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1985 PIONEER UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-PLATTEVILLE PLATTEVILLE, WISCONSIN 53818 VOLUME LXXVI MN Wu, W ' Wig; wk .Q :53: w: TABLE Of CONTENTS Thiszook'sForYou ............4 Features. 14 Organizations 38 Sports 76 Greeks 106 ResidenceHalls ...............118 Academics 170 Index ....H.......H.......H. 252 EDITOR 1 COPY STAFF PHOTO STAFF Michael T. Halbig:k Marge Johnson Mike Brunette1 Mike Brunette1 Wesley Kraszewski Daniel Hinz:k COPY EDITOR Paul Ophus Mike Pitts Anne Otter Brian Zeman Leonard Ross LA YOUT EDITORS LA YOUT STAFF Krista Wolf Dave Burgett 1One semester only Joyce Zenz Jon Hirsch PHOTO EDITOR Nancy Hudsonm Mark Hirsch1 Julie Kunst CO-PHOTO EDITORS Lori Mihlbauer . Daniel Hinz,k Denee Millard1 Denee Millard1 Jeff Rodgers BUSINESS MANAGER Jean Marie LeConte INDEX EDITOR Gayle Gander ADVISER Paul Latowsky FOR ALL YOU DO College is more than at- tending classes and prepar- ing yourself for a profes- sion. It is growing up in ev- ery aspect of life. And what better way to do some growing than sharing good times with friends or taking time off to be with your- self. z NW yea owag$ i. av The college experience exists as a unique entity be- cause for each person it is a separate way of life - aca- demic, political, social, ecological, philosophical, and all the combinations thereof. W Jf"vw i a M , WW kJMMmRW sz? w W: . . . THIS BOOK'S FOR YO 13 :1 1w $g u; . .3wa n: . R11 . I . . . a p. .. H... , y u, .. .-... ...10. JFJ. .m ,xm Ind a . .. , .. want. aha :- ,gigSwV ,.. 1 4.. Mh$gc4. ! 3.. 1. 9. 7' . . THE BEAR' FACTS There was little Packer-mania in Platteville last sum- mer as the University prepared to host the 1984 train- ing camp for the Chicago Bears. The Bears moved to the relative seclusion of the UW-P campus where, ac- cording to Coach Mike Ditka, players would be able to concentrate solely on football without distraction. Much planning and preparation was done prior to the Bears' arrival. The first three floors of Dobson Hall were made ready to house both players and coaches. Each player received his own room; two student-sized beds were bolted together to make one king-sized bed for each player. The Bear's presence gave the Platteville campus and community valuable recognition and pub- licity. There was also the added advantage of more summer jobs for students, such as working at the front desk, security, laundry and general housekeeping. The training camp began on July 16 and lasted for 2 V2 weeks. Eighty-six players were in the Bears' training camp - 48 veterans and 38 rookies. The first few days of training were intense. Ditka turned the players out in full pads almost right away; "No point in wasting time. These drills are not gonna get anybody hurt. They just let us see what kind of technique the rookies have." And the rookies really had to fight at this training camp for final positions on the team. Coach Mike Ditka was available for a press interview each evening after the practice. There was also a "Bears Hotline"; anyone could dial this number and re- ceive the latest update on what had happened during each day's practice. The reaction of both coach and players to training here in Platteville was positive. In the past, the team did their pre-season training at the Lake Forest, Illinois headquar- ters. But players could not step off the field without being greeted by friends and family during the training sessions at Lake Forest. Here in Platteville, the players were free of such distractions so that they could, in Coach Ditka's words, "eat, think, and talk football." Coach Ditka also likes Platteville because it has five playing fields whereas the Lake Forest training site has only two. Ditka said that the Platteville campus facilities were excellent. Players were also pleased with the accommodations. Most of the rookies were so concerned with whether or not they could survive in the NFL that there was very little time to notice surroundings. Several important posi- tions were vied for during the training camp. Left guard had wide open competition with five candidates trying for the spot. There were also spirited battles for right tackle, both outside linebacker spots, tight end, place kicker, and punter. Probably the two most valuable rook- ies were outside linebackers Wilbur Marshall and Ron Rivera, the first-and second-round draft choices whom Ditka considered serious candidates to start on the left and right sides, respectively. The highlight of the Bears' stay in Platteville was the intrasquad scrimmage in Pioneer Stadium on July 28. Over 7,821 enthusiastic fans packed the stadium to watch the offense play off against the defense. The defense proved very powerful and held the offense in check for most of the game. Rookies defensive back Gayle Shaun and line- backer Wilbur Marshall were outstanding. Veteran Otis Wilson showed that he would not give up his starting spot without a fight. Ditka was disappointed that the game was tipped so much in the defense's favor; the fans would have enjoyed watching a more even battle if the offense had been rougher. Even though offense never made much of a scoring threat, Ditka insisted that the offense had not lost its punch. The Bears left Platteville on August 3 with high spirits. They had a lot to be enthusiastic about; Walter Payton is the best all around running back in pro-football. Willie Gault is sprinting towards NFL stardom as the Bears' best and fastest receiver. By late November the Bears had cap- tured the NFC central division title. They have not gone this far since 1963. And who knows, perhaps the Bears' managers will decide that Platteville is a 'lucky charm' and send their team back for pre-season training again next year. Paul Ophus 17 4 m0 G N. M O C E M O H "Where's the Beef?", a slogan bor- rowed from a popular Wendy's televi- sion commercial, set the theme for this year's Homecoming festivities, held during the week of October 14-20. Homecoming activities throughout the week drew the largest and most spirited crowds ever. After surviving the unparalled amount of competition during the "Yell Like Hell" elimina- tions, Pickard Hall and Delta Sigma Phi screamed their way to victory Tuesday evening. Several changes were made in this year's agenda, resulting in a fun-filled Homecoming program for everyone. The traditional Thursday night concert was moved to Saturday night, allowing students to enjoy an emotion-packed performance by Juice Newton, free from worry of the next day's classes. Tom Hughes and Ginger Malko were crowned Homecoming King and Queen Friday night at a separate cere- mony in the Beaux Arts Room, a loca- tion more befitting the occasion's dig- nity. Stunt Night was renamed "Enter- tainment Night" and was also held in the Beaux Arts. Delta Sigma Phi took first place with a skit combining music and comedy in a search conducted by famous detectives "Looking for the Beef" twhich was finally found by Pio- neer PeteJ The Airband Contest was held in the Beaux Arts Wednesday night with "Otis Day and Nights" taking the competi- tion before a crowd of 2300. Added to the Games competition were an obsta- cle course, food-eating contests, and Frisbee-toss. McGregor Hall and Alpha Gamma Rho took first place in this challenging category. Melcher Hall's outhouse commanded first place for the second year in a row, while Delta Sigma Phi won in the Greek division of v the Outhouse Race. The University of Wisconsin-Platte- ville football team scored 21 points in Saturday's game, but it was too late to foil UW-River Falls' 38-21 victory. In overall Homecoming competition, Hugunin Hall and Delta Sigma Phi took first place, while McGregor Hall and Delta Sigma Phi won the Chancellor's Spirit award. The ASSMRwReclamation Club took first place overall in the com- petition between organizations. Wesley Kraszewski 19 FIRST ROW: Vicky Bisbach, Heather Nye, Jacqueline Glenn, Beth Baeckelandt, Eric Schambow, Randy Binversie, Marihelen Denning, Alex Stoltz. ROW 2: Shannon Boardman, Donelle Theres, Joy Baier, Kathy Meyer, Sherry Hill, Rose Ellickson, Lisa Schellinger, Jeannette Emmer, Kelly Richards Mdviserl ROW 3: Marc Schambow, Rose Kliebenstein, Joleen Kube, Amy Jo Anderson, Ginger Malko, Kathryn Hale, Tammie Dunlap, Carla Weber, Donna Banfield, Julie Carl, Vicki Weber. ROW 4: Diane Watkins, Tracy Thompson, Debra Day, Theresa Weidner, Lenore Ziegenhagen, Jeff Agnew, Jam:I Scog, Donna Ramsden, John Jarvis, Katy Koser. BACK ROW: Kent Weigel, Taylor Weisensel, Mark Mathwig, Tim O'Toole, Tony Prestil, Ken Lyg t M viserL MADNESS CONTINUES Autumn Madness is a fitting title for an occasion when students get together for a party, before the grind of daily college life sets in. This year the madness occurred on a sunny, warm September 7th in front of Williams Fieldhouse, and as expected, it was well-re- ceived. The Student Activities Board, particularly the Special Features Committee, planned the festivities for the sev- enth consecutive year. This year though, they decided to change the music format from bluegrass to more of a rock-a-billy sound. Chairperson Jim Wargowski said this was because a rock-a-billy group from the previous year's concert elicited a great response from those in attendance. Either way, the crowd enjoyed the concert as long as the music was danceable and the beer was cold. The bands performing were both from Texas, so it was assured that they would put on a big show. Big Daddy Sun and the Outer Planets gave an out-of-this- world performance, priming up the audience for the headlining group, Rank and File. The headliners, a group who has recorded albums for Warner Brothers, didn't have to work very hard to keep the toes tapping. Their countryhock music provided everyone with a chargce to dance or just sit back on the grass and un- wm . Some people thought that the 19-year-old drinking age would result in a lower attendance, but approxie mately 3,000 people showed up to enjoy the music and drink the beer. Moving the festivities from the circle, near Brockert, Pickard, and Hugunin Halls, attracted off-campus students that might not have otherwise at- tended. The event was successful in bringing students together for a little bit of enjoyable madness before the madness of tests and term papers arrived. Brian Zeman 23 ,L i, L'WWI LLWW WWW IL; WM ' ' - I LLIWWWLLWWL I W I L L ML L '7 , IIII W III WWWWIL W W VLW" L WWW IIWWWWWWWWLL, HILL ,, IIWW I I L LLLLLWLWWLLLWIWIWIW ; IIIIII W," L W 'W W" LLWL L ' WW L W N L L W LI , W WWI IIIIIII I WW I,L,,WI W L L M7 IIWLIVWIWWIW IIWLWWWWW W" W W IIW I ,,,,LLL,,WWWWIW;LLLLKLLLLLLWLWW IIW,IIM," III WW WWW L,W LLLL, L L WLL WI; L l 'W I I WW MW WWWWWW'W, L . WW II L LWWW'W L III I LIIIWLLII WWWVMML W L 'Q'MWWWWWWW L I W ' W'WWWWLWWWWWWL W", WWW WL W W; IW! WI ; MW w W W'ZWWW IWWWWWL M 'W ' BEST WAY TO RELAX W WrWW , WWW ' vvm ,Um MWW w w A w MM The pressures of school are many, and every now and then the students at UW-P need a chance to relax and unwind. Some do it by exer- cising, others listen to music, and still others get together with their friends for good times and refreshments. Right here in Piatteville, there is a place where all this can be done at once. It is called Second Street. This area, located off Main Street, is a hot- spot for students. The many establishments pro- vide a weIl-needed service to those who get caught up in the chaos of classes. Dancing at the Studio or the newly remodeled Patio helps pa- trons wear off the beer that they have consumed. Across the street is the Hoist House for those looking for a more relaxed atmosphere. The old world interior is sure to calm the nerves of any who walk in the door. Farther down the street is Freddy's, an establishment where an open bar- stool is impossible to find on a Thursday or Friday night. And speaking of Friday, there is always Hap- py-Hour at the Char Bar and other establishments on this legendary street. 50 if you ever get uptight and tense about school, you know there is a way to get relief. Second Street is within walking distance so take advantage of this form of relaxation as long as it's done in moderation. Brian Zeman 28 WAKE ME WHEN IT'S OVER No matter where, when, or in what position, sleep is an essential bodily function. To some people it's either a thing that one can't live with or one can't live without. Falling asleep gives one a comfortable feeling. It makes no difference whether you're snuggling with someone or laying under the pressuring effect of your grandmother's homemade quilt.'They both give one a secure feeling. One does need to feel comfortable in his surroundings to fall asleep. One can find others dozing in the library on their books, curled up in a blue lounge love seat, sitting in the second row of his astronomy class iresting his eyesi, or with his face in a textbook ilearning by osmosisi. Why is it that these people fall asleep in places other than their beds? Doesn't every student get the standard eight hours? This prescription may be an overdose for some people. Everyone's sleep needs are different. Dr. Ernst Hartman, M.D., found that those who require little sleep tend not to worry and are confident, efficient, ex- troverted and orderly; while those who require a lot are worrisome, introspective, and brooding but in many cases more creative than others. Some people, no matter what their sleep requirement is, in order to put more hours into their day, deprive themselves of sleep. You've heard of people "catching up" on their sleep during the weekend. Well, there is validity to this statement. it is during the strange sleep phase known as the REM, or Rapid Eye Movement phase, ocurring at 90 minute intervals, that bodily functions drastically change. Heavy dreaming occurs while one's eyes are darting back and forth underneath the eyelids. If deprived of this REM stage for an extended period, researchers have found that one's body does try to "catch up" by extending this phase later on. 29 A TASTE OF THE NATIONS The UW-Platteville International Students Club held its annual International Night on Saturday, November 17. The evening offered some highlights of different nations, their peoples, cultures, and foods. Visitors to International Night were greeted by club members, many dressed in native costumes. Guests were then invited to view dis- plays from twelve different nations. Some of the items on display were artwork and crafts, coins, native costumes, and musical instruments. After viewing the displays and partaking of the offerings of a cash bar, guests enjoyed a seven-course buffet dinner featuring Chinese Wonton, Mexican Salad, mixed vegetables, Korean Beef, French Chicken and Mushrooms, Iranian Pilaf tricei, and Middle Eastern Baklaua. The meal was enjoyed by all and many returned to the buffet table for second helpings. After dinner, all were entertained with folk dances, traditional music, and songs by members of the UW-Ste- vens Point and UW-LaCrosse International Students Clubs. Students from UW-LaCrosse performed a Malay- sian Candle Dance which featured three women balanc- ing lighted candles in the palms of their hands. The dance used to be performed for kings but was enjoyed by Inter- national Night guests. An Indian woman's dance solo capped an evening of fine entertainment. Other perfor- mances included a Mongolian Dance, and accordian in- strumental, Chinese songs accompanied by a traditional bamboo flute and a piano solo performed by a Malaysian woman. Club president K.M. Shafiq Alam offered his closing remarks: "I don't have enough words to express how happy I am to have you here." He expressed a desire that everyone had enjoyed the evening. Guests stated inter- ests in other cultures, and a desire to increase their knowledge and understanding of others as reasons for attending International Night 1984. 32 EARN IT TO BURN IT Money - that is the main reason why students work. Whether for school, living expenses, or for good times, students need cash. Working also' provides a break in the routine of classes and studying. Students also work to gain experience which sup- plements academic learning. There are many places on or off campus where a student may find employ- ment. Twelve students work at the Ac- tion Line. The workers are responsi- ble for answering the phone calls coming in on several different lines, while dealing with people stopping to buy tickets or ask for information. Working at the Rendezvous is a steady job. Workers say that the main reward of the job is associating with and being friendly with the pa- trons of the Rendezvous. It's also ex- citing to be a part of the special events that are sponsored for the students such as bands, comedians, and contests. Students are also em- ployed at the other eateries in the Student Center. The Beefeater, Pio- neer Pete-zza, and LeBistro provide jobs for many students. Students also handle all aspects of running the bookstore except making final deci- sions. There are thirteen student workers in the recreation area on the ground level of the Student Center. Many students work at Glenview Commons. This job is demanding and workers must hurry in order to keep the lines moving at a steady pace. Other on-campus sources of em- ployment include the computer center in Gardner Hall, the UW-P Fitness Center and the library. Stu- dents also hold jobs in the residence Halls as RA's and RD's. In addition to working on campus, students hold jobs in town. Dick's, Gentlemen's Quarters, Gipp's, Country Kitchen, McDonalds and other provide employment for stu- dents. No matter where students work, the job provides money, experience, and a change of pace. Paul Ophus GAMES PEOPLE PLAY When the pressures of classes get to be too much, playing games is a good way to relax. The games which seem to be most popular with students are frisbee, hacky sack, football, and catch. Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, backgammon, and cribbage are a few board games commonly played by students. Students also have the opportunity to play games for credit. The university curriculum offers a wide selection of games - bowling, basketball, volleyball, golf, and soccer. One place on campus that is bustling and full of life at any time of the day is the Student Center recreation area. Students come here to shoot pool or to bowl. For those who get struck with "arcade fever", the recreation area also provides several video games on which to test one's skills. . To shoot a good game of pool, the pool player must think three-dimensionally. He must m make the shot, l2l cause the cue ball to stop in a position where he can make another shot, and Bl ensure that if he misses, he will not leave an easy shot open for his opponent. Several video games in the recreation area are Tutankham, Centipede, Star Wars, Pole Position, and Tron. Star Wars enthu- siasts can try to blow up the Death Star; but if they fail in this mission, they will get zapped by Darth Vader. Players can also zoom down the road in high speed motor racing with Pole Position. But watch out; those 90 degree turns can be treacher- ous at 100 miles per hour! People play video games over and over again because they see themselves improving with every game. And the fact that learning takes place in no way diminishes the pleasure. Al- though video games can cause the blood pressure and anxiety of the player to rise, they have several benefits. These games demand that one remain alert, keep track of rules, and develop a degree of hand-eye coordination and visual scanning ability. Bowling is another recreational activity in the Student Cen- ter. Even if one has no experience at all, it is still fun to play. It makes no difference what game you play. All games are a great way to relieve the pressures of college life. CHINESE A full-house audience was treated to a spec- tacular display of movement, light, color, and sound as the Chinese Magic Revue of Taiwan displayed their skills. With a burst of color, the performers danced and tumbled as they twirled and waved streamers. The show contin- ued with body balancing, juggling and comedy. Next the troop tumbled through rings of fire and knives. Even blindfolded , they performed with precision. The sword-swallowing act was especially stunning. Feats of mind-over-matter were performed, such as bending metal rods, and breaking bricks which were setting on someone's head. The second half opened with a Chinese Dragon Dance, a balancing act by two perform- ers, and a lion dance. Perhaps the most astonishing act of the even- ing was the Tower of Chairs. For the Grand Finale, the group performed en masse on stage, building a moving pyramid of six people. The group's precision and skill in performing these century-old feats, along with the vibrant colors, beautiful background and dramatic lighting created a show that enthralled the au- dience. The Chinese Magic Revue of Taiwan will be long-remembered by the people fortu- nate enough to see them. DAZZLE UW-P AUDIENCE Organizations a h v v a u c r Ag BusinessLAg Economics Club FIRST ROW: Don Schuster, Mary Allen, Carol Mueller, Rose Ellickson, Geri Reed, Torn Stemper, Doug Waterworth, Rick Govier, Greg Yelk, Rick Marfilius. ROWZ: Betsy Jones, Teresa Rudis, Lisa Peterson, Darlene Walz, Bill Cody, Mark Keller, Heather Nye, Paul Manke, Rich Mollitor, Dr. Gary Burning Mdvisen. ROW 3: Rose Chase, Mike Hennes, Terry Kippley, Kris Gratz, Lyle Poch, Taylor Weisensel, Dr. Davis, Dr. Ambrosius. BACK ROW: Rick Gintner, Larry Halweg, Scot Golliher, Dave Beck, Molly Lovgren, Cari Christensen, Denice Fitzsimmons, Jane Duerst, Dr. Cropp. Agricultural Education Society FIRST ROW: Mark Schlueter, Stuart Stangler, Mike Storandt, Kevin Whalen. ROW 2: Alan Brooks, Sonja Peacock, Pam Zweifel, Maxine Gburek, Ann Newhouse, Kathy Brehm, Carla Zimmerman. BACK ROW: Jim Munkwitz, Randy Will, David Biggs, Larry Bylsma, Dave Hoppenjan, Larry Plapp, Phil Schleicher. Agricultural Merchanization Club FIRST ROW: Tom Olson, Mike Williams, Frank O'Brien, Bill Bergs, Bob Klahn, Jeff Byrnes, Jeff Miller. ROW 2: Pete Janisch, Bill Klug, Paul Specht, Mike Kuale, Steve Schmitz, Brian Lacy, Richard Loberger, Pete Salm, Mark Smetana. BACK ROW: Brian Long, Lyle P0ch, David Stirmel, Ken Updike, Matt Stecklein, Mark Holzhater, Bob Hansen, Jim Weaver. Ag Student Council FIRST ROW: Terry Kippley, William Bergs, Denice Fitzsimmons, Cari Christensen, Dean Gillis. ROW 2: Mike Kirschbaum, Allan Olson. ROW 3: Lori Van Hulle, Jane Duerst, Mark Smetana. ROW 4: Mike Storandt, Becky Oechsle, Lyle Poch, Phil Schleicher. ROW 5: Dave Hill. BACK ROW: Michael Fennigkoh, David Biggs, Brian Long, Taylor Weisensel. 41 42 Soil Conservation And Agronomy Club FIRST ROW: Nina Carns, Joan Stepflug, Paulette Zeman. ROW 2: Scott Schuette, Steve Tollakson, Brian Dahlke, Kim Hageman, Holly Oltz, Donna Nelson, Becki Sue Schmalbeck, Jim Lang Ko-Adviserl ROW 3: Nancy Laukant, Gary Trapp, Mark Myers, Joe Schuh, Ray Benner, Roger Higgs Co-Advisen. BACK ROW: Mark Van Den Plas, Jerry Hartsock, Mike Fennigkoh, Mark Rodwell, John Kennicker, Matt Scurek, Ken Kilian Ko-Adviserl Alpha Epsilon Rho FIRST ROW: Tom Thieding, Jim Canes, Bill Webster, Pat Henry. ROW 2: Jay Yungwirth, Dr. Joe Thomas, Chris Clark, Barb Schackelford, Linda Abendroth, Cindy Howe, Laura Wisniewski, Julie Stolper, Ellen Campbell, Karen Hoefle, Prof. Karen Allen, Brad Craig, Gene Koehler. BACK ROW: John Pinchot, Joe Selmer, Dan Eddy, Bill Boeka, John Stafford, Jennifer Paulson, Pat Gallagher, Scott Haferman, Randy Ripp, Kent Carbon. Alpha Lambda Delta FIRST ROW: Marc Schambow, Robert Mierow, Michael Updike, Kent Weigel, Fred Partlo, Donald Parent, Mike Mowbray, Doug Ganske, Tom Hoffman, Todd Rice. ROW 2: Blake Bjerkeset Wresidenn, Kordellia Johnson Wormer AdviserL Lynn Thomsen, Christine Wilson, Leah Frye, Cynthia Kirchner, Gina Fager, Cynthia Hartley, Kathleen Kohlstedt, Lee Kuzniar, Heidi Johnson, Danielle Parisey, Susan Fox. ROW 3: Darla Banfi Mdvisen, Dianne White UreasurerL Cathy Schlembach uiaisom, Karen Prochaska, Jody Ballmer, Jaralee Johnson, Beth Hahn, Karl Ames, Barbara Wills, Penny Burds, Ruth Whitmore, Constance Larson, Tracy Stuelke, Irene Brossard, Judy Trebian, Karen Tollefson, Barb Wegmann GecretaryL Jean Ferguson Wice-Presidenn. BACK ROW: Christopher Clark, Todd Cullen, Dan Schauff, Andrew Hess, Brian Lathrop, Gayle Gander, Michael Lizak, Brian Strang, Gregory Kish, Scott Godden, Bret Jenkins, Daryl Tessmann, James Olson. Alpha Zeta t FIRST ROW: Joe Schuh, Mark Myers, Kevin Ladwig, Brian Hrupka, Jim Sutton, Rose Chase, Kelly Weiskircher, Nancy Prail, Rose Ellickson. ROW 2: Dr. Ambrosius, Dr. Kilian, Curt Herwig, Paul Specht, Rich Mollitor, Steve Schauf, Randy Will, Larry Plapp, Wendell Weisensel, Geri Reed. BACK ROW: Mark Vandenplas, Tom Hughes, Rick Ginter, Rick Marfilius, Lisa Peterson, Lori Van Hulle, Molly Lovgren, Cari Christensen. 43 Alumni Association onN '55 FIRST ROW: Frank Lowry, Mike Rayford, Mike Dedrick, Celia VanDerLoop, Ceci LaBrasca, Kathy Hughes, Phil Roberts, Michael Hielsberg, John Kustka, Sue Nast, Bruce Aderman. ROW 2: Mark Lampe, Tony Kemnitz, Mike Murphy, Pete Thompson, George Hoppen, Craig Bower, Brian Swenson, Charlie Melcher, Brad Werner. BACK ROW: Mark Biederwolf, Kevin McMullen, Stan Sugden, Brent Roshell, Todd Piller, Jim Hammer, Dave Heil, Dave Peregrin, Scott Samuelson, Orville King, Joe Benbenek, Len Roecker. FIRST ROW: Steve Kaiser, Wayne Phillips, Steve Peterson, Dan Solchenberger, Steven Oakeson, Ann Johnson, Lynnette Colwell, Pamela Zweifel, Kurt Farrenkopf, Frank Cleppe. ROW 2: Larry Pfeil, Chris Darby, Mike Laughrin, Brian Smits, Paul Ambrose, Don Albright, Janine Grauvogl, Mike Flesch, Tom Brokaw, Dave Hess. BACK ROW: Paul Vraney, Craig Rusch, Dave Fischer, David Schmidt, Paul Halverson, Alan Rommel, Mike Krass, Glenn Landis, Earl McCullough. 45 American Society Of Mechanical Engineers FIRST ROW: John Guy, Scott VanderHeided, Eric Smith, Rob Gagliano. ROW 2: Jim Prodoehl, Brad Champeau, Mark Joshi, Dave Kuchinski, Julie Leisten, Tamer Ceylan MdviserL Bruce Morris. ROW 3: Ted Wadzinski, Chris Fick, Laura Mayer, Linda Steinhagen, Daisy Henke, Kim Fairbanks, Kris Koehnen. BACK ROW: Ronald Bautch, Pat McDonough, Brad Neider, Tim Miller, Mark Marchello, Hinhlina Phouybanhdyt, Todd Fenske. FIRST ROW: Todd Davis, Khalad Shenger, Mike Nelson. ROW 2: John Mumm, Randy Foss, Dr. Doughty, Stewart Hebel, John Kondratuk, Adrian Luther. ROW 3: Tom Hoffmann, Scott Neuman, Tim Prochnow, Donald Wagner, Todd Bergstrom, Andrew Groskopf, Jeff Kubel. BACK ROW: Dave Umstadt, Greg Moranski, Aaron Timmerman, Jeff Roschyk, Joe Nichols, Jim Golding, David Gadzinski, Andy Virnich. Associated General Contractors FIRST ROW: Charlie Melcher, Lynnette Colwell, Phil Roberts, Mike Hielsberg, Cheri Markham, John Kustka. BACK ROW: Craig Bower, Dave Peregrin, Todd Piller, Tim Lavin, Jerry McGuire, Steve Zahrte, Jim Hammer, Orville King, Mike Hoffman. ASSMR RecIamation x , ; 7 1. FIRST ROW: Bill Joseph, Fen Keggi, Jim Kubash, Dan Miller, Mike Streicher, Jenny Carlson. ROW 2: Duane Moser, Yvonne Meichtry, Mike Rieger, Mike Vice, Mike Powers, John Voight, Paul Bockenstedt. BACK ROW: Mark Rayford, Mark Doneux, Phil Brochocki, Kuy Herpel, Cindy Reed, Mari Larson, Reed Cockrell. Beta Alpha E W :5 .V v ; FIRST ROW: Pat Dunne, Martin Landgraf, Mark McCluskey, Dave Sagehorn, Tim Kelley. ROW 2: Jack Borke MdviserL Tracy Ebert Wice-Presidenn, Robin Jewell Ureasuren, Barb Nichols Secretaryx ROW 3: Teresa Wilkinson, Lori Klinge, Judy Trebian, Natalie Ansay, Kathy Rech, Ellen Unrein, Teresa Christensen, Mary Miehe, Michelle Friederick. BACK ROW: Lisa Rowe, Tony Jacobson, Rob Garside, Dana Wepking, Marlin Morseth, Jamie Danner, Daniel Rock, Roxane Ruppert. Beta Gamma Rho FIRST ROW: Jane O'Brien, Kathy Rech, Dave Cheever, Jeff Watts. ROW 2: Karen Williams, Jennifer Davis, Sare Brun, Mary Meier, Nancy Moen, Christie Curwen, Sandy Zakowski, Patricia Billings. ROW 3: Jim Wood, Mike Schaubroech, Paula Leu, Janet Bares, Marlin Morseth, Lisa Ganser, Lisa Maraszek, Bob Frauchiger. ROW 4: Lawrence McIntyre, Kayla Daugherty, Tom Weiner, Scott Nelson, Kim Robson, Pam Brandt, Barb Nichols, Robin Jewell, Sheila Brushafer, Tim Handell. BACK ROW: Mark Schneider, Nels Marshall, Pat Dunne, Mark Hafenbread, Jack Fields, Mark McCluskey, Dave Sagehorn, Reggie Beckius, Jeff Sullivan, John Davis. Black Student Union g . J FIRST ROW: Penny Hamilton, Kathy Lomax Mdvised, Tammie Dunlap, Sherry Hill, Patricia Billings, Bernita Mallett. ROW 2: Ivory Morehouse, Cynthia Blackmon, Jackie Glenn, Sherwood Hard, Bruce Payton WresidenO, Lori Dotson, Angela Evans, Michelle McDade. BACK ROW: Misari Thliza, Chris Onean, Darren Glover, Max Parker, Russell Davis, Charles McVey, Dave Hutchins. Block And Bridle Club FIRST ROW: Lisa Peterson, Deb Spooner, Suzanne Lenius, Kelly Weiskircher, Mary Duerst, Becki Sue Schmalbeck, Kim Weir, Holly Oltz. ROW 2: Mark Haag, Jeff Grunzel, Dave Hill, Lynn Windett, Jon Espenscheid, Barry Sanford, Tod Fleming, Wendell Wiesensel, Scott Fellion, Kevin Ladwig, Taylor Weisensel, David Biggs. BACK ROW: Steve Martin, Gloria Lund, Kathy Koning, Laurie Hauerwas, Molly Lovgren, Michelle Wisnefski, Mark Sturtevant, Michele Hofstrom, Teresa Zimmer, Cathy Klecker, Al Arndt, Michael Vice, Ken Seim, Bob Nusbaum Mdviserl 49 Campus Bible Fellowship FIRST ROW: Jonathon Moore, Cheryl Buchanan, Rev. Watson, Becky Carns. BACK ROW: Scott Segebarth, Mitch Gilbert, Gerard Winkler, Kathy Carns, Jim Brown, Mike Zietlow, Linda Groom. Cheerleaders FIRST ROW: Sue Clark, John Kamps, Mark Hazen, Todd Williams, Randy Binversie, Steve Massey, Todd Klahn, Jay Steinke, Kevin DeMaster. ROW 2: Lisa Severson, Lisa Bottomley, Kim Goodwin, Laurie Schellinger, Tamara Strehlow, Chrissy Belanger, Linda Waldhart, Joyce Steffes. TOP: Tracy Greenhuck. ChemistrWPhysics Club FIRST ROW: Mike Ernst, Kari Ames, Melinda Grieswell, Alexandra Schuenke, Fred Domann. ROW 2: Dave Higgs, Al-Nemer Munir, Mike Heathman, Jim Moore, Brian Schwartz, David Dickrell, Lyle Gaastra, Sean Frigo. BACK ROW: Norman Troullier, Charlie Knox. Chi Epsilon FIRST ROW: Mike Laughrin, Ceci LaBrasca, Ann Johnson, Lynnette Colwell, Mike Dedrick, Nancy Stankevich, Jane Hassemer. ROW 2: Brian Smits, Greg Gappa, Steve Kaiser, Brian Swenson, Scott Samuelson, Mike Murphy, George Hoppen, Len Roecker, David Fischer, Paul Vraney, Richard Wetzel Mdvisen, Jim Hammer. BACK ROW: Don Albright, Mark Biederwolf, Dave Hess, Tom Brokaw, Steven Oakeson, John Kustka, Craig Bower, Larry Pfeil. 51 52 Collegiate 4-HTAg Communication Club m4 T-.. T FT"? .'7 . "MT". T T: i .4 uw. PLATTEVILLE COLLEGIATE 4-H CLUB FIRST ROW: Connie Caley, Kathy Koning, Barb Goodweiler, Brian Long, Wendell Weisensel. ROW 2: Ron Martin. ROW 3: Ann Newhouse, Jackie Cosgrove, Taylor Weisensel, Kevin Klubertanz, Dave Hill, Denise Fitzsimmons, Margery Otto, Terry Kippley. BACK ROW: Phil Schleicher, Mike Daniels, Geri Reed, Tim Klein, Doug Ganske, Claude Hutchins. Criminal Justice Association FIRST ROW: John Wenkman, Russ Soukup, Tracy Thompson, Julie Nearing, Marie Nagel, Teri Frisch, Sue Clark, Elmer Kaiser. ROW 2: Eric Bates, Roger Voltz, Miriam Barr, Lynn Ray, Joseph Tarnowski, David VanBuren, Rich Lucka. ROW 3: Karl Bridgman, Beth Weber, Darlene Guseck, Angel Johnstone, Mary Schroeder, Lisa Wachter, Charlet Michalski, Jeannette Ritchay, Jill Pellowski, Chris Schiefelbein, Doug Timmerman, Dan Brooks. BACK ROW: Dave Hinman, Dave Hynek, Scott Way, Dean Taylor, Dan Nobel, Ken Werner, Brad Ruff, Dennis Sander, Joe Christian, Mark Barta, Steve Merlak. Dairy Club II'MIKSK yenxrri FIRST ROW: Janet DeHaan. ROW 2: Dr. Hoffman Mdvisen, Pam Zweifel, Kathy Brahm, Stuart Stangler, Becki Sue Schmalbeck, Greg Pickert, Holly Oltz, Kim Weir, Brian Long, John Oncken, Sue Leazer, Betsy Jones, Tom Olsen. ROW 3: Scott Ruetten, Dave Krahn, Kurt Fiene, Curt Herwig, Jeff Dorning, Angela Davis, Bob Gevelinger, Allan Olson, Ann Newhouse, Ken Jenks, Taylor Weisensel, Jeff Agnew, Kevin Knuth, John Jarvis, Gary Smith, Kurt Breunig, Greg Lohr. BACK ROW: Becky Oechsle, Randy Binversie, Todd Stiede, Kent Weigel, Larry Paupp, Mark Keller. Data Processing Management Association UW-P comminau scxmm: CL 1:13 FIRST ROW: Tim Lang, Robin Mitchell, Lance Tagliapietra, Gary J. Wolfe, Lon Schneller, Mitchell lverson, James Harms. ROW 2: Julie Mouchka, Marlin Morseth, John Wunderlind, Nancy McCullough, Joyce Casper, Rich Lamm. ROW 3: Michael Genthe, Mark Salzmann, Paul Hicks, Bruce Borcherding, Denise Donovan, Dan Weed, lane Frontz, Laura Van Bogaert, Elizabeth Keleher. BACK ROW: Larry Kloepping, James Swenson, Scott Flesner, Ed Spitzbarth, Mike Day, Jeanne Warpinski, Hal Keen, Jim Gerrits, Genita Richert, Steve Cohen, Jeannette Emmer, Scott Stetter, Scott Weis, Steve Keleher, Tim Williams, Mohan Gill Mdviserl 53 Domestic Exchange Club FIRST ROW: Bruce McNaughton, Doreen Sardella. BACK ROW: Randy Wiskow, Sue Burgholzer, Brian Tillinghast, Diane Carey, Tricia Hoyt, Tina McGrath. English Club Tammy Foley, Kelly Niemeyer, Wesley Kraszewski, Mark French. Epsilon Pi Tau Larry Bartol, Mike Johnson, Bruce Albrecht, Donald Parent Wresideno, Gary Goehring, Duane A. Jackman UrusteeL Bruce Wepking. Exponent FIRST ROW: Dana Wanberg, Connie Karnopp, Julie M. Edgar, Lisa Busch, Joan M. Hill, Kurt Westley. ROW 2: Diane Drew, Laura Massey, Dawn Durocher. ROW 3: Heidi Reiche, Mark Biederwolf. ROW 4: Greg Sebastian, Tom Thieding. BACK ROW: Greg Lawrence, David Marti, Ken Aehl, Larry Bartol. 56 Fellowship 0f Christian Athletes FIRST ROW: Lance Schnieder, Phil Wahl, Mike Kuffel, Ann Lee, Yvonne Guintoli, Jeff Borland, Mark Gibson, Dave Roush, Don Foulton. BACK ROW: Paul Ophus, Kathy Kovneski, Chris Larson, Terry Woodman, Steve Eirich, Cindy Kirchner. Geography Club FIRST ROW: Dan Gardner, Steve Mrotek, Kurt Kessler, Mick Heberlein, Dennis Vanbramer. BACK ROW: Gayle Gander, Dave Knipfer, Ross Morgan, Mary Jo Czechanski, Terry Woodman, Frank Studnicka tAdvisen. Geology Club FIRST ROW: Charlie Stamschror, Harry Meller, Jeff Maletzke, Blayne Kirsch.Row 2; Mike Suhr, Felicia Pfeffer, Janet Blabaum, John Knight, Don Dahlgren, AI McCarviIIe, Tony Mayer. ROW 3: Ken Shubak, Phil Brochocki, Dan Miller, Kit Schaeffer, Mike Kutls. BACK ROW: Pat Patterson, Tom Leehy, Tracy Birkett, Frank Laycock. Horticulture Society FIRST ROW: Lenore Ziegenhagen, Margery Otto, Kathleen Silbernagel, Julia Duewer, Carla Zimmerman, Betsy Biermeier, Wendy Hilgendorf, Dr. Raymond Duewer. BACK ROW: Gary Trapp, Pieter Droegkamp, Michele Hofstrom, Jackie Cosgrove, Bob Schroeder. 58 I Phelta Thi FIRST ROW: lack Coombs, Dave Allison, Steve Lewis, Paul Bostrom, Steve Meicher. ROW 2: Steve Weber, Mark Carlovsky, Greg Yelk, Al Vater, Kurt Westley. BACK ROW: Kevin McKean, Rich Fischer, Tom Thomsen, Mike McLaughlin. Institute Of Electrical And Electronic Engineers FIRST ROW: Bryan Anders, Bill Jatczak, Mike Ripp, James Collins, David Kapsos, Gary Sander, Ole Olson, Bob Oliver, David Voissem, Albert Hrovat. ROW 2: Joe O'Hara, Steve McHenry, Dirk LaVoy, Dan Peterlik, Tom Harris, Mark Paris, Dave Johnson, Brian Moore, Martin Jacobi. ROW 3: Pat Sanders, Paul Wienberger, Kathy Miller, Tom Bushar, Robert Weber, David Bird, Jim Soltau, Brian Schwartz, David Swanson. ROW 4: Lyle Gaastra, Kiran Rami, Scott Robb, Mark Trebian, Rob Crisp, Eric Streich, David Dickrell. BACK ROW: David Doornink, Jay McDermott, Curtis Buetow, Brad Hansen, Brian Woodruff, Lindo St. Angel. Institute Of Industrial Engineers FIRST ROW: Jeff Johnson, Brett Toberman, Steve Verkuilen, Wade Engelbrecht, Bruce Jordan, Bill Lewrie, Tim Hertel, Mike Diaz. ROW 2: Janice Berger, Dan Volk Wresidenn, Mary Jane Gnadt Wice-PresidenU, Brenda Jansen 6ecretaryL Jan Lawinger UreasurerL Maria Craemer, Jill Peterson. ROW 3: Phil Sands, nger Hamilton, PJ. Axtell-Peterson, Barbara Scaife, Donna Wotkowski, Chris Grady, Steve Harper, Terry Pearson, Jeffrey Wolfe. BACK ROW: Randy Hansen, Richard Dregne, Tim Jones, Larry Devine, David Allison, Scott Czysz, Francis Fuja, Don Lanke. International Student Club FIRST ROW: K.M. Alam, Jose Santos, Moji Mohammadi, Thomas Saindon, Andrew Baumann, Saifuddin M. Khaled, Jalal Babik, Monther Abuobeid, Khaled Shengher, Mahmoud Hejni. ROW 2: Zahratul 'Ula Moho. Ibrahim, Maria Becerra, Ana Arango, Rachel Tang, Laura Mayer, Megan Gundry, Kathleen Kovneski, Tsega Isaac, Lisa Winter. BACK ROW: Diane Drewek, Massoud Sinaie, Munir Al-Nemer, Massoud Abedi, lmran Rauf, Thomas Varghese, A. Rasalingam, Yohannes Challa, Kiran Rami, Yew L. Lau, Djemai Laid, Javaid- lkram-Khan, Tariq Ansari, Ridzuan Sved. Karate Club '31:,im Inssuw :11 FIRST ROW: Mark Roling, Scott Bille, Brian Gorman, David Walker, Tom Shea, Lona Bille, Scott Wichman, Gary Drinkwater, Jan Walstein, Terry Kluskens, Jeff Speth. ROW 2: Brad Chester, Jim Grube, John Ditulio, Jane Vesperman, Carl Pahnke, Clayton Kremer. BACK ROW: Kelly Johnson, Scott Roffers, Pete Springer, Chris Howes, Jim Vormezeele, Kerry Miller, Heidi Reiche, Kevin Behring. Letterman's Club FIRST ROW: Lisa White, Tom Leehy, Luke Demerath, Mike Storante, Sarah Seidler, MicheHe Hassemer, Dianne White, Darlene Griffith, Lori McReynolds, Jackie Browning, Kay Martin, Fonda Eng. ROW 2: Dan Kurth, Jerome Hendrickson, Will Hein, Dan Hinz, John Behr, Mary McMahan, Karen Tollefson, Kevin Weiser, Mike Hintl, Steve Plachinski, Kelly Johnson. ROW 3: Dan Marz, Bill Church, Rob McGaff, Jim Weaver, Cindy Schroeder, Tina Meier, Laura Tremaine, Loni Halberstadt, Sue Kuschewski, Sherri Batterman, Janet James, Robin Thurner, James Swenson, George Chryst Mdviserl BACK ROW: Orville King, Larry Bylsana, Scott Rarr, Dave Roovakkers, Scott Oomens, Tim Lavin, Tim Schulgen, Pat Miller, Steve Schauf, Randy Stelpflug. Lexington Concord FIRST ROW: Michelle Hansen, Maria Becerra, Rose Phetteplace, Ana Arango, Carolyn Schmitt, Robin Ellis, Francesca Meutz, Shannon Dougherty, Rick Corlett, Gary Haberland, Mark Haber. ROW 2: Rob Gagliano, Don Hebel, Bob Kiefer, Jim Sedarski, Brian Salta, Sue Vandenberg, Nancy Warren, Carla Mack, Jerry Farrell, Paula Coonen, Robyn Grandmasos, Diane Davidson, Matt Huss, Scott Prbuty, Howard Giesler, Jerry Hartsock, Mark Hansen. ROW 3: Ken Peters, Pam Zweifel, Webster, Kim Kraber. BACK ROW: Kathy Laubinger, Carol Ruetten, Carloyn Ziebert, Sandy Zakowski, Dave Gazinski, Jeff Kubel, Barb Hoff, Dan Romberg, Jeff Harkner, Dave Urbanek, Scott Ruehling, Tom Bestul, Gary Gartman. Lutheran Collegians FIRST ROW: Reverend Richard A. Agenten, Brian Preuss, Paul Weinberger, Dan Brooks, Becky Marquis, Dr. Glenn Brooks. BACK ROW: Connie Bell, Mark Wierschke, Curtis Buelow, Doug Schoenike, John Gierach, Dan Weed, Todd Kitzerow, Sue Abraham. 61 62 Marching Band FIRST ROW: Alice McDonald, Scot U'ren, Todd Wiese, Scott Seacrist, Dan Duncan, Mike Diaz, Chad Martin, Jon Hayden, Tim Dallman, Bud McDonald, Eric Reinicke. ROW 2: Ruth Pawlarczyk, Cyndi Hartley, Amy Meihsner, Kris Gratz, Pam Hermanson, Debbie Schwark, Tammy Acherman, leanice Rawson, Kathy Moody, Holly leseritz, Joleen Kube, Robin Dailey, Chris Fick, Ginger Malko, Lisa Zielke, Angie Boll, Lisa Domann, Kay Prueser, Sherry inherty. ROW 3: Donelle Theres, Lori Edwards, Sara McDonald, Meadow Atkinson, Linda Mertz, Ron Pierce, Bill Kerkhot, Brian Zeman, Jim Dobson, Brenda Mattrisch, Lois Bohonek, Brenda Hermanson, Mary Beth Hahn, Mark DeTurk. ROW 4: Eric Holthaus, Deb Mezera, Craig Johnson, Brad Rychecky: Joe Anderson, Patti Schwartz, Eric Marlow, Laura Wanozek, Brian Holste, Kathy Suess, Jon Wunderlin, Kevin Lueschow, Karen Burris. ROW 5: Mike Olson, Andy Gee, Jim Pitterle, Jim Strang, Karla Rigdon, Linda Bridge, Dan Powell, Dean Spooner, Kelly Schwert, Lois Jewell, Don Fulton, Doug Schoenicke. ROW 6: Steve Keller, Brian Schwartz, Philipp Marty, Dean Taylor, Ron Schneider, Dan Reetz, Brian Brown. BACK ROW: Jim Steil, Frank Laycock, Mike Williams, Kevin Wilson, Jeff Weydert, Lynn Roberts, Brian Falkosky, Joe Steil. Music Educators National Conference FIRST ROW: Julie Schaaf, Janice Grunenwald, Brenda Hermanson, Alice McDonald, Deb Martin. BACK ROW: Bill Schwantes, Linda Mertz, Adair Hultberg, Philip Marty, Dan Powell, Pam Otte, Joe Anderson, Brad Rychecky, Eric Morritt, Laurie Hoeppner, Anne Jackson. National Education Association FIRST ROW: Dr. Holt, Lisa Lovell, Keith Henderson. ROW 2: Robin Ellis, Heidi Taebel Wice-Presidenn, Jean Ferguson Wresideno. Amy Curley SecretaryL Carmella Gonzalez HreasurerL Leah Frye. ROW 3: Barbara Wills, Arla Kundert, Joan Janssen, Lynn Pink, Shelley Wills, Cindy Peetz, Marie Dorgan, Janet Enloe. BACK ROW: Brenda Rodas, Dianne White, Barb Burke, Sara Trampf, Beth Racz, Angie Boll, LeAnn Gerszewski. Phi Eta Sigma .9: FIRST ROW: Donald Parent Wresideno, Lyle Gaastra Wice-Presideno, Doug Ganske $ecretaryL Larry Gabbey Hreasuren, Gayle Gander Historiam. ROW 2: Barb Nichols, Tammy Acherman, Karen Tollefson, Mary Medjeski, Shelley Wills, Barbara Wills, Carol Mueller, Scott Spencer. ROW 3: Nancy Moen, Marie Dorgan, Jane Frontz, Dr. Roy Smith, Theresa Christensen, Kathy Miller, Kathy Kohlstedt, Janet Bares, Irene Brossard, Natalie Ansay, Hiedi Waller, Laurie Hauerwas, Karen Prochaska. BACK ROW: Dave Beck, Herb Yanke, Kent Weigel, Jon Greeb, Todd Cullen, Todd Fenske, Dan Meise, Doug Hipenbecker, Ted Wadzinski. 63 Pioneer Players Left to Right: Tim Wondrash tPresidenn, Diana Poelle, Dean Pope, Carrie Cruman, Cynthia Klessig, Mark Wierschk, Karl Omernick, Cindy Johnson, Chana, Julie Nehring, Lisa Pare, Cindy Trickel, Kathy Kohlstedt, April Trickel, Rob Bell, Tom Goltry, Barb Feith, Constance Larson. BALCONY: Mike Hennes, Kayleen Durley, Michael Breis, Pam Moen, Dave Derf. Pre Vet Club FIRST ROW: Dr. Russ Jahn, Craig Morris, Cathy Klecker, Gloria Lund. ROW 2: Julie Dushenski, Laurie Hauerwas. ROW 3: Dave Krahn, Don Burno, Scott Ruetten, Tom Simpson. Rangerettes FIRST ROW: Sherry Faherty, Kathy Moody, Tammy Acherman, Ruth Pawlarczk. ROW 2: Kay Prueser, Lisa Domann, Amy Meihsner, Kris Gratz, Angie Boll, Cyndi Hartley. BACK ROW: Pamela Hermanson, Ginger Malko, Chris Fick, Jeanice Rawson, Holly Jeseritz, Joleen Kube, Robin Dailey, Debbie Schwark, Lisa Webber. Rugby Club FIRST ROW: Jeff Arndt, Chuck Deery. ROW 2: Roger Wedig, Chris Baumhover, Ed Schulz, Scott Dumke, Dave Meixelsperger, Mike Sandmire, Tom Brown. ROW 3: Mike Hoppenjan, Ray Venner, Brian Johnston, Eric Johnson, Scott Goltry, Dan Gruber, Rob Thompson, Mark Winghart, Perry Handziak. BACK ROW: Dennis Enloe, Bill Gross, Marc Becker, Dan Ward, Mike Butler, Matt Vande Sande, Phil Wall, Darren Len, Gweido Meyer, John Carlson, Steve Lewis, Greg Jones, Buster Landin, Larry Gander, Terry Seffrood, Jim Tisol, Bob Menning. Army ROTC RUN RWPILLMG FIRST ROW: Eric Franzen, Louis Ohland, Steve Nott, Robert Griswold, Thomas Paige. BACK ROW: William Cavros, Ronald Zimmerman, Paul Koshared, Duane Kant. FIRST ROW: Colleen Buelow, Therese Derdzinski, Lori Bell, Sharon Hamilton, Sue Preble, Thomas Paige, Robert Griswold, Ted Behnke. ROW 2: lim Delain, William Metcalf, Brian Gowan, Mike Butler, Steven Nott, Alan Standorf, Craig Mushel, Eric Bakken. ROW 3: John Gorter, Tim Gordhamer, Edward Tritt, Mike Nelson, John Rohde, James Blair, Louis Ohland, Elmer Kaiser, Ben Henderson. ROW 4: William Werling, William Cavros, Ronald Zimmerman, Mike Blackman, Chris Bjorkman, Paul Kosharek, Richard Hardyman, Ken Bogusz, Steve Merlak, James Spides $GML BACK ROW: Scott Rice, Sean Latham, Mark Sikkema, John Boxrucker, David Nielson, Duane Kant, Kevin Zarecki, Eric Franzen, Scott Spencer. SAB Executive Committee mn-R FIRST ROW: Eric Wolf, Russell Davis, Kathy Hale. BACK ROW: Kelly Richards, Derwin K. Leigh, Joanne Walker, Bill Tonn. SAB Mardi Gras Committee FIRST ROW: Kelly Richards Mdvisen, Cindy Matz, Derwin K. Leigh, Samantha Jones. BACK ROW: Larry Dean Gander, Al Wambold, Jim Ashing. ; SAB Movie Committee FIRST ROW: Diane Watkins, Vicky Bisbach, Dave Dahl, Cindy Matz, Brian Miller, Bill Tonn, Teresa Rudis, Larry Dean Gander. BACK ROW: Paul Nelson, Tony Prestil, Kirk Olson, Bert Richter, Derwin K. Leigh. SAB Performing Arts Committee o o . FIRST ROW: Kelly Richards, Kathy Hale, Alice McDonald. ROW 2: Russell Davis, Paul Bryant. BACK ROW: Tom Lundeen, Joanne Walker, Eric Wolf, Lynette Wilson, Laurie Hoeppner, Cheri Hale, Marc Schambow. SAB Special Features Committee FIRST ROW: Lynette Wilson, Tim Gillick, Jim Wargowski. BACK ROW: Al Wambold, Joanne Walker, Kelly Richards MdviserL Derwin K. Leigh. Ski Club FIRST ROW: Todd Pawlowski, Pete Krueger, Dusty Ninneman, Dave Borchart, Bill Droessler, Dean Zimmerman, Mike Genthe. ROW 2: Jeff Ellis, Dave Schultz, Pat McFarland, Eric Gunderson, Gary Smith, Terry Kippley, Mike Vanevenhoven, Mark Salzmann, Doug Genthe. ROW 3: Kent Tabor, Teri Hawkos, Jennifer Kopp, Janice Berger, Patty McKee, Mary Tiller, Mike Adsit, Kim Church. BACK ROW: Kevin Keeffe, Mitch lverson, Dean Woda, Mike Belmonte, Bryan Thede, John Loomer, Paul Hicks, Mike Marshall. 69 70 Society Of Manufacturing Technologists FIRST ROW: Paul Burns, Rick Stelpflug, Randy Stelpflug, John Loomer, Gary Haberland, William Bolle, Roger Hoover MdviserL Mike Weeden, Philip Pittman, Daryl Madaus, Scott Olson, Dean Woda. ROW 2: Kerry Bauer, Jeffrey Ross, Pat Schommer, Terry Ruchti, Sean McGavick, Todd Thorn, Don Hebel, Charles A. Galipo, Kevin LeConte, Jim Faltersack, Bill Hirschinger. ROW 3: Steve Danielson, Greg Trehey, Frank Levenick, Brian Salta, Amy O'Rourke, Lisa Maraszek, Keith Streich, John Gallo, Dennis Pratt, Ron Herwig. ROW 4: Donald Parent, Joshua Gray, Mark Wickler, Bruce Wepking, Jay Klug, Bryan Yokes, Casey Caya, Tim Wagar, Gary Goehring, Chris Kosmicki, John Sullivan, Mike Knoebel, Dave Will. BACK ROW: Chris Campbell, Brian Courtney, John Wasser- burger, Bob Geiger, Jeff Hubbard, Jeff Behnke, Mike Vanevenhoven, Chris Lawrence, Kelly Morgan, Greg Hoersch, Brad Wildeman, Scott Stetter. Society Of Women Engineers FIRST ROW: Robyn Grandmason, Diane Davidson, Rose Bucheger. ROW 2: Dawn Denler, Becky Scharf, Daisy Henke, Wendy Haas, Ceci LaBrasca, Julie Holub, Rachel Mahun Mdviserl BACK ROW: lane Hassemer Wice-Presideno, Pat Kelly Secretarw, Amy Bourdow G.A.CJ, Brenda Jensen tPresidentL Mary Jane Gnadt UreasurerL Kathy Hughes, Sue Dominick. Student Senate FIRST ROW: Jim Nielsen, Karen Burris, Terry Kippley, Tom Thieding, Cheryl Narveson, Gary Goehring. ROW 2: Chad Troy, Charlie Melcher, Jim lianette, Janeen Hagen, Lynne Gibson, Donna Behl, Philip Pittman. ROW 3: Joleen Kube, Gerald Kramer, Jackie Nelson, Natalie Bartz, Tracy Breneman, Patrick Henry, John Kustka, Mark Nilsen, Michael Verkuilen. BACK ROW: Mike Taylor, Jeff Sullivan, Wendy Sabel, Brad Neider, Sue Dominick, Gretchen Wolfe, Deborah Russell. Symphony Band FIRST ROW: Brenda Hermanson, Debra Mezera, Kari Jackson, Michele Pederson, Patricia Schwartz, Miles Beske, Sherry Faherty, Heidi Johnson. ROW 2: Losi Jewell, Elsa Frank, Karla HRigdon, Pam Zweifel, Brad Rychecky, Angela Boll, Julie Holub, Laurie Hoeppner, Mike Olson, Gayle Gander, Don Fulton. ROW 3: Joe Andreson, Kirk Olson, Jamie Winkler, Johen Wunderlin, Eric Holthaus, Neil Buss, Scott Warrington, Mary Beth Hahn, David Henry, Anne Jackson, Lois Bohonek. ROW 4: George Ott, Kurt Krueger, Brian Schwartz, Jim Dobson, Brian Brown, Dan Reetz, Ron Pierce, James Kyle, David Soukup, Andy Gee, Frank Laycock, Ralph Klaassen, Randy Teutschmann. BACK ROW: Craig Mason, Mark DeTurk, Alice McDonald, Kent Menkens, Todd Wiese, Peter Pomerening, Beth Taylor, Jon Hayden, Brent Valesano. 71 72 Tae Kwon Do Club FIRST ROW: Dennis Riemer, Scott VanderHeiden, Todd Bergstrom, Bob Jacobson, Jeff Crum, Krista Spelleum, Dennis Lee, Vicki Weber. ROW 2: Don Krueger, Daryl Hauflar, John Rosauer, Tom Finley, Mike Kutis, Larry Bartol, Tim Sorensen, Jerry Miller, Tom Welsch, Mary Jane Gnadt. BACK ROW: Charles Norris, Matt Steensrud, Dave Pauls, Jean Pauls, Pat Burke, Scott Seacrist, Tom Palus, Brian Cleven, Eric Hockel, Dave Ley, James Ryan, Jack Coombs. xA-smxuvw.mxwwwmwwwm. K xWKNJQKKxixxw 3m- ;g:zxgkAwgg-w m .N.'I W h FIRST ROW: Dave Ohnstad Unstructon, Mohan Kim Mdvisen, Len Roecker, Bill Duppler, Jim Nielsen, Jayne Bush, Andy Virnich. ROW 2: Terry Morgan, Mark Bredehoft, Dave Brask, Mike Hahn, Seran Kim, Tom Draxler, Gina Kim, Joe Falkovitz, Carmela Gonzalez. BACK ROW: Michael Genthe, Douglas Genthe, Laura Mayer, Tim Kassens, Joel Strang. 1984 TV-5 Telethon Team Left to Right: lay Yungwirth Wroductiom, Cathleen Darr Halent CoordinatorL Brad Craig RR. Directon, Karen Bennett-Allen Executive Produced, Joni L. Gile WroducerL Greg Cazabon Mrtistic DirectorL Torn Sibenaller Uechnical Coordinatorl Veteran's Club FIRST ROW: Phil Toms, Gary Noel, Mike Kalimosky, Terry Waller, Eric Aasen, Glenn Landis. BACK ROW: Dan Jacobson, Cecil Ballou, Bob Brewer, Jeff Verhasselt. 73 74 ioneer Yearbook Staff 75 Sport 78 -- SOCCER The UW-Platteville Soccer Team Midfield player Tony Voulgaris, De- opened their season with a second fenders Luis Garcia and Mark Peter- place finish in the Ohio Wesleyan son, and Goalkeeper John Di Buono Tournament. The entire team was all performed well for the team. excited about the invitation to Ohio. Scott Way and Marco Ramos, in It proved that the Pioneers could Eberlein's words, "came off the compete against Eastern teams. bench to add depth to the team." Another highlight of the season When asked about next year's was the 3-0 loss to Division III Na- team, Coach Fred Eberlein said that tional Champs Wheaton College. next year's defense will not be able They were the best team the Pio- to allow as many goals as in the past. neers played all season. The team will be lackng Center For- The Pioneer-Notre Dame game ward Jim Jianette's goal-scoring po- was unique because the team played tential. to the largest number of fans ever Eberlein is busy recruiting players attending a home soccer game. The for next year's team. Veterans Tony Notre Dame team made a goal with Voulgaris and Steve Starkey along only 58 seconds remaining on the with new recruits Kevin Kelley and clock, beating out Platteville 4-3. lt Tony Zaylor will be strong players for was during the Notre Dame game next year's team. that Jim Jianette scored his 107th ca- Eberlein, who has been coaching reer goal, breaking the previous at Platteville for 12 years, is looking NAIA record of 106 goals in a play- forward to his one-hundredth ca- er's career. reer win as coach. The team is antici- The team finished the season with pating a successful 1985 season. The an overall record of 12-7. Coach combination of experience and en- Fred Eberlein said the team's thusiasm will lead the Pioneer Soc- strength lies in the skills of the play- cer Team to victory. ers. Center forward Jim Jianette, W Mike Bultman fights for position with an Augustana player in the Homecoming game. Platteville lost with a score of 2-1. 79 80 -FIELD HOCKEY The University of Wisconsin-Platte- ville Field Hockey Team finished the year with their best season ever. The sixteen-member team won six games, lost nine, and tied two games. The team lost the first game of the season with a score of 2-1 against nationally-ranked Stevens Point. The team scored ties in their games against the Carlton and Be- midji teams - both of which were tough opponents. A highlight of the season was the win against UW-La- Crosse in overtime. The game was tied 1-1 and Platteville's Amy O'Rourke made the score 2-1 in the first of two extra ten-minute halves. The defense prevented the LaCrosse team from scoring more goals. The typical field hockey game is made up of 2 - 35 minute periods of continuous play. There are eleven play- ers on the field at all times and there are no time-outs. While field hockey is a team sport, much of the responsibility falls to the goalie who uses any means possible to stop the ball. Platteville's Kim Krahenbuhl acted as goalie for the team. She was voted Most Valuable Player and Goalie for the All-Confer- ence team. The sophomore will be re- turning for next year's season as will most of this year's team. Cindy Metcalf and Sue Walsh acted as co-captains for the team. Metcalf says the winning season was because the Platteville women played as a team. "We put it all together." When asked about her hopes for next year's team, Coach Gates said, "If we can pick up several people and keep what we have, we'll be even bet- ter next year." Laura Tremaine, Wanda Boldon, and Sue Walsh celebrate their victory. The Platteville Men's Cross Country Team shows its competitive ability as the harriers beat out the Whitewater Warhawks with a score of 18-41. CROSS COUNTRY.- The Cross Country Team finished their sea- son with a win- -loss record of 4- 3. In invitational competition, Platteville placed tenth out of 36 teams in the Luther College Invitational at De- corah, IA. The Midwestern Open at Parkside, where Platteville placed twelfth out of 36, host- ed some of the best teams in the Midwest. Platteville placed twelfth out of 28 at both the Notre Dame Invitational and the Carthage Col- lege Invitational. The team finished their season on a cold and windy day in Conference compe- tition at Superior. The team placed seventh out of nine teams. Lettermen on the team include: Senior Nate Wetzel; Junior Barry Wallen; Sophomores Rob McGaff, Jim Weaver, Luke Demerath, Randy Nelson, Brad Davis, and Bob Heinemann; and Freshmen Steve Eggers and Bob Brockman. Highlights of the season include the first meet against the Alumni which they won 29- 39. Kirk Bushman and Brad Davis were red- shirted as the number one and two runners, respectively. When asked about his hopes for next year, Coach Tom Vail said, "We'll have an outstand- ing team with everybody back except Wetzel. " Vail has also received good results from his recruiting efforts for the next year. Vail, who has been coaching at Platteville for 21 years, is excited about next year's team. "Next year will be a very strong year." 81 VOLLEYBALL Platteville players Diane White and Fonda Eng watch as Cindy Schroeder dives for the ball. The UW-Platteville Women's Volleyball Team fin- ished the season with an overall record of 25-23. This earned them a sixth-place finish in the conference. The team realized Coach Lori Anda's goal of a .500 season record. Michelle Hassemer, voted Most Valu- able Player by her teammates, was a very good hitter for the team and will be missed next year. Juniors Beth Schaben, Dianne White, and Fonda Eng consis- tently performed well for the team. This was Anda's first year coaching the lady spik- ers. She replaced last year's coach, Stacey Karpinec. Her coaching style was very different from what the team was used to. This proved to be a major weak- ness because it caused a lack of the communication essential to a winning team. In spite of their inconsis- tent play, the team was talented and possessed great potential. The team's blocking was strong. Their abil- ity to spike the ball in open areas was also a factor which helped in play against the opposing team. The highpoint of the season came when the Pio- neers beat Bethel College at the Platteville Invita- tional. This was a special victory for the lady spikers because it was Parent's Day and also because the Bethel team was ranked eighth in the nation at the time. Of the teams participating, UW-Stout was the only one to win a single game against the Pioneer netters. Coach Anda is looking forward to the 1985 season. Next year's co-captains Beth Schaben and Fonda Eng, along with Cindy Schroeder and Darlene Grif- fith, will work well together for a successful season. The sophomore players will provide support for the upperclasswomen and round out the team. "We are hoping for a much better season as a whole." wg. 3 i 3 A 3 tttttt .4 L 3 i W W , R t j ? l 3 3 . 44- e' i M v .w- j 3-3 ' L i 3 3. W . ,th :jf; - ' - ; i ; PW ; v x 3 g i L l 3 www NWT ''''' ,,,,, rn- wit ,, aw i ' x FOOTBALL A Pioneer gridder tackles a Whitewater player. Whitewater won the game with a score of 31-7. The 1984 UW-Platteville Football Team proved to the WSUC that they could compete against anyone. Their conference record stood at 4- 4, while the final record was 5-6. In Coach George Chryst's book, that meant a successful season. The season started on a high note when Platteville defeated nationally- ranked Loras College. After losing to Valparaiso University and Stevens Point, they soundly defeated the Oshkosh Titans at Oshkosh. The next weekend, the Warhawks of Whitewater spoiled Parents Day when they beat the Pioneers. The highlight of the season may have been the Platteville-Eau Claire game. The nationally-ranked Blue- golds, led by former Wisconsin Bad- ger quarterback Jess Cole, were blitzed by the Pioneer's attack. Dur- ing the Eau Claire game, the referee stormed off the field and shouted at the band director to quiet the band. The Pioneer fans roared in protest. The crowd's cheers were so loud that the Eau Claire players could not hear the count for the snap. The reg- ular season ended when Platteville defeated both the Superior and Stout teams. On November 18, the Pioneers got the chance of a lifetime when they played at a tournament in the Minneapolis Metrodome. The Min- nesotea-Duluth Bulldogs beat the Pioneers, pointing out a weakness in the offense. The 1984 offense did have a very talented runner in the backfield; Senior Marty Sturzl gained over 1,000 yards to lead the WSUC in rushing. This feat earned him the Pioneer's Most Valuable Player Award. He also won the Back of the Year Award. Paul Gruner was Line- man of the Year, and John Mamerow was the Most Improved Offensive Player while the Most Improved De- fensive Player was Dave Rooyakkers. The awards didn't stop there. Tim Schulgen, Mark Rae, Jamie Scher- kenbach, and Marty Sturzl were all named to the WSUC first confer- ence team. Paul Owner and Mike Hintz finished on the second team. Receiving Honorable Mention were Tom Hunsader and Jerome Hen- drickson. Brian Zeman 85 1F WRESTLING Despite the teams' injuries and inexperience, the 1985 season was a gratifying one for the Pio- neer Wrestling Team. Although half of the team consisted of freshmen, Head Coach Wally lselin said that the team made tremendous progress to- wards conference dominance. The first half of the season was tough for the Pioneer grapplers be- cause they competed in a lot of open tourna- ments against Division I schools. The team didn't let these odds stop them. Although many of the men on the team were hindered by physical injur- ies, their spirit enabled them to win. Once again, the N.A.I.A. ranked the Pioneers 18th out of 71 teams in small school competition. Such fine performance must be credited to both the wrestlers and the coach. lselin has brought twelve wrestlers to All-American status in his six years of coaching, including this year's qualifier, Scott Arneson. Arneson, who competed at 118 pounds, won all-American honors and ranked fourth in the nation as a freshman. Four other wrestlers who just missed All- American include: Eric Swiggum, Al Schult, John Dobbs, and Dave Rooyakkers. Six of the grapplers competed in the National tournament. Although no titles were gained, one wrestler was a qualifier. This wrestler was 150-pound Dave DeCono, a freshman from Watertown. When asked about the future, lselin stated that "it looks promising" with only two team members graduating. When lselin returns to coaching in two years, after taking a leave of absence, he feels the Pioneer Wrestling Team will be the best ever. The wrestling program will have "one of the top five wrestling teams in the country. For the sea- son, lselin credited his fine squad with working hard and having the incentive to improve. John Dobbs, who just missed All-American competition, wrestles against his competition. 90 rMEN'S BASKETBALL Experienced Junior Guard Tim "Sugar" Hill took control of the youthful Pioneer squad throughout the season. First-year Men's Basketball next year. Coach Bo Ryan does not like to Exceptional performances were dwell on the negative, which is a turned in this year by Tim Hill, good thing. Although the Pio- junior forward; Randy Kazin, ju- neers finished the season with a 4- nior guard; Rock Ripley, freshman 12 conference record, Ryan is op- center; and Rob Kukla, freshman tomistic about the basketball pro- forward. Ray Wagner, the only gram at UW-Platteville. senior on the team, ends his col- "This season I had 14 men will- lege basketball career with a good ing to commit their energies to- record. ward building a winning pro- "As for the 1985-1986 season? gram," Ryan said about this pre- Ryan looks forward to going dominantly young team. Many of "from being a competitive team the games this year were lost by to a winning team." only a few points, which gives the team added incentive to improve Mike Brunette 91 3 9 94 .. WOMEN'S BASKETBALLee Senior Guard Krista Wolf faces two Whitewater players as she moves to pass the ball down the court. This year saw the last of the Wom- en's Basketball Team - for Coach Curt Fatzinger, that is. Fatzinger will be finishing his Masters in May and saying his farewells to coaching. He is joined by five of his players. They leave behind a group of women who possess a strong training back- ground. This year was Fatzinger utilizing different methods of coaching . The team spent more time conditioning this year than in the past. Everyone was required to lift weights - even the coach! A lot of practice time was spent on fundamentals such as free throws and post up practices. What do the lady Pioneers have to show for their training? The team beat Marquette 67 - 56 and won the Luther Tournament in overtime against Carthage College 80 - 70. Voted to that All-Tourna- ment Team were Junior Caron Towpsend, Junior Sherri Batterman, and Senior Robin Thurner. The team placed sixth in the conference with Thurner named First Team All-Con- ference and Most Valuable Player. Tina Meier was named Most lm- proved Player. This year's team was lead by up- perclasswomen Krista Wolf, Sarah Seidler, Sue Kuschewski, Robin Thurner, and Tina Meier e all of which shared the name 'Captain'. These five seniors will be leaving the program and will be sorely missed. Seidler and Thurner retire as third and fourth place respectfully, career point leaders. "The ladies played good ball. I es- pecially enjoyed coaching this team because they were a hard-working and devoted group," says Coach Curt Fatzinger of the season. 9S One word, inexperienced, de- scribes this year's Men's Gymnas- tics team. Coach Mary Roth and Assistant Coach Scott Flesner agree that the men's team did a great job this year considering the condition in which these men en- ter collegiate gymnastics. The lack of high school experience really hurts a college program. Despite this huge obstacle, Dan Baldus missed national competition by about three spots. According to Coach Roth, Cap- tain Todd Zuberbier "showed tons of improvement" and Jim Swenson was a "top floorman". In two years this team would be awesome. The February 16th alumni meet became a highlight of this year's season. Even gymnasts who com- peted in 1974 and 1975 returned. "Although the 'soft-handers' lost a little of their endurance, they were definitely in competitive form," remarked Flesner. "It was a great day! And over-all, I'm proud of the team's competitive and up- beat attitude despite next year's loss of a men's program due to the lack of funding and close compa: rable competition." i Jean Marie LeConte MEN'S GYMNASTICS Jim Swenson gives his "aII" as he competes on the vaulting horse. "The best team ever! We broke all kinds of records!" Coach Mary Roth describes this year's Women's Gym- nastics Team. As the All-around team goal of 150 points was realized another of 160 points was set. This goal was almost attained at Nationals when the team missed a third place trophy by less than a point. This year's teams' strongest event was the floor exercise. Janet McCray, a soph- omore, and Gina Piazza, a freshman, tied for third place on the event at conference. And at the NCGA Na- 3 WOMEN'S GYMNASTICS .ew tionals McCray placed fourth in the all-around competition with 33.30 while Piazza finished eighth with a 32.80 score. This year's team achieved many personal bests with Loni Halberstadt attaining a 32 point all-around score. Coach Roth, a member of the very first UW-P Gym- nastics Team in 1965, commented, "Hopefully this young team will con- tinue to improve," which of course is her ultimate goal. Jean Marie LeConte Sophomore Janet McCray demonstrates her skill on the balance beam. 97 98 . WOMEN'S SOFTBAL L Catcher Julie Zuidema waits for the throw as an Oshkosh player slides safely into home. The 1984 University of Wisconsin- Platteville Women's Softball Team swung into action March 8 as they headed south for spring training in Or- lando, Florida. The team sold candy for months so they could afford the trip. The first game of the season will be one of the most remembered. Fresh- man Janet James pitched the first no- hitter in Pioneer softball history in a game against Western New England which Platteville won 3-1. During the Florida trip, the women played teams from Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Massachusetts, West Virginia, and Mis- souri. The competition was tough be- cause they.played many Division III teams and NAIA teams. "The team has come a long way in the last three years since the beginning of the softball pro- gram," commented Coach of the Year, Kurt Fatzinger. The experience gained during the spring trip to Orlando and in non-conference action gave the team a jump on the northern teams which resulted in their fine perfor- mance. The trip, more importantly, de- veloped a strong comradeship among the players. According to Coach Fatzinger, the strengths of the team were their deter- mination to win, their knowledge of the game, and their strong pitching backed by a strong defense. Hitting leaders for Platteville were: Kelly Fat- zinger L382l, Cathy Murphyi.3191, and Sherri Batterman L303l. RBI leaders were: Sherri Batterman i12l, Connie Wunschel i10l, and Cathy Murphy i10l. Extra base hit leaders were: Kelly Fat- zinger with six and Sherri Batterman with five. Pitching Leaders were: Janet James, Sherri Batterman, and Carla Mack. The team finished the season with a conference record of 4-2 and an over- all record of 15-11. Looking forward to winning the conference in 1985, Coach Fatzinger, with deep conviction and commitment, stated that the softball team is no longer a contender but a victor. 100 ....MEN'S BASEBALL Phil Heimerl was the men's baseball team's leading pitcher for the 1984 season. Heimerl will be returning for the 1985 season. Spring 1984 marked Dr. Glenn Bestor's last season as UW-Platteville's baseball coach. When asked about the change, Bestor said, "It was a healthy thing." In Bestor's twenty years of coaching at UW- Platteville, he has been involved with almost every sport. Bestor says that now he will be able to teach full- time and work towards obtaining his master' 5 degree. Younger staff members will have the oppor-l tunity to acquire coaching experience The new men 's baseball coach is Greg Schofield. Although Schofield has coached baseball on the high school level, this will be his first try at the college level. The UW-Platteville men's baseball team is a strong one. They have had players win both All-District and All-Conference. The 1984 team was an experienced one. The Pioneers were strong in almost every posi- tion on the field. The one area in which the team was somewhat weak was catching because of the loss of a veteran starter. Catchers Keith Ringleberg, Greg Kradicker, and Tom Ruppenthal made a good show- ing last season. The Pioneers had six returning pitch- ers. These lettermen were Kentin Kais, Phil Heimerl, Bill Bolle, Al Lambert, Dave Sagehorn, and Dan Rieder. Players Scott Adams, Terry Schmidt, Brian Morley, Mark Ducklow, and Todd Peterson added their infielding experience to the team. John Bren- gosz, James Danner, Kevin Felber, and Tim Hawkin- son will stablize the outfield. Another factor that added to the strength of the team was a veteran bench backing up the starters and competition for positions among the veteran players. The Most Valu- able Player was John Brengosz. Phil Heimerl was the season's leading pitcher. When asked about the outlook for the 1985 sea- son, Bestor said that the team's strength lies in their pitching line-up. Most of last year's pitchers are re- turning. This is important in a conference where good pitchers can win the game. Bestor said that Greg Schofield will have to solve some catching problems and find some infielders to further strengthen the team. With 75 people trying out for this year's team, Schofield should be able to find the needed infielders and catchers. 101 102 .. MEI$ l'SMTRACK + a ' ,Lgn A L .' aw ' m; a Mum, , . ,M Hurdlers run neck and neck in the Doug Debroux Invitational. Doug Debroux was UW-Platteville's assistant track coach until he accept position at Oregon, Wis., as a teacher and coach of the track and cross country teams. One of the surprises of the 1984 men's track season was the excellent performance made by the incoming freshmen. This is unique according to Coach Tom Vail, since it usually requires a long period of training before athletes excel in any of the track events. Freshman Scott Oomens placed second in the javelin competition after throwing the javelin a distance of 192 feet. Steve Lewis, a junior, performed well in the dis- cus. Tony Melchor and Rollie Faust, who both graduat- ed in the spring of 1984, did well as distance runners. Sprinter Mike Hennes made a good performance last year and will be back on the team in 1985. The highlight of the 1984 men's track season occurred at the Drake Relays, where UW-Platteville finished fifth in the high hurdle relays, topping even UW-Madison. UW-Platteville is the only school in the conference with no indoor track facilities. This puts our students at an unfair disadvantage in the indoor track events. How- ever, Coach Vail notes that as the season progresses, our athletes improve their performance in these events as well. When asked what the prospects were for build- ing indoor track facilities at UW-Platteville, Coach Vail responded, "If we ever find a couple of million dollars lying around somewhere, then UW-P will have its in- door track." Coach Vail looks forward with optimism to the 1985 track season. Several transfers from other schools will add to the strength of our team. Both men's and wom- en's track teams will expand, with approximately 20 on the women's team. 103 .. WOMENS TRACK Practice makes perfect and whether it be dusk or dawn, anytime is a good time to get in shape for the up coming season in womens track. The 1984 Women's Track Team, while not the fier- cest of competitors, had a good time this season. Team member and MVP Michelle Hassemer would like to see more people join the team. The team was so small that it couldn't place people in all the events. Hassemer said that the team had fun; by enjoying themselves and doing the best for themselves, the individuals did the best for the team. The track season is divided up into indoor and out- door competition. Since UW-Platteville does not have any indoor track facilities, all the indoor meets are away from home. The highlight of the spring 1984 season came when Michelle Hassemer was selected Best Women's Ath- lete. Michelle competed in the shot, discus, and jave- lin. Another member of the team, Ann Smith, showed alot of promise for the 1985 season. Both Michelle and Ann, and Karen Runk, another team member, will be back for the 1985 season. Mary Roth, coach for the 1984 season, would like to see more people take the time to join the team. She said, "There should be more women taking advantage of our excellent outdoor track facilities." Bob Phillips, UW-P's Sports Photographer, spends as much as twenty hours a week taking pictures of UW-P sports. GOTCHA Although Bob Phillips has been taking photographs for UW-Plat- teville sports for four years, this is the first year that he has been offi- cially recognized as UW-Platte- ville's Sports Photographer. Phil- lips, who has been teaching Geog- raphy and Aerial Photography at the University for twenty years, is originally from Rewey, Wl. He went to high school and college at Platteville, but left the area to ob- tain his masters degree at North- ern Illinois. What first started as a hobby has become a job which occupies as much as twenty hours a week. Al- though Phillips receives no salary for his photography work, the school does provide the needed supphes The most difficult sport to pho- tograph, according to Phillips, is football. It is difficult to predict what will happen next. Track is the easiest sport to photograph. Phillip's photographs are given to the players and used for re- cruiting purposes. His photos have also been used in the Pio- neer Yearbook, Exponent, foot- ball programs, brochures, etc. "The best thing about this job is getting to know the athletes - sharing the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat." Phillips says that it's the players that give his sports photography meaning. "The athletes make it worth- while." 105 Greek . FIRST ROW: Karen Van Niewenhuize-Fuchs, Chris French, John Doering, Stacy Enfelt, Thomas Savas. ROW 2: Lisa Lenius, Belle Doyle. ROW 3: J Burkholder, Jill Enfelt, Kirk Cichy, Justin Lee, Sandi Cassidy. BACK ROW: Kim Hagemann, Jeff Hagemann, Eric James VanBuren, Rachel P. Matzk Michael Cassidy, Joy Leu, Jason Bold. 108 Alpha Gamma Rho FIRST ROW: Jeff Laufenberg, Ken Watts, Todd Klahn, Steven Massey, Bruce McNaughton, Kevin Knuth, Jeff Byrnes, Jeff Agnew. ROW 2: Bill Cody, Ray Key, Ken Jenks, John Jarvis, Todd Stiede, Larry Raupp, Mike Kirschbaum, Dan Deppe. ROW 3: Rick Lipka, Dave Hill, Ron Martin, Mike Fennigkoh, Mark Keller, Kevin Klubertanz, Taylor Weisensel, David Biggs, Kevin McArtor. BACK ROW: Greg Rickert, Gary Smith, Randy Binversie, Brian Long, Kent Wiegel, Lyle Poch, Stuart Stangler, Herb Yanke, David Stirmel, Bob Klahn, Paul Manke. Alpha Gamma Rho Little Sisters FIRST ROW: Barb Wegmann, Cari Christensen, Pam Hermanson 6weethear0, Kelly Weiskircher, Becky Oechsle, Bette Oyen. BACK ROW: Lynn French, Mary Duerst, Molly Lovgren, Gini Werling, Denice Fitzsimmons, Kris Gratz, Christie Curwen. 109 Delta Gamma Phi FIRST ROW: Bob Klahn, Joleen Kube, Diane Watkins, Deb Spooner, Marge Griglak, Marcia Gaskin, Jackie Nelson, Dan Dechant. ROW 2: Jane Scott, Randy Binversie, Tari Pittz. BACK ROW: Joyce Steffes, Heidi Taegel, Mary Harper, Tracy Eggers, Kim Burds, Mary Jo Czechanski, Kathy Hughes, Dana 10 Spooner, Shannon Boardman, Vicky Bisbach, Karen Burris. Gamma Phi Beta ,Amn FIRST ROW: Debbie Day, Terri Mindham, Terri Gill, Barb Goodweiler, Tammie Dunlap, Heather Nye. ROW 2: Margery Otto, Jana Kelly, Heidi Hatch, Kathy Hale, Lisa Maraszek, Connie Karnopp, Shelly Helw Helwig, Margery Otto. ROW 3: Jfanice Berger, Jane Gadow, Cheri Hale, Kathy Lentz, Jackie Cosgrove, Traci Olson, Rhonda Zlabek. BACK ROW: Eric Schambow, All Smillie, Tom Peplinski, Brad Hansen, Darrel Monrowe, Gary Smith. 110 Delta Sigma Phi. ; EPXMLTKGWTER FIRST ROW: Randy Arndorfer, Gene Bomchill, Curt Orlowski. ROW 2: Philip Pittman, Jane O'Brien, Bob Schroeder, Peggy Ellefson, Edgar ackson, Gene Koehler, Tari Pittz. ROW 3: Randy Wiskow, Tom Van Voorhis, Kelly Richards, Gary Hanan, Eric Jones, Darrell Monroe, Bob White, my O'Rourke. ROW 4: John Paul, Jacki Glenn, Kathy Hughes, Michelle Hanson, Joy Byer, Molly Fitzgerald, John Gallo, Diane ODonnell, Sheri eters, Judy Trebian, Dawn Budde, Lenni Ziegenhagen, Mark Klish. BACK ROW: Krista Wolf, Rich Vodak, Mike Vice, Eric Gregerson, Lonnie Holze, Tom Hughs, Joe Hughs, Scott Golliher, Dave Tainter, John Zwicky, Jerry Eastman, John Richter. x 111 Kappa Alpha Sigma FIRST ROW: Deborah Russell, Laura Wisniewski, Patti Anne Mitch. ROW 2: Melinda Grieswell, Tom Hughes, Kim Krahenbuhl. ROW 3: Tracy Smithson, Trudy Jeidy, Kim Dillman, Maxine Thalmann. BACK ROW: Rita Mezera, Pat Doyle MdviserL Tom Waters MdviserL Lois Bohonek, Denise Homer. Phi Sigma Epsilon FIRST ROW: Linda Pacioni, Mikki Eversoll. ROW 2: Shari Markham, Charlie Eversoll, Beth Reid, Lori Mueller. BACK ROW: Robert Bremser, Steve Sherer, Steve O'Keefe, Ward Pillsbury, John Lange, Larry Holtz, Jim Lukas. Lambda Sigma Pi FIRST ROW: Dan Risse, Dale Jozwowski, Dave Decono, Bul Krisberg, Tim Schulgen, H. T. Kinney, Jamie Scherkenbach, Lance Taylor. ROW 2: John Mamerow, Steve Gibbs, Cindy Sherkey, John Fondell, Chris Leonard, Dan Marz. ROW 3: Paul Gruner, Tom Doering, Kurt Hamilton, Dave Moldenhauer, Dan Sagal, Pat Miller, Bill Foster, Mark Baker, Jay Leinfelder. ROW 4: Mike Brewster, Lindo St. Angel, Jeff Dower, Bret Jenkins, Steve Schauf. ROW 5: Curt Mellem, Tim Ryan, Kenten Kais, Norb Hoff, Philip Sandwich, Pat Schommer. BACK ROW: Steve Lindauer, Phil Heimerl, Steve Jones, Bill Dettman, Rob Hughes. 113 g g? $ FIRST ROW: Bill Baker, Cindy Reed, Diane Barney, Steve Hoffman, Kuy Herpel, Chad Karpf. ROW 2: Heidi Hatch, Laura Snorek, Stacey Jensen, Shannon Brautigam. ROW 3: Peter Mark, Sue King, Cindy Showers, Joleen Kube, Jennifer Paulson, Nancy Kessenic , Maria Becerra. BACK ROW: Mark Wichert, Kelly Cauffman, Greg Valliere. M . u a 4k h is Sigma Tau Gamma FIRST ROW: Mark Vosberg, Dave Cheever, Dan Gardner, Jeff Sullivan, Paul Scheel, John Darus, Dan Clarton, ROW 2: Dave Ernst, Dan Ward, Mike Gibbons, Mark Mathwig, Mike Mothersead, Charles J. Deery, Randall H. Spiess, Eric Woodruff. ROW 3: T. A. Waters MdviserL Chad Troy, Tom Sukol, Steven Shea, Jeffrey Watts, Peter Cains, Pat Burke, Dan DeChant, Tim O'Toole, Kevin Rauscher. BACK ROW: Paul Schowalter, Don Lanke, Allen Smillie, Timothy Jones, Todd Helwig, Jerry Ulrich, Michael Wallom, Dale R. Sonders. Sigma Tau Gamma Little Sisters FIRST ROW: Ginger Malko, Deanna Detter, Cindy Panke, Julie Stolper, Debbie Day. BACK ROW: Kim Williams, Irene Brossard, Carla Weber, Jayne Bush, Pam Moen, Kim Teubert, Karen O'Neil, Amy Meihsner, Heidi Gillingham. Tau Kappa Epsilon FIRST ROW: Bill Ibbotson, Thomas Howes, Jim Reich, Joseph Matthews, Brian Hrupka. BACK ROW: Mike K n, Dan Santerre, Jeff Carlson, Dale Dick, John Boxrucker. Order Of Diana FIRST ROW: Becky Bull, Mary Vanevenhoven, Mary Manuell. BACK ROW: Lois Bohonek, Trudy Jeidy. Theta Tau FIRST ROW: Doug Genthe, Laura Anderson, Patricia Russell, Chris Tellock, Steve Streblow. BACK ROW: Ron Sam, Ron Daggett, Dan Volk, Jay Reinhardt, Mark Frederick, Charlie Melcher. Residence Hall. 120 RESIDENCE HALL COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Teri Harvey, Julie Ginter, Janet Bares, Pam Renken, Scott Rice. ROW 2: Scott Mahloch, Greg Hankes, Alice Judy, Julie Reese, David Allison, Tim lsom. BACK ROW: Kathy Lentz, Dave Beck, Jim Ashing, Doug Wojtarowicz, Brian Heiser, Terry Kipley, Brett Sawdey. MCGREGOR Jaralee Johnson describes herself as being very people- oriented. As AD. of McGregor Hall, Jaralee plans to use this skill to promote fun and healthy programs for hall residents. Her hometown is Poynette, WI, a small town located 25 miles north of Madison. Jaralee is studyng ele- mentary education with a minor in psychology. She hopes to become a guidance counselor at the junior or senior high school level after obtaining a master's degree in counselor education. McGregor Hall is active in Homecoming, RH Week, and other campus activities. For the past two years, McGregor has hosted a dance marathon to help in the fight against Muscular Dystrophy. Jaralee says, "Part of what makes McGregor Hall so special is the campus on which it sits. This is a warm, friendly place to further your education. McGregor Hall is proud to be a part of this unique place!" FIRST ROW: Rose Brokish, Donna Oilschlager, Edward Tritt, Molly Fitzgerald, David Borchart. BACK ROW: Jaralee Johnson, Todd Pawlowski, Dianne O'Donnell, Kenten Kais, Dave Hoppenjan. FIRST ROW: Dan Aschliman, Mark Oberholz, Tim Hertel, Ron Visintainer, Ed Trittra, Don Pustina, Pat Downey, Jim Ashing. ROW 2: John Baumgartner, Rock Ripley, Dave Brereton, Steve Paluszynski, Brad Werner, Chuck Phillips, Paul Kahlenberg. BACK ROW: Greg Goral, Bart Germain, Don Hopkins, Jim Mudgett. m-n -Im 'lm l'l'l dmz-m 121 122 dmms dmz-m FIRST ROW: Mike Hodgson, Steve Peterson, Tom Lefeber, Roger Olson, Scott Brosteau, Steve Tollakson. ROW 2: Dan Solchen- berger, Eric Gunderson, Don Lanke, Tim Hopfensperger, Matt Steensrud, Pat Burke, Michael Hemming, Bob Rech, Steve Paul. BACK ROW: Kent Tabor, Todd Pawlowski, Dave Larson, Terry Kipley, Doug Ninneman, Steve Becharel. , z ;n . , 4 g a a a y r n a v n on. a vu-u-unungsun " fiiiiiiiiii mama - 8w. 3311!! FIRST ROW: Leigh Chesmore, Cindy Johnson, Jackie Carey, Sara McDonald, Traci Olson, Kelly Niemeyer, Karen O'Neil, Karen Siegl, Jennifer Hamm, Kathleen Kremnitzer. ROW 2: LeAnn Gerszewski, Teri Frisch, Roxanne Axness, Cynthia Sherkey, Shelly Beckius, Jill Sehramm. BACK ROW: Nancy Laukant, Kris Smart, Linda Wilhelm, Laura Gellows, Diane O'Donnell, Carol O'Donnell, Beth Anderson, Bobbi Jo Niemeyer. UZOnmm -lm I-n FIRST ROW: Dee Dee Schwantes, Cynthia Klessig, Chris Tomas. ROW 2: Jenny Bothun, Kim Schwert, Janna Walz, Patty llling, Amy Anderson, Diane Carey. ROW 3: Molly Fitzgerald, Patty Finn, Karie Phelan, Laurie Swenson, Pam Zabrowski, Kim Mallat, Sue Cowling, Karen Neumann. BACK ROW: Cyndy Bunke, Beth Weber, Kim Long, Ann Myatt. -lmm$ Dzonmm 123 124 Hm m Uz-Id 4mm: Dz-Iq FIRST ROW: David Borchart, Mike Nelson, Casey Caya. ROW 2: Pedro lbarra, Tony Slocum, Jay Klug, Tommy Davis, Mark Hazen, Mark Panthofer, Tony Prestil, Dominick Bierzychudek, Mike Suhr. ROW 3: Lindo St. Angel, Donald Parent, Terry Edwards, Tom Simpson, Don Burno, Steve Walker. BACK ROW: Dale Jozwowski, Phil Sandwick, Bryan Yokes, Reginald Beckius, Stefan Borris Halushka, Charles Nelson, O.B. Fox, Dan Meise, Tim Ackerman. FIRST ROW: Tim Tiry, Brad Davis, Bob Novak, Mitch Han. ROW 2: Scott Fellion; Tom Chris, Ty Powell, Tom Ruppenthal, John Stoltz Joe Tarnowski, Jim Swenson. ROW 3: Dennis Van Bramer, Kenten Kais, Brad Nemeth, Dave Hoppenjan, Doug Kissinger, Dan Powell Harry Knorr, Tim Kelly. BACK ROW: Dave Umstadt, Darrin Beier, Brad Otter, Kip Schreck, Mike Kilar, Rich Holly. FIRST ROW: Peggy Rudolph, Debbie Russell, Kathy Kovneski, Suzanne Brettell, Laura Wisniewski with Andrew. ROW 2: Cindy Flom, Amy Aschom, Tami Schultz, Sue Leazer, Helga Peap. ROW 3: Julie Lehnen, Joleen Kube, Lori DuCharme, Sandi Schutz, Shelly Schaffer, Jaralee Johnson with Brian, Lisa Mook, Kim Reynolds, Nancy McCullough, Kris Solberson. BACK ROW: Jane Scott, Shelly Winson, Shelly Mellenberger, Donna Ramsden, Sharon Hills, Pam Christensen, Oly Olsen, Sue Burgholzer, Amy Bourdow. I V! $Vg$$k$ z 3? + FIRST ROW: Jeri Runge, Debbie Roe, Dave Cooper, Stacy Gee, Kelly Weiskircher. ROW 2: Roxie Pitzen, Becky Welter, Rose Brokish, Laurie Fox, Jill Cenit, Kathy Suess. ROW 3: Marilyn Yanke, Julie Holub, Elizabeth Waite, Diane Weber, Diane Keleher, Tina Schmit. ROW 4: Darlene Walz, Teri Conners, Becky Halverson, Michelle Wisnefske, Chris Eiserman, Patty Beck. BACK ROW: Michele Valent, Sue Dominick, Stacy Stockheimer, Laurie Schellinger, Tracy Werterman, Maggie Novenski, Sandra Kolb. -lmJal'n I-IzCO-n 4mm: :dWCOH 125 WILGUS Cheryl O'Connell is a senior majoring in business ad- ministration with an emphasis in marketing and comput- ers. This year, Cheryl will be acting as AD. of Wilgus Hall. Originally from Illinois, Cheryl has spent the last 12 years living in Mineral Point. Cheryl is 23 years old. Before entering the job market, Cheryl says she'd like to get a master's degree in human resources management. After obtaining the degree, she's like to get a job working for a major corporation as a divisional or national sales man- ager. She hopes to get a position as an R.D. while working for her master's degree. Cheryl feels that a student's first year at college is the most important; it is a time to break the ties with home. "The halls and the campus have so much to offer that I don't feel there is a need to go home every weekend." Although Wilgus houses mostly upperclassmen, there still is a need for programs to provide relaxation and enjoyment. Both Cheryls' and Wilgus' goals for this year are the same: to offer as much as possible to the residents. FIRST ROW: Greg Sebastian, Jim Soltau, loe VerVelde, Martin Jacobi, Bill Jonn, Larry Gander, Kelly Morgan. ROW 2: Carl Helmich, Rodney Taylor, Brook Swenson, James Moore, Greg Heckman, David Dickrell. BACK ROW: Todd Korth, Steve Mrotek. qmym qmz-m 12b FIRST ROW: Ann Splinter, Cammi Knutson, Betsy Biermeier, Mitzi Grell, Terri Nee, Linda Abendroth, Connie Bell, Gloria Lopez, Caron Townsend, Peggy Chatfield, Sarah Klaus. ROW 2: Julie Reese, Carla Proap, Alice Judy, Beverly Polce, Michelle McDade, Barb Makovec, Linda Frank, Wendy Hilgendorf, Cheryl O'Connell, ROW 3: Dan Sedik, Norm Aten, Mark Carius, John Jacobson, Greg Melte, Greg Guderyon, Jim Thorson, Kurt Volkmann, Glen Myers. BACK ROW: Andy Caulfield, Mark Trebian, Mark Sturtevant, Rick Larson, Jill Stibbe, Owen Doran, Pete Springer, Alan Leisen. dm m 020an w dmmg dmz-m 127 128 qm m Dz-I dmmg 02-24 FIRST ROW: Jay Karsten, James Strang. ROW 2: Steve Haubrech, Anthony Berae, Richard Lucka, Tom Saindon, Richard Dreher, Mark McClain, David Heinz, Brian Pruess. ROW 3: John Przybyzski, Adrain Luther, Kevin Hellenbrand, Jeff Riegert, Steve Gross, Kelly Johnson, Mark Wierschke, David Van Brakel, Don Hafferkamp. BACK ROW: Dan Tomzanovich, Ron Atkisson, Edward Clemons, Kurt Barnard, Curtis Buetow, Brian Cleven. FIRST ROW: Mike Flanagan, Louis Kaiser, Jay Janssen, John Williams, Todd Anderson. ROW 2: William Kraatz, Alan Zetlow, Ti Handell, Daryl Tesmann, Jeff Zeller, John Knight. ROW 3: Jim Dehahn, Kevin Unbehaun, Dan Schnieder, Doug Straka, Dav LeCapten. BACK ROW: Joe O'Donnell, Trevor Kabatzke, Al Goessl, Jon Kuxhaus, Steve Funke, Al Pelishek, Steve Nott. FIRST ROW: Brad Herm, Lloyd Hardy, Lance Petzold. ROW 2: Jeff Miller, David Johnson, Jim Maloney, Bill Klug, Greg Draheim, Dave Wilcox, Joel Marshall, Scot Golliher, John Christian, Lee Teske. BACK ROW: Bill Boyd, Mike Hadler, Robby Anderson, Mark Joshi, Wade Engelbrecht, Paul Ederer, Bob Weber, Tom Bushar. IRST ROW: Brian Brown, Scott Derby, Greg Addison, John Kitzerow, Kurt Millies. ROW 2: Mike Williams, Burton Davis, Mike iliatrault, John Woolley, Russ Dietzen, Kevin Broberg, John Wunderlin, Richard Weidner. BACK ROW: Mike Whalen, Bruce derman, Jim Flanagan, Mike Craemer, Keith Resop, Bill Landerholm, Ken Seim, Dave Hynek, Mike Schaefer, Joe Marino. dmiam I-lzCO-n HmmE quCOm 631 DOBSON Growing up with four brothers in Shorewood, WI, didn't prepare Lisa Byrne for the challenge of acting as AD. for Dobson Hall, UW-Platteville's only all-female residence hall. Lisa is a senior in Eiementary Education. She is looking forward to working with young children in a nursery school or kindergarten classroom. Lisa would like to see Dobson become more than a place to sleep and study. She hopes that an individual's classroom experiences are enriched by living in a resi- dence hall. By promoting a variety of programs, Lisa wants to build a support system for academic success. Dobson Hall is unique because it is the only aII-female hall on campus. Lisa says Dobson is special because of the women living there. Dobson's strong sense of pride and campus spirit is reflected in their high level of participa- tion and enthusiasm on campus and in the community. mms-lcn FIRST ROW: Anna Johnson, Irene Brossard, Ginger Malko. ROW 2: Ann Halverson, Patty Averkamp, Lisa Byrne, Barb Kemp, Marily Friar, Bette Oyen. BACK ROW: Janet Bares, Laurie Endres, Kate Ververs, Jennie Vormezeele, Barb Burke. FIRST ROW: Peggy Dressler, Lisa Byrne, Lisa Deininger, Shanalee Anderson, Cindy Tschudy, Chris Strobel. BACK ROW: Julie Dushenski, Mary Judkins, Dana Damrae, Pam Draheim, Susi Brins. FIRST ROW: Teresa Carson, Lisa Peck, Vicki Reese, Jane Genske. ROW 2: Debbie Gage, Kim Hansen, Angie Boll, Kathy Martin, Janet Fulton, Allison Ross, Sandy Schlaver. ROW 3: Diana Roelle, Dawn Van Patten, Jill Rosenberg, Bette Oyen, Lori Nienow, Sandy McLamarrah. BACK ROW: Lisa Leibfried, Lisa Weadge, Sharon Ehle, Teresa Zimmer, Laurie Hoeppner, Michele Pederson, Christine Thompson, Cheri Hale. :dCOm qmz-m -IU5 I'I'I -lmz-n dmms dmz-m : COm UZOnmm FIRST ROW: Ann Halverson, Lynn French, Terri Sadowski, Christie Curwen, Heather Pier, Laura Wanezek. ROW 2: Karen Severson, Michelle Pipke, Lisa Oechsle, Donna Bottoni, Lisa Oates, Sheri McGinnis, Theresa Spillane, Deb Moye, Jackie McCann. BACK ROW: Lori Ferguson, Maxine Gburek, Christel Boeck, Kari Skjaeveland, Liz Martin, Mary Hackle, Kelli Schwert, Karrie Miller, Kathleen M. Kohlstedt. FIRST ROW: Kathy Morfey, Colleen DeMuth, Robin Finco, Kathy Pesik, Sharon Hillett, loan Stelpfle, Renee Russart, Rocio lbarra, Amy Noe. ROW 2: Stephannie Hird, Mary Tiller, Jean Brederson, Amy Ruetten, Lisa Peterson, Connie Caley, Sharon Sutton, Tracie lronside, Nancy Kessenich, Teri Harvey. BACK ROW: Marilyn Friar, Cheryl Knorr, Sue Chaudoir, Linda Bridge, Kathy Ehlen, Deb Humski, Ann Newhaust, Julie Collins, Margo Staskal, Mary Gray, Tammy Acherman. FIRST ROW: Lori Mann, Lou, Dale, Steve. ROW 2: Felicia Pfeffer, Jennie Vormezeele, Wendy Haas, Chris Hill, Leslie Welli, Vilalack Kittirath, Nancy McKean. ROW 3: Patti Pickering, Barb Keener, Pam Zweifel, Dianne Konkle, Peggy LaBorde, Michelle Pahnke, Cathy Klecker. ROW 4: Angie Cooley, Kristi Gauthier, Mary Dickrell. BACK ROW: Allison McIntyre, Lisa Johnson, Shellie Schauf, Linda Kolovos. 134 4mm; czonmm :dCOm Dz-IH FIRST ROW: Laurie Endres, Chris Ward, Roxanne Gratz, Tricia Hoyt, Debbie Mazydlo, Jackie Neidlein, Tracy Greenheck. ROW 2: Karen Massey, Sue Clauer, Jonna Canton, Jolene Morrow, Kathy Timmerman, Cyndi Hartley, Kathy Rech, Janet McCray. BACK ROW: Lori Cook, Lisa Severson, Pam Craven, Stephanie Kohnke, Marge Johnson, Kris'ta Wolf, Chris Fick, Nancy Manuell, Charlet Michalski, Dianne White, Jean Ferguson. 3 ? Nxb $3 R. Q? FIRST ROW: Brenda Mattrisch, Teresa Dimpfl. ROW 2: Laurie Gilbertson, Kathy Lee, Patty Averkamp, Janine Prochaska, Laur Nulph, Carrie Lee, Beulah Jackson, Melody Schneider, Jennifer Kopp. ROW 3: Angi Lawrence, Mercedes Krim, Chris Schwert Penilopee Piazza, Myrtle Michalski. BACK ROW: Diane Drevs, Angie Rieck, Sheila Weber, Irma Wiegel, Michelle Schmke, Rache Matzke, Kay Barry. FIRST ROW: Ruth Montgomery, Kim Williams, Sheila Lee, Susan Swigart, Marie Dorgan, Ann Timmerman, Patricia Billings. ROW 2: Laurie Hauerwas, Deb Rupert, Cindy Agacki, Kim Casper, Kris Gratz, Ann Johnson, Julie Achenbach. BACK ROW: Doreen Sardella, Becky Marquis, Nancy Lamb, Maureen Fruit, Kathy Bomkamp, Elizabeth Keenen, Kim Teubert, Holly Jeseritz. IRST ROW: Pam Moen, Holly Duffin, Ginger Malko. ROW 2: Julie Hilliard, Lisa Myers, Marilyn Jenks, Shelley Moesch, Karen Burris, udy George. ROW 3: Robin Darley, Jamie Winkler, Kathy Winget, Jody Naidl, Sue White, Heidi Wiesbauer, Kim Helgeson. BACK OW: Nancy Hartline, Lynelle Siemandel, Leda Havens, Julie Roys, Kim Goodwin, Bridget O'Brien, Lisa Baumann. m m Uz-Iq mmE Uz-Id 135 FIRST ROW: Parn Ruetten, Janet Baraes, Stri Rejman, Irene Brossard. ROW 2: Karol Weso- lowski, Kim Cunningham, Chrissy Belanger, Katey Krause. ROW 3: Tammy Edwards, Mary Schreoder, Karen Hoefle, Nancy Gardow, Allison Stuber. ROW 4: Jill Gerard, Laura Stich, Dawn Kraemer, Karin Peterson, Judy Beers, Debbie Tosdale. BACK ROW: Beth Nelson, Pam Hermanson, Janelle Nedobeck, Sue Clark, Linda Moyer, Darlene Guseck. :dCOm :dzCOm 136 FIRST ROW: Lisa Richter, Sonya Spink, Angel Johnstone, Chris Nielson, Patti Brahm, Patty Mulcahy, Cheryl Pakosz. ROW 2: Vannary Luangrath, Lynn Hook, Barb Burke, Jeanne Combs, Kathy Brehm, Amy Jaszczenski, LuAnn Neuenschwander, Dawn Budde. BACK ROW: Jana Kelly, Tracy Thompson, Barb Schmelzer, Patty Bay, Natalie Ansay, Kay Prueser, Beth Schaben, Kasey Skutt, Lisa Moberg, Karen Prochaska. FIRST ROW: Elsa Frank, Lisa Bauer, Patricia Schwartz, Barb Kemp, Joann Wilkes, Jenny Carlson, Kathi Anderson. ROW 2: Kathy Greenberg, Carol Mueller, Sue Badzinski, Darla Huenke, Lisa Webber, Bridgette Fitzgerald, Lori Buerkle, Mary Allen. BACK ROW: Sharon Badzinski, Kristi Horn, Cindy Peetz, Christine Keefe, Kris Ewing, Cindy Howe, Michele Dray, Fonda Eng, Elizabeth Racz. dmmi :HzCOm -lm rn I-lzCOH'I 137 MELCHER Paul Bryant will be acting as AD of Melcher Hall for the 1984-1985 school year. Although from Pitts- burgh, Pennsylvania. Paul has moved around all his life. He is majoring in Reclamation, Civil Engineering, and Geology. At 27 years old, he is a little older than the average AD. . Paul became an AD after being an RA last year. Being an AD gives Paul more responsibility and au- thority than he had as an RA. Paul says he likes to be where the action is. He also likes working with peo- ple and developing programs that are his responsi- bility as AD. When asked about his plans for the year, Paul said that he wants Melcher Hall's Basketball Marathon to be a huge success. He'd like to see last year's record of money earned be broken. Paul wants Melcher Hall to function as a team. He says, "We're well on our way already." 'lmhl'l'l dmz-m FIRST ROW: Jim Dobson, Robert Buschinger. ROW 2: Eric Schreiber, David Anderson. ROW 3: Mike Mooney, Doug Schoenike, Bob Casper, Bill Glelsner. BACK ROW: Craig Hanson, Mike Gorsuch, Paul Peetz, Sanford Miller, Paul Alston. 138 FIRST ROW: Eddy Adam, Bob Judy, Bob Menning, Scott Schuette. BACK ROW: Brian Vorpahl, Joel Adamczyk, John Pinchot, Brian Gorke. -lmmg qmz-m 00 N6? EINYli? IF Bonn uN FIRST ROW: Phil Schleicher, Steve Murphy, Thad Briol, Steve Paldus, Joel O'Brien. ROW 2: Mike Daniels, Doug Ganske, Don Kurtzwiel, Dave Westemeier, Boon-Sgk. Koid, Kent Menkens, Terry Lovell, Brian Johnston. BACK ROW: Steve Horne, Dan Rude, Don Leonhard, Dave Sprincis, John Anciaux, Bob Hassler, Kevin Hunter, Mike Williams, Dennis Gohla. -IU1 H'1 UZOf5l-nm 139 140 dmmg UZOnI-nm FIRST ROW: Mark Ernst, Mike Pirkel. ROW 2: Roger Marsicek, Dans Herzberg, Mike Ernst, Mike Vatter, Lenny Lueck, Rich Lawrence, lmran Rauf, Tim Holbach. ROW 3: Mike Tucker, Wally McManaway. ROW 4: Brian Lambert, Dean Zimmerman, Glen Davis, Bruce Morris, Tim Dallman, Tariq Ansari. BACK ROW: Ed Hahn, Pat Finnemore, Cory Parman, Al Lambert, Jay Simaras, Steve Esch, Mike Derleth. wwwlcwaxwmwmm W "him FIRST ROW: Chris Lambach, Brian Buchman, Lynn Foster, Timothy W. Tousey. ROW 2: Rick Manning,Douglarzynski,10hn Doerre, Jerry Moehn, Todd Clarkowski, Jeff Marenda, Scott Masloroff. ROW 3: John Wenkman, Shane Zenz, Dan Murray, Mike Nachreiner, Bob Meyer, Gary Schwobe, Steve Murphy, Bob Ciardo. BACK ROW: Shawn McGraw, Jim Nuzzo, Chris Umbs, Tony Denardis, Mike Schmidt, Tad Luedtke, Steve Anderson, Richard Miotke. Uz-Iq -lcn:an-I FIRST ROW: Earl Joiner, Forrest Sodergren, Jeff Schultz, Joe Buchinger, Arthur Timm, Rob Fortelka. ROW 2: Dave Beck, Dan Reetz, Dave Housner, Russell Davis, Steve Schonhoff, Todd Slavik, Rick Pallister, Mike Lythjohan, Craig Olson. BACK ROW: Neil Lemme, Brian Weber, Tim Miller, Jim Huyett, Eddie Starobrat, Greg Moranski, Bob Becker, Dennis Barth, Greg Martin, Joe Wilfert, Tim Tranberg, Eric Fisher. qmmg Dz-Id 141 142 qm m :dzcom 4mm2 .T..--I:UCIO""I FIRST ROW: Brent Timmerman, Richard Locy, Jon Eichstaedt, Jim Belanger, Steven Baumgartner, John Burke, Paul Bryant, Greg Lawrence, Mark Tamblyn. ROW 2: Mark Pfeifer, Robert Cornell, Greg Petersen, Dale Mortimer, Scott Wille, Mark Truesdale, Ken Mitchell, Chuck Schlichting. BACK ROW: Greg Lovande, Kim Frye, Pat Hinrichsen, Ken Lowe, Dave Viaene, Steve Schoeni, Jason Unger. FIRST ROW: Glen Borchardt, Jim Olstein, Duane Kant, Bill Lawrie, Stan Asp, Mark Rodwell, Jim Vogt. ROW 2: Jim Heller, Bob Leege, Torn Ackerman, Mike Klar, Ken Berg, Joe Grzelak. ROW 3: Jeff Leonard, Pete Maier, Mark Sikkema, Rob Liggett, John Gierach. BACK ROW: Kevin Hach, Dan Rodriguez. PORTER Molly Lovgren is a senior majoring in agribusiness. She is from Ohio, Illinois. Her hobbies include swimming and dancing. Molly's favorite animals are cats. In addition to being an A.D., Molly is an AGR Rho-mate and a member of Ag BusinessLAg Economics Club. After graduation in May, Molly plans on working as a loan officer in agricul- ture credit in the Midwest. Molly says she likes meeting people. Molly became an AD. because she enjoys going to school here at Platteville and sees the AD. position as a way to pay back the school for the experience she has gained here. She wants to get Porter residents involved in all of the activities available on campus. i Each year, Porter hosts the Porter Hall Cabaret. Molly andxother Porter residents want to see the campus be- come more involved in this annual affair. FIRST ROW: Jeff Landon, Pete Ferber, Joe Schulte, Mike Gustaveson, Tom Schneider, Jon Pernsteiner, Roy Hoff. ROW 2: James M. Delain, Mike Gerdes, Dave Denowski, Tim Hess. ROW 3: Mike Cupery, Tom Harberg, Eric Komprood, Buck Martin, Dean Smith, Jeff Matthias, Mike Kutis, Mike Butler. BACK ROW: Ross Perez, Chuck Lob, Steve Heck, Jeff Murley, Phil Brochocki, Roger Hedberg, Ronnie Lott, Don Dehlgren. -lmhm dmz-m 143 1A4 dmmg Hmz-m -lm l-n UZOnI-nm FIRST ROW: Betsy Hausauer, Julie Ginter. ROW 2: Shelly Ewer, Arla Kundert, Rose Kliebenstein, Sandy Tschudy, Chris Tellock. ROW 3: Ann Sely, Terri Nelson, Paula Carroll. BACK ROW: Mary Przybylski, Jane Meisher, Sherri Batterman, Donann Fuhst. FIRST ROW: Dave Roush, Tim Wondrash, John E. Baumgartner, Pete Pechotta. ROW 2: Don Fulton, Steve Eirich, Jay Johnson, Joel Jacobs, Lance Schnieder, Pat McGavick, Oscar Hanson. ROW 3: Vince Coniglione, Andy Gee, Jeff Fiess, Scott Godden, Jeff Pieozzoli, Torn Schopf, Bruce Wiegand, Chris Olson, Jim Rugger. BACK ROW: Darrel Vanhorn, Mike Olson, Mike Verkuilen, Joel Johnson, Cary Gasser, Ted Peterson, John Schmidt, Jeff Herwig. FIRST ROW: Deb Schnieder, Mary Jo Czechanski, Denise Blaskowski, Sara Klein, Sharon Korbeck, Patti Kelley, Cindy Czechanski, Molly Lovgren, Kathy Hughes, Tracy Eggers, Karen Stone, Suzanne Lenius. BACK ROW: Sharon Thibodeau, Becky Scharf, Therese Wecker, Gail Schoepp, Tina McGrath, Dawn Demler, Chris Nothaft, Julie Cantwell, Janet Heins, Annette Bay, Heidi Hagemeier, Dawn Sullivan, Joy Baier, Jackie Wever, Sheila Ritchie, Brenda Wood, Patty McKee. gay n w; , E I -lmmE UZOOI'HW 145 FIRST ROW: Tony Montana, Matt Vande Sande. ROW 2: Brian Lacy, Jim McPike, Marty Liegel, Michael Unruh, Jerry Olson, Dave McElroy. ROW 3: Joel Heesch, Brendan Fleming, Dan Gorman, Randy Esser, Kevin Holouveck, Scott Stefanik, Jerry Ruetten, Jeff Steinert. BACK ROW: Jon Jacobs, Mike Schwobe, Mike Pihl, Dave Mauel, Paul Stankevich, Jesse Sorenson, Kurt Kleifgen, Ken Drake, Joe Schuh, Chuck Pavlik, Sanford Olson. -lm:M-n Uz-I-l FIRST ROW: Kerry Miller, Sue Pink, Heidi Reiche, Laurie Massey. Row 2: Carla Timmerman, Jayne Lang, Dawn Durocher, Shery DaviesVROW 3: Sue King, Kathleen Kraft, Noreen Bausch, Christy Adams, Danielle Pairsey. BACK ROW: Carla Carmoey, Dana Jn Spooner, Liz Adams, Renee Wojcik, lacinda Tessmann. dmmg Uz-Iq FIRST ROW: Chuck Zauner. ROW 2: Mike Ripp, Randy Urnes, Dan Strieter, Eric Marr, Jim Richards. ROW 3: Bill Weeden, Hans Hallanger, Jim Weeden, Dana Wanberg, Darin Wilken, Paul Scheel, Louis Ohland. BACK ROW: Brian Stewart, Dan Olson, Randy Mandt, Hal Freitag, Henry Degrow, Phil Sargent, Jeff Jones, Chris Vellella, Richard Swanson FIRST ROW: Frank Peterson, John Stefanik, Doug Stefanik, John Flottneier, Max Parker, Gary Davis. ROW 2: Todd Berg, Brian Lathrop, Mitch Bromley, Dan Kelly, Kevin Eulgen, Joe Carrol. ROW 3: Doug Deyo, Bill Bergs, Jeff Johnson, Jeff Vanderbilt, Marc Shaw, Ray Fiore, Brian Smetana, Kirk Ladu. BACK ROW: John ltner, Rick Ruditys, Kevin Wald, Greg Hankes, Tim Prochnow, Bill Jatczak, Paul Kosharek, Arnold Kellenberger, Jeff Spence, Kyle Kaszynski. qmms :Hzcom m m :dzCOm 147 MORROW Acting as A.D. for Morrow Hall, Tim Dunbar, is a 21- year-old senior from Mt. Morris, Ill. Tim is majoring in industrial technology with minors in product design, drafting, and business administration. After graduation, Tim would like to work in an industrial setting in a middle management position. Tim enjoys all sports and is in- volved with the Rugby Club and the Morrow Weight Lifting Club. He enjoys listening to music, particularly Jimmy Buffet and Led Zepplin. Tim would like to continue promoting Morrow Hall's progress from a hall of inactivity to an extremely active hall. Programming on the wing level has been strong. Tim would like to see this work on an all-dorm basis to supple- ment wing programming. When asked what makes Morrow different from other residence halls on campus, Tim replied that Morrow's extremely strong technical atmosphere results from stu- dents in such majors as engineering, industrial technol- ogy, and agriculture. Also, the combination of 244 men and 13 women makes for some interesting programs. Tim concluded, "What makes Morrow a little different from all other halls on campus is the unique personality of our staff led by our fearless leader, Steve Remington. Come visit us in Morrow sometime." tn FIRST ROW: David Schmidt, Brian Conner, Lee Daugherty, Glenn Woodward, Phil Platteter. ROW 2: Paul Specht, Tim Dunbar, To Palus, Mike Larsen. BACK ROW: Eric Reinicke, Bill Mahr, Chuck Till, John Kasimatis. UZCOwn 148 FIRST ROW: Mary McMahan, Lisa Pare, Lois Sam. ROW 2: Melissa Clark, Lisa Classen, Debbie Getschman, Laura Anderson, Hiedi Waller. RST ROW: Pat Handle, Jay Klemn, Ron Weber, Craig Rusch, Steve Arnold, Jeff Bast. ROW 2: Bill Egstad, Scott Sindelar, Ron immerman, Don Walsh, Tim Bessette, Robert Brander, Thom Nordin. BACK ROW: John Stanislawski, Steve Heathman, Greg ichols, Jeff Fontaine. '1MJN'I'I Hmz-m 4mm; qmz-m 149 FIRST ROW: Steve Merlak, Mike Hansen, Andy Shess, Lee Wichlacz, Tom Brokaw, Dave He55, Tim Rooh, Rob Rongstad, Dave Hoke. ROW 2: Greg Vomberg, Mark Carlovsky, Charlie Norz, Rich Simon, Dave Cox, Paul Caranen, Kevin DeMasters, Jim Bath, Mitch Tuscan, Bill Behring, Jim DeWalt, Pat Birschbach, Dave Cooper. ROW 3: Pete Calbert, Paul Linden, Dave Robinson, John Brost. BACK ROW: Steve Lewis, Dave Allison, Tim Johnson, Alan Jacobson, Jim Tisol. Hmyn-I UZOnmm 150 FIRST ROW: Bill Kerkhof, Scott Guetschow, Brian Zeman, Craig Striefel, Brent Schroeder, Jim Cestkowski. ROW 2: Gayle Gander, Pete Regez, Ronnie Loh, Brian Miller. ROW 3: Mike Bestul, Ivan Clausen, Bill Wherley, Dan Schlagenhaft, Jeff Anderson, Guy Berard. ROW 4: Steve Urbanski, Mike Jahn, Dale Burgess, Paul Seroogy, Troy O'Connell, Dave Berklund, Paul Nelson, Kirk Olson, Darrell Beauchamp. BACK ROW: Becki Sell, Paul Satala, David Nielson, Tom McCauley, Duane Weber, Brett Sawdey, Paul Davis. qmmE UZOOHW FIRST ROW: Barry Draeger, Brian Falkosky, Brian Alvy, Frank Laycock, Ron Pierce. ROW 2: Tony Dix, Tom Swanson, Luke Demerth Brad Champeau, Timm Wulterkens, Brian Gruver, Kevin Luescher, Andrew Prochaska. ROW 3: Tod Tetzlaff, Troy Champeau, Pete Janus, Dave Winter, John Thorman. BACK ROW: Alan Hertz, Tom Kucharske, Fred Partlo, Mike Hagen, Mark Marchello, Ken Knapp, Eric Heikkinen, Tim Heintz. I Hm m Uz-Iq 151 FIRST ROW: Bill Denhardt. ROW 2: Ken Casper, Mike Barberino, Bruce Albrecht, John Oncken, Rick Sziepanski, Larry Pfeil. ROW 3: Kelly Hilliker, Russ Dudan, Eric Johannesen, Doug Barton, Lee Pfeil, Joe Keegan, Peter Bausch. ROW 4: Joe Graser, Rick Koepke, Jeff Schultz, Daryl Madaus, Jeff Grinde, Scott Rainmer, Kevin Beaty. BACK ROW: Jeff Olson, Steve Mrotek, Lance Blackshear, Mark Smetana, Jim Grube, Anthony Grybush, Craig Morris. dmmg UN-Id FIRST ROW: Pieter Droegkamp, Brad Thompson, Kent Carbon, Nils Landin, Bryan Weber, Mike Yuenger, Paul Baker. ROW Derrick Hoffland, Jim VandenLangenberg, David Gage. ROW 3: Jeff Bouray, Bill Kummer, Jeff Hayden, Todd Opgenorth, To Bourgeois, Jim Clark, Mike Wagner, Wayne DuPont ROW 4: Ken Updike, Scott Neuman, Greg Sessler, Terry Voskuil, Jeff Bath, Ti Ciolkesz, Greg Asmus. BACK ROW: George Boyd, Greg Matter. -lm3al'rl :I-IzCO'TI FIRST ROW: Rich Riffe, Keith Moureau, Paul Ambrose, Greg Hoefgen, Jeff Maletzke, Jim Prodoehl, Chad Martin, Doug Mohr, Jeff Roschyk, Joe Ropson. ROW 2: Steve Keller, Todd Fenske, Ed Raleigh, Ralph Simpson, Tim Peoples, Tony Richer, Rod Frank, Mark Beerkiercher, Neil Engel, Dennis Oehlkers, Dan Woda, Kevin Klubertanz, Greg Graf, Mike Dehamer. ROW 3: Randy Chapman Dean Pope, John Wandsnider, Tracy Vetterkind, Wayne Metzger. I szst mmE :qzcom HUGUNIN Hugunin's Assistant Director is Bob Budde, senior ma- joring in criminal justice. His hometown is Waukesha, WI. Each week Bob meets with the A.D.'s from the other halls to talk about the activities going on in the residence halls. It was this group that helped coordinate a trip for Hu- gunin Hall to The House on the Rock at Spring Green, WI, on October 7. Bob first became interested in the position of assistant director because he knew someone who had previously held the position. When the AD. position became vacant, Bob applied for the position because he was familiar with what was involved and thought that he would enjoy the job. As the A.D., he works closely with the R.A.'s, giving them advice on various hall activities. He says that the job of assistant director can be rewarding, especially when the activities planned make a hit with the students. However, Bob notes that there are some drawbacks to the job of assistant director as well. He spends much time outside of regular meetings trying to coordinate various plans and make them work. Also, it can be disappointing to spend a considerable amount of time planning an activity and then have none of the students be interested in participating. FIRST ROW1Kevin Magno, Bob Budde, Todd Fleming, Tim Earl, Chuck Karow. ROW 2: Jon Espenscheid, Jeff Grunzel, Barry Sanford, John Voight, Dan Ludeman, Dale Klitzke, Tim Collins, Joe Huey, Mark Gibson. BACK ROW: Tom Heibl, Mark Bahr, Chip Way, Brian Lehnherr. I-ICOCD -lmz-n UZWO 20 154 FIRST ROW: Brian Heiser, Bryan Tahlke. ROW 2: Duane Slager, Sean Latham, Rob Schauer, Mark Schelde, Ron Upright, Doug Dimmer, Rob Friesen, Dan Hauer. ROW 3: Tom Ziebol, Dan McCue, Curt Christianson, Carlton Leitch, Don Dinkelman, Dan Kaiser, Mark Forsting. ROW 4: Scott Havel, Jeff Fintelmann, Steve Sorensen, Mike Morris. BACK ROW: Karl Zimmerman, Bill Christenson, Dave Wendt, Mike Farley. FIRST ROW: Jeff Crum, Randy Randall, Curt Evenson, Jeff Melin, Pete Boll, Brian Gardner, Tim Finley. ROW 2: Jeffrey Ott, Dale Hanneman, Tom Hejduk, Randy Heideman, Ken Dinkelman, Mike Leggitt, Doug Risque, Larry Koenen, Jeff Haessly, Dave Woolley. ROW 3: Russ Morfitt, James Ryan. BACK ROW: Kevin Weber, Bob Griswold, John Loomer. I-leZ -lcnz-n IHCOm Dzonmm 155 156 :HzOZ cz-zq FIRST ROW: Kris Klink, Bill Killough, Brad Buchberger, Greg Rickert, Howie Orcutt. ROW 2: Dan Hilfiker, Tom Murty, Wade Schubring, Mike Lamers, Curtis Stevens, David Sullivan, Jim Dorn. BACK ROW: Jon Rolwing, Pete Lefeber, Pete Klemm, Chris Larson, Curt Richter, Tony Giles. FIRST ROW: Tim Adams, Ralph Morello, Bob Hansen, Mike Belmont, Dave Coroneos, Benjamin Henderson, Nathan Wetzel, Bryan Thede. ROW 2: Ed Spitzbarth, Todd Oppriecht, Keith Coroneos, Kurt Meyer, Rod Kuske, Bill Hupke, Alan Riebe, Gary Trapp. BACK ROW: Andrew Klug, Dan Pesik, Jim Gerber, Paul Luedtke, Jack Meoff. IHCOm cz-Iq FIRST ROW: Jim Durkee, Andy Vermillion, Rick Shimmins, Paul Dieck, Tom Poss, Rob Brockmann, Mike Kuchan. ROW 2: Brian Thiede, Chris Gorzek, Paul DuCharme, Tom Markwardt, Tim Stampfl, Eric Bekken, Mike lndgjer, Dan Grimm, Mike Sarenac, Scott Medinger, Brian Lainberger, Joe Kallay, Mark Rosenmeier. BACK ROW: Scott Cherry, Tim Roessler, Pete Kobusssen, Scott Mahloch, Mike Ehlers, Scott Roffers, Kelly Belin. :qzoz :HZCOH 157 158 :-lc:0m I-lzCO'" ts. ROW 2: Dvae Krahn, Alan 5 5 ' T' Adamak, Greg Marsch, Brett Adamak, Charles Geur ' . FIRST ROW' Ted KOSInECkgfregrinetHzglisrtle,?larco Antonioc Mena Carias, Todd Stelmacher, Dan Qlab, Jpe Pelkert. 2:35 ROPLALIJ'I Eyngeilrgelfgilgrl P12: AerRoayr516r Jeff Larson, Morris Day, Steven Oakeson, Glenn Klaassen, DaVId Melster, Greg a ey, eve , . , Freitag, Cliff Pulver, Bill Zach, J.T. Abraham. 5,5 u 5cm m iomt m AM it ix 55x .. , 25mmrai M l :mlicy violationy, 5m to uxhwr resuianw, ukprupar m; 555i tmsm, mm diuraswctfui 5 axxsiiy of iuial. 5km: :13? mm Wliav, 5 Wissmiihy mm :eimxmr tusnui s: -, :g535155msw MW: $f unamzmn. aw :5 1:1: in year 5n$gzon5 b , m fnxmf m m: reswan-J-- 5 L e5 V En mix m: akth 5:55,:- 5 5 m5 BROCKERT This year's AD. for Brockert Hall is Randy StelpAug. From Menominee Falls, Wisconsin, Randy is majoringKin industrial technology with minors in materials and materi- als processing, and computers. Randy describes himself as an outdoor person. He likes to hunt both deer and small game using both gun and bow and arrows. Randy comes from a family of eleven. He is a triplet. His one triplet, Rick, goes to school here in Piattevilie and his other tri- plet, Ron, goes to schooi at Stevens Point. Randy says that the best part about being a triplet is the companionship. Randy is President of the Letterman's Club. He is involved in the intramural sports program and is a member of the swim team. His favorite sports are softball and volleyball. Randy's plans for the 1984-1985 school year are to get residents of Brockert Hall involved in both social and educational programs. Randy's experience gained grow- ing uplin a large family should help him as A.D. of Brock- ert Ha . FIRST ROW: Steven Owen, Pat Baker, Bill Larsen, Erick Frommgen, Dave Bruni, Steve McCabe, Kevin LeConte. ROW 2: Ted Fehrman, Tim Bell, Ron Lasak, Chris Keenan, Steve Renk. BACK ROW: Dan Deuster, Kevin Wohrley. UZCOzn 159 FIRST ROW: Dana Adams, Randy Kenyon, Steve Brege. ROW BACK: Gary Jahn, Carl Voelkel, Jeff Bovee, Dan Eddy, Kevin Vermeulen, Ray Polkinghorn. I-leZ dmz-m FIRST ROW: John Feeney, Vernon Winters, George Ott, Matt Mengel, Dave Doan, Brad Chester. ROW 2: Steve Hahn, Jim Vormezeele, Chuck Algiers, Jerry Mortimer, Steven T. Weber, John Andler, Rob Prouty, Robert Viktora. BACK ROW: Richard Suscha, Dave Goecks, Todd Wolt, Brian Tillinghast, Scott Wichman, Eric Haas, Matt Morrow, Blaine Anderson, Jerry Keleher, Mike Hartman, Todd Mills, John Morgan. :dCOm UZOnmm 1l60 FIRST ROW: Neal Spooner, Keith Randell, Jeff Zeske, Mike Cupe, Matt Dowiatt, Matt CruH, Marc Sharer, Dave Schmidtke, Dave Tanger, Robert Schweitzer, Craig Welzenbach, Eric Christensen, Marty Rognlien. BACK ROW: Joel Christian, Matt Jorgenson, Craig Poupore, Randy Stelpflug, Arvid Amundson, Scott Senstock, Jeff Harris, Dan Sweenie, Dennis Sander, Dan Hannahs, Brian Schmoldt, Hamilton Williams, Jeff Harris, Tony Miller, Tim Theobald, John Kinzig, Dean Spooner. S E C O N D N O R T H FIRST ROW: Jeff Babl, Brad Ruff, Terry Corlett, Tom Weiner, Mike Schaubroeck, Tom Altmann, Kraig Jorgensen. ROW 2: Louis Morgan, Tim Rogan, Gerry Kaiser, Brain Schwartz, Pat O'Neil, Mike Herfel, Rich Lamm, Jim Bute, Jeff Orr, Kevin Whalen. BACK ROW: Randy Rucks, Orv King, Tim Burgess, Ken Thompson, Karl Klenke, Chad Burks, Jan Zander, David Swanton, Steve Van Zeeland, John Belling. : COm UZOnmm FIRST ROW: Brian Pitlik, Kevin McMullen, Al Arndt, Jack Reuder, Paul Stevens, Sean Meegan, Misari Thilza. ROW 2: Ken Blotteaux Rob Miller, Tim Gibbons, Kevin Paynter, Mark Haag, Cleven McChesney. ROW 3: Tim Rech, Mike Taylor, Dennis Sigl, Ben Haun Jeff Berning. BACK ROW: Kevin Howard, Mike Diaz, Tim Menzia, Andy Vatter, John Sutschek, David Krippner, Jeff Rinn, Claud Hutchens. :qzoz cz-zq 162 FIRST ROW: Mark Ingram, Lance Tagliapietra, Jamie Scherkenbach, Gabriel Zamorano, Chris Cedar, Kevin Purcell. ROW 2: Keith Winskell, Tom Stemper, Andy Buchert, Dennis Dix, Mark Yahnke, Steve Heisdorf, Greg Tuzik. ROW 3: Kurt Duex, Otto Kerl, Gregg Tucek, Dominic Dedolph, Scott Garrison, Mike Gooding, Tom Broeren, Chris Bjorkman, Glen Page, Russ Peterson. BACK ROW: Tom Morris, Russ Hintze, David Staffin, James Schoff, Bret Lepper, Rob McConnell. :dCOm cz-Iq FIRST ROW: Scot Whitney, Jeff Kittle, Charlie Hampton, Jay Schwellenbach. ROW 2: Trent Beauchine, Bob LaMasney, Roger Fanning, Steve Stevens, Tim Cox. ROW 3: Tim Gillick, Mike Holzhueter, Paul Holec, Brian Wall, Chris Clark. BACK ROW: Jeff Plenty, Bill Stoltenberg, Dave Hermann, Scott Jenks, Mark Gladowski, Bruce Paulson, Todd Thoman, Todd Zimmerman. :qzoz :qzcom 163 164 I-ICOm I-IWCOH-I FIRST ROW: Jeff Everson, Steve Prouty, Pual Ziegel, Al Weber, Pat Pfankuch, Dan Vickerman, Frank McKeran. ROW 2: George Greenwood, David Pierce, Kurt Toberman, Jeff Maldonis, John Rosauer, Tom Hendrickson, Scott Seacrist, Dan Dee. BACK ROW: Steve Foerster, Roy Jensen, David Bell, John Bauman, Chuck Richards, Geoff Turner, Tim Happenjan, Erick Hocke, Tim Sorenson. weig'tsn IPICKARD Duane Alber will be acting as this year's AD. for Pickard Hall. A senior majoring in technical communications and computer science, Duane comes from Monroe,- Wiscon- sin. Duane has taught CCD at St. Angustine's for the past four years. He was a member of SAB and this year's Home- coming Games Committee. Duane started the "Platteville Peddlers" this fall. This biking club will get off the ground this spring. Duane is also a member of the Apostolate to the Handicapped out of Madison. His hobbies include photography and electronics. After graduation, Duane would like to design and ser- vice computer software or communication systems. He is looking for a job in the Midwest. When Duaneiwas in high school, he had no intention of going to college. He be- came interested in computers and electronics while read- ing a book. i i As A.D. of Pickard Hall, Duane plans to maintain pro- grams that have already been successfully established. Duane is expecting to be surrounded by residents enthu- siastic about his hall programming. 165 FIRST ROW: David Deleon, Dean Taylor, Rich Fait, Dave Kahlow, Doug Wojtarowicz, Steve Owens, Rob Steinert, Dave Ernst. ROW 2: David Ciull, Tyrone Kleinhans, Chris Elliott, Jeff Lehmann, Chris Salm, Jim Gertis, Greg Lamers, John Wallace. BACK ROW: Chuck Desjarden, Steve Dickey, Dave Abrahamson, Steve Schaub, Dave Soukup, Mike Hynek. -lmz-n ART?VIQ : , P 0 PULATIlbiifEOg -lm m FIRST ROW: Bruce Havel, Scott Grover, Ron Brisbois, Todd Wells, Jim Blair, Steve Rortvedt, Brad Meixner. ROW 2: Dean Zuidema Andy Essien, Tim Weigen, Tim Krueger. ROW 3: Doug Vanderlaan, Paul Friend, Ed White, Bruce Nielsen, Craig Kasten, Kirk Nevel ' ROW 4: Bill Brennum, Dave lsme, Jim Pfeifer, Dave Flora. BACK ROW: Steve Kies, Bruce Weber, Matt Didier, Todd Smith, Bo Chesney, Jason Kropp, Tom Heiss. qm m 0200mm 166 FIRST ROW: Pat Christi, Bill Norden, Craig Seavers, Greg Lohi, Jeff Ward, Paul Cahoon. ROW 2: Rob Jacobson, Mark Wegrowski, Duane Moser, Howard Magad, Rob Borowski, Dan Regan, Dave Brown, Jeff Slife, Ed Rabotski. ROW 3: Jim Hughes, Ken Werner, Jay Ferkovich, Alec Patterson, Chris Galfano, Ron Monson, Rick Wallner, Norm Rivedal. ROW 4: Kevin Mahlendorf, Scott Lovy, Steve Morrison, Dave Stark, Eric Bates. BACK ROW: Chris Kinas, Brian Converse, Jimi Taylor, Mark Janessen. dmmg UZOnrr-Icn 167 168 dm m Uz-Id Hmms Uz-zq FIRST ROW: Ivory D. Morehouse, Craig D. Whalen, Tom 5. Paisley. ROW 2: Mario Montenegro, Todd M. Urban, Paul Gates, Dan Breunig, Brent Frankenhoff, Dan Hanlon. BACK ROW: Ron P. Smith, Tarey Dehne, Tom Ames, Risch Blesar, Bill Werling, Bart Ottens, Jim Brown, Vince Bush, Dave DeCono, Kurt Breunig, Martin J. Edlebeck, John Braden, Rick Gosney. 2. fwd FIRST ROW: Mike Rayford, Steve Wegner, Tim Dick, Greg Holthaus, Olaf Leirmo, Mike Platt, Dan Chipman, Jim Bauer, Ugo Okor ROW 2: Clint Long, Chris Cerniglia, Rich Meyer, Mark Gessert, Brett Nagel, Paul Glaeser, J. R. Brennan, Mike Redding, : Frederick, Gary Kasten, Jeff Vincent. BACK ROW: Barry Palm, Steve Tacke, Dean Kienitz, Dale Golden, Phil Horter. FIRST ROW: Chris Hughes, Brian Bronsted, Doug Osterberger, Mark Tesch, Ed Schnieder, Dave Smith, Vang Yang. ROW 2: Jeff Meylor, Chris Miller, Dave Rowley, Dan Duncan, Dan Hughes, Brian Delfosse, Dave Schoppe, H. T. Kinney, Jim Holler, Jerry Rabbach, Jeff Shaw, Scott Warrington. ROW 3: Pete Linbereger, Doug Diedrich, Russell Dewitt, Aaron Zimmerman, Jay Steinke. BACK ROW: Peter Pomerening, Kurt Krueger, Scott Roeder, Terry Lichte, Kurt Sechtig, Carl Wermeling, Ken Klaes, Reed Trefz, Tom Berg. qm m :qwCOm 169 Academic GRADUATION 174 j Agriculture Dean Wayne Gillis was born and raised in Western New York. He studied Animal Science at Ohio State and Cornell University. Gillis then worked in Ontario and Ottawa, Can- ada, where he assumed responsibility for livestock production programs. Gillis came to Platteville last July. He feels his experience outside of univer- sity life gives him a different perspec- tive than if he'd always been with the university. Gillis says he likes it here at Platteville because the school is of moderate size. This allows the student to have an identity as a person. Gillis considers the major strength of the college to be the faculty's commit- ment to teaching. The college strives for a blend of hands-on experience, theory and practical application. One of Gillis' goals for the college is to in- sure that the curriculum is at the lead- ing edge of new technology. He also hopes to enhance lab facilities to derive more effective uses; to improve profes- sional development opportunities for faculty and to sustain and increase en- rollment of quality students. Gillis says he likes Platteville and the state as it pertains to agriculture. His job occupies as much as 50 hours a week, but he says there's alot of gratifi- cation to be gained from the job. "Our first priority in the college is our students. We strive to give them the best education we can provide." Dean Wayne Gillis AGRICULTURE 17S Mary Kay Allen Ag. Business Monroe, WI Mark Baiurny Ag. Mechanization Milwaukee, WI Jeff Barman Ag. Mechanization Sun Prairie, WI Maria Becerra Animal Science Colombia, 5. America David Beck Ag. Business Lodi, WI Donna Behl Animal Science Lodi, WI David Biggs Ag. Education Dixon, IL Alan Brooks Ag. Education Reedsburg, WI Mark Brown Ag. Business Dodgeville, WI Torey Byers Ag. Business Steuben, WI Connie M. Caley Technical Ag. Bloomington, WI Raymond Caron Technical Ag. Fall River, MA Jody Carroll Soil 8i Crop Science Stockton, IL Rose Chase Ag. Business Beetown, Wl Cari I.. Christensen Ag. Economics Oregon, W! Robert Cleland Tech. AgBAnimal Science Capron, IL Marcia Cordls Ag. Business Monftort, WI Angela Davis Ag. Business Rewey, WI Janet DeHaan Technical Ag. New Glarus, WI Philip Dolski Ag. Education Kewaunee, WI 176 wx M, 177 Richard Doud Technical Ag. lnterlaken, NY Jane E. Duerst Ag. Business Monticello, WI Rose Marie Ellickson Ag. Economics Cambridge, Wl Scott Fellion Animal Science Waterford, WI Michael Fennigkoh Soil 8: Crop Science Racine, WI Kurt Fiene Technical Ag. Davis, IL Denice I.. Fitzsimmons AF. Business Minera Point, WI Rick I. Gintner Ag. Economics Whitelaw, WI Elizabeth Goonan Ag. Business Browntown, WI Jim Gudenkauf Ag. Economics Orangeville, IL Kevin Habeck Ag. Mechanization Maribel, WI Donald Hafierkamp Ag. Economics Sharon, WI Carl C. Helmich Ag. Business Madison, WI Michael Hennes Soil 8! Crop Science Hubertus, WI 178 William Curt Herwig Technical Ag. Oregon, IL Brian Hrupka Animal Science Kansasville, WI Thomas Hughes Ag. Business Grand Ridge, IL Todd A. Jacklin Ag. Business Waterloo, IA lohn Jarvis Technical Ag. Wautoma, WI Kenneth A. lenks Ag. Business Montfort, WI Alan lentz Ag. Mechanization Platteville, W! Scott Johnson Ag. Mechanization Mondovi, Wl Robert Klahn Ag. Mechanization Oregon, WI Timothy D. Kubatzke Ag. Education Freeport, IL John Lalor Technical Ag. Hebron, IL Jeffrey I. Laufenberg Ag. Business Iron Ridge, WI Molly Ann Lovgren Ail. Business 0 io, IL Paul Manke Ag. Business Arlington, WI 179 Randy Manning Technical Ag. Richland Center, Wl Angela Markus Ag. Business Potosi, WI Richard I. Marfilius Ag. Business Prairie du Chien, WI Ron Martin Ag. Business Argyle, WI Steven P. Martin Ag. Economics Mount Morris, IL Roland McEachron Technical Ag. Lancaster, WI Waller McManaway Soil 8: Crop Science Whitewater, WI Dan Meyer Ag. Business Darien, WI Donna K. Nelson Soil 8: Crop Science Poynette, WI Richard Nelson Ag. Business Deerfield, WI Rebecca J. Oechsle Animal Science Stitzer, WI Margery Otlo Ag. Business Wautoma, WI Pat Palzkill Ag. Business Mineral Point, WI Lawrence D. Plapp Ag. Education Malta, IL Lyle N. Poch Ag. MechBAg. Business Mt. Calvary, WI Dave Posorske Ag. Mechanization Berlin, WI Nancy Prail Ag. Business Janesville, MN Kurt Rolle, Ir. Ag. Mechanization Belmont, WI Peggy Rudolph Animal Science Palmyra, WI Pete Salm Technical Ag. Neenah, WI lane! R. Schambow Ag. Business Platteville, WI Steve Schauf Ag. Mechanization Sparta, Wl Stephen Schmitz Ag. Mechanization Fond du Lac, WI Joseph F. Schuh Soil 8: Crop Science Green Bay, WI Donald Schuster Ag. Business Sun Prairie, WI Matthew Scurek Soil 8t Crop Science East Troy, WI Terry Seffrood Ag. Business Gratiot, WI Mark Smetana Ag. Mechanization Black River Falls, WI Tracy l. Smithson Animal Science Bellevue, IA Sonya Spink Ag. Education Dodgeville, WI Debra D. Spooner Animal Science Evansville, WI Stuart Stangler Ag. Education Watertown, WI David A. Stirmel Ag. Mechanization Delavan, WI loel Strang Animal Science Richland Center, WI Rick Thomas Ag. Economics East Troy, WI Gary Trapp Soil 8s Crop Science McFarland, Wl Lori Van Hulle Soil 8s Crop Science Oconto, Wl Kenneth L. Watts Ag. Business ' Hollandale, WI Kimberly A. Weir Animal Science Rolling Meadows, IL Wendell Weisensel Animal Science Beaver Dam, WI Vir inia l.. Welling Soi 8: Crop Science Fort Atkinson, WI Todd E. Wilkinson Ag. Mechanization Mount Hope, WI Randall I. Will Ag. Education Beaver Dam, Wl Jonathan Williams Ag. Business Juda, WI Tim York Animal Science Clinton, WI Paulette Zeman Soil 8s Crop Science Watertown, WI 183 1B4 Dean Dale Fatzinger Arts and Sciences Dean Dale Fat- zinger was born and raised in Allen- town, PA. He obtained his masters de- gree in Geography and came to Platte- ville to teach Geography and American Government because he felt this was the ideal situation for him. He wanted to teach at a small college with an em- phasis on teaching. He became chair- man of the newly-established Geogra- phy Department, was then voted Act- ing Dean, and in 1979, became a Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Dean Fatzinger says that the College of Arts and Sciences is the core of the University. "We provide the education that is considered to be the distinguish- ing component of every student's edu- cation here." Fatzinger says that a major strength of the College of Arts and Sciences is the faculty. "They are primarily inter- ested in effective teaching and keep current in their fields. "The dean adds that support facilities such as the li- brary, the Center for the Arts, and labs are good. Fatzinger would like to see more faculty positions within the College. He also intends to improve the curriculum and laboratory facilities. Next year the college will be implementing a pro- gram in which students must pass a writing test before graduating. Dean Fatzinger gets alot of satisfac- tion out of his job. "I believe what I'm doing makes it easier for faculty to do their job of providing an excellent edu- cation in the College of Arts and Sci- ences." ARTS 8 SCIENCES 185 Jim Adlam Criminal Justice Wauwatosa, WI Lauri Allen Art Plattevillg WI Todd Richard Anderson GeographWCartography Appleton, WI James C. Ashing HistorWPolitical Science New Lisbon, WI Elizabeth Baeckelandl Comprehensive Art Park Ridge, IL Rita Bailey Social Sciences Muscoda, WI Kay Barry Criminal Justice Menominee Falls, WI Mark Barta Criminal Justice Byron, MN Elizabeth Biermeier Biology Cambridge, WI Tracy L. Birkett Geology Benton, Wl Kenneth Bogusz Criminal Justice Littleton, CO Jeffery Borland BiologWComprehensive Science West Allis, WI Karl Bridgeman Criminal Justice DeForest, WI Robert Budde Criminal Justice Waukesha, WI Sharon Buening Criminal Justice Prairie du Chien, WI Rebecca Gale Bull GeographWBus. Admin. Platteville, Wl Harold Burkhardt History Howards Grove, WI Joe T. Burnett Transportation Admin. 8r Human Resources Spencer, WI Jayne Amelia Bush Criminal Justichsychology Black River Falls, WI Hazel K. Coppernoll Criminal Justice Blue River, WI Christine l. DeHahn Criminal Justice Racine, WI Therese Derdzinski Criminal Justice Milwaukee, WI William A. Dettman Criminal Justice Milledgeville, IL Mark I. Doneux Reclamation Northfield, MN Belle Doyle Math Shullsburg, WI ennis Enloe Criminal Justice Kansas City, KS Michael Ernst ChemistrWPsychology Savanna, IL Randy Eternick Criminal JusticMPsychology Lomira, Wl L o Dona Fearing Criminal Justice Lime Ridge, WI Elsa Frank Music Richland Center, W! Manxl Freiburger Psyc ology Hazel Green, WI Teri L. Frisch Criminal JusticeNsychology Baraboo, WI Iill Gerard Criminal Justice West Allis, WI Lynne Ann Gibson International Studies Darlington, WI Sally Goetsch Criminal Justice Gaithersburg, MD Creendale, WI Melinda Grieswell Chemistr New Ber in, WI Darlene Guseck Criminal Justice Suring, WI laura Halbach Criminal Justice Waterford, WI Sharon Rose Hamilton Geology Arlington Heights, IL Michael Heberlein Cartography Monona, WI Thomas Hughey Social Science Fennimore, WI Trac Ironside Psyc ology Kenosha, WI Gary lahn Criminal Justice Sussex, WI Angelique Johnstone Criminal Justice Cassville, WI William Joseph Reclamation Sun Prairie, WI Connie Lynn Kaiser Psychology Oak Creek, WI Glenn M. Klaassen Psychology Platteville, WI Gilbert Knudson Criminal Justice Livingston, WI Martin J. Landgraf Criminal Justice Grafton, Wl Ted lange Biology Platteville, Wi Constance larson Criminal Justice Cresco, IA Thomas Leehy Geology Sparta, WI leffery Liddiard Criminal Justice Fort Wayne, IN Beth lindley Criminal JusticMPsychology Williams Bay, WI Jodi lucey Art Arena, W! David T. Mather Criminal Justice Madison, WI Kathryn Ann Meyer Criminal Justice Shawano, WI Glen R. Meyers Criminal Justice Brookfield, WI Candice Miller Criminal Justice Rhinelander, WI Steven P. Mrotek Cartography Manitowoc, WI Francesca l. Muetz Criminal Justice Madison, WI Douglas W. Ninneman Criminal Justice Madison, WI Thomas W. Parrot! Criminal Justice Briggsville, WI Lynn Marie Ray Criminal Justice Belleville, Wl Cindy Reed Reclamation Moorhead, MN Marci Repla Criminal Justice Franksville, WI Ronald K. Richardson Psychology Cuba City, Wl Mark Rodwell Reclamation Crops 8 Soils East Troy, WI Eric Schambow Political SciencMBus. Admin. Montfort, WI Vince Scheckel Criminal Justice Soldiers Grove, WI Carolyn J. Schmitt Criminal Justice Davenport, IA Patrick Schott Criminal Justice Green Bay, WI lose h R. Schwartz Zoo ogyXPre-med. Darlington, WI Sarah Seidler Criminal Justice Wausau, WI 191 192 Darby Shea Art New Glarus, WI Gary Splinter Carto?raphy Janesvi le, WI Mary Jane Steinhoff Counselor Education Beloit, WI Paul Stevens Math History Union Grove, WI Connie Stuckey Psychology Platteville, WI Michael Suhr Geology Friendship, WI Patricia Swenson Criminal Justice Viroqua, WI Joseph M. Tarnowski Criminal Justice Sheboygan, W! Thomas Thompsen Cartography Milwaukee, WI Robert Thompson Geology Janesville, WI William S. Tonn Criminal Justice Peshtigo, WI Eric James VanBuren Criminal Justice Silver Springs, NY Terry VanNatta t Art Platteville, WI lane Vesrerman Crimina Justice Lancaster, WI Cheryl Vos Social Science Burlington, WI loanne K. Walker Criminal Justice Brillion, WI Theresa Weidner Biology Spring Green, WI Nathan Wetzel Math Platteville, WI Lynette Wilson Comprehensive Art Platteville, WI 'I'odd Paul Wolf Criminal Justice Appleton, WI 194 Dean Kahtan Al Yasiri "Students should master the three skills that mark the educated person; listening attentively, thinking clearly, and writing accurately." It is with this philosophy in mind that Dean Kahtan Al Yasiri administers the College of Business, Industry, and Communica- tion. Dean Al Yasiri first came to Platteville in 1965 after completing a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science at the University of Nebraska, and a Ph.D. in Economics at Iowa State. He served as the Dean of the College of Business and Economics from 1965 to 1977. In 1977, AI Yasiri was appointed the Dean of the College of Business, Industry, and Communication upon the merger of several academic units that now com- prise the present collee. .. A unique featuge of the College of conducted as a self-paced, competen- cy-based instruction program designed to extend business education to the adult learner in Wisconsin. Al Yasiri considers the strengths of the college to be the dedicated faculty, its flexible programs, and ample up-to- date facilities that provide students with hands-on experience. "We be- lieve that students gain knowledge through study and analysis which is provided by classroom activities, but gain wisdom through experience." "Before they graduate, our students should have an overview of the field and understand the way it works, be familiar as to how people think within it, comprehend why things are struc- tured as they are, and imagine what changes should be made in the future." BUSINESS $xxii x. v I x; DUSTRY 8 COMMUNICATION Eric Peter Aasen Building Construction Mgmt. Onalaska, WI Eugene R. Abraham Business Administration Chicago, IL Tamm Acherman Business A ministration Darlington, WI Duane Alber Tech. Comm. 8: Comp. Science Monroe, WI Bruce Albrecht Industrial Technology Green Bay, WI Jeffery Anderson Industrial Technology Prairie du Chien, WI Kathy Argall AccountingnBusiness Mineral Point, WI Patty Averkamp Business Administration Shullsburg, WI Sharon A. Badzinski Technical Communications New Berlin, WI Dawn Bailey Business Economics Sun Prairie, WI Mark D. Baker Industrial Education New Berlin, WI Jeff Behnke Industrial Technology Grafton, WI Lori l. Bell Corporate Communication Camp Douglas, W! Thomas Bestul Building Construction Mgmt. Rosholt, WI Karl L. Beth Business Administration Reedsburg, WI William Birkett Comprehensive Bus. 8i Econ. Benton, WI Dana Marie Blaser Business Adminisration Darlington, WI Kelly Bloch Business Lancaster, WI Greg Blum Business Administration Juda, WI William loel Boeka Broadcasting Management McHenry, IL Christine Brandt-Prather Business Freeport, IL Ann Brentrup Comprehensive Bus. 8i Econ. Sheboygan, WI Rosemarie Brokish Business Administration Dodgeville, WI Sara Brun Business Administration Fennimore, WI Steve Buccanero Industrial Technology Iron Belt, WI lohn Bueltner Computer Science Lancaster, WI Paul Burns Industrial Technology Oconto Falls, WI Craig Cahoon Business Administration Reedsburg, WI Ellen Campbell Broadcast ProductioMMgmt. Sun Prairie, WI James J. Canes Radio 8t TV Broadcasting Greenfield, WI Daniel Clarion Radio 8: TV Broadcasting Mt. Prospect, IL Teri Conners Business Administration Mineral Point, WI Paula K. Coonen Broadcast Management Brillion, WI Brian W. Courtney Industrial Technology Reedsburg, WI Bradle Craig Radio 8: TV Broa casting Fennimore, WI Robert Dallman Computer Science Menomonee Falls, WI James I. Danner Accounting Beloit, WI Jennifer Davis Business Administration Fennimore, WI John Davis Business Darlington, WI Michael 1. Day Computer Science Spencer, WI Charles Deery Business Rockford, IL Lisa Domann Business Administration Mauston, WI Greg Donovan Business Dayton, OH Shannon Daugherty AccountingnBusiness Waupun, WI Jeff Dower Speech Communication Stockton, IL Scott Dumke Business Administration Clintonville, WI Tim Dunbar Industrial Technology Mt. Morris, IL Pat Dunne AccountingnBusiness Econ. Cuba City, WI Douglas S. Durrenberger Industrial Safety Sleepy Hollow, IL Julie M. Edgar Technical Communication Darlington, Wl Jeffrey Ellis Industrial Technology Potosi, WI Jeannette Emmer Speech Communication Neosho, WI lames V. Evans Business Administration Highland Park, IL Scott Faber Industrial Technology Hazel Green, WI Kay Faherty Business Administration Platteville, WI Sara Feddersen Business Administration Freeport, IL Jackie Fields Business Administration Hazel Green, WI Jacqueline Finken RadionTV Broadcasting Milwaukee, WI Mike Flanagan Building Construction Mgmt. Chicago, IL Ian P. Fole Technical ommunication Seneca, Wl linda Frank Business Administration Freeport, IL Robert Frauchiger Business Administration Darlington, WI Michelle Friederick Accounting Potosi, WI lisa M. Ganser Business Administration Lodi, WI Robert Garside Accounting Platteville, WI Gary L. Gartman Const. MgmtBComp. Sci. Sheboygan, WI loni L. Gile RadioBTV Broadcasting Cuba City, WI lacqueline Glenn RadionTV Broadcasting Milwaukee, WI Gary Lee Goehring Industrial Technology New Berlin, WI Kathy Greenberg Business AdminJFinance Sun Prairie, WI Gary Haberland Industrial Technology Freedom, WI Mark Hafenbreadl Business Administration Rhinelander, WI Janeen K. Hagen Industrial Technology Clinton, WI Michael Halbig Technical Communications Sheboygan Falls, Wi Kathryn Hale Business AdminJMarketing Benton, WI 201 Gary Hanan Industrial Education Paddock Lake, WI Tim Handell Business AdminBMarketing Black Earth, WI Daniel Hanson Occupational Safety Dubuque, IA Dennis L Hanson Business Administration Platteville, Wl James M. Harms Computer Science Cobb, WI Linda Hauth Business Administration Sharon, WI Susan P. Havas Speech CommunicationBPR. Wauwatosa, WI Scott Helgeson RadioBTV Broadcasting Janesville, WI Beth Henderson Speech Communication Sycamore, IL Jerome T. Hendrickson Agribusiness Blanchardville, WI Ronald Herwig Industrial Technology Arlington, WI Lori Heuer Business Administration Montfort, Wl Paul R. Hicks Computer Science Cuba City, WI Dave Hintz Industrial Technology Franklin, WI Douglas Joel Hipenbecker Bus. 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Sedik Occupational Safety Columbus, WI Jeffrey Shaffer Occupational Safety Cuba City, WI Thomas Sibenaller RadioBTV Broadcasting Blooming Prairie, MN Lisa Smith Business Administration Dayton, OH Laura Snorek Computer Science Cazenovia, Wl Janelle M. Sosinsky Business Administration DeForest, W! Scott A. Spencer RadioBTV Broadcasting New Windsor, IL Kelly Spillane Business Administration Benton, WI lohn Stafford RadioXTV Broadcasting Madison, WI James Steinhoff Business Administration Belmont, WI lulie Stolper RadioBTV Broadcasting Brookfield, WI Jim Stratton Business Administration Potosi, WI Keith Streich Industrial Studies Janesville, W! Michael A. Thibeau Computer Science Orfordville, WI Todd Thom Industrial Technology Horicon, WI Jeff Tracy Business Administration Sun Prairie, WI Gregory J. Trehey Industrial Technology Mount Horeb, Wl Tonia K. Trewartha Business Administration Hazel Green, WI Michael R. Vanevenhoven Industrial Technology Appleton, WI Richard J. 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Ziehl Light Building Const. Brandon, WI ?HFYACHI Karen Williams Business Administration Livingston, Wl Donna Winkers Comp. SciXBus. Admin. Fennimore, WI Carl Winkler Industrial Technology Pot05i, WI Dean A. Woda Industrial Technology Grafton, WI 211 212 Dean James Stoltenberg Dean Stoltenberg foresees a promis- ing future for the College of Education. In the coming years, he says, there should be a greater demand for teach- ers in the work force. This is primarily because in past years, fewer college students have been entering the field of education, and also because a large number of teachers in the work force are reaching retirement. As a result, Stoltenberg believes the profession will have a dramatic improvement in sala- ries and in respectability. Stoltenberg wants graduates of the College of Education to be prepared in the best possible way. The field of teaching is, after all, the basis upon which all other professions are built. Therefore it is necessary to maintain high standards in this profession. His motto for the college is "Great teachers make the difference." The dean has conducted a follow-up survey of UW-P graduates in the teaching field; the re- sults show these teachers to be very competent. These graduates indicate that they are quite satisfied with their chosen profession. A sizeable number of these graduates are now teaching in elementary and in secondary schools. Approximately 150A of the graduates in the College of Education are in non- teaching professions such as personnel, sales, and advertising. "Teachers can be good employees in many nonteaching enterprises," says Stoltenberg. Stoltenberg has been Dean of the College of Education since 1979. He previously worked at UW-Madison as Director of Clinical Experiences for Teachers. EDUCATION 214 lifka Bennett Elementary Education Dodgeville, WI Kari Brask Physical Education Platteville, WI Shannon Brautigam Elementary Education Appleton, WI Barbara A. Burke Elementary EdJMath Ed. Hollandale, WI Roland Calnin Elementary Education Richland Center, Wl Terry Downs Art Education Potosi, WI Kayleen K. Durley Com. Music EdXTheater Potosi, WI Becky Eisert Elementary Education Clinton, WI Lori A. Evenstad Elementary Education Darlington, WI Connie Ferguson Art Education Memphis, MO 'I'ammy Freiburger Elementary Education Cobb, WI Theresa Gill Elementary Education Wauwatosa, WI Heidi Gillingham Elementary Education Lone Rock, Wl Amy Grassman MatWGen. Science Ed. Ithaca, WI Denise Honer Physical Education Cazenovia, WI Joseph G. Hughes Elementar Education Grand Ri ge, IL Melanie Iverson Elementary Education . Cuba City, WI loan lanssen Elementary Education Dodgeville, WI Thomas M. lelinek Music Education Richland Center, WI Robert S. luran General Science Oak Creek, WI Brenda K. Knutson Elementary Education Viroqua, WI Ned Laughery Elementary Education Spring Green, WI 215 lisa lovell Elementary Education Hazel Green, WI Barbara Makovec Elementary Education Muscoda, WI Alice M. McDonald Instrumental Music Ed. Belmont, WI lisa McKinne Elementary E ucation Germantown, WI Debra Molle Elementary Education Platteville, WI LuAnn Neuenschwander Elementary Education Monroe, WI Sue Noyes Elementary Education Fennimore, Wl Margie Pape Art Education Cassville, Wl Cindy Peetz Elementary Education Sauk Prairie, WI Brenda Piddinglon Elementary Education Hazel Green, WI Christine Pluemer Elementary Education Potosi, WI Diane Prien Elementary Education Monroe, WI 217 lacey Sanford Elementary Education Viola, WI Terrie Schaetzel Elementary Education Germantown, WI William Schwanles Music Education Glen Haven, WI Christine Schwert Elementary Education Boscobel, WI Marilyn Tallman Elementary Education Darlington, WI Karen Thuli Elementary Education Dodgeville, WI Robin Ellen Thurner Elementary Education McFarland, WI Mary Elizabeth Tierney Elementary Education Platteville, WI Lisa Timmerman Elementary Education Cuba City, WI William Wasley Elementary Education Dodgeville, WI Dianne White Elementary Education Mount Hope, WI Christine Wilson Elementary Education Rock City, IL 218 Melba Redfern Elementary Education Richland Center, WI Farnaz Rezazadeh Education Platteville, WI Dean Ross McDonald Dean Ross McDonald is pleased with the excellent quality of the engineering students here at UW-Platteville. He considers them to be llhighly motivat- ed and well-skilled" and a definite strength of the College of Engineering. Another strong point of the College of Engineering is the support that the administration and other colleges pro- vide. Of their support, McDonald says, l'They really want to help engineering attain the level that we need to attain." McDonald completed a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Mathematics and Physics at Tulsa, Oklahoma. He then received a Ph.D. in Applied Me- chanics at Iowa State. He worked in the aerospace industry for ten years before he started teaching in Tulsa. McDonald finally moved to Platteville in 1982 after selecting the job here because of this school's dedication to undergraduate education. McDonald was appointed Dean of the College of Engineering in July 1984. McDonald considers the College of Engineering's mission to be the educa- tion of undergraduate students. All fac- ulty are hired with this idea in mind. The absence of a graduate program al- lows for total concentration on under- graduate education. McDonald's plans for the college in- clude the implementation of a program to increase the professional develop- ment of the faculty. McDonald does not attempt to com- pare the College of Engineering with the other colleges here on campus. He says their competition is with other colleges across the nation. McDonald predicts that UW-Platteville will be well able to compete with other colleges' programs. They will recognize the ex- cellence of Platteville's programs. ENGINEERING Bruce Aderman Civil Engineering Marinette, Wl Ion Althof Mechanical Engineering Stockton, IL lohn Arntzen Civil Engineering Rockford, IL Joseph C. Benbenek Civil En ineering Hazel urst, WI Mark Biederwoli Civil Engineering Racine, WI Doug Black Industrial Engineering Long Beach, CA Craig Bower Civil Engineering Richland Center, WI James M. Brunette Mechanical Engineering Green Bay, WI Mike Calbaum Ag. Engineering Milwaukee, WI Mike T. Carius Ag. Engineering Moline, IL Tom Carrigan Industrial En ineering Reeds urg, WI Brad Champeau Mechanical Engineering Green Bay, WI Leslie Chmelik Mining Engineering Lancaster, WI Tom Chmelik Mechanical Engineering Glen Ellyn, IL Iames Collins Electrical Engineering West Allis, WI L nnette Colwell ivil Engineering Sun Prairie, WI Maria Craemer Industrial Engineering Eau Claire, WI Andy Craven Mechanical Engineering Union Grove, WI Nathan R. Czech Civil En ineering At ens, WI Michael I. Dedrick Civil Engineering Spring Green, WI Kevin Donner Civil En ineering Richlan Center, Wl Richard Dregne Industrial Engineering Viroqua, WI Franklin D. Dutcher, Ir. Electrical Engineering Platteville, WI Rick Erdman Mechanical Engineering Cedarburg, W! Michael F. Flesch Civil En ineering Evansvil e, WI Cletus Flogel Industrial Engineering Mazomanie, WI Randall William Foss Mechanical Engineering Janesville, WI Gre Gappa Civi Engineering Eau Claire, WI Steve Geissler Mechanical Engineering Eau Claire, WI lay Gilboy Mechanical Engineering Green Bay, WI Mary Jane Gnadl Industrial Engineering Milwaukee, WI Christopher Grady Industrial Engineering Stoughton, WI Andrew P. Grosskopf Mechanical Engineering Oshkosh, WI Michael Paul Grunsted Electrical En ineering Grand Mea ow, MN Munzer Haidar Civil Engineering Lebanon James B. Hammer Civil Engineering Wabasha, MN Kevin M. Hansen Industrial Engineering Viroqua, WI Stewart Hebel Mechanical Engineering Poynette, WI Greg Heckman Mechanical Engineering Dixon, IL David Heil Civil Engineering New Berlin, WI Martin A. Jacobi Electrical Engineering Manitowoc, WI Brenda M. Jensen Industrial Engineering Clinton, WI Dana Johnson Ag. Engineering Arlington Heights, IL David A. Johnson Electricial Eng. Physics Rice Lake, WI Vromark loshi Mechanica Engineering Neenah, WI Steve Kaiser Civil En ineering App eton, WI Orville King Civil Engineering Cazenovia, WI Gerald C. Kintz Civil Engineering Richland Center, WI Gregory Hellner Mechanical Engineering Wisconsin Rapids, WI Tim Herlel Industrial Engineering Menomonee Falls, WI Michael Hoffmann Civil Engineering Dubuque, IA George R. Hoppen Civil Engineering Stevens Point, WI Albert Hrovat Electrical Engineering West Allis, WI Tom Jablonski Civil Engineering Ladysmith, WI 225 Kris Koehnen Mechanical Engineering Rubicon, WI lohn Kondratuk Mechanical Engineering Exeland, WI 226 GreFory P. Kozelek Civi Engineering Nekoosa, WI David S. Kuchinski Mechanical Engineering Sheboygan, WI John C. Kustka Civil Engineering Kewaunee, WI Cecile C. La Brasca Civil Engineering Racine, WI Mark Lampe Civil Engineering Monroe, WI Thomas lefeber Mechanical Engineering Fond du Lac, WI Alan Leisen Ag. Engineering Plainview, MN Julia Leisten Mech. Engineering Math Hartland, WI Randal I. lifke Ag. Engineering Theresa, WI Paul Luedtke Industrial Engineering Janesville, WI Philip Mackowiak Mining Engineering Dunkirk, NY William Mahr Electrical Engineering Waupaca, W John Martin Mechanical Engineering Dixon, IL Laura A. Ma er Mechanical ngineering Burlington, WI Ahmed Mazloom Civil Engineering Gaza, Palestine Gregory K. Mellz Ag. Engineering Appleton, WI Brian Moore Electrical Engineering Eau Claire, WI Daniel Motl Mechanical Engineering Marshall, WI John P. Mumm Mechanical Engineering Cassville, WI Mike Murphy Civil Engineering Spring Green, WI Suzan Nast Civil Engineering Oakfield, WI Michael J. Nelson Mechanical En ineering Mis icot, WI Robert Oliver Electrical Engineering Jim Falls, WI Erling "Ole" Olson Electrical Engineering Belmont, Wl Jeffrey C. Panka Industrial Engineering Prairie du Chien, WI David Peregrin Civil Engineering Grayslake, IL lill Peterson Industrial Engineering Niagara, WI Larry Michael Pfeil Civil Engineering New Berlin, WI Todd Piller Civil Engineering Oswego, IL Stephen C. Porteus Ag. En ineering Wau eka, WI Michael Ripp Electrical En ineering Midd eton, WI Phillip Roberts Civil Engineering Plymouth, WI Brent Roshell Civil Engineering Chippewa Falls, WI Patricia Russell Mining Engineering Platteville, W! Scott Samuelson Civil En ineering Hay ield, MN Gary Sander Electrical Engineering Platteville, WI Thomas Steve Savas Mechanical Engineering Kenosha, WI Khaled Shenger Mechanical Engineering Tripoli, Libya Nanc Stankevich Civi En ineering Mus ego, WI Douglas Stefanik Electrical Engineering St. Francis, WI 230 Susan C. Stewart Mining En ineering App eton, WI Steven Slreblow Civil Engineering Lake Mills, Wl James F. Sutton Ag. Engineering Seneca, WI Rachel Tang Electrical Engineering Singapore Michael Teeters Mechanical En ineering Fre onia, WI Peter Thompson Civil Engineering Watertown, WI Jeffrey Van Zummeren Mining Engineering Waupaca, WI Jeffrey Verhassell Mining Engineering Antigo, WI Steve VerKuilen Industrial Engineering Kaukauna, WI Joe VerVeIde Mechanical Engineering Sheboygan, WI Andrew P. Virnich Mechanical Engineering Stone Lake, WI Paul Vraney Civil Engineering Whitelaw, WI Steve Wadzinski Mechanical Engineering LaCrosse, Wl Todd Wagner Mechanical Engineering Reedsburg, WI Michael D. Wallom Mechanical Engineering Mercer, Wl Steven T. Whalen Ag. Engineering Darlington, WI Robert White Ag. Engineering Caledonia, Wl Mark Wingharl Industrial Engineering Mequon, WI Donna Witkowski Industrial Engineering Fond du Lac, WI Pete Witte Civil Engineering Wauwatosa, WI Steven Woodward Mining Engineering Platteville, WI less Yenler Mechanical Engineering Rosholt, WI Shamsudin Yusof Civil Engineering Melakam, Malaysia Pamela lo Zweifel Civil Engineering Albany, Wl Closin 3 ELECTION 84: REAGAN RIDES AGAIN 234 UW-Platteville students were very interested in the 1984 presidential campaign. This was peculiar since Reagan held a firm lead in the forecasts throughout the entire campaign, so there was no suspense. Yet many students watched the two televised debates and after- wards discussed their reactions to them. Campaign in- terest was indicated in other ways as well. Speakers on behalf of both the president and Mr. Mondale visited campus. Young Republicans phoned area residents to survey their opinions concerning the upcoming elec- tion. Students turned out in large numbers at the Student Center to vote on election day. In fact, the UW-P vo- ting site had the largest turnout of any in Platteville. Reagan received over two-thirds of the student vote on this campus. Many of the students voted for Reagan because of their concern over the enconomy, and also because of their hope that Reagan will be able to rem- edy the economy during his second term. But will this second term really be better for Ronald Reagan and for our country? President Reagan will be under a more intense spot- light than he was ever under during his career as an actor. It doesn't take long for discontent against a presi- dent to grow. And now Reagan no longer has Jimmy Carter to kick around when looking for excuses for things being so bad. People will now judge Reagan solely on his performance. What is Reagan likely to achieve in the next four years? When asked what would be his main priority for his second term in office, President Reagan responded, llPeace. There's nothing more important in the world today." Secondly, Reagan wants fundamental reforms which would broaden the tax base and lower individual tax rates. But there are members of the president's own staff who can't agree with him on the tax issue. To say the least, it should be interesting to observe our presi- dent's performance in the next four years. 235 Gumby's Back! We all remember watching the Gumby Show when we were kids. Then there was a void. No Gumby. No Pokey. Just when you thought is was safe to go to the movies again He's back! And so is his friend. Thanks to Eddie Mur- phy's portrayal; Gumby is back ldammitll. Murphy, however, portrayed Gumby a little differ- ently than we remember. In- stead of being the ever-loving rubber guy, we saw him as a loud, obnoxious, egotistical di- rector of his own life story. But we loved it. The phenomenon has almost reached epidemic proportions. The Gumby and Pokey dolls are finally out on the market aga Trying to get the origi Gumby and Pokey dolls in the stores was a problem . cause they were deemed u safe - after being bent and shaped many times the wires the body would break, causi a potential hazard. 50 th came out with a fake, foa rubber Gumby. This caus quite an uproar amoung fa so after going through all t hassles, the Gumby and Pok dolls are out in their origi form. So take heart, Gumby a Pokey fans. Now there are shirts, pins and sweatshirts o in honor of the duo. Even n movies are being made. WHAT'S NEWS? The Olympics have ended. To many it was a e filled with glory, anguish, and reason for all be proud. In off-years, the reasons for having the Olym- s tend to fade, but the proof of their value is sh now in the expressions of the athletes. One of the biggest sweeps at the Olympics was Carl Lewis who attained four gold medals in ck and field. For a personal Olympic motto he ose: "A gold medal is first, the world record is t." Nothing seemed to stop him. Nor did it stop the likes of Edwin Moses, Mary u Retton, Jeff Blutnick, or Mark Breland. Ash- d, Benoit, and Brisco-Hooks won the hearts of - Americans, but no story was as touching or as strating as that of Mary Decker. Most people - familiar with the situation that arose with Zola dd, who competed for England. As Budd and -cker moved ahead of the pack, their legs be- me entangled, with Decker falling helplessly to . ground. Recovering from the fall, she .tched in frustration and anger as the race pro- eded without her. Along with the excitement that arose from the letes came new-found wealth for the Olympic y of Los Angeles. The city was cleaned up in preparation for the millions of people, likewise the millions of dollars, that would be present for the various Olympic activities. Many new cultural offerings were brought about by the games. Paint- ings and live performances were just two of the delights. More people than ever witnessed the magic of the Olympics either in person or via the televi- sion. ABC spent $325 million on the Olympics - the price tag for a record 180 hours of coverage. The Olympic Games are not to be forgotten as a political pawn. The Soviet team boycotted the Olympics but their absence was lost in the specta- cle of chants of 1'U - S - A". The Olympic spirit spread to some of the artists from the Los Angeles area. Proof of this lies in the many freshly-painted murals depicting the past, present, and future of the Olympics. Despite all of this, the Olympics are best symbolized by the Olympic flame. It creates a stir of emotion is us all. As the orchestra played the finale for the 1984 Games and the flame was extinguished, all thoughts turned to the 1988 Games in Seoul, Ko- rea. Until then, the flame will burn brightly in the hearts of all Americans. 238 Bhopal Tragedy While 2,000 paramilitary troops and armed police offi- cers were moved in to lend emergency assistance, thou- sands of civilians were fleeing the city of Bhopal. ln De- cember of 1984, in this Central Indian City, 45 tons of methyl isocyanate leaked out of the Union Carbide plant leaving at least 2,500 people dead in the worst industrial disaster ever. Meanwhile, the scene at the hospitals remained intense. Many victims suffered from secondary infections, especially pneumonia. Even soldiers who had arrived thirty hours after the gas had leaked out of the plant had developed swollen eyes and debilitating coughs. After much deliberation, a team of top American and Indi- an scientists decided that the safest solution was to reopen the plant for five days or more 2 just long enough to process the excess methyl isocyanate into pesticide. While the smoke stack began to pump the black smoke, thir- ty workers walked past the par- amilitary forces and reported to work. Throughout the detoxifi- cation process, which was un- dertaken during daylight hours only, a helicopter was to circle the premises 200 feet above. At even the slightest sign of gas leaking, the pilot, protected by a special oxygen mask, was to release up to 317 gallons of wa- ter to degrade the lethal chemical. The accident raised global concern about the safety of stored chemicals and toxic wastes. At the same time, soci- ety questions the price human- ity pays for the blessings of pro- gress. While Union Carbide is facing alot of complex financial and legal fallout from the disas- ter, 200,000 residents of Bhopal are fearing the long-term ef- fects. Lg, , 1 i " mar The Future Of One word can strike fear into men and chan their whole way of life: Foreclosure. Farmers in t nation's breadbasket iKansas, Iowa, Illinois, Nebr ka, Indiana, and Ohioi are the hardest hit. Thousa of farms are up for sale or raffle now. Two years a farmers had to buy new when interest rates w- high. Now you can get a farm for a song. The problem is multi-faceted and extreme. farm income over the past two years is expected have dropped from $31 billion to anywhere - tween $19 billion and $24 billion. The value of acre of farm land has dropped from $795 to $724 acre in two years. The farm debt is up this year to estimated $30 billion. What many people - including new farmers sometimes forget is that farming is a business. more than just feeding the cows every day a bringing in the crops every year. They don't real that there is a difference between intermediate - WHAT'S NEWS? .rming? rmanent assets. This can lead to mismanagement ., unfortunately in some cases, the loss of the m. The problem isn't just the farmers who made or investments. It is also those who have had a .aster like fire or a tornado, or those who just got 0 farming in the late 70's. 5 ut the farmers are not just sitting around becom- ; victims. There have been many marches nation- de this year to let legislators know how the farm- . feel about President Reagan's veto on farm loans d the problems with the FmHA. And they're stick- ; together. One farmer, doing well in his own ht, participated in a march to show his support. All hope is not lost. The FmHA has made improve- -nts to process more loans quicker. And more ices have been set up in Madison. Farmers are tting aware of the problems and trying to help. operation may be the answer farmers are looking r. 240 Cub Fever: Catch It! Shouts of "Cubs Win" were heard around UW-P last fall. After 39 years of trying, the Chicago Cubs had made it to the World Series playoffs. The Cubs won the National League East Title, making them the National League Champs and a con- tender for the World Series. Dreams of a World Series win were lost to the San Diego Padres. The Cubs won two games in Chicago and lost three in San Diego in a best- of-five series. Cubs fans remained loyal to their team. When they returned to their home field, a cheering crowd was there to give the Chicago team its due. Platteville students showed their support of the team by wearing Cubs hats and clothing. Most TV's were turned to the playoffs. One student explained this by saying "deep down everyone is a Cubs fan." The Chicago Cubs and their fol- lowers thoughts turned to the next season with confidence that the Cubs will go all the way in the 1985 season. They know that "the Cubs will thrive in '85!" O C . rtIfICIaI People The medical world will long be flecting over the year 1984- '85. History was made when .by Fae survived three weeks th the heartof a baboon - ore than two weeks longer an any previous recipient of an imal heart. Baby Fae's short life was rid- ed with controversy. Doctors estioned the use of an animal art when a human organ ight have been better. Animal ers protested the sacrifice of a althy animal for medical sen- ionalism. The medical world also saw ree artificial heart transplants is year. William Schroeder and WHAT'S NEWS? Murray Hayden are being kept alive by Jarvik-7 hearts. ln Ari- zona, Dr. Copeland implanted the Phoenix heart in the dying Thomas Creightons chest. The operations raised puzzling questions for society. Some con- sider such operations to be over- ly melodramatic and detract from more important, but less glamorous medical efforts. Some people are afraid the heart trans- plants will work and therefore will present the problem of pro- viding hearts for only the people who can afford them. Who can decide if a person is to live by looking at his bank account? Obituaries Ansel Adams, 82. George D. Aiken, 92. Miss Baker, 27. William "Count" Basie, 79. Richard Burton, 58. Truman Capote, 59. Konstantin Chernenko, 73. Baby John Doe. James Fixx, 52. George Gallup, 82. Marvin Gaye, 44. Janet Gaynor, 77. Indira Ghandi, 66. John-Erik Hexum, 26. Eliazbeth Julesberg, 82. Ray Kroc, 81. Peter Lawford, 61. Ethel Merman, 75. Nathan Pritikin, 69. John Rock, 94. Irwin Shaw, 71. Swale, 3. 242 The passing days are like the pages of a book. Each is filledwith memories of fun times, friends, sad times 243 Platteville is a community of students changing, growing, and working together towards the realization of goals and possibilities for the future. 246 Throughout the year we have explored and discovered new ideas, friendships, and environments. The year's end brings a sense of accomplishment for the challenges we've surpassed. 249 In this end, we see a new beginning. 252 We are standing at the door to a new horizon filled with places, experiences and PEOPLE. 3 5 2 5,0 , Real Estate Pharmacy 5. Phoebe Boebel L, City Eeedmill Teleph ' 'P Zeman Phl ' hotoland ary Roth rlan .h m y r r e I: h C n U ca 8 256 Aasen, Eric 73, 196 Abedi, Massoud 59 Abendroth, Linda 42, 127 Abraham, Eugene Abraham, James 158 Abraham, Sue 61 Barahamson, David 166 Abuobeid, Monthey 59 Achenbach, Julie 135 Acfgerman, Tammy 62, 63, 65, 132, 1 6 Ackerman, Timothy 124 Ackerman, Tom 142 Adam, Edward 139 Adamak, Brett 158 Adamak, Timothy 158 Adamczyk, Joel 139 Adams, Christy 146 Adams, Dana 160 Adams, Elizabeth 146 Adams, Timothy 157 Addison, Gregory 129 Aderman, Bruce 45, 129, 222 Adlam, Jim 186 Adsit, Michael 69 Aehl, Ken 55 AG STUDENT COUNCIL 41 AG EDUCATION 40 AG MECHANIZATION 41 AC BUSINESS ECONOMICS 4O Agacki, Cynthia 135 AGC 47 Agenten, Richard 614 Agnew, Jeff 21, 53, 109 AGRONOMY 42 Al Yasiri, Kahtan 194 Al-Nemer, Munir 59 Alam, KM. 59 Alber, Duane 165, 196 Albrecht, Bruce 55, 152, 196 Albright, Don 45, 51 Alby, Brian 157 Al iers, Charles 160 Al en, Karen 42, 73 Allen, Lauri 186 Allen, Mary 40, 137, 176 Allison, David 58, 59, 120, 150 ALPHA EPSILON RHO 42 ALPHA GAMMA RHO 109 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA 43 ALPHA PHI OMEGA 108 ALPHA ZETA 43 Alston, Paul 138 Althof, Jon 222 Altmann, Tom 162 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION 44 Ambrose, Paul 45, 153 Ambrosius, John 40, 43 Ames, Kari 43, 51 Ames, Thomas 168 Amundson, Arvid 161 Anciaux, John 139 Anders, Bryan 58 Anderson, Amy 21, 123 Anderson, Am Jo Anderson, Beta: 123 Anderson, Blaine 160 Anderson, David 138 Anderson, Jeff 151, 196 Anderson, Joseph 62 Anderson, Kathi 137 Anderson, Laura 117, 149 Anderson, Robert 129 Anderson, Shanalee 131 Anderson, Steven 141 Anderson, Todd 128, 186 Andler, John 160 Ansari, Tariqu 59, 140 Ansay, Natalie 48, 63, 137 Aran 0, Ana 59, 61 Arga , Kathy 196 Arndorfer, Randy 111 Arndt, Allan 49, 162 Arndt, Jeff 65 Arnold, Steven 149 Armzen, John 222 ASCE 45 Aschliman, Dan 121 Aschom, Amy 125 Ashing, James 67, 120, 121, 186 ASME 46 Asmus, Greg 52 Asp, Daniel 142 ASSMR RECLAMATION 47 Aten, Norman 127 Atkinson, Meadow 62 Atkisson, Ron 128 AUTUMN MADNESS 22, 23 Averkapmp, Patricia 130, 134, 196 Axness, Roxanne 123 Axtell-Peterson, PJ. 59 Babik, Jalal 59 Babl, Jeff 162 Badzinski, Sharon 137, 196 Badzinski, Susan 137 Baeckelandt, Beth 21, 186 Bahr, Mark 154 Baier, Joy 21, 145 Bailey, Dawn 196 Bailey, Rita 186 Baker, Bill 114 Baker, Mark 113, 196 Baker, Patrick 159 Baker, Paul 152 Bakken, Eric 66 Ballmer, Jod 43 Ballou, Cecily73 Banfi, Darla 43 Banfield, Donna 21 Barberino, Michael 152 Bares, Janet 48, 63, 120, 130, 136 Barman, Jeff 176 Barnard, Kurt 128 Barney, Diane 114 Barr, Miriam 52 Barry, Kay 134, 186 Barta, Mark 52, 186 Barth, Dennis 141 Bartol, Larry 55, 72 Barton, Douglas 152 Bartz, Natalie 71 BASEBALL 100, 101 Bast, Jeffrey 149 Bates, Eric 52, 167 Bath, James 150 Bath, Jeffrey 152 Batterman, Sherri 144, 60 Bauer, James 168 Bauer, Kerry 70 Bauer, Lisa 137 Bauman, John 164 Baumann, Andrew 59 Baumann, Lisa 135 Baumgartner, John E. 144 Baumgartner, John H. 121 Baum artner, Steven 142 Baum over, Chris 65 Bausch, Noreen 146 Bausch, Peter 152 Bautch, Ronald 46 Bay, Annette 145 Bay, Patricia 137 BEARS FOOTBALL 16, 17 Beaty, Kevin 152 Beauchamp, Darrell 157 Beauchine, Trent 163 Becerra, Maria 59, 61, 114, 176 Bechard, Steven 122 Beck, David 40, 63, 120, 141, 176 Beck, Patty 125 Becker, Marc 65 Becker, Robert 141 Beckius, Michelle 123 Beckius, Reginald 48, 124 Beerkircher, Mark 153 Beers, Judy 136 Behl, Donna 71, 176 Behnke, Jeff 70, 196 Behnke, Ted 66 Behr, John 60 Behring, Kevin 60 Behring, William 150 Beier, Darrin 124 Bekken, Eric 157 Belanger, Christine 58, 136 BelangerJames 142 Belin, Kelly 157 Bell, Constance 61, 127 Bell, David 164 Bell, Timothy 159 Belling, John 162 1 Belmonte, Michael 69, 157 Benbenek, Joseph 45, 222 Benner, Ra 42 Bennett, Li a 214 Berard, Guy 151 Berg, Kenneth 142 Berg, Thomas 169 Berg, Todd 147 Berger, Janice 59, 69, 110 Bergs, William 41, 147 Ber strom, Todd 46, 72 Ber lund, David 151 Berkuilen, Steve 59 Berning, Jeff 162 Beske, Miles 71 Bessette, Timothy 149 Bestul, Thomas 61, 151, 196 BETA GAMMA RHO 48 BETA ALPHA 48 Beth, Karl 196 Biederwolf, Mark 45, 51, 55, 222 Biermeier, Elizabeth 57, 127, 186 Bierzychudek, Dominick 124 Bi gs, David 40, 41, 49, 109, 176 Bi e, Lona 60 Bille, Scott 60 Billings, Patricia 48, 49, 135 Binversie, Randy 21, 50, 53, 109, 110 Bird, David 58 Birkett, Tracy 57, 186 Birkett, William 196 Birschbach, Patrick 150 Bisbach, Vicky 21, 68, 110 Bjerkeset, Blake 43 Bjorkman, Christopher 66, 163 Biurny, Mark 176 B abaum, Janet 57 BLACK STUDENT UNION 49 Black, Doug 222 Blackman, Mike 66 Blackmon, Cynthia 49 Blackshear, Lance 152 Blair, James 66, 166 Blaser, Dana 196 Blaskowski, Denise 145 Bleser, Richard 168 Bloch, Kelly 196 BLOCK 8 BRIDLE CLUB 49 Blotteaux, Kenneth 162 Blum, Greg 196 Boardman, Shannon 21, 110 Bockenstedt, Paul 47 Boeck, Christel 132 Boeka, Bill 42, 196 Bo uzs, Ken 66, 1B6 80 onek, Lois 62, 112, 116 Bold, Jason 108 ' Boldon, Wanda 86 Boll, Angela 62, 63, 65, 131 Boll, Peter 155 Bolle, William 70 Bomber , Gregory 150 Bomchil , Gene 111 Bomkam , Kathryn 135 Borchar t, Glen 142 Borchart, David 69, 121, 124 Borcherding, Bruce 53 Borke, Jack 48 Borland, Jeff 56, 186 Borowski, Robert 167 Bostrom, Paul 58 Bothun, Jennifer 123 Bottomley, Lisa 50 Bottoni, Donna 132 Boura , Jeffrey 152 Bour ow, Amy 70, 127 Bourgeois, Thomas 152 Bovee, Jeffrey 160 Bower, Craig 45, 47, 51, 222 Boxrucker, John 66, 116 Boyd, George 152 Boyd, William 129 Braden, John 168 Brahm, Kathy 53 Brahm, Patricia 137 Brander, Robert 149 Brandt, Pam 48 Brandt-Prather, Christine 197 Brask, Dave 72 Brask, Kari 214 Brauti am, Shannon 114, 214 Brede oft, Mark 72 Bredeson, Jean 132 Brehm, Kathr n 40, 137 Breis, Michae 64 Bremser, Robert 112 Breneman, Tracy 71 Brennan, Joey 168 Brennum, William 166 Brentrup, Ann 197 Brereton, David 121 Brettell, Suzanne 125 Breunig, Dan 168 Breunig, Kurt 53, 168 Brewer, Bob 73 Brewster, Michael 113 Bridge, Linda 62, 132 Bridgman, Karl 52, 186 Brins, Susan 131 Briol, Thad 139 Brisbois, Ronald 166 Broberg, Kevin 129 Brochocki, Philip 47, 57, 143 BROCKER HALL 159, 160, 161, 162, 163. 164 Brockmann, Robert 157 Broege, Steven 160 Broeren, Tom 163 Brokaw, Thomas 45, 51, 150 Brokish, Rosemarie 121, 125, 197 Bromley, Mitchell 147 Bronsted, Brian 169 Brooks, Alan 40, 176 Brooks, Dan 52, 61 Brooks, ,Glenn 61 Brossard, Irene 43, 63, 115, 130, Brost, Jon 150 Brosteau, Scott 62, 129 Brown, David 167 Brown, James 50, 168 Brown, Mark 176 Brown, Tom 65 Browning, Jackie 60 Brun, Sara 48, 197 Brunette, James 222 Brunette, Mike 3, 74, 75 Brushafer, Sheila 48 Bryant, Paul 68, 138, 142 Buccanero, Steve 197 Buchanan, Cheryl 50 Buchberger, Bradley 156 Bucheger, Rose 70 Buchert, Andrew 163 Buchinger, Joseph 141 Buchinger, Robert 138 Buchman, Bryan 141 Budde, Dawn 111, 137 Budde, Robert 154, 186 Buelow, Colleen 66 Buening, Sharon 186 Buerkle, Lori 137 Buetow, Curtis 58, 61, 128 Buettner, John 197 Bull, Rebecca 116, 186 Bultman, Mike 79 Bun e, Alan 158 Bun e, Cynthia 123 Burds, Penny 43 Burgess, Dale 151 Burgess, Timothy 162 Burgett, Dave 3 Bur holzer, Sue 54, 125 Bur e, Barbara 63, 130, 137, 214 Burke, John 142 Burke, Patrick 72, 115, 122 Burkhardt, Harold 186 Burkholder, Jeff 108 Burks, Chad 162 Burnett, Joe 186 Burno, Donald 64, 124 Burns, Paul 70, 197 Burris, Karen 62, 71, 110, 135 Busch, Lisa 55 Bush, Jayne 72, 115, 186 Bush, Vincent 168 Bushar, Thomas 58, 129 Buss, Neil 71 Bute, James 162 Butler, Michael 65, 66, 143 Byer, Joy 111 Byers, Torey 176 Bylsma, Larr 40, 60 Byrne, Eli th 130, 131 Byrnes, Jeff 41, 109 Cahoon, Craig 197 Cahoon, Paul 167 Caine, Peter 115 Calbaum, Mike 222 Caley, Connie 52, 132, 176 Calnin, Roland 214 Calvert, Peter 150 Campbell, Christa her 70 Campbell, Ellen 4 , 197 Canes, Jim 42, 198 Canton, Jonna 134 Cantwell, Julie 145 Carbon, Kent 42, 152 Carenen, Paul 150 Carey, Diane 54, 123 Carey, Jacqueline 123 Carius, Mark 127 Carius, Mike 222 Carl, Julie 21 Carlovsky, Mark 58, 150 Carlson, Jeff 116 Carlson, Jennifer 47, 137 Carlson, John 65 Carmody, Carla 146 Carnes, Kathy 50 Carns, Becky 50 Carns, Nina 42 Caron, Raymond 176 Carrigan, Tom 222 Carroll, Jody 176 Carroll, Joseph 147 Carroll, Paula 144 Carson, Teresa 131 Casper, Joyce 53 Casper, Kenneth 152 Casper, Kim 135 Cassidy, Michael 108 Cassidy, Sandi 108 Cauffman, Kelly 114 Caulfield, Andrew 127 Cavros, William 66 Caya, Case 70, 123 Cazabon, reg 73 der, Christopher 163 nite, Jill 125 rniglia, Christopher 168 stkowski, James 151 ylan, Tamer 46 alla, Yohannes 59 ampeau, Bradley 46, 151, 222 ampeau, Tro 151 apman, Ran y 153 ase, Rose 40, 43, 176 atfield, Peggy 127 audoir, Susan 132 EERLEADERS 50 eever, Dave 115 EM. 8: PHYSICS CLUB 51 erry, Scott 151 esmore, Leigh 123 esney, Robert 166 ester, Bradley 60, 160 i EPSILON 51 INESE MAGIC THEATER 36, 37 ipman, Daniel 168 emelik, Leslie 222 melik, Tom 222 ristensen, Cari 40, 41, 43, 109, 176 ristensen, Eric 161 ristensen, Pam 125 ristensen, Theresa 48, 63 ristenson, Bill 155 ristian, Joel 52, 161 ristiansen, Curtis 155 ristl, Patrick 167 ryst, George 60 urch, Bill 80 urch, Kim 69 -rdo, Robert 141 hy, Kirk 108 lkosz, Timothy 152 ASSOCIATION 52 -rk, Christopher 42, 43, 163 -rk, James 152 -rk, Melissa 149 -rk, Susan 50, 52, 136 rkowski, Todd 141 rton, Daniel 115, 198 -uer, Susan 134 usen, Ivan 151 ussen, Lisa 149 -land, Robert 176 mons, Edward 128 - pe, Frank 45 -ven, Brian 128 ckrell, Reed 47 dy, Bill 40, 109 hen, Steve 53 ILLEGE OF AGRICULTURE 174, 75, 176, 177, 178, 179, 180, 181, 82, 183 ILLEGE OF ARTS 8: SCIENCES 84, 185, 186, 187, 188, 189, 190, 91, 192, 193 ILELGE OF BIC 194, 195, 196, 97, 198, 199, 200, 201, 202, 203, '04, 205, 206, 207, 208, 209, 210, ILLEGE OF EDUCATION 212, 213, '14, 215, 216, 217, 218, 219 ILLEGE OF ENGINEERING 220, '21, 222, 223, 224, 225, 226, 227, '28, 229, 230, 231 ILLEGIATE 4H 8 AG. COMM 5 "ins, James 58, 222 Ilins, Julie 132 llins, Timothy 154 lwell, Lynnette 45, 47, 51, 222 mbs, Jeanne 137 niglione, Vincent 44 er, Brian 148 nners, Teri 125, 198 nverse, Brian 167 ok, Loretta 134 ole , Angela 133 om 5, Jack 58, 72 onen, Paula 61, 198 oper, David 125, 150 ppernoll, Hazel 186 rdts, Marcia 176 rlett, Rick 61 rlett, Terry 162 rnell, Robert 142 roneos, David 157 roneos, Keith 157 grove, Jackie 52, 57, 110 urtney, Brian 70, 198 ling, Susan 123 x, David 150 x, Timothy 163 -emer, Maria 59, 222 -emer, Michael 129 Craig, Brad 42, 73, 198 Craven, Andrew 222 Craven, Pamela 134 Crisp, Rob 58 Cropp, Robert 40 CROSS, COUNTRY 81 Crull, David 166 Crull, Matthew 161 Crum, Jeffre 72, 155 Cullen, Tod 43, 63 Cunningham, Kimberly 136 Cupery, Michael 143 Curley, Amy 63 Curwen, Christine 48, 109, 132 Czech, Nathan 222 Czechanski, Cynthia 145 Czechanski, Mary-Jo 56, 110, 145 Czysz, Scott 59 DaEFett, Ron 117 Da , David 68 Dahl ren, Don 57 Dahl e, Brian 42 Dailey, Robin 62, 65, 135 DAIRY CLUB 53 Dallman, Robert 198 Dallmann, Timothy 62, 140 Damrau, Dana 131 Daniels, Michael 52, 139 Danielson, Steve 70 Banner, Jamie 49, 198 Darby, Chris 45 Darr, Cathleen 73 Darus, John 115 Daugherty, Kayla 48 Daugherty, Lee 148 Davidson, Diane 61, 70 Davies, Sheryl 146 Davis, Angela 53, 176 Davis, Brad 124 Davis, Burton 129 Davis, Cary 40 Davis, Glenn 140 Davis, Jennifer 48, 198 Davis, John 198 Davis, Paul 151 Davis, Russell 49, 67, 68, 141 Davis, Todd 46 Davis, Tommy 124 Day, Debra 21, 110, 115 Day, Mike 53, 198 DeChant, Dan 110, 115 Decono, David 113, 168 Dedolph, Dominic 163 Dedrick, Mike 45, 51, 222 Dee, Daniel 164 Deery, Chuck 65, 115, 198 Degroot, E. Henry 147 DeHaan, Janet 53, 176 DeHahn, Christine 187 DeHahn, James 128 Dehamer, Michael 153 Dehne, Tarey 168 Deininger, Lisa 131 Delain, James 66, 143 Deleon, David 166 Delfosse, Brian 169 DELTA GAMMA PHI 110 DELTA SIGMA PHI 111 Demaster, Kevin 50, 150 Demerath, Luke 60, 151 Demler, Dawn 145 Cemuth, Colleen 132 Denardis, Ton 141 Denhardt, Wil iam 152 Denler, Dawn 70 Denning, Marihelen Deppe, Dan 109 Derby, Scott 129 Derdzinski, Therese 66, 187 Derf, David 64 Derleth, Michael 140 Desjarden, Charles 166 Better, Deanna 115 Dettman, William 113, 187 DeTurk, Mark 62, 71 Deuster. Daniel 159 Devine, Larry 59 Dewitt, Russell 169 Deyo, Douglas 147 Diaz, Michael 59, 62, 162 Dick, Dale 116 Dick, Timothy 168 Dicke, Steven 166 Dickrell, David 51, 58, 126 Dickrell, Mary 133 Didier, Matthew 166 Dieck, Paul 157 Diedrick, Dou las 169 Dietzen, Russel 129 Dillman, Kim 112 Dimmer, Douglas 155 Dimpfl, Teresa 134 Dinkelman, Donald 155 Dinkelman, Kenneth 155 Ditulio, John 60 Dix, Anthony 151 Dix, Dennis 163 Doan, David 160 Dobbs, John 88 DOBSON HALL 130, 131, 132, 133, 134, 135, 136, 137 Dobson, Jim 62, 71, 138 Doering, John 108 Doering, Torn 113 Doerre, John 141 Dolski, Philip 176 Domann, Fred 51 Domann, Lisa 62, 65, 198 DOMESTIC EXCHANGE CLUB 54 Dominick, Suzanne 70, 71, 125 Doneux, Mark 47, 187 Donner, Kevin 223 Donovan, Denise 53 Donovan, Greg 198 Doornink, David 58 Doran, Owen 127 Dorgan, Marie 63, 135 Born, James 156 Dornink, Jeffrey 53 Dotson, Lori 49 Doud, Richard :1? Dougherty, Sha, on 61, 199 Doughty, Samuel Dower, Jeff 113, 199 Dowiatt, Matthew 161 Downey, Patrick 121 Downs, Terry 214 Doyle, Belle 108, 187 Doyle, Pat 112 DPMA 53 Draeger, Barry 151 Draheim, Gregroy 129 Draheim, Pamela 131 Drake, Kenneth 146 Draxler, Thomas 72 Dray, Michele 137 Dre ne, Richard 59, 223 Dre er, Richard 128 Dressler, Peggy 131 Drevs, Diane 134 Drew, Diane 55 Drewek, Diane 59 Drinkwater, Cary 60 Droegkamp, Pieter 57, 152 Droessler, Bill 69 DuCharme, Lori 125 DuCharme, Paul 157 Dudan, Russell 152 Duerst, Jane 40, 41, 178 Duerst, Mary 49, 109 Duewer, Julia 57 Duewer, Raymond 57 Duex, Kurt 163 Duffin, Holly 135 Dumke, Scott 65, 199 Dunbar, Timothy 148, 199 Duncan, Danial 62, 169 Dunlap, Tammie Dunne, Pat 48, 199 DuPont, Wa ne 152 Dupperl, Bil 72 Durkee, James 157 Durley, Kayleen 64, 214 Durocher, Dawn 55, 146 Durrenberger, Douglas 199 Dushenski, Julie 64, 131 Dutcher, Frank Jr. 223 Eades, Jack Eastman, Jerry 111 Ebert, Tracy 48 Eddy, Dan 42, 160 Ederer, Paul 129 Ed ar, Julie 55, 199 Ed ebeck, Martin 168 Edwards, Lori 62 Edwards, Tammy 136 Edwards, Terry 124 Eggers, Tracy 110, 145 Egsted, William 149 Enie, Sharon 131 Ehlen, Kathleen 132 Ehlers, Michael 157 Eichstaedt, John 142 Eirich, Steven 56, 144 Eiserman, Christine 125 Eisert, Rebecca 214 Ellefson, Peggy 111 Ellickson, Rose 21,40, 43, 178 Elliott, Christopher 166 Ellis, Jeff 69, 199 Ellis, Robin 61, 63 Emmer, Jeannette 21, 53, 199 Endres, Laurie 130, 134 Enfelt, Jill 108 Enfelt, Stacy 108 Eng, Fonda 60, 82, 137 Engel, Neil 153 Engelbrecht, Wade 59, 129 ENGLISH CLUB 54 Enloe, Dennis 65, 187 Enloe, Janet 63 EPSILON Pl TAU 55 Erdman, Rick 223 Ernst, David 115, 166 Ernst, Mark 140 Ernst, Michael 51, 140, 187 Ertl, Tim 154 Esch, Steven 140 Espenscheid, jon 49, 154 Esser, Randy 146 Essien, Andrew 166 Eternick, Randy 187 Eulgen, Kevin 147 Evans, Angela 49 Evans, James 199 Evenson, Curtis 155 Evenstad, Lori 214 Eversoll, Charlie 112 Eversoll, Mikki 112 verson, Jeffrey 164 Ewer, Shelly 144 Ewing, Kristin 137 EXPONENT 55 Faber, Scott 199 Fa er, Gina 43 Fa erty, Kay 199 Faherty, Sherry 62, 65, 71 Fairbanks, Kim 46 Fait, Richard 186 Falkosky, Brian 62, 151 Falkovitz, Joe 72 Faltersack, Jim 70 Fanning, Roger 163 Farle , Michael 155 Farre I, jerry 61 Farrenkopf, Kurt 45 Fatzinger, Dale 184 FCA 56 Fearing, Dona 189 Feddersen, Sara 199 Feeney, John 160 Fehrman, Ted 159 Feith, Barb 64 Fellion, Scott 49, 124, 178 Fennigkoh, Michael 41, 42, 109, 178 Fenske, Todd 46, 63, 153 Ferber, Peter 143 Ferguson, Connie 214 Ferguson, Jean 43, 63, 134 Fer uson, Lori 132 Fer ovich, Jay 167 Fick, Christine 46, 62, 65, 134 Fields, Jackie 48, 199 Fiene, Kurt 53, 178 Fiess, Jeffrey 144 Filiatrault, Michael 129 Finco, Robin 132 Finken, Jacqueline 199 Finley, Timothy 72, 155 Finn, Patricia 123 Finnemore, Patrick 140 Fintelmann, Frederick 155 Fiore, Raymond 147 Fischer, David 45, 51 Fischer, Rich 58 Fisher, Eric 141 Fitzgerald, Brid ette 137 Fitzgerald, Mol y 111, 121, 123 Fitzsimmons, Denice 40, 41, 52, 109, 178 Flanagan, James 129 Flanagan, Michael 128, 199 Fleming, Brendan 146 Fleming, Tod 49, 154 Flesch, Michael 45, 223 Flesner, Scott 53 Flogel, Cletus 223 Flom, Cindy 125 Flora, Dave 166 Flottmeier, John 147 Foerster, Steven 164 Foley, Jan 199 Fole , Tammy 54 Fon ell, John 113 Fontaine, Jeffrey 149 FOOTBALL 84, 85, 86, 87 Forsting, Mark 155 Fortelka, Robert 141 Foss, Randy 46, 223 Foster, Bill 113 Foster, Lynn 141 Fox, Laurie 125 Fox, Susan 43 Fox, William 124 Frank, Elsa 71, 137, 189 Frank, Linda 127, 199 Frank, Rodney 153 Frankenhoff, Brent 168 Franzen, Eric 66 Frauchiger, Bob 48, 199 Frederick, Mark 117 Freiburger, Mary 189 Freiburger, Tammy 215 Freitag, Harold 147 Freita , Paul 158 Frenc , Chris 108 French, Lynn 109, 132 French, Mark 54 Frey, Kim 142 Friar, Marilyn 130, 132 Friederick, Michelle 48, 199 Friend, Paul 166 FRIENDS OF THE PIONEER 254 Friesen, Robert 155 Frigo, Sean 51 Frisch, Teri 52, 123, 189 Frommgen, Erick 159 Frontz, Jane 53, 63 Fruit, Maureen 135 Frye, Leah 43, 63 Fuhst, Doriann 144 Fu'a, Francis 59 Fu ton, Donald 56, 62, 71, 144 Fulton, Janet 131 Funke, Steven 128 Gaastra, Lyle 51, 58, 63 Gabbey, Larry 63 Gadow, Jane 110 Gadzinski, David 46 Gage, David 152 Gage, Deborah 131 GaFliano, Rob 46, 61 Ga fano, Christopher 167 Galipo, Charles 70 Gallagher, Pat 42 Gallo, John 70, 111 GAMES PEOPLE PLAY 34, 35 GAMMA PHI GAMMA PHI BETA 110 Gander, Gayle 3, 43, 56, 63, 71, 74, 75, 151 Gander, Larry 65, 67, 68, 126 Ganser, Lisa 48, 201 Ganske, Douglas 43, 52, 63, 139 Gappa, Greg 51, 223 Gardner, Brian 155 Gardner, Dan 56, 115 Gardow, Nancy 136 Garrison, Scott 163 Garside, Rob 48, 201 Gartman, Cary 61, 201 Casper, Robert 138 Gasser, Gary 144 Gates, Barbara 86 Gates, Paul 168 Gauthier, Kristi 133 Gazinski, Dave 61 Gburek, Maxine 40, 132 Gee, Andrew 62, 71, 144 Gee, Stace 125 Geiger, R0 ert 70 Geissler, Steve 223 Genske, Jane 131 Genthe, Doug 69, 72, 117 Genthe, Michael 53, 69, 72 GEOGRAPHY CLUB 56 GEOLOGY CLUB 57 George, Judy 135 Gerard, Jill 136, 189 Gerber, James 157 Gerdes, Michael 143 Germain, Bart 121 Gerrits, James 53, 166 Gerszewski, Leann 63, 123 Gessert, Mark 168 Getschman, Debbie 149 Geruts, Charles 158 Gevelinger, Bob 53 Gibbons, Michael 115 Gibbons, Timothy 162 Gibbs, Steve 113 Gibson, Lynne 71, 189 Gibson, Mark 56, 154 Gierach, John 61, 142 Giesler, Howard 61 Gilbert, Mitch 50 Gilbertson, Laurie 134 Gilboy, Jay 223 Gile, Joni 73, 201 Giles, Anthony 156 Gill, Mohan 53 Gill, Theresa 110, 215 Gillick, Timothy 69, 163 Gillingham, Heidi 115, 215 Gillis, Wayne 41, 174 Ginter, Julie 120, 144 Gintner, Rick 40, 43, 178 Glab, Daniel 158 Glaeser, Paul 168 Gleisner, Billy 138 Glenn, Jacqueline 21, 49, 111, 201 Glodoski, Mark 163 Glover, Darren 49 Gnadt, Mary Jane 59, 70, 72, 223 Godden, Scott 43, 144 Goecks, David 160 Goehring, Cary 55, 70, 71, 201 Goerke, Brian 139 Goessl, AI 128 Goetsch, Sally 189 Gohla, Dennis 139 Golden, Dale 168 Golding, James 46 Golliher, Scot 40, 111, 129 Goltry, Scott 65 Goltry, Tom 64 Gonzalez, Carmella 53, 72 Gooding, Gene 163 Goodweiler, Barb 52, 110 Goodwin, Kim 50, 135 Goonan, Elizabeth 178 Coral, Greg 121 Gordhamer, Tim 66 Borman, Brian 60 German, Daniel 146 Gorsuch, Michael 138 Gorter, John 66 Gorzek, Christo her 157 Gosney, Richar 168 Govier, Rick 40 Gowan, Brian 66 GRADUATION DAY 172, 173 Grady, Chris 59, 223 Grady, Lori 189 Graf, Gregory 153 Grandmason, Robyn 61, 70 Graser, Joseph 152 Grassman, Amy 215 Gratz, Kristine 40, 62, 65, 109, 135 Gratz, Roxanne 134 Grauvogl, Janine 45 Gray, Joshua 70 Gray, Mary 132 Greeb, Jon 63 Greenberi, Kathy 137, 201 Greenhec , Tracy 50, 134 Greenwood, George 164 Gre erson, Eric 111 Gre , Mitzi 127 Grieswell, Melinda 51, 112, 189 Griffith, Darlene 60 Griglak, Marge 110 Grimm, Daniel 157 Grinde, Jeffrey 152 Griswold, Robert 66, 155 Groom, Linda 50 Cross, Bill 65 Cross, Steven 128 GrosskOpf, Andrew 46, 223 Grover, Scott 166 Grube, James 60, 152 Gruber, Brian 151 Gruber, Dan 65 Gruman, Carrie 64 Grunenwald, Janice 62 Gruner, Paul 113 Grunsted, Michael 223 Grunzel, Jeffrey 49, 154 Grybush, Anthony 152 Grzelak, Joseph 142 Gudenkauf, Jim 178 Guderyon, Greg 127 Guetschow, Scott 151 Gunderson, Eric 69, 122 Gundry, Me an 59 Guseck, Dar ene 52, 136, 189 Gustaveson, Michael 143 Guy, John 46 Haag, Mark 49, 162 Haas, Eric 160 Haas, Wendy 70, 133 Habeck, Kevin 178 Haber, Mark 61 Haberland, Cary 61, 70, 201 Hach, Kevin 142 Hackl, Mary 132 Hadler, Michael 129 Haesslg, Jeff 155 Hafen readl, Mark 48, 201 Haferman, Scott 42 Hafferkamp, Donald 128, 178 Hagemann, Jeff 108 Hagemann, Kim 42, 108 Hagemeier, Heidi 145 Hagen, Janeen 71, 201 Ha en, Michael 151 Ha n, Beth 43 Hahn, Edward 140 Hahn, Mary Beth 62, 71 Hahn, Mike 72 Hahn, Steve' 160 Haidar, Munzer 223 Halbach, Laura 189 Halberstadt, Loni 60 Halbig, Michael 3, 201 Hale, Cheryl 68, 110, 131 Hale, Kathryn 21, 67, 68, 110, 201 Hallan er, Hans 147 Halush 3, Stefan 124 Halverson, Ann 130, 132 Halverson, Paul 45 Halverson, Rebecca 125 Halweg, Larry 40 Hamilton, Penntrey 49 Hamilton, Roger 59 Hamilton, Sharon 66, 189 Hamm, Jennifer 123 Hammer, Jim 45, 47, 51, 223 Hampton, Charles 163 Han, Mitchell 124 Hanan, Gary 111, 202 202 Handel, Patrick 149 Handell, Timothy 48, 128, 202 Handziak, Perry 65 Hankes, Greg 120, 147 Hanlon, Daniel 168 Hannahs, Daniel 161 Hanneman, Dale 155 Hansen, Brad 58, 110 Hansen, Kevin 223 Hansen, Kimberly 131 Hansen, Mark 61 Hansen, Michael 150 Hansen, Michelle 61, 111 Hansen, Randy 59 Hansen, Robert 41, 157 Hanson, Craig 138 Hanson, Daniel 202 Hanson, Dennis 202 Hanson, Oscar 144 Harber , Thomas 143 Hard, 5 erwood 49 Hardy, Lloyd 129 Hardyman, Richard 66 Harkner, Jeff 61 Harms, James 53, 202 Harper, Mary 110 Harper, Steve 59 Harris, Jeffrey 161 Harris, Tom 58 Hartley, Cynthia 43, 62, 65, 134 Hartline, Nancy 135 Hartman, Michael 160 Hartsock, Jerry 42, 61 Harvey, Teri 120, 132 Hassemer, Jane 51, 70 Hassemer, Michelle 60 Hassler, Robert 139 Hatch, Heidi 110, 114 Haubrich, Steven 128 Hauer, Daniel 155 Hauerwas, Laurie 49, 63, 64, 135 Haufler, Darrel 72 Haun, Benjamin 162 Hausauer, Elizabeth 144 Hauth, Linda 202 Havas, Susan 202 Havel, Bruce 166 Havel, Scott 155 Havens, Leda 135 Hawkos, Teri 69 Hayden, Jeffrey 152 Hayden, Jon 62, 71 Hazen, Mark 50, 124 Heathman, Mike 51 Heathman, Steven 149 Hebel, Don 61, 70 Hebel, Stewart 46, 223 Heberlein, Mick 56, 189 Heck, Stephen 143 Heckman, Greg 126, 223 Hedberg, Roger 143 Heesch, Joel 146 Heibel, Thomas 154 Heideman, Randall 155 Heikkinen, Eric 151 Heil, David 45, 223 Heimerl, Phil 100, 113 Hein, Will 60 Heins, Janet 145 Heintz, Tim 151 Heinz, David 128 Heisdorf, Steven 163 Heiser, Brian 120, 155 Heiss, Thomas 166 Hejduk, Thomas 155 He'ni, Mahmoud 59 He geson, Kim 135 He! eson, Scott 202 He! enbrand, Kevin 128 Heller, James 142 Hellner, Gre ory 224 Helmich, Car 126, 178 Helwig, Shell 110 Helwig, Tod 115 Hemming, Michael 122 Henderson, Benjamin 66, 157 Henderson, Beth 202 Henderson, Keith 63 Hendrickson, Jerome 60, 202 Hendrickson, Thomas 164 Henke, Daisy 46, 70 Hennes, Mike 40, 64, 178 Henry, David 71 Henry Pat 42, 71 Herfef, Mike 152 Herm, bradley 129 Hermann, David 163 Hermanson, Brenda 62, 71 Hermanson, Pam 62, 65, 109, 13- Herpel, Kuy 47, 114 Hertel, Timothy 59, 121, 224 Herwig, Curt 43, 53, 179 Herwig, Jeffrey 144 Herwig, Ron 70 Herwig, Ronald 202 Herzberg, Dan 140 Hess, Andrew 43 Hess, David 45, 51, 150 Hess, Timothy 143 Heuer, Lori 202 Hicks, Paul 53, 69, 202 Hielsberg, Mike 45, 47 Higgs, Dave 51 Hi 5, Roger 42 Hi fi er, Daniel 156 HllFendorf, Wendy 57, 127 Hil , Christine 133 Hill, David 41, 49, 52, 109 Hill, Joan 55 Hill, Sherry 21, 49 Hilliard, Julie 135 Hilliker, Kelly 152 Hills, Sharon 125 Hinman, David 52 Hinrichsen, Patrick 142 Hintl, Mike 60 Hintz, Dave 202 Hintze, Russell 163 Hinz, Daniel 3 Hinz, Daniel 3, 60, 74, 75 Hipenbecker, Doug 63, 202 Hird, Stephannie 132 Hirsch, Jon 3 Hirsch, Jon 3, 74, 75 Hirsch, Mark 3 Hirsch, Mark 3, 74, 75 Hirschinger, William 70, 202 Hockel, Eric 72 Hod son, Michael 122 Hoe en, Gregory 153 Hoef e, Karen 42, 136 Hoeppner, Laurie 62, 68, 71, 131 Hoersch, Greg 70 Hoff, Norbert 61, 113 Hoff, Roy 143 Hoffland, Derrick 152 Hoffman, Steve 114 Hoffman, Thomas 43, 46 Hoffman, William 53 Hoffmann, Michael 47, 224 Hofstrom, Michele 49, 57 Hoke, Dale 150 Holbach, Timothy 140 Holec, Paul 163 Holler, James 169 Holly, Richard 124 Holoubek, Kevin 146 Holste, Brian 62, 158 Holt, Larry 63 Holthaus, Eric 62, 71 Holthaus, Gregory 168 Holtz, Larry 112 Holub, Julie 70, 71, 125 Holze, Lonnie 111, 202 Holzhater, Mark 41 Holzhueter, Michael 163 HOMECOMING 18, 19, 20, 21 Honer, Denis Denise 112, 215 Hook, Deanna 137 Hoover, Roger 70 Hopkins, Donald 121 Hoppen, George 45, 51, 224 Hoppenjan, David 40, 121, 124 Hoppenjan, Mike 65 Hoppenjan, Timothy 164 Horn, Kristii 137 Home, Steven 139 Horter, John 168 HORTICULTURE SOCIETY 57 Housner, David 141 Howard,Kevin 162 Howe, Cindy 42, 137 owes, Christopher 60 owes, Thomas 116 oyt, Tricia 54, 134 rovat, Albert 58, 224 rupka, Brian 43, 116, 179 ubbard, Jeffrey 70, 202 udson, Nanc 3 ueneke, Dar a 137 uerl, Jose h 154 ug es, C ristopher 169 ughes, Daniel 169 ughes, James 167 ughes, Joseph 215 tagges, Kathleen 45, 70, 110, 111, ughes, Rob 113 ughes, Tom 43, 111, 112, 179 ughey, Thomas 189 USGBUNIN HALL 154, 155, 156, 157, 1 ultberg, Adair 62 umski, Debra 132 unter, Kevin 139 upke, William 157 uss, Matt 61 utchens, Claude 52, 162 utchins, David 49 arra, Pedro 124 arra, Rocio 132, 202 botson, Bill 116 EE 58 59 ing, Patricia 123 se, David 166 indgjer, Michael 157 gram, Mark 163 T'L STUDENTS CLUB 59 TERNATIONAL STUDENTS NIGHT 30, 31 nside, Tracie 132, 189 ac, Tsega 59 m, Timothy 120 er, John 147, 202 rson, Melanie 215 rson, Mitchell 53, 69 Ionski, Tom 224 klin, Todd 179 kman, Duane 55 kson, Anne 62, 71 kson, Edgar 111 kson, Kari 71 obi, Martin 58, 126, 224 obs, Joel 144 n, Russ 64 es, Janet 60 es, Jeri 203 isch, Pete 41 sen, Brenda 59 ssen, Jay 128 ssen, loan 63, 215 ssen, Mark 167 us, Peter 151 is, John 21, 53, 109, 179 ynski, Douglas 141 czenski, Amy 137 zak, Jatczak, William 58, 147 y, Trudy 112, 116, 203 nek, Thomas 215 kins, Bret 43, 113 ks, Ken 53, 109, 179 ks, Marily 135 ks, Scott 163 nings, Cathy 203 sen, Brenda 70, 224 sen, Roy 164 sen, Stacey 114 tz, Alan 179 eritz, Holly 62, 65, 135 ell, Lois 62, 71 ell, Robin 48, 203 ette, James 71, 203 annesen, Eric 152 nson, Ann 45, 51, 103, 135 nson, Barbara 203 nson, Crai 62 nson, Cynt ia 64, 123 nson, Dana 224 nson, David 129 nson, David A. 224 nson, Eric 65 Johnson, Heidi 43, 71 Johnson, James 144 Johnson, Jaralee 43, 120, 121, 125 Johnson, Jeffery 59, 147 Johnson, Joel 144 Johnson, Kelly 60, 128 Johnson, Kordellia 43 Johnson, Lisa 133 Johnson, Margaret 3, 134 Johnson, Marge 3 Johnson, Mike 55, 203 Johnson, Scott 179 Johnson, Timothy 150 Johnston, Brian 65, 139 Johnston, Angelque 52, 137, 190 Joiner, Earl 141 Jones, betsy 40, 53 Jones, Eric 111 Jones, Greg 65 Jones, Jeffrey 147 Jones, Samantha 67 Jones, Steven 113 Jones, Tim 59, 115 Jordan, Bruce 59 Jorgensen, Kraig 162 Jorgenson, Matt-hew 161 Joseph, Bill 47, 190 Joshi, Vyomark 46, 129, 224 Jozwowski, Dale 113, 124 Judkins, Mary 131 Judy, Alice 120, 127 Judy, Robert 139 Juran, Robert 215 Kahlenberg, Paul 121 Kahlow, David 166 Kais, Kenten 113, 121, 124 Kaiser, Connie 190 Kaiser, Daniel 155 Kaiser, Elmer 52, 66 Kaiser, Gerard 162 Kaiser, Louis 128 Kaiser, Steve 45, 51, 224 Kalimosky, Mike 73 Kallay, Joseph 157 Kamps, John 50, 203 Kant, Duane 66, 142 KAPPA ALPHA SIGMA 112 Kapsos, David 58 KARATE CLUB 60 Karnopp, Connie 55, 110 Karow, Charles 154 Karpf, Chad 114 Karsten, Jay 128 Kasimatis, John 148 Kassens, Tim 72 Kasten, Craig 166 Kasten, Gary 168 Kaszynski, Kyle 147 Kautzer, Connie 203 Keeffe, Christine 137 Keeffe, Kevin 69 Keegan, Joseph 152 Keen, Hal 53 Keenan, Christopher 159 Keenen, Elizabeth 135 Keener, Barbara 133 Kefi, Fen 47 Ke c er, Diane 125 Keleher, Diane 125 Keleher, Elizabeth 53 , Keleher, Jerry 160 Keleher, Steve 53, 203 Kellenberger, Arnold 147 Keller, Mark 40, 53, 109 Keller, Steven 62, 153 Kelley, Patricia 70, 145 Kelly, Daniel 147 Kelly, Jana 110, 137 Kelly, Timothy 48, 124 Kemnitz, Tony 45 Kemp, Barbara 130, 137 Kennicker, John 42 Kenyon, Randall 160 Kerkhof, William 62, 151 Kerl, Otto 163 Kerlin, Kal 203 Kessenich, Nancy 114, 132 Kessler, Kurt 56 Key, Ray 109 Khaled, Saifuddin 59 Khan, Javaid 59 Kiefer, Bob 61 Kienitz, Dean 168 Kies, Steven 166 Kilar, Michael 124 Kilian, Ken 42, 43 Kim, Gina 72 Kim, Mohan 72 Kim, Seran 72 Kinas, Christopher 167 King, Orville 45, 47, 60, 162, 224 King, Susan 114, 146 Kinney, Harold 113, 169 Kintz, Gerald 224 Kinzig, John 161 Kippley, Terry 40, 41, 52, 69, 71, 120, 122 Kirchner, Cynthia 43, 56 Kirsch, Blayne 57 Kirschbaum, Mike 41, 109 Kish, Gregory 43 Kissinger, Douglas 124 Kittirath, Vilalack 132 Kittle, Jeffre 163 Kitzerow, Jo n 129 Kitzerow, Todd 61 Klaassem, Ralph 71 Klaassen, Glenn 158, 190 Klaes, Kenneth 169 Klahn, Bob 41, 109, 110, 179 Klahn, Todd 50, 109 -Klar, Michael 142 Klaus, Sarah 127 Klecker, Cathy 49, 64, 133 Kleifgen, Kurt 146 Klein, Sara 145 Klein, Tim 52 Kleinhans, Tyrone 166 Klemm, Jay 149 Klemm, Peter 156 Klenke, Karl 162 Klessig, Cynthia 64, 123 Kliebenstein, Rose 21, 144 Klin e, Lori 48, 203 Klin , Kristopher 156 Klish, Mark 111 Klitzke, Dale 154 Kloepping, Larry 53 Klubertanz, Kevin 52, 109, 153 Klug, Andrew 157 Klug, Jay 70, 124 Klug, William 41, 129 Kluskens, Gerald 60 Knapp, Kenneth 151 KnieE, Joseph 203 Knig t, John 57, 128 Knipfer, Dave 56 Knoebel, Mike 70 Knorr, Cheryl 132 Knorr, Mark 124 Knox, Charlie 51 Knudson, Gilbert 190 Knuth, Kevin 53, 109 Knutson, Brenda 215 Knutson, Cammi 127 Kobussen, Peter 157 Koehler, Gene 42, 111, 203 Koehnen, Kris 43, 226 Koenen, Larry 155 Koe ke, Rick 152 Koh stedt, Kathleen 43, 63, 64, 132 Kohnke, Stephanie 134 Koid, Boon-Sgk. 139 Kolb, Sandra 125 Kolovos, Linda 133 Kom rood, Eric 143 Kon ratuk, John 46, 226 Koning, Kathleen 49, 52 Konkle, Dianne 133 Kopp, Jennifer 69, 134 Korbeck, Sharon 145 Korth, Todd 126 Koser, Katy- 203 Kosharek, Paul 66, 147 Kosmicki, Christopher 70, 158 Kovneski, Kathleen 56, 59, 125 Kozelek, Gregory 227 Kraber, Kimberly 61, 203 Kraemer, Dawnn 136 Kraft, Kathleen 146 Krahenbuhl, Kimberly 112 Krahn, David 53, 64, 158 Kramer, Gerald 71 Krantz, William 128 Krass, Mike 45 Kraszewski, Wesley 3, 54 Krause, Katherine 136 Kreis, Thomas 124 Kremer, Clayton 60 Kremnitzer, Kathleen 123 Krim, Mercedes 134 Krippner, David 162 Kroseberg, William 113 Krueger, Donald 72 Krueger, Kurt 71, 169 Krueger, Peter 69 Krueger, Timothy 166 Kru? , Jason 166 Kua e, Mike 41 Kubash, Jim 47 Kubatzke, Timothy 179 Kubatzke, Trevor 128 Kubes, Joleen 10, 21, 62, 65, 71, 114, 12 Kubel, Jeff 46, 61 Kuchan, Michael 116, 157 Kucharski, Thomas 151 Kuchinski, Dave 46, 227 Kuffel, Michael 56 Kuhle, Brenda 203 Kummer, William 152 Kundert, Arla 63, 144 Kunkel, Vicki 203 Kunst, Julie 3, 74, 75 Kurth, Dan 60 Kurtzweil, Donald 139 Kuschewski, Sue 60 Kuske, Rodney 157 Kustka, John 45, 47, 51, 71, 227 Kutis, Michael 57, 72, 143 Kuxhaus, Jonathan 128 Kuzniar, Lee 43 Kyle, James 71 Laabs, Tim 204 Laborde, Pegg 133 LaBrasca, Ceci e 45, 51, 70, 227 Lacy, Brian 41, 146 Ladu, Kirk 147 Ladwig, Kevin 43, 49 Laid, Djemai 59 Lainberger, Brian 157 Lalor, John 179 Lamasney, Robert 163 Lamb, Nanc 135 Lambach, CKris 141 LAMBDA SIGMA Pl 113 Lambert, Alan 140 Lambert, Brian 140 Lamers, Gre ory 166 Lamers, Mic ael 156 Lamm, Rich 53, 162 Lam e, Mark 45, 227 Lan erholm, William 129 Landgraf, Martin 48, 190 Landin, Nils 152 Landis, Glenn 45, 73 Landon, Jeffrey 143 Lang, Jayne 146 Lang, Tim 42, 53, 204 Lange, John 112 Lan e, Ted 190 Lan e, Don 59, 115, 122 Larsen, Michael 148 Larsen, William 159 Larson, Christopher 56, 156 Larson, Constance 43, 64, 190 Larson, David 122 Larson, Jeffrey 158 Larson, Mari 47 Larson, Richard 127 Lasak, Ronald 159 Latham, Sean 66, 155 Lathrop, Brian 43, 147 Latowsky, Paul 3 Lau, Yew 59 Laubin er, Kathy 61 Laufen erg, Jeffrey 109, 179 Laughery, Ned 215 Lau hrin, Mike 45, 51 Lau ant, Nancy 42, 123 Lavin, Timothy 47, 60 LaVoy, Dirk 58 Lawinger, Jan 59 Lawrence, Angela 134 Lawrence, Christopher 70 Lawrence, Gregor 55, 142 Lawrence, Richar 140 Lawrie, William 142 Laycock, Frank 57, 62, 71, 151 Leazer, Sue 53, 125 LeCaptain, David 128 LeConte, Jean Marie 3, 74, 75 LeConte, Kevin 135 Lee, Ann 56 Lee, Carrie 134 Lee, Dennis 72 Lee, Justin 108 Lee, Sheila 135 Leehy, Tom 57, 60, 190 Leigh, Derwin 67, 68, 69 Leinfelder, Jay 113 Leirmo, Olaf 168 Leisen, Alan 127, 227 Leisten, Julia 46, 227 Leitch, Carlton 155 Lemme, Neil 141 Lenius, Lisa 108 Lenius, Suzanne 49, 145 Lentz, Kathy 110 Lenz, Kathleen 120 Leonard, Christine 113 Leonard, Jeffrey 142 Leonhard, Don 139 Lepper, Bret 163 Leslie, Scott 204 Lett, Darren 65 259 260 LETTERMAN'S CLUB 60 Leu, Joy 108 Leu, Paula 48 Levande, Greg 142 Levenick, Frank 70 Lewis, Steven 58, 65, 150 Lewrie, Bill 59 LEXINGTON CONCORD 61 Ley, David 72 Lichte, Terr 169 Liddiard, Je fery 190 Leigel, Martin 146 Lifke, Randal 227 Liggett, Robert 142 Lindauer, Steve 113 Linden, Daniel 204 Lnden, Paul 150 Lindley, Beth 190 Lionberger, Peter 169 Lipka, Rick 109 Lizak, Michael 43 Lob, Charles 143 Loberger, Richard 41 Lochner, Frederick 204 Locy, Richard 142 Loh, Ronnie 151 Lohr, Gregory 53, 167 Lomax, Kathy 49 Long, Brian 41, 52, 53, 109 Long, Clinton 168 Long, Kim 123 Loomer, John 69, 70, 155 Lopez, Gloria 127 Lovell, Lisa 63, 217 Lovell, Terance 139 Lovgren, Molly 40, 43, 49, 109, 143, 145, 179 Lovy, Scott 167 Lowe, Kenneth 142 Lowry, Frank 45 Luangrath, Vannary 137 Lucey, Jodi 190 Lucka, Richard 52, 128 Ludeman, Daniel 154 Lueck, Leonard 140 Luedtke, Paul 157, 227 Luedtke, Theodore 141 Lueschow, Kevin 62, 151 Lukas, Jim 112 Lund, Gloria 49, 64 Lundeen, Tom 68 Luther, Adrian 46, 128 LUTHERAN COLLEGIANS 61 Lyght, Ken 21 Lyght, Ken 21 LythLohan, Michael 141 Mac , Carla 61 Mackowiak, Philip 227 Madaus, Daryl 70, 152 MADRIGAL 28, 29 Magad, Howard 167 Magno, Kevin 154 Ma urany, Carol 204 Ma lendorf, Kevin 167 Mahloch, Scott 120, 157 Mahr, William 148, 227 Mahun, Rachel 70 Maier, Peter 142 Makovec, Barbara 127, 217 Maldonis, Jeffrey 164 Maletzke, Jeffrey 57, 153 Malko, Ginger 21, 62, 65, 115, 130, 135, 204 Mallat, Kimberly 123 Mallett, Bernita 49 Mamerow, John 113 Mandt, Randal 147 Manke, Paul 40, 109, 179 Manley, Jeff 204 3 Mann, Lori 133 1 Manning, Randy 181 1 Manning, Richard 141 Manthe , Douglas Manuel , Nancy 116, 134 Maraszek, Lisa 48, 70, 110, 204 Marchello, Mark 46, 151 MARCHING BAND 62 Marenda, Jeffery 141 Marfilius, Rick 40, 43, 181 Marine, Joseph 129 Mark, Peter 114 Markham, Shari 47, 112 Markus, Angela 181 Markwardt, Thomas 157 Marlow, Eric 62 Marquis, Rebecca 61, 135 Marr, Eric 147 Martin, Deb 62 Martin, Kaye 60 Martin, Ron 52, 109, 181 Martin, Steve 49, 181 Marz, Dan 60, 113 Mason, Craig 71 Massey, Steven 50, 109 Mathwig, Mark 21, 115, 204 Matthews, Joseph 116 Matz, Cindy 67, 68 Mayer, Laura 46,9, 72, 227 Mayer, Tony 57 Mazloom, Ahmed 227 McArtor, Kevin 109 McCabe, Dan 204 McCabe, Michele 204 McCarville, Al 57 McCluskey, Mark 48, 204 McCullough, Earl 45 McDermott, Joy 58 McDonald, Alice 62, 68, 217 McDonald, Bud 62 McDonald, R055 220 McDonough, Pat 46 McEachron, Roland 181 McGrath, Tina 54, 145 MCGREGOR, HALL 120, 121, 122, 123, 124, 125 McGuire, Jerry 47, 204 McHenry, Steve 58 McIntyre, Lawrence 48 McKean, Kevin 58 McKean, Nancy 133 McKearn, Francis 164 McKee, Patricia 69, 145 McKinney, Lisa 217 McLamarrah, Sandra 131 McLaughlin, Mike 58 McLimans, Darrin 204 McMahan, Mary 60, 149 McManaway, Walter 140, 181 McMullen, Kevin 45, 162 McNaughton, Bruce 54, 109 McPike, James 146 McReynolds, Lori 60 McVey, Charles 49 Medin er, Scott 157 Medjes i, Mary 63 Mee an, Sean 162 Meic er, Jane 144 Meicher, Steve 58 Meichtry, Yvonne 47 Meier, Mary 48, 204 Meier, Tina 60 Meihsner, Amy 62, 65, 115 Meise, Dan 63, 124 Meister, David 158 Meixelsperger, Dave 65, 204 Meixner, Brad 166 Meicher, Charlie 45, 47, 71, 117 MELCHER, HALL 138, 139, 140, 141, 142 Melin, Jeffery 155 Mellem, Curt 113 Mellenberger, Shelley 125 Meller, Harry 57 Meltz, Gre ory 127, 227 MEN'S, BAgKETBALL 90, 91, 92, 93 MEN'S, GYMNASTICS 96 , MEN'S, TRACK 102, 103 MENC - 62 Men el, Matthew 160 Men ens, Kent 139 Menning, Robert 65, 139 Menzia, Timothy 162 Merlak, Steven 52, 66, 150 Mertz, Linda 62 Merwin, Shelly 204 Metcalf, William 66 Metz er, Wayne 153 Metz er, Gregory 158 Meuer, Robert 141 Meutz, Francesca 61 Meyer, Dan 181 Meyer, Gweido 65 Meyer, Kathy 21, 190 Meyer, Kurt 157 Meyer, Richard 168 Meyers, Glen 127, 190 Meylor, Jeffery 169 Mezera, Deb 62 Mezera, Rita 112 Michalski, Charlet 52, 134 Michalski, Laura 134 Miehe, Mar 48, 206 Mierow, R0 ert 43 Mihlbauer, Lori 3, 74, 75 Millard, Denee 3, 74, 75 Miller, Anthony 161 Miller, Brian 68, 151 Miller, Candice 190 Miller, Christopher 169 Miller, Dan 47, 57 Miller, Jeffrey 41, 129 Miller, Jerome 72 Miller, Karrie 132 Miller, Kathy 58, 63 Miller, Kerr'y 60, 146 Miller, Pat 60, 113 Miller, Robert 162 Miller, Sanford 138 Miller, Timothy 46, 141 Millies, Kurt 129 Mills, Todd 160 Mindham, Terri 110 Miotke, Richard 141 Mitch, Patti 112 Mitchell, Kenneth 142 Mitchell, Robin 53, 206 Moberg, Lisa 137 Moehn, Jerome 141 Moen, Janis 206 Moen, Nanc 48, 63, 206 Moen, Pame a 64, 115, 135 Moesch, Michelle 135 Mohammadi, Moji 59 Mohr, Douglas 153 Moldenhauer, Dave 113 Molle, Debra 217 Mollitor, Rich 40, 43 Monroe, Darrel 110, 111 Monson, Ronald 167 Montenegro, Mario 168 Mont omery, Ruth 135, 206 M00 y, John 206 Moody, Kathy 62, 65, 207 Mook, Lisa 125 Mooney, Michael 138 Moore, Brian 58, 227 Moore, James 51, 126 Moore, Jonathon 50 Moranski, Gregory 46, 141 Morehouse, Ivory 49, 16B Morello, Ralph 157 Morfey, Kathy 132 Morfitt, Russ 155 Morgan, John 160 Morgan, Kelly 70, 126 Morgan, Louis 162 Morgan, Ross 56 Morgan, Terry 72 Morris, Bruce 46, 140 Morris, Crai 64, 152 Morris, Mic ael 155 Morris, Thomas 163 Morrison, Steven 167 Morritt, Eric 62 MORROW HALL 148, 149, 150, 151, 152, 153 Morrow, Jolene 134 Morrow, Matthew 160 Morseth, Marlin 48, 53, 207 Mortimer, Dale 142 Mortimer, Gerald 160 Moser, Duane 47, 167 Mothersead, Mike 115 Motl, Daniel 227 Mouchka, Julie 53 Moureau, Keith 153 Mowbray, Mike 53 Moye, Deborah 132 Moyer, Linda 136 Mrotek, Steve 56, 126, 190 190 Mrotek, Steven 152 Mud ett, James 121 Mue er, Carol 40, 63, 137 Mueller, Lori 112 Mulcahy, Patricia 137 Mumm, John 46, 227 Munir, AI-Nemer 51 Munkwitz, James 40 Murley, Ieffrez; 143 Murphy, Step en 139 Murphy, Steven 141 Murray, Daniel 141 Murty, Thomas 156 Mushel, Craig 66 Myatt, Ann 123 Myers, Lisa Nachreiner, Michael 141 Nagel, Brett 168 Nagel, Marie 52 Naidl, Jody 135 Nedobeck, Jenelle 136 Nee, Teresa 127 Nehring, Julie 52, 64 Neider, Brad 64 Neidlein, Jacqueline 134 Nelson, Charles 124 Nelson, Elizabeth 136 Nelson, Michael 44, 66, 124, 228 Nelson, Paul 68, 151 Nelson, Terri 144 Nemeth, Bradley 124 Neuenschwander, Luann 137, 217 Neuman, Scott 46, 152 Neumann, Karen 123 Nevel, Kirk 166 Newhouse, Ann 40, 52, 53, 132 Nichols, Barbara 48, 63, 207 Nichols, Gregory 149 Nichols, Joe 46 Nielsen, Bruce 166 Nielsen, Christine 137 Nielsen, David 66, 151 Niemeyer, Bobbi-Jo 123 Niemeyer, Kelly 54, 123 Nienow, Lori 131 Ninneman, Douglas 69, 122, 190 Noe, Amy 132 Norden, William 167 Nordin, Thomas 149 Norz, Charles 150 Nothaft, Christine 145 Nott, Steven 66, 128 Novak, Robert 124 Novenski, Maggie 125 Nulph, Laura 134 Nuzzo, James 141 Nye, Heather 21, 40, 110 O'Brien, Bridget 135 O'Brien, Joel 139 O'Connell, Cheryl 126, 127, 207 O'Connell, Troy 151 O'Donnell, Carol 123 O'Donnell, Diane 121, 123, 111 O'Donnell, Joseph 128 O'Neil, Karen 123, 115 O'Toole, Tim 21, 115, 207 Oakeson, Steven 51, 158, 45 Oates, Lisa 132 Oberholz, Mark 121 Oechsle, Lisa 132 Oehlkers, Dennis 153 Ohland, Louis 66, 147 Oilschlager, Donna 121 Okoro, Ugochkwu 168 Oleson, Jerry 146 Olsen, Mary 125 Olson, Christopher 144 Olson, Craig 141 Olson, Daniel 147 Olson, Erling Olson, James 43, 145 Olson, Jeffrey 152 Olson, Kirk 68, 151 Olson, Michael 62, 144 Olson, Roger 122 Olson, Sanford 146 Olson, Thomas 41 Olson, Traci 123, 110 Omernick, Karl Oncken, John 53, 152 Oomens, Scott 60 OPENING, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13 OpEenorth, Todd 152 Op us, Paul 3, 74, 75 56 Oppriecht, Todd 157 Orcutt, Howard 156 Orr, Jeffry 162 Osterberger, Douglas 169 On, George 160 On, Jeffrey 155 Ottens, Bart 168 Otter, Anne 3, 74, 75 Otter, Brad 124 Owens, Steve 166 Oyen, Bette 130, 131, 109 Paap, Helga 125 Pacioni, Linda 112 Pa e, Glen 163 Pa nke, Michelle 133 Paisley, Thomas 168 Pakosz, Cheryl 137 Pallister, Richard 141 Palm, Barry 168 Palus, Thomas 72, 148 Paluszynski, Steven 121 Panthofer, Mark 124 Pare, Lisa 64, 149 Parent, Donald 43, 55, 63, 75, 1 207 Parisey, Danielle 43, 146 Parker, Max 49, 147 Parman, Cory 190 Partlo, Fred 43, 151 Patterson, Alec 167 Paul, John 122 Paulson, Bruce 163 Pawlowski, Todd 69, 121, 122 Paynter, Kevin 162 Payton, Bruce 49 Peacock, Sonja 40 Pechotta, Peter 144 Peck, Lisa 131 Pederson, Michele 131 Peeples, Timothy 153 Peetz, Cindy 63, 137, 217 Peetz, Paul 138 ikert, Joseph 158 lishek, Alan 128 plinski, Thomas 110 rez, Ross 143 rnsteiner, Jon 143 sik, Daniel 157 sik, Kathleen 132 ters, Sheri 111 terson, Frank 147 terson, Gregory 142 terson, Karin 136 terson, Lisa 40, 43, 49, 132 terson, Russell 163 erson, Steven 122, 45 erson, Theodore 144 zold, Lance 129 nkuch, Patrick 164 ffer, Felicia 57, 133 ifer, James 166 ifer, Mark 142 il, Larry 45, 52, 152, 228 il, Lee 152 elan, Karie 123 I SIGMA EPSILON 112 I ETA SIGMA 63 ouybanhdyt, Hinhlina 46 zza, Gena 134 E9ARD' HALL 165, 166, 167, 168, kering, Patricia 133 r, Heather 132 rce, David 164 rce, Ronald 62, 151 I, Mike 146 INEER PLAYERS 64 INEER YEARBOOK 74, 75 ke, Michelle 132 kl, Michael 140 nzzoli, Jeffery 144 ik, Brian 162 5, Mike 3 en, Roxanne 125 chinski, Steven 60 pp, Larry 40, 43, 181 t, Michael 168 teter, Philip 148 my, Jeffrey 163 emer, Christine 217 h, Lyle 40, 41, 109, 181 He, Diana 64 ce, Beverly 127 kinghorn, Ray 160 erening, Peter 71, 169 e, Dean 64, 153 RTER HALL 143, 144, 145, 146, 47 teus, Stephen 228 orke, Dave 181 5, Tom 157 pore, Crai 161 ell, Danie 62, 124 ble, Sue 66 stil, Anthony 21, 68, 124, 207 stil, Tony 21 uss, Brian 61, 128 -n, Diane 217 chaska, Andrew 151 chaska, Janine 134 chaska, Karen 43, 63, 137 chnow, Timothy 46, 47 doehl, james 46, 153 pp, Carla 127 uty, Robert 160 uty, Scott 61 uty, Stephen 163 eser, Kay 62, 65, 137 ybylski, John 128 ybylski, Mary 144 er, Clifford 158 cell, Kevin 163 tina, Donald 121 bach, Jerry 169 otski, Edward 167 z, Elizabeth 63, 137 er, Scott 152 igh, Edward 153 i, Kiran 58, 59 05, Marco 207 sden, Donna 21, 125 dall, Randy 155 dell, Keith 161 NGERETTES 65 r, Scott 60 alingam, A. 59 que, Douglas 155 Rauf, Mohammed 59, 140 Raupp, Larry 109 Rauscher, Kevin 155 Jawson, Jeanice 62, 65 Ray, Lynn 52, 191 Rayford, Michael 45, 47, 168 Rech, Kathy 48, 134 Rech, Robert 122 Rech, Timoth 162 Redding, Mic ael 168 Redfern, Melba 218 Reed, Cindy 47, 114, 191 Reed, Geri 40, 43, 52 Reed, Jill 207 Reese, Julie 120, 127 Reese, Vicki 131 Reetz, Daniel 62, 71, 141 Regan, Daniel 167 Regez, Peter 151 Reich, Jim 116 Reiche, Heidi 55, 60, 146 Reid, Beth 112, 208 Reinhardt, Jay 117 Reinicke, Eric 62, 148 Rejman, Stephanie 136 Renk, Stephen 159 Renken, Pamela 120 Repta, Marci 191 Resop, Keith 129 Reuter, Jack 162 Reynolds, Kimberly 125 Rezazadeh, Farnaz 218 RHC 120 RHO-MATES 109 Rice, Scott 66, 120 Rice, Todd 43 Richards, Charles 164 Richards, James 147 Richards, Kelly 21, 67, 68, 69, 111 Richardson, Ronald 191 Richert, Genita 53 Richter, Curt 156 Richter, John 111 Richter, Robert 68 Richter, Susan 137 Ricker, Anthony 153 Rickert, Greg 109, 156 Riebe, Alan 157 Rieck, Angela 134 Rieger, Mike 47 Riegert, Jeff 128 Riemer, Dennis 72 Riffe, Richard 153 Rigdon, Karla 62, 71 Rinn, Jeffer 162 Ripley, Rec 121 Ripp, Michael 58, 147, 228 Ripp, Randy 42, 208 Risse, Dan 113 Ritchay, Jeannette 52 Ritchie, Sheila 145 Rivedal, Norman 167 R03, Marthe 208 Roamer, Joseph 158 Robb, Scott 58 Roberts, L nn 62 Roberts, P il 45, 47, 228 Robinson, David 150 Robson, Kim 48 Rock, Daniel 48 Rodas, Brenda 63 Roddy, Patrick 208 Rodgers, Jeff 3, 74, 75 Rodriguez, Daniel 142 Rodwell, Mark 42, 142, 191 Roe, Debra 125 Roecker, Len 45, 51, 2 Roeer, Scott 169 Roehr, Elizabeth 208 Roelle, Diana 131 Roessler, Timothy 157 Roffers, Scott 60, 157 Rogan, Timothy 162 Rogers, Jeff 3, 74, 75 R0 nlien, Marty 161 R0 de, John 66 Roling, Mark 60 Rolle, Kurt Jr. 181 Rolwing, Jonathan 156 Romber , Dan 61 Romme , Alan 45 Ron stad, Robbie 150 R00 , Timothy 150 Roovakkers, Dave 60 Ropson, Joseph 153 Rortvedt, Steven 166 Rosauer, John 72, 164 Rosch k, Jeffrey 46, 153 Rosen urg, Jill 131 Rosenmeier, Mark 157 Roshell, Brett 45, 228 Ross,J. Allison 131 Ross, Jeffrey 70 Ross, Leonard 3, 74, 75, 208 ROTC 66 Roush, David 56, 144 Rowe, Lisa 48, 208 Rowley, David 169 Roys, Julie 135 Ruchti, Terry 70 Rucks, Randy 162 Rude, Robert 139 Rudis, Teresa 40, 68 Rudit 5, Rick 147 Rudo ph, Peggy 125, 181 Ruchling, Scott 61 Ruetten, Amy 132 Ruetten, Carol 61 Ruetten, Jerry 146 Ruetten, Scott 53, 64 Ruff, Bradley 52, 162 RUGBY CLUB 65 Ruggeri, James 144 Runde, Ann 208 Runge, Jeri 125 Rupert, Debra 135 Ruppenthal, Thomas 124 Ruppert, Roxane 48 Rusch, Craig 45, 149 Russart, Renee 132 Russell, Deborah 71, 112, 125 Russell, Patricia 117, 228 Ryan, James 72, 155 Ryan, Timothy 113 Rychecky, Bradley 62, 71 Rymer, Todd 209 SAB SPECIAL, FEATURES 69 SAB EXEC. BOARD 67 SAB MARDI GRAS 67 SAB MOVIE 68 SAB PERFORMING ARTS 68 Sabel, Wendy 71 Sadowski, Therese 132 Sagal, Dan 113 Sagehorn, Dave 48 Saindon, Thomas 59, 128 Salm, Christopher 166 Salm, Pete 41, 181 Salta, Brian 61, 70 Salzmann, Mark 53, 69, 209 Sam, Lois 149 Sam, Ron 117 Samuelson, Scott 45, 51, 228 Sander, Dennis 52, 161 Sander, Cary '58, 228 Sanders, Pat 58 Sandmire, Mike 65 Sands, Phil 59 Sandwick, Phillip 113, 124 Sanford, Barry 49, 154 Sanford, Lacey 218 Santerre, Dan 116 Santos, Jose 59 Sardella, Doreen 54 Sarenac, Michael 157 Sargent, Phillip 147 Satala, Paul 151 Savas, Thomas 108, 228 Sawdey, Brett 120, 151 Scaife, Barbara 59 Schaaf, Julie 62 Schaben, Beth 137 Schackelford, Barb 42 Schaefer, Kit 57 Schaefer, Michael 129 Schaetzel, Terrie 218 Schambow, Eric 21, 110, 191 Schambow, Janet 182 Schambow, Marc 21, 43, 68 Scharf, Rebecca 70, 145 Schaub, Steven 166 Schaubroeck, Michael 48, 162 Schauer, Robert 155 Schauf, Michelle 133 Schauf, Steve 43, 60, 113, 182 Schauff, Dan 43 Scheckel, Vince 191 Scheel, Paul 115, 147 Scheld, Mark 155 Schellinger, Laurie 50, 125 Schellinger, Lisa 21, 209 Scherkenbach, James 113, 163 Schiefelbein, Chris 52 Schimke, Michelle 134 Schlagenhaft, Daniel 151 Schlaver, Sandra 131 Schleicher, Philli 40, 41, 52, 139 Schlembach, CatEy 43 Schlichting, Charles 142 Schlueter, Mark 40 Schmalbeck, Becki 42, 49, 53 Schmelzer, Barbara 137 Schmidt, David 45, 148 Schmidt, John 144 Schn'iidt, Michael 141 Schmidtke, David 161 Schmit, Tina 125 Schmitt, Carolyn 61, 191 Schmitz, Darci 209 Schmitz, Steve 41, 182 Schmoldt, Brian 161 Schneider, Dan 128 Schneider, Debra 145 Schneider, Edward 169 Schneider, John 47 Schneider, Lance 56, 144 Schneider, Mark 48 Schneider, Melody 134 Schneider, Ron 62 Schneider, Thomas 143 Schneller, Lon 53 Schoeni, Stephen 142 Schoenike, Douglas 61, 62, 138 Schoe p, Gail 145 Schof , James 163 Schommer, Pat 70, 113 Schonhoff, Steven 141 Schopf, Thomas 144 Schoppe, David 169 Schott, Patrick 191 Schowalter, Paul 115 Schreck, Kip 124 Schreiber, Eric 138 Schroeder, Bob 57, 111 Schroeder, Brent 151 Schroeder, Cindy 60, 82 Schroeder, Mary 52, 136 Schubring, Wade 156 Schuenke, Alexandra 51 Schuette, Scott 42, 139 Schuh, Joseph 42, 43, 146, 182 Schulgren, Tim 60, 113, 209 Schulte, Joseph 143 Schultz, Dave 69 Schultz, Jeffrey 141 Schultz, Jeffre D. 152 Schultz, TamaEi 125 Schulz, Ed 65 Schulze, Teresa 209 Schuster, Don 40, 182 Schutz, Sandi 125 Schwantes, Denise 123 Schwantes, William 62, 218 Schwark, Debbie 62, 65 Schwartz, Brian 51, 58, 62, 71, 162 Schwartz, Joseph 191 Schwartz, Patricia 62, 71, 137 Schweitzer, Robert 161 Schwellenbach, Jay 163 Schwert, Christine 134, 218 Schwert, Kelli 62, 132 Schwert, Kelli 62, 132 Schwert, Kimberlee 123 Schwobe, Gary 141 Schwobe, Michael 146 Scott, lane 21, 110, 125 Scurek, Matt 42, 182 Seacrist, Scott 62, 72, 164 Seaver, Craig 167 Sebastian, Gregg 55, 126 Sechtig, Kurt 169 SECOND STREET 26, 27 Sedarski, Jim 61 Sedik, Daniel 127, 209 Seffrood, Terry 65, 182 Segebarth, Scott 50 Seidler, Sarah 60, 191 Seim, Kenneth 49, 129 Sell, Becki 151 Selner, Jose h 42 Sengstock, can 161 Seroogy, Paul 151 Sessler, Gregory 152 Severson, Karen 132 Severson, Lisa 50, 134 Shaffer, Jeffrey 209 Shakley, Gregory 158 Sharer, Marc 161 Shaw, Jeffrey 169 Shaw, Marc 147 Shea, Darby 192 Shea, Steven 115 Shea, Tom 60 Sheever, Dave 48, 115 Shenger, Khalad 46, 59, 228 Sherer, Steve 112 Sherkey, Cynthia 113, 123 Shimmins, Rick 157 Showers, Cindy 114 Shubak, Ken 57 Sibenaller, Tom 73, 209 Siegl, Karen 123 Siemandel, Lynelle 135 Sigl, Dennis 162 SIGMA PI LITTLE SISTERS 114 SIGMA TAU GAMMA LITTLE SISTERS 115 SIGMA TAU GAMMA 115 SIGMA Pl 114 Sikkema, Mark 66, 142 Silbernagel, Kathleen 57 Simaras J. Jay 140 Simon, Richard 150 Simpson, Ralph 153 Simpson, Thomas 64, 124 Sinaie, Massoud 59 Sindelar, Scott 149 SKI CLUB 69 Skjaeveland, Kari 132 Skutt, Kasey 137 Slager, Duane 155 Slavik, Todd 141 Slife, Jeffrey 167 Slocum, Tobin 124 Smart, Kris 123 Smetana, Brian 147 Smetana, Mark 41, 152, 182 Smillie, AI 110, 115 Smith, David 169 Smith, Dean 143 Smith, Eric 46 Smith, Cary 53, 69, 109, 110 Smith, Lisa 209 Smith, Ronald 168 Smith, Roy 63 Smithson, Tracy 112, 182 Smits, Brian 45, 51 SMT 70 Snorek, Laura 114, 209 SOCCER 78, 79 Sodergren, Forrest 141 SOFTBALL 98, 99 Sotchenberger, Daniel 45, 122 Soltau, James 58, 126 Solverson, Kristine 125 Sonders, Dale 115 Sorensen, Steve 155 Sorensen, Timothy 72, 164 Sorenson, Jesse 146 Sosinsky, Janelle 209 Soukup, David 71, 166 Soukup, Russ 52 Specht, Paul 41, 43, 148 Spellum, Krista 72 Spence, Jeffrey 147 Spencer, Scott 63, 66, 209 Speth, Jeff 60 Spides, James 66 Spiess, Randall 115 Spillane, Kelly 209 Spillane, Theresa 132 Spink, Sonya 137, 182 Spitzbarth, Edward 53, 157 Splinter, Ann 127 Splinter, Gary 192 Spooner, Dana 110, 146 Spooner, Dean 62, 161 Spooner, Deb 49, 110, 182 Spooner, Neil 161 Sprincis, David 139 Springer, Peter 60, 127 St. Angel, Lindo 58, 113, 124 Staffin, David 163 Stafford, John 42, 209 Stampfl, Timothy 157 Stamschror, Charlie 57 Standorf, Alan 66 Stangler, Stuart 40, 53, 109, 182 Stanislawski, John 149 Stankevich, Nancy 51, 228 Stankevich, Paul 146 Sta'rk, David 167 Starobrat, Edward 141 Staskal, Margo 132 Stecklein, Matt 41 Steensrud, Matthew 72, 122 Stefanczyk, Scot 146 Stefanik, Doug 147, 228 Stefanik, John 147 Steffes, Joyce 50, 110 Steil, Jim 62 Steil, Joe 62 Steinert, Jeffrey 146 Steinert, Robert 166 Steinha en, Linda 46 Steinho f, James 209 Steinhoff, Mary 192 Steinke, Jay 50, 169 Stelmacher, Todd 158 Stelpflug, loan 42, 132 Stelpflug, Randy 60, 70, 159, 161 Stelpflug, Rick 70 Ste'mper, Thomas 40, 163 Stemper, Tom 40 Stetter, Scott 53, 70 Stevens, Curtis 156 Stevens, Paul 162, 192 Stevens, Steven 163 Stewart, Brian 147 Stewart, Susan 230 Stibbe, Jill 127 Stich, Laura 136 Stiede, Todd 53, 109 Stirmel, David 41, 109, 183 Stockheimer, Stacy 125 Stolper, Julie 42, 115, 209 Stoltenberg, Bill 163 Stoltenberg, James 212 Stoltz, Alex 21 Stoltz, John 124 Stone, Karen 145 Storandt, Mike 40, 41, 60 Straka, Douglas 128 Strang, Brian 43 Strang, James 62, 128 Strang, Joel 72, 183 Stratton, Jim 209 Streblow, Steven 117, 230 Strehlow, Tamata 50 Streich, Eric 58 Streich, Keith 70, 209 Streicher, Mike 47 Streifel, Craig 151 Strieter, Daniel 147 Strobel, Christine 131 Stuckey, Connie 192 STUDENT SENATE 71 STUDENTS WORK 32, 33 Studer, Allison 136 Studnicka, Frank 56 Stuelke, Tracy 43 Sturtevant, Mark 49, 127 Suess, Kathy 62, 125 Su den, Stan 45 Su r, Michael 57, 124, 192 Sukol, Tom 115 Sullivan, David 156 Sullivan, Dawn 145 Sullivan, Jeff 48, 71, 115 Sullivan, John 70 suscha, Richard 160 Sutschek, John 162 Sutton, Jim 43, 230 Sutton, Sharon 132 Sved, Ridzuan 59 Swanson, David 58 Swanson, Richard 147 Swanson, Thomas 151 Swanton, David 162 SWE 70 Sweenie, Daniel 161 Swenson, Brian 45, 51 Swenson, Brook 126 Swenson, James 53, 60, 124 Swenson, Laurie 123 Swenson, Patricia 192 Swigart, Susan 135 SYMPHONY BAND 71 Szcepanski, Richard 152 TABLE OF CONTENTS 3 Tabor, Kent 69, 122 Tacke, Steven 168 TAE KWON DO 72 Taebel, Heidi 63, 110 Tagliapietra, Lance 53, 163 Tainter, Dave 111 Tallman, Marilyn 218 Tamblyn, Mark 142 Tang, Rachel 59, 230 Tanger, David 161 Tarnowski, Joseph 52, 124, 192 TAU KAPPA EPSILON 116 Taylor, Beth 71 Taylor, Dean 52, 62, 166 Taylor, James 167 Taylor, Lance 113 Taylor, Micheal 71, 162 Taylor, Rodney 126 Teeters, Michael 230 TELETHON 73 Tellock, Christine 117, 144 Tesch, Mark 169 Teske, Lee 129 Tessmann, Daryl 43, 128 Tessmann, Jacinda 146 Tetzlaff, Todd 151 Teubert, Kim 115, 135 Teutschmann, Randy 71 Thalmann, Maxine 112 THANK YOUS 255 Thede, Bryan 69, 157 Theobald, Timothy 161 Theres, Donelle 21, 62 THETA TAU 117 Thibeau, Michael 209 Thibodeau, Sharon 145 Thiede, Brian 157 Thieding, Tom 42, 55, 71 Thliza, Misari 49, 162 Thoman, Todd 163 Thomas, Joe 42 Thomas, Rick 183 Thompson, Brad 152 Thompson, Christine 131 Thompson, Ken 162 Thompson, Peter 45, 230 Thompson, Rob 65, 192 Thompson, Tracy 21, 52, 137 Thomsen, Lynn 43 Thomsen, Tom 58, 192 Thorman, John 151 Thorn, Todd 70, 210 Thorson, James 127 Thuli, Karen 218 Thurner, Robin 60, 218 Tierney, Mary 218 Till, Charles 148 Tiller, Mary 69, 132 Tillinghast, Brian 54, 160 Timm, Arthur 141 Ti-merman, Aaron 46 Timmerman, Ann 135 Timmerman, Brent 142 Timmerman, Doug 52 Timmerman, Kathy 134 Timmerman, Lisa 218 Tiry, Timothy 124 Tisol, James 65, 150 Toberman, Brett 59 Toberman, Kurt 164 Tollakson, Steven 42, 122 Tollefson, Karen 43, 60, 63 Tomas, Christine 123 Tomlanovich, Daniel 128 Toms, Phil 73 Tonn, William 67, 68, 126, 192 Tosdale, Debbie 136 Tousey, Timothy 141 Townsend, Caron 127 Tracy, Jeff 210 Trampf, Sara 63 Tranberg, Timothy 141 Tra p, Cary 42, 57, 157, 183 Tre ian, Judy 43, 48, 111 Trebian, Mark 58, 127 Trefz, Reed 169 Trehey, Gregory 70, 210 Tremaine, Laura 60, 86 TRENDS 24, 25 Trewartha, Tonia 210 Trickel, April 64 Trickel, Cindy 64 Tritt, Edward 66, 121 Troullier, Norman 51 Troy, Chad 71, 115 Truesdale, Mark 142 Tschudy, Cindy 131 Tschudy, Sandra 144 Tucek, Greg 163 Tucker, Mic ael 140 Turner, Geoffre 164 Tuscan, Mitchel 150 Tuzik, Gregory 163 Ulrich, Jerry 115 Umbs, Christopher 141 Umstadt, David 46, 124 Unbehaun, Kevin 128 Unger, Jason 142 Unrein, Ellen 48 Unruh, Michael 146 Updike, Kenneth 41, 152 Updike, Michael 43 Upright, Ronald 155 Urban, Todd 168 Urbanek, Dave 61 Urbanski, Steven 151 Urness, Randall 147 Valent, Michele 125 Valesano, Brent 71 Valliere, Gre 114 VanBo aert, aura 53 VanBra el, David 128 VanBramer, Dennis 56, 124 VanBuren, David 52 VanBuren, Eric 108, 192 Vandenberg, Sue 61 VandenLangenber, James 152 VanDenPlas, Mark 42, 43 Vanderbilt, Jeffery 147 VanderHeiden, Scott 43, 72 Vanderlaan, Dou Ias 166 VanDerLoop, Ce ia 45 Vandesande, Matthew 65, 146 Vanevenhoven, Mary 116 Vanevenhoven, Mike 69, 70, 210 VanHorn, Darrell 144 VanHulle, Lori 41, 43, 183 VanNatta, Terry 192 VanNiewenhuize, Karen 108 VanPatten, Dawn 131 VanVooris, Tom 111 VanZeeland, Steven 162 VanZummeren, Jeffrey 230 Varghese, Thomas 59 Vater, Al 58 Vatter, Andrew 162 Vatter, Michael 140 Vellella, Christopher 147 Venner, Raymond 65 Verhasselt, Ieff 73, 230 VerKuilen, Michael 71, 144 VerKuilen, Steve 230 Vermillion, Andrew 157 VerMuelan, Kevin 160 Vervelde, Joseph 126, 230 Ververs, Kathleen 130 Vesperman, Jane 60, 192 VETS CLUB 73 Vetterkind, Tracy 153 Viaene, David 142 Vice, Michael 49, 111 Vickerman, Daniel 164 Viktora, Robert 160 Vincent, Jeffrey 168 Virnich, Andy 46, 72, 230 Visintainer, Ronald 121 Vodak, Richard 111, 210 Voelkel, Carl 160 Vogt, James 142 Voigt, John 47, 154 Voissem, David 58 Volk, Dan 59, 117 Volkmann, Kurt 127 VOLLEYBALL 82, 83 Voltz, Roger 52 Vormezeele, James 60, 160 Vormezeele, Jennie 130, 133 Vorpahl, Brian 139 Vos, Cheryl 192 Vosberg, Mark 115 Voskuil, Terry 152 Vradenburg, Kristin 210 Vraney, Paul 45, 51, 230 Wachter, Lisa 52 Wadzinski, Steve 231 Wadzinski, Ted 46, 63 Wagar, Tim 70, 210 Wagner, Donald 46 Wagner, Michael 152 Wagner, Ray 210 We ner, Todd 231 Wa l, Phil 56, 65 Waite, Elizabeth 125 Wald, Kevin 147 Waldhart, Linda 50 Walker, David 60 Walker, Joanne 67, 68, 69, 192 Walker, Steve 124 Wall, Brian 163 Wallace, John 166 Waller, Hiedi 63, 149 Waller, Terr 73 Walln'er, Ric ard 167 Wallom, Michael 115, 231 Walsh, Donald 149 Walstein, Jan 60 Walz, Darlene 40, 125 Walz, Janna 123 Wambold, Al 67, 69 Wanberg, Dana 55, 147 Wandsnider, John 153 Wanezek, Laura 62, 132 Warczytowa, David 210 Ward,Christine 134 Ward, Dan 65, 115 Ward, Jeffrey 167 Wargowski, Jim 69 Warpinski, Jeanne 53, 210 Warren, Nancy 61 Warrington, Scott 71, 169 Wasley, William 218 Wasserburger, John 70 Waters, Tom 112, 115 Waterworth, Doug 40 Waterworth, Douglas 40 Watkins, Diane 21, 68, 110 Watson, Reverend 50 Watts, Jeff 48, 115, 210 Watts, Kenneth 109, 183 Way, Charles 154 Way, Scott 52 Weadge, Lisa 131 Weaver, Jim 41, 60 Webber, Lisa 65, 137 Weber, Alan 164 Weber, Beth 52, 123 Weber, Brian 141 Weber, Bruce 166 Weber, Bryan 152 Weber, Carla 21, 115 Weber, Diane 125 Weber, Duane 151 Weber, Jacqueline 145 Weber, Kevin 155 ber, Robert 58, 129 ber, oonald 149 ber, Sheila 134 ber, Steven 58, 160 ber, Vicki 21, 72, 210 bster, Bill 42, 210 cker, Therese 145 dig, Roger 65 e , Dan 53, 61 eden, James 147 eden, Michael 70 eden, William 147 gmann, Barbara 43, 109 ner, Steve 168 rley, William 151 idner, Richard 129 idner, Theresa 21, 193 igel, Kent 21, 43, 53, 63, 109 igen, Timothy 166 inberger, Paul 61 iner, Thomas 48, 162 ir, Kim 49, 53, 183 is, Scott 53 isensel, Taylor 21, 40, 41, 49, 52, 3, 109 isensel, Wendell 43, 49, 52, 183 iser, Kevin 60 iskircher, Kelly 43, 49, 109, 125 irowski, Mark 167 Hi, Leslie 133 "5, Tod 166 Isch, Tom 72 Iter, Becky 125 lzenbach, Craig 161 ndt, David 155 nkman, John 52, 141 ntzel, Mary 210 pking, Bruce 55, 70, 210 pking, Dana 48 rling, Vir inia 109, 183 rlin , Wi iam 66, 168 rme ing, Carl 169 rner, Brad 45, 121 rner, Kenneth 52, 167 solowski, karol 136 stemeier, David 139 terman, Tracy 125 stly, Kurt 55, 58, 210 tzel, Nathan 157, 193 tzel, Richard 51 ydert, Jeff 62 alen, Craig 168 alen, Kevin 40, 162 alen, Michael 129 alen, Steven 231 ite, Dianne 43, 60, 63, 82, 134, 18 ite, Edward 166 ite, Lisa 60 ite, Robert 111, 231 ite, Susan 135 itmore, Ruth 43 itney, Scot 163 hert, Mark 114 hlacz, Lee 150 hman, Scott 60, 160 kler, Mark 70 gand, Bruce 144 -gel, Irma 134 nberger, Paul 58 rschke, Mark 61, 64, 128 sbauer, Heidi 135 se, Todd 62, 71 cox, David 129 deman, Bradley 70, 210 fert, Joseph 141 GUS, HALL 126, 127, 128, 129 helm, Linda 123 ken, Darin 147 ken, Dennis 210 kes, JoAnn 137 kinson, Teresa 48 kinson, Todd 183 1, David 70, 210 1, Randy 40, 43, 183 le, Scott 142 liams, Hamilton 161 liams, Jonathan 128, 183 liams, Karen 48, 211 liams, Kimberly 115, 135 liams, Michael J. 139 liams, Michael N. 62, 129 liams, Tim 53 liams, Todd 50 Is, Barbara 43, 63 Is, Shelley 63 son, Christine 43, 218 son, Kevin 62 son, Lynette 68, 69, 193 dett, Lynn 49 get, Kathleen 135 ghart, Mark 65, 231 Winkers, Donna 211 Winkler, Ca'rl 211 Winkler, Gerard 50 Winkler, Jamie 71, 135 Winskell, Keith 163 Winson, Shell 125 Winter, Davi 151 Winter, Lisa 59 Winters, Vernon 160 Wiskow, Randy 54, 111 Wisnefski, Michelle 49, 125 Wisniewski, Laura 42, 112, 125 W-itkowski, Donna 59, 231 Witte, Pete 231 Woda, Daniel 153 Woda, Dean 69, 70, 211 Wohrley, Kevin 159 Wojcik, Renee 146 Wo1tarowicz, Douglas 120, 166 Wo f, Eric 67, 68 Wolf, Krista 3, 74, 75, 94, 111, 134, 211 Wolf, Todd 160, 193 Wolfe, Cary 53, 211 Wolfe, Gretchen 71 Wolfe, Jeffrey 59 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL 94, 95 WOMEN'S GYMNASTICS 97 WOMEN'S TRACK 104 Wondrash, Tim 64, 144 Wood, Brenda 145 Wood, Jim 48 Woodman, Terry 56 Woodruff, Brian 58 Woodruff, Eric 115 Woodward, Glenn 148 Woodward, Steven 231 Woolley, David 155 Woolley, John 129 Woolley, Mark 211 WRESTLING 88, 89 Wuesthoff, Karl 211 Wulterkens, Timm 151 Wunderlin, John 53, 62, 71, 129 Yahnke, Mark 163 YanE, Vang 169 Yan e, Herb 63, 109 Yanke, Marilyn 125 Yelk, Greg 40, 58 Yenter, less 231 Yokes, Bryan 70, 124 York, Tim 183 Yuenger, Michael 152 Yungwirth, Jay 42, 73 Yusof, Shamsudin 231 Zabrowski, Pamela 123 Zach, William 158 Zahrte, Steve 47 Zakowski, Sandy 48, 61 Zamorano, Gabriel 163 Zander, Jan 162 Zarecki, Kevin 66 Zauner, Charles 147 Zei le, Paul 164 Zel er, Jeffrey 128 Zeman, Brian 3 Zeman, Brian 3, 62, 151 Zeman, Paulette 42, 183 Zenz, Joyce 3, 74, 75, 211 Zenz, Shane 141 Zeske, Jeff 161 Ziebert, Carolyn 61 Ziebol, Thomas 155 Zie enhagen, Lenore 21, 57, 111 Zie I, John 211 Zielke, Lisa 62 Zietlow, Alan 128 Zietlow, Mike 50 Zimmer, Teresa 49, 131 Zimmerman, Aaron 169 Zimmerman, Carla 40, 57, 146 Zimmerman, Dean 69, 140 Zimmerman, Ronald 66, 149 Zi-merman, Todd 163 Zimmermann, Karl 155 Zlabek, Rhona 110 Zuberbier, Steve 158 Zuidema, Dean 166 Zuidema, Julie 98 Zweifel, Pam 40 Zweifel, Pamela 40, 45, 53, 61, 71, 133, 231 Zwicky, John 111 263 LAST WRITES It was a dark and stormy night. Meanwhile back in the jacuzzi, another uninspired meeting of that group of do-gooders, known to us only as the editorial board, was taking place. This meeting, like many before and undoubtably many more to follow, ad- dressed the greatest task ever undertaken by mankind: Project P. At the onset, Project P seemed to be just another routine assignment for editorial board and their support team S.T.A.F.F., but this was not to be the case. Not knowing of plots set in motion against their cause, the members of editorial board sat back and had another round of wine. The air was buzzing with reports from the home front. Denee was first to report with assurance that her right-hand man land one-time athlete of the Weekl Catastrophe Dan Hinz, was pressuring members of S.T.A.F.F. to hit the streets and record the activities as they were taking place. Lenny, one of S.T.A.F.F.'s stop operatives iwhen soberl, reported in with a tip received from the worldly Cecil, which could prove to be of great value in the completion of project P. The maid screamed! Much to our surprise it was Anne, who believed she had spotted our arch enemies - Cops and Robbers. It was at this point that we moved the proceedings to a safer place - Venice Beach. Upon arrival, mark began to establish contacts and procure the supplies needed to accomplish our mission. It was at this time that Krista began to survey the area and uncovered the notorious Bag Lady in our midst. Venice Beach was not the place to be so we immediately packed our gear and headed to our safe house in Huntington Beach. Jerry and Sue were there to make sure our stay was entertaining and productive. WithoUt their help, project P might have come to an end at this point. Once we settled, a communique arrived from UW-P informing us that Josten's had deployed their high-tech Micrographix Sys- tem in an attempt to stifle Gayle's work with the Index portion of Project P. Not to be stopped, Gayle sent the discs to Minneapolis to be completed, thereby stopping all attempts at foiling the Index. The pieces started coming together and we relaxed and reminisced. It was clear to us all how project P would never have taken place without the help of our adventure-loving agents: Paul, Non, Lori, Dave, Jeff, Julie, Jean, Brian, and of course, Leo. Without this screwed-up crew the project would have never gotten off the ground. Thanks to all and have fun next year! Mike COLOPHON PIONEER 85 - THIS BOOK'S FOR YOU!, student yearbook of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, was printed by Josten'swA- merican Yearbook Company of Topeka, Kansas on 80 lb. Gloss Mead-Enamel paper. End sheets are 65 lb., Hooper coverweight. Senior portrait and group photography were done by Photo- Land Studios of Dodgeville, Wisconsin. Body type is 1W10 Optima, with cutlines set in W8 Optima. Subheadings are set in 18w18 Optima bold, with the main head- ings and division pages utilizing 3W30 Optima bold for emphasis. The cover is a combination of an American embossed stamp . and silver hot foil stamping. The cover was designed and pro- duced by the Pioneer staff. The PIONEER had a press run of 3,650 copies.

Suggestions in the University of Wisconsin Platteville - Pioneer Yearbook (Platteville, WI) collection:

University of Wisconsin Platteville - Pioneer Yearbook (Platteville, WI) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


University of Wisconsin Platteville - Pioneer Yearbook (Platteville, WI) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


University of Wisconsin Platteville - Pioneer Yearbook (Platteville, WI) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


University of Wisconsin Platteville - Pioneer Yearbook (Platteville, WI) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


University of Wisconsin Platteville - Pioneer Yearbook (Platteville, WI) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


University of Wisconsin Platteville - Pioneer Yearbook (Platteville, WI) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 1


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