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Text from Pages 1 - 248 of the 1965 volume:

T H E P M E L E T E A N WISCONSIN STATE UNIVERSITY RIVER FALLS VOLUME 53 ’65The 1964 65 school year ushered in a new era for River Falls as the old normal school established in 1874 achieved university status. A new look spread across campus with the erection of a modern heating plant, the start of construction on Johnson residence hall and the opening of an addition to the student center. Enrollment kept pace with the changes and reached 2600 which was a 22 per cent increase over the 1963 64 figure. Further changes were planned including the construction of off-campus housing for married students on Ranter Field and the relocation of Ranter Field behind the South Fork. The 1965 Meletean has also tried to achieve a new look and to keep pace with the campus changes. For the first time since 1943 the Meletean appears in 9x12 form. Although we cannot claim to be the first to try a new size, we can claim to be the largest with our 240 pages. As the reader thumbs through the following pages he should bear in mind what was first said by the 1954 Meletean editor, “This year's Meletean was published under most adverse conditions. The conditions being the complete incompetence of the editor. If your name is with your picture and even by greater coincidence you are in the right class, consider yourself favored by the gods of chance.” HELEN AVERY 1965 MELETEAN EDITORTABLE Introduction Pull-out Section Faculty Activities Sports Organizations Classes Index OF CONTENTS 1-8 9-25 26-51 52-69 70-91 92-155 156-231 The pages of (he calendar slip by, past football games and pep rallies, theatre productions and Christmas concerts, ski jaunts and Valentine parties, on through picnics and proms to the solemnity of commencement. The unity in the changing academic calendar is the student and his pursuit of knowledge—in lecture hall and classroom, laboratory and library, and finally, late at night, under the bright arc of a desk lamp in a silent room. The quest for truth is the silent, steady current of purpose beneath the gaiety of the student’s social calendar. 238-240 3WISCONSIN STATE UNIVERSITY-RIVER FALLS ■•veil fau . wiieoNiiH ernoK orrai miiioint Dear Student of the 60's: A yearbook is history written as it happens. Over the years Meleteans dating back to 1912 have reflected changes in curricula and classrooms, faculty and functions, and even costumes and customs. The very first Meletean was published in the Normal School era. The publication has continued through the era of the State Teachers College and the State College. This year's edition will have special historic significance for it will be the first to bear the imprint of "Wisconsin State University - River Palls." Behind the new name is an expanded concept of the role and purposes of the institution. Those now on campus are laying the foundation on which the future of the University will be built. Some examining this yearbook in 1970 may sigh, as some do now, for the "good old days" when the student body was small and the campus was confined to a few city blocks. By then the University will have grown to approximately 5,000 students and, in a decade from now, to more than 8,000. If the Meletean continues its present format, the 1975 edition will have more pages devoted to photographs of individual students than are contained in this year's entire book. There will be 250 to 300 additional faculty pictures. However, it is my sincere hope and belief that, even then. River Falls will be known as a friendly institution, interested in each student as an individual, and worthy of die warm support of its alumni. Sincerely yours. B. H. Kleinpell PresidentTHEODORE F. SETTERQUIST To whom the Meletean pays tribute not only for the qualities which have brought achievements in his field but also for that friendly and personal interest in the student body which he has shown during his three decades of service at River Falls. Since 1934 Ted Setterquist has served River Falls as a chemistry professor and assistant coach in the physical education department. Although he has retired from coaching he still maintains an active interest in sports and can be seen at most River Falls sporting events. In our opinion Ted Setterquist should be remembered for his ability to put students at case by taking an interest in each student and for his ability to make chemistry “fun" for most students. To Theodore F. Setterquist we dedicate the 1964-65 Meletean. The Meletean StaffIn this 1965 MELETEAN we have tried to reflect the life of a university—our university. We have used the camera to portray the image that WSU-RF has created. Had it not been for the staff’s ability to work together this could never have been accomplished. Editor Helen Avery Assistant Editor Lynn Spalding Faculty Editor Rita Vollmer Activities Editors Jerry Howe Charles Westphal Sports Editor Richard Ricci Organizations Editors Nadine Amphlett Ann Schleicher Class Editors Jean Moen Art Editor Loretta Knoepker Runners .......................................Sharon Danielson Carol Peterson Typists .......................................Gretchen Dicke Bonnie Johnson Photographers John Bergene Robert Haugen Richard Lampmanfor All Seasons The Search For Knowledge Ignores The Calendar The pages of the calendar slip by, past football games and pep rallies, theatre productions and Christmas concerts, ski jaunts and Valentine parties, on through picnics and proms to the solemnity of commencement. The unity in the changing academic calendar is the student and his pursuit of knowledge—in lecture hall and classroom, laboratory and library, and finally, late at night, under the bright arc of a desk lamp in a silent room. The quest for truth is the silent, steady current of purpose beneath the gaiety of the student’s social calendar. SUN MON me WfO THU m SAT 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Autumn Is ... A Time for Enthusiasm The indolence of summer wanes and ushers in the fresh enthusiasm of September when the campus skyline is touched with the golden, orange and red hints of autumn. The students embark on studying and socializing with a bright, new spirit. Cheering the football team or listening intently to a lecture, making new friendships or renewing old ones— all have a new purpose in the first months of the academic year. And still, in September and October, the student is drawn to the outdoors, to tire last tantalizing warmth of the vanishing summer and the fragrant crispness of the new season.Winter Is ... A Time for Commitment Harsh winds whip around corners, snow flurries fly and the last leaves of autumn disappear under the light layer of the first snow. The pace of campus life accelerates as the end of the fall quarter approaches—term papers are due; final exams require intensive study. Students scurry across the windswept campus from library to dorm to classroom—but always make time for a warming cup of coffee in the Student Center. After Thanksgiving, winter quarter classes begin with a renewal of enthusiasm for new courses, new instructors and new schedules. The rush of Christmas activities sweeps the year along toward its end with plans for preholiday parties, dances and concerts—and thoughts of two restful weeks at home. 15The campus is comforted with snow. It falls day after day, layer upon layer. Winter in River Falls is a quiet time—the heavy white covering seems to soften sound, to lessen the need for raucous activity. Winter is a time for introspection and deep, silent study, a time to pursue the trail toward knowledge with renewed dedication. An annual political conference brings noted speakers on topics of current controversy. Winter is a time for testing ideas against new concepts, for insuring that private philosophies have not degenerated into unthinking stereotypes. But winter occasionally erupts into intense activity. Students emerge from their hibernal life of study to construct snow sculptures during Winter Carnival and to exult in slaloming and sitzmarking. Winter Is... A Time for IntrospectionSpring Is - - - A Time for Creativity Impatient with winter's ungracious refusal to leave, the student again is caught up in a round of term papers and final exams as the second quarter ends. As spring approaches, the heavy residue of snow begins to melt, repents, and freezes again, leaving shiny trails of ice across the campus. Spring quarter ushers in a fresh view of academic and extracurricular life. The approach of the new season inspires creativity; students work with a new vision in music rooms, art studios and theatre. Famous lecturers, concert artists and touring repertory groups visit the campus, awakening the student to cultural awareness. As April blossoms with warming winds and soft the student sense, the pull of the world outside the frosted window and is easily distracted from study. rains. once- Summer Is... A Time for Endings Balmy May is hard to combat. Both students and faculty fight the distractions of the season to focus on the matter at hand—completing the last weeks of the academic year. Warmer weather means it’s time for a picnic on the South Fork, for silting on the banks of the Kinnic. May is the time to make summer plans and, for the seniors, lime to think about a life ahead. Beyond the distractions of May, there still must be time for long hours of study. The loose ends of the academic year must be gathered up; projects put aside must be finished. And finally, another week of final exams to be endured. The student pushes aside thoughts of green lolling spots and settles down to study.And Beginnings The new heat of June rests lightly on untanncd skin. A light breeze filters through thickly leaved trees. Students in black robes and proud mortarboards, faculty in black touched with the bright colors of academic accomplishment, march down the shaded campus walks to the final collegiate ritual. Words of praise, words of inspiration are spoken by veterans of the ancient rite. A small white scroll is passed from hand to hand. Time now for a final, reminiscent look at the campus, quiet now that the rush of student life is over. The bright greenness of early June has settled, rounding out the flux of the seasons. The last page of the calendar has been turned. Is it the end of the path? Has the end of the trail toward knowledge been reached? The pursuit of learning is not a process that ends with the academic year or with graduation. Commencement brings the student to a fork in the road. Down one path lies stagnation, stultification, complacency. But the brighter, more difficult road leads toward continuing education, toward a life of grappling with ideas and seeking new paths of learning. At River Falls, guidelines are set for the future, but the graduate must choose which road he will take. The pages of the calendar will continue to turn. Knowledge is for all seasons.SB ’ If fa J O D fa! H 1E. H. KLEINPELL University of Iowa, B.A-; University of Chicago, M.A.; Ohio Stale University, PhJ). President. RICHARD DELORIT Wisconsin State University at River Falls, BS.-, University of Wisconsin, MS., Ph.D. Academic Vice President. Administration and Business Office 28NANCY KNAAK Northwestern University, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Teaching area: Guidance. Associate Dean of Students. JAMES McLaughlin Eastern Michigan University, B.S.; University of Michigan, M.A., Ed.D. Dean. B. J. ROZEHNAL Northwestern University, B.M., M.M. Dean of Students. L. GORDON STONE State Teachers College, Valley City North Dakota, B.A.; Northwestern University, M.A.; New York University, Ph.D. Dean. KENNETH MOORE Assistant Business Manager. WAYNE WOLFE DePauw University, B.A.; Indiana University, M.A.; Ph.D. Administrative Vice President. 29College of Agriculture R. VERN ELEFSON University of Missouri, B.S. Teaching area: Ag. Economics. GERHARDT BOHN Wisconsin State University at River Falls, B.S.; University of Minnesota, M.S., Ph.D. Teaching area: Ag. Engineering. JOHN CHILSON Teaching area: Industrial Arts. JOHN FOSS Wisconsin State University at River Falls, B.S.; University of Minnesota, M.S. Teaching area: Soils. DONALD HARGROVE Teaching area: Animal Science. JOHN STEBER Teaching area: Industrial Arts. 30ROBERT LOHNES Teaching area: Geology. LUTHER HILTERBRAND University of Missouri, BA., M.S., PI1.1). Teaching area: Ag. Education. MARVIN THOMPSON Iowa Stale University, BA., Mi, Ph.D. Teaching area: Ag. Education, Ag. Engineering. MELVIN WALL Wisconsin State University at River Falls, BA.; University of Wisconsin, MS, Ph.D. Teaching area: Ag. Education. RAYMOND WALL Wisconsin State University at River Falls, B.E.; University of Minnesota, M.S. Teaching area: Agriculture. LELAND WITTWER Michigan State University, BA.; Cornell University, M.S, Ph.D. Teaching area: Animal Science. THORVALD THORESON Wisconsin State University at River Falls, BA.; University of Wisconsin, B.S.E.E.; University of Minnesota, MA. Teaching area: Ag. Engineering. 31College of Arts and Sciences DONALD C. AABEL Teaching area: Economic . VIRGINIA AKINS Unlvcniiy of WUcoiuln, B.A., Ph.D. Teaching siren: Biology- ■ V' . B A 9 WILLIAM W. ABBOTT, Jr. Baker University, B.M.; Northwestern University, M.M.; Indiana University, Ph.D. Teaching area: Music. EARL G. ALBERT Nebraska State Teachers College, B.S.; University of Nebraska, MJ . Teaching area: Physics. ELIZABETH J. ALLEN Seattle Pacific College, B.A.; Louisiana State University, M.A. Teaching area: Speeds. WILLIAM C. AMMERMAN Pennsylvania Stale University, BS.| Iowa Slate University, 'I.A., M.F.A. Teaching j2 area: Art Education. RAYMOND V. ANDERSON Moorhead Stale College, B.S.; University of Minnesota, M.A., Ph.D. Teaching area: Political Science. ROBERT B. BAILEY III Talladega College, B-A.{ Birmingham University, England, M.A.; University of Utrecht, Holland, Ph.D. Teaching area: Sociology-Arts and Sciences ROBERT R. BECK University of Nebraska, B.S.; University of Minnesota, M.S. Teaching area: English. MICHAEL I). BLUMENTHAL City College New York, B.A.; University of Wisconsin, M.A. Teaching area: Social Science. DONALD F. BROI) Southeast Missouri State College, A.B.J University of Missouri, M.A. Teach-ing area: Journalism. JACK M. BOSTRACK Wanburg College, B_A University of Wisconsin, Mi-Ph.D. Teaching area: Biology- JOHN L. BROWN Black Hills State College, B.S., Stanford University, M.A. Teaching area: Mathematics. ROBERT BERG University of Redlands, Calif., B.A.; University of Minnesota, 'I.A, Ph.D. Teaching area: Political Science. LOIS E. BOWMAN Wheaton College, BA-Northwestern University, MA. Teaching area: English. WALTER BUNGE University of Wisconsin, B.S., MA Teaching area: Journalise and English. 33Arts and Sciences ROBERT CALENTINE Slate College of Iowa, B.A., M.A.; Iowa Slate University, Ph.D. Teaching area: Bio-logy. FRANCIS P. CHISHOLM Cornell University, A.B.: Syracuse University, M-t.. Ph.D. Teaching area: English. ZANE CHAFFEE Mankato Slate College, B.S.; State University of Iowa, M.A. Teaching area: English. RICHARD K. DARR Midland College, A.B.; University of Nebraska, M.A., Ph.D. Teaching area: Economics. CAROLYN DEJONG Eastman School of Music, BM Indiana University, M. M. Teaching area: Musics CONRAD DEJONG North Texas State University, B.M.; Indiana University, M. M. Teaching area: Music. CHUN-SHU CHANG National Taiwan University, B.A.: Harvard University, Ph.D. Teaching area: History and Social Science. BLANCHE E. DAVIS Illinois State University, B. Ed.; State University of Iowa, M.A.; Columbia University, Ph.D. Teaching area: Speech and Theatre. CARROLL EGGEE South Dakota State University, BS, MS. Teaching area: Biology.Arts and Sciences WALTER ENGLER University of Minnesota, B. S., M.A.; Columbia University, Ed.D. Teaching area: English GEORGE GARLID Teaching area: Social Sciences. JAMES W. GLENNEN University of Akron, BA; Western Reserve University, M.A.; University of Pennsylvania, Ph.D. Teaching area: French. SHELDON BAKER Teaching area: Psychology. EMERSON E. GARVER Kent State University, BA.; Michigan State University, PhJ . Teaching area: dms-istry. LILLIAN GOUGH University of Buffalo, AJi, MA, Ph.D. Teaching area: Mathematics. DONALD FRYE Bucknell University, B.A., M. A. { Garrett Biblical Institute, B. D., Northwestern University, Ph.D. Teaching area: Counseling and Psychology. CAROL F. GIBBS University of Kansas, B.A., VIA Teaching area: Geo-graphy. C. LYLE HANSON Grace la ad College, AA; Iowa State University, B.S, MS. Teaching area: Chemistry. 35Arts and Sciences MARION E. HAWKINS Wisconsin Stale University at River Falk, B.S.; University of Wisconsin, M.S., Ph.D. Teaching area: English. RAYMOND HEILBORN Teaching area: English. JOHN HILL Mitltile Tennessee State College, H.S.; University of Arkansas, Ph.D. Teaching area: Chemistry. EDGAR N. HOWELL Spring Hill College. A.B.; Ifofstra University, M-S.Ed.; Saint John’s University, MS. Teaching area: Mathema- tics. ERNEST F. JURGENS State University of Iowa, B-A, MJL, Phi). Teaching area: German. CHARLES H. C. KAO Michigan State University, BA, MA, Ph D. Teaching area: Economics. B. H. KETTLEKAMP University of Kansas, A.B, A.M.; University of Pitta-burgh. Ph.D. Teaching area: Biology. CHAUNCEY KING American Conservatory, B.M.; Northwestern University, M. S. Teaching area: Music. JAMES T. KING Hastings College, AA; University of Nebraska, MA, Ph.D. Teaching area: History-MARTIN LAAKSO Winona Stale Teacher College, Montana State College, M.S.; University of Minnesota. PhJ . Teaching area: Biology. EARL LEWIS Wisconsin Slate College at La Crosse, BS.; Slulc University of Iowa, M.A. Teaching area: English. WILLIAM LARSEN University of Arirana, B.A., M.A. Teaching area: Speech. EUGENE MAIER Adrian College, A.B.; Boston University, S.T.B.; University of Chicago, Ph.D. Teaching area: Philosophy. RAYMOND MERRITT Saint OUf College, B.A; Luther Theological Seminary, B.D.; University of Minnesota. M.A. Teaching area: History and Social Science. JOHN MOSHER University of Illinois, B.A, M.A. Teaching area: Geo-F»P T- CATHARINE LIENEMAN University of Nebraska, B.A., PhJ Washington University, M.A. Teaching area: Biology. RICHARD I. MELANDER University of Minnesota, B.S.; Mankato State College, M.S. Teaching area: Mathema- tics. VERA MOSS Western Stale University, A. B.: I'niter«itv of Michigan, M.A. Teaching area: English. 37Arts and Sciences PETER MUTO Wisconsin Slate University al Slcvcns Point. BA.; Phillip University, M.Ed. Teaching area: Physical Science. LYLE D. OLESON Wisconsin State University at Eau Claire, BS.; Ball State Teachers, M.A.; Michigan Slate University, Ph.D. Teaching area: Mathematics. 38 LEO J. NEIFER Northern State College, BS.; Indiana University, M-A. Teaching area: English. JOHN A. OOSTENDORP State University of Iowa, B. A., M.A. Teaching area: Speech. I. DOUGLAS MOUNTAIN Wisconsin State University a River Falls, BS.; University of Oregon. MS. Teaching area: Mathematics. WALTER NOTTINGHAM Saint Cloud State College, BA., MA. Teaching area: Art. ALWIN PARKER Northwestern State College of Louisiana; Louisiana Slate University, M.S., Ph.D. Teaching area: Phyical Science.NEAL PROCHNOW Teaching area: Physics. EDWARD N. PETERSON University of Wisconsin, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Teaching area: History and Social Science. 1 ROBERT PIONKE University of Southern Illinois, B.A., M.A. Teaching area: Social Science. JOSEPHINE PATEREK University of Wisconsin, B.S.; University of Minnesota, M. A., Ph.D. Teaching area: English. STANLEY G. PETERSON State University of Iowa, B. A., M.A. Teaching area: Journalism. GERALD RANDOLPH Drake University, B.A.; State University of Iowa, M.A, Ph. D. Teaching area: English. LAWRENCE ROSING Teaching area: Art. 39Arts and Sciences ROBERT SAMAROTTO University of Illinois, B.A., M.A. Teaching area: Music. 1 ' M J ■ kV -Hk JOSEPH P. SCHWEBEL Saint Mary’s College. B.A.J University of Minnesota. M. A. Teaching area: Mathematics. GILBERT N. SMITH Oklahoma City University, ll-A.j lloston University, M. H.A.; University of Nebraska, Ph.D. Teaching area: Economic and Social Science. JAMES T. SAMPSON Albion College, B_A Wayne State University; University of Guadalajara; Michigan State University, M.A.; Alfred University. Teaching area: Art. LAWRENCE SCOTT Kansas State University, B.S., M.S. Teaching area: Chemistry. RICHARD I). SWENSEN Wartburg College, B.A.; Slate University of Iowa, Ph.D. Teaching area: Chemistry. BLANCHE D. SCHWARTZ Minnesota State College. Moorhead, Northwest- ern University, MA; Indiana University, Ed-D. Teaching area: Art. THEODORE SETTERQUIST Carlcton College, B.A.; Uni-versily of Wisconsin, M.A. Teaching area: Chembtry. 40SANFORD D. SYSE University of Wiwomin, B5, MS Ttachlnj; air a: Speech and Theatre. WILMA THORESON Wisconsin State University at River Falls, BS Teaching area: English. m 1 ■ 'c i ROBERT UTLAUT Central College, A.B.; Boston University, A.M. Teaching area: Sociology. KURT L. WILD University of Wiscoiuln-Milwaukee, ll-S.j Cranbrook Academy of Art, M.F.A. Teaching area: Art. JEANNE WOLD Saint Olaf College, B. of .Music. Teaching area: Mu-rfc. VADLAMUDI PITCHAIAH Teaching area: Mathematics. WAYNE TYLER University of Wisconsin. B.A.. M.A. Teaching area: Eng-llsh. ELLIOT WOLD Concordia College, Moorhead. B. of Music; University of Wisconsin, M.M. Teaching area: Musk. 41PHILIP S. ANDERSON Wisconsin Slate University— Stevens Point, B.S.; University of Minnesota, M.A., Ph. I). Teaching area: Education, Director of Graduate Program. College of Education OWEN BERGSRUD iMtha College, B.A.; Uni-of Iowa. Teaching are : Physical Education. HOWARD J. BRENTNER Mississippi College, B.A.; Northern Illinois University, M3. Teaching area: Education. GWYNN CHRISTENSEN University of Wisconsin. BS-, MS. Teaching area: Physical Education. DANIEL H. BROWN Wisconsin State University— Eau Claire, B3.; Wisconsin State University—Superior, M.ED.; University of Kansas, ED.D. Teaching area: Education. LEONA COOPER National College of Education. BA; Northwestern University, MS. Teaching area: Education. BYRON JAMES Teaching area: Physical Education. 42College of Education ANN DUBBE University of Minnesota, B.S., M-k. Teaching ana: Edo-cation. WILFRED HARRIS Milwaukee State, B.E.. University of Wisconsin, Ph.M., PhJ). Teaching ana: Psychology. JAMES R. CRETCHER Albtm College, B .; Olivet College, University of Wisconsin, Ph.M.; University of Michigan, PhJ). Teaching ana: Speech and Education. ALAN EVANS South Dakota State College, BJ. M.A. Teaching ana: Physical Education. NICHOLAS JADINAK University of Minnesota, B.S ; University of Idaho, Mi.; University of Colorado, Graduate Work. Teaching ana: Musk. MARY A. DOUGHERTY Wisconsin Stale University at River Falls, RS. Teaching area: Education. MARY FOSS University of Minnesota, BS. Teaching ana: Physical Education. CAROL JEAN JENNINGS Wisconsin State University at River Falls, BSXd. Teaching ana: Education.College of Education LELAND E. JENSEN Wisconsin Scale University— LaCraae, B-S-; Universily of Wbconsin, M-S, PhJ . Teaching area: Psychology. WILBUR KALINKE Teaching area: Education. ROSS P. KORSGAARD Dakota Wesleyan University, B.A.; University of South Dakota, M.A.; University of Nebraska, EdJ . Teaching area: Education. LLOYD JOHNSON Wisconsin State University at River Falls, BS4 State College of Iowa, M-A. Teaching area: Social Science. NICHOLAS J. KAROLIDES New York University, B.S, AM, Ph D. Teaching area: English. DEWAYNE KURPIUS Teaching area: Psychology. EDWARD H. KAISER Ft. Hays Kansas State College, RS- MS. Teaching area: Education. ROWLAND D. KLINK Kansas Scale College, B.S, M.S.; Indiana University, Ed. D. Teaching area: Education. 44SUE MAURER Eastern Illinois State University, BA in Ed.; University of Illinois, M.E. Teaching area: Education. M. LEE MINOR National College, BA.; University of Tulsa, M.A.; University of Missouri, Ph.D. Teaching area: Psychology. FLORINE MILBRATH Stout State University, BA Teaching area: Home Economics. EMOGENE NELSON Teaching area: Physical Education. LEE NORDRUM Teaching area: Audio Visual. DONALD NITZ Teaching area: Music. DONALD PAGE University of Wisconsin, BA, MA Teaching area: Physical Education. 45College of Education J. MARK PERRIN Alton Illinois College, Il-S.j University of Illinois, M.S.J University of North Dakota, Ed.D. Teaching area: Education. WILLIAM ROMOSER Stout state University, B.S., M.S.j University of Denver, M.A., Ed.D. Teaching areal Education. EDWARD H. SELDEN Wisconsin State University at Superior, BA.; University of .Minnesota, M.A., Ph.D. Teaching area: Psychology. ALLAN A. SIEMERS University of Wisconsin, BA, MA.; Stanford University, Ed. D. Teaching area: Education. NAUNDA TIETZ Wisconsin State University at Eau Claire, BA; University of Minnesota, M.A. Teaching area: Education. WILLIAM G. WILLIAMS Jamestown College, BA.; University of North Dakota, MA Teaching area: Education. 46Special Services JACK AGNEW Resident Counselor. L. ALFRED SVANOE Resident Counselor. NEIL BARRON Chief Engineer ROBERT BROCK University of Tennessee, BA; George Peabody Teachers College, M.A. Director of Student Center. ANN C. SHERWOOD University of Oregon, B.ED., M.S. Resident Counselor. AMY NELSON Abbott Hospital School for Nursing, Registered Nurse. 47The Chalmer Davee Library RICHARD COOKLOCK University of Wisconsin, B.A., M.A. Head Librarian. AUDREY ADAMS University of Wisconsin, BA., MA. GUDRUN HOIDAHL Associate Professor AMY FULLER Wisconsin State University at River Falls, B.E.; University of North Carolina, B.A. YOUNG-JIN KIM Teaching area: Librarian. MARIE SWOPE Teaching area: Library Science. 48ni Maintenance Department Row I: Neil Barron, Howard Bcnncll, Russell Olson, Roy Fisher, Hans Hanson, Edward Bartoch. C. Raymond Smith, Ken Cyaneik, William Olson, Kunot Peterson, Edward Dclandcr. Row 2: Marlon Killian, Floyd Fischer. William Schmidt. Henry Peterson, Roy Follcr. Herman Friisch. Pcrtorc Thompson, Henry Macann. Ray Myrers. Jody Biever. Ester Bownen. Florence Dclandcr. Row 5: Bill Rygol, Ben Pechacck, Peter Fischer, Jack Kahoot, Jerry Drewry, David Simms, Joe Micklcson, Vera Harris. 49Addendum to FACULTY SECTION SHELDON SCHNEIDER Teaching area: Social Science. MARY BARRETT .Michigan Slate University, B.A.; University of Wiscon-'In, M.S.; Cranhrook Academy of Art, M.F.A. Teaching area: Art. JULES SOO-LEE CHAN Teaching area: Social So-cnce. EDWARD A. GORKA Teaching area: Chemistry. MELVIN A. HANSON Teaching area: Accounting. ROBERT HARE Teaching area: Social Science. Photographs of the following instructors were not available: Marie Carolan — Mathematics. John Claycomb — Farm Manager. Mr . Ruth Crandall _ Lab School Library. Bernard Hyman — Social Science. Sally Lance — Music. Leonard Robins — Social Science. Mrs- M. Susan Sorenson — English. RICHARD SCHULTZ Teaching area: Animal Science. 50In Memoriam Life must go on. And the dead be forgotten; Life must go on, Though good men die. —Edna St. Vincent Millay During the past year death claimed "Mr. River Falls.” Dr. Rudolph "Doc" Karges died in December in Kargcs Center while on his way to a River Falls basketball game. Dr. Karges taught for 43 years at River Falls before his retirement in 1951. In this time period he served as chemistry professor, basketball coach and college vice-president. Dr. Karges will be remembered most for his friendly wit. In summing up his coaching days he said, "At that time (1910) we could afford only two college games so we played the local high school teams. We never lost a high school game, and we never won a college game." Two students also lost their lives during the school year. They were Bruce Stanton, 22, of West St. Paul, Minn, and Robert Daft, 19, of River Falls, Wis. Stanton, a sophomore, died during his wedding ceremony when he fainted and struck his head on the aisle. Stanton served three years in the Marine Corps in Hawaii before enrolling at River Falls. Daft, also a sophomore, was found dead in his father's gasoline truck in a gravel pit near River Falls. Daft had lived in River Falls since 1953 and had attended local schools before coming to WSU-RF. 51Queen Georganne Schaffer waves to fans. Semifinalists for Homecoming were Linda Neuter, Carol Pevovar, Barbara Anfinson and Sharon Berg. 54 uut minute campaigning takes Barb IVaxon. FFA Homecoming Queen candidate, to Hudson. 44 What do you mean she's two tube steaks ahead of me? Charming Harv Ankley and Nate Schilling try to seduce Phi Xu Chi’s savages. 55 4,€iive me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses. . .It was the last Homecoming game for Wayne Burich, Glen McNaughton, Robert Pritchard, Duane Johnson, Reno Rizzo, Orland Olson. 5 6 The guiding light.57 The inches that lost the game."FANTASY ON ICE” Kappa Theta takes first prize with “Fat-a-See in Ice.” 58Hootenanny groups sponsored by Sigma Tau Epsilon for Winter Carnival. 59John Pederson and Bruce Thors tad, winners of Winter Carnival talent show sponsored by FFA. "Ya mean you’re gonna buy one!" (SO“Who said it couldn't be done?" THE LUAU "I’ll bet it's an egg!" Mr. Ace piles it on. 61 I think I’ll take another bite:EIGHTH ANNUAL GRASSROOTS Richard Leonard speaks at all-school convocation. POLITICAL CONFERENCE The Eighth Annual Grassroots Political Conference, “Politics and the Press" was held on campus, February 9-11. Featured speakers were J. Edward Gerald, Professor of Journalism at the University of Minnesota, Richard Leonard. Managing editor of the Milwaukee Journal, John Hunter, political reporter for the Madison Capital Times, Orlin Albrecht, managing editor of the Red Wing Daily Republican Eagle, William E. Brancn, editor Burlington Standard-Press, A. M. (Sandy) Keith, lieutenant governor of Minnesota, Frank L. Nikolay, Democrat from Abbotsford, and William A. Steiger, Republican from Oshkosh. Panel on Problems, Responsibilities and Performances of the Press Regarding Politics.Grassroots conference sponsored jointly by Y-Dents, and Y-GOP. J. Edward Gerald opens 8th Annual Grassroots Political Conference. 63"THE FANTASTICKS” "Screw your courage to the sticking place." “Never say no.' 64 7 can see it." The Fantasticks.'Ismene pleads with Antigone. "ANTIGONE” Philology leads to calamity IN THE ROUND "My darling, who are all these people?" THEATRE The Tableau. 65Welir 6667 “That's a lot of bull—"SPECIAL ATTRACTIONS Rooftop singers perform at expense of Senate. Vic Power sinks one! Mulford Q. Sibley discusses academic freedom. Bergan Evans speaks on English usage. 68 Baroness Maria Von Trapp.“Hi, dere" Abstention is the only answer! 69 A losing battle. MmJSrHI m Ph o h ctjRow I: Bob Pritchard, Tom Scmpf, Bob Somerville, Co-Captain Reno Rizzo, Wayne Burich, Dennis I.angkos, Duane Johnson, Orland Olson, Bill Murphy, Steve Rhicl. Row 2: Phil Waller, Tom Bosnian, Dave Imrie, Ted Ragat , Wayne Duncmann, Dave Outcclt. Tom Heuel, Doug Dube. Co-Captain Glenn McNaughton, Harvey Ankley. Row 1: Nate Landrum, Steve Car-| cntcr, Tom Roelke, Dick Sievert, Don Schultz, Floyd Buddenhagen, Bill Sonsalla, Steve Johnson, Barry Halverson, Chuck Madson. How • : Dick Hodgkins, Tom Staiger, Ed Pobl, Steve Pittman, Gary Rau, John Te'chmcier, Mark Lynch, Steve Nccci. Jack Crow, Jim Baier. How 5: Joe Jilek, Dave Wirtala, Keith Hobson, Ray Cress, Jim Newman, Joe Jcdlovcc. Rick Elrod. Steve Linder, Arlan Anderson, Duane Dungcy. How 6: Mark Nelson, Tim O’Harrow, Bob DcWoll. Dennis Erno, Jeff Mcuricn-dorf, Jim Kubiak, Terry Umentum, Rich Olin, Kerin it NyKriem. Row 7: Manager Dennis Ryan. Coach Mark Perrin, Head Coach Gwynn Christensen, Coach Al Evans, Manager Fred Paster, Manager Tom Bauman. Not shown: Mick Brandstattcr, DcWaync Johnson, Coach Bill Romoscr, Manager John Hammes, Manager Mike Davis, Manager Tony Brickncr. FALCON FOOTBALL Gifted with exceptional team potential but Iilagucd by a mid-season team let-down, the 1964 'alcons ended the football season with an overall record of five wins and three losses. A four and three conference record left the Falcons in sole possession of third place in the WSU Conference behind Eau Claire and La Crosse, the number one and two teams respectively. The Falcons started the season impressively with a 25 to 12 non-conference win over Mainline University, and three consecutive conference wins including a 80 to 0 romp over Superior State. The let-down came when River Falls, undefeated in four games and rated 17th among the nation’s small colleges, lost a cliff-hanger to Eau Claire Stale in the last six seconds of the Same, 8-1-28. The Falcons never recovered as ley finished the season by winning only one of their remaining three games. Coach Gwynn Christensen, in his third year as head football coach, can probably look forward to a bright season next year as only six players will graduate this spring. They arc seniors Wayne Burich, Duane Johnson, Co-Cap-tain Glenn McNaughton, Orland Olson, Bob Pritchard, and Co-Captain Reno Rizzo. 72Dejection is apparent on the faces of these Falcons (Mick Branstatter, Dick Hodgkins, Jim Baier, Mark Nelson, Phil Waller) during one of the low points of the season. The game was the last of the season in which River Falls lost to Stevens Point 17 to 0. Most Valuable Player, Ted Ragatz, gets perfect block from Harv Anklcy on kick-off return. WSUC STANDINGS Eau Claire W 7 L 1 T 0 LaCrosse 4 2 0 River Falls 4 3 0 Superior 3 3 0 Oshkosh 3 4 0 Stevens Point 3 4 0 Stout 3 4 0 Whitewater 2 3 1 Platteville 0 5 1 SEASON’S RESULTS River Falls River Falls ...25 ...12 •Hamline Whitewater ...12 ... 6 ...30 ... 0 ...14 Stout ... 6 ...28 ... 9 ...12 ...13 Platteville ... 7 River Falls ... 0 Stevens Point ...17 • Non-con ference Season's Record: Five Wins, Three Losses Assistant Coaches A! Evans and Mark Perrin talk it over.FUMBLE recoveries Somerville Waller Setnpf Auk ley Brandstetter D. Johnson S. Johnson Rizzo i jsS R u Pi HHJHIHP! TAtf digs in. _ 1 -J? I«H■ K53 The line forms TACKLING TROPHY WINNER Mick Brandstatter Mfr MOST VALUABLE PLAYER Ted liagalz • ••■ at the rear. McNa ‘S “°". number I!, seems to be saying "Can I Help?"SEASON TOTALS RUSHING Attempts Total Yards Yards Per Carry Yards Per Game PASSING Attempts Completions Interceptions 'Total Yards Yards Per Game Total Yardage | cr game RIVER FALLS OPP. 412 1680 4.0 994 210 124.3 82 136 81 57 12 14 851 615 43.9 76.9 253.9 201.1 SCORING NAME T.P. Hct cl 86 Baler 19 Langkos 18 Landrum 12 Ragatz 12 Summerville 12 Scmpf 10 Pritchard 6 Brandstattcr 2 Jilck 2 0. Olson 2 Fullback Langkos seems to have PUNTING ATT. AVG. Buddcnhagcn 86 81.7 Ragatz 7 85.5 taken up flying. RUSHING NAME ATTEMPTS TOTAL YARDS AVERAGE Haicr 96 513 5.3 Langkos 81 869 4.6 Landrum 64 349 5.5 Hctzcl 71 195 2.7 Kurich 38 169 4.4 Dungey 18 60 3.3 Pritchard 27 18 0.7 Sempf 2 12 6.0 Crow n 10 10.0 Ragatz 9 -6 -0.7 Buddenhagen 5 -9 •1.8 PASSING COMPI.E- TOTAL NAME ATTEMPTS TIONS PGT. YARDS Hctzel 45 15 .883 182 Pritchard 21 10 .476 132 Buddcnhagcn 16 6 .375 32 Ragatz 3 0 .000 0 PASS RECEIVING RECEP- TOTAL TOUCH NAME TIONS YARDS DOWNS Madson 7 76 0 Dungey 5 34 0 Racatz 4 105 2 Dube 4 42 0 Landrum 3 29 1 Baler 3 20 0 Bosnian 3 S3 0 Crow 1 11 0 Hodgkins 1 1 0 75 Pritchard sees daylight.Stretching for distance? Nate Landrum begins one of his many runs during the season. CROSS COUNTRY The cross country team, coached by Byron James, experienced a winless season as it failed to win any of its matches. The top seven runners this year earned letters and competed in the conference meet. They were: Chuck Woiwode, Oscar Skoug, Gary Harelstad, Mike Breed, Mike Jirovec, Roger Williams and Fred Lindberg. The whole team is expected to return for next season with the exception of senior Oscar Skoug. 76 Row I: Fred Lindberg, Gary Harelstad, Mike Jirovec. Row 2: Oscar Skoug, Roger Williams, Charles Woiwode.Row : Jack Orgcman, Bob Pritchard, Randy Hall, Paul Kulig, Tom Snyder. Row 2: Jim Blooinquist, Ken I.CC. Bob Crownhart, Dick Sievert, Paul Kramer, Joe McAbce. Row ?: Craig Thoeny, Roger Zahorski, Bob Ncrlnin, Steve Schmidt, Coach Don Page. FALCON BASKETBALL This year was a rather disappointing one for (ktach Don Page’s young cagers. After playing slightly better than .500 ball for the first half of the season, the Falcons won only three of their last 11 games leaving them with an over-all record of nine wins and IS losses. A retold of five wins and II losses in conference play put the Falcons in seventh place in the WSUC. The Falcons were a young team as only one senior, letterman Bob Pritchard, will not return next year. Other Icttcrmen for this year were juniors Ken Lee and Nate Schilling, sophomores Paul Kramer, Jim Bloomquist, Craig Thoeny and Randy Hall, and freshmen Jack Orgeman, Joe McAbee and Tom Snyder. Guard Ken Lee led the team in scoring again this year by averaging 21.-I points for the 22 game schedule. Nate Schilling, who was lost for the last part of the season due to a leg injury, was second with a H.9 mark while center Paul Kramer was a dose third with a 14.5 average. WSUC STANDINGS W L LaCrosse 15 1 Stout 11 5 Superior 10 6 Oshkosh 8 8 Platteville 8 8 Stevens Point 8 8 River Falls 5 11 Whitewater 4 12 Eau Claire 5 n 77SEASON’S RESULTS Guard Ken Lee gels an easy one. River Falls 84 Winona 79 River Falls 86 Macalaster 99 River Falls 91 LaCrosse 95 River Falls 77 Hamline 59 River Falls 76 Platteville 99 River Falls 78 Oshkosh 75 River Falls 100 Eau Claire 89 River Falls 78 Superior 93 River Falls 91 McKendree 80 River Falls 72 Wayne State 83 River Falls 83 Bethel 76 River Falls 90 Stevens Point 77 River Falls 72 Whitewater 85 River Falls 61 Stout 77 River Falls 89 Superior 79 River Falls 80 La Crosse 84 River Falls 97 Whitewater 92 River Falls 68 Platteville• 86 River Falls 68 Oshkosh 78 River Falls 55 Stout 78 River Falls 68 Eau Claire 71 River Falls 66 Stevens Point 80 iron - 9, Lost - 1) Conference: Won — 5, Lost — II River Falls Avg. - 78.6 Opponents Avg. - 84.2 78 The coach confers. Schilling shoots.TEAM STATISTICS G FGA FGM PCT FT A FTM PCT F TP AVG. Schilling 14 228 85 .381 56 39 .696 49 209 14.9 Me A bee 20 41 24 .585 25 15 .600 21 63 3.2 Thoeny 11 26 5 .192 8 6 .750 4 16 1.5 Kramer 22 308 103 .334 162 113 .698 70 319 14.5 Bloomquist 21 166 71 .428 70 34 .486 51 176 8.4 Lee 22 393 168 .427 181 134 .740 79 470 21.4 Pritchard 22 276 96 .348 71 52 .732 64 244 11.1 Snyder 22 191 61 .319 65 40 .615 69 162 7.4 Orgeman 17 18 6 .333 10 7 .700 8 19 1.1 Hall 15 18 5 .279 12 7 .583 9 17 1.1 Sicvcrt 9 12 3 .250 7 2 .286 6 8 0.9 Crownhart 9 15 6 .400 5 3 .600 6 15 1.7 Kulig 9 7 2 .286 4 3 .750 6 7 0.8 Zahorski 5 3 0 .000 6 3 .500 5 3 0.6 Schmidt 4 5 1 .200 3 0 .000 2 2 0.5 James 1 2 0 .000 0 0 .000 0 0 0.0 TOTALS 22 1704 636 .373 685 458 .669 450 1730 78.6 Kramer takes aim. 'Bloomer” gets the tip.ltow I: Dave Stark, Dale Mitch, John Cliver and Dave Guggcmos; Row 2: Jim Rice, Lee Jabs, Dennis Braun, Butch Roberts, Dave Wirtala and Ron Knutson: Row 3: Gene Wiemer, Bob Ollof, Dave Amdahl, Mark Nelson, Fred Lind berg, A1 Gross, Tom Madison, Mgr. Sniokev Hammes and Coach Byron James. FALCON WRESTLING The past wrestling season was one of rebuilding and improvement for Coach Byron James' young wrestling team. The first half of the season saw the grapplers winning only two of eight matches. They improved as the season wore on, however, by taking five of the last seven matches. Over-all, the Falcons had a 7-8 record. In conference action they were 4-2, winning the last three matches of the season from conference foes. .. The young matmen were not so fortunate at the conference meet in Plattcvillc where Superior State walked away with most of the honors. The Falcons were able to place only four men. Dave Amdahl placed second in the 167 lb. class, Ron Knutson took third at ID I lb., Dave Starke was fourth at 115 lb., and Bob Olson placed fourth at ISO lb. The wrestlers ended the season by traveling to the NAIA tournament at Indiana State. Results were not available before press time, however. . Dave Amdahl was elected captain of next year's squad and he was also voted most valuable wrestler of this years squad. He had a record of 11-4, while Ron Knutson and Alvin Gross both sported records of 7-4. 80SEASON’S RESULTS River Falls 0 U. of Minnesota 32 River Falls 3 South Dakota U. 23 River Falls 3 Kansas State 22 River Falls 3 •Oshkosh 24 River Falls 14 Augsburg 13 River Falls 3 Winona 17 River Falls 20 •Stout 18 River Falls 0 Rochester Jr. College 26 River Falls 12 Rochester Jr. College 11 River Falls 17 Bethel 11 River Falls 3 •Superior 23 River Falls 10 Luther 18 River Falls 22 •LaCrosse 8 River Falls 16 •Eau Claire 13 River Falls 17 •Stevens Point 13 Oxter-all Record: Seven wins, eight losses Conference: Four ■ wins, two losses INDIVIDUAL RECORDS W L T Amdahl 11 4 0 Gross 7 4 0 Knutson 7 4 0 Wirtala 2 2 2 Mitsch 2 3 1 Foley 2 . 4 0 Nelson 1 1 0 Guggemos Lindbcrg 2 2 6 8 2 0 Starke 4 10 0 Madison 2 7 1 Olson 3 8 0 Roberts 4 7 0 Dutilly 0 5 0 Cliver 0 4 0 Rice 0 3 0 Ollflaff 0 4 0 Braun 0 2 0 •Does not include NAIA tourney A Falcon grimaces in Kargcs action. Mark Nelson finds himself in a precarious position. Somebody's not paying attention. 81Row 1: John Richter, Jon Ogren, Jim Daniels and Mike White. Row 2: Bob Sawyer, Lloyd Nelson, Chuck Riviere, and Bob Peterson. Row 3: Dick Daniels, Phil Foster, Coach Ben Bergsrud, Tom Jueck and Dan Buelow. SWIMMING The swimming team failed to get on the winning track again this year as it won only one meet the entire season, and that was against St. Olaf College. Over-all the poolmen were 1-9 for the season and 0-5 in the conference. There were, however, some bright spots in the long season as several team records were set this year. Jim Daniels, Bob Machacck, Jon Ogren and Lloyd Nelson combined to set a new 400 yard medley relay team record of 4 34.4. Dennis Muller set records in the 50, 100 and 200 yard free style events. Jim Daniels set records in the 200 yard individual medley, 200 yard butterfly and 500 yard free style. Ogren, Muller, Bob Peterson and Bob Sawyer combined to set a record in the 400 yard free style medley with a time of 3 51.4. Lettermen for this year were Dan Buelow, Jim Daniels, Phil Foster, Bob Machacek, Lloyd Nelson, Jon Ogren, Mickey Olson, Bob Peterson, Jean Riviere, and Michael White. 82 Falcon swimmer, Jim Daniels, practices the free style.The River Falb Hockey team, in its first year of competition, compiles! a record of two wins and three losses. The Falcon pucksters showed some strength despite their inexperience as they split a two game series with Carleton College, and beat St. Olaf once, and lost to them twice. FALCON HOCKEY The last game of the season, a thriller which St. Olaf won 3-2, was played as a benefit game for the family of Jim Ikhaml, a member of the team who was killed just a few weeks before in an automobile accident. Next season should prove to be a winning one for the new Falcons in light of their record and the experience gained this year. Row I: Ronn Henry, Jon Swenson, Rich Carlson, Dick Day, Bob DeVVolfe and Roger Howe. Row 2: Coach Jack Agnew, Steve Palmquist, Dave Magnuson, Greg Brindly, Ed Hanson, Keith Hoffman, Tim Klunder, Jim Hagglund, Craig Fricdcnhauer, Craig Williams and Pete Holstrom. Left lo right: Tom Jones, Fred Pastor, Bill Driscoll, Bob laiig, John Christison, Skip Glor, Coach Al Evans, Pat Cunningham. Tom Bauman. Rich Nlunier, Jim Newman and Tom Setteriing. Not pictured: Dennis Ryan. GYMNASTICS Gymnastics, a new sport this year at River Falls, was a bright spot in the school’s %|x rt picture. The gymnasts, under the coaching of Al Evans, took third place in the conference meet by scoring 65 points. LaCrossc won the meet with 178 points and Stout was a close second with 167 points. Winning a bron c medal for the Falcons this year was Tom Bauman who placed-third in the meet on the long horse. Bill Driscoll copped three sixth places despite an injury sustained in an earlier meet. J mn Christison, with two seventh place finishes, and John Newman, with one. were the others to place. Coach Evans, commenting on the season, said that the experience gained this year should enable the team to take on the best in the league next season. 83BOWLING The Falcon bowlers, completing their third season in the Tri-State Bowling Conference, ended up in eighth place for the second straight year. The University of Minnesota proved to be the team to beat this year as it took first place while last year's champion, Mankato State, fell to the fourth spot. This year's keglers were led by Roger Neitzel who sported a 184 average and Leroy Schultz with a 176 average in league games. Vcrn Andrcn — 151 avg. Roger Neitzel — 184 avg. UinSMtTT n iiTT TRI - STATE BOWLING CONFERENCE W L University of Minnesota 27 9 LaCrosse State 24 12 North Dakota State 20 10 Mankato State 20 10 State School of Wahpeton State School of Science 15 15 University of North Dakota 14 16 St. Olaf Si 2 21 Vi River Falls State 10 26 University of Minn, at Morris 6 2 2l m These standings are as of March 8. 84 Row 1: Warren Carlton, Roger Neit el, Mike Metcalf, Chuck Kuhtz; Row 2: Vernon Andrcn, Reggie Haag, James Terrano, Steve Olson, David Outcclt. Not Shown: Ronn Henry, Leroy Scluiltz.Row I: [ohii Boortz, Dennis Ryan, Dave Anderson, Roger Dillcnbeck, Bill Schwartz, Tom Gustafson. Row 2: Ed Monson, Bryan [arvinen, Wayne Jarvinen, Dennis Kaiser, John Salek. A1 Space. Craig Theony. Row 5: Coach Donald Page, Doug Best, Noel Schraufnagel. Ron Peterson. Tom Rodkc. 'l oin Auth. An Johnson, Haney Ankley. 1964 BASEBALL 1964 proved to lie a very successful year for Falcon baseball team as Coach Don Page’s squad won not only the school’s first WSCC baseball title but also the state title before bowing out in the NAIA double-elimination area tournament in Waverly, Iowa. The Falcons, improving from a 6-9 record in 1963, compiled a 15-6 over-all slate in 1964. In conference play the batmen took two from LaCrosse. 9-2 and 11-5, two from Stout, 4-3 and 10-2. and two from Superior. 11-2 and 11-1. The only loss suffered in conference play was to Eau Claire, 6-2 in the second game of a double-header. The Falcons won the first game 5-0 giving them a final 7-1 conference record. After winning the conference title River Falls engaged in a marathon three-game series with Wisconsin’s leading private college baseball team. St. Norberts. The Falcons took the first eimc. 10 to 7 lost the second one 8 to 6, and won the nightcap y a score of 8 to 5 to earn the right to represent Wisconsin in the NAIA area tourney in Iowa. After losing the first game of the double-elimination tournament, the Falcons won the next two only to be defeated in the fourth and last game. The winner of that tournament advanced to the NAIA championship tournament in St. Joseph, Missouri. River Falls seemed to be in for another fine season this Spring as only two players. John Boortz, and Dennis Kaiser graduated last year. BOX SCORE AB R H 2B SB HR RBI AVE. Since 72 19 32 8 2 4 32 .444 Kaiser 77 27 27 2 4 0 11 .351 B. Jarvinen 71 23 23 1 1 0 4 .324 Monson 55 8 17 3 0 0 7 .309 Ankley 67 19 20 10 1 2 19 .299 W. [arvinen 71 20 20 4 1 I 13 .282 Johnson 18 1 5 2 1 0 4 .278 Schrafnagle 11 0 3 4 0 0 3 .273 Boortz 25 6 7 i 0 0 5 .240 Dillenbcck 65 7 14 3 1 0 12 .215 Gustafson 19 1 4 0 0 0 3 .211 Thoeny 65 9 12 4 0 0 6 .185 Peterson 8 2 1 0 0 0 1 .125 Schwartz 1 0 1 0 0 0 1 1.000 Salek 5 1 2 0 1 0 4 .400 Best 5 1 1 0 0 0 0 .200 Roelke 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 PITCHING RECORDS G IP H R w so w L ERA Boortz 11 55-2 3 35 24 23 48 7 0 2.43 Johnson 8 42-2 3 36 28 33 35 4 3 3.37 Peterson 9 23 29 16 12 20 3 0 3.52 Kaiser 3 20 16 12 15 IS 1 2 2.25 Space 2 1-2 3 0 0 1 1 0 0 0.00 Anderson 2 3-1 3 3 2 3 2 0 0 5.41 Roelke 4 9 17 14 2 6 0 1 10.00 85Row I: Dave Wiriala, Henry Sukow, Doug Dube, Nate Landrum, Tom Bosman, Glenn McNaughton, Ken Miller, manager Dwayne Hermanson. Row 2: Larry Feltes, John Gilbert, unidentified, Bob Bray, Jerry Jensen, Bob Olson, Jim Wolf-gram, Coach Gwynn Christensen. Not pictured: Danny McFarlane, Dave Taube. 1964 TRACK Last year's track team had a somewhat dismal season, placing seventh in the conference meet. The only Falcons to place in the meet were Danny McFarlane who took second in the quarter mile event. Bob Bray, second in the half mile, and Glen McNaughton who placed fifth in the three-mile event. There were some bright spots in the season, however, as two school records were set. McFarlane, Falcon dash-man, set the record for the quarter-mile with a time of 50.2 seconds. He combined with Bray, Tom Bosman and Jerry Jensen to set a new mile relay record of 3.28. Both of these records were set at the conference meet. McFarlane and McNaughton, the top point-getters for the Falcons last year, were named the most valuable trackmen. Three men, Bray, Larry Feltes, and Jensen will not return this year. 86 Dashman gets set.Conference meet at Green Lake; kneeling: Gary Marquand, and Dick Ricci. Standing: Dave Slone. Roger Miller and Ed Ganske. Dave Stone follows through after a shot. 1964 FALCON GOLF The 1964 season proved to be a disappointing one for the Falcon golfers as they could muster only two wins and one tic in six matches. At Green Lake, sight of the conference meet, the Falcon team, consisting of Dave Stone, Roger Miller, Ed Ganske, Dick Ricci and Gary Marquand. ended up in eighth place. Stone placed eighth individually in the meet with scores of 80-77. The 1965 season looked fairly bright for the linksters since four of the top five golfers from last year’s team returned. Several promising freshmen were also expected to bolster the squad. Ed Ganske practices in the net before the season begins. Roger Miller shows driving form. 871964 FALCON TENNIS NETMEN The 1964 tennis team enjoyed a fairly successful season as it compiled a record of four wins and three losses. The Falcon netmen started the season strong with three straight victories but then ran into some tough competition as they lost the next three. At the state conference meet at Oshkosh held in May the Falcons drew tough competition right at the start and none of them advanced past the second bracket. Lcttcrmcn for the year were Dan Carlstrom, Mark Harris, Ed Anderson, A1 Carrier, Paul Anderson, Sanders Howse and Dan Collins. Only three of the Icttcrmen were expected to return this Spring, those being Carlstrom, Carrier and Howse. SEASON’S RESULTS River Falls 5 River Falls 8 River Falls 8 River Falls 4 River Falls I River Falls 1 River Falls 5 Four wins Hamline 4 Stout 1 Eau Claire 1 Hamline 5 Mankato 8 U. of Minn. 8 Freshmen Eau Claire 4 d three losses Mark Harris shows good form during Hamline match. Ed Anderson smashes a return.Practice ai Hanunond Arena. RODEO The River Falls Rodeo Association has become part of the intercollegiate sports scene by joining the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association. This means that River Falls will sponsor a team composed of the following rodeo members: Dave Stafford, Tea Fetting, Jeff Rudell and Chuck Overbeck. They will compete with other collegiate teams this Spring. These teams will be from schools in the states of Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Colorado. Last May the rodeo association held its first rodeo and another one was planned for May 8-9 of this year. This rodeo is one of seven which will be part of the intercollegiate schedule for 1965. Ride-em Dave! Bob McGregor is unseated during last year’s rodeo. 89IffJtff 111 fill INTRAMURAL SPORTS Football Runner-up Team, The CH's: Row : Coach Mark Lynch. Dcnm Schulkc. Ron James and Dick Ricci. Row 2: Dick Baribeau, Roger W aside" - • Bruce Ncuenfcldt, Bob Mavgcnau, Sian Johnson and Dave Taubc. 1964-1965 The intramural sports pro gram, under the direction of Athletic Director Owen Bergs-rud, was expanded this year to include, not only basketball, football and softball, but also wrestling, track, badminton, bowling, swimming and free throw shooting. Some of these had not cither started or been completed at press time, hence they will not all be covered here. FOOTBALL The Grapes, led by the passing of Mark Hostclund and the catching of Fred Johnson, won the intramural football championship by beating the CII's 6-0 in a close, hard-fought battle. The Grapes ended the season with a record of 11-0 while the CH’s had a 9-2 record. Both teams were from the "R" league and reached the finals by beating the two lop teams from the "r league. Basketball Champions, The Untouchables: Row I: Bob Summerville, Reno Rizzo, Dave Henderson, Glenn McNaughton. Row 2: Ken Mouw, Tom Bosnian, DeWayne Johnson, Dave Leapholm, and Tom Sempf. BASKETBALL In a double elimination tournament. the Untouchables emerged as the intramural basketball champions. In the cham- Eionship game they edged Ric's .eck 27-25 for the title. BOWLING As of March 1st, three Prucha Hall bowling teams were leading the inter-dorm intramural league. The standings up to that time arc on the next page. 90TRACK It was a good try. WRESTLING Eight division champions were named this year in the first intramural wrestling tournament. In the 125 lb. class Bob Miller bested Cordon Fleury to take that division title. In the 157 lb. class Paul Vick beat Allen Sinclaire. 'I he 117 lb. class saw Sam Erickson pair off against Roger Williams with Erickson taking the Cham pionship. The 157 lb. class had Bob Haverud and Kerin Nykreim paired with Haverud coming up the victor. Walt Hammond won the 167 lb. class by beating Dick Hass. Ron Sarno won the 177 lb. class by outpointing Dennis Erno. Mike Breed won the 191 lb. class over John Popowski. The heavyweight class saw Joe Jilek defeat Larry Johnson for the title. INTER-DORM STANDINGS 1. Shady Misfits------ 30 2. Prucha ----------- 25»i 2 3. Rolling Rocks...... 29 4. Club 129............. 27i 2 3. Rap-a-keggers ------ 26 £ 6. Alley Cats ........ 26 7. Eliminators ......... 23y . Club 133------------ 24 9. May 3rd Mashers ........ 23 10. May Flower Misfits .... 22 11. Lucky 13 .......... 22 12. Hurricanes--------- 21 13. 69 Club ........... 13 14. Stratton Strikers.. 13 Rog Dillenbeck Speedy sophomore and freshmen runners highlighted the intramural track and field meet. Tom Hct el accounted for three firsts in the 60 yd. dash, 100 )rd. dash and broad jump, while anchoring the first place 880 yd. relay team. Jim Baicr was another big Sint-gctter placing' second belt! Hcizcl m the 60 yd. dash, 100 yd. dash and broad jump. Baicr also won the 70 yd. high hurdles, placed first in the pole vault anti was a member of the first place 400 yd. shuttle relay team. In the field events, Warren Smallidgc placed first in the shot put and discus. In other events Tom Bauman won the 440 yd. run, Greg Hartman won the 880 yd. run, Frank Dummcr placed first in the 120 yd. low hurdles and Tom Sit , won the high jump. Intramural bowling action.STUDENT GOVERNMENT STUDENT SENATE The Student Senate has achieved its goal of "developing a spirit of cooperation and good fellow-ship throughout the school” by establishing a "Klcinpcll Roundtable" where students have a chance to discuss their problems with the administration and vice versa. The River Falls Student Senate is unique in that it is the onlv Wisconsin State University government body which does not have a faculty advisor. Consisting of eleven members, seven elected at large by the student body and the four class presidents, the Student senators meet each Monday at 6:30 p.m. in their new offices in the Student Center. The Senate holds many duties and powers necessary for the smooth functioning of the campus social and intellectual life. This year the Senate attempted to act on issues of national concern such as the Draft and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Row 1: Thomas Schaffer. Ann Schleicher. Gene Smith. Hampton Wilmot. Row 2: Kenneth Lee. Sandra Danielson. Doug Best. Harvey Slower. Daniel Brandcnstcin, John Bruce. 94FOUNDATION COMMITTEE O,.. |. Frlin. KaihtiiK Olin, Harvey Slower. Marlin While. Candyec Carlwti, Mary Dougherty. advisor. Row 2: Del Johmon. Wayne WcUs, Robert M tor Marilyn Ncibon. Orlaml' Olson. Maxwell Citwon. Joseph Valenia. Georg. WiU.ur. Xhe Student Foundation Committee working on the South Fork Amphitheater project, it unique inasmuch as it works with the faculty, alumni and students. _ The purpose of tne organization is to work lo improve the reputation and beauty of the River Falls campus. The amphitheater project stems from the South Fork project which began last year. 95STUDENT ADVISORY COUNCIL Row !: Frederic Markus. Harvey Slower, Mary Loebcr, Judith Hofbauer. Cleo Goers, Tod Planer. Row 2: David L. Sar-tori, Coralcc Delong, Molly Ann Schultz. Thomas Hetzneck-er, Richard Kammerud, Sharon (ahnson. Row 3: David Fra cr. •rry Kolasinski. Dell Max. Sue inke. Sandy Danielson. Rogers George. Row 4: Donald Gen-rich, Burnell Anderson. Jamie Swanson. Ward Winton. Rolf Dcrikart . Douglas Best. Dean Ringger, Lane Ksswcin, Dan Bramlcnstcin. Representatives of all campus organi ations constitute the Student Advisory Council. This year the Student Senate voted to suspend any organization which did not have a SAC representative at all the meetings of the Council. SAC serves as a sounding board for student opinion and also an opportunity for all legislative matters to be presented to the entire campus for action. Row 1: Robert Linabcrry, Sharon Swanson, Vickie Wicsner. Gayland Lucdkc, Jack Brown. Donald Thompson. Row 2: Keith Grant, Shirley Cardcll, Sharon Hobcrg. Sharon Berg. Barbara Lucas. Rose Ann Schmit. Row 3: Donald Richmond, Oscar Skoug. Marin Rudi, Paul Skoug. William Welch. Arlcn Burke. Not pictured: Harlin Owens. Robert Anibas, Paul Armeson. Joyce Felch. Bernard Uchytil, Stanley Johnson. 96LEGISLATIVE ACTION COMMITTEE A new branch of student government was instituted this year on several of the Wisconsin State University campuses through the efforts of the United Council meeting held at River Falls last Spring. The Legislative Action Committee at River Falls has studied such programs as off-campus discrimination, Pcoplc-to-Pcoplc, and the possibility of joining a national organization. In addition, they have worked with the Personnel Office on the substandard housing problem in the men's dormitories and in revising the off-campus housing standards. The Committee has arranged for a mock OAS convention during Spring Quarter, drawn up resolutions concerning the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the Draft, and the House Un-American Activities Conference. They have reported their findings on these issues and a works-study program to the Student Senate and the United Council of Wisconsin State University Student Governments. 97 Row 1: Frcdric Markus, Bonnie Harms, David Frazer. Row 2: Keith Rodli, George Alecci. Vernon Andren. Ward Winton, Burton l'otocnik.STUDENT CENTER GOVERNING BOARD The Student Center Governing Board's jurisdiction extends throughout the "old" and new parts of the Student Center, including the games area, the offices and meeting rooms, the Cage and the dining area. This year the SCGB has provided a "Riders-Drivers Board” in the corridor of the new area, mail boxes for the various student organizations and lockers for students to use during the day. Because of the increased size of the Student Center and the Srealcr responsibility the Student tenter Governing Board and the Social Committee were merged in the Spring under the title of the Union Activities Board. Row I: Marilyn NeiUen, Dean Ringer, chairman. Robert Linaberry, Uremia Pluses. Row 2: Cary Peterson, Lynn Smyth, Hurt Potocnik. Carol Fuhs, Thomas Knutson, Hampton Wilmoi. student senate liaison. Jay llayden. SOCIAL COMMITTEE The coordinating and promoting organization tor all-school activities on the River Falls campus is the Social Committee. It works closely with the Student Center Governing Board. The Committee schedules events, sponsors movies every Friday and Sunday evening, and is in charge of the Luau held annually. 98 Row I: Lane Esswein. treasurer. Bonnie Larson. Dean Amundson. Brenda Finses. Daniel Brandom!ein. student senate liaison. Wayne Iverson. Douglas Dube, chairman.ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS The AWS is supposed to "foster among women students friendship, happiness, and a personal responsibility to themselves and to Wisconsin State university at River Falls." Row I: Mary Solomoimm, Ann Hciting, Jan Henson. Judith Hofbaucr. Row 2: Sandra Johnson. Sharon Berg. Linda Karris, Ginger Townsend, Susan Dahl, Patricia Chritlophcrson, Ccorgcannc Schaffer. 99GREEKS Organized in the Spring of 1963, this was the first year the Greek organization had a chance to prove their worth. The groups, totaling six fraternities and three sororities, promote campus social activities and school spirit. The Greek Letter Council provides for the general welfare, regulates and governs social, scholastic and recreational activities of the members of the fraternities and sororities at the University. It is the regulating body of all member Greek organizations. Row 1: Reno Rizzo. Robert Machacek, Pamclla Arm burner, Douglas Thompson. Row 2: Ann Heiting, Melodic Sweeney. David Jensen. Gordon Roscnbrook, Lavernc Cook, Ralph Williams, James McLaughlin. Christccn Brown, Faye Frank. Sandra Danielson. GREEK LETTER COUNCIL 100Row 1: Judith Rocnt, Hetty Jo Hanna, Joanne Klccker. Janet Zaspcl. Row 2: Karen Stefan, I'amclla Armbruster, Margaret Beeson, Loretta Knoep-ker. Jennifer Junkman, Wendy Wall. Row 3: Yvonne Godbout, Patricia Parnell, Sharon White, Barbara Anfinson, Judith Hilstcad. DELTA IOTA CHI 101KAPPA DELTA PSI Row I: Janice Paulsen, Barbara Waxon. Sandra Oiling. Carol Full . Belly Ingalls, Judy Markium, Ann Schleicher. Sylvia Wears. Ann Rciland. Kathleen Cabonuwski. Row 2: Belly Paulsen. Beverly Froseth, Carol Peterson, Donna Olson, Cailiy l.inden. Ann I Idling, Judy Siarr, Vickie Wiesner. Susan Gregg, Janice Waxon. Row S: Mary Pal Foss, advisor. Christine Kapun, Ann Kllelson, Darlene l.ynum, Faye Frank, Mary liarlwig. Gwen Gcrherding. Diane Howard. Sharon Berg. Susan Davis. Barbara Lucas. Bonnie Harm . PHI DELTA THETA Row I: Janet Hayes. Melodic Sweeney. Ilrenda Fimo. Man- Ann Cook. Dai McKinlcv. Crisieen Brown. Dane Farnler. Patricia Cook. Carol House!. Row 2: Judy llofbaucr. Barbara Bauich. Catherine Olin. Cynthia Schlough. Karen Sandquht. Diane Black. Louiic Gerlach. June Peterson. Mary loungman. Barbara I anon. Karen Svunvm, Eleanor Balke. Row J: Ginger Townsend. Shirley Brink. Sharon Kane. Sidonia Sweeney. Patnoa Chri»-(opherson. Sheila Hillar . Covinne Billrich. loanne Recta. Ann Simon . Cleo (- n. Sandra Wallin. Mary Loeber. Mary Paubon. Judi Tudiner. Georg-anne Schaffer. 102SIGMA TAU EPSILON Row 1: Wayne Iverson, Cary Evans, Hollis Bcedc. Mark Anderson. Row 2: Larry Baker, John Harter, Gerald Howe, Joe Valcnia. Row 3: Gene McKenzie, David Jensen, Gerald McDonald, Terence Hess. Row 1: Jon Webb. Thomas Hcunccker. John Towner, Robert Linaberry. Row 2: Ronald Bahr. Thomas Schaffer. Richard Miller, Floyd Woolson. Row 3: Wayne Brcnholt. Gordon Myers. Marlin White, Vernon Andren. John Painter. Row 4: Paul Kozak. Joseph Lieffring. Charles Wcstphal, David Bunen. 103ALPHA GAMMA RHO Row 1: David Schultz. Raymond Dreger, Roger Neitzel. Dell Johnson. Tod Planer. Leon Wolfe. Cary Beastrom. Row 2: Leroy Cygax. Edward Mathison. Gerald Setter. William Gill. Bruce Thicmkc, Richard Schloser. Keith Grant. Ronald Peterson. Donald Laib. Row I: Arlcn Burke, Cary Anderson. Fred Re mund, Thomas Socha. Jerry Dckan, Gary Steele, Ronald Mat . Robert MacGregor. Row 2: Daniel Laffc. Larry Johnson, Thomas Parslow, Francis Pacyga. Terry Kolpack. Kenneth Schoch. William Gust. Richard Weller, Stuart Swenson. Harlin Owens. Robert Haugerud. 104PHI NU CHI Row I: Nick Jadinak. John Rubin. Ix»rin Preston, Robert Brown. Harvey Ankle)'. Duane Ormson. William Murphy. Row 2: Dr. Robert Bailey III, advisor, Gregory Brindley, Peter Falkman. David Stem, Laverne Cook, James Kallas. Gary LaCrossc. Robert Somerville. Sanders Howsc, Daniel Madison. Don Thompson. Jerry McKenzie, Tom Hickox, Michael Moe. Thomas Knutson. Row I: Benhardt Mcents. John Hyland. Donald White. Reno Rizzo. Jack Brown. James Gargulak, Daniel Becker. Row 2: Dallas Peterson, Ken Timm, William Howard. DcWaync Johnson, William Beckwith. Dan Anderson. Don Hueftlc, James Engebretson, Dennis Langkos. 105KAPPA THETA Row I: Rolland Ricck, Douglas Best. Cary Peterson. Roy Olson. Row 2: Thomas Bauman. Neil Bishop. Jerry Smith. Vic Londo. Keith Rodli. David Leadholm. Row 3: Richard Plumb. Donald Frye, advisor, Thomas Laawig. Curtiss Weber. Donald Stockley, Larry Prochnow. Row I: James Johnson. I.anc Esswein, Burton Potocnik, Burton Carlson. Jay Hayden. Don Brandcnstcin. Row 2: Lynn Smyth, Robert Machacck, Jerry Haug. Dean Ringger. Thomas Bosnian. Walter Warren. Row 3: Cordon Olson. Arthur Munson, Douglas Dube. Tom Scrapf. Gordon Roscnbrook, Stewart Peterson. 106NU ALPHA XI Row 1: Glenn McNaughton. Philip Belfiori. Ralph Williams. Charles Kuhu. Row 2: James Oakland. Raymond Sandborgh, Hampton Wilmot. Harvey Stower. Ward Winton. William Hoffman, Richard Ricci. SIGMA RHO Row I: Douglas Thompson. Gerald Holt. James McLaughlin. Tim Langeman, James Splindler. Row 2: Dan Gauvin, Randy Klink. Rick Sheppard, Bruce Larson, John Bergene, Clive Edingger, Larry Houser, Neal Ihrke. 107POLITICAL Political organizations came into prominence this year as they actively participated in national, state and local campaigns. The Y-Dems backed the winning presidential candidate, but the Y-GOP supported candidates won in the gubenatorial and local races. Also this year the two |M»litical organizations divided on liberal-conservative lines for the first time. YOUNG REPUBLICANS Row I: I'icdric Maikov Aiilmr Downing. Robert OI“m. Iw Rom««. David lle man. Howard Kopctky. Philip DeMuncfc. Roger Miller. Row 2: Janie telle . I.ynne Sirotliman. Vkkie "irwr. Kaye Barrel!. Joyce Johnvon. Samira Phillip . Kathleen O'M era. Diane Giesc, Bonnie Harm . Marian Gronqimt. Kathryn Gcrgcn. Marilynn Martin. Bonnie Johnson. Nancy Goehring. Nell Kaitcr. Row S: Rkhard Carlton. Gerald Undrew. John Gilbert. Roger William . Donald llenrkh. Ilarvcv Slower. David Sartori. Wayne Wei . Don Rkhmond, Jame Jonc . Thomas Par low. 108YOUNG DEMOCRATS Y-Part: Gary Thompson. Terry Buchli. John acr. Lee Jabs. Benhardt Mccnts, Ronald kc, Roy Gieseker. Douglas Lansing. David Sartori, John Schuster. Gordon Hendrickson. John Gilbert, Dennis DeSmith, Dell Johnson. David Pederson, Jerome Neve. Ixo Binkowski. Joe Valcnto, Robert Coyle. Robert Ducholm, Harvey Slower. James Ahasay, James Insli. Charles Witxcl, Michael McIntyre. D-Part: Janice Waxon. Christine Britten, Colleen Coyne. Linda Ueland. Janet Drew. Carol Houscl. Sylvia Wears. Mary Pat Johnson, Patricia Kelley. Patricia Karnik. Thorc Traastad. George Rotter, Bernard Pittman. Eugene Schulte. Barry Steevens. Kathleen DeFoe, Gerald Thiemke. Alana Schaar. Robert Branstad. Robert Anibas, Joyce Fetch, David Wettleson. Jerry Dopkins. Bill Gust. Myron Meath, Mike Obradovidi. Henk VanDyke, William Wright, Gloria Szczcch. Dianne Howard, Carol Meath, Corinne Bin-rich, J. Casper Bergene. Pamela Norcen. Jeanne Gustafson, Dianne Grandt. Barb Larson. Faith Ann Lutz. Joan Cloutier, Eleanor Gowan. 109MUSICAL SYMPHONIC BAND Row I: Sharon Johnson. Judith Viitancn, Shirley Gustafson. Ann Blodgett. Row 2: Katherine Collins. Karen Fyksen, David Kiepert. Row 3: Jane Mattlin. Ronald Gaard. Rose Mcndleski. Carol Wulf. Annette Bents. Judith Bonneville. Row 4: Cheryl Klawittcr. Judith Sumner. Karen Romos, Ray Soper, Kenneth Dado, Richard Miller, Dennis Branjard. Row 5: Harver Halpaus. Michael Brcckc, Richard Perkins, Joe Valcnta, Michael Strasscr, John Tclitz. 110UNIVERSITY DANCE BAND Row I: Warren Anderson, Jean Erickson. Mr. Robert Samaratto, Dianne Hage. Cary Bird, Cordon Myers. Row 2: Ray Soper. Ken Dado. Richard Miller. Charles Wolfe. Row 3: Barbara Bisck, Gary Johnson, John Tiditz, Dale Larsen. Row 1: Diane Hagen. Laurel Valcnta. Joan Koerner. Lynn Baumann. Row 2: Warren Smallidgc, Greg Hartman. Jeanne Allyn. Harold Smith. Betty Ingalls. Joan Gausman. Row 3: Barbara Bisck. Carol Cilbertson. James Michaels, Einar Kippe. Gary Johnson. John Rachl, Judith Huppert, Sandra Elkins. Gene Arnst. Row 4: Rogers George. Gordon Myers, Mary Ellen Hanson, Walter Culver, Robert Michel, Gary Bird. IllCONCERT CHOIR THE PRESIDENTS Row I: lame Chase. Robert Braiutad. James Schneider. Daniel Gauvin. Joseph Wikrent. Michael Strauer. Row 2: Loren Hanson. Arlcn Burke. William Pippcnger. Carlyn Bryngelson. Charles Carby. Ralph Tjelta. Robert Miller. Row S: Bruce Harris. Eugene Wilkinson. Dan Anderson. Leo Binkowski. Douglas Best. John Gics. Howard Potter. Elliot Wold, advisor. Kay Vincent. 112CHAMBER SINGERS Row I: Cheryl Odry. Kara Aide. Muriel Aikor, Bonnie Andenon. Carolyn Kulow. Merry Jo Snmon. Connie Lundbcrg. Carole May. Marilyn Allen. Icrilynn Ritchey. !.inct Jolin. Kathleen Pennington. Beverly Frascth. Sharon Strand. Jancll Bell tie. Plea nor Balkr. Row 2: Margaret Hagen. Candyce Carlton. Sunn Pcno. Linda Ncurer. Icrilyn Olton. Sandra Scncchal. Patricia Phillips. Arktuene Van Horn. Kay Vincent. Belle Jean Hermanton. Jiuliih Nor-dcrharg. Joan Diileften. Marjorie Bow. Loueia Tom rod. Joyce Johnton. Kay t mu long. Row S: Jim Huber. Dan Andenon, Bill Pippenger. Art Stoeberl. Lloyd Wi'bon. Jerry Solbcrg. Jim Oakland. Jell Jayden. Arthur Downing. Donald Sobolia. Sharon Irwin. Donna Kraeger. Row 4: Jim Ahauy. Mike McIntyre. Warren Poquctle. David Boettcher. Bruce Harris. Bob Miller. Dan Cauvin. LeRoy Nelson. Warren Wilson. Dale Rye. Warren Olson. Dave Barber, Jim Spindlcr, Wayne Peshia. Row I: Jerilynn Ritchey. Arlou-cne Van Horn. Kay Vincent, Patricia Phillips. Marilyn Allen. Carole May. Linct John. Kathleen Pennington. Bette Jean Hermanton, Beverly Froieth. Row 2: Gerald Solberg. Art Stoeberl. Dave Batte. William Pippinger. Lloyd Wilson. William Java. Jeff Hayden. Dale Rye. James Oakland. 113RELIGIOUS The religious organizations on the River Falls campus provide for their members a religious ami social atmosphere. Programs featuring s| eakcrs from all fields, religious services and prayer, discussion and conventions can be found on their yearly calendars. The "cost suppers" ol these grou| s combine a pleasant atmosphere of religion and good food. Although each organization has its own ideological emphasis, they arc alike in that they serve the needs of the students. LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION ■ — oia as ca “H 114 BAPTIST STUDENT FELLOWSHIP Row I: Joyce Swenson. Lob Lund berg. Cheryl O'Flanagan. Row 2: Kathy O’Meara. Gloria Swanstrom. Row 3: Darryl Kovarik. Roger Johnson. Rev. Marvin Johnson. Elaine Johnson, Eugene Green. Row I: Jacquelyn Bayer. Roberta Kahl. Geraldine Oswald. Bette Jean Hcnnanton. Row 2: Wendell Anderson. Charles Heller, George Brooks. Richard Fossuro. Susan Jahn.WESLEY FOUNDATION Row I: Ardys McXaughton, Nadine Amphlctt. Daisy McKinley. Marilynn Marlin. Kay Armstrong. Barbara Campbell. Ann Blodgett. Anna Marie Max. Nancy Shappdl. Janet Barber. Betty Potter. Row 2: Gerald Lindrcw. Lee Webb. Robert Branstad. Sandra Elkins. Susan McLaughlin. Sharon Shorten. Marvin Dunn. Richard Truitt, advisor. Row 3: Jon Webb. Charles Garbe. Alan Carrier, Tom Gustafson. David Sartori. Bruce Harris. Gregory Forward, James McLaughlin, advisor. UNITED CAMPUS CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP Row I: Pat Fuller. Emily Fuller. Karen Koeser. Susan Houck. Kathleen Bough ion. Row 2: James Schneider. Michael Webb. Michael Brake. Deanna Aker. Ronald Rydsewski. Mary Hamman. Donald Schuler. Donna Kelly. Douglas Summer. Rogers George. 116NEWMAN CLUB Row I: Ednul Woolck. William Schwaru. Jerald I)ckan. Thomas Socha. Robert Plant. Douglas Weber. Victor Hula. Joe JIM. John McCough. Row 2: Antoinette Benson. LorTaine Gomez. Donna Kraeger. Geraldine Chura. Carol Cahanes, Judy Honncville, Regina I.:iVenture. Kathleen Rhoda. Constance Noll, Sharon Baldest) wifer. Row S: Richard Bakkcn, Leo Harris, Steve Linder, James Haler. Craig Fricdenauer. Peter Ncikl, George Baribcau. Valdin Madsen. Daniel Kelly. David Dottier. Row •!: George Alecci. Joseph Denning. Alan Stringer. Michael Adrian, Ronald Lewis, William JanUh, Thomas Hclfiori, John Hltney. Dennis Schulkc, LcRoy Zcnll, Richard O’Connel. Row I: lames Lcwan. Bernard Uchvlil. Michael McIntyre. 'I'hiuldeus Kaminski. Danald Laib. Charles Kuhlr. Row 2: Charles Simpson. Lawrence Parsons. John Kasper, Klainc Kaniman, Mary Grover. Sharon Irwin, Marlene Kromrcy. Dr. Marion Hawkins, advisor. Row 3: Dennis Stern, Don Rondeau, Cornelius Mickc. Daniel Huclow, Melvin Shafcl. Robert Anibas. Donald Steffen. Row I: John Popwskl, lames Bartlett, Paul Kulig. Matthew Cor-shu, Bernard Pittman, Michael Pittman, Paul Lukitsch. William llolfman. Father Joseph Higgins. 117HONORARY ALPHA PSI OMEGA Alpha Psi Omega is the honor society on campus for those who have shown an active interest and Eirticipated in the endeavors of the niversity theater. A national honorary dramatics fraternity, it sponsors, along with Masquers, theatrical productions on campus and organizes trips to sec professional performances. Row I: Thomas Holloway. Row 2: Larrv Baker. Barbara Kepncr. Row 3: Ilona Hoover. Steve Hay.SIGMA CHI SIGMA A woman of high academic standing and desirable personality may be invited to join Sigma Chi Sigma. It has a three-fold purpose of promoting sociability, culture and service to the University campus. Row I: Paniclla Armbrusicr, Patricia Morris, Jean Moen. Diane Dclorit. YVilda Nilscstuen. Row 2: Janet Cox. Elizabeth Allen. Harriet Mathison, Mary Daniels, Sharon Swanson, Louise Ficbig, Joyce Organ, Kathleen Ca-banowski. Row I: Diane Pansier, Karen Sandquist, Janet Steen, Marly Rudi. Row 2: Patricia Christopherson, Regina LaVcnturc, Judith Starr. Cathy Linden. Mary Hyde. Bette Jean Hcrmanson, Karen Rainsos. Julia Achterhof. Row S: Karen Haynes, Dona Green. Carole Crisler. Janet Burke. Barbara I .arson, Sandra Senechal, Marcia Olson, Mary Paulson, Karen Pederson, Kay Armstrong, Margaret Dahlcn. 119KAPPA DELTA PI Row 1: Donald Richmond. Barbara I.ucat. Catherine Linden, Sharon Berg. Carole May. Mary Hartwig. Janice Paulsen. Diane Pansier. Hampton Wilmot. Cary Johnson. Row 2: Sharon Swanson. Julia Achterhof. Janet Cox. Mary Daniels. Karen Haynes. Nina Larson. Dona Green. Douglas Sumner. Michael Jarmuz. Allan Siemers. advisor. 120BETA BETA BETA Row I: Joyce Grucncwald. Cheryl O'Flannigan. Mary Youngman. Ranah Closson, Barbara Barr. Victoria Szczech. Row 2: David Rabas. Marsha Johnson. Douglas Sumner. Lee Jabs. Richard Erickson. Warren Olson, John Salck. James Swanson. MATHEMATICS CLUB Row I: Dan Brandcnstcin. Anila Rocsslcr. Marlys Rudi. Ruth Anne Mackenzie. Janet Steen. Thomas Mitchell. Karen Romsos. Row 2: Donald Froclich. Lyle Oleson. Keith Selbrcde. John Pagel, Joseph Baker. John I’echauk, Frank Willie. William Welch. Duane Larson. William Janisch, Oscar Skoug, Ralph Tjelia. 121PROFESSIONAL Seeking to further interest in their particular field of study, students have organized clubs to combine the practical aspects with the theoretical aspects learned in the University classroom. DEMOSTHENIANS Row 1: Gary Steele. Tod Planer. Peter Gierok. Leon Wolfe, Robert Missling, Charles Kuhtz. Row 2: William Wright, Thomas Socha. Ronald Matz. Larry Johnson. Donald W. Popowski. Marlin White. Leon Susa, David Robas. Frank Pacyga. Stuart Swenson. Leroy Gygax. Roger Ncitzcl.STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION Row 1: Nina Larson, Daisy McKinley, Judith Bonneville, Joyce Organ, Louise Schnur. Row 2: Mary Ann Cook, Diane Grenquist, Jeanne Gustafson, Pamela Norccn. Mary Jo Lover, Gloria Hjcllc, Patricia Phillips, Barbara Waxon. Row $: Judith Varing, Julia Achtcrhof. Ridiard Possum. Vcrl Ver-hulst, Gary Bcastrom, Vickie Wiesner, Kathleen Cabanowski. Row I: Janice Waxon. Ann Reiland. Betty Paulsen, Wilda Nilscstuen. Jean Moen. Row 2: Harriet Mathison, Mary Daniels, Susan Jahn, Diane Grand!. Mary Loeber, Jean Miller, Sharon Swanson, Beverly Froseth. 123ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL Row 1: Sharon Kane. Harriet Mathison. Joyce Swenson. Patricia Pctranovich. Louise Sphnur. Chcrril Hclgcson, Judith Bonneville. Pamela Moreen, Sylvia Wears. Erma Grecno, Coralcc DeLong. Jeanne Gustafson. Row 2: Sandy {ahnson, Marjorie Peterson. Janet Sarver. Sharon Stedt, Toni Benson, Carol feath. Sandra Roper. Gloria Hjellc. Joyce Johnson. Julia Achtcrhof. Rita Vollmcr. Karen Ktyranik, Elaine Kaufman. Judith Varing. Sue Maurer, advisor. Mary Jo Lover, Joyce Organ. Mary Daniels. Janet Burke. Vickie Wiesner. Row I: Janet Kraft. Jean Miller. Mary 1 .ocher, Judith llofhauer. Nancy Shappcll, Sharon Swanson. Barbara Waxon. Eleanor Cowan. Beverly Froscth. Row 2: Marlene Kromrey, Kathleen Cahanowski. Marcella Slioutcn. Joyce Zappa, Jean Mocn, Diane Grenquist. Nina Larson. Susan Jalui. Mary Ann Cook, Karen Haynes, Janice Waxon, Ann Kciland, Dianne Grandt. Daisy McKinley. 124FOREIGN STUDENTS This organization provides a recreational outlet for foreign students on campus. The highlight of its year's work is the annual United Nations Day, at which objects of interest from each member’s country are displayed and discussed for the benefit of other students. Row I: Ali Zolfaghari. Nod Ferry. Roger Chapin, Eric GilbcrtHin. Wilbert Gillen , Matthew Corshu. David Dorner. Sosthcne Nimyakpc. Young-Jin Kim, advisor. Row 2: Karen Kry anik, Teresa Kowalska, Chauncv Gibson, Marilyn Nielsen, John Bruce, Lorraine Gmuer. Faiaman Sal-massi, Christiane Kapun, Marcella Schouicn, jean-Charles Riviere. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Discussion of U.S. foreign policy and domestic relations is the function of IRC The main topics of discussion this year were President Johnson's War on Poverty Program and the admission of Red China to the UN. Row I: Donald Richiri Philip Coyle. Harvey ! . Robert Aniba . XT. Ward Wintt I S uv Row 2: Paul A meson. 125CHEM CLUB Row 1: Perry Manor. Cary Hoschctic. Paul Skoug, Mark Quade, Douglas Swanson. Romsos. Row 2: Lawrence Scoil, advisor. David Johnson, Marvin Swanson, Robert Sorensen. Michael F'bersold. Jerry Dopkins, Leon Hovlik. PHYSICS COLLOQUIUM Row I: Oscar Skoug. Duane Larson, Duane Ronnander, Charles Riviere. Frank Fancllo, Gerald Staiger, Cordon Cummings, John Pagel, Hollis Beetle. Row 2: Don Froclich. Vernon Andren. John Felt. John Torgerson, Marlys Rudi. Janet Steen, Craig Foster, Charles Strorewski. James Anderson. Row 3: Earl Albert, advisor, Donald Norderhaug. Joseph Baker, Daniel Brandenstein, Wayne Ekman, Donald Popowski, Russell Falstad, Gerald Holt. Row ’I: Neal Prochnow. William Welch, John Popowski. Melvin Peterson, Robert Nerban. Dennis Schulkc, Charles Stiviat. 126DELTA THETA PI Row 1: Oscar Skoug. Marl) Rudi, Ruth Anne Makcnzic. Janet Steen. Way land Forehand, l.ylc Oleson. Row 2: John I’cchacck. Duane Larson, Dan Brandenstein. Joseph Baker, Donald Frailich. Frederic Schniit, Thomas Mitchell. Keith Sclbrcdc. Frank Wittig. William Welch, John Page!. PSYCH CLUB Row I: Jeffrey Hayden. Catherine Olin, Ann Simons. Judith Bonneville, Karen Romsos, Kathleen Peloquin, Carolyn Erickson, Thomas Loomis. Row 2: Raymond Sandborgh. Douglas Lansing. Allen Valley. Lee Minor, advisor, Roy Cicsekcr, John Bitney. Marshall Simpson. Rodney Brown, Donna Kelly. 127 GERMAN CLUB Members of (he German Club arc students interested in the study of the German language and the physical conditions and culture of countries in which German is spoken. Row I: Anita Rocsslcr, Carol Walker. Row Ann Schniit. Donna Kelly. Row 2: Michael Webb. Rogers George. Gerald McDonald, Roger Scliallcr, Ernest Jurgens, advisor. MUSIC EDUCATORS NATIONAL CONFERENCE Row I: Itevcrly Froseth, Sandra Sencchal. Carole May. Arloucne Van Horn. Bettejean Hernia roon. Che- 31 Oskev. Row 2: Sharon Johnson. Kay Vincent. Sue Pent . Diane Hagen. Patricia Phillips. Margaret ogen, Kay Armstrong. The local chapter ol MENC is a student organization affiliated with the national conference. The purpose of the organization is to afford all students interested in music an opportunity for professional orientation and development while still in school. 128FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Agricultural organizations are concerned with the development of leadership, cooperation, and citizenship in rural life and to assist prospective teachers of vocational agriculture in becoming good advisors of local FFA chapters. Row I: Ixon Wolfe. William Sajama. Ronald Matt. David Running. Robert Milling. Don Laib. Fred Welly. Lee Scliicwcr. Row 2: Richard Yarrington. James Schmidthiwchl. Charles Kuchtz. James Michaels. Thomas Parslow, Richard Fossum. Arlen Burke. Lyle Maker. Marlin Owens. Wayne H. Schmidt. Don Steffen. Row I: George Brooks. Joe Valcnla, Donald Soboila, Gary Bcastrom, Kay Fchlcn. Richard Weller. Ron Hendrickson. Row 2: Henry Truog. Ron Wei kc. Bill Gilk, I-croy Gygax, IUI Malhl son. Mel Sliafel. Roger Williams. Gary Steele. Jim Koski, Ralph McCaffcry, Ken Sceiing. AGRIFALLIANS Row I: Roger Ncittcl. Robert MacGregor. John Raibl. Kathryn Berg. Tod Planer. Kathleen Rhoda. Dell Johnson. Gordon llohmann. Orhn Berg. Row 2: John Cliver. Paul Giec. Gerald Gardner. Douglas Weber. Lee Jabs. Richard Hum ad. Gerald Setter. Philip Munch. Ion K. Wangen. William C. Schwartz. Richard Schk»«CT. Row S: L. S. Winner. William Wright. Jerold Olson. Francis J. Pacyga. Peter IxMay. Howard Potter. William Gum. Larry Johnson. Henk Van'Dvk. Roger Niehon. George Ritter. Bruce Thiemke. Row I: Alan Tesmer. Kenneth Schoch. Gabriel atvad ki. Stuart Swenson. John AfdahL 129MASQUERS Row 1: James Laatch. Marjorie Bow. Barbara Kepner, Ilona Hoover. Patricia Thenneman, Clara Schommcr, Sandra Phillips. Sanford Sysc. Row 2: Chris tian Becker. Coralee Deling. Larry Baker, Kathleen Kilbride. Robert Haugen. Kathleen Pennington. Judith Hillstcad. Barbara Fjeldstad. Row 3: Denis Bastian. Michael Tillmann. Vicki Graham, Phillip Foster. Steven Hay. Dennis Rcgelc. Thomas Holloway. Brock Thomsen. TALENT ASSOCIATES Talent Associates is a newly chartered organization which proposes to develop musical and dramatic talent on campus through the presentation of "talent shows” throughout the year and to encourage student interest in such programs. Row I: Coralee DcLong. Marjorie Bow, David Bunch. Michael Tillmann. Row 2: James Laatch, Barbara Nissen, Sharon Irwin, Dr. Alwin Parker, advisor. Row 3: Barbara Kepner. Denis Bastian, John Flynn. 130PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS AND MINORS The Physical Education Majors and Minors Club works with similar state and national organizations to develop a sound basis for physical education in the schools. Row I: Charles Simpson. Larry Kundingcr. Roger Schmitt. Rollic Hendnikson. Charles Heller. I'aul Kozak. Row 2: O. B. Bergsrud, Bonnie Harms, Judith Rein. Judith Xorderhaug. Joanne Reel . Si-don ia Sweeney, Kay Collins. Row I: Kathleen Linehan, Ruth Ann Lundquist, Loucta Tostrud, Jan Master Shn. Midge Peterson, Mary Jensen, icresa Neehvllle. Row 2: Kenneth Lee. Daniel Buelow, Joseph Jilek. Miss Nelson, Robert Olson. COLLEGE 4-H This organization, an extension of the regular 4-H program, works for the improvement of 4-H Clubs and provides a recreational opportunity for leadership training. Row I: Elaine Owens. Gerald Sitlc. Roger Williams, Eileen Rogers. Marlin Owens, Terry Kolpack, Leroy Gygax, I .coil Wollc. Row 2: Karen Romsos. Gary Steele. Edward Mathison. Charles Kiiht , Mark Wcndorff, Dell Johnson, Kathy Houghton. Donna Kraeger, Jean Caiscllius, Rollert Wilman, Richard Yarrington. 131DORM COUNCILS Each of (he four dormitories on campus have coordinating and decision-making groups known as Dorm Councils. The objectives of the councils are to determine and maintain such standards of dorm living which will reflect creditably on campus. The dormitories have been active in planning and sponsoring social events and in participating in such all-school events as Homecoming. Winter Carnival and Foundation Week. HATHORN HALL COUNCIL Row I: Rebecca Peterson. Itonnie Becker, Barham Rhcaull, Nlarcin iloimin. Row 2: Gloria Hiati. Patricia llanson. Barbara La non, Patricia Snyder. Irene Johnson. Tina Graves. Row 3: Joyce Fetch, Sharon Lee, Carol Paulsen. HATHORN HALL OFFICERS Ha I horn Hall, the girls’ dormitory, houses all women students residing on campus. This year, the women of Hathorn Hall sponsored the annual Christmas open house and dance, the spring all-dorm picnic, and a king candidate for Winter Carinval. 132 Left 10 right: Sylvia Wears. Patricia Christophcnon. Gcorgcannc Schaffer. Susan Finkc. Sandra Johnson.MAY HALL COUNSELORS Row I: Wayne Webs, Bruce Bailey. Paul Glesc. Charles Cross. Francis Haynes, Wayne Dunncman. Wayne Madson. Row 2: William Eulbcrg. Thomas Soclia. Peter Natzke, Craig Frlcdncor, Patrick Powers. A1 Sinclair. Robert Olson, John Schuster. David Larkcn. Robert Sawyer. MAY HALL ASSISTANT COUNSELORS The men of May Hall sponsored an open house and dance in the fall as well as a Christmas party and entries in the various contests of Homecoming and Winter Carnival. 133 Row I: Ralph Williams. Dennis Langkos, Wayne Brcnhalt. Row 2: Tod Planer, Doug Dube. Gone Smith. Ken FrltUnm.PRUCHA HALL COUNSELORS This year Pmcha Hall began publica-lion of ihe Ferret, a newspaper designed to reflect student opinion through subjective essays, | ocms. editorials and “slanted” news stories. Row I: Jim lliighe . Dave Barber. Ralph Tjclts, Kcllll llobson, Ice Jal s. Dick Miller. Row 2: Bob Mar-genau. Sian Johnson. Arlan Anderson. John Chrlllison, John Hiliany, Steve Palmer. Jerry lluberty. Neil Lcroux. PRUCHA HALL ASSISTANT COUNSELORS iM Row 1: Robert Linaberry. Richard Ricci, Dan Brandcnitcln, I.. Allred Svanoc. Row 2: Harvey Slower. Alan Carrier, Curtis Weber.STRATTON HALL COUNSELORS Row I: Mike Sonsolla, Jack Brown, Clarence Giloy, Pal Cunningham. Row 2: George Ritter. Bob Hau-gcrud, Chuck Daglinski, Gerald Rosenau, Jack Ag-new, resident counselor. Row 3: D. Wnetht ie. Chuck Madsen, Rotlncy Brown. STRATTON HALL ASSISTANT COUNSELORS Row I: Sanders Howsc. Jerry Sargent, Dennis, Jack Agnew. Row 2: David VVirtala, I Vcrn Cook. Edward Fick, John Bruce. 135RECREATIONAL Recreational organizations on campus are designed to give the student opportunities to participate in athletic, music, dramatic, forensic, journalist, and social events at River Falls. ANIMAL CLUB Animalus Scorbius, "affectionately” known as the Animal Club, was organized for the purpose of "studying those mundane forms of life found to be most beneficial to mankind.” The organization’s constitution is listed in the Student Senate file under "agricultural” organizations, but we feel that it could more properly be termed "recreational.” Since the Animal Club could not be assembled when pictures were taken, we decided to picture the natural habitat of the Animals. 136 THE PILGRIM MOTHERS Actually, the Pilgrim Mothers is not an official campus organization as it has no written constitution and rises to action only when campus events deem crusading necessary. Berkeley had its free speech movement this year, but River Falls had its Pilgrim Mothers. The group banded together to satirize the administration’s "hush-hush” policy on the supposed outbreak of "social diseases.” 137CHEERLEADERS During cadi fall and spring |iiaricr, (he physical education department holds try-outs to select cheerleaders for the coming school year. This year, five freshmen and one sophomore were selected. These girls work throughout the year with Mrs. Mary Foss of the physical education staff and Ann Sclileicher, the Student Senate coordinator, to prepare for the various sporting events of the University, both at home and away. This year, Captain Judi Hillstead and the others attended games both "here" and "there" and organized many pep rallies to encourage and support the Falcon teams. Judith Hillstead, Sandra Campbell, Rebecca Swanson, Ann Sjowall, Anne Stone, Shirlcc BorellBecky Judy Anne ALMA MATER To thee River Falls We pledge all our love And to tny banner Floating above. May we in passing Add just a gem To shine forever In thy diadem. Ann Sandy Shirlee 139 WOMEN’S RECREATION ASSOCIATION Row I: Gloria Hiatt, Mary Kay Lansing, Judy Rein. Shirley Canlcll. Row 2: Rcglnn IaVen-lurc. Junis Masterjohn. Charlotlc Packer, Joanne Reeiz, Sharon Hoberg, Kiuogene NcImih, advisor. WRA is designed to organize extra curricular athletics for women students and to promote a permanent interest among the women in sports. Throughout the school year this group participates in such activities as volleyball, basketball, bowling and baseball. Row 1: Sidonia Sweeney. Kathleen Linehan. Carol Cahancs. Ruth Spcich. Cinny I ai»« n. Janet Kraft. Row 2: Marjorie Costello. Rebecca Peterson. Norma Thompson. Mary Shaw. Barbara Larson. Sandra Wallin. 140R- CLUB Row 1: Mike Brandsiaucr. Gary Rau, Tliomas Roclkc. Harvey Anklcy. Charles Madson. Row 2: DcWaync Johnson. Thomas Bosman. Ted Ragatz. Orland Olson. Douglas Dube. R-Club is a social organization which honors all leuermen in collegiate athletics at River Falls. Row I: Phillip Waller. Paul Kramer. Phillip Fosicr. Thomas Bauman. Joseph Jilek. Row 2: Kenneth Lee, Lloyd Nelson. Jerry Knapmillcr. Thomas Scmpf. David Wiriala. James Baicr. William T. Murphy. Glenn McNaughton. 141RODEO CLUB The RF Rodeo Club, a branch of the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association, sponsored a fall Jim-Quanah and a spring rodeo. Entrants from Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Minnesota participated in both events. In addition, the Rodeo Club enters a team in all major NIRA rodeos in the mid-west area. Row I: Charles Ovcrbcck. Ronald Purvis. Gary Anderson, William Transburg, Jerry Smith, Bruce Mitchell. Row 2: Katherine Johnson. Alana Schaar. Kenneth Shaw. Kathleen Rhoda, Tod Planer, Robert McGregor. Row S: Kaye Simmons. Loral Kadlec, Kathleen Berg. Row I: Gary Anderson. David Schultz, Barbara Barr, Maioric Ovcrbcck. David Stafford. Richard Weller. Row 2: David Williams, Ted Fetting, Robert Wicrichs, Paul Lukitsch. Greg Ferries, Tom Bcyticn, Charles Gross. Thomas Konefes. Ronald Uclmcn. Thomas Goff. 142CHESS CLUB Row I: Gary HoschcUc, David Taulic. Row 2: Michael Webb. Roy Glcxcker. Donna Kel. ly. Row 3: Alden Hook. David Frazer. The Chess Club seeks to promote a healthful mental recreation and offers the members an opportunity to improve their skill in the game. Several tournaments were sponsored this year. ORCHESIS Row I: Adclc Boehm. Carol Ann HoukI. Patricia Henneman. Row 2: Arlys Timm, lean Morrison. Row S: Jeanne Gustafson. Janet Griffey. Norma Fit jarrefl. Marea ret Maloney. 143SYNCHO - PATERS Synchopaters, subsidiary of the YVRA, specializes in water ballet and syncronizcd swimming. Each year their work is climaxed by an aquatic show in the Karges Pool. Row 1: Mary Bowman. Patricia Karnik, Vicki Skeath, Sandra Hurd, Betty Potter. Row 2: Mary Pat Foss, advisor, Mary Yotingman. Kay Collins, Ginger Townsend, Clco Goers, Susan Jahn. Darccy S«x tt. Row 3: Ruth Ann Lindquist, Rosemary loss. Carol Houscl, Suzanne Nystrom, Frances Elmlingcr, Marjorie Costello. The Judo Club provides interested students with an opportunity to learn the art of judo and a place in which to practice the skill. JUDO CLUB 144 Row I: Bernard Uchytil, Patricia Fuller, Rogers George. Frederick Olkcv. Row 2: Nancy Goehring. Donna Kelly. Betsy Manion. Carol Batho, Margaret Olson. Row 3: Richard Cancc. Robert Thornton, Einar Kippc.VETS’ CLUB Row I: John llanton. Jcny Kola«m'li. Bcnhardt Meents. Wayne I-a Valley. Greg Van Dyke, lames pi roller. Row 2: Keith Stanton. Dennis H. Johnson. Rich:i«l Pence. Ikinald Po|x wski, Daniel Hegman. Michael Olson. Arthur Janolu. Rkhanl Roycraft. William Stewart. SITZMARKERS The Sit murkcrs promote skiing at River Falls by making trips to various ski areas during the winter months. This year the club planned and conducted the Ski Outing during Winter Carnival Week which included skiing, tobaggoning and races of all kinds. Row I: Charles Carbc. Jerry Smith. Vance Grosser. Diane Cieie, Sue Cosnick. Judith Klimmek. Lynne Stiothman. Patricia Karnik. Sherry Pctenon. Robert Staebell. David Thorcson. David Kolaumki. Row 2: Scott Gaalaav Michael Obiadovich. Ronald Bahr. Allen Valley. William Goetrelman. William Gill. Richard Peterson. Larry Lark. John Rorvick. Warren Wilton. Charles Wit cl. Denniv Regele. Thomas Root. Robert Zulegcr. Richard Starkey. Charles Wcstcn. Missing is Jerry Swedish.PUBLICATIONS The River Falls Campus publications include the Prologue, a literary magazine. The Student Voice and its Daily Supplement, and our yearbook, the Meletean. All are dedicated to reporting and recording campus events throughout the year in poetry, news articles, and photographs. 146 Donald Brod and Waller Bunge, publication advisors, check the AP wire for the Daily Supplement.MELETEAN The 1965 Meletean upheld tradition this year and came out late. The word “meletean” is an Indian word meaning "badger”; why this particular name was chosen for the River Falls yearbook remains a mystery. According to past blurbs on the Meletean its Cur pose is to "provide a lasting record of the ighlights and personalities of the preceding school year” through the use of "colorful comments and photographs.” Helen Avery, troop leader.Organization editor Nadine Amphlctt and Ann Schleicher. SECTION EDITORS 148 Jean Moen. claw editor. Margaret Berv •n. claw editor.  Rica Vollmcr, faculty editor. r ■ Editor's assistants Sharon Danielson and Carol Peterson. Charles Westphal and Jerry Howe, activities editors. 149150VEGETABLE CLUB “A vegetable in every pot and an office for every member” is the Vegetable Club's motto. Although unrecognized by the Student Senate, the Vegetable Club boasts a membership of over five hundred. When the Senate refused recognition of this organization, the Student Voice and Mete-tean formed' "Vegetable Departments" in order to keep the club intact. 151STUDENT VOICE The Student Voice went crusading this year and can no longer list the Student Senate or the Dean's Office among its supporters. The alienation was a result of the Voice’s stand against closed Senate meetings and a suggestion by the ’64-’65 editor that the AWS be abolished because it functioned as a "tool for the Dean of Women” without regard to student interest. 1964-65 editor David Taubc and 1965-66 editor Warren Wolfe. Donald Brod. faculty advisor. 152 ial events reporters — Michael Brecke. Richard Ricci, on Graham. Reporters — Row I: George Wilbur. Judy Scribner, Ann Schleicher, Chris Kapun, Thomas Holloway, Keith Olson. Row 2: Marshall Simpson, David Peck. Ernest Guhr. 153Jane Churchill, business manager. Circulation department — Wayne Weiss and Wayne Schilling. Sports staff — Christian Becker, seated, Dennis Stern, Michael Mclntryc. Kurt Kleinhans. 154SUPPLEMENT The Daily Supplement is a unique publication in that it is the only newspaper printed four days each week. This daily news sheet of campus meetings, social functions and world news is published throughout the year by the advanced reporting class. A special election issue was printed in November giving the results of the national and state elections. Margaret Johnson, Jay Walch. Ann Schleicher. Keith Olson. Ernest Guhr, Chris Kapun, Corinnc Bittrich, Neil Tietn. David Peek, David Stem, Nadine Amphlctt, David Jensen.SENIORS President Douglas Best Vice-President Lynn Smyth Secretary Barbara IVaxon Treasurer Jerry Haug 158JULIA ELBERT A ACHTERHOF Hammond, Winontln Lower Elementary Kappa Delta Pi 2,3,4 ACEI 4 SNEA 4 Sigma Chi Sigma 4 ROLF FRANCIS AMUNDSEN Saint Paul, Minnesota lliitory MARK R. ANDERSON Saint Paul, Minne»ola Sociology Intramural Sports, 1,2,3,4 Student VOICE S,4 Spoil Editor 4 Sigma Tau Epsilon S,4 Pet ioiiih'I Committee S Y-Dcms 2,3 MARVIN SELMER ANDERSON Kivcr Fa I In, Wisconsin ilroad Area Social Science LSA 1,2,3,4 SNEA 4 Y-Dems 4 SHARON ANDERSON ROBERT ANTHONY Luck, Wisconsin Elcmcntarv Education SNEA S,4 Psychology (-lull S ANIBAS Arkansaw, Wisconsin Ilroad Area Social Science Intramural Sports, 2,3,4 Newman Club 1,2,3,1 Y-I cins S,4 International Relations Club 3,4 Demothenians 3,4 ROBERT DALE ARMITAGE Neillsville, Wisconsin Psychology, Sociology Psychology Club 1,2,3,4 Treasurer 3 Y-COP 1,2,3 Men (hoiui I PAUL ORIN ARNESON Spring Valley, Wisconsin Political Science, Journalism Y'Dciiik 2,3,4 President 4 VOICE Editorial Board 2,3,4 Pre-Law Club 3,4 International Relations Club 3,4 NANCY MILLER AXELSON Firderic. Wisconsin Elementary Education ACEI 1,2,4 Dora Council 2 Claw Secretary 3 Winter Carnival Oialrman S AWS Board 3 Y-Dras 5.4 DAVID BABASJOSEPH RAYMOND BAKER Pio«oM, Wisconsin Phisct, Math Math Club 144.4 Newman 1.2 Physics Club U Theta Della 1M -I STEPHANIE BAKER English Kappa Delta Pi 3,4 Sigma Chi Sigma 24.4 Syne ho-Pa ter Ijj Vice-President S Winter Carnival Chairman Melctean 144 Student VOICE 144 Della Iota Chi 3,4 DANIEL NEIL BARRON River Falls, Wisconsin Biology Football 2 Baseball 2 Intramural Sports 24 Y-Dems I ‘R”-Club 1 Newman Club I ROGER ALLEN BAUER JUDITH ENGSTROM CLIFFORD L. Ellsworth, Wisconsin BEAUDRY BEESTMAN Economics Hudson, Wisconsin New Richmond. Wisconsin Econ Club 24.4 Medical Technology Upper Elementary Education Psychology Club 24,4 Y'bems 24,4 Vets Oub 4 Liberal Arts Honor Society 4 VICTOR A. BEKKUM SHARON ANN BERG Barron, Wisconsin West by. Wisconsin Agricultural Education F.F.A. 24.4 Reporter 4 Y-Dems 24 LSA 14 Ei lish Kappa Delta Psi 3.4 President 4 Sigma Chi Sigma S NCTE 4 AWS Board 2,4 JOHN CASPER BERGENE Chctck, Wisconsin tournalUni, Political Science ihool Photographer 144,4 Student VOICE 144,4 Mclclcan 144,4 Y-Dems 1444 Sign) a Rho 3,4 DOUGLAS EUGENE BEST Woodville, Wisconsin Business Administration Basketball 1 Baseball 3 Class President 4 Senate 4 Kappa Theta 24,4 Mens' Chorus 3,4 Intramural 144,4 160CAROL JEAN BINKOYVSKI Elmwood, Wisconsin Speech, Art Band I,2.3.4 Newman Club 1,2,3,4 Y-Dems 3,4 Masquers 1,233 8NEA 4 Sigma Alpha Etc 4 NEIL C. BISHOP Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin Biology Kappa Theta 3,4 Inlramural Spoils 3,4 SHIRLEY ANN BJERSTEDT River Fall , Wisconsin Art, Library Science Delta Iota Chi 3,4 Kappa Della Pi 4 ACEI 3,4 KATHLEEN ANN BIXBY New Richmond, Wisconsin Upper Klrmcnlury Education Sigma Chi Sigma 2,3 FRANKLIN NEWELL BLODGETT Boycevillc, Wisconsin Speech, Secondary Education Wesley Foundation 1,2,3,4 Masquers 1,2,3,4 YC.OP 1,3,1 THOMAS I). BOSMAN Baldwin, Wisconsin Elementary Education Football 23,4 Track 133.4 «R»Club 133,4 Kappa Theta 23,4 Sargcant-at-Arin» 4 Y-Dems 4 WILLIAM LLOYI) BRAKER Horicon, Wisconsin Agriculture Agrifallians 3.4 DANIEL C. BRANDENSTEIN Watertown, Wisconsin Mathematics, Physics Inlramuruls 133.4 Math Club 1,23.4 President 4 Physics Colloquium 4 Class Vice-President 3 Social Committee 3,4 Student Senate 4 Kappa Thcla 4 Prucha Hall Counselor 4 FRANK BROWN Mathematics Thcla Delta Pi 4 Math Club 23 l'EMM 3,4 Intern Teacher 4 GARLYN EDWARD BRYNGELSON Barron, Wisconsin Psychology, Speech Mens' Chorus 4 Psychology Club 4 Masquers 4 American Speech and Hearing Society 3,4 ARLEN BURKE Ansery, Wisconsin Agricultural Education Y-Dems 133.4 Treasurer 4 4-H 133.4 F.F-A. 133.4 President 4 Mens' Chorus 133.4 Vice-President 4 DIANE BYE Hastings Minnesota Elementary EducationTHOMAS EDWARD CAFLISCH Baraboo, Wisconsin Biology Vets Club 2 Y-Dcms 4 CAROL ANN CAHANES Sllllwalrr, Minncsoin Elementary Education Newman Club 1,2,8 1 WRA 2,8,1 Secretary 8 PEMM 8 1 •MI 1,2 Hisiorian 2 BURTON CONRAD CARLSON Chcick, Wisconsin Elementary Education Football 13 PEMM 1,233 President 3 Kappa Theta 3,4 SNEA 4 CALVIN CATURIA Arluntiaw, Wisconsin Elemental Education Wesley 133.4 Y-GOP 133.4 Kappa Theta 3,4 JOAN KAY CHELMO Webster, Wisconsin Music MENC 133,4 Foundation Committee 1,2,8,4 Kappa Delta PI 2,3,4 Sigma Chi Sigma 2,3 Intern Teacher 4 GARY MICHAEL CHRISTIANSON New Richmond, Wisconsin English Y-Dmu 3,4 Newman Club 3 NCTE 4 LUANN CIPOV Chctek, Wisconsin Broad Area Art Art Club 13 Y-Dcnis 3 Newman Club 1,2 Social Committee 1,2 JOHN CHARLES OLIVER Marshfield, Wisconsin Agriculture, Business Wrestling 1333 Agrl fa Ilians 133,4 Agriculture Scholarship Committee 3,4 RANAH REGINE CLOSSON Northfield, Minnesota Secondary Education Y-Dems 1,4 Rodeo Club 3,4 Secretary 4 Beta Beta Beta 23,4 AWS 1333 MARY ANN COOK Hager City, Wisconsin Elementary Education Phi Delia Theta 3,4 Secretary 4 Canterbury Club 133 President 3 SNEA 3,4 AWS 1,23 1 JOHN CEGIELSKI Political Science. Journalism Intramural Sports 23 Y-GOP 3,4 Student VOICE 233 Editor 3 Dormitory Council 3 PATRICIA KAY COTTER Rhinelander. Wisconsin Psychology. Elementary Education Sigma Chi Sigma 23.4 Social Committee 23 SNEA 4 Psychology Club 3 Y-Dems 4JANET LYNNE COX New Richmond, Wisconsin Elemental) Education Speech Correction ACE I 8,4 Signta Chi Sigma 2,3,4 Secretary 4 Kappa Delta Pi 4 Sigma Alpha Eta 3,4 AWS I AM GORDON LAUREL CUMMINGS Ellsworth, Wisconsin Physics, Math Physics Club 2,3,4 Math Club 2,3,4 Vice-President 4 ROBERT GUI CHOY Makawao, Manl, Hawaii Speech, Political Science Masquers 4 MARY CZEKALSKI DANIELS Weyerhauser, Wisconsin Elementary Education, English ACE 3,4 NOTE 3 Sigma Chi Sigina 3,4 Kappa Della Pi 3,4 EUGENE RAYNOLI) DEGNER Cumberland, Wisconsin Math, Biology DENNIS LAWRENCE DESMITH Clenwood City, Wisconsin English, Psychology Psychology Club 2,3,4 V-Dents, 3,4 Newman Club 1,2,3,4 NCTE 4 DAVID EDWARD DOERS Cadott, Wisconsin Agriculture Education F.F.A. IA4 CLIVE K. EDINGER Berlin, Wisconsin Agriculture Football 1,2 Y-Derns 3,4 Sigma Rho 3,4 Vice-President 4 ANN CARMEN ELLEFSON Spring Valley, Wisconsin Speech Correction Kappa Delta Psi 3,4 Treasurer 4 Sigma Alpha Eta 4 Newman Club 1,2,3 SNEA 4 DIANE ADELE FANSLER Amery, Wisconsin French, Secondary Education French Club 1,2 Sigma Chi Sigma 23,4 Kappa Della Pi S3 Mektean 133 Editor 3 Phi Delta Theta 4DAVII) NOEL FELLENZ Chippewa Fall , Wisconsin Chemistry Swimming 1,2,3 Kappa Theta 8,4 .Stratton Mali Council 3,4 WAYLANI) CRAIG FOREHAND HilUtlalc, Wisconsin Mathematics, Plmics Theta Della PI 4 RICHARD MERLIN POSSUM Rice Like, Wisconsin Agricultural Education Intramural Sports 1,2,3 F.F.A. I AS Treasurer 4 IIeta Meta Bela 3,4 Ha pi 1st Youth Fellowship 2,3,4 FAYE CHARLOTTE FRANK Almena, Wisconsin History SNEA 3.4 Y-GOP 2,3 Publicity Chairman S Forensics 3 Kappa Delta Psi 3,4 DAVID FRAZER Brookdeld, Wisconsin Mathematics, Economics Y-GOP 13333 Chairman 4 Scale College Director 5 Economics Club 2,3,43 Chairman 43 LAC 43 Masquers 13333 Chairman 4 Alpha Psi Omega 23,43 CHARLOTTE MARY DONALD I. FROELICH FRENCH Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin River Falls, Wisconsin Physics Elementary Education, FrenchMa,h a“b 23,4 President 3 Physics Club 133,4 Theca Delta PI 4 PATRICIA JEAN FULLER Riser Falls, Wisconsin Psschology UXXJ. 133.4 Secretary 4 judo Club 3,4 Secretary 3,4 German Club 3 PETER PAUL G1EROK Independence, Wisconsin Economics, Geography Intramural Sports 133,4 Newman Club 133,4 Demosthcnians 3,4 Economics Club 3,4 DIANE LA VALLE GIESE Star Prairie, Wisconsin journalism. Biologs V-COP 3,4 Sitnnatkrrs 3,4 Judo Club 3 Meletean 3 LSA 13 164ROY EDWARD GIESEKER Plum City, Wisconsin Psychology Y-Dcms 2)3.4 Social Dcms 23 Chairman S Chess Club I Psychology Club 4 U.C.C.F. 3,4 THOMAS LEONARD GOFF Hillsdale, Wisconsin Biology Rodeo Club 3,4 Bela Bela Bela 3,4 LORRAINE GOMEZ Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii English Kappa Della Pi 3,4 Syncho Patent 3,4 Foreign Students 3,4 NOTE 4 Student VOICE 3 MARLENE J. GROSBECK Clear Lake, Wisconsin SNEA 3,4 Canterbury Club 1,2,3,4 Elementary Education Secretary 3 Band 3 Choir 1 DONA MAE GREEN St. Croix, Wisconsin Elementary Education ACE 23,4 Kappa Delta Pi 3,4 Sigma Chi Sigma 4 Y'Dcms 3,4 LSA 2 Bund 2 EUGENE A. GREEN River Falls, Wisconsin Secondary Education, Math Baptist Student Fellowship 133.4 ERMA WANETA GREENO Tom ah, Wisconsin Elementary Education Y-GOP 3.4 SNEA 4 ACE I 4 Baptist Student Fellowship 3,4 RONALD JOSEPH GREENQUIST St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin Elementary Education Football 23 Buslelball 13 Phi Nu Chi 23,4 Y-Dcnu 4 PEMM 133,4 Vets Club I ROBERT JOHN GREGURICH Deerbrook, Wisconsin Agriculture Education F.F.A. 23,4 4-H I Masquers 2 DONALD LEE GRIVNA ARLENE GUSTAFSON C. CHARLES HAAK Clayton, Wisconsin Ellsworth, Wisconsin Flint, Michigan Agriculture Education Speech Biology F.F.A. 4 Covenant Club 13 Mens’ Chorus 13 Vice-President 2 Y-I)cm 13 Y-Dcms 4 Sigma Alpha Eta 4 LYLE WAYNE HAKES Stanley, Wbcomin Agricultural Education F.F_ . I AM UCCF24 SNEA 4 CLYDE HARRISON Minneapolis, Minnesota A it JOHN DUANE HARTER Wabeno, Wbcomin Agricultural Education Sigma Tau Epsilon 3.4 F.FA 24,4 Y-GOP 3 MARY ELLEN HARTWIG Hammond, Wisconsin English Sigma Chi Sigma 24,4 NCTE 24,4 Kappa Delta N 3,4 AWS 4 Secretary 4 Kappa Delta Pi 4 JERRY W. HAUG Amcry, Wbcomin Business Administration Kappa Theta 3,4 Vice-President 4 Senior Class Treasurer Dorm Council S Economics Club 24,4 GERALD B. HAUGE St. Paul, Minnesota Business Administration JAY D. HAYDEN Cornell, Wisconsin Biology Wesley 14,4 Kappa Theta 3,4 Student Senate Governing Board 3,4 KAREN FOX HAYNES Hartford, Wisconsin French WRA 144 Hafhom Hall Dorm Council 3 Kappa Delta Pi 3,4 Sigma Chi Sigma 4 ACE 3,4 Treasurer 3,4 STEPHEN THOMAS HAYNES Waukesha, Wisconsin Mathematics, Sociology Intramural Sports 14 Liberal Aits Honor Society 2 DANIEL RICHARD HEGMAN St. Paul, Minnesota Psychology, Elementary Education Intramural Sports 24,4 Y-GOP 3,4 Vets Club 3,4 Vice-President 4 Psychology Club 3,4 SNEA 4 CHARLES FRANCIS HELLER Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin Elementary Education Intramural Sports 3,4 llaptist Student Fellowship 3,4 President 4 I EMM 3,4 Y-GOPS 3,4 PATRICIA ANNE HENNEMAN Amigo, Wisconsin Psychology Orchesis 4 Newman Club 24 Psychology Club 2,3,4 Masquers 4 Student VOICE 2,3,4 Judo Club 3 166AUDREY HERIOT Lakeland. Minnesota Art Education, Psychology kappa Delta Pi 3,4 BETTEJEAN HERM ANSON Woodville, Wncomin Sociology Concert Choir 3,4 Madrq'ab 3,4 MENC 4 Sigma Chi Sigma 4 CURTIS CHARLES HOARD Hudson, Wisconsin Art Intramural Sports U,4 Kappa Delta Pi 3,4 SHARON CAROL HOBERG River Falls, Wisconsin Physical Education WRA 2,3,4 PEMM 2,3,4 Vice-President 4 LSA 2.3,4 AWS 2,3,4 GERALD L. HOLT Granton, Wisconsin Math, Physics Math Club 1,2,3,4 Physics Club 2,3,4 Y-Dcms 3,4 Student VOICE 3,4 Sigma Rho 3,4 Treasurer 3 SUZANNE LEE HORN ROGER JOHN HOWE DONNELL GEORGE Appleton, Wisconsin Psychology Psychology Club 3,4 Hand 1,2 UCCP 1 St. Paul, Minnesota Speech Track 2,3 PEMM 4 Y-GOPS 2,3,4 HUEFTLE Spring Valley', Wisconsin Economics, Psychology Economics Club 2,3 Psychology 3,4 Phi Nit Chi 3,4 Y-Deni 4 JEROME J. HUNGERFORD Maiden Rock, Wisconsin Economics Y-Dems 4 Newman Club 2 Economics 3 PATRICIA IRENE ISAAC Lindstrom, Minnesota Physical Education WRA 2,3,4 PEMM 1,2,3,4 Synchopaters 2,3 Delta Iota Chi 3,4JAMES EDWARD INGLI NICIIOLAS Ellsworth, Wisconsin JADINAK, JR. Rim Falls, Wisconsin Y-Dcms 4 Elementary Education Phi Nu Chi 1333 Vets Club 5,4 Siirmaikets 23,4 Y-Dems 4 United Council 5,4 ARTHUR CLARENCE JANOTA Chetefc, Wisconsin Math, Economics Intramural Sports 5,4 Newman Club 1,23,4 Y-Dems I Math Club 5 Veto Club 5,4 MICHAEL JOSEPH JAKMUZ Red Wing, Minnesota Elementary Education Kappa Delta Pi 4 WAYNE WILLIAM ARVINEN I. Paul, Minnesota Economics, Geography Baseball 23.4 DAVID C- JENSEN LaCromr, Wisconsin Economics Intramural Spoets 133,4 Sigma Tau Epsilon 23.4 Greek Letter Council 4 DUANE KENNETH JENSEN Frederic, Wisconsin Agricultural Finance Intramural Sports 13 DENNIS H. JOHNSON St. Paul, Minnesota Sociology Vets Oub 23,4 Y-Dems 4 Psychology Club 4 DUANE DONALD JOHNSON Riser Falls, Wisconsin History, Physical Education Football 133,4 -R" Club 133,4 Y-Dems 5,4 GARY DENNIS JOHNSON Barron, Wisconsin Psychology Bowling 23 Intramural Sports 4 Kappa Delta Pi 5,4 Psychology Club 23.4 Y-Dems 4 Intern teacher 4JAMES ROGER JOHNSON lloyccvlllc, Wisconsin Physics, Mail) Kappa Theta S,4 Main Club 3,4 Physics Club 3,4 MARY PAT JOHNSON River Falls, Wisconsin English, Physical Education DAVII) LLOYD JOHNSTON River Falls. Wisconsin English Kappa Della PI 4 Vets Club 2,4 NCTE 4 MARY JANE JUNKER Stillwater, Minnesota Elementary Education Band 1,2 a a Delta Psi 3,4 3 ANALU JURGENS River Falls, Wisconsin English SNEA 3,4 Newman Club 1,2,3,4 Sigma Oil Sigma 3,4 AWS 3,4 CHRISTIANE KAPUN Or a , Austria History, Journalism Foreign Students 1,2,3,4 President 4 Kappa Delta Psi 3,4 Falcon Films 3,4 Student VOICE 3,4 VINCENT A. K ESSEN ICH Sauk City, Wisconsin Broad Area Soclul Science Newman Club 2,3,4 SNEA 2,3,1 Prucha Hall Dorm Council 3 Y-Deins 2,3 KATHLEEN MARY KILBRIDE Hastings, Minnesota Elementary Education Masquer 1,2,3,4 Newman Club 1,4 Choir 1,2,3 Y-Dems 4 THOMAS JOEL KNUTSON LaCrossc, Wisconsin Sociology, Speec h Prucha Hall President 1 Y-Dents 2,3,4 Phi Nu Chi 1,2,3,4 President 3,4 Forensics 1,2,3,4 Class Vice-President 2 Homecoming M-C 3,4 Pi Kappa Della 2,3,4 Student Center Governing Board 23.4 MAX EDWARD KLECKER Ellsworth, Wisconsin Agriculture Y-Dems 1,2,3 Mens Chorus 3 Newman Club 1,2,3,4 Treasurer 3 Agrifallians 3,4 HOWARD KOPECKY Wabrao, Wisconsin Agricultural Engineering CHARLES F. KUHTZ Waukesha, Wisconsin Agricultural Education Intramural Sports 2,3,4 F.F.A. 1,2,8,4 Vice-President 4 4-11 1,2,3,4 Newman Club 1,2,3,4 Demosthenian 3,4 Nu Alpha XI 3,4GARY RAY LACROSSE Rhinelander, Wisconsin Psychology Psychology Club 3,4 Phi Nu Chi 3,4 NINA JEAN LARSON Clear Luke, Wisconsin Elementary Education LSA I Wesley 3 Y-Dems 3,4 ACEI 4 SNEA 4 Kappa Della Pi 3,4 STEVEN H. LANG St. Paul, Minnesota Science THOMAS CHARLES LANGHAM Stone Lake, Wisconsin Mathematics Baseball 2,4 Swimming 3 Newman Club 2,3,4 Y-Dems 3,4 PEMM 3,4 LARRY J. LARK Downing, Wisconsin llioad Area Social Science Y-Dems 1,23,4 Sitzmarkers 3,4 BARBARA LARSON St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin Speech Phi Delta Theta 3,4 Sigma Chi Sigma 2,3,4 Kappa Delta PI 4 PEMM 3,4 AWS 1,2,3,4 SNEA 3,4 Y-Dems 3,4 Masquers 13 GARY BRUCE LARSON Hector, Minnesota Sociology Sigma Rho 3,4 Vice-President 3 Y-Dems 3,4 KENT CARL LARSON Clear Lake, Wisconsin Biology Football 13 Wesley 133,4 Y-Dems 3,4 REGINA ANN LAVENTURE New Richmond, Wisconsin Mathematics Newman Club 3,4 WRA 133,4 Sigma Chi Sigma 3,4 Kappa Delta Pi 4 JAMES DAVID LEONARD Ellsworth, Wisconsin Chemistry Y-GOI 133.4 Chom Club 4 MELVIN WAYNE LINDEMANN Cumberland, Wisconsin Biology Intramural Sports 13 CATHERINE ANNE LINDEN Amery, Wisconsin History, Physical Education AWS 133,4 Vice-President 4 PEMM 4 Sigma Chi Sigma 23,4 a,a l elta Psi 3,4 loputers 23,4 Kappa Delta Pi 3,4MARY LOEBER Stillwater, Mlnnnou Elemental Education Ctioii IAS SNEA 4 LSA tM Phi Delta Theta 23.4 Pmident 4 ACEI 23.4 BARBARA ANN LUCAS Cadott, WbraMln Kappa Delta Pd 3,4 Vice-President 4 NCTE 23,4 Sipna Chi Sigma S.4 Newman Club 133,4 Y-Detns 4 PAUL JOSEPH LUKITSCH Milwaukee, WiiCOUda Agriculture Newman Club 23.4 4-H 23,4 Y-Dems 5.4 Rodeo Oub 3.4 Economica C lub S3 DARLENE JOYCE LYNUM Spring Valley, Wisconsin Elementary Education ACEI 5,4 SNEA 4 Kappa Delta Pd 4 ROBERT J. MACH ACER Glen ilie, Minnesota Biology Swiming 5,4 PEMM 133,4 President 4 Kappa Theta 23,4 Secretary 4 Greek Letter Council 5,4 “R" Club 5,4 MARY SWANSON REBECCA JANE MANN MACLEOD R« Win . Minnesota Hager City, Wisconsin Ekmenlmy Education English, History SNEA NCTE 4 YDcms 5.4 Rodeo Oub 4 FREDRIC HENRY MARKUS Pottage, Wisconsin History LAC 5,4 Chairman 4 Student Center Governing Board 3 Y-GOP S3 German Club S .Modern Dance Club 3 Art Oub 4 DON EDWARD MARSOLEK Fountain City, Wisconsin Political Science Y-GOP 133.4 Vice-President 23,4 Newman Club 133.4 JOYCE ANN MARTIN Ellsworth. Wisconsin Art Education WRA S3 PEMM 5,4 Art Club 13MICHAEL JOHN MARTY Stillwater, Minnesota Biology Item Item Item 4 CAROLE ANN MAY DONALD GEORGE MAY Klvcr Falk, Wisconsin River Falls, Wisconsin Elementary Education Secondary Education Choir 2,8,4 Psychology Madrigals 8,4 Psychology Club 2,3,4 .MENC 8,4 Kappa Delta Pi 4 Sigma Chi Sigma 4 SNEA 4 ACEI 4 JERRY ALLEN McKENZIE St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin Physics, Math Phi Nu Oil 1,2,3,4 Treasurer 8,4 Vets Club I Y-Denis 4 Physics Collotpiium 4 DAISY MARIE McKinley Siren, Wisconsin Elementary Education Intern 4 Choir 8,4 ACEI 4 Y-COPS Wesler Foundation 1,24,4 Vice President 2 SNEA 4 Phi Delta Theta 24.4 Pub. It Corns. See. 8 GLENN DEAN McNAUGHTON Eau Galle, Wisconsin Mathematics Track 124.4 Football 144.4 Basketball I R-Club 144,4 Vice Presitlent 8 Wesley Foundation 14 Nu Alpha Xi 8,4 Secretarr 4 Math Club 3.4 Phvsics Colloquium 8,4 P.EJMI. 14 KENNETH C-MEIDLINGER St. Paul, Minnesota History, Psychology VERNON L. MEIER Prescott, Wisconsin Physics Newman Club 14 JOYCE RITA MEUWISSEN St. Paul, Minnesota Elementary Education ACEI 8,4 P.E.M. 8,4 Newman Club 3,4 W.R.A. 3,4 Y-Denis 4 JAMES ALAN MICHAELS Berlin, Wisconsin Agricultural Education F.F.A. 1,2,8,4 Bund 144,4 Brass Ensemble 14 Dunce Baud 24,4 172JEAN MARIE MILLER THOMAS JOHN flicick, Wisconsin MITCHELL Elementary Education Ladyimitli, Wisconsin Mathematics, Economic WRA 3 Theta Della PI 4 SNEA 1 Math Club 4 Y-I cni 4 JOHN HERMAN NATZKE Merrill, WUcomin Psychology, Sociology Intramural Football 1,2,1 Intramurul Softball 1,2,1 Liberal Arts Honor’s Society I AM Gamma l ella 1,2,3,4 Die Deutsche Gescllshafl 2,8 Collegiate Kodco 3 Y-Dems I A ,4 Kappa Delta Pi 1,2 Psychology Club 1AM ROGER RONALD NEITZEL Ontario, Wisconsin Animal Science llatcball 1.2 Intramural I A3,4 Agrlfallluni 1.2 Secretary S PFA I Dcmotllicninm 1,4 Vice President 4 Gamma I elta 1,2,1,1 Liberal Art Honor Society 3,4 DONALD NELSON Mathematics LSA IAS Swimming Team 1,2,1 K Club 2,3 Kappa Della Pi 3,4 Math Club 8 Inter Teacher-West Bend 4 LLOYD R. NELSON Cumlierland, Wisconsin Agricultural Education Swimming Team I AM Crow Country 3 FFA I AM 411 1,2 Demosthcnians 3,4 Beta Beta, Beta 3,4 R Club 2,3,4 MICHAEL BRENT NORDEEN Ccnturia, Wisconsin Elementary Education Phi Nu Chi 3,4 Football 2 PEMM Club 3,4 JUDITH IONE NORDERHAUG River Falls, Wisconsin Elementary Education WRA U PEMM 3,4 LSA I AM Choir I AM RONALD ALVIN NORDSTRAND Ellsworth, Wisconsin Mathematic , Economic Math Club M Math Fraternity 4 RICHARD VERNON OELKERS Red Wing, Minnesota Elementary Education RICHARD A. OLSEN St. Paul, Minnesota Speech Correction Tennis 2 Economics Club 2J Y-Dcms 23 CHARLES MARVIN OLSON Spring Valley, Wisconsin Chemistry Intramural Football 1,2 Intramural Basketball I 173DONNA MAE OLSON Luck, Wisconsin Am Education Y-Dems Kappa Delta I'si 3,4 MICKEY CARL OLSON Knapp, Wisconsin Sociology Swimming 15,3,4 R Club 155.4 Sociology Club 2 OR LAND THOMAS OLSON Westl v, Wisconsin Agricultural Education Football 155,4 FFA 155,4 K Club 155.4 LSA 1555 RITA LENSELINK OLSON Clear Lake, Wisconsin French Wesley 1 Student Center Governing Hoard 3 Sigma Chi Sigma 3 French Club 1 German Club 2 JOYCE ANN ORGAN Rice lake, Wisconsin Elementary Education, English ACEI 3,4 NCTE 3,4 SNEA 4 Sigma Chi Sigma 4 DENNIS KEITH OSTRANDER Melrose, Wisconsin Math Kappa Theta 3,4 Y-I)cms 4 BASIL J. O’SULLIVAN, JR. Rice Lake, Wisconsin Economica (Bus. Admin.) Biology Football 155 Vets Club I Phi Nu Chi 25,4 Economics Club 3 Sergeant at Arms 8 ELAINE DOM BROCK OWENS St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin English IIARLIN ORSON OWENS Clam Falls, Wisconsin Agricultural Education Intramurals 155 4H 155.4 President 2,4 FFA 155,4 Social Committee 2 Alpha Gamma Rho Wesley 15 SAC 2,4 JOHN ALBERT PAINTER River Falls, Wisconsin Elementary Education Intercollegiate Bowling 2 Wesley 15 Social Committee 15 Band 15 Choir 1 Sigma Tau Epsilon 4 SNEA 4 ROY ARNOLD OLSON Ellsworth, Wisconsin Chemistry Tennis 1,25 Kappa Theta 25,4 Secretary-Treasurer 3 RONALD FRANCIS PALMER Hudson, Wisconsin Economics (Bus. Admin.) Phi Nu Chi 3,4 Homecoming Co-chairman 4MARY ANN PARNELL Somerset, Wisconsin Elementary Education THOMAS FRANCIS PARSLOW River Falls, Wisconsin Agricultural Edurulion Newman Club 1,2,8,4 Y-GOP 3,4 FFA 1,4 JANICE PAULSEN Frederic, Wisconsin English .Sigma Chi Sigma 3,4 Kappa Delta IM 4 Kappa Della IM 2,3,4 LSA 1 NOTE 4 WILLIAM LAWRENCE PAULSON St. Paul, Minnesota Elementary Education Psychology JOHN LEROY PECHACEK River Falls, Wisconsin Math, Physics Math Club 4 Phvsics Colloquium 4 Theta Delta Pi 4 KAREN CHRISTINE PEDERSEN River Falls, Wisconsin Secondary Education, Broad Area Social Science Y-Dcms 1 Sigma Chi Sigma 4 GARY KENT PETERSEN Luck, Wisconsin Biology Intramural Football 1,4 Intramural Basketball 8 Beta, Beta, Bela 2,3,4 a a Theta 4 nt Center Gov. Board 4 MARJORIE ANNE PETERSON Hudson, Wisconsin Elementary Education, Physical Education Newman Club I WRA 1,2,3,4 PEMM 2,3,4 Secretary 4 Sigma Chi Sigma 4 Y-Denis 3,4 Kappa Delta Pi 4 ACE 4 SNEA 4 MARVIN CARROLL PETERSON Bruce, Wisconsin Biology Vets Club 3,4 STEWART R. PETERSON llager City, Wisconsin Elementary Education Intramural Sports 3,4 Kappu Theta 2,3,4 PEMM 3,4 SNEA 4 Y-Deins 4VIRGIL R. I»ETERSON WILLIAM HOWARD Ellwonh, Wljcoimiii PIPPENGER Chemistry, Mwcli Phillips, Wisconsin Music MENC 1 S.4 Concert Choir 134.4 Madrigals 3,1 Mens’ Chorus 1,2,3,1 RICHARD ALLEN PLUMB Edgerton, Wisconsin Psychology, Biology Wrestling 1,2 Kappa Tilda 2,3,1 Wesley I AM President 2,4 Orchcsis 1,23,4 DENIS PLUMMER New Auburn, Wisconsin Biology BARBARA E. POLFUS New Richmond, Wisconsin Elementary Education SNEA 4 Wesley 1 Psychology Club 4 LEONARD RUSSELL PRICE St. Paul Part;, Minnesota Board Area Social Science ROBERT EUGENE PRITCHARD Lafayette, Indiana History, Economics Football 134,4 Basket ball 134,4 Phi Nu Chi 24,4 Y-Drsns 4 “R" Club 24.4 ROGER DEAN PROBST Riser Falls, Wisconsin Economics, Sociology Y-Desns 134.4 LARRY ARTHUR PROCHNOW Gilman, Wisconsin History Intramural Sports 24 4 Kappa Theta 3,4 Inter Dorm Council 3 NOTE 4 ROBERT J. PROKOPUK White Bear, Minnesota Business Administration 176ARNOLD HERBERT RASK Pepin, Wisconsin Agricultural Engineering liA 1AM Agrifallians 4 Y-GOP 4 JOANNE ROSELYN EETZ Boycoille, Wisconsin Elementary Education Dorm Council 13 AWSS WRA IM4 President S PEMM 23.4 Phi Delta Theta 3,4 Vice-President 4 RICHARD JOHN RICCI St. Paul, Minnesota English Coif 23,4 Student VOICE 23,4 Associate Editor S3 Melrtran 4 Sports Editor 4 Newman Club 23 Nu Alpha XI 4 GRETCHEN OTTO RICHARDS Hudson, Wisconsin Elementary Education Kappa Delta Pi 3,4 Sigma Chi Sigma 4 LEAH YVONNE R1CHERT River Falls, Wisconsin Art Education Student VOICE 13 Student Center Governing Board 13 Sigma Oil Sigma 3,4 DONALD JOSEPH RICHMOND Eagle River, Wisconsin Broad Area Social Science Newman Club 133,4 IRC 23,4 Secretary 3,4 Y-GOP S3 Treasurer 4 Kappa Della Pi 3,4 President 4 DEAN JOCOB RINGGER River Falls, Wisconsin Elementary Education Kappa Theta 1333 President 4 Student Center Governing Board 3,4 Chairman 4 ACEI 4 Y-Denis 4 SNEA 4 2ND GERARD RIZZO IEROME RICHARD GERALD L. ROSENAU IOHN EDWARD RUBIN RAYMO! EDWARD Loj Angeles, California Psychology Nu Alphi Xi 4 Psychology Club 4 Orchrsls 3 Vice-President 4 Y-Dcnis 4 "R" Club 1333 Lafayette, Indiana Political Science, History Football 1333 Baseball 1 Phi Nu Chi 233 Greek Letter Council 4 ROLSTAD Barron, Wisconsin Agriculture Milwaukee, Wisconsin Elementary Education Stratton Dorm Council 3,4 Rice Lake, Wisconsin Geography Intramural Sports 3,4 Phi Nu Chi 233 Foreign Student Association 23 Vice-President 3,4 rlgn LSA 1333 SNEA 4 Food Investigating Committee Y-Denis 4 177DAVID L. SARTORI Fond du Lac, Wisconsin Political Science Gamma Delta 1,2,3,4 IRC 3,4 Vice President 4 SANE 1,2 Vice President 2 Young Democrats 1,2,3,4 GEORCANNE SCHAFFER North Saint Paul, Minnesota Elementary Education Social Committee 3,4 President of Hathorn Hall 4 AWS Board 4 Phi Delta Theta sorority 3,4 DONNA MAE SCHIEFELBEIN Somerset, Wisconsin Elementary Education ACE I 4 SNEA 4 Y-COP 3,4 Psychology Club 3,4 Baptist Student Fellowship President 3 Vice President 4 PAUL ROBERT SCHMID Chilton, Wisconsin Chemistry, Mathematics Y-Dems 1,4 Chemistry Club 4 Them Della IM 4 WAYNE HOWARD SCHMIDT Shawano, Wisconsin Agricultural Education FFA 1,2,3,4 Intramurab 2 SNEA 4 FREDERIC HENRY SCHMIT St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin Physics Football 1,2 Newman Club 1,2 Chemistry Club 1,2 K Club 2 Them Delta PI 4 LOUISE CATHERINE SCHNUR Babam Lake, Wisconsin Elementary Education SNEA 4 Treasurer 4 ACEI 4 RONALD KEITH SCHULZ St. Paul, Minnesota Elementary Education Agrilalllan Society 1,2,3,4 aigma Aipna tin a, Y-Dcnis 4 Treasurer 4 4-H Club 1,2 1,2 College Countryman Staff DAVID ARTHUR SCHULTZ Curtiss, Wisconsin Agriculture, Business MOLLY ANN SCHULTZ Roberts, Wisconsin Elementary Education, Speech Correction CAROLYN LOUISE SCHUMAKER Ellsworth, Wisconsin Eleinenlury Education ACEI 2 SNEA 3,4 Sigma Oil Sigma 3 Kappa Delta Pi 3,4 Intern Teacher 4 JEWELL SCHWARZTRA U BER ElUworth. Wisconsin Elementary Education 178MAE K. SERI Lahaina Maui. Hawaii Elementary Education ACE I M Wesley 1AM SNEA 4 GERALD SETTER Dreiser. Wisconsin Business Agrifalliam 3.4 Y-GOP M P.PA. 14 4-H I AM Historian 4 Drmaslhraiam S Alpha Gamma Klio 4 ANE MARIE HAMBOUR New Prague. Minnesota Elementary Education WRA M Baptist Youth Pellowihip M THOMAS ALBERT OSCAR EDWARD PAUL GEORGE SKOUG ALBERT PAUL SIM ACER SKOUG Chrtek, Wisconsin SKROCH Moccasin, Montana Chrirk, Wisconsin Chemistry Arcadia, Wisconsin Math, Physics Math Cross Country 2,3,4 LSA IAS,4 Math Club 3,4 "R” Club 2,8 1 Theta Delta PI 4 Physics Club 8,4 Client Club 2,3,4 President 4 SAC 4 Physics, Math Newman Club 1,2,11,4 Math Club 3,4 Physics Club 8,4 Hand 1,2,3 GENE M. SMITH Clear Lake, Wisconsin English, History Fouiulatlon Committee 2,3 1 Chairman S Claw Officer 1,2,3 United Council 3,4 Who's Who 4 .Student Senate 3,4 President 4 E. LYNN SMYTH Watertown, Wisconsin Mathematics Kappa Theta 3,4 Clave Officer 4 Math Club IAS Student Center Governing Board 3,4 Treasurer 4 DAVID ALAN STAFFORD Grinnell, Iowa Agriculture Prucha Hall Dorm Council I AM Vice-President 3 Rodeo Club M President 3,4 179JERRY WALTER STAIGER Prescott, Wisconsin Phnio, Math Y-Dam 3,4 Physics Club 3,4 Newman Club 144.4 JUDITH ANN STARR Hudson, Wisconsin Elementary Education Kappa Delta Pn 3,4 Vice-President 3 V Item. 24.4 •.inraa Oti Sigma 4 SNEA 4 KAREN STEFONEK New Richmond, Wisconsin Elementarr Education Y-Dems 3,4 ACE I 4 WILLIAM WELCH STEWART Minneapolis.) Minnesota Economic Football 3 Veu Club 3,4 Treasurer 8,4 Y-Dems 3,4 PKMM 4 onoinlw 3,4 DAVID M. STONE Stillwater, Minnesota Broad Area Social Science Golf 3,4 DOUGLAS DEAN SUMNER River Falls, Wisconsin Agriculture F.F.A. 2,3,4 Kappa Delta Pi 3,4 Beta Beta Beta 3,4 UCCF 1,2,8,4 Treasurer 2 LEON JEROME SUSA Independence, Wisconsin Speech Newman Club 1,2,11,4 Dcmostcnians 2,3,4 Forensics 3 Economics Club 3,4 JAMIE DEAN SWANSON Cushing, Wisconsin Biology Beta Bela Beta 24.4 President 4 KAREN ANN SWANSON Osceola, Wisconsin Elementary Education WKA 1,2,3,-I Publicity Chairman 4 ACEI 3,4 Phi Drltu Theta 3,4 SNEA 4 AWS 1,24.4 SHARON LEE SWANSON Somerset, Wisconsin Elementary Education ACEI 2,3.4 President 4 Kappa Delta Pi 4 Vice-President 4 SNEA 4 Sigma Chi Sigma 4MELODIE MARIE SWEENEY Cornell. Wisconsin Pssrhologs WRA S.4 Ptnholon Club 5,4 Phi Delia Theta 23,4 Creek Leller Council 5,4 Secretary 5 Newman Club IAS Cheerleader 23 STUART RAY SWENSON Amrry, Wisconsin Agriculture Agrifallsans 133.4 President 4 Demosthenians 5,4 LSA 133.4 Alpha Gamma Rho 4 GLORIA JEAN SZCZECH Stanley, Wisconsin Art Art Club I Y-Dcms 4 NCTE 4 SNEA 4 JAMES F. TANNER Sc Croix Falls, Wisconsin Art Education Choir 133 Madrigals 23 PEMM 23.4 Art Club 133 Vets Club 13 JACQUELINE ANN TAYLOR White Bear Lake, Minnesota Elementary Education ACEI 133,4 AWS 133.4 Band 133 Y-Demi 5,4 SNEA 4 BRUCE ARNOLD THIEMKE Tom ah, Wisconsin Agriculture Agrifallians 133.4 President 4 Rodeo Club 5 PAULA PATRICIA THOMASON St. Paul, Minnesota Elementary Education DON MARSHALL THOMPSON Hudson, Wisconsin Economics Y-COP 5 Y-Dcms 4 Phi Nu Chi 23,4 Historian 4 Economics Club 23.4 Vice-President 8,4 ROBERT DEWAYNE THOMPSON Spring Valley, Wisconsin Psychology, Sociology Intramural Sporls 1,2,8 Kappa Theta 3,4 ROBERT ERNEST TIETZ Eau Claire, Wisconsin Elementary Education HENRY DAVID TRUOG Independence, Wisconsin Agricultural Education Intramural Sporls 133.4 F.F.A. 23,4 Nctvman Club 3,4 JOHN TURCHENESKE. JR. Riser Falls, Wisconsin History Newman Club 133,4JOSEPH C. VALENTA GERALD LEE VALLEEN Surlng, Wisconsin Agricultural Education F.F.A. 1AM Sigma Tau Epsilon 2,1,-I Y-Dems 3,4 Homecoming Chairman 3 Rand 1,2,3,4 Foundation Committee 3,4 Lindslrom, Minnesota Economics Y-Dems 3 Economics Club 3 ALLEN WILBUR VALLEY St. Paul, Minnesota Psychology, Biology Masquers 1,2,3,4 Y-Dems 2,3 Psychology Club 4 Sitxmarkcrs 2,3,4 VANDEBERG , Wisconsin JUDY Prescott, Elementary Music AWS 1,2,3,4 Y-Dems 3 Choir 13 MENC 1,2 GREGORY G. VANDYKE Durand, Wisconsin Elementary Education Vets Club 1,23,4 President 3,4 Y-Dems 3,4 SNEA 4 BRUCE F. VENTO St, Paul, Minnesota Biology Kappa Delta Pi 3,4 RITA JOY VOLLMER Alma, Wisconsin Elementary Education ACEI 4 Meletean 4 Faculty Editor BARBARA ANN WAXON Hudson, Wisconsin Elcmcniarv Education ACEI 1,23.4 Vice-President 4 Band 133.4 Kappa Delta Pu 3,4 SNEA 4 Cla« Secretary 4 JON DOUGLAS WEBB Elmwood, Wisconsin Psychology, Economics Social Committee 133 Chairman S Wesley 1333 Sigma Tau Epsilon 233 Secretary 4 Psychology Club 4 Coverning Board 23 DOUGLAS DARREL WEBER Elmwood, Wisconsin Agriculture Intramural Sports 3,4 Agrifalliaiu 233 Newman Club 1333 Vice-President 4 Y-Dems 3.4 LYNDON CHARLES WEBERG Ellsworth, Wisconsin Mathematics Math Club 233 Theta Della PI 4 RONALD RICHARD WELKE Eau Claire, Wisconsin Agricultural Education Intramural Sports 14 F.FA. 4 182 ABRON WELLS, JR. GEORGE WENTLAND llurlclinrsl, Mississippi Economic , Psychology V I . in» 1.2,1,-1 Vice-Chairman S Economics Club 1,23,4 Vice-President 2 Psychology 1,23,4 FREDERICK CARL WELTY Crivilx, Wisconsin Agricultural Education F.F-A. 133,4 Y-Dcms 2,3,4 SNEA 4 Stratton Hall Council 13 Vice-President 2 DONALD WHITE Spooner, Wbcomin Elementary Education Phi Na Oil 133,4 EDWARD FRANCIS WINK Glen wood City, Wisconsin Itu«inc % Administration Newman Club 133 Chcni Club 3 FRANK J. WITTIG Durand, Wisconsin Math Theta Delta PI 4 JOYCE ZAPPA Cumberland, Wisconsin Elementary Education Choir 13 Band 23,4 Newman Club 133,4 ACE I S3 JANET ZASPEL New Richmond, Wisconsin Elementary Education ACE I 3,4 WRA 133,4 Vice-President 4 Delta lota Chi 3,4 President 3,4 AWS 133,4 GABRIEL ZAWADZKI Withee, Wisconsin Agriculture Intramural Sports 4 Newman Club 133,4 Agrifalliam 133,4 MARY ZEPPLIN Barnes eld, Wisconsin Secondary Education NC-TE 3.4 Y-Denis 23.4184 Upperclassmen tally returns during the 1964 presidential election.JUNIORS Vice-President Kenneth Timm Secretary Vickie IViesner T reasurer Thomas Ladwig President Kenneth Lee 185Larry Ackerson Judith Anderson Gene Amst Roger Bart loll James Aiken Vernon Andren Helen Avery Barbara Barr David Amdahl Barbara Anfinson Gordon Bahr Dennis Bastian James Amodt Harvey Anklcy Ron Bahr Barbara Bautch Nadine Amplilett Pamella Armbruster Richard L. Bains Gary Beastrom Karen Amundsen David Arndt Larry Baker Bonnie Becker 186 Christian Becker Margaret Beeson Hollis Beedc Philip Belfiori Bernice Beeson Richard E. Bennett Wayne Bcncy Judith Bonneville Mike Brandstatter Robert Brown Wayne Burich Warren Carlton Donald Cherry Leo J. Binkowski Gloria Bonte Gary Braun Rodney Brown Janet Burke Steve Carpenter Thomas Chicilo Corinne Bittrich Dennis Bostrom Robert Breuer John Bruce Gerald Byrnes Alan Carrier Harold Christensen Dean Blegen Thomas Boudreau James Brickuer Loren K. Bryhn Kathleen Cabanowski Duane E. Call Raymond Christensen James Bloomquist Gary Bohlken David Boyer Alice Bragcr Gregory Brindley George Brooks Eric J. Buhr Victor Bula Michael Callics Shirley Cardell Noel Chapin Jim Chase Barton Christenson Douglas Christopherson 187Steve Cina Laverne Cook Dan Curran Cora lee Delong Jerome Donatell Michael Ebersold Peter Falkman Philip Civlkon Roger Corbin Roger Dahl Diane Dclorit Gerald Dopkins Kermit Ekstrom Barry Fankhouser Linda Clark James Cowan Stephen Daley Rolf Derikartz Marvin Dunn James Engcbrelson Ted Felling Judy Clos Robert Coyle Sharon Danielson Victor Dillcr Eunice Duren Beverly Enloe Edward Fick Jeanette Collman Thomas Cran Melvin Dario Blaine Dinger Donald Duszynski Gerald Erickson Louise Fiebig Joyce Colstrom Curtis Cree Donna Davidson Joan Ditlcfsen Richard Eastvold Richard Erickson Norma Fitzjarrcll 188Arvid Flanum Wayne Funk Donald Genridi Carl Gicsc Curds Plug Susan Gacnner Donald Gilbert Roy Gieieker Eugene Folmcr Charles Gander John Gilbert Richard Gillette Wayne Fowler Edward Ganske Robert Gilbert Ralph Ginsbadi Irene Fridsma James Gargulak Eric Gilbertson Gerald Glaus Beverly Froscth Daniel Gauvin Dennis Giere George Glovka William Goetzelman Dianne Grand! George Gorka Keith Grant Vicki Graham Roger GratiotSteve Gray Joyce Gruenewald Vaughn Hailing John Hanson Dona Green John Grunke John Hainincs Wayne Hanson Sandra Greener Sharon Guiser Betty Jo Hanna Larry Hardina Diane Grenquist Jeanne Gustafson James Hansen Ronald Harper Janet Griffey Leroy Gygax Douglas Hanson James Hartcry Vance Grosser Michael Halko Edward Hanson Robert Haugen 190 Jeffery Hayden Catherine Heller Janet Hayes Ann Heiting Ronald Hendrickson Franklin HebertGerald Hcsselink Gloria Hjelle Arnold Holcomb Mark Homeland Duane Hubing Susan John Kent Jenson Larry Hcsselink Judith Hofbaucr Thomas Holloway Susan Houck James Hugos Lawrence Janccek Charles Johnson Thomas Hetzel Sandra Hoff John Honeywell Larry Houser David Hultgren Terry Janes David Johnson Thomas Hetmccker Marguerite Hoffman Mary Ann Honkanen William Howard John Hyland William Janisch Dell Johnson Thomas Hickox William Hoffman Linda Hopman Dianne Howard Neal Ihrke James Jannett DeWayne Johnson Rose Ellen Hindi Ronald Hager Gary Hoschclte Sanden Howse Betty Ingalls Kathleen Jenkins Donald Johnson 191Fred Johnson Richard Kammcrud David Kicperl Jerry Knapniillcr Paul Kozak Thomas Ladwig Mary Kay Lansing Fredcrrick Johnson Elaine Kaufman Edmond Kinney Lorclla Knoepker Edward J. Kraft Daniel Laffe John Laalcso Steven W. Johnson Roberta Keller Inez Kirchner Karen Koeser John It. Krumm Donald Laib Barbara Larson Carol! Kaiser Patricia Kelley Kenneth Kjer Thomas Kongslien Karen Kryzanik James Landes Cheryl Larson James Kallas Patricia Kennedy Joanne Kleckcr Thomas Konefes Eugene Kubat Dennis Langkos Duane Larson Toshiro Kamiya Dennis Kete Rowland Klink James Koski Larry Kundingcr Barbara Lansing Erik LeadholmKenneth Lee Fred Lindberg Ruth Anne Mackenzie Judy Markgrcn Linda Lcmcrc Rosemary Loss Dan Madison Judy Markison Gary Lcnselink Mary Jo Lover Perry Manor Gary Martell Joseph Licffring Gayland Luedke Thomas Manula Bradford Martin Perry Liljestrand Bernard Lyksctt Robert Margcnau Brenda Martin Robert Linabcrry Robert MacGregor John Marino Mary Maser Dell Max Ronald Matz Harriet Mathison Edward Mathison Ralph McCaffery Betty McClellan 193Nicholas McGree Norbcri Meyer Michael Moe James Morris Gene McKenzie Robert Mike Jean Moon John Morrison James McLaughlin James Milbery Harold Moline Thomas Most Myron Meath Roger Miller Thomas Monio Kenneth Mouw Janet Mclchert Winfield Mitchell Jeffrey Montbriand Joseph Munson Wayne Melin William Mickenhaupt Donald Moody William Murphy Gary Muschik Walter Neckville Dennis Nelson LeRoy Nelson Lyndon Nelson Mark Nelson 194Roger Nelson Pamela Norcen Catherine Olin Or land Olson Duane Ormson Francis Pacyga David Peck Daniel Ncster Bernice Nylus Gordon Olson Thomas Olson Richard Osen Stephen Pahnquist Susan Peck Linda Neurer James Oakland Jerilyn Olson John O'Malley Geraldine Oswald Larry Pasanen David Pederson Gary Nielsen Michael Obradovich Jcrold Olson Keith O’Malley George Ouimette Frederick Paston Richard Pence Wilda Nilscstuen Cheryl O’Flanagan Keith Olson Kathleen O’Meara Kenneth Ourada Betty Paulsen Bruce Pennington Donald Norderhaug Geoffrey Okwumabua Michael Olson Kathleen O’Mera Charles Overbeck Ronald Pearson Susan Peno 195Michael Perkin Karen Peterson Kathleen Pickarski Michael Pozzini Arnold Rask Claire Rice Karen Romsos Wayne Pcshia Manfred Peterson Stephen Pittman Caren Prochnow Barbara Rasmussen Jerelynn Ritchey Ralph Rossing Carol Ann Peterson Melvin Peterson Tod Planner James Proud lock Ann Reiland John Ritchie Mary Rivard Dallas Peterson Ronald Peterson David Pominvillc Mark Quade Fred Remund John Rockuam Richard RudcsiU Cary Peterson Carol Pevovar Donald Popowski William Randall Steven Rhicl Judith Roenz Marly Rudi June Peterson Patricia Phillips John Poukey Heist Kane Stanley Richert Anita Roessler Hobart Sailor 196Faramarz Salmassi Ida Schilling Roger Schmilt Eugene Schulie John Sandberg Wayne Schilling Janies Schneider Kenneth Scoring Karen Sandquist Ann Schleicher Clara Schommer Gerald Seiglcr Jerold Sargent Richard Schlosser Marcella Schouten Keith Selbrede William Saiama Richard Schlough Fred Scroedcr Sandra Senechal Art Schletty Rose Ann Schmit Donald Schultz Roger Schaller 197 Jay Sharp Kay Simmons James Sherwood Michael Skorudc Ann Simons Jane SlightWarren Smallidge Ruih Speidi Barry Stccvcns Harvey Slower Gerald Solberg Gram Stabenow Donald Steffen Marla Strecch Ronald Solberg Robert Slaebcll Ronald Slcne Lois Slit . Robert Somerville Keith Stanton David Stern Henry Sukow Ray Soper Gary Steele Donald Stevens Joyce Sullivan Allen Space Janet Steen William Stoctzel Mac Summer 198 Marvin Swanson Sidonia Sweeney Merry Jo Swanson Lorin Syverson Caren Swartz Victoria SzczechHebert Taps Weix Thomas Robert Tietz Judith Varing James Walch Allen Webb Vickie Wicsncr David Taube Ardon Thompson Arlys Timm George Vebel Carol Walker Michael Webb Ralph Williams Frederick Tegeler Douglas Thompson Kenneth Timm Verl Vcrhulst Winifred Wall Curtis Weber Ronald Williams James Terr a no John Thompson Judith Toshner Rita Vollmer Sandra Wallin David Weitz Gary Wilmer Frances Thayer Gerald Thorson William Transbcrg Edwin Wade Walter Warren Ronald Wcndlandt Karen Winter James Thews Katherine Thull Thomas Twining Richard Wahlstrom Janice Waxon David Wettleson Charles Woiwode 199Nancy Wolfe Gcntilic Yarusso Warren Wolfe Mary Youngman David Woodbeck Elena Zeller Jerrokl Woods Janies Zeller Robert Wolf William Wright Marcella Ziemcr Leon Wolfe Richard Yarrington Melvin Zilgc SPECIAL STUDENTS 200 AII’Asghar Zolfaghari Virginia Maier Eugene Dario Ellen UtoftSOPHOMORES Vice-President Keith Rodli Treasurer Thomas Rauman President Sandra Danielson Secretary James Laatch 201Ann Agncw James Ahasay Fred Altaffer Vernon Allinann Steven Amdali Thomas Andersen Burnell Anderson Dan Anderson Gary Anderson James Anderson Judy Anderson Luveme Anderson Philip Anderson Christecn Anlauf Kay Armstrong Larry Axelson George Babcock James Baier Robert Baker Sharon Baldeshwilcr Eleanor Balke Carol Balsiger David Barber Kaye Barrett Richard Bartkey Kay Bartosh Bruce Bailey Thomas Bauman Jacuelynn Bayer Wendy Beebe Lyle Beilin Linda Benysek Kathryn Berg Lloyd Berg Orlin Berg Thomas Bcrghuis John Berkseth Linda Bergman Alan Bet ter ley Philip Betzel Robert Bics Gary Bird John Bitney Dianne Black Harlan Black Kcnn Blakeman Adclc Boehn 202Lawrence Boles Jan Booth Joseph Borovsky John Bosak Robert Bradley Robert Branstad Darcy Brcault Michael Breed Wayne Brenholt Shirley Brink Dennis Brown Jack Brown Sandra Brownlee Floyd Buddenhagen Jessie Buell Kathleen Buettner Kerry Buttke Daniel Carlstrom John Carrol Jean Cassellius Anne Chaffc John Cliristison Patricia Christophcrson Jim Sung Chung Jane Churchill Joan Cloutier James Collins Katherine Collins Kathleen Collins Michael Collins Patricia Cook James Corey Matthew Corshu Raymond Cress John Cunningham Vance Cushing Robert Daft Susan Dahl Margaret Dahlcn Roland Daniels Carnie Danielson Sandra Danielson Susan Davis Herbert Day Margaret Day Kathleen DcFoc Jerald Dckan David DeMars James Demulling Philip DcMunck Douglas Dcppc Gerald DeWolfc Paul Diedrich Pamela Dietrich Gerald Dodge Arthur Downing 203Raymond Dreger Douglas Drew Douglas Dube Roger Dubois Carla Ducholm Richard Diehl Frank Dummer Wayne Dunentann James Durand Bruce Eckblad Allan Edwins Jerry Eggenberger Robert Eggleston Gary Ehrhardt Roger Engebreth Jean Erickson Dennis Erno Dennis Erstad Robert Esswein William Eulberg Gary Evans Frank Falkofske Eugene Fall Curtis Fallstrom Donald Fansler Raymond Fehlen Douglas Fellman John Felt James Feltes Noel Ferry Daniel Filkins Robert Finger Susan Finke Brenda Finscs Linda Finstad Barbara Fjeldstad John Flynn Philip Follen Philip Foster Harlan French Carol Fuhs Laurel Funk Stephen Funk Robert Gander Bette Garbe Jean Gausmann Rogers George Gwen Gerberding Gilbert Gerger Marlene Gerino Thomas Gfall Paul Giese Russell Giese Clarence Giloy Yvonne God bout Cleo Goers 204Eleanor Gowan Richard Grabowski Kenneth Grascr James Grausnick Susan Gregg Kenneth Green Richard Gronning Marion Gronquist Alvin Gross Mary Grover Dennis Guenther Ernest Guhr Leonard Gunderson William Gust Tom Gustafson Reggie Haag Nancy Hagberg Diane Hagen James Hagglund Susan Hahn Edward Haigh Randy Hall Keith Hanke Neil Hansen Glen Hanson Patricia Hanson Bonnie Harms David Harrison Greg Hartman Larry Hartman John Hartsough Daniel Hastcr Robert Haugerud Barbara Hauth Edward Hebert Kenneth Hecht William Heffron Sharon Heinemann Frank Heisc Chcrrie Helgeson Laton Henderson Gloria Hiatt Gerald Hill Sheila Hillary Judith Hillstead Gary Hines Larry Hines 205Louis Hjorl Richard Hodgkin Lon Hocfcr Thomas Hof acker Sylvia Hoffman Ilona Hoover Marion Hopkins Terry Horan Wayne Horn Carol Ann Houtel Jerry Howe James Hughsrt Sandra Hurd Mary Hyde Dave imrle Robert Ingli Wayne Iverson Lee Jabs Robert Jacobs Carol Jacobsen William Jacobson Charles Jaglintki Ronald James Robert Janowski Joseph Jcdlovek Dale Jensen Elaine Jensen Ernest Jensen Mary Jensen Joseph Jilek Harley Johansen Forrest Johnson Cary Johnson Greg Johnson Joyce Johnson lla Johnson Larry Johnson Patrick Johnson Roger Johnson Sandra Johnson Sharon Johnson Stan Johnson Willard Johnson Nancy Johnston Linct Jolln Curtis Jones James Jones 206Tomas Jones Jennifer Junkman Loral Kadlec Abby Kaempfer Roberta Kahl Bruce Kamp Paul Kane Sharon Kane Rcnn Karl James Kellogg Barbara Kcpner Wayne King Bonne Klau Cheryl Klawltter Cary Klecker Tim Kluenden Gary Kncfelkamp David Knepel Gerald Kolasinski Terry Kolpack John Kolpanen Mary Kopecky Darryl Kovacik Teresa Kowalska Carl Kozak Dennis Kozak Douglas Kraft Paul Kramer David Kringle Marlene Kromrcy Dean Krueger James Kuhns Delbert Kusilek James Laatch Nate Landrum David Larkin Barry Larson Christine Larson Keith Larson Kenneth Larson Jacqueline Lay David Lead holm Roger Lebcis Sharon Lee John Lciser Neil Leroux Lawrence Lcssard Dan Lindahl Susan Lindgren David Livingston Allan Loney Thomas Loomis Robert Losacker Carol Lucas Guy Ludvigson Gloria Lundgaard 207Nancy Luther Walden Madsen Charles Madron David Magnuson Terrence Mahoney James Majka Carol Marine Howard Martin Sue Martinson Jane Matlin Mary Jane Maser David Mavcs Ewell McAbee Kenneth McClaine Dennis McConnell Terrence McConnell Judith McCormack Lawrence McCormack Michael McCormick Gerald McDonald Thomas McDonough John McGough Jon McGregor Ronald McIntyre Gordon McNamara Steven McNccly Benjamin Mecnts Raymond Mcglic Gary Meier Gary Melton Mary Lee Mcrriman Gerald Meyer Carol Mlelke Richard Mielke Arnold Miller John Miller Lavern Miller Richard Miller Robert Miller Richard Milaveta James Misfcldt Bruce Mitchell Loyal Monson Patricia MotTis John Morriscttc Zonzetta Morriscttc Erling Mortensen Keith Mortenson John Mosrtonson Dennis Muller Gordon Myers Herbert Nceck Beverly Nelson Kenneth Nelson Marvin Nelson George NeubarthBruce Ncucngcldl Gerald Nickeel Roger Nielsen Gary Nielsen Leroy Ninnemann Suianne Nystrom Mary Norquist Richard O'Leary Frederick Olker David Olson Mary Olsen David Olson Dennis Olson Gary Olson Marcia Olson Robert Olson Steven Olson Warren Olson Marvin Opsahl Jo Cheryl Oskcy Sandra Oiling David Outcelt Patricia Parnell Allen Parsons Lynn Parsons Robert Pasanen Mary Paulson Amos Pederson Joel Pederson Kathleen Peloquin Kathleen Pennington Bruce Petersen John Petersen Robert Petersen Donna Peterson Jon Peterson Lynn Peterson Patricia Peterson Richard Peterson Joyce Pickard Keith Pickerign Benard Pittman Michael Pittman Sandra Phillips John Podolad Edward Pohl David Pond 209John Popowski Warren Po |ucl(e Burton Potocnik Betty Potter Joanne Prcll Richard Presshall Roger Quani John Raehl Theodore Ragatz Cary Randall Gary Rau Gary Redigcr Thomas Redmond Dennis Regelc George Reidl Judith Rein Steven Reinhart Daniel Reis Harold Reppe Robert Reynolds Robert Richer! David Ries Alclen Riley Barbara Ringer George Ritter Jean Riviere Keith Rodli Thomas Roclke Lee Romsos Donald Rondeau John Rorvick Gordon Rosenbrook Thomas Rott Richard Roycraft Ronald Ruhnkc Charles Rundquist Thomas Rutherford Russell Rcctz Dennis Ryan Ronald Rydzewske Dale Rye John Salek Robert Sawyer Alana Schaar Thomas Schaffer Calvin Schladweiler Cynthia Schlough 210Lowell Sch lough T. A. Schmaltz James Schmidtknecht David Schmitz Kenneth Schoch Otto Schoeneck Margaret Schocwc Noel Schraufnagcl Melvin Schrimpf Donald Schuette Dennis Sdiulkc David Schultz William Schwartz Lois Scruton Lawrence Seguin James Seitz Melvin Shafel Mary Shaw Sharon Shortess Eugene Sirianni Thomas Sitz Lynn Skow Kathryn Smith Richard Snell Donald Sobotta Thomas Socha Kenneth Sommers Michael Sonsalla William Sonsalla Lynn Spalding James Spindler Arlan Spors David Stachling Thomas Staiger Harry Standaest Bruce Stanton Mary Anne Stapleton David Stark John Steffen Karen Stefon Richard Stefonek Frederick Stein Clifford Stern David Strud Grant Stevens James Stewart Craig Sticht Lynn Strolhman Christopher Summerfield Judith Sumner Douglas Swanson Ronald Swoboda Timothy Tangcman Judith Tate Alan Tesmcr Ward TeWinkel 211Gerald Thiemke Craig Thoeny Sluarl Thomson Gary Thomson Kathleen Thomson Kurt Thomson Gary Thorson Neil Tietz Harold Tiffany Ralph Tjelta Gail Tooner Kenneth Tomberg John Towner Virginia Townsend Thore Traastad Ronald Trowbridge Ray Tucker John Turnbull John Tyga Jerome Uher Charles Uhrhammer Richard Ulvin Henk Van Dyk Arlouene Van Horn Gregory Vchytil James Vcnhor Ronald Verlarc Helen Vier Kay Vincent Maureen Voelker Richard Wagenknecht Jerily Waldock Richard Wall William Wall Phillip Waller Dwcllc Wallis Jon Wangcn June Wanish Marlin Warner Roger Wasielewski Helen Waxon Sylvia Wears Robert Weeks Wayne Weiss Richard Weller Patrick Welsh Lyle Werth Dale Wester Steven West ley Allan Westphal Charles Westphal Michael White Sharon White Linda Wickard John Wickersham Eugene Wilkinson 212Cary Wilkinson Craig Williams Dennis Williams Roger Williams Gary Williamson Robert W'ilman Lloyd Wilson Jeanette Winger Roger Winkler Ward Winton David Wirtala Diane Wolff James Wolfgram Loal Wollan Ronald Wolske John Wolter Patricia Wymer Rosalie Wyss Roger Zahorski 213FRESHMEN President James Kubiak Vice-President David Void Treasurer Thomas Bever Ul Secretary Maxwell Gibson 214William Abel Deanner Aker Michael Adrian Robert Afdakl Karen Aide James Aiken Wayne Albrightson George Alccci Gary Alexander Marilyn Allen Robert Allen Jeanne Allyn Dean Amundson Mary Jo Amundson Allen Anderson Arlan Anderson Bonnie Anderson Carol Anderson David Anderson Diane Anderson Helen Anderson Karen Anderson Mary Kay Anderson Terrell Anderson Wendell Lee Anderson Gene Andren Andrew Anton Pamela Anzivino Dennis Armstrong Cheryl Arthur Muriel Askov Terry Astin Robert Austrian Brent Axclson Carl Axncss Paul Babbitt Gayle Bacon Margaret Bailey Richard Baker Richard Bakkcn Janet Barber Richard Baribeau Carol Batho James Bartlett Sanies Bartsch bbass Barzgar Ardell Bauman Lynne Baumann William Bainbtidge Thomas Beane Peter Bekkum Karen Beighley Jancll Belislc Karen Belislc James Bender Antoinette Benson Ruell Benson Sandra Benson Wallace Benson Annette Bents Dianne Berg James Berg Kennedy Berg Victoria Berger Don Bcrgh Gary Berglin David Bcrkscth William Beskar Thomas Beytan Richard Biech Barbara Bisck Thomas Bever 215Ellen Blank Harold Blank Ann Blodgett Andrew Blunc Ann Bock Catherine Boclk William Bocsel David Boettcher Arlyn Boie Sharon Boo Shirlie Bor.-11 Thomas Borrcson Marcia Bosnian Jack Boss Kathleen Baughton David Bourget Marjorie Bow Mary Bowman Dennis Branjord Dennis Braun Michael Brecke Daniel Bremer Jean Brennan Rita Brenner Anthony Brickner Chris Britten Christine Broniszewski Joseph Brooks Donald Brown Lloyd Brown Michael Brown Roy Brown Terrance Buchlc Dan Buelow William Buctlncr Robert Buhr Lyle Burke Richard Carlson Judith Cameron Sandra Campbell William Campbell Barbara Campion Richard Cance Robert Cance Lawrence Capra Thomas Carmichael Susan Caraick Anne Carpenter William Carrier Clayton Case James Casey Lawrence Casper 216Candyce Carlson David Cecil Stanley Cernohous Terrence Chapin Jack Charbonncau Janies Charbonncau Charles Chcvrette John Chichila Dennis Chirhart Bruce Crist Nancy Christenson David Christenson Dennis Christianson James Christophcrson Geraldine Chura Stanley Ciszewski Grant Clement Bernard Cloutier Charles Cloutier Kenneth Cobian Paul Coleman Rodney Cookes Gar)' Cormican Sandra Cornelius Marjorie Costello Pat Costello Janice Couture Colleen Coyne Gary Crisp Danny Creech Alan Crcswcll Jack Crow David Crowe Stephanie Crowe Robert Crownhart Michael Currcn John Custer Donald Cutler Robert Czarnik Roger Dahl Jean Dale _ James Daniels Richard Daniels Susan Danielson Randy Darling Michael Davis Michael Davison Daniel Day William Delaney Ruth De Mond Joseph Denning Barbara De Wolfe Robert De Wolfe Gary Denman Douglas Dewing Gretchen Dicke Glenn Diedrich David Dicrcks Marjorie Dillenbeck Roger Donatello Doreen Doonan David Dorner Sharon Dosdall David Dougherty Terrence Doyle Gregors' Drewianka Donald Drost Joe Duckett Robert Dueholm Donald Du Kurschcin Duane Dungey William Driscoll 217Lance Durand Michael Dutilly Tinioihcy Early David Eberhardt Janice Ebert Russell Etka Thomas Edin Wayne Elman Dan Elslrom Gary Elberg Sandra Elkin Fraud Elmlinger Richard Elrud Mary EUlad Robert Enerson Louise Engebrcth Robert Engel Barbara Engncs Kathy Entminger Kick! Eriraon Carolyn Erickson Gary Erickson Pamela Erickson Rodney Erickson Samuel Erickson Paul Esser Cindy Evans RumcII Fabiad Frank Fanello Linda Farris Dwight Faultenack Joyce Fekh Ruth Felting Gregory Ferries Sandra Ferries Patsy Field Glen Fink Terrence Fischer Mary Fitch Ileicle Flannum Gordon Floury David Fogerty Ronald Foley Jon Craig Forsell Richard rortuna Greggory Forward Craig Foster James Foster Donald Fotre Barbara Fox Larry Fox Gbrlr Frederick Susan Fricke Crate Friedenauer David Frolik Emily Fuller Conrad Funk Karen Fykaen Scott Gaalaas Ronald Gaard Pat Galvin John Ganske Charles Garbe Gerald Gardner Richard Gaul Shirley Gay Ruth Ann Geiger Dennis Geisler Kathy Gcrgra Alice Geraetski Lennice Gesche John Getschel 218David Giddings John Gics Ronald Gicse Carol Gilbertson Paul Gilk Donald Gilles Elmer Gillstrom Judith Gilson Ronald Ginsbach John Gjerde Arthur Glor Nancy Goehring Thomas Goerke Daniel Gollcr Jon Graham George Grajkowski Paul Grant Mark Grousnick Tina Graves Charles Gross Mary Gross Harold Grossbier David Gugecmos Arlan Gunderson Bruce Gunderson Shirley Gustafson Susan Gustafson DonaGayle Haas Richard Haas Edith Hackman Leonard Hager Francis Haines Patricia Halada Harvey Halpaus Barry Halverson Mary Hamman Ronald Hammcs Walter Hammond Charles Hampshire Carole Hansen James Hansen Mary Ellen Hansen Virginia Hansen Winsten Hansen Albert Hanson David Hanson Loren Hanson Gar)- Harelstad Marlys Harlandcr Mary Hannon Glenn Harriman Bruce Harris 219Horn Horvath Hasselquist Hostuet James Huber Thomas Huber Charles Hubcrty Gerald Hubcrty James Hughes Claudette Hunter Judith Huppert James Hurley Richard Dwight Robert Phillip Stephen Ikert John Illi Lavonne Iverson Robert Iverson Michael Jalowitz Andrew James David Janisch William Java Larry Jeannuart Ronald Jenkins Jules Jensen Michael Jirovec Joanne Jodarski Bonnie Johnson Bruce Johnson Cheryl Johnson Dennis Johnson Dennis Johnson Daniel Johnson David Johnson Irene Johnson Jack Johnson anice Johnson Katharine Johnson Lloyd Johnson Marlys Johnson Ronald Johnson Thomas Johnson !oe Judkins 'homas Juech Peter Junkins Nell Kaiser Thaddeus Kaminski Patricia Karnik Luis Karl Randall Karow Richard Karow John Kasper Larry Kastel Daniel Kelly Kay Kennedy Dennis Kenyon James King Roger King Timothy King Daniel Kinney Hee Soo Kim James Kipp Einar Kippe Peter Kircnert Bonita Kittlrson Kay Kieckcr Ralph Klinker Dave Klooz Marguerita Knight Darrel Knutson Gary Knutson Ronald Knutson Robert Koas Nancy Kock Darlene Koerncr Joan Koemer David Kolsakiski Jeffrey Koktadt Donna Marie Kraegcr Janet Kraft Allan Kramer Duane Kreft Patricia Kroschel David Krueger Robert Krueger Ralph Krultz 221Beverly Krumm Linda Kruse James Kubiak John Kuhns Linda Kuhns Paul Kulig Michael Kullmann Carolyn Kulow Mary Kurth Susan Kurtz Joan Laffc Leslie Lakey James L’ Allier Jerry Lamouer Richard Lampman Robert Lang Bernadette Langer Joyce Langeness William Langford Gloria Lansin Nancy Lansing Bonnie Larson Darlene Larson Gary Larson Ginny Larson Larry Larson Jeffrey Larson Leonard Larson Lon Lawrenz Gerald Lausiad David Lavcnlurc Wayne La Valley Jeanic LeShy Kenneth Lee Paul Lemke Michael Lentz Dennis Leonard Erling Lcstrud Gary Leum James Lcwan Sidney Lewis Thomas Lewallcn Michael Liberty Duane Lien Lucy Lieffing Roger Lilly Bonnie Lind Paul Lindahl Wayne Lindberg Stephen Linder Diane Lindgrin Ruth Lindquist Gerald Lindren Joyce Lindrew Kennith Lindstrom Kathleen Lindhan Lucille Linelian Michael Louden Ronald Louis Robert Lyon Mark Lynch Robert Latz Faith Ann Lutz Carol Lindquist Robert Lunde Lois Lundberg Constance Lundberg Dennis Love John Louks Diana Malum Thomas Madison Barbara Maier William Micken Jeffrey Mierendorff Elizabeth Miller Maurice Miller Richard Miller Thomas Miller Wayne Miller Kay Millincxek Herbert Mills Robert Mincher Dale Mitisch Aksel Moan Judith Moe Sally Moldenhaucr Mary Moline David Monson (nines Monteith ancy Monteith Dennis Moore JoAnn Most 223Lawrence Mueller Sandra Mueller Stephen Mueller Donald Mullen Garry Mullikin Kent Munson Brenda Muraoka Michael Murphy Alan Murray Susan Myrvold Steven Naill Robert Marlow Theresa Nechville Barbara Nelson Bruce Nelson Donald Nelson Harry Nelson Jamey Nelson Janet Nelson John Nelson Kathleen Nelson Marilyn Nelson Roger Nelson Stuart Nelson Susan Nelson Thomas Nelson Robert Nerbun James Neumann Gerald Ncuspickle Jerome Neve Peter Nczki Clark Nichols Marilyn Nielson Phillip Nicmcycr Constance Noll Dayton Nord Sosthenes Nunyakpe Kermit Nybcim Lawrence Oatman Duane O'Brien Richard O'Connell Rosalie O’Connell Colleen O'Connor Jeffrey O’Donnell Jon Ogren Timothy O'Harrow Richard Olin Robert Ollhoff Elizabeth Olsen Betty Olson Keith Olson Lona Olson 224Margaret Olson Robert Olson Thomas Olson Virginia Olson Thomas O’Malley John Orgeman James Oilman Margorie Overbee k Renee Owen David Pace Charlotte Parker Rudolph Paakowski Barbara Palan Steven Palmer Lee Palmsteen Dennis Parks Lawrence Parsons Cynthia Pasanen Shcrclcnc Paulsen Carol Paulson Joseph Paulson Ronald Paulus Robert Peacock Arlen Pedersen Edward Pedersen Katherine Pedersen Peter Pederson Ruth Pederson Rodney Pcipcr William Peltier Thomas Pcnberthy Richard Perkins Roger Perry Lea Pctan James Petersen Roger Petersen Allen Peterson Barbara Peterson David Peterson Gary Peterson Gary Peterson Rebecca Peterson Sherry Peterson Patricia Petranovich David Phcmeiton Kay Phcrnetton Constance Picrkarski Ronald Pilgrim James Pinckney Robert Plant Michael Polfus David Poplan Melvin Pope Stephen Portz Thomas Potter Shirley Pottcrson Patrick Powers Thomas Prahl Thomas Pribil Jane Pribrow fames Prindle tephen Prissel Roger Proch Nancy Prowse Lawrence Quale Gale Qualls Margorie Rabe Dennis Radkey John Raleigh Caret Rasmussen Carol Rathmann Jeanne Rector 225Gary Reed Janies Reed Sandra Rcxscs James Reese Barbara Rhcauli William Rhodis Kathleen Rhonda James Rice John Richter Robert Riley William Riley William Riley Constance Risberg Berta Richie ts hn Rivard •ale Roatch Clarence Roberts Larry Roberts Peggy Rocn Sharon Rogers David Romos Kenneth Rohl Sandra Roger Susan Rose Vernon Roske James Ross Joseph Ross Donn Rowe James Rowan Davis Rude Lawrence Ruflcdt Rick Russel Ronald Ryan tohn Ryberg ■chard Sandstrom Steve Sandquist David Sarick Ronald Sarna Jane I Sarver Tom Sattcrlund Michael Saucrwcin Maralce Savage Michael Sawyer Marilyn Schicl Lee Schiesser Jerry Schilling Larry Schlcnsncr Dale Schmcck James Schmidt Steve Schmidt Sylvia Schmidt William Schmidt Arthur Schneider Robert Schneider Virgil Schneider Steven Schoch William Schoevcrling Dennis Schraufnagcl Charles Schrcimcr !erry Schroedcr ‘imothy Schroedcr John Schroetter Gerald Schug Donald Schuler Leroy Schultz Dean Schulz Karen Schulz John Schuster Arlynn Schwankc Mary Jane Schwcdc Judith Scribner Jeffrey Seaberg 226Donald Seaton Franklin Scgmtroni Nancy Segerstrom James Seifert Terrance Sewart Clarence Severson James Severson Nancy Shappell Warren Shelia Bruce Shipshock James Shridcr John Si as Gary Siebold Richard Sieved David Sigvcrtsen Beverly Sill Harry Silvernale Charles Simpson Gary Simpson Marshal Simpson Allen Sinclair Robert Sitte Ann Sjowald Gerald Skalccki Judith Skaycr Victoria Skeath Jeanne Skills Daryl Skrupky Carol Smiley Allan Smith Harold Smith Thomas Smith iantes Senft oAnn Snyder Patricia Snyder Thomas Snyder James Socia Mary Solomonson John Sonsalla Patricia Sonsalla Robert Sorensen Steven Sotvle Janet Space Chris Spcth John Spielman Mary Squire Rolland Stabcrg Sharon Strand Randall Stanley Michael Slrasser Sharon Stedt Kennath Stcffenhogan 227Jill Slcingradcr Heidi Steneman Dennis Stern Margaret Stern Thomas Stern Wayne Stevenson Charles Stirrat William Stockman Anne Stone Richard Stonra Richard Strcich James Strcvclcr Allen Stringer Charles Strozewski DeVerne Struxncss Nancy Stewart Curtis Summers Frederick Suter Douglas Swanson Douglas Swanson Gary Swanson Rebecca Swanson Robert Swanson Gloria Swamtrom Jon Swenson Joyce Swenson Dennis Siviggum Sharon Sylvester Robert Szymanski William Taylor John Techncicr John Telitz Sharon Theilacker Brock Thomsen Lawrence Thompson Norma Thompson David Thoreson William Thoric Eugene Thorson Bruce Thorstad Robert Thorton Michael Tillmann John Torgcrson Loueta Sue Tostrud Clark Thompson Kathleen Tracy Richard Trealoff Robert Tschida Byron Tucker Steven Tucker Robert Twesme Linda Ucland 228Ronald Uclmcn Jean Uhrhammer Terrance Umenium James Uilcrmark Lorelia Valenia Alan Valentine Dona VanDcrZec Linda VanHoufer David VanLaarhoven Toby Vatke Charles Vehlin Chery Inn Ve ina Paul Vick (udith Vitancn atricia Vogel David Void Robert Vujovich Karla Walker Kana Walker Richard Walker Jeanne Wall Candance Waller Michael Walls Michael Walsh Robert Walton James Ward Stephanie Watters Dennis Weaver Judith Weber Kenneth Weeks Michael Weggcn Daniel Wei berg Lee Welb Bruce Welge Leroy Wellman John Welb Daniel Welsh Katherine Wcndel Gary Wendorf Mark Wcndorff Kenneth Were Edward Wesolek Gary Wcirauch Charles Westin Merlin Wcstphal Merrill White James White Janet Whitten Bruce Wichman Patricia Wichman Nancy Wieczorck Robert Wiek Robert Wicrichs Joseph Wikrcnt Carol Wilberg George Wilbur Paul Wilcoxson David Williams Gloria Williams Terrance Wilkinson David Wilson Lynn Wilson Lee Winberg Craig Winder Robert Wittncbe! Charles Witxel Charles Wolfe John Wolfe Jane Wolfgram Dallas Wuethrich Robert Wymcr Barbara Yanish 229Grayson Zuhlkr Robed Zulcgcr Zanc Zulcgcr James Zwallcn James Vanish hirley Yohnk Ann Yoosl Linda Zculin Richard Zeroth LeRoy Zeuli Richard Zignego Kcnneih Zimmerman DAYS GONE BY Coffee, conversation, laughter; Ttine for study and time for fun. Support of tradition Faculty and friends— These compose campus life Now and forever. 230231232234235256239EPILOGUE A word of explanation should now be forthcoming. In the first place, troops, in the Table of Contents a nonexistent "Index to Classes” is listed. In one of many fits of madness I thought an Index would add "class” to the book; it probably would have if I’d ever gotten around to doing it. So, enjoy the eight pages of pictures instead. If you feel the MELETEAN reflects the editor’s opinions more than the general student opinion it is probably due to the fact that I thought of the MELETEAN as "my annual”, thus starting a new spirit in professional journalism. In all, it was a good year and I wouldn't trade the experiences I have had trying to get this book out, but I would never consent to editing an annual again. Thanks, for all your patience with me this year and enjoy the finished product even if it is extremely late. Editor 1965-66 

Suggestions in the University of Wisconsin River Falls - Meletean Yearbook (River Falls, WI) collection:

University of Wisconsin River Falls - Meletean Yearbook (River Falls, WI) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


University of Wisconsin River Falls - Meletean Yearbook (River Falls, WI) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


University of Wisconsin River Falls - Meletean Yearbook (River Falls, WI) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


University of Wisconsin River Falls - Meletean Yearbook (River Falls, WI) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


University of Wisconsin River Falls - Meletean Yearbook (River Falls, WI) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


University of Wisconsin River Falls - Meletean Yearbook (River Falls, WI) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


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