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4982 Ioneer P IversiTy Of Wisconsin Un isconsin lle, W PIoHev Volume LXXIII .. ..:-- srrdl-J law z... s x Co-Edliors-ln-Chlef Stephen C. Holmquest David M. Schoofs Business Manager Dave Johnson Layout Edlior Pom Kersten Copy Edlfor Morg Wieners Photo Editor RB. Aspinwoll' Feature Editors Pam Wolfher' 2 MASTHEAD Jan Hartwig' Mary Lee Index Editor Rhonda Rule ' Mary Lee Eric Schombow Adviser Borb JenTz ' Dr. Philip Buchanan Photo Stan Copy sum Gloria Honni' Kathy Doruff ' Byron Anderson Cindy Motz ' Jim Green Linda Pankou Alan Rommel" Barb Burke ' Lorry Young" Porn Roling " Ed White ' Layout Staff Kathy Schmceng Jean Marie LeCon're ' First Semester Only Table Of Confenfs ChongingTimes 4 Enfer'roinmenf .............. 26 Greeks .................... 60 X Organizdrions ............. 456 Seniors .... . .............. 492 Index .................... 240 Cover photo by: Dave Schoofs, Jim Kuhn. :teve Holmquest CONTENTS 3 Change Isn'T LimiTed To The Seasons The variable onosphere of our universiTy hos broughT abouT many exTernol changes. The desTrucTion of Old Main, The con- sTrucTion of The noT yeT compleTed Fine ArTs CenTer. Names, faces, and classes are also consTonle changing and are cop- Tured in This book. Every semesTer brings new experiences To every one of us. Our UniversiTy is an ideal place To discover ourselves and The oTTiTudes, values, and goals we wanT for our lives. These inTernoI forces are ofTen in conflicT wiTh each oTher, bringing frusTraTion inTo our self-oworeness process. The diverse range of opporTuniTies offered OT UW-P helps us To discover ourselves and helps us To cope wiTh The revolving world around us. CHANGES 5 PloTTevilIe lVIeTomorphosis Think back 40 years. Many of us were sTiII in grade school, noT wondering abouT whoT would be happening in 1982. And now, here we are. Many of Things have changed in our lives; our aTTiTudes, phys- ical choracTerisTics, and ideas. Things have changed on The UW-P campus Too, buT noT as rapidly as They have in our own lives. For example, in OcTober of 497 '1, The Wis- consin SToTe UniversiTy 0T PIoTTeviiie be- came The UniversiTy of Wisconsin - PIoTTe- ville. This ended a long process of name changes for our campus, beginning wiTh The PIcTTeville Normal School, founded in 4866. AnoTher major occompiishmenT for UW-P was The opening of The fooTboiI sTadium in 4973. To celebroTe The sTodium open- ing, Sho Na Na and REO Speedwogon performed for The crowd in PIoTTevilIe's firsT oquoor sTodium concerT. conTinued on page 7 Above: A worker pauses during The consTrucTion of The new Fine ArTs CenTer. RighT: When The Fine ArTs CenTer is compleTed. many of Doudno Hall's fociliTies will be moved There. Above righT: Royce Hall, which was re- modeled IcsT year, housed siudenTs due To Theegveri-g crowding in The dorms. 6 CAMPUS conTinued from page 6 ThroughouT The decade, improvemenTs in dorm life have affecTed us Today. Dur- ing The 4972 - 73 school year, beer be- came legal in The dorms. refrigeraTors were allowed in The rooms and beds be- came moveable. Dorms now had all The comforTs of home! In 4976, 24 hour visiTa- Tion became an opTion allowed in The dorms. Boebel Hall held ITs firsT classes in The fall of 4977. The building was named afTer Leo E. Boebel, Dean of The College of ArTs and Sciences for 47 years, unTiI his deaTh in 4968. The pedesTrian mall on campus was buiIT in 4977 and allows an easier access To an of The buildings on campus. Before The mall was buiIT, a sTreeT running pasT The STudenT CenTer and Brigham Hall was The "Main STreeT" of The campus. The mosT recenT physical change on our campus was The desTrucTion of The Old Main Building To make room for The con- sTrucTion of The new Fine ArTs CenTer. Old Main Was The firsT building on The presenT campus, and opened in 4907. The final day of classes in Old Main was December 46, 4980. The Fine ArTs CenTer is To be compIeTed and ready To open by De- cember of 4982. . As our campus keeps changing, iT will make way for fuTure sTudenTs who de- cide, Ten years from now, To furTher Their educaTion aT PIaTTevilIe. CAMPUS 7 Above: "Punk Rock" clothing has replaced fhe wide leg poms of the early 1970's. CLOTHING , X Fashions AITer Over The Years IT was only 0 decode ago when nhigh fashion" consisTed of Thigh oner" ponTs for men and mini skirTs for women. Men couldn'T find ponTs long enough To cover Their ankles, while wom- en couldn'T seem To find dresses shorT enough To uncover Their Thighs. Times have changed, and so have fashions. By The mid-sevenTies, females had Troded in Their dresses for hip-hUgger jeans and boggy blue farmer's shirTs. Men who enjoyed "leg onching" were under The ThreoT of exTincTion because 0 female wearing a dress was sel- dom seen. Perhaps This is why men reverTed To wearing "eye coTching" ponTs wiTh bold plaids or brighT sTripes. WiThouT o doubT, These years also become leisurely os jeons replaced dress- es and leisure suiTs replaced The TrodiTionol cooT and Tie. The years ThoT followed were marked by much The some sTyle of cloThing; buT by The IoTe sevenTies foshions'begon To Take onoTher Turn. Dresses and suiTs were dug ouT of The for cor- ners of The closeT while people and poiiTicions were digging Themselves ouT from The econo- my Toword 0 new conservoTism. Fashion mog- ozines porTroyed women in Toilored Three piece dress suiTs, comparable To The some Type of suiTs ThoT men were wearing ch The Time. On The college scene, cowl neck sweoT- ers replaced TurTle necks, down jockeTs re- placed Tweed cooTs, and bell boTTom pants were replaced by sTroighT leg jeons. By The end of The decode, T-shirTs no longer were worn under onoTher shirT. RoTher, They be- come 0 form of odverTising; from rock groups, To business esToblishmenTs, To fovoriTe beers, and even The besT bars in which To drink Them. The eighTies opened up onoTher decode, and along wiTh H, 0 new sTyle called The "preppie look". This new "look" consisTed of plaid skirTs To The knee, sTyIish blazers, ond booT-heol shoes. For The men, sTroighT-Ieg ponTs Tcover- Tng The onkley norrower Ties, and Three piece suiTs become 0 complemenT To The woman's cloThing. And, of course olligoTor shirTs be- come The fovoriTe casual wear for boTh men and women. BuT for Those who couldn'T afford such sTyle, The eighTies remoin 0 Time for blue jeans, T- shirTs, and Tennis shoes. Even ofTer Ten years of changing foshions, These old sTond-bys never seem To go ouT of sTyie. CLOTHING 9 1O ATTITUDES Reflections Come gather round peopIe wherever you room the times they are 0 chongin' . . . You say you wont o revo- Iution. well you know, we oII wont to change the world if your time is worth sovin, then you better start swimming or you'II sink like a stone . . . I dreamed I sow the bombers riding shotgun in the sky, turning Into butter- flies above our nation and if you take more of those you will get on overdose .. . dark and silent late last night. I think I might have heard the highway coII There' s 0 heavy smog between me and my mountains and I'm searching for a rainbow . . . It must have been a party, must have been three or four six packs I don't know you take Sally and I'll take Sue, there ain't no difference between the two . . . I can't say nothing to you but repeat what I've heard. that love is just a four Ietter word wIII you, won't you wont me to make you . . . don't stop thinking about tomorrow For I must be troveiiing on now and there's too many pIoces I've got to see I'm In the hi fidelity first class troveIIing set and I think I need a Leor jet . .. come mothers and fathers throughout the land, and don't criticize what you can't understand. Your sons and daughters are beyond your com- mond . . . for the times are a chongin speaking words of wisdom, let it be. Right: Let' 5 hope the prayers of the moral mejor- Ity keep us out of recessions. Below right: The enroIIment ot PIotteviIIe increased as the econo- my slumped. ,':IIII: II IIIIII 73.1.! Left: Beer is a favorite relaxation method of man coltege students Today; Below left: Dark and silent late last night . .. Below: Smoking cigeref'res. A new social deviant behavior. ATTITUDES 1 '1 Music Moves Oh The 4950's ended on November 22nd, 4963. The ossessinaTion of John F. Kennedy shoTTered The inno- cenT decode, and seT The sToge for The violenT, TurbulenT 4960's. Dec- ades as social periods don'T divide inTo neoT Ten-yeor blocks, and The nexT six or seven years would prove To be The shorTesT, busiesT "dec- ode" of The 20Th cenTury: BeoTIe- mania, VieTnom, fighTing in The sTreeTs, The Supremes, The Doors, The Jefferson Airplane, dropping ouT, Lyndon Johnson, HoighT-Ash- bury, Richard Nixon, Mayor Daley, The Summer of Love, The Chicago Seven, TiTleTown USA, man on The moon, and MorTin LuTher King, among oThers, TefT Their mark on These years. The decade of The '60's did noT end when The calendar Turned over inTo The '70's, of course. IT may have ended 0T Max Yosgur's farm in November of 4969. Or when The Beches broke up in The summer of 4970. Or CT The deoTh of Jimi Hen- drix a few monThs IoTer. Or perhaps They lingered on unTiI Jim Morrison checked ouT in 4974. BuT as The poeT says, Time marches on, and The world followed inTo The decade of The 4970's. '12 MUSIC ABOVE: The popular music of Today comes in many forms: from The rockin' sounds of Acme To Olivia NewTon-John's "LeT GeT Physical." ABOVE: The punk sounds of England are popular in The UniTed STaTes. Punkers have now hiT PlaTTe- ville. VieTnam lingered on for The firsT Third of The '70's, buT The rage youTh feIT burned iTself ouT gradually. There were sTill pro- TesTs, buT no days of rage, long hoT sum- mer, or even a summer of love. And rock and roll, The voice of youThful exuber- ance in The '505, The voice of proTesT in The '605, became The voice of America in The '703. As The world scene was dogged by The specTre of VieTnam in The early '705, so The music scene was operaTing in The shadow of The '605. The individual BeaTles were Trying To find separaTe musical iden- TiTies. The Supremes and Diana Ross were no longer an iTem. The Monkees had even gone Their separaTe ways. Hendrix was dead. The Morrison-less Doors were no longer a facTor. Television became The greaT baromeTer of pop culTure, as music had been in The '605. Thus, The early '705 were derivaTive musically. The old formulas were conTinuaIly reworked. NoThing new of consequence was hap- pening. Some wriTers have characTerized The '705 as having no real idenTiTy of Their own; as being ToTally dependenT on whaT had gone before. The 49505 0955-4963, To be precisey could be preTTy much summed up in LiTTle Richard's "Aw-wop- bob-a-Ioo-bob-aw-lop-bop-bop." The 49605 were capTured in "LighT My Fire" and "The Times They Are A-Changing." BuT The 19705 are harder To Tag. The only idenTifiable phenomenon To come ouT of The '705 was disco, which enTered The '803 much as H was before The boom of The laTe '705 e on The fringes of pop, again confined largely To clubs. AfTer The derivaTive naTure of The early '70s began To fall away, The Theme of The 49605 as a whole began To emerge. The legacy The 4970s lefT was The legacy of 5ynThesis. As dropping acid became chic enough for Beverly Hills raTher Than being confined To placed like HaighT-Ashbury, Fire Island, and The EasT Village, so-called acid rock and HS Top purveyors merged inTo mainsTream. Folk songs wiTh mes- sages came ouT of college coffeehouses and inTo The pop charTs wiTh greaTer fre- quency. Bands wiTh heavy rock repuTa- Tions Tackled sofTer songs as a maTTer of course - if noT TradiTional ballads, Then aT leasT more laid-back sounds. CounTry ' singers even Traded sTeel guiTars for sTring quarTeTs and horns. IT could be said Then ThaT The '805 will see less fragmenTaTion under The caTch-all heading of Tlrock." Some of The charm found in Those idoms sacid, folk, heavy meTal, even discoy is obviously IosT, buT parT of The Trade-off is The increased ho- mogeneiTy of The audience, a real plus from The performers' poinT of view. In es- sence, we lisTerners geT more of The besT of everyThing. The 49505 gave birTh Ta rock; The 49605 saw The esTablishmenT of differenT genres; The 49705 saw The synThesis of The various genres. in 4982, H may be ThaT rock has finally puT iTs growing pains be- hind iT aT The age of 27. Thus, The fuTure paTh of The indusTry is unclear, buT per- haps no more unclear Than H was in 4952, Three years before The explosion of rock. Prophecy is noT my sTrong suiT as a wriTer. and while iT may seem To be a cop-ouT To say ThaT "Time will Tell," ThaT old cliche is a fad. ThaT's how iT goT To be a cliche. Time almosT always Tells. MUSIC 13 EIecTroniC ATTrocTion Poc-Mon fever. Many people around com- pus hove iT, iT's olmosT worse ThoT The flu! BuT don'T worry, millions of oTher sTudenTs, pro- fessors, and business men have iT Too! The elecTronic game craze sTarTed obouT '10 years ago wiTh The invenTion of Pong, on elecTronic version of Table Tennis. From There, games such as AsTeroids, Poc-Mon and Space Invaders have grown inTo o muITi-miIIion dollar indusTry. The populoriTy of These games has grown on The UW-P campus as well. ETecTronic melodies invode The lower level of The STu- denT CenTer now insTeod of The TrodiTionoI sounds of pin boll machines or pool Tables. AsTeroid and Poc-Man conTesTs were held on campus This year To odverTise These games. Winners received on exclusive T- shirT wiTh The Poc-Mon or AsTeroids design on iT. These modern "pin boll wizards" wiII hove plenTy of Time To procTice: elecTronic games will be around for a long while. Poc-mon has become one of The mosT popular posTimes for college sTudenTs. RighT: The STu- dio 50 is o fovoriTe downTown dancing spot in PIoTTeville. 14 AMUSEMENTS Left: On cold or rainy nights. The local movie house is still a good spot f0 90. Below left: Watch ou'r all of you pool sharks, fhe elec'rronic games are moving in! Below right: Bicycling is good exercise as well as on interesfing pastime. AMUSEMENTS 15 Above: Because The number of froin riders decreased on the Dubuque To Chicago Amtrak roufa the route was cancelled. Many people now prefer To fly. Right: Busses are a slow, but inexpensive way To Travel around a ciTy or state. '16 TRAVEL Trans 0 portotion Rates Inorefose 15v$db. SIKW How much do you pay for a gallon of gas? $4.49, $4.25, or more? With the price of gas consistently over a dollar, people have found more economical ways to travel. Some peo- ple travel by means of thumbing a ride. Al- though the cheapest way to go, hitchhiking is the most reliable as well as most risky. Even though many people have reached their des- tination safely, there, are just as many who haven't, and ended up worse than when they started out. Individuals who prefer to drive themselves eventually find themselves looking for an eco- nomical cor. Ford, Chevrolet, and many other companies have met the consumer demand by producing more gas saving models. Cor pooling has also helped to save money while traveling, as has commuting. IlllllfiW ,."A x y IV Since driving takes 0 lot of time, people who need to go 0 long way in a short time prefer to fly. Airlines have helped to increase their pos- senger lists by cutting rates. But with recent oirplone crosh headlines skepticism hos en- tered the mind of wouId-be oir passengers. What other alternatives are there? Trains are a popular source of transportation but again, take 0 lot of time, And in our society, time is often hard to spare. There is no answer to the safest or easiest source of transportation and many people have varying views. But the one source you can always rely on are your feet. It may take time, but as the saying goes, uwalking isn't crowded." TRAVEL '17 section. 18 PLATTEVILLE Driving inTo PIaTTeviIIe on Wisconsin 80, you mighT hove noTiced The new sToplighTs CT The inTersecTion of 80 and US. 454. The second in Gram CounTy and a new addiTion To PToTTe- vine. PIoTTeviIle has made several changes recenle. The mosT noTicobTe is The renovafion of Main STreeT, which was compleTed in 4980. Busin- esses such as K-Mch and Happy Joe's have moved inTo PIaTTeviIle giving consumers a greater vcrieTy of places To shop 0nd 901. The PIoTTeville Cable CorporoTion, in conjuncTion wiTh The PlaTTeviTie Telephone CorporaTion, al- lows Television viewers a greoTer selecTion of Television sTaTions. BuT despTTe These and oTher improvemenTs, PloTTevilTe is a rather inerT Town. The populoTion growTh in The posT Ten years has been very slighT and according To Dave Holmes, direcTor of public works, PlcTTevme has enough buiIding IoTs available wiThin The ciTy limiTs To losT for 23 years. The UniversiTy is PTOTTeviIIe's major indus- Try. John Deeres Dubuque locoTion, and The Dubuque Packing CorporoTion also employ a large number of PloTTevme residents. The CiTy of PloTTeville is home To many sTudenTs for four years or more. and HS improvemenTs offecT us. Even Though we will soon be gone, PlaTTeville's changes wil! conTinue To offecT The sTudenTs of UW-P. Above: PToTTevme Cable Corporation al. lows viewers-To onCh shows n01 avail- able on regular TV. For above: PIaTTeville offers rurol seTTings and 0 CW onosphere To in residenTs. PLATTEVTLLE 19 A Decade Of Mixed Feelings 1971 The 'IOOTh session of peace Taiks be- Tween The UniTed STaTes and NorTh VieTnam occured in Paris. Charles Manson and Three of his followers were convicTed on a firsT degree murder charge in California in January. The 26Th AmendmenT To The ConsTiTuTion, which esTablished '18 years as The minimum voTing age was raTified on June 29Th and cerTified in July. 1972 PresidenT Nixon arrived in Peking in Febru- ary for Talks wiTh Chinese leaders including Mao Tse-Tung and Chou En lai. He became The firsT U.S. PresidenT To visiT China while in office. On April 4, major league players began a sTrike againsT baseball club owners in a pension dis- puTe. This sTrike was The firsT in 402 years of organized baseball. The DemocraTic naTionaI headquarTers was The siTe of The WaTergaTe break-in which occurred on June 47. On Sep- Tember 5, 47 persons, among Them 44 mem- bers of The israeli Olympic Team, were shoT To deaTh by Arab TerrorisTs. J. Edgar Hoover, The firsT and only direcTor of The Federal Bureau of InvesTigaTion TFBD in HS 48 year hisTory, died on May 2. On May '15, Governor George C. Wal- lace of Alabama was shoT and seriously wounded while campaigning for The demo- craTic nominaTion for PresidenT in Laurel, Mary- land. In May, PresidenT Nixon Traveled To Mos- cow where he and Russian parTy leader, Leo- nid Brezhnev, signed agreemenTs ThaT puT lim- iTs on sTraTigic weapons. In November, Richard Nixon won The PresidenTiaI elecTion for The sec- ond Time; he carried 49 of 50 sTaTes. Spiro Agnew conTinued as Vice-PresidenT. Florida became The firsT sTaTe To reinsTiTuTe The deaTh penalTy in December. ExecuTions had pre- viously been halTed as a resulT of a ruling by The US. Supreme CourT. 1973 In January, PresidenT Richard M. Nixon was inauguraTed for his second Term, and ex- PresidenT Lyndon B. Johnson died of a hearT aTTack. AbouT 200 armed supporTers of The American Indian MovemenT seized The hamieT of Wounded Knee on The Oglaia Souix Reser- vaTion in SouTh DakoTa and resisTed efforTs To evicT Them. This happened on February 27. AT The end of April, PresidenT Nixon announced The resignaTion of four Top officials in The con- Troversy of The WaTergaTe affair. They are HR. Haldeman, Chief of STaff; John D. Ehrlichman, assisTanT for domesTic affairs; ATTorney Gener- ai Richard D. RleindiensT; and John Dean III, Nix- on's counsei. On May '14, Skylab was launched from Cape Kennedy. Skylab '1 was The firsT orbiTing space sTaTion. in OcTober, PresidenT Nixon ordered special WaTergaTe prosecuTor Archibaid COX discharged, and Attorney Gen- Above: iiGive peace a chance" was ofTen heard in The 1970's. eral EiiioT L. Richardson resigned. In December, Gerald R. Ford was sworn in as Vice-PresidenT of The UniTed STaTes. 20 DECADE 1974 January 3 marked The day ThaT a permiT was issued To begin consTrucTion of The Alas- kan pipeline. The projecT had been blocked by environmenTal IawsuiTs since 4970. The Symbionese LiberaTion Army TSLAT kidnapped PaTTy HearsT on February 4. HearsT was The grand-daughTer of The IaTe newspaper reporT- er William Randolph HearsT. The SLA demand- ed food for The poor as ransom. In March of This year, The WaTergaTe Grand Jury indicTed 40 people involved in WaTergaTe wiTh charges of conspiracy, obsTrucTion of jusTice, and purjury. John D. Ehrichman, Charies Colson and four oThers were indicTed in connecTion wiTh bur- glary of The office of Lewis J. Fielding. On Au- gusT 9, Richard M. Nixon resigned as PresidenT of The UniTed STaTes. Vice-PresidenT Gerald Ford succeeded him. In SepTember, Nelson A. Rockefeller was sworn in as The 445T Vice-Presi- denT of The UniTed STaTes. 1975 On January 4, a jury convicTed Nixon aides, HR. Haldeman, John N. MiTcheIl, John D. Ehrlichman, and RoberT C. Mardran of WaTer- gaTe cover-up charges sTemming from The June 4972 break-in aT The DemocraTic NaTion- al CommiTTee HeadquarTers. The U.S. Clemen- cy program for miliTary deserTers and drafT evaders ends. AbouT 22,500 of The 424,400 eligible signed up for a chance To "earn re- Turn" To The UniTed STaTes. This occurred on May 27. SepTember 48 was The clay ThaT PaTTy HearsT was arresTed by FBI agenTs in San Fran- sisco afTer '19 monThs of being kidnapped. 1976 America's BicenTennial began. The Win- Ter Olympic games were held in MonTreaI, Canada. In July, mysTerious ailmenT sTruck 179 people aTTending convenTions in Philadelphia, killing 29. On November 2, James Earl CarTer was eIecTed PresidenT of The UniTed STaTes wiTh 50.08 percenT of The popular voTe. Sena- Tor WaITer F. Mondale was eIecTed Vice-Presi- denT. Above LefT: By The end of The '70's, paTrioTism was again on The rise. LefT: Gerald Ford was The firsT appoinTed PresidenT of The UniTed STaTes DECADE 21 1977 Condemned murderer Gary Gilmore was shoT by a firing squad 0T UToh SToTe Prison, The firsT person To be execuTed in The UniTed SToTes in 40 years. This occured January 'I7. On The 245T of January, PresidenT CorTer grched omnesTy To mosT VieTnom drofT dodgers. 1978 The TTSon of Sam" killer, David R. BerkowiTz received maximum prison Term for six murders on June 43. The firsT baby con- ceived ouTside a woman's body was born. The baby was a girl, born To John and Lesley Brown in Oldham, England. The College of Cardinals elecTed Ablino Cardinal Luciani, PoTrioch of Venice, Pope of The Roman CaTholic Church on AugusT 28. He Took The name of John Paul I. He died 34 days IoTer. On OcTober 46, The College of Cardinals elecTed Cardinal Karol WojTylc, Archbishop of Krakow Poland, as The firsT non-lToIian Pope since 4523. He Took The name of John Paul II. Above: Jimmy CorTer believed mm o presidenT should be wiTh his people. RighT: Ronald Reagan is commiTTed To economic recovery of The UniTecI SToTes 0T all cosT. 22 DECADE 1979 John W. Gacy was indicTed for seven murders on January 8. Police evenTuaIIy dig up 29 bodies buried under his home in a Chicago suburb and recovered four more from nearby rivers. On March 28, an accidenT aT The Three- Mile island Nuclear ReacTor in Pennsylvania aroused fears of major loss of life. A DC-iO jeT crashed in Chicago on May 25 killing all 272 persons aboard and Two on The ground. This was America's worsT air disasTer. On Novem- ber 4, Iranians seized The US Embassy, Took hosTages, and demanded ThaT The US reTurn The ousTed Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, who was in a US hospiTal. During The monTh of November, The US suspended oii imporTs from Iran, and PresidenT CarTer froze all Iranian as- seTs in The UniTed STaTes. On November '19, Iran released '13 of The US hosTages 2 8 blacks and 5 women. 1980 In February, The Abscam probe of bribery and corrupTion by The FBI reporTed evidence againsT some members of congress. Killer John Wayne Gacy was senTenced To deaTh in Chi- cago for The murders of 33 young men on March 13. On The 26Th of March, MT. ST. Helens errupTed in WashingTon, hurling volcanic ash and dusT 45,000 feeT inTo The air and causing mud slides. On July 41, iron freed US hosTage Richard Queen, a vicTim of MuITipIe Sclerosis. On November 4, Ronald Reagan was eiecTed PresidenT of The UniTed STaTes. He had 54 per- cenT of The popular voTe. John Lennon of The BeaTIes was shoT To deaTh in New York CiTy on December 8. Iran demanded 25 billion in guar- anTees for The Shah's wealTh and reTurn of iTs frozen asseTs in exchange of US hosTages. This demand was received December 24. Selec- Tive Service SysTem reacTivaTed on April 22 afTer The house voTed To provide $13.3 million for The regisTraTion of men 49 and 20 years of age. Left: Pope John Paui iI visiTed The UniTed STaTes in 4980, DECADE 23 24 CURRENTS A Time Of TransiTion "We live in a Time of TransiTion, an uneasy era which is likely To endure for The resT of The cenTury." -Jimmy CarTer Jimmy CarTer, The 39Th presidenT of The UniTed STaTes, presenTed his farewell address on Jan- uary 44, 4984. The quoTe ciTed above reflecTs The unresT and anxieTy 4984 seemed To bring. While mosT news was bad raTher Than good, The American people mainTained Their hope and deTerminaTion To make The mosT of a Try- ing year. A sTrong sense of naTionaIism was evidenT as millions of Americans wiTnessed The reTurn of 52 American hosTages held capTive for 444 days in Iran. The 40Th presidenT of The UniTed STaTes was sworn in on The same day, January 20 4984, jusT one half hour before The firsT of Two Algerian airliners conTaining The hosTages de- parTed from a Tehran airporT. WiTh The new presidenT came a new word To describe The approach To gain conTroI of The "ianaTionary monsTer" - Reaganomics. We saw no big economic Turnarounds in 4984, as The unemploymenT raTe hiT 8.996 in December. A selecTion of consumer iTems cosTing $400 in 4967 had risen To $280.70 in November of 4984. Reaganomics wasn'T The only word which fre- quenTed The channels of The media. Assassina- Tion made headlines as aTTacks were made on The heads of church and sTaTe. On March 30, Ronald Reagan was sTruck by The buIIeTs of John Hinckley Jr. ouTside WashingTon's HiITon HoTeI. Six weeks IaTer Pope John Paul II fell vic- Tim To anoTher wouid-be assassin in ST. PeTer's square. In OcTober, EgypT's presidenT Anwar SadaT was viciously murdered by Muslim ma- chine gunners along wiTh seven oThers who were waTching a miIiTary parade in Cairo. Assassins didn'T Take all The blame for Tragic deaTh in 4984. Kansas CiTy's HyaTT Regency HoTel became The siTe of The worsT disasTer in The ciTy's hisTory. Hundreds of people were presenT ThaT July nighT, dancing on whaT They ThoughT were safe "skywalks." As The highesT walkway Tore loose iT fell onTo The nexT, bring- ing Them boTh down To The lobby floor. The resuIT-444 dead and 490 injured. AnoTher di- sasTer, aIThough one wiThouT deaTh, occurred in Lynn, MA on November 28 as a fire raged in ThaT ciTy. The 46 hour blaze leveled four blocks, lefT more Than 400 persons homeless, 4,500 umemployed, and burned ouT 34 companies. 4984 was a year of sTrikes. A sTrike by air Traffic conTroIIers began AugusT 3. The 45,000 mem- ber Professional Air Traffic ConTroIIers Organi- zaTion violaTed federal law when They chose To walk ouT. AnoTher sTrike Took place in Ire- land as four members of The Irish Republican Army fasTed in BelfasT's Maze prison in hopes of winning poliTical prisoner sTaTus. Bobby Sands was The firsT To sTarve. AfTer seven monThs, The IRA called off The sTrike, buT nine oThers had succeeded Sands deaTh. Poland's indepen- denT Trade union, SolidariTy, was yeT anoTher organizaTion which sTruck. Because of The building unresT and diminishing auThoriTy, The Polish governmenT declared a sTaTe of emer- gency and implemenTed marTial law, revoITing civil righTs and suspending The operaTion of SolidariTy. These acTions followed The Soiidar- iTy's decision To call for a naTionwide referen- dum To decide wheTher To reTain or rejecT The communisT sysTem of governmenT. The longesT sTrike in The hisTory of professional sporTs came To an end on July 34, afTer 49 days of disagreemenT on The issue of free- agenT compensaTion by The baseball players of The Major League. A ToTaI of 742 games were cancelled. EIsewhere in sporTs, The Oak- land Raiders became The NaTional FooTbaII League Champions by defeaTing The Philadel- phia Eagles 27-40 in Superbowl XV. Wisconsin's own Olympic hero, Eric Heiden, received The Sullivan Award as The naTion's ouTsTanding amaTuer aTheleTe. The BosTon CeiTics became The NaTional BaskeTbaIl AssociaTion Champions wiTh a 402-94 vicTory over The HousTon Rock- eTs in The sixTh game of The besT-of-seven playoff series. In The world of fads and fashions, we saw The rise of The Lady Di haircuT, The hospiTal scrub suiT, aIIigaTor apparel and The new wave ap- proach To dressing. SixTeen-year-oid Brooke Shields was The cover girl of 4984 as she fiaunT- ed, among oTher Things, Calvin Klein Jeans. Pac-Man joined The ranks in The video game craze. For The less elecTronicaIIy orienTed There was Erno Rubik's cube. On The big screen, Superman ii and Raiders of The LosT Ark were among The big earners for 4984 BesT seller albums included "Endless Love" by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie and REO Speedwagon's "High InfideliTy". EnTerTainers and fans were moved by The deaThs of Harry Chapin and NaTalie Wood. DespiTe The failure To raTify The Equal RighTs AmendmenT, many women made headlines. Sandra Day O'Connor became The firsT female jusTice of The Supreme CourT. Carol BurneTT won a libel suiT againsT The NaTionaI Enquirer. Deborah FounTain, Miss New York, was ejecTed from The Miss USA pageanT for padding her bra. A new fronTier was reached as Columbia, The world's firsT space shuTTle, made iTs maiden voyage in April. IT's second Trip inTo space, which was The firsT ever by a reusable space crafT, was delayed for eighT days. WiTh prob- lems Taken care of H underTook iTs Third voy- age in November. While much of The unresT in 4984 was The resuIT of poliTical or economical affairs, MoTher Na- Ture goT inTo The ad as The year closed. Mud slides in California lefT hundreds homeless and bone chilling TemperaTures and record amounTs of snow hiT The MidwesT. 4984 wenT ouT like a lion. is There a year of The lamb in The fuTure? Far Above: Unemployment hit a rate of 8.996 in December of 1984. Above: Superman II was one of The biggest selling movies of the year. Left: The Rubik's Cube became a popular pastime of young and old alike in 4981. 26 ENTERTAINMENT Enferfoinmenf ENTERTAINMENT 27 v .""'lnllullutl H... ."f'o-uvl. v E . $23ng :meaiwawmmm hnamw ngmwm E W393, H $34: rkgk 2W $23 g a? Send In The C A cornivol is coming To Town! Those words are enough To puT o sparkle inTo a childs eyes, and ThoughTs of coTTon candy and clowns in To his head. A cornivol come To PloTTeviIIe in The form of a musical producTion presenTed by The Pioneer Players losT OcTober. The musical began as The enTire cosT enTered The TheoTre and walked down The aisles, conversing wiTh The specTo- Tors. This added To The delighTfulness of The producTion. The musical cenTered around a young orphon girl, Lili TCorrie Grumom who wonTed To work for The circus. Her firsT job was as a cord girl for The magic ocT. She quickly become The pown of rivalry beTween The magician Marco The MognificenT Teory Keleheo and The puppeTeer of The circus, Poul sKe- vin BenedicT; She was Then relieved of her duTies by The ringmosTer Schlegol mick Thomas; Lili wos despondenT over iosing her job and Tried To commiT suicide. ForTunoTer she was sTopped by one of her fovoriTe puppeTs, TTCor- roT Top". Lili made friends wiTh The pup- peTs and began To sing wiTh Them in Their ocT. They quickly become The OWNS main oTTrocTion of The cornivol. Lili loved The puppeTs, and she had a spe- cial charm wiTh Them which sTole The show. The conflicT beTween Morco The Mag- nificenT and The puppeTeer Poul is re- solved when Lili realized ThoT The love she expressed for The puppeTs was in reoIiTy a love for The person who gave The puppeTs life. In a brillionT dromoTic momenT Lili rejecTed Marco and exiTed wiTh Poul. ThroughouT The musical, The Theme nLove makes The world go round" was played by The orchesTro. This added a hounTing Touch To The producTion. The cornivol onosphere wos superbly porTroyed by The performances of oil The odors and The work of The sToge crew. The audience was drown inTo The fesTive mood during The enTire show, making UW-P's "Carnival" 0 suc- cess. by Mary Lee and Porn Roling Above LefT: No carnival is complete wiThouT The onimois! For LefT: Marco The MognificenT performs an amazing feoT of magic. LefT: Clowns odd To The magic of The cornivol. CARNIVAL 29 FAR ABOVE: Maggie Melody Buscm and Joe wary KeleheO Try to figure out what their life Together meant. ABOVE: Beverly Wary Burkm omuses Brion move Brisfom with stories about her "'rrinke'rs" she aquired from old lovers. 30 THE SHADOW BOX The Shadow Box LeTs In LighT The Pioneer Players did on excellenT job pre- senTing "The Shadow Box" To Their audi- ences losT November. The play deolT wiTh o subjecT mm is ofTen uncomforToble To Talk, or even Think obouT in our socieTy; deoTh. The play Takes place in Three coTToges on The grounds of a large hospiTol. We see each of The Three major chorocTers going Through The five sToges of deoTh; denial, anger, borgoining, depression, and finally occepTonce. in one coTToge lives Joe sPloyed by Gory Keleheo whose wife Mog- gie TMeiody Buscm con'T undersTond ThoT he is dying, or doesn'T wonT To occepT iT. ThroughouT The play The couple review Their life TogeTher and decide whoT They should and should noT have done. They face The reolionion ThoT Joe is going To die. Brion TDove BrisTowy who lives in The second coTToge, is a man who had so much love To give buT olwoys cored obouT The wrong people. FirsT There was his ex-wife and Then his lover. Since The Time he learned he was going To die, he Tried To fill his life wiTh Things ThoT he always wonTed To accomplish. He wroTe llroTTen novels, boring sTories 0nd Tor- Tured verse" because he wonTed To. He even wenT To Possoio, New Jersey To make sure ThoT he never wonTed To visiT There. Then, he Tried To erase all exisTence of his being by concealing crediT cords, closing all bank occounTs, and geTTing rid of all his sTocks, bonds, and securiTes. AT one poinT in The play he says Til will be alive righT up To The losT momenT. ThoTs The hard porT, ThoT IosT frocTion of a second - I simply con'T seem To fiT ThoT momenT inTo my life You're obsoluTely olone facing The unknown and There is obsquTely noThing you can do obouT iT . . . excepT give in." FeiiciTy Oulie HerfeD is a very old and porTiol- ly senile woman who is biTTer CT The world. Her doughTer Agnes TCynThio Borbeo Takes core of her and keeps her going wiTh fobri- coTed leTTers from her oTher doughTer Claire who was killed in a cor occidenT. These IeT- Ters seem To be FeiiciTy's life line, willing her To live unTil she sees Claire again. During The six weeks ThoT The cosT rehearsed The play, They learned a loT obouT Them- selves and obouT The reoIiTy of deoTh. See- ing The ploy showed ThoughT and feeling puT inTo iT, and made one Think noT only obouT deoTh buT obouT life and whoT for- Tunes every person has. As Dove BrisTow said, "The only difference beTween The ou- dience and The chorocTers in The play was The focT ThoT The chorocTers knew when They were going To die." by Morg Wieners BELOW: Agnes TCynThio Bergen Tries To comforT her moTher FeiiciTy Oulie HerfeD in a Time of despair. THE SHADOW BOX 31 32 SOAP OPERAS Soap Operas The AfTernoon AddicTion Did you ever dream abouT being on a far away island looking for diamonds? How abouT Taking over The world by freezing iT? Or how abouT crashing in on a bank robbery and sav- ing everyone's life? According To Today's soap operas, ThaT's reaIiTy - ThaT's where iT is aT. You mean you didn'T hear ThaT Wally and 89T- sy fell in love while Devon was away becoming a reformed alcoholic? Well, BeTsy was Taking care of baby Bonnie while Wally worked. Meanwhile, Wally's boss, Tom, and his wife Brooke, were helping in a drug ring. AcTualIy They were acTing as double agenTs. Brooke's mom happened To be The head of The drug ring. She finally goT caughT and was senT To prision where she was killed by and The sTory goes on and on and on. As farfeTched as They may seem, Those sTories as much a parT of The lives of some UW-PIaTTe- ville sTudenTs as Their classes are. JusT a glance aT The Rendezvous, The Gold Lounge in The STudenT CenTer, or The base- menT of any residence hall aT noon, one, or Two pm. will find a group of soap opera fans indulging in some of The "IaTesT" happenings. The afTernoon soaps have Turned inTo regular In LEFT: Luke and Laura TAnthony Geary and Genie Francisy from Generai Hospital, were the wedding couple of the year this year. BELOW LEFT: The murder trial of wealthy oil magnate Bloke Carrington QJohn Forsythe, righD intensifies as it draws near a close. It all happened on ABC's nighttime soap opera, HDynasty". BELOW: Benny Sago rBasiIi Bogazianosy had problem with gambling this season on "All My Children". FAR BELOW: Marco rGerald Anthonyy and Karen Oudith LighO care for Peanuts the baby elephant during their time with a carnival on "One Life to Live'C o social events for many students, and their viewing groups range from five to 15 people. if these soap operas are so farfetched, why do people continue to watch them? The female students think that they are entertaining, re- laxing, interesting, and as one student ex- plained, it makes their probiems seem small. The male students that were polled said they watch soap operas because they are dra- matic, intriguing, exciting, and because they go good with lunch. Budgeting time for soap operas isn't always easy, but soap opera fans do find a way to watch their soaps. If the soap opera craze continues to sweep the UW-P campus, instructors may continue to find that their one and two pm. classes are very small, while morning and evening classes are becoming increasingly popular. By Kate Abbott SOAP OPERAS 33 VMw-mm . .31wa W W3. W V w 36 RADioyTv Pilots Of On the UW-P campus, there are two forms of electronic media that students control. They are WSUP-94 FM, and TV-5. In 4965, UW-P received its first transmitter and WSUP was born. The purpose of the station is to allow students first-hand experience in a radio station. The station started in the Old Main building, and Educational Media Services EMS provided the engineering for the station. WSUP stayed in Old Main for about eight years before moving to Russell Hall. In 4972, the Speech and Communication Department took over the station from the Educational Media Service and has run it ever since. Since their beginning, WSUP has undergone changes, but the most prominent was the switch to stereo on January 47, 4984. Because the station is designed to be run by students, an executive board is elected every other se- mester, and these students have the main control of the station, Dr. George Smith, is the Genera! Manager for the station, and acts as advisor for the students. A television program has been in effect on our campus since the early sixties. The initial pro- gram started as an educational service for the Psychology Department for the purpose of taping "mock" counseling. This program was initiated and conducted under the supervision of Dr. Glen Brooks, present director of Educa- tional Media Services. By the mid sixties, the industrial educational program had also incor- porated this ability to record and tape for their own instructional purposes. Prior to the early seventies the educational The Airwaves media services housed their taping equipment in the art building while the industriology pro- ject conducted their program in an old house which was replaced by Karrmann library. In 1972, the separate programs of the EMS and the Industrial Program were combined and housed in Russell Hall. Under the direction of Dr. Jack O'Neill, the television program because its evolution into what it is today. At this time the cable system at UW-P joined with the Plattevilie Cable Corporation in order to distribute information to the dorms. Six years later, the UW-P station broke its ties with the cable corporation to become com- pletely seIf-supporting. The program is now run by students and advised by faculty to create hands on experience in the areas of program- ming management, and editing. Since the Ra- dio-Television major was incorporated into the college, enrollment has risen from 90 to 300 students. Plattevilie has an excellent reputa- tion for its broadcasting programs and gradu- ates from the program have the potential of obtaining placement in broadcast engineer- ing or production. The broadcast program at UW-Platteville has come a long way from its inception in a now vanished house. The program has expanded considerably and has remained a successful asset to the communication department at UW-Platteville. by Pam Roling and Linda Pankau ABOVE: TV 5 provides hands-on experience to broadcasting students. Above: One feature of 91 FM is its stereophonic sound. LefT: Katy Koser Takes control of WSUP. RADIONV 37 Mineshofrs Are Music And More Once a monTh, SepTember Through April, SAB Special FeoTures brings TolenT To you from all over The UniTed SToTes Through The MineshofT Series. This year's TolenT included The famous Pope John KolsTodT, who has been on The UW-P campus mony Times; PeTer and Lou Berrymon wiTh Their music obouT whoT They coll "life in slow lone"; and Kim and Reggie Horris who performed for MineshofT in OcTober and re- Turned in February for Block HisTory Week. The Harris duo was The hiT of The mineshofT seoson wiTh TTMusic To hear wiTh closed eyes and open heorT." The couple has been Trovel- ing The college circuT for six years; The IosT Three as husband and wife. MineshofTs always offer free munchies and re- freshmenTs and are held in The SouTh Com- mons of The STudenT CenTer. They feoTure en- joyoble performers who you can relax wiTh ofTer 0 day of classes. The SAB Speciol FeoTures commiTTee olso pre- senTed differenT Types of enTerToinmenT To sTu- denTs ThroughouT The year, including The John HorTford concerT losT fall. They vary Their Type of enTerToinmenT from The nOdd", 0 new wove group ThoT dominoTed The firsT All School PorTy, To TTBig TwisT and Mellow Fellows" wiTh Their rhyThm and blues music in January. They also feoTured o videoTope of The IoTe Horry Chopin in The BeefeoTer, and sponsored The AuTumn Madness concerT held every foll. NexT Time you find yourself wiThouT onyThing To do, Try one of The SAB Speciol FeoTures evenTs. They've goT "Music and More" for The sTu- denTs on The UW-P campus. by Morg Wieners LEFT: Jill Holly, The November mineshofT performer, showed sTudenTs oT UW-P vibronT and dynamic music of Today, 38 MINESHAFTS LEFT: John Hartford roused the crowd lost fol! with his Toe-iapping music. Hartford was sponsored by SAB Forum. BELOW: Straighf from The Oub de Wash in Madison, Pete and Lou Berryman performed what They call original good time music. MINESHAFTS 39 4O HOMECOMING BELOW: King Doug Ols'rcd and Queen Nancy PieTz reigned over The 1981 Homecoming activities. RIGHT: This participant in fhe Tug of war games shows determination for his Team. BOTTOM: The Delta Sigma Phi fraternity participates by building a house deck. IT Rained. . . Homecoming. A week aT PiaTTeville where fun and games come firsT-before exams, before lab assignmenTs. And when The weekend rolls in so do a ioT of The alumni-back To reminisce. and To visiT old roommaTes, faculTy and Sec- ond STreeT. WiTh The Theme like nSomewhere Over The Rainbow" you would have expecTed blue skies To accomodaTe The fesTiviTies; unforTu- naTeiy There were none and iT rained all day during SaTurday's fooTbaIl game. The enThusi- asm was never washed away. STarTing on Wednesday, a fine drizzle was in The air while groups of parTicipanTs Took parT in The sched- uled games of volieybaii, pyramid building and Tug of war. This fine drizzle caused a fine layer of mud on The ground ThaT covered sTudenTs. ThaT evening, STroh's Brewing Company was The sponsor of a beer case sTacking conTesT while The All School ParTy was enTerTained by The iiBursT". WeaTher conTinued To look glum buT aTTiTudes and enThusiasm were noT, for The Thursday evening evenT had been sold ouT. The rock n' roii band "HeadEasT" appeared aT The field- house in full coiors. Hopes of a break in The clouds were growing by Friday alThough They were noT very posiTive. On a cloudy, cold Fri- day nighT The finals for The Homecoming King and Queen were held as well as The Rainbow Rally, Case STacking and STunT NighT. ParTici- paTion in The downTown bars was sTrong as The rain conTinued. There was no sign of a rainbow SaTurday morn- ing-noT one ray of sun appeared. The parade wenT on anyway and iT seemed ThaT every- one had fun, including The marching bands, cheerleaders, and The Homecoming King Doug OlsTad and Queen Nancy PieTz. A con- sTanT rain fell during The game wiTh Oshkosh making ThaT fine layer of mud Thicker and The Pioneers iosT 24-43. AfTer a hecTic, weT week, and exTraneous day in The rain, anyone lefT wiTh any energy wenT To The homecoming dance and moved along wiTh The band iiTexas Red". Homecoming week is an annual evenT and well accepTed by sTudenTs ThaT share in school spiriT. This pasT auTumns' precipiTaTion only caused inTeresTed individuals To show Their ef- forTs To make homecoming worThwhiIe. And If Rained TOP: Dobson Hall voiced Their spiriT aT The "Rainbow Rally." ABOVE: Engineers whiTewash The HM" To prepare iT for lighTing on Homecoming nighT. by KaThy Doruff HOMECOMING 4'1 i. .Q w a 1 .m, wwnmnzm w xwxwzxmzsrwmzwrqudww WWW - Mummy ABOVE: Many Ploffeville students go home To spend their weekends. They may go home To jobs or To see old friends. ABOVE RIGHT: Some people finally have Time after a hard week of classes 10 work off Their Tensions in The weight room. RIGHT: Steve, Bobdoe and Dave return the empties offer a party. 44 WEEKENDS Weekends- A Three - Doy VoooTion 30, HS Fridoy ofTernoon and you're sTuck in PloTTeviIle for The weekend. Sounds preTTy bor- ing righT? Wrong. If you look you can always find someThing To do. Friddy ofTernoon iiHoppy Hour" is always a good Time To relox from The previous week of classes and meeT 0 bunch of friends and even professors socializing. LoTer on in The evening, if you prefer noT To visiT The infamous Second STreeT, mosT ony weekend you can see 0 movie presenTed by SAB, on oThIeTic evenT CT The field house, or visiT o pdrTy going on in The dorm nexT door. SoTurdoy morning is 0 Time for IoTs of resT e some sTudenTs don'T even see The om. hours. if you don'T spend The ofTernoon sTudying you mighT wonT To go To The game room in The STudenT CenTer ond ploy some pool, or bowl a couple of games. SoTurdoy ofTernoons are a good Time for ouT- door ocTiviTies Too. Skiing or ice skoTing in The winTer, or frisbee, fooTboII, or cycling in The wormer weoTher. SoTurdoy nighT - pizzo nighT! Pizzorio Uno is The place To go for deep dish pizza and a casual onosphere. If you're looking for music ofTer ThoT, maybe you can coTch a bond CT The HoisT House or do some dancing CT The STudio or PoTio. Sunday is onoTher day for resT, oT ieosT unTil IoTer on in The evening when you've goT To sTorT preparing for Monday's exam, or finish The Ton of homework you IeT slide for The week- end. GronTed, PloTTeville isn'T The TiHoT SpoT" of The MidwesT, buT There's always someThing To do - all you have To do is find iT. by Morg Wieners ABOVE: On Friday and SoTurdoy nighTs, This deserTed sTreeT is full of people having a good Time. WEEKENDS 45 BELOW: The AGR's participated in The body painting activities during Sno-Din week. RIGHT: Broom Hockey is an adopted version of ice hockey. ABOVE: The Sig Tou's created a gigantic snow sculpture during Sno-Din Week. RIGHT: The Abominable Snowman hits Plotteville! 48 SNO-DN HAIpihe AhTics" 4982 Under The leadership of Trudy Jeidy and Linda Moresi, HAlpine AnTics" were held from January 30 To February 5, 4982. The Theme of This yeors' Sno-Din wos TTReoch your Peak". For The firsT Time in recenT years, MoTher NcTure provided plenTy of snow. The sno-sofTboll games sTarTed ouT The week. The ocTion-packed broom hockey games were played nexT To Warner Hall on Sunday. On Monday, courageous models clad in baThing suiTs were porT of The body poinT- ing conTesT. ResuITs ranged from 0 bob sTed rider To an Alpine MounToin climber. The Monday nighT parTy in The "Vous" feoTured TTSIeoguIl and Blum". Tuesday broughT ouT cross-counTry ski buffs as They raced on a course behind Glenview. The windows of Glenview and The STudenT CenTer were adorned wiTh window poinTings of mounTain scenes. On Tuesday nighT Sno-Din sponsored a con- cerT feoTuring counTry rock Tunes of "The Dillmon Bond". PlaTTeville's own Fred Dreher opened The show. The games were held on Wednesday. LefT: PIaTTeville's own Fred Dreher performed before "The Dillmon Bond" concerT during Sno-Din Week. The ever-populcrr bed races were held near Boebel Hall. OTher games included Tug O War, Pyramid Build, Dog STed Race, and Snowball reggT Toss. The porTici- ponTs who braved The cold saw many comical onTics, especially as people dove head firsT inTo The snow To caTch on egg. "Alpine Brass" hosTed a polka porTy on Wednesday nighT. The bond enTer- Tained The guesTs wiTh iTs reperToire of polkos, shodishes, woszes and flying duTchmen. Thursday ofTernoon was The mini-ice sculpTure conTesT. For The downhill skiing enThusiosTs, a bus Trip To Tyrol Bosin near MounT Horeb added To The week's fesTivi- Ties. The week ended wiTh a Toboggoning porTy behind BrockerT Hall. For people who preferred To sTay indoors, The annual Movie Orgy kepT sTudenTs enTerToined all nighT long wiTh a wide vorieTy of movies. Following a snow filled week of ocTiviTies, The campus quieTed down afTer "reach- ing Their peak" wiTh Sno-Din '84. by Mary Lee SNO-DIN 49 RIGHT: During Black History Week this year, The Harry Nohr Art Gallery exhibited works by Clary Nelson Cole. BELOW: Kim and Reggie Harris were in The spotlight of o coffeehouse held on Wednesday night. 50 BLACK HISTORY WEEK Black History "One Of Our Greatest Resources" History is everything, everyone, everywhere. Black History is precious and has a great effect on the lives of all people. Black History is impor- tant because we need to know where we have come from in order to know where we are going to. We have made mistakes in the past, as well as non-Black people. Thus, there is no need for any of us to make the same mis- takes again. Those of us who refuse to look at the past are only narrowing their future. Black History is also a justification of our actions as they stand today. An understanding of our relationship to time and space and the dyno- mics of the historical process is an attribute to those who fought for our equality and free- dom. "We are the most historical of people because we were created by history and be- cause that history never lets us go" sLerone Benette J0. If this short writing were a large book, then and only then could a just writing of our past be recorded. Furthermore, our Black History probably would not have the stature is has today if it were not for Dr. Carter G. Woodson. He is remembered as the Father of Black History, because he be- gan Black History Week in February of 4926. He emphasized the significance of historical ex- periences of Blacks. The celebration became Black History Month in the l60's. George Wash- ington Williams produced our history's first ma- jor work, "History of the Negro Race in Amer- ica, 4649-4880". it was published in 4883. Finally, it must be known by all, that if Black History is to become meaningful, it must be- come alive, it must become concrete. In other terms we give our past a meaning by acting in the present. History is a heritage that should be shared by all people, because the time has come for us to share, understand, and love one another. This year, Black History Week was held the week of Febru0'y 44 to the 20th. Events includ- ed a performance by the K0 Thi Dance Com- pany, and a Soul Food Dinner on Saturday. Kim and Reggie Harris entertained spectators in a coffeehouse on Wednesday night, and the Clary Nelson Cole - Black Art exhibit was on display in the Harry Nohr Art Gallery throughout the week. by Alan D. Gregory ABOVE LEFT: The Ko Thi Dance Company delghted a captive audience following Saturday night's Soul Food Dinner. ABOVE RIGHT: Part of the week's activities included entertainment like this. BLACK HISTORY WEEK 5'1 52 SPRING BREAK Oh The Road Agoiht Sunshine and sandy beaches in The middle of March? This year, many sTudenTs from UW-P had The chance To experience These luxuries during spring break. The Phi Sig froTerniTy od- verTised Their "Spring Fling", while McGregor Holl promised plenTy of "sighT" seeing while on The sandy beaches of DoyTono. Brod Bell, a senior, also hosTed a Trip To DoyTono, and re- ceived free TronsporToTion. WhoT a way To go! OTher Travelers visiTed differenT sToTes in The US, including New York, Colorado, California, and even Topeka Kansas! If you had a craving To go overseas, The geosciences deporTmenT offered a SovieT Seminar To Russia. The Trip visiTed ciTies such as Lenningrod and Moscow. For Those people who sToyed in The area, spring break was a good Time To work some exTro hours To pick up some spending money. IT was also a good Time To apply for summer jobs, inTernships, or To gain experience Through inTerviews. AnoTher olTernoTive was To go home and visiT The family. This Trip enTiTIed you a week of good home cooking, sleeping in o bed ThoT wosn'T lumpy, ond geTTing up jusT in Time To onch your fovoriTe soap operas, in- sTeod of rising for on eighT o'clock class. WhoTever The sTudenTs did, H was a break from The hecTic schedule of school. No home- work, papers, or exams for a week! Spring break also gave sTudenTs Time To regeneroTe To finish The semesTer wiTh a bong! by Morg Wieners ABOVE: Enough snow, enough rusT, iT's Florida or Bust! ABOVE: Bud Fish, 0 fish lover and avid fisherman. fishes for fish off the Florida coast. LEFT: To be a free bird in Florida is the dream of many people. SPRING BREAK 53 STudenT ACTiviTies Board Execuflve Commmee - FRONT ROW: Connie O'Brien, Trudy Jeidy. ROW TWO: Darryl Gloudemon, Mark Konn, Scott Potchin, Annette Hallodc, Veronica Obey. BACK ROW: Shown Groff, Mori-Helen Denning, John Leppo, Eric Wolf, Dave Gerber, Linda Moresi. RIGHT: Jim Bouton, The master mind behind "Big League Chew" bubble gum, entertained students in February. 54 SAB LEFT: G. Gordon Liddy provided controversial opinions in his lecture at UW-P. Forum Specks Loudly Forum CommlHee - FRONT ROW: Shown Groff, Howard Ellis, Bill Grussman, Lisa Olson. BACK ROW: Linda Moresi, Trudy Jeidy, Eric Woif, SCOTT Po'rchin, Tom Wafers Mdvisoo. SAB 55 Class ACT Ari Commmeo - FRONT ROW: Greg Trollop, Wayne McDermoTT, Tym Benkowski, Kim Gille. ROW TWO: Ierry Downs, Joy Trewortho, Richard Schambow, Susan Hoenerf, John Mominee. BACK ROW: Annette Hollodo, Kate Zenbrzuski, Deb Marfilius, Steve White, Judy Bybee. ABOVE: The Harry Nohr GoIlery provides a bit of culture for UW-P studenfs. 56 SAB LEFT and BELOW: The Katherine Posin Dance Company performed for UW-P students last fall, The company was sponsored by the SAB Special Features committee. "MUSiC And More" Special Feaiuros Committee - FRONT ROW: Maryanne Ruf, Lucy Boy, Deb Hoeper, Tommy Acherman, John Adams, Darryl Gloudemon, Joe Leggeff, Joan Brandt, Mary Burke. Recreatlon Commmee - SITTING: Alan Grossmon. BACK ROW: Chuck Overfon, Connie OdeOOr Life O'Brien, Dove Pluemer. .7 Movlo Commmee - FRONT ROW: Mary Beams, Jean Marie LeConfe, Cindy Mafz, Trudy Jeidy, Julie Burrow. ROW TWO: William Tonn, Mary Knudson, Jerry Wormka, Diane Watkins, Mike Breis, Lisa Olson, Kurt Pahlow, Lynn Lee Mdvisoo. BACK ROW: Tony Presfil, Ed Shulz, Mark Konn, Sfeve VonBergen, Paul Van AsTen, Kurt Greeb, Brion Kuhn, Chuck Greeb, Lawrence Holland, Jr. 58 SAB LEFT: Cross country skiing is o fcvoriTy oquoor activity of UW-P Students. BELOW: Byron, Barb, and McryAnn enjoy The relaxation of The Movie Orgy 60 GREEKS GREEKS '1 62 GREEKS Fro-ter-ni-tytSo-ror-i-ty Sororitthraternity - A group of people joined to- gether by common interests of fellowship, etc. HA group of people" People from various back- grounds; town, country and every place in be- tween, from California to Maine gathered closely together to form c: recognizable unit. njoined together by common interests" Brought to- gether by bonds, shared by everyone. "for fellowship, etc." For brotherhood, lasting friendships, community service and a mutual sharing of experiences. This is a Greek. But, they're much more. They're involved in Homecoming. The games, the parade, stunt night, every year they're faithfully there. They're involved in Community Service. Tele- thons, fund roisers, companionship for the elderly. They're also students involved with homework, ex- ams, aII-nighters and the popular Thursday nights downtown. They pursue personal interests, athlet- ics, music, drama and the media. The Greeks are here and they're here to stay. The InTer-Greek CommuniTy Council gGCCT is an organizaTion composed of ll represenTaTives from each of The 43 fraTeranies and sororiTles on campus. The main goal of lGCC is To keep communi- caTions flowing beTween Greeks, The communiTy, and The campus. By aTTend- ing "noise conTrol" meeTings held in The communiTy, IGCC showed ThaT The Greeks are concerned wiTh The Towns- people. OTher projecTs include Taking children Trick-or-TreaTing on Halloween for UNICEF, and disTribuTing informaTional bookleTs To sTudenTs informing Them abouT whaT goes on in Greek life. LasT SepTember, IGCC sonsored an all school parTy feaTuring THE. . .VERS, and according To chairpersons Barb HuTTer and Gene Barney, The parTy achieved iTs goal of breaking The communicaTion gap beTween sTudenTs and The Greeks. WiThin The Greek communiTy, IGCC works To bring The various fraTerniTies and sorori- Ties closer TogeTher. They coordinaTe Rush and pledging acTiviTies To insure fair- ness To all involved. IGCC is conTlnually sTriving To promoTe The Greek image and To encourage friendship beTween Greeks and Their neighbors. FRONT ROW: Delores GriffiTh, Deb Fisher, Gene Bar- ney, Barb HuTTer, Diane EberhardT. ROW TWO: Heidi Rosenbrook, Teresa Rooney, Colleen NorTon, Mar- cia Gaskin, Trudy Jeidy, Sara Shearer, Diane Mackler. ROW THREE: Tim Beran, Dan Harker, Rick Lemerond, Hans Larsen. BACK ROW: Darrell Lake. Lonnie Holze, John WalTon, Joel Goodlarson, Allan SaITman. Dave Teasdale, Bill Novak, Bill BickeTT, Bele Ty Lucia. When you join honor, jusTice, and sisTer- hood, you are describing The sisTers of DelTa Gamma Phi. EsTablished in 4966, The DG's are a social sororiTy, buT also parTici- paTe in service projecTs. The DelTa Gamma Phi members are in- volved in campus acTiviTies, including Homecoming, Sno-Din, Greek Week and IGCC GnTer-Greek CommuniTy CounciD, where one member shares The TiTIe of co-chairperson. Their main involvemenT is wiTh UNICEF. This year, along wiTh UW-La Crosse, The sisTers sponsored a relay-Type walk To Prairie Du Chien. The walkers were sponsored by people and all proceeds wenT To The UNI- CEF program. Currenle looking for a house, This pasT fall The sororiTy had nine members and Two pledges. Small buT sTrong, The ladies Try To mainTain educaTional goals and also ;emain very acTive wiThin Their organiza- Ion. FRONT ROW: Marcia Gaskin, Rocio Ibarra. ROW TWO: Mary Beams, Barb HuTTer, KaTie Lageman. ROW THREE: Randlna HuTchison, Brenda McMahon, Kari LogTermanl BACK ROW: Brad Paulson, PaTTy Bull, Sara Shearer, Rich Nelson. InTer-Greek CommuniTy Council Come HlVIeeT The Greeks" AFCD deI-Ta gam-ma phi DG's Walk For UNICEF IGCCTDELTA GAMMA PHI 63 64 AGR AI'P AI-pho Gcm-mo Rho AGR'S - 40 Years FRONT ROW: Terry McMahon, STeven Chamberlain, ScoTT Laufenberg, Dove Jelle, KeiTh Mulder, Don Deppe, John Towns. ROW TWO: Gregg Roupp, ScoTT Towns, Brion Donnelly, Bob Jones, Eric Tropp, Brod Poulson, Mark McMahon. ROW THREE: Tim Ber- on, Kerry Henning, Ken Gibson, Tom McKiTTrick, On April 22, 4972, The BeTc: - Gamma ChopTer of Alpha Gamma Rho was iniTi- cTed mm The NaTionaI FroTerniTy. Then There were 88 Members, now ThaT num- ber has increased To over 300. Currenle, The AGR's hove olmosT 50 acTive mem- bers and are conTinuing To grow. Alpha Gamma Rho is a noTionoI agricul- Ture froTerniTy involved in campus and communiTy ocTiviTies. This year These oc- TiviTies included Homecoming, Sno-Din, Greek Week, IGCC, Ag. STudenT Council, LiTTIe Louie Program, STudenT SenoTe, and numerous clubs and judging Teams. The members also ossisTed The PIoTTeville Dairy Days Parade, The KnighTs of Colum- bus fun drive, and The Red Cross Blood- mobile. LasT fall, The AGR's sponsered The Ag. FesTivol. The fesTivol is an informal orienTo- Tion program designed To inTroduce The various AgriculTure clubs To sTudenTs, pri- marily freshmen who are inTeresTed in Ag- ricuITure. The AGR's Try To improve The choracTer of The members Through Their rush and pledging programs. They promoTe aco- demics Through scholarships and oTher in- cenTives. Rhomatos - FRONT ROW: Jody MorTz, BeTh Clark, Julie Berg, Deb Fisher, Cindy Ihm. Row TWO: Su- zanne Muhlenbeck, Cindy Johnson, Nancy Krohn, Kris Nelson, Sue Haog, Sue Longkamp, Jodi Huff GweeTheorU. Leonard Pluemer, Jeff Ahsinger, Ron Keil, Mark Kee- sey. ROW FOUR: AnTonio Blonco Rosales, Dan Zouche, Leo LembiTz, Brod Lenschow, Randy Wile- man, Vern Pierce, Terry Pink, Jim HurlberT, Bruce Tou- kin. ACDQ ,AI-pho Phi Omega A Co-ed FroTerniTy?! iiFroTerniTy" usuaiiy connoTes on all male organionion Tth is joined TogeTher by fellowship. BuT This phenomenon is chang- ing. Since The spring of 4981, Alpha Phi Omega has opened iTs doors To women. However, PioTTeviIles APO's aren'T The firsT To go co-ed. During The 1976 noTionai convenTion, The decision was made To odmiT women as c:cTives inTo The fraTerni- Ty. Since Then, many APO chopTers hove sTorTed going co-ed, and IasT spring PioT- Teville's APO's joined The resT of Their broThers and sisTers. Alpha Phi Omega is invoived in many 00- TiviTies. The UniTed Way drive, Badger Camp TeIeThon, and The daily hospiTcl run for The sTudenT heolTh cenTer ore jusT a few. In oddiTion To serving on campus and in The communiTy, The APO's do exTensive work wiTh The Boy ScoTs of America. Some of Their scouT acTiviTies include The MeriT Badge Program, The Cub Swim Pro- gram and The Galena Pilgrimage. The '18 ocTives and 43 pledges keep busy wiTh Their various projecTs. keeping in mind Their moTTo - Be a leader, Be 0 friend, Be of service. ii Actives - FRONT ROW: Joe Cibulko, Joel Goodlox- son, Bob RoberTs. ROW TWO: KeiTh STreich, STeworT Rec, Rebeccc Bull, Frank McGuinn, David A. Mi- chaeii BACK ROW: Richard Marsh II, Dove Broberg, Kevin OTTke, Bruce Woboril, Dove Teasdale, Dan Wilson. Pledges - FRONT ROW: Shayne TiTze, Tom Sauos. ROW TWO: Lindo Wicker, Barb Zimmerman, Linda Anderson, Lynn Mellberg. Jon Sosinsky. BACK ROW: Brooke Wolfmon, Jason Bold, George Holzer, Alex Sprague, ScoTT BrondT, Debbie Doy. ALPHA PHI OMEGA 65 AZCD DeIOTG Sigma Phi HHovenIy" Escape Dream Glrls - 66 DELTA SIGMA PHi righT Lisa Mcroszek, Sharon Kunkei, Sharon Gibbs, ChrisTi STock, Dione O'Donnell, Meri- Kay Nolan. When you Think of The DeITo Sigma Phi fraTerniTy, The firsT Thing ThoT comes To mind for mosT is Hogan's Haven, which is held every spring. Basically, Hogan's Ho- ven is a relaxed weekend geared To- wards The reTurn of DelTo Sigma Phi alum- ni. This TradiTion sTorTed many years ago, when a member of The froTerniTy - Hogan - wenT ouT To Silver Bridge To sTudy. Since Then, 0 weekend is seT aside every Febru- ary To renew The friendships of The DelTa Sigma Phi members pasT and presenT. This social froTerniTy is based on engi- neered leadership. The members inTer- esTs range from sporTs To poliTics, and are involved in ocTiviTies on-campus as well as off-campus, including Sno-Din, Home- coming, Badger Comp, ResidenT Assis- TonT posiTions, AssisTonT DirecTor posiTions, and ossociaTe seoT on The chamber of commerce, SUFAC, and STudenT SenoTe. The broThers are also proud of The focT ThaT Two of Theirimembers hold The posi- Tions of presidenT and vice-presidenT of STudenT SenoTe. The Epsilon DeiTo ChopTer of The DelTa Sigma Phi fraTerniTy was esTablished in PloTTeville in 4966. Always a sTrong orga- nionion, The 42 ocTive members are look- ing forward To onoTher good year. FRONT ROW: Chuch Housner, Bob SToIIenwerk, KerT Henning, Poul Sinz, Jerry HoITz, Dick Schneider, Rick PieTTe, Mark Zopp, Tom PiTTmon. ROW TWO: Mike HoppersTad, Donald McClain, Brad McClain, Deon Simmons, William Vodak. Lonnie Holze, Ron Noe, James Mogadcnz, Karl Meyer, MerTon Bower, Joel Cciry. ROW THREE: John Poul, James Paul, Wayne Redenius, CurTis Orlowski. Dave Weigol, Ed Mulhol- Iond, Joe Hughes, Jim Warner, Done Jensen, Mike PoTTerson, Terry BuTTchen, Lynn LiTT. BACK ROW: Todd Rihn, Mike Tobin, Charles HeilingeThol. swims 31$ 0 fo The Gamma Phi BeTa sororiTy is The oldesT women's froTemol organionion 0T UW- PloTTeville. This sororiTy, once called Alpha TheTo Chi, received a noTionol charTer from The Gamma Phi BeTo NaTionoI Organichion in 4969. Since Then, Gamma Phi BeTo has grown To become an lnTernoTionol soror- iTy wiTh chopTers oil over The world. Gom- ma Phi BeTo is sTill The only lnTernoTionol sororiTy on The PloTTevilIe campus. Gamma Phi BeTo is open To all women who are inTeresTed in personal develop- menT and campus involvmenT and work hard for high academic ochievemenT. The members of Gamma Phi BeTo SororiTy porTiciche in many acTiviTies such as Homecoming, Sno-Din, Greek Week, conTribuTe To organizaTions such as UNI- CEF, provide siTTers for local organiza- Tions, and hold Their own summer camp for underprivileged girls. The members are also individually involved in acTiviTies such as field hockey, crops and soil judg- ing, The RongereTTe squad, Homecoming represenToTives, STudenT SenoTe, com- pus musicals, and orchesTra. The Big BroThers of Gamma Phi BeTo are chosen by The members for honorary rec- ogniTion. They are helpful friends who serve as special represenToTives for The sororiTy. Big Brothers - FRONT ROW: Harmon Anderson, Don McClain. BACK ROW: Brion YoliTz, Bill Helwig. FRONT ROW: Jackie Bockhop, Pom Schlesner, Mari Fronke, Jenn PorTer, Lori Zimmerman, Laurie While. BACK ROW: Gerolyn Gronev, Soroh Leedle, Delores ' I-CDB Gom-mo Phi Be-To OldesT SororiTy; GriffiTh, AnneTie Johnson, Sue Yagodinski, Heidi Ro- senbrook, Deb Fisher, Kay VogTi AT UW-P GAMMA PHI BETA 67 Living, learning and growing TogeTher uniTe The women of Kappa Alpha Sigma. Founded in 4957, The sororiTy has changed and grown buT hos kepT iTs Tra- diTion living. Pushing TogeTherness buT sTiII keeping in- dividuoIiTy make The sisTers of Kappa AI- pho Sigma unique. Individuals are in- volved in personal ocTiviTies such as The yearbook, Ag. clubs, judging Teams, The- aTer, women's oThTeTics, and inTramurols. Along wiTh This, The sororiTy is involved in Homecoming, Sno-Din, Greek Week, fund roisers, and also Their rood rally. The sororiTy held The road rally IosT fall, and co-sponsored iT wiTh The Phi Sigma Epsilon fraTerniTy. The rally is a driving rouTe where The drivers follow clues To various checkpoinTs while moinToining proper driving skills. IT is noT a TesT of KAZ Kop-po AI-pho Sig-mo KAE's Remain Unique speed buT of exocT Times. A pig roasT was held ofTer The rally for The parTicipanTs and anyone else inTeresTed. Trophies and prize money was awarded To The Top finishers. The virTues seT forTh by Kappa Alsph Sig- mo ore love, hope, honesTy, loonTy, obe- dience, and self-help. The sisTers Try To abide by These values, keeping onoITy always and sisTerhood, forever. FRONT ROW: Linda Ponkau. Becky Morkus-Place TAdvisoo. ROW TWO: Debbie Gluege, JoneT De- Hohn. BACK ROW: Marilyn Annen, ChrisTine Kenne- dy, Trudy Jeidy, Tracy Kershek, Tina Becker. Dione Mockler, Liz Thompson. 68 KAPPA ALPHA SIGMA EgororiTthaT eek C uncil and she was a TKE LiTTIeSTs hITyTC ,TT If The Philadelphian SocieTy doesn'T ring a bell, possibly The Phi Sigma Epsilon does. Being The oldesT frcTerniTy on campus, The broThers carry a cerToin omounT of pride wiThin The organizaTion. The fraTerniTy's main pursuiT is Tomcke The "college sToy" o more rewarding and enriching experience. Members are in- volved wiTh on and off campus, ocTiviTies which are imporTonT To The growTh of The froTerniTy and The individual. These ocTivi- Ties include: Homecoming, Sno-Din, Greek Week, UniTed Woy Fund Drive, and inTromurol sporTs. This posT fall, along wiTh The Kappa Alpha Sigma sororiTy, They co-sponsored The isT annual road rally and pig roosT. The Phi Sig's main projecT is The "So'ie- Burner" run for cancer which is held in November. This involves c: pre-deTer- mined marked course where porTicipanTs are allowed 60 minuTes To see how many miles They can run, walk or crawl. If en- ;ered, you don'T have To run The enTire our. The run is separoTed inTo divisions of moles, females and age groups. Awards and prizes are given ouT, wiTh special prizes going ouT To The Top fund raisers. WiTh '14 members and '10 Phi Sigma LiTTIe Phillies, The froTerniTy encourages on CT- mosphere in which fellowship leads To wholesome, neuTroI, morale, physical and spiriTuol growTh. LlfIle Phllllos - FRONT ROW: Shari Markham, Robin Yokes, Charlie OoTsvoII, Colleen NorTon, Lori Reid, Angie Woker. BACK ROW: Bev Siegl, Dena Hessel- berg, Erma Wiegel, Dona Ackmon. CDZE Phi Sigma Ep-si-Ion Phi Sig's Hove HSoIe" ,. w ,3 A V. g. y 6; T FRONT ROW: Jock Flesher, Don Hanson, Tom Govos' Todd Hibben, ROW TWO: John WaITon, Gary Noel, ScoTT BoumbarTner TAdvisoo, Bill Suliivan, Don Hom- mond. BACK ROW: Bob Bremser, Brod Folio, Glenn HofforTh, KeiTh Gruber, Enno Knief, Jon Remakel. PHI SIGMA EPSILON 69 70 SIGMA PHI ZH Sigma Pi Lifelong Friendships Forming a Iife-Iong bond of friendship - ThoT's The goal of The Sigma Pi FroTerniTy. Originally DelTo Chi Epsilon, The froTerniTy changed iTs name To Sigma Pi in 1970. Over The IasT decade, The froTerniTy has had oppriximoTer 200 members, and This posT fall, had 48 ocTives, five pledges, and eighT LiTTIe SisTers. The froTerniTy promoTes exTrocurriculor ocTiviTies, wiTh The members involved in men's rugby, WSUP, inTrumurals, and STu- denT SenoTe. As a group, The broThers are involved in Homecoming, Sno-Din, Greek Week, TronsporTing elderly people To voTing booThs, and Their "GifTs for GranT CounTy" program every year. During The ChrisTmos season, The froTerni- Ty helps GranT CounTy collecT iTems for The needy, To make Their ChrisTmos' more enjoyable. Holding up The TrodiTion of life-Iong friend- ship, The broThers of Sigma Pi hold 0 porTy every semesTer for alumni To renew old friendships, and To keep ThaT special bond ThoT signifies Sigma Pi. LITTIe Sisters - ChrisTino Andersen, Roxonn Fornom, JoneT Carl, Jammie Triggs, Koren Yeager, Deanna SchlagenhofT, Cori QuirT, Cheryl Svensen TsweeT- heorU. fx FRONT ROW: STeve Hoffman, Joy PolessI, Andy Mey- er. Brod Blair, STeve Henker. ROW TWO: Randy Ro- boTo. Hons Larsen, Don Harker, Gene Barney, Deon Rhody. ROW THREE: Dove PeTersen, TimoThy Morko, Brion Beierle, Dole Folworski, Dove Elder, Craig Kom- plin. BACK ROW: Don Reid, Ross Jesse. ZTI' Sigma Tau Gomomo College And More . . . "Involved" would be on occuroTe word To describe The Sigma Tau Gamma fra- TerniTy. The Sig Tou's Toke porT in Home- coming and Sno-Din acTiviTies as well as co-sponsoring The Camp Wowbeek Tele- Thon every spring. The Gamma X chopTer of Sig Tau Gom- mo has been in PloTTeville since 4969. They have iniTioTed approxlmoTely 250 members inTo Their fraTerniTy, and cur- renle have a membership of 45. The members have a diverse number of backgrounds, ranging from engineering To agricuITure. The Sig Tau's are proud of Their pledge program which sTresses cooperoTlon be- Tween pledges and ochves. The pledge period Takes eighT weeks and during Tth Time acTives work wiTh pledges, helping Them To undersTond The objecTives of The Sigma Tau Gamma froTerniTy, which are To eschIish a sTondord of excellence and broTherhood. The goal of The Sig Tau froTerniTy is To promoTe a well-rounded college exper- ience Through social programs coordinoT- ed wiTh a scholosTic emphasis and an op- porTuniTy To gain leadership obiIiTies; above all Sigma Tau Gamma sTresses broTherhood. FRONT ROW: Eric Woodruff, Paul Hauser, Mike Elic- sen, Doug OlsTod, Doug Gasser, Bill GriTTinger. ROW TWO: Ed Swanson. PeTer SmeT, Jerry MechIf, Daniel NuTi, Pohn Pauli, Mark Gibbons, Chris BlodgeTT, Lee Bernhardt Jerry EdquisT, STeve HamiTlon, Tim Lo- Fond, Kevin Dovle, Dove Roloff, Tim LuepTow. BACK ROW: John Vosberg, Fran Kloos, Kyle Swanson, Frank Miller, Phil Vosberg, Doug Harmon, Bill BirkeTT. Darin Melin, Poul Schowalter, Gary Judd, Mike Ge- rard, Wally Burger, Tom Huizdok, Jeff Solomon, Dan- iel Oswald, Jamie Dimes, Tom STeinhous, Bill Novak, Dove Russell. SIGMA TAU GAMMA 7'1 TKE Tau Kop-po Ep-si-Ion TKE's Roll Kegs For ST. Tau Kappa Epsilon, the largest fraternity in the world, was founded here of UW-P in 4969. They are 0 social fraternity Thaf participates in many Things as a group. yet each man retains his own unique per- sonoli'ry. In addition To their campus activities, TKE has raised money for various charities. The Two main charities The Mu Nu chapter contributes To ore Badger Camp and ST. Judes Children's Hospital. S'r. Judes was founded by feliow froTer Danny Thomas, and each year They have a keg roll To raise funds for The hospital. Above all else, TKE strives To complete Their fraternal goals; Those of love, chor- iTy, and esteem. IT is with pride ThaT TKE's say uTau Kappa Epsilon is not for weoITh, rank or honor, but for personal worth and character." FRONT ROW: Poul Hrupka, Eddie Buss, Richard Knowles, Ken Bro'rf, Dan Main, Rick Lemerond. ROW TWO: Rick Riemer, Allan Solean, Kevin Kozicki, SCOTT Bille, Richard Munson, Reggie Pullen, Lorry Of- fermon, John STilwell. BACK ROW: Brian Hrupko, Grif- fith Moder, Deon Everson, Roberf DeFrong, Jeff OI- son, Timothy Loobs, James Huesmonn, Tom Wurfz eAdvisoo, Kroig Holub. thtle Sisters - FRONT ROW: Brenda Montgomery. Kim VogT. BACK ROW: KoThy Proeber, Rhoda Krueger, Liz Cummings, Trudy Jeidy. The Miners Ball is the main social event that the Theta Tau fraternity coordinates every spring. It was started in the late GT 4930's by mining students at the State 0 Teachers College at Platteville mow UW- The T0 TOU Pt, but faded out in the late 50's. In the I ' 30's and 40's it was the biggest event in TheTO TGU S ReVIve southwestern Wisconsin, drawing people from all over the state. Theta Tau revived this tradition in 4978 and since then the I Mlners BO" Miners Ball has been gradually gaining popularity. The Theta Tau's also participates in TM" Day. Together with other engineering students, they white-wash the HM" on the Platteville mound. This ritual prepares the mound for Homecoming night when the "M" is lit. Theta Tau is a professionaVsocial engi- neering fraternity which was recognized in 4975 on the Platteville campus making it the youngest fraternity on campus. Starting with approxiamtely 20 members, Theta Tau has initiated a total of 435 people and now have a membership of 28. Since this fraternity is relatively small, they are all close friends and are "be- coming closer all the time," according to Mike Peil, vice regent this year. FRONT ROW: Chris Heer, Joe Michaels, Perry Knut- son, Chip Rowedder, Brian Nerheim, Russ Meier, Glenn Tredinnick, Richard Jones, Jeff Horsfall, Bill Kolb. ROW TWO: Scott Hayman, Mike Peil, Dave Weber. Mark Harris, Mike Wackett, Ray Hennessy. Brian Yolitz, Mike Huebner, Jeff Weisensel. ROW THREE: Randy Simons, Jill Schiesl, Joe Korzilius, Paul Melby, Mark Brosman, Peter Witte, Bruce Ruzek, Brad Smith. Originally founded in 4968 to promote service and sisterhood in Platteviile, the sisters of Zeta Tau Omega still remain the only service sorority on campus and the community. Zeta Tau Omega participates in many activities on campus every year, includ- ing Homecoming, Sno-Din, Greek Week, intramurels, and peer advising. The ladies are also involved with service projects like collecting toys for tots at Christmas, the bloodmobile drive, the tootsie roll drive and their main project, co-sponsor- ing the Badger Camp Telethon. Badger Camp, located near Prairie Du Chien, is a special camp for mentally re- tarded children. The sisters hold a tele- thon every fall to raise money so that some children may attend this camp. This past fall, they co-sponsored the telethon with the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity. With- out Zeta Tau Omega and the coopera- tion of the students and community, many children would not be able to at- tend camp because of lack of money. The Original Service ROW: Colleen Buelow, Diane Bellmeyer, Jeff Ah- singer, Sharon Gibbs, Betty Lucia, Julie Mergenl Te- I resa Rooney, Audrey Wehrmani Cindy Hampton, Terri Frederick, Vicki Cork, Bruce Woboril. THETA TAUTZETA TAU OMEGA 73 7A DORMS 76 DORMS Dorm Life Too Close For ComforT A crowded campus oT PloTTeville? No one ThoughT iT would ever happen, buT iT has. The opening of The 4984 school year broughT many new faces To UW-PloTTeville ond wlTh These foces come changes in The campus. One of The biggesT changes on The UW-P campus Took place in The dorms. Housing hod . 430 more sTudenTs wonTing dorm rooms This year Then losT year. In previous years, geTTing a dorm room was no problem, There was usually an excess. This year There were ocTuolly more people who wonTed dorm rooms Then There were rooms. According To The housing office There was no formal wqiTing IisT for dorm rooms, buT There was 0 larger number of sTu- denTs requiring Temporary housing Then in oTh- er years. EvenTuolly, everyone wonTing a dorm room goT one. To occomodoTe The exTro people, many lounges and corner rooms were revamped To house more Then The ordinary Two people. If you had Trouble geTTing olong wiTh one room- moTe how would you like To Try Three? The new freshmen counT, according To RegisTror Carolyn Kies, is 4,296 compared To 4,229 in 4980. Men will conTinue To dominoTe The popu- loTion of UW-P oT IeosT Through The class of 4985. Of The new freshmen 4,274 are men and 549 are women. ThoT's compared To 4,423 men and 529 women in 4980. Of UW-P's 2,454 dorm inhoblTing sTudenTs, 2,343 are on some Type of meal plan. LosT year 2,445 sTudenTs held a meal TickeT. WhoT does The increase of 228 sTudenTs meon To The food service? AT The beginning of The year sTudenTs faced longer lines, seoTing shorToges, and someTimes shorToges of enTrees oT Glen- view. As firsT semesTer progressed Glenview hired more sTudenT help, opened The lower level, and moved some of The serving lines To help odjusT To The increase in sTudenTs. During The posT year There has also been 0 shifT in The area from which sTudenTs come To oT- Tend UW-P. According To A.N. Johonsen, osso- cioTe dean of odminisTroTive affairs, Tlln The fall of 4980, 640, or 50 percenT of our new fresh- men, come from The 44 souThwesTern Wiscon- sin counTies which included Vernon, Souk, Co- lumbio, Done, and Rock. This fall 702, or 54 percenT of our new freshmen come from be- yond These 44 counTies. This means The over- oge freshman Troveled over 400 miles To oT- Tend UW-PloTTeville". In one year UW-PloTTeville has grown from 5,4 47 ToTol undergroduoTe ond groduoTe sTu- denTs To This year's ToToI of 5,223. This repre- senTs o 5.4 percenT increase from losT year and o 33 percenT increase from The foil of 4974. This increase has meonT change for ev- ery sTudenT oT UW-P, Those living off-compus as well as Those living on campus. Foil regisTroTlon found many sTudenTs wonder- ing The fieldhouse, Tearing Their hoir ouT, and pleading wiTh insTrucTors To be allowed inTo classes. Once classes sTorTed lT wosn'T unusual To find 40 To 50 people in Them ond noT enough desks. Tebeooks were in shorT supply for many secTions ond sTudenTs were expecT- ed To share unTil more could be ordered. NoT since The VieT Nam War era has UW-P has on enrollmenT as large as This year's. IT was undersTondoble Then, because young men could woive serving in The armed forces if They were enrolled in college. BuT why PloTTeville now? SpeculoTion on This quesTion has produced several answers. Johonsen said some reasons for The increase in enrollmenT include The dro- moTic shorToge of engineers and The universiTy growTh in new programs in mechanical and elecTricol engineering and o reclomoTion ma- jor, plus good plocemenT of groduoTes, espe- cially in ogriculTure, communicoTions, compuT- er science and engineering. No one knows if enrollmenT will conTlnue To increase. The number of 48 year olds Through The counTry is supposed To drop in The nexT few years, so freshmen enrollmenT will prob- ably drop olso. PloTTeleIe should conTinue To draw sTudenTs Though, because of HS majors in areas where large employmenT opporTuniTles sTill exisT. by Pam WolTher DORMS 77 78 BROCKERT BrockerT Hall Campus CounTry Club WORLD'S M LARGEST SY M 801. OF ' N "vOLme OF EbzitiIN'ERlNka I GROUND - FRONT ROW: David Burmahl, KurT Fiene, Todd Lawson, Greg Dohl, J. Thomas. ROW TWO: Roy SchmiT, BuilT in 4968 and named ofTer iTs primary bene- ficiary, J.C. BrockerT, BrockerT Hall is IocaTed in The middle of The "circle" residence halls. Be- ing away from The cenTer of campus, and having on excellenT view of The Par Course odd To The oTTrocTiveness of iTs IocoTion. IT cur- renle houses 259 males, mosTIy freshmen and sophomores. The residence hall sTaff, wing officers and pro- grammers have over The years incresed The promoTion and sponsorship of educoTionol and beneficial hall programs and evenTs. These programs have included sTudy skills seminars, body building IecTures, and more. BrockerT Hall sTonds proud in HS hisTory of par- TicipoTion in The various campus evenTs which Toke place ThroughouT The year including Homecoming, Sno-Din and Residence Hall Week. IT has also developed a sTrong sTudenT governmenT Through Hall Council. Along wiTh The hall sToff, The sTudenT governmenT has helped To promoTe and esToblish a sense of hell uniTy and pride. This fall, BrockerT conTinued iTs promoTion of The Energy ConTesT, spurring parTicipoTion in The campus-wide blood drive, and working on addiTionoI inTernol improvemenTs such as The developemenT of o beTTer weighT room facili- Ty. Over The years, BrockerT has developed a TrodiTion of excellence in residence hall living, IocoTed in a counTry club seTTing. 1st Nonh - FRONT ROW: SCOTT MorTin, Vince Mofulionis, Jim Green, Tim Koris, Randy SinneTT, Tom Jelinek, Andy Gross- kopf, J. Joy Simoros. BACK ROW: Joe Anderson, Poul Ai- berT, Dove Gozinski, Fred Dreher, Kerry Jones, Paul Gerber. Michael Ford, Chuck Greeb, AI Archer, John Bonlom, Greg Schreier, John Ziesemer, Greg Roman, Poul KroboTh. 151 $ouih - FRONT ROW: Ron Schneider, Eric Suhr. ROW Jock 011, Jeff Riegert, Sfeve DobbraTz, Larry Bylsma, Rob TWO: Tim lsom, Randy Prochoso, Tim Jones. Jim StonciL Hughes. BACK ROW: Gino Giudice, Poul Greenwold, Sean Todd Rummler, Rick Ehredf. ROW THREE: Dan Miller, Mark Kelley, Jeff Bloch, Steve Landon, Bob Klohn, Dave STibbe, Hofenbreodl, Don DeChanT, Dove Cheever, Vince Peter- Alan Tockes, Jeff Dower. sonl ROW FOUR: Dave Prochosko, Pete Conlin, Rob Uphoff. his Own practii ce Needie 0 509 Mark gem his job Gone and looks for some new endeavors m keep himseif and the Black Sheep busy BROCKERT 79 80 BROCKERT 2nd North - FRONT ROW: William Tonn, Jeffrey Noard, Joy Klug, Eric Hermon, Jeff Palmer, ScoTT Herrmon, Joel Kleckler, Gory John. ROW TWO: Casey Coyo, Philip Seger- son, Tim O'Toole. Todd Helwig, Don Wohlleber. Don Word, Kevin Crone, Jim Hammer. ROW THREE: Chris Corr, David V 2nd South - FRONT ROW: Ricky Corleff, John Mouermonnl Al Remirez, Kurf Greeb, Joe Sfeil, Tom Modlinski, Malcolm Reed, Frank Koul, John Nelson, Mike DeFour ROW TWO: Tom Weiner, Mike Bruegger, John Fondell. BACK ROW: Doug Shively, Tom Hughey, Rex Newcomb, Mike Roche, Krohn, John Kenney, Craig Brounschweig, Joe Vervelde, Bill Lenz, Sfeve VonBergen, Kevin Devenporf, Mike Suhr, Bruce Bergold, Allen Woirich. BACK ROW: Terry Edwards, Kurt Michael, Steve Rupert, Tim Eofon, Steve Johnson, Tom Boehmke, Brod Rindfleisch. Tony Lopol, Steve SchmiTz, Marlo Ramos, SCOTT Prou1y, Howard Geisler, Orville King, Eugene Murphy, Jim Sedarski, Jim Cones, Randy Griffin, Gory Keenyl Mike Zeman, Gory Johonning. 3rd North - FRONT ROW: Lone Shebesfo. ROW TWO: Eric Brehm, Steve Peterson, Todd Wolf, Jon Williams, Jeff Lid- Smifh, Craig Silvers, James Pitts, Dove Wertheimer, Jeff diord. Mark Moyenschein, John Sfeffes. ROW FIVE: Mike Gusindo,PauIYopp.ROW THREE:John Wilcox,Brion P.Neil, Keller, Bill Smith, Harley Melbye, Eric Severson, Joseph Todd Mingler, Greg Trehey, Joe Finney, Kevin McCue, Bob McDermoff, Pete Thompson, Keith Odeen, John McNu'rT. Height, David Plogenz. ROW FOUR: David Addison, SCOTT Scot? Mu-m, Larry Kloepping, EWWEM Y? I ME JW ,2! DM ch. Mike Zieman has his work cut out for him as he siTs desk in Brockerf Hall. BROCKERT 8'1 3rd South - FRONT ROW: John McCarthy, Terry Cox, Mark ROW FOUR: Steve Anderson, Vince Scheckel, Mark Fox, Bohr, Ron Tolsmo, Doug OlsTod. ROW TWO: Bob Forns- Tom Birch, Eric Aasen, Deon Sitar, Tony Formbly. BACK worth, Mike Kuffel, Michael Streicher, Mike Nevser, Don ROW: Tim Magadanz,Greg Ryon,Mike Onsrud,Ken Schus- Aumonn. ROW THREE: Jeff Althof, Mark Fohning, Jon Alfhof. fer, Brion Kuhs On Sunday afternoons These BrockerT men pool their money To beT on the day's fooTboII games. 82 BROCKERT 4th North - FRONT ROW: Luis Garcia, Eduwiqez Ruiz, Peter Fuller, John Pullen, Mark Feversfein. ROW TWO: Kevin Kai- ser, Lorry Plopp, Duane Kilby, John McLaughlin, Randy Even. ROW THREE: Phil Noyes, Randy Hansen, Tom Mon The comforts of home may not be in your dormroom but it seems that Steve Dobbortz is Trying To make The bes'r of if. quordf, PeTe Goska, Anthony Chambers, Mark Drake. Mark Spitz, Steve Knoock, Bloyne Kirsch. BACK ROW: Don Mueller, Frank Levenick, Steve Van Lonkvelf, Todd Ander- son, Steve Kaiser. Mh South - FRONT ROW: Tim Moly, Terry Weber, Steve Rouse, Mike Eliosen, Harry Smith, Curt Herwig, Dove Engler. ROW TWO: Tom Siegler, Brion Henken, Rich Hordyman, Chris HeHich, Tom Sibenoller, Jeff Arnd'r. ROW THREE: Vo- gel Grote, Mark McCluskey, Gory Von Evenhoven, Steve Massey, Mike Roszkowski. BACK ROW: Jim HurlberT, Ed Wil- helm, Darren Left, Jeff Weinheimer, Chuck Van den Heu- vel, Andy Kort. BROCKERT 83 84 DOBSON Dobson Hall 320 Women Under One Roof 1ST East - FRONT ROW: Dione Griesback, JaneT DeHonn, Chris WhiTe, Mary Bogoczl Mary Rech, Donne Fischler. ROW TWO: Koren Niehoff, Lourc Greenwood, Tracy Bowen, BeTTy Johnson, Michelle Hassener, Terry Krudwig, Andy Anderson, Koren McNeTT, Jamie Ploessl. ROW THREE: Dobson Hall, locoTed in The cenTer of The resi- denT hall area, is The only all female residenT hall on The UW-P campus, housing 320 women. For The posT decode Dobson hos housed women buT during The 60's H was a mole resi- denT hall. Dobson was named in memory of George "Dobby" Dobson, who was a fooTball coach here for 40 years. The hall is known for many of HS acTiviTies on campus. For The pasT nine years The major producTion of The hall has been "Bri- dal Faire". In conjuncTion wiTh local merchonTs, c sTer show is produced To presenT The IoTesT in wedding apparel. This year plans included a naTional bridal emcee and a full line of men's and children's apparel. Dobson residenTs ore ocTive in Homecoming, Sno-Din, and ResidenT Hall Week. The Red Cross Bloodmobile also uses Dobsokn's base- menT Three days a year for The campus blood drive. ResidenTs work To promoTe Their hall and repuToTion Through These acTiviTies. VisiToTion in Dobson wos seT up according To The rules esTainshed in 1975 by The STaTe of Wisconsin. Each wing voTes 0T The beginning of The year on The Type of policy They wonT. FirsT SouTh was eschIished as The male non-visiTo- Tion wing, buT This was lifTed during The firsT few weeks of school IasT fall. Dobson Hall is whoT each residenT makes iT; wheTher iT's a place To shelve one's books or a place ThaT is really home. 159 SouTh - FRONT ROW: Julie Schaof, Sharon Bodzinski, Mary KaoTz, Cori ChrisTensen. BACK ROW: Kim Wier, Gini Werling, Carole Hofmann, Julie Briede, Kelly Spillane, Ve- ronica Campbell, Marilyn Millers Michele Pederson. Corrie Curfmon, Donna Burgess, Laura Wilder, Kelly Lynch, Barb STockhousen, Laura Tremaine. BACK ROW: Sue Kuschewski, Chris Pluemer, Lynn FosT- bender. 191 West - FRONT ROW: Nancy Sayers, Ginger Malko, Lyn Kilcoyne. ROW TWO: Maryanne Ruf, Beth Clark, Terry Himes, Jenny Schroder, Barbara Burke. ROW THREE: Sue Welsch, Jon Schroeder, Leslie Bloch, Lori Burns, Tina Meier, Sharon Gilbortson. ROW FOUR: Kathy Trinkner, Kathy Mey- er, Chris DeHahn, Becky Eiserf, Jone Duersf. BACK ROW: Angie Markus. Pculef1e Zeman, Tommy Achermon, Lori Von Hulle, Nancy Meixelsperger, Denise Asmussen. DOBSON 85 2nd South - FRONT ROW: Rhona Zlobek, Mary Duersf, Ro- non, Linda RogaIinske. BACK ROW: Mari Frank, Sue Loth- cio lborro, Nancy Piefz, Shirley FenTress, Jacki Molly, Lisa rop, Debbie Mokine, Corrie Hozo, Sue Wolf, Jackie Cos- Moroszek. ROW TWO: Kathy LenTz, Jeanne Thompson, grove, Monique Jewell, Jeeny Sutherland, Anne Brophy, Connie Coley, Brenda Jensen, Terri Gill, Lynnette Colwell, Helena Schablowsky, Julie Doudno, Coni Vaughn, Steph- Mcric: Becerra, Xenia Borrienfos. ROW THREE: Pom McCon- onie Keller, Terry Honby. Mory Allen's keeping 0 good watchful eye on Dobson's "Official Bollof Box!" DOBSON 86 2nd East - FRONT ROW: Mikki Delforte, Cheryl Frey, Marcia Osterndorff, Cheryl Skjolocls, Denise Doyle. ROW TWO: Ro- chel Tong Cherng-Shing, Sandy Wolfe, Beth Cullen, Cindy Moline, Jackie ToTh, Christy Shcnger ROW THREE: Kathy Ganser, Joni Locke, Carla Adams. BACK ROW: CheHy Go- vert, Marianne Houk, Rita Grindenan, Laura Suffer, Kathy Schouf, Donna Wifkowski, Darcy Breed, Marlis Birk, Cindy Wicker. 2nd West - FRONT ROW: Shirley Monion, Krista Wolf, Judi Diehl, Margie Poulson, Judene Zabel, Dione Dzikowski, Cin- dy Lynch ROW TWO: Dione O'Donnell, Caren Sneed, Jen- nie Vormezeele. ROW THREE: Dorci Schmifz, Sue Watcher, Carmen Carlin, Lori Kroimer, Marcia Cordfs, Sue Yago- dinski, Amy Van Ryzin, Jane Anderson. BACK ROW: Debbie Gefschmon, Terese Schubring, Sue Disrud, Melanie Honlon, Michelle Shaker, Lori Evensfcd, Mindy Bormore, Debbie Dyer. DOBSON 87 Lori Von Hulle and Denise Asmussen stop and chat in Dobson's hall. 3rd South - FRONT ROW: Mary P01 Michudo, Linda Steinha- Vos, Liso Beronek, Julie Burrow, Cindy Mctz, Patty Johnson, gen, Wendy Skolef, Elizabeth Doucef're, Nancy Sfonke- Kim Jordan, Sara Brun. BACK ROW1MelanieJones, Theresa vich, Susan McAloon, Kay Barry, Christine Schwerf. ROW KIein, Tracy Smithson, Ann Posgoy, Tommy Hipenbecker, TWO: Leah Stonsfield, Angelo Pulfer, Mary Wentzel, Mory Teresa Wilkinson, Trudy T Jeidy. Finkelmeyer, Lisa Frey, Nancy Carroll, ROW THREE: Cheryl 88 DOBSON 3rd East - LEFT TO RIGHT: Morgorie 0110, Heather Nye, Nickolson, Jodi Hudson, Lindo Wicker. FRONT TO BACK: Barb Williams, Mary Ann Lechnir, Ann Brentrub, Mary Meier, Jennifer Bios, Paulo Steward, Mary Pcfzman, Liso Olson. Becky Oechsle, Joan Sullivan, Joyce Wilferf. Nancy Moen, Luonne Habenichf, Teresa Schoepp, Irene Biolobrzeski, Kathy Miller, Vicki Petrick, Cece Glopinski, Elsa Frank, Kelly Connie Watson, Irene Kendall, Janet Texley. 3rd West - FRONT ROW: Leta Reddell, Lisa Schellinger, Rita McGuire, Kathy Stosz, Dione Deifte, Betsy Fry, ROW Mary Gibeouf. Julie Edgar, Sheri Cornwell. ROW TWO: Judy THREE: Sheila Sager, Mary Jo Froymiller, Koren Allenswor'rh, Hooglond, Koren Leitzinger, Tomi STrehlow, Maggie Rulseh, Gena Mayer, Mory Wiesf, Brenda Klecker, Kaye Gognon. DOBSON 89 90 DOBSON 41h South - FRONT ROW: Kim Murphy, Tommy Yapp, Rose derson, Ann Monson, Miriam Barr, Janis Moen, Ellen Cam. Brokish, Joanne Walker, Teresa Crose, Lisa McGowan, Jeni bell, Theresa Gillis, BACK ROW: Kelly Robbins, Dione Wore Davis. Ann McDermo'r'r. ROW TWO: Judy Ewing, Denise Joyce Sfeffes. Wolfram, Louro Russell, Lourc Pel'rier, HoHy Kohn, Darcy An- 4th East - FRONT ROW: Kelly Bloch, Judy Lembeseder, Johnstone. Marge Johnsonl Daphne Domon, LuAnn Joyce Zenz, Tono Johnson, Tammie Tengel. ROW TWO: Neuenschwonder, Cathy Schmoeng. ROW FOUR: Sonya Renee Svenson, Shannon Dougherty, Shun Mefcalf, Jackie Spink, Lisa Moberg, Jill Gerard, Mary Jane Gnodf. Gale Glenn, Evie Chambers. ROW THREE: Amy Nelson, Angel Yoerger, Phyllis Connor. BACK ROW: Michele Boumann. Left: A makeshift barber shop in Pouief're Zemon's dorm room cufs hoir-cuf cosTs for Tom Hockl, Below: For This Dobson resident, leaving PIaTTeviIle for The weekend does noT mean leaving her books behind. 4th West - FRONT ROW: Elizabeth Cook, Jennie Crory, Jennifer Huebseh, Teri Kleppe. Chrisfy Mihlbauer, Ka1hy Greenberg. ROW TWO: Katy Koser, Cheryl Bielowa, Teresa Arens, Mary Allen, Dawn Bailey. ROW THREE: Befh Berger, Cindy Grota, Terri Ruffolo, Rosemarie Spfizborfh, Molly Lov- gren, Tommy Gofzinger. ROW FOUR: Anne Ruszkiewicz, Tracie lronside, Loni Holbersfodt. BACK ROW: Donna Ed- gerfon, Teresa Geer'rs, Julie K. Zuidemo. Teresa Collins. DOBSON 94 Hugunin Hall Home SweeT Hugunin Hugunin Hall, locoTed on The circle behind Glenview, is one of The Three oII-mole residenT halls on The UW-PIoTTeville campus. Hugunin has nine wings and woman R.D., Heidi Hayes. The dorm was named ofTer Miss Marjorie Hu- gunin, on inTeresTed ond enThusiasTic member of The English focuITy 0T PIaTTeviIIe from 4944 unTiI her deaTh in 4964. Hugunin is The only dorm on campus named ofTer a woman. AcTiviTies 0T Hugunin This year included The Hugunin- TDogson Halloween porTy ThaT feoTured a live bond and prizes for The besT cosTumes. In The spring, Hugunin and Melcher hosTed The annual boskeTboTl maroThon. The moroThon involved 50 hours of conTinuous boskeTboII wiTh pro- ceeds going To Badger Camp. Over The years Hugunin has acquired a weighT room, a new porTy room, and was The firsT male dorm To become fully corpeTed. These conveniences make Hugunin o comforchle place of residence for sTudenTs. Ground - FRONT ROW: Mark Kandgrof, David Herro, ScoTT BeckwiTh, Carl Blockmon. BACK ROW: David Pedro, Paul Olson, Mike Holbig, Glenn Purben, Rob DemuTh. 131 North - FRONT ROW: Howie Roscoe. ROW TWO: Todd Owens, Rollie FousT, Don Sogol, Tim Chopp, Greff SToudT, ROW THREE: Jeff Coleman, Brod Ponkow, Bill Boeko. Frank 92 HUGUNIN Bunker, Todd Powlowski, Rick HormomBACK ROW: Bill BonTo. Warren Gobrilske, Brian Johnson, Mike Syverson, Corey Jonecky, BreTT Adamok, Todd HoelTer. 1sI South - FRONT ROW: Gory Pozdernik, Vijoy George, Mark Johnson, Tom Hayden, Brad Craig. Vinod George, Kevin LeConIe, John Fido. ROW TWO: Lorry Smith, Bill Fogl, Joe 810". Glen Meyers, Thom Bro'rski. BACK ROW: KeiIh Sfreich, Brod Herm. Pete Kay. :enjdyed being : r; ; Hedi ranIed IIYes IredIIy do! Ihcve c: 00 Ihqvea Iot of confidence In ,1 HUGUNIN 93 94 HUGUNIN This Hugunin resident Takes a break and lets his Thoughts 2nd North - FRONT ROW: Glenn Eckerf, Todd Schieffer, Mike Gross, Dove Redmann, Tater Meyer. ROW TWO: Don Whiie, David Milz, Chris Peters, Pete Rose, John Schwario, Steve Lew, Don Wilks, SCOTT Kullersfrond. ROW THREE: Ed Kowolski, Jim Munkwiiz, John Lalor, Harry Anderson, Darrel wonder by playing his harmonica. Jx'ffffflfflll E. Monroe, Brent Volesono, Sieve Schouf, Curt Norgard, Mike Weidner. Kent Bonoszynski, Keith Schockmufh, Andy Craven. BACK ROW: Gory Goehring, Pete Bohi, Tim Han- dell, Todd Adams, Todd Nordnoss, Deon Menieufel. Mark VondenPlos, Joe Fleming. 2nd Souih - FRONT ROW: Craig Cchoon. Dennis Jones, Bill Schwcmes, Jeff Feuerstein, Mike Sommers. ROW TWO: Dave Korolus, Roger Taylor, Jeff Johnson, Jim Vono, Mark Mattmiller, Pete Goodman, Kurt Gruber, Dick Sommer, Bucky Boumert, Doug MocMillin, John Robofo, Steve Pierce, Bill Steiner. BACK ROW: Mike Fennigkoh, Bob Hardy, Tim Howkinson, Steve Hellenbrand. Dan Pesik, Jeff Manley. LeRoy Hibbard. 3rd North - FRONT ROW: Patrick Krebs, Chris Votfer, Millton Coshmcn, Curtis Stevens, Christopher Koy, Joseph Huey, Terry Schmidt, Jon Hayden, Dove Brynelson, Jerry Fedie, ROW TWO: Tom Hejduk, John Femal, Larry Casper, Kurt Fritsch, Dennis Green, Tom Corrigon, Tom Chmelik, Andy Virnich, Kevin Klipp, Tony Dix. BACK ROW: Bob DeLuco, Jim Miller, Mike Flesch, Tim Hinfz, Lance Preuss, Will Hein, Jim Meier, Dove Peregrin, James Vincent Evans, James Amorn Hooglond, Hawkeye Schultz, Eric Aden Donielson. BACK ROW: Timofhy Russell Baker. HUGUNIN 95 96 HUGUNIN 3rd South - FRONT ROW: Brian Jackson, Fred Garvin, Curt Tim Powers BACK ROW: Tim Tumbarello, Gory EhnerT, Brod Floski, Andy PresTon, Keith Coroneos. ROW TWO: Charles NemeTh, Tom Leehy, POT Schmidt, David Bohn, Frank Lufhi, Rock, Steve Hoffman, Hossein Azarshin, Scott Schorfner, John Larson. Scott Ruehling, David Brooks, Gory Tropp, Will Kollmeyer. 4th North - FRONT ROW: Chuck Golipo, Tim Wager. Rick Ton. ROW FOUR: Jimm Wollmer, Nels Marshall, Frank Vor- Rubenzer, Poul Bjorkquisf, Joe Schwartz, Phil Mockowiok. mezeele. Eric Neonder, Tony Jacobson, Tim Kennedy, Don ROW TWO: David STirmel, Doug Orr, Jim Meigs, Pot Nien- UsTruck. BACK ROW: Mark Rosenmeier, Shayne TiTze, Frank hcus, Ken Koufmonn, Scott Koding ROW THREE: Mark Thiel, Jim Dedering, Jim Allen. TREE: Jamie Donner, Jim Thomas, Joe Clemenfi, Pete Solm, SCOTT Weimer, Joe Clif- Sutton! Jerry Wilson, Chris Steele. 41h Soufh - FRONT ROW: Todd Winkler, Mike Ehler, Tim Nordbrock, Jon Ne2son, Chris Lawrence, Randy Wiskow, O'Connell, Kevin Habeck. ROW TWO: Dennis Bolczewski, Todd Rihn. BACK ROW: John Sullivan, Tim Woods, Don Poul O'Connor, Bruce Hierlmeier, Mike Oones, Rich Hefty. Prioulx, Jim Brown, Don Hcrker, Chuck Blum, Mark Holzhufer, ROW THREE: Kerry Gutfenberg, Pete Koul, Dovid Borchorf, Tim Negronido. Steve Henker, Randy Check, Ron Gehin, Brion Dearth. Kurt Twins? Or just a case of double vision for Brenf Volesono? HUGUNIN 97 98 MCGREGOR MoGregor Hall From "The 200" To A Humble Abode haw mum S . . 2nd East - FRONT ROW: Korin Bednor, Jennifer Nelmork. Tina DeMoulin, Koy Brooks, Kathy Kwollek, Kristy Longe, Beth Boeckelondt, Down Deschler, Potty Boker. ROW TWO: Lisa Richardson, Kathy Moody, Sue Mosley, Lynne Gibson, Dona Bloser, Kathleen Comp, Lourel Quolley, De- The "super rowdy" holl had begun to mellow out. McGregor Holl, once dubbed "the Zoo" by the Board of Regents, has become a uni- fied, competitive, proud hall. The residents no longer play golf in the halls with wiffle balls and broken choir legs. They no longer pull fire alarms during olI-dorm or all- school porties. Residents now care about what is going on. They are involved in com- petitive activities, work together, and have dorm unity. At present, the residents are some of the friendliest dorm people around. In keeping with their "McGregor tradition", they tied for first place in the Homecoming activities. Holl sponsored activities this year included a coffeehouse in the Rendevous Room, a bus trip to Whitewater for the Plotteville- Whitewater football game, 0 horror movie program, Playboy Bunnies basketball, and the annual spring break Florido trip. If ever you venture over in their direction, stop in and say "hi!" One of the friendliest dorms on campus will be glad you did - and so will you. Herels Bill Grittinger, llGritts" sitting desk on a typical Monday. TREE ! mild 'i'r? lmiav , 1!. bro Spooner. ROW THREE: Sue Hcvos, Kitty Loberg, Deb McKiIlip, Liz Cummings, Debbie Conners, Donno Dyb. BACK ROW: Becky Amberg, Kote Zembrzuski, Sally Chotfield. Lindo Price, Ann LcngKomp, Susan Collins. 151 West - FRONT ROW: Tim Tainter, Mike Kirschboum, Droessler, Jeff Ponko. BACK ROW: Don Taylor, Kip Smith, Allen Wojtcsicuk, Todd Hordy, Kelly Campion, John T. Mike Owens, Don Solchenberger, Rick AIIcox, Don Gord- Crook, Bob Ferguson, Nick Cable, Mike O'Brion, ROW ner, Greg Gorol, Tom Boehmke, Mike Teeters. Mike Grin- TWO: Clyde Clor'ron, Jeff Peterson, Mark Mathwig, Jeff nell. 131 East - FRONT ROW: Dennis Boumonn, Kevin Kozicki, Bob Griffinger, Richard Peas, Bill Sprosfy, BACK ROW: Rudi Feller, Borfknechf. ROW TWO: Roger Hamilton, Bill Wosley, Randy Mike Hagmon, Heath Kemmon, Rob Lynch, Rod Thompson, Mark Wolley, Kenn Johnson, Tony Ruemmele, McWhorfer, Ducine Pixler, Brion Morely, Dan Holler. P01 Savoske, Steve Brus'r, Rick Benesh, Jim Deichmcnn, Bill MCGREGOR 99 400 MCGREGOR 2nd West - FRONT ROW: Kay Vog'r, Jon Lcwinger, Grefch- en Offenheiser, Ann Dorsey. ROW TWO: Denice Fitzsim- mons, Jodi Ryan, Corrie Fossum, Sally Roberts, Dione Wot- kins. ROW THREE: Ceci LoBroscc. Ruth Hying, Brenda Mont- gonery. ROW FOUR: Kathy Finn, Joyce Sprecher, Jayne Bush, Chris Becke, Kelly Richards, Robin Yokes. BACK ROW: Colleen Norton, Kim Hoffmann, Erma Wiegel, Amber John- son, Donna Endlo, Deb Lemke. 3rd East - FRONT ROW: Steve Kohl, Mork Herro. ROW TWO: Tom Simpson, Jow Kniep, Steve Mueller, Don Thomas, Scott Wick, Frank Belisle, Chorly Norgord, Nicholas Busfle, Steve Renberg. BACK ROW: Donald Parent, Steve Kols- 3rd West - FRONT ROW: Stuart Frifchen, Steve Buccanero, Pat McCormick, Chris Bunker, Willie Hu1cherson, Robert No- vok. ROW TWO: Kevin S'rcfonzyk, Kevin Kongos, John Wii'ro, Kevin -ruber, Anton Mayer, Mark Vosberg, John CIouTier ROW THREE: James STrouss, Tom Thomsen, Doug cheur, Joe Mleczko, Chris Kobaf, Rick Thomas, Steve Jen- sen, Deon Chapman, Tim Lyons, Tony Presfil, Lee Christen- sen, Mike Baker. Welch, Robert Bremser, Glen Hoffarfh, Terry Slomo, Kyle McDoncId. BACK ROW: SCOTT Fellion, Alan Brooks, Dove Umsfodf, John Bueffner, Brian Conner, Phil Roberts, Dennis VonZee, Eric Homkins, SCOTT Flesner, Dan Theune, James Theodoroff. MCGREGOR 101 102 MCGREGOR 4th East - FRONT ROW: Theresa Christensen, Linda Kirsten, Annette St Pierre, Tracy Titley, Brenda HenThorn, Karen Judy, Janet Reed, Poffy Prendergasf. ROW TWO: Mary Lee, Jenny Tranchifo, Shari Markham, Bev Siegl, Mary Crawford, Kim Koegel, Carole Ewold, Mickie Sasso, Lori tn Thiel. ROW THREE: Pom Kersfen, Lorilea Miller, Robin MiTch- ell, Marilyn Harwood, Karla Engel, Theresa Weidner, Debbie Dcy, Lisa Domonn, Rita Price. BACK ROW: Jill Peterson, Marianne Reufer, Kofhy Proeber, Pom Umsfodf. Mary Lee and fellow engineer Mike Flesch study Together for an exam. 41h West - FRONT ROW: Joy Gossman, Dione Fairbanks, Lisa Welk, Julio Bcllmer. ROW TWO: Anne Otter, Kori Sny- der, Sue Dorscheild, Cheri Sadowski, Kelly Kaiser. ROW THREE: Jenny Frese, Potty Averkomp, Barb Budde, Julie Kunst, Terrie Schaefzel, Lisa McKinney. ROW FOUR: Ann McGregor Hall residents gef psyched for Halloween with The Traditional carving of The pumpkin. Lee, Jeannette Emmer, Debbie Gluege, Martha R00, Grefe Myklebusf, Noel DeBruin. BACK ROW: Mary M. Jones, Julie Steil, Jennifer Edgar, Barb Fleming, Kathy Dorsey, Sherry Fox, Rose Pheffeploce. MCGREGOR 103 '104 MELCHER Melcher Hoil 4th Annual Morothon if you sow lights on in the fieldhouse late one night this winter, you probably didn't realize that it was just some Melcher HoII residents playing basketball. Every year, Melcher orga- nizes and participates in a basketball moro- thon with Hugunin Hall. The proceeds, which were over 34000 last year go to Badger Comp. This morothon mokes Melcher one of the few dorms who participate in any type of community service. Besides the marathon, Melcher olso participat- ed in the annual Homecoming, Sno-Din. and Residence Hall week activities. Within the dorm, there were always footboll, softball. pool, foosball, and other tournaments that keep the men of Melcher involved. Named after Milton Melcher, the dorm opened in 4966 and occomodotes 242 resi- dents. Milton Melcher taught geology ot the Division of Technology in 4923 and remained in this capacity for 48 years. Melcher wos inter- ested in expanding the pre-engineering school and played a big port in the construc- tion of Ottensmon Hall, the engineering build- ing. Melcher Hall is "0 place that residents can be proud to coil home". 1st East - FRONT ROW: Greg Deimostro, Jim Buggs, Ed Schulz, Scott Sherman, ROW TWO: Brion Bollweg, Rick Wii- iioms, Brion Daley, Edgor Tyrone Jackson, Arnold Mezero, Todd Niemuth, Don Meyer. ROW THREE: David Frederick, Dovid Urbonek, Cori Ketelhohn, LoMont Bonkes, Gerald Wormko, Steve Streblow, Ken Linzmeyer, Mork Hotlevig. ROW'FOUR: Bob Huck, Jeff Bohn, Charles Meinke, Randy Simons, Deon Tompkins, Stephen Miller. BACK ROW: Poul Specht, Croig Horosho, Jeff Stoll, Wiliiom Heinze. 15! West - FRONT ROW: Fred Toucheffe, Michael Hiels- sos. Randy Keys. BACK ROW: Torn Hackl. Dove Tremoin, berg, George Tsckonas, John Walton, Bob Wickler, ROW Don McKeon, Tommy Kreis, Mike Thibeou, Kelly DZiOkA TWO: Don McGinnis, Jeff Belser, Tracy Milletfe, David Kop- 2nd East - FRONT ROW: Dave Shortess, Dove Groupmon, Nick Jones, Tony Offermon, ROW THREE: Steve Wholen, Tim York,Ron Sampson, Bill Mohr, Vic Chesmore, SCOTT Bille. Mark Dun, Keith Long. BACK ROW: Rob Adsi'r, Bryon Hen- ROW TWO: Todd Wilkimson, Jame Kolinowski, Tom Walker, ningsen, Rob Timm, Mark Sfonge, Mike Pickett, Philip Piff- Jock Gardner, Jeff Ketterer, Keith Dolsing, Mick Heberlein, man, Wendell WeisenseL MELCHER 405 106 MELCHER 2nd West - FRONT ROW: Roger Mehre, T.J. Fargo, SCOTT Bufh, Lorry Dohm. ROW TWO: Greg Rockweiler, Ron Tyler, Rick Young, Mott Kunick, Tim O'Connor, Al Coles, Pefe Ashenbrener. ROW THREE: Shown Grcff, Jim Czechonski, Alon Schroeder, John Dyson, Marty Landgrof, Steve Smith, Mike ErnsT, Mark Underak. BACK ROW: Bill Grossmon, Kurt Dolsing, Wolly McManowoy, Tim Ertmer, Mike Mcrkese, John Coyne, Dovid Reinking, Mork Kann, Lonnie Clark. Television is a favorite diversion for Mark Colobreso. 3rd East - FRONT ROW: Pete Schmif, Ken Knudsen. Karl Hamilton, Duane Churchill, Steve Wodzinski, Bill Froehlich, John Jarvis, David Hilt. ROW TWO: Melvin Boebel, Jeff Hub- bard, Todd Bentley, Jess Yeater, Rob Thompson, Rod Thompson, SCOTT McGivern, Tom Nelson, Joe Heuer, Pete After a long, hard day Joshua Gray prepares 10 hit the sock. Sfeinkrous, Brion Gormon. ROW THREE: Jim Gross, John Hoffmann, Bob Goar, Bob Lofh. BACK ROW: Randy Hahr, Stuart Johnston, Mike Cclboum, Andy Volbrechf, Poul Krogh, Mark McMahon. MELCHER 107 3rd West - FRONT ROW: Jeff Koenen, Bryon Jondt, Joy Bonk, Roy Klug, Mark Mueller, Joel Weber, Sam Robbings, Dove Beck. ROW TWO: Charlie Klouck, Bob Brohms'rad'r, Bob Buchinger, Ken Mengel. Joshua D. Gray III, Jeff Grea- fens. Steve Herro, Russ Soukup. ROW THREE: Jeff Dornink. 1a,, V '108 MELCHER Don Weed, Todd Fenske, Don Jacobson, Steve Schultz, Rich Mastoglio, Greg Rosene, Jerry Gleisner, Paul Wein- berger. BACK ROW: Skip Lampmon. Bob Clelond, Dole Horfk, Steve VondeHei, Bill Ufechf, Carl Kubojok, Dove Wieners, Mike Bellrichord. V' Wm WM m Mike Vanevenhoven demonstrates the muscles of The men of Melcher Hall. i a 3 W V 6 ' n0 mwm 3 ta 101W x v ,. 41h East - FRONT ROW: Mike Mosfrullo, Mark Doneux, Hons Curin, Chris Kark, John Eichs'roedf, Jeff Lee, Brian Hrupka, HuschiH, Greg Peterson, Eric Sharer, Bill Oneson, Jim Monf- Mike Mullikin, Jeff Waller, Mike Wedig, Marc Blane, John gomery, Bill Jensen, Tom Gombos, Steve Bueaner, Mark King, Steve O'Keefe. BACK ROW: Brion Knufson, John Colcbreso, John Stafford. ROW TWO: Todd Thorn, Eugene Joeggi. 4th West - FRONT ROW: Jon Coyne. ROW TWO: Randy Berth, Dove Rudersdorf. BACK ROW: Steve Gibbs, Pete Sfelpflug, Greg Lombardi, John Wedeword, William Welch, Jeff Haggmonn, Bucky Martin, Tom Besful, Brod Duppler, Bobby Dollmon, J J. Oftesen. Kevin Richards. Kind, Tom Howes, John PyeaTt, Steve Whiffy, John Ob- ROW THREE: John Ziehl, Dove Reed, Rick Sfelpflug, Jim moscher, Don, Dorneden, Dave Mlsno, Brion Sobyok. Loveland, Don Pusfino, John Foellmi, Dove Heil, Randy MELCHER 109 1 40 MORROW Morrow Hall Engineers Dig "The Cove" in East and Ground - FRONT ROW: Bruce Hoizschuh, Ted Jockmon, Joel Lundski, Julie LeisTen. ROW TWO: Koren SchmaTzhogen, Janine Grouvogl, Tony Megno, Deb Volcq, Dione Moe, Mark Brosmon, BeTh Roehr, Cindy MeTz, From colcquTors and fluid dynamics To pool TournamenTs and "The Cave", Morrow Hall has gained recogniTion for iTs populoTion of engi- neering sTudenTs. AImosT 60 percenT of The populoTion ore engineering sTudenTs, 0nd in recenT years, a floor of women was added To The dorm. ResidenTs of Morrow are dedicaTed To Their namesake Homer B. Morrow who served as presidenT of The Mining School for 35 years and esToinshed PIaTTevilIe's "".M During The "M" Day ceiebroTion every year The hall is roTher quieT due To The engineers' involvemenT in whiTewoshing The mound. They are also equipped wiTh a compuTer on The main floor, usable 24 hours a day. AlThough These sTudenTs appeared To be very dedicoTed To Their sTudies, They did geT away from Their graph paper and equoTions This year. For Two weeks, residenTs were involved in a pool TournamenT which awarded prizes To The winners. Their porTy room "The Cove" has helped keep spiriTs up when residenTs needed socializing. "The Cove" is a unique for H has been designed To creoTe The aTmosphere of a mine. The walls are sTucco-Iike and The decor also corresponds. Morrow Hall is noT jusT 0 home for engineers. OThers sTudenTs residing There receive as much aTTenTion and are as comforToble as anyone. The residence hall sToff does a fine job in keep- ing all sTudenTs soTisfied 0nd comforToble. This dorm room provides Bill Hughes wiTh c: sTorehouse for all his worldly possessions. 'i Pam Zweifel, Janine Foske'r'r, Bill Hugh, Cindy Ponke. BACK ROW: Poul STeiner, Brod SwifT, Gordy STeck, Lori HunToon. STephonie DergonTz, Kim Krober, Greg Blonde, Mark KnofT, Tom BurriTo, Brion Foikosky, STeve Dunham. K AN 4:; if Kw :11 l 131 West - FRONT ROW: Steve Downs, STeven Ookeson, Burnhom, Tim Davis, Po'r Ludwig, Lee Roehrdonz, Ken Mi- S'reve Heofhmon, James Lewis, Paul Stevens, Jerry Norz. Ieski, Al Davis, Mike Piefrek, Mike McLoud, Bob Behrns, Tony ROW TWO: Phillip Stonsfield, Mike Heafhman, Lorne Wedeward, Jeff Ban, Bruce Jordan. BACK ROW: Bill Keso, Tschonz, Steve Vsrkwlen. ROW THREE: Tom Duersf, Howard Roy Bruckert. Johnson, Mike Powers, Tony Kemni'rz ROW FOUR: James MORROW 1M 2nd East FRONT ROW: Al Voter, Tony Urso ROW TWO: Mofl, Jock Coombs, Gerry Quoml ROW BACK ROW: Bill George Hoppen, Randy Will, Mike Sesterhenn. ROW THREE: Mixdorf, Rod Christiansen, Tom Prechel, Doug Slager. Gory Kassen, Mcrk Brederwolf, Dove Allison, Peter McCor- Steve Lewis, Bill Klumb, Jeff Barman, Ed Scoro, Jeff Tracy, mick, Poul Bosfrom, Kurf Westley, Steven Meicher. ROW P01 Joslin, Steve Weber, Greg Yelk, Mike Domres. FOUR: Randy Splinter, Dennis Richmond, Larry Bortol, Don 20d West - FRONT ROW: Don SChmidT' Ken Peters, Larry Nelson, Mark Orlovsky, Fred Demoff, Bill Gross, John Ficken, Arnold, Kuy Herpel, John Carlson, Gory Haberland, Mof- Dave Warczyfowa, Tom Erickson, Mike Brosk, Mark Sfosz- thew Huss ROW TWO: Jim Moore, Kurt Duckwifz, Mike monn, Dovid Muenchow. BACK ROW: Steve Hurd, Lorry Kolven, Poul Riporfellc, Mark Robe, Tod Bulin, Kevin Gosh. Gobbey, Tony Tobin, Willio Walker, Gory GarTmon, Mike ROW THREE: Eric MorriTT, Rick Erdmon, Doug Rohn, Poul Pfoschinski. 1 '12 MORROW 3rd East - FRONT ROW: Scott Christensen, Mark Roders, Don Devine, John Kus'rko, Steve Gorlick, Bill Joseph, Doug Black, Stefan Holushkay, David Kuchinski, Denny Boisen. ROW TWO: Morfin Purpi, Craig Lopp, Mike Smiley, Doug S'rein, Tom Pcrroft, Don Raube, Gary Sto'rz, Jeff Schultz, Gory Haloma, Tom Kennedy, Jeff Uffecht, Mark Reoso. ROW THREE: Don Grcf, John Smifz, Phil Konfer, Jeff Boigen- zohn, Steve Seponski. BACK ROW: Brad Cholpeou, Bob Clock, Steve PorTeus, Don Suiter, Chuck Scuder. Gordy STeck exhins iTems available of Morrow Hcll desk. MORROW 4 43 1'14 MORROW 3rd West - FRONT ROW: Jeff Brandt, Mike Robinson, Scott Steffer, Jerry Morrison, Greg Aldrion. ROW TWO: Joe Kee- gon, Aaron Braun, Steve McMorrow, Joe Arondt, Randy Foss. ROW THREE: Sheidon Schlicht, Deon Zoesch, Dove Will, Mike Winnemuller. Stewart Hebel, Tom Welsch. ROW FOUR: Eric Little, Greg Martin, Chuck Loefer. Kevin Carr, 41h East - FRONT ROW: John Olson, SCOTT Vander Heiden, Kevin Rodemocher, Jeff Biermon, Scott Nelson, Bob Mor- kowski, Brian Nimz, Dove Klein, Todd Ccrstensen. ROW TWO: Don Schuster, Rod Rogers, James Beyer, James Goldberg, John Scholz, Tim Fredrickson, Brion Swenson, Tom Grade, Brion Nerheim, Phil Rusch, Jeff Loefer, Kevin Corr, Tom Grade, Brian Nerheirn, Phil Rusch, Jeff Anderson. BACK ROW: Dave Johnson, Brion Wegner, Lorry Phiel, Mark Smetono, Tim Hertel, Dave Hinze, Mike Johcnek. Scott Jorns. Steve Herloche, Jason Bold, Greg DeChch, Marv Nelson, BACK ROW: Mike Endsley, Bill Renz, Bob Kriewold, Todd Mieike, Brion Kuhn, David Poscrske, Tim Russorf, John Kort, Karl Mayer, Buck White. $. 4th West - FRONT ROW: Joy Waldschmidt, Jim Walker, Holverson. BACK ROW: Brod Muecke, Phil Morfell, Terry Dennis Wifmer, John Chalk, Bob Eichner, Russ Kuenzi, Bryan Gesf, Dave Roome, John Pijonowski, Jim Weiland, Gory Buri, ROW TWO: Deon Steingrober, Bran? Harris, Paul Am- lmm, Scott Rueffen. brose, Todd Zuberbier, Bill Stoltz, Greg Hermonson, Jim Morrow's ironing boards are strong enough To hold Brion Nimz MORROW 1 15 Pickord Holl Pickord's Conference CenTer 1 46 PICKARD Pickord Hall is one of The newesT dorms on campus. Originally min as 0 conference cen- Ter, Pickord wos noT opened as a dorm unTiI 4975. Because H was originally buiIT as a conference cenTer Pickord's design iT roTher unique. The main sToircose in This co-ed dorm, locoTed cenTroIIy, ouows for beTTer communicoTion among residenTs because The wings have men on one side of The building and women on The oTher insTeod of being seporoTed by floors. Pickord Hall is named for Josiah L. Pickord who come To Wisconsin from MossochuseTTs in 4846 To become principal of The PloTTeville Acode- my. Pickord wenT on To serve as The Wisconsin SToTe SuperinTendenT of Public lnsTrucTion ond loTer held The posTs of Chicago school superin- TendenT and presidenT of The UniversiTy of Iowa. Once having a repuToTion for being wild, Pick- ord residenTs now porTicipoTe each fall in a run To LoCrosse or WhiTeoner, depending on where The UW-P fooTboll Team is playing. This is o funcTion To raise money for Badger Comp. LocoTed CT The very end of The row of dorms by The circle, mosT Pickord residenTs soy ThoT They don'T mind The long journey across com- pus. Hall Councll: FRONT ROW: Mork Rodwell, Dione Willis, Judy Fuerbringer, Janice Robinson. ROW TWO: DuWoyne Grie- penTrog, Ann Fuhrmon, Ronni Phillips, Dove Unbehoun, Hons Larsen. BACK ROW: Greg FisTer, Jim Schuessler, Meri Kay Nolan, Randy OTT, Mike Vornes. Pickord RAT Connie O'Brion sociolizes while sifting desk. Thompson. IC Er CK ROW: Kevin I Gk. BA ISZ Steve Boss ik'e B M Bryan Gorness Jim Sybers l Thomas Krenz Eu- Doug Goemon, mmex. ROW TWO: Allen Brewer i 'L Pete Jonisch, Dove Kuhnen, Jim Schuessler 151 East - FRONT ROW: Bill Schuber'r gene Abraham, Alon Rommel, Jim do. .em .mm me om Te InimP mm mT mm, mo DK .m S .pD K1. f we rV. em ac YR an. To TB oe cN S,e .orvwln WM, mm .mw mT S ew V eR f S. I Dan Morz, Craig Holzmiller, Charles Richards M7 PICKARD 2nd Floor - FRONT ROW: Scott Foss, Greg Lcmers, Tom Roling, Greg Decker, Rife: Bailey, Jeri Bischoff, Deb Fuhr- mann. ROW TWO: Debro Pellefier, Rose Onosko, Tommie Dunlap, Leslie Colleff, Hazel Coppernoll, Bob Juran, Trov Hardy, Judy Fuerbringer, Sandy Remington, Dee Schlagen- hoff, Lori McGuire, Carolyn Swenson, Mike Haas. ROW THREE: Jerry Ernsf, Steve Sfreicher, Randy Seifz, Ronnie 3' Axx J? 'l Dukelow, Lin Houth, Kathy Argo", Sheryl Dyksfro, Cindy Skifono, Dione Willis, Lori Gorvy. BACK ROW: Greg S'reinke, Mike Cafrine, Brion Wirfz, John Paquin, Sarah Seidler, John Reinicke, Jim Indy, Kathy Fitzgerald, Tommy Terrill, John Davis, Dono Boesfomi, Koren Buddin, Hons Larsen, Kevin Hansen, Kevin Keeffe, Brion Jacobson, Bob Mothers, Tom Polzkill, Curtis Miller, Mike Kohn, Tom Polich, Randy Oimoen. i W L w Surprise! These women from Pickord didn't expect To have their picture taken when the door opened! '1 48 PICKARD 3rd EasI - FRONT ROW: Gary Splinter, Dan Baker, Don Jerre Schlox, John Oleksy, Stuart Strangler, Richard Linden, Mark LoRosa, Craig Fisfer. Mark Dudek. ROW TWO: Dregne, Scott Pellock, Joe Bolles, Deloyne Longe, Albert Scott Spencer, Jim Wood. Gory Londsverk, Jack Guy, HrovaT, Mark Gibson Brian Brown, Doug Bolstod, Ron Sampson. BACK ROW: 3I'd Wes! - FRONT ROW: Joyce Fonis, Judy Launder, Bren- Christi Stock, Debbie Rasmussen, Meri Kay Nolan. BACK dc Fraedrich, Kathy Teig, Jon Kieslich, Brenda Knufson, ROW: Laura Sherman, Christine Tietyen, Lisa Byrne, Terrie Koren Gutknecht, Dixie Pettit. ROW TWO: Kathy Schmidt, Bockin, Cheryl Davis, Sandi Rothwell. Ronni Phillips, Erin Russell, Diane Johnson, Delores Griffith. PICKARD 1'19 Here is Randy's chance to be in pictures with M'A'S'H sTor Loretta Swif. 4th East - FRONT ROW: Mike Day, Boyd Spurley, Don Du- Craig Broos, Jim McKay, Mike Vornes, Jerry Lutzke, Dove coj, Jim Keeffe, Cur? Fokler, Peter Mayer. ROW TWO: Mike Lufzke, John Fritz, Don Zosfrow BACK ROW: Lorry Holland, Larsen, Mike Loronz, Dan Holloron, Jeff Beovois, Kevin Lcd- Chris Grady, Mark Stiefel. wig, Don Vosberg, Randy Spiess, Tom Schmift. ROW THREE: 120 PICKARD 4th West - FRONT ROW: Poul Furlano, Jerry SedIor, Brian Ookes. ROW TWO: SCOTT Leslie, Bob chifl, Tom Temple, Randy Koch, Don Fellows, Mark Robe, Jeff Behnke. ROW THREE: Poul Roscizewski, Robert Adams, Domimick Bierzy- F , W t ll!!! . , '"xmim 'Ill '5 "V'-.l."' , This Pickord resident has found The best way To keep his Norfolk pine growing while staying in Pickord. 83!: iii. m3? chudek, Mike Key, Chris Fritz, Lance Burger, Poul Logan. BACK ROW: Randy Ripp, Mike Kondrofuk, Don Hopkins. Tom Goldman, Allyn Dannhoff. 'i!' f "Wm; .. . ' 1 :3!!!.,,!gum : ; Two Pickord residents consul? a map for their nexf road trip. ' x PICKARD '121 PorTer HGII Come To The CoboreT The firsT undercloss co-ed hall on campus was PorTer Hall. Originally an all male dorm, PorTer included woman To iTs populoTion in 4974. Since 4974, PorTer Hall and CabareTs have been closely ossociaTed. The onnuoT dorm sponsored evenT consisTs of Three consecuTive nighTs of fun and exciTemenT. Their eosT base- menT serves as a coffeehouse sToge for ama- Teur TalenT found on PIaTTeviIle's own campus. The wesT bosemenT is a casino ThoT has every gombTer's dream, black jack, crops and a rou- leTTe wheel. The TV room provides The floor for dancing and live enTerToinmenT while The kiTchen serves a menu of various Types of food and grog. OTher PorTer evenTs incIude o CounTry NighT, compleTe wiTh c: belching and spiTTing conTesT, The TrodiTionol homemade pie confesT, and The end of The year PorTer Pig RoosT. Besides evenTs, PorTer Hall offers iTs residenTs on onosphere conducive To academic ochievemenT. Such achievemenT is aided by Their sTudy rooms and The new PorTer Library. OTher PorTer rooms include a darkroom, weighT room, pool room and o kiTchen. PorTer Holl offers iTs residenTs opporTuniTies for personal, social, academic, recreoTional and inTeIIecTucl development Truly TT is one of The mosT modern dorms on campus. Carl Palmer conTemploTes his nexT play as Koren Kreye woiTs in onTicipoTion. 422 PORTER 151 Floor - FRONT ROW: John Monocelli, Francis Farrell, Darrin Wilson, STeve Becker, Jim FolTersock, DieTer Bradley, Ted Bonholzer. Joe Nichols. ROW TWO: Jeff Ross, Eric Van Buren, ArT Kleinhenz. KcThy Nook, Cheryl Svensen, Deb ChrisTionson, Cheryl Tiffany, Tom Kroklow, Mike Tokus, Tom Williams, KoThy Kipp, Poul SmiTh. BACK ROW: Joel Blum, Kim Fairbanks. Lisa BornhardT, KoTy WiTTbroT, Down Drake, Borb Weidmonn, Jackie Buschor, Michelle Friederick, Joe Spika. ScoTT Hoffman, David Schmidt Daniel Wallace, Mike Neu- mcn. 2nd East - FRONT ROW: David Berlinger, Mike Von Blar- com ROW TWO: Randy Kellner, Don Davis. Mike Browne, von, Mark Keesey, Mike VonEvenhoven, Terry Schuelke. BACK ROW: Marlin Morsefh, Tony Melchor, Brian Miller, Tom Doering, Andy Weber, Scot? Helgeson. ROW THREE: Chuck Welch, Craig Horve. Tim Golecki, Duanne Muchow, Tim Schulgen, Sean Sulli- Why,would anyone want to come ?Q-Piotfe; ' ville after beingybomcndmised nearDenver. Colorado? You migm it you wanted to farm or , needed a change in environmenfbutmm is nof the case for the biond Chris Payne. As Power qursresidenf director. Payne ven- tured east fmmColorado Stqfe where he had , beenycstjdenjgssistqnf for ,3 years and a , graduate n 980; He becamewimgkeresfedin- Piot'teviile whanhediscovered Thesfructure of , the nonsing program. 2n a same. he found if;1o ; beless resmcfive; H a , .. 1 Beingifrom 'COiOIodo, many woutd imagine H ; difficwf 1'0 vadjus-t to southwestern, Wisconsin; , , Actuattyr.,icms,fomd if to be c: smoothtransiw , fion ondwtfl gamete this May with his Mosfers In: Guidance CounSeling and, an emphasis in 'couegesfudem persomehr Chris has many, ideas about thistcareer for 119 wouid :ike fo- becoms inV'olved in groupmancgemenf wifh- in businesses and cpmpcnies.: PORTER '123 Morning Has Broken 2nd West - FRONT ROW: Morihelen Denning, Koren Moinworing, Jeri James, Kathy Kewin. BACK ROW: Mary Yeager, Sue Olsen, Joan Jonssen, Paulo Coonen, Evc Nix, McMahon. Koren Curfmcn, Susie Barr, Alison Tevlin, Beth Allison Hill, Barb Jenfz, ROW TWO: Robin Anderson, Cori Henderson, Cynthia BIodgeTT, Polly Sherman, Kate Abbott, Quin, Jammie Triggs, Terri Derdzinski, Marcia Gaskin, Kim Potty Heimerl, Ann Menning, Cindy Fredrickson. 424 PORTER 3rd Floor - FRONT ROW: Richard J Smith, Carol John, Mike land, Janeen Hagen, Tonya James, Cheryl O'Connell, Eric Hennes, Cindy Showers, Don Bird, Beth Reid, Pete Longlois. Frozen, Bob Hort, Chris Van Roy, Sharon Schmid, Donna ROW TWO: Kay Evers, Joe Schuh, Sheila Williams, Mimi Nelson, Linnea Lindell,Bruce Ludolph. Flynn, Jennifer Poulson, Louro Snorek. BACK ROW: Kris Oh- 3rd Floor - FRONT ROW: Todd Williams, Karen Kreye, Paul Rose Chose, Liso Rowe, John Riske. BACK ROW: Barbara Hodge, Mary Keough ROW TWO: Jill Pellowski, Sally Nichols, Mary Beams, Frances Fish, Sherry Hill, Wayne Palm- Goefsch, Lynn Roy, Barbara Zimmerman, Joy Klubertanz, er, Joe Neffum, Jim Linden, Lyle Poch, Randy Efernick PORTER 425 426 PORTER 49h East - FRONT ROW: Robert Frouchiger, Mike Dedrick, John Soblel Mike Gill. Mike Murphy, Tim Kossens, Tom Kuenzi, Roger Walton. ROW TWO: Mark Dedrick, Doug Hipenbecker, Mott Olson, POT Spillane, Don Bolond, Tom Diehl, Joe Kelley, Dove Wilhelmi, Darin Donelski. ROW THREE: Greg Stanosz, Dove Fronson, Mike Ripp, Gory Ellen- bolf, Jeff Mcordlei, Rock Spillane, Ken Fisher, Kurt Nach- reiner, Mark Ducklow. BACK ROW: Steve Guldsmifh, Mike Wright, Din Jokubisin, Bill Hirschinger, Jim Meronek, Phil Bro- chocki. You know who? you need? You need To have an affair wiTh me! Tom Krcklow anticipates munching-ouf on fresh popcorn. 4th West - FRONT ROW: Charles Deery, Mike Loughrin, Mil'r Meixelsperger, John Hagen, Howard Henrich. BACK ROW: McPike, AI Gregory ROW TWO: Don HenTrich, Dave Ja- Dennis Wilken, Chris Droes, Greg chkes, AI Geberf, Dan cob, Tim Sladek, Stanley Berg, John Hrer, Dove Hilsfrol. MarcoTT, WiIISchmid1, Rick Pe1ermon. ROW THREE: Muff Crow, Nolan Teigen, Don Wagner, Dove PORTER '127 Wilgus Hall bears The name of quiTe a scholar James A. Wilgus. Born and raised in Conover, Ohio he was 46 when he enTered The prepa- Tory deparTmenT of Ohio STaTe UniversiTy in 1888. AfTer a career as an assisTanT professor in HisTory and LaTin he came To PlaTTevilIe Nor- Wilgus H 0" mal School in 1895. He reTired in 4939. Villilgus isdThe 30-?d aorm wiThArlnosle uppber- . cass an gra ua e s udenTs. arge num er Upper-CIGSS HOUSIng of foreign sTudenTs adds cuiTural diversiTy To , L The dorm. This year Wilgus obTained a fifTh "Ky floor, someThing no oTher dorm on campus has ever had. Because of dorm overcrowding. The Royce GuesT CenTer was converTed To Tem- porary housing. Those residenTs were annexed To Wilgus creaTing "FifTh NorTh EasT Wilgus." Wilgus has been very acTive This year in many areas such as being a co-winner for The halls in The Homecoming compeTiTion, sponsoring The fifTh annual ChrisTmas ParTy for underprivi- Iedged children, and Throwing The second an- nual AnTi-Florida Beach ParTy. Wiigus is also The birThpIace of The PlaTTevilIe chapTer of The Garfield fan club. The hall's mascoT is The Pink PanTher and The Wilgus slogan is "Home of The SophisTicaTed." 1 E031 - FRONT ROW: Tom Moberly, VincinT Shaw, Sunny Goya, Joe Hughes, Brian Boehm, Dave Wheeler. ROW TWO: Barry Reicher. Woi-Kheng Soon, Hinhsomcha Phouy- banhydT, Jim SchwarTz, MarTyaBuschor, Greg PainTer, Mike Perkins, Dave Willems, Mark Krause, STeve Snyder. BACK ROW: Ron Schleicher, Paul Pape, Carl Coffey, Jeff Town- send, Doug Burg. 428 WILGUS 1:! West - FRONT ROW: Jeff Spiller, Chris Begelow, Jeff Richter, Poul Jerome, Tom Tommef, Rocky Ayers, Bob Frie- bel, Jeff Wolfe. BACK ROW: Randy Zahn. Zeke Bouling, Ken Kreis, Mike Show, Tom Diemre, Don Hafferkomp, Cheif Co- Iiva, John Salter. m um v 2nd East - FRONT ROW: Ellie Bollard, Twilo DeJong, Jane Edgar, Becky Lamb, Teia Nelson ROW TWO: Suzy Sohner, Sue Hoog, Juli Larson, Dione Molter, AHce ArneH. ROW THREE: Pam Anderson, Penny Todder, Shohreh Rezozodeh, Kathy Lund, Dawn Roe Jones, Jill Schiesl. BACK ROW: Sue Kinsman, Mary Knudsen, Shioo-Whong Wong, Laura Wieh- man, Eleanor Deyo, Terry Reed, Jean Schmiff, Corolie Elmer, Judy Noworotzky Paul, a Wilgus resident, dresses on The way 10 class. WILGUS 429 g? L 2nd Wesf - FRONT ROW: Teri Curtis, NOHCY Williams, Ce- Koehler, Jonef Schneider, Mario Croemer, Margo Ploy- Iesfe Childs, Daria Hoeder, Nancy Owens, POTTiSheo, Susan mon, Michelle Klein, Paulo Breyer. BACK ROW: Sue Nosf, Oechsle, Loreffo Spry, Carol Williams, ROW TWO: Eileen Leslie Larson, Brooke Wolfram. Boufch, Ruth Marshall, Su Gen Wei, Jackie Groshek, Judy 3rd East-FRONT ROW: Jim Wolz,JefchPike,Dennis Ryan, Hendrickson, Carl Rouschl Jody Carroll, Greg HorT, Chris Byron Anderson, Rick Clark, Darin Melinl Mark Nelson. ROW Sanders. BACK ROW: CurT BueTow, Greg McNonerl Mike TWO: Scott Luchferhand, Karl Meyer, Poul Majors. Jerry Berthold, Kurt Wronovsky, Steve Bcudhuin 130 WILGUS Curtis Buefow and Chuck Frufh realize the? something fishy is going on in Dormlond. I 3rd West FRONT ROW: Don Rux, Phil Mikolofsky, Mitch Fitzsimmons, Gory Vondenbush, Eric Koerner, Dovid Pellock, Eric Christensen, Tim Temby, Kol Kerlin. ROW Probst, Jeff Moreno. BACK ROW: Rick Morgan, Jim TWO: Wes Johnson, Ron Allen, Dole Schmidfnechf, Ridens, Steve Schulto, Warren White, John Oksos, Mcxc Doug Wilken, Dove Mlsna, Jerry Weise, Bill Meier, Scott Loewecke, Jeff Verhosseff, Willard Pierce. Jones ROW THREE: John Arnevik, Jerry Poulsen, Doug WILGUS 434 3rd E08? ROYCO-FRONT ROWI BillGorvin,Don Byrnes,Bob THREE: Tom Guelzow, Randy Bird, Gory Klismifh, Kevin Getka, Jim GOITZ. Randy Genthe ROW TW01 Dove Comp- Chambers. Chris Murawski. BACK ROW: Pot Kipp, Tony bell, Tony Miles, Tony Avery, Dove DuFour, Kevin MacDom Boye, Scott Williams, Dove Kipp, Peter Lifersky. old, Jeff Lemens, Lee Rademon, Don Dobmeyer. ROW H 41h East - FRONT ROW: Alon Grossmann, Anthonf Vobgh- Don Kinos. ROW FIVE: Ron Hering, Tom Hughes, Joel Knot- ese. ROW TWO: Roger Schneider, Todd Seeley, Mike son, Dove Jackson. ROW SIX: Rick Hifzemonn, Chuck Tin- Po'rzlsberger. ROW THREE: Duane Boebel, Steve Yaroch. eher, Brion STine. Garret McMahon. BACK ROW: Kody ROW FOUR: Rich Marfilius, Ed Dumholf, Eugene Koehler. Koepke, John Cook, Joy Quobius. 132 ROYCHWILGUS 41h West - FRONT ROW: Dennis Flofhom, John Bertram, Mike Curley, Jon Mohrmann, Randy Ziegler, Tim Herrick, Jim Koschf, Bob Buening, Keith Guenfher. ROW TWO: Poul Far- rell, Alan Raichel, Randy Schneider, Roger HerriTz, Ken Mark Nelson proves That oIl-nighters still exist. Wolfher, Allan VanderGrinfen, Jim Dunphy BACK ROW: Tom Ryan, Paul Schmidt, Steve Keeney, John Rohde, Jim Marsh, Tom Huempfner. WILGUS 133 134 SPORTS wwwlwurw Above: Rugby is a team sport that requires a lot of determination. Right: A large amount of time and energy was shown by the women of the field hockey team during the season. 136 CAMPUS SPORTS Campus SporTs SomeThing For Everyone Things are consTonle changing here oT PloTTevilIe ond These changes are usu- ally mode for one main reason - To improve The campus. For insTonce, our oThIeTic deporTmenT. A person doesn'T have To be a member of The fooTbolI or boskeTboIl Team To be involved in The deporTmenT. The inTromurol pro- gram has grown by leaps and bounds, and The oThleTic fociIiTies have been improved. AlmosT 90 percenT of The sTudenT body is involved in some Type of inTromurol ocTiviTy. STudenTs choose from sofTboll, flog fooTboII, boskeTboll, ond volley- bolT. There are also newer games such as broom boll, ping pong, Tennis, golf, orchery, bodmiTTen, ond wresTling. These ocTiviTies ore noT very imporTonT noT only To each individual porTiciponT buT To The overall onosphere of The PIoTTeviIIe campus. This involvemenT al- lows sTudenTs To work TogeTher. To meeT oThers, To relax, and To sToy fiT. AnoTher group ThoT has been formed is The Rugby Club. The oddiTion of This sTudenT organized club has brood- ened PloTTeviIle's idenTiTy ond broughT ouTside oTTenTion To our campus. As for as The change of The fociliTies, eoch Team has received some form of improvemenT To occomodoTe The members. The fieldhouse has under- gone heovy renovoTion and now makes The visitors and The home Teom more comforToble. All of These improvemenTs and changes have been broughT obouT wiTh sTudenT inTeresT ond involvemenT in mind. The developmenT ond growTh of The oThleTic deporTmenT hos cre- oTed o deeper inTeresT for sporTs here oT UW-P. by Linda Ponkou ond KoThy Doruff Above: The Pioneers ended Their season wiTh o 6-4 record, and provided Their fons wiTh many exciting momenTs. CAMPUS SPORTS 137 T.V. Coverage NOT As Easy As ABC On SoTurdoy, OcTober '10, The PIoTTe- ville - STouT fooTboII game was To be broadccsT on The ABC Television neT- work. IT was To be The firsT Wisconsin STcTe UniversiTy Conference TWSUCT fooTbaII game ever TelecosT by a neT- work. The game was announced no- Tionwide on ABC's Monday NighT FooT- boll. AIThough announcers Howard Co- sell and Frank Gifford didn'T know where eiTher school was IocoTed, They provided naTionol exposure for boTh PIaTTeviiie 0nd STouT. AThIeTic DirecTor John BorTh commenTed ThaT, "You con'T buy ThoT odverTising." A Pioneer sneaks by a LoCrosse defender for some exTro yardage. '138 FOOTBALL When The big day acTuolly arrived no game was Televised. The problem was , reporTedIy on equipmenT one, noT hu- man error and could noT be correcTed in Time To air The game. Fons were dis- appoinTed by This mishap and also by The ouTcome of The game. The Pio- neers IosT To The Blue Devils 24 To 7. The Pioneers had on overall record of 6-4 and a 4-4 record in The WSUC This year. Coach George ChrysT Tried To summarize The season as besT he could. TTI ThoughT we had some bad Things happen To us buT we never quiT. I guess I'm mad CT The bad weoTher and The injuries we susToined." Many games ThoT The Pioneers played in mis- erable condiTions. For example, The Homecoming game ogoinsT UW-Osh- kosh when The Pioneers foughT The rain and wind, and losT To Oshkosh 24-3. Or The Superior - PIoTTeviIIe game when a gusTing wind easily puT The wind chill fccTor below zero. This year The Pioneers placed eighT players on The AIl-Wisconsin SToTe Uni- versiTy conference fooTboli Team. FRONT ROW: Koren Kreye. Nancy Sayers, Kim Jordon. ROW TWO: Gary Overshow, Marcia Gcskin, Jill Kieslich, Dione Bonfield, Tim Kassons. ROW THREE: Tamara Sfrehlow, POT Spillane, Rock 5 . Q 3 r FRONT ROW: Lorry Hendel, Mike Dalton, Doug McArthur, Terry Griebling, Bill Lucey, Mike Rohr- wosser. Jeff Moem, Dove Zoesch, Greg Kuhs. Steve Bech'rolf. ROW TWO: Mike Evanoff, Seth Studnicko, Larry Schmalz, Duane Kilby, Jeff Tim- mer, Chuck Volfner, Mark Werbeckes, Chris Zy- gorlicke, Tim Lawrence, Skip Anders, Jeff Olney. George Vorish. ROW THREE: Phi! Micech, Mark Rowley, Scott Herrmon, Joe Schulte. Jim Gerriffs, Steve Schouf, Kevin Devenporf, Mike Tronel, Spillane, Vicki Weber, BACK ROW: Mike Gill. Dove Bouffcrd, Timothy Jones, Doug Fitzsim- rnons, Mork Gibbons, John Perrizo, Sean Cowley, Gordy Sfeck, Rod Christiansen, John Trixier. ROW FOUR: Tom Mo- son, Mike Kissling. Russ Fiene. Milt McPike, John Chavez, Greg Blonde, Bob Clelond, Eric Bahner. Brion Gobin, Chris VcnRoy, Steve Lewis, John La- Ior. Dick Heffy, Larry Brown, John Brengosz. ROW FIVE: Willie Walker, Rudi Feller, Jerome Hendrick- son, Harland Melbye, Don Prioulx, Gory Pron- chinske, Kevnn boy, KIIK pnnsrenson, Kurt HO- chinske, Bob Mikoto, Dave Bender, Don Morz. ' :3- 3 ' 3 g 3 z: s: V Bruce Carlson, Tom Harrison, Deon Hull, Joe Pickel, Ted Pinz. BACK ROW: Head Coach George Chrysf. Dennis Jones, Coach Tim Martin- elli, Coach Wally Iselin, Coach Sam Eddy, Don Wohlleber, Mark Vondenplas. Marty Sfurzl, Darrin McLimons, John Kenney, Roddy Streeter. Tom Modlinski, Coach Jeff Edwards, Coach Vernon Vrodenburg. FOOTBALL 139 FRONT ROW: BeTh Dye, Therese Schubring, Mi- chele McCabe, Pom Schlesner, Julie LeisTen, Kathy Teig, Beth CuHen, Koren Joeger. BACK ROW: PaTTy Russeil, Jeonon AIYosiri, Lori Zimmer- man, Jackie Glenn, Tommy Achermon, Liso Wetk, Gino Havens, June Vogel, Julie Kins, Amy Klessigl MO FOOTBALL Football lndiono Central River Rolls UW-LcCrosse UW-WhiTeoner UW-Sfout UW-Oshkosh UW-Superior UW-Eou Claire Sf. Norbert UW-STevens Point Left: Darrin McLions pulled out of The pack and contributed to 0 28-9 win over UW- Sfevens Point. Below: Willie Walker, $3, anticipates a catch as 0 Superior defender looks on FOOTBALL M1 FRONT ROW: Paul Logan, Jay Ochs, Mike Flora, Harriers Run DespiTe shin splinTs and pulled muscles, The UW-P cross counTry Team puT many miles on Their running shoes ThroughouT The year. The Harriers finished fifTh ouT of nine Teams in The'WSUC conference This year. They also received an honorable menTion in The NAIA Top 15 rankings This year which gave Them naTional recog- niTion. Tony Melchor received The WSUC's runner of The week award in November. "IT was good recogniTion for doing well in The meeT", Melchor . FRONT ROW: Dirk Hooks, Ricky BooTh, AI WojTa- siak, Tony Melchor, STeve Rouse, Brian Boehnan, Tim Lang, Rich McLaughlin, John DougherTy, 142 GOLF CROSS COUNTRY Golfers Have PoTenTiaI Randy Luchsinger, Mike Douglass, Jeff Novinska. For Miles said, and added ThaT he would like To see more recogniTion for The enTire Team. The Harriers performed Their besT aT The LuTher lnviTaTional in Sep- Tember, where They placed Third ouT of 16 Teams. Coach Tom Vail said of nexT years Team, llWe have a greaT nucleus coming back sonly Ricky BooTh will be losT To The Team due To groduaTion; l'm really happy and jusT can'T waiT unTil nexT AugusT." Barry Flesch, Coach Tom Vail. BACK ROW: AI GeberTl Doug Debroux, MaTT Briehl, Brad Miller. Paul Dahms, John Williams, Rollie FausT, Jay New- AlThough Coach Glen BesTor believed ThaT This year he had The besT golf Team in The 49 years he has been aT PlaTTeville, The Team sTill finished sixTh in The WSUC. BesTor also sTaTed ThaT The conference has improved as more Wisconsin STaTe golfers are sTaying in sTaTe for college. The golfers finished Their season aT The Menadji Golf Course in Superior aT The conference championship in OcTober. The Team was led by senior Bob Flesch. who Took medalisT honors aT The UW- Oshkosh Open in SepTember wiTh a round of 75. OTher golfers This year were freshmen Jay Ochs and Paul Lo- gan, sophomore Mike Flora, senior Randy Luchinger, and senior Mike Douglas, 0 four year leTTer winner for UW-P. Coach BesTor was pleased wiTh The poTenTial of his Team This year, and wiTh The facT ThaT all Team members were capable of shooTing in The 70's. Golf LaCrosse lnviTaTional - 5Th of 9 STevens PoinT Open - 7Th of 44 Oshkosh Open - 4Th of 9 Oshkosh sMascoTim - 4Th of 9 Conference meeT - 6Th of 9 Cross CounTry Mid American Cross CounTry championship - 42Th of 26 Tom Jones lnviTaTional - 8Th of M CarThage lnviTaTional - 8Th of 24 WSUC and NAIA DisTricT 44 Championship - 5Th of 9 NCAA Division III MidwesT regional - 7Th of 29 mann, Jeff Nedobeck, Russ Soukup, Blayne Kirsch, NaTe WeTzel. BooTers Rebuild Team The BooTers finished The season wiTh a 5-9-3 win loss Tie record This season. Coach Fred Eberlein said ThaT The sea- son was one of rebuilding, The Team had six and seven freshmen as sTarTers. Four of IaST years sTarTers didn'T reTurn because of conflicTs wiTh academic scheduling. Eberlein commenTed ThaT The BooTers FRONT ROW: Luis Garcia, John Rohde, Eduwigez Ruiz, ira Hansen. ROW TWO: Toby Bares, Jack Timm, Jeff Gendron, STeve Neder, Denny Boisen, Coach Eberlein. ROW THREE: Bill BanTa, Rick Ben- son, Bryan Lewis, Paul Hauser, Mark Rice, Kheired- Ripon BeloiT MaycresT Grinnell Cornell Coe NorTh CenTral Parkside ooAcIJromw-x wmo-xow-s-x-x improved greaTIy over The season. He said ThaT The besT played game was againsT UW-Parkside in November. Even Though The Team IosT, They showed hussle, deTerminaTion, and played well TogeTher. Seven of The players were on The All DisTricT 44 Team This year. They are Luis Garcia, Rick Benson, Jack Timm, and dine Ferrah, Rick Blazier. BACK ROW: SCOTT Hay- man, ScoTT Way, Jeff Borland, Tim. Fredrickson, Dane Jensen, Jerre Schlax, Mark Voss, Bruce Ber- gold. Green Bay Milwaukee Madison AugusTana ST. NorberT WhiTewaTer WarTberg MiITon AAAOAOAO I OAMMQOOO STeve Neder. Neder was The DisTricT '14 goalie for The second year in a row, and holds The record for greaTesT num- ber of saves. In his four year career, he has made over 700 saves for The PIaT- Teville Team. Neder was also capTian of The Team This year. The oTher booTers were Tim Fredrickson, Jeff Gendron, and ScoTT Way, who re- ceived honorable menTions. Hussle and deTerminaTion help This booTer geT The ball To The goal. SOCCER 443 Ruggers Lose To Injuries ,. SIN kw "-s' e,. L; . .lw L. . 5k FRONT ROW: Dove Biegonski, SCOTT FreyeT ROW TWO: Doug Gasser, Jeff Lang, Chris Peters, Jim Berenz, Dan Longkcmp, Pout RiporTello. ROW THREE: Steve Anderson, Jim Deichmonn. Bill Me- hony. John Conrad. Bill Koller, Mike Johnson, Bur- Ruggers form a scrum posiTion To Try and gain possession of The ball. 144 RUGBY neTT Johnson, Brion YoIiTz, Jeff Bloch, Mark Stolz- monn, Darin Melin. Rexford Newcomb IIIT ROW FOUR: J.D. Bordonner, Charles Deery. TimoThy Hoppenjon, Sid Mueller, John PrendergcsT, Jeff Biermon, Greg Anderson, Gory Johnson, James Gary Indiana Quad CiTy Irish UniversiTy of Illinois NorThern Illinois UniversiTy Eou Claire Madison Buggs. BACK ROW: Mike Brask, Michael Pleshek, Doug Durrenberger, Dove Jacob. Bill GriTTinger, Eric Hermon, Jim Mowhinney, Joy Nickel, Royce Rowedder. The PIoTTeville Rugby ended This year's season wiTh a 3-7-0 record. "We should have had a beTTer record," re- flecTed co-copToin Dave Biegonski. "MosT of The games were close. We never IosT big To anyone." The Team losT 40 players To injuries, including five sTorTers, which could occounT for some of Their losses. Says Biegonski, "We had good personnel To replace Those in- jured, buT They locked in experience." The PlaTTeville Rugby Club has been in exisTence since The spring of 4977. In ThoT Time They have developed an A Team and o B Team, and have gained universiTy supporT for The Team. Their spiriT in unbeoToble. Keep iT up guys. MorqueTTe STT Olaf of MinnesoTo CorThoge Racine LoCrosse Ripon Field Of Fun Field Hockey isn'T one of The "con- venTional" sporTs Oike fooTbaII or base- baID mosT of us have grown up wiTh. Nine members of This year's Team were firsT year players, and had To be TaughT The fundemenTaIs of The game. Coach Barbara GaTes said ThaT over The sea- son, There was much improvemenT in The Team and if They reTurn nexT year, ABOVE: Janice Olson Trys To keep her Oshkosh opponent away from The ball. PIaTTevilIe IosT To The. women ShOUld have 0 sTrong, ex- Oshkosh 4-2. penenced young Team. Janice Olson was named mosT valu- F able player, and was also voTed To The a DiVISion "I WIAC 0" conference Tecm' STevens PoinT wmtewmer Olson and Sharon STude were co-cap- LuTher Green Bay Tains. River Falls LaCrosse LaCrosse LuTher . Green Bay Oshkosh AIThough The women had a dismal Chicago Rive, Falls season, wiTh an overall record of 0-42, They really enjoyed The game and "gave iT Their all" whiTe playing. FRONT ROW: Janice Olson, Jenny PorTer, Cindy MeTcalf, Vicki Dahl, Cindy lhm. ROW TWO: Sharon STude, Coach Lisa STerr, Virginia Dryer, Irene Kendall, Diane Fairbanks, Diane Bowen. BACK ROW: Kaye Gagnon, Lorilee Jones, Irene Bialobrzeski, Coach Barbara Gates. FIELD HOCKEY 145 Rebuilding Year For The Pioneers Basketball Dubuque 60-54 Loras 78-64 Milton 83-64 Western IL 422-85 81. Ambrose 93-86 UW Whitewater 96-74 UW La Crosse 57-58 UW Stout 67-68 Porkside 84-67 , IL Wesleyan 74-74 4 UW Ecu Claire 427-67 Mount Mercy 56-59 Dubuque 75-69 ' UW Milwaukee 57-52 4 UW Oshkosh 82-69 4 UW Superior 68-86 UW River Eolls 88-74 UW Stevens Point 89-46 UW Eau Claire 88-74 uw Oshkosh 71-73 4 UW Sfevens Point 86-56 UW La Crosse 77-60 UW Sfouf 54-48 UW Superior 69-84 UW River Falls LEFT: Mark Rossetfo shoots despite an aggressive Dubuque player. FRONT ROW: Dennis Boumonn, Ted Mizak, Deon Tompkins, Pot Franzen, Steve Neder, Mike Douglas, Tony Neff, Tom Modlinski. BACK ROW: Jeff Weisensel, Mike Ehler, Lorry Bylsma, Mark Rosse'rfo, Gary Pearson, Bob Fosick, Tom Steinhaus, Ron Gurley, Tim Lovin. 446 MEN'S BASKETBALL BELOW: Mike Ehler puTs up a jump shoT. Coach Dick WadewiTz was disappoinT- ed wiTh The Pioneer men's baskeTbaII Team This year, even Though The Team had some ouTsTanding performances by individuals during The season. Mike Douglas, who was second in scor- ing on The Pioneer Team, was named To The WSUC firsT aIl-conference Team. Mike Ehler received honorable men- Tion. Ehler led The Pioneers in scoring wiTh 487 poinTs and pulled down 468 rebounds during The season. Tony Neff led The Pioneers in assisTs wiTh 79. According To WadewiTz, This year was a rebuilding year for The Pioneers be- ' cause of a lack in Their defense. "We didn'T respond well on defense; we were weak in defensive rebounds", commenTed WadewiTz. ThroughouT The season, freshman Mike Ehler proved To be a major asseT To The Team. In Their game againsT WesTern Illinois, EhTer was high scorer wiTh 30 poinTs. "One player cannoT carry The Team", commenTed WadewiTz, "The young freshmen improved wiTh every game buT They didn'T have The exper- ience To win The game". According To WadewiTz, The Pioneers will be looking for improvemenT over The summer. The Pioneers will be look- ing for a sTrong forward and someone wiTh size for nexT year's Team. MEN'S BASKETBALL 147 Pioneers STrive To Win 1984-82 Women's BaskeTball Team ex- cened boTh on and off The courT. Even Though The Team's win and loss sTaTisTics were noT high, The Team was successful in many oTher aspecTs. Ac- cording To many of The players, much of The crediT wenT To The senior cap- Tian, Janice Olson, usually referred To as J. 0. Olson was crediTed as being The forerunner of The Team. This years' Team was made up of one senior, Three juniors, four sophomores, 148 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL and seven freshmen. Being a young Team hindered The success of The Pio- neers, buT whaT They lacked in exper- ience was made up by pracTicing long hard hours. According To many, This Team possessed a sense of cohesive- ness ThaT was never presenT in pasT years. The Women's BaskeTball Team had a good aTTiTude before every game and a greaT deal of supporT for each member was shown boTh on and off The courT. One obsTacle ThaT was overcome by The Team and sTaff was The dismissal of Coach Jennifer Burna. IT was one more problem ThaT The Pioneers had To face, buT Through good forTune, AssisTanT Coach CurT FaTzinger Took over The responsibiliTies of head coach, and broughT The Team To a remarkable end. The IasT games of The season proved To be a Turning poinT for The Team. Players and fans alike are look- ing forward To The reTurn of many good players nexT season. LEFT: Will PlcTTeviIIe get The ball? Platfeville's number 32 is determined To Tip The basketball our way. BELOW: Sarah Seidler takes a shot despite intense guarding. Basketball UW River Falls UW Stevens Poinf Upper Iowa 81. Norber? UW Eou Claire Upper Iowa ST. Ambrose UW Porkside Univ. of Dubuque FRONT ROW: Cindy Mefcclf, Kelly Fatzinger, Krista Wolf, Vickie Dohl, Janice Olson. ROW TWO: Sue Kuschewski, Laura Tremaine, Suzy Solfner, Jone Yeomans. Lois Peorf, Valerie Koch. BACK ROW: Coach Cur? Fatzinger, Mary Jo Venturelli, Laura Cook, Sarah Seldler, Koren Budden, Kim Schnick WOMEN'S BASKETBALL 149 Grapplers 2nd In Conference The Pioneer grapplers opened The 4984-82 season in November wiTh a sTrong show aT The LuTher College TournamenT. The Tourney emphasized Takedowns and Randy Hardyman led The PlaTTevilIe Team wiTh 30. Individual championships wenT To Chuck Donar T426 lst and Dennis Miller T490 lst. Coach Wally Iselin was pleased wiTh The overall performance of The Team The Pioneers defeaTed WarTburg Col- lege in Their firsT dual meeT of The sea- son wiTh The wresTlers winning six maTchers. The Team also parTicipaTed in The UW-WhiTewaTer TournamenT and aT ThaT poinT were ranked eighTh naTionally in The NCAA Division I". By mid January The grapplers were siT- Ting on Top of an undefeaTed confer- ence record. A big meeT Took place aT The Williams Fieldhouse as enThusias- Tic PIaTTeviIIe wresTling fans cheered The 7Th ranked Pioneers on To vicTory over 4Th ranked UW WhiTewaTer. As The season was on The way ouT, The Pioneer wresTlers earned a vicTory over in Their final home meeT againsT WresTIing WarTburg College UW STevens PoinT Ripon College UW WhiTewaTer LuTher College UW La Crosse UW STouT This Pioneer grappler shows his opponenT who is boss. 150 WRESTLING La Crosse. They also finished Third aT The Upper Iowa TournamenT. AIThough The Pioneers led ThroughouT mosT of The conference meeT, which was held aT Eau Claire, They placed second To Oshkosh. Duane Groshek U 77 lbsh was The only Pioneer To come away wiTh a championship by defeaTing previously unbeaTen Jim Erickson of STevens PoinT. Don Donar T434 lbs; Randy Narges T458 lbs; and Jeff EasTIick 090 lbsi earned second place honors. Ned Laughery U26 Ist and John Dobbs placed Third; TheavyweighD Took fourTh. Four PlaTTeville wresTlers parTicipaTed in The NCAA Division III meeT afTer qualify- ing in The NaTional Qualifying Tourna- menT held aT UW STevens PoinT. Jeff Novinska 026 lbs; Don Donar T434 Jeff Jenkins. lst. Jeff David U50 lst, and Jeff EasTIick C190 Ibsg were The four wres- Tlers who make The Trip To CorTland, New York. Jeff Novinska finished aT 6Th in The naTion and Jeff David capTured The spoT of 7Th in The naTion. The Pioneers had Two Team members compeTe in The NAIA TournamenT held in Oregon. John Dobbs represenTed PlaTTevilIe aT 458 lbs., while Duane Gro- shek wresTled aT 467 lbs. DespiTe bouTs of injuries and disap- poinTmenTs, The PlaTTeville wresTling Team had a season To be proud of. Already Their sighTs are seT on nexT year. FRONT ROW: Jeff Novinska, Jess Venfer, Ed Koffmon, Todd Leoffelholz, David Unbehaun, Steven Massey, Steve Porteus, Vogel Grofe, Randy Hordymcn. BACK ROW: Scott Modsen, Ned Laughery, Jeff David, John Dobbs, Dennis Miller, Randy Narges, Jeff Eosfick, Duane Groshek, John . Seippel, Don Donor. WRESTLING '15'1 Gymnosts Hove Determination Gymnastics UW Whitewater UW Stout UW River Falls UW La Crosse UW La Crosse UW Whitewater 9945-965 8.5-1'125 96.85-90.85 118-9025 1223-4048 408-88.6 ABOVE LEFT: Practice makes perfect. This philos- ophy is proven true by the hondstond of this gymnast ABOVE: Excellent form is shown here by gymnast Loni Hoiberstodt. The UW Plotteville women's gymnas- tics teom completed in strong confer- ence this year and were consequently up against tough competition. Meets with UW Oshkosh, a three time national champion in the team's divi- sion UW Lo Crosse, ond UW Eou Claire were challenging experiences for the gymnasts, especially for a seven mem- ber team with only one uppercloss- mon. Coach John said "vaulting wos prob- ably our highest scoring event, with floor being really close". John felt that their weokest event was the parallel bars: the team tried to improve their endurance throughout their practices in order to do well in this event. in their meet ogoinst UW La Crosse, the gymnasts scored 404 points, the most the woman's gymnastic team had ever scored. Coach John contributed this feet to the team's hord practices in which they did a lot of power tum- bling to improve endurance. John cited Loni Holberstodt as the team's strongest oII-oround, with Jessi- co Scheppers as the most improved gymnast over lost year, and Nancy Owens as the team's coptoin. In some of their meets, the Pioneers found it difficult to be as competitive as they would like to be due to their small team. However, Coach John said spirits remained high and everyone got along well as a team. FRONT ROW: Loni Holberstodt, Robin Mitchell, Kathy Meyer. Coach Deb John, Nancy Owens, Jessica Scheppers, Ann Menning, Joan Jonssen. 152 GYMNASTICS Smol Team Big ln EnThusiasm AIThough The men's gymncsTics Team was small in number, The skills of each individual more Then compensaTed for The lock of Team parTiciponTs. Coach Roch commenTed Tth The Team members are under a IoT of pres- sure when They perform. nIf one mem- ber has on off day, iT offecTs The whole Team". PIcTTeville's sTrong aII-around gym- nosTs, Todd Zuberbier, SCOTT Flesner, and Eric Hawkins provided a sTrong foundoTion for The Team; conTribuTing The major porTion of poinTs To The Team's overall poinTs. In Their meeT Gymnwics againsT UW WhiTeoner, Hawkins, - uw Whitewmer 422.40-437.95 Flesner, and freshman Hons TrcuT UWLa Crosse 485.75-454.95 scored over 400 of PIoTTeviIle's 437.95 T uw STouT 17845-44345 points, UW La Crosse 490.8-45347 UW La Crosse 48705-45040 Overall, Coach Roch felT ThoT The Team had improved considerably ThroughouT The season. uThe Team has been procTicing wiTh a loT of enThusi- osm 0nd inTensiTy which has improved our performances", commenTed Roch. ABOVE RIGHT: The rings prove To be no problem FRONT ROW: SCOTT Flesner, Perry Hondziak, Eric Homkins, Todd Williams. BACK ROW: Coach Phil Roch, for This PIaTTeville gymnosT. ABOVE: An Immense Chris BlodgeTT, John Oksas, Hons TrouT, Jim Johnson amounT of concenTroTion Is needed in order To compleTe o rouTine on The horse. GYMNASTICS 153 Spikers Cdeure Trophy Team TogeTherness and reinforcemenT by younger players were The major conTribuTions To The Pioneer's volleyball season. The spikers finished The season wiTh a 26-48 overall record, and over- come Their iniTiol fourTh place sTaTe TournamenT rcTing by copTuring The second place TournamenT Trophy. Coach Berna conTribuTed much of The Team's TournamenT success To Their obiliTy To communicaTe on The courT and To The good balance beTween The players. The Team's more exper- ienced players provided a sTrong framework for The younger players. NexT year, The Team will be wiThouT iTs four experienced co-copToins as Lisa Kloos, Judi Shokula, and Kim Schnick will be groduoTing, and KoThy PiTTs will be Transferring To UW-Modison. Kloos was picked for The cll-conference Team aT The close of The season as well as being The recipienT of The Team's HusTler award. Shokulo received The defense award for her consisTency in blocking. The ouTlook for The 4982 season looks promising as a good core of exper- ienced players will be reTurning. The confidence and experience gained by These younger players in The posT sea- son will surely gronT The Pioneers The poTenTiol of reTurning To The SToTe TournamenT nexT season. Volleyball PloTTeville UW STouT Won UW LoCrosse LosT UW River Falls Won UW Superior Won UW WhiTewcTer Won ST.Pcul LosT UW Eou Claire Won UW River Falls LosT UW STouT Won UW WhiTeoner Won UW Oshkosh LosT UW STevens PoinT LosT UW Superior Won UW Oshkosh LosT UW WhiTeoner LosT FRONT ROW: Koren Bohr, Liso chos, Judi Shakula, Kim Schnick, KoThy PiTTs. BACK ROW: Robin Wunderlin, Jocque Stock, Connie Kaiser, Coach Jennifer Berna, Donna EdgerTon. Michelle Hossemer, Jill Shakula, Mary Schouf. FAR ABOVE: Koren Bohr bumps The ball To score a poinT for The spikers. RIGHT: Bump, seT, spike; a sequence ThoT paved The way Toward UW-P's second place Trophy. 154 VOLLEVBALL BaTTing pracTice is a good exercise for bad- weaTher days before The season begins. A Seesaw Season The 4984 Pioneer baseball Team was plagued wiTh a win-a-few-Iose-a-few sTreak ThroughouT Their '84 season. AfTer Iosng Their opening series To Mil- Ton, The Pioneers won Three sTraighT games over AugusTana and Loras, only To foil To Tough Winona STaTe. The Team conTinued Their win-Ioss sTreak wiTh a vicTory over STevens PoinT foi- lowed by a loss To Oshkosh. Coach Glen BesTor conTribuTed much of The problem To The Team's piTching. The Pioneers weren'T sTrong aT proven piTching mainly because The Team used freshmen in The pre-conference 82 Plonoors FRONT ROW: Greg NasT, Mike DaITon, John Brengosz, ScoTT Adams, Brad Lenchow, Jeff Gendron. ROW TWO: John IngebriTsen, Tony Ruemmele, Tim Hawkinson, Mark Baker, Terry Weber, Chuck Raasch. ROW THREE: Greg Kuhs, Don HerbsT, Leo Kringle, Tim Handeli. Bill Bolle, Jeff Timmer. BACK ROW: Randy SeiTz, Tom Jansen, Doug Noble, Todd Hardy, Larry Jansen, Tim Jasinski. games. AIThough The Team had seemed To be an improved one, PiaT- Teviile was ouTscored 54 To 33- in nine games. According To BesTor, The Team's sTron- gesT poinTs were baTTing and caTch- ing. The Team's ThirTeen reTurning leT- Termen were also very supporTive To The Team. Coach BesTor sTaTed ThaT The Team had a really Tough schedule . . be- cause when you play Tough Teams, you geT beTTer, ThaT's one Thing you're supposed To do is geT beTTer". Baseball MiITon MilTon AugusTana Loras Loras Winona Winona Iowa iowa STevens PoinT STevens PoinT Oshkoh Oshkosh WhiTewaTer WhiTewaTer STevens PoinT STevens PoinT WhiTewaTer WhiTewaTer Oshkosh Oshkosh LT'? V AMbAmbamobbquOwaawA A NOVOVAMOOCIhmbCDCDOQOA AM BASEBALL 155 456 ORGANIZATIONS Organizdrions ORGANIZATIONS 157 '158 SOILS TEAM Soils Team National Champs in 4984 Which team on campus endures the snow in Montana and the rain in Maryland to compete in events? The Soils Team, of course. The UW- PIatteviIIe soils contestants are definitely a special breed to endure poor weather, totally new soils, different score cards, disputed judges decisions, old motels, and "golden arches" food. But the team considers the judging and traveling fun and can find a lot of satisfaction in their accomplishments and as- sociations gained through the Soils Team ex- perience. With two national titles to their credit and with another fine team this year, the Soils Team has had plenty to be proud of. Since 4973 the UW- P Soils team has had the highest team aver- age of any in the nation. The team won the national title for the first time in 4976. In 4980, they missed winning the title by one point to Auburn. Last year they not only won the na- tional title, but they also had the two top indi- viduals in the country with Kevin Lange placing first and Erna Anderson placing second. About 50 universities compete nationally. Dr. Roger Higgs, who founded the team in 4967 and has been an advisor, coach, and friend to them ever since, said the key to the team's success has been the students. Students get other students interested and this has given the team a sense of continuity. Higgs said that the continuity helped, but that winning has also helped keep the team motivated. Higgs added that the team members get along really well and that when they have an argu- ment it's more of a family disagreement. Higgs said that many of the team members have demonstrated leadership, which has also con- tributed to the team's success. Dr. Kenneth Kilian has also been a coach over much of that period. The Soils Team participates in three contests a year; the state, regional, and national. The regional contest is held in the fall and the state and national contests are held in the spring. The contest are held at different universities every year so the soils evaluated are always different. A team must make it past the re- gionais to participate in the nationals. Each contest has four different land sites where trenches are dug. The contestants go into the trenches and evaluate the soil scienti- fically, agriculturally, geologically, and for oth- ' er things such as taxonomy. The four team members are split up at the contest so they must make their judgements independently. Contestants are given 45 minutes at each of the four sites and can make over four hundred evaluations and descriptions before the con- test is over. Usually two UW-P teams compete in the regional, but only one is allowed in the national. Judges for a soils contest are selected by the host team and are usually experts in the soils field from the host state. If there is more than one judge, the judges then work as a commit- tee to judge the contestants' evaluations. A winning score is usually a 75 percent correct evaluation. The Platteville team usually scores over this amount. To win the 1976 national title they had an average score of 84.5 percent. ABOVE: Soils Team members evaluate soil samples scientifically, agriculturaliy, geologically, and for other things 1 such as taxonomy. b1 :11 1 i: gwmmW , Higgs soid ThoT This percenTiIe was The highesT ever in noTionol compeTiTion and is procTicoin unbeoTobIe. To prepare for o conTesT The Team members do some reading and geological reseorch obouT The area in which They will be judging. STudenTs also do some field procTicing To shor- pen Their judgemenT. The UW-P Soils Team has consisTenle been successful Through Their '15 year hisTory. They are 0 close-kniT Team who make on educo- Tionol experience enjoyoble. As Dr. Higgs soid, "iT's on exTrocurriculor ocTiviTy ThoT should op- peol To The human experience . . . fun, friend- ship, defeoT, vicTory, Travel and educoTion." by Pam WolTher FRONT ROW: Dr. KenneTh Kiiion TAdvisoO, Todd Mou, Tom Hayden, Kevin Longe, Lorileo Miller, Dr. Roger Higgs TAdvi- 300. BACK ROW: Dick STelpflung, CoThy Huebscher, John GerbiTz, Don Dorneden, Mike Fenningkoh. LEFT: PorT of The fun of belonging To The UW-P Soils Team is The developmenT of friendships. SOILS TEAM 459 Student Senate FRONT ROW: Torn Pittman, Lori Hunfoon, Jennifer Bios, Jill Schiesl, Jim Magodonz, Brod Bell, Jackie Bockhop. Chuck Housner. ROW TWO: Kathy Kwollek, MerT Bower, Lisa Dillree, Mary Patzmon, Joyce Wilferf, David Michael, Steve Hamilton, Poul Klein, Ken Lyghf Mdvisoo, Bill Klein. BACK ROW: Curt Fokler, Don McClain, Polly Sherman, Cindy Grofo, Al Gregory, Paulo Boumann, Dove Pofferson, Tom Wafers $dvisoo, Doug Olsfad, Greg Martin FRONT ROW: Kathy Proeber, Tom Tommef, Heather Nye, Shawn Grcff. ROW TWO: Dario Hoerler, Teri Curtis. Kerry Furlong. Beth Roehr, Debbie Moline, Richard Bares. BACK ROW: DuWayne Grie- penfrog, James Schuessler, Judy Fuerbringer, Greg Martin, Tom Hejduk. Joseph McDermoH, Carolyn Swenson. Wtii x. Residence Hall Council 160 SENATHRHC Alpha ZeTo ,v, 1v FRONT ROW: lone Schleicher, Dione EberhardT, Sue Langkomp, Jean Nickel, Jeff Townsend, Bill O'Connor, Dan Henfrich, Jeff Ketterer, Charlie Pugh, Celeste Childs, Wendy Showen, Dione Griesbcch, Ruth Marshall. Brown, Dr. Kennefh Kilian. BACK ROW: Kerry Schiess, Bill Sprosfy, Roger Taylor, Brod Brockmon, Joy FRONT ROW: Gerolyn Graney. Jennifer Edgar, Jackie Buschor, Jean Pugh. ROW TWO: Lei Word, Trevo Johnston, Jan Schroeder. ROW THREE: Pom Kers'ren, Jill PeTer- Al h son, ROW FOUR: Joyce Sprecher, Jennifer Bios, Dione Moe, Pom Fingerson, ROW p O FIVE: Elaine Johnson, Bev McFoll, Rachel CherngShing Tong, Barb Williams. ROW SIX: L Annette Zink, Janice Berger, Julie Berg. BACK ROW: Michelle Friederick, Jackie GmbdG Winchester, Kordillio Johnson deisoo. D eITo ALPHA ZETA ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA '16'1 Be'ro Gamma Rho FRONT ROW: Rosemony Moore, Doug Ols'rcd, Stacy Wafers, Mark Hous- monn, Cynthia Feuling, Corey Jonecky, Diane Fairbanks, Dawn Drake. ROW TWO: Dee Rowe, Jennifer Edgar, Donna Bredeson, Vicki Cork, Julie Herfel, Renae Schoffer, Jeff Moiers, John Marshall, Kris Gudgeon, Cindy SchuIT, Daniel Wonke, James Bohn. ROW THREE: Ed May, Marie DeLuco, Veronica Obey, Potty Averkomp, Louro Barr, Jackie Bockhop, Michele Gross, Felicia Toucheffe, Kim Gille, Jim Piper, Nancy Piefz, Xenia Borrien- Tos, Rocio Slborro, Lynn Kanrson BACK ROW: STonIey Berg, Chris Owen, Alon Tindell, Randy Luchsinger, Kent Schneider, Len Hammon, Ralph George, Todd Argoll, Bob Honus, SCOTT White. FRONT ROW: Guy Geerd'rs, Ken Buffry, Bob Arndorfer, KurT Frey, Dove Jessup, Beckie Loken, Tom Wirfz, Jeff Bockhop, David Ostrowski. BACK ROW: Perry Koiris, Pot Lomers, Phil Menfink, Ed Scaro, Bill Hathaway, Chris Heer, Charles Brenner, Tim Bolwerk, Dave Davis. Chi Epsilon 162 BETA GAMMA RHO CHl EPSILON FRONT ROW: Jon Schroeder, Janice Berger, Judy Ewing, Gerolyn Groney, Jean Marie LeConTe, Joyce Sprecher, Pom Kersfen, Jim Arts. BACK ROW: Nancy Case, ROW TWO: Jean Pugh, Dione Moe, Jennifer Bias. Michael Dave Prochosko, Som Robbins, Richard Schombow, Jeff Abe", Dove Breis, Jill Peterson, Jamie Ploessl, Treva Johnston, Dr Roy Smith Mdvisoo, Boehr, DOUg Orr, Jeff Gendron ROW THREE: Brett Tresner, Todd Zuberbier, Pom Umstodf. Stacy Wafers, FRONT ROW: Ed Swanson, Ricky BooTh, Rick DeYoung, Mark Schock, Duane Jackmon, John Rury, Denny Boisen. John Pauli. Dennis Flathorn. Epsilon Pi Tau PHI ETA SIGMA EPSILON PI TAU 463 Black Student Union FRONT ROW: Phyllis Connor, Morihelen Denning, Lydia Cole, Dennis Leonard, Jennifer Bios, Geraldine Green, Carl Coffey. BACK ROW: Barbara Scoife, Marcia Gaskin, Tommie Dunlap, Cedric Holley, Rosemary Moore, Willie Smith, Burno Vines, Darrel Monroe, Teio Nelson, Sherry Hill, Jacqueline Glenn. FRONT ROW: David G. Lepley, Chef Lawson, Dan Patrick, John Quomme. ROW TWO: Jean Sweeney, Doug Niehous, Mike Connell, Lory Wegmuellie, Annette Zink, Ron Tolsmo. BACK ROW: Mark Schroeder Mdvisoo, Terry Waller, Stanley Berg, Jeff Verhosself, Lorry Olson, Jerry Shofronski, Ron Schleicher, Eric Aosen. R3; Vet's Club 164 BLACK STUDENT UNION VET'S CLUB International STudenTs Club FRONT ROW: Rachel Cherng-Shing Tong. Shirin Zamon. Robin L. Doddy. drew Baumann. BACK ROW: Elvcni Anwor, Hinhsomchay Pfouyband'ry, ROW TWO? Hamid PifOOZkOF. Shohin PourVohidi, Gholameza AkhTOfSth. Romin-Haide, Chris Scheulke, Rezkallah Mohammad, Aububckor M. Honif. Ali Mostofo. MD. Anwor Hussein, brohim Palos'rine, Marie C. Shinyombolc, Antonio B. Rosales, Ali v. Ahmad, Hasson Hijazi. Sair R. Divine, Dr. Bushro Kheireddine Ferrch, M Rofiz BOWODY- ROW THREE? FOfid ShOfiQh Nobari, Migolly, Killian Imonyl, Mam Lappalainen, David F. Urban, Borzin Mobosher, Eric WciKeung Tse, Ali Alnossen, Nobil Poies'rine, Mohammad AI-Suyoni, Soangkupon Siregor, Rossoul Salem, pom Salem, Achmad s. Aspoor Nizar Palestine, Saksono Soekordjo, Anthony Vorghfsr, Nosri Ridwon, An- Leff: The International Students Club hosted International Night, 0 night of food and entertainment from various culfures. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS CLUB 165 Agribusiness And Economics Club FRONT ROW: Grefchen Offenheiser, Gregg Roupp, Jeff Townsend, Julie Berg, Mark L. McMahon, Jamie Ploessl, Betsy Fry, Joshua J. Froncque, Jim Schwartz ROW TWO: Steve North, Doniel Wolloce, Jeff Vanderplos, Brion Knufzen, Michael Schoenoff, Molly Lovgren, Trudy Jeidy, Poul Klein, Cori Christensen, Jone Duersf. ROW THREE: Jerry Zonder, Bill Sprosty, Ron Schmalz, Liz Cummings, Kathy Francis, John Marshall, Marty Cliff, Brad Brockmon, Donna Nelson, Tom DuersT. ROW FOUR: Steve Dornink, Duane Boebel, Steve Vole, Rich Zimmerman, Ron S1auffer, Dove Neuensch- wander. Chuck Grube, Sue Longkomp. BACK ROW: Wayne Wells, Franklin Trapp, Kris Gudgeon, Mike Cain, Nye Pelfon, Mary McKnight mdvisoo, John Ambrosios, AAdvisoo John CotTingham, Advisor. FRONT ROW: STeven Bomkomp, Jeff Herbers, John P, Giue, Mike Keller, John Bertram. Jon Williams. ROW TWO: Kevan Norin, Alon Brooks, Dione Eberhardf, Cheryl Skjolaas, Dove Dobbs, Brion Dearth, Todd Seeley, Bill Helwig. ROW THREE: Norbert LeCapToin, Wayne Redenius, Kerry Schiess, Linda Moresi, Vern Pierce, Tom McKiHrick, Duane Boebel. BACK ROW: Mike Patterson, Phil Hausler, Stuorf Sfongler. a g . A .3 - m A Agricurrurol Educational Society 166 AG BUS AND ECONAAG ED SOCIETY Ag Student Council FRONT ROW: Josh Froncque, Brad Pculson, Jeff Townsend, SCOTT Towns. ROW TWO: Paulette Zeman, Pom Ums'radf, Ronnie Phillips, Lorilee Miller, lone Schleicher. BACK ROW: Deon Chuck Denure Mdvisoo, George Holzer, Don Zouche, Jim Warner, Steve Chomberlcw, Jeff Ahsinger. FRONT ROW: Laura Russell, Pete Jonisch, Eric Trapp, Lorry Prem, Duane Kilby, Dr. Loberger $dvisoo. ROW TWO: Brion Wiepking, Tom Pittman, Eric Hanson, Randy Wileman, Gary Johnson, Paul Spechf, Ron Keil. BACK ROW: Rob Demufh, Poul Krogh, Josh Froncque, John Dobbes, Joe Michaels, John Hoffmann, Kurf Rolle, Don Zouche, Done Schmidfknech'r, Phil Vosberg. Agricurrurol Mechonizdrion Club AG STUDENT COUNCIUAG MECHANIZATION 467 Agronomy Club .., w WV- p -. ' ' H FRONT ROW: Todd Mou, Gerolyn Groney, Kevin Longe, Lorileo Miller, John Gerbi'rz. BACK ROW: Dr. Roger Higgs, David Burmahl, Tom Hayden, Daniel Dorneden, Wayne Wells, Michael Fennigkoh, Dick Sfelpfulg, Kris Duffy, Dr. Kennefh Kilian. FRONT ROW: Marilyn Tuffe, Cindy Novak, Annette Pfiffner, Ann M Disch, Mary Schneider, BACK ROW: Morcee PiqueTTe, Tim Walter, Mike Gill, Roy Jones, Barb Sfoskol, Tonya James. Biology Club 468 AGRONOMV$IOLOGY Reclamation Club FRONT ROW: Charlie Yeager, S'reve Rouse, Steve Kircher, Dove Biegonski, Dove Russell, Mark Voss, Frank Lowry, Rich Fluhr. ROW TWO: Dan Miller, Ruth A. Diefz, Morcee PiqueHe, Annette Piffner, Shirley Adkins. Willard Pierce, Joe Funk, Mark Doneux, Jim Hol'rz. Row Three: Mark Feuerstein, Doug Stein, Bruce Novinsko, Jeff Lang, Mimi Flynn, Lisa Hrubesky, Steve Pierce, James Kubask, Mark Bourgeois. BACK ROW: Bev MchlI, Tom Ryan, Phil Brochocki. FRONT ROW: Christine Kennedy, Ray Jones, Don Duccj, Terry Olson, Sarah Leedle, Gerolyn Groney, Shelly Goverf, lone Schleicher, Carlo Fifzsimmons, Jean Pugh, Raymond Duewer Mdvisoo. Horticurrure Society RECLAMATION HORTICULTURE 469 American InsTiTuTe Of Mining And Metallurgical Engineering : :W ,, WEN? Rama; mu W a FRONT ROW: Chuck Greeb, Bill Kolb, Shane Biller, Dave Cooper, Glenn Tredinnick, Susan Stewart, Leslie Bloch, Mark DeGrave, Lori Hunfoon. ROW TWO: Dirk LoVoy, Kevin Richardson, Steve Woodward, John Jenes, John Krogmon, Lisa Riedle, Mike Dobrose, James Beyer, Brion Nerheim, Steve WenTzeI, Beth Schmiedel, DaveBroberg, Jim Meigs, Stephanie Dergantz, Jeff Bloch. BACK ROW: Todd Corsfensen, Tim Russorf, Dove Kleir, Matthew Huss. FRONT ROW: Jane Stuessy, Nancy Joehn, Brenda Jensen, Eileen Hofrichfer, Mario Croemer ROW TWO: Chris Shulick, Koren Curfmon, Mary Jane Gnadf, Cindy Duren, Helena Schablowsky, Jan Schroeder. ROW THREE: Bobeffe Becker, Bob Regazzi, Don Mojewski, Steve Benson, Don Berth- ioume American InsTiTuTe Of Industrial Engineers 170 AIMHAIIE American SocieTy Of Agricurrurol Engineers ..,. FRONT ROW: Ronald T. Schuler, Poul Killian, David STirmeI, Debra EhreT, Elaine Lipperf, Roy Dempsey, Mark Keesey, Milton ShuTe. BACK ROW: Gerald Gomon, John Conrad, Mark Reoso, Randy Lifke, Jim Sutton, John Weiss. FRONT ROW: Elaine LipperT, Lori Birschboch, Beckie Loken, Lori Hunfoon, LynneTTe Colwell. ROW TWO: Sue Dorscheid, Barb Budde, Shirley Kebesodel, Tommie Dunlap, Cindy Mafz, Brenda Jensen, Theresa Gillis, Helena Schablowsky. ROW THREE: Lori Kraemer, Stephanie Dergonfz, Lydia Cole, Bobbie Scoife, Sherry Hill, Mary Lee, Nelroe Goroni, Suzan Nosf, Eileen Hofrichfer. Janine Graqugl BACK ROW: Anne Ruszkiewicz, Koren Curfmon, Ruth Befcher, Julie LeisTen, Maria Croemer, Dione Moe. Society Of Women Engineers ASAHSWE 17'1 172 ASCE American SocieTy Of Civil Engineers FRONT ROW: Philip Mentink, Mark Hughes, Charles Brenner, Thomas Rodue, Jeffery Weisensel, Richard Jones, Pete Szofkowski, Michael Perkins, Don Check, Jeff Seifz ROW TWO: Kathy Lubke. Rick Rubenzer, Ken Klein, Thomas Nelson, Jeffrey Horsfoll, William Hathaway, Curt Holman, Craig, Twinem, Doug Derks. Jim Buschropf, Thad Mojkowski, Gory Herberg, Greg Lehn. BACK ROW: $dvisoo Earl McCullough, Thomas Pienfica, Tom Wirfz, Bob Arndorfer, Dennis Ryan, Dove Jessup, Don Gusfofson, Kurt Frey, Steve Oakesen, Steve Higgins, Jeff Bockhop, John Kusfko, Todd Piller, Bill Suick. FRONT ROW: David Davis, Richard Bonkenbush, Michael Johnson. Jim Poquin, Joynellen Johnson, Chris Heer, Douglas Hunt, Koren Judy ROW TWO: James Hammer, Steve Sfreblow, Patrick O'Connor, Frank Joromin, Terry Gesf, Tony Kemnitz, Kenneth Mileski, Suzan Nosf. Gory Imm, Roger Walton, Kurt Kcisler. BACK ROW: David Wong Mdvisoo, M. Rofiq Bowany, Laura Sherman, Lori Birschboch, Beckie Loken, Lynnette Colwell, Nelroe Goroni, Po1fy Johnson, Ruth Befcher, Jim Doperolski. American Society Of Mechanical Engineers FRONT ROW: Joel Watson, Dione Moe. Loren Pfeil, James BouTch, Mike Pelishek, Dove Kuchinski, Ronald Bou'rch. ROW TWO: Greg Loberger, Ted Parr, Jerry Johnston, Dennis Hahn, Jeff Ross, Thomas Huempfner, Thomas KnuTson, Hossein Azorshim. ROW THREE: Richard O'Leary, Michael Smiley, John Conrad, Perry Kuznar, Steven McMorrow, Bruce Ruzck, Gory Kossen, Curtis Page, Steve Patterson, John Schwemmer, Terry Hayes. BACK ROW: Phil Rusch, Bruce Hiercmeier, Todd Zuberbier, Rich Johnson, Dove Connor, Dr. Bofoccini $dviso0, Dr. Sfoll Mdvisoo, Dr. Feidler Mdvisoo, Tom Sierocuk, Brion Kuhn FRONT ROW: Carl Hendrickson, Mike Nelson, SCOTT Czysz, Vince Rupperf, Jim Allen, Randy VanAIsTyne. ROW TWO: Charles Souder, Mike Fisher, Harry Anderson, Marc Vroman, Scott Hoyman, Joe VerVeIde, Eric Sword, SCOTT VonderHeiden. ROW THREE: Todd Fenske, KeiTh Franz, Dove Aokre, Mat? Olson, William Bourasso, Lisa Moberg, CynThio Mosher, Diane Case, Tom Wiggins. BACK ROW: Bryan Lewis, Joe Nichols, Joyce Wilfer'r, Louis Bernobei, Russell Kuenzi, Don Barron, Don Jorosh, Jackie Winchester. ASME 173 Notional Associdrion Of Home Builders L FRONT ROW: Gory Ehnerf, Patrick Shea. Joe Bodden, Jock chkes, Tim Jasinski, Tim Toinfer, Curt Floski ROW TWO: Kevin Dritlein, Russ Bonikowske, Don Wonke, Rich Bell, Terry Wallace, Mark Baker, Jerry Shafranski, Poul Dohms, Todd Schieffer, Duwoyne Sfuelke. BACK ROW: Greg Roman, Lydia Cole, Denise Welch, Brion Boehm, Dan Patrick, Jeff Palmer, Ken Krczlose DPM A FRONT ROW: Brett Tresner, Jim Arneson, Marty Buschor, Ted Kieffer, Rodney Buschor. ROW TWO: Mark Schroeder, Jeri McKeon, Ann Ladd, Mike Mitchell. John George. Michele Gross, Jackie Bishop, Stanley Berg. BACK ROW: Cliff Compufer Michclski, Jon Remokel, Glenn Short, Karla Engel, Colin Hellmer, Rose Bercnek, Chris Kohle, Sheri STeinhoff. Club 174 NAHB DMPA IndusTrioI Education Associofion 1 FRONT ROW: Randy Zohn, Roger Zee, John Pauli, Dennis Flofhorn, Ed Swansom. ROW TWO: Brett Adomck, Dove Reed, Burnett Johnson, Jim Capacio. Bill Mohony. ROW THREE: John Rury, Rick Lemerond. BACK ROW: Mike Kowclski, Donald Porenf, Gene Szymoszek, Mike Hoes, Rollie FousT, Pefer Smef, Lon Wallace, Bill Bumgardner, Jack Kirby. Assocm'red FRONT ROW: Jeff Weisensel, Jim Doperolski, Jeff Horsfoll, Jeff Bockhop. BACK ROW: Will Fifzgerold, Bob Arndorfer, Joe General Confroc'rors Quist, Jim Poquin, William Kissner mdvisoo. IEA AGC '175 Exponent wvn Lhtz FRONT ROW: Geraldine Green, Doug Heimon, Jone Duersf, "E" Woldhor'r, Lorry Woldhcrt, Joy Gossmon, Jerry Norz, Janet Carl, Robert Luedke. Joan Sullivan. FRONT ROW: Sheri Cornwall, Darrel Wagner, Jeanette Emmer, Dave Simons, Colleen Norton, Darrel E. Monroe. BACK ROW: Dennis Leonard, Julie Hossel, Tom McKitfrick, Tammie Tengel, Howard Johnson, Rosemarie Brokish, Tim Jones, Steve Dunhom, Jane Lethleon, Steve Herro. FRONT ROW: Julbe Leisfen, Lori Hunfoon, Kim Krober, Susan Stewart BACK ROW: Jeff Spiller, Brion Nerheim, Bryon Fish, Tim lsun, Jeff Feuersfein, Mark Johnson, FRONT ROW: Stephanie Dergonfz, Liso Bernhardt, Geri MiHer, Charles Krumbein, $dviso0. BACK ROW: ScoH Reichord, Jim HoITz, Eric Van Buren, Steve Johnson, Jay GilberTson. Raven GEODHRAVEN '177 FRONT ROW: Tim Koenig, Tom SchmiH, Jeffrey Mergen, Lone Shebesfo, Mary Sfohlmeyer, Nancy Proil, Sue Hovos. ROW TWO: Jeanon AIYosiri, Katy Koser. Bill Webster, Scott Helgeson, Larry Holland. Byron Anderson, Tony Miles, Mary Wenfzel, Vicki Kunkel. ROW THREE: Mary Finkelmeyer, Margery Otto, Morihelen Denning, Don Clofon, Jenny Porter, Bill Boeko, Mark Gronfin, Dove Brynelson, Tom Gombas. BACK ROW: Jackie Finken, Brion Folkosky, Joe Mleczko, Eric Neonder, Bill Smith, Kevin Becker, Bruce Ludolph, Tim Gundrum, Paul Krabofh, Tim Kiefer, Robert Judy. FRONT ROW: Ellen Campbell. Paulo Coonen, Rick Kcesfner, Deb McKilIip, Jeff SpencerW ROW TWO: Karl Hamilton, Robert Luedke, Dove Spofford, Craig Sfrom, Bill Holland, Christopher Bigelow. ROW THREE: Michael Sommers, John Anfonuk, David Wilhelmi, James BorerTf, AnnMorie Sfrondskov, Gory Ellenbolf, Julie Amocher. BACK ROW: Chuck Blum, Phil Mikolofsky, Mark EvensTad, Ken Linzmeyer, Dr. George Smith, Ruth Droge, Glenn Brill, Lori Leibold, Don Lovinio. MWWVW w: 178 WSUP 479 , Mark CRIMINAL JUSTICHSMITH Jim Mogodanz. ROW TWO: Reolon Fuller I Rob Horgarfen. Janet Texley Steve Zandler. BACK ROW: Ron Schleicher, Michael Krueger, Lynn 1 l I Mark Rupert Nancy Williams Chris Wiesbrock I I Ion Jeff Moiers 1. I Mary Wogernese Anne Brophy I l I JusTice Assoc rlman Roy, Jenny Frese, Cindy Greta, Dove Spokowicz m n 00 mm mW we Cm L0 be an. "we om mm mm 8 Wm R, mm om R0 FF a InTer-Vors'rry Christian Fellowship FRONT ROW: Debbie Moline, Becky Eiserf, Sue Welsch, Nancy Moen. ROW TWO: Dione Dzikowski, Monique Jewell, Jenn Sutherland, Becky Lomb, Jennie Crory, Lei Ward, Bev McFalI, Connie Coley. ROW THREE: Leonard Ross, Neale Hansen, Tod Kane, Bryon Lewis, Tim Long. Nate We'rzel, Glenn Kloossen, Doug Shively. BACK ROW: Tom Williams, Mike Halbig. Donn Jacobson, Brigid Eder, Mark Wallis, Brenda Schmitz. FRONT ROW: Buck White, Will Kollmeyer, Rodger Sko'n. ROW TWO: Reno 80995, John Linden, Cindy Kli'rzke, Jone Ross, Cheryl Tiffany, Mark Rice, Jeff Borland, Thomas Case. ROW THREE: Stanley Berg. Dione Moe, Jim Burgeff, Sue Disrud, Mindy Bormore, Debbie Dyer. BACK ROW: Bob Aspinwoll, Carl Siedschlog, Gene VonNoTto, Steve Benson, Shane Biller, Eileen Bcufch. 180 IVCF Fellowship Of Christian Athletes FRONT ROW: Terry Woodman, Bruce Browning, Chris Zygarlicke, Tom Case, Jill Kieslich. ROW TWO: Mike Halbig, erry Edquisf, Don Jacobson, John Tixier, Dan Wohlleber. ROW THREE: Coach Dick Wadewifz. Kathy Bo'rfrell, ohn Linden, Jeff Borland, Scott Christensen, Darrell Boomer, Cindy Klifzke. BACK ROW: Jone Forrest, Mike Cones, Eileen Boufch, Dave Connor, Roger Scott. Pastor Mercix. Bryon Lewis, Jeff Spencer. RONT ROW: Dave Gerger, Gary Londsverk. ROW TWO: Lovon Boilie, Linda Groom, Kathy Corns, Lori Hollin- head, Susan Groom, Lisa Corns. ROW THREE: Tom Simpson, Brion Murphy. Poster Watson. BACK ROW: Dave onner, Doug Block. Don Suiter, Spence Brown, Don Jacobson, Steve Spofford, Dave Anderson, Poul Corns. ..... a ' Campus Bible Fellowship FCMCBF 181 4 Pre-Low Club FRONT ROW: Alan Grossmonn, Gerry Qucm, Jone Edgar, Marcia Gaskin, Nancy Williams, Shohreh Rezczadeh. ROW TWO: Ken Knudsen, Eric Schombow, Mike Robinson, David Palubicki, Dovid Keefe, Dr. Reza Rezozodeh. 482 PRE-LAW PRE-VET FRONT ROW: Terry Himes, Cheryl Tiffany,Cheryl Svensen, Paulette Zemcn, Lori VonHuIle. ROW TWO: Joe Kelley, Gini Werling, Koren Niehoff, Mike Breis. Ann Disch, Betty Fredrickson, Ulrich Kennemonn, Richard Schombow, Judy Bybee. BACK ROW: John Day, Dr Russ John, Frank Gority, Jeff AbeIT. Pre-Vef Club Pioneer 4-H CIuWAgricuHurol Communications Club g Picasim FRONT ROW: Joyce Wilferf, Jackie Cosgrove, Soroh Espenscheid, Judy Bybee, Richard Schambow, Jim Schwartz, Barb Zimmerman, Sue Longkamp, Corio Fitzsimmons. ROW TWO: Elaine Johnson, Connie Coley, Sarah Leedle, Terry Pink, Jeffery Weisensel, Dione Watkins, Pam Roling, George Holzer, Liz Cummings, Lucy Boy, ROW THREE: Jeff Dornink, Eric Schambow, Wendell Weisensel, Donna Morello. Mary McKnight $dviso0, Trudy Jeidy, Tom McKiffrick, Deb Fisher, Jeff Joeger. BACK ROW: Byron Henningsen, David Casper. FRONT ROW: Liz Cummings. ROW TWO: Tony Harvey, Janet DeHoan, Barb Bu'rzine, Judy Bybee, Mary Nihles, David Hogdson, Jeff Dornink. ROW THREE: Torn McKiTTrick, Phil Hanson, Barb Shea, Nancy Krahn, Pom Umsfcd'r. ROW FOUR: Carl Kubajak, Dove Casper, Richard Schombow, Greg Fishcer, Jeff Abelf, Randy Will. BACK ROW: Bruce Kipp. Pioneer Dairy Club A-H DAIRY CLUB 183 Tang Soo Do FRONT ROW: Brian Gormon, Brenda Montgomery, Kathy Finn, Lona Peat, Wayne Palmer, Corey Jonecky, Todd Wilkinson, Scot? Bille. ROW TWO: John Cockrell, Luonne Hobenicht, Ron Tolsmo, Julie Schmdif, Angelo McCabe, Jeery Mefcalf, Shown Chose. BACK ROW: Abdol Soofi, Alon Roichel, Tom Ryan. James Marsh, Chuck Blum, Ron Noe, Tom Huempfner, Dove Cooper. FRONT ROW: Dan Miller, Bob Novok, Tony Mayer. Sharon Alden, Nancy Toff. BACK ROW: Therese Waugh, Lorry Woldharf, Manuela EnLoe, Dennis Enloe, Eric Fotzinger. Michael Allensfein, Edward Nuhfer. Liilgi ' ; 4 E Lida ; izaas Aikido Club 484 TANG SOO DO AIKIDO Toe Kwon Do FRONT ROW: Duane Grosskrueger, Lisa Evers, Ron Morris, Rose Beranek, Gnsfrucfors; MarTy Buschor, Scott Chier, Tom Wir'rz, Steve Thomas, Todd Wagner. ROW TWO: Eugene Curin, Doug Welch, Sandy Remington, Jlm Nielsen, Brion Courtney, Tom Roling, Anthony Vorghese, Kevin Kozicki, Steve McMorrow. ROW THREE: Scott Jones, Charles Hammer, Shannon Dougherty, Bob S'roffel, Dawn Dischler, Steve White, Andy Weber, Tom Siegler. BACK ROW: Kevin Wolfgrom, Dove Kuchinski, Chuck Souder, Sue Sailing, Roger Rommer, David Herro, Chuck Norris, Alex Sprague, Michael Buncok. FRONT ROW: Duane Grosskrueger, Lisa Evers, Ron Morris, Rose Beranek, Onstrucfors; Scott Foss, Kitty Loberg, Deanna Collins, Kay Evers, Steven Ockeson. ROW TWO: Greg Steinke. Alon Grossmon, Taylor Mcuer, Chris Steele, Koren Kreye, Brenda Kephorf, Dione Dieffe, Lynette Wilson, Len Roecker, Marty Londgraf. ROW THREE: Bert Hioume, John Ziehl. Kurt Wronovsky, Todd Shchieffer, Dave Beck, Clint Marquordf, Van Morrison, Andy Virnich. BACK ROW: Jim Adlom, Roy Dempsey, Jim Loveland, Willard James, John Coyn, Mark Roling, Bryan Buri, Tony Kemnifz, Tim Davis, Kyle Swanson. TAE KWON DO 185 J Traveling Score Corps 186 TSCAANDRIDGE FRONT ROW: John Sobie, Stanley Berg, Don Jokubisin, Jeff Olney, Tim Kassens, Steve Goldsmifh, Rock Spillane, Tom Howksford. ROW TWO: Mike Ripp, Tonya James, Kim Weir, Kathy Trinkner, Kelly Spillane, Cori Quirf, Marilyn Miller. ROW THREE: Robert Frauchiger, Tammy Achermon, Joyce Steffes. Ellen Campbell, Mory GibeouT, Mott Olson, Mike Gill, Joe Swanson, P01 Spillane. ROW FOUR: Tom Hackl, Richard Smith, Tom Diehl, Fran Fish, Doug Fifzsimmons, Mike Wright, Bre'rf Borsfod BACK ROW: Dove Hillsfrom, Koren Kreye, Jill Pellowski, Gory Ellenbolt Debbie Gefschmon, Julie Edgar, Doug Hipenbecker, Maryanne Rufi. Landridge FRONT ROW: Gary Miles, Todd Kane, Kurt Frey. ROW TWO: Chris Heer, Mary Volbrechf, Craig Twinem, Joe Meier, Jeff Seifz. ROW THREE: Mark Hughes. BACK ROW: Doug Derks, Bill Suick, Eric Wolfer, Tom And CO. Pientko, Kathy Lubke. Greg Lehn, Bill HaThawoy. Right: The UW-P Rangers emphasize Tactics, team- work, and physical endur- ance. Back row, L to R: Jeff Feuersfein, Eric Fc'rzinger, Todd Owens, Mark Rodwell. From Row, L to R: Roy Krueger, Jim Berenz, Steven Snyder. Below: ROTC is adventure, developing endurance, quick judgment. and seK-confidence. ARMY ROTC BE ALL YOU CAN BE. Below: PloTTeville ROTC cadets display Their dedication and service To The military and The university during The Homecoming Parade. ROTC 487 Normal House FRONT ROW: Jeff Longe, Sid Mueller, Jerry Johnston, Ron S'rouffer, Don Check, Bob Jakel, Richard O'Leary, Bob Arndorfer. FRONT ROW: Linda Arthur, Roger Rommen, Scoff Hcymon, John Conrad, Loren Pfeil, Carol RingelsfeTTer. ROW TWO: Mike Pelishek, Potty Russell, Mike Mitcheli, Don Graf, Brenda Phiter, Roy Dempsey, Chuck Sauder, Dave Kochinski, John Smifz, Don Berthioume. Cheri Sodowski. BACK ROW: Mike Smiley, Cindy lhm, Leslie Oftman, Thomas J. Wirfz, John Kusfkc, Brigid Eder, Eric Sword, Joel Watson, Kelly Kaiser, Mimi Flynn, Mary Hying. Potosi Porriers 488 NORMAL HOUSHPOTOSI PARTIERS Townies FRONT ROW: Becky Beighley, Jeanon AlYosiri, Diana Danie!s, Glenn Short. Jim BurgeTT, Jim Johnsfon. ROW TWO: John Glynn, Deb Rouse, Torn Walton, Fornoz Rezozodeh, Angela McCobe, Bill Day, Potty Russell, John Gerhardt, Robin Jewell, Mike Mitchell, Amy Kiessig, Beth Dye. ROW THREE: Neale Hansen. Jay Ochs, Dennis Nohns, John Kamps, Gory Sander, Greg Loberger, Mike Jones, Peter Tozer, Mike Curfis. BACK ROW: Don Day, Terry Vanono, Bob Campbell. Randy Bumgardner, Dan McCobe. FRONT ROW: Anne Church, Mike Garvin. ROW TWO: Ann Brun, Wendy Pelle'rier, Judy Johnson. ROW THREE: Cindy KIiTzke, Terry Woodman, Sharon Buening. ROW FOUR: Laura Hulboch, Rhonda Rule, Jeff Shcner, Down Hull. ROW FIVE: Wayne Wells, Russ Koch, Reggie Arkell, Thad Mojkowski, Tim Josinski, John Perrizo, David Hedgson, Don Lovinio. Tom Wiggins, Randy Luchsinger, Ann M. Disch, Betty Fredrickson, Carolyn B. Cooper, AIIan Lancasfen BACK ROW: Kim Powlisch, Gregg Piper, Perry Knufson, Terry Seffrood, Ed Mulholland, Linda Christman, Brenda Piddingfon, Skyler Martin, Mott Meyers, Mike Coin, Brian Brandt Lexington-Concord TOWNIESAC 189 Music Educators Ndrioncal Conference FRONT ROW: Nancy Case, E. Carl Harris deisoo, Lauri Studt, Lorry Rofhbord, Alice McDonald. ROW TWO: Brion Widder, Ginny Ryder. Lisa Wolvin, Lana Kong, Randy STquen, Bill Klumb. BACK ROW: Dave Isermon, Mike Kovors, Roger Kurschner, Sandy Staudinger, Maureen Scott, Marcia Corde, Joe Anderson. FRONT ROW: Janine Foskeft, Poul Aderman, Steven Oakeson, Deborah Volco. ROW TWO: Linde Brooks, Brain Kuhn, Paul Weinberger, Don Week, Diane Griesboch. BACK ROW: Pastor Agenten, Bruce Hierlmeier, Gory Imm, Russ Meier, David Kopsus, Dr. Glenn Brooks. 0 7 V Lutheran Collegians I 190 MENCAUTHERAN COLLEGIANS Forensics How would you like To Travel around a Ten- sToTe area, gain confidence, and communica- Tion obiliTies To help you reloTe To people? And sTiII receive crediT for H?! The Forensics pro- gram has These benefiTs for you. Under The direcTion of Doug Hoyle This year, The squad sTorTed ouT wiTh a core of four reTurning mem- bers and many who were new To college for- ensics. Hoyle said ThaT The squad was a re- building process, and should conTinue To grow nexT year. Besides all The TournamenTs The squad Traveled To, They hosTed a forensiqde- boTe TournamenT for high school sTudenTs in The spring. PorTicipanTs qualify for membership in Pi Kappa DeTTo The noTionol forensic socieTy. They also qualify for The Glenn R. Davis scholar- ship, which goes To an ouTsTonding forensic parTiciponT. Below: KoThy Lund and Judy NoworoTzky are a port of The growing forensics program. BARTWFORENSICS 19'1 S R D N E S 2 0, II z $3meme 1. 193 swans Oh GroduoTing IT's Token five years, buT I've finally arrived. I'm a groduoTing senior. There's a oerToin omounT of pride in ThoT occomplishmenT, feIIow sTu- denTs, ond exciTemenT, relief, onxieTy. Every- one osks, Have you goT 0 job yeT?" iiAre you ready for The real world?" TWhoT is This place? FonTosonndD The five years and Thousands of dollars I've spenT earning This educoTion have been on exTensive lesson in independence more Than onyThing. The summer during which I spenT Three or four hours a day sloving over sToTisTics ToughT me a hundred oTher useful Things obouT friendship, concenTroTion and The value of geTTing The heII ouT of Town once in a while. Diligence pays; I oced sToTisTics. I've learned obouT preparing for The fuTure, unsToble as H currenTIy appears before us. BuT There's a difference beTween preporoTion ond ocTion. This sTruggle To be opTimisTic obouT The fuTure is besT conquered Through ocTion. Nev- er sTop Trying. There's This impulse To geT sloppily senTimenTol oT one's own groduoTion from The universiTy, and I probably will. JusT before I uncork The champagne. by KoThy Melzer RighT: AfTer GroduoTion begins a period of searching for The righT job and odjusTing To The "real" world. Above righT: A groduoTe onTicipoTes her diploma. 194 SENIORS Left: Chancellor Warren Carrier presenfs Audrey Collins with her diploma. Above left: December gradumes 991 into the Christmas spirit. SENIORS 195 Kate Abbon, Wausau, WI Criminal Jusfice Jeffrey c. Abe", Greendale, WI Animal Sciencekre-Vef Kevln Ablng. PIaTTeviIle, WI Marketing Chrlsflna Accloa, Hazel Green, WI PsychologWSociology Jeffrey M. Adams, Wausau, WI Mechanical Engineering Steve Addlson. Montforf, WI Mechanical Engineering Randall J. Alcorn, Lancaster, WI Civil Engineering Mlchael Allensieln. Lake Geneva. WI Civil Engineering Randy J. Amberg, Two Rivers, WI Civil Engineering Greg Ambroslus, Brillion, WI Technical Communication Gary Anderson, Lancaster, WI Safefy Richard J. Anderson, Chetek, WI Indusfriol Technology Elvanl Anwar, Palembang, Indonesia Industrial Engineering 'l'odd Argall, Mineral PoinT, WI Accounting Robert P. Arndorler, Eagle, WI Civil Engineering James c. Arneson, Whitefish Bay, WI BusinesVMarkefing Jlm Arts, Green Bay, WI Criminal Justice Robon B. Asplnwall, Madison, WI Tech. Communicationmadio-TV Anthony Aurlf, Shullsburg, WI Biology Bobbi Jo Ausiln, Dorlingfon, WI Elementary Education 496 SENIORS James A. Avorkamp, Cuba Cify, WI Mechanical Engineering David N. Baehr, Mosinee, WI Chemistry LaVon Ballle, Loncosfer, WI Elementary Educafion Mary Balnbrldge, Benton, WI Elementary Educofion Pai Balnbrldge, Cuba City, WI Occupational Safety Rlchard Bankenbosh, Fronksville, WI CiviI Engineering Walier J. Burger, Oregon, WI Industrial Technology Mlchael Barlameni, Ploffeville Industrial Technology Gene Barney. Leaf River, lL Industrial Technology Laura L. Barr. Bagley, WI Business James Bartlett, Monroe, WI Rodio-TV Broadcasting Dale H. Bark, Greenfield, WI Industrial Technology Mark Bauman, Wisconsin Rapids, WI Criminal Justice Andrew E. Baumann, PlofTeville, WI EducatioMGuidonce 8s Counseling Dale Baures, Mcrkeson, WI Mining Engineering 8k Geology James R. Bauich, Whitehall, W! Mechanical Engineering Lucy P. Bay, Steuben, WI Ag. Business Steve Bechion, Monroe. WI Industrial SafeTy Bobofte Becker, Menomonee Falls, WI Industrial Engineering Chrlsilne J. Becker, Oshkosh, WI Tech. Agriculture SENIORS 197 Sharon K. Bodward. Lancaster, WI Psychology Robert F. Bohrns. Chicago, IL Industrial Technology Rebecca L. Bolghloy, Plotteville. WI Elementary Education Bradley K. Bell, Glenview, IL Industrial Technology Rlchard J. Boll, South Wayne, WI Light Building Conshuc'rion Rlck L. Ionosh, Reedsburg, WI Industrial Technology Kathy Bonkorf, Monroe, WI Radio-TV Broadcasting Carol Carpenter Benson, Dorlingfon, WI PsychologWSociology Rose Ioranek, Rice Lake, WI MafWCompufer Science Stanley R. Berg, MT. Horeb, WI Business Administration 498 SENIORS c: year. These olvements. James G. Beyer, Woukesho, WI Mining Engineering Davld J. BIoganskl, Milwaukee, WI Geographymeclomotion Jacklo Bockhop', Belmont. WI Business Administration Joseph G. Bodden, Plotteville, WI Light Bldg. ConstructioMBus. Ad. Rona Boggs, Viola, WI Elementary Education Tlmolhy Bolwerk, Combined Locks, WI Civil Engineering Annette Born. Fond du Lac, WI Broadcasting Joan Bowdon. Cuba City, WI Business Administration Donna Brodoson, Dorlingfon. WI Business Mlchael J. Brennan, Borneveld, WI AccountingyBusiness Adminisfrofion Robert A. Brlcco. Neenoh, WI Criminal Justice Glenn Irlll, Neenoh, WI Rodio-TV Broadcasting Traffic diminishes at night. SENIORS 199 Brad R. Brockman, Ploffeville, WI Animal Science Thomas E. Brofskl, Green Bay, WI Industrial Technology Deb Bruehlman, PIoneviIIe. Wl SociologWCriminal Justice Ann M. Brun, Fennimore, WI Comprehensive Art Education Colleen Buelow, Hilbert, WI Geology Robert Buenlng. Cedarburg, WI Comprehensive BusinesVEconomics Michael S. Buncak. La Crosse, WI Criminal Justice Mary Burke, Waferfown, WI EducationNheofer Laura Burrls, Avoca, WI PsychologWBusiness Rodney P. Buschor. Darlington, WI Industrial Technology Susan A. Buss, Belmont, WI German Terry Bunchen. Evansville. WI Ag. Industries Mlchael J. Caln, Mount Morris, lL Crops 8s Soils Ag, Kevin 6. Curr, Moanorf, WI Pre-Med Dlane Case. Lancaster, WI Mechanical Engineering Mariln L. Chopln, Viroqua, WI Business Danlel L. Check, Stevens Point, WI Civil Engineering Davld Chlero, Oak Park, IL Ags BusinesVSoil and Crops Cums Chocholous, WoTerloo, WI IndusTriol Tech. Llnda Christman, St. Francis, WI Criminal Justice 200 SENIORS Anne M. Church. Middleton, WI lndusirial TechiBus Administration Lonnle T. Clark, Foofville, WI Biology Marshall A. CIIH, MiITon, WI Ag. Business Barbara A. B. Coll, Kieler, WI Elementary Educcmon Audrey A. Colllns, Milwaukee, WI Rodio-TV Broadcosfing Dave Connor. New Lisbon, Wi Mechanical Engineering Mary Conroy. Elmhursi, IL Civil Engineering John Franklln Cook. Morrison, IL Animal Science Carolyn Cooper. Richland Center, WI Psychology Vlckl Cork, Believille, WI Business Administration Gordon J. Coursen, Galena, IL Tech. Agriculture JeHery P. Cruse, Belmont, WI Elementary Education John B. Craugh. Hazel Green, WI Ag. Business Forrest Cravons, MinneTonkO, MN Industrial Engineering Mary E. Croft, Lcncosfer, WI Ari Karen E. Gunman, Brookfield, WI Industrial Engineering Tammy L. Dalley. Ploffeville, WI Elementary Education Cathorlne Davlos, Lancaster, WI Elementary Education Davld W. Davls, Kenosha, WI Civil Engineering Dennls Davls, Pioifeville, WI Mechanical Engineering SENIORS 201 BIII Day, PIcn'rTevilIe, WI Mechonico! Engineering Robert DeFrang, Rochester, MN Criminal Justice Dlane Demo, Fond du Lac, WI Criminal Justice Marlo E. Deluca, 3. Milwaukee, WI Accounting Wanda L. DeMon, Oxford, WI 3 Occupational Safety 3 Raymond Dempsey, Union Grove. WI 1 Ag. Engineering Joe Denk, Dousmon, WI Broadcasting Klm Derby, Dubuque, IA Business Administration 202 SENIORS Relaxing on a sunny afternoon. What could be better? ,mmew wwwmwm mmwwww, Lisa M. DeWolfe, Delovon, WI Sociology Rlckey DeYoung, Frieslcnd, WI Industrial Educcmon Ruth Dlefz, New Berlin, WI ReclamaTion Ann Dlsch, Pewaukee, WI Zoology Dave Dobbs, Melrose, WI Ag. Education Debra K. Donor. Cuba City WI Physical Educofion Pa! Donovan, WoTerTown, WI Criminal Justice Jlm Doperalskl, Milwaukee, WI CivH Engineering A case stocking contest sponsored by The STrohs company was held during homecoming week. SENIORS 203 Davld R. DorIack, ST, Francis, Wl Industrial Safety Steve Dornlnk, Freeport, IL Ag. Economics Verna J. Dosch, Blue River, WI Elementary Education Michael Douglas, Mineral Point, WI Physical Education Kevln L. Doyle, Woukesho, WI Electrical EngineeringsBusiness Ruih Drags, Bonduel, WI Broadcasting Jlm Drake, Gays Mills, Wl PsychologWBusiness Vlrglnla Droler, Burlington, WI Elementary EducoTion Krlstopher J. Dutfy, Rock Falls, IL Soil and Crop Science John B. leght, Baltimore. MD Business Administration Brlgld M. Edor, Waterford, WI English Jane A. Edgar, Dorlington, WI EnglierPoli'rical Science Larry R. Ehnert, WoTerTown, WI Mechanical Engineering Debra s. Ehrei, Lyle, MN Ag. Engineering Mlke Ellason, Winneconne, WI Mining Engineering Barbara J. Elllot, Muscodo, WI SociologWSociol Work Karla Engol, Beloit, WI Comprehensive Math 8c Computer Linda M. Enloe, Rewey, WI Animal Science Rlchard E. Enloe, Rewey, WI Ag. Education 3 Mlchael Evanon, Cuba Chy, WI 1 Ag. Business 204 SENIORS Llsa Evers, Kaukauna, WI Criminal JusticeiPsychology Ronald J. Fargon, Bear Voliey, WI Comprehensive Math and Computer John M. Flco, Milwaukee, WI Industrial Technology Larry Flene, Souk City, WI Ag. Business DonaId R. Flsh, Rock Springs, WI Light Building Construction Gregory J. Flscher, Milwaukee, WI Animal Science Ray Flske, Mcusion, WI Criminal Justice Frank c. FloskI, Moun'r Morris, IL Lighi Building Construction Dale Folwarskl, Mosinee, WI Industrial Tecthus. Administration Jane M. Forrest Beloif, WI Psychology Kathy Jean Fruncls, Lyndon, IL Ag. Business Josh Francque, Dixon, IL Tech. Agriculture Befly Fredrlckson, Taylor, WI Age Business Doris Freese-Kruse, Lancaster, WI Moth Kurf Davld Frey, Sauk City, WI Civil Engineering Margle Frlar, Woodman, Wi Traffic Safety Beisy Fry, Beloit, WI Ag. Business Karen J. Pure, Ploifeville, WI Accounting Jane Gulls, Mineral Point, WI Accounting Dale w. Gallmann. Plaiteville, WI Industrial Technology SENIORS 205 Rhonda Gander, Prairie du Sac, WI Elementary Educofion Brad Gehrke, Lancaster, WI Ag. EconomicVAg. Business John George, Neenoh, WI Business Vljay George, Durand, WI Mechanical Engineering Sharon L. Glbbs, Chippewa Falls, WI Criminal Justice w Brlan GIII, Park Ridge, IL y Mechanical Engineering Mlchael J. Glll, Freeporf, IL Field Biology John P. Gllle, Belmont, WI Ag. Educaiion Rules are mode To be broken. 206 SENIORS These Halloween ssghouls" were primed for the party in The Rendezvous on Halloween night. Klm Gllle, Darlington, WI Ar? Dan Gliter, New London, WI Ag. Mechonization Jerry Glelsner. Dodgeville, WI Business Darryl Gloudeman, West Allis, WI BusinesVEconomics John M. Glynn, Plcmeville, WI Age Education Daniel R. Geofhel. Baraboo, WI Mining Engineering Gordon Goeizman, BeloiT, WI Business Administration Randal Golackson, Monroe, WI History Brad Goldapske, Koukouno, WI Industrial Engineering Judith McNeal Goodweller, Viroqua, WI Elementary Education Dean GoHschalk, Woferloo, WI Industrial Technology Geralyn Graney, Chilton. WI Son and Crop Science SENIORS 207 Debra Granqulsf, Owen, WI English Geraldlne Green, Milwaukee, WI Rodio-TV Production Douglas A. Grlmm, Reedsburg, WI Mechanical Engineering Rita Grlndeman, Muscodo, WI Elemenfary Educafion BIII Grmlnger, Wcuwcioso, WI Broadcasting Mlchelo Gross, Oconomowoc, WI Comprehensive BusinessiEconomics Duane Grosskruogor, Logonville, WI Bus. Administrationilndusfrioi Techs Charles Grube, Elizabeth, IL Ag. Business Gayle Grunow, West Des Moines. IA Business Adminisiraiion Krls Gudgeon, LoForge, WI Ag. Business Todd Gundlach, Livingston, WI lndusfriol Technology Susan Haag, Janesville. WI Physical Geography Luanne I. Habenlchi, Milwaukee, WI Geologinorfogrophy Dennis Hahn, Sun Prairie, WI Mechanical Engineering Siephen Hamllion, BeloiT, WI Comprehensive BusinessiEconomics Leonard Hamman, Grand Marsh, WI AccountingiBusiness Adminisirotion John J. Hankes, Beaver Dam, WI LighT Building Construction Glorla Hannl, Winfield, PA Technical Communicoiion Phll Hanson, Random Lake, WI Animal Science Terry Hansfedi, Pulaski, WI Industrial Technology 208 SENIORS Todd Hardy, Janesville, WI Criminai Jusiice Gall A. Harmon, Chicago, iL Psychology Tony Harvey, Hazel Green, WI Ag. Educofion Wllllam M. Hathaway, Eou Claire, WI Civil Engineering Paul c. Hauser, Hudson, WI Psychology Cheryl I.. Hawley, Shullsburg, WI Business Terry Hayes, Crondon, WI Mechanical Engineering Scott M. Hayman. La Crosse, WI Mechanical Engineering Mary Hensley, Bettendorf, IA Criminal Justice Steven J. Heckel, Mosinee, WI Soil and Crop Science Chrlsilan R. Heer, Winslow, IL Civil Engineering Mary Anne Helm. Rockhom, SD Industrial Technology Colln W. Hollmer, Plaffeville, WI Business Administration Carl Hendrlckson, Rochester, MN Mechanical Engineering Gerald Hendrlckson, Monono, WI Mechanical Engineering Raymond S. Hennessy, Horicon, Wi Industrial Engineering Larry Henkol. Neenoh, WI Indusirial Safety Kerry K. Hennlng, Kiel, WI Accounting Keri W. Hennlng, Kiel, WI Business Donnle Herbst, Shuilsburg, WI Physical Education SENIORS 209 Members of The Lambda Sigma Pi frmernify head to The Fieldhouse for c: work-ou'r Mark Herbst, Appleton, WI Industrial Technology Erlc Herman, Manitowoc, WI Industrial Tech. Bus. Admin. Tammy Hess, Galena, IL Accounting Steven F. Hem, Fort Atkinson, WI Civil Engineering Corlnne HIII, Genoa City, WI Chemistry Patrlcla Hlnrlchs, Cross Plains, WI Psychology David J. Hodgson, Argyle, WI Animal Science Debora Hoeper, PIcHeville, WI Comp. Business and Economics Paul D. Hottman, Black River Foils, WI Civil Engineering Dale J. Holland, Hazel Green, WI RodioNV Broadcasting Wllllam Holland, Friendship, WI Radio and TV Cunls Holman, Janesville, WI Civil Engineering 210 SENIORS Kralg Holub, Anomoso, IA MafWCompufer Science Mlchael J. Hoppersfad, Poplar Grove, IL Ag. Business Peie Householder, Pewaukee, WI Mechanical Engineering Jen Horstall, Madison, WI Civil Engineering Charles Housner, Elroy, WI Pre-Med Jan L. Hun, Lancaster, WI Education Mark B. Hughes, Chippewa Falls, WI Civil Engineering Wllllam Hughes, Waukesha, WI Civil Engineering Douglas w. Hunt, Durand, WI Civil Engineering Clndy Ihm, Hollandcle, WI Physical Education Tlmoihy J. Isom, Platteville, WI Physics Vlvlan Jackson, Milwaukee, WI Occupcfionol Safety The City of PIoffevilIe has been making room for parking lots in The downtown area recently. SENIORS 2'1 '1 The late afternoon sun creates an image on this empty choir. Thomas E. Jacobson, Loncosfer, WI Business Nlcholas w. Jacque. Pori Wash, WI Industrial Tech. Llsa Jahnke, West Salem, WI English Robert Jones, Evansville, WI Ag. Business V. Thomas Jansen. Cuba City, WI industrial Technology Dan Jarosh, Neenoh,WI Mechanical Engineering Davld M. Jello. Beilevilie, WI Ag. Business 'l'lmoihy P. Jensen, Lancaster, WI Business David J. Jessup. West Bend, WI Civil Engineering Annette Johnson, Mount Horeb, WI Elementary Education Gary Johnson, Brooklyn, WI Ag. Mechonizoiion Jaynellen Johnson, Freeport, IL Civil Engineering 212 SENIORS Jeannie May Johnson. Siren, WI Pre-Nursing Judy Johnson, West Bend, WI Business Administration Jalalne Rochelle Johnson. Grofioi, WI Physical Education Kenn Johnson, Stevens Point, WI Ag. Business Michael G. Johnson. Clintonville, WI Civil Engineering Robert L. Johnson. Groiioi, WI Ag. Business Troy Johnson, Milwaukee, Wi Occ. SofeiWBus. Administration Jerry Johnston, Mineral Point. WI Mechanical Engineering Lorilee Jones, Elkhart, IN Physical Education Pairlck Judo, Cuba City, WI Animal Science Jack Kalnz, Tomahawk, WI Industrial Technology Jeanne Kamlnskl. Milwaukee, WI Psycholowaomen Studies Mark A. Kann, Glen Haven, WI industrial Technology Tamera A. Kaunman. Fennimore, WI Physical Education Lori s. Keefe. Lancaster, Wi AccountingiBusiness Mark Keesoy, Orfordviile, WI Ag. Engineering Ronald R. KeIIl Lancaster, Wl Ag. Mechonizoiion Heath Kemman, Beloii, WI History Education Tamara Kendall. Porierville, CA Psychology Christine M. Kennedy, Bristol, WI Botany SENIORS 243 When The wc'rm weather rolls around, motorcycles are brought out to enjoy the weather and To conserve energy. Tracy Kershek, Menominee Falls, WI Political Science Ted R. Klotler, Dorlingfon. WI Industrial Technology Duane R. Kllbyl Kenosha, WI Ag. Mechonizotion Jeff Kllcher, Prairie du Chein, WI Math Julle Klns, Cedarburg, WI Psychology Naihan Klrchner, Jefferson, Wl Mechanical Engineering Annefte M. Kloln, Mineral Point, W Business Administration Jemoy L. Kllngberg, Elgin, IL Mechanical Engineering 244 SENIORS . WI ing Livingston I Engineer iCO n. o B u n K .n a B Mechan Idwood, lL Lynn Knutson, W Business .IL AnTiock Mechanical Engineering 'l'om Knuison, Black Creek, WI . Knutzen, Lawrence Koonlgs. Menomonee Ag. Business Falls, WI Brian L Business De Pere, WI Kolb Engineering Wllllam E M inlng Dorlingion, WI Mlke Kohlstedi Ag. Bus Iness Donna R. Kublcok. St. Joseph, MO Sociology i SENIORS 2'15 Brlan J. Krause, Alden, IA Ag. Mechonizofion Mark E. Krause, Webster, WI Civil Engineering Mlchael J. Kruoger, New London, WI Criminal Justice Roy Alan Kruoger. Belmont, WI Geography Gary Kruse, Sauk Prairie, WI Industrial Technology Thomas N. Kuonzl, Beaver Dam, WI Accountingwusiness Administration 2'16 SENIORS A boisterous student waves To the camera as she walks To class. Hi There! Gregg Kuhs, West Allis, WI Physical Education Perry Kuznar. Hawkins, WI Mechanical Engineering Tlmothy J. LaFond, Neenoh, Wl lnd. Training Soles 8 Personnel Rebecca M. Lamb, Mount Hope, WI Accounting SENIORS 21 7 Pat Lamers, Lime Chu're WI Civil Engineering Kevin Lange, Cuba City, W! Tech. Agriculture Susan Langkamp, Glen Haven, WI Ag. Business Leslie Ann Larson, Rice Lake, WI Tech. Communications Mary Beth LaSusa, Villa Park, IL Business Administration Scott R. Laufenberg, Iron Ridge, WI Tech. Agriculture Jeff Leo. Rewey, WI Zoology Gregory E. Lehn. Reedsburg, WI Civil Engineering Dennls L. Leonard, Milwaukee, WI Art Education Davld G. Lepley, Fort Atkinson, WI Industrial Education Jane Lethlean, Apple River, lL Technical Communication Dlane M. Lewls, Dodgeville, WI Eiemenfcry Education Gregory Llnclcum. South Wayne, Elalne Llpperf, Prairie du Soc, ws Ag. Engineering Lynn LIN, Woukesho, WI Occupational Safety Rebeccu K. Loken, Mineral Point, WI Civil Engineering Brlan P. Longfleld, Monono, WI Business Administration Sfetanlo Lorbleckl, Kaukauna, WI PsychologWPoliticol Science Randy Luchslnger, Evansville, WI Psychology Befly J. Lucla, New Holstein, WI Criminal JusTiceWsychobgy 2 'l 8 SENIORS a La The building that most of us knew as The Joint is now the Plcfteville Senior Center. Wllllam E. Lucey, Beloit, WI Industrial Technology Robert Luedke, Woukeshc, WI Broadcosfinb Kathy Lund. Fennimore, WI English Davld Luizke, Sheboygan, WI Industrial Education Shella Glynn, Cedarburg, WI Criminal Justice Stephen E. Majewskl. Green Bay, WI Civil Engineering Mark A. Mallnowskl, Loyal, WI Mechanical Engineering Charles D. Mann, Manitowoc, WI Occupationoi Safety SENIORS 2 19 Jeffrey Munuell, Pioi'revilie, WI Moth John F. Marshall, LcForge, WI Ag. Business lora Mauror, Souih Wayne, Wi Business James M. Mawhlnney, Showono, WI Industrial Tecthus. AdminisTraTion Douglas McAnhur, Woter'rown, WI Physical Education The M. McCoy, Dubuque, iA Business Ann McDermeH, BeioiT, WI Elementary Education Jerl McKeon, Belmont, WI Business Administration Brenda McMahon. Sparta, WI MusiciBusiness Administration Terry A. McMahon, Lancaster, Wi Ag. Business Kathy L. Melzer, Ploiieville, Wi Speech Communication Phlllp Menilnk. Cosiburg, WI Civil Engineering Julle K. Morgen, Madison, WI Ag. Business BIII Meicall, Dubuque, IA Criminal Justice Lori Miller, Waterloo, IA Indusfriol Sofeiy Sharon M. Miller, Kenosha, WI Business Adminisiroiion Mlke Mlk:helll Ploifevilie, WI industrial Technology Lori Anne Moore, Germaniown, Wi Accouniing Rosemary Moore, Milwaukee, WI Business Administration Joan Mootz, Belmont, WI Comprehensive Business Economics 220 SENIORS Tim Moran, Boscobei, Wi Criminal Justice Linda J. Moresl, Lake Geneva. WI Ag. Education Debra S. Morltz, Bay City, WI Criminal JusticeiPre-Lcw Ctherlne J. Morris, Portage, Wi Physical Education Keith B. Mulder. Woupun, WI Ag. Business Ed Mulholland, Copron, iL Ag. Mechonizaiion Kelley J. Murphy, Beaver Dam, WI Brocdcosi Engineering Kimberley A. Murphy, Hudson, MA Psychoiogy Curt Nalzger, Souih Wayne, WI Business Adminisfrciion Gregory s. Nest. Morineiie, Wi Criminal Justice Jay Nelder, Plain, WI Civil Engineering Robert Neises, Monroe, WI Lighf Building Construction Jay A. Nickel, Morrison, WI Ag. Business Julle Nlemuth, Clinionville, Wi Rodio-TV Broadcasting Rich Nodom, Ploiieviile, WI Music Education Steven North, Endeavor, WI Ag. Business Cynihla A. Novak, Monfforf, WI Biolongre-Med Technology Sue Noyes. Fennimore, WI Physical Education Pairick O'Connor. Armstrong, WI Civii Engineering Wllllam E. O'Connor. Beileviiie, WI Ag. Business SENIORS 221 Crowds were entertained by pickin' and grinning 01 The Autumn Madness concert. Susan K. Oechsle, STiTzer, WI Ag. BusinesVBusiness AdministraTion Rlchard J. O'Leary, East Troy, WI Mechanical Engineering Mark Oleson, Nekoosa, WI Mechanical Engineering Bruce Olson, Westby, WI Ag. Engineering 222 SENIORS Janlce L. Olson, Soldiers Grove, WI Physical Education Larry Olson, Plofieville, WI Ag. Mechonizotion ShlrIey S. Olson, Fennimore, WI Elemeniory Education Douglas Olsiad, Sfoughion, WI Business Administration Mark E. Onderak, Beloit, WI Business Administration Joel Opprlecht, Gays Miils, WI Light Building Construction Phllllp J. Orlenko, Sheboygan, WI Business Administration Leslle OHman, Menomonee Falls, WI Criminal Justice Ohrlsilan Owen, Tomah, WI Accounting Nancy K. Owens, Fennimore, WI Physical Education Mary Jo Oyen, Plofieville, WI Mechanical Engineering Cunls'w. Page, Norridge, IL Mechanical Engineering Jeffery A. Palmer, Sharon, Wl Land Reclamation Linda J. Pankau, Oshkosh, WI Technical Communication James D. Paquln, Reedsburg, WI Civil Engineering Ted Parr, Cheiek, Wi Mechanical Engineering Sean B. Paichln, PIoHeviIle, WI Psychology Pamela Pairlkus. Clintonville, WI Elementary Education Mlchael J. Patterson, Evansville, WI Ag. Education John Pauli, Bellevilie, WI Industrial Education SENIORS 223 Brad Paulson. BeloiT. WI Ag. Business Karen Paulson. Prairie du Chien, WI HistorWSociology Roger Paulson II, Gillett, WI Geology Kerry L. Pearce. Racine, WI Criminal Justice Mlke Poll, Milwaukee, WI s Mechanical Engineering BIII Pennekamp, Albion, WI Psychology Mlchael Perklns, Kewaskum, WI giyil Engineering Kevin Wayne Peterson, West Allis, WI Mechanical Engineering Thomas L. Peterson, Milwaukee, WI Mechanical Engineering Loren L. Plell, New Berlin, WI Mechanical Engineering Annene PIINner, Lansing, IA ReclamatioMZoology Thomas Plentka, Park Ridge, IL Civil Engineering Rlchard I.. Plefle, Hortonville. WI Civil Engineering Nancy A. Plefz, Birncmwood, WI PsychologWBusiness James J. Plper, Benton, WI Business Sherl L. Plper, Janesville, WI Tech. Agriculture Marcee A. quueHo, Cobb, WI ReclamatioMBoTony Pamela 5. Place, Livingsfon, WI Physical Education Jon PreIl, Sparta, WI Industrial Engineering Dawn Marle Prlce, Elizabeth, IL Psychology 224 SENIORS Randy Prochaska, Fennimore, WI Business Administration Jean L. Pugh, Des Plaines, IL Soil and Crop Science Roggle Pullen, Atlanta, GA Criminal Justice Kathy M. Quinn, South Wayne, WI Physical Education Joe Qulsi, Camp Douglas, WI Civil Engineering Kathy Rabuck, Dousmon, WI English Thomas Radue, Sun Prairie, WI Civil Engineering Roger Rammer, Sheboygon Falls, WI Industrial Technology Ronnle L. Roch. Lancaster, WI Animal Science leta K. Roddell, Dodgeville, WI Elementary Education Wayne Rodenlus. Delovon, WI Ag. Education Jon A. Remakel, Dubuque, IA Industrial Technology Shohreh Rezazadeh, PIoTTeville, WI Political Science Rory Rhlnesmlfh, Waukesha, WI Civil Engineering Kelth J. Rlchard, Hazel Green, WI Physical Education Pam Rlckerman, Watertown, WI Elementary Education Dlane Rlchol, Grofiof, WI Business Administration Llsa Rledle, White Bear Lake. MN Mining Engineering Douglas Roberts, Hazel Green, WI Business Administration The Roddlck, Belmont, WI Accountianusiness Administrcnion SENIORS 225 Krlstle Rohde, Hayden, Wl PreAVeT Mlchael Rohrwasser, Franklin, WI Civil Engineering Pam Rollng, Belmont, WI Ag. Business Brenda Rosandlch, Wis. Rapids. WI Criminal Justice Deanna Rowe, Lancaster, WI Ag. BusinesVAg. Economics Lowell Ruei, Dorlingfon, WI Business Administration Kenneih J. Runde, Dubuque, IA Criminal Justice John O. Rury, Monroe, WI Industrial Education Jo" Russan, MonfforT, W1 Mining Engineering Brad Ruzlcka, Cobb, WI Comp. Economics and Business Dennls F. Ryan, Janesville, WI Civil Engineering Vlrglnla Ryder, Janesville, WI Music Education 226 SENIORS In between classes, sTudenTs always find Time To make 0 mp 10 the Student CenTer. Shello Sager, Ripon, WI Criminal Justice Susan Salllng, Verona, WI Soil and Crop Science Kelfh Sayles, Austin, MN Ag. Engineering s Sara Sayles, Austin, MN Accounting Ed Scaro, Elkhorn, WI CivH Engineering Helena Schablowsky, Galena, IL IndusTriaI Engineering Jaclnia Schaefer, PlaTTevilIe, WI Vocal Education JIII Schambow, MontforT, WI Comprehensive Art lone M. Schlelcher, Beaver Dam, WI Ag. Educationmorficulfure Pamela Ann Schlesner, Lancaster, WI Elementary Education Ronald R. Schmalz, Appleton, WI Ag. Business Steve Schmelder, Monroe, WI Occ. SofefWBus. Administration Construction of The new Fine Arts Center on campus should be completed by December of 1982. SENIORS 227 Allan Schmldt, New Berlin, WI Civil Engineering Davld R. Schmldi, Plymouth, MN Ag. Engineering Paul Schmldt, Germanion, WI Criminal Justice Beth A. Schmiedel, Oshkosh, WI Mining Engineering Ann Marle Schnepper. Lancaster, Wl Elementary Education Mlchael J. Schoonoff, Baraboo, WI Ag. Business Richard G. Schoot, Waterford, WI Mining Davld M. Schools, Kewaskum, WI Technical Communication Roy Schroedl, Jefferson, WI Ag. Education Robln Schroeder, Beloi'r, WI English Mark Schueler, Janesville, WI Industrial Engineering Chris Schuelko, Cobb, WI Political Science Cynihla J. Schult, Moniforf, WI AccountingiBusiness Mlchael R. Schultz, Poiosi, WI Business Management Sally K. Schultz. Albany, WI Physical Education Steven R. Schultz, Milwaukee, WI Animal Science Kathleen A. Schulz, Mount Horeb, WI Criminal JusticeiPsychology Arla M. Schwartz, Shulisburg, WI Eiemeniory Education Jlm Schwartz, Dorlingfon, WI Ag. Business John Schwariz, Dorlingion, WI Technical Agriculture 228 SENIORS Pam Scoit, Richlond Center, WI History Kurt D. Seagrl'si, PiHsburgh, PA Business Adminisfrofion Ron L. Selppel, Lancaster, WI Accounting Jeffery Seliz, Racine, WI Civil Engineering Torry Joe Shaker, Hillsboro, WI Ag. Mechonichion Judl Shakula, West Allis, WI Biology Michael B. Show, Sturgeon Bay, WI Criminal Justice Kathleen Shea, Menomonee Falls, WI Elementary Education Patrlck J. Shea. Janesville, WI Buiiding Construction Tamara L. Shlnkunas, Rosholf, WI Criminal Justice Glen Short, PIoHevilIe, WI Music Mlchael Shaw, Sturgeon Bay, WI Criminal Justice Wendy J. Showen, Gays Mills, WI Ag. Business Dale R. Showers, McFarland, WI Civil Engineering Debra L. Slkhart, Oregon, WI Criminal Justice Douglas Slager, Barrington, IL Mechanical Engineering Debra K. Smith, Hopewell, VA Criminal Justice Dave Spakowlez, Woukesho, WI Criminal Justice Donald Rock SpllIane, Benton, WI Business Adminisfrotion Mary M. Splllone, Shullsburg, WI Business SENIORS 229 Susan R. Spohnholiz, Logonville, WI Elementary Education Wllllam Sprosty. Prairie du Chien, WI Agriculture Gregory Stanosz. Milwaukee. WI Industrial Technology Ronald G. Stunner, Monroe, WI Ag. Economics Steven A. Stegor, Ploffeville, WI Criminal Justice Sieve Sflelow, Grafton, WI Occupational Safety Connle J. Sielnhon, Platfeville, WI Elementary Education Sheri stelnhon. Cuba City, WI BusinesVCompuTers Debra Stephens, Benton, WI Elementary Education Elizabeth A. Stewed, Orfordville, WI Tech. Communicationmus Ad. Robert Stonel, Burlington, WI Industrial SofefWBus. Ad. Robert Siollenwork. Hales Corners, WI Occupationd Safety 230 SENlORS The morning offer. A graduation party perhaps? Jlm Shaka, MontforT, WI Light Building Construction Marlene Strueder, Waterford, WI English Susan Sirmmaier, Ploffeville, WI Business Terry Strleater, La Crosse, WI AccountinWCriminol Justice Craig R. Sirom, Lake Forest, IL Rodio-TV Engineering Thomas Strom, Highland, Wl Accounting Jane Stuessy, Ploffeville, WI lndusfriol Engineering Anne Sullivan, Scifuofe, MA Criminal JusTice Wllllam Sulllvan, Apple Valley, MN Mining Engineering Paul Sunby, Milwaukee, WI Geology Jennifer Sutherland. HilberT, Wl Elementary Education Daniel Suvaka, Milwaukee, WI Criminal Justice Edward W. Swanson, Oregon, WI Industrial EducaTion Erlc Sword, Rockford, IL Mechanical Engineering SENIORS 231 Pete Szoikowskl, Lodysmifh, WI Civil Engineering Marcia Tabor, Barron, WI Business Timothy Talntor, Pori Washington, WI Light Building Consirucfion Tlmoihy A. Temby, Madison, WI Criminai Justice Pat Torbllcox, Bamboo, WI Mining Engineering Stephen c. Thomas, Plcifeviile, WI lndusiriol Technology Ellzabeth Thompson, Oshkosh, WI Elementary Eduction Sue Ellen Thompson. Whitehall, WI Elementary Educoiion Theresa Thompson, Shullsburg, WI Sociology Mark Thronson, Burlington, WI Civil Engineering W. Robert Tlmm, Holcomb, IL Technical Ag. Charles Tlncher, Showono, WI Broadcasting Denise M. 'I'lsdale Sloss. Rockford, IL Criminal Jusiice Mlchael Tobin, LoCrosse, WI Industrial Technology Fellcla Touchotie, Juneau, WI Business Administration John M. Towns, Edgerion, WI Ag. Business Jeffrey D. Townsend, Ohio, lL Ag. Business Judlth Trampl, Ripon, WI Sociolongsychoiogy Wllllam Tredlnnlck, Madison, WI CarTography Brett s. Tresner. Plofievilie, Wi Industrial Technology 232 SENIORS Jay Trewartho, Hazel Green, WI Comprehensive ArT Jude G. Trlmberger, Sheboygen Falls, WI Criminal Justice Greg Trollop, Fennimore, WI An Craig Twlnem, West Allis, WI Civil Engineering Nancy Ann Vull, Arbor Vitae, Wl Business Paul J. Van, Menosho, WI Mechanical Engineering Randall J. VanAlsiyne, Menomonee, Falls, WI Mechanical Engineering Keith Vanevenhoven, Appleton, WI Industrial Technobgy PaHy Verzal, Villa Park, IL Geology Dennls Vlncenl, Madison, WI Physical Educationmeolfh Klm L. V091, Elkhorn, WI Elementary Education Gary Vonallmen, Marshall, WI Ag. MechonizotionNeohniccl Ag. Nancy Volghis, Belmont, WI Philosophy Mary Volbrechi, Lake Geneva, WI Accounting Charles J. Voliner, St. Francis, WI Criminal Justice Brian c. Voyles, Spring Green, WI Business Administration Mike Wacketi, Watertown, WI Mechanical Engineering Douglas H. Wagen, Germantown, WI RodioNV Broadcasting Paula Wagner, MonforT, WI Political ScienceK-tvermon Ellen L. Waldharl, Arlington Hts, lL Ag. Communications SENIORS 233 Terry D. Wallace, Berlin, WI Lighi Building Consiruciion Thomas E. Walsh. Madison, WI Civil Engineering Kenneih Walter, Lake Geneva, WI Mechanical Engineering 'I'Imoihy John Walter, Marshal, WI Bofony Robert T. Walton. Ploifeville, WI Industrial Technology Roger Walion, Whitewater, WI Civil Engineering Danlel Wanke, Watertown, WI Light Building ConstructioniBus. Richard J. Wonkorl, Mozomonie, WI Business Administration Joseph L. Wodlg, Grofiof, WI Animal Science Paul Wllllam Wegmann, Bloomingion, WI Technical Ag. Audrey A. Wehrman, Fronksville, WI Sociology Cynthls Wols, Webster, WI Industrial Engineering Jen Welsensel. Beaver Dam, WI Civil Engineering John G. Weiss, Port Washington, WI Ag. Engineering Ted F. Welsso, Cedarburg, WI Industrial Technology Wayne Wells, Brownsville, WI Ag. Business Paul Wenger, Argyle, WI Business Administration Scott Werner, Cubo City, WI Criminal Justice Mary Lynn Wesiphal, Waukesha, WI Criminal Justice Richard J. Wheeler, Middleton, WI Traffic Safety 234 SENIORS Kerry Whlte, Boscobel, WI Industrial Technology Kevln G. Whlte, Fond du Lac, Wi Mechanical Engineering Scott E. chk, Kenosha, WI Criminal Justice Ronald c. Wlegman. Cuba CiTy, WI Industrial Technology Brlan Wlepklng, Brownsville, WI Ag. Mechonizaiion Chrlstlne Wlesbrock, Cobb, WI Criminal Justice Douglas Roy Wllke, Waterloo, WI Ag. Education Dave Willems, Independence, IA Business Administration Carol Wllllams, Green Lake, Wi Indusiriol Studies Thomas B. Williams, Combrio, WI Technical Ag. Daniel H. Wilson, Oregon, WI Criminal Justice Jackle Wlnchester, Beloii, WI Mechanical Engineering Thomas R. Woollen, McHenry, IL Ag. Mechonizcifion Bruce D. Woborll, Stevens Point, WI Ag. Business Brooke Wolfram, Palatine, IL Business Sheryl Wood, Beloi'r, WI Business Administration Larry Young. Monroe, WI Technical Communications Jerry lander, Bcrneveld, WI Ag. Business Michael M. lemon, Watertown, WI Industrial Technology Lori A. Zimmerman, Dorlingion, WI Elementary Education SENIORS 235 Marg Wleners, Copy Editor Pam Kerston, Layout Editor Mary lee, Index Editor Jlm Green Byron Anderson '82 PIONEER Dr. Phll Buchanan, Advisor Kaihy Doru" Barb Burke Pam Rolllng Barb Jentz STAFF 237 oknsfberg Trucking L Matgnals, Inc. L jSavmgs 8! Loan AsSociation Wisconsin PowerC 8L Light Co. Chester K. Bell - Real Estate Dr. 81 Mrs. Philip Buchanan Francis L Bernice Schoofs Advance Transformer Co. Platteville Telephone Co. L Elwummxuy Q L iw INDEX Aakre, David 173 Aasen, Eric 82,164 Abbott, Kate 124,196 Abelt, Jeff 163,182,183,196 Abing, Kevin 196 Abraham, Eugene 117 Accola, Christina 196 Acherman, Tammy $785,140,186 Ackman, Dana 69 Adamak, Brett 92.175 Adams, Carla 87,179 Adams, Jeffrey 196 Adams, John 57 Adams, Robert 121 Adams, Todd 94 Addison, David 81 Addison, Steven 196 Aderman, Paul 190 Adkins, Shirley 169 Adlam, James 185 Adlams, Scott 155 Adsit, Robert 105 AGC 175 Ag. Bus... Economlcs Club 166 Ag. Educatlon Soclny 166 Ag. Methanlzulon Club 167 Ag. Student Councll 167 Agronomy Club 168 Ahmed, Ali 165 Ahsinger, Jeffrey 64,73,167 Alkldo Club 184 AIIE 1 1o AIME 170 Akhtarshad, Gholamreza 165 Albert, Paul 78 Alcorn, Randall 196 Alden, Sharon 184 Aldrian, Gregory 114 Al-Sulyani Mohammed 165 Allcox, Richard 99 Allen, James 96,173 Allen, Mary 86,91 Alen, Ronald 131 Allenstein, Mechael 184,196 Allensworth, Karen 89 Allison, David 112 Alnasseri, A11 165 Alpha Gamma Rho 65 Alpha Phl Omega 65 Alpha Lambda Delta 161 Alpha Zeta 161 Althof, Jeffrey 82 Althof, Jon 82 AI Yasiri, Jeanan 140,179,189 Amacher, Julie 178 Amberg, Becky 98 Amberg, Randall 196 Ambrose, Paul 115 Ambrosius, Greg 196 Anders, Stuart 139 Andersen, Christina 70 Anderson, Andrea 84 Anderson, Byron 2,130 178,236,237 Anderson, Darcy 90 Anderson, David 181 Anderson, Gary 196 Anderson, Gregory 144 Anderson, Harmon 67 Anderson, Harry 94,173 Anderson, Jane 87 Anderson, Jeff 1 14 Anderson, Joseph 78,190 Anderson, Linda 65 Anderson, Pam 129 Anderson, Richard 196 Anderson, Robin 124 Anderson, Steven J. 82 Anderson, Steven S, 144 Anderson, Todd 83 Annen, Marilyn 68 Antonuk, John 178 Anwar, Elvani 165,196 Archer, Alan 78 Arendt, Joseph 114 Arens, Teresa 91 Argall, Kathleen 118 Argall, Todd 162,196 Arkell, Reginald 189 Arndorfer, Robert 162,172 175,188,196 Arndt, Jeffrey 83 Arneson, James 174,196 Amen, Alice 129 Arnevik, John 131 Arnold, Larry 112 Arthur, Linda 188 Arts, Jim 163,196 ASAE 171 ASCE 172 ASME 173 Ashenbrener, Peter 106 Asmussen, Denise 85 Aspinwall, Robert 8. 2,180 196,236,237 Aspoor, Achmad 165 Aumann, Daniel 82 Aurit, Anthony 196 Austin, Bobbi 196 Autumn Madness 34,35 Averkamp, James 197 Averkamp, Patricia 103,162 Avery, Antonio 132 Ayers, Rockdale 129 Azarshin, Hossein 96,173 Badzinski, Sharon 84 Baeckelandt, Elizabeth 98 Baehr, David 163,197 Bahl, Peter 94 Bahn, Jeffrey 104,111 Banner, Eric 139 Sam, Karen 154 Bahr, Mark 82 Bailey, Dawn 91 Bailey, Rita 118 8211115, Lavon 87,181,197 Bainbridge, Mary 197 Bainbridge, Patrick 197 Baker, Dan 119 Baker, Mark 155,174 Baker, Mike 101 Baker, Patty 98 Baker, Tim 95 Ba1czewski, Dennis 97 Ballard, Louise 129 Balles, Joseph 119 Ballmer, Julia 103 Ballweg, Brian 104 Banaszynski, Kent 94 Banfield, Diane 139 Banholzer, Ted 122 Bankenbush, Rick 172,197 Bankes, Lamont 104 Santa, William, 92,143 Barber, Cynthia 31 Bardonner, Greg 144 Barfknecht, Robert 99 Barger, Elizabeth 91 Barger, Walter 71,197 Barlament, Michael 197 Barman, Jeffrey I 12 Barmore, Melinda 87,180 Barney, Eugene 63,70,197 Earnhardt, Lisa 122,177 Barr, Laura 162,197 Barr, Miriam 90 Barr, Susan 124 Barrientos, Xenia 86,162 Barron, Daniel 173 Barry. Kay 88 Barstad, Brett 186 Bart1ett, James 178,197 Bartel, Laurence 112 Bartz, Dale 197 Baseaball 1 55 Basketball lMen's, 146-147 Basketball Women's! 148-149 INDEX Baudhuin, Steven 130 Bauling. Craig 129 Bauman, Mark 197 Baumann, Andrew 165,197 Baumann, Dennis 99,146 Baumann, Michele 90 Baumann, Paula 160 Baumert, Bucky 45 Baures, Dale 197 Bautch, Eileen 130,180,181 Bautch, James 173,197 Bautch, Ronald 173 Bawany. Mohammad 165,172 Bay, Kevin 139 Bay, Lucy 57,197 Baye, Anthony 132 Beams, Mary 58,63,125 Beauvais, Jeff 120 Becerra, Maria 86 Bechtolt, Steve 139,197 Beck, David 108,185 Becke, Christina 100 Becker, Babette 170,197 Becker, Christine 68,197 Becker, Kevin 117,178 Becker, Steve 122 Beckwirh, Scott 92 Bednar, Karin 98 Bedward, Sharon 198 Behnke, Jeffrey 121 Behrns, Robert 1 1 1,198 Beierle, Brian 70 Beighley, Rebecca 189,198 8211516, Francis 101 Bell, Bradley 160,198 8e11, Richard 174,198 Bellmeyer, Diane 73 Bellrichard, Mike 108 Belzer, Jeff 105 Bender, David 139 Benesh, Rick 99,198 Benkert, Kathleen 198 Benkowski, Timothy 55 Benson, Carol 198 Benson, Richard 143 Benson, Steven 170,180 Bentley, Todd 107 Beran, Timothy 63,64 Beranek, Lisa 88 Beranek, Rose 174,185,198 Berenz, James 143,187 Berg, Julie 64,161,166 Berg, Stanley 127,162 164,174,180,186,198 Berger, Janite 161,163 Bergold, Bruce 80,143 Berlinger, David 123 Bernabei, Louis 173 Bernhardt, Lee 71 Berth, Randall 109 Berthiaume, Daniel 170,188 Berthold, Michael 130 Bertram, John 133,166 Bestul, Thomas 109 Beta Gamma Rho Betcher, Ruth 171,172 Beyer, James 1 14,170,199 Bialobrzeski, Irene 89,145 Bias, Jennifer 89,160,161,163,164 Eickett, Bill 63 Biederwolf, Mark 112 Bieganski, David 144,169,199 Bie1awa, Cheryl 91 Bierrnan, Jeff 1 14,144 Bierzychudek, Dominick 121 Biegelow, Christopher 129,178 BilIe, Scott 72,105,184 Billet, Shane 170,180 Blology Club 168 '95 Birch, Thomas 82 81rd, Daniel 125 Bird, Randy 132 Birk, Marlis 87 Birken, William 71 Birschback, Loriann 171,172 Bischoff, Jeri 118 Bishop, Jackie 174 Biszak, Michael 117 Bjorkquist, Paul 96 Black, Doug1as 113,181 Black Hlstory Week 50-51 Blackmon, Carl 92 Black Student Union 164 Blair, Bradley 70 Blanc, Marc 109 Blaser, Dana 98 Blazier, Richard 143 Bloch, Jeffrey 79,170,144 Bloch, Kelly 90 Bloch, Leslie 85,170 Blodgett, Chris 71,154 Blodgett, Cynthia 124 Blonde, Greg 111,139 Blum, Charles 97,178,184 Blum, Joel 122 Bockhop, Jackie 67,160,162,199 Bockhop, Jeffery 162,172,175 Bockin, Terrie 119 Bodden, Joseph 174,199 Boebel, Duane 132,166 Boebel, Melvin 107 Boewhm, Brian 128,174 Boehmke, Thomas 80,99 Boehnen, Brian 142 Boeka, William 92,178 Boestami, Dono 118 Bogacz, Mary 84 80995, Rena 180,199 Bonn, David 96 Bohn, James 162 Boigenzahn, Jeffrey 113 Boisen, Dennis 1 13,143,163 Boland, Daniel 126 Hold, Jason 65,114 8011:, 8111 155 Bolstad, Douglas 119 Bolwerk, Timothy 162,199 Bomkamp, Steven 166 Bonikowske, Russell 174 Bonlam, John 78 Bonk, Jay 108 Boomer, Darrell 181 Booth, Ricky 142,163 Borchart, David 97 Borland, Jeffrey 143,180,181 Borst, Annette 199 Boss, Steven 117 Bostrom, Paul 112 Bottrell, Kathy 181 Bouffard, David 139 Bourassa, William 173 Bourgeois, Mark 169 Bowden, Joan 199 Bowen, Diane 145 Bowen, Tracy 84 Bower, Merton 66,160 Bradley, Dieter 122 Brahmstadt, Robert 108 Brandt, Brian 189 Brandt, Jeff 1 14 Brandt, Joan 57 Brandt, Scott 65 Brask, Michael 112,144 Braum, Aaron 114 Braunschweig, Christine 128 Braunschweig, Craig 80 Bredeson, Donna 162,199 Breed, Darcy 87 Brehm, Scott 81 Breis, Michael 58,163,182 Bremser, Bob 69,101 Brengosz, John 139 Brennan, Michael 199 Brenner, Charles 162,172 Brentrup, Ann 89 Brewer, Allen 117 Breyer, Paula 130 Bricco, Robert 199 Briede, Juiie 84 Brieh1, Matthew 142 Brill, Glenn 178,199 Bristow, David 30,46 Broas, Craig 120 Broberg, David 65,170 Brochocki, Philip 126,169 Bracken Hall 78-83 Brockman, Brad 161,166,200 Brokish, Rosemarie 90,176 Brooks, Nan 101.166 Brooks. David 96 Brooks, Kay 98 Brooks, Lind: 190 Brophy. Anne 86,179 Brosman. Mark 73,1 10 Brotski. Thomas 93,200 Bron. Kenneth 72 Brown, Brian 119 Brown. Charles 104.161 Brown. James 97 Brown, Lawrence 139 Brown, Spencer 181 Browne, Michael 123 Browning. Bruce 181 Brucken, Raphael 1 1 I Bruegger, Michael 80 Bruehlman. Debra 200 Brun, Ann 189,200 Brun, Sara 88 Brust. Steven 99 Brynelson, David 95.178 Buccanero, Steve 101 Buchanan. Dr. Philip 236,237 Buchinger, Robert 108 Budde, Barbara 103.171 Budden, Karen I 18.148 Buelow. Colleen 73.200 Bucning. Robert 132.200 Buening, Sharon 189 Buetow, Curtis 130,131 Sumner, John 101 Buetmer. Steven 109 Buggs. James 104,144 Bulin, Tad 112 8u11, Patricia 63 Bull, Rebecca 65 Bumgardner. Randy 189 Buncak, Michael 185,200 Bunker, Frank 92 Burg. Douglas 128 Burger, Lance 121 Burgess, Donna 84 Burgett. James 180,189 Buri, Bryan 115,185 Burke, Barbara 85,236,237 Burke, Mary 30,57,200 Burmahl, David 78,168 Burnham, James 1 I 1 Burns. Lori 85 Burrito, Tom IIo Burris. Laura 200 Burrow. Julie 88.158 Busch, Melody 30 Buschkopf, James 172 Buschor, Jatqueline 122. 161 Buschor, Martin I 28. I 74.185 Buschor, Rodney 174.200 Bush, Jayne 100 Buss, Edward 72 Buss, Susan 200 Bustle. Nkholas 101 Buth. Scott 106 Bunchen, Terry 66,198,200 Butline, Barbara 183 Bybee, Judith 56,182,183 Bylsma, Larry 79,146 Byrne. Elizabeth 119 Byrnes, Daniel 132 Cable, Nicholas 99 Cahoon, Craig 95 Cain, Michael 166,189,200 Cairy, Jole 66 Calabresa, Mark 106.109 Calbaum. Michael 107 Caley. Connie 86,180,183 CaIiva, Mark 129 Camp. Kathleen 98 Campbell. David 132 Campbell. Ellen 90,178,186 Campbell, Robert 189 Campbell, Veronica 84 Campion. Kelly 99 Campus 81616 Fellowship 101 Canes. James 80 Capacio. James 175 Carl, Janet 70.176 Carlin. Carmen 87 Carlson. Bruce 139 Carlson. John 112 CnrnIval 28-29 Cams, Kathy 181 Cams, Lisa 181 Cams, Paul 181 Carpenter. L011 111 Can. Christopher 80 Carr, Kevin 114,200 Carrigan. Thomas 95 Carroll. Jody 130 Carroll, Nancy 88 Carstensen, Todd 114,170 Case. Diane 173,200 Case, Nancy 163.190 Case, Thomas 180.181 Cashman. Milton 95 Casper, David 183 Casper, Larry 95 Canine, Micheal 1 18 Caya, Casey 80 Chalk, John 1 15 Chamberlain. Steven 64,167 Chambers. Anthony 83 Chambers, Evelyn 90 Chambers, Kevin 132 Champeau, Bradley 1 13 Change: 5-27 In Amunlnonu 14-15 In Annudos 10-11 On Clnlpus 6-7 In Clotnlng H In The Dund- 20-23 In Entorulnmonc 26-21 In Musk 12 13 In leovlllo 18-19 In Tnv-I 16-11 Chapin. Martin 200 Chapman, Dean 101 Chase. Rose 125 Chase. Shawn 184 Chatfield. Sally 98 Chavez, John 139 Check. Daniel 172,188,200 Check. Randall 97 Cheever, David 79 Chesmore. Victor 105 CM Epsilon 162 Chier, Scott 185 Chiero. David 200 Childs, Celeste 130,161 Chmelik, Tom 95 Chocholous. Curtis 200 Chopp, Tim 92 Christensen. Cari 84,166 Christensen, Eric 131 Christensen. Kirk 139 Christensen. Lee 101 Christensen, Scott 113.181 Christensen. Theresa 102 Christiansen. Rodney 1 12.139 Christianson. Debra 122 Christman.Linda 189,200 Church, Anne 189,201 Churchill. Duane 107 Cibulka, Joseph 65 Clack. Robert 113 Clark, Lisbesth 64,85 Clark, Lonnie 106,201 Clark, Ricky 130 Clarton, Daniel 99,178 Cleland. Robert 108.139 Clementi, Joseph 96 Gift. Marshall 166.201 Clifton, Joe 96 Cloutier, John 101 Cobb, Marvin 97 Cockrell, John 184 Coffey, Carl 128.164 Coil. Barbara 201 Cole. Lydia 164,171,174 Coleman. Jeff 92 CoIes. Alan 106 Collett. Leslie 118 Collins, Audrey 195,201 Collins, Deanna 185 Colins. Susan 98 Collins, Teresa 91 ColweII, Lynnette 86,171,172 Conlin, Peter 79 Connell, Michael 164 Conner, Brian 101 Conners. Deborah 98 Connor, David 173,181,201 Connor, Phyllis 90.164 Conrad, John 144,170,173.188 Conroy. Mary 201 Cook. Elizabeth 91 Cook, Laura 148 Cook, John 132,201 Coombs. Jack I 12 Coonen. Paula 124.178 Cooper, Carolyn 189,201 Cooper, Davld 170,184 Coppernoll, Hazel I 18 Cordts, Marcia 87,190 Cork, Vicki 73,162,201 Corlert, Ricky 80 Cornwell, Sheri 89.176 Coroneos, Keith 96 Cosgroves, Jacqueline 86,183 Coursen. Gordon 201 Courtney, Brian 185 Cox. Terry 82 Coyne. Jonathan 106,109,185 Craemer. Maria 130,170,171 Craig. Bradley 93 Crane, Kevin 80 Crary, Jennie 91,180 Crase, Jeffrey 201 Crase. Teresa 90 Craugh. John 201 Craven. Andy 94 Cravens. Forrest 201 Crawford, Mary 102 Crlmlnal Junk. Assoc. 179 Croft, Mary 201 Crook, John 99 Cross Country 142 Crow, Mart 127 Crowley. Sean 139 Cullen. Beth 87,140 Cummings. Elizabeth 72,98, I66, 183 Curfman. Carrie 84 Curfman. Karen Curin, Eugene 109,185 Curley. Michael 133 Current: 24-25 Curtis, Michael 189 Curtis. Theresa 130.160 Czechanski. James 106 Czysz. Scott 117,173 Dahl. Gregory 78 Dahl, Vicmria 145,148 Dahms, Paul 142.174 Dailey, Tammy 201 Daley. Brian 104 Dallman, Robert 109 Dalsing. Keith 105 DalsIng, Kurt 106 Dalton. Michael 139.155 Danelski, Darin 126 Daniels, Diana 189 Danielson, Eric 95 Danner, James 96 Dannhoff. Allyn 121 David, Jeff 151 Davies. Catherine 201 Davis, Cheryl 1 19 Davis, Daniel 123 Davis. David 162,172,201 Davis. Dennis 201 Davis, Jennifer 90 Davis. John 118 Davis, Timothy 111,185 Day, Debbie 65,102 Day, John 182 Day. Michael 120 Day, William 189,202 Dearth. Brian 97,166 Debroux. Douglas 142 DeBruin, Noel 103 Dechant, Daniel 79 Dechant. Gregory 1 I4 Decker, Gregory 118 Dedering. Jim 96 Dedrick, Mark 126 Dedrick. Mike 126 Decry, Charles 127,144 DeFour, Mike 80 DeFrang, Robert 72,202 Degrave 170 Dehaan. Janet 68,84,183 Dehahn. Christine 85 Deichman, James 99,144 Deitte, Diane 89,185,202 DeJong, Twila 129 DeIForge. Michelle 86 DeIMastro. Gregory 104 Don. Gamma PM 63 Dana SIgm- PM 66 Deluca, Marie 162,202 Deluca, Robert 95 DeMott. Wanda 202 DeMouIin. Tina 98 Dempsey. Raymond 171,185 188,202 Demuth, Robert 92,167 Denk. Joseph 202 Denning, Mari 54.124,164,178 Deppe, Daniel 64 Derby. Kimberly 202 Derdzinski, Therese 124 Dergantz, Stephanie 1 10.170 171,177 Derks, Douglas 172,186 Dettloff. Frederick 112 Davenport, Kevin 80,139 Devine, Daniel 1 13 DeWoIfe, Lisa 203 Deyo. Eleanor 129 DeYoung, Rick 163,203 DichI, Judi 87 DIehI, Tom 126,186 Diemer, Thomas 129 Dietz, Ruth 169,203 DiIIree, Lisa 160 Dimas, Jamie 71 Disch. Ann Dischlcr. Dawn 98,185 Disrud. Susan 87,180 Dix. Anthony 95 DMPA 174 Dobbratz. Steven 79,83 Dobbs, David 166,203 Dobbs. John 151,167 Dobmeyer. Daniel 132 Dobrose, Michael 170 Dotson Hall 04-91 Doddy. Robin 165 Doering, Thomas 123 Dohm, Lawrence 106 Doman. Daphne 90 Domann. Lisa 102 Domres, Michael 112 Donahue. Kathleen 87 Donar, Debra 203 Donar, Don 151 Doneux, Mark 109.169 Donnelly. Brian 64 Donovan, Patricia 203 Dopcralski, James 172,175,203 Dorlack. David 204 Dorms 74-133 Dorneden, Daniel 109,159,168 Dornink, Jeffrey 108.183 Dornink. Steven 166.204 Dorscheid, Susan 103.171 Dorsey. Ann 100 Dorsey. Kathryn 103 Doruff, Kathleen 2,236,237 Dosch. Verna 204 Doucctte, Elizabeth 88 Doudna, Julie 86 Dougherty. John 142 Daugherty, Shannon 90,185 Douglas, Michael 142,146,204 Dower. Jeffrey 79 Downs. Steven I I 1 Downs. Terry 55 Doyle, Denise 87 Doyle, Kevin 71.204 Dragc, Ruth 178.204 Drake, Dawn 122,162 Drake. James 204 Drake. Mark 83 Dragne. Richard I 19 Dreher. Fred 49,78 Dreier, Virginia 145.204 DritIein, Kevin 174 01065. Christopher 127 Droessler, Jeffery 99 Ducaj, Daniel 120,169 Ducklow, Mark 119 Duckwitz. Kurt 112 Dudek, Mark 119 Duerst, Jane 85,166,176 Duerst, Mary 86 Duerst, Thomas I I 1,166 Duffy. Kris 168.204 Dquur. David 132 Dukelow. Rhonda 1 18 Dull, Mark 105 Dumholt. Ed 132 Dunham, Steven 1 10,176 Dunlap, Tammie 1 18,164,171 Dunphy. James 133 Duppler. William 109 Duren, Cindy I70 Durrenberger, Douglas 144 Dnght, John 204 Dyb. Donna 98 Dye. Elizabeth 140,189 Dyer, chla 87,180 Dykstra, Sheryl I I Dyson, John 106 Dzlak, Kelly 105 Dzlewiontkoski. Robert 102 Dzikowski, Diane 87,180 Eastlick. JefI 151 Eaton, Timothy 80 Eberhardt. Diane 63,161,166 Eckert, Glenn 94 Eder, Brigid 180,184,204 Edgar, Jane 129,182,204 Edgar, Jennifer 103,161,162 Edgar. Julie 89.186 Edgerton. Donna 91.154 Edquist. Jerome 71.181 Edwards, Terry 80 Ehler, Michael 97,146 Ehnert. Gary 96.174 Ehnert, Larry 204 Ehredt, Richard 79 Ehret. Debra 171,204 INDEX 244 INDEX Eichner, Robert 1 15 Eichstaedt, John 109 Eisen, Rebecca 85,180 Elder, David 70 Eliasen, Michael 71,83,204 Ellenbolt, Gary 126,178,186 Elliot, Barbara 204 Ellis, Howard 55 Elmer, Doralic 129 Emmer. Jeannette 103.176 Endl, Donna 100 Endsley, Michael I 14 Engel, Karla 102,174,204 Englcr, David 83 Enloe, Dennis 184 Enloe. Linda 204 Enloe, Manuela 184 Enloc. Richard 204 Epsllon Pl Tau 16! Erdman. Richard 1 12 Erickson, Thomas 1 12 Ernst, Jerome 118 Ernst, Michael 106 Enmer, Tim 106 Espenscheid. Sarah 183 Eternick, Randy 125 Evanoff, Michael 139,204 Evans, James 95 Even, Randall 83 Evenstad, Lori 87 Evenstad, Mark 178 Evers, Kay 125,185 Evers, Lisa 185,205 Everson, Dean 72 Ewarld, Carole 102 Ewing, Judy 90,163 Exponom 116 Fanning. Mark 82,179 Fairbanks, Diane 103,145,162 Fairbanks, Kim 122 Fakler, Curt 120.160 Falkosky, Brian 110,178 Faltersack, Jlm 122 Fanis, Joyce 1 19 Fargen, Ronald 205 Fargo, Timothy 106 Farnam. Roxann 70 Farnsworth Rob 82 Farrell, Francis 122 Farrell, Paul 133 Fasbcnder, Lynn 84 Fasick, Gary 146 Fatzinger, Eric 184.187 Fatzinger, Kelly 148 Faust. Roland 92,142,175 Fedie, Gerald 95 Feller, Rudl 99,139 Fellion. Scott 101 Fellows. Daniel 121 Fellowship of Chrlulan Achluu 101 Femal, John 95 Fennigkoh, Michael 95,159,168 Fcnske, Todd 108.173 Fentress, Shirley 86 Ferguson, Robert 99 Ferrah, Kheir4Edd1 143.165 Feuerstein, Jeffrey 95,177,187 Feuerstein, Mark 83,169 Fculing, Cynthia 162 Ficken, John 112 Fine, John 93.205 Flold Hocluy 145 Fiene, Kurt 78 Fiene, Lawrence 205 Fiene, Russell 139 Fingerson, Pamela 86.161 Finkelmeyer, Mary 88.178 Finken, Jacqueline 178 Finn, Kathryn 100.184 Finney, Joseph 81 Fischer, Gregory 183.205 Fish, 8r13n 177 Fish. Bud Fish, Doanld 205 Fish, Frances 125,186 Fisher. Deborah 63,64,67.183 Fisher, Kenneth 126 Fisher. Michael 173 Fishler, Donna 84 Fiske. Raymond 205 Fister, Gregory 116,119 Fitzgerald, Kathleen 1 18 Fitlgerald, WilIiam 175 Fitzsimmons. Carla 169.183 Fitzsimmons, Denise 100 Fitzsirnmons, Douglas 131,139,186 Flathom, Dennis 133,163,175 Fleming, Barbara 103 Fleming, Joseph 94 Flesch, Barry 142 Flesch, Michael 95,102 Flesher, John 69 Flesner. Scott 101,153 Flora, Mike 142 Floski, F. Curtis 96,174,205 Fluhr, Richard 169 Flynn. Mimi 125,169,188 Foellmi, John 109 F091, William 93 Follo, Brad 69 Folwarski, Dale 70,205 Fondell. John 80 Football 138-141 Ford, Gerald 21 Ford, Michael 78 Forensics Club 191 Formbly. Tony 82 Forrest. Jame 181,205 Foskett. Janlne 1 10,190 Foss, Randall 114 Foss. Scott 1 18,185 Fossum, Carrie 100 4-H Club 18! Fox. Mary 82 Fox, Sherry 103 Fraedrich, Brenda 1 19 Francis. Kathy 166.205 Franque. Joshua 165,167,205 Frank, Elsa 89 Frank, Mary 86 Franke. Mari 67 Franson, Dave 126 Franz, Keith 173 Franzen, Eric 125 Franzen, Pa: 146 Frauchlger, Robert 126,186 Frederick, David 104 Frederick, Teresa 73 Fredrickson. Betty 182,189,205 Fredrickson. Cindy 124 Fredrickson. Timothy 1 14,143 Frese, Jennifer 103,179 Frey. Cheryl 86 Frey, Kurt 162,172,186.205 Frey, Lisa 88 Freye, Scott 144 Freymiller, Mary 89 Frlands o! The PIONEER 139 Friar, Margie 205 Fricbel, Robert 129 Fricderick. Michelle 122.161 Fritchen, Stuart 101 Fritsch, Kurt 95 Fritz, Chris 121 Fritz. John 120 Froehlich, William 107 Fruth, Charles 131 Fry. Betsy 89,165,205 Fuerbringer, Judy 1 16,1 18,160 Fuhrman, Ann 116 Fuhrmann, Deborah 118 Fuller. Peter 83 Fuller. Realon 179 Funk, Joe 169 Fure, Karen 205 Furlano, Paul 121 Furlong. Kerry 160 Gabby. Lawrence 112 Gabrilska, Warren 92 Gagnon, Kaye 89,145 Galecki, Timothy 123 Galipo, Charles 96 Galle, Jane 205 Gallmann, Dale 205 Gamma PM lot. 61 Gander, Rhonda 206 Ganser, Lisa 86 Gaarcia, Luis 83,143 Gardner, Daniel 99 Gardner, John 105 Garity, Frank 182 Garlick, Steven 1 13 Garness. Bryan 117 Gartman, Gary 112 Garvey, Lori 118 Garvin, Fred 96 Garvin. Mithael 189 Garvin, Willian 132 Gaska. Peter 83 Gaskin. Betty 63.124,139,l64 Gasser, Doug 71.143 Gazinski. David 78 Gebert. Alan 127,142 Geerdts, Guy 162 Geerts, Teresa 91 Gehin, Roanld 97 Gehrke, Brad 206 Gendron, Jeff 143,155,163 Genthe, Randall 132 Good. 117 George, John 162,174,206 George. Vijay 93,206 Geroge, Vinod 93 Gerard. Jill 90 Gerard, Mike 71 Gerber. David 54,78,181 Gcrbitz, John 159,168 Gerhardt. John 189 Germs. James 139 Gest, Terry 115.172 Getka, Robert 132 Getschman. Debbie 87,186 Gibbons. Mark 71.139 Gibbs. Sharon 66,73,206 Gibbs, Steven 109 Gibcaut. Mary 89,186 Gibson, Kenneth 64 Gibson. Lynne 98 Gibson, Mark 119 Giesler. Howard 80 Gilbenson, Jay 177 Gilbenson, Sharon 85 6111, Brian 206 Gill, Michael 126,139.168,186.206 Gill, Theresa 86 Gille, John 166,206 Gille, Kim 55,162,206 Gillis. Theresa 90.171 Giacr, Dan 207 Giudice, Gino 79 Glapinski. Cecelia 89 Glelsner. Jerry 108,207 Glenn, Jacqueline 90,140,164 Gloudeman, Darryl 54,57,207 Gluege, Debra 68.103 Glynn, John 189,207 Glynn. Sheila 219 Gnadt, Maryjane 90,170 Goar, Robert 107 Gobin, Brian 139 Goehring. Gary 94 Goeman, Douglas 117 Goethel, Daniel 207 Goetsch, Sally 125 Goctzman, Gordon 207 Goldapske, Brad 207 Goldberg, James 1 14 Goldman, Thomas 121 Goldsmith, Steven 126,186 Gall 142 Goltz. James 132 Goman, Gerald 171 Gombas. Tom 109.178 Goodlaxson, Joel 63,65 Goodman, Peter 95 Goodweller, Judith 207 Goral. Greg 99 German, Brian 107.184 Goroni, Nelrae 171.172 Gosh. Kevin 112 Gossman, Joy 103.176 Gottschalk, Dean 207 Gotzinger. Tammy 91 Govert, Michelle 86,169 Govas. Tom 69 Goya. Sunny 128 Grade, Tom 114 Grady, Chr1stopher 120 Graf, Danny 113,188 Graff, Shawn 55,106,160 Graney, Geralyn 67.161 Granquist. Debra 208 Grantin, Mark 178 Graupman, David 105 Grauvogl. Janine 1 10.170 Gray. Joshua 107,108 Greatens. Jeffrey 108 Greeb. Charles 58,78,170 Greeb, Kurt 58.80 Gnokl 62-1! Green, Dennis 95 Green. Geraldine 164.1 76,208 Green. Jlm 2,78,236,237 Grecnberg, Kathy 91 Greenwald, Paul 79 Greenwood. Laura 84 Gregory, Al 127,160 Gricbling, Terry 139 Griepentrog. Duwayne 1 16.160 Griesbach, Diane 84,161,190 Griffin, Randy 80 Griffith, Delores 63.7.1 19 Grimm, Douglas 208 Grindcman, Rita 87.208 Grinnell, Mike 99 Gr1ttinger. Bill lGrinsl 71.98.99,144,208 Groom. Linda 181 Groom. Susan 181 Groshek. Duane 151 Groshek.Jacque1yn 130 Gross, James 107 Gross, Michelle 94,162.174.208 GrOSs, Willaim 112 Grosskopf, Andy 78 Grosskrueger. Duane 185,208 Grossman. William 55,106 Grossman, Alan 58,132,182,185 Greta, Cynthia 91,160,179 Grote, Vogel 83,151 Grube, Charles 166,208 Gruber. Keith 69,101 Gruber, Kurt 95 Grundrum. Tom 178 Grunow. Gayle 208 Gudgeon, Kris 162,166,208 Guelzow. Thomas 132 Guenther, Keith 133 Gundlach, Todd 208 Gurley, Ron 146 Gusinda. Jeffrey 81 Guszalson. Daniel 172 Gutknecht. Karen 119 Guttenberg, Kerry 97 Guy. John 1 19 Gymnnnlu Mount"! 1 52 Gymnastics Won! 15! Haag, Susan 64,129,208 Haas, Michael 118.175 Habeck, Kevin 97 Habenlcht. Luanne 89,184,208 Haberland, Gary 112 Hackl. Thomas Haenert, Susan 55 Hafenbreadl, Mark 79 Hafferkamp, Donald 129 Hagemann, Jeffrey 109 Hagen, Janeen 125 Hagen, John 127 Hagman, Mlcnael 99 Hahn, Dennis 173,208 Hahn, Randall 107 Halght. Robert 81 Halama, Gary 113 Halbach. Laura 189 Halberstadz, Loni 91,152 Halbig, Michael 92,180,181 Hallada, Annette 54.56 Haller. Daniel 99 Halloran, Daniel 120 Halushka, Stefan 113 Halverson, James 115 Hamidi. Ramln 165 Hamilton, Karl 107,178 Hamilton, Roger 99 Hamilton. Stephen 71,160,208 Hamkins, Eric 101,153 Hamman, Leonard 162,208 Hammei. Charles 185 Hammond, Daniel 69 Hampton, Lucinda 73 Hanby, Teresa 86 Handell, Timothy 94.155 Handziak, Perry 153 Hannif, Abubaker 165 Hanifl, Robert 121 Hankes. Greg 127 Hankes, John 174,208 Hanlon, Melanie 87 Hanni, Gloria 2.208 Hansen, Ira 143 Hansen, Kev1n 118 Hansen, Neale 180.189 Hansen, Randall 83 Hanson. Eric 167 Hanson. Phil 183.208 Hanstedz. Terry 208 Hanus. Robert 162 Harasha, Craig 104 Hardy. Robert 95 Hardy. Todd 99,155,209 Hardy. Trav I18 Hardyman, Randy 151 Hardyman, Richard 85 Hartgarten. Robert 179 Harker. Daniel 63.70.97 Harman, Richard 92 Harmon. Douglas 71,73 Harmon. Gail 209 Harris. Branty 115 Harris. Jerri 100 Harris, Mark 73 Harrison, Thomas 139 Hart. Gregory 130 Hart. Bob 125 Hanwig, Jan 2 Harvey, Tony 183.209 Harwood, Marilyn 102 Hassell. Julie 176 Hassemer. Michelle 84,154 Hathaway, Wiluam 162,172 186,209 Hatlevig. Mark 104 Hauk, Marianne 87 Hauscr, Paul 71,143,209 Hausler, Phil 166 Hausmann, Mark 162 Hauth, Linda 118 Havas, Susan 98.178 Havens, Gina 140 Hawkinson, Timothy 95,155 Hawksford, Tom 186 Hawley, Cheryl 209 Hayden. Jon 95 Hayden, Thomas 92,159,168 Hayes, Terry 173,209 Hayman, Scott 73,143,173,188,209 Haza, Carolyn 86 Heasley, Mary 209 Heathman, Michael 111 Heathman, Steven 111 Hebel, Stuart 114 Heberlein, Michael 105 Heckel, Steven 209 Hedgson, Dave 189 Heer. Christian 73,162,172.186,209 Hefty, Richard 97,139 Heil, David 109 Heiligenthal, Charles 66 Heim, Mary 209 Heiman, Douglas lLikes H.N.1 176 Heimerl, Patrlcia 124 Hein, William 95 Heinze, William 104 Hejduk, Thomas 95,160 Helgeson, Scott 123,178 Hellenbrand, Steven 95 Hellmer, Colin 174,209 Helwig, Todd 80 Helwig, Willian 67,166 Henderson, Beth 124 Hendrickson. Carl 173 chdrlckson, Gerald 209 Hendrickson, Jerome 130,139 Henkel, Larry 139,209 Henken, Brian 83 Henker, Steven 70,97 Hennes, M1chae1 125 Hennessy, Raymond 73,209 Hennlng, Kerry 64,209 Henning, Kurt 66,209 Henningsen, Byron 105,183 Henrich, Howard 127 Henthorn, Brenda 1Fox1 102 Hentrich, Danlel 127,161 Herberg, Gary 172 Herbers, Jeffery 166 Herbst. Donald 209 Herbst, Mark 210 Herfel, June 31,162 Haring, Ron 132 Herlache, Stephen 114 Herm, Bradley 93 Herman, Eric 80,144,210 Hermanson, Gregory 1 15 Herpel, Bradley 112 Herrick, Timothy 133 Herritz, Roger 133 Herrman, Scott 80,139 Herro, David 92,185 Herro. Mark 101 Herro. Steven 108,176 Hertel, Timothy 114 Herwig, William 83 Hess, Thelma 210 Hesselberg. Dena 69 Hem, Steven 210 Hettich, Christopher 83 Heuer, James 107 Hiaume, Bert 185 Hibbard, Leroy 95 Hibben, Todd 69 Hielsberg. Michael 105 Hierlmeier, Bruce 97,173,190 Higgins, Steve 172 Hijazi, Hassan 165 Hill, Allison 124 Hill, Corine 210 H111, Sheryy 125,164,171 Hillstrom, David 186 Hllt, David 107 Himes, Theresa 85,182 Hinrichs, Patricia 210 Hlntz. Timothy 95 Hinze, David 114 Hipenbecker, Douglas 126,186 Hipenbecker, Tammy 88 leschinger. William 126 Hlstrol, Dave 127 Hltzemann, Richard 132 Hodge, Paul 125 Hodson, David 183,210 Hoelter, Todd 92 Hoeper, Debora 57,210 Hoerler, Daria 130,160,179 Hoffarth, Glenn 69,101 Hoffman, Jonn 107 Hoffman, Paul 210 Hoffman, Scott 122 Hoffman, Steven 70,96 Hoffmann, John 167 Hoffmann, Kimberly 100 Hofmann, Carole 84 Hofrichter, Eilen 170,171 Holland, Dale 210 Holland, Lawrence 58,120,177 Holland, Winiam 178,210 Holley, Cedric 164 Hollingshead, Lorl 181 Holman, Curtis 172,210 Holmquest, Steve lEditor-in-Chien 2,236,237 Holtz, James 169.177 Holtz, Jerry 66 Holub, Kraig 72,21 1 Holze, Lonnie 63,66 Holzer, George 65,167 Holzhuter, Mark 97 Holzmiller, 117 Holzschuh, Bruce 110 Homecoming 40-43 Hoogland, James 95 Hoogland, Judith 89 Hooks, Dirk 142 Hopklns, Donald 121 Happen, George 112 Hoppenjan, Timothy 144 Hopperstad, Michael 66,21 1 Horsfall, Jeffrey 73,172,175,21 1 Honlcultuu Club l69 Honik, Dale 108 Householder, Alan 21 1 Housner, Charles 66,160.21 1 Howes. Thomas 109 Hrovat, Albert 1 19 Hrubesky, Lisa 169 Hrupka, Brian 72,109 Hrupka. Paul 72 Hubbard, Jeffrey 107 Huck, Bob 104 Hudson, Jodi 89 Huebner, Michael 73 Huebsch, Jennifer 91 Huebscher, Catherine 159 Huempfner, Thomas 133,173,184 Huesmann, James 72 Huey, Joseph 95 Huff, Jan 21 1 Huff, Jodi 64 Hughes, Joseph 66,73,128 Hughes, Mark 172,186,211 Hughes, Robert 79 Hughes, Thomas 132 Hughes, William 110,21 1 Hughey, Thomas 80 Hugunln Hall 92-91 Huizdak, Tom 71 Hull, Dawn 189 Hull, Dean 139 Hummel, Daniel 117 Hunt, Douglas 172,21 1 Humoon, Lori 110,160,171,177 Hurd, Steven 112 Hurlbert, James 64,83 Huschltt, Hans 109 Huss, Matthew 112,170 Hussain Md 165 Hutcherson, Willie 101 Hutchison. Randina 63 Hutter, Barbara 63 Hying, Mary 188 Ibarra, Roccio 63,86,162 IGCC 63 mm, Cynthia 1 Imanyi, Kinian 165 1mm, Gary 115,172,190 lndunrlll Educltlon Motl- clon 115 1ndy,Jim 118 lntcrnatlonll Students Club 165 Ironside, Tracie 91 lserman, David 190 150m, Timothy 79,177,21 1 IVCF 180 Jackson, Brian 96 Jackson. Dave 132 Jackson. Edgar 104 Jackson, Vivian 21 1 Jacob, David 127,144 Jacobson, Anthony 96 Jacobson. Brian 118 Jacobson, Danlel 108,180,181 Jacobson. Thomas 212 Jacque, Nlcholas 212 Jaeger, Jeffrey 183 Jaeger, Karen 140 Jaeggi, John 109 Jaehn, Nancy 170 Jahn, Carol 125 Jahn, Gary 80 Jahnke, Lisa 212 Jakel, Robert 188 Jakubisin, Donald 126,186 James, Jerl 124 James Wllliard 185 James, Tonya 125,168,186 Jandt, Bryan 108 Janecky, Corey 92,162,184 Janes, Robert 64,212 Janlsch, Peter 117,167 Jansen, Larry 155 Jansen, Tom 155 Jansen, Vern 212 Janssen, Joan 124,152 Jaromin. Frank 172 Jarosh, Daniel 173,212 Jarvis,John 107 Jasinski. Tim 155,174,189 Jeidy, Trudy 54.55,58,63,68 72,88,166,183 Jelinek, Thomas 78 Jane, David 64.212 Jensen, Barry ICamera Shy; Jensen, Brenda 86,1 70,171 Jensen, Dane 66,143 Jensen, Steve 101 Jensen, Tim 212 Jensen, Wllliam 109 Jentz, Barb 124,236,237 Jesse, Ross 70 Jessup. Davld 162,172,212 Jewell, Monlque 86,180 Jewell, Robin 189 Jochman, Ted 110 Johanek, Mike 114 Johannlng, Gary 80 Johnson, Amber 100 Johnson, Annette 67,212 Johnson, Betty 84 Johnson, 811an 92 Johnson, Burnett 144,175 Johnson, Cynthia 64 Johnson, Dave 2,236,237 Johnson, David A 1 14 Johnson, Diane 1 19 Johnson, Elaine 161,183 Johnson, Gary 167,212 Johnson, Howard 111,176 Johnson, Jalaine 213 Johnson, Jaynellen 212 Johnson, Jean 213 Johnson, Jeffrey 95 Johnson, Jim 153 Johnson, Judy 189,213 Johnson, Kenn 99,213 Johnson, Margaret 90 Johnson, Mark 93,177 Johnson, Michael G 172,213 Johnson, Michael J 144 Johnson, Patrlcla 88,172 Johnson. Richard 173 Johnson. Robert 213 Johnson, Steven 80.177 Johnson. Tana 90 Johnson, Troy 213 Johnson, Wesley 131 Johnston. James 189 Johnston, Jerry 173,188,213 Johnston. Stuart 107 Johnston, Treva 161,163 Johnstone, Angelque 90 Jones, Dawn 129 Jones, Dennis 95,139 Jones, John 170 Jones, Kerry 78 Jones, Lorilee 145,213 Jones, Mary 103 Jones, Melanie 88 Jones, Michael 189 Jones, Nicholas 105 Jones, Ray 168,169 Jones, Richard 73,172 Jones, Scott 131.185 Jones, Timothy 79,139,176 Jordan, Bruce 111 Jordan, Kimberly 88,139 Jams, Scott 114 Joseph, William 113 Joslin, Patrick 112 Judd, Gary 71 Jude, Patrick 213 Judy, Karen 102,172 Judy, Robert 178 Juran, Robert 118 Kaatz, Mary 84 Kabat, Christopher 101 Kading, Scott 96 Kaestner, R1chard 178 Kahle, Christine 101 Kainl, Jack 213 Kairis, Perry 162 Kaiser, Connie 154 Kalser, Kelly 103,188 Kaiser, Kevin 83 Kaiser, Steven 83 Kaisler, Kurt 172 Kallnowski, James 105 Kalscheur, Steven 101 Kalvin, Michael 112 Kaminski, Jeanne 213 Kamps, John 189 Kane, Todd 180,186 Kangas, Kevln 101 Kann, Mark $458,106,213 Kanter. Phillip 113 Kipp. Alpha Slgmn bl Kapsos, Dav1d 105,190 Karls, Chris 109 Karls, Tlmothy 78 Karolus, David 95 Kascht, James 132 Kassen, Gary 112,173 Kassens, Tim 126,139,186 Kauffman, Tamera 213 Kaufmann, Ken lFish Jokel 96 Kaul, Frank 80 Kaul, Peter 97 Kay, Pete 93 Keefe, David 182 Keefe, Lori 213 Keeffe, James 120 Keefe. Kevin 118 Keegan, Joseph 114 Keeney, Gary 80 Keeney, Steven 133 Keesey, Mark 64,123,171,213 KEN, Ronald 64,167,213 Keleher, Gary 30 Keller, Michael 81,166 Keller, Stephanie 86 Kelley, Joseph 126,182 Kelley, Sean 79 Kellner, Randy 123 Kemman, Heath 99,213 Kemnitz, Anthony 1 1 1,172,185 Kendall, Irene 89,145 Kendall, Tamara 213 Kennedy, Christlne 68,169,213 Kennedy, Thomas 1 13 Kennedy, Timothy 96 Kennemann. Ulrich 182 Kenney, John 80,139 Keogh, Mary 125 Kephart, Brenda 185 Kerlin, Kal 131 Kershek, Tracy 68,214 Kersten, Pam 1Nasty111 2,102. 161.163,236,237 Keso. Bill 111 Ketelhohn, Carl 104 Ketterer, Jeffrey 105,161 Kewin, Kathryn 124 Key, Michael 121 Keys, Randall 105 Kiefer, Tim 178 Kieffer, Ted 174,214 Kieslich, Jan 119 Kieslich, .1111 139,181 Kilby, Duane 83,139.167,214 K1Icher, Jeffrey 214 Kilcoyne, Lyn 85 Klnas, Donald 132 Kind, Bradley 109 Klng, John 109 King, Orville 80 Kins, Julie 140,214 Kinsman, Susan 129 Kipp, Bruce 183 Kipp, Davld 132 Kipp, Kathy 122 x 1 Kipp, Patrick 132 ' v 1 Kircher, Steven 169 Kirchner, Nathan 214 Klrner, Eric 153 Kirsch, John 83,142 Kirschbaum, Michael 99 Kirsten, Linda 102 Kissling, Michael 139 INDEX 243 Kjos, Gregory 117 Klaas, Francis 71 Klaas, Lisa 154 Klaassen, Glenn 180 Klahn. Robert 79 Klatt, Wesley 123 Klauck, Charles 108 Klebesadel, Shirley 171 Kleckel, Brenda 89 Kleckler, Joel 80 Klein, Annette 214 Klein, David 114,170 Klein, Kenneth 172 Klein, Michelle 130 Klein, Paul 160,166 Klein, Theresa 88 Klein, William 160 Kleinhenz, Arthur 122 Kleppe, Teri 91 chssing. Amy 140,189 Klingberg, Jeffrey 214 Klipp, Kevln 95 Klismith, Gary 132 Klitzke, Cynthla 180,181,189 Kloepping, Larry 81 Klubertanz, Jay 125 Klug, Jay 80 Klug, Raymond 108 Klumb, William 112,190 Knaack, Steven 83 Knauf. Mark 110 Knief, Enno 69 Kniep, Joe 101 Knowles, Richard 72 Knudsen, Kenneth 107,182 Knudsen, Mary 58,107 Knutson, Bart 215 Knutson, Brenda 1 19 Knutson, J Lynn 162,215 Knutson. Perry 73.189 Knutson, Robert 109 Knutson, Thomas 173,215 Knutzm, Brian 166,215 Koble, Dan 117 Koch, Randall 121 Koch, Russ 189 Koch, Valerie 148 Koegel, Kim 102 Koehler, Eugene 132 Koehler, Judith 130 Koenen, Jeffrey 108 Koenig, Timothy 178 Koenigs, Lawrence 215 Koepke, Kody 132 Koerner, Eric 131 Kohl, Steve 101 Kohlstedl, Michael 215 Kohn, Holly 90 Kohn, Mike 118 Kolb, William 73,170,215 Koller, William 144 Kollmeyer, W111 96,180 Komplin, Cralg 7O Kondratuk, M1chael 121 Kong, Lana 190 Kort. Andrew 83 Kort. John 114 Korzilius, Joseph 73 Koser, Kathryn 37,91,178 Kovas, Michael 190 Kowalski, Edward 94 Kowalski, Michael 175 Key, Christopher 95 Kozlcki, Kevin 72,99,185 Kraase, Kenneth 174 Krabath, Paul 78,178 Kraber, Kim 110,177 Kraemer, Lori 87,171 Kragh, Paul 107,167 Krah, David 80 Krahn, Nancy 64,183 Kraklow, Thomas 122,127 Krause, Brian 216 Krause, Duane 47 Krause, Mark 128,216 Krebs, Patrick 95 Kreis, Kenneth 129 Kreis, Thomas 105 Krenz, Thomas 117 Kreye, Karen 122,125,139,185,186 Kriewald. Robert 114 Kringle, Leo 123,155 Krogman, John 170 Krudwig, Theresa 84 Krueger, Michael 179,216 Krueger, Rhoda 72 Krueger, Roy 187,216 Kruse, Doris 205 Kruse. Gary 216 Kubajek, Carl 108,183 Kubash, Jim 169 Kubicek, Donna 215 Kuchinski, David 113,173,185,188 Kuenzi, Ruswu 115,173 INDEX Kuenzi, Thomas 126,216 Kuffel, Michael 82 Kuhn, Brian 58,114,173,19O Kuhnen, David 117 Kuhs, Brlan 82 Kuhs, Gregg 139,155,217 Kullerstrand, Alan 94 Kunick, Mart 106 Kunkel, Sharon 66 Kunkel, Vicki 178 Kunst. Julie 103 Kurschner, Roger 190 Kuschewski, Susan 84,148 Kustka, John 113,172,188 Kuznar, Perry 173,217 Kwallek. Kathleen 98,160 Laabs, Tlmothy 72 LaBrasca, Cecl 100 Ladd, Ann 174 Ladwlg, Kevln 120 LaFond, T1mothy 71,217 Lageman, Katherine 63 Lake, Darrell 63 Lalor, John 94,139 Lamb, Rebecca 129,180,217 Lamers, Gregory 1 18 Lamers, Patrick 162,218 Lampman, David 108 Lancaster, Allan 189 Landgraf, Mark 92 Lambda Sigma Pl 169 Landgraf, Martin 106,185 Landon, Steve 79 undrldgo 186 Landsverk, Gary 1 19,181 Lang, Jeffrey 143,169,188 Lang, Timothy 142,180 Lange, Delayne 119 Lange, Kevin 159,168,218 Lange, Kristy 98 Langkamp, Ann 98 Langkamp, Daniel 144 Langkamp, 64,161,166,183,218 Langlois, Michael 125 Lapp, Craig 1 13 Lappalainen, Matti 165 LaRosa, Mark 119 Larsen, Hans 63,79,1 16,1 18 Larsen, Mike 120 Larson, John 96 Larson, Julianne 129 Larson, Leslie 130,218 Lasusa, Marybeth 218 Lathrop, Susan 86 Laufenberg, Scott 64,218 Laughery, Ned 151 Laughrin, Michael 127 Launder. Judy 119 Lavin, Tim 146 Lavinio, Daniel 178,189 Lavoy, Dirk 170 Lawinger, Janet 100 Lawrence, Christopher 97 Lawrence, Timothy 139 Lawson, Chester 164 Lawson, Todd 78 LeCaptain, Norbert 166 Lechnlr, Mary 89 LeContc, Jean Marie 2.58.163 236,237 LeConte, Kevin 93 Lee, Ann 103 Lee, Jeffrey A 109 Lee, Jeffrey 218 Lee, Mary 1This index 15 M1ne112,102,171,236,237 Leedle, Sarah 67,169,183 Lefeber, Paul 1Mr. Conservative1 Leggett, Joe 57 Lchn, Gregory 172,186,218 Leibold, Lori 178 Leisten, Julie 110,140,1 71,177 Leitzinger, Karen 89 Lelo, Steve 94 Lembezeder, Judy 9O Lembltz, Leo 64 Lemens, Jeffrey 132 Lemerond, Richard 63,71,175 Lemke, Debra 100 Lenschow. Brad 64,155 Lcntz, Kathleen 86 Lenz, William 80 Leonard, Dennis 164,176,218 Lepley, David 164,218 Lesl1e, Scott 121 Lethlean, Jane 176,218 Len, Darren 83 Levenick, Frank 83 Lewis, Bryan 143,173,180,181 Lewis. Diane 218 Lewis, James 111 Lewis, Steven 112,139 Laxlngton-Concord Apes. 189 Lid1ard, Jeffery 81 Liddy, G. Gordon 55 Lifke, Randal 171 Limmex, Jim 117 Lincicium, Gregory 218 Undcll, Linnea 125 Linden, Daniesl 119 Llnden, James 125 L1nden, John 180,181 Llnzmeyer, Charles 123 Linzmeyer, Kenneth 104,178 Lippert, Elaine 171,218 Littersky, Peter 132 Litt. Lydon 66,218 Little, Eric 114 Loberg, Catherine 98,185 Loberger, Gregory 173,189 Locke, Joni 87 Loafer, Charles 114 Loeffelholz, Todd 151 Loeweke, Marc 131 Logan, Paul 121,142 Logterman, Kari 63 Lakan, Beckie 162,171 172,218 Lombardi, Greg 109 Long, Keith 105 Longfield, Brian 218 Lopac, Anthony 80 Loranz, Mike 120 Lorbiecki, Stefanie 218 Loth, Robert 107 Loveland, Jim 109,185 Lovgren, Mollyl 91,165 Lowry, Frank 169 Lubke, Katherine 172,186 Lucey, 8111 139,219 Luchslnger, Randy 142,162 189,218 Luchterhand. Scott 130 Lucia, Betty 63,73,218 Ludolph, Bruce 125,178 Ludwig, Patrick 11 I Luedke, Robert 176,1 78,218 Lueptow, Timothy 71 Lueschow, Dennis 123 Lund, Joel 110 Lund, Kathy 129,191,219 Lutheran Collogllns 190 Lulu and Laura 33 Luthi, Frank 96 Lutzkc, David 120,219 Lutzke, Gerald 120 Lynch, Cindy 87 Lynch, Kelly 84 Lynch, Robert 99 Lyons, Timothy 101 Mackler, Diane 63,68 Mackowiak, Philip 96 MacMiIlin, Douglas 95 Madrlgal 46-41 Madsen, Scott 151 Magadanz, James 66,160,179 Magdanz, Timothy 82 Mahony, William 144,175 Mahr, William 105 Maier, Joel 186 Maiers, Jeff 162,179 Main, Daniel 72 Mainwaring, Kim 124 Majewskl, Daniel 170 Majewski, Stephen 219 Majkowski, Thad 172,189 Majors, Paul 130 Malinowski, Mark 219 Malko, Virginia 85 Many, Jacquelyn 86 Maly, Timothy 83 Manion, Shirley 87 Manley, Jeffery 95 Mann, Charles 219 Manteuffel. Dean 94 Manuell, Jeffrey 220 Maraszek, Lisa 66,86 Marcott, Dan 127 Marfilius, Debbie 56 Marfilius, Richard 132 Markese, Michael 106 Markham, Shari 68,102 Marko, Timothy 7O Markowski, Robert 114 Markus, Angela 85 Marquardt, Clinton 185 Marquardt, Thomas 83 Marsh, James 133,184 Marsh, Richard 65 Marshall, John 162,166,220 Marshall, Nels 96 Marshall, Ruth 130,161 Marten, Philip 115 Martin, Brandt 109 Martin, Greg 1 14,160 Martin, Scott 78 Martin, Skyler 189 Manz, Jody 64 Marz, Dan 117,139 Mason, Thomas 139 Massey, Steve 83,151 Mastagllo, Richard 108 Mastrullo, Michael 109 Mathers, Richard 1 18 Mathwig, Mark 99 Manmiller, Mark 95 Matulionis, Vince 78 Matz, C1ndy 2,58,88,171 Mau, Todd 159,168 Mauermann, John 80 Maurer, Lora 220 Maurer, Taylor 185 Mawhinney, James 144,220 May, Edward 162 Mayenschein, Mark 81 Mayer, Anton 101,184 Mayer, Karl 114 Mayer, Peter 120 McNoon, Susan 88 McArdle, Jeffrey 126 McArthur, Douglas 139,220 McCabe, Angela 184,189 McCabe, Dan 189 McCabe, Michele 139,189 McCannon, Pamela 86 McCarthy, John 82 McClain, Bradley 66 McClain, Donald 66,67,160 McCIusky, Mark 83 McCormick, Pa: 101 McCormick, Peter 1 12 McCoy, Tina 220 McCue, Kevin 81 McDermott, Ann 90,220 McDermott, Joseph 81,160 McDermott, Wayne 55 McDonald, Alice 190 McDonald, Kevln 132 McDonald, Kyle 101 McFall, Beverly 161,169,180 McGinnis, Daniel 105 McGivern, Scott 107 McGowan, Lisa 90 McGngor Hall 9840! McGuinn, Frank 65 McGuire, Lori 118 McGuire, Rita 89 McKay, James 120 McKeon, Daniel 105 McKeon, Jeri 174,220 McKillip, Debra 98,178 McKinney, Lisa 103 McKittrick, Thomas 64, 1 66, 1 76,183 McLaughlin, John 83 McLaughlin, Richard 142 McLimans, Darrin 139,141 McLoud, Michael 111 McMahan, Brenda 63,220 McMahan, Mary 124 McMahon, Garret 132 McMahon. Mark 64,107,165 McMahon, Terry 64.220 McManamy, Steven 106 McMorrow, Steven 1 14,1 73. 185 McNamer, Gregory 130 McNett, Karen 84 McNurt, John 81 McPike, Jeffery 130 McPike, Milton 127,139 McWhorter, Rodney 99 Megna, Anthony 110 Mehre, Roger 106 Meicher, Steven 112 Meier, James 95 Meier, Mary 89 Meier, Russell 73,190 Meier, Tina 85,148 Meier, William 131 Meigs, James 96,170 Meinke, Charles 104 Meixelsperger, Dave 127 Meixelsperger, Nancy 85 Melby, Paul 73 Melbye, Harland 81,139 Mulch" Hall 104-109 Melchor, Tony 123,142 Melin, Darin 71,130,144 Mellberg, Lynn 65 Melzer, Kathy 220 MENC 190 Mengel, Kenneth 108 Menning. Ann 124.152 Mentink. Philip 162,172,220 Mergen. Jeffrey 178 Mergen, Julie 73,220 Meronek. James 126 Metcalf. Cynthia 145,148 Metcalf. Gerald 71,184 Metcalf. Michael 123 Metcalf. Shan 9O Mercalf. William 220 Metz, Cindy I 10 Meyer, Andrew 70 Meyer, Daniel 104 Meyer. Gena 89 Meyer, Gregory 94 Meyer, Karl 66.130 Meyer. Kathryn 85.152 Meyers. Glen 93 Meyers. Matthre 189 Mezera. Arnold 104 Miccch. Phil 139 Michael. David 65,160 Michael, Kurt 80 Michaels, Joe 73,167 Michalski, Cliff 174 Michuda, MaryPat 88 Mielke, Todd 114 Mlhlbauer. Christy 91 Mikalofksy. Philip 131,178 Miles. Gary 186 Mileski, Kenneth 1 1 1,172 Millcr, Brad 142 Miller, Brian 123 Miller. Curtis 1 18 Miller, Daniel 79,169,184 Miller, Dennis 150,151 Miller, Francis 71 Miller, Geri 177 Miller, James 95 Miller. Kathleen 89 Miller, Lori 220 Miller, Lorialea 102,159,167,168 Miller, Marilyn 84,186 Miller, Sharon 220 Miller, Stephen 104 Millette, Tracy 105 Milz, David 94 Mitchell, Michael 174,188,189.220 Mitchell, Robin 102,152 Mixdorf. William 112 Mizak, Ted 146 Mleczko. Joseph 101.178 Mlsna. David 109,131 Mobasher, Barzin 165 Moberg, Lisa 90,173 Moberly, Thomas 128 Modlinski, Thomas 80,139,146 Moe,Diane110,161,163.173,180 Moen, Janis 9O Moen, Jeff 139 Moen, Nancy 84,180 Mohrmann. Jon 133 Moline. Cindy 87 Moline. Deborah 86,160,180 Molter. Diane 129 Mominee, John 56 Monacelli, John 122 Monroe, Darrel 94,164,176 Manson, Ann 90 Montgomery. Brenda 72,100,184 Montgomery. James 109 Moody. Kathy 98 Moore, James 112 Moore, Lorianne 220 Moore, Rosemary 162,164,220 Mootz, Joan 220 Moran, Timothy 221 Morello, Donna 183 Moreno, Jeffrey 131 Moresi, Linda $455,166,220 Morgan, Ricky 131 Moritz, Debra 221 Morley, Brian 99 Morris, Catherine 221 Morris, Ronald 185 Merritt, Eric 1 12 Morrow Hall 1 1 1-1 1 5 Morseth. Marlin 123 Moner, Griffith 72 Masher, Cynthia 173 Mosley, Sue 98 Mostafa. A11 165 Motl, Daniel 1 12 Muthow. Duane 123 Muecke, Bradley 1 15 Mueller, Daniel 83 Mueller. Mary 108 Mueller, Sid fSkipperJ 144,188 Mueller, Steve 101 Muenchow. David 112 Mugler, Todd 81 Muhlenbeck. Suzanne 64 Mulder, Keith 64,221 Mulholland, Edward 66,189,221 Mullikin, Michael 109 Mumm, Scott 81 Munkwitz, James 94 Murawski. Christopher 132 Murphy. Brian 181 Murphy, Eugene 80 Murphy. Kelley 221 Murphy, Kimberley 90,221 Murphy. Michael 126 kalebust, Greta 103 Nachreiner, Kurt 126 Nack, Kathleen 122 Nafzger, Curtis 221 NA". 114 Narges, Randy 151 Nast, Gregory 155,221 Nast. Suzan 130,171,172 Neander, Eric 96.178 Neder. Stephen 143.146 Nerbeck, Jeffrey 142 Neff, Tony 146 Negronida. Timothy 97 Neider, Jay 221 Neil. Brian 81 Neises. Robert 221 Nelmark, Jennifer 98 Nelson. Amy 90 Nelson, Donna 125,166 Nelson, John 80 Nelson, Jon 97 Nelson, Kristin 64 Nelson. Mark 130.133 Nelson. Marvin 114 Nelson. Michael 117,173 Nelson, Paul 112 Nelson, Rich 63 Nelson. Scott 114 Nelson. Teia 129,164 Nelson. Thomas 107,172 Nemeth, Bradley 96 Nerheim, Brian 73.114.170,177 Nettum, Joseph 125 Neuenschwander, David 166 Neuenschwander, Luann 9O Neumann. Jay 142 Neumann, Michael 122 Neuser, Michael 82 Newcomb, Rexford 80,144 Nichols. Barbara 125 Nichols, Joe 122,173 Nicholson, Kelley 89 Nickel, Jay 144,161,221 Niehaus. Doug 164 Niehoff. Karen 84.182 Nielsen. Jim 185 Niemuth, Todd 104,221 Nienhaus, Patrick 96 Nihles, Mary 183 Nimz, Brian 114,115 Nix, Eva 124 Noard. Jeffrey 80 Noble, Doug 155 Nodorft, Richard 221 N06, Ronald 66,184 Noel, Gary 69 Nohns, Dennis 189 Nolan, Meri-Kay 66,1 16,1 19 Nordbrock, Kurt 97 Nordness, Todd 94 Norgard. Curtis 94 Norin. Kevan 166 Normal House 188 Norris. Chuck 185 North. Steven 166,221 Norton. Colleen 63,69.100,176 Norz, Jerry 1 1 1,176 Novak, Cynthia 168,221 Novak. Robert 101.184 Novak, William 63.71 Novinska. Jeffrey 142,151,169 Noworatzky. Judy 129,190 Noyes, Philip 83 Noyes, Susan 221 Nuti, Daniel 71 Nye, Heather 89,160 Oakes, Brian 121 Oakeson, Steven 1 1 1,172,185,190 Oanes, Michael 97.181 Oatsvall. Charlotte 69 Obey. Veronica 54,162 Obmascher. John 109 O'Brien, Constance 54,581 16 O'Brien. Michael 99 Ochs, Jay 142,189 O'Connell, Cheryl 125 O'Connell, Timothy 97 O'Connor. Patrick 172,221 O'Connor. Paul 97 O'Connor, Timothy 106 O'Connor. William 161.221 O'Dell, Mary Ellen 181 Odeen. Keith 81 O'Donnell, Diane 66.87 Oechsle. Rebecca 89 Oechsle, Susan 130,222 Offenheiser, Gretchen 100.166 Offerman. Anthony 72,105 Ohland, Kris 125 Oimoen, Randy 118 Okeefe, Stephen 109 Oksas. John 131.154 O'Leary. Richard 173,188,222 Oleksy. John 119 Oleson, Mark 222 Olney. Jeff 139.186 Olsen. Sue 124 Olson. Bruce 222 Olson, Janice 145,148,223 Olson, Jeffrey 72 Olson, John 114 Olson, Larry 164.223 Olson, Lisa 55.58.89 Olson. Matthew 126,173,186 Olson. Paul 92 Olson. Shirley 223 Olson, Terry 169 Olstad. Douglas 40,71,82 160,162,223 Onderak, Mark 106,223 Oneson, William 109 Onosko, Rosanne 118 Onsrud. Michael 82 Oppriecht, Joel 223 Organlxatlons 1 56-191 Orlenko, Phillip 223 Orlovksy, Mark 1 12 Orlwoski. Curtis 66 Orr, Douglas 96,163 Osterndorff. Marcia B7 Ostrowski, David 162 Oswald, Daniel 71 O'Toole, Timothy 80 Ott. Randy 116,117,120 On, Jack 79 Otter. Anne 103 Onesen. Jeffrey 109 Ottke, Kevin 65 Ottman. Leslie 179,188,223 Otto. Margery 89.178 Overshaw, Gary 139 Overton, Charles 58 Owen, Christian 162,223 Owens, Michael 99 Owens. Nancy 130,152,223 Owens. Todd 92.187 Oyen. Mary 223 Pu Man Fever 14 Page, Curtis 173,223 Pahlow. Kurt 58 Painter, Gregory 128 Palestin, Ibrahim 165 Palestin, Nabil 165 Palestin. Nizar 165 Palmer, Jeffery A 80.174 Palmer. Jeffrey 223 Palmer. Wayne 125.184 Palubicki. David 182 Palzkill. Thomas 118 Panka. Jeffrey 99 Pankau, Linda Panke, Cindy 110 Pankow. Bradley 92 Papa, Paul 128 Paquin. James 175.223 Paquin. John 118 Parent, Donald 101,175 Farmer, Carl 122 Parr. Ted 173.223 Parrott. Thomas 1 13 Patchin, Scott. $455,215,223 Patrick, Daniel 164,174 Patrikus. Pamela 223 Panerson. David 160 Patterson. Michael 66,166,223 Patterson. Steven 173 Patzlsberger. Michael 132 Patzman, Mary 89,160 Paul, James 66 Paul, John 66 Pauli, John Paulsen, Jerry 131 Paulson. Bradley 63,64,167,224 Paulson. Jennifer 125 Paulson, Karen 224 Paulson, Margie 87 Paulson, Roger 224 Pawlisch. Kim 189 Pawlowski. Todd 92 Payne, Christopher 123 Pazdernik. Gary 93 Pearce. Kerry 224 Peart, Lois 152 Pease, Richard 99 Pearson. Gary 146 Peat. Lona 184 Pederson. Michele 84 Pedro. David 92 Peil. Michael 73,224 Pelishek, Michael 173,188 Pelletier, Debra 1 18 Pelleticr. Wendy 189 Pellock. Mitchell 131 Pollock, Scott 1 19 Pellowski. Jill 125.186 Peltier. Laura 90 Pelton. Nye 166 Pennekamp, Thomas 117 Pennekamp, William 224 Peregrin, David 95 Perkins, Michael 128,172,224 Perrizo. John 139,189 Peskik. Daniel 95 Peterman, Ricky 127 Peters, Christopher 94,144 Peters, Kenneth 1 12 Petersen, David 70 Peterson, Gregory 109 Peterson. Jeffery 99 Peterson, Jill 1Margo 5.0.1 102. 161,163 Peterson, Kevin 224 Peterson, Steve 81 Peterson, 10m 224 Peterson, Vince 79 Patrick, Vicki 89 Pettit, Dixie 119 Pfiel. Larry 114,173.188,224 Pfiffner, Annette 168,169,224 Phenerplace, Rose 103 PM In Slgma 163 PM Slgma Epsllon 69 Phiter, Brenda 188 Phouybanhdyt, Hinhsomcha 128,165 Plck-rd Hall 1 16-1 21 Plckel, Joseph 139 Pickett, Michael 105 Piddington, Brenda 189 Pientka, Thomas 172,186,224 Pierce, Steven 95.169 Pierce. Vern 64,166 Pierce, Willard 131.169 Pietrek. Michael 111 Piette. Richard 66.224 Pietz. Nancy 40.86.162,224 Pijanowski, John 1 15 Filler, Todd 172 Pink, Terry 64.183 Ploneor Dnlry Club 183 PIONEER Yearbook sun 2 236.231 Piper, Gregg 189 Piper, James 162,224 Piper, Sheri 224 Piquette. Marcee 168,169,224 Piroozfar, Hamid 165 Pittman, Thomas 66,160,167 Pitts. James 81 Pitts. Kathy 154 Pittz. Theodore 139 Pixler. Duaine 99 Place, Pamela 224 Plagenz, David 81 Flapp, Lawrence 83 Playman, Margo 130 Pleshek, Michael 144 Ploessl, Jamie 84,163,166 Ploessl. Jay 70 Pluerner. Christine 84 Pluemer. David 58 Pluemer, Leonard 64 Foch, Lyle 125 Polich, Tom 1113 Pope John Paul II 23 Porter Hall 122-121 Porter. Jenny 67,145,178 Porteus, Stephen 113.151 Posgay, Ann 88 Posorske, David 114 Poles! Pullers Ill Pourvahidi, Shahin 165 Powers, Michael 111 Powers, Tim 96 INDEX 245 INDEX Prial. Nancy 178 Prechel, Thomas 112 Pn-L-w Club 182 Prell, Jon 224 Pram, Lawrence 167 Prendergast, John 144 Prendergast, Patty 102 Prestil, Tony 58,101 Preston, Andrew 96 Preuss, Lane 95 Prl-Vot Club 14! Pn'aulx, Donald 97,139 Price, Dawn 224 Price, Linda 98 Price, Rita 102 Probst, David 131 Prochaska, Dav1d 79,163 Prochaska, Randall 79,225 Proeber, Kathleen 72,102,160 Pronschinske, Curtis 139 Pronschlnske, Gary 139 Prouty, Scott 80 Ptaschinski, Michael 112 Pugh, Jean 161,163,169,225 Pulfer. Angela 88 Pu1len, John 83 Pullen, Reginald 72,225 Purdben, Glenn 92 Purpi, Martin 113 Pustina. Dona1d 109 Pyeatt, John 109 Ouabius, Jay 132 Oualley, Laurel 98 Ouam, Gerald 112,182 Ouamme, John 164 Quinn, Kathy 223 Quin, Corinne 70,124,186 Ouist, Joseph 175,225 Raasch, Chuck 155 Rabata, John 95 Rabata, Randall 70 Rabe, Mark A 112 Rabe, Mark D 121 Rabuck, Kathryn 225 Rademacher, Kevin 1 14 Rademan, Lee 132 R-dlorl'v 36-31 Radue,Thomas 172,225 Raichel, Alan 133,184 Rammer, Roger 185,188,225 Ramos, Marco 80 Rasmussen, Deborah 119 Raubes, Danie1 113 Raupp, Gregg 64,165 Rausch, Carl 130 Thu Raven 171 Ray, Lynn 125,179 Rea. Stewart 65 Ro-gln. Ronald 21 Reasa, Mark 113,171 Rech, Mary 84 Rech, Ronnie 225 Reade", Leta 89,225 Redenius, Wayne 66,166,225 Redmann, David 94 Reed, David 109,175 Reed, Janet 102 Reed, Malcolm 80 Reed, Terry 129 Regazzi, Robert 170 Reichard. Scott 177 Reicher, Barry 128 Reid, Daniel 70 Reid, Elizabesth 125 Reid, Lori 69 Reinicke, John 118 Reinking, David 106 Remakel, Jonathan 69,174,225 Remington, Sandra 1 18,185 Ramirez, A1 80 Renberg, Stephen 101 Ram, William 114 nesldnnn Hall Council 160 Reuter, Marianne 102 Rezazadeh, Farnaz 189 Rezazadeh, Shohreh 129,182,225 Rezkal1ah, Mohammad 165 Rhinesmith, Rory 225 Rhody, Dean 70 Rice, Mark 143,180 Richard, Keith 225 Richards, Charles 117 Richards. Kelly 100 Richards, Kevin 109 Richardson, Kevin 170 Richardson, Lisa 98 Richel, Diane 225 Richmond, Dennis 112 Richter, Jeffery 129 Rickerman, Pamela 225 Ridens, James 131 Ridwan, Nasri 165 Riedle, Lisa 170,225 Riegert, Jeff 79 Riemer, Richard 72 Rihn, Todd 66,97 Rindfleisch, Brad 80 Ringlestetter, Carol 188 Riportella, Pau1 1 12,144 Ripp, Michael 126,186 Ripp, Randy 121 Riske, John 125 Roa, Marthe 103 Robbins, Kelly 90 Robbins, Samuel 108,163 Roberts, Douglas 225 Roberts, Phil 101 Roberts, Robert 65 Roberts, Sally 100 Robinson, Janice 116,1 17 Robinson, Michael 1 14,182 Roche, Michael 80 Rock, Charles 96 Rockweiler, Gregory 106 Roddick, Tina 225 Rodwell, Mark 116,187 Roecker, Leonard 185 Rochr, Beth 110,160 Roehrdanz, Lee 111 Rogalinski, Linda 86 Rogers, Mark 113 Rogers, Rodney 1 14 Rohde, John 133,143 Rohde, Kristie 226 Rohn, Douglas 112 Rohrwasser, Michael 139,226 Roling, Mark 185 Roling, Pam 236,237 Roling, Tom 118,185,226 Roloff, David 71 Roman, Gregory 78,174 Rommel, Alan J. 2,1 17,236,237 Roome, David 1 15 Rooney, Teresa 63,73 Rosales, Antonio 64,165 Rosandich, Brenda 226 Roscizewski, Paul 121 Rostoe, Howard 92 Rosenbrook, Heidi 63,67 Rosene, Gregory 108 Rosenmeier, Mark 96 Ross, Jane 180 Ross, Jeffrey 122,173 Ross, Leonard 180 Rossetto, Mark 146 Roszkowski, Michael 83 ROTC 181 Rothbard, Lawrence 190 Rothwell, Sandta 119 Rouse, Debra 189 Rouse, Steven 83,142,169 Rowe, Deanna 162,226 Rowe, Lisa 125 Rowedder, Royce 73,144 Rowley, Mark 139 Rubenzer, Rick 96,172 Rudersdorf, David 109 Ruehling, Scott 96 Ruemmele, Anthony 99,155 Ruetten, Scott 115 Ruf, Maryanne 57,85,186 Ruffan, Terri 91 Rugby "4 Ruiz, Eduwigez 83,143 Rule, Rhonda 2,189 Rulseh, Margaret 89 Rummler, Todd 79 Runde, Kenneth 226 Rupert, Mark 179 'Rupert, Steven 80 Ruppen, Vincent 173 Rury, John 164,175,226 Rusch, Phillip 114,173 Russart, Jeffry 226 Russart, Timothy 1 14,170 Russell, David 71,169 Russell, Erin 119 Russell, Laura 90,167 Russell, Patty 140,188,189 Ruszkiewicz, Anne 91,171 Rux, Daniel 131 Ruzek, Bruce 73,173 Ruzicka, Bradley 226 Ryan, Dennis 130,172,226 Ryan, Greg 82 Ryan, Jodi 100 Ryan, Thomas 133,169,184 Ryder, Virginia 190,226 SAD 54-59 Sadowski, Cheryl 103,188 Sager, Sheila 89,227 Sailing, Susan 185,227 Salem, Pam 165 Salem, Rassoul 165 Salm, Peter 96 Salter, John 129 Saltman, Allan 63,72 Sampson, Ronald 105,119 Sander, Gary 189 Sanders, Christopher 130 Sasso, Mickie 102 Sauder, Charles 1 8,178,185,188 Savage, Susan 47 Savas, Thomas 65 Savaske, Patrick 99 Sayers, Nancy 85,139 Saylcs, Keith 227 Sayler, Sara 227 Scalfe, Barbara 164,171 Scare, Edward 1 12,162,227 Schaaf, Julie 84 Schablowsky, Helena 86,170 171,227 Smack, Mark 163 Schackmuth. Keith 94 Schaeffer, Jacinta 227 Schaetzel, Terrie 103 Schaffer, Renae 162 Schalz, John 1 14 Schambow. Eric lMan1 2,182 236,237 Schambow, Jill 227 Schambow, Richard 55.163,182,183 Schauf, Kathryn 87 Schaul, Mary 148,154 Schauf, Steven 94,139 Scheckel, Vincent 82 Schellinger, Lisa 89 Scheppers, Jessica 152 Schieffer, Todd 94,174,185 Schiesl, Jill 129,160 Schiess, Kerry 161,166 Schlagenhaft, Deanna 70,1 18 Schlaz, Jerre 119,143 Schleicher, lone Schleicher, Ronald 128,164,1 79 Schlesner, Pamela 67,139,227 Schlicht. Sheldon I 14 Schmaeng, Cathy 90,236,237 Schmalz, Ronald 227 Schmalz, Larry 139,166 Schmatzhagen, Karen 110 Schmid, Sharon 125 Schmidt, Allan 227 Schmidt, Dan1e1 112 Schmidt, David E 122 Schmidt, David R 228 Schmidt, Julie 1841 Schmidt, Kathleen 119 Schmidt, Patrick 96 Schmidt, Paul 133,228 Schmidt, Terry 95 Schmidt, William 127 Schm1dtknecht, Dale 131,167 Schmiedel, Beth 170,228 Schmit, Peter 107 Schmit, Raymond 78 Schmin, Jean 129 Schmirt, Thomas 120,178 Schmitz, Brenda 180 Schmitz, Darci B7 Schmitz. Stephen 80 Schneider, Janet 130 Schneider, Kent 162 Schneider, Mary 168 Schneider, Randall 133 Schneider, Richard 66 Schneider, Roger 132 Schneider, Ronald 79 Schnepper, Ann 228 Schn1ck, Kim 148,154 Schoenoff, Michael 166,228 Schoepp, Teresa 89 Schoof, Richard 228 Schools, David M 1Editor-in-Chief1 2,228,236,237 Schonner, Scott 96 Schowalter, Paul 71 Schrader, Jenny 85 Schreier, Gregory 78 Schroeder, Alan 106 Schroeder, Jan Schroeder, Mark 174 Schroeder, Robin 2213 Schroedl, Roy 228 Schubert, W111iam 117 Schubring, Terese 87,139 Schueler, Mark 228 Schuelke, Chris 165,228 Schuelke, Terry 123 Schuessler, James 1 16,117,160 Schuh, Joseph 125 Sculer, Ron 171 Sculgen, Timothy 123 Schult, Cynthla 162,228 Schulte, Joe 95,139 Schultz, Jeffrey 113 Schultz, Michael 228 Schultz, Sally 228 Schultz, Steven 108 Schulz, Edwin 103 Schulz, Kathleen 228 Schuster, Donald 114 Schuster, Kenneth 82 Schwantes, William 95 Schwartz, Arla 228 Schwartz, James 128,166,183,228 Schwartz, John 94,228 Schwartz, Joseph 96 Schwemmer, John 173 Schwenn, K1mber1y 87 Schwert, Christine 88 Scott, Maureen 190 Scott, Pamela 229 Scott, Roger 180,181 Seagrlst, Kurt 229 Sedarski, Jim 80 Sedlar, Gerald 121 Seely, Todd 132,166 Seffrood, Terry 189 Segerson, Ph111p 80 Seidler, Sarah 118,148 Seippel, John 151 Seippel, Ronald 129 Seltz, Jeffrey 172,186,229 Senz, Randall 118 Sonata 160 Sonlors 192,135 Sepanski, Steven 113 Sesterhenn, Michael 112 Severson, Eric 81 Shafigahnobari, Farid 165 Shafranaki, Jerard 164,174 Shager, Christine 87 Shaker, Michelle 87 Shaker. Terry 229 Shakula, Jill 154 Shakula. Judi 154,229 Shanner, Jeffrey 189 Sharer, Eric 109 Shaw, Michael 129,229 Shaw, Vincint 128 Shea, Barbara 183 Shea. Kathleen 229 Shea, Patricia 130 Shea, Patrick 174,229 Shearer, Sara 63 Shebesta. Lane 81,178 Sharer, Steve 117 Sherman, Laura 119,172 Sherman, Polly 124,160 Sherman, Scott 184 Shlnkunas, Tamara 229 Shinyambala. Marie 165 Shively, Douglas 80,180 Short, Glenn 174,189,229 Shortess, David 105 Showen, Wendy 161,229 Showers, Cynthia 125 Showers, Dale 229 Shulick, Christopher 170 Shulta, Steven 131 Shulz, Ed 58 Shute, Milton 171 Seidschlag, Carl 180 51:91, Beverly 69,102 Siegler, Thomas 83,185 Sierocuk, Thomas 173 Sigma PI 10 Slam. Tau 66mm. 11 Sikhart, Debra 229 Silvers, Craig 81 Simars, Jay 78 Simons, David 176 Simons, Randall 73,104 Simpson, Thomas 101,181 Sinnett. Randy 78 Sinz, Paul 66 Siregar, Soangkupow 165 Sitar, Dean 82 Skalet, Wendy 88 Skifano, Cynthla 118 SkJoIaas, Cheryl 87,166 Sladek, Timm 127 Slager, Douglas 112,229 Slama, Terry 101 Smet, Peter 71,175 Smetana, Mark 114 Smiley, Michael 1 13,173,188 Smith, Bradley 73 Smith, Debra 229 Smith, Eric 81 Smith, Harry 83 Smith, Kip 99 Smith, Laurence 93 Smith, Paula 122 Smith, Richard J 125,186 Smith, Steven 106 Smith, William 81,178 Smith, Willie 164 Smithson, Tracy 88 Smitz, John 1 13,188 Smeed, Caren 87 Sno-Dln 4H9 Snorek, Laura 125 Snyder, Karen 103 Snyder, Steven 128,187 Soap Operas 32-33 Sobie, John 128,183 Sobyak, Brian 109 Scent 14! Socloty 0' Women Englnecn I TI Soekardajo, Saksono 165 Sohner, Suzy 129,148 Solls Team I 58-1 59 Solchenberger, Daniel 99 Soloman, Jeffrey 171 Sommer, Marty 95 Sommers, Michael 95,178 Soon, Woi-Kheng 128 Sosinsky, Jan 65 Soukup, Russ 108,142 Spakowicz, David 179,229 Specht, Paul 1054.167 Spencer, Jeffery I 78,181 Spencer, Scott 119 Spiess, Randall 120 Spika, Joseph 122 Spillane, Donald 126,139,186,229 Spillane, Kelly 84,186 Splllane, Mary 229 Spillane, Pat 126,139,186 Spiller, Jeffrey 129,177 Spink, Sonya 90 Spitzbarth, Rosemarie 91 Splinter, Gary 119 Splinter, Randall 112 Spofford, DaV1d 178 Spofford, Steven 181 Spohnholtz, Susan 230 Spooner, Debra 98 Spam 134-154 Sprague, Alexander 65,185 Sprecher, Joyce 100,161,163 Spring Bulk 52-53 Sprosty, William 99,161,166,23O Spry, Loretta 130 Spurley, Boyd 120 Stack, Christina 66,1 19 Stack, Jacque 154 Stafford, John 109 Stancil, James 79 Stange, Mark 105 Stangler, Stuart 119,166 Stankevich, Nancy 88 Stanosz, Gregory 126,230 Stansfield, Leah 88 Stansfield, Philip 111 Staskal, Barbara 168 Statz, Alan I I I Statz, Gary 113 Staudinger, Sandra I90 Stauffer, Ronald 166,188,230 Steck, Gordy I 10,113,139 Steele, Christopher 96, I 85 Stefanczyk. Kevin 101 Steffes, John 81 Steffes, Joyce 90,186 Steger, Steven 230 Steil, Joseph 80 Ste", Julie 103 Stein, Douglas 113,169 Steiner, Paul 110 Steiner, William 95 Steingraber, Dean 115 Steinhagen. Linda 88 Stainhaus, Thomas 71,146 Steinhoff, Connie 230 Steinhoff, Sheri 174,230 Steinke, Greg I 18 Steinke, Scott 185 Steinkraus, Pete 107 Stelpflug, Randy 109 Stelpflug. Richard A 1 1,109 Stelpflug, Richard G 159,168 Stephens, Debra 230 Starter, Scott 1 14 Stevens, Curtis 95 Stevens, Paul 111 Steward, Paula 89 Stewart, Beth 230 Stewart, Susan 170.177 Stibbe. David 79 Stiefel, Mark 120 Stielow, Steven 230 Stilwell, John 72 Stine, Brian 1NSL1 132 Szirmel, David 96,171 Stockhausen, Barbara 84,85 Staffel, Robert 185,230 Stohlmeyer, Mary 178 Stoll, Jeffrey 104 $1011. Joseph 93 Stollenwerk, Robert 66,230 Stoltz, Kathy 89 Stoltz, William 115 Stolzmann, Mark 112,144 Stoudt, Gregg 92 St, Pierre, Annette tarookeI 102 Straka, James 231 Standskov, Ann 178 Strauss, James 101 Streblow, Steven 104.172 Streeter, Randy 139 Strehlow, Tamara 89,139 Streich, Keith 65,93 Streicher, Michael 82 Streicher, Steve 118 Strinmater, Susan 231 Strittmater, Terry 231 Strom, Craig 178,231 Strom, Thomas 231 Strueder, Marlene 213 Stude, Sharon I45 Studnicka, Seth 139 Studt, Lauren 190 Stuessy, Jane 170,231 Stulken, Randall 190 Sturzl, Martin 139 Suhr, Eric 79 Sum, Michael 80 Suick, William 172,186 Suiter, Daniel 1 13,181 Sullivan, Anne 231 Sullivan, Joan 89,176 Sullivan, John 97 Sullivan, Scan 123 Sulllvan, Wllliam 69,231 Sunby. Paul 213 Sutherland, Jennifer 86,180,231 Sutter, Laura 87 Sutton, Jim 96,171 Suvaka, Daniel 213 Svensen, Cheryl 70,122,182 Svensen, Renee 90 Swanson, Edward 71.163,175,231 Swanson, Joseph 186 Swanson, Kyle 71,185 Sward, Eric 173,188,231 Sweeny, Jean 164 Swanson, Brian 114 Swensen, Carolyn 118,160 Swift, Brad 110 Syvers, James 117 Syverson, Michael 92 Svotkowski, Peter 172,232 Tabor, Marcia 232 Tackes, Alan 79 Tadder, Penny 129 Taft. Nancy 184 Tainter, Timothy 99,174,232 Tang Cherng-Shing, Rachael 87 161,165 Tau Kappa Epsllon 72 Ta. Kwon Do 185 Tang Soo Do 184 Taylor, Daniel 99 Taylor, Roger 95,161 Teasdale, David 63.65 Testers, Michael 99 Teig, Kathryn 119,140 Teigen, Nolan 127 Temby, Timothy 131,232 Temple, Thomas 121 Tengle, Tammy 90,126 Tervilcox. Patrick 232 Terrill, Tammy 1 18 Tevlin, Alison 124 Texley, Janet 89,179 Thank-You 23. Theodoroff, James 101 The Shadow Box 30-31 Thou Tau 13 Theune, Daniel 101 Thibeau, Michael 105 Thieding, Tom 117 Thiel, Francis 96 Thiel, Lori 1The Best Roommate" 102 Thomas, Daniel 102 Thomas, J, 78 Thomas, Mark 96 Thomas, Rick 101 Thomas, Stephen 185,232 Thompson, Elizabeth 68,232 Thompson, Eric 117 Thompson, Jeanne 86 Thompson, Peter 81 Thompson, Randall 99 Thompson, Robert 107 Thompson, Rodney 107 Thompson, Sue 232 Thompson, Theresa 232 Thomsen. Thomas 101 Thorn, Todd 109 Thronson, Mark 232 Tietyen, Christine 119 Tiffany, Cheryl 122,180,182 Timm, Jack 143 Timm, Robert 105,232 Timmer. Jeffrey 139,155 Tincher, Charles 132,232 Tindell, Nan 132,162 Tisdale, Denise 232 Titley, Tracy 102 Title, Shayne 65,96 Tixier, John 139,181 Tobin. Michael 66.1 12.232 Tokus, Michael 122 Tolsma, Ronald 82,164,184 Tommet, Thomas 129,160 Tompkins, Dean 104,146 Tonkin, Bruce 64 Term, William 58,80 Toth, Jacqueline 86 Touchette, Alfred 105 Touchette, Felicia 162,232 Townlcs 189 Towns, John 64,232 Towns, Scott 64,167 Townsend, Jeff 128,161,166 167,232 Tozer, Peter 189 Tracy, Jeff 1 12 Trampf, Judith 232 Tranchita, Jenny 102 Tranel, Michael 139 Trapp, Eric 64,167 Trapp, Franklin 166 Trapp, Gary 96 Traut, Nans 154 Trlvollng Scan Corp: 186 TredInnick, Willaim 73,170,232 Trehey, Gregory 81 Tremain, David 105 Tremaine, Laura 84,148 Tresner, Brett 163,174,232 Trewartha, Jay 55,232 Triggs, JammIe 70,124 Trimberger, Jude 233 Trinker, Kathleen 85,186 Trollop, Gregory 56,233 Tsakonas, George 105 Tschanz, Lorne 111 Tse Wai-Keung 165 TumbarelIo, Timothy 96 Twinem, Craig 172,186,233 Tyler, Ronald 106 Undelhoven, Anthony 123 Umstadt, David 101 Umstadt. Pam 102,163,167,183 Unbehaun, David 116,151 Uphoff, Rob 79 Urban, David 165 Urbanek. David 104 Urso, Tony 1 12 Ustruck, Daniel 96 Utecht, William 108 Utrecht, Jefferey 1 13 Vail, Nancy 233 Valcq, Deborah 110,190 Vale, Steve 166 Valesano, Brent 94.97 Van, Paul 233 Vana, James 95 VanAlstyne, Randall 173,233 VanAsten, Paul 58 VanBergen, Stephen 58,80 VanBlarcom, Michael 123 VanBuren, Eric 122,177 VanDehei, Steven 108 Vandenbusch. Gary 131 Vandenheuvel, Charles 83 Vandenplas, Jeffrey 166 Vandenplas, Mark 94,139 Vandergrinten. Allan I33 VanderHeiden. Scott 1 14,173 Vanevenhoven, Gary 83 Vanevenhoven, Keith 123,233 Vanevenhoven, Michael 108,123 VanHuIle, Lori 85,88,182 VanLankveIt, Steven 83 Vannatta, Eugene 180 Vannarta, Terry 189 Vanroy, Christopher 125,139 Vanryzin, Amy 87 VanZee, Dennis 101 Varghese, Anthony 132,165,185 Varish, George 139 Varnes, Michael 116.120 Vater, Allen 112 Vatter, Christopher 95 Vaughn, Coni 86 Verhasselt, Jeffrey 131,164 Verkuilen, Steve 111 Vervelde, Joseph 80,173 Verzal, Patricia 233 Vat: Club 164 Vincent, Dennis 233 VInes, Burna 164 Vimich, Andy 95,185 Vodak, William 66 Vogel, June 140 Vogt. Kay 67,100 Vogt, Kim 72.233 Voigts, Nancy 233 Volbrecht, Andrew 107 Volbrecht, Mary 186,233 Volloyhlll I 54 VoItner, Charles 139,233 VonAIImen, Gary 233 Vormezeele. Frank 96 Vorrnezeele, Jennie 87 V03. Cheryl 88 Vosberg, Daniel 120 Vosberg, John 71 Vosberg, Mark 101 Vosberg, Philip 71,167 Voss, Mark 143,169 Voyles, Brian 233 Vroman, Marc 173 Wachter, Susan 87 Wacken, Michael 73,233 Wadzlnski, Steven 107 Wagar, Timothy 96 Wagon. Douglas 233 Wagner, Darrel 176 Wagner, Donald 127 Wagner, Paula 233 Wagner, Todd 185 Waldhart, Elien 176,233 Waldhart, Lawrence 176,184 Waldschrnidt, Jay I 15 Walker, James 1 15 Walker, Joanne 90 Walker, Thomas 105 Walker, Willie 112,139,141 Wallace, Daniel 122,166 Wallace, Lonnie 175 Wallace, Terry 174,234 Waller, Jeffrey 109 Waller, Mark 180 Walrich. Allen 80 Walsh, Thomas 234 Walter, Kenneth 133,234 Walter, Timothy 168,234 Walther, Pam 2,236,237 Walton, John 63,69,105 Walton, Robert 189,234 Walton, Roger 126,172,234 Walz, James 130 Wang ShiaoWahn 129 Wanke, Daniel 162,174,234 Wankcrl, Richard 234 Warczytowa, David 112 Ward, Daniel 80 Ward, Diane 90 Ward,Le1161,180 Warmka. Gerald 58,104 Warner, James 66,167 Wasley, 8111 99 Waters, Stacy 162,163 Watkins, Diane 58,100 Watson, Connie 89,179 Watson, Joel 173.188 Waugh, Theresa 184 Way, Scott 143 Weber, Andrew 123,185 Weber, David 73 Weber, Joel 108 Weber, Steven 112 Weber, Terry 83,155 Weber, Vicki 139 Webster, William 178 INDEX 247 248 THE END Wedeward, John 109 Wedeward, Tony 11 I Wedig, Joe 234 Wedig, Michael 109 Weed, Daniel 108,190 Weekend: 4445 Wegmann. Paul 234 Wegmueller, Lory 164 Wagner. Bvian 114 Wehrman, Audrey 73,234 Wei Su-Gen 130 Weidmann, Barbara 122 Weidner, Michael 94 Weidner, Theresa lWhackerl 102 Weigel, David 66 Welland, James 115 Weimer, Scott 96 Weinberger, Paul 108,190 Welner, Thomas 80 Weinheimer, Jeffry 83 Weir, Kimberly 84,186 Weis, Cynthia 234 Weisensel. Jeff 73,146,172 175,234 Weisensel, Wendell 105,183 Weiss, John 171,234 Welsse, Ted 234 Welch, Denise I74 Welch, Douglas 101,185 Welch, Peter 109 Walk. Lisa 103,140 Wells, Wayne Welsch, Susan 85,180 Welsch, Thomas 114 Wenger, Paul 234 Wentzel, Mary 88,178 Wentzel, Steven 170 Werbeckes, Maurkie 139 Werling, Virginia 84,182 Werner, Scott 234 chheimer, David 81 Westley. Kurt 112 Westphal, Mary 234 Wetzel, Nathan 142,180 Wahlcn, Steven 105 Wheeler, David 128 Wheeler, Richard 234 White, Buck 180 White, Christine 84 WhEIE, Don 94 White, Edward 2,236,237 White, Kerry 235 White, Kevin 235 White, Laurie 67 White, Randy 114 White, Steve 56,185 White, Warren 131 Whitty, Steven 109 Wichman, Laura 129 Wick, Scott 101,235 Wicker, Cynthia 87 Wicker. Linda 65,89 Wickler, Robert 105 Widder, Brian 190 Wiegel, Cynthia 69,100 Weigman, Ronald 2,235 Wieners, Dave 108 Winners, Marg 16roupiej 2 36,237 Wiepking, Brian 167,235 Wiesbrock, Christine 179.235 Wiese, Gerald 131 Wiest, Mary 89 Wiggins, Thomas 173,189 Wlita, John 101 Wilcox, John 81 Wilder, Laura 84 Wileman, Randall 64,167 Wilfert, Joyce 89,160,173,183 Wllgus Hall 1 28-1 13 Wilhelm, Edward 83 Wilhelmi, David 126,178 Wilke, Douglas 235 Wilken, Dennls 127 Wilken, Douglas 131 Wilkinson, Teresa 88 Wilkinson, Todd 105,184 Wilks, Don 94 Will, Dave 114 Will, Randall 112,183 Willems, David 128,235 Williams. Barbara 89,161 Williams, Carol 130,235 Williams, John 142 Williams, Jonathan 81,166 Williams, Nancy 130,179,182 Williams, Richard 104 Williams, Scott 132 Williams, Sheila 125 Williams, Thomas 122,180,235 Williams, Todd 125,153 Willis, Diane 116,118 Wilson, Daniel 65.235 Wilson, Darrin 122 Wilson, Jerry 97 Wilson, Lynette 185 Winchester, Jackie 616,173,235 Winkler, Todd 96 Winnemuller, Michael 114 Winz, Brian 118 Winz, Thomas 162,172,185,188 Wiskow. Randy 97 Witkowski, Donna 87 Witmer, Dennis 115 Wittbrot, Kathleen 122 Witte, Peter 73 Woboril, Bruce 65,73,235 Woda, Dean 123 Woellert. Thomas 235 Wogernese, Mary 178 Wohlleber, Daniel 80,139,181 Wojtasiak. Allen 99,142 Woker, Angela 69 Wolf. Eric 54,55 Wolf, Kristy 87,148 Wolf, Sue 86 Wolf, Todd 81 Wole, Jeffrey 129 Wolfe, Sandra 87 Wolfgram, Kevin 185 Wolfram, Brooke 65,130,235 Wolfram. Denise 90 Wollmer, James 96 Walter. Eric 186 Wolvin, Lisa 190 Wood, James 1 19 Wood, Sheryl Z35 Woodman. Terry 181,189 Woodruff, Eric 71 Woods, Timothy 97 Woodward, Steven 170 Woolley, Mark 99 Wranovsky, Kurt 130,185 Wmlllng l 5-1 5 '1 Wright. Michael 126,186 WSUP 91PM I 18 Wunderlin, Robin 148,154 Yagodinski, Sue 67,87 Yapp, Paul 81 Yapp, Tammy 90 Yarock, Steven 132 Yeager, Charles 169 Yeager, Karen 70,124 Yelk. Gregory 1 12 Yenter, Jess 107,151 Yoerger. Gale 90 Yokes, Robin 69,100 Yolitz, Brian 67,73,144 York, Tim 105 Young, Laurence 2,235,236,237 Young, Rick 106 label, Judene 87 Zahn, Randy 129,175 Zaman, Shlrin 165 Zander, Jerald 166,235 Zandler, Stephen 179 Zapp, Mark 66 Zastrow, Don 12 Zauche, Daniel 64,167 Zee, Roger 175 Zeman, Michael 80,235 Zeman. Paulette 85,91,167,182 Zembrzuski, Catherine 56,98 Zen Tau Omega 1! Ziegler, Randal 133 Ziehl, John 109,185 Zieman, Mike 81 Ziesemer, John 78 Zimmerman, Barbara 65,125,183 Zimmerman, Lori 67,140,235 Zimmerman, Richard 166 Zink, Annette 161,164 Zlabek, Rhona 86 Zoesch, David 139 Zoesch. Dean 1 14 Zuberbler, Todd 1 15,163,173,153 Zuidema, Julie 91 Zweifel, Pamela 1 10.148 Zygarlicke, Chris 139,181 Times sure are c chongin! We tried to capture them for you. In the past year and decode, this campus, as well as the PIONEER have changed for the better, for the student. We sould personally like to thank our odvisor, Dr. B, the editors Pam, Mcrg, Dove, Mary, and RB, and the staff for their continued dedication. If it wouldn't have been for these individuals the book would not have been com- pleted. Thanks. The past year was a good one, of course it had it its bad moments, but it all worked out in the end. We can only hope that we will continue to reach for, and fulfill our dreams in the future as we have in the post. Thanks for the memories, and may we never forget them. $1262. 1 w

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University of Wisconsin Platteville - Pioneer Yearbook (Platteville, WI) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


University of Wisconsin Platteville - Pioneer Yearbook (Platteville, WI) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 1


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