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University of Wisconsin Stevens Point - Horizon / Iris Yearbook (Stevens Point, WI) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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IRIS, 1963 WISCONSIN STATE COLLEGE, STEVENS POINT, WISCONSIN  To excel the past we must not allow ourselves to lose contact with it. On the contrary, zve must feel it under our feet because zve raised ourselves upon it. ANONYMOUS The marks of maturation and growth have been impressed upon Central State College as the years have passed since its founding in 1894. These changes have resulted in the continual progress of our college, as evidenced by its expanding enrollment, its students’ personal achievements, and its surging construction. None of this progress could have taken place if the first administration and students had not laid the foundation, and the others had not constructed the framework. “As you continue to learn, you continue to acquire new knowledge and new competencies. As such you become an instrument of change. You are not the same person you were last week or last year. As a part of this environment of learning, you will continue to change,” said President Albertson in the Convocation speech. PROGRESS THROUGH GROWTHIRIS STAFF Co-Eclitors ......... RU TH LEWIS, SHARON SMITH Business Manager .. GRANT BIRMINGHAM Copy Editor ........ KATHY KROLL Layout Editor ...... WINNIE LAUBY Photograph Editor .. TIM TASCHWER Sports Editor................ TONY WAISBROT ADVISORS ............ T. K. CHANG FREDERICH KREMPLE6Table of Contents ADMINISTRATION 9 SENIORS . 45 ACTIVITIES 85 ORGANIZATIONS . 101 SPORTS . 145 UNDERCLASSMEN . 165 7ADMINISTRATION STUDENT CONVOCATION “What is our product?", President Albertson’s first address to the student body of Central State College, was delivered during Convocation ceremonies at the Field House, September 25, 1962. The procession of the other faculty members robed in academic attire is a tradition of the Convocation. Dr. Gordon Haferbeckcr introduced President James Albertson, Student Council President Bob Davis, and President Emeritus William Hansen, the special guest. The college brass choir presented several musical selections. 10PRESIDENT JAMES H. ALBERTSON Dr. James H. Albertson, the new president of Wisconsin State College, Stevens Point, is a native of Colorado. He has come to our campus well-prepared to benefit the expansion in student enrollment, administration, and the building program. He received his Bachelor of Arts and his Master of Arts degrees from Colorado State College and his Doctorate from Stanford University. Since 1957 Dr. Albertson has become a member of various state and national associations, and his administrative duties at Ball State College, Muncie, Indiana, which included his appointment as Assistant to the President, increased his capabilities. This year’s progress is an early indication of the quality of his program and the unanimous support it has received. 12ELIZABETH PFIFFNER Ph.M. Dean of Women ORLAND E. RAI)KE B.S., M.S. Dean of MenJOHN C. THOMSON Member of the Board of State College Regents GORDON HAFERBECKER Dean of Instruction PAUL A. YAMBERT Dean of School of Applied Arts and Science WARREN G. JENKINS Dean of Letters and Science 14m GILBERT W. FAUST Registrar RAYMOND E. GOTHAM Director of Placement and Field Services JOHN J. GACH Director of Secondary Education Division and Director of Off-Campus Teacher Education BURDETTE W. EAGON Dean of School of Education 15HENRY M. RUNKE B.S., M.S. Associate Professor of Art NORMAN E. KEATS B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Art HERBERT H. SANDMANN B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Art Biology Searching Into Life EDGAR F. PIERSON B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Professor of Biolog) JOHN W. BARNES B.S.. M.S. Associate Professor of Biology 16GEORGE C. BECKER B.A., M.A., M.S., Ph.D. Professor of Biology' A. C. EPPLE M.S. Associate Professor of Biolog)' G. E. GEESEMAN B.S., M.S., Ph.D. instructor in Biolog)’ ROBERT K. SEARLES B.S., M.S. Instructor in Biology R. E. SIMPSON B.A., M.S. Associate Professor of Biology ROBERT S. WHITMIRE A.B.U., M.A.U. Assistant Professor of Biology ROBERT F. WILDE B.A., M.S. Assistant Professor of Biology DONALD B. KOEPPEN B.E., M.S. Assistant Professor of Business Education Business Education Tabulating the Reds and the Blacks 17ROLAND A. TRYTTEN B.A., Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry OLIVER A. ANDREWS B.S., M.S. Instructor in Chemistry GILBERT W. FAUST B.S., M.S. Associate Professor of Chemistry LAWRENCE KALLANDER B.A., M.S., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Chemistry ARLO E. MOEHLENPAH B.S.Ch.E., M.S.Ch.E. Instructor of Chemistry Chemistry Applying Che nr leal Reactions to Life RAYMOND A. SOMMERS B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Chemistry ROBERT WEAVER 15.S., M.S.. Ph.D. Assistant Professor LEONE OYSTER B.A., M.A. Assistant Professor of Chemistry of Chemistry 18Conservation Saving for the future BERNARD F. WIEVEL B.E., M.S., Ph.D. Professor of Conservation LEE G. ANDREAS B.S., M.S. Instructor in Conservation MILO I. HARPSTEAD B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Conservation JAMES G. NEWMAN B.S., M.S. Instructor of Conservation PAUL A. VAMBERT B.S., M.S.. M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Conservation Education Teaching Others to Teach BURDETTE W. EAGON B.S., M.S., Ed.D. Professor of Education JOHN J. GACH B.A., M.A. Associate Professor of Education 19JAMES E. JENSEN B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Economics SUSHILA J. GIDWANI B.S., M.B.A. .Asst. Prof, of Economics and Accounting NORTON E. MASTERSON B.A., M.B.A. Instructor in Economics Economics Evaluating Our Economy Education Communicating Through Literature and Composition LEE A. BURRESS, JR. B.A., B.D., Ph.D. Professor of English ALICE K. BLODGETT B.A., M.A. Associate Professor of English MAXINE BURRESS A.B., M.A. Instructor in English 20LELAND M. BURROUGHS A.B., M.A. Professor Emeritus of English HELEN M. CORNELI B.A., M.A. Instructor in English MICHAEL FORTUNE B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of English BERTHA GLENNON B.A.. M.A. Associate Professor of English ELEANOR W. HAYS B.A., B.D., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of History RUTH A. IVEY A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of English NORMAN KNUTZEN A.B., M.A. Associate Professor of English HAZEL M. KOSKENLINNA B.S.. M.S. Instructor in English 21JOEL C. MICKELSOX B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of English EDNA NYQUIST A.B., A.M. Associate Professor of English MARY ANN PRETTYMAN B.A. Faculty Assistant, English JOSEPH J. RONDY Ph.B., NLA., Ph.D. Associate Professor of English MARY ELIZABETH SMITH B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of English RUTH RONDY B.A., M.A. Instructor in English EUGENIE TUDOR B.A., M.A. Instructor in English 22PETER A. KRONER B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of German FRIEDRICH E. BANGERT B.A., M.A. Instructor in French and German MILDRED DAVIS B.A., M.A. Associate Professor of French Foreign Languages 23Geography Our Physical Environment ROBERT T. ANDERSON B.S., M.S. Associate Professor of Geography T. K. CHANG B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Geography JOHN D. KAPTER B.S., M.S. Instructor of Geography ROBERT S. LEWIS B.S., B.A., M.A. Associate Professor of Geography RAYMOND E. SPECHT B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of Geography 24FRANK W. CROW A.B., B.S., Ph.M., Ph.D. Professor of History GUY J. GIBSON B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of History RHYS W. HAYS B.A., B.D., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of History History Exploring Events of the Past WARREN G. JENKINS A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of History ROBERT J. KNOWLTON B.A., M.A. Instructor in History FREDERICH A. KREMPLE B.E., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of History CLIFFORD MORRISON B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of History 25KURT R. SCHM ELLER A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Instructor in History ELWIN W. SIGMUND B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of History Home Economics developing the domestic Skills AGNES A. JONES B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Professor of Home Economics FAY CLIFFORD B.A. Instructor in Home Economics DORIS V. DAVIS A.B., M.S. Associate Professor of Home Economics 26ETHEL V. HILL B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of Home Economics CAROLYN ANN SANDS B.S., M.A. Instructor in Home Economics ELVIRA L. THOMSON B.S., M.S. Associate Professor of Home Economics Mathematics Improving Our Reasoning Capacity KENNETH W. BOYLAN B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of Mathematics WILLIAM J. CABLE B.S., M.S.. M.B.S. Assistant Professor of Mathematics 27MATTHEW LIU M.S. Instructor in Mathematics ORVILLE M. RICE M S.. B.Ed. Associate Professor of Mathematics HENRY HOWARD THOYRE B.S., M.A. Assistant Professor of Mathematics EDITH S. TREUENFELS Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics HUGO D. MARPLE A.B., M.M., Ph.D. Professor of Music DEAN BLAIR B.M., M.M. Instructor in Music WILLIAM L. ELLIOT M.M. Instructor in Music 28MAIJA JEKABSONS ELVIN McLOTT B.A., M.A. B.M., M.M. Instructor in Music Instructor in Music ROBERT J. MURRAY B.M.E., M.M. Instructor in Music PAUL J. WALLACE B.M., M.M. Assistant Professor of Music JOSEPH A. WORK M.M. Instructor in Music ANITA WRAY Instructor in Music 29Philosophy Physics JOSEPH L. SCHULER, JR. B.A., M.S. Assistant Professor of Philosophy Contemplating Our Natural Phenomena ALLEN F. BLOCHER B.S., M.S. Assistant Prolessor of Physics GREGORY KULAS B.S., M.S. Instructor in Physics MONICA E. BA INTER B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Physics BENEDICT Y. OH M.S. Instructor in Physics 30EUGENE RRODHAGEN B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Physical Education CAROL ANHALT WILLIAM P. BURNS B.S., M.S. B.S., M.S. Instructor in Physical Instructor in Physical Education Education Physical Education The Physical Skills ROBERT H. KRUEGER B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Physical Education HALE F. QUANDT B.A., M.A. Associate Professor of Physical Education DUAINE K. COUNSELL B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Physical Education MARJORIE SCHELFHOUT B.S., M.Ed. Assistant Professor of Physical Education 31Political Science Investigating Governments GARLAND W. FOTHERGILL B.A., Mi. Associate Professor of Political Science IOHN I. OSTER A.B., M.A. Instructor in Political Science HUGH J. TUDOR B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Political Science Psychology CLYDE DcWITT NORTON B.S., M.A. Associate Professor of Psychology Exploring Human Behavior ALBERT E. HARRIS B.E., Ph.M. Associate Professor of Psychology FRANCES J. NORTON B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Psychology CARL B. WIEMANN B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Assistant Professor of Psychology 32Sociology Observing the Actions of Society GEORGE I. DIXON B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Sociolog)' ROBERT P. SCHEURELL M.S., B.S. Instructor in Sociology HORTENSE H. WALKER A.B., M.A. Assistant Professor of Sociology carl martin B.A., M.S.W. Assistant Professor of Sociology 33Speech Expressing Ourselves with Confidence WILLIAM M. DAWSON B.Ed., B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Speech FRED R. DOWLING B.S., M.Ph., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Speech NANCY B. FROEHLKE B.A. Instructor in Speech PAULINE ISAACSON M.A., Ph.D. Professor of Speech ALICE PEET 15.S., M.A.. Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Speech MARY ELIZABETH THOMPSON B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Speech 34NELIS R. KAMPENGA EVELYN ARCH A.B.L.S., A.M.I..S. Assistant Librarian Professor of Library Science JOHN DOUGLAS GILLESBY B.A., M.A.L.S. Instructor, Assistant Librarian Librarians SYBLE MASON B.E., M.S. Assistant Professor, Assistant Librarian ALICE M. PADDEN B.A., M.A. Instructor, Assistant Librarian LORETTA S. VROBEL .Assistant Librarian 35Campus School EVA LOU DILLIN B.S., M.A. Instructor in Physical Education A. IRENE GRAY B.S., M.S. Associate Professor of English and Speech THOMAS J. HAYES Ph.B., M.S. Assistant Professor of Education LULU O. KELLOGG B.E., M.A. Assistant Professor of Social Studies VIVIAN KELLOGG B.E., M.A. Assistant Professor of Education MARJORIE KERST M.S. Assistant Professor of Education 36JOHN K. KNUTSON B.E., M.S. Instructor in Education HILDEGARI) KUSE B.E., M.A. Assistant Professor of Education FRANKLIN H. PEARSON B.E., M.A. Assistant Professor of Education PHYLLIS RAVEY B E., M.A. Supervisor in Education MARY SAMTER B.E., M.A. Associate Professor of Education RICHARD C. SCHNEIDER B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor of Art MILDREDE L. WILLIAMS B.A., M.A. .Assistant Professor of Education CARL H. YODER B.M.E., M.S. Assistant Professor of Music 37Part-Time Faculty PAUL ALEXANDER Geography HIRAM ANDERSON Conservation MARY ANN BAIRD Home Economics GERALD CHAPPELE Speech RICHARD LEE CHRISTENSEN Mathematics GERTRUDE DIXON English RICHARD DOXTATOR English NORTON MASTERSON Economics MARY OSIER Art RUTH RONDY English GLADYS THOMPSON English MAURICE WILLETT Economics SHEILA WORK Music 38Main Office STANDING: Sue Ortlicb, Mildred Laszew-ski. SEATED: Vivian Beinowski. Record Office STANDING: Mario Reynolds, Jinx Whittaker. SEATED: Sidone Andersen, Doris Becker. 39deans' Office LULA BURNS Secretary to President Albertson SEATED: Jane Tielcns, Secretary. STANDING: Kathleen Omernik, Secretary to Academic Deans. JEAN MF.SHAK Secretary to Dean Haferbcckcr 4041College Union RONALD A. HACHET B.S., M.A. Assistant Director, College Union JACK C.OUTEAUX Director of Food Service JAMES B. MARSHALL Food Service Manager 42 ETHEL REYNOLDS Secretary, Union OfficeFood Service BOTTOM: Isabelle Bushman, Irene Marquard, Marian Sankey, Regina Scheski, Pearl LaBrre, Rose Abrahamson, Yvonne Knoll. Sandra Higgins. Nonna Przybelski. TOP: Frances Jurgella, Geraldine Wollenschlager, Leah Marquard, Julia Repinski, Christian Ol ewski, Evelyn Guyant, Lorrainnc Knitter, Dolores Jerach, Marcella Smykowiak, Hcttie Przybyski, Lillian Pr belski. Custodians BOTTOM ROW: Jerry Grubba, Donald Bellmore, Shirley Sparhawk, Clark Niemen, Richard Dubcr-stein. MIDDLE ROW: Myron Haase, Leone Aldrich, Mary Hencik, Margaret Kranig, Zella Dern-back, Patricia Firkus. FOP ROW: Edward Shamrowicz, Martin Petersen, Stanley Mack, Edward Tckowski, Edward Kubicki, Gregory Zimmerman, Guyant Wakefield. 43SENIORSPETER AIILES Secondary Education MAJOR: General Science MINOR: Biology Sigma Phi Epsilon Newman Club DAVII) ALLARDYCE Ahfilied Arts and Science MAJORS: Biology. Conservation MINOR: General Science S Club Delzcll Hall Council Inter-hall Council KENNETH ALT Al f lied Arts and Science MAJORS: Biology. Conservation Alpha Kappa Lambda Newman Club HAROLD AMMERMAN JANET AMENT Primary Education MINOR: Physical Education Primary Council Women’s Recreation Association Wesley Foundation GEORGE ANDERSON, JR. Secondary Education MAJORS: Biology. History MINOR: General Science Alpha Gamma Newman Club Outing Club KARL ANDERSON Secondary Education MAJOR: Conservation MINORS: Biology. General Science DAVID ANDREWS Secondary Education MAJOR: History-Mi NOR: Mathematics Aquinas Club Student Council Union Board 46LINDA ATHORP Secondary Education MAJOR: English MINOR: Physical Education SEA Women's Recreation Association NEA-WEA MARY ANN BAUER Secondary Education MAJOR: Home Economics MINOR: Speech Delta Zeta Home Economics Club Sigma Zeta WILLIAM BAUER Secondary Education MAJOR: English MINOR: Chemistry Tau Kappa Epsilon Sigma Tau Delta NEA-WEA DAVID BF.HMER Applied Arts and Science MAJORS: Biology, Conservation MINOR: General Science Gamma Delta Sigma Zeta TERRY BEINING Letters and Science MAJORS: History, Political Science Tau Kappa Epsilon IRIS Staff Inter-fraternity Council BEATRICE BEMPKE Primary Education Newman Club Primary Council NEA-WEA PHILIP BEAVERS Secondary Education MAJORS: History. Music MINOR: Education Tau Kappa Epsilon Alpha Kappa Rho Alpha Gamma ALLEN BEDYNEK Letters and Science MAJORS: Cerman. Social Science MINORS: Biology. Sociology Wisconsin Sociological Association Foreign Language Club Sociology Club 47DOROTHY BERG Secondary Education MAJOR: English MINOR: Physical Education College Union Board Women’s Recreation Association SEA DORIS BERTOLINO Secondary Education MAJOR: Home Economics MINOR: General Science Tati Gamma Tan Home Economics Club Newman Club JAMES BEN BOW Letters and Science MAJOR: Geography MINORS: History, Political Science Tati Kappa Epsilon Inter-fraternity Council Student Council MYRNA BEN BOW Secondary Education MAJOR: Speech MINOR: English College Theater Omega Mu Chi Alpha Psi Omega DONALD BERG Letters and Science MAJOR: History MINOR: Sociology Lutheran Students Association JOHN BERWEGER l.etlers and Science MAJOR: Biologv MINOR: History Siasefi Newman Club CAROLINE BEZAK Intermediate Elementary Education MINOR: Art Round Table Gamma Delta IRIS Staff PAUL BIECHLER tetters and Science MAJOR: Chemistry MINOR: Phvsics Newman Club Sigma Phi Epsilon 48RONALD BIGALKE Letters and Science MAJOR: Chemistry MINOR: Mathematics ROGER BINTZ Secondary Education MAJOR: Music MINOR: German Tan Kappa Epsilon Alpha Kappa Rho Foreign Language Club GRANT BIRMINGHAM Secondary Education MAJOR: History MINOR: English Student Council Alpha Gamma IRIS Staff JOANN BOEYINK Letters and Science MAJOR: Speech Newman Club Omega Mu Chi Student Council ALLAN BOHACHEK lpfilled Arts and Science MAJORS: Biology. Conservation Alpha Kappa Lambda DENNIS BOH MAN Secondary Education MAJORS: Driver Education. History MINOR: Geography Phi Sigma Epsilon S Club Basketball Team KATHRYN BLAZER Kindergarten-Primary Education MINOR: Physical Education Primary Council Alpha Sigma Alpha Newman Club HAROLD BLUMER Secondary Education MAJOR: Business Education MINOR: Social Science NEA 49ROBERT BOWKER Applied Arts and Science MAJORS: Biology. Conservation Wesley Foundation Alpha Kappa Lambda ISABELLE BRANDT Intermediate-Upper Elementary Education Newman Club Round Table POINTER Staff JANICE BRAUN Kindergarten-Primary Education Delta Zeta Primary Council U.C.C.F. JUDITH BROWN Letters and Science MAJOR: English MINOR: Physical Education Omega Mu Chi Union Board Women's Recreation Association JOHN BUSH Letters and Science MAJOR: Speech Sigma Phi Epsilon Ski Club S Club KEITH BUSHMAKER Letters and Science MAJOR: English MINOR: Psychology Tan Kappa Epsilon 50JEAN CAMPBELL Intermediate-Upper Elementary Education Delia Zcta Round Tabic U.C.C.F. KATHLEEN CARROLL Intermediate-Upper Elementary Education Round Table Psi Delta Psi Gamma Delta ELLEN CAUWENBERG Kindergarten-Primary Education Primary Council Omega Mu Chi Union Board JAMES CHESTER Secondary Education MAJOR: Mathematics MINOR: Physics Sigma Zeta ROGER CLARK Secondary Education MAJORS: English, History LOWELL CLEMENT Letters and Science MAJORS: General Science. Geography Tan Kappa F.psilou 550’s Newman Club ROBERT CHAGNON Secondary Education MAJOR: Music MINOR: Geography GABRIEL CHENG Letters and Science MAJORS: Biology. Chemistry International Students Organisation POINTER Staff Newman Club 51DANIEL CUNDIFF Letters and Science MAJOR: Economics MINORS: History. Speech Siasefi Economics and Business Association Newman Club JOHN CURRAN Letters and Science MAJOR: Economics MINOR: English Economics and Business Association Aquinas Club Union Board MARY COOK Intermediate Elementary Education Delta eta Round Table WALLACE COOMBS Letters and Science MAJOR: Economics I’hi Sigma Epsilon 550' DONALD COUNSELL Vl t er Elementary Education WKA Round Table Alpha Beta Rho ROBERT CYWINSKI Letters and Science MAJOR: English Aquinas Club Ski Club Newman Club ARLENE CZERWINSKI Secondary Education MAJOR: History MINOR: English JOSEPH DACHEL Secondary Education MAJOR: History MINOR: English Newman Club 550’s 52ROBERT DAVIS [.tilers and Stience MAJOR: Sociology MINOR: Political Science Student Council Young Republicans Alpha Gamma ROSE DEREZINSKI Af [ lie l Arts and Science MAJOR: Home Economics MINOR: Art Newman Club Home Economics Club DAVID DHEIN [.tilers and Science MAJORS: Sociology. Social Science MINOR: Psychology Wisconsin Sociological Association Sociology Club DUANE DUPOR Applied Arts and Science MAJORS: Biology, Conservation Alpha Kappa Lambda Track Team OSCAR DURKEE, JR. Secondary Education MAJOR: Social Science MINOR: History Roger Williams Fellowship Young Republicans CURTISS EDDY l.clters and Science MAJOR: Music Alpha Kappa Rho Wesley Foundation Civic Orchestra JAMES DIENSTL Applied Aris and Science MAJOR: Conservation Alpha Kappa Lambda Newman Club JEAN DROEGER Secondary Education MAJOR: Home Economics MINOR: English Alpha Sigma Alpha Home Economics Club PIONTER Staff 53DAVID EMERICH {.filers and Science MAJOR: English MINORS: Economics, German JOHN ENGEL Tellers and Science MAJOR: Social Science MINOR: Economics Christian Science Organi2ation Outing Club Ski Club BERNICE ELGERSMA Secondary Education MAJOR: Home Economics MINOR: Art Home Economics Club Omega Mu Chi DAVII) EHLERT Letters and Science MAJORS: Social Science. Speech Men's Glee Club Alpha Gamma Gamma Delta ROBERT ELLIKER l.ellers and Science MAJOR: Biology SHARON FARNUM Secondary Education MAJOR: Mathematics MINOR: Physical Education Women's Recreation Association NEA-WKA RICHARD FEGGESTAD Letters and Science MAJOR: Economics MINOR: Biology MARY ELLEN FERRIS Kindergarten-Primary Education Primary Council Newman Club Union BoardCHARLES FISCHER Letters and Science MAJORS: History. Political Science JUDITH FRIEDRICHSEN Applied Arts and Science MAJORS: Biology. Conservation Delta eta Alpha Kappa Lambda Ski Club LAWRENCE FRITSCH Letters and Science MAJORS: History, Political Science Union Board Alpha Gamma Young Democrats LOIS GERBER Intermediate• Upper Elementary Education Round Table Women's Recreation Association ARTHUR GESSERT Letters and Science MAJOR: Biology MINOR: General Science TIPTON GILLEY Secondary Education MAJORS: English. Speech Phi Sigma Epsilon College Theater NEAWKA I WILLIAM GANDT Secondary Education MAJOR: Music MINOR: English Alpha Kappa Rho Chess Club WAYNE GARDNER letters and Science MAJOR: Chemistry Iota Tau Mu Wesley Foundation 55MARY GRADY Secondary Education MAJOR: Home Economics MINOR: English Newman Club Della Zeta Home Economics Club KAREN GRAUNKE Upper Elementary Education Lutheran Student' Association Round Table Delta Zeta GENEVIEVE GREEN Secondary Education MAJOR: Home Economics MINOR: Art Home Economics Club Delta Zeta Wesley Foundation THOMAS GRISWOLD Applied Arts and Science MAJORS: Biology. Conservation Tan Kappa Epsilon GARY GROSSMAN Letters and Science MAJOR: Geography MINORS: Mathematics. Physical Education Phi Sigma Epsilon Inter-fraternity Council Gamma Delta m l m s HELEN GRUETZMACHER Secondary Education MAJOR: Home Economics MINOR: English Gamma Delta Home Economics Club NEA-WEA EDWARD GRYGLESKI Letters and Science MAJOR: Political Science Aquinas Club Newman Club GREGORY GUZMAN Letters and Science MAJORS: English. History Aquinas Club Sigma Tan Delta Alpha GammaROBERT HACK Letters and Science MAJOR: History MINOR: Political Science Alpha Gamma Young Democrats Siascfi STUART HACKBARTH Letters and Science MAJOR: Social Science MINORS: History. Physical Education Delta Chi $ Club Wesley Foundation WILLIAM HAMSHIRE Secondary Education MAJOR: Mathematics MINOR: Chemistry Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma .eta S Club JAMES HANSEN Secondary Education MAJOR: History MINORS: Driver Education. Physical Education Phi Sigma Epsilon S Club Newman Club NEAL HARRIS Secondary Education MAJOR: Music MINOR: English Alpha Kappa Rho DONALD HASELEU Secondary Education MAJOR: Mathematics MINOR: Chemistry SEA Newman Club SHARLEEN HANKE Secondary Education MAJOR: Home Economics MINOR: Art Delta eta Wesley Foundation Home Economics Club CARMINE HANSEN Kinder gar ten-Primary Education MAJOR: Music Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship Primary Council Alpha Kappa Rho 57JUDITH HASELEU Primary Education Primary Council Newman Club JUDITH HASSELL Kindergarten-Primary Educalion Omega Mu Chi Primary Council JUDITH HEDING Secondary Education MAJOR: Music MINOR: English Omega Mu Chi Alpha Kappa RhO DU WAYNE HERNING Secondary Education MAJOR: Conservation MINORS: Biology. Driver Education. General Science Tan Kappa Epsilon NEA-WEA KATHLEEN HOBBS Secondary Education MAJOR: Chemistry MINOR: Mathematics Alpha Sigma Alpha WILLIAM HOFF Secondary Education MAJORS: English. History Alpha Gamma NEA-WEA Newman Club 58T. LANCE holthcsen ' $Sr?MiS sdenee MlNOR: Engh h' iviti Chairman IttSrSSS A —" Young Democrat PATRICIA HORVATH Primary FJ"ration Primary Cojmcil Clii Sigma Lambda HENRV hughlett M ViOR: Conservation MINOR: Biology 550" THOMAS JENNY yIT!,'('Ar,s and Srirncc Con”™ i°» Alpha Kappa Lambda ALLEN JENQUIN w?,' rv Mutation minor: tM,3,hc,na‘ia Young Dcmocrau JUDITH JENSEN Mucation mkKS: "7C SjSiW" C1,,b JEROME JENNINGS letters and Science MAJOR: English MINOR: Psychology Tennis Team Assistant Hall Director RITA HUNTER Letters and Science MAJORS: History. Social ScienceMADELINE JONES Kindergarten-Primary Education Omega Mu Chi Primary Council ROLAND JUNKER Letters and Science MAJOR: Mathematics MINORS: Geography. Physics Sigma eta 550's DANIEL JIROVEC Letters and Science MAJOR: English MINOR: Economics Alpha Beta Rho Economics and Business Association 550’S MARGARET JOHNSON Intermediate-Upper Elementary Education MINOR: English Round Table NEA-WEA Tati Gamma Tau NORMAN JOHNSON Secondary Education MAJOR: Chemistry MINOR: Biology Sigma Zcta NKA-WEA DONALD KAISER Letters and Science MAJORS: Biology. Conservation Sigma Phi Epsilon Union Board Alpha Kappa I .a mix I a DENNIS KALVIN Intermediate-Upper Elementary Education NEA-WEA Round Table Siascfi WAYNE KAZDA Secondary Education MAJOR: English MINOR: Social Studies NEA-WEA 60JEANETTE KF.ES letters and Science MAJOR: Music Alpha Kappa Rlio Gamma Delta Civic Orchestra THOMAS KELLEY Intermediate-Upper Elementary Education MINOR: Geography Round Table DONALD KETCHUM Letters and Science MAJOR: History MINOR: Psychology RAYMOND KIMPEL Applied Arts and Science MAJOR: Conservation MINORS: Biology. Geography Alpha Kappa Lambda Lutheran Students Association LOUISE KIOSKI Secondary Education MAJOR: Business Education NEA Alpha Gamma Economics ami Business Association ALVIN KLUG Secondary Education MAJOR: English MINOR: History NEA-WEA JESSE KIMANI Letters and Science MAJOR: Social Science MINORS: Economics. Sociology International Students Organization U.C.C.F. POINTER Staff 61JOHN KOVATCH Letters and Science MAJORS: English. History Economics and Business Association DIANE KOWALSKI Intermediate-Upper Elementary Education HENRY KNAUS Secondary Education MAJOR: English MINOR: French Sigma Tau Delta NEA-WEA SEA LARRY KOCH Secondary Education MAJOR: English MINOR: Speech College Theater Alpha Psi Omega Sigma Tau Delta DOUGLAS KOPLEIN I.eIters and Science MAJORS: English. Sociology Siasefi POINTER Staff Sociology Club JERRY KRIEGL Secondary Education MAJOR: Biology MINOR: Conservation NEA-WEA Sigma Zcta Roger Williams Fellowship ROBERT KRUBSACK Letters and Science MAJOR: English MINOR: German WILLIAM KRUBSACK Letters and Science MAJOR: Math MINOR: English 62JOHN KRUEGER Letters and Science MAJOR: Social Science MINORS: English, History, Physical Education S Club Basketball Team Tennis Team MERLIN KRULL Secondary Education MAJOR: Social Science MINOR: History Tan Kappa Epsilon Alpha Gamma SEA ROBERT KUEHL Secondary Education MAJOR: Social Science MINOR: Conservation. History NEA-WEA MARY LERCH Secondary Education MAJORS: Biology. Chemistry Sigma ' eta NEAAVEA FAYE LIGHTFUSS Secondary Education MAJOR: Mathematics MINOR: Physics Alpha Sigma Alpha Sigma eta Gamma Delta GERALD LINDE Letters and Science MAJOR: History MINOR: English CHRISTEEN LISZEWSKI Intermediate Education MINOR: Speech Delta Zcta Round Table Newman Club 63ROBERT MARKS letters and Science MAJOR: English MINOR: Psychology Alpha Beta Rho Student Council Gamma Delta ANN MARTIN Secondary Education MAJOR: Home Economics MINOR: English Home Economics Club Delta Zeta Newman Club ARLYN LOOMANS Applied Arts and Science MAJORS: Biology. Conservation Alpha Kappa Lambda MARYBELLE LUCAS Kindergarten •Prirnary Education Primary Council Tau Gamma Tail NEA-WEA JAMES MALONEY Letters and Science MAJOR: Economics MINOR: General Science Economics and Business Association Tau Kappa Epsilon Newman Club LESTER MARTEN, JR. Applied Arts and Science MAJORS: Biology. Conservation JUDITH MATSUOKA Kindergarten-Primary Education Primary Council Alpha Sigma Alpha International Students Organization MATTER. DAVID Letters and Science MAJOR: Economics MINOR: History 64ROBERT McALOON Secondary Education MAJOR: General Science MINOR: Biology Tau Kanpa Epsilon S Club Residence Hall Council DAVID McKAY Secondary Education MAJOR: Chemistry MINOR: Physics Alpha Beta Rho NEA-WEA LORANN MEILAHN Secondary Education MAJOR: History-Mi NOR: Physical Education Women’s Recreation Association ELLEN METZ A’indergarten-Primary Education Primary Council Omega Mu Chi DAVID MEUNIER Upper Elementary Education S Club Siasefi WILLIAM MEYER Letters and Science MAJORS: History. Social Science MINOR: English GARRY MICHAELS Secondary Education MAJOR: Historv MINOR: English Tau Kappa Epsilon DIANN MILLER Secondary Education MAJOR: Social Science MINOR: Historv NEA-WEA Newman ClubMOESCH, SHARON Secondary Education MAJOR: Speech MINOR: English Alpha Sigma Alpha College Theater MARY MOLTZAN Intermediate-Upper Elementary Education MINOR: English Alpha Sigina Alpha Round Table NEA-WEA EDWIN MROZINSKI Letters and Science MAJOR: Economics MINORS: Geography, History Men's Glee Club Aquinas Club Economics and Business Association GARY MUELLER Letters and Science MAJORS: Political Science, Social Science Siaseli Young Democrats CHARLES MURRAY Letters and Science MAJOR: English MINOR: German Aquinas Club Sigma Tau Delta SUSAN NASON Secondary Education MAJOR: English MINOR: Speech Omega Mu Chi Sigma Tau Delta Alpha Psi Omega WILLIAM NELSON Letters and Science MAJOR: Social Science MINORS: Geography, History. Physical Education S Club Basketball Team Tennis Team ARNOLD NEUZIL Intermediate- Upper Etemen lary Education Round Table Tati Kappa Epsilon Cainina Delta 66LESLIE NEWBY, JR. Letters and Science MAJOR: Chemistry MINOR: Mathematics POINTER Staff DAVID NEWTON Letters and Science MAJOR: Chemistry Phi Sigma Epsilon S Club RICHARD NEWTON Secondary Education MAJOR: Mathematics MINORS: General Science, Physical Education Phi Sigma Epsilon S Club Sigma Zeta JUDITH OLSON Secondary Education MAJOR: History MINOR: Geography Associated Women Students board Student Council Alpha Gamma ELMAE OMERNIK Secondary Education MAJOR: English MINOR: Art POINTER Staff Sigma Tau Delta NRA-WEA PAUL ONESTI Secondary Education MAJOR: Biology MINOR: Chemistry Sigma Zeta Newman Club Alpha Beta Rho WILLIAM O’GARA Secondary Education MAJOR: History MINORS: Geography, Government Tau Kappa Epsilon S Club Young Republicans 67RICHARD PATZER Secondary Education MAJOR: Mathematics MINOR: Physics Sigma Zeta NEA-WEA SEA LOUISE PAULSON Secondary Education MAJOR: English MINOR: Speech Omega Mu Chi NEA-WEA ANN ORTHMANN Intermediate-Upper Elementary Education MINOR: Art Round Table Newman Club NED ORTHMANN Secondary Education MAJOR: Music MINOR: Sociology-Alpha Kappa Rho Ski Club LEON OSTROWSKI Letters and Science MAJOR: Chemistry MINORS: Economics, Mathematics Aquinas Club Economics and Business Association Newman Club WALTER PRAHL Intermediate-Upper Elementary Education MINOR: Art Alpha Beta Rho Round Table Alpha Psi Omega DAVID PELOW Secondary Education MAJOR: Music MINOR: Economics Sigma Phi Epsilon SKA Economics and Business Association DAVID PEPLINSKI letters and Science MAJOR: English POINTER Staff Student Council Sigma Tan Delta 68DONOVAN PIERCE Secondary Education MAJOR: Conservation MINOR: General Science SEA Alpha Kappa Lambda MARIE PLEDGER Primary Education Primary Council l au Gamma Tau GERALD PLOEN Secondary Education MAJOR: Mathematics MINOR: Physics NEA Newman Club BEULAII POULTER Ed ten and Science M JORS: English. Speech Alpha Sigma lpha Student Council United Council DONALD PRETTYMAN Applied Arts and Science MAJOR: Conservation MINORS: Biology. General Science PHILIP RANK Letters and Science MAJOR: Geography MINORS: History. Mathematics Phi Sigma Epsilon Student Council Inter-fraternity Council TOM PLUCKER Letters and Science MAJOR: Social Science MINORS: Political Science. Sociology Alpha Beta Rho Young Democrats Alpha Gamma GERALD POLCYN Letters and Science MAJOR: Biology MINORS: General Science, Mathematics Sigma Zcta flSO’s 69ALFRED ROBINSON Secondary Education MAJOR: General Science MINOR: Biology Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship Chess Club SEA GARY ROSHOLT Letters and Science MAJOR: Economics Economics and Business Association Men's Glee Club Golf Team THOMAS RATEAU Letters and Science MAJOR: Economics MINOR: Mathematics Economics and Business Association Lutheran Students Association Golf Team DAVID ROACH Applied Arts and Science MAJORS: Conservation, General Science MINOR: Chemistry Alpha Kappa Lambda Alpha Kappa Rho Alpha I’si Omega JEROME RILEY Intermediate and Upper Elementary Education ARTHUR ROUSE Secondary Education MAJOR: Geography MINOR: General Science Tan Kappa Epsilon Wrestling Team S Club MARSHALL RUEGGER Applied Arts and Science MAJORS: Biology. Conservation Siasefi 550's DONALD RULF Letters and Science MAJOR: Chemistry MINORS: Mathematics, IMiysics Gamma Della Sigma eta 70MARY RUNNELS Secondary Education MAJOR: English MINOR: Speech IMONTKR Staff Delta Zeta Sigma Tail Delta ROBERT SCHACHT Af)filied Arts and Science MAJORS: Biology. Conservation MINORS: General Science. Geography Alpha Beta Rho S Cltih Sigma Zeta WAYNE SCHADE Secondary Education MAJOR: General Science MINOR: Chemistry Tail Kappa Epsilon Men’s Glee Club Student Council RICHARD SCHREIBER Secondary Education MAJOR: Chemistry MINOR: Mathematics NEA-WEA PATRICIA SCHULZ Letters and Science MAJORS: Biology, Conservation Alpha Kappa Lambda Lutheran Students Association CRAIG SCHWARTZ Secondary Education MAJOR: Biology MINOR: Chemistry Alpha Beta Rho Sigma Zeta SEA WAYNE SCHIMPFF Ajijilied Arts and Science MAJORS: Biology. Conservation Alpha Beta Rho Alpha Kappa Lambda Swimming Team 71RONALD SHERIDAN tellers and Science MAJOR: English POINTER Staff Sigina Nu ROBERT SHIREK Secondary Education MAJOR: Music MINOR: Mathematics Tail Kappa Epsilon Alpha Kappa Rho Newman Club MERRILL SISCHO I.titers and Science MAJOR: Speech MINOR: Economics College Theater Economics anil Business Association Outing Club RICHARD SIMPSON Letters and Science MAJOR: Biology International Students Organization DON SNIDER Secondary Education MAJOR: English MINOR: History IRIS Staff NEA DAVID STANTON Letters and Science MAJOR: Economics MINORS: English. Speech Sigma Phi Epsilon Student Council MARCELLA STARK Secondary Education MAJOR: History MINOR: Social Science Alpha Sigma Alpha ERNEST STERNITZKY Letters and Science MAJOR: Geography 72TERRY STEVENS Secondary Education MAJOR: Music MINOR: Geography Alpha Kappa Rho Sigma Phi Epsilon Gamma Della WILLIAM STORM Secondary Education MAJORS: Biology. German Alpha Bela Rho Men's Glee Club Wesley Foundation JUDITH STOUT Letters and Science MAJORS: French. Sociology Newman Club Foreign Language Club CHESTER SUSKI Letters and Science MAJOR: Economics MINOR: English Aquinas Club Newman Club STEVE SWANSON Letters and Science MAJORS: Economics. Geography Tail Kappa Flpsilon Economics and Business Association RICHARD SWANSON Letters and Science MAJOR: Sociologs Lutheran Students Association RUSSELL SUNDE, SR. Secondary Education MAJOR: Conservation MINOR: General Science Alpha Kappa Lambda NEA-WEA FRED STRAUB Secondary Education MAJOR: Mathematics MINOR: Chemistry Aquinas Club Newman Club NEA-WEAVICTOR THALACKER Secondary Education MAJOR: Chemistry MINOR: Mathematics Alpha Beta Rho Sigma Zeta Gamma Delta NATHAN TIMM Secondary Education MAJORS: History. Social Science Gamma Delta Alpha Gamma SEA PAUL TADYCH Letters and Science MAJOR: Geography MINOR: Art Siascfi TIMOTHY TASCHWER Applied Arts and Science MAJORS: Conservation, Geography MINOR: General Science Tail Kappa Epsilon Men's Glee Chib IRIS Staff ALBERT TESTA Letters and Science MAJORS: History. Social Science Tan Kappa Epsilon Newman Club Ski dub ROBERT TREBATOSKI Secondary Education MAJOR: Mathematics MINOR: Economics Aquinas Club Newman Club PATRICIA VAN SANT Secondary Education MAJOR: Music MINOR: German Alpha Sigma Alpha Alpha Kappa Rho Student Council CLEO VAN STRATEN Secondary Education MAJOR: Music MINOR: English Omega Mu Chi Alpha Kappa Rho Associated Women Students Board 74JOHN WAGNER Intermediate and Uft irr Elementary Education Newman Club Aquinas Club Men's Glee Club SHIRLEY WAGNER Secondary Education MAJOR: Home Economics MINOR: English Delia Zcia Sigma cl a Home Economics Club ANTOINETTE WALICKI Secondary Education MAJOR: Home Economics MINOR: English Home Economics Club Newman Club RICHARD WILLIAMS Secondary Education MAJOR: History MINOR: English Alpha Gamma Sigma Iau Delia Ski Club CHERYL WINKLER Secondary Education MAJOR: Home Economics MINOR: English Alpha Sigma Alpha Home Economics Club Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship BRUCE WITTENWYLER Letters and Science MAJOR: English MINORS: History. Physical Education Sigina Phi Epsilon Glee Club JULIANA WESLEY Secondary Education MAJOR: English MINOR: Physical Education Newman Club Women’s Recreation Association NE u K WESTPHAL, HAROLD Secondary Education MAJOR: History MINOR: Geography 75KENNETH WITUCKI Secondary Education MAJOR: History MINOR: English Alpha Gamma SEA LAWRENCE VVOJDAC Letters and Science MAJORS: Chemistry. Physics MINOR: Mathematics ARTHUR WOLCANSKI Letters and Science MAJORS: Geography, History MINOR: Physical Education Alpha Beta Rho S Club Newman Club Senior Class Officers FIRST ROW: C. Lisiewski, I). Doram, Treasurer; K. Hobbs, Secretary. EUGENE WOZNICKI BACK ROW: I). Kaiser, President; G. Birmingham, Vice-President. Secondary Education MAJOR: History MINOR: English NEA-WF.A Newman Club DONALD ZALEWSKI Secondary Education MAJOR: Mathematics MINORS: Education. English Sigma Tau Delta NEA-WEA Newman Club WILLIAM ZIEGLER Secondary Education MAJOR: Physics MINOR: Mathematics Men’s Glee Club Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship CHARLES WEBER Secondary Education MAJOR: Physics MINOR: Mathematics Tau Kappa Epsilon Student Council 76in Tribute...Norman E. Knutzen Mr. Knutzen signing revised constitution of the Men's Glee Club along with the officers of the club for this year. President — Tim Taschwcr Vice-President — Norm Jessie Secretary — Bruce Laubc Business Mgr. — Bruce Wittenwyler Librarian — Fred Studach Wardrobe Mgr. — Roger Schoenberger Faculty Advisors — Dr. Peter Kroner, Mr. Carl Yoder Norman E. Knutzen is a native of Manitowoc, Wisconsin. After graduating from Stevens Point Normal School in 1921, he did advanced vocal work at the Lawrence Conservatory of Music. His first teaching assignments were at Wittenberg and Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, and Stam-baugh, Michigan. During this time he did graduate work in music at the University of Chicago and at the University of Wisconsin and became a member of the honorary forensic organization, Tau Kappa Upsilon, and the honorary dramatic club Phi Epsilon Delta. Mr. Knutzen joined the faculty at Stevens Point State Teachers College in 1932 as an English teacher. In 1935-36 he began the Extension Class Program and became a member of the Stevens Point Kiwanis Club, in which he is still active. Mr. Knutzen belongs to the Wisconsin Educational Association-National Education Association and the American Association of University Professors. Working with the Men’s Glee Club is considered his most enjoyable experience at this college. Mr. Knutzen and a group of students organized the club through the assistance of President Hycr in 1932. Since that time, the Men’s Glee Club has been a main part of his life, and it was through his efforts and leadership that the Glee Club has become known as “The Ambassadors of Good Will” of our college. Mr. Knutzen’s contributions to education go beyond the classroom. His understanding nature in counseling has been an inspiration to many students. His sincere interest in the students as individuals has encouraged them to work harder toward self-expression. To you, Mr. Knutzen, the student body extends respect and sincere appreciation for your friendship and leadership throughout your years at Wisconsin State College. We hope that your future will be as sucessful as your past.FIRST ROW: R. Johnson, J. Wagner, N. Cooper, B. Laube, Secretary: I). Bennett, A. Olson, R. Wunderlich, N. Knutzcn, Director; F. Studach, J. Wickstrom, G. Rosholt, R. Schoenberger, P. Fischer. SECOND ROW: D. Severt, D. Loppnow, J. Gchrkc, F. Parkel, R. Werner, D. Rauschcnbcrgcr, N. Jessie, Vice-President; R. Roth, R. Pricbe, M. Jefferies, G. Nicd-balski, G. Albert, T. Taschwcr, President. BACK ROW: R. Jenkins, E. Mrozinski, J. Kotar, E. Ferrall, P. Livermore, M. Dicstler, 1). Aucutt, C. Warpehoski, R. McDonald, B. Wittenwyler, P. Leahy, P. Hendler, B. Locker, Accompanist. Men’s Glee Club The aim of the Men’s Glee Club is to furnish male students with the opportunity of musical expression. It is composed of men who sing for the enjoyment of singing. In the past year the Glee Club has served various communities by offering their services through singing for the patients at the River Pines Sanitorium and for the Betheny Old Peoples’ Home in Waupaca. The Glee Club has this year finished its most traveled and active year since its beginning. In the fall the club toured to Tigerton, Witten-burg, and Bowler, singing concerts at each. In the spring the club sang at Manawa and also completed its annual Northern Wisconsin tour, this year going to Rhinelander. Other various concerts were in Rosholt and Plainfield, plus four in the immediate area, including a Homecoming appearance, two home concerts, and an appearance at the inauguration of College President Albertson. The club also had the opportunity of touring to Washington, D.C. and Miami, Florida during the Easter recess. The members while on tour, had the honor of singing in the Senate Rotunda in Washington and at the famed Key Biscayne Hotel in Miami. The Glee Club, this year presented over 15 concerts, traveled over 4,500 miles, and has sung to over 2,500 people. The highlight of the year was the annual banquet, which was given in tribute to Mr. Norman E. Knutzcn, the Glee Club’s first and only director in the cxistance of the club. Mr. Knutzen’s faith and devotion to the Glee Club, its members, and the field of education has truly earned him the name of “Ambassador of Good Will” of Wisconsin State College, Stevens Point.On Tour - Washington D£, Way Down South - Miami Meeting Senator Proxmirc To the Bahamas Mr. Bangert and friends 80The Taming of the Shrew The title tells what the action is in The Taming of the Shrew by Shakespeare. The main characters were played by Wendell Orr, Baptiste; Mary Kay Welsh and Kate Coun-sell, Bianca; Fumi Saito, Katrina; Robert Murray, Pctruchio. John Payton was a guest tenor. The play was directed by Robert Murray. The Golden Fleecing "Golden Fleecing”, by Lorenzo Semple, Jr., is a delightful farce that occurs in Venice. Two Naval officers and a scientist use official equipment in pursuing a new roulette system. Major characters: Ron Lindquist, Mike Worinan, Merrill Sischo, Alice Schilling, and Judy Thomas. It was directed by William Dawson. 81Separate Tables B. Hancock — Lady Matheson, P. Brown — Mrs. Rail-ton-BclI, M. Ben bow — Miss Cooper, R. Brown — Maj. Pollock. "Let's go, Gladys, and leave Mr. Malcolm down here to sleep it off." Terrence Rattigan, the author of “Separate Tables”, describes the two playes as a plea for tolerance. It was directed by Alice Pcet. Act One: Table by the Window Act Two: Table Number Seven Major roles played by: Roberta Slater, Robert Brown, Myrna Dunst Benbow. “Oh, yes, I can see the makeup now, the little lines that weren't there before. Soon there'll be nothing left to drive a man to —1” R. Brown — John Malcolm, G. Kubisiak — Mabel, R. Slater — Anne Shankland J. Mueller — Charles Stratton: A. Schilling — Jean Stratton. "Turn along, give Daddy a little tiss, and then beddy-byes." 82 f irPaint Your Wagon A musical play by Lerner and Lowe, Paint Your Wagon, is the story of a miner and other people who search for riches, rather than create them. The theme is conveyed through the California gold rush of 1849. The main roles were played by William Ziegler, Pat Van Sant, James Mannon. It was directed by Robert Murray and conducted by Paul Wallace. 83Ruggiero Ricci Ruggiero Ricci, internationally renowned violin virtuoso, who has given more than 2,000 concerts, performed at the auditorium. In the opinion of the New York Times Newspaper, he is “an undisputed master”. Odctta, well-know American folksingcr performed at the College Field House as a climax attraction of Winter Carnival.ACTIVITIESHOMECOMING (WEEN CANDIDATES, 1962 LEFT TO RIGH T: Liola Chctnl, Aquinas Club: Karen Grotli. Alpha Beta Rho: Lu Ann Hyland. Tau Kappa Epsilon: Gloria Kubisiak. Sigma Phi Epsilon; Sandy McCuicheon. Phi Sigma Epsilon.Homecoming 1962 October 13 to October 21 Homecoming, 1962, began on Saturday, October 13, with the traditional Queen’s Dance, at which the fraternities introduced their Homecoming Queen candidates. Active campaigning for the candidates started the following Monday, when students were confronted with posters, booster buttons, extra cafeteria service, and free popcorn, and lured into street dances, torch parades, and limbo parties. This year’s homecoming campaign showed greater originality and more over-all enthusiasm than in any previous year. The 1962 Homecoming Queen was announced Friday evening, following the Four Saints concert at the Field House. She was crowned by the 1961 queen, Helen Vaughn, and was presented with a bouquet of roses and the team's football. "I crown ihee Queen Lu Ann.' 88 "Say Mike, lose your girl?"89 1962 CSC HOMECOMING QUEEN, LU ANN HYLANDThe final touch to a perfect Homecoming day was provided by Larry Woodbury's Orchestra at the dance Saturday evening. The Pointer Pageant climaxed the festivities on Sunday afternoon, leaving us with many cherished memories.3 PKoto by OofUiwortK 3N«f o Sue Eskritt. Pcic Kopplin. Delta Zeta: Lone Klukas. Boh Ziuda. Onvcjja Mu Clti: Mary Kay Pierson, Ned Lewandowski, Phi Sigma Epsilon; Vickie Saunders, Spencer Artman, Alpha Beta Rho; Grant Birmingham. General Chairman, Jim Gchrke, Barb Fritsch. Alpha Sigma Alpha: Roger Bint . Helen Vaughn, Tau Kappa Epsilon; Don Kaiser. Sue Hcikkinen, Sigma Phi Epsilon; John Sullivan. Kathy Mciucl. Aquinas Club. Winter Carnival CandidatesWinter Carnival Alpha Kappa Lamba, “Westward Ho” — First Photo by Chorloworth Studio Wesley, “Disarm for Peace” — Second Aquinas Club, "Trail Blazer” — ThirdThe third annual Winter Carnival, February 4-10, was a week of activities for all. Among the events were the ice sculpturing, style show, ski movies, ice skating and tobogganing party, ice hockey exhibition, and the kangaroo court trials of students who had not purchased a booster button. 94All campus organizations were urged to enter the competition to win the traveling trophy. Sigma Phi Epsilon now holds the trophy. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Alpha Kappa Lambda, and Alpha Sigma Alpha tied for second place. Beard contest winners were Keith Johnson, longest beard; Dick Broetzman, neatest; and Dick Albert, most original. Winners of the poster contest were Alpha Sigma Alpha, serious division, and Delta Zeta, comic division. The new pancake eating contest was won by Joe South-worth, who ate 59 2 pancakes. Odetta, a popular folk singer, presented a climax program for Winter Carnival. 9596 •9798The success of the second annual Pointer Jubilee, held September 21, 1962, indicates that the students' interest in campus organizations is growing. The Pointer Jubilee introduces the Greeks, professional and honorary fraternities, publications, religious groups, and student government to the new students. Each organization had a booth to display its purposes and to demonstrate its activities. The students were also invited to dance to the music of the Lynn Winch orchestra. pnSI YAY Lucky 1 Delta Buck 1 Psi A ...A Boot h V • ■ 99ORGANIZATIONSFIRST ROW: P. Van Sant, D. Doran, S. Ojala, Secretary: B. Fritsch, B. Poulter, President; M. Smith, L. Chcmel, Vice President; C. Winkler. SECOND ROW: R. Lambert, S. Smart, J. L. Droeger, R. Stingle, C. Engclbet, J. Swanson, L. Fredrich, K. Hobbs, P. Vaughn, L. Guenther. THIRD ROW: S. Romanshek, J. Pospyhalla, A. Smith, H. Bunc ak, G. Kerl, P. Probst, F. Pacana, P. Strozinski, F. Lightfuss, Treasurer; F. Knauf, R. Schmitz. BACK ROW: B. Sablovitch, S. Schlcsner, B. G. Lasch, M. Hylok, B. Scheclk, K. Daniels, K. Bub, M. Moltzan, M. Stark, K. Yarkie, C. Lemke. Alpha Sigma Alpha The big event this year for the members of Alpha Sigma Alpha, first national sorority on campus, was hostessing State Day, February 22-24. Earlier in the year, the Alpha Sigs sponsored their annual Harvest Festival and participated in Pointer Jubilee. They backed Liola Cheml, Homecoming Queen candidate. The girls made yarn animals for the children at Northern Colony, Chippewa Falls, and helped the Cancer Foundation with their “Maid for a Day” campaign. A Saturday morning coffee hour for Saturday students is also handled by Alpha Sigma Alpha. The sorority won first place in the Songfest and second place in Winter Carnival. The sorority colors arc Pearl White and Crimson. The motto is “Aspire, Seek, Attain”. Advisors: Mrs. Dean Blair, Mrs. Robert Murray 102Alpha Sigma Alpha State day February 22-24 Posing for publicity pictures before the fashion show. Registration of visiting Alpha Sig Sisters.FIRST ROW: J. Friedrichsen, Treasurer; M. Rice, Miss Sands, Adviser; A. Henrichs, B. Zahn, Vice President. SECOND ROW: V. Saunders, C. Daniclsen, J. Schwcbach, Treasurer; B. Arnott, S. Eskritt, M. Grady, C. Kiszewski. THIRD ROW: K. Rasmussen, J. Johnson, M. Hastreiter, J. Taylor, J. Kabacinski, C. Laedtke, Secretary; S. Wagner. BACK ROW: M. Sherman, Vice President; J. Hendrickson, B. Madsen, S. Portz, C. Yelk, President; B. Twecdalc, J. Lathrop. delta Zeta Tau Gamma Beta now remains only in memories. On March 2, 1963, Tau Gamma Beta members were initiated into the National Sorority, Delta Zeta, Zeta Chi Chapter. As Tau Gams, the girls actively participated in Homecoming. Their float entry, “Music Hath Charm,” won second place in the serious division, and they enthusiastically supported Gloria Kubisiak, the Sig Ep’s queen candidate. “Tau Gams Go International” was the theme of the annual Cotton Swirl in December. The Delta Zetas will continue working with handicapped children, a service project begun by the Tau Gams. The Delta Zetas initiated new members after spring rushing and gave an annual tea for the parents. Delta Zeta colors are old rose and vieux green. Advisors: Miss Eva Lou Dillin, Miss Carolyn Sands 104Tau Gamma beta becomes National Delta Zeta. President Mary Jo Rice accepts a gift from the National President. 105 Music Hath Charms'FIRST ROW: H. Vaughn, R. Kenowski, S. Jones, A. Butnick, K. Fox, E. Regner. SECOND ROW: P. Mantel, L. Muench, D. Jeckle, Mrs. Hachct, L. Klukas, M. Pearson, S. Krasavage. THIRD ROW: R. Slater, J. Schewc, R. Otto, J. Brown, Secretary; M. Housfeld, M. Marko, J. Hassell. FOURTH ROW: B. Elgersma, D. Peterson, P. O'Keefe, L. Thompson, L. Hyland, M. Jones, Vice President; S. Nason, R. Lewis, K. Menzel. BACK ROW: I. Scheel, Treasurer; S. Westcnbcrger, P. Rcznichek, T. Busch, J. Harris, J. Bocyink, President; M. Felton, L. Paulson, S. Holthuscn, C. Van Stratcn, J. Heding. Omega Mu Chi The year began for the Omegs with their participation in the Pointer Jubilee with their portrait painting booth. Omega Mu Chi's activities were highlighted when two of the girls were nominated as Homecoming Queen candidates. The candidates were Sandy McCutchcon and Lu Ann Hyland, who was elected queen. The sorority's homecoming float, "The Tender Trap,” won the first prize for the third consecutive year. These activities were climaxed by a banquet at the Hot Fish Shop. Omega Mu Chi helped welcome the college women at the fall Intersorority tea. Second semester’s activities included the participation in Winter Carnival; two rush parties, The Big Top and Java Jive; pledging; a Mother’s Day Tea; and the Phi Sig-Omeg spring picnic. Advisors: Mrs. Raymond Gotham, Mrs. Mary Sam ter, Mrs. Ron Hatchet 106Come and get at the "Omeg Big Top.” Christmas service project — Christmas seals 107FIRST ROW: S. Foemmel, C. Robaidek, K. Hojan, K. Carroll. SECOND ROW: S. Burgmann, K. Blake, Secretary; R. Beisner, B. Balza. BACK ROW: B. Boutwcll, J. Koshalek, E. K impel. President; M. Mielkc, J. Davis. Psi Delta Psi Psi Delta Psi is the newest local sorority on campus. Service projects are important to them. Every Christmas the Psi Delts take gifts and food to a family of the Welfare Agency and make favors for the hospital and infirmary. The Outstanding Girl Award for the sorority is presented at the Awards Day Assembly. Psi Delta Psi colors are green and white; the flower is the white mum: and the motto is Friendship, Fun, and Service. Advisor: Mrs. Robert Whitmire 108FIRST ROW: B. Marks, S. Artmann, D. Jirovec, V Thalacker, R. Hclgeson, P. Fischer. SECOND ROW: J. Eggert, J. Truesdale, S. Kuras, G. Westphal, Vice President; T. Jenny, J. Osterman, G. Emerich, T. I'onstad, I). Schwarzkopp, J. Janowski, B. Laube, M. Cole. THIRD ROW: S. Nichols, I). Passehl, J. Kuehn, L. Pactsch, R. Schacht, T. Dlugos, B. Kerr, K. Rush ford, T. Plucker, B. Dale, D. Lorntz, G. Lutze. BACK ROW: M. Brown, R. Savoy, E. Allen, C. Schwartz, W. Schimpf, W. Prahl, P. Tollak-sen, D. Savoy, J. Zalabsky, F. Wilson, B. Hamilton, I). Schilling, President; P. Livermore. Alpha Beta Rho The purpose of Alpha Beta Rho, the only local social fraternity on campus, is to promote fellowship among its members through the promotion of scholarship, loyalty to school and fraternity, and the establishment of an environment for life-long friendships. Alpha Beta Rho sponsored Karen Groth for their Homecoming Queen candidate, and they placed second in the humorous float division, although it was the first float the fraternity had ever entered. Other activities included a pledge hike, bottle hunt parties, a pledge-sponsored sweater dance, anti the safaris to football and basketball games out of town. One of the pledges’ projects was making the Alpha Beta Rho banner. The fraternity colors are silver and green. Advisor: Mr. Robert Whitmire 109FIRS!' ROW: N. Lcwandowski, J. Novak, President: J. Googins, B. Orgeman, C. Herman, F. Kuhl, Vice President. SECOND ROW: K. Kubeny, D. Hyslop, R. Newton, R. Meinert, B. Bay, R. Clements, D. Newton, D. Peterson. THIRD ROW: M. Groth, K. Herrmann, F. Orlando, G. Hutnik, T. J. Gilley, R. Lehman, T. Fleming, W. Coombs, D. Homcl. BACK ROW: B. Schocn, I'. Mitchell, G. Anderson, C. Collins, J. Hansen, C. Millcnbah, G. Pouba, E. Pascutti, J. Rabe, B. Grams, S. Crull, J. Sutliff. Phi Sigma Epsilon Phi Sigma Epsilon, a national fraternity, promotes close bonds among its members through working together. Pointer Jubilee was the first school event to which the Phi Sigs contributed. Then came Homecoming with a campaign for their Queen candidate, Sandy McCutcheon, a float, and the Queen's Dance, which they sponsor. The fraternity brothers entered Winter Carnival competition with the other organizations. Members attended the March Conclave at Stout State College. The Phi Sigs have new red jackets this year with the fraternity’s crest. Advisors: Mr. Henry Runke, Mr. Gordon Haferbccker, Mr. Joseph Schuler 110FIRST ROW: Gary Lichtcnbcrg, Bob Floriano, Richard Broctzman, Ric Gass, Bill Eickclman, Peter Abies. SECOND ROW: Ron Linguist, Jim Kuhn, Charles Fisher, Secretary: Phil Chauvin, Gary Evjen, Rolland Lee, Robert Baumann, Ronald Seltzer, Thomas Allies, Ronald Grimm, William Hamshire. THIRD ROW: Jack Bush, Gary Graefe, DcLyle Bowers, Alan Bablcr, Dave Pclow, James Yoder, Timothy Parsons, Don Daiser, Thomas Fuhremann, Ken Multerer, President: Duane Downie. BACK ROW: Bruce Wittenwyler, David Emerich, Tom Beckman, Treasurer; Gary Parkinson, Douglas Barnard, Terry Payne, Robert Check, Ernest Collier, Don Gneiscr, Charles Sambs, Jim Fickler. Sigma Phi Epsilon One of the three national social fraternities, Sigma Phi Epsilon participates enthusiastically in school activities, as well as its own social and service activities. Homecoming meant a cjueen candidate, Gloria Kubisiak, and a float, which won third place in the serious division. The Sig Eps sponsored an allschool golf tournament, which they hope to make an annual event. Winter Carnival was a highlight for the fraternity, because they won the trophy for having the most points, and their king and cjueen candidates, Don Kaiser and Sue Heikkinen, were elected. In April the Sig Ep Sweetheart was crowned at the Sweetheart Dance. To be of service to the school and the community, several projects were sponsored, such as donations to the Bloodmobile and decorating Christmas trees for the Main Building and the Library. The fraternity colors arc purple and red; their motto is “The fraternity with a heart”. Advisors: Mr. Gilbert Faust, Mr. Norman Knutzen, Mr. Raymond Specht, Mr. Robert Anderson 111FIRST ROW: T. Reining, M. Kmll. Secretary; M. Kenten. Sergeant at Anns; R Kleinc. Chaplain: T. Corrigan. I). Homing. President; A. Rouw. G. Secring. J. Timm. Treasurer; R. Bint . Secretary; T. I'aschwcr. SECOND ROW: J. Haferman. K- Sievcro. P. Wagner. R. Marquardt. K. Bush-maker. M. Bato sky. I). Albcii. I). Bonos. J. Rampson, J. Malloy. G. Dethloff. G. Engfer, P. Camion. I). Men el. I II1RI) ROW: I). Betker, J. Maloney. 1). Olson. B. Ilerlick. A. West. P. Kopplin. T. Griswold. B. Bauer. C. Newby, L.Johnson. K. Johnson. G. Michaels. B. Whyte, P. Denting. A. Neurit. BACK ROW: R. MeAloon. J. Vitek. B. Johnson. W. Met gcr. P. Drake. Jr.. I). 1-ortwhcr. P. Hemming. C Weber. J. Pclnis. R. Shirek. S. Swanson. T. Karnowski. W. Beck. R. Klein. M. Biefewicz. Tail Kappa Epsilon Tau Kappa Epsilon, the only international fraternity on campus. has completed one of the most successful years in the history of any fraternity on this campus, by sweeping Homecoming for the second straight year, by having the Homecoming Queen. Lu Ann Hyland, and taking first place in the Humorous Float Division, with their version of “Jailhouse Rock". Among other activities in the past year, the TKE's took first in the Annual Beatnik Party, second in Winter Carnival. Songfest, and the City Recreational Basketball Tournament. Besides being a social fraternity. Tau Kappa Epsilon is based on the foundation of service. This was demonstrated by provid- ing service for the Wisconsin Wawbeck Associated Activities Club. United Fund, and projects for River Pines Sanitorium. including caroling at Christmas time. The TKE's were also host for leadership school of Province 13. Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. The chapter also received recognition of honorable mention chapter award from the national office. Tau Kappa Epsilon is a fraternity standing not only for social recognition, but also leadership. The men certainly came through with a fine year. The fraternity colors are cherry and gray. Advisors: Mr. Ixrc Andreas, Mr. T. J. Hayes113Inter-fraternity Council FIRST ROW: J. Hafer-man, Secretary-Treasur-cr; B. Eickelman, Vice President; E. Pascutti, President; T. Beining. BACK ROW: I). L. Peterson, R. Kerr, T. Beckman, J. Eggert, J. Osterman, R. G. Clements. T he Inter-fraternity and Inter-sorority Councils arc composed of representatives from the eight social sororities and fraternities on campus and act as a governing and advising body for the groups. All Greek functions, such as the Greek Dance and pledging, are handled by the Councils. Advisors: Mrs. Elizabeth Pfiffner, Mr. Orland Radke FIRST ROW: Joann Bocyink, Secretary-Treasurer; Beulah Poulter, President; Bonnie Zahn, Student Council Representative; Kathleen M. Blake, Press Representative. SECOND ROW: Sigrid Burgmann, Madeline Jones, Liola Chemcl, Christeen Liszewski. BACK ROW: Barb Balza, Mary Jo Rice, Karen Fox, Mary Smith. Inter-sorority Council 114FIRST ROW: L. Ostrowski, President ’62-'63; J. Smith. Secretary; M. Kirby. President, '63-’64; J. Patrick Sullivan Vice President; R. Galccke, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: F. Parkcl, J. Curran, B. G1 inski, D. Smetana, T. Wais brot, L. Scipior, F. Straub, R. Trebatoski, J. Kotar. THIRD ROW: A. Bourcier, J. Wagner, J. Egenhoefer, D. Kropid lowski, M. Dragolovich, G. Simonis, P. Kust, G. Niedbaski, F. Studach, J. Hartwig. BACK ROW: R. Czaja, R. Bores G. Macicjewski, J. Martin, R. Schultz, B. Lock, J. Schulfcr, R. Cincalis, T. Meiers, J. Shafranski, R. Schoenl»erger Aquinas Club The aims of the Aquinas Club, a social organization, are to encourage its members to attain high scholastic standing; to make available to its members the example, environment, and training that best characterizes the college man; and to foster a more vigorous spirit of loyalty to the social and intellectual spheres that best traditionalize university and college life. The activities of the Aquinas Club include sponsoring a queen candidate and a float in the Homecoming events, participating in the Song-fest, entering the Winter Carnival events and sponsoring a king and queen candidate, providing service for the community Iiloodmobilc, Cancer, and March of Dimes drives, and sponsoring an annual "Pcanut-Nik.” Following each of these events the Club sponsors social parties for its members. In the future, the Aquinas Club hopes to become a chapter of Phi Kappa Theta, a national social fraternity composed of Catholic men. The Club also plans to expand its programs in every field of collegiate endeavor. The colors are purple, white, and gold. Advisors: Mr. Gregory Kulas, Dr. Henry Grinvalsky 115FIRST ROW: J. Berweger, D. Koplicn, S. Gaylord, President; M. Ruegger, G. Spear. SECOND ROW; J. Cobb, C. Olson, D. Herbst, D. Cundiff, D. Kostka, P. Tadych. BACK ROW: B. Hack, D. Mcunier, C. Bair, I). Kalvin, Treasurer; G. Mueller, Vice President. Siasefi The Siasefi social organization for men promotes greater "campus spirit". Their enthusiasm was especially noted during Homecoming and Winter Carnival, when they conducted Kangaroo Court. The Siascfis also have an annual Spring Formal. Advisor; Dr. George Dixon 116FIRST ROW: R. W. Dehn, R. Retterath, Treasurer; J. Mindok, Student Council; H. Jensen, M. Vaughn, G. Kell. SECOND ROW: A. Bourcier, Secretary; R. Junker, R. Hack, I). Fields, Vice President; R. Torkelson, A. Joers, W. Coombs. BACK ROW: R. Ranta, R. Jenkins, D. Jirovec, M. Schulz, T. Meiers, D. Goetsdi. 550's S Club Composed of campus veterans, this organization aids the student body through the 550 Bulletin Board where students may advertise their transportation needs. Throughout the year they participated in the annual corn roast, the Siasefi-550 softball game, and the Spring meeting with the Oshkosh Veterans Club. Point Bowl was the scene of the group’s Christmas and Valentine parties. Advisor: Dr. Clifford Morrison The S Club is designed to bring greater unity for athletes so that they, in turn, can promote a common bond between the student body and the athletes. 'I'his year’s group sponsored the Homecoming dance, the annual football banquet, the annual Spring Lctterman's Banquet, the Harlem Magician Basketball game, and had charge of the refreshments at athletic events. In its desire to promote greater “campus unity,” donations were made to the intramural fund and the Senior Primary Council. Advisor: Mr. Robert Anderson FIRST ROW: D. Herbst, B. Nelson, J. Krueger, President; D. Arthur, Vice President; J. Woller, Secretary; J. Goo-gins, N. Lewandowski. SECOND ROW: D. Tompkins, E. Noonan, I). Robichard, T. Reynolds, R. Meinert, B. Bay, P. Richter, A. Wolcanski, T. Wise,. A. Rouse, J. Malloy. THIRD ROW: C. Pankratz, A. Reichert, G. Morara, R. Sommer, A. Pease, J. Hermans, D. Tucek, F. Maxfield, D. Allardyce, B. Uebersctzig, R. Newton, G. Seering. BACK ROW: D. Bohman, S. Crull, J. Hanson, D. Schroeder, G. Pouba, C. Millenbah, R. Schultz, C. Newby, R. Schacht, S. Hackbarth, R. Johnson, M. Bielewicz. ABSENT: J. Sutliff, Treasurer. 117Alpha Gamma Alpha Gamma, a social studies fraternity, sponsored these speakers to provide intellectual stimulation for its members: Dr. Paul Yam-bert, "Relationships of Conservation and Social Sciences;” Dr. Gordon Hafer-bccker, "Higher Education in Wisconsin;” Dr. Fredrick Kremple, "Gothic Spirit in Art.” Advisors: Dr. Garland Fothcrgill, Dr. Guy Gibson, Dr. Frederick Kremple FIRST ROW: F. Guderski, J. Olson, Secretary; H. Riley. BACK ROW: K. Witucki, M. Krull, J. Burgess, President; D. Goetsch, R. Williams. Alpha Kappa Lambda Alpha Kappa Lambda, the conservation fraternity, promotes a better understanding of natural resources and their intelligent use, and serves the Conservation Department through research, public relations, and committee services. During Winter Carnival, AKL sells booster buttons and sponsors the Woodchoppers Ball. They contribute to the Sylvester Memorial Library, a collection of conservation research books. The group also has a venison dinner, a smelt fry, a watermelon feed, and a fox hunt. Advisors: Mr. Lee Andreas, Mr. Milo Harp-stead FIRST ROW: K. Langlois, Treasurer; P. Kust, President; J. Elliker, R. Beisner, Secretary, E. Kimpel, M. Luch-singer; K. Weingarten, R. Kimpel. SECOND ROW: D. Lefeber, D. Young. D. Gehling, K. Alt, L. Dettwiler. R. Nlertig. A. Bohachck, A. Millar, J. Wenger, C. Dorn, G. Welles, G. Lasch, T. Radler. THIRD ROW: G. Silovsky, R. Gractz, R. Rosing, J. Porter, J. Karnowski, D. Kracht, P. Holden, M. Jefferies, M. McGill, K. Worden, C. Jeranek, D. Jaeger, B. Able, D. Larsen, F. Van Hullc, M. Evinrude. BACK ROW: T. Wcninger, P. Schumann, T. Tiber, H. Petersen, J. Kuehn, J. Southworth, E. Gross, P. Kern, B. Koester, L. Wright, B. Petzel, J. Wild, E. Peters, B. Kress, J. Agcn, D. Elmer. 118FIRST ROW: P. Van Sant, Vice President; K. Kozar, R. Shirck, President; B. Schcclk, Treasurer; J. Marks, Secretary. SECOND ROW: C. Van Straten, J. Sopa, L. Laedtke, J. Kort, C. Hansen, J. Wessel. THIRD ROW: J. Heding, M. Drewitz, D. A. Bower, P. Waterman, K. Hojan. BACK ROW: C. Eddy, N. Harris, B. Gandt, D. Sieber, B. Shay, R. C. Bintz. Alpha Kappa Rho Alpha Phi Omega For those interested in music, Alpha Kappa Rho, the National Honorary Music Fraternity, offers opportunities to develop knowledge concerning music in all areas. The purpose of Alpha Phi Omega is to assemble college men in the fellowship of the Scout Oath and Law, to develope friendship, and to promote service to humanity. This year Alpha Phi Omega members accommodated on Senior Day, handed out football game programs and ushered at numerous campus activities. First Row: K. Flood, Pres.; B. Dale, Sec.; 1). Merk, Vice Pres.; I). Wendt, Treasurer. Second Row: Mr. R. Schcurcll, I). Talcott, H. Grcmhcr, K. Wengendcr, E. Nonnemachcr, T. Radler. Back Row: J. Atrenberg, B. Bartel, R. Kleine, W. Prahl, R. Hamilton. 119FIRST ROW: G. Cheng, D. Burant, K. Campion, Secretary: J. Gleisner. BACK ROW: H. Schneider, F. Aronson, Vice President: D. Engel, W. Shaw, P. Schreibcr, President: E. Firth. lota Tau Mu Iota Tau Mu, organized for those students who are interested in medical careers, acquaints the members with various requirements of medical schools and furthers their interest in the medical field. Sigma Mu Tau Sigma Mu Tau, the professional organization for medical technology students, seeks to aid its members in their field. This year they presented lectures and films pertinent to the field. FIRST ROW: R. Lambert, S. Szymanski, D. Kocian, I). Pienschke. SECOND ROW: J. Pospyhalla, F. Knauf, M. L. Pierson, J. Hendrickson, E. Gardafce. BACK ROW: A. Srec Bama Mur thy, R. Treptow, T. Olsen, M. Dickmann, A. Wolt, D. Bangs. 120FIRST ROW: Mary Runnels, Jean Drocgcr, Sigrid Burgmann, Mary Jo Bitch, Sandra Weber, Pal Mantei. SECOND ROW: Helen Gruet macher, Elmac Omernik, President; Susan Nason, Louise Paulson. Joan Bender, Barbara Anderson. BACK ROW: Richard Williams, Dave Peplinski, Vice-President; Henry Knaus. Sigma Tau delta Sigma Zeta Sigma Iau Delta is the national honorary English society. Its purpose is to foster creative writing and to gain an acquaintance with literary masters and masterpieces. The main activity of the society is the publishing of Wordsworth, an anthology of student prose and poetry. Advisor: Dr. Lee Burress The National Honorary Science Society seeks to promote scholarship and aid its members in obtaining scientific information. The group holds monthly meetings at which science programs are presented. They were also represented at the Sigma Zeta National Convention at Dc Kalb, Illinois, rn April. Advisors: Mr. O. A. Andrews, Mr. Gilbert Faust FIRST ROW: F. Light fuss. President; D. Dckaster, Y. DcGuirc, M. K. Pearson, L. Chemel, B. Nowak, K. Rasmussen. SECOND ROW: R. Pat .er, D. Arncson, S. Smith, E. Gregorich, K. Roth, N. Ripp, D. Kocian, I.. Guenther, R. Schmitt, R. Wagner, M. L. Pierson, C. Kocian, L. Henrickson, J. Siegler. THIRD ROW: J. Kriegl, D. Carlson, P. Conlon, V. Thalackcr, J. Woudstra, M. J. Schiller, R. Stinglc, C. Pratt, S. Westphal, M. A. Bauer, H. Guenther, B. Laube, D. Jaecks, W. Mueller. BACK ROW: E. Fcdel, T. Fuhrcmann, R. Junker, Vice President: F. Hengst, K. Rushford, C. Schwartz, N. Johnson, J. South worth, D. Marchiando, P. Hclmke, D. Anderson, S. Nichols, K. Krahn, K. Johnson, O. Andrews, Adviser. 121Junior Primary Council FIRST ROW: A. Danielson, J. Swanson, P. Kundingcr, M. Stacy, T. Mahnke, S. Smart, S. Rcidcnbach. SECOND ROW: C. Rhody, S. Christian, E. Carlson, J. Dcrlcth, D. Jeckle, J. Belongia, J. Svoboda, J. Hclke, A. Calligaro, L. Hyland, C. Joswick. THIRD ROW: N. Montour, R. Kenowski, L. Fredrich, S. Simpson, S. Schultz, Vice President; V. Johnson, Treasurer; J. Lemkc, A. Schoenberger, A. Wolff, J. Radloff, S. Stangl, E. Gunderson. BACK ROW: M. Peck, N. McGillivray, D. Wadzinski, J. Hines, D. Hemet, L. Donehower, R. Knutson, K. Corsten, S. Amacher, N. Knaack, J. Spychalla, J. Nelson, N. Bacon. The Junior Primary Council introduces future primary teachers to the type of people and problems they will face when they become professionals. The group sponsored a Christmas project, scholarships for members, a spring luncheon, and a picnic. Advisor: Miss Edith Trcucnfcls I'he Senior Primary Council engages projects for the development of desirable qualities for teaching the primary grades. The members collected toys and clothes for the Lac du Flambo Indians for Christmas, sponsored the Reid Marinette Show, and supported National Book Week. Advisor: Miss Mary Elizabeth Smith Senior Primary Council FIRST ROW: C. Hansen, C. Hornung, J. Hassell, Treasurer; J. Kleinschmidt, R. Otto, S. Jones, S. Kra-savage. SECOND ROW: M. Jones, P. Probst, G. Kcrl, M. Marko, J. Schcwc, B. Bempke, H. Marquardt, L. Laedtke. THIRD ROW: M. E. Ferris, J. Lathrop, C. Laedtkc, M. j. Rice, R. Clark, S. Carlson, J. Haseleu, M. Lucas, M. Kilty, N. Giffin. BACK ROW: C. Hoffman, M. Weber, A. Henrichs, P. Reznichek, R. Presl, G. Jacobsen, B. Pick, N. Schroedcr, V. Magquirc, R. Pfiffner, J. Ament. 122Round Table HRS! ROW: Barbara Fweedale, Kathleen Carroll, Shirley Roinanshck, Gladys Mikes, Shirley Hanson, Karen Sc-to, Jean Campbell, Jacquelyn Druckrcy, Christeen Liszewski. SECOND ROW: Sandra Fristad. Iris Saindon, Mary Beth Crall, Mary Sweeney, Barbara Wesolek, Secretary; Karren Zahn, Betty Shelter, Carol Bezak, Barbara Schuettc, Judv Christensen. BACK ROW: Magrct Hylok, Judy Schaap, Barbara Schaetzcl, Philip Bertrand. Walter Prahl, Dennis J. Kalvin, President: Ann Marie Incha, Delores Guetz, Treasurer: Shirlev Hedin. The Round Table is a professional organization for students in Intermediate and Upper Elementary Education. It conducted the annual spring banquet, Christmas party, and had guest speakers. The group also had movies and slides after some meetings. Advisor: Mr. Robert Lewis The Secondary Education Association was organized to stimulate students’ interest in their chosen field of study and to promote a general interest in education. Through the association, secondary majors share their ideas and benefit from the experience and knowledge of special speakers. Advisor: Mr. John Gach Secondary Education Association FIRST ROW: F. Guderski, Secretary: J. Olson, E. Omcrnik, L. Paulson, H. Gructzmachcr, S. Nason, K. Rasmussen, Vice-President: M. Runnels. SECOND ROW: R. Patzer, J. Janowski, A. Robinson, H. Knaus, C. Schwartz, Treasurer; 1). Pierce, K. Witucki, F. Ilcngst. BACK ROW: D. Snider, M. Krull, President; W. Hoff, P. Helmke, K. Krahn, S. Waterman. 123SOPHOMORES AND FRESHMEN FIRST ROW: J. Korpela, M. Hoffman, J. Funk, J. Karow, M. Hoffman, K. Kroll, M. Jantsch, K. Marchel. SECOND ROW: S. Smith, A. Kowalchyk, K. Marquardt, R. Cook, R. Brownlow, K. Schroepfer, D. Jakel, J. Johnson, B. Arnott, Treasurer; R. Loomis. K. Zehner, S. Jirovetz, A. Thorbus. THIRD ROW: M. Peck, E. Regncr, C. Damrow, C. Danielscn, K. Wood, N. Ripp, L. Guenther, J. Mayo, R. Lanfcar, C. A. Foss, K. Holtz, S. Heikkinen, J. Werner, B. Laedtke. BACK ROW: E. Grcgorich, P. Znt lalf, K. Yarkie, P. Murdock, J. Koshalek, M. Sobicski, K. Roth, M. Vander Voort, B. Boutwcll, B. Long, J. Newby, M. Mielke, C. Miller, J. Barbian, C. Domke, J. Akers, S. Tishlcr. The activities of the Home Economics Club began with the candlelight initiation of new members and concluded with the senior breakfast prepared by the freshmen. Other activities included the sale of caramel apples during Homecoming, participation in the Pointer Jubilee and Winter Carnival, and delegation in state and national conventions. Advisors: Miss Ethyl Hill, Miss Doris Davis, Miss Elvira Thomson FIRST ROW: J. Drocger, R. Schmitz, D. Bertolino, C. Andersen, M. A. Riskc, M. K. Pearson, J. Taylor, J. Kabacinski, C. Cieslewicz. SECOND ROW: J. Eiscnman, V. Roth, L. Chemel, C. Winkler, G. Green. J. Brunner, M. Grady, M. Seyfert, President: B. Zahn, J. Schwcbach, M. Anderson. BACK ROW: H. Bunczak, S. Hanke, J. Fowler, H. Guetzmachcr, D. Dekastcr, D. Rendall, M. A. Bauer, C. Pratt, C. Wittmann, R. Derczinski, S. Wagner. Home Economics Club JUNIORS AND SENIORS 124FIRST ROW: M. Smith, B. Fritsch, M. Sherman, Secretary: J. Olson, M. Hickner. SECOND ROW: R. Clements, T. Corrigan, C. Liszcwski, C. Winkler, J. Christensen, B. Zahn, L. Marquard. BACK ROW: E. Fedcl, L. Haack, D. Kleine, Treasurer; D. Gerndt, B. Davis, President; J. Curran, J. Rampson. Student Council T he Student Council is a member of the United Council of Wisconsin State College Student Governments Program, and gives the students a chance to share in the government of the college along with the faculty and the administration. This year's council allocated the student activity fee, sponsored the Homecoming activities, handled the Awards Day program, appointed student representatives to all faculty committees, and sponsored student insurance. Advisor: Dr. George Becker 125FIRST ROW: I). Berg, S. Burgmann, G. Kubisiak, J. Lath-rop, Secretary; K. Rasmussen. SF.COND ROW: T. Corrigan, K. Multcrcr, D. Bowers, R. Hachct. BACK ROW: L. H a a c k, L. Fritsch, Treasurer; D. Cooley, D. Kaiser, Vice President. College Union Board The College Union Board serves the student body in planning and coordinating “recreational, social, cultural, and intellectual opportunities for the enrichment of college life.” 1‘he various committees of the Board sponsored the All-School Dance, the Freshmen Mixer, the Pointer Jubilee, and the Winter Carnival. They also plan the social programming for most weekends and the tournaments in tennis, ping pong, bridge, and chess. Advisors: Mrs. Elizabeth Pfiffner, Mr. Orland Radke, Mr. Gilbert Faust, Mr. Ronald Hatchet Associated Women Students includes every woman on campus in its efforts to promote social, academic, and cultural activities and to provide opportunities for leadership. Early in the fall a Big-Little Sister breakfast at Iverson Park made the freshmen feel at home, and at Christmas time there was a party for the girls at Nelson Hall. AWS sponsored the annual Songfest in December, a glamour Series for men and women, a senior women’s banquet, and a Mother-Daughter Banquet. Advisors: Mrs. Elizabeth Pfiffner, Miss Marjorie Schelfout FIRST ROW: P. Reznichek, President; H. Vaughn, Vice President; C. Van Stratcn, Secretary; K. Mcn el, Treasurer. SI COM) ROW: S. Burgmann, M. J. Rice, D. Jcckle, M. K. Pearson, G. Kubisiak. BACK ROW: L. Done-hower, M. Jones, J. Davis, J. Olson. Associated Women Students 126FIRST ROW: E. Allen, Vice Chairman: B. Fritsch, Secretary: F. Maxfield, Chairman: C. Scheibel, Treasurer: SECOND ROW: J. Dahl, G. Powell, B. Dickie, R. Pajunen, E. Roscnow. BACK ROW: R. Fullmer, G. Schalow, J. Ungrodt. young Republicans The Young Republicans, through the motto “Progress through Individual Freedom,” encourage participation in partisan politics and political expression. They are members of the Midwest Federation College YGOP. This year they sponsored Philip Kuehn for Governor. This spring representatives attended the state YGOP Convention, Green Bay. Advisor: Dr. Guy Gibson College Theater FIRST ROW: J. Thomas, C. Liszew-s k i, Secretary-treasurer: S. Burgmann, G. Kubisiak, M. Stratton. SECOND ROW: D. Brezinski, M. Ben-b o w, President; A. Schilling, M. J. Leary, B. Hancock. BACK ROW: J. Mueller, Vice President; M. Worman, M. Greene, J. Hartwig, R. Skow-land. College Theater is the working unit of our dramatics program, which includes four major productions for the public and a number of “workshop” and experimental projects, all of which offer laboratory experience in directing, acting, stage design and the multiple aspects of technical theater under the leadership of professional staff. College Theater, the undergraduate student organization, sponsors additional activities and programs. Advisor: Mr. William Dawson; Assistants, Miss Pauline Isaacson, Miss Alice Peet. 127FIRST ROW: T. Beining, S. Smith, Co-editor; R. Lewis, Co-editor: K. Kroll, Copy Editor. SECOND ROW: S. Christian, H. Marquardt, R. Schrader, S. Portz, J. Brunner, W. Lauby, Layout Editor; C. Rynar, J. Ost. BACK ROW: K. Spatz, T. Radier, G. Birmingham, Business Manager; C. Pankratz, B. Marks, T. Waisbrot, Sports Editor; R. Hamilton. Photography Editor, T. Taschwer. The college yearbook, the IRIS, represents life at our Wisconsin State College. Because of its close association with the students, the faculty, and the organizations, the staff feels closer to the school in a way that possibly no other group could. In developing the theme, “Progress through Growth”, the staff has realized the potentialities of this campus and hopes that the readers feel the same way. The Pointer, the official college newspaper, is published bi-weekly, and it covers the economic, social, and athletic news concerning the students and campus. The editors attended the annual Associated Collegiate Press Conference in Detroit. The staff enjoyed a bowling party, Christmas party, and the annual banquet at the end of the year. Advisors: Mrs. Ceil Kelly, Mr. Donald Koep-pen, Mr. Raymond Specht Pointer FIRST ROW: J. Droeger, Feature Editor; K. Carroll, P. Bartels, M. Runnels. S. Rcidcnbach, R. Cook. SECOND ROW: M. Dragolovich, J. Harris, S. Stanke, R. Beisner, L. Donchower, D. Berg. E. Omemik, Co-editor; I). Koplien. BACK ROW: B. Gcthing, E. Allen, News Editor; R. Sheridan, Sports Editor; D. Peplin-ski, Co-editor; G. Simonis, T. Oelhafen, D. Aucutt. 128FIRST ROW: L. Ziglinski, J. Brown, R. Schrader, Secretary. BACK ROW: G. Morara, Vice President; C. Pankratz, P. Graupner, D. Peplinski, President; H. Knaus, J. Ungrodt, S. Leahy. Foreign Language Club Within the past year the Foreign Language Club, formerly the Edelweiss Club, was reorganized to include all languages taught at CSC. The main emphasis of the club’s social events is on conversation in the language of the various groups. They sponsor German and French movies and hold a banquet in the Spring. Advisor: Dr. Peter A. Kroner The International Students Organization operates on an individual, family, and worldly basis. An exchange of international culture promotes friendship and mutual understanding. The organization had an international costume display, concert, and Christmas party. Advisors: Dr. Gordon Haferbeckcr and Dr. Nelis Kampenga International Students Organization FIRST ROW: E. Kirnani, J. Horiguchi, R. Muema, V. Liu. SECOND ROW: A. Sreeramamur-thy, J. Kimani, M. Sobieski, G. Lidberg, G. Morara. President: G. Cheng. THIRD ROW: Y. Soranaka, Vice President; D. Muthcngy, C. Muema, F. Tsc, G. Yeager. BACK ROW: Q. Qasim, P. C. Chow, C. Sindclar, R. Simpson, P. Bertrand. 129Chess Club STANDING: L. Mosher, R. Wilkenson, A. Robinson, F. Jensen, W. Gandt, E. Grobe. SEATED: D. Allen, C. Greehling. NOT SHOWN: P. Alfuth, R. Cook. Debate The Chess Club provides instruction, entertainment, and social life for the members and promotes the popularity of the game. A club tournament was conducted in November and December, and members participated in a tournament in Milwaukee and in the USCF tournament in Philadelphia. Advisor: Dr. Rhys Hayes Any student who is willing to participate may join Debate Club. The purpose is to give students experience in debating. The club attended tournaments at colleges in Milwaukee, Madison, Oshkosh, Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, and Washington, D.C. Advisor: Dr. Fred Dowling FIRST ROW: D. Bowers, C. Fischer, Mr. F. Dowling. D. Arncson, R. Gass. BACK ROW: P. Cone, M. Sischo, D. Eckholm, B. Eickelman, M. Hcnrichs.Ski Club FIRST ROW: R. Beisner, K. Greiner, B. T. Wollum, Secretary: B. Vahl. SECOND ROW: P. Leahy, Treasurer; D. Bcrquist, K. Marchel, J. Grubc, B. Twecdale, M. Ecrnissc, M., J. Lodes, J. Kotar. THIRD ROW: G. Johnson, J. Bush, J. Smart, M. J. Rice, M. E. Qual-heim, L Larson, J. Humke, G. Lasch. BACK ROW: I). Albert, F. Freiberg, R. Olsen, R. McDonald, B. Jensen, D. Grcther, J. Fowle, B. Kress. I-ast fall the C. S. C. Ski Club was reorganized with sixty members eagerly waiting for the first snow fall of the season. The club purchased a membership in the American Hostel Association which entitled them to reduce the cost of food and lodging on the trips. During the semester break, the members invaded the slopes of White Cap and Indianhead Moun- tains. For Winter Carnival the Ski Club put on a Style Show and equipment display, and also sold Booster Buttons. In March its members skied in Michigan on the Porcupine and White Cap Mountains. The ’62- 63 season was very successful for the C. S. C. Ski Club. Advisor: Dr. Fred Kremple Assistant: Mr. Benedict Oh Outing Club FIRST ROW: D. Kaiser, Secretary: K. Multcrer, President; J. Bush, M. Sischo. SECOND ROW: M. J. Rice, B. Twecdale, C. Liszewski, L. Beahm, M. Yoder, M. Eernisse, E. Smith, S. Heikkinen, K. Marchel, J. Grube. SECOND ROW: J. Humke, J. Kotar, J. Larson, D. Berkquist, K. Breiner, B. J. Wollum, B. Vahl, K. Madsen, M. J. Lodes, M. E. Qualhcim, J. Smart. BACK ROW: G. Johnson, D. Albert, F. Freiberg, R. McDonald, P. Leahy, B. Jensen, R. Olsen, G. Lasch, J. Fowle, B. Kress, D. Grether.Women's Recreation Association The Women’s Recreation Association is a national organization open to all college women who are interested in women’s collegiate sports. During the year they had basketball tournaments, volleyball, swimming, badminton, trampoline, and other sports. The group also participated in Sports Days at other state colleges. This year they sponsored a Basketball Sport Day on March 16. Advisor: Miss Carol Anhalt FIRST ROW: D. Berg. President; B. Wesolek, Secretary. SECOND ROW: J. D a v i s. Treasurer; S. Burgmann, Vice President. dance Club The Dance Club is a newly organized group of students and faculty members who are interested in beginning or broadening their dancing skill. The majority of time is spent on learning and practicing ballroom and popular dancing. Any business is discussed first. Learning is their privilege, variety is their interest, and fun is their product. Advisor: Mr. Benedict Oh 132FIRST ROW: D. Bcrtolino, President: F. Cerrato, Secretary-Treasurer; E. Howard, Vice President; C. Huctt-ner, M. Pledger. BACK ROW: M. Lucas, J. Burgess, L. Kioski, E. Kemps, O. Klimpke, D. Klaus, B. Zuege, P. Maurer, L. Liesch, H. Weber, E. Gallistel, A. Klesinith, N. Barber. Tau Gamma Tau Tau Gamma Tau, a relatively new social club, was designed to give adult students a chance “to get together". Their aim is to provide a congenial atmosphere for adult students through coffee hours and other informal gatherings. Christian Science FIRST ROW: A. Greenquist, Miss E. Nyquist, Advisor; S. Fristad. BACK ROW: D. Hanson, R. McDonald, B. Lucht, J. Riebow. The Christian Science organization was the sponsor of a free lecture, "Successful Living Found Through Christian S c i e n c e”, presented by Herbert E. Riecke, a member of the Board of Lectureship of the Mother Church, the First Church of Christ Scientists, Boston Massachusetts. Advisor: Miss Edna Nyquist 133FIRST ROW: C. Damrow, S. Krause, J. Bclongia, J. Fisher, Secretary: S. Christian, C. Tass, C. Laedtke, S. Eskritt, M. Stacy, S. Reidenbach, I). Schorer, J. Druckrey, L. Laedtke, J. Dcrleth. SECOND ROW: R. Wunderlich, R. Roth, . Fowler, L. Jaeger, H. Gruetzmacher, I. Plautz, P. Murdock, C. Bezak, B. Laedtke, L. Monk, M. Lucck, W. Zcllmer, R. Munderloh. BACK ROW: S. Klein, J. Klcinschmidt, Treasurer; P. Schreiber, G. Schwartz, A. Johnson, President: G. Schalow, R. Markworih, P. Wilsmann, G. Secring, D. Borsos, M. Evinrude, D. Bock. Gamma Delta Topic discussions among the members of Gamma Delta stimulate Christian thinking and increase Lutheran consciousness on the campus. Members of the group attended a convention in Milwaukee, October 15-17, a leadership conference at Oshkosh, January 26-28 and sponsored a Winter Retreat at Stevens Point, February 15-17. There was a workshop at Winona, Minnesota, April 25-27. Throughout the year members participated in social evenings and cost suppers. Advisors: Rev. M. Dake, Mrs. Marjorie Kerst The Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship provides for Christian fellowship, deepens and strengthens the spiritual life of members through the study of the bible, and presents the call of God to the foreign mission field. Activities include Bible studies, prayer meetings, deputation teams, conferences, and recreation. Advisor: Mr. Arlo Moehlenpah Inter-varsity fellowship FIRST ROW: J. Grober, L. Ziglinski, C. Winkler, C. Hoffman, Secretary: B. Locker, C. Miller, J. DeWitt. SECOND ROW: J. Nichols, J. Nichols, G. Powell, M. Pestrui, M. Anderson, P. Kroll. BACK ROW: A. Robinson, W. Ziegler, C. Cross, P. Ziegler, President: (absent). 134FIRST ROW: R. Brow low, E. Christensen, H. Marquardt, K. Marquardt, SECOND ROW: B. Laube, S. Hedin, R. Nyre, I). Berg, N. Knaack, F. Hengst. BACK ROW: B. Miller, J. Altenburg, T. Olsen, R. Christensen, L. Henrickson. Lutheran Student Association The Lutheran Student Organization endeavors to strengthen and sustain Christian students in their faith through the use of the bible, prayers, regular church attendance with frequent reception of Holy Communion, and through the fellowship in the L.S.A. Advisor: Mr. Ted Greenfield-Intern Newman Club NEWMAN CLUB OFFICERS 135FIRST ROW: B. Hancock, J. Mayo, M. Mielkc, J. Christensen, Secretary; J. Holzmiller, M. Eernisse. BACK ROW: A. Babler, J. Dahl, J. Southworth, M. Henrichs. United Christian Campus fellowship Wesley Foundation, the Methodist student organization, seeks to promote worship, religious education, service, and fellowship among its members. To do this the group, aside from regular meetings, sponsors Sunday Cost Suppers and programs. A deputation team presents special projects to local churches. A Fall picnic, which introduced freshmen to the members, a Christmas party and caroling to shut-ins. and a Spring picnic were enjoyed by Wesleyian members. Advisor: Rev. Glen Frank Wesley FIRST ROW: S. Cummings, P. Parsons, G. Green, C. Corn, A. Turner, K. Roth, Financial Secretary; J. Haima, C. Schaefer, Personnel Chairman; E. Bos, Secretary; B. Locker. SECOND ROW: R. Timmons, R. Bowker, S. Hankc, F. Lewis, D. Hahs, M. Dickmann, Treasurer; F. Maxfield, D. Jaccks, Vice-President; H. Martin, I). Bennett. BACK ROW: W. Schimpff, D. Iliff, W. Schimpff, J. Maas, D. Cooley, R. Erickson, S. Hackbarth, B. Bartel, President; S. Waterman. The United Campus Christian Fellowship strives to provide for effective growth and participation of its members through lecture-discussion series and communion services. Cost suppers and evening-get-togethers arc among their social activities. Advisor: Dr. Guy Gibson 136Choraliers FIRST ROW: S. Neitzel, S. Rades, J. Druckrey, S. Smart, K. Seto, D. Hutchinson, M. Morgan, G. Hubatch, I. Colias, J. Kort, Accompanist: J. Wessel, C. Bohm, V. Liu, M. Riske, K. Splitt, M. Hickner, J. Nichols, Mr. Dean Blair, Director. SECOND ROW: S. Burgmann, K. Krenz, P. Zimmerman, M. Lueck, M. Ecrnesse, A. Takeda, B. Carlson, L. Emslie, D. Erickson, K. Ellerman, K. Benson, D. Bower, B. Benson, P. Morgan, S. Pesko, J. Haima, J. Woudstra. THIRD ROW: R. Rendall, C. Olsen, D. Weasler. FOURTH ROW: K. Hojan, M. Mielke, R. Schneider, R. Nyre, J. Brown, F. Cerrato, M. Woller, L. Lanscn, R. Keown, D. Hillert, M. Jelich, M. Kelly, K. Campion, M. Schreiber, A. Turner, D. Goetz, G. Powell. BACK ROW: L. Smith, K. Kroll, P. Probst, L. Laedtke, B. Markley, R. Cook, B. Epplc, B. Shay, C. Pederson, R. Bintz, R. Schrader, V. Maguire, A. Mallek, M. Lotzcr, C. Derezinski, P. Waterman, K. Sandcen. College Choir The College Choir, directed by Mr. Robert Murray, trains the members in choral literature and rehearsal habits. Each year they give a concert for the benefit of the area high schools. The concert this year culminated with a concert at the college. The choir participated in President Albertson's Inauguration ceremony, gave a Christmas concert, and presented The Messiah for the college and the community. 137Pointer Band The college band, through organization, training, and presentation, strives to provide effective experiences in musical education, culture, and recreation. The band provides concerts and performances at appropriate functions in the interests of musical culture and entertainment. The band plays three concerts each year, and a Pep Band is organized for home basketball games. In January, the band took a two-day tour in Wisconsin. 138139 Pray-Simms Council FIRST ROW: D. Bcnchoff, J. Samosky, Hall Director; F. Camenzino, I. Curran, T. Snyder, J. Nelson, D. Mitchell. SECOND ROW: J. Burling. T. Farr, K. Langlois, T. Tiber, E. Mains. M. Henrichs, T. Ahlcs, G. Scherck, D. Prisk. BACK ROW: W. Hoff, J. Laack, T. Johnson, M. Scobic, E. Gross, D. Buehler. Pray-Simms Officers Pray-Sims Hall, the newest residence hall for men, is named for the first and second presidents of our college, respectively. The fall dedication of the L-shapcd building included addresses by President Albertson and President Emeritus Hanson. Hall Resident: Jack Samosky FIRST ROW: T. Corrigan, D. Benchoff, J. Burling, J. Samosky, E. Gross, I. Vitek, D. Mitchell. SECOND ROW: R. Patzer, T. Allies, S. Nichols, K. Multerer, B. Floriano, P. Ahles, G. Cheng. BACK ROW: J. Holdridge, T. Johnson, J. Hermans, T. Green, T. Dlugos. 140Inter-Hall Council FIRST ROW: S. Lindberg, C. Danielsen, J. Gromoll, C. Clark, Secretary: P. Bartels. BACK ROW: F. Camcnzind, J. Rampson, P. Con Ion, President; J. Counter, Vice President; T. Farr. 141FIRST ROW: J. Smith, Secretary; P. Conlon, Treasurer; R. Bintz, President; T. Beining, R. Hachct, Head Resident. SECOND ROW: J. Davis, L. Holmes, D. Schwartzkopf, G. Morara, G. Collins, T. McCarrier. THIRD ROW: M. Van Dcurcn, C. Sambs, D. Wilkinson, S. Anger, E. Fedcl. BACK ROW: D. Hoffmann, M. Mueller, B. Bandt, P. Graupncr, J. Zcllmer, D. Mcrchiando. Velzell Council De ze t Staff 142 FIRST ROW: Mr. R. Hachct, T. Beining, P. Graupncr. BACK ROW: P. Conlon, C. Sambs, M. Van Dcurcn, G. Collins, G. Morara.Christmas At Delzell Big Effort—Big Result A very active hall council was the highlite of the past school term for Delzell Hall. Through its action, it was possible for Delzell Hall to take first place in the Residence Hall Christmas Decorating contest, have guest speakers, and present educational films. In order to make the Council more active and promote more interest in the hall the officers for next year will be elected this spring. This years officers are: Roger Bintz, President, Joe Southworth, Vice-president, Joseph Smith, Secretary, and Pat Conlon, Treasurer. Ron I Iachct serves as the head director and is assisted by Marty Van Deuren and six counselors. 143Nelson Council FIRST ROW: L. Guenther, C. Clark, President: P. Miller, Treasurer: D. Jakel, Secretary. SECOND ROW: L. Carlson, J. Werner, R. Lambert, A. Kuhlman, S. Carlson, M. Jantsch. HACK ROW: J. Groinoll, S. Hanke, P. Strozinski, S. Lindberg, L. Marquard, J. Nickolas, A. Walsh. Steiner Council FIRST ROW: J. Helke, A. Kanielson, P. Fox, Secretary; P. L. Bartels, S. Reidenbach, Treasurer; C. Dam-row. THIRD ROW: C. Danielscn, R. Brownlow, S. Romanshek, M. Sherman, President; M. Hickncr. BACK ROW: J. Christensen, Vice President; M. Griffith, L. Donehower, J. Lathrop, C. Yelk. ABSENT: S. Schultz, A. Henrichs. 144 SPORTSHOME OF THE POINTERS 146147 Larry Holmes crashes left end against Oshkosh.FRONT ROW: Scott Anger, Warren Talcott, A1 Miller, A1 Reichert, Don Wanserski, Dennis Arthur, Ned Lcwan-dowski. SECOND ROW:. Art Broeker, Jim Malloy, Ken Kruger, Glen Secring, Dan Hcrbst, Dick Kalata, Roger Johnson, Ron Ternouth. THIRD ROW: Head Coach Duainc Counsel!, Don Nickerson, Brian Mahoney, Pete Seiler, Aaron Slominski, Dick Newton, Jerry Cummings, Doug Hyslop, Jim Sutliff. FOURTH ROW: Dennis Bostad, John Buchholz, Tom Wenninger, Darrell Christianson, Jeff Werneth, Mike Morgan, Roger Erickson, Lloyd Wright, Mike Wundrock. 148FRONT ROW: Sonny Redden, Paul Richter, Larry Holmes, Bob Summers, Joe Lomax, Larry Balousek, and assistant Coaches Bill Burns and Hale Quandt. SECOND ROW: Bob McAloon, Jack Bush, Jim Steinberg, Chuck Dorn, Aubrey Fish, Hadi Pankow, Bruce Bay, and Jim Googins. THIRD ROW: A1 Pease, Dennis Kozak, Nick Smith, Chuck Millcnbah, Dave Schroeder, Ron Wildman, Dave Mcunier, John Pichotta. Tom White, Steve Crull, and assistant Coach Gene Brodhagcn. Central State wound up its 1962 football season with six wins and two losses. CSC finished with a five-win and two-loss record in conference play, which gave the team a third place tie with Eau Claire. The Pointers lost a bid for a share of the second straight State College Conference championship in the closing minutes of the last game of the season, when a Whitewater linebacker ran for a touchdown after a Pointer fumble. Jack Bush is surrounded by Titans. A Pointer on the run. 149Will he make it? Whoops! Wrong end. A Pointer plays possum. 150 CSC “Holds that line. A Pointer makes a first down. Holmes hit from behind.There goes that man again — Sonny Redder . A CSC back goes up the middle. Proud fathers hold scats of honor on Dad’s night. Football The Pointer football team lost the first game of the season, but then recovered to win six straight and receive an undeserved loss in the seventh. Although the team ended the season in a tic for third place, they ranked first in total yards gained on offense in the State College Conference. Pacing the offensive unit that did a tremendous job of grinding out yardage against opposition and tallying points were all-conference sophomore halfback Sonny Redders, who was the top individual ground gainer, scorer, and pass receiver in the State College Conference, freshman halfback Larry Holmes, who ranked third in total points scored, and fullback George Rivers, who ranked tenth in rushing in the conference. In the defense department coach Duaine Counsell’s club ranked second in rushing and third in total yardage yielded to opposing teams. Pointers pile on the opposition. 151FIRST ROW: Mr. Rice, David Geiger, Tim Snyder, Phil Bertrand. SECOND ROW: Reynold Aim, Roger Marquardt, Chuck Pankratz, George Morara. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Led by the inspiring and devoted leadership of Mr. Rice, Central State's harriers completed a rewarding season with a 4-1 record in dual competition — listing Lawrence, La Crosse, Ripon, and Oshkosh among its "victims,” and losing only to a powerful Carleton College team. The team placed third in the conference meet, which was held oti our home course, and also placed third in the Wisconsin Amateur Athletic Union Meet. WRESTLING Rick Sommers rides a Stout man.FIRST ROW: Art Rouse, 180: Rick Sommers. 137: Tod Wise, 123: Jim White, 147. SECOND ROW: Coach Bill Burns, Rick Backus, 167: Jim Hermans, 191; Peter Seiler, 177; Gary Van Wormer, 157: Manager Lynn Hild. ABSENT: Dave Menzel, 115; Ralph Meincrt, 137; Rick Kalvelage, 157; Tom Dlugos, 167; Bernic Christianson, hvywt.; Bob Schultz, hvywt. Rick Sommers breaks his opponent down. This year the wrestling team not only finished a successful season with a 7-2 dual meet record, but Coach Burns’ grap-plers also fought their way to a strong fourth place in the State Mat Meet. An individual standout for the Pointers in the meet was Jim Hermans who won the 191 pound title for the second straight year. Art Rouse at 130 and Peter Seiler at 177 each picked up a second place, while Tom Dlugos took a third at 167, and Ralph Meincrt placed fourth at 137. 153FIRST FOW: Bill Nelson, John Krueger, Dennis Bohtnan, George Pouba, Dick Riuenthalcr, Jim Hansen, Jack Uhvclling. SECOND ROW: Coach Robert Krueger, Grant White, Gerald Lawet ki, Dick Kleine, A1 Tcmie, Pat Dann. BASKETBALL John Krueger drives in for a layup. Jack dwelling hits on one of his spectacular corner shots. 154Pointer defense stops an opponent’s drive. Bill Nelson drives in for a Al Temte puts a rebound in for two bucket. points. A loose ball means lots of action. Ritz fakes out half the Stout team. John Krueger dances through the defense to sink a basket.Jim Hansen earns two points lor CSC. Dick Ritzcnthalcr puts one in on the rebound. BASKETBALL 1'his year the CSC basketball team finished tiie season with an overall record of 14 7 and a conference record of 9-3, which was good for a tie for second place in the Slate College Conference. These statistics do not tell the whole story of the strength of the team. Coach Bob Krueger's club won the first seven conference games to capture and hold first place in the conference for the majority of the season. The team slipped to second place only after losing to White-water by two points, Platteville by four points, and finally to Oshkosh. Because of their spectacular performances in the beginning of the season, there was never any doubt that the Pointers would close the season near the top of the conference. The team voted Bill Nelson as captain and Jack U1 welling as the most valuable player. At this time congratulations go to Coach Bob Krueger who, during his first year as basketball coach at CSC, did a splendid job of keeping the Pointer team one of the top competitors. 157FRONT ROW: G. Engfer, J. Hillman, J. Anderson, K. Wingender, A. Fish, D. Miller, Warren Schimpff. SECOND ROW: Coach Alexander, B. Reitz, Wayne Schimpff, E. Peters, D. Larson, T. Brodreck, L. Hanon. SWIMMING This year swimming was officially recognized as a major varsity sport on campus. The team won the first victory in its history by defeating River Falls 91-31. The Pointers captured firsts in eight of the eleven events on the program. The Pointer tankers also finished fourth in the State College Conference meet held at Oshkosh. In the meet many of the Pointers broke their own records by healthy margins and everyone who reached the finals set a new Stevens Point record in the event. Coaching the team was Paul Alexander, a faculty member who volunteered for the job. Alexander, who was a swimmer while attending high school in New York, was assisted by John Kapter and Wayne Schimpff. Schimpff, who was the organizer of the team, was also co-captain with Jim Hillman, who was one of the top performers. Although the team posted a 1-5 dual record in its infant season, the individual swimmers showed great potentiality for the coming season. They’re off! Awaiting the gunFIRST ROW: S. Kalins, A. Pease, L. Kalousck, R. Grabow, J. Hanson, 1). West, C. Newby, B. Grains. SECOND ROW: E. Miller, R. Ternouth, A. Reichert, J. Rabc, 1'. Grafenauer, B. Schact, C. Prall, J. DeBruin. THIRD ROW: D. Wolfe (Mgr.), D. Prohaska, D. Vogel, C. Herman, H. Ochs, K. Roberts, P. Dann, A. Wolcanski, G. Cahoon, J. Woller. 1963 Baseball Team Swinging for the fence. 159 Firing the ball around the horn.FRONT ROW: R. Roth. SECOND ROW: J. North, L. Holmes, E. Higgans. J. Joy, J. Kornowski, T. Mader. THIRD ROW: S. Rol in, S. Mori, M. Chattanach, G. Rasmussen, D. Manley, B. Schncblc. 1963 Track Team FRONT ROW: C. Pankrat , G. Morara, R. Redman, D. Heiinke. SECOND ROW: I). Dupor, I). Meunier, I). Robinson, G. Kerr, I). Schrader. THIRD ROW: R. Mar-quardt, P. Hodkiewitz, J. Attoc, A. Millar. 160Earl Higgins heaves the javelin. Steve Rolzin and Ron Roth in the mile relay. George Morara digs for the finish line. Ron Roth passing to Scott Mori in the mile relay. 161Roger Marquardt joins his opponent in the relay. 1963 Tennis Team FIRST ROW: B. Nelson, I). Kauffman, A. Fish. SECOND ROW: J. Krueger, R. Backus, B. Colias, T. J. Gilly.Dave Kauffman swats one over the net. Bill Nelson’s hand is quicker than the eye. 1963 Golf Team FRONT ROW: R. Baxter, A. Albrecht, D. Tompkins. BACK ROW: D. Hansen, W. Aiwarth, R. Swift. ABSENT: J. Bush. 163FRONT TO BACK: M. Victs, M. Becker, L. Hyland, C. Smith, I). Smetana, J. Gchrkc. Cheerleaders School spirit is provided by the crowd and the band, but it is channeled by the cheerleaders. Thanks to them the crowd’s otherwise motely cheers become one deliberate cheer to lift the moral of the team and to show everyone that school spirit is a potent factor at CSC. 164UNDERCLASSMENFreshmen I). Gerndt, Student Council; L. Marquard, Student Council; P. Bartels, treasurer; S. Broetzman, secretary; L. Hopinkah, vice-president; J. Pierson, president. Agen. John A key. Wayne Albert, Wanda Akers. Judy Akey. Earl Akom. Judy Albert, Gerald Albrecht, Donna Alexander. Donald Allen. Stuart Amacher. Stephen Anderson. J. Kent Altmann. Mary Anderson. Clark Anderson. Judith Amacher. Sherrie Anderson. David Anderson, Karen 166Anderson. Raymond Arducant. Janet Bahrkc. Barbara Balousck. Dale Baran. Dennis Bartel. Bruce Anderson. Richard Attoc, John Bailey, Thomas Balt us. Stephen Barbian. Jeanne Bartel. Daniel Anger, Scott Backus. Richard Bainc. Raymond Bandt. Robert Bartel. Beverly Bartels. Peggy" Barz. Leland Bauincr. Patrick Bccht. Bruce Belanger. Donald Berch. Genevieve Beversdorf. Roy Bat cl. Gene Baumgart. Mary Becker. Marilyn Bclongia, Jean Berkquist. Diana Beyer. Allan Bauman. Robert Bcauchainc. Allan Bedwanic. Alan Benu, Jennifer Bertrand, Phillip Biebel, Bonita 167Bigalkc. Jerome Blasc yk. Jake Bins. Captola Boellcr. Harley Bohm, Wayne Borham. Paul Blackwood. Dan Blcan. Judy Bock. David Boerner. Bonnie Boldig. Sandra Borkowski, James Blairc. Robert Blencoc, Robert Bodzislaw. Jerome Bohl. Pamela Borca. Virginia Bortz. Alice Bounds, Blanche Bticco. Gloria Briske. Barbara Br cczkowski. Carol Buckholz. Charles Buettner, Dale Brandemuhl, Gary Brillowski. Kenneth Broetzman. Susan Buboltz, Lance Buehler. David Btirbey. Mark Brcitcnstcin. Millie Briscoe. Janis Brown. Kathleen Buchholz. John Buclow. Carol Burt. William 168Busse, Keith Camenzino. Franz Carey, Dennis Chancy. Gary Christensen. Darcll Christensen, Sylvia Bozinski. Robert Cainmack. William Cash in, Caren Chase. Gregory Christensen. Evelyn Christiaansen. Gene Calioon, Gary Campion. Karen Cashman. Paul Chilcwski. Dick Christensen, John Christian. Suzanne Christian. William Clanton. Sarah Clark. Virginia Cohas. John Cook, Dennis Cook, Rosemary Christoffersen, Jo Christophcrson. Ken Clark. Joan Clark. Kathleen Clifford, Patrick C:ocnen. I.inda C-onnaughty, Michael Connors. Alec Cook, Francis Cook, Roma Cooley, David Crcswell, Karen 169Cross. Charles Cummings. Susanne Czyscn. Marilyn Dam row. Crystal Dankemeyer. Yvonne Davis. Janies Cummings. Gerald Curran. Kathleen Dahl. John Daniels. Mary Dann. Patrick Dawiedctyk. Lucille Cummings, Larry-Curt. Alan Dahlk. Claude Danielson. Ardycc Davies. Kenneth Dc Aloia. Amy Dc Bcir. Arlan De'rczinski. Christine Derr. William Dicdcrich. Sharon Dishcr. Joyce Dorn. Charles DeBruin. Jerome Derezinski. Frank Desbrow. Dennis Diestlcr. Michael Dollar. Helen Jo Drake, Carol Dejanovich. John Derksen. Shirley DeWitt. Joan Dimka, (den Donovan. James Drake. PaulDruckrey. Jacquelyn Duncanson. Roger Edmonds. Jamie Eisner. Richard Engel. Dennis Engel. Kill. C; Cary Dudkicwicz. Alan Dums, Robert Eckert. Delores Eckholm. David Edwards. Richard Ecrnissc. Mary Kllerman. Keith Elmer, Richard Epplc, Barbara Erickson, Roger Esen. Judith Kskritt. James Eskritt. Robert Fait, Richard Fausch, Dale Fcltz. Laurence Fcrrall. Ellison Fisher, Wayne Fairchild. Judith Fandry. Sandra Faux. David Fenton. Donald Finch, Gerald Fisher, Susan Fait, Dennis Farr, Thomas Fedenko. Ronald Ferguson, Judith Fisher, Carol Flaugcr, Mary 171Follen, Philip Foss. Carol Freiberg. Frederick Friday. Sharon Fulton, Robert Gaigals, Juris Forsterling. Ann Frahin. Gary Freiberg. Howard Frit . Robert Funk. Juliann Galaska. Camille Fortune. Michael Frankc. Lois Frelich, Jim Fullmer. Robert Gaerthofner. Ann Garnett. John Gasch, David Cchrkc. James H. Gclhaus. Paul Gerndt. David Gerndt. Richard Gerritts. Dorothy Geisc. David Gisvold, Mary Glcisner. John Glodoski, Gerald Goddard. Raymond Gould. Norbert Grace. Patricia Gract . Richard Graham, Ernest Greenquist, Ann Greenwell, Ronald Greenwood, Don 172Gregory. Ronald Griffith. Marilyn Gromoll, Jane Gruel zmacher, Vance Guenther, Paul Gumin. Kathleen Greiling. Gary Grimmer. Harry Grubc. Janet Grygicl. Leonard Guelschow, Patricia Gunderson. Elizabeth Grether, David Grittner. Myrna Gruel. David Guellcr. Jeanne Gulan. Terrence Gyrion, John 1 Haas. Gerald Hahn. Peter Hall. Linda Hamilton. Patricia Hansen, James Hanson. Dean Hack. Frances Haima. B. Jane Halminiak, Maxine Hamm. Peter Hansen. Judy Hanson. Donald L. Hagen. Roger Halkowski. Bernadette llalvorson. Ronald Hammerstad. Bonita Hansen. Lawrence Hanson. Michael 173Harder. Sharon Hass. Helen Mauri, James Hcidcl. John HcJmsicitcr. William licmichs, Melvin Hargreaves, Daniel Hasslcr, Donald Medin. Shirley HelkC, Joanne llcnchcn. Eileen Henschcl, Sharon Hartficl. Daniel Hatleberg. Luin Heian. Thomas Heilman. Cheryl Henning. John Hcrnct, Donna Herr. Sue Hild. Lynn Hines, judilh Hocsly. Thomas Hoffman. Mary Hoffman, William Mickey. Dennis Ililgart, Joseph llodkiewiez. Phillip Hoffman. Frederick Hoffman. Roger Hogfcldl. Richard Hickncr, Mary Hillman. James Hocnc. William Hoffman. Margaret Hoffman. Thomas Holbrook. StevenHolden. Paul Holtz. Kathy Hoppe. William Huber, Gail Humkc, Barbara Hurlhutt, Elizabeth Holgcrs, Susan Holzmillcr. Janet Howard, Eloisc Huebner, Joyce Humkc, Dennis Hu some, l.aRonc Holmes, Larry Hopinkah. Verna Howe, Darlene Hume. John Hunter. Janis Hutchinson, Dorothy Huih, David Hiff. Donald Jackson, Allen Jacoboski, John Jacques. David Jaeger. David Jaeger. Lorraine Jaeger, Richard Jakubowski. Barbara Jameson. Dennis Jankowski. Jan Janssen. Michael Jantsch. Mary Jarosinski, Thomas Jaskic. James Jclich, Mary Ann Jensen, Frederick Jensen, Hugh 175icnscn. James eske. Donald ohanknccht. Cary ones. Gary ueds. James Kalvclagc. Richard Jcpsen. William Jirovetz, Suzanne Johnson. Evan Jones, Thomas Kaiser, Catherine Kammes. A1 Jcranck. Carl Joers. Arnold Johnson. Roger Jordan. Robert Kale. Sally Karlen. Kenneth Karlovich. Jack Kaveny, Philip Kelly. Madeline Keovvn. Ronald Kctchpaw, M. Klaus, Dorothy Karovs'. Janet Kedrowski. David J. Kclm, Dale Kern. Paul Kettcrl. Carole Klawittcr. Robert Kauss, Sally Kell. Cary Kenowski. Rita Kerska. Robert Kilcy, Patricia Klcmm. Yvonne 176Klisinct. Janet Knaack. Anita Koch. Stephen Kohli, John Kornowski, James Kowalchyk. Antoinette Kirsch, Alvin Knaack. Nancy Koessl, Joe Kolodzyk. Michael Korpela. Judith Kowalski. Charles Klucndcr. Harold Knight. John Koester, William Koop. Judy Koschak. Bcrnadinc Kozak, Dennis Kracht. Richard Krause. Brenda Krenz, Kathryn Kroll. I’atricia Kruger. Sandra Krvsiak, Joe Krahn. Dennis Krause, Mary Kress. Bruce Krueger. Echo Krupka. Marilyn Ksicinski. William Kraus. Judith Krause. Sandra Krogwold. L. Lonnie Krueger. Marsha Kruse. Patricia Kucgler, Carmen 177K newer. Ken Laack. Dennis Lambert. Bonnie Langdok. Donovon Larsen. Julianne Larson, Marie Kuhlman. E. Ann I .a Brie. Richard Lambert. Eugene I angel. Sharon l irscn. Richard Lasch, Gary Kurz, Marie Lace, Ronald Lambrccht, Diane I ingjahr, Harold Larson. George Lauritzen. Michael Laux, Kathy I.eary. Mary I-eege. Edmund Leonard, Charles Lewandowski, Anne Liebenstcin. James Lawetzki, Gerald Leather berry, Linda Lehnert. Thomas Lepak, Darlene Lewallen. Thomas Lieg. James Leahy, Patricia Leder, Peter Lemaneik, Carolyn Ix'pinski. John Lewis. Frances Lindsay, Arthur 178I.ipkc. Harlan I-oosc, Shelia Lotzcr, Margaret Luther, Barbara Maascr, Terry Macombcr, Clifford Lodes, Mary I.oranj;. Richard Luchsingcr, Marian Lynch, tommy Mack. Larry Mahar, Susan Loomis, Roxanne I.orcn , Howard Lucck, Marie Maas, James Mackenzie, George Mahnkc. Joyce Mahoney, Brian Maldonis, Patricia Malueg. Randolph Marquis. Peter Martin, Nancy Mathews, David Mains, Ernest Mallck. Edward Marcliel, Karen Martin, Edith Martini. Harvey Jr. Mau. Judith Majetki. Thomas Maloney. Michael Marcpiard. Laura Martin. James J. Masher, Del Maum, Charles 179Mayo, Judith McCarthy. Connie McGill. Michael McKeith. David Meeker. Patrick Meier. David McCann, Bonita McCormick. Kathleen McGillivray. Nora McLellan. Marie Mcgal, Dennis Menge, Annabcllc McCarricr. Thomas McDonald. Ronald McGinlcy. Michael McMahon. Michael Mchne. Steven Menge. Karolann Meres . K. Ijrry Mikes, Gladys Miller. Pd ward Mitchell. Tom Monk, Linda Montamho, Dan Meyer. Michael Millar. Alexander Miller, Marianne Moldcnhaucr. Diana Monroe, Juliana Montour. Nancy Meyer, Su annc Miller, Carolyn Miller, Richard Mommacrts. Michael Monroe. Virgil Monty. John 180Moore. Kathleen Morgan. Patricia Nagler, Stephen Nelson. David Nemschoff, John Newton. Polly Morgan, Gary Mosscr, Errol 1 Negus. Paul Nelson. Robert Neumeler, l.cla Nichols. Janice Morgan. Michael Mutn, Heather Nelson. Barry Nelson, Roger Newby, Joan Niemczyk, Nick Nooncy. Patrick Nultcmeier. Ralph Oberineyer. William O'Leary. Teresa Olsen. Thomas Omcrnick. Adrian North. James Nygaard. Robert Ochs. Howard Olsen. Charles Olson. Robert Ontcrnik. James Nortman, David Nyre. Ruth Okcy. Wayne Olsen. Robert Olszewski, Theodore Opperman, Donna 181Ososki, William Ottcrholt. Gary Palmer, Linda Pankow, Hldi Pasdo. Jerome Paynich. William Ostcrmeicr. Todd Ostring. Ellen Pajunen, Raija Palccek. Ellen Palmqtiist. David Panko. l-amcl Parc ick. Sharon Parsons. Peggy Patterson. Jon Pawl. Kaclcnc Pearson, Ann Pease. Allen Peek. Mary Peters. Daic Peters. Linda Petersen. Wayne Pierce. Douglas Pinter, Jo-An Pesavento. Gino Peters. Edward Peters. Michael Peterson. Jon Pierson. John Pipbla, Geraldine Pesko. Sherrie Peters. Gerald Petersen. Harlan Pfahlcr. Donald Pingel, Leslie Plaster, Arthur 182Plautz. Inez Polakoski. Kenneth Prellwitz, Gerald Frisk. David Qualheim, Mary Ellen Radcs, James Flautz, Janice Pevsner. Kendell Preuss. Merna Prondzinski. Marie Quinn. Patricia Radtke. Lester Ploeckelman. Robert Prahl. Carl Priebe. Robert Prticss. Alan Rades. David Raether. Gary Raguse, Lenorc Rauschcnbcrgcr. David Reichert. Alan Rcndall. Phillip Ricbow. Jeffrey Ristow. I.arry Rand. Robert Reffner. Lucrctia Rcinert. Georgiann Resac. Cecilia Rietz. Gary Roberts. Kenneth Randall. Bill Reichardt. Martha Reis, Jack Rice. Orville Ristati. Mary Roberts. Thomas 183Robinson. Rosalie Rolf son. Mary Rosing. Robert Roth. Ronald Ruda. Patricia Russ. Josephine Roc. Daniel Rolzin. Stephen Roska. James Rounds. Nelson Rude. Russell Sadowske. l’amela Rokus. Roger Rosenow. Finest Ross. Frank Rue inski. Raymond Rudolph. Steven Sands. Jeanninc Schaefer. Donald Sebarf, Mary Jo Schicsscr. Linda Sehocit. Larry Selircibcr, Margaret Schumann. Paul Schaefer. Gerleen Schcllcnbergcr, Gene Schilling. Mice Schorcr. Dianne Schubert, Franz Schwager. Janet Schaefer. John Schcrck, George Schmidt, Patricia Schreibcr. Jonathon Schull. David Schwcigcr. James 184Scobie. Michael Sears, Gerald Scllin. Eldcn Shaffer, Edward Sherman. Judy Silovsky. Gene Scoil, Myra Seefeldi, Raymond SctO, Karen Slieicr. Daniel Sihilsky, Michael Simon. Sherry Scarl. Carol Seiler. I'cter Scvcra. Joseph Shepherd, Robert Sigf, rerra Lee Simonis. Dennis Simons. Jeffrey Smith. Judy Snider, Donald Soczka. Theresa Soldncr. Nancy Spatzck, James Skinner, Elaine Smith. N'ickic Snyder, Tim Soczka. Thomas Soranaka, Isao Splinter. Gene Smith. Dennis Snarski. David Sobieski. Mary Sokowski. Robert Sounke. David Sprangcr, Thomas 185Sprcchcr. Clifford St abb, Robert Staszak. Joan Stebbins. Penny Stein. Roger Steinkamp. Susan Spychalla. Judith Stacy. Margaret St. Claire. James Stchula. lawn Stein. Roland Stirnte), Helen Staadt. Sharon Stankovrski. Myron Stca. Allen Stein. Richard Steinberg. James Strecck. Valoric Strcmcr. David Stunke. John Sutton. James Swanson. Daniel Sydow, Lynda Takeda. Ayako Strode, Jan Scully. Norccn Svoboda. Janet Swenson. Samira Svron. Kdmoml Talcoti. Warren Studebaker. Sandra Summers. George Swanke. Patricia Swift. Richard Toftiun, Jerry la nek, Darlene 186Tekowski, Donald Tcmouth, Ronald Thieme. Betty Thomas. Keith Tilly. David Traska. Shirley Tcintc. Frederick Tcrricn. Roy Thomas. David Thompson. Anne Timm. Rose Treptow, Richard Tepp. Dennis Theis, Ronald Thomas, Judy Thorman. Marcia Tollakscn. John Triplat, Thomas Trovicki. Judy Tryhula. John Tsc. Frank Turnquist. Robert Uhcr. Jerome Ungrodt. James Urban. Jane Vahl. Benneth Valley. Rebecca VanBuecken. Cheryl Vanden Heuvcl. Joyce Vandcr Voort. Marie Van Hulle. Frank Verhagen, Kathleen V’icts, Marguerite Vine. Jean Voboril. Donna Vogel. Dale 187Waarvik. David Wagner. Jerry Walker. Katrina Walsh. Ann Wanlcss. Marie Wcaslcr, David Wade. William Wahlstrom. Diane Walker, Marilyn Wandschneidcr, Gary Warden. Kennelh Weber. Gera hi Wadxinski. Doris Walker. Judy Wallace. Mary Wanichck. Nancllc Wargolci. Stanley Wcichclt. Russell Weinbrenner. Betty Wciscnel. Dennis Wendland. Walter Wcn laff. Bonnie Werner. Jolly White. Grant Weingarten. Ellen Welles. Glenn Wendorf. Jane Wera. John Wcssel. Joyce Wihl. Jerome Weir. William .Welsman. Paul Wenninger. Thomas Werner. E. Roger West, Marilyn Wilkinson, Richard 188Willems, John Wilson, Larry Wissbrocckcr, Gerald Wolport. K l Worman. Michael Wright, Lloyd Williams. Judith Winccki. William Wolf, David Wood. Kathleen Worslcy. Paul Wundrock, Michael Wilson, Janis Wirth, Bryan Wollum. Billie Wood. Kathryn Worzclla. Leonard Wurtz, Kathleen Yeager. Gerald Young. Barbara Zacharias, Bernard anow, Donald Zcllmer, Jerry iglinski. Laurannc Yohr. Ray Young, Verona Zag cbski, Frederic Zehner. Karen Zcllmer. William Zimmerman. Theresa Yollon. David Young. William Zalctcl. William Zckan. Diane Ziaja. Don Ziolkowski. Elaine 189Zirlzlaff. Pamclla Zmuda. Thomas Zuch. Margie Zucgc. Weston David. Daniel Dunne. Joseph Fisher. Janice Gaycskc. Robert Guhl, Helen Hein. Dwanc Higgcns. F.arl Houle, James I inglois. Karl Pflugardt. Patrick Slusarski, Laura Lcfcbcr. David Schenk. William Smith. Joan Kurt , James Panko, John Schocnbcrger. Ann Kuola, Sherry 190Photo bSophomores D. Igl, secretary; S. Schlcsncr, treasurer; T. Corrigan. Student Council; J. Christensen, Student Council; M. Sherman, vice-president; ABSENT: J. Schell, president. Abraham, Alan Allies, Thomas Albert. Richard Albrecht. Stephen Alfuth, Patricia Aim. Reynold Anderson. Barbara M. Arncson. David Arnott, Barbara Astrach. James Balder. Alan Bacon. Nola Bailon. John Uaggot. Timothy Balonsck. Larry 192Banas ak, Gait Bannach, Andrea Barber. Nonna Kalian. William Balov sky. Thomas Baumann. Robert Holtm. Christine Borcherdt, William Borlcc. Madonna Borlec. Regina Bos, Esther Boiilvvell. Bonita Baxter. Richard Bay, Bruce Beck. William Becker. Anne Becker. David Beecher. Grace Benchoff. David Benson. Barbara Bents, James Berard. Louise Bertolino. James Best. James Biclewicz. Michael Bicncman. Paul Bierbraucr. Paul Blaha. Benita Blcnkcr. Sandra Block. Roger 193Chauvin. Philip Hub. Karen Buchhol . Doug Buck. Daniel Brown. Marvin Brown. Michael Brown low. Jean Brownlow. Ruth Bruckner. David Buddenhagen. Lola Budsberg. Bryan Busch. Gertrude Bush. Rodney Bovlan. Patricia Bralcy, Gary Brandi, Carol Brehm. Edward Breitemicin. Sue Brisclden. Mary Butnick. Adrienne Cable, Judy Calligaro. Annabelle Carlson. Dennis Carlson. l li al eili Cattanacli. Michael Cerrato. Florence Christensen, Judith Christensen. Ralph Christian. Arnold Claflin. Larry 194Clematis. Rodney Collin . Charles Cook. Jonathan Corn. C arolyn Cornwell. Joan Corrigan. Thomas Detiwiler, Lloyd Dickman. Mary Dietrich. Bonnie Dix, James Dlugos, Thomas Dobbs. Laurence Corsten. Karen Coney, I’aulctte Counter, James Coy his. Don Cross, Linda DeMoss. Beverly Demske. Karen Dettsch. Garald Derleth. Jeanic Dethlofl, Glenn Crull. Steven Curran. Maureen Cutler. Kathleen Czaja, Ronald Dale. Byron Danielscn. Cheryl Davis. Judith DeLange. JayDracgcr. Darlene Drewitz, Marilyn Durkcc. Judith Kgenhoefer. John Eliason. Donnajd Elliker. Joyce Eracrich. Garald Engfer. Gregg Epp. Elizabeth Epp. Robert Ericson. Wayne Estrecn, Richard EvinuKle. Michael Evjcn. Gary Fedcl. Ermcn Feldman. Samuel Felton. Mary Ficklcr. James l oberstcin. Daniel Doer Her. Susan Domke. Carolann Donehower. Lynn Doughty. Andrea Downie.' Duane Fields. Dennis Fischer. Patrick Fish. Aubrey Fish. John Flowers. Truman Foemmel. Sandra 196Folsom. John Fonstad. Todd Fosdick, Adeline Fovrlc, James Fox. Gloria Fox. Karen Fox. Penny Franezyk. Richard Fredrich. Lorraine Frickc. George Friday. Barbara Gass. James Geer. James Gillette. Lowell C.oltz. Grant Gonzagowski, Bruce Gracfc. Gary Grafcnaucr. Thomas Grams. Billy Gregorich. Elizabeth Grobe. Edward Grocn, Marvin (.toss, Edward Grotlt. Karen Gruver. Linda Guenther, lx la Guenther, Susan Gum . Flores Gunderson. Carol Gut. Ronald 197Hanson. M. Carol Hanson. Marilyn Hanson. Shirley Harris. N. Jeanne Harris. Patricia Hastrciter, Mary llavcy. Dennis Heath, Robert 1 leikkinen. Susan Hemining. Phillip Hein pel, John Herlick. Blake Herman, Charles Cuyant, Jerome Haag. George Hack, Sarah Hadley, Nancy llagen, Curtis Halts, Diane Herman, James Herrmann. Kenneth Hetzel, Roy Hill. Roberta Hill. Ronald (illicit. David 198Hoffmann, Darrell Holm, Robert Holmes. Leon Home). Dennis Hotisfcld, Marilyn Hnbatcli. Gerald Huber. Dennis Hughes. Marvin Hyland. LuAnn Hvslop. Douglass Igl. Dorothy Jaceks. Dennis jakcl. Diana ankowski. Caroline Jarocki, Arthur Jeckle. Darlene Jefferies. Michael Johnson. Alan Johnson. Judith A. Johnson. Judith R. Johnson. Keith Johnson. Theodore Johnson. Vicki Jorenby. Mary Jorgensen. Nancy Joswick, Charlene Jo). James Kahsen. Charles Kardulcs. Jack Karnowski, Thomas 199Kauffman. David Kcnowski, Rose Kenseth. Robert Kidney, Kyle King. George Kilowski. Flame Klimpke, Olga Kindi. Dorothy Klukas. Lorraine Knauf, Florence Klein. Robert Klein. Sharon Kleinschmidl. Du Wayne Kleisncr. James Kliejunas. John Knutson, Rose Kobiclush. Robert Kochinski. Michael Kocian, Connie - - oso . “We . Kolda. Joyce Konopacky, Diane Koopmam, Helene Kopplin. Peter Kort. Judith Koshak. Kathleen Koshalck. Joanne Kostka. Richard Kotar, John Krajcck. Kugenc Krasavage. Kenneth 200Kraus. Beverly Kroll. Kathryn Krueger. James Krticscl. Duane Kubeny, Kenneth Kubisiak. Gloria Kufahl. Thomas Kuhl. Fieri Kuhl. Jon Kundiger. Carol Kundingcr, Patricia Kurasr. Stanley Kurth. John Kussman, Alinda Laack, James LaChapellc Laedtke. Bonnie Lambert. Ruth I-infcar. Roberta l.esneski. Roger l.ichtcnberg. Gary I .intiberg. Susan I.invkens. Harold Loberg, Mary lxHker, Beatrice Larsen. Daniel l.aufcnbcrg. Diane Ix'hncr, Sally Ixnike. Carolyn l.emkc. JoanM M;uligan. Kay Madsen, Bertha Malloy. James Malloy. Jim Manning. Mike Long. Barbara Lorentz, Dennis lourct. Mary Lyons. Theodore Macicjcwski. Cary Mailer. Michael Mannon. James Marklcy. Barbara Marquardt. Kathryn Martin. James R. MtClone. Patricia McCutchcon. Sandra Means. George Meiers. Thomas Mcllcnlliin, Kdgar Men cl, David Menzcl. Kathy Mertig. Richard Michaels, Judith Midlikoski. Carol Miclkc. Mary Miller, Constance Miller. Patricia Miller. Robert Mitchell. David 202 Moeller. John Monroe. Christine Morara. George Mueller. David Mueller. James Mueller, Wayne Olkcr. Bernard Olsen, Ralph Olson. Aldcn O'Shaskv. David OxtrowjKi, Judith Pacana, Francine M underloh. Roy Murdock. Patrice Murphy. James Musson, Dexter Neiucl. Sharon Newman. Thomas Nichols. Stanley Nicdhalski. Gerald Nicdrolkowski, James Noehl. Gary Nolan. Barbara Nortemann. Jon Novotny. Patricia Nowak. Barbara Nowak. Linda Nvstrom. Donald Oclgc. Ruth O'Keefe. Patricia 203■ Pacyna. Gerald Panko. Jean l'ankratz. Charles I'arkcl. Frank Paulson. Dale Peterson. Donna Peterson. Jerry Peterson. Lawrence Pct cl. Robert Pilch. Andrew Plummer, Marvin Pospyhalla, Joan Pom. Joan Pratt. Karen Precourt. Roger Prohaska. Donald Puls. Douglass Radcs. Samira Radlcr. Thomas Radloff. Janet Rama, Ralph Rasmussen. Glenn Redders. Claremont Reel . William Regner. Edith Rcidcnbach. Sandra Remit . Kenneth Rentmeester, Diane Rhody, Catherine Ricke, James 204Ri| | . Nancy Rittcnhouse. Jack Rivers. George Robbins. Dale Robinson. Donald Robinson. Kay Schade. Bonnie Schaefer, Carol Schaufclberger. William Schell, John Schillingcr. Anthony Schimpff, Warren Roebken. Sandy Rohrer. S. David Rominsky, Richard Rood. Richard Roth, Karen Rothcnburgcr. June Rnccch. Donald Rvbickc. Dennis Rynar. Carole Sanders. Donald Sarnowski. Ruth Saunders, Victoria Savoy, Donahl Savoy, Ronald 205Schlesner. Sandy Schmidt. Diane Schmidt, Edward Schmidt . Roland Schneider. Mark Schntir, Burton Schoen. Robert Schocnlrcrgcr, Richard Schoen berger. Roger Schowaltcr. Mariann Schrocpfcr. Kay Schuh. Brian Scluikncct. James Schulfcr, John Schultz, Robert Schultz, Sandra Schwantcs, Kenneth Schwartzkopf, Dave Schweda. Lawrence Seipel. Constance Shafranski. Gerald Shay. William Sherman. Marilyn Shippv, John Sickler. David Sicber. Richard Sieglcr. Jerome Simmons. Mickey Simpson. Su anne Skarda. F. Dan 206Skowland. Roger Slczcwski. Dennis Slusarski. Donald Smart. Sara Smetana. Dennis Smith. Ellen Smith. Joseph Smith. Sharon Smullcn. George Soik. James Sommer. Richard Sommers. Helen Semk. Judith Southworth, Joseph Spat . Kenneth Studach. Ferdinand Suicck, Dorel Stullcr. Steven Stumpner. Rita Sukow. David Swankc. Patricia Stangl. Shari Stankc. Susan Steele. Thomas Stcinbach. Gary Stcinkc. Carole Stephenson. Elton Stem. Kay Stroyny. Chester Strozimki, Patricia 207Thompson. Lane Thompson. Paul Thorbus. Audrey Thums. Gregory Tollakscn. Pete Toman. Carole Tordcur. Alice Townsend. Thomas Trainor, Nancy Swanson, Janet Switlick, Donald Tabor, Dennis Thiel. Sammy Thiele. Susan Thoc. Ronald Treu. Gail Turner. Alctha Tutor. Leon I'ebersctzig. Bernard VandenAvond, John Vaughn. Michael Vaughn. Priscilla Vicker. Richard Vocltner. Charles Wagner. Rose Waid. Dennis Waisbrot. Anthony Walczak, Frederick Walters. Edward Wanscrski. Donald 208Weber. Herb Wegner. Robert Welsh. Mary Wciullaiul, Donald Wendt. Donald Wennerstrand, Robert Wergin. Frank Werner, Mark Weronke, Kathryn Wcrych, Susan Wcstcnbcrgcr, Sheryl Westphal. Gary Wcstplial. Sandra White, Thomas Wicksirom. John Wolslegel, Bonnie Woudstra, Jane Wysocki, Lawrence Wysocki, Peter Yach. Thomas Yaeger. Raymond Williams. Wendell Wilson. Fred Wiltgen. Dennis Wingender, Kenneth Wold. Wayne Wolff, Audrey Wolfgram, David Wollcr. James Wollcr, Margaret 209Yarkie. Karen Yoder. Mary Young. Karen Young. Sharon Zahn. Karen 210211Juniors R. Klcine, Student Council: B. Fritsch, Student Council: T. Fuhre-mann, treasurer; C. Fischer, vice-president; J. Lathrop, secretary; D. Bowers, president Allen. Kdward Alienburg. John Anderson. Carmen Anderson. Barbara L. Anderson. Donald Anderson. Gene Back, Gary Balra. Barbara Bangs. Doris Banta. Michael Bari sch. La von Beckman. Thomas Barnard. Douglas Bcahm, Lauma Bcisncr, Rosemary 212Bowkcr. Richard Brenner. Jerry Brunner. Jeanne Buch. Mary Jo Carlson, S-onja Chapiewski, Sharon Bender. Joan Berg. Caroline Blake. Kathleen Boettcher. Phillip Bores. Robert Borsos, Donald Brockman. Virginia Btinezak. Henrietta Chcmcl. Liola Cieslewicz, Clare Clark. Rita Conn. Donna Broderick. Mary Burgnrann. Sigrid Cheung. Man Ming Cinealis. Richard Cole. Mickey Crall. Mary Broecker. Arthur Camber. Larry Christensen. Gerald Clark. Cathy (onion. Patrick Croft, William 213Curran. James Doming. Patrick Kggert. James Engelbert. Carol Ewert. Samlrea Flaherty. Thomas Cywinski. Robert Dickson. Marjorie Eh tike. Robert English. Sharon Film. Marilyn Flood. Kenneth Dees. Richard Dobesh. David EicJcelman. William Kskritt. Sue Ann Fischer. Charles Floriano. Robert Fowler. Janet Fristad. Sandra Fritsch. Barbara Frost. Shirley Fuhremann. Thomas Furnish. Claude. Jr. 214Giffin. Nancy Giles. Bernard Googinx. James Grassel. Gerald Guderski, Frances Guenther. Harold Galcckc. Robert Garda fee. Ellen Gchrke, James H George. James Gemdt. Bette Gething. William Gneiscr. Donald Gran| ncr, Philip Curlier. Jadyn Hager. George Hedtke, Susan Helling. Richard Goetsch. David Grober. Julie Gust, Walter Hale. Charles Heinlc. Jim Hclmkc. Philip Goetz. Delores Grover. Ardix Hagerman. James Hammond. Wayne Heins. Joyce Hcndlcr. Peter 215Hendrickson. Janet Hojan. Karen Hylok, Margaret Jacobsen. Greta Johnson. Robert Kalata. Richard Hengst, Frederick Hornnng. Carol Inunel. Berta Jensen. Winfred Kabacinski. Joanne Katicr. Janet llenrichs. Ann Holier. William Incha. Ann Johnson. Larry Kac or. Ruth Kilcoync. Robert Kioski. Louise Kirby. Michael Kleinschmidt, Jane Kirby. Barbara Klcinc. Richard Klopatck. Karl 216Krainev. Kenneth Krasavage, Sandra Kubicki. Kdcard Kudin. Janies Laedtke. Carla Lambrccht. William I Klu . Roger Kocian, Dixie Ko ar. Kathryn Knight. Patrick Kond ela. John Krahn. Kenneth Krcll. Robert Kulas. David Lathrop. Janice Leahy. S. Peter Lenius. James l.iska, Thomas kropidlowski. Donald Krueger. Ronald Kulas. Kenneth Kusl. Peter Latibc, Bruce I.CC. Rolland Lewandowski, Ned Liu. Virginia Lauby. Winnifred l.emkc. George Lewis. Ruth Livermore. Philip, Sandra I.oppnow. David Lutze, Glenn Morgan. I.CC Mori, Scott Manficld. Frcdric Mantci. Patricia Mantci. Richard Muench. I.inda Mtiliercr. Kenneth Marko. Marlene Marks. Janet Markworth. Richard Xcl-scn. Walter Nezda. Richard Marzynski. Susan McCillivray. Nancy Megal, Dorothy Meier. Thomas Meinert. Ralph Meitner. Scan Merk. Donald Michalak. Mary Mindok, Jerome 218Nohr. Mary Nonncmachcr. Eugene Nordman. William Novak, John Xygaurd. Robert Ojala. Shirley Orgeman. William Pactsch. Louis Payne, Steve Pfiffner. Ruth Piepenburg, Cary Porter. John Orlando. Frederick Parkinson. Gary Pearson. Mary Kay Pick. Betty Pierson. Mary Ix u Port . Sandra Ost, Judith Pascutli. Elio Pcstrui, Mary Picnschkc, Donna Pociask. Mary Alice Pouha. George 219Pratt. Catherine Rackotv. John Rennie. William Richie. Chester Robaidek, Carol Riiiliford. Kenneth Prcsl. Rita Raduc. Marvin Reynolds. Tom Riley. Helen Komanshek, Shirley Saindon, Iris l’robst, Pat Rampson. John Rcznichck. Patricia Riske. Mary Ann Roth. Virginia Sands. Fern Schewc. Jane Schilling. David Schlais. Dennis Schmitz. Ruth Schrocricr, Nancy Schuctlc. Barbara 220Schultz. David Schultz. Myron ScipiOT. Leonard Schultz, Paul Schwcbach. Jo Anne Secring. Glen Shcller, Mary Smith. Mary Staff, James Stinglc, Rita Strong, Richard Sweeney. Mary Sherman. Kenneth Smorynski. Ronald Stark. Lawrence Strasbnrg. Otto Sullivan. John Sweet. Ronald Sindclar, Charles Sopa. Joan Stcpicn. Jerome Stratton. Mary Sutliff. James Tate. ShirleyTaylor. Janet Thackray, Diane Thomas. Nicolas Timmons, Robert Tompkins, Darrel Truesdale, James Vitek, John Walter, Edward Wankc, Janice Waterman. Steve Weber. Mary Weber, Sandra Wegner, Ruth Wcsolck. Barbara Wcstphal, Fred .v - Whirry, Jon Whyte. Robert Wickstrom. Richard Woelfl, C. William Woods. Ronald Wunderlich, Robert 222Yelk. Claudia Yoder, James Zahn. Bonnie .linker, Richard Zuravrski, Barbara Fisher, Donald Sellin. ArdenAnd GrowsBut an active student body is necessary to make this physical growth become mental progess 228 229230 Photo by Chorlesworth StudioPhoto by CharUiworth Studio 231You are always welcome at Westenberger’s for your lunch, snack or your favorite soda and the best drugs. Penney’s Department Store has the largest selection of men’s wear. Mitijens w STEVEN NATIONAL BANK STEVENS POINT. WISCONSIN 125 Main Street DI 4-3300 “The Friendly Bank in a Friendly Town” Parkinson’s Clothes for Men “Where the college men and women like to shop” 232The Sport Shop has all the sports equipment you need. Nigbor Furs, Wisconsin’s largest furriers — since 1895 CONGRATULATIONS ... YOU READERS WHO MADE IT ARE READY TO BE LEADERS And we hope you feel our Reading Services may have helped you succeed! Our Reading Services are yours - for - ever! For Any Reading Problem — Any Reading Need Write - Wire - Call - Visit Your Friendly Reading Service COLLEGE BOOK SHOP CITY NEWSSTAND 233 Stevens Point, WisconsinShop Bill’s Shoe Store for the finest in family footwear Publishers of the Stevens Point Daily Journal Printers and Lithographers THE JOURNAL PRINTING COMPANY HOLT DRUGS East Side Store • Park Ridge Ben’s Jewelry Stoic Headquarters for Keepsake Diamond RingsThe theme of Otterlee’s Jewelry Store, headquarters for all lasting gifts, could very well be, “Hello Young Lovers.” For all your drug and photography needs, visit Hannon's Prescription Pharmacy 235 MuL-fmoul5a«ia Select your corsage or any floral needs at Sorenson’s Floral Shop Personalized service is our byword.Graham-Lane Music and Record Shop Charlesworth Studio There is always an open door for Central State College people at Hardware Mutuals ° Sentry Life When college students need their clothes cleaned in a hurry, they call Normington’s for fast, dependable service. 236Sea Food Is Our Specialty . . . Dining Room Hot Fish Shop 237 Emmons Student Supply Store For Your Complete School NeedsTHE UNION KENNEL operated by students for students. Game Center — for Union game rooms and equipment. Rentals-bicyclcs, skis, and camping equipment. School Supplies-pcns and pencils. Personal Items—magazines, toiletries, film and film processing. 238THE SKY CLUB 4 miles South of Stevens Point Wisconsin on Hiway 51 Where heavenly food is served by Angels. 239 The Friendliest Stores in Town Your I.G.A. Foodliners240 WorzaUa Publishing Company241“Have a Coke” — Coca-Cola distributed by the Coca-Cola Bottling Company of LaCrosse, Inc. Student Health Insurance Sponsored by the College Student Council Underwritten by Continental Casualty, Locally represented by the Berndt-Murat Insurance Agency -Kuhl Building, Stevens Point, Wisconsin 2421963 Senior Index ADAMS, LYN Stevens Point, Wis. BENBOW, MYRNA Seymour, Wis. BUSHMAKER, KEITH Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. AHLES, PETER Mosincc, Wis. BERG, DONALD lola, Wis. CAMPBELL, JEAN Westfield, Wis. ALLARDYCE, DAVID Millington, N.J. BERG, DOROTHY Amherst Junction! Wis. CARROLL, KATHLEEN Plover, Wis. ALT, KENNETH Spring Green, Wis. BERTOLINO, DORIS Stevens Point, Wis. CHAGNON, ROBERT Rhinelander, Wis. ALTENBURG, JOHN Stevens Point, Wis. BERWEGER, JOHN Ashland, Wis. CHENG, GABRIEL Hong Kong AMENT, JANET Rhinelander, Wis. BEZAK, CAROLINE Abbotsford, Wis. CHESTER, JAMES Rhinelander, Wis. AMMERMAN, HAROLD Mosinee, Wis. BIECHLER, PAUL Marshfield, Wis. CLARK, ROGER Westfield, Wis. ALBRECHT, WENZEL Stevens Point, Wis. BINTZ, ROGER Lena, Wis. CLEMENT, LOWELL Niagara, Wis. ANDERSON, Jr., GEORGE Kaukauna, Wis. BIRMINGHAM, GRANT Wauwatosa, Wis. COLBURN, KATHRYN Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. ANDERSON, KARL Kaukauna, Wis. BLAZEK, KATHRYN Antigo, Wis. COLTER, GENEVIEVE Stevens Point, Wis. ANDREWS, DAVID Wausau, Wis. BLOMILEY, HOWARD Stevens Point, Wis. COOK, MARY Green Bay, Wis. ARTMAN, SPENCER Freeport, 111. BLUMER, HAROLD Stevens Point, Wis. COOK, PHYLLIS Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. ATHORP, LINDA Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. BOEYINK, JOANN Mosincc, Wis. COUNSELL, DONALD Stevens Point, Wis. BARTELS, DOUGLAS Wautoma, Wis. BOWER, DOROTHY Stevens Point, Wis. CUNDIFF, DANIEL Crandon, Wis. BAUER, MARY ANN Beaver Dam, Wis. BOWKER, ROBERT Mosinee, Wis. CURRAN, JOHN Antigo, Wis. BAUER, WILLIAM Beaver Dam, Wis. BOHACHEK, ALLAN Manitowoc, Wis. CYWINSKI, ROBERT De Pere, Wis. BEAVERS, PHILIP Stevens Point, Wis. BOHMAN, DENNIS Algoma, Wis. CZERWINSKI, ARLENE Wausau, Wis. BECKER, THOMAS Waterford, Wis. BRANDT, ISABELLE Edgar, Wis. DACHEL, JOSEPH Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. BEDYNEK, ALLEN Wausau, Wis. BRAUN, JANICE Hillsboro, Wis. DAVIS, ROBERT Stevens Point, Wis. BEHMER, DAVID Kenosha, Wis. BREITENSTEIN, BARBARA Stevens Point, Wis. DEREZINSKI, ROSE Stevens Point, Wis. BEINING, TERRY Stratford, Wis. BROETZMAN, RICHARD Oconto Falls, Wis. DHEIN, DAVID Wausau, Wis. BELOW, GERALD Marshfield, Wis. BROWN, JUDITH West Allis, Wis. DIENSTEL, JAMES Minocqua, Wis. BEMPKE, BEATRICE Pewaukec, Wis. BROWN, ROBERT Stevens Point, Wis. DORAN, DOROTHY Clintonville, Wis. BEN BOW, JAMES Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. BUSH, JOHN Wausau, Wis. DROEGER, JEAN Black Creek, Wis. 243DRUMM, DAVID Wausau, Wis. GRADE, DAVID Wausau, Wis. HERNING, DU WAYNE Suring, Wis. DUPOR, DUANE Milwaukee, Wis. GRADY, MARY Columbus, Wis. HOBBS, KATHLEEN Crandon, Wis. DURKEE, OSCAR Stevens Point, Wis. GREEHLING, CLARK Marshfield, Wis. HOFF, WILLIAM Marshfield, Wis. DZELZKALNS, JACOB Milwaukee, Wis. GREEN, GENEVIEVE Waupaca, Wis. HORVATH, PATRICIA Wausau, Wis. EDDY, CURTISS West Allis, Wis. GOLDSMITH, JUDITH Stevens Point, Wis. HUGH LETT, HENRY Palmyra, Wis. EHLERT, DAVID Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. GRISWOLD, THOMAS La Crosse, Wis. HUNTER, RITA Junction City, Wis. ELGERSMA, BERNICE Cambria, Wis. GRUETZMACHER, HELEN New’ London, Wis. JABLONSKI, JAMES Stevens Point, Wis. ELLIKER, ROBERT Stevens Point, Wis. GRYGLESKI, EDWARD Tomah, Wis. JANOWSKI, JOSEPH Kewaunee, Wis. EMERICH, DAVID Nlenasha, Wis. GUST, WALTER Stratford, Wis. JENKINS, BETTY Stevens Point, Wis. ENGEL, JOHN Green Bay, Wis. GUZMAN, GREGORY Stevens Point, Wis. JENNY, THOMAS Merrill, Wis. ERDMANN, JACK Stevens Point, Wis. HAAK, LAURENCE Madison, Wis. JENQUIN, ALLEN Sheboygan, Wis. FARNUM, SHARON Waterloo, Wis. HACK, ROBERT Mosincc, Wis. JESSE, JUDITH Port Edwards, Wis. FERRIS, MARY Rhinelander, Wis. IIACKBARTH, STUART Mosincc, Wis. JESSIE, NORMAN Prairie du Sac, Wis. FISCHER, DUANE Stevens Point, Wis. HAMSHIRE, WILLIAM Waterloo, Wis. JIROVEC, DANIEL Brokaw, Wis. FREDRICKS, MARGARET Eagle River, Wis. HANKE, SHARLEEN Marathon, Wis. JOHNSON, JAMES Adams, Wis. FRIEDRICHSEN, JUDITH Milwaukee, Wis. HANSEN, CARMINE Marshfield, Wis. JOHNSON, MARGARET Stevens Point, Wis. FRITSCH, LAWRENCE Stevens Point, Wis. HANSEN, JAMES West Allis, Wis. JOHNSON, NORMAN Dunbar, Wis. GANDT, WILLIAM Madison, Wis. HANSON, DONALD Green Bay, Wis. JONES, MADELINE Stevens Point, Wis. GAYLORD, SPENCER Nekoosa, Wis. HARRIS, NEAL Portage, Wis. JONES, SUSAN Stevens Point, Wis. GEASE, SUSAN Wausau, Wis. HASELEU, DONALD Columbus, Wis. JUNKER, ROLAND Rhinelander, Wis. GEIGER, RICHARD Necnah, Wis. HASELEU, JUDITH Stoughton, Wis. KAISER, DONALD Dakota, Illinois GESSERT, ARTHUR Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. HEDING, JUDITH Adams, Wis. KALVIN, DENNIS South Milwaukee, Wis. GERBER, LOIS Marshfield, Wis. HELGESON, ROBERT New London, Wis. KAPTER, MARILYN Stevens Point, Wis. GILLEY, TIPTON Rhinelander, Wis. HERBST, DANIEL Park Falls, Wis. KAZDA, WAYNE Rothschild, Wis. 244KEENLANCE, KENNETH Ripon, Wis. KEES, JEANETTE Junction City, Wis. KELLEY, THOMAS Manitowoc, Wis. KERSTEN, MICHAEL La Crosse, Wis. KETCH UM, DONALD Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. KEYZER, SYLVIA Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. KILTY, MIRIAM Edgar, Wis. KIAR, TED Tomahawk, Wis. KILCOYNE, ROBERT Platte villa, Wis. KIMANI, JESSE Kenya, Africa KIMPEL, EMILIE Frcdonia, Wis. KIMPEL, RAYMOND West Allis, Wis. KIOSK I, LOUISE Merrill, Wis. KNAUS, HENRY Stevens Point, Wis. KNIGHT, PATRICK Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. KOCH, LARRY Portage, Wis. KONDZELA, JOHN Stevens Point, Wis. KONOPACKY, JOYCE Stevens Point, Wis. KOPLIEN, DOUGLAS Weyauwega, Wis. KORNAUS, HELEN Pulaski, Wis. KORNAUS, SUSAN Pulaski, Wis. KOVATCH, JOHN Abbotsford, Wis. KOWALSKI, DIANE Chicago, 111. KRIEGL, JERRY Iron Mountain, Midi. KROPIDLOWSKI, DONALD Amherst Junction, Wis. KRUBSACK, ROBERT Stevens Point, Wis. KRUBSACK, WILLIAM Stevens Point, Wis. KRUEGER, JOHN Recdsburg, Wis. KRULL, MERLIN Appleton, Wis. KUEHL, ROBERT Stevens Point, Wis. LADWIG, LAURENCE La Crosse, Wis. LAEDTKE, LOUISE Ogdensburg, Wis. LAUBE, BRUCE Stevens Point, Wis. LEHMANM, RICHARD Rhinelander, Wis. LERCH, MARY Wausau, Wis. LIESCH, LADDENE Wittenburg, Wis. LIGHTFUSS, FAYE Ogdensburg, Wis. LISZEWSKI, CHRISTINE Stevens Point, Wis. LIVERMORE, PHILIP Merrill, Wis. LOCK, WILLIAM Elkhorn, Wis. LOOMANS, ARLYN Waupun, Wis. LUCAS, MARYBELLE Stevens Point, Wis. LUCHT, BRUNA Milwaukee, Wis. LUNDGREEN, CAROL Marshfield, Wis. MADSEN, CARL Ratine, Wis. MALONEY, JAMES Rhinelander, Wis. MARKS, ROBERT South Beloit, 111. MARTEN, LESTER Stevens Point, Wis. MARTIN, ANN Lone Rock, Wis. MATTER, DAVID Marshfield, Wis. MAURER, PHILIP Wittenberg, Wis. McALOON, ROBERT Menasha, Wis. MEIER, THOMAS Neillsville, Wis. MEILAHN, LORANN Stevens Point, Wis. MERK, DONALD Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. METZ, ELLEN Medford, Wis. MEUNIER, DAVE Peshtigo, Wis. MEYER, WILLIAM Milwaukee, Wis. MICHAELS, GARRY Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. MICHALSKI, ROMAN Milwaukee, Wis. MILLENBAH, JOHN Port Edwards, Wis. MILLER, DIANN Fifield, Wis. MITCHELL, JANICE Hillsboro, Wis. MOLTZAN, MARY Chicago, 111. MOSHER, LAVERNE Gleason, Wis. MROZINSKI, EDWIN Stevens Point, Wis. MUELLER, GARY Wausau, Wis. MURRAY, CHARLES Cedar Grove, Wis. NASON, SUSAN Stevens Point, Wis. NELSON, ANDREW Wittenberg, Wis. NELSON, JOHN Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. NELSON, RONALD Marshfield, Wis. 245NELSON, WILLIAM Manitowoc, Wis. PLEDGER, MARIE Wausau, Wis. SCHEELK, BONNIE Colby, Wis. NEUZIL, ARNOLD Algoina, Wis. PLOEN, GERALD Marshfield, Wis. SCHIMPFF, WAYNE Chicago, 111. NEWBY, CHARLES Almond, Wis. PLUCKER, TOM Nccnah, Wis. SCHREIBER, RICHARD Rio, Wis. NEWBY, Jr., LESLIE Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. POULTER, BEULAH Madison, Wis. SCHUETTE, BARBARA Green Bay, Wis. NEWTON, DAVID Kohler, Wis. PRAHL, WALTER Wausau, Wis. SCHULZ, PATRICIA Milwaukee, Wis. NEWTON, RICHARD Stevens Point, Wis. PRETTYMAN, DONALD Pulaski, Ind. SCHWARTZ, CRAIG Coleman, Wis. NICHOLS, JUDITH Friendship, Wis. RANDLETT, ALICE Chicago, 111. SELL, MARY Hartford, Wis. NICKERSON, DON West Allis, Wis. RANDLETT, JAMES Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. SELTZNER, MARLENE Bcnscnvillc, 111. OELHAFEN, THOMAS Manitowoc, Wis. RF.DFIELD, ROBERTA Stevens Point, Wis. SHERFINSKI, ANTHONY Wausau, Wis. OESTREICH, MARJORIE Marshfield, Wis. REHMAN, JAMES Stevens Point, Wis. SHERIDAN, RONALD Clinton, Iowa OLSON, CHARLES Milwaukee, Wis. RENDALL, DALENE Stevens Point, Wis. SHIREK, ROBERT Junction City, Wis. OLSON, JUDITH Eagle River, Wis. RILEY, HELEN Fox Lake, Wis. SIMPSON, RICHARD Appleton, Wis. OMERNIK, ELMAE Stevens Point, Wis. RILEY, JEROME Fall River, Wis. SISCHO, MERRILL Stevens Point, Wis. OSTROWSKI, LEON Stevens Point, Wis. ROACH, DAVID Milladore, Wis. SIVERTSON, DOUGLAS Tiger ton, Wis. PACKARD, GEORGE Pardeevillc, Wis. ROBINSON, ALFRED Adams, Wis. SKATLAND, MARY Stevens Point, Wis. PATZER, RICHARD Milwaukee, Wis. ROSHOLT, GARY Rosholt, Wis. SLATER, ROBERTA Stevens Point, Wis. PAULSON, LOUISE Waupaca, Wis. ROUSE, ARTHUR Pound, Wis. SMITH, ARLENE Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. PELOT, JUDITH Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. RUDOLPH, JOSEPHINE Medford, Wis. SNIDER, DON Milwaukee, Wis. PELOW, DAVID Pittsville, Wis. RUEGGER, MARSHALL Winter, Wis. SPEAR, GENE Wyocena, Wis. PEPLINSKI, DAVID Stevens Point, Wis. RULF, DONALD Hewitt, Wis. SREERAMAMRTHY, AL Mel lore, India PETERSON, DAVID Fort Atkinson, Wis. RUNNELS, MARY Coloma, Wis. STABB, NANCY Wausau, Wis. PETERSON, EDITH Wausau, Wis. RUSSELL, PATRICIA Stevens Point, Wis. STANTON, DAVID Princeton, Wis. PETERSON, JOHN Wausau, Wis. SCHACHT, ROBERT Wauwatosa, Wis. STARK, MARCELLA Granton, Wis. PIERCE, DONOVAN Reeds burg, Wis. SCHADE, WAYNE Abbotsford, Wis. STEINHORST, HARLAND Bara boo, Wis.STERN ITZKY, ERNEST Granton, Wis. STEVENS, KENNETH Wisconsin IXlIs, Wis. STEVENS, TERRY Wisconsin Dells, Wis. STOUT, JUDITH Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. STRAUB, FRED Marathon, Wis. STUTZMAN, BRUCE Honduel, Wis. SUNDE, RUSSELL Rio, Wis. SUSKI, CHESTER Amherst, Wis. SWANSON, RICHARD Wausau, Wis. SWANSON, STEVE Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. SWIDER, RICHARD Sobieski, Wis. SZYMANSKI, SANDRA Marathon, Wis. TAFT, STEPHEN Richland Center, Wis. TASCHWER, TIMOTHY Hales Corners, Wis. TESSENE, MELVERN Whitewater, Wis. TESTA, ALBERT Rhinelander, Wis. THALACKER, VICTOR Westfield, Wis. TIMM, NATHAN Plainfield, Wis. TREBATOSKI, ROBERT Stevens Point, Wis. TYLINSKI, DAVID Marathon, Wis. ULWELLING, JOHN Stevens Point, Wis. UTTERMARK, RUTH Auburndaic, Wis. VAN SANT, PATRICIA Plainfield, Wis. VAN STRATEN, CLEO Green Bay, Wis. VAN WORMER, GARY ZIEGLER, WILLIAM Portage, Wis. Stratford, Wis. VERNON, MARGARET Wausau, Wis. VETTER, RUTH Stevens Point, Wis. WAGNER, JOHN Fond du Lac, Wis. WAGNER, SHIRLEY Omro, Wis. WALICKI, ANTOINETTE Stevens Point, Wis. WARPEHOSKI, CHESTER Hatley, Wis. WATERMAN, PATRICIA Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. WATERMAN, STEVE Mauston, Wis. WEBER, CHARLES Menasha, Wis. WEHMAN, IRVIN New Lisbon, Wis. WERNBERG, LANCE Arpin, Wis. WESLEY, JULIANA Antigo, Wis. WHITMORE, GORDON Wausau, Wis. WILLIAMS, RICHARD Stevens Point, Wis. WILSON, RAY White Lake, Wis. WINKLER, CHERYL Waupaca, Wis. WIPFLI, JON Nekoosa, Wis. WITTENWYLER, BRUCE Brooklyn, Wis. WITUCKI, KENNETH Athens, Wis. WOJDAC, LAWRENCE Mosincc, Wis. WOLCANSKI, ARTHUR Roseville, Mich. WOZNICKI, EUGENE Birnamwood, Wis. ZALEWSKI, DONALD Rosholt, Wis. 247“We have a stake in each other because the future has a stake in us. This is the essence of progress.” R. Davis pkc s

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