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jetty iaufmbtry ......................... Editor 231116016 Winter ...................... A550. gditor jalm Gelrlmrdt ...................... Photo. Editor Kan J-larrdl ........................ Sports Editor Karl! 15mm" ..................... Makeup 8ditor Sue flatmm .......................... Art Editor filie ?rank .......................... 60,011 5ditor Mary 645611 ................... Business Manager Kimt Royce ............................ Adviser l968 Pioneer Volume 59 Wi$c6nsin Statje...;-:; I :- t Uigewk .L j x Cpntents, $1 , L . , 4" Introduction . . . f? L 99 I Academlyckghfe .; iffe Dedication ltAll the worlds 3 stage, And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages . . . ll The ages Jaques speaks ofin Shakespearels AS YOU LIKE IT are: infancy, llthe whining school-boyjl the lover, the soldier, the justices, the retired men of leisure and second childhood. These ages are not unlike those within the academic world: the freshman, the sophomore, the BMOC, the athlete, the leaders tbe they student, faculty or administrationl, the upperclassmen and graduates and, finally, the lnew radicalsf Each plays a role in the molding and main- taining of a university. Each role bears and depends upon the others; each and every individual connected with the academic un- written contract 7 this is what dims the house lights and starts the play in anti- cipation of the audiences applause. ll . . . At first the infant, Mewling and puking in the nurses arms. Then the whining school-boy, with his satchel And shining morning face, creeping like snail Unwillingly to school. And then the lover, Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad Made to his mistress eyebrow. Then a soldier, Full of strange oaths and bearded like the pard, Jealous in honour, sudden and quick in quarrel, Seeking the bubble reputation Even in the cannonls mouth. And then thejustice, In fair found belly with good capon linld, With eyes severe and beard of formal out, Full of wise saws and modern instances; And so he plays his part. The sixth age shifts Into the lean and slipperld pantaloon, With spectacles on nose and pouch on side, His youthful hose, well savld, a world too wide For his shrunk shank; and his big manly voice, Turning again toward childish treble, pipes And whistles in his sound. Last scene of all, That ends this strange eventful history, Is second childishness and mere oblivion, Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything? The 1968 PIONEER staff dedicates this book to the hope that the challenge of student responsibility will be accepted. Without this, the academic world is sans everything. Foreword Time at the university is measured not in days and hours but by a series of events. Some of the things that make PSU meaningful are the changeless traditions a rush week, Homecoming, Crystal Caprice. But some will be remembered as lth, yes, that was the year a? The aim of this PIONEER is to capture and record one year of these traditions and new experiences. We have added many things to this years annual which we feel will add to your enjoy- ment. We hope that it contains something for everyone. Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy your 1967-68 school year as pictured in the 1968 PIONEER. C"rdss,walk 'ftffo.., . m Em .Nm 42', . v 1 :7 ,' ' . . :1.:r:.1u;if3; New Doors Open to Students Expansion, with an eye on the future, becomes a reality as each new structure rises on campus. New doors open to atTord each student the opportunities to study, to develop his abilities, to broaden his experience and to grow both academically and socially. Each is given the opportunity to stand as an individual, and, as such, project his potential into a future of promising new dimensions. 10 Studying Is a Major Part of University Life. ll Laboratories offer the invaluable service which books cannot give: practical experi- ence and occasion to test and prove theory through research and observation. Laboratories Open New Horizons hi!" it $.41'my h w ' i m m: i i l3 These are the grounds for trial; here one can examine and probe until the answers are found and one more step to- wards the future is taken. Students explore many areas of study through actual examination of the subject matter. The forms of exploration are varied from the minute study of organisms with a microscope to the actual testing of animals in feeding trials. The aim is toward learning to do things by actual experiment and a desire to hnd out tTwhyiT things are and tthowh they happen. The university offers many laboratories for the student to pursue this aim in many fields of endeavor from the chemistry held to the bio- logical science field. Students Indulge in Relaxation and Play A focal point for the university, the student center functions as a versatile component of university life. Activity varies from quiet retreat in a secluded corner to the incessant hum of laughter, chatter, and a swinging juke box. Here is time and space for the ttnowh of college living; it can only grow with the future. Student Center Initiates Merging of Student Life orms art of ampus Life The dorm is a vital part in the routine of many students. New friends and a wide variety ofexperiences are contained within these walls. WSUP-FM Expands A new dimension in the growth of our university is the expansion of the WSUP-FM Radio sta- tion. Pioneer Players Present Pioneer Players present their pro- duction of hiMary, Mary? This group represents the dramatic talent of our school with the dedication of potential artists. 20 21 Fraternities and Sororities have become an intricate part ofsocial life at WSU- Platteville. Throughout the past 3 years they have grown in size and have become a part of the spirit and cooperation of this school. Action and purpose mark these organizations as outstanding contributors to our scholastic society. VVSU-P Reaches into Tune Various aspects of campus life represents the total of what this university is: a fusion ofindividuals involved in the search for truth, for goals, and for a means of creating a new and purposeful future. A s a Tradition of "M" Lighting is Renewed 24 The annual spring illu'mination ofthe th stands as a high- point in the social and academic year. The mining symbol burns as a legacy of the past and as a spark of promise to the future. Students Spend Late Hours Studying 25 Academic Life Curriculum Accommodates Student Interests Bjarne R. Ullsvik The 1967-68 school year initiated the second century for Wisconsin State University-Platte- ville. During most of the first century, the curricu- lum was singularly concerned with teacher educa- tion. A legion of successful teachers who received this certification from Platteville attest to the elfectiveness of the teacher education program on this campus. During the last two decades the cur- ricular emphasis changed from teacher education to the liberal arts and engineering. Few Universi- ties in the 5,000-10,000 student category can compare to Plattevillels offerings in the liberal arts, teacher education, industrial education, business-economics, agriculture and engineering. Such a curriculum can be readily expanded to accommodate the anticipated increase in enroll- ment - about 7,500 within the next decade. Yet, a competent faculty is needed to adminis- ter a comprehensive curriculum, and additional campus services must be rendered to provide stu- dents with adequate opportunities for growth and decision-making. Each campus worthy of being called a University should be characteized by dilTerences of opinion and diverse methods of solving problems, because such involvement is inherent in the reciprocity of pursuit of truth and academic freedom. Only when the rights and freedoms of one campus entity denies those of another must some form of external discipline be substituted or sup- plement the inner discipline that should charac- terize the high privilege of being a student or a faculty member . . . The necessary interchange of ideas and associated decision-making has charac- terized all University campuses, and Platteville has not been an exception. We must hope that the experience gained in such interchange will better enable our students to make wiser decisions. Wherever our graduates find themselves, we hope that their decisions will so affect others that the basic democratic freedoms available to those on this campus may be extended to others in a chain reaction which will have had their beginnings at Platteville. May the Class of 1968 provide the beginnings of a second century of service for WSU-P. Bjarne R. Ullsvik President Administrators Lea HAROLD BEALS, Vice President for Student Affairs, Dean of Students; B.S., Wisc. State Univ.-Platteville; M.S., Ph.D.. Univ. of Wise. FRANCIS R. DUNN, Vice President for Business Affairs, B.A., St. Ambrose COIL; M.A., Iowa Northern Univ.; Ph.D., State Univ. of Iowa. MILTON LONGHORN, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dean of the Faculty. B,A., M.A., Ph.D., Univ. of Wise. HAROLD HUTCHESON, Vice President for Development 8L Services, Dean of School of Education, A.B., Nebraska State College, Wayne; M.A., D.Ed., Univ. ofNebraska. 29 KAHTAN AL YASIRI, Dean, School of Business and Economics, BS" M'S', UM OfNebraSka, Ph'D" Iowa State UM GEORGE J. BROWN, Dean, School of Industry; Head, Dept. or Industrial Technology, 3.8., Univ. of Arkansas, M.Ed., Univ. of Ark., Ed.D., Univ; of M0. Deans Administer EDWARD O. BUSBY. Dean, School of Engineering, 8.8., Univ. of Wisc.; M.S., Univ. ofWisc. LEO E. BOEBEL, Dean. School of Arts and Sciences, B.S-q Wisc. State Univ.-Plattevillc; M.S., State Univ. of Iowa. 30 LEONARD J. GARSIDE, Dean, Graduate School, Ph.D., Univ. ofWisc. CAHRLES L DeNURE, Head, Dept. of Agricultural Education, Dean, School of Agriculture, B.S., Wisc. State Univ.-Platteville; M.S., Univ. 0fWisc.; Ph.D., Univ. of Wise. Deans Council LLOYD J. LINDEN, Dean of Men, Res. Hall Dir., B.S., Univ. of Wisc.; M.S.S.W., Univ. ofWisc, ROSAMOND JONES, Dean of Women, A.B., Indiana Univ.; M.A., Indiana Univ 31 RICHARD C. ADAMS, Inst. of Civil Engineering; 8.5., Wisc. State Univ.-P1attcvi11e; M.S., Mich. Tech. Univ. AMIR AL-KHAFAJI, Asst. Prof. of Civil Engineering; 8.5., Univ. of Baghdad; M.S., Ph.D., Iowa State Univ. RUSSELL J. BALGE, Inst. of Agricultural Sciences; B.S., M.S., Univ. ofWisc. MARY W, BARNES, Asst. Prof. of Library Education; A.B. Law- rence C01I.;B.S., M.S. Univ. of III. ROSA BAHMANN, Inst. of For- eign Languages; M.A. Univ. of Wise. JOHN BARTH, Head, Dept. of Health and Physical Education; BA. Ripon COIL, M.S. Univ. of Wise. Faculty BERTHA R. BAUSCH, Faculty M. ANN BEAL, Inst, of English; Asst., Student Teaching; B.S., A.B. Univ. 0f Ky., M.A. Univ. Of Wisc. State Univ.-Platteville. Cal. KENNETH BEIGHLEY, Prof. of Educational Psychology; B.S. Wisc. State Univ.-LaCrossc, M.S. Univ. Of Wisc., Ph.D. Mich. State Univ. NORMAN BAKER, Faculty Asst. of Technics; B.S. Southwest MO. State College. GENE R4 BASS, Inst. of Agricul- tural Education-Univ. Farm; B.S., Wisc. State Univ.-P1atteville, M.A. Univ. of Minn. GLEN BESTOR, Inst. of Physical Education; B.S., Univ. of Wisc., M.S., Winona State Coll. ELIZABETH BLACKBURN, Prof. of English; B.A. Vassar COIL; M.A., Ph.D. Johns Hopkins Univ. LYLE BRADFORD, Asst. Prof. of Mathematics; A.A. Northwest- ern Mich. COIL, B.S., Univ. of Mich., M.A. Univ. of III. BEVERLY M. BROWN, Faculty Asst. of Physical Education; BS. Univ. of Iowa, LOREN G. BOEBEL, Faculty RAYMOND BOURKNEY, Asst. Asst., Asst. Director of Student Prof. of Economic; 38. Ariz. State Center; B,S. Wisc. State Univ.- Univ., M.B,S. Univ. ofHouston. Plattevillc. GLENN G. BROOKS, Assoc. OLIVER BROQUIST. Prof. of Prof., Director of Audio-Visual Music; Ph.D. Univ. 0fWisc. Education; BS. Stout Institute, M.S. Stout State Univ. PHILIP R. BUCHANAN, Assoc. Prof.; Head, Dept. of Journalism; Dir. of Public Relations; B.S. JAMES E.BULL,Asst. Prof.0f Wisc. State Univ.-Platteville, English; 13-3., Wisc. State Univ.- M.S,, Ph.D. Univ. of Wise. LaCrosse; M.S., Univ. of Wise. JON BOWERMAN, Faculty Asst., Asst. Director, Student Cen- ter; B.A. Univ. of Ore. W. A. BROUGHTON, Prof., Head of Geology Department; BA. Univ. ofWisc. GEORGE BULLIS, Assoc. Prof. of Mathematics; B.S. Wisc. State Univ.-Eau Claire, M.A. Univ. of Wise. BILL BUMGARDNER, Asst. Prof. in Industrial Education; Stu- dent Teacher Supervisor; B.S., M.S. Kansas State Teachers COIL, Ed.S. Kansas State Coll, of Pitts- burg. PAUL CAIN, Assoc. Prof. of Audio-Visual Education; BS. East Texas State Coll. M.Ed. East Tex- as State Coll., Ed.S., Ed.D. Indi- ana Univ. MYRTLE CARPENTER, Inst. of Library; 3.5. Univ. of Minn., M.S. Univ. ofWisc. JOHN BURKHAMER, Inst. Pol- itical Science; BS. and MS. Wisc. St. Univ. Platteville, Wisc. ROBERT CAMPBELL, Inst.of Political Science; BS. Wisc. State Univl-Plattcville, M.S. Univ, of Wise. ANDREW CASE, Asst. Prof. of Political Science; B.A., Roanoke College, A.M., The Geo. Washing- ton Univ., M.A. Univ. ofWisc. H. ARLENE BUSWELL, Asst. Prof. of Business Organization and Management; B.S.C., M.A. Iowa State Univ. WILLIAM CAMPBELL, Asst. Prof. of Mathematics; B.A. Gener- al Beadle State Teachers Coll., M.A. State Col1.orowa. GEORGE R. CAUDLE, Asst. Prof. of Physics; B.S. Mo. School of Mines 8: Metallurgy, M.S. Col. State Univ. WILLIAM BUTTERY, Asst. Prof. of Industrial Technology; 8.8. Wisc. Slate Coll., M.A. Univ. ofMinn. OTTO M. CAROTHERS, Asst. Prof. of Mathematics; B.S., M.A. Ball State Teachers Coll. MONTE B. CHARLES, Inst. of Physical Education; BS. Hillsdale Coll., M.A. Univ. of Mich. FRANKLIN CHEEK, Asst. Prof. of Mathematics; B.S. Univ. of Wise. - Milwaukee, M.S. Univ. of Wise. R. CLIFFORD COFFEE, Prof. of Agricultural Sciences; B.S., M.S. Univ. of Mo., Ph.D. North Caroli- na State Univ. PATRICIA COLLINS, Assoc. Prof. of Physical Education; BS. Wisc. State Univ.-LaCrossc, M.S. Univ. of Wise. BARBARA ANN CLARK, Inst. of Political Science; B.A. Mary Washington COIl.oflhe Univ.of Va., M.A. Univ. ofWisc. JOSEPH C. COLALUCA, Asst. Prof. of Music; B.M., M.M. Cin- cinnati Conservatory of Music. JOYCE K. CONNOR, Inst. of Biological Sciences; B.S., M.S. Univ.ofMo. 35 MAURICE CLARK, Faculty Asst. in Chemistry; B.S., Wisc. State Univ. - Platteville. LEIGH COLLINGS, Faculty Asst., Asst. Director, Student Cen- ter; B.S., Wisc. State Univ. - Plattevillc. ARTHUR COOKE, Assoc. Prof. of Mechanics; 35., MS. Univ. of Wise. BERNICE F. COFFEE, Prof. of English; 3.3., M.S. Univ. of Kan- sas, PhD. Univ. of Mo. CHARLES COLLINS, Inst. of Geography; B.S. Wisc. State Univ. - Oshkosh, M.S. Univ. of Wise. JOHN COTTINGHAM, Prof. Head, Dept. of Agricultural Indus- tries; B.S. Wisc. State Univ.- Plattcville, M.S., Ph.D. Univ. of Wise. ROBERT A. CROPP, Assoc. MARCUS CROWN, Inst. of Prof.ongriculturalIndustries; Economics; B.A. Iowa Wesleyan, B.S. Wisc. State Univ.-Platteville, M.A. Drake Univ. M.S., Ph.D. Univ. of Wise. JEROME P. DANIELS, Inst., GERALD DARROW, Prof. of Asst. Director, Karrmann Library; Music; M.M.E. Indiana Univ., D. M.S. Univ. ofWisc. M.E. Indiana Univ. DALE DIXON, Assoc. Prof., R. R. DOERING, Assoc. Prof. of Head, Dept. of Surveying; Head, English; A.B. Wittenberg Col1., Dept. of Mineral Engineering; Dit A.M. Northwestern Univ., B.D. motor of Engineering Placement; Northwestern Lutheran Theologi- B.S. Univ. of Pittsburgh. cal Seminary 36 RALPH W. CURTIS, Prof. of Chemistry; B.S. Wisc. State Univ.- Platteville, PhD. Iowa State Univ. WILLIAM J. DENNIS, Prof., Head, Dept. of Music; B.A., B.M., M.A. Univ. ofWisc. NESTOR J. DOMINGUEZ, Inst. of Foreign Languages; Doctor in Law, Univ. ofHavana, M.A. Univ. of Miami. EDYTHE DANIEL, Assoc. Prof. Supervisor, OH-Campus Student Teaching; B.A, Beloit C011,, M.S. Univ. of Wise. PETER M. DIMEGLIO, Asst. Prof. of History; B.A. Seton Hall Univ., M.A. Niagara Univ, RAYMOND W. DRAKE, Inst. Psychology; A.B. Franklin Mar- shall Coll., M.S.C01.State Univ. JAY N. DYKSTRA, Asst. Prof. Biological Sciences; B.S. Ed. East- ern Ore. Col1., M.S. Univ. ofArk. JUDITH ESSIE, Inst. of Library; B.S. Wisc. State Univ.-Plattevillc, M.S. Wisc. State Univ. DALE R. FATZINGER, Assoc. Prof., Head, Dept. of Geography; M.S. Univ. ofWisc. FRED EBERLEIN, Director of High School Relations; B.S. Wisc. State Univ.-Platteville, M.S. Univ. 0fWisc. JOSEPH J. ESTOCK, Inst. of Music; B.M. Ed. Youngstown Univ., M.M. Ed. Duquesne Univ. MARY FISHER, Assoc. Prof., Supervisor, Off-Campus Student Teaching; B.S. Northwestern Univ., M.A. Teacher C011,, Colum- bia Univ. wk WILLIAM EHERENMAN, Asst. Prof. of Elementary Education; A.B., M.S. Indiana Univ., Ed.D.- Ball State Univ. KEITH FAHERTY, Assoc. Prof., Head, Dept. of Civil Engineering; 8.8. Wisc. State Univ.-Platteville, M.S. Univ. of Ill. MICHAEL FINK, Speech; A.B. 8L A.M., Bowling Green St. Univ. Inst. of HAROLD EHRET, Inst. of Math- ematics; B.S. Univ. of Mont., M.A. Univ. of Mont. EMILY FARNUM, Prof., Eng- lish; B.S. Univ. of Minn., M.A. Radcliffe Grad. School, Ph.D. Univ. of Wise. ROBERT FOULKES, Prof. of Biological Sciences; A.B. Coe COIL, M.S., Ph.D. Univ. of Iowa. EMILY G, FRANCOIS, Asst. Prof. of Foreign Languages; B.A., M.A. Univ. ofWisc. BARBARA GATES, Inst. of Physical Education; BS. Winona State C011,, M.S. Col. State Coll. FRED GLASSBURNER, Assoc. Prof., Director, Institutional Re- search; B.S. Iowa State Univ., M.A. Univ. of Iowa, Ph.D. George Peabody Coll. for Teachers. GEORGEANNE FREUDEN- REIGH, Inst. Home Economics; B.S. Milwaukee Downer Coll., M.S. Univ; of Wise. PAUL GAUGER, Prof. of Speech; B.S., Ph.M., Ph.D. Univ. ofWisc. RUTH GOBER, Prof. of English; B.F.A., B.A., Univ. ofOkla., M.A. Northwestern Univ.; Ed.D., Univ. ofOkla. C. ROBERT FROST, Assoc. Prof. Political Science; Ph.D. NEIL GALLAGHER, Asst. Prof., Supervisor, Off-Campus Student Teaching; B.S. Wisc. State Univ.- Eau Claire, M.A. State Univ. of Iowa. Univ. of Denver. CHARLES W. GILROY, Inst. of Speech; B.A. Univ. of Saska., M.A. Univ.onyo. BERT GLANZ, Asst. Prof. of English; B.A. Brooklyn COIL, M.A. Univ.0fWisc. ROGER GOTFSCHALK, Asst. Prof. of Art; B.S., 111. State Nor- mal Univ.; M.F.A., State Univ. of Iowa. STEPHEN K. GRANT, Inst. of Economics; B.S., B.A., Babson Institute, M.A. Northeastern Univ. $ xx MERLYN GRAY, Asst. Prof. of MARIUS GRONBECK, Asst. GLEN GUNDY, Prof., Head, WALTER HANNAN,Asst. Prof. Minerals Engineering, Mathemat- Prof. of Minerals Engineering; Dept. of Chemistry; 13.8. Central of Civil Engineering; 8.8. Univ. of ics; B.S. Wisc. State Univ.-Platte- BS. Mo. School of Mines 8: Me- Mo. State C011,, M.S., Ph.D. State Mo., M.S. Univ. ofWisc, ville, M.S. Univ. of Wise. tallurgy, M.S. Univ. ofIll. Univ. of Iowa. E. G. HARRELL, Prof., Head, Dept. of Mathematccs; Dir., Sec- ondary Educ. Div.; B.A. Hanover Coll., M.S., Ph.D. Univ. of Iowa. HAROLD R. HANSEN, Assoc. Prof., Head, Dept. of Speech; B.A. Carroll Coll., M.A. Univ. of Wise. ROBERT C. HANSEN, Prof. of Chemistry; B.S. Wisc. State Coll.- Eau Claire, M.S., Ph.D. Univ. of C. HELENE HANSEN, Asst. Prof. of Physical Education; M.S. Univ. of Wise. Wise. R. A. HARTSHORN, Assoc. IFTIKHAR HASSAN, Asst. BERNARD HARRIS, Prof. of Prof., Head, Dept. of Mechanics; Prof. of Educational Psychology; ROGER E. HAUSER, Inst. of Education; B.S.E. Northern Ill. P.H.B., Milton, C011,; M.S., Univ. M.A. Stanford Univ., Ph.D. Indi- Technics; B.S. Wisc. State Univ.- Univ., M.A., Ph.D. Univ. of Wise. ofWisc. ana Univ. Platteville, M.S. Stout State Univ. CHARLES J. HEIDENREICH, CAROL L.HENDR1CK,lnst.of THOMAS HENDRICKSON, RAYMOND K. HERMEIER, Prof. of Agricultural Sciences; 88, Music; B.M. Yankton Coll., M.M, Assoc. Prof., Head, Dept. of Art; Asst, Prof. of Educational Psychol- Univ. of 1H,, M.S. South Dakota Yale Univ. B.A, Univ. of N.D., BS, Univ. of ogy; B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Univ. of State Univ., Ph.D. Univ. of Mo. Minn., M,E. Univ. ofMinn. Iowa. JAMES HERSHBERGER, Inst. of Music; B.M.E., M.M.E. Wichi- ta State Univ. RUSSELL J. HILL, Prof., Head, Dept. of English; M.S. Univ. of Wisc., Ph.M. Univ. of Wise. THOMAS P. HICKEY, Asst. Prof. ofEnglish; B.A. St. John's Univ., M,A. Univ. of Wise. WILLIAM HIMES, Inst. of Engi- neering Graphics; 3.3. U. S. Mili- tary Academy, M.S. Cornell Univ. WILLIAM HOFFMAN, Prof. of C. ELLSWORTH HOOD, Prof. CHARLES C. HOOD, Inst., Su- Agricultural Sciences; B.S. Iowa MARGARET HOHENSTEIN, of Philosophy; A.B. Syracuse pcrvisor 0f Jr. High Social Studies; State Univ., M.S., Ph.D. Univ. of Inst. of Library; BA., MA. Univ. Univl, B.D. Duke Univ., Th.D. BA. Abilene Christian COIL, M,A. Mo. OfWisc. Pacific School of Religion. Univ. of Iowa. 1 g E f : ; JOYCE E. HOOD, Asst. Prof.. Elementary Education; BS. Abi- lene Christian COIL, M.A., PhD. Univ. Oflowa. SAMUEL HUTCHINSON, Inst, Fourth Grade Supervisor; B.S. Univ. 0fWisc., B.S. Wisc. Stale Univ.-Platteville, M.S. Univ. of Wise. DUANE A. JACKMAN, Prof. of Technics; BS. Wisc. State Univ.- River Falls, M.A.. Ph.D. Univ. of Minn. CHARLES D. HOORNSTRA, Asst. Prof., Business Organization and Management; B.A., M.A., JD. Univ.ofWisc. WAYNE HYSEN, Faculty Asst. of Student Serviccs-Rcsidence Hall Dir.; B.S. Wisc. State Univ.- Platteville. J. RUSSELL JAHN, Prof, Head. Dept. of Agricultural Sciences; Ph.D.S.D. State Univ. ROGER HOOVER, Asst. Prof. of Industrial Technology; 88., MS. Stout State Univ., Ed. D. Col. State Coll. GRANT P. IENATSCH. lnst.. Fifth Grade Supervisor; B.S. Wisc. Slate Univ.-Platteville, Northern Ill. Univ. M.S. ALVA JARED, Assoc. Prof., Head, Dept. of Technics; 8.8. Western Ill; Univ,. M.A. Ball State Univ.. EdD. Arizona State Univ. DON H. HULLMAN, Inst. of Technics; B.S., M.S, Fort Hays Kan. State Coll. TERRENCE INGRAM. Faculty Asst. of Physics; B.S. Wisc. State Univ.-Plattcville. WILLIAM JENSEN. Proli, Head. Dept. ofPsychology: B.S. Wisc. Stale Univ.-Rivcr Falls. A. NICHOLAS JOHANSEN, Prof,, Dir. of Financial Aids; 8.8,, BA St. John,s Univ., M.S. Univ. of Kan., Ed.D. Univ. 0fN.D. BETTY JOPPA, Inst. of Chemis- try; B.S. Wisc. State Univ.-Osh- kosh, M.S. Marquette Univ. MILDRED KEITHLEY, Asst. Prof. of Library; B.E. Wisc. State Univ.-Stevens Point, M.S. Univ. of Idaho. Q: CLIFFORD S. JOHNSON, As- soc. Prof. of Technics; B.S. N.D. State Univ., M.S. Univ. of Minn. DIANE JULIAN, Faculty Asst., Student Serviccs-Residence Hall Dir., B,S. Univ. of Wise. EARL E. KING, Assoc. Prof. of Physics; Ph. 3., Ph.M. Univ. of Wisc. 42 REGINALD J. JONES, Asst. Prof. of Minerals Engineering; 8.8., M.S. Univ. of Mo., Ph.D. Univ. of Wise. THOMAS J. JONAS, Faculty Asst., Dir. of Student Housing; Speech; Res. Hall Dir.; B.S. Wisc. State Univ.-Plattevillc. KENNETH C, KAMPS, Asst. Prof., Supervisor of Jr. High Sci- ence and Mathematics; B.S. Wisc. State Univ.-Plattcville, M.S. Mich. State Univ. EDWARD J. KANNEL, Inst. of Civil Engineering; 8.8., M.S. Univ. ofWisc. JACK KIRBY, Prof., Head Dept. of Industrial Education; BS. Wisc. State Univ.-Platteville, M.S. Stout State Univ., Ed.D. Univ. of Mo. WILLIAM E. KISSNER, Assoc. Prof. of Civil Engineering; 3.8., M.S. Mich. Technological Univ. DWIGHT KLAASEN, Prof. of CHARLOTTE KNIGHT, Assoc. T. R. R. KRISHNAN, Asst. KENNETH KUNDERT, Asst. Chemistry; PhD. Kansas State Prof., Dir. of Library; B.A. Law- Prof., Business Organization and Prof. in Mathematics; B.S. Wisc. Univ. rence Univs, M.A.L.S. Univ. of Management; B.A. Panjab Univ., State Univ.-Platteville, M.S. Pur- Wisc. B.S., M.B.A., Ph.D. American due Univ. Univ. DAVID LAMB, Inst. of Library; 8.8. Wisc. State Univ.-Plattevillc, JANET LANDSVERK, Inst. of MS. Northern 111. Univ. Library; B.A., M.A. Univ. of Wise. LYNN A. LEE, Asst. Prof. of MARY LEE, Inst. of English; sEnglish; B.A. Augustana Coll., B.A.,'M.A.T. Rockford Coll. M.A. Univ. ofS.D. L. JAMES LEITL, Asst. Prof. of Business Law; B.S. Wisc. State RICHARD J. LOBERGER, Inst. FRANCIS LOFY, Asst. Prof. of WAYNE R. LOY, Assoc. Prof. of Univ.-Planeville, J.D. Univ. of ongricultural Industries; B.S., Mechanics; B.E.E., M.S.E.E. Chemistry; B.S., M.S. Western Ill. Wise, M.S. Wisc. State Univ. Platteville. Marquette Univ. Univ. 43 BARBARA A. LUECK, Inst. of Library; A.B. Ripon Coll., M.A. THOMAS B. LUNDEEN, Prof Univ. ofWisc. . EARL S. McCULLOUGH, Asst. of History; B.A., M.A., Ph.D Prof. of Mechanics; B.S. BuHalo Univ. of Iowa. State Teachers Coll., M,Ed. Univ. JOHN F. McNETT, Inst. of Agri- of M0., 88., MS. State Univ. of NY. cultural Education, Mgr. of Univ. Farm; B.S., M.S. Wisc. State Univ.-Platteville. ELTON MAHAN, Inst. of Educa- tional Psychology; M.S. Mich. State Univ. GEORGE MAHONEY, Assoc. Prof., Civil Engineering; B.A. Iona COIL, N.A. State Univ. ofN.Y. .n:".'-"' me. n .n. "r MARLYS J. MALLOW, Inst., English; Res, Hall Dir.; B.A. Mil- MAX G. MANWARING, Asst. ton COIL, M.S. Univ. of Wise. Prof. of Political Science; BS. Univ. of Utah, M.A., Ph.D. Univ. oflll. DAVID MARKEE, Faculty Asst. Student Services, Res. Hall Dir.; PAULINE R. MARTIN, Inst. of BS. Wisconsin State Univ.-Platte- Physical Education; B.S. Wise. State Univ.-LaCrosse, M.S. Univ. of Mich. ville. WILLIAM MARTIN, Inst. of DWAYNE R. MASON, Asst. Student Services; B.A., Ed.M. Prof. of History; B A. Univ. of State Univ. ofN.Y. Mont., M.S. Univ, ofOklahoma. WILHELM K. MAYER, Assoc. Prof. Educational Psychology; B.S., M.B.D. Univ. of 111., Ed.D. Univ.ofFla. FRANK W. METCALF, Faculty Asst., Student Scrvices-Residence Hall Dir.; B.S. Wisc. State Univ.- Platteville. MILTON MITCHELL, Inst. of Mathematics; 13.8. Indiana Central COIL, M.M. Univ. ofTenn. MARGUERITE MAYHEW, Inst., Third Grade Supervisor; B.S., M.S. Wisc. State Univ.- Plattevillc. STEPHEN METZNER, Faculty Asst. in Chemistry; 85. Wisc. State Univ.-Platteville. JOHN MOEN, Faculty Asst. in chhinics; B.S. Wisc. State Univ.- Platteville. JAMES MENDENHALL, Inst., Business Organization and Man- agement; B.B.A. Southwestern Univ., M.B.A, Texas Christain Univ, ALVIN MENNINGA, Inst. of English; A.B. Calvin C011,, M.S. Wisc. State Univ.-Platteville. SIDNEY C. MILLER, Faculty Asst., Asst., Dir., Student Center; 8.8. Wisc. State Univ.-Plattcville. THOMAS F. MISH, Asst. Prof. of History; A.B. Aquinas C011,, M.A. Univ. of Detroit. DEAN MOLITOR, Inst. of Bio- logical Sciences; B.S. Wisc. State Univ.-Oshkosh, M.A. Col. State Univ. EDWIN E. MOORE, Prof, Head Dept. of Student Teaching; B.A. M.A., Ph.D. Univ. of Iowa. 5 9 45 STANLEY R. MOORE, Prof., Head, Dept. ofPhilosophy; B.S. E.E. Lehigh Univ.. B.D. Yale Univ., PhD. Drew Univ. ANNE NASH, Inst. ofChemistry; B.S. Purdue Univ., M.S. Iowa State Univ. Univ. of Wise. WILLIAM L. NIKOLAI, Assoc. Prof. of Chemistry; B.S. Wisc. State Univ.-Stcvens Point, MS. PAUL V. MORIARTY, Inst. of Library; M.A. Univ. ofWisc. ORVAL L. NELSON, Asst. Prof. of Sociology; B.S. Brigham Young Univ., M.S. Brigham Young Univ. EDWARD J. NOLTNER, Inst. of Physical Education; B.S. Wisc. State Univ.-LaCrosse, M.S. Univ. ofMich. CALVIN L. MYRBO, Prof. of English; B.A. Bob Jones Univ., M.A., Ph.D., Univ. of Minn, PHILIP MUTH, Assoc. Prof. of History; A.B. Washington Univ., B.D. Univ. of Chicago, Ph.D, Bos- ton Univ. LOREN NIKOLAI, Inst. of Ac- counting; B.A., M.B.A., St. Cloud State Coll. WILLIAM A. NIEDERBER- GER, Inst. of Technics; B.S., M.S. Stout State Univ. LYNN C. OBERLIN, Assoc. Prof. of Education; B.S., M,A. Western Mich. Univ., Ed. D. Mich. State Univ. JERRY C. OHM, Asst. Prof. of Mathematics; B.A. Iowa Northern Univ., M.A. Boston Coll. ROBERTOLSEN,Inst.ofEng- lish; B.A. Wayne State Univ., M.A. Univ. of Mich. FREDRICK OOMENS, Faculty Asst. of Agricultural Industries; B.S., M.S. Wisc. State Univ. HARRIS PALMER, Assoc. Prof. ofGeology; B.A., M.A. Univ. of Wise. HOWARD C. OLSON, Assoc. Prof. of Industrial Education; B.S., M.S. Stout Institute. JOHN F. ORTH, Asst. Prof., Head, Dept. Of Engineering Graphics; B.S. Min., Engr. JAMES PAPPAS, Inst. ofCivil Engineering; 8.8. Univ. of Mo., M.S. Southern 111. Univ. JON OLSON, Inst. of Geography; M.S. Univ. of N.D., B.S. Northern 111. Univ. JOAN ORVIS, Asst. Prof. of Music; B.Mus. Oberlin Conserva- tory of Music, M.A. UnivA of Washington. H. O. PEARCE, Prof., Head, Dept. of Education; BS. Univ. of Minn., M.A. Univ. of Chicago, Ed.D. Univ. ofN.D. JOHN N. O NEILL, Inst. ofln- dustrial Education; BS. Wisc, State Univ.-Plattcville, M.S. Stout State Univ. VICTOR E. PAGENKOPF, Prof., Registrar, B.S. Wisc. State Univ.-EauClaire; M.S. Univ. of Wisc.; Ed.D. Utah State Univ. HARRY A. PEDERSON, Prof. ofTechnics; B.S., M.S. Univ. of Minn. SANDRA PETTA, Faculty Asst, ROBERT PHILLIPS, Inst. of GEORGE PISULA, Faculty Asst. ALLAN PODBELSEK, Asst. Asst. Dir., Student Center, 88., Geography; B.S. Wisc. State of Chemistry; B.S. Wisc. State Prof. of Mathematics; B.S., M.S. Wisc. Stale Univ.-Platteville. Univ.-Platteville, M.S. Northern Univ.-Platteville. Ill. State Univ., M.A. Univ. of Ill. Ill. Univ. CAROL PRATHER, Inst. of His- FRANK PROSS, Assoc. Prof. of tory; B,A. Southwestern COIl., English; 3.8. Wisc. State Univ.- M.A. Univ. ofNeb. Platteville, M.S. Univ. of Wise. VIRGIL R. PUFAHL, Inst; of Technics; B.S. Wisc. State Univ.- Platteville; M.SA Northern Ill. Univ. NORMAN POWERS, Assoc. Prof. of Engineering Graphics; B.S., M.S. State Univ. of Buffalo. WILLIAM RECTOR, Prof., ROYCE REEVES, Inst. of Physi- PAUL RANUM, Inst. of Sociolo- BONNIE RAYFORD, Inst. of Head, Dept. of History; B.A. Da- cal Education; BS. Wisc. State gy; B.A. Luther COIL, M.S. W. English; B.A. Wisc. State Univ.- kota Wesleyan Univ., M.A. Univ. Univ.-Plattevillc, M.S. Univ. of Univ. ofNeb. Platteville, M.F.A. Univ. of Iowa. of Minn., Ph.D. Univ. of Minn. Wisc. 48 DEL J. REIFF, Inst. of Psycholc gy; B.A. Lawrence Coll.; M.A. Colorado State. JOAN REKSTAD, Inst., First Grade Supervisor; B.S. Winona State Coll., M.A., Colo, State Coll. TOM RICHARDS, Inst. of Mu- sic; B.A., M.A. State Univ. of Iowa. REZA REZAZADEH, Prof., Head, Dept. Of Political Science; Engineering Diploma, Air Force Eng. Coll., Iran; L.L.B., Teheran Univ., Iran; J.D., L.L.M., Ph.D. Indiana Univ. JOHN G. W. ROBERTSON, Prof., Head, Dept. of Foreign Lan- guages; B.A., L.L.B,Tu1ane Univ., Doccur cn Droit dc UUniversite, Univ. of Paris. JOSHUA F. ROBINSON, Asst. Prof. of Economics; B.S. Wisc. State Univ. - Platteville, M.S., S.D. State Univ. PATRICIA REKSTAD, Faculty ASSL, Health Scrvices-Univ. Nurse; Kahlcr School of Nursing. A. ALLAN RICHERT, Asst. Prof. of Mathematics; B.A., M.A. Univ. of Kansas. DOLORES ROCK, Asst. Prof., Second Grade Supervisor; B.S. Wisc. State Univ.-Platteville, M.S. Univ. of Wise. GLORIA REZAZADEH, Asst. Prof., Librarian, Doudna Campus School; 3.8. Univ; of Puerto Rico, M.S., M.A. Indiana Univ., Ph.D. Indiana Univ. PAUL RIECHERS, Faculty Asst. of Mathematics; 35. Wisc. State Univ.-Platteville. PERRY J. ROCKWELL, Prof., Head, Dept. ofEducational Psy- chology; Ph.D. Univ. of Wise. 49 RAY W. ROSENTHAL, Asst. JACQUELINE ROSS, Inst. of JAMES M. ROSS, Asst. Prof. of KNUT S. ROYCE, Inst. of Jour- Prof. of Mechanics; 8.5;, Ms. English, A,B., M.A. Univ. of Art; A.B. Univ. of Mich., M.F.A. nalism; B.A. Dickinson COIL. Marquette Univ, Mich, Cranbrook Academy ofArt. M.A. Univ. orowa. CHARLES SaLOUTOS, Asst. Prof., Supervisor of OFf-Campus Student Teaching; M.S. Univ. of Wise. BRYAN SCHWARK, Inst., Li- brary; B.S. Wisc. State Univ.- EauClaire, M.L.S. Univ. of Wise. DONALD D. SCHAAL, Faculty GERALD SCHEPPERS, Assoc. Asst.of1ndustria1Educationchh- Prof. of Chemistry; B.A. Neb. nics; B.S. Wisc. State Univ.- State C0ll., M.S., Ph.D. Iowa Plattcville. State Univ. JOHN SHIBLEY, Assoc. Prof. of RICHARD SEVENICH, Asst. Speech; B S. Bowling Green St. JAMES F. SENS, Asst. Prof. of Prof. of Physics; B.S. Coll. of St. EUGENE SHEN,Asst. Prof.of Univ.; M.A., Bowling Green; History; 3.8., M.A. Ohio Univ. Thomas, Ph.D. Iowa State Univ. Biological Sciences. Ph.D., Ohio St. Univ. 50 KENNETH SHUBAK, Asst. Prof. of Geology; B.S. Univ. of Ky., M.S. Univ. of Mich. RAY SHORT, Prof., Head, Dept. ofSociology and Anthropology; A.B. Willamette Univ., B.D., PhD. Duke Univ. JOHN C. SIMONSON, Asst. Prof. of Economics; B.S. Wisc. State Univ.-Oshkosh, M.S. Univ. ofWisc. JOAN SMITH, Inst. of Sociology; B.A. Upper Iowa Coll., M.S. North Texas State Univ. THEODORE SMITH, Assoc. Prof. of Speech; B.A., Central C011,, Fayette, M0.; M.A. Univ. of Mo. ROBERT SOMMER, Asst. Prof. of Mathematics; B.S., M.S. Univ. of Wise. FLOYD SHUTTLEWORTH, Prof. of Biological Sciences; B.A. De Pauw Univ., M.A. Univ. of Cincinnati, PhD. Indiana Univ. KAREN SIEBERS, Inst, of Eng- lish; BAA. Edgewood Coll., M.A. Univ. of Detroit. ROY SMITH, Prof., Head, Dept. of Physics; B.S. Wisc. State Univ.- EauClaire, M.S. Univ. ofWisc., PhD. Ohio State Univ. JOSEPH SMITH, Inst. of Sociol- ogy, B.S. Univ. of Iowa, M.A. Univ. orowa. ROBERT A. SPORRE, Prof. of Speech; B.A. State Univ. of Iowa, M.F.A. Texas Christian Univ., Ph.D. Ohio State Univ. RAYMOND SPOTO, Inst. of Foreign Languages; B.A. Northern Ill. Univ., M.A. Univ. of III. JAMES SPRADLING, Assoc. STEVEN STEINGLASS, Asst. JAMES R. STEINMAN, Inst. of JERRY STROHM, Prof. of Bio- Prof. of Mechanics; B.S. Mo. Prof. of Political Science; 3.8. English; B.A., M,A. Univ.0chb. logical Sciences; B.S. Univ. of "1., School of Mines and Metallurgy. Univ. of Penn., L.L.B. Columbia PhD. Univ. of Minn. Law School. SUSAN E. STUESSY, Assoc. Prof. of Sociology; B.SA Wisc. CHARLES E. SUNDIN, ASSt. State Univ.-Plattevillc, M.S. Univ. Prof. Chemistry; 88. Univ. of of Wise. Wisc.-Milwaukee. FRANK STUDNICKA, Inst. of DuWAYNE STUELKE, Inst. of Geography; B.S. Wisc. State Technics, B.S. Wisc. State Univ.- Univ.-Platteville, MA. Univ. of Platteville, M.A. BallState Univ. Col, ARTHUR B. THOMPSON, Asst. AVIS C. SWART, Inst, Supervi- ROGER D. SWEEN, Inst. Li- ROBERT N. TANKSLEY, Inst. Prof. of Political Science; A.B. set of Kindergarten; B.A. Drew brary; B.A. St. Olaf C011,, MS. of Mathematics; B.S., M.S. Pur- C011. ofWilliam 8; Mary, M.A. Univ., M.S. Univ. ofArizona. Univ. of Wise. due Univ., M.S. Univ. of III. Univ. of Virginia. VERN THOMPSON, Assoc. HELEN TIERNEY, Prof. of His- WILLIAM TIETZE, Prof. of GLEN TILBURY, Asst. Prof. of Prof. ofArt; B.A., Coc C011,; M.A. tory; Ph.D. Univ. ofChicago. Music; B.M., B.M.E. Jacksonville Chemistry; B.Ed. 111. State Univ., State Univ. orowa. Univ., M.M. Univ. of Wisc., Ph.D. M.S. Univ. of III. State Univ. of Iowa. F. DAWSON TRINE, Prof. of Mathematics; B.S. Wisc. State FREDRIC TUFTE, Inst. of Univ.-Platteville, M.S., Ph.D. Mathematics, B.S. Univ. ofN.D., Univ. of Wise. A.M. Univ. of Mo. THOMAS J. VAIL, Inst., Resi- GEORGE VAN DE VOORT, dence Hall Dir.; Physical Educa- Faculty, Asst. of Economics; B.A. tion; B.S. LaCrosse State Univ., Central Coll. M.S. Winona State Univ. ROBERT I. VELZY, Assoc. THEODORE'VOTH, Asst. Prof. Prof., Dir. of Student Center; Psy- DON VERGER, Prof. of Psychol- of Mathematics; A.B. Bcthal Coll., chology; B.A., M.A., Fla. State ogy; B.S. Univ. ofIll., D.Ed. Univ. L. DALE VERTEIN, Prof. 0f B.D. Chicago Theological Semi- Univ. ofOre. Education; Ph.D. Univ. of Wise. nary, M.S. Univ. ofTulsa. 53 VERNON VRADENBURG,Inst. DUANE WACHHOLZ, Faculty RICHARD WADEWITZ, Asst. RUSSEL O. WAGNER, Prof., of Physical Education; B.S., M.S. Asst. of Agricultural Sciences, 848. Prof. of Physical Education; BS. Head, Dept. of Biological Sciences; Wisc. State Univ.-LaCrosse. Wisc. State Univ.-Platteville. Wheaton C011,, M.S. Univ. of B.S., M.S., PhD., Univ. of Wise. Wisc. YUAN-LING WANG, Asst. Prof. of Mechanics, 3.8. National Taiwan Univ., M.S. West Va. JAMES WARD, Director of Univ., PhD. Univ. of Wise. Computer Center; B.A., N.T.S.U. WELDON T. WALL, Inst. of Art; B.A. East Carolina COIL, M.F.A. Univ. oquanajuato. CAROLE WATERMAN, Inst. of Music; MS. and 8.8., Wisc. State Univ. - Platteville. THOMAS WATERS, Inst. of ALICE WHITE, Asst. Prof., Political Science; B.A. Pan Ameri- ROY WELSANDT, Inst. of Psy- Head, Dept. of Home Econ.; 3.8. can Coll., A.M. George Washing- chology; B.A. Concordia COIL, Iowa State Univ., M.S. Univ. of JOHN WHITNEY, Inst. of Eng- ton Univ. M.A. Univ. ofArizona. Wisc. lish; B.A., M.A. Univ. of Mich. 54 JAMES WILHELM, Inst., Res. JON B. WILLARSON, Asst. HAROLD WILLIS, Assoc. Prof. ROBERT WING, Inst. of Indus- Hall Dir.; B.S.N.D. State Coll., Prof., Mathematics; B.S., U.W. of Biological Sciences; B.A. Kan- trial Education; BS. Wise. Slate M.Ed. Univ. ofN.D. Mil., M.S., Univ. of Wise. sas State Teachers COIL, Ph.D. Univ.-Plattevillc, M.S. Univ. of Univ. of Kansas. Wise. R. KEITH WOODS, Prof., Dir. of MARGARET C. WOODS, Asst. Div. of Elementary 8L Jr. High Prof., Supervisor of Jr. High Eng- School Education; B.E. Wisc. lish; B.A. Univ. of Iowa, M.S. State Univ.-LaCrosse, M.A., PhD. Univ. ofWisc. State Univ. of Iowa. JOHN WOOLDRIDGE, Assoc. Prof. of Chemistry; 3.8. State Teachers Coll., M.S. Univ. of Minn, NEIL WIRTH, Faculty Asst., Dir. ofAdmissions; B.S. Univ. of Wise. LUTHER ZELLMER, Prof. of Geography; B.Ed. Wisc. State STEVE ZIELKE, Faculty ASSL, JOHN R. ZINK, Asst. Prof. of Univ. -Oshkosh, M.Ph. Univ.of Student Services-Res. Hall Dir.; Physics; B.S. Iowa State Univ., Wisc. B.S. Wisc. State Univ.-Platteville. M.S. State Univ. of Iowa. 55 Faculty Not Pictured LEONE BELLMEYER, Asst. Prof. Fifth Grade Supervisor; B.S. Wisc. State Univ.- Platteville; M.S. Univ. ofCol. EDMOND HARRIS, Asst. Prof. of Ac- counting; B.S. Central Mo. St. Teachers Coll.; M.A. Univ. of Mo. ROGER L. HIGGS, Assoc. Prof. ongri- cultural Sciences; M.S., BAS., Univ. ofIll., Ph.D. Iowa State Univ. ZAHID HUSSAIN, Asst. Prof., Business Organization and Management; M.S. Univ. of Minn., M.A. Univ. oflhe Panjah. CORINE KOUFACOS, Asst. Prof. of Psychology; B.A. Whehan COIL, M.S. Univ.0fWisc. LESTER J. LEITL, Assoc. Prof. of Phys- ical Education; Ph.D. Wisc. Univ. WILLIAM C. LUEBBERT, Inst. of Physics; B.A., 848. Central Mich. Univ., M.A. Western Univ. JANET MANWARING, Faculty Asst., Student Services, Res. Hall Dir.; B.S., Utah State Univ. ELISA A. NEAL, Prof. of Education; 88., Mich, State Normal Coll. GEORGE REMINGTON, Asst. Prof. of English. FRANCIS A4 SEARS, Inst. of English; B.A., Univ. oflll.; M.F.A., Univ. oflowa. ROY SHAVER, Assoc. Prof, of Chemis- try; B.S., M.S. Western 111. Univ. DOUGLAS TIMMERMAN, Asst. Prof., Business Organization and Man- agement; B.S. Wisc. State Univ.-White- water, M.B.A. Indiana Univ. 56 Faculty Participate A significant factor in the make-up of WSU-Platteville is the active faculty participation in extra-curricular events. tLefD Various faculty members prac- tice for a University Orchestra concert. The Free University, a series of infor- mal discussions opens the hoor to stu- dents and faculty tAbovey Informality in the classroom as practiced by Dr. Shibley before a speech class invites student participation as well tRighO. 57 Educational Aspects Taught And Applied As the university grows in size, so also does its educational program. Curricula and programs expand each year to meet the changing needs of students as they prepare for a productive career in society. New departments are being developed to provide a more comprehensive field of education; a full-time graduate program has been estab- lished which enables many to continue their edu- cation to a higher level. Instructional facilities in the new science and engineering building open great new realms of research and observation. An added improvement scheduled for the near future is the construction of a new library. Further educational services are provided through the operation of the Doudna School as a laboratory for observation, student teaching, par- ticipation and experimentation. An Audio-Visual teaching equipment center and a teaching mate- rials center are maintained to familiarize educa- tion majors with all types ofteaching aids. A placement bureau helps graduating seniors find appropriate teaching positions. WSU-Platteville is a growing and progressive school, aimed at the future through constant im- provement and change in the frontiers of educa- tlon. Scientific Knowledge Developed Headquartered throughout the campus from the little theatre to the vine covered wall of Roun- tree hall, the school encompasses almost as much campus area as it does numbers of students. Each year more enroll in the liberal arts areas, how- ever, the basic sciences are not forgotten. As the School of Arts and Sciences moves into the let century, new majors are being approved, 61 summer programs of study abroad are being ini- tiated, student involvement in social research, and new scientific advances are being made. The growth in the classical fields of philosophy and the arts have made the student body aware, and the university has become an exciting place to live. Math Opens New Vocational Horizons The Department of Mathematics provides a course of study for mathematics, science and en- gineering majors as well as the minimum courses required by other departments and divisions. A comprehensive outline of available courses covers the field well and provides the students with a broad background in the area of mathematics. A staff of competent teachers and the addition of modern equipment makes the instruction of mathematics principles a promising endeavor for both students and faculty. Students are placed initially in mathematics courses by the Department of Mathematics on the basis of all past performance. Certain courses are offered for honors credit to the student achieving well in four years of high school mathe- matics. In general, the department is a vital and essen- tial part of the school, functioning as a ground for prerequisite mathematical courses and as a major field of study. It provides a foundation for many new vocations in an age of computers. Home Ec. Provides Valuable Experience Courses in the Life Sciences department offer students training towards a minor in the field of economics. Varied courses provide a fundamental background in the chemistry and physics of life processes. Students will find courses in this de- partment valuable as electives since they afford training in analysis, critical thought, evaluation, and scientific attitudes that are so necessary in other fields of education and in later life. Many areas of home economics are developed, involving aspects of nutrition, clothing construc- tion, housing, home planning, and family living. The student completing this course of study will leave the university a well-prepared individual capable of managing the responsibilities of per- sonal and family growth through individual ini- tiative and work. In addition, the student will have the knowledge and skill to pursue related areas in research and practical application. With the advent of a modern, moving world, the home economics student has entered an area of broadened concepts relevant to life. Art Channels Creative Expression 64 1! Spread among the dark corners of the campus is the Art department. From the basement of Rountree hall to the converted heating plant or the old heldhouse, there are expressive hands and minds at work creating esthetically pleasing form. From sculpture to classical painting, the artists express themselves. Wierd shapes appear from many places to haunt the untrained eye. Modern sculptures come to life under careful hands. Junk yard pieces become things of beauty under the loving care of the artist. Students are enrolling and exploring. They are finding themselves and expressing their ideas to the rest of the university through their creative- ness. The school oITers courses to the beginner and to the untrained so that they may appreciate the beauty of the world also. In the future is a fine arts building that will provide modern essentials to ancient crafts. Graphic arts, pottery, and sculpture labs will olfer much to improve the educational benefits. M'va 3' s Make You; 000395 ' EEJ 66 Library Facilitates Student Development A necessary part of a good education is a well equipped library. The Karrmann Library pro- vides a valuable supplement to the classroom as well as a meeting place for students and a quiet place to study. Besides furnishing students with books, the li- brary staff provides microhlm service, zeroxing, reference materials, and facilities for listening to educational and classical records. On the shelves are books, periodicals, newspapers, and other works. Because of the rapidly expanding student body, the library has been forced to expand its facilities to include more stack area and a widely advanced technical services department. A new building is planned and construction is under way so that the future will be well provided for. 68 LA. Develops New Techniques The School of Industry, one of the universityis oldest fields of study, is also one of the most dy- namic and progressive. Moving away from the classical industrial arts approach and into the new area of industriology, the school is rapidly developing new techniques for the teaching of industrial skills. More and more of the students are training for careers in industries rather than teaching. The concepts and training are new, thanks to government grants for research and practical application. A cooperative graduate study program has been initiated among the area high schools. Un- der this course of study, graduate students teach high school students the new science of industriol- ogy. These classes are designed to provide the student with a broad concept of the world of in- dustry rather than the outdated idea of industrial arts. The school offers a wide variety of courses from electronics, through printing, graphic arts, photography, mechanics, woodworking, to draft- ing and industrial safety. The scope ofcourses is constantly being en- larged, broadened and improved upon to offer the student the best possible industrial or teaching preparation. Ag. Farm Offers Practical Training Pioneer Prairie Farm, the universityis 400 acre classroom, is located six miles southeast of Platteville. Here, practical aspects of farming are put into practice. Under the direction of John F. McNett, man- ager, four full-time employees and four students work to provide a top-notch farm along with car- rying out various research projects. The farmis purpose is to provide a large laboratory situation for the School of Agriculture while giving a ser- vice to the farmers of Southwestern Wisconsin. New practices in farming are tried and aca- demic learning is put into practice there. Each day, the familiar bus makes many trips back and forth from town bringing students out of the classroom to see at close range the operation ofa modern farm. Speech Promotes Individual Expression The Speech Department, besides offering courses in play production, debate, and speech therapy, provides the rest of the university with general courses. Specialized courses are offered in many related fields. Radio broadcasting and dramatics are among the staples. The department operates its own FM radio station where students are given a chance for practical training in their art along with providing yet another forum for student opinion. Dramatic interests of students may range from acting to play production. Scenery building tech- niques, the art of proper stage lighting, and cos- tume tailoring are offered. The students find free- dom of expression through writing, directing, and producing their own works. Musicians Participate Besides olfering one of the finest academic music programs in the state, WSU-Plattevilleis music department gives the student a wide variety of extra-curricular activities from which to choose. The traditional choruses, bands, and orchestras are supplemented by quartets, trios, and many other small musical groups. A highlight of each season is the now traditional Madrigal Dinner. This effort, sponsored in conjunction with the Student Center, gives the madrigal singers a chance to perform in period costumes relevant to merry olde England. Tours, recitals, concerts, and a Dinner Pops concert round out the activities for the busy music majors and other students who take part as an extra-curricular activity. There seems to be no end to the many productions sponsored by the department. Engineers Achieve Noted Recognition W x, M H3733: w; sax: v4 m w. 4x :3: W Wv am .. arm 2 M, W 53-. bk - g: L m as; h .w - . .9: L am": :y u. h, x- x w Mm . mm 74 Thorough and high-level training in fundamen- tal sciences are offered to the student studying for an engineering degree. In the early phases of study, the engineering curricula provides a strong foundation in these basic sciences; direct applica- tion is presented in later phases. The school offers two curricula leading to the Bachelor of Science degree: Civil Engineering and Mineral Engineering. In addition to these programs, courses are provided for pre-engineer- ing students concerned with working toward de- grees in Agricultural, Chemical, Electrical, Geo- logical, Industrial, Mechanical or Metallurgical Engineering. WSU-Platteville stands out as a leading engi- neering school, drawing engineering students from many states. Various Areas Of Business Studied 76 The newest school, the School of Business Administration and Economics, is also one of the fastest growing. In its short existence, it has attracted many students to its field of study. A steadily growing number of students are entering the school in hopes offinding excellent training in both the professional world and that of education. Majors are offered in many areas, and compre- hensive study programs provide the student with a well rounded education. Students from other courses fmd interestin g and useful classes to take in the school. Practical experiences in money management, administrative responsibility and income tax are offered. Specialized offerings run to many areas to complete the students education. Graduate School Excels The Graduate School encompasses many dis- ciplines to make its varied program oHerings. Exciting programs are being offered in the fields of Industry and Counseling. A new counsel- ing laboratory has been created under the depart- ment of educational psychology where students can see the results of their counseling techniques readily. A new program under a federal grant has en- abled the School of Industry to experiment in cooperation with the Graduate School to find new methods of teaching industrial concepts to high school students. Besides providing a valuable service to area high schools, the school is moving into the future searching for and finding new purposes and ideas in education. The future still holds a master of arts degree in the field of the arts rather than edu- cation. 80 Freshmen Initiated To Collegiate World The opening week of the fall semester at WS U- Platteville remained exclusive to the incoming freshman for the purpose of becoming familiar- ized and oriented to the tempo of college life with its academic and social responsibilities. An organizations fair was held to acquaint new and interested students with the many groups ex- isting on campus which are open to membership. These organizations included committees, clubs, fraternities, sororities and honor societies. The purpose of freshman orientation is that of allowing the recent additions to our student body to become familiar and comfortable with the col- lege setting so that they will adapt and function capably when the pressures of academic life rush upon them. Initiation to the necessity of waiting in lines began early for tUpper Righo and finally lunch lines. The week was closed freshman: registration lines, tAboveT textbook lines, withaswinging dance,tLef0. 81 Homecoming 1967 began with the coronation of Queen Genia Tedman by Homecoming C0- captains Al Charnish and Bob Bergum on Thurs- day, Oct. 19. Homecoming activities centered around the theme, ttFantastic Future? Stunt Night competition followed; seven skits were presented for final selection. After the win- ning stunt was chosen, the queen led the way to the lighting of the traditional bonfire and pep ral- 1y. The judging of on and otT-campus decorations took place on Friday. Games including a tug of war, a greased pole climb, and a watermelon eat- ing contest were scheduled for the afternoon. A Homecoming show featuring the Four Freshmen was presented in the Fieldhouse on Friday evening. Approximately thirty Hoats competed for awards in the Greek and non-Greek divisions in the parade on Main Street Saturday. The Platteville Pioneers beat Superior at Hill F ield in their Homecoming game, 20-0. Three dances were held in the evening to com- plete a successful Homecoming week-end for Platteville students and alumni. Homecoming involved a myriad of activi- ties, all of them significant in their contri- bution to the fun and nostalgia of the occa- sion. Lambda Sigma Pi and Kappa Alpha Sigma captured first place honors for their joint tioat production tUpper Lefo while Delta Chi Epsilon received honorable mention tLower Righti. Queen Genia Tedman is escorted by Homecoming Co- captains tLower Lem to the lighting of the traditional bonfire tUpper Righo. Students Present Products of Spirit Imaginative but tired students worked long hours with fervor to complete Homecoming Hoats and house decorations before the final judging. tLefO First place in the house decorations went to Lamba Sigma Pi. Victors of the ttYell Like Hellh contest were Phi Alpha Psi. tAbovet Is Warener Hall who placed third in the contest. tRighU Pioneer Pete who put in his traditional ap- pearance at the Homecoming Pa- rade. Preparations Bring Success ' H3 " l I 11. 33 . ' ; 5 .d y 7 ! r '15; ' u w t u s k Eff The opening of Home- coming week for many students meant spending every free hour on the construction of floats and dorm or house decora- tions and giving the last final touches to the stunts. The success of these efforts brought sec- ond place honors to Phi Sigma Chi tUpper LefO and third place to Phi Alpha Psi tLower RighU in the float competition. Kappa Alpha Sigma pre- sented the winning skit at Stunt Night festivities tUpper Righo. Football action drew the week-end activities to a climax tLower Lem. SF :24 Games were a new feature in this yearts Homecoming activities. Included in the schedule were a tug ofwar for both men and women, a greased pole climb, tLefD flre roll, watermelon eating contest, wheel- barrow race tUpper Righo and grapefruit pass. A more passive but yet spirited game involvement was evident at the football field tAbovel Delta Sigma Phi took third place honors for their house decoration tRighO. Homecoming Involves Entire Campus 90 Preparations for Homecoming tend to bring an exciting cooperation among students so that the campus in its entirety becomes involved. Dorms and oiT-campus houses com- pete to build the most clever house decorations tLefO; organizations, both Greek and non-Greek, attempt to eliminate their competitors by the ingenuity of their floats tRighD and stunt presentations tAbovei. This competitive cooperation in Home- coming activity brings a total of an- other success to be recorded in the history of WSU - Platteville. 91 Hanan - warm H Concert Series Accents Cultural Activities 93 Education for students at WSU-Platteville is extended beyond the classroom to the cultural activities sponsored through the Concert Series. Each year the series brings fine entertainment representing several diiTerent aspects 0fthe world of fine arts. Initiating the performances for this year were the sights and sounds of Ferrante and Teicher, one of the countryis most recognized duo-pianist teams. These touring artists offer music and en- tertainment for people of all ages. The world-famous soprano 0fthe Metropolitan Opera, Roberta Peters, performed brilliantly to the respect and admiration of our collegiate audience. A program ranging from ancient master pieces of liturgical music to brisk contemporary works was presented by the Roger Wagner Chorale under the direction of its founder, Roger Wagner, who is recognized as one of Americas most prominent lay authorities on Catholic Music of the Medieval and Renaissance periods. The sing- ing group has been described as ttthe best mixed chorus singing in America today? "Mary, Mary" Presented A notably active group on campus, the Pioneer Play- ers, performs several drama productions each year. At right are scenes taken from their interpretation ofthe comedy iiMary, Mary", presented as theatre in the round. This play is the sec- ond attempt of the Pioneer Players at this type of thea- tre. Young artists present their dramatic abilities in plays pre- sented throughout the year by members of the Pioneer Play- ers. Scenes from the groupts production of the philosophical comedy ttRomeo and Jean- netteh are shown offering ev- idence of the dedication and versatility of these talented stu- dents. The players also present- ed ttHouse of Bernarda Albah and ttTaming of the Shrew? Chad Walsh Harold Stasscn Lef0 Garo Antrcasian Roger Mudd Forum Series Presents Variety Frank Wachowiak, Roger Mudd, Chad Walsh and Garo Antreasian were among representatives of diversified educational fields for the Forum Series sponsored by the Student Activities Board. Personal views on controversial topics and items of current interest were open to the discus- sion and questions of students and faculty inter- ested in exploring areas of national and interna- tional concern. The Forum Series is sponsored each year to promote intellectual stimulation and to develop student interest and awareness of the world around him. 97 Vegas Days were a big success again this year, as students participated in many forms of gambling such as craps. Social Activities Stimulate Students Vegas Days were celebrated again this year, featuring the daring opportunities of the real Vegas with the protective assurance of no losses; the stakes being paper money. Admission was charged by the sponsoring fraternity, Phi Sigma Chi. Participants engaged in such games as black jack, dice, mouse roulette; with go-go girls adding an extra flair. An experiment in a new era of entertainment, the Computer dance, opened new possibilities of group interaction. This dance, sponsored by the American Society of Civil Engineers, was based on the matching of questionnaires punched on IBM cards and fed into the computer approxi- mately 200 times, hopefully to match couples with success. Bob Marshall looks rather disappointed as he meets his date at the ASCE sponsored Computer Dance held in early Decem- ber. Bob is married, . . . but not to the girl he has been paired with. Maxine Luebke, Rosemary Hughes, Sue Schnesing, and Vera Sime were among the seventy students who served for the Eighth Annual Madrigal Dinner-Concert in December. Madrigal Highlighted The Student Center, in conjuction with the Music Department of WSU-Platteville, present- ed the Eighth Annual Madrigal Dinner-Concerts in early December. Each evening 375 people were served a bit of uYe Olde English Cookery, ac- companied by Haming puddings, brilliant fan- fares, and melodic madrigals. Seventy students dressed in medieval costumes served the seven course dinner. Entertainment was provided by the Madrigal Singers of the Music Department as they present- ed many traditional Christmas madrigals during the evening. This pastoral singing, although ori- ginating in the Netherlands, became ttMerry Olde EnglandsT popular sixteenth century infor- mal entertainment. The major social event covered a span of three hours and attracted people from a wide area, in- cluding Madison, Chicago, Rockford and Free- port. 99 Joe Engelhart and Pat Tisserand hold up cards indicating which table they are to serve at the Madrigal Concert- Dinner. ,1 Delta Sigma Phi struggle in an effort to win the tug-of-war contest in the Crystal Caprice Snow games. Crystal Caprice Weekend Enjoyed The pageantry ofCrystal Cabrice 1968 was preceded by the annual Snow Games, even though Old Man Winter didntt cooperate very well. The traditional array of spectacular snow sculptures had to be cancelled this winter because of unusually warm weather and lack of snow. 100 The 1968 Crystal Caprice Ice Show featured Miss Nancy Keppart from the Wagon Wheel. Peggy Ochsner is shown passing in review of the judges in the Crystal Caprice Pageant. Crystal Caprice Queen 1967, Jane Stuessy, crowns the new Crystal Caprice Queen Barbara Johns. Brad, Barb Reign Over Crystal Caprice Crystal Caprice King 1967, Randy Schiederman, crowns the new Crys- tal Caprice King, Brad McDowell. $er Brad McDowell and Barbara Johns appear dressed in their robes befitting for a king and queen of Crystal Caprice. The Serendipity Singers wail out an arrangement as a capacity crowd listens intently. The 1968 Crystal Caprice King and Queen and their court dance to the sublime music of Har- h ry James and ,1 is Orchestra. Weather C ancels Sculptures As the evening of the Crystal Caprice Ball 1968 progressed along with the sublime music of Harry James and his Orchestra, Miss Barbara Johns, sponsored by Phi Sigma Chi, and Brad Mc- Dowell, sponsored by Dobson Hall, were chosen to reign over Crystal Caprice 1968 as queen and king. The Crystal Caprice 1968 Pageant was also highlighted by the presence of Barbara Baugh, Miss Wisconsin 1968. 105 Jean Tierney performs her talent sketch for Crystal Cap- rice. Sandy Sphatt and Barb Hanson tied for the Miss Tal- ent title. Max Hirsch, representing Kappa Alpha Sigma, pre- pares to catch an egg in one of the Crystal Caprice snow games. Miss Wisconsin Presented Delta Gamma Phi Sorority gives an all out effort in the tug-of-war competition in the snow games. WW' Miss Wisconsin 1968, Barbara Baugh, is pictured singing before a captive audience in the Crystal Caprice Pageant. ., Ag' 3:. WJ'u-r 15 n Kay Nechvatal, Doug Wage, and Wes Hedrick push Jan Dreher as Phi Alpha Psi and Kappa Alpha Sigma captured second place in the bed race. Pageant Games Highlighted Sandra Temple models her formal during competition for Crystal Caprice queen. Ron Lemke eats his way to victory in the pie eating contest. Dan Counselman of Phi Alpha Psi Fraternity is pictured here showing three rushees the many activities ofthe Phi Psfs. Jim Booth of Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity explains the various activities of the Delta Sigs on campus. Two rushees ponder over the Delta Gamma Phi Sorority scrapbook while an active member explains the groups advantages to another rushee. Rush Benefits Perspective Pledges Rush night, for the benefit of students who are thinking about pledging a Greek organization, is held once a semester. Before a future rushee at- tends Rush night, he will have seen the pledges of various Greek organizations ornamented in the true regalia of Greeks. He might see a Phillie pledge with his traditional paint and ttgoodyii sack, or a Phi Psi pledge with his pledge wheel, or an LSP pledge with an onion tied around his neck. On the other hand, a future rushee interest- ed in a sorority may see an tiAi, pledge in her granny dress, a ttK,i pledge with her pledge med- allion, the ttDGti pledge with her pledge hat, or a Theta Sig pledge with a head band proclaiming herself to the campus population that she is a pledge ofTheta Sig. Jerry Tiedt pages through the Phi Sigma Fraternity scrap- book. GIRLS GLEE CL UB FIRST R0 Waxm to RighOz Jeanne Mertz, Trina Harlsook. Connie Ganherdt, Joy Durward, Diane Rose, Linda Freeman, Connie Bozzo, Ruth Wemmcr, Sheila Sweeney, Doriene Peterson, James STAGE BAND FIRST R0 Wdefl to RighU: Julie Ulve, Richard Hugill. Arthur Busch, Brian Denk, Pat McDermotl. SECOND R0 W: John Maier, Dave On, Jim Reed, Don Nelson. THIRD R0 W: Doug Einerson, R. Hershbergcr Dirccton. SECOND ROW: Betty Miller, Judy Schmidt, Jayne White, Marcia Loren Young, Linda Woerm, Susanne Johnson, Don Richardson. Alto Accola, Robert Betts, Bruce Dillon. FOURTH ROW: Eric Cummings, Dorothy Peterson, Mort Armstrong, John Wilson. ? Scotti Walter, Gayle Walker, Carole Tuecke, Bonnie Tiedemann, Dena Gerri Likens, Dee Dee Lauper, Marsha Martin, Helen Wilkinson, Harriet Holton. THIRD R0 W: Judy Clark, Diane Bougeois, Evangeline Nelson, Harms. Thirty-Five Concerts 8 Recitals Presented Many hours of practice are put in before any performance is given by any Music Department group. This year the Music Department OfWSU-P presented thirty-five concerts and recitals. The concerts were performed by the Symphony Or- chestra, the Varsity Band, and the Woments Choir and Gleemen. Madrigal singers, brass and woodwind ensembles, and the stage band were also among this years performers. The Music Department sponsors of the third annual MENC this year also played a part in the Festival ofArts, and the Christmas-Madrigal Dinner. GLEEMEN FIRST ROchft to RighO: Terry Doyle, Dennis Nehring, David Brassfield, James Hedrick, Terry Bartles. Dan Nye, David Elling- ton, Alan Burke, Jim Staskal, Bob Kluge, Gordon Knutson, Tom Millard, Jack Marty, Rick Trine. Pete Dracger, Jerry Wear, Dick Harder, Ed Hirsh, Rich Carlson. James R. Hcrshberger Directo0. SECOND R0 W: UNI VERSITY SINGERS FIRST R0 W weft lo Righn: James Hedrick, Bonnie Harder, Lawrence Blusi, Sharon Kolman. Sherry Chambers, Joan Kane. Greg Carpenter, Pat Sandley, Dan Nye, Judy Skalet, Sarah Robim son. James R. Hershberger Direct00. SECOND R0 W." Cheri Reichcrt, James Zellcr, John Gacic, Joe Bradley, John Marcus, John Risic, Alan Matts, Pete Botts, Larry Andersom Dale Dahlke, Rick Hugill. Pat 01 Brien. Cedric Knoke, Tom Hanson. Dave Hasey. Tim Phillips. Mike Hartman, Ken Clefisch. Paul Maly, Doran Timmer. THIRD ROW: Jim Peterson, Riley Meyers. Jim Strausberger, Les Hipenbecker, Ron Gleemen Travel Judy Edwards. Alton Accola, Vera Sime, Alan Burke, Diane Lien, Ron Parrett, Betty Sanncr, John Fiumfreddo, Susan Pagenkopf, Scott Baum- gartner, Carol Tuecke, Bonnie Stone. THIRD R0 W: Jean Rideout, Bev- erly Torkelson, Lorna Skinrood, Richard Zanon, Jayne White, Doug Boettcher, Bob Little, Steve Greenfield, Ron Parrett, Larry Anderson, Larry Severtson, Steve Morrison, Mike Hendrickson, Dennis Rusch, Jer- ry McWilliams, Larry Sands, Carter Johnson, Tom Newberr'y, Micky Morgan, Kim Suhs, Mike Reilly. FOURTH R0 W: Scott Baumgartner, Jim McGinnin, Paul Klassy, Bob Adams. Lyle Ehlcrs, Doug Conncrs. To New Orleans Conners, Kathy Dosch. Greg Dennis. Gretchen Harrell, Bruce Dillon, Joyce Levy, Linda Woerm, Art Busch. Sandi Dillon. FOURTH R0 W: Ruth Rouse, Tim Scheer, Vera Beth Looker, Ann Himscl, Urs Gafner, Judy Clark, Bob Adams, Kathy Olson, Allen Schaver, Maryann Purcell, 0 Tim Scheer, Garon Rienke, Larry Priban, Tom Carleton, Bruce Cowan, Jim Oberhofer. Don Wurster, Bart Bell, Homer Leicht, Jim Boll, Daniel Gallagher, Richard Rohowetz. Doug Einerson, Larry Blasi. Don Nelson, Ann Steinmetz, Sharon Hinkins, Joann Kehrli. FIRST R0 W: tLeft to RighO: Jane Martin, Ann Himsel, Judy Larson, Peggy Oschner, Sandra Dillon, Judy Edwards, Maynard, Heins, Dena Holton, Sharon Kolman. SECOND R0 W: Barbara Tietze, Barbara Hoy- er, Susan Richardson, Jean Roelke, Kathy Schmidt, Kathy Hirsch, Dick Harder, Larilyn Barker, Susan Rctzlaff, Dottie Sniff, Howard Estervig, Drum Major Greg Dennis directs the Pioneer March- ing Band during a half-time show. 116 Mary Kinney, Craig Howard, Linda Walker, Judy Skalet, Darrell John- son, Sandra Moore, Virginia Johns, Pat McDermott, Robert Stone. THIRD ROW: Cynthia Schroeder, Peggy Luetscher, Judy Stepanek, Linda Hinkins, Etta Donaldson, Victor Bianchetta, Lois Stabnow, Joan Bockhop, Louie Zittergruen, Brian Dank, James Kelly, Don Richarson, Symphony Orchestr Tours Area Schools Traveling to New Orleans was a part of the Gleemen,s busy schedule this past year. They gave concerts to various high schools and colleges throughout that area. The Symphony Orchestra and the Pioneer Choir also were on tour to schools throughout Wisconsin. Sharon Dengler, Rose Mundon, Joann Kehrli, Bruce Johnson, Doug Ei- nerson, Sandra Larson, Michael Kcnseth, John Bastian, Mary Olthafer, Kathy Copp, Juli Ulve, Urs Gafner, Susan Miller, Richard Hugill, Linda Gunnison. FOURTH R0 W: William Tietze .Directon, Nancy Bradly, Richard Burris, Jeffrey Condon, Christine Borgdorf, Marie Peters. Doro- thy Peterson, Pat Simmons, Vickie Atkinson, Linda Woerm, Wayne Sie- bcrl, John Lacke. Norman Hurlburt. Greg Stark, Danny Scholten,James Becker, Dave Hunter, Jim Reed, John Wilson, Pat Sandley, Dennis Hen- nessey, Doug Conners, John Maier, Teresa Ernst, Richard Schwarze, Dave Ott, Bruce Dillon. Don Nelson. The University Marching Band performed at all home football games this fall. 44:37". 44mm ,M 4:129 5. W i ff! it :4. 4, 391 , y? ; $5,;1 W" W...- The Pro Arte Quartet originated in Belgium and now work out of the University of Wisconsin Campus. Members of the University of Wisconsin Dance Theater perform in every major city through- out Wisconsin. Tom Hanson and Mike Willis perform on stage in the ttMi- serii produced by Alpha Psi Omega, which is the national honorary drama fraternity. Tenor John Lease, director of vocal music at Clarke and Loras Colleges, performed his master recital at the Festival ofArts. Festival of Arts Presented The second annual Festival of Arts presented this year opened with a University Symphony Orchestra concert. Among the guest artists that participated in the Festival of Arts this year were Jeffrey Siegal, pianist; tenor John Lease; sculp- ture, Mrs. Jeri Helfgot; abstract painter, Roger Gottschalk; serigrapher, Sister Mary Corita; and The University of Wisconsin Dance Theatre Rep- ertory. Houston Symphony Nana Lorca 8L ste Greco Houston Symphony Jose Greco Present Concerts Concert and Forum Series continued throughout the school year. Such performers as the Houston Symphony Orchestra and Jose Greco were a part of the Concert series program. John Spencer Churchill, Andy Warhol, and Clifton McChesney were part of the Forum Series sponsored by the Stu- dent Center. Andy Warhol Churchill, Warhol John Spencer Churchill 3:13; : H Ighllghted Richland Branch Campus opens. The Year Was . . . F all brings out crowds for football. Spring brought out the gang. School Spirit buried. . . . Full ofVaried Activities School Spirit revived. Mendelbaum Band performs. Dow Chemical interviews. MENC Presents "Best of Broadway" ttBest of Broadway, was the theme of this years Music Educatoris National Conference. Talent and organization were evident as Phi Sig- ma captured first place with its production of Merrideth Wilsonts ttMusic Man? Alpha Theta Chi and Lambda Sigma Pi tied for second place in their productions of ttOklahomah and stHello Dolly? Delta Gamma Phits presentation of ttPeter Panit was a delight that took the audience to that marvelous ttnever-never land? hAboveh Phi Sigma fraternity won hrst place for its produc- tion of Merrideth Wilsonhs, hhMusic ManW In this scene the townspeople watch the band march to the tune of W6 Trombones? hBelowh The unusual treatment of Delta Chi Epsilonhs presentation of thest Side Story, was a great example of creativity and hin- junh uity. Spring Variety Show: Success The Delta Sigs presented their version of ttGuys and Dollsh to add to the exciting entertain- ment of the MENC Spectacular. 1.? Chuck Rhein sings ttHello Dollyh from Jerry Hermanhs musical ofthe same name. The girls of Alpha Theta Chi sing-out in this scene from Rodgers and Hammersteints ttOklahomaT They tied for second place with the LSPhs. Ball Highlights "M" Week Activities for the Miners Ball weekend began with the annual whitewashing of the ttMW On Friday and Saturday an open house and exposition were held in engineering buildings and grounds. The Four Freshmen, sponsored by the Junior class, performed Friday evening. The second annual ttMT day car rally was held on Saturday. Saturday evening engineers held a relay run- ning of the torch from Rountree Hall to the TTMW The relay was climaxed by the lighting of the ttM.,, The Miners Ball ended the ttMt, weekend ac- tivities. Couples danced to the music of Dick Anderson and his orchestra. 130 The annual Miner,s Ball climaxed a week-end of activities as the students danced to the music of Dick Anderson. Engineering students are busy preparing to whitewash and sod the ttMTT for the traditional lighting ceremony. Sometimes the engineering students white- wash themselves more than the hM." This engineer ran into difficulties while competing in the annual road rally spon- sored by AIME and ASCE. tAbovet A column of engineering students pass buckets up the side of the hMtt for its whitewash. tLer Engineering students check OH a contestant and his navigator during their car rally. Whitewashing, Road Rally Among Week- End Activities An engineering student passing the baton to a colleague during annual torch relay, a part of the traditional M-light- ing ceremony. Sports tlst Rowl T. Jensen, T. Barth, L. Schleicher, R. Paggioli, B. Bate, B. Pranga, A. Charnish, G. Faherty, R. Hempel, B. Dettwiler, B, Atkinson, C. Charnish, J. Klinge, C. Bavol. and Row R. Sawyer, B. Reeves, D. Funfsinn, D. Adas, T. Stoffregen, T. Barth, S. Sederquist, M. Picolotti, T. Football Team's Record A 10-7 win over Oshkosh highlighted a success- ful 1967 football season for the Platteville Pio- neers. Playing before more than 30,000 fans dur- ing the season, Monte Charles, offense-minded gridders roared to their most successful season since 1957, finishing 4-4 in conference play, good for fifth place, and 5-4 overall. The gods smiled on the 167 team, as eight ofthe nine games were played in ideal weather condi- tions. The only exception was a cold and wet Sa- turday in October when the Pioneer eleven belted Stout 35-14 on the Blue Devills Homecoming. The season opened with the Pioneers facing a Dubuque team that it had tied twice before in re- cent years. Al Charnish immediately welcomed Dubuque to big time football with four touch- down passes in the game. Chuck Bavol, his fresh- man replacement added another TD pass. Rich Smigielski caught two ofthe scoring passes. The next weeks saw Platteville bow to River Falls 13-12 in the conference opener and lose to 136 LaCrosse in the home opener 24-6. Finally the team resumed its early form, and lost a squeaker to Whitewater, the conference-champs-to-be, 27- 19. The loss to the Warhawks showed Platteville that they could run with the ball, and keep the defense honest. Stout was the victim ofthe re- juvenated Pioneers the next week, as they saw Charnish open up with the option play. The play netted Charnish nearly 100 yards on the ground, and also helped his. passing. The Pioneer defense also came alive as Joel Klinge intercepted a pass and went 48 yards for a touchdown. The win over Oshkosh came next, as Platteville upset the previously unbeaten Titans with a bal- anced attack. The touchdown for Platteville came on a 12 yard pass from Charnish to Tom Kohr. The winning margin was provided by the talented toe of Bill Lishka, who hit on a 25 yard field goal with two minutes left in the game. Tom Barth, a freshman linebacker from Platteville, won Conference player-of-the-week honors for his Frisbee, D. Gill, R. Hruby, T. Battling, P. Jesberger. Ord Rowy B. Haight, L. Marti, W. White, C. Smith, R. Kay, J. Bunch, J. Borroughs, R. Best Since l957 performance in the upset. The defensive forward wall of Glen Keppy, Bob Bergum, TomyFrisbee, Wade White, and Carter Smith, held the leading rusher in the conference, Myles Strasser, to under 50 yards. Following the game with Oshkosh, Platteville was presented with a top-notch passing club in Superior. The gridders didntt let down from the heights achieved the week before, and they hand- ed the Pioneer fans a 20-0 Homecoming win. More than 6,000 people crowded Hill Field to witness what was billed to be a passing duel be- tween Charnish and Jim Osborne of Superior. Plattevillets classy lefty outdueled Osborne as he threw for 167 yards and two touchdowns. Rick Hempel, ajunior from Green Bay, caught one pass for a score and rushed two yards for another. Kohr put the other six points on the board for the Pioneers on a 38 yard pass reception. The defense once again played well, posting their first shutout of the season. 137 Smigielski, T. Kohr, G. Keppy, B. Bergum, D. Nee. Eau Claire hosted the Pioneers for their Home- coming. The mistake was evident to the Eau Claire fans early in the ball game when Charnish hit Smigielski on a 25 yard touchdown pass. A second scoring toss was hauled in by Larry Schleicher, before the gun ended the half. The final half saw the vicious Pioneer defense get into the act once more as Greg Ross blocked a punt for a safety and Dick Kay returned an intercepted pass 65 yards for a score. Fullback Paul Jesberger and Hanker George Faherty also added to the scoring as they took passes for touchdowns. A hint for the future presented itself on Fahertyts touchdown, as freshman Chris Charnish,A1Ts brother, threw for the score. Stevens Point ended Platteville,s four game winning streak at Hill Field 28-12 on the final day of the season. However, the glitter of the streak couldntt be rubbed away, and football fans left the game sincerely thinking, ttWait till next year? Balancing the running game with the passing game helped Platteville top Superior. tAbovei Here Al Charnish hands Off to Rick Hempel on an offtackle play as Paul Jesberger leads the blocking. Hempel scored twice in the Home- coming tilt. OefO Glen Keppy and Dave Adas OLD knock Whitewater halfback Bruce Rasmus- san t0 the ground for a two yard loss as Lief Fredrickson am of Whitewater tries in vain to block Adas. tfar righo Defensive end play was the key to several Pioneer wins. Carter Smith t80i points to his freshman counterpart at left end Wade White t85i to fall on the fumble forced by the Pioneer defensive front wall. tRighO Al Charnish, the conference's top pas- ser with 1789 yards, and the top total offense man with 2019 yards, looks downheld for a re- ceiver. Seconds later he hit George Faherty for the longest touchdown pass play in the confer- ence, 90 yards. Charnish hnished the season 4th in the nation in total offense and sixth in the na- tion in passing. He was selected as the confer- enceis Most Valuable Player, the first player ever to win the award. Football Results P 0 35 6 Dubuque 12 13 River Falls 6 24 LaCrosse 19 27 Whitewater 35 I4 Stout 10 7 Oshkosh 20 0 Superior 35 7 Eau Claire 12 28 Stevens Point 184 126 Total CONFERENCE STANDINGS W L I Whitewater 7 1 0 Stevens Point 6 I 1 Oshkosh 6 2 0 LaCrosse 4 3 I Platteville 4 4 0 Superior 3 5 0 River F alls 2 6 0 Eau Claire 2 6 0 Stout I 7 0 The only night game ofthe season at River Falls saw the Pioneers fall 13-12 on two missed extra points. tAboveh Dave Gill t68h and Leo Marti drop the River Falls halfback for a short gain as Glen Keppy ND closes in. 04er First down pass receptions were nothing un- usual for Rich Smigielski, a sophomore from Southfield, Michigan. Here Smigiel- ski hauls in a 10 yarder against Oshkosh. tAbove righU Oshkoshts Myles Strasser Om finds the going rough as Tom Frisbee vaults onto his back. Other Pioneer tack- lers are Tom Barth t66x Joel Klinge OX and Glen Keppy, underneath Strasser. tBelow righo Senior Bob Dettwiler catch- es this Al Charnish pass for a short gain against the Whitewater Warhawks. Det- twiler later added two catches in the Stevens Point game, one traveling 39 yards. V , a .53: n, 7 Iv imam! WW V Ust row S. Knappmiller, B. Makhani, N. Arcndt, M. Ika. G. Abalu. Standing R. Holzhuter, R. Greem mum, J.C1arke, W. Turpim mum, H. Soccer Results 0 Rockford Monona Quincy Rockford Shimer Riporz Marquette Shimer University Chicago Lawrence VQQNNQWQQW'E QWNMNQNNOON N Season record: 4 wins, 5 losses, 1 tie Quiblawi, S. Sulisto, G. Godfrey, B. Bates, P. Fleet, S. Cassel, mum, mum, S. Wilson, D. Winter, T. Dertel, S Samy - coach. Soccermen Finish 4-5-1 Plattevilleis soccer team, playing a host of rug- ged teams in 1967, tinished the season with a 4-5-1 mark. Still they managed to be named Dis- trict l4 champions for the fourth straight year. The soccermen opened the season against Rockford and slipped by 3-2 to take their first win of the season. However, their winning streak was quickly broken the next week against the Monona Soccer club as they lost 8-0. A slight mixup oc- curred here as the Pioneers were scheduled to play the University of Wisconsin instead of Mon- ona. The next week was even more devastating as Platteville ran up against the defending cham- pions Quincy. Quincy belted the Pioneers 11-0. Finally Rockford happened by, and Platteville picked up its seeond win of the season, 3-1. The hot streak continued into the next week as the Pioneers pounded the men of Shimer College 6-0. This match was played in bitter 25 degree weath- er, with a 20-mile-per hour wind blowing the ball around like a piece of paper. Ripon college was next, and Platteville tied them 2-2 to run their unbeaten string to three games. However, nationally-ranked Marquette put the stopper t0 the Pioneers as they won 5-1 at Marquette. Shimer topped Platteville 1-0 at Shimer in the next contest, and following that, the University of Illinois-Chicago won 3-0. This game, however was as Samy stated, tTOur best game of the year. Our deep backs and goalies made 219 saves dur- ing the contest? Platteville closed out their season with a re- sounding 7-0 win over Lawrence for their biggest offensive show of the year. tLefO Steve Cassel headshots the ball as Dan Winter t0 and Paul Fleer m look on. This match against Shimer saw the Pioneers win 6-0. tAbovey Hilmi Quiblawi knocks down his opponent going after the ball in the Pioneers loss to Mar- quette. P 21 42 24 29 29 30 45 41 36 43 0 35 15 35 26 84 25 15 17 23 20 Ust Row5 R. Rollins. J. Hale, B. Holley Ori-captainsy l967 Results Beloit University 0fN0rthern Iowa Dubuque Whitewater 4 triangulan Eau Claire Hriangularj LaCrosse St. Ambrose Oshkosh Stevens Point Marquette Season record - 3 wins 7 losses Conference Meet at Eau Claire 4 5th place Low score takes meet. 42nd Row D. Jenkins, J. Tenges, G. Lane, D. Von Rueden. 144 Harriers Improve; Finish With 3-7 Mark Coach Tom Vai1,s cross country team survived another year in the rugged Wisconsin State Un- iversity Conference, relying heavily on youth to do so. The young harriers, paced by two freshmen and a senior, finished the season with a 3-7 re- cord, an improvement over 1astyear1s 0-9 mark. Vai13s men roared into the season with abandon as they bested Beloit and Dubuque in early competition. Their first taste of conference competition came at Whitewater against the best runner in the conference, Tom Hoffman. The team ran well, losing to Whitewater by only three points, and topping Eau Claire by 55 in the trian- gular. This meet seemed to be the turning point for the squad as they lost their remaining five meets. Senior Rich Rollins closed out an outstanding four year cross country career when he placed first in the final meet of the season. His support- ing cast of runners were Joel Hale, Bob Holley, freshmen John Tenges and Dale Jenkins, and sophomore Don Von Rueden. George Lane, a sophomore, came on strong to help Platteville in the final few meets. In the conference meet at Eau Claire, Rollins placed 11th, Tenges 20th, Holley 25th, Hale 27th, Lane 28th, Von Rueden, 32nd, and Jenkins 33rd. tFar lefty Rich Rollins presents a solitary figure in the conference meet at Eau Claire. Rollins, a senior from Mauston, finished 11th in the meet. tAbovei The four horsemen of Platteville are together for one 0fthe few times in any meet. Joel Hale, Rich Rollins and Dale Jenkins are in front as John Tenges peeps out from behind Jenkins. tBelowi La Crosse and Platteville runners ready themselves for their meet as the timer1s gun points to the sky. Platte- ville dropped this meet 25-30 to the Indians. 1 FIRST ROW1Left to RighO: Coach R. Wadewitz, D. 1 Stricker 1manager8, Coach R. Reeves. SECOND R0 W: B. 1 Steffenhagen, J. Crayton, S. Richardson, S. Klaas, J. La- 1 Senior Guy Gust 1208 gets a screen from Carl Gat- lin 1508 and lays one in against Eau Claire. V winger, M. Leone, D. Klaas. THIRD ROW: G. Gust, R. Ludka, C. Gatlin, D. Nodolf, D. Knutson, R. Rollins, D. Witthuhn, F. Rear1managcr8. Platteville Platteville Platteville Platteville Platteville Platteville Platteville Platleville Platteville Platteville Platteville Platteville Platteville Platteville Platteville Platteville Platteville Platteville Platteville Platteville Platteville Res ults 96 8 St. Ambrose 88 5 Loras 88 LaCrosse 103 River F alls 1 16 Superior 79 Oshkosh 98 8 Ohio Northern 98 5': Kentucky State 95 8 Dubuque 90 Whitewater 76 Stevens Point 66 S tout 56 Eau C laire 101 Whitewater 68 Oshkosh 85 R i ver Falls 79 S uperior 92 S tout 92 Eau C Iaire 77 S tevens Point 94 LaCrosse 1'5 N on-C 0n ference gam es 99 78 79 53 88 82 99 78 97 71 86 62 62 76 69 69 71 54 88 82 Pioneers Log I2-9 Season Two freshman sharpshooters, a rejuvenated sophomore transfer, and a defensive spirit provid- ed by former Platteville High School coach Royce Reeves, enabled the Pioneers to win six of their last eight games and finish fourth in the WSUC. Jim Lawinger, a freshman all-stater from Platteville, and Rich Ludka, freshman all-city forward from Milwaukee, combined with Carlton transfer Doug Knutson to spark a second semes- ter scoring barrage that pushed Coach Richard Wadewitzis Platteville ttfiveii over the .500 mark to a final 12-9 record overall, and 9-7 in confer- ence play. Defense was the name of the game for Platte- ville as they led the league in fewest points al- lowed with an average of 74.8 points per game. Not impotent on offense either, they poured through an average of 85.1 points per game with Knutson leading the assault with 364 points on 150 field goals and 64 of 104 free throws. Knutson was followed in scoring by Guy Gust with 355 points. The Pioneers were paced in rebounding and defense by Knutson, a 613i, sophomore from Platteville. Doug collected 218 rebounds for the season, including a seasonts high of 16 against Stout, the conference,s top rebounding team. i, The tiashy sophomore from Milwaukee Lincoln, Jim Cray- ton tAboch drives baseline against River Falls. Crayton started the last eight games of the season, his best game coming against the Falcons at River Falls. Aggressive Mike Leone OD tBelowL junior transfer from LaSalle-Peru Jun- ior College, drives past Dennis Burich 041 of River Falls at River Falls. Leone, the best ballhandler on the team, ex- celled on defense throughout the year. Freshmen Lift Ball Club 5 11 guard Mike Leone 02L a transfer from LaSalle Peru Junior College lays one in against Loras as Jim Crayton OD screens two Duhawks out on the play. Coach Dick Wadewitz discusses some defensive changes with Rick Ludka 62L Jim Crayton 03, and Jim Lawinger in a game at River Falls. Platteville emerged victorious 86 to 69. Former all-state high school star Jim Lawinger goes up for a jump- er against Stout at Menomonie. A split second later, the top re- bounder and shot blocker in the conference, Mel Coleman GD slapped Lawingefs shot out of bounds. Mel Coleman tSSt and Bill Heidemann t43t of Stout sand- wich Doug Knutson MD tAbovet along the baseline. Knut- son pulled down 16 rebounds against the Blue Devils. Jim Lawinger tBelowt displays the Pioneerst ever present press as he hounds Bill Glomski of River Falls on an inbounds pass. The Pioneer bench enjoys the action in the back- ground. Rebounding was the key in the Pioneerst win over Loras. tRighO Doug Knutson and a teammate g0 high for a missed shot. Rich Ludka Gm tAbovet gets knocked to the hoor by La- Crossets Gene Loughrin. LaCrosse got the ball out of bounds on the play. Dave Nueberger MD tBelowt of La- Crosse appears to have pinned Mike Leonets layup. Howev- er, Leone drew a two shot foul on the play. FIRST ROW weft to Righo: A. Roen managc0, C. Carey, J. Patz, T. Hanson, D. Mayer, R. Nichols, S. Novinska, D. Erickson. FOURTH Chitwood. SECOND R0 W: Coach V. Vradenburg, M. Field, P. Johnson, R0 W: B. Schara, B. Pranga, J. Ehle, J. Charapata, B. Bergum, K. Nor- J. Coke. J. Jorgenson, J, Ohm. THIRD R0 W: D. Elgin, E. Rieglcr, D. dlic, L. Embretson, J. McCaulcy. Bill Pranga Righ0 works his Stout opponent to a near pin in a match at Menomonie. Pranga wrestled at 167 all year, winning this match 10-2. Carey Wins National Crown Plattevillets claim to wrestling fame in 1968 rode on the strong shoulders of three wrestlers who took either first or second at the conference meet in Oshkosh and then went to the nationals in Colorado. Cullen Carey, a 123 pounder from Milwaukee, after placing second at Oshkosh, put Platteville on the map by winning the 123 point division at the Nationals. Carey became the first wrestler in Platteville history ever to win a nation- al championship. Bob Bergum, the 240 pound heavyweight, and Bill Pranga, a 167 pounder, took conference titles for Coach Vernon Vraden- burg and the rest of his team. Prior to the conference, Platteville had experi- enced a difficult dual meet season, finishing 3-5-1, but the team stormed into Oshkosh and emerged in third place behind Superior and River F alls. Bergum, a defensive tackle in football, was undefeated in conference matches, his only losses coming at the hands of University of Wisconsin and Minnesota Big 10 heavyweights. Pranga, a center on the football team, was perhaps the strongest man at 167 in the conference. Other wrestlers contributing vital points in oth- er matches were Jim Patz, Mike Field, John Coke, Jerry Jorgenson, Dan Mayer, Ed Riegler, and Dave Elgin. Vradenburg termed Coke 11a real comerii and added, ttHe just decided he was bet- ter than other wrestlers and proved it? Coke placed second at conference. With a mixture of youth and experience return- ing for next year, the future looks bright for the grapplers. Res ults Platteville 14 S tout 1 7 Platteville 15 Eau C laire 18 Platteville 14 Wheaton 14 Platteville 3 Univ. of Wisc. 26 Platteville 4 Minnesota 28 Platteville 19 LaCrosse I2 Platteville 1 7 Wartburg lI Platteville 13 Stevens Point 26 Platteville 20 Dubuque 9 St. Collegiate Tournament 5th Pioneer Quadrangular 1 st Upper Iowa Tournament 2nd Conference Meet 3rd NAIA National 12pts Dual M eet Record 3-5-1 Cullen Carey grins broadly as he shows Coach Vernon Vradenburg his National Champion plaque. Carey defeat- ed five opponents at Alamosa, Colorado, to take the 123 pound crown. Assistant Coach Jerry Ohm tLefO and Vernon Vradenburg display different emotions at a dual meet with Dubuque. The Pioneers won this meet 20-9. Coach Vernon Vradenburg explains a riding time situation to a referee in one of the Pioneers, matches. Vradenburg also was offensive line coach in foot- ball. Wrestlers Concentrate On Youth A defensive tackle in football, and the conferences top heavyweight, Bob Bergum displays his talents on an unfortunate Stevenhs Point foe. Bergum scored an easy 13-0 win in the match. - Dave Elgin tAbove RighQ appears in complete command of his Stevens Point opponent. Elgin, wrestling at 145, won this match 7-2. Improving with every match, John Coke tAbovei demonstrates his improvement as he punishes his Pointer foe. Coke wrestled at 177 for the year. Wrestling in the 191 point bracket, Jerry Jorgenson tBelowi works for a hold against his bearded adversary. 155 FIRST ROW: tLeft to Righti: J. Turner, J. Kidder, B. Morgan, P. Frank, J. McClellan, B. StoutTer, D. Herrick. SECOND R0 W: Assit. Coach P. Rock- well, K. Smith, D. Jenkins, G. Olson, B. Hafenbrack, T. Olson, B. Sternberg, Coach G. Bestor. Swimmers Cop Conference Crown Bob Hafenbrack, Judd Turner, Baird Stouffer, and Dave Herrick lead the ttGoti cheer at the conference meet at Stout. Platteville repeated as champions for the fourth straight year. Coach Glenn Bestoris swimming team cap- tured their fourth consecutive crown as they swept past the other eight schools in the confer- ence meet held at Stout. Bestor, blending a veter- an outfit with able, youthful freshman recruits, proved once again that Platteville is number one in WSUC swimming. As usual, the conference meet was the climax to the entire season, as the team had won seven and lost two in dual meet competition going into the meet. The two losses came at the hands of Augustana and Loyola of Chicago. Prior to the meet at Stout, Platteville submerged three other conference schools in a triangular at Oshkosh. With their old confidence and winning tradition, they then rolled to an easy win at Stout. Jerry McClellan, a freshman from Menomonee Falls, was the top swimmer at conference for the Pi- oneers as he gathered three firsts and a second. The three veterans, George and Tom Olson, and Dave Herrick, all came through with strong per- formances. Herrick took first in the diving as he bowed out at Platteville; George captured two firsts in the 100 and 200 yard buttertiy; and Tom won the 50 free and took part in the winning med- ley relay team. Team Results Platteville 70 LaCrosse 34 Platteville 42 A ugustana 62 Platteville 79 Univ. ofNorthern Iowa 25 Platteville 4 7 Loyola 57 Platteville 64 River Falls 40 Platteville 62 S uperior 36 Platteville 60 S 2. Thomas 44 Platteville 65 Stout 30 Platteville 58 Stevens Point 46 Oshkosh Relays 4th Pioneer R ela ys 3rd Oshkosh Quadrangular 1st Conference Meet 1st Dual Meet Record 7-2 Receiving the traditional victory kiss, George Olson seems to enjoy tradition. Olson won two events at conference in the 100 and 200 yard butteriiy. 1 Four consecutive conference championships and Glenn Bes- and Jerry McClellan. The Pioneers won the conference with tor enjoys his fourth the most. Here Bestor is being carried 102.5 points to nearest competitor Stevens Points 86.5. around the Stout pool by George Olson, Bob Hafenbrack, McClellan was named District 14 swimmer of the year, 157 New Pool Records Set 158 Tom Olson tLefD gets some free instruction from Coach Glenn Bestor on his last time trial. Menomonie Falls fresh- man Jerry McClellan tAbovei guns toward a pool record at River Falls. McClellan, a freestyler, set pool records in the 500 and 1000 freestyles. Coach Glenn Bestor and other members of the team tBelowi try to bring home a victory for Platteville. George Olson is taking down splits with the stop watch. Butterfiier George Olson tAbovet nears the final turn in the 200 yard event. Olson holds the pool record in the event. Defending champion Tom Olson tBelow Lem churns to another victory in the 200 yard breaststroke. Olson, a senior from West Bend, won four golds at last yearhs confer- ence meet. Bob Sternberg tBelowt takes one last breath before he completes his 200 yard breast- stroke. The long horse proves no obstacle to Pioneer gymnast Tom Werginz. Tom was the top point-getter for Platteville this year. Coach Ed Noltner ponders his next move in strategy with team members Tom Werginz, Dave Moehrle, and Steve Mitschele. 160 Plattevillehs youthful gymnastics team, in its second year of varsity competition, showed the rest of the WSUC that it is soon to be reckoned with as a top power in the league. The team, un- der the coaching reins of Ed Noltner, finished the season with a 3-3 dual meet record and picked up fourth place in the conference meet held at La- Crosse behind LaCrosse, Oshkosh, and Stout. The seasonhs improvement over last yearhs was due to a combined team effort. In different meets, different men shone with individual perform- ances, but in the final analysis, the team brought about the improvement. Tom Werginz, Dave Moerhle, and Andy Hop- good were the teamhs most consistent performers, with senior Steve Mitschele showing the most improvement. Del Raupp picked up where he left off in the trampoline last year, and Dave Brilliot showed flashes of brilliance in the floor exercise. Team Results Platteville 121 LaCrosse 136 Platteville 11 7.95 U m' v. Northern 111. 102.82 Platteville 114 Stevens Point 114.5 Platteville 122.60 Eau C laire 116.95 Platteville 116.20 Whitewater 91.25 2nd with 103.60 4th with 104.5 4th with 108.35 3-3 Oshkosh Triangular Whitewater In vitational C onference M eet Dual Meet Record , :1: :15 41111535?! :1 IRS 1:1; 5, 1 1.1m 2.1;! ,w tLefO Top man in the side horse, Andy Hopgood, readies himself for a dismount in a dual meet with Stout. Platteville dropped the meet 119.35 to 116.20. tAbovei Performing on the parallel bars is senior Steve Mitschele from Juda. Mit- schele was a consistent scorer for Platteville this season. Fledgling Gymnasts Improve FIRST R0 W tLeft to Righo: D. Raupp, T. Werginz, R0 W: A. Hopgood, J. McKay, J. Harvey, S. Mitschele, R. Coach E. Noltner, D. Moehrle, D. Brilliot. SECOND Tennessen, J. Abing. tAbovel Ron Curtis snaps the tape in another 440 win. Curtis was a consistent first place fin- isher in his speciality all year.61211comes easily in the high jump for Doug Knutson. lRighti Knut- son later set a Pioneer record in the event by leaping 614". Cindermen Place Fifth in Conference Plattevilleis 1967 track team, under Coach Richard Wadewitz, showed flashes of brilliance despite winning only one meet throughout the year. The Pioneers, with one oftheir smallest squads in history, still managed to provide the fans with several new track records. Among the new records set were a 50.1 clocking in the 440 yard dash by Ron Curtis; 21 39.9 clocking in the 330 yard intermediate hurdles by Dick Horan; a 441 11 17211 triple jump by Harlon Flick; a 231 311 long jump by Harlon Flick; a 13 foot pole vault by Mike Lieurance; a 501 1111 heave in the shot put by Jim Anderson; and a 61 411 high jump by Doug Knutson. The Pioneers, not ngured on for any team strength, showed plenty in the year, surprising LaCrosse 88-61 172, and just losing to Whitewa- ter 74-71. Top point-getters for the cindermen were fresh- man Harlon Flick with 71 points; Ron Curtis with 41; Larry Richey with 40; Rick Hempel with 35 172; Dan Tinnon with 32; and Doug Knutson with 28. At the Conference meet in LaCrosse, the Pio- neers finished fourth with 26 total points, 67 points behind winner Oshkosh. Harlon Flick was the only individual winner for Platteville as he set a meet record by leaping 231311 in the long jump. Rick Hempel and Dan Tinnon placed third and fourth in the same event. Tinnon came back to place fourth in both the high jump and the triple jump. tAbovei Jim Anderson heaves the 16 pound shot in a meet against LaCrosse. Anderson set a Pioneer record with a 50illit put. tBelowi Rick Hempel is just nosed out at the 100 yd. dash finish. Hempel scored in every meet, his strong events being the sprints. tRighO Coach Dick Wadewitz re- cords another event on his scorecard. Wadewitz pulled a big upset by leading his team to a big win over LaCrosse. Wit 3 3 $1 n a , w! 1 a: f, - N w? mt twig, a a: "V? '3 Ust Rowh D. Horan kaptaim, M. Lieurancc, J. Jessop, M. Cullen, R. genschneider, D. Tinnon, J. Delikat, D. Von Rueden, B. McDowell, R. Hempel, L. Richey, B. Holley, L. Whitney, B. Olson, C. Pedretti. and Curtis, A. Hamstra, D, Knutson, F. Wilkinson, J. Anderson, J. Hale. Row G Dixon, H. Flick. L. Miesfeld, D. Cummings, G. Keppy, D. Bo- Udefo Harlon Flick eyes the tape as he clears the final high hurdle. Flick, a freshman, set two records for the Pioneers. hBeloM hShadesh and all, Ron Curtis finishes in .51 hat. Curtis, an admirer of sprinters Charlie Green and Tommy Smith, wore sunglasses in every meet. I64 I967 Track Results P 0 61 84 LaCrosse 60 85 St. Ambrose 71 74 Whitewater Thirdplace-Triangular-Dubuque, Loras Secondplace-155 pts. 1- Quadrangular- Wartburg, Wm. Penn, Upper Iowa Fifth place-126 112 ptsJ- Whitewater Invitational First place-188 pts. 1- Triangular-LaCrosse 61 U2, Winona 20 1 12 Fourth place-Conference Meet 26 pts. 165 tLefO Dan Tinnon hangs in mid-air in a 43 foot triple jump. Tinnon placed in three events in the conference meet at LaCrosse. 1Abovet Brad McDowell leaps to a 42 foot triple jump. Brad was injured most of the season, but was one of three six foot high jumpers on the team. tBelowt Larry Rich- ey, left, and Rick Hempel strain for the finish line at the climax of the 100 yard dash. The two speedsters scored points in all of WSU-Pts meets. tAbovei Darriel Witthuhn goes to right held with this out- side pitch. Witthuhn caught all but one game for the Pio- neers last year. tBelowi Senior Roger Stanek slides his hand up the bat attempting to bunt against Stevens Point. Stanek was Butch Leitlis regular right fielder. tRighD A line foul pulled to left is the result of Darriel Witthuhn's cut on this fastball thrown by Stevens Pointis Dick Ritzenthaler. Pioneer Nine Finishes Season With 6-5 Log The 1967 Pioneer baseball team, piloted by Coach Butch Leitl and assistant coach Dale Fatz- inger, climbed over the .500 mark for the season with a final game 12-6 win over Augustana. The win gave Platteville a season,s record of 6-5. Platteville was in the thick of the conference pennant race up until the last two games of the season. Then they hit the champions-to-be, Stevens Point, and lost both ends of a double header to finish the conference season at 4-4. Ken Haugom, a sophomore outfielder from Fort Atkinson, led the team in hitting with a .444 batting average. Ken was the only Pioneer to be named to the All-District and All-Conference teams. Dave Melum, a freshman from Madison, was the top power hitter on the club. He hit home runs in games with Stout and Eau Claire. Melum, with the Pioneers, played both second and first base in his first year. Top pitchers for the Pioneers were Bill Mullen and Shelly Schoville. Schoville was another ver- satile ballplayer, playing first, pitching, and play- ing outfield. Regulars most of the season were Larry Rum- ler, Joe Engelhart, Jon Wiesensel, Roger Stanek, Darriel Witthuhn, Roger Nelson, Mullen, Me- lum, Schoville, and Haugom. fBelowi Ken Haugom ducks out ofthe way after being brushed back by an enemy hurler. Haugom was the top hit- ter for the Pioneers with a .444 average. fAbovey Schelley Schoville reaches back for a little extra as he gets set to fire his fthigh hard oneff Schoville also played first and left along with pitching. .3. and Row Roger Stanek, Bob Hansen, Bill Mullen, Jim Cox, Schclley Schoville, Joe Engelhart, Ken Haugom, Jim Bourne, Arnold Dalsoren. and Royce Bare. Ust ROM Bob Wharton, Ron Buglio, Clarence Web- ster, Roger Nelson, Larry Rumler, Dave Melum, Jon Weisensel, Daniel Witthuhn and Marlin Phillips. Ken Haugom lays down a perfect bum in a game against Stevens Point, the conference champions. Haugom was Butch Leith regular centerfielder. l967 Record N N Dubuque Stout S tout Dubuque Whitewater Whitewater Eau Claire Eau Claire Stevens Point S tevens Point A ugustana NOONNOOQ I NWQNQKNQWW QVQWQN N Season record: 6 wins, 5 losses 4th place in WSUC 0.4er Bob Hansen, a utility inhelder and outfielder, tops a pitch into the dirt for an infield out. Hansen filled in at sec- ond base and right field during the season. tBelowt A Stevens Point pitcher blows one by left-handed hitter Schel- ley Schoville. Stevens Point took two games from PSU to clinch the championship. tAbovet Roger Stanek drills a foul down the right field line, just missing the first base coach. Stanek was one of the few seniors on the t67 squad. i await! i 7i! i . u Doug Johnson chips up to number eight green. Johnson was a mainstay on the golfteam for coach Dale Dixon. The 1967 golf team: 15! ROWUeft t0 righD Mike Ryan, Scott Overby, George Faherty. 2nd R0 W.- Ted Heiser, Jerry Gustaf- son, Doug Johnson. Golfers Finish Season Undefeated Platteville State UniversityTs golf team Hexed its muscles in 1967 and reached a peak never be- fore attained by any previous squad. Paced by freshman Ted Heiser, Jerry Gustaf- son, George Faherty, Scott Overby, and Doug Johnson, the golfers ran up an unbelievable 10-0- 2 record for the year. Heiser surprised everyone by winning several meets, but it was the 01d pros George Faherty, a sophomore, and Jerry Gustafson, who played the best golf for Platteville in the Conference meet held at Green Lakets Lawsonia Golf Course. The twosome each recorded a 160 to lead Platteville to a fifth place conference hnish. The weather held up remarkably well also as this group of young men topped some ofthe best teams in the conference in regular season play. Only two ties with Iowa teams marred the other- wise perfect season that Coaches Dale Dixon and John Orth fashioned. 171 Crop Lem George Faherty drops a twenty-five foot on eight to go one-up on his Dubuque opponent. Faherty and Ted Heiser led the team with low scores most ofthe year. 1Bottom Lem Doug Johnson tees off against St. Ambrose and pulls to within fifty feet ofthe green. 1Abovei Mike Ryan curls in a six foot putt on eight to record a par four and halve the hole with his opponent. l967 Results P 0 8 6 St. Ambrose 14112 12112 Loras 9 9 Coe 12 5 Augustana 10112 7112 LaCrosse 12 6 Stout 9 9 Upper Iowa 12 6 Dubuque 10 8 LaCrosse 15 3 Dubuque 12 6 St. Ambrose 12112 5112 Loras 10-0-2: season '3 record F ifth place- C 0n ference M eet I967 tennis team; IST ROW deft to righo Norm Arcndt, Dave Stricker 6manageri Coach Tom Vail, Jim Clarke. 2ND R0 W: Jim Gunderson, Terry Brauer, Terry Sula, Dave Neilson, Jim Stcnstrup, Phil Roos. l967 Results P 0 8 I Rockford l 8 Marquette 3 6 Loras 8 l Dubuque 3 6 LaCrosse 2 7 Loras 9 0 Dubuque 2 7 Whitewater 9 0 LaCrosse 0 9 St. Ambrose Thirdplace-Conference Meel-8 pts. S eason record: 4 wins, 6 losses Terry Sula forchands a shot back to his Eau Claire oppo- nent. Sula, a senior, took this opening round match in the conference meet. Tennis Team Places Third In Conference Coach Tom Vailis 1967 tennis team, facing some tough opponents, finished the season with a 4-6 mark. Led by veterans Terry Sula, Terry Brauer, Norm Arendt, and Jim Gunderson, the Pioneers faced such rough opponents as Loras and Mar- quette. Phil Roos, a transfer from the University of Wisconsin, played number one singles the en- tire year. Roos came up against some of the finest tennis players in the Midwest. Later, in the conference meet, held on Platte- villets new tennis courts, Phil teamed with Terry Brauer to compete for the doubles title. The duo defeated LaCrossets doubles team for third place. Terry Sula and Norm Arendt played singles in the tourney, with both winning their first match. However, Sula lost to Gene OiBrian of Eau Claire in the second round, and Arendt lost to the eventual singles titlist, Vilas Cakins 0f Oshkosh. The team finished third in the meet with eight points, six points behind co-champions Oshkosh and Whitewater. Whitewater was awarded the team trophy after a coin toss. jnswwmm vmgm may- I tLefO Norm Arendt serves to his conference meet opponent. Arendt took his first match, then was beaten by the eventual singles winner, Vilas Cakins of Oshkosh. tAbovei Terry Brauer returns a shot to his opponent at Plattevilleis conference meet. tBelowh Plattevilleis ace, number one singles, Phil Roos, eyes the ball in- tently before whistling it back to his foe. Roos transferred to Platteville after attending the University of Wisconsin. WSU-P cheerleaders add enthusiasm to Pioneer foot- ball and basketball games as Sandy Temp1e Ab0veJ and Dan Counselman and Teresa Herwig Righ0 at- tempt to spur the football team to Victory. w Leading the Pioneer fans throughout the 1967-68 football Dan Counselman, Jim Thessin. SECOND R0 W: Betsy and basketball seasons was the spirited WSU-P cheerlead- Richardson, Gail Erickson, Sally Kuehn, Teresa Herwig, ing squad. BOTTOM." Steve Mitschele, Dave Brilliott, Sandra Temple. TOP: Joanie Thomas, Kathy Sawyer. Craig Masters, Dennis Olson, Jay Parsons, Tim Rellihan, Cheerleaders Provide Enthusiasm Kathy Sawyer tLer and Teresa Herwig tBelowt express their feelings as they cheer the Pioneer football team to victory. 175 Intramural Program Expanded Intramurals expanded this year under coach Royce Reevests leadership. The program, which included football, basketball, volleyball, water basketball, and softball, involved over 1500 men, three hundred more than in the previous year. The Rebregs proved to be the most consistent team in the league, copping both the football and basketball titles. The Batters, led by ace pitcher Steve Nielson, captured the softball title by beat- ing the Ron J ohnsen-led Local Yokels, 5-1. A newly-formed intramural athletic board was chosen to rule over protests and rules. Ron Johnsen, tLefQ right handed pitcher for the runner-up Local Yokels, fires against the Master Batters in the cham- pionship game. The Locals lost 5-1. Steve Nielson tAboch top pitcher in the intramural league and a member of the champion Master Batters, unloads a fastball against an early season opponent. tFar LefO Water basketball provided winter competition in the olympic sized pool at Williams Field House. Both an intramural and fraternity league were formed. tRighO Jim Skoronski of Phi Sigma hits a five foot jump shot in intramural basketball as Doug Johnson, left, looks on. 177 Organizations ROW 1: James Stowell, Stan Bell, Irv Snyder, Wes Hedrick, Bill Tingley, Richard Adams, James Roberts. ROWZ: Mike Lieurance, Gerel Brown, Raymond Baron, Wayne Reiche, Thomas Kellom, Robert Holley, Lyle Ott. ROW3: Leonard Kammerly. Dave Wilson, Don Klaehn, Jack Trze- biatowski, Dave Weiland, Ken Janes, Dave Jannusch, Don Van Rueden. CAA members enjoy a chicken bar-b-que after a hard days work at the farm. 180 CAA Encourages Agricultural Developments The purpose of the Collegiate Agricultural Association is to promote social, cultural, and professional training. The construction of a scale model agriculture farm is under way. In addition, the procuring of speakers on job Opportunitites and films are pro- jects undertaken by this organization. All stu- dents enrolled in the School of Agriculture at WSU-Platteville are eligible for CAA member- ship. Officers for the CAA were, ROW 1: Doug Mouncc, Stan Bell, ROW 2: Thomas Kellom, Don Klaehn, Craig Wy- man, and Dave Wilson. F arm clean up days is one of the many activities participat- ed in by the CAA. ROW 1: Walton Ulness, David Brassfield, David Erickson, Gary Lien, Doug Mounce, Leo Spellman, Francis Friar. ROW 2: Jim Salesman, David Voss, Chuck Schwab, John Gebhardt, Bob Michael, Craig Wyman, Pete Danto, Dan Danto. ROW 3: Larry Anderson, Dennis Thompson, Doug Onloe, Carl Babler, Garon Reinke, Steve Roelli, Phillip Danto, Joe Scbranek, Steve Windett. ROW 1: Thomas Martin, Laura Schroeder, Sue Ringelstetter, Linda Brandt, Bob Kaland. ROW 2: Ron Harrell, Geoff Crabtree, Ray Lichter, Randy Nichols, J. D. Shults, Jerry Laufenberg. ROW 3: Keith Maren, ' Ks i A member of the staff takes a song request as the Marathon keeps tithe ball rolling? Bob Wiese, Roger Karwoski, Paul Brandt, Edd Hajek, Ken Walker, Scott Wager. WSUP-FM Adds New Programs WSUP-FM, now in its fifth year of broadcast- ing, is staffed entirely by WSU-Platteville stu- dents. In conjunction with the radio broadcasting classes, the students write, produce, announce and engineer nine hours of programing daily. The station programs popular, jazz, folk, broadway and classical music, in addition to news broadcasts, literature shows, news commentaries and various other public information programs. Football and basketball games, Comment, a personal opinion show, and psychology lectures were, in addition to Infinity, programs added to increase student interest. WSUP-FM is a chapter of the national honor- ary fraternity, Iota Beta Sigma. Ray Lichter discjockeyls one of hisjazz shows for WSUP-FM. Lichter is also an engineer for the radio station. Ron Harrell prepares copy for his daily sports show. Harrell is also the play by play man for all Pi- oneer basketball and football games. 183 ROW 1: Vernon Luenen, Tom Graber, Paul Doring, Thomas Burke, Judy Vinger, Robert Metrish, Jerome Miller, Bill Bremer, Tom Walther. R0 W 2: Tom Lindquist, Dave Green, Peter Newman, James Wunderlin, Ken Donner, Glenn Houlberg, Melvin Leskinen, Robert Palmer, Marvin Ruh- land, Ronald Grilley, Dan Counselman. ROW3: Dan McNaughton, Dan ASCE participated in the 1967 Homecoming Show, ttFantastic Futureh presented in Williams Fieldhouse in October. Noziska, Kenneth Berndt, Arnis Venteris, Gary Loss, Gordon Knutson, Todd Gray, Charles Mueller, James Marietta, Don Willis, Ron Tichy. ROW 4: Dominick Mangardi, Philip Wilson, William Kienbaum, Ted Zabel, Roger Smith, John Cox, Richard Bautch, Lee Sehomberg, Cary Palmer, Richard Pekola, Norbert Boe, Raymond Robaczewski. ASCE Sponsors Computer Dance The American Society of Civil Engineers is a professional organization comprised of WSU- Platteville students enrolled in Civil Engineering. The Society encourages the development of a professional consciousness in the civil engineering student and provides an opportunity for the stu- dent to come into contact with the engineering profession. To highlight the yearts activities the ASCE sponsored a computer dance for the entire student body. Fields trips and guest speakers are also sponsored for the students for the advancement of civil engineering. Officers for the year were: Cary Palmer, presi- dent; Ed Boing, vice-president; David Fiedler, secretary; and Gary Knops, treasurer. ASCE members carry through the tradition of refurbishing the M". ROW 1: Ronald Brandt, Ronald Schomberg, Mike Stcnsberg, Stanley Jonny Schroeder, James Thessin, Richard Roggenbauer, Garland Nelson, Retrum, Raymond Blum, John Volker,Terry Davis,John Wiesner,David David Fiedlcr, Ed Boing, John Boynton, James Ringelstetter, Martin VanAbel. ROW2: Thomas Sorge, David Murphy, James Egan, William Miruka. ROW 4: Larry Finn, Richard Johnsen, Gerald Simmet, Wes Esch, Ron Hen, Stanley Buchanan, Gary Brown, Edward Schmit, John Pollnow, Bob Kluge, Lyle Ehlers, Gerald Blomker, Gerald Schroeder, Montgomery, Gordon Wegwart. ROW 3: Terry Giles, Chuck Lautcrs, Merlin Leifker, Lowell Ploss,Jerry Virtue. 185 ROW 1: Carol Deakman, ?"Wirtia Grindell, Susan Pelt, Marilyn Mueller, Janet Walker, Ila Kiefcr, Betty Miller, Verna Schmidt, Janice Mellor, Karen Reinertson. ROW2: Donna Burton, Joanne Wettach, Bonnie Bak- cr, Diane Rose, Joyce Steinhoff, Virginia Bellmeyer, Marjory Harker, Diane Frank, Nancy Wilcox, Carolyn Dalton, Diane Valstad. ROW 3: Kay Klooster, Daryl Rupnow, John Mitchell, Richard Wing, Gerald Cas- selberry, James Harvey, Ken Baars, Mary Flanagan. Mary Sullivan. SNEA Develops Educational Interests The Student National Education Association is. the pre-professional association for college and university students preparing to teach. It is an integal part of the National Education Associa- tion, a voluntary, independent, and nongovern- mental professional association. The SNEA program provides opportunities for students to understand the teaching profession through history, ethics, or organizations, and pol- icies, and programs of local, state and national education associations. The National Education Association and its affiliated state and local associations are open to all educators. Their basic purpose is to elevate the character and advance the interests of the teach- ing profession and to promote the cause of educa- tion. SNEA officers for the past year were: Lois Kolman, Jane Massey, Mary Flanagan, and Mr. Kamps advisory ROW 1: Karen Helmes, Kathie Stiles, Lana Heal, Mary Williams, Bea- trix Larson, Ellen McNamara, Lois Stabnau, Marsha Davis, Jean Mas- Geycr, Linda Schaack, Jane Massey, Lynda Chovan, Margaret Clark, scy, Joy Durward, Judy Miller. ROW2: Mary Cox, Connie Barker, Col- Suzi Boyle, Marsha Unterscheidt, Lois Kolman, Carol Holthaus. ROW lcen Brendemuehl, Sherrie Jeske, Sandra Knapp, Connie Adelmann, Jo- 45 Evelyn Williams, Jean Sturycz, 1011113 Leatherman, Richard Hardy, ann Brandt, Blanche Witek, Ruth Hatfield, Judy Scheider, Helen Wilkin- Terry Stoffrcgen, James Finley, Harlan Koberstein, Ken Kamps adviso0, son. ROW 3: Cornelia Cordes, Nancy Slezak, Kathleen Felder, Sharon Jean Uglow, Diane Lenzen, Eleanor Wubben. 187 ROW 1: Rick Hempel, Terry Gorman, John Tiedt, Sirous H. Samy, Jim Rohowetz, Jim Pall, Bob Dettwiler, Bob Holley. ROW2: Steve Wilson, George Godfrey, Larry Renard, Rod Poggioli, Steve Schielke, Tom Barth, Terry StotTregen, David Gill. R0 W3: Ted Oertel, Bob Sternberg, Handing out programs and working at all athletic contests are among the activities performed by the lettermen. Mike Lieurance, Greg Ross, Ken Haugom, T. J. Frisbie, Brad McDowell. ROW4: Arnold Dalsoren, Dave Stricker, Dan Cummings, Doug Johnson, Dave Adas, Robert Hafenbrack, Robert Bergum, Paul Fleer. Lettermen Promote Pioneer Activities The Lettermenls Club, a service organization devoted to the promotion of Pioneer athletics, sponsored an exhibition of comic skill when the Harlem Globetrotters played here earlier in the year. Easily recognized in a letter sweater or a jack- et, the Lettermen acted as hosts at all athletic events presented at WSU-Platteville. To be eligi- ble for membership, an athlete must have won one letter for participation in an inter-school sport and must have accumulated a specific number of points from group participation. Officers were: Sirous Samy, president; Tom Frisbie, vice-president; and George Faherty, sec- retary and treasurer. The Harlem Globetrotters, the funny men of basketball, were one of the activities sponsored by the lettermen. ROW 1: Chris Charnish, Don Klaas, Larry Schleicher, Stuart Knappmill- Holzhueter, Roger Nelson, William Pranga, Jerry Jorgensen, Dale Jenk- ins. R0 W 4: Jim Bunch, Glen Keppy, Tom Kohr, Carter Smith, Don Van er, Tom Field, George Faherty, Terry Barth. ROW 2: Steven Mitschele, Steven Sederquist, Russ Hruby, John Tenges, Mike Field, Al Roen, Errol Rueden, Mike Picolotti, Dick Kay, Ken Nordlie. Rich Rollins. Berkeley. ROW 3: Rich Smigielski, Bill Lischka, Darriel Witthuhn, Ron ROW 1: Linda Erickson, Judy Ruud, Joan Harvey, Colleen Schollmeyer, Cindy Kahlcr, Jane Hess. Sharon Smith, Diane Bourgeois, Jean Bradley, Genie Baima. ROW 2: Donna Hanson, Judy Scheider, Gwyn Nodolf, Sandra Dunnick, Marge Arnold, Jane LeMar, Charlotte Schmieder, Lynn x 190 Davis, Sharon McKeon, Gerri Likens. ROW3: Nancy Broughton, Linda Slaback, Marjorie Komprood, Nancy Brunet, Janet Platt, Anne Putman, Suzie Boyle, Margaret Clark, Nancy Bradley, Kristine Nagel, Mary Reel, Pat Culbertson. WRA Promotes To promote fellowship and sportsmanship among WSU-Platteville women students is the goal ofthe Woments Recreation Association. Volleyball, softball, bowling, basketball, track, and badminton are sponsored by WRA in accord- ance with the highest and soundest standards of sports and recreation. WRA membership is open to all women students pursuing a knowledge of sports. ROW 1: WRA officers for the year were: Rob- erta Barron, Bev Powell, Sharon Smith, Mary Sportsmanship ROW 1: Mary Myers, Judy Klinkkammer, Marilyn Johnson, Gloria Ri- ley, Sherry Oimocn, Fran Balla, Sandra Housner. ROW 2: Susan Bray, Nancy Naze, Myrna Hughes, Virginia Patterson, Jane Nchtt, Kathy 191 Myers. ROW 2: Barb Huncr, Pat Culbertson, Mary Reel, Sue Culver, Nancy Naze. Rodd, Kathy Splitter, Jane Gardner. R0 W 3: Lillie Rouse, Julie Bowden, Gayle Walker, Yicki Atkinson, Roberta Barron, Gerry Marshall, Sue Culver, Barb Huner. mscnusm umvansm .. v; y f, 2 ROW 1: Kaye Wall, Bonnie Stone, Linda Massey, Sandy Kamprood, Judi Gibbs, Marsha Davis, Ellen McNamara, Joan Kane, Kristin Schepp, Laura Schroeder. ROW 2: Sara Meisenburg, Pat Reese, Carla Ott, Becky Bender, Janet Leibold, Jane Stuessy, Ann Chitwood, Dianne Rie- mer, Janet Heberlien, Eileen Goldthorpe, Roberta Harris, Cheryl Fol- Diane Reimer and Dan Cummings portray Jeanette and Frederick in the Pioneer Playersi second production of the year, iiRomeo and Jeanette.H brecht. R0 W3: Daryl VanLandeghem, Steve Howell, Tom Martin, Steve McMahon, Terry Doyle, Bob Kaland, Thomas Hanson, Chuck Malone, T.L. Auman, Mr. Hanson tadvisory ROW 4: Gary Goke, John Jones, John Markus, Dan Cummings, Dr. Sporre tadvisort, Dan Philips, Mike Rafferty, James Ritchis. Many Facets of Drama Provided Pioneer Players are students interested in the many facets of drama and the theater arts. The organization sponsors a number ofplays each year in cooperation with Alpha Psi Omega, the national honor fraternity in theater arts. This sea- sonis plays included: iiMary, Maryii by Kerr, ttRomeo and Jeannetteii by Anouih, ttThe House of Bernard Albah by Lorca, and ttTaming of the Shrewii by Shakespeare. Each spring, Pioneer Players and Alpha Psi Omega sponsor the Annual Awards Night and Banquet. Trophies are given for best actor and actress, best supporting actor and actress and best production of the season. Pioneer Players offer any student with interest in theater arts an opportunity to put his energies to work for the improvement of the theater at WSU-Platteville. Leading actors in the Pi- oneer Players production hhMary, Mary? hAboveh were Steve McMahon as Bob, and Sara Meisenburg as Mary. Gar RighD Steve McMahon as Richard II, Terry Doyle as Lord Au- merle, and Harry Pederson as Bishop Carlisle protray characters in a spring pro- duction of hRichard II? hRighO Members work be- hind the scenes preparing players for the stage. R0 W 1: Bonnie Gibson, Laura Schroeder, Diane Feldt, Sarah Robinson, Judie Gibbs, Angela Suttle, Jill Carter, Carla Ott. ROW 2: Raymond Robaczewski, Gary Schweitzer, Mike Reilly, Doug Mounce, Dan Laufen- o r .- berg, Dan Kvamme, Jon Gates. ROW 3." Sheldon Schall, James Booth, Paul Howard, Ken Walker, Greg Pekas, Jack McNett, Buzz Mann. Exponent Stimulates Interests Jack McNett tabovei works late into the night preparing copy for his editorial. Editorial campaigns focused on promoting the interests of the student body were the goals of the Exponent staff this year. Larger issues and increased experimentation with new ideas in publishing helped to achieve superior news coverage during the year. EITorts of a larger staff helped in the production of a more readable paper for the students of WSU-Platte- ville. Student responsibilities were stressed, produc- ing better internal communications throughout the university. Staff members began their success- ful year by attending the annual Associated C01- legiate Press convention in Chicago. 94 EXPON ENT STAFF EXECUTIVE EDITOR ................ Jack McNett MANAGING EDITOR ............... Alice Wubben NEWS EDITOR ....................... Diane Feldt MAK'E-UP EDITOR ...... Bill Determan, Rick Stecker SPORTS EDITOR ...................... Mike Reilly PHOTO EDITOR ...... Buzz Mann, Tom Hendrickson FEATURE EDITOR ............ Jill Carter, Lyn Sierra COPY EDITOR ........... - ........... Paul Howard ASSISTANT COPY EDITOR ......... Jim Schubert Jeanine Steffen ASSISTANT SPORTS EDITOR .......... JeHCooke ADVERTISING MANAGER ......... Dan Laufenberg ADVERTISING ASSISTANTS ............ Jon Gates Rick Burgermeister TYPISTS ............. Mary Gilbertson, Candy Knapp CARTOONIST ................... Marie Schuerman ADVISOR ......................... Philip Buchanan I95 Keeping up with school politics is one of the main jobs of Alice Wubben tLefO as she prepares copy for the press. Coopera- tion is an important aspect of newspaper production as chief photographer, Buzz Mann, confers with make-up editor, Bill Determan tBelowL on a page layout. Daleene Wimer confers with editor Jerry Laufenberg 0n the quality of a picture to be published in the yearbook. Pioneer Staff Strives for Creativity The PIONEER, the University yearbook, highlights student events throughout the year. Staff members spend many hours discussing and planning the 1968 PIONEER. Ideas for the de- velopment of the yearbook were started during the summer months with the planning of a dum- my layout. During the first semester the staff be- gan the task of constructing plans. Discussions were held with the publishing company to decide on the number of pages, the color and style of the cover and grain of paper and type to be used. Deadlines were met by the staif, after working long hours on layouts, copy and photography, after which the headlines and captions were writ- ten. The staff was busy cooperating with students and faculty members for the production of a good student-faculty oriented publication. Copy editor Ellie Fronk spent many hours writing and editing copy. t k "V ' W t A , t 44333? , XL ,. 1;; 1 Staff photographers ham it up on the other side of the camera, after a long day. The photographers, under the direction ofJohn Gebhardt, spent many hours developing and printing pictures for the yearbook. PIONEER STAFF- I968 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ................ Jerry Laufenberg ASSOCIATE EDITOR ............... Daleene Wimer LAYOUT EDITOR ................. Barbara Brenton LAYOUT ASSISTANT ............... Marty Grigsby PHOTO EDITOR .................... John Gebhardt ASSISTANT PHOTO EDITOR ........ Tom Lindquist COPY EDITOR ......................... Ellie Fronk COPY WRITERS ..................... Jack McNett Laura Schroeder SPORTS EDITOR ..................... Ron Harrell ART EDITOR ....................... Susan Haman BUSINESS MANAGER ................ Mary Casey PHOTOGRAPHERS .............. Ray Robaczewski Richard Hartzog, Bruce Avery, Bill Browning, Frank Scharenberg, Ray Lichter, Diane Feldt, Ron Harrell TYPISTS ............................. Elaine Geary Judy Ruud ADVISOR ............................. Knut Royce Barb Brenton and Marty Grigsby work steadily on layouts to meet deadlines. 197 Ray Robaczewski crops a picture for a layout in the GEODE, a School of Engineering publication. ROW 1: R. R. Doering tadvison, Ray Robaczewski, Ray Blum, Gary Loss. R0 W 2: Mike Tiry, Melvin Novey, Stanley Buchanan. Robert Ktuget Gary Knops, The GEODE, first published in 1925 as the Wisconsin Mining Schoolts newspaper and now in its sixth year as a technical magazine, is pub- lished by the School of Engineering at WSU- Platteville. The GEODE emphasizes technical articles written by students and articles taken from na- tionally published papers. It also informs the stu- dents with features of the engineering faculty and alumni reports. Five issues ofthe GEODE are published during the school year. The highlights of the year included the publication of a special issue of the GEODE for area high schools for the promotion of higher education. ROW 1: John Gebhardt, Raymond Robaczewski, Judie Gibbs, Diane Feldt, Ron Har- rell. R0 W 2: Elinor Fronk, Mike Reilly, Tom Lindquist, Bruce Avery, Daleene Wimer. ROW 3: Sheldon Schall, Jack McNett, Ken Walker, Buzz Mann, Rick Hartzog. PPA Sponsors Journalism Conf. The Pioneer Press Association consists of stu- dents who are interested in the field of journalism. Members of the organization are represented on the staffs of WSU-PlattevilleTs three student pub- lications: The Pioneer, the Exponent, and the Geode. As in previous years, the group sponsored a high school journalism conference. Speakers from yearbook companies and area newspapers gave an insight into the production of student newspapers and yearbooks. The highlight of the year was the annual publications banquet, at which time staiT members are honored for their participation and interest in representing the stu- dent body at WS U-Platteville. 199 One of the guest speakers at the PPA-sponsored high school journalism conference was Dave Sandel, Capital Times photographer. George Abalu speaks at one 0fthe Beta Gamma Rho meet- ings on the economic condition of his country. 200 ROW 1: Lawson Clark, Danny Struebing, Theresa Schulte, Mary Casey, David Struebing, William Elskamp, E. 0. Harris tadvisorl R0 W 2: Paul Howard, Rick Burgermeister, Steven Howell, Gary Marr, Michael McEnerney, John Wickland, David Greene. ROW 3: Gary Schaefer, Michael Lester, Joel Miller, Terry Brauer, Stan Koenig, Ronald Miller, Alvin UtTelman, Chester Brown. Beta Gamma Rho Develops Interests Beta Gamma Rho is devoted to the purposes of acquainting its members with opportunities in the field of business, stimulating an interest therein and creating a closer bond between students and the business world. Membership to Beta Gamma Rho is limited to business and economics majors and minors with an overall grade point of2.5. Officers for the year were: Michael Lester, president; Gary Schaefer, vice-president, Theresa Schulte, secretary and Danny Struebing, treasurer. ROW 1: John Draheim, Bill Tingley, Stan Bell, James Siedenburg, Mike Szabo, Paul McMahon, Bill Rockweiler, Harold Beals eadvisory ROW2: Dennis Breunig, Larry Finn, Phil Pichotta, Loren Keske, Charles Schwab, Rodney Stenroos, Neil Vater, Wayne Jung. ROW 3: Robert Priegnitz, Richard Sullivan, Joseph Sebranek, William Shinker, Bruce Romenesko, Ronald Grilley, Natale Ccrutti, Robert Opel. Academic Talent Recognized Phi Eta Sigma, a national honor society for men, promotes academic efficiency as well as group participation for its members. The highlight of the yearhs activity was the annual membership initiation and banquet honor- ing outstanding Phi Eta Sigma members achieving and maintaining an over-all grade point 0f3.5. A member of Phi Eta Sigma offers tutoring services to a fel- low WSU-Platteville student. ROW 1: Laura Schroeder, Dr. Sporre tadvisori, Kristin Scepp, T. L, Auman, Sara Meisenburg. ROW2: Steve McMahon, Bob Kaland, Terry Doyle, Dianne Reimer, Pat Reese. R0 W3: Mike Rafferty, Dan Phillip, Dan Cummings, Chuck Malone, James Ritchie. T. L. Auman and Dianne Reimer, ohicers of Alpha Psi Omega, discuss an up-coming play. Alpha Psi Omega Fraternity Excells Founded in 1925 as a national honor society for university and college theaters, Alpha Psi Omega has kept pace with tremendous development of the educational theater and now has over 370 Chapters in the United States and Canada. Alpha Psi Omega is a national honor frater- nity in theater arts. The high quality workman- ship resulting from the little theater and dramatic concept, made obvious the need for a national organization to help furnish incentives for partici- pation. The fraternity provides information and intercollegiate contacts. Alpha Psi Omega sponsors a touring company each year known as the Eta Tau Travelers. The group performs various plays at area high schools. An other event sponsored by Alpha Psi Omega is the annual children,s play which is di- rected and produced by the members themselves. ROW 1: Gary Rapaich, Alfred Jacobson, Dave Jones, Tom Hilts, H. A. Kenzie, Rick R. Hofer. ROW 3: Robert C. Hartman, Robert Harma, Pederson tadvison, Richard S. Withrow. ROW 2.'David Jensen, Richard Tom Novotny, Greg Kitzmiller, Gary Steinbach, Greyden P. Grimm, Hardy, Joseph Slifka, Harold Davis, Gerald Zitzer, Douglas E. Mac- Thomas A.Jensen. Epsilon Pi Tau Fosters Relationships thcers for the year were: Gary Steinbach, secretary; Ri- chard Withrow, president; and Gerald Zitzer, vice-presi- dent. To foster relationships with industry and edu- cation and to increase professional competence is the purpose of the Epsilon Pi Tau Organization. Epsilon Pi Tau publishes yearly the iiSchool of Industry, newsletter to assist with the profession- al activities 0fthe school ofindustry at WSU- Platteville. Membership for the organization is limited to students who are in the upper fourth of their class and have an overall grade point of 3.00. 203 ROW 1: Mary Cox, Jonna Leatherman, Lana Heal, M. Pat McKeon, Mary Williams, Susan Shroedcr, Lynda Chovan, Mary Sheehan, Marcia Hume, Verna Schmidt. ROW 2: Mrs. Savage, Mary Cairns, Sandy We- ber, Mary Berg, Nancy Slezak, Marjory Harker, Joann Brandt, Diane Kappa Delta Pi officers for the year were: Threman Julian and Jim Finley tstandingL Priscilla Powell and Lana Heal. Rose, Lori Debes, Bonnie Baker. ROW3: Threman Julian, Terry Stoffre- gen, Jim Finley, Joe Machovec, Richard Hardy, Ron Harrell, Scott Wich- mann, Gerald Casselberry. Don Johnson, Conrad Wrzesinski. Kappa Delta Pi Encourages High Intellectual Standards Kappa Delta Pi, a national honor society in education is represented at WSU-Platteville by the Iota Rho chapter. Members of this organiza- tion are selected on the basis of high scholastic achievements, commendable personal qualities and worthy educational ideals. Programs for the monthly meetings included the fall and spring initiation ceremonies and panel discussions by student teachers with international students as guest speakers. Pi Kappa Delta Debate Pi Kappa Delta is a national forensic honorary society. The purpose ofthis organization is to serve all undergraduates who meet minimum na- tional constitutional requirements in various fields of forensics and to stimulate interest in fo- rensic activities at WSU-Platteville. These activi- ties include intercollegiate oratory, debate, and extemporaneous speaking. 205 ROW 1: Becky Bender, Kay Wall, Betty Wilson, Sandra Bainbridge. ROW2: Tim Phillips, Carla Ott, John Harrison. Tim Phillips prepares his speech for an upcoming debate contest for the Pi Kappa Delta team. Bernard Seifert entertains at County Home as a part of the many services rendered by the Circle K Club throughout the year. ROW 1: David Greene, Paul Willy, Makhani Bizhan, Charles Shave, Jim Rait, Wayne Jong. ROW 2: Khalil Kardous, Daniel Nankee, Joe Mach- ovec, Jack McNett, Bob Heitman, Brad McDowell. ROW3: Jim Haagen- son, Gerald McGauley, Bernard Seifert, Milton Engelke, Larry Fine, Lar- ry Anderson, Bill Shinker. Circle K Develops Leadership The Circle K Club of WSU-Platteville is spon- sored by, but is not part of, the Kiwanis Club of Platteville. This organization is devoted to oppor- tunities for leadership training services. Visits to County Homes, caroling, discussions, and beautification projects are set up by the Cir- cle K Club for the benefit of the students and community in Platteville. ROW 1: Lucinda Duerst, Judy Stadcle, Ann Chitwood, Ann Germain, Cathy Hanna, Linda Bevan, Joanne Woodard. ROWZ: Maryann Purcell, Bethany Matzke, Jean Uglow, Eloise Williams, Delores Laupcr, Jean Campus Clovers Promote Welfa re Ari advisory council for area 4-H Junior Lead- er Associations, Campus Clovers, is a service organization promoting rural-city understanding. The purpose of Campus Clovers is to provide WSU-Platteville students with an opportunity to express themselves through leadership in recrea- tion; discussion and program planning; and to improve rural-city relations. 207 Woodard, Mary Cox. ROW 3: Richard Loberger advisory Chuck Bro- kopp, Daniel Nankee, Danny Scholten, James Chitwood, Steve Hollewell. Member of Campus Clovers spends an enjoyable playing checkers at Grant County Home. evening ROW 1: William Windom, Barbara Edwards, Angela Suttle, Reginald Jenkins, Lillian Williams, Diana Williams, Andrew Hopgood, Roberta Barron, Jon Riley. ROW 2:Roger Williams, Clark Hughes, Bonnye Wil- lis, Karen Jackson, Yvonne Green, Thelma Stoples, Vernell Tatum, Billy Norris, William Clay. ROW3: Gerald Williams, William Hubbard, Lillie Members of the Ebony Club discuss issues concerning world-wide events. Rouse, Harriet Robinson, Pamela Allen, Belinda Sain, Margann Bledsoe, Jenneth Bragg, John Roby, Lester Ingram, Carl Cleaves. ROW 4: Lyle Lipscomb, Lee Hartley, Ernest Pevitt, Gary Swanson, Clarence Hendrix, Ed Manvel, Eddie Tolwer, Ed Brooks, A. J. Joiner, Willie Lucas. Ebony Club Organized The Ebony Club organized at WSU-Platteville during the fall semester of 1967, sponsored various forum discussion groups on world-wide current events, dances for the entire student body, and charitable activities for the community of Platteville. The main purpose 0fthe Ebony Club is to form with the university student body a distinct rela- tionship between Negro students and students of other races. Omcers for the year were: William Clay, presi- dent; Angela Suttle, vice-president; Karen Jack- son, secretary; and Lillian Williams, treasurer. ROW 1: Judy Skalet, Bonnie Stone, Lois Stabnaw, Sarah Robinson, Dot- tie Sniff, Joan Kane, Jean Rideout, James Hershberger advisory ROW2: Larilyn Barker, Judith Stepanek, Judie Edwards, Jane Martin, Rebecca Kessler, Dena Holton, Ann Himsel, JoAnn Kehrli. ROW3: Gregory Car- MENC Presents Spectacular The Music Educators National Conference was established at WSU-Platteville in January of 1960, under the leadership of Dr. William Tietze. The purpose of MENC is to provide an opportun- ity for professional development of students in music education. The highlight of the year was the MENC Spec- tacular. Fraternities and sororities featured 3 var- iety of musical performances for the Spectacular. Trophies were awarded for the best perform- anoes. 209 pcntcr, R.B. Stone, Peggy Ochsncr, Patricia McDermott, Dorothy Peter- son, Etta Donaldson, Joanne Bockhop, Alton Accola. ROW4: J . Harri- son Becker, John Maier, Jack Marty, Doug Einerson, Tim Tyson, Tim Scheer, Doug Conners. Don Nelson. A fraternity performs as part of MENC Spectacular. ROW 1: Dennis Stella, Robert Martt, Bill Dixon, Dale Dixon, Jacqueline Geishecker, W. A. Broughton tadvison, Larry Ayes, Marvin Ward, Pete Moffett. ROW 2: Howard Schwartz, Thomas Fields, Richard Agen, Ri- chard Stimpson, Wilson Pearce, Terry Hird, Geoffrey Bell, Don Sieger. Two members of AIME study a mineral collection in Ot- tensman Hall. 210 ROW 3: Edward Falk, Mark Speaker, Joel Evers, George Kassal, Tim Jessen, Donald Prahl, Rod Zuehlkc, Warren Cohen, Robert Tinstman, William Brunstad, James Pafford Jr., Bruce Young. AIME Study Minerals The American Institute of Mining, Metallurgi- cal and Petroleum Engineering is a professional society open to all minerals engineers and geology majors and minors. The basic purpose of the or- ganization is to promote professional interest in mineral industries and related areas. Field trips to the Elmo and Blackstone lead and zinc mines were sponsored by the organiza- tion. OHicers for the year were: Don Sieger, presi- dent; Dick Agen, vice-president; Mark Speaker, secretary; and Dennis Stella, treasurer. ROW 1: Thomas Fields, Glenn Speich, Jacqueline Geisheckcr, Richard Hartzog. ROW 3: Harlan Koberstcin, Roger Wesley, Daniel andsfater, Michael McEnerney. ROW 2: David Voss, Gary Parsons, David Thompson,William Podolak,William Lager- Robcrt Parsons, Glenn Houlberg, Ronald Lemke, Dennis OtBrien, mann. R'fl P' t ICI b L Sk'll The purpose of the Rifie-Pistol Club is to en- prove marksmanship. courage organized riHe and pistol shooting The essentials of good sportsmanship, which among students and faculty, and to promote a include the development of honesty, good fellow- better view toward more knowledge in the safe ship, self-discipline, team play and self-reliance, handling and care of firearms, as well as to im- e form the backbone of the Rifie-PistolClub. Shown at the rifle range in the basement of Ot- tensmen Hall are R0 W1: Gary Parsons, Ron Lemke, John Van Overbede. ROW2: Bill Podo- lak, Mr. Powers, Mr. Lubberb, Dennis OtBrien, and Tom Weir. 2H ROW 1: Marguerite Berdes, Diane Feldt, Jeanine Steffen, Sharon Allen, Roselynn Radcliffe, Sandy Olson, Geraldine Likens. ROW 2: Mike Tiry, Bronson LaFollette, guest speaker at a Y-Dems meeting pauses briefiy while speaking to students at WSU-Platte- ville. Ronald Boley, Phil Hartman, Leonard Schaub, John Gebhardt, Mike Gasparro, Ken Sommer. Y-Dems Sponsor Political Speakers The Y-Dems Organization was established at WSU-Platteville in order to furnish students with leadership experience and political training. They stimulate active interest in government affairs, to foster and perpetuate the ideal and principles of the Democratic party, and to provide for Ameri- ca the highest degree of freedom, justice and so- cial welfare possible. District Councils are being established as are extensive inter-organizational communications. Y-D clubs throughout the State are co-sponsor- ing events and social activities. This year was the first year that the Y-Dems took an active part in the Model Legislature, co- sponsored with the Y-GOP, which was a me- morable event drawing representatives from all parts of Wisconsin. ROW 1: Thomas Ullenius. David Bullen, Bill Kuhl, Gary Towers, Ronald Lemke, Jim Stolarzyk. ROW 2: Robert Hargraves, Arnold Dalsorek, Gary Peterson, Gerald Bouzek, Michael OtDay, Paul Hensen, James Frudge. ROW 3: Gary Hutter, Stan Koenig, Joel Evers, Lawson Clark, Vet's Club Acquires House Although the Veterants Club serves as a social outlet for men who have served in the Armed Forces, it provides a means of adjustment to col- lege life for the Veteran. The club also takes an active part in adding to school spirit. It provides color guards for school parades and football games and participates in intramural sports. Scholarships are provided by the club for active members of the organization. Officers this year were: Gary Peterson, president; Ronald Lemke, Vice-president; Roger Berman, secretary; and Steven Hammersehmidt, treasurer. 213 11 Paul Nodolf, James Coopman, Jack Harrington. ROW4: Robert Laber, Steven Duncan, Lyle Wanless, Greg Kiley, John Volker, Steven Ham- merschmidt, Philip Kneebone. x ,w Veterans hang the emblem of the organization, which was painted by a fellow student. ROW 1: Gregory Davis, Susan Schroeder, Betty Miller, Carla Ott, neth Elmer, Ronald Bystol. ROW 3: Scott Wichmann, Richard Jan Peterson, Richard Heller. ROW 2: Randy Alexander, James Paulson, Gerald Porter, Garon Reinke, Gary Goke, Carl Babler, Stellner, Dennis Scallon, Les Hipenbecker, Dave Jannusch, Ken- Bob Brass, Steve Roelli. Y-GOP's Stimulate Political Interests Opportunities for student development in poli- tics and a Chance to broaden oneis political knowledge is promoted by the Young Republi- cans. This organization is a special interest group and welcomes all interested students. Officers for the year were: Kenneth Elmer, president; Steve Spencer, vice-president; Jan Peterson, treasurer; and Betty Miller, secretary. Guest speaker, Gordon Roseliep, illustrates points to stu- dents during question-answer session. 214 R0 WI: Mary Jean Brandt, Betty Wilson, Karen Bouzek. ROW 2: Jackie Jones, M-arj Hammersch- midt, Doloris Hargraves, Sharon Hutter, Barbara Stecher. WIS Serves Community The Womenhs Independent Society was formed at WSU-Platteville for the advancement ofchari- table services for the community. These women perform various tasks and activities for county homes in Grant County. Sharon Hutter and Jackie Jones concentrate on making decorations as a part ofWIS services. ROW 1: Gary Peterson, Kenneth Bramer, Ron AlthofT, John Kohli, Ray Lichter, David Jensen, Gary Kordash. ROW 2: Bob Wiese, Ed Hajek, Wayne Corrigan, Eugene Snarki, Steven Klooster. Roger Karwoski, George Kotecki. Ohicers for IEEE for the past year were: David Jensen, Bob Wiese, and Ed Hajek. IEEE Encourages Electronics The IEEE, a professional organization of the electrical and electronics engineers, was founded in 1884 for the dissemination of knowledge of the theory and practice of all aspects of electrical en- gineering, electronics, radio, allied branches of engineering or the related arts and sciences, and the advancement of the professional development of the student. Student branch meetings are the core ofthe IEEE program. They give the members the op- portunities to hear authorities speak on latest developments in the field, see films on engineer- ing, and participate in panel discussions. These meetings provide an important curriculum sup- plement for engineers. JV. R0 W 1: Gary Kelly, Gary Rapaich,A1fred Jacobson, Rodney Stein, James Sorge, Ken Kasuboske, Gene Rueter, Richard Hardy. ROW 2: James Martin, Gerald Zitzer, Jeff Thielke, Terry Cheek, Harold Davis, Joe Slifka, Neil Vater. R0 W3: Ed Hajek, Fred Hebl, Carl Wargula, Greg Kitzmiller, JeH' Trumpy, Tom Novotny, Dennis OtBrien, David Jen- sen. ROW4: James Neumeieri Dan Smith, Tom Metcalf, William Lager- mann, Dennis Radecke, Jim Cleveland, Robert Harma, Ulrich Adam. IEA Creates Interests The Industrial Education Association consists of students majoring in industrial arts education while stimulating further interest and creating a closer bond between teachers and students. Guest speakers, films, participation in universi- ty functions, field trips to various industries, and an annual banquet are among the activities of this organization. Any second semester freshman who is in good academic standing and is an industrial education major is eligible for membership in the Associa- tion. Membership allows the individual student to become aware of his role in the field of industry and to meet the pressures that society places on industry. 217 Among the various activities participated in throughout the year by the IEA was the sponsoring ofguest speakers in the many fields of industry. ROW 1: Tamara Thies, Kathy McCarthy, Mary Ann Bino, Ellen McNamara, Nancy Paul, Marie McWilliams. ROW2: Jane Stues- sey, Cheryl Skaar, Susan Schroeder, Ruth Hatfield, Cindy Schroeder. R0 W3: Larry Renard, Malcolm Bourne, Thomas Hanson, Sam Moussalli, John Robertson tadvisory Language Club lnstills New Ideas The Modern Foreign Language Club is com- posed of students currently pursuing a modern foreign language or having at least one semester of a foreign language. At the annual Christmas party, each foreign language group presents a song-fest in competi- tion with the other groups. Regular dinner-busi- ness meetings are held, where members converse in their respective languages. The Modern For- eign Language Club also sponsors field trips and feature-length foreign movies open to all faculty and students interested. Annually the club sponsors Foreign Language Week, at which time the members are obliged to use only the language they are studying. Its mem- bers perform valuable academic services in tutor- ing foreign language students and olTering volun- tary consulting services in the area. 218 Guest speakers were among the activities sponsored by the Modern Foreign Language Club this past year along with field trips, foreign movies, and song fests. ROW 1: Don Platz, Kathie Stiles, Patti Adler, Karen Anderson, Julie Ulve, Tim Schroeder. ROW 2: Bob Folgate, Greg Walker, Steve Ker- choff, Jerry Rous, James Oberhofer, Bob Kinderman. Sociology Club Trains Personnel Communicating with the community is the primary goal of the Sociology Club. Through a marriage and child information center the organi- zation plans to introduce to the community the trained personnel available at WSU-Platteville. Officers for the Sociology Club were: Bob Folgate, Greg Dale, Patti Adler, and James Oberhofer. 219 Members of the Geology Club explore the hillside, looking at various mineral formations. i? a W 4.... 3.345? V. , ., a.?.ysk'a. 2? N 5 4k ' mm 0 e JkJ'MQ ROW 1: Don Sieger, Edward Falk, Jacqueline Geishecker, Nancy Rider, Nancy Broughton, Joel Evers, James Pafford, Jr. ROW2: Rod Zuehlke, Richard Agen, Thomas Fields, Wilson Pearce, Kenneth Theisen, Kenneth Shubak. Geology Club Fosters Field Trips To develop an awareness and understanding of current research being conducted in the various fields of geology, earth science, and mineral engi- neering is the main goal of the Geology Club. Members attended a Tri-State field trip to fam- iliarize them with the local geologic section of Wisconsin. The club furthered its service to WSU-Platteville students as it provided various professional contacts as guest speakers for meet- ings, which are open to all students. ROW 1: Phyllis Kcnney, Robert VanderZander, H. Robert McGuire, E. Stephen Roth, Norman Hoesly, Donald Walter, Kenneth Klopp. R0 W2: John Mitchell, Robert Shower, Richard Schwarzc, Phil Pichotta, Michael Radl, Bill Shinker, Don Johnson. Chemical Society Promotes Interests Chi Mu Epsilon is the local chapter of the American Chemical Society at WSU-Platteville. The purpose ofthe Chi Mu Epsilon is to ac- quaint its members with further intellectual stim- ulation, to secure experience in presenting techni- cal reports and to instill a professional spirit and pride in chemistry and chemical engineering. Membership is open to all students interested in chemistry and chemical engineering. The Physics Club at WSU-Platteville is affili- ated with the National American Institute of Physics. Tutoring services, field trips, current films, and guest speakers are made available through "this organization for the advancement of physics. Perspective members must be in good academ- ic standing and majoring or minoring in physics. Physics Club Provides Tutoring Services R0 W I: R. E. Smith tadvis- ori, Dennis Breunig, Ken Baars, Ann Germain, Rob- ert Gorder, Robert Now- icke, Eugene Haas. R0 W2.- Art Olson, Tom Tynan, Bruce Tomencsko, Dave Timpany, Ron Sinz, George Simonis, Wayne Jung, Ri- chard Wing. ROW 1: Timothy Foti, Patricia Hciden, Nancy McKenzie, Marycllyne ROW3: Ted Oertel, Philip Muth tadvison, Ken Kartman, Indrika Mar- Dorsey, Charles Holzcr. ROW 2: James Harvey, Gerald Casselberry, tin,Tom Robertson. Richard Johnson, Scott Wichmann, David Struebing, Ronald Boley. History Club Founded The History Club, founded in the fall of 1967, The purpose of the Psychology Club is to cre- provided a.socia1 and intellectual outlet for the ate and supplement the studentts interest in further discussion of topics covered in the class- psychology. Membership is limited to those seek- room. ing a major or minor in psychology, although all Vietnam servicemen were not forgotten this WSU-Platteville students are invited to attend year, as the History Club sponsored a paperback meetings of the organization. book collection to send to them. Psychology Club Creates Interests ROW 1: Beth Brandt, Patti Adler, Gretchen Harrell, Lori Debes, Karen Bourne, James Oberhofer, Bob Folgate, Bob Kinderman, Steve KerchoI'T, Anderson, Jayne White, Rosemary Bowen. ROW 2: Don Platz, Jerry Bob Casper. Rous, Tim Schroeder, Dave Schneider, Greg Walker. ROW 3: Malcolm ROW 1: Gregory Davis, Marjory Harker, Tamara Thies, Blanche Witek, Kathy Kunderti Joyce SteinhofT, Fredric Tufte tadvisori. R0 W2: Richard Wing, John Mitchell, Larry Renard, Norman Hoesly, Dave Schneider, Steven Hoffman, Walter Kastenschmidt, Bob Casper, Don Johnson. Math Club Informs Students The Math Club at WSU-Platteville is open to all math majors and minors. Its main objective is to inform students interested in mathematics of newly opened areas in the field and to provide a social betterment for its members. OITicers for this year were: Bob Casper, presi- dent; Blanche Witek, vice-president; Tamara Theis, secretary and treasurer; and Joyce Stein- hoff, publicity. The Karrmali Club fosters the professional and vocational interest in librarianship and related fields and aids in service to the students at WSU- Platteville. Putting up bulletin boards in the library, help- ing at library conferences, visiting libraries throughout the state, planning picnics and advis- ing fellow students are the major goals ofthe Karrmali Club Officers for the year were: JoDon Anderson, president; Kathy Kundert, vice-president; Mary Ann Cox, secretary and treasurer. Karrmali Club Learns Library Aids ROW 1: Kathy Kundert, Shirley Haas, Kathy McCarthy, Jean Massey! Carolyn Dalton, Diane Gunderson, James Harvey. ROW 2: JoDon An- derson, Mary Cox, J oanne Bockhop, Kathie Gottschall, Joanne Leibold, t i M t'iy?!$itm;" i W v 'tOi Vhi' xi A + C vs 1 vi.' g 5 k. ' pa. ;f::,;; "$335 ,. t ,h L . Mrs. Gloria Rezazadeh, Marsha Unterscheidt, Lana Wood, Janet Land- sverk tadvisorl ROW 1: Thomas Rye, David Brassfield, John Newcomer, Bob Voss, Paul Maly, Alan Leonard, Loren Keske, Dr. Clifford Coffee tadvisory ROWZ: Kenneth Leitzen, Jay Shiveler, John Gebhardt, David Ostrem, David Bur- back, Raymond Knutson, Charles Obens, Stephen Harms, Raymond Barron. ROW 3: Mike Tieurancc, Roger Kanable, Doug Roh, Roger Hooker, Robert Addison, John Wegmueller, Dean Johanningmeier, Mike Tiry, Dave Wilson, Glenn Koning. SCSA Implement Judging Contest The Soil Conservation Society is a professional service organization designed to further the sci- ence of good land use. WSU-Plattevilleis chapter of SCSA was the first established in the Wiscon- sin State University system. SCSA devoted the majority ofits time and eHorts this past year to planning and implement- ing the first Wisconsin Intercollegiate Soil Judg- ing Contest. Theta Beta is the WSU-Platteville chapter of Beta Beta Beta, the national biological science honor fraternity. Throughout the year members participated in several field trips, touring such places as the Aboretum, a school for laboratory technicians in Madison. Lecture series and films relating to the various areas of biology were sponsored by Beta Beta Beta for the improvement and advancement of biological sciences. ' Theta Beta Present Audobon Films ROW1:Jerry Strohm, Beth Brandt, Barbara Johns, Floyd Shuttleworth. ROW 2: Lonnie Sutton, Richard Jacobson, Phil Hartman, Jim Rait, Brian Denn, Dar- yl Rupnow. ROW 1: Maricia Hume, Gloria McNeil, Virginia Johns, Kathy Hanna, Peggy Leutcher, Jean Bradley. ROW2: Marilyn Mueller, Judy Scheider, Janet Walker, Sherry West, Sharon Geyer, Linda Reilly. ROW3: Bonnie Baker, Verna Schmidt, Pat Grindell, Joan Wehach, Larlyn Barker, Pat Rowe. ROW4: Alice Premo, Pat Updike, Lois Koleman, Diane Leslie, Virginia Bellmcyer, Diane Gunderson. EIem-Jr. High Club Provides Scholarships The Elementary-Junior High Club is a profes- sional and social organization for all students who plan to teach in the elementary grades or in junior high school. During the year the organization continued the tradition of selling flowers during Homecoming; to raise money for several scholarships which were awarded to upper Classmen, members of the organization. Art Club Sponsors Exhibits ROW 1: Anne Marzano, Connie Ralston, Barbara Bryden, Ann Grotophorst. ROW 2: R. E. Gottschalk tadvisorl, J. C. Beran, Frank Breneisen, George Bishop. Centered around participation in art, the Art Clubls objective is to provide experiences in cul- tural and social activities. Membership is open to all WSU-Platteville students. This year the organization sponsored various exhibits on campus, sketching trips, centennial book sales, student and faculty traveling exhibits, and attended art exhibits in other schools. ROW 1: DorisAnn Mitchell, Susan Kirchner, Josephine Ho, Vera Sun, Lucina Lombana, De. Ma'son. ROW 2: Bizhan Makhani, George Abalu, Tom Wong, Luis Donquis, Khalil Kardous, Errcl Berkelek, Michael Iba, Sirous Samy. ROW3: Lee Hartley, Abu-Lughod Yahya, Nousis Awadis, Samir Moussalli, Suryo Sulisto, Rafael Fernandez, Winston Dolland. IRC Promotes Understanding International Relations Club is made up of both international and American students inter- ested in promoting the understanding of world political, social, cultural and economic values, background and conditions. Wesley Foundation at WSU-Platteville, em- phasizes the role of religion and as a cooperative arm seeks to work closely with churches of all denominations. Christian laymen and women, pastors, univer- sity oHicials and scores of others are invited to Wesley on a regular basis to discuss religion and its relationship to the individual life of the college student. Wesley Foundation Emphasizes Religion ROW 1: Marge Arnold, Mar- sha Phillips, Lana Heal, Joan Harvey, Marylcc Hosig. ROW 2: Pat Tenerz, Jonna Leather- man, Nancy Slezak, Evelyn Williams, David Dresser. R0 W 3: Jack Gergen, James Harvey, Dave Jannusch, Brad Mc- Dowell, Norman Hurlburt, Gary Goke. ROW 1: Lauren Acalcy, Dee Dee Larson, Angela Suttlc, Gretchen Har- rell, Diane Cheescman, Carolyn Miller, Donna Bramcr, Vera Sun, Patti Adler, Phyllis Kohmen, Kathy Kundert. ROW 2: Sharon Geyer, Rita Sefford, Karen Anderson, Carol Carran, Mary Armstrong, Joyce Mc- Comish, Eileen Goldthorpe, Bonnie Sawyer, Jayne White, Gloria Schoen- bcck, Sahri Watson, Ann Hirsbrunner. R0 W3: Steve Kerchoff, Tim Schroder, Terrance Doyle, Alton Accola, Mary Jo Davison, Kathy Kncll- wolf, Joyce Willging, Pam Kuterschmidt, Joanne Wcttach, Jean Kock, Belinda Sain. ROW4: Greg Walker, Robert Harker, Richard Gcst, Jerry Rous, Don Platz, Robert Howell, James Obcrhofcr, Gene Evrard, R. E. Folgate, Bob Kinderman. SYV Serve Area Communities Guided by the virtue of charity and a spirit of giving, Student Youth Volunteers officially began service to area communities in 1967. Mental health, mental retardation, tutoring high school students, studying delinquency and setting up projects for underprivileged youth in education and recreation are a few programs sponsored by SYV. SYV is a non-denominational and non-political organization open to any student desiring to help his fellow man. 227 SYV member takes a break from a Washington trip to dis- cuss ways to help needy people. ROW 1: Gail Reddin, Sue Bates, Kathi Siens, Sue Shupr, Ann Hamilton, Jean Bradley. ROW 2: Dianne Peterson, Anne Putnam, Marge Arnold, Theresa Schulte, Darlene Stenner, Barb Huner. AWS Offers Opportunities The Association of Women Students offers women an opportunity to govern themselves throughout their college careers, thus being able to discuss problems, submit ideas, and hnd solu- tions for grievances. The Campus Belles, a division ofAWS, is a select group of women who visit area high schools to promote higher education. All women enrolled at WSU-Platteville are automatically members of AWS. R0 W 1: Sandra Walrack, Sandra Cook. R0 W2: Sue Ringelstetter, Kris- tin Schepp, Judy Langmeier, Candace Johnson. R0 W 3: Ruth Evert, Ann Cherry, Nancy McKenzie, ROW 1: Mary Casey, Rita Sefrood. Connie Curwin, Jean Holt, Cindy Hill. ROW2: Alton Accola, Mike Reilly, Kenneth Leitzen, Rick Burger- miester, Stan Retrum, Richard Miller, Lenny Schaub. R0 W3:Tom SGB Represents Students The Student Governing Board has as its objec- tive a closer understanding among students, fac- ulty, and administration. During the year the SGB receives many requests for solutions to stu- dent body problems. The SGB is a member of the ttUnited Council Governments? Various times during the year the representatives of the board meet with student government representatives from other state un- iversities to discuss common problems and ex- change ideas. Representatives from each class and school make up the eighteen member board. 229 Robertson, Dan Nye, John Culbertson, Cary Palmer, Bob Kluge, Brad McDowell, Richard Hardy, John Culbertson and Tom Robertson discuss issues pre- sented at the United Council meeting held in Whitewater. NH 33E; XV; KJW in ROW 1: Barb Taschek, Vera Sime, Susan Bravhn, Nancy Lund, Tisch Taylor, Patricia Cummer, Sandra Sphatt, Susanne Wagner, Cheryl Rie- mann, Marilyn Murphy, Jon Bowerman. R0 W2: John Kohli, Tom Mar- tin, Ahmed Mohiudin, Craig Bareis, Mary Jo Davison, Connie Curwin, Jon Bowerman instructs a student skier in! the correct form of bending one,s knees in skiing. 230 Dianne Peterson, Lars Hollberg. ROW 3: Bob Dimperio, Alan Matts, Bruce Strahl, Ron Tichy, Dave Larson, Dave Zehel, Jim Stolatzyk, Dave Duffy. R0 W4: Jim Mcrcier, Bruce Paulsen, Roger Wesley, Markus Breuer, Malcolm Bourne, Thomas Ullenius, Joe Chausius, Doug Zickuhr. Ski Club Provides Interest To promote organized skiing for students and faculty of WSU-Platteville through competant ski instruction, competition, both intercollegiate and interclub, and through social activities that pertain to skiing is the purpose of the Ski Club. Organized in the fall of 1967, the Ski Club now has 100 active members. The members attended a skiing trip to Mt. Telemark during semester break which included ski instructions and inter- collegiate ski races. Officers for the year were: Doug Zickuh, presi- dent; John Volker, vice-president; Vera Sime, treasurer; and Tom Vick, treasurer. Tom Vick, Vera Sime, Doug Zickuhr, and John Volker were officers for the ski club during the past year. ROW 1: Thomas Breister, Jim Cody, Jacquelyn Nicholson, Deby Cross- gen, Ted Casper, Warren Palmer, Jim Valaskey. ROW3: Gary Schaefer. land, Joyce Eads, Ann Gerlach, Bonita Kotawski, George Bishop, Thomas Jim Kasch, Thomas Sorge, Tim Pratt, Mike Gasparro. Paul Klassy, Hen- Rye, Gerald Borizck. ROW 2: Robert Palmer, Steven Duncan, Bill Pan- ry Gloede, Andy Bergeson, Jack Voss, Stan Mills. k0, Jim Allard, Richard Rohowetz, John Dahie, John Volkcr, Jack Ger- 231 IST R0 W: Jane Gardner, Ann Pitts. Bev Buach. Diane Han- son, Linda Weida. 2ND R0 W: Diane Feldt, Shari Watson, Sharon Oshcin, Ruth Fenste- maker, Diane Lorenz, Ruth Jacob. 3RD ROW: Bonnie Gibson. Pat Lindberg, Barb Huner, Maureen Gerin, Mar- garet Kelley. Mary Wagner, Ann Steinmetz. 4TH ROW: Candy Glasbrenner. Brenda Brown, Cathy Peters, Beth Kautzky, Sue Kautzky. 5TH R0 W: Charlene Boynton, Ja- mie Orban, Karen Wagner, Cheryl Boynton. IST R0 W: Barb Bryden, Shir- ly Saalsaa, Patty Adler, Cathy Casy, Jean McKeon. 2ND R0 W: Cindy Duerst, Elizabeth Nolan, Vera Sun, Barb Parker, Peggy Markus. Mary Schwart, Margaret Casper. 3RD R0 W: Judy Ditmar, Karen Mealy, Carolyn Miller, Carol Carran, Melinda Olson, Linda Adam- son, Sharon Smith, Gloria Shoenbeck.4TH R0 W;Jane Doyle, Connie Ralston, Ann Bartling, Mary Brickbauer, Pam Fctt, Kris Knox, Linda Weiss, Pat Culbertson. 5TH R0 W: Sue Ringlestctter, Nan- cy Rider, Bonnie Sawyer, Barb Nease. nL'H ,mW m2 IST ROW: Dee Dee Larson, Mary Aurit, Cathi Rivera, Jo Anne Jelle, Knapp, Kathy Schmit, Kathy Fclder. 3RD ROW: PatTerrill, Linda Rinda Thiede, Betty Ris. 2ND R0 W: Marsha Martin, Lauren Acaley, Slade, Rita Seffrood, Sara Meisenburg, Eileen Goldthorpe, Terri Gold- Kay Virtue, Sue Shcehan, Judith Stepanek, Deanna Paisley, Sandra thorpe, ch Rivera, Marcia Belken. Linda Woerm. IST R0 W: Sherry Pelgrin, Valerie Brundage, Pat Mc- Keon, Sue Kirchner, Linda Skrzypczynski, Bonnie Noble. 2ND ROW: MaryCampbcll, Sharon McKeon, Tricia Gra- ham, Connie Gantert, Chris Sanderson, Jill Anderson. 3RD ROW: Kathie Gottschall, Joyce Levy, Jeanne Pink. Pat Weiss. ABOVE: Betsy Ri- chardson, Holli Buechner, Gayle Kuehling, Kally Urban, Donna Francis, Karen Goth- ard, Jane Lembczeder, Mary Lesperance, Patti Butt, Karen King. IST R0 W: Dottie Sniff Mary Foote. 2ND R0 W: Elizabeth Ward, Cleo Bowman. Sue Shupe. Linda Erickson. 3RD ROW: Carole Tuccke. Susan Sch- roeder. Put Anderson, Letty Dargis Anne Fargo, Betty Rentschlcr. Cheri Riechcrt. 4TH R0 W: Elaine Swanson. Candy Dutchcr, Sue Pope. Joyce Bussun, Coila Brown, Nancy Strutmun. Dobson Quietest Dorm On Campus 157 R0 W5 Doris Burgraf. Mary McMahon, 102i" Hollewell, Peggy Dunphy. Lois Stabnaw. 3RD R0 W: Ann Cherry, Karyn Minder, Barb Leutscher, Virginia Johns. 2ND R0 W: Jane Hughes, Joyce Abing, Marty Edwards, Leah Cohen, Kathy Henncssey, Mary Casper, Rosemary Bo- Grigsby, Mary Kneeland, Sherry Oimoen, Mary Gilbertson, Colleen wen. , 1ST R0 W: Sharon Hinkins, Jacky Brauhn, Louise Uphoff, Lynn Buell, Holly Davidson, Jean Fagan, Linda Groh, Diane Gritzmacher. 2ND R0 W: Tammy Theis, Karen Noll, Karen Harpold, Kathy Copp, Jackie IST R0 W: Catherine Johll, Marysue Wcscnbcrg, Beverly Bartels, Rose- mary Hughes, Connie Barker, Patricia Cummer. 2ND R0 W: Mary Jo Stepanek, Patricia Hillard, Kathleen Joyce. 3RD R0 W: Bonnie Hustad, Susan Miller, Etta Donaldson, Jean Lipscomb, Jean Lunowa, Randee Geishecker. 3RD R0 W:Chery1 Skaar, Chanda Kracht, Rita Scallon, Pat Schroeder, Judy Klinkhammer, Ellie Kirshberg. Hirsbrunncr, Deborah Crossland, Barbara Piquette, Judith Daniels, Kris Schcpp, Ruth Kcttner, Mary Hinnendael, Jo Halstead. 4TH ROW: Cynthia Schroeder, Marie Peters, Lana Reuter, Katherine Siens, Karen Baker, Patricia Braithwaite, Patricia Simmons. h. b t Nb? mm 49.1 u If V 44w 1 . 'z'iui $ v1nv a Wn.?zlcviv .21!!! 993.!!ia3n . '31.!!me 1 x9. 921stia: 3 ." LsidtinitHthtOOhsrhrvott .i5 .l 19$ :5 :..,; . $6bsttt.v$biv$6$bw$.t ,sipasu.ts.s, 692:0! Oh! r Pam Cook, Pat Vermey, Gwen Johnson, Charlotte Miller, Susan Grohar- ing, Kathy Olson. lST R0 W: Jane Schmidt, Pat Lang, Dee Dee Lauper, Janet Goplin, Lynn Mishcwitz, Edwina Arneson, Marcia Neuenschwander. 2ND R0 W: Lin- da Freeman, Bonnie Barber, Linda Roethlisbergcr. Janet Garthwaite, Dobsonites Outstanding Party Girls ROW: Rita Rowl, Jean Ebbott, Chris Welch, Jody Ehinger. Cathy IST R0 W: Roberta Barron, Bernice Gottlieb, Donna Hanson, Linda Connolly, Sandy Temple, Jan Cornelius, Laura Lucdtkc, Carol Holthaus. Schaack, Ann Grosse, Debbie Case, Cathy Kant, Chris Brosdorf. 2ND DOBSON: lST R0 W: Barbara Tesch, Sandra Fruit, Teresa Ernst, Mary Nancy Dietrich, Gail Evans, Carol Nelson. Sandra Dunnick, Eileen Gardner, Sharon Trszynski, Joyce Clark, Susan Hedrick, Betty Thomp- Dougherty, Helene Hurley. 3RD R0 W: Nancy Monroe, Janet Allorfer. son, Luann StaufTacher. 2ND R0 W: Judy Bettinger. Mary Jo Haas, Barbara Stecher. Laurie Corneluis, Rebecca Crook. Gardner Activities WelI-Rounded GARDNER: lST R0 W: Sue Wagner, Mar- gie Komprood, Judith Schmidt, Kathy Zaji- cek, Sandra Komprood, Judy Stadele, Chris Grange, Yvonne Green, Mary Sullivan, Mary Cox. 2ND R0 W: Kay Cahoon, Sandra Pi- cha, Mary Reel, Helen Harvey. Anne Put- nam, Sandy Housner, Jeanne Peterson. 3RD ROW: Peggy Ferris, Cindy George. 1ST R0 W: Keith Seelye, Ray Baron, Tom Kellom, Jim Roberts, George Siekert, Craig Sanders, Joe C1ausius.2ND R0 W: Neale Tollakson, Geoff Crabtree, Chester Brown, Ray Lichler, Bill Korslin, Lynn Yetter, Bill IST R0 W: Dennis Hafer, Dave Henigan, Mike Reynolds, Craig Tappen, Rich Stysma, Joe Kabosh, Jim Schneider; 2ND R0 W: Dick Wavro, Ter- Wasoba, Judd Turner, Charles Sikora, Mike Reynolds, Bob Opel. 3RD R0 W: Jim Keyes, Lee Foecking, Rich Bergstrom, Gerald Fryzell, Jeff Bourgaard, Jerry Borland. ry Timm, Ken Licgel, Don Elwood, Wayne Leitzen, GeolT Crabtrce, Jerry Borland, Tony Fronk, John Dollard. EWRSITY gas t g.- 555 1ST R0 W: Larry Ruppert, Tom Laurence, John VanQuerbckc, Gordie Hartzog, Mike Reese, Eugene Bolthousc, Bill Lange, Dick Walker, Rob- Huntley, Jim Reich, Ron Lysllund, Dick Bartels, Alan Singer, Tim Sar- ert Ozimek, Ralph Tilton, JoeSchnorr, Mike Koeppcn, Clyde Nakayama, gent, John Drahcim, Ron Herro, Dick Randall, Mike Whittaker, Larry Charles Shave, Gorden Sieg, Ken Vick. ABO VE: Allan Cossavella. Bussell, Terry Kramer, Gary Sawall, Rick Jass. 2ND R0 W: Richard Royce Shows Spirit IST R0 W: Gary Parsons, Jon Elemcr, Michael Whittaker, Dick Randall, Ralph Tilton, Delbert Maag, John Palmer, James Clark, Michael Koep- Stcvc Casscl, Ronald Ware, Joe Schnorr. 2ND R0 W: Clyde Nakayama, pen, Eugene Belthousc, Ronald Herro, Richard Jass, Gary Sawall, Thomas Lawrence, Robert Oyimek, Steven Renter, William Lange, IST R0 W: Dennis Sigmund, Gerry Punzel, Don Roecker, Pat Shelton, John Maicr, Gary Rapaich, Dick Bridgeman, Jim Hedrick, Tom Hob- bick. Bill Tingley, Bill Blair. 2ND R0 W: Jim Stolen, Greg Bauer, Ed Yamada, Joe Butters, Rick Stecker, Jeff McMullin, Tom Wagner. 3RD R0 W: Rick Burnidge, Bob Kluge, John Richard, Bruce McClellan, Bill Penker, Gary Burkhalter, Harry Bengry, Ray Knutson, Ken Kasuboski, Dick Zanon. Joe Hale, Doug Enloe, Ed Hirsch, Bob Holley, Ed Schmit, Mike Myers, Bob Hutchinson. Warner Has Neck-Tie Party IST R0 W: Mike Maenner, Nick Breuer, Steve Schielke, Rod Fannon, Ron Schaumberg, Tim Unterholzner,-Lyle Ehlers. Ron Syse, Wes Hed- rick, George Gunderson, Bill Harvey, John Schroeder, Jim Strausberger, Gary Kordash. 2ND R0 W: Tim Erickson, Dave Bogenschneider, Dick Pieterson, Allen Rinzel, Greg Haacke, Tim Senn, Lee Embretson, Mike Carlson, Jim Sutton. Don Funfsinn, Torn Leuder, Tom Kunstman. LeRoy Gavigan, Tom Metcalf, Dick Rollander, Jerry Eagan, Cliff RetzlaiT, Dar- row Olson, John Biesemier, Lawrence Alt, John Euckcrt, Bob Arnot. 3RD R0 W: Dennis Healy, Aaron Digman, Ron Buzzell, Dennis Radecke, Frank Metcalf a'lead Resideno, Phil Cuculich, Dennis Kalschuer. IST R0 W: Abdul Itani, Bill Browns, Leonard Clark, Denny Heiar, John Dah- hir, Dave Allen, Tom Breister. 2ND ROW: Guy Gust, Mike Wegener, Bob Heitman, George Raab, Kip Morton, Ken Clefisch, Jeff Rushford. 3RD R0 W: Al Manx Paul Klassy, Jerry Meyer, Jim Straub, Mike Hartman, Lee Schoenfeld, John King. IST R0 W: Mike Wedge, Steve Pick, Gary Rogers, Bob Vanderzanden, Kapinus, Dave Weland. 3RD R0 W: Dave Divall, Larry Rod, Gerald Richard Burris. 2ND R0 W: William Rockwciler, Ron Prahl, Dave Feul- Becker, Dennis Larsen, Jack Hoesly. Norb Karczewski, Richard Pelkola, ing, Dave Johnson, Mike Fauske, Tom Williams, Eugene Snarski, Les Roger Rude, MikeNovak, Bob Dawson. Hippenbacker, Doug Hinchlcy, Gordon Hamberg, Dennis Mueller, James IST R0 W: Jeanne Mertz, Leslie Bartley, Georgia Jacobson, Kay Kuhn, Sue Fennema, Jo Ho, Kathy Gull, Kay Roh, Lucina Lombana, Jane Bethany Matzkc. 2ND R0 W: Sue Brauhn, Margaret Rortvedt, Dee MacLamerah, Diane Graves, Pat Knesting, Pat Updike, Anna Watrud, Lombard, Carol Blummer, Kathy Johnson, Peggy Faint, Jane Komerec, Linda Moe. Harriet Harms, Jane Massey. 3RD R0 W: Barb Cooley, Jane Le Mar, Hugunin Houses Homecoming Queen IST R0 W: Mary McCann, Jean Krause, Fran Harder, Constance Cur- Peggy McBreen, Carol Sysko, Mary Ann Purcell,-Jean Lewis, Joyce wen, Shari Sinicke, Rose Reisen, Linda Berg. 2ND R0 W: LaVonne Jan, Frochlich, Gail Reddin. 1ST ROW: Gerri Flanders, Linda VanWagenen, Lynda Buckingham, Susan Schroeder, Terry Brown, Carol Bolstad, JoEllen Spani, Kathleen McCarthy. 2ND R0 W: Teresa Herwig. Sharon Folbrecht, Judy Vinger. Sherry West, Joyce McComish, Karen Schilling, Valerie Pestor, Sandra Moore, Karen Schmitt, Janet Cashman. 3RD R0 W: Barbara Melchert, 1ST R0 W: Sue Schnering, Maureen Luctkens, Jane Bciscmcier, Cathy Potter, Ann Corbett, Sue Weber, Polly Nyman. 2ND R0 W: Cathy Han- na. Joanie Thomas, Judy Larson, Carol Erickson, Ardy Roethe, Connie Holduman, Evelyn Pilgrim. 3RD R0 W: Carol Kau. Micheal Kubiak, Mary Derringer, Bonnie Novak, Kathy Shockley, Barbara Mather, Joanne Hoff, Sharon Bonnet, Elizabeth Tank, Jayne Morric, Evelyne Caygill, Mary Ann Bino, Jean Gratz, Leola Hegge, Diane Bright, Mar- gery Arnold. Merita Wonders, Pam Kupferschmidt, Geni Baimia, Gail Schemehorn. 4TH ROW: Audrey Yankee, Lana Wood, Marilyn Schnikloth, Joyce Willging, Sue Fogle, Marilyn Crook, Linda Longseth, Jill Blakeley, Shar- on Paskc, Babette Burgy. 1ST R0 W: Judy Ruud, Kathleen Barry, Mareen Frederick, Angela Car- roll. Joan Harvey. Linda Clark. 2ND R0 W: Joann Hoesly, Barbara Morgan, Susan Honer. Jane Schellenger, Coleen Schollmeycr, Jane Calla- han, Roberta Lawson. 3RD R0 W: Louise Blakey, Jean Uglow, Mary IST R0 W: Maureen Meurer. Marsha Dallcs, Beth Phillips, Carol Gray, Christine Robers. 2ND R0 W: Wendy Brown. Christine Lochner, Dorin- da Shaw, Lucille Hogan, Jane Harris. Patricia Street, Ruth Berg. 3RD R0 W: Brenda Hess, Phyliss Kohnen, Kathy Phillips, Debbie Lauacek, Jig Nimz, Barbara Laughridge, Donna Burton, Victoria Kipfcr. Linda Sla- back, Diane Rose, Anita Neuenschwander, Julie Fitzgerald, Joy Durward. Christine Zimmerman. Mary Lou Weisendanger, Sarah Lacke, Ann Dower. Carol Barth, Sue Venable, Carla Ott, Carol Nelson. Dorothy Shelton. 4TH R0 W: Ruth Poppy, Mary Shimpach, Ann Bocthig, Cammy DcBiase, Joan Schumach- er. IST R0 W: Lana Johnson, Margie Eckstein, Judy Bowen. 2ND R0 W: ia Tedman, Judy Obert, Debra Brendemuehl, Kathy Knellwolf, Barbra Chris Mueller, Alexis Sneddon, Kathie Juchncwicz, Harriet Robinson, Wachholz, Sherry Lacchclt, Kathy Nankec. Rose Jefferson. Sharon Den- Diane Brown. 3RD ROW: Diana Williams. Carol Rae Reinekg Pam El- gler, CarolSullivan. lefson, Thelma Staples, Cindy Kahler, Sue Smith, Marilyn Johnson, Gen- Gain Memorable Friendships IST R0 W: Bette Pink, Judy Klinkhammcr. Lynn Davis, Maryann Bledsae, Linda Walker. 2ND R0 W: Ann Hamilton, Diane Hanusa, Karen Foley. Cheryl Moran. 3RD R0 W: Susan Nordeng, Mary Bennett, Diane Gour- geois, Mary Flannery, Bever- ly Klaehn. 4TH R0 W: Judy Martz, Roscann Friedl, Dor- thy Brown. 5TH R0 W: Janis Haskin, Linda Stone, Jo Rock, Sherry Fleming, Renee Burmester, Pam Allen. IST R0 W: Bob Borneman, Gary Davisom Rick Kup- ferschmidt. Ric Hofer, Gunner Decry. 2ND R0 W: Ken Riedel, Dale Lewis. Rick Gotzion, Ron Grilley. 3RD R0 W: Terry Tremel- ling, David Wiencke, Mike Bccwar, Randy Haut, Bob McQueen, Steve Hubner. ABO VE: Rod Poggioli, Dave Olson, Robin Tennes- sen. Dale Robson, Larry Hanson. Bruce Knapp. Bob Ritzimons, Arnold Dalso- ron. Duwayne Ostrem. Mr. Linden. George Hellert. David Stettenhagen, Jim Thomas. Melcher Becomes Silent Chamber 157' R0 W: Irv Snyder, Bob Tottem Dennis Levy, Nick Ringelstetter. Kieth Johnson, Rick Sawyer. Rich Schmidt. Mark Rynearson, Jim Jones, 2ND R0 W: Bob Budnick, Jim Stellner, John Corley, Gary Reber, Brian Steve Picken, SteveStreets, Anderson, Steve Teale, Don Stark, Al Hewitt, Ron Buglio. 3RD R0 W: IST R0 W: Jim Litchfield, Pat O Brien, Harry Beslcr, Mike Wedge, Greg der, Tom Wright, Willy Ganshcrt, Dave Brilliat. 3RD R0 W: Tom Wil- Popkc, Phil Hartman. 2ND R0 W: Steve Stonebeck, Larry Anderson, liams, Dan Mayer, John Swansby. Gary McCourt. Bernie Henry, Gary Swanson, Steve Harter, Bob StaufTacher, Dan Sny- McGregor Filled With Spirits IST R0 W: Tom Lee, John Tsui, Mike Fisher, Frank Rear, Ron Bomgarden, Dave Meoska. 3RD R0 W: Lyle Ott, Eddie Riegler, Dwayne Schwantes. 2ND R0 W: Gordie Martin, Ron Taylor, Burt Kahn, Dave Proctor, Rex Vane, Bert Leusink, Lee Logtcrman. Meier, Ken Glick, Lam Wing Shung, Terry Dalton, Tom Gardner, Dan IST R0 W: Dave Hass, Dick Slavik, Greg Repinski, John Guzzatta, Dick Wood, Fred Hookham. 2ND R0 W: Mike Miller. Don Williams, Ken Nordlie, Dick Som- mers, Dave Versch. Tom Robb, John Fitz- gerald, Jim Webb. IST R0 W: Brad McDowell, Walton Ulness. Hank Phelps. 2ND ROW: Tim Helgeson, Paul Probaska, Tom Golding, Ken Bcrnatt, Dan Bothc, Hank Krapf, Peter Berg. 3RD R0 W: Tom Meyers, Jim Pinoso, Frank Kucera. Bruce Kuschel, Jim WoltT, John Serra. w a . ; smmwg k . f0 7YVILLE IST ROW: A1 Kratz, Russ Spiering, John Cheadlc, Ray Touve, Steve Williams, Tom Kahle, Steve Schmidt, Tom Rech, Bruce Avery. 2ND R0 W: Greg Pekas, Dan Meyer, Bob Welch, Tom Pruno, Bob Ohle, John 1ST R0 W: Dick Nobis, John O Ncill, Gene Schnaare, Jim Kasch, Rick Meyer, Ron Lemahieu. 2ND R0 W: Dale Jenkins, Glenn Speich, Jim Tenges, Lou Littergruen. John Lee, Jim Fanta, John Boothby, Brian Bauman, Dan Hawkings, Lloyd Mullikan, Tom Zarovy. Randy Krucger. ABO VE: Jim Jovle, Tim Ulrich. Hesprich, Fritz Benton, Ken Schindler, Lee Mullikin,Wayne Mentink, Dick Prucha. X? IST R0 W: Ron Walejko, Duane Douche, William Briggs, Bob Nowicke, Dennis Gardcll, Dave Bryant, Bill Dennis, Richard Adams, Jim Selje. 2ND R0 W: George Kotecki, John Verzal, Steve StrefT. Roger Breiten- 1ST R0 W: Leo Schneider, Tom Golden, Tom Skibba, Steve Falek. 2ND ROW: Don Wemler, Daryl Luck, Baird Stouffer, Duane Wood, Pat OH Brian. John Milne. 3RD ROW: Dave Lehman, Terry Paul, Dennis field, Chuck Haylock, Jay Shivelen, Jim Hcsprick, Joe Rottmann, Steve Lobrillo, Tom Fisher, Carter Smith, Dick Nobis, Jerry Jessop, Ron Koch, Michael List, Pete Hiatrides. Schultz, Doc Helker, Dennis Larson, Hubie Trainor, Mike Joyce, LeRoy Glisan, Kurt Flechtner, Dave Larson, Harold Barry. 4TH R0 W: Brian Jung Jim Gerger, Don Macher, Mark Pudwell, Mark Hermann. 1ST R0 W: Ray Johnson, Wayne Volkman, Craig Chitwood. 2ND R0 W.- Jim Thcusch, Bill Hartmann, Dave Schabacker, Tim Wicr, Dave Hahn, Bill Holland, Dave Carnahan, Bill Paar, Dennis Wilson, Bruce Danbom, $33: Fred Bowden, Gordon Pierrson. Joe Charapata, Chuck Whitsell. Joe Mulcahy, Mike Pharo, Gary Thomas. Doug Breunlin. Ron Boehnen, Mike Knutson. Achieves "Lived-ln" Atmosphere IST ROW: George Lucas. Roger Anderson, William Farrcy, Gorden Gimski, Dar- rell Parker. 2ND R0 W: Gayle Hornctt, Robert Handel, Mi- chael H011, Terry Doyle. Greg Szejna, Steve Balsley, Robert Harma. Tom Jensen. 3RD R0 W: Rafael Fernandez, Rob- ert Waidler, Vernon PolL Lawrence Beck, David Katalin- ich, Joe Musick. John Hanson, David Newman. BROCKERT: IST R0 W: Phil Annicchiarico, John Baron, Dave Friede, mader, Pat Olson, Rick Wolf, Dave Walterick, Paul Sauber, Jim Hum- Ron Schultz, Randy Nichols, Denny Jeffers, Bill Pranga, Kieth Pike, Ted burg, John Douglas, Dave Barnes, John Brice, Larry Zander, Chuck Casper. 2ND R0 W: Bill Love, Terry Horot, Larry Zander. Steve Fro- Simmons. Burce Morgan. PORTER: lST R0 W: Jack Melville, Rich Clark, Richard Kay, Stephen Koenig. 2ND R0 W: Keith Damkot, Ken Ziegelbaucr, James Sauser, David Wil- son, Phil Smith, Terry Wilson, Charles Porter. , , if: N ; krV 1 Vi IST R0 W: Michael Kane, Thomas Bacher, Warren Lalhom, Kenneth 2ND R0 W: William Haverland, Jerry Schmidt, Gary Schoenike, William Paulini, Roger Rewolinski, Ron Reimer. Gary Ruch. Timothy Hook, Roque, Donald Beals, Emil Fankc. Robert Michelson, Stanley Koenig, Gregory Griswold, Richard Molini. Porter Energy Inexhaustible IST R0 W: Mike Lippcrt, Dave Hasey, Gary Custer, Bill Brunstad, Wen- Wayne Tobias, Garon Ricnke, Jim Berobe, Mark Bernhardt, George dell Terpin. Dennis Pobberkc, Steve Hoffman, Dave Arneal. 2ND R0 W: Lentz, Norm Sturm, Gerald Jahnz. Pete Rocke, Larry Vogt. Lee Carpem Lloyd Swanson, Tom Gacic, Adrian Banes, Pete Drone, Wes Kraft. 3RD ter, Leigh Rundell, Bob Noll, Mark Kramer, Dennis Silbaugh, Jim Borg, R0 W: Jim Spacy, Don Mallck, Dick Wicgel, Gary Polson, Lou Ferdon, George Scott. Wade White, Gordie Kramer, Tom Kohr, Joe Ebervein. 4TH R0 W: Greeks I FIRST ROW tLeft to RighO: Barbara Hansen, Karen Ruff, Barbara Cody, Jane Lembezeder, Judy Langmeicr, Jane Johnson, Carol Zellc. SECOND R0 W: John Kellicut, Bob Murray, Tom Treglowne, Bill Turoczy, Bill Bullock, Rob Botelcr, Ken Swan, Rich Hardy, Norm Littig, Stan Retrum. Fraternity-Sorority Council Governs Mike Myers serves spring Rush in the Rendevous room for the various sororities on campus. The Fraternity-Sorority Council comprises the governing body of all Greek organizations on campus. It is responsible for all rush procedures at WSU-P, approval of perspective pledges to the various Greek organizations concerning grade point status, offers runner-up trophy for Crystal Caprice, and obtains information on national Greek organizations for the benefit of Greek or- ganizations on campus. The most important goal of the FSC is to keep the fraternities and sororities at WSU-P united toward a common goal. That goal is to encourage high scholastic achievement and to develop well- rounded professional and social standards. Delta Chi Epsilon pledges sweep Main Street as their actives look on giving them encouragement. Greek Life Offers Rewards EPSII ' A PLEDGV CLASS 4 1D ARIANS 2,? cHiTwoos 3L.HEITZ 4 a LASH. Bob Mastej, Phi Alpha pledge, wheels the Epsilon Pledge Classhs pledge wheel about the campus. Nancy Lien, Repre- sented AlphaTheta Chi as their Home- coming queen candi- date. FIRST R0 W LefI t0 RighU: Nancy Lien. Joann Brandt, Suzi Boyle, Harris. Sandy Temple. Ann Cherry. Liz Hirschei. Linda Batchelor, Jean Marsha Unterscheidt. Diane Lien. Bonnie Lemkc Lois Swanson, SEC- Lipscomb, Shirley Petersen, Ike Eslien, Alexis Rivera. 0ND R0 W: Cheryl Johnson, Linda Gunnison. Judy Langmcicr, Roberta FIRST ROW tLeft to RighO: Jill Humbert, Vangi Nelson, Ellie Wubben, Linda Crull, Harriet Harms, Ruth Evert, Mary Ann Cox. SECOND R0 W: Mary Benson, Sharon Swenson, Linda Holcomb, Lynne Ayers, Alpha Theta Chi Very Active Alpha Theta Chi is the oldest sorority on cam- pus. It was founded one hundred years ago as a literary organization and has expanded to a ser- vice and social organization. Fostering educational principles is one of the sororityis goals and each spring it awards a schol- arship of $50 to a deservingjunior girl. The sorority is active in various organizations on campus, and has exhibited group spirit through its participation in Homecoming, Crystal Caprice, and MENC. Alpha Theta Chi had one sorority sister as 3 Homecoming queen candidate and four sisters as Crystal Caprice queen candi- dates. Alpha Theta Chi was also awarded the sec- ond place trophy for ttOklahomaii in the MENC music specacular. 259 x. i Jean Lunowa. Karen Hansen, Mag Clark, Karen King, Heidi Thessin. Kathie Stiles, Kris Schepp. A A s IX "X A FIRST ROW tLeft to RighO: Jerry Burdic, Mike Field, Tim Foti, Tom Froemming, John Montgomery, Ed Deneen, Ken Leitzen, Don Reed, Lindquist, Larry Schluder. SECOND R0 W: Ross Tourtellotte, Jerry Tom Kratochwill. Delta Chi Epsilon Exhibit Pioneer Pete In the spring of 1965, Delta Chi Epsilon was formed to promote brother-hood on the campus of WSU-Platteville. Throughout the year, Delta Chi Epsilon participated in many campus activi- t1es. The Homecoming parade saw the AXE-men exhibit the new Pioneer Pete head. The first se- mesterts pledge class began a new tradition of carrying a ball and chain. In the Crystal Caprice Snow Games the fraternity placed high in many events, with first prize in the egg toss. Ron Herro was chosen third runner-up in the Crystal Caprice pageant. Pioneer Pete gets a lift down Main Street in the Home- coming Parade. Al Becker and Ron Herro brave the cold, wet weather as they sweep Main Street, Platteville. FIRST ROWueft to RighD: Bruce Howdle, Jerry Bright, Harry Besleg, Schneller, John Abrams, Tom Williams, Joe Wiegert, Morris Dixon, Steve Spencer, Dennis Nehring. SECOND R0 W: Ronald Herro, Denms Dennis Kalscheur. Delta Gamma Phi sororitfs new home is at 325 West Pine Street. FIRST ROW aeft 10 Righnz Sue Speaker. Sheila Pier, Melinda Robin- Vera Sime, Barb Mcrtz, Sandee Beard, Cindy Hill, Kathy Erdmann. Pen- son, Joanie Rosemeyer. SECOND R0 W: Linda Negus, Barb Cody. Toni ny Pawlisch. Dunwoody, Elaine Geary, Karen Ruff. THIRD ROW: Sandy Sphatt, FIRST ROW tLeft to RighO: Greda Cisler, Jean Krause, Laurie Paulsen, Kaye Shields. SECOND ROW: Charlotte Pier, Pat Tisserand, Eileen Eschenback. Deanna Trost, Marlene Miller. THIRD R0 W: Jeri Oehr- lein, Mary Lou Sands, Tara Gorman, Dar Stenner, Dawn Alexander, Judy Rittenhousei Delta Gamma Phi Acquire House Honor, justice, and sisterhood, the goals of Delta Gamma Phi, have been achieved through various campus and community activities. Work- ing at the Platteville Dairy Day, making Christ- mas stockings for area Children, and serving on cancer drive committees are among the many ac- tivities the organization has participated in. This year, besides acquiring a sorority house, Delta Gamma Phiis candidate for Crystal Cap- rice, Sandy Sphatt, won the Miss Talent award. Homecoming Week also brought honors for the sorority with two second place trophies in stunt and Heat competition. 263 Delta Gamma Phi holds an informal tea in the parlor of their Sorority house. FIRST R0 W: tLeft to Righty Greg Kimmerly, Larry Slochenberger, meister, Scott Carlson, Steve Wilson, John Culbertson. Denny Ham- Roh Cowan. Mike Myers, Mick Johnson, Terry Wasmund. Homer merstrand, Dan Nye, Tom Kunstman, Bill Carpenter. Rich Russman. Leicht, Terry Davis, Mike Reilly, John Nelson, Stan Retrum, SEC- BillCarrolli 0ND R0 W." Chuck Bowen, Jon Miller, Tom Tuescher, Rick Burgerr Delta Sigma Phi Supports Stadium Fund Jean Holt and Maxine Leubke, two Delta Sigma Phi Sweethearts. 264 Last fall members of Delta Sigma Phi initiated their year by walking to Madison in support of the stadium fund. The Delta Sigs have participated in MENC with their production of ttGuys and Dollsii and in Homecoming by placing third in house decora- tion and placing in the skit competition and the ttYell Like Hellit contest. At Crystal Caprice 1968, Delta Sigma Phi was represented by three ofits members, and their dream girl, Sandra Temple, was third runner-up in the queen competition. The Delta Sigs annually sponsor a Thanksgiv- ing dance at WSU-P, and they usher the gradua- tion ceremony each year. Members of Delta Sig- ma Phi are in the SGB and SAB, and community projects include raking and mowing lawns at the Platteville Hospital. Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity make 385 Pine Street their residence. FIRST ROW Qeft to Righn: Dale Quinn, Gary Graziadei. Alvin Anton- Harlan Tipton, Dale Dixon, Allan Otto, Brian Bausch, Jim McBride. Bob son, Joe Clausius, Dale Voss, Lawrence Priban, Loren Williams. Terry Kinderman. Guy Gust, Jim Gunderson. Jim Booth, Bryan Gask, Mick Martin, John Saarinen, Ric Cummins. SECOND R0 W: Carl Wargula, Cullen. ,L, . i V . . .. FIRST ROW tLeft to RighO; Sue Amel, Jean Tierney, Mary Knight, Michelson. THIRD R0 W: Mary Severson, Kay Nechvatal, Jane Gard- Cindy Hanson, Mary Kay Spangler, Mitz Mall, Linda Skelly. SECOND ner, Marsha Davis, Sue Ottoson, Maryellyne Dorsey, Jan Dreher, Sharon ROW: Maxine Luebke, Gail Erickson, Marcia Hume, Mary Ann Emmer- Comm, Becky Bender, Theresa Schulte, Lois Gallagher. Sherry Zentner, ton, Betsy Richardson, Maureen Guerin, Rachel Rinnegan, Pat Pasell, Liz Bess Ann Davidson, Kappa Alpha Sigma: Exciting Year A successful Homecoming began an exciting new year for Kappa Alpha Sigma. Winning hrst place at Stunt Night with ttPioneer Peanutsf sharing a first place fioat with Lambda Sigma Pi and having sister Genia Tedman crowned Home- coming queen highlighted the weekend. Residing at Longfellow Manor, the Kappa Alpha Sigmas have achieved cooperation in serv- ice projects and social events. Each girl strives to achieve the qualities set forth by the Kariatheses e love, hope, charity, honesty, loyalty, obedience and self-help. Kappa Alpha Sigma was represented in Crystal Caprice by five of their sorority sisters. 266 Kappa Alpha Sigma Sorority resides in Longfellow Manor at 225 Hickory. FIRST ROW weft lo RighO: Barbara Hansen, Jane Johnsen, Ann Him- Carol Nelson, Kathleen Ford. THIRD ROW: Darlene Tillslson, Donna sel, Pat Hoffman, Barbara Johns, Myrna Osterhaus. SECOND R0 W: Francis, Jan Mickelson, Pat Reese, Sue Putnam, Genia Tedman, Maxine Mary Wilkins, Mary Casey, Tish Taylor, Diana Williams, Jane Martin, Hirsch, Jean Holt. 267 FIRST ROWtLeft to RighO: Bob Dettwiler, Rick Hempel, Tom Hilts, Don Wentler, Wally Marquardt. SECOND R0 W: Darriel Witthuhn, Bryan Blum, Paul Wiley, Den Johnson, Mike Fiscus, Pat Lacke, Greg Ross. THIRD R0 W: Bob Klenke, Steve Nielsen, Nick Sawyer, Leo Marti, Stan Marks, Rich Rol- lins, Wally Knox, Dave Adas, Bob Bergum. Lambda Sigma Pi Dominate Homecoming LSP pledges carrying their log from the TTMTT back to Platteville as a part of their pledge activities. Homecoming performances marked the begin- ning of a successful year of activities for Lambda Sigma Pi. The LSPs captured a first for their house decov. rations and Hoat competition and tied for the overall Homecoming trophy with Phi Sigma Chi and Kappa Alpha Sigma. The LSPs were repre- sented in Crystal Caprice 1968 by Jane Gardner who won the title of Miss Congeniality and by Al Charnish who was first runner-up in the king competition. In Crystal Caprice games, the LSPs placed first in the tug-of-war competition. In MENC, the LSPS placed second with their rendi- tion of ttHello Dolly? The annual Christmas dance is sponsored by the LSPs. The LSP sweetheart this year was Cin- dy Hill. The LSP mascot is a St. Bernard named ttYogiT 365 West Pine is the residence of Lambda Sigma Pi Fraternity. FIRST ROW weft to Righo: Gary Baxter, George Faherty, Terry Gorman, Don Klaas. SECOND R0 W: Lloyd Hilgendorf, Mark Jones, Mike Rawson, Jeff Beardsley, Paul Jesberger, Joe Engclhart. THIRD R0 W: Randall Loomis, Gary Zinck, Byron Reeves, Bill Bullock, Royce Bare, Jim Cox, Greg Hid- den. 269 FIRST R0 W tLeft t0 Rightt: Dave Lefeber, Lee Schomberg, Doug Wage. SECOND R0 W: Bill Barry, Gary Lien, Dave Wilson, Craig Bar- eis, Stan Bell. THIRD R0 W: Dick Randell, Bob Sexton. Dan Counsel- man, Jim Sutton, John Vick, Wess Hedrick, Jack Connelly. FOURTH R0 W: Craig Masters, Jerry Laufenberg, Gary Schaefer, Dick Arians, Dan Nechvatal, Vance Miller. Phi Alpha Psi Introduces Wheel Barb Hansen, Phi Psiis sweetheart is presented in the homecoming parade. "5" I 270 As the Phi Alpha Psi discards his pledge beanie and dons his green beret, he becomes an integral part of a fast growing Greek organization. Or- ganized only three years ago, the Phi Psis have expanded into a closely knit group of men seeking similar ideals. The Phi Psis have captured the Blood Trophy, placed first in the ttYell Like Hellii contest, and were third in the Homecoming Float competition. Phi Alpha Psi was also represented in Crystal Caprice by three ofits brothers. Phi Alpha Psi has established itself in com- munity life through its social calendar and has brought itself into personal contact with the peo- ple of Platteville and the surrounding area. Phi Alpha Psi Fra- ternity has taken resi- dence at 150 Market Street. FIRSTROWueft to RighO: Clayton Weaven Phil Smith. Greg Hinkley. cer. Lee Kucher, Bill Laser. F0 URTH R0 W: Dennis Olson, Jim Chit- SECOND ROW: Jeck Melville, John Kellicut, Bob Mastej, Don Mallck, wood, Bob Brass. Darwin Thier, Bob Kardass, Warren Wunsch, Mr. Ted Chilwood. THIRD ROW: Chuck Turpin, Steve Elvidge, John Spcn- Mendcnhall Advison. '3'; 931K C3,; FIRST ROW tLeft to RighO. Rod Wise, George Olson, Mike Hilgers, Clay Belongia, Floyd Shuttleworth tAdvisort, Greg Jencen, Jim Peterson, Don Campbell. SECOND R0 W: Bill Sawyer, John Lawny, Joe Green, Bob Bates, Buzz Martt, Paul Flateau, Phil Pichotto, Robert Jaynes, Ken Swan. Phi Delta Chi Fulfills Goals Jean Fagan, Phi Delta Chihs Sweetheart, represents Phi DeltaChi in the Homecoming parade. Since its beginning on May 15, 1965, Phi Delta Chi has constantly strived to fulfill both its goals and those of the University. They have placed a finalist in the Crystal Caprice competition every year since its founding. The fraternity also took part in the Homecoming activities and was a fi- nalist in the Stunt Night. Success in these activities has not limited the goals of Phi Delta Chit It has strived to maintain its record of success in other activities, such as MENC, Public Service Week, the blood drive, and continued service to the Pioneer Players. E: A Perspective pledges gather around the Phi Delta Chi table as an active explains their pledging activities to them at spring Rush. FIRST ROW Left to RighU: Bill Burkholder, Ron Tuemstra, Bob Rehm, Richard Crain. SECOND R0 W: Leonard Schaabl, Pat Farley. Doug Roh, Bill Turoczy, Ed Weinberg, Mike Pcpliuski. FIRST R0 W." John Dickenson, Rich Miller, Jim Knautz, Rich Carlson, Tiedt, Joel Klinge. Larry Manthe, Bob Hafenbrack, Rob Boteler. Ron Bob Moles. SECOND R0 W: Dave Ebert, John Tiedt. Mike Hartman, Wessels. Larry Severtson, Jerry Jorgensen. Phil Wyse, Jim Skowronski, Ed Falk. Chuck Buell. THIRD R0 W: Jerry Phi Sigma Display "Sir Winston" In the familiar stance ofa bulldog, is Sir Winston, Phi Sig- Phi Slgma IS the OldeSt fratermty. 0n 9ampus9 mag mascot. enterlng its lOlst year. Founded primarlly as a service society, the Philadelphians have expanded their activities to include academic and social in- ,. "m terests. an t , Acquiring a new residence at 345 West Main M ,. Street, the Philadelphians introduced Sir Win- it ston, an English bulldog, as their mascot. Activities included an ushering service for all concerts, participating in homecoming events, sponsoring a representative to the City Relation Board, and a pledge exchange with the Alpha Theta Chi. Phi Sigma fraternity is located in their new Fraternity House at 345 Main. FIRST R0 W: Mike Ryan, Dave Murphy, Norm Littig, Rom Treglowne, R0 W: Larry Hirsbrunncr, Jerry Gustafson, Bill Damm, Charlie Wickler, Jim Patz. SECOND R0 W: RIch Everson, Don Lange, Wynn Henderson, Doug Johnson, Harlan Knudson, Rick Hugill, Dave Feuling, Greg Dinnis. Gary Kersten, Denny Henncsscy, Al Hewitt, Nick Kelman. THIRD FIRST ROW tLeft to Righty Gary Miller, George Ochs Charles Confer Dale Henriksenn, Gary Brcnz, Dave Hughes, Robert Resch. SECOND R0 W: Randy Stennett Terry Meacham, Tom Weinkauf Jim Egan, Tim Phillips, T. Lundeen tAdvison. THIRD ROW Russ Tonelli, Gene Hoelker George Sobatka Rick Huggins Robert Raymond Joe Hudzina Jerry Grimaldi. Phi Sigma Chi Sponsor Crystal Queen iiNot the least, but the greatest we seekii fol- lowed Phi Sigma Chi through a successful year. It . tied for the Over-all Homecoming Trophy with Phi Slgma Chi Fraternity displays their house decoration three second place awards in the stunt float and entry for homecommg' house decoration competition; Barbara Johns, Miss Crystal Caprice 1968, was sponsored by Phi Sigma Chi. N tanntg4 x Eiliiii$aiczi g 4;? W' Phi Sigma Chi Fraternity resides at 205 Cedar in their house. FIRST ROWdeft t0 RighU: Jeff Bishop, Jeff Pabich, Brett Wood, Steve Rokesek, Bob Murrey. SECOND R0 W: Jim Ready. Jim Stola, Mike Alexander, Jerry Marty, Lenny Monson. John Miller, Jim Vedvik. THIRD R0 W: Paul Chase, Randy Milestone. Greg Dale, Don Bovra. Gary Lovell. Don Homuth. Mac Kolar, Joe Baker. $7M 1' :. O st. ' 4 V 52?; Qt FIRST ROWtLeft to Righo: Connie Gantert, Mary Aurit, Ruth Fenste- Barb Bryden, Yvonne Green, Barb Fitzgerald, Patti Butt, Gig Barton. maker, Judy Bredeson, Carol Huizenga. SECOND R0 W: Ann Bartling, Karen Gothard. Theta Sigma Chi Becomes Newest Sorority Spring of 1967 saw the beginning of the newest sorority on campus 7 the girls of Theta Sigma Chi. The group is the result of a merger with Ep- silon Sigma Sorority. Outiits of brown and yellow designate the girls ofTheta Sigma Chi. Service, scholarship and leadership were repre- sented as Theta Sigma Chi sponsored a fiower day, sent birthday cakes to students in dorms, and joined Delta Sigma Phi in building a Homecom- ing fioat. Their representatives at Crystal Caprice were Nancy Lau and Jim Booth. Three rushees listen as a Theta Sigma Chi active explains their pledging procedures at spring Rush. 278 FIRST ROW Left t0 Righo: Connie Temby, Linda Massey, Carol Zelle, Karyn Minder. SECOND R0 W: Nancy Lau, Jane Lembezeder, Karen Mealy, Phyllis Kcnney, Judy Schmidt, Ann Pitts. :53 279 Theta Sigma Chi and Delta Sigma Phi walk beside their float entry in the homecoming parade. Seniors Seniors Dances were held every week-end, to be enjoyed by everyone. Here a good crowd gathers to dance to the music of the eeHitch Hikers." EDWARD C. AEBERSOLD STUART G. ALLBAUGH PAT ANDERSON JOHN M. ANDREW JANE A. ASHMAN TL. AUMAN KENNETH C. BAARS THOMAS S. BAINBRIDC WAYNE M. BALLWEG DENNIS BARTELE WILLIAM BARTLING INALD E. BAUER ALLEN BEADLE JR. BARBARA J. BECK STANLEY BELL RGINIA M. BELLMEYER MARGUERITE BERDES ERROL W. BERKELEY SANDRA BERTRAM NNIE M. BAKER 283 JOHN BIESEMEIER PATRICIA L. BILODEAUX MARYANN BINO JUDY BISSIG GERALD R. BLOMKER DIANE BLUM NORBERT C. BOE JAMES H. BOOTH SUZANNA BOYLE JOSEPH F. BRADLEY JENNETH BRAGG RICHARD C. BRAINE ' 284 Seniors BETH A. BRANDT JOANN M. BRANDT MARY J. BRANDT PAUL BRANDT ROBERT J. BRASS TERRY C. BRAUER FRANCIS E. BRENEISEN JAMES A. BREUNIG Seniors HARLEN BRIGGS BARBARA BROUGHTON DAVID R. BROWN GEREL BROWN TONI BULLAI DONNA J. BURTON ARTHUR L. BUSCH MARY J. CAIRNS DONALD CAMPBELL RICHARD W. CARLSO TERRANCE R. CHEEK MARGARET E. CLARK ORGEC.CARRAN JILL CARTER ROBERT M. CASPER GERALD CASSELBERRY ANN CHERRY LYNDA J. CHOVAN RUTH A. CHRISTIANSON GREDA A. CISLER CHARD COC HEMS ROBERT CODA WARREN A. COHEN MICHAEL F. COLLINS 287 CONELIA A. CORDES DANIEL COUNSELMAN JAMES R. COX MARY A. COX JOHN DAVIDCULBERTSON KAREN L. CULTRA DANIEL O. CUMMINGS ARNOLD DALSORE Many times throughout the year teachers and students get together in various places to discuss the issues of today. 288 Seniors ILLIAM W. DAMM MARSHA L. DAVIS TERRENCE D. DAVIS GARY R. DAVISON ROL B. DEAKMAN LORNA E. DEBES LYNNETTE DERSCH WILLIAM J. DETERMAN O BERT A. DETTWILER RAYMOND J. DHOM ROBERT J. DIMPERIO JOSEPH C. DOBSON 289 290 Seniors WINSTON B. DOLLAND PAUL E. DORING DANNY C. DUNCAN JOY C. DURWARD ROGER DWYER DAVID R. EBERT DONNA M. ELLIS JACK A. ERB JAMES E. FINLEY JAMES T. EGAN CAROL EHRLER ENNETH E. ELMER WILLIAM J. ELSKAMP JOSEPH ENGELHART MILTON C. ENGELKE ILLIAM J. ESCH RUTH E. EVERT DAVID R. FIEDLER ROBERT T. FILLER ARRY J. FINN RACHEL FINNEGAN BARBARA A. FITZGERALD MARY A. FLANAGAN 291 Seniors SHERYL FOLBRECHT BERNARD FOWLER ELINOR FRONK MARILYN J. GALER JOHN H. GEBHARDT TERRY L. GILES JOHN GLYNN ROBERT A. GORDER DAVID GREENE MARY GREEN PAUL E. GRINDE PATRICIA K, GRINDE 292 AWRENCE GARDNER ERICH GAUSE ' ARA GORMAN THURMAN J. GRAY UY GUST GREGO RY HAACK GEORGE M. HAGEN EDWARD A. HAJEK JOEL HALE CHARLES HALL LARS HALLBERG BARBARA A. HANSEN 293 CINDY HANSON GERALD W. HANSON RICHARD A. HARDY JANE B. HARRISO MICHAEL W. HARTMAN PHIL F. HARTMAN DAVID A. HASEY RUTH A. HATFIELI Bert Glanz, makes a point at the Free University," initiated this year to discuss topics not covered in class. 294 Seniors LANA J. HEAL JAMES R. HEDRICK JOHN R. HEIDEN MAYNARD F. HEINS ROBERT A. HEITMAN RICHARD J. HELGERSON RONALD G. HENNINGS LARRY R. HERRIED NEILL E. HILL THOMAS D. HILTS JAMES HOCKING CAROL HODGSON 295 296 NORMAN V. HOESLY LINDA K. HOLCOMB STEVEN H. HOLLEWELL JOHN HOLWAY CHARLES V. HOLZER DON HOMUTH MYRNA L. HUGHES DEAN JOHANNINGMEIE DAVID J. JOHNSON PAUL V. HOWARD THOMAS HOWATH Seniors ILL A. HUMBERT ZAHN HYNDMAN CARINNE INGRAM THOMAS A. JENSEN ANE A. JOHNSEN RICHARD C. JOHNSEN RONALD R. JOHNSEN CANDACE I. JOHNSON ONALD A. JOHNSON DOUGLAS L. JOHNSON RICHARD L. JOHNSON W.B. JOHNSON 297 THREMAN E. JULIAN ROGER L. KANABLE JOAN M. KANE GEORGE J. KASSA MARGARET KELLY GARY L. KERSTEN DANIEL A. KEYES MARY L. KEYES Seniors ILA M. KIEFER HERMAN KIELHOLD BARBARA E. KIES KAREN KING 298 3K5: SUSAN J. KIRCHNER CONSTANCE G. DOUGLAS C. KITNER KAY KLAASTER KATHLEEN M. KLEIN KIRSCHBAUM HARLAN J. STAN KOENIG LAURIE E. KNOKE KOBERSTIEN LOIS M. KOLMAN KATHRYN D. KUNDERT ROGER KURTH JUDY M. LANGMEIER 299 Seniors A great deal of enthusiasm was shown this year as a great number of students, faculty and alumni cheered the football team on to a winning season. LYLE J. LAUFENBERG JONNA C. LEATHERMAN DAVID D. LEE MERLIN LEIFKER KENNETH LEITZEN BONNIE J. LEMKE DIANE K. LENZER MICHAEL J. LESTER ILLIAM R. LEUSINK GARY O. LIEN GERALDINE LIKENS JOHN LOUBSKY uTANLEY M. NANCY LUND JOSEPH C. MACHOEC DOUG MACKENZIE LOUDENBURG PAUL H. MALY JOSPEH A. ROBERT MARTIN HARLES MALONE MARCHIANDO 301 Seniors ROBERT A. MARTT LINDA R. MASSEY JULIE MATTHEWS JIM MCBRIDE JERRY MCCAULEY ROBERT H. MCGUIRE NANCY MCKENZIE PAUL McMAHON ELLEN MCNAMARA JACK McNETT MARIE MCWILLIAMS JOHN MELBY 302 JAN MELLOR BETTY A. MILLER JEROME MILLER JOE MILLER RICHARD L. MILLER RONALD D. MILLER MARK J. MINGER MARTIN A. MIRUKA 303 304 JOHN D. MITCHELL TOM MOODY STACY MORRISON CHARLES E. MUELLE HARLAN A. MUELLE MARILYN A. MUELL JEAN ANN MURPHY ROBERT B. MURRAY DAVID R. NEE CAROL NELSON GARY NELSON ROGER A. NELSON Seniors KATHLEEN Z. NEWCOMER GEORGE C. NGANGIRA RON NIENDORF DAVID M. NIES MELVIN A. NOV EY CHARLES N. OBERTS NEIL OELSTROM KENNETH A. OJA STEVE OLSON ADA E. OMAN DONALD C. OSTERDAY DANIEL J. OSTRENGA 305 CARY PALMER DAN PARCELL NANCY A. PAUL RICHARD A. PAULSO PENELOPE J. PAWLISCH GLENN PAYNE BILL PENGRA MICHAEL P. PEPLINS SHIRLEY A. PETERSEN CAROL A. PETERSON GARY A. PETERSON KATHLEEN R. PHILLI 306 Seniors Floats, bands, queens, and clowns were all a part of the 1967 Home- coming parade. Here a couple of WSU-Platteville students stop along the parade route to talk to the kiddies. PHILIP J. PICHOTTA JOHN P. PIQUETTE DONALD G. PORIOR BILL PORTER GERALD A. PORTER PRISCILLA POWELL ALICE L. PREMO ROGER B. PROKSCH 307 MIKE RADL MICHAEL J. RAFFERTY DONALD D. REED PATSY K. REESE JACKIE REID THOMAS M. REILLY MARGARET A. REINECKE JOHN T. REIS ROBERT P. RESCH PATRICK W. RIELLY DIANNE L. RIEMER JAMES L. RINGELSTETT. 309 ALLAN A. RINZEL JAMES A. RITCHIE JUDY RITTENHOUSE MARCIA L. ROBERT THOMAS B. ROBERTSON MELINDA ROBINSON PETER T. ROCHE RICHARD H. ROGGENBAUER 310 eniors RICH ROLLINS KATHY E. ROOD DIANE R. ROSE STEPHEN ROTH JERRY ROUS DARYL A. RUPNOW WILLIAM P. RUSCH JOHN J. SAARINEN ERNA I. SCHMIDT LEONARD F. SCHNABL DAVID L. SCHNEIDER LEE SCHOMBERG ERALD E. SCHROEDER LAURA C. SCHROEDER DALE SCIDMORE RITA L. SEFFROOD WILLIAM E. SHEPPARD STEVE SHOBER GERALD SIMMET ' OBERT SEXTON 311 GEORGE J. SIMONIS ROBERT A. SINDELAR DAVID G. SKATTUM NANCY K. SLEZAK JOSEPH R. SLIFKA DAVID W. SMITH ROGER E. SMITH EUGENE SNARSKI Seniors Registration, lines and more line; hurry up and wait, then more lines, until you are frustrated and want to quit before you start, but you do graduate. y IARY KAY SPANGLER MARK D. SPEAKER SUZANNE J. SPEAKER ALBERT D. SPRAGUE AVID E. SPRECHER NEIL SPURR LOIS J. STABNAW ROBERT STADEL UANN STAUFFACHER MARTIN J. STAVER GARY M.. STEIN BACH JOYCE A. STEINHOFF 313 VAUGHN L. STONER NANCY E. STRATMAN DAVID R. STRUEBING G. ROBERT SUMMERS BENNY B. STENNER KAREN F. STENNER TERRY L. STOFFREGEN BONNIE M. STONE NANCY SULLIVAN JIM SUTTON LONNIE M. SUTTON KENNETH H. SWAN 314 315 JACK M. TAYLOR GENIA R. TEDMAN GARY F. TERLINDEN KEN THEISEN MOYA A. THOMAS ROBERT A. TINSTMAN HARLAN E. TIPTON RUSSEL J. TONELLI TOM A. TREGLOWNE TOM TUESCHER CHARLESTURNER WILLIAM R. TUROCXY Seniors MARSHA R. UNTERSCHEIDT ROBERT VANDERZANDEN HELEN M. VATER STEVE VENCEL ROBERT J. VETHE D. KAY VINCENT JERRY VIRTVE JOAN L. VOIGTS JAMES WAHLBERG GARY L. WALDEN GAYLE WALKER JANET WALKER 316 DUANE WARPEL - JON WEISENSEL RNIS VENTERIS AYNE VOLKMAN ENNETH L. WALKER SANDRA WALRACK CARL WA RGALA PAULA WEADGE MARK WEBER RON WESSELS SCOTT WICHMANN 317 NANCY D. WILCOX MARCIA WILKINS HELEN M. WILKINSON EVELYN V. WILLIAM LOREN R. WILLIAMS MARY B. WILLIAMS BETTY WILSON DAVE D. WILSON Seniors Refurbishing the worlds largest th is quite a chore. The en- gineering students take one day off in the fall of the year to do a little cement work. 318 319 BURTON A. WILTFANG RICHARD E. WING RICHARD S. WITHROW BRETT WOOD JEAN A. WOODARD LAVERNE W. WOOLEVER CONRAD J. WRZESINSKI ALICE R. WUBBEN ELEANOR WUBBEN RHOAL WUETHRICH JIM WUNDERLIN WARREN WUNSICH DON WURSTER DALE YOUNG TED ZABEL CAROL K. ZELLE 320 Grad Students DONALD C. AL- BRIGHT, Orfordville, Wis. M.S. Industrial Education. TRINA M. DORTA, Arecibo, Puerto Rico M.S. English-Speech. WILLIAM H. HA- MANN, Prarie du Chien, Wis. M.S. Indus- trial Education. ROBERT F. ALDER- DEN, Fox Lake, Wis. MS. Industrial Educa- tion. W. KENNETH DU- MAIS, Livermore Falls, Maine M.S. Industrial Education. ROBERT G. HUGILL, Freeport, Ill. M.S. ln- dustrial Education. JOHN M. ANGELL, Madison, Wis. M.S. Industrial Education. FREEMAN D. EADS, Commerce, Okla. M.S. Education. WILLIAM J. KLE- MENTS, Silverton, Colo. M.S. Industrial Education. 321 RAY L. BOLIN, Mis- hawaka, Ind. M.S. In- dustrial Education. JOHN R. FAUST, Plymouth, H. M.S, In- dustrial Education. DALE T. LERVIK, Dodgevillc, Wis. M.S. Industrial Education. BERNARD L. DICK- EY, Platteville, Wis. M.S. Industrial Educa- tion. ARWIN H. GRAFF, Poynette, Wis. M.S. Education. RICHARD R. MAHLKUCH, Mon- roe, Wis. M.S. Grad Students DAVID J. MARKEE, Platteville, Wis. M.S. Counselor Education. GEORGE W. Mc- QUADE, Cuba City, Wis. M.S. Industrial Education. GARY D. NOVIN- SKA, Boscobel, Wis. M.S. Industrial Educa- tion. THOMAS W. ROOT, Savanna, Ill. M.S. In- dustrial Education. ALBERT H. SCHALL, Macomb, Ill. M.S. In- dustrial Education. RICHARDO. SCHUCK, Green Riv- er, Wyo. M.S. Industrial Education. CARL R. SCHWERDTFEGER, M.S. Teaching History. WALTER C. STUEV E, Moorhead, Minn. M.S. Education. LARRY D. UDEL- HOVEN, Platteville M.S. Industrial Educa- tion. DALE W. WENGER Dubuque, Iowa M.S. Industrial Education. WILLIAM W. WHAL- EN,E1kIand,Pa.M.S. Industrial Education. ALVIN C. WOOD- SIDE, Mt. Carroll, Ill. M.S. Industrial Educa- tion. . . . Ends With Graduation 323 Proud and happy are the recipients of the coveted college diplomas. Graduation! The culmination of four years of hard labor. Graduation! The ordering of caps and gowns, the saying of farewells t0 the faculty, classmates, and campus. The day finally arrives. Proud parents arrive on campus to witness the result of thousands of dollars. Younger brothers and sisters survey the grounds and wonder if some day they too will graduate from WSU-Platteville. The ceremony begins and the magic papers are handed out. 324 J ohn Deere 'Diibuque Tractor Wofk Dubuque, Ia. Harveys Grant County Motor 60 South Third Street Senior Activities AEBERSOLD, EDWARD C.: Dodgeville. School of Education, Geography and History; Geography Club. ALLBAUGH, STUART G.: Platteville. School of Education, Elementary Education. ANDREW, JOHN M.: Rosendale. School of Agriculture, Agriculture and Math; CAA. ASHMAN, JANE A.: Delaware, 0. School of Education, Elementary Education; Elementary-Jr. High Club, SNEA. AUMAN, T. L.: Galena, 111. School of Education, Speech and English; Alpha Psi Omega, Pioneer Players, SNEA, Newman Student Association. AYRES, LARRY J.: Brodhead. School of Engineering, Minerals; AIME, Geology Club. BAARS, KENNETH, C.: Prairie du Sac. School of Education, Physics and Math; SNEA. BAINBRIDGE, THOMAS 8.: Monroe. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering; ASCE. BAKER, BONNIE M.: Winslow. School of Education, Elementary Education; Elementary-Jr. High Club, Kappa Delta Pi, SNEA. BALLWEG, WAYNE M.: Dane. School of Arts and Sciences, Business Administration. BAUER, DONALD E.: Dubuque, Ia. School of Education, History and Geography; Geography Club, History Club, Letterman, SNEA. BECK, BARBARA J .: Richland Center. School of Education, Elementary Education and Math. BELLMEYER, VIRGINIA M.: Platteville. School of Education, Elementary Education; Elementary-Jr. High Club, SNEA. BERKELEY, ERROL W.: St. Georges, Grenada, West Indies. School of Agriculture, Agricultural Economics and Animal Science; International Relations Club, Letterman. BINO, MARYANN: Hurley. School of Education, English and French; Kappa Delta Pi, Modern Foreign Language Club, SNEA. BLOMKER, GERALD R.: Paynesville, Minn. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering; ASCE. BLUM, DIANE: Monticello. - School of Education, English and Political Science; Kappa Delta Pi, SNEA. BOE, NORBERT C.: Menasha. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering; ASCE. BOOTH, JAMES 11.: Rockford, Ill. School of Arts and Sciences, Political Science and History; Delta Sigma Phi, EXPONENT, Political Science Club, Young Democratic Club. BOYLE, SUZANNA: Darlington. School of Education, Elementary Education; Alpha Theta Chi, Reli- gious Life Organization, SNEA, WRA. BRADLEY, JOSEPH F.: Evansville. School of Agriculture, Agriculture; CAA. BRAINERD, RICHARDC.: Fennimore. School of Business and Economics, Business Administration and Eco- nomics; Beta Gamma Rho. BRANDT, BETH A.: Potosi. School of Arts and Sciences, Biology and Chemistry; Beta Beta Beta, Psychology Club. BRANDT, JOANN M.: LaValle. School of Education, English and Psychology; Alpha Theta Chi, EX- PONENT, Kappa Delta Pi, Psychology Club, SNEA. BRANDT, MARY J.: Hazel Green. School of Arts and Sciences, Business Administration and Economics; Womenis Independent Society. BRAUER, TERRY C.: Rockford, 111. School of Arts and Sciences, Business and Economics; Beta Gamma Rho, Letterman. BRENEISEN, FRANCIS E.: Fontana. School of Education, Art; An Club, Scrollers. 326 BRIGGS, HARLEN L.: Blue River. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering; ASCE. BROUGHTON, BARBARA G.: Platteville. School of Education, Elementary Education; Elementary-Jr. High Club, SNEA. BROWN, DAVID R.: Princeton, Ill. School of Arts and Sciences, Biology; Beta Beta Beta. BURTON, DONNA J.: Baraboo. School of Education, Elementary Education; SNEA. BUSCH, ARTHUR L.: Cuba City. School of Education, Music; MENC. BUTTS, ROGER W.: Albany. School of Education, Elementary Education. CAIRNS, MARY J.: Mt. Hope. School of Education, English and Psychology; Kappa Delta Pi, Sociolo- gy Club, Student Youth Volunteers. CARLSON, RICHARD W.: Winnebago, 111. School of Arts and Sciences, Animal Science; CAA, Phi Sigma. CARRAN, GEORGE C.: Beaver Dam. School of Arts and Sciences, Geography; Geography Club, Veteranis Club. CARTER, JILL A.: Platteville. School of Arts and Sciences, English and Journalism; EXPONENT. CASPER, ROBERT M.: Belmont. School of Education, Math and Psychology; Mathematics Club, Psy- chology Club. CHEEK, TERRANCE R.: Oregon, Ill. School of Industry, Industrial Technology and Business Administra- tion; CampusClovers, Industrial Education Association. CHERRY, E. ANN: Shullsburg. School of Education, English and Speech; Alpha Theta Chi, AWS, Re- ligious Life Organization, SNEA, Campus Belles. CHOVAN, LYNDA J.: Ridgeland. School of Education, Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi, SNEA. CHRISTIANSON, RUTH A.: Fennimore. School of Education, Music; MENC. CISLER, GREDA A.: Kewaunee. School of Education, History and Psychology; Delta Gamma Phi. CLARK, MARGARET E.: Darlington. School of Education, English and Physical Education; Alpha Theta Chi, SNEA, WRA. COHEN, WARREN A.: New York, New York. School of Engineering, Mining and Engineering; AIME, EXPONENT, Pioneer State Rifle and Pistol Association, Southwest Wis. Speleologi- cal Society. COLLINS, MICHAEL F.: Richland Center. School of Education, General Science and Biology; Letterman. CORDES, CORNELIA A.: Oregon, Ill. School of Education, Elementary Education; Elementary-Jr. High Club, SNEA. COX, JAMES R.: Lena, Ill. School of Education, Industrial Education and Physical Education; Lambda Sigma Pi, Letterman. COX, MARY A.: Lena, 111. School of Education, Elementary Education and Library Science; Al- pha Theta Chi, Campus Clovcrs, Elementary-Jr. High Club, Kappa Delta Pi, Karrmali, SNEA, WRA. CULBERTSON, JOHN DAVID: DeForest. School of Education, English and History; Delta Sigma Phi, Interna- tional Relations Club, SNEA, Young Democaratic Club, Student Gov- erning Board. CULTRA, KAREN L.: Oregon, Ill. School of Education, French and English; AWS, Modern Foreign Lan- guage Club, Student Youth Volunteers. DAMM, WILLIAM W.: Columbus. School of Agriculture, Animal Science; CAA, Phi Sigma. DAVIS, MARSHA L.: New Glarus. School of Education, English and Speech; AWS, Kappa Alpha Sigma, Pioneer Players, SNEA. DAVIS, TERRENCE D.: Wild Rose. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering and Pre-law; ASCE, Delta Sigma Phi, Geode, Pioneer Press Association, Pioneer State Rifie and Pistol Association, Student Governing Board. DAVISON, GARY R.: Sun Prarie. School of Industry, Industrial Arts and Business. DEAKMAN, CAROL 3.: Madison. School of Education, Elementary Education; Pioneer Players, SN EA. DEBES, LORNA E.: Edgewood, Ia. School of Education, English and Psychology; Kappa Delta Pi, Psychol- ogy Club, Southwest Wis. Speleological Society, SNEA. DETERMAN, WILLIAM J.: Darlington. School of Education, English and Journalism; EXPONENT, Pioneer Press Association, PIONEER. DETTWILER, ROBERT A.: Mount Horeb. School of Education, Industrial Education and Physical Education; Lambda Sigma Pi, Letterman. DHOM, RAYMOND J.: South Beloit, 111. School of Business and Economics, Business and Economics. DIMPERIO, ROBERT J.: Hurley. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering; ASCE, FSC, Phi Alpha Psi, Whois Who in American Universities and Colleges. DOBSON, JOSEPH C.: Cobb. School of Education, Geography and Physical Education; Geography Club. DOLLAND, WINSTON B.: St. Georges, Grenada, West Indies. School of Arts and Sciences; Technical Agriculture and Biology; Inter- national Relations Club. DORING, PAUL E.: Mankato, Minn. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering; ASCE. DUNCAN, DANNY C.: Mt. Morris, 111. School of Agriculture, Animal Science and Science; Campus Clovers, CAA, Soil Conservation Society of America. EBERT, DAVID R.: Columbus. School of Agriculture, Agriculture and Economics; CAA, Phi Sigma. ELLIS, DONNA M.: Lancaster. School of Arts and Sciences, English and Library Science. ELMER, KENNETH 15.: Monroe. School of Arts and Sciences, English and Political Science; Political Science Club, Young Republican Club. ELSKAMP, WILLIAM J.: Potosi. School of Business and Economics, Business Administration and Ac- counting; Beta Gamma Rho. ENGELKE, MILTON C.: Platteville. School of Agriculture, Agriculture and Chemistry; Circle K, Soil Con- servation Society of America. ERB, JACK A.: Madison. School of Arts and Sciences, Agriculture and Business Administration; CAA, Lambda Sigma Pi, Letterman. ESCH, WILLIAM J.: Monroe. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering; ASCE. EVERT, RUTH E.: Batavia, 111. School of Education, General Science and Biological Science; Alpha, SN EA, Campus Belles. FIEDLER, DAVID R.: Minong. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering; ASCE. FILLER, ROBERT T.: Hillsboro. School of Engineering, Minerals Engineering; AIME, Circle K, Geode. FINLEY, JAMES E.: Seneca. School of Education, Elementary Education and Math; Kappa Delta Pi, SNEA. FINN, LARRY J .2 Patch Grove. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering; ASCE, Phi Eta Sigma. FITZGERALD, BARBARA A.: Mineral Point. School of Arts and Sciences, Psychology and Sociology; RSC, Theta Sigma Chi. FLANAGAN, MARY A.: Argyle. School of Education, Elementary Education; AWS, Elementary-Jr. High Club, SNEA. FRONK, ELINOR A.: Hillsboro. School of Education, English and French; AWS, EXPONENT, Pioneer Press Association, PIONEER, SNEA, Student Youth Volunteers, Newman Club, Whois Who in American Universities and Colleges. GALER, MARILYN J.: Fennimore. School of Education, Elementary Education. 327 GEBHARDT, JOHN H.: Argyle. School of Agriculture, Agriculture and Journalism; CAA, EXPO- NENT, Pioneer Press Association, PIONEER, Soil Conservation So- ciety of America, Young Democratic C lub. GILES, TERRY L: Dwight, 111. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering; ASCE. Whois Who in Ameri- can Universities and Colleges. GLYNN, JOHN H.: Platteville. School of Education, Elementary Education. GORDER, ROBERT A.: Plattcvillc. School of Arts and Sciences, Physics, History, and Mathematics; Phys- ics Club. GRAY, THURMAN J.: Briggsville. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering; ASCE, Phi Alpha Psi, Whois Who in American Universities and Colleges. GRINDE, PAUL E.: DeForest. School of Agriculture, Agricultural Economy; REACT. GRINDELL, PATRICIA K.: Platteville. School of Education, Elementary Education; Elementary-Jr. High Club, SNEA. HAGEN, GEORGE M.: Mauston. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering; ASCE. HAJEK, EDWARD A.: Chicago, 111. School of Industry, Industrial Technology; An Committee, Disorgani- zation, Industrial Education Association, Iota Beta Sigma, WSUP-FM. HANSEN, BA RBARA A.: Richland Center. School of Arts and Science, English; FSC, Kappa Alpha Sigma, 1965 Homecoming Queen. HANSON, GERALD W.: Darlington. School of Education, English and Psychology; Kappa Delta Pi. HARDY, RICHARD A.: Fennimore. School of Industry, Industrial Education and Safety; Delta Chi Epsilon, Epsilon Pi Tau, EXPONENT, FSC, Industrial Education Association, Kappa Delta Pi, Pioneer State Rifle and Pistol Association, SNEA, Student Governing Board. HARRISON, JANE 8.: Spring Green. School of Education, Elementary Education; Alpha Theta Chi, Elemen- tary-Jr. High Club. HARVEY, JAMES W.: Madis'on. School of Education, History and Library Science; Dolphins, History Club, Karrmali, PIONEER, Psychology Club, SNEA. HARTMAN, MICHAEL W.: Loves Park, 111. School of Arts and Science, Business and Economics; Phi Sigma, Young Republican Club. HARTMAN, PHIL F.: New York, New York. School of Arts and Science, Biology and Chemistry; Beta Beta Beta, Young Democratic Club. HASEY, DAVID A.: Columbus. School of Education, Chemistry and Mathematics; American Chemical Society, Religious Life Organization. HATFIELD, RUTH A.: Belmont. School of Education, English and Spanish; AWS, Modern Foreign Language Club, SNEA, WRA. HEAL, LANA J.: Viola. School of Education, Elementary Education; Elementary-Jr. High Club, Kappa Delta Pi, SNEA. HEDRICK, JAMES R.: Polo, 111. School ofArts and Science, Psychology, Music; Psychology Club. HEIDEN, JOHN R.: Lancaster. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering; ASCE. HEINS, MAYNARD F.: Mineral Point. School of Education, Music; MENC. HEITMAN, ROBERT A.: New Berlin. School of Education, Social Science; Circle K, Kappa Delta Pi. HELGERSON, RICHARD J.: Superior. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering; ASCE, Delta Sigma Phi, EXPONENT. HENNINGS, RONALD G.: Watertown. School of Education, Earth Science; Lambda Sigma Pi, SNEA. HERRIED, LARRY R.: Taylor. School of Arts and Science, Biology and Chemistry; Veteranis Club. HILL, NEILL E.: Prophetstown, Ill. School of Arts and Sciences, Agriculture and Business Administration. HILTS, THOMAS D.: Milton. School of Education, Industrial Arts, Safety, Physical Education; Epsi- lon Pi Tau, Lambda Sigma Pi, Letterman, SENA. HOESLY, NORMAN V.: Brooklyn. School of Arts and Science, Chemistry and Mathematics; American Chemical Society, Mathematics Club. HOFSTETTER, DUANE R.: Fennimore. School of Arts and Science, Geography and Biology. HOLCOMB, LINDA K.: Monroe. School of Education, Elementary Education; Alpha Theta Chi, Elemen- tary-Jr. High Club, SNEA, WRA. HOLLEWELL, STEVEN H.: Milledgeville, Ill. School of Business and Economics, Business and Economics; Beta Gamma Rho, CAA. HOLWAY, JOHN: Prairie du Sac. School of Arts and Science, Art and Geography; Delta Chi Epsilon, Art Club, Geography. HOLZER, CHARLES V.: Seymour. School of Arts and Science, History and Psychology; History Club. HORVATH, THOMAS L.: New Berlin. School of Arts and Science, Agriculture, Mathematics, and Biological Science. HOWARD PAUL B.: Darlington. School of Business and Economics, Business and Economics; Beta Gamma Rho, EXPONENT. HUGHES, MYRNA L.: Darlington. School of Education, Elementary Education; Elementary-Jr. High Club. HUMBERT, JILL A.: Loganvillei School of Arts and Science, Sociology and Psychology; Alpha Theta Chi, FSC, Psychology Club, Sociology Club, WRA. JENSEN, THOMAS A.: Racine. School of Industry, Industrial Technology and Mathematics; Epsilon Pi Tau. JESSIE, NEAL F.: Prairie du Sac. School of Industry, Industrial Technology and Business; Industrial Education Association. JOHNSEN, JANE A.: Platteville. School of Education, Art and English; FSC, Kappa Alpha Sigma, WRA. JOHNSEN, RICHARD C.: Platteville. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering; ASCE. JOHNSEN, RONALD R.: Platteville. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering; ASCE, Letterman. JOHNSON, CANDACE 1.: Wood Dale, Ill. School of Arts and Science, Psychology and Sociology; AWS, FSC, Theta Sigma Chi, Campus Belles, JOHNSON, DAVID J.: ngyle. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering; ASCE. JOHNSON, DONALD A.: Cazenouia. School of Education, Chemistry and Mathematics; American Chemi- cal, Kappa Delta Pi. JOHNSON, DOUGLAS L.: Williams Bay. School of Arts and Science, Business and Economics; Letterman, Phi Sigma. JOHNSON, RICHARD L.: Rockford, 111. School of Education, History and Geography; History Club. JULIAN, THREMAN E.: Madison. School of Education, Elementary Education and Psychology; Kappa Delta Pi, Veteranis Club. KANABLE, ROGER L.: Viola. School of Arts and Science; Agriculture Technology; CAA, Soil Con- servation Society of America. KANE, JOAN M.: Potosi. School of Education, Music and Speech; Alpha Theta Chim MENC, Pioneer Players. KASSAL, GEORGE J.: Milwaukee. School of Arts and Science Geology; AIME, Geode, Geology Club, South west Wis. Speleological Society. KERSTEN, GARY L.: Milton Junction. School of Arts and Science, Agriculture Technology; CAA, Phi Sigma. KEYES, DANIEL A.: Cobb. School of Arts and Science, Business and Economics. 328 KEYES, MARY L.: Dubuque, Ia. School of Education, Mathematics and English; Kappa Delta Pi, Kappa Alpha Sigma. KIEFER, ILA M.: Dubuque, Iai School of Education, Elementary Education; AWS, SENA, Student Youth Volunteers. KIES, BARBARA E.: Hazel Green. School of Education, English and German. KIRCHNER, SUSAN J.: Monroe. School of Education, Elementary Education; Elementary-Jr. High Club, International Relations Club, Religious Life Organization, SNEA. KIRSCHBAUM, CONSTANCE G.: Fennimore. School of Education, English and Psychology; Kappa Delta Pi, Psychol- ogy Club. KITNER, DOUGLAS 0.: PearlCity, Ill. School of Business Administration and Economics, Business Adminis- tration and Economics; Young Republican Club. KLEIN, KATHLEEN M.: Platteville. School of Arts and Science, Business and Economics; WRA, Young Democratic Club, University F lyers. KLOOSTER, JAY M.: Monticello. School of Education, Elementary Education; AWS, Elementary-Jr. High C1ub,SNEA,WRA. KNOKE, LAURIE E.: Richland Center. School of Education, Science and Mathematics; Alpha Theta Chi. KOBERSTIEN, HARLAN J.: Baraboo. School of Education, Elementary Education; Pioneer State Rifle and Pistol Association, SN EA. KOLMAN, LOIS M.: Muscoda. School of Education, Elementary Education; AWS, Elementary-Jr. High Club, SNEA. KUNDERT, KATHRYN D.: Brodhead. School of Arts and Science, Mathematics and French; AWS, Karrmali, Student Youth Volunteers. LANGMEIER, JUDY M.: Platteville. School of Education, English and Spanish; Alpha Theta Chi, AWS, FSC, SNEA. LAUFENBERG, LYLE J.: Belleville. School of Education, Elementary Education; Elementary-Jr. High Club, SNEA, Young Democratic Club. LEATHERMAN, JONNA Q: School of Education, Elementary Education; AWS, Elementary-Jr. High Club, Kappa Delta Pi, SNEA. LEE, DAVID D.: Highland. School of Arts and Science, Business Administration and Music; MENC, PIONEER. LEITZEN, KENNETH L.: Stockon, Ill. School of Agriculture; CAA, Delta Chi Epsilon, Soil Conservation So- ciety of America, Student Governing Board. LEMKE, BONNIE J.: Prairie du Sac. School of Arts and Science, Art; Alpha Theta Chi, Cheerleader, An Club. LENZER, DIANE K.: Madison. School of Education, Elementary Education; Elementary-Jr. High Club, SNEA, LEONARD, GARY R.: Lowell. School of Agriculture, Agriculture. LESTER, MICHAEL J.: Mt. Hope. School of Arts and Science, Business and Economics; Beta Gamma Rho, Newman Club. LEUSINK, WILLIAM R.: Cuba City. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering; ASCE, University Flyers. LIEN, GARY 0.: Brooklyn. School of Arts and Science, Technical Agriculture; CAA, Phi Alpha Psi. LOUDENBURG, STANLEY, M.: Prophetstown, 111. School of Arts and Science, Political Science and Economics. MALY, PAUL H.: Sun Prairie. School of Arts and Science, Agriculture Technology; CAA, Soil Con- servation Society of America, Newman Club. MARCHIANDO, JOSEPH A.: Maquoketa, Ia. School of Education, Mathematics and Chemistry. MARGELOFSKY, MERLIN B.: Mayville. School of Arts and Science, Industiral Technology and Business Admin- istration; Industrial Education Association, Lambda Sigma Pi. MARTT, ROBERT A.: Ladysmith. School of Engineering, Minerals Engineering; AIME, Phi Delta Chi. MASSEY, LINDA R.: Barneveld. School of Education, Elementary Education and Arts; AWS, Pioneer Player, Theta Sigma Chi. McCAULEY, GERALD B.: Richland Center. School of Agriculture, Animal Science and Mathematics; Circle K. MCGUIRE, ROBERT H.: Darlington. School of Arts and Science, Chemistry and Mathematics; ACS, Mathe- matics Club. MCKENZIE, NANCY: Blanchardville. School of Education, English and History; AWS, History Club, SNEA, Campus Belles. McNAMARA, ELLEN L.: Galena, 111. School of Education, Elementary Education and French; Elementary- Jr. High Club, Modern Foreign Language Club, Pioneer Players, SNEA, WRA. McNETT, JOHN E.: Platteville. School of Arts and Science, Political Science and Journalism; Circle K, EXPONENT, PIONEER, Pioneer Press Association, Political Science Club, Young Republican Club. McMAHON, PAUL T.: DeForest. School of Arts and Science, Political Science and French; Phi Eta Sig- ma, Political Science Club. McWILLIAMS, MARIE E.: Cuba City. School of Education, French, English, and Spanish; Kappa Delta Pi, Modern Foreign Language Club, SNEA, WRA. MILLER, BETTY A.: Maquoketa, Ia. School of Education, Ellementary Education; SNEA, Young Republi- can Club. MILLER, JON A.: Brodhead. School of Arts and Science, Biological Science and Physical Education; Beta Beta Beta, Delta Sigma Phi, EXPONENT, MILLER, RICHARD L.: Juda. School of Agriculture, Agricultureal Economics; Alpha Psi Omega, CAA, Phi Sigma, Pioneer Players. MILLER, RONALD A.: Maquoketa, Ia. School of Business and Economics, Business and Economics; Beta Gamma Rho. MINGER, MARK J.: Dubuque, Ia. School of Arts and Science, Technical Agriculture; CAA. MIRUKA, MARTIN A.: Kisumu, Kenya. School of Engineering, Civila Engineering; ASCE, International Rela- tions Club. MITCH ELL, JOHN D.: Lancaster. School of Education, Chemistry and Mathematics; ACS, SNEA. MUELLER, CHARLES B.: Seymour. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mathematics, and Business Administration; ASCE, Letterman, University Flyers. MUELLER, HARLAN A.: Seymour. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering; ASCE, Letterman. MUELLER, MARILYN A.: Medford. School of Education, Elementary Education; Elementary-Jr. High Club, SNEA. MURRAY, CHARLOTTE N.: Benton. School of Education, Biological Science and Physical Education; WRA. MURRAY, ROBERT B.: Benton. School of Arts and Science, Social Sciences; Phi Sigma Chi. NEE, DAVID R.: Richland Center. School of Arts and Science, Mathematics and Philosophy; Lambda Sigma Pi, Letterman. NELSON, ROGER ALLAN: Orfordville. School of Arts and Science; Agriculture and Economics; Circle K, CAA, Letterman. NEWCOMER, KATHLEEN 2.: Leaf River, Ill. School of Education, Elementary Education; Alpha Theta Chi, Elemen- tary-Jr. High Club, Campus Belles. NGANGI RA, GEORGE G.: P.C.E.A. Ngemwa, Kiambu, Kenya. School of Agriculture, Agriculture Science and Mathematics; Internal- tion Relations Club. 329 NIES, DAVID M.: Prairie du Chien. School of Arts and Science, Technical Agriculture and Business Admin- istration; CAA. NOVEY, MELVIN A.: Prairie du Chien. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering; ASCE, Goede. OBERTS, CHARLES N.: Randolph. School of Agriculture, Agriculture and Chemistry; CAA, Soil Conser- vation Society of America. OJA, KENNETH A.: Zion, Ill. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering; ASCE. OMAN, ADA E.: Blue River. School of Education, Elementary Education. OPEL, ROBERT C.: Monroe. School of Education, Mathematics and Chemistry; Phi Eta Sigma. OSTERDAY, DONALDC.: Darlington. School of Education, Mathematics, Science, and Geography. OSTRENGA, DANIEL J.: Little Suamico. School of Business and Economics, Business Administration and Eco- nomics; Lambda Sigma Pi, Letterman. PAUL, NANCY A.: Montfort. School of Arts and Science, French and English; AWS, Modern For- eign Language Club. PAULSON, RICHARD A.: Mt. Horeb. School of Business and Economics, Business Administration and Eco- nomics; Young Republican Club. PAWLISCH, PENELOPE J.: Oregon. School of Education, Speech and Sociology; Alpha Psi Omega, AWS, Delta Gamma Phi, Pioneer Players. PEPLINSKI, MICHAEL P.: Amherst. School of Agriculture, Technical Agriculture and Chemistry; ACS, CAA, FSC, Phi Delta Chi. PETERSEN, SHIRLEY A.: Lancaster. School of Education, Elementary Education and Art; Alpha Theta Chi. PETERSON, CAROL A.: Argyle. School of Education, Elementary Education and Library Science; Ele- mentary-Jr. High Club, Karrmali, SNEA. PETERSON, GARY A.: Shawano. School of Industry, Industrial Technology; Veteranis Club. PHILLIPS, KATHLEEN R.: Dubuque, Ia. School of Education, English and History; AWS, Kappa Alpha Sigma, WRA, Young Democratic Club. PICHOTTA, PHILLIP J.: Wabeno. School of Arts and Science, Mathematics and Chemistry and Physics, ACS, Mathematics Club, Phi Delta Chi, Phi Eta Sigma, Young Demo- cratic Club. PIQUETTE, JOHN P.: Plattcville. School of Education, Industrial Education and Drafting; Epsilon Pi Tau, Industrial Education Association, Letterman. PORIOR, DONALD G.: Klondike. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering; ASCE, Circle K, Newman Club. PORTER, GERALD A.: Rockford 111. School of Arts and Science, Business Administration and Economics; Young Republican Club, Pioneer State Rifie and Pistol Association. PORTER, LEONARD W.: Cuba City. School of Arts and Science, Business Administration and Economics. PREMO, ALICE L.: Richland Center. School of Education, Elementary Education; Elementary-Jr. High Club. Religious Life Organization, SNEA. PROKSCH, ROGER B.: Stoddard. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering; ASCE. RAFFERTY, MICHAEL J.: Lexington, Mass. School of Education, Speech and Psychology; Alpha Psi Omega, Phi Sigma, Pioneer Players, Student Governing Board. REDDY, MICHAEL J.: Rewey. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering; ASCE. REED, DONALD D.: Reedsburg. School of Education, Psychology and English; Delta Chi Epsilon, Psy- chology Club. REESE, PATSY K.: Evansville. School of Education, Speech and English; Alpha Psi Omega, Kappa Alpha Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, Pioneer Players, Student Governing Board. REILLY, THOMAS M.: Dodgeville. School of Arts and Science, English and Journalism; Delta Sigma Phi, EXPONENT, Pioneer Pep Club, Pioneer Press Association, Student Governing Board, Campus Organizations Board. REINECKE, MARGARET A.: Potosi. School of Education, English and Psychology. REIS, JOHN T.: Madison. School of Arts and Science, Business and Economics; FSC, Lambda Sigma Pi, Student Director, Student Employment Board. RESCH, ROBERT P.: Birnamwood. School of Arts and Science, Chemistry and Mathematics; ACS, Phi Sigma Chi, Phi Eta Sigma. RIELLY, PATRICK W.: Darlington. School of Arts and Science, Social Science and Political Science. RIEMER, DIANNE L.: Brodhead. School of Arts and Science, Speech and Home Economics; Alpha Psi Omega, Pioneer Players, Eta Tau. RINGELSTETTER, JAMES L.: Couderay. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering; ASCE. RINZEL, ALLAN A.: Kewaskum. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering; ASCE, Phi Eta Sigma. RITCHIE, JAMES A.: Boscobel. School of Education, Speech and Safety; Alpha Psi Omega, Pioneer Players. ROBERT, MARCIA L.: Phoenix, Ariz. School of Education, English and Political Science; AWS, EXPO- NENT. ROBERTSON, THOMAS 8.: Madison. School of Education, History and PoliticalScience; HistoryClub, Young Republican Club, Student Governing Board. ROCHE, PETER T.: Rockford, Ill. School of Business and Economics, Business Administration and Ac- counting; Beta Gamma Rho. ROELKE, JERRY L.: Lodi. School of Education, Geography and Physical Education; Geography Club, History Club, Lambda Sigma Pi, Letterman. ROGGENBAUER, RICHARD H.: Hartford. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering; ASCE, Modern Foreign Language Club. ROOD, KATHY E.: Potosi. School of Education, Biology and Physical Education; Beta Beta Beta, Student Youth Volunteers, WRA. ROSE, DIANE R.: Hillpoint. School of Education, Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi, SNEA. RUPNOW, DARYL A.: South Wayne. School of Education, Biology and Mathematics; Beta Beta Beta, SNEA. RUSCH, WILLIAM P.: Valders. School of Arts and Science, Agriculture and Business; CAA, Delta Sigma Phi, EXPONENT, FSC. SAARINEN, JOHN J.: Rockford, 111. School of Arts and Science, Metal Technology; Delta Sigma Phi, Uni- versity F lyers. SCHMIDT, VERNA 1.: Fort Atkinson. School of Education, Elementary Education; AWS, Elementary-Jr. High Club, Kappa Delta Pi, SAPS, SNEA, WRA, Young Democratic Club. SCHNABL, LEONARD F.: Black Creek. School of Arts and Science, Business Administration and Economics; Phi Delta Chi. SCHNEIDER, DAVID L.: Lancaster. School of Arts and Science, Psychology and Mathematics; Mathemat- ics Club, Psychology Club. SCHNEIDER, DONALD G.: Daivs, 111. School of Arts and Science, Biological Science and Chemistry; Delta Sigma Phi, EXPONENT. SCHROEDER, GERALD E.: Loganville. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering; ASCE. SCHROEDER, LAURA C.: Hartland. School of Arts and Science, Speech, English, and J ournalism; Alpha Psi Omega, EXPONENT, Iota Beta Sigma, Pioneer Players, Pioneer Press Association, PION EER, WSUP-FM. SEFFROOD, RITA L.: Monroe. School of Education, History and Sociology; AWS, EIementary-Jr. High Club, History Club, Sociology Club, SNEA, Student Youth Vol- unteers, Campus Belles, Student Governing Board. SHEPPARD, WILLIAM E.: Sparta. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering; ASCE. SIMONIS, GEORGE 1.: Vesper. School of Arts and Science, Physics and Mathematics; Physics Club. SINDELAR, ROBERT A.: Platteville. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering; ASCE, Epsilon Pi Tau. SINGER, ALAN C.: Chicago, Ill. School of Business and Economics, Business Administration and Eco- nomics. SKATTUM, DAVID G.: Argyle. School of Arts and Sciences, History and Geography; MENC, Young Democratic Club. SLEZAK,NANCY K.: Lodi. School of Education, Elementary Education; Elementary-Jr. High Club, Kappa Delta Pi, SNEA, Student Youth Volunteers. SLIFKA, JOSEPH R.: Berwyn, Ill. School of Education, Industrial Education and Safety; Epsilon Pi Tau, Industrial Education Association. SMITH, DAIVD W.: Monroe. School of Arts and Science, Business and Economics. SMITH, ROGER E.: Rockford, 111. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering; ASCE, Pioneer State Rifle and Pistol Association. SPANGLER, MARY KAY: Sun Prairie. School of Education, Elementary Education; Elementary-Jr. High Club, Kappa Alpha Sigma, SNEA. SPEAKER, MARK D.: Fennimore. School of Engineering, Minerals; AIME, Geode. SPEAKER, SUZANNE J.: Boscobel. School of Education, English and Speech; Delta Gamma Phi, WRA. SPRAGUE, ALBERT D.: Muskego. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering; ASCE. SPRECHER, DAVID E.: Sauk City. School of Arts and Science, Technical Agriculture and Business Admin- istration; CAA. STABNAW, LOIS J.: Black Earth. School of Education, Music; MENC, SNEA. STAUFFACHER, LUANN: Monroe. School of Education, Elementary Education; Elementary-Jr. High Club, SNEA. STAVER, MARTIN 1.: Cuba City. School of Education, Elementary Education. STEINBACH, GARY M.: Plattcville. School of Education, Industrial Education; Epsilon Pi Tau. STEINHOFF, JOYCE A.: Rewey. School of Education, Mathematics and English; Mathematics Club, SNEA. STENNER, BENNY B.: Fennimore. School ofArts and Sciences, Social Science and History. STENNER, KAREN F.: Fennimore. School of Education, Elementary Education. STOFFREGEN, TERRY L.: Galena, Ill. School of Education, History and Physical Education; Delta Chi Epsi- lon, HistoryClub, Kappa Delta Pi, Letterman, SNEA. STOLEN, JAMES R.: Deerfield. School of Arts and Science, Social Science; Phi Sigma, Young Demo- cratic Club. STONE, BONNIE M.: Cuba City. School of Education, English and Music; MENC, Pioneer Players, SNEA. STONER, VAUGHN L.: Shannon, Ill. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering; ASCE. STRATMAN, NANCY E.: Oregon. School of Education, English and Speech. STRUEBING, DAVID R.: Monona. School of Arts and Science, History and Economics; Beta Gamma Rho, History Club, Pioneer State Rifle and Pistol Association. SUMMERS, G. ROBERT: Cuba City. School of Education, History and Physical Education. SUTTON, LONNIE M.: Beaver Dam. School of Arts and Science, Biology and Agriculture; Beta Beta Beta. SWAN, KENNETH H.: Franksville. School of Arts and Science, Chemistry and Agriculture; ACS, FSC, Phi Delta Chi, Eta Sigma. TAYLOR, JACK M.: Muscoda. School of Education, General Science and Biological Science. TEDMAN, GENIA R.: Freeport, 111. School of Education, Mathematics and English; AWS, Kappa Alpha Sigma, SNEA, WRA. TERLINDEN, GARY F.: West Bend. School of Agriculture, Agriculture and Business Administration. THOMAS, MOYA A.: Platteville. School of Education, French and German; Epsilon Pi Tau, Modern Foreign Language Club. TINSTMAN, ROBERT A.: Holcombe. School of Engineering, Minerals Engineering; AIME. TIPTON, HARLAN E.: Pecatonica, 111. School of Arts and Science, Business and Economics; Delta Sigma Phi. TONELLI, RUSSELL J.: Cicero, 111. School of Arts and Science, Mathematics and Sociology; FSC, Phi Sigma Chi, Phi Eta Sigma. TREGLOWNE, TOM A.: Wauwatosa. School of Education, General Science, Mathematics, Geography, and Drivers Education; FSC, Letterman, Phi Sigma. TURNER, DAIVD B.: Attleboro, Mass. School of Industry, Industrial Education; Phi Sigma. TUROCXY, WILLIAM R.: Kenvil, NJ. School of Arts and Science, Mathematics and Safety; FSC, Phi Delta Chi. UNTERSCHEIDT, MARSHA R.: Cassville. School of Education, English and Library Science; Alpha Theta Chi, Karrmali, Religious Life Organization, SNEA, WRA. VANDER ZANDEN, ROBERT 1.: Combined Locks. School of Arts and Science, Chemistry and Mathematics; ACS, SAB. VATER, HELEN M.: Owen. School of Education, Biology and Mathematics; Beta Beta Beta, Whois Who in American Universities and Colleges. VENTERIS, ARNIS: St. Paul, Minn. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering; Civil Engineering Society, ASCE. VETHE, ROBERT J .: Baraboo. School of Education, Elementary Education. VINCENT, D. KAY: Lancaster. School of Education, Music and Home Economics; MENC, SNEA. VIRTVE, JERRY R.: Hanover, 111. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering; ASCE, Circle K. VOIGTS, JOAN, L.: Platteville. School of Education, Mathematics and English; Mathematics Club, SNEA. WALDEN, GARY L.: Blanchardville. School of Arts and Science, Business and Economics. WALKER, GAYLE M.: Orangeville, 111. School of Education, Elementary Education and Physical Education, Elementary-Jr. High Club, WRA. WALKER, JANET A.: Lancaster. School of Education, Elementary Education; Elementary-Jr. High Club, SNEA. WALKER, KENNETH L.: Antioch, Ill. School of Arts and Science, English and Psychology; EXPONENT, Pioneer Press Association, Psychology Club, WSUP-FM. WALRACK, SANDRA JO: Mineral Point. School of Education, Elementary Education; Art Club, Elementary-Jr. High Club, SNEA, WRA. WALTER, DONALD E.: Freeport, Ill. School of Arts and Science, Chemistry and Mathematics; ACS. WARGALA, CARL R.: Milwaukee. School of Education, Industrial Education; Delta Sigma Phi, Industrial Education Association, Pioneer State Rifie and Pistol Association. WEADGE, PAULA M.: Muscoda. School of Education, Elementary Education and Library Science; AWS, Elementary-Jr. High Club, Kappa Delta Pi, SNEA. WEBER, MARK W.: Lancaster. School of Arts and Science, History and Geography; History Club. 331 WESSELS, RONALD A.: Farmersburg, Ia. School of Arts and Science, Technical Agriculture and Biology; CAA, Phi Sigma. WICHMAN, G. SCOTT: Ridgeway. School of Education, History and Political Science; History Club, Kap- pa Delta Pi, Young Republican Club. WILCOX, NANCY D.: Livingston. School of Education, English and French; EXPONENT, SNEA, Cam- pus Belles. WILKINSON, HELEN M.: Black Earth. School of Education, Elementary Education; Elementary-Jr. High Club, SNEA. WILLIAMS, EVELYN V.: Lancaster. School of Education, Speech and English; Dolphins, Pioneer Players, SNEA. WILLIAMS, LOREN R.: East Troy. School of Arts and Science, Animal Science; CAA, Delta Sigma Phi, Whois Who in American Universities and Colleges. WILLIAMS, MARY 8.: Dodgeville. School of Education, General Science and Biological Science; Elemen- t7.ry-Jr. High Club, Kappa Delta Pi, SNEA. WILLY, PAUL R.: Galena, 111. School of Arts and Science, Biological Science and Chemistry; Circle K. WILSON, DAVE D.: Juneau. School of Agriculture, Agriculture; CAA, Soil Conservation Society of America. WILTFANG, BURTON A.: Monroe. School of Business and Economics, Business and Economics; Delta Sigma Phi. WING, RICHARD E.: Nora, 111. School of Education, Mathematics and Physics; Mathematics Club, Physics Club, SNEA. WITHROW, RICHARD S.: Geneseo, 111. School of Education, Industiral Education; Epsilon Pi Tau, Industrial Education Association. WOERPEL, DUANE C.: Cuba City. School of Education, English and Safety. WOODARD, J EAN A.: Platteville. School of Arts and Science, Biological Sciences; Campus Clovers. WOOLEVER, LAVERNE W.: Waterloo. School of Arts and Science, Technical Agriculture and Biology; CAA. WRZESINSKI, CONRAD J.: Wisconsin Dells. School of Education, Elementary Education; Kappa Delta Pi, Young Republican Club. WUBBEN, ALICE R.: Hazel Green. School of Education, English and Journalism and History; EXPO- NENT, Pioneer Press Association, SNEA. WUBBEN, ELEANOR J.: East Dubuque, 111. School of Education, Elementary Education, Alpha Theta Chi, Elemen- tary-Jr. High Club, SNEA, WRA. WUETHRICH, ROAUL D.: Monroe. School of Arts and Science, Business. WUNDERLIN, JAMES F.: Platteville. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering; ASCE, Newman Club. WUNSCH, WARREN H.: Sheboygan. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering; ASCE, Phi Alpha Psi. WURSTER, DON R.: Hillsboro. School of Education, Music; MENC, Young Democratic Club, Student Governing Board. ZABLE, THEODORE H.: Oshkosh. School of Engineering, Civil Engineering; ASCE. ZELLE, CAROL K.: Rockford, 111. School of Education, Elementary Education and History; FSC, SNEA, Theta Sigma Chi. Index Alpha Psi Omega 202 Alpha Theta Chi 258, 259 American Chemical Society 221 American Institute of Mining Engineers 210 American Society ofCivil Engineers 184, 185 Association of Women Students 228 Baseball 166-169 Basketball 146151 Beta Gamma Rho 200 Brochen Hall 248, 249 Campus Clovers 207 Cheerleaders 174, 175 Chorus 114 Circle K. 206 Collegian: Agriculturc Association 180, 181 Concert Series 92, 93 Cross Country 144-145 CrystalCapricc 100-109 Dena Chi Epsilon 260, 261 Delta Gamma Phi 262, 263 Delta Sigma Phi 264, 265 Dobson Hall 232-236 Ebony Club 208 Epsilon Pi Tau 203 Exponent 194, 195 Fraternily-Somrity Council 256 Football 136-141 Forums 96, 97 Gardner Hall 237 Geode 198 Geology Club 220 Glecman 116 Golf 170, 171 Gymnastics 160, 161 History Club 222 Homecoming 82-91 Hugunin H311242-245 Industrial Education Association 217 IEEE 216 International Relations Club 226 InlramuralSpons 176, 177 Kappa Alpha Sigma 265, 266 Kappa Delta Pi 209 Karrmali 223 Lambda Sigma Pi 267, 268 Lctlcrmen1s Club 188, 189 Marching Band Malhemalic Club 223 McGregor Ha11247 Mclchcr Ha11246 Miner1s Week 130-133 Modern Foreign Language Club 218 Music Educators National Conference 209 Phi Alpha Psi 270, 271 Phi Delta Chi 272, 273 Phi Eta Sigma 201 Phi Sigma 196, 197 Phi Sigma Chi 276, 277 Physics Club 221 Pi Kappa Delta 205 Pioneer 196, 197 Pioneer Pistol and R111: C1ub 211 Pioneer Players 192, 193 Pioneer Prcss Association 199 Porter P1311250, 251 Psychology Club 222 Royce Ha11238, 239 Ski Club 230, 231 Soccer 142, 143 Sociology Club 219 Student Activities Board Student Governing Board 229 Student National Education Association 186, 187 Student Youth Volunteers 227 Swimming 156. 157 Symphony Band Tennis 172, 173 Theta Sigma Ch1278. 279 Track 164, 165 Veleran1s Club 213 Warner H311240, 241 Wesley Foundation 226 Women1s Independent Association 215 Women's Recreational Association 190, 191 Wrestling 152-155 WSUP-AM7FM 182, 183 Young Democrats 212 Young Republicans 214 FACULTY Adams, RichardC. Al-Knafaji, Abdul A, A1 Yasiri. Kahlan Bahmann, Rosa Baker, Norman A. Balge. Russell .1. Barnes, Mary W1 Barth, John Bass, Gene R. Bausch, Bertha Beal, M. Ann Beals, Harold Beighley, Kenneth Bcslor, Glenn Blackburn, Elizabeth Bocbel, Leo Boebel, Loren Bowerman, Jon Bradford, Lyle Brooks, Glenn Broquisx, Oliver Broughton, W. A. Brown, Bcverly Brown, George Buchanan, Philip Bull, James Bullis. George Bumgardner, Bill Burkhamcr, John Busby, Edward O. Buswcll, H. Arlene Buttery, William Cain, Paul Campbell, William Carothcrs, 0110 M. Carpenter. Myrtle Case, Andrcw Caudle, George F. Charles, Monte 3. Check, Franklin Chcng, Samuel K, K, Clark, Barbara Clark, Maurice Coffee, Bernice Coffee, R.C1i1Tord Colaluca, Joseph C. Collings, Leigh Col1ins, Charles Collins. Patricia Connor, Joyce Cooke, Arthur Choltingham, John Cropp, Robert A, Crown, Marcus Curtis, Ralph Daniel, Edythe Daniels, Jerome Darrow, Gerald Dennis, William DcNure, Charles DiMeglio, Peter N. Dixon, Dale C . Doering, R. R. Dominguez, Nestor .L Drake, Raymond Dunn, Francis Dykstra, Jay N1 Dzickanowski, Chester Eberlcin, Fred Ehcrenman. William Ehret, Harold Essie, Judith Estock. Joseph J. Fahcrly, Keith Farnum, Emily Fatzinger, Dale R. Fink, Michael Fisher, Mary Foulkcs, Robert Francois, Emily Freudenreich, Georgeanne Frost, C. Robert Gallagher, Neil Garsidc, Leonard 332 Gales, Barbara Gauger,Pau1 Gilroy, Charles W. Glanz, Ben Glassburner, Fred Gober, Ruth Gottschalk, Roger Grant, Staphen Gray. Merlyn Gronbeck, Marius Gundy, Glen Harman, Walter Hansen, C. Helene Hansen, Harold R. Hansen, Robert C Harrell, E. G Harris, Edmond Hanshorn, R. A Hassan, Iftikhar Hauscr, Roger E. Hcidenrcich, Charles J. Hendrick, Carol chdrickson, Thomas Hcrmcier, Raymond K. Hcrshberger, James Hickey, Thomas P. Higgs, Roger L. Hi11, Russell J. Himes, William HotTman, William Hohenstcin, Margaret Hood, C. Ellsworth Hood, Charles G. Hood, Joyce Hoornslra, Charles Hoover, Roger L. Hullman, Don H. Hussain, Zahid Hutcheson, Harold Hutchison, Samuel Hyscn, Wayne Ienatsch, Gram P. Ingram, Terrance Jackman, Duane A. Jahn, J. Russell Jensen, William R. Johanscn, A. Nicholas Johnson, Clifford S. Jonas, Thomas J. Jones, Reginald J. Jones, Rosamond Joppa, Betty Julian. Diane Kamps, Kenneth G. Kannel, Edward J. Keithlcy, Mildred King, Ear1 E. Kirby, J ack Kissncr, William E. Klaasscn, Dwight Knight, Charlotte Koufacos, Corina Krishman, T. R. Rama Kundcrt, Kenneth Lamb. David Landsverk, Janet Lee, Lynn A. Lee, Mary Lcill, L. James Leitl, Lester .1. Linden, Lloyd J. Lobcrger, Richard J . Lory, Francis Longhorn, Milton Loy. Wayne R. Lucbbert, William C. Lueck, Barbata A. Lundecn, Thomas B. McCullough, Earl S. McNen, John F. Mahan, Elton Mahoncy. Gcorgc Mallow, Marlys J. Manwaring, Janet Manwaring, Max G. Markoc, David Martin, Pauline Martin, William Mason, Dwayne R. Mayer, Wilhelm Mayhew, Marguerite Mendenhall, James Menninga, Alvin Metcalf, Frank Metzner, Stephen Miller, Sidney C. Mish, Thomas Mitchell, Milton Moen, John Molitor, Dean Moore, Edwin E. Moore, Stanley R. Moriarty, Paul V. Muth, Philip Myrbo, Calvin L. Nash, Anne Neal, Elise A. Nelson, Orval L. Niederberger, William A. Nikolai, Loren Nikolai, William L. Nollncr, Edward J. Oberlin, Lynn C. Ohm, Jcn'y C. Olsen, Robert Olson, Howard C. Olson, Jon 0'Nc111.John N. Oomens, Fredrick Orth, John R. Orvis, Joan Pagenkopf, Victor Palmer, Harris Pappas, James Pearce, H.01 Pederson, Harry 193 Pena, Sandra Phillips, Robert Pisula, George Podbclsek, Allan Powers, Norman Pralher, Carol Pross, Frank Ranum, Paul Rayford, Bonnie Rector, William Reeves, Royce Rem, Del J. Rckstad, Joan Rekstad, Patricia Remington. George Rezazadch, Gloria Richards. Tom Richcrt, A. Allan Riechcrs, Paul Robertson, John G. Rock, Dolores Rockwell, Perry J . Roscnthal, Ray W. Ross, Jacqueline Ross, James M. Royce, Knut S. SaLoutos, Charles Schaal, Donald Scheppers, Gerald Schwark, Bryan Sears, F rances A. Sens, James Sevenich, Richard Shaver, Roy Shcn, Eugene Shjbley. John Short, Ray Shubak, Kennexh Shutllcwonh, Floyd Sicbcrs, Karen Simonson, John C. Smith, Joan Smith, Joseph Smith, Roy Smith. Theodore Sommer, Robert Sporre, Robert Spolo, Raymond Spradling, James Steinglass, Stevcn Steinman, James F. Slrohm, Jerry Studnicka, Frank Stuclkc, DuWayne Stucssy, Susan Sundin. Charles E. Swan, Avis Sween, Roger Tanksley, Robert Thompson, Arthur Thompson, Vern Tierney, Helen Ticlzc. William Tilbury, Glen Trine, F. Dawson Tufte, Fredric U11svik, Bjarnc 28 Van de Voort, George Vclzy, Robert Verger, Don Venein, L. Dale Voth, Theodore Vradenbrug, Vernon Wachholz, Richard Wadlwitz, Richard Wagner, Russel 0. Wall, Weldon T. Wang, Yuan-Ling Ward, James Waterman, Carole Waters, Thomas Weinkauf, Ronald A. Welsandl, Roy White, Alice Whitney, John Wilhelm, James Willarson, Jon B. Willis. Harold Wing, Robert Winh, Neil Woods, Margaret C. Woods, R. Keith Wooldridge, John Zellmer, Luther Zielke, Steve Zink, John R. STUDENTS Abalu, George D. 142, 200, 226 Abdoo, Vern J. Abing, Allen J. Abing, Gerald W. Abing, Joyce M. 234 Abing, Steven W1 Abing, Thomas Abrams, John R. 261 Abu, Adas Hisham Abu-Lughod, Yahya H. Acaley, Lauren D. 227, 233 Acmrdo, Steven P. Acoctturo, John V, Accola, Alton R. 112, 209, 227, 229 Adam, Ulrich H. 217 Adams, Jeanne M. Adams, Richard J. 180, 250 Adams, Robert C. Adams, Vicky E. Adamson, Linda M. 232 Adas, David F. 136, 138, 188, 268 Addison, Gail A. Addison, Robert L 224 Adelmann, Constance A, 187 Adler, Patricia H. 219, 222, 227, 232 Adrian. Gary L, Adrian, Lane D. Adrian, Mark V, Aebcrsold, Edward C. Aeschbacher, Robert E. Agen, Richard A. 220 Ahlgrcn, Linda J, Akcrhielm, Richard S, Alasbrenncr, Candy 232 Albancsc, George D. Alcott, Joyce E. Alex, Donald R. Alexander, Dawn E. 263 Alexander, Mike 276 Alexander, Randy R. 214 Algrim, Vicky L. Al-Khafaji, Tanya M. Allard, Donald J, 231 Allbaugh, Marcia A. Allbaugh, Stuart G. Allen, David 241 Allen, James Allen, Pamela 208, 245 Allen, Sharon 212 Allness, Fred All. Janet Alt, Lawrence 240 A11, Michael AltholT, Ronald 216 Altorfcr. Janet 237 Alvslad, Martin Al-Yasiri, Ann M. Al Yasiri, Rafnah A. Amel, Susan 266 Ames, Dennis Ames, John Am herdt, James Ancona, Marvin Andersen, Richard Anderson, Brian 246 Anderson, Dale Anderson, Darrell Anderson, Jill 233 Anderson, Jim 163 Anderson, Jodon 223 Anderson, Jon Anderson, Karen 219, 222, 227 Anderson, Kenneth Anderson, Larry 181 Anderson, Larry A. 206 Anderson, Larry G. Anderson, Larry Gene Anderson, Lawrence Anderson, Patricia 234 Anderson, Robert Anderson, Roger 251 Anderson, Steven Anderson, Steven M. Anding, Rodney Andrew, John Andrews, Dennis Andrews, Ruby Androsiglio, Vincent Annen, Stephen Annicchiarico, Philip Anlonson, Alvin 264 Appert, Rita Arendt, Norman 142 Argraves, John Arians, Richard 270 Arris, Abdul Armstrong, Mary 227 Armstrong, Morton 112 Armstrong, Robert Arneal, David 253 Arncson, Edwina 236 Arnold, Margery 190, 226, 228, 243 Arnot, Robert 240 Arth, Patricia Artuner, Ahmet Ashlock, Jesse Ashman, Jame Atkins, Bruce Atkinson, Robert 135 Atkinson, Ronald Atkinson, Vicki 191 Auman, Terrence 192, 202 Aurit, Mary 233, 278 Ausman, David Austin, Linda Austin, Robert Austin, Steven Aulerman, Paul Avery, Bruce 196, 199, 250 Awadis, Nousis 226 Ayen, James Ayers, Lynne 259 Ayers, Larry 210 Baars, Kenneth 186, 221 Babinski, James Bablcr,Carl 181, 214 Bacher, Thomas 253 Badcr, John Bahl, Barbara Bahls, Donald Bahn, Richard Bahowick, Eleanorc Baima, Eugenia 190, 243 Bainbridge, James Bainbridge, John Bainbridge, Michael Bainbridgc, Sandra 205 Bainbridge, Thomas Baker, Bonnie I86, 204, 225 Baker, Joseph 276 Baker, Karen 235 Baker, Laurence Baker. Sandra Baker, Terry Baldwin, Henry Balla, Frances 191 Ballweg, Wayne Balsley, Ann Balslcy, Stephen 251 Banes, Adrian 253 Barber. Donnie 236 Barber, Stcven Barbuch, Ruben Barcus, Richard Bare, Royoc 269 Bareis, Craig 230, 270 Barker,Connic 187, 235 Barker, Larilyn 209, 225 Harmon, Penny Barnes, David Barnett, William Baron, Raymond I80, 224 Barrett, Ronald Barron. Roberta 191, 208, 236 Barry, Kathleen 244 Barry, Harry Barry, William 270 Bartel, Edward Barlcls. Beverly 235 Bartcls, Donald 333 Barlels, Lewis 239 Barlcls, Richard Banels. Richard R. 239 Bartcls, Terry Barth, Carol 244 Barth, John 136, 188 Barth,Thomas 136, 141, 188 Barth, Virginia Bartlcy, Lesley 242 Bartling, Ann 232, 278 Battling, Thomas 136 Barlling, William Bartel, Gregory Barlon, Eileen 278 Bartos, Frederick Bass, Carol Bassery, Firouz Batchclor, Linda 258 Bate, Robert 136, 177 Bates, Robert 142, 272 Bates, Sue 228 Battist, David Bauer, Aurey Bauer, Donald Bauer, Gary Bauer, Gregory 239 Bauer, Larry Bauman, Brian 250 Baumcistcr, David Baumgart, Richard Baumgarlncr, Scott Baumgartncr, Thomas Bausch, Brian Bausch, Thomas Bautch, Richard 184 Baulsch, Daniel Bavol. Charles 136 Baxter, Gary 269 Baxter, Joanne Baxter, Joseph Beadle, Allen Bcals, Donald 253 Beard, Diane Beard, Sandra 263 Beardsley, Anthony Beardsley, Jeffrey 269 Beanie, Jean Beanie, John Beck, Barbara Beck, David Beck, Lawrence 251 Becker, Allan Becker, Gerald 241 Becker, James 209 Becwar, Michael 246 Bee, Kevin Beecher, Paul Behm, Larry Behne, Rona1d Behrens, Cheryl Bchrcns, Donna Bchrcns, Robert Beighley, Shirley Being, Ed 185 Belkcn, Marcia 233 Bell, Bart Bell, GeolTrey 210 Bell, Stanley 180, 201, 270 Bellmcyer, Virginia 186, 225 Belungia, Clayton 272 Belthouse, Eugene 239 Bender, Rebcoca 192, 205, 266 Bcngry, Harry 234 Bengry, Mark Benish, Jerry Benner, Geoffrey Bennett, Charles Bennett, Joan 245 Bennett, Mary Benson, Marjorie 259 Benson, Roger Benton. Fritchof 249 Bcntz. Brian Beran, J. C. 225 Beran, John 252 Bcrdcs, Marguerite 212 Berendcs, Robert Berg, Linda 204, 242 Berger, Gary Bergeson, Andrew 231 Bergstrom, Richard Bcrgum, Robert 136, 152, 155, 188, 268 Berkeley, Errol 188, 226 Bcrnatt, Kenneth 248 Berndt, Kenneth 184 Bernhardt, Dale Bernhardt, Jane Bernhardt, Mark 253 Bernign, Gerald Bertram, Sandra Berubc, Jim 253 Bcslcr, Harry 247, 261 Besl, Neil Bclhke, Martin Bettinger, Judith 237 Belts, Robert 112 Bevan, Linda 186 Beyer, Arthur Biddick, Bruce Biddick, Joseph Biddick, Michael Bielema, Dale Bielman, Roger Biesemeier, Jane 243 Biesemeier, John 239 Billgcr, James Bilodeaux, Patricia Bindl, Melvin Binger, Roy Bino, Mary 218, 243 Bisarek, Kennelh Bisco, John Bishop, Bradley Bishop, George 225, 231 Bishop, Jeffrey 276 Bitney, Dennis Bizhan, Makhani 206 Blackboum, Shirley Blackburn, Donald Blackburn, Susan Blackman, Gary Blaha, William Blair, William 239 Blakeley, Jill 243 Blakey, Louise 244 Blakis, Pcteris Blaney, Lloyd Blaser, Rodney Blasi, Lawrence Bledsoe, Maryann 208, 245 Bleser, Albert Bleskachek, George Block, Marlyn Blomker, Gerald 185 Bloom, Elizabeth Bloyer, Vandy Blum, Bryan 268 Blum, Diane Blum, Raymond 185, 198 Blum, Rodney Blumer, Carol 242 Bockhop, Joanne 209, 223 806, Norbert 184 Boebel, Loren Boebel, Ronald Boeder, James Boehnen, Ronald 251 Boeing, Edgar Bocrkc, James Boettcher, Ronald Bogenschneid, David 239 Boldt, Robert Boley, Gary Boley, Ronald 212, 222 Boll, James Bollech, James Bollcrud, Mathew Bolslad, Carol 243 Bolstad, David Bolstad, Peter Bollhouse, Eugene Bomgarden, Daniel 247 Benin, Angela Bonnet, Sharon 243 Boom, Rodney Booth, James 194, 264 Boothby, John 249 Borcherding, Wayne Borland, Jerry Borneman, Robert 246 Burroughs, Jay 136 Borsdorf, Christine Horton, William Boleler, Rober 256, 274 Bethe, Danny 248 Bollomley, Jerry Bolts, Ralph Bourdagcs, Terrance Bourgeois, Diane 190, 245 Bourne, James Bourne, Malcolm 218, 222, 230 Bourquard, Jeffrey Bouton, Darrel Bouzek, Gerald 213, 231 Bouzek, Karen 215 Bovrc, Donald 276 Bowden, Beth Bowden, Fred 251 Bowden, Julia 191 Bowen, Charles 265 Bowen, Joscph Bowen, Judith 245 Bowen, Rosemary 222 Bowkcr, Thomas Bowman, Cleo 234 Boyle, Darlene Boyle, Susanna 187, 190 Boynton, Charlene 232 Boynton, Cheryl 232 Boynton, John 185 Bozzo, Constance Bradley, Jean 190, 225, 228 Bradley, Joseph Bradley, Nancy 190 Bradley, Roberta Bradx, Ronald Brady, Margaret Bragg, Jenneth 208 Brainetd, Richard Braithwaite, Patricia 235 Brake, Ronald Brame, Patricia Bramer, Donna 227 Bramer, Kenneth 216 Bra ndt, Beth 222, 224 Brandt, Joann 187, 204 Brandt, Linda I82 Brandt, Mary 215 Brandt, Paul 182 Brandt, Ron 185 Brant, Joseph Brass, Rober1214, 271 Brassfleld, David 181, 224 Brauer, Terry 200 Brauhn, Jacolyn 235 Brauhn, Susan 230, 242 Brawner, Marie Bray, Susan 191 Brayko, David Bredeson, Judy 278 Bredeson, Robert Breed, Robert Breister, Thomas 23 l , 241 Breitbach, Roger Breilcnfield, Roger J, 250 Bremcr, William 184 Brendemuchl,C011ecn 187 Brendemuehl, Debra 245. Breneisen, Francis 225 Brenton, Barbara 196, 197 Brenz, Gary 277 Breuer, Gary Breucr, Markus 230 Bruer, Nigholas 239 Brcuer, Paul Breunig, David Breunig, Dennis 201, 221 Breunig, James Breunlin, Douglas 251 Brewer, Many Brewer, Ronald Brice, John 252 Brickbauer, Mary 232 Bridgeman, Richard 239 Bricl, Ronald Bricnon, Ronald Briggs, Harlen Briggs, William 250 Bright, Diane 243 Bright, Gerald 261 Brillimt, David 161, 175,246 Brinkmann, Mary Brockel, Robert Brockman, Richard Bmdbcck, Barbara Bmdbeck, Bette Bronkopp, Charles 186 Broods, Robert Brooks, Edward 208 Brooks, Rodney Broughton, Barbara Broughton, Nancy 190 Brown, Barbara Brown, Brenda 232 Brown, Chester 200 Brown, Cleora 234 Brown, Coila Brown, David Brown, Diane 245 Brown, Dorthy 245 Brown, Gary 185 Brown, Gerel 180 Brown, John Brown, Kathleen Brown, Steven Brown, Terry 243 Brown, Wendy 244 Brown, William Brown, David Brownell, Barbara Browning, Debara Browning, William 196 Browns, WilIiam Broz, Harold Brundage, Valerie 233 Brunet, Nancy 190 Brunkow, Judith Brunstad, William 210, 253 Bmun, Joanne Bryant, David 250 Brydcn, Barbara 225, 232, 278 Brund, Michael Bubernak, Joseph Buchanan, Stanley 185, 198, 273 Buckholder, Bill Buckingham, Lynda 243 Budnick, Robert 246 Buechner, Hollace 233 Bucll, Charles 274 Buell, Lynne 235 Buelow, Daniel Buglio, Ronald 246 Bullen, David 213 Bulis, Janet Bullock, David Bullock, William 256,269 Bunch, James 136, 188 Burbach, David Burbach, David W. 224 Burdickm, Jerry 260 Burgcrmeis1er, Richard 200, 229, 265 Burgett, James Burggraf, Doris 243 Burgy, Barbell: 234 Burke, Alan Burke, Kathryn Burke, Thomas Burke, Thomas P. 184 Burkhalter, Gary 239 Burkhamcr, John Burkholder, William Burmeslcr, Renee 245 Burnidge, Richard 239 Burr, Dennis Burr, John Burris, John Burris, Richard 241 Burrows, Steven Burxard, Dennis Burton, Donna 186, 244 Bury, James Busch, Arthur Busch, Beverly 232 Buss, Pamela Buss, Richard Bussan, James Bussan, Joyce 234 Bussan, Kenneth Bussan, Randal Bussan, Thomas Busscll, Larry 239 Buswell, Craig Buth, Elaine Bulson, Dennis Butson, Jeffrey Butson, Larry Bun, Patricia 233,278 Buttel, David Butlers, Joseph 239 Bultikofcr, Gary Byers, Douglas Byrd, Veronica Bystol, Ronald 214 Cahoon, Kay 237 Cairns, Mary 204 Cairo, John Cairy, Mark Calhoun, Linda Callahan, Jane 244 Callies, Howard Calvert, Dorothy Camaroo, Robert Cammack, Michael Campbell, Donald 272 Campbell, Mary 233 Campbell, Melody Cardey, Cheryl Cardey, Leslie Cardin, Dennis Carey, Cullen 152, 153 Carl, Lawonne Carleton, Thomas Carlscn, Patricia Carlson, Charles Carlson, Dawn Carlson, Diane Carlson, Kenny Carlson, Michac1240 Carlson, R.Sc011265 Carlson, Richard 274 Carlson, Susan Carnahan, David 251 Carothers, Katherine Carpenter, Gregory 209 Carpenter, Lee 253 Carpenter, Stephen Carpenter, William 265 Carracino, Joseph Carraher, Margaret Carran, Caro1227, 232 334 Carran, George Carroll, Angela 244 Carroll, James Carroll, Michael 221 Carroll, William 265 Carter, Jill 194, 195 Carter, Stephen Case, Deborah 236 Case, Melvin Casey, Kathleen 232 Casey, Mary 200, 229, 267 Cashman, Jane1243 Casper, Harold Casper, Margar21232 Casper, Rober1222, 223 Casper, Theodore 231, 252 Cassc1,Stephan 142, 143,239 Casselberry, Gerald 186, 204, 222 Cauffman, Betty Cavanaugh, Robert Caygill, Evelyn 243 Caylor, Jon chka, Carole Carling, Eric Cerutti, Natale 201 Cerutti, Toni Chambers, Sherry Champlin, Roger Chapman, Lorraine Chapman, Randall Chapman, Timothy Chappell, Marcia Chappell, Patrick Charapata, Joseph 152, 251 Charles, Dorothea Charnago, James Charnish, Allan Peter I36, 138, 139, 141 Charnish, Christoph 136, 188 Chase, Pau1276 Cheadle, John 250 Chcaltle, David Check, James Cheek, Terrance 217 Cheeseman, Diane 227 Cheever, Clarence Chen, Ruth Cheng, Samuel Cherry, Ann 228 Cherry, Ellen 234 Cherry, William Cheung, David Chitwood, Ann 186, 192 Chilwood, Craig 251 Chilwood, James l86, 271 Chitwood, John Chitwood, Theodore 152, 271 Chovan, Lynda 187, 204 Christcnson, Thomas Christianson, Ruth Christopher, Don Christophcrsnn, J oyoc Cisar, Gordon Cisler, Greda 263 Clark, Dnanld Clark, Lawson 200, 213 Clark, Leonard 241 Clark, Linda 244 Clark, Margaret 187, 190 Clark, Ronald 252 Clarke, James 142, 239 Clatwonhy, Jay Clausen, Judy Clauscn, Richard Clausius, Joseph 264 Clay, William 208 Cleaves, Andy Cleaves, Carl 208 Clclisch, Kenneth 241 Clements, Roy Clementson, Laurie Cleveland, James 217 Cline, Barbara Cline, Linda Clothier, Norma Cnausius, Joe 230 Cochcms, Richard Coda, Robert Cody. Barbara 256, 262 Cody, James 231 Cochen, Vernon Comn, Sharon 266 Cohen, Leah 234 Cohen, Warren 210 Coke, Daniel Colburn, Penny Collins, Michael Condon, Jeffrey Confer, Charles 277 Conley, Irene Connelly, Jack 270 Connelly, Ricki Conncrs, Doug 209 Connors, Michael Cook, Donald Cook, Earl Cook, Gerald Cook, Mary Cook, Pamela 236 Cook, Robert Cook, Sandra 228 Cooke, Jeffrey 195 Cooley, Barbara 242 Coon, Carol Coon, Duane Coons, Douglas Coop, Kathleen 235 Coopman, James 213 Corbett, Ann 243 Corbett, Dale Corbett, Mary Corbin, Barry Cordcs,Cornc1ia 187 Coris, Jay Corley, John 246 Cornelius, Jan Cornelius, Laurie 237 Corpian,Phi11ip Corremi, Dannie Correnti, Nancy Corrigan, Wayne 216 Cossavclla, Allan 239 Coulthard, Larry Counselman, Dan 174, 175, 184, 270 Cowan, Bruce Cowan, Richard Cowan, Ronald Cowles, Mark Cox, James Cox, James B. 269 Cox, John W. 184 Cox, Mary 186, 187, 204. 223, 237 Crabtrec, Carl Crabtrec. Geoffrey 182 Crabtrec, Mary Crain, Richard 273 Crawford, David Crayton, James 148, 149 Creamer, James Crook, Duwayne Crook, Marilyn 243 Crook, Rebeca 237 Crossland, Deborah 231, 235 Crull, Linda Cuculich, Phillip 240 Culbertson, John 229, 265 Culbertson, Patricia 190, 232 Culham, Wayne Cullen, Dennis Cullen, Mary Cullen, Michael Cultra, Karen Culver, Marilyn Culver, Susan 191 Cummer, Patricia 230, 235 Cummings, Bernaden Cummings, Daniel 188, 192, 202 Cummins, Eiic 264 Cunnins, Gary Curry, Roger Curtis, Carole Curtis, Kenneth Curtis, Ron 162 Curtis, Thomas Curwen, Constance 242 Custer, Gary 253 Dahir, John 231, 241 Dahlke, Dale Dahlquisl, Russell Dajani, Sami Dale, Dennis Dale, Gregory 219, 276 Dalles, Marsha 244 Dalsing, James Dalsoren, Arnold 188,213, 246 Dalton, Carolyn 186, 223 Dalton, Jo Ann Dalton, Terrence 247 Damkot, Keith 252 Damm, William 275 Danas, Joseph Danbom, Bruce 251 Daniel, Mary Daniels, Annette Daniels, Judith 235 Danken, Roger Danto, Daniel 181 Danto, Peter 181 Danld, Phillip181 Dargis. Lcuy 234 Dasenbrook, Charles Daspil, Joseph Daughenbaugh, David Dauphin, Ronald Davidson, Bess 266 Davidson, Hol1y 235 Davies, David Davies, Susan Davis, Carl Davis, Gregory 214, 223 Davis, Harold 203, 217 Davis, Jane Davis, Lynn 190, 245 Davis, Marsha 187, I92, 266 Davis, Terrence 185, 265 Davison, Gary 246 Davison, Mary .10 227, 230 Dawe, Robert Dawson, Dennis Dawson, Rober124l Deakman, Carol 186 Dearth, William Debes, Lorna 204, 222 DeBiase, Carmellin 244 Decker, Richard Decry, Hugh 246 Detloria, Rosalie Dciter, Ronald Delfosse, Wayne Delikat, James Delkamp, Kenneth Dencen, Edward 260 Dengler, Sharon 245 Dengler, Wayne Denk, Brian Denn, Brian 224 Denney, Diane Dennis, Greg 275 Dennis, William 250 Denor, Robert Deppe, Dorothy Deppe, James Deringer, Mary 243 Ben, David Dcrsch, Lynnette Dcrte1,T. 142 Determan, William 195 Dettman, David Detlwiler, James Detlwiler, Bob 136, 141, 188, 268 Dettwiler, James Dhom, Raymond Di, Lorenzo Ralph Dickinson, John 274 Diece, Marian Dieck, Gary Diehl, Harold Dietrich, Nancy 237 Dietzman, Rita Digman, Aaron 240 Digmann, Susan Dillon, Bruce Dillon, Linda Dillon, Sandra Dimperio, Robert 230 Dinges, Michael Disch, James Diltmar, Judith 232 Divall, David 241 Dixon, Dale 210, 264 Dixon, Dennis Dixon, Gary Dixon, Morris 261 Dixon, William 210 Dobberke, Dennis Dobson, Joseph Dobson, Marc Dodds, Rober Dodge, James Docschcr, Thomas Dolejsi, Duane Do1land, Winston 226 Dollard, John Domansky, Lawernoe Dominguez, Thania Donahoe, Thomas Donaldson, Etta 209, 235 Donner, Kenneth 184 Donohoo, Jerry Donquis, Luis During. Paul 184 Dom, John Dorsey, Maryellyn 222, 266 Bosch, Ester Dosher, Deborah Dolcn, Harry Daugherty, Eileen 237 Douglas, John 252 Dower, Anna 244 Downey, Thomas Doyle, Danita Doyle, Jean 232, Doyle, Mary Doyle, Terrence 192, 193, 202, 227 Draegcr, Peter Draheim, John 201, 239 Drake, Gary Draper, Elaine Dreher, Janet 108, 266 Dresser, David 226 Drinkwatcr, Gary Droessler, Wayne Drone, Peter 253 Droullard, Bruce Dryer, Janet Ducken, Gregory Dudak, Edward Dudzik, Michael Duerst, Lucinda 186, 232 Dutfey, David 230 Duhr, Dainnc Dunbar, Belinda Duncan, Danny Duncan, Linda Duncan, Steven 213, 231 Dundr, Pamela Duner, James Dunn, Michael Dunnick, Sandra 190, 237 Dunphy, Colleen 234 Dunwoody, Toni 262 Duos, Andrew Dupont, Douglas Durham, Roger Durley, Walter Dun, Brian Durrstein, Mary Jo Durward, Joy 187, 244 Dutchcr, Arthur Dulcher, Dandis 234 Dutcher, John Dwyer, Roger Eagan, Gerald 240 Eakins, Larry Eastwood, Stephen Eaton, William Ebbott, Jean 236 Ebert, David 274 Ebervein, Joseph 253 Ecker, William Eckstein, Margaret 245 Edge, Evelyn Edge, Kenneth Edge, Lloyd Edler, J ohn Edminster, Clarence Edward, Barbara 208, 234 Edwards, Judith 209 Efmger, Roger Egan, Dennis Egan, George Egan, James 185 Egbert, William Eggers, Daniel Egland, Gary Ehardt, John Ehinger, Jody 236 Ehle, John 152 Ehlenfeldt. Robert Ehler, Lyle 240 Ehler, Robert Ehlcrs, Lyle 185 Ehn, Alan Ehrler, Carol Einerson, Douglas 209 Eisele, John Ekblad, Lee Ekedahl, David Ekpo, Edam Elfstrom, Lance Elgin, David Ellcfson, John Ellefson, Pamela 245 Effefson, Thomas Ellingston, Ronald Ellington, David Ellis, Deborah Ellis, Donna Elmer, Jon 239 Elmer, Kenneth 214 Elmer, Stephen Elmer, Thomas Elskamp, William 200 Elvidgc, Stephen 271 Elwood, Donald Embrelson, Lee 152, 240 Emmenon, Mary Ann 266 Engelbert, Joseph 99, 269 Engelkc, Milton 206 Engclke, Ronald Engelschall, Robert Engen, Gregory Enloe, Bruce Enloe, Clark 240 Enloe, Judith Enloe, Roben Erb, Barbra Erb, .1 ack Erdmann, Kathleen Erickson, Carol Erickson, David 152, 181 Erickson, David H Erickson, 0311 I75, 266 Erickson, Linda 190, 234 Erickson. Martin Erickson, Thomas 240 Ernst, Teresa 233 Erwin, Char1es Esch, William 185 Eschcnbach, Eileen Eslicn, John Eslicn, Mary Estervig, Elaine Estervig, Howard Euckert, John 240 Eustice, David Eustioe, Kim Eustioc, Richard Evans, Byron Evans, Donald Evans, Gai1233 Evans, Susan Evans, Theodore Eveland, Alan Even, Thomas Evers, Joel 210, 213, 220 Everson, David Everson, John Everslon, Dennis Everston, Richard 275 Evert, Ruth 228 Evrard, Eugene 227 Eylalis, John Fabinski, Philip Fagan, Jean 235, 272 Fahcrty, George 136, 170, 171, 174, 188, 269 Faheny, Joan Faint, Peggy 242 Fair, Larry Faivre, John Falbo, Anita Falcinelli, Frank Falek, Stephen 250 Falk, Edward 210, 220, 274 Fanke, Emi1253 Fannon, Roderick 240 Fania, David Fanta, James 249 Farber, Barry Fargen, Mary Fargo, An 234 Farley, Fat 274 Farrey, Keith Farrey, Marianne Fancy, William 251 Farris, Robert Frris, Tommy Farthing, Danny Faull, Joan Fauskc, Michae124l Fcakes, Helen Feakes, Jerry Fedderly, Barbara Fehrle, Charles Felder, Kathleen 187, 233 Fcldt, Diane 194, 195, 199, 212, 232 Feldl, Ronald Fennema, Susan 242 Fenske, John Fenstemaker, Ruth 232, 278 Ferdon, Louis 253 Ferguson, Thomas Fernandez, Raf351226, 251 Ferrari, Albert Ferris, Kerry Ferris, Peggy 233 Felt, Pamela 232 Felzer, Thomas Feuling, David 241, 275 Fiedlcr, David 185 Fiedler, James Fiedler, Michael Fiedorowia, Dennis Field, Michael 188, 260 Field, Thomas 188 Fie1ds, Thomas 210, 211, 220 Fierro, Rolando Filler, Robert Fine, Larry 206 Fink, William Finkclmeycr, Daniel Finkelmeryer, Doug Finley, James 187, 204 Finn, Larry 185, 201 Finnegan, Pclcr Finnegan, Rach61266 Finnigan, Arthur Fischer, David Fischer, Michael 247 Fiscus. Michael 268 Fisher, Dorloms 335 Fisher, Thomas 250 Fisher. William Fitzgerald, Barbara 278 Fitzgerald, Julie 244 Filzsimmons, Douglas Filzsimons, Dale Filzsimons, Dale Fixzsimons, Robert Fiumcfreddo, John Flad, Timothy Flanagan, Harry Flanagan, Mary 186 Flanders, Gerr1243 Flannery, Mary 245 Flateau, Mary Flatcau, Pau1272 Flcchlner. Kur1250 Fleer,Pau1 142, I43, 188 Fleming, Brian Fleming, Sherry 245 Flesch, John Flesch, Sandra Flick, Harlan Flies, James Foeckin, Kirk Foecking, Leland Fogle, Michael Fogle, Susan 243 Foht, Theodore Folbrechx, Sharon 243 Folbrecht, Sheryl 192 Foley, Karen 245 Folgate, Robert 219, 222, 227 Folks, Therese Foote, Mary Ford, Kathleen 267 Fordney, Patricia Foreman, Randolph Forester, Curtis Fornasiere, Donna Foseid, Michael Foster, Freeman Fmi, Timothy 222, 260 Fowcll, Margaret Fowler, Bernard Fox, Barbara Fox. Charles Fox, Gary Francis, Donna 233, 267 Frank, Diana 186 Frank, Jerry Frank, Marc F rank. Paul Fra nklin, Douglas Franklin, Ronald "Franz, Michael Frederick, Maureen 244 Fredericks, Philip Freeman, Linda 236 Freidingcr, Richard Freiman, Dean Freymiller, Dennis Friar, Francis 181 Friede, David 252 Friedl, Roseann 245 Frisbie, Tom 136, 141, 188 Froehlick, Joya: 242 Froemming, Jerry 260 Fromader, Steven 252 Frank, Anthony Frank, Elinor 196. 199 Frost, Svea Fruit, Sandra 233 F ry, Jerry Frye, Timothy Fryxell, Gerald Fudge. James 213 Fursclh, Margaret Gabel, Robert Gaber, Patricia Gabryziak, Waller Gacic, Thomas 253 Gafner, Mary Gafner, Urs Gale, Thomas Galer, David Galcr, Janet Galcr, Marilyn Gallagher, Daniel Gallagher, Lois 266 Galle, Charles Galloway, Peter Ganer, Gary Ganser, David Gansherl, William 247 Ganske, Gary Ganterl, Conslanoe 233, 278 Garbcrs, Randall Garden, Denms 250 Gardner, Jane 191, 266 Gardner, Karen Gardner, Lawrence Gardner, Mary 237 Gardner, Thomas Garrett, Michael Garside, Richard Garthwail, Gary Garthwaite, Jane! 236 Garthwaite, Paul Garvin, James Gask, Bryan Gasparro. Michac1212, 231 Casper. Lawrence Casper, Mary 234 Gates, Jon 192, 194 Gallin, C arl Galzke. Thomas Gause, Erich Gavigan, Leroy 240 Gavin, David Gay, Frederick Geary, Elaine Gebhardt,.lohn181, 199, 212, 224 Geddeis, Donald Geiger, James Geishecker, Jacquelin 210, 211, 220, 235 Geitz, Joan Gelhach, David Gensmer, Frederick Genlhe, Dennis George, Cindy 237 Geolla, Massoud Gergen, John 226, 231, 250 Gerhart, Mary Jo Gerke. Thomas Gerlach, Ann 231 Gerlach, Jack Germain,Ann186, 221 Germain, Linda Germinaro, Robert Gessler, Lawrence Gcst, Richard 227 Gevelinger, James Gevelinger, John Geycr. Sharon I87, 225, 227 Gibbon, Judith Gibson, Sharon Gibbs, Dennis Gibbs, Judith 192, 194, 199 Gibbs, Steven Gibson, Bonita I94, 232 Gidwani, Kamal Giesc, Steven Gicscke, Roben Gifford, Bruce Gilben. Donald Gilberlson, James Gilberlson, Judy Gilberlson, Mary 234 Gile, Susan Giles, Terry 185 Gill, David 140, 188 Gimski. Gordon 251 Gingerich, Thomas Ginter, Kenneth Glasbrenner, Candice Glasbrenner, Karyn Glasbrenner, Ted Glaser, Robert Glick, Kenneth 247 Glindinning, John Glisan, Louis 250 Gloede, Henry 231 Glynn, John Gobeli, Curtis Gobeli, Richard Gobrechl, Larry Godfrey, George 142, 188 Goebel, Robert Goke, Doris Goke, Gary D, Goke, Gary L. 192, 214, 226 Golden, Thomas 250 Golding, Thomas 248 Goldthorpc, Eileen 192, 227, 233 Goldthorpe, Theresa 233 Gelzar, Houshang Goodloc, Gary Gopkin, Jan21236 Gorder, Robert 221 German, Tara German, Terry 188, 269 Gothard, Karen 237, 278 Goulieb, Bernice 236 Gonschall. Kathleen 223, 233 Gotzion. Richard 246 Goudrcau, Glenn Grabcl, Elizabeth Graber, Thomas Graber,Thomas L. 184 Graham, Gregory Graham, Patricia 233 Gram povnik, John Grange. Carmen Grange, Christine 237 Gratlon, John Gratz, James Gralz, Jean 243 Graves, Diane Graves, Theresa Gray, Car01244 Gray, Frank Gray, Thruman 184 Graziadci, Gary Green, David 206 Green, Joseph 272 Green, Mary Green, Richard Green, Yvonne 208, 237, 278 Greene, David 184, 200 Greenfield, Gene Greetis, Gregory Grselis, Michael Grenzow, Jim Gresham, Janet Grieder, Charles Griffin, Dixie Griffiths. Daniel Griffily, Michael Grigsby, Marty 197, 234 Grilley, Ronald 184, 201, 246 Grimaldi, Gerald Grimes, Mary Grimm, Grayden 203 Grimme, Gary Grinde, Paul Grindell, Linda Grindcll, Patricia 186, 225 Grindey, Francis Grindey. Gordon Grindey, Norma Grindle, Gary Grindle, Sharon Griswold. Gregory 253 Griswold, Jerald Griswold, Susan Gritmacher, Donald Gritzmacher, Diane 235 Gritzmacher, Wendy Grochowski, John Groh. Linda 235 Groharing, Susan 236 Grosse, Ann 236 Grotophorst, Ann 225 Grover, Annette Grover, John Grover, Phillip Gruenberg, Ronald Gruenwald, Daniel Grunow, David Guenlhcr, Thomas Gucrin, Maureen 232, 266 Gucrin, Ralph Guler, George Guler, John Guler, Robert Gull, Katherine 242 Gullickson, Allen Gumm, Paul Gunderson, Diane 223, 225 Gunderson, George 240 Gunderson, James Gundcrson, Richard Gundlach, Betty Gundlach, Robert Gundry, James Gunnink, Melvin Gunnison, Linda Gurkow, Helen Gust, Guy 241 Gustafson, Gerald 170, 275 Guzzetta, John 248 Haack, Gregory 240 Haagenson, James 206 Haas, Dennis Haas, Eugene 221 Haas, Mary 237 Haas, Ronald Haas, Shirley 223 Hafenbrack, Robert 188, 274 Hafer, Dennis Hagarty, Jon Hagemeyer, Lawrence Hagen, George Hagenbuch, Albert Hahlen, Janice Hahn, David 251 Haight, John Haight, William 136 Haines, Lavon Hajek, Edward 182, 216,217 Hake, James Hake, William Hakim, Ibrahim Hale,.10e1144,145,240 Hale, Charles Hall, Marilyn Hallbcrg, Lars Halsted, .10 235 Halverson, Daniel Haman, Susan Hamberg, Gordon 241 Hamilton, Ann 228, 245 Hamilton, William Hammer, Lyle Hammerly, Leonard Hammerschmidl, Steven 213 Hammerstrand, Dennis Hamstra, Alan Hanaway, Michael Handel, Robert 251 Hankee, Jay Hankcs, Edward Hanna, Cathy 186, 225,243 Hannes, James Hanold, Gary Hansel, Richard Hansen, Barbara 256, 267, 270 Hansen, Edward Hansen, Karen Hansen, Kenneth Hansen, Robert Hansen, Virginia Hanson, Allan Hanson, Carol Hanson, Cindy 266 Hanson, Dennis Hanson, Diane Hanson, Donna 190, 236 Hanson, Gerald Hanson, John 251 Hanson, Larry 246 Hanson, Lowell Hanson, Sue Hanson, Terrance Hanson,Thomas 192, 218 Hanson, Wayne Hanson, William Hanson, William G. Hanusa, Diane 245 Harder, Bonnie Harder, Frances 242 Harder, Richard Hardy, Gary Hardy, Richard 187, 203, 204, 217, 229, 256 Hargreaves, Rober1213 Haring, Steve Harker, Marjory 186, 204, 223 Harker, Rober1227 Harless, Marlene HarlotT, James Harm, Margaret Harma, Robcr1203, 217,251 Harmon, Edwin Harms, Harriet 242 Harms, John Harms, Marlin Harms, Stephen 224 Harpold, Karin 235 Harrell, Gretchen 222, 227 Harrell, Ronald 182, 199, 204 Harrington, John 213 Harris, Jane 244 Harris, Roberta 192 Harrison, John 205 Harrison, Roger Hatter, Steven 247 Hartley, Humane 208, 226 Hartman, Michael 241, 274 Hartman, Philip 212, 224,247 Hartman, Rober1203 Harlmann, William Hartsook, Trena Harty, Judith Hartzog, Rick 196, 199, 211, 239 Harvey, Helen 237 Harvey, James 186, 222,223,226 Harvey, Joan 190, 226, 244 Harvey, William 240 Hasey, David 253 Haskin, Janice Haskins, Linda 245 Hass, David 248 Hastings, Edward Hatfield, Ruth 187,218 Haugan, Mitchell Haugh, Terry Haugom, Kenneth 167, 188 Hank, Joyce Haul, Randale 246 Havcrland, William 253 Havenape, Michael Hawkcs, Nikki Hawkins, Daniel 249 Hawkinson, Don Hawkinson, Judy Hawkinson, Van Hawley, Albert Hayes, Jeslyn Hayes, thn Hayes, Kenncth Haylock, Char1es 250 Hazen, Gary Heal, Lana 187, 204, 226 Healey, Thomas Healy, Dennis 240 Heberlein, Janet 192 Heberlein. Randolph Hebl, Frederick 217 Hacker, Peter Hedberg, Stephen Hedrich, Wesley 108, 180, 240, 270 Hcdrick, James 240 Hedrick, Susan 237 Hefty, Maynard Hegge, Leola 243 Heiar, Dennis 241 Heiden, John Heiden, Patricia 222 Heim, Kenneth Hein, Michael Heinsm, Donna Heins, Maynard Heins, Roben Heiser,Ted I70, 171 Heisz, Evelyn Heitman, Robert 206, 241 Heitz, Lanes Helbing, Robert Helgerson, Richard Helgeson, John 248 Helker, Kay Heller, Donna Heller, Richard 214 Heller, Richard J. Hellert, George 246 Helms, Gola Helms, Karen 187 Hempel,Rolf136, 138, 163,188,268 Henderson, Ervin Henderson, Frank Henderson, Michael Henderson, Randy Henderson, Wynn 275 Hendricks, Richard chdrickson, Thomas Hendriz, Clarence 208 Henigan, David chncssey, Dennis 275 Hennessey, Kathleen 234 Hennings, Ronald Henrikscn, Dale Henrikscn, Michael Henry, Bernard 247 Henry, Bernard Henry, Donna Hansen, Pau1213 Hcrbers. Dale Herbsl, Robert Hermann, Mark 250 Hcrmsen, Michael Hcrreid, James Herrick, Kay Herrick, David Hcrricd, Larry Herro, Ronald 239, 261 Herwig,Tercsa 174, 175, 243 Hesprich, James 249 Hess, Brenda 244 Hess, Jane 190 Hen, Ronald 185 Hewitl,A11en 246,275 Hexom, David Hiatrides, Peter 250 Hidden, Gregory 269 Hilfiker, Patricia Hilgendorf, Lloyd 269 Hilgers, Michael 272 Hill, Allen Hill, Cynthia 229 Hill, John H111, Neill Hill, Paul Hi11,W111iam H111, Pauicia 235 Hillary, John H illery, Charles Hilts, Thomas 203, 268 Hilvers, David Hilvers, Ruth Hilves, Norma Himebagh, Douglas Himsel, Ann 209, 267 Hinchley, Douglas 241 Hinkins, Linda Hinkins, Sharon 235 Hinkley, Greg 271 Hinnendael, Mary 235 Hinrichs, Jerry Hinrichs, Judith Hipenbecker, Leslie 214, 241 Hird, Terry 210 Hirsbrunner, Ann 227 Hirsbrunner, Cynthia Hirsbrunner, Larry 275 Hirsbrunner. Randee 235 Hirsbrunner, Richard Hirsch, Edward 240 Hirsch. Kathleen Hirsch. Maxine 106, 267 Hirscher. Elizabeth H0, Josephine 226, 242 Hobbick, Thomas 240 Hocking, James Hodges, Toby Hodgson, Carol Hodgson, Colleen Hodgson, Edwin Hodgson. Stephen Hoefert, Gary Hoeger, Dennis Hoelker. Eugene Hoeper. Richard Hoepcr, Ronald Hoernkc, Neil Hocsly, Jack 241 Hoesly, Joann 244 Hoelsy. Norman 221, 223 Hofer. Rickie 203, 246 Hoff, Gary HOE, Jerry H011". Joanne 243 Homand. Betty Homand, Stephen HotTman. Patricia 267 Hoffman. Stepchn 223 Hoffman, Steven F. 253 Holeann. Donna Hofmann. Jack Hofstetter. Duane Hogan. John Hogan, Lucille 244 Holcomb. Linda Holderman. Connie 243 H011. Micha61251 Holland, William 251 Hollberg, Lars 230 Hollewell, Joan 234 Hollewill, Steven I86 Holley, Robert 144, 180, 188, 240 Hollwcll. Steven H 192. 200 Holmberg, Rodney Holmes. Craig Holmstrom, Alan Holt. Jean 229. 264, 267 Hollhaus. Carol 187, 236 Holton, Dena 209 Holtz, Gary Holway. John Holzer. Charles 222 Holzhueter, Ronald 142, 188 Homuth, Donald Honarmand, Hassan Honer, Susan 244 Hook, Timothy 253 Hooker, Roger 224 Hookham. Fred 248 Hoosier. Ora: Hoover, Shari Hoover. Thomas Hopgood. Andrew 208 Hopkins. David Hoppenjan. George Horkan, Michael Horn. James Horne, James Hornett, Gayle 251 Horsfall, Larry Hosia. Marylee 226 Houlberg, Glenn184, 211 Housner. Sandra 191 Howard. Paul 194, 195, 200 Howell. R, 227 Hruby. Russ 188 Hubbard. Bi11208 Huchne. Robert Hucrth. Claudine Huesgen. llllam Hughes. Clark 208 Hughes. David Hughes. EIIia Hughes. Jane 234 Hughes. Myrna 191 Hughes. Pearl Hughes, Rosemary 99, 235 Hughes, Terrance Hughes, William Hugill. Gloria Hugill. Richard 208, 275 Hilman. Charles Huinker. Donald Huizenga, Car01278 Hull; Garret Hulsclher, Brian Humbcrg. James 252 Humbert, Arthur Humbert, Jill Hume, Marcia 204. 225, 266 Humphrey, Ruth Huner, Barb 19L 228, 232 Hunt, Laura Hunter, David Huntingxon,Theodore Huntley, Gordon 239 Hunzicker, Jeanne Hurlburl, Norman 226 Hurley, Helene 237 Hun, Roderick Huser, Michael Hustad. Bonnie 235 Hutchinson, Robert 240 Huller, Gary 213 Hulter, Sharon 215 Huza, Gregory Hyndman, Zahn Hyslop, Ronald lba, Michael 142. 226 lbach, Mary Imhof, Michael Indrika, Martin 222 Infield. Ronald Ingram, Lester 208 Innes, Bonnie Iordachescu, Necolae Irish, Larry llani. Abdul-K 241 Iversen, Frederick lverson, Dennis Jackson. Karen 208 Jackson, Paul Jacob. Rulh 232 Jacobi, Mark Jacobi, Timothy Jacobs. Jon Jacobsen, David Jacobson, Alfred 203, 217 Jacobson, Georgia 242 Jacobson, Jerry Jacobson, Jerry L Jacobson, Larry Jacobson. Richard 224 Jagoe. Patrick Jahnz, Gerald 253 Jakusz, Alan James, Jerry Jan, La Wonne 242 Janduske, Lyle Janes, Kenneth 180 Jankowski, Justin Jannusch. David 180. 214, 226 Jansen, John Janssen, Mark Japuntich, Daniel .1355, Richard 239 Jauch, David Jaynes, Robert 272 Jean, Ronald JetTers, Dennis JeHerson. Rose 245 Jeffery, Laurie chlum, James Jeidy, Skcven Jelle, Joann 233 Jencen, Gregory Jenkins, Dale 144, I45. I88 Jenkins, Reginald 208 Jennings. Noe1etta Jensen, David 203. 216, 217 Jensen, Stephanie Jensen, Thomas 136. 203 Jensen, Thomas F, 251 Jesberger, Paul 136, I38. 139. 269 Jeske. Sherrie 187 Jessen, Timothy 210 Jessie, Neal Jessop. Gerald 250 Joehnk. Edward Johanningmeir, Dean 224 Johll. Catherine 235 Johns, Barbara 103, 224, 267 Johns, Virginia 225, 234 Johnsen, Jane 256, 267 Johnsen, Richard 185, 222 Johnsen, Ronald 177 Johnson. Alan Johnson. Candace 228 Johnson, Carolyn Johnson, Carter Johnson, Cheryl Johnson, Darrell Johnson, David 241 Johnson. Dennis Johnson, Dennis 238 Johnson. Donald 204. 221, 223 Johnson, Douglas 170, 171, 188, 275 Johnson, Eddie 337 Johnson, Eric Johnson, Gary Johnson, Gary L. Johnson. George Johnson. Gwenelh 236 Johnson, Kalhhen 242 Johnson. Keith 246 Johnson, Lana 245 Johnson, Lon Johnson,Mar1yn I91, 245 Johnson. Michael Johnson, Michael B. Johnson. Orlan Johnson. Patrick Johnson, Raymond 251 Johnson. Richard 222 Johnson. Robert Johnson. Steven Johnson. Suzanne Johnson, Terry Johnson. Todd Johnson. Verna Johnson. William Johnston, Lucille Joiner. AJ. 208 Jonas. Samuel Jones, Charles Jones, David 203 Jones, Duane Jones, Gary Jones. Jackie 215 Jones. James 246 Jones. John 192 Jones. Mark 269 Jones, Owen Jones. Philip Jones, Steven Jong. Wayne 206 Jorenby, George Jorgenscn, Gerald 188, 274 Josh, Richard Jovle, James 249 Joyce, Kathleen 235 Joyce, Mark Joyce. Michael Jozefowicz, Patrick Juchnewicz. Kathleen 245 Juergens. Charles Julian. Roger Julian, Threman 204 Julson. Donald Jung. Brian 250 Jung, Gary Jung, Wayne 201. 221 Jurack, Diane Just, Robert Kabele, Michael Kacinskas. Henry Kahle. Thomas 250 Kahlenberg, Peter Kahlcr. Cynthia I90, 245 Kuhn. Burton 247 Kaiser, Sally Kaland, Robert 182, I92. 203 Kalish. David Kalschcur, Dennis 240. 261 Kalscheur. James Kammerly. Len 180 Kamproods. S1 192 Kamps, Lois Kanable, Roger 224 Kane. Joan 192. 209 Kane, Michael 253 Kant. Cathy 236 Kapinuc, James 241 Karcz, Dennis Karczewski. Norbert 241 Kardasz. Robert 271 Kardous, Khali1206. 226 Karlson, Larry Karlinos, John Karlman. Kenneth 222 Karwoski. Roger 182. 216 Kasch. James 231, 249 Kassal. George 210 Kaslcnschmidl. Walter 223 Kaster, Anthony Kasuboski. Kenneth 217 Kalalinich, David 251 Kau. Carolyn 243 Kau, Robert Kaulzky, Mary 232 Kaulzky, Susan 232 Kay, Richard 146, 188, 252 Keasl, Wayne Kehrli. Joann 209 Keller. Pater Kelley. Daniel Kelly, Margarc1232 Kellicut. John 256, 271 Kellom.Thomas 180 Kelly, Colleen Kelly, Gary 217 Kelly, James Kelly, John Kelman, Nicholas 275 Kendall, Mary Kennett, Donald Kenney, Phyllis 221, 279 Kenseth, Michael Kent, Terry Kenyon, Rodney Keough, David Kepler. Bernice Kepler, Robert Keppy, Glen I36, 138,140.188 KerchoH, Steven 219, 222. 227 Kerns, Timothy Kerr, Gerald Kersten, Gary 275 Kesebcrg, Thomas Keske, Loren 201. 224 Kessler, Rebecca 209 Kellcrer, Cheryl Kenlen Anita Kelller, George Keltner, Ruth 235 Key, Jeffrey Key, Kenneth Keyes, Daniel Keyes, James Keyes, Mary Khan, Sajjad Kidder, JeHrey Kiefer, Ila 186 Kielhold, Herman Kienbaum, William 184 Kiss, Barbara Kiesow, James Kiesow, Norman Kifer, Darrell Kiley, Gregory 213 Kilgore, Michael Kilgore, Patrick Killion, Norman Kilpatrick, Daniel Kim, Jin Kim, Yoon Kumble, Johnny Kimmsrly, Gregory Kincannon, William Kinderman Rober1219. 222. 227 Kindsfaler, Daniel 211 King. David King. John 241 King. Karen 233 King, Karen Kay Kinney, Mary Kipfer, Victoria 244 Kirby, Nancy Kirchberg, Eleanor: 235 Kirchhoff, James Kirchner, Susan 226.235 Kirschbaum, Constance Kison, Roger Kilner. Douglas Kilsemble, James Killo, Danny Killo, Jack Kiuoe, Mary Kitsmillcr. Gregory 203, 217 Klaas, Donald Klass, Richard Klaus, Steven Klaehn, Beverly Klaehn, Donald 180 Klaila, Rgger Klappenbach, James Klar. Gerald Klar, Karl Klass, Don 188 Klassy. Heidi Klussy, Mike 241 Klassy, Pau123l Klassy, Ralph Klein, David Klein, Kathleen Klein, Phyllis Klein, Virginia Klemm, Thomas Klinke, Robert 268 Klever, Mary Kliebenslein, James Klingaman, Jesse Klinge, Joel 136, 140, 141,274 .5 4" "a Klingenberg, Harry 1 Klinger, Eugene 3 Klinkhammer. Juilh 191. 235 2 3 Klinkkammcr. Judith 245 Klippcrl. Brian Kliscz. Anthony Klitzman, Daniel Klitzsch, Lavern Kloepping, Bruce Klooster, Kay 186 Kloosler, S1even 216 Klopp, Kenneth 221 Klovning, John Kluge, Robert 185, 198, 229, 240 Klussendorf, Robert Knapp, Bruce 246 Knapp. Candace Knapp, Donald Knapp, Sandra 187, 233 Knappmiller. Smart 142, 188 Knuuer, Thomas Knaulh, Paul Knaulz, James 274 Kneebone, Philipp 213 Kneeland, Mary 234 Knellwolf, Kathryn 227,245 Knesling, Patricia 242 Kneller, Sandra Knczic, Kenneth Knickerbocker, Sandra Knight, Mary 266 Knipschild, Robert Kndcrnschild, Kenneth Knoke, Cedric Knoke. Laurie Kn011.Adreas Knoop, David Knapp, Bruce Knops, Gary 198 Knox, Jay Knox. Kristine 232 Knox, Walter 268 Knudsen, Harlan 275 Knudson, Mary Knudlson, Raymond 224, 240 Knulson. Douglas 162 Knulson, Gordon 184 Knulson. Michael 251 Knulson, Rodney K0, Anthony Kobcrstein, Harlan 187, 211 Koch, Jean 227 Koehn, Dennis Koenig, Stanley 200, 213, 253 Koenig. Stephen 252 Koenig, Thomas Koeppen, Michae1239 Kocrncr, Wayne Kohl. John Kohlcnberg, Robert Kohli, John 216, 230 Kohmen, Phyllis 227 Kuhn, Eugene Kohn, Robert Kohnnen, Phyllis 244 Kohr, Thomas 136, 188, 253 Kolar, Barbara Ko1ar, Mac Kolenda, John Kolman, Gary Kolman. Lois 187, 225 Kolman, Sharon Komberec, Jane 242 Komprood, Marjorie 190, 237 Komprood. Sandra Koning, Glenn 224 Koopman. James Kopelbcrg, Mark Kopp, Richard Kordash, Gary 216, 240 Kordash, Joseph Korslin, William Kortas, John Korlc. Charles Koslowsky, Kenneth Kolecki, George 216, 250 Kolowski, Bonita 231 Kolz, George Krachl, Chanda 235 Kraemer. Marlin Kracmcr, Sharon Kraft, Wesley 253 Krahmer, William Krahn, Gregory Kramer, Mark 253 Kramer, Terry 239 Kranz. James Krapf, Henry Kratcha, Robert Kratochwill, Thomas 260 Kralz,A11en 250 Kraus, Lillian Krausc, Dennis Krause, Esther Krause. Jcan Krawczuk, Ferdinand Krebs, Peter Kremer, Gordon Kress, James Kreutcr, Kurt Krings, Alvin Krogwold, Roger Krueger, David Krueger. Edward Krucgcr, Randall 250 Kruszka. Alan Kubiak, Micha51243 Kubly, Connie Kucera, Frank Kuch, Ronald Kucher, Lee 248, 271 Kuehling, Gayle 233 Kuehn, Sally 175 Kuhaupt, Dennis Kuhl, James Kuhl. Wil1iam 213 Kuhn. Kathryn 242 Kuhn, Robert Kuhn, Steven Kuiper, George Kulis, Michael Kumar, Vasanl Kumar, Yoganand Kunden,Ka1hryn 223, 227 Kunslman, Thomas Kupferschmidl, Pam 2272 243 KupferschmidL Richard 246 Kurth, Raymond Kurlh, Roger Kuschel, Bruce 248 Kush, Donald Kvale, Davie Kvamme.Dunie1 194 Kysar, David Laber, Robert 213 La Brossc, Philip Lachapellc, Gary Lacks, John Lacke, Patrick 268 Lacke, Sarah 244 Laechell, Sherry 245 Lafrombois, Douglas Lagermann, William 211, 217 Lageson, Linda Laib, Gordon Laing, William Lam, Wing Lambert. Dennis Lancaster, Donnie Lancaster, Robert Lane, George 144 Lanevillc, Thomas Lang, James Lang, Mari Kay Lang, Patricia 236 Lang, William Langc, Donald 275 Lange, Larry Lange, Lawrence Lange, William 239 Langfoss, Glenn Langmeier, Judy 228, 267 Larsen, Dennis 241 Larson. Beatrix 187 Larson, Curtis Larson, David 230 Larson, Dee Dec 227, 233 Larson, Dennis 250 Larson, Judith 243 Larson, Sandra Larson, Steven Larson, Terry Laser, William 271 Latakas, Loretta Lalhom, Warren 253 Lau, Nancy 279 Laube, Mark Laufenberg, Daniel 194 Laufenberg, Jerome 182, 196, 270 Laufenberg, Lyle Laughridgc, Barbara 244 Lauper, Delores 186, 236 Lauters, Charles 185 Lavacck, Deborah 244 Lavarda, Thomas Laverty, James Lawinger, James 144 Lawler, Daniel Lawrence, Thomas 239 Lawry. John 272 Lawson, Roberta 244 Le Roy, Bruce Leadbetter, Richard Leahy, Timothy Leatherman, Jonna 187, 204, 226 Leber, Colleen Lee, David Lee, David D. Lee, Jerry Lee, John 249 Lee, Ronald Lee, Thomas 247 Leeoe, Robert Lesser. Elizabeth Leeser, Gary 338 Lefeber, David 270 Lemar, David LeHer, Gary Lehmann, David 250 Leibl, Ronald Leibold, Joanne 223 Leighl, H omer Leifker, Merlin 185 Leiscmann, Jerold Leistikow, Michael Leilzen, Kenneth 224, 2292 260 Leilzen, Roger Leilzen, Wayne Lemahieu, Ronald Lemar, Jane190, 242 Lemar, Marcia 249 Lembezeder, June 233. 256, 278 Lemke, Bonnie 259 Lemke,Rona1d 109, 211,213 Lemoine, Gregory Lenerz, Patricia Lenox, Duane Lcntz, George 253 Lenzendorf, Dennis Lenzer, Diane I87 Leonard. Alan 224 Leonard, Gary Leonard, Susan Leone, Michael 148 Lepeska, Mary Leskinen, Me1vin 184 Leslie, Diane 225 Lesperanca Mary 22 Lester, Michael 200 Lester, Nick Leu, Shiiley Leusink, Ber1247 Leusink, William Leulcher, Peggy 225 Leulh, Steve Levy, Dennis 247 Levy, Joyce 233 Levy, Richard Lewandowski, Anthony Lewandowski, Ronald Lewis, Christin Lewis, Dale 246 Lewis, Dennis Lewis, Harry Lewis, Joan 242 Lewis, Roger Lewis, Thomas Lewis, William Ley, Michael Lichtcr, Raymond 182. 216 Liegel, Kenneth Lien, Diane Lien. Gary 181,270 Lien, Nancy 258 Lietzke, Barbara Lieuranoe, Michael 180. 188 Light, Darrell Likens, Earl Likens, Geraldine 190, 212 Lindberg, Patricia 232 Lindgren, Allyn Lindgren, Peter Lindley, David LindloH, Steven Lindquist, Leonard 184, 196, 199, 260 Lindquisl, Ronald Line, Paul Link, Marilyn Lins, Lynette Linl, Michael Lippcrt, Michae1253 Lipscomb. Jean 235 Lipscomb. Lyle 208 Lischka, William 188 List, Michac1250 Lilchlield, Herbert 247 Linig, Norman 256, 275 Little, Robert Livingston, Kathleen Livingston, Terry Lobrillo, Steven 250 Lochner, Christine 244 LoeHelholz, Rebecca Loehrl, Duane Loftus, Stephen Logterman, Leon 247 Loiselle, Gary Lombana, Lucina 226, 242 Lombard, Deanne 242 Longselh. Linda 243 Looker, Vera Loomis, Randall 269 Lord. Donald Lorenz, Dianne 232 Lorenzen, Thomas Lory, James Lory, Wayne Loss, David Loss, Gary 184, I98 Lotti, Mohamad Loudcnburg, Stanley Loulhain, George Love, William 252 Loveland, Gary Lovell, Gary Lucas, George 251 Lucas, Willie 208 Luccy, Daniel Luccy, David Luck, Daryl 250 Ludka, Richard 149 Luebke, David Luebke. Maxine 99, 264, 266 Leuck, David Lueker, Thomas Luedlkc, Laura 236 Luenen, Vernon 184 Luetkens, Maureen 243 Luclscher, Peggy 234 Lueu, James Luhman. David Luis, Donguis 226 Lund, Linda Lund, Nancy 230 Lund, Sally Lunowa, Jean 235 Lustig, Kent Lysler, Patricia Lystlund, Ronald 239 Maag, Delber1239 Machovec, Joseph 204, 206 Macke. John Mackenzie. Douglas 203 Macnicole, Pamela Madsen, Fredric Maenner, Michael Mahlkuch, Roger Maier, John 209 Maines, Ronald Makhani, Bizhan 142,226 Makovec, Dennis Malburg, Gregory Malcom, Allen Mallek, Donald 253, 271 Mallon, Ronald Malone, Charles 192, 202 Malone, John Maly, Pau1224 Mandernack, Robert Mangardi, Dominick 184 Mann, Lyle 194, I95, I99 Manning, Kenneth Manning, Patrick Manning, Scot! Mamhc, Larry 274 Manuel, Demerus Manvel, Ed 208 Manz. Sherry Marchiando. Joe Marcolinc, Peggy Marcum. Daniel Mardauss, Richard Maren, Keith 182 Margelofsky, Marlin Marietta James 184 Markin, Danny Marks, John Marks, Stanley 268 Markus, John 192 Markus, Margarc1232 Marolz, Richard Marquardl, Waldemar 268 Marr. Gary 200 Marshall, Gerry 191 Marshall, Robert 98 Martens, Dennis Martens, Eugene Martenson, Stanley Mani. Leo 136, 140, 168 Martin, Ann Marlin, Belly Martin, Gorden 247 Martin, James 217 Martin, James R, Martin, Jane 209, 267 Martin, Marsha 233 Marlin, Melvin Martin, Michael Martin, Myron Martin, Myrtle Martin, Robert Marlin, Terry Martin, Thomas 182, 192, 230 Martin, Thomas N. Martin, William Mam, Rober1210, 272 Many, Holly Marty, Jack 209 Marty, Jerry Many, Judith 245 Marvel, Christopher Marzano, Anne 223, 234 Masbruch, Carol Masbruch, David Masbruch, Glen Mask. Robert Massey, Jan: 187, 242 Massey, Jean 187, 223 Massey, Linda 192, 279 Massey, Sandra Mastej, Rober1271 Masters, Craig 175, 270 Masters, James Masters, Thomas Mather, Barbara 243 Matheson, Richard Mathews, Arlhur Malson, Emerald Mathews, Charles Matthews, Clayton Matthews, David Matthews, Julie Matthews, Mark Mauingly, James Matts, Alan 230 Mall, Marilyn 266 Malzke, Bethany 186, 242 Mauermann, William May, Gary Mayer, Danie1247 Mayer, Fred Mayer, Michael McBain, llana McBain, Patricia McBrecn, Margaret 242 McBride, James McCabe, James McCabe, Susan McCann. Mary 242 McCarthy, Cheryl McCarthy, Kathleen 218, 223, 243 McCanhy, Rita McCarthy, Victoria McCarville, Donald McCarville, John McCauley, Gerald McClellan, Bruce 240 McComish, Joyce 227, 243 McCourt, Gary 247 McCoy, James McCoy, John McCrea, Mary McCuaig, Douglas McDermott, Annette McDermott, Patricia 209 McDowell, Bradley 103, I88, 206, 226, 229, 248 McEncrney, Michae1200, 211 McFall, Larry McGauley,Gera1d 206 McGinnis, Ricky McGinnity, James McGuire, Dean McGuire, Michael McGuire, Robert 221 McGuire, Ronald McIntyre, Peggy Mcl ntyrc. Timothy McKay, Iain McKee, Sandra McKenzie, Donald McKenzie, Nancy 222, 228 McKeon, Jean 232 McKcon, Mary 204, 233 McKcon, Sharon I90, 233 McKeon, William McKin1ay, Ann McKitrick, Larry McLamarrah, Jane McLaughlin, Karen McLimans, Willard McMahon, Mary 234 McMahon, Pau1201 McMahon, Stephen 192, 193, 202 McMain, Don McMullin, Jeffrey 240 McNamara, Ellen 187, 192,218 McNaughton, Daniel 184 McNeil, Gloria 225 McNeill, Larry McNett, John 195 McNeil. Marsha 191, I94, 199, 206, 208 McPhail, Barbara McPhail, Sheryl McPhillips, John McQuade, James McQueen, Robert 246 McReynolds, Thomas McReynolds, William McWiliams. Carol McWilliams. Gerald McWilliams, James McWilliams, Marie 218 McWilliams, Robert Meacham, Terry Mead, Dennis Mealy, Karen 232, 279 Medeke, Gcne Medska, David 247 Meier, Daniel 247 Meier, David Meier, Elaine Meinert, Dennis Meisenburg, Sara 192. 193, 202, 233 Meissen, Ronald Meissncr, Helena Melby, John Melcher. Chester Melchen, Barbara 243 Mcllor, Janice 186 Mellor, Pam Melville,.1ack 252, 271 Mclvin, Richard . Mentink. Wayne 249 Mercier, James 230 Mergen, Stephen Mcrlz, Barbara Merlz, Jeanne 242 Mcrwin, Harlan Messling, Laroy Metcalf, Frank 240 Mclcalf, Paul Melcalf, Thomas 217 Metcalf, Tom 240 Melrish. Robert 184 Meulcnbcrg, Charles Mcurer, Maureen 244 Meyer, Charles Meyer, Daniel 249 Meyer. Donna Meyer, Gerald 241 Meyer, John Meyer, Susan Meyer, William Meyers, Riley 249 Meyers, Thomas 248 Michael, Clarence 181 Michaclis, Thomas Michall, Albert Michel, John .Miche1,Lyle Michelson, Elizabeth 266 Michelson, Robert 253 Mickelsen, Edward Mickelson,Janc1267 Micsfeld, Larry Milestone, Randy Millard, Thomas Miller, Barbara Miller, Betty 186, 214 Miller, Carol Miller, Carolyn 227, 232 Miller, Charlotte 236 Miller, Craig Miller, Cynthia Miller. Dale Miller, Dan Miller, David Miller, Gary Miller, Gary R. Miller, Harold Miller, Jerome 184 Miller,Joc1200 Miller, Jon Miller, Joseph Miller, Judy 187 Miller. Marlene Miller, Martin Miller, Michac1248 Miller, Richard 229, 274 Miller, Ronald 200 Miller, Susan 235 Miller, Thomas Miller, Vance 271 Millman, Donald Mills, Dennis Mills, Stanley 231 Milne, John 250 Milz, Bernard Minami, lsao Minder, Karyn 234, 279 Minger, Mark Mirowski, David Miruka, Martin 185 Mishewitz, Lynn 236 Mitchel, Casimir Mitchell, Doris 226 Mitchell,.10hn 186, 221, 223 Mitchell, Mark Mitchell, Mary Mitchinson, George Milschelc, Monte 175, 188 Mittclstadt, June Moe, Linda 242 Moehrle, David Mocllcnberndt, Michael 339 Moen. Waller MotTen, Peter 210 MotTetl, Philip Mogaji, Anthony Mohiuddin, Syed Moles, Robert 274 Molini, Richard 253 Mollway, George Monis. Jon Monroe, Nancy 237 Manson, Leonard Montgomcry, John 185 Moody, Edna Moody, Thomas Mook, Carl Moorc, Bruce Moore, Elizabeth Moore. Gretchen Moore, Richard Moore, Richard J. Moore, Ronald Moore, Sandra 243 Moran, Cheryl Morgan, Barbara 244 Morgan. Leonard Morgan, Michael Morris, James Morris, Jayne 243 Morrisard, Robert Morrison, Stacy Morrison, Steven Morshead, Roger Morton, Clifton 241 Mosbach, Jill Mosley, Spencer Mossholder, Catherine Moner, Mary M011, Donald Mounoe, Douglas 181, 194 Mousis, Awadis Moussalli, Samir 218, 226 Mousscau, Bonita Mraz, Miles Mucks, Jeffery Muehlcip. Scott Mueller, Charles 184 Mueller, Christine 245 Mueller, Dennis 241 Mueller, Donna Mueller, Harlan Mueller. Marilyn 186, 225 Mulcahy, Joseph 251 Mullen, Ronald Mullen. William Mullikin, Lloyd 249 Mullooly. Leo Mum, Robert Mundon, Rose Mundth, Donald Munson, John Munson, Judith Murphy, David 185, 275 Murphy, Jean Murphy, John Murphy, Marilyn E. 230 Murphy, Marilyn R. Murphy. Mary Murphy, Ronald Murphy, Thomas Murray, Charlotte Murray, Muriel Murray, Robert 256 Murray, Ruth Murray, Vernon Musch, Tomi Musick, Joseph 251 Myers, Daniel Myers, Daniel L. Myers, Dennis Myers, Martha Myers, Mary 191 Myers, Michael 240 Myers, Michael Mycrs, Michac1256 Myers, Richard Myles. Neil Myllikin, Lee 249 Myrbo, Charlotte Nabatmama, Shahrokh Nagel, Kristine I90 Nagcl. Larry NakayamaLClyde 239 Nakib, Samir Nankcc, Daniel 186, 206 Nankec, Kathleen 245 Namell, Thomas Nardi, Catherine Nazc, Nancy I91 Ncasc, Barbara 232 Ncbcl, Jerry Nechvatal, Danny 270 Nechvalal, Kay 108, 266 Nee, David 136 Needham, Jane Needham. William Negron, Edwin Negus, Linda Nehring, Dennis 261 Neis, Gerald Nillessen, Randall Nelson.Car01237 Nelson, Carol M. 244, 267 Nelson, Donald 209 Nelson, Donald H. Nelson, Douglas Nelson, Elaine Nelson, Evangeline Nelson, Garland 185 Nelson, Gary Nelson, Glenn Nelson, John Nelson, John R. Nelson, John W. Nelson, Leon Nelson, Roger 188 Nelson, Sheila Nelson, William Nemo. James Ncshcim, Douglas Neucnschwandcr, Anita 244 Neucnschwander, Marcia 236 Neumeier, James 217 Newberry. Thomas Newcomer, John 224 Newcomer, Kathleen Newman, David 251 Newman, Michael Newman, Peter 184 Neylon, Frances Ngangira, George Nichols, Dan Nichols, Randy 182, 252 Nicholson, Jacquelyn 231 Nickels, Thomas Niehaus, Darlene Nielsen, David Nielsen, Gary Nielsen, Stephen 177, 268 Niemer, John Niendorf, Duainc Nicndorf, Ronald Niendorf, Ruth Nies, David Nies, Marilyn Niffcnegger, Robert Nimz, Mary 244 Nipple, Mary Nisslcr. William Nobis, Richard 239 Noble, Bonnie 233 Noble, Jeannine Nodolf, Dennis Nodolf, Gwyn 190 Nodolf, Paul 213 Nodolf, Ruben Nodorfl, Rexford Nolan, Elizabeth 232 N011, Karen Noll, Robert 235 Norberg, Daniel Nordcng, Susan 245 Nordlic, Kenneth 188, 248 Norman, David Norris. Billy 208 Notxestad. Mark Novak, Bonnie 243 Novak, Michac124l Novey, Melvin 198 Novinska, Ann Novotny, Tom 203, 217 Nowickc, Ruben 201, 250 Noziska, Daniel 184 Nugcnt, Bernard Nuhn, Dixie Nyborg, Rodney Nye, Daniel 229 Nyman, Polly 243 Oaklief, Gregory Oberhofer, Charles 219, 222, 227 Obens, Charles 224 Obligato, John Obricn, Dennilel, 217 O'Brien, James O3Brien, John O3Bricn, Kenneth 01Brien, Patrick 250 O'Brien, Patrick J. 247 Ochs, George Ochsner, Peggy 101, 209 Oday, Michael 213 Ochrlein, Jerilyn Oellerich, Bruce Oelstrom, Neil Oertel. Theodore 222 Oestreich, Larry O1Grady. Michael Ohle. Robert 249 Oimocn. Sherry191, 234 Oja, Kenneth Olaire, Michael Oldenburg, Wayne Oleary, Michael Olson. Alexander Olson. Arthur 221 Olson. Bradford Olson. Carl Olson. Carter Olson, Charles Olson, Darrow 240 Olson, David 246 Olson. David 8. Olson. David R. Olson. Dennis 175, 271 Olson. Edith Olson. George 272 Olson. James Olson. Kathleen 236 Olson. Larry Olson. Lee Olson. Linda Olson. Melinda 232 Olson. Patricia Olson. Patrick Olson. Richard Olson. Robert Olson. Sandra 212 Olson, Stephen Olson. Sylvan Olson. Thomas 152 Othafer, Mary Oman. Ada O'Neill, John 249 Oneyear. Stephen Onloc, Doug 181 Oosldik, Dennis Opel. Robert 201 Opelt. Ronald Orhan. Jane 232 Orr. Leland Osborn. Daniel Osborn. Marlene Osborn. Richard Osheim. Sharon 232 Oslerday. Donald Oslerhaus, Lois Oslerhaus. Myrna 267 Oslerholz. Ronald Oslerkamp. Lynn Ostrem. Chalerine Oslrem. David 224 Ostrem. Duwayne 246 Oslrenga, Daniel on, Carla 192. 194, 205, 214. 244 011, David 011. John Olt. Lyle 180. 248 0110. Allan Oltoson. Suzanne 266 Overby, Scott 170 Owens, Dennis Owens, Mark Owens, Randy Owens. Robert Ozimek. Rober1238 Paar. William 251 Pabich. Jamey Pade. Paul Pafford. James 210. 220 Page, Ronald Pagenkopf. Susan Paisley. Deanne 233 Palenik. Glen Palmer. Cary 184. 229 Palmer, Dennis Palmer. Donald Palmer, John 239 Palmer, Robert 184. 231 Palmer, Shir1ey Palmer. Steven Palmer. Warren 231 Palzkill. Barbara Palzkill. Philip Panko. William 231 Panthofer. Robert Paris. Janice Park. Ralph Parker. Barbara 232 Parker, Darre11251 Parker, Ronald Parkinson, Gregg Parks, Dennis Parks. Steve Parparl. Harriet Farrell. Ronald Parrino, Jack Parsons, Gary 211, 239 Parsons. Jay Parsons. Robert 211 Past". Patricia 266 Paske. Sharon 243 Patrick, Gary Patterson. Bruce Patterson. Virginia 191 Patz, James 188. 275 Palzner, Thomas Paul. Nancy 218 Paul. Richard Paul, Terry 250 Paulini. Kenneth 253 Pauls. Dale Paulscn. Bruce 230 Paulsen. Laurinda Paulson, Richard 214 Paulson. Wayne Pauly, Terry Pavlowich, Mark Pawelek. Adam Pawlisch. Penelope Payne. Marvin Paylosh. David Pearce. Wilson 210, 220 Pearl. Robert Peasley, John Peckham, Patrick Pedersen, Dale Pedretti, Charles Pekas. Gregory 194. 249 Pelgrin. Sherry 233 Pelkola, Richard 184. 241 Pengra. William Penker, William Penn. Jeanne Peplinski. Michae1273 Perkins. James Perkins. John Perkins. Mark Perkins, Raymond Perkins. Robert Pcrlzborn. Robert Pasch, Kenneth Peslor. Valerie 243 Peters. Catherine 232 Peters, Marie 235 Peters, Michael Peters. Richard Petersen. Shirley Peterson. Carol Peterson. Diane 228. 230 Peterson. Doriene Peterson. Dorothy 209 Peterson, Gary 213, 216 Peterson, James 272 Peterson. Jan 214 Peterson. Jeanne 237 Peterson. Larry Peterson. Margie Peterson. Mahlon Peterson. Martin Petrick, Wayne Pen. Carolyn Petr, Susan 186 Pen. Wayne Pena. Michael Petlil, Glen Pevilt. Ernest 208 Pfaff. Karen Pfeil. Larry Pfund, John Phard. Michae1251 Philps, Henry 248 Philps, William Phillips. Beth 244 Phillips. Daniel 192. 202 Phillips. Forcnoe Phillips. Kathleen 244 Phillips. Marlin Phillips. Marsha 226 Phillips, Timothy 205 Picha. Sandra 237 Pichona. Philip 201, 221, 272 Pick, Karl Pick. Steven 241 Pickcn. Stephen 246 Picoloni. Michael 136. 188 Pieper, Kenneth Pier. Charlotte Pier. Sheila Pierce, Patrick Pierick, James Pierick. John Pierson, Gordon 251 Pieters, Richard 240 Pike. Keith 252 Pilgrim. Evelyn 243 Pink. Elizabeth 245 Pink, Jeanne 233 Pink. Robert Piquctte. Barbara 235 Piquelte. John Piquetle, Ruth Pitts, Gay 232, 279 Pilzen, Kathryn Pivar. Thomas Plan, Jane! 190 Platz. Donald 219. 222. 227 Pletzer. Helen Ploessl. Randolph P1055. Lowell 185 Pluemer, Paul Pluss, Robert Podolak, William 211 Poggioli. Rodney I36, 188. 246 Polglaze. Dennis P011. Vernon 251 Poller, Gary Pollnow. George 185 Pollock. Mark Polson. Gary 253 Pope. Susan Popke, Gregory 247 Popp. Rodney Poppy. Ruth 244 Porior, Carl Porior, Donald Porter. Charles 252 Porter. Gerald 214 Porter, Leonard Potter. Cathy 243 Potterton, Gloria Powell, Beverly Powell. Priscilla Power, Steve Powers. Mary Powers. William Prahl. Donald 210.241 Pranga, William 136, 152, 188. 252 Pratt, Jill Pratt, Timothy 231 Prelozni. Brian Premo, Alice 225 Prestin, Paul Priban, Lawrence Pribnow, Ronald Price. Wayne Pricbe, William Priegnilz. Robert 201 Probsl, William Proctor. Dwayne 247 Prohaska. Pau1248 Proksch, Roger Prucha, Richard 249 Pudwell, Mark 250 Puempel. Berta Pulver. Terry Punzel, Gerald 240 Purcell. Daniel Purcell. Maryann 186, 242 Purcell, Richard Purvis, Gary Putnam.Anne190, 228, 237 Putnam, Susan 267 Qiblawi. Hilmi I42 Quam. Byron Quinn, Dale Quinn. James Quinn, Joanne Quinn, Melford Quinn. Russell Raab. George 241 Rach, F ra noes RadclitTe. Rosclynn 212 Radecke, Dennis 217.240 Radl. Michae1221 Radlke. William RalTerty. Michael 192. 202 Ragalz. Mary Rahn. Stephen Rail. James 206. 224 Ralph, David Ralston. Constance 225. 232 Ramsey. Thomas Randall. Mary Randall. Ralph 239 Randall. Dick 270 Rapaic'h, Gary 203. 217. 240 Rasmussen. Leonard Rathjen. Roger Raupp, Delbert Rawson. Edward Rawson. John 269 Ray, Gerald Ray, Lester Raymond, Robert Raynoha, Phillip Read, Dennis Ready. James Rear, Franklin 247 Reasa, Marion Reasa. Walter Reason, Melinda Reber, Gary 246 Reber. Reta Rech, Thomas 250 Recob,Je1Trey Reddin.0311228. 242 Reddy, Michael Redinglon, Roger Redmer. Steve Reed. Beverly Reed. Charles Reed, Daniel Reed, Don 260 Reed, James Reed. Steven Reeg, Dale Reel, Mary 190. 237 Reese. Michae1239 Reese. Palsy 192, 202, 267 Reesman, Gregory Reesman, Stephen Reeves. Harry 136, 269 Reeves, Joan Rehlander, Ellen Rhem. Thomas 273 Reich, James 239 Reiche, Wayne 180 Reichen, Cheryl Reichmann. Lyle Reid. Jacqueline Reilly, Thomas 194. 195. 199, 208, 229 Reinecke. John Reinecke, Margaret Reineke.Car01245 Reinerlson. Karen 186 Reinke, Garon 181, 214. 253 Reis. 1T, Reisen, Mary Reiscr. Rose 242 Rellihan, Timothy 175 Renard, Larry 188, 218. 223 Renlschler. Belly 234 Repinski. Gregory 248 Resch. Robert Rclrum, Stanley. 185. 229, 256 Relzlaff, CliH'ord 240 Rctzlaff. Susan Renter, Lana Renter. Ronald Renter, Sleven Z39 Rewolinski. Roger 253 Reynolds. Lynn Rezazadeh. Farhad Rhein. Char1es 128 Rice. Anson Richar. John Richards. Mark Richards. Phillip Richardson, Cedric Richardson. Donald Richardson. Elizabeth 175. 233. 266 Richardson, Gerald Richardson. Hugh Richardson. John Richardson. Raymond Richardson. Shirley Richardson. Susan Richey. Larry Rick. Kenneth Rideoul. Jean 209 Rider. Nancy 220. 232 Riechers. Douglas Riechers. John Riechers. Terry Riedel, Kenneth 246 Riegler, Edward 247 Rielly. Petrick Riemann. Chery1230 Ricmer, Dianne 192, 202 Rielmann, Randall Rictmann, Thomas Riggio. James Riley. Gloria 191 Riley. Jon 208 Riley. Michael Riley, Robert Ringelstetter. James 185 Ringclstetter, Nicholas 246 Ringelsletler Sue 182. 228, 232 Rinzel, Allan 240 Ripp. Gerhard Ripp, Michael Rippberger, Gregory Ris. Betty 233 Risberg, George Risic, John Risks, Gerald Ritchie, James 192. 202 Rittenhouse, Judith Rivera, Alexis 233 Rivera, Catharine 233 Robaczewski, Raymond 184, 194, 196, 198 199 Robb, Thomas 248 Robers, Charles Robers, Christine 244 Robert, Marcia Roberts, Anita Roberts, Darrell Roberts, James 180 Roberts, Michael Roberts, Raymond Robertson, Thomas 222, 229 Robinson, Harriet 208. 245 Robinson, Joseph Robinson, Melinda Robinson, Sarah 194, 209 Robinson, Thomas Robson, Dale 246 Roby, John 208 Roche, Peter 253 Rock, Marijo 245 Rockweiler, William 201,241 Rod, Lawrence 241 Rodriguez, Mary Rodriguez, Juan Rodriguez, Robert Roecker, Donald 240 Roehl, Jeffrey Roelke, Jerry Roelli, Paul Roelli, Steven 181, 214 Roemer, Ronald Roen, Albert 188 Roclhe, Ardis Roethig, Ann Roethler, Willaim Rocthlisberger, Linda 236 Rage, Wi1liam Rogers, Gary 241 Roggenbauer, Richard 185 Roh, Douglas 224, 272 Rob, Kathryn 242 Rohowetz, James 188 Rohowclz. Richard 231 Rokusek, Steven Rolander. Richard 240 Rollins, Richard 144, 145, 188, 268 Romenesko, Bruce 201 Rood, Kathy 191 Roos, Philip Rorlvcdt, Margaret 242 Rose, Diane 186, 204, 244 Rosemeyer. Jo Ann Rosemeyer, Michael Roscnthal, Jayne Roscnthal, John Rosenthal, Martin Ross. Gregory 188, 268 Ross. Jeffrey Roth, Doris Roth, Smphen 221 Roth, Edward Roth, Gale Roth, John Rolt, Larry Rullman, Joseph 250 Runs, Gerald 219, 222, 227 Rouse, Lillie 191,208 Rouse. Ruth Rowe, Rita 236 Rowe, Thomas Roy, Michael Ruch, Gary 253 Rude, Roger 241 Ruecken, Ute Ruefer, Bruce Rueler, Gene 217 RuH, Karen 256, 262 Ruff, Steven Ruhland, Marvin 184 Rule, Elizabeth Rule, William Rumler, Larry Rundc, James Runde, Mary Runde, Thomas Rundcll, David Runde11, Leigh 253 Rundle, Bruce Rundle, Dennis Rupnow, Daryl 186, 224 Rupnow, Lee Ruppcrt, Lawrence 239 Rusch, Dennis Rusch, Willaim Rushford, Jeffrey 241 Russman. Richard Ruston, Bruce Ruud,Judy 190, 244 Ruzicka. Ronald Ryan, Michael 170, 171, 176,275 Rye, Thomas 224, 231 Ryman, Ransom Rynearson, Mark 246 Saalsaa, Shirly 232 Saarinen, John Sabby, Bcnar Sack, Rodger Sagely, Rex Sain, Belinda 208, 227 Salathe, Larry Salesman, James 181 Salwolke, Patrick Salzwedel, Rick Samy, S1rousl42, 188, 226 Sand, Mary Sanders, Craig Sanderson, Christine 233 Sandlcy, Patricia Sands, Larry Sands, Michael Sanncr, Betty Sarantos. William Sardeson, William Sargent, Timothy 239 Saucrtield, Susanne Sauber, Pau1252 Sauer, David Sauser, James 252 Sawall, Gary 239 Sawyer, Bonnie 227. 232 Sawyer, Kathleen 175 Sawyer, Nick 268 Sawyer, Richard 136, 246 Scallon, Dennis 214 Scallon, Rita 235 Schaack, Linda 187 Schaack, Perry Schabacker, David 151 Schachl, Charles Schaefer, Gary 200. 231, 270 Schaefer, Sharon SchacH'er, Raymond SchalI,Sheldon 194, 199 Schaller, Richard Schara, Robert Scharcnberg, Frank Schaub, Leonard 212, 229 Schaub, Lyle Schaut, Dennis Schaver, Allen Scheele, Lloyd Schcer, Timothy 209 Scheider. Judith Schellenger, Jane 244 Schemehorn, Alva 243 Schcpp, Kristin 192, 202. 228, 235 Scherr, Michael Schiclke. Steven 188, 240 Schicss, Ulrich Schilling. Karen 243 Schimke, David Schindler, John Schindler, Kenneth 249 Schlegel, Marlowe Schleicher, Lawrence 136, 188 Schleicher, Samuel Schlichling, Robert Schliem, Gerald Schliem, Marian Schloesser, Alma Schluler, Larry 260 Schmelling, Patricia Schmelling, William Schmidt, Christine Schmidt, Gail Schmidt, James Schmidt, Jane 236 Schmidt, Jerry Schmidt, Judith 237,279 Schmidt, Richard 246 Schmidt, Steven 250 Schmidt, Verna 186, 204, 225 Schmidt, William Schmidlke, Robert Schmiedcr. Charlotte 190 Schmicdcr, Janet Schmirler, Robert Schmit, Edward 185, 240 Schmil, John Schmit, Kathleen 233 Schmit, Laurence Schmill, Karen 243 Schnaare, Gene 249 Schnabl, Leonard Schneider, David 222, 223 Schneider, Donald Schneider, James Schneider, Judy 187, 190, 225 Schneider, Leo 250 Schneider, Waller 341 Schneiderman, Randolph 103 Schnekloth, Marilyn 243 Schneller, Dennis 261 Schnering, Richard Schnering, Susan 243 Schnorr, Joseph 239 Schoellig. Donald Schoenbeck, Gloria 227, 232 Schoenfeld, Verlin 241 Schoenike, Gary 253 Schollmeyer, Colleen 190, 244 Schollen, Danny 186 Schomberg, Lee 184, 270 Schombcrg, Ronald 185 Schoville, Schelley 167 Schram, Harold Schramm,.1ames Schrank, John Schreiber, Clayton Schreiner, David Schroeder, Clara Schroeder, Cynthia Schroeder, David Schroeder, Gerald 185 Schroeder, Jean Schroeder, Jonny 185, 240 Schroeder. Larry Schroeder, Laura 182, 192, 194,202 Schroeder, Lela Schroeder, Mark Schroeder, Myrtle Schroeder, Patricia Schroeder, Robert Schroeder, Susan 204, 214, 218, 234 Schroeder, Susan E. 243 Schroeder, Timothy 219, 222, 227 Schuber. Gary Schubert, James Schuerman, Margaret Schuerman, Marie Schu1dt, Randall Schultz, Theresa 200, 228, 266 Schullqr, Roger Schultz, David Schultz, Dennis 250 Schultz, James Schultz, John Schultz, Ronald 252 Schulze, Robert Schumacher, Joan 244 Schumann, Mary Schulz, Guy Schuster, Robert Schwab, Charles 181, 201 Schwab. George Schwalbach, William Schwanles. Gerald 247 Schwanles, Ronald Schwartz, Gary Schwartz, Howard 210 Schwartz, Mary 232 Schwartz, Thomas Schwarze, Richard 221 Schweinfurlh, Nancy Schweitzer, Gary 194 Schwerin. Curtis Scidmore, Dale Scott, George 253 Seaberg, Jerry Sebranek, Joseph 181, 200 Sedcrquist, Stcvcn 136, 188 Seeliger, Dan Seeyle, Keith Seffrood, Rita 227, 229. 233 ScHrood, Ronald Seibold. Jan 192 Seifert, Bernard 206 Selje, James 250 Scmper, Gunther Senn, Timothy 240 Serra, John Selzer, Dennis Sevcrson. Mary 266 Severlson, Larry 274 Sewell, Earl Sexton, Robert 270 Sayer, Michael Shah, Pravincha Shave, Charles 206, 239 Shaw, Dorinda 244 Shea, Rudy Sheehan. Mary Sheehan, Thomas Shelton, Dorothy 244 Shelton, Patrick 240 Shepherd, Suzanne Sheppard, Willaim Sherman, Michael Sherry, Rodney Sherwood, James Shimpach, Mary 244 Shin, So Shine, Vickie Shinker, William 201, 206, 221 Shiveler, Howard 224, 250 Shobcr, Steve Shockley. Kathy 243 Shower, Rober1221 Shull, Gary Shults, James 182 Shupe, Susan 228,234 Sickels. Donald Siebert, Wayne Siedenburg, James 201 Sieg, Gordon 239 Sieger. Donald 210, 220 Siegle, Dennis Siekert, George Siens, Katherine 228, 235 Sierk, John Sierra, Lynette 195 Sigmund, Dennis 240 Sikora, Charles Silaggi. Daniel Silbaugh, Dennis 235 Sillala, Richard Sime, Vera 99,230, 231 Simison, Donald Simmel, Gerald 185 Simmons, Charles 252 Simmons. Elizabeth Simmons, Larry Simmons, Patricia 235 Simonis, George 221 Simpson, Sally Sincock, Victor Sindelar, Robert Singer, Alan 239 Sinicke, Sharon 242 Sinz, Ronald 221 Siskin, Judith Sisley, JefTrey Siwek, Michael Skaar. Chery1218, 235 Skalel, Judy 209 Skallum, David Skelly, Linda 266 Skibba, Thomas 250 Skinrood, Lorna Skowronski, James 274 Skrzypczynski, Linda 233 Sluback, Linda I90, 244 Slade, Linda 233 Slavik, Mary Slavik, Richard 248 Slezak. Nancy187, 204, 226 Slifka, Joseph 203, 217 Sly, Thomas Smigiclski. Richard 136. 188 Smith.Carter I36, 139, 188, 250 Smith, Curtis Smith, Danny 217 Smith. David Smith, Francis Smith. Gene Smith. Kenneth Smith. Larry Smith, Laura Smith, Phillip 252, 271 Smith, Richard Smith, Robert Smith. Roger 184 Smith, Rubena Smith, Sandra Smith, Sharon I90. 232 Smith, Stanley Smith, Steven Smith, Suzanne Smith, William Snarski, Eugene 216, 241 Sneddon, Alexis 245 Sniff, Dorothy 209, 234 Snorek, Albert Snorek. Mary Snout, Sue 99 Snyder, Danie1247 Snyder, David Snyder, Dennis Snyder, Irvin 180, 246 Sobolka. George Solchenberger. Larry Sommer, Kenneth 212 Sommers, Richard 248 Song, Liangming Sorenson, Norman Serge, James 217 Serge, Thomas 185, 231 Sorn, Donald Soulman, Vincent Sowieja, Donald Spaay, James 253 Spungler, Mary 266 Spari, Joellen 243 Speaker, Mark 210 Speaker. Sumnne Spear, Frederick Specs, Dale Spcich. Glenn 21 l, 249 Spcllmun.Lc0181 Spencer. John 271 Spencer. Kuthcrinc Spencer. Steven 261 Spcnslcy. Donna Spcnslq. John Sphull. Sandra 230.262 Spicring. Russc11250 Splnsos. James Splinter. Charles Splitter. Kulhlecn 191 Spruggon. Clement Spruguc.A1hcrI Sprunglcr. Michael Sprcchcr. David Springer. Ralph Spurr, Bcnudcu Spurr. Neil Sruil. Mitchel Slalhnuw, Luis 187. 209. 234 Sluckpulc. Brian Sludel.11clcn Sludcl, Rubcrl Sludcl. Robert W. Studclc. Judy 186. 237 Slukc. Gregory Slumm. Thomas Slundorf. Robert Slunck. Chur1c5166 Stunkc, Gary Staples. Thclmu 245 Stark. Bernard Sluutrucher. .lumcs SluuH'uchcr, John SqulTuchcr. Luann 237 Smu uchcr. Richard Sluulruchcr. Ruhcr1247 SluutTuchcr. Shirley Sluvcr. Harold Sluvcr. Marlin Slcud. Guy Sleuhcr. Barbara 215, 237 Slacker. Richard 240 Stefaniuk. Edward StctTcn. George Steffen. Jeanine 212 Slctfcnhugcn. David 246 SIcchnhugcn. Robert Slcgcr. Ronald Stein, Rodney 217 Steinhuch. Our; 203 SICInhulT. Joyce 186. 223 Slcinholll Ronald Sminmcu, Ann 232 Sleinmcv. Cnrmnc Slcinmcll, Jcrn Stella. Dennis 210 Stellncr. James 214 Slcnhrolcn. John Stcnholl. Slcphcn Stunner. Bcnm Slcnncr. Durlcnc 228 Slcnncr. Karen Slcnncll. Randall Slcnroos. Rodney 201 Slcnshcrg. Michael 185 Stcnslrup. James Slcpunck, Dennis Stcpunck. Judith 209. 233 Stepper. Judy Slcrnhcrg. Robert 1814 Stevens. Michucl Stewart. Mary Sti1es, Kathleen 187, 219 Slimpson. Ruhcr1210 Stoddard. George SlotTregcn. Terry 136. 187. 188. 204 Slohlmcyer. Michael Stoker. Ella Slolu. James Slolurzyk. James 213. 230 Stolen. James 240 Stollenwerk. Fredrick Slomhuugh. Daniel Stone. Bonnie 192. 209 Stone. Linda 245 Stone, Robert 209 Stonehuck. Steven 247 Stoner. Vaughn Stopels. Thelma 208 SloutTer. Baird 250 Stowe. Michael Slowcll. James I80 SI. Pear. Earle SLruhl. Bruce 230 SLrusburg, Kenneth Slrutman, Nancy 234 Slraub. James 241 Slruuh. Thomas Slrausberger, James 240 Strauss. Edvins Street. Patricia 244 Streets. Slpehen 246 SlrefT. Stephen 250 SIrehlow. Kevin Slreralh. Peter Slrickcr. David 188 Slruebing. Danny 200 Slruebing. David 200. 222 Stuart, Kalhryn Stuart. Tom Slubbc. James Sludee. Charles Slueland. Gary SlucssyJanc 105. 192.218 Slurdevanl. Ronald Slurm. Norman 253 Slurycz, Jean 187 Slulsman. Steven Subera. Janice Sugar. David Suhs. Kim Sulislo. Suryo I42. 226 Sullivan.Car01245 Sullivan. Michael Sullivan, Mary186, 237 Sullivan. Richard 201 Sullivan. Stephen Summers. Barbara Summers, George Sun. Vera 226. 227. 232 Sunby. Donna Susz. 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John 144, I45, 188. 250 Tanner, Carl Tennessen. Robin 246 Terlindcn. Gary Teronde. Jean Terrill. Patrice 233 Terrill. Paul Tesch. Barbara 237 Tculsch. Christian Thalmann. Ernest Tharp. Lynn Theda Jay Theisen. Kenneth 220 Thessin. Heidi Thessin. James 175, 185 Theusch. James 251 Thiede. Rindu 233 Thielke, JeH'rey 217 Thicr. Darwin 271 Thies. Michael Thies, Tamara 218, 223. 235 Thill. Richard Thillgen, Richard Thomas. Gary 251 Thomas Gene Thomas, James 246 Thomas. Joan 175. 243 Thomas. Maya Thomas, Regina Thomas, William Thompson. Belly 237 Thompsun. Dennis 181 Thompson. 30 Thompson. Leroy Thompson, Roger Thompson, David 211 Thornton. Robert Thurber. Charles Tichy. Ronald 184. 230 Tiedcmann. Bonnie Ticdt. Gerald 274 Ticdt. John 188. 274 Tierney. Donna Tierney, Jean 105. 256 Tielze, Barbara Ticurunoe. Mike 224 Tiginino. Raymond Tiller, Mark Tillolson. Darlene 267 Tillon, Ralph 239 Timm. James Timm. Terry Timmer. Donnu Timmermun. Anlhcny Timmerman. John Timmerman. Stephen Timmins. Charles Timpuny. David 221 Tingley, Willuim 180, 201. 240 Tinnon, Danny Tinslman, Robert 210 Tinstmun. Shirley Tiplon Harlan Tiplon. Sharon Tiry. Michael 198. 212, 224 Tischuk, Alexander Tisserund, Patricia 99 Tohius. Wayne 253 Togalad. William Tulivcr. Eddie 208 Tollarksun. Neal Tomenesko. Bruce 221 Tonelli. Russell Touen. Robert 246 Tourlellollc. Russ 260 Tuuve. Raymond 250 Towers. Gary 213 Tracy. Steven Trainer. William 250 Travis, Robert Tredinnick. Richard Treglowne. Thomas 256. 275 Tremelling. Jerry 246 Tresner. Ruth Triemstra. Ronald Trine, Richard Trost. Deanna Trumbull, Jonathan Trumm. Gerald Trumm. Roger Trumpy. chTrcy 217 Trzebialowski.Juck 180 Tsui. John 247 Tucketl. John Tuecke. Carole 234 Tuescher. Thomas Turgasen. John Turner, Arvell Turner. Charles Turner. David Turner. James Turner. Judd Turner, Larry Turner, Maureen Turoczy. William 256. 273 Turpin. Charles 271 Tuszynski. Sharon Turtle, Thomas Tynan, Thomas 221 Tyson. Timothy 209 UfTelman, Alvin 200 Uglow, Jean 186, 187, 244 Ule, Joseph Ulik. Donald Ullenius. Linda Ullenius. Thomas 213. 230 Ulness, Walton. I81. 248 Ulrich. Timothy 249 Ulve. Juli 219 Unterholzncr. Charles 240 Unlerscheidl. Marsha 187. 223 Updike, Duane Updike, Patricia 225. 242 UphofT, Louise 235 Uppena. Dennis Uppena, Joanne Uppena. Mary Urban. Donald Urban. Sally Urcn. Gregory Ulech. Dale Valaskey, James 231 Valenline. Charles Valstad, Diane 186 Van Aslen. Eugene Van Briesen, James Van de Mark. Jon Van Deuren. Gregory Van Engen, Wayne Van Landeghem. Daryl 192 Van Loene. Jon Van Loenen. Victoria Van Wagenen. Linda Van Winkle. John Vunabel. David 185 Vance, Joseph Vance. William Vandersnick, Dennis Vanderzanden. Robert 221. 241 Vandoske, Warren Vane. Rex 247 Vanoverbeke, John 239 Vaske. David Valer. Helen Vulcr. Ne11201.217 Vedvik, James Venable. Susan 244 Vencel. Stephen Veneziano, Larry Venleris. Arnis 184 VenluraJoseph Ver Braken, Joanne Vereecke. James Vcrmey, Patricia 236 Versch, David 248 Versey, John Verslynen. Barbara Verzal, John 250 Vesperman. Curtis Vesperman, Michael Velhe. Robert Vick. John 270 Vick, Kenneth 239 Vick. Thomas 231 Vickerman. James Vikcn, Thomas Villwock. Michael Vincent. Deanna Vincent. Dennis Vincent. Steven Vinger. Judy 184. 243 Virtue. Jerry 185 Virtue. Kay 233 Visgar. Alan Vlasak. Larry Vodak. James Vogel, Jason Vogeler. Carl Vogt, Joanne Vogl, Lawrence 253 Voigts. Joan Volk. David Volker.John185.213, 231 Volkert. Rodney Volkman, Wayne 251 Va". Su'e Von Haden, Ronald Von Haden, Sue Von Ruden, Joel Von Rucden. Donald 144, 180, 188 Voseberg, Mary Vosberg, Michael Voss, Dale 264 Vuss. David 181. 211 Voss, Jack 231 Voss. Robert 224 Voss. William Vyvcrberg. Dennis Wachholz. Barbara 245 Wachholz, John Wage, Douglas 108, 270 Wager, Scott 182 Wager, Willaim Wagner. John Wagner, Karen 232 Wagner. Mary 232 Wagner. Susanne 230. 237 Wagner. Thomas 240 Waidler, Rober1251 Wail, David Wakefield, Thomas Walden, Gary Walejko, Ronald 251 Walker, Gayle 191 Walker, Greg 219,222, 227 Walker, Janet 186, 225 Walker. Kenneth I82, 194, 195 Walker, Linda 245 Walker, Richard Walkey, Craig Wall, Katheleen 192. 205 Wallace, Dolores Wallendal. James Wallrich, William Walrack, Sandra 228 Walsh. Jerome Walter. Donald 221 Walter, Scotti Walterick, David 252 Walther, Thomas 184 Walton. Richard Waltz, Frederick Wanek, Thomas Wanless, Larry Wanless, Lyle 213 Wanless, Rudy Ward, Edward Ward, Elizabeth 234 Ward, Laurence Ward, Marvin 210 Ward, Thomas Ware, Ronald 239 Wargula, Carl 217 Wasmund, Terry Wasoba, William Waterman, John Watrud2 Anna 242 Watson, Richard Watson. Robert Watson, Shari-lyn 227. 232 Watts, Dennis Waugh, Darryl Wavro, Richard Weadge, Douglas Wear, Gerald Weaver, Vaun 271 Webb, Douglas Webb, James 248 Weber. Arlyn Weber, Constance Weber, Daniel Weber, Ewald Weber, Janice Weber, Joseph Weber. Mark Weber, Sandra 204 Weber, Susan 243 Webster, Thomas Wedge, Michael 241, 247 Wedig, John Wedig, Robert Wegener, Michael 241 Wegmueller. John 224 Wegner, Jeffrey Wegwarl. Gordon 185 Wehach. Joan 225 Wehler, Judith Weida, Linda 232 Weigel, Douglas Weiland, David I80. 241 Weinberg, Edward 272 Weinkauf. David Weir. Thomas 211 Weir. Timothy Weis, Marc Weisensel, Burncll Weisensel, Jon Weiss, Linda 232 Weiss, Michael Weiss, Patricia 233 Weiuenhiller. Gene Weiltcnhiller, Kay Weittenhiller. Richard Weitzcl, Kenneth Welch, Bradley Welch. Christine 236 Welch, Rober1249 Welsh. Gerald Welsh, Kevin Wemmer, Ruth Wendl, Peter Wenger, Margaret Wentlcr. Donald 250, 268 Wenzel, Linda Wenze1,Terry Werginz, Thomas Werner. Dale Wernick, Marc Werth, Ray Wesenberg. Murysue 236 Wesley, Roger 211, 230 Wessels, Ronald 274 West, James West. Sherry 225, 243 Wettach, Joanne 186, 227 Wetter. William Weynand, Betty Whalver. James Whalberg, James Wharton. Robert Wheeler, Kenneth White, David White, Jayne 222, 227 White. Kenneth White, Stephen 253 White, Wade I36 Whitmore, Bruce Whitney. Larry Whitscll, Charles 251 Whiltacker, Michael 239 Whittle, Larry Whittle, Thomas Wichmann, Brenda Wichmann, 50011204, 214, 222 Wickland, John 200 Wickler, Charles Wiedenbeck, Richard Wicgel, Duane Weigel. Richard 253 Wiegel. Theodore Wiegerl. Joseph 261 Wieneke, David 246 Wienkes, Mark Wiese, Robert 182. 216 Wiesendanger. Mary Wiesner. John I85 Wilcox, John Wilcox, Keith Wilcox, Kenneth Wilcox, Nancy 186 Wilcox. Randy Wildes, Lyle Wiley. Paul Wilker. Kim Wilkins, James Wilkins, Marcia CREDITS PRINTING AND BINDING: AMERICAN YEARBOOK COMPANY COVER PHOTO CREDITS Wilkins. Mary 267 Wilkins, Stephen Wilkinson, Helen I87 Wilkinson, Lanell Willging..10yce 227, 243 Williams, Alfred Williams. Ann Williams, Diana 208, 267 Williams, Diana L1245 Williams. Eloise 186 Williams. Evelyn 187, 226 Williams, Gary Williams. Gerald 208 Williams, Don 248 Williams. Howard Williams, Jacquelin Williams, Lillian 208 Williams. Loren Williams, Mary 187. 204 Williams, Rodger 208 Williams, Stephen 250 Williams. Thomas 247 Williams, Thomas 241, 261 Williamson, Dannie Willis, Bonny: 208 Willis. Michael Willman. Jean Willmes, Juhn Wills, Lurry Willy. Pau1206 Wilson,Be11y 202, 215 Wilson, Dave Wilson, David 224, 252, 270 Wilson, Dennis 251 Wilsun. Katherine Wilson. Keith Wilson, Philip 184 Wilson, Sully Wilson. Steven 142, 188 Wilson. Terry 252 Wiltfung, Burton Wimer,Du1cenc 196, 199 Wimmcr. Lenore Winchell, Eugene Windetl, Steven 181 Windom, Willie 208 Wing, Richard 186, 221. 223 Winner. James Winter, Daniel 142, 143 Winter, Ronald Wirth, Dennis Wise, Rodney 272 Wiskler, Charlie 275 Wilck, Blanche 187, 223 Withrow, Richard 203 Wittc. Churislinu Witthuhnn. Daniel I66, 188, 268 Witzman, Thumas Woerm, Linda 233 Wuerpel, Duane Wohling, Gary Wojszynski, John Wolf. Carolyn Wolf. Richard 252 WullT. James 248 Wolhowe. Clara Wonders, Meritu 243 Wong, James Wong. James T Wong. Thomas 226 Wood, Bree! Wood, Duane 250 Wood. Jack Wood, Juan TOPEKA, KANSAS S. K. SMITH COMPANY CHICAGO, ILLINOIS BRUCE AVERY, BILL BROWNIG, LUIS DONQUIS, DIANE FELDT, JIM GARDNER. JOHN GEBHARDT, RON HARRELL, RICH HARTZOG, TOM HENDRICKSON, DAN KAVAMME, ANDY KNOLL, JERRY LAUFEBERG, RAY LIGHTER, TOM LINDQUIST, JACK MCNETT, STEVE PICK, RAY ROBACZOWSKI, FRANK SCHARENBERG, DALEENE WIMER. VIRTUE STUDIOS Many hours have been put into this yearbook to make it one of the best ever published1 In order to put out such a yearbook, one must have cooperation from many people, My sincere thanks goes out to the staff, the printer, the photographers, our adviser. the University, its staff and students for all the help they have given me in producing this, the 1968 PIONEER Jerry Laufenberg Editor, 1968 PIONEER Wood. Luna 223. 243 Wood. Richard 248 Woodard, Jean I86 Woodard, Joanne I86 Woodhull, Alan Woods, Patrick Woodward. Spencer Woolcver, Laverne Woput, Benedict Wusyul. Tern Wright. James Wright. Robert Wright, Thomas 247 Wrzcsinski, Conrad 204 Wubben, A1icel95 Wubhen, Eleanor 187 Wuethrich, Ruuul Wull'. Steven Wunderlin, James I84 Wunderlin, Lois Wunderlin, Michael Wunsch. Warren 274 Wurstcr, Don Wussuw, Terry Wymun, Craig 181 Wysc. Phillip 274 Yager, Thomas Yahya, Abu Lughod 226 Yamada, Edwin 240 Yanke, Audrey 243 Yeuer, Lynn Yoe, Tommy Young, Bruce 210 Young, Dale label. Theodore 184 Zahler, Deborah Zajioek, Kathy Zalokar, Wayne Zander. Larry 252 Zanon, Richard 250 Zarovy, Thomas 249 Zehcl, David 230 Zchcmner, Kenneth Zcillcr, Harold Zellc, Car01256, 279 Zeller, Arick Zeller, James Ze11er, James Zellner, Gary Zelm, Robert Zentner, Chery1266 Zenz, Elizabeth Zenz, Joseph Zickuhr, Douglas 230. 231 Ziegelbauer, Kenneth 252 Zielke, Judy Zimmer, James Zimmerman, Catherine Zimmerman, Christine 244 Zimmerman, Roy Zimpel, Douglas Zinck, Gary 269 Zirbel. Richard Zisscr. James Zillergruen, Louis Zitzer, Gerald 203, 217 Zmina, Jane Zuberbuhler, Ronald Zuehlkc, Douglas Zuehlke, Rodney 210, 220 Zunker, David Zwickey, Carol

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