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t f i L0UN6C FOR union speci interest PLEASE USE TV MUSIC LOUNGES THA(I -ATA processing systemyr£ ETHUR. .? - .. . • • , M » ' $ ' ...............The feial pig is one of the major dissection problems of biology 6b The microscope is a necessary piece of equipment in every biology lab!Mr McHugh ot the anthropology department points out the pelvic section of a skeleton to several studonts Anthropology iscommonly defined as the science of man This involves a large area, as man is a very complex creature To simplify this area of study it is divided into physical and cultural anthropology Physical anthro involves the study of human evolution and human biology — the study of bones, blood chemistry, genetics, race, etc Cultural anthro involves the study of archaeology, ethnology and linguistics Mr Gerntsen and a student examine a piece of pottery from the Acoma Pueblo in New MexicoMuch can be learned about man by measuring the cranial capacity and sizes ol different bones A peyote rattle and fan used in the religious ceremonies of the Native American ChurchA All of those students at WSU-0 who are presently taking a foreign language have discovered what the inside of the new language lab looks like; but for those of you who haven't had the pleasure we would like to give you a bird's eye view It is located on the second floor of Clow Social Science Center and will provide a unique experience for anyone who happens to walk past or to step inside the door. Students at Oshkosh are studying Spanish. German. Russian. French and a few other languages; all of which can be heard in this roomIf you know how to use the Forrest R Polk Library it can be a source of endless information You can check the card catalog, find the book you need, use one of the many study facilities, and finally, when you leave, you may check out your material and take it with you.The astronomy department is very fortunate to be able to use the Buckstaff Observatory for many of their observations. The observatory was donated to the university by Mr Buckstaff. its designer, and is equipped with three telescopes, meteorological instruments and numerous books on astronomy and meteorology Mr John Evans of the astronomy and physics departments Students are often required to spend evening hours at the observatory — on clear nights'Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble. Macbeth Act IVThe WSU-0 Faculty Art Show Mr Charles McCleary of the art department explains the positive and negative space relationship to one of the students of the design class Dr L Larry Leonard works on the publication of Research is playing an increasingly important role on our growing university campus Mr Maurice Kessman. the director of Institutional Research, is the gentlemen pictured on the left Even adults have problems!Physics involves imagination and creation as evidenced by work in the physics machine shopThroughout the year, the Reeve Memorial Union sponsors a series of lectures by resident and visiting professors — The Professor Speaks Series These programs vary from "The Case for Fairies" to musical discussionsDr Allen Utke of the chemistry department is a well-known authority on unidentified flying objects His lecture at one of the Professor Speaks was attended by many interested university students and faculty membersThe performing arts are kept alive at WSU-0 by the presence of Town and Gown. Town and Gown is the joint venture of Oshkosh citizens and students from our campus It maintains the goal of enriching the cultural environment here in Oshkosh. Reduced-price tickets are offered for its series of eight top-rated performances during early fall. The ticket line for Town and Gown stretches from the ticket office to the Titan Room, which shows the enthusiasm on our campus for the fine arts. This year the first program was on November 1 and featured the Minneapolis Symphony. Soon to follow was "The First Fifty Years Anniversary Show" of Fred Waring and The Pennsylvanians Kept from performing here last spring due to held-over performances in New York. Hal Holbrook presented "Mark Twain Tonight" on November 30 It was a widely acclaimed show. An evening with The Varel and Bailly Company proved to be one filled with French songs and merriment. In contrast was the February 15 performance of the classic opera Rigoletto. March 1 brought Jose Greco and Company to Oshkosh adding Spanish color to the Civic Auditorium's stage The Royal Wmnepeg Ballet graced the stage in an entirely different mode of dance two weeks later The season was climaxed with a concert by the famous pianist. Van Cliburn. who ended this year's Town and Gown series with precision and in the manner to which it is accustomed "Rigoletto" M» Van Cliburn The Royal Winnipeg Ballet CompanyStamslaw Skrowaarewski and the Minneapolis Symphony OrchestraBenjamin Britten s comic opera "Albert Herring" was presented in May of 1966 by the WSU-0 Opera Workshop and was repeated in November both on campus and at the University of Wisconsin Fox Valley Extension Center The opera is set in a small English village at the turn of the century The townspeople customarily elect a May Queen from among the girls of the village This year, however, no suitable candidate can be found. This leads to the election of Albert Herring, a simple but virtuous greengrocer s son. as MAY KING. Albert's coronation ceremony is uproarious, for his lemonade has been spiked by one of the village youths The newly-elect ed king stutters, hiccups and finally disappears. His disappearance and presumed death is mourned by the townspeople, and when he returns a bit "under the weather" he is denounced as ungrateful The audience knows, however, that his disappearance and return show not only the loss of his virtue, but the loss of his mother s domination Albert is finally a mantfSS“Richard III", a historical play concerning an utterly competent virtuoso in evil, was presented in early spring by the WSU-0 Drama Department The cast skillfully exploited the full dramatic potentiality of a production in which there is no unresolved mystery and seldom permitted the pace to slacken or ten- sions relax Bringing into reality the hard edged. amoral world in which the characters moved, the audience fully felt the impact of the progression of the play — the growing sense of the inevitable, the .m seemingly inexorable march of events, the continual I occurrences of dramatic irony. As the past is evoked. t 1 1 the present lashed and the future foreboding, the w audience is swept into the mainstream of events on into Shakespeare's "comedy" which intensifies the horror of the moments Rehearsal scenes ...Spoon River Anthology, a collection of poems by Edgar Lee Masters, is a series of character sketches Many of these show much insight on Masters' part in judging a man s personality These character sketches are often witty and satirical, making fun of a certain character trait or showing the weak ness of a person possessing this trait On November 16 and 17, 1966, the speech department of WSU-0 presented many of these sketches in two performances in the Union Lounge.Luigi Pirandello s "Six Characters In Search of an Author" was .presented by the WSU-0 Drama Department late in October It was a well-praised, well-accepted production. The play, with an undercurrent of the super natural prevailing throughout, revealed the actions and emotions of a terrifying past. Allowing the audience to feel as though it had just happened upon it. the play unfolded and "occurred" spontaneously. engulfing the observers in the action. Skillful acting coupled with excellent directing transported the audience into a world which was. simultaneously, as tangible and immediate as their own.A comparatively recent innovation which has spread throughout the country is the happening. No precise definition can be given for a happening because a happening is no one precise thing; it can range anywhere from a wild party to a relatively "mild'' poetry reading such as YIELD, the first happening which "happened” at WSU-0 YIELD I happened in the Union Lounge on November 9. 1966 Of course YIELD was not merely a poetry reading, this in itself would not have constituted a happening Competing with the poets for the audience's attention were films of a Jack Dempsey fight, a Charlie Chaplin movie, a very sexy go-go dancer and a band whose members wore paisley pants. The band, at least, was not disregarded by anyone, and YIELD was a success"The youth of today will be the leaders of tomorrow" is an often heard maxim, but on Oshkosh's campus, the youth actually have a chance to actively participate in events designed to present leadership opportunities One such venture was The Model United Nations Day held at Clow Social Science Center in November. Fifteen campus organizations represented the fifteen-nation UN Security Council in a mock session A resolution concerning the restoration of lawful rights of the People s Republic of China in the UN was submitted by the Mali Delegation, sponsored by Alpha Xi Delta It was defeated France, sponsored by Pi Kappa Delta, submitted a resolution on a two-China policy in the UN. which was also defeated. After the model session the representatives adjourned to the Union where President Roger E. Guiles awarded the President s Cup to France, represented by Pi Kappa Delta.On Sunday afternoon. December 11. 1966. a combined choir and orchestra under the direction of Dr Harold Porter of the WSU-0 Music Department presented Handel's Messiah at the Oshkosh Civic Auditorium The choir consisted of the University Choir and members of various groups from Oshkosh and the surrounding area The orchestra was composed of the Oshkosh Civic Symphony and the University Symphony. In addition to the Messiah, the Chamber Choir of WSU-0 sang Bach's Magnificat.The Titan Marching BandThe Chamber ChoirWRST are the call letters of the Wisconsin State University-Oshkosh FM Station Students staff the entire station preparing broadcasts, conducting interviews, making musical selections and announcing eventsnow about q. cWiij (dVwv!, E OlWf ArThe college fraternity is no longer a haven for Rah Rah boys and hell raisers. It is a center for intellectual conversation and a fellowship of grown men with common ideals and similar interests. The atmosphere of the place should smell of books rather than spirits. The manners should exemplify an easy culture without snobbery. The human relations should be based on considerate candor rather than maudlin conformity .... The gang or even the lodge must be a matrix for the wider loyalties to mankind, the future, and the cherished academic ideal of learning and culture —Perry E GreshamThe Gamma Sigma Sigma sponsored Leggie Contest Delta Sig Songfest APO Blood DriveAThe men of Delta Chi move onto campus i iiMni ui i iitiin uui ttttttHomecoming with The Kingston Trio Jj JferfTP o3j (j c■» Winter Carnival Weekend came to the Oshkosh campus with the delivery of ice in front of Reeve Union for the ice sculpturing contest This year the theme for both snow and ice sculptures was "Recorded in Ice". Many long hours go into the designing and consturction of these sculptures -often in below zero weather1Winchester Cathedral" provided the theme for one of the ice sculptures This year the Encore series presented two concerts featuring nationally famous recording artists during the Winter Carnival Week Audiences thrilled to the voices of Jay and the Americans and the Kids Next DoorSNOOPY VS. Everyone is singing or humming the tune of Snoopy and the Rod Baron — so this was a popular theme when recorded in ice ‘n-"r RFD RAROn- For weeks the Union Social Committee prayed for snow so that we could have a snow sculpturing contest When the big storm hit Chicago they thought that there would never be any left for Oshkosh. BUT. their prayers were answered and the contest went on as scheduled!■‘Puff the Magic Dragon" found a resting spot in front of Dempsey Hall The "Last Tram to Clarksville" ran out of gas in front of the Delta Sig HouseThe rope pulling contest is a test of sheer strength, but often one patch of slippery ice can make the difference between the winners and the loosers Girls are very much a part of winter games as they participate in obstacle races and skating races These two events often provide the most humorous aspects of the entire week endMen's broom hockey is one of the most exciting and violent of the winter games series Queen Christine Borgwardt of Chi Omega Sorority and King Larry Crambergof Phi Sigma Epsilon Fraternity President Guiles presents the President's Cup to Buz Barlow of Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity for their most successful participation m Winter Carnival eventsThe Associated Women Students is composed of all WSU-0 co-eds The organization is governed by an executive board composed of representatives of the women s residence halls, private housing and the sororities. Each year A W S. serves as the "sounding board" for the ideas, interests and problems of the women students. In carrying out this expressed purpose A W S sponsors workshops, banquets and an annual style show held in early November This year the A W S style show featured costumes worn by the average college co-ed and various entertainment acts i. •! -One of the most popular events for beginning skiers this year was a "Learn to Ski" clinic, sponsored by the Union Ski Heilers on November 19. The main idiosyncrasy of the program was the absence of snow Beginners are taught the basic aspects of skiing while on straw Experienced Ski Heilers. under the direction of club adviser Richard A Naumann. gave three two-hour sessions The proper method of carrying equipment and putting on boots and skis, how to walk on skis, and how to hold and use poles were some of the basic techniques shown to the fledglings. The program took place behind the Reeve Memorial Union Besides the straw, the program was characterized by "Pray for Snow" buttons and hot chocolate. .SV262 WSU-0 seniors were graduated in an evening ceremony on January 20. 1967. Speaker for the event was Harvey Bunke. president of Western Washington State College, who spoke on "Education in the Affluent Society."Another fun-filled evening with a touch of the unusual is one way to describe the Union Cabaret Party held February 17 in the Titan Room The Esquire Trio provided much of the entertainment by playing amidst the gaily decorated Titan Room. Master hypnotist Edwin L. Baron contributed to the program also Baron gave two shows during the evening, in which he used members of the audience to demonstrate techniques of hypnosis, furnishing a little education besides diversion. During breaks, bottles of non-alcoholic champagne were given away to students attending the special T G I F party, sponsored by the Union Social Committee. Notice the tmy flame of the match ... Why can't you get your arm down. boy Hit the villan. hit him"iNovember 1 1. 1966. marked the spot on the calendar for the Reeve Memorial Union's annual Wing-Ding. “Fireside Fling”. This event is planned by the Union s Socal Committee who set about the task of finding and securing campus talent for this show early in the fall After much auditioning, screening, and planning, the show went on with a variety of interesting performers most of whom were singers, folk groups, fraternity groups and modern dancers The atmosphere was informal and very snug as WSU-0 students packed the Titan RoomThe Student Governments of the nine state universities are linked through a common structure known as the United Council. This Council meets three times a year to talk over problems common on all campuses and also to take a united stand to help rectify these situations. The fall council met on the WSU-0 campus in November Many months of hard work went into setting up the conference and many good resolutions and legislations came out of it The winter United Council was held at Platteville in February At this meeting WSU-0 received two distinct honors. D G. Opgenorth was elected vice-president of Research Affairs for the United Council and the Oshkosh delegation received the United Council participation award for its work in the Council. The Spring Council meeting was held m May at River Falls State University.Winner of the 1967 Miss Oshkosh Pageant held at the Civic Auditorium was Georgia Miller, a WSU-0 co-ed from Arlington Heights. Illinois The Miss Oshkosh Pageant is run on the same order as the Miss America Pageant with the different divisions such as formal evening dress, swim suit and talent Georgia performed a song and dance number from Rogers and Hamerstein's ''Cinderella” entitled "In My Own Little Corner" First runner up was another WSU-0 co-ed. Christine Borgwardt from Wauwatosa.Afro-Cuban native dancing, bongos, and voo doo took over the stage at the second Reeve Memorial Union Wing-Ding on November 22. 1966 Jimmy Payne s "Calypso Varieties" consisted of six people who set an unusual mood in the Titan Room The beat was genuinely native, pulsating and harmonious This beat was accompanied and accented by the dancers who matched the exotic music reverberating through the room The Union Program Committee arranged for two performances of this group, both of which were well-attendedWSU-O's Photographer of the Year is Steve Brown, a sophomore from Chicago. He received special recognition on fourteen of his entries in the annual Union Photo Contest Steve also serves as one of the photographers on the Quiver staff. Paul Weber. Oshkosh, entered the best print in the show and Kay Bondow. Larsen, entered the best color slidebrat day ... songfest ...Titan Gridders invade the turf of Jackson Athletic Field to open a highly successful Wisconsin State University Conference football season And starling at left end .... number 86-------Set . . . down......37 hut-hut---- I wonder whai happened. I d have swore that on page 32 ol the play book it says that all I have to do is slant into the five hole and....The Titans have a wealth of backheld talent trained to follow their blockers and thread their way through holes open in the defenders lines Some days everything seems to go right, like finding this ball with glue all over it.Number 66 ain't Ray Nuschke and the Oshkosh Tuans are coming through for another long gamerCoach Young strikes again'There arc healthier places (or an afternoon stroll than the Oshkosh defensive backfield. We've come a long way this season. We've worked together and played together Now get in there and pull those guys to win the only way we know how together Keep an eye on the Titans, that striped shirt is Next year ... Whitewater1Rick Rehm passes the ball to John Lallen-sack. despite the pressure ol one ol Stout s big men in the "game ol the year'" Ron Hayek looking for a man in the pressure packed game against defending champion Stout Hayek is double-covered as he attempts to clear the ball out of Stout s back courtRon Hayck again shows his fabulous talent in shooting as he puts Oshkosh ahead of Stout m a "must" game As is common in basketball games, however, scoreboards are found to go "haywire" Big Dale Race tries to find a fellow Titan to hand the ball off to. as Ron Hayek is closely guarded by two BluedevilsWaiting for the rebounds is an important aspect of a basketball game Bill Schwartz out|umps a Whitewater player for the rebound, as the Tuans crushed the Warhawks 102-70In 1966. on the same weekend as this year, the WSUC standings saw Stout with a one game lead over Oshkosh Stout had lost the night before, enabling the Tuans to come within one game of first. After forty minutes of basketball. Stout edged out the Titans in the last two seconds. 67-66 In 1967. Oshkosh held a one game lead over Stout, as the Titans were upset the night before by Eau Claire. 73-62. Stout beat Stevens Point 65-64 to set up a win or else situation With thirty-five seconds of playing time left. Stout held a 50-49 lead, and Oshkosh had the ball The Titans' brilliant Coach White immediately called a time out in order to build up just a little more confidence in his players. The time out paid off as John Lallensack hit a twenty foot jump shot with thirteen seconds remaining to give Oshkosh a 51 -50 victory.Photographer misses the beginning of the cross country season, which saw Oshkosh named number one in the state 1... 2... 3... 4Agility makes a good trackman Victory is m sightSwimming as a competitive sport does not depend on speed alone. Swimmers must not only be fast enought to keep up with the rest of the competitors, but also must display perfect style and form. Points are awarded on this basis. Swimmers must also be on time with their starts, as you can be disqualified from the race if you get a faulty start. Swimming has always been a great American spectator sport, with fancy dives and fast finishes always adding much excitement and variety Not all members of a swimming team have to be proficient divers, as there are many events in which the basic strokes of swimming are used Favorite events are the free style, the back stroke, and the breast stroke. Swimmers also participate in medley, trying to beat out competing teams and establish new pool records.Karaie is a very colorful sport, with agility and speed being all important Brute strength is not considered a prerequisite Choosing the right movements and leg work are always importantFencing requires keen observation and great speed The participants arc required to wear protective garb, and the foils are guarded by adhesive tapeWorking for love!Mens' Intramurals are becoming more and more popular as the years go by For a long time, the only activities of fered were in football and basketball. Now mens mtra murals also take in bowling and volleyball plus others Intramural basketball is fast moving and the competition is always very keen Many games are decided by a mere point, and the outcomes are always in doubt, no matter who is playing.Basketball is just as popular with the women as it is with the men Many of the leagues are taken from dorm teams, with the competition always keen Not only do girls play basketball. but there are organized activities in volleyball. bowling, and other sports Often, girls who are very interested in a certain sport will try out for girls competitive. These sports are inter collegiate, and include swimming and track among others Sports is an important activity on our campus. with many people participating This is one reason why the Union has the recreational activities in the Cavern, for it realizes the importance of giving college students something to do which is not only fun. but very competitive. Pool and bowling enthusiasts have an open hand here, and can play their favorite sport at all times during the school year Many people do not know that the Cavern sponsors intercollegiate bowling, intramural bowling, and table tennis tournaments.Rick Jakus. a freshman standout, per forms the "planche". a stunt m free exercise The still rings are used by Jim Rainer in the "L" support The "I” support, as done by Andy Markert on the parallel bars Barry Leach works on the horizontal bar His stunt, which requires great muscular control, is the ■’German" KJjnMtdstMtiUw; 129 F Cufey Qanim NoMMAieS mk 136 143 170 176O tgojugofeoKk 1 94 RWaffe 224 Sports F cuSty (Xact A fon-t t tafe Registry 244 Otuderib RegKtuj 250President— Dr. Roger E. GuilesVice President of Business Affairs Dr James F Duncan Vice President of Program Development and Staffing Dr. Sherman C Gunderson Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr Raymond J Ramsden Vice President of Student Affairs Dr Ernest O ThedmgaCoordinator — Secondary Education Dr Robert Field Coordinator School of Letters and Science Radford Boeing Coordinator School of Business Administration Douglass Maurer Coordinator — Lower Elementary Education Bertha MerkerDirector • Extended Services Dr Harold Crouse Director - Financial Aids Bruce Ehr Director - Alumni Affairs Helen Geiger 132Director - Parking Warner Geiger Director • Counseling Center Dr Thomas Hocking Coordinator - Public Information Office Garner Horton Dean - School of Business Administration Dr. Robert Hungate form Director - Admissions Donald Jorgenson 133Associate Director - Health Services Dr M E Keller Associate Dean of Students Ruth Nelson Director - Registration Gerald Olson Assistant to President - Campus Planning Dr Robert Polk 134Doan - Graduate School Dr Everett Pyle Director - Reeve Memorial Union Richard Sommerfield Registrar Director - Computer Center L O Tetzlatt James Vlamis Dean of Students Dr. Evert Wallenfeldt 135Faculty Akin. Ronald K. Andersen. Arlow W. Anderson. James F. Anderson, William H Andrews. Richard L. Ansfield. Paul J. Archer. Mrs. Marion Austin. Mrs. Bonnie Austin. John S. Ballou. Cynthia L. Balswick. Jack O. Beberfall. Lester Bebko. Barbara A. Bengtson. John R. Berens. Mrs. Marilyn Berens. Robert L. 136Berge. Douglas G. Black. Bruce B. Bollom. William J. Bolton. Jacklin T. Booth, Bill R. Booth. Mrs. Louise Borns. Albert K. Bothner. Gerald L. Bowman, Max I. Brady. Thomas A. Brandt. Michael Bredendick. Nancy A. Brehm James M. Brehman. George E.. Jr. Brooks. John B. Brown. Constance L. Bruyere. Donald E. Burr, John R. Bush. Jarvis E. Carter. Harland. A.. Jr. 137Caudle. Frederick L. Caudle. Mrs. Jean I. Chaffin. Robert J. Champlin. Harrold L. Chang. David W. Check, John Conover. David F. Courtney. John T. Crimmins. Timothy F. Darken. Arthur H. Davies. James M. Delk, Robert G. Dennis. Roger P. Difanis, Anita M. Dohrman, Herbert C. Dorsey, Richard H. Drecktrah, H. Gene Duren. Alico Edolheit, Jacob J. Edge. Lowell H.Ellis. Anna Jane Engbretson. Charles J. Englund. Pearl K. Erikson. Mary L. Esseks. John D. Evanson. Randall M. Evenhuis. Francis D. Fine. D. Emerson Flaherty. Douglas E. Floether. Gail D. Fonstad. Todd A. Frederick. Terry J. Gade. Edward H. Gade. Mrs. Sandra A. Gaede. Herbert L. Gerritsen. William D. Gibbs. Ronald K. Glofka. Peter T. Goehrs. Warren J. Goldinger. MiltonGreen. Dennis C. Greuel. Robert Gruberg. Martin Grubidge. Mrs. Dorlis M. Gueths. James E. Gunter. Craig Glenn Halle. Merlin D. Haydock. James J. Henken. Willard J Hirons. Gerald E. Hofeldt. Larry L. Hofman, Gordon Hoppert. David J. Horne. Mrs. Judith A. Hoy. Christine L. Hunt. E. Kay Hynson. Priscilla C. Iversen. Lothar I. Johnson. Barent C. Johnson. Paul R. 140Jozwik, Francis Kane, Stephen N. Kaprelian, Mrs. Patricia Karges. Burton E. Kompf. Thomas J. Korscher, Helen A. Kilday. Douglas Kile, Jack E. Kilpatrick, Frank G. Kingsbury. Stewart A. Kinzie. Glenn L. Kitzman, Eric W. Koeneman, Mrs. Patricia A. Koerwitz. Mrs. Irene Kolf. Robert M. Krause. Paul E. Kreuzer. Ingo Krueger. LaVern E. Laudon Thomas Lee. H. Sang 141Lctfin. William J. Lehmkuhl. Charles G. Loiblo. Arthur 8. Leonard. L. Larry Lippert. David J. Lommock, Mrs. Patricia Lozada. Froben Lucas. John F. Lyons. Richard McCarthy. Denis P. McHugh. William P. McKee. James W. McKnight, Brian K. McNamara. Owen Madson. Willard L. Magrudor. Mary A. Mahmoud. Ibrahim Y. Maketa. William G. Martin. Dorothy E. Matthias. Mrs. Dixie L. 142Meek. Mrs. Carroll L. Melka. Robert L. Molander. J. Dale Moldenhauer. Janet E. Morris. William H. Muhich. James Mundt. Frederick J. C. Naumann. Richard A. Netzel. Mrs. Delorus Netzel. Richard G. Noyes. Edward O'Brien. Elaine O'Connor, Patricia T. Osborn Richard W. Ostendorf. Harry Overton. Elizabeth Pabley. Jag M. S. Patzlaff. Gary H.. Pearson, John C. Pelton. Virginia N. 143Pew. Mrs. Florin® Pickering. Robert S. Platte. Donald M. Polk. Robert R. Pollnow, Gilbert F. Porter. Harold 8. Prybylowski. Florence Raab.Joseph A. Ramsden. Raymond J. Randerson. Sherman Rao. K. S. Razner. Robert J. Railing. Kenneth D. Remender. Peter A. Richardson. Daniel Riley. Bryan M. Robinson. Roy D. Rock. James M. Rogers. Shirley Round. Harold L. 144Roy, Anjishnu K. Rucinski. Philip R. Sasala, Ronald Schaefer. John E. Schmelter. Raymond C. Schmidt. Martin E. Schueller, Carol V. Schumacher, Richard F. Schwenn, Janet M. Schwertfeger. Merlin H. Segal. Jeromo L. Smith. Douglas Sniffen, John K. Soika. George R. Sosinsko. Adrienne Steinhaus. Ralph K. Steuerwald, Erla A. Stone. John H. Tate. Marjorie B. Taylor, John T. 145Teresinski. Mrs. Sally S. Tharp. Gorald D. Thomas. Kenneth J. Thompson. Phillip J. Tiedemann. Russell G. Tirtha. Ranjit Torow. William L. Tuck. Charles C. Tusken. Lewis W. Utke. Allen R. Veidemanis. Juris Voils, Don L. Wahoski. Helen I. Wallace. Wayne W. Walsh. Justin E. Walter. Veryl Weidemann, David W. Weisse. Edward B. Wenger. Alice E. White Robert W. 146Whiting. Theodor© R. Williams. Mrs. Shirley S. Willmington. S.Clay Willmore. Floyd E. Wolff. Harry L. Womaski, Anthony J. Wonders. Robert J. Zahalka. Donald W.Seniors Abb . James H. B.S. Eldorado A bit . D.imol I B.S. Appleton Alien. Mary L. 8 S. New Frankon Anderson. Rita R 8 M.E. Green Bay Arndt. 8arbara J. 8 S. Eden Aschenbach. Kathleen B.S. Shoboygan Ashelman, Siri B.S. Berkeley Springs WestVirg.n a Auger. Edward J 8 $. Milwaukee Bochnik. Morylin T. 8.S. Madison Bahrke. William H. 8 S Shore wood 8akor. Carol J B.S. Milwaukee Barlow. Wallace P Jr. B A Milwaukee Beckor. Angela A B S West Bend Becker. Pamela I B.S. Neosho Bednarok. Carol A B S. Neshkoro Biot . Carla J 8 S Brownsville 148Bendickson. Diane. M B. S. Racine Bennin. Thomas B. 8 S. Oshkosh Berg. Sharon L BS Menomonee Falls Bertrand. Harold R B S Menominee. Michigan Best. Ruth L. B S. Two Rivers Beta. Allen D 8 B A Fond du Lac Bihti. Donna J. B S Beaver Dam Bloodworth. Jeanie E. BS Elm Grove Bobholz. Gerald W. Friesland Boelter. Barbara A B S Mar incite Bombanski. Louise M B S Berlin Bourbonais. Richard D B S Wauwatosa Bowe. Judith L BS Chippewa Falls Bretl. Ronald J BS Sturgeon Bay Bretiman. Kay E B A Madison Brick. Donna J. BS Greenlee! Bruce. Marilyn J. 8 S Green Lake Buell. Gary L B 8 A Green Bay Bulkow. Clarence F B S. Sheboygan Bunno. Duane Joanne B S Fond du Lac 1498iifjin. Karon Mono mono© Fails Burgdorl. Patricia E. L. 8 S. Kiel Burns. Sharon M. 8 S Fond du Lac Carroll. Mary R. 8 S Oshkosh Casper. Veda J B.S. Sheboygan Catoncamp. Jane C. B A Shawano Cavanaugh. Richard R 8 A Poriago Charbonneau. Mary L 8 S. Oshkosh Chock. Timothy F. B.S. Milwaukee Chehra i. Dora P B.S. Tehran. Iran Christensen. Susan K 8 S Larsen Christian. Thomas J. B.S. Cdoma Chy. Mary Sue B.S. Milwaukee Clark. Stephan G. 8 S Westport. Connecticut Coil. Karen S B.S. Princeton Coder. James G.8S Fond du Lac Collins. Alan E 8 S Milwaukee Conrad. Dennis O. B.S. Lunenburg. Massachusetts Conway. Kathaleen 8 S. Crandon Cowan. Janice W. 8.S. Oshkosh 150Cowan. Steven N B B A Oshkosh Curtis. Lee P B S. Menomonee Falls C arnecki. Bob A BA Milwaukee Czarnocki. Susan E 8 S Milwaukee Danner. Mary E. B S Mcnasha Dart. Karen E 8 S. Rruneiande Demeuse. Marshall J B S Oconto Fa»s Detry. Dennis V 8 S Green Bay Dieckman. Russell DBS Woodstock. Illinois Diednch. Richard A B S, Necnah Dietrich. Elaine BBS Egfl Harbor Dinger. Karla K B S Oshkosh Oix. Karen R B S Louisville. Kontucy Dombrowe. Raymond G 8 S Kewaunee Donehower. Lynn F. 8 S Wausau Doversprke. Oennis K B Music Menasha Drager. Douglas. C B S Markosan Dresden Jon N 8 S. Appleton Drews. Karen A B S Burnett Drover. Julius Jr. B.S Ripon 151Droxd. Michael D. 8 S. Port Washington Ou best or. Poter B.S Oshkosh Dugan. LuAnn M B.S. Roedsvillo Dunn. Lawrence B.S Wauwatosa Dykstra. Vercne L. 8 S Randolph Eggert. Kenneth C. 8.S. Now London Ehlert. Myron L B.S. Oshkosh Ellsworth. Lloyd G B.S. 8erltn Emmel. James W B A Green 8ay Enders. Wayne T BA St Cloud Erickson. Judith E.8 S. Salem Erickson. Lona A B.S. Manitowoc Fobisiak. Shirley A 8 S. Waukesha Fabrwak. Beatrice A B S Milwaukee Farr. Patricia B.S. Oshkosh Fold. Cheryl L B.S. Sheboygan Fell. Susan Kay 8 S. Racmo Flentje. Sandro L B.S. Sheboygan Foat. Carol A 8 S. 8ig Bend Fraednch. Ruth M B.S. Oshkosh 152Freund. Paul H. B.S. Beaver Dam Fuchs. Kurt W B.S. Cheapo. Illinois Fuhs. Susan M B S Oshkosh Furnner. Thomas E. B.B.A Taychoedah Gabriel. Gabriel. J. 8 S Lena Gaustin. John T. B.S. Appleton Gendron. Katherine M.B.S. Coleman Gilgenbach. James E. B.S Malone Gissal. Sue ABA Menomonee Falls Goss. Mary Lee Mcnosha Graichen. Sharyn A B.S. Oshkosh Graska. Oavid C. B A. Oshkosh Grasse. Thomas W B.S. Port Washington Greene. Linda B S Appleton Gresholdt. Garfield D BS Sheboygan Groh. Eileen K Laona Gross. Lawrence H BS. Oshkosh Gross. Robert A B S Peshtigo Gruenwald. Karen D B S Princeton Gustke. Elizabeth. A B.S Oconto Falls 153Haste. Robin L. B S Racine Hobeck. Ronald F. B S. Plymouth Haghparost. Ahriman B.S. Tohoran. Iran Hall. Nancy M B S Appleton Hallo. Janice L B A. Oshkosh Hansen. Craig S. B S Oshkosh Hansen. John R B.S. G'liott Hanson. Carol M B.A Fond du Lac Honson. Thomos L. B.S. Necnah Harrison. Michael J. B.S. Oshkosh Hartmann. Linda L. B Milwaukee Harvey. Esther O. B S. Tigorton Hass. James H B.S. Malono Hathaway. Helen M. B.A. Wauwatosa Hayes. Potncia A B S Oshkosh Heckner. William C. B.S Menasha Heidot. Donald C. B.S. Oshkosh Heil. Fred R B S. Sturgeon Bay Herts. Robert L. B.S. Menasha Helgerson. Aimer R. B.S. Green Bay 154Herres. Julie Ott B.S. Oshkosh Harriott. William A. 8.S. Nccnah Herrmann. Richard T. B.S. Manitowoc Hilgendort. Jocarol J. B.S. Irma Hillasted. Gloria J. 8 A. Rio Hint . Barbara J. B.S Milwaukee Honey. Corinna Dale B.S. Oconomowoc Hopkins. Ellen A. Dttfafteld Housfald. Kenneth A. BA. Mi Iwaukee Huebner. Janet L. 8.S. Ormo Huebner. Rosemary B.S. Crmu Huhn. John L B.S. Fond du Lac Hutchison. David C. B.S. Menomonee Falls Ihlenfeldt. Jeanne. M B.S. Kcwannce Irving. Mary L. B.S. Kewaunee Jacobson. Lorraine Jane 8 S Whitehall Janiak. Shirley R. B.S. Omro Jank. JerilynM. B.S. Milwaukee Jenneman. Elizabeth A B A. Chippewa Falls Jensen. Robert T. B S Fond du Lac 155Jensen. James E.B.S.. Berlin Jerow. Bonnie K. B. Kaukauna Jochims. Pamela E. B. Milwaukee Johannes. Sharon L. 8.S. Cudahy Johns. Becky J. B.A. Manitowoc Johnson. Gary Carl B.S. Oshkosh Johnson. Gary P. B.S. Niagara Johnson. Kathleen E B S Appleton Johnson. Larry H. B.S. Oshkosh Johnson. Marsha K. Oshkosh Johnson. Sherriann N. B.S Shotxiygan Jones. Lawrence N. B.S. Manitowoc Jones. Mary A. B.S. Randolph Jones Stephanie B.S. Fond du Lac Judge. Sara J. B.S. Wautoma Judge. Sue M B.S. Wautoma Justin. Brian R B.S. East Troy Kaczmaroski. Richard W. B.S. South Milwaukee Kalous. Claire M. B.S. Oshkosh Kamke. Linda L. B.S. Manitowoc 156Kamp . Vicky I B S Independence Kane. Patricia A 8 S. Wmi Do Perc Kana. Sandra M BS Marital Kaaik. Joseph I. B S Oshkosh Kaaik. NancyJ B S. Lac Du Flambeau Katers. William B.A Green Bay Kaafa. Ann K B S Oshkosh Kamp. Lmdy L. B.S. Kaukauna Kirschbargar. Joan M B.S. Milwaukee Kitchenwitz. Patricia G B S Green Bay Kirchoff. Nancy R B.S Waukesha Kissel. Charles B S Lake Geneva Klmkanbarg. Kay E B S Two Rivers Knowles. Kathleen A B.S. Plymoulh Koch. John ABA Oshkosh Koehler. Arlene V. B S New Holstem Koepnick. Janet F. B.S Oeiavan Koasar. Frederick L. B S. Two Rivers Kollath. Richard R. B S Appleton Koopmans. Jolaan A BS Cambria 157Koran. Barbara U. 8.S. Racine Korbish. Edward C. B.S Oshkosh Krotsch. Karon A 8.S. KmH Kuohl. Nancy J. Husnsford Kundo. Mary Jana B S. Oshkosh KuntZ. Dennis W. B S Marinetto Kuznacic. William J. B.S Sheboygan Laabs. Patricia A B.S Curtiss Lolover. Neal C. B.S. Adoli Lance. Edward H. B S Madison Leather berry. Diane K. Ripon Lehmkuhl. John L. B S Fond du lac leonardelli. Mary 8.S. Milwaukee Lesage. Arthur R. B S Marinette Lesperance. Sharon M. B.S Coleman Lottman, Melodee A B.S Menomonee Falls Letts. Denise R. B.S. Green Bay Lewis. Gerogia C. BS Oshkosh Linrmeyer. ArmandJ. B S. Gillctt Lom. Sharon A B S Green Bay 158loppnow. Dennis C. B.S. Milwaukee Luobcke. Marcia A. B.S. Rhinelander Lynch. Charlotte A B.S. Bamboo Macloan. Charles B. B.S. Oconto Falls McGuire. Nancy S. 8 S Oshkosh MacHol . Kathryn J. B.S Fox Lake McKenny. Susan K B S. Appleton McKinnon. Karon J. B.S. Mtnulu Mahnke. Marcia M. B.S Manitowoc Maines. Nancy L B.S. Niagara Mastonbrook. Jerrald K. B.S. Berlin Mathwig. Edward A B S Frornont Maxwell. Mary E 8 M E Oshkosh Mayhaw. Kathleen A B.S Plymouth Melos. Phyllis M B.S. Soring Merwm. Elizabeth ABA Appleton Merwin, Nancy S. B.S. Appleton Mevis. Ellen J. B.S. Darlington Moyer. John W B.S. Manitowoc Meyer Tim P. B.A. Sheboygan 159Michel ion. Judy KBS. Madison Miller. Daniel A. B S. Neshkoro Miller. JoAnne M 8 S. Wittenberg Miller. Nancy 8 S Manitowoc Miller Ray A 8 S. Mannette Miller. Richard E B S Rhinelander Miilun i. Jacqueline 8 S. Menomonee Falls Monday. Margaret R 8 S Milwaukee Moore. Kathleen E. Sturgeon Bay Muesegades. Dennis I 8 S Sheboygan Fails Mullen. Maureen D. 8 S. Milwaukee Mulroy. John P. 8 S Hortonville Murphy. Gerald M 8 S. Oshkosh Nelson. Andrew R. B S. Appleton Net el. Gretchen M B S. Crandon Oakes. Anne 8.S. Milwaukee Oertle. David L BS Random Lake O'laughlm. James W B S. St Cloud Olson. Jan A B S Wutchsh Bay OsteHmg James C BS Milwaukee 160Owen . Roberta J. B A New Berlin Pakroo. Reaa H. B A Oshkosh Parks. Kathleen A B.S. Seymour PatrlaM. James E B.S. Oshkosh Peterson. Millicent J. B.S. Racine Phillips. Florence M 8 S. Piechowski. Robert B.S Rod granite Pirour. Kamrous. 8.S. Oshkosh Pinjr. David C. B.S. Cudahy Plautz. Lynda A B.S. Wost All«s Pollmer. Eveline M B.S. Toronto. Ontario Poiomis. Caroline G. B.S. Brown Deer Pomering. Carolyn A. B.S. Randolph Pomplun. Patsy B. B.S Oshkosh Pope. Linda Sue 8 .S Waukesha Powers. Maureen A. B.S. Green Bay Prancia. Irene H. B.A. Abrams Pnske. David N. B S Green Lake Prrybetski. Richard T. B.S Green Bay PlOOf. Edgar A B B A. N Fond du Lac 161Race. Geraldine A. B.S. Fond do lac Race, linn J. Greon Bay Radtke. Charles W. 8 S. Oshkosh Rudtke. Pamela S. B S Embarrass Rasmussen. Fred C B.S. Oshkosh Reindl. Yvonne M. B.S, Kewaunee Remko. William M B.S. N-.los. Illinois Routher. Margie M. B.S 8orl n Robl. Marjorie MBS. Oshkosh Rhode. Betty A B.S. PeshiiQo Rontfou. Charlotte B.S. Green 8ay Rosemann. Suzanne R . 8 S. Kenosha Rowe. L. Bruce 8 S. Oshkosh Rumsoy. Kathleen M B.S. Noonah Ryan. Kathleen R. B.S. Oshkosh St Louis. Oanny J. B.S. Oshkosh Sander. Margrit B.S Oshkosh Savina. Gene J. B.S. Brookfield Schenk. Gloria M. 8.A. Merrill Schermitzler. John M. B.S. Kaukauna 162Scheu. Sandra M B S Merrill Schmidt. Alice R 8 S Green Bay Schmitt. John L. B.S. Fond do Lac Schmitz. Roger W B.S. Malone Schneider. Marilynn IBA Oshkosh Schnell. Andrew W B.S. Waukesha Schnese. Linda M B.S. Oconto Falls Schnorr. Janet K. B S. Clintonviile Schnorr. Janice M B.S. Clintonviile Schreier. Ronald L. B S Beaver Dam Schroeder. Glenn G. B S Wayauwega Schroeder. Mary Ann B.S Mayvdle Schuoller. Jeanne K B.S. Belgium Schulz. Ronald K B 8 A Maduon Schumacher. Janet R B.S. Van Dyne Schwenner. Antoinette E. B.S. Brookheld Scovell. Nancy A B.S. Green Bay Seidl. Dennis J 8 S Oshkosh Sewell. John E 8 S Fond du Lac Sharpe. Jane Zeimer B.S. New London 163Shmglor. Karoo M B S Clioionvtilo Shu pita. Harlan H. B.S Manitowoc Simon. Marilyn R. BA Waukesha Simonson. Patricia Ann B S. Mequon Sippet. Bonita. M. B S. Mt Calvary Sirek. Steven W. B A Oshkosh Siudzinski. Lee J B S Milwaukee Slone. Kathleen M. 8 M E. Greenwood Smith. David M. B S Wauconda. Illinois Smith. Jonathan L. B.S. Noenah Sobieski. Thomas L. B.S. Redgranito Sobieski. Wayne J. B S. Omro Sondalle. Kenneth J. 8.S. Prnccton Sonnleitnec. Carol A B.S. Menasha Spalding. Susan J. 8.ME. Oshkosh Spilker. Carl R. BS. Milwaukee Spilker. Charles J. B.A. Apploton Staerkel. Suzanne A J. B S Groon Bay Stalker. Gerald M. B.S. Cambria Stankevrtz. Clara Jean B.S. Green Bay 164Stafamw. Anneliese B A, Kewaunee Stiffen , Diana R. 8 S. Coleman Stemhilber. Susan J. B.S. Oshkosh Staphany. Sharyn D. B.A. Fond do Lac Stephenson. Thomas J. B S. Shngef Stacr. Eugane A. B.S. Fond du Lac Stawart. Oiana L B.S. Green 8ay Strand. Stanley L. B.S. Waupaca Strouf. Jana B. B.S. Manitowoc Stutx. JoAnne M. 8.S. Oshkosh Swaady. Barbara A. B.S. Now London Taibl. Grace F. B.S. Milwaukee Tanner. George H. B.S. Waupun Teetzen. Dorothy A. B.S. CUntonvillo Them. Sandra B.S. New London Thiel. 8onnie L B.A Oshkosh Thiel. Robert J. B.M.E. Appleton Thode. Christina A. B.S. Fond du Lac Thomas. Darel G. B.S. Seymour Thompson. Mary Pat B.S. Wautoma 165Thurwachtor. Stephen R B S Chilton Tiegs. Naomi F. B.S. Oconto Tienor. LuAnne C. Bullion Timpef. Albert M B.S. Omro Timper. Sandra Jean Omro Tollifsen. Richard P B.S. Milwaukee Tollihon. William R, B.S. Mannette Tormey, Elaine M. B.S. Grocn Bay Trier. Thomas R. B.S. Sheboygan Turba. Kathryn M B.S. Brussels Valley. Thomas J. B.S. Lena Van Akkeren. Cheryl A. B.S. Sheboygan Vande Hei. Carolyn A. B.S. West do Pere Van Heertum. Richard M. Kimberly Van Straten. Daniel G. B.S. Shiocton Volt . Gunner C. B.S. Milwaukee Wagner. Darlene K. B.S. Mannowoc Wendrey. Elizabeth C. B.S. Antigo Wanner. John E. B.S. Green Bay Warrick. William C. B.S. Monssha 166Wasser. Kathleen A. B.A Oshkosh Wawrzyniak. Oiana T. B.S. Milwaukee Weaver. Larry O. B.S. Manitowoc Weber. Patricia A B.S. New London Wait . Katherine M B.S Oshkosh Wellinghoff. John J. 8 S Brookfield Wendling. Shirley 8 S. Mayvillc Wenzel. Peter H. B.S. Appleton Wertseh. Robert C B.S. Oshkosh White. James A B.S Laona Wier. Margaret M. B.S. Manitowoc Williams. James J B.S. Milwaukee Williams. Kristin A. B.S. Colgate Williamson. Gene Marie B S. Delavan Wilms. Kathleen F. B.S. Oshkosh Wilson. Susan B.S. Fond du Lac Wissbaum. D. Joan B.S. Oconomowoc Witt. Laura L B.S. Green Bay Wizner. Carol J. 8 S R'pon Wojahn. Katherine L B.S. Oshkosh 167WoktlvvMCi. Mary Bath 8 S Rh rxtf nder WoHat. Patricia M BS Anbgo Yaro. Rot anna B 8. Highland Youra. OaraatO. BA Fond du Lac The graduates are going forth— God bless them every one!— To run this hard and stubborn world Just as it should be run; But much I fear they'll find that facts Don't always track with dreams; And running this old world is not As easy as it seems. The graduate is prone to think His wisdom is complete. He's but to ask—the world will lay Its trophies at his feet. But school days done and work begun He learns to his regret The college of experience He has not mastered yet The world has garlands and applause At graduating time. But may forget him the next day When he attempts to climb. Life is a battle where each one Must seek and hold his own He who would rise above the clouds Must scale the heights alone. This is the rule of life today. As it has ever been; The world bestows its smile on those Who have the strength to win. Beneath all outward semblances It looks for merit true It little cares how much you know. But asks, what can you do? 168 —At Graduating Time Author unknownAlpha Lambda Delta Executives Sandra Thorn—sr adv.. Kathy Karges—sr adv.. Judy Johnson—editor. Fran Goodrich—v pres.. Ellon Kassilke pres. Mary Luckhardt—treas . Diane Smiis—sec Alpha Lambda Delta is a national scholastic honorary for freshmen women Its purpose is "to promote intelligent living and a high standard of learning, and to encourage superior scholastic attainment among the women in their first year in our institutions of higher learning.” To be eligible for membership a student must be registered for a course of study leading to a bachelor s degree and be carrying an average full scholastic load, usually 15 hours The scholastic average required is a 3 5 or better for at least one semester of the first year in college ROW 3: Ellen Kassilke—pres.. Sue Ann Simpson. Jean Ball. Gail Schrauth. Mari Poythress. Mary Vorland. Anneliese Stefaniw. Lynn Frederick. Bolty Page. Nancy Ekvall. Mary Luckhardt—treas ROW 2: Joanne Zickert. Barbara Smith. Peggy Sousek. Jean Kendall. Carol Jacak. Diane O'Neil. Sherry Thurman. Phyllis Mulihauf. Nancy Ogle. Sandy Timm. Marla Kay Davis. Eileen Hammer—hist. Kathy Karges—jr adv ROW 1: Sandra Diener. Nancy Maines. Barbara Nie muth. Joan Finnegan. Becky Schulz. Fran Goodrich—v pres . Susan Sell. Sandy Them—sr adv . Diane Smits—sec. Francme Grimm. Kay Jones. Judy Johnson. Norma CarloneROW 2: David Madscho. Dale Voskuil. Jeff Schultz. Rolland Jahns. John Craig ROW 1: John Schuh. Kenneth Krauso. David Kosit ke. Jamos Tighe. Gregory Bradley Phi Eta Sigma Phi Eta Sigma is a national honor society for freshmen men. It was founded at the University of Illinois in 1923. and has increased in number until at the present time, there are over one hundred thirty chapters of Phi Eta Sigma in existence. The purpose of Phi Eta Sigma is to encourage and to reward freshmen scholarship among men students. Eligibility for membership is based solely upon scholarship—freshmen male students who earn a grade point average of 3.5 or above in the first semester or who attain an over-all grade point average of 3 5 in their freshman year are eligible for membership. Phi Eta Sigma was begun as a new organization on campus this year The W.S U.-O. chapter of Phi Eta Sigma received its charter on December 9. 1966 Pollock House Pollock House is a self-governing honor house for women. Residents must be at least sophomores; they are elected by a screening committee of house members on the basis of character and scholastic attainment Twenty girls live in the house and enjoy many of the fine comforts of home. The house is under the direction of the president, and it follows the requirements set up for the dorms The house was purchased in 1943 and became the first womens dormitory on the campus in 1944 The exterior of the house displays Spanish architecture Inside, a large living room, complete with a fireplace. opens out onto a sun deck. There is also a spacious library, a kitchen, and a sun room which is located at the top of the open stairway The girls meet in house meetings to conduct house business and to plan social activities. Birthday parties, fire drills, and an annual visit from Santa are a traditional part of the history of Pollock House, and living here is a memorable part of college life. ROW 3: Doris Learman-pros. Esther Harvey. Jan Mitchell. Cheryl Hetman. Jane Kusserow Anneliose Stefamw ROW 2: Sherry Berg. Jan Gonwa sec. Marilyn Novak. Marla Kay Davis. Denise Letts. Dianne Hacek-tres. ROW 1 : Kay Sweedy. Lynda Yost-a w s . Sandra Them. Francme Grimm. Sandra Kane. Nancy Maines. Barbara Sweedy MISSING: Kay Swistak-v pres 171Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta Pi is a national honor society It was organized to promote a closer band among students in the educational held It encourages high professional, intellectual, and personal standards among its members. and recognized outstanding contributions to education Our chapter is called the Beta Theta Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta Pi usually meets on this campus once a month on Monday evenings At our meetings, we have a variety of programs dealing with education, plus fun. fellowship. and recreation The programs are always vital and interesting as well as educational A formal initiation is held each semester, at which time a banquet is served. Possibly you are wondering how you can become a member of Kappa Delta Pi. The minimum qualifications are that one must be in full junior collegiate standing. have a scholastic ranking in the upper fifth of the University, and be enrolled in education. Janet Schnorr-pres . Sherry Berg-treas . Esther Harvey-sec . Sandra Thern-hist ROW 3: Wayne Sobieski-v pres, Denise Lotts. Mary Chy. Esther Harvoy-sec . John Mulroy ROW 2: Janet Schnorr-pres. Sherry Berg-treas. Laura Witt. Veryl Waiter-counselor ROW 1: Kathleen Aschenbach. Nancy Mames. Sandra Thern-hist. Barbara Swocdy. Margie Robel 172Pi Kappa Delta "The Art of Persuasion—Beautiful and Just " forms the underlying philosophy of Pi Kappa Delta, national honorary forensics fraternity. Wisconsin Gamma Chapter of PKD. located at Wisconsin State University—Oshkosh, aims at promoting forensic excellence through participation in national intercollegiate debate and forensic tournaments, and through sponsorship of a campus mter-Greek debate tournament Travel to inter-collegiate tournaments takes WSU-0 students and coaches to schools from Albuquerque. New Mexico. to Washington. D C. to twenty-five weekends throughout the year Students participate in approximately thirty-five speech meets a year including debate and forensics rounds of competition. On-campus activities center around the annual Oshkosh Invitational Debate Tournament held in November which draws teams from seven states and twenty-five schools The Creek Debate Tournament, sponsored by Pi Kappa Delta, is a competitive activity involving the social and service sororities and fraternities on the WSU -0 campus. The purpose of this activity is to acquaint the students with the debate procedure and to give them some practical experience in the exercise of debate. ROW 2: Tim Meyer. Lon Monfils. Robert A Jensen. Bob 8ecker. Michael Cooney ROW 1: Betty Jenneman. Marcia Luebcke. Mary Jo Vandehey, Sue Phillips. Dr Joseph Ma;?a-advisor 173Psi Chi Psi Chi is the recognized honor society in psychology The society is an affiliate of the American Psychological Association and the Association of College Honor Societies. Membership is based on academic achievement Each semester new members are initiated at a banquet held in their honor Each year the local chapter presents a service award and a research award for outstanding work in the held of Psychology Delegates from Oshkosh were sent to the Midwestern Psychological As sociation Convention in Chicago this last spring Psi Chi. in conjunction with Psychology Club, arranges lectures and movies on psychology which are open to all students. Executives ROW 2: Michael Glandt-v pres . Ray mond Belongie - pros ROW 1: Sue Sar gent - sec treas . Pat Fratt - hist ROW 2: Vern Davidson. Michael Glandt. Raymond Belongie. Dr Scoville - advisor ROW 1: Pat Fratt. Janice Schnorr. Beatrice Fabiszak. Sue Sargent. Janet SchorrAlpha Phi Gamma ROW 2: John Wanner. John Sewell. David Lippert advis or. Tom Ekvall. Tom Furnner pres ROW1:SandraL Hamachek ireas. Eileen Hammer. Carolyn Hansen. Margaret Bast sec . Sandra Thorn — v pres The Gamma Pi chapter of Alpha Phi Gamma is in its third year at WSU-O. Alpha Phi Gamma is an honorary, co educational, journalism fraternity The general purposes of the fraternity are to recognize and honor individual achievement in collegiate student publications; to serve, promote, and help to improve collegiate journalism; to establish cordial relationships between students and members of the profession; and to fraternally unite congenial students interested in journalism The principal purposes of the WSU-0 chapter are to honor and recognize individual achievement in journalism, as shown through a student's participation on the campus publications, including the Advance, the Quiver, Wisconsin Review, and Current Thought on Peace and War, and to help maintain and improve WSU-0 student publications Activities of Alpha Phi Gamma include an initiation ceremony, a journalism workshop for high school students. tours of newspaper plants and co-operation with professional journalists m the Oshkosh area Education should be as gradual as the moonrise. perceptible not in progress but in result George Whyte Melville 175Alpha Jlappa £ambiia IU is cousin •Slate llnfuersihj ©shltosh MVlOBKCX tWCUJKW •iwcnowwi we kw net ■ tmwx From oblivion came AKL September of 1965 saw twelve active members; September of 1966 saw forty with a pledge class of twenty-one awamng initiation And October of 1966 saw the National Conclave of Alpha Kappa Lambda cite WSU-Os Alpha Epsilon Chapter "the most improved m the nation." October also saw AKL delve into every aspect of Homecoming It saw the Kappa Cannon guard the Tuan end-zone, it saw Mr William Gerriiscn installed as chapter adviser November brought on the Greek Debates, and the Kappas actually won a round (the other team failed to show) With December came the Christmas par ties which were followed by New Year s parties and Valentine's parties and St Pat parties, etc. In between the AKL's participated in Winter Carnival and Campus Carnival and other WSU-0 activities. On the constructive side. AKL instituted the LEAPING FROG award m recognition of off-campus activity and the AAA for outstanding pledge propensity to consumeAlpha Phi was founded at Syracuse University on October tenth. 1872. and now has 87 active chapters throughout the world The Delta Psi chapter of Alpha Phi at WSU-0 was initiated in January of 1966 Cardiac aid is the Alpha Phi philanthropy The Alpha Phi Foundation is its newest project The foundation was established to provide financial aid for deserving students higher education The colors of Alpha Phi are bordeaux and silver grey The flowers of the sorority are the lify-of-the-valley and the forget-me-not There are four basic principles of Alpha Phi The maintenance of worthy standards of scholarship, the develop ment of character, the promotion of friendship and fraternal relations among members, and the fostering and preserving of the best traditions and ideals of college life "Union hand in hand" is the public mottoWUI « KCJt xm • S JM MUMCM' n«OT « a 9UCI Mk.00 L MWnw OCMLO • IACmACX 1 COCKO nMSMMN W«C J Alpha pill 3j)meqa Wisconsin State lltiiucrsily nb 2)shkosh J . « mirt» m«To% TKMua I (wwnwi AJ » € «!•« ■ L 00 0 MCnAfti A MATk. DUtA «IUAN3 CiOlT! A ►■’.I Alpha Phi Omega. National Service Fraternity, officially came to this campus in 1948 with the installation of Epsilon Upsilon Chapter. It has become one of over 400 chapters spread over the United States — making APO the largest national fraternity in the country All men joining Alpha Phi Omega subscribe to three cardinal principles Leadership, friendship, and service. The latter, being our mam concern, is continually emphasized Projects conducted annually include co-ordinating spring and fall Red Cross Campus Blood Drives (in which a record 635 pints were collected last fall), holding a campus Ugly Man Contest for the benefit of community charities, conducting a Used 8ook Sale to provide funds for the campus Emergency Loan Fund, making outings each semester with the scout troop from Winnebago State Hospital, plus numerous minor projects for campus and community Brothers arc encouraged to participate m school activities as well, with the result that Alpha Phi Omega now holds the Pi Kappa Delta Greek Debate trophy, competes actively in intramural sports throughout the year, and participates in the Homecoming and Winter Carnival activitiesAlpha Xt Delta social sorority is a golden quill and a pink kilarny rose It is double blue and gold It is a group of girls sharing bonds of friendship with sisters all over the nation The Delta Tau chapter of Alpha Xi Delta is active in campus activities Second place was won in the Delta Sigma Phi Songfest with the entry "Carnival ' and "Ghost Hunt.” the Campus Carnival entry took first place Alpha Xi's Homecoming activities included court finalists Kathy Papenfus. junior candidate, and Pamela Oliver, queen candidate, as well as entries in thefloai and house decoration competition Alpha Xi is traditions The annual Holiday Dinner Dance took place December 10 at Biggars Supper Club in Appleton A gala pledge activation dinner was held at Robbins Fathers and mothers were treated to a dinner and entertainment on their special days Finally. Alpha Xi Delta is service Twice a month the girls entertain the women at Win nebago State Hospital as a local philanthropy The Delta Tau chapter also supports the national philanthropy of Alpha Xi. Howell House Alpha Xi Dell-a 67 lUiscousm Stale Uuiucrsily at (QshhoshWisconsin State Uniucrs at (Oshkosh « •» M CM The women of Rho Theta celebrated their initiating year as a chapter of Chi Omega The fall of 1966 found the group participating successfully in the WSU-0 Homecoming Chi Omega earned a fust place trophy this year for their homecoming float entry, queen's rally skit and participation m the "Yell Like Hell” contest Throughout the year Chi Omega's members have joined m many of the campus events Chris Bergwardt was chosen Winter Carnival Queen 8ecky Johns and Jane Cohen placod first in the annual Greek sorority debates The Phi Phi Chapter of Phi Sigma Epsilon selected Sue Weiss as the chapter sweetheart A social science prize was once again awarded to Chi Omega The traditions of fraternity life and the atmosphere of friendship are emphasized by Chi Omega with the motto of ‘ Hellenic Culture and Christian Ideals" voiced in the attempt to promote fraternal unityThe Delta Sigma Phi National social fraternity was founded on December 10. 1899 at New York City College. New York The fraternity, having been founded on the principals of high gentlemanly conduct and an everlasting bond of brotherhood, strives for high moral and character goalscreaiing leaders for our campus and for our society This may be evidenced by the fact that we had brothers serving this past year as president of the student body, president of Inter-Fraternity Council, president of Psychology Club In addition to membership in Student Government Legislature and Union Board, three Delta Sigs were elected to the Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. During the past year the men of Delta Sigma Phi have successfully taken part in all the various campus activities including Homecoming. Winter Carnival, intramural sports. Greek Week. Campus Carnival, skit contests and of course the 25th annual Delta Sigma Phi "Songfest" with the proceeds being used for our yearly scholarship presentation The brothers of Delta Sigma Phi are proud to express their belief that they have done their best to belter our campus the community, and the entire Greek Society Della Sigma illtf 10 11 6 7 lUisconsin Si ale llmucrsikj at- (Dshlioslj"There is a time to be happy, a time to be sad; a time to sing and a time to sigh, a time to strive, a time to acquiesce, a time to fulfill, a time to be fulfilled And always, always, there is a time to share these times " Sorority is the paradox of me and we The me in Delta Zeta is the recognition that I am an mdi vidual having potentials, interests, and abilities which make me unique But we do not develop in vacuums of isolation It is working for and with our sisters—escaping the shell of self, enriching the core of self—that gives us our greatest joys and enhances our zest for living. Each of us gives of her self to strengthen a bond of loyalty to each other and to the ideals of Delta Zeta SororityMay 14. 1966. Kappa Gamma Sorority was initiated as Gamma Rho chapter of Gamma Phi Beta Sorority which itself was founded on November 11. 1874 at Syracuse University It is the fifth member of the National Panhellemc Council to be established on the WSU-0 Campus. Professor Frank Smalley coined the word sorority for the members of Gamma Phi Beta Gamma Phi Beta is active in many activities on campus such as Homecoming. Winter Carnival, and Greek week Our Homecoming queen candidate was Vicky Kampa We worked with Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity on a Homecoming float entitled "We'll Wash ’em Out " Our Dinner-Dance this year was a very special one For the hrst time on WSU-0 campus, a sorority chose a sweetheart The Gamma Phi Beta sweetheart is called our "Gamma Phi Guy." and is someone special to all of us He always has a smile and "Hi" for each of us This year's Gamma Phi Guy is Joe HoagslandGamma Sigma Sigma has been in existence as a national service sorority for fifteen years, and the Alpha Alpha chapter at WSU-0 has been an active member for the past six years Through the years, the girls of Gamma Sigma Sigma have devoted their time and effort to aid others The ideal of the sorority is to form and strengthen lasting friendships by working together in service to others This ideal is manifested in the motto of the sorority — "Unity in ServiceIn order to uphold its tradition of service. Gamma Sigma Sigma put on the city-wide Mother's March to raise money for the March of Dimes The members also visited the boys and girls at Winnebago State Hospital twice a month Gamma Sigma Sigma also sponsors the "Leggy" contest, assists Alpha Phi Omega with their blood drive, and operates the turnstyle in the reserve library Homecoming was the biggest event this year for the girls of Gamma Sigma Sigma since their sister. Kristin Williams, reigned as the 1966 Homecoming Queen Since the principles of the sorority are service, friendship, and equality. Gamma Sigma Sigma believes that membership in the sorority should be open to all girls who wish to be an integral part of the sorority activitiesThe Phi Phi Chapter of Phi Sigma Epsilon was established to promote educational and social growth on our campus Maintaining a high scholastic standard, distributing an all-campus calendar, producing the all-school Talent Show and entering other school events are just a small part of Phi Sigma Epsilon's contribution to a healthy campus atmosphere ousin (DsUlioshMUJKMIJ Sigma W lEpsiloti liOisconsui State flniuersittj at 0shhosh Kappa Chi Epsilon was founded in the spring semester of 1966 During its first semester of existence it captured the Alpha Phi Omega Blood Drive trophy and had the highest GPA among fraternities Early in June. 1966. Kappa Chi Epsilon became known as Sigma Epsilon colony of Sigma Phi Epsilon National Fraternity A conclave was held during the summer of 1966. and the goals and objectives for the coming school year were outlined We found that a summer meeting such as this can be of great help to a fraternity In the fall of 1966. Sig Ep took ns first pledge class, the third largest among fraternities The major objective of the pledge program is guiding the pledge to manhood. It is important that he achieve this manhood by himself, as an individual The climax to the pledge period was Winter Carnival The fraternity placed first in snow sculpture The pledges were initiated the following day. so everybody had been through it once What now remains is to improve upon every aspect and come as near to perfection as possibleSigma Pi was formally initiated on May 26. 1966. as Gamma Mu Chapter, the eighty-fifth chapter of the national Sigma Pi fra tcrmty Although just two years old, the fraternity is very active in all campus activities This year the brothers participated m Homecoming. Greek Debates. Winter Carnival. Prom and Greek Weekend Sigma Pi won the Alpha Phi Omega Blood Drive for the third semester in a row The fraternity is also well represented in campus organizations Two brothers are serving on SGL One member is serving as president of Union Board, and another as vice-president of IFC Besides these activities, the fraternity holds date parties, sorority parties, and an annual Orchid Ball The men of Sigma Pi visit Pleasant Acres, a home for the aged, to take part in activities with the patients once a month In the spring, they sponsor a golf tournament open to all organizations on campus Uh'sconsiu §l‘al c llmucrsibu at (Dslilioshtna (Tau ©amma Wisconsin SlaVc lluiuersit (DshhusU Sigma Tau Gamma, the oldest fraternity on campus, has continued ns role as a leading organization on campus this year Wallace "Buz" Barlow and Brian Liner served on SGL. while other brothers were representatives on IFC and Union Board Joe Haugsland contributed to the Homecoming activities by serving as co-chairmen The brothers of Beta Mu chapter were rewarded for their work on Homecoming float and house decorations by a first and third place, respectively This fall, the Sig Tau I intramural football team completed an undefeated season to win the championship The team also participated in the Milwaukee Invitational Tournament with three other teams from the area and placed second The highlight of the year was a visit by Keith C Dmsmore. who is the Executive Assistant of the National Organization Mr Dinsmore formally presented the Edward H McCune Award for the "Distinguished Chapter of the Year" to the chapterThis year was a milestone for the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity on the Oshkosh campus. The colony became formally affiliated on February fourth and fifth with the Tau Kappa Epsilon International Fraternity Oshkosh's chapter, along with 225 other chap tcrs throughout the U S and Canada, belongs to the largest fraternity The brothers of TKE have already begun to make their mark on the WSU-0 campus They have participated in Home coming. Ugly Man Cohtest. Winter Carnival. Campus Carnival, intramural sports, and alumni activities The TKEs have also been active in public service projects This past year also brought the opening of the TKE House on Titan Court, helping the men of TKE to move even more into Greek life at Oshkosh (Tau ®tappa ?tpsilou flhscoasm $bal e SnCucrsU ij (Dshltosh Inter-Fraternity Council ROW 4: William Burkert-advisor. Mike Hildebrand. Jerry Hanrahan. Robert Rosenthal. Thomas WaeHler ROW 3: JeH Ware. Jim Hobart. Court Hmtze. Don Rossncr. David Oertlei ROW 2 John P Stacy. Jere E Dhem. Bruce W Anderson. Fred Behm. Fred Staszewski ROW 1: Gary Grosholdt-sec . Tom Guyette-v pres. Buz Barlow treas . Dick Przybelski-pres Pan-Hellenic Council ROW 3: Sara Rock. Enid Rasmussen. Dorothy O'Hern. Kathy Faber ROW 2: Ellen Hanrahan. Pam Davies scholarship chrmn.. Patricia Burgdorf-pres. Helen Hathaway-treas. Mary Ward ROW 1 : Gail Mongan rules chrmn . Cindy Sienz-v pres . Becky Schulz. Cheryl NelsonO CX LU LJJ Sweetheart of Alpha Phi Omega Mi$s Kristin Williams Gamma Sigma Sigma W- . Sweetheart of Tau Kappa Epsilon Miss Sherry Berg Gamma Sigma Sigma White Rose Queen of Sigma Tau Gamma Miss Linda Robnett Alpha PhiUnion Boards Executive Committeo ROW 2: John Laehn-social comm chrmn. Esther Harvey-pub relations comm . Tim Meyer, chrmn ROW 1: R H Sommerfield-dir. Susan Fuhs fine arts chrmn.. LeAnn Zwir chitz-house chrmn. Vicki Floether-student gov t rep Fine Arts Committee ROW 2: Wladyslaw Cieszynski. Susan Fuhs chrmn . Karen Jung. Evelyn Alby. Gail Floether advisor. Charles M Kissel ROW 1: Jeame Bloodworth. Laura Fletcher. Nancy Hoppor. Carol Baumcisier. Jeanne Holub House Committee ROW 2: R H Sommcrficld dir. Gary Kruse. Jerry Dohm. Jim Jordan ROW 1 : LeAnn Zwirchitz-chrmn . Kathy MacHolz. Sue Quast. Abbie OclkesecProgram Committee ROW 3: Robert A Jensen. James Dykstra. Russell Mueller. Richard Naumann-advisor ROW 2: Sara Rock. Carol Evens. Kathleen Rumscy. Jean Schedler ROW 1: Siri Ashel-man-chrmn.. Melodee Curtes. Kathy Licari Public Relations ROW 2: Esther Harvey-chrmn . Tom Tait. Merne Key Roedcr. Gail Floether adv. ROW 1: Marg Morgan. Sue Phillips. Jean Hansen. Social Committee ROW 3: Kenneth Thomas-adv. Joe Haug-sland. Dick Bidwell. Mike Cramberg ROW 2: Pat Jansen. Norb Hill. Wendy Loois-scc.. Buz Barlow. Jon Laehn-chrmn ROW 1: Judy Motte. Cheryl Hartford. Linda Robnett. Mary Flood. Sue Zoellner. Sally Eichstaedt. MISSING: Linda Plautz. Lynda YousiAssociated Women Students Associated Women Students is a self-governing organization designed to enable women students at WSU-0 to maintain high standards of conduct, and to develop a high level of personal responsibility as well as leadership qualities. Every woman student on campus is eligible for membership and has an opportunity to participate in AWS. activities and programs. AWS is administered by a student board made up of representatives from the women s residence halls, the Council of Private Houses, the Town Club, and Panhellenic Council. The AWS Board is a group through which suggestions and recommendations regarding women students can be channeled to the administration The AWS Judicial Committee serves an important role in women's self-government AWS also sponsors a "dorm” party for freshman women commuters. the co-ed get-acquamted party for students in private housing, a style show, the father-daughter banquet, the mother-daughter weekend, a new-voters meeting, the workshop on summer jobs, and a prominent woman speaker ROW 2: Judy Otto. Carol Shuberr Kristin Mey er. Sue Christenson. Lynn Freye-corr sec . Betty 8orgcr v pros. |udicial board chrmn ROW 1: Carol Alvm-rec sec. Pat Borgor-pres. Linda Stoinhagcn treas . Rosa Hill-pub chrmn.. Lynda Yost-pub co-chrmn ROW 3: Chon Decker. Sue Crowbridge. Patti Look. Candy Tropic. Trudi Vance. Mary Jo Vande-hey. Nancie Rennebohn. Heather Williams ROW 2: Carol Kaul. Isla Argue. Pat Lechner Judy Otto. Pauline Pairon. Linda Anderson. Diane Wolfgram. Diane Wessmg ROW 1: Marylynn Gross. Katherine Neis. Nova Bostwick. Carol Shubert. Sue Larson. Judy Frailmg. Barbara Babbitt. Kristin Meyer 196Art Students Association Executives—Mr Osborn-advisor. William Reif-snyder-treas. Carolyn Pomermgrec sec.. Michael Kaspor-v pres . Ronald Habeck-pres The Art Student's Association has dedicated itself to increasing the interest in art by the following methods: Taking its members on bus trips to see major art collections in both Wisconsin and Illinois By honoring those people and groups both on and off campus with a Friend of ASA award for promoting art By being of service to the Art Department in any way possible By presenting cash awards at the Reeve Union Student Exhibitions Through lectures and discussions at our regular meetings, and through social contact between fellow art students. ROW 2: Kervon Runkel. William Reifsnyder. Michael Kasper. David Stacey. Robert Zondag. Ronald Habeck. Pete Stommetz. Thomas Coe. Charles M Kissel ROW 1: Sharon Mushack. Carol Anderson. Linda Webber. Chris Bal er. Sue Zellmcr. Patti Look. Gail Dombroe. Carolyn Pomering 197Young Republicans The Young Republicans of Wisconsin State University-Oshkosh strive to aid in the political education of the student body—both through speakers and the opportunity for actual work in the precincts and campaigns It is our goal to have our members be able to be useful members of our political party During this year s election, members had a chance to gam a practical knowledge of politics through work with precinct surveys and in the campaigns of the Republican nominees. Throughout the year speakers have helped to present the views of the party to WSU-O's students Speakers have ranged in interest from the court house to the national level and have also included those persons whose interest in the Republican party make them informative and interesting to the student body The friendships and political experience that members have gained through Y-R's will hold them in good stead throughout their lives. Executives ROW 2: Peter Sorenson-pr chrmn . Rolland Jahms-ueas . William Wolskc-pres.. Thomas Mihailov-program chrmn. Julian Israel-county rep ROW 1: Judy Rogers soc . Diane Wilhams-membership chrmn . Eileen Hammer-v pres ROW 4: John Lowrey. Kervon Runkel. Mike Schuh. Kon Martin. Robert Reagan. Dale Voskuil. James Schroeder. Donald Estes. Thomas Holloway. Robert Gerlack. Mark Voll ROW 3: Dave Kosnzke. Florence Allen. Sharon Jones. Cheryl Winkler. Mandelle Biahmk. Mary Ellen Bross. Nancy Jack. Noroen Dobberstem. Suzan Hoffmann. Mary E Wieser. Mag Prieve. Bruce Gordon ROW 2: Chris Ataman. 8arb Boerger. Nancy Ekvall. Peg Zechel Pam Stillwall. Barb Pmgcl. Linda Cook. Sue Thomas. Sue Nicdzwieck. Evy Lund ROW 1: Barby Cooke. Mane Buchholz. Gerry Opgenorth. Cheryl Nelson. Linda Stieghorst. Lily Wong. Karen KrauseYoung Democrats Executives Janice Halle-corr sec . Jamos Anderson-chmn.. Kathy luchterhand-rec sec treas. Mrs Dennis Green-advisor. Mr Dennis Green-advisor The primary role of Young Democrats is to articulate and represent student opinion and introduce it into society in the form of practical political programs. The Young Democrats are affiliated with the Democratic Party which seeks the support and ideas of the students in ns efforts to continue to meet human needs and promote the common good Through the development of a full scope of political activity, the Young Democrats are an educational force on the campus. Through inquiry and debate. it brings new ideas to the student. Through campaign work, it introduces the student to the techniques of politics Through Party candidates and officers, it brings the student closer to the operations of government. The Young Democrats seek to develop a sense of political community in which a student is aware of his relationship to the larger community—the nation—and can feel a sense of personal involvement in a democracy ROW 3: John Collins. Jorry Poweloit. Stove Anderson. Jeff Schultz. Peter Christenson. William Moede. Eugene Sterr ROW 2: Shirley Moore. Pat Ehlcr. Sharon Johnson. Sharon Meier. Jim Manskc. Sue Kuchera. launo Wiclgus. Ruth Wiegand ROW 1: Donna Green-mascot 199Vet’s Club Executives Bill Baum-v pres.. Eugene A Sierr sec. John Schmitz-treas. Jim Abbs-pres . Allen Betz-sgt at arms. MISSING: Eric Rosenthal socchrmn The Veteran s Club was organized in September of 1945 for the purpose of assisting the University to fulfill its mission and to promote the general welfare of its student veterans The present G.l Bill has once again enabled greater number of veterans to attend school and seek out their educational goalds In assisting the University to fulfill its mission, the Vets Club encourages academic achievement, and places importance on the belief in the dignity and integrity of the individual ROW 4: Jim Abbs-pres. Arthur Wegner. Larry Weaver. Conrad Knnkey. Ken Block. Jay Tack ROW 3: Bill Olmsted. Jerome Reitz. Gary Fishor. Ronald Schulz. John Christiansen. Pete Stein-metz ROW 2: Nick Becker. Pat Scanlon. Bill Baum-v pres. David Stacy. Jim Priest. Rick Fel-stead. Eugene A Sterr ROW 1: Jamos L Stuck. Michael L Stratz. Tobias Johnson. Eugene Johnson. Carl Schulz. Tom RiederStudent National Education Association The Breese Chapter of the Student National Education Association at Wisconsin State Umversity-Oshkosh is a professional association for college and university students preparing to teach. It is an integral part of the National Education Association (NEA) — a voluntary, independent, nongovernmental professional association. This year. SNEA has over 250 members enrolled in the organization. Students belonging to SNEA receive magazine issues of the WEA Journal of Education and NEA Journal plus a newsletter Also membership includes $10,000 Occupational Liability Insurance, and admission to the annual WEA Convention in Milwaukee. During this year, we have had programs concerning the culturally disadvantaged, a mock interview, and a special program for the Future Teachers of America Clubs from area high schools. Mr Glon L Kmzie-advisor. Shernann Johnson-sec. Ellen Pelton-publicity director. Charlene Koch treas. Elaine Tormey-pres . Duane Timm-v presGeology Club "To promote fellowship and an interest in geology among the students and faculty ... and members of the Oshkosh community" is the purpose of the Geology Club of Wisconsin State University-Oshkosh Membership in the organization is open to regularly enrolled undergraduate students of the University At the meetings, field geologists or geology instructors from various State Universities of Wisconsin or other adjoining states are asked to present a topic on the various aspects of geology Projects for the 1966-67 year include preparation of a Baraboo Field Trip Guide, the sale of rock specimens to other schools and "collecting' houses, and the erection of a display case to contain specimens collected on field trips A field trip during Easter vacation is undoubtedly the highlight of the year for geology students The study of paleontology. sedimentation, and oceanography is the main purpose of the 1967 Miami. Florida trip which will allow students to relate classroom geology to held observation ROW 3: Ed Erickson. Joel Grunwaldt. Jim Vedder-. Mike Horn. Tom Vehrs-chrmn . Dr James McKee-adv. Dr Burton Karges-adv ROW 2: David Hanselman-olucidator. Andy Zoglman elucidaior. Robert Stevenson. Tom Henncksen. Tom Formiller. Bob Piechowski-treas. Craig Heatwole ROW 1: June Davis. Jean Myers. Ramona Erdmann. Man Poythress. Barbara Henne. Karin Leible. Mary Kraulkramer-sec. Rose A Bock. Jeamne Harrison. Gloria Schenk. Kathleen Rand-co-chrmnFuture Businessmen’s Club Executives ROW 2: Cyril Wolff-sec program comm chrmn . Jim Flanders-treas. Fred Felix-vpres membership comm, chrmn ROW 1: Tom Furnner-pres. Mike Reis-corresponding sec . Vern Muchcpub relations chrmn This organization is established to encourage scholarship and the association of students for their mutual advancement through research and application of business principles, to affiliate the student with the business community, and to advance the standards and recognition of the School of Business Administration. Monthly meetings accomplish these objectives by including such things as panel discussions, talks by noted businessmen, and field trips Business Administration majors gain through these exposures which are geared to supplement their normal classroom contacts. One of the special events for this past year included a Young Presidents Organization panel discussion. Here, men who have become company presidents before the age of forty discussed their management philosophies with the students in attendance. Membership in this business organization is open to all business and economics majors who desire to advance their understanding of business operations. ROW 3: Douglass Maurer-advisor. Frod Felix. Ken Koehn. Jim Anderson. Jim Flanders. Cyril Wolff, Bob Hernll. Jim Mair ROW 2: Dr Randall Evanson. Tom Furnner. Roger Joppa. Vern Schuessler. Bill Planert. George Knapstion. Kamrouz Pirouz ROW 1: Ronald Tunks. Vern Mucho. Mike Reis. Robert Henseler. Allen Betz. Richard JanssenPsychology Club The psychology club is an organization with the expressed purpose of satisfying student interest in psychology Membership is open to both psychology majors and other interested persons The club delves deeper in the realm of psychology than might be possible in the classroom Individual members' special interests serve as subjects for investigation by the club as a whole Panel discussions, guest speakers, field trips and movies serve to widen the perspective of club members ROW 3: James Krueger. Gerald Carlson-hist . Tom Wcrner-v pres. Kurt Fuchs troas. Eugene A Sterr ROW 2: Vern Davidson-pres . Mary Henning. Beity Ann Shaw. Roger Gantzarow. Chip Thorp. Mr William Bolick-advisor ROW 1: Susan Olson. Shokoofeh Sharifi. Janet Schnorr. Martha Kraus. Barbara Vcrhoeven-sec Student Council for Exceptional Children ROW 2: Barb Arndt. Gaye Feldman. Leonard Molanz pros. Dr Kempf-advisor. Dr Whiting advisor. Sharon Waldron. Kathy Wiersma ROW 1: Sally Joe Williams. Jane Staus sec.. Mary Sue Rupnick. Jams Fischer. Connie Swift. Jo Anne Buhr. Marilyn Falvey. Martha Krause. Sue Kirkeide-treas MISSING: Joan Honl-v pres The Student Council for Exceptional Children was started in January of 1966 as a branch of the National Organization called the Council for Exceptional Children The two mam purposes of the council are to acquaint students interested in any phase of exceptionality and mental retardation with facilities available for this education and to attract students into the area of exceptional education This group also strives to improve professional standards in this area Activities sponsored by the group have included panels discussing mental retardation, speakers from WSU-O's psychology department, a visit to Winnebago State Mental Hospital. and participation in a service project at the hospital 204P. E. M. Club Executives ROW 2: April Koiwai-hist. JoAnn Fischer-sec.. Jackie Millunzi-parliamentanan ROW 1: Sandra Baumgartpub chrmn. Jane Jacobson-troas . Ellen Hopkins pres MISSING: Julie Herres-v pres PEM Club is an organization for majors and minors in physical education. Biweekly meetings are directed to activities of professional, service, and social nature Guest speakers are invited to bring their interpretations to topics of current professional interest Efforts of the entire membership are enlisted in planning and carrying out the annual high school playday as well as workshop-demonstration sessions in sports, dance, and aquatics. A Group of members participate regularly in volunteer service activites at the Winnebago State Hospital. Others represent the membership m campus Talent Night festivities This year a Christmas Tea was planned for students and faculty of the department. Officers are: Ellen Hopkins. President; Julie Herres. Vice President. JoAnn Fischer. Secretary; Jane Jacobson. Treasurer; April Koiwai. Historian; Sandy Baumgart. Publicity Chairman, and Jackie Millunzi. Parliamentarian Dr Florence Prybylowski is faculty advisor to the group. ROW 3: Carol Wizner. Mary Kallas. JoAnn Schaffer. Marlene Dygert. Sue Wozny ROW 2: Denise Wendt. Connie Ziogolmann. Carolyn Milewski. Lois Robinson. Joan Bryngelson ROW 1: Maureen Powers. Margaret Powees. Toni Benishek. Judy Schmitz. Mary Airis 205Titan Sailing Club Pictured here is the motley crew of the Titan Sailing Club dressed in regulation outfits for an afternoon yachting excursion. This club, which looks like this only when they are sailing, is composed of approximately forty members—including beginners. intermediates, and skippers—and Janet Moldenhauer. our vibrant faculty advisor Weather permitting, the club sails each weekend during the spring and fall. The club offers to the beginner and intermediate a unique teaching experience in the arts of sailboat rigging and sailing and. to the experienced skipper, races against other schools. Crews are picked from among the intermediates and beginners who quickly gain confidence in their own sailing ability Sailing is done on Lake Winnebago in eighteen class X sailboats which are rented by the club The beginner will be surprised at the ease in which he or she can become an adequate sailor and begin to enjoy the sport of sailing. ROW 3: Ruth Best-sec. Candy Neuman-trcas.. Sharon Waldron. JoAnn Fischer. Kay Kucksdorf. Susan Sell ROW 2: Carolyn Soule. Linda Warsek. Kathy Zeman. Sue Kuchera. Sandy Timm. Tanya Kizen. Judy Thompson ROW 1: Nina Berger. Michael I Lmdvall. Mac Kohloff. Miss Mol-denhauer-advisor. James Peirce-commodore. Ken Housfeld. Sally Tomlinson Reclining: Tom Kaufman. Jon Holmquist 206Golden Tridents Golden Tridents, the synchronized swimming club for Wisconsin State Umversity-Oshkosh women, holds tryouts in the beginning of the school year These tryouts are open to all women who enjoy swimming arid who are willing to practice one night a week The G.T.'s sponsor the annual spring water show which is a culmination of the year's efforts The girls also hold a clinic for aspiring young high school swimmers A highlight for several of the members is attending the annual ASSCW convention This year it was held in Amherst. Massachusetts To round out their activities, the girls attend state clinics and give shows at various conventions. ROW 3: Chrisno Currie. Terry Nicora. Jane Stauss. Patty Farrell. Lynne Ebert. Chris Eqelhoff. Mary Greer. Marcia Rathert ROW 2: Jamie Straub. Georgia Miller. Linda Norberg. Bonnie Reabe. Pat Hurst. Linda Kofel. Bonnie Forester. Marilyn Sealey. Jan Farrell. Miss Janet Molden-hauer ROW 1: Pat Kaftan. Chris Rogge Connie Benzschewel. Becky Young. Kris Macek. Lynne Prasser. Karen Quick. Kns Jensen 207Ski Heilers ROW 2: Tom Tait-pres. Patrick Wheeler-sgt at arms. Richard Naumann-advisor. Terry Dorsey-past pros . Chuck Trester ski patrol ROW 1: Annie Sutter-treas . Rob Stoegbauer-v pres . Cindy Young-sec . Steve Hoopman-head of ski patrol. Bonnie Mayer-rec sec MISSING: Terry Johnson v pres With a membership of well over 300 in their fourth year, the Union-sponsored Ski Heilers is the largest organization on campus Skiing is an up and coming sport and the Heilers offer beginners and experts a chance to gam and polish their skiing form in the fellowship of other enthusiastic members The Heilers offer free lessons, an annual Straw Skiing event, and trips to Rib Mountain. Indianhead. Powderhorn. Telemark Some of the members took an unforgetable trip to Colorado over semester break this past year The officers are: Tom Tail. President. Terry Johnson and Rob Stoegbauer. Vice Presidents. Cindy Young. Corresponding Secretary; Ann Sutter. Treasurer; and Bonnie Mayer. Recording Secretary. ROW 4: Mike Henry. Bob luhm. Steve Decker. Sue Malonoy. Chris Balzer. Bruce Bell. John Brantmeier. Thomas Embertson. John Dempsey. Georgo Knapstem ROW 3: Linda Ducey. Louise Cole. Joan Schwantes. Bonnie Thaanum. Marilyn Mugndgo. Mary Wcmheimer. Maxine Menacher. Walter Kempf. Gary Thiel. Richard R Kollath ROW 2: Michele Kutien. Cathteen Cou-zens. Cindy Krueger. Jlidy Tole. Sherry Walters. Jane Barchacky. Sharon Fisher. Lmda Wozmak ROW 1: Rosemary Johnson. Marji Beverng. Sandy Banaszynski. Laurcnc Carlson. Kathleen Pay-loitnor. Maureen Rekoske. Nancy Woodworth. Wilma Szelagowski. Helen HillROW 4: Mary Jo Unrath. Dick Johnson. Larry Quinsland. Gary Merwin. Dave Dawson. John Carle. Dick Muehlborg. Carol Borgman. Annabelle Meyer ROW 3: Sue Mclnvaille. Linda Ullech. Linda Warsek. Cheryl Mueller. Jennifer Wicen. Jean Bayley. Kevin Copps. Eric Moebius. Judy Gibbons. Kathy Wortley ROW 2: Kate Levy. Barb Buizler. Terrie MacCampbell. Valerie Nebel. Gail Ramsey. Diane Diederick. Nancy Reimer. Judy Rhemsmith. Linda Cook. Sharon Jones ROW 1: Pat Mott. Sandra Neumann. Jean Mitchell. Sue Van. Terrie Turner. Jo Ann Fleming. Peggy Steffis ROW 3: Tom Tait pres . Mike Murphy. Bob Kleman. Ken Martin. John Okrasmski. Bob Shellman. Betty Gruber. Mr Richard Nauman advisor ROW 2: Bonnie Reabe. Kathy Wilms. Marysue Nimmer. Alicia Pedorsen. Linda Egger. Marge Morgan. Cheryl Schwarze. Barb Schwandt ROW 1: Terry Johnson-v pres . Rob Staegbauer v pres . Bonnie Mayer-rec sec KNEELING: Chuck Trester. Steve Hoopman 209Student Government Legislature Exec Board Wayne Rmdt-parliamentarian. Becky Johns-sec . Ron Schreierpres. Dennis Fait-v pres. Mike Kruger-treas Seniors Marilyn Bachmk. Charlie Maclean. Jane Stroff. Buz Bar-low-chrmn.. Nancy Kirchoff. John Dauska Juniors Tom Guyette-chrmn . Keith Knowles. Cohss Klmzing. John Stacy NOT PICTURED: Barb Krmgs. D G Opgenorih 210Sophomores Jim Roberts. Gayle Piper. Sam Mumde. Diane Williams-chrmn.. Brian Liner. Vicki Floether Freshmen Tom Hurlbut. Kathy Jawson. Mujabi Mpaka, R K Dodgo-chrmn . Natalie Smith. Tom Andrew Special Reps Les Bandt-m.i a.. Mr Som-merheld-advisor. Dick Bid-well-Advance reporter. Dean Wallenfeldi-advisor 211Wisconsin Review Ray Frank Dick Bcrndt Sally Sawtell Editor"WISCONSIN REVIEW is published at Wisconsin State University. Oshkosh. WISCONSIN REVIEW invites contributions of stories, articles, essays, poetry, drawings, photographs...." So entreats the REVIEW, and the invitation is accepted More than a mirror, or a sounding board, the REVIEW endeavors to be a living examination of the pulse of thought A rough manuscript, a bundle of photos, a poem, are the ways in which the REVIEW translates the many dimensions of thought to the two dimensions of paper, always in a way that they may be digested by others, and. revitalized, may live in their many dimensions again. SEX propogates the species—the REVIEW propogates thought. ROW 2: Raymond Frank. Richard Berndt-ed.. Paul Nebel. Craig Heatwole ROW 1: Chris Brunet. Sally Sawtell. Sharon Ann Woolweber. Dee Clendenen 213Advance Eileen Hammer Editor Carolyn Hanson News Editor James Anderson Business Manager 214ROW 3: John Bolt. Bill McLaughlin. David Lippert-advisor. Gary Corbisier. Dennis Waterman ROW 2: Jean Hollander. Jill Slawson. Carolyn Hanson. Gina Dudley. Susan Weber ROW 1: Patty Schultz. Lynda Druml. Eileen Hammer-Ed . Julie Mayfield. Marie Lauer As the official publication of the WSU-0 campus, the Advance attempts to represent the students through news of their organizations. through reports of special events, through letters to the editor, and through special columns The Advance operates through funds provided by the student activity fund, and through advertising revenue It is published under the direction of the editor, the news editor, and the new advisor. David Lippert. In the coming years, the Advance hopes to become even bigger and better It will have more coverage of special events, more feature items, and a larger display of photographic artistry. Watch the Advance for things to come. 215Quiver John Wanner Photo Editor Joan Schwantes Editor Greg Putman Business ManagerCheryl Hagman Layout Editor ROW 3: John Sewell. Tony Weitcnbeck. Dick Bidwell. Mr. David Lipperi-advisor. Ron Niesing. Bruce Bell. ROW 2: Cheryl Hagman. Margaret Bast. Barb Pmgel. Gail Buchanan. Pam Baricov-ich ROW 1: Sandy H Hamachek. Kathy Bzdawka. Abbie Oelke. Bonnie Thaanum. Margie Frank-en. Sue LarsonLutheran Students Association The Lutheran Student Association provides any Lutheran student with an opportunity for hne friends and enjoy social life on a Christian level The organization s goals are to win. strengthen, hold, and instruct for Christ Miss Nancy Ann Miller is the campus worker, and the campus house is located at 718 Cherry Street The house is open to everyone for studying, watching TV. or just talking Pastor Weinbender of Christ Lutheran Church is the LSA contact pastor appointed by the National Lutheran Council Dr Robert Snyder is the LSA fac ulty advisor Officers for 1966 were Kathy Johnson. President. Beth Wandrey. Vice-President; and Diane O'Neil. Secretary-Treasurer Executives Kathy Johnson-pres. Beth Wandrey v pres . Diane O'Neilsoc troas ROW 2: Judy Appel. Kathy Johnson. Beth Wandrey. Carol Lampe. Lynn Fredericks. Barbara Tess ROW 1: Gloria Hillostad. Linda Hendricks. Karen Mckmnon. Diane O'Neil. Dorothy Denow. Dolly Moll 218Lutheran Collegians ROW 3: Lome Wntenburg. Mary Ellen Bross. John Walker. Bob Becker pres. Dale Lorfeld. Robert Zondag. Judy Koelptn. Noreen Dobberstem ROW 2: Nancy Susma. Kns Wolte. Warren Wolf. Mike Bell. Robert Baer. Merlin Pieper. Harold Kempfert. Laurie Jossie. Karyl Klann ROW 1: Elaine Kirchberg. Sherry Hamstedt. Joan Hamstedt. Gloria Brehmer. Jill Falk. Judy Gurath. Renee Nehls. Mary Cox. Carla Rediske. Fay Lemke Lutheran Collegians is a national organization of Lutheran students subscribing to the confessions of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. The national association was organized in 1964. the Oshkosh chapter being a charter member. The objectives of Lutheran Collegians are to strengthen, reclaim, gain, and train students for Christ The national organization endeavors to achieve these goals by offering Christian fellowship at conventions and workshops. and by promoting their association with a slide series and a national newsletter. The Oshkosh chapter endeavors to achieve these goals by offering regular worship services at Martin Luther Church. 1526 Algoma Blvd.; by providing bi-monthly meetings for discussions. Bible study, social activities, guest speakers, and special projects; and by keeping the Lord Jesus in the center in all we do. Newman Club What is Newman—a club, fraternity or sorority for Catholics, a Center? Simply. Newman is a parish to serve the needs of all Catholic college students and others who desire, and is located at the various universities and extensions. The initial idea and formation of Newman is attributed to Dr. T.L. Harrington. a former resident of Oshkosh He was instrumental m setting up what was then called a Newman Club at the University of Pennsylvania in 1893. and served as the first president Newman was then stated to provide for a greater unity in faith among the Catholics through social programs, through opportunities to hear outstanding lecturers, and through the availability of a chaplin. From the time of the first appointed Chaplain. Archbishop Messmer of Milwaukee, in 1906. to the University of Wisconsin, and particularly with the turn of the Century, the Newman idea has spread to many Secular Colleges across the country. Here at Oshkosh, the initial objectives are the same—perhaps only grown in depth Newman exists to provide a place for Community worship, a place to receive advice and encouragement, a place to meet and socialize with members of one's own faith and of other faiths, a place to learn about the teachings of the Catholic Church, and from there to spread the Christian message outward. Thus Newman is not merely a center or a club collecting dues, but a parish hopefully providing an atmosphere for the Catholic college student and others to try to understand their roles in the Christian Community 219United Campus Christian Fellowship The mission of the church is to express God’s love in the world For the student, the faculty member, the administrator. and the university pastor, this area is the campus The UCCF is a church-related movement within the Disciples of Christ; the Evangelical United Breiheren Church; the Moravian Church in America. Northern Province; the United Church of Christ, and the United Presbyterian Church in the USA participating The aims of the UCCF at WSU-0 are manifold in furthering the mission of the Church within the life of the campus community Through discussions, study, fellowship, worship, and social action, we as an ecumenical Christian community seek to discover and give expression to the will of Jesus Christ. The UCCF program emphasis is developed in three areas of concern: In Human Relations in seeking for racial justice now. In International Relations through lifting up for examination the nature of decision making and their implications. and In Urbanization in examining what forces within our cities make for humanness and which deny it. Rev Paul Treat II UCCF University Pastor Canterbury Club ROW 2: Flora Schcreck. Chip Thorp. Jim Meidl. Sam Mu-mdo. Gail Owen ROW 1: LeAnn Zwirchitz. Elizabeth Stern-kopf. Star Bender. Ellen Pelton The Episcopal Canterbury group offers to any interested students, regardless of church affiliation, the opportunity to meet with others who are seriously facing the deeper issues of life. The group uses the facilities of Trinity Episcopal Church (corner of Division and Algoma Blvd.) and all interested Students are invited to meet (about every other Sunday evening) for supper and informal discussion. Visitors, and controversial topics for discussion, are always welcome; times, dates, and topics proposed for discussion are posted on Canterbury bulletin board in Dempsey Hall. 220Wesley Foundation Executives: Helen Morack-soc . Glayds Knutson pres. Pat Berger-treas. Ellen Kassilke-v pres The Wesley Foundation is a ministry of the Methodist Church which seeks to speak of the issues confronting the current generation of students on campus and in the world Our concern is to grapple with the problems which are discussed in the Union. the dormitory, and in the classroom. . .from the perspective of the Christian faith. The program consists of informal discussion, study, worship, retreats and conferences, where we raise questions and seeks within the fellowship of the Christian community The Wesley Founda non is open to students and faculty of any (or no) religious denomination. We cooperate very closely with the campus ministries of other denominations by sharing in the sponsorship of many activities Many Wesley Foundation meetings are held in the Wesley Center at 1174 Algoma Blvd adjacent to the Algoma Blvd Methodist Church Students are welcome to drop in any time for study, discussion, and fellowship ROW 2: Donald Doenng. Tom Ekvall. Scott LeFevre. Ron Helgerson. Don Collins-Methodist Campus Pastor. Richard Slone. John Lowrey. Brucy Gordon ROW 1: Fran Goodrich. Kathy Karges. Ellen Kasstlke. Helen Morack. lanea Strieker. Kay Krohlow. Gladys Knutson. Jill Briggs 221Christian Science Organization The Christian Science Organization at Wisconsin State University-Oshkosh was established in 1959 in accordance with the Manual of the Mother Church. It provides an opportunity for faculty, students, and graduates to gain an understanding of Christian Science through the study of the Bible and the Christian Science textbook. Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy In addition to weekly Tuesday evening meetings, a lecture was sponsored in March The group also met with George Masters, a regional Assistant for the Mother Church, for a workship in late October ROW 2: Charles Silver Richard Klahorst ROW 1: Laurie Wielgus. Margaret Clark. Evalie Jensen. Diano Wais Dialogue The WSU-0 Dialogue is a real "happening!" It is the ecumem cal fellowship of the participating religious groups on campus for study, worship and fellowship All students are welcome! The groups sharing m the happening are the Newman. Luth-ern. UCCF. and the Wesley fellows In the one year of its life, its history includes two retreats at Green Bay. weekly meetings and many opportunities of sharing ones faith and doubts Students and the campus ministers share in the leadership of the dialogue groups 222Donner Hall For the third consecutive year, the Donner Duke Dance began the inter-dorm social season Making their debute were Donner Hall's Duke and Duchess of 1966-67. Terry Van Vuren. and Judy Soper Having hustled dates at the dance. Donner girls were really "fired" about homecoming, and with the assistance of APO. finished their house decoration, a huge totem pole, on time The girls celebrated Halloween and Thanksgiving with gusto and proceeded into the Pixie-Angel Spirit of Christmas with little difficulty Winter Carnival. Father-Daughter and Mother-Daughter Weekends, exchange dinners. Dr Shapiro's ever popular lecture. WRA sports, a new T V., studying and boys filled the girls' calendars for the rest of the year All these activities were cherished and dutifully recorded in the Hall's scrapbook. If you don't believe it. come to Donner and see! RA's ROW 3 : Elamo Floming-head resident ROW2: Claudia Fnese. Suzanne Sargent. Carol Popp. April Koiwai ROW 1: Mary Konyn. Jan Wine. Pat Koch. Barbara Benes Executives Jane Tarpley-sec. Marylynn Gross-aws. Bonnie 8reseman-ireas. Candy Trepte-aws. Cecilia Kapelac-v pres . Jalame Brill pres 224East Hall East Hall is in its second year of existence as a residence hall on the University Campus. Having been converted from a girls residence hall to a boys residence hall, it is under the direction of Mr Bob Ackerman, the head resident There are sixty residents of East Hall this year East Hall is unique in having its own athletic fields surrounding the hall. This enables the fellows to participate in sports such as football and basketball. The fellows of East Hall have at their convenience a kitchen on each floor for preparing snacks, and pants pressers for pressing their trousers in a hurry, and also a newly purchased color television set. The number of fellows in East Hall is small, but this did not prevent them from playing intramural football, building a house decoration for homecoming, forming a bowling team, and forming a ping-pong tourney within the dorm R A s: Steve Moore. Mike Bell. Bruce Kruger. Dave Early Executives James Domschke-sec treas. Kris Hokanson-chicf justice. George Doerr-pres. Joseph Brosetiov pros.. John Wolf rec com soc coordinator 225Evans Hall R As ROW 2: Gail Eames. Carolyn Rotsied. Karen Mitchell. Mar garet Ingemann ROW 1: Elizaboth Lont ner. Kay Jones. Jo Musolf. Alice Volden Meet the co eds in the most exceptional girls' residence hall on campus. Evans Hall has a lively and friendly bunch A talented and professive group too Things |ust seem to go their way—but it is usually the result of plain hard work and good planning For instance, in the two years that Evans Hall has been on campus, it has won a Delta Sigma Phi Song-fest; it has had a Student of the Month in the person of Sue Pfleger. former Advance editor; it has housed the present Miss Wisconsin. Candy Hinz. it is the home of Georgia Miller, freshman Homecoming representative; and it even has the best hustlers on campus as witnessed by its Fletcher Hustle Trophy Perhaps the greatest thing about Evans Hall, however, is us head resident. Mrs. Ralph Steinhaus. All the girls will agree that she is tops It is through her enthusiasm and encouragement that the girls of Evans Hall have become leaders on campus Along with her. Evans Hall will continue to do great things Executives Shirley Schumacher-treas.. Janice Koch-rec sec . Betty Kasmerchek-v pres. Trudy Vance-aws. Karen Benson-corr sec. Judy Longlais-pres . Catherine Neis-a w s Mrs Nancy Steinhaus Head ResidentFletcher Hall Fletcher Hall, situated at the southeast edge of campus, is the second largest of the residence halls now in use. It opened in 1964 as a men s dormitory able to house 520 students The dorm is named after Walter H. Fletcher who joined the Normal School in 1918 and served on the faculty for 26 years. Under his guidance, the Men s Association was organized, and the Advance reorganized and the time between its issues shortened. Fletcher, affectionately known as "Animal Farm." participated and sponsored a number of events this past year Among them, the A P 0 Blood drive in which they took the first place trophy, and their second annual "Hustle Stick" dance which was again a most successful all-school dance drawing a capacity crowd With all this enthusiasm and backing. Fletcher had one of the best years in her brief history R A s: ROW 2: Charlie Maclean. Linden Nelson. Larry Krueger. Bill Wagnor. Jim Ross. Gary Maigal ROW 1: Hamid Aberi. Timothy Ward. Charley Kahlenborg. John Schuh. Lee Mancuso Executives ROW 2: John Jenkins. Matt Steichmann. Jerry 8urmois ter-sec. Randy Hendricks. Bob Walters ROW 1: Seymour Katchkey-treas.. Bob Messer. Dave Poncher-v pres.. John Nielsen-pres.. Fred Rosenmeir. Bob SandlinGruenhgen Hall Gruenhagen. often referred to as the High Rise, is one of the buildings that best characterize our growing campus It was completed in 1966 and presently houses on its ten floors approximately 1.200 students. The dorm has three TV lounges, its own snack bar or "little Titan Room", and a sun deck It also has its own library and conference rooms, and thus some students consider it a campus within the campus. Gruenhagen is run by a co-ed government consisting of a council of presidents Future plans for this dorm include carpeting for the co-rec rooms, a grand piano for the dorm, a food service near the dorm and possibly a stadium across from the dorm Miss Cynthia Ballou Head Resident RA's ROW 2: Mary Jo SaHord. Kay Kucksdorf. John Meyer. Mike Wilson. Linda Stenklyft. Sally Bork-Asst Head Resident ROW 1: Jo Ann Fischer. Renee Kiefer. Karen Gielow 228Presidents Mary Goodman. Jill Seiler. Susan Weber. Joan Klitzke. Myra Engc bretsen. Pam D'Orazio 229Nelson Hall Continuing the tradition of leadership. Nelson Hall expanded its educational programming in 1966-67 to include an annual N. Peter Nelson Lecture in Education, an art show and an after noon of one act plays in addition to the regular displays, speakers, movies. dances, receptions, and co-ed and team sports activities. Nelson s most distinctive party was the Haunt ed Hall Dance, which included a bone chilling tour of the "haunted hall ” It was an event which is certain to be come a tradition at WSU-0 In its highly successful speaker program. Nelson invited a number of speakers in consecutive weeks to discuss a given subject from many different views Thus, the popular subject of sex began with an exchange of RAs between Nelson and Taylor halls to explain appropriate campus dating activities This was followed by a filmstrip titled. "A Basis for Sex Morality " Dr. Jacob Shapiro s talk. "The Biology of Sex." Dr Paul Ansfield's talk. "The Psychology of Sex." and Mr Jack Balswick s talk. "The New M.orality " The men of Nelson found that education was more than books and classes and exams It was learning to live together in understanding and cooperation The talks with professors. the bull sessions, the problems with the color TV. cramming sessions before tests, relaxing on weekends—all of these and more are part of the process called education. Mr Charles Eberly and Mary B Head Resident and daughter The men of Nelson Hall were well represented on campus R K Dodge was chairman of the Freshmen Delegation to SGL. Rolland Jahns was President of Phi Eta Sigma, and Terry Van Vuren became the second Nelson Man in a row to be Donner Duke. In addition, the Men of Nelson provided the founding groups of the two newest social fraternities on campus. Sigma Phi Epsilon and Delta ChiRadford Hall Radford Hall is unique in that it is the oldest and smallest dorm on campus. It was built in 1951 and dedicated in 1952 Frank Radford, a former member of the Board of Regents, gives it its name. Radford Hall houses 133 girls at full capacity. It is the only dorm with a dining room, and at present, all girls from Donner. Webster. Pollock House, and Radford eat m Radford's Cafeteria, The dorm, under the guidance of Mrs Carroll Lee Meek, participated in Homecoming. Winter Carnival. and many other activities during this past year. Radford was honored to have one of its residents. Kristen Williams, reign as Queen of the Homecoming festivities Radford, because of its size, functions very much like a closely knit family The hall has many of its own traditions, such as the hanging of the Christmas wreath RA's Janice Duchac. Eunice Neu. Peggy Stratton. Eileen Rupnght. Abbic Oelko. Gorry Opgenorth Executives Mary DeVita-sec . Kay Kadow-v pres.. Beth Roate-pres . Pauline Pairon-a w s.. Ellen Kraeblen-tresStewart Hall R As ROW 2: Sharon Schueller. Judy Otto. Donna Lasse. Mary Luckhardi ROW 1: Ellen Guse. Jane Dummert. JoAnne Wisniewski. Jean Kendall Stewart Hall first opened in the fall of 1965 The building housed 240 girls and was staffed with eight resident assistants in addition to the head resident. Their second year continued to be characterized by spirit and enthusiasm The "Tri-Angle Cider Jug" with Evans and Fletcher Halls began another tradition — a street dance following the first football game. Last year the "Spring-Fling" parking lot dance and ■ May-Day" open house were established. The Hall council, led by the Executive Board, demonstrated leadership ability and the year was characterized by many fine activities In addition to participation in all-campus events, the hall committees provided social and recreational opportunities. experience with communications, promotions of academic achievement, and emphasis on culture The warm atmosphere of a small hall prevailed throughout the year. Mrs Nadine Sommerfield Head ResidentTaylor Hall Miss Kathryn Krause Head Resident Asst Head Residents and RA's ROW 2: Connie Lecher. Barb Shimomura. Nancy Wiesner. 8onme Forster. Diane Williams. Carol Kaiser. Barbara Krohn. Evy Lund. Betty Berger Asst Head Rosidont ROW 1: Maureen Anms. Christine Gumm. Jean Schedler. Sherry Rollo. Christine DeBano. Bobbie Tomchek. Connie Braun. Kathy DauHenbach. Mildred Gerland-Ass't Head Resident In its first year as two separate entities — A wing and C wing Taylor Hall is in a period of transition President. Vice-President, and AWS Representative were elected in the spring of 1966. and the rest of the Executive Board and Hall Council were elected in the fall of 1966 As an active and truly first-rate women s hall. Taylor was proud of its Homecoming candidate. Bobbi Tomcheck. who was elected sophomore representative of the 1966 Homecoming Court Another "feather in the cap" of the Taylor girls was their all-university dance. "Halloween Hangover" which was termed a complete success. Taylor Hall embarked on a unique existence two halls within a single building — with many activities during the 66-67 school year The enthusiasm of the ever for Taylor Hall this year. Executives A Wing: Mary Lou Roix-treas . Mary Enders-V pros.. Barb Krins-pres. Heather Williams-a w s. Mary Jo Vandehey -aws. Diane Colo -aws. Carol Cooper-sec girls more than assured more success than Executives C Wing Candy Koehn - treas.. Diane Williams pres . Sue Dietman v pres . Isla Argue aws. Lynn Freye • a w s . Barbara Babbitt • a w s . Cindy Koehn - sec.Webster Hall RA's Jan Renmsk. Marcy MinsloH. Mary VanBeek. Betty Thierfelder Two hundred and two girls from all over the state of Wisconsin and even some from out-of-state came to live in Webster Hall and called n their home for nine months Due to Webster Halls smallness as compared with the other women s residence halls, the girls get to know each other better, and develop closer relationships with each other Homecoming was the first event to bring the girls together and show their determination and enthusiasm in creating dorm co operation From the beginning construction of the dorm decoration, to the end. the girls all shared alot of laughs and developed new friend ships Open house. Mother's week-end. the scholastic banquet, and the Pixie Angel week at Christmas are only a few of Websters' many activities Dorm bowling, inter-dorm sports, all-campus dances, and winter carnival are also a part of Websters activities This year, indeed, was one filled with many memories and fun-filled times for the girls at Webster Hall Executives Diane Wiese-v pres . Judy Theisen pros . Nancy Kuglitsch sec . Sharon Jones-treas . Cheri Decker-a w s . Nova Bostwick a w s 234 Miss Joanne Risacher Head ResidentFROM TOP TO BOTTOM: Jeann.o Sched ler. Jen Jank. Kathio Knowles, Kathy Moore. Bruce Tulloch. Dutch Perngo. Brain Tulloch. Bill Bailey. Pat Kaddatz. and Vickie McLarenAdding a lot of new cheers and cheerleading talents. Oshkosh State added male cheerleaders to ns roster for the first time Try-outs were given in December to add new male cheerleaders, and the addition of the guys has given Titan athletic events a lot of added color and attraction 1966 Football Records The Titans started out the season with 25 returning lettermen. but at the end of the season this number fell to only 12. as the Titans lost many men through injury and illness When the season began. Oshkosh was picked to finish second in the conference, but its 3-5 record in state university play was due primarily to this factor Oshkosh 7 La Crosse 14 Oshkosh 23 Eau Claire 13 Oshkosh 13 Stout 14 Oshkosh 0 River Falls 22 Oshkosh 17 Piatteville (Homecoming) 7 Oshkosh 18 St Norberts (Non-conference) 40 Oshkosh 13 Stevens Point 25 Oshkosh 41 Superior 13 Oshkosh 21 Whitewater 23 TOP ROW. left to right Dennis Christian. Dave Hibelink. Bob Hayes. Bob Carlson. Fred Schipee. Dale Breitlow. Pete Zieboll. John Petterle. Mike Bonnett. John Jenkins. Craig Carlson, Jim Goerkerman. Davo Gamroth. Jeff Badura. and Al Jones. MIDDLE ROW: Dan Buhr. Berme Baraboo. Dan Tormson. Dave Terianski. John Ziebell. Bill Fries. Claire Rasmussen. Jim Kramor. Don Mahoney. Jim Schulte. Ken Hemer. BOTTOM ROW: Larry Cramberg. Carry Venne. Ron Hayek. Bill Verbeten. Rick Ramstack. Dick Facette. John Sole tri. Dwight Anderson. Ned Gadtee. and Brian BurbeeTOP ROW: Randy Ward. Mark Christen sen. Tom Wiiasek. Dale Race. Dan Buhr. Mike Malone, and Coach Robert White BOTTOM ROW: Ron Van Rossum. Ron Hayek. William Schwartz. John lallensack. and Dick Bourbonais 1967 Wrestling Records State Meet Finished 8th Northern Michigan 16-18 River Falls 9-22 Augustana 7-22 Stevens Point 20-11 Lewis College 32-2 Piatieville 3-31 North Central Tournament 4th out of 8 Coe 24-13 Luther 13-20 TOP ROW: Coach Pat OHalloran. John Breaker. Lee Mancuse. Jerry Whitaker. Dave Poncher. Fred Susler. Mike Sidoff Vern Hansen. Paul Nipko BOTTOM ROW: Jerry Jandt. Gordy Christians. Fred Schippee. Mickey McCabe. Frank Kmateder. Harley Rubin. Charlie Johnson. and Carl Maltsch1967 Basketball Records The Titans completed one of their most successful basketball seasons ever, as they swept to a conference championship with a fine 14-2 record, and into the state play-off game with Lakeland of Sheboygan on March 6 The Oshkosh team opened the season with a pair of games against major school powers, and lost two close games. 84-68 to Drake, and 89-75 to Creighton The Titans then opened their conference season which produced a champion, with the two high spots of the year being two hard fought victories over always tough Stout. 66-62. and 51-50 Oshkosh 68 Drake 84 Oshkosh 75 Creighton 89 Oshkosh 81 St Mary s 68 Oshkosh 94-62 Eau Claire 82-73 Oshkosh 66-51 Stout 62-50 Oshkosh 83 Stevens Point (2nd game, overtime) 87 Oshkosh 98 St Norberts 86 Oshkosh 85-100 Platteville 71-82 Oshkosh 102-92 Whitewater 70-78 Oshkosh 84-89 La Crosse 80-76 Oshkosh 83-85 River Falls 59-71 Oshkosh 93-95 Superior 72 83 Oshkosh 66 Northern Illinois University 94 1966 Track Records TOP ROW: Rolland Jahns. Tom Trier. Dick Charles. Chuck Bradley. Bill Bishop. Jim Mair. Jim Buehner. Myles Strasser. Neal Stacowitz. and Terry Banaszack MIDDLE ROW: Jerry Kluck. Dave Hilbelmk. Bob Hayes. Fred Kaiser. Al Sprenger. Tom Sipple. Chris Christenson. Tom Rath. John Schultz. Pete Scholl BOTTOM ROW: Bob Oaks. Jim Houwcrs. Jim Colter. Ned Gadtzke. Stan Maihes. Joe Garon. Don Pomeday. Darrell Redmond, and Pete Puestow WTFF Meet 3rd out of 7 Stevens Point 73-72 Ripon 68-36 Oshkosh. La Crosse. Stout, and Point 66-88 38-64 Oshkosh. Lawerenco. Ripon. and Point 66 44 27-22 UWM 64-81 UWM Relays 5th out of 6 Whitewater Invitational 2nd out of 8 Oshkosh. Marquette. Lawerence 71-71-39 St Norberts 97-34 Conference Meet Tied for firstKip Detry BACK ROW: Terry Schmitz. Jim Degner. Jim Kruger. Buz Brown, Coach John Schaefer. Dick Hunter. Dave Rodell. Gary Nelson. Andy Markert. Barry Leach. Jim Ran icr. Joe Gruber MIDDLE ROW: Jack Schmitz. Jim Huber. Rick Jakus. Russ Morey FRONT ROW: John McComb. Dave Sofia. Dean Romenesko Competing with many major Midwestern schools and in the state university system, the OSU swimming team is one of our busiest athletic groups The Titans opened their season by holding the Tuan Relays, in which many powerful teams competed In their own pool, the Titans placed 5th out of nine schools. 1967 Swimming Records Oshkosh 64 Michigan Tech 42 Oshkosh 47 Noihern Michigan 57 Oshkosh 43 Platieville 61 Oshkosh 42 North Central 55 Oshkosh 70 Lawerence 34 Oshkosh 53 Northern Illinois 51 Oshkosh 63 River Falls 41 TOP ROW: Tom Brooks. Tim Deux. Rolland Jahns. Brad Disch. Jim Mair. Mel Dobbe. and Coach Jim Flood BOTTOM ROW: James Reed. John Schultz. Don Estes. Craig Brown. Stan Mathes. Peter Scholl, and Ken KrauseThe 1966-67 season marked the first year in Oshkosh State sports history that the school had what it could truly call an intercollegiate gymnastics team Try-outs were held the first semester, and the sport was enthusiastically received, with a large contingent of men putting their talents on the line in order to make the team. Pictured here are those that went through the hard work with a determined success in mind: the 1966-67 Oshkosh State University Gymnastics team BACK ROW: Slu Temoni. John Beh ler. Keith Caylor. Terry Hodges. Mike Tanner. Jehan Clements. Friu Litchfield. Coach Jim Davies MIDDLE ROW: John Sawyer. DaveSchrupp. Dan Wing. Paul Joneth. Steve Owens. T.m Vlasis FRONT ROW: Russ Lichte. Tom Effenheim. Randy Pcelen. Dick Double-co-capt. Tom Johnson. Mike Kopff-co-capi. Joe Kamm The cross country team had one of ns best seasons in school history, as the Titans were named the number one team in the state after taking the conference meet at Whitewater 1966 Cross Country Records Oshkosh 23 Stevens Point 33 Oshkosh 52 MTC 48. Carthage 34 Oshkosh 19 Lawrence 38 Oshkosh 28 Whitewater 27 Oshkosh 33 Marquette 23 Oshkosh 24 La Crosse 33 Oshkosh 23 UWM 33 Oshkosh 18 Platteville 41 Oshkosh 18 Ripon 39 Conference Meet - FIRSTBACK ROW: Coach Dr Eric W Kitzman. Assistant Coach Tom Dezolsky. Jim Mack-sam. Dave Bauer. Larry Held. Don Held. Rick Meyer. Bill Helmuth. Dale Brenlow. Ben Koll-mansberger. Dan Gaynor. John Glysch and Jack Ploedrel FRONT ROW: Assistant Coach Dave Schwark. Student Manager Tom Fuhrman. Jack Korb. Pete Schlise. Russ Mueller. Gary Schwefel. Terry Haack. Rick Birkholz. and Jim Magnuson The Oshkosh State baseball team met with moderate success this year as the Titans had many of its pitchers from the last season back for another appearance The OSU team plays their games at Meno-monie Park here in Oshkosh, and one is always assured of lots of thrills and excitement.TOP ROW: Tom Yelich. Ralph Kjornes. Doug Melius BOTTOM ROW: Dick Die-inch. Bob Witt, and Tom Witasek Tho OSU tennis team was again up to its usual top form, as the Titan net team remained one of tho best m the entire Midwest, and was also the 1966 conference champion Oshkosh 1966 Tennis Record 5 Wheaton 4 0 Wisconsin 9 0 Southern Illinois 9 5 St. Louis University 2 7 Ripon 2 8 Whitewater 1 6 Marquette 3 7 St. Norberts 2 7 Stevens Point 2 1st in Bemidji Invitational Conference Champions 1966 Golf Records Oshkosh 13 1 2 Ripon 4 1 2 12 St. Norbert 6 14 UWM 4 TOP ROW: Coach Kolf. Mike Malone. Kyle 5 1 2 Whitewater 12 1 2 Winters. Pete Benson. Dave Graska. and Roger Vanderleest BOTTOM ROW: Bob 12 1 2 Lawrence 5 1 2 Schablowski. Jim Tyghe. and Al Jellison 9 1 2 La Crosse 8 1 2 14 1 2 St. Norbert 3 1 2 15 1 2 Lakeland 2 1 2 12 Stevens Point 6 State Meet - 2nd place (La Crosse 1st)Administration and Faculty Registry Guiles. Roger E B Ed PhM Ph D President of University Ackerman. Robert L. BS Head Resident Akin. Ronald K. BS MA Physical Education Andersen. Arlow W. BA MA PhD History Anderson. James A. B A M A Ph 0 Speech Anderson. James F B AM A PhD Economics Anderson. William H. BS MS Biology dept Andrews. Richard L. BA MS Mathematics Anhalt. Carol J. BS MS Physical Education Ansfield. Paul J. BS.MA PhD Psychology Archer. Mrs. Marion BA MS Library Science Austin. Bonnie I BS Computer Research Austin. John S. AB.MA Economics Bachellsr. John D. BS MS Director ol Housing Ball. Walter N BA M F A PhD An Ballou. Cynthia L. BS MA Hoad Resident Balswick. Jack O BA MA Sociology Bauer. Joseph N. BS LLB Business Administration Bauer. Norman J. BS.MA Ed D Director of Campus School Baumhart. Brenda S BA Speech Beberfell. Lee ter BS MA PhD Foreign Language Bobko Barbara A BA MA Foreign Language Bangtson. John R BA MA PhD History-Chair man Bennett. Alvin E. BA Ed BA ArtEd MS An Barens. Marilyn M BA MA Art Berens. Robert L BA MA PhD Foreign Languages Barge. Douglas G BS BA PhD Chemistry Berge. Mrs Ruth E. BS M A Ph D Chemistry Bialozor. Robert C. BS.MA Secondary Ed -Campus School Bierty. Charles E BA MA PhD English Bierly. Mrs. Janine Baccalaureato . University do Pans. B S Campus School French Bishop. Mrs Averyl W BA MA English Black. Bruce B BS MS Psychology Boeing. Radford E. BA MA Coordinator. School of Letters 8t Sconce Boitmenue. Mrs. Roberta S BS English Bohck. William A BA MA Psychology Bollom. Williams J. MBA.CPA Business Administration Bolton. Jacklin T BS MM PhD Music Booth. Bill R AB MA .Ed S Art Booth. Mrs Louisa BS MA An Boms. Albart K. AA BD BA MA English Bothnar. Gerald L. BS MS Biology Bowman. David L. BA MA EdD Dean. School of Education Bowman. Max I. AB MS.PhD Chomistry Brady. Thomas A. BS MS MFA Art Brandt. Michaal BA MFA An B reden dick. Nancy A. BA MA Foreign Language Brehm. James M. Phy B MS Audiovisual Brahman. George E.. Jr. BS MS EdD Audio-visual Brenner. Donald L. BS Biology Brtsmaster. Robert E. B S M Ed M A Speech Brock. Karl 8 M MM Music Brooks. John B. BA MA PhD English Brown. Constanca L. BA MA Foreign Language Brown. Wallace G. BA MA English Bruyere. Donald E. BA MA PhD Geography Buettner. Willis E. BS MM Music Burg. Eldon E. BS Educational Psychology Burkert. William G. BA MS Assistant Dean of Students. Head Resident Burr. John R. BA MA PhO Philosophy Bush. Jarvis E. BA MA English Cain. Robert R AB MA Head Resident Carter. Mariand A.. Jr BA MA PhD Foreign Language Carter. Russell E BS.MA An Caudle. Frederick L BS MS PhD Science Caudle. Mrs. Jean I. BS Ph M EdD Education Cech. Eugene J. BA MEd PhD Testing Chaffin. Robert J J. BA MA History Chambers. George B A M A English Champ!in. Harold L B S m Ed . M A Elementary Education Cheng. David W BA MA PhD Political Science Check. John BE MS PhD Educational Psychology Cho. Minkyu BA MA Political Science Cola. L John BA MA English Collier. C Patrick BS MA Mathematics Conner. George BA BD MTh PhD History Conover. David F BS MS Ph D Biology Courtney. John T. BS Audio-visual Crane. Ronald F BA .MA English Crane. Mrs Virginia G BA MA PhD History Crimmins. Timothy F. BS MS PhD Chemistry Crouse. Harold 0. BS M S Ph D Director Extended Services Curtis. Alvin J. BS MS Musk: Darken. Arthur H. BA BD PhD International Studies. Chairman Davies. James M BS MS Physical Education DeBarcza. Mrs. Alice Studies at Polish Lycoo Queen's College. London Foreign Language 244De Hoyos. Ruben J. BA MA Political Science Doik Robert C BA MA PhD History Denms. Roger P AB M A . PhD Music dopl Chairman Difanis. Anita M M A Foreign Language Dodd, Kenneth M BA.MA PhD History Dohrman, Herbert C B S A MEd Audio visual Director Dollar, Thomas BA MA English Dombrowski. Mark A BS Library Science Donahue. Robert L. BM MM AMusD Music Donhauser. Paul S. BS MS An Dorsch. Helen BS ASAd MSDD.PhD Dean of Nursing Dorsey. Richard H. BA MS Library Science Drecktrah. Gene H. BS MS PhD Biology Droessler. Thomas C. B F A MA Speech Duncan. James F BA.MA Ph D Vice President. Business Affairs Duren. Alice BE MS Education Kindergarten Eberdt. Mary G. B S M Ed Ph D Counseling Eberfy. Charles G BS MS Ed Testing. Head Resident Eckstein. Neil T. BA BTH MA PhD English Edelheit. Jacob J BS MA LLB Accounting Edge. Lowell H. BS MS Engineenng Drawing Ehr. Bruce M. BS MS Financial Aids Ehrich. Witlaim E. BAMS Student Service. Head Resident Eierman. Tom T BS MS Mathematics EINs. Anna Jane BA MA Physical Education Engbretson. Charles J. BS MS Biology Englemann. Ruth BS M A Reading Clinic Englund. Pearl K. BA.PhD Anthropology Erik sen. Mary Lebow BS MA Ed D Music Esseks. John D BA.MA AB AM Political Science Evans. John H. BS .MA Astronomy Evanson. Randall M. BSFS MA.DBA Business Administration Evenhuis. Francis D. BA.MA.PhD English Ferguson. Alfred R. BA MA English Field. BradfordS . Jr BA.MA. Ph D English Field. Mrs. Mary Lee BS M A English Field. Robert L B S . M A . Ph D Co ordmaior of Secondary Education Fitmer-Bennett. Gordon BA MA PhD Psychology Fme. D Emerson AB MA Riysics-Mathematics Flaherty. Douglas E BA MA.MfA English Fleming. Elaine M. BS . M S English. Head Resident Floethef. Gail D BAE MS Ass t Program Director Flood, James J. BS MS Physical Education Fonstad. Todd A. BS MA Geography Forman. Robert BA MA.PhD Sociology Chairman Francis. A. Sylvia BA MA English Frankland. Elizabeth M. EE MS Education Frederick. Terry J. MS Mathematics Frenzel. Norman J. B S M A Ed D Education Gade. Edward H. BA. MS.PhD Mathematics Gade. Mrs. Sandra A. BS.PhD Physics Gadzeila. Bernadette M BED.MA PhD Testing Gaede. Herbert L BA MA.PhD Geography Gardener. Milton K. B F A M F A Art Geiger. Mrs. Helen B BS Records. Research Geiger. Warner J L LB . Ed B Ph M Geography Gerritsen. William D. BA MA Anthropology Gibb. John D BA.MA History Gibbs. Ronald K. B S M S . Ed D Secondary Education Gilbertson. Carlyle W. BA MS. PhD Guidance Glock. James BS Biology Gkofka. Peter T BS MS.EdD Psychology Goehrs. Warren J BE M A DIR PE Physical Education-Chairman Goff. Charles D Ph B MA PhD Political Science Goldfinger. Milton BA MA.PhD Philosophy Gottschalk. Jana BS.MA.PhD English Green. Dennis BA Philosophy Greenwood. Barbara A. BA MA History Greuel. Robert BS Geology Grieb. Kenneth J. BA.MA PhD History Grine. James L. BM .MM Music Grolmes. Samuel B AA BA MS English Grow. Russell R. BS Biology Gruberg. Martin BA PhD Political Science Grubidge. Mrs. Dorlis M BA MA Speech Gruenwald. Lee J. BS MS Speech Gueths. James E Ph D . MS Physics Gunderson. Sherman E. PhB MA.PhD Vice-President. Academic Planning Gunter. Craig G. M Sc Ed D Political Science Hadley . C M BS MS Education Hall. E Leona BA M A . Ph D in Ed Elementary Education Hallo. Marlin D BS MS Maihomatics Hal pert, Helen V. BS MA Speech Hammond. L. Kenneth AB MA English Hansen. Edmund R. BS MS Mathematics Hardman. Dale G. BS MA.EdD Sociology Harriman. Nail A. BA PhD Biology Hart. Jeannine B F A.M F A Art Hartig, Hugo BA M A . Ph D English Hartig. Mrs. Mary B. BA English Hass el. Beverly S. BM .MM Music Haux. Ray BM M A Music Hay dock. Jamas J AB MA Ph 0 English 245Hazard. James A AB.MA English Henken. Willard J BS MS.PhD Dean. Fond du Lac Campos Haas. Terrance J BA M A Audiovisual Hey. Mrs. Jane O BA MS Biology Hey. Phillip H BA M FA English Hickey. Mary L. BS. MS Education Hi . Joyce K. BA.MA Mathematics Hirons. Gerald E BA MA Mathematics Hocking. Thomas K. BS MS.PhD Guidance Hosfeldt. Larry L. BA MA Mathematics Hoffman. Wayne L BS.MA Geography Hofman. Gordon MA Chemistry Holmes. John T. B A . M Ed Reading Clime Homann, Harold W BS.MA. PhD Speech Hoppert, David J BA Physics Home. Judy A. BS Elementary Education-Handwriting Horton. Gamer BA.MA Coordinator o! Public Relations Howard. Dale B BS MA Geography Hoy. Christine L AS M A Art Hughes. Kenneth J. BS .PhD Chemistry Hun gate. Robert P 8 A . Ph D Dean. School o« Business Administration Hunt. E Kay BS Economics Huppler. Dudly BA MA English Hutchinson. E J. BS.MA.Ph D Education Hynson. Priscilla C. BS.MA Art Iversen. Lothar I. BA.MA.PhD Finance James. Nevin S BA MA English Johnson. Mrs. Ann BA. MA English Johnson. Arnold R. BA.MA English Johnson. Barent C. BS MS.PhD Physics Johnson. James K. BE MA Coordinator. Upper Elementary Education Johnson. Paul R BS.MA Geography Jorgenson. Donald D. BS MA Admissions Jozwik. Francis X. BA MS PhD Biology Kane. Stephan N BA MA History Kappeuf. Robert L. BA Head Resident Kaprelian. Mrs Patriae BS Foreign Language Karges. Burton E. Ph B PhD Geology Kartowicz. Titus M Ph B MA PhD Art Karst. Ralph R BS MS.PhD Physical Education Kasper. John L BA MA PhD Biology Keen. Carl L BA MA English Keller. Meredith E. BA MD Physician Kampf. Thornes J. BA BS MA.EdD Special Education Ksrscher. Helen A. BA Biology K ess man. Maurice BA M A . Ph D Institutional Research Kiktey. Douglas BA MA.DEd English Kile. Jack E BS.MA. PhD. Speech Kilpatrick. Frank G BA Speech Kmdt, Joann BFA.MFA.PhD Art K rigs burg. Stewart A MAMA English Kinzie. Glenn L BA MA.DEd Education Krtzman, Eric W BS MS.PhD Physical Education Kicks.John B SMS PhD Biology Klme. Frances F. BE MA PhD Extended Service Kline. Ned J. AB.MS.PhD Psychology Koeneman. Mrs. Patricia A. BS Physical Education Koerwttz. Mrs. Irene BS Campus School Library Kohn. James O. B M . M M Music Kolf. Robert M Ph B . Ph M Physical Education Kraemer. Ruth F AB BS . MS Library Krause. Paul E. MS Geography Krauzar. Ingo Abitur M A Foreign Language Krueger. Gerald J. BS MA Library Krueger. LaVem E BS M S 8 A Business Administration Krueger, Mrs Marlene A. BS.MA Library Reference Krysiek. Denial E. BS Biology Kuo. AW BA MFA English Kurath. Sheldon F BS MS PhD Chemistry Kuutti. Raymond R BS MM Music La8erge. Gene L BS.MS.PhD Geology Lame. Joseph B BA MA PhD Speech lafcin. Jimmie G BS MS Mathematics La . Amrrt BA MA PhD Geography Lane. Robert G BA PhD Psychology Lapin. Florence M BA MS English Larson. Stanley A BS MA English Larson. Wilbur S B S M S Chemistry Laudon Thomas BS MS PhD Geology Lee. Hy Sang BA MS PhD Economics Leffm. William J. BS MS Art Lehman. Arthur H. BM MS Admissions Lahmkuhl. Charles G M A Mathematics Leible. Arthur B. A8 MA. PhD English Lem bests. Anne S BA.MA Ed D Elementary Education Leonard. L Larry M A . Ph D Political Science LeRoux. Gabriel BA. MA . PhD Geography Liberstein. Samuel BA.MA History Light. Kenneth H. B A . M A . Ed D Elementary Education Link. Gloria M Ph B . MA Speech Linsley. Harlan L. BS MS. PhD Psychology Linton. Stanley B S M M . Ed D Music Lippert. David J. BA.MA Journalism 246Lommock, Patncia BS MEd Riysical Education Leu a da. Fro ban BA MA Foreign Language Lucas. John F BS MA Mathematics Lyons. Charles R.. Sr AB MO Physician Lyons. Richard M BA M FA English Mabon David W AB MA PhD History Madison. Thomas A BA BO MA English Madson . Willard L Ph 0 Biochemistry Magnus on. Harold M BA MA AGSD English Magruder. Mary A BS.MSDEd Physical Education Mahmoud. Ibrahim Y. BS M A Ph D Biology Makala William G BA MA Sociology and Anthropology Maluag. Lanore AB.ABLS AMLS Library Science Martin. Dorothy BS M A English Matthias. Dixie L. BS MS Biology Maurer. Douglas BS M BA Busmoss Administration Maurice. Ronald BS M A English Mar a Joseph M BS M A.Ph D Speech Me Andrew. John B. BS MD Student Services McCall. John J. BS M A Ph D English McCall. John T.. Jr. AB MS Mathematics McCann. Lae I. BS MS Psychology McCarthy. Denis P. BS Educational Psychology McCleary. Charies W B F A MFA An McDermid. Richard L. BS Biology MacDonald. Mrs M. Patricia BA Foreign Language McHugh. Marvts AB.MA PhD English McHugh. William P MS Sociology and Anthropology MacIntyre. James M AB MA PhO English MacIntyre. Joan BA MA English McKee. James W BS MS PhD Geology McKeown. Thomas S. BA M A English McKmght. Brian K. MS Geology McNamara. Owen BA MA English Meek. Mrs. Carroll L. BS MS Guidance Melka. Robert L. BSFS.MA History Mengelmg. Marvin E BA MS English Marker. Mrs Bertha BS MA Co-ordinator. Lowor Elemoniary Education Meuano. Joseph BS MA.EdD Psychology Mielke. Milda M BS MS Speech Minniear. John M BA MA Music Mitchell. William C. BS Chemistry Moede. Oean C. BS Union Molander. J Dale DBA Business Administration Moldenhauer. Janet E. BS MS Physical Education Monroe. James B. BS Biology Mook. John R. BA MA.PhD Education Morris. William H. BA MA Education Muhich. James BS MA Mathematics Muntft. Frederick J C. BS MSLS PhD Audiovisual Murphy. John V. AB MA English Nasgowitz. Mildred BS MEd Education Neumann. Richard A. BS Union Neice. Thomas E BS MS Ed D Music Nelson. Roberta J. BBA MA.PhD Management Nelson. Mrs Ruth P BS MS Associate Dean of Students Nemec, James G. BS Geography Netzaf. Mrs Daiorus B of Music Music Netzel. Richard G BS MS PhD Physics Netzer. Donald L. PhB.MA.PhO Geography Newcomer. Mrs. Dorothy BA M A Speech Noyes. Edward B S in Ed . M A . Ph D History O'Brian. Elaine BS.. M A Education Ochs. George M B A M A Ph D History O'Connor. Patricia T BS.MA Ph 0 Physical Education O Halloran. Patrick D. BAMS Physical Education Olson. Shirley J. BA.MA English Olson. Gerald J. BE MS Education—Registration Orr. Richard BS.MA History Osborn. Richard W. 6FA.MFA An Ostendorl. Harry AB.MA Accounting Osterhuber. Edward R. BS Computer Center Overton. Elizabeth BS M Ed Education—Grade 1 Pabley. Jag Mohan S. BA MBA DBA Business Administration Parker. Watson AB BS MA.PhD History Patzlaff. Gary H BS MS Chemistry Paulick. Daniel A BS Public Information Pearson. John C. BS MA PhD Education Pelton. Virginia N. BS Physical Education Pensis. Henri B. BM MM Music Peters. Arthur B.A MA Education Pew. Florine E. BS MM Music Pickering, Robert S. BS MA Elemtary Education Piper. V Joseph BAMS Mathematics Platte. Donald M. BS . MS Mathematics Polk, Robert R. BS.MS.PhD Assistant io President Plans and Development Pollnow Gilbert F BS MS PhD Chemistry Porter. Harold B BME MA DMA Music Poxson, Judith M. BFA.MFA An Prochnow. Judith A. BM MA Musk: Pruett. Robert E. BS MA Speech Prybylowski. Florence BA MA.PhD Physical Education 247Pyle. Everett G. B Ed MA PhD Dean Graduate School Raab. Joeeph A BS MS PhD Mathematics Redell. Jeffry L BA MA MA PhD Political Science Ramadan, Raymond J. B A M A Ph D Vice President. Academic Aftairs Renderv n Sherman BS MS PhD Biology Reo. Kolar S. N BA MA MA English Razner. Robert J. BS MA MS Sociology and Anthropology Reese. Fred D.. Jr. BA BS.MA PhO Special Education Reiling. Kenneth D. M A Geography Reinking. Jamae A. BA MA English Remender. Peter A BS.MA Sociology Richardson. Daniel BS MS Mathematics Riley. Bryan M BA MA PhD English Raacher. Joanne AB MS Admissions Hoad Resident Ritsema. Robert A BA MM Music Robinson. Roy D BS . M A.Ph 0 Psychology Rock. James M. BS MS PhD Economics Rogers, Shirley BS MA MA English Rollings. David R BA.MA English Roney. Phyllis BS MA PhD Physical Education Rouf. Mohammed A. 8S MS M A PhD Biology Round. Harold L. AB PhD English Roy. Anjishnu K. MA BA English Roy. M Suzanne BM MM Music Rucinski. Philip R BS.MS.EdD Educational Psychology Saaala. Ronald BS M Ed Mathematics Schaefer. John E. BS MS Physical Education Schapsmeier Frederick H. BS MS.PhD History Schimke. Milton M. B SMS PhD Music Schmalter. Raymond C. BS MS Campus School Mathematics Schmidt. Martin E M A History Schnack. George R BS AM Elementary Education Schroeder. Ray A. BA MSLS Library Science Schueller. Card V BA MA English Schumacher. Richard BS MA Physical Education Schartz. Edward L BS MS.PhD Biology Schwann. Janet V BA MA Library Science Schwertfeger. Merlin H. BSc.MSc PhD Biology Scon. Robert W BS MA Speech Scovilla. Wilber AB AM Psychology Segal. Jerome L M A Philosophy Sheloff. Stanley BA MA History Shapiro. Jacob BS MS.PhD Biology Shea. Jerry M. BS MA Library Science Sheriff. William E. BA MA English Steber. George W. B A MS. Ph D History Sieve. Kenneth J BS MA Geography Skaife. Audrey M BA MA Psychology Smith. Douglas BS MS Mathematics Smith. Marilyn R. BA MA M F A Campus School Art Smith. Willard E BA .MA Ph D Political Science Sniffen. John K. BFA.MFA Art Snyder. Robert L. BA MA.PhD Coordinator of Radio and Telovisioi Soika. George R. BA.MA PhD F sychology Chairman Sommerfield. Mrs Nadine N BA.MA Asst Dean. Hoad Resident Sommerfield. Richard H BS MS Union Director Sasinske. Adrienne A. BA MA Library Science Sparks. Nelli E. BS MS Physical Education Spicuzza. John F. BS . M S Physical Education Spicuzza. Mrs. Katherine M. BS MS Elementary Education Stahl. Earl B M Ed M S Ph D Psychology—Guidance Starosciak. Kenneth P BA.MA English Starr. Joseph BA MA History Steinhous. Mrs. Nancy H BS MS Asst Dean. Head Resident Steinhaus. Ralph K BS PhD Chemistry Stem. Clarence A AB MA PhD History Steuerwald. Erla A BA MA Biology Stone. John H. BA.MA Foroign Languages Swenson. Bruce P. BS MS Mathematics Tele. Marjorie B BS MA PhD Physical Education Taylor. John T. BA MA PhD English Taraeinski. Sally S. BS MSLS Library Science Tetzlaff. L Otto PhB . PhM Registrar Tews. Loenard I BS MA PhD Biology Tharp. Gerald 0. AA BS PhD Biology Thedinga. Emeat O BS MA PhD Vice President, Student Affairs Thomas. Kenneth J. BS Asst Director of Reeve Union Thompson. Phillip J BS MS Mathematics Thrall. Esther T. 8 S MS Education Tiedemann. Russell G. BA MA Physical Education Tirtha. Ranjit BA MA PhD Geography Toiand. Elizabeth RN BS Student Health Service Torow. William L. BScEd AAS.MA An Tuck. Charles C. 8BAMA Economics Tmenski. Richard J BE . MS Director ol Placement Tuakan. Lewis W. BA.MA PhD Foreign Languages Unger. Jamas W BS MA PhD Biology Utfce. Allan R BS.MS.PhD Chemistry Veidemanis. Juris BA . MA . Ph D Sociology and Anthropology Via mis. James N. BS MA Director ol Computer Center 248Voils. Don L M A Mathematics Vuchich. Millan I BA MA PhD Economics Vuchich. Olga V BA MA Foreign Language Vunovich. Nancy W B A M A Ph D Speech Wahoski Helen I BA BSLS AMIS Library Chairman tA;-ii___ Wwiiocv, living B B A MA Management Wallace. Wayne W BA MA Mathematics Wallen leidt. Even C BS MA EdO Dean ol Students Walsh. Justin E BS MA PhD History Walter. Very I BS MA English Warner. Frederick E BA Speech Wasser. Lloyd BS Junior High Science Watkins. Dwif it Q. BS M A Educational Psychology Watkins. Mrs Elizabeth A AB MA B Ed Guidance Watson. Jamas BS MS Education Wehner, Freda BS MS Education Wwdemann, David W BS Admissions Wares . Edward B B S M A Ed D Education Secondary Worst. Elizabeth M BA MA PhD English Wenger. Alice E. BS Geology Wenner. Manfred W BA. MA Ph D Political Science White. Robert E. BA.MEd PhD Physical Education White. Robert W 8S.MS PhD Physics White. Mrs Shirley M BS.MA Physical Education White. Thomas E BA . MA History Whiting. Theodora R BA MA PhD Special Education Widergren. John F B A M A . Ed D Extended Service (Project 72) Willard. Orson S BS Biology WHIars. William B BA MS Biology Williams. Mrs. Shirley S. BS M A Elementary Education Willis. George L AB MA PhD Political Science Willmington. S. Clay BS.MA PhD Speech Wdlmore. Floyd E BS.MA Mathematics Wilson. Charles C BA MA.EdD Educational Psychology Wolff. Harry L. BS M S Mathematics Womaski. Anthony J. BS.MA Physics Wonders. Robert J. AB MA MS Mathematics Chairman Wood. Clifford AB MA English Wooliey James W BS MS Speech Young. Russel K. BS MS Physical Education Zahalka Donald W BS MS Journalism Zeff. David J. BA.BS.MM Music Zemeckas. Ka ys J. AB MA PhD Economics Zorr. William G. BA MBA Business Administration 249Borges. Terry A 1 Milwaukee Borg man Carol E } F airfield Borqwardt Christine L 2 Wauwatosa Bork Mary M 3 Oshkosh Bork. Sally A 3 Larsen Bor km Arthur A 1 Milwaukee Born. Charles G 4 Sheboygan Born Mary Ann A 1 Bnlton Born. Paul L 4 Sheboygan Bornemann Mary K A Fond du Lac Bor owski. Cynthia A t Milwaukee Bor owski. Kathleen A 1 Pulaski Borschke Karne L 2 Arlington Heights Bor shorn David A 1 Eau Claire Bor ynski Joseph E I Sturtevant Bosenoc Oenn.s M 2 Milwaukee Bos»n. Donald A 3 Fond du Lac Boss J F 3 Oshkosh Bos sell Robert E 2 Shawano Bossenbrook David P 3 Brandon Bosshard. John A 1 Milwaukee Bostwtck. Beth A 1 Port Washington Bostwick Lynda M 1 Fond du Lac Bostwick. Nova A 2 Port Washington Botsford Randy E 1 Neenah Bottoni Thomas A 1 Milwaukee Boughton Barbara J 4 Beaver Dam Boufbona.s Richard 0 4 Wauwatosa Bowe. Daniel F 2 Cudahy Bowe. Judity L 4 Chippewa Falls Bower. Cathelyn M 1 Oconto Bowers. Christine A 1 Son Prame Bowers. Anne G 4 IlllOPOiiS III Bowhovsen Douglas L 4 Fond du Lac Boyd Suzanne R 4 Oshkosh Boyle James D 2 Deer brook Boyson Thomas G 2 Fremont Boyle Mary E 2 Fond du Lac Brabant. Richard B 3 Oconto Bradee William G 1 Wauwatosa Bradley Charles W 4 Wmneconne Bradley GregoryW 2 Randolph Bradley. Michael C 2 Oshkosh Bradley. Roger J 1 Milwaukee Braeger William F 2 Sheboygan Brok Stephen B 1 Tmiey Park III Brandelmuhi Carol J 3 Oshkosh Brandes Barbara A 1 Madison Brandt. Carol E 3 Plymouth Brandt Edward J t Peweukee Brandt. Helen M 4 Wabeno Brandt JoAnne 1 Manitowoc Brandt. John A 1 Antigo Brandt Joseph J 4 Fond du Lac Brandt Kathy A 1 Fond du Lac Brann Charles G 2 Baileys Harbor Brann VeeJay N 3 Algo m a Brantmoief Joan L 1 Sherwood Brantmier Richard O 2 Oshkosh Bratcher Michael R 1 Milwaukee Braun. Connie S 2 Oconto Falls Braun. Judith C 4 Germantown Braun Kenneth R 3 Hartford Braun. Maureen C 3 Kohler Braunel TimE 3 Manitowoc Brawn Dean L 3 Oshkosh Bray. Donna J 3 Green Bay Brayton Elizabeth I I Oshkosh Brayton lone L 3 Oshkosh Broaden Joe M 1 Pekin III Breaker John R 3 Wauwatosa Breaker. Richard W 3 Neenah Brehm. Thomas J 3 East Troy Brehmer Fiona J 1 Bullion Bret. Tom W Pnnceton Breit. Janet V 1 West Bend Breuengross Betty A I Wauwatosa Brerienstem Mildred G 3 Wisconsm Rapids Brenlow. Dale H 2 Algomj BreiUman William R 1 Campbell sport Bremer. Diane I I Oshkosh Brennand Gwendolyn j 1 Omro Brenner Robert R 4 Mt Calvary Breseman Bonnette L 1 Madison Bresette Joseph R 1 Antigo Brett Ronald J 4 Oshkosh Brotzman Kay E 4 Madison Brck Donna J 4 Green Bay Bnckham Timothy L 4 Butte dos Morts Bnen. Doreen A I Fond du Lac Boggs. Gerald J 3 Waupaca Briggs Jill E 2 . Green Bov Briggs Stevon C I Madison 8mowski. Eugene A 2 Appleton Boll. Gene P 4 Oshkosh 8ntl Jalame E 2 Wmneconne Brmkmdn, Lynn C 3 Brownsville Bnskie Frances C t Ripon Britton Jennifer F 3 Amherst Broas Kristine E 2 Glendale Brodhagen Ronald B 2 West Allis Broehm. Bonnie M 4 Wmneconne Bromley Robert A 1 Wheeling. Ill Brongel Jacqueline A 1 Vina Park III Brook Bruce A ? Milwaukee Brook. Terrance J 2 Oshkosh 8rooker Bonmo H 1 Appleton Brookman Terry R 1 Milwaukee Brooks Thomas R 1 Oshkosh Brophy Deborah J 3 Elm Grove Brophy. Kano K I Green Bov Bross Mary E»len A 1 Milwaukee Brost Michael J 2 Oshkosh Brost Peter M S Oshkosh Brostowic . Daniel E 1 Cudahy Broten William R 3 Menomoneo Falls Brown, Andrew C 2 Fond du Lac Brown, Bruce O 4 Oshkosh Brown CaihenneA 1 Madison Brown Craig D 1 Rolling Meadows III Brown. Dennis G 3 Oconto Brown Janet L 1 Milwaukee Brown. Johanna E 3 Now London Brown Lawrence F 2 Sneboygan Falls Brown Nancy L 2 Baton Brown Pamela A I Berlin Brown Ramye S 1 Sun Prame Brown. Richard R 1 Sheboygan Falls Brown Roger A 1 Beloit Brown Russell R 1 Milwaukee Brown Sally A 2 Milwaukee Brown Steven L 2 Chicago in Brown Susan C I Stoughton Brown Tod P Grafton Brownell Veconch A 1 New Berlin Brownson Bernadette A 1 Shoe ton Bruce. Mar ilyn J 4 Green Lake Bruit at Marcia L 2 Fond du Lac Brugger Knstme M 1 Monroe Bnigman. Gary J 2 Green Bay Brums Gary F 1 Oshkosh Brundt. Daniel J 3 Wabono BruntHii Charles D 2 Milwaukee Brunet. M C 4 Fond du Lac Brunette. Sandra Lee 1 Oak Creek Brunkcr Judy V 2 New Berlin Brunner Dennis J 4 Wmneconne Brunner John L 3 Milwaukee Bruusus Mary A 1 Oshkosh Bruss. Sherry A 1 Milwaukee Brusr Mary K 1 Luxembourg Bryant Helen B 2 Oshkosh Bryant. John H 4 Oshkosh Bryogleson Joan O 2 Iron Mountain Mich Brzycki Ann I I Menasha Buchanan Gail S t Union Grove Buchhol Thomas J 4 CbmonvtMe Buchhol HartndH t Mayville Buchhol Mane A 2 Bonduol Buchhol Richard J } Oshkosh Buchicchio Kathloen J 2 Three Lakes Buchnlt . Charles R 2 Oshkosh Buckmacter James W 2 Green Bay Buckner Roger B 4 Oshkosh Bucko James S 1 Madison Bodde fillip E 1 Beaver Dam Bodde Steven R 3 Beaver Dam Buech. Judy A 3 Milwaukee Buege Robert D 3 Milwaukee Buchler. Hohn W 1 Oshkosh Buohner. James J 2 Oshkosh Buell Gary L 3 Green Bay Buerger. George A 1 New Berlin Buhr L 2 Juneau Buhr Gary M 2 Juneau Buhr JoAnne 2 Manon Buhr. Russell M 1 Juneau Bufcowski. Judith M t Ripon Buien Lmda L 2 Nashotah Bufcow Clarence F • 4 Sheboygan Bun da Diane J 1 Algoma Bungener Christian A 2 Green Bay Bunn Richard T 3 Appleton Bun no Duane J 4 Fond du Lac Bool. JoAnne 1 Belleville Buoy Jerome D S Milwaukee Bur Susan C 2 Elm Grove Bur an Alee A 1 Brookfield Buran Karen A 4 Menomonee Falls Bur bey Bruin J 1 Niagara Bor bey David A 4 Cnvitt Brubey Paul M 3 Oshkosh Burden. Charles A 3 Manitowoc Burden. James D 4 Fond du Lac Brud k Janet M 1 Janesville Burg Mary J 1 New Holstem Burgdoft Patnoa E 4 Ktot Burgdorf Robert I 4 Oshkosh Bur go Beverly J t Appleton Burgen Stephen J 1 Oshkosh Bunch. Ronald A 3 Roedsviile Burtsh, Bonita L 2 Cato Burk Timothy J I Wauwatosa Burkards H«lga D 4 Bertm Burk® Chr.stme Renee 1 Fond du Lac Burko. Dennis f 2 Milwaukee Burke! Judith R 4 Atheistane Burkhardt Lmda A 1 Fond du Lac Burkhart. Michael O 1 Sheboygan Falls Burkhart Sandra S 3 Oshkosh Burmeister Jerry W 1 Waukesha Burns James H Jr 4 Oshkosh Burns. James T 3 Wausau Burns Judith P 4 Oshkosh Burns. Patrick G 2 Wausau Burns Sharon M 4 Fond du Lac Burow. Kathryn I 3 West Allis Burr Dantol W 3 Neenah Burr Donald J 4 Manitowoc Burr. Joney R T Neenah Burr Pamelas 1 Oshkosh Burrows Thomas Michael 3 Hmsdale III 8urrus Oan.ol A 1 Brookfield Burtriyk. Cheryl A I Niles III Burton Gerald L 4 Appleton Burton Karon J 3 Appleton Busaiacchi BeHojane 1 Wauwatosa Buschauer. Lmda L 1 Genoa Citv Buschmann. Jonathan T 2 Oshkosh Bush a Ronald C 3 Oshkosh Bush m a ken Robert J 1 Oe Pere Buss. Carol L I Menasha Buss Carole M 1 Reeseville Buss Eileen M 3 Sheboygan Buss. Francme R 2 Sheboygan Buss Patricia L 2 Beaver Dam Buss William A 1 New London Bussard. Karon A 1 South Milwaukee Busso Kathleen L f Appleton Bustamante DiannaS 3 Oshkosh Both Frederick A 1 Shawano L Karen 0 5 Omro Butler Katherine J 2 Glonbeulah Butt Roger H 2 Cedar burg Bunerbrodt Carol A 1 Milwaukee But ler Barbara A 1 Madison But . Bonnie R 4 Fond du Lac But Larry J I St Cloud But talf Charles D 1 Oshkosh Bylow. Susan L 1 Neenah Byom Loretta L 2 West Allis Byrne. Mary P 3 Appleton Byrne Wrfham 0 2 Appleton B dawka Kathleen M 2 Milwaukee Caflisch. Arnette R 2 Bnllian Gagen Leslie I Milwaukee Catcan v.ln 3 Milwaukee Caleb osa Denms J 2 Berlin Caiaway. Ronald 0 3 West DePere CaVJwell Carol K I Berlin Caldwell Sandra E 2 West Bend Cameron Sharon A 2 Detavan Camp Bernard L 2 Brookfield Campbell Charles D 3 Pnnceton Campbell JoArm 1 Greenbay Campbell Kenneth H 2 Kewaskum Campbell Steven D 3 Oshkosh Campbell Steven M 1 Waukau Campbell Mary F 2 LaCross Campshure Barbara L 1 Oshkosh Cantwell Mary K 1 Madison Cantwell RonaldW 2 Oshkosh CapeHe. John 8 2 West Bend Copener Carole A S New London Caravollo Josoph T I Madison Cardwell Oavid E 3 Del Rio Carefc BarbaraA 3 Sheboygan Carew Timothy M Menasha Carey Robert A Oshkosh Cargile Samuel 2 Milwaukee Cargm Rodger L 1 Oshkosh Carle. John H 2 Des Plaines. Ill Cartm. Patricia J Lena Carione. Norma J 2 Fond du Lac Carlson, Car olynj 1 Rockford. Ill Carlson Donald G 2 Evanson Carlson Donald D 2 Fond du Lac Carlson Gerald W 4 Marinette Carlson. Gregory A 1 Wauwatosa Carlson. Laurene E 1 Madison Carlson Richard C 3 Elm Groove Carlson Robort 2 West Allis Carlson Toni Mann 2 Florence Carmichael John R 1 WaukeshaCarney Ann B 2 Hmdsdale Carney Daniel C 2 Ponay Caron Mane C 2 Green Bay Caroentor. Daniel J I Oshkosh Carpenter. Peggy J 1 Fond du Lac Carrau. Dianne M 2 Milwaukee Carrivisiu. Judith A 2 Green Bay Carroll Constance A 3 Oconto Falls Carroll. Douglas T 4 Oshkosh Carroll. Mary B 4 Oshkosh Carroll. Richard J 1 Elm Groove Carroll. Thomas 1 Oshkosh Cartel Rosemary L 1 De Pere Cartier. Ronald J Green Bay Case II. Charles R Oshkosh Casiana Linda J Oshkosh Caspary Imda M Sussex Casper Elmer E 1 t 2 1 New Holstom Casper Veda J 4 Sheboygan Castme. Janoi L 3 West Allis Cattanach, Nancy M I Boscobol Catencamp. Jano C 4 Shawano Catencamp Karen J 1 Shawano Catlin. Thomas C 4 Menasha Catnne. Ann C 2 Racine Cavanaugh, Richard R 4 Portage Caveney. Jamce M 1 South Milwaukee Caves Bobby I 2 Mayvillo Caylor Keith A 1 Milwaukee Ceyton Dawn E 2 Milwaukee Coch loisH 2 Oshkosh CofaJu. James C I Racine Coman. Susan I 1 Milwaukee Centen. Jean E 3 Green Bay Cerkas Marilou, E 1 Manitowoc Cermak Lynn M 1 Oshkosh Chambasian Leslie M 1 Racine Chamberlain. Elisabeth 4 Oshkosh Chamberlain John G 4 Oshkosh Chamberlain Nancy L 1 San Mateo. Cahl Chambers Linda G 2 Park Ridge III Chambers. Susan M 2 Gillen Champlin. George K 2 Hales Cornors Chandler Wilmont H 2 Janesville Charbonneau Mary L 4 Oshkosh Charles. John W 2 Algoma Charles. Richard L 2 Algoma Charncsky. Linda K 1 Coleman Charnon. John p 1 Racine Chase. David E 4 F«sh Creek Chase. Pamela S Hates Corners Check. Timothy F 4 Milwaukee Checota Rebecca E 2 Watertown Chohovin Rudolph F I Wauwatosa Chehra i. Dara P 4 Iran Chen. Anno S 1 Chermak Carol A 4 Oshkosh Cheramk. Conald H 4 Manitowoc Cherry. Mary J 3 Green Bay Cherveny. Patricia F 3 Kewaunee Cheslock. Judith A 3 Menasha Cheslock. William O 1 Menasha Cheualier. Patricia L 1 Pacing Chiappim, Wilbert D 2 Milwaukee Chicb. Robert H 2 River Hills Ch if sen. Kay A t Waterloo Chmdblom Gayle M 1 iMroebng. Ill Chmdbfon. Karon C 2 Des Plaines. Ill Chrvas. Jayno A 1 Naperville III Chimrelowski. Gary T I Hales Corners Chojnowski. Stephen H I Madison Chonos Marilyn K 1 Nokoosa Cfvi5lburg. Donna C t Wauwatosa Christ el Karen L. 1 La Crosse Christen Carla M 2 Appleton Christenson. ChnsJ 2 De Pere Christensen. Karon L 2 Des Plaines, III Christenson. Potor L 1 Oshkosh Christensen. Susan K 4 Larsen Chnstenseon. Brian C 2 Waupaca Christenson. Mark F 2 Sheboygan Falls Christ., Pat A 2 Lansdowne. Pa Christiaansen Sandra L 3 West All is Christom. Dennis A 3 Columbus Christian. Thomas J 4 Coloma Christians. Gordon L 1 Columbus Christians. Jane C 1 Watertown Christianson. Bruce L Manitowoc Chnsuansen, Curt W 1 Manitowoc Christiansen. John W 4 Oshkosh Christiansen. Julie M 1 Union Grove Christiansen. Mary B 2 Larsen Christianson Ronald R 4 Webster Christianson William H 4 Oshkosh Christie. Torry L 1 Wnutoma Chu. Yi K 3 Appleton Chuarak. Steve A 1 Sheboygan Chung. Angela C Korea Church. Patricio L 3 Rhinelander Cby Mary S 4 Milwaukee Chy. Willum D 1 Milwaukee Cibik John M 2 Fond du Lac Ciconas. Artene 3 Oconomowoc Ciconas. Marilyn 1 Oconomowoc Cider. Alex C 2 Oshkosh Ciesiefczyk. Helen A 1 Seymour Cieszynski Wladyslaw F 3 Oshkosh CiNar. Janice R 2 Neonah Cmlle Rusanne M 2 Superior Ciske. Daniel L 2 Moorland Ciske. Lawrence R 1 Monasha Cisko. Thom A 2 Monasha Cismoski Carla T 2 Borlin Oaflm Nancy L 2 Sturgeon Bay Clague. David C 1 Hanland Clark. Alan B 2 Oshkosh Clark. Cathleen M 1 Oshkosh Clark Charles R 3 Laona Clark. Dennis S 4 Noenah Clark James M 3 Manitowoc Clark Karon L 1 West Do Pere Clark. Linda D 1 Oshkosh Clark Margaret H 1 Fond du Lac Clark. Mary B 1 Madison Clark Orville C 3 Omro Clarke, Emerson C 1 Oshkosh Garke. Larry B t Oshkosh Clarkston. Marilyn S 3 Barrington III Classon. Barbara L 1 Kowauneo Clausing. Randall N 1 Port Washington Clavadatscher. Rita S 1 Sauk City Cieeremon. Judith S 3 Newald Clement. Joe R 1 Green Bay Clements. Jehan 2 Madison Gcndenen. Dllona M 2 La Porte Ind Cleveland Crystal L 1 Noenah Cleveland Thomas J 2 Kaukauna Clifford Ken J 2 Manon Clifton David B 2 Clarendon Hills, III Cline Dennis M 2 Aurigo Clme. Jeffrey T 1 Black River Falls Clough, AJanW 3 Oshkosh Clouse Robert 0 2 Waukesha Coats. Elwm A 3 Omro Coats. Sharon F 3 Omro Coburn LeonoG 3 Oshkosh Cochart. Carol M 2 Green Bay Code. Ann M 2 Milwaukee Coe. Thomas E 2 Saiocton Coenen. Jerry F 2 Appleton Coenen. Linda C 2 Sauk City Coffman. William R 4 Mayville Cohen. Martin J 1 Milwaukee Cohojus Lois. R 1 Wausau Cod. Karen S 4 Princeton Colber James R 2 Milwaukee Cole. Christine E 2 Oshkosh Colo. David J 1 Racme Cole. Diane M 1 Waukesha Colo. Eugene H Jr 3 Oshkosh Cole. Lours L 1 Glen Ellyn III Cole. Lynn C ) Dolovan Colella Patricia A 3 West Allis Coleman GaryN 3 Green Bay Coleman. Gladys M 1 Oelauan Coleman. Gwen A 1 Mountain Colomon. Jennifer J 1 Wahiawa Coll. Sharon R I St Francis Coller James G 4 Fond du Lac Coller. Patricia A 2 Fond du Lac Colligan. Christine A 2 Wild Roso Colligan Darnel D 3 Wild Rose Collins Alan E 4 Milwaukee Collins. John R 3 Kenosha Coflms. Nancy 2 Appleton Collins Terry P 3 Milwaukee Collins. Thomas F 2 De Pere Collins. Virginia C 3 Madison Coistad. John I 1 Beaver Dam Comerford. Gene J 2 Hilbert Commons, Floyd H 4 Ripon Comfl Patrick F I Green Bav Conlee. Mark C 3 Oshkosh Conlm Thomas J 2 Oshkosh Conlon. Diane L 2 Humboldt Iowa Connolly Michael S I Apploion Connor Patrick J I Cud8hy Conrad. Dennis O 4 Lunenburg. Mass Conrad. Shirley. A 4 Columbus Conrod. Stanley L 4 Kaukauna Conradt. Gene A 3 Shiocton Constantmeau Ronald R 3 Kenosha Converse Mark E 1 Green Bay Conway. Jeanne K 2 Waukesha Conway. Kathy R 4 Crandon Coombs. Linda L 1 Oshkosh Cook. George M 4 East Molme. Ill Cook James A 1 Waupaca Cook, Linda K 2 Oostburg Cook. Sharon D 2 Appleton Cook. Thomas L 1 Oshkosh Cook. Timothy K 1 Oshkosh Cooke Barbara R 2 Beaver Dam Cooke. Charles N Jr 4 Meeuah Cooley. Charlotte J 1 Fond du Lac Coonen. Jerome 3 Houkonna Coonen. Michael S 1 Appleton Cooney Michael J. 3 Now London Cooper. Carol A 1 Waukesha Cooper Jerome J 2 Manitowoc Cooper Thomas R 2 Milwaukee Coopman. JeHrey F t Ocontu Falls Copps. Kevin G 1 Whitefinh Bav Corbisier. Gary J 1 Oshkosh Corcoran. Michael J I Fond du Lac Corado Christine B 1 Wausau Cor des. Stephanie C 3 Milwaukee Cords Ruth A 1 Janesville Cornnll Jeffrey E 2 Rhinelander Cornetto. James R I Green Bay Cottrell Mary S 2 Winneconne Cotts. Susan M 1 West Oe Pern Coulter Larry L 1 Allenton Countnoy James E 4 Shiocton Court Suzanne M 3 Seymour Cowan. Candace J t Rugma. Sak Cowan. Jamce W 4 Oshkosh Cowan. Steven N 4 Oshkosh Cox Mary R 2 JunBau Coyno. Sfnven T I Fond du Lac Craig. Frederick C 1 Winneconne Craig. John S Ripon Craig. Mory L 2 Omro Craig. Suzanne F 1 Richfield Crall. Frank W 1 Saynor Cramberg. Larry E 3 Bloomington III Cramer Scott R 1 Madison Crane, James J 1 Oshkosh Crapoau Renee A 2 Fond du Lac Creamer. Grogory H 2 Ogdensburg Cmockiy. Martin 4 Shoboygon Ctnkovich. Charles M 3 Franklin Crone Richard L West Allis Crooks. John F f Sparta Crooks. Robert J 4 Green 8ay Crowbndgo. Sue M 2 Milwaukee Crowe. Michael E 1 Appleton Crowe Michael P I Clintonvillo Crowe Nora E Appleton Crowe. Patrick H 1 Neenah Crowe, Tim L 4 Appleton Crowley. Catherine A Green Bay Crum. Christine A f Milwaukee Cukrowskt Kathleen C 1 Milwaukee Culbertson. Calvin W 5 Appleton Cullen Mary A 2 Janesville Culver Cdlharme L 2 Fond du Lac Cummings Steven J 2 Oshkosh Crumps, Kathryn M 2 Green Bav Curlev Thomas E 4 Oshkosh Curran, Michael J 3 Green Bay Currie Cnsti L 2 Milwaukee Curios Lo P .4 Oshkosh Curtin Daniel R 1 Rhinelander Curtis. Danny A 1 Oshkosh Curtis. Judith A Oshkosh Curtsinger. Sue A 3 Manitowoc C a|3, Edward RJ 1 Kewaskum Oamecki. Robert A 4 Milwaukee C arnecki Ronald E 3 Milwaukee C arnecki. Susan E 4 Milwaukee Czerwinski Felipa C 2 Milwaukee Czisny Mary J 2 Daane Lynda A 3 Hingham Daboi. John H 1 Madison Dacholet . Robert J 3 Menasha Daeblor. Thomas L 2 Shawano Daehn JohnO 2 Hartford Daggs. Randall A 2 Arlington Heights. Ill Dahl John E 1 Bowles Dahlke. Chuck N I Waupaca Dahlko. Judith K 3 Oshkosh Dahlke. Linda L 3 Oshkosh Dahlke. Mark F I Weyauwnga Dahms. Charles G 1 Waukesha Dahms. Gmgor 3 Menomonee Falls Dahms. Steven V 2 Oshkosh Dakm. Karl W 2 Antigo Daley. Mchaol J 2 Green Bay Daley. Susan K 1 BarneveW DaJIman Mary B 2 Shawano Da'imann ThomasC 2 Milwaukee Datson Ronald B 4 Rhmdander Dalton. Gary R 1 Columbus Dam to Kathleen M 1 Appleton Oamels. John J 1 HanfordDufy. Patncia A 1 Groon Bay Oushek. Margo A 2 Waupaca Dushensky. Eileen A 1 Oshkosh Dushensky. Jean M 2 Oshkosh Dushensky Kathleen E 1 Oshkosh Du Vail. LeeAnn H 2 Oshkosh Ou Vail Linda J 1 Oshkosh Duveneck Michael J 3 Wauwatosa Dvoiachek. Donald E 4 Oshkosh Dvorak. Judy A 1 Middleton Dwyer Dooms P 4 Wauwatosa Dwyer Pamela A 1 Waukesha Dygort Marlene J 2 Crystal Lake III Dykes. Donna F 2 Wauwatosa Dykstra. James H 3 Cedar Grove Dykstra. Verene L 4 Randolph Dyue. Rune D 2 Oshkosh D iekan Patricia K 2 Union Grove D wngeleski Linda M 1 Green Bay Eachus Allison E 2 Bala Cynwood. Pa Eames. Gail F 2 Sturgeon Bay Earll Gene A 1 New London Early David O 2 Crrvitf Early. Maureen A 1 Appleton Eastman. Douglas A 3 Appleton Eastman. Susan E 1 Clmtonviite Ebben Edward P 3 Neenah Ebben Gary J 2 Appleton Ebben Joel D 1 Appleton Ebben Theresa F 2 Appleton EbDOl Potor M 4 Edgwrton Ebol Nancy J 1 Oshkosh Ebenreiter. Joyce E 2 Plymouth Ebert, Ellon M 3 Oshkosh Ebert. Lynne A 2 Milwaukee Ebert. Rodntry D 2 Fond du Lac Echols. 5uzanno 2 Sheboygan Eckert. Anne E 3 Sister Bay Eckert. Stephen H 2 Sister Bay Eder Micheal R 2 Water lord Edge. David S 2 Milwaukee Edminster. Donald V Oshkosh Edwards. George T 2 Milwaukee Edwardsen. Dean L 1 Wauwatosa EHonhoim Donald R 1 Cedarburg EHenheim. Thomas P 2 Milwaukee Egan. John R 2 Oshkosh Egalhoff. Christine M 1 Maquon EgolhoM Peter G 2 Thiensville Eger. Linda T 2 Pewaukee Eggcn. Mark N 3 Appleton Eggor Linda L 1 Fond du Lac Eggert. Kenneth C 4 New London Eggleston, Howard H 2 Oshkosh Eggum. Gregory J 2 Brookfield Ehenfeldt Richard E 3 Oshkosh Ehler. Patricia A 3 Shoboygan Ehlers. Chet W 2 Maryville Ehlers Karla J 3 Grflett Ehlers Merlin W 4 Meyville Ehlert, Myron L 4 Oshkosh Ehli. Ronald L 1 West Allis Ehm Kathie M 5 Hawkins Ehrenhardi Patricia J 2 Oshkosh Ehihardt. Mary A 4 Oshkosh Ehrbardt. Thomas C 3 Oakheld Ehnch Candice F 1 Muskego Ehncti Lucy M 3 Barrington III Ehricko Paul M 1 Appleton Eichmger Annette G 1 Menomonee Falls Eichinger. Charles H 1 Oshkosh Eichinger. Jams D I Menomonee Falls Eichmger. Sharon L 2 Oshkosh Eichstadt James W 4 Oshkosh Eichslaedt. Sally J 3 Waukesha Eide. Caryl L 3 Oshkosh Eiden. Barbara J 1 Hales Corners Eicon Charles A Hales Corners Eiden III. Martin N 2 Menomonee Falls Eidon Susan J 1 Oshkosh Eigenbrodi GailJ 2 Fond du Lac Eilties Carl A 1 Wautoma Eilcrt. John R 3 Oshkosh Emerson Dean A 1 Janesville Emsiodol Mary E 2 Delev an Eirmg. Mary J 1 Kiel Eisa Yousef O 1 Washington DC Eiseweich. Mary L 3 Seymour Eisemeich. Nancy D 2 Seymour Eisenroich. Richard L 1 Seymour Eisner. Jerome A 3 Sheboygan Eisold. Kathleen A 3 Milwaukee Eitiny Robert A 2 Kimberly Ekvail Nancy J 2 Oshkosh Eiger . Donna L I Janesville Elgharrat. Mahmond A 1 Oshkosh Eliason. Jean A 2 Green Bay Eli. Barbara A 1 Milwaukee Ellonby Robert W 2 Btoomall. Pa Ellington William B 1 Mayville Ellis. Brian T 2 Gieen Bay Elliott. Charles F 1 Two Rivers Ellison William L 1 Wauwatosa Ellman. Barry W S Milwaukee Ellsworth. Lloyd G 4 Oshkosh Elquist Fayo E 1 Sister Bay Elver Rita R I Oshkosh Elver Roger L 1 Oshkosh Emanuel. Christine K 3 Merrill Emtxirtson Thomas 0 1 Washburn Embry. Barbara Y 1 Milwaukee Emonch. David C 4 New London Emmei James W 4 Green Bay Emmers. Paul P 2 Appleton Emmons. Virginia M Ro Endcjan. Francis J 1 Oshkosh Enders. Mary J 2 Wabano End ter .Katherine C 2 Menasha Enders. Wayne T 3 St Cloud Endriwi. Rita C 3 Milwaukee Engebros. Barbara A 1 Green Bay Engebretsen. Ame L 2 Hales Coiners Engebretsen, Myra L 1 Hales Corners Engebretsen Joyce C I Milwaukee Engel. Carol J 2 Larsen Engel Judy A 2 Shawano Engel, Pamela F 3 Oshkosh Engeike. Daniel 0 2 Sunrise Bay Engelmann. David E 2 Fond du Lac Engleben. Chailes H 1 AJgoma Engholdt Betty A 1 Milwaukee Englund James G I Oshkosh Engsltom. Mrs E V S Appleton Eparvior Roseanne M 1 Neonali Erdmann. Ramona 3 Oshkosh Erdmann. Richard J 2 Noonah Erickson. Alan M I St Cloud Erickson Edward D 3 Saukville Enckson, Grace J 2 Saukville Erickson. Judith L 3 Manitowoc Enckson. Judy E 4 Salem Enckson. Lona A 4 Manitowoc Erickson. Lynda J I Franklin Park III Enckson. Nora E 1 Racme Enckson. Tom D 4 Fond Du Lac Emster. Joan A 2 Milwaukee Ertl. Anthony C 2 Oshkosh Eshloman. Bryan T 1 Piscataway. N J Eshuchi. Seruya O 1 Emulole Kenya Esslmger. Jill E 2 Oshkosh Esslmger. Thomas J 1 Oshkosh Estes. Donald f 1 Three Lakes Ethier Patricia J 2 Waukesha Ethmgton Richard A 3 Neenah Eudidc William L 1 Oshkosh Eufnch. Donna J 1 Oshkosh Evans. Carol A 3 West Bend Evans. Deborah J 1 Fond Du Lac Evans Richard W 4 Green Bay Evans. Sharyn S 4 Oshkosh Evans. Stephen R 2 Arlington. Va Evans. Steven C 1 Juneau Evorard. Pamela T 1 Manitowoc Evetson. Richard I 2 Clmionvitlo Evillor. Lynne M 2 Oconomowoc Ewald. Judy E 2 Berlin Ewald. William L 1 Appleton Eworu. Judnh R 2 Milwaukee Eyors. Charles W Jr 1 Oshkosh Faber. Charles E 2 Fond Du Lac Faber. Rientma S 1 Delevan Fabistak. Shirley A 4 Waukesha Fabiszak. Beatrice A 4 Milwaukee Facotie. Richard A 3 West Allis Fahnrich. Edward E 3 Racme Fait. Dennis E 2 Wis Rapids Falcus. Lynn A 1 Appleton Faldute. Joseph 2 Racine Falk. Jill E 2 Juneau Faller Gail M 2 Cudahy Falvey. Marilyn R 3 Oshkosh Fandnch Robert A 2 Milwaukee Farbor. Jean M 2 Oshkosh Father Kathleen A 4 Dovsman Farmer. Jefferson R 3 Oshkosh Farnell Carol A 2 Oshkosh Fan Patricia S 4 Oshkosh Farrell Elizabeth D 2 Green Bay Farrell. Janet S 3 Wauwatosa Farrell Patricia A Wauwatosa Fast, Lynda L I Menominee. Mich Faugust. James R 4 Manitowoc Faugust. Keren J 1 Manitowoc Fauk. Christine J 1 Oshkosh Faulkenderrn. Linda K 1 Green Bay Faust Brad J 1 Greensboro, N.C Faust. Lynn F 1 Oshkosh Fawcett. Gary C 3 Oshkosh Fax. Mary K 1 Green Bay Feavel. Douglas E 2 Appleton Feavel. James L 3 Appleton Feenberg. Judy K ) Milwaukee Feirer. Bertha C 1 Oshkosh Felbab Judith J 3 Racme Feld. Cheryl L 4 Sheboygan Feldkamp Renee E 1 Kaukauna Feldman Gayc W 2 Milwaukee Feldman Sandra J 1 Sheboygan . Fefdner. John P 2 Fon Du Lac Feldner Paul E 4 St Cloud Feldon. Carol E 1 Beloit Felix. Fred L 3 Oshkosh Fell Susan K 4 Racme Fallen . Richard G 1 Port Washington Fellows. Beth L 1 Algoma Feisteed. Richard L 1 Eandwich. Ill Fell . Judith L 1 Waupaca Fendlor Jacqueline R 1 Oshkosh Fennema. Jean A 1 Rhinelander Fensm. Kenneth R 2 Chicago Fenton. Robert R 3 Fond Du Lac Foreidooni Mohammad 3 Oshkosh Foren James F 2 Oshkosh Ferge. Michael L 2 Mayville Fernandez Ronald J 2 Oshkosh Feme. Richard B Brookfield Ferst . Robert B 1 Beaver Dam Festge Joy Mane 1 Milwaukee Fewer. Mane E 2 Port Washington Feuerabend Michael F 2 Milwaukee Feuu. Shan L 1 Waterloo Fiebig. Kathryn M 2 Oshkosh Field. Ethel M S Oshkosh Field. Patricia D 2 Col m bus Fields. Marilyn S 3 Oshkosh Fierke. Jay L 3 Oshkosh Fifarck Glenn G 2 Marinette Fihppi . Katherine J 1 Kenosha Flinirop. Richard A 3 Mukwonago Filz. Robert J I Appleton Filz. Sharon L 4 Appleton Flnco. Cheryl A I Milwaukee Fink. Hohn P 1 Menasha Fink. Micholo M I Milwaukee Kind Robert D 2 Fond Du Lac Finnegan. Joan N 2 Reedsburg Firmer. Rufus E 1 Chicago. Ill Fmster Mark D 1 Milwaukee Fmtak. Barbara A 1 Waukesha Firer. Susan M I Whitcfish B3v Fischer Frances M 3 Berlin Fischer. Jams M 3 Manitowoc Fischer Jo Ann V 3 Mayville Fischer ManeneJ S Oshkosh Fischer Russell W S Oshkosh Fishai. Donald E 1 Neenah Fisfea. Gary L 3 Fond Du Lac Fisher. Sharon L 1 Cnvitz Fisher. Thomas R 4 Oshkosh Fissel. Christopher J 2 Oshkosh Fissel Jessica L 1 Oshkosh Fitzgerald. Barbara A 2 Sun Praeie Fitzgerald. Clifford J 1 Port Washington Fitzgerald Patnaa A t Oshkosh Fitzgerald Thomas J 1 Grafton Flagstad. David L 1 Fond Du Lac Flaherty Jeanne C S Farmington, III Flaherty. William S 1 Monroe Flaiant Ronald 3 Sheboygan Falls Flanagan. John P 2 Oshkosh Flanagan. Michael A 1 Pickett Flanagan. Patricia M 1 Bear Creek Finders. James W 2 Fond Du Lac Flasch. Barbara L 1 Juneau Flatloy. Jams K 1 Rhinelander Flaws Bruce R 1 Milwaukee Flegler. Connie L t Milwaukee Flegler, Connie L 1 Oshkosh Flegner. Cheryl L 1 Monomoneo Falls Fleming Josephine A 1 Wisconsin Rapids Fleming, Kathryn G 1 Milwaukee Fleming. Sandra I 2 Kolavan Fleming. William F 1 H,inland Flentte. Sandra L 4 Shoboygan Fletcher. Laura J 2 Sister Bay Fletcher Linda L 1 Puiaske Flotet Christine L 1 Waukeqan III Flock. Carol J 3 Cashton Floether. Vicki. A 2 Oshkosh Flohr. Sandra J 2 Oshkosh Flood. Mary K 4 Eden Flood. Patricia K 1 Racme ‘ Ron an. Joseph J SheboyganFlowers. Margjrot A 1 Cable f lynn Jane C 1 Boion Foersfftf. Alan J 3 Qconomowoc Foai Carol A 4 Bkj Bond footman Steven J 2 Oshkosh Fok Wanq H 1 Hong Kong Fotoy lisa M I Hales Corners Foley. Ann M 4 Fond Do Lae Fonder Patricia J 3 Green Bay Forties 8Mtnc A 1 Omro Forbes. Esther M 3 Appiotan Ford. Josephine A 3 Loko Forest. Ill Fordham. Nancy K Green lako Forest Joanne M 3 Helenv.lle Forman Lucy J Oshkosh Formiller John W 3 Omro Formiller Judith A 1 Oshkosh Forrest Frank H 3 Oshkosh Forsberg. Christine C I Kenosha Fo Stor. Bonnie L 2 Hales Corners Footer. Elizabeth I Brookfield Fortney Kathy M 1 Oak Park III Fpssum Nancy A I Milwaukee Foster Gordon A 1 Oshkosh Foster. Sharon A 2 Milwaukee Foorwter Pamela R 2 Now Bnrkn Foust. Roger C 2 Oshkosh Foust. Steven I 2 Oshkosh Fowls. John H 3 Oshkosh Fo James H 3 Madison Fox. Karin L I Whitehsh Bay Fox Susan G 2 Weyavwetja Fox Wayne G 1 Oshkosh Framing. Judith J 1 Green Bay Framtierget. Patricia A 3 Oshkosh Franco. Norman C I Fond Du Lac Frank Gill I 2 Noonan Frank Carl A I Oshkosh Frank Carol A 1 Oshkosh Frank David R 3 Milwaukee Frank Gary D 3 Apploton Frank Kenneth F 1 Hdh«t Frank Mary J 1 Oshkosh Frank PhilipA 4 Neenah Frank Raymond A 4 Waukesha Frank Rohmi T 2 Kimberly Frank Thomas A 2 Jackson Franken Margaret Mary 2 Groon Bay Fransway Peter .1 2 Appleton Franu. Samuel V 4 Sheboygan Fran en Wayne. W I CfWtU Fran. Patncia A 4 Oshkosh Frock Paula A 1 Columbus Fredvnberg Sally R Shawano Fredwnbety. Susan L 1 Shawano Frodenck LynnL 2 Fox Lake Fredrick Stephen A 2 Oshkosh Frodncks. Tumi M 1 LaCrosse Fredrickson. Carol A 2 Shnger Fredrickson Jane E 2 Madison Fredrickson Lee J 4 Slmger Freeborg. Berry L 2 Iron Mountain Mich Fieeman Carl F I Florence Freer James W 3 Oshkosh Frotberg. James W 1 Fond Du Lac Frmboth Robert C 2 Manitowoc Freund Anna M I New Holstein Fmund Kathleen A 2 Fond Du Lac Frotrod Paul H 4 Appleton Freund Richard H Beaver Dam Ft aund. Torrance J I Fond Du Lac Frey Jeffrey R 2 Groon Bay Frey. Karen S 2 Oshkosh Frey. Ronald 0 4 Oshkosh Freye lytme M 2 Menosha Fnedd Robert R 1 Wosi Bono Fnedman Michael J 2 Milwaukee Friedrich James E 2 Fond Du Lac Fries Gone C 3 Menomonee Falls Fries. William J 2 Oshkosh Fnese. Claudia 2 Sheboygan Fncson. Judith A 2 Waukesha Frit JoftnW 1 Fogd Du Lac Fntder Sandra K 1 Waukesha Fruhman Sandy J I Oak Creek Fruit M K 7 Milwaukee Fuchs. Coilen A I Manon Fuchs. Kurt W 4 Chicago. HI Fuersi Gary L 1 Apploton Fugloberg Robert E I Oshkosh Fohromann Paul R 3 Berlin Fufuman Grog J Fond Du Lac Fuhrmann Thomas E 3 Now London Fuhs. Susan M 4 Fullor Robert G 2 Mayville Fullmer. Joan C 4 Kaukaurva Furdek Dan tel R ) Cudahy Furlong Kay G 2 Oshkosh Furn»»f Thomas E 4 Fond Du Lac Furstonborg Now A 4 Appleton Fuss Lmda M 3 Neenah Gaurder. Nancy Kay 2 Odordville Gabnelson Ann Mano 1 Milwaukee Gadnk Francis V 2 Cudahy Gaecke Robert L 2 Green Bay Gaffney Mary B 3 Fond Du Lac Gage. David 4 Oshkosh Gaqc Mary Anna 1 Middleton Kathryn M 1 Milwaukee Gagiiano Robert F 1 Wauwatosa Galasstu Vincent fl 3 Mafuroha Gales Peter W 3 Raima Gallagher James R 4 Green Bav Gallant JohnW 1 Green Bay GmHus Bornte J 1 Milwaukee Ganonberg. Sandra Mane 1 Antigo Galvin Mary J 1 Oshkosh Gamber Bruce S 2 Milwaukee Gamble Susan A t Beaver Dam Gamble Thomas W 2 Pori Washington Gamm Lmda D 1 Milwaukee Gamroth. David G ! Wauwatosa Gamroth Noil H 3 Watertown Gams Kenneth J t Oshkosh Gamsky Russel L 2 Greenfield Gant arow Roger H 3 Milwaukee Garuyk Dennis S 4 Oshkosh Gardmer Anno E 1 Milwaukee Gardner David J 4 Fond du Lac Gardner Nancy C 1 B g Bend Ganty Mchael J I Jefferson Gamy Dean F 1 Milwaukee Garon James P 4 Peshngo Garon Joseph C 4 Peshtigo Garot. Mano E 3 West Bend Garroit Barbara S ) Madison Garvey Tanothy fl 3 Appleton Gasser Kathleen I Madison Gasser Roberta L 2 Madison Gauke NedS 2 Part Wusnmgton Gauslm. John T 4 Apploton Gauslm Judith A 4 Appiotan Gauthier Kennoth F 2 Green 8av Gauigan Mary K 2 Waukesha Gavin. Joan C 4 Oshkosh Gavm Thomas C Oshkosh Gayhiirl. Alan 3 Oshkosh Gay nor Darnel F 3 Oshkosh Gtftx' yk Sandra M 1 Tomah Getiftaril Barbara A I Germantown Gannon James R 2 Kimberly Gehrig Carol A 1 Menomnnet Falls Gehrke Steve R 1 Oshkosh Gehrke Steven K I Oshkosh Gehrmann Ralph J 2 Apploton Gerget Holly R 2 Wauwatosa Courier Rubert H 1 Green Bav Geissier. John B 1 Chippewa Falls Gwrnor James A 2 Sturgeon Bay Geldmeyer Robert W Niagara Goiter stod Annette C Evanston. Ill Geodron Catherine M 4 Coleman Gen slur Robert W 4 Ckntonville George Donna M 2 franksvillo George William R 2 Union Grove Georgeson Joyce E I Arlington Georgeson. Richard I 1 Oshkosh Georgeson Ronald L 3 Oshkosh Gerbeosky Karen M 3 Waukesha Gergen. Rosemary E I Beaver Dam Gerlach. Robert F 1 Green Bay Germ an son Diane L 2 Milwaukee Gerrrrd Michael B 3 Oshkosh Gers ewsk. Robert J 2 Milwaukee Gerth Pamela A 2 Watertown Get sc how Richard G 3 Oshkosh Gotti no. Kathryn E 1 Wausau Ghannod. Hossem 2 Oshkosh Gibbons Michael J I West Allis Gmbe». Franklm H 4 Reedsburg Grogencfi, James R 3 Prame Du Sac Gietow. Bar ha i a A 4 Oshkosh Gmlow. Karen Jane 2 Fond du Lac Ginm a Glenn K I Milwaukee G.orhahn Jeffery G I Milwaukee Giest Diane S t Milwaukee Giftm Patricia M 1 Appleton Gilbert. Carol D 1 Milwaukee Gilbertson. Diane M 4 Oshkosh Gilgenbach Diane I 2 Fond dui Lac Gill Sally I I Oshkosh Gillen. Diane F 4 Kaukauna Giller Nadmo E t Danan Gillette. Maryann T 1 Kaukauna Celling. Thomas F 2 Green Bey Gillingham. David R 2 Oshkosh Gillingham James C 4 Rosendale Gilmore. Janet E I Racine Gilson Leroy D 2 Oshkosh Gilson Mchoei J 1 Sturgeon Bav Gmka. Harold C 1 Oshkosh Girien. Sharen L 1 Thtensvifle Grssai Sue A 4 Menomonee Falls Gutuku Frederick M 2 Kiambu Kenya Gtadoskc. Molede S t Fond du Lac Giacser Fred P I Brookfield Gleaner Kurt F 2 Milwaukee Glandt Michael W 4 Oshkosh Giasunapp Nancy A 2 New London Glaser Douglass R 1 Prospect Hts III Glasson. Cathy L t Ashland Gla e. Carol J 1 Oshkosh Gleason Naoci L 2 Green Bay Glass Barbara Jeanne 2 Pdaski Gloyd Lynda L 2 Ripon Gloyd Marion L 2 Oshkosh Gloyd MacyC t Ripon Glynn Jeffery A 2 Ground ole Gnagi Steve 4 S erra Mattie Calif Gnerltch. Rodney L I Mayville Godfrey Brian T 1 Waupaca Godtiardt. Sandy L 3 Oshkosh Goebel Robert J 2 St Cloud Goocborman James R t Wauwatosa Goede Donald H 1 Sun Prairie Goedo. Jeffrey W 2 Franklm Gould Jane M 1 New Holstein Go ?! Robert H 4 Milwaukee Goomans Gary T 2 Green B ry Goers Joyce A 2 Oshkosh Goemans. Gary T 2 Green Bay Goers Joyce A 2 Oshkosh Goeser Pot or S 1 Oshkosh Goetsch Robert E 2 Milwaukee Goetzfce Judith A 2 West Allis Goffm Gary M 3 Menominee Mich Gooding Mary M 1 Now Berlin Goodman Mary E 1 Milwaukee Goodrich. Frances R 2 Green Bav Goodwin. Roger M 2 Brtoif Goodyear. Jon R 2 Appleton Goidbach Jane M 1 Green Bay Goldberg Marjorie 2 Wausau Golden, Gerald Lee 4 Oshkosh Goldie. Hugh J 1 Chicago. Ill Goitaiee. James A 2 Oshkosh Gooyhon. Jarrcth L 2 Green Bay Golf Brian R I Evansville GOU. Carol L I Memomonoe Fans Gormmd. Juietto M 2 Green Bay Gomm. Donna I t Manitowoc Gomoll Joan L 2 Oshkosh Goniu Kathleen Mane 2 Milwaukee Gonnng Mary Ann 2 West Bend Gonwa Janet E 3 Belgium Gooddl Sandra Joan 2 Sheboygan Gordon. Bruce E 1 GJon Gorman Nancy K 3 West Ailc Gorski Ann B T Milwaukee Gorsky TnshaA 3 Apploton Guse Raymond F 2 Oshkosh Goska. David J I West Bond Gospodarok Thomas R S Oshkosh Goss Marylee 4 Menasha Gotchy. Lmda J I Sheboygan Gotstem Peter O I Madison Gottgetreu Gregg T t Oshkosh Goctmger. Kathryn A 1 Fond du Lac Gottschalk Jon R 3 Wisconsin Rapids Gould. Beverly 2 Union Grove Gould Peggy J 2 Larsen Goyke Steve V T Oshkosh Graele Robert F 2 Sheboygan Graettmger John A I Wauwatosa Gral David L 3 Oshkosh Graf Diano V 1 Sturgeon Bay Graf Eugene P 1 Union Grove Graf Kathy A 1 Waupun Graf Marc W 3 Oshkosh Graf Ronald Raymond 2 Algona Graff Lmda L 1 Wauwatosa Graham Janice L 2 Wauwatosa Graham Leonia F 1 Milwaukee Graham. Richard J 1 Fond du Lac Graichen Sharyn A 4 Oshkosh Gramoll Janet L 1 Menomonee Falls Gramoll. Patricia L 2 Grafton Grams David 3 Oshkosh Gramse Avaleo Pi 2 Green Lake Grandgeorge. Susan I 3 Elm Grove Grandman Judy A 3 Lorn it a Granseo John W 1 Ripon Graschberger Joanne A 1 Green 8oy Graska David C 4 Oshkosh Grasso Thomas W 4 Port WashingtonGraverson. Gloria J 1 Neewah Graves. Susan M 1 Whitefish Bay Graves. Virginia I 1 Menasha Gray. Norma J 1 Oshkosh Gray. William W 1 Columbus Grcb Della R 2 Antigo Green Ai son Lee 1 Wauwaiosa Green.Joanno 1 Milwaukee Green.Judith 1 Milwaukee Greenberg Jonathan S 2 Bethosda Md Greene Lmda 4 Appleton Greening, James R 3 Oshkosh Greenwald. Suzanne M S Oshkosh Greenwood. Charles F 2 West Allis Groffer Jeanme L 1 Oshkosh Gregor Susan Kay 2 Sheboygan Gregorios. Michael J 1 Appleton Gregory. David A 1 Milwaukee Greguske Ma ylee R 3 Green Bay Griese LuAnn I 1 Groen Bay Greisen Ronald A Sturgeon Bay Grenz. Susan K 1 Landolakes Gresenz. Jon B 3 Oshkosh Gresboidt. Garfield D 4 Sheboygan Greytak. Darlene A 1 Menomonee Griap Maryboth I 1 Oshkosh Grtepentrog Sandra M 1 Greenleaf Griffin. Ronald E 2 Waukegan III Griffm. Timothy J 1 Wauwaiosa Griffith Dave E 3 Berlin Griffith Kathleen J 2 Milwaukee Grill. Jean Anne 1 Sparta Grimes. Thomas G 4 Fond du Lac Gnmm. Francme E 3 Phillips Grimm, Paul L 1 Wautoma Grimm. Riilip A 3 Green Lake Gntzmacher. Ere A 1 Wauwaiosa Grochowskt. Sisan M I Cudahy Groenier. Kathryn E 2 lola Grooninger. Karen M 1 New Berlin Groesbeck. Sharon Y I Fond du Lac Groeschel Edward C 4 Oshkosh Grogan. Patricia M 3 Kaukauna Groh Eileen K 4 Laona Groh. Judy A 2 Laona Groh Patty J 2 Milwaukee Groh. Timothy L Milwaukee Gromacki. Susan A 2 Lac du Flambeau Gronii Daniel K 1 Madison Gross James S 3 Oshkosh Gross Lawrence H 4 Oshkosh Gross. Marylynn J 2 Fond du Lac Gross Robert A 4 Peshtigo Gross. Siophen M 4 Oshkosh Grosser. Geinn D 2 Cedarburg Grossman. David B 2 Milwaukee Grossman. Jon B 4 Dale Grote Paula A 2 Sheboygan Groth. Jean A 2 Portage Groth. Karen Anne 3 Brookfield Groih. Shan L 1 Redgranitc Grove. Robert Me 1 Milwaukee Groves. Roy E 1 Milwaukee Grow Donald Wayne 3 Oshkosh Grow Susan S 2 Oshkosh Gruber Elizabeth A 3 Chilton Gruber. Joseph A 1 Chilton Gruber Mary M 1 Shauano Gruber . Ronald L 2 Bever Dam Gfucner. Jane R 1 Cudahy Gruenwald. Jon R I Oshkosh Gruonwald Karen D 4 Oshkosh Gruett. Christine L 2 Rosondaio Gmetzmacher. Dale M 1 Kewaunee Grunwaldt JoeiJ 3 Appleton Grupe William P 3 Easton. Pa Grupp. Leonard C 5 Oshkosh Gruszewski. Gary E 3 Milwaukee Guckonberger Diane B 2 Milwaukee Guelig. Joan 2 Waupun Guenther. Gerald F 2 Oshkosh Guenther Katherine E 2 Wauwatosa Guenther. Randall L 3 Waupun Guenther. Robert C 2 Rhinelander Guorison George B 1 lola Guest. Barry L 3 Oshkosh Guhr. Kathy A 1 Halos Corners Gumm. Christine L 2 West Bend Gummo, Larry Leo I Wausau Gumz Wayne A 1 Oshkosh Gunderson Dean E 1 Wautoma Gunderson Mary L 2 Madison Gundrum. Anthony J 1 Kewaskum Gunning. Mary F 2 Oshkosh Gunning. Susan E 1 Oshkosh Guraih. Judith L 3 Oshkosh GurgeL Paul E 3 Oshkosh Guse Ellen J 2 Manitowoc Guse Roger Alan 1 Mayville Gustafson Peter M 4 Menomonee Falls Gustavus. Betty A 1 Oshkosh Gustke. Elizabeth A 4 Oconto Falls Gutoski. Gerald R 2 Oshkosh Guyette. Thomas R 3 Oshkosh Guyton. Claudia R 1 Milwaukee Gwm, Nancy J Rhinelander Gygax. Bonnie L 2 Waukesha Gynn. John C 2 Fond du Lac Haack Bonnie L 1 Brookfield Haack Terry A 2 Menasha Haag Ronald K 3 Fond Du Lac Haagensen Mark P 1 Oconomowoc Haanstad, Michael J 1 Wittenberg Haase. Brent M 1 Oshkosh Haase. Robm L 4 Racme Habeck. Ronald F 4 Plymouth Habichrost. Richard G 3 Bonduel Hable. Susan J 1 Oshkosh Hackbarth Gerald H 3 Chilton Hackbarth. Karon E 3 Chilton Hacker . Robert B I Sturgeon Bay Hacker. Susan L 1 Oshkosh HadIw Fred R 1 ThiensviUe Hadler Hohn M 3 Mequon Haodt. Karen I 1 Ormo Haedt Michael 0 1 Omro Haen. Anna M 2 Kaukauna Haen. Linda M 2 Kaukauna Haertlein. Cathrme M 1 Megoon Haese. Jean T 3 Waupun Haese Lmda L 1 Sheboygan Falls Haese TcdJ 3 Fond Du Lac Hafomann. Susan M 1 Shawano Halemeister. Peter G 2 Antigo Hafemeister. SueRae 1 Oshkosh Hager Jane A 3 Monroe Hagman Cheryl L 1 Milwaukee Hagman. Jim L I Apploton Hagguist. Elizabeth A 1 Ripon Hahl. James C 1 Morton Hahn Barbara L 1 Racine Hahn, Gertrude I 1 Fromont Hahn. Grace M t Milwaukee Hahn. John F 1 Brookfield Haima. Paula K 1 Ripon Hait. Diane S 2 Milwaukee Halback. Judith L 2 Chilton Hall. Karen M 5 Neenah Hall Nancy M Appleton Hall, Thomas C 2 Greendalo Hall Irma D 1 Milwaukee Hall. Kathleen M 2 Milwaukee Hall Lmda S 1 Sparta Hall. Mary Ann M 1 CampbeMsport Hall Sally A 1 Rhinelander Halle. Janice L 4 Oshkosh Hailiday. Ron 1 Berlin Halloran. John J 2 Wauwatosa Halloran. Shirley 2 Gratiot Halverson. Chris H 1 New Berlin Halverson. Donald E 2 Appleton Halverson. Marilyn K 1 Stoughton Hamachak Sandra H 1 Milwaukee Hamachok. Sandra Lee 3 Kewaunee Hamaker Karen M 2 Appleton Hamilton. Bruce 2 Groen Bay Hamilton. Christine A 3 Wisconsin Rapids Hamilton, Nancy A I Mt Prospect Ham mack Michaol J 4 Oshkosh Hammang. Mary A 1 Fond du Lac Hammel. Wendy E 1 Milwaukee Hammel. William J 3 Milwaukee Hammer. Eileen D 2 New Holstein Hammes. Philip 2 Marmette Hanchett. Rod F 4 Menasha Hancock. Martin J 1 Oshkosh Hancock. Scott S 1 Oconomowoc Hancock. Steve R 2 Oconomowoc Handley Sara J 1 La Pone. Ind Handlos. Mane T 2 Milwaukee Hanert. Judity A 2 West Allis Hanes. Leslie J 3 Fond du Lac Hanlon. CaroleC 2 Beaver Dam Hanlon. Patricia J 1 Beaver Dam Hanneman Gregory J 1 Oshkish Hannes. Denms L 4 Hartford Hanrahan. Elizabeth G 1 Sussex Hanrahan. Ellen E 3 Sussex Hanrahan. Gerald E 4 Hartford Hanseder. Jean C 2 Oshkosh Hansolman. David H 4 Kewaskum Hansolman. William W 1 Kewaskum Hansen Barbara J 1 Groen Bay Hanson. Carolyn E 2 New Holstein Hansen Jean A 3 Waterloo Hansen. Jeffrey S 2 Milwaukee Hansen. Joseph B 1 Milwaukee Hansen. John R 4 Grilett Hansen. Kathleen J 1 Hartford Hansen. Leon G 4 Oshkosh Hanson. Peter J 4 Oshkosh Hansen Richard K 2 Oshkosh Hansen. Robert G 1 Oshkosh Hansen. Vern W 4 Giliett Hansen. Carol M 4 Fond du Lac Hansman Eileen B 1 St Cloud Hanson. Dennis E 1 Waupaca Hanson. Gary G 2 Sturgeon Bay Hanson. Gary N 1 Oshkosh Hanson. Gary T 1 Fond du Lac Hanson. Jams K 1 Oshkosh Hanson. Jennifer M 2 Milwaukee Hanson. Jerry A 2 Oshkosh Hanson. John C 2 Racme Hanson. Karen 8 3 Noenah Hanson Lynne M 2 Manitowoc Hanson. Sharon E 3 Racme Hanson. Thomas L 4 Neenah Hanstedt Hoan M 3 Pulaski Hanstedt. Sherry L 1 Pulaski Hantschel. Cheryl L 2 Kimberly Hanus. Jerome R 3 Milwaukee Harbndge. James D 1 Fond du Lac Harder. Sandra L 1 Menomonee Falls Hardesty. Charles A 2 Markesan Hardiman Beatrice A 1 Hartland Harding. Sharon A 1 Wisconsin Rapids Harker. Janet L 3 Hartford Harmelmk Elroy H 3 Cedar Grove Harkins. Kathyn J 3 Appleton Harkins. William K 1 Appleton Harley. Gregory R 1 Pound Harley. Robert J 1 Shorcwood Harmelmk. Diane L 1 Cedar Grove Harmon. Anno I Shawano Harness. William M 3 Beaver Dam Harper. Wesley R 3 Poshtigo Haifa Jean E 1 Oshkosh Harrington. Beverly A 4 Oshkosh Harris. John 0 2 Greendalo Harris. Steven D 1 Oshkosh Harrison. David K 4 Hustler Harnson III. James L 3 Sheboygan Harrison. Jeamne M 1 Fremont Harrison. John P 1 Sheboygan Harrison. Michael J 4 Oshkosh Harrison Steven K 1 Wabeno Hart. Ricky R 1 Oshkosh Hartford. Cheryl A 3 Oconomowoc Harth. Bonnie L 1 Jackson Harth. Donna S 1 Jackson Hartig. Hugo J 1 Oshkosh Hartl Kathleen M 1 Pembme Hartman. Marlene R 3 Oshkosh Hartman Linda L 4 Milwaukee Hartnett. Robert T 2 Peona. Ill Hartzheim Lucille M 1 Winnoconne Hartzke Barbara J 2 Menomonoe Falls Harvey. Esther 0 4 Tigerton Harvey Heidi A 1 Oshkosh Harvoy. John G 1 Fond du Lac Harvey. Kenneth A 1 T igerton Harvey. Marjorie L 4 T igerton Harvey Sandra M 3 Rhinelander Hasche. Charlotte A 1 Oshkosh Hasche. Lloyd R 4 Oshkosh Hasenstem. Patricia A 2 Sheboygan Haskett. Sandra L 4 Algoma Hass. Jane H 4 Malone Hasse. Sally A 4 Oshkosh Hassell. Carole L 1 Milwaukee Hatch. James K 3 Elm Grove Hatch Marjorie L 1 San Francisco. Calif Hatch. Steven G I Appleton Hathaway. Helen M 4 Wauwatosa Hathaway. Peter M 1 Milwaukee Hathaway Terry H 2 Oshkosh Hau Thomas J 3 Fond du Lac Hauber Brenda S 2 Oshkosh Haug. David E 3 Milwaukee Haug. Sharon M 1 DeForest Hauge. Carol J 1 Oshkosh Hauge. Patroe E 1 Oshkosh Haugsland James A 2 Madison Haugsland. Josepn E 4 Madison Haugsland. Mary L 1 Madison Hauman. Susan C 1 Berlin Haupt Robert J 1 Wittenberg Hauser. Ellon M 2 Hartford Hausor. Kathleen H 1 Milwaukee Hauser Mark J 1 Hartford Hawes Lloyd F 1 Fond du Lac. Hawk. David G 3 Rodgranite Hawkins Theophilus R 1 MilwaukeeHawlish. Christopher V 3 Fond du lac Hayek. Ronald A 2 Milwaukee Hayes Donald P 2 Oshkosh Hayes. James R 2 Appleton Hayes. Jeanette I 4 Oshkosh Hayes. Michael S 3 Mayvillo Hayes. Patricia A 4 Oshkosh Hayes. Robert 2 Rac»ne Haynes. Donald J 1 Appleton Haynes. Nancy K l Mountain Hayon El I 4 Israel Hoys. Sandra E 1 Glendale Hazen. Carol J 4 Oshkosh Hazen Joan M 1 Prairie Du Chien Haziewood. Marsha A 2 Brookfield Heaney Dooms J t Fond du Lac Heaston David W 2 Wauwatosa Heath David I 1 Fond du Lac Heatwole Craig G 4 Port Washington Hebeier . Roland K 2 Appleton Hetol HohnC 1 Sun Prairio Heckel, William C 4 Cnvitz Meeker Walter G 4 Manitowoc Heckner William C 4 Menasho Hedrick. Kim S 1 Grafton Hedtke. David L 4 ClmtonvUle Hedtke James L 4 Omro Hedtke. Saundra R 3 Omro Heesakker Peter L Little Xhute Heesen. Mary Jane T 1 Hartford Hoidel. Donald C 4 Oshkosh Heiden Marilyn M Milwaukee Hoiderer. Linda S . West Allis H»dke. John D 4 Hadke. Martin 0 1 Columbus • Heier Harold W 3 Neenah Hffghway Nancy A 1 Middleton He»l Fred R 4 Sturgeon Bay Hotman. Cheryl A 2 Portage Hoiman Richard W 1 Waterloo Heimerl David W 1 Beaver Dam Heimerl Ellen M 3 Beaver Dam Heimerl. Steven J 1 Hartford Hei merman Steven fl Oconto Heimler Helen A 1 I Beaver Oam Hem Patricia E 3 Appleton Hembigner. Christy J I Oshkosh Home Maureen M I Milwaukee Hemer Kenneth R 3 New Holstom Hemrichs. James A 2 Manitowoc Hems. William H 3 Fond du Lac Hetssler. Laura J 2 Beloit Hcfbeson. Leslie W 3 Larsen Held. David G 1 Mnnomomonee Falls Held. Don R 4 Iron Ridge Held. Larry A 2 Iron Ridge Heff. Linda L 2 Oshkosh HoUor. Susan M 1 Milwaukee Hdgersow. Aimer R 4 Green Bay Hdgert. Robort J 1 West Milwaukee Hdgeson. Tom A 3 Green Lake Hdm. Donna R 1 Beaver Dam Holing Thomas L 1 Oshkosh Hflllstfifn Douglas A 1 Antioch. Ill Hdminen Kirsti M 2 Appleton Hdmuth. Margaret M 3 Green Bay Hdmuth. William J. 4 Eureka Hemauer Richard L I West Bend Hembrook John R 2 Delavan Hem pel. Cynthia G 1 Green Bay Hendricks. Linda C 1 Waupan Hendncks Randan J 2 Arlington Heights. Ill Henobry. Jane A 2 Neenah Hones Harold A I Milwaukee Henke, James A 2 West Bend Honkle. Carol 4 Oshkosh Honne Barbara J 1 Conoma Honnen Patrick A 4 Plymouth Honmng. David L I Madison Honnmg. Dianne K 2 Green Bay Honnmg. Mary E 4 Oshkosh Hendrickson. Tom A 2 Waupaca Henry. Mchael R 1 Greendale Hansel Nancy J 3 Sheboygan Hensoier David W 2 Coleman Hensoier Robert L 3 Hilbert Hensen John C 1 Fond du Lac Hensen Michael L 1 Burlington Henshef. Bradley C 1 Clmton vifle Hentschel Mary A 2 Wisconsin Rapids Hoppe. Patricia M 3 Fall River Hopting. Jacquefyn A 1 West Milwaukee Herbock. Steve F 2 Cary III Herbst. Pat M 3 Adams Hergort Brian H 1 Milwaukee Henan Kathleen J 1 Grafton Heroux Gerald J 4 Pcshtigo Herman. Lynn A 1 Oshkosh Herman Robert C 1 Fond du Lac Herman Theo S 3 Oshkosh Herman. Sharon M 1 Waupun Herrefi. Robert A 3 Milwaukee Herros. Julie A 4 Now London Harriott William A 4 Neenah Herrmann Michael J 1 Manitowoc Herrmann Richard T 4 Manitowoc Herschberger Robert B 3 Evanston III Herwig Douglas D 2 OeForost Herzog. Barbara J 1 Oshkosh Heschke. William D 1 Tomahawk Hoss Allan R 1 Kimberly Hess. George L 1 West Bend Hoss. Larry P 1 Two Rivers Hess Mary S 4 West Bend Hethermgron. Scott W 2 Appleton Hettwor Marjorie C Fond du Lac Houer Margaret A 1 Oshkosh Heuor Suzanne M 1 Highland Hewitt. Lloyd A 2 Neenah H«vman Marcia J 1 Milwaukee Heymann Georgianne H t Greendale Hickey. Peter O 1 Burlington Hietsberg Roben E 1 Oshkosh Hietpas. Karen J 2 Little Chute Higgins. Daniel J 2 Janesville Higgins. Michael w 1 Fond du Lac Hilbelmk. David D 2 Gostburg Hildebrand Harry J 3 Oshkosh Hildebrand. Michael J 4 Sheboygan Hiley. Beverly Kay M 1 Milwaukee Hilgendorf. JoCarol J 4 Irma Hilgenberg Sue E t Poynetto Hi . Bryon t Ripon Hi Helen L t Cnuitz Hilt James V 2 Marshfield Hilt, Norbert S 3 Oneida Hi . Rosa M 2 Oneida Hilfestad. Gloria J 4 Rio Himes. Leonard E 2 Owen Hmdorakor John 4 Oshkosh Hmgtss Jr Alfred F (Post Grad) Kief Hmterthuor Howard L 2 Milwaukee Hmtz Barbara J 4 Milwaukee Hmtz. Ken J 1 Grafton Hmtze. Courtland T 4 Milwaukee Hmtze R J 1 Whiteftsh Bay Hmtzke, Joan 1 Milwaukee Hmz. Hoflm J 2 Emneconne Hmz. Kaye L I Elm Grove Hmz. Richard L 2 Neenah Hirlomann, Marilyn K t Menomonee Falls Hirschbem Stuart A 1 Milwaukee Hirschboeck Jean A 3 West Bend Hirschboeck. Thomas S 2 Omro Hishhefd. Dennis G 2 Greendale Hitchcock. Gary L 2 Reodsbury Hitchcock Nancy A 1 Mequon Himftan JerafdJ 2 Oshkosh Hobart. James F 3 Sturgeon Bay Hobbs Jack M 2 Fond du Lac Hochman Mary F 3 Whnefaw Hochwitz. Julio A 3 Sheboygan Falls Hocking. Linda S 1 Bancroft Hodges Terry J f Menomonee Falls Hoefer. June A 2 Milwaukee Howls. Julie A 1 Kendall Hoeft. DianeS 1 Now Berlin Hooppner Harold E 3 Beaver Oam Hoang. James E J West Bend Hoerier. Cathie J 1 Footville Hoetschl. Richard R 3 Oshkosh Hoffman. Candace M 2 Antigo Hoffman. John R 2 Oshkosh Hoffman. Margone A 1 Oshkosh Hoffman. Robort E 4 Chntonville Hoffman. David J 1 Big Bend Hoffmann Jeanne B 3 Chilton Hoffmann Suzan M 4 Big Bend Hoffmann. Virginia M 2 Bryan! Hogan Samuel P 3 CtmtonviUe Hoglund. Mary G 1 Oshkosh Hon Carole J 3 Appleton Hohl Marc.a J I Brookfield Hoeseth. Shirley J 1 Fond du Lac Hoks Daniel I 1 Menasha Holapa Jane A I Janesville Holewinski Theodore G 3 Menasha Hollander. Jean M 2 Rosoudalo Holloway, Thomas G 2 Green Bay Holm Jon 3 Oshkosh Holmes. Brenda J 3 Berlin Hotmquist. Jon R 1 New Berlin Holst. Nancy Lee 2 Oshkosh Holub. Jeanne C 3 Aigoma Hdz Rose S 4 Neenah Holzberger Michael Pi 3 Glendale Holzhauer. James V Wauwatosa Holzhueter Jean L t Waterloo Holzmon, Carole L 2 Fond du Lac Holzmann. Raymond J 4 Oakfietd Holtz. Mary E 1 Wausau Homan David L 2 Fox Lake Homstad. Ingrid A 3 Viroqua Honey. CD 4 Oconomowoc Hong Harvey C 4 Milwaukee Honi. Joan M 2 Wautoma Hoopman Stephan H 2 Sheboygan Hoos. Chnsnane K I Fond du Lac Hooyman Kathryn D 2 Kaukaimo Hopkins. Ellon A 4 Deiaheld Hopkins Ralph E 4 Wautoma Hoppe Judy L 1 Luxemburg Hoppe. Michael C Kimberly Hoppe Sally A I Luxemburg Hopper. Larry R 4 Fond du Lac Hopper Nancy N 3 New York. N Y Horan. James J I Green Bay Horen Donald J 3 Peshtigo Horn Herbert N 3 Aoploton Horn Michael G 3 West Bend Hornaday. Susan E 2 Flossmoor III Horning. David J I Waukesha Horvath. Arpad S 1 Wauwatosa Horvath. Joseph. W 2 Racme Horwath. Jean A 1 Beaver Dam Hosster Karen A 1 Milwaukee Hostfitzor Rickey D 1 Appleton Hottenstmo. Bradley G I Wautoma Hotuedt. Ruth A I Wautoma Hougard. Jean C 3 Green Bay House. Marties 2 Sun Prairie Householder Timothy P 1 Pewaukee Housefield. Kenneth A 4 Milwaukee Houwers. Arthur J 1 Sheboygan Falls Houwers. James A 4 Sheboygan Falls Hovde. Janet M 4 Appleton Hovmd. Gerald W 3 Appleton Howard. Carolyn 2 Milwaukee Howard. Kathy A 2 Waukesha Howard. Lonnie J 1 Waupun HowarJ Patti A 2 Oshkosh Howe Dale W 4 Neenah Howell Kathleen M 2 Appleton Howell. Michael S 1 Oconmowoc Hoyt Ralph E 1 Fond du Lac Hozeska. Kathleen C 1 Troy Center Hrnak. Marcia A 4 Oshkosh Hron. Susan J 2 West Bend Huard Lmda A 1 Menomonee Falls Huber Carol L 3 Milwaukee Huber. James H 3 Oshkosh Hubertus JohnJ 1 Oshkosh Huberty Harold J 2 Fond du Lac Huberty. Roger R 1 Plymouth Huberty. Wayne N 1 Fond du Lac Hubf. Carol A 2 Oshkosh Hucek. Dianne M 3 Forestvrlle Huck. Linda A 1 Oak Park. Ill Hudak Edward M 3 Kimberly Hudson. James H 1 West De Pure Hudson. Martin E S Sheboygan Falls Huebner Da woe M 1 Bnlion Huebner . Kitty N 2 Appleton Huebner Rosemary 4 Cnntz Huebner, Susan K 3 Green Bay Huebner. Wanda J 3 New London Huobner Yvonne J 4 Hortonville Hucttl Susan E 1 Sussex Huevler. Mary E I Milwaukee Ibrahim. Mohamound A 1 Hargesia Somalia Ihlonfeld William C 4 Waukesha Ihienfeld. Jeanne M 4 Kewaunee Indra Steven J 2 Watertown Ingehann. Margaret M 2 Franksuitlc Ingersoli Mary J 1 PoftWashmgton Ingram Derek J 2 West Allis Inkmann. Karen A 1 Shore wood Irving. Mary L 4 Kewaunee Irwin Phyllis L I Flossmoor. Ill Isaac. Jeffrey J 2 Fond du Lac Ison Janice G 4 Crandon Israel Julian F 4 Oshkosh Istwan. John R 3 West de Pere Itam Rafik Y 3 Geirut. Lebanon Ives Patricia A 2 Oshkosh Jaberg. Gary W t Wmneconne Jacak Carol A 1 Cambellsport Jackisch. Nancy E 3 Oshkosh Jackson. Gary L 2 Wheaton III Jacobs Alan J 3 Oshkosh Jacobs Susan M 3 Appleton Jacobsen. Roger A 1 Oshkosh Jacobson. Beverly A 2 Racine Jacobson. Karen L 1 Merrill Jacobson. L J 4 Wuteha«Jacobson Neal G 1 Oshkosh Jacoby. Joan M 2 Belgium Jocoby Mary E 2 Beaver Dam Jacque Jane D 3 POM Washington Jacquet. James I 3 Green Bay Jadm. Dale M 1 Kewaunee Joeger Dana R Milwaukee Jaeger John W 3 Fond du Lac Jaeger Mary K 4 Hales Corners Jager. Virginia M 1 Milwaukee Jahkoowshi Thomas £ 2 Noonah Jahnke. Nyla J 1 Krakow Jahnke. Winifred V 3 Markesan Johns Holland O 2 HSberl Jakus. Ricky G 1 Milwaukee Jakiin Gerald J 4 Green Bay James. Betty L 2 Ripon James. Dennis A 1 Morton Grove III James Ethol A 1 Johnson Creek James. Janice L 1 Menomonee Falls James. Millicent J 4 Racine James. Poeer J 2 Fond du lac Jambro y. Jon C. I Milwaukee Janasak. Donald W 3 Antigo Jandegian, Sandra S t Wauwatosa Jandourek Thomas E 1 Appleton Jandt. Jotry F 1 Poshitgo Janiak Shirley R 2 Omro Jamcek. James M I Cudahy Jank. Jenlyn M 4 Milwaukee Janke. Leonard K 1 Oshkosh Jankowshi Barbara A 3 Pulaski Jankoswki Theresa D 4 Pulaski Jansen Robert E 3 Forest Jci Jansen. Dennis R 2 Kimberly Jansen Howard A 3 Little Chute Jansen. Hane E 2 West Bend Jansen. Kathleen M 3 Amigo Jansen Mary M I West Bend Jansen. Patricia A 3 West Bend Jansen. Peter M 1 Neeoah Jansen Stephen P 1 Oshkosh Janssen. William J 4 Little Chute Jame. Alan L I Franklin Jan . John J 1 Milwaukee Jan Mary B 4 Menasho Jarecko. John D 1 Greendale Jaw son Kathleen M 1 Milwaukee Jayne. Dons G S Appleton Jeanquart. Lynda A 1 Casco Jeanquart. Mary M 1 Sturgeon Bay Jettison Art E 2 Glendale Jendim Peter T 1 Milwaukee Jenkins. Barbara 2 Randolph Jenkisn. John T 2 Rhinelander Jenks. Daniel A 2 Greenfield Jonkms. Carolyn F 1 Portage Jenneman Elizabeth A 4 Chippewa Falls Jennings. Melvin D 4 Fond du Lac Jensen. Carol L 1 King Jensen. Curtis 1 Sun Prame Jensen. Enc J 2 Neenah Jensen. Evaiie A 1 Scandinavia Jensen. Gary M 1 Edina. Minn Jensen James E 4 Berlin Jansen. Kathryn B 2 Neenah Jensen. Kristin J 1 Wausau Jensen. Robert A 3 Sheboygan Jensen Robert T 4 Fond du Lac Jensen. Ronald E 2 Cedar burg Jensen. Trula G 3 Neenah Jensen. William C 3 Green Bay Jem ink. Jon G 2 Sheboygan Jerow Bonnie K 4 Kaukauna Jeske Thomas W 1 Wauwatosa Je wmski. Don R I Berlin Jinkowie Mary L 1 Kaukauna Jirovat . Bonita L 3 Manbol Jochims. Pamela E 4 Milwaukoe Jochman. Daniel L 4 Neenah Johanknecht. Robert G 2 Waupaca Johannes. Sharon L 4 Cudahy Johannes. Vicki A 1 Roodsburg John. Thomas C 3 Milwaukee Johns. Bocky J 4 Manitowoc Johnson Lee F 3 Milwaukee Johnson Andrew L 2 Beloit Johnson Barbara A 2 Fond du Lac Johnson Bevnard R 1 Berlin Johnson. Beverly A 1 Watorford Johnson. Brian M 2 Racine Johnson. Carol M 3 Eldorado Johnson. Carole L 3 Mamtowoc Johnson Caroll L 1 Oshkosh Johnson. Charlie F 2 Milwaukee Johnson. Conmo R 1 Waukesha Johnson Daniel G 1 Milwaukee Johnson. Dave M 1 Milwaukee Johnson. David J 4 Rhinelander Johnson. Diana L 1 Waukegan. Ill Johnson. Eugene H 1 Lomira Johnson. Franklin Jr I Eldorado Johnson. Galen E 2 Eau Claire Johnson. Gary C 4 Oshkosh Johnson. Gary P 4 Niagara Johnson. Georgia A 1 Waukesha Johnson. Gcrlad R 3 Omro Johnson. Gertrude E 1 Oshkosh Johnson. Glenn S 2 Marinette Johnson.Janes K 3 Neenah Johnson. Janice R 1 Oshkosh Johnson. Jams E 2 Crandon Johnson. Jay P 2 Clmtonville Johns. John 0 1 Waukesha Johnson.John E 4 Appleton Johnson. Judith A 3 Milwaukee Johnson. Jundy M 2 Green 8ay Johnson. Karen 1 Sister Bay Johnson. Karon L 2 Oshkosh Johnson. Karen M 4 Sheboygan Johnson. Kathleen E 4 Appleton Johnson. Lawrence J 1 Menasha Johnson,Lee E 2 Oshkosh Johnson. Marsha K 4 Oshkosh Johnson. Michael E 1 Oshkosh Johnson. Michael J 1 Omro Johnson Richard J 1 Racine Johnson. Richard L 1 Racine Johnson Richard T 1 Milwaukee Johnson Robert J 1 Fond du Lac Johnson. Robert W 3 South Holland. Ill Johnson. Rosemary A 1 Chippewa Falls Johnson. Sandra E 3 Greendale Johnson Sandra K 3 Independence. Mo Johnson Sharon D 1 Mi Horeb Johnson Sherriann N 4 Sheboygan Johnson Stephen G 1 Arlington Heights. Ill Johnson. Susanne T 1 Browndeer W Johnson Sylvia J 3 Oconto Johnson Terry L 2 Wauwatosa Johnson. Thomas E 2 Milwaukee Johnson. Tobias G 2 Milwaukee Johnson. Wilbur 3 Berlin Johnston, Douglas A 1 Waldo Johnston Perry W 1 Juneau Johnston. Sharon L 2 Oshkosh JOkisch. Betsy 2 Milwaukee Jonos Allan E 2 Las Vagas Nev Jones. Ann C 1 Honcon Jones. Christine A 1 Wausau Jones. Denms E 1 Oshkosh Jones. James T 4 Oshkosh Jones Janet E 3 Oshkosh Jones. Jeanne A 3 Berlin Jones Kathryn A 2 Madison Jones. Kay E 4 Chicago III Jones. Lawrence N 4 Manitowoc Jones. Linda B 1 Oshkosh Jones. Mar tone E 1 Apploton Jones. Mary A 4 Randolph Jones. Mary S 4 Fond du Lac Jones. Mary A 2 Oshkosh Jones. Michael 1 Milwaukee Jones. Robert E 3 Oshkosh Jones. Robert O T Greendale Jones. Sharon V 2 Churchvilte. N Y Jonet Jean M 1 Now Franken Joneth. Paul A 1 Milwaukee Joosse. Fred J 3 Waldo Joppa. Roger D 3 Laona Joppa. Carol R 4 Green Bay Jordan. James J 4 Portage Jordan. Jeffrey R 2 Pewaukee Jordan. Judith J. 1 Oshkosh Jorgensen. Ingrid J 3 Kewaskum Jorgenson. Jane E 3 Racine Jorgenson. John D 4 Clmtonville Joms. Sharon A 1 Sturgeon Bay Jorstad. Lavnn 3 Wausau jossie Laura C 1 Sunng Jost. Randolph P 1 Cleveland Joswick. Robert F 4 PUIski Jourdan. Sheryl L » Merrill Judd. James J 2 Shawano Judd, Patricia A 1 Stoughton Judge. Edward M 2 Shore wood Judge. Sara J 4 Mr Morris Judgo. Susan M 4 Wautoma Juedes. Judy A 1 Oshkosh Juedes. Thomas J 2 Oshkosh Juknialis. John J 1 Fond du Lac Julson. Bonnie L t Waukesha Jung. Karen A 3 Manitowoc Jungen. Eric A 1 Menasha Jungwirth Barbara A Elm Grove Jungwirth. Jean L 2 Oshkosh Jungwirth. Reg J 4 Oshkosh Junion. Mary A 2 Casco Junk. Michael. If 3 Cedar bury Justin. Brian R 4 East Troy Kabke. Deborah L 1 Oshkosh Kacheimeier. Janice 1 Milwaukee Kacmarowski Richard W 4 Milwaukee Kaczynski. Thomas J 3 Milwaukee Kaddatz Patricia E 2 Hortonville Kadloc. Kathleen P 1 Wauwatosa Kadow. Kay F 2 Appleton Kaemmer. Darleen A 4 Sheboygan Falls Kaepernick Kenneth L 4 Iron Ridge Kaftan. Patricia S 2 Green Bay Kahl. Rita A 1 Ripon Kahienberg Charles J 2 Two Rivers Kamu. Daniel W 1 Washburn Kaiser. Carol L 3 Escanara. Mich Kaioust. Linda J 1 West Allis Kaiagam. Peter G Racmo Kolas Mary A 2 Pnncoton Kalwitz. Thomas C 1 Wheelm. Ill Kaminski. Dennis A 2 Kimberly Kaminsky Trudi L 1 Milwaukee Kamke. Linda L 4 Manitowoc Kamm Joseph W 2 Milwaukee Kampa. Vicky L 4 Independence Kampmann. Gary J 3 Sheboygan Kamradt. Bruce J 1 Brookfield Kandler. William C 3 New Holstein Kane. Patricia A 4 West De Pere Kane. Rosemary J 3 Denmark Kane Sandra M 4 Mari be! Kang. Stephen S 2 Seoul. Korea Kant Jean A 2 Waupan Kantm, Get lad L 3 Oshkosh Kantm. Robert R 2 Oshkosh Kapolac CocihaC 2 Green Bay Kaphmgst Michael 0 4 Oshkosh Kapmg. Russell J 2 Princeton Kapp. Susanne A 2 Milwaukee Karabensh. Lynda S 1 Milwaukee Kardoskoe Nancy L 1 Oconto Falls Karges. Kathryn A 3 Oshkosh Kansny. Donald J 1 Menasha Kansny. James P 3 Menasha Karl Mary K 1 West Bend Karis. Vicki L 1 Oshkosh Karpinsky. Barbara L 2 Plymouth Karpinsky. Maria J 1 Plymouth Karrer. Ronald M 3 Brookfield Kasai. Laura A 1 Kewaunee Kasnik. Prudence R 1 Plymouth Kashuda. Sheila A 1 Menomonee Falls Kasik Joseph I 4 Oshkosh Kasik. Nancy J 4 Oshkosh Kaski Lmda L 1 Oshkosh Kasmerchek. Betty J 2 Casco Kasper Michael P 4 Columbus Kassick. Claudia J 1 Probies Kassilke. Ella A 2 West Bend Kastello Kathleen C 2 West Allis Kasten. Gary W 2 Rcedsville Kasten. Judith C 2 Sturgeon Bay Kastbpsio Michael T 2 Berlin Katchkev. Seymour P 1 Sheboygan Katers William C 4 Green Bay Kath. Allan R 2 Groen Bay Katz. Judith E Milwaukee Katzenmcyer. Eva R 3 Evansville Katzfey. Charles R 1 Milwaukee Kaufman. Betty M 3 Appleton Kaufman. Bradley S 1 Prairie, du Che in Kaufman. Jane A 2 Fond du Lac Kaufman. Joan E 1 Oshkosh Kaufman. Thomas L 1 Appleton Kaul. Donna J 1 Grafton Kaul, Adrian R 1 Oshkosh Kaul Carol A 3 Beaver Dam Kdulfuss. Gunther H Winnebago Kay. Barbara A 2 Kewaunee Kay Donald E 2 Milwaukee Keappock. George T 2 Green Bay Kedmger. Vi M I Fond du Lac Keonan. Carolyn H I Waukesha Koenan. Lynn M 2 Oshkosh Keose. Mary M 2 Milwaukee Keone Luezetto M 2 Oshkosh Kehm Fred H 1 Antigo Kehoss. Claudia K 2 Wauwatosa Kehr. John A 1 Madison Ke.i Jean K 2 Manitowoc Keily Patrick 0 1 Butternut Keimel Susan 4 Brookfield Keitel. Ann C ' Downey Calif Keldahi. Paula 1 Oshkosh KeHonbergor Mary 8 1 Oshkosh Keller. James J 1 NeenahKeller Judith A 1 ClmtonviHe Keller Lola J 2 HortonviHe Keller Mary B 2 Doer brook Keller. Robert I 2 Neenah KeWn David M 2 Campbellsport Kellner. Menon M 1 Green Bay Kellner. Mary E 1 Green Bay Kellner. Ned W 3 Thiensvillo Kellogg Neal L 2 Brookfield Kellogg. Thomas R 1 Neenah Kelly. Judith A 3 Milwaukee Kelly. Kerry I 1 Milwaukee Kelly. Patricia S 1 Kelroy Frederick R 2 Fond du Lac Kemen KayleneK 2 Appleton Kemnitz. Pamela K 2 Oshkosh Kemp. Lindy L 4 Neenah Kemp. Robert C 1 Northbrook. Ill Kern pen Marjorie A 1 Appleton Kemper. Robert C 3 Fremont Kemp!. James L 2 Fond du Lac Kempf Waleter A 3 Monasha Kemptert. Harold P 2 Marital Kempmger LouJ 3 Oshkosh Kendall. Jean L 2 Green Bay Kentield. 8arbara J 3 Oshkosh Kennedy. John J 2 Green Bay Kennedy. Patricia A 2 Cadott Kennedy. Terrance E 4 Oshkosh Kent. Corydon J 2 Whitewater Kenville. Judy L 1 Niagara Kewon. Knstmo A Shorowood KerkhoH Dennis G 1 Freedom KerkhoH John H 3 Grftett Kertoy Patricia J 1 Geneva, in Kern. James B 2 Chilton Kern Stephon J 3 Menasha Kern. Richard 1 Mehasha Kerry. Chris M 1 West Bend Kerscher. James C 2 Oshkosh Kesier. Patricia L 1 Appleton Ketois. Joan C 3 Faro Springs Keuck James D 1 Hales Corners Khaieraden Bijan 2 Rego Park N Y Kerckbusch. Paul W 4 Brookviled Kerf Michael T I Fond du Lac Kurffer Jeff B ! Mequon Kiehl Leslie M 1 Sheboygan Kielich Donald L 2 Milwaukee Kieraloo. Gail A 4 Brandon Kieron. Michael A 1 Hartland Kiesow Carol 4 Oshkosh Kiesow. James R 2 Waterloo Kiel . William D 1 Winneconnoe Kietzor Robert L 2 Lomira Kiffe. Joann M Kaukauna Kile Dawn L 2 Oshkosh Ktlla. John R 4 Menasha Kitlinger Carol A 3 Oconto KUzer Madge D 2 Monroe Kim. PyungJ S Seoul. Korea Kim. Younggi 3 Los Angoles. Calif Kimball. Ann 4 Port Washington Kimmes. Eiioen I 3 Two Rivers Kimps. Roger R 3 Grnnn Bar Kinateder Frank 1 New Berlin Kmdschi. Sally L 2 Oshkosh Kmdschy Wayno G t Appleton King Carolyn M 2 Fond du Lac King Constance L 3 Baraboo King. David T 1 Fond du Lac King George 1 Port Washington King Jack A 2 Oshkosh King. Joe C 4 Menasha Kmq Kay K 2 Oshkosh King. Keth D 3 Appleton King. Loise A 3 Fond du Lac King Roberi L 2 Fond du Lac Kinney Barbara L Oshkosh Kmzfogl. Jean M 1 Wauwatosa Kirviger. William J 2 Lena Kippenham Barbara A 2 West Bend Kirpenham. Diane L 1 Campbells Pori Kirchberg. Elame L 3 Beaver Oam Kirchbarger, Joan M 4 Milwaukee Kirchberger Mary E I Milwaukee Kirchen. Ralph R 4 Milwaukee Kirchonwiu. Patricia G 4 Green Bay Kirchhoff. Nancy R 4 Waukesha Kirkeide. Sue K 4 Appleton KinJendJ 3 Green Bay Kissel Charles N 4 Lake Geneva Kita. James S 2 Oshkosh Kitchen Beryl A 1 Oregon Kittel Mary A 2 Wausau Kitts. Joan 2 Green Bay Kiren TanyC 2 New Richmond KfOrnes. Glen R 3 Mayviile Kjomes. Ralph G 3 Mayviile Kfosa. Richard 0 2 Wabeno Kiaeser Frederick j 4 Kiel Klahorst. Richard C 1 Brookfield Klann. Karyl J 3 Green leaf Klapper Dennis J 1 Menasha Klapper Sally C 1 Appleton Klatt Daniel 0 2 Cecil Klatt Susan L 1 Milwaukee Klauor. Dean R 4 Berlin Klawa Marianne L Milwaukee Kleczerski Robert J 1 Menasha Kteeb. John J 1 Grafton Klaber Joyce J 1 Campbellsport Klein. Gloria M 3 Fond du Lac Klein Mark J 1 Waupaca Klemschmidt. Kristine U j Merrill Klensteiber Steven L 1 Madison KleiSt. Bruce R 2 Schofield Kleist. Karen J 2 Portage Kleman Robert G 1 Appleton Klemstem. Dale A 2 Milwaukee Klimas. Maryann 1 Fond du Lac Klimt D»ane L 1 West Alia Klmghagen. Trudy L 1 Union Grove Klmk. Donna E 2 Watertown Klmkengerg. Kay E 4 Two River Klmzmg. Corliss M 3 Fond du Lac Kim mg. Edwon B 1 Si Cloud Klitzke Joan E 1 Baraboo Klitzke Kay M 2 Oshkosh lOocksin, Mark P Milwaukee Kloes Barbara J 3 Kimberly Kloster. Robin E 1 Menomonee KkXh Harry J 3 Richhold Klotzbuecher William F 1 Oshkosh Klo otsky Robert J t Oconto Kluba. Marilyn A I Menasha Klug. Daivd j 4 Merrill Klug John H t Cedar Grove Kluge Vruce L 1 HortonviHe Kfumb. Patricia L 3 Milwaukee Klumb. Roger R | Milwaukee Klus. Susan L 3 Jales Comers Knaak William E 2 Oshkosh Knackstedt. Judith M 2 McHenry. Ill Knapstem Geroge J 3 Appleton Knauer. James N 2 Appleton Kneppfe William F 1 Appleton Kneister. Suzanne M 2 Waupaca Knickerbocker. Lanny C 1 Janesville Knight Barbara J I Madison Knight Kather.n L 1 Cedar Grove Kntss. Nancy J t Wauwatosa Kniss. William R 2 Oshkosh Knoernschitd. Katherine M 2 Elm Grove Knoespol. Robert A 2 Bullion Knoke Mary A 3 Ftorance Knorr Linda M 1 Menasha Knowles Kathleen A 4 Plymouth Knowles. Keith l 3 Green Bay Knowles Lawrence G 1 Plymouth Kntwlton. Kristine K 1 Appleton Knox Lawrence W 1 Lake Villa. Ill Knudsen Mary G 4 Oshkosh Knudson. Michey K 4 Green Bay Knueppet Robert A 1 Milwaukee Knuteson. Karen L t Lodi Knuth. Nancy J 1 Milwaukee Knutson. Diane L 1 Sturgeon Bay Knutson Gladys N 3 Oconomowoc Knutson James N 2 Butler Kober. Christine R J Menasha Kobiske. Jamos I 3 Weyauwega Kobylski Susan A 2 Lake Geneva Koceja. Gary M 1 Milwaukee Koch 8onmo L 1 Mishrcot Koch. Carfeno R 1 Fremont Koch. Charlos R 3 Shawano Koch. Janice E 3 Chicago. Ill Koch John A 4 Oshkosh Koch Mary I ) Oshkosh Koch PatnciaA 2 Milwaukee Koch. Richard H 4 Oshkosh Koch Robert H 2 Oshkosh Koch. Thomas A 2 Beaver Dam Koch, William J 1 Chicago. Ill Koch Will R I Caroline Kocha James R 4 Green Bay Kochanek. Edward J 1 Oakland. New Jersey Kocher. Kay K 2 West Bend Kocos Gustavo A 4 Fond du Lac Koebel. Bonme L 2 Plymouth Koeck. Kim L I Oshkosh Koehler. Calvin R 2 Hoocon Koehler. Karen M 3 Milwaukee Koehn. Cynthia J I Janesvillo Koehn KandaceJ 1 Janesvillo Koehler Arlene V 4 New Holstom Koehn Konneth M 3 Fond du Lac Koelbl Susan M 4 Oshkosh Koelbl Terrene J 1 Oshkosh Koelpm. Judith E 2 Oshkish Koenecke. Connie L 2 Reedsburg Koenig Richard M 1 West Bend Koeper. Carol L 3 Racine Koenigs Joseph J T Malone Koepke James D 1 Neenah Koepseil Kay A 2 Oshkosh Koerth. Barbara A J Sun Prairie Koeser. Frederick. L 4 Two Rivers Kofel. Linda 3 Hartford Kohl. David Frederick 1 Ripon Kohl, Janice M 1 West Bend Kohl Judith A 2 Manitowoc Kohl. Kathleen J 1 Hales Corners Kohl Mary Jane 1 Marshfield KohihoH Hans P I Oshkosh KohihoH Richard A 4 Milwaukee KohihoH Michael 3 Milwaukee Kohls. Jean L I Grflett Kohler. Jean M 2 Pardeeville Kohn. Donald J 1 Food du Lac Kohn Norman J I Fond du Lac Kohn. Wayne L 2 Gillett Koiwa April S 2 Huntingdon Valley. Pa Kofc. Duane J 1 Martesan Kotbe. James J. 1 Chuton Kolbitz. Craig J t Racme Kollath Richard R 4 Appleton Kolodzeske Wayno J 2 Manitowoc Koplm Thomas L 1 Berlin Komassa. Carl T 2 West Allis Komoroske Kay L 2 Mishicot Komosa. Nancy L 2 Manitowoc Komp. Sharon M 4 Appleton Komg. Jeffrey R 2 Grafton Kookol Kenneth P 3 Appleton Konkle Joyce M 2 Oshkosh Konow Janet M 3 Ripon Kons. Gary R 1 Menomonee Falls Konyn. Katherine J 3 Marinette Konyn, Mary L 2 Marinette Kooistra. Carolyn S 2 Sharon Koopmans Joleen A 4 Cambria Kopf. Thomas L I Chilton KopH Miko P 2 Beaver Dam Koprtzke. Dianne K 1 Menasha KophU Darrell W 4 Oshkosh Koprowski Paul C t Two Rivers Koran Barbara L 4 Racme Kerb. Robert R 2 ClmtonviHe Korbuh. Edward C 4 Oshkosh Korek. K 3 Appleton Kores. Peter J 4 Green Bay Korn. Katherine M 2 Wnn oconne Kornstedt. Janet M 2 JoHorson Korn wolf William E 4 Racine Korth Larry E 1 JeHe son Kosake. Sandra K 1 Lahama. Mana Ha Kosharek Randy J 1 Oshkosh Kosir Christine S 2 New Berlin Kositzke. David C 2 Appleton Kosfoske John C t Neenah Kosloske Robert F 3 Neenah Koslowski. James C 4 Menasha Kosmoski. Mary A 1 Green Bay Koss. David A 3 Casio Koss. James M 3 Oshkosh Koss Lee C 1 Casco Kossei. Patricia A 1 Oshkosh Kosuchka. Ronald W 4 Forestville Kostrazak. Alan L 3 New London Kotschi. David V 2 Oshkosh Kott. Gary 0 2 Manitowoc Kottko Georgeno A 1 Fond du Lac Kouimk. Barbara I Two Rivers Koval Joanne S 2 New London Kowalski Anthony R 1 Cnvitz Koz « Daniel W 4 Powers lake Kozie Michael D 1 Park R.rtge III Kozina Mary C 1 Milwaukee Kozlowski Margaret A 2 Groenfieid Kraeblen Ellen S 3 Mequon Kraemor Karen J I Oshkosh Kraemer. Sharon L 1 Plymouth Kraft MaryS 1 Elcho Kraklow. Eugene R 2 Muskolo Krambs. J Peter 3 Neenah Kramer. Alice V 1 Fond du Lac Kramer. Barbara E 3 Fond du ac Kramer Karen J 2 Manitowoc Kramer Kay M 1 Forestville Krans. Dale E 3 Iron Mountain. Mich Kran ush. Judith A 4 Seymour Krasemann. Keith W Brookfield Kraus. Kathryn E 1 Cedarburg Kraus. 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Georgie C 4 Oshkosh Lewis. Judith A 3 Milwaukee Lewis. Roy A 3 Oshkosh LewtA Richard H 4 Oshkosh Ley. Barbara A 2 De Pere leyendecker Jerome C 2 Manitowoc Libowitz. Luann J 1 Milwaukee Ucari Kathleen 0 3 Beloit Light. Nancy J 3 Oconomowoc L chte Russel E 1 Milwaukee Lider Richard I 1 Neenah Lidicker. Nonabello L 2 Menomonee Falls Liebert. Barbara A J Green Bay Liebert Stephen N 4 Green Bay Itebich Frederic F Two Rivers Li Oder bach Maggie 3 Milwaukee liedmg Linda M 1 Sheboygan Liedmg Thomas E 2 Kaukauna Lieffnng. Richard J 2 Fond du Lac Li eg, James L 4 Shawano Lien. Douglas M 2 Rio Uepms. Zmta Green Bay Lierk Susan M 1 Hartland Liermann. Don H 4 Valders Liethen. Frederic J 2 Appleton Light. Patricia J Oshkosh Lmck. Bonme J 2 Randolph Lincoln, Judith J 4 Oshkosh Lind. Annette M 3 West Allis Lmdberg Jeffrey W 1 Fond du Lac Lmderman. Jeffrey A 1 Madison Lmdert. Michael W 1 Florence Lindner Dorothea J. 1 Shawano LmdStrom Sue C 1 Merrill Lindquist. Dennis R 3 Shawano Lmdvall Michael L 1 Neenah Liner. Brian T 2 Waupun Link. Florence J 5 Neenah Lins. Larry A 2 Antigo Lirvmeyer Armand J 4 Gillen Lipfce. Diana J 2 Neenah Lipke James W 2 Neenah Lipschuitz Jerry R 2 Milwaukee bptak. Joyce M 2 La Grange Pk Lison Peter J 1 Madison List. Beverly J 1 Appleton Litchfield. Fredenck T 1 Eau Claire Lit?. Bonme J 2 Sheboygan Livingston. William J 1 Oconto Lloyd. Marilyn J 2 Oshkosh Lloyd. Sharon K 2 Neenah Lloyd. Thomas B 2 Oshkosh Lodes. Michael G 2 Elkhart Lake Lodhotz. Thomas P 2 Appleton Loduha. John J 2 Rhinelander Leeb. Sadie A 1 Watertown Loeffler. Donald W Jr 3 Shawano Loeffler. Joan 1 Sheboygan loeper. Helen A 2 Appleton Loessm. Joy E I Milwaukee loesi Kenneth E 1 Mayville Lohr. Jean M 3 Hartford Lohry James F 2 Eldorado Lorn. Sharon A 4 Green Bay Long Maureen A 1 Wauwatosa Long. Thomas A I Oarlmgton longtais. Judith A 2 De Pere Longiey. Dean J 1 Grafton Longua Renee L 2 Waupun Look Dana J 1 Mequon Look. Patti J 3 Mequon loomans. Ellen fl I Horicon Loo mis. Gone R 1 Wyocena Loop.Jay J 1 Crrvitz Loos. Bonnie J 2 Appleton LOOS. Mary M 3 Oshkosh Loots. Wayne A 2 Oshkosh Loots. Wendy J 4 Oshkosh lopes Gene A 3 Manasha Loppnow. Dennis C 4 Milwaukee Lorch.Linda D I Milwaukee Lord. Dennis D 1 Oshkosh Lore. Cathryn V 1 Milwaukee Lorfeld.Oale H 1 Newton Lorge. Steven N 3 Oshkosh Louden. John A 1 Fond du Lac Lovos. Robin A 1 Milwaukee Lowe. David E 1 Soldiers Grove Lowell. Stephen J 2 Racme Lowrey. John A 1 Whitewater Loysen Roberta A 4 Madison Lucas. Meredith 1 Wauwatosa Lucas. Shirley R 1 Oshkosh Luchsmger. Card H 1 Ripon Luckhardt Mary D 2 Madison LtiCht Larry W 1 Neenah Luchterhand. Kathrene L 3 Unity Ludtke David G 3 Elk horn Ludwig. Jean M 1 Milwaukee Ludwig. Randall C 1 Chicago. Ml Luebcke Holly J 2 River Grove Ml Luebcke. Marcia A 4 Rhinelander Luebke. David P 1 Oshkosh Lueck. Laura A 1 Oshkosh Lueck. Jean E 2 Oshkosh Luodor Sandra M 2 Fort Atkinson luedke Barbara R 1 West De Pere Luedtko. Bette L 1 Fond du Lac Luedtko Dale Leslie 1 Lomtra Luedtko. Dennis D. 1 Sheboygan Luodtke James C 3 Oshkosh Luodtko, Laurence L 4 Oshkosh Luedtko. Lois A 4 Manawa Luehnng. Thomas C 1 Mayville Luehrs. John E 3 New Holstein Luethy. Barbara K I South Byron Luotzow. Michael, J 3 Codarburq Luhm Robert A 1 Milwaukee Luker. Thomas E 2 Oshkosh Lumaye. Anne J 1 Oshkosh Lumb. Susan P 3 Waukesha Lumblo Thomas J 1 Campbell sport Lund Elvera M Superior Lund. Evelyn L 2 Cambridge Lund Marly J 1 Oshkosh Lunde. Jerome S 2 Oconomowoc Lundquist Karen A 3 Milwaukee Lundt Gene R 1 ClintonvtUe Lunowa. Jean E 2 Milwaukee Luoien. Ronald J 4 Oshkosh Lust. Susan A 2 Kaukauna Luther Terry E 2 Waterloo Lutrow. Edward P 3 Kaukauna Lux. Patricia E 2 Oshkosh Lyon. Gary L 1 Waupun Lyons. Dennis R 1 Oshkosh Lyte. Cynthia L 1 Green Bay Maas. Michael L 1 Kimberley Maastricht Judy A 1 Fond du Lac Maastricht. Richard S 3 Waupun Mabbott. Barbara J 1 Prame du Sac Macisak. John N 2 West AJlis Maddalena Michele F 1 Wautoma Madden. Jane L 2 Oak Creek Madden. Thomas N 1 Oshkosh Maddente. Sue E 2 Milwaukee Madel Sharon A 3 Oshkosh Mader Nancy L 1 Appleton Madigan. Sharon M 2 Randolph Madsen John W 1 Appleton Maglio Richard J 3 Kewaskum Magnusen. James M 1 Oshkosh Magnuson Cynthia A 1 Marinette Magnuson. James R 3 Marinette Mahar. Patricia M 1 Germantown Mallock. Gerald W 1 Appleton Mahnke. Marcia M 4 Manitowoc Mahnke. Ne i R 3 Sheboygan Mahnke Royal L 1 Weyauwega Mahony. Donald J 3 West Allis Mahy Douglas A 4 Oshkosh Maihub. Mohamed H 1 Oshkosh Maik. Carta J 4 Omro Mam JohnJ 2 Wauwatosa Mamwarmg Darnel E 1 Oshkosh Mamclla Theodore 0 3 Green dale Mames. Nancy L 4 Niagara Mair. James M 2 Campbell sport Mair. Penny L 1 Campbell sport Majnarich. Donald J 3 Leona Makofsk. Sue A 3 Menasha Mafach, Judith A 3 Denmark Malen Robert P 3 Wauwatosa Malesevtch Dan E 4 Mayville Malichar Linda L 2 Janesville Malicki Sandra M 2 Green dale Malm. John D I Oshkosh Malkowski. Mark A 2 Ripon Malion. Patricia F 2 Beaver Dam Malnory. Edwin R Oshkosh Malone. Jamey A 2 Franklin Malone Michael J 2 Oshkosh Malony Katherine A 1 Hales Corners Malony Susan V 2 Milwaukee Malsm Byron 2 Madison Manalli Henry R 1 Rockford III Mancmi. Barbara K 2 Lake Geneva Mancuso Lee A 2 New 8erl»n Mand Richard W 3 Sheboygan Manders William D 1 Green Bay Mams. Jack W 1 Fond Du Lac Mann, Bonita R 2 Washington Island Mann. Susan L 1 Mayville Manning. Barbara J 1 Des Plames. Ill Manske Cheryl J 2 Appleton Manske James R 1 Oshkosh Mantet. Lynette S 2 Black Creek Manthei JohnW 2 Wauwatosa Manthei. Robert L 1 Kewashkum Marcellis. Marnn J 3 Oshkosh March. Gerald C 4 Oshkosh Marchant. Barry J 2 Rosendale Marchant. Lyle J 4 Eldorado Marcmijak Jams K 1 West Allis Marcks. Lyle D 1 Oshkosh Marcks. Thomas J 2 Oshkosh Marek. Alan L 1 Hartford Mar gel Phillip B 3 New York Mariemhal. Diana L 1 Wauwatosa Marmi Monica C 2 Rock Springs Marmo. Thomas P 1 Itasca Manuccr, David C 1 De Pere Markei Maureen M 1 Neenah Markert. Andy J 1 Milwaukee Marko Barbara L 2 Cudahy Marks. Eileen R 1 Wmneconne Marks. Eirntbeth M 1 Marshfield Marks Matthew L 3 Berlin Markstown Julienne L I Wausau Marohl. John E 1 Horicon Marquardt Arlyn Du a me 2 Tigerton Marquardt. Claude W 4 Horicon Marquardt. Gary L 2 Algoma Marquardt. Richard A 1 Oconto Falls Marsh. Alice K 3 Hartford Marsh. Henry S 3 Plymouth Marsh. Judith A 1 Milwaukee Marsh Sandra L 1 Oshkosh Marshall Dennis L 3 Waupun Marshall James F 3 Redgramte Marten Floyd C 3 Bowler Martin Adrian R 4 Menasha Martin. Bernadette A 1 Manawa Martin Cheryl L 1 Wautoma Martin, Cleo M 2 Kansasvilte Marlin Gail A 1 Oshkosh Martin Jacqueime M Appleton Martin. Judith M 3 Appleton Martin Kenneth F 1 West Alhs Martin. Marianne L 3 Manitowoc Martm. Patrick E 1 Fond du Lac Martm Richard A 2 Fond du Lac Martm. Steve P 1 Sheboygan Marnn, Virginia J 1 Oshkosh Manrn Waldo L 3 Bowler Martino. Gerladma 1 Neenah Martinson Mary L 1 Racine Martinson Susan A 2 Racine Marty, Judith A 1 Monroe Martzke Jill L 1 Oak Creek Marucci.Gail E 2 Ardmore. Pa Marx Edward A 4 Menasha Marx. Lester W 1 Honcon Masank Dooms R 4 Fon du Lac Masiak, Ronald A 2 Manitowoc Mason Elizabeth P 3 Milwaukee Mastaiski Kenneth 2 Mmocqua Mastentwook J err aid K 4 8erlm Mmaic Susan G 1 Greendale Motenaer Steven J 2 West Bend Mateyka Gail C 2 Oshkosh Math© John J 2 Racme Mathe Leonard J Jr 1 Oshkosh Mathes Harvey H 2 New Holstem Mathes Stan R 3 Hilbert Mathews. Steven C 3 Waukesha Mathewson. Henry C 4 Oshkosh Mathieu. Michael A 1 Sheboygan Mathison Douglas S 1 Oshkosh Mathos Terry R 1 Fond du Lac Mathwig, Carol A 1 Fremont Mathwig Edward A 4 Fremont Mathwig. Herb J 2 Stanley Mathwig. Mary L 3 Stanley Mathwig. Roger C 1 Oshkosh Mathy. Richard A 3 Green Bay Matravers. John H 2 Oconto Matteson. Kam 3 Oshkosh Matthois. Richard R 1 Rosendale Matthews. Kay L 2 Pt WashingtonMatsche. David C 2 Oshkosh Matsche. Diane L 2 Oshkosh Matsche. Gerald R 2 Oshkosh Mattes. Marcia A 3 New Hoistem Matusin, James P 2 Milwaukee Matzko. Barbara L 2 Two Rivers Mat ke. Lynne C 1 Two Rivers Maul. Barbara A 1 Des Pla»nes. Ill Mauel Rowland C 4 Clmtonville Mauer. Nancy A 3 New Holstein Mauer. Richard R 1 New Holstein Maurer . Marian C T Monroe Maurer Peter A 2 Appleton Mauntz Kenneth A 4 Oshkosh Maunu Rita A 4 Oshkosh Maxwell. Jean A 1 Neenah Maxwell. Richard A 1 Elmhurst. Ill May. John C 3 Peshtigo May. Susan K 1 Milwaukee Mayer. Bonnie L 2 Franklin Mayer Oouglas C 1 Green Bay Mayer. Duane R 4 Oshkosh Mayer. Geraldine M 3 Sheboygan Mayer. James M 3 Random Lake Mayer, Mary L 1 Cecil Mayerl Maureen A 4 Shawano Mayer I. Patrick C 3 Shawano Mayerson. Nancy S 1 Milwaukee Mayheld Julie A 1 Janesville Moyhew Kathleen A 4 Plymouth Mayr Barbara M 1 Milwaukee Mbuvi Blanche M 1 Highland Park McBride Marjorie A 1 Greenheld McCabe. John E 4 Neenah McCabe William R 1 Des Plames III McCall MaryK 4 Oshkosh McCallum Bruce E 4 Wauwatosa McCamy. Mary P 1 Greendale McCarthy. Mary L 1 Oshkosh McCauley. James P 1 Milwaukee McCain. Bruce L 4 Oshkosh McCamer. James F 1 Milwaukee McCleery Robert R 1 Thtensvilie McCieeian. Laurie A 1 Hertland McClelland Linda I 2 Princeton McClone. Daniel L 1 New London McClone. Joseph P 1 Bear Creek McComb. John Jr H 1 Arlington Heights. Ill McComb. Susan L 1 DePeic McCormick. James M 4 Oshkosh McCormick. Stephen F 1 Antigo McConnell. James L 2 Oshkosh McCoy. Jill A 1 Fond du Lac McCoy, Sarah E 1 Appleton McGraw. Germaine A 1 Florence McCullough. Rose A 3 Fond du Lac McCune. David J 1 Menasha McDaniel. Donna M 2 Kaukauna McDonald. Thomas L 1 Milwaukee McEathron. Martin S 3 Mayville McElrone. Mary L 1 Green Bay McEochern, Alice L 2 Fau Clarro McEssy Terrence J 1 Fond du Lac McEvilly. Don J 2 Dc Forest McFarlam. Daniel C 4 Brooklyn NY McGann Patricia A 2 Brookheld. Ill McGinnis, Frank J 2 Appleton McGinnis. Patricia A 2 Sturgeon Bay McGiniy, Thomas M 2 Bear Creek McGovern Kathleen A 1 Milwaukee McGowan Dorothy A 2 Janesville McGowan Michael J 1 Fond du Lac McGuire. Mary C 2 Appleton McGuire Michael J 1 Appleton McGuire. Nancy S 4 Oshkosh McIntyre. Janot F 1 Sheboygan Mclnvalle. Joy K 1 Madison McKeuhon. Robert W 2 Waupun McKenny. Susan K 4 Appleton McKinnon. Karen J 4 Menasha McLaren Vicki A 2 Oshkosh McLaughlin. William R t Madison McLeod. Margaret J 2 Madison McLimans. Susan J 1 Cudahy McMahon. David L 1 Gillen McMahon. James F 3 Oshkosh McMillian. Thomas L 2 Appleton McMillin Mark S 2 Green Bay McVey, Colleen C 1 Green Bay McWilliams. Tom O 2 Brookfield Mead. Constance E 1 Waukesha Mead. Wayne 1 Madison Mech Karen M 1 Oshkosh Mee Keith A 3 Milwaukee Meek. Michael J 3 Oshkosh Meckma Sandra K 3 Randolph Meant Darryl L 3 Waupun Meordink. Rosemary L 1 Cedar Grove Mees. John D 1 Milwaukee Meeuwsen Nancy A 1 W DePere Mahlberg, Lynn R 1 Shawano Mehols. Harvey K 2 Wauwatosa Mwdam. Jeff G 1 Appleton Meidl. James P 1 Oshkosh Meidl. James N 1 Oshkosh Meier Sharon A 2 New Holstein Meigher. Torrence L 1 Oshkosh Meinke. Connie J 3 Beaver Dam Memke. John R 1 Ripon Meisel. Robert H 2 Clmtonville Meitner. Gary H 4 Oshkosh Meitner. Wayne H 1 Waterloo Meister. Gregory A 1 Aurora. Ill Mdanz. Leonard E 3 Sheboygan Melby. Diane K 3 Hayward Mdcher Mark A 2 Pt Washington Metcher Carol A 1 Beaver Dam Melchior. Gail E 1 Algoma Melchior. Dandra M 3 Oshkosh Meles. Phylis M 4 Surmg Melon Cathy L 1 Milwaukoe Melvin, Donald J 2 Abbotsford Memmel. Manbeth 1 Menomonee Falls Menacher. Maxine K 3 Stephenson. Mich Monozzi. Anna M 2 DePere Mentmk. Rosemary 1 Cedar Grove Menzel. Ellen B 1 Waukosha Morodith. Dennis L 1 Appleton Meredith. Duane L 2 Portogu MerWem. Catherine A 1 Portage Merklem. Patricia A 2 Blue Mounds Mcrkwae Richard J 2 Milwaukee Merrill Beverly J 2 Fond du Lac Merry. Carroll E 1 Oshkosh Martins. Thomas E 2 Milwaukee Mershmg. Sahn A 1 Fort Atkinson Men . Michael L 1 Neenah Men . Michael W 3 Manitowoc Merwm, Elizabeth R 4 Appleton Merwm, Gary L 2 Fond du Lac Merwm. Nancy S Fond du Lac Messer Robert N 2 Blau Messner. Walter E 1 Fond du Lac Meszaros. Dennis P 3 South Milwaukee Metko. Jean A 3 Oshkosh Metscher. Kathleen E 1 Milwaukee Metl. Frank C 4 Oshkosh Metz MicbaelJ 3 Fredoma Metzen. Mary E 3 Oshkosh Meunier. Mary Beth L 4 Milwaukee Moves. Janet I 2 New Berlin Mevis. Ellen J 4 Darlington Meydern, Cheryl L 1 Neenah Meyer. Andrea L 1 Wauwatosa Meyer. Annabello J 2 Mishicot Meyer. Bonnie A 2 Oshkosh Meyer. Cathryn A 1 Neenah Meyer. Dennis W 1 Fond du Lac Moyer Douglas F 4 Appleton Meyer. Elizabeth K 1 Reedsburg Moyer. James H 2 Waupun Meyer. James L 1 Chilton Moyer. James L 2 Mt Calvary. R I Meyer. Jay J 1 Oshkosh Meyer Jerry L 3 Oshkosh Meyer John L 3 Oshkosh Meyer. Jeanrne 1 3 Sheboygan Meyer John F 2 WhrtobSh Bay Meyer Knstm A 2 Madison Meyer Linda L 2 Milwaukee Meyer Mary S 3 Cedarborg Meyer Natay 3 Elkhart Lake Meyer. Michele L 1 Oshkosh Meyer. Philip J 4 Green bay Meyer Ruth E 1 Oshkosh Meyer Steven N 4 Middleton Meyer, Susan C 1 Oshkosh Meyer Susan M 4 Oshkosh Meyer Theresa E 1 Kiel Meyer Thomas 0 4 Appleton Meyer Timothy P 4 Sheboygan Meyers. Gerald J 3 Oconto Falls Meyers. Richard J 2 Marinette Micnaol. Shirley A 3 Honcon Mtchaelis. Peter R 3 Clmtonville Michaels. Gordon L 3 Berlin Michaels Robert G Berlin Michels. James C 4 Oshkosh Michels. Kaihloen A 1 Milwaukee Michels. Patricia F 3 Sheboygan Mchelson. Don R 1 Madison Micholson. Judy K 4 Madison Mierzwa. May E t Sheboygan Migajlov. Thomas P 3 Chicago. Ill Migal Gary W 2 Clmtonville Miki Akira 1 Tokyo. Japan Mikolainis. Suzette A 3 Thorp Milbrandt. James C 2 Ripon Miles. Kaaren J 2 Appleton Miles. Margaret A 2 West Orange N J Milewski Caroline M Krakow Milinovich. Mark 4 Cudahy Milmowtcz. Mary E 2 Deerfield Millard. William J 2 Fond du Lac Millen. Nancy A 1 Wauwatosa Miller. Anna L 4 Ply moth Miller Barbara A 2 Beaver Dam Miller . Bradford K 2 Oshkosh Miller Bruce R 2 Appleton Miller. Dan A 4 Neshkoro Miller Darrel J I Berlin Millor. David J 3 Oshkosh Miller. David S 2 Oshkosh Miller, Dyann E 1 Kenosha Miller, Georgia L 1 Arlington Heights.lll Miller. Gregg E 2 Manitowoc Millerm James G 2 Waupaca Miller. James H 1 Appleton Miller Joanne M 4 Apploton Miller John M 4 Wittonburg Miller. John W 1 Oconomowoc Miller Julie D 1 Waukesha Miller. Karen L 3 Milwaukee Miller. Kristine R 2 Milwaukee Miller. Nancy R 1 Neshkoro Miller Nancy W 4 Manitowoc Miller Raymond A 4 Marinette Miller Richard E 4 Rhinelander Millor Robert A 2 Milwaukee Miller Russo! E 4 Appleton Miller. Sandra L. 2 Oshkosh Miller Shirley A 2 Chilton Miller. Sue C 3 Oshkosh Miller. Virginia E 3 Clmtonville MiHevolte Patricia A 2 Hcksville. N Y Mills Deborah J 1 Fond du Lac Mills. John L 1 Mononmee Millunzi Jacqueline 4 Menominee Falls Millward Daniel G 4 Oshkosh Milshe. Gary J 1 Appleton Minerbi. Susan H 4 Food du Lac Minges. Jane E 1 Chicago. Ill Minkin. Michael L 2 Milwaukee Mmshey John A 4 Wautoma MmsIoH. Marcy A 2 Marinette Minster. Jennifer R 4 Waupun Minton. Suzanne M 1 Neenah Miracle. Richard J 1 Neenah Mirkes. Daniel L 1 Oshkosh Mirr. Daniel R 1 Wauwatosa Misterek. David L 2 Oshkosh Mitchell. Alive M 1 East Troy Mitchell. Janice M 3 Kaukauna Mitchell. Jean K 1 Milwaukee Mitchetlm. Jerone L S Appleton Mitchell. Karen L 2 Madison Mitchell. Kenneth J 3 Menasha Mitchell. Panela E Oshkosh Mitchell. Robert L 1 Madison Mitteisiadt Lynn S 3 Hartford Mrtteistaedt Mark T 3 Oshkosh Mittiestead. James W 2 Neenah Mizak Randal R 1 Milwaukee Moderow, Linda I 1 Fond du Lac Mowbius. Eric C 1 Milwaukee Moebius. Frank R 2 Milwaukee Moe Mary J t Waupaca Moede. William A 3 Reedsville Moehn. Carol J 1 Hilbert Moehrke. Marilyn H, 1 Chilton Moon. Arthur J 2 Monroe Moencke. Connie M i Bara boo Moeser . Priscilla J 1 Menommee Falls Mowslacher, Gregory B 1 Milwaukee Mocherbi. Abdulla A 1 Washington D C Mogun. Mary A 1 Fond du Lac Mohr CarleneT 4 Oshkosh Mohr. Clair E 1 Oshkosh Moiofler. Thomas J 2 Sheboygan Falls Molik. Margaret M 1 Milwaukee Moll Dorothy K 3 Cedar Grove Mollien. Jon L 3 Brandon Motion. Michael J 3 Appleton Molzahn. Trudy R Green Bay Mommaerts. Michael L 3 Green Bay Monday. Margaret R 4 Milwaukee Mondloch Susan J 3 Wauwatosa Monhis. Lonald D 2 Brussels Mongan Gail A 3 Neenah Monka Ronald J 4 Manitowoc Monroe, Michael H 2 Racine Monroe. Patricia A 2 Oshkosh Monroe. William F 1 Rockford Illinois Montgomery. Colleen K 2 Granton Montour Marshia L 1 ShawanoI 111 1J ? P; o-xC. S . ?_ f f | f f f | f f iijisifis f !°|n5mfI sloIlio£s!i2l”=,i f s 51-| I? 11 a £ f f f f f I f f f A A A A A A A T M ? f f r fffffffff 1 U.UJJ.U I i I I I f s!!|l|pl!|lli|pr| . » N « C f ! i fffflf §-I s s-t 1- V oooooooooo S ! ? ! • f I J | s s 3 i i i § s » »■ s tmifsHiHiilHjs ... r- ®O'Brien William J 3 Bnggsville OchiUree James K 3 Apploton Ochs. Mary K 1 West Allis O'Connell Janice K 2 Now London O Connell Patricia A 2 Marinette O'Connor Colleen M 1 Greenleaf O Connor. John M 1 Fond du Lac Odau Lawrence A 4 Oconto Falls Odell. Brent C 1 New Berlin 0 Donoghue. BrianE 1 Huntington NY O'Donnell William J 2 Oshkosh Oelke AotieJ 3 Princeton Oerter Gregory V 1 Waupaca Oertte David I 4 Random Lake Oesvetch Allan S 2 Two Rivers Oestreich Cynthia L 1 Oshkosh Ognra. Joanne M 1 Rothschild Ogike Boniface O 5 Oriu. Nigeria Ogle. Nancy L 2 Oakheid 0 Grady. Dennis J 2 Sheboygan Falls Ohan Stephen J 1 Milwaukee 0 Hern. Dorothy A 3 Waupun Ohlert Thomas D 1 Green Bay Ohrmund Gene W 2 West Bend Ok SiC 1 Washington 0 C O Deane. Robert D 4 Colgate Okrasmski John E 3 Wisconsin Rapids O Laughim. James W 4 St Cloud Oftxich Gerald W 5 Chilton Oldelest. Jacquelyn J 1 Gaiesbury III Oleary. John W 4 Oshkosh 0 Leary Joseph P 1 Plain 0 Leary. Sally J 4 Oshkosh O'Leary. William J 1 Mt Pleasant III Oliver Pamela D 4 Farwetl. M ch Oltaewrcr Robert E 3 Eureka Olmsted. William G Oshkosh O Loughim. Mary J 2 Fond du Lac Olsen Harold T 2 Oshkosh Olsen Holly A 1 Oshkosh Olsen. Karl E 2 Etc ho Olsen. Michael E 1 Marinette Olsen. Paul S I TNensviHe Olsen Peter T 2 Thiensville Olsen Thomas C 1 Fond du Lac Olson. Bonnie A 1 Wind Lake Olson Donald Edward 1 Oconto Olson. Eric J 1 Denosha Olson Glen D 4 Waupun Olson. Gregory A 2 Redgranite Olson. James L 1 Green Bay Olson. Jan A 4 Milwaukee Olson. Joyce M 2 Waupun Olson. Marilyn A 3 Madison Olson, Paul L 4 Green Bay Olson. Robert D 4 Calumet City. Ill Olson. Susan A 4 Oshkosh Olson. Ted J 3 Appleton Olson. Timothy C 2 Kenosha Olvjn. Toby. K 3 Racine Olson William C 3 Wauwatosa Omachmski Paul A 3 Appleton Oman. Carls J 1 Waukesha Onarheim. Lynn A 1 Milwaukee O'Neil. Diane M 2 Rosendale O'Neil. Thomas L 2 Oshkosh O'Neill Irene M 2 Oconto Falls Onsager Nancy J 2 Madison Opgenorth, Geraldine S 2 Oosibury Opgenorth. Richard G 3 West Bend Opper Eileen M 1 Shawano Opperman. Nancy M 4 Stevens Point Oppermann. Barbara J 3 Shawano Orbison. Lucile R Appleton Ordway James I 1 Martland Orgeman Robert A 1 Anugo O Rourke Kathleen M 2 Milwaukee O'Rourke William D 3 Fond du Lac Orovich. Barbara A 1 Mayville Orr. Robert W 1 Kewaunee Osborn Janet H 1 Genoa City Osborne. James D 1 Oshkosh Osmus. Eilien J 4 Oshkosh Osterlmg James C 4 Milwaukee Osterme er Donna L 2 Weyauwega Ostertag Judith M 1 Oshkosh Ostrander. Thomas R 1 Rockford. Ill Ostrouski. Kristin W 4 Menasha Osvowski. Ronald C 1 Harwood Hts Ostrum. Noreen J 1 Cumberland Osypowski Martin J 1 CampbeUeport Ott, Dean R 1 Bullion Ott Karen E 3 Manitowoc Ott Lee D 1 Hilbert One. Thomas W 3 Kaukauna Otten Steven H 1 Dewaskum Otto. Cheryl A 2 Grafton Otto. David R 3 Gresham Otto Dianne E 2 Thiensville Ono. Frank A 2 Oshkosh Ono. Judith A 3 Fond du Lac Ono. Leah F 1 Oshkosh Otto. Michael G 1 Jefferson Otto. Steven H 1 Gresham OTooie. Susan F 1 Milwaukee Outcalt. Milo H 2 Niagara Owen. Gail P 1 Oconomowoc Owen. Kay M 2 Stoughton Owens. Diane L 1 Oshkosh Owens. Donna J 2 Baraboo Owens. Joseph M 4 Oshkosh Owens. Roberta J 4 New Berlin Owens. Steven R 1 New Berlin Ozburn. Paul R 2 Kaukauna Paalman. Richard E 2 Kimberly Pable William J 3 Oshkosh Packard. Gary L 1 Ripon Paddock. Mary M 3 Manitowoc Paopke Charles W I Oshkosh PaHemoth. Sandra L 2 Oshkosh Page. Beny J 2 Berlin Page. John W 3 Oshkosh Pagel Brion B 3 Brandon Pagel. Daniel W 1 Wisconsin Rapids Pagel DebbyJ 1 Wauwatosa Pagenkopf. Charles M 3 Oshkosh Pahl. Gerald E 1 Kaukauna Patron. Pauline M I Kimberly Paunck Kaye E 2 Beaver Oam Pafunen Tim 2 Florence Paiet. Joyce A 4 Green Bay Palm. Donna M 4 Fond du Lac Palmor Mary L 1 Chilton Paloski. Robert E Milwaukee Pamperm. Jane M 2 Green Bay Pamplm. Jean E 4 Oshkosh Pandow Mary S 1 Monroe Pankratz. Judith A 2 Cato Pankratz. Peter J 2 Appleton 3ankratz. William R 4 Appleton Pansy Charlotte M 3 Neenah Panzer Daniel H 2 Brownsville Panzer Jean R 1 Brownsville Pape. David M 1 Omro Papenfus. Janet 0 1 Lake Geneva Papenfus. Kathy L 3 Lake geneva Papi Linda M Milwaukee Paqum Michael S 3 Iron Mountain. Mich Paradowski Katherine B Milwaukee Paradowsk Robert J 3 Milwaukee Pardee. John H 2 Sidney N Y Paniek. Carole A t Green Bay Pans Kathleen A 1 Shawano Pansh. James F 1 Green Bay Parish. Valerie J 1 Janesville Park. Catherine L 1 Monroe Parker. Nancy L 3 Wild Rose Parks. Kathleen A 4 Seymour Parker. Gerald 4 Kimberly Parker . John M 1 Winnebago Parker. Susan 2 Winnebago Parkm Charlene A 2 Manitowoc Parley Mary J 2 Fond du Lac Pariichek. Terry D 2 West Allis Parsons. Jeffrey L 1 Galesburg III Parsons. Jerry D 1 Milwaukee Parsons. Linda C 1 Waudaca Parsons. Susan M 1 Omro Pasono. Janet R 1 oshkosh Pastrovich MaryL 4 Mascoutah. Ill Patrick. Mary C ] West Allis Patsuhke Edwin L 2 Kawkauna Pan Russell W 2 Fond du Lac Panerson, Lynn P 1 Kaukauna Panon. Linda J 1 Brookfield Patra. Thomas A 4 Egg Harbor Patzlaff. James E 4 Oshkosh Paul Arlene M 1 Bnllion Paul. Earl G 3 Sturgeon Bay Paul. John A 2 Oshkosh Paul. Richard J 1 Waupaco Paulick. James E 4 Oshkosh Paulik. Elizabeth C 1 Oshkosh Paulosk. Karen I 1 Oshkosh Paulson Sandra K 2 Green Bay Paulus. Barbara A 2 Oshkosh Paulus. John R Oshkosh Pawlitzke. Diane C 4 Two Rivers Pawlowski Richard L 3 Milwaukee Pavelec Kathryn A 1 Adams Payleitner. Kathleen M 1 Hales Corners Payne. Chnstme T 1 Wauwatosa Payne. Dianna M 2 Milwaukee Payne. Virginia A 4 Wausau Paynter Kristine A 1 Madison Pearson. Thom C 1 Shawano Peck. Arleta 1 Pecatomca. Ill Pecore. Jeffrey J 1 Shawano Pecore. Julie C Rhinelander Pedersen Alicia A 1 Moorestown. N J Pederson John E 1 Fond du Lac Pederson. Ronald A 1 Neenah Peebles. Warren J 3 Wauwatosa Peolen Randall P 2 Milwaukee Peerenboom. Thomas T 4 Kimberly Peetens. Timothy J 2 Neenah Pogg. Cynthia A 3 Oelavan Potfce. James C Oshkosh Pelant. Patricia A 2 Grafton Peid. Shirley J 3 West Allis Peiisek Donald G Kewaunee Pelkowski Clair A 2 Milwaukee Pelky. Bruce R 1 Kaukauna Petot. Patty A 2 Coleman Pelton. Ellen L 2 Ripon Pelzer. Hugo E 3 Elcho Pemberton Ronald R 1 Fond du Lac Penzenstadler, Mary L 1 Oshkosh Penzenstadler. Raymond F 2 Oshkosh Penzenstadler. Robert J 4 Oshkosh Peotter. Wayne A 1 Neenah Perlburg. Alan A 2 Racme Pena. James P 4 Green Bay Pemgo. Harlow G 1 Brookfield Pemgo. Sue J 3 Brookfield Perry James B 3 Wauwatosa Perry Linda M 1 Madison Perry. John A 4 Fond du lac Perry Robin L 2 Manitowoc Perry. Thomas J 1 Fond du Lac Persick. Dennis L 1 Oshkosh Pertain. Linda t 1 Neenah Pesch. Fredrick R 1 Sturgeon Bay Penerle. John C 1 Madison Peter Michael A 2 Waukesha Petors David H 4 Waupun Peters. James H 1 Oshkosh Peters Judith L 2 Oconomowac Peters. Stephen J 1 Green Bay Petersen Kathleon M 3 Milwaukee Petersen. Kurt S 1 Markesan Petersen. SteHen J 2 Eau Claire Petersen. Susan M 1 Milwaukee Peterson. Clifton J Oshkosh Peterson Danny A 4 Appleton Peterson Don W 1 Racme Peterson. Elame M 1 Vatders Peterson. Gerald C 3 Menasha Peterson. Greg L 1 Fond du Lac Peterson Keith A 3 Peshtigo Peterson. Keith D 3 Fond du Lac Peterson Lowell T 2 Eau Claire Peterson. Lynn E 2 Oshkosh Peterson. Mary A 2 Deerfield Peterson. Myrnell M 1 Oshkosh Peterson. Particia S 4 Oshkosh Peterson. Robert N 2 Oshkosh Peterson. Susan 1 Milwaukee Peterson. Susanne B 2 Oshkosh Peterson Timothy L 1 Noenah Peterson. Wayne D 1 Oshkosh Peterson. William R 4 Fond du Lac Petros. Sandra L 1 Appleton Petrus. Gregory G 1 Two Rivers Petti bone. Russel H 1 Oshkosh Petushek Jo Ann 2 Oconomowoc Pfallec. Mark F 1 Elm Grove Plotter. Craig A 1 Caledonia Pfeiffer. Carl D 3 Oshkosh Pfeiffer. John J 1 Oshkosh Pfeiffer Lorraine K 2 Crandon Pfister. Alexa A 1 Mt Horeb Phster, Donald J 1 New Holstem Phelan. Charles M 2 Rhinelander Phelps. Ronald G 3 Elkhart Lake Philippi. Daniel F 2 Milwaukee Philippi. Thomas J 3 Berlin Phillips Dan A 3 Oshkosh Phillips. Florence M 4 Fond du Lac Phillips. James A 3 Omro Phillips. Susan R 3 Gladstone Phillipson. William H 3 Milwaukee Pichettc. Mike L 4 Menominee Pichier. Jo T 1 Elm Grove Piechowskt. Robert M 4 Redgranite Pieper. Gerald A 3 Brownsville Pieper. Merlin 0 3 Juneau Pierce. David V 1 Madison Pierson. Nancy E 1 Waukesha Pietzak Francis M 1 Milwaukee Pilgrim. James O 1 Rhinelander Pillsbury Barbara A 3 Green Bay Pitsl. Alfred J 4 Shoboygan1 i i I I I I I ;l|lilili!lil]|l!!lifi!lil!lilil!l|iilfl i i i i i i 1111111 i i 11 j ; iliuljlf si I I i 1 ’ " I 4- ' Ii|i|iii|ijl|iSiiIil|l{I|ilii!|illii|i 8}! 111111 s f J! ? i I i J1 |ffl!l|l]l!i|i||5J slfi!j!!;iiln»!iff!tllll!II J i 11111 § 2 {igigigsj-Jj f J1 !3 i l -5 I liiiillifliililllilf] E flilJJltllliZi III!! 5ll!!jIi|isI|!Iiiii!gi|iii|f|.i|Miii|iiiiii!iiii|iiii ! ! I I I i 1 I i i 4 I i I i i 1 | s I I I 1 g! I 5 2 t i 1 II? nh ££££££££Rosimius. Jane M 2 Plymouth Resnick. Bruce G I Kmcholoe AFB, Mich Ressol Jeffrey W 2 Milwaukee Rcszczynski Ervtn H 3 Milwaukee Retiarath. John N 4 Fond du Lac Renter Mary E 4 Shawano RetzlaH. Ronald P 3 Milwaukee Reukaul Barbara A 1 Winnoconne Reeling, William K 1 Hales Corners Reuther. MarQie M 4 Berlin Rewolinski. Leo M 4 Sheboygan Rex. Gene 0 2 Iron Ridge Reyes. Oscar 8 3 Waupaca Reyes Paul 2 Waupaca Reynen. Susan C 3 Green Bay Reynonds. Raymond J 2 New Berlin Rheel. Beverly A 2 Wisconsin Rapids Rheingans. Jeffrey S 2 Milwaukee Rheinsmith. Judy A 1 Shorewood Rhode Barbara J 2 Slingor Rhode Margo J 1 Appleton Rhode. Mary A 4 Waupun Rhode. Richard J 2 Rhinelander Rhyner Gary L 1 Oshkosh Ribbens. Edward J 2 Whitehsh Bay Ribbens. John A 1 Whitehsh Bay Rico Brian K 3 Oconto Rk». Jill E 2 Lena Rice. Thomas M 2 Oshkosh Rice. Thomas R 1 West Bend Rce. William R 3 Franksville Rich. David P 2 Beaver Darn Richards. Jack T 2 Monomonee Richart. Ruth E 2 Watertown Richter. George E 1 Beaver Oam Richter. Lynn M 2 Lake Geneva Richter. Mary Jo 2 Washington Island Rickbeil Suzan L 3 New London Ricker. Ruth V 3 Apploion Ricklefs. Thomas R 4 Fond du Lac Rickert. Joyce L 2 Appleton Rildi. Wayne T 2 Fond du Lac Rieder. Katherine L 4 Green Bay Rieder Thomas R I Oshkosh Riederer Thomas A 2 Fond du Lac Riedi. Michael J 2 Apploton Rieland. Kenneth P 1 Franklin Riese. Bonnie F 3 Mt Horeb Rieder. Gilbert J 1 Plain Riese. Leslie A 1 Janesville Rifleman. Richard W 2 Green Bay Rigenstrup. Craig T 1 Arlington His Riley. Gary D 2 Elkhorn Riley. Mary E 4 Green Bay Riley Michael A I Cincinnati. Ohio Rilhng. Donald G 3 Omro Rimboy. Richard A 2 Fond du Lac Rimboy. Ronnie T 1 Fond du Lac Rimpler. Judith K 2 Appleton Rmdt. Wayne A 4 Sheboygan Ring. Jonathan W 2 Milwaukee Ringhand. Victor J 2 Fond du Lac Rtsfce. Carol J 1 Bear Creek Rispalie. Phillip L 2 Brandon Ritchie. Susan L. 1 Oshkosh Ritter. David J 1 Oconto Falls Rittmann. Joanne M 2 Waterford Ringeisen. Joe F 1 St. Cloud Roate Both A 2 Campbellsport Roberts. Dennis J 2 Appleton Roberts. Linda C 2 Waukesha Roberts. Pamela S 2 Hales Corners Roberts. Shan M 1 Columbus Robertshaw. Conrad C 1 Janesville Robertson Beatrice L 1 Portage Robertson. David M 3 Lake forest. Ill Robertson. Ellen L 2 Menomonee Falls Robertson. Faith E 4 Oshkosh Robey. Lynn A 1 Barrington. Ill Robirma, Elizobeth M 3 Watertown Robinson. Dolores F, 2 Porterfield Robinson. Lois F 3 Laona Robinson. Rene J 1 Milwaukee Robinson. Russell D 2 Whitehsh Bay Rob Gerald W 1 Oshkosh Rob! Marjorie M 4 Oshkosh Robl Thomas W Oshkosh Roblee. Bruce H 3 Oshkosh Robneit. Linda G 2 Milwaukee Roch, Patricia L 1 Oshkosh Rock. Sara E 3 Kiel Rockabrand. Jams L 1 Oconto Roddick Bill J 2 Portage Roden. David L 2 Milwaukee Rodman. James S 3 Madison Rodnan.John D 1 Milwaukee Roeder. John P 1 Green Bay Roeder. Mernc K 2 Whitehsh Bay Roeder. Robert J 2 Appleton Roeder. William C 3 Biauvelt. N Y Roedig, Thomas L 3 Oshkosh Roehi. Barbara L 3 Oshkosh Roehi Steve K 2 Oshkosh Roehrig, Gary 3 Elkhart Lake Roelofs. Ann M 2 Appleton Roemer. Alan J ) Elm Grove Roepke. Sandra A 1 Milwaukee Roeslor, Kaihloen A 1 Portage Roesler. Muriel T 4 Oshkosh Roesslor. Gretchen A 4 Menasha Roessier, Robert B 2 Menasha Rocthlisbergor. Lynne 2 Oshkosh Roetzer. Patrick L 2 Marinette Rollers. Susan M 1 De Pore Rogers. Carl R t Menasha Rogers. Judith A 3 Cnvitz Rogers. Sally J 1 Germantown Rogers, Sandra J 1 Pine River Rogge. Christine L I Milwaukee Rogne. Sonja H 4 Valders Rohan. Vicki K 4 Madison Rohde. Mary E 1 Weyauwega Robloff. Gordon K 4 Eagle Rive Rohrer. James M 2 Greenfield Rohrer. Jeffery W 1 Wauwatosa Roi7. Mary L 1 Green Bay Roland. Richard M 1 Oshkosh Rolfs. Lynn A 3 Milwaukee Roller. Gary A 2 Milwaukee RoUer. Jack W 3 Wisconsin Rapids RoOer. Shirley J 3 Appleton Roloff. Joseph C 1 Bondvel Romberg. Paul S. 3 New London Romenosko. Dean L 1 Appleton Rondou. Charlotte A 4 Green Bay Ronge Katharine M 2 Milwaukee Rooney. Madelyn A 3 Plymouth Rooney. Terry A 1 Watertown Root. James C 1 Beaver Dam Root Wayne W 2 Beaver Dam Rose. Thomas F 1 Neenah Rosenbaum Mark K 2 Atlantic City, N J Rosenbergor, Pam M 3 Sheboygan Rosenbohm. Donald A 2 HHbert Rosonmeier. Fred J. 1 Beaver Dam Rosenow. Ronald J 2 Shawano Rosenthal. Eric L 4 Milwaukee Rosenthal. Robert E 4 Glenbevtah Rosko. William A 3 Amerg Ross. Ellen J 1 West Allis Ross. Jack B 2 Milwaukee Ross. Jackie J 1 Oregon Ross. James D 2 Bnllion Ross. Kathleen M 1 Milwaukee Rossitor, Donald C 3 Racme Roth. Gary J 1 Menasa Roth. Jill A 4 Sheboygan Roth. Richard A 4 Menasha Rothe Ruth M s Green Bay Rothe. Steven C 1 Dos Plames Rothfelder, Fnedock E 3 Milwaukee Rothwell, Bret 2 Fond du Lac Roisted. Carolyn R 3 Sheboygan Falls Rottmann. William G 4 Iron Ridge Rotzien. Lesley J 1 Hilbert Rouleau. Francme M 1 West Falls Rounds. Mary E 2 Waupun Rouse. David C 4 Niagara Rowe. L Bruce 4 Oshkosh Rowe. Linda K 2 Green Bay Royten. James G 1 Milwaukee Rozanski. Harry J 3 Milwaukee Rubin Harley W 3 Milwaukee Rubin. Joel H 1 Milwaukee Ruch. Lem L 1 Oshkosh Rucks. Karen J 1 Waukesha Ruckienwald. Susan M 2 Wauwatosa Ruder , Clarice M 1 Marshfield Rudie. Sandra K 1 Appleton Rudolf Christine M 4 Appleton Rudolph. Gina K 1 Appleton Rudolph. Marian L 2 Oshkosh Rudrud. William A 3 Milwaukee Rudzinski. Raymond F 3 Peshugo Rueber. John A 1 Monona Ruebl. Frank G 2 Crandon Ruechel. Eilleen R 1 Oshkosh Rueckl. Ann E- Luxemburg Ruediwger. David F 1 Allenville Rueping. Karen M 1 Milwaukee Ruetten. Elizabeth A 2 Oshkosh Ruff Wilson 3 Larsen Ruffolo. Betty J 1 Kenosha Rumnll Linda M 1 West Allis Rumnll. Thomas G West Allis Rumsoy. Kathleen M 4 Neenah Rung© Leslie J 1 Milwaukee Runge. Thomas Lee 1 Gillen Rungo. William C. 3 Menasha Runkcl Korvon A Sussex Rundol. Scott W Pewanhie Rundquist. Elizabeth L. 2 Neenah Runquist. Merrell P 2 Fish Creek Rupnick. Mary S 4 Oshkosh Rupnght. Arthur L 4 Oshkosh Rupnght. Eileen S 2 Appleton Rusch. Cherlyn Y 1 Cedarburg Rusch. Susan L 1 Waupaca Rusche, Leroy B 4 Sturgeon Bay Russell. Jane R 4 West Allis Rust. Jay T 1 Fond du Lac Rustad. Lmda L 2 Cottage Grove Rutkauskas. Dorothy I Fremont Rutten. Mary M 1 De Pere Ruiz Richard P 2 Oshkosh Rutz. Russell H 2 West Allis Ryan. Thomas R 4 Oshkosh Ryerson. Joseph P Jr 4 Appleton Rydberg. Larry G 2 Neenah Ryberg. Susanne M 1 Neenah Rydell. Edward A 2 Appleton Ryer. Susie A 1 Port Washington Ryerson. Linda M 1 Ripon Ryf. Mary E 2 Oshkosh Ryland. Andre J 1 Amigo Rynders. Michael R 1 Hales Corners Rysticken. Thomas J 4 Manitowoc Sabel. Peter R 2 DoPere Sacho. Gregory J 2 Oshkosh S acker son. Karen J 2 Milwaukee Sadrzadeh Raffil 3 Iran Saenger. William L 1 Bnllion Satford. Mary J 3 New Berlin Sagen. Carol L 1 Oshkosh Sager Michael P 1 Milwaukee Salaja. Gary L Fond du Lac Salaman James O 3 New London Salaihe. Ann U 2 DePere Salaty. Gary A 2 Milwaukee Salem. James M 1 Soring Salem. John 2 Soring Salm, Mary A 3 Chilton Salter. Pamela A 1 Sltnger Saltzwadel. Jeanmo M Fond du Lac Saber. Thomas J 1 Oshkosh Saizman. James C 2 Shawano Salzmann. Robert D 1 Fond du Lac Samer. Rohen F 4 Oshkosh Samer. Steven C 2 Oshkosh Sanborn. James F 1 Elm Grove Sanchez. Mercedes 3 Racine Sandberg. John C 4 Marinette Saodberg. William L 2 Grcenlake Sander Margrit 4 Oshkosh Sanders. Warren B 4 Neenah Sanderson. Robert A 2 Milwaukee Sandlin. Robert W 1 Neenah Sandridge. Sandra K 1 Belleville Sandstrom. Timothy T I Waunun Sanford. John I 2 Fond du Lac Sanger. Al A 1 West Allis Sanstadt. Judith A 3 Madison Santy. Jerome C 4 Green Bay Sanvidge. Carol R 4 Oshkosh Sanvidge, Susan M 1 Oshkosh Sappmgton. Mary B 2 Green Bay Sarauor. Glenn A 2 Fond du Lac Sargent. Suzanne E 3 New Berlin Sargent. Therese L 2 Milwaukee Sarnowski. Diana L 2 Milwaukee Sass. Edward J 1 Fond du Lac Sass. Gary L 4 Green Bay Sass. Roy L 1 Fond du Lac Sather. Greg A 2 Oshkosh Sauer Cardie A 1 Milwaukee Sauey Dennis D 1 Baraboo Saunders. Alex P 1 Waupaca Saunders. Charleen A 2 Green Bay Saviho. Charles P 4 Oshkosh Savmo. Gene J 4 Brookfield Sawicki. Gary L. 1 Oshkosh Sawiell. Sarah C Oshkosh Sawyer. John M 3 DePere Saxe. John G 3 Omro Sayc. Jerry D 3 Sheboygan Sayers. Craig S 2 Oak Brook. Ill Scanlon. Jessica E 2 Milwaukee Scanlon. Patrick J 1 Oshkosh Scesnak. Jon P 1 Milwaukee Schabioski Richard E 2 Oshkosh Schabioski. Roberi C 2 Oshkosh Schebo Paul T 2 Niagara Schabow Sandra L 2 Green Bay Schade. Kathleen ) DaltonSchadt Stephen J 3 Milwaukee Schadt. Suzanne M 2 Milwaukee Schaefer. David E 1 Chilton Schaeler. Diane K 4 Oakheld Schaefer. Edward O I Random Lake Schaefer Jean M 2 Oconto Schaefer. Joyce A 1 Hilbert Schaefer. Karen L 1 Brookfield Schaefer . Patricia A 1 Menomonee Falls Schaefer Patricia H 1 Menomonee Falls Schaefer William H 1 Franklin Park. Ill Schafer Mark E 1 Fond du Lac Schaff William A 4 Appleton Schaffer Bonnie D 1 Milwaukee Schaffer JoAnn 3 Kenosha Schaffer Sara D 3 Mad son Schampers Merton E 4 West De Pere Scharme. Dale M 3 Dalavan Schatzman Janet M 3 Lake Geneva Schattachneider Michael A 2 Ripon Schaub. Alice M 2 Oconto Schauder Jeff L 2 Shawano Schauer. Sue A 2 Summit Lake Schaumburg. Armond K 4 Mayvilie Schedgrck. Robert J 4 Menasha Schedler Jean M 2 Mu k wo na go Scheei. Ralph J 1 Fond du Lac Scheer. John J 2 Neenah Scheff Michael J 2 Port Washington Scherde. Patricia J 1 Mt Horab Schelfhout. John J 3 Manitowoc Schell. Robert M 1 Milwaukee Schellpepek. Suellyn 2 Wauwatosa Schembera William A 2 West Allis Schenck Janice M 2 Sun Prame Schenk Gloria M 4 Merrill Schepanski Leah A 3 Chilton Schereck. Flora B 3 Lodi Scherer. Mark T 1 Green Bay Schertf. Franoa A 1 Wauwatosa Scherkenbach Nina A 1 Ladysmith Schermiufer John M 4 Kaukauna Schermitzfer. Ken J 1 Appleton Schertz. Michael P 2 Oshkosh Schetti. Lmda S 1 Oshkosh Scheu. Sandra M 1 Merrill Scheuer. James J 2 Oshkosh Scheuerman. James F 4 Milwaukee Scheuermann. Steven P 2 Oshkosh Schick. Marlone L 2 Milwaukee Schicker Christine K 1 Jefferson Schmdelholz Joseph F 3 Fond du Lac Schiek William D 1 Rhinelander Schiesser Anita J 2 Hortonville Schiessl John R 2 Berlin Schiller. Robert 0 1 Beaver Dam Schillmger. Jean C 2 Chicago. Ill Schils. Geradme A 4 Pori Washington Schils. Mary C 4 Port Washington Schmdef. Anna I 2 Oconto Schmneiler James A ] Mequon Schmt Susan A 2 OePere Schlapman. Susan M j Winneconne Schlegei. Patricia M Hortonville Schlehlem Nancy A | Brookfield Schleder. John E 1 Cedarburg Schlei Mary A 3 Green Bay Schleicher Donald L 2 Sheboygan Schleunos. Galen F 4 Manitowoc Schley. Dianne L 1 Waupun Schley Nancy M 3 Sturgeon Bay Schlieve. Gary E 4 Hartford Schliftke. Lmda A t Milwaukee Schloener Catherine R 3 Milwaukee Schlumberger Beverly A j Grafton Schmale. Cynthia K 2 Madison Schmalz. Luann D 3 Kaukauna Schmeisser Ernest O 2 Oshkosh Schmelmg AJIen N 1 Wauwatosa Schmelmg. Ana R 1 Winneconne Schmidli. Gregory E 1 Neenah Schmidt. Alan F 4 Kimberly Schmidt Alice R 4 Green Bay Schmidt Barbara A 1 Enpeauor Schmidt David E 1 DePere Schmidt. Dorothy A 2 Oshkosh Schmidt. Jane M 4 West Bond Schmidt. Joachim E 2 Berlin Schmidt. JoAnn 4 Milwaukee Schmidt. Karen M 1 Wauwatosa Schmidt. Laura R 2 Wauwatosa Schmidt Luefla I 1 Bullion Schmidt. Lynn B 1 Port Washington Schmidt. Mark F 3 Kaukauna Schmidt Nancy J 1 Cudahy Schmidt. Nancy J Arlington Schmidt Patricia J 1 Germantown Schmidt Patricia J 1 Amigo Schmidt Robert L 2 Clinton viMe Schmidt Sharon C 2 Waterford Schmidt Stephanie A } Wmnotka. Ill Schmidt. Stephen E 4 Devon Penn Schmidt. Susan C 1 Oshkosh Schmidt. Susan L 1 Wauwatosa Schmidt. Thomas A I Menomonee Falls Schmidt William J 1 New London Schmit. Jeffrey G 1 Appleton Schmit Mary P 2 Port Washington Schmitt. Gary L 2 Reedsville Schmitt. Larry L 3 Elkhart Lake Schmitt. Larry W 4 Reedsville Schmitz, Barbara A 2 Fond du Lac Schmitz. Carol J 1 Fond du Lac Schmitz Howard A 2 New Holstein Schmitz. John E 3 Wauwatosa Schmitz John L 4 Fond du Lac Schmitz. Judy M 1 Newton Meeme Schmitz. Catharine M 2 Nequon Schmitz. Roger W 4 Malone Schmitz. Terrence M 1 Wauwatosa Schmoock Wayne J 2 Two Rivers Schmoken Robert W I Oshkosh Schneider. Carol J 1 Oshkosh Schneider. Eric A 1 Milwaukee Schneider Gerald H 4 Neenah Schneider. Howard H 1 Chilton Schneider. James L 3 Oshkosh Schneider. John P t Cleveland Schneider Maritynn L 4 Oshkosh Schneider Nancy M 1 Oshkosh Schneider Ray L 2 Milwaukee Schneider. Roger A 1 Oshkosh Schneider Sharon S 2 Oshkosh Schneider. Stephanie J 1 Milwaukee Schneider Susan A 3 Chilton Schneiderwent Connie V 1 Port Atkinson Schneidewmd Lois A 3 Milwaukee Schnell Andrew W 4 Waukesha Schnefl Sandra M 2 K10I Schneck Donald L 3 Milwaukee Schneeberger John E 3 Fond du Lac Schnapp. Renee A 1 Ford du Lac Schnorr Janet K 4 Cbntonville Schnorr Janice M 4 Ctmtonville Schnorr Peggy M 1 Two Rivers Schober Betty J 1 Oshkosh Schoeber. Richard W 4 Oshkosh Schoenbohm Wanda J S Appleton Scheeneck. Ann L 2 Wittenberg Schooner. Jeannmo M 3 Marinette Schoenkc Lynn A 4 Appleton Schoenrock. Darnel L 4 New London Scholl Daryl R 1 Green Bay Scholl Jamce C 3 Belgium Scholl Peter J 2 Milwaukee Scholz. Henry A 3 Chilton Scholzen. Steven K 2 Oshkosh Schomisch William J 1 Chilton Schommer. Douglas J 1 Shawano Schommer Sandra J 1 Appleton Schommer. Sharon J 2 Chilton Schoonover. David E 1 Waupan Schoonover Michael J 1 Waukau Schoonover. Victoria L 3 Waukau Schoster. James V 2 Wauwatosa Schouten Dennis L 1 Waupun Schouton. Helen J 1 Waupun Schrader. David B 2 Oshkosh Schrader. Jan A 3 Shawano Schrader Tharon L 1 Berlin Schrage Michael W 1 Oshkosh Schbam. Fred H 3 Plymouth Schrank. Raymond E 3 Waupun Schraufnagel Thomas J 4 Brownsville Schrauth. Gail A 2 Oshkosh Schreck, Anna, K I Menomonee Falls Schreiber. Lynn K 2 West Bend Schreier Ronald L 4 Beaver Dam Schreiner Cynthia A 1 Columbus Schriber Dan S 2 Oshkosh Schriber Dedo M 1 Oshkosh Schnnsky. Jay H 1 Milwaukee Schroeder AnnaMane 1 Oshkosh Schroeder Dale L 2 Watertown Schroeder. Darnel W 1 Oshkosh Schroeder Donald L 2 Racine Schroeder Edward A 1 Plainfield Schroeder. Georgianne R 1 Mannowac Schroeder. Glenn G 4 Weyauwega Schroeder James E 2 Milwaukee Schroeder Karla M 1 Fond du Lac Schroeder Lawrence E 1 Appleton Schroeder. Terrence K 3 Oshkosh Schroeder William K 2 Omro Schroepfer Kay L 4 Rio de Janeiro Brazil Schroepfer Thomas M 2 Anti go Schrosder, William C 2 Oconto Falls Schrupp David F 1 Oshkosh Schryver. Robert J I Lako Geneva Schuartz. Larry J 1 Madison Schuchard Gary R 1 Liverpool New York Schuchaudl. Dennis M 4 Brookfield Schocht Karen M 3 Wost Bend Schuck Paul F 3 Fond du Lac Schuelke Lynn R 1 Neenah Schuelier Jeanne K 4 Belgium Schueller. Sharon E 3 Belgium Schueasier Verne D 3 Sheboygan Falls Schuette. Lyn P 3 Hartford Schuh. John H 2 Whitehsh Bay Schuh Kenneth L 3 Manitowac Schuh Michael E 1 Wheeling ll mors Schuhart William R 3 Oshkosh Schuler Donald J 3 Vaiders Schuler. Fred W 4 Manitowac Schulte Elizabeth A t Brown Deer Schultz Annette J 3 Milwaukee Schultz Barbara A 1 Plymouth Schultz Dale R 4 Manitowac Schultz. Danief H 1 Appleton Schultz David G 2 Washburn Schultz. David M 1 Oshkosh Schultz Donald A 3 Mequon Schultz Fredoc H 2 Rhinelander Schultz. Gordon C 4 Appleton Schultz. James A 2 Wausau Schultz. James G 1 Neenah Schultz. Jeffrey L 2 Portage Schultz. JiHane S 4 Oshkosh Schultz. Karen K 3 Sturgeon Bay Schultz KarleneJ 1 Sturgeon Bay Schultz. Kristine M 2 Sheboygan Falls Schultz. Larry A t Cecil Schultz. Linda M 1 Waupaca Schultz. Loroen A 1 Washburn Schultz. Patricia G 2 Neillsville Schultz Rrchard A 1 Oshkosh Schultz. Stanley L 2 Chamblee Schultz. Thomas C 3 Muskego Schultz Thomas G 4 Neenah Schultz Thomas M 1 Menasha Schultz Warren G 4 Oshkosh Schuitze Andrew P 3 Horicon Schuitze. Mary E 2 Arena Schultz Carl R 4 Milwaukee Schulz. Clayton I Oshkosh Schulz. John 2 Milwaukee Schulz. Patsy J I Genoa City Schulz. Rebecca L 2 Neenah Schulz. Ronald K 4 Fond du Lac Schulz. William J 3 Wauwatosa Schumacher. DuWayne N 1 Oshkosh Schumacher Glenn J 2 Hilbert Schumachor Janet R 4 Von Dyne Schumacher Lmda M 3 Kimberly Schumacher Shirley A 1 Bowler Schumcrth Bruce A 1 Green Bay Schuster Diane L 1 Nashotah Schuster. Janei l 2 Wales Schuster . Robert J 1 Oshkosh Schutt. Robert G 4 Milwaukee Schutz Susan J 3 Horicon Schwalenberg. Leroy D 2 Rocktidd Schwandt Barbara K 2 Oshkosh Schwantes. Joan M 3 Horicon Schwanz. Carl G 1 Sheboygan Schwartz James W 2 Brookfield Schwartz William C 2 Manitowoc Schwartz. William H 2 Neenah Schwarz. Carol L 1 Modison Schwerze Cheryl L 3 Wauwatosa Schwarzf John J 1 Milwaukee Schweitzer Phil R 2 Neenah Schwenner. Antoinette E 4 Brookfield Schwenner. John T 1 Grafton Sch worsen ska Dennis L 4 Waupun Schwessmger Scott W 1 Brookfield Schwoch Robert L 2 Beaver Dam Scidmore Jeneane M ) Colby Scieszmski Carole A 2 Janesville Scofield. Marilyn C 4 Green Bay Scott. Michael F 1 Fond du Lac Scon. Sally F 4 Rochester Scott. Sharon S 2 Fond du Lac Scott. Susan R 1 Rochester ScoveJI. Nancy A 4 Green Bay Scully Diane L 1 Delavan Soabul. Mary P 2 Oshkosh Soaloy David L 4 Wauwatosa Sedman. Charles F 1 Berlin Searl. Sharon A 1 Oregon Sears. Thomas R 1 Racme Seaver. Richard H 4 Wauwatosa Sobranek. Jane L 2 Elroy Seckat Chnstmo M 2 OshkoshSeckar Maty A 1 Oshkosh Seckar Susan M 4 Oshkosh Secora. Mary A 3 Berlin Secora. Sarah M 1 Berlin Sedlack James J 3 Sheboygan Seeteld. Ronald I 1 Neenah Seese Susan S 3 Oshkosh Settern Bonnie J 1 Van Oyne Segert. Thomas P 2 Appleton Seidel. Victoria L 2 Kimberly Seidor. Richard R 4 Oshkosh Seidl Dennis J 4 Oshkosh Seifeldt. Pam L 1 Oshkosh Seiler. Jill C 2 Gr eon dale Seiser Gary R 4 Milwaukee Seitz. David C 1 Wauwatosa Sokretars. Mary I 1 Milwaukee Solbo. Christine A 2 Hartland Seiensko William L Antigo Strike Ruth A 1 Manitowoc Selky Noraiee. 1 Racme Sell Donna R I Clmtonville Sell Gerald 1 Fond do Lac Sell Susan L 4 Oshkosh Sell. Thomas G 1 Fond du Lac Selle Jerold T 2 Appleton Selmer. William L 2 Oshkosh Seising. David L f Berlin Sem. William J Jr 1 West Allis Semrad Joseph P 4 West Allis Sengcr. David J 3 Fond du Lac Senger. Michael P 1 Oshkosh Senger. Sandra L 2 Fond du lac Sengpiel. Knstmo R 1 Brookheld Sennet. Mary A 4 Son Praine Sent? Jeanette A 2 Milwaukee Sereno. Richard L 2 Waukesha Sery Katherine F 3 Milwaukee Sesso. Louis J 3 Racme Sewell John E 4 Food du Lac Sexton. Richard P 1 Park Ridge III Shadid. Michael J 1 Wauwatosa Shafer Dons J 4 Omro Shatter. Allan H 3 Milwaukee Shalhoub. Gerald D 1 Green Bay Shalhoub. Maxine M 1 Green Bay Shallow. Patrick J 3 Oshkosh Shallow. Wayne L 1 Lena Shanley. Martha P Waukesha Sharih Shokoofeh 4 Tehran. Iran Sharp. Sandra J 3 Two Rivers Sharpe. Jane Z 4 New London Sharpe. Stove R 1 Waukesha Sharpe. Steven J 3 Now London Shaver Mary R 2 Aden Shaw Adrian Lee 2 Columbus Shaw Betty A 4 Oshkosh Shaw Susan A S Berlin Shaw William E 3 Waupun Shea. Cathy M 2 Pickett Sheoan. Barbara L 1 Delavan Sheedy. Carol A 3 Waukesha Shoffy. Judy M 2 Oshkosh Sheldon. Dennis G I Okauchee SheIJman. Robert L 2 Oconto Falls Shepard. Gerald R 3 Clmtonville Shepeck. Patricia M 1 Green Bay Shepro Thomas J S Cambna Sheridan. Phyllis N 1 Appleton Sherlock. Carole A 3 Sher. John W 1 Watertown Shimomura. Barbara K 3 Kauai. Hawaii Shippee. Fred C 1 Milwaukee Shim. William A 2 Oshkosh Shovers Brian L 1 Racme Showers. Pamela L 2 Madison Shrode. Diane M 1 Brookfield Shubon Carol A 3 Cnuitz Shuler. Leon A 1 Iron Mountain. Mich Shultz. Lmda J 1 Niagara Shupna. Harlan H 4 Manitowoc Sickles Michael H 2 Green Bay Siddaii Carol A 4 Princeton Sidott. Michael L 2 Franklin Siebors Carol J Menasha Siech. Gloria J 4 Sheboygan Sioczkowski Marilisa 1 Milwaukee Sieg. Richard D 3 Berlin Siegler. Barbara A 2 Jett or son Sreia. Dennis J 2 Beaver Dam Siefatf Susan B 3 Wauwatosa Siemers. Susan E 3 Marshfield Sieracki Suzanne M 1 Manitowoc Siesennop. James L 2 Oshkosh Sievers. Sally C 1 Madison Silah John M 1 Fond du Lac Silcock. Sidney J 1 Mayville Silko. Mary A 2 Lone Rock Silver Charles S. 2 Wauwatosa Sim George A 2 Menasha Simma. Essie M 2 Milwaukee Simmng. Sue E 3 Oshkosh Simon Anthony H 3 Menasha Simon Marilyn R Waukesha Simon. Patrick R 3 Kaukauna Simon Robert C 1 Menasha Simon. Vckilee M 1 Oshkosh Simonet. Terns X 4 Wauwatosa Simonis. June M 3 Two Rivers Simons. Kathryn L 2 Oshkosh Simons. Michael T 1 Green Bay Simpnsen. Cynthia L 1 Chicago. Ill Simonsen. Patricia A 4 Mequon Simpson. SueAnn 3 Oshkosh Simpson. Sally P 2 Appleton Simpson. William E 4 Appleton Sims. Gail M 1 West Allis Smdelar. Michael C 3 Manitowoc Singstock Allen L 2 Oshkosh Smitski. John F 4 Oshkosh Sinkovich. Phillip B 1 Mt Prospect. Ill Sippel Bonita M 4 Mt Calvary Sippel Dianne K 3 New Holstein Sippel. Peter T 1 Plymouth Sippel Thomas J 3 St Cloud Sirek. Mary K 1 Oshkosh Sirek. Steven W 4 Oshkosh Sisson Mary A 2 Milwaukee Siudzinski. Joan F 1 Green Bay Siudzinski Lee J 4 Milwaukee Siudzinski. Lynne E 3 Milwaukee Sivortscn. Tom C 1 Fond du Lac Sioquist. Bill J 2 Iron Mt Skalitzky. Stephanie J 1 Sun Prairie Sket Nancy J 2 Chilton Skinner. Dean E 1 Madison SkfOldagor. Randi L 1 Appleton Skow Gary D 2 Brookheld Skowbo. Philip J. 1 Grafton Skurcznski. Diane R 2 Milwaukee Skurnick. Norman G 3 Milwaukee Siaby Carolyn E 1 Oshkosh Slanmka. Dorothy 3 Racme Slatky. Sue A 3 Green Bay Slavik. Gene N 4 Sturgoon Bay Slavik Kay A 4 Oshkosh Slavik. Lawrence C 4 Oshkosh Slone. Richard A 2 Greenwood Slowey. Mary S 1 Portage Smalancke. Lmda S 1 Racme Smarzmski. Robert S 2 Monasha Smo|ka' Mary C 2 Sturgeon Bay Smorling. Larry G 2 Oshkosh Smestad. James A 1 Neenah Smith. Barbara L 2 Gillett Smith. David R 4 Oshkosh Smith. Dennis P 4 Keithsburg. Ill Smith. Elamo G 1 Mt Hareb Wise Smith. James A 3 Menasha Smith. James D 2 Waupun Smith. Janes M 2 Ripon Smith. Janice K 2 West Bond Smith. Jamce M 3 Ephraim Wise Smith. Jean A 2 Fond du Lac Smith. Jonathan L 4 Neenah Smith. Karen A 3 Kenosha Smith. Kathleen F 3 Fond Du Lac Smith. Kathleen S 3 New Berlin Smith. Kay F 2 McFarland Smith Lawrence M 2 Waukesha Smith. Natalie K 1 Western Springs III Smith. Steven R 1 Oshkosh Smith. Terrance R 2 Wauwatosa Smith. Thomas R 1 Neenah Smits Diane M 2 Green Bay Smolic. John F 3 Sheboygan Smoody. Michael J 1 Ripon Snell. John M 3 West Bend Snodgrass. Karen J 1 Milwaukee Snortum. Shirley I 1 Appleton Snyder Diane M 2 Oconomowoc Sobczak. Enc J 1 Milwaukee Sobieski. Joan C 3 Omro Sobieski. Thomas L 4 Redgrawna Sobieski Wayno J 4 Omro Sobolik. Larry E 3 Oak Creek Sobrolske. Lmda K 1 Watertown Sofia. David J 1 Fond du Lac Sohco. James A 1 Mayville Solberg. Trygve A 3 Marion Somers. Lmda M 1 Thiensville Sommers. Dennis G 3 Rrpon Sonnleitner Carol A 4 Menasha Sonsthager Oaniel J 3 Rhinelander Sopek. Judith A 1 Wauwatosa Sorensen. Peter C 3 Menasha Sorensen. Thomas A 1 Racme Sorenson. Larry M 1 Camoron Sorenson. Thomas L 1 Nekoosa Sorsen. Lmda C 1 Milwaukee Sosmske. Margaret J 1 Waupaca Sosmske. Glenn D 2 Fond du Lac Sosnoski. Judith K 3 Oshkosh Soule. Carolyn M 3 Rhinelander Sousok. Peggy L 2 Hortonville Southard. James E 1 Waupun Sovic. Mark P 1 South Milwaukee Sowlles. Ann M 2 Milwaukee Soyck. Patricia L 1 Milwaukee Spaay. Patrick J 1 Appleton Spaeth Kathy A 3 West Bend Spaeth. Richard S 2 West Bend Spaldmg. Richard S 4 Oshkosh Spaldmg. Susan J 4 Oshkosh Spanbauor. Edmund W 2 Oshkosh Spanbauer. Thomas J 1 Oshkosh Spang. Nanetta M 2 Hilbert Spangenberg. James T 1 Racme Spangle. Lillie M 1 Ashland Spauldmg. Victoria 4 Green Lake Spear. Louise S 1 Green Bay Spears. Glenna E 1 Drummond Speilman. Karen S 1 Wautoma Spengier. Thomas H 2 Waukesha Sperger Marilyn K 2 Oshkosh Sphatt Charlene 1 Oshkosh Spiczenslo Lmda L 1 Oshkosh Sp«echer. Roger L 2 Wausau Sptlker. Carl R 4 Milwaukee Spdker, Charles J 4 Appleton Spmetli. Lynn C 1 Milwaukee Spmk. Richard G 3 Oshkosh Spitz. Sidney H 1 Milwaukee Spokas. Robert A 2 Evergreen Park. Ill Sprenget Alan F 2 Sheboygan Springer Paul J 2 Appleton Springer. Valerie J 1 Racme Squires. Janice V 1 Markesan Siaaf. Peter C 3 Racme Stacy. John P 3 Fond du Lac Stadel. Ashley V 1 Oshkosh Stadler. Jerry R 2 Oshkosh Siadler. John C 1 Oshkosh Stadler. Larry H 4 Oshkosh Staeben GaryW 3 Brookfield Staerkei. Suzanno A 4 Green Bay Stahl. Sue A 2 West Bend Stahmer. Daniel H 3 Clmtonville Stalker. Jerry M 4 Cambria Stallman. Thomas R 1 Watertown Stamborski. Chris A 1 Oshkosh Stamm. Richard M 1 Milwaukee Stanek Barbara L 2 Milwaukee Sianek. Charles 0 1 L omira Stang. Gar, W 3 Oshkosh Stanuel. 8arry 3 Two Rivers Stangel. Diane M I Tisch Mills Stankevitz. Clara J 4 Green Bay Stanley. Nancy J 3 Madison Stanull. Sue E 3 Two Rivers Stanzel. Daniel R 3 Oshkosh Stapelbroek Maryn G 2 Seymour Stapleton Karen L 1 Hartford Stapleton Maureen L 2 Oconomowoc Stapleton. Patrick 1 Hartford Staponkus. Greg A 1 Oconto Starck. Kathleen B 1 West Allis Stark Barbara A 3 Oshkosh Stark. Richard L 3 Oshkosh Starke Thomas G 4 Kaukauna Starr Fredrick J 1 Menomonee Falls Starzmski Barbara J 2 Marathon Staszak Richard M 1 Milwaukee Staszewski. Frederick G 2 Greenfield Statz. Mary K 1 Green Bay Stouber Norbert A 4 laona St Aubm. Timothy A 2 Little Chuto Stauske. Lester R 4 Oshkosh Stauss. Jane E 4 Milwaukee Stavenow Richard L 4 Oshkosh Staver Geno A 3 Bellevue Neb St Clair. Jean E 1 Wauwatosa Stearns. Lmda J 2 Waukesha Stobbms. Robert W 4 Green Bay Steeno. Kerry L 1 Green Bay Steeno. Thomas R 2 Green Bay Stefamak Lee R 2 Two Rivers Stefaniw. Anneliese 4 Kewaunee Stetteck. Patricia A 2 Oconto Falls Steffen James P 2 Belgium Steffen. Lynda J 1 Fond du Lac Steffens Diane R 4 Coleman Siettes. Peggy M 2 Oshkosh Stefonik. Phillip M 1 Rhinelander Stehr Allen J 3 MilwaukeeStephen Sandra S 1 Oshkosh Stephany. Sheila R 2 Green Bay Stephany Sharyn D 4 Fond du Lac Stephany Stephan G I Fond du Lac Stephens Patricia A 2 Wauwatosa Stophenson. Charles J 1 Menomonoe Falls Stephenson Thomas J 4 S linger Starchy Richard A 1 Mequoo Stern Michele R 1 Glen Ellyn. Ill Stern SuzanneE 3 Hales Corners Stern Thomas 0 1 Wisconsin Rapids Sternkopf Eh abethJ 1 Oconomowoc Slerr Eugene A 4 Fond du Lac Stetter Kathleen R 4 Oshkosh Stevens Anna M 2 Royalton Stevens Gary E 1 Oshkosh Stevens Robert A 2 Fond du Lac Stevenson Robert J 2 Oshkosh Stewart. Diane L 4 Green Bay Stewart Mary A 1 Wauwatosa Stce Jean A 1 Menasha Sick ford Jacquelyn 2 Milwaukee Stietos. Roger J 2 Waupaca Stietvater. John J 2 Valders Sneghorst. Linda M 2 Sheboygan Stiechmenn Matthew L 2 Riverside Steidl Robert J 4 Menasha Stol Mary M t Madison Stem Terry M 2 Milwaukee Stembarth Nancy H 4 Oshkosh Stombdiiof Michael T 3 Menomonoe Falls Stemborn Susan M 1 Milwaukee Stembrecher Jean A 1 Two Rivers Stanbrecher John T 2 Oshkosh Staner Edward C I Crrvit Staner. Kathleen A 2 Brookfield Staner Mary A 3 Appleton Staner Rita A 2 Appleton Stamen Jr Barton W 1 Oshkosh Stanert Randolph L 1 Oshkosh Stanhagen. Linda I 2 Midlothian Stanhardt. Sue K 2 Shawano Stcmhilber. Susan J 4 Oshkosh Stanke. Jerome P 1 Leopolis Stemkft Jaunita A 2 Leopolis Stemmet Peter D 2 Oshkosh Stenklyft, Linda R 2 Wabeno Sten . Lucmda A 3 Wausau Stepanski. Alfred M 3 Menasha Stephan Kathleen A 1 Saukville Snehr Marc L 1 Fond du Lac Stier Peter K 1 Neenah Sl.Ber Mary J 1 Little Suamico StiMwefl. Pamella A 2 West Chicago III Stillwell Pamela K 1 Green Bay Stimpel William F I Glenview. Ill St John Cheryl R 3 Appleton St Louis Danny J 4 Oshkosh Stockev Douglas M 2 Milwaukee Stockus Martin K 1 Oak Creek Stoegbaoer Robert J 2 Fond du Lac Stoeqbauer Thomas J 4 Oshkosh StoMel. K.m F 2 New London Siolt. John D 2 Wauwatosa Stone. Elame M 3 Oshkosh Stonecipher Roberi 0 1 Wauwatosa S loner Thomas A 1 Brookfield Stopper John A 2 N Fond du Lac Stoner. Eileen K 4 Oshkosh Stover Richard M 2 Oes Pi ames III Strand James R 1 Milwaukee Strand. Thomas A 3 Milwaukee Strasser Myles W 2 Oshkosh Stratton Audrey L 4 Hancock Stratton Margaret R 2 Milwaukee Strati. Michael L 3 Oshkosh Straub. Jamie J 2 Wausau Straul. Gordon A 2 Brookfield Strauss. Janice E I Milwaukee Strauss. Thomas G 2 Shawano Strebe James R 2 Waupaca Strebei Wayne F 2 Greenbay Streckenbach Fred M T Green Bay Stroot Carole M 3 Ellison Bay Stroi Betto B 2 Oshkosh Stretcher Michael J I West Allis Strong. Donald J 2 Milwaukee Stresmg Thomas H 2 West Allis Strieker Lanoe J 2 Berlin Strieker Theresa A 1 Berlin Stneqci. Janice H 2 Hartford Stnt el Mary L 4 Seymour Strobe!. William J 1 Fond du Lac Strobe! Patricia S I Oshkosh Stroede Nancy J 1 Cedar burg Strom Mary L 3 Marmette Stromske Jame A t Oshkosh Strong Edward P 3 Menasha Stroschine. John H 1 Fond du Lac Snout. Jane B 4 Manitowoc Struck. John J 4 Harttand Strut . Ann M 1 Appleton Strut Lois R 1 Omro Strycharske. Anne M 2 Btrnamwood Stryzek Christine 1 Lake Geneva Str y owski. Martha J T Cudahy Stubbs. Glenn R 2 Milwaukee Stuck James L 1 Menasha Stuck. Patricia A 2 Waukesha Stuckey. Kathy B 3 Shawano Stuebs. Donald J 2 Oshkosh Sfuempges Karla S 2 Neenah StuempQcv Theresa M 3 Neenah Stuhr. Charles J 2 Butler Stuller Virginia M 1 Hales Corners Stulu. Richard J 2 New Berlin Stumpl Peter A 1 Kiel Stuner Pamela A I Greendale Stusher William J Appleton Subat Robert R S Oshkosh Suhaysrk. Barbara M I Brooklietd Sullivan Robert T 1 La Grange. Ill Suman Margo A 1 Barrington III Summcht Gary R 2 Portage Supple Robert F 3 Fond du Lac Supnse Diane J 2 Antigo Suschil. Robert 1 Greendale Susma. Nancy L 2 Elk horn Susler Frank D 1 Milwaukee Susmian. James E t Boavnr Dam Sutcliffe Rita F 1 Madison Sutter Ann E 2 Neenah Sutter Jonathans 4 Owen Sutter Judy A 1 Mt Horob Swalby. Richard A 1 Fond du Lac Swanson Gary M 2 Milwaukee Swanson Richard W 3 Green Bay Swanson Barbara A 4 New London Sweedy Kay E 2 New London Sweonoy. Deborah J t Park Forest Sweet Deborah A 1 Milwaukee Sweet Pamela J 3 Madison Swenson. Jan E t Neenah Swenson Mary A 2 Oshkosh Swenson Vicki A I Oak Park. Ill Swick. Victoria A 1 CnvtU Swiechichowski David A 2 Mensha Swtechtchowski Ronald A 2 Neenah Swiechichowski. Sylvan M Seymour Swift. Connie S 3 Waukesah Swtft. D K t Waukesah Swmtosky. Lee P 1 Oshkosh Swisher Michael S 1 Oshkosh Swistak. Kay F 3 Rhinelander Syens Duane S 3 Randolph S alewski, Su anne C 1 Oshkosh S elagowski Wilma R 1 Milwaukee Szolcr Thomas J 1 Milwaukee Szymanski. Cor me A 1 Puraski Szymanski Diane K t Milwaukee S ymanski. Kathleen A 1 Brookfield Szymanski. Su annw M 2 Greenfield Tabak. Earl S 2 Milwaukee Tabalskc Phyllis J 3 Oshkosh Tabat Cheryl L I North Praino Tachick Jerome F 2 Coleman Tack. Jay R 2 Milwaukee Tacke Enola M 4 Jansevillo Tackes. Duwayne A 2 West Bend Tadych, Paul A 4 Manitowoc Tadych. Stanley J 1 Oshkosh Tagge. Kathleen R 3 Sheboygan Falls Tagliapieua. Gary V 4 Fond du Lac Tagtiapieira Loreoa M 3 Clmtonville Tarbi. Grace F 4 Milwaukee Taipale. Joan K I Waupun Tart. Thomas C 3 Oconto Falls Tams BarbaraA 1 Waukesha Taketa. Eloma 1 Oshkosh Tank. Linda A 2 Oshkosh Tank. Manbeth 2 Appleton Tank Michael G 2 Milwaukee Tanner. George H 4 Waupun Tanner Michael L 3 Milwaukee Tappy Gerald R 3 Oshkosh Tappy Terrence R 1 Oshkosh Tarantmo. Theodore A 2 Milwaukee Taron. Donald A 2 Mequon Tarman Michael E 1 Menomonee Falls Tarman. Rosemry E 3 Menomonee Falls Tarpley. Jane A 1 Rio Tata Judith A 4 Clare. Mich Tatera. James F 3 Lake Dolton Tatum Carol Jean 4 Oshkosh Tauchen Ronald J 1 Oregon Taylor Pat»oa A 1 Milwaukee Techtman Kay £ 3 West Bend Teclaw. Carol M 1 Oshkosh Tohrani Mir M 1 Oshkosh Teichtler John H 3 Sturgeon Bay Teiletson Jacqueline S 2 Oshkosh Temple Tom Leigh Jr 2 Appleton Temreck Judith L 3 Kiel Tenge Jack R 2 West Allis Tenme Lawrence V 1 Greenville Tenme William M 1 Shiocion Tentoni Stuart C 1 Milwaukee Teresmski. David G 2 West Allis Te Rondo Carla M 2 Milwaukee Terrell. John C t Oshkosh Temen. Sarah J 2 Lake Geneva Terrill Timothy J 1 Milwaukee Tesch Della 2 Oshkosh Tesch Robert J 1 Black Creek Tesensky Michael J 1 Mi'waukee Teas. Barbara L 1 Milwaukee Tass Wayne R 3 Colgate Teasner Bruce A I Fond du Lac Tessner Gary L 4 Fond du Lac Tessner John W 4 Fond du Lac Tatting. Bill A 2 Menomonee Falls Tatting. Reinhardt K 1 Watertown Tews Susan M 1 Menasha Tews. Thomas N 3 Appleton Thaanum. Bonme 1 Milwaukee Thalacker James A t Berlin Thayer Steven L 1 Madison Theis. John J 4 Fond Fond do Lac Theisen. Judy B 2 West Bend Theisen Linda A 2 Port Washmgion Theisen. Mark C 3 Fond du Lac Thermansen Mark C T Neenah Thermansen Mary C 1 Neenah Them. Sandra L 4 New London Thew Diane L 4 Fond du Lac Thew Richard D 2 Fond du Lac Thiede. Garry A 2 Marshfield Thiel. Bonme L 4 Oshkosh Thiel Gary J 2 Ripon Thiel. Gary M 4 Oshkosh TTuel. Paula M 1 Sherwood Thiel. Robert J 4 Appleton Thiele M haei M 2 Oshkosh Thiele Wayne L 1 Oshkosh Thiefidder Betty L 3 Germantown Thode Chnstme A 4 Fond du Lac Tholo MaryC 1 Madison Thom Cynthia C. 2 Neenah Thomas. Beverly A 1 Oshkosh Thomas. Barbara G 1 Appleton Thomas. Charles G Jr 1 New London Thomas. Darei G 4 Seymour Thomas. Karen H 1 Milwaukee Thomas. Linda S 2 Peshtigo Thomas. Lynn F 2 Milwaukee Thomas. Rodney L 2 New London Thomas. Susan J 3 Madison Thomas Thomas J 4 Menomonee Falls Thomas William P 1 Green Lake Thompson. Betty 1 Green Bay Thompson Jeamne L t Beloit Thompson Judith J 2 Ashland Thompson Julie A 1 Oshkosh Thompson Car let on K 4 Milwaukee Thompson Dennis M 1 Arcadia Thompson Jeanne I t Appleton Thompson Karan L t Stoughton Thompson Kent D 4 Manitowoc Thompson. Leon A 2 Dane Thompson. Mark A T Oshkosh Thompson. Mary L 1 Glen Ellyn. Ill Thompson MaryPat 4 Wautoma Thompson. Mary S 2 Brookfield Thompson Sandra A 3 Wisconsin Dells Thorp. Chip 3 Wauwatosa Thorp. Pamela J 1 Schofield Thor stensm Linda J 4 Wauwatosa Thoemmler. Carol A 2 Sheboygan Thulm. Dennis S 2 Green Bay Thull David J 2 Kewaskum Thull. Larry E 4 Pickett Thuren. Alan R 3 Merrillville. Ind Thurk. Nancy A 1 New London Thru man . Sherry L 2 Fond du Lac Thurwachter. Stephen R 4 Chilton Tibons. Peter E 1 Sheboygan Tice. Frederick P Jr 1 Cudahy Tice. James E t Elm Grove Tice. Patrick A 1 Cudahy Tiodemann. Irene E 1 Oshkosh Tienor LuAnneC 4 St Bnllion Tighe. James F 2 Fond du LacTile . Edward J 1 Racme Titg Ellen R 3 Brookfield Till. David J 3 Florence Tillman. Marlene C 1 Milwaukee Timm Duane M 4 Woyauwega Timm. Judy A 2 Green Bay Timm. Sandra S 2 Now Berlm Timpel Donald G 3 Cedarburg Timper. Albert M 4 Omro Timper Sandra Z 4 Omro Tin»Jey Lawrence E 1 Oshkosh Titzfcowski. Jill R 2 Oshkosh Tote. Judy E 4 Milwaukee Tofcacz. Donald E I Milwaukee ToHolsen. Ricahard P 4 Milwaukee ToBifson. William R 4 Oshkosh Tottrmann. Dale L 4 Manitowoc Toman Ltisho S 1 Watertown Tomany Dannell V Antigo Tomas ewski Jane M I Crrvitt Tomcheck. Roberta B 2 Green Bay Tomczak Cheryl A 1 Milwaukee Tomc yk Michael S 1 Oshkosh Tomlin Steve P 2 Madison Tomlinson. Joe 3 Eagle River Tomlinson. Sally M 1 Eagle River Tonoli Kathleen 2 Wauwatosa Tonn. Gerald. M 4 Neenah Tormey. Elaine M 4 Green Bay Tormoen. Judy A 2 Green Bay Tom son. Daniel P 3 Valders Tomson, Mary S. 1 Valders Tor ala Paul A 2 Hales Corners Torzewski. Jano K 1 Merrill Toshner Stephen M 1 Fond du Lac Totero Carol R 2 Racine Totero. Janet M 1 Racmo Toynton Addison F 1 Walworth Trachte. Harriet L 2 Arpm Tranholm. John J 1 Milwaukee Transou Caroline V 1 Colgate Trantow. James W 2 Manawa Trapp. Lyle S 1 So Milwaukee Traskowski. Jane 1 Cudahy Travis. James A 1 Oshkosh Tredcr Mary S 2 Berlin Tredo. Juanita M 4 Beaver Dam Treloar, Nancy L 1 Milwaukee Treml, Carole L 3 Green Bay Trepto. Candice D 1 Wost Bend Treptow. Wanda K 4 Fond du Lac Tresselt. Christine 4 Manitowoc Trester Charles A 3 Milwaukee Trier Thomas R 4 Sheboygan Trimbell. John F 1 Dalton Tnmberger Mary S 1 Sheboygan Falls Trmrud. Cynthia L 1 Scandinavia Tnphan. Theodore G 4 Oshkosh Trochmski. Judy A 3 Berlin Troester. Thomas A 1 Ripon Troia Jack C 1 Madison Troiber Donna M 1 Oshkosh Trombley, Terry H 1 Appleton Troudt William D 2 Oshkosh Troyer Barbara J 1 So Milwaukee Trudeau. Judith A 4 Green Bay Trumpy. John C 1 Monroe Tubbs Paul H 3 Oshkosh Tubbesmg. Jane E 1 Green dale Tubesing. Jeanne A 1 Brookhekl Tucex. Dixie D 2 Hancock Tuchscherer. Daniel R 1 Oshkosh Tuchscherer Pat L 2 Oshkosh Tuckwoll, Peggy A 1 Wauwatosa Tulip. Ardyth J 4 Marinette Tulloch. Brian L 3 Wawatosa Tulloch Bruce 0 3 Wawatosa Tunks. Ronald A 3 Oshkosh Turner. Donald H 1 Neenah Turner Laune T 1 Eagle Tumor Merton C 3 Antigo Turner. Sharon L 3 Fond du Lac Turner. Tene A 1 Fond du Lac Turney. Don A 1 Palatine. Ill Tuschen. James E 1 Sun Prame Tuschl Catherine A 1 Whitelaw Twohig. Kathleen M 1 Fond du Lac Tyan. Ghyh-Fann S Philippines Tyler. Thomas J 2 Crandon Tynver . James B 2 Oshkosh Ubelle. Laurel A 2 West Bend Ueda. Hiroko S Tokoyo Japan Ulheil James R Milwaukee UWand Judith A 3 Milwaukee Ulbnch. George A 3 Neenah Utezelski Richard A 2 Redgranite Ulienbrauck Robert H 2 Antigo Ullman, Dennis R 2 Sturgeon Bay UHmer. Thomas H 1 Green Bay Ulman. Clifford J 2 Apploton Unmuth. Dave A 4 Oshkosh Unrath. MaryJ 1 Delaheld Upton. Carol A 2 Apploton Urban. John J 3 West Allis Urban. Lynn C 1 Schofield Urban. Timothy E 1 Moquon Urry. Wiliam J 2 Milwaukee Usmger Linda M 1 Madison Utke. Lucille K 1 New Berlin Utley Carol S Menasha Uttech. Lmda A 1 Watertown Utter. Donald W 3 Oshkosh Vechata Linda J 2 LaGrange. Ill Vacant. Ronald N 1 West De Pere Valley. Deborah R 1 Marubette Valley. Tom J 4 Lena Van Sue A 3 Abrams Van Airsdale Peter A 1 Neenah Van Akkeren Cheryl A 4 Sheboygan Van Beek Mary C 3 AMenton Van Seed Sandra L 1 Kimberly Van Bellinger James L. 4 Green Bay Van Camp. Vick. C 1 Green Bay Van Cuyk. Bary A 1 Kimberly Vande Castle. James R 4 Menasha Vande Hei. John A Oshkosh Vande Hei. Kathy A 1 West De Pere Vandehey. Mary J 1 Oshkosh Vandehey. William G 2 Antigo Vanden Boogard. James R Kimberly Vanden Boogard. Patricia A 1 Kimberly Vanden Heuvol. Jean A 3 Green Bay Vanden Heuvol William J 1 West Oo Pero Vanden Heuvol Victoria A 1 Little Chute Vender Gnnten. James L 3 Eden Vanden Heyden. Kathryn A 1 New London Vender Heyden Glenda L 3 Green Bay Vender Heyden. Theresa M 1 Menasha Van dot Leost Roger J 4 Green Bay Vander Pus. Daniel W 3 Little Chute Van Develd Da d P 4 Oshkosh Van De Wege Earl 4 Sheboygan Van Dien. Dame L 2 Oconomowoc Van Dyke Kathleen E 4 Oshkosh Van Dyke, Petor M 1 Oshkosh Van Epern. Karen R 3 Kaukauna Van Epern. Roy W 1 Kaukauna Van En. James R 2 Milwaukee Van Etten Robert D 1 Monona Van Fosson. Cheerio A 3 Milwaukee Van Genderen. Cyd L 1 Milwaukee Van Grmsven. James M 4 Kaukauna Van Groll. Jean M 1 Manitowoc Van Groll. Robon L 2 Appleton Ve . Heertum. Tichard M 4 Kimberly Van Himbcrgen. Patricia A 1 Kimberly Van Himbergcn. Thomas W 1 Kimberly Van Himbergen Tim G 1 Kimberly Van Horn. Barbara E 3 Menasha Van Hout. Antonotie L 1 Kimberly Van Lieshout. David A 3 Kimberly Van Marter. Wayne M 2 Neenah Vance, Trudi A 2 Del even Van Ness, Adelo 1 Lodi Van Ness. Petor H 2 Lodi Van Price. Karen E 4 Algoma Van Ravonstom. Edward A 1 Oshkosh Van Rossum, Ronald F 4 Oconto Van Sistine. Gary R 4 Green Bay Van Slraten. Darnel G 4 Shiocton Van Susteren. William J 1 Madison Van Thiel. Mark 2 Kimberly VanVuren Barbara L 3 Soymour Van Vuren. Marlene J 4 Oshkosh Van Vuren. Stove A 2 Seymour Van Vuren. Terry D 2 Bonduel Vaughan, Judith M 3 Appleton Vedder. James R 4 Oshkosh Vehrs. Thomas I 3 Nekoosa Veteke. Robert L 1 Waupun Vellema Colire E 2 Waupun Venous. Ilona 3 Sheboygan Venne Carey L 2 Milwaukee Venske Jack E 3 Brookfield Vending Cynthia A 1 Berlin Verbeton Diane M 1 Kimborly Verbeton. William F 2 Kimberly Vercauteren. Mary R 3 West Do Per Verstegen. Janet L 2 Little Chute Verhaalon Janet C I Milwaukee Verhooven. Barbara L 4 Appleton Verbovcn. F Yvonne Menasha Verlare, Ruth A 1 Sheboygan Verner. Suo H 2 Waupan Verstegen Robori J 4 Little Chute Verstoppen. Sandra M 1 Green Bay Verwiel. John B 1 Oshkosh Versluys. Keith E 2 Fond du Lac Vetter Steven J I Elm Grove V« . Valerie A 1 Wauwatosa Richard B 4 Oshkosh Vilski. Virginia Green Boy Vmger. Shan A 1 Watertown Virlee. Theresa A 1 Brussels Vissers. Anthony A 2 Green Bay Vlasis. Tim R 1 Milwaukee Vockman. John M 1 Oshkosh Voeltner. Bonm L 2 Berlin Voelker. Roberi F 1 Elkhart Lake Voelz. Barbara A 1 Green Bay Voeizke. Richard F 1 Oshkosh Vogel. Anthony L 3 Whnolaw Vogel. Lorraine J 2 DcPoro Vogds. Carol M 1 Milwaukee Voight. Jack C 3 Shiocton Voigt Sue A I Sheboygan Volden. Alice A 2 Lannon Volk. Dian M 1 Milwaukee Volkman. Gary R Apploton Volkman. Nancy J 1 Brookfield Von Mark E 1 Appleton Voilbrecht. Oale R 2 Ripon Voilbrecht. Nancy 3 Sheboygan Vollstedt. Thomas J 2 Fond du Lac Voltt Gunnar C 4 Cudahy Vonderheid. Ann A 1 Merrill Vonevenhoven. Dennis W 1 Kimberly Von Hoff. Bonnie J 1 De Pere Voorhees. John B 3 Oshkosh Vorland Mary C 2 Colby Voskuii. Dale H 3 Cedar Grove Voskuii. Thomas A 1 Lombard. Ill Voss Oale J 2 Watorioo Voss. Darlene L 3 Neonah Voss. Jeanne L 4 Madison Vraney. Jano A 1 Cato Wade. Scott W 1 Omro Wadev Paul B 3 Oshkosh Wad inski Gregory A 1 Rhinelander Wdottier Thomas A 2 Evansville Waelchih. Peggy R Shawano Wagler Earl L 4 Appleton Wagner Cynthia A 2 Cadott Wagner. Jeanette G 3 Neonah Wagner. John T 3 Oshkosh Wagner. Molly J Sun Prame Wagner. Richard J 4 Fond Du Lac Wagner William J 2 Fond Du Lac Wahlgren. Kay 3 Oshkosh Wahoasko. James J 2 Oshkosh Wahome. Dashon K 2 Karatino. Kenya Wais. Diane E 1 Milwaukee Waito. Louise M 2 Oshkosh Waito Virginia A 1 Oshkosh Walbrun Richard R 2 Menasha Walbrun. William C 1 Monasho Walch Robert C 2 Mequon Watczak. Kathleen A 1 Menomoooe Falls Waldron Sharon A 3 Adrian Mich Walker John C 1 Wautoma Walkowski. Ken A 1 Rhinelander Wallace. Chester J 1 Green Bay Wailenkamp. Clement C 2 Threo Lakes Wrttrch. Lynn R 1 Waukesha WaHmgform. William R 2 Green Bay Wallner. Harvey W 1 Berlin Walls Manlyn J 1 Glendale Wailschlaeger JohnW 1 Green Bay Wailschlaeger. Terry A 1 Milwaukee Walsh Francis J 4 Lyndon Station Walsh Kathleen A 4 Madison Wals Richard R 3 Milwaukee Walter . Patricia A 1 Oshkosh Walter Paul J » Antigo Walter kens Donald O 2 Kimberly Walters John F 2 Deiavan Walters. Robert J 2 Rothschild Watters Sharyn A 4 Merrill Walters Teddi 1 Rothschild Walther Gerald M 3 Menomonee Falls Walther Robert A 4 Menomonee Falls Waltonen Karen J 1 Green Bay Walt Michael G 1 Oakheld Watvoord Net da H 3 Oostburg Wat er Michael J 2 Oshkosh Wamai. Adams T 2 TumuTumu Kenya Wamboid. John W 2 Milwaukee Wandrey. Elizabeth C 4 Antigo Wanek Gwen E 1 Madison Wanner John E 4 Green Bay Warchol. James H 2 Pulaski Ward James J 1 Green Bay Ward MaryC 2 Waupaca Ward Randall R 1 Milwaukeeiiiiiiiilifsl !M5i$illliiIiIJl!llliljl III MS!!: mm t 4 I 5 s «•« I — • Lui r -.r= i I I I i i i I ' s S I I i ill i i t f Ui IlilliPliilllfi lists 2 5 2 5 i t ?slil3ijf!lfil! i.?ll! iii!l . i i I i i i « «»«»« » 222222222 |iiij!|l|l|lllpp|lp|ljl I i I I I I' I I S I I ! I I l ! i i I I I i 1 I i i I i .............................i i J 5 22222222Woisfce George E 1 Brookfield Wolske William J 2 Kewaunee Wolter. Patricia M 4 Antigo Wolter Ronald R 1 Racme Wolter Timothy P 1 Eagle River Wondra, Carolyn J 2 Campbetlsport Wong Lily M 4 Water tord Wozniak. Linda C 1 Milwaukee Wozny Susan L 1 West Allis Wrasse Jean L 1 Hales Corners Wrchota Manalce 2 Oshkosh Wrchota. T homes W 1 Oshkosh Wnght David M T Rosendale Wnght Peggy I 1 Detavan Wongvorazathe Suthep 1 Bangkok. Thailand Wood Edward M 3 Oshkosh Wood Gregory A 3 Oshkosh Woodcock Paul A 2 Mtshtcoi Wnght Vernon R I Wausau Wntt Donald J 3 Sturgeon Bay Wrobiewski Alan F 2 West Allis Wruck Larry M I Shawano Woodland. Rock R 1 West Bend Woodrow. Thomas J 1 Appleton Woody. Nancy P 2 Appleton Woolever Patricia A T Reedsburq Woolweber. Sharon A 4 Oshkosh Woreck. John A 3 Randolph Worthington. Laurel L 2 Fond du Lac Wortley Kathleen A 1 Wauwatosa Wosk;k. Lois Y 1 Wauwatosa Wudtke Karl F 3 Noenah WAjrzbach William F 2 Oshkosh Mjthnch Candace J 1 Monroe Wyatt. Kenneth L 2 Milwaukee Wydeven , Donald J 1 Kimberly Wydeven. Kenneth L 2 Appleton Wylie. Donald P 2 Wisconsin Rapids Wylie Luanne K 1 Wausau Wysocki. Linda M 2 Milwaukee Yach. Carole L 3 Appleton Yache Katherine E 1 Fond du Lac Yaoger. Margaret C 2 Leona Yaklus William M 1 Mayvillo Yanke Michael F 2 Oshkosh Yeager. Paul J 1 Eagle River Yelich. Tom P 4 Wausau Yelk Ann M 1 Sun Prane Yero Rosanne I 4 Highland Yersm. Robert J 4 Milwaukee Yingtmg. Larrame M 1 Eagle Grove, la Yockey. Thomas J 2 Fond du Lac Yogerst Elame T 1 Richfield York. Dolores A 1 Burnett Yost Linda K 2 Appleton Youell. Harry A 2 Rioon Young, Bonme G 3 Elm Grove Young. Colia A 1 Milwaukee Young. Cynthia J 2 Milwaukee Young. Edna M 4 Shiocton Young. Judy A 1 Milwaukee Young. Manlynn L 1 Brookfield Young. Patrick J 1 Berlin Young, Rebecca L 2 Chippewa Falls Young. Sandra S 3 Berlin Young. Terry M 2 Antigo Younger. Patti D T Appleton Youngwirth Gary J 1 Oshkosh Youngwirth. George L Jr 2 Oshkosh Youra. Darnel G 4 Fond du Lac Yugovich. Rosemarie 1 Fond du Lac Yunowich. James R 3 Niagra Yurk. Nancy M 3 Sheboygan Yost. Roger A 2 Fond du Lac Zabit. Bill N 1 Madison Zahn. Catherine E T Waterford Zahn.Fay A 2 Green Bay Zahn Roann R 3 Grafton Zakos. Richard K 3 Fond du Lac Zapfe. Barbara J 3 Green Bay Zarek. David A 2 Greondaie Zarlmg. Kathy J 4 Milwaukee Zastrow. Judith K 3 Wausau Zautke. John A 1 Milwaukee Zautko William 4 Milwaukee Zawistowski. Katgleen A 2 Stone Lake Zechet Peggy K 3 Prairie Du Sac Zechos. Margaret C 3 Slmger Zertlow. Diann M 1 Rodgromte Zehner Barbara A 2 Arlington Zehner Katherine J 1 Hartford Zeidler James A Villa Park. Ill Zetfer. Cheri A 1 Fond du Lac Zonner Mary J 4 Waupun Zetazok Paul L 1 Milwaukee Zelazoski William T 1 Antigo Zell, Elmer E 4 West Bend Zellmer. Bonnie L 3 Oshkosh Zellmer. Patricia A 1 Columbus Zellmer. Wesley W 3 Ripon Zellner. Sharon K 2 OshkoshMr Dave Lippert "New" is the best word to describe the 1967 Quiver. It not only underwent an overhauling which resulted in a new format, but also acquired during the year a new advisor and a new home. Mr. David Lippert. assistant professor in the Journalism Program, came to us from Madison where he was a newsman for fifteen years. On coming to WSU-0 last fall he became advisor to both the Quiver and the Advance. At the beginning of second semester the Quiver moved into its new home, which it shares with the Advance. The Journalism House, located at 727 Algcma Blvd., has been revamped to meet the needs of a newspaper and a yearbook Besides the Advance offices and a darkroom there is a classroom on the first floor Upstairs are Mr. Lippert's office, our editor Joan Schwantes's office, workrooms and storerooms. The Journalism House has been a very busy place as we rushed to meet deadlines to put out the "All New 1967 Quiver." News — Photography classExecutive Board Joan Michele Schwantes — Editor John Wanner — Photo Editor Greg Putman — Business Manager Bonnie Thaanum — Business Manager Fran Goodrich — Copy Editor Cheryl Hagman — Layout Editor Assistant to the Editor — Rose Bock Section Editors Seniors — Kathy Nyman Faculty and Administration — Stephan G. Clark Greeks — Dick Bidwell Religious Organizations — Fran Goodrich Dorms — Kathleen Bzdawka Sports — Ron Niesing Organizations— Barb PingelGeneral Staff Members Sue Larson Margaret Bast Denise Letts Bruce Bell Abbie Oelke Terry Brooks Helen Schouten Gail Buchanan Barb Tanis Leslie Cagen Cindy Trinrud Renee Crapeall Chris DeBruin Debbie Evans Tony Weitenbeck Margie Franken Photographers DeDe Halt Rose Bock Sandy Hamachek Steve Brown Carol Kaiser Alan Dooley Kathie Kadlec Larry Gross Walter Kempf John Sewell special thanks go to the following — American Yearbook Company — our publishers Delma Studios of New York — senior portrait photographers Mr John Courtney and the staff of the Audio-Visual Department Miss Gail Floether of the Union Staff The photography department of the Appleton Post-Crescent Mr. Dave Lippert — without whose advice this book would have had many more problems Mr. Tom McDonald — our friendSteve Brownfc'M'V' A «. Steve BrownGiraffe' Sieve BrownAl Dooley keep'em smiling POULTRY A iU'DEPQSTL •w-'r Camp' C«r II.HIV Scnici mvrtlr Irwrnc .r war I,"Fall to Progress" Steve BrownJohn SewellPinnacle John Sewell

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