch), R. Jensen, R. Schnal, G. Goodman, J. Nichols. 2ND ROW: R. Sommer, R. Kalvclage, J. Kor-nowski, P. Seiler, B. Christianson. 3RD ROW: L. Halverson, unknown, D. Valentine, unknown, unknown, L. Ironside, C. Hohcnstcin. STATE COLLEGIATE TOURNAMENT — 4th Stevens Point 21 —14 LaCrossc Stevens Point 17—20 Stout . .5—24 Winona Stevens Point . .. 17 — 19 Piatteville .27—6 LaCrosse Stevens Point 24—7 Marquette Stevens Point - .... 24—5 Eau Claire Stevens Point . 5—28 .... Oshkosh Stevens Point 10—24 Stout Stevens Point 13 — 17 River Falls Conference Tournament — 4th 217The test of a wrestler’s strength. Agility, brawn, and competitive spirit are the ABC’s of success in WSU wrestling. With much drive, despite little depth, the team was a portrayal of eager individuals whose zip resulted in a commendable team effort. 218SWIMMING 1965 FRONT ROW: Schmelling, Fullmer, Manager; Manager, Fish, Jensen, Hillman. 2ND ROW: Klingbxil, Frank, Spccht, Wingendcr. Bishop, Vclwicks, Manager. 3RD ROW: Hngermnnn, Huboldt, Calir, Conachen, Adams, Eichelberger, Caigals.CONFERENCE MEET — 4th Stevens Point 38 Stevens Point 82 Stevens Point 40 Stevens Point ........... . . ..54 uluVgllS x unit Stevens Point OVJ 36 Stevens Point 54 Stevens Point 36 Stevens Point — 61 — 68 Platteville — 55 — 40 River Falls — 45 Oshkosh — 59 La Crosse — 41 Lawrence — 59 UMD — 42 UWM Record: won — 4 lost — 5 Broke all varsity and pool records except 50 yd. free style. 220Glen Bishop frets off to a good start. Pointers set the pace. 221Determination in the Back Stroke.Connchen shows his starting form. 223 On Your Mark!”TRACK 1965 224225 With lettermen like Dave Dehlinger carrying the weight of the Pointers hope to roll to the top of the State University Conference.The strongest events for the Pointers this year will be the distances. POINTER TRACK SCHEDULE FOR 1965 Sunday, April 4—Indoor meet here with Fox Valley Track Club Saturday, April 17—Quadrangular at Ripon with Oshkosh and Lawrence Thursday, April 22—Dual with Winona, Minn. State Saturday, April 24—Dual at Oshkosh Saturday, May 1—Carnival Relays at Milwaukee Thursday, May 6—Triangular at Menominee with Stout and River Falls Thursday, May 13—Triangular here with St. Norbert and Lakeland Friday, May 14—Michigan Tech Invitational at Houghton, Mich. Saturday, May 22—State University Conference meet at La Crosse 226Dr. Bruce C. Ogiluie of San Jose State College, California says that athletes have more ambition, drive and overall dedication than the average college student. He also said, “There seems to be a definite athletic profile when the muscular fellows are compared with other college males.” Thus as WSU moves forward and grows its athletes shall share in the University’s prosperity. 227UNDERCLASSMEN 229Friendship, the flower of social growth, is likely to begin anywhere, in the inevitable lines or at informal dances. Many friendships begun while an underclassman endure later seperations by time and miles. JUNIORS The responsibility of leading the Class of 10(5(5 was placed upon D. Cooley, Pres., R. Erickson, V. Pres., and seated J. Gromoll, Treas., and D. Fausch, Sec. 230FRONT ROW: A. K. Danielson, J. C. Crubc, J. M. Korpela, N. L. Soldner, I. I. Plautz, J. H. Nelson, S. L. Krause, C. A. Damrow, J. E. Karow. 2ND ROW: R. II. Kalvelage, E. O. Ostring, Y. M. Klemm, J. A. Gromoll, S. G. A macho r, L. C. Jaeger, J. M. Olson, S. M. Hcnschcl, C. S. Anderson, V. Q. Arndt, E. L. Weber. 3RD ROW: B. L. Willett, R. L. Lomprey, M. K. Meissner, P. C. Worslcy, J. A. Maas, W. M. Cain, J. P. Palmisano, F. J. Camenzind, J. M. Gleisner, D. R. Faux. 4TH ROW: I). E. Wounk, J. 11. Kornowski, J. H. Gehrke, R. V. Tucker, G. L. Prcllwit , J. C. Wells, L. M. Grygicl, P. W. Wilsmann, W. R. Wendland, G. L. Lascb. FRONT ROW: K. A. Struebing, J. A. Bentz, I). A. Trapp, M. H. Schafer, M. P. Sobieski, S. A. I.angol, L. J. Boatman, M. A. Prond-zinski. 2ND ROW: P. A. Maldonis, J. L. Lieg, P. T. Smith, J. R. Christensen, F. C. lionize, I). E. Laack.G. L. Kramer, R. II. Priebc, W. S. Forcyt, C. L. Monroe. 3RD ROW: J. I). Schreiber, J. R. Hillman, R. E. Olson, R. P. Erickson, R. T. Graetz, M. J. Mueller, M. L. Meyer, R. J. Bauernfeind, R. E. Rand, R. E. Smolinski. 231FRONT ROW: J. M. Akers, C. C. Kuegler, K. J. Zchner, P. A. Par-sons, N. A. Montour, B. M. Palecck, M. L. Bovec, B. J. Koschnk, J. R. Belongia, M. E. Kernisse. 2ND ROW: S. A. Murphy, M. A. Ristau, D. D. Kchert, J. I,. Christoffcrscn, S. J. Herr, F. M. Parana. U. c. Hickner, P. !. Bartels, M. J. Preuss, J. Kiixmet. 8RD ROW: P. J. Lcdcr, R. L. Theis, F. T. Lewis, P. S. Sadowske, M. B. Krueger, D. A. Wadzinski, M. F. Vander Voort, P. A. Morgan, M. .1. Lcnry, R. A. Beversdorf. ITH ROW: D. R. Belanger, P. A. Engel, W. P. Zucgc, D. W. Cooley, J. D. Oincrnik, M. L. Stan-kowski, A. R. Millar. FRONT ROW: M. A. Walther, J. M. Wessel, S. C. Cummings, M. M. Hoffman, K. H. I-ass. P. K. Kroll. 3RD ROW: S. W. I). K. Hutchinson, H. R. Kurasz, K. M. Campion, L. J. Hall. 2ND Roecklein, V. U. Petznick. H. E. Lorenz, P. B. Holden, J. R. Frelich, ROW: J. A. Mayo, S. .1. Hedin, N. C. Knaaek, 1). M. Schaftary, R. A. Fedcnko. 232SOPHOMORES Class officers of the Class of 1967 are J. Praia, V. Pres., J. Mealy, Sec., J. LcDuc, Pres., and R. Harris, Treas, FRONT ROW: D. M. Rodr,ic ak, V. K. Messerschmidt, N. A. Eif-ler, I). J. Gelhar, R. J. Paul. J. M. Marguardt, J. M. Kosobucki, I'. L. Halford, I. R. Gresens, M. B. Jcskc. 2ND ROW: J. E. Scid-lingor, C. A. Zillmcr, K. G. Schoenbcrger, E. M. Young, V. M. Feldbruegge, C. A. Rcidcl, K. L. Busbar, S. K. Hanson, G. E. Campos. 3RD ROW: R. V. Lesczynski, J. A. Wanke. J. M. Sandberg, B. C. Gomez, D. C. Bacher, R. M. Bilkey, M. J. Hanson, R. J. Phelps, H. F. Marcoux. 4TH ROW: F. H. Schubert, D. S. Green, R. A. Holquist, T. R. Grenlic, D. C. Arndt, G. A. Laba, D. F. Mat-soukas, G. A. Simonsen. 233FRONT ROW: S. L. Schneider, K. M. Glubkn, G. J. Vieard, M. M. Steinberg, I). K. Woclfel, R. R. Isaacson, K. S. Bowen, P. J. Pope, G. J. Marrow. 2ND ROW: P. L. Kracht, R. K. Wagner, J. A. Skulan, B. J. Weber, J. M. Kahl, A. M. Kleiber, T. F. Zirtzlaff, C. W. Landsness, I). A. Wahlers, W. F. Liberty. 3RD ROW: D. K. Schneider, M. W. Bowers, J. K. Segcbrccht, T. W. Neuman, r. W. Dlx, M. I). Ziegler, B. L. Berenx, c. J. Taylor, m. w. Dead-man, T. J. Hofmann. ITU ROW: A. R. Tank, P. J. Kane, D. P. Knrman, J. B. Cropper, W. I. Wcgcnkc, N. N. Pearson, R. D. Johnson, D. D. Ebson, W. It. Beversdorf, D. E. Berg. FRONT ROW: C. L. Braun. J. K. Roach, S. S. Schaefer. S. J. Havlik, S. V. Dzubay, B. A. S .plit, S. L. Hacxnski, M. M. Wampler, J. C. Markce. J. C. Kruger. 2ND ROW: P. E. Lyon, A. K. Kus .ynski, D. J. Lavin, J. D. Mealy, C. J. Parkovich, S. A. Siebert, R. B. Halter, B. A. Jones. K. A. Kranig, M. E. Nolan. 3RD ROW: R. J. Thomson, B. U. Koxlowski, G. M. Mani, J. R. Peterson, P. P. Kobcr, W. C. Thorn. K. L. Zcmanek, D. B. Lesczynski, A. J. Gallon-berg, I). J. Ilobin. 4TH ROW: J. R. Cmeyla, I). L. Zimmerman, T. J. Alfuth, J. C. Avery, J. J. Kolinski, L. R. Cruthers, J. A. Laak, M. J. Mitchell, It. D. Grabow. G. P. Weickelt. 234FRONT ROW: D. L. Smith. I A. O’Neil. D. M. BuehbcKor. J. M Zalnbsky, R. V. Sorensen. K. A. Zillmcr, G. S. Watzke, B. J. Birrcn-kott, K. G. Cotronc, S. L. Baynrd. 2ND ROW: P. M. Strand, S. L. Millar, K. M. Trois, C. B. Wywialowski, E. E. Yelk, K. K. Janny, C. C. Carlson, M. M. Wanichek, M. M. Broetzman, R. A. Sachmann. 3RD ROW: D. M. Kopitzkc, J. D. Jeske, B. C. Clausscn, W. W. Galwleka, H. B. Rilwlf, R. A. Korbel, B. A. Noram, K. w. Jung, T. J. Perkins, E. J. Herman. 4TH ROW: W. L. Frome, C. O. Kuehl, I). W. Mueller, I). A. Miller, .1. A. Lagerbloom, T A. Frenk, P. E. Bratz, E. J. Forrester. FRONT ROW: S. A. Seolman. C. L. Von Der Ohe, K. L. Gueths, C. A. Howard, A. C. Graikowski, C. J. Hcinlo, J. C. Maseotti, I,. F. Bronsteattler, E. G. Giesc, J. A. Stobbe. 2ND ROW: R. A. Hill, J. A. Fiedler. J. C. Abel. B. S. Nyen, M. L. Klinu, M. C. Beach, E. H. Patterson. L. R. Mclchert, C. A. Ford. C. A. Schultz. 3RD ROW: J. D. Klitz. G. J. Caamano, A. M. Helser, M. H. Nelson, S. M. Strop. Y. R. Cor parrel. M. I. Proehnow. P. A. Allen. R. K. Karl, R. N. Hauver. 4TH ROW: R. E. Merkel. D. R. Otto. J. W. Peter-son, t. L, Kkifagun, C. L. Ritxanthaler, c. I.. Zwicky, K. H. Thomas, K. A. Fruit, J. J. Genson, G. L. Cnhoon. 235FRONT ROW: A. A. Reich. M. C. Twcedalc, L. L. Oberman, M. L. Muraakl, V. A. May, V. G. Clay. 2ND ROW: K. J. Plummer, P. C. Rewalt, R. A. Hunter, C. A. Bonnin, M. E. Gaffney, C A. Boyer, I). M. Franzer. 3RD ROW: J. II. Molepske, E. A. Linder. I). J. Wiaby, D. E. Clark, W. A. Focmmel, D. A. Pukall. 4TII ROW: D. La void, K. K. Buaae, W. E. Wicsjahn, T. P. Olszewski, L. I), llalla, W. Parueh, R. A. Bramor. FRONT ROW: L. .1. Kostrova, B. L. 7Angg, J. M. Patterson, R. M. Donatell. 2ND ROW: G. R. Splinter, J. A. LeDuc, M. C. Ziemer. T. H. Goltz. J. V. Gaijrals. 236FRESHMEN Leading the Freshman class were Barbara Foxe and William Nehring, Student Council Representatives, Sue Berg, Secretary, and Robert LaBrant, President. Not pictured are Jeff Clark, Vice-president, and Michael Hirseh, Treasurer. FRONT ROW: C. L. Newby. C. E. Holmes. S. E. North. N. L. Leland. S. L. Bachhuber. K. S. Thomas. P. L. Hcnschel, M. E. Broniszewski, J. A. Ciriacks, G. A. Rappold. 2ND ROW: A. C. Piekarski. N. E. Knutzcn, J. F. Docbler, J. H. Primm, D. F. Pufahl, H. N. Rook. R. W. Schaal, R. A. Ross. R. W. Scott. R. D. Snow. 3RD ROW: J. R. Sheffield. J. C. Volk, L. L. Gazeley, J. E. Krueger, R. J. Stegemun, W. B. Wheeler, D. J. Smith, D. M. Vogt, C. H. Synhorst, D. A. May. 4TH ROW: D. P. Patennude. L L. Christopherson. W. D. Gehling, J. D. Helgeson, J. J. Burwell, J. R. Tripp, J. F. Lewis, R. A. Bullia, Rathke, N. R. Pluke. 237FRONT ROW: E. J. Drapes, L. D. Johnson. D. L. Orphan, J. K. Weber, K. A. Kitchell, B. Williams, G. E. Sandersen, C. L. Whipple. V. A. Robbins, C. A. Mosey. 2ND ROW: D. M. Franz. R. Knipp, L. A. Schrnm, S. A. Craig, J. E. Young, S. M. Schoch, D. i.. Crajkowskl, J. P. Laufenberg, D. J. Corosolla, S. ('. Millar, 3RD ROW: R. C. Olson. T. F. Peters. B. E. LaMcre, E. K. Post. K. E. Radke, M. C. Hanson, P. A. Brown, R. A Stillman, T. A. Frelich, A. R. Kricwaldt. ITU ROW: M. J. Weller, B. J. Timbers. R. S. Seefele. K. F. Falk. G. R. Paul, T. E. Flood, J. R. Rather. D. F. Gauerkc, R. I.. Fellenz, I). O. TeBeest. 6TH ROW: A. L. Stueck, D. C. Strope, i . J. DamiU, R. E. Heizer, A. A. Halbing, T P. Janisch, (5. A. Gohlke, R. W. Regel, J. E. Wendt. FRONT ROW: P. A. Galncx, C. M. Giove, N. K. Arnold, S. M. Fischer, P. A. Ettcn, D. A. Hamm, M. A. McNamara, C. A. Greiser, P. A. Lean. 2ND ROW: J. 1). Martin, J. W. Kleist, I). L. Degncr, N. R. Hertig, H. D. Gruy, W. C. Sparr, E. P. Winter, M. J. Ilirsch, R. A. King, P. Baumgarten. 3RD ROW: L. N. Kuhl, G. J. Dallman, J. F. Groth, G. J. Klingbail, D. R. Mahlberg, A. V. Seilheimer, D. H. Rung, H. J. Kutschenreuter, O. L. Holloway. D. W. Herrbold. 4TH ROW: G. H. Hauboldt, D. H. Holstad, J. F. Scjwarz, S. W. Groff, T. J. Mosgaller, D. G. Gcruber, P. A. Mc-Given, F. Kurczek, A. R. Hansen. 238FRONT ROW: C. M. Hits, J. M. Konkol, E. M. Swiontok, J. A. Wysocki, M. I«. Berg, L. P. Jones. 2ND ROW: T. W. Thibodeau, H. E. Iscnbock, J. L. Cutler, K. D. Cauwcnbergh, C. B. Brownlow, L. E. Elgar, W. P. Loeffler, J. R. Nielsen, C. F. Sigmund, W. Cahn. 3RD ROW: E. J. Quigly, J. I). Maranger, W. P. Bartel, R. A. Flasch, J. K. Fox, D. E. Huber, R. S. LaBrant, J. P. McNamee, M. J. Kilpatrick. J. R. Clivcr. 4th ROW: W. C. Clark, R. J. Hock-ing, R. G. Smith, L. J. Rud, J. W. Bowen, T. N. Seefeldt, L. L. David. G. J. Chilewaki, L. H. Vampbul, T. D. Congden. 5th ROW: G. C. Bishop. J. S. Bradley. J. L. Zabel. J. C. Willkom. J. K. Anderson, R. J. Ashton, A. R. Adams, L. P. Prell, D. A. Ward, J. A. Parfroy. FRONT ROW: C. L. Adams, C. S. Dacgor, D. L. Marshall, D. J. Ryerson, S. A Se llak, K. A. Kresh, C. A. Gerke, M. R. Lindstrom, P. A. Dobbe, M. J. Hume. 2ND ROW: E. E. Johnson. J. L. Lind-berg, D. M. Klippstein, S. M. Zaatrow, T. M. Nowicki, R. M. Nickolai, M. E. Moore, C. A. Anchor, P. L. Barry, N. L. Eggener. 3RD ROW: S. T. Drake. J. P. Hedquist, P. J. Whittington, M. K. Schmitt, S. A. Weiler, S. R. Hornet, L. A. Dnvia, M. A. Negard, W. E. Wengoler, R. G. Plawski. 4TH ROW: J. A. Nirschl, F. M. Tegge, D. G. Rahne, I). S. Uelson. M. D. Schertz, R. L. Much, C. J. Gordon, S. J. Leonard, T. L. Holly, A. F. Landerman. 5th ROW: R. M. Kurzynski, R. B. Reed, R. S. Hcidingcr, R. R. Anderson, J. A. Smith, J. D. Boyle, A. D. Boyle, E. E. Neubauer, R. J. Prescl, R. W. Sparrow. 239FRONT ROW: K. A. Knitter. M. C. Trnvicke, M. C. Hachmoister, J. A. Roensch. L. A. Mayer, I. M. Rnchl, C. R. Nielson, K. M. Wilson. L. L. Wallin, C. A. Schenk. 2ND ROW: E. M. Zalewski, L. K. Rusch, J. A. Guelig, C. K. Weber, S. E. Sweeney, J. M. Ames, M. L. Martin, s. a. Grabs rski, I . E. Bullion, M. I.. Dcnsoh. 3RD ROW: H. M. Nowacki, S. L. Premenu, S. J. Shcllcr, S. L. Steltcr, B. L. Riedeman, V. A. Pnznr, J. K. Miller, F. A. Peterson. K. M. Jaeger, D. V. Brill. 4TH ROW: M. J. Troy. G. 0. Dagsgard. G. Goodman, M. A. Partmnn, M. K. Dartt. S. S. Pelikan, C. M. Pilgrim. W. H. Terry, C. S. I-everentz, D. L. Lemke. 6TH ROW: D. A. Palmquist, T. J. Muchowsky, P. O. Peterson. I). J. Isherwood, R. L. Osowski, W. W. Fletcher, G. C. Field, L. P. Johnson. I. J. Nielsen, G. A. Johnnknecht. FRONT ROW: K. I. Steuber, E. M. Bartelt, K. L. Snsse, A. It. Jackson, B. A. Thomas. S. M. Vandenhusch, C. A. Harvey, K. L. Willems, E. II. Havelka. 2ND ROW: S. M. Laakso, V. W. Gra-bowski, M. I,. Malzahn, L. L. Hojan, I). L. Weirich, B. J. Maas, M. A. Rindt, P. L. Weinberg, C. J. Larson, R. L. Meistor. 3RD ROW: R. R. Jensen, P. A. Buchholz, S. J. Pitt, M. M. Keeney, C. J. Kreger, J. K. Bnars, J. F. Saint Aubin, G. A. Gums, L. A. Petersen, It. II. Wnshkuhn. 4TH ROW: W. G. Hager, S. E. Lacdtke, A. It. Pethke. I). L. Fauske, D. W. Aigner, R. Ahlm, K. P. Petersen, T. H. Van Drasek, R. E. Larsen. E. P. Anderlik. 6TH ROW: G. K. Battcrman, S. J. Gatlin, J. It. Fuller, J. T. Brunt, M. M. Guenther, L. B. Buka nee, M. A. Schultz. M. D. Morgan, L. P. Meyer, R. H. Duwo.FRONT ROW: C. J. Story, J. A. Reevs, C. A. Abitz, J. K. Mac-Donald, B. J. Williamson. I). M. Tvedt, K. A. Baumhofcr, K. L. Eincichner, E. B. Putnam, A. L. Jahn. 2ND ROW: K. Prasnikar, A. F. Nussbaum, S. F. Knutson, L. Ilolubiw, K. M. Dcrbcr, F. C. Schmelzle, B. A. Jenson, P. E. Riley. L. L. Bnggs, M. E. Schnabel. 3RD ROW: P. W. Herrick, u. P. Rameth W. i . Sikorski, A. If. Kubiak, II. A. Wegner, L. J. Schutz, B. N. Vangon, C. A. Quan, A. J. Stoltman. I). A. Schultz. 4TII ROW: I). K. Johnson. R. F. Staske, I). R. Schmidt. J. F. Ranke, T. M. Paegelow. R. M. Stons-bertf. T. M. Clement. J. M. Smith. K. V. Ilamele. D. J. Hamshire. 5TH ROW: R. L. Bctker, R. Donath. K. II. Carpenter. I). A. Winkler, J. M. Zancanaro, J. G. Gruber. G. R. Kellett. D. J. Loider. It. L. Bach, G. M. Waite. FRONT ROW: M. E. Dunn, P. K. Kobach, J. M. Rinuclstetter, C. A. Kozar, T. L. Salvador, E. A. Ma yera, L. E. Morasky, M. E. Raboin, L. L. Hansen, S. L. Burlt. 2ND ROW: S. E. Peterson, N. R. Ileun, M. K. Verkest, P. M. Falkowski, K. J. Lee, I.. J. Rude, S. K. Brogan, I.. A. Blashka, C. R. Colllgan, N. B. Zinzow. 3RD ROW: L. C. Sedivy, J. A. Bauer, T. A. Krolczyk, T. W. Rohm, K. L. Stoltzmann, P. T. Randall, D. H. Zikan, W. R. Samuelson, M. J. Stclmaszewski, I). W. Beebe. ITU ROW: T. O. Onaon, I). W. Samba, T. M. Moeller, R. R. Hide, I). I.. Haasl. R. A. Lochr, I). P. Cepline, W. R. Bellack, It. L. Abraham, L. J. Zehner. 5TII ROW: I). C. Hatcher, I). A. Brown, T. W. .Miles, J. It. Modcr, T. P. Bor-ken. I). A. Mcelin, It. G. Danes II. T. L. Mitchell, D. C. Sebrnnek. II. G. Deutschmann. 241FRONT ROW: K. E. Gajewskl, L. A. Niehoff. P. A. Moffatt, L. A. Pieper, M. s. Howe, M. E. Martin, ! . M. Kanas, J. V. Eitirl, M. A. Ricdl. 2ND ROW: I.. M. Robinson, G. Okrny, J. A. Kempfert, S. A. Detart, A. J. Schlutor, M. J. Bork, I,. L. Vaughn, S. L. Pokcln, B. A. Ludwig, B. L. Bernhardt. 3RD ROW: B G. Christian- son, M. G. Mulligan, A. J. Majeski, W. J. Leonard, D. L. Gann, K. L. Schmidt, J. II. Hricgl, M. A. O'Dell. C. F. Michaels. ITII ROW: C. M. Oniango, F. K. Wanibari, Ft. T. McCranc, I’. E. Van Gocthcn, K. N. Haralson, A. K. Jacobson, R. E. Dcrickson. C. Anderson. W. W. Simpson, R. P. Meets. FRONT ROW: A. M. Zobcl. M. L. Krause, K. A. McAlpin, B. I,. Beilfuss, .1. M. Klug, N. L. Hcnnig, J. A. Spindlor, I). I.. Borocn, S. A. Weitzcl, K. A. Rowon. 2ND ROW: N. T. Newman. K M. Rogge, S. J Wesalen, C. L Slamka, K. ;. Schow, D L. Keating, K. F. Seidel, M. J. Haas, T. R. Kreie, J. E. Anderson. 3RD ROW: S. E. Marshall, W. I). Fiula, C. J. Pauba, T J. Meunicr, R. D. DiVordi, M. J. Barnes, G. T. Gilman, M. .1. Kramer, P. C. Gilbert, P. A. Johnson. -ITII ROW: T. R. Kurzinski, I’. L. Nelson, W. 1. Sprague. J. F. Sohactzcl, T. J. Cattanach, R. J. Thomson, R. L. Thein, I). J. Way, L. W. Kahila, W. O. Johnson. 5TH ROW: R. W. Larsen, K. I.. Ludko, I’. I). Barklay, I.. C. Rows, R. L. Lange, P. A. I.angc, IF. II. F«cch, R. I). Ileiliger, M. I). Natter, P. A. Johnson. 242FRONT ROW: K. L. Anderson, M. E. McNutt, B. R. Schaitcl, L. S. Siebert, J. J. Hinttn, J. M. Kruger, C. A. Caylor. 2ND ROW: W. R. Specht, T. J. Lehr. M. J. Ellefson, K K. Knahe, M. E. Loitermann, .J. A. Hall, C. L. Patrol, R. C. Kurowaki, S. J. Goetsch. 3RD ROW: R. L. Eichelbcrger, J. R. Dobretz, D. J. Voldcn, A. R. Schroder, P. J. Peters, I). E. Whit acre, T. F. Jahns, D. L. Roth bauer. FRONT ROW: J. C. Fintrer, S. J. Pope, C. E. Jarek, R. J. Schmut-zer, E. M. Siliwicki, J. F. Philipchuck. 2ND ROW: M. M. Rogacki, R. A. Prechcl, J. P, Phiffner, C. 0. Southgate, L. R. Hooft, P. J. Parsons, E. J. Arcndt. 3RD ROW: J. A. Mielke, B. A. Oxley, C. J. Beecher, P, A. Mnnthey, M. J. Graham, II. W. Fleck, K. L. Zaruba, P. W. Kerr. 243FRONT ROW: R. L. Northrop. M. A. Finch. C. L. Gould. P. K. Williams, L J. Long, R. A. Revling, S. A. Orlowski, I). T, Nowacki. 2ND ROW: M. E. Dculin, It. R. Dins, R. A. Fischer, S. I.. Holy, B. .1. Hnnkcy, J. M. Petersen, B. A. Tnsch. 3RD ROW: 1). J. Mullen, B. A. Hauser. R. Rlcdner, F. Y. Wilson. S. C. Wirtkc, C. A. Storzbach, L. A. Bumnnn. 4TH ROW: R. (I. Sweitzer, R. J. Greenwood, J. P. Hamilton, It. D. Rutta, R. A. Keller, D. A. Wigdahl, B. E. Volkman, E. J. Ukpo. 244 FRONT ROW: K. C. Njoka, R. It. Hosternian, L. F. Laflamme. 2ND ROW: W. P. Volin. R. W. Vollmer, T. J. Bright, C. L. Darnton.ARCHITECTURAL GRO WTH 245OLD MAINr»SMITH HALL255 14. HYER 15. ROACH 2 LSRARY 5 CAMPUS LAB SCHOOL 4. UNIVERSITY CENTER 5. PHY. EO. BLDG. 6 SCIENCE 7. ATHLETIC flELOS - PROPOSED 8 HOME MANAGEMENT HOUSE •NELSON HALL IO.OELZELL IL STEINER " 12. PRAY 13 SIMS 17. ALLEN RESIDENCE CENTER 18. HEATING PLANT o»4 6ARAGE ia CLASSROOM BLC:. 20 RESIDENCE HALL COMPLEX (2) ☆ PROPOSEO STES WISCONSIN STATE UNIVERSITY - STEVENS POINT SCALt IN fCCT OR AWN BY w r SPtCPT, Sf06 P r MPT. CAMPUS BOUNDARIES • present PARKING LOTS OTING PLANTGrowth is an aim of Wisconsin State Universit.v-Stevens Point which began as a Normal School in 1894. Since that time it has grown architecturally, socially, and academically. In the last fifteen years a Library, University center, Physical Education Building, Science Building, Bessie May Allen Food Center, and seven residence halls have been added to the campus. Two new residence halls and a University (’enter Addition are part of a multi-million dollar program that will add even more buildings in the next decade. In July 1964 “Central State College” became a State University and in the following August the first Masters degrees were conferred. Departments likewise have grown. Twenty-six teachers make English the largest staffed department. New to the curriculum are the courses in American Civilization and Latin American Studies. Only slightly older is the Speech Therapy department. Not only has the school grown but those who are leaving it have also grown. For in their growth lies the true value of the University.SPORT SHOP We carry a complete line of equipment for the sportsmen. PARKINSON’S CLOTHES FOR MEN "Where the college men and women like to shop." Headquarters for Keepsake Diamond Rings BEN’S JEWELRY STORE 258shippysu SHIPPY SHOE STORE Fine shoes to suit every taste. WESTENBERGER’S The place to go for your lunch or snack and the best drugs. Terrific selection of records. GRAHAM-LANE NORMINGTON’S For fast, dependable service. 259THE JOURNAL PRINTING COMPANY Publishers of the Stevens Point Daily Journal Printers and Lithographers HOLT DRUGS Hast Side Store Park Ridge 260 Latest women’s apparel and new men’s department CAMPBELL’S OTTERLEE’S JEWELRY STORE Headquarters for lasting gifts and Orange Blossom Diamond RingsThis is where to select your corsage or any floral needs. Personalized service is our byword. SORENSON’S FLORAL SHOP COCA-COLA “Have a Coke” Distributed by the Coca-Cola Bottling Company of La Crosse, Inc. 1460 South Church St. Stevens Point, Wisconsin LEVI’S V MONTICELLO All These Famous Brands SHIPPY CLOTHING 314-316 Main St. Stevens Point’s Largest Mens Boys Wear EMMONS STUDENT SUPPL Y STORE For your complete school needs 261POINT BOWL HOME FURNISHINGS, INC. of Stevens Point 121 North Second Street Stevens Point, Wisconsin Phone: Diamond 4-4003 carpets, linoleum, resilient tiles window shades, Venetian blinds, ceramic tile, metal trims WELSBY’S DRY CLEANING 446 Clark Street Stevens Point, Wisconsin Phone: 344-5033 "Prompt Service our Motto" the ANTLERS Food, Cocktails, entertainment, dancing visit our New Golden Nugget Room Midway between Stevens Point and Wausau overlooking beautiful Lake Du Bay ft UHLEMANN CUSTOM OPTICIANS We specialize in Eye glasses and contact lenses fittings DUN-RITE CLEANERS 423 College Avenue Stevens Point, Wisconsin Phone: 344-3540 "Cleaning is our Business We do it well” Pick up and Delivery Odorless Cleaners ALTENBURG’S DAIRY 745 Water Street Stevens Point, Wisconsin Phone: DI 4-3976 Pasteurized Grade "A” Dairy Products Delicious Pure Ice Cream Serving this community for over 30 years with the finest dairy products available HANNON’S PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY Visit us for all your drug and photography needs 263 thrifty prices ... tasty food Stevens Point COLLEGE VARIETY STORE Readers are Leaders CITY-NEWS SERVICE 2t 4 RAY’S RED OWL Home Owned Home Operated PENNEY’S A complete department store retail and catalog division Penney’s Department Store has a large selection of men’s and women’s fashionsCITIZEN NATIONAL BANK 425 Main Street Phone: 344-3300 “The Friendly Hank in a Friendly Town” FOX THEATRE “The Place to Go” Special student rates available for WSU students 4UI.IA8YE Compliments of LULLABYE FURNITURE COMPANY Fine Baby Furniture Since 1897 Stevens Point, Wisconsin — Toccoa, Georgia NIGBOR FURS Wisconsin’s Largest FurrierFIRST NATIONAL BANK.. . For Complete Banking Service FIRST national BANK SERVICE Serving Port«KC County since 18g3 HOT FISH SHOP Dining Room "Sea Food is our Specialty" 266 BREI TENS TEIN COMPANY, INC. Phone 344-9100 217 Clark St. Building Supplies, Coal, Fertilizer, Feed, Seed, Frigidaire and Amana Appliances, Motorola TVBERNDT-MURAT INSURANCE AGENCY “Since 1928” Kuhl Building 344-2222 401 V Main St. "Your Protection is our Business” Dining Room Facilities or Carry Outs % Hour Delivery Service 344-9557 112 Water St. BILL’S PIZZA SHOP VETTER Lumber Building Supply Center Home Planning Service 313 Wood St. 344-4780 267WHITING HOTEL WINSOR ROOM CHAPELLERIE DE L TOILE I ------------- ‘oi or 'un Jfcfh iMi- MOTOR HOTEL Exceptional Banquet Facilities MAIN STREET CAFE Open: Monday Night til 6 P.M. Other Nights til 2 A.M. Students Welcome PORTE SI’S Italian Food and Pizza For a Touch of old Italian Cooking by those who really know how— 1200 N. 2nd St. Stevens Point Closed Mondays Open Daily 5-12 Sunday 3-12 268ROSKA PHARMACY Phone 344-5929 752 Church Street Stevens Point, Wisconsin Free Prescription Pickup and Delivery PA STERNA CKI’S Apparel for the Student 344-8391 309 Main Men’s Wear EASTSIDE IGA Hy 10 Park Ridge 344-6180 NORTHSIDE IGA 210 North Second 344-2880 SOUTHSIDE IGA 1633 Church 344-5049 The Friendliest Stores in Town Your IGA Foodliners 269UNIVERSITY CENTER STUDENT UNION ADDITION WISCONSIN STATECOLLEGE STEVENS POINT lr no uwl Kr.nk- AIA .rrh.l«-u With the completion and opening of the University Center addition in September 1965, many new facilities will become available to the students and alumni. Included among these are: A large formal lounge and reception center A branch post office A University store Snack bar for 400 people A Multi-purpose room with portable stage Four additional meeting rooms Offices for student organizations The recreational facilities will be increased ten fold and will include billards, ping pong, chess, checkers and card games. Opportunities for relaxation on an adequate scale will be available for the first time. These are necessary opportunities and add a proper and joyful dimension to student life. It is our hope that your new University Center will provide an informal, cheerful, and enlightening atmosphere, with programs which will contribute to the advancement of your educational and social development. 270271joulW"n Apparel. Millinerv and Accessories 457 Main Street Stevens Point, Wisconsin LAABS MUSIC Rental — Sales — Organ Instruction Guitar Drums Piano Accordian Brass Uke Banjo Woodwinds BEGINNER'S PLAN 1. Use of instrument for six weeks 2. Six one-hour lessons 3. All music furnished Full Line of Music and Accessories NEW and USED Instruments COMPLETE RECORD DEPARTMENT Sec Walt for all your record and accessory needs. Entire Fabulous 40 Listings Folk Singing Jazz Instrumental Classical Male and Female Vocal Sacred Rock Big Stock of Record Accessories Tajnis and Accessories and Batteries 308 Main — Stevens Point — Phone 344-5185 272 WE ARE A STEVENS POINT INDUSTRY 344-2826 2611 Main St. Park RidgeThere Is Always an Open Door for Wisconsin State University People at SENTRY URANCE Mutual UU WISCONSIN RIVER COUNTRY CLUB South River Drive Phone 341-9152 ZINDA FLORAL 214 Monroe Street Phone 344-3737 TEMPO North Point Shopping Center Phone 341-0007 FRANK’S HARDWARE 117 N. 2nd Street Phone 344-4191 PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Ace Foods...................................271 Altenburg’s Dairy............................263 Antlers......................................262 Ben’s Jewelers...............................258 Berndt-Murat Insurance.......................267 Bill’s Pizza.................................267 Boston Furniture.............................258 Brcitenstein.................................266 Campbell’s...................................260 Charlesworth Studios.........................268 Citizens National Bank.......................265 City News....................................264 Coca-Cola Bottling Co.......................261 Copps Co.....................................269 Dunrite Cleaners.............................263 Emmons Stationery...........................261 First National Bank..........................266 Fox Theatre..................................265 Graham Lane..................................259 Hannon Pharmacy..............................263 Holt Drugs...................................260 Home Furnishings Inc.........................262 Hot Fish Shop................................266 Journal Printing.............................260 Keyboard Studios.............................272 Lou Vincent Millinery........................272 Lullabye Furniture............................265 Main Street Cafe..............................268 Nigbor Furriers..............................265 Normington’s Cleaners.........................259 Otterlee’s Jewelers...........................260 Parkinson’s Clothing..........................258 Pasternaki’s Clothing.........................269 Penney’8 Dept. Store..........................264 Point Bowl....................................262 Portesi Pizza................•................268 Ray’s Red Owl.................................264 Robbys’...................................... 264 Roska Pharmacy................................269 Sentry Insurance..............................273 Shippy Clothing..............................261 Shippy Shoes..................................259 Sorenson’s Floral............................261 Sport Shop....................................258 Uhlemann Optical..............................263 University Center.............................270 Vetter’s Mfg..................................267 Welsby’s Cleaners.............................262 Westenberger’s Drug...........................259 West’s I)airy.................................272 Whiting Hotel.................................268 Wilshire Shop.................................272 273SENIOR DIRECTORY ABBREDERIS, PATRICIA ALPUTH: Stevens Point Int.-Upper Elem. Ed; Minor: Geography. ACKERMAN, JACQUELINE: Two Rivers ADAMS, GERALD L.: Centrniia. III. AAS; Major: Conservation. AHLKS, TOM: Mosince ANDERSON, BARBARA M.: Washburn L S; Major: Sociology; Minor: Psychology. History. Activities: Spectrum Club. ANDERSON, BILLIE S.: Wausau ANDERSON, MALLA: Sturgeon Bay Sec. Ed.; Major: Music. ANDERSON, MARCIA J.: Lakewood Prim. Ed.; Major: Primary, Home Economics. Activities: Intar-varsity Christian Fellowship, Primary Council, Home Ec. Club. ARNESON. DAVID M.: Forcstvillc Sec. Ed.; Major: Mathematics; Minor: Chemistry. Activities: Class of 06 (Pros.), Sec. Ed. Assoc. (Pros.), Sigma Zeta. Newman Student Assoc., Debate. ARNOTT, BARBARA J.: Antigo See. Ed.; Major: Home Economics. Activities: Home Ec. Club, Delta Zeta, LSA. ARTHUR, DENNIS R.: Portsmouth. Ohio BABLER, ALAN M.: Monroe L S; Major: History; Activities: University Center Board, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Phi Alpha Theta. BACON, NOLA: Adams-Friendship K-Primary. Activities: Primary Council, Alpha Sigma Alpha. BACOVSKY. MICHAEL R.: Monomonee Falls BALOUSEK, LARRY: Muscoda L S; Major: Geography; Minor: General Science. BANTA. MICHAEL: Wausau BARKER. NORMA JO: Stevens Point Sec. Ed.; Major: English; Minor: Speech. Activities: Sigma Tau Delta. Tau Gamma Tau, NEA-WEA. BAXTER. JAMES J.: West Allis BAXTER, RICHARD H.: Lancaster AAS; Major: Conservation; Minor: Biology. Activities: AKL, ‘S" Club, Dclzoll Hall Council. BAY, BRUCE A.: Kaukuur.a L S; Mujor: Geography; Minor: General Science. Sigma Epsilon, Economics b Business Assoc., “S” Club. BECK, WILLIAM J.: Pcwaukeo AAS; Major: Conservation; Minor: Biology. Activities: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Newman Student Assoc. BECKER. ANNE MARIE: Land O’Lakes Sec. Ed.; Major: Art. Activities: Delta Phi Delta. Student Art League. Wesley, Jr. Primary Council. BECKER, ARTHUR D.: Wausau BELLIVEAU, JOSEPH: Tomahawk Elementary Education. BENCHOFF, DAVID A.: Nekoosa Sec. Ed. Activities: Football manager, Basketball manager, Track munager. Cheerleader, Pray-Sims Hall Council, Hall Counselor, UCCF, Geography Club. BENNETT, DAVID C.: Endeavor L S; Major: Sociology; Minor: Psychology. Activities: Wesley Foun-dation, Men’s Glee Club, Curling Club, Spectrum. Alpha Phi Omega. BENSON, BARBARA L.: Mndison BIENEMAN, PAUL M.: Burlington L S; Major: Geography; Minor: Art. Activities: Geography Assoc. BLUNT, TERRY A.: Freeport, III. AAS; Major: Conservation; Minor: Geography. Activities: Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Kappa lambda. BORLEE. MADONNA M.: Green Bay BOURCIER. ALBERT J.: Marshfield BOUT WELL, BONITA: Ogdensburg Sec. Ed; Major: Home Economics; Minor: Art. Activities: Home Ec Club, Psi Delta Psi, NBA. SEA. BOWKER. RICHARD F.: Mosince BRALEY, GARY D.: Eagle River Int.-Upper Elem. Ed. Activities: Phi Sigma Epsilon. BRANDL, CAROL T.: Stevens Point BRANDT. THOMAS R.: Stevens Point BRENNER. JERRY R.: Green Bay BREZINSKI, DORIS L.: Neenah BROWN, JAMES E.: Wausau Sec. Ed.; Major: Social Science; Minor: U. S. History. Activities: Football, Baseball, Hockey, Dramatics. BROWNLOW. JEAN: Wild Rose FA; Major: Art. Activities: Student Art League. BROWNLOW. RUTH: Wild Rose Sec. Ed.; Major: Home Economics Minor: Psychology. Activities: Student Council, AWS Board, Class Secretary, LSA. Home Economics Club, Student Assistant. BRUCKNER, DAVID A.: Rhinelander BRUNNER, KATHRYN A.: Leopolis BUB. KAREN ANN: Milan L S; Major: Sociology; Minor: Psycology. Activities: Newman Club, Alpha Sigma Alpha. BUDDENHAGEN, LOLA LEE: Neillsville K-Primary Ed. Activities: Primary Council. BURG, MARY: Athens L S; Major: Sociology, History, Social Science. Activities: Newman Club. BURIK, MARILYN: Kingston K-Primary Ed. BUSCH, GERTRUDE IL: Rhinelander Sec. Ed.; Major: English; Minor: Sociology. Activities: Ski Club, College Theater, Omega Mu Chi, Pointer, NEA-WEA. BUTNICK, ADRIENNE M.: Green Bay Sec. Ed.; Major: Home Economics; Minor: Art. Activities: Newman Club, Home Economics Club, Omega Mu Chi, SEA. CALLIGAR, ANNABELLE: Iron Belt K-Primary Ed. Activities: Newman Club, Primary Council (Pres.) CAMBER, LARRY: Pulaski Sec. Ed.; Major: Conservation, General Science; Minor: Biology. Activities: Football. CARLSON, DENNIS E.: Shiocton Sec. Ed.; Major: Mathematics; Minor: Chemistry. Activities: Newman Student Association, Sigma Zeta, Mathematics Symposium, SEA. CARLSON. ELIZABETH A.: Waupaca Primary Ed. Activities: Primary Council, Resident Hall Staff. Newman Club. CASTOR. MARY FRANCES: Plainfield Primary Ed. CERRATO, FLORENCE WILLIAMS: Verona Int.-Uppor Elem. Ed. Activities: F. E. T. A.; Tau Gamma Tau, AWS, NEA-WEA, Women’s Glee Club. CHAUVIN, EUGENE P„ III: Merrill CHEUNG, MAN MING ROBERT: Hong Kong L S; Major: Chemistry, Mathematics. Activities: International Students Organization. CHRISTENSEN, JUDITH: Waupaca Upper Elem. Ed. Activities: Student Council, United Council of WSU Student Governments, F. E. T. A. CHRISTIAN, ARNOLD R.: Janesville AAS; Major: Conservation; Minor: Biology. Activities: AKL, Gamma Delta, Tennis. CLABOTS, JOSEPH W.: Green Bay Sec. Ed.; Major: English; Minor: Speech. CLAFLIN, LARRY W.: Algoma CLARK. CATHERINE GLENYS: Merrill Sec. Ed.; Major: Art. Activities: Steiner Hall Council, NEA-WEA, Alpha Phi, Omega Mu Chi. Iris, Student Art League, Inter-Hall Coun-i ll. AWS Board, Nelson Hall Council, Winter Carnival Committee. CLEMENTS, BRUCE: Stevens Point L b S; Major: Political Science. Activities: Union Center Board, Student Court. Pointer, Y-GOP, YAF, RWF. CLEMENTS, RODNEY G.: York. Pa. Sec. Ed.; Major: Geography; Minor: Physical Ed., Drivers Ed. Activities: Phi Sigma Epsilon. COLLINS, CHARLES M.: Milwaukee Sec. Ed.; Major: Biology; Minor: Physical Ed. Activities: Phi Sigma Epsilon, Newman Student Assoc., SEA. CONE, CAROLYN R.: Amherst CONE, PAUL E.: Amherst CONGDON, JAMES C.: Coloma CONN, DONNA: White Lake L S; Major: Psychology. English. Activities: Spectrum, Pointer. Iris. UCCF. 274COOK, JONATHON C.: Engle River L S; Major: Economies. Activities: Economics Business Assoc. CORRIGAN, THOMAS A.: Wnupun CORSTEN, KAREN: Green Bay K-Primnry. Activities: Newman Student Assoc.. Primary Council. Omega Mu Chi, AWS, AWS Honor Society. COUNTER, JAMES R.: Rhinelander L S; Major: English; Minor: Sociology. Activities: Tau Kappa Epsilon. CROPP, JUDITH ANN: Menomonie Primary Ed. Activities: Primary Council. CROSS, LINDA M.: Marshfield Soc. Ed.; Major: English; Minor: French. Activities: French Club, SEA. NEA-WEA. CRULL, STEVEN F.: Evansville AAS; Major: Conservation. CUTLER. KATHLEEN ANN: Auburndale See. Ed.; Major: Mathematics; Minor: Physical Ed. Activities: WRA. NEA-WEA, Newman Student Assoc., AWS Board. CZAJA, RONALD F.: Oak Lawn. III. L S; Major: Sociology; Minor: Mathematics. Activities: Phi Kappa Theta, Student Assistant. DALE. BRYON: Durand L S; Major: German, English. Activities: Alpha Phi Omega. LSA. German Club, Russian Hour, Sigma Tau Delta. DANIELS, KAREN M.: Stevens Point L S; Major: Sociology; Minor: Psychology. Activities: Alpha Sigmn Alpha, Newman Student Assoc. DANIELSON, CHERYL: Waupaca Sec. Ed.; Major: Home Economics; Minor: Art. DAUBERMAN, SUE: Maple Park. 111. Primary Ed. Activities: Nelson Hall Council, Primury Council. DAVIS, HELEN L.: Stevens Point DAVIS. JUDITH: Pine River Sec. Ed.; Major: Geography; Minor: Physical Ed. Activities; AWS Board, AWS Honor Society, Geography Club, NEA-WEA, Panhcllenic Council, Psi Delta Psi, WRA Board. DEGENEFFE, MARVIN R.: Oconto Sec. Ed.; Major: Biology; Minor: Physical Ed., Driver Ed. Activities: Alpha Beta Rho, Signm Zeta, Track, NEA-WEA. DEMING, PATRICK: Clintonville AAS; Major: Conservation; Minor: Biology. Activities: Tau Kappa Epsilon. DEMOSS, BEVERLEY A.: Stevens Point L S; Major: Economics; Minor: Psychology. DEMSKE. KAREN D.: Grecnlcaf Sec. Ed.; Major: Business Ed.; Minor: Economics. Activities: Ski Club, Iris, NEA-WEA. SEA. DERING. CAROL ANN KINDIGER: Prentice I, S; Major: Sociology; Minor: Psychology. DETTWILER, LLOYD P.: Verona DLUGOS, THOMAS W.: Garfield Heights, Ohio AAS; Major: Conservation; Minor: Biology. DOBBS. LAWRENCE E.: Three Lakes Int.-Upper Elem. Ed.; Minor: Geography. Activities: FETA, Intervarsity. DOBERSTEIN, DANIEL A.: Marinette L S; Major: Biology. Activities: Siascfi. DOMKE, CAROL ANN: Oconto AAS; Major: Home Economics. Activities: Home Ec. Club. DREWITZ MARILYN J.: Merrill Sec. Ed.; Major: Music; Minor: English. Activities: Alpha Kappa Rho, Civic Orchestra. DUDKIEWICZ, ALAN BERNARD: Green Bay L S; Major: Biology, History. DURAND, BARBARA J.: Wisconsin Rapids L S; Major: History, Social Science. Activities: Spectrum, Newman Student Assoc., AWS. EGENHOEFER, JOHN JOSEPH: Stevens Point L S; Major: Economics; Minor: Social Science. Activities: Newman Student Assoc., Economics Business Assoc., Phi Kappa Theta. EGGERT, JAMES A.: Shawano L S; Major: Physics, General Science; Minor: Mathematics. Activities: Alpha Beta Rho, Descll Hall Pres., Inter-Hall Council, Inter-Fraternity Council. ELDEN, DELLA JEAN: Beaver Dam Sec. Ed.; Major: English; Minor: Speech. Activities: Sigmn Tau Delta. Student Assistant, College Theater, Board of Inquiry. EM ERICH. GARALD R.: Appleton Sec. Ed.; Major: Mathematics; Minor: Chemistry. Activities: Sigmn Tau Gamma. EMMERICH, RODNEY C.: Mosince L . S; Major: General Science; Minor: Economics. Activities: Sigmu Phi Epsilon. ENGEL, MARY ELIZABETH: Seymour K-Primary Ed. Activities: Primary Council. Hall Council, Residence Hall Assistant. ENGFER, GREGG S.: Brookfield EPP, ROBERT E.: Chippewa Falls L S; Major: Geography; Minor: Physical Ed. Activities: "S” Club, Winter Carnival Committee, Newman Student Assoc., Geography Assoc. ERICSON, WAYNE: Bonduel L S; Major: Economics. Activities: Economics Business Assoc., Gcogruphy Assoc. ERNST. ROGER C.: Oshkosh Sec. Ed.; Major: English; Minor: Speech. Activities: Sigma Tau Delta. Men’s Glee Club, NEA-WEA. Steiner Hall Student Assistant. ERNST. RONALD: Oshkosh Sec. Ed.; Major: English; Minor: Speech. Activities: Men’s Glee Club, NEA-WEA, Secondary Ed. Assoc., Signm Tau Delta. ESKRITT, SUE ANN: Stevens Point Int.-Upper Elem. Ed.; Minor: Phy. Ed. Activities: Delta Zeta, Gamma Delta, WRA. ESSER, JOHN M.: Stevens Point Sec. Ed.; Major: English; Minor: History. Activities: Newman Student Assoc., Sigma Tau Delta. ESTREEN, RICHARD: Wabeno Sec. Ed.; Major: Mathematics; Minor: Chemistry. EVJEN, GARY BOYER: Glen Flora L S; Major: Geography; Minor: Biology. Activities: Geography Assoc. (Program Chm.), Scuba Club (Pres.). Sigmn Phi Epsilon. FEDEL, ERMEN: West Allis Sec. Ed.; Major: Biology; Minor: Conservation; Activities: Sigmu Zeta, Student Council, NEA-WEA. FEUTZ, MARIANNE: Wisconsin Rapids Sec. Ed.; Major: Art; Activities: Delta Phi Delta, Student Art League, AWS Board. NEA-WEA. FICKLER, EDWIN JAMES: Kewaskum AAS; Major: Biology, Conservation; Activities: Sigma Phi Epsilon. FIELDS, DENNIS C.: Black River Falls Upper Elem.; Minor: Science; Activities: 550 Club (Pres.), Student Council, Roundtable, FETA. FISH, JOHN A.: La Valle Sec. Ed.; Major: Biology; Minor: Mathematics. FLAHERTY, THOMAS P.: Montell FLEMING, THOMAS R.: Moquon FLOBETZ, TOM: Montello L S; Major: Geography; Minor: Art. FLORIANO. ROBERT LEE: Green Bay Int.-Upper Elem. Ed; Activities: Sigma Phi Epsilon, FETA, Inter-Fraternity Council. FLOWERS. TRUMAN A.: Pittsburgh, Pa. L S; Major: English; Minor: French; Activities: Newman Student Assoc., Sigmn Tau Delta, Alpha Psi Omega. College Theater, French Club. FOEMMEL. SANDRA RAE: Neillsville Soc. Ed.; Major: Home Economics; Activities: Home Ec. Club. Psi Delta Psi, Chorus. FOLSOM. JOHN M.: Milwaukee L S; Major: Mathonmtics; Activities: Math Club FRANKE. LOIS: Wausau Primary Ed.; Activities: Jr., Sr.. Primary Council. FREDRICH. ROBERT R.: Mosince FRICKE, GEORGE ROBERT: Chicago. III. AAS; Major: Conservation. Biology; Activities: Sinsefi, Alpha Kappa Lumhdn, Pointer. FRIDAY, BARBARA H.: Stevens Point K-Primary Ed.; Minor: Speech; Activities: Sr. Primary Council. Delta Zeta. Newman Student Assoc. FRIES. JOHN W.: Rhinelander FULLMER. WILLIAM W.: Bamboo GABRYSIAK, EUGENE: Wausau Sec. Ed.; Major: History; Minor: English. GASS, JAMES RIC: Green Bay Sec. Ed.; Major: Chemistry; Minor: Mathematics; Activities: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Debate Team. 275CAST, LEE A.: Kaukauna GEHLING, DANIEL E.: Dunbar AAS; Major: Conservation; Minor: Biology; Activities: AKL. GEORGE, JAMES E.: Wisconsin Rapids L S; Major: Economics, Geography; Activities: Economics Business Assoc., Ski Club. GETLINGER, MARY JANE: Pittaville See. Ed.; Major: Home Economics; Minor: Chemistry; Activities: Sigma ' .eta, Gamma Delta. GILLETTE, LOWELL J.: Rockford, III L S; Major: Biology, Economics; Activities: Phi Sigma Epsilon. GOLDSON. MARVIN: New York. N.Y. See. Ed.; Major: General Science; Minor: Chemistry; Activities: SEA, W E A. GOLTZ, GRANT E.: Holcombe GONZAGOWSKI, BRUCE L.: Madison GOGGINS. JAMES R.: Praric Du Sac Int-'Upper Elem. Ed.; Minor: Phy. Ed.; Activities: “S” Club, Football, Y-Dems, FETA. GRAEFE, GARY R.: Wausau GRAFENAUER, THOMAS G.: West Allis AAS; Major: Biology, Conservation; Minor: Phy. Ed.; Activities: Alpha Phi Omega, Newman Student Assoc., “S” Club. GRAMS, BILL E.: Deerbrook GRAUPNER, PHILIP A.: Spencer GREGORY. RUTH: Stevens Point Primary Ed.; Activities: Primary Council. GRESENS, JOAN M.: Wausau GRESL, GARY: Manitowoc Int.-Upper Elem. Ed.; Minor: Music; Activities: Men’s Glee Club, Newman Student Assoc., Poetry Award (Prism). GROBE, EDWARD E.: Chili L S; Major: Geography; Minor: Economics; Activities: Gamma Delta, Chassn Chess Club, Geography Assoc. GROSS, EDWARD R.: West Union. Iowa AAS; Major: Conservation; Minor: Chemistry. GROTH, MICHAEL M.: Milwaukee GROTH, WILLIAM E.: Stevens Point GRUTHOFF, BRUCE: Lagrange, III. GRUVER, LINDA: Janesville Sec. Ed.; Major: Speech; Minor: English; Activities: College Theatre, NEA-WEA, Sec. Ed. Assoc. GULLIXON, ELLEN M.: loin Upper Elem. Ed.; Minor: Music: Activities: FETA, NEA-WEA. GUM , FLORES: Wisconsin Rapids K-I’rimnry; Activities: Primary Council. GUNDERSON, CAROL A.: Appleton GUT, RONALD HERMAN: Wausau L S; Major: Political Science, History; Activities: 650’s, Campus Bowling League. GUY A NT. JEROME O.: Amherst L S; Major: Economics, Social Science; Minor: American History; Activities: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Economics Business Assoc., LSA. HAAG. GEORGE F.: Grcendalc HAGEN, CURTIS M.: Wisconsin Rapids Sec. Ed.; Major: English; Minor: German; Activities: NEA-WEA. HAGERSTROM, JO ANN L.: Wausau IIAHS, DIANE LEE: Muskego, Mich. Sec. Ed.; Major: English; Minor: Speech; Activities: Delta Zeta, College Theatre, Wesley. HALLENBECK, JEAN ANN: Seymour AAS; Major: Home Economics; Activities: Home Ec. Club, Newmnn Student Assoc., Delta Zeta. HALVERSON, WARNER R.: Waupaca Sec. Ed.; Major: Art; Activities: Delta Phi Delta, Student Art Longue, NEA-WEA. HAMBURG. JANE: Elroy K-Prlmary; Activities: Sr. Primary Council, NEA-WEA, Band, Girl’s Gta Club. HANCOCK, BONNIE LEE: Florence Sec. Ed.; Major: Music; Minor: Speech; Activities: College Theatre, Alpha Psi Omega, Alpha Kappa Rho. HANSEN, DUANE N.: Whitehall HANSON, M. CAROL: Stevens Point L S; Mnjor: English; Minor: Art; Activities: Alpha Phi, Newmnn Student Assoc. HANSON. SHIRLEY: Menomonee Falls L S; Major: English; Minor: Sociology. HARTWIG, JEROME: Merrill Sec. Ed.; Mnjor: Speech, English; Activities: College Theatre, Alpha Psi Omega, Student Council Junior Class Officer, Men’s Glee Club, SEA, Phi Kappa Theta. HASS, KAREN M. PRAST: Merrill Int-Upper Elem Ed.; Activities: FETA, NEA-WEA. HASTREITER, MARY A.: Woodruff HAVEY, DENNIS M.: Milwaukee HAYES. LORNA A.: Stcvons Point Int.-Upper Elem. Ed.; Minor: General Science; Activities: FETA (Sec.). HEIKING. RICHARD C.: Elroy HEIKK1NEN, SUSAN ELIZABETH: Brantwood Sec. Ed.; Major: Hume Economics; Activities: Home Ec. Club, Delta Zeta. WEA-NEA, LSA. HEIN, DWANE WERNER: Pelican Lake Sec. Ed.; Major: Biology; Minor: Conservation; Activities Y-GOP, Detail Hull Council. HEMMING. PHILLIP R.: Wisconsin Rapids HERMAN. CHARLES JOSEPH: Pelican Lake Int.-Upper Elem. Eld.; Minor: General Science; Activities: Phi Sigma Epsilon, “S” Club, FETA. Newman Student Assoc. HERRMANN. KENNETH H.: Milwaukee HETZEL, ROY W.: Wisconsin Rapids HOFFMANN. DARRELL L.: Oostburg HOLDRIDGE. JOHN W.: Milwaukee HOLMES. LEON WAYNE: Phillips L S; Major: Economics; Minor: Psychology; Activities: Economics Business Assoc., Y-Dems HOSTERMAN, BRUCE A.: Mcnaska HOUSEL, ROBERT B.: Winter HUETTL, KARLA: Seymour Primary Ed.; Activities: Newmnn Student Assoc.. Union Board Cultural Committee, Primary Council. HUGHES. MARVIN: Stratford Sec. Ed.; Mnjor: History: Minor: Psychology, French; Activities: Alpha Phi Omega, 1963-64 Winter Carnival Chm., Newman Student Assoc.. NEA-WEA, Men’s Gta Club. Iris Photographer HULL, WILLIAM J: Rhinelander L S; Major: English; Activities: Pointer. Wesley. HUMKE. JOHN WILLIAM: Whitefish Bay AAS; Major: Conservation, Biology; Activities: Ski Club, 660’s. HYLAND, LU ANN: Stevens Point K-Primnry; Activities: AWS, AWS Honor Society. Sr. Primary Council, NEA-WEA, Newman Student Assoc. IGL, DOROTHY ELLEN: Antigo L S; Major: English, Biology; Activities: Senior Class (V.P.), Student Council, Union Center Board, AWS Honor Society. Alpha Sigma Alpha, Sigma Tau Delta. Newman Student Assoc. IMMEL, VAL: Stevens Point INNEREBNER. TERRY: Wittenburg L S; Major: Biology. JACOBS, RUTH E.: Wisconsin Rapids K-Primary; Activities: Primary Council. JAECKS, DENNIS M.: Wisconsin Rapids L S; Major: Physics, Mathematics; Activities: Sigma Zeta, Wesley. JAJEWSKI, GERALDINE C.: Stevens Point Sec. Ed.; Major: English; Minor: French; Activities: Newman Student Assoc., Sigma Tau Delta. JAKEL, DIANA: Sheboygan AAS; Mnjor: Home Economics; Minor: Art; Activities: Home Ec. Club, Student Art I-engue, Newman Student Assoc., WRA. JAROCKI. ARTHUR J.: Curtiss JECKLE, DARLENE: Green Bay K-Primary; Activities: AWS, Primary Council, Omega Mu Chi, Newman Student Assoc. JERRER1ES, MICHAEL G.: Kenosha AAS; Mnjor: Conservation. Biology; Activities: Alpha Kappa Lambda. JOHNSON, ALAN ORIN: Stevens Point L S; Major: Physics; Minor: Mathematics; Activities: Gamma Delta, Russian Club. JOHNSON, JUDITH ANN: Westfield Sec. Ed.; Mnjor: Home Economics; Activities: Delta Zeta, Home Ec. Club, UCCF. JOHNSON, JUDITH RAK: Waukesha Int.-Upper Elem. Ed.; Activities: FETA. NEA-WEA, WRA. JOHNSON, KEITH E.: Green Bay L S; Major: Mathematics; Minor: Chemistry; Activities: Tau Kuppa Epsilon, (iamma Delta, Sigma Zeta, Crass Country. 276JOHNSON. ROBERT L.: Almond L S; Major: Economics, General Science; Activities: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Economics Business Assoc., Men’s (Ilco Club, Inter-Fraternity Council. JOHNSON. TED: Sun Diego, Calif. K-Primary. JOHNSON, VICKI: Algoma K-Primary; Activities: Primary Council, Newman Student Assoc. JORGENSEN, NANCY: Plainfield JOSWICK, CHARLENE ANNE: Pulaksi K-Primary; Activities: Primary Council. NEA-WEA. KAHSEN, CHARLES W.: Custer KEMPS, ERNA A.: Wausau KENOWSKI, ROSE A.: Stevens Point KEYZER, GERALD I).: Stevens Point KIDNEY, KYLE G.: Pnrdccville KLEIN, NANCY C.: Stevens Point KLEIN, ROBERT II.: Rockfield KI.EINE, RICHARD: Fort Wayne, Ind. KLEINSCHMIDT, DUWAYNE R.: Merrill Sec. Ed.; Major: Mathematics; Minor: Physics; Activities: Sigma Tau Gamma. KLEISNER, JAMES J.: Wisconsin Rapids L S; Major: Mathematics, Physics; Minor: Psychology; Activities: APO. KLIEJUNAS, JOHN: Sheboygan AAS; Major: Conservation: Minor: Biology; Activities: Alpha Kappa Lambda, Newman Student Assoc., Chess Club. KLOPPENBURG, BARBARA ZURAWSKI: Stevens Point Int.-Upper Klein. Ed.; Minor: Phy. Ed.; Activities: Newman Student Assoc. KLUKAS. LORRAINE M.: Chippewa Falls KNAUF, FLORENCE R.: Murathon AAS; Major: Medicnl Technology; Minor: Chemistry. Biology; Activities: Alpha Sigma Alpha, Newman Student Assoc., Sigma Mu Tau. KNAUF. PHILIP F.: Sheboygan L S; Major Economics; Activities: Intramural Basketball, Intra-mural Volleyball, Economics Business Assoc., Y-GOP, Newman Student Assoc. KNUTSON. ROSE MARIE: Ogdensburg Major: K-Primary, Art; Minor: Phy Ed.; Activities: Jr. Primary Council, Sr. Primary Council, WRA. I.SA, SEA, NEA-WEA. KOCIAN, CONNIE: Colby Sec. Ed.; Major: Chemistry; Minor: Muthemutics; Activities: Sigma Zcta. KOLDA. JOYCE L.: Mequon K-Primary; Activities: Primary Council. KOPCHINSK1, MAX V.: Stevens Point Sec. Ed.; Major: Music; Activities: Newman Student Assoc., Orchestru. KORT. JUDITH: Wnusnu Sec. Ed.; Major: Music; Minor: English; Activities: LSA, Alpha Kappa Rho. KOSCHAK, KATHLEEN J.: Greenwood Sec. Ed.; Major: Art; Activities: AWS, AWS Board, Newman Student Assoc., Student Art league (Sec.). KOSHALEK, JOANNE LYN: Rothschild AAS; Major: Home Economics; Minor: Art; Activities: Psi Delta Psi, Home Ec. Club, Student Art longue. KOTAR. JOHN: Milwaukee AAS; Major: Conservation; Minor: Biology; Activities: Alpha Kappa I-nmlaln, Theta Delta Phi. Newman Student Assoc., Ski Club. KRAUS. BEVERLY MARIE: Stevens Point Sec. Ed.; Major: Business Ed.; Minor: English; Activities: Band, Feature Twirler, Drum Majorette, NEA-WEA, Sec. Ed. Assoc., Student Representative on Student Faculty Committee, Newman Student Assoc., Economics Business Assoc. KRAUSE. GREGORY G.: Curtiss KRING, DOUGLAS DUANE: Brantwood Int.-Upper Elcm. Ed.; Minor: Geography. KROLL. KATHRYN M.: Sheboygan L S; Major: English; Minor: Home Economics; Activities: Alpha Phi, Omega Mu Chi, Iris, Home Ec. Club. KRUEGER, JAMES W.: Green Buy L S; Major: Sociology; Minor: History, Psychology; Activities: Y-GOP, Wesley, Iris (Ass’t Business Mgr.), Spectrum. Y.A.F. KRUEGER. KAREN A.: Wisconsin Rapids KRUEGER. RONALD K.: Wisconsin Rapids KRUESEL. DUANE D.: Marathon KRUGER, SANDRA II.: Wisconsin Rapids K-Primary; Activities: Jr. Sr. Primary Council, Sr. Representative. KUBISIAK, GLORIA: Wisconsin Rapids Sec. Ed.; Major: English, Speech; Activities: Sigma Tau Delta, AWS Honor Society. College Theatre. Union Center Board. Student Assist. KUFAHL, THOMAS: Wausau Sec. Ed.; Major: Music; Minor: Art: Activities: Alpha Kappa Rho, American Guild of Organists. KUHL, FREDERIC G.: Stratford Int.-Upper Elcm. Ed.; Minor: General Science; Activities: Phi Sigma Epsilon. KUHL, JON F.: Stevens Point KUHN, JAMES J.: Us Angelos. Calif. L S; Major: History; Minor: Speech; Activities: Sigma Phi Epsilon. KUJAWSKI, KAREN KAY: Manitowoc Primary Ed.; Activities: College Theatre, Alpha Psi Omega. Sr. Primary Council. KULAS, KENNETH G.: Stevens Point KUNDINGER, PATRICIA A.: Auburndale K-Primary; Activities: Primary Council, Newman Student Assoc., Pointer. KUROWSKI, EDWARD J.: Green Bay Sec. Ed.; Major: General Science; Minor: Biology; Activities: SEA, Sigma Zcta, NEA-WEA. KUROWSKI. KAREN L.: Green Bay Int.-Upper Elcm. Ed.; Activities: FETA. Student Wives Club. KUSSMAN, ALINDA: Amherst Fine Arts; Major: Music Literature; Activities: Alpha Kappa Rho. Tau Gamma Beta. Band, LSA. KUST, PETER J.; Coleman Int.-Upper Elem. Ed.; Major: Conservation; Minor: Biology, General Science; Activities: Alpha Kappa Lamhdn (Pres.), Newman Student Assoc., FETA, Pointer Jubilee (Chm.). LAACK, JAMES E.: Plymouth L S; Major: Sociul Science, History; Minor: Geogrnphy; Activities: Gamma Delta, Y-GOP. Alpha Gamma, Young Americans for Freedom. LAEDTKE, BONNIE: Shiocton Sec. Ed.; Major: Home Economics; Activities: Alpha Sigma Alpha. Home Ec. Club. LAMBERT, RUTH MARIE: Friendship AAS; Major: Medical Technology; Minor: Chemistry, Biology; Activities: Alpha Sigma Alpha, Sigma Mu Tau. LANGLOIS, KARL JR.: Friendship AAS; Major: Conservation; Activities: Alpha Kappa Lambda. Winter Carnivnl Chm. 1%5, Newman Student Assoc. LARSEN. DANIEL M.: Ladysmith AAS; Major: Conservation; Minor: Biology. LAWSON, THOMAS W.: Stevens Point LEFEBER, DAVID JOHN: Chicago. 111. AAS; Major: Conservation; Minor: Biology; Activities: Alphu Kappa Lambda. LEHNER, SALLY L.: Princeton Fine Arts: Major: Speech; Minor: Home Economics; Activities: Home Ec. Club, Drama. LEMKE, CAROLYN R.: Embarrass Sec. Ed.; Major: Speech Therapy: Minor: Biology; Activities: Alpha Sigma Alpha, AWS Honor Society. WSU Speech Hearing Assoc. LEMKE, JOAN F.: Shnwno Primary Ed.; Minor: Art; Activities: Jr. Sr. Primary Council. Newman Student Assoc., Tau Gamma Beta, Student Welfare Committee. LEPAK, DARLENE M.: Stevens Point LEWANDOWSKI, NED T.: Calumet City. III. LEWIS, RUTH: Slovens Point Sec. Ed.; Major: Art; Activities: Omega Mu Chi. Student Art League, Iris. LINDBERG. SUSAN M.: Crystal Lake. 111. LINDOW, HAZEL M.: Friendship LOCKER. BEATRICE A.: Waupaca LONG. BARBARA JEANETTE: Markesan Sec. Ed.; Major: Home Economics; Activities: LSA. Home Ec. Club. Psi Delta Psi. LOPPNOW, DAVID: Wausau L S; Major: History; Minor: Sociology, English; Activities: Men’s Glee Club. Gamma Delta, Y-GOP. LORENTZ. DENNIS: Rice Lake Sec. Ed.; Major: Biology, Conservation; Activities: Sigma Tau Gam-ma. Alphu Kappa Lambdn, UCCF. LORTSCHER. DAVID J.: Rhinelander 277LUEDTKE, GORDON D.: Shnwno Int.-Upper Elem. Ed.; Minor: General Science. LUTZE, GLENN: Manitowoc See. Ed.; Major: German, Biology; Activities: Sigma Tau Gamma. German Club, Interfraternity Council (Scc.-Trens.), Iris. LYNCH. JANET B.: Beloit LYONS. THEODORE It.: Wisconsin Rapids MACHT, PJIILLIP G.: Marshfield MACIEJEWSKI, GARY J.: Stevens Point L S; Major: Economics; Minor: English; Activities: Phi Kappa Theta, Economics Business Assoc., Y-I)cm., Newman Student Assoc., Intramurals. MADEN, MICHAEL R.: Wisconsin Rapids L A S; Major: Economics, History; Minor: Political Science; Activities: Business A Economics Assoc. MAIN, LOLA: Berlin Sec. Ed.; Major: Home Economics; Activities: Sigma Zeta, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Home He. Club, Dorm Vice Pres. MALLOY, JAMES M.: Clintonville MALLOY, JIM J.: Wisconsin Dells MARCHIANDO, RICHARD JOSEPH: Sheboygun L S; Major: Biology; Minor: Chemistry; Activities: Iota Tau Mu, Sigma Zeta. MARQUARDT, KATHRYN ANN: Wausau Sec. Ed.; Major: Home Economics; Minor: Art; Activities: LSA. Home Ec. Club, Student Art League, WEA. MARQUARDT, ROGER A.: Rhinelander MARZYNSKI, SUSAN M.: Edgar MEANS, GEORGE A.: Janesville See. Ed.; Mujor: Speech; Minor: History; Activities: Choir, Student Assistant, I.S.O., Men’s Glee Club. MEEKER, PATRICK G.: Richland Center L S; Major: Geography; Minor: Economics; Activities: Geography Assoc. (Pres.), Economics Business Assoc., Y-GOP. MEIERS, THOMAS E.: Westchester, 111. MENZEL, KATHRYN L.: Stevens Point Sec. Ed.; Major: English: Minor: Art; Activities: AWS Honor Society, Omega Mu Chi. MICHAELS, JUDITH MARIE: Wisconsin Rapids L S; Major: English, French; Minor: Art, Activities: Newman Student Assoc., French Club. MICHLIG, DIANE M.: Marathon MIDKILASKI, CAROL J.: Stevens Point MIELKE, MARY: Fox Lake Sec. Ed.; Major: Home Economics; Activities: Psi Delta Psi, Home Ec. Club, UCCF. MILLER, CONSTANCE A.: Wisconsin Rapids Primary Ed.; Minor: English; Activities: Primary Council, Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship. MILLER, PATRICIA ANN: Denmark AAS; Major: Home Economics; Minor: Art. MILLER. ROBERT E.: Stoughton L S; Major: Political Science, Economics; Activities: Y-Dcms, LSA. Economics A Business Assoc. MITCHELL, DAVID G.: Milwaukee MORELAND, HOPE MARTIN: Clintonville AAS; Major: Home Economics. MARJAN, LEE J.: Wisconsin Rapids MUELLER. DAVID H.: Rockford, 111. MUELLER, JAMES ALAN: Medford Sec. Ed.; Major: Speech; Minor: English; Activities: College Theatre, Alpha Psi Omega. MUELLER, WAYNE E.: Marshfield L S; Major: General Science, Chemistry; Minor: Mathematics. MUENCH, JAMES A.: Stevens Point MUNDERLOH, ROY H.: Rapid City, S.D. Sec. Ed.; Major: Music; Activities: Gamma Delta, Alpha Kappu Rho, Band. Choir, Opera. MURDICK. PARTICIA MARJORIE: Dexter. Mich. AAS; Mujor: Home Economics; Minor: Art; Activities: Home Ec. Club. Gamma Delta, College Theatre. MUSSON, LANE THOMPSON: Oconto Sec. Ed.; Major: English; Minor: French; Activities: NEA-WEA, SEA. Omega Mu Chi, Newman Student Assoc. MUTHENGI, DONALD J.: Machakos. Kenya L A S; Major: Geography, History; Activities: International Student Organization, Geography Club. NEITZEL, SHARON: Madison 278 Sec. Ed.; Major: Home Economics; Minor: English; Activities: Iris, Home Ec. Club. NEWMAN. THOMAS: Fifield Sec. Ed.; Major: English; Minor: History; Activities: Sigma Tau Delta. NYEDA. RICHARD H.: Schofield NORTEMAN, JON W.: Two Rivers NOVAK. JOHN E.: Rhinelander L S; Major: Biology; Minor: Phy. Ed.; Activities: Phi Sigma Epsilon, Newman Student Assoc. NOVOTNY, PATRICIA LEE: Ogcma L S; Major: Sociology, Economics; Activities: Economics Business Assoc., Spectrum, Newman Student Assoc. NYARIKI, JASON: Kisii, Kenya LA S; Major: History; Minor: Mathematics. OKRAY, LARRY M.: Stevens Point Major: Economics; Activities: Y-GOP, Ski Club, Economics Business Assoc., Sigma Nu Tau. OLKER. BERNARD: Haywood AAS; Major: Conservation; Minor: Biology; Activities: Alpha Kappa Lambda. OLSON. ALDEN L.: Waupaca OSTROWSKI, .JUDITH ANN: Stevens Point L S; Major: History, English; Minor: Political Science; Activities: International Students Assoc., Alpha Gamma, Iris (Editor). Sigma Tau Delta. PACYNA, GERALD S.: Junction City PANKO, JOHN HOWARD: Wittenberg Sec. Ed.; Major: History, Social Science. PANKRATZ, CHARLES: Ripon Sec. Ed.; Major: German; Minor: English; Activities: Theta Delta Phi, Iris, "S” Club, WEA-NEA. PARK EL. FRANK J.: Willard Sec. Ed.; Major: Art; Activities: Student Art League, Delta Phi Delta (Pres.), Theta Delta Phi (V.P.), Men’s Glee Club, NEA-WEA. Newman Student Assoc. PARSONS, TIMOTHY M.: Rhinelander L S; Major: English, Political Science; Minor: Philosophy; Activities: Sigma Phi Epsilon. PASCUTTI, LORRAINE F.: Stevens Point PAYNE. TERRY L.: Green Buy PEABODY, GEORGIANA E.: Wausau PERNER. VIRGINIA V.: Marshfield Sec. Ed.; Major: General Science, Biology; Activities: College Theatre, Geography Club, SEA, Newman Student Assoc. PERRODIN, LARRY E.: Wisconsin Rapids Int.-Uppcr Elem. Ed.; Minor: Geography; Activities: SEA. PETERSON, DAVID A.: Milwaukee PETERSON, DONNA M.: Oconto Sec. Ed.; Major: English; Minor: French; Activities: NEA-WEA, Omega Mu Chi, LSA. PETZEL. ROBERT EDWARD: Marinette AAS; Major: Conservation; Minor: Biology; Activities: Alpha Kappa Lambdu, Track Team. PIEPENBURG, GARY: Rcedsburg L A S; Major: English. Biology. PILCH, ANDREW: Phillips lnt.-Upper Elem. Ed.; Minor: Phy. Ed.; Activities: FETA, NEA-WEA, Intramural Sports, Gamma Delta. PLUMMER. MARVIN L.: Stevens Point PORTER. JOHN L.: Spring Green AAS; Major: Conservation; Minor: Biology. POSPYHALLA, JOAN: Marathon AAS; Major: Medical Technology; Minor: Chemistry, Biology; Activities: Alpha Sigmn Alpha, Sigmn Mu Tau, Newman Student Assoc. PRAST, KAREN M.: Merrill PROHASKA, DONALD: Catawba Sec. Ed.; Major: Biology; Minor: Mathematics; Activities: Intramural Sports, NEA-WEA. PUMPER. RUTH FLORENCE: Milladorc Fine Arts; Major: Art; Activities: Student Art League. QASIM, M. QASIM: Rama Acre, Israel L A S; Major: Mathematics; Minor: Physics; Activities: Sigma Zeta. RADES, DAVID: Marion AAS; Major: Biology, Conservation. RADLER. THOMAS: Milwaukee Sec. Ed.; Major: English, Soil Conservation; Activities: Head Photographer of Iris. Alphu Phi Omegn, Newman Student Assoc.RAMPSON, JOHN V.: Portage RANTA, RALPH L.: Florence Sec. Ed.; Major: Social Science; Minor: History; Activities: LSA, 550’s, WEA. RASCH, JUDITH E.: Richmond. III. REDMOND, RONALD G.: Mosincc REGNER, EDITH J.: Grafton Sec. E 1.; Major: Home Economics; Activities: Home Ec. Club, Omega Mu Chi. REIDENRACH, SANDRA L.: Racine K-Primnry; Minor: German; Activities: Delta Zeta, Sr. Primary Council. LSA) Union Board, Y-Dems, Pointer. REIF, DENNY J.: P« htigo RENNIE, WILLIAM J.: Stevens Point RHEAUME. SALLY J.: Woodruff RHODY, DELORES S.: Rib Lake Sec. Ed.; Major: Mathematics; Minor: Chemistry; Activities: Math Symposium. RIPP, NANCY M.: Waunokcc Sec. Ed.; Major: Homo Economics; Minor: Art; Activities: Alpha Sigma Alpha. Sigma Zeta, Home Ec. Club, Newman Student Assoc. RISKE, MARY ANN M.: Bear Creek RITTENHOUSE, JACK A.: Owen RIVERS, GEORGE H.: Cornell Sec. Ed.; Major: History: Minor: Sociology. ROBINSON, KAY M.: Stevens Point Sec. Ed.; Major: English, Home Economics; Activities: Alpha Psi Omega, Sigma Tau Delta, College Theatre, Home Ec. Club. ROEBKEN, SANDY: Cedarburg AAS; Major: Home Economics; Minor: English; Activities: Home Ec. Club, Alpha Phi. ROHRER, S. DAVID: Manitowoc Sec. Ed.; Major: Mathematics, History; Activities: NEA-WEA. ROTH. KAREN E.: Rccsevillc Sec. Ed.; Major: Home Economics; Minor: Art; Activities: Wesley, Home Ec. Club, Sigma Zeta. ROTHENBURGER, JUNE: Ncillsvillc Sec. Ed.; Major: Home Economics; Minor: English; Activities: Psi Delta Psi, Home Ec. Club. RYBICKE, DENNIS: Stevens Point Sec. Ed.; Major: English; Minor: Speech; Activities: Sigmu Tau Delta, Newman Student Assoc. RYNAR, CAROLE A.: Phillips Sec. Ed.; Major: Business Education; Minor: English; Activities: AWS Honor Society (V.P.), Iris (Copy Ed.), AWS Board. AWS Judiclury Board, Nowmnn Student Assoc., Nelson Hall (Pres.), Nelson Hall Council, Nelson Hall Judiciary Board, NEA-WEA. SAGER, JUDY ANN: Stevens Point Sec. Ed.; Major: English; Minor: Psychology; Activities: NEA-WEA. SAMBS, CHARLES E.: Hortonville SANDERS, DONALD K.: Stevens Point SARNOWSKI, RUTH E.: Stevens Point SAVOY. DONALD H.: Madison SAVOY, RONALD G.: Madison SCHAEFER. CAROL L.: Monomonee Falls Sec. Ed.: Major: Home Economics; Activities: Wesley, Home Ec. Club. SCHAETZEL, BARBARA: Monlco Int.-Uppcr Elem. Ed.; Minor: Psychology; Activities: FETA, WRA. SCHEIBEL, CHESTER D.: Mountain Home. Idaho Major: Chemistry; Minor: Mathematics; Activities: Y-GOP, Scuba Club, Wesley. SCI! I ELD, SUSAN: Wausau L S; Major: Sociology; Minor: Psychology. SCHIMPFF, WARREN: Chicago, III. Major: Chemistry; Minor: Mathematics; Activities: Alpha Phi. Delzcll Hall Council (Pres.), Inter-Hall Committee (Chm.). SCHLAIS, CATHERINE RHODY: Rib Lake K-Primnry; Activities: Primary Council, NEA-WEA, Newman Student Assoc. SCHMIDT, EDWARD MARTIN: Valders Sec. Ed.; Major: History; Minor: Political Science; Activities: NEA-WEA. Y-Dems, Nowmnn Student Assoc. SCHMITT. LAWRENCE J.: Green Bay SCHNEIDER. ROMELLE: Maribcl Sec. Ed.; Major: Home Economics; Activities: Home Ec. Club, Sigmn Zeta. UCCF. SCHNUR, BURTON J. Ill: Gleason AAS; Major: Biology, Conservation; Activities: Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, Alpha Kappa Lambda. SCHOEN. ROBERT F.: Stockbridgc Sec. Ed.; Major: History; Minor: Geography; Activities: Phi Sigmn Epsilon, Newman Student Assoc., SEA. NEA-WEA, Basketball. SCHOENBERGER. RICHARD T.: Tigerton L S; Major: Economics; Minor: Psychology; Activities: Economics Business Assoc., Phi Kappu Theta, Newman Student Assoc. SCHOENBERGER. ROGER E.: Gresham SCHOWALTER, MAR1ANN: Port Washington SCHREIBER, PETER L.: Westfield SCHROEDER. WILLIAM: Wisconsin Rapids SCHROEDER, WILLIAM JAMES: Stevens Point AAS; Major: Conservation. SCHROEPFER. KAY L.: Wausau SCHUKNECHT, JAMES II.: Port Washington SCHULFER, JOHN E.: Stevens Point SCHULTZ. ROBERT W.: Stevens Point SCHULTZ. SANDRA: Appleton Fine Arts; Major: Speech Therapy; Minor: English; Activities: Speech Therapy (V.P. '06), AWS, Primary Council. Counselor, Hall Council (Pres.). SCHWANTES. KENNETH: Spencer Major: Social Science; Minor: History; Activities: Alpha Gamma, International Students Organization, SEA. SCHWARTZKOPF, DAVID: Pulnski L S; Major: Mathematics; Minor: Physics, Philosophy; Activities: Alpha Beta Rho, Student Council (Allocations Committee), Intcr-Hall Council. SCHWEDA, LAWRENCE J.: Wisconsin Dells Fine Arts; Mujor: Art; Activities: Student Art League. SEBOLD, RUSSELL J.: Dorchester AAS; Major: Conservation; Minor: Mathematics. SEIPEL, CONSTANCE M.: Eau Gallo Sec. Ed.; Major: Speech; Minor: History; Activities: College Theatre, Alpha Psi Omcgu, NEA-WEA, Newman Student Assoc., SEA. SELTZER, RONALD: Wausau Sec. Ed.; Major: Business Education; Minor: Economics; Activities: 550’s, Sigmu Phi Epsilon, Economics Business Assoc., SEA, NEA-WEA. SERRAIIN, JUNE: Algoma Int.-Uppor Elem. Ed.; Activities: Sr. Primary Council. SHAFEL, JOSEPH B.: Antigo SHAFRANSKI, GERALD J.: Stevens Point SHAY, WILLIAM A.. Wisconsin Rapids Sec. Ed.; Major: Music; Activities: Band, Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Kappa Rho, Chorus, Track, Clarinet Quintet. SHERMAN, MARILYN L.: Waupnca Sec. Ed.; Major: History; Minor: Phy. Ed.; Activities: Delta Zeta, Resident Assistant, AWS Honor Society. SICKLER. DAVID M.: Wittenberg Int.-Upper Elem. Ed.; Activities: FETA. SIEBOR, RICHARD A.: Chilton SIEGLER, JEROME: Neenah Sec. Ed.; Major: Mathematics; Minor: Chemistry; Activities: SEA, Math Symposium, Sigma Zeta. SIMPSON. SUZANNE ELLEN: Wausau Primary Ed.; Activities: Primary Council, NEA-WEA. SLEZEWSKI, DENNIS: Pulaski Sec. Ed.; Major: Social Science; Minor: History. SLOMINSKI, AARON D.: Wausau Sec. Ed.; Major: History: Minor: Phy. Ed.; Activities: Football, Newman Student Assoc., “S” Club, Phi Alpha Theta. SLUSARSKI, DONALD: Stevens Point Sec. Ed.; Major: Mathematics; Minor: Chemistry. SMART, JOHN PAUL (JAY): Wisconsin Rapids L S; Major: Sociology; Minor: History. Economics, Psychology: Activities: Ski Club, Economics Business Assoc., Y-GOP. SMART, SARA: Wisconsin Rapids K-Primnry Ed.; Activities: AWS Honor Society, Sr. Primary Council, Alpha Sigma Alpha. SMITH. CAROL: Stevens Point L S; Major: Sociology; Minor: French; Activities: Omega Mu Chi, Alpha Phi, Cheerleader, Ski Club, Wesley. SMITH. ELLEN J.: Stevens Point SMITH. JOSEPH WILLIAM: Clintonville Sec. Ed.; Mujor: English; Minor: History; Activities: Newman Student Assoc., Signm Tau Delta, Theta Delta Phi. SMITH, SHARON M.: Green Lake Sec. Ed.; Major: Home Economics; Activities: Omega Mu Chi, Iris, Home Ec. Club. 279SMITH. THOMAS J.: Stevens Point SMULLEN, GEORGE J.: Wisconsin Rapids L S; Major: English; Minor: German; Activities: Y-Denis, 550’s, Pointer. SOMMER. RICHARD (J.: Beloit SOOK. FLOSSIE B.: Spencer Elem. Ed. SORENSON, CARL J.: Tomahawk L S; Major: English, Speech; Activities: Siasefi. SOUTHWORTH, JOSEPH W.: Madison AAS; Major: Conservation, Biology; Activities: Alpha KappH Lambda, UCCF. SPARKS, EDITH RICE: Plainfield Elem. Ed.; Minor: History, Geography. SPATZ, KENN: Wisconsin Rapids Sec. Ed.; Major: Art; Activities: Iris, NEA-WKA, Student Art League, Theta Delta Phi, Union Cultural Committee. STANGL, SHARI ANN: Marshfield K-Primary; Minor: English; Activities: Jr. Sr. Primary Council, Newman Student Assoc. STANKE. BERNARD L.: Schofield STANKE, SUSAN M.: Stevens Point L S; Major: Political Science, English; Minor: Social Science; Activities: Pointer, Sigma Tau Delta, Newman Student Assoc. STEINER, OLIVER F.: Park Falls L S; Major: Mathematics; Minor: Economics; Activities: 550's, Y-Dem., Russian Club, Newman Student Assoc. STEINKE. CAROLE: Birnamwood Sec. Ed.; Major: English; Minor: Phy. Ed.; Activities: Iris, Pointer, LSA, WRA, Union Center Board, Ski Club, Gymnastics Club, NEA-WKA. STERK, PHYLLIS: Do Pere K-Primary Ed.; Activities: Primary Council. STROYNY, CHESTER C.: Mosinee Sec. Ed.; Major: French; Minor: English; Activities: French Club. STROZINSKI, PATRICIA: Mosinee Sec. Ed.; Major: English; Minor: French; Activities: Alpha Sigmn Alpha. Newman Student Assoc., AWS Honor Society, Panhellenic Council. STUDACH, FERINAND J.: Gresham STUECK, DOREL L.: Reedsville STUMPNER, RITA: Loyal Int.-Kd.; Activities: Newman Student Assoc., FETA, NEA-WKA. SULLIVAN, JOHN P.: Wisconsin Rapids SWANSON, JANET: White Lake K-Primary Ed.; Minor: Art; Activities: Alpha Sigma Alpha, Primary Council. SZYMANSKI, SANDRA: Marathon AAS; Major: Medical Technology; Activities: Sigma Mu Tau, Newman Student Assoc., Russian Hour. TABOR, DENNIS H.: Merrill TALARKK, THOMAS M.: Two Rivers AAS; Major: Conservation; Minor: Biology; Activities: Siasefi, Alpha Kappa Lambda. TARABKK, ELIZABETH A.: Stevens Point Sec. Ed.; Major: Home Economics; Minor: English; Activities: Alpha Sigmn Alpha, AWS Honor Society, Sigmn Zeta, Home Ec. Club, Newman Club. TEPP, ALAN J.: Stevens Point L S; Major: Economics, Political Science; Activities: Newman Student Assoc., Y-Dem, Economics Business Assoc. THIEL. SAMMY E.: Manawa THOMPSON. NADEEN J.: Sheboygan THOMPSON. RICHARD R.: Green Bay Intermediate Ed. THOMSON. CHARLOTTE K.: Mosinee THORBUS, AUDREY C.: Brantwood Sec. Ed.; Major: Home Economics; Minor: Art. TORDEUR, ALICE L.: Green Bay Sec. Ed.; Major: Art; Activities: Student Art League, Psi Delta Psi, Newman Club. TORKELSON, RONALD A.: Blnck River Falls AAS; Major: Conservation; Activities: Alphu Kappa Lambda, 550’s. TOWNSEND, JERELYN S.: Shawano Sec. Ed.; Major: English; Minor: Speech; Activities: Tnu Gamma Beta, College Theatre, Inter-Sorority Sigma Tau Delta, NEA-WKA. TRAINOR, NANCY M.: Germantown Sec. Ed.; Major: Home Economics; Activities: Home Ec Club, Newman Club, NEA-WEA. 280 TREU, GAIL J.: Wausau Sec. Ed.; Major: Home Economics, Minor: Speech. TURNER. ALETHA M.: Rice Lake Sec. Ed.; Major: Home Economics; Minor: Music; Activities: Wesley Foundation, Folk Society, Home Ec. Club. UBERSETZIG, BERNARD D.: Waunnkee Sec. Ed.; Major: Mathematics, Chemistry; Activities: Sigma Zeta, Mathematics Symposium, SEA, NEA-WKA, Newman Club. VAN HORN, STEVEN D.: Milton AAS; Major: Conservation, Biology; Activities: Alphn Kappa Lambda, Sigma Zeta, Outing Club. VAN LANNEN, CAROL L.: Pulaski Sec. Ed.: Major: Music; Minor: Gcrmnn; Activities: Psi Delta Psi. VANSELOW, BURT L.: Brookfield VARSHO, RICHARD T.: Marshfield Sec. Ed.; Major: Social Science; Minor: History; Activities: Y-Dents, NKA. VAUGHN MICHAEL K.: Wisconsin Rapids VAUGHN, PRISCILLA K.: Wisconsin Rapids See. Ed.; Major: English; Minor: Psychology; Activities: Alpha Sigmn Alpha. SEA. NEA-WEA, Newman Club, Outing Club. Ski Club. VETTER, RUTH W.: Stevens Point Y’lCKER, RICHARD L.: Wausau L S; Major: History, English. VOELTNER, CHARLES L.: Mosiness L S; Major: French; Minor: History; Activities: French Club. VOSS, GLENN H.: Milwaukee AAS; Major: Conservation; Minor: Biology; Activities: Alpha Kappa Lambda. WAGNER. PERRY S.: Sturgeon Bay WAGNER. ROSE M.: Stratford L S; Major: Biology, Activities: Sigma Zeta, Newman Student Assoc. WAID DENNIS L.: Rhinelander FA; Major: Speech, Minor: History; Activities: College Theatre, Alpha Psi Omega. WALCZAK, FREDERICK J.: Stevens Point L S; Major: Mathematics; Minor: Chemistry; Activities: Sigma Zeta. WALLACE. CARL S.: Stevens Point WALLSCHLAEGER, MICHAEL J.: Marshfield Int-Upper Elem. Ed.; Activities: Intramural Basketball. WALTER, EDWARD J.: Sheboygan WALTERS. EDWARD G.: Wisconsin Rapids WANSERSKI. DONALD A.: Wausau L S; Major: Economics; Activities: Economics Business Assoc., Newman Student Assoc., “S” Club. WEBER, HELEN M.: Marathon Int-Upper Elem. Ed. WEBER. HERBERT C.: Marshfield Sec. Ed., FA; Majors: Speech Therapy, Speech; Minor: History; Activities: Newman Club, SEA, NEA-WEA, Wise. State Univ. Speech Club, Wise. Speech Hearing Assoc., Amcr. Speech Hearing Assoc. WEGNER. ROBERT A.: West Bend WEISGERBER, SALLY A.: Mcnasha Int. Ed. WENDT, DONALD E.: Seymour WENGER, JOHN E.: Argyle WENNERSTRAND, ROBERT H.: Westboro AAS; Major: Biology, Conservation; Activities: Alpha Kappa LambdR, Newman Club. WENTZKA, DAVID A.: Wausau L S; Major: Biology, General Science. WERGIN, FRANK A.: Casco AAS; Mnjor: Conservation; Minor: History; Activities: Alphu Kappa Lambda, Newman Club. WERONKE, KATHRYN L.: Stevens Point L S; Major: Sociology; Minor: Psychology; Activities: Y-Dems, Union Board, Properties Committee. WEAT, ARLYN G.: Plover L S; Mujor: History, Political Science; Activities: V-Pres. Sophomore Cluss, Student Council, Union Center Board, Tau Kappa Epsilon. WESTBY, DONALD L.: Stevens Point WKSTBY, JEAN A.: Stevens Point K-Primary Ed.; Activities: Sr. Primary Council. WESTPHAL, GARY L.: Bonducl L S; Mnjor: Biology; Minor: Conservation; Activities: Sigma Tau Gamma.WESTPHAL, SANDRA L.: Shawano Sec. Ed.; Major: Mathematics; Minor: History; Activities: NEA-WEA, (lamina Delta, Sigmn Zeta, Hall Council. WHIRRY, JON W.: Montcllo FA; Major: Speech; Minor: Psychology: Activities: Alpha Psi Omega. WHITE, JAMES A.: Pound WHYTE, ROBERT B.: Kenosha See. Ed.; Major: Biology; Minor: Geography; Activities: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Student Council, MC Homecoming Assembly. Intramural Foot-hall. LSA. WICKSTROM, JOHN R.: Wittcnburg WILDMAN, RON R.: Antigo WILLIAMS, GARY D.: Three Lakes L S; Major: English, American Civilization; Activities: Y-GOP, Newman Student Assoc., U. C. B. Board of Inquiry. WILTGEN, DENNIS J.: Marshfield Int-Upper Elem. Ed.; Activities: F. E. T. A., Newman Club, Theta Delta Phi. WINGENDER, KENNETH G.: Marinette AAS; Major: Conservation, Biology. WISE, GEORGE W. (TOD): Morton Grove, Illinois L S; Major: Biology; Minor: Physical Ed.; Activities: Wrestling, “S" Club. WITTENBERG, CHARLES A.: Wisconsin Rapids L A S; Major: Geography, History; Minor: Physical Ed.; Activities: Wrestling, Geography Assoc., Phi Sigma Epsilon, “S” Club. WOLD, WAYNE A.: Milwaukee WOLFF, AUDREY J.: Bowler K-Primary Ed.; Minor: Art; Activities: Jr. Sr. Primary Council, NEA-WEA. WOLLER. JAMES W.: Madison Sec. Ed.; Major: History; Minor: Phy. Ed. WOLSLEGEL, BONNIE: Wausau Sec. Ed.; Major: Business Education, History; Activities: SEA, NEA-WEA, Iris. WOODRICH, JOANNE: Rothschild Int. Ed. WOUDSTRA, JANE W.: Randolph WYSOCKI, LAWRENCE V.: Custer WYSOCKI, PETER R.: Merrill L S; Major: Political Science, English; Minor: Social Scionce; Activities: Sigma Tau Delta (V.P.). WYSOCKI, SHARON: Merrill K-Primnry Ed.; Minor: Geography; Activities: Jr. Sr. Primary Council. NEA-WEA. WRA. YACH, THOMAS L.: Stevens Point YAEGER. RAYMOND D.: Shawano YARKIE, KAREN: Mcrrimac Sec. Fid.; Major: Home Economics; Activities: Alpha Sigma Alpha, Home Ec. Club. YELK, CLAUDIA J.: Marshall YOUNG, KAREN E.: Stevens Point ZAHN, KARREN KAY: Shawano Int.-Uppcr Elcm. Ed.; Minor: Music; Activities: F.E.T.A., LSA. Women's Glee Club, Choir. ZALABSKY, JAMES C.: PitUville ZDANOVEC, JAMES T.: Antigo AAS; Major: Conservation; Minor: Biology; Activities: Alpha Kappa I nmbdu, Newman Club. ZICK, DAVID R.: Waukesha Sec. Fid.; Major: History; Minor: English; Activities: Alpha Gamma, Prom Comm., Tennis, Wrestling, Pray-Sims Staff, Union Board Social Comm., United Campus Christian Fellowship, Phi Alpha Theta. ZIEGLER, PETER L.: Stratford Sec. Ed.; Major, Music; Activities: Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. ZINDA, LORRAINE KLUBAS: Prairie du Sac L S; Major: Sociology; Minor: Psychology; Activities: Omega Mu Chi, Newman Student Assoc. ZINDA, ROBERT JAMES: Stevens Point L S; Major: Sociology; Minor: Psychology; Activities; Phi Sigma Epsilon, (Social Chm.). ZINK, CATHERINE A.: Stevens Point GENERAL INDEX Aabel. Brian: 90. KM. 129. 137. 139 Abbrcderls. James P. Abel. Joan C : 140. 935 Abend roth. Dorothy II. Ablt . Carole A.: 241 Abraham. Roger L.: 241 Acken, Gerald A. Ackerman. Jacqueline K. Adams. Arthur R.: 239 Adams. Charlotte I..: 99, 239 Adams. Dean J. Adams, Gerald U 12 Agcn. John L.: 100 Agncta. Sister N. Allies, Henry C. Allies. Tom II.: 99. 124 Ahlm. Robert D.: 240 Aliota Duane L. Algnrr, Darld W.: 240 Akers. Judy M.: 102. 142. 232 Akey, Craig A.: 122 Akey, Karl T. Akey. Wayne J.: 96 Aldridge, Mercedla M. Alexander, Donald J. Alft, William M. Alfuth. Patricia A.: 31. 95 Alfuth. Terry J.: 130, 234 Allen. Klhan R. Allen, Nancy C. Allen, Paula A.: US. 144, I4S. 235 Allen, Ruby O. Allen. 8tuart K : 130 Allmann. Russell K. Altman, Mary D. Alverson, David L. Amachcr, 8hrrrle O.: 114, 14S, 331 Ames, Joyce M.: 240 Anchor, Carolyn A.: 239 Anchor, James 8.: 135 Andcrllk, Edward P.: 240 Andersen. Michael W,: 200 Anderson. Ilarbara M.: 18 Anderson. Billie 8. Anderson. Carole 8.: 231 Anderson, Charles U.: 5. 242 Anderson. Clark K.: 95 Anderson, David A.: 135 Anderson. David J.: 112. 200 Anderson. James K.: 239 Anderson. Jane K.: 242 Anderaon. Kathleen L.: 243 Anderson. Kenneth C. Anderson. Malta: 39 Anderson. Marcia J.: 37 Anderson. Marlene C.: 67 Anderson. Michael J. Anderson. Michael R.: 137 Anderson. Pamela 1.: 137, 138 Anderson. Randall D. Anderson. Richard L. Anderson. Richard W.: SI, 124 Anderson, Robert K.: 239 Anderson, Bhlrley W. Andree. Bruce P. Anhelcr. John A : 124 Arco, Manuel: 126 Arducant. Janet K. Arendt. Edward J.: 243 Arens. Eileen K. Arndt. Duane C.: 233 Arndt. Vernlce I.: 231 Arneson. David M.: 39. 99 Arnold. David M. Arnold. Michael R. Arnold. Nancy K.: 94. 105. 114. 144. 339 Arnott, Barbara J.: 39 Arnsdorf. John D. Arnsdorf. Margot B. Arnlsen. James O. Aronson, David A. Aronson. Prederlck D. Aronson. Luann M. Arthur, Dennis R.: 122 Ashenberg. Oary P. Ashenbrenner. David L. Aslierln. Duane A. Ashton. Richard J.: 259 Ashy. Gaby II. Attoe. John P Augustyn. James A. Ault. Patricia A. Avery. John I) : 114. 124. 334 Aylward. William P. Baars. Judith K.: 240 Babler. Alan M : IS. SO. S7. 124 BabllUh, Klltabclh J. Bacher. Diene C.: 233 Bachuber. Bara L.: 337 Back. Robert L : 241 Bacon. Nola J.: 37 Uacovsky, Michael R.: IS. 118. 121 Uaggs, Jimmie L. Iloggs. Lynn L.: 241 Bailey. Ruth M Batne. Raymond P. Bakanec, Lawrence B.: 240 Baker. Alice M : 134 Baker, James K. Baker. Kurt R. Baldovln, David J. Unlousek. Dale R.: 96 Bnlousek. Larry A.: IS. 200 Baltus, Stephen P.: 124 Banals, 8. George Bannach. Margaret E. llanta, Michael Barber. James L. Barber. Norma J.: 40. 104. 1J4 Barber. Peter J. Barber, William K. Barkley. Paul D. Darncard. Douglas It. names, Michael J.: 242 Barnett. Larry 8. Barry. Patricia L: 23S Barsch. Jeffery R.: 143. 207 Bartel. Bruce A.: 133, 142 Bartel. Wayne P.: 239 Bartel . Peggy L.: 107. 111. 233 Bartelt. Esther M.: 103, 144. 240 Bartkowlak, Helen L. Hartman. Merrily A. Uassucner, I«mt J. Ualterroan, Gary K.: 240 Bauer. James A.: 241 Bauernfelnd. Robert J,: 331 Bauhs, Richard P. Bauman. Patricia M.: 105 Uaumgarten. Paul C.: 236 Raumhofer, Kathleen A.: 241 Baxter, James J. Baxter. Richard H.. Jr.: 13. 146 Bay, Bruce A.: 19. 96. 112. 122. 200 Bayard. Sharon L.: 96. 120, 235 Beach. John H. Beach. Mary C.: 94. 335 Beahm. Laurna U Ileal. James M. Beard. Doublas M. Beauchalne. Allan N: S3. 141 Reck. Mart 8ue Beck. William J.: 12. 126 Becker. Anne M : 40. 91. 103 Becker. Arthur D. Becker, Charlene D.; 114. Ill Becker, David L.: 126. 106 Becker, Janice P. Becker. Kenneth O. Becker. Marilyn J.: Ill llecker, Robert Alan: IS. 96 Decker. Robert Arthur Bcdwantc, Alan L. Beebe, Donald W : 241 Beechor, Charles J,: 200. 243 Held. Dennis L.: 131 Bebn. Norman E. llehn. Sharon M.: 140 Beldel, Carol A.: 233 Bellfuas, Bonnie L.: 04 . 242 Beimel, Thomas C. Reining, Terry J.: 137 Belanger, Donald R.: 114, 13S. 232 Bell. Diana Jean Bcllack. William R.: 241 Uelllvcau. Joseph llelonger. Alan J. Belong la. Jean R.: 148. 332 Belter, Daniel O. Uenehoff, David A.: 40. 200. 206 Bennett, David C.: 10 Bennett. Mary J. Benson. Barbara L. Bents. Jennifer A.: 106, 231 Bentzen. Paul B.: 107 Uenxlne. Steven A. Her nr d, Louise M Berbers. Donna M.: 141. 158 Berenz. David L.: 234 Berg. Dean P..: 100. 148. 234 Berg. Mary L.: 114, 239 Berg. Busan L. Berghoeler. Raymond H. Berghuls. Thomas O. Bergs. 8h»rley D. Berken. Thomas P.: 241 Berkholts. Jerome C. Rrrndl. Sandra K : 109 Bernhardt. Barbara L.: 242 Bernicke. Janice M Berres. Nancy J. Berry. Raymond R. Berry. William W. Bertrand. Philip D.: 95. 207 Best, James A : 128. 67 Belker, Ronald L.: 241 Beveridge. Andrew L. Beversdorf, Roy A.: 232 Ueversdorf, Tom C.: 133. 334 Beycrl, Paul V.: 107 Blebel. Bonnie M. Blelenberg, Warren K.: SI Bleneman. Paul M.: 19. 90 Bllkey. Ruthann M 94. 141. 333 Blnkowskl. Marlys M. Blrdeau. Nell N. Btrkel. Philip J.: 112. 200 Blrrenkott. Barbara J.: 235 Bishop. Olen C.: 239 Ulahntk. George D. Blahnlk. Karl If.: 96 Blales. Charles K.: 109 Ulakey, Barbara A.: 154 Blanchard. Roger L.: 140 Blaney, Dennis I. Blathka, Robert A.: 241 Blekner, Sandra J. Blencoe. Robert A. Block. Kllsabelh R. Btoechcr. Jo Ann C.t 132 Blum. Jerome K. Blunt. Terry A.: 12. 100. 133 Blus. Captola J.: 137 Boatman. Linda J.: 103. 114, 141. 331 ttobtln. Dan A.: 105 Bock. David J. Boehm. Gary C. Boettcher, lgynny D. llogalln. Lee D.. 124 Bogenskl, Thomas O. Uohacek, Jerome A. Bold. Pamela K.: 114, 154 Boldlg, Sandra K. Bollcch, James K. Bolster, Jean K. Bonflgt. Gerald A.: SS Bonnln, Cynthia A.: 236 Borcherdt. William A.: 208 Bord. Rlehard J.: 106 Boreen. Diana L.: 242 Bork. Mary J.: 343 Borlee, Madonna M. Born. Dorlsan J. Bornberg. Dale H. Ilorskl. David A. Bor ski. Ronald J. 28norm. Alice A.: 4. 104 DftUtnKk, Robert A. Bourcler. Albert J.: I . 130 Boushley. Frank 8. Bouton, Pornum L. lloulwcll. ltonlU M : 40 Bovee. Mnry L.: 232 Bowen. James M ; 3if Bowen. Karen 8.: 334 Bowen. Michael W.: 101 334 Bowker. Jerry K. Bowker, Itiehard F. Boyer. Catherine A.: 330 Boyer. Thomas K. Boylan. Patrlca M. Boyle. Allen D.: 33 Boyle. James D.: 330 Bradley, John 8.: 154. 33 Braley, Clary D.: 31 Hramer. Kobert A.: 3)8 Brandenburg, Walter A.: 10B Brainier. John J.: 134 Brandt, Carol T.: 40. » Brandt, Jenene O. Brandi. Mark K. Ill Brandt. Thomas It. Brats. Peter K.: 130. 334 Braun. Connie L.: 334 Rrekke. Linda I). Brendel. diaries J.: OR Brendel. Mary Jane Brennand. Michael D Brenner, Jerry R. Breyman, Susan P. It resin ski. Doris L. Bright, Thomas J.: 244 Brlkowtkl, James K. Brill. Barbara A Brill. Diane V.: 340 Brill. Mnry J. Brockman. William A.: 134 Broakmeyer, Patricia J. Broderick, Thomas P.: 134 Uroclaman. Mary M.: 130. 234 Broetsman. 8usan C. Brogan. Peggy A. Brogan. Sheila K.: 241 Bronlsxewskl, Marlene K.: 237 Bronselter. Linda P.: 234 Brooks. Judith M Brost. Olenn II. Hrowan. James A. Brown. Daniel A.: 241 Brown, James K 40 Brown, Kathleen J.: 4. 144 Brown. Michael W. Brown. Patricia A.: 33R Brownlow, Charles B.: 23 Brownlow. Jean M : 17, 103 Brownlow. Ruth «.: 40 Bruckner. David A Brunner. Kathryn A : 31 Brunow, Helen M.: 100. 14 Brunt. John T.: 240 Brusk. Ellen M. Bub. Karen A.: I llubon Mary L.: 4. 110 Buchbergcr. Diane M.: 4. 234 Buchholt, Barbara J.: 102 Buchholt. John O. Buchhol . Patricia A.: 140. 240 Buchmann. Kenneth A. Buckley. Valley V. Buddenhagen. Lola L.: 24 Buechle, Barbara L. Buell. Bonnie M Buettner. Dale H. Buettncr. Randolph J. Bullion. Patricia K.: 103. 240 Bullts. Roger A.: 331 Bumann. LoU A. Burant. Dolores M.: 1 Burg. Mary L.: 1 Burlk. Marlyn J.: 34 Burke, William K. Burns. Margaret A. Burt. William J.: 124. 200 Burwell. Jerry J.: lit. 337 Busch. Bruce O.: 101 Busch. TTudl U.: 40 Bushar. Kathryn L.: 333 Bushmaker. Keith A. Bushman. Gordon H Busko. Wayne 8. Buss. Michael D. Busse. Keith P.: 33« Butkus. John A.: 130 Butler. Patricia A. Butnlck. Adrienne: 40 Buslnskl. Robert J. Caamano. Gerardo J.: 120. 130. 234 Cady. Ireta L. Cahn. Wolfgang: 144. 144. 339 Cahoon. Gary L.: 234 Cahoon. John C.: 200 Cain. Wayne M : 231 Calemlne. Michael D. Calllgar, Annabelle L: 34. 4 Calvl. Jerry J. Camber. Larry A. Camcnzlnd, Pram J.: 100. 141. 331 Cammack. William P.: 133 Campbell. John H. Campbell. Patrick J.: 130 Campion. Karen M.: 120. 2J2 Campos. Oeraldlne K.: 4. 110. 144, 67. 233 Carlin, Carol R. Carlson. Carol L. Carlson. Charmaln C.: 234 Carlson. Dan D.: 20. . 4 Carlson, Dennis K.: 41. t Carlson. Elisabeth A : 36 Carow. Busan M.: 1. 130. 144. 331 Carpenter. Kenneth H.: 241 Casadonte. Thomas C. Cashln. Caren C.: 3. 67 Cashman. Paul L Cassidy. Lucille A Castor. Mary P.: 30 CatUn. Staten J.: 340 Catlanach. Michael E. Cattanach. Thomas J.: 242 Cauwenbergh. Keith D. 23 Cay lor. Candace A.: 243 Caylor. John K. CcpUna, Donald P.: 207 Ccrrato. Florence W.: 31. 4. 134 Chandler. David A. Chang. Jauc K : 103. 101 Chaplcwskl. Joyce B. Churl and. Prancls A. CharUer. Richard R. Chase, Gregory N. Chauvln. Eugene P . Ill Chenowelh. Charles D. Cheung. Manmlng Robert: 30. 133 Chevalier. David W.: 14 Chtlcwakl. Gary J.: 141. 23 Chlrwa. Lancelot M.: 136 Christensen, Evelyn J. Christensen, John It.: 231 Christensen, Judith C.: 31 Christensen. Ralph K. Christensen. Roland A. Christensen. 8y!v!a A.: 9. 120 Christian. Arnold R.: 12. 100 Christian. Suzanne J.: 140 Christian. William R. Christianson. Bernhard C.: 112. 242 Christianson. Robert G. Christoffersen. Jo Ann L.: 114. 2J3. 237 Cl agio. Robert J. Clrlncks. Judith A.: 102. 231 Clabots. Joseph W Claflln. Larry W.: 12 Clanton. Lawrence P. Clapper. Larry A. Clark. Catherine G.: 41. 103. 116 Clark. Douglas K.: 236 Clark. Duane R : 146. 300 Clark. Jeffrey L.: 141 Clark. Joan C. Clark. Suzanne A. Clark. Virginia D.: 116 Clark. William 8.: 23 Clausen. Joel H.: 134. 334 Clay. Virginia O.: 9. 120, 67. 336 Cleary. Charles J. Cleaves. Howard 8. Clement. Daniel L.: 99, 141 Clement. Thomas M. Clemente. Bruce W.: 20. 90. 142. 146. 109 Clements. Rodney O.: 41. 122 Cline. Dennis M. Cllver. James R.: 239 Craeyla. James R.: 114. 138. 234 Cole. Carla M.: 109 Collier, Ernest M.: 124 Colllgan. Colleen R.: 94 . 341 Collins. Charles M.: 41. 122 Collins. Curtis E. Collins. Wllland P. Colvin. Richard W. Colwell. Donald W. Comery, Roger D. Conachen. Joseph E. Cone. Carolyn It. Cone. Paul K. Congdon. James C.: 100 Congdon. Thomas D.: 339 Conn. Donna M.: 20 Connors. Alec N.: 133 Cook. John W.: 134 Cook. Jonathan C. Cook. Rosemary O. Cooley. Clark R. Cooley. Dave W.: 90. 233 Cooper. James K.. 134 Copp. James A. Corcoran. Busan M Cordry. Gail A. Cornell. Jeffrey K Corosolla. Diane J.: 336 Correntl. James A. Corrigan. Thomas A.: 30. 128. 109 Corsten. Karen M. 34. 93. 4 Cotrone. Kathy O.: 141. 142 Coulter. Brians L. Counard. Carlton J. Counard. Lee W. Counsel!. Katherine C. Counter. James R.: 30. 126 Craig. James K.: 128 Craig. Bandra A.: 238 Craig. Timothy W.: 134 Crane. John M. Creawell. Karen M.: 91. 118 Croke, Kobert C. Cropp. Judith A. Cropper, James B: 146. 234 Cross, Charles W,: 141 Cross. Linda M. 41 Crotteau. Barbara L. Crull, Steven P.: 12 Cruther. Larry R.: 91. 92. 234 Cummings. Larry K.: 94. 142 Cummings. Susanne C : 143, 333 Curry, Kenneth A. Cutler. Jerry L.: 143. 239 Cutler. Kathleen A.: 41. 114 Cvengros. Clarence E. Cwlklo. Mary A.: 118 Cyehosi. Leonard J. Cyrus. Oary L.: 96. 134 Czachor. Henry O-Czaja. Ronald P. 20 Czajkowskl. Dianne L. Daebler. John P.: 237 Dagneau. Russell W.: 23 Dagsgard. Oary C.: 240 Dahl. Susan D. Dahlk. Claude W.: 133 Dahlke. William L. Dahm. Frederick M. Dalncs. Russell O.: 241 Dale. Byron C.: 20. 104. 133 282 Dallman. George J.: 238 Damltx. David J.: 238 Damrow. Crystal A.: 102. 140. 144 231 Danelskl. Carol M. Daniel. Nancy L. Daniels. Karen M. Danlelscn. Cheryl J.: 41. 120 Danielson. Ardyce K.: 94. 231 Dann. Patrick E. Darnton. Clifford L.: 244 Dartt. M. Kathleen: 240 Dashner, James C. Dauber man. 8ue A.: 38 David. Guy C.: 239 Davidson. Kathleen C. Davies. Kenneth W.: 133. 67. 108 Davis. Helen L. Davis. James V.: 122. 07 Davis. Judith A.: 41. 96. 93. 114. 132 Davis. Kathleen A : 91. 91 Davis. Leonard L.: 141. 239 Duvlv l.inda A 239 Davis. William Joseph. 128 Dawtesdczyk. Clarence J. Dawledczyk. Lucille D. Deadman. Mark W.: 141. 66. 87. 234 Dean. William D. DeBruln. Jerome E.: 94. 112 DcChambrau. Dorothy J.: 118 Deeker. Louis H. Deegan. Cynthia M. Degeneffe. Marvin R.: 41 Degerstcdt. John W. Degner. Daryl L.: 238. 109 DeOroot. Dale R. DeOulre. Mary L Dchllnger. David L.: 112. 200 Dehn, Richard W.: 124 Delapp, Michael C. Drmlng, Patrick K. DeMost. Beverly A.: 31 Deinskc. Karen D.: 42. 94. 114. 144 Dennis. Terry D. Drnsch. Oerald R Densch. Man- Lou: 94. 340 Derber. Kristine M.: 241 Dereslnskl. Christine M.: 108. 110 Derick son. Richard D.: 93. 200. 242 Derksen. Shirley J. Derrick son, Donald K. Detert. Sliarron A.: 242 Detloff, Richard M. Dcllwller. l.toyd P. Dettwller. Patricia D.: 94 Deulschmann. Hans O.: 104. 241 Devlin. Mary B.: 244 DeWltt, James C.: 109 DeWItt. Joan L : 141 Dlestler. Michael J.: 109 Dletzler, Marilyn R. Dlneen. John C.: 134 Dins. Rita Rae: 244 Dtsher. Joyce A.: 118 Dlvcrde. Robert A : 242 Dl . Eugene Dlz. Robert W.: 234 Dlugos. Thomas W.: 13 Dob be, Lorraine O. Dobbe. Patricia A.: 239 Dobbs. Laurence E : 31 Dobersteln. Daniel A.: 21. 134 Dobratz. James R. 243 Dobrowolskl. Dennis J. Doede. Mai leu M. Doers. Donna J. Dohcny. James P. Dohm, Jeanne E. Doleohal. Theodore A. Domkc. Carolann M Donatell. Raymond M. 124. 236 Donath, Roland: 241 Donehower. Lynn P. Donovan. Oeorge P. Dowling. Andrea J.: 116 Downle. Duane C.: 124 Downing. William J. Doyle. Eunice J. Doyle. Mary K.: 94. 144 Doynr. Patricia A.: 146 Draeger. Darlene M. Dragolovtch. Michael S. Drake. Ethel K. Drake. Prances D. Drake. Paul Drake. Russell B. Drake. Steven P.: 239 Draper. David D. Drapes. Bllen J.: 143. 237 Drayna. Mary Drengberg. Robert A. Drewitx. Marilyn J.: 42 Droppers. Donna J. Druckrcy. Jacquelyn E.: 140 DuBore. David L. Du Bore. James P. Duchrow. Richard M. Ducklow. Richard L.: 134 Dud a. Carol J. Dudklewlcz. Alan B.: 21 Dumkc. Henry K. Dumreert. Daniel C Dunn. Maureen E. Dunne. Joseph J.: 241 Durand. Barbara J.: 31 Duwe. Richard L: 240 Dzubay. Sharon V.: 94. 234 Ebsen. David W.: 234 Ebscn. Michael W Eck. Jean L. Eckert. Delores D.: 102. 233 Eddy. Jennifer J. Edmtnster. Dorothy L. Edwards. Chester J. Edwards. Linda R Era lose. Mary E.: 332 Egcnhocfcr. James L. Egenhoefer. John J.: 31. 96 Eggener. Nancy U: 339 Eggert. James A.: 31 Xlchrlbergrr. Robert L.: 243 Elde, Kurt W.: 96 Kldc, Richard R.: 241 Klden. Richard P. Klfler. Nancy A : 233 Kinsentraut. Richard A. Elnclchcr. Kathleen L.: 241 Elbe. Darlene E. Klden. Della Jean: 43. 92 Eiger. Lee K.: 239 Kllefson, Marjorie J.: 243 Ellenson. Rebecca A.: 118 Ellrrman. Keith U: 134 Elliott. Celeste 8. Blsen. Mary K. Klsen. Theresa A. Kmrrlch. Gerald: 42 Emerson. Charles A.: 108 Emery. Carol J. Kmmrrlch. David J.: 126 Emmerich. Rodney O.: 21. 124 Engel. David D. Engel. Mary K : 34. 94 Engel. Peter A.: 233 Engelbert, Donald M. Kngfer. Gregg 8.. 128 Kpp. Robert K.: 32 Kpple. Barbara J.: 106. US Eppv Stephen J. Erdman. Carlton R. Krdman. Mary Ann Erickson. David K. Erickson, Oary L. Erickson. John P. Erickson. Roger P.: 331 Erlcson. Wayne H.: 31. 6 Ernst. Roger C.: 42. 94 Ernst. Ronald It.: 43. 94 EMI. Oary J.: 108. 128 Eschrnbauch. Barbara L.: 102 Eskritt. Harry II. Eskrltt. James T. Eskritt. Myrna L. Eskritt. 8ue A.: 31. 120 Baser, John M : 43 Ksterl, Jane V.: 242 Kstrecn. Richard II. Ktten, Penny A.: 338 Evans. Dorothy E. Evans, William C. Kvcnton. Donald C. Everson. James L. Evjen, Oary B. Rvard. Eugene K Pahrback. Richard J.: 122 Palrchlld, Judith Ann Palt. Dennis D.: 130 Paivre. Phillip R. Palk. Edward L.: 228 Patklnham. Kenneth D.: 200 Palkowskl. Patricia M : 241 Pandre. Joseph P. Parrey. David W. Pausch. Dale 8.: 124. 137 Pauske. Donald L.: 240 Pauz. David R.: 331 PcaUiero. Joan O. Pedel. Krmcn V.: 42 Pedenko. Ronald A.: 232 Pedcrman, Michael E. Pehrmann. Allen L. Peldruegge. Virginia M : 99. 333 Pellcnz. Richard L.: 238 Kenton. Donald N. Kenton. Linda P. Perdon. Douglas Perge. William M : 200 Perguion. Judy L.: 106 Pernan. James O. Fernandez. Richard P. Perrall. Ellison W.: 107. 124 Keutz. Marianne: 42. 103. 93 Plala. Olenn K.: 241 Pick. Mary N.: 106 Pickier, Edwin J.: 13. 124. 67 Pledter. Jane A.: 144. 234 Pleld. George C.: 240 Plclda, Dennis C. Plcss. Robert D. Pinch. Oerald K.: 124 Pinch, Mary A.: 244 Finger. Jack C.: 243 Pink. Eugene A. Pirkus, Diane M. Pise her. Ruth A.: 344 Fischer. Sandra M.: 238 Flail. Aubrey C. Pish. Elizabeth J.: 137, 139. 1(8 Pish. John A.: 43. 106 Fisher. Carol 8. Plslicr. Janice J. Fisher. Keith W. Fitzgerald. James R.: 112. 208 KJelstad. Janet It.: 66. 61 Flaherty. Thomas P.: 22 riasch, Kobert A.: 239 Pleek. llenry W.: 243 Fleming. Thomas R.: 122 Plennlkcn. Marilyn J. Fletcher, William W.: 240 Flood. Thomas E.: 141. 338 Florlano. Robert U: 31. 124 Ptorln. David V. Flowers. Truman A.: 22 Pbchs. Leroy M.: 130 Poemmel. Sandra K : 43. 132 Poemmel. Wayne A.: 141. 236 Polios. Edward C. 307 Pollen. Robert W Folsom. John M : 23 Foil. Kathleen A. Konstad. Todd A.: 22. 96. 126 Pontecchio, Robert L. For beck. Susan R. Ford. Carol A.: 234 Poreyl. William J.: 231 Porrcster, Edward J.: 100. 235 Poraberg. Dennis L. Fortune. Mike P.: 201Pom. enrol A.: 102. 132, 07 Fowle. J»ra« C.: 01 Fox. James N. . 100 Fox. Jeffrey K.: 230 Fox. Mary B. Foxe, Barbaro V. Frnnz.ii. Richard H. Frollsh. Kathleen B.: 100 Francar, Gary J. Fran cor. Gene P. Prancel. Arthur J. Frank. Thomas A.: 113. M0. 207 Prnnke. Lois J.: 3 Franz. Dorothy M.: 238 Frunzen. Dianne M : 04. M4. 230 Prnry. Oary J. Fred rich. Robert R. Fredricks. Jacquelyn A.: 110 Frellch, Jim It.: 232 French. Ton A.: 238 Frlcko. George R.: 13 Friday. Barbara H.: 35. 120 Fries. John W. Frisch, James It. Promo, Wayne L.: 235 Fruit. Kurils A.; 235 Frye, Carla J. Frye. William O. Fuchs, Dale A. Fuehrer. Marcella M. Fuller. James R.: 240 Fullmer. John D. Fullmer, Robert J.: 22. 124 Fullmer. William W. Fulton. Paul J. Funk. James M.: 135 Funk. Juliana: lit Uabrystak, Rugcnc R. Oade. Paul K. Gaffney, Mary K.: 230 Qalgals. Juris V.: »0. 230 Oajcwskl. Kristine K.: 242 Ualaex. Patricia A.: 238 Oallcnberg. Allen J.: 138. 234 Ounn. David L. Gardner. Keith A. Onset). David A. Gass, James It.: 43. 100, 124 Oast. Leo A. Oast. Timothy D. Oauerkr, Dalo F.: 238 Oay, Jeanette M. Gayeske, Robert C.: 00 Oateley, Lawrence: 138. 237 Gee. David W. OchliUK. Daniel K.: 13 Grilling, William D,: 237 Oehin, Judith A. Gehrig, Ronald If. Oehrke, James II.: OS Gehrko, Thomas F. Geiger. Richard J. Gripe], William K 128 Oelhar. Diana J.: 154. 233 Oelwlcks. William W 133. 235 Oenson. Jerry J.: 235 Gena. Donald T. George, James K.: 23 Ocrke. Carole J.: 23S Gerrltts. Dorothy A. Oclllnger, Mary J.: 43 OctllnKer. Melda D. Oldwancy, Gope J. Gldwanl. Kama! J. Oldwanl, Pushpa J. Glese. David J. Olese. Ktola G.: 236 Glese. Kim A. Gilbert. Philip C.: 242 Giles, Barbara A. Olle . Patrick J,: 107 OUgc. Dennis A.: 124 Gillette. James J. Gillette. John L. Gillette. Lowell J.: 33. 122 Olllls. William M Oilman. Oordon T.: 242 Ollson. Robert K Olove. Carol If.: 238 Girard, Darlene A. Olrard. Donna L. Olrard. Germaine J.: 100 Gleisner. John M.: M. OS. 231 Ollnski. John M.: 107 Ollnskl, William R. Olock. Gary M.: 112 Olocke. Jerry L.: 161 Olodowskl, Joseph 8. Glubka. Kathryn M.: 144. 234 Ooetsch. Stephen J.: 91. 148. 243 Gohlke. Gene A. Goldson. Marvin: 43 Oolke. Stephen R.: 238 GolU. Grant K. GolU. Thomas 11.: 0«. 230 Oomin, Kay Arlene Gomes. Bonita C.: 23J Oonsagowskl. Bruce L. 00. 135 Goodman, Gordon J.: 240 Goodwin. James C.: 00 Oooglns, James K. Oordon. Craig J.: 230 Gorman. Suzzannc M. Oos . Thomas J. Cotter. Donald O. Gouchee. Gall M. Gould. Charlotte L.: 244 Gould. Norbert J.: 02 Orabarskl, Sandra A.: 102. 240 Orabow, Ronald D.: 234 Grabowskl. Victoria M.: 158. 240 Orabskl. Sylrester A. Oracf. William J. Oracle. Oary U. Oraetx. Richard T.r 100. 231 Oraets. Robert A. Orafcnauer. Thomas G.: 13. 113. 15! Oraff. Robert P. Oruham. Michael J.: 243 Oralkowskl. Ardell C.: 120. 335 Orams. Bill E.: 98. 112. 122 Grant, Daphne A.: 136 Oraupncr. Philip A. Graver. Anne A.: OS Oray. Harvey D.: M2. 238. 100 Oreelcr. Allen B. Orccn. Douglas 3.: 133. 233 Greenwood, Robert J : 244 Oregory. Ruth J. Orclllng. Gary O. Orelner. Karen M. Grelser. Connie A.: 238 Grentlc. Thomas R.: 01. 09. 114. 233 Grescns. Ina Rac: M4. 233 Gresens. Joan M. Ores!, Gary J.: 31 Orifflth. John T. Grimm. Mary If. Orlschke, Alan E. Orltlner. Myma 8. Grobe. Edward E. Orode. Bette J. Oroff. Stephen W.: 151. 238 OromolL Jane A.: 106. 110. 130. 231 Oropp. Orla M : IM Oross. Edward R.: 13, lOO. 02 Oross. Elizabeth A. Oross, Mary E. Grossman. Oary C. Orote, Richard D. Oroth. James F.: 238. 100 Oroth. Michael M.: 122 Oroth. William E. Grow. Jane M. Oruba, Marlene J. Orube. Janet C.: 114. 144, 231 Oruber. Donald R.: 136 Gruber. Jamrs L.: 241 Oruel. David A. Oruencberg. Lynn M. Gruenwald. Paul E. Grulhoff. Bruce Gruver, Linda E.: 43 Gryglel. Leonard M.: 97. 231 Ouellg. Judith A.: 240 Guenther, Michael M.: 240 Guenther. Paul L. Guenther. Susan E. Guerin. Michael R, Ouelhs. Karen J.: 93. 116. 130. 235 Ouelschow. Patricia A. Guinn, Terrance W.: 124 Guleslnskl. Judith K Oulllxon. Ellen M.: 32 Oumm. Kathleen M.: 132 Gums. Glenda A.: 102. 240 Gumz. Flores H. Gunderson. Carol A.: 17 Gurlt. Suzanne L. Out. Ronald H. Guth. Thomas P.: 23 Ouyant. Jerome O.: 23. 06. 124 Haag. George P. 07 Haas. Kdsrard F , Jr. Haas. Marl J.: 242 Massl, Donald L.: 241 HaasI, Virginia M. Habeck. John It. Haberman. Michael D. ltachmelster. Mary C.: 240 Hack. Sarah L. Hackbarth. Michael D. Haczynskl. Sharon L : 100. 148. 234 Hafemelstcr. Alan P.: 122 Haffeman. Gerald R. Hagen. Curtis M.- 43 Hagcngruber. Virginia M. Hager. William O.: 240 Hagerstrom. JoAnn L. Hahs. Diane L.: 43. 107 Halford. Patrlela L.: 233 Halford. Thomas M.: 09 Hall. Judith A.: 243 Hall. Kaye A. Hall. Linda J.: 120. 144. 232 Hall. Louis L.: 144 Halla. Larry D.: Ml. 210 Hallenbeck. Jean A.: 13 Halter. Rosemary B.: 102. 234 Halverson. Lee: 112. 161 Halverson. Msrisn L Halverson. Warner R.: 43. 103 Hamburg. Jane O.: 35 Hamele, Kenneth V.: 241 Hamilton. John P.: 244 Hamilton, Patricia A. Hamilton. Robert P.: 01. 128 Hamm. Darlene A.: 238 Hamm. Oary C. Hamm. Peter W.: 124 Hammerberg. Kart W Hammrs. Donald L.: 158 Hammond. Oary L. llamshire. David O.: 241 Hancock. Bonnie L.: 44. 107 Hankey. Barbara J.: 244 Hannemann. David K. Ilanoskl. Oeraid 8. Hansen. Allan R.: 238 Hansen. Betty L. Hansen. Duane N. Hansen. Joy J.: 139. 154. 243 Hansen. Linda L.: 241 Hansen. Mark S. Hansen. Stephen A. Hansen, Virginia 8. Hanson. Alan R. Hanson. David It.: 133. 200 Hanson. Donald L.: 158 Hanson. Donna M. Hanson. Harold L.: 00 Hanson. Harry O. Hanson. M. Carol: 23. 238 Hanson. Marilyn C. 133. Hanson, Michael J.: 133, 184. 333 Hanson. Paul C. Hanson. Bally K.: 233 Hanson. Shirley J.: 33 Hanson. Terrance O. Hanson. Thomas C. Haralson, Kent N : 242 Hardy. Linda J. Haring, Charles R. Harkins. Gay L. Harpucad. Ruth Harrington. Jane C, Harrington. Patricia K. Harris. Richard W : 01. 124. 137, 138. 100 Harter, Ronald U (Urine). Daniel R.: 105. 158 Hartman. Edwin A. Harlwlg, Jerome E. 44. 107 Harvey. Cynthia A.: 240 llaslow, Cyril O. Hasselstrom. James C. Hasslcr. Donald A. 124 Hastrclter. Gordon A. Hastrclter. Mary A.: 38 Hatchet. Richard C.. 00. 100 Hatfield. Robert W. Ilauholdt. Oary H.: 238 lfaupt. David O. Hauser. John P.: 124 Hauver. Richard N.: 235 Havelka. Kllaka H.: 240 Havcy. Dennis M. Ilavey. Kathleen M. Havlik. Sharon J.: 132. 234 Hayes. Lornn A.: 32. 95 Hayward. Oregory P. Haztewood. Margaret J. Healy. Joan D.: 334 Hebert, Richard J. Iledln. Shirley J.: 05. 232 llcdman. Donald E. Hcdqulst, J. Patrick: 239 Heldlnger. Robert 8.: 239 Hoiking. Richard C.: 13. 124 Helkklncn. Susan K.: 44. 120 Hell. Gary P Helllger. Richard D.: 242 Helmcrl, Thomas L. Hein. Dwane W.: 44, 91 Hclndl, Jerry A. Heine. Lois J. Heine. Thomas L. Hrlse. Charmalnc M. Helzer, Russell K.: 238 Hllbach, Conrad D Helbach. Larry M. Helblng. Alan A.: 336 Hclf. Michael J. Helgeson, John C.: 237 Ilelkc. Joanne O.: 94 Helling. James T. Melinite. James C. Hclmle. Howard J.: 200 Hetser. Audrey M.: 235 Helwlg, Harry B.: 97. 137. 235 Hembrook. William L. Hemming. FhlUlP R.: 33. 128, 135. 137 Henchen. Eileen E. Mcndler. Peter O. Hcnlze. Prcd C.: 231 llrnne. David R. Hennlg, Nancy L.: 242 Henrlchs, Melvin W.: Ml Henry. Butene R. Hcnschel. Patricia L.: 237 Henschel. Sharon M.: 102. 120, 140. 231 Herlache. James A. Iterllck. Olakely J.: 128 Herman. Charles J.: 32. 112. 122 Herman. Eugene J.: 112. 122. 200. 235 Hernct. Donna M. Kernel. Sharon R.: 239 Herr. Susan J.: 232 Herrbold. Delbert W.: 238 Herrick. Peter W.: 241 Herrmann. Kennetli 11.: 122 Hertel. Richard A.: 109 Hertlg. Nell R.: 238 Hcizberg, Dennis R. Hess, Thomas E.: 200 Hestermsn. John F. Hettlnga. Warren K. Hctxe), Roy W. Heun. Nancy K.: 114. Ml. 241 Heuscr. Bernadette A.: 344 Htckner. Mary C.: 118. 232 Higgins. Earl F. Higgins, Ernest N.: 200 lllgglns. James A. Higgins. John P. Hilgart. Joseph F.: 124 Hill. Ruth A.: 102. 140. 235 Hillman. James H.: 231 Hines. Judith A.: 94. 120 Hints. Fred L. Hints. Roman D.: 96. 112 Hlrsch. Michael J.: 238 Hindi. Susan J. HIU. Carolyn M.: 239 Hobln. Dennis J.: 103. 234 Hochevar, James J.: 200 Hocking. Raymond J.: 154, 239 Hoefa. Eugene V. Hoeft. Lowell R.: 104. 243 Hockscma. John K.: 109 Hocm. Wallace A. Hoena. Garald L.: 130 Hoesly. Kareen K. Hoffman. Donald J. Hoffman. Predrrick L.: 103 Hoffman. John C. Hoffman. Mary M : 102. 120. 232 Hoffman. Robert J. Hoffmann. Darrell L. Hoffmann, Jacqueline A.: 102 Hofman. John B. Hofmann. Thomas J.: 234 Hof si ten, Thomas P.: 135 Hofstad. David W. Hojan, Linda L.: 94. 140. 240 Holden. Paul D.: 100. 232 Hold rid go. John W. Holford, Margaret P. Holgers. Susan J. Hollands, Michael A.: 130 lfollecn. Karen M.: Ml Hollmlller. George F. Holloway, Daniel L.: 144. 238 Holly. Thomas L. Holm. Olennls L. Holmes. Larry K.: 98. 112. 122. 87 Holmes. Leon W.: 23 Holqulsl. Robert A.: 233. 109 Holton. Constance K. Holublw. Lida: 241 lloly. Suzanne L.: 244 Holzmiller. Janet A.: 120 llomcl. Dennis A.: 122 Hopkins. Dale W : 137. 139. 142 Hoppe. David L Hoppe. Robert R. Herd. Jacqueline M.: 118. 07 Horvath, Judith A. Hoslerman, Bruce A.: 97. 133 Hosterman. Richard R.: 244 Hostetler. Murray W.: 135 Hoth, Janls A. HouRhton. John II.: 135 Houle. Caryl J. Houlihan. Colleen C. Houses. Robert n. Howard. Cheryl A.: 93. 138. 139. 235 Howard. Richard K.: 122 Howard. Robert L. Howdcn, Sara M Howe. Mary ».: 01. 242 Hubbard. Charles M Huber. David K.: 230 Huber. Dennis F. Huettl, Karla K.: 38 lluctincr, Catherine A.: 134 Hughes, Andrew N. Hughes. Marvin II.: 44 Huh, Young Ja: 130 Hull. William J.: 23 Hume, Maiy Jo: 339 Humkc, Dennis I.: 122 Humkc. John W.: M Hunt. Patrick J. Hunt. Thomas F.: 114 Hunter. Ruth A.: 114. 235 Hurlbutt, P.ltzabeth A. Hutchins. Jerome D. Hutchinson. Dorothy K.: 00. 232 Hutto. David M.: 124 Hyland. Lu Ann. 35. 93. 94 Igl. Dorothy B.: 24. 90. 104. 03. 02 Illff. Donald P. 142 Immd. Vat Innerebner. Terry A. Ironside. Jahn H. Ironside. Larry F. Ironside. Leonard J. Irwin. Michael A. Isaacson. Karen K.: 140, 234 Istocrg. Koeshara L. Iienbcck. Herman K.: 239 Ishrrwood, Donald J.: 240 Isherwood. Robert K.: 00 Isle. Vicki A. Iverson. Ronald A. Iverson. Susan K. Ivey. Donovan O. Jaacks. Judy L. Jarkiin Oary L. Jackson. Anita R.: 240 Jackson William K Jackson. Oary W.: 109 Jacobs. Ruth E. Jacobson. Alan E Jaeobson, Allen J. Jacobson. Allen K.: 154. 242 Jacobson. Merry Sue Jacques. David R. Jaccks. Dennu M.: 24 Jaeger. David R. Jaeger. Karen M.: 240 Jaeger. Kenneth J.: 01. 126 Jaeger. Lorraine C : 05. 140, 154. 231 Jaeger. Richard W. Jaeger. Ruth A.: 140 Jagtcr. Francis H.: 200 Jagodtinskl. Joyce A. Jahn. Alice L.: 241 Jnhnke, Marilyn A. jahns. Thomas F. Jahns. Wayne 11. Jajewskl. Geraldine C.: 44. 104 Jakcl. Diana P.: M. 102. 103 Jakubowskl. Barbara It.: 90. 118 James. Elaine M. Jameson. Dennis Q.: 1M Janlsch. Thomas P 238 Janny. Karen K.: 235 Jansen. Howard A. Jarck. Carol E.: 243 Jarockl. Arthur J. Jcckte. Darlene R.: 34. 03 Jefferies. Michael O.; 14. 100 Jellch. John A Jclich. Mary Ann: 107 Jellnskl. Raymond J. Jensen. Bonnie A.: 241 Jensen. Frederick L. Jensen. Harry A. Jensen. Jamrs C. Jensen. Jeff K.: 200 Jensen. Richard R.: 240 Jensen. Richard W. Jepsen. Karen J.: 92. 138 Jeske. James C.: 233. 235 Jcake. Mary Beth 94 Jlnske. Wayne L. Jlnske. William J.: 112 Jlrovell. Suzanne G.: 102. 118 Johanknrcht. Oary A.: 240. 208 Johankneeht. Gary B.: 124 Johnson. Alan O : 24. 104 2835 „5s|Sa;5s5 5 mm 44 442 5SSSSS IJS ft niimSrfJVgn- □2223332223232232335555 !•» .”6 6£ a‘5 30 '6| slfi==?4s- f-FPF 5“|s|jl ' a c a a c § w n 3 51 JiiillisL. f«SS€fS§§lIMrKelth. David L. McKclvcy, Cecily O. McKtmlc, Michael R. McLclIun. Marie P.: 103 McMahon. Michael H.: 130. 143 McNamara. Mary Ann: 338 McNamee, James P.: 104. 156. 239 McNutt. Mary K.: 243 McPherson. James W. Me Quinn Kenneth O. Means. Oconee A : 46 Mears. Martha J. Meet), Dennis A Mrdln. David A Meeker. Patrick O.: 28 Meets. Robert P.: 242 Mehlberg. Dean R Meier, David O. Melcr. Sally O.: 94 Meier, Wesley R. Meters. Thomas K. Mellnlin. Mary L. Meissner. Morgan K 151. 231 Melster. Rebecca L.: 240 Meka Gregory D.. 91 Melchcrt. Lois It : 235 Melehert. Busan M.l 120 MennliiK. Warren L Men tel, David O.: 12 Mentel. Kathryn L.: 46. 93 Merkel, Richard K.: 96. 235 Meronek. Peter J. Mcronk. Daniel A. Mertlg. Richard A.: 10© Messer, Patricia M Mcuerurhmldt. Hetty K.- 332 Meunler. Thomas L.: 242 Meyer, Larry L.: 240 Meyer. Michael J.: 231 Meyer. Michael L.: 128 Meyer . Rosmond E Michaels. Charles P.: 242 Michaels. Judith M.: 25 Michel . Frederick A Mtchllg, Diane M. Mlcke. Martin J. Mldhkoskl. Carol J. Mlelkc. James A.: 151. 24J Mlelkc. Mary A.: 46. 102. 132 Mlexsnor. Carol J. Mikes, Oladys A : 91 Miles, Thomas W.: 241 Millar. Aleaxnder It.: 90. 136. 332. 109 Millar, Bandra L : 116, 335 Miller. Carolyn L.: 116 Miller, Constance A.: 39 Miller, David A : 235 Miller, David L. Miller, Oury M. Miller. Jean K.: 240 Miller, Larry J.: 200 Miller. Marianne Miller. Patricia A.: 15 Miller. Raymond P. Miller, Richard L. Miller. Robert K. 25. 96. 138 Miller. Husannc C.: 238 Mills. Jamc T. Mills, Nancy A.: 109 Milner, Kathleen A. Mllota. Richard C. Milton. Donna R.: 142 Mltkowlca. Thomas C. Mitchell. David O. Mitchell, Michael J.: 234 Mitchell, Thomas D. Mitchell. Thomas L 241 MltteUteadt. Sharlyne K : 13 Mlxls. John A. Moder. James R.: 241 Moeller, Jane L. Moeller, Thomas M.: 241 Moffatt. Patricia A.: 91. 242 Molcpske. Jrrrold II : 104. 236 Monroe, Christine L.: 156. 231 Monroe, Juliana P.: 92 Monroe, Virgil W Monson, Busan E. Montour. Nancy A.: 94. 232 Monty, John C. Moon, Barbara A. Moon. Clyde O. Moore, James It Moore. Mary B.: 239 Moraaky. Lynn K.: 241 Moreland. Hope M. Moretto, William K.: 200 Morgan, Lee I. Morgan. Michael D.: 151. 240 Morgan. Michael J. Morgan. Patricia A.: 108. 232 Morrow. Gwendolyn J.: 116, 109 Morse, Robert M Mornlnskl, Mary K. Mosetcr. Gerald O. Mosey. Kathleen A.: 23 Moagalter, Thomas J.: 151. 238 Moskonas. Douglas J.: 122 Much, Ronald L : 239 Muchowsky. Thomas J.: 240 Mudrak. Dean C. Much!. Dennis W. Mueller, Dale W. 235 Mueller. David II.: 128 Mueller, James A..- 10V Mueller, Mark J.: 133. 231 Mueller, Wayne K.: 25 Muemn. Ruth K. Muench. Joseph A.: 33 Mullen. Donald J.: 244 Mulligan, Michael O.: 242 MuKrrcr. Kenneth A. Mundcrloh. Roy H.: 47. 140 Muraskl. Mary Lou: 96. 236 Murdock. Patrice M.: 15. 107 Murphy. Sharon A.: 232 Murray. Curtis O. Murirh. John W. Musch. David G. Musaon. Lane M.: 46 . Mulhengl. Donald J.: 25. 96, 136 Nagler. Stephen J. Natter, Michael D.: 242 Nedland. Jack V Ncgard. Marguerite A.: 239 Nchrlng, William A 92 Netted, Bhnron L.: 47. 102 Nelson, David C. 143 Nelson. Marlene R. Nelson, Jean II.: 95. 231 Nelson. Marsha II : 120. 235 Nelson, Paul L.: 242 Nelson. Robert L, Nelson. Roger A. Nemce. Phyllis L. Neater. John A. Ncubnucr. Edward E.: 239. 109 Neubxuer. Jan la A. Neuendorf. Roger C. Neuman. Janice K. Neuman. Thomas W.: 103. 234 Noumeler, Leland G. Neuvllle. I-onnle J. Nevens, Robert J.: 158 Newby. Joan B.: 09. 93. 107. Ill Newman. Ncdrn L.: 93. 242 Newman. Thomas D.: 47. 104 Nexda. Richard H : 1 Nichols. James L.: 122 Nlehols. Janice W. Nichols, Stanley A.: 47. 91. 99. 126 Nlckotal. Ruth M.: 239 Nledsolkowskl. James J. Nleholf. I sslle A : 242 Nielsen. Carmen R.: 240 Nielsen. Ib. J.: 240 Nielsen. Jack It.: 239 Nlcnast. Jewel K. Nlmts. William It. Nlrsehe. James A.: 239 Njoka. Evans C.: 136. 141. 244 Noble. Caret! M. Nolan. Barbara 8.: 106. 234 Nolan. Mary Ellen: 114 Nooney. Patrick J.: 26 Nordall. Danny It. Norelka. Roland O. Norem. Barry A. 238 Norman. Alan C. Normlngton, Charles A.: 200 Nortemann. Jon W. North. James A North. Hue K.: 237 Northrop. Roberta L.: 243 Novak. Dennis J.: 104 Novuk. John K.: 27 Novlk. Victor; 105 Novotny. Patricia L. 96 Nowackl, Diane T.: 102. 14 Ncwackl. Helen M.: 240 Kowlckl. Theresa M.: 239 Nuhllcck. Jim C.: 133 Nustbaum. Alice P.: 102. 241 Nyarlkl, Jason: 27. 105. 112. 136. 207 Nye. Rnoald M Nyen. BJorg 8,: 94. 140. 235 Nygaard. Robert 1..: 109 Nylund. Francesca M. Nyre. Ruth A.: 10 . 67 Oberg, Bruce P. Oberrnan. Linda L.: 236 Obrcmskl, Shirley A. O'Brien. Jerry C. Ochs. Howard M.: 112. 122. 208 O'Connell. Ara I. O'Connor. Timothy J. O'Dell. Michael A.: 242 O'Donnell, Patrick M. Ocstrclch. Eugene W.: 109 Oestrelch. Kenneth D.: 109 Ogweno. John M. O'Kcele. Mary Lou Okray. Oracc M.: 242 Okray. Larry M. O'Kray. Ronald K. Okray. Sandra K O'Leary. Michael R. O'Leary. Timothy J. Olker. Bernard J.: 15 Olkowskl, John C. Olsen. Carol A. Olsen. Charles R. 108 Olsen. Ralph L. Olsen. Rodney J.: 133 Olsen. Thomas A.: 98 Olson. Alden L. Olson. Cortney C.: 114. 154 Olson. Douglas J.: 200 Olson. Judy M 96. 95. 231 Olson. Richard C.: 238 Olson. Robert E : 158. 231 Olsxcwskl. Theodore J. Olsxewskl, Thomas P.: 96. 236 Omemlk. James D.: 124, 232 Omernlk. Kathleen M. O'Neil Pul A : 114. 235 O’Nell. Robert M. O'Neil, William M. Onlango. Clement M.: 242 Onion. Thomas O.: 241 Oplola. William K. Oren. Roger L. Orlando. Diane T. Orlowskl. Sharon A.: 244 Orphan. Diana L.: 238 Orr. Daniel W.: 130 Osebold. Robert J. O'Shasky, Jean M. Osowskl, Ronald L.: 240 Onlrlng. Ellen K : 231 Ostrowskl. Judith A.: 27. 96. 104. 137, 156 Ostrowskl. Mary Helen Oswald. Onry K. Otterholt, Gary E Olio. David R.: 235 Ottosen. David C. Oxley. Durr A.: 243 Paape, 8usan M. Pacuna. Franclne M.: 107. 116. 232 Pacyna. Gerald 8.: 47 Puegc'.ow. Timothy M.: 148. 241 Page. Jack K..: 138 Page. Robert W.: 135 Pagcl. Cheryl L.: 243 Pagenkopf, Howard I. PagUaro. JoAnn Palecek. KUen M Palmer, Let a A.: 108 Palmlsano. John P.: 100. 231 Palmqulst. David R.: 128. 109 Paimqulst, Dcen A.: 249 Panko. Dale M. Panko. John H.: 47 Panko. Laurel L. Panko. Ronald P. Pankow. Hadl K, Panlcr. Mary K.: 90. 104 Papp. Carl J. Parrxick. Sharon L. Parfrey. John A. Parkel. Prank J.: 47. 110 Parker, Bruce II. Parker, Jerry A. Parker. Jerry O. Parkuvlrh. Cynthia J.: 107. 116. 234 Parmeter. David A. Parsons. Peggy A.: 142. 231 Parson . Peter J.: 241 Parsons. Timothy M.: 124. 137 Paruch, Weldon 236 Paseuttl. Lorraine P.: 39 Patehln. Charlea II.: 122 Palrnaude. Dun P.: 237 Paterlck, Diane M. Patterson. Ksmr H.: 104. 132. 136. 235 Patterson. Jean M : 91. 104. 114. 120. 238 Paul. George R.: 238 Paul. Oerald L. Paul. Rebecca J.: 233 Paulsen. Martin A.: 200 Paulson. Dale J. Payne. Terry L. Payton. Tim W. Paxar. Vicki A.: 108. 240 Peabody, Oeorglana K. Pearson. Ann M.: 120 Pearson. Nicholas N.: 234 Pease. Allen E.: 95. 112, 13 . 200 Peek. Mary J. Pedersen. Barbara I. Pederson. Charles M. PehIke. James It.: 96 Pellkan. Bandra 8.: 240 Pelletier, Barbara A. Pclot. Carol J. Pcndl. Richard II.: 98 Penovlch. Mltchel E. Pepper. Ron A. Perenlek. Mary Jo Perkins. Daniel J.: 106. 235 Perner. Virginia V.: 48 Perone. Linda L. Perrodln. Larry K.: 33 Peterman, Larry O. Peters. Dale W.: 200 Peters. Edward J.: 243 Peters. Janies V.: 151 Peters. Linda M : 94. 118 Peters. Thomas F.: 23 Petersen. Judith M.: 244 Petersen. Kennrth P. Petersen. 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David I,.: 199 Polxln. 8man J. Ponku. Blaine M l ope. Phyllis J.: 93. 94. 116. 234 Pope. Susan J.: 243 Poqueltc. Dawn V.: 99 Porior, John L.: 15 Porubcan. Randolph 8. Pom, Jack W. Post, E. Kay: 238 Poller. Mary A.: 94. 141 Pottervlllr. Kay T Pouba, Charles J. Prais, John P. Prasntkar. Kathy: 241 Prast. Karen M 54 Predict. Ronald A: 243 Precourt. Roger L. Prcll. Lamont Paul: 200. 239 Prrllwlu. Gerald L.: 137. 138. 231 Premeau. Susan L: 94. 240 Presl. Ronald J.: 239. 109 Preuss. Merna J.: 132. 148. 232 Prleb . Robert H.: 231. 109 Prlmm. John H.: 237 Probst. Mike J. Prochnow. Marilyn I.: 116, 148. 235 Prohuska, Donald: 48 Proudrlnskl. Marie A.: 231 Prondxinskl. Sandra A. Prutx. Bernard P. Pufahl. David P.: 237 Pujats. Juris: 96 Puknll. Dennis A.: 236 Pukls, Ruth A. Pumper. Lucille A. Pumper. Ruth P.: 18 Purtcll. Joseph B. Puser. Allan F.: 114 Putnam. Edith K.: 154. 241 Qaslm. Nohad Y. Qaslm. Qaslm Mahasim Quam. Charleen A.: 241 Quigley. Edward J.: 239 Quinn, Mary Jane: Quinn. Patricia M. 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Diane M. Zuege. Weston P.. 112. 206, 232 Zuengler. Keith U: 100. 151 Zuraaskl. Adraln T.: 1)0 Zwicky. Gerald J.: 133. 235 287 288

Suggestions in the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point - Horizon / Iris Yearbook (Stevens Point, WI) collection:

University of Wisconsin Stevens Point - Horizon / Iris Yearbook (Stevens Point, WI) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


University of Wisconsin Stevens Point - Horizon / Iris Yearbook (Stevens Point, WI) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


University of Wisconsin Stevens Point - Horizon / Iris Yearbook (Stevens Point, WI) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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University of Wisconsin Stevens Point - Horizon / Iris Yearbook (Stevens Point, WI) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


University of Wisconsin Stevens Point - Horizon / Iris Yearbook (Stevens Point, WI) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


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