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WISCONSIN STATE COLLEGE Where the free Spirit Prevails RIVER FALLSF oreword “Where the free spirit prevails” is the theme of the 1962-63 Melelean, This past year has seen this theme manifested in many ways. It is a theme that is symbolic of all activities represented at River Falls as students engage in educational, cultural, and social pursuits. There has been great progress made both in the physical growth and educational opportunities offered by WSC-RF. We feel that the prevailing free spirit is responsible to a great extent for the progress made. The Melelean joins in this ideal by adopting “Where the free spirit . prevails,” as its theme. Credit for the production of this book goes to the loyal Meletean staff. We feel, however, our job was only to outline the story that has unfolded this past year. The story and the theme is seen in ever} facet of college life. Underclassmen and beginning freshmen will I continue to uphold the tradition and high standards of this institution and will strive for improvement. Graduates will go their separate ways, having gained from the spirit and educational facilities, to reach their desired goals. Today we realize only a small portion of the appreciation we will have tomorrow for the college “Where the free spirit prevails.” KRISTIN ENGEBRETH Melelean Editor, 1963WISCONSIN 8TATE COLLEGE RIVER FALLS, WIIQONIIN OFFICE OFTH« FS««IO«NT Students of Wisconsin State College River Falls, Wisconsin Dear Students: It is appropriate that this edition of the Meletean should have as its theme a phrase applied to the College several years ago by a newsman who visited the campus - "The State College where the free spirit prevails. Although this particular phrase was used only recently, it describes a condition which has long existed at River Falls. The freedom of the individual to search for truth and to proclaim what he believes to be truth is, indeed, basic to an institution of higher learning. Over the years the College has believed that its function in providing leadership for a democratic society - a society dedicated to the free development of the individual - is to remove those fetters which might limit this search. That this idea is not new is indicated by the Latin derivation of the term "liberal education, "-the education that liberi, free men, might pursue. However ancient the concept, it is one that needs frequent restatement. As Justice Felix Frankfurter has said, "the mark of a truly civilized man is confidence in the strength and security to be derived from an inquiring mind." River Falls has had that confidence which has permeated the campus. It is a confidence shared by the administration, the alumni, the faculty and the students. That it is well-founded is demonstrated by the stature of the college, the record of its graduates and the accomplishments of its student body. Sincerely yours. E. H. Kleinpell v f President 4One stands To open windows and doors that we may see ourselves and beyond Our eyes focus more clearly A twig becomes a lesson in infinity A mind responds; a gentle hammer molds For the load it will gladly carry A man steps forth firmly into the light of a new and comfortable freedom To Dr. Virginia Akins, We dedicate the 1963 MeleteanFreedomA well-known Wisconsin editor several years ago, after a visit to the campus, termed River Falls “the State College where the free-spirit prevails.” He was impressed with the free spirit of inquiry and the search for truth that has been traditional at River Falls and has made a lasting impression on its student body. A graduate of the College thought the editor’s description so fitting that he had it cast in bronze and presented to his alma mater. 10Why is this “free spirit” so important? Because it is the basic difference between education in a democratic society and the type of learning that sets boundaries on men’s minds. It leads to the kind of education that, as someone has said, “makes our teachers more important than our generals.” It is the means to developing the “brain power” that our civilization must have to meet problems converging on it from all sides. It is our hope for civilization’s survival. 11 • Broadening knowledge.Freedom To InquireEducation is stimulating. It is aimed at producing ideas and examining them. But the first step is to form ideas. This can be done best when there is freedom to investigate. The thinking of the past has been preserved so that we can know what thoughts have been held; what ideas have been tried. No one begins completely anew, for our progress is based on having retained what has gone before. The wealth of man’s knowledge is contained in books and the student will find the library a source of mental stimulation. It offers a place for examining ideas, weighing the new against the old and making comparisons and contrasts in ways of thinking. The laboratory also affords a setting for testing ideas, re-thinking what has been done in the past and striking out in new directions. 13 • In the laboratory.Freedom To Question True education results when a student has had an opportunity to learn the facts, to hear or to read what authorities have said and to question how they have arrived at conclusions they hold. Education does not consist of a student’s accepting blindly what he is told is true. At River Falls the classroom, the guest lecture, the informal meeting with leaders of thought and opinion are designed to let the student question ideas and attitudes—his own as well as those of others. Faculty members at River Falls encourage the student to develop an inquiring mind and to regard education as a continuing process. They know that the only true education is self-education and that while the College can provide the classrooms and laboratories, the professors, the stimulation and helpful atmosphere, the student himself will determine how much or how little he learns. 14 • Weighing a statement.• Seeking an answer 15 • Gening advice • Considering a replyFreedom of Expression What has been learned must be tried! And River Falls offers unusual opportunities for leadership and self-expression. Student government and organizations offer ample fields for development of leadership potential. Student publications such as the yearbook, newspaper and literary magazine afford outlets for self-expression and the sharing of ideas and ideals. The forensics program gives experience in speaking and in communicating with others effectively.editorial • At teu right, an attention. • Below, a matter 0 opinion 17Freedom To Create Creativity is a vital part of education. The student should experience the ways in which man has expressed himself in literature, in music, in art, in drama and the dance. Ideal in size, the College can offer creative opportunities to all of its students, permitting them to participate in plays, concerts and exhibits. There is freedom for original work and for experimentation.In music20 • .4i u social firm.V• Through study. • Through reading. • Through experiment. 22Freedom to Grow “Tall trees do not grow in a greenhouse and great oaks flourish only where the winds of freedom blow through their branches, a famous publisher once said. The College at River Falls is determined that the “winds of freedom” shall continue to blow across the campus carrying the invigorating spirit of inquiry, questioning, creativity and self-expression. These are essential to lasting growth. To ask basic questions, to investigate thoroughly, to express clearly one’s concept of the truth and so make the best contribution —this is the goal of the free spirit. • With a goal in mind. 23Mmin sltal oi and¥acu tvDr. L. G. Stone Dean, School of Education ADMINISTRATION Dr. Richard Delorit Dean, School of Agriculture 28-FACULTYDr. B. J. Rozehnal Dean of Students Wayne Wolfe Assistant to the President Cletus Henriksen Business Manager Melvin Germanson Registrar FACULTY—29SCHOOL OF ARTS AND SCIENCES William Abbott Jr. Chauncey King MUSIC Nicholas Jadinak Robert Samarotto Conrad Dejong 30-FACULTY Mary DejongWalter Nottingham Richard Cooklock William Ammerman LIBRARY SCIENCE Gudrun Hoidahl Catharine Budewitz Audrey Adams Amy Fuller FACULTY—31SPEECH William Larsen Blanche Davis Susan Wilcox Walter Kirschbaum German FOREIGN LANGUAGE John Oostendorp Bernard Skalka 32—FACULTY Ernst Jurgens GermanENGLISH Catherine Bullard Francis Chisholm Vera Moss James Glennen French Walter Engler Robert Beck Earl Lewis FACULTY—3331—FACULTY Donald BrodFACULTY—35 James WinjumHISTORY Edward Peterson Richard Condon Charles Graham POLITICAL SCIENCE John Lankford 36—FACULTYPHYSICAL SCIENCE AND MATH Gerald Ahlquist Peter Muto Fred Stewart Lillian Gough Irving Hall Lyle Oleson John Brown FACULTY—37BIOLOGY B. Kettelkamp Virginia Akins Martin Laakso PHYSICS Earl Albert 38—FACULTY Wayne Sukow John Watt Catharine LienemanCHEMISTRY Robert Polzin Richard Swensen Theodore Selterquist Lawrence Scott Lyle HansonPHYSICAL EDUCATION Gwynn Christensen 40-FACULTYWesley Wenrich Edward Selden Wilfred Harris PSYCHOLOGY SPECIAL SERVICES Donald Frye Lois Bowman Director of Student Center Amy Nelson Carl Willis Nurse Personnel FACULTY—41SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE Raymond Wall Marvin Thompson LeLand Wittwer Russell Gerber 42—FACULTY Melvin WallJames Dollahon Luther Hilterbrand Gerhardt Bohn Thorvald Thoreson R. Vern Elefson John Foss FACULTY—43SCHOOL OF EDUCATION Phillip Anderson John Perrin Robert Krueger Carlton Beck Allan Siemers 44—FACULTYRonald Laymon Brenna Steil Leona Cooper Wanda Mauer James Murphy sonSpecial EventsSPIRIT OF ’62 The Dirty Dozen, active since 1946... I Crown Thee... Queen Candidates ... Ardy Hanson, Shirley Charlier, JoAnn Olson Chris Las ha, Margie Ruesch, Kathy Finn 48—HOMECOMING Queen MaryFirst Prize goes to Sophomore Class “Lacerate LaCrosse” was the theme of this year’s Homecoming as students slowed down on school-work to take part in festivities of the week. We lost the game but success was achieved, nevertheless, as students, alumni, and faculty renewed old acquaintances and made new ones. HOMECOMING This year's chairmen: Ed Churchill Les Dahm Lee Zaborowski HOMECOMING—49A Tough Line... Lacerate LaCrosse The Crowd Watches on ... 50—HOMECOMING A field goal...And they pulled, and pulled, until they broke the rope! HOMECOMING—51 'Frosty Frolics’ Prize winning sculpture ... First prize went to Harvey Slower... Winter Carnival One of the fastest growing traditions at the River Falls campus is the annual Winter Carnival. This year’s activities proved to be the best ever. From Sunday to Sunday the campus was buzzing with activity. Listed below are the activities. Monday: Kick-off convocation Tuesday: Style show Wednesday: FFA talent show Thursday: Broom ball game Baskctball-Winona Dance Friday: Ski Mac outing Saturday: Bowling tournament Skating at Hathorn Hall Swiss Chalet Dinner Basketball—Eau Claire Dance Sunday: Aqua-Frolics Hathorn Hall style show ... 52—WINTER CARNIVAL Pretty young coeds?Who are these lads so prime and sturdy? Mahogany Forest. aia Ski Mac Frosty Frolics, a time for mirth On snow garbed slopes we go Our ski is make tracks on mantled snow. Labyrinth trails are etched in snow. Who are these lads so Prime and Sturdy? Those lasses, too, graceful and pretty Adorned with scarf, tassels and hooded. Students are they—youth first rate A degree, their hopeful ambition, Today’s routine varied—we celebrate, And voila! Tis true, my premonition, That to the four winds did scatter, Many an inhibition. Ben Hawkinson Winter Carnival preparation ... The annual Broom Ball contest... WINTER'Vince Is Crowned King’ Vince and Pam survey . . . Reigning over this year’s winter carnival was Vince DiSalvo and Pam Armbruster. Sponsored by Stratton Hall, Vince was chosen by an all school vote. Other candidates were; Leon Zabrorowski, Tom Knutson, Tom Keefer, Bruce Pemmen, Jerry Fehlen, Gary Burke, and Bob Armbruster. The annual FFA talent show was the scene of the coronation. In the words of Ben Franklin... 54—WINTER CARNIVAL Winter Carnival king candidates ...Franklin Hobbs Broadcasts and Emcees December 7, 1962 "If I Give My Heart to You” Valentine Formal February 8, 1963 King Dave Denser and Queen Dianne Baar Reign Over This Annual Affair Four Preps February 11, 1963 SPECIAL EVENTS —55"Booty for Beauty” Week November 5-9, 1962 “Booty for Beauty” was the theme of this year’s annual Foundation Week. Sponsored by the Foundation Committee, money raised this year was for the purpose of renovating the South Fork. Highlights of the week, include such things as the annual midway, auction, and dance. How low can you go? . . . 56—FOUNDATION WEEKFOUNDATION WEEK—57We were entertained by ... the Cleveland Play House Touring Repertory Company in “The Importance of Being Earnest” January 29, 1963 — N. Hall Auditorium We revisited Ragtime America with February 28, 1963 Student Center 58—SPECIAL EVENTS6th Annual Grassroots Political Conference The sixth annual Grassroots Political Conference was held on campus, February 6 and 7. Because of bad weather, the guest speaker Oren Lee Staley, president of the NFO failed to appear. Other guest speakers included: Representative Vernon Thomson, Lauren Soth, author of Farm Trouble; Percy Hardiman, President of Wis. Farm Bureau; Gilbert Rohde, President of Wis. Farmers Union; Carl Thompson, and Walter Hollander, members of the State Senate's Agriculture Committee. Lauren Soth Addresses Congressman Vernon Thomson speaks on “Politics and The Farm Dilemma” Seep and Hardiman talk with Dr. Peterson ... All but Staley appeared... Seep gives views on farm problem . . . SPECIAL EVENTS—59OrganizationsRead-through . . . T H E A T R E The Season November 1, 2 UNDER MILKWOOD by Dylan Thomas directed by Dr. Blanche Davis December 20 HELLO, OUT THERE by William Saroyan DEEPER THAN ATLANTA by Jackson Matthews directed by Dr. Blanche Davis February 20, 21, 22, 23 THE IMAGINARY INVALID by Moliere directed by Bernard Skalka March 27, 29 THE BALD SOPRANO by Eugene Ionesco directed by Bev Roth March 28, 30 THE AMERICAN DREAM by Edward Albee directed by Thomas Brucks THE ZOO STORY by Edward Albee directed by Steven Hay 62—THEATREScenes from Moliere’s The Imaginary Invalid The lovers sing a duet as a pleased maid looks on ... Sue Stanek, Dave Bailee, Ilona Hoover The invalid gets an examination Thomas Holloway, Dan Love, Thomas Bruchs The wife ooohs the prospect of her husband’s will... Bev Roth And Louison is about to get... Dan Love, Mavis Grover THEATER—63Under Milk Wood Felix Williamson narrates “Deeper Than Atlanta” “People with manners do not read at table .. Thomas Holloway and Judith Christianson Thomas Bracks as Huey Long Reader Theatre Avant Garde Theatre The Zoo Story “Why do you tell me these things—I don’t understand.” Larry Baker as Peter “This queen has rotten teeth, and he has a Japanese Kimona which is also pretty rare.” Robert Haugen as Jerry 64—THEATREMasquers Kneeling: L. Baker, D. Erickson; Second Row: C. Poulter, C. Christensen, J. Christianson, T. Holloway, M. Grover, B. Bosinske, A. Kingsbury; Third Row: D. Frazer, C. Binkowski, D. Bunch, T. Brucks, S. Stanek; Fourth Row: D. Balke, B. Roth, T. Vest, F. Williamson, R. Sandbourgh. Masquers is an organization whose members are interested in promoting dramatic art on campus. Members of Masquers are eligible for membership in Alpha Psi Omega when they meet the requirements. Masquers sponsors all theatrical productions on campus, assist professional companies that play here, and take trips to the surrounding areas to view professional performances. President Secretary Treasurer Advisor . OFFICERS ........ Charles Poulter ........ Anne Kingsbury ........... Tom Vest ........ Bernard Skalka Masquers meet in the dressing roomMusic . . . A Universal Language Symphonic First Row: L. Dow, S. Horn, S. Kiepert, M. Hart wig; Second Row: D. Zerahn, R. Grethen, D. Kiepert, J. Hanson, M. Grover, A. Webb; Third Row: K. Romsos, B. Waxon, M. Quadc, J. Albrightson, M. Christianson, J. Chelmo, D. Sumner, J. Valenta, R. Soper, K. Schaeffer; Fourth Row: S. Senechal, R. Brown, C. Crownharl, A. Strocbcl, J. Kallevang, R. Nelson, D. Wick-boldt, R. Altman.Dr. Abbott directs Band First Row: J. Bonneville, R. Johnson, L. Seipel; Second Row: S. Swanson, J. Zappa, G. Jasicki, R. Kowalcyzk, M. Hanson, J. Taylor, E. Rogers, J. Schaar, B. Ingalls; Third Row: J. Burnham, K. Dado, E. Haas, J. Micheals, R. Gunvalson, A. Peterson, D. Larson, Johnson, G. Arnst, A. Stroch; Fourth Row: K. Fenton, W. Culver, R. Alton. Brass Ensemble First Row: G. Haas, K. Schaffer, K. Dado, R. Soper, W. Wolfe, J. Burnham; Second Row: B. Beine, A. Pelerson, R. Gunvalson, J. Micheals, D. Larson; Third Row: M. Hanson, R. Kowalczyk, G. Arnst, D. Johnson, R. Alton, D. Trudeil. an Dance Band First Row: J. Micheals, A. Peterson, R. Gunvalson, J. Burnham, D. Zerahn, D. Kiepcrt, R. Samarotto, G. Jascicki, R. Kowalczyk, R. Nelson; Second Row: R. Soper, K. Dado, C. Dejong, E. Haas, D. Trudeil, Dr. Abbott at the piano. 68—MUSICFirst Row: R. Pence, B. Hanson, L. Seipel, G. Vollert, W. Wall; Second Row: D. Balkc, J. Albrightson, M. Bergman, L. Johnson, J. Tanner; Third Row: T. Nor-vald, B. Pippenger, D. Schaeffer, K. Fenton, W. Wilson, P. Ringlein. the Madrigal Singers Choir First Row: K. Kilbride, W. Meyer, J. Zappa, G. Vollert, J. Waxon, G. Thompson, L. Pitzer, J. Albrightson, K. Osley, S. Olson, J. Olson; Second Row: L. Seipel, B. Hanson, C. Christenson, M. Bergman, B. Larson, C. Kuehn, D. Wickboldt, S. John, M. Christianson, W. Wall, D. Hirschlieb, J. Norderhaug; Third Row: M. Cook, R. McKenzie, J. Oakland, B. Linaberry, K. Fenton, W. Culver, J. Tanner, J. Ditlefson, R. Jenson; Fourth Row: T. Kurth, J. Holberg, C. Parlow, B. Pippenger, D. Schaeffer, P. Ringlein, W. Wilson, M. Peterson, G. Haas, 0. Larson, L. Nelson, A. Stroebel. MUSIC—69M t 0 H 0 h r w v A people without reliable news is, sooner or later, a people without a basis of freedom. Harold LaskiStudent Voice Robert B. Beeson Jr. Editor, Fall and Winter John Ciegelski Editor, Spring Quarter The spring of 1963 marks the sixty-eighth year of publication of a school newspaper. Throughout the years the paper has changed so that now the STUDENT VOICE is a weekly eight-page issue printed on a new off-set press. Its aims are to keep students, faculty and alumni informed on the many aspects of college life and to provide a working journalism laboratory. First Row: K. Klcinhous, D. Wictz; Second Row: R. Ricci, C. Becker; Third Row: D. Taubc, M. Graham, G. Motz, P. Thurston. Darrell C. Newman Advertising Manager PUBLICATIONS—71Meletean An accurate and colorful record of the 1962-63 school year takes the name of MELETEAN. A college yearbook becomes a lasting record of the years spent here at WSC-River Falls. The MELETEAN features all the aspects of college life and presents them in photographs and comments that continue to be pleasant reminders for the many years to come. Kristin Engebreth, Editor Claudia Graske, Class Editor Darlene Erickson, Organization Editor Cy Durand, Faculty Editor Editorial Assistants: Paul Bierbrauer and Phillip Thurston, Sports Editor Lon Hoefer PUBLICATIONS—72 IPphotographers . . . Meletean Art work by . . . publication advisors . . . Mr. Brod—Student Voice Don Trudell Mr. Harless—Meletean PUBLICATIONS—73Prologue Darlene Erickson, Editor The campus literary magazine, PROLOGUE, was first published in 1957. It publishes poems, short stories, essays, and graphic art submitted by students in a quarterly magazine. It provides as its founder stated “a voice for the silent generation” where ideas may be expressed in writing or art and viewed by fellow students. Editor-------------------Darlene Erickson Editorial Assistant........... Dee Dvorak Typists .----------------Marilyn Bcrken Corcen Bittrich Advisor----------------------Wayne Tyler Typists Marilyn Berken, Coreen Bittrich Daily Supplement The daily Student Voice Supplement is a unique publication as it is the only one of its kind in the state college system. Published by the advanced reporting class, it provides students with news of the campus and a look at the national and international scene. Standing: T. Holloway, M. Graham, J. Bcrgene, P. Arneson; Seated: S. Olson. 74- PUBLICATIONS u w°rk and ______|p!ay |r J t4V JU-J. ‘■•1 '-« ' 1r HUK Mlb hi 4U Ou e»-.rf-‘ f ruw fioMxirutU Jr ?. «. th fiiu-aAn Mu- UfUt-i iauiXU. x£l Mfp ct u Mfot -fMtu mu OAU MlitiJ- jttuaC. 7)tw hk. ml AK-imltci,’ ' ' Auai Soil (Htt, AOirj MlzJki Aok » .: «y itpMX tiM£ itftwt- Mm.a juatuu. Ml oal nut on Mu. auOtMattM,. tl ihtt tucu, m fc JintuM. dtrwfjJ}y- tb. Vliiit .vri o ncL Jua. atwujwt i$w( Iht-QufaffM-. CXAt, IfajAcailtL, oMi c. oJM, k JJ„ Jiu jWt u Cf rici iMJth, Abu w yidMAJUffi' o£ jkiX. Mth. to JiMb) e JpJ M- ft- Jfas CQMipM' VAXl hifa rurtXmci s™. tittle- B (_____ . no aiatjatAm. ttttai imi- Mid'JwoL, JuM jMjlU -fJuvi yfc X»htM uni fan, JuAAs I i v ' ! aoMvl L i “Aft? UfeT mb wAri,ttyHfaZZu P AjmjuhMj J oU. mjOhj XM£ fxut niitnjI I AdU. ntt JJvtoC juJOaU. Mn vkvn,; I tki JCOMfiOM, Uva ijpjco, HMuoOk mv Jtiiks tf, y-fxxuit ' asruL ...... WKmMhM, Q n cL 'txfii, ojtivspurpLu. pupLj vr Lfetslfa, Bp AhouLL nJt f}VuMo A tired editor . . . drastic measures were taken . . . A publication conference . . . War was declared PUBLICATIONS—75s T U D E g! OT ¥ E R N M E N Student Senate First Row: D. Koepnick, J. Stolzman, F. O’Connell, L. Kirk, R. Richardson, L. Feltes, D. Haller, W. Hendrickson; Standing: J. Lukas, E. Burton, L. Better. The Student Senate, elected by the entire student body, seeks to promote the best interests of the college and to develop a spirit of cooperation and good fellowship throughout the school. OFFICERS President Robert Richardson Vice President Larry Feltes Secretary Linda Kirk T S Treasurer Dennis Haller 76—STUDENT COM.Foundation Committee Silling: R. Richardson, R. Frost, L. Fcltcs, J. Hanson, J. Chelmo, G. Smith, G. Vollert; Standing: H. Slower. The Student Foundation Committee is unique inasmuch as it is concerned with faculty, alumni, and students. Their purpose is to improve the fine reputation of our college by the promotion of worthwhile projects. In the past they have raised the necessary funds for the Bronze Falcon, the score-board at Rainer Filed, the bleachers in Karges Center, and are currently engaged in the beautification of the South Fork. OFFICERS Chairman Larry Feltes Vice Chairman John Hanson Secretary Reeky Frost Treasurer Gail Vollert Publicity Chairman Gene Smith Advisors: Walter Engler Marian Hawkins James Murphy Foundation Committee initiates South Fork project . . . STUDENT COM.—77Student Center Governing Board The Student Center Governing Board acts as a student committee to determine policy and as a coordinating body for Student Center Activities. OFFICERS Chairman Rebecca Frost Secretary Jill Kampf Liaison to Student Senate Larry Feltes Advisor Robert Brock C. Laska, T. Knutson, R. Frost, L. Feltes. J. Lenselink, J. Webb. Student Center Activities Committee Acting under the Governing Board, the Activities Committee organizes and sponsors activities held within the Hagestad Student Center. President Chris Laska Vice President Nancy Miller Secretary Judy Kranz Advisor Robert Brock 78—STUDENT COM. Silling: J. Aaker, M. Anderson, B. Paulson, J. Kranz; Standing: C. Laska, E. ChurchillSAC Student ideas and needs are brought to the attention of the Student Senate by the Student Advisory Council. It is a coordinating body of all organizations on campus. OFFICERS President .. Wayne Hendrickson Secretary .. Cris Laskn First Row: W. Hendrickson, C. Laska, D. Haller, L. Fellos, B. Bohlool, S. Hay, F. O’Connell; Second Roto: R. Gicsckcr, J. Stolzman, J. Hanson, C. Poulter. E. Churchill; Third Row: L. Esswein, E. Burton; Fourth Row: J, Lukas, M. Cook, L. Taylor. K. Osley. M. Thorcson; Fifth Roto: L. Betler. J. Lenselink, II. Flucger. R. Kissling, T. Knutson, E. Fisk: Sixth Row: D. Koepnick. R. Richardson. J. Schmidt, I). Ruben, J. Fchlen, M. White, D. Schafer. R. Vnnous. Social Committee The Social Committee acts as a coordinating organization for all school activities. They aid, co-sponsor, and sponsor such activities as the Lunu, Cabaret, Spring Prom, and other weekend events. OFFICERS Chairman Joan Lenselink Secretary Marlys Stunkcl Treasurer Jon Webb Sitting: Stunkel, R. Frost, R. Zuke, J. Lenselink, J. Webb. J. Painter, Ml Flueger, P. Cotter; Standing: L. Feltes, A. Stoeberl. STUDENT COM.—79Public Relations Promotion of all activities that take place in the Student Center is the function of the Student Center Public Relations Committee. OFFICERS Chairman Jon Webb Vice Chairman Rod Nelson Secretary Leah Pitser Advisor Robert Brock R. Nelson, L. Pitxcr, J. Webb. Falcon Film Society The Falcon Film Society sponsors a aeriea of outstanding foreign film throughout the school year, ft hopes to create an interest in foreign culture and promote an understanding of their cinema art. OFFICERS Chairman Thomas Brucks Secretary Mavis Grover Advisors: Wayne Wolfe Ricnard Swenson T. Brucks, J- Christen .n. M- Grover, S. Hay.A T II E: E T I C G R 0 V P s Syncho-Paters The Syncho-Paters participate in the festivals of the International Academy of Aquatic Art, sponsor clinics, and produce a Spring Aquatic Art Show on campus. They specialize in the art of synchronized swimming. OFFICERS President................. Heidi Flueger Vice President............ Cathy Linden Secretary.............Laura Jane Overholt Treasurer .............. Joanette Fellman Advisor...................Marilyn Hinson ATHLETIC—81 iHFirst Row: W. Bunch, R. Rizzo, G. Olson, J. Doyle. J. Ticknor. M. Wiskerchen; Second Row: L Feltes, A. Piehl. J. Hirsehinger, J. Jenson, B. Nilsen, D. Duszynski; Third Row: D. Kaiser. L. Dahm, H. Rivard, T. Garey. Club OFFICERS President Gordon Olson Vice President Mike Wiskerchen Secretary Don Koepnick Treasurer Glen McNaughton Advisor Don Page The “R” Club is an organization that honors lettermen in collegiate athletics. It is a social organization that takes part in campus activities, especially Homecoming and Winter Carnival. ' G. McNaughton, J. .Stol man. W. Mitchell M. Brand.Uttcr. E. Cregorich, son, D. Nelson, D. Pariscau, 0. Skoug. J- Hammcs; Third Row: L. Lloyd, L. T. Headley: Second Row: T. Bosman, S. John. Sempl M- Olson, D. Johnson. 82—ATHLETICPEM Club The Physical Education Minors Club hopes by cooperation with state and national organizations of the same nature to develop a sound philosophy in physical education. They seek to awaken an interest among all | eople and promote greater social and professional cooperation among physical education students and teachers. OFFICERS President LaVcrnc Boettcher Vice President Tobey Garey Secretary Barb Bergsrud Treasurer James Hirschinger Orchesis The modem dance group on campus, under the direction of Emogene Nelson, meets regularly each week. Their objective being, interpreting and learning dance skills. First Row: C. Johnson, Patricia Nichols, D. Douglas; Standing: R. Norrish, J. Osen, C. Osen C Kapun, D. Plumb. First Row: B. Nielson, B. Schwartz, B. Carlson. R. Henderson, L. Nelson; Second Row: B. Bergsrud, K. Lee, B. Mnchacck, G. McKenzie, B. Larson, D. Plumb; Third Row: V. Boettcher, II. Rivard, D. Pariseau, J. VanCamp, D. Kopenick, J. Hirschinger; Fourth Row: C. Leach, J. Ticknor, S. Pittman. ATHLETIC—83Eirst Row: Carol Calianes, Marilyn Lowia, Joanne Rectz, Carol Myrold; Second Row: Barbara Larsen, Karen Halverson, Joan Chclmo Rochelle Jenson, Sally Birkel; Third Row: Mary Rick, Miss Nelson, Alice Lrwerenz, Janet Zaspel, Regina La Venture. WRA The Women’s Recreational Association, under the direction of Miss Emogene Nelson, is designed to stimulate interest and participation in sports and recreational activities by women students. Throughout the school year this group participated in many activities. Volleyball, badminton, basketball, and bowling were offered during the year to interested women students on campus. WRA sponsored an all-school sports day in the fall and two high school sports days in the spring. Approximately 300 high school girls attended. The annual all-college sports day was held this year on November 8. Volleyball and swimming were the participant sports. In November, the River Falls WRA won first place at the All-State Volleyball Sports day at Whitewater. In February the basketball team participated in a sports day at Winona. During March Regina LaVenture and Sandy Wallen competed in a badminton tourney at LaCrosse. The year was climaxed with a canoe trip. 84Sports in Shorts Scores look good... Up and overt-1 B O O Foreign Student Association G R 0 | P S First Row: B. Bohlool, M. Seki, Marion Hawkins, B. Bohlool, V. Nitilham; Second Row: J. Bruce, F. Salmassi, I. Woo, L. Gomez, K. Lee, J. Josaka, C. Kapun, F. McKenzie; Third Row: H. A mini, B. Whang, R. Derikartz, D. Dvorak, H. Kim, D. McFarlan, F. Bohlool, L. Headley. The Foreign Student Association is comprised of foreign students and others interested in promoting international understanding. They produce an annual International Show on campus and present other shows for the neighboring communities. They were featured this year at the Northwestern Wisconsin Education Convention at Eau Claire. OFFICERS President Ben Bohlool Vice President Vilas Nittitan Secretary Mae Seki Treasurer Bruce Bohlool Advisor Marian Hawkins 86 Annual International Show ...First Row: I. AmirArjomand, F. Schuster, N. Jadinak, B. O'Sullivan, R. Cross, G. Jnsicki; Second Row: R. Wells, A. Ormson, L. Gilbert, C. Brictson, D. Engebretson, R. Kissling, J. McKenzie; Third Row: J. Lukas. P. Wright, L. Greenwold, L. Zaborow-ski, G. Ficrkc, J. Hirschinger, J. Stanek, J. Arndt. Pinochle Club The Pinochle Club, a social organization on campus, encourages a helpful and friendly atmosphere within the student body. The club also promotes social events and the playing of pinochle. OFFICERS President Tom Knutson Vice President James Arndt Secretary Robert Kissling Treasurer Larry Greenwold Advisor Robert Bailey III Vet’s Club The College Veterans Club is an organization composed of veterans that wish to participate in school activities as a group. They are active participants In Homecoming, Foundation Week, and Winter Carnival. OFFICERS President Robert Schiefelbein Vice President Ron Braun Secretary Len Johnson Treasurer Duane Catt Advisor Gerhardt Bohn First Row: L. Johnson; Second Row: J. Irwin, M. Bannon, N. Jadinak, B. Schiefelbein, J. Sinitshi, R. Braun, G. Lee; Third Row: G. Stordahl, T. Christenson, P. Lil jest rand, H. Moline, F. Williamson; Fourth Row: D. Monchilovich, P. Thurston, E. Johnson. SOCIAL—87Silling: R. Vanous, E. Burton, D. Taulbe, D. Kelly, C. Brostrom, Peter Muto; Standing: L. Esswein, J. Oakland, D. Max, W. Warren. Chess Club The Chess Club meets to discuss and play the “game of kings.” The members develop an appreciation of the game and at the same time, improve their skill. Each year the club sponsors a tournament open to all students to determine the chess champion of the school. OFFICERS President Lane Esswein Vice President Roger Vanous Secrcta ry-Treasurer Earl Burton Advisor Peter Muto Falconers The Falcons were organized this year to bolster school spirit and to promote social spirit by promoting all-student participation in college activities. They seek to present a good image of the college in this respect and also to offer their services to visiting groups on campus. OFFICERS President James Clark Vice President Dean Ringger Secretary-Treasurer Robert Rosenbrook Advisors Daniel Brown Donald Frye First Row: Donald Frye, R. Maier, D. Ringger, J. Clark, B. Rosenbrook, L. Wall, H. Larson. Daniel Brown: Second Row: D. Best, D. Plumb. D. Zoell, W. Siebold, J. Jenson, G. Isaksson. B. Schmiling. D. Fellenz. D. Ostrander, V. Londo; Third Row: S. Peterson, G. Casement, C. Caturia, B. Machacek, L. Esswein, R. Olson, T. Bosnian. 88—SOCIALSitzmarker Ski Club OFFICERS President ... Barb Korsmo Vice President.. Norbert Biss Secretary-Treasurer ....... Sue Dorgan First Row: B. Penman, N. Biss, K. Jenkins; Second Row: P. Bierbrauer, P. Anderson. C. Ramsev. S. Cemohous, N. Jadinak, D. Larson, B. Powers, T. Hess. F. Hebert: Third Row: M. Sorenson. G. Barr, R. Sayre, K. Cherri, M. Obradovich, P. Blazkowski, T. Tuttle, D. Clemmons, A. Hanson, J. Swedish. Sitzmarkers participate at SJci Mac The Sitzmarker Ski Club promotes winter sports, especially skiing, on campus. They plan group trips, teach beginners, and are particularly active during Winter Carnival, Homecoming and Foundation Week as a social organization. SOC. ORG.—89D 0 R M C 0 u N c I L S Prucha Hall OFFICERS President Floyd Woolson Vice President ... David Femholz Secretary.. John Hammes Treasurer . Frank Hebert First Row: K. Klcinhans, K. Streeter, L. Prochnow, F. Woolson; Second Row: T. Hess, J. Harter, D. Femholz, P. Rajski, F. Simmons, J. Hammes: Third Row: F. Hebert, F. McKenzie, R. Johnson, L. Zabrorowski, M. White. Stratton Hall OFFICERS President .... Pat Denison Vice President______Fred Welty Secretary------Tom Vest Treasurer___Vine DiSalvo Back Row: R. Seibel, T. Vest, R. Wendlandt, L. Kleve; Kneeling: N. Knuth, V. DiSalvo, C. Beestman, F. Welty. 90—DORM COUNCILSHathorn Hall OFFICERS President ............. Maren Thoreson Vice President .......... Glenda Sheldon Secretary ...................Chris Laska Treasurer.................. Cathy Linden Seated: C. Linden, G. Sheldon, C. Laska, M. Thoreson; Back Rote: K. Gilson, L. Grogan, S. Berg, H. Flueger, K. Jensen, B. Paulson, J. Fellman. A New Men’s Dorm ... John M. May Hall Under Construction The new men’s dormitory, John M. May Hall, is scheduled for occupancy in fall of 1963. The dorm bears the name of a man who served on the college faculty for 44 years and was head of the School of Agriculture retiring in 1956.cj OlSIO i-i f w fd 92—REL ORG. OrganizationsNewman Club OFFICERS President ... Jim Schmidt Vice President ..... Donna Marxen Recording Secretary Eileen Rogers Corresponding Secretary.. Pat Henneman Treasurer .... Anthony Jilek First Row: Father Higgens, J. Schmidt, D. Marxon, E. Rogers, P- Henneman, A. Jilek: Second Row: M. McEwen, D. DcIoit, M. Lumphrey, D. Laib, D. Uniting, R. Zuke, A. Heiting; Third Row: D. Kannel, R. Haines, J. Huffcutt, D. Waldbillig. R. Richardson, J. Nelson, V. Nelson, A. Roesslcr; Fourth Row: D. Marsolek, J. Turchenseke, D. Pichen, R. Ambus. R. Achmit, R. Leitner, K. Halverson, T. Parslow. First Row: L. Wolfe, D. DeSmith, C. Kuhtz. J. Irwin. V. Bula, P. Lukitsch, M. Lukowicz; Second Row: D. Femholx, L Wolfe, E. Kannel, J. Izdepski. W. Murphy, S. Chartier; Third Row: D. Schlos-ser, D. Laffe, L. McCormack, D. StaebeU, G. Baribeau, W. Janisch. RELIGIOUS—93LSA First Row: J. Norderhaug, B. Hanson, S. Olson, J. Olson, C. Larson, I). Dahl, D. Grcnquist; Second Row: J. Griffey, P. Kraft, P. Gustafson, B. Froseth, P. Phillips, L. Nelson; Third Row: N. Kurshner, R. Jensen, J. Olson, B. Bunders, L. Dow, J. Runkle, J. Markgrcn, S. Collamore, L. Johnson; Fourth Row: D. Nelson, J. Oakland, L. Paulson, L. Gigstad, W. Stcnberg, T. Norvold, R. Norrish; Fifth Row: R. Berg, D. Jensen, G. Gaard, 0. Skoug, J. Valenta, B. Rosenbrook, W. Wilson, L. Johnson, Pastor Schildbach, John Foss; Sixth Row: B. Nilscn, E. Nelson, G. Holt, C. Williams, B. Trans-burg, 0. Hagen, D. Schaefer, D. Genrich. OFFICERS President Linda Nelson Vice President Oscar Skoug Secretary JoAnne Olson Treasurer Dick Jensen Advisors: Richard Swenson John Foss Gamma Delta OFFICERS President Theodore Falkenberg Vice President James Blaha Secretary Allan Volz Treasurer Gayland Luedke Advisor Gerhardt Bohn 94 First Row: L. Meles, B. Cad well, L. Hagen, M. Lentz, S. Seenechal. J. Gruenewald, A. Volz; Second Row: J. Blaha, G. Luedke, A. Zimmerman, D. Sartori, D. Peck, R. Ncitzel, T. Kurth, T. Planer; Third Row: R. Gust, E. Kraeroer, J. Natzke, R. Rosenbrook.UCCF OFFICERS President Joan Chelmo Vice President Donna Kelly Secretary Alice Lewerenz Treasurer Douglas Sumner Advisor Roland Klink ust Row: Pastor York, J. Chelmo, A. Lererenz, J. Toshner, D. Hcrschleb, S. Houck, D. Kelly, . Fuller, Second Row: J. Clifton, M. White, D. Sumner, K. Sipple, R. Sipple, D. Fraelich, L. Haakes, I Vanous, R. Giese,er. Wesley OFFICERS President Dick Plumb Vice President Daisy McKinley Secretary Louise Talyor Treasurer Melvin Hermansen First Row: D. Plumb, D. McKinley, L Taylor, M. Hermansen; Second Row: M. McKinley, K. Obey, S. Springer, B. Beine, M. Seki, S. Goiter, J. Webb; Third Row: C. Caturia. M. Webb, P. Manor, W. Warren, M. Dunn; Fourth Row: Pastor Truitt, R. Wall, H. Potter, H.- Legarc, D. Max, T. Harris, B. Martin, B. Moin. J. Painter. 95Covenant Club OFFICERS President Kenneth Fenton Vice President Arlene Gustafson Secretary-T reasurer Marlyce Stunkel First Row: Mrs. Gene Danielson, B. Sturdy, M. Stunkel, A. Schutz; Second Row: Pastor Danielson, K. Fenton, D. Stellrecht. Baptist Youth Fellowship OFFICERS President Donna Schiefelbein Vice President Richard Fossum Secretary Sue Jahn Treasurer George Brooks 96—RELIGIOUS First Row: S. Fredreckson, S. Jahn, D. Schiefelbein, J. Varing, C. O’Flanagan, G. Oswald; Second Row: Pastor Johnson, E. Churchill, D. Fossum, G. Brooks, B. Arndt.Honor Societies First Row: P. Colter, J. Lenselink, D. Dahl, D. Fansler, S. Baker, J. Chelmo, M. Hartwig; Second Row: V. Freitag, J. Osen, C. Freier, M. Grover, J. Christianson, K. Linden, P. Gustafson, C. Christensen, R. Johnson; Third Row: K. Bixby, L. Nelson, H. Flueger, M. Thoreson, J. Albrecht, B. Bergs-rud, I. Michealson. Sigma Chi Sigma honorary social society for women Sigma Chi Sigma has a three-fold purpose. A girl of high academic standing and desirable personality may be invited to join this organization that promotes sociability, culture and service to the college. OFFICERS President.......... Vice President..... Secretary ......... Treasurer --------- Publicity Chairman Advisors........... ......Heidi Flueger ......Joan Lenselink ... Carol Christensen ...... Delores Dahl ...... Pam Gustafson __________Vera Moss Dorothy Kleinpell Marion Wolfe 97Beta Beta Beta — National Honorary Society First Row: D. Grivna, T. Finses, R. Nelson, B. Kettelkamp, S. Drost, K. Johnson, C. Licncman: Second Row: T. Goff, D. Plummer, L. Watrud, K. Walker, M. Thompson, C. Peterson, A. Johnston, J. Engstrom, R. Closson, M. Buettner, B. Beine; Third Row: R. Walker, G. Peterson, R. Ellmgstad, G. Gaard, J. Swanson, T. Norvald, K. Kenlyne, T. Keefer, D. Houschildt, V. Anderson. for Undergraduates in Biology. The Gamma Omega chapter seeks to enrich the biology program by dis-cussing topics not covered in the class room. They take field tripe, have lecturers and maintain a biology display case in North Hall. OFFICERS President-----------Rodney Nelson Vice President------Thomas Finses Secretary-----------Suzanne Drost Treasurer .......... Karen Johnson Historian-----------Dennis Grivna Advisor — Dr. Benjamin Kettelkamp Kappa Delta Pi ----------------------------------- National Honorary Society for Students in Elementary and Secondary Education. Kappa Delta Pi encourages high professional and intellectual standards among its members in the field of education. This year they instituted the Home-Bound Program in which members visited the homes of school children who were ill for a period of time and tutored them. OFFICERS President ......... Eugene Haas Vice President__Sharon Collamoro Secretary .................. Julie Albrecht Treasurer .......... Muriel Hanson Advisor ........ Dr. Allen Seimers First Row: E. Haas, J. Albrecht, H. Hanson, S. Collamore, M. Coogan; Second Row: R. Jensen, N. Haller, B. Korsmo, L. Kirk, L. Nelson, B. Hawkinson, C. Frier; Third Row: J. Osen, M. Lindcll, D. Erickson, P. Schneider, A. Seimers. 98—HONOR SOCIETIESFirst Row: T. Brucks, M. Grover; Second Row: B. Bosinske, D. Frazer, B. Roth, D. Erickson, A. Kingsbury. Alpha Psi Omega national honorary dramatics fraternity The initiation ceremony ... The Iota Beta chapter of Alpha Psi Omega is the honor society on campus for those who have shown an active interest and participated in the endeavors of the college theatre. Along with Masquers, it sponsors theatrical productions here on campus and organizes trips to see professional performances. OFFICERS President __________ Steven Hay Vice President .... Thomas Brucks Secretary-------------Mavis Grover Treasurer------Beverly Bosinske Advisor--------Dr. Blanche Davis HONOR SOCIETIES—99 Young Democrats OFFICERS President . Jim Lukas Vice President Abe Wells Treasurer. Frank Urbanz Corresponding Secretary.. Claudia Graske Recording Secretary .. Jill Kampf Advisor.Richard Darr First Row: J. Kampf, M. Thorcson, R. Aubert, D. Raasch, E. Michaelson; Second Row: V. Bckkuni, J. Lukas, D. Sarlori, A. Wells, C. Graske; Third Row: F. Urbanz, D. Peissig, B. Gust, R. Bauer, T. Wells. Young Social Democrats OFFICERS Chairman----------------- Ray Giesker Clerk-------------------Stanly Berkne Treasurer______________Wilburn Powers Advisor ................ James Harless 100—POL. ORG. J. Evrard, R. Gieseker, D. Sartori. S. Berkner, D. Bayne, J. Clifton.Young Republicans OFFICERS President Ed Churchill Vice President Don Marsolek Secretary Tim Tuttle Treasurer Dave Frazer Advisor Richard Condon First Row: S. Fredrickson, E. Churchill, D. Frazer, P. Dorgan, T. Tuttle, D. Marsolek; Second Row: H. Schmidt, K. Christenson, H. Kopecky, L. Meles, R. Preston; Third Row: R. W. Condon, A. Webe, M. Graham, R. Richardson, C. Caturia, D. Sortori. These three political groups on campus seek to forward political viewpoints on campus, and in the community. They also participate in the state convention, Grassroots Political Conference, and social activities of the campus. Young Denis, Young Social Denis, and the Young GOPs’ Annual Political Banquet0 R G A N I Z A T I 0 N S Math Club First RowrE. Scott, L. Oleson, C. Miller, R. Vanous, J. Lenselink; Second Row: W. Randall, J. Accola, D. Froelich, K. Sclbride, G. Holt The Math Club investigates intereating topics in math that are not covered in the classroom. They organize field trips and have guest speakers or show movies pertaining to math at each bi-monthly meeting. OFFICERS President ..................... Roger Vanous Vice President ........—------- Joan Lenselink Secretary-Treasurer ..........Christine Miller Publicity Chairman .......... Evangeline Scott Advisors ......................... Lyle Oleson John Brown Physics Colloquium The Physics Colloquium seeks to stimulate individual or library research on various problems in the world of physics and present them in the form of a paper and lecture for discussion. OFFICERS Executive Chairman .............. Ron Berg Publicity Chairman.........Sandra Anderson Advisors........................Earl Albert Wayne Suckow First Row: W. Suckow, E. Albert, R. Berg, S. Anderson, G. Holt; Second Row: G. Cummings, N. Millis, R. reterson, W. Randall, J. Gores, D. Froelich. PROFESSIONAL INTEREST 102—PROF. INTERESTChem Club The Chemistry Club is the student affiliate of the American Chemical Society. It hopes to further interest and bring recognition to the field of chemistry. OFFICERS President__John Hanson Vice President.. Earl Burton Secretary-Treasurer .. lerry Hexum Program Chairman.. Dennis Glynn First Row: R. Polzin, D. Glynn, J. Hanson, E. Burton, T. Hexum; Second Row: L. Scott, D. Waldbillig, E. Schroedcr, B. Penman, P. Wright; Third Row: C. Webster, C. Prescott, H. Larson, G. Hnuschildt, C. Mueller, R. Swanson, D. Johnson, E. Gregorich, S. Nelson, C. Brostrom; Fourth Row: P. Skoug, P. Sctte, G. Hoschettc, B. Fankhauser, L. Greenwold, L. Zabrorowskl. First Row: D. Fisk, J. Huffcutt, E. Fisk, D. Anderson, L. Williams; Second Row: D. Frazer, D. Hueftle, J. Peterson, R. Gust, P. Lukitsch; Third Row: L. Butler, D. Tewinkel, R. Secrist, F. Schuster, R. Bauer. Econ Club The Economics Club seeks to stimulate interest in their field. They take field trips, hear lecturers, and also gather information for graduating seniors about placement and graduate schools. OFFICERS President........... Ed Fisk Vice President ------- Duane Anderson Secretary.....John Huffcutt Treasurer.... Larry Williams Program Director...... Doug Fisk PROF. INT. ORG.—103Agrifallian Society First Row: J. Blnha, H. Eggebraaten, L. S. Wiuwer, G. Lee, F. Mikrut, J. Kriegl; Second Row: R. Ncilzel, J. Cliver, A. Fredrick, D. Pichen, J. Thews, J. Mathies, C. Kees; Third Row: V. Bula, J. Laakso, L. Grant, N. Johnson, W. Kowalchyk, R. Speich, T. Olson, F. Remund; Fourth Row: R. MacGregor, A. Peterson, S. Swenson, J. Afdahl, H. Potter, B. Rosenbrook, T. Planner, A. Haas; Fifth Row: M. Klecker, P. Ringlien, B. Gust, B. Thiemke. The Agrifallian Society is designed to promote fellowship among students interested in the field of agriculture and to aid them in job placement after graduation. OFFICERS President ..... Glenn Lee Vice President ..... Harold Eggebraaten Secretary ..... Fred Mikrut Treasurer James Blaha Advisor.... Lcland Wittwer 4-H The Collegiate 4-H Club gives students a chance to continue their work in the field of 4-H while attending college. They co-ordinate activities between clubs in the area, their home communities, and their organization. OFFICERS President______Don Ruben Vice President.......Gerald Setter Secretary......Joan Chelmo Treasurer .... Grant Burdick Advisors.....Virginia Akins James Dollahon First Row: Virginia Akins, D. Ruben, C. Cahanes, J. Chelmo, G. Setter, G. Burdick. C. Kuhtz; Second Row: L. Wolfe, D. Johnson, K. Romsos, D. Grenquist, C. Romsos, F. Remund, W. Owens, L. Wolfe; Third Row: K. Swenson, H. Owens, E- Rogers, E. Romsos, B. Gust, L. Nelson, G. Steele; Fourth Row: G. Brooks, M. White, J. C. Dollahon, D. Johnson, P. Lukitsch. 10V—PROF. INT. ORG.Future Farmers of America First Row: R. Saxby, D. Jaworski; Second Row: L. Hilterbrand, F. Urbanz, R. Sipple, R. Naggatz, R. Lambert. D. Rubin; Third Row: J. Fehlen, C. Romsos, C. William . I.. Kraft, J. Froseth, R. Leitner, L. Grueb, V. Verhulst; Fourth Row: J. Blnlin, K. Sipple, 0. Hagen, R. McCaffrey, D. Laib, R. Solberg, G. Seipel, G. Brook ; Fifth Row: L. Moles, M. Tlachac, G. Anderson, V. Bckkum, I). Peissiff, J. Kanable, C. Poulter, D. Schaefer; Sixth Row: J. Jenson, H. Kopecky, G. Burdick, D. Fcrnholz, L. Hokes, D. Laffe, D. Herman, D. Romsos, L. Wolfe. The River Falls Collegiate Chapter of the Future Formers of America is concerned with the development of leadership in rural life. Participation in this organization provides the prospective vocational agriculture teacher many opportunities to gain knowledge and improve his capability as an advisor to a high school chapter. OFFICERS President......................... Louis Greub Vice President.................... Donald Mayer Secretary_________________________ Lowell Rochl Treasurer_______________________ Darwin Zeinert Advisor........................ Richard Delorit 105First Row: E. Haas, D. Wickboldt, R. Grethan. G. Vollert, M. Hanson, D. Larson; Second Row: M. Bergmen, L, Johnson, S. Scnecha). C. Beatty. A. Stroeberl, K. Schaffer, B. Hanson; Third Row: L. Seipel, R. Gunvalson, R. Kowalczyk, R. Alton. W. Wall. W. Pippenger; Fourth Row: J. Albrightson, J. Hansen, J. Valenta, J. MicheaR G. Arnst, R. Soper, K. Fenton. Music Educators OFFICERS President .......... Vice President------ Secretary .......... Treasurer ..... Program Chairman Publicity Chairman Advisor------------- ______________Eugene Haas ....----------Gail Vollert . ........ DeAn Wickboldt ........... Muriel Hanson ...-----------Rita Grethen ---------------Dale Larson ________Dr. William Abbott National The local chapter of MENC is a student organization affiliated with the nation conference. The purpose of this organization is to afford all students interested in music an opportunity for professional orientation and development while still in school. Conference 106—PROF. INTERESTFirst Row: K. Finn, J. Tanner, M. Sandeen, D. Engebrettson, A. Kingsbury; Second Row: M. Rusch, L. Manosky, D. Olson; Third Row: C. Hunter, G. Czech, M. Kawai, D. Trudell, C. Hines, V. Thompson, C. Caturia. Atelier, the art club, maintains a room in the Student Center for the purpose of displaying art exhibits of interest to the student body. They also tour nearby art institutes for the purpose of enriching the background of its members in the field of art. OFFICERS President...... Vice President Secretary ..... Treasurer ..... Advisors....... .... Linda Manosky .... Don Engebretson ....... Kathy Finn Mary Ann Sandeen .......James Crane William Ammerman Kurt Wild Walter Nottingham Students enjoy the art exhibit... PROF. INTEREST ORG.—107Forensics Sealed: C. Christ ienson, J. Runkle, T. Knutson, P. Rehder, P. Anderson, A. Poulter, K. Walker; Standing: W. Hendrickson, A. Webb, W. Hendrickson, R. Richardson, S. Collomore, A. Runkle, A. Roessler. They were seen at . . . Oshkosh Invitational Tournament in Oshkosh University of Illinois in Chicago Northern Illinois Tourney at DeKalb University Eau Claire Invitational in Eau Claire Twin City Debate League Tournament Twin City Forensic League Tournament Northwest Debate Tournament at St. Thomas College National Pi Kappa Delta Tournament at Carbondale, Illinois They played host to . . . River Falls Class B Debate Tourney Various regional high school debate tournaments They debated the question . • . Resolved: that the non-communist nations of the world should establish an economic community. 108NCTE Members of the National Council of Teachers of English share the common interest of their language. They explore the field of English and related areas, by sponsoring guest speakers, holding panel discussions, and sponsoring noted guest speakers. OFFICERS President .......... Jerome Halverson Vice President.... Cy Durand Sec.-Treas.... Nancy Zank Advisor .... Francis Chisholm First Row: J. Griffey, N. Zank, C. Durand; Second Row: M. Johnson, C. Ramsey, S. Chartier, M. Grover, K. Engle; Third Row: B. Korsmo, M. Hartwig, D. Herschleb, A. Heiting, S. Baker, B. Haugen, C. Freier, R. Tjelta, M. Graham. SNEA © The Student National Education Association is composed of students in the education curriculum and designed for the betterment of teaching standards. President .... James Schmidt Vice President Marge Shearer Secretary ..... Helen Wright Treasurer ..... Carol Freier Advisor ....... Naunda Tietz First Row: C. Peterson, K. Haddow, H. Wright, J. Schmidt, L. Taylor, B. Junkman; Standing: Wanda Tietz, D. Baar, L. Nelson, R. Jensen, P. Thurston, J. Poulter, V. Kessehick, J. Olson, P. Kraft, S. Norden, C. Freier. 109Front Row: J. Schmidt; Second Row: M. Loeber, S. Cook, L. Dahms, J. Olson, C. Crownheart, P. Nichols, S. Johnson; Third Row: P. Reinkey, C. Christensen, C. Schumaker, B. Lukasik, J. Miller; Fourth Row: N. Kurschner, B. Bunders, S. Birkel, J. Taylor, C. Walker, S. Swanson. ACEI To work for the education and well being of school children is the purpose of the Association for Childhood Education International. They seek to promote desirable conditions, programs, and practices in schools. They seek to cooperate with other organizations concerned with school children to inform the public of their needs and how the school may be instrumental in supplying these needs. OFFICERS President___________ Vice President...... Secretary .......... Treasurer __________ Publicity Chairman Advisor_____________ Connie Crownheart ..... Linda Nelson ..... Joann Olson ___James Schmidt ..Patricia Nichols _______Ann Dubbe 110—PROF. INT. ORGThe Psychology Club is dedicated to the purpose of promoting a better understanding and interest in the field of psychology. They have guest speakers and group participation in projects concerning psychology and other related fields. OFFICERS President .... Dennis Haller Vice President .... Judy Oscn Secretary .... Carol Peterson Treasurer ........... Robert Armitage Advisors .............. Earl Seldon Daniel Brown First Row: D. Anderson, L. Tictz, N. Garlie, D. Haller, P. Gustafson; Second Row: Earl Seldon, S. Cook, C. Christenson, J. Osen, J. Olson; Third Row: C. Peterson, B. Thompson, G. Johnson, D. DeSmith, D. May, L. Taylor. German Club German Club members study arts, manners, customs, and geography of Germany. This club supplements the instruction of the language and culture of the college classroom. OFFICERS President .... Cheryl Ramsey Secretary.........Rose Ann Johnson Treasurer ...... Wilma Meier First Row: R. Schmidt, W. Meier, R. Johnson, C. Ramsey, R. Lenselink; Second Row: R. Gerd, G. Oswald, J. Holden, D. Marxen, G. Hoschette, A. Roessler, I. Schubert, Ernst Jurgens. IllSEASON’S SCORES River Falls.. .. 6 Augsburg 7 River Falls... 7 Oshkosh .. ..... 6 River Falls... 0 Superior .. 7 River Falls... 12 Eau Claire .. .21 River Falls... 19 U.W.M 6 River Falls... .. 7 Platteville .—13 River Falls... 6 Stout . ..... 0 River Falls... 13 La Crosse __ .....28 River Falls... ..13 Winona 7 3 Conference Games Season’s Record: Won—3, Lost—5, Tie—1 Total Points: R.F.—83, Opp.—101 Avg. Per Game: R.F.—9.2, Opp.—11.2 The Falcons Nest Falcon The 1962 River Falls football team, under the direction of new head coach Gwynn Christensen, finished an on again, off again season with a 3-4 mark in the Wisconsin State College Conference and a 3-5-1 overall mark. Augsburg spoiled the River Falls' opening game by downing the Falcons 7-6 in a game played in a steady drizzle. It was the fourth consecutive year Augsburg has beaten River Falls. The Falcons bounced into the win column with a 7-6 victory over Oshkosh. The Falcons scored on a 54 yard drive engineered by Tom Everson. Everson capitalized the drive with an 11 yard pass to Tom Serapf. Burich added the conversion. Superior handed River Falls their first conference setback GO. The Falcons held a strong Superior team scoreless until the final 33 seconds when the Yellowjackets scored their lone tally. 1].]—.FOOTBALLRow One: Fred Pastor, mgr., Basil O’Sullivan. Sieve Pittman, Lvndon Nelson, Don Fassett, John Nelson, Mark Nelson, Dick Schlasser, Bob Maier, Steve Williams, Roily Hendrickson, Jim Dunley, Ron Greenquist, and John Hamms, mgr.; Row Two: Wayne Burich, Gary Burke, Ken Kraft, Tom Everson, Ed Vick. Harold Rivard, John Doyle, Jim Ticknor, Larry (Porky) Lloyd. Pete Bronson, Bob Pritchard, and Don Dusznski: Row Three: Coach Gwen Christensen, asst, coach Ben Bergsrud, Glen McNaughton, Mike Wiskerchen, Tom Sempf, Dennis Kaiser. De Wayne Johnson, Orv Olson. Tom Bosman, Dick Pariseau. Art Piclil, Dennis Lankos, Bob Summcrfield, Reno Rizzo, Duane Johnson. Lief Gigstad. Dave Henderson, Mike Henderson, Les Dnlnns. mgr., and asst, coach Don Page; Row Four: Emery Peterson, Winfield Matchel, Paul Kozak, Mike Nordeen, Don Korlenu, Mike Branstader, Steve Johnson, Newton Buckner, Steve Madson, George Burlicgh, Mike Van Able, Mike Loverude. Bill Lindsey, Bill Murphy, and Jim Izdepski. Football River Falls dropped their second conference game against the Eau Claire Blugolds 21-12. The Falcons scored first on Ed Vick’s one yard plunge. The Blugolds then tallied three touchdowns before Porky Lloyd caught a Bob Pritchard screen pass and scampered 74 yards for the Falcons’ second touchdown. The Falcons got back on the winning track again with a 19-6 victory over UWM. The Falcons took a 6-0 lead after scoring on a 63 yard drive. Tom Everson hit Dennis Kaiser with a 35 yard pass for the second tally. Nordeen added the conversion. Burich scored the final touchdown on a one yard plunge. Platteville dropped the Falcons 13-7 after blocking a River Falls kick to set up their winning touchdown. Lloyd scored on 45 yard pass play from Everson. Everson’s 24 yard pass to Sempf in the end zone enabled River Falls to stop Stout 6-0, moking it eleven years since the Bluedevils have beaten a Falcon team. LaCrosse spoiled homecoming by topping the Falcons 28-13. Lloyd and Sempf scored for Falls. The Falcons closed the season 13-13 tie with Winona. Gwynn Christesen Owen Bergsrud Don Page John Perrin FOOTBALL—115Burke practices the automatic INDIVIDUAL SCORING TD PAT TP Lloyd 5 0 30 Sempf 3 2 20 Buricli 1 2 8 Vick 1 0 6 Kaiser 1 0 6 Pariseau 1 0 6 Burke 1 0 6 Nordeen 0 1 1 Everson finds an opening Porky on the move TEAM STATISTICS Rushes attempted 383 Yards rushing 1115 Average per try 2.9 Passes attempted 133 Passes completed 51 Percentage 38.3 Yards passing 758 Total yards 1873 Average per game 208.1 Total points 83 Average per game 9.2 The Ringmaster’ Speaks INDIVIDUAL PUNTING Pts. Yds. Ave. Everson 50 1841 36.8 Vick 1 39 39 116—FOOTBALLAtt. T. Yds. Att. T. Yds. 72 320 Sempf 23 88 80 272 Pritchard 11 32 90 268 Burke 5 8 72 154 Langkos 1 1 29 102 Everson punts WSCC STANDINGS W L T Whitewater 5 1 0 Superior 4 1 1 Stevens Point 5 2 0 Eau Claire 5 2 0 La Crosse 4 3 0 River Falls 3 4 0 Milwaukee 2 4 0 Platteville 2 4 0 Stout 1 4 1 Lloyd Burich Vick Everson Kaiser Tension mounts at Dad's night game The postlude FOOTBALL-117INDIVIDUAL PASSING Lory Lloyd Harold Rivard All- Conference The state college football coaches this year picked a 44 man all-conference team. They divided the league into a northern and n southern section with an offensive and defensive squad being picked for each. Their selection included three Falcon players. Gaining berths on the defensive honor squad were tackle Harold Rivard and linebacker Gary Burke. Larry (Porky) Lloyd was named to the offensive team as a running back. Burke received honorable mention to last year’s team. Gary Burke Att. Com. Yd9. TD Everson 105 46 642 6 Pritchard 28 5 116 1 Cross Country The River Falls cross country team finished one of their most successful seasons in recent years by compiling a fine three win, one loss record in dual competition, and finished third in the hexangular meet at the University of Minnesota. The Falcon harriers, under the direction of Byron James, were led primarily by underclassmen this year and they should form the nucleus of next fall’s team. 118-FOOTBALL Standing: Coach Byron James, Dan Madison, Jerry Jensen, Mike Callis; Kneeling: Oscar Skoug, Jerry Sturm, Bruce Moin, and Charles Woiwode. v First Row: Don Kocpnick, Ted Hcimstcad, Bob Pritchard. Bill Swartz. Gordon Olson, A! Kohl, Ken Lee; Second Row: Jerry Knapp, mgr., Dick Moen, Nate Shilling. Eric Leadholm, John Hvland. Larry Madson, Steve Rhiel, Tobey Garey, Coach Don Page. Falcon Basketball River Falls basketball fortunes continued to improve this year as the Pagemen climbed above the .500 mark for the first time in six seasons. The Falcons finished the season with an 11 won and 10 loss record and a 6 won and 6 loss mark in conference play. After a shaky start the Falcon hardwooders came on strong during the second half of the season. During one point at mid-season the team won eight of ten contests. Highlights of the season included the play of veterans Tobey Garey, Gordie Olson and Don Koepnick and freshmen Ken Lee and A1 Kohl. Don Koepnick proved to be the big star for the Falcons. The Elkhorn senior was named to the All-State team and the All-Conference team and copped the conference scoring crown with 311 points. Koepnick Drives FOOTBALL—119SEASON’S RESULTS St. Johns 70 River Falls 74 Macalester 88 River Falls 75 Superior 89 River Falls 86 Winona 83 River Falls 72 LaCrosse 87 River Falls 80 St. Johns 66 River Falls 84 Bethel 62 River Falls 80 Whitewater 69 River Falls 73 Milwaukee 68 River Falls 66 Stout 76 River Falls 78 Winona 59 River Falls 85 Eau Claire 68 River Falls 92 Augsburg 76 River Falls 54 Superior 61 River Falls 90 Bethel 67 River Falls 69 LaCrosse 93 River Falls 98 PlatteviUe 82 River Falls 80 Stevens Point 82 River Falls 80 Augsburg 94 River Falls 59 Stout 77 River Falls 83 Eau Claire 77 River Falls 73 RF Total Points —1628 Avg. Per Game 775 Opp. Total Points —1594 Avg. Per Game 75.9 Won — 22, Lost —10 Conference: Won — 6 Lost — 6 The Master Speaks Olson Rebounds 120—BASKETBALL Valuable Sub Koepnick Gets The Tip WSCC STANDINGS Con. All Games Games Oshkosh ll-l 13-8 Stevens Point 9-3 14-7 LaCrosse 9-3 13-8 Platteville 7-5 9-12 River Falls 6-6 11-10 Eau Claire 5-7 6-14 Whitewater 4-8 6-14 Superior 3-9 6-15 Stout 3-9 5-15 MUwaukee 3-9 4-16Fast Break Kohl Jump Shot 1962-63 TEAM STATISTICS G FGA FGM PCT FTA FTM PCT F TP AYG. Koepnick 21 458 187 .408 Garey 21 339 127 .375 Kohl 21 290 107 .369 Lee 21 238 101 .424 Olson 21 136 52 .382 Pritchard 21 132 40 .303 Schilling 9 44 13 .295 Heimstead 17 43 17 .395 Oeslreich 1 4 0 .000 Swartz 14 26 7 .269 Madson 4 4 2 .500 Moen 6 5 1 .200 Leadholm 5 1 1 1.000 Hyland 4 1 0 .000 Rhiel 4 1 0 .000 Butler 2 0 0 .000 TOTALS 1922 655 .347 Easy Layup 87 61 .701 61 435 20.7 62 40 .645 71 294 14.0 107 66 .617 66 280 13.3 109 73 .669 52 275 13.1 70 37 .528 65 141 6.7 26 19 :730 35 99 4.7 12 6 .500 17 32 3.6 8 3 .375 9 37 2.2 2 2 1.000 2 2 2.0 14 8 .571 16 22 1.6 2 1 .500 2 5 1.3 3 1 .333 1 3 .5 0 0 .000 1 2 .4 2 t. .500 4 1 3 0 0 .000 0 0 .0 0 0 .000 1 0 .0 504 318 .640 403 1628 77.5 BASKETBALL—121Wrestlers continued to be the bright spot in River Falls athletic fortunes by compiling a 7-2 record and taking the Wisconsin State College Conference title for the second consecutive year and for the third time in four years. The Falcons took three individual championships, two seconds and two thirds in powering their way to the championship. Pat Mroteck, 137 lb.; Dick Culver, 147 lb.; and' Jerry Halvorson, 167 lb., took individual championships in their weight class. This was Culver’s third title in as many years. At the close of the season Coach James took his team to the N.I.A.I. Small College Championship Tourney held at Boomsburg, Pennsylvania. Fliflet Pulls In An Indian Two For a Takedown To The Vidor Goes The Spoils Wrestling INDIVIDUAL STANDINGS W L T Pat Mroteck 15 1 0 Dick Culver 14 4 0 Charles Hindes 11 3 0 Jerry Halvorson 9 2 2 Dean Dix 7 4 0 Ken Nor ling 6 1 2 Jerry Fehlen 6 4 2 Ken Trudell 6 5 0 Phil Fliflet 5 6 0 Dennis Lankos 4 6 0 Steve Gulling 2 4 1 Fred Lindberg 2 5 0 Jim Kanable 2 6 0 Jerry McKenzie 1 0 0 Harvey Ankley 1 1 0 Leonard Gunderson 1 1 0 John Ritche 1 3 0 Jim Merkt 0 0 1 John Cliver 0 2 1 Roger Chapin 0 2 0 Jim Brickner 0 3 0 Does not include NAIA tourney 122—WRESTLINGCulver Halvorson Mrotek First Row: Charles Hindes, Jerry Fehlen, Phil Flifiet, Pal Mrotek, Jim Kanable, Dick Culver, Jerry Halvorson, Dennis Langkos, Dean Dix, Ken Trudell; Second Row: John Harnmes, mgr., Leonard Gunderson, John Cliver, Ken Norling, Fred Lindberg, Roger Chapin, Jim Gargolck, and Coach Byron James. WRESTLING—123124—WRESTLINGVt8c First Row: Don Nelson, Gene Kidd, Dave Fellcnz. Winifred Mitchell, Steve Cina. Nelson: Second Row: Mick Olsen, Warren Wilson, Rolf Derikartz, Coach Russe her, James Hershinger, Lane Esswein, Steve Hay. Swimming In their third year of collegiate competition the River Falls swimming team failed to win a match. Coach Gerber's team was hampered by inexperience and a lack of depth. Most consistent winners for the Falcons were Gene Kidd in diving, Lloyd Nelson in the 200 yard breast stroke, Micky Olsen in the 100 yard breast stroke and the 400 yard free stylo relay team of Steve Hay, Jim Herschinger, Warren Wilson and Micky Olsen. Bowling TRI-BOWLING CONFERENCE Championship Form Mankato LaCrosse N. Dakota St. Wahepton-SSS St. Olaf River Falls UM-Morris Willmar 6056 59 58 5556 4656 2556 19 12 1656 20 21 2356 2856 4356 48 51 The Falcon Keglers finished placed sixth in the Tri-State Bowling Conference. Veteran Vic Londo was the top bowler for the Falcons with an average of 176. BOWLING—125First Roto: Don Steffer, Victor Bula, Edward Kannel, Edward Monson, Bob Pritchard; Second Row: Ken Seering, Gary Steele, Lincoln Better, Jim Gargrlak, David Stafford, DeWayne Johnson. Baseball Baseball fortunes at River Falls appeared to be fairly bright as the Meletean went to press. Veterans John Boortz, Ed Gregorich, Holland Riek, Tom Strasser, Glenn Stuve, Jim Ticknor and Bob Nilsen formed the nucleus of this year's team. Coach Don Page also had some fine freshman prospects to finish building his team. Missing from this year’s team were Jim Norrish, Vem Wanish and Bill Halverson. The Hoi Corner 126—SPORTS SWIMMING—BOWLING—125Track A host of Falcon speedsters made up this year’s track team. Leon Headley set school records in both the 100 yard dash and the 200 yard dash in last year’s conference meet. Gordie Olson holds the school record in the 220 yard low hurdles. The three members from last year’s record performing 880 yard relay team who returned this year were Larry Feltes, Gerry Jensen and Leon Headly. McNaughion Finishes Mile First Row: Chuck Woiwode, Oscar Skoug, Ed Kraft, John C. Gilbert, Larry Feltes, Bob Brown, Dick Plumb; Second Row: George Burieigh, Ralph McCaffrey, George Motz, Marlin J. White, Charles Overbeck, Christian Becker, Marvin Dunn; Third Row: Gary Anderson, Gary Cook, Jerry Jenson, Gordon Olson, Eugene Schutte, Henry Sukow. TRACK—127Golf — Tennis This was a year of rebuilding for (he Falcon linksters. Coach Ben Bergsrud built his squad primarily with newcomers. Jim Stdzman headed the list of veteran players. Coach Byron James also had a problem of rebuilding the tennis team, with Gerald Dexter the only returning letterman. However several freshman prospects gained net recognition. First Row: Edward Ganske, Jim Stolzman, John Doyle; Second Row: Richard Fink, Bill Murphy, Harvey Stower. Teeing Off First Row: Randy Klink, Sanders Howse; Second Roiv: Peter W. Falkman, Alan Carrier, Larry Kleve. 128—GOLF and TENNISCheerleaders Fredie Falcon First Row: Melodie Sweeney, GiGi Thompson; Second Row: Nikki Knutson, Vickie Weisner, Diane Howard, Caren Thompson. Let's Have The Falcon Stomp Do You Have A Date For Homecoming? CHEERLEADERS—129Intramural Sports First Row: Donald Neste, Coburn Ness, James Richter, Gary Allar, Donald White, LaVerne Boettcher, Jerome Donatell; Second Row: Larry Johnson, William Byrkit, Lane Esswein, Donald Ness, Edward Carlson, Larry Kraft. The intramural athletic program, under the direction of athletic director Owen Bergsrud, found a variety of sports available to male students. During fall quarter, the Gorgers topped Prucha III, 20-18 to become the new intramural football champions. The Gorgers completed the season with a 9-1 record. Prucha III finished in the runner-up slot with an 8-2 mark. A team consisting of Felix Williamson, John Hogan, Fred McKenzie, Newton Buckner, Jim Banister, Hai Kim, and Leon Headley took the volleyball tournament with a perfect record of 8 wins and no losses. As the yearbook goes to press, the Falconers led by Dave Balke are leading the bowling tournament. In intramural basketball, the Mophia and Untouchables, both with 11-0, are battling it out for the basketball title. 130—INTRAMURAL SPORTS Karges ActionPerfect Form STANDING Gorgers W L 9 1 T 0 Prucha 8 2 0 Post Grads 6 2 1 Raiders 6 2 1 Keys 3 3 3 Roques 3 4 2 3rd Floor 2 4 3 Maskers 2 6 1 699ers 1 8 0 Buddies 0 8 1 INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL Who's in the open Winter Carnival Broom Ball INTRAMURAL SPORTS—131 132Freedom to choose The best, opportunity available... Gathering of accumulated Knowledge to enable and Objective evaluation of one's Self. Utilizing the freedom Gained through responsibility And knowledge... Obtaining freedom Of the mind by the Removal of prejudice..ACCOLA, JAMES _______ Mondovi Sec. Education Major: Math Minor: Physics ALBERT, JEAN _________ Withee Major: Med Tech Sigma Chi Sigma 3, Treas. Who’s Who 4 Young Dems 1, 2, 3 ALBRECHT, JULIE .... Glcnwood, City Major: Eiem. Education Minor: Art Ed. LSA 1,2 SNEA 2, 3, 4 Masquers 2 Sigma Chi Sigma 2, 3, 4 Kappa Delta Pi 4 Young Dems 2,3,4 ALTON, RICHARD ........ Spring Valley Major: Music Education ANDERSON, GERALD ... St. Paul, Minn. Major: Elcm. Education Minor: Social Science ANDERSON, GLENN ........ Osseo See. Education Major: English Minor: Biology and Physical Education ANDERSON, TORRELL ...... St. Paul, Minn. Major: Elcm. Education Minor: Social Science ARMBRUSTER, ROBERT ......... River Falls Major: Biology Minor: Math, ChemistryARNDT, JAMES Wisconsin Rapids ATKINS, MARION ... ..West St. Paul Sec. Education Sec. Education Major: History Major: Broad Area Soc. Science Minor: English and Biology Pinochle Club 3, 4 SAC 4 Beta Beta Beta 4 Young Dems 3,4 BAILEY, WILLIAM ........ Spring BEESON. ROBERT......Hudson Valley Major: Economics Sec. Education Minor: Math and Physics Major: English and Speech Young Denis 2, 3, 4 NCTE 4 Student Voice 2,'3, (4) Editor BENSON, DAVID.......Clear Lake Major: Sociology Minor: Geography and Geology BENSON, ROBERT .......... Pepin Major: Sociology Minor: History and Psychology BERG, RONALD ........... Cushing Major: Physics and Math BIERBRAUER. PAUL .... Osceola Major: Elem. Education Minor: Economics Econ Club 2, 3 Sitzmarkers 4 Meletean 4 136-SENIORSBISHOP. CHARLES ......... Dallas Major: Ag. Education SAC 3 Young Republicans 2, 3, 4 Vets Club FFA 1,2,3,4 Toastmasters 4 BOSINSKE, BEVERLY .........-. Glcnwood City Sec. Education Major: Speech Minor: English Masquers 2 Newman Club 1.2. 3 Young Dem 1, 2, 3 Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4 Fathom Falcons 2 BRONSON, PETER.......La Crosse Sec. Education Major: Math Minor: Physical Education CAMPBELL, CAI.E....... St. Paul Park, Minn. Major: Elem. Education Minor: Psychology BLOCK, ROBERT........ St. Paul, Minn. Major: Elem. Education Minor: Physical Education BRAUN, RONALD ........... Loyal Sec. Education Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry’ and Math BURTON, EARL............ Knapp Major: Chemistry Minor: Math Student Senate 4 Class Pres. 4 Young Republicans 1, 2, 3, 4 Who’s Who 4 Chess Club 4 Chemistry Club 3,4 Liberal Arts Honor Society 3, 4 CASSELL, GEORGE.... Tomahawk Major: Elem. Ed. and PsychologyCHRISTENSEN, JAMES. .. Chctek Sec. Education Major: Broad Area Soc. Science Minor: Psychology Kappa Delta Pi.4 Who’s Who 4 CLAFLIN, JAMES...........Hastings, Minn. Major: Sociology Minor: Physical Education Sitzmarkcrs 4 C01.L0M0RE, SHARON............. Ellsworth Sec. Education Major: Broad Area Soc. Science Minor: Speech NOTE 3 SNEA 4 Sigma Chi Sigma 3,4 Who’s Who 4 Kappa Delta Pi 4 LSA 1, 2, 3,4 Pi Kappa Delta 3, 4 COOGAN, CHRISTOPHER........ Hayword Sec. Education Major: History Minor: Political Science CROSS, ROBERT.........Rice Lake Major: Economics and Geography Newman Club 2 Who’s Who 4 Liberal Arts Honor Society 3 Pinochle Club 2,3,4 Sitzroarkers 1,2,3,4 Stratton Hall Council 1,2,3,4 CROWNHART, CONNIE .......... Elmwood Major: Elem. Education Minor: Geography DAFT, KAREN ....... River Falls Major: Med. Tech. Young Republicans 1, 2,3 Wesley 1,2,3 DAHM, LESLIE ....... River Falls Major: Elem. Education Minor: Physical Education “R” Club 3,4 138—SENIORSDIMICK, DAVID Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry River Falls DIX, DEAN .... Wisconsin Rapids Major: Elem. Education Minor: Physical Education DON1ER. LaVERNE_______Arcadia Major: Ag. Education Minor: Biology DUEHOLM, WILLIAM ...... Luck Major: Ag. Education Minor: Biology ECCEBRATEN, HAROLD —.— Mpls., Minn. Major: Agriculture DOYLE, JOHN __________ Grccnlcaf Major: Elem. Education Minor: Physical Education ACE 2, 3,4 “R" Club 1,2,3,4 Student Voice 2 DVORAK, DIANNE ........ Hudson Major: Sociology and Psychology French Club 1, 2 Prologue 3, 4 WRA 1, 2, 3, 4 Psych Club 3 Sociology Club 4 Band 2, 3, 4 FSA 4 Class Vice Pres. 2 ENGLE, KATHLEEN River Falls Sec. Education Major: English Minor: Psychology NOTE 4 SENIORS—139ERICKSON, DONNA .... St. Paul Park, Minn. Major: Elcn . Education Minor: Library Science Kappa Delta Pi 4 ESSWEIN, WILLIAM ............... Bovcevillc Major: Physics Minor: Math FALKENBERC, THEODORE.......... FENTON, KEN _______________ Antigo Caddott Major: Music Education Major: Ag. Education Minor: Chemistry SAC 4 Toastmasters 2, 3, 4 Men’s Chorus 1,2, 3 Young Republicans 2 Gamma Delta I, 2,3, 4 FFA I, 2, 3, 4 FIERKE, GENE .......... Stetsonvillc FILKINS. JAMES .... River Falls Major: Agriculture Major: Chemistry and Math FINN; JANE _____________ Ellsworth FISHER. JAMES Antigo Major: Biology Major: Chemistry 140—SENIORSFISCHER, MICHAELStatford Major: Elcm. Education Minor: Math FLEMINC, GLEN T. .... Hastings, Minn. Major: Elcm. Education Minor: Library Science FOSTER, DOROTHY.... Hammond Elcm. Education Minor: Library Science ACE SNEA Newman Club Young Dents. FROST. REBECDA HEITING ..... Hudson Sec. Education Major: English Minor: Library Science Student Center Governing Board NCTE 3. 4 Who’s Who 4 Social Committee 4 Foundation Committee 4 FISK, EDWARD .... St. Croix Falls Major: Business Minor: Psychology Psych. Club 4 Econ. Club 2,3,4 Student Voice 2, 3 “R” Club 1,2 Young Republicans 1,2 FORTHUN, GERALD ....... Spring Valley Major: Psychology Minor: Sociology Vets Club I, 3,4 Newman Club I Pay. Club 4 Young Dents. 4 FREIER, CAROL ....... Ellsworth See. Education Major: English and German Sigma Chi Sigma 3, 4 Kappa Delta Pi 4 Cerman Club 1, 2, 3 Who’s Who 4 SNEA 3, 4 UCCF 1,2,3,4 Class See. 4 GAREY, TOBY .... St. Croix Falls Major: Elem. Education Minor; Physical Education SENIORS—MlGARLIE, NORMAN ....... Webster Major: Psychology Minor: Sociology Psych. Club 2, 3,4 Econ Club 3 GEORGE, BURTON ... Newport, Minn. Sec. Education Major: Math Minor: Chemistry GLYNN, DENNIS........... Frederic COFFIN, MARITA .............. Webster Sec. Education Major: Elem. Education Major: Chemistry Minor: Biology Minor: Physics GORRES, JOHN____________Somerset GRANT, LOWELL .... Deer Park Major: Physics and Math Major: Agriculture Physics Club 3, 4 Minor: Economics Agrifallians 1,2,3,4 GRASKE, CLAUDE.......North St. Paul, Minn. Major: Sociology and Political Science Newman Club 1,2 Sitzmarkcrs 2, 3,4 Meletean 4 Young Dems. 1,2,3,4 GREUB, LOUIS ........... Humbird Major: Ag. Education Minor: Chemistry Toastmasters 3, 4 Who’s Who 4 4-H 2, 3,4 FFA 2,3,4 Ag. Scholarship Governing Board 3,4 142—SENIORSGRIVNA, DENNIS ........ Claylon See. Education Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry’ HAAS, EUGENE_________Birchwood Major: Music Education HALVERSON, JEROME .... Luck Sec. Education Major: Speech and English NOTE 2,3,4 “R" Club 1, 2, 3,4 HANSON, MURIEL ........ Spring Valley Major: Music Education Band 1,2,3,4 Choir 2,3,4 Brass Ensemble 3, 4 MENC 1, 2,3,4 Sigma Chi Sigma 2,3 Kappa Delta Pi 4 Who’s Who 4 Concerts and Lectures Committee 4 GUNDERSON, ALICE ------ St. Paul Park, Minn. Major: Elem. Education Minor: Soc. Sci. HALLER, DENNIS_______Red Lake Falls, Minn. Major: Psych., Elem. Education Student Senate 4 Psych. Club 3 Toastmasters 2 Young Denis 2, 3 Vets Club 2, 3, 4 Who’s Who 4 HANSON, DONALD.......St. Paul, Minn. Major: Psychology and Sociology HASE, FREDERICK ..... Maiden Rock Sec. Education Major: Math Minor: Chemistry SENIORS—143HAUSCHILDT, GARY Ellsworth Major: Chemistry and Math Chcm Club 4 HAGENBARTH, OSWALD Rice Lake Sec. Education Major: Math Minor: Physics and Phy Ed Math Club 1,2, 3,4 Newman Club 1, 2,3.4 SNEA 1, 2.3,4 HENDRICKSON, WAYNE Spring Valley Major: Biophysics Student Senate 2,3,4 SAC 2,3,4 Who's Who 4 Personnel Com. 4 Physics Colloquium 4 Liberal Arts Honor Society 3,4 Class Pres. 2 Dorm Council 2,3, 4 Debate 1,2,4 Pi Kappa Delta 2, 3, 4 Concerts and Lectures Com. 4 Library Com. 4 HERMANSON, MELVIN .... New Richmond Major: Physics Minor: Math HEXUM, TERRY Cameron Major: Chemistry HILDE, ROGER St Paul, Minn. Major: Physics and Math HILLSKOTTER, WENDELL . .. Osceola Major: Ag. Education Minor: Biology HIRSCHINCER, JAMES _ Baraboo Major: Sociology Minor: Physical Education Pinochle Club 4 Sociology Club 4 Skin Diving Club 1, 2 PEM Club 4 144—SENIORSHOFSCHILD, HOWARD ........... Plymouth Major: Biology Minor: Pliy Ed and Math “R” Club 1,2, 3, 4 Dorm Council 1, 2, 3, 4 JAMES. CONSTANCE............. Philadelphia, Penn. Major: Psychology Minor: Guidance, History, Sociology, French French Club AWS Board Psych. Club Bridge Club JENSEN. ROCHELLE .... Wilson Major: Elem. Education Minor: Guidance and Psychology ACE 4 SNEA 4 WRA 4 Choir 1, 2,3, 4 Kappa Delta Pi 4 LSA 1, 2, 3, 4 JOHNSON, CHARLES Grantsburg Major: Ag. Education Minor: Industrial Arts HUNTER. LUCILLE.... River Falls Major: Elem. Education Minor: Social Science JAWORSKI, DONALD .... Pulaski Major: Ag Education Minor: Industrial Arts Toastmasters 2, 3, 4 Newman Club 1, 2,3,4 FFA 2,3,4 Young Denis 1, 2, 3, 4 Agrifallians 1 JENSEN. BONNIE .... Elk Mound Major: Elem. Education Minor: Physical Education JOHNSON, EDWARD........Amery Major: Elem. Education Minor: History SENIORS—145JOHNSON, LEONARD...........River Falls See. Education Major: Broad Area Soc. Science Minor: Industrial Arts Vets Club 4 Young Republicans 1,2,3 LSA 1, 2,3, 4 JOHNSON, WAYNE________________ Frederic Major: Elem. Education Minor: Physical Education JONES, LARRY ________ Red Wing, JULIUS, WYMAN .. . Mpls., Minn. Minn. Major: Psychology Major: Sociology Minor: Economics Minor: English KANABLE, JAMES ......... Tomah Major: Agriculture Minor: Industrial Arts “R" Club Newman Club 1,2,3,4 FFA 1,2,3,4 Ag. Scholarship Gov. Board 4 FFA Reporter 4 KAPUSTA, MARION........Antigo Major: Sociology Minor: Psychology Newman Club 1, 2, 3,4 Young Dans 2,3 Sociology Club 4 KEEFER, THOMAS ...... Gilman Sec. Education Major: Biology Minor: Physical Education KIRK, LINDA BERG Sec. Education Major: English Minor: Speech Barron 146—SENIORSKOTHLONV, THOMAS KLATT, MARLIN .... Clear Lake Sec. Education Major: Social Science Menomonie Major: Agriculture Minor: Economics Wesley Foundation 1, 2,3, 4 KOTTKE, RICHARD .... Hudson Major: Elcm. Education KOWALCZYK, ROBERT........... Gilman Sec. Education Major: Music Minor: Psychology KOWALSCHYK, WILBURT ........ Mosinee Major: Agriculture KRENGEL, ELAINE .... St. Cloud Major: Economics KUSS, WAYNE ________ River Falls LaBRASH, ROBERT ....... New Major: Economics Richmond Minor; Psychology Major: Math, Chemistry, and Econ Club 3,4 Physics Psych Club 3,4 Math Club 1 Cheni Club 1 Physics Colloquium 2LABRECK, CAROL KORBEL......... Berwyn, 111. Major: Biology Minor: Physical Education See. Education Syncho-patcrs 3 LEIBZEIT, ELDON .... Greenwood Major: Economics LONGTIN. ANITA KAY ______ St. Paul, Minn. Major: Elem. Education Minor: Physical Education SNEA 4 Psych. Club 3 Mclctcan 2 Young Denis 1, 2 Newman Club 1,2,3,4 LUKASIK, BARBARA ............. Milwaukee Major: Elem. Education Minor: English LAMBERT, ROGER --------------- Trempealeau Major: Ag. Education Minor: Industrial Arts Newman Club 1 FFA 1,2,3,4 FFA Reporter 4 LINDQUIST, JEAN . .. Hager City Sec. Education Major: History Minor: Physical Education LUKAS, JAMES ............. Thorp Major: Political Science and Sociology LUKOWICZ, MICHAEL ...Antigo Major: Broad Area Soc. Sci. Minor: Sociology Newman Club 3, 4 Sitzmarkers I, 2 Melctcan 3,4 (Photographer) Student Voice 2, 4 118—SENIORSMARTINSON. VICTOR .......... Somerset Major: Broad Area Soc. Science MAYER. DONALD........ Humbird Major: Ag. Education Minor: Biology Newman Club 1,2, 3,4 FFA 3. 4 MEENTS, EVALYN .... River Falls Major: Elem. Education Minor: Social Science MIKRUT, FRED .... Chicago. III. Major: Agriculture Minor: Chemistry MARTINSON, ROBERT .... River Falls Major: Elem. Education Prologue 4 MCDONALD, MARY .... St. Paul. Minn. Major: Elcni. Education Minor: Psychology Young Denis Homecoming Queen 1962 Bridge Club Dorm Council MEI.LGREN. MICHAEL ............ Milltown Major: Political Science Minor: Economics MILLIS, NORMAN Black River Falls Major: Physics Minor: Math SENIORS—149MONCHILOVICH, GEORGE________ Cumberland Major: Psychology Minor: Economics NAGGATZ, RONALD .... Clayton Major: Agriculture Minor: Industrial Arts FFA 1,2,3,4 SAC 2 Men’s Choir 1, 2,3 NELSON, PHYLISS .... Prescott Major: Elcm. Education Minor: Art NELSON, RODNEY ........ Amery Major: Sociology and Biology MROTEK, ARLYN........... Owen Major: Elem. Education Minor: Industrial Arts and Phy Education NELSON, LINDA __________ Ellsworth Sec. Education English Elcm. Education ACE 3 4 NCTE 2,3, 4 SNEA4 Who’s Who 4 Band 1,2, 3 Kappa Delta Pi 4 LSA 1, 2, 3,4 NELSON, RAYMOND________________ Barronett Major: Ag Education Minor: Biolog)’ NESS, DONALD............Spooner Sec. Education Major: Ag Education Minor: Math FFA 1,2,3,4 150-SENIORSNEWMAN, DARRELL .... Hudson Major: Political Science and Journalism Young Denis 2, 3 Student Voice 1, 2, 3, 4 Editor 3 NIELSON, ROBERT _______________ Birch wood Major: Elem. Education Minor: Physical Education NORQUIST, ROBERT ________ Hager OLSON. GORDON Baldwin City Major: Elem. Education Major: Economics Minor: Physical Education Minor: Political Science and Math OLSON, ORVIN ......_.. Grandview Sec. Education Major: Math Minor: Physical Education Minor: Physical Education and Social Science OLSON, SHIRLEY........... Luck Major: French Minor: Journalism Choir 3, 4 Student Voice 3,4, Editor 3 LSA3.4 ORMSON, ALLEN ................ Barron ORN, ELEANOR ........ Turtle Lake Major: Elem. Education Major: Elem. Education Minor: Physical Education and Social ScienceOSEN, JUDY ........ River Falls OVERLE1N, CALMER .... Elmwood Major: Elem. Education Major: Broad Area Soc. Sci. Minor: Psych, and Sociology Young Republicans 2 Kappa Delta Pi 4 Sigma Chi Sigma 4 Psych. Club 4 Orchcsis 2,3, 4 Who’s Who 4 Cheerleader 1, 2,3 PENMAN, BRUCE _________ Hudson PETERSON, JOHN -------- Hudson Major: Chemistry Major: Economics Minor: Math Minor: Sociology Econ Club Omicron Chi Epsilon 4 POULTER, ANN SJOLIN ......... Spring Valley Sec. Education Major: English Minor: Speech NCTA 3, 4 WRA 2, 3 Young Dems 3, 4 Forensics 3,4 PRUST, ROBERT .... No. St. Paul, Minn. See. Education Major: Economics POULSTER, JAMES .............. Cumberland Sec. Education Major: Broad Area Soc. Science Minor: Guidance SNEA 4 Young Republicans 3, 4 REINKEY, PATRICIA.... Elmwood Major: Elem. Education Minor; Guidance 152—SENIORSRICHARDSON, ROBERT ------------ Spring Valley Major: Political Science and Economics Student Senate 3,4 SAC 2, 3, 4 Young Republicans 1,2, 3,4 Newman Club 1,2,3,4 Who’s Who 4 Personnel Com. 3, 4 Econ Club 4 Pi Kappa Delta 2,3,4 United Council 3,4 Student Foundation Com. 1,2,3,4 Debate 1.2, 3,4 Stratton Hall Council 1,2,3,4 RIVARD, HAROLD ......... Somerset Major: Elem. Education Minor: Physical Education ROEHL, LOWELL ........... Loyal Major: Agriculture Minor: Math Toastmasters 4 Vets Club 1,2, 3 FFA 1, 2,3,4 Agric. Scholarship Gov. Board 3,4 ROTH. ROBERT .... Mips., Minn. Major: Economics Minor: Psychology Vets Club 2, 3,4 Psych. Club 1 Econ Club I, 2, 3, 4 RINGLEIN, PAUL Whitehall Major: Agriculture RODEWALD, JEROME ...... River Falls Major: Chemistry Minor: Physics and Math ROMSOS, Calvin______Cumberland Sec. Education Major: Ag Education Minor: Math FFA 4 LSA 1, 2,3,4 4-H 3, 4 RUESCH, MARJORIE __ Medford Major: Elem. Education Minor: Art Education Art Club 3, 4 ACE 4 Sigma Chi Sigma 4 Young Dems 3 Wesley 3Dallas SANFORD, JANE RUNKLE, JUDITH Sec. Education Major: Math Major: Elan. Education Minor: Social Science Minor: Speech Who’s Who 4 Kappa Delta Pi Class Officer 4 LSA 1,2,3,4 Pi Kappa Delta 4 SAXBY, RAYMOND ...... Wilton SCHAFFER, JOHN B... Clayton Major: Ag Education Secondary Education Minor: Industrial Art Major: Chemistry and Biology Young Republicans 2,3,4 Beta Beta Beta 4 SCHNIEDER. PHILLIP Mcnomonic SCHNIEDER, SHELDON .......... Mpls., Minn. Sec. Education Major: Broad Area Soc. Sci. Major: Psychology and Sociology Vets Club 4 Who’s Who 4 Psych Club 1. 2,3,4 Liberal Arts Honor Society 1 Sociology Club 4 SCHOLZE. GERALD .... Humbird Major: Ag Education Minor: Biology Toastmasters 3, 4 FFA 3, 4 Young Denis 1 SCHRODER, EUGENE Sec. Education Major: Chemistry Minor: Math Chem Club 3, 4 Wesley 1 Mcnomonic 154—SENIORSSCHUBERT, INES .. . River Falls Sec. Education Major: German Minor: History SEIPEL. GALEN......... Elmwood Major: Ag Education Minor: Industrial Arts Toastmasters 4 Gamma Delta 1,2,3 FFA 1,2,3,4 "R” Club 1,2, 3 SHEARER, MARJORIE Cumberland Sec. Education Major: Broad Area Soc. Science Minor: Physical Education SNEA 3, 4 WRA 1,2,3,4 Gamma Delta 1,2,3,4 PEM Club Orchesis SKII.LE, JANET _________ Downing Major: Med. Technology LSA 1,2,3 Young Denis 1, 2, 3 Beta Bela Beta 1,2,3 Liberal Arts Honor Society 1, 2, 3 SCHULTZ, ALENA . .. Boyccville Major: Elcm. Education Minor: Psychology ACE 4 Young Republicans 1, 2 Covenant Club 1,2 SEKNEY, GEORGE ........ Bryant Major: Agriculture Minor: Biology SIPPLE, ROGER — Menomonie Major: Ag Education Minor: Chemistry FFA 1, 2, 3,4 UCF 2,3,4 SOBOTTKE, BARBARA ............ Plum City Major: Sociology Minor: French French Club Sigma Chi Sigma Who’s Who 4 Liberal Arts Honor Society Young DenisSORENSEN. KENNETH ............. STANEK, JOSEPH ............. Cadott Dresser Major: Biology Major: Elan. Education Minor: Sociology Minor: Science Toastmasters 1. 2.3,4 ACE Young Republican 1, 2 LSA 3, | STRELOW, WARREN .... St. Paul, STOVE, GLENN ........... Humbird Minn. Major: Math and Physics Sec. Education Major: History Minor: Physical Education SUTTEN, LAURENCE........ River Falls Major: Economics and Psychology SWANSON. ROGER ........ Cushing Major: Agriculture and Chemistry Minor: Math Sitzmarkcrs 2,3, 4 Young Republicans 2,3 Agriffallians Society 1, 2 SZYMANSKI. GERALD Thorp THORESON, WILMA ........... River Major: Economics Falls Minor: Agriculture See. Education Newman Club il a or' EnglUh Pinochle Club Economics Club 156-SENIORSTHURSTON, PHILLIP C. ---------- Sparta Sec. Education Major: Broad Area Soc. Sci. Minor: Biology Toastmasters 3, 4, 5 SNEA 1, 2, 3, 4 Vets Club 5 College Countrymen 1 Mclctean 5, Sports Editor Wesley 5 Student Voice 3,4, 5 TOMHAVE, JACK .... Red Wing, Minn. Sec. Education Major: Math Minor: Physics and Chemistry Math Club 3, 4 Band 1 Young Denis 1, 2 TRUDELL, DONALD......Hudson Major: Art Minor: Music Mclctean 4 Art Editor Band 1.2,3,4 VANCAMP, JAMES.......Hawkins Major: Elem. Education Minor: Physical Education Newman Club PEM Club TICKNOR, JAMES ._... Edgerton Major: Elem. Education Minor: Physical Education TRAYNOR, MAUREEN .... Spring Valley Major: Elem. Education Minor: Sociology ACE SNEA Newman Club Sociology Club TUBBESSINC. ROBERT.......... St. Paul, Minn. See. Education Major: Art Education WALDB1LLIC, DON ...... Araery Major: Chemistry Minor: Math Chemistry Club SENIORS—157Birchwood WALSH. JAMES See. Education Major: Math Minor: History WATRUD, LEROY ..... Clayton Major: Chemistry and Biology Young Denis 3. 4 Chem Club 3.4 Beta Beta Beta 4 Pi Kappa Delta 4 WELLS. ROBERT ....... Beloit Major: Economics and Geography Pinochle Club 3, 4 Economics Club 4 WHITE, VIRGINIA ...... Maiden Rock See. Education Major: German Minor: Art Education WRIGHT, HELEN ....... Clayton Major: Elem. Education Minor: Phy. Ed. and Health ACE 4 SNEA 3. 4 WRA 2, 3, 4 Gamma Delta 4 PEM Club 3, 4 Orchesis 4 WRIGHT. PAUL ......... Hudson Major: Chemistry Pinochle Club Chem Club ZEINERT, DARWIN. .Wittenberg Major: Ag. Education Minor: Biology 158-SENIORSSENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President______ Vice President Secretary______ Treasurer ..... ... Earl Button Robert Cross (not Pic.) Carol Freier Judith Runkle SENIORS—159Seniors MONTBRIAND, DAVID Physics -Not Pictured- OLSON, MERLIN ... North St. Paul, Minn. Political Science RADOSEVICH. TRACY Ag Education RANDALL, WILLIAM ...... RASTIAN. JAMES — St. Paul. Minn. Math and Physics ScX'ontlury Education REISSNER, KAY BROWN. ALLEN - . Spring Valley Elementary Education Social Science RHIEL, MYRTLE BURTON, KEITH . Mcnomonie Elementary Education Agriculture ROBEY. GORDON River Falls CULVER. RICHARD .... Ellsworth Biology HUtory RORVICK FRANK DOONAN, DENNIW Hudson Economics Economics and Psychology ROY, JAMES .. .... .... River Falls EMERSON, DAVID .. St. Paul, Minn. Social Science Math RUNKLE, JUDITH .... ....... Dallas FINSES. THOMAS - — Cornell Math Biology SCHELBLE, ROSALIE GOPLIN, ARVID St. Paul, Minn. Elementary Education English SCHIEFLBEIN, ROBERT . HANSEN, WILLIAM .. Turtle Lake Agriculture Chemistry SMITH, CLYDE .. Ellsworth HUNTER, CAROLE Glenwood City Math Elementary Education TAYLOR, BARBARA ANN KIRCHNER. RAYMOND .... .... River Falls Elementary Education Economics TEHENNEPE, ROGER _ _ — - Baldwin KOEPNICK, DONALD Math TRAEGER, RUSSELL _. ... River Falls KORSMO, BARBARA English and French Clintonville Elementary Education VICK, ED ... Clear Lake LaDUKE RALPH Math Agriculture WASHKUHN, JOHN __ ... _ ... _ Shell Lake LARSON, HARLAN .. Math Chemistry and Math WEYENBERG, WELDON .. Ncenah LOCKE, RICHARD Agriculture WILLIAMSON, KENT - . Math .. St. Paul, Minn. MARTIN, RICHARD Minneapolis, Minn. Math Economics ZERAHN. DAVID Baldwin McDIARMID, RACHEL — Hudson Music 160-SENIORSFreedom in discussions Concerning goals of life .. Freedom to use life as a Laboratory—to learn through Seasoning... Freedom to probe Into those fields Which permit the Best expression Individuality JUNIORS—161Abscy, John________ Agnew, Jack _______ Albrightson, Janice Alton, Richard ____ Amirarjomand, Iraj Amundsen, Harvey Bartzcn, Frank____________________________Sheyboygan Bebie, Roger —.....-....—................... Bruce Becker, Martha_____________________St. Paul, Minn. Beeler, Barbara_____________________________Prescott Beine, Barbara .......... —---Charles City, Iowa Bergsrud, Barbarann_____________Spring Grove, Minn. Berkner, Stanley —------------- Better, Judith ________________ Binkowski, Leo----------------- Biss, Norbert__________________ Blaha, James 0. --------------- Bodsberg, Jacqueline Boettcher, LaVcme .. — Chippewa Falls Bohlool, Bchzad Bonner. Dan Bourdalhs, Ronald Bayport, Minn. ..____________________Madison Ruhr, Erie ... Clear Lake Burdick firant Burke, Charles . _. _ St. Paul, Minn. Burke, Gary ...... St. Paul. Minn. Burton, James _.... St. Paul Park. Minn. St. Paul Park, Minn. Carninc, Allen ... New Richmond Carrier, Charles Cederholm. Gerald . Bnypnrl Minn Luck .... River Falls Clark, James — Waterloo 162—JUNIORS Culver, Wally Cummings, Marlyn - Czech, John Dakin, George ... Dietrich, Nadine DiSalvo, Vincent •Drew, Gordon Drost, Suzanne Dueholnt, l.yn Nels .... Durand. Cy .... Edin, Emmett .... Edinger, Clive .... Ellingstad, Richard .... Engcbrelh. Kristin Engebretton, Donald . Esswein, Lane ... Everson, Dionias kehlen, Jerome .... Fellenz, David .... Feltes, Loren tx . Fendrick, Richard ... Finn, Kathleen Fisk. Douglas .... Fleming, Glen Flueger, Heidi Foss, Janet Frazer. David Fritz, Robert ... Froseth, John Gaard, Gary Gedatus, Nancy Wood villi- Germain, Richard ... Cigstad, Leif Gilbert, Lloyd .... Gomez, Lorraine Grivna. Donald ... Grogan, Linda Crover, Mavis Guest, Steve .... . River Falls Gust, Robert Gustafson. Pamela Hagen, Orwold Main, Walter .... Hall, Kathleen — Roberts Haller, Nancy Hansen, Bruce .. Hanson, Ardys Hanson, Bethinnc Hauschildt, Dean 1 all) Headley, Leon Gamboa, Canal Zone 163—JUMORSHempcl, Hendricks, Hendrikscn, Hcndrikson, Henneman, Hcsclton, Anita --- St. Paul. _____ Turtle — Spring V. Paul Pk., Hickox, Bill __ Hinzman, Ted ... Hirdler, Douglas Hoffman, Alan Holden. Sharon Holt, Gerald Jackson, Myron ----------- Jadinak, Nick_____________ Jarvinen. Bryan _________ Jensen, Richard ......... Jenson, Gerald___________ Jilek, Anthony ........... -----Luck ... Rice Lake .... St. Paul, Minn. -----River Falls ......... Hayward .......... Colfax — New Richmond ....—..... Barron ______________Amery ________ Chilton _______Clear Lake ....---- Boyceville ___ New Richmond .... Hager City 164—JUNIORSI.indquist, Sylvia Londo, Victor .... Madison, Bruce . Mahlstedt, Dixie Mann, Howard _____ Marck, Laura _____ .... Baldwin Sturgeon Bay — Banonett —— Roberts _ Hager City -----Cadott Mathisoh, Roger ------------------ W£.,,fnb"5 Mater. Betty _____________________ Richmond McKenna, Carolyn--------------- New Richmond McKenzie, Frederick ------ Paralso, Canal -one Meier. Robert ----------------------- Mcnomomc Meier. Vernon ---------------------— Prt cott Melee, Leroy ..._______ Meyer, Frederick ______ Michaelson, Erma ______ Miller. Christine _____ Miller, Nancy _______ Moneon, Carolyn_________ ....... Suring --------- Loyal St Croix Falls ... River Falls ..... Frederic .... River Falls Monson, Darrell ____ Morrison, Elaine ___ Moll, Marilyn ______ Mott, Rodney ...... Mountain, Donald ___ Mueller, Christopher River Falls . Ellsworth River Falls ... Frederic .. Ellsworth Marshfield Myrvold, Carol---------— Nalike. John --------- — Nelson, Eric----------—— Nelson. Se liner — Nichols. Patricia — Olsen, Lawrence-------— -----Hudson —— Merrill Sturgeon Bay Prairie Farm ----Wheeler ... Fairchild Olsen, Norman Fairchild Olson. Richard ....................... St Paul Olson, Dianne------------------------------Derenda Olson, Douglas .........- .....-......Dallas Olson, JoAnn --------------------------- Granteburg Olson, Judy -.... Mpls., Minn. Olson, Thomas .... Ormston, Clyde .. Ostrander, Dennis Oswald, Cary ______ Owens, Harlin .... Pariseau, Richard - Red Wing, Minn. ------Granteburg ----------Melrose ------Greenwood —...— Clam Falls — St. Paul, Minn. Parker, Arden ...... Peach, Renie _______ Peissig, Dennis ... Petersen, Howard .... Peterson, Carol .... Peterson, Carolyn _ -------- Eau Claire ---------------Luck —....... Dorchester ..... Lake Geneva ---- New Richmond ------ ... Ellsworth Peterson, Charles .... Peterson, Charles ________ Peterson, Donald _________ Peterson, Emery ______ Peterson. Richard_________ Pippcngcr, William ------- ........ Stillwater. Minn. ...— No. St Paul. Minn. ■■■ Red Wing. Minn. --------------------- Cadott ................. Ellsworth .................. Phillips Plumb. Richard............................ Edgerton Potocnik, Delmar ......................... Owen Poultcr, Charles--------------------------Cumberland Prescott, Charles.......................... Tornah Romsos, Dale---------------------------------Cameron Romios. Eugene - - Barronett 165—JUNIORS-----------------Hudson ................ Bloomer --------St. Croix Falls ------—....... Waukesha —.....—--------Hudson ------Stillwater, Minn. Sanford, Jane............ Schaefer, David__________ Scherer, Edna____________ Schieffer, Arlys_________ Schmalzbauer, Keith------ Schmanski, Joan ......... — Livonia, Mich. ....... Whitehall ------- Greenbay ------ Rice Lake - St. Paul,'Minn. Red Wing, Minn. Schmidt, Henry _ Schmiling, Bruce Schneider, Larry Schroeder, Marvin Schubert, Ines ____ Schultz, Albert ... Schuster, Fred.................................. Antigo Seipcl, Linda ..............................Plum City Setter, Paul---------------------------------------Clear Lake Shawbold, Dean ..................... White Bear, Minn. Sieboid, Wayne--------------------------------- Hammond Simon, Donald------------------------------Prairie Farm Spr ----- River Falls Stillwater, Minn. ---- Ladysmith ___ Mcnomonie Gleenwood City ...____ Hudson ...... Spooner Stcnbcrg, Warren .. Stockley, Donald ____ Stone, David_________ Stunkel, Marlycc — Sucnnen, Catherine Swanson, Sheridan _ ........... Blair ------Rhinelander _ Stillwater, Minn. ........... Cudahy ----------- Hudson White Bear, Minn. _________________________ Shell Tietz, Larry-------------------------------Clam Judith-------------------------New Mary_____________________________ Verlys------------------------Rivt Thoreson, Maren------------------------------Roberts Tjelta, Ruth_______________________________Ridgcland Tofte, Thora----------------------------Hager City Tuttle, Timothy -----------------------Eagle River Tyler, Thomas_________________________New Richmond Ueland, Marjorie----------------No. St. Paul, Minn. Urbanz, Frank — Vandcberg, Judith Vanous, Roger — Vasey, Susan------ Yider, Linda ---- Vobomik, Barbara __________Willard 166—JUNIORSVollerl. Gail ... Walker, Kac Wall, Larry ... Wears, Karen .. Wciscr. Michael Wells, A hr on______ Star Prairie River Falls ... Ellsworth Amery Frederic Hazlchurst Whang, Kyu .......... White, Donald ....... Wickholdt, DeAn______ Williams, Charles ... Williams, Leo _______ Williams, Stephen ___ .... Seoul. Korea ...... Spooner — Turtle Lake Osseo New Richmond • Eau Claire Williamson, Felix____ Wilson, Warren ... Wink, Edward ________ Winzer, Ruth Wiskerchen, Michael Wolfe, Loren ......... Si. Louis, Mo. --------—----Frederic - - Clem wood City Roberts — .— Maiden Rock ......... Cochrane Wollmerine, Thomas Ziemer, Joan____ Zuke, Richard .. Hampton, Minn. .... River Falla ----- Riverside, III. Junior Class Officers Ptc5Fre«0,Con«" Sc0,C 'M'.«cr 167—JUNIORSSophomores Ascent to “freedom' Ability to ask the "Big Questions” What is life?—Why?—Who? . Freedom to develop initiative Expand one's background, and Learn to rely less on Supervision...Aancstad, Harriet ... Abel, Orland C. Afdahl, John Allmon, Robert South St. Paul, Minn. Aminn, Hashem River Falls Andersen, Sharon .... Anderson, Alice .... Anderson, Andrew ... Anderson, Mark .. Anderson, Robert ... Anderson, Sandra .... Anderson, Sandra Anderson, Tcrance Anderson, Virgil Andrews. Ruth Anibas, Robert Ankley, Harvey Arnold, Mary Auger, Marjorie Baer, Susan .. Baker, Joseph Baker, Stephanie Balke, David ... Bari beau, Ceorce Rie I al-e Barnhart, William .... Barren, Daniel Bartels, David .... Riee I .-lire Bartels. Susan Riu.r F«ii. Battcrson, Donald Beaudry, James Beestman, Clifford Clear Lake Behling, Keith — Menomonie Bekkum, Victor Westbv Beilin, Lyle ..... Berenchik, Richard Berg, Sharon Bergene, John Bcrglund, James Berkner, Thomas Chctek .... Osceola Bergquist, Nancy Best, Douglas .... ... Woodvillo Bieck, Michael Bixby, Kathleen Bjerstedt, Shirley Blazkowski. Phillip ... ... Woodruff Bohlool, Behrouz Bostrom, Dennis Brandenstein, Daniel Brindley, Gregory Brooke, Dennis _. ... Brown, Frank Brown. Jerome I tiwion Bryngclson, Carlyn Barron 169—SOPHOMORESBuettner, Marvellc .. New Richmond Bunch, David — — Diamond Bluff Burich, Wayne ... Burke, Arlcn ....— — — Chippewa Falls ... Prescott Cafludi, TkoroM Culiancs, Carol Cullies. Betty — Stillwater, Minn. Carey, Michael River Falls Carlson, Burton Catt, Duane — ... Chetek ■ River Falls Caturia, Ccgiclski, John ___ Chelmo, Joan ______ Cheney, David ..... Chisholm, Sara .... Christensen, Judith - —......... Arkansaw ------------West Allis -------------- Webster ... Lake Elmo, Minn. -----------River Fails — ■ Prescott Christman, Philip Clifton, Judson Cliver, John .... Cloason, Cloutier, Yv Cook, Mary Tony New — Hager City Corbin. ---- Spooner ... Rhinelander — — New Richmond - Bayport, Minn. Cummings, Gordon .. ■■■ Ellsworth Czckalski, Mary Dado, Kenneth — Weyerhauser Rnuw Danke, Clifford Read field .. Cumberland ........ Owens ----- Birch wood ----- Mequon Glen wood City ... New London Dial. Jeffrey .....- Dirtzler. Margaret ...... Oilier. Victor Dingmann, William Dorgan. Phyllis----------• Douglas, Connettc ....... Spring Valley St. Paul. St. Paul, Minn. Dow. Lois .. Dressier, Eugene Glenwood City ......... Cadott ----- Gleason Rice Lake -----Sarona ... Ellsworth Dummann. Thomas .... .... While Bear, Minn. Duuynski, Donald We? HI- u. Joseph - - ■ Ekstrom, Kermit .... St. Paul, Minn. River Falls Ellefson, Ann Spring Valley Ellclson, Vernon .... Spring Valley 170—SOPHOMORESElliolt, Roger .... Elliion, Lee Ann Endres. Joseph Cannon Falls. Minn. Hampton. Minn. tnares, Kobert .. Engstrom, Judith —— Hampton. Minn. Ermisch. Eugene Rice Lake Evans. John St. Paul. Minn. Frankhauser. Barry Fcalherslonc, Joy .... Red Wing. Minn. Fink, Patricia Forehand. Waylnnd .... Forrest, David .... rWf« Fossum, Richard .... Hire lake Fradelte. Virgil Seneca Froclich, Donald Chippewa Falls Frazier, Joan — Hudson — — Amery Rice Take Fuller. Patricia Gallon. Daniel .... Gander, Charles — Hudson Ganske. Edward Carey, Michael .... Gierok, Peter . Giese, Diane St. Croix Fall Gieseker, Roy - Plum City Gilbert, Robert Gill, William ... — Cumberland Cilstad. David Glovka, George Coetzelman, William — Lake Tomahawk Goff, Thomas Hillsdale Graham. Morgan Elein. III. Gray, Cherry Gray, Karen .... River Falls Green, Eugene - River Fail Creenquist, Ronald __________________ Si. Croix Fall Grcenwold, Larry------ Cregorich. Robert ... Grethen, Rita Turtle Lake Grosbeck. Marlene _.. . . Crasser. Vance Gustafson. Arlene JSs, l t Stanley Hansen. David Milltown — St Paul, Minn. 171—SOPHOMORESHartwi . M«rv Haug, Jerry Haupe, Ccrald Si Paul Uha Hawthorne, Terry Hayden, Jay Haynes, Stephen Waukesha Holman, Kenneth ... Henderson. David .... Hendrikson, Roland .. — Colfax Hepp, Ronald Hersdeb, Dian Hesselink, Gerald ... Hindes, Charles Hoard, Curtis Hoefer, Lon Shell Lake Hoffman, Harold Holt, William Horvath, Stephen . Luck Howard, Spencer Jacobs, John — Jandrt, Robert Exelund Janota, Arthur Chetek Jarvinen, Wayne .. Jasicki, Garith Jenkins, Kathleen ... Jensen, Dave Jenson, Duane Johnson, Diane Ellsworth Johnson, DcWayne Johnson, Gary Johnson. Harold Johnson, Laurence Johnson, Lorens Johnson, Margaret Johnson, Steven Johnson, William Jurgens, Ana River Falls Kaiser, Dennis - Hudson Kapun, Christiane . Brooklyn. N. Y. Kilbride, Kathleen Kicskc, Fred Stillwater, Minn. 172—SOPHOMORES Turtle Lake Klapperich, Lloyd Plymouth Kolstad, John — Comstock Kuehl, Robert Kuhn, James Kuhtz, Charles Clear Lake ... St. Paul Spring Valley Lark, Larry Larson, Dale . .... Ogema River Falls LaVenturc, Regina .. New Richmond Lee, Larry Randolph, Minn. LcMay, Peter Lcnsclink, Rita .. Clear Lake Leonard. James Lieffring, Joseph River Falls Red Wing, Minn. Linse, William Mondovi Loebcr, Mary .... Stillwater Long, Joseph — — Fort Wayne, Ind. Longsdorf, Richard . Turtle Lake Love, David Edgerton Lucas, Barbara Cadott Milwaukee Elmwood Spring Valley Clcnvillc, Minn. River Falls Ellsworth ... River Falls Stillwater, Minn. New Richmond .. Hudson St. Paul St. Croix Falls McLaughton, Glenn . Meath, Jerome Durand White Bear Lk., Minn. 173—SOPHOMORESMeath, Myron Mcidlingcr, Kenneth — New Richmond St. Paul Melstrom, Gary _ Ellsworth Metcalf, Eugene River Falls ... Berlin Miller, Jean Chetek . .. Wilhee Mitchell, Winifred St. Paul, Minn. Momchilovich, Gloria Cumberland Monson, Donald Monson, Edward . River Falls Motz, George Munson, Arthur .. . Murphy, William ... Bcldcnville Neilzel, Roger Nelson, Beverly River Falls Chetek River Falls Neste, Donald Spooner Newcomb, Gerald Webster Norderhaug, Judith .... River Falls Ellsworth Hager City ... Rock Falls San Marten, Cal. ...... Turtle Lake Wise. Rapids . Detroit, Mich. .._ ... .. — Spring Valley Olson, David Luck Olson, Herbert Loyal Olson, Mickey Knapp Olson, Richard Dresser Olson, Roy Ellsworth Amery Organ, Joyce O’Sullivan, Basil Rice Lake Rice Lake Otto, John Minneapolis, Minn. 174—SOPHOMORESOverby, Earle .... Owens, Fredric .... Pagel, John ...... Painter, John ... Parnell. Mary Ann Par low, Thomas .. ... Taylor . Hammond Creen Ray River Falls .... Somerset River Falls Parsons, Roger-Paulsen, Janice Paulson, Leslie Pechacek, Doris Pechacck, John Pedersen. Karen .... Plum City ------Frederic ... River Falls Hastings, Minn. ... River Falls ... River Falls Pence, Rochelle ... Pennington, Bruce Petersen. Cary ... Peterson. Carol .... Peterson. Marjorie . Peterson, Martin .... .... Spring Valley ------River Fall ------...____Luck — New Richmond -----------Hudson — . Comstock Peterson. Marvin Peterson. Richard .... Phillips, Earl Pichl, Arthur .... Pierce. Todd ... Pitzer, Leah ... Pol fus. Barbara Potter, Howard Powers, Wilburn .... Preston, Robert Weverhauser Pritchard. Robert .... Prochnow, Larry ... Purvis. Ronald Kn.inn Raasch, Doris Rabas, David Ramsey, Cheryl —— — Hudson Ramsey. Keith ----------------------------- Melrose Rasmussen, Barbara ........................... Luck Reeck, Dorothy —..........................1. Prescott Rectz, Joanne --------------------------- Boyccville Reis, Daniel ----------------------------River Falls Reiton. Ted .......___....................... Hudson Reynolds, Michael ..... Ricci. Richard -------- Richardson, Jerilyn --- Rieek. Holland ........ Rick. Mary ... Ries, Joseph .. .... Stillwater. Minn. ___ St. Paul. Minn. _________River Fall ___________Bay City .......... Boyccville — Hastings. Minn. Ringger, Dean . Rizzo, Reno ____ Roberts. Walter Rodli, Jan .... Rogers, Eileen Rolstad, Jerome -------River Falls .... La Fayette, Ind. ............. Amery ------------Baldwin ...— — Centuria Minneapolis, Minn. Romsos. Arden __ Rosenau, Gerald ____ Rossing, Ralphe .... Rothauscn, Margaret Rubin, John _____ Ruder, Lynda_________ -------------.Cameron ........... Milwaukee ...__ Hastings. Minn. ............. Hudson _________Rice Lake _ So. St. Paul, Minn. 175—SOPHOMORESRucdy, Donald __________ Runkle, Allan----------- Running, David --------- Sandbourgh, Raymond ... Sandvig, Timothy ------- Sargent, Jcrold ........ ____________ Ncillsville ------------------Dallas __________________Wcstbv .... La Crescenta, Cal. .............. Woodville ---- Minneapolis, Minn. Sartori, David-------- Scharr, Joan---------- Schaffer, Kathleen _ Schiefelbem, Donna Schilling, Nathan ____ Schley, Gregory------- -----Fond du Lac ___ Hastings, Minn. _______ Turtle Lake —......... Somerset __ La Fayette, Ind. -------------Gilman Schmid, Paul ----------------------------- Chilton Schmidt, Theodore____________________New Richmond Schmidt, Wayne --------------------------- Shawano Schmit, Rose________________________St. Croix Falls Schmitz, James------------------------------Spooner Schnur, Louise______________________ Balscm Lake Schultz, David-------------- Schultz, Molly______________ Schuniaker. Carolyn--------- Schwartztrauber, Jewell .... Scott, Evangeline___________ Seethaler, Sharon----------- ------Curtiss ------ Roberts ____Ellsworth ____ Ellsworth -----------Hudson ... St. Paul, Minn. Segcrstrom, Thomas Seki, Mae Lahaina . Selbrcde, Keith------ Scmpf, Tom --------- Sheldon, Glenda ____ Sheppard, Richard _ _____________Hudson ______Maui, Hawaii ___________ Hudson -----Glenwood City . Lawrenceburg, Ind. _____________Sparta Skoug, Oscar Skoug, Paul ... Skroch, Albert Slattery, Terry _ Smiley, Carmen Smith, Gene — ____________Chetck ____________Chetek ___________Arcadia ... New Richmond _____________Amery ________Clear Lake Smith, Glenn--------------------------------Spooner Smith, Garry--------------------------------Downing Smith, Paul_______________________Williamsburg, Pa. Smyth, Lynn-------------------------------Watertown Sokolowski, Leonard_________________________Hawkins Sommers, Kenneth ---------------- Stillwater, Minn. Stebell, David------------------------------------Cameron Stafford, David--------------------------Grinnell, Iowa Staiger, Jerome---------------------------------Ellsworth Starkey, Richard-------------------------------------Rice Lake Starr, Judith--------------------------------------Hudson Stefonek, Karen---------------_________ New Richmond Stein, Clair ----------------------------------- Spring Valley Steiner, Robert-----------------------------------Hudson Stelzel, Bonnie_______________________Farmington, Minn. Stocbcrl, Arthur--------------------------------- Almcna Stolzman, James --------------------------- River Falls Stordahl, Gerald_________________________________Cornell Strop, Phillip--------------------------------Tony Strop, Thomas____________________________Ladysmith Sturm, Jerry______________________Wisconsin Rapids Sumner, Douglas ----------------------- River Falls Sumner, Mrs. Mae ------________---------River Falls Susa, Leon-----------------------------Independence 176—SOPHOMORESSwanson, Jamie _____ Swanson, Sharon Sweeney, Mclodie Sweeney, Sidonia Swenson, Stuart . Swerkstrom, Mary — . . — Cushing — Somerset — Cornell Edgerton - A mery Luck Szczech, Gloria .. .. Tanner, James Taylor, Jacqueline .... Thieme, Robert __ Thomason, Paula Thompson, Arden — Stanley _____ St. Croix Falls Wht. Bear, Minn, N. St. Paul, Minn. ——■ i- Cumberland River Falls Thompson, Caren Thompson, Don .... Thompson, Orvald ... Thompson, Rodney Thompson, Robert . Truog, Henry _____ — Cameron — Clcnwood Whitehall — Spring Valley Independence Tripp, James Turchencske, John ... Valenta, Joseph _______ Valleen, Gerald Valley, Allen Vandyke, Gregory — —— Sparta River Falls -■ Suring Lindst rom St. Paul, Minn. Durand VanHorn, Rodney _____ Vaughn, Michael Vento, Bruce Vest, Thomas Vezina, Donald Vichorea, John ... New Auburn St. Paul, Minn. St Paul, Minn. St. Paul, Minn. —.— St. Croix Falls — Somerset Voigt, Beverly Voght, Vernon Volz, Allan Walker, Robert Wall, Richard Watrud, William —-— — Barron . Ellsworth New London Clinton .... Clayton Wax on, Barbara - Webb, Allen Webb, Jon Weberg, Lyndon Webster, Clark Weinke, Lynn ______ Hudson Spring Valley Elmwood Ellsworth Wht. Bear, Minn. Eau Claire Welch, William Welke, Ronald Welty, Frederick Wemer, Daniel _______ White, Marlin Williams, Norman Prescott Eau Claire — Crivitz — Mcnomonie — - Frederic St Paul, Minn. Wilmot, Hampton ....— Windolff, Artur Winjum, Jo Ann Winzer, Karen Wisncr, Hugh Witte, Janet River Falls Hudson River Falls Roberts Cumberland .... Frederic Wittenberg, Ronald Woo, Irene Wood beck. Dare Woodruff, Eleanor Woolson, Floyd Yee, Sam Jr. .... Si, Paul ——. Hong Kong St. Paul. Minn. Hudson — — St. Croix Falls Elgin, 111. 177—SOPHOMORESZakcl, Gary St. Paul. Minn. Zappa, Joyce — —... Cumberland Zaspcl, Janet------------------------New Richmond Zeller, James ----------------... Round Lake, Dl. Zepplin, Mary _________________________ Barweveld Zoelle, David -------------------------- Farmington Sophomore Class Officers President, Jim Stoizman Vice President, Joe Long Secretary, Sid Sweeney Treasurer, Dave Balke (not pictured) 178—SOPHOMORESFRESHMEN—179Aaker, Judith .. Ackerson, I.arry Alfonso, Joseph Amodt, James . Anderson, Mary Anderson, Carol ____ Red Wing, Minn. ______________Comstock ____ No. St. Paul, Minn. ______________ Bloomer ------------- Madison .......... Clear Lake Anderson, Gary__________________________Abbotsford Anderson, Judith ....................... Hager City Andren, Vernon Anfinson. Barbara Baldwin Clear Lake Hager City ... River Falls Arndt, William Ontario Ft. Worth. Texas Buhr, Gordon Bakkcr, Charles — Stillwater, Minn. Barry, Dennis Hales Corners Bartlett, James Edina. Minn. .... Marshfield Whitehall Bcaslrom, Gary Ellsworth Becker, Bonnie Hinsdale ... Cameron Belfiori, Philip River Falls .. Luck Bents, Idclla . ... Comstock Beran, Robert Cumberland Berg, Andrew St. Paul, Minn. ... St. Paul, Minn. Betler, Lincoln Berlin Birkel, Sally ... .. ... ..... Ellsworth . ... St. Paul, Minn. St. Paul. Minn. Blakcsley, Mary _ Elkhom Blcgen, Dean ----------------------- Spring Valley Bloom, James _________________________________Eau Claire Blumc, Michael --------------------------- Neenah Bock, Jerry ------------------------------ Elmwood Bohlycn, Cary ........................... Prescott 180—FRESHMEN f ©jf p§ W nfiiiKk ® S I I ■it I. k 11 ittfEft k n ■ Milt o, JC« f fljf i © iHMt| f § £ t B Bonneville. Judy Bollolfson, Kalhy .... Bower . Merridv .... Boyer. David ........ Cameron Brager, Alice Brakrr, William ... Brandstatter. Michael Braun. Clayton .... Braun, Cary Brennan. Marilyn .... Breuer, Robert Brickner, Jim . Brooks, George ... —— —. Sparta Brown, Robert ... — Hudson Brown, Rodney .... Bruce, John .... Brylin, Loren Buhr, Eric Bula, Victor- _ Burger, Robert Stillwater. Minn. Burleigh, George .... Branham. Jeffrey Amery Butler, Larry .... Byrkit, William — .. Byrne . Cerald Cabanowski. Kathy Cabanski, Walter Cadwoll, Betty Caflisch, Judith Callies, Michael CallicK, Randall Card.II. Shirley ... ... Ellsworth Carlson, Cheryl Lake Crystal Shell lain. Carlton, Warren Snnnner Cory. William Ccrnohoiis, Stan Present I Chapin, Noel Chaput. Collette Chatterton, Mary ... Cherry, Donald Chicilo, Thomas Christensen. Marlene .... Christenson, Barton ... Christenson, Kathleen ... Ellsworth Christophcrson, Douglas .... Ellsworth Chubb, Robert ... Cina. Steve . Clark, Linda Cullman, Jeanette . Conxemius, Ann Cook, Cary .... rnthv Wilton Corbin, Roger .... Cordes, Marilyn .... Cox, Josephine . - Edgerton 181—FRESHMENmttuft mm. Coyle, Robert Lapel, Ind. Cudd, Theresa Derikartz, Rolf Lengerich Dctlcfscn, Richard - Hudson West Chicago, III. Dillenbeck, Roger Greenwood Dinger, Balinc Hudson Dregcr, Raymond . Colfax Dunn, Michael Ellsworth Spring Valley . St. Paul, Minn. ... Rome, N. Y. Engcrbrctson, James .... Woodville River Falls Erickson, Richard ... Ossco Townsend ... Wcstbore . ... St. Paul, Minn. . Circle Pines Exclesior ... Ellsworth Arcadia Fick, Edward . Hawkins Ellsworth .... .. Melrose White Bear Lake, Minn. Flynn, Frank _.. Eau Claire Almcna Fredrick, Allan Helenville Froscth, Beverly Elk Mound Wt. Bear, Minn. .... .. .. Spooner Spring Valley Genrich, Donald Birnanwood 182—FRESHMENCeracts, Robert .... Gerlach, Louise .... Marshfield Gicse, Carl Giese, David ... Gilbert. Don Gilles. Car Glaus. Gerald Goodell, Colleen Coodlad, Lorraine .... Corka, Ccorge ... GHindi. Dianne .... Grant, Keith Deer Park Grass, Paul Greener. Larry Greener. Sandra .... Grenquist. Diane .. . Griffey, Janet Griglak. William Grzybowski. Anthony Guisor. Sharon Gullickson, Kathleen Gunderson. Leonard .. Wood villi; Gunderson, Roxann .. Gvgax, Leroy Haas, Arthur .... Haas, Ruth Haasnoot, Klaartje Haen. Raymond ... Hagen. Richard Hageness, Darrell Eleva Hager, Ronald Alma Hague, Laurel Halko, Michael Halverson. Jerome ... . Halverson. Karen Hamman, Murlys .. Hammer, Howard .... Hanna, Hetty ... Hanson. Kenneth Hanson, Marilyn Hanson, Sandra Harper, Ronald ..... Harris, Mark .... St. Paul. Minn. Haunschild, Dale .. Hudson Greenwood Haworth, James--------------------------Glenwood City Heckel, Harhara ........................ Prescott Hcimslcad, Ted --------------------------- Neilsville I (citing, Ann............................... Hudson Henderson. Michael........................... Colfax Hendrickson. Ronald ------------------------Greenwood 183-FRESHMENHerbert, Franklin — Chippewa Falls Alma LaCrosse Baldwin Hales Corners Hjclle, Gloria Hochstelter, James . Amery Luck Hogan, John Paraiso, Canal Zone Holmquist, Barbara — — New Richmond Hoover, Ilona River Falls Boycevi lie Edgcrton .... Falls Church. Va. River Falls Howard, Paul Spring Valley Loyal Hughes, James Berlin Hunt, Rollin Balsam Lake Ingalls, Betty West St. Paul, Minn. ... Cadott Conrath . St. Paul, Minn. Jahnicc, Paul ... River Falls Jensen, Ronald River Falls St. Paul, Minn. Hudson Amery . Blair Johnson, Dianne — Roberts Johnson, Donald Boyceville Red Wing, Minn. Ellsworth River Falls Spooner River Falls ... Shell Lake — .. Greenwood Johnson, Reynold - Clear Lake Johnson, Ronald St. Paul Johnson, Val______________________________Grantsburg Johnston, David ...................... River Falls Johnston, Roxanne________________________River Falls Justroann, Robert-----------------------------Juneau Kahabka, Barbara---------------------------Stockholm Kahl, Gary___________________________________ Amery 184—-FRESHMENKaiser, Carol!______________________Lake Elmo, Minn. Kallas, James ---------------------------- Green Lake Kane, Kenneth................................ Maribel Karl"'Darrel f -------------------------------- Lewis Kasel, Karen--------------------------Hastings, Minn. ---------Tokyo, Japan -----------River Falls Don----------------------- River Falls -----—................—— Durand Larry----------------------------Butternut Keto, Dennis......................... Emerald St. Paul, Mil ____ River Fa St. Paul, Mil ____River Fa Kjcr, Kenneth _ Klecker, Joanne Kleve, Lawrence________...______ Klink, Rowland ... Knapmiller, Jerry Knocpker, Loretta ...... Menomonie ------Milwaukee ...— Three Lakes -----------Hudson —.. Junction City ---- Independence Kusilck, Judith ----- Laakso, John -------- Laatsch, Ruth-------- La Barrc, Donald ... Laffe, Daniel-------- Laib, Donald--------- ___ River Falls ___River Falls _______________________Unity ------....—...—----Ccnturia ---------------Spring Valley -------------------Ellsworth ---------------------Roberts --------------St Croix Falls Kenneth_________________________________Durand Harlan___________________Farmington, Minn. Linda--------------------------Egg Harbor Lcnbom, Larry .......................... Chctek Lewis, Marilyn------------------------------Hayward Lillcstrand, Perry ---------- --------- Marinette 185—FRESHMENLinaberry, Robert Lind, Henry------- Lindbcrg, Fred ... Losness, Jane — Lover, Mary------- Loverude, Leslie I.umphrcy, Margcc__________ Lumphrey, 0. James--------- Lykselt, Bernard___________ MacGregor, Bob------------- MacKenzie, Ruth ----------- Madison, Daniel ........... Maicr, Maier, Maier, Maicr, Maiwur Mallin, Lee ____________ New Richmond __________________Somerset ................ Pepin _________________Mcnomonic ----—---------—..— Pepin John — Edward Harriet Ronald ----- Dell--------- Donald ...... ___I__________.. Crando'n "faHs ...... Niagara Falls, Ontario McCaffery, Ralph ------------------------- Dousman McClellan, Elizabeth ----------- Wht. Bear, Minn. McCormack, Lawrence _____________________ Bay City McKenzie, Gene _________________ St. Croix Falls McKinley, Myrna ........................ Siren McLaughling, James....................... Roberts Mcacham, Sharon Meier, Wilma ...... Mel by, Joann _____ Mckhert, Janet .... Melin, Wayne ....... Mclslrom, Charles Mevisscn, Miclke, Mikla, James ------ Mittclstead, Jerome Moe, Michael ........ ___________Ccnturia ________ Deer Park .... Glcnwood City ____St. Croix Falls .......... Hammond _________ Somerset Moen, Jean ______..... Moin, Bruce ---------- Moline, Harold ----... Monchilovich, Dushan Monio, Tom ........... Monleilh. Kathy ...... .......... Hudson ...... Rice Lake ........ Frederic .... Cumberland Stillwater, Minn. .. New Richmond 186—FRESHMENMorrison, John------------------------St. Paul, Minn. Morrow, Patrick------------------------Hastings, Minn. Most, Thomas ----------------------------------Prescott Mullen, Scott Munson, Joseph Murphy, Ann Mondovi Ellsworth Murphy, Mike Murphy, William Muschik, Gary - Myrvold, Robert Nechville, Walter Nelson, Dennis Luck River Falls . .. Clayton Hudson Roberts Roberts Nelson, Dennis Nelson, Jane Nelson, John Nelson, Lloyd Nelson, Lewis Nelson, Lyndon River Falls Star Prairie Clam Falls Cumberland Holman _ Downing Nelson, Mark Ncstcr, Daniel Neuter, Linda Nielsen, Gary Nielson, Rita Noard, Gerald . .. . Grantsburg .... _ Cumberland St. Paul. Minn. Ellsworth Wcyerhauser Nordcrhaugh, Donald Noreen, Pamela Oakland, James Obradovich, Michael Odalcn, Terry O'Donnell, Claude — Ellsworth No. St. Paul, Minn. Prairie Farm Eagle River Bcldenville Hudson O'Flanagan, Cheryl .... Olin, Catherine Olsen, Carver Olson, Jean — Olson, Karen Olson, Steven .... .... Prairie Farm — Centuria River Falls Luck Maiden Rock . Hudson Olson, Thomas O'Meara, Kathleen Opitz, Lyndly Orf, David Organ, Allan 0 mi son, Duane Turtle Lake Knapp St. Paul, Minn. Ellsworth Barron Osen, Richard Osley, Kathy Oswald, Geraldine One, Judith Ourada, Kenny Ouimette, George ___ River Falls Melrose . Wauzeka Randolph, Minn. Antigo Eau Claire Overbeck, Charles — Overholt, Laura Owen, Wealthy Pacyga, Francis Park, John Parlow, Gene Sturgeon Bay Spring Valley Clam Falls Rice Lake Centuria ... Black River Falls Pasanen, Larry Pastor, Fredrick Paulson, Betty Paulsen, Harlo Paulson, William Paulson. Thomas Exeland New Aubom Frederic ... Red Granite St. Paul, Minn. 187—FRESHMENun —_ . . Rush City, Minn. lillip-------------------- New Richmond Michael-------------------------- Spooner Bruce ----------------------- River Falla Carol — ________________________ Shawmo Cary-------------------------Star Prairie —...-..... Hawkina ------------------------Wilhee .... Cary, Illinois -----------Inver Grove, Minn. Buchanan, Michigan - . Pewaukce Rapids Minn. Minn. Minn. River Falla ... Manawa Rudell, Geoffrey . ... Frederic Rudi, Mariya _________________________________ Dallas Salmassi. Faramorz..................... Tehran, Iran Sanderson. Arthur---------------------------Ladysmith Sandquist, Karen ............................ Aniwa Sayre, Roger-----------------------------------Hudson 188—FRESHMENHip i Ul At £ IS mi i it H if® •Ui m Ml mi .fil m Ml 4 mi all 21 lii ,li Sazania, William ... Schilling, Ida ....... Schilling, Wayne ... Schlosscr. Richard . Schlough. Lowell Schlough, Richard . ............. Colby ----Newport. Minn. —————-------- Durand ........ Bovcevillo ---------- Menomonie ---------- — Amery ------------Spooner ....-..... Glenwood • So. St. Paul. Minn. .............. Hudson —-----—-...... Bangor Schroedor, Jerry ... Schulte, Eugene .... Secrisl. Ray ________ Seering, Kenneth ... Seibel, Ralph ....... Seirstad, Donald ... Senechal, Sandy Hudson Setter, Ocrald ... Sharp, Sally .... Dresser . River Falls Sherwood, James St. PauL Minn, Shcwczwk. Richard . Stoetzel, Bill Simmons, Frederick .. Simmons, Kay Simons, Ann , Rush City, Minn. Sinitski, John Skrutvold, Beth Snoeycnhos, Lester ... Ram Solberg. Ronald ... Ettrick Somcnille. Robert ... Hayward Sorenson, Myron .... St. Paul, Minn. Space. Allen Speich, Ruth Ladvsmiili Stadler, Gerald s Steele, Cary II 4 ft Steen, Janet Stccvens. Barry ... Steffen, Donald Ridgclad S C_,!°"rVl|j Stellrccht, Paul Stohl, Ronald Stokes, Hyland - Sooner Hudson Stowcr, Harvey Streed, Marilyn ... Frederic Streeter, Kenneth Stytz, Lois Bloomington, Minn. Ncilsville Suendsen, Barbara ... Swanson, Karen Osceola Gerald ____ Keith — Steven .— Victoria 189—FRESHMENSzymanski, Gerald tSL Dotld" Thorp TeitL Robert ........ Eau Claire 2 2= River Falls .. , River Falls Thodc. Eli Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, _ Hastings, Minn. Minneapolis, Minn. Hudson Thorcson, Robert — Thrkc, Neil _______ Timm, Arlys _______ Timm, Kenny ------- Tobias, Barry _____ Toll, Sharon ______ Toahner, Judith _ Trans bu Trudell, Thynman, Uetz, Unbch _______Biraamwood .... Kovmount ___________Hudson - Lewis ______Elk Mound ____St. Croix Falls Van Able, Michael Vnring, Judy-------- Venhor, Franklyn . Verhylst, Bcrl ----- Vetter, Louis Wahlstrom, Richard ____________ Lake Wallace, Kathleen Wallin, Sandi _____ Walsh, Austin __ Walvig, Daniel ___ Ward, Ronald — Warner, Marlin . Warren. Walter Waxon, Janice___ Webb, Michael _ Weber, Curtis — cw Richmond .... Baraboo _____ Hudson Spring Valley --- Elmwood Wesllund, Harry _ Wlckre, John_______ Wieckowicz, James Wiesner, Vickie — Wilczewski, Jerald Williams, Ralph ___ 190—FRESHMEN || s Woods, Jerold Cumberland .... River Falls (| Youngman, Mary Barron Zarbock, Jeaney — Ziegcweid, Gregor)' — Red Wing, Minn. Arcadia t 1 Zimmerman, Alan PH Freshman Class Officers President, Line Betler Vice President, Judy Anderson Secretary, Helen Avery Treasurer, Ruth Haas TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY 191—FRESHMENJuniors - Not Pictured - Henson. David Clear Lake ... St. Paul, Minn. Brown. James _ ... St. Paul, Minn. Buchner. Newton Canal Zone ... River Falls Cusick. Terence .... . .. St. Paul Park, Minn. Fenton, Kenneth . Antigo ... Gilmin Hungerjord. Jerome Maiden Rock Jaworski, Ronald Palaski ... Frederic Krepert. Susan Watertown Kuehn, Carole . Cottage Grove, Minn. ... Prairie Farm Macleod. Mary Hager City Macleod. Robert Hager City Nilitham. Vilas Bangkok, Thailand Norvotd, Telford .. Wilson Oelkers, Richard ... Red Wing, Minn. Schmidt, Jim LaCrosse IVellens, Larry ... Wiskerchen, Leonard .... Durrand Sophomores Anderson. Vernon Spooner Carlson. Warren ... Kan von. Minn. Chell, Rose — . . Lewis Everson. Allen Alma Center Freilickson. Shirley G yd esc n. Henry Deronda Hastings, Minn. Nits, Lou ... .... St. Paul, Minn. John, John Malain .. Barron Kosaka, Jeanette Hawaii McKinley, Daisy Siren . St. Paul, Minn. Olson, Orland ... Wcstby Probsl, Roger River Falls ... Plum City Swanson, Harry Mason Freshmen Baldwin St. Paul Park. Minn. Roberts ... Centuria Amery River Falls Wheeler - Elmwood . River Falls Amery Black River Falls Hudson Amery Colfax St. Paul Park, Minn. Tlachac, Marlin River Falls Williamson, Felix ... Zilge, Melverne 192—CLASSES

Suggestions in the University of Wisconsin River Falls - Meletean Yearbook (River Falls, WI) collection:

University of Wisconsin River Falls - Meletean Yearbook (River Falls, WI) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


University of Wisconsin River Falls - Meletean Yearbook (River Falls, WI) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


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University of Wisconsin River Falls - Meletean Yearbook (River Falls, WI) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


University of Wisconsin River Falls - Meletean Yearbook (River Falls, WI) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


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