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M 114-W3 Z.-111. MLWU Mwmw," ' Q NWL, ,Qgwf am f 1 ' 7. ,,,,4 N Be,,,faZw,,,, ani iw ala af -9-319. - ..., Q 464-kqvvif Z? .!ZZr,w6f6'v - Q fm? ?W 0 R gi 'H M FZ fhfqxfi R 2,32 WYQA , X553 'EX LI ,N ,y' ,f5J-T NS yy 1 ,, x . J5:Y" D D. Dy? x 'F' ff' ww 12 ' N KX. Qbyrva W Q. Tr? ' Jay! xx- XY N 'Q 'C.J?N J 'ZW ' T3 2- YN E ,f ,fig X74 cxv -199' 'T' " ' C O P Y R I G H T ROBERT VAUGHAN Ediior ERNEST ERICKSON Business Manager fgs PIGNEER I 9 3 7 Published by the Senior cleee of State Teachers cenege Pleuevaue, waeeeeeae ' DEDICATION IN APPRECIATION OF HER FRIENDLY UNDERSTANDING AND HER PRACTI- CAL HELPFULNESS THE SENIOR CLASS I I I OF I937 DEDICATES ITS PIONEER TO MISS ALMA HELDSTAB A T WMF E f"'WW"3WwL 736M- G' fwujjiqgki VTR aawcaaw Q U'w'fZX'HLNZ'ZfE5lL'Qi.ML.'m4fM19l,Z gid?Ll:LMZQ4z1.M4w11 a'-JW! Q ,Aw G . . tif? T IM ii. Ziff, IW, A4iAPfi'-owlfm'-fLJ'1-7C'4'1,f-?7'L'5 I F' -4 I?S"RWBgMffi GkAlMN ,0LgA,kh ,D 'I fu Q D ING THE SCHOOL YEAR 011770 , ' I fl I 9-p MANY INTERESTING AND AMUS W '4' - 1 Gwffb- lp ,fb INE-THINGS HAPPEN. IT IS THE W " M 2 PURPOSE OF THE I937 PIONEER I RS' M TO MAKE THESE HAP NNGS PER NENT FOR E SON IN SOHOO gum ,uZ..,,u DA-QBX. H. U . FULL., ,LS , . 34' 1 dau., T l SOUTH ENTRANCE, THE GYM I NORTH ENTRANCE, MAIN BUILDING , I . ii 'iii ZZ 45- 531 II, ISI Qs if E 1 I if 2 f 5 'Ni K W 5 ' Q :EK ,gf 1 Ik ' 561 K, L. X f Q Me - A' 1 1, Wk . I , x V A L, f kx yf JL V+' N, ' 2 NJ P 5- . ,w v 3'- V V , ly frkl R- M L ,I , -, , V i X ' Q24 L, " X ' X iq 4 V.,, g gi 5 V A ii, .5142 i f , :, ' M4 'IH ' ' 3 ' ,"' 1 . M '- '71, 'ifiafagrfiff'rif! :6'!-V, lr H gl! hwy in gf Y if 1 . 4 2- 4 - 5? ' ,h z, ' 5 in gf Z 22 A , ' 5 . W A , Y ' ' 4 1, f wwf VL .7 -:ii f .5 ,K .lf .1 - V , ffm faf 'Q' ' -' ' 2 F diff f -Y 5" ' E! ,Y 'KJ is , fri 'Ab A 4.71. ii' t 2 -f-f,,.'f.+, 'f' . A 2 ,, ' i Q THE SPRUCE WINTER SPRING WEST CAM PUS AGRICULTURE, INDUSTRIAL ARTS BUILDING CAMPUS OAK WOMEN'S UNION TUM CON DEPARTMENTS FRESHMAN CLASS ORGANIZATIONS T Afhenaeum Band Exponenf Russell House, CoIIegIaI'e Inn In+ernaI'ionaI ReIa'Iions EN STUDENT LIFE ATHLETICS Foo+baII Archery BOARD OF REGENTS JOHN CALLAHAN, Supeririiendenlr Public lnsfrucrion HEX-Officio, ..,.... EDWARD J. DEMRSEY . W. E. SEYMOUR . . . MRS. W. CUNNINGHAM . J. H. GRIMM . .i .Q JOSEPH PADWAY 1 . . . MRS. C. H. OROWNHART . ROBERT E. OLJRRAN . . . A. W. ZERATSKY . ARCHIE v. HLJRST. .. GEORGE H. MARTENS . . . EDGAR G. DOUDNA, Secreiary . PTI TH Madison . Oshkosh . Eikiworn . Plailreville . River Falls . Milwaukee . Madison . Superior . La Crosse . Eau Claire . S+evens Poinf . Madison MRS. WILSON CUNNINGI-IAM Residenf Regen+ E PIONEER OF I937 ,lg , 'Jn JJ-Lf! Vu I EJ? 1 3 f A0-'vx4..A.. D ,450 at .'g. 1.-.LY x,,,,1Jh 'LVM-fag., V ' fr- Lmywl-l4f.lp V W E 7-RTK' EEEOENEGTEL' 8 'wud LL Q4 "Jw -f rw. E no 4 Quin. LR 1, IQNX. "fs iw My g gow, ,MMM -"x, n Emu taxi, 5 gk. CJ. MEVAEA W Mx ,lqx NU QN X, YA QQ , REA M.kE'6'?'cEQMsa'X""' E denlKm W N W --'- ft.,x,, E w . Ts xr EM, Q Q SM. xg W vt'i,,V5., 'QAJLQ :Q-V -v' LL x SASL. EE E fiyxkl uv,-' Q IK . wflvw- 1- ,.,.N2M.L1. -V., vkLQE,W,,VJvqb W MAQQ s ,Q-4A., ffL,1..,..n,8.. "im LJ., my . . X MMMNM - 44, bA,-NQLAIKXQL-AN Lak, , . E-QV-gba sv-wk -it fvxx,v0 Q 'i' ' ' E N glib. tb 5. fl q 'UNE' ' 9110 Q-W, Al' .I . -X, V., M, 4 , 5 'gi IQA. 'YA V ' lk' do' V-'-37' E' v-'ALA E' .fvvcu-fu. .. AMY E. - H Q , M A, f I Kim ..1sKJ,a. ,F ,N ,.fs-vga- 7-1.1 F jig, Q, ---X MAME, " 1 JKEKQW M lg W I. 1 I bvlwl-Q. Q' -1 Q E A, 'f-vu ag 4,q,+ EQA V . du S-+1-f-x.A,.3' sue QLLMJ A THE PIONEER OF I937 4" 'VVS L 'Q'-rx., ' 'KX " E, W vw N. Back Row: GreTa Gribble, Margare-T Frye, Georgiana Clark, I. N. Warner, E, F. Riley, J. W. WhiTe, F. T. Ullrich. EronT Row: G. R. Deyoe, V. M. Russell, J. C. BrockerT, VJ. I-I. Williams, J. A, Wilgus, A. M. Royce. ADMINISTRATION WiTh an enrolImenT oT Tive hundred eighTeen sTudenTs, The PIaTTevilIe STaTe Teachers College is compIeTing iTs sevenTy-TirsT year oT preparing sTudenTs Tor Teaching. This enroIImenT shows an increase over ThaT oT IasT year. The adminisTraTive board which was organized in T934 Tor experimenTaTion has become a per- manenT parT OT The adminisTraTion. The commiT- Tee This year has been working on a seIT-survey program. School policies are discussed and pre- senTed To The TacuITy Tor Tinal acTion. The Training school TacuITy is working on a course oT sTudy. Several changes have been made in The per- sonnel oT The TaculTy The pasT year. During The TirsT semesTer Randall T. Klemme subsTiTuTed Tor R. E. Moody, who worked on his docTor's degree aT Madison. Dr. Rachel Salisbury had a leave oT absence Tor The second semesTer To compIeTe a book which she was wriTing. Dr. DoroThy Don- dore, who is head oT The English DeparTmenT aT Elmira College, New York, subsTiTuTed Tor Dr. Salisbury. Page Eou rTeen Two oTher subsTiTuTe Teachers ioined The col- lege TacuITy during The illness oT Miss Irene I-Iaan and Miss Elisa Neal. Mrs. 6. P. Deyoe TaughT The home economics classes oT Miss I-laan, and Mrs. Will Shepherd Took The Third and TourTh grades Tor Miss Neal. BoTh were Trom PIaTTe- ville, Wisconsin. STaTe aid has made iT possible To have Two regular assisTanTs in The library. They were Mrs. Bernice Cardin and Miss Magdalene Thompson who had charge oT The reserve books. As was done Tor The IasT Two years, These books were separaTed Trom The resT oT The books-making iT possible Tor Them To be more easily obTained and accounTed Tor. Numerous improvemenTs on, in, and around The buildings have been made. The main room Tloor was sanded, and varnishedp The seaTs were rearranged in The main room: The sTage has been enlarged: and a cyclorama placed on The sTage. The walls and ceilings oT The rooms and corri- dors on The TirsT Tloor, and The oTTices oT The TirsT and second Tloors have been cleaned and painTed. All The Tloors on The TirsT Tloor have been sanded and varnished. Besides doing all oT These Things The WPA made various chesTs and cupboards Tor members oT The TaculTy. A new rooT has been laid on The agricuITure building. The Women's Union is compIeTeIy Tinished buT noT compleTeIy Turnished. Tl-IE PIONEER OF I937 Many improvemenTs have been made on The Two Tarms which The Teachers College owns. A new archery wall has been builT on The wesT side oT The Tennis courTs. A new and inTeresTing TeaTure was Tried This year, a healTh program. The healTh commiTTee, which includes cerTain members oT The TaculTy and a represenTaTive Trom each class, has Tormu- laTed a program which began operaTion aT The beginning oT The school year. To Tinance This program, each sTudenT was reguired To pay To The healTh Tund each semesTer a Tee oT one dol- lar. The services which are rendered sTudenTs are a maximum oT Three Tree consulTaTions wiTh The healTh adviser, who is one oT The local physi- cians, a healTh examinaTion To every enTering sTu- denT, and Three days oT hospiTalizaTion. The PlaTTeville STaTe Teachers College has made many changes since I866. The name oT The presenT Teachers College used To be The PlaTTeville Normal School. The Normal School oTTered only Two courses Tor iTs sTudenTs, while our presenT school oTTers six various courses which sTudenTs may enTer. The deparTmenTs oT Today are: agriculTure, in- dusTrial arTs, upper grade, lower grade, second- ary educaTion, and rural. Various oT These de- parTmenTs oTTer Two, Three, and Tour-year courses Tor high school graduaTes. A sTudenT compleTing a Tour-year course receives a degree oT Bachelor oT EducaTion. The oTTering in The agriculTure and indusTrial arTs deparTmenTs is especially good. The presenT enrollmenT in The agriculTure deparTmenT is nineTy-six. These sTudenTs have joined a service agency which is lcnown as The CollegiaTe Chap- Ter oT Teachers oT EuTure Farmers oT America. During This year's summer session These special conTerence opporTuniTies will be given: Boys' and Girls' 4I-I Clubs, L. A. Bensend, InsTrucTor of VocaTionaI AgriculTure, PlaTTeville, and T. L. Be- wiclq, STaTe Leader oT Boys' and Girls' 4I-I Clubs, Madison, direcTorsy Religious EducaTion, Rever- end R. R. Doering, PasTor oT English LuTheran Church, direcTor7 BaslceTball Coaching in SouTh- wesTern Wisconsin, LesTer J. LeiTl, AThleTic Coach, STaTe Teachers College, PlaTTeville, Wis- consin, direcTory Rural School Supervisors, J. C. BroclcerT, DirecTor oT Rural EducaTion, STaTe Teachers College, and J. E. Waddell, STaTe De- parTmenT oT Public InsTrucTion, Madison, direc- Tors. ADMINISTRATION L. Calloway, Agnes Brigham, L. J. LeiTl, J. Kafka, F. T. Ullrich, Mrs. VesTa I-Iodson F. PosT, GreTa Gribble, C. Gehrke, A. M. Royce I-IEALTI-I COMMITTEE TI-IE PIONEER OF I937 Page EiTTeen NWS MM EDWARD FISHER DAYLE BALBACI-I I-IANNES ANDERSON Vice-PresidenT SecreTary-Treasurer PresidenT RURAL DEPARTMENT SevenTy sTudenTs, enrolled in The iunior and senior classes, consTiTuTed The I936-37 rural de- parTmenT. Early in The year acTiviTies began in The 3C Club, which rneT The TirsT and Third Mon- days OT each monTh. This year The club became aTTiIiaTed wiTh The Na+ionaI CounTry LiTe Asso- ciaTion and received The Rural LiTe Magazine. 3C Club acTiviTies were wriTTen by The corre- sponding secreTary and senT To This naTionaI or- ganizaTion Tor pubIicaTion. AbouT 30 oT The seniors began cadeT Teaching in The rural schools The second six weeks period, Thereby avoiding incIernenT weaTher condiTions. Socially The deparTmenT TuncTioned in I-Iome- coming TesTiviTies and TogeTher wiTh The I:uTure Farmers gave a balloon dance early in February. May marlced The daTe oT The annual rural re- union which was aTTended by The TacuITy oT The college, criTics oT The Training School and rural schools, alunfni, and members oT The deparTrnenT. WW.. Q 4 as . I L im . E I 1 'vu if gf: i T' 1 , as I ' .. , T 'f Tl" ' .gif as 'T 5 'TT Q ": . .QL - , 'vw-f..f s. - i f' is 'T' fs-1' 1 . ., , as M. A Model Earm Page Sixfeen iw yy' LOWER GRADE DEPARTMENT To Train young women Tor Teaching in The TirsT Tour grades is The purpose oT The lower grade deparTmenT. This deparTmenT is under The direc- Tion oT Miss Georgiana Clarlc. The worlc con- sisTs oT observaTions and sTudenT Teaching in The IcindergarTen and primary grades. STudenTs oT This deparTmenT are given a wide background oT subiecT maTTer oT which crediTs are accepTed aT Tull value aT The UniversiTy oT Chicago, Teachers College oT Columbia Univer- siTy, and Iowa STaTe. Those who Tinish The Tour- year course receive a B. E. degree having a ma- ior in primary educaTion or in anoTher Tield. AII sTudenTs graduaTing Trom This deparTmenT IasT year were placed. Members oT The lower grade deparTmenT are acTive in all organizaTions oT The school open To women such as Band, Y. W. C. A., AThenaeum, Pioneer Players, OrchesTra, Mixed Chorus, PIO- NEER. I I I I MARGARET KOPP VIOLA JOHNSON MARJORIE MEYERS Preside-nT SecreTary-Treasurer Vice-PresidenT Lower Grade I-Iandworlc TI-IE PIONEER OF I937 UPPER GRADE DEPARTMENT Under The direcTion oT I. N. Warner, The up- per grade deparTmenT was organized Tor The purpose OT preparing sTudenTs To Teach in The upper grades and in The iunior high school. ln I877, when The course oT sTudy was TirsT published, Two years oT worlc were ouTlined Tor Teachers oT The grammar grades. As Hue educa- Tional sTandards oT Wisconsin changed, a Three- year course was added To meeT The higher re- guiremenTs, and in l93O, a Tour-year course. This year Hue enrollmenT in The deparTmenT was unusually small wiTh a membership oT only TwenTy. Three people reTurned The second semesTer To Tinish courses begun previously. The deparTmenT parTicipaTed in The Homecom- ing acTiviTies as well as in many oTher acTiviTies during The school year. This year Tor The TirsT Time The sTudenTs oT The upper grade deparTmenT presenTed Mr. Warner wiTh a ChrisTmas giTT. RUTH DAVIS HUGH SARGENT RUBY CADWELL Vice-Presidenl' PresidenT SecreTary-Treasurer DOROTHY BRODBECK WILLIAM GARDNER CLEO GEHRKE SecreTary-Treasurer PresidenT Vice-PresidenT SECONDARY EDUCATION DEPARTMENT OT all The college deparTmenTs secondary edu- caTion is The largesT. The deparTmenT, under The direcTion oT J. A. Wilgus, embraces more Than one-halT oT The sTu- denT body. This year's enrollmenT ToTals Two hun- dred ThirTy-seven: seniors, TorTy-one: iuniors, TiT- Tyy sophomores, seyenTy-Two: Treshmen, sevenTy- Tour. A Tour-year course was organized in I928 To Till The demand Tor Trained high school worlcers. IT embraces worlc leading To The degree oT Bach- elor oT EducaTion. Majors are oTTered in Eng- lish, maThemaTics, hisTory, educaTion, and The sciences. This year's oTTicers were: William Gardner, presidenTg Cleo Gehrlqe, vice-presidenT7 and Dor- oThy Brodbeclc, secreTary-Treasurer. The deparTmenT's TloaT won Third prize in This year's Homecoming Parade. While iT doesn'T engage in any independenT acTiviTies The deparTmenT's members are The sus- Taining Torce in many oT The leading school or- ganizaTions. AnoTher Picnic? THE PIONEER OE IQ37 Map STudy Page SevenTeen Top Row: Gundy, MayTield, WeiTTenhilIer, McMahon, LaRoy, Massey, Lawrence, C. GarThwaiTe, Meier, Weigel, Nichols Livin ,sTon, E. GarThwaiTe, Davies, MarTins, Turnell, Blalcel , asTer, I-Iillesheim, Grundahl, J. Polich. Q y K BOTTom Row: Deyoe, EoTh, BrandT, Ralph, Abraham, Glaeser, Eclcerman, S. Polich, BryanT, BeasTer DiValI, Ullrich TI-IE DEPARTMENT OE AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION The primary TuncTion OT The courses in agricuITure in This college is To Train Teachers OT vocaTionaI ag- ricuITure. The success OT This deparTmenT is shown by The TacT ThaT up To daTe every graduaTe OT The course has secured a posiTiori. Upwards OT TwenTy per cenT OT The SmiTh-Hughes deparTmenTs in Wis- consin are now headed by graduaTes OT The PlaTTevilIe Teachers College. Page EighTeen The agricuITure enroIImenT This year exceeds ThaT oT any pre- vious year. The ToTaI number is 96, OT whom I3 are seniors, I3 iuniors, 29 sophomores, and 4I Treshmen. The graduaTing class includes The Tollowingz Clemence I-Iabermann, Garold BeasTer, AIberT BryanT, Verlen Hillesheim, William WaTerman, Paul Qehrlein, Willis DiVall, Wilbur EoTh, LaVerne KasTer, Clar- ence Grundahl, John Polich, STephen Polich, arid Erancis Mc- Glinn. Mr. IZ. T. Ullrich is The direcTOr OT The deparTmeriT. The Tac- uITy also includes Dr. G. P. Deyoe, animal husbandry and horTi- cuITurey Mr. E. J. SToneman, crops and mechanics: Mr. R. E. Moody, paulrry and economics: and Dr. G. V. Grundy, soils and chemisTry. A modern Tarm oT INK acres is owned and oper- aTed by The college Tor educaTional purposes. A coIIegiaTe chapTer oT EuTure Farmers OT America was or- ganized in I934. The I936-37 oTTicers Tollowz I3residenT, Clem- ence I'Iabermarin7 vice-presidenT, Garold BeasTer7 secreTary, William Brewery Treasurer, Willis DiVaII7 reporTer, Vernon Wells: waTchdog, Lewis Calloway: adviser, Fred T. Ullrichg program commiTTee: STephen Polich, Amos Grundahl, Clarence Eclcer- man, CleTus CvanshirTg social commiTTee: Wilbur EoTh, DeIloerT Winn, Joseph Spinlc, I-Ians Meier, J. W. Brand? pubIiciTy com- miTTee: William WaTerman, Clair Blakely, Lewis Callaway, John McAllisTer, Wallace LaRoy. TI-IE PIONEER OE I93Z sr ,..L, nf? E Ni QQ, I k me -fi , 'w f Q A.. i, . sg 'id 9 x i ow: Oehrlein, Rogers, Scholl, Newlin, Curlis, Rosl, Sclnaeler, Tiedemann, Salmon, Wrighl, Myers, Bowman, Gorman, Guisl, Deering, I-lillbrand, Grundahl, I-larris, I-Ierwig, G-undlach, Bosch, Fowell, Ganshirl, Moody. fiollom Row: I-laberman, Wells, Brewer, Winn, Walerrnan, Klipslein, Ruskell, Mazur, Markus, Vlfilkins, Chilwood, Sloneman. PROGRAM OF WORK FOR I936-37 AND CI-IAIRMEN Assisliniuclging Iryouls: Clarence Grundahl. 2. Preparalion ol I-Iomecoming lloal: Ray Scholl. 3. Reloreslalion proiecl on College Farm: LaVerne Kasler. 4. Farmers Week: John Polich. 5. Arrangemenl lor exhibil ol during Farmers Week: Garolol Beasler. 6. Demonslralion ol Iarm skills before communily clubs: Paul Oehrlein. 7. Pres- enlalion ol rural lile play belore communily clubs: Vernon Wells. 8. Sponsoring a public speaking conlesl in Ihe chaplerz William Brewer, 9. Beaulilicalion ol some spol on college campus: Roy Simpson. IO. Sponsoring ol baskelball leam lo compele in lhe college inlramural conlesls: Charles Livingslon. I I. Parlicipalion in a raclio broadcasl: Leslie Lory. I2. Spon- soring ol menls chorus: Leslie Lory. I3. Sponsoring ol "Ag- roundupu during Farmers Week: Verlen I-lillesheim. I4. Slucly ol work programs in high school chaplers in Wfisconsin: Del- berl Winn. I5. Sludy ol work programs in chaplers in leacher lraining inslilulions: William Walerman. I6. Sludy ol melh- ods lor realizalion ol work programs in high school chaplersz Clemence I-labermann. I7. Arrangemenls lor annual ouling: William Walerman. I8. Arrangemenls lor soulh-wesl Wiscon- sin horse show: Willis DiVall. I9. Revision ol lhe chapler con- slilulionz Alberl Bryanl. The oulslanding evenl sponsored by lhe Collegiale Chapler ol Teachers ol Fulure Farmers ol America was Ihe "round-up" ol lhe members ol lhe F. F. A. The lolal allenclance al Ihe banguel' was 240, ol whom I6O were visilors from high schools in Ihe palronage area ol lhe Plalleville Slale Teachers College. Mr. George P. I-Iambrechl, clirec+or of Vocalional Educalion, Madison, Wisconsin, was lhe principal speaker. TI-IE PIONEER OF I937 Arrangemenls lor "Round-Up" during larm producls by rural school sludenls Soils Lab Page Nineleen DICK WOERFEL TED SAUER DALE NORTON SecreTary-Treasurer PresidenT Vice-PresidenT INDUSTRIAL ARTS TwenTy-nine men are enrolled in The Tour-year indusTrial arTs deparTmenT. Among These, six are TooTball leTTermen, and Tour baskeTbaII leTTermen. OT These Ten, one was co-capTain oT The TooTball Team and one oT The baskeTball Team. lndusTrial arTs men were also ouT Tor baseball, A Cappella Choir, debaTe, and Pioneer Gleemen. This deparTmenT is headed by V. lvl. Russell. Through his lecTures, Ivlr. Russell acguainTs his sTudenTs wiTh The acTiviTies oT The presenT indus- Trial Tield. An imporTanT acTiviTy carried ouT This year was The organizaTion oT a EuTure CraTTsrnen oT America Club. The prinTing deparTmenT cooperaTes wiTh The school organizaTions in The prinTing OT maTerials such as TickeTs and programs. TEACHER PLACEMENT The work oT placing gracluaTes in Teaching po- siTions is cared Tor primarily in The oTTice oT The principal oT The Training school. I-lere a Tull seT oT papers is on Tile lisTing The names oT The grad- uaTes, Their gualiTicaTions, The course each is Tak- ing, his maior and minor, and The special guali- TicaTions oT each. Each year early in Eebruary a general leTTer is senT ouT To employing oTTicials Tor The purpose oT discovering posiTions open. This leTTer is Tol- lowed up by Two or Three oThers. A number oT posiTions are discovered in This way, and sTill oTh- ers are Tound by The sTudenTs Themselves. In each seT oT papers There are also recom- mendaTions Trom each sTuolenT's reTerences. Copies and absTracTs are made Trom These, worked up inTo small bookleTs, and when a call Tor a Teacher comes, Three seTs oT These Tor as many candidaTes are senT ouT To The employing oTTicial. ln selecTing candidaTes and passing upon Them, The heads oT diTTerenT deparTmenTs and supervisors are TreguenTly consulTed. PlaTTeville mainTains a high percenTage oT placemenT. The work oT This deparTmenT is ex- ceedingly imporTanT. A high percenTage oT iu- dicious placemenT is viTal To The school. Shop Work Page Twenly Reccrnrne-ndaTions Tl-IE PIONEER OF I937 TRAINING SCI-IOOI. The presenl lraining school has lealures bolh old and new. Il began as an inlegral parl ol lhe Normal School in I866 and remains as such lo- day. Al lirsl lhe lraining school was chrislened "Model School", wilh doublless 70 lillle model children, one model crilic, and wilh model ways ol doing lhings. Aller len years il was reenamed lhe lraining school and has remained such ever since. In lhe deparlmenl lhere are I75 children, a lcindergarlen leacher, seven supervisors, and live leachers ol special subiecls. Sludenl leaching is ollered in lhe cily schools also. For lhis worlc lhere are lour supervising leachers in lhe high school and live in lhe elemenlary school, malcing il possible lo lrain eighleen sludenl leachers each semesler. The work in lhe school, as in all elemenlary schools, has gradually changed lrom lhe lormal lo lhe aclivily lype. Through crealive aclivily lhe children in lhe lraining school have devel- oped numerous proiecls. The lirsl grade has conslrucled a minialure larm. The second and lhird graders are cenlering lheir inleresl lor lhe presenl around guinea pigs. The lourlh graders worked oul a proiecl on puppels. The lillh grade carried oul a proiecl correlaling nearly all ol lheir sludies, culminaling wilh lheir sludy ol lhe selllemenl ol lhe Uniled Slales as lar wesl as lhe Mississippi. The sixlh, sevenlh, and eighlh graders have car- ried oul many unils wilh lhe use ol lhe sand lable and clay. The sludenls ol lhe lraining school lrom grades live lo eighl inclusive have organ- ized an orcheslra. There is a line chorus, made up ol pupils in lhe lillh, sixlh, sevenlh, and Lower Grade Aclivily eighlh grades. These musical organizalions lalce parl in various programs and do well. Al presenl lhe lraining school lacully is work- ing on a new course ol sludy which il is hoped will be published nexl year or lhe year aller. Il is planned lo work oul lhis course ol sludy in a way lhal will show lhe subiecl maller in unils. Some ol lhese will be worked oul in delail while olhers will be lisled as desirable unils lrom which choices can be made. The course loo will sel oul lhe aims and obieclives ol educalion as con- ceived by lhe lraining school. An exhibil ol lhe aclivilies ol lhe school is held every lwo years, and an enlerlainmenl is given lhe allernaling years. This year one hundred lourleen sludenl leach- ers have been lrained. The school is slill housed in lhe college building, bul hope is brighlening every biennium lor a new 5200.000 lraining school building conslrucled according lo presenl- day school plans and wilh lull eguipmenl. Dramalizing Transporlalion TI-IE PIONEER OF I937 Page Twenly-one l a X , Top Row: Bradison, G. Mcllermoll, D. l-leim, McAllisler, Posl, D. Perkins, K. Zwelller, Plund, Curlis. Middle Row: l-l. Trewarlha, D. Trewarlha, Schwarlz, Kopp, Walsh, Aaberg, R. Wallcer, C. Norris, J. Burris. Bollom Row: M. Alexander, L. Schaeler, Rogers, l-lein, A. Bucci, M. Roserneyer, Lilchlield, Ballard, E. Dewill. BETTY BUSHNELL LEO SCHAEFER WALTER RYAN Secrelary-Treasurer Presidenl Vice-Presidenl Laler in lh For lhe year ol I936-37, one hundred sixleen sludenls enrolled as lreshmen, many ol whom look an aclive parl in lhe college aclivilies such as loolball, baslcelball, lorensics, music, and slu- denl publicalions. Al lhe lirsl meeling ol lhe class ol I94l, lhese ollicers were elecled: presidenl, Leo Schaelery vice-presidenl, Belly Bushnell: secrelary-lreas- urer, Waller Ryan: heallh ollicer, Francis Posl. Bernard Slallon, Mariory Alexander, l-lenry Schwarlz, and Dorolhy Trewarlha were chosen lo represenl lhe class on lhe sludenl social com- millee. The lirsl social venlure ol lhe class was a mixer held in lhe rnen's gym lor lhe sophomore and lreshman classes only. This scheme has been lol- lowed by lhese classes lor lhe lasl lew years. e season lhe sophomore class relurns lhe lavor and gives a parly lo lhe lreshrnen. Bolh classes have en- joyed lhis early season gel logelher because lun is rampanl and members ol lhe lreshman class have lhe chance ol be- coming acquainled wilh a large number ol lellow sludenls. FRESHMAN As has been lhe cuslom lor several years lhe lreshmen were given enlrance examinalions covering inlelligence, CLASS slcills essenlial lo college success, and lhe maior divisions ol lhe conlenl lield. The resulls ol lhese lesls are used lor guidance purposes in lhe college and a copy is senl lo a cenlral agency lo become a parl ol a nalion-wide sludy including over 80 schools localed in 33 slales. Miss Grela M. Gribble, Dean ol Women and hislory leacher, is lhe class adviser. For personal counsel service, Page Twenly-lwo Tl-lE PIONEER OF I937 Top Row: Walerman, Goplin, Goldsmiih, Guisl, Arand, Aaberg, Abraham, Gray, Newion, Middle Row: l-lolmen, Kinney, Wiseman, Websler, C. Garlhwalre, Dull, L. Ewsis, Melcalf, V. Hansen, Bofiom Row: B. Bushnell, A. McDermol+, L. Abrams, D. Whifing, Edl, D. Williams, J. l-lolizmiller, M. Weigel. The class was divided in+o small groups, each group being assigned To a member of The Tac- ulry. This has been proved a valuable pari o'T each sJruden+'s educarion. The counselor re- views Jrhe individual s+uden+'s problems wi+h The sludenr, and suggesls ways oT over-coming any diFTicul+ies. Curricular problems form The baclc- ground oT The conferences, allhough many social diTTicullies are ironed our as The siudeni is cone Tronred wilh Them. The Treshman class was guiie aciive This year in exira-curricular aciivilies. Marvin Kliisner won The College oraiorical coniesi. David Parish played as one of The Tirslr Tive o'i The baslcerball squad, and was high scorer Tor his Team. Don- ald Perkins was one of 1-he beg- performers on Henry Schwarlz, Mariorie Alexander, Dorolhy Trewarlha, The baslceiball squad, as well as being a slrellar Bernard Sfager' Toolball player. Francis Fosi played as a regular on The SOCTAI- COMMITTEE Toorball Team. Early in March The freshman class prepared Tor i+s pari in fhe Underclassman Prom. Class meeiings were held in which many spirired discussions occurred. The selecrion oi a From orcheslra, as usual, broughi Torih The grealeslr dis- cussion. The Tollowing six+y-six freshmen are eniered in The Tour- ear secondar educaiion de arlmeniz Fern Aaberg, Dodgyeville: Roberil Aaberg, Dodiigeville: Laurel Abrams, Gays Mills: Marjorie Alexander, Plalievilleg Jane Margarel Arand, Mifflin, Oswald Barih, Darlingiony Carl Beelham, Lan- caslerp Max Bellard, Plallevilley Roberl Benneii, Lancaslery Francis Boyle, Richland Cenlerg Alberi Bradison, Cam- bridge: Louis Brunckhorslr, Plarievilley Tony Bucci, Wauke- Tl-IE PIONEER OF I937 PGq3TWenfYcTh'ee ILXVZ fi 6,991.1 i I til. Qi. 'ni i j f. DW .Ai Mllwii if lvljflfl, 5 . J' ll llifeffloirfl .yi Top Row: Reurer, P. Kreul, Wilkins, Griifilhs, Teller, Glaeser, Massey, Brandt Midd Boi QW le Row: M. Marr, Thomas, Bold, Curwen, E. Robbins, Wagner, R. Krull, Mingsf. rom Row: Pippin, Gorman, Ryan, Olson, Wright Norslien, Heiser. 0 r JW' f ff l 4:55 C - CMAJ . x b H " f .xx U f M. FRESHMAN CLASS Mxshap Carherine Burris, Plalievilleg Charles Burroughs, Living- srong Belly Bushnell, Plailevilley Charles Curwen, Benlong Eugenia DeWi++, Plalievilleg Donald Dimiclc, Plarlevillep Jean- e++e Dull, Soldiers Grove: John Edl, Monflorrg Harry Eus- iice, Livingsrong Walker Friedrich, Pla++eville7 Florence Gop- lin, Osseog Belly Gray, Hazel Green: Roberi Grillilhs, Cuba Ciiyy Viola Hanson, Hollandaleg Leon Harlman, Dodgevilleq Donald Heim, Cuba Ciryy Jane Heiser, Plailevilleg Rulh Hol- men.Argyle1 Roland Kaap, Fennimore: Marvin Klilsner, Lan- casierg Rex Krull, Birnamwoodg Floyd Lilchfield, Wonewoc: Ann McDermoH, Richland Cenrerq Geraldine McDermoH, Richland Cenferg Margarer Marr, Mineral Poinly Clyde Mayhew, Plawurevillep Bar- Page Twenly-four Bonfire Boys bara Melcali, Dodgeville7 Eihel Mingsr, Plaile- villey Charles Norris, Sun Prairie: Inez Piund, Monroe: Marjorie Pippin, Blue River: Tommy Quirlc, Mineral Point Grover Reuler, Polosig Ele- nor Robloins, New Diggingsy Richard Ruka, Bos- coloely Aleiha Rule, Dodgevilleg Henry Schwarlz, Harliordg Earl Slalielcll, Waulceshaq Bernard Srahfon, Auguslag Helen Thomas, Lancaslery Dor- olhy Trewariha, Cuba Cily: Helen Trewarlha, Cuba Ciryp Gordon Wagner, Anligoy Roberr Walker, Lancaslerg Lawrence Walsh, Soldiers Grove: Shirley Walerman, Elroyy Doroihea Web- Tl-IE PIONEER OF I937 Top Row: Ewers, Barlh, Dirniclc, Brunclchorsl, Friedrich, I-larlman. Middle Row: McMahon, Campbell, Rulca, Beelham, Klilsner, G. Ralph. Bollom Row: Slalleldl, R. Williams, Harris, Euslice, Slallon. sler, Baraboo: Kennelh Weigel, Plalleville: Ronald Whiling, Brandon: Dan Williams, LaEarge: Roberl Williams, Livingslon: Wayne Wiseman, Benlon: Kalhleen Zwelller, Blue Mounds. Twenly-eighl are lalcing lhe lour-year agricullure course. They are as lollows: Bryce Abraham, Ml. l-lope: J. W. Bryanl, Ml. l-lope: Frank Campbell, Gays Mills: Donald Curlis, Plalleville: Lewis Ewers, Soldiers Grove: Thomas Eowell, Richland Cenler: Chesler Garlhwaile, Ml. l-lope: Charles Glaeser, Monllorl: Edward Gorman, Tavera: l-lollie Guisl, Soldiers Grove: Roberl Harris, Livingslon: Paul Kreul, Highland: Richard McMahon, Lancasler: Orval Massey, l-lollandale: l-lollie Newlun, Onlario: Melvin Olson, Mazo- manie: Erancis Posl, Ml. l-loreb: Guy Ralph, Cuba Cily: Arland Rogers, Cambria: Waller Ryan, Soldiers Grove: William Salmon, Mineral Poinl: Leo Schaeler, Belmonl: Curlis Sheehan, Arena: Sidney Teller, Ellison Bay: Lenard Turnell, Blue Mounds: Vivian Willfins, Livingslon: Orville Wrighl, Glen l-laven. Those enrolled in lhe lour-year induslrial arls courses are: Roberl Goldsmilh, l.aEarge: Donald l-leal, Gays Mills: Wal- ler l-lein, Cambria: Gaylord McAllisler, Slurgeon Bay: Da- vid Parish, Rlalleville: Donald Rerlcins, Dodgeville. Four lreshmen are enrolled in lhe lourfyear lower grade course: ,lean l-lolzmiller, Mineral Poinl: Anne Newlon, Wau- walosa: Margarel Rosemeyer, Plalleville: Mildred Weigel, Plalleville. Tl-IE PIONEER OF l937 FRESHMAN CLASS KING AND QUEEN Leo Schaeler, Annabel Waller Page Twenly-live ATHENAEUM SOCIETY LasT auTumn The AThenaeum socieTy welcomed The enTering women sTudenTs aT a series oT Tour Teas in The new Women's Union. The club was divided inTo Tour groups wiTh The members oT each division acTing as hosTesses aT one oT The Teas. Readings were given by Grace McKinley, Anna lvlae Turk, Mariorie lvlarTin, and Ann Bain- bridge, aTTer which games were played and re- TreshmenTs were served. FourTeen new members were admiTTed Trom The upperclassmen. lniTiaTion Tor The girls enTer- ing lasT spring and Tall was held Tor Two days under The direcTion oT RuTh Geyer and a com- miTTee composed oT Virginia WalTon, DoroThea Doll, Jane Johns, and Mariorie lvlarTin. The girls were prohibiTed The use oT cosmeTics, re- quired To carry dolls, and were resTricTed as To The use oT The main room. As usual The AThenaeum socieTy Took parT in The l-lomecoming acTiviTies. The Theme oT iTs TloaT was "BeaT Qshkoshu, and Marjorie l'leld- sTab, Anna Mae Turk, Joyce Grenzow, BeTTy Riege, Florence Diehl, VioleTTe T-lendrickson, Ma- rie Alexander, and Roselyn Roddick represenTed The Two compeTing Teams as TooTball players. Four oT The group were dressed as Oshkosh play- ers and The remaining Tour as The PlaTTeville Team. The members oT The TloaT commiTTee were VioleTTe Hendrickson, BerTha WursT, Lois Fahey, Jean Nadler, and Florence Diehl. "Eddie and Fannie Cavanaughs' RevelaTions oT Campus l-lighlighTs won Third place Tor The AThenaeum on The annual l-lomecoming sTunT program. Anna Mae Turk and Joyce Grenzow played The TiTle roTes. The commiTTee in charge was composed oT Anna Mae Turk, Frances SToops, Joyce Grenzow, lvlariorie l-leTdsTab and Viola Johnson. Annually aT ChrisTmas Time The AThenaeum girls draw names and exchange small giTTs wiTh appropriaTe biTs oT poeTry aTTached To Them. The program Tor This year's parTy was in charge oT DoroThy Brodbeck assisTed by Audery Ash- lock, Ann Bainbridge, Grace lvlclfinley, and Jane The MinuTes oT The LasT Tv1eeTing Top Row: Fahey, Ashlock, Nadler, Johnson, Grassau, STephens, SchedTIer, l-lansen, Middle Row: Condry Welch, Davis, Walker, J. Gehrke. Kolar Davison, Doll. BoTTom Row: Chambers Grenzow, MarTin, Brodbeck, Johns, Williams, WursT. PGQSTWSUTYTSTX Tl-TE PIONEER OF I937 Top Row: l-lendrickson, McKinley, Bowen, C. Gehrke, Turk, Geyer, SToops. Middle Row: Taylor, Sauer, Bunker, L. Gehrke, WalTon, Kopp, Andrews, Perkins. BoTTom Row: Nelson, Marr, Block, Riege, Kies, Poller, Alexander. College Low-Down Liddle. BeTTy Riege played The piano Tor The singing and laTer Tor dancing. Jane Liddle had charge oT The reTreshmenTs. OuTsTanding among The weekly programs oT The year were Miss DoroThy GraTT's reporT on her Travels Through Europe, Bill T-laTTer's discus- sion oT liTe aT WesT PoinT MiliTary Academy. and Miss Clark's review oT "Gone wiTh The Wind." Miss GraTT spoke on The numerous ex- periences she had while abroad. Miss FlisabeTh Chambers, AThenaeum TaculTy adviser, read Two novels. The TirsT was an inTi- maTe sTory oT The liTe oT The BronTe sisTers, "They Tl-IE PIONEER OF 1937 Lived," by F. ThornTon Cooke: The second, Tryge Gulbrensen's "Beyond Sing The Woods," a sTory oT early Norwegian liTe and cusToms. Book re- views oT some oT The laTesT books were given by members oT The club during The second semesTer. The "Gossip" nighT, an annual TradiTion in AThenaeum, was held wiTh Mary MargareT Sauer as The beauTy operaTor and Jean Nelson as The clienT. During The process oT a manicure They discussed The privaTe liTe oT various club mem- bers. ElecTion oT oTTicers Tor The second semesTer was held on January II, I937. DoroThy Brod- beck replaced Marie Alexander as presidenT and Lois Fahey became The vice-presidenT in place oT Josephine SchedTler. DoroThy Block's posiTion as secreTary was Taken by Anna Mae Turk, and BeTTy Riege became The new Treasurer in place oT Virginia WalTon. The commencemenT season is The homecoming oT many graduaTes. The AThenaeum socieTy welcomed iTs alumnae in The library on June TiTTh aT The annual reunion. Many AThenaeum members were graduaTed This year. OuT oT The ToTal enrollmenT ThirTy- seven were seniors. They are as Tollows: DoroThy Block, DoroThy Brodbeck, Lucille Condry, Lois Fahey, Cleo Gehrke, RuTh Geyer, Marie Hansen, Jean Nadler, Virginia WalTon, BerTha WursT, Frances Walker, VioleTTe l-lendrickson, RuTh Davis, Marian Scace, WiniTred Welch, Melva Perkins, and DoroThy Andrews. Page TwenTy-seven Under The direcTion oT B. M. Carlson The band began iTs work wiTh TorTy4eighT members, abouT The same number as Took parT lasT year. Following The policy which has been in Torce Tor several years, Two direcTors Trom among iTs sTudenT members were elecTed To assisT Mr. Carlson in direcTing The band during The year. lvlelva Perkins and RoberT Johnson received These posiTions. During The year The band made a large number oT public appearances. The TirsT oT These was a concerT aT assembly in The College audiTorium on The morning oT OcTober 6. DespiTe The TacT Thar This was The band's TirsT appearance oT The year iT was well received by The audience. On The evening oT OcTober I6 The band played Tor The sTunT nighT program in connecTion wiTh l-lomecoming. fXTTer This program was over The sTudenTs and alumni Tollowed The band To The TooTball Tield where The celebraTion was con- Tinued wiTh a bonTire, music by The band, and Tireworks. The Tollowing morning, OcTober I7, The band Took a major parT in The l-lomecoming exercises on The school lawn. Then, wiTh The drum major, Melva Perkins, aT The head, iT led The parade Through The sTreeTs oT PlaTTeville. As parT oT The aTTernoon l-lomecoming celebraTion The band marched To The TooTball Tield, where iT enTerTained The crowd be- Tween halves wiTh music, songs, and drills, Torming The leTTers "PTC" on The Tield. Leaving aT 5 a. m. in The morning oT OcTober 24, The band made one oT iTs inTreguenT Trips away Trom home, when iT wenT To Oshkosh To represenT The PlaTTeville Teachers College aT The Oshkosh TooTball game. As parT oT The program aT Oshkosh The band played Tor The Class Day exercises aT II a. m., and in The aTTernoon PERKHXTS JOHNSON iT marched To The TooTball Tield. The members oT The band demonsTraTed Their marching abiliry by exercises on The Tield where They Tormed The iniTial leTTers oT The PlaTTeville Teachers College and Oshkosh Teachers College-"PTC" and "OTC". Top Row: Carlson, Robinson, l-leim, R. Williams, BrunckhorsT, Walker, Mayhew, Wheeler, BoTTo?n Row: J. Burris, Azzalino, WaTerman Johns, Brodbeck, l-lolmon, Ashlock, Thompson, DiVall, M. Burris, Ocfober 25 climaxed a very acfive monflu for flue band wluen flue members foolc flue scluool bus fo Belmonf, flue old Sfafe Capifal, fo represenf flue College in flue Cenfennial parade. On Armisfice Day, November II, flue an band foolc parf in flue parade. Affer flue parade if supplied music in flue Municipal Building during flue Armisfice Day cere- monies. During flue fall and winfer moruflus flue band was on luarud for all conference foof- ball and baslcefball games. Tluere is liffle doubf fluaf fluis corufribufed muclu fo flue spirif of flue feam and flue specfafors af fluese evenfs. One of ifs major appearancg during flue second semesfer was af flue annual Grand 3 a!n.lun.,,- ' 9 Tlue Band Tales Off Concerf, in wluiclu all flue music organizafions of flue scluool foolc parf, af flue Municipal Building Marclu 25. Anofluer of ifs appearances was ifs parficipafion in flue Senior Class Day ceremonies, May I8 in flue College audiforium. Tlue band parficipafed in pracfically all of flue maior acfivifies of flue college during flue year Af flue beginning of flue second semesfer, because of flue loss of several members, flue band was reduced from ifs original size of forfy-eigluf fo forfy members, comprised of fiffeen men and fwenfy five women. Reluearsals were lueld each Monday and Tluursday flurougluouf flue year. Awards for oufsfanding acluievemenf in band worlc were presenfed fo members on Awards Day. Tluese awards were based on affendance, inferesf, cooperafion, musical abilify, number of acfivifies, and years of acfivify. Tlue rafing was deferruuined by Mr. Carlson and luis assisfanfs. By ifs parficipafion in pracfically all of flue major evenfs of flue scluool year, flue band proved ifself worfluy of being considered as one of flue more imporfanf of flue scluool organizafions. BAND Top Row: King, l-l. Scluneider, Marlcus, Ararud Weiffenluiller, Newfon, Kasluevos, Jolunsoru. Boffom Row: Edwards, Ge-aclu Cluurcbill, Buf'on, Slaclc, l-larusoru. EXPONENT "ExponenTs" are ouTl This is The announcemenT issued ThirTeen diTTerenT Times during The school year aTTer The college 'paper is broughT back Trom The prinTers. This year The required number oT ediTions was published wiTh Glenn Riddle as ediTor-in-chieT, Frederic RehmsTedT as business manager, Lois Fahey as secreTary, and lvliss KaTharine Chapman as TaculTy adviser. Cub reporTers, aTTer meeTing cerTain require- menTs, are promoTed To The posiTion oT regulars. These promoTions are based on The number oT inches prinTed, on prompTness in meeTing The deadline, and on general aTTiTude. Those who became regulars aT The end oT The TirsT semesTer are l-larold NeuendorT, Lucille Condry, Joseph l.ins, RoberT lvlcNeTT, CaTh- erine Ryan, Eloise Bloclf, Frances Wallqer, and Kyle GoTT. AddiTional promoTions were made aT The close oT The year. The "ExponenT" had The good TorTune oT winning second place wiTh The TloaT enTered in The Home- coming parade. This TloaT depicTed an old "dig- gingsw in all iTs crudeness. Members oT The sTaTT, dressed as rough and ready miners Trom "The good old days", disTribuTed copies oT The paper Trom The TloaT. Nine sTaTT represenTaTives aTTended The Seven- TeenTh Annual Wisconsin High School EdiTors' Con- Terence held aT The Wisconsin l-ligh School aT Madi- son, November 27, in charge oT GranT lvl. Hyde, direcTor oT The school oT iournalism aT The UniversiTy oT Wisconsin. Those aTTending Trom The college were Glenn Riddle, CaTherine Ryan, BerTha WursT, BeTTy Bushnell, RoberT McNeTT, l-larold NeuendorT, Joseph Lins, and Miss KaTherine Chapman, TaculTy adviser. Top Row: Bainbridge, Nehls, F. Walker, Lins, Fahey, E. Block. BoTTom Row: Chapman, D. Bloclc, Pross, Condry, R. Williams, Korbaclc. Tl-IE PIONEER OF T937 Top Row: J. Burris. SchulTz, Abrarns, NeuendorT, Ryan, D. Williarns, R. Williams BoTTorn Row: Riddle, Sauer. P. ReTerson, RiTer, WursT, Bushnell, Kashevos InsTead oT holding regular sTaTT meeTings, The ediTor posTed assignnnenTs on a buIIeTin board This year, The sTaTT checlcing Thern as soon as possible To indicaTe ThaT They had been noTed. Each arTicle handed in was read by The ediTor, The copy-reader, and The TacuITy adviser. This was done once when The arTicle was handed in, beTore The sTaTT TypisT was called, and again aTTer Typing. Each arTicle was IisTed according To iTs general cIassiTicaTion and IengTh beTore being Talcen To The prinTer. As soon as The long galley prooTs were received Trom The prinTer, The prooT reader, The ediTor, and TacuITy adviser again read each arTicle closely To check Tor Typographical errors. Two seTs oT prooT were Turnished by The prinTer. One seT was careTuIIy correcTed and reTurned. The oTher was cuT up and The new ediTion composed. This was dame by arranging and pinning The arTicIes on sheeTs oT paper. A headline schedule was now made, and The headf line ediTors called To worlc. ATTer each arTicle was headed, The cornpIeTed "durnrnyw was de- livered To The prinTer who ran oTT a Trial copy oT The paper. This Tinal prooT was read and reTurned To The prinTer, who made The correc- Tions, IT any, and Then seT The press in n1oTion To Turn oTT The cornpleTed paper. And aT lasT sTudenTs passing in The hall aT noon saw This sign on The buIleTin board: EXPONENTS ARE OUT TI-IE PIONEER OF I937 THE EXPONENT STUDENT PUBLICATION OF PLATTEVILLE STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE EnTered as second class rnaTTer aT The posToTTice aT RIaTTeviIIe, Wisconsin Volume XXXVII Number 7 EDITORIAL STAFF EdiTor ......... Glenn Riddle Headline WriTers . . Joe Lins, CaTherine Ryan SporTs EdiTor . . . . . Harold NeuendorT Copy and ProoT Reader . . . . BerTha WursT ArT ReporTer ....... Edward Nehls RERORTERS: Randolph AusTin, Ann Bainbridge, DoroThy Block, Eloise Block, BeTTy Bushnell, Lucille Condry, Kyle GOTT. Spiro Kashevos, Joseph Lins, RoberT Mc' IXIeTT, Francis Pross, Frances Wallcer, and RuTh Wil- Iia'ns. CUB RERORTERS: Laurel Abra'ns, Jean Burris, Wallcer Friedrich, Russell I-IiII, Lorraine Korbaclc, KaTherine MaTes. Mildred Noble, Marion RiTer, Thomas Quirlc. Mary MargareT Sauer, l'leIen SchulTZ. I'-lelen STone mar, Dan Williarns, and Raul ReTerson. BUSINESS STAFF TypisT . . . ..... Frances Walker Business Manager . . Frederic RehmsTedT SecreTary . . .... Lois Fahey FacuITy Adviser . Miss KaTharine Chapman Page ThirTy-one I936-37 was a banner year aT The Russell l-louse, men's cooperaTive house. SixTeen selT-supporTing young men congregaTed aT The "big" Table Three Times a day ThroughouT The year. Living condiTions were mainTained aT high eTTiciency Through a share-The-worlq plan. Worlc was divided according To The abiliTies oT The men, cooking To would-be cheTs, and dishwashing and house- cleaning To oThers. "Edu Vavruslca, The housemoTher, purchased The "energy" necessary Tor The men, and mainTained peace. A review oT The year's acTiviTies in sporTs reveals TourTeen on The TooTball honor roll, nine receiving leTTers: Two on The regular "col- legel' baslceTball Team and Tour on The "B" squad: Three in The base- ball rosTer, and The spring warm-up broughT ouT The whole house. Three men Trom The house sang wiTh The Pioneer Gleernen, Two in The A Cappella choir. A radio, a piano, and a library provided TaciliTies Tor social liTe aT The house. During I936-37 The CollegiaTe lnn gang numbered eighTeen, all going Through school wiTh The leasT possible expense. This house organizaTion began in l927 and has run smooThly since. AT The presenT Time one person. elecTed by The group as housernoTher, is manager, disTribuTing The worlc and purchasing provisions. The housemoTher collecTs money by anTes oT Tive dollars apiece as oTTen as necessary. Worlc is done by crews: a breal4TasT crew, a dinner crew, and a supper crew, Two dishwashing crews, Tiring crew, and a cleanup crew. Worlc is done on Time, noT be- cause oTbTc1aag oT Theifhgusemoihjcg pg Si cglhmir owers, u ecausei I ex ec . p STandings among The boylzs have in The pasT been above The average Tor The whole school. However, aThleTic abiliTy is noT laclcing. Several men are on The TooTball and baslceTball squads. op R Kl ne KaTka McA sTer, l3osT, Kamrn, Perlcins, J. Wagner. oTTom Ro Wh T ng N chols FoTh, J. Sauer, C. Grundahl, A, Grundahl, G. Wagner, T. Sauer, Vavruska. Top Ro Bucc Gu sT Walsh, NorTon, Ruslcell, l-lein, BuTTon, ChrisTman, Meier. Bo om Ro KlipsTein GoldsmiTh, MayTield, WaTerman, Oehrlein, Sheehan, Schwarlz, Lawrence. i Pnf3f2ThfTvTO THE Pioussia or I937 Top Row: Moody, I-lerwig, Abraham, Lins, C. GarThwaiTe, A. Rogers, Pelilcan, Wiseman, Mayne, Zellmer. BoTTom Row: Rowe, Wilson, Condry, WebsTer, Nelson, WaTerman, Burgess, GoeTzelman, Ashloclr. Though one oT The youngesT organizaTions oT The college, The inTernaTional ReIaTions Club is noT The IeasT developed. Organized in January I936, iT soon became aTTiliaTed wiTh The Cars negie EndowmenT Tor lnTernaTional Peace which aT regular inTervals Turnishes The club wiTh boolcs and pamphleTs. ThaT This maTeriaI may be l4epT TogeTher, one shelT in The library has been re- served Tor iT. Weekly meeTings are held, consisTing oT an inTorrnal Tallq Tollowed by quesTions, answers, and discussions by The group. J. A. Wilgus, R. E. Moody, and Miss DoroThy GraTT addressed The club, spealcing on GreaT BriTain, The condiTions in Spain, and a Trip To Europe, respecTively. OTher discussions dealT wiTh various phases oT inTernaTional aTTairs. During The year, various members OT The club aTTended ouTside conTerences: lnTernaTional Peace meeTing aT Tower l'lill STaTe Parlc, Spring Green, Wisconsing InTernaTional RelaTions aT Grinnell, Iowa, and The BeloiT lnTernaTional Ref laTions ConTerence. MosT imporTanT oT The proiecTs carried on by The group during The year was The second an- nual lnTernaTional RelaTions coniference aT The College in April. This meefing consisTed oT Tallcs by specialisTs along lines oT inTernaTional aTTairs and round Table discussions. AnoTher proiecT oT The year was The drawing up and approval oT The PlaTTeville inTernaTional RelaTions Club ConsTi- TuTion. TwenTy-Tive sTuden'Ts belonged To The Club This year. TI-IE PIONEER OE I937 R. E. Moody and LuTher Zellmer are co-TaculTy advisers. The oTTicers were presidenT, Howard Mayne: vice-presidenT, Lucille Burgess: corres- ponding secreTary, Marie CvoeTzelman, and sec- reTary and Treasurer, Mary MargareT Sauer. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS OTT To Grinnell Page ThirTy-Three Pioneers? Whaicha' Goff? Fashion Parade Cheer up! The lndiansh Come The Queen and her Courf Look af Jrhe Birdie "Home, Home on 'rhe Range" Egg Squashers Heep Big Squaw lndusirial Ar'rs wins Again Wffrwd BWowrn', Gvfrfg Now, Smile Preifyl Newsey Drqginsl SOmeH'wir1q's Burning Lower Grade Sfurwf Capfures Ffrsf Sirk-go info your Dance Be Careful Where You Polmf Hwaf Gun! STUDENT CALENDAR, AUTUMN I936 SEPTEMBER Mrs. Cook s+arTed The year oTT righT by bawling ouT The upper classmen who regis- Tered on Freshmen day. Gus Friedrick carried his scholarship Trom high school To college. RegisTraTion. Miss Clark: "Girls, be sure To geT your minors." Bob Vaughan: "Aw Miss Clark, leT The miners Take care oT Themselves." Falk scanned new prospecTs as upper class- men reTurned. KasTer decided he needed a vacaTion so is waiTing unTil nexT week To go To class. Jo SchedTler, as usual, capTivaTed The new men aT The Treshman mixer. Could blue eyes and bewiTching dimples have anyThing To do wiTh The large enroll- menT OT economics classes? Mr. Klemme seems To amply Till Mr. Moody's place in more ways Than one. The Treshies leTT Tor home because They heard Joe KaTka saying, "Up To The wall and over," and believed iT To be The new prisoner's song. The Women's Union enjoyed one oT iTs rare days oT in-going and ouT-going TraTTic. Bless The Y. W. C. A. Tea Tor The freshmen. Carlson made TirsT announcemenT oT The year, "Band will meeT aT 4:lO: be prompT." This is noT a recording. Seniors worried and TreTTed aT The mixer. Cause-Treshmen dancers. Gordon PalTrey and Florence Cushman enTerTained by Tall- ing on The dance Tloor. Helen SToneman sTaTes ThaT Brodbeck's have The besT meaT in Town. Miss Chapman nearly excused a member oT her English LiTeraTure class early Today. In a discussion oT whaT humming birds, crows, and oTher species sounded like, one mem- ber wanTed To know whaT kind oT a sound a scare crow made. SweeT, Scheuerell, and Fox aTTended church. Koch sTayed home and played Blocks. RuTh Bradbury saT in assembly and TorgoT To go To hygiene. The only diTTerence be- Tween her and a couple oT oThers is ThaT she didn'T know she was cuTTing. Peace aT CollegiaTe Inn. All chairs broken -noThing To TighT wiTh. Page ThirTy-six Many females aTTended open pracTice ses- sion To Tincl ouT whaT The well-dressed TooT- ball player will wear. Coach issued a call Tor shorTs because oT hoT weaTher. Romance links high school cheer-leader and P. T. C. aThleTe. Cheers Tor GOTT. DisTurbance aT Russell House as KaTka, Perkins and McAllisTer go on a siT-down sTrike reTusing To do dishes. "Ma" Vav- ruska plans a conTerence To seTTle diT- Terences. OCTOBER Seniors elecTed oTTicers. FoTh won posiTion as healTh oiliicer because he has had veTer- inary science. Mr. Klemme and Miss GraTF Told in Their classes oT a very good picTure appearing aT The Avalon. Maybe iT is iusT a coinci- dence. ProTessor Ullrich Threw a Zoology TesT much To The Treshmen's disappoinTmenT and grieT. Bob Shannon and Dr. Gundy also prepared an exam on mass law. Claire MonTgomery wenT To psychology class Tor The Third Time. This phenomenon Tailed To arouse The resT oT The class, how- ever. P. T. C. and Miners made plans Tor The success and desTrucTion oT annual home- coming bonTires. Coach LeiTl's gridders held a pre-home- coming session and rouTed miners "bon- Tire" bound boys. Spark Plug pranced his way To TirsT place in The sTunTs. Tommy Quirk received his ball and chain in TronT oT The assembly. Spiro Kashevous broughT up To The rear oT The wedding march wiTh a shoT gun. Reunion-crowning oT The queen-parade -game-and The dance. AnoTher glorious Pioneer Homecoming ended. Keyholes plugged. College sTudenTs blamed miners-miners blamed The high school kids. AT any raTe, noThing was done abouT iT. New AThenaeum members adopTed The serious role oT moTherhood Tor a day. The assembly speaker didn'T Think iT was serious Though. THE PIONEER OF I937 STUDENT CALENDAR, AUTUMN I936 Mr. SToneman and Mr. WhiTe beamed hugely aT The world aT large, buT especially on The new bus. "Bugs" AusTin was a decided conTrasT as he dragged his TeeT around The halls muT- Tering dark Things abouT sTudenT Teaching. No, liTTle children, Those red-Taced people walking around school weren'T Indians. They were Pioneer Player iniTiaTes. Our TooTball Team's Technique in The dark is all righT. They ran all over The UniversiTy ExTension oT Milwaukee under The arc lighTs. The TooTball Team leTT The school bus inTacT aTTer Their TirsT Trip in iT. Was iT awe? However, several band member's pockeT- books didn'T Tare as well aTTer Bob boughT l'lila's diamond on The way To The Oshkosh game. Ann Bainbridge had a hardened arTery snapped in her Tace by George Andrews. The arTery was aTTached To an ampuTaTed leg George procured Tor lab. purposes. Dave Aide inTormed Miss GraTT he wasn'T Taking speech by correspondence and ThaT he would be in class every day henceTorTh. Cider plays havoc wiTh college sTudenTs. Turns School parTy inTo a rioT. One hard- ened Treshman bragged ThaT he could drink six glasses oT iT and sTill walk sTraighT. "Dad" Dyer worked overTime To-day in an eTTorT To Tinish a Tew exTra hard problems Tor The boys in Mr. Warner's "Trig" class. NOVEMBER Bill I'laTTer used "pure logic" in hisTory class and won The argumenT. OT course Dean Gribble's agreeing wiTh him had noTh- ing To do wiTh his winning. In The same class Bill Bohnacker was seen drawing pic- Tures oT beauTiTul women. Pioneer Players puT on a beneTiT dance, buT "BuTTerball" wasn'T There. Mr. Klemme meT a man in The hall and, Thinking him a sTranger, oTTered To help him. The man Turned and said, "l'm Mr. Lewis. l've worked here Tor sevenTeen years." Mariory I-leldsTab made The Tollowing an- nouncemenT in The Assembly. "Mr. Nicholas wishes To Take The girls' baskeTball picTure aT l2:45. He wanTs The girls To have suiTs on." E PIONEER OF I937 Gridmen downed The Quakers I3-O. Too bad There weren'T more There To see iT. Richard l"IalliburTon spoke in Rockford. l:iTTeen scrollers, more or less, were dis- appoinTed-no TickeTsl Richard musT have known They were coming. OrThel PeTerson, chairman oT The Forensic Board, asked The secreTary To read The momenTs oT The lasT meeTing. Even meeT- ings have Their momenTs. ArmisTice Day. VacaTion Time won'T be long now. End oT The TirsT round oT The main evenT bouTs beTween Brodbeck and SToneman- To be conTinued +onigh+ aT 8:30. Band pracTice To-nighT. AssisTanT direcTor, Melva Perkins, warned a member oT The corneT secTion, Mr. Geach, To kindly remain aTTer pracTice Tor a liTTle exTra TuToring. ' Frances Pross Took a TronT seaT in hisTory class because back seaTers are disTurbing elemenTs. More Tun spiTTing ouT conTeTTi, chaining up couples wiTh serpenTine and doing "Dizzy Dean" Throws wiTh snowballs aT The annual Mardi Gras dance. Public nuisance number one, Earl GarThwaiTe. STudenTs sTarTed To work up an appeTiTe Tor Thanksgiving by aTTending The Thanksgiving all-school parTy in Big Gym. Joyce Gren- zow checked coaTs as usual. Scrollers wenT To RockTord, aT lasT, and heard ChrisTopher Morley. Edward Nehls goT The auThor's auTograph in Tive books. The Treasurer's Two cenTs ThaT wouldn'T go Through The sloT machine was cheerTuIly reTunded by The waiTer wiTh The marvelous memory. Thanksgiving-PlaTTeville was as dead as a door nail and so were a loT oT Turkeys. Journalism convenTion in Madison. A Memorial Union waiTer Taughr Glenn Riddle a lesson in eTiqueTTe by removing his napkin Trom his knee aT leasT a haIT hour aTTer The meal was over. IT doesn'T pay To Talk abouT The TaculTy away Trom school. While Three college sTudenTs roasTed a Teacher The pie burned. Page ThirTy-seven if me A .ao Hard a+ If Jus? Nike a Mah! Tousle-headed Shack Wha1's Trump? Nof reahy Sfudyinq The old Maesfro Chapel Cu+sf7 "Now Whaf abou? Tha+?" They arerff +here Everyday Q1 Save our Farm! Can You Tell flue Slweep? Beauly and flue Bees? Goldy and June Soup! Om P. P. l-lopefuls Careful of your Fingers! Are-n'+ llwey lvlollwerly? Tha? Falal Trip F O O T B A L L COACI-l Page ForTy Top Row: Falk, PeTerson, SplinTer, Perkins, Parish, McAllisTer, PosT Third Row: W. STephens, Wells, Aide, Vavruska, C. Grundahl, T. Sauer, G-oTT Second Row: Rheel, Clausius, A. C-rundahl, BarTh, SchwarTz, WrighT, l-lerwig, Bradison BoTTom Row: Wagner, J. Sauer, STaTTeldT, Polish, Gundlach, C-5anshirT, L. SchaeTer THE SEASON ATTer The TirsT call Tor TooTball candidaTes was announced by Coach Leirl, abouT sixTy men reporTed Tor pracTice The TirsT. nighT. Among Those who reporTed TiTTeen were lasT year's leTTermen, Co-capTains Joe KaTka, Ted Sauer, and Clare Kline. OTher leTTermen were Vavruska, Falk, Moore, R. Simpson, E. Simpson, S. Polich, EoTh, STephens, GOTT. Wells, Grundahl, and Clausius, a leTTerman oT '32, WiTh These men and newcomers oT The squad Coach LeiTl builT up The sTrongesT, and TasTesT Team oT years. OThers who helped Coach LeiTl make his sTrong Team were Mr. Klemme and Dale Rheel, oT The class oT '36, The Pioneers' TirsT conTerence TilT was Turned inTo a de- TeaT on a lucky break by Milwaukee 2-O. The nexT game was a disappoinTmenT alThough iT ended in a Tie wiTh Osh- kosh O-O. The Pioneers ThreaTened Time aTTer Time buT by unTorTunaTe mishaps were unable To score. The nexT en- counTer Tor The Pioneers was STevens PoinT. CompleTely ouT- playing The KoTal men in every move oT The game The locals neverTheless dropped a I9-7 decision. The Tinal game oT The season wiTh WhiTewaTer will remain Tor years To come in The memory oT The Tans who wiTnessed The clash oT The Two Teams. The Pioneers deTeaTed The WhiTewaTer Team I3-O To knock The Agnew agregaTion ouT oT a conTerence championship. No one will ever TorgeT Perkins' 78-yard run in ThaT game Tor The Pioneer TirsT score. Much crediT is due To Kline, KaTka, Sauer, l-labermann, Vavruska, and R. Simpson Tor Their consisTenT playing and The TighT They showed ThroughouT The season. Tl-IE PIONEER OF M fafl"""",,9 ' I ' ,I. iuw-MLJ. 'ff...ff .CAIR 17- 4 Top Row: Kline, E. Simpson, AusIin, LivingsIon, Turnell, Ruskell, Kafka, Guslafson Third Row: I-Iaberrnann, R. Simpson, DiVaII, Sheehan, Wiseman, Moore, LeiII Second Row: McMahon, Ouirk, R. Sfepheris, Whiling, Eusfice, Burroughs, J. SIephens, Mazur Bo'rIom Row: Bucci, EoIh, Johnson, Leahy, Olson, Chrisfen, E. Schaefer, Meier 'II-IE oEEicERs AND PERSONNEL coach ........ LESTER J. EEITL Assisranr Coach . . RANDALL KLEMME Assislanr Coach . . . DALE RHEEL Co-Caplain . . JOSEPH KAEKA Co-Caplain . . CLARE KLINE Co-Caplain . THEODORE SAUER Manager . . . . ARTHUR GUSTAESON AssisIanI Manager . . . . HANS MEIER CONFERENCE STANDING Soulhern Division Srevens Poinr . . . 2 I I ,666 Whirewafer . . 2 O 2 .SOO Milwaukee . . 2 O 2 .SOO Oshkosh . I 2 I .500 Plallevifle . I I 2 .333 PIONEER OF I937 KLEMME Page Forly-one O 0 A T 1 KAEKA, KLINE, SAUER "JoeT' KaTka hails Trom AnTigo High School. "Big Joe" was one oT The Pioneers' besT line- men. His TighT and generalship was a big TacTor To The Team This year. Joe will play on The Team again nexT year. "STreTch" Kline is a producT oT Monroe. STreTch played cenTer nearly every minuTe oT college compeTiTion in The pasT Three years. He was co-capTain This year and a greaT deTense man as well as oTfense. STreTch will be back nexT year. "Ted" Sauer is a Tour-year man Trom Darling- Ton High School. Ted's TighT, spiriT and line play was noT surpassed by any opponenT This year. Ted will be a greaT help To Coach LeiTl nexT year. STOUT WiTh a I9-6 vicTory over STouT aT Menomonee Perkins Makes a Gain OTT Tackle SepTember 26, PlaTTeville opened iTs TooTball season. Early in The iniTial quarTer a 35-yard run by Perkins broughT The ball inside STouT's IO-yard line, buT The Pioneers losT The ball on downs. Aided by a PlaTTeville Tumble and Two penaiTies STouT Took The ball Tor a Touchdown. The exTra poinT was missed, and STouT led 6-0 aT The halT. Good running by Vavruska and Perkins broughT PlaTTeville iTs TirsT score in The Third quarTer. Vavruska's kick was low, and The game was Tied 6-6. PlaTTeville again drove To STouT's 8-yard line and SplinTer scored on a Take re- verse. Roy Simpson plunged Tor The exTra poinT and PlaTTeville led I3-6. On The kickoTT STouT Tumbled and PlaTTeville recovered. A Tew plays laTer Perkins crashed over Tor The Tinal counTer. The exTra poinT was missed, PlaTTeville winning I9-6. KAFKA Tackle KLINE CenTer SAUER Guard Pag e Fo rTy-Two THE PIONEER OF I937 Slopped on Ihe Line of Scrimmage STEVENS POINT Plafleville dropped ifs Iirsf conference game Salurday, Ocfober IO, Io Srevens Poinf I9-7. The Pioneermen oulpassed, oulplayed, and oui- Ioughr Ihe Poinlers all Ihe way only Io loe our- Iucked in every Turn. Sfevens Poinf scored Iheir poin+s on Iwo blocked kicks and a compleled pass. Pla++eville's only score came in Ihe Third guarler on a pass from Perkins Io SplinI'er. Splinler on carching Ihe pass on Ihe one-yard line fell and broke his collar bone keeping him ouf for Jrhe remainder of Ihe season. Perkins plunged over for Ihe Pioneers' only Touchdown on Ihe nexl play. Vavruska kicked 'rhe exlra poinf. Plafieville piled up I2 Iirsl downs Io Slevens PoinI's 6 and gained again as many yards from scrimmage. TI-IE PIONEER OE I937 WAGNER, EALK, MOORE "Johnny" Wagner, of Anfigo, sfarred in Ihe lasr Iew games ol Ihe season. I-Iis defense aloilify af end was noi surpassed by any oppon- enI in Ihe conference. l'Ie will be a grealr help 'ro Coach Leill nexl year and Jrhe year affer. Marly Ealk comes from Fish Creek. Marry has won four lellers in Ioolball here al Pla+Ie- ville. Marfy was an all around end and sfood ou+ on his defense aloiliiy. Marry will be greally missed nexr year by Ihe Pioneer squad. "Skinny" Moore comes from Sfurgeon Bay. Alihough short Skinny gave his opponeni pleniy of Iroulole. I-Ie could s+ay in Ihe line and IooI+Ie up Ihe Ioughesr of plays. I-Iis posilion will be hard Io fill nex+ year. JM ,fJ-'V-A-ffifaa' g- I Page Forfy-Three ELZQALAAX ssfxmmwee J 'QQ - 5 'JI 5 NX WAGNER3' MNOJ., ,AJ7-f s,,f..1, fa. .kind if . , 3' Mooizg Vue! f ,,.. PARISI-I, PERKINS, POST "ShuTTIe" Parish, a PIaTTeviIIe boy, was ex- Tremely adepT aT snaring passes. I'Iis aggressive playing abiIiTy and TighT will be an inspiraTion To The Pioneers in his Three remaining years oT compeTiTion. "BuTch" Perkins oT Dodgeville was a regular his TirsT year aT PIaTTeviIIe. BuTch was an all around man on defense. oTTense. and punTing. We'II never TorgeT his 78-yard run againsT WhiTe- waTer. 6reaT Things are expecTed oT BuTch in his Three remaining years oT compeTiTion. "Fran" PosT comes Trom MounT I'Ioreb. AI- Though a TirsT year man his playing abiIiTy was ThaT oT a veTeran. He was a sTonewaII deTense man in The Iine IasT season. We will be waTch- ing PosT in his Three remaining years oT com- peTiTion. The Necessary Yards Tor a EirsT Down MILWAUKEE In a Iis+Iess baTTIe on Royce Tield, The Pioneers were deTeaTed in The TirsT home game oT The season and also Their homecoming game by The Green Gulls oT Milwaukee by a score oT 2-O. The IiTeIess PIaTTeviIIe aggregaTion baTTIed The speedy Gulls ThroughouT The enTire game, neiTher Team ThreaTening seriously To score. An illegal Torward pass on Their own I3-yard line penalized The Pioneers To The 3-yard marker and paved The way Tor The saTeTy The Milwaukeans scored. STaTTeIdT assaying To kick Trom his own end zone was rushed by The Klugemen. The plucky Ii++Ie TeIIow seeing he couIdn'T geT The kick-OTT, aTTempTed a Torward pass To save The Two poinTs. The baII sTruck a Milwaukee player and bounced back inTo The end zone Tor The only score oT The game. PARISI-I End PERKINS Full Back POST Tackle Page ForTy-Tour TI-IE PIONEER OF I937 x-BJ' J . Vavruska OFT Tackle Tor Five Yards OSHKOSH Running inTo a series oT bad breaks, PlaTTe- ville was held To a scoreless Tie by Oshkosh aT The Redmen's Homecoming OcTober I7, aT Osh- kosh. PlaTTeville received The kick and reTurned To Their 40-yard line. On The TirsT play Perkins clashed 30 yards. On The nexT, Perkins passed To Wagner in The end zone, buT whaT seemed a Touchdown was an incompleTed pass. ln The closing minuTes of The game lv1cAllisTer snagged a Torward over The goal line, buT The oTTicials ruled a penalTy on PlaTTeville. Oshkosh goT inside The Pioneers' 20-yard line once. The Redmen compleTed a pass To The I2- yard line, buT losT I0 yards and were penalized an addiTional I5. Earl STaTleldT played a bril- lianT game wiTh his open-Tield running and his greaT punTing. STubby booTed one 68 yards on The Tly. HABERMANN, VAVRUSKA, SHEEHAN Clem Habermann was a Three-year man aT Sun Prairie High, and a Tour-year man Tor The Pioneers. Clem was one oT The ToughesT Tor The opponenTs To Take ouT oT a play. Few yards were made over him by opposing Teams. He leaves a hard place To Till. "Ed" Vavruska comes Trom AnTigo. Ed cap- Tained The Pioneer eleven in '35. He was one of PlaTTeville's greaTesT ThreaTs. His accuraTe leTT-hand passing abiliTy and TighT will be a hard place Tor Coach LeiTI To Till in The backfield nexT year. Sheehan, Arena, Wis., producT, made a name Tor himself here in PlaTTeville his Treshman year. Sheehan's defensive abiliTy and clever ball carry- ing made him one of PlaTTeville's biggesT'ThreaTs This pasT season. GreaT Things are expecTed of him in his Three remaining years aT PlaTTeville. HABERMANN Guard VAVRUSKA Halfback SHEET-TAN Halfback THE PIONEER OF I937 Page ForTy-Tive A AAA, , . I . I I FOTI-I, STAFFELDT, SI M PSON "Rip" FoTh is a SparTa I-Iigh School producT who always lived up To his nickname when iT came To TooTbalI. I-Ie was one OT The TasTesT men on The squad and a very clever ball carrier. Rip is a Tour-year man and leaves anoTher vacancy To be Tilled nexT ear. SniTT STaTTeIdT comes Tifom Waukesha. SniTI was one oT The besT ball carriers in The conTerence and an exceIIenT punTer. STaTTeIdT's size was no handicap To him. We expecT Three more bigger and beTTer years Tor SniTT here aT PIaTTeviIIe. "Fred" Simpson was also a Tour-year man aT LivingsTon and a Tour-year man aT PIaTTeviIIe. Fred was a real ball carrier. Fred was always good Tor Three yards aT IeasT. Weak ankles kepT Fred ouT oT pIenTy oT play buT They never handi- capped his oTTense abiIiTy. I-Ie will be missed nexT year. Kafka STops The Gulls Cold WI-IITEWATER Coach LeiTI's bruising Pioneers shoved WhiTe- waTer righT ouT oT a championship SaTurday, November 7, aT Royce Tield by deTeaTing Them I3-O. A vicTory Tor The Agnewmen would have meanT The conTerence championship, buT They were noT equal To The occasion oT deTeaTing The hard TighTing machine ThaT wore The colors oT The Pioneer STaTe Teachers College. IT was all PIaTTeviIIe ThaT cold aTTernoon. The LeiTliTes gave an exhibiTion oT The brand OT TooT- ball They were capable oT playing and held a margin oT I8 TirsT downs To 4 Tor WhiTewaTer. Two oT These Tour were counTed laTe in The game when The Pioneers had The vicTory in The bag. WhiTewaTer's Tamed "Popeye" Farina was sTopped cold by The TasT charging line. Farina, a bundle of dynamiTe, was dangerous aT all Times. FOTI-I I-IalTback STAFFELDT I-IaITback SIMPSON Fullback Page ForTy-six TI-IE PIONEER OF I937 I I I W A M11 Smea red WiThouT The Necessary Ya rdage buT The Purple couIdn'T spring him Ioose Tor one oT his noTabIe Touchdown runs. The Pioneer ends covered well on punTs and were on him beTore he could geT sTarTed. He shook loose Tor I5 yards once and displayed why he is The besT back in The conTerence. PIaTTeviIIe showed pIenTy oT punch The TirsT half and They did ThreaTen several Times buT The half ended a scoreless Tie. The climax came early in The Third quarTer when The Pioneers led by Joe Kafka and IvIarTy Falk puT on a dazzling exhibiTion oT down-Tield blocking while BuTch Perkins raced 75 yards Tor a Touchdown. The big back was sprung loose inside his own righT end on a Take reverse and displayed amazing speed Tor a big man as he galloped unmoIesTed down The sidelines Tor a Touchdown, ouTrunning The one Purple man who was IeTT on his TeeT. Ed Vavruska converTed Trom pIacemenT and The Pioneers Ied 7-O. J. STEPHENS, R. SIMPSON, MCALLISTER John STephens, a regular Trom Cuba CiTy High, was an exceIlenT deTense man in The Iine. STephens was always in The ThickesT oT The Tray when he was in The lineup. John will be wel- comed back To PIaTTeviIIe again nexT year. "Bubber" Simpson is a Tour-year man Trom LivingsTon High School and a Three-year IeTTer- man here aT PIaTTeviIIe. Roy's deTense abiIiTy cannoT be excelled. Coach LeiTI is happy To Think Bubber has anoTher year OT compeTiTion IeTT. "Mac" McAIIisTer is a STurgeon Bay producT. Ivlac was a Tine oTTense and deTense man aT The end berTh. His heighT and vicious Tackling were Teared by all opponenTs. GreaT Things are ex- pecTed of Mac in his Three years oT remaining compeTiTion. T'I4 E P ICD IJ E E R CD F I 9 3 7 ' J. sTEPHENs Tackle R. SIMPSON QuarTerback IVICALLISTER End Page ForTy-seven .ff-"TL" 'ww ,Z sJP"'fMMM GUSTAESON, MEIER "ArT" GusTaTson is a RockTord, Illinois, pro- ducT. ArT was a Tine manager and a greaT help To The Team and Coach Lei+I. The reTurning Tel- lows and Coach LeiTl will miss ArT as a Triend and companion nexT year on The aThleTic Tield and in school. His willingness To aid anyone aT anyTime on The Team was ArT's sTrongesT poinT. "Hans" Meier comes Trom Barneveld. Hans is a greaT help To The coach and Team. He keeps Track oT The Tellows as assisTanT manager, and inspires The boys on when They are a liTTle down in The mouTh during a game. Hans is always on The iob and backs The Team in vicTory or deTeaT wiTh his body and soul. The Team and Coach LeiTI will more Than welcome Hans pack nexT year as manager. GUSTAFSON Manager MEIER ss'sTanT Manager All SeT Tor The Snap Of The Ball UNIVERSITY EXTENSION On OcTober 30, The Pioneers enTerTained The UniversiTy ExTension Division oT Milwaukee on The gridiron, Royce Field. The game was a one- sided aTTair wiTh PlaTTevilIe vicTorious 40-9. Every man on The squad had a chance To show his worTh. Each Team Coach LeiTl senT in over- powered The ExTension boys. The Pioneers scored in every quarTer, while Their opponenTs gained nine poinTs in The lasT period. Ed Vav- ruska's IeTT handed passing, signal calling and blocking were The main ThreaT in The Pioneer backTield, while Joe Kafka and Ted Sauer were The ouTsTanding men in The line. Clair Kline and Falk sTood ouT as deTense men. The Pioneers very seldom made less Than Tive yards a down on oTTense and were Torced To punT only Tive Times during The enTire game. Ti-iEPioNEER or I937 if wr Tfiffw. .fd ft O 1 A Single Wing Back Eorrnafion PIONEER CAPTAINS OE I936 GRID SEASON For The firsT Time in years Plaffeville will noT have a foofball capfain for The coming year. AT a meeTing of The fooTbalI leTTermen, Tor The pur- pose of eIecTing a capTain for The I937 squad, iT was voTed To do away wiTh The old sysfem of elecTing a capfain or co-capTains for The coming season. The new sysfem for having a leader on The field will be The appoinfing of a capfain before each game and The elecfing of an honorary cap- Tain aT The end of The season. This mefhod of elecTing capfains aT The beginning of each game seemed To work ouT effecTiveIy in oTher schools and The fooTball IeTTermen voTed To give iT a Try for The year of I937. The new sysTem will give more boys an oppor- Tunify To lead a PlaTTeville Team and aT The end of The season The boys will know who deserves The honor of being The honorary capfain much easier Than They know who should be eIecTed in advance. LasT year Plaffeville had Three co-capTains: Ted Sauer of Darlingfon, STreTch Kline of Mon- roe, and Joe Kafka of Anfigo. Each one of Them capfained The Pioneers in Two games. These Three fellows are well liked by The people of PIaTTeville and are very popular wi+h The sTu- denf body. They were very good Ieaders and led The Team Through many Tough baTTles. The school is proud of The facT ThaT These Three men will refurn To PlaTTeville nexT year and carry on for The Pioneer College and sTudenTs. TI-IE PIONEER OF I937 KAFKA SAUER KLINE Co-Capfains Page Forfy-nine Good News, BuTch? V ALL CONFERENCE SELECTIONS Each year The coaches oT The diTTerenT Teachers colleges meeT and selecT The men who They be- lieve deserve special honors Tor Their inTer-col- legiaTe parTicipaTion in TooTball. They selecT whaT is called an all-conTerence Team made up oT players oT The Tive schools. This lasT year PlaTTeville is proud To have Tive rnen selecTed as ouTsTandinq players on The gridiron in The con- Terence This pasT season. Joe KaTlca, Taclcle Tor The pasT Three years on The P. T. C. eleven, was chosen To Till a Taclcle berTh on The all-conTerence eleven. Joe's TighT, deTense, and oTTense abiliTy made him one oT The ouTsTanding men OT The year in The conTerence compeTiTion. Besides picking an all-conTerence eleven The coaches piclc Those who have been ouTsTanding in Their playing abiliTy and malce whaT is called The honorable menTion selecTion. lvlarTin Eallc, and Theodore Sauer, a senior and iunior respecTively, were placed on The honorable menTion lisT. EooTball Tans oT PlaTTeville are pleased To lcnow ThaT Two Treshmen, Earl STaTTeldT and Donald "BuTch" Perkins also made honorable menTion. The whole school is hoping The reTurning men will be chosen again nexT year and have a championship Tor PlaTTeville The coming season. 'cF' N-Q1 'T BUTCT-l PERKINS TED SAUER JOE KAFKA "SNIEF" STAFFELDT MARTY FALK Tl-TE PIONEER OE I937 ARCHERY One of rhe mosr recenl exrra curricular aclivi- lies is archery. This sporl was slarled during lhe summer session of l935, and since +ha+ lime in- creased inleresl has been shown in il. In The Tall of 1936 len or rwelve men and women were parlicipaling. The course lasled approximafely lwo monlhs, afler which +ime Jrhe sludenls having 'rhe highesl scores were: Roberr Aaberg, Ada Nyhus, Don- ald Heal, and Erhel Marie Boclcnop. Pracrising was done alrer school on 'rwo aller- noons each weelc. ll was cuslomary 'ro shoor ar leasl four ends ar one disfance. ln an end each person shools six arrows and lhen scores. The dislances ar which +he pracricing was done were 30, 40, and 50 yards. I+ is al Jrhese dislances Jrhal Tournamenls are run. A four-fool circular larger is used. I+ is covered wifh a fabric face painred in rings around a gold bulls-eye. A bulls-eye counrs 97 red 7: blue 5: black 37 and while I. ln lhe spring a range was ser up in The small gym and indoor pracrices were held unfil lhe wearher permilred ou+door praclice. X W N. X High Scorers STEINER, WALLIN, HEAL, AABER6, McCLURE, VOIGT Tl-IE PIQNEER OF I937 PGQSFWOUQ WINTERi 1 ff! ,Q ff? fjf If I , f L , -W I , fi VLYXQ, ,F VO K f MXL! J You by , aww APU! 7 I, , XL f , VV, xx-1 M QL ,lf N 1, ff! 'N m20'wffA?Q7!'J-if 5 J 7 .f f Alf H 7 ' Z g My f EQ,-fazf?'Jy:,e ,Q fofffw fees, W Qfff-me fe f , - f f , , f YQ' Q 2f Z,y!f ' c f ,634 f CONTENTS SOPHOMORE CLASS ORGANIZATIONS Forensics A Cappella Choir Y. W. C. A. Pioneer Gleemen Philadelphian Forum STUDENT LIFE ATHLETICS BasIce'IbaII Girls' Baskeiball Girls' VoIIeybaII JUNIOR CLASS ? .. Top Row: Judlcins, Kies, Bowman, KeTTler, R. King, RiTer, Fox, R. Bradbury, A. Ashloclc, Second Row: Cushman, L. Lawrence, DaugheTee, Bainbridge, AlThous, Beckerleg, LeRoy, B. KupersmiTh, E. Block. BoTTorn Row: BarTle, E. GarThwaiTe, J. Lins, J. Liddle, KlipsTein, Donahoe, BuTTon, R. Cadwell, E. Grundahl. One hundred nineTeen sophomores organized as a class in SepTember wiTh Miss Brigham as adviser. They elecTed Paul PeTerson, presidenT: David Aide, vice-presidenT7 Joe Lins, secreTary and Treasurer: Richard Brodbeclc. Norma SOPHOMORE Wilkinson, and Helen STonernan as The social commiTTee, Richard Brodbeclq acTing as chairman. CLASS According To The cusTom, The sophomores gave The Tresh- man a parTy in The women's gym, OcTober l. The purpose oT The parTy was To help The Treshmen, as new sTudenTs, geT acguainTed wiTh older sTudenTs. CooperaTing wiTh The oTher social commiTTees, The sopho- more cornmiTTee planned and decoraTed The rnen's gym Tor JOE LINS PAUL PETERSON DAVID AIDE Se-creTary-Treasurer PresidenT Vice-PresidenT Page EiTTy-Tour The allfschool ChrisTmas parTy. The decoraTions were in blue and whiTe, a whiTe ceiling oT Tissue paper and blue lighTs ThroughouT. The parTy, a Tormal, was a greaT success. As one group, The Three underclasses meT The second semesTer To discuss ways To raise money Tor The underclassman prom. They decided on a plan, submiTTed by Spiro Kashevos, To sponsor The movie, "Midsummer TXlighT's Dream," aT The Gem TheaTer. To add To The aTTracTion, a sTu- denT's TuiTion was oTTered as prize To The sTudenT holding The luclqy number. To insure The success oT The proiecT, each person was held responsible Tor The sale oT one TiclceT. LaTer in The year These Three classes puT on a combinaTion midnighT show and sTunT nighT. WiTh sTunTs submiTTed by various groups and organizaTions Trom school, The evening was TelT To be one oT The highlighTs oT The school year. Tl-lE PIONEER OF l937 K Top Row: M. Oakliel, J, Nelson, Spink, Weigel, C. Moore, M. Nolan. Second Row: Weillenhiller, Nyhus, M. Slaclc, H. Schneider, E. Scheurell, V. Wiclcler. Bollom Row: l-l. Ryan, R. Thompson, G. l-lerweg, Meier, Tollzien, M. Riler. 50ff1!f4,f, jf-'f"'E',4f - - 1 V 175146 Q, ,fyy ifmlyn , -f The resull ol lhese ellorls was one ol lhe besl prorns lne if Z.4bfg?Ag! Lift!!-ix school has had as yel. , Z Xyf- The sophomore class has been aclive in lhe various or- ff if K7' 7501- J J' ganizalions, lilerary, scholaslic, alhlelic, and educalional, 'ff-'94 pay, w-401419-f1fJ'7 which are ollered lor lhose people inleresled in exlra V N curricular aclivilies. 117,-X I J f More sophomores are enlered in lhe secondary educa '7 "7"ffLo Jo A-" lion deparlnnenl lhan in any olher. They are: David Aide Highland: Myrlle Allan, Monllorl: Clarence Allhaus, Monl- lorl: George Andrew, Plalleville: Audery Ashlock, Cass ville: Ann Bainbridge, Rewey: Fern Beclcerleg, Dodgeville Flelcher Bender, Fond du Lac: Everell Bennell, New Dig gins: Rhys Bennell, Dodgeville: Margarel Berg- seng, Plalleville: Phillip Boolh, Monroe: Richard Brodbeclc, Plalleville: Vere Bullon, Mineral Poinl: Lucille Burgess, Lancasler: Belly Crane, Plalle- ville: Renville Chilwood, Blue River' Florence Cushman, Plalleville: Joyce Daughhelee, Dar- linglon: Earl Dennis, Plallevillet Clarence Fox. Calamine: LeRoy Seach, Graliol: Kyle Goll, Sparla: Donald l-lillary, Plalleville: Elizabelh Judlcins, Darlinglon: Clillord Kay, Plalleville: Eva Kelller, Plalleville: Ray King, Plallevillei l-lerberl Kinney, Lancasler: Genevieve Kolar, Muscoda: Belly Kupersmilh, VVarren, Illinois: Lawerence Leonard, l-lollandale: Jane Liddle, Plalleville: Joe Lins, Spring Green: Louise Merri- lield, Plalleville: Jean Nelson, Darlinglon: Harold Neuendorl, Monllorl: Arnold Norselien, Cross Plains: Margarel Qalqliel, Lancasler: Paul Peli- lcan, Plalleville: Thelma Pelilcani Plalleville: Paul Tl-TE PIONEER OF IQ37 Rulh Willersor Richard Biodpeclc, Helen Slonefnan SOCTAL COM MITTEE Page Filly-live Jiri rc' lop Row: H. Slonernan, F. Pross, K. Ryan, R. Tiedernan H. Ruslcall, H. Neuendorl A. Wallers-. Second Row: H. Wells, E. Bennell, C. Rundell, Pelilcan, Webb, Seaguisl, M, Meyers. Bollorn Row: M. Sauer, P. Pelerson, V. Winn, Merrifield, N. Wilkerson, Scholl. , SOPHOMCJRE CLASS X 1 Y X0 5 ' , J .4 , , -:K 1 ' F li . Y Xxx .S 9 3 h, l- R -I 5 . li iff' HJ i K ..', v.x Vxj 1. Q. QX V Pelerson, Soldiers Grove: Francis Pross, Plallevillet Marion Riler, Belmonlq Merlyce Rowe, Waupaca: Calherine Ryan, Mineral Poinly Mary Margarel Sauer, Darlinglonf Roberl Seaguesl, Sisler Bay: Franlq Spoerle, Plallevilley Kennelh Spooner, Roclclord, Illinois: Carroll Sleinholl, Fennimorey Helen Sloneman, Plalleville: Rulh Thompson, Barneyeldg Frilz lollzien, Mounl Hope: Anabel Waller, Plalleville: Howard Webb, Plalleville: Mabel Weigel, Plallevillep Ruby Weinbrenner, Plalle- Page Filly-six Somelhing Unusual ville: John Wheeler, Plalleville: John Wiclqman, Belrnonl. Twenly-nine sophomore boys are faking lhe four year agricullural course: Fidelis Bosch, Darlinglon: Joe Bowman, Benlon: Dale Doering, Graliolq Earl Garlhwaile, Mounl Hope: Millard Gundlach, Livingslonp Gordon Herwig, Morrison- villef John Hillbrand, Barneveldy John Klipslein, Elroyq Wallace LaRoy, Egg Harbor: Lee Lawrence, LaFarge7 Charles Livingslon, Living- slon: Leslie Lory, Plalleville: Leon Mazur, Fish Creek: Francis Mayfield, LaFarge: Hans Meier, Barneveld: Dale Myer, Livingslong Floyd Nichols, Sparla: Jesse Olsen, Holmeny Dale Rogers, Plalleville: Lawrence Rowe, Monllorl, Harland Ruslcell, Belrnonly Harold Ryan, Soldiers Grove: Tl-IE PIONEER OF I937 Juv? . lop Row: wicnois, iviazur, Livrngsron, ix. oennerr, 1-iiirorano, apoerie. W v-.-v-JO? . ' Bollom Row: H. Johnson, Knaulz, Sleiner. ,M ,g9 5, ,114 John Sauer, Darlinglonq Ray Scholl, Spring Green: Roberl Shannon, Avoca: Joseph Spinlc, Plalfevilley Lawrence Weigel, Plallevilley Kielh Weiflenhiller, Livingslon. Those raking lhree year upper grade course: Doro+hy Andrews, Racine: Ruby Cadwell, Cassvilleq Mildred Noble, Richland Cenler: Ada Nyhus, Mounf Horebq Gladys Riler, Belmont Alefha Rule, Dodgeville: Helen Wells, Livingsrony Norma Willcinson, Mounl' Hope: Virginia Winn, Darlinglon. Rulh Kies is Jralcing 'rhe four year upper grade course. In lhe lhree year lower grade: Mary Barlle, Reweyg June Bold, LaEarge: Rulh Bradbury, Eennimore: Evelyn Grundahl, Mounlr Horebg Florenhne Knaurz, Darlinglong Ru+h McClure, Reedsburg: Marjorie Myers, Bloominglon: Doro+hy Piguerle, Pla++evilleg Charlohle Rundell, Plallevilleq Frieda Sleiner, Plalreville: Hila Vesperman Johnson, Plaiureville. Boys lalqing induslrial arls are: Erancis Gregory, Plalle- villeq Clyde Moore, Bagley, Edward Scheuerell, Sun Prairie, Howard Schneider, Barneveld: Mansil Slaclc, Plallevillei Edmund Ulrich, Plaffevilleg Allan Vail, Benlony Gordon Vlfiemelie, Mounl Hope. Paul Pelerson June Grassau THE PIONEER OF l937 Pf'9eFlllY'SeVen A4 . Ufwub ABRAMS. KLITSNER, GARTHWNTE FORENSICS FORENSIC BOARD OTTicers and members oT The sTudenT Torensic board were elecTed by The sTudenT body aT a general assembly meeTing. OrThel ReTerson was elecTed presidenT, Philip BooTh, vice- presidenT7 and CaTherine Ryan, secreTary-Treasurer. The senior class chose RoberT Vaughan and Rheinold Fox as Their repre- senTaTives. Grace McKinley, Frank Spoerle, and Marvin KliTs- ner were selecTed To represenT The iunior. sophomore, and Treshman classes respecTively. The sTudenT Torensic board Takes charge each year oT The exTra curricular speech acTiviTies oT The college, making ar- rangemenTs Tor The oraTorical conTesT, The exTemporaneous speaking conTesT, and debaTe work. lTs presidenT acTs as chair- man aT These conTesTs. The board awards prizes Tor The besT oraTions and exTemporaneous speeches. AT The close oT The year iT is The cusTom Tor The Torensic board To have as iTs guesTs aT a banqueT all oT Those sTudenTs who have Taken parT during The year in debaTing, oraTory, and exTemporaneous speaking. The banqueT This year occurred on April 20. ORATORY Three speakers Took parT in The local oraTorical conTesT held in The assembly, February 2. Marvin KliTsner, who spoke on "lnTellecTual Freedom," placed TirsT. Laurel Abrams was awarded second place wiTh his oraTion "Shadows oT The FuTure" and Earl GarThwaiTe, speaking on "Soil ConservaTion and lTs ConTrol," won Third. The conTesT was open To any PlaTTeville undergraduaTe wiTh an original oraTion. Dr, Rachel Salisbury and Miss DoroThy GraTT aided The conTesTanTs wiTh composiTion and oral delivery respecTively. Five members oT The TaculTy Torensic board, J. A. Wilgus, l-l. C. Wilkerson, Miss ElisabeTh Chambers, Dr. DoroThy Don- dore, and R. E. Moody, iudged The conTesTanTs. OrThel PeTerson, presidenT oT The sTudenT Torensic board, acTed as chairman. Top Row: KliTsner, Vaughan, Fox, Spoerle. BoTTom Row: McKinley, BooTh, GraTT, Q. ReTerson, Ryan. Page FiTTy-eighT Tl-IE PIONEER OF I937 GoeTzelman, Ashlock, l-leTTy, GraTT, Burgess, Mayne, GarThwaiTe, KliTsner, Abrams EXTEM PORANEOUS SPEAKING Exjremporaneous speakers conTesTed Tor The PlaTTeville STaTe Teachers College championship aT an assembly meeTing, Tues- day, March I6. "TwilighT oT Democracy," The general subjecT selecTed by The NaTional Pi Kappa DelTa, was The subjecT upon which all Talks were based. According To The rules oT exTemporaneous speaking, all con- TesTanTs read maTerial relaTed To ThaT general Theme which They had known Tor abouT a monTh. An hour beTore The pro- gram, each enTranT drew Three Topics Trom which he selecTed one. l-le Then spenT one hour, wiThouT access To any reference maTerial, in organizaTion and preparaTion oT his speech. Each speaker was limiTed To Ten minuTes. l-Toward Mayne raTed TirsT wiTh his Talk on "CapiTalism and Democracy in The UniTed STaTes." Paul Pelikan drew The subjecT "Mussolini versus Democracy" and placed second. Speaking on The "New Deal lnTerpreTaTion OT Congressional and Execu- Tive PosiTion and Power," l-Toward Hodgson won Third lace p . The decision was rendered by Tive members oT The TaculTy Torensic board. The judges were Miss Elisabe-Th Chambers, Dr. DoroThy Dondore, J. A. Wilgus, H. C. Wilkerson, and R. E. Moody. OrThel PeTerson, presidenT oT The sTudenT Torensic board, acTed as chairman. The speakers were judged primarily on The conTenT oT Their message and Their sTyle OT delivery. ln regard To The conTenT, The speakers knowledge oT his subjecT, The speciliic inTormaTion submiTTed, The relevance oT This maTerial To The Topic, and The speech organizaTion were all imporTanT TacTors in judging. The conTesTanTs were also raTed on The gualiTy oT voice, The esTablishmenT oT audience conTacT, poise, and sinceriTy. The local winner did noT enTer any compeTiTion oTher Than The local conTesT, AlThough in previous years There was a sTaTe conTesT, inTeresT among Wisconsin Colleges was insuTTi- cienT To meriT such a conTesT This year. Tl-TE PIGNEER OF ICZ37 FORENSICS l-IODGSON, PELIKAN, MAYNE Page FiTTy- e STanding: Goehelman O. PeTerson. SeaTed: l3ooTh, Mayne, GraTT, WaTerman, l-leTTy. The debaTe season opened wiTh a large TurnouT To debaTe The ques- Tion, Resolved: ThaT all elecTric uTiliTies should be governmenTally owned and operaTed. This was The high school debaTe ciuesTion, buT The college sTudenTs used iT Tor geTTing in shape Tor The college season. Several PlaTTeville high school Teams debaTed aT The Teachers College Tor pracTice beTore Their season began. On SaTurday, November 2l, The Teachers College held a pracTice TournamenT Tor The neighboring high schools. Six schools senT TwenTy- seven Teams To The TournamenT. The purpose OT This debaTe TournamenT was chieTly To give The high school conTesTanTs pracTice and To exchange Their ideas wiTh oTher schools. ConsTrucTive criTicism was given by judges, chosen Trom The college TaculTy and sTudenTs, and a decision was rendered pro- viding boTh Teams desired iT. Members oT The college sTudenT body cooperaTed by serving as chairmen and Timeflceepers. AT noon The Philadelphian SocieTy served lunch To Those engaged in The debaTes. On January 23, The Teachers College was hosT To The high schools Tor The disTricT debaTe conTesT. The TournamenT was To be held January lo, buT because oT bad road condiTions iT was posTponed one weelc: even Then only Tour schools were able To aTTend. The college debaTe season opened in December wiTh The Pi Kappa DelTa TraTer- niTy guesTion, Resolved: ThaT congress should be given The power To Tix minimum wages and maximum hours Tor indusTry. l FurTher MainTair DEBATE PGQSWY Tl-lE PIONEER OF Those on The squad This year were Marie GoeTzel- man, Lucille Burgess, Shirley WaTerman, Audery Ashlock, Philip BooTh, Charles HeTTy, Carl BeeTham, Marvin KliTsner, Frank Spoerle. Donald Dimick, Howard Mayne, OrThel PeTerson, Russell Hill, and Clyde Moore. Only PeTerson and Moore had had any previous college debaTing. WaTerman, HeTTy, BeeTham, and KliTsner, all underclassmen. make a brighT ouTlook Tor nexT year's debaTe season. Early in The season Teams were organized To do pracTice debaTing aT The college in prepara- Tion Tor a TournamenT held aT Dubuque Univer- siTy. Those aTTending The Dubuque TournamenT were Marie C5oeTzelman, Lucille Burgess, Howard Mayne, Marvin KliTsner, and Clyde Moore. PlaTTeville ranked beTTer Than average in This TournamenT. The Eau Claire TournamenT was To be held on January I6, buT iT was posTponed unTil January 30. Those who aTTended This TournamenT were Audery Ashlock, Marie GoeTzelman, Russell Hill, and OrThel PeTerson. The climax oT The debaTe season came wiTh The annual NorThwesT DebaTe TournamenT held aT ST. Paul. Because oT The TacT ThaT several GraTT decided To enTer Three Teams in The Tour- namenT. Those parTicipaTing in This4TournamenT were Shirley WaTerman, Lucille Burgess, Marie GoeTzelman, Charles HeTTy, Philip BooTh, Russel Hill, Carl BeeTham, Marvin KliTsner, Howard Mayne, and Clyde Moore. Since a college Team consisTs oT only Two speakers, WaTerman, Hill, BeeTham, and KliTsner served as alTernaTes. One oT The obiecTs oT PlaTTeville debaTe is To give experience To several sTudenTs, raTher Than To concenTraTe on one or Two. On Sunday, February IO, The college debaTers and coach, Miss DoroThy GraTT, leTT Tor ST. Paul via The BurlingTon "Zephyr", f'XbouT sevenTy Teams, Trom seven sTaTes, were enTered in The men's secTion7 ThirTyfeighT women's Teams were presenT. CompeTiTion in These TournamenTs is probably as keen as can be Tound in The enTire UniTed STaTes. Besides The excellenT experience obTained, The debaTers had The pleasure OT hearing a debaTe in which a naTional debaTe champion Took parT. The mayor oT ST. Paul gave The boys an inTeresT- ing inTerview on The ciTy governmenT. The season ended wiTh a debaTe beTween Dubuque UniversiTy and PlaTTeville Teachers Col- who had been ouT Tor debaTe had had no oppor- lege beTore The LancasTer Kiw nis Club March I TuniTy To debaTe againsT anoTher college, Miss I7. AMN, Lux, ,,,A,,,.Ll. yo ,pl y, 1 STaridin : Ashlock, KliTsner, Bur e s. f , SeaTed:g Spoerle, Moore, BeeThaiih,SHill. M" JJ " V I jd' 'Z' ff ,lf 4 ' If ,.1r"' , if" g U. dy! THE PIONEER or IQ37 'aww T - 'j2'w+mT N' lf -WMM L df! - 62 aff! AT Ease A CAPPELLA CHOIR OFFICERS PresidenT-EirsT SemesTer . . ARTHUR GUSTAESON Second SemesTer . . . MELVA PERKINS Business Ivlanager . . . . SPIRO KASI-IEVOS Treasurer ...... FLORENCE CUSI-IMAN WiTh a membership oT sixTy-Tive, The college A Cappella Choir, under The direcTion oT I-I. L. EdguisT, has compleTed a very successTul year oT worlc. A change was made in The oTTicers aT The beginning oT The second se-mesTer. Because oT The TacT ThaT ArThur GusTaTson, who served as presidenT Tor The TirsT semesTer, was graduaTed aT mid-year, lvlelva Perlcins was elecTed presi- denT in his place. The ye-ar's program was opened wiTh a TwenTy-minuTe concerT in assembly. Cn Sunday, December I3, The group leTT Tor a one-day Trip, wiTh iTinerary which included The LivingsTon IvleThodisT church, The Mineral PoinT Congrega- Tional church, and The Dodgeville CongregaTional church. On Thursday, December I7, The chorus gave iTs annual ChrisTmas concerT in assembly. A concerT was given by The choir aT The PlaTTeville high school on January 20, and during The monTh oT March a program was presenTed aT The annual ShorT Course Tor Tarmers, and several selecTions sung aT The Grand ConcerT which was given on March 23. During The spring monThs The choir made a number OT Trips To surrounding ciTies, where They presenTed programs aT The schools and churches: These Trips included one Two-day Tour aTTer EasTer vacaTion. The school bus, purchased lasT Tall by The aThleTic associa- Tion, was used, malcing possible more exTended iTineraries Than have hiTherTo been pracTicable. The bus was supple- menTed wiTh privaTe cars. I i ' gs 3 T ' 2 5 I I T I I 5 Q ' T -Z , . . L , N . Top: Kashevos, Aaberg, Nyhus, Webb, SchaeTer, Kaap, King. Second: SchurnaTe, Wilson, Alexander, Perlrins, Johnson, GoeTzelman, Abraham, Third: T-lolmen, Condry, Welch, Campbell, Johns, ViIrTora, Bowen, Arand. BoTTo'n: Cushman, Kopp, G. Kolar, WalTer, Wilkinson, Nelson, MarTin. Page SixTy-Two TI-IE PIONEER OF I937 QW WiThin The club several smaller groups have been organized. The Treble CleT was made up oT Florence Cushman, Marjorie MarTin, RuTh I'lolmen, MargareT Kopp, Anabel WalTer, Jean Nelson, RuTh Kies, Thelma Pelikan, Lois Musselman, MargareT Jane I-lunTingTon, Joyce Grenzow. Melva McClure, Marie Alexander, and Melva Perkins. An Inner Choir was also organ- ized. MargareT Kopp, Marie Alexander, Florence Cushman, and Melva Perkins made up a Girls' QuarTeT1 a Mixed Quar- TeT included Miss Cushman, Miss Perkins, - I " Gordon PalTrey, and ArThur GusTaTson. C y d C dy GITOS an an QS This year The choir has had secTional leaders who have been acTive in working wiTh The separaTe groups in The sTudy oT The music used. Marjorie MarTin led The sopranos, Joyce Grenzow The alTos, Melva Perkins The Tenors, and RoberT Tiedeman, basses. Joyce Grenzow has served during The year as accompanisT aT rehearsals. Mrs. Vie Campbell, soprano, and Florence Cushman have Taken solo parTs. Mrs. Campbell was lenT To The Pioneer Gleemen Tor The soprano solo parT in a TiTTeenTh cenTury ChrisT- mas carol which The group sang in concerTs aT PoTosi and aT LancasTer shorTly before ChrisTmas. Among The social acTiviTies sponsored by The group was an inTormaI dance held February 24. The money which was raised was used To buy The maTeriaI Tor new vesTmenTs To supplemenT Those made several years ago. The music used by The group was largely religious in naTure. Included were "BeauTiTul Savior" and "I-losanna," boTh arranged by Dr. F. Melius ChrisTiansen, direcTor oT ST. OlaT Choir: "Carol oT The Russian Children" by Gaul: "Jesu, Joy oT Man's Desiringu by Johann SebasTian Bach: "CelTic I-Iymn" by RoberTson: "Choral INlocTurne" by Chopin, "The Sea I-laTh lTs Pearls" by PinsuTi: and "lNlunc DimiT- Tis" and "Gloria" by GreTchaninoTT. Music has always had an imporTanT parT in The liTe and developmenT oT The human race. IT is now generall recognized as a human need raTher Than as a luxliiry Tor The Tew. IT plays a viTal parT in A solving The problem oT geTTing The besT ouT oT liTe. GrowTh comes Through selT-expression and The sTu- denT who can derive pleasure Trom song as a means oT expression obTains a deeper insighT in The arT OT living. 900 lui ', WWI was . T Q DK' rgfksgwi T, I V T H 'T ' an Q 4Wb 14 T JF' 5 , yu .Jw 6 ,Q .iv ,gfsysggia T I ' rrssri-Wil ' Top Row: Moore, NorTon, Tiedemann, GoldsmiTh, Pe ikan, Beckerleg, Ashlock. Second Row: Vaughan, Walker, Luessman, Musselman, Judkins, Korback. Third Row: J. Kolar, Davis, Gray, ZweTTler, NewTon, Kies, DeWiTT, Alexander. BoTTom Row: EdquisT, Robinson, SchedTler, DiValI, Taylor, Thompson, Grenzow. PageSixTy-Three Top Row: DaughheTee, Gundlach, Mellor, Cook, Beckerleg, Arand, MeTcalT, Pelikan, L. Johns, DiVall, Kies. Middle Row: Grassau, Johnson, Liddle, Wilson, Andrew, Cadwell, Gehrke, Wickler, Nyhus, Bunker, PTund. l3oTTom Row: Wilkinson, PickeTT, Wells, Winn, Walker, MarTin, Johns, OaklieT, Fralick, Hendrickson. Y. W. C. A. Ushering in The year's acTiviTies wiTh a Tea Tor Treshmen, held in The VVomen's Union on SepTember 8. The Y. W. C.A. began a very Tull and inTeresTing year oT work. On SepTember 29 occurred The impressive candlelighT recepTion oT new members. Early in The Tall, abouT TorTy members oT The group organized a Tap dancing class which meT on alTernaTe Tuesdays under The direcTion OT Miss Marian Levenhagen, physical educaTion insTrucTor aT The PlaTTe- ville l-ligh School. AT The beginning oT The second semesTer, The girls Tormed a kniTTing class which meT once a monTh, wiTh MargareT Jane l-lunTingTon direcTing iT., The annual Thanksgiving TeasT was held on November 23 Page SixTy-Tour STepping High in The women's gymnasium. On December 8, Miss Marie Adams, Teacher in a Chris- Tian school in China, spoke To The club, emphasizing The needs oT The Chinese people Today and The help ThaT migh+ be given Them. During The ChrisTmas season, The Y. W. C. A. sponsored several acTiviTies, beginning wiTh a ChrisTmas Bazaar held December l. Cn December IQ, The "Y" held iTs annual ChrisTmas parTy Tor needy children oT The ciTy in The women's gymnasium. The children lisTened To ChrisTmas sTories, played games, and received presenTs-a useTul giTT and a Toy Tor each child. WiTh The cooperaTion OT The A Cappella Choir, which sang carols, The "Y" sponsored a ChrisTmas Vesper service on December IS. The address was delivered by Dr. Deyoe, who chose "Peacel' as his subiecT. Following The ChrisTmas vacaTion, The "Y" members be- gan work on a carnival which was held on January IZ. and included sideshows, paper haTs, dancing, and a hoT dog and hamburger sTand. TI-IE PIONEER OF I937 The officers who served for fhe firsf parf of fhe year were Mariorie Marfin, presidenf: Josephine Schedfler, vicefpresidenfy Leila Woolf, secrefary, and Rufh Kies, freasurer. Two members, Josephine Schedfler and Marie l-lansen, were graduafed af fhe end of fhis year, and one, Leila Woolf, wifhdrew from school. The fhree new members who were appoinfed fo fhe cabinef are Joyce Daughhefee, Viola Johnson, and Rufh Williams. There are six members of fhe official board of fhe Plaffeville Y. W. CJK These members are Mrs. Asa M. Royce, Mrs. W. l-l. Williams, Mrs, Arfhur W. Kopp, Mrs. G. P. Deyoe, Miss l-laziel Linderman and Miss Grefa Gribble. Besides fhe officers, The cabinef included seven ofher members, who are in charge of fhe various acfivifies. The members and fhe acfivify of which i fhey are in charge are as follows: Membership, Margaref Oalcliefq lnfernafional, l"lelen Sfonernan' Social, Ann Bainbridge: Candy, Jane Johns: and Program, Marie l-lansen. On March 2, fhe club elecfed officers. Mar- garef Oaklief was chosen presidenf: Jane Liddle, vice-presidenfy and Jane Johns secrefary-freasurer. lnsfallafion of fhese new officers foolc place on March I6. Af lhis same meefing Miss Eleanor Dahl, fhe Sfafe Secrefary, spolce fo fhe club. The sociefy concluded ifs year's acfivifies wifh a June brealcfasf held on Safurday, June 2, fhe purpose of which was fo reunife former Y. W. C. A. members. This year marlced fhe beginning of an organizafion lcnown as fhe Personnel Commiffee of fhe Sfafe of Wisconsin, which will acf for fhe nexf fwo-year period, and of which Eleanor Dahl is chairman. l-lere s for Revelry Y. W. C. A Tap Row: Jewell, Ashloclc, Newfon, Neclcar, Schedfler, Rundell, Robbins, l-linlcins, Walfon. Middle Row: Sarfle, Bainbridge, Walfers. Taylor, Davison, Bunlcer, Bowen, Schuifz, Williams, Condry. Boffom Row: Washburn, Johnson, Willmirson, Goldman, Sfonerran, Pefefsort. Gray, Chapman, l-lansen, Robards. Tl-IE PIONEER OF 1937 Page Sixfy fve PIONEER GLEEMEN When B. M. Carlson, direcior, called ihe lirsi meering of The Pioneer Gleemen lasi fall, only Jrhirreen members from las+ year's chorus of Jrweniy-nine were leir +o carry on ihe work of Jrhe organizaiion. Many new singers Jrurned out however, and from Jrhese, nineieen were selecied +o compleie lhe group io go on +he conceri irips. While sweaiers of +he same siyle used lasi year were purchased for Jrhe new members. On New Year's Day ihe chorus lefi on a six- day rrip, on which ii gave Jrweniy-eighr conceris in souihern Wisconsin and norihern Illinois. ll' made four radio broadcasls, over WHA and WIBA in Madison and WTMJ and WISN in Milwaukee. On +heir Jrour ihe Gleemen offered a varied program. ln addilion io chorus numbers Jrhere were songs by a quarielie, consisiing ol Conan Edwards and Roberl Walker, iirsi and second bass, and Spiro Kashevos and Mr. Carlson, iirsl and second Jrenor, and a bass solo by Roberi Walker. Several piano solos and duels were played by Glenn Riddle, accompanist Roberi Walker, and Mr. Carlson. lnierspersed also were seleciions by a clarinei quar+e+ie-Rober+ Johnson, Bill Robinson, Rhys Benneli and Charles Luce: and a brass guarieife-Wilberi Beriram Conan Edwards, Roberi Walker, and LeRoy Geach. Conan Edwards played 'rwo corner solos. Ar Jrhe church programs Roberi Johnson played ihe violin solo in a lilieenih ceniury Chrisimas carol, accompanied by ihe eniire chorus. Dale Rheel, gui+aris+, and Roberi John- son. violinisi, under lhe names of "Lum" and "Zeb", pui on a comedy ske+ch ar The high school conceris. The programs were announced by Dale Rheel and Charles Luce. Dale Rheel served as presidenl during 'rhe firslr semesier, and was succeeded Jrhe second semes- rer by Roberi Johnson. Oiher officers for Jrhe year were Conan Edwards, secre+ary-Jrreasurer, and Spiro Kashevos, business manager. Quarfeiie Top Row: l-lilrbrand, Aaberg, Erickson, King, Kamm, Neuendori, Walker, Seach. Second Row: Robinson, Johnson, Grundahl, Kashevos, Markus, l.ory, Carlson. Bofrom Row: Nichols, Tiedeman, Edwards, Churchill, Weilienhiller, Salmon, Gorman. Page Sixry-six Tl-IE PIONEER OF IQ37 Top Row: O. PeTerson, Scholl, NeuendorT, Brewer, Hodgson, Powell. l5oTTorn Row: Lins A, Rogers Sicinrood, Ericlcson, Prine, Tiedernan. PHILADELPHIAN FORUM . a FresidenT . . . Vice-PresidenT . Se-creTary . . . Treasurer . . . SergeanT-aT-Arms FaculTy Adviser Tl-lE PIONEER DebaTers EaT OFFICERS FirsT Semesfer ErnesT Ericlcson Howard Hodgson William Brewer OrThel Fe-Terson Tom Davies Second Semesfer .loe Lins Ray Scholl Arland Roger Glen Hymer MilTon Karrnnann H. C. Willcei'sor OF i937 Beginning The year i936-37 wiTh a large group The Fhiladelphian Forum Took a prominenT parT in The school acTiviTies. One oT The maior underTalcings oT The organizaTion was The adop- Tion oT an oTTicial sTiclcer Tor The college. Several designs were suggesTed and The members oT The organizaTion Themselves selecTed six and made Tacsimilies OT Them. These were posTed and The sTudenT body voTed Tor a design. The organizaTion sponsored a Mardi Gras Dance on November I9. The socieTy also assisTed The Speech DeparTmenT in sponsoring The high school debaTe Tournament and had Tull charge oT The serving oT lunch To The high school debaTers and Their coaches. The socieTy pre- senTed a sTunT aT The Homecoming sTunT pro- gram and was represenTed by a TloaT in The Homecoming parade. lVleeTings aT which some program or acTiviTy was conducTed were held every Monday eve- ning. OuTsTanding guesTions oT The day were presenTed, and open Torum discussions were held. A new program TeaTure inTroduced This year made each member responsible Tor a pro- ln such programs, sTudenT TalenT was gram. used in preTerence To oTher. OuTside spealcers were called in aT Times To Tallc on special sub- iecTs. An inTeresTing TeaTure was The ioinT ses- sions oT The Philadelphian Forum wiTh The AThe- naeum SocieTy. The Fhiladelphian Forum, under The adviser- ship oT H. C. Wilkerson, is in iTs sevenTy-TirsT year oT exisTence. IT was organized in I866 when The FlaTTeville Teachers College was sTill The FlaTTeville Academy. Page SixTy-seven YV Of'FIce View Ge? Busy There, Gerf CarnIvaN Revefers The Old Personallfy Kid Don af Work Jusf a Song af Twlliqhf' Preffy Nice Persons! Time Om Arfisfs in We Making v A 153K ' fzfgggfg K ,XS v Aw, Cheer Up Eafinq Aqain Puppefeers A Houseful Wiwaf an Appefifef A Qufef Evening af Hcvwe Waifinfz for Jane? Prfr'9r'5 Devils Poumolng QM AE? W'wo'z Waffimg Downsfafrs I .1 Q . J u ' v 4 .1 4, ' I -J, ll, Q' w- STUDENT CALENDAR, WINTER I936-37 DECEMBER Charles HeTTy seT a new high in presenTs To The girl Triend. He presenTed Jean Nadler wiTh Two pounds oT Iimburger cheese. Wonder whaT Jill Edwards, The personaIiTy woman, would Think abouT ThaT? Dr. Riley: "Does a Tish smell?" Dave Aide: "A dead one does." GanshirT arrived in Wiindy CiTy and Tried To order around hofel managers. "Gansh" discovered ThaT bell boys don'T make beds! ShorTy Richards and The school bus endan- gered The repuTaTion oT The college by going up a one-way sTreeT backwards. Jo SchedTIer and STeve Polich played The parT oT careTakers Tor The Doer?ngsTeld home while The owners aTTended a show. Three C's held a parTy in The women's gym -ouTsiders excluded. No Trespassingl How abouT our local CCC boys? Mr. Ullrich had The pleasure oT inTrgducing one oT his Zoology laTe risers To The class. When asked To whom he wished To be inTroduced, The laTe comer remarked, "ThaT blond in The back seaT." The boys may be good aT TooTbaIl in The dark, buT when IT comes To Tacing The "darkies" in The lighT, Coach LeiTl's cagers have anoTher guess coming. Co-capTain Knobby Koch says There's no ioy in chasing a Globe TroTTer. The line in The hall increased as The Lower Grade ChrisTmas parTy progressed. Were The boys waiTing Tor ice crealm? Jane Liddle read The "rioT" acT To SweeT William in TronT oT The assembly. UnTor- TunaTeIy, iT wasn'T during The chapel period. Paul PeTerson and Spiro Kashevos have compeTiTion as hiTch-hikers. Marie Udel- hoTen, Sylvia Melland, and Maxine Schu- maTe hiTchhiked To Dubuque. Lawrence Leonard reTurned To school aTTer Three days' absence. Mr. Leonard swears he was geTTing The sleeping sickness or someThingI An AThenaeum ChrisTmas parTy was held in The IiTTIe gym. BernadeTTe Marr received a Tube oT TooTh pasTe. AppropriaTe, eh whaT? The orchesTra didn'T have any pIaTTorm To play on because "BuTch" decided To asserT his auThoriTy. IT was a nice parTy iusT The samel Page SevenTy Eddie Nehls looked on and sighed enviously as sTudenTs leTT Tor home. He mourns be- cause he has never had a chance To go home Tor ChrisTmas: he's always been home. ChrisTmas dawned brighT and clear buT no brighTer or clearer Than The diamonds a couple OT The members oT The TooTbaIl squad parTed wifh. Believe iT or noT "Hobby" Habermann saT home and read a book. Yes, believe iT or noT. JANUARY No resoluTions made by college sTudenTs so none can be broken. STudenTs came back To resT aTTer Two hard weeks oT vacaTion. "Bubber" Simpson explained To RoberT Harris ThaT Greece is in a sub-Tropical climaTe. RoberT didn'T agree wiTh him: he ThoughT iT was in peTroleum. Telephone ConversaTion: Phyllis Gundlach: "I-IeIlo"! Unknown Feminine Voice: "Phyllis Gund- Iach?" Voice: "LisTen here, Phyllis. You quiT hanging around Tommy Quirk if you know whaT's good Tor you or I'II Tell David CareyI" Phil BooTh regisTered a complainT againsT conTinuous ice, because as BooTh puTs iT, "You can'T make Iove in winTer." "BuTTons" CollenTine was inTormed by one oT her dear Teachers ThaT she possessed a complex. "BuTTons" TeIT TlaTTered unTil she looked up The word in The dicTionary. Y. W. C. A.'s carnival ended in disorder, when over-ambiTious Tellows Tore up charTs in order To absorb knowledge TasTer. Mr. Royce TorgoT selT in The salvaTion oT oThers. While spreading ashes upon The icy sidewalk, he Tell, breaking several small bones in his ankle. Marie Hansen scraTched ediTor's neck wiTh ruler. ThaT's servicel Pollard Players puT on play: "Take My Advice." One school kid acTed up as beauTiTuIIy as Bill Robinson. School ParTy was a huge success and no wonder. Chaperones, Miss GraTT and Mr. Klemme, didn'T arrive unTil IO P. M. ExTraI A baby buggy was seen parked ouTside The Russell House. Whose was IT? TI-IE PIONEER OF I937 STUDENT CALENDAR, WINTER I936-37 Pioneer Players pul on "Pink and Palches" in lronl ol Assembly. Calherine Ryan assumed malernal role and can she acl? Roberl Aaberg became so exciled he up- sel lhe log he was silling on and lhe lloor and he mell Belly Riege injured while sleigh riding. A lree is a mighly hard lhing lo meel up wilh in lhe darkl The baskelball leam beal Milwaukee 30- I8. Doclor Kalka arrived lo lhe aid ol Parish, who received a bloody head during lhe lray. When Miss March was asked il she knew any iokes, her quick reply was: "Yes, I have lwenly-live in each class!" Mr. L. Priddy, speaker in assembly, slaled blandly, "When I go inlo a den ol wild animals, I always look lhem over." I-Ie slopped and cooly looked over lhe lacully. I-lope lhey can lake ill Clare Blakely resumed old acquainlance wilh lormer girl lriend. FEBRUARY Miss Grall, while searching lor a desired map, gol dusl on her nose. Pelerson re- marked: "ll's iusl lranslerring dusl lrom one map lo anolher." Marvin Klilsner won lirsl honors in lhe oralorical conlesl. The Forensic Board had an awlul lime lrying lo decide whal lo award him. "Swede" and Miss Burke enjoyed a period lalking over old limes. The members ol lhe P. T. C. debale squad had a noliceably sainlly air aller going lo Sl. Paul, slaying al lhe Sl. Francis I-Iolel, and debaling in lhe Sl. Thomas and Sl. Calherine Tournamenl. Donald Whiling wrole a lheme in English class on "Girls Are Funny." I-low does he know? Phil Boolh was seen going up lhe slreel wilh a lennis rackel. The snow was a lrille lroublesome, bul il's all in lhe game. Larry Carey. "Chick" Luce, and olhers wenl aboul welcoming lhe newcomers, especially lhe girls. The girls had a dil- lerenl idea ol lhe welcoming commillee- lhey lhoughl il was iusl "lresh". "Swede" Johnson lell Zellmer's room early loday belore he gol "bunyons" on his leel. E PIONEER OF I937 Mr. Zellmer, observing Mr. I-lines' yawns and slrelches, suggesled he gel lo bed earlier or lake a snooze al noon. As lhe class snickered he said, "Probably he can'l help il Tl lhe baby keeps him awake nighlsI" Then brighl Mr. Schwarlz asked, "Whal's her name?" Charles Wiesen hasn'l his program slraighl yel. I-le slrolled leisurely inlo lhe rural arl apprecialion class. Maybe Charles doesn'l like lo be lhe only boy in arl apprecialion class. Vernie Wells: "When do we play Osh- kosh?" Coach Leill: "Oh, I don'l know lor sure, Vernie. I lhink il's aboul February 28 or 29." Ol course Bulch isn'l supposed lo know aboul leap yearl Dorolhea Websler gol locked in lhe library al noon. Too much ambilion somelimes lails lo be rewarded. P. T. C. cagers relurned lrom lhe Columbia game winners-30-28 as Goll-Rehmsledl- Gardner and Disrud ran wild. Disrud asked Columbia ollicials lo raise lhe rool on Columbia gym lo allow him more heighl lo dribble a baskelball. Miss Douglass's rural arls class did a "sil- down" slrike. She inlormed lhem lhal lhey could iusl as well sil inside. Delores Wilson, in lhe elemenlary science lesl, nobly idenlilied a "I'larry" Wood- pecker. Clare Kline made oul a rooming house conlracl by special requesl ol Mr. Ullrich. Bill Robinson Iosl his bel when he shaved oll his prize goalee or chin lickler. Maybe he had a dale. Clarence Eckerman slayed all nighl al his lady-lriend's home in Soulh Wayne. I-Ie mullered somelhing aboul high waler, bul il's evidenl lhal "Eck" is highly in lavor ol lloods. Flashl Bob McNell seriously considering a posilion al Schambows lor lhe summer monlhs. I. N. Warner inlormed Belly Jane Gray lhal she'd beller label her wriling hence- lorlh. Anybody any suggeslions how il can be done? Dale Doering relurned lrom Audrey Ash- lock's wilh a scar under his nose. Dale blamed Timolhy, lhe clog. "Pele" can verily lhe dog is lough. Page Sevenly-one Homework Dorff You Dare HH Me Squeezeinrwers Ogfce-Boy Corucermirarrorn Dorff PI If Spiro NIQM Life Benny af Work VXfeH, Well See Arwyfrwinq? Rusfy, Come Away from Those Poop! ' T' Wing -fr 94 .M .7 1:- 2 ' Q F ' i N.. Daiiy Dozen Genfiernen of Leisure Sei?-Porffaif Finding Crm Wnaf Corning or Going? Busy Peopie Makes ine Tick Warblers Afierrnaiiw Paging Mrs. Cie-ark! Tb Tap Row: Coach LeiTl, Manager Culver, Scheuerell, Frederick, P. PeTerson, Falk, Srnilh, OOTT, Aide, Manager AusTin. BOTTo'n Row: Hopkins, Krull, Perkins, Disrud, RehmsTedT, McAIlisTer, Parish, Gardner, Hein, Koch. BASKETBALL COACH LEITL Page SevenTy-Tour SEASON ATTer Coach LeiTI's call Tor baskeTbaIl candidaTes abouT TorTy men Turned ouT The TirsT nighT OT pracTice. LeTTer- men reTurning were: Co-CapTains Koch and I-Iopkins, Dis- rud, RehrnsTedT, Gardner, OOTT, Palk, PeTersOn, and Aide. ATTer a weekls pracTice The squad was cuT To a suiTabIe size Tor Coach LeiTI To work wiTh. Those picked To corn- pIeTe The season in addiTion To The above IeTTermen were: Perkins, Parish, Hein, Krull, Scheuerell, Frederick, Olson, Wagner, McGuire, SmiTh, and McAIIisTer. The TirsT Tew weeks OT pracTice were devoTed To Tunda- menTaIs and molding The men in shape To carry Through an enTire encounTer. The squad Taced a I4-game schedule, The usual conTerence games: Columbia, OT Dubuque, Iowa, Two games: Carroll, aT Waukesha: The Harlem Globe TroTTers, a colored Team, N. Y., N. Y.: Lenox OT HopkinTon, Iowa, and Concordia, OT Milwaukee. RehmsTedT OT BeImonT, all conTerence cenTer OT lasT year, had The cenTer posiTion, while Gardner, a good Tloor man, good shoT and veTeran, held one Torward posiTion, and Parish, a Treshman Trom PIaTTeviIIe I-Iigh School, and an all- sTaTe man, held The oTher Torward berTh. Disrud, OT Hollan- dale, held one guard posiTion consTanTly ThroughouT The year. while Perkins OT Dodgeville and OOTT OT SparTa aITernaTed aT The oTher berTh. The Pioneers averaged 500 per cenT in conTerence wins and losses and 500 per cenT Tor The enTire seasonls average. They won one each Trorn Milwaukee, WhiTewaTer, and Two Trom Oshkosh in The conTerence. While in non-conTerence games, They won Trom Columbia OT Dubuque, Iowa, Twice, and Lenox OT I-IopkingTon, Iowa, once, buT dropped To The Globe TroTTers, Carroll, and Concordia. The Pioneers IosT Three TiITs by unlucky breaks by Two poinTs. One ouTsTand- ing evenT OT This year was PIaTTeviIIe winning over Oshkosh aT Oshkosh Tor The TirsT Time in abouT nine years. During The enTire season RehmsTedT, Parish, Gardner, and Disrud played ouTsTanding and consisTenT ball. This was one OT The besT and one OT The hardesT TighTing Teams The Pioneer College has seen in acTiOn Tor years. TI-IE PIONEER OF I937 FINAL CONFERENCE STANDING W L PTS Sfevens Poinf . . . 6 2 .750 WhiIewaIer . . 5 3 .625 PIaHeviIIe . . . 4 4 .500 Milwaukee . 3 5 .375 Oshkosh . . 2 6 .250 PERSONNEL Coach . . . ..... LESTER J. LEITL Capfain EIecI . . FREDERIC REHMSTEDT Co-cap+ain . . . NORBERT KOCK Co-cap+ain . . . HOLLIS HOPKINS Manager . . . RANDOLPH AUSTIN Assf. Manager . . ERNEST CULVER INDIVIDUAL STANDINGS Conference Non-Conference Games Games Games Games Season CAPTAIN-ELECT REHMSTEDT Played PoinIs Played Poinis ToIaI Parish . . 8 62 6 39 IOI Rehms+ecI+ . . 8 67 6 32 99 Gardner . . 8 38 6 4I 79 Disrud . . 8 40 6 30 70 Hopkins . . 8 22 6 33 55 Koch . . 8 9 6 ii zo BASKETBALL Falk . . 6 IO 3 7 I7 Perkins . 8 I4 6 2 I6 Hein . . . 3 5 3 I2 I4 Goff . . . 3 5 3 7 I2 McAIIisIer . 4 O 4 2 2 EoIIowinq Ihe Rebound CO-CAPTAINS HOPKINS AND KOCH THE PIONEER OE I937 PHQGSGVQHIY-five PLATTEVILLE 39 LENOX I7 On Thursday, December 3, The Pioneers opened Their basIceTball season wiTh a non-conTerence TilT by deTeaTing Lenox College oT I-lopIcingTon, Iowa, 39-I7. Because oT ragged passing and poor Tloor play The Pioneers were held To II poinTs The TirsT halT, while Lenox scored IO. As The second half opened The LeiTlmen seemed To hiT Their sTride and drew away Trom The visiTing Tire wiTh no Trouble. RehmsTedT and Gardner led The Tray wiTh IO To 9 poinTs respecTively, while Disrud and Koch sTarred on deTense. GLOBE TROTTERS 44 PLATTEVILLE 38 Basl4eTball Tans oT PIaTTeville were given a TreaT on December 7 when The college enTerTained The colored I'larlem Globe TroTTers quinTeT on The college gym. The colored Team displayed a brillianT and clever passing aTTaclc and clowned almosT The enTire game. WiTh The score sTanding 9-5 in Tavor oT The TroTTers They decided To go on a scoring spree. They imme- diaTely piled up I4 consecuTive poinTs and sTarTed clowning wiTh The score 23-5 in Their Tavor. The halT ended Tavoring The colored quinTeT 25-I I, The second halT The visiTors IeT The LeiTImen close The gap and The Tinal score was 44-38 Tavoring The Globe f f TroTTers. Disrud led The locals scoring wiTh Tive Tield Remmv Takes a Rebound QOGIS- PLATTEVILLE 24 COLUMBIA I9 Coming Trom behind in The IasT Tew minuTes OT play The Pioneers deTeaTed The Columbia Duhawlrs oT Dubuque, Iowa, December I I, 24-I9. Dubuque led aImosT The enTire game. The Duhawlrs immedi- aTely aT The beginning oT The TirsT halT piled up a IO-O lead over The locals. lNIeverTheless The halT-Time ended wiTh Dubuque leading I2-IO. The second halT sTarTed wiTh Columbia ThreaTening To increase The PERKINS Guard RET-TIVISTEDT CenTe" DISRUD Guard PGQGSQVWTYTSIX TI-IE PIONEER OE l937 lead, buul Hue Leillmeru louglul vioIenHy and edged oul Hue visirors in Hue waning minules ol Hue second Iuall. I Gardner and Parislu slarred offensively lor Hue locals, garnering lour field goals eaclu. Relumsledl and Disrud slarred on Hue defense. CARROLL 46 PLATTEVILLE 44 On December I6 Hue Pioneermen iourneyed lo Waulceslua Io be enlerlained by Carroll College on Hue luard wood. Handicapped by Hue loss ol Relum- sledl, slellar cenler, and playing on a large Hoor, Plalleville wenl down in deleal in Hue Iasl live minules ol play 46-44. Plalleville Iueld a sliglul lead Hurouglu- our Hue game and increased il Io live baslcels wiHu live minules remaining in Hue lasl luall. Carroll cul Hue lead and lied Hue locals in Hue lasl minule. Willu a lew seconds remaining, fxrl Buclc Tipped one in lor Hue winners. Disrud and Parislu played oulslanding ball lor Hue Leillmen. STEVENS POINT 52 PLATTEVILLE 35 In ils lirsl conlerence engagemenl ol Hue season Plalleville was lrampled by a smooHu passing Slevens Poinl' aggregalion January I5 al Slevens Poinl 52-35. Tlue Poinlers Ioolq an early lead and I'ueId il Hurougluoul Hue enlire game, scoring almosl al will. Tlue Pioneers seemed dead on Hueir feel. Regardless ol wlual men Coaclu LeiH used Huey did nor seem lo gel going. A Hook pass Plaluleville sluowed anylluing bul Hue brand ol baslcel- ball Huey were capable ol exluibiling. Fred Nimz, all conference cenler ol lasl year, scored I3 poinuls lor Hue winners lo lead all scoring ol Hue evening. PLATTEVILLE 30 MILWAUKEE I8 Irregular playing on Hue parl ol Hue Pioneers delealed Milwaukee in Hue local gym January 22 by a score ol 30-I8. During Hue enlire lirsl luall boHu reams did nol seem sure ol Huemselves or of Hue ball PARISI-I Forward EALK Eorwa rd GARDN ER Cenler TI-IE PIONEER OF I937 PaQe5eVffUIY'SeVe'1 while in possession oT iT. Because oT poor shooTing, I8 poinTs were made during The enTire TirsT halT wiTh The locals leading I2-6. ImmediaTely aTTer The second halT opened The Pioneers hiT Their sTride and boosTed The score To 23f7 in Tavor oT Them. RehmsTedT led The locals wiTh 7 poinTs and Gardner and Parish Trailed close wiTh 5 each. Disrud and Perkins sTarred Tor The locals on deTense. PLATTEVILLE 45 OST-IKOSI-I 3I In a hard ToughT baTTle during Three-TourThs oT The play, The PIaTTeville Teachers decidedly deTeaTed The Oshkosh Teachers on The locals' hard courT February I by a score oT 45 To 3l. AT The halT Time Coach LeiTl's Tive Trailed I6-I I, buT The second halT saw a change, wiTh The home Team ouTscoring iTs rivals 34'I5. The game was TasT ThroughouT and The lead changed many Times. Parish and RehmsTedT were The ouTsTanding men oT The local Tive, scoring 27 poinTs beTween Them, while LauTenschlager and Becker counTed Tor 26 poinTs Tor The visiTors. I PLATTEVILLE 36 WI-IITEWATER 27 January 29 The Pioneers enTerTained The unde- TeeTed WhiTewaTer Tive on The hard courT and easily deTeaTed Them 36f27. PlaTTeville led Through The en- Tire game. The locals conTinually ouTplayed The vise iTors. AT The halT mark The locals led 2Ofl2. Every Time The visiTors ThreaTened The locals reTaliaTed wiTh a bursT oT speed and accuraTe passing. Disrud, RehmsTedT, Parish, and I-Iopkins sTood ouT Tor The locals, while AusTin and Earina, WhiTewaTer's big ThreaTs, were The ouTsTanding men Tor WhiTewaTer. MILWAUKEE 37 PLATTEVILLE 35 Playing The pooresT baskeTball oT The season PIaTTeville dropped iTs second loss in The conTerence race To Milwaukee in The Ped's Tieldhouse 37-35 on Eriday, Eebruary 5. The game was a seefsaw aTTair Columbia ThreaTens KOCI-I Guard GOFF GUil'd I-IEIN Forward PSQCSMHTYEQIQTT TI-IE PIONEER OF I937 lhroughoul. The lead changed I8 limes during lhe en- counler and never varied 3 poinls lhe enlire game. The local boys seemed dead and laclred lhe drive lo down lhe Green Gulls. Parish was lhe oulslanding slar on lhe lloor, rnalcing 5 goals and 7 gill shols lor a lolal ol I7 poinls. I-le also played a brillianl delen- sive game. Disrud also played a line game. CONCORDIA 44 PLATTEVILLE 33 Sullering ils second deleal in lwo nighls, lhe Pio- neer baslcelball learn losl lo Concordia College in lvlilwaulcee Eebruary 6 by a score ol 44-33, Concor- dials drive and endurance along wilh speed enabled lhem lo lead lhroughoul lhe enlire lill. Concordia hadnll losl a game in I6 slarls on lheir home lloor, and lhe locals delermined lo brealr lhe slrealc. The hall ended wilh Concordia carrying a slighl margin ol I6-I4. Aboul lhe middle ol lhe second hall Concor- dia began increasing lhe lead and led by II poinls when lhe linal whislle blew. I-lein led lhe local scor- ing wilh 7 poinls. Disrud was lhe delense slar. STEVENS POINT 47 PLATTEVILLE 26 On lhe nighl ol February I9 Slevens Poinl delealed lhe Pioneers lar lhe second lime lhis year 47-26 on lhe local courl. Slevens Poinl was on and made an un- usually large percenlage ol lheir shols. Gardner and Parish, slellar local lorwards, were placed al a dis- advanlage by having lhree personal louls each lhe lirsl hall. This handicapped lheir usual slyle ol play. The lwo leams played on an even basis lhe lirsl hall wilh Slevens Poinl having a slighl lead ol I6-I4. Al lhe beginning ol lhe second hall lhe Poinlers buill up a comlorlable lead and held il lhroughoul. Disrud led lhe locals wilh lhree goals. WI-IITEWATER 3I PLATTEVILLE 29 Handicapped by lhe loss ol Rehmsledl al lhe beginning ol lhe second hall because ol lour personal louls lhe Pioneers mel deleal again al lhe hands ol Whilewaler 3I-29, al Whilewaler, on February IZ. l-loppy Tips One Up HOPKINS Forward AUSTIN Manager McAl.LlSTEl2 ' Guard Tl-IE PIONEER OE I937 PGQ95eVenW'me The game was close ThroughouT. AT The haIT Time PIaTTeviIIe held a sIighT advanTage in poinTs I6-I5. The locals' deTense was poor and passing erraTic. WhiTewaTer scored The winning baskeT on The IasT 30 seconds oT play on a Tluke play. RehmsTedT was The sTeIIar oTTensive sTar wiTh 9 poinTs Tor The locals while Palk Trailed sIighTIy wiTh 6. Koch and Disrud were The backbones oT deTense Tor The LeiTImen. PLATTIEVILLE 30 COLUMBIA 28 On February I6 The PIaTTeviIIe Peds journeyed To Dubuque, Iowa, Tor a game wiTh The Columbia College Tive. The I.eiTImen, wiTh a IasT couple minuTes OT scor- ing edged ouT The Duhawks 30-28. The Pioneers were somewhaT handicapped on playing The game wiThouT The cenTer iump aTTer a baskeT was made. AT The haIT way mark The Duhawks led I3-8. Gardner and Rehm- sTedT shared scoring honors Tor The locals wiTh 8 poinTs each, and GOTT, The mighTy mighT, and The backbone oT deTense, also scored 7 poinTs Tor The locals. PLATTEVILLE 33 OSI-IKOSI-I 22 For The TirsT Time in The IasT nine years The Pioneers deTeaTed Oshkosh on Their home Tloor February 26 by a score oT 33-22. Oshkosh led once during The enTire TiIT, and ThaT was The TirsT poinT oT The game, when They scored a Tree Throw. The Pioneer men immedi- afely responded To This by Taking The lead aT The haIT I9-I2. As The second haIT began The LeiTImen slumped sIighTIy and The Oshkosh Tive drew wiThin one poinT oT The locals. ATTer This The Pioneers im- mediaTeIy Tound Their sTride and The Pioneers closed Their '36-'37 baske+baII season ahead by I I poinTs. RehmsTedT was The ouTsTanding player oT The evening by leading all scoring wiTh Tive goals Trom The Tield. Disrud was The deTense sTar, holding LauTenschIager, The Oshkosh mighTy ThreaT, To Two goals and a couple oT Tree Throws. Parish Makes a ShorT One lvIarTy Bill "DIZ" "I-Ioppy" "DusTy" GRADUATING BASKETBALL LETTERMEN PGQQEIQTTY TI-IE PIONEER OF T937 Back Row: T. Sauer, Woeriul, Fox, Malmer, Bucci, SchaeTer, Vavruslca. FronT Row: Wickham, Karnm, Kline, Wagner, SchwarTz. B SQUAD ATTer Coach LieTl had The A squad cuT To worlcing size, Ted Sauer and Ed Vavruslca were given The privilege Tor The second season oT picking a B Team Trom The remaining Tellows in school who were s+iII inTeresTed in playing baslceTball. AT The TirsT pracTice oT The year abouT ThirTy men Turned ouT. ATTer a week or Two oT pracTice The squad was cuT down To abouT Twelve men, an ideal number Tor working size. The B Team had a very acTive season, since iT played The preliminaries Tor every home game oT The A squad. The B squad's TirsT deTeaT in Three years came in Their TirsT game when They were beaTen by The Bloom- ingTon CCC camp in a hard-ToughT game 2I-20. Then The B men enTerTained The Cuba CiTy Team and Turned Them back by a score oT 27-l5. The squad Then deTeaTed The PlaTTeville CCC's in The TirsT oT The Three- game series 26-2I. l-landicaped by The loss oT over half oT The squad because oT vacaTion spelled deTeaT Tor The locals aT The hands of The PlaTTeville CCC camp 37-I5. The nexT weelc The locals deTeaTed l-lollandale 24-I2. The Tinal game was Then played wiTh The PlaTTeville CCC's, and The B's won 20-I4. The lasT game oT The season Tor The B men was Trouncing lvlonTTorT 37-I2. Fox and Kamm were The baclcbones oT deTense and held down The guard posiTions while Kline held The cenTer berTh, and Wiclcman and Wagner played Torwards. Wich- man was The high scorer oT The B's and The sparlc oT The Team. Tl-IE PIGNEER OF I937 A Buclcel' Page EighTy-one KIipsTenn, Bradison, Oehrlein, CrisTf'nan, NorTon. GuisT INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL Led by an inspiring CapTain, Paul Oehrlein, The CoIlegiaTe Inn inTramural baslceTbalI Team ToughT iTs way To The league championship wiTh six vicTories and one deTeaT. Every man in school has The privilege oT enTering This sporT: ThaT is, A Floor Flay Page Eighlyflwo if he is noT on The A or B squad. The purpose oT The sporT is To give everyone The privilege oT enioying basI4eTbaII, Tor exercise, and To build up sporTsmanship Tha+ he will carry Through The re- mainder oT his liTe. The Inn men meT deTeaT Their TirsT game, by being downed by The Russell I-louse II-7. ATTer ThaT deTeaT The Inn Tellows carried on The resT oT The season wiTh a clean slaTe oT vicTories, deTeaTing The Secondary Eds. I8-7, downing The Aggs I2-8, The Williams I-louse I2f6, EacuITy 20-I6, IndusTrial ArTs I3-5, and The Rheel I-louse 5-4. The Tollowing are The Tinel sTandings: W L PTS CoIIegiaTe Inn . . 6 I .855 EaculTy . . 5 2 .7I4 Aggies . . . 5 2 .7I4 Russell I-louse . . 4 3 .57I Williams I-louse . . 3 4 .428 Secondary Eds . . 2 5 .285 Rheel I-louse . . 2 5 .285 IndusTrial ArTs . . O 7 .OOO TI-IE PIONEER OF I937 Top Row: l-lopkins Parish, lvlcAllisler. Perkins, Posl Sheehan, Ausiin. l-lein. Second Ren: Vavruska. Kline Grundahl, Eolh Ruskeil, Clausius Aide, Blakely. Bollcm Row.: Golf Ealk, Waoner P. Pelefson W, Gardner, Kafka A. J. Pere-rsen LETTERMEN'S CLUB Among lhe slrongesl organizalions ol The col- lege is lhe l.eHermen's Club. This club is com- posed ol 'rhose men who have earned a leller in any one oi ihe major sporls-ioolball, baske? ball, boxing, or baseball. The purpose ol lhe organizalion is lo creale good sporlsmanship and lo bring aboulr a closer bond berween Jrhe alumni and Jrhe aclive members ol lhe club. Al' lhe 'lirsl meeling lhis year lhe club mem- bers elecied Clare Kline presidenr, Vernon Wells vice-president and William Gardner secrerary and rreasurer. Each year during Homecoming lime lhe club sponsors a lellermens banguei for aclive mem- bers and reiurning graduales who have earned lellers in years before. Once a member of lhe club always a member lor Jrhe remaining years of one's lile. When a man wins a leller rhe club presenls him wilh lhe leller P and a swealer on awards day, a day ser aside in Jrhe spring of lhe year for ihose who have earned special recognilion in lhe school during fhe year. Sweaiers are pre! senred iusl once and Thal is ar Jrhe lime ol rhe awarding ol The lirsl leiler. Tl-IE PIONEER OE I937 The l.ellermen's Club plays an aclive parl during lhe high school dislricl baskelball lournaf rnenl, ils members acling as lickel-Jrakers and ushers. KUNE WELLS W. GARDNER Presidenl Vice-Presidenf Secrelary-Treasurer Page Eighly-'lhree Top Row: Wilkinson, Kessler, l-leldsTab, WalTer, Robbin, Johnson, Bockhop, Beckerleg, Bradbury, Cook, G. McDermoTT. Second Row: J. Burris, KupersmiTh, BarTle, Simon, Luessman, Rosemeyer, Liddle, A. McDermoTT, Paulson, M. Marr, Waferman. BoTTom Row: DeWiTT, TrewarTha, PeTerson, DiVall, STephens, PickeTT, Johns, Welch. WiTh TorTy acTive girls ouT Tor baskeTball This year under The leadership oT Miss Agnes OTis Brigham, The season was a greaT success. Every Monday and Wednes- day aT Tour o'clock The girls who are aThleTically inclined were seen dashing To The girls' locker room To prepare Tor a game oT baskeTball. No regular Teams were chosen and consequenTly every girl goT a chance To play. Miss Brigham sTressed regular aTTendance and The girls re- sponded by reporTing Tor pracTice more regularly Than ever beTore. This was due parTly To The TacT ThaT The season ended beTore The sTudenTs oT The rural deparT- menT were assigned Their pracTice Teaching posiTions. ln order To qualiTy Tor a leTTer a girl musT aTTend aT leasT TwenTy oT The TwenTy-Tour pracTices, and Those aTTending more Than halT The Time buT noT winning leTTers received badges. The girls receiving leTTers, who regularly aTTended pracTice are: Fern Beckerleg, RuTh Cook, Florence Cush- man, Eugenia DeWiTT, Melva DiVall, Jane Johns, Jane Liddle, EThel MingsT, Bernice PeTerson, Nellie PickeTT, MargareT Rosemeyer, Eleanor Robbins, CharloTTe Rundell, Frieda STeiner, l-larieT STephens, DoroThy TrewarTha, Helen TrewarTha, Anabel WalTer, Norma Wilkinson. The girls receiving badges are: RuTh Bradbury, EThel Bockhop, Jean Burris, Eleanor Johnsen, ElizabeTh Kessler, FlorenTine KnauTz, BeTTy KupersmiTh, Marcella Luessman, Maxine Mellor, Anne McDermoTT, Geraldine McDermoTT, MargareT Marr, Edna Paulson, Inez PTund, DoroThy Simon. The climax oT The baskeTball year was a game beTween The PlaTTeville high school girls, coached by Miss Marian Levenhagen, and The college girls. The vicTory was car- A Lang Shar ried away by The college Team. PaqeEiqh+v'TOUf Tl-IE PIONEER OF I937 AT The end oT The season The girls making The largesT number oT baskeTs were announced. They averaged abouT eighT poinTs Tor each game They played. The girls are: Jean Burris, l-larieT STephens, Florence Cush- man, Nellie PickeTT, MargareT Rosemeyer, and BeTTy KupersmiTh. AT The close oT The season Miss Brigham selecTed a TirsT and second honor Team. The Tollowing selecTions were made: FirsT Team: Jean Burris, Florence Cushman, l-larieT STephens, RuTh Cook, Leola Johns, and CharloTTe Rundell. Second Team: Nellie PickeTT, Jane Liddle, Mar- gareT Rosemeyer, Melva DiVall, Edna Paulson, and Anabel 'WalTers. Miss Brigham enTerTained all The girls who parTicipaTed in winTer sporTs aT a bangueT. This is an annual aTTair ThaT The girls always look Torward To. The girls Trom surrounding high schools were inviTed by Miss Brigham To aTTend and parTicipaTe in The annual Play Day, held on May 4. Those girls showing an apTi- Tude in aThleTics were chosen by Miss Brigham To assisT in making This day a success. There was very liTTle inTeresT shown in hiking This year, buT This lack oT inTeresT was counTerbalanced by The enThusiasm over volley ball. The Ten mosT inTeresTed and TaiThTul girls were: Barbara Auel, Irene Bobo, Eloise Block, "Polly" Gehrke, Leola Johns, Shirley Laird, Silvia Melland, Mildred Noble, Maxine ShumaTe, Marie Udelhofen, LeTha Walker, and Mary VikTora, They played every Tuesday and Thursday aTTer school. Baseball and Tennis were oTTered in The spring and Tall Tor Those inTeresTed. VOLLEYBALL ShumaTe, L. Gehrke, Melland, UdelhoTen, VikTora, Laird, E. Block PageEighTyATive .-, x .' K.,K4 1 T , .va 2 , .X ,.,X c, X! - x 21 civ- ci A 5 ff 'ii Xi x Elhxs? K .ax 1 N 3. CK4.: fi l- QQ T Q . W. . '55 3 vi- J . ,. Q - ,As xl Q maxi, R' 'C T5 isis 9,4 N ,gr s N.. Q5 Tiff is CQ Q w J 512' ,fi k .V,, Send Me In Toss I+, Ed DaNe -'W' Alf -- f .an ef " A na. Q ..h"gg.' Slap I+ Over A Uwe Refaxafion When A+He+es Ea? Affer as Hard Workouf -as 4, ,L V, M ,,,, ' ,W,,,' Booboo One To 'rhe Mid-Secfion Sfrefch Boof Thai Pigskin Jus? Before fhe Beffie How Aboui Shoes, Sfuhfy? Being Hung Up 'ro Dry Affer The Game Before Pracfice Coach Is AH Eyes On His Fingeriips Ganshiri' Top Row: Kessler, McCarville, Mary Rowe, Robinson, Kelly, SToops, Turk, N. PiclceTT. Second Row: McPherson, Poller, NorTon, Powell, MarTens, Luessman, Simon, Shinlco. Bollorn Row: SchulTz, Williams, B. Peferson, O. PeTerson, Neclcar, MarTin, Riege. W ZQUNIQ-If CLASS 'MA' awww Under The leadership oT Mr. BroclcerT, The junior class held iTs TirsT meeTing in SepTember Tor The purpose of elecT- ing oTTicers. Those elecTed were: OrThel PeTerson, presi- denTg Donald Marlcus, vice-presidenT: Leila WoolT, secreTary- Treasurer. Because oT Miss WoolT's resignaTion aT The Ter- minaTion of The TirsT semesTer, Eunice Eralich was chosen by The class To Talce over The duTies of secreTary-Treasurer Tor The remainder oT The school year. To supervise school TuncTions, The class elecTed HarieT STephens, Grace McKin- ,2 i - 4, and John Wagner as members oT The social commiTTee. f Z Z As in pasT years, The junior class direcTed iTs eTTorTs W ' mainly Toward The underclassman Prom which was held May I2. In order To finance This evenT, juniors wiTh The cooperaTion OT The sophomores and Treshmen, sponsored a candy sale: a show, "Midsummer NighT's Dreamnp and a sTunT program. The class presidenT acTed as general chairman oT prom acTiviTies and ap- poinTed all necessary commiTTees. The junior class represenTaTives on The orchesTra com- miTTee Tor The prom were Conan Edwards and DoroThea Doll. Juniors were well represenTed in all ouTside acTiviTies and various school organizaTions. ln The AThenaeum socieTy There were 261 3C club 303 Y. W. C.A. 447 Mixed Chorus 20: Treble Clef 35 Philadelphian Eorum IO: Pioneer Players II: lnTernaTional RelaTions 4: Band I3g LeTTerman 9. Juniors also Toolc Their' share of honors in LEILA WOQLF EUNICE FRALIQH aThleTics. The Three co-capTains oT The TooT- SecreTary-Treasurer SecreTary-Treasurer Team were memberg OT The junjgr Classy These men Wefe Clare Kline, Joe Kalki, and Pfesydenf Vfgapfeggdeni Ted Sauer. AlTogeTher, nine juniors were on Page EighTy-eighT Tl-IE PIONEER OF I937 Top Row: M. Burris, Anderson, Churchill, L. Ganshirl, I-Iodgson, Brewer, Davison, Culver. Second Row: Korbaclc, Johns, Kopp, Edwards, M. Alexander, Goldman, I-Ieindel, Crossen. Bollonri Row: L. Gehrlce, DiVaII, M. Jones, Kress, Bisbaclc, Kashevos, Eorshaud Bowman, Jewell. The loolball sguad. The iunior class can boasl ol only one member being on The "A" squad in baslcelball. This mem- ber, Frederic Rehmsledl, is Io be nexl year's caplain. Eour iuniors won berlhs on This year's "B" Ieam, which Iosl only one game during The season. In baseball, live iuniors Ioolc aclive parl. The forensic honors were prelly evenly dislribuled among The Tour classes. In debale, Orlhel Pelerson, Russell I-IiII, Charles I-Ielly, and Marie Goelzelmen represenled The iunior class. One iunior, I-Ioward I-lodgson, parlicipaled in The exlemporaneous speaking conlesl. The iunior class represenlalive on The Eorensic Board was Grace McKinley. Also on This Board was Orlhel Relerson, who acled as presidenl. The class roll is as follows: Eour year Secon- dary Educalionz Magdalene Bowen, Plalle- villeq Mary Edna Burris, Plallevilley Richard Churchill, Rlalleville: Delos Culver, Plalleville Dorolhy Davis, Richland Cenlerq Leora Davi- son, Plallevillei Dorolhea Doll, Shullsburgr Tharold Dorn, Plallevilleg Raul Driscoll, Benlony Conan Edwards, Plallevilleq Granville Eablin- ger, Eennimoreg Jeanelle Gehrlqe, Plallevilley Marie Goelzelman, Bloominglony Lois Gold- man, Livingslony Joyce Grenzow, Judaf Charles I-Ielly, Monlicelloy Russel I-Iill, Slilzery I-Ioward I-Iodgson, Rlallevillei Glen I-Iymer, Rolosig Roberl I-I. Johnson, Rlallevillei Joe Kallca, Anligo: Millon Karmann, Monllorlq Spiro Kashevos, Chicago, Illinois: Gerlrude Kelly, Rlallevilley Euslice Kirlcpalriclx, Living- slonq Janice Kolar, Muscoda: Lorraine Kor- baclc, Spring Green? LaVern McClain, Rolosig Marjorie Marlin, Mineral Point Jeanelle TI-IE PIONEER OF I937 JUNIOR CLASS I-Iariel Slephens John Wagner Grace McKinley SOCIAL COMMITTEE Page Eighly-nine Top Row: Chiiwood, Ganshirf, Bobo, Elalcely, F. Johnson, Davison, Helly, Kolar. Second Row: l-leldslab, V. Johnson, Grassau, l-lorner, Engelke, Dorn, Azzalino, Grenzow. Bollom Row: Bunker, L. Henning, Chrislman, D. Davis, Goelzelman, Driscoll, J. Gehrlqe, W. Kohler. JUNIOR CLASS Prom Problems Page Ninely Neclcar, Livingslony Mary Niland, Boscobel, Qrlhel Paul Pelerson, lvlonroey Waller Powell, l-lill Poinlt Frederic Rehm- sledl, Belmonlt Glenn Riddle, Plallevilley William Robinson, Darlinglon, Everell Schaefer, Belmonl: Waller Schneider, Belleville, l-lelen Schullz, Plallevilleg Andrew Slcinrood, Graliolf Frances Sloops, Plallevillep Charles Sweel, Sun Prairie, Rulh Taylor, Plallevilley Roberl' Thomas, Lancaslerq Anna Mae Turlqf Plalleville: Rulh Williams, Barneveld. Those in The lwo year rural course are as follows: l-lannes Anderson, Washinglon Island: Laura Bisbaclc, Plallevilley lrene Bobo, Plallevillef lvlary Chapman, Darlinglon, lvlar- guerile Crossen, l"lollandale: Agnes Engellce, Belmonl: Gun- hild Porshaug, lvlounl l-loreby Louise Gansherl, Graliolg Fannie l-leindel, Gralioly Lucille l-lene ning, lvlazomanieq Charlolle l-lorner, Plallee ville: Dorolhy Jewell, Dodgeville, lvlarion Jones, Arena: Elizabelh Kessler, Wauzelcat John Keyes, Shullsburgy Wilma Kohler, Dar- linglonq Margarel Kress, Lancasler: l-lomer Leahy, Darlinglon, Alelhia Lucy, Arena: Mar- garel Mcffarville, lvlineral Poinly lvlarion Mc- Pherson, Plallevillei Frances Pallerson, Glen l'laven7 Bernice Pelerson, Barneveldy Nellie Piclcell, Plalleville: Hazel Poller, Plallevillef Rulh Polhour, Plalleville: Evelyn Powers, Plallevilleq lvlary Rowe, Darlinglonf Alvin Runde, l-lazel Green: Auslin Runde, l-lazel Green: Jeanelle Schaller, Boscoloelf Norma Schumann, Cross Plains, Richard Tracy, Plalle- villeq Alice Pelilcan, Plalleville. Tl-IE PIONEER OF I937 ebfjffy wi' " l,,..Af Q V1 , gn My-f' MU' ,W wi ' WM 'J' 7 ,147 I JV' .1 Pkul. f flip M-ewirrf " Top Row: Murrish, Gundlach, McKinley, Alvin Runde, Prine, Niland, Taylor, Spink, Second Row: Powers, Palferson, Tracy, McClain, Winn, J, Shaller, Ausfin Runde. Boirom Row: Powers, Pelerson, McClure, B. Marr, Riddle, E. Shaefer, Wolfe, Fralich. Enrolled in ihe four year agriculiure course were lhe following: Clair Blakely, Viola: William Brewer, Dodge- ville7 Vivian Chiiwood, Blue River: Clarence F. Eckerman, Warren, Ill.: Cleius Ganshirf, Graiioip Amos Grundahl, Mi. l-loreb: Donald Markus, Polosiq Delvin W. Marlins, Bel- mont Roy Simpson, Livingsionq John Siephens, Cuba Ciryp Vernon Well, Livingsiony Delberi Winn, Belmonip Tom Davies, Dodgevilley Clair Monigomery, Gays Mills. In The four-year indusrrial aris courses were: Fred Crisiman, Spring Green: Floyd Davison, Plalievillei Dale Norron, Darlingionq Virgil Prine. Darlinglonq Theodore Sauer, Darlinglon, John Wagner, Aniigo, Richard Woer- fel, Fish Creek. Elva UH, Lancasier, was enrolled in lhe four-year upper Course: while in The Jrhree-year upper grade ihere are five: Winnilred Azzalino, l-lollandaley Mariorie l-leldsiap, Cumberland, Ruih Johnsen, Monlioriq Phyllis Nicholas, Plalieville. ln ihe four year lower grade course ihere are four: Marie Alexander, Plalfevilley Jane Elizaloeih Johns, Dodgevilley Margarel Kopp, Plaiievilley Daisy Shepherd, Cuba Cily. Those in ihe Jrhree-year lower grade Course are: Mary Jean Connell, Darlingiony Doris Duncan, Hazel Green: Eunice Fralich, Lancasierp Lorena Gehrke, Plane- ville, June Grassau. Freepori, Ill.: Phyllis Gundlach, Livingslon, Viola Johnson, Fennimorey Marcella Luessman, Fennimorep Ruih McClure, Dodgevilley Bernadeiie Marr, Mineral Poiniy Mary Murrish, Dodgeville: Edna Paulson, Hollandale: Mary Peacock, Lancasiery Be++y Riege, Plane- ville, Leone Shinko, Easimanr Rulh Spink, Plalfevillej Dorolhy Simon, Baraboo. TI-IE PIONEER OF I937 JUNIOR CLASS KlN6 AND QUEEN Maricrie Meyer Orihel Peferson Page Nineiy-one SPRING CQN ORGANIZATIONS Pioneer Players Pioneer Orchesfra Scrollers ATHLETICS Baseball KiHenbaII TENTS STUDENT LIFE SENIOR CLASS FACULTY ii eav clcwtnec, T-levcgi w'ishr'raj ck Tormev elassm.d'a of mon T-P T- 1- success anal haipPfness.- Txlmfmbu some 0+ -H1 ov I-lgk fcluol lo'l3 rf , 5 2003 +I-N066 weve I-,AAT T 'F - 'J . . A or maT'dnee2 Class PT-aj Tvaciice whirl we were jeniovelffhe 014 p,,,+c1 ,, th - E. l hav OCGA Yhucl Jw H651 l Qi U-,CII 61350-E aura Grand Edli Top Row: M. Marr, McKinley, R. Johnson, A. Rogers, Hodgson, C. GarThwaiTe, Pelikan. Second Row: PTund, WaTerman, STephens, Korback, Kessler, Neuendorh KlipsTein, E. GarThwaiTe. BoTTom Row: GraTT, Robinson, Robbins, Riddle, Nehls, Ryan, Abrams, Aaberg. In accordance wiTh a plan adopTed Tor The TirsT Time lasT year, each member oT Pioneer Players, dramaTics socieTy, was required To make one appearance during The year in a i one-acT play. The plays chosen were "Cab- T bagesf' "A Case oT Suspension," "Pink and PaTches," "WheaT Fire," "PierroT," "T-Tis Play," "The BraceleT," and "Thanks AwTully." Une OT The club acTed as direcTor Tor each play, Taking charge oT rehearsals, sTaging, and presenTaTion. Two OT The one-acT plays were presenTed beTore The college assembly. "Cabbages," a comedy and saTire, depicTed The IiTe oT The newly-rich Grossmeiers, ThriTTy Germans who had made a TorTune in oil. The casT was as Tollows: Mrs. Grossmeier, DoroThy Pollery Mr. Grossmeier, Harold iNleuendorTy Tildy Gross- meier, VioleT I-lepburnq FiizabeTh, ivlariorie T-ieldsTabq Lena Fischer, Jean Nelson: Mr. Jenks, Joe Linsq and Mr. Markle, Russell Clarke. "Pink and PaTches" was The second play presenTed aT an assembly. TT is a sTory oT The SouThern mounTains and The limiTaTions which The ambiTious inhabiTanTs musT overcome. Texie was a mounTain girl whose desire was Tor educaTion and a pink dress. lnsTead, she had To conTenT herselT wiTh brown dresses, paTches, and ignorance. In The casT were CaTherine Ryan, RoberT Aaberg, Roselyn Roddick, and Helen SToneman. Annually The Pioneer Piayers prepare a play Tor presenTaTion aT The Farmers' ShorT Course. This year They chose "WheaT Fire," involving The Tragic marriage OT a TanciTul auThoress wiTh an unappre- ciaTive, mercenary Tarmer. The wiTe's dreams and ambiTions are so inhibiTed ThaT she walks inTo The wheaT Tire which desTroys her husbands proTiTs Tor The year. In The casT were Vere BuTTon, MargareT Marr, Josephine SchedTler, and ChesTer QarThwaiTe. WheaT Fire Pa9eNlneiY'TOUf TI-IE PTQNFER OF IQ37 "The Show OTT," by George Kelly, The major producTion oT The Pioneer Players' program, was a comedy wiTh a rare combinaTion oT characTer, humor, and human naTure. The sTruggles oT Aubrey Piper, The show oTT, To saTisTy his enormous egoTism and aT The same Time preserve his selT-respecT in The presence oT disTurbing obsTacles, consTiTuTes The acTion oT The play. The play progresses in The household oT The show oTT's Tiancee, Amy, played by DoroThy Brodbeclc. CaTherine Ryan porTrays Mrs. Fisher, Amy's moTher, and Mr. Eischer's parT is Taken by l-larold Neuen- dorT. Amy's sisTer, Clara, played by CharloTTe Rundell, and Clara's husband, Pranlc, played by ChesTer GarThwaiTe, also become involved in The ploT. Amy's broTher, Joe, is an invenTor, and was porTrayed by l-Toward l-lodgson. The parT OT The show-OTT was Talcen by RoberT Aaberg. The TacTory worlcer, Mr. Gill, was played by Laurel Abrams, and John KlipsTein was Mr. Rogers, an insurance salesman. MargareT Marr acTed as business manager Tor The play, wiTh Joe Lins, Vere BuTTon, and John Klip- sTein doing The adverTising and Joyce Grenzow, Fern Aaberg, and Jean Burris aTTending To The sale oT TiclQeTs. The general sTage manager was Grace lvlcKinley, and Raymond King acTed as ele-cTrician. For The Homecoming sTunT program Louis Bruncl4horsT and Elvira Wallin pre- senTed a slciT, "Bowers Temper." The presenT members and The alumni meT in The main building on June 4 Tor The annual reunion. Por The TirsT Time a picnic was held insTead oT a bangueT. PIONEER PLAYERS Top Row: l-leldsTab, Liddle, Ashloclc, King, M. Burris, Brunckhorsh Rundell, Bushnell. Second Row: Bainbridge, STcneman, Brodbeck, MerriTield, Block, J. Burris, WursT, BuTTon. BoTTom Row: OalclieT, Nelson, Lins, O. PeTerson, Poller, WalTer, Kashevos. Tl-TE PIONEER OE I937 PGQGNFHSTY-We Top Row: Lins, Hopkins, GanshirT, Wagner, Vavruska, Churchill. Middle Row: Abraham, Clausius, BooTh, Falk, P. PeTerson, Vaughan, KIiTsner. BoTTom Row: Chambers, Hansen, WursT, NeuendorT, Williams, Riddle. PIONEER Based on an enTirely new plan is The PIONEER Tor I937, produced by The yearbook oTTicers eIecTed by The senior class aT a meeTing held in early OcTober and a large sTaTT. These oTTicers were RoberT E. Vaughan, ediTor-in-chieTg ErnesT Erickson, business manager: and Alice RoTzoll, secreTary. The Pioneer board gave conTracTs To The Clio Press aT Iowa CiTy, Iowa, Tor The prinTing, To Jahn 81 Ollier, Chicago, Illinois, Tor The engraving, and To J. E. Nicholas, PlaTTeville, Tor The phoTography. The sTaTT chairmen, also appoinTed by The Pioneer Board, chose Their own commiTTees, seIecTing many underclassmen in an endeavor To enlarge The experience oT nexT year's possible sTaTT. Miss ElisabeTh Chambers was TacuITy adviser. The annual, Tor The TirsT Time in The hisTory oT The school, was organized according To The seasons, auTumn, winTer, and spring. In keeping wiTh This general plan oT The book, The deparTmenTs are placed in The auTumn secTion, because, as a whole, They are mosT acTive during The Homecoming season. The Treshman class is also placed in The Tall secTion, Tor This class is mosT represenTaTive oT ThaT season as iT enTers a new school, makes new acguainTances, and Taces new experiences. Sophomores and juniors are placed in The winTer secTion, and The seniors are prominenT in The spring divisiong Tor, TiguraTiveIy speaking, ThaT is supposed To be The "blossoming Time" Tor ThaT class. The organizaTions are spread over The Three seasons, placed always in The secTion where They appear To besT advanTage. This is True, Too, oT The calendar and pages oT snapshoTs. The aTh- leTic secTion as well is divided seasonally: TooT- ball and archery in The Tall: baskeTbalI and vol- Ieyball in The winTer, and baseball and kiTTenball in The spring. An innovaTion may be noTed regarding The placemenT oT picTures oT The TaculTy. This year They have been placed aTTer The senior class. Please WriTe in Mine Pf'9eNIneIY'5IX THE PIONEER OF I937 Top Row: Winn, Kasier, Pross, Waierman, Ausiin, Klipsfien. Middle Row: Liddle, Heidsiab, Korback, Kress, Rosemeyer, ROIZOII, HinIcins. Boiforn Row: Condry, Sauer, O. Peierson, Erickson, Johns, Livingsion, Bainbridge. PIONEER STAFF Ediior ..... Business Manager Se-crefary . . FacuIIy Adviser . . . ROBERT VAUGHAN . ERNEST ERICKSON . . ALICE ROTZOLL ELISABETH CHAMBERS COLLEGE MARIE HANS ORTHEL PETERSON JANE LIDDLE MARGARET ROSEMEYER ROBERT MQNETT EN, Chairman EDWARD VAVRUSKA JANE JOHNS DELBERT WINN ELEANOR FRUIT ROSENA LIVINGSTON ORGANIZATIONS GLENN RIDDLE, Chairman HAROLD NEUENDORF CLYDE MOORE ANN BAINBRIDGE LUCILLE CONDRY JOSEPH LINS MARY MARGARET SAUEF MARVIN KLITSNER BERTHA WURST LAUREL ABRAMS DAN WILLIAMS WILLIAM WATERMAN JOHN WAGNER ATHLETICS HOLLIS HOPKINS, Chairman WILLIAM CLAUSIUS MARJORIE HELDSTAB FEAT RANDOLPH AUSTIN NORBERT KOCH URES GRACE MQKINLEY, Chairman BERNADETTE MARR LUCILLE HINKINS PAUL PETERSON TOMMY QUIRK DAVID AIDE THE PIONEE JOYCE GRENZOW MELVA PERKINS MARGARET KRESS PHILIP BOOTH CATHERINE RYAN R OF I937 BUSINESS MARTIN FALK ORTHEL PETERSON HOWARD HODGSON MARTIN KASTER FRANCIS PROSS PHOTOGRAPHY CLETUS GANSHIRT TYPISTS RHEINOLD FOX LORRAINE KORBACK GERALDINE MQDERMOTT Concenirafion Page Ninefy-seven ORCHESTRA Under The direcTion oT B. M. Carlson The orchesTra of The PlaTTeville. STaTe Teachers Col- lege began The year I936-37 wiTh a compara- Tively small number oT players. This group was enlarged somewhaT The second semesTer. Few public appearances were made aT TirsT, buT a greaT deal oT music was covered, and The mem- ,QQ bers became Tamiliar wiTh orchesTral music. , 4 The orchesTra made a number oT appear- f ances laTe in The season. lTs iniTial perTorm- P Ll! ance was aT The Grand ConcerT held March 23. TQ Q' I5 LaTer iT appeared aT The baccalaureaTe exer- T Q cises and aT The senior class play. TT also ap- peared wiTh The men's chorus, was TeaTured aT several plays, and played aT oTher programs. The music played included semi-classical as well as semi-popular songs wiTh The emphasis on The semi-classical Type. Many oT The selec- Tions were noT chosen Tor concerT presenTaTion, buT merely Tor enioymenT during The Tuesday evening pracTice. Since The TirsT orchesTra was organized in The PlaTTeville Normal School in February, 1904, by Frank F. Churchill, The insTrucTor in music aT ThaT Time, This organizaTion has played an imporTanT role in The various acTiviTies and TuncTions oT The college. Since ThaT Time ThirTy-seven orchesTras have been organized. For The lasT Twelve years Mr. Carlson has been The direcTor. Members oT The year's orchesTra include Eloise Bloclc, RoberT Johnson, Eva KeTTler, Lorraine Korback, DoroThy TrewarTha, and l-lelen TrewarTha, violins: MargareT Bergseng, viola: Ray King, bass viol: Evelyn Grundahl, TluTeg Conan Edwards and Richard Churchill, corneTs7 RuTh Thompson and Jane Johns, clari- neTs7 CliTTord Kay and Mary Edna Burris, melophonesq Spiro Kashevos, drums: Joyce Grenzow, piano: and Jean Burris, marimba. V ff .4-52,6 Boom, Boom, Boom l STanding: J, Burris, Carlson, Kashevos, King. SeaTed: Edwards, Churchill, Johns, Kay, Thompson, M. Burris, E. Grundahl, D. ThewarTha, T-l. TrewarTha, KeTTler, Johnson, Korbach, Grenzow. Pf'QeNiHeTY'ei9l1f Tl-IE PIONEER OF IQ37 SCRGLLERS AlThough The Scrollers Club, a liTerary soci- 3 eTy aT PlaTTeville STaTe Teachers College, has exisTed under This name Tor only Two years, The club was really sTarTed several years ago when Miss Rowena WiTT, insTrucTor in English, issued a bool4leT oT sTudenTs' poems. In I935 a sec- ond magazine, "TriTles." was published wiTh her guidance and in I936 a magazine renamed "Blowing DusT" was issued under The supervi- sion oT Dr. Rachel Salisbury. This year "Blowing DusT" was doubled in size and included poems, essays, and shorT sTories Trom oTher sTudenTs in school as well as members oi The Scrollers Club. Charles Luce was chosen presidenT This year. Leila WoolT, secreTary TirsT semesTer, Joyce OH fgr Rockford and Marley Grenzow, second semesTer, and Glenn Riddle. Treasurer. During The absence oT Dr. Salis- bury The second semesTer Dr. DoroThy Dondore acTed as TaculTy adviser. Membership in The club, which is lirniTed To TwenTy members, is based on recommendaTions Trom The English deparTmenT Tor sTudenTs who have had aT leasT one semesTer oT English aT The college. Edward Nehls was ediTor-in-chieT oT "Blowing DusT," and cornmiTTees To assisT Mr. Nehls were: ediTorial commiTTee, Ann Bainbridge, Joyce Grenzow, Mary lvlargareT Sauer, Charles SweeT, BerTha WursT: publiciTy commiTTee, Philip BooTh, chairman, Helen SchulTz. RuTh Williams: rnalce-up commiTTee, BerTha WursT: and business commiTTee-, Joyce Grenzow and RoberT McNeTT. Dr. Salisbury and Tive sTudenTs wenT To Rocldord, Illinois, To hear ChrisTopher Morley on November 23. ATTer The lecTure The sTudenTs rneT and Talked To Mr. Morley and obTained his auTograph Tor Their boolcs. Top Row: D. Williams, Abrams. Sauer, Nehls, Riddle, R. McNeTT, Wallin, Sweet Second Row: Luce, SchulTz, WursT, Salisbury, Ne-uendorf, BooTh. BoTTom Row: Bainbridge, Grenzow, R. William. Tl-IE PIONEER OF I937 PageNimeW'me Back Row: Hendricks, SlcaleT, KaTlca, Zibell, RehmsTedT, C. Moore, P, PeTerson, Coach LeiTl. FronT Row: Koch, Fisher, Vavruslca, WoerTel, T. Sauer, Disrud. BASEBALL Loolcing Over Some Page Cne Hundred The Pioneers opened Their season by being beaTen by Iowa STaTe Teachers 8-3. Rheel was on The mound and received very poor supporT. The Pioneers Then iourneyed To Dubuque To meeT The Duhawk nine. RehmsTedT piTched Tor The Pioneers and Turned The Duhawlc down To deTeaT 7-5. KaTlca and Sauer led The hiTTing. The Pio- neers' nexT encounTer was The UniversiTy OT Wis- consin on The Cardinal Tield. The Pioneers were a biT nervous and did noT seem To adiusT Them- selves and were deTeaTed. The score was IO-O. The TeaTure oT The game was a Tremendous drive by Delviark OT Wisconsin which resulTed in a home run OTT OT RehmsTedT's piTching. The Pioneermen played one game aT home during The season, wiTh Columbia oT Dubuque, who deTeaTed The LeiTl nine 8-4. The game was called aT The end oT The sevenTh inning because OT rain. The Pioneers closed The season playing Upper Iowa College aT Upper Iowa. Rheel and Disrud were on The mound Tor The locals. Members OT The baseball squad were: KaTlca and Zibell be- hind The plaTe: Rheel, piTcherg Vavruslca, TirsT base: Fisher. second base: Third base, WoerTei and SlcaleT: Koch, shorTsTopp Sauer, Disrud, and RehmsTedT in The Tield. Disrud, Sauer, Koch, and KaTl4a excelled wiTh The sTicl4, all baTTing well over .300. Fisher, WoerTel, and KaTl4a were superior on The Tield. THE PIONEER OF I937 Fronf Row: Sheehan, Crisfman, Bucci, Waferman, Meier, Klipsfein, I-Iein, Schwarfz, Lawrence, Oehrle n G- ns Baclc Row: Buffon, Mayfield, Norfon, G-oldsmifh, Ruslcell, Walsh. A sporf fhaf reaches every individual of fhe college and is enioyed by all is Iciffenball. Lasf year fhe fellows inferesfed in fhe sporf organized eighf feams: The Collegiafe Inn: Pine Sfreef Pi- rafes, who were fhe defending champs of I935: Sun Prairie Boys: fhe Agriculfural fellows: fhe Faculfyy Secondary Educafion Deparfmenfq In- dusfrial Arfs Deparfmenfg and fhe Russell House fellows. The firsf game was befween fhe Collegiafe Inn, runners-up of I935. and fhe Pine Sfreef Pi- rafes. The Pirafes defeafed fhe Inn boys for fheir only defeaf of fhe year I4-3. The College Inn fhen baffled fheir way fo fhe championship of fhe college inframural Iciffenball league. Coach Leifl of fhe Faculfy led an inspired feam in fhe Iasf game of fhe season fo clefeaf fhe Pi- rafes and knock fhem ouf of fhe privilege of sharing fhe championship by an 8-I I score. The following are fhe final sfandings of fhe feams: W L Pcf. Collegiafe Inn . . . . 5 I .833 Pine Sfreef Pirafes . . . 4 2 .666 Sun Prairie ....... 2 2 .500 Agriculfural Deparfmenf . . 2 2 .500 Faculfy ........ I I .500 Secondary Educafion . . 2 3 .400 Indusfrial Arfs . . . I 3 .250 Russell I-louse . . . I 4 .200 TI-IE PIONEER OF I937 KITTEN BALL Geffing Over a Fasf One Page One I-lu d ed One Forgery "Weli-a-a" Greazy Grinds "Whaf Size Did You Say? Abbie Meer The Boys Beginners Sfudy Period I-li, There Dear Sir: Billy and The Giri Friend 9--.-nfl 5 iglfwi Rainer Boring, Ein, Whaf? A Couple of High Nofes Pioneers "Gone Wifn The Wind?" "Mama" Ed Monday "S'maHer, Dave" Spring? lO:3O Gais? Down in ine Cornfieid A Coupie of Low Nofes My, Wiwai' Power! Going My Way? l1' ?T '4 4 1 55 . STUDENT CALENDAR, SPRING I937 . MARCH I8. SchwarTz answered a guesTion Today To The . sur r'se oT Zellmer's geography class. gl. CoIlegia+e Inn and Russell House came To Mrviellmerg "Wha+ are Jrhe Climaric Con- school, buT no one recognized Them-They dirions Over Asia?" NL? T wire all dressed up To have Their picTures Sclqwaffzi IIUm-ah-ah.-Um--II . Ta en. Zellmer: IIThaTIs righT.II 2. ShorT course s+ar+ed Today. Brewer and SFIIWMITI Yes' JIPGJIS WIQIGJI I meant' Ag boys Slepr While resr or School aprended I9 Bill Robinson Tell aT Joyce Grenzow s TeeT Q Classes. aT The all school parTy. ls This a new way OT proposing or are Bill's TeeT Tongue Tied? 3- Hfowarcl MGYVE rlSTUfllle'fl Tr-Om HST' dpqul 20 KenneTh Spooner has banished hopes oT be- 3, Til 6 Tljsfe Od T e +g,'n Cmes an, '+S ing a I'proT" and is Taking Tarming seriously. rg s. owar , accor ing To a reliable 2' Th H. . , - - - e o ice evidenTly doesn T keep very good source, leT The wanTer in one oT The brighT . I - Track OT :Ts sTudenT body. WanTed: lnTor- igals know he Wasni from 6 lerk Waier maTion abouT Elinor Robbinsl Ask The Tac- ' ulTy. 4. Miss Chapman's class, while discussing The 23 The Grand Musical Concerr Came OH Wilrh various senses, were inTormed oT her keen 5 bang. Walker Frederick 'Took Care of rlqe sense oT smell. She said, 'Il can smell drop. 5PeGfg1'g+i'E,Tee+ away' Beider Pass 'li 3I Paul PeTerson came back aTTer his long aloun ' ans ' spring vacaTion and decided he couldn'T 8. Who sho+ The ball ThaT nearly wrecked The Work on PIONEER humor- H? T196 IUSI' had painTer's career and spilled painT on The igfne Iemih PUll:3d+alF he dldllf See anY' gym Tloor during The TiTTh hour class? STep 'ml UNITY 'n I 6 6 ' TorTh, George WashingTon. ArenIT you mis- Taken-This is a girls' class. APRIL 9. Mr. Ullrich announced beTore assembly I l'lllleSl1'em End Fahey founyil argulcrlg Over ThaT heId be laTe To class, buT To waiT Tor W isa I+ was IVOI paigfir Izigeed Sloom him. Now, who would Think oT walking ouT? ren ' I Y generfugys ere O O I ' ATTer hearing JuaniTa Bauer in The Assem- , Alon OO' blyl Jerry Beasifer and Lawrence Rowe were 2 Spring Tever seems To have conTrol.oT The all Tor going To school in The SouTh. Mar- mal0l'fY OTSTUdef1TSTOdaY. Al Oalilleli SGYS iorie I-IelsTab sighed regreTTully over losT he can T Tell Wllefller he has 'll Of not TronTiers, 3 Frank Kamn is noT only man OT all work buT bl bT'TT T ThT " b T I2. Billie Salmon and Barbara MeTcalT repre- En glass? grgsiriiln or e emmme a Sen ees senTed our college aT The ShorT Course M C I L Sh. k . . I Prom in Madison. Now don'T eT exciTed 5 Ii' ar Son +C.. eoiie In O In mum? Cas? Q - . Gundlach, iT wasn'T OUR ShorT Course. Vkfhrgcgiglsjgd ,rhxwkrgls gfqjli. are Iiolclmg mI' I3. IT wasn'T bad enough Tor Claire Kline To Leone: "The nexT syllable." Tall on Rheinold Fox's prize corns in a bas- Pioneer Players "Show-ed-OTTII all righf. ball game, oh no! Joe KaTka had To do iT, buT Grace McKinley was all worn ouT Trom Too. ATTer ThaT Fox Thinks he oughT To have prornpTing. 1 a bumper Crop This year, "Dixie Melody MasTers" croonecljll Sourtern T kd b . T P ' , X is. I-lollie. Hopkins and sin DiVaIl wander The igggjgrfrzrpfjnfer assem Y e e' ans i halls, 'S 'awe' an sbsem mmded mood' The Board oT RegenTs is seriously consider- Rura eparT.menT Teachers have been prac- ing making Dale Norron pay for having 6+ ix TICIIII? Jfeachmq in The Coumiy 'lol Overfa leasT one piano Tuned in The school or aT X gee now' Olly FIVE more Weeks le T' leasT Torcing him To play requesT numbers. Q Cys' 8. Rhys BenneTT received a call Trom The po- K, I7. Mary Alderson was inTerrupTed by Miss lice sTaTion. Reason: Playing a saxophone s Clark while giving an oral reporT in educa- Tion class. Miss Clark said The class was raTTl- ing. Leroy, were you driving by iusT Then? ' Page One Hundred Four YQ L unTil wee hours in The morning and disTurb- ing The neighbors wiTh his "Smiling Irish Eyes" selecTion. TI-IE PIONEER OF I937 fzzyr-uf! 75 STUDENT CALENDAR, SPRING I937 CleTus OanshirT came in wringing his hair and Tearing his hands. IT seems he had To have some baseball picTures, buT There weren'T any suiTs ouT and "BuTch" was ouT OT Town and-"Where's Miss Chambers?" The couples in The library are gradually de- creasing. The reason is ThaT iT's warm enough now To sTay ouT doors-and sTudy. Dr. Riley gave a speech in assembly and Frank Spoerle, Thinking he was in psychol- ogy class, ran True To Torm and Tell asleep. Johnie Wagner Took up his sTaTion in Mr. Moody's room To wink aT all The girls going by. Some call iT N. Y. A. work. For a group OT speakers, The guesTs aT The Forensic banqueT were singularly quieT. ThaT is-unTiI The Tood came on. Then you should have heard Marvin KliTsner and Laurel Abrams. WhaT a man David Gardner! He decided ThaT They didn'T Teed a Tellow enough aT one OT Those spreads in The Armory so he wenT upTown and drank Two sTrawberry malTed milks. MAY More hearT Throbs-The rural deparTmenT Tinally goT TogeTher and so did a IOT OT sep- araTed boy Triends and girl Triends aT The rural school deparTmenT reunion. Disrud is geTTing ready Tor The Arbor Day exercises. Tony STeinhoTT ouT Tishing Tound Disrud pracTicing his Arbor Day speech. Seniors carry on anoTher TradiTiOnal exer- cise. One more Tree was dedicaTed. An- oTher year-anoTher Tree. Ain'T so, Mal- mer? COronaTion OT The King, buT noT The "King" we know. The only people who looked aT The school exhibiT were The exhibiTors, and Then They were all worn ouT Trom waiTing Tor ThaT mo- menT. Was DoroThy Davies disappoinTed? The crowd aT The underclassman prom was so big she couIdn'T see whaT The oTher girls wore. High School Girls' Play Day, buT iT was iusT anoTher day Tor HarieT STevens. NOT so Tor Howard Schneider Though. Francis Pross runs True To Torm and mops his brow when he comes ouT OT English Class. Bob SequisT waTches and wishes he could express himseIT so compleTely. E PIONEER OF l937 Helen Thomas broke down and conTessed To Mary Peacock ThaT she is seriously consider- ing going To The mining school nexT year. You'll geT "rusTy" over There, Helen. Mariorie MarTin TaughT sixTh grade geogra- phy class by proxy. Miss Chambers casT an anxious glance aT her Tlower garden. NoThing exciTing hap- pened. The TaculTy Turned ouT in iTs besT bib and Tucker: The seniors Turned ouT in Their besT bib and Tucker and meT in The gym which was Turned ouT in iTs besT bib and Tucker, buT The evening Turned ouT TO be nip and Tuck beTween The TacTiOns, and noT beTween Frances and Bill, eiTher. Marie Alexander has sTarTed someThing. LiTerally dozens OT applicanTs Tor summer resorT iobs have poured ouT OT Town. Won- der why a good halT are going To Door COunTy? In spiTe OT "Hoppy" Hopkins' asserTion ThaT Awards Day was seT aside by The leT- Termen and Tor The leTTermen, a Tew oThers came in Tor a reward OT meriT. Harold McNeTT sighed Tor The IasT Time and gave up hopes OT ever undersTanding why The senior class didn'T pay him Tor auTo- graphing The senior page in The year book. Perkins and OuisT held worried conTerences over an Emily POST book. IT was The LeTTer- men's BanqueT ThaT was boThering Them. JUNE Gordon Wieneke is sTill Trying To Tind ouT who walked away wiTh The Tweezers in prinTing class. Slack has his suspicions buT he isn'T saying anyThing. MarTy and MargareT sTarTed TO say good- bye. As Falk says, SisTer Bay is an awTul long way OTT. PIONEER Players Took Time ouT To play, Trolicking and gamboling on Their annual picnic. LasT school parTy. Those ThaT have never aTTended one were seen weeping iusT buck- eTs. Charles Luce wenT on a siT-down sTrike and reTused To sign any more year books. Mary MargareT Sauer didn'T mind because hers was all done. Every so oTTen DoroThea Doll sTuTTed Things inTO a suiTcase. The resT OT The Time was spenT wondering where iT all came Trom. Page One Hundred Five W l l Easier Parade Picnic Time An, Goodiei "ln ine Spring Farmer Boys Aiier e Hard Day Soiis Lab, Young Man's Fencyfw A Serious Breakdown Alumni Leffers Jus? Siroliinq Along Bunicefs Liffle Helpers Lunch Time "-'VC' Baplism Happy Follcs "Rip" Did Doc Know? Fine Fealures Skinny Boy Mrs. Parson! Lillle Helper Kllppy Really Sludyinq? Fdllofs Slrlke Tlwree Srnarl' Glrls Dalrymen Ride? Gel Away From llne Jam MARTIN FALK DONALD DISHRUD Treasurer Presidenl' HOLLIS HOPKINS Vice-PresidenT SENIOR CLASS The TirsT meeTing OT The senior class oT I937 was called To order SepTember I7, I936, Tor The purpose oT eIecTing oTFicers. Donald Disrud was eIecTed presidenT3 Hollis Hopkins, vice-presidenTp Lucille Condry, secreTary: and MarTin Falk, Treas- urer. Three people comprised The social com- miTTee Tor The -year. These were William Gard- ner, Frances Walker, and NorberT Koch. The senior class elecTed Cleo Gehrke To meeT wiTh The resT oT The members oT The HeaITh Com- miTTee and The TacuITy advisers. To carry ouT The various TuncTions ThroughouT The school year a number oT,commiTTees were appoinTed. The prom commiTTee included The Tollowingz music, RoberT Vaughan, chairman, Page One Hundred EighT LUCILLE CONDRY SecreTary Frank Wheeler, GarreTT lvloorep decoraTion, Dor- oThy Brodbeck, chairman, Frances Walker, Wil- liam WaTerman, Alice RoTozoII: menu, Marie Hansen, chairman, William Clausius, VioIeTTe Hendrickson: ToasTs, ArThur GusTaTson, chair- man, Rheinold Fox, Karl Kaap: prom inviTaTions and programs, Edward Vavruska, chairman, Norf- berT Koch, Lois Fahey: Tinances, lvIarTin Falk, chairman, Fred Simpson, VioIeT Hepburn. Varia ous o+her commiTTees were: class play, Edward Nehls, chairman, DoroThy Block, Harold IvIcNeTT: class song, Gordon PalTrey, chairman, Ivlelva Perkins, Clarence Grundahlg class Tlowers and colors, BerTha WursT, chairman, Maxine ShumaTe, RuTh Geyer: class memorial, Howard Mayne, chairman, AIberT OakIieT, Virginia WaITong invi- TaTions, Leroy STeinhoTT, chairman, Harold WhiTe, Barbara Speiclelq class pins, Cleo Gehrke, chair- man, KenneTh Calloway, Randolph AusTin: class weITare, Francis lvIcGIinn, chairman, Florence THE PIONEER OF i937 TI-IE PIONEER OE Diehl, Paul Oehrleing class day, ErnesT Erickson, chairman, William I-laTTer, Thelma Rowe? caps and gowns. DoroThy Poller. chairman, CliTiord NodolT, Richard Goodell. On OcTober 22 The class elecTed The Tollowing members Tor The Pioneer board: RoberT Vaughan, ediTory ErnesT Erickson, business mane agerp Alice RoTzoll, secreTary. Por The class colors and Tlowers The senior chose pink and silver and pink snapdragons. The Theme oT The senior bangueT was, 'IWhaT is an EducaTed Person?" The speakers were Dr. Deyoe, Ivlelva Perkins, and ArThur GusTaTson. The senior class play, which was "The LaTe ChrisTopher Bean," by Sidney I-Ioward, was a comedy in Three acTs. The parTs were Taken by William Clausius, DoroThy Brodbeck, Melva Perkins, Francis Walker, Lucille Condry, William WaTerman, Rheinold Fox, Howard Mayne- and Clarence Grundahl. SENIOR CLASS SONG In years oT preparaTion You have TaughT us TruTh and righTr We now go ouT To win a name Eor The school oT The blue and whiTe. ReTrain: P. T. C. again sends TorTh a band oT Pioneer To seT new sails and blend a new Trail Through The coming years. The class oT ThirTy-seven, Then Will Tollow wiTh The resT To prove our worTh To P. T. C. In This our solemn guesT. SENIOR CLASS William Gardner I937 pa Frances Walker Norberf Koch SOCIAL COMMITTEE ge One Hundred Nine SENI MII? Ay 'N r iw? H iff . H 7 : Page One Hundred Ten Dicli and Marie DOROTI-IY ANDREWS .... Racine, Wisconsin TI-IREE YEAR UPPER GRADE. Allnenaeum '35, '36, '37, Y. W. C. A. '35 '36 IRIVIA ANDREWS .... Darlinglon, Wisconsin TWO YEAR RURAL. 3C Club '35, '36, '37, Y. W. C. A. '36, '37, A Cappella Clwoir '35, '36, Girls' Pep Club '36, Volley Ball '35. DORA L. ARNOLD ..... Arena, Wisconsin THREE YEAR LOWER GRADE. A Cappella Cnoir '34, '35, Y. W. C. A. '34. BARBARA AUEL ..... Beelown. Wisconsin TWO YEAR RURAL. 3C Club '36, '37, Volley Ball '37. DAYLE BALBACI-I ...... Warren, Illinois TWO YEAR RURAL, 3C Club '36, '37, Y. W. C. A. '36, '37, Baslcel- ball '36, '37, Tennis '36, GAROLD BEASTER . . . Bloomingion, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR AGRICULTURE. Eoolloall '34, '35, Boxing P '34, '35, '36, '37, Baslcelball '35, '36, LeIlermen's Club '34, '35, '36, '37, Inlramural Baslcelball '37, Clnarler Member of E. E. A. Eulure Farmers Clulo '34, '35, '36, '37, Vice-Presidenl of Eulure Farmers '36, '37, Killenball '34, '35, '36, '37. WILLIAM E. BERTRAM . . . Plalleville, Wisconsin EOUR YEAR SECONDARY EDUCATION. Pioneer Gleemen '33, '34, '35, '36, Band '33, '34, A Cappella Clioir '33, '34, Brass Ouarlef '36. DOROTI-IY JANET BLOCK . . Plalieville, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR SECONDARY EDUCATION. Allnenaeum '34, '35, '36, '37, Secrelary ol Aflnenaeum '37, Preliminary Debales '34, '35, Y. W. C. A. '34, '35, '36, A Cappella Choir '34, '35, '36, '37, Pioneer Players '34, '35, '36, '37, Blue Slvielcl '34, Exponenl Sraii '34, '35, '36, '37. TI-IE PIONEER OF I937 Seeing Janie Horne ETI-IEL M. BOCKI-IOP .... Belrnonr, Wisconsin TWO YEAR RURAL. 3C Club '36, '37, Basketball '36, '37, Volley Ball '36, '37. WILBURN BRANDT .... Eennirnore, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR SECONDARY EDUCATION. ALBERT BRYANT ..... Benlon, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR AGRICULTURE. Boxing '34, '35, '37, Eulure Farmers Club '34, '35, '36, '37, Clnarler Member oi E. E. A. DOROTHY BRODBECK . . . Plaileville, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR SECONDARY EDUCATION. Pioneer Players '33, '34. '36, '37, Vice-Presidenl' of Pioneer Players '36,A+l1enaeurn '33, '34, '36, '37, Allmenaeurn Presidenl '37, Social Cornrnilree '33, Treasurer of Secondary Educalion '37, Band '33, '34, '37, Drum Maior '33, KENNETH W. CALLOWAY . . Plalleville, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR SECONDARY EDUCATION. Y. M. C. A. VELMA M. CAMPBELL . . . Gays Mills, Wisconsin TWO YEAR RURAL. 3C Club '36, '37. WILLIAM L. CLAUSIUS .... Sloarra, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR SECONDARY EDUCATION. Eoolball '35, '36, '37, In- Tramural Baslcelball '36, '37, Band '33, Killenball '35, '36, '37, Class Play '35. MARGARET B. COLLENTINE . Darlinglon, Wisconsin TWO YEAR UPPER GRADE. Tl-IE PIONEER OF I937 SENIORS Page One Hundred Eleven SENIORS Page One Hundred Twelve Seniors Do Sludy LUCILLE CONDRY .... Plalleville, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR SECONDARY EDUCATION. Alhenaeurn '35, '36, '37, Y. W. C. A. '34, '35, '36, '37, A Cappella Clnoir '36, '37, Hilcinq Club '37, Exponenl Slaili '36, '37, Pep Club '36, lnlernalional Relations Club '37, Secrelary of Senior Class '37, Pioneer Slafi '37, Arclnery '37. RUTH E. COOK ..... Monlforl, Wisconsin TWO YEAR RURAL. 3C Club '35, '36, '37, Baskelball '35, '36, '37, Y. W. C. A. '36, '37. RUTH DAVIS ..... Plallreville, Wisconsin THREE YEAR UPPER GRADE. Y. W. C. A. '36, '37, Allienaeurn '37, A Cappella Choir '37, Vice-Presidenl of Upper Grade '37. LENY5 A. DIETZMAN . . . Livingslon, Wisconsin THREE YEAR UPPER GRADE. Band '29, '30, '3l, A Cappella Clnoir '29 '30 '3I DONALD DISRUD .,.. Hollandale, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR SECONDARY EDUCATION. Baseball '34, '35, '36, '37, Baslcelball '34, '35, '36, '37, LeHermen's Club '34, '35, '36, '37, Presi- denl of Senior Class '37, Baskelball Caplain '36. RAY WILLIS DIVALL . . . Eennlmore, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR AGRICULTURE. Eulure Farmers Club '34, '35, '36, '37, Treasurer oi E. E. A. '37, Eoolball '34, '36, '37, Inlrarnural Baslcelball '34, '35, '36, '37, Inlrarnural Killenball '34, '35, '36, '37, Sludenl Cliair- man of Soullwweslern Wisconsin Horseslnow '36, '37. FLORENCE R. DORNEDEN . . . Graliol, Wisconsin TWO YEAR RURAL. 3C Club '36, '37, Girls' Pep Club '36. ERNEST V. ERICKSON . . . Woodford, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR SECONDARY EDUCATION. 3C Club '30, '3l, Pioneer GI-eeman '30, '3l, '35, '36, Eoolball '3I, '32, Plniladelplnian Forum '35, '36, '37, Pliiladelplnian Presidenl '36, '37, Business Manager for Pioneer '37, Orclneslra '35, '36, Class Day Clnairrnan '37. Tl-IE PIONEER OE I937 SENIORS A Senior Aclivily LOIS M. FAI-IEY ..... Belleville, Wisconsin Tl-IREE YEAR LOWER GRADE. A Cappella Clioir '35, '36, '37, Allie! naeurn '36, '37, Vice-PresidenlAll'1enaeum '37, Exponenl Secrelary '37, Baslcelball '35, '36. MARTIN E. FALK .... Sisler Bay, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR SECONDARY EDUCATION. Foolball '34, '35, '36, '37Z Baslcelball '34, '35, '36, Kiffenball '36, '37, Lellermerfs Club '34, '35, '36, '37, Treasurer Senior Class '37, Pioneer Slaff '37. EDWARD M. FISHER . . . Slwullsburg, Wisconsin TWO YEAR RURAL. 3C Club '35, '36, '37, Baseball '36, WESLEY I-I. FLANERY . . . Madison, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR SECONDARY EDUCATION. Boxing '3I, '32, Exlernpo- raneous Speaking '33, '34, Debale '34-. WILBUR C. FOTI-I ..... Norwalk, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR AGRICULTURE. Foolball '34, '35, '36, '37, Lellermen's Club '34, '35, '36, '37, Fulure Farmer Club '34, '35, '36, '37, Blue Shield '34, '35, Inlrarnural Baslcelball '34, '35, '36, '37, Inlrarnural Kil- 'renball '34, '35, '36, '37. RI-IEINOLD F. FOX .... Sun Prairie, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR SECONDARY EDUCATION. Baslcelball B Squad '34, '35, '36, '37, Foolball '34, Inlramural Killenball '34, '35, '36, '37, For- ensic Board Member '37. ELEANOR E. FRUIT .... Plalleville, Wisconsin TWO YEAR RURAL. EC Club '36, '37. DAVID R. GARDNER .... Rlalleville, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR SECONDARY EDUCATION. Social Commillee '32Z Class Presidenl '34, '35, Baslcelball Manager '35, '36, LeHerrnen's Club '36, '37, Clwairrnan Homecoming Decoralions '36, Pioneer Players '32, '33, Exponenl Slalf '34, '35, '36, Preliminary Debale '32, '33, '34, '35, Debale '33, Exlernporaneous Speaking '35, T I-I E P I O N E E R O F I Q 3 7 Page One Hundred Tlwirleen SENIORS A?" Page One Hundred Fourfeen A Daily Occurrence WILLIAM GARDNER . . . Plalleville, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR SECONDARY EDUCATION. Baskelball '35, '36, '37, I3 Team Baslcelball '34, LeIlermen's Club '35, '36, '37, Secrelary and Treasurer LeHermen's Club '37, Preliminary Debales '35, Exponenl Slalf '34, '35, Sporl Edilor Exponenl '35, Pioneer Slall '34, '35, '36, Chairman Social Commillee '35, Presidenl ol Junior Class '36, Chair- man Social Commillee '35, Presidenl of Junior Class '36, Chairman man Social Commillee '37, Killenball '35, '36, '37, Presidenl ol Sec- ondary Educafion Deparlmenl '37, Swimming Inslruclor Summer School '36. CLEO L. GEHRKE .... Plalleville, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR SECONDARY EDUCATION. Exponenl '33, Baslcelball '33, Pep Club '36, Y. W. C. A. '33, '34, '35, '36, Alhenaeum '35, '36, '37, Secrelary School Heallh Cornmillee '37, Vice-Presidenl Secondary Eclucalion Deparlmenl '37. RUTH A. GEYER ..... Plalleville, Wisconsin THREE YEAR LOWER GRADE. Y. W. C. A. '35, '36, '37, Volley Ball '35, A Cappella Choir '35, Aihenaeum '36, '37. RICHARD T. GOODELL . . . Plalleville, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR SECONDARY EDUCATION. Exponenl '3O. EVELYN E. GRUBE . . . Elizabeni, Illinois Two YEAR RURAL. 3C Club '36, '37. CLARENCE GRUNDAHL . Ivlounl Horeb, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR AGRICULTURE. Foolball '34, '35, '36, '37i Boxing '35I LeI'l'ermen's Club '35, '36, '37, Blue Shield '34, A Cappella Choir '34, '35, '36, Double Oclel '36, Fulure Farmers Club '34, '35, '36, '37, Delegale lo Slale Fulure Farmers Meeling '37, Presidenl Sophomore Class '35, Chairman Social Commillee '36, Forensic Board '36, Inler- nalional Relalions Club '37, Inlramural Baskelball '34, '35, lnlramural Killenball '34. '35, '36, '37. C. ARTHUR GUSTAFSON . . Plalleville, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR SECONDARY EDUCATION. Pioneer Gleemen '34, '35Z A Cappella Choir '33, '34, '35, A Cappella Choir Presidenl '36, Infer- nalional Relarions Club '35, '36, Orafory '33, Exfemporaneous Spealc- ing '34, Lellermen's Club '37, Foolball Manager '37, Preliminary De- bale '35. CLEMENCE P. I-IABERMANN . Sun Prairie, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR AGRICULTURE. Foolball '34. '35, '36, '37, Boxing '34, '35, '36, Fulure Farmers '33, '34, '35, Presidenl of Fulure Farmers '37, Inlramural Baslcelball '34, '35, Le++ermen's Club '34, '35, '36, '37, Infra- mural Kiilenball '34, '35, '36, '37. THE PIONEER OF I937 Marqaref and - MARIE I-IANSEN .... PIa++eviIIe, Wisconsin POUR YEAR LOWER GRADE. Lower Grade Presidenf '36, Ainenaeurn '35, '36, '37, AII'1eneeum Secretary '36, Y. W. C. A. '35, '36, '37, Y. W. C. A. Cabinei '35. '36, Pioneer Siaii '36, '37. EUNICE I-IATEIELD . . Belmonlr, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR LOWER GRADE WILLIAM I-IATTER ..,. Cuba Ci+y, FOUR YEAR SECONDARY EDUCATION. VIOLETTE C. HENDRICKSON . DarIingIon THREE YEAR LOWER GRADE. Y. W. C. A. '35, '36, '37, '36 '37 VIOLET MAE I-IEPI-TURN . . . PIa++eviIIe TWO YEAR RURAL. 3C CIUE '36, '37, Pioneer Players CIub '36. Wisconsin Wisconsin AIIwennaeurn Wisconsin 36, '37, Pep VERLEN G. I-IILLESI-ITEM . RicIwIand Cen+er, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR AGRICULTURE. Foofball '34, '35, Boxing P '34, Leifer- rnen's CIub '34, '35, Fuiure Farmers '34, '35, '36, In'rramuraI BasIce'IbaII. LUCILLE HINKINS . . . . Darlingfon, Wisconsin TWO YEAR LOWER GRADE. Y. W. C. A. '36, '37, Pioneer S'raIT '37, I-IOLLIS C. HOPKINS .... Sparia, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR SECONDARY EDUCATION. BasIceII3aII '34, '36, '37, Co- Capfain BasIce+baII '37, Pioneer SETI '37, CIass Vice-PresidenI '37, Le?- +ermen's Club '33, '36, '37, KiIIenI:zaII '36, '37. SENIORS PageOneI"IundecIFiTIeen SENIORS Isn"r Tliree a Crowd? FLORENCE JAMES .... Monlforl, Wisconsin TWO YEAR RURAL. Y. W. C. A. '36, '37, Baslcelball '36, '37, 3C Club '36, '37, Volley Ball '35, '36, Pep Club '36, '37. LEOLA JOHNS ..... Monrforr, Wisconsin TWO YEAR RURAL COURSE. 3C Club '36, '37. ARTHUR E. JOHNSON .... Beloil, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR INDUSTRIAL ARTS. Vice-Presidenl of Freslnrnan Class, Presidenl of Junior Class, Presiclenl of Senior Class '29, Foolball '26, '27, '28, Baslcefball '26, '27, '28, Caplain of Baslcelball '27, Baseball '26, 27, '28, LeHermen's Club, Presidenr of lndusfrial Arls Club. KARL K. KAAP ..... Fennimore, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR SECONDARY EDUCATION. Pioneer Gleemen '34, '35, '36, Band '34, '35, A Cappella Clioir '34, '35, '36, '37, lnlernalional Relalions Club '35, '36, '37, Blue Shield '34, '35, Debaie '34, '35, '37. MARTIN L. KASTER .... Darlingfon, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR AGRICULTURE. Track '33, Fuiure Farmers Club '34, '35, '36, '37, Killenball '34, '35, '36, '37, Pioneer Slaicf '37. NORBERT KOCH .... Sun Prairie, Wisconsin INDUSTRIAL ARTS EDUCATION. Fcolball '34, Baslcelball '34, '35, '36, '37, Baseball '34, '35, '36, '37, Le++errnen's Club '34, '35, '36, '37, Secrelary and Treasurer LeTTermen's Club '36, Vice-Presidenl of ln- dusfrial Aris '35, Senior Class Social Cornmiffee '37, Caplain Baslcel- ball '37. SHIRLEY LAIRD .... Scales Mound, Illlinois TWO YEAR RURAL. 3C Club '36, '37, Volley Ball '36. VINCENT LAVERTY . . . Mineral Poinl, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR SECONDARY EDUCATION. PageOneHuncIreclSixleen SENIORS Going Places. ROSENA I. LIVINGSTON . . . Monllort Wisconsin THREE YEAR LOWER GRADE, Y. W. C. A. '34, '36, '37. OLIVER MALMER ..... Eplwrairn, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR SECONDARY EDUCATION. KATHRYN E. IVIATES .... Belrnonl, Wisconsin THREE YEAR LOWER GRADE Y. W. C. A. '34, Exponeni '37, I-IOWARD W. MAYNE . . . Lancasler, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR SECONDARY EDUCATION. Round Table Club '35, ln- Iernaiional Relalions Club '36, '37, Pioneer Gleernen '32, A Cappella Choir '32, '37, Preliminary Debafe '32, '35, '36, '37, Debale '37, Ex- lernporaneous Speaking '36, '37, Pioneer Slaii '36, L. HAROLD IvlcNETT . . . Cuba Cily, Wisconsin , FOUR YEAR SECONDARY EDUCATION. Preliminary Debaies '32. '33, '34, Plwiladelpnian '33, Vice-Presidenl Plwiladelplwian '33, Cross Counlry '33. FRANCIS IVICGLINN . . . Darlinglon, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR AGRICULTURE. lnlrarnural Baslcelball '33, '34, Killen- ball '32, '33, Fulure Farmers Club '33, '34, '35, '36, Plwiladelplwian '35, '36, Treasurer Aqricullure Deparlrnenl '37, SYLVIA MELLAND .... Belleville, Wisconsin TWO YEAR RURAL. 3C Club '36, '37, Valley Ball '37, IVIAXINE A. MELLOR . . . Monliorl, Wisconsin TWO YEAR RURAL. Y. W. C, A. '36, '377 Baslcelball '35, '36, '37, 3C Club '35, '36, '37, Volley Ball '36, Pep Club. T H E P I O N E E R 0 F I Q 3 7 Page One Flunclfed Sevenleen I SENIORS Page One I-Iunizlred Eiglwleen Smile Eellers GARRET V. MOORE . . . Siurgeon Bay, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR SECONDARY EDUCATION. Eoolball '33, '34, '35, '36, Boxing '34, '36, Leilermen's Club '34, '35, '36, '37, B Team Baslcelball '36, Inlrarnural Baskeiball '34, '35, '37, Blue Slwield '33, '34. MARION MORRISSEY . . . Sliellsburg, Wisconsin TWO YEAR RURAL. 3C Club '35, '36, '37, Girls' Pep Club '36, LOIS MUSSELMAN ..... Galena, Illinois TWO YEAR RURAL, Rural Club '36, '37, Rural Club Social Comrnile lee '36, A Cappella Clioir '35, '36, A Cappella Clioir Vice-Presidenl '36, '37, Treble Clei Club '36, '37, JEAN NADLER .... I-Iazel Green, Wisconsin Tlfiree Year Lower Grade. Allwenaeurn '35, '36, '37, Secrelary oTAIl1eA naeum '36, Y. W. C. A. '35, '36, Vice-Presidenl ol: Lower Grades '36. EDWARD NEI-ILS .... Plalieville, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR SECONDARY EDUCATION. Pioneer Players '34, '35, '36, '37, Vice-Presidenl of Pioneer Players '35, '37, Exponeni '35, '36, '37, Scrollers '36, '37, Presideni ol Scrollers '36, Pioneer Slallf '35, '36, Edilor of Blowing Dusl '37, Trifles Slall '35, CLIEEORD A. NODOLE . . . Plalleville, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR SECONDARY EDUCATION. Band '33, Plwiladelplwian Club '36, '37. ALBERT OAKLIEE .... Lancasfer, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR SECONDARY EDUCATION. PAUL PETER OEI-IRLEIN . . Sun Prairie, Wisconsin Fouia YEAR AGRICULTURE. Eulure Farmers Club '34, '35, ss, '37, Pliiladelplwian '34, '35, '36, Baslcelball '34, '35, '36, Inlramural '36, '37, Eoolball '34, Baseball '33, '34, Fulure Farmers Reporler '35, '36, Vice- Presidenl Soplwornore Class '34, TI-IE PIONEER OF I937 SENIORS Cornrnillee Worlc, Boys? DELPI-IA OLESON . Spring Green, Wisconsin ' TWO YEAR UPPER GRADE. RACI-IEL lvl. OTTUIVI . . . lvlclzarland, Wisconsin TWO YEAR RURAL. 3C Club '35, '36, Y. VX. C. A. 35 '36, Volley Ball '35 '36 GORDON E. PALEREY .... Benion, Wisconsin TWO YEAR RURAL. President oi 3C Club '35, '36, 3C Club '36, '37, A Cappella Clwoir '36 '37. MELVA PERKINS .... Dodgeville, Vlisconsin POUR YEAR SECONDARY EDUCATION. A Cappella Clwoir '35, '36, '37, Presidenl of A Cappella Clwoir '37, Treble Clel Club '37, Band '36, '37, Sludenl Band Direcior '37, Orclneslra '36, Allienaeunn '37, Y. W. C. A. '35, '36, Pioneer Players '36, '37, Presidenf Pioneer Play- ers '37, Social Cornmiilee '36, Inner Clioir '36, '37, Mixed Ouarie-He '37. ALBERT J. PETERSEN . . . Brodne-ad, Wisconsin Fouiz YEAR sEcoNDARY EDUCATION. Pniisueipnisn Forum '34, '35, '36, '37, Pliiladelplwian Secreiary '34, Eoofball '33, Fooiball Mana- ger '35, Baseball '33, '34, Le+'rerrnen's Club '36, '37. DOROTHY POLLER .... Planeville, Wisconsin Pouiz YEAR sEcoNDARY EDucATioN. Pioneer Pls ers '35 '36 Y i i '37, Band '33, '34, '35, '36, Cliorus '35, '36, Ailnenaeurn '34, '35, '36, '37, Blue Shield '33, '34, Secrelary and Treasurer Junior Class '36, Volley Ball '33, '34, Baskelball '33, '34, Exponeni Siafi '33, '34, '35, '36, Y. W. C. A. '33, '34, '35, '36, Debale '33, Goll '35, JOI-IN JOSEPI-I POLISI-I . . Siurgeon Bay, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR AGRICULTURE. Boxing '34, '35, '36, '37, Lelierrnen'S Club '34, '35, '36, '37, Baslcelball B squad '34, '35, '36, Fulure Farmers Club '34, '35, '36, '37, Blue Sliield '34, Eoolball '34. STEPHEN POLISI-I . . . Siurgeon Bay, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR AGRICULTURE. Eoolball '34, '35, '36, '37, Le++ermen's Club '34, '35, '36, '37, Boxing '34, '35, Baslceiball I3 squad '34, '35, Blue Slwield Club '34, '35, Eulure Earrners Club '34, '35, '36, '37. T H E P I O N E E R 0 F- I Q 3 7 Page One Hundred Nineieen SENIORS Page One Hundred Twenly "Tlwe Go-Sellers" DONALD RALPI-I .... Lancasler, Wisconsin POUR YEAR SECONDARY EDUCATION. ROSELYN RODDICK .... Plalleville, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR SECONDARY EDUCATION. Exponenl' Slall '34, '35, '36, '37, Assislanl Edilor ol Exponenl '36, '37, Pioneer Players '33, '34, '35, '36, Presiclenl of Pioneer Players '33, Alnenaeurn Sociely '33. '34, '35, Presidenl of Allnenaeum Sociely '34, A Cappella Clwoir '33, '34, '35, Girls' Baslcell:-all' 34, Scrollers Lilerary Club '35, '36, '37, Girls' Ouarlel '33, Pioneer Slall '35. ALICE L. ROTZOLL .... Plalreville, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR SECONDARY EDUCATION. Volley Ball '34, Baslcelball '35, '36, Secrelary Pioneer Sl'al'I '37. Y. W. C. A. '36, '37. I-IUGI-I L. SARGENT . . . Egg I-larloor, Wisconsin Tl-IREE YEAR UPPER GRADE Blue Sliield '34, '35, Debale '34, '35, Presidenl ol Upper Grades '36, '37. MARION SCACE ...... Warren, Illinois TWO YEAR RURAL. 3C Club '36, '37, Allwenaeum '36, Y. W. C. A. '36 JOSEPI-IINE SCI-IEDTLER . . Pennirnore, Wisconsin Tl-IREE YEAR LOWER GRADE. Allwenaeum '36, '37, Vice-Presidenl of Aflmenaeurn '37, Y. W. C. A. '35, '36, '37, Y. W. C. A. Cabinel '36, '37, Vice-Presidenr of Y. W. C. A. '37, Chorus '35, '36, '37, Pioneer Players '35, '36, '37. MAXINE Sl-IUMATE .... Muscocla, Wisconsin TWO YEAR RURAL. 3C Club '36, '37, A Cappella Cl1oir'37, I-lilcinq '36, Volley Ball '37. PRED SIMPSON ..... Liyingslon, Wisconsin POUR YEAR SECONDARY EDUCATION. Lel'rerrnen's Club '33, '34. '35, '36, '37, Presidenl ol Le'rlermen's Club '36, Foolloall '33, '34, '35, '36, '37, lnlernalional Relalions Club '35, '36, '37, Baseball '34, '35, Baslcelball '35, '36, Preliminary Debare '33. 4 Tl-IE PIONEER OF I937 wg BeIieve II or Noi! DORIS SLADE ..... Two YEAR RURAL. 3C CIub '36, '37. Barnum, Wisconsin L. STEINI-IOFF .... FOUR YEAR INDUSTRIAL ARTS. . Plaiieville, Wisconsin BERNICE TAYLOR . . . Two YEAR RURAL. 3C cub 36, '37. . Po+osi, Wisconsin MARIE UDELI-IOPEN. . . Two YEAR RURAL. 3C cms '36, '37, VoIIey BaII '36, '37. . . Poiosi, Wisconsin ROBERT E. VAUGI-IAN . . . Wauzeka, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR SECONDARY EDUCATION. EooIbaII '34, BasIceIbaII B squad '34, '35, Band '34, '35, '36, '37, Orchesira '34, A CappeIIa Choir '37, Presideni of Secondary Educaiion '35, Pioneer Siaii '36, Ediior of Pioneer '37. EDWARD J. VAVRUSKA . . . Aniigo, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR INDUSTRIAL ARTS. Eooibail '35, '36, '37, Co-Capiain Eoo'rbaII '36, B Team BasIceIbaII coacI'i '35, '36, '37, BasebaII '35, '36, '37, Infremural BesIceIbaII '35, '36, '37, Pioneer Sfaii '37. MARY VIKTORA ..... Muscoda, Wisconsin TWO YEAR RURAL. 3C CIUI3 '36, '37, A CappeIIa CI'1oir '36, '37I I-IiIcinq '36, VoIIey BaII '37. ERANCES WALKER .... Lancasier, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR SECONDARY EDUCATION. SociaI Cornrniiiee '37, AIIienaeum '35, '36, '37, Y. W. C. A. '34, '35, '36, '37, A Cappeiia Choir '34, '35, '36, '37, BasIce+baII '34, '35, '36, Giris' I-Ionor Team '35, I-Iikinq CIub '34, '35, BasebaII '34, '35, '36,ArcI1ery '37, Pep CIub '36, BIue SIiieId '34, '35, '36, ExIension Chairman of BIue SIiieId '35, DeIe- qaie 'ro A. C. L. A. Conference aI Columbus, Ohio '36, ExponenI Sieff '36, '37, Typisi for Exponeni '37. TI-IE PIONEER OF l937 IIC, ,- 711-4 f1Afvf.,ul1 u., ,Ja frlaku. Jw-dl.,7L,.M af-up www? '0..f,1..ZH ff' MM' sENIoRs 1' fowl .'7fp-7a I Page One Hundred Tweniy-one SENIORS My, My, Ciarence VIRGINIA WALTON . . . Darlingion, Wisconsin THREE YEAR LOWER GRADE. Y. W. C, A. '35, '36, '37,A+I1enaeurn '37, Secreiary of Exponeni '36. EVA E. WASHBURN . . . Livingsion, Wisconsin TWO YEAR RURAL. 3C CIUIZJ '35, '36, '37, Y. W. C, A. '36, '37, A CappeIIa Cnoir '35, '36, Giris' Pep Ciub '36, Voiley BaII '35. WILLIAM WATERMAN .... Elroy, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR AGRICULTURE. Fuiure Farmers CIub '34, '35, '36, '37I Pioneer Players '34, Blue Snield '34, Preliminary Debafe '33, Eooibali '36, Pioneer '37. WINIERED WELCH .... Higniand, Wisconsin THREE YEAR UPPER GRADE. 3C Club '33, '34, A Cappella Ciioir '33, '34, Afiienaeurn '36, '37, Baskeibail '36, '37, HAROLD WHITE . . . Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR INDUSTRIAL ARTS. Boxing '32. CHARLES E. WIESEN . . Minerai Poini, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR SECONDARY EDUCATION. Exiernporaneous Speaking '35 JEANNETTE WILLIAMS . . . Barneveid, Wisconsin TWO YEAR RURAL. 3C Ciub '36, '37. VIRGINIA A. WILLIAMS . . Scales Mound, IIIinois TWO YEAR RURAL. 3C CIUID '36, '37. Page One Hundred Tweniy-Two 'I' H E P I O N E E R O F I 9 3 7 Eour io Two DELGRES WILSON .... Cuba Cilry, Two YEAR RURAL. Y, W. c. A. 37. 3C cms '36, '37 Choir '35, '36, '37, Archery '37, Iniernafionai Reiaiions Club '37, Pep Ciub '36. MARY HELEN WINN .... Belmoni TWO YEAR RURAL. 3C Club '36, '37, BERTHA WURST .... Plaiieviiie, EOUR YEAR SECONDARY EDUCATION. Y. W. C. A. Snieid '35, Ailwenaeurn '35, '36, '37, Exponeni '35, '36, Siawq '36, '37, Pioneer Pioyers '36, '37: Scroiiers '36, '37. RUDOLPI-I CI-IRISTEN Two YEAR UPPER GRADE. VIOLA E. HEINDEL . Two YEAR RURAL. 3C ciu MAXINE NEWT-TALL . Two YEAR UPPER GRADE. HERTHA E. ROEHLING . . Two YEAR UPPER GRADE. LETI-IA WALKER . Moniiori, Oraiioi, SENIORS Wisconsin 54 7 A Cappelia A' A is '37, Hiking 7 :., W, Wisconsin Wisconsin '34, '35: Biue '37, Pioneer Wisconsin Wisconsin Cappella Cnoir '36. Misnawaka, Indiana Wonewoc, Lancasier, TWO YEAR RURAL. 3C Ciub '36, '37: Voiiey Bali. Wisconsin Wisconsin FRANK WHEELER .... Plaiieville, Wisconsin FOUR YEAR SECONDARY EDUCATION. T H E P I O N E E R O F I Q 3 7 Page One Hundred Twenfy Three COMMENCEMENT SEASON Salurday, May I Friday, May 7 . Salurday, May 8 Wednesday, May Eriday, May I4 Tuesday, May I8 Thursday, May 20 Tuesday, May 25 Salurday, May 29 Friday, June 4 . Salurday, June 5 Salurday, June 6 Address: M Monday, June 7 Tuesday, June 8 PROGRAM Rural School Deparlmenl Reunion . Arloor Day Exercises: Senior Class . Senior Class Banquel I2 . . Senior Class Play . Underclassman Prorn Senior Class Day . . Eacully Receplion for Senior Class . . Presenlalion of College Awards . Lel+ermen's Banquel . . Pioneer Players Picnic . . . . . Y. W. C. A. June Brealofasl Alhenaeum Reunion School Parry Baccalaureale Address r. F. T. Ullrich, Slale Teachers College, Plalleville Philadelphian Picnic Alumni Reunion Wednesday, June 9 ...... Commencemenl Exercises Address: Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam, Melhodisl Episcopal Church I P q O e Hundred Twenly-four Omaha, Nebraska THE PIONEER OF I YWWW' iii JQWFSWM MQW A2 M W5 QL , K g?M .g " N SER S64,,,u,gd'9-?f-mwfuff QE A 5 .fx " :LW S? K MM M x aww mf ' f 17,7 om jf? M W ' jf Wfjfw WW wif 'XR Q if - b x flf' JWW fb 5W, ,g,,J6ZAm, JQWAM O CD J 6Vlfl6f4fCL'suQQ' Vice-Presidenf WW Direcfor Deparfmemr cf Secondary Educafiorw Regisfrar X HTSWOVY Mafrwemafrcs gkxq 3. ' Dean of Men Mwffjrwf f,. Diredcr, Deparrmenf of 1 . QA Aqrrcurrurar Educerion W? I X my . Crific, Lower Grades X. 4 n 1 4 ' 'Av Page Une Hundred Twenry-srx T H E P I 0 N E E R O F 1931 conomics 'iff- ' fx . Dean of Women f 5Q Hisfor ff V If Y Direcior of fine Training Sciiooi , Qlfpe AM 1 X LVL? 2' f 'TV Sociai Sfudios Criiic Enqiisri Crific Crific, Fifflw Grade Junior High Schooi Junior High School THE PIONEER OF I937 i r i T' V i K ,' Direcfor, Deparfrnenfiot' I lndusfrial Arhs r 1 I . -f i L f Fx! Page One Hundred Twenfy-seven -2 Awww eww fm QMWL English Geoqfdpwf Geoloqb' Pfwwbw Aff Ram Enqfish P q O Hundred Twenfy-elqhf T H Chemisfry, Soils E PIONEER OF I93 Zi ? mwfwww Assisfanf I . Rural Deparymenf Aqr1cuNTure, Scuence fuiiwt .N-,Y Dfredor, Deparfmenf of Lower Grade Educafion Lani 0 1 4 , 0 , I , '77 , ff . 1' 14' V '1:z'c1i,f- , , "f'f'fdf,L'fQ'6b Bs L-. I ly N0 4 .,' , Q! X Assisfarwf, Ugggyso bf Jo . ' 9 Y English h Q80 iNb0 ' 4 1' " N-"N ff! 5 ,Q 4' - + Y , X ,X QQ, E- Q, U TI-I E P I O N E E R O F I Q 3 7 Page One Hggdrecl Twenfy-nine V r 4414-s 4- fl-r .UZ "70""' F' '1,S4 , ' Y 'x AMQIZZ E Speech, Hisfory Direcfor, Deparimenf of Rural Educahon 1 W Science Crihc Junior High School - J T , f Physical Educahon Aqrlcuhure, Indusfrlal AHS for Men Foreign Lanquage PageOneHundredThIr+y Physical Educafiom for Worven jgfflf Kimderqarfem Music I 4 , DfV'E3CfOV, Deparfmenf of , Zi, Upper Grade Educaffom ,oZg1.rf-101, Physical Science Mafiwomafics ,. f yr ducaffo VLH! M. 'L JL e 0 N E R Q F I Q 3 7 Page One Hundred Thirfy-one ,A ca JMJWW 721. 7JwMJ Home Economics Crific, Lower Grades 73,521 CL Librarian Secrefary Librarian fo Presiden? Royce Page One Hundred Tnirfy-iwo T H E P I O N E E R O F 7 f VQWQ Crific, Agriculfure Crific, Lower Grades 14.644, fiwffd. Clerk Secrefary fo Dr. Riley Librarian H E P I 0 N E E R 0 F I Q 3 7 Page Crue Hundred Thirfy-Three 0 0 o f I f,1"l1f!-fn' '5'C7Z f4c.Ll,f":!f i'f fl., I fsffq, ,f f -' --'- 1 -' ' 4 i7 'lf 4 r ! 1 1 V ' ff! I" DN AL i!f,'f.X,-ff, .,, "C'f,'-- f ""' I I ' f. 9 , , , ll 5 ' 0 :fb Llj If - 1,-L, fl ,if Q J E A " Y I -If " 3 - 'f 'ff , ,' 1 ?f,74"., 'f 'Af 1 ' - ' - T ' ' f , ' X wseweee ,.d-., f", 1 . , 551- If A " 1 1 ' In "' A ,- -V 4',LfAmES1 ' ' X1 gg' "',f-SfO-4 ' nb lRS.I 2 LATEST, 5 2 , . 1, '.f, I- I f 5 .. , 3 'I f'-PPI " ' ' Ng "May+ag, Onl-o-mahc ' 'A A I .' ' 0 Q s 0 0 , f ff- 'IH' 4 -5FrlglcIalre,,R.C.A.Vlc:'ror M 0 ' - n - , f i 9 - if At' D . - 1 , EH -f , PIumIomg4 " f Y 11, . ,A - .H ,I fx If 'ffLALL VZ I! , , , I ,J ,I:IQg'I'l!1g' 4' 3 "' ' fr ' ! 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X PLATTEVILLE WISCONSIN Z O 0 49 ii s 0 0 O 0 Q 0 0 0 O Q O 0 Q Q O 0 O O O O O O O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O O 0 O '49 000000000000 Page One Hundred Thirfy-four T I-I E P I O N E E R O F I Q 3 7 ff' A Xzfecff- 1 :ilu f rf -429t4QfQ'1J4E:iQxQg Evj K: 4LJzi F A, Xi , ,,Q, D I v 'AYP' . I f A70 M ff: ima : 1WLl?ij 2003OOQQQZZYOO?0O0000Oi2jjjbwQCQQQQQQQ 0000?0i0?00O00g A14 O LE" . 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E 2 ARROW SHIRTS STETSON HATS 2 if CHARLES BURG H. R. BOLL E STudenTs Always Weicorne E Q o 00CND0045004500450045004?00450045004?004WOO0 Page One Hundred Thirfy-five 00000000000000000000000000000000000 3 3 0 o 5 TRACY'S 5 5 AvALoN THEATRE 5 3 X MODERN 3 FIREPROOF 0 o 0 3 Z 0 5 0 3 3 3 2 ComTorTaIoIe and Refined 2 3 Surroundings 3 0 0 0 3 3 Good Ven+iIaI'ion 3 3 3 E Wesfern EIecI'ric Sound 3 0 E The Besf in Enferfainmeni' 32 0 3 0 o 00000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000000 0 0 3 3 2 Job 3 5 . . 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CCCK WITH GAS ' it PIaHeviIIe Gas Division of WISCONSIN 2 HYDRO-ELECTRIC Co. 49 ooooooo oooo oooo ooooooooo oooooooooooooo Q oo ooooooo 49 TIEDEMANN 2 3 e g BROTHERS 2 0 . Z 2 Tailors and Cleaners 0 0 2 Phone 525 Four+h S'I'reeI' 3 E WE DO ouR OWN CLEANING 5 0 0 00000000'00''000000000000000000000 4 o . Q Phone 434 Member F,T, D, Come Down and See Me Any Time 0 0 o 0 ' . 24 HOUR SERVICE PIIIIITVIIIE TIORIII IIIIIIIPIINY E 2 0 , o il. o Corsages and GIH Bouque'rs 3 2 E a SpeciaII'y 5 3 AT THE o PLATTEVILLE WISCONSIN o E Across From Squeeze Inn E Q T I-I E P I Q N E E R O I: I Q 3 7 Page One Hundred Thirfy-Sev 00000000000000000000000000000000000 0 o CQMPLIMENTS 2 0 2 OE E E E Z SANDER'S BAKERY 2 Z o 5 PLATTEVTLLE WISCONSIN 5 0 o 0000000000000000000000'00000000000' 0000000'000000000000000000000000000 JAMES FOCD MARKET 0000 0000000000 00000000000000 5 Groceries ancl Meafs i 06? 0 Q PHONE 206 sus MAIN ST 5 Soooooooooooooooooooo 000 ooooooooo 0 o 0 o 3 Fora ALL THE NEWS g 0 o E READ THE 5 0 o 2 I ' E 0 E 2 0 E o 0 EE Q E 0 E o 0 E. o E Q 0 EE Q 0 E o PLATTEVILLE J O U R N A L ooooo00ooooooooooo oooooooooooo' 000000 00000000000000000000000000000000000 Page One Hundred TI'TirTy'eiqI'TT 00000000000000000000000000000000000 0 0 0 o EVANS 5 2 JEWELRY STORE 2 2 Wafches, Rings, Silverware Z Jewelry and Glassware 0 Musical InsI'rumen+s, Sheel' Music o 3 Orches+ra+ions and Supplies 2 5 PHONE 448 9 0 00000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000000 FERNDELL GROCERY oooooooew I ooooooooooo PI-IONE 2 3 660 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 . 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 'eosg 2 ing -1 O J, 0 0 52,222 -. 0 34212 :xo 12 'LMUZO 3 n1 :tb 0 MFUCIIZ gfmzg 0 C5 Sz, L15 9 5."""'4g -T 0 O2 m 3 Z eeoooooooeeoooooooof 00000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000000 o o o o 2 I.ooIc To The 0 FUTURE 0 o o IT will be 2 3 ELECTRICITY 3 2 For Cooking and WaTer I-IeaTing 3 o 0 g INTERSTATE E LIGHT 81 POWER CO. o o TI-IE PIONEER OF IQ37 ooooQooooooooooooooooooooooooooooee 3 F. A. SOLES, M. D. 3 O O 0 0 3 Eye, Ear, Nose, TI1roa'r 3 3 if O . 0 2 329 Easf Mam S+ree+ 2 0 0 PLATTEVILLE WISCONSIN 3 3 O oooooooooooooo oooo Q Q oooooo 000' O 0 O O O 0 0 0 O O O 0 0 O . O O O O 0 0 0 0 O 0 O 0 O 4 . O 0 O O ggi DR. D. BELL 0 0 0 . . . 0 2 Os1'eopa1'I'IIc PI'IysIcIan 3 3 3 2 I2 Bayley Block 2 0 0 PLATTEVILLE WISCONSIN 0 0 00000000000000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOO0O00O000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DRS. L. A. 8. E. L. WILLS O 3 3 Bailey Block Suile 2I . , 4? O 0 . Phone 547 Q3 PLATTEVILLE WISCONSIN 2 O O 0 0000000oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooofoooooooooobo BEN KLIEBENSTEIN 000 000 O 0 3 3 3 CI1iropodis+ lPedia+ris+I 3 3 3 Graduafe Illinois College of Clmiropody 2 3 and Fool' Surgery 3 3 3 3 PHONE 5I4 SOUTH COURT ST. 2 o o Tl-IE PIONEER OF I937 O fi 9 3 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 O 0 O 0 0 O 0 0 O O O O 0 0 0 0 0 O O O 0 O O Z WILSON CUNNINGHAM 3 3 HOSPITAL 3 2 PLATTEVILLE, WISCONSIN 2 X A privafe Hospifal for Non-Conlagious 2 2 Medical, Obslefrical, and X o Surgical Cases o 3 WILSON CUNNINGHAM, B. S., M.D., F.A. C. S. 3 0 C. M. SCHULDT, B. S., M.D. 0 I-I. L. DOERINGSFELD, B.S., M.D. 2 O 0 'OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO'OO'0O0OOO'00 O 0 O O O 2 Kopp 8: Brunckhorsl 3 3 3 LAWYERS 3 0 0 3 Z 2 Firsl Na'I'ionaI Bank Building 2 0 0 PLATTEVILLE WISCONSIN 2 O O 0 O 000000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOO'OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO O O V. E. EDWARDS, D. C. ii 0 O 0 E Chiropracfic Healfh Service 1: 2 X-RAY E 3 3 3 PHONE 400 KNEBEL BUILDING E 0 0 0 000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 0 O O O 0 0 0 O O O 0 O O 0 0 0 O O O 0 O 0 0 O 0 0 O O O 0 4? 'O 4? O O 9 ' 2 Gas Adminisfered X-Ray Service 2 O 0 2 DR. G. W. NEWBY Q 3 DENTIST- 3 3 2 Sou+I1 Courl Sfreef 2 3 PLATTEVILLE WISCONSIN Q o o 0490400490490490490490494704504904904?04904OC?0C?O490 Page One Hundred Tlwirly-nine 414.66 f.0rNvr.q,iQ.AfagZL-.,-J M 'M 5414? af ,W 5 0 'S 'i !f 67'W f"'- .f 1,-cAff',fi C4 - 'Tv-'ff' L E E L . Z ' f 7' '.I flyyyq-,4.f'.,4,ii4.1, ,dk . i ff f - - .UN W I --.,,c,,,T.6z Eur.. f M' A5 'L Us--M . 1 E , 41 0000490 o o o o o o o o o o o 0 o o o o 0 o o 0 o o o o o o o o o o o O o o SCOTT S. CAIRY, Dis'IricI' Represen+aI'ive AETNA LIFE INSURANCE CO. o 0049000 4949490000 0 0 0 O 0 0 X Phone 666 Bayley Bldg. 2 2 PLATTEVILLE, WISCONSIN 2 4949 O O 5 THE 5 E COMPLETE FOOD MARKET E 0 O 0 O Z KROGER STORE 3 Z 2 2 I7 Easf Main S+ree+ 2 2 PLATTEVILLE WISCONSIN 2 00000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0000000 0 O 0 O 2 The Tea O O Greaf A 8 P Co. Z E X 5 ' E 0 0 2 23 WesI' Main S+reeI' 2 0 O E PLATTEVILLE WISCONSIN E O 0 oooo ooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooo o o o o 2 Excelleni' Foun+ain Service 2 School Supplies 2 o 5 YouMAN's 5 5 DRUG STORE 5 3 TI'IE NYAL STORE 3 E PLATTEVILLE WISCONSIN o ooooooooo'o'0000'0ooooooooooooooooo Swv , 500 ' 5 Jvifgnggl, I I 0000000000000oooooooooooooooooooooo 0 0 o o 5 GEM THEATRE 5 3 The Small Thea'rre wi+h Big Shows E o 3 ' fi For Your Furfher Enioymenf X o o 2 This Theafre is fully equipped wi+h The 2 3 La+esI' Type wide range sound equipmen'I' 2 o o If Your Wife 2 if Can'+ Cook E 5 Keep Her For A Pei' and E 2 EAT HERE 2 o o 3 X Z THE CAPITAL CAFE Z o o 0 o 00000ooooooe000'ooooooooooooooooooo 0000000000000'O'OOO'0'O0O'00000OO00 Q 0 0 0 FRANK BU RG 5 3 PIa'HeviIIe's Leading CIo+hier E . 5 0 0 0 0 Always 'Ihe Newesi' in 2 STUDENTS APPAREL E 0 4 00000QOOOOO00000000000000000Q00O00O 0000000000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE PLATTEVILLE, WISCONSIN Member American Associafion of Teachers Colleges WRITE FOR CATALOGUE ASA M. ROYCE, Presideni' OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO O0000'0O0OOO00OO00 O 00000000090000000000000000000000000 PageOneI-IuncIredFor+y S 000 0000090 0 O -- , ' X S 2 A . O R Ax Q 055-G 559 5. gf 55 2 l 3 -4 O f Q2 "1 E EQ? F 3' -an 3 - . .. Ox - N 24 'U O OA 0 ' 3? if is 3' - sf- XX 0 sf Y ... U Q 2 eg 'A -I 0 DJ 0 N ' O ig 0 LQ F, I' . i G5 -4 f 'I -o o N r j P U7l'l m m 0 .4 wx gf l 9 5 Q33 :ng m 'U :V 3 5 E C' Q 'U " G, E Q' 1. ,T -5 2' fx rf, ' I 'T' Q ff' 2 8 2 5 ff' ig 'D 37 1 -4 Q U E E O -U o N o E' .. 5 51,1 5 S m 3 3 E '- 3 Q U nf " 0 X 3 S 5 H r W '11 E i .X , ' N. 3- -4 :cf 'T' Z Z G5 'ff' T 'U 77 m m - 2 X ' 9, I I I m an 2 0 ,A N '91 vw , f 4 sz mb-' Q, -I -f' ff v . 'T 1 , o XX -U O If 'fp ., 'H 3- 77 A ffl ff " " 2 V 'L -1 '4 ff if .J L 5.5 A My Q,4,W,A fu 2 J!!! ff i V I Eg 'X ,fn ff M14 fl ff!! 2 X 1 f, ' -K' ' I Z X. if fi 'sq X ' 3 A 0000000000000 05004'000090000000000000000000 fx ' a . ff ff Z' J. E. NICHOLAS Sfudeni' of P. A. of A. School TAKE IT 0 Page One Hundred Forfy-0 in 'lahnllllllierllgail 'Artists and Makers of Fine Printing Plates for Black or Color The Largest College Annual Designers and Engravers in America . . 7PAeZe id Jahn illllleier Engraving Eu. 817 bW4AZn7f0n QAZca7o, .j!!L'I'lOl..f no .fuddtitfute for gudlify PQO HddFlW Tl-lE PIONEER OF NL x, . 4QfQ,,,IZ V! ffa-144 J 4. X. I' f f , of f ff! " H M'L7wJQL f HV r Back afkov X09-WL ffvm ,,,' , CQMWJZZIZLZQW MMM. ' Ns: MJMQMLM fwfwww f?f....ff M1115 55 WJ' Wnwgzjawm Ewywfjf ?zmW,Jr,::,.,:ff'A'3,wQ .fibre-A, . ?hgMli m'U GP' flwgijgw Zfmfbv' wwf ,gf - W N MWMJL Zifl fwafbwafgq M! A ljz,.vlid p..tQ. HMM W W AQJM 'tg WW Sf. WJ QQ? W ' ' Q xv 1 ' WLMKxb MQ .X vwzZTUflg4,, WW M !3f,Wf19 W,Z, f W 23TwM MQ- kLM A f f7?5W Q aff, W4 fl 1 WI' . ,

Suggestions in the University of Wisconsin Platteville - Pioneer Yearbook (Platteville, WI) collection:

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