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Published, by the itucLe+iti WiAconUn State College Steve U Point, 'U i con inWe look bach. . . We Ieoh lo iwasid. We leeh astound. . to psi be it mestvoiAA, of 1952..We JlooJz Hack . . . 5IU.m 29 1 (leCCHfHitiOSl Reflecting upon the contributions of Miss Bessie May Allen and Miss Helen Meston to CSC requires looking back upon many fruitful years. For thirty-nine years Miss Allen has been the successful director of the Home Economics department, nurturing it and watching it grow into one of the outstanding departments of the state. She has served tirelessly, not only as teacher, adviser and friend, but has also taken an active part in all educational organizations. Miss Allen has also enriched her own life and those of her students and friends by her extensive traveling both here and abroad. It is the sincere wish of all who have known and worked with her that among her happy memories, CSC will have a favored spot. With these thoughts and with deepest appreciation we dedicate to Miss Allen the Iris of '52. 4and Afipteciatian Today as we dedicate the Iris of '52 to you. Miss Meston, we are mindful of the values that yesterdays have upon as many tomorrows, tomorrows which will be richer, happier and more secure because of your guidance, counsel and encouragement. We are mindful of the importance of sincerity, kindness and understanding in daily living, gifts which you have so generously bestowed upon all who came to know you. We are mindful of the invaluable personal as well as professional edification both you and Miss Allen have given and as you take up your many other interests, it is with a knowledge that to your lives will return the bountiful measure you have meted out. Much happiness, is our wish, to you both. 5We JP.o-oJz . . .fyosuaanA . . . This book is a record of the year that you have spent here at Central State. We are sure that if you get out your spy glasses and take a backward look with us, you will find our two good friends who have done important things for Central State. They will be deeply missed by all in the years following. Then, shielding your eyes against any brilliant light from the celebrities, peer forward into the misty future of the graduate and underclassmen, remembering to keep in mind their ideals of happiness and hopes for success. Before going any further, drop your books and take a look around at the things that have been happening this year. You may find yourself looking quite friendless while running the gauntlet of registration, or again, looking lively and full of chatter after a day of classes. The Iris has kept an account as best it could of everything you did this year. We hope you like what you find. 7 The Editor.One of the most impressive and inspiring assemblies of the year is the Convocation ceremony in which all the students of CSC have the opportunity of viewing the entire faculty in their caps and gowns of their Alma Mater. It is an occasion in which we reflect upon our good fortune in having such outstanding members in our faculty and administration as our teachers and advisers. Twenty four years ago when CSC became a state teachers college it consisted of forty six instructors. Today our teaching staff consists of fifty nine, many who have contributed much to give CSC the reputation that it has, the friendliest teachers college in Wisconsin. tf-aculty and Admintitnatian 8PteAidesit 14Jcilia tti G. cAanlzn 9AdminiAttoiiae WILSON DELZELL REGENT WARREN JENKINS DEAN OF LETTERS AND SCIENCE RAYMOND GOTHAM DIRECTOR, TRAINING SCHOOL RAYMOND RIGHTSELL 10 DIRECTOR, SECONDARY EDUCATIONst M SUSAN COLMAN DIRECTOR, PRIMARY EDUCATION HERBERT STEINER DEAN OF MEN QUINCY DOUDNA DEAN OF ADMINISTRATION ELIZABETH PFIFFNER DEAN OF WOMEN 11BESSIE MAY ALLEN SIDONE ANDERSEN DR. HENRY ANDERSON RICHARD BERNDTFRANK CROW GILBERT FAUST 13 EDITH CUTNAW JOANNE CERNEY MILDRED DAVIS AROL EPPLE LEAH DIEHL BURDETTE EAGON BERTHA GLENNONALICE HANSEN HELEN HEEL NELIS KAMPENGA GERTIE HANSON PAULINE ISAACSON JESSIEMAE KEYSER 14 ALBERT HARRIS DOROTHY KAMPENGA NORMAN KNUTZENMARTHA LOSS ROBERT LEWIS ARTHUR LYNESS TOULA MARROS SYBLE MASON HELEN MESTONMARY NEUBERGER FLOYD NIXON GRACE PEHOSKI BURTON PIERCE EDGAR PIERSON HALE QUANDT NELS REPPEN MARGARET RITCHIE MAY ROACH 16JOHN ROBERTS CAROLYN ROLFSON MARY SAMTER FRED SCHMEECKLE RAYMOND SPECHT MARIE SWALLOW HAROLD TOLO MARY ULLMAN ROLAND TRYTTEN 17MILDREDE WILLIAMS EMILY WILSON CECILIA WINKLER GLADYS VAN ARSDALE ROBERTA VAUGHN BERNARD WIEVEL SaesufJtodtf, QaeA. to School at CSC Five year old Tommy Korn, above, attends the kindergarten at the Training school while Mom and Pop Kom strive for their degrees as cracker jack teachers at the college. 19Mary Douville, student teacher, gives a helping hand to her pupil. Nola Jean Hams. P nj eAAio +tcd 20Top Picturo Bottom Row: Ringatad. L, Korn, Mayor, M., Polzln, I., Carpenter. Raschka. Top Row: Erickson, Tibbetts, Brlttnachor, Holt, Miller, D., Ziobarth, Zastrow. Standing: Abnoy, Kelley, Extrom. Bottom Picturo Bottom Row: Fairbert, Dallman, Turzenskl, Christiansen. Abney, Hetser. Polzin. I. Top Row: Brunoman, Kroll, Ratacxak, Sonnonbcrg. Gruen, Sorenson. Houor, Robinson, Cade. (lo+uuH 7able i+U imecLata and uppe elesne+ttasiy cLuAiliatt 21Row 1: Ido. Court. Forth, L., Nelson, J., Forth, C.. Crook, Benson, Lane, J. Row 2: Miss Colman, Korth, M., Rickel, Blozynski, Brandt, Smith, Cuff, Fox, Boa. Row 3: Colina, Moll, Hofman, Rothman, Baumer, Panke, Lawrie, Allen, Hoolt, Lebrick. Row 4: Rodriguez, Thompson, D., Payne, Ravey, Ringstad, E., Isberner, Thlrkill, Pautz, Tauchen, Sarbacker, Barrett, Cram. Row 5: Goebel, Mlada, Peterson, M., Aronson, Imig, Gage, Huetl, Suckow, Sheets, Charlesworth, Smith. Marrows. Row 6: lensen, D., West, Leahy, Abrahamson, Zahradka, Collins, Michaelis, iCabot, Domack, Fuller, Bahr. Row 7: Lund, Altenburg, Schuelke. Pnimasuf Council . . . Ru uil Row 1: Dr. Doudna, Gerber, Ferdon, Mows, Jean, Mews, Joan, Klinner, Stashek. Leitner. Row 2: Molzor, Colnie, Taylor. B., Wanko, Lemiesz, Redmond, Miss Winklor, Noah, Goman. Row 3: Miss Roach, Wallner, Waaner, Droschlor, Lovdahl, Haas. Tischendorf, Bronk. Landowski. Row 4: Hackel, Caskey, Marchel, Lange. Boneske. Holding, Cuila, Schulist. Row 5: Gemer, Suehring, Johnson, D., Williams, Raaths, Schmidt, Lensmire, Jones, H. Row 6: Check, Habeck, Rucinski, Teetzen, Trotier, Nulty, Olson, Loss. 22Bottom Row: Lecy, Firkus, Krell, Turxenaki. Mia Ullman, Mr. Eaaon. Heiser. Hyer. Top Row: Miller, M., Ringstad, L.. Roda. Bliese, Heuer, Cade, Mayor, M., Brlttnacher. fyutusia e cltesiA, off Jme uca . . . tyosiunt Row 1: Papko, Hoffman, Wade, Gilbert, M., Bruha, R.. Boettcher, Holgerson, Rhode. Row 2: Ciula. Held, M., Zollinger. Schilling, Kuhnko, Wagner, Andrewa, Endlo. Klelat. Row 3: Schullat, Long. Bruha, I., Wlerama. Beat , Kline, Kott, Zukoakl, Fiacher, Cable. Row 4: Jacobson. Christoffersen. Rebella, Garbrecht, Holm. Jones, Plainae. Tallmadge, Skowronski, Mr. Rlghtsell. Row 5: Scnroeder. Johnson. Polivka, Richmond, Mclntee, Schultz. D., Thompson, K.. Phelan. Gilbertson, C., FI ten Row 6: Ullsperger. Connor, Allen, K.. Collum, Schmeeckle, Hartieb. Newhall. Dahm, Stankevich. Phltner. Curtis. Row 7: Conway, Reineking. Polka. Schaefer. Teetzen, Taylor. Borchardt, Wood, Miller. Richetto, Jamick. 23Bottom Row: Rada, DoLaura, Sommers, Bohrendt. Top Row: Bruha, R., Read, Souk. R4U eu. SonuMti, D Laura, Bruha. R.. Rada. 24Bottom Row: Mis Wilson. Clark. Hiller. Phelan. Schroeder, Jones. M.. Wagner. Pollvka. Miss Me st on. Top Row: Kopperud. Rickfort. Conover, Kuoera. Schroeder, Breyman, Brtcco. Teetxen. Schaefer, Gilbertson. cM tne. c(MiXMfUcA. Club Bottom Row: Hartleb. Newhall. Kuhnke. Schilling. Elsen. Schmeeckle. Curtis Top Row: Pierre, Allen. Tallmadge, Zelllnger. Jarnick. Reinekmg. Dahm 25THE PROFESSIONALS RELAX . . .The Rural Lifers on slippery sox . . . Fingertip control . . . Pierre, Pinkerton. Pipe, Plainse. Plank, Plowman . . . Balancing the Round Table books . . . Thanks much, Miss Col man. 26 Seniors last year — Freshmen this year. Many once were at the top. Now they have begun over again, studying new courses, meeting new friends. Second semester brought pledge bids for sororities and frats. The Freshman officers were John Miller, president; Harold Schmu macher. vice-president; Bill Schweinler, treasurer, and Cleo Gilbert, secretary. Jean Wagner and Lynn Olson, above, are preparing the design for the annual Christmas concert. 27Bottom Row: Jones, H., Lang, M., Gilbert, C., Nelson, M., Yentz, M., Schuls, M., Lensmere, J. Middle Row: Suehring, J., Lehman, M., Kellerman, W., Wagner, J., Michaelis, P., Jones, J., Glewen, S., Dill, M. Top Row: Davies, N., Young, R., Reineke, W., Karau, M., Schneeberg, D., Stephanek, F., Kleise, J., Lodzinski, D. Bottom Row: Hoeft, P., Malick, P., Clayton, J., Church, C., House, C., Olson, P., Kucera, R., Gilbertson, D., Bricco, V. Middle Row: Rutherford, T., Braun, A., Meyer, A., Wislinsky, R., King, J., Anderson, W., DeLaura, R., Zingler, L. Top Row: Due, A., Kritz, K., Holmgreen, J., Reed, R., Sonnentag, W., Wagner, I., Paulson, J. Bottom Row: Collins, G. Kabat, C., Schlottman, L., Domack, E., Palmer, D., Brandt, J., Smith, J. Middle Row: Butts, J., Albrightson, D., Bahr, N., Bulluk, P., Olson, L., Holt, C., Domack, J., Hoffman, M. Top Row: Zieman, J., Carpenter, V., Johnson, K., Nelson, H., Blomiley, B., Bostad, B., Purchatzke, L. 28Bottom Row: Caskey, P., Gerner, D., Sheets, S., McLees, D., Nelson, J., Suckow, G., Forth, C., Forth, L. Middle Row: Hazelwood, P., Schwartz, H., Richmond, H., Ressler, R., Hurrish, G., Bechard, R., Colrue, C. Bottom Row: Buchholz, B., Gosh, J., Zwick, D., Ampe, B., Boldig, J., Sault, D., Carlson, L., Cook, R. 29 Bottom Row: Polzin, R., Marchel, A., Ciula, M., Borja, F., Thurston, J., Zahradka, B., Langfeldt, I. Middle Row: Bronk, S., Haertel, R., Froeba, N., Helixon, P., Arnett, E., Schulist, G. Top Row: Eide, E., Mueller, C., Wedde, W., Rutz, J., Krueger, G., Graham, R., Eibergen, D. Bottom Row: Hiller, A., Giese, P., Hranicek, A., Kalepp, B. Middle Row: Held, B., Smith, M. A., Seif, D., Schroeder, J., Schultz, J. Top Row: Deitsche, G., Hellner, A., Hoehne, J., Swanson, H., Brost, N.Bottom Row: Court, N., Chorlesworth, R., Wollner, D., Roseth, M., Rozok, M., Welk, L., Conover, K., Brody, C Middle Row: Kopp, G., Morgan, F., Miller, J., Schumacher, H., Olsen, T., Hackbart, R., Ortlieb, M. Top Row: Steffen, H., Volkman, B., Shor, C., Silverman, D., Krumm, J., Holding, D., Ebneter, F., Am x, G. Bottom Row: Lebrick, M., Newby, Y., Cram, L., Marros, K., Breymann, L., Weber, L, Bartelt, M., Weatherway, F. Middle Row: Upthagrove, F., Marguard, R., Ellicson, D., Williams, J., Stueber, J., Kardach, G., Martin, R. Top Row: Netzel, R., Snyder, R., Elks, W., Thompson, L, Sodersten, G., Walczak, B., Schweinler, B.. DuFour, E. Bottom Row: Huettl, B., Curran, J., Boigt, R., Smith, M., Fuller, J., Kopperud, K., Bauer, B., Schmitt, M. Middle Row: Stertz, L, Hackel, N., Gage, B., Kmiotek, E., Rickfort, Martens, R. Top Row: Mrochek, J., Butler, G., Oleson, R., Bochbeuger, C., Teetzen, W., Votava, C., Habeck, R., Burant, W. 30SojoJlXMHJOSl i The sophomores started the year eagerly, being one step ahead of their freshman class brothers. They elected for their officers Bob Paulson, president; Gene Paulson, vice-president; Jim Mulady, secretary; and Fred Schadewald, treasurer. The students had become acquainted the year before with the numerous activities offered, and immediately found themselves joining in the swirl of social activities and school functions. Bottom Row: Tallmadge, R., Kubisiak, S., Allen, D., Schilling, M., Kuhnke, D., Williams, J., Ferdon, J. Middle Row: Zarda, E., Redmond, A., Sonnenberg, S., Miller, D., Pipe, C., Farris, E. Top Row: Zick, W., Bacon, G., Zurawski, L., Schommer, M., Ackerman, T., Bohler, W. Bottom Row: Hanson, B., Crook, B., Lane, J., Benson, M., Diver, J., Reznichek, M., Reineking, E. Middle Row: Figel, M., Bosacki, L., Hanneman, R., Jacobsen, E., Langton, J., Schumaker, J., Greaton, W., Cuff, J. Top Row: Baerenwald, J., Tanner, D., Anderson, R., Fresley, J., Ellingson, $., Plank, E., Wenzel, E., Ross, D. 31Bottom Row: Welniok, A., Polivka, B., Payne, S., Paulson, R., Paulson, G., Johnson, D., Weisen, P., Rulseh, M. Middlo Row: Luedke, D., Corliss, C., Thompson, D., Schultz, V., Piehl, J., Jersey, J., Roshak, M. Top Row: Conway, W., Reinholdt, R., Oineen, D., Rindfloioch, D., Meyer, R., Endle, W., Blaies, D., Wilde, D. Bottom Row: Buhrdorf, J., Sutton, S., Schmidt, N., Haas, E., Christoffersen, R., Rickel, P., Extrom, D. Middlo Row: Hurrish, D., Wolfe, W., Mclntee, R., Broton, P., Buggs, M., Ullsperger, R., Kohls, B. Top Row: Hermann, D., Hedquist, E., Trotier, K., Turner, G., Miller, B., Stadlor, D. 32 Bottom Row: Todd, D., Timler, V., Wilder, H., Rothamer, J., Wade, R., Anunson, G., Piatt, J. Middle Row: Sazama, M., Moe, C., Edmund, C., Wagner, M., Aronson, C., Baumer, M., Panke, M. Top Row: Mulady, J., Boettcher, J., Moen, B., Anderson, J., Cook, W., Behrendt, J., Schadewald, F. IjusUoM' The Juniors with three fourths of their college days behind them enter their last year at Central State College. Members of the class have been busy participating in many of the extra-curricular activities. The highlight of the year was the prom. The juniors, aided by their advisers, Miss Bainter and Mr. Crow, were determined to make it a bang-up affair. King Jack Popeck led his queen in the grand march while the other officers Marlyn Gilbert, vice-president; John Sandberg, secretary; Bill Clayton, treasurer and their dates followed. Bottom Row: Thompson, D., Malchow, N., Barrett, P., Imig, C., Czerniewski, J., Tauchen, A. Middle Row: Francis, D., Long, A., Payne, F., Weisbrot, B., Thomas, W., Mallow, J. Top Row: Wilson, L., McNamara, B., Jacobus, R., Behrendt, J., Schrank, J., DeGuire, F. Bottom Row: Kearns, R., Sarbacker, J., Leitner, M., Stankevich, K., Allen, K., Hofman ,V. Middle Row: Mlada, M., Lund, M., Abrahamson, $., Pfiffner, M., Rothman, D. Top Row: Smith, S., Luhm, J., Gruling, R., Salvin, T., Redo, F., Drechsler, H. 33Bottom Row: Nelson, B., Mueller, B., Moll, J., Goman, L, Pautz, N., Isberner, H., Zastrow, M., Pierre, W. Middle Row: Miester, A., Jarnick, P., Bauer, E., Clark, G., Summers, J., Schaefer, V., Derge, P. Top Row: Dahm, D., Parkin, A., Kussman, R., Facklan, E., Sandberg, J., Heuer, E., Polzin, J., Teetzen, R. Bottom Row: Kampenga, A., Elsen, A., Gruen, J., Brittnacher, M., Lemiesz, P., Tate, S., Gossage, M. Middlo Row: Shelley, A., Wysocki, J., Bauman, B., Leahy, K., Connor, S., Roaths, A., Ziebarth, B., Koehn, K. Top Row: Vissers, D., Mayer, D., Larzelere, H., Wiorsma, W., Papke, R., Clayton, W., Gilbert, M. Bottom Row: Fox, P., Fischer, V., Schmeeckle, W., Fieting, R., Curtis, E., Hartleb, M., Newhall, D. Middlo Row: Popeck, J., Morgan, D., Sommers, R., Eves, P., Douglas, K., Hoffman, F., Glasel, L., Way, W. Top Row: Andrews, O., Lund, T., Bruha, D., Bruha, J., Jansen, R., Kristianson, B., Drew, D. 347a the SetUanA. I think the theme of this yearbook "Looking Forward" is an unusually appropriate one. The world is sorely in need of citizens who have an interest in looking forward, and who also have some capacity to do it with a fair degree of success. Many problems, whether they pertain to the individual, the community, the nation or the world, would not now be confronting us if there had been an attempt at planning for the future by individuals or groups who have preceded us by a generation or a hundred years. As a student of Central State College, you are familiar with one of the important difficulties which confronts this college, in order that it may enjoy a normal physical expansion during the next 25 or 50 years, or more. The most serious difficulty is one of space. Even as recently as 40 or 50 years ago those responsible for the college could not invision the need for additional space on which this college could expand its physical plant. At that time it would have been a very simple and inexpensive matter to provide adequate land for that purpose contiguous to the present campus. It can serve as an important lesson to us as individuals. Many of us neglect to do adequate long time planning concerning our own opportunities or our own life work. Too many decisions are based on the exigencies of the moment. We decide to do what is easiest and most convenient at the time without too much regard for the ultimate consequences of such decisions. It is easier and more pleasant to look back at the road over which we have come and to gloat over the laurels we have won, than it is to make careful plans for the future and to provide the energy necessary to carry them out. True! We may frequently be compelled to revise our plans in accordance with the obstacles which beset our path, but the results are likely to be more satisfactory if we have a plan than if we are wandering aimlessly about. I wish to commend to each of you the value of looking forward in your own life and to lay your course on the basis of the best information you have and which you may obtain from others in whom you have high confidence. Wm. C. Hansen President 4 8 52 You are now leaving the ivied walls of your Alma Mater and joining that ever increasing number of her alumni. During the two, three or four years you have spent on her campus you have met your responsibilities well, looked to the future with eager enthusiasm, and learned something of her past through the traditions which have grown up since she first opened her doors to a little band of pioneers in 1894. You have developed four square "by looking backward, looking forward, and looking around". Central State trusts you have learned that you cannot make a good judgment today for tomorrow unless you know something about yesterday. She bids you ever to remember "that the present has its roots in the past and that the future is being made today. Today is only yesterday repeated and tomorrow is today all over again". Good-bye and God bless you. 35 May M. RoachAn exciting year has just passed but for the Seniors this has been the most wonderful of all, for they, as Seniors took part in plans for the Senior Ball and Graduation. The guiding officers, pictured above, are Gordon Fairbert, president; Don Olsen, vice president; Jeanette Holm, secretary; and Russell Roberts, treasurer. 36ABNEY, IRA Crondoo Major: Intermediate. Men's Glee Club, Round Table. BEA, BARBARA Steveni Point Majori Primary. Minor: Art. Tau Gamma Beta, Iris, Trigon, W.A.A., Primary Council, Cheerleader, Alpha Psi Omega. BEAWER, IRENE Colby Mojor: Intermediate. Wesley, Round Toble. Pointer, PETRICK, JACQUELINE, BENJAMIN Boncrofl Mojor: Intermediate. Round Toble, Newman Club. BLIESE, DAVID Wousau Major: Intermediate and Upper Elementary. Minor: Geography. Round Toble, Gamma Delta, Men's Glee Club. F.T.A., Intro-murolt. Rodio Workshop, S Club, Football. BOOTE, ROSEMARY Rhinelander Mojor: Primory. Primary Council, Psi Beta Psi, Pointer, Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus. 37BORCHARDT, LEROY Woupoco Secondary; Major: Chemistry. Minors: Physics. Mathematics. Forum. Sigma Zeto. BRUNNER LETITIA loopolis Major: Primory. Primary Council. Y.W.C.A.. W.R.A., Interfaith Council. Mixed Chorus. Pan Hellenic Council, Omega Mu Chi, Newman Club, Student Council. BRUNSMAN, WALTER Berlin Major: Intermediate and Upper Elementary. Minors: History, Geography, English. Round Table, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Newman Club, S Club, Intramurals, Football. BUTLER, DAVID Stevens Point Letters and Science; Major: Mathematics, Biology. Minor: Chemistry. Sigma Theta Epsilon, Intramurals, Wesley, Rifle Club. BUTTKE, RONALD BUTTKE, LOIS Wausau Major: Primory. Primary Council, Gamma Delta, Mixed Chorus. Stevens Point Major: Intermediate. Student Council, Gamma Delta, Round Table. 38CABLE, WILLIAM Stevens Point Secondary; Majors Mathematics. Minor : Physics, History. Chi Delta Rho, Alpha Psl Omega, Forum, Student Council, Pon Hellenic Council, Jr. Academy of Science, Stoge Monoger. CACIC, WALTER Montello Mojort Intermediate ond Upper Elementary. Phi Sigma Epsilon, Newman Club, F.T.A., Round Toble. CARPENTER, HUGO Stevens Point Mojor: Intermediate ond Upper Elementary. Bond, Newmon Club, Y.G.O.P. i i CATTANACH, JOHN Owen Letters and Science; Mojor: History. Minors: Geography, Psychology. Alpha Gamma, In ternational Relations Club, Con terbury, Rodio Round Toble, Y.G.O.P. CENSKY, OSCAR Tigerton Major: Intermediate. Toble. Round CHICK, GILBERT Stevens Point Letters ond Science; Major: Mathematics. Phi Sigma Epsilon, Bowling. 39CONACHEN, WILLIAM Antigo Secondary; Major: General Science. Minors: History, English. S Club, Intramurals, Forum, Basketball. COLLUM, GERTRUDE Wild Rose Secondary; Major: Home Economics. Minors: Physical Edu- cation, Biology. Wesley, Home Economics Club, W.R.A. CRAIG, JEANETTE Manawa Letters and Science; Major: Biology. Minor: History. Band, Trigon, Pointer, College Theater, Y.G.O.P. CROSBY, MARJORIE Stevens Point Major: Intermediate. Minor: Art. Round Table, Omega Mu Chi. CUDNOHUFSKY, GEORGE Pound Secondary; Major: Geography. Minors: Physical Education, Biology, English. Track, Mixed Chorus, Intramurals. DALLMAN, CLARENCE Stevens Point Major: Intermediate and Upper Elementary. Minor: History. Newman Club, Round Table, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Intramurals, F.T.A. 40DOMACK, ANITA Steven Point Letter and Science; Major: Englith. Minor : Speech, History. Radio Workshop, Newman Club, College Theatre. DOUGLAS, DONALD Wittenberg Mojor: Upper Elementary. Minor: Musk. Round Table, Wesley, Bond. Mined Chorus, Men's Glee Club, Radio Workshop, Intramurals. Dromotics. Boy Scout Leadership, College Theatre. DOUVILLE, MARY Wausau Major: Primary. Minor: History. Tou Gamma Beta, Newman Club, Primory Council, Iris, Stu-dont Council, Dorm Council, Pan Hellenic Council, Mixed Chorus, W.S.G.A. Board. ELMER, LILA Brooklyn Major: Primory. Tou Gomma Beta, Y.W.C.A., Dorm Secretary, Primory Council. FAIRBERT, GORDON Pittsville Mojor: Intermediate and Upper Elementary. Round Table, Chi Delta Rho, Gamma Delta, Men's Glee Club. Mixed Chorus, Junior Class Treasurer, Senior Class President, Trock, Intramurals. DEHLINGER, BERNICE Stevens Point Major: Primary. Minor: Art. Primary Council, Radio Workshop, Dramatics, Tau Gamma Beta, Alpha Psi Omega, Newman Club. 41r FEHRENBACH, JOAN Morshfield FINK, THORA Marshfield Major: Primary. Primary Council, Trigon, Pointer, Mixed Chorus, Girl ' Glee Club, Y.W.C.A. Stevem Point Major: Intermediate and Uppor Elomontary. Rural Life, Round Table, Newman Club, Girls' Glee Club, Dramatics, F.T.A. Major: Primory. Primary Council. Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus. Newman Club, Alpha Kappa Rho, Omega Mu Chi, Pan Hellenic Council, Intersorority Council. FONTAINE, RETA Mosinee Major: Primary. Wesley, Y.W. C.A., Primary Council, Dorm Council. Elementary. Round Table, New- FRANCIS, RICHARD man Club. Y.G.O.P. Merrill Secondory; Major: English. Mi. nort: Speech, History. Iris, Point-er. Forum. Alpha Psi Omega, Sigma Tau Delta, Photographer. 42GILBERT, ROBERT Hancock Letters and Scionco; Majors: Conservation, Biology. Track, Men's Glee Club, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Wesley, Intramurals. GILBERTSON, CAROLE Stevens Point Secondary; Major: Home Eco- nomics. Minors: General Science, English. Cheerleader, W.R.A., Forum, Wesley, Home Economics Club. GOEBEL, NANCIE Antigo Major: Primary. Omega Mu Chi, Iris, Pointer, Alpha Kappa Rho, Primary Council, Dorm Council, Mixed Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Newman Club, Radio Workshop, Dramatics, W.S.G.A. Board. HANSEN, MARTIN Merrill Secondary; Major: Conservation. Minors: Geography, Biology. Sigma Zeta, Alpha Kappa Lambda. HARRISON, JACK Madison Major: Intermediate and Upper Elementary. Round Table. HEISER, LEROY Vesper Major: Intermediate and Upper Elementary. Round Table, F.T.A., Gamma Delta, Men's Glee Club. 43HIRZY, FERDINAND ,rU' N wmon Club. HOLM, JEANETTE Tigerton Secondary; Major: Chemistry. Minor : Mathematics. Biology. Tow Gemma Beta. Forum, L.S.A., Y.W.C.A.. Sigma Zeta, Dorm Council, Senior Class Secretary. HOLSTEIN, GRETCHEN Stevens Point Secondary; Mojors: English, Chemistry. Minor: French. Omega Mu Chi, Sigma Tau Delta, Sigma Zeta, Forum, Dramatics, Student Council, Wesley, Mixed Chorus. Girls' Glee Club, Rodio Workshop, Pointer Assistant Editor. HELD, MURIEL Stevens Point Secondary; Major: Home Economics. Minors: Music, General Science. Alpha Kappa Rho. Omega Mu Chi, Home Economics Club, Forum, Mixed Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Wesley, Intersorority Council. Stevens Point Secondary; Major: History. Minors: Geography, English. Phi Sigma Epsilon, Newman Club, International Relotion Club, Y G O.P., Radio Round Table. JACOBOSKI, LOUIS Stevens Point Major: Intermediate and Upper Elementary. Student Council, Men's Glee Club, Radio Workshop, Mixed Chorus, College Theatre, Alpha Psi Omega, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Intramurals, Track, Newman Club, Young Democrats. Round Table, Homecoming Chairman. 44JENSEN, GORDON Woupoca letters ond Science; Major: Conservation. Minor: History. JOHNSON, ROBERT Stoughton Secondary; Major: Conservation. Minors: Physical Education, Biology. Chi Delta Rho, Alpha Kappa Lombda, Forum, S Club, Tennis, Intromurols. JOSWIAK, JOHN Marathon Letters ond Science; Major: Con-servoton. Minors: Mathematics, Physical Education. Alpha Kappa Lambda. S Club, Football. JELINEK, JERRY Schofield Secondary; Majors: Conservation, Biology. Minor: Physical Education. Chi Delta Rho, Alpha Koppa Lambda, Newman Club, Intromurols. S Club, Football All Conference, Trock, Wrestling. Pointer. JENSEN, DORIS Stevens Point Major: Primary. Primary Council, Mixed Chorus. JONES, MARGARET Wild Rose Secondary; Mojor: Home Economics. Minors: English, General Science. Home Economics Club, Iris. Wesley, Tau Gamma Beta, Sigmo Tau Delta. Y.W.C.A., W.R.A. 4SKULICK, KEN KNOPE, MARILYN Stevens Point Secondary; Major: Home Eco- nomics. Minors: Biology, History. Omega Mu Chi, Home Economics Club, Newman Club. KORTH, MARILYN Neillsville Major: Primary. Primary Council, Mixed Chorus, Gamma Delta, Pointer. KRELL, LOLITA Woodruff Major: Intermediate. Omega Mu Chi, Round Table, F.T.A., Mixed Chorus, Newman Club, Dorm Treasurer. KUMBIER, HOWARD Colby Major: Upper Elementary. Phi Sigma Epsilon, Round Table. QUERAM, MOLLY LAMPERT Stevens Point Major: Primary. Mixed Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Primary Council, Trigon. Stevens Point Major: Intermediate. Round Table, S Club, Football, Assistant Coach, Men's Glee Club. 46MARCH, PETER Doncy Secondary; Major: General Science. Minors: Physical Education, Mathematics. Track, Forum. MARSHEL, ROBERT Dancy Conservation. LAWRIE, MARJORIE Marshfield Major: Primary. Psi Beta Psi, Wesley, Trigon, Pointer, Mixed Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Primary Council, Intersorority Council, Y.W.C.A., Interfaith Council. LONG, AL Sayner Secondary; Majors: Mathematics, Geography. Minor: History. Chi Delta Rho, Iris, Alpha Gamma, Sigma Zeta, Forum, Wesley, Student Council, Y.G.O.P., Pan Hellenic Council. LUHM, JAMES Wautoma Major: Intermediate. Round Table, Men's Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, S Club, Track. MATZKE, ERWIN Sturgeon Bay Major: Intermediate and Upper Elementary. Men's Glee Club, Round Table, Mixed Chorus, Dramatics. 47MAYER, MARVIN Junction City Mojor: Intermediate and Upper Elementary. Round Table, Phi Sigma Eptilon, F.T.A., Intro-mural . Pointer. MOORE, EVERETT MAYER, NORMA Junction City Major: Intermediate. Iris Editor, Pointer, Tau Gamma beta. Mixed Chorus, Gamma Delta, Round Table, W.S.GJL. Board, Dorm Head Monoger. ITf 1 ■ MILLER, MARY Mason Majort Intermediate and Upper Elementary. Minors: Geography, History. Newman Club, F.T.A., Round Table, College Theatre. NAGY, PAUL Stevens Point Letters and Science; Major: History. Rodio Round Table, Alpha NIKOLAI, THOMAS Marshfield Letters and Science; Mojor: Chemistry. Minors: Mathematics, Biology. Sigma Zeta, Y.G.O.P., Track, Newman Club. Gamma. Y.G.O.P. Plover Secondary; Mojor: English. Sig-mo Tau Delto, Pointer, Iris, Phi Sigmo Epsilon. 48O'BRIEN, PATRICK Stevens Point Major: Intermediate and Upper Elementary. Pointer Business Manager, Track, Men's Glee Club, Round Table, Phi Sigma Epsilon, F.T.A., Pan Hellenic Council, Newman Club, Intro murals. OLSEN, DONALD Wittenberg Secondary; Major: History. Minors: Geography, Spanish. Chi Delta Rho, Alpha Gamma, Forum, Student Council, Wesley, Men's Glee Club, S Club, Track, Dramatics, Senior Class Vice President, Intromurals. O'NEILL, DOROTHY Milwaukee Major: Primary. Tow Gamma Beta. Girls' Glee Club, Primary Council, I.S.A., W.S.G.A. Board. PETERSEN, MARY ANN Waupaca Major: Primary. Omega Mu Chi, W.S.G.A., Mixed Chorus, W.R.A., Y.W.C.A., Dorm Council, Primary Council. PHELAN, ANN Stevens Point Secondary; Major: Home Economics. Minors: Biology, Eng- lish. Newman Club, Forum, Omego Mu Chi, Home Economics Club. PIEKARSKI, MICHAEL Junction City Major: Intermediate ond Upper Elementary. 49PLAINSE, DELORES Milwoukee Secondory; Major: Home Eco- nomic . Minor : Chemistry, English. Home Economics Club, Weftley. POLZIN, EUGENE Plainfield Major: Intermediate and Upper Elomentary. Round Table, Track, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Men's Glee Club, Basketball. POLKA, CHET Mosinee Secondary; Major: Geography. Minors: Biology, Physical Education. Basketball, Men's Glee Club, Alpho Gamma, "S" Club, Junior Clou President, Forum, Track, Newman Club. RAVEY, PHYLLIS Woupoco Major: Primary. Primary Council. RATACZAK, DOLORES REBELLA DOROTHIANNE Mellon Secondary; Major: English. Minor : Speech, History. Tau Gamma Beta, Cheerleader, Alpha Psi Omego, Sigma Tau Delta, Pointer, Bond Mojorette, College Theatre. Sturgeon Bay Mojor: Intermediate. Pointer, Newman Club, Round Table, Radio Workshop, Great Books. SORICHETTO, EMIL Wausau Secondary; Major: Conservation, Biology. Minor: Chemistry. Alpha Kappa Lambda, Men's Glee Club, Wayland, Inter-Faith Council. RINGSTAD, ELIZABETH Stratford Major: Primary. Radio Work- •hop. Primary Council, F.T.A. RINGSTAD, LEONARD Wittenberg Major: Intermediate ond Upper Elementary. Rodio Workshop. Round Toble, Student Council, College Theatre, Cheerleader, ROBERTS, RUSSELL Ogema Secondary; Major: Chemistry. Minors: Physics, Mathematics. Senior Class Treasurer, Newman Club, Chi Delto Rho. ROBERTSON, JEAN Stevens Point Major: Primary. Omega Mu Chi, Alpho Psi Omega, Primary Council, Iris. W.S.G.A., Radio Workshop. F.T.A. ROSETH, JOHN Stevens Point Letters ond Science; Major: Geography. Minors: History, Psy- chology. Football, Trock, Intro-murol Sports. SISCHMIDLER, FRANK Port Washington Lettors and Science; Major: Biology, Consorvotion. Phi Sigma Epsilon, Pan Hellenic Council, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Intramural Sports. SAMELSTAD, WALTER Park Falls Secondary; Major: Geography. Minors: History, Mathematics. Forum, Football, Basketball, "S" Club, Alpha Gamma. SANNES, NANCY Scandinovia Secondary; Mojor: History. Minors: Biology, Social Science. Alpha Gamma, Iris, Omega Mu Chi, Pon Hellenic Council, Intersorority Council, Mixed Chorus, Forum. SCHROEDER, COLLEEN Antigo Secondary; Major: Home Economics. Minors: English, Science. Home Economics Club, Y.W.C.A., Newmon. SKOWRONSKI PATRICIA Stevens Point Secondary; Major: English. Minors: Biology, Speech. Pointer, Newman Club, Radio Workshop, Sigma Tou Delta, College Thea- SORENSEN, GORDON Plainfield Major: Intermediate and Upper Elementary. Round Table, Junior Closs Vice President, Student Council, Wesley, Men's Glee Club, Cheerleader, Dramatics, Inter Foith Council, Band. 52TURZENSKI, RICHARD Stevens Point Major: Intermediate and Upper Elementary. Phi Sigma Epsilon, Intramurol Sports, Newman Club, F.T.A., Round Toble, Pointer. WAGNER, WILIIAM Marshfield Secondary; Major: Mathematics. Minors: Chemistry, Physical Edu- V.,CCT irwrc cation. Basketball, "S" Club, WEST, JOYCE Sophomore Vic President. Dolton Major: Primary. Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Primary Council, Newman Club. TIBBETTS, BEVERLY Antigo Major: Intermediate. Mixed Chorus, Iris, Omega Mu Chi, Pon Hellenic Council, Inter Sorority Council, Y.W.C.A., W.S.G.A., Round Table. SWANKE, SUZANNE Clintonville Secondary; Major: English. Mi nors: Speech, History. Alpha Kappa Rho, Sigma Tau Delta, Omego Mu Chi, Iris Assistant Editor, Pointer, Pon Hellenic Council, Inter-Sorority Council, W.S.G.A., forum. Mixed Chorus. Radio Workshop, Girls' Glee Club, Newman Club. THIRKILL, MARGARET Wisconsin Rapids Major: Primary. Primory Council, Wesley, Mixed Chorus. W.S.G.A., W.R.A., Pointer, Girls' Glee Club. S3ZEMAN, LORRAINE Phillips Major: Primary. Radio Work- shop, Primary Council. ZIMMERMAN, IDELLA Portage Major: Primory. Primary Council, Mixed Chorus, Girl's Glee Club. ZIMMERMAN, KARL Wausou Mojori Intermediate and Upper Elementary. Minors: Science, Mathematics, English. History. Round Table. BYRNE, RAMONA Antigo Secondary; Majors: History, English. Minor: Social Science. Tau Gamma Beto. Y.G.O.P., Alpha Gamma. Sigma Tou Delta, Iris, Dorm Council, Forum, Newman Club. HELGERSON, DONALD lola Secondary; Major: Conservation. Minors: Biology, History. Alpha Kappa Lombda, Forum. $4I BARLOW, PATRICIA Stevens Point Major: Rural. BERTZ, COLLEEN Loyal Major: Rural. Rurol Life, Newman Club. BONESKE, RAY Lac du Flambeau Major: Rurol. Rural Life, Mixed Chorus. Intromurol Sports. CHECK, JOHN Rosholt Major- Rural. Rodio Work Shop, Rural Life, Intramural Sports. CURRY, NANCY Adams Major: Rural. Rurol Life, Mixed Chorus. Inter-Foith Council, W. S.G.A., Wesley. CAMPBELL, MARY Waupaca Major: Rural. Rural Life, Mixed Chorus, L.S.A. SSFERDON, JEAN S(tv«ni Point Mojort Rural. Comma Delto, Rural Ufa, Om ga Mu Chi, Frtikmon Class Secretary, Girl ' Glaa Club. HOLDING. PATRICIA Oneida Major: Rural, band. Rural life, Wesley, Y.W.C.A. HAAS, ELLA .. § Colby Major: Rural. Rurol life. Gam GERBER, FRANCES mo D "°- Adam Major: Rural. Rural Life, Radio Workshop, Pointer, Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Newman Club, College Theater. 56LEMIESZ, PHYLLIS Ripon Major: Rural. Mixod Chorus, Rural Life, Nowman Club. MARCHEL, JEAN Stevens Point Major: Rural. Band. Rural Life. McGOFF, BETTY Summit Loke Major: Rural. Rural Life, Girls Glee Club, Newman Club, Mixed Chorus, Bond. Student Council. MELZER, YVONNE Clintonville Major: Rurol. Gamma Delta, Rural Life. MEWS, JEAN Waupun Major: Rurol. Rurol Life, Gam-mo Delta. Mixed Chorus. MEWS, JOAN Waupun Major: Rural. Rural Life, Gam-mo Delto, Mixed Chorus. 57NOAH, BERNELDA Greenwood Major: Rural. Rural life. Girl Glee Club, Mixed Chorus. Home Economics Club, Trigon. PIPE, CARLA Amherst Major: Rurol. Rural life, Wesley. OLSON, GERALDINE Stevons Point Major: Rurol. Rural Life, Now-man Club. NULTY, HELEN Waupaca Major: Rural. Tau Gamma Beta, Primary Council, Rural life, W.R.A., Newman Club. 4 RACZEK, CAMILLE Knowlton Mojor: Rurol. Rural Life. r Lv _ REDMOND, ALICE Tomahawk Major: Rurol. Rural life, Newman Club. S8RUCINSKI, PHILIP Stevens Point Major: Rural. Rural llfo, Now-man Club. STASHEK, AGNES Milladore Major: Rural. Newman Club, Rural Ufa, Mined Chorus, Girls' Glee Club. TAYLOR, BARBARA Scandinavia Mojor: Rurol. Rural lifet Omega Mu Chi, Radio Workshop. TISCHENDORF, JANIS Colby Major: Rural. Rural Life, Gamma Delta. TOMFAHRDE, MARGARET, THORPE Auburndale Major: Rurol. Rurol life. Gamma Delto, Girls' Glee Club, Dorm Council. Y.W.C.A. WALLNER, LAURETTA Plainfield Mojor: Rural. Primary Council, Rural life, W.A.A., Wesley. S9WANKE, JOANN Stevens Point Major: Rural. Omega Mu Chi, Radio Workshop, Rural life, Newman Club. WILLIAMS, JOAN Bowler Major: Rural. Rural Life, Girls' Glee Club, Gamma Delta, W.S.G.A., W.R.A. HAGER, BARBARA Fenwood Major: Rural. Gamma Delta, Rural Life, Y.G.O.P. Sc+tiaM. Without Picture Case, David Curry, James Erickson, Iver Floistad. Alvina Fochs, John Goman, Loraine Guenther, Rona Hansen, Margaret Kalka, Harriet Ketchum, Helen Lecy, Raymond Mason, Lois Price, Blanche Queram, Norman Werner, Fern Wright. Clayton 600 « We Jlo-oJz Abound . . .Many days have come and gone, but we will always remember the fun we had at school functions, such as; The Sadie Hawkins Dance, where the Co-ed claimed the man of her heart; the Woodchopper's Ball, where the lumbering A K L man made his appearance. In the picture above, Mary Ann Smith has the situation well in hand, but Li'l Abner, Bill Cook may still be looking for a way out. For other activities, turn the page. 62«7 4e fyin t baye . . . Farewell to free time . . . Cheerful earful from Dr. Tolo . . . The last round up. 63 llte tyacuity deception Bird's eye view of the faculty ... A pause for refreshments . . . Laughs and chuckles from Miss Roach. 64Bottom Row: Shaofor, Schroodor. Uahy. Plillnor. Moll. Sonnonberg, Rickol. Top Row: Bloczynskl. Cull. Bonson. Abrahamson. Clayton, J.. Jamich. Brittnachor. Schlottman, Student Qcu e uunent Bottom Row: Hodgdon, Schumachor, Cab) , Long. Mr. Trytten Top Row: Jacobson, Gilbert, Olson, Zinglor 65Winter — Guam Winter — Wisconsin tynia+ufo. Item Qua+n Welcome, Felisa Borja 66Como se dice? and South Am iica Home Folks. Violeta Colina and Bertha Rodriguez greet Senor Mendoza, Minister of Education. Peru. The "Great American Man" fashioned by the senoritas.The Coronation . . . Mutual Admiration Society — Chairman Flint congratulating M.C. Lund . . . Votes for the Queen . . . The three lovelies . . . Hobos on parade. 68The traditional tinder . . . Milwaukee Gull's greeting . . . Homecoming Hoe down . . . Milwaukee's tender treatment . . . More Hoe down . . . Grand Old Players . . . Taking the cake . . . Alums dining with the Queen and her court. 69CSC musical troopers . . . On the rocks . . . Ding, Dong, Bell, Gulls are in the well . . . Homecoming floats and more floats. 70Football Schedule 1951 J '-“ wt« £CH ||V£ FAU.5 ? ocum MILWAUKEE 0CT.J7o OSHKOSH octiK puiI{v,ue i •;•:• ■ . i-jITi Cheerleaders, 51-52: Marge Smith, Rita Martens, Dorothy Gilbertson, Peggy Figel . . . Welcome to Girls' Dorm . . . Mr. Michelsen's pep rally . . . Ducking the foe . . . International car . . . Cheers from Jerry, Loma, Mary and Bill . . . The mascot. 71Christmas diners, Christmas cheer. Girl's Dorm? Has something new been added? flebo+t eMail 72 %Reception Committee, Fall tea (Formal). Reception Committee, (Informal). Miss Elstad, Ass't Director, and Mrs. Angel, Director, Nelson Hall. "We'll take the cake!" Willing workers on the Homecoming float. "Why don't we do this more often?" Mary's Christmas — tree and stars! 73"Say, Margaret, how do you break an egg?" Daily duties, Dolores Newhall. Studious student, Sally Connor. 'looming tJlouA l 74Bare facts of college life . . . Story hour . . . Appliications accepted . . . Recreation room . . . Dorm president's privileges. 75rU i+Uesi, tknouyh cametoA eye 76'WUite i Ut uiuCfU the AntiA L 0 0 0 In looking around among our fellow students, we have had the rare pleasure of finding a football hero, an active fullback, in the art room as well as on the athletic field. The above picture is a reproduction of a water color painting by Dave Bliese, and it is with regret that we could not also reproduce the wintery tones which were skillfully blended so that one could feel the soft quietness, typical of a first snow fall. 77Mulcc epxiAtmestt On© of the outstanding events of the holiday season is the Christmas concert presented by the Mixed Chorus and Girls' Glee Club under the direction cf Peter J. Michelsen. The Christmas pageant directed by Miss May Roach, and the stage settings supervised by Miss Edna Carlsten all contribute to male© it a memorable occasion. In addition to the Christmas concert, the glee club presents an Easter and a spring concert. The 1952 Spring Concert marked another step forward when the girls appeared for the first time in their new maroon and white robes. All these performances are indicative of the fine direction of Mr. Michelsen and the musical talents of the students. Mixed Glt uU Row 1: Lemiesz, Fehrenbach. Goo bo 1, Gruon. Charlesworth, Allen, Farris, Gotso, Zahradka. Zimmerman, Moll. Rothman. Tibbetts. Hold, B.. Boote, Pfiffner, Holstein. Row 2: Wysocki, Lano, Lawn©, Tallmadgo, Moister, Krell, Breyman. Fink, Potorsen. Brunner, Lettnor, Diver, Bahr. «... Row 3: Noah, Raaths, Jenson, D., Eido, Michaolis, Mueller. Church. Mueller, B., Nelson. B., Barrett, Korth. Nelson, Nelson, M., Abrahamson, Douvillo, Hoeft. Row A: Jacobus, Wosley, Holmgren, Bigalko, Schwoindler, Cook. Endle, Conway, Steuber, Boneske. Pautz, Thompson, Yentz, Hanson, McCauley, Swanke. Albrightson. 76Bottom Row: Ferdon, Fehrenbach, Mlada, Goebel. Gruen. McGoff, Rezniczek, Brittnacher, Held. Boole. Middle Row: O'Neill, Smith, M., Farri , Tallmadge, Nelson. M., Reineking, Clayton, J., Church House, Noah, McCauley. Top Row: Mueller, Ortlieb, Gerber, Zellingor, Ziebarth, Meister, Abrahamson. 79Row 1: Dahm», Hackbart, BooUchor, Moon. Rood, William . Eve , Mr. Knutzen. Do Guiro, Karl , Houor, Cook, Fairbort, Schultx, Abnoy. Row 2: Andorson, lonos, P.. Ross. Kohl , Matzke, Clayton. Wagner. !., Woodford, Kristianson, Schadowald. Mulady, Bruha, R., Gilbort, Timmler. Row 3: lacobu . Olson. McCandlo , Roda, Mayer, Ell loon, Ole on. Knutson. Papke, Cook. R., Parkin, Andorson. Schweindler. Row 4: Hoisor, Krueger, Wade, Ga ch, Grullng, Robinson. Dreschlor, Polka, Kussman, Purchatzke, EIlinq on. Krueger, Plank, Carl on. Pianist: Bertram Davie Me vL Cjlee. Club 80 llte. 2uasitet Gordon Fairbort. Rob rt Gilbert. Arlon Parkin. Don Schultz- 81Qinli' Qlee Glub Spring of 1952 found the Girls' Glee Club blooming forth in brand new robes of maroon and white, of which all at CSC are duly proud. Bottom Row: Fohronbach. Goebel. Gruen, Zahradka. Collins. Leitner. McGoff, Bahr, Nelson. M., Tallmadge, Douvilla, Stashek, Zellinger, Hiller, Mill. Thompson. D., Boote. Pfiffner. Middle Row: Ferdon, Farriss, Wysocki, Mlada, Eide, Kabat, Colrue, Korth, Zimmerman, Church, House, Nelson, J., Abrahamson, Bricco, Brittnacher, Weisen, Hoeft, Butts. Top Row: Mclntee, Allen, D., Lawrie, Richmond, Mueller, Nelson, B., Held, B., Schwentner, Williams, Piehl, Pautz, Reznicek, Petersen, Tibbetts, Mayer, Ziebarth, Breyman, Lehmann. Extreme Top: Ortleib, Smith, M., Cobb, McCauley, Schilling.Standing: Ringstad, L., Pierre, Glasel, Mayer, D., Trotier, Cutnaw, Way, Gruling, Silverman, Sannes, Check. Seated: Miss Hanson, Martens, Reda, Connor. Radio. tyJosJzAitQfL . . . Sb'Uae'i 7 John Mallow, Mr. Specht, A1 Long. 83The Winnahs! Sadie Hawkins Dance Lil Abner (Chuck Robinson) Daisy Mae (Nancy Goebel) Initiation of Y Dubs. Alice Tauchen, Lois Leber, Pledges; Lila Elmer. Bottom Row: Weber, Bartelt, Dahm. Toetzen, Schaefer. Middle Row: Polzin, R.f Isberner, Mlada, Peterson, Jones, H., Jones, J., Crook, Cuff. Top Row: Miss Moser, Adviser, Elmer, Tauchen, Lawrie, Fontaine, Fink, Jacobson, Sonnenberg, Holding, Benson, Sutton. yoiMUf fU o4we vL Glin.titia+i AiAotUcM a 84''ZuwiuiCf SosiCf, rWi canAi i" The painting in the picture above was presented to the music room of the Training school by the artist, Mrs. Allan Thomas. "Evening Song of Wisconsin" portrays the early music groups of the state, showing the hope and joy that newcomers found in the quiet country. Children of the Training school were used as models for the painting which has brought delight to all who use the music room. 8brLfou Uf RefUiAlicawL GLUi Calm candidate convincing a coed. Bottom Row: Hirzy, F., Bosacki, Hager, Byrne, Craig, Zellinger, Farris. Middle Row: Foster, Hoehne, Reed, Lecy, Clayton, W., Nickolai. Top Row: Moen, Polzin, J., Klein, Curry, J., Nagy, Cattanach. 86 SUuUtUf, Up to- KefcucaeA 87Play Directors and assistants, D. Rebella, S. Swanke, R. Francis, P. Sko-wronski, M. Miller, A. Domack . . . The Lamp Lighters, W. Cable, R. Papke . . . Setting the stage, D. Silverman, Miss Isaacson, W. Gage, W. Zick, S. Connors, W. Pierre, R. Gruling . . . Artists and Models, Shirley Jacobson, J. Miller, J. Suehring, H. Schumacher ... Top man E. McCand-less. QolUcje. UecUeA. . . . P lefUiAtUio+tA. — 88 1. "Twelve Pound Look" Rita Martens, Mary Lund. 2. "The Man in the Bowler Hat" Eleanor Curtis, Jerry Boettcher. 3. "Trifles" J. Miller, W. Ellis. B. Tibbetts, E. Farris, H. Schumacher. P o luctio+t4. 89Sharing the news at the Co-op . . . At tliz Gamfuti Gcufje . . . What a day! 90 piGood morning, at the Eat Shop. rWU ie Qood fyniestdU' Meet 8:14 at the Campus Cafe. 91GnasnstU+uj, fp QacutU . . . Don and Ray in search of "light" . . . The grim attack ... A study of study . .. Lost in the realm of art. . . Three mosquitos buzzing for an "A". 92Bottom Row: Erickson, I., Skalski, S., Przybylski, R. Middle Row: Rasmussen, J., Mansavage, F., Davis, L. Top Row: Okray, V., Spence, V., Haase, M. McUntenance. . . . 3 ocfot l ajj cMuman G ntfjOsU George V. Stien, Adam Rybicki, William Epright, Edward McLaughlin. 93Nuff Sed! . . . Mr. Lewis, Business Adviser, Miss Glennon, Editorial Adviser . . . F. De Guire, Editor, Dave Ross, Composition Editor, Pat O'Brien (in by a nose) Advertising Manager . . . Working Hard, W. Anderson, J. Mulady, J. Summers, A. Raaths, J. Czemiewski, R. Tallmadge, D. Johnson . . . Working Still, S. Sonnenberg, D. Ross, S. Kubisiak, L. Glasel, P. O'Brien, F. DeGuire, G. Holstein, P. Derge . . . "What's up?" P. Derge, F. DeGuire. 94Norma Mayer, Editor, working A. Long, Business Manager, with Mr. Eagon, Adviser . . . Mr. Tolo brings light into the cave . . . All play, no work at Iris office. I. Hirzy, Identification editor, L. Lovdahl, Ass't editor, Mr. Tolo, Business Adviser, E. Farris, Ass't Identification editor, M. Smith, Lay out editor . . . E. Bauer, Copy editor, Arline Meister, Mary Douville, picture scheduler, Helen Jones. 9596Athletic 9799r fyoothall Ml, BeieticU JUe Seadxxn • • • Mx. KuLJz Two facts about the 1951 football season stand out conspicuously. Number one was the weather, and number two was the way the games turned out. The first three ball games of the season were played in torrential rain. The other conspicous fact is that try as they might the Pointers could not win a game. Four of the scheduled seven games ended in ties, equalling a national record for ties in seven games. Tho other three games were lost by a total of fourteen points. However, the squad kopt coming back, fighting for every bit of gridiron turf, never yielding, always charging. Pointer backers can be more than proud of a team that never knew the word quit, even at the final gun. CSC 13 Michigan Tech CSC 7 La Crosse CSC 0 Whitewater CSC 7 River Falls CSC 13 Milwaukee CSC 0 Oshkosh CSC 6 Platteville 100Bottom Row: Baerenwald, Douglas, Du®, Karls, Koehn, Herman, Popeck, Wisllnsky, Hunter, Miller, N., Arnett, Foster, Manager. Middle Row: Hackbart, Krentz, Lindquist, Gilbert, M.. Buchholz. Brunsman, Samelstad, Sly. Dufour, Zwick, Schwartz. Obey. Purchatzice. B.. Bliese, Kulick. Top Row: Coach Ouandt, Dohlinger, Bostad. Brar.dt, Sanks, Foster, Joswiak. Andrews. Nelson, Cook. Mundt. Becker, Schommer. Jelinek, Junior, Hellner, Bemdt. Blie e cMoHJ ll It was way back in 1948, that CSC was blessed with two strapping youths from Wausau, Wisconsin. Both were products of the powerful Win Brockmeyer school of football. Though these facts are interesting in themselves, the important phase is the part these lads played in enhancing the fortunes of Central State athletics. Both fellows landed a regular berth on the '48 Pointer contingent, Dave Bliese at a halfback 8pot and Jerry Jelinek as a tackle. In the next three years the boys wore threats in the Pointer drive and in 1949 helped the Purple and Gold to a share of the Wisconsin State loop CT° I? was the 1951 season, however, that the Wausau duo really came into their own. Despite a team record that was not too impressive the conference coaches saw fit to place both Dave and Jerry on their top all-conference team, a fitting climax to their four years at CSC. 101BaAJzetlail ScOSlitUf ivitU Caaclt 2.uancLt atuL CS6 Gltei PoJJza atuL Hill Wacptesi Running, driving, charging, and winning; that was the CSC hardcourt onsemblo for 1951-52. Led by dependable seniors Chot Polka and Bill Wagnor, the Quandt cagers rang up fifteen wins against only six defeats, and at one time ran the victory skien to ten games. Among the Pointer victims were the state basketball powerhouses, Whitewater and St. Norberts. Both teams wore no match for our indomitable cagers on our home court as the Pointers by thrilling comebacks whippod the Quakers 79-76 and the Green Knights of St. Norberts in an overtime thriller of 64-61. The team had plenty of height under the boards and plenty of speed in the forecourt. But above all, thero was present the fight, spirit, and will to win when tangible advantages were against us. Time and again this drive netted us victories that were marked as defeats. Besides the sparkplugs, Polka and Wagnor, Coach Quandt had any number of capable men to insert in tho lineup at the crucial moment. Leading the Purple and the Gold to a successful soason were Ray Andorson, Dick Bochard, Los Thompson, Bob Bos tad, Fred Schadowald, Bob Blomiley, Phil Jones, Willie Herrick, Gene Sodorsten, Don Brewster, Nubbs Miller, Tom Ackerman and Jerry Boldig. Bottom Row: Polka, Miller, N., Helixon, Bostad, Anderson, R., Bechard. Top Row: Blomiloy, Ackerman, Jones, Thompson, L., Wagner, W., Schadowald, Boldig. 102Scored m CSC SO St. Norbert CSC 7i Northland CSC 72 MUton CSC •1 Mlchiqan Tech CSC •7 Winona CSC 7S Oshkosh CSC 71 Plattevllle CSC 70 Camp McCoy CSC 72 MUton CSC 64 St. Norbert CSC 74 Stout CSC 63 La Crosse CSC 71 Milwaukee CSC 65 Whitewater CSC 44 Oshkosh CSC 70 Plaltoville CSC 67 Superior CSC 67 River Falls CSC 72 Winona CSC 62 Milwaukee CSC 79 Whitewater TEAM MANAGERS Gerald Baerenwald, Kenneth Foster. 103Gn il Gotuttsuf. Cross Country: McNamara. Holding. Jacobsen. Coach Crow. "g" euu Top Row: Krentz. Berkhahn. Ullsbergor. Gilbert. Koehn, Karls. Douglas. Jacobsen, Clayton. Middle Row: Schommor. Anderson. Polka, Wagner. Zwolinski, Dehlinger. Bottom Row: Miller, N.. Baerenwald, Tanner, Popeck, DeGuire, Sanks. 107W. ?. A. "£ tu e SUoW' 9 duimu iaL Play Sail! 20SW'leAtLtUf . Brandt. Gilbert, Junior, Foster. Karls, tackling high school opponent, Jerry Menzel. A new sport made a brief appearance in the gymnasium of CSC this year. When John Roberts, newly appointed football and track coach, came to our college, he brought with h rr. a plan to introduce intercollegiate wrestling. The squad, numbering twenty men. conducted nightly workouts in the college gym. and a meet was arranged witn Ripon. which has been for many years a power in the Midwest Conference. The Pointer grapplers made a very creditable snowing and dropped a close 17-13 decision. Coach Roberts was tremendously pleased with the Interest and the results shown in this embryonic sport. 109 l acJz Coach (lobesiii Coach 2ua tcLt Top Row: Miller, N., Rucinski. Brandt, Andrews, Cook, W.. Becker. Dineen. Baerenwald. Bottom Row: McNamara, Jacobsen, Hackbart, Marquard. Wislinsky, Polxin, Sandberg. 110Journal Relays: Murquard, Hackbart, McNamara, Jacobson. Under the guiding eye of a new coach, CSC thinclads competed In a full season of eight meets. Coach John Roberts started his charges on the cinder paths before the winter snow disappeared. The season began with a new innovation, an inter-class meet, on the 25th of April and proceeded to a climax with the state meet in Milwaukee oa the 24th of May. A new opponent was added to the CSC ledger when the Pointer "thinlies" met famous Lawrence College of the Midwest Conference at Appieton on the 3rd of May. The annual opponents. Oshkosh, Whitewater. Michigan Tech. St. Norbert, Eau Claire, and River Falls collaborated to make the season an interesting one. The famed Journal Relays held at the Milwaukee Arena on the 1st of February drew a team from CSC for competition in the Small College Relays. The baton was carried for the Purple and Gold by Rhody Marquard. Roy Hackbart, Bart McNamara, and the state wide two mile champion, Ed Jacobsen. CwMAiny the Boa On you Ready . . Qa! ill letuul lkH way, Working undor two great handicaps, unpredictable spring weather and lack of practice space, Coach Bernard Wiovel sent to the courts a tennis squad whoso spirited play provided fans with plenty of thrills. The team, after finally getting out in the open, practiced and played their home matches on the Hardware Mutual clay court. Play opened on April 26th with the Pointers traveling to Appleton to moot Lawrence College. Bottom Row: Polka, Duo, Samolstad, Caso. Top Row: Eves, Cook, R., Sommers, Johnson. R. 112Ullsperger, DeGuire, Polzin, Schweindler. Following the practice of the other sports, the golf squad worked under the direction of a new coach this year. Headed by Coach Hale Quandt, the Pointer contingent shot their pars and birdies at the Whiting Country Club course in preparation for six encounters. Furnishing the opposition were Lawrence College, Oshkosh, St. Norberts, and Michigan Tech with all the meets except St. Norberts played on the opponents' courses. The season ended on May 24th with the conference schools in the state meeting at Oshkosh. 113AtltleteJi tyeat • . . 2)ey 2 one 114Gollecje JleiteAA. and Science. BaclteioA. of AUi Bachelor of Science I itefi hc unanA in deAj lafLtne+it afj Central State. The College of Letters and Science was created by the Board of Regents in the spring of 1951. This new step in the development of Central State was taken to increase the opportunity for Wisconsin citizens to receive education leading to the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees. The aims of the general courses in this college are, first, to provide the student with sound education in social studies, sciences, languages, and humanities which will prepare him to be a well informed citizen qualified for responsibilities and leadership in our democratic society; and second, to provide the basic training for professional, technical, and graduate studies. Approximately three hundred and fifty students have registered in Letters and Science this year. Many of these will soon transfer to the Divisions, which train students for teaching in the public schools. Others will continue their training for entrance to professional and technical schools. Still others will graduate with the Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree and continue their studies in graduate schools of research and scholarship. Already fourteen students, who had arranged their courses in anticipation of these degrees, have graduated and are now working in private business, or studying for advanced degrees, or are scattered around the world in the military services. As many more will be added to the list of Letters and Science graduates this June. 115 Warren JenkinsGaniuUatian tuith the jbecut 116Alpha Gamma members, John Mallow and Frank DeGuire with adviser, Raymond Specht. cJlona'iG uf' OteftMiyatiostl 117 Bottom Row: Kohls, Drow. Dlotscho, Eves, Todd, Cook. Schumachor. Middle Row: Frooba, Hall, Bossier, Rhode. Wilde, Helgerson, Kellogg, Soldi. Top Row: Joswiak, Gilbert, B., Blackman. Martell. Spaulding, Schneeberg, Jensen. ALplta Kafifxa Xamluia . . . llpJta Qa tutta Bottom Row: Nagy, Clayton, W., Sonnes. Middle Row: Kruoger, Papke. Byrne, Kellogg. Flint. Top Row: Bartosz, Kussman. Mozuch, Olsen. D., Long, Polzin. J. 118Bottom Row: Douville, Nelson, B., Mr. Michelsen, Fehrenbach. Top Row: Gruen, Anderson, L., Endle, Miller, L., Goebel. AlpUa fcofxpa Rita . . . College HtecU i Bottom Row: Skowronski, Rezniczek, Silverman, Boettcher, Butts, Domack, A. Top Row: Gruling, Rebella, Suehring, Kampenga, Martens, Connor, Dreschler. 119Bottom Row: Rebella, Hodgdon, Fischer, Connor, Popeck, Swanke. Top Row: Moore, Jacobson, Jones, Mr. Knutzen, Byrne, Skowronski, Mr. Burroughs, Miss Davis. SIGMA TAU PLEDGES Popeck, J., Hodgdon, C., Fischer, V., Connor, S. Stigma au jbelta 120Top Row: Douglas, K., Sommers, Bauman, Holstein, Clark. Pfiffner, Greaton. Mulady. Bottom Row: Cook, W., Andrews, O.. Behrendt. Freiberg, Vissers, Bruha. I. Top Row: Mr. Faust, Mr. Boylan, Hoffman, Wilder, Nikolai, Borchardt Bottom Row: Long, Richmond, Kampenga, Schmeeckle. Garbrecht, Mr. Trytten Sujma fieta Mr. Boylan, Douglas, Sommers 121RelufiauA. QntfCHiiycUicMiA 122Qamma jbelta Bottom Row: Pastor Wunderlich, Ferdon, Mayor. N., Bauer, Lane. Chrittoffersen, Bultke, L., Kuhnke. Middle Row: Falrbort, Williams, Haai, Mown, Joan. Mows. Joan, Teetzon, Za»trow, Bruha, J. Top Row: Buttke, R., Moen, Grullng, Baerenwald. Bruha, D., Ross, Heisor. Bottom Picture .. ...... _ Bottom Row: Motster, Raath», Boettcher, Moll. Bugas, Kohls, Suring, Cram. Middle Row: Muellor, Hackbart. Habeck. Smith J.. Martens. Ziebarth, Hottman. Teetisn, Colrus. Top Row: Zingler, Jones, J., Lovdahl. Lehmann. Hoffmann, Tischendorf. Weber, Voight, Kalepp, Carlson. 123£. S. A. t Row 1: Holm, Garbrecht, Abrahamson, Thompson, O'Neill Row 2: Olson, Thompson, D., Barrett. Bullock, McLees, Albrlahtson Row 3: Rev, Orvis Hanson, Iverson, Diver, Broten, Paulson, Anderson, W. Row 4: Meyer, Sault, Reed, Cook, Abrahamson, Kristianson, Olsen Wcufland Way land, a group that was camera shy this year, represents the Baptist element on the campus. Emil Richetto, first semester president and Connie Gage, second semester president, kept the group active by promoting a series of Bible studies, a Thanksgiving banquet and a trip to Soule's Convalescent Home to sing for the old folks at Christmas time. Miss Jessiemae Keyser is the faculty adviser while Mr. J. L. Pickett is spiritual councelor. 124Top Picluro Row 1: Pfiffner, Rodriguez, Borja, Lindquist, Bauman, Dreschler, Welniak, Douville. Row 2: Hartleb, Pierre, Charlesworth, Colina, Gerber, Sazama, Baumer, Langfeldt. Row 3: Leahy, Huetl, Weisbrot, Karls, Krumm, Zukoski, Roberts, Panke, Farris. Row 4: Miss Roach, Turzenski, Ampe, Wenzel, Wesley, Polka, Rothamer, Schumacher, Nikolay, G. Bottom Picture Row 1: Wagner, M., Meyer, Dineen, Reda, Wagner, I., Sommers, Biechler, Landowski. Row 2: Wilk, Roseth, Rozak, Polivka, Redmond, Miller, Palmer, Waaner, J., Bertz. Row 3: Bauman, Gravitter, Ortliob, Kearns, Hazelwood, Hackel, Nelson, J., Allen, K. Row 4: Schultz, Thurston, Lebrick, Rataczak, Forth, Forth, Steckbauer Butts, Schroeder, J. fieuutuut GUiM. Row 1: Foster, J., DeGuire, Reinholt, Fox, McGoff, Nicholai, Koehn, Brunsman. Row 2: Benjamin, Leitner, Elsen, Stankevich, Krell, Lemiesz, Curran, Lensmire. Row 3: Czerniewski, Derge, Summers, Brittnacher, Schuelke, Gossage, Schroeder. C., Bricco, Lange. Row 4: Staschek, Berglin, Geise, Figel, Zahradka, Collins, Schlottman, Domack, Domack, A., Yentz. 125 Row 1: Schweindler, Sorensen, Williams, Wade, Tozer, Cook, R. Row 2: Gilbert, Heuer, Dr. Lyness, Butler, Rev. Vander Graff, Douglas, K. Row 3: Mr. Lewis, Holding, Schadewald, Tanner, Douglas, D., McCandless, Zick, Wolfe, Schneeberg, Kellogg Sujma iteia CfKUlosi . . . Middle Row: Tauchon, Bea, Curtis, Craig, Dahm. Top Row: Gerner, Clayton, W., Papke, Zellinger. 126Bottom Row: Smith, Marguerite, Wilde, R., Polzin, R., Heuer, Gruen, Cook, R., Pautz. Top Aow: Edmund, Kellogg, Schneeberg, Butler, G., Gilbert, B., Don Warner, Mrs. Don Warner. 'W iley Bottom Rov : Clark, G., Schweindler, Thirkill. Middle Row: Tallmadge, Bartelt, Warner, K., Court, Dr. Lyness, Warner, D., Moe, Smith, Mary Ann, Warner, P., Eide. Top Row: House, Gilbert, C., Isberner, Douglas, Rev. Jans Vander Graff, Sorensen, Benson, Sutton, Court, Williams, J., Cuff. 127OutesifcuUt Council The members of the Interfaith Council are representatives of religious organizations that aim to create closer unity between the campus religious groups. With the help of its adviser, Dr. Trytten, the council sponsored the Thanksgiving assembly and other projects to stimulate interest in church attendance. Seated: Curry, N., Mr. Trytten, Weisen, Isbernor. Standing: Gruen, Kristiansen, Davies, N., Sorensen, Nyberg, Richetto. 128 Ue QrieeJzb 129Omec a Mu GUi Row 1: Fehrenbach, Cuff, Figel, Fischer. Row 2: Robertson, Pinkerton, Swanke, Scribner, Held, M., Tibbetts, Thompson, Donna, Bens Sarbacker, Obey. The Omega Mu Chi sorority organized in 1926 is distinguished by colors of violet and yellow and is known for its friendliness to all. The Omegas contributed to school life through their annual Christmas Knitting Bazaar, Fall Tea and a prize winning Homecoming float. The Intersorority formal dance, in cooperation with the Tau Gams and Psi Betas, was one of the highlights of the year's activities. 130Row 3: Sutton, Wank©, Bruner, Hanson. B., Sonnonborg, Jacobson, Goebel, Crosby, Corliss, Raaths, Knope, Ferdon. Row 4: Sannos, Zarda, Jersey. Holstein, Petersen, Krell. As president, Beverly Tibbetts led the girls through the first semester. During the second semester, president Joan Fehrenbach guided the group through second semester activities which included the colorful "Come to the Omega Mardi Gras" rushing party. The pride and joy of the group is the newly purchased five piece silver service, pattern Remembrance. 131Row 1: Kuhnko. Sazama. Allen, Zastrow Row 2: Moiater. Ziebarth. Miss Keyed. Mrs. Specht. Lxjwrie. Pautx Pii Beta Pii Founded in 1950, the Betas celebrated their first year of activity in the whirl of campus social life and school affairs. Their busy year began during orientation week with a skit for the new students and continued through the Homecoming festivities. Pledging began early in the spring and the new members donned chicken rings and the name of "Ispbeta" until the pledge period was ended by a formal dinner to the theme of "Shtfwboat". 122Row 3: Polivka, Reinoking, Edmund. Baumer, Landowski. Schultz. Schilling. Teetzen. Mueller. Pierre Row 4: Schaefer. Panke, Mclntee. Isberner. Lovdahl President Beverly Ziebarth guided the group throughout the year. "Mischief", the annual winter tea was an encouraging success, and the girls of the peach and green climaxed their year with the traditional all school "Court Dance". In cooperation with the Tau Gams and Omegs, the girls sponsored an Intersorority picnic of fun for all. 7cut Qanutia Beta Row 1: Newhall, Jones. M., Leahy, Moll Row 2: Lund, Douville, Farris, Holm, Miss Winkler, Miss Van Arsdale, Lane, Abrahamson, Hartleb, Clark Organized in 1909, the Tau Gams have maintained a prominent position on the campus. Their enthusiastic participation in the campus activities is indicative of the sorority's loyalty to its Alma Mater. Some of the Tau Gam traditions include their annual Fall Tea, Homecoming float and Alum dinner. During the pledging seasons the pink and blue sorority colors in the form of ribbons became familiar sights to all students. 134Row 3: Pfiffner, Nulty, Thompson, D., Elmer, Nelson, B., Curtis, Bauman, Rebella, Jarnick, Byrne, Zellinger, Aronson, Marios, V. Row 4: Johnson, D., Mayer, N., Bea, Gruen, Christolfersen, Dehlinger, B., Weisbrot, Kearns, O'Neill. Jeanette Holm and Mary Douville, first and second semester presidents respectively, led the group through the year. The spring rushing featured a Tau Gam "Hatte Shoppe". One of the final activities of the year was the "Cotton Swirl", which was an informal dance supplemented by a floor show. 135Bottom Row: Muiady. Boettcher. Ulliperger. Sandberg. Zukoski. Jacobsen Top Row: Rues 11, Johnson, R , Schadewald. Cook, Bruha, J., Paulson. R-. Relnholdt Qlti belta HU 136The Chi Delts, who elected Bill Cable and A1 Long as first and second semester presidents respectively, had another very busy year. Their active pledglings kept them hopping, and their rousing cheers at the basketball and football games gave the whole school added pep. Some of their other activities included a spirited basketball team, sponsorship of a Coffee Hour, and Homecoming participation. Bottom Row: Flint, Fairbert, De Guir©, Gilbert, Olson, Greaton Top Row: Hoffman, Bruha, R., Jelinek, Rindfleisch, Cable, Mallow, Long, Wad© 137Plu Suf+na £fUilo+t 138Bottom Row: Wilkenson, Zwolinskl, Polzin, E., Anderson, R., Chick. Top Row: Lindquist, Turzenski, Brunsman, Bartcsz, Cacic. The Phi Sigma Epsilon fraternity, Kappa chapter of the national fraternity, has had another active year. Homecoming activities, pledging both semesters, their annual style show, and publishing their new alumni paper, the Kappa Khatter, are among their many activities. Leading the group as presidents during the year were Richard Turzenski and Frank Schmidler. Mr. Wievel, Mr. Michelsen, and Mr. Burroughs are the advisers. 139Bottom Row: Mr. Steiner, Swanko, Long, Holm. Top Row: Fehrenbach, Douville, Mallow, Edmund, Turzenski, Ziebarth. Q iee.k. Qouetutment i Seated: Brunner, Tibbetts, Swanke, Panke, Mrs. Pfiffner, Newhall, Holm. Standing: Thompson, Dorothy, Ziebarth, Lawrie. 140Tau Gam's Fall Tea, Mrs. Faust, pouring. Behind the scenes with Eleanor and Phyl. Star light, Star bright. First star I see tonight! Gordy's best hand. Pie Sig's, Miss Meston and Miss Hanson at Omeg Tea. 141I j I 1 Chaperones. President Hansen, Dean Steiner, Miss Van Arsdale, Mrs. Steiner, Mrs. Hansen, Miss Glennon. Stairway to the Stars, Inter Sorority Formal. Nixfltt aUth the, 142 Moving day, Delzell Hall . . . Among famous names . . . Lesprit follets . . . Chi Delts climbing high . . . Gobs of mud . . . Three Ispatebs . . . Phi Sigs flying low. 143Senior Hall Qosi o-n tycUbbant; 2uee t, Hetty KuAAesiaiv 144IJuuiOA. P 104 1 Ki Uf flack Pa peck; 2uee+t Masuflin Qollape 145f Jlcuyi+Uf the Gasmen. Sterne belyell eMail 146 7Ae "QoveA+t i a+td rf-amiltf." Mr». Eagon. Mr. Eagon, director of Delxell Hall and children. Baby John and Brian. belyell JtcUl 147Steuenb Paint Manned gA QSG Mao-eA tya'icua'idt £imi Cottacje . . . 1915 Alma Mcrfeti . . . 1906 1482 auA e cvi ftatlti+Uf! Bart McNamara, our genial, gratuitious photographer, always responded with a confident grin when he received his many and varied assignments, but during Hell Week he merely groaned, "Aye, aye, Sir", when he saw his order "Double or nothing." But in true McNamara fashion he produced — and gave double trouble by finding on the campus four sets of twins. We're still wondering if they are properly identified. Top Row: John Bruha, Charlotte Forth, l ona Forth, Richard Bruha. Bottom Row: Gene Paulsen, Jean Mews, Joan Mews, Robert Paulsen. 149 7lte m§ Stall Norma Mayer, Editor Lillian Lovdahl, Assistant Editor Alvin Long, Business Manager lack Popeck, Advertising Manager Copy Eunice Bauer, Mary Ann Smith, Joann Cuff, Jo Burhdorf, Lois Weber, Arline Meister, Ruth Charlesworth, Mary Bartelt, Betty Crook Layout Identification Ilse Hirzy, Ethel Farris, Mary Wesley Photography Bart McNamara, John Behrendt, Bill Schweindler, Dorothy Gerner Mary Douville, Picture Scheduler Richard Francis, Picture Adviser Art Marguerite Smith Helen Jones Shirley Kubisiak Diane Seif Sports Bart McNamara, Jack Popeck, Henry Dreschler Typists Alice Tauchen Arline Meister Business A1 Long, James Mulady, Judy Clayton Advertising Jack Popeck Marguerite Smith Advisers Editorial Business Art Photography Burdette W. Eagon Harold M. Tolo Edna Carlsen Gilbert W. Faust 150Mcutif, thamkl ta all calta made tlUi baoJz jzalAikle. 7he Stall- 1S1faculty Pages 13 to 18 WILLIAM C. HANSEN - President Graduate, Stevens Point State Normal School; B.S., M.S., University of Wisconsin. BESSIE MAY ALLEN — Home Economics Graduate, Iowa State Teachers College; B.S., M.A., Columbia University. MONICA E. BAINTER - Physics, Mathematics A. B., College of Saint Teresa; M.A., University of Minnesota. ESTHER BERNDT - Kindergarden B. E., Central State Teachers College RICHARD BERNDT — Assistant Coach B.S., Central State Teachers College KENNETH W. BOYLAN - Mathematics Graduate, Stevens Point State Normal School; B. S., M.A., University of Minnesota. LELAND M. BURROUGHS - English, Speech A. B., Wabash College; Graduate King's College of Oratory, Pittsburgh; M.A., University of Michigan. EDNA CARLSTEN - Art B. A.E., Teacher Training Course, Chicago Art Institute. SUSAN E. COLMAN - Director, Primary Education Graduate, Superior State Normal School; Ph.B., Ph.M., University of Wisconsin. FRANK W. CROW - History A.B., B.S. in Ed., Northwest Missouri State Teachers College; Ph.M., University of Wisconsin. EDITH P. CUTNAW - Junior High School Supervisor Graduate, Oshkosh State Normal School; Ph.B., Ripon College; Ph.M., University of Wisconsin. MILDRED DAVIS — Foreign Languages A. B., M.A., State University of Iowa. LEAH L. DIEHL - Fourth Grade Supervisor Graduate, Milwaukee State Normal School; Ph.B., M. A., University of Chicago. QUINCY DOUDNA - Director, Rural and Upper Elementary Education B. A., Carroll College; M.A., Ph.D., University of Wisconsin. BURDETTE W. EAGON - Sixth Grade Supervisor B.S., Oshkosh State Teacher, M.S., University of Wisconsin. AROL C. EPPLE - Biology B.S., M.S., University of Wisconsin. GILBERT W. FAUST - Chemistry B.S., M.S., University of Wisconsin. BERTHA GLENNON - English Graduate, Stevens Point State Normal School; A.B., M.A., University of Wisconsin. RAYMOND E. GOTHAM - Director, Training School Graduate, Superior State Teachers College; B.S., Ph.M., Ph.D., University of Wisconsin. ALICE HANSEN - Fifth Grade Supervisor B.E., Whitewater State Teachers College; M.S., University of Wisconsin. GERTIE L. HANSON - Geography, Radio Graduate, La Cross State Normal School; Ph.B., Ph.M., University of Wisconsin. ALBERT E. HARRIS - Philosophy, Psychology, Education B.E., La Crosse State Teachers College; Ph.M., University of Wisconsin. 152NELS O. REPPEN - Education, Social Studies A.B., M.A., Ph.D., University of Wisconsin. RAYMOND M. RIGHTSELL - Director, Secondary Education; Physics A. B., Indiana State Normal College; M.A., University of Cincinnati. MARGARET RITCHIE - Assistant Librarian B. A., Carlton College; B.S.L.S., University of Illinois. MAY M. ROACH — Rural Education Graduate, Stevens Point State Normal School; B.S., University of Minnesota. JOHN ROBERTS — Instructor, Physical Education, Football and Track B.S., M.S., University of Wisconsin. MARY S. SAMTER - First Grade Supervisor Graduate, Stevens Point State Normal School; B E., Western Illinois State Teachers College; M.A., University of Iowa. FRED J. SCHMEECKLE — Conservation B.S., A.B., State Teachers College, Kearney, Nebraska; M.S., Clark University. RAYMOND E. SPECHT — Geography B.S., Oshkosh State Teachers College; M.A., Clark University. HERBERT R. STEINER - Dean of Men, History Graduate, Stevens Point State Normal School; Ph.B., Ph.M., University of Wisconsin. HAROLD M. TOLO - History A. B., Luther College; A.M., University of Minnesota; Ph.D., University of Illinois. ROLAND A. TRYTTEN — Chemistry B. A., St. Olaf College; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin. MARY M. ULLMAN - Junior High School Supervisor B.E., Central State Teachers College; Ph.M., University of Wisconsin. GLADYS VAN ARSDALE - Third Grade Supervisor Graduate, Iowa State Teachers College; A.B., Iowa State Teachers College; M.A., Columbia University. BERNARD F. WIEVEL — Conservation, Industrial Arts B.E., Platteville State Teachers College; M.S., Ph.D., Iowa State College. MILDREDE L. WILLIAMS - Second Grade Supervisor B.A., Iowa State Teachers College; M.A., Columbia University. EMILY WILSON — Home Economics B.S., Kansas State Teachers College; M.S., Kansas State College; Ph.B., University of Chicago. CECILIA WINKLER - Supervisor of the Rural Training School B.E., Central State Teachers College SIDONE ANDERSEN - Secretary, Record Office JOANNE CERNEY - Secretary, Record Office TOULA MARROS - Secretary, Main Office GRACE PEHOSKI - Secretary, Main Office CAROLYN G. ROLFSON - Administrative Assistant MARIE SWALLOW Secretary, Training School ROBERTA VAUGHN - Secretary DR. H. A. ANDERSON - Physician for the College MARY NEUBERGER - College Nurse 153HELEN M. HEEL — Music Supervisor B.S., State Teachers College, Gorham, Maine; M.Music., University of Michigan. PAULINE ISAACSON - History, Speech B.E., River Falls State Teachers College; M.A., University of Wisconsin. WARREN G. JENKINS - History A.B., Miami University; M.A., Ph.D., University of Wisconsin. DOROTHY CHRISTIE KAMPENGA -Training School Library A.B., University of Michigan. Part-time assistant. NELIS R. KAMPENGA - Librarian A. B.L.S., A.M.L.S., University of Michigan. JESSIEMAE KEYSER B. A., Muskingun College; M.S., University of Wisconsin NORMAN E. KNUTZEN - English Graduate, Stevens Point State Normal School; A.B., M.A., Lawrence College. MARTHA LOSS - Supervisor, Rural Demonstration School B.S., Penn State College; Ph.M., University of Wisconsin. ROBERT S. LEWIS - Geography B.A., B.S., M.A., University of Wisconsin. ARTHUR S. LYNESS - Biology B.S., Kansas State Teachers College; M.S., Ph.D., University of Iowa. SYBLE E. MASON — Assistant Librarian B.E., Central State Teachers College; Diploma, University of Wisconsin Library School; M.S., University of Illinois. BEATRICE MERKOFER - Education, Mathematics B.S., in Ed., Ohio State University; M.S., Ohio State University. HELEN MESTON — Home Economics B.S., Doane College; B.S., M.A., Columbia University. PETER J. MICHELSEN - Director of Music Graduate of the Seminary, the Military School of Music, and the Music Conservatory of Oslo, Norway; Graduate of the Vander-Cook School of Music, Chicago. MIRIAM MOSER — Physical Education B.S., La Crosse State Teachers College. JOSEPH MOTT - Philosophy, Psychology B.S., State Teachers College, Kirks-ville, Missouri. IRVING F. MOZUCH - Rural Demonstration School Supervisor B.S., B.E., Central State Teachers College. O. FLOYD NIXON - Mathematics A. B., Indiana University; M.A., University of Chicago; Ph.D., Ohio State University. ELIZABETH PFIFFNER - Dean of Women, History Graduate, Stevens Point State Normal School; B.E., Central State Teachers College; Ph.M., University of Wisconsin. BURTON R. PIERCE - Principal, Junior High School Graduate, Stevens Point State Normal School; Ph.B., Ripon College; M.A., University of Iowa. EDGAR F. PIERSON - Biology B. S., Iowa Wesleyan College; M.S., Ph.D., University of Iowa. HALE F. QUANDT — Director, Inter-Collegiate Athletics; Physical Education Graduate, River Falls State Normal School; B.A., University of Iowa; M.A., University of Michigan. 154This seal is being used by Hardware Mutuals to commemorate the 200th anniversary of mutual insurance which is being celebrated this year. Take a Tip From Ben Franklin 200 years ago on March 25, 1752, Benjamin Franklin pioneered an idea. It resulted in the founding of the first successful mutual insurance company in America. 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STORES, INC Cabinet work Millwork Insulation Paint IB Roofing Lumber Glass STEVENS POINT, WIS. 247 N. 2nd St. Phone 1304 317 Main St. Phone 790 Stevens Point ALL BERGS say that At TCHSORG'S PAW products arc the best. "We Freeze to Please" 157 ml FURNITURE HANNON'S DRUGS CORPORATION • Prescriptions • Cosmetics O Luncheons 0 Drugs Stevens Point. Wisconsin • Gilts • Photographic Equipment "Across from the Fox Theater" Fine Furniture For Children Since 1897 KARP'S BOOTERY COMPLIMENTS of "The store of personalized shoe fitting" ROSTRA FURS The complete family shoe store . . . KARP'S BOOURV Stevens Point — Wls. Rapids "On Stevens Point's famous Market Square" 1S8And what better companion could anyone have than a handy picnic cooler filled with delicious Coca-Cola. It's a sure way to travel refreshed. Compliments of GOODMAN'S • Watch repairing • Pearl restringing jewelers 418 Main Street STEVENS POINT. WIS. the GAMBLE sme Even the wise old owl knows That the CONTINENTAL is the place for Clothes. GLOVES. SCARFS and HOSIERY too; The dollars you pay are just a few. TNE CONTINENTAL CCOTNING COMPANY "Across from the Fox Theatre" 408 Main St. Phone 1548 159Children . . EMMONS Stationery and Office Supply Co. and grown-ups. enjoy smooth FISHER'S ice-cream as well as their other fine dairy products. e snen's daw Distributers of the L. C. SMITH — CORONA 122 N. 2nd St. Phone 1902 PORTABLE TYPEWRITER 'The World's Fastest Portable Typewriter" CONGRA TOLA TtONS CLASS OF 1952 160SORENSON'S FLOWER SNOP See Your Friendly Florist for HOME GROWN FLOWERS BIG SHOE STORE Your headquarters for famous nationally advertised footwear: Sport Pals. Friskies, Lolos. Dreensteps. 419 Main St. Stevens Point "CENTRAL WISCONSIN'S LARGEST UNDERSELLING SHOE STORE" MAD AT HIGH PRICES? You'll save money at SOUTH SIDE SPORT SHOP The best sportsmen do confide, that they stop at the sport shop on the south side. 813 Strongs Ate. Phone 2156 161BOSTON NtGBOR We feature: FURS "Wisconsin's Largost Furriers" Joe ms Simmons • Lullahye Kroehler • EAU CLAIRE Philco Thayer Lee's floor coverings • MILWAUKEE O GREEN BAY • STEVENS POINT 430 Main St. Phono 2S0 • MANITOWOC • MADISON • WAUSAU • BERLIN Wisconsin PUBLIC SERVICE corpora tion 162THANK YOU for the business you have given us! And cordial greetings from the people at PARKINSONS Clothes for Men For the finest tasting meats, poultry, sea food and sausages shop at PEtCKERVS MEAT MARKET Phone 68 For rmington’s QtmAQjL' ‘'’thorough CLEANING rmington’s • • • » h o r o u g h LAUNDERING Phone 380I COMPL] AM OF THE TS SPORT SHOP "Say It with Flowers' J. A. WAL TBR HOR ST Plants and cut flower arrangements with distinction 110 N. Michigan Ave. Phone 1629 “Better From Vetter” Phone 87 m VimR MANUFACTURING COMPANY 164Home of Old Cabin duztu on COMPANY BRt TtNSTt N COMPANY Roofing, Siding, Paint, Plaster, Cement, Nails, Farm Machinery, Feed, Coal and Coke, Fire Tender Stokers Distributors of PHILLIPS 66 Gasoline 217 Clark St. Phone 57 amt NS NATIONAL MOCAND BROS. BANK TRUCKING COMPANY "Keep Your Freight Rollin' Ship via Moland" 425 Main St. Phone 77 Phone 252 165 FOX AND IYRTC THEATERS JOE'S All MODERN Your Friendly Fox theatres extend their YELLOWSTONE congratulations to the graduating class HOTEL CABINS of 1952 1 Mile East of the College on 10 Want Ads in the SHViNS POINT DAILY JOURNAL Are so easy to order! SIMPLY CALL 2000 Ask for Miss Adtaker Special Low Subscription rates for all Servicemen and Servicewomen, Fine Printing Newspaper Office — 114 North Third (Open during noon hour) Printing Department — 116 North Third (Closed during noon hour and all day Saturday) 166WOMEN'S. MISSES and JUNIORS wearing apparel. BROCK ENGRAVING CO. Madison, Wisconsin Extends congratulations to the graduating class of 1952 187C'Cnytatulaticns CAMPBSLL'S ytaJ-uatiny DSPT. STOPS • TAYLORS Elevator Service DRUG STORES and 111 Strongs Ave. 752 Church St. Air Conditioned PHONE 3 PHONE 49 Tw For Graduation Photos (Or Any Other Type ol Picture) We're the ones to See! Wide Selection of Proofs. Prompt Service. Reasonable Prices. Satisfaction Guaranteed PHILLIP'S STUDIO C Glasdz PHOTOGRAPHERS 414 Main St. Phone 2507 168STEVENS POINT BEVERAGE COMPANY — Point Special Beer — Orange Crush, Lemmy and other High Grade Soft Drinks Phone 61 STOP! If you need Carpeting, Linoleum, Window Shades, Venetian Blinds. Come in and see the outstanding quality and Workmanship that we can offer you. m ho Ate FURNISHINGS INC, 121 North Second Street Member Federal Reserve and F.D.I.C. After graduation you will be on your own and earning money. What would be better than a savings account at the First National? Even though the amount with which you open your account may be small, it is an important step toward building for your future. No matter where you locate, you can carry your account with us by mail. We have many customers who do not live here but still carry their accounts with us. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Stevens Point 169 Capital Surplus $400,000. Resources over $8 millionm ENJOY THE BEST A 0 ' SCRIBNERS DAIRY 1 mile East on 10 College Eat Shop The Finest in Town Dinners Short Orders Fountain Service Across Main from Nelson Hall I 170Best Wishes to those who are graduating m COLLEGE COUNTER LOOK YOUR BEST Shop For Your Complete Wardrobe At MONTGOMERY WARD DOR WARRBR STUDIO FOR FINE PHOTOGRAPHY Across From the College 171 ( olvinators adios vorything in hardware M aytag washers icycles £ ensible prices Otte ileek Jewelry - Gifts Expert Jewelry Watch Repairing HARDWARE 442 Main Si. Tel. 2031 "On the Famous Market Square" STEVENS POINT. WIS. WHITING-PLOVER PAPER CO. Stevens Point, Wis. Manufacturers of rj' jsf ji zeft zee 2 h Vfj'J and Keebord Papers 172It is a pleasure to work with the Iris Staff, planning the details that are necessary to produce a better "IRIS'. We at National Bookbinding Co. located in Stevens Point, are proud that we can offer the most comprehensive cover and bindery service in the midwest. The large increase in the number of yearbooks we bind each year is a hearty endorsement of the fine craftsmanship, fair dealing and dependable service. 173CAMPUS CAP Sandwiches Short Orders Breakfast Fountain Home of the Student Owned — Student Operated Eating Co-op. Featuring LOW Rate Meals. 174GRAHAM-LANE MUSIC SHOP Strongs Ave. Phone 442 FRANK'S HARDWARE 'Just off the famous Public Square" 117 No. 2nd St. Phone 2230 SUCKER'S TEXACO SERVICE 216 No. 2nd St. Phone583 HELEN F EREK Millinery and Accessories 119 Strongs Ave. Phone 1605-J LEROY'S Ladies Ready To Wear 205 Strongs Ave. Phone 787 TUCKER Studio and Camera Shop 110 Strongs Ave. Phone 407 SPOT RESTAURANT Alex Morton, Prop. 414 Main St. Phone 95 ARENBERG'S Fashionable Jewelry Since 1884 447 Main St. Stevens Point o 0 v- c 5 fl 1 2 POINT CAFE Strongs Ave. SURPLUS STORE Clothing for Men Boys On the famous Market Square POUV FROCKS Women's Apparel 416 Main St. THE COLLEGE SHOP Everything for the Well-Dressed Co-ed. 326 Main St. 175 176

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