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Wisconsin State College — Oshkosh Dauid J. Qoodu?in .. . Editor-in-Chief Ulilton K. Qardner . . . Aduisor 2 ?. • H +- c- s in 4 6 10 142 178 220 230 246 268 288 312 317 Dedication Administration Exemplar Ado Athletics Organizations Religion Living Units Greeks Seniors Underclassmen Faculty Register Student Index 3Unljtt If. Kenney iflau 23. 131f — 5Jmt. 22. iaB3 4fflp prnuMy ftpfaratp thp 1UH4 (fuittpr tn tljp purrlasttng tttpmorg nf 3lnhu 3Fit2gpralii iKpnnpfotr, tljp 35tlj rpatbpnt of tl|P Unitpfii tatPa nf Amprira. Moy his words always be remembered: "All this will not be finished in the first 100 doys. Nor will it be finished in the first 1,000 days, nor in the life of this administration, nor even perhaps in our lifetime on this planet. But let us begin. "And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you: Ask what you con do for your country. "My fellow citizens of the world: Ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man." — Inaugural Address of President John F. Kennedy "ittay Ips ttoblp soul rpat in yparp, anb may he bp a symbol of loop for (Sob. rountry. attb all mankinb.” — Cardinal Cushing 5 DmmiSTRATlON Executiue Assistant to the President Dr. William E. White School of Education Dean Dr. David L. Bowman School of Letters and Sciences Dean Dr. Sherman E. Gunderson 7 Dr. James F. Duncan Dean of IDomen Mrs. Ruth Nelson Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Ernest Thedinga Dean of Business Affairs 8Director of Qraduate Studies Dr. Everett Pyle Registrar Dr. L. Otto Tetzlaff 9was a place of learning and friendship.Was the registration lines and those first days on campus 15Special orientation meetings were held for freshmen. Miss Hagler of the English department directs meeting in Taylor Hall. 16freshman orientation and moving inWas the fun and friends made before classes n ii fi it Watermelon was the big treat at the hootenanny, all you could eat. 18Crowds gathered to eat and sing at the hootenanny. One final night out before classes began was the Tri-Adds in Concert, and the Kick 19 -Off Dance. The Tri-Adds here are Joe Putzer, Thom McCain, and Dave Meyer.The parties were over and we started to pass to our classes and the true meaning of college.1 Dr. Charles D. Goff lectures in his political science classwas students learning for the future 23 ■ was working together and living in a community of friends. » VThe new Halsey Science Center went into use this year. was a campus of change Construction on the new men's dorm. Fletcher Hall, moved along rapidly 26Our campus was enlarged with the new parking lot next to Donner Hall and the expansion of the Union. Remember last years campus? See the changes? 27was our beautiful campus and its buildings Dempsey Hall became very familiar to the students as a class, office, and administration building. 28The Rose C. Swart training school has been on campus for many years and has now been remodled. The new Forrest R. Polk Library was finished just in time for classes last year. 3031 The new Halsey Science Center just opened this year.|G|P l.yh was HOMECOMING .. . I HOMECOMING OSHKOSH i Her Royal Majesty Sue Fercn and court. Karen Koeper and Sharon Bean, are presented in the Homecoming parade. 32 I END BEGINS! D VANCE “VICTORY RECIPE! STEAM STOUT" was the winning house decoration presented by Radford Hall. The winning display is pictured here among the added fire works attraction to the 1963 Homecoming celebration.was HOMECOMING rallies and queen campaignes 35The announcement is made and the queen is surprised! The queen is crownd and homecoming festivities begin. Presenting Sue Feren. a very happy queen. was our HOMECOMING queen 37was the The GDI crowds gathered to start out on a rally that would make history at OSC. 38. . . the Greeks heard their shouts which brought about a blackout on the court and a victory on the campus. They were more than 700 strong and they got what they wanted. 3940and house decorations It all took alot of work but it was fun and we made new friends at the same time. Those last touches while hopes ran high for a first place. 41was Homecoming ALUMNI DANCE and the royal court 42King John Thome and Queen Sue Feren are presented to their subjects. Court members Sharon Bean and cs-court are presented at Alumni Dance. 43 Court members Karen Koepcr and es-court are presented at Almni Dance.The student body turned out to fulfill their civic oblegation. The Blood Drive this year was a huge success. Everyone was so friendly while working for a worthy cause. 44Did you by any chance go out last night? 4547Lighting crew. Tom Hanson. Jim Calhoun, and Peter Sweeney, hang lights after cleaning for the up coming show. Our director!Rehearsals always held a new treat instore for all involved. was preparing a dramatic production Sharon Lindo and Lynn Seibel prepare for their performance. 49 was the first drama department production . . .. . . “THE HEIRESS” Lynn Seibel, James Smithers, and DuWayne Stowe all add to the perfection of the performance. Susan Michels tries to console Sharon Lindo after she realizes that the money ment more than her love. 51 Mary Lynn Schryver, Anne Moore, and Susan Michels listen to the comedy of Lynn Seibel in “The Heiress.” 52was students taking part The maid. Michele Harnak. showes Shirley Wilson into the setting room to meet Dr. Slopper. DuWayne Stowe. 53students were faced with new problems due to all the campus construction The student never knew what would happen next! 5556. . . was class field trips to learn from nature Mi I Mr. Charles W. Collins of the Geology department conducted his lab class on a field trip early in the year. 57students working toward the same ultimate goal The student always had to find their relaxing moments.606163r66 The joys of playing jacks till sun rise . . .67I 68parties and formal dinners Greeks enjoy the street dance at Titan Court. Sig Tau pajma party? 69I was the Opera Scenes presented by the Music Department "Madam Butterfly 7071A PROVOCATIVE AND THEATRICAL EVENT! Has the relationship between men and women changed? with WESLEY ADM and a piano TOWN GOWN OCTOBER 19th 8:15 p.m. CIVIC AUDITORIUM (Limited Single Admis ion Available at $2.00 at Mucllcr-Potter Drug) Booking OI root Ions WX WILLIAM MORRIS AGENCY. Ino.1 '• 73WISCONSIN PREMIERE!!! V'oiert (twH Ckiauja'ft Gate 4 Hewn OSHKOSH CIVIC AUDITORIUM TICKIT OUTIITS RUVI UNION $1.33 AU STUDfNTS MUdllR POTTIR STORiS $2.00 MORTON DRUG. Noonoh OTHER ADULTS OM4KOW4 IT ATI COUJOL IMCCWI UIHl OIMKOiH. W1ICOMUN 74 Thursday, Dec. 5 — 8:15 was Paul Lavalle and the Band of Americawas the new Civic Auditorium and Earl Wrightson and Lois Hunt — — TOWN GOWN FEBRUARY 11, 1964 8:15 p.m. CIVIC AUDITORIUM (limited Sinjte Adminioni Available at St.OO .1 Muelle.-Potte. Dru» Booking Direction: M WILLIAM MORRIS AGENCY. Ino. 79S . H UROK presents was the Roger Wagner and Ralph Votapek performances "from every point of view, this is the best mixed chorus singing in America today." _iOS ANGUli »tk 0 C l CAKTCX MCO W CIVIC AUDITORIUM 80The last performance of the Town Gown programs was Ralph Roger Wagner, director of his well known Votapck (left) shown here with Van Cliburn and winner of that choral group, coveted award. The performance of The Roger Wagner Chorale was enjoyed by the student body and the people of Oshkosh. 81George Vafiadis as Abe Lincoln debates with Stephen A. Douglas played by Robert Snook in The Rivalry. was the Cleveland Playhouse with the Rivalry and the piano recital of Ralph VotapekAddle Douglas, Sally Noble, tells her husband she won’t go to Illinois. T H E R I V A L R Y aw . 3 tU4Kleone Klein is crowned Winter Carnival Queen at the winter games as Michele Hrnak looks on. was the 1964 campus beauties After her crowning Yvonne Reindl, Campus Sweetheart, watches the second half of the basketball game.The 1964 Queens included Sue Feren. Homecoming; Kleone Klein. Winter Carnival; and Yvonne Reindl, Campus Sweetheart. SUE FERENYVONNE REINDLt was the candidates that ran for the Queen elections88 Bryon Sorensonwas the Queen and King with their Royal Court at the . . . WINTER CARNIVAL KING Donald Chcrmak 1964 QUEEN CANDIDATESwas the work put in on the ice sculptures . . . then the ice. Work continued long into the night. 90Working on a winning sculpture. f 912nd Place CHECKMATE' Gamma Sigma 3rd Place “HUCKLEBERRY HOUND" Phoenix 4th Place "THRILLER" Sigma Tau Gamma was the winning ice sculptures of winter carnival 93was the winter gamesLambda Chi won the women's obstacle relay. Clemans Hall won the broom hockey game, 2-1. 95A good time was had by all at the Clemans Dance. 97was dorm hootenannies and carnivals A special hootenanny program also entertained the dorm students during the year. 99The word spread fast and the campus stopped. The student didn’t know where to turn, where to go, what to think. When the final word reached our campus it found our students deep in prayer. 100 Sure. I take things for granted. I don't read the New York Times. Or breath with the stock market. Or palpitate with taxes -I waste food And I’m rude to my mother. Now wait roommate, what are you saying? Roommate? Roommate? What? What? Is it true? No! What? Radio, turn on the radio! Get F.M. Get something! A.B.C. News - talking -Confusion • fwtuse -Another voice: "Ladies and Gentlemen . . . no no no . . . Look fella I guess I know What Iwlongs to me - and He's my President - you can’t Shoot him.was a campus in mourning WHY? Gloria Anderson 101Fletcher Hall will be completed for the fall of 1964 and will house 750 men. was the expanding Union, new heating plant, and men’s dorm 102 When the color of the fall left it was followed by that of the winter and Christmas. The color of fall decorated the campus and drew the students closer to the school.was the Holiday Spirit and Christmas Dance 105 it The ski trips were always rare moments in the well rounded education of the college student. From the time we left, things of educational value presented themselves, how to pack all the women’s luggage, how to stay in a chair lift, how to convince her it was tomato juice, and how friendly the Herley police were was the Oski Ski Club trip “Aw. that was nothing gang . . . next time I’ll put my skis on!” 106107 “Well that's what happens when you rather do it yourself.” “The pause that refreshes.' The student directors meet in preparation for Klancer. and Lynn Scibel doing the honors try-outs for the one acts. Jim Calhoun. Dick this year. Jerry Schmidt and Lynne Morton try out for ' A Phoenix Too Frequent.” was “An Evening Of One Acts” i IThe audience came and was entertained. But my dear Natalia Stepanovna.” Susan Michles. pleads Ivan Vassilevitch Lomov. David J. Goodwin. Stephen Stepanovitch Chubukov. Arthur tween David Goodwin and Susan Michles Judson. buts in to break off the fight be- but he only ends up in the fight himself. 110m r Tegeus. the Roman guard meets Doto in the tomb. was "A Marriage Proposal" and “A Phoenix Too Frequent"OSHKOSH ADVANCE Dr. Th •dingo ho announced thot the deadline for •tudentt planning to moke application for toto or federal (tudent loon it April 1. Volume LIV, Number 18 Wisconsin State College, Oshkosh Wisconsin Friday, February 28,1964 Lynne Morton Best Dressed was the winner of the Best Dressed Girl on Campus Contest . . . Lynne Morton 112LYNNE MORTON 113117 was moving into the Halsey Science Center for second semester I 18119i•• _js. BV i "Sweet Bird of Youth" with Paul Newman. was the Sunday Night Movies 120 Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift in "A Place in the Sun". 121was Taylor Hall’s first place in the songfest 11 122 Taylor Hall singing “Hi Neighbor” for a first place trophy.Kappa Gamma and Alethean Sorority singing in songfest.was the experience of dorm living 1241251 i 0%J was its students participating in the events that made this a college campus 126127129 30 The thrill of a good football game and the feeling of competition.I I I Meeting new friends this year and old friends from the past. —Mbs Sharon Boon was crowned Sigma Tau Gamma Sweetheart last Saturday night by Mary Portman, lost year's Sweetheart. was the Annual White Rose Formal Sigma Tau Gamma at the Leilani Village in Milwaukee Sharon Bean Chosen Sig Tau Sweetheart Miss Sharon Bean was crowned Sweetheart of Sigma Tau Gamma last Saturday at the Annual White Rose Formal, held at Leilani Village in Milwaukee. The crowning took place after Gil Bakor, social chairman, introduced the court at 11:15 p.m. The first candidate was Miss Barbara Frothinger, a junior from Alethean Sorority, who was escorted by Thom Steinhaus. The second candidate was Miss Sharon Bean, a junior from Alethean Sorority, escorted by Doug Merrill. Mi88 Mary Brown, the third candidate and a junior from Kappa Gamma Sorority, was escorted by Gary Mueller. Last year’s Sweetheart, Mrs. Gerald Portman, crowned Miss Bean with white roses. A bouquet of white roses was also presented to her. Members of the court of honor, the Misses Frothinger and Brown, were presented with white rose corsages. The Sweetheart was then encircled by the Sig Tau brothers as they serenaded her in singing the “Sweetheart of Sigma Tau.” The Sweetheart and court with their dates led in the royal dance. With the Polynesian atmosphere of palm trees, thatched roofs and waitresses in native dress, the dinner prime ribs was served to the 115 attending. Tables were adorned with white roses and candles with glittering stars and touches of blue. Thom Steinhaus, president, introduced the following guests and advisors attending: Mrs. McCulloch, Sig Tau’s housemother, and her guest Mrs. Blanchard, house mother of Alethean, Mr. and Mrs. Madison, and Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Thompson. Gil Baker introduced the past Sweethearts attending— 1962 Sweetheart, Mrs. Wm. Kin as of Libertyville, 111., and 1963 Sweetheart, Mrs. Gerald Portman of Oshkosh. 1341351963 PROM ROYALTY KING BOB WEGNER — QUEEN SALLY BECKER 136The king, queen, and their royal court 137was the Wisconsin Primary Campaignes on campus with Wallace and DemonstrationWallace found a much different mood at the campus than that of the town. f9f » CJ9J 7 139KJ was our Governor on our campus Governor Reynolds toured the campus before speaking to the students and faculty. 140The Governor told us how hard it is to keep up with the enrollment at the state colleges. 141COACH YOUNG TAKES COMMAND Titans Break Loseing Streak Football 1963 Results River Falls OSC 14—0 U.W.M. 0 1 o Stevens Point 30 — 19 Eau Claire 19 — 13 Whitewater 54 — 13 Platteville 37—0 Stout 6—6 Head coach Young briefs the Titan team during practice session. 1441963 TEAM First row. from left. Jack Speirings, manager. Dan Brown, Darryl Enli, Charles Duff, Paul Hensen, Harry Schlais, Dennis Kuntz, Don Chermak. Jim Tripp. Carl Thompson and Bob Gensler. Second row. John Marquart, Gerry Ihler, Ray Werner, Dennis Lcffin, Jerry Eisner. Wayne Searl, Marty Cmeckiy, Mike Reinsch, Was Vander Veldcn. John Ziebell and Rocky Gmeiner. Third row. Coach Ed Brown. Norb Stauber. Gene McClone. Warren Krabbe. Don Dvoracheck, Jim Payne, Mike Voss. Ed Jezwinski, Louis Grumens, Dick Jorgensen. Gordy Veldboom, Head Coach Russ Young. Fourth row. Jerry Stieber, Dave Weidemann, Bob Thompson. Bill McAloon. Gerry Gypp, Dennis Sccgcrs. Russ Deickmann. Not present were Jim Jaeger. John Thome, Dick Emcrich. John Hedtke, Doug Hogan. Mark Cota. Mark Grunze. Jeff Hoel, Tom Smith and Tom Krings. Titans open season with River Falls match. Among Us Fans by Howard Foreman The year 1962-63 produced many exciting moments in sports by Titan athletes: the basketball team won the conference title and went on to participate in the NAIA tournament in Kansas City; the swimming team lost only twice; the tennis team met defeat only once and also participated in the national tournament (Jim Zeitler and Dick Diedrich garnered three points for Oshkosh at this tournament); the baseball team battled to a first place tie in the conference; and the track and fencing squads had respectable seasons. This year should prove equally exciting and productive: the basketball, tennis, track, swimming, and baseball teams lost very few men through graduation; the newer sports of cross country, wrestling, fencing, and judo are in a building process; the football team should improve their 0-7 record of last year; likewise, the golf team should better their record. 145-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- September 20, 1963_______. OSHKOSH ADVANCE Page ( River Falls Squad Downs Titans, 14-0 osc vs. RIVER FALLS 14-0 Oshkosh Leads In Yardage But Suffers Bad Breaks by Bob Knuzifw Taking advantage of an intercepted peat and an OSC fumbia. River Fall State College scored a 14-0 win over the Titans last Saturday at Oshkosh. Four ot the OSC paasr sen picked 08 by River Falls defenders, and one of the Oshkosh fumhloe occurred as the Titans crowed the goal Une lor the only time in the game. River Falls came up with that fumble and kept (he Titan aa 12 ot 13 stUmpU Hall-heck John Theme mods same So grabs tar several (ood ■alas. End Deck Kmsrfcfc at Sear London also made several gne retches. Don Chsnaak. sophomore hsKhecfc Iren Manitowoc, sapphed Ike Mk et the TV tan's ground pee and was joined b tsBfaecfc Cordy Wefdbooa la the ground advances. Longest ns m a M-ysrd sidahat sosopsT by quarterback Jaapsr. The longest peas play went tor 33 yards boa Jasper to Enoch Tin TUana Man to tbs gridma forme when they trneel to Mdwwukaa hr m. an- OSC RF. The Titans moved the ball (ram their own 42 to thn Titan goal line the drat time they had the hall, packed up lour first downs along the way. OSC fullback. Cordy Weld-boom, carried the ball over from the on yard lint, but lost it on the way. River Fall center Harvey Ankley came up with thn ball, coating th Titan a touchdown. The Falcons scored thair first touchdown in th closing menu ten ot th first hall when halfback Tom Stamp! inter, cepted a Titan paaa on the Oshkosh 27 and returned it to the 14 yard bne. Quarter-hack Bob Pritchard moved it over 00 the second play, and fullback Wayne Bunch coo- Oshkosh moved the ball from it own nine in the third quarter down to the River Falls 39 when Falcon quarterback Tom Hctxel intercepted a pen to end any Titan threat in that srriee of play’s. After that neither team could advance far with the ball. But Titan quarterback. Jaeger, fumbled the ball and the Falcons moved to their second touchdown in five plays. Fullback Bunch went over on second down from one yard out Bunch again converted to give the Falcon a 14-0 had. Oshkosh again started down the field, only to aee their effort thwarted by yet another interception: this time by Falcon halfback Dennis Kaiser. River Falls picked up one first down and came inches short of a second one an the Oshkosh V . The Titan took over and tried three passes. The first we incomplete, the second we good for eight yard , but the third wee picked off by Rob Sommrmlle of the Falcons; and the River Fall grid-den controlled the ball until th game's end. Despite the four interception , the Titan came up with some good passes, connecting attampud 33 It nsnpistsd 13 4 SbTvwd gslead 0 4 by rwduag m ll» ScersTTowsrises 135 45 OSC 0000-0 RFaOs 07 07-14 J'm heads for goal as 54 of River Falls closes in. 146A mighty tussle as the ball is hicked. Hopes were high for a first game victory. M7OSC fans wait as the chance for victory becomes greater. Page 4 September 27, 1963 OSC, UWM Battle To A Tie Gridders Display Defensive Prowess The Titans and the University of Wisconsin-Milwau-kee Cardinals fought to a 0-0 tie last Saturday night in a game which showed great defensive ability coupled with a lack of offensive power on both sides. The Titans had a total of seven penalties called against them in the contest but it seems that the Cardinals could not capitalize on these penalties to give them a score. A personal foul against the Titans early in the 4th quarter gave the Cardinals the possession of the ball within the nine yard line of the Titans, 48but in the succeeding four downs, the tough Titan defense managed to push the Cardinals back 15 yards. With 24 yards to go, Milwaukee quarterback, Dick Baker, connected to halfback, Ken Kimpel, who carried the ball 21 yards to the OSC three yard line. The Titans moved the ball to midfield in the succeeding four downs. The biggest offensive break for the Titans came in the 2nd period when Jim Jaeger connected with Dick Emerich on a 42 yard pass play which put the ball on the Cardinal 25. The Titans could only manage to move the ball to the Cardinal 20 series of downs. in the next OSC UWM First downs 4 11 Yards passing 93 88 Yards rushing 7 17 Total yards gained 100 105 Passes attmpt. 13 18 Passes comp. 7 9 Fumbles 2 2 John Thome receives pass asUWM man closes in. OSC team stops UWM from gaining. 149 OSHKOSH ADVANCE November 1, 196; :a ns, Bl u e Devi Is Batt le 1 fo 6-6 T ie hy Dale Van I)yk« The Titan gridder closed out the aeunon in their home-cumins effort which ended in a 6—6 tio ngnin»t Stout State College. In the first half of the game, the Titan exhibited what may be called their best offort of the season as they rolled up 162 yards rushing and managed to gain their only score of the game. The Titans scored on a 61-yard drive which was climaxed by a keeper play by quarterback Jim Jaeger from the 1 yard line with two minutes left in the first quarter. An illegal procedure call on the point after touchdown cost the Titans tho game. On the first attempt Paul Henson’s kick was good, but the Titans were obliged to attempt it again from tho 12 yard line. On the second attempt. Hensen’s kick was wide and tho Titans led by a score of 6—0. In the second period, two OSC drives were halted deep in Bluedcvil territory as Gordy Veldboom was thrown for a 1 yard loss in a fourth down and inches to go situation on the Stout 19. The other opportunity came as Mike Rcinsch intercepted a Blue-devil pass. With 15 seconds left in the half, a pass which was intended for Gerry Gypp was intercepted by Gaylord Herbst at the goal line. In the third period, the Titans had one more chance to score when Gerry Ihler intercepted a pass deep in Bluedcvil territory. On one of the succeeding plays. Ihler was unable to grab a pass from Jaeger which might have resulted in a score. With about 2 minutes remaining in the game, the Bluedevil team came alivo and pushed deep into Titan territory. With the ball on the Titan 8 yard line. Stout quar-pushed deep into Titan ter-handoil and bootlegged the ball while going around his own right end to score. The point after touchdown was not good and the final score was 6—6. HOMECOMING 1963 Titans break through Stout line.A Stout rush is stopped by alert Titan defense. osc vs. STOUT 6-6 Jim Jaeger (14) looks for opening in Stout defense.SO THE FOOTBALL SEASON ENDS . . . 2 TIES 5 LOSSES 152CROSS COUNTRY . . . 1531963 CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Kneeling: Dean Moede. Tom Ekvall. Dave Haug. Standing: Coach Tom Dezelsky. Lyle Hansbrough. John Spillner. Chuck Bradley. Tim Duex.Dean Moede pours it on. ■ CROSS COUNTRY TEAM 1963 RESULTS osc 42 La Crosse 17 osc 24 Stevens Point 32 osc 41 Platteville 18 osc 30 Whitewater 25 osc 26 Marquette 30 osc 58 UWM 15 Once the gun is shot there are no stops till the finish line. 1551964 BASKETBALL BASKETBALL 1964 SCOREBOARD 71 OSC Northern Michigan 74 58 OSC Ripon College 73 85 OSC Carrol College 89 80 OSC Michigan Tech 72 90 OSC St. Norbcrt College 66 103 OSC UWM 56 74 OSC Whitewater 75 66 OSC South Dakota State College 94 77 OSC South Dakota University 81 75 OSC Superior 90 79 OSC La Crosse 96 105 OSC Plattcville 79 93 OSC Stevens Point 99 84 OSC UWM 82 91 OSC Whitewater 78 87 OSC Eau Claire 70 94 OSC River Falls 73 68 OSC St. Norbcrt College 86 103 OSC Plattcville 101 72 OSC Stevens Point 79 Coach Young 157 Sports Shorts by Bob Kreuziger Last week I promised to give a brief rundown on the basketball, swimming and wrestling seasons and some of the individual highlights. In basketball the Titans had an over-all record of 9 - 11, and a conference record of 7 - 5 which gave them a third place finish behind league-leading La Crosse and runner-up Stevens Point The Titans got off to a slow start this season dropping first three games to Northern Michigan, Ripon and Carroll They defeated Michigan Tech in Albee Gym for their first victory of the season and went on to defeat UWM and St Norbert college. Then, on December 21, they lost a close game (75 - 74) to Whitewater which began a five game losing streak for Oshkosh. They got back on the winning path with a 105 - 79 victory over Platteville on January 25. On February 1 the Titans dropped a 96 - 93 game to Stevens Point. They bounced back to defeat UWM, WTiitewater, Eau Claire and River Falls. On February 20 Oshkosh dropped a non-conference clash to St Norbert college 84-66. Last Saturday night the Titans nipped Platteville 103 - 101 in the last 3 seconds of play. And in the season finale on Monday night Stevens Point scored a 79 - 72 victory in Albee over the Titans. Prior to this game Oshkosh had a seven game winning streak at home. The Titans could win only 2 of 11 games on the road this season while they won 7 of 9 in Albee Gym. Special recognition is in order for Mike Dieters, Jim Van Grinsven, Doug Carriveau, Ray Neveau, Jim Jaeger and A1 Schmidt. Dieters, Van Grinsven and Neveau played outstanding ball in the latter part of the season. Schmidt led the Titans in rebounding and Doug Carriveau came up with several outstanding performances this season (he scored 33 points against Platteville on January 25 and 29 against River Falls on February 15.) Jim Jaeger, however, was the most consistent performer for the Titan cagers this season. "Jaeg” scored 270 points in 12 conference games for an average of 22.5 points per game. He was third in the conference scoring race. Doug Potter of La Crosse was second with an average of 22.9 and Chuck Bernard Superior was first with a 23.3 points per game average. Jae-was named by the coaches of the WSCC Conference last to the conference all-star team, and he is a cinch to be again this season. In addition to his scoring Jeager is fine defensive player. He is also a timely rebounder. Jim is 5'8" tall. 158 1601964 SWIMMING Sitting: David Polacheck; Bill Leichtnam: Dick Cavanaugh: Bill Ihlenfeld; John Bryant; Jim Mott: Jim Scheucrman Standing: Mr. Thomas Dezelskey. Coach; Jim Jordon. Manager; Larry Mueller: Peter Gustafson; Bob McRoberts: Bud Peterson; Rusty Line: Tom Thomas. Manager Turning to swimming Oshkosh had an over-all regular season mark of 9 - 3. In the conference meet at River Falls last Friday and Saturday they placed second to La Crosse. Two of Oshkosh’s finest swimmers, Ralph Truesdill and Tom Thomas became ineligible at the end of last semester. Their loss undoubtedly hurt the squad. “With Truesdill and Thomas, plus the performances of our other swimmers, we undoubtedly would have beaten La Crosse” was Oshkosh swimming coach Tom Dezelsky’s comment on Monday morning. The Titan tankers set two conference records in the conference meet. Dave Polacheck set a record in the individual medley event, and th 400 yard freestyle relay team of John Bryant, Dave Polacheck, Bill Leichtnam and Bob McRoberts set a new conference record In that event. 162SWIMMING 1964 SCOREBOARD 67 osc Milwaukee Tech 24 69 osc Rockford College 26 53 osc Beloit College 42 57 osc Platteville 29 23 osc Winona 72 50 osc University of Chicago 55 osc Stevens Point 39 44 osc Lawrence College 51 71 osc River Falls 24 46 osc Michigan Tech 43 59 osc Northern Michigan 35 44 Va osc UWM 70y% LaCrosse 53WRESTLING 1964 SCOREBOARD 16 OSC MIT 13 6 OSC UWM 22 17 OSC Stevens Point 18 9 OSC Platteville 19 24 OSC Lawrence College 5 9 OSC Whitewater 19 26 OSC Ripon College 6 17 OSC Michigan Tech 10The wrestling team got off to a slow start this season but finished with a 4 - 4 mark for the season. In the conference tournament held last Friday and Saturday they were no considered much of a threat but they surprised everyone with a third place finish in the tournament. Joe Semrad successfully defended his 115 pound title and Larry Lyden was crowned champion in the 147 pound division. Carl Olson placed third in the 157 pound class and Charles Patten was second in the 123 pound division. Last season Oshkosh placed eighth in the conference tournament at La Crosse. Considering the third place finish our underdog Titan grapplers came up with in this tournament a lot of credit is certainly due to Coach Brown and his hard-working enthusiastic young wrestlers. WRESTLING 1964 CONFERENCE MEET Superior 72 Stevens Point 42 OSC 40 La Crosse 39 Platteville 36 Stout 34 River Falls 31 UWM 39 Whitewater 19 Eau Claire 9 1964 WRESTLING First Row: Charles Patton: Hilbert Kamps; Warren Murphy: Joe Semrad: Harry Schoeder Second Row: A1 Abey. Manager; Ken Thompson: Tom Westphal; Carl Olson; Tim Groh; Don Spotts: Larry Lyden; Coach Ed Brown 167 I “TOUCHY TICKLERS" 1963 CHAMPIONS Front row: Joe Putzer, Bill Steinhilber, Dick Standing: Phil Florek, Tom Stocgbauer. Pete Khun. Dave Putzer. George Melchoir. Dave Allen. Dan Stryzewski. Bill Mitchell. Tom Lemberger, Steve Bruscis Werner, Kevin Mac Donald Intramural Football Final League Standings In touch football action Sig Tau has won the championship in the American League, and the Touchy Ticklers reign victorious in the National League. NATIONAL LEAGUE TEAM W L T Touchy Ticklers 8 0 0 Irma La Douces 5 1 2 Flingers 5 2 1 Fourth Donncr 4 3 1 Olympians 4 4 0 Packers 3 5 1 Rat Pack 2 3 3 House of Ryan 1 7 0 First Floor Don. 0 9 0 AMERICAN LEAGUE TEAM W L T Sig Tau 7 0 0 Periclcan Chimps 6 1 0 House of Mac 4 3 0 Periclean Scrubs 3 3 1 Aqua Ducks 3 4 0 Mueller’s 69 1 4 2 Jungle Bunnies 1 5 1 AKL 0 7 0 168TOUCHY TICKLERS ARE INTRAMURAL CHAMPS The Touchy Ticklers took “all the marbles” in the Intramural Touch Football League on Monday, Oct. 14 by edging Sig Tau in the championship playoff game at Menominee Park by the score of 6—0. The Ticklers, unbeaten in seven league tilts and champions of tlie National Division, topped Sig Tau, undefeated champions of the American Division, on the strength of a 60-yard punt return by Bill Steinhillber midway in the second half. The first half was a defensive battle with neither team posing a real offensive threat. Many long passes were tried in the opening half with little success. The second half saw both teams open up their offensive attack a bit with a variety of passing and running plays. Sig Tau threatened once but the Ticklers held. The traveling team trophy was presented to the Touchy Ticklers. Intramural T-Shirts were given to members of the Sig Tau team. INTRAMURAL FOOTBALLINTRAMURAL VOLLEYBALL “The Chiefs” 1963 Champions Kneeling: Jim Stein. Tom Keefe. Charles Schuknecht. John Bauer. Jim Hayes. Standing: Don Guse, Steve Thurwachter. Don Lehman. John Thome. ’63 VOLLEYBALL FINALS Flingers Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs Shortie Snorters Pcriclean peri Pcriclean 170John Thome of the Chief spike the ball to help win the championship game. CHIEFS DEFEAT HOGS TO CLAIM CHAMPIONSHIP The “Chiefs’' of the Western League defeated the Periclean Hogs of the National League in the championship game of the Intramural Volleyball. League on Nov. 13 in Albee Hall. The Hogs won the first set. 15— 0 but the Chiefs came back to win the next two sets by scores of 15—13 and 15— 12. In other play-off action the Periclean Hogs defeated the Shorty Snorters of the American League in two straight sets by scores of 17—15 and 16— 14. The Chiefs defeated the Flingers of the International League in two sets by scores of 15—5 and 15—5 to set the stage for the championship game with the Hogs. Intromurol Volleyball FINAL LEAGUE STANDINGS Final results show Flingers winning in International League. Chiefs won in Western League. Shortie Snorters won in the American League, and the Periclean Hogs won in the National League. INTERNATIONAL W L Flingers 5 0 House of Ryan 3 2 AKL 3 2 Flungers 2 2 Magoo's Mongrels 1 4 Flangers 1 4 AMERICAN LEAGUE Shortie Snorters 5 0 Olympians 4 ] Leftoons 3 1 Hancock Geese 3 2 House of Frank 3 2 Hustlers 3 2 WESTERN LEAGUE The Chiefs 5 0 Truckers 4 1 Magnohummcrs 2 1 Newman Cardinals 2 3 Terrible Stingers 1 4 Periclean Scrubs 1 4 NATIONAL LEAGUE Periclean Hogs 5 0 Diddey Daddies 4 1 Sig Tau 3 2 Delta Kappa ns 2 3 Talbot House 1 4 Manchester Packers 0 6 171Victors Come From Behind, Outscorc Cards In Last Quarter The Northern Aires came from behind to defeat the Newman Cardinals 51 - 48 in the championship game of the Men’s Intramural Basketball League on Wednesday, March 4 in Albec Gym. The Cardinals built up a 17 - 9 lead after 8 minutes of play but the Northern Aires whittled it down to 26 - 25 by halftjme. With eight minutes of play remaining in the game the Cardinals had a 4 point lead, 38 - 34. The Northern Aires, however, outscored the Cardinals 17 - 10 in the final quarter to claim the victory. A1 Kotecki led the winners with 16 points. John Thome paced the Cardinals with 14 points. The Northern Aires were presented with the championship trophy after the game by Mr. Warren J. Goehrs, Director of Intramural Athletics at Oshkosh. Northern Aires FG FT Charapata 4 . 0 Vanderburg 1 4 Rouse 4 0 Kotecki 8 0 Burbey 4 3 Kober 0 0 Gabriel 1 0 TOTALS 22 7 Newman Cardinals FG FT Thome 6 2 Kilper 4 0 Williams 3 0 Campbell 0 0 Gierke 3 0 Heus 1 0 Thurwachter 5 2 TOTALS 22 4 Northern Aires . 17 26 38 - New. Cardinals . 9 25 34 - 172INTRAMURAL BASKETRALL 1964 INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPS 1st row: Henry Kober, A1 Kotecki. Dave Charapata. A1 Vandenburg. Gabriel Gabriel Rouse and Richard Miller. 2nd row: Jerry and David Burbey. 173Intramural Director Warren J. Goehrs 19 6 4 REEVE UNION BOWLING TEAM i L. to R. John Laehn, Gunnar Voltz, Ted Triphan. Dave Schenkenberg and Pat Bork, members of the Reeve Union Bowling Team which recently participated in the ACU (Association of Col- lege Unions) Regional Bowling Tournament at Purdue University. Voltz was the only bowler from Wisconsin to qualify for the national tournament to be held April 10 - 12 in Oakland. California. 174 1963 SPRING SPORTS GOLF 1963 SCOREBOARD 111 OSC Whitcwoter 7 | 7 OSC Stevens Point 11 6Vi OSC Lawrence College 11 Vi i 4 Vi OSC Marquette University 11 Vi 6 OSC Ripon College 9 4__ OSC UWM L4 BASEBALL 1963 SCOREBOARD 2 OSC 5 OSC 10 OSC 10 OSC 4 OSC 6 OSC St. Norbert College 0 St. Norbert College 0 Lawrence College 3 Lawrence College 3 St. Norbert College 2 Plotteville 1 1 OSC Platteville 3 6 OSC Whitewater 1 0 OSC Whitewotcr 2 IS OSC Lakeland College 11 1 OSC UWM 3 6 OSC UWM 0 5 OSC Stout 2 21 OSC Stout 0 9 OSC 2 OSC Stevens Point 0 Stevens Point 0 Row I: T. Sfeinhout, R. School. T. Peerenboom. 0. Brown, j. Thome. J.. Schoebcck, G. Schumacher Row 2: J. Korb. W. McOonoW. « • Wi" ' R Fe,d°' R‘ WoWt' 0 S hwa,r I Cooch E. Kifxmon _ , _ , , _ _ I Lowthcr. Mqr. R. Burkort, D. Held, G. Row 3: G. Johnson, O. RiMcr, LOW Schlicvc. K. Huebner iTENNIS 1963 SCOREBOARD 6 OSC Ripon College 3 9 OSC Stevens Point 0 • 8 OSC Whitewater 1 4 OSC Lawrence College 5 6 OSC UWM 3 k L n TRACK 1963 SCOREBOARD 34 OSC Stevens Point 70 93 OSC St. Norbert College 38 36 OSC Stevens Point 75 75 OSC Ripon College 56 Four Woy Meet at Ripon College Stevens Point 50 OSC 48 Lawrence College 38 Ripon College 25Row X: Pst Burcdorf. Marcia Luebcke. Rochelle Roach. Mary KoplIU. Donna Wttkowakl. Owen Martoni. Jodi Bow . Mary Jo Pork Row 2: Mr. Schmidt, Mark Dombrowakl. Tim Meyer. Jody Comui. Oeorce Schrlver. Kaihl Champeny. Jim LaBelle President). Kar.dra Plent] , V. Alan Johnson, Mr. Carr I ! PI KAPPA DELTA “The Art of Persuasion, Beautiful and Just” is the byword for debate and forensic participants, whether they have been initiated into Pi Kappa Delta, the national forensic society, or are working toward membership. This organization is an active group, sponsoring an annual varsity debate tournament on campus, a spring banquet, and sending a delegation to national conventions. The debate and forensic group, under the direction of Mr. Robert Carr, director of forensics, and Mr. John Schmidt, associate director of debate, succeeded in all tournament competition. There Is so answer to T«ry argument 180 "Sorry, bat yon know tb penalty for breaking THE CODE!” Kappa Delta Pi is a national honor society in education. The local chapter is Beta Theta. Requirements for membership include a 3.1 overall grade point and six education credits completed as a junior or twelve educational credits as a senior. Only juniors and seniors in some division of education are eligible for membership. The local chapter holds meetings monthly with various speakers in the field of education addressing the group. This year the general theme of the speakers centered around new ideas in education. Initiation of new members took place twice during the year. The activities of the group ended with the spring picnic. Officers for the school year were Joan Rohlfs, President; Joan Gunther. Vice-President; Carol Pcrleberg, Secretary; Ruth Lorge, Treasurer; and Linda Gates, Historian. Counselor for the group was Dr. E. Pyle. KAPPA DELTA PI Bow X: 8teve Thompson, Dan Nan Bow 2: Doris De Young. Donna De Young. Marion Plckhardt. Joan Onnther. Jane Witt. Karen Staewer. Shirley Joerrei. Karen Roaek Bow 3: Bonny Bnechner. Kola Drager, Pat Johnson. Mary Roberts. Barbara Pragcr, Virginia Hcsalink. Karen O'Blenes. Betty Schneider. Undo Oates Row 4: Gloria Desch. Linda Ed ml niter. Sally Gannlangsson. Kay Prorancher. Jan Judsen. Joan Rohlfs. Carol Perleberg. Rath lorge. Mrs Verna Pauly. Sandra Rafoth. Gloria Sellln. Sharon MarksRow 1- Barb Thom . Lynn Krueger, Vivian Burkhart, Bow 2: Sylvia Quandt. Edith Konop. Janet Schnorr, Julie Barbara Racine. Kathy Main Northern. Sandra CUek. Marita Becker WOMENS1 RECREATION ASSOCIATION All women students at OSC automatically become members of the Women’s Recreation Association when they pay their activity fees. Among the athletic and recreational activities sponsored throughout the year were Orchesis, fencing, trampoline and tumbling, and recreational swimming. Seasonal activities included field hockey, competitive swimming, volleyball, basketball, badminton, and golf. In addition to these regular activities, WRA sponsored a field hockey invitational, a basketball sportsday, a volleyball playday, and a swimmingfencing sportsday in which several sister schools participated. WRA also held a co-recreational night for OSC students. The seasonal sports are separated into two groups. The intramural group provides activities for those students who are primarily interested in recreation and exercise. Those students who are more highly skilled and are looking for competition comprise the interest group which competes with other schools. President: Vivian Burkhart Secratary: Kathy Plain Treasurer: Barbara Bacine Publicity Chairman: Barb Tbemaa Intramural Chairman: Lynn Krueger WRA Riding Sporthead: Sylvia Quandt WRA Volleyball Sporthead: Edith Konop WRA Basketball Sporthead: Julie Kortham WRA Ski Sporthead: Sandra CUek WRA Interval Baaketball Representative Radford Hall Representative: Janet Schnorr "I’m from Sunshine Rent-A-Towel. and I've com to heb heh heh pick up something I 182Row 1: Kathy Raipl, (Vic President). Sandy Cieek (President) Row 2: Karen Teach. Penny Reinhart. Sue McConnel. Carol Block. Anu Lurch. Jan Vellcer Row J: Kathy Heldt. Diane Pick. Jult Kortham. Janet Schnorr. Mary Ztnkgrel. Ruth Maschineiar. Kathl Olen. Paula Schneider. Ellen Hopkins. Mary Knudsen PEM CLUB A Big-Little Sister Picnic in the fall, an alumnae tea at Homecoming, and a high school playday in January are only a few of the activities which PEM Club sponsored throughout the 1963-64 school year. In February, the group sponsored an Olympic Night, in which physical education majors contested against one another in various sports events. Memliers of the group displayed various abilities and talents at the annual Talent Night in March. In February a Sadie Hawkins Dance was held to commemorate leap year. Various educational opportunities were made available to members. The physical education faculty at OSC presented a discussion on graduate opportunities and graduate school work. Practice teachers presented a panel discussion on problems encountered while teaching. Officers for the year were Sandy Cizek, President; Kathy Rolph, Vice-President; Carol Bloch, Secretary; Ann Lueck, Treasurer; Sue McConnell. Historian; and Paula Schneider, Publicity Chairman. Adviser for the group was Miss Williams. 183 Row 1: Antoinette Herder. Kathy Plain Row 2 Lynn Krueger. Ruth Kreti. Barb Theme . Marita Becker. Keren Coll. Key Schuerer. Mery Veu Drteet. Sylvie Quandt Row 3: Mia WiUlame. Jnll Ott. Robin Williams. Barb Novak. Mery Lou Irving. Marilyn Birsrhbach. Pn«ill Koenigs. Mary Pet Thompson, Jackie Schmoker. Jerolyn Radi. Edith Konop. Jrdldah GltukuRow 1 Doiiii Bicdttwoll. Nancy Baldwin. Ruth Krtta. Karen Utulaud. Julie Ott. »ran UeFerre Row i: Annette LaMott Mary Frviburaer. Bonnie Rom. Karen Kocper. Judy Micbaeltou. Linda Stilus. Cberte McClellan ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS Associated Women Students serves as the “sounding hoard” for ideas, interests, and problems of all women students on campus. The organization's executive l oard is comprised of representatives of the women's residence halls, the Council of Honor Residents, and the sororities. Any woman student who is enrolled at OSC on a full-time basis is eligible for membership. One of the first activities sponsored by AWS was the Big-Little Sister Picnic held in September behind Radford Hall, which was attended by over one thousand students. In October an informal party was held for women students in private housing. AWS also sponsored n New Voters Tea to answer questions for all women interested in learning the proper voting pro edures. All students who live in private housing, commute. or are Oshkosh residents were invited to the AWS Christmas Mixer. This year, to make sure that no one would lie turned away, the annual Father-Daughter Banquet was held at two locations. The program included an interpretive reading and a sing along led by a father and a daughter. Officers for the year were Ruth Kretz. President; Karen Umland, Vice-President; Fran LeFevre. Secretary; Marty DuCharme. Treasurer; and Karen Koeper, IAWS Contact.ECONOMICS SOCIETY The Economics Society is a campus organization composed of Business Administration and Economics majors and minors. The purpose of the society is to promote activities of an economic and social nature. Each year the society presents speakers from various fields of economics and business. Highlights of the past year were: The Christmas Banquet, which honored Dr. Gunderson and featured Professor Hans Schmitt speaking on “American Capital in Underdeveloped Countries”; a Money and Banking Institute held in March on “Monitary and Fiscal Policy and Their Effect on Economic Growth”; and the annual picnic, which was the last event of the spring semester. Every semester the society presents an award based on scholastic ability and society participation to a graduating senior. , Officers for the year included Robert Edlebeck, President; Gerald Gonyo, Vice-President; Jacqueline Zander, Secretary; and Daniel Schilling, Treasurer. The society advisor was Mr. H. Sang Lee. Row 1: Robert Otto. Homun Talarcxyk, Bob Edlebeck. John Bloom. Dan Roltgon Row 2: Oerald Oonyo. Dare Betti. Richard Mlchalack. Fred Burr, Bob Laraon. Jim Bon-•on. Harold Brook Row 1: Llbble Ann Brunner. Henry Burnett. Mr. Lee. Tom She . Jacqueline Zander Row 2: Tom J. Brinkman, Dan Schllllnf. Tom Richsrt. Olenn Freu, Dan PoUnow. Ronald Pick, Richard Helce-son. Richard KotenbeutelRow 1: Bob Koch, Din Malnde, Tom Eckvall, Mlko Meredith, Roger Zeitler, Dave Weldemann. Dennis Dwyer Row 2: Dong llogan, Ray Werner. Dave Benger. Ken Huebner. Floyd Marks. Bob Gentler Row 3: Dick Emrlch, Dick Dledrich. Gary Schlleve. Woodrow Wilson, Mike Dieters. Leo Lowther O CLUB Membership in “O” Club is open to any male student at OSC who has won one or more major letters in campus sports. The wide variety of members take part in football, cross-country, swimming, basketball, wrestling, golf, tennis, track, and baseball. “0” Club serves as an honorary organization with the specific purpose of promoting athletic fellowship. Students realize that winning a major letter is quite an honor, but the responsibility which attends the letter does not end with the presentation on Awards Day. These responsibilities and obligations which are associated with the letter and continue to exist are carried out through participation in “0” Club. In addition to taking part in campus activities, the members of “0” Club also initiate activities of their own. This year they again sponsored their annual Bratwurst Day, Dad’s Day, and the letterman's banquet. They offered their services to school affairs by taking charge of the concessions at football and basketball games and by participating in Award’s Day. Tb» O CJob va Faculty Vollvyball game 186Our Wiley. Otorte Kartmltls. (President). Stephen Root (Vice President). Jim Down Board of Directors dm saber) osc FLYING CLUB A Cessna 140, several months of conniving, and twenty-eight members all add up to something new and different at OSC—a Flying Club! Officially incorporated on Deccml er 23, 1963, the OSC Flying Club is a nonprofit organization which was established to provide flight instruction and experience to any interested students, faculty members, and alumni. With their own airplane, a two seat, all metal Cessna 140, kept in Hangar Seven at the Winnebago County Airport, and twenty-six beginners out of twenty-eight members, one of the faculty advisors has been kept busy. Mr. Chester Pingry gave ground school classes to members, stressing the federal air regulations, meteorology, navigation, and the theory of flight. Actual flight instructions were given on a cost basis. Officers for the year were George Kara-mitis, President; Stephen Root, Vice-President; Sharon Tangney, Secretary; Dan Schilling Treasurer; and Jim Downs and Julius Grover, Board of Directors. Faculty advisers were Robert Polk and Chester Pingry. ••W lore It because if old. interesting. a piece of American history, and besides sometimes It flies." 187Row 1: Dennis Blelfus, Younggl Kim, Dan Muinde, Samir Ilanl. Dan Peter . Patrick Tom Row 2: Lynn Harness. Jodi Huebner, Mary Erick, Lilian Leickhardt. I!. Sook Sin. Sherry Sharif). Renate Heldmann. Arlan Voeltx Row 3: Jedldab Gltnkn. Ruth Kretz. Richard Klein. Lynn Metk . Tom Brinkman. Dale Brisbane, Hamid Aberl, Glen Freo, Ell Hayon. Tony L. 8. Kwan. Jan Aullk INT. RELATIONS CLUB Row 1: Eveline Poilmer (Secretary). Arthur Tang. Mike Furstenberg, Cart Creager. and Snsann Leickhardt. (Committee Chalrmcii) Row 2: Nader Darehsort (President). Dr. Fay. Dr. Bengtaon. Jerry Kulpa (Com- mittee Chairman). Dr. Lee Comprised of those students interested in gaining a greater understanding of world affairs, the IRC promotes the study of conflicting ideologies in order to enable meml»ers to form sound judgements on international issues. Since the IRC strives to be of special service to the foreign students enrolled at the college, the group is proud of the fact that students from ten different nations belong. The club also conducts a grogram of activities to increase the appreciation for the cultures of other lands. Opportunities for travel, study and service in foreign countries are brought to the attention of members. During the year, the IRC sponsored guest speaker Mr. A.M. Shapurian, Press Counselor of the Embassy of Iran, who discussed the role of Iran in promoting world peace. Officers for the year included Nader Darehshori, President: Jerry Johnson. Vice-President; Susanne Leickhardt, Secretary-Treasurer; and Eveline M. Poilmer. Corresponding Secretary. Faculty advisors were Dr. John R. Bengston and Professor George Fay. 188PSYCHOLOGY CLUB Row 1: DtnnU BUlfnss. L « Snyder. Bill Sbmiek. Wayne Vellcer Row 2: Judy Kerapf. Lillian Leickbardt. Dale Brlibane. Ben Kllpa. Al Dorn. Darlene Dobberpobl. Helen Hankwitz Row 3: Miriam Zimmerman, Dr. Scorllle. Mr B B Black. Lynn Metke. Tom Hoare. A. Wollenbnrg. Peter Sweeney. Neal David- on. Eldcn Bing. Manlee ElUworth ••Now according to Roberta Ralea of Order--------. The OSC Psychology club strives to promote interest in the field of psychology, to follow this interest through programs and reports dealing with the subject matter of psychology, and to foster friendship and a communion of ideas between students with these goals. In conjunction with the Psychology Department at OSC and with Psi Chi, the National Honor Society in Psychology, the Psychology Club presented a series of psychology colloquiums in Reeve Memorial Union for all interested faculty members and students. Among visiting speakers was a doctor from Ohio State University, who is presently experimenting on the drug effects on animals with a grant from the U.S. Army Chemical Corps. In December, an overflow crowd of nearly two hundred students and faculty members attended n speech by Dr. Bruce L. Danto, a psychiatrist at Detroit Receiving Hospital, who spoke on psychiatric emergencies which he encountered in his own personal experience. 189ALPHA PHI OMEGA Row 1: D»T« Brleke. K«rl Koehler. D«onli Aoitln. G»ry Schllere. 8teee Hors. Thome liarenbur . Dr. F»y Row 2: DonnU Lcffln. D»rld Senger, Ronald rriedel. Ixml Rntcb. Nick Lo r kl . Oral H»n en. Nolan Tallcb The OSC Epsilon Upsilon chapter of the National Service Scouting Fraternity was granted its charter by Alpha Phi Omega in 1948. All male students who have been or are presently affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America are eligible to join. Although members also sponsored a chicken barbeque and a steak fry this year, Alpha Phi Omega is distinctly a service fraternity. Among its activities on campus is the Ugly Man Contest, an event held by APO chapters throughout the nation. The money collected by voting with pennies for the Ugly Man on campus was presented at the half time of the Michigan Tech, game in December to the head of the Family Service Bureau to provide Christmas baskets for underprivileged families. This year’s “winner” was a senior from Periclean Fraternity, Jim Payne. Alpha Phi Omega also signed up students to participate in the Red Cross Blood Bank. A plaque was given to the dormitory and society house with the highest percentage of donors, and a lucky donor from among the commuters and students living in private housing received a cash gift. The group also held their annual Book Sale to provide a Saturday outing for the children of the Elizabeth Batchelder Davis Children's Home. 1st Semester Office 2nd Semester R. Markevitch President Stephen Hom Jack Gudden Vice-President Dennis Austin William Ormond Treasurer David Briske Secretary William Ormond David Briske 190 ••X think X liked my Explorer uniform beturl”The Circle K Club is not a social fraternity; similar to Kiwanis and other such groups. Circle K operates on campus as a sen-ice organization for college men. It is a leadership and character building group meant to sen-e the campus and the community. Circle K provides the opportunity to experience the same type of leadership in a college community that service clubs are giving in the business and professional world. Meml ers take part in both joint and individual activities for the service of humanity and for campus and college betterment, for self-expression, for self-development, and for the knowledge which can be gained through serving others. Activities on campus included construction of the “S” at Homecoming festivities and taking charge of the bonfire which subsequently burned their own handiwork. A used book sale was held in the fall of 1963, with the profits going to buy Christmas baskets for needy families. The club also held a Lazy Letter Sale in March. This year the Circle K Club was host to the first annual Circle K District Convention for the newly organized Wisconsin-Upper Michigan district. The convention was held at the Raulf Hotel in April. Officers for the year were Tom Andrew. President; Peter Sweeney, Vice-President; Lester Williams, Secretary; and -Jerome Schwoerer, Treasurer. "I don't eat If you are a service fraternity. I don't want to be helped across the street!" CIRCLE K Row 1: Letter Williams. Jaiuet Poehlman (Advisor). Steve Lorge. Tom Andrew Row 2: Missing: Jerry Schwoerer. Art Webb Gary Liebert. Jerry Oypp. Oerry Johnson. Julias Bergtaxaal. Rodney Smith 191Row V Carlyn Melmberc Edith Suren. Mary ButenholJ. Dona Row 2: Darien GuUraati. Sandra Lao . Antoinette Harder. Janet Schroeder. Corinne Schllmme. Mary Rath Ooaol). Saaanne Nickolai GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA Gamma Sigma Sigma is the national service sorority on campus. Its purpose is to assemble college women in the spirit of service to humanity. Membership is open to all women students who desire to serve school, community, and nation in a spirit of friendship and equality. Some of the service projects the sorority has been involved with this year are working on the Red Cross Blood Drive sponsored by Alpha Phi Omega, aiding Mrs. Nelson in job placement, working with boys at Winnebago State Hospital, and assisting with the T. B. Mobile Clinic. The social events of 1963-1964 included entrance in the house decoration contest for Homecoming, a Homecoming banquet in honor of sorority alumna;, and entrance in the ice carving contest in the Winter Carnival. Sharon Stromberg Carolee Sharratt Joan Reiter Nancy Mueller Karen Rosek Sandra Lang Mary Freiburger Jean Doersch Janet Gomoll President 1st Vice-President 2nd Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Alumna; Secretary Treasurer Historian AWS Representative 192Tboae Sociology field tripi were really th« non The primary purpose of the Sociology Club is to develop a better understanding of the fields of sociology and social work and to give students the opportunity to participate in activities which are concerned with these fields. One of the newly organized academic clubs at OSC, the group was formed in 1960. Throughout the year the Sociology Club sponsored several talks by social work supervisors. A representative from Associated Industries was also presented in a program for interested members. The club traveled to the Winnebago County Welfare Department to view social work methods. Sociology Club officers were Thomas Hoare, Chairman: John Patterson, Vice-Chairman; Judy Kempf, Secretary: Carol Sawicki, Treasurer: and Joan Gehrke, Historian. Faculty advisor for the club was Mr. George Fay. SOCIOLOGY CLUB Row 1: Lillian Lelcbardt, Janet Helnderlcb. Margarat Gabert. Barbara 8chneid«r. Caro] Sawickt Row 2: Manl«« EUswortb. Carol Maxwell. So Zernteke. Nancy Klrcbboff. Mlrtum Zimmerman. Mary Jabua Row 3: BUI Ihlenfeldt, Mr. Fay. John Patteraon. Wayne Vellcor. Tom Regan. A Wollenberg. Dennla BUefuat. Bob Schinke. Cliff Beodk. Tom Hoare 193SOCIAL COMMITTEE Row I: Nancy Bullard. Marcia Schoenlke. Sally Becker. Judy Wearing, Barb Bastlan. Barb Willard Row 2: Sandy Orthober. Mary Cellchowakl. Joyce Mell. Marilyn Nelson. Kathy Peterson. Jane Uttecb. Olenna Stuart. Betty Schneider, Connie Lena Row 3: Phil Meyer, Lusty Line. Gil Baker UNION BOARDS PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE Row 1: Kathy Stahmer. Nancy Dederig. Karen Stuewer. Judy Bubola. Joan Bylow Row 2: Mr. Richard Naumann (Assistant Program Director; EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Seated: Joyce Mell. Karen Stuewer Standing: Mr. Richard Somnerneld (Union Director) 194PROGRAM COMMITTEE Row 1: Joan Kajfou. Clalro ScovlU . Gall Floothor. Lind Oato . Margie Goald Row 2: Mr Richard Naomann. Mr Oaborno (Art Conanltant I, Karan Hngnot. Jaekt Laaaon. Oaraldino Smith. Robcru Hoppe Interesting displays were arranged by Board member . The Reeve Memorial Union Board is responsible for organizing and administering a program of cultural, social, and recreational activities in the Reeve Union for OSC students. Among the events sponsored by the Union Board during the year was the all-college Christmas dance, honoring the college administration, and the annual Winter Whirl Lounge Party, featuring a band from UW-M and a ballad singer from Marquette University. All types of entertainment from bands and combos to comedians and singers provided listening and dancing pleasure for students at T.G.I.F. Specials held throughout the year. Sunday night movies were presented at the Little Theater by the Union Program Committee. Other activities sponsored by the board included book chats, league and open bowling, the ice frolic festival, the classic series, and various tournaments. HOUSE COMMITTEE Row 1: Norton Bohn. Barb Klocknei. Joan Woir. Joan Lewli. Mary Brown Row 2: Mr Somtaerflold. Connlo J. King. Bororly Moyer. Carol Plore w OSK1 SKI CLUB Something new has been added— WSC-0 now has a ski club! It all began in December of 1963 when a group of students decided that there was a definite need for an organized, fun-loving ski group on campus. With this unanimously-accepted goal in mind, membership grew to include over fifty WSC-0 students interested in skiing and ready, willing, and able to learn. In addition to showing movies of what skiers should look like, the club traveled to several ski areas in both Michigan and Wisconsin to illustrate what skiers actually look like. During semester break, the group managed a three-day trip to Indianhead and the Porcupine Mountains in Michigan. Other trips included weekends at Indianhead and White Cap Ski Areas. Officers for the year were Jon Ames, General Chairman; Beth Schmeichel and Jan Meisinger, Co-chairmen; Luanna Meyer, Secretary; and Mike Hildebrand, Treasurer. Top I'tcturc Row 1: Mary Ertckaon. Luanna M«y«. Jacklt Milling. Mary E«ln r. Vom OntUor. Nancy ScotoU. Jantco MUiinger. Both Schmotchal Row 2: Jon Arne . Mike rnrsttubcrg, Jim Brayer. Paul Schneider. Tim Stangel Pat Oroth. Chid Hagmann. Dan Schott. Mike Hildebrand Bottom Rictira Row 1: Carollys Catifal. Mlu Nalaon. Nellie Knnke. Adair Harrtion. Shlrl Lott . Kathy Ryai Dinny Schultx M 8UTlk 0lry 8,bow- T,rr» Dori«y. Suxxle. Char lit Maclean. Bill Bai 196Row 1: Mary Kacb. Sharon Grainier. Barbara Kr«tx«r. Row 2: Janet SuaJeow, Virginia Hmdmk, Jane Floether. Jan Vellcer. Gloria Jo rulcer. Judle Backo . Elaine Oralcben Bow 3: Jerry Schlala. Mike Mile. Brace Nelton. John Schlude. Dare Brisk). Nick Barns STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION The J.A. Chapter of the Student National Education Association works to provide experiences which will be of value to the student who is preparing to enter the teaching profession. SNEA provides opportunities for students to participate in and to learn of teaching situations not covered in formal education. The group also serves to form an interacting link with the National Education Association and the Wisconsin Education Association and to provide a service to the college itself. All students in the elementary and secondary education departments are eligible for membership. In November of this year SNEA sponsored mock interview to serve as examples of teacher placement interviews. Given l efore an audience, the interviews were open to all education students, particularly those in their senior year who would graduate mid-year or in the spring. A discussion period followed the program with a panel of the guest interviewers moderated by Dr. Bowman of the college staff. In February SNEA presented the president of the Wisconsin Association for School Administrators, who delivered a speech in which he compared education in Sweden to that in America. Officers: John Hutchison (President). Jane Hoare. Barbara Kltzerow. Sharon Mirks, Joyce Dahlke 197STUDENT COUNSELING CENTER As one facet of the total student personnel program, the Student Counseling Center provides a variety of services for students and faculty of the college which are typically related to student adjustment and evaluation. The primary responsibility of the Counseling Center staff is to assist students who present problems involving vocational planning, educational difficulties, or personal-social-emotional adjustment. Between 70 and 80 per cent of the students who came to the Center during a given year are “self-referred’', coming as a result of information received through a variety of sources. The remaining 20 to 30 per cent come to the Center as a result of a referral by a member of the faculty or other interested persons. A “formal referral” has been made when a faculty member notifies the Center by written note, phone call, or personal visit that he has recommended the Center to the student. In order to confirm the successful referral and to seek any further information available, the counselor to whom the student has been assigned will then contact the interested staff member when the student makes an appointment. The faculty member, of course, is quite free to determine what information may be passed on to the counselor. Dr. WUlUm L. Moons Director of Studsnt CounsoUn Csntsr 198DR. MARIANNE BRAY COUNSELOR MR. EUGENE J. CECK DIRECTOR OF TESTING 199 MISS DORIS BRAASCH SECRETARY — RECEPTIONIST MISS LOIS J. FIEDLER COUNSELORIn February of this year the OSC Art Club officially changed its name to the Art Student’s Association. Open to all students of OSC, whether or not they are art majors or minors or have had art courses, the group only requires that members have a genuine interest in the field. In addition to sponsoring work nights and presenting various speakers, ASA traveled to Milwaukee and Chicago to attend art activities. With the Beaux Arts Ball of Paris and the New Orleans Mardi Gras as models, ASA presented its second annual Beaux Arts Ball in November. Both a stag and a date affair, the dance followed the theme “Worlds Beyond” with students dressed in appropriate costumes. Cash prizes were awarded on the basis of originality, color, and coordination with the theme to the best-dressed couple and to the male and female with the most unique costumes. Officers of ASA were Reid W. Schoonover, President; Helen Guhl, Vice-President; Ruth Fraedrich, Secretary; and Charles Kissel, Treas- Of fleers. 1st and 2nd semester: Row 1: President. Reid Schoonover Row 2: Rath Fraedrich, Helen Ouhl. Linda Baaaard. Lynn rruhman. Diane Eyers Row. 3: Don Kraus. Nea Nlssen. Advisor, Mr. Osborne. Anne Pinkerton. Charles M. Kissel urer. Mr. Richard Osborn is the advisor of the group. ASA Kow I: Stephanie Welnslerl, Paulette Singer Row 2: Judith Luck. Laurie Stocking. Linda Olson. Emily L. Kachel. Judl Wyrembeck. Oall Floether. Peggy Smith Row 3: Claire Kalous. Anne S. Belongie. Martha Kreus. Sheila Egan. Karen Huguet. Linda Webber. Pat Bern . Carolyn Pommerlng. Judy Tate Row 4: Peter Sweedy. Dave Schworover, Jack Hupfer. Ron Habeck. Bob Huetter. Jan Alan Olaon. Gordon Down. Oeorge V. Kohanaki. A! OsmuaRow I P»» Wilton. Shirlfy Wilton. Aiwilo Moore. Sharon Stepliany Row J. Dave Smith. Die Klancer. Pete Martyn. Tom llanaon. Jerry Schmidt. Dave Goodwin. Janie Calhoun STAGE DOOR Stagedoor, a group consisting of those students interested in dramatics, meets informally once a week in the huh of campus theatre life. Miss Link's office in D108A. Induced further by the bargain offer of all the coffee and cookies one can consume for five cents, the Thespians gather to discuss their theatre interests; academically, technically, and socially. Many production details for the plays are taken care of during this weekly get-together while the group, never lacking in spirit or volume, struggles for survival in the choking atmosphere of the smoke-filled room. Here too are made momentous decisions such as a fight-to-the-death over which dessert to serve at the annual drama awards banquet held in May of each year. • Never faltering, the group carries on with its traditional motto uppermost in each meml er’s mind: "The cast party must go on." 1st Semester James Hook Pat Wilson Mary Celichowski Diana Smith OFFICERS Office President Vice-President Secretary-T reasurer Historian 2nd Semester Pat Wilson Gary Messerchmidt Mary Celichowski Judy James ADVISOR: Miss Gloria Link 201GOLDEN Golden Trident is a synchronized swim club designed to promote an appreciation for the a;sthetic value of water ballet. The club was led in pursuit of their goal by able officers and their advisor, Miss Edgy. The president, Kathi Olen, and Vice-presiednt, Judy Erickson, endeavored to guide the club in understanding and appreciating swimming as an art. They were assisted by the other officers of the club including: Charlotte Freund, Secretary; Diane Pick, Historian; Julie Guelig, Treasurer; and Kathy Telfer, Publicity Manager. This year’s annual water show was entitled “Temperaments in Tint.” The show included various numbers which expressed different moods through their symbolistic colors. As a choreographer or an assistant choreographer, each member learned the art of putting a number together and setting it to music for the show. The annual show plus other service projects kept the members active and busy concentrating on the physical aspects of their education. Row 1: Martha Kraue. Diana Pick. Sandy Newhauter, Julia Oaullf. Mary Ann Schroeder, Kathy Taller Row 2: Adel Richter. Kathy Olen. Paula Schneider, Jana Stroul, Sue Roaemann, Charlotte Freund Row 3: Judy Erick ten. Ruth Maechraler, Fay Dobbe. Mary Bornemann. Toni Harder, Charlotte Zeroth 202Row 1: Darien Dobberpuhl. Mirlanne Formlller Row 2: Marcia Maeller. Carol Lynn Zentner. Yvonne Frita, Joyce Pales. Bonnie Prenat. Jody Harteao Row S: Beverly Sueblow. Mary Welland. Jan Vellcer. Victor Jacoby. Ken Tbompaon. Elizabeth Waldo. Rennae Martin. Helen Black ORCHESIS The purpose of the modem dance club, Orchesis, is to promote an understanding and an increased appreciation of dancing as an art form and to increase the skill and knowledge of the participants. Activities sponsored by ami participated in by the Senior Orchesis group throughout the year included a dance presentation, “Freedom’s Cornin’, Gonna Shout,” for United Nations Day sponsored by the International Relations Club in October; participation in a Reeve Memorial Fireside Fling in November; an appearance on WLUK-TV in Green Bay in December with the group presenting “The Little Match Girl”; a performance in the Music Department’s Christmas Concert; a presentation of the stages of dance to the Dames Club in March; a Dance Symposium in Iowa City, Iowa, where the group had the privilege of performing; a spring concert in April; and a fall and spring session of Junior Orchesis. In order to qualify for membership in Senior Orchesis, which is open to all male and female students. an individual must attend Junior Orchesis for approximately six weeks. During this six week period basic techniques of dance, creativity, and improvisation are stressed. Tryouts for Senior Orchesis are based on these skills stressed during the lesson period. Officers during the year were Yvonne Fritz, President; Marianne Formiller, Secretary-Treasurer; Bonnie Pruess, Historian; and Darlene Dobberpuhl and Beverly Streblow, Co-chairmen of publicity.i f j Row 1: Betty Schmitt (Secretary). Robert H. Johnson (President). Chrl» Plekarz (Treasurer) Row 2: Mr. 3. 3. Edelhelt, Mr. David R. Rollings. Dr. Martin Gruber (Ad- visor to the Student Legislature) Student Government, consisting of a Legislature, an Executive Body and a Court, serves as the student representative and student governing body on campus. In addition to promoting social and cultural values and providing for the general welfare of the student body. Student Government regulates student activities. The Legislature is composed of seven representatives from each class directed by the Executive Body, which consists of four officers elected by the students. During the year approximately twenty members of SGL traveled to La Crosse to attend a United Council meeting. Each of the student councils of Wisconsin State Colleges sent representatives to the Council meeting to discuss common problems and to exchange solutions. Last fall the present Court constitution was presented and approved and the five justices of the Student Court were elected by SGL. Anyone, including a student, faculty member, administrative official, or a campus organization, may bring a case before the Court. With the power to determine the extent of the punishment as well as the guilt of the defendant, the Student Court acts as both jury and judge. STUDENT GOVERNMENT STUDENT COURT WISCONSIN STATE COLLEGE OSHKOSH, WISCONSIN Row I: Gloria Anderson (Coart Clerk). Steve Thompson (Chief Justice), Dr. Martin Oniberg. (Justice . Mr. Thomas Dollar (Justice) Row 2: Nolan Yellch (Justice), Paul Schoenberger (Justice) The Court took an active Interest in student affairs I 204SENIOR REPRESENTATIVES Row 1: Rum Hutchison, Darlene Dobberpuhl. Betty Haver korn, Gloria Selim, Steve Thompson JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES Row 1: Jerry Schlala. Sharon Hcllnagel, Judy James, Gloria Jean Anderson Row 2: Dean Mocde. Clay Marquardt SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES Row 1: Carolyn Peterson, Marsha List. Janet Rohlfs. John Pools Row 2: Jon Wellhoefcr FRESHMEN REPRESENTATIVES Row 1: Bakos Row 2: Lynda Plants. Sne Lelkness, Marlly Baclinlk, Marmot Dennis Lelfln. Jerry Eisner, Ron Schreler 205Sitting: Bob Kreaslger; Winfield Wlmmer. Tkomss Hanson; Olav Nleawejaar; Sandra Thorn; Anita Prlbberoov Standing: David Goodwin; Carol Malono; Thomas Ekrall ALPHA PHI GAMMA Alpha Phi Gamma, a national honorary journalism fraternity, chartered its local chapter at Wisconsin State College-Oshkosh in the spring of this year. The purpose of the fraternity as stated in the Constitution is “to recognize individual ability and achievement in journalistic pursuits in colleges and universities; to serve and promote the welfare of the college through journalism; to establish cordial relationships between the students and members of the profession; and to unite in a fraternal way congenial students interested in journalism.” Members invited to join the fraternity must have held a position of leadership on their college newspaper, yearbook, literary magazine, or other type of college publication. President....................Thomas G. Lee Vice-President...............Annette Belongie Secretary-Treasurer..........Richard Klancer Bailiff......................Kenneth Smet The members . . . crusaders all.Row 1 Janet Snckow. Darlene Dobberpubl. Margaret Graven. Marilyn Riedel Row 2: Roy Johnson. Edward Stodola. Brace Pleper. Eldon Burg. Dr. Daniel Eandlx Not Present: Dr. Roger Guile , Mr. W. Scovllle, Rolf Peterson, Sandra Perdue. Robert Purdue. Judy Pokat. Ron Kucn, Judy Kempt, Pat Jackowbuskl. Karen Atkins, Robert Wrehota PSI CHI After several months of preparation by Dr. Daniel Landis of the OSC psychology staff, the Oshkosh chapter of Psi Chi. the National Honor Society in Psychology, was given final approval by the national board and by various chapters at colleges throughout the country. An affiliate of the American Psychological Association. Psi Chi was organized nationally in 1929 and has grown to include some 23,000 members in 158 chapters throughout the United States. The Oshkosh chapter received its charter on December 13, 1963, when twenty-two students, graduate students, and faculty members were officially initiated at the installation ceremony at the Town House. The purposes of the society are to advance the science of psychology and to incite and sustain superior intellectual achievement in individual members. For these reasons, students are considered for memliership only after they have attained distinguished academic standing. The officers of the group were Roy Johnson, President; Bruce Pieper, Vice-President; Janet Suc-kow, Secretary; Judy Kempf, Treasurer; and Peter Sweeney, Historian. Dr. Landis and Wilbur Scoville are the faculty advisors. Have you over hoard of group therapy?? 207OSHKOSH ADVANCE Volume LIV, No. 5 Wisconsin State College, Oshkosh Wisconsin________________________________________October 18, 196G The Advance staff was always receiving for the paper. ADVANCE STAFF Seated on floor: Carol Malone. New Editor Seated: Karen Rosek, Society Editor; Marlon OneiU. Proofreader; Christine Thode. Typist; Olorla Sellln. Proofreader; Beverly Klehnan. Proofreader; Jan Marzinalk. Reporter; Anna Wallace. Reporter Standing flret row: Anita Prlbbernow. Co-editor; Sandra Thorn. Reporter: Shele Dennl . Reporter; Kathy Peterson; Annette Belongfe. Co-editor; Rasnllte Cimermanls. Proofreader: Eliane Bertram. Proofreader; Sandra Boeldt. Proofreader Standing last row: Jeff DeBniin. Photographer; Don Massrnba. Photographer: Howard Toreman. Sports Editor; Tom Lee. Reporter: Jerry Slegman. Columnists. Phil Belongle. Circulation; Robert Krenslger. Reporter; Mr. Donald Zahalka. Adviser 208 Two staffs worked during the 1963-64 school year to produce the campus weekly newspaper, the ADVANCE. Finishing their year’s work after a fall trip to the convention in New York were co-editors Annette Belongie and Anita Pribbemow. The first semester’s papers included such feature columns as Olav Nieuwejaar’s “Journey into Sadness” which gave personal impressions of the South, Dick Klancer’s “Comment,” and Mary Jo Perk’s “Newsweek.” Feature columns innovated by the new 1964 editor, Carol Malone, included “Fifth Column,” personality descriptions by Annette Belongie, (Honest AYB); “Right Face!” political satires by Mike Mitchell; and “Letters to a Friend,” more reflections by Olav. In the spring of 1964, several members of the staff traveled to Whitewater to attend a meeting of the Wisconsin State Publications Association. The tuff outttng were the greatert! If tome fellow who w»nt» to write a new type column. EXECUTIVE EDITOR ................ FACULTY ADVISOR ................. ADVISORY EDITOR ................. MANAGING EDITOR ................. NEWS DESK: New Editors: Sandra Thern. Anna Wal- Feature Editor: Jam Schenk Sport Editor: Boh Kreurtger Society Editor: Lynne Morton Reporter : Ted Bowen, Linda Bn ard. Sblrliy Conrad. Anita Glaaenapp. Kathy Harrlton, Janl Marzlnxlk, Ed Tomball. Tom Wheeler. Miriam Zimmerman. Luana Meyer. Dick Nonunerdor. Vernlell LeUtlco, Judy Jame . Margy Hughe , Sue PeLong. Nancy Hawe. Dave Grey, Dick Cavanaugh Colnmnlau: Annette Belongie. Olav Nleuwejaar, Mary Jo Perk. Jerry Sleg-man. Barb Tboma _________________________ Carol Malone ...................... Donald Zahalka ______________________ Annette Belongie ______________________ Catherine Grimm PHOTO DESK: Photo Editor: Marcia Pyott Photographer : Lawrence Oro . Jeff De-Bruln. Don Maaaruba, John Wanner Cartoonist: T. Lee COPY AND MAKEUP DESK: Make-up: John Kartell Proof Reader : Sandra Boeldt. Raiullte Clmermanl . Elaine Bertram. Barbara Kober, Marlon One tl. Vlzbullte Clmermanl . Sue Pelong, Nancy Hawe Typlrt: Chrlrtlne Tbode BUSINESS DESK: Bualne Mgr.: Tom Ekvall Advertizing Mgr.: Vonl Oneiier Circulation Mgr.: Phil Belongie 209 Who' Ken Smet?T I T A N E T T E S Row 1: Sally JohnK n (Captain), Nancy Schroder (Co-Captain), Sue Wilson Row 2: Janet Hubbard, Joanne Scbelbacb, Barbara Hetn. Donna Mark The pom-pom girls of OSC, called the Titanettes, performed at football and basketball games throughout the year. A relatively new group on campus, the Titanettes were organized in 1962, and have since increased in size in order to present the many planned performances even more effectively. Qualifications for membership are based on ability, appearance, size, and a willingness to participate in work on a four year basis. Original routines were presented at all performances. When the OSC Sweetheart, Yvonne Reindl, was crowned at the River Falls basketball game in February, the Titanettes, dressed in red and white, danced to the tune of “I Want A Girl” in honor of the Sweetheart. The girls ended the dance and set the stage for the crowning by forming a heart in the center of the floor. The Titanettes perform for the Sweetheart presentation at half time L 210 As always, games both at home and away were supported with enthusiastic school spirit and leadership by six girls of OSC dressed in gold and white —the Varsity Cheerleaders. In addition, three substitute cheerleaders were chosen for the squad. These three girls cheered for the Homecoming game and substituted for any of the six regular members of the squad whenever necessary. One noteable change occurred in the appearance of the girls during the year. In February- the group exchanged the familiar white sweaters for lively gold and white striped ones. Nancy Ballard Interviews alternate cheerleaders Jackie MlUunsl and Sheie Dennis In the "Tweter • O.S.C. CHEERLEADERS Pam Dohrman. Nancy Bollard. Sue Pahlow. Lois Sawttskl. Kathy Knowles •VTW. Sub Bartel. Carol Hardy. Katherine Boelter. Suunnc Dobenateln. Helen Hofmau Stand In : Dr. John Kaapar (AdMior) ALPHA DELTA THETA CHI I told you to keep that new medication away from the Interna. Alpha Delta Theta, Chi Chapter, is the national professional sorority on campus organized in 1960 to unite women enrolled in a course of Medical Technology. Pledging of new members and initiation ceremonies were held l oth semesters. 212The Sigma Chi Sigma Chapter of Student Affiliates of the A.C.S. is composed of chemistry majors, minors, and other students interested in the field of chemistry. The object of the chapter is to help interest students in chemistry and to broaden the scope of their knowledge in the various fields, as well as to afford the students of chemistry to become better acquainted. Chapter meetings are held monthly. A (roup project In Irl»h chemical procedure »• undertaken, with Intoxicating encceae The Sigma Chi Sigma Chapter of Student Affiliates of the AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY Row l: John Fraaer, Cliff Heu Row 3: Dr. 0. Pollnow, Larry Wlerama, Richard FUbertjr, Row 2: Don Merrill. Jerry Schwoer. Dean Tereaintki. “ • »« •■ Holman Antoinette Lneck. Paul Hahn. A1 Lnedtke. Karl KoehlerOSC CONCERT BAND "Now there isn’t anything strange about a tuba solo: so come out of there and do your part." This year selling booster buttons and tickets to a hockey game in Green Bay became almost as important to members of Concert Band as playing in the band itself, and for obvious reasons. Under the direction of Mr. Thomas E. Neice, the OSC Concert Band appeared at the New York World’s Fair cultural program on June 5, 1964. The booster buttons and tickets all helped pay for expenses. As usual, however, the music organizations continued their programs and concerts. In December, Concert Band appeared in a Reading Clinic of the Wisconsin School Music Association festival music. In January, the group provided a bit of "pep” music for a United States Hockey League game in the Brown County Arena at Green Bay. In April, Concert Band and related groups presented a “Pop” concert. This year’s newly organized Regimental Band, led by Willis Buettner, performed with Concert Band to present the annual Winter Concert in February. The program was carried out in various themes by the sixty-six members of the Regimental Band and the ninety-two members of Concert Band. 214CONCERT CHOIR This year’s Concert Choir was comprised of approximately eighty select voices singing under the direction of Dr. Stanley Linton. Along with various other programs presented by the choir, the traditional participation in the annual production of the community choir’s “Messiah" was again continued by meml ers of the group. One of the more memorable events of the year was the Concert Choir’s presentation of Mozart’s “Requiem.” The program was dedicated to the late President Kennedy. Later in the year. Concert Choir went on tour in various cities throughout Wisconsin for two days. The group performed before assemblies of high school students in special programs. The annual spring concert was presented on April 21st.Seymore Pltwit, President of F.S.S.B.S. for th« part •even years. The Fraternal Society of Snack Bar Sitters was organized in 1957 with the completion of their present headquarters in the Union. Many of the original members are still active. Daily meetings were held in the headquarters located on the first floor of the Union, and though attendance was not compulsory, interest in the club has been so intense that an addition to the meeting hall proved necessary, to handle increased enrollment. F.S.S.B.S. provided the well rounded student with an interesting and challenging atmosphere for social endeavor. Great strides were made in the fields of concentrated small talk and voracious Coke consumption, with a major emphasis on the care and feeding of Jukeboxes. Meetings were called to order at 8:00 am, though some members arrived as late as 11:00, and lasted as late as 10:30 pm. A few of the less dedicated members left occasionally to attend class, but this display of disloyalty was small in proportion. During the evening hours, members with cars held informal seminar meetings around town at local business establishments catering to the intellectual stimulation of OSC students. The club met a major crisis when the Surgeon General, striking during a moment of weakness, issued his declaration on cigarette smoking. Though temporarily disorganized due to the Union closing for Christmas vacation, (a decision bitterly opposed by F.S.S.B. S.) members returned in force to illustrate the intense courage of the American College Student, braving cancer, coughing fits and related ills in a heartening display of the dedication the club is so noted for. It should be understood that the club is not without its conservative faction, however, for some stalwarts, including one girl considered by some to be the motivating power behind F.S.S.B.S., switched to pipes and or cigars as the best way of perpetuating the club’s activities into the coming decade. 216 F.S.S.B.S. The members gather.Row 1: Wim Wimmex. Annette Belor. te. Sally OunnlauRjtou. Jean Ecltnu. Tom Lee Row 2: Tom Ekvali. Dick Klancer "PURSUIT" PURSUIT Displaying the wide range of student ability in literature. PURSUIT contains essays on all manners of subjects, short stories, poems, reviews, and art work. As the college literary magazine, PURSUIT strives to promote creative writing and artwork on the student’s part without fear of censorship. Editor-in-Chief Thomas Wright and Associate Editor T. L. G. Lee found themselves planning increased circulation of the magazine with the complete sell-out of the winter issue. Throughout the year the PURSUIT staff sponsored various activities to increase the appreciation and participation of students in fields of literature. For the first issue, the magazine sponsored a short story contest with cash prizes for the top three entries. Another contest was held in conjunction with Brotherhood Week; the student who submitted the best poem on the topic of brotherhood received a cash award and a free dinner at the brotherhood banquet. In February the group sponsored a reception for all students interested in art and literature. Also in February, the PURSUIT staff presented a poetry reading featuring four poets whose works have appeared in PURSUIT during the year. I Faculty advisors for the staff were Miss Margaret Hagler and Mr. Richard M. Lyons. 217David J. Goodwlu. Editor-in-chief QUIVER 1964 QUIVER STAFF Wisconsin State College - Oshkosh Faculty and Administration Activities................. Organizations.............. Religion................... Living Units............... Greeks..................... Seniors...................... Underclassmen.............. Index...................... Copy....................... Division Page Art Work — Photography................ Proofreading....... Business Manager. Staff.............. ......Betty Marks Thomas L. Hanson .Fran M. Le Fevre Richard J. Packer ____Carole Germer ___Vonnie Gneiser ......Cheryl Feld ----Sheri Crimmel .....Shirley Karls ____Luanna Meyer ...Marilee Beduhn .....Marcia Pyott John Ruff John Wanner Jeff DeBruin Lawrence H. Gross ...Cynthia Becker ____Topper Mulva .....Joan Diener Margrit Sander Betty Hathaway Linda Faulkender Kris Williams Joann Schmiling Emily Kachel Judy Hardel Sheryl Rhode Maureen Rataczak Carols Oermer; Cynthia Becker; Vonnlo GneUer; Tom Hanson; Luanna Moyer; Mr. Milton K.Oardener. Advisor: Sheri Crimmel; Topper Mulva 218Joann Schmiling; Betty Hathaway: Margrit Sander: Maureen Rataczak The QUIVER office, where everything came to a head!NEWMAN Center: Berber Schneider Sitting: Diene Zober. Judith Henke. Mery Butenhoff. Merlon Oneitl. Cerol Beumeliten. 0 1! DUey. Krittcn Willum . Bow 2: John Henninger. Rath Kret . Robin Wllllem . Lonetw Weleh. Nency MUen. Korene Clbeeolt. Olorle Fulcer, Kethy Kelns. Olorle Anderton. Kenneth Yockey. Row 3: Tom Brehm. BUI Shlmek. Clifford Maelement. Gereld Carpenter. Richard MicbeUck. Steven Slrek. Tom Weber. Den Klrecb. Newmen Hell on Algom Bird John Henry Cardinal Newman is the patron and namesake of an organization for Catholic Students on a secular campus. Newman Club works to help the young Catholic increase in personal sanctification, reach a better understanding of Catholicism, and find a closer relationship with other Catholic students. These organizational goals are accomplished throughout the year by various means. Classes are offered in doctrine and theology. Students frequently take part in fireside discussion groups. The Newman Hall Library, enlarged and rearranged for better service, is always available for that unanswered question. Students use the Newman Hall Chapel for confessions and daily Mass. The club also sponsors a Sunday Mass for students at St. Peter's Church. Newman Club has a social side also and is extremely active in the various campus functions. It was the Newman Club float which won first prize in the Homecoming parade. Dances, horseback riding, skating, tobaggoning, and other activities were sponsored by the group. A major change in the club in the past year was the assignment of a new chaplain to the organization. Father Kleiber. 222Sitting: Miry Berger.. Janet Pribbernovr. Satan Chrlateuaen. Joanne Hecker, Mary Zimmerman. Lola Wangerln. Janet Oomoll. Bow 2: Marilyn Mennen. Caroline Helm. Rath Piet . Marilyn Riedel. Retnbold Bleck, Larry Maat. Mike Hllle. LeeAnne Crotaenbaeb. Nancy Klrchboff. Jane Arp a, Gloria HllUatad. The local LSA is a chapter of the Lutheran Student Association of America, which in turn is a member of the World Student Christian Federation. Since its organization in 1954 the club’s primary purposes have been to encourage all interested students to Christian commitment, to instruct and strengthen them in the doctrines of the Lutheran Church, and to acquaint young people with their responsibility of dicipleship in the academic community. Membership is not restricted to Lutheran students alone: any student LSA who is willing to strive for the purposes and goals of LSA is eligible to join the club. Activities conducted throughout the year include Bible study, fellowship, and retreats at the regional level. An interdenominational Christmas worship service, visits to Lutheran homes for the aged, and a seminar held in Milwaukee on racial problems of the inner church are some of the various projects in which members took part. Joint sponsorship of a pancake supper added more of a social touch to activities. The larger campus events also found a place on the LSA agenda. The Homecoming theme used by the club was “Search for Truth’’ from the "Book of Life,” For Winter Carnival festivities LSA made use of the gavel and the Holy Bible in depicting “The Defenders." Advisors for the group are Rev. A. Wein-bender, Pastor of the Christian Lutheran Church; student worker, Mr. H. Grosser of Christ Lutheran Church; and Mr. Ray Schroeder, faculty advisor. This year's officers were Marilyn Riedel, President; Joanne Hecker, Vice-President; Janet Gomoel, Recording Secretary; Nancy Ebert, Corresponding Secretary; and Larry Maas. Treasurer. ws c A new religious organization on campus this year is the Wisconsin Synod Collegiate Organization (WSCO). The organization was established at the request of a group of Lutheran students at OSC in order to provide a social and religious atmosphere in Oshkosh for all its members. WSCO is presently under the guidance of the Reverand Herold 0. Kleinhans, pastor of Dr. Martin Luther Church, and Mr. Adolph Froelke. At the regular meetings, which were held twice each month, members held discussions on the various phases of the church. To complete a well-rounded agenda, tobaggoning and ice skating get-togethers were a few of the social activities which followed these meetings. During the Christmas season members of WSCO held a Christmas party. The faculty advisor for the year was Dr Roger Dennis. Sitting: Ytomm Hucbner. Rath Juttruan. Darlene Bloedorn. Betty Rohde. Donna Melcher. Lynda Plants. Anita Glaaenopp. Row 2 Dr. Roger Dennla. Lola Lange. Diane Relble. Harold Krelf. Dennla Rrandcnmhl. Merlin Pleper. Mary Strom. Carla Belt Row 3: Roger Saeger. Jim Weber. Paul Hahm, James Plantlkow. Mark Orunze. Mr A W. Froehlke. P reside n t.............................................Mark Grume Vice-President..................................Jim Plantikow Secretary.........................................Mary Storn Treasurer.......................................Betty Rohde 22 4 Sitting: Jin Rotilfs. Dim Haualer. Judy Wutrch. Dorla Schroeder. Row 2: Trank Giebol. Gerald Oalow. Don Schuvttpola. Jamet Kohn. Holm Kaatorfl. Sharon Schlaeger, Judy Hemerley Frit Hunratb. Torry Klppa. Robert Rosenthal. Wayne Schrab. Walden Stolnbach. David Simon. GAMMA DELTA Delta Mu. the local chapter of Gamma Delta International Association, is made up primarily of Synodical Conference Lutherans. Gamma Delta, the international association of Lutheran college students, is under the direction of the Student Service Commission of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. Among the purposes of the organization are the maintaining and increasing of Lutheran consciousness on campus, and local and inter-campus fellowship among students ol the Lutheran faith. Within the past year Delta Mu proudly established their, new chapter house located at the corner of Elmwood and Algoma Avenues. Weekly activities. including Bible studies, talks by religious leaders, and social events, are held at the chapter house. Daily devotions are being planned for the future. . Officers for the year were Fredrick Hunrath, President; Frank Giebel, Vice-President; Judy Wuerch, Secretary; and David Simon, Treasurer. 225 Newly acquired Gamma Delta House on Elmwood Ave.WESLEY The Wesley Foundation, organized in 1939, is closely related to the Methodist Student Movement of Wisconsin and the Nation. Members are united into a fellowship group which encourages religious and social growth. Any student of OSC is eligible to join. The fellowship group meets at Charter House to develop their religious and social interests. Included in the weekly activities are a Sunday morning coffee class and an evening “cost supper.” Each Wednesday a Wesley member conducts a worship service called a morning watch at 6:30 a.m. for early risers. The Wesley Choir sings regularly at the Algoma Methodist Church and accompanies the deputation teams to neighboring churches during Lent. In addition to sponsoring house decorations, the Wesley Foundation also participates in Homecoming activities by traditionally decorating the field goal posts. CHARTER HOUSE Officers for the year were Amy Lund-strom, President; Richard Hutchison, Vice-President; June Lange, Secretary’; and John Robinson, Treasurer. Sitting: June Lange. Carol Kline. Jon Witt. Jan Boyd. Oeorgla Baas. Jean Storbakken. Kathy Slone. Row 2: Gordie Michaela. Marlene Koehn. Helen Hankwlta. John Robinion. Deanna Drake. Amy Luudatrom. Lola Roblnaon. Oerald Slaelk. 227"The Lamp" is on Algorna Bird, and la the meeting place of U-C-C.F. A beach party on Lake Butte de Morts in September. a hayride and costume party in October, and a play, "No Exit,” presented with Wesley at the annual Thanksgiving meeting are activities which sparked the year for United Christian Campus Fellowship. The State UCCF Convention was attended by eight OSC members, and two members also attended the national conven- C C F tion, all in December. During Christmas vacation the group went on its yearly retreat. Activities which had to do particularly with religion included several meetings with guest speakers and panel discussions. One of these discussions was conducted with Newman Club on the Ecumenical Council. Each meeting during second semester was under the direction of a minister from one of the various local churches which support UCCF. The ministers gave talks to the group or led the members in Bible study. This year the group was under the guidance of the Rev. Jack La Mar. To aid him in his duties were President, Bill Mitchell; Vice-President, Gail Bruins; Secretary, Jacky Eichstadt; Treasurer, Sue Bartel; Interfaith representative, Sandy Schilling; and Publicity Chairman, Shirley Johnson. 228 Sitting: Jacky Elch t dt, Call Brain . Judith Barrow . Barbara Schiller. Pam Tangye, Lorraine Kanltx Row 2: Janet Schnorr. Lyuda Dykitra. Bob Ehrhardt. Pet Swe ney. Pete Retalqff. Bill Mitchell. Lois Jerred. Sue Bartel.INTERFAITH COUNCIL Interfaith Council is an organization which strengthens the ties between the various religious groups on campus. As stated in its constitution: “It is the intent of the Interfaith Council, ... to further the desire for a closer and more beneficial understanding between all religious faiths.” The Council is comprised of two representatives from each of the religious organizations and a faculty advisor. Since the college can assist a non-sectarian organization, it is only through the Council that the college can aid the religious organizations. For this reason, one of the main functions of the group is to act as a clearing house for requests from all of the religious sects on campus. One request considered during the year was the approval of a noncredit religious course to be held on campus for all students. The Council also works to coordinate activities of the various organizations. As in the past, the group again sponsored the Religious Emphasis Week, held in conjunction with Brotherhood Week. The keynote speaker for the occasion was Rabbi Meyer Schwartz of Oshkosh, who spoke on "Religion: A Mid-twentieth Century Evaluation.” CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION The informal Christian Science Organization at Wisconsin State College-Oshkosh was organized in 1959. It is authorized by Article XXIII, Section 8 of the Manual of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts. Its purposes afford students, graduates, and faculty members an opportunity to learn the facts and practice of Christian Science as taught in the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, and an opportunity to participate in the activities of the Christian Science movement. With the acceptance of the group's By-Laws for official recognition this writer, its status has changed from an informal organization to that of a formally listed one. The group’s advisor is Mrs. Barbara Waldo. Sitting: Jane Daugherty. Joyce Prlntup. Norm Shanebrook. Sbaryn Oralchen. Sherry Ber . Suite Olson Row 2: Miry Pint !. Pam Voell. Geraldine Banaszak. Gretchen Hansen. Oary Marietta!. Elisabeth Waldo. Mrs. Barbara Waldo. Joy Smith. Sitting: Caroline Helm. Loll Wangerln, Carol Kuter. Diane Zuber. Suite Olson. Row 2: Sandra Lang. June Witt. Peter Sweeney. Judy Berg, Gall Bruins. Mary Plngil, 229CLEMANS HALL Two hundred eight men opened the doors to improved hall government and new team effort and called Clemans Hall "home" for 1963-’64. Resident assistants Chuck Schuknecht, Mark Cota. Boh Ackerman, Steve Kaiser, Don Guse, Mike Voss, Jim Stein, and Eugene Shrank helped organize elections for an independent student government. The offices of president, secretary-communications, treasurer, recreation chairman, and social-cultural chairman were filled for each of the four houses. Clemans men went on to organize a float for Homecoming with the women of High House of Taylor Hall. Team effort brought Clemans to a contest with Breese in the annual men’s trophy football game. The hall also participated in all areas of intramural sports. The R.A. team, the "Chiefs", brought home the laurels with their volleyball championship. The hall was uniquely decorated with bright lights and foil paper as Clemans welcomed guests for the annual Christmas Open House. Jerry Eisner was backed as the King candidate while the hall came out in all events for the traditional Winter Carnival weekend. New additions to spark more pride and enthusiasm were the permanent trophy case in the main lobby (a gift of '63-'64 residents) and ping pong tables in the recreation room. Clemans can look back on ’63-’64 with pride, for it combined foresight with team effort to make it a successful year. Mt Thoiu»« i. Brinkman. Hrad Rcaidtnt Clemana Hall wai orected tn 1961. 232FARLEY HOUSE Row 1: Anthony Peters. Joe Hartl. David Johnson. John Osborne. Lawrence Grow. Robert Rank. Harvey Sternat Row 2: Roger Korinek. Dave Brlake. Terry Doriey. Rick Neymeyer. Jim Weber. De Webster Row 3: Loots Ruscb, Steve Horn. Ron Markeviteh HOUSE OF PALM Row 1: Ned Kelts. Tom Harley. Dan Miller. Jim Hedtke. Dean Klauer. Dave Hutchison. Bob Kemper. Larry Handel. Richard Cavanaugh Row 2: Terry Schaefer. Pat McKinney. Bruce Anderson. Curtis Capelle. Jim Jensen. Don Krause. Oordon Michaels. John Kerkhof! Row 3: Ron Schreier. Rowland MaueL Eugene 8hrank. R A , Gary Koflarnus, Cyril Wolff, Mike Allen. Gene Brill Row 4: Bob Ackerman. R. A.. Jon Oottschlk, James Holamann. Bill Jensen. Ron Shields. Bob Maroon TAYLOR HOUSE Row 1: Reginald Fletcher. Emil Everlx. Robert Hess. Leslie Bevo. Merlin Pleper. Gregg Meser. Bob Ehrhardt. Charles Llndow. Dan Belongta, Vern Hahsen Row 2: Bob Borchert. Dave Haug. Dennis Braudcmuhl, Ken Puaer. Mike Kasper. Dave Goodwin. Oary Krneger. Bruce Anderson. Thomas Fisher Row 3: Douglas Moldenbauer. Glenn Schroeder. Tom Sobleskl, Jerry Eisner. Gary Markgraf. Randy Guenther. Jerry Olbrich. Merlin Ehlers Row 1: Don Arveaon. Doug Dunlop. Eric Carpenter, Allen Loest. Gerald Stalker Row 3: Tom Rlchart. Jim Cherepow. Tom Hanson. Steve Kaiser. MITCHELL HOUSE Row 1: Tom VanAlrsdale. Bill Fontaine. A1 Zutz. John Hansen. Richard Setder. James Pontius. Lyle Hansbrougb Row 2: David Roberta, Eugene Schulz. Kevin Colden. Oary Fisher. Tom Ekvall. James O'Laughiln Row 3: Walden Stelnbacb. George Tanner. Duane Timm. Dennis Schwersenska, John Sewell Row 4: John Daugs, Tom Bond. Robert Huetter. Rocky Gmelner 233 l £ Webster Hell wee erected Id 1957. WEBSTER HALL Miss Nadine Nelson and her six resident assistants welcomed 202 women to Webster Hall. Warmth and spirit spread and remained throughout the year as Webster united and excelled. The hall gathered behind its petite candidate, Sue Feren, and led her to the throne as 1963 Homecoming Queen. Fun and mirth bubbled over at the hall Christmas party to climax the mysterious goings on of Pixie Angel week. The hall participated wholeheartedly in the Winter Carnival and the Songfest. The Father-Daughter get together and Mother-Daughter Weekend were slated for the second semester, along with a spring Open House. Because of its energy and enthusiasm, Webster Hall achieved its noteworthy aims. 234 Mlu Nudlce Nclaon. Htid ReddcntFIRST rtOOR Row 1: Diane Bendlckson. Vila Mae Seefeldt. Shirley Ratelkc. Rita Anderson. Barbara Boelter. Sharia Walker. Mary Jones, Nancy Steiner, Mary Rettler Row 2: Mary Olson. Jody Taylor. Tran LeFerre. Susie Olaon. Dixie Remington. Marilyn Farnam. Virginia Lee Anderson. Susan Carlin. Doris Kaufman Row 3: Terri Landremau. Linn Race. Jeanette Ackerer, Jane Catencamp. LaVonne Nennlg. Veda Casper. Cheryl VanAkkeren. Owen Zimmerman. Dorothy Dvoracheck. Kathryn Kinney. Roberta Owens. Jody Braun. Sue Meyer. Carol Bednarek. Kathy Vander WerS SECOND FLOOR Bow 1: Mary BulUmore. Marsha List. Toby Werner. Betty Ann Rohde Bow 2: Helen Hankwltx. Barb Blerman. Orace Talbl, Barbara Johnson. Helen Block. Sandy Cronlck. Sne Feren Bow 3: Nancy Khlert. Colloen Doersch, Judith Luck. Karol WUner. Louette Walsh. Jacqule Maul. Carol Christenson, Sara Chlpman THIRD FLOOR Row I: Judith Ann Hanke. Carol Engen, Marjean Felsner, Jane Zlemer. Rosie Hendricks, 8haron JoHannes. Nancy Barnes. Llndy Kemp. Judy Roesler Row 2: Kathye Coughlin. Sarah Berens. Pat Jonen. Kathy Zink. Bonnie Loos. Arlene Koehler. Diane Schaefer. Dorle Fluhr. Ann Helmet! Row 3: Luann Dugan. Verene Dykstra. Karen 8paight. Kikl Rudolf, Barbara Jean Follmer. Carollyn Carufel. Norene Olbeault. Colleen Phillips. Cheryl Feld. Jane Strouf. Kathy Neuman. Pat Klrchenwlta. Julie Ott 235DONNER HALL Low shower heads, electric hair dryers, and many, many mirrors greeted the 246 men and eight resident assistants of Donner Hall in September. As the scent of hair spray drifted out of the former women's hall, the men organized each floor under a house name together with its own government. Executive officers were chosen. Teamwork produced a third prize for the house decoration, ‘‘We're Expecting A Victory”, in the Homecoming festivities. It also prophesied the arrival of the youngest resident in the hall. A twang of guitars and an accent of drums echoed new talent around the campus. These Donner men added spark and zest to the Halloween party in October. The hall newspaper, the Donner Pioneer, got off to a good start. The men entered almost every area of intramural sports and often ranked in the upper division. The men of Donner have distinguished themselves as organizers, entertainers, athletes, and hosts. Mr. Torrjr Co B»b«. lit id Retidtnt Doaaar H u iu »rect d in m2.HOUSE or ORUENHAGEN Row 1: Gro. e Jacque. Don Wearer. Darld Pro ow. Char lea Klaiel. Tom Brehm, Tim Meyer Row 2: Roger Schultz. Pat Schleitwller. Tom Plummer. Jim McCormick. Phil Brown Row 3: Paul Witte, Dan Jochman HOUSE Or HANCOCK Row 1: John Iitwan, Mine Klelnprlntz. Bill Coflman, Mat Dllllng. Kenn Toriythe, Rick Wacholz, Rog Wynbooro. Lyn Schuette. Bill Janssen Row 2: A1 Aeby. Jim Haaa. Jerry Maateubrook. Paul ruhremann. Jamea Phllllpa, Dale DelPonte. Darld Sommer. Marshall Demceuae Row 3: Jerry Whitburn. Michael Beng, Oary Johnson. Caroy Johnson, Jamea Drahelm, Craig Johaneaen. John Pockat Row 4: Dennla Loppnow, Ronald Conradt, Richard Anderson. Robert Hodman, Jim Williams. Thomas Kruachke Row ft: Darld Uedtke. Ward Welaa. Bruce Nelson. Richard Bosma. Darld Rosa Row 6: Robert Thompson. Darld Nedbeck. Robert Verategen HOUSE Or WHITNEY Row 1: Robert Clapper. Jamea Nedd. Darld Van Dreeae. Michael ruratenberz. Michael Putxer, Bob Badura. Jim Pauguat. Patrick Tom. Harold Schauder Row 2: Oary Uphill. Jon Laehn. John Jorgenson. William rrledel. Jack Hupfer. Darld Oppermann. Richard Przybelskl, Gary Kelly Row 3: Oary Bentllla. Warren Sanders. Richard Klein. Philip Prank. Ken Rich], Rich Roth. Dan Schoenrock Row I: Dennla Schumacher. Robert Budeckl, Timothy Tindall. Richard Clinton. Ronald Bern hagen. Robert Teece Row 8: Victor Jacoby. Dennla Schuchardt. Wes Vander Velden. Jon Smith. 01b Schoen Row 6: Dick Bourbonala, Dick Oeuder. Wes Merchant HOUSE or PRANK Row 1: Peter Sweedy. Richard Helgeaon. Ronald Clark. Jack Haugaland, Peter Oroth, Robert Palotkl Row 2: John Dennla, Brian Pried man, John Lohmann. Jeffrey Robert Row 3: Carl Olaon. Lawrence Kietlch. Bob Olson 237RADFORD HALL The halls of Radford, the oldest women’s dormitory, carry the echo of laughter and the aroma of food being prepared in the basement cafeteria. Five R.A.’s and 133 girls organized in the home-like atmosphere of movable furniture and a spacious T.V. lounge. Nancy Baldwin, Carol Joppe, Ann Schram, and Edi Schmidt were elected president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer respectively. Kathi Olen, "The Independent Rose”, campaigned for the honor of Homecoming Queen. Time and effort produced a proud first place for Radford's, "Victory Recipe: Steam Stout”, in the house decorations category. The Academic-Cultural committee sponsored a talent show for Thanksgiving. A new developing service for hall snapshots began. The Radford Ribbon published a newspaper every other week and expanded interests from hall to national focus. Parties at Halloween. Thanksgiving, and Christmas added fun and spirit to lives of the coeds. The Hall was also active in the Winter Carnival, intramurals and the Songfest. Action, cooperation, and spirit mingle with tradition through the halls of Radford. Ml»» Barbara FrlabU, Htad Reildont. Radford Hall wai oroctad In 1961. 238FIRST FLOOR Row 1: Mary Robert . Nancy Holaman. Jean Storbakken. Ann Slaandl. Barbara Haul Row 2: Loalse SundquUt. Marilyn Riedel. Linda Thorndike. Karen Otradovec, Patricia Sprague. R A., Patricia Haaa Row 3: Rae Durkin. Karen Dart. Linda Fanlkender, Judy Thaller. Beverly Carpenter. Sue Klrkeide, Olorla Jeanne Anderaon SECOND IXOOR Row I: K rutin William . Nancy Merwln. Kathleen Earllni, Judy Putman. Carlyn Malm-berg. Joann Zlckert. Sue Schneider. Robin Wllluma Row 2: ChrU Treiaelt. Carol Shallue. Cynthia Becker. Laurie Stoehting. Annette Schult . Owen Marten . R. A.. Audrey Stratton. Joan Moon. Sherry Fill Row 3: Lynne DeVaud. Ann Conover. Ruth Maachmel or. R. A.. RoaaJlnd Waypa. Mary Bornemann. Barbara Trelaven. Judith Winter-hack, Barbara Nemeta. Betty Riordan THIRD FLOOR Row 1: Anna Schram. Anita Yealon, Sally Kabaclnikl, Krlctl Kober. Janet 8chnorr, Nancy Crooks. Carol Joppe Row 2: Nancy Baldwin. Oeraldlne Banaszak. Pat Storm. Carolyn Vande HeL Sandra Baum-gart. Dorl Oatman. Yvonne Huebner, Kathy Aschenbach. Robin Haas Row’3: Kathl Olen. R A.. Shirley Lutae. Pat Laab . Pam Klelgaa. ChrU Thode. Susie Csarneckl. Darlene Bloedorn. Llnette Lamont. PauU Schneider. R. A. 239Brc« « Hall was erected In 1061. BREESE HALL Soon after electric shavers and tennis rackets were unloaded, the 233 men of Breese Hall began to organize their government and slate events for the coming school year. Each house elected a president, secretary, recreation chairman. and social chairman. The five officers of the Executive Council were then selected from this group. Throughout the year, women’s residence halls received invitations to enjoy an evening of dancing and informal fun in Breese’s recreation room. If Breese men looked good on the dance floor, they looked even better on the football field. The highlight of their intramural entries came with the 13-7 defeat of Clemans in the traveling trophy football game. The hall got into the spirit of Homecom ng with a house decoration and a float with Taylor-Algoma House. Carnival time saw the hall tugging for points for the President’s Cup. Team effort and good sportsmanship have again proven that Breese Hall is a credit to the campus. 240 Mr. Marvin SUpUn. Head Raildant MANCHESTER HOUSE Row 1: Chariot Maclean. But Barlow. John Mulroy. Armand Llnzmeyer. Thomat Tfcomat. John Jouet. Jeffrey De Bruin Row 2: Dennlt Anitln. Joteph Hauf aland. Jerome Schmidt. Court Ilintze, John Forrest. Howard Foreman Row S: Peter McOrath, Dan Haney. Nick Burnt, James Zernlcke. Clarence Trochll Row 4: Paul Born. Jim Jahnke, R. A.. Tom Schuppe. R. A.. Ronald llabeck Top: Darld Plngry FLING HOUSE Row 1: Frank Tamel. Mike MoUon. Don Held. Harry Johnson. Curt Lauds. Art LeSage Row 2: Ray Miller. Keith Lippert. Store Gna t. Tom Trier, John Dautka Row 3: Don Malnarlch. Eugene Zehren. Tom Oraate. Ed Kaczorowaki TALBOT HOU8E Row 1: Dick Race. Denny Zlech, Pat Vercautcren. Peur Sorensen. Neal La Ferer. Wayne Rauzau. Jim BUck Row 2: John Punzenberger. Bob Lass. Jim Plantlkow. John Metter. Gary Dulmet. Jim Jordan Row 3: Will Meyst. Tom Plnczkowski. Charles Blank. Dick Schmidt. Mike Hildebrand Row «: Robert Jacobson. Ed Mathwlg. Larry Liebzelt HOUSE OF RYAN Row 1: Ken Newman. Douglas Drager. Ken Will-komm. Bob Krueger. Jerry Point, Gerald Slarlk, John Bankers Row 2: leer Jacobson. Jan Alan Olson, Dare Betts. Joe Thresher. John Struck, Jerry Heroux Row 3: Curt Piper. John Ileldke. Darld 8ealey. A. J. Saunders. Bob Daane Row 4: Oary Bond. Charles Born 241Ttjrlor Hftll wu erected In 1063. TAYLOR HALL MIm LoU Jean Fiedler. Head Resident, with Mis Joan AndroplU. Assistant Director. As the newest and largest women’s dormitory on campus, Taylor Hall faced many organizational problems this year. The hall has a capacity for 504 girls and is divided into two wings, Algoma House and High House. Each of the eight floors selected a social chairman and two floor representatives. These sixteen representatives, together with the Executive Council and the committee chairmen, ’and two advisors, Miss Lois Jean Fiedler and Miss Joan Andropolis, made up the Hall Council, the chief governing body. The elected Executive Council is made up of the president, vice-president, treasurer, two AWS representatives, social coordinator. and a social chairman from each house. The Academic-Cultural, Communications. Courtesy, Finance, House Management, and Standards Committees are made up of selected volunteers. Taylor’s vast recreation room was initiated as the hall entertained over 800 people on October 13. The “Color Carnival,’’ featuring booths, a band, a record hop, a hootenanny, and refreshments, was one of the big events of the year. Homecoming found Taylor in full swing. Algoma House split responsibility with Breese on a Homecoming float, while High House women joined the men of Clemans for a united effort. House decorations were spotlighted in prominent places near each of the two wings. Taylor women became seasoned hostesses as parties were given for new arrivals both semesters. The chilling colds brought out more enthusiasm as Taylor entered the Winter Carnival in all events and was represented by Kleone Klein, the winning candidate in the Queen contest. 242FIRST FLOOR Row 1: Judle Backus. Lynn Krueger. Joann Ihlenfeldt, Monica Bahr. Pat Dolphin Row 2: Karen Buran. Uachan. PrlaclUa Koenlga. Yvonne Relndl. Mary Carol Vogel. Sue Stueaaer SECOND FLOOR Row 1: Marlene Lyona, Nancy Holloway. Linda Darld Row 2: Pat Muehrer, Joyce Hackben, Marilyn Bachnlk THIRD FLOOR Row l: Rath Prefferkorn. Patricia Peter. Angela Kolocek. Roth Jostraan. Margaret Wler Row 2: Janet Hubbard. Maureen Power . Sandy Schilling. Mtlodee Lettman. Annette La Motte. Barbara Krueger Row 3: Chriatine William . Bonnie Roic. Kleone Klein. Mary Huaa. Joy Kavemeier. Kathy Vender hyden. Ann Hraaka. Linda Benoit FOURTH 1X00 R Row 1: Rachel Kraus. Mary Harah. Ruth House- holder. Janet Koepnlck. Suaan Kelmel Row 2: Rosemary Huebner, Barb Nowak. Kay Klaaaen. Shirley wendllng, Norma Jean Shanebrook. Sandra Newhouaer Row 3: Lola Lang . Esther Harvey, Kathl Champeny, R A.. LuAnne Tlenor. Connie King, Marilyn Griffith. Jan Pula 243FIRST IXOOR Row 1: Sandra Scheu. Diana Neueua. Clalno Dietrich. Charlotte Rondou. Olorla Scheuh. Kathy Murphy. Pam Zuehlke Row 2: Lola Luedtke. Sharon O'Donnell. R A . Mary Ann Schrocder. Shirley Pethke. Suaan Neely. Sandie. Hamacheck. Petty Proroer. Becky John Row 3: Petty Parker. Karen Teach. Sally Randle. Flotsle Phillip . Betty Aih. Un Hclfetr. Linda Olaon. Pat Panec, Nora Coatea. Betty Boodeker. Judy Richardaon. Diana Oendrlch. Mary Kay Hartman n ND TLOOR Kay Ki,hLkk« EU«« Or0h rer. Sandy Dekker. fcu rabiaiak. J » 2 Karen K n»on Shirley ’»» voeu. ,, Suaan Chriatenaen. Karen tS£ as — -aki THIRD FLOOR Row I: Sherry Lorn. Suaan Hllander. Karen Preroat Row 2: Vicky Kampa. Mariya llabeck. Jane Jacohaon. Diana Nelaon Sally Gytax. Mary Berten. Darien hho Waptr, Nancy Kirchhoff rOURTH FLOOR Row 1: Carol Sonnleitner. MarUyn Simon. Jan Dantherty. Pat Simonaen. Marcia Chriatenaen. Dale Leonard. ShtrrUnn Johaaon Row 2: Cel ate SaiAQ04 HUleatad Peaae. ... Staerkel. Anita Glaaenapp _ Diane Wawraynlak. Sandra Them. Gloria Mayor. Betty Starkerl. Jeanne Whlu. Lit Linda Pop . Judy Mohr. Jean Herlacbe Nancy PlauU, 244Pollock Home, the former borne of W. E. Pollock, and Oshkosh Industrialist. POLLOCK HOUSE Pollock House is more than an independent honor house for outstanding upperclass young women. From its wide staircase to its roomy library and sitting room, it is home to seventeen girls. Harmony and friendship bloom inside this spacious home while scholarship is carefully cultivated. Group ideas and effort produced a house decora- tion for Homecoming. Several professors were invited to speak as the House continued its Fireside Chats. The formal judging of the Glamour magazine contest took place on February 20. And Spring found another Open House. Pollock House has kindled learning and consideration into each of its unique family members. Row l: Barbara Swcedy. Karen Stuewer. Beth Veltch. Shirley Jocrrei. Gloria Deach. Anita Prlbberaow. Cynthia Boettcher Row 2: Cherle McClellan. Mary Jane Norton. Carol Baamelster. Jody Berc. Joanna Manton. Jody Borrows Row 3: Sandra Rafoth. Diane Haosler. Mary Slepekls 2454 Row 1: Jody Fiedler. Kappa Gamma; Jody Andrews, Phoenix; Joan Spice. Alethean; Barbara Bastlan. Phoenix; So Fast. Alethean Row 2: Ml«s Friable, Adrlaer; Meredith Jakobena . Lambda Chi: Kay Kluameyer. Kappa Gamma; Joan Bylow. Lambda Chi; Clarice Dreea, Gamma Sigma; Beth Belong . Gamma Sigma PANHELLENIC COUNCIL I Composed of two representatives from each of the five sororities on campus, the Panhellenic Council works to foster college traditions and to maintain the highest ideals of Greek sororities. Since it serves as a governing body for sorority life at WSC-O, Panhellenic assembles to discuss and take action upon decisions concerning sorority matters. During the year the Council revised its constitution, planned the complete rushing schedule, worked with Interfratemity Council in staging Greek Weekend, and sponsored the Panhellenic Ball, which was held at the Elks Club in Menasha for sorority members and their dates. Officers for the year were Judy Fiedler, President; Joan Spice, Vice-President; and Beth Belongea, Secretary-Treasurer. 248How l: Bob Sliby; Jonathon Sutter; Jamet Gillingham; Kobert Smith; Rtrlurd Gallnlck; Mr. M. Staplln. Adrlicr Row 2: David Mtiui; Gerald Pearaon; Jon WlenXe; David Dombrowakl; Thom Steinhaua INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL The Interfraternity Council serves as the basic governing power for the fraternities on campus. In addition, the Council is the arbitration board for the negotiation, upkeep, and regulation of the Greek houses. Along this line of duty, Interfraternity men took care of the new housing contracts. As usual, the group took charge of pledging activities, but this year a new rush program was organized. Members of the Council also combined their efforts with Panhellenic to sponsor Greek Weekend, an event which promotes intellectual, cultural, and social interests on campus. During the Christmas season, the Council decorated for the community for the Chamber of Commerce. The group also helped in the Heart Fund Campaign. 249ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA Alpha Kappa Lambda is one of the newest members of the Greek aristocracy on campus at OSC. The old group. Philakean Fraternity, founded in 1899, finally bowed to its new counter-part last year and became the Wisconsin State College-Oshkosh Colony of Alpha Kappa lambda National Fraternity. The group received its local Greek letter chapter designation and national charter in the fall of 1962. The desired AKL man has an agressive Christian character, excellent scholarship, broad social interests, and a’warm spirit of brotherhood. After the confusion of registration in Septeml er was over, the group began plans for various activities to occupy the coming semester. Their Homecoming parade entry, “We Will Reduce Stout.” pictured a large can of Metrecal being fed to a rather reluctant Stout Bluebird. In the race for Queen, AKL actively supported court member Karen Koeper. AKL also supplied a bit of originality to festivities with the grand entrance of an actual, firing canon. For Winter Carnival, “Me Hale's Navy” was entered in the Ice Sculpturing. After close scrutiny at the annual Smokers’ inspection of possible pledges, six college men were accepted into active membership. S«con4 S«m«it«r OOt«r« 250OFFICERS i First Semester Dave Smith James Calhoun Boh Clark Ron Bosin Don Van Ert Carl .Voelz Larry Johnson None Office President Vice-President Record Sec. Treasurer Correspond. Sec. Parliamentarian Historian Public Relations and Publicity Second Semester D. Dombrowski Carl Voelz Ron Bosin Bob Clark Don Van Ert Leon Hanson Larry Johnson John L. Green 251 Sitting: John L. Green. Cal Culbertson. Bob Johnson. Dick OoUnick. Lee Hanson. Bad Moertl. Brian Sorenson. Standing: Jim Williams. Dave Smith, Don Van Ert. Dave Dombrowski, Bon Bosin. Charles Lino. Bob Larson. Jim Calhoun. Jim Zleski. Bob Clark. John Jones. LAMBDA CHI Lambda Chi concluded its 1963 spring term with the announcement of its candidate, Jill Bylow. as Miss Oshkosh. Jill brought further honor to the sorority by winning the Miss Congeniality Cup in both the local pageant and the Miss Wisconsin pageant. The fall term activities began for the girls with Homecoming. Their candidate, Judy Wessing, wfas introduced on campus with the theme “Presenting Judy.” The sorority’s float, “Doin’ Thumpin’ to Win,” placed second in competition. The traditional alumnae luncheon was held at the sorority house. Rushing activities for both semesters were centered around the theme "Club International,” wdth sorority members providing entertainment from around the world. Pledge classes were installed at formal dinners held at Robbins. Jan Knudtson was the sorority’s candidate for Snow Queen of Winter Carnival. Carrying out the theme Ice-O-Vision, their ice sculpture was entitled “Living Color.” The sorority also took part in the traditional Song Fest with musical selections based on the theme “This Land Is Your Land.” The annual Lambda Chi dinner-dance was held in Menasha along with all other members of Pan-Hellenic. The girls and their escorts met at the sorority house for a small gathering before the dinner and dance. In spring the sorority sponsored its annual style show with sorority meml)ers modelling spring fashions provided by Jeffrey’s of Oshkosh. Second Somestor Officer 252SltUnc S ndec Zlngler. Jane Beck. Gail Zltlowr. Jackie Leaaon. Carol Roaanake. Jody Kouecbne. Ruth Eraerlcb. Inga Torok Sitting: Mickey Lafferty. Barb Kleckner, Joyce Dahlke. Ardle Maroch. Bonnie Harris, Ruthann Pike. Bette Schneider. Dorene Dufek Standing: Sandy Orthober. Meredith Jakubenas, Sandy Hanson. Jo Ann Zurn. Joan Bylow. Kathy Stahmer. Jane Hoare Standing: Mary O'Horn. Paula Perkins, Jan Knudtson. Barb Davel. Judy Wesslng. Barb Kltierow. Gerry Smith. Nancy Bullard. Clarice McCaskey 253 1DELTA KAPPA Iota Alpha Sigma men became members of Delta Kappa National Fraternity, Inc., in the spring of 1960. Delta Kappa encourages brotherly friendship, interest, and support both during the college days and later as alumni. Membership in Delta Kappa means comradeship, fellowship, membership in a social order, opportunity for leadership, and a real group experience. The motto of the fraternity, “True leadership is possible only through honorable and upright living,” was well evidenced this year. Seven Delta Kappa men served on Student Government, and the YGOP and The Young Dems were both led by DK presidents. At Homecoming, DK backed court member Karen Koeper. Their Winter Carnival King Candidate, Ed Stodola, placed on the court. “Nearsighted Mr. Magoo” provided a theme for the DK ice sculpture. Fraternal social events also found their place on the Delta Kappa agenda. In December the annual Winter Formal was held at Green Lake. The Red Rose Formal was again held in New London in May. As has been done in the past, DK sponsored the annual “Song Fest” and gave the proceeds, in the form of a scholarship, to some worthy male OSC student. First Semester Jerry Pierson Ed Stodola Jerry Enli Bob Schroeder John Poels Kent Herold Tom Smith Pete Martyn Ed Stodola OFFICERS Office President Vice-President Recording Sec. Treasurer Corresponding Sec. Historian Sargeant-at-Arms Chaplain Pledge Master 8 cond S«meit«r Offtc«ri Second Semester Dave Messar Mike Reinch Larry Thule Roger Freeman Gary Johnson Pete Fons Jim Ziegert Larry Solwalish Mike Reinch 254Sitting: Harry Brennan. Kent Harold. Ed StodoU, Jerry Standing: Mr. Freeman. Tom Smith. Ken Van Haren, Tom Sonnleltncr. Dick North. Terry Kaye Fredrlch. John d'Amecourt. Howard Frimark. Don Behring Sitting: Gary Gerhart . John Poel . Jim Zlegert. Jim Krcager. Chuck Lear. Larry Thull. Dare Messer, Clay Marqoart Standing: Marv Andersen. Jerry Pearson, Dan Delacy. Petdr Font. Mike Relnsch. Ted Knapp. Jerry Eggert. Bob Schrader. Ken Sondalle 255KAPPA GAMMA 1 i Kappa Gamma started with a group of seventeen members in 1923, known as the Val Ferraris, to promote artist:c and dramatic development and appreciation, and to promote lasting, significant friendships. In about 1929 the name was changed to Kappa Gamma. The sorority’s first advisor was Miss LaFluor, known to many students on campus as Mrs. Ethel Behnke. She attended the formal dinner this year in celebration of Kappa Gamma’s 40th anniversary. Fall semester activities began with a 40th anniversary Coke Hour and moved on to Homecoming festivities. Kappa Gamma’s Homecoming Queen Candidate, Karen Koeper, became one of the two girls on the Queen’s Court. The fall rush brought two informal parties, one a Pi .za Party and the other “Act IV—Theatre Scene.” The Formal Dinner was held at the Townhouse of Oshkosh, and Rush activities were closed for the fall with the Pledge Dinner. At Christmas time, new initiates put on a party at a local nursing home. Michele Hmak was Snow Queen Candidate, and "Smile, You’re on Candid Camera” served as the theme for the ice sculpture for Winter Carnival. KAPPA GAMMA OFFICERS First Semester Judy Grosenick Jacqueline Zander Mary Celahowski Noreen Bohn Office President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Second Semester Mary Ball Judy Tighe Sheryl Rhode Noreen Bohn KspP Gamma 256Sitting: Rcnnae Peterson. Joude Harteau. Judy Fiedler. Gretchen Roessler, Mary Cellchowskl. Luane Robbins. Karen Adams Standing: Noreen Bolin. Jan Judaon. Diana Genrlch. Sue Pahlow. Judy Grosenlck, Pam Taylor. Sheryl Rhode Sitting: Diane Dietrich. Mona Tclloch. Mary Kautaer. Connie Reines. Georgia Smith. Jane Stadler Standing: Nand Sandy Whitman, Mary Ball. Karen Koeper. Donna Marks. Jeanne Xowlckl Sitting: Sue Jorgenson. Juley Merwln. Chris Plekars. Mary Welland. Charmatne Helse. Judy Galnor Standing: Billie Jo Bruhy. Joan Rubrlnger. Kay Klusmeyer. Mary Brown. Sherry Bruns. Chloe Hughes. Barb Verhoeven 257PI SIGMA This year Periclean Fraternity revised its constitution, increased its memljership, and participated in all of the events sponsored on campus. Periclean joined in Homecoming activities by actively supporting Kappa Gamma's candidate for Queen. Karen Koeper, and using such themes as “We’ll Blatz the Schlitz out of ’Em" and “Our team is Activated" for their float and house decorations, respectively. The Homecoming court was represented by two members of the fraternity, Warren Krabbe and Dick Emmerich. Periclean boasted two teams in intramural basketball, water basketball, and football, with Periclean men winning second in their division in football. Brothers Jim Payne and Dick Emmerich were chosen all-state college conference selections in football. Jim Payne also won the OSC Ugly Man Contest. Interfraternity Council was headed by Periclean men both semesters this year, Jon Weinke and Bob Smith. Second semester brought the advent of a Periclean newspaper, with the sole purpose of entertainment for fraternity members. First Semester Bob Smith Bob Slaby Lylas Tremble Paul Stannard OFFICERS Office President Vice-President Recording Secretary Treasurer Second Semester Bob Slaby Tom Napral Lylas Tremble Wayne Hurab Second Semester Officer 258 Sitting: Gerry Stalker. John Hofei, Rick Miller. Dan Muinde. Standing: Dare Krohn, Dare Weldemann. Slg Signer, Toni Ed LaFletir. Nolan Yellch. John Bauer Chrlaty. Ne'l Weyenberg. Craig Phillips. Jim Jaeger. Bob Slaby.'Tom Ekvall. Silting: Jim Payne. John Heyel. Tom Napral, Dave Standing. Doug Hogan. Tom Rlcharts. Jon Wllnke. Lylo Eubrlnger, Dan Schott. Bob Smith, Marty Stenback. Tremble. Jim Jahnke. Jim Belrne. Dick Diedrlck. Todd Tomlin, Jim Michels. 259With Sharon Bean as their candidate for Homecoming Queen, members of Alethean Sorority plunged into Homecoming activities full-speed ahead. The group displayed house decorations following the theme “In the Titans We Trust,” and entered their float “A Titan Victory Teddy Can Bear,” complete with the figure of a huge teddy bear, in the parade. In the final stages of the event, Sharon went on to become a member of the Queen’s Court. In November Alethean girls united their efforts temporarily with the men of Alpha Kappa Lambda for a fall dance, “November New Year.” In December a Dinner Dance was held for the girls and their dates at Tuscumbia Country Club in Green Lake, Wisconsin. Alethean entered Linda Clark as their Snow Queen Candidate for Winter Carnival. As has been done in the past, the sorority again sponsored the Sweetheart Contest. Funds from this event are given to the scholarship fund. The girls also took part in Songfest, held in March, and in Campus Carnival. Among the events held in May was a Mother’s Day Dinner before the AWS Mother’s Day Tea. Alethean closed the year of activities after attending the annual cottage' weekend in Waupaca, held for all the sororities. ALETHEAN OFFICERS First Semester Geneva Peterson Joyce Meli...... Karen Reevy— Lois Anderson.. Office President...... Vice-President Secretary...... Treasurer...... Second Semester .....Joyce Meli ..Pam Dohrman ----Joan Pelkey ..Mary Schaefer Second Semester Officer 260Floor: Rosiua Ulrich. Oeneva Petcrion, Miry Hildebrand Sitting: Barbara Frothlngor, Marilyn Sharkey. Shirley Behrendt. Mary Schaefer. Shell Deunia. Nancy Schroeder. Claudia Kuehn. Krlatlne Lund. noor: Joan Gehrke. Mary Loomla. Linda Clark. Sitting: Marianne Fornilller. Lota Sawltikl. Pat Oaka. 8ue Grupe. Cheryl Cox. Joan Pelkey. Marcia Schoenlke. Sally Becker. Standing: Jane Gttech, Sharon Hardtke. Kathy Peteraon. Pam Dorhnun. Barbara Willard. Karen Rlewe. Sne Rlcklefa. Judy Marka. Sandy Davla. Standing: Zona Jonca, Sue Wilaon. Joyce Mill. Jacqute Maul. Judy Mlcbelaon, Carolyn Peteraon. Joby Brown, Carol Wleaeckel. Joan Spice. Mary Beth Wolf. Mary Lynn Schrytrer. Sue Faat. Sharon Bean. Marilyn Nelaon, Linda Hanuia.SIGMA TAU GAMMA Activities officially began for Sigma Tau Gamma with the advent of Homecoming festivities. In addition to actively supporting Queen Candidate Sharon Bean, who was a meml er of the court, the fraternity entered a float and house decorations in competition. Their float, a four section train following the slogan “We'll Get ’Em in the End,” took third place. House decorations fulfilled the theme “The Power to Win” with a gigantic rocket on the roof of the fraternity house. An alumni reception was held with open house and dinner. Parties held throughout the year were with sororities or the dates of meml ers. Themes ranged from farm, Halloween, and pajama to crazy. There was also a hayride. The men again made their annual trip to Green Bay to watch the Bobcats perform in hockey. Probably one of the biggest events of the year, the annual White Rose Formal was held in March at Leilani Village in Milwaukee. The men and their dates swam in the pool and dined and danced in the exotic Polynesian atmosphere. White roses and favors were presented to the girls and at the climax of the evening the Sweetheart of Sigma Tau was announced and crowned. The party schedule was concluded at the end of the year by the Annual Steak Fry Picnic. Sig Tau entered Winter Carnival festivities with Don Chcrmak as their candidate for King. Their ice entry was a cat representing the television program “The Thriller.” The State Convention of Sig Tau was held in the spring at Eau Claire State College. During the year members have traveled to Sig Tau chapters at Superior, Eau Claire, and La Crosse. Sig Tau men have had active members on Homecoming Committees, the Union Board, Student Government, and all sports of football, cross country, basketball, track, baseball, and golf. Sig Tau also took first place in its division in intramural touch football. 262 Second Semester Officers(O 2 $8 £5 1 him 03« ' SjGAMMA SIGMA Gamma Sigma Sorority was organized in 1922 to promote friendship among the women of the college and to enlarge their knowledge of the literature of all nations. The members now have two additional objectives: to increase proficiency in parliamentary procedure and to promote acquaintances and friendships. Homecoming began the year’s activities for Gamma Sigma. Homecoming Queen Candidate, Linda Harness, was supported with the slogan “Bear Lynn in Mind.” Their house decorations displayed the idea of “Let’s Devil ’Em,” and their float followed the theme of “Victory at OSC.” Hometown Night was held on November 26. The second Annual Formal Dinner Dance took place on December 7. A biennial Slave Day was celebrated once each semester. For Winter Carnival Festivities, Darlene Dobberpuhl was entered as Snow Queen Candidate, and “Checkmate” became the theme for their ice sculptor. OFFICERS First Semester Office Second Semester Claire Drees.............President..............Linda Harness Karen Zingler............Vice-President.........Karen Zingler Darlene Dobberpuhl.......Secretary.........Darlene Dobberpuhl Kathy Janz...............Treasurer.................Kathy Janz Second Semester Officers 264.Sluing: Beth Belong! , Anita Prlbbernow, Bub Praeger, Standing: Mary Peter non. Elaine Bertram, Jean Lemberger. Via CimermanU, Jaonlta Trejo. Sharon Hollnagel, Carol Art . Bev Beardsley Sitting: Kathy Janz, Linda Harness, Karen Zlngler, Darlene Standing: Peg Ross, Sharon Ridley, Lee Anne Grossenbacb. Dobberpnhl. Barb Kobcr Judith Klenke, Carol Sobleskl. Jeanne Frlngs 265PHOENIX Phoenix Sorority was organized in 1874 as a mixed society. The name Phoenix was chosen for the group after a fabled bird that arose from the ashes of its predecessor. “Culture Not Show” became the motto. In 1917 the two groups decided to reorganize, keeping Lyceum, now Sigma Tau Gamma, for the men and Phoenix for the women. Phoenix liecame primarily interested in promoting participation in literary work and music and upholding high social and scholastic ideals. Now much of its attention is given to social affairs, but each year it presents a traveling scholarship trophy to the society whose members have the highest grade point average. This year Phoenix merged with Delta Phi to become Phoenix, Delta Pi Sorority. After the fall rush party, Phoenix entered into activities with Homecoming with “Feature Faye First” as the theme for Queen Candidate Faye Zietlow. The float entry in the parade was “No Magic, We’ll Win,” and house decorations featured a huge bumble bee with the slogan '“We’ll Sting ’Em.” The pre-game alumni luncheon took place at the Roxy. The sorority’s candidate for Winter Carnival Queen was Jan Velicer, and their ice sculpture entry was “Huckleberry Hound.” The second annual Teacher Talent Night was produced by co-chairmen Connie Lenz and Jan Velicer. A reception for participants followed at the Phoenix house. Phoenix also participated in Song Fest, the Father-Daughter Banquet, and Brat Day, and ended the year with a Mother’s Day Luncheon. 266Sitting: Donna Blederarolf, Mary Ann Grauman. Judy Bubolz. Marcia List. Harriet Kohm. Jan Velicer, Barb Schoenke, Daphne Dnfonr. Sitting: Bonnie Buchner, Sharon Schlaeger, Carole Peirce, Mrs. Moore. Gloria Desch, Share n Orzcchowtki. Kathy Madlgan. Standing: Mary Basel. Nancy Dedering. Judy Wucrsch, Colleen Doersch. Joyce Hackbarth. Doris DeYoung. Judy Berg, Linda David. Diane Os trend. Standing: Katie Plocderl. June Witt. Oall Floether. Gloria Sellln, Bette Uaberkorn. Bev Klehnau, Carol Stadtraueller, Donna DeYoung. Mary Roberta. 267SENIORS • t t GILBERT R. BAKER LEONARD ABRAHAMSON RONALD E. ADAMS JUDITH A. BERG LOIS M. ANDERSON JOHN E. BAUER ANNETTE Y. BELONGIE 270. . . the leaders of tomorrow JIM P. BOHNE JOSEPHINE A. BROWN 271SENIORS . . . SHERRY L. BRUNS ROY J. BURKHART GEORGIANA M. DANTOIN BARBARA DAVEL JOHN E. DAYTON DAN R. DELACY 272. • . ready to face the future LINDA R. BUSSARD SUSAN M. CAVNER DOUGLAS E. DOCHERTY JOYCE E. DAHLKE JAMES J. DAMM PAMELA J DOHRMAN ALLAN G. DORN JEAN DOERSCH LYLE M. DOLVEN JAMES A. EISNER THOMAS A. FELDA 273HELEN R. FOX GERALD E. GYPP ROSALIE M. HALES PETER L. GILLIS 274t t • storting a new life DOUGLAS R. HANOP ANTOINETTE M. HARDER GARY L. GRUENWALD SUSAN J. HARRELD 275HENRY J. HAUSER ALAN J. HOFFMAN SENIORS . . . 276,,, on your own now L BARBARA L. KITZEROW RICHARD KLANCER BARBARA A. KLECKNER ROBERT G. KLEINKE RUTH A. JOHNSON CAROL J. KUNE 277semss t t t ROBERT C. KOCH SHARON LEE JUDITH A. KONECHNE DAVID MARKOFSKI JAMES G. LENZ SHARON C. MARKS JERRY G. MARCHANT 278. . . face the world head on RONALD M. KUEN i RUTH M. LORGE ANN M. LUECK SANDRA C. McCORMICK susan f. McConnell 279smogs... NEA L. NISSEN RICHARD A. NORTH ROBERT J. OTTO RICHARD J. PELC MARY J. PETERS CAROL E. PERLEBERG 280. . . show others the way i ROBERT W. MILLARD BARBARA A. PFEFFERLE SANDRA S. PITTLER 281scums... ELISABETH A. RYF 282. . ready and witting ARLENE K. RABOIN MARY E. ROBERTS DOROTHY M. SCHLIMM JANIS R. SCHMALTZ DAVID J. SCHNECKENBERG 283smogs... JUDITH H. SPICE DAVID P. STEINERT 284 . . . trained to inspire HEA SOOK SIM DAVID L. SMITH EDWARD M. STODOLA DAVID L STETTER SHARON A. STROMBERG 285SENIORS t t t JANET M. SUCKOW EDITH L. SUREN ROBERT C. VOLLENDORF JUDY A. WESSING BARBARA A THOMAS JANE G. WILSON 286 LESTER M. WILLIAMS. . . leaving OSC with character HELEN E. WYMAN VIRGINIA DIANE TRINRUD JUDITH L. WENDT DONALD P. VAN ERT 287 SANDRA L. ZINGLERJUNIORS . . . seniors at last 290 Robert N. Abraham Jeanette E. Ackerer Row 1 Rasulite Amermanis Dale F. Anders Gloria J. Anderson James L. Anderson Thomas J. Andrew Carol A. Artz Nancy A. Baldwin Jane R. Beck William L. Behring Linda L. Benoit James A. Benson Marlene E. Bernhogen Ronald G. Bernhogen Eloine J. Bertram Don J. Biebl Row 2 Donna M. Biederwoll David S. Birschbach Reinhold A. Bleck Sandra L. Boeldt Janet K. Boyd Marvin C Bovd Mary F. Bradley Harold F. Breit Lorna S Breitrick Mary Kay Brennan Tom J. Brinkman Penny A. Brixius Judy H. Bubolz Nick C. Burns one M. Butterfield Row 3 Gerald L Carpenter Dennis Cios Sandra J. Cizek Nora A. Coates Shirley R. Conlon Ronald H. Conradt Mark P. Coto Kathye A. Coughlin James E. Countney Calvin W. Culbertson Nader F Dorehshori Nancy L. Dedering Donna J. Devoung Doris M. Deyoung Terry W. Dorsey Row 4 Nolo Droeqar Clarice S. Drees Darlene A. Drews Dorene A. Dufek Lvnn E. Dunn Robert J. Dusenberry Genevieve L. Edminster Joann E. Elliott Kathryn S. Elquist Vicki J. Erickson Tom Erkvall LaVerne L. Evans Doualas J. Fend Gerhardt B. Fisher Richard W. Flaherty Row 5 Gail D. Floether Jane M. Floether Howard E. Foreman Ken H. Forsythe Penny R. Foust Jean C. Freiburg Mary Freiburger Mary E. Fricke Howard P. Frimork G'oria Jo Fulcer Tim C. Gahaaen William W. Gov Ronald L. Genrick David C. Gertsch Jedidah Gitulcy Row 6 Sheila A. Glas Yvonne Gneiser Richard L. Gollnick Morv Ann Graumann John L. Green Sue G. Gruoe Helen R. Guhl Michael J. Hammock Judith A. Hanke Helen C. Hankwitz Ellie A. Hanna Leon G. Hansen Sharon Hardtke Carol E. Hardy John E. Hedtke Row 7 Susan H. Hendricks Gary D. Herres Nancy L. Hersig Robert E. Heup John W. Hewett Michael J. Hille Dale E. Hitchcock Susan F. Hoover Roberta E. Hoppe Stephen J. Horn Margaret C. Howorth Ann L. Hrusko Judith A. Huebner Collette M. Jankowski Annette R. Januez Row 8 Shirley J. Joerres Pat Johnson Sally J. Johnson Gloria Junks Lani G. Kaaua Helen C. Kostorff Tom J. Keefe Barry J. Kiel Richard M. Kimberly Christine L. King Janice F. King LeRoy E. Klous Michael E. KleinprintzJUNIORS the path pets steeper 292 Judith M. Klenke Henry C. Kober Row 1 Mory R. Koch Chorles P. Komosa Edith E. Konop Lois U. Krause Ruth A. Kretz Barbaro J. Kretzer Karl J. Krueger Marlene A. Kuehn James W. LaBelle Linette M. Lamont Elizabeth Loney Sandro Lang Derral LaPlant Harriet W. Larson Judith A. Leider Row 2 Vcrnielle L. Leistice Suzonne M. Leiterman Nancy A. LeMense Larry L. Liljestran Shirley A. Loest Nicholas S. Logorakis Ann M. Lorenz Gerald M. Ludwig Allen J. Luedtke Amy C. Lundstrom Carol L. Malloy Carlyn D. Malmberg Mary Ellen Marks John R. Marquardt Janis L. Marzinzik Row 3 Patrick J. McLain Judie A. Meikle Juley M Merwin Marilyn A. Messmann 8everfy L. Meyer Richard Michalac Larry Miel Dean Moede Douglos Moldenhauer Josef Mwosa David A. Nedbeck Mary K. Nelson Richard A. Nelson Karen K. Nicholson Wanita L. Noak Row 4 Barbara M. Nowak Lonnier Nuss Dorie M. Ootman Peggy J. O'Brien Sharon M. O'Donnell Jerry W. Olbrich Katni E. Olen Glen D. Olson William H. Ormond Judy M. Paulos Verna G. Pauly Patricia A. Peters Christine Piekorz Bruce E. Pieper Ruth A. Pictz Row 5 Kathy R. Plain Mary E. Popelka Peter J. Promen Sylvia J. Quant John A. Rackow Kenneth C. Radtke Adele C. Richter Estelle C. Richter James E. Ricklefs Gerald A. Riskey Nancy H. Roate Kathleen M. Ralph Karen A. Rosek Mary Ellen Roth Sue Rucklefs Row 6 Mary M. Ruff All S. Sodrzadeh-Raffii Abdullanzadeh Soifullah Eileen L. Santv Mary H. Saviaes Joyce M. Schaefer Sylvia A. Scharf Jerald T. Schlais Pauline M. Schleifer Dorothy M. Schmidt Bette J. Schneider Paula M. Schneider Anna M. Schram Mary E. Sheski David E. Simon Row 7 Peggy J. Smith Sue L. Snashall Lee R. Snyder Carol A. Sobieski Carol J. Sommers John C. Spillner Patricia Sprague Kathy A. Stahmer John L. Stedl Williom R. Strack Karen J. Stuewer Louise M. Sundquist Peter R. Sweeney Norman J. Tolarczuk Kirsten J. Thompson Row 8 Grant W. Tollifson Tom Lung Fuey Fred E. Truettner Jane M. Uttech Judith A. Vanevenhoven Ken R. Van Haven Jan K. Velicer James A. Vollmer Neil M. Voskuil Mikael D. Voss David T. Wagner Robert J. Walk Annette M. Wartman 294 Daniel L. Abitz Mary L. Ahmdt Row I Diane R. Alf Jane C. Arps Betty J. Ash Cheryl J. Atherton Mary J. Aufdermauer Janet M. Bachmann Judie C. Backus Monica A. Bahr Georgia A. Bass Bonito L. Bastion Carol A. Baumeister Richard E. Baus Beth A. Belongeo Kirsten M. Bergholz Connie J. Bergmann Row 2 Marilyn E. Birschboch Dennis E. Bleifuss Carol E. Bloch Betty A. Boedeker Katherine M. Boelter Cynthia D. L. Boettcher Wendy K. Bohannon Louise Bondow Robert L. Borchert Ronald L. Bosin Carol R. Brown Judith C. Braun Janet H. Broeker Row 3 Billie Jo Bruhy Thomas J. Buchholz Robert M. Budecki Paul E. Buetow John R. Burke Judith L. Burrows Sharon A. Calmes Joan M. Capelle Nanette H. Capelle Sharon L. Cormody Eric J. Carpenter Stephen L. Carrico Carollyn M. Carufel Richard R. Cavanaugh Kathi A. Champeny James F. Cherepow Row 4 Corol B. Christenson Carmen A. Clemons Kathleen Coggeshall Jane M. Cohan Karen S. Coil Diann G. Cooper Keren Costello Cheryl L. Cox Shori L. Crimmel Robert J. Crooks Sandro M. Cumber Nancy A. Dahler Jane R. Dougherty Alice A. Daun Linda K. David Row 5 John F. Dennis Michele M. Dennis Ann E. Densmore Mary A. Dieckhoff Gail Diley Fay A. Dobbe Suzanne L. Doberstein Mark A. Dombrowski Judith A. Doornek Deanna J. Droke Bonnie L. Drephal Daphne C. Du Four Mary Lynn Dummer Mary L. Dunlavy Lynda D. Dykstra Sandra M. teker Row 6 Dona Edming Merlin W. Ehlers Carla J. Ehlert Tony Ehm Linda L. Elting Judith E. Erickson Emil T. Everix Diane L. Eyers Jim R. Fougust Lone D. Felker Morsyl J. Ferch Mariann C. Finley Diane F. Firkus Thomas R. Fisher Reginald J. Fletcher Row 7 Carol J Flock Richord L. Flunkcr Nancy A. Fooks Marianne Formiller Charlotte A. Freund Glenn F. Frew Yvonne E. Fritz Frederick J. Fuchs Kurt W. Fuchs Tom Furnner Michael D. Furstenberg Linda M. Fuss Margaret L. Gabert Barbara J. Geitner Diana M. Gendrich Pamela L. Gerling Row 8 James M. Gilmore Bonnie K. Goeser Janet. Gomoll David J. Goodwin JoAnne L. Grohl Janet B. Grasse Laurie Griebel Shirleyann M. Griepentrog Marilyn D. Griffith Catherine H. Grimm Lee Anne Grossenbach Sally J. Gygax Joyce M. Hackbert 296 Carol A. Hagen Richard Holgeson Row 1 Rita Halverson Daniel G. Haney Luono J. Hanneman Adair E. Harrison David K. Harrison Mary K. Harrison Mary Kay Hartman Sandra M. Horvey Bonnie M. Hasse Dione N. Housler Jeon M. Hausser Nancy C. Howe Mory C. Hoyes Ruth J. Hechel Dewella M. Heidcmann Row 2 Mary E. Hoimerl William Heimerl Charmoine M. Heise Ned B. Heitz Caroline L. Helm Judy A. Hemerley Rosemory V. Hendricks Jean M. Herlache Yvonne R. Hibbard Marilyn J. Hoeppner Sue R. Hoffman Nancy J. Holloway Janet M. Hubbard Douglas L. Huebner Diane L Hunzinger Row 3 Jack L. Hupfer Dagmar E. Jaehnig James H. Jahnke Mary A. Johns Meridith E. Jakubenos Patricia M. Jannusch Ruth A. Jennings Lois J. Jerred Barbara Johnson Carey R. Johnson Gary Johnson Sherriann N. Johnson Victor A. Johnson John H. Jones Carol R. Joppe Row 4 Sue M. Judge Emily L. Kachel Richord W. Kaczmarowski Robert O. Kading Mary Jo Kadloc Stephen J. Koiser Shirley A. Karls Michael P. Kasper Ginger Keesler Robert F. Keller Eileen Kestell Sally S. Key Lou Ann N. Kielsmeier Kathryn H. Kinney Glen Kjornes Row 5 Suzanne Klatt Kleone K. Klein Richard R. Klein Kay E. Klinkenberg Carol L. Koehler Richard A Kohlhoff Thomas D. Kontny Darrell W. Koplitz Mory E. Koplitz Jack E. Korb Mary Kay Korell Carole J. Kramer Donald G. Krause Gayla J. Krause Nellie P. Krinke Row 6 Jean Anne Kroeten Ralph N. Krueger Jill N. Kugler Dennis W. Kuntz Judy A. Kurowski Carol J. Kuter Neal C. La Fever William A. Lahaie Annette M. La Motte June M. Lange Sharon L. Longkou Curtis E. Laude Jacquelyn G. Leason Fran M. Le Fevre Lynn P. Lee Row 7 Beverly M. Leichtfuss Loreli B. Le May Bonnie L. Lemke Arthur R. LeSage Dennis R. Lichtenberg Lorry H. Liebzeit Judi A. Lodi Allen R. Loest Dwight L. Loveland Phyllis M. Lukowicz Marlene A. Lyons Larry W. Maas Peggy A. Mabry Richord R. Malmgrew Row 8 Patricia J. Marchont Wesley B. Marchant Deette N. Markee Gory L. Markgraf Betty L. Marks Donna A. Marks Gwen C. Martens Joel W. Martin Michele J. Martin Ruth M. Maschmeier Rowland C. Mauel Jacquie P. Maul Cherie P. McClellan Bonnie J. McLaren 298 Robert L. MeRoberts Phyllis M. Meles Row 1 Peter C. Melgaard Bonnie S. Messner Lois Metoxen Mary Beth Meunier Susan L. Meyer Ted M. Mickelson Sue A. Mielke Caroline M. Milewski Joanne M. Miller Raymond A. Miller Richard O. Miller John A. Minskey Charles B. Mitchell Horry N Mocrtl Micheal J. Motion Row 2 Patricio M. Morack Lynne H. Morton Morgarct A. Mott Karen L. Muche Patricia A Muehrcr Linda B. Mulqueen Topper C. Mulva Janet J. Munzel James E. Nedd Patricia L Nehring Mary Jane Norton Mary A O'Hern Kendall N. Olson Marion H. Onesti John M, Owen Row 3 Leone T. Pogel Sue A. Pahlow Margaret A. Parker Nancy L. Parker Diane K. Paschen Priscilla J. Peck Sue L. Peffer Paula R. Perkins Carolyn M. Peterson Ken D. Peterson Ruth E. Pfefferkorn David L Pingry Mary K. Plant James E. Plontikow Caroline G. Polomis Sheila J. Porfilio Row 4 James J. Portman Bonnie K. Preuss Karen A. Prevost David S. Prusow Richard T. Przybelski Janet L. Puls Micheal R. Putzer Karen M. Quosius Barbara M. Racine Jean Radtke Maureen R Rataczak Diane A. Reiblc Rae Jean Renier Judith A. Retzleff Row 5 Daniel R. Rhodes Kaye E. Rice Katherine L. Rieder Gerald V. Roberts Keith A. Roeske Gretchen A. Roesslcr Janet E. Rohlfs Bonnie L. Rose Robert E. Roscnthol Cherie J. Roth Mory Jo Rozumalski Joan K Rubringer Sylvia A. Rundle Louis W. Rusch Le Roy B. Rusche Row 6 Foye B. Russ Harold W. Schauder Joanne W. Scheibach Barbara J. Schiller Sharon L. Schlaeger Jane E. Schlei Borbara A. Schley Lauretta F. Schley John A. Schlude Beth K. Schmeiche! Jerome G. Schmidt Kenneth C Schmidt Richard F. Schmidt Jackie A. Schmoker Susan A. Schneider Row 7 Eugene W. Schrank Katherine C. Schroeder Pat J. Schroeder Dennis M. Schuchordt Jillane S. Schultz Thomas F. Schuppe Sue M. Seckar Gene M. Seefeldt Vila Mae Seefeldt Norma J. Shonebrook Diane D. Shields Ronald O. Shields Paulette J. Singer Gerald M. Slavik Row 8 Mary A. Slepekis Joy U. Smith Judith A. Smith Gordon B. Spoefe Nancy J. Spaight Rosann F. Sponbouer Gerald M. Stalker Kathi Steiner Suson M. Steinhagen Joann Stewart Glen N. Stiemsma Anne E. Stoecker Glenna L. Stuart ■Mary Jo Abendroth Robert L. Ackermonn Row I James R. Allan John T. Allen Cheryl A. Amenito Jon Ames Bruce E. Anderson Bruce W. Anderson Rita R. Anderson Virginia L. Anderson Barbara J. Anzia Michael J. Arendt Rodney L. Arent Ronald L. Arenz Dennis Artz Kathleen Aschenbock Janice C. Aulik Row 2 Marilyn T. Bachnik Robert R. Badura Carol Baker Margot E. Bakos Geraldine R. Banoszok Wallace P. Barlow Nancy M. Barnes Lynne A. Bortells Kenneth A. Bartel! Michael L. Bauer Sandra R. Baumgart Cheryl J. Becker Cynthia A. Becker Janet L. Becker Pamela L. Becker Row 3 Carol A. Bednarek Geraldine A. Beggs Carla J. Beitz Philip C. Belongie Diane M. Bendickson John J. Benkers Gary L. Bentilla Ann J. Berg Michael Berg Sharon L. Berg Mary M. Bergen Nina L. Berger Patricia K. Berns Ruth L. Best Bette J. Bieberitz Row 4 Barbara M. Bierman Donna Bilitz Linda A. Biselx Charles E. Blank Susan J. Blank Helen Bleck Sally R. Block Darlene Bloedorn Jean E. Bloodworth Barbara A. Boelter Gary Bond Thomas P. Bond Loryce R. Borkowski Charles 6. Bom Mary K. Bornemann Row 5 Michael P. Bouchette Barbara J. Boughton Richard D. Bourbonois Judith Bowe Dennis Brandemuhl James M. Brayer Thomas J. Brehm Gerald A. Brei Robert R. Brenner Ardyth A. Brensike Kay Bretzmon Donna J. Brick Marine Brikowski Gene P. Brill Bonnie M. Broehm Row 6 Gretchen L. Brown Philip J. Brown Mary C. Brunet John J. Bryant James D. Burdett Patricia Burgdorf Sandra A. Brukart Sharon M. Burns Karen Buron Kathleen Butterfield Clifford D. Bvocik Curtis A. Capelle Beverly J. Carpenter Douglas T. Carroll Veda J. Casper Row 7 Diane M. Cassano Jane C. Catencamp Sara L. Chipman Marcia M. Christensen Susan K. Christensen May S. Chy Robert F. Clapper Ronald W. Clark Richard J. Clinton Anne Cookes Ann M. Conover Shirley A. Conrad Kathleen Conway Judith M. Crego Martin Crneckiy Row 8 Sandra J. Cronick Nancy R. Crooks Steven J. Cummings Patricia Cundiff Robert Daane Barry J. Dalherts E. John Dougs Cheryl J. Davis Patrick E. Dedynski Sandra J. Dekker Barbara J. De Leeuw Marshall J. Demeuse Lynne E. De Vaud FRBSHMBN . . . leaning for the More 302 Joon K. Diener Elaine B. Dietrich Row 1 Karla K. Dinger Karen R. Dix Marcia L. Dobbertin Virginia L. Doers Pat A. Dolphin Michoel Donavon Colleen A. Donovan Dorothy Doorochek Mary C. Dopp Douglas C. Droger James R. Droheim Karen A. Drews Luonn M. Dugan Donald I Dugar Gary J. Dulmes Row 2 Roe T. Durkin Carole L. Durst Joan E. Edgar Jean C. Edens Nancy Ehlert Sharon R. Eickelmonn Jerome A. Eisner Gunther Engelmann Sharon Enli Ronald Erdmann Shirley A. Fabisiak Beatrice A. Fabiszak Marilyn Farnam Patricia M. Farr Linda Faulkender Row 3 Susan K. Fechhclm Paul E. Feldner Susan K. Fell Marjean A. Felsner Steve J. Fermanich Sally M. Ferris Sheldon L. Fiedler Patricia D. Field Roger L. Fieser Angela F. Flom Doris J. Fluhr Barbora J. Follmer John W. Forrest Ruth Froedrich Lee J. Fredrickson Row 4 William E. Friedel Brian Friedman Lynn Anne Fruhman Paul R. Fuhremann Susan Fuhs Koy Furlong Georgio Gojewski Darlene A. Gerl Jane L. Gessert Dianne Glowe Mary L. Gier Marilyn I. Gieroch Margie A. Gilboy Sue A. Gissol Barbora L. Gitter Row 5 Anita C. Glosenapp Jeanette M. Gloudemans Rocklin E. Gmeiner Sandy L. Godhardt Jim Gollota Sandra J. Goodell Marie Ann Goodrich Jon R. Gottschalk Marc W. Graf Sharon Grahl Sharyn Graichen Gary W. Gresenz Janet M. Griepentrog Eileen K. Groh Lawrence Gross Row 6 Stephen M. Gross Karen D. Gruenwald Peter M. Gustafson Lynne M. Haas Robin Haase Ronald F. Habeck Charles H. Hagmann David J. Hahn Nancy M. Hall Janice Halle Sandra L. Hamochek Margaret A. Hammond David M. Hanke Joann M. Hansen John A. Hansen Row 7 John R. Hansen Carol M. Hanson Thomas L. Hanson Mory A. Harsh Linda L. Hartmann Pamela R. Hartung Esther O. Harvey Lloyd R. Hasche James H. Hass Patricia Hass David E. Haug Joseph E. Haugsland Barbara E. Haut Patricia A. Hayes Craig G. Heatwole Row 8 David L. Hedtke Jeon L. Heideman Janet E. Heiderick John D. Heidke Kathleen A. Heidt Lisa Heifetz Barbara A. Heins Robert L. Heiss Janet M. Hendricks Pamela J. Henry Genevieve L. Hepper Laurel L. Herman Mory S. Hess 304 Robert J. Hess Suzanne M. Hilander Row I Michael J. Hildebrand Lorcttc A. Hildebrondt Jo Carol J. Hilgendorf Joyce M. Hillegrand Gloria J. Hillested Barbara J. Hmtz Courtland T. Hintze Robert E. Hoffman Janis L. Holdren Nancy S. Holzman Sharon D. Holzman Corrine D. Honey Johanna R. Hoops Ellen A. Hopkins Karen Hopkinson Row 2 Larry R. Hopper Mery-Lu Hopperdietzel Dianna L. Hoppman Rosemary Huebner Yvonne J. Huebner Leonne P Hunt Garland L. Hunter Judith A. Hurst William C. Ihenfeld Jeanne M. Ihenfeldt Judy M. Jacobson Victor T. Jacoby George L. Jocque LuAnn A. Joger Dianne D. Jonns Row 3 Jenny L. Jameson Jerilyn M. Jank Janis H. Jansen William J. Janssen Jane L. Jeffrey Elizabeth A. Jennoman Melvin D. Jennings James E. Jensen Daniel L. Jochman Craig L. Johanesen Sharon Johannes Becky J. Johns Donald C. Johnson Gerald R. Johnson John H. Johnson Row 4 Judith A. Johnson Mary E. Johnson Nancy A. Johnson Priscilla L. Johnson Patricia Ann Jonen Faye B. Jones Kathleen M. Jones Nancy J. Junker Mary J. Koelin Vicky L. Kampa Sandra M. Kane Judith M. Kaye Ann K. Keefe Mary Keehn Susan Keimel Row 5 Gary Kelly Lindy L. Kemp Robert C. Kemper Jane L. Kenville John M Kerkhoff Pamelo J. Kielgos Kenneth R. Kiesow Sue A. Killian Constance King Terry L. Kippa Nancy R. Kirchhoff Sue K. Kirkeide Charles M. Kissel Ralph Kjornes Kathryn A. Klassen Row 6 Barbora J. Kloes Greta C. Knope Kathleen A. Knowles Mary G. Knudsen Kristofer Kober Robert J. Koenigs Mary R. Koepke Barbora Kolan Sharon M. Komp Jon C. Konig Paul D. Kopitzke Lorraine E. Koppein James C. Koslowski Susan R. Kossel Ronald W. Kostichka Row 7 Judy Kramer Martha M. Kraus Janet A. Krause Harold Kreif Karen Kretsch Gary R. Krueger Thomas C. Kruegar Thomas Kruschkte Jerry J. Kulpa Mary Jane Kunde Suzanne M. Kuroy Patricia A. Loobs Jon E. Loehn Terese A. Landreman Lois M. Lange Row 8 Donita B. Lauderdale David P. Lauscher Mary Beth Leannah Diane K. Leatherbcrry Dennis R. Leffin Ann Lehman Jean E. Lehman William R. Leichtnam Elizabeth A. l.eikness Mary H. Lenz Dale R. Leonard Melodee A. Lettmon Denise R. LettsSusan R. Levennagen Katherine M. Lewellyn Row I Walter Lien Don H. Liermonn Charles J. Lmdow Armand J. Linzmeyer John E. Lohmann Sharon A. Lom Bonnie J. Loos Dennis Loppnow Roberta A. Loysen Marcia A. Luebcke Lois A. Luedtke Shirley E. Lutze Charlotte A. Lynch Charles B. Maclean Allan E. Mader Row 2 Marcia M. Mahnke Robert Q. Mahnke Donald J. Mojnarich Gerald C. March Judith A. Markofskt Robert C. Maronn Jerrold K. Masterbrook Edward A. Mathwig Kathleen A. Mayhew Peter D. McGrath Patrick M. McKinny Karen J. McKinnon Donna R. Melcher Nancy S. Merwin Lynn H. Metke Row 3 John N. Mctter Ellen J. Mevis Margaret Ann Meyer Nancy P. Meyer Susan M. Meyer Gordon L. Michaels Linda J. Miller Virginia E. Miller Jocqueline Millunzi Jennifer Minster Richard F. Mitchell Judith A. Mohr Margaret R. Monday Joan F. Moon Williom C. Mooney Row 4 Kathleen E. Moore Sandra J. Moore Sondra S. Morehouse John Morris Robert J. Muellenboch Lois E. Mueller Marcia M. Mueller John P. Mulroy Judy A. Nosgovitz Susan E. Neely Elaine L. Neevel Diana J. Nelson Robert E. Nelson La Vonne Nennig Diona Neuens Row 5 Richard E Neumeyer Thomas Newhouse Sandra Newhouser Kathleen A. Neumon Gerald J. Nikolaus Barry D. Nobles Pamela D. Oliver Jeffrey H. Oimstead Delmar R. Olson Jon A. Olson Linda L. Olson Mary A. Olson Poul L. Olson Susona Olson Christine E. O'Meara Row 6 Williom D. O'Rourke Jone A. Osborne Julie A. Ott Roberto J. Owens Robert Paloski Patricio Ponec Judy L. Ponkratz Carol J. Parker Patricia J. Paterson Janie L. Peabody Don A. Peterson Shirley J. P thke Celeste A. Pezze Florence M. Phillips JoAnne E. Piechowski Row 7 Merlin D. Pieper Mary Ellen Pingel James P Pingry Curtis Piper Robert P. Plogens Lynda A. Plautz Karen A. Plimpton Edgar A Ploor Thomas L. Plummer John M. Pockat Eveline M. Pollmer Gerald E. Polus Carolyn A. Pomering James W. Pontius Linda S. Pope Row 8 Eloin Popelko Maureen A. Powers Janet L. Pribbernow Judith M. Prochnow Carole L. Prokash Kenneth M. Puscr Geraldine A. Race Poul J. Race Karla J. Roddatz Karen Ann Radosevkh 306 Pamela S. Rodtke Linn .Rase FRiSHMBN . . . facing new problems m 308 Jerome C. Ratchman Yvonne M. Reindl Row 1 Diane H. Remington Mary E. Rettler Judith M. Richardson Thomas R. Ricklefs Kenneth J. Riehl Donald G. Rilling Wayne A. Rindt Elizabeth A. Riordon Adeline Roberts David L. Roberts Jeffrey B. Roberts Lois F. Robinson Margorie Robl Barbara M. Roemer Judith A. Roesler Row 2 EmiJ J. Roethiisberger Betty Ann Rohde Charlotte A. Rondou Suzanne R. Rosemann Barbara J. Rosenthal David T. Ross Richard A. Roth L. Bruce Rowe Laurie L. Rudic Christine M Rudolf Margoret M. Ryder Jane A. Salzman Margrit Sander Diane K. Schaefer Terrance W. Schaefer Row 3 Gloria M. Schenk Sandra M. Scheu Judy L. Schils William R. Schlegel Linda Schmese Suzanne R. Schmit Patricia A. Schmitt Diane J. Schmude Janet K. Schnorr Janice M. Schnorr Gilbert Schoen Daniel S. Schoenrock Patricia G. Scholz Ronald Schreier Mary Ann Schroeder Row 4 Jeanne K. Schueller Jay M. Schuerrcr Lyn P. Schuette Dianne J. Schultz Jillane S. Schultz Dennis J. Schumacher LaNette Schumacher Paulette A. Schwoch Nancy A. Scoville David L, Sealey Joanne A. Seoquist Dennis L. Seegers Virginia A. Seering Richard R. Seider Sharon J. Seltzer Row 5 Randall Seneca I Karen L. Soverson John E. Sewell Martha P. Shanley Karen M. Shingler Gloria J. Siech Tom F. Siekman Marilyn R. Simon Richard E. Simons Patricia A. Simonsen Sharon M. Singstock Steven W. Sirek Kathleen M. Slone Carol J. Smith Fred Smith Row 6 David J. Snider Patricia Solazo Carol Sonnleitner Peter C. Sorensen Kothleen A. Spangler Suzanne A. Staerkel Clara Jean Stankevitz Betty Starker Susan M. Stecker Robert J. Steidl Michael J. Steinbauer Nancy L. Steiner Sharon D. Stephany Harvey J. Sternaf Bonnie K. Stewart Row 7 Laurie A. Stoetting Sharon A. Stone Patricia A. Storm Sandi K. Stroessner Mory L. Strom Jane B. Strouf John J. Struck Barbara A. Strysick Jerome A. Stueber Suson M. Stuesser Mary P. Sturm Leonard Szatkowski Kathleen Tagge George H. Tanner Judith K. Taylor Row 8 Dorothy A. Teetzen Charlotte A. Tennies Sandra L. Them Christine A. Thode Cynthia K. Thomas Thomas J. Thomos Mary Pat Thompson Sally A. Thompson Linda Thorndike Jo Ann Thorson Dennis Tiedt LuAnne C. Tienor Duane M. TimmCarole R. Tindey Tom R. Trier Row 1 Jude A. Trudeau Ralph Truesdill Katherine M. Turba Anne M. Turnell Thomas E. Tuschl Mary J. Uschan Gary A. Uphill Thomas Von Airsdall Cheryl Von Akkeren Carolyn A. Vande Hei Wesley Vender Velden Mary M. Van Driest James R. Vedder David R. Vehrs Patrick J. Vcrcauteren Robert J. Verstegen Row 2 Mary H. Vieau Pamela M. Voell Corol A. Vogel Diane G. Voss Richard E. Wocholz Jeon M. Wadephul Diane Wawbzvniak Rosalind Waypa Donold R. Weover David J. Weber James R. Weber Katherine M. Weitz Shirley M. Wendlmg Robert C Wertsch Sherry Wessina Jean A. Weycker Row 3 Jeonne E. White James E. Wick James A. Williams Kristin A. Williams Robin P. Williams Kenneth L. Willkomm Gloria I. Wiltse Laura L. Witt Thomas W. Witt Corol J. Wizner Mory Beth Wolniewicz Edword M. Wood Saron Ann Woolweber Roger G. Wynboom Kathleen J. Zarling Margaret M. Zeches Row 4 Mary Jane Zeiner Charlotte A. Zeroth James A. Zernicke Joanne M. Zickert Jane E. Ziemer Gwen L. Zimmerman Miriam J. Zimmerman Kathy Zink Pamela R. Zuehlke Roberta S. Zuehlke Barbaro A. Sweedy Enola M. Tacke Grace F Toibl Frank J. Tamel Fay A. Tanck Arthur J. Tang Row 5 Sharon R. Tangney Kathy M. Telfer Ruth Ann Tclindert Dawn M. Terhall Karen L. Tesch Judith A. Theiler Lawrence E. Thull Thomas C. Titus Terri L. Tolao William R. Tollifson Wanda K. Treptow Peter M. Uettech Robert J. Von Dyke Jomes Von Grinsven Elizabeth A. Veitch Gerald L. Vigdal Row 6 Peter R. Vogt Jeanne L. Voss Darlene K. Wagner Eorline L. Walker Kothleen A. Walsh Louette M. Wolsh Lois J. Wangerin Linda R. Webber Mary K. Weiland Bonita L. Weiss John Y. Westmos Gail A. Wettstein Karen R. White Judie A. Whitemarsh Thomas D. Widor Marcia L. Wieland Row 7 Ronald J. Willett Rosemary E. Williams Helen J. Wilson Sue Wilson Jomes R. Wischnewski Donna C. Witkowski Myron B. Witkowski Paul E. Witte Ann G. Wittmann Marilyn A. Woehler Cyril M. Wolff Lorraine Wood Mary M. Zimmerman Pearlann Wenzel Toby D. Werner Virginia M. West Row 8 Mory J. Widder Barbara E. Willard Woodrow Wilson James Y. Wizo Richord H. Woldt Delford J. Wood Gayle V. Wulk David T. Wyrevas Anita S. Yealon Kenneth D. Yockey Lorroine A. Zeamer Mary A. Zinkgraf Bruce Zoellner JoAnn Zurn 310 -FACULTY REGISTER 1D1SCONSIN STATE COLLEQE - OSHKOSH Roger E. Guiles President B.Ed.. Wisconsin State College—Platteville Ph.M.. Ph D.. University of Wisconsin -A- Dorothy H. Allen Foreign Languages B.Ed.. Illinois State Normal University M.A.. State University of Iowa Ph.D.. University of Wisconsin James G. Anderson Physics B.E.E.. University of Minnesota B.A.. St. Mary’s College M.S.. Ph.D., University of Colorado Marion G. Archer Library B.A.. University of Oregon M.S.. Columbia University -B- Lester Beberfall Foreign Languages B.S.. City College of New York M.A., Ph.D.. University of Michigan John R. Bengtson History B.A.. Augustana College M.A.. Ph.D.. State University of Iowa Alvin E. Bennett Art B.S.. Wisconsin State College—Oshkosh M.S., University of Wisconsin Robert L. Berens Foreign Languages B.A.. M.A.. University of Missouri Richard E. Beringer History B.A.. Lawrence College M.A.. Northwestern University Charles E. Bierly English B.A.. University of Washington M.A.. University of Chicago Ph.D.. University of Washington Averyl W. Bishop English B.A.. M.A.. State University of Iowa Bruce B. Black Psychology B.S.. Iowa State University M.S.. Iowa State University Purdue University Radford E. Boeing Mathematics B.A.. M.A.. University of Wisconsin Roberta S. Boismenue English B.S.. Northwestern University David L. Bowman Dean of the School of Education B.A.. Colgate University M.A.. Ed.D.. Columbia University Max I. Bowman Chemistry A. B., DePauw University M.S.. University of Illinois Ph.D.. Indiana University Werner E. Braatz History B. S., Marquette University M.A.. University of Wisconsin Michael J. Brandt Art B.S., M.E.. Wisconsin State College—Milwaukee M.F.A.. University of Wisconsin Marianne Bray Guidance B.Mus.. Cosmopolitan School of Music. Chicago M.Mus.. Ph.D.. Northwestern University Robert E. Brismaster Speech B.S.. Wisconsin State College—Oshkosh M. Ed.. College of St. Thomas M.A.. University of Minnesota Edward A. Brown Physical Education B.S.. St. Cloud State College M.A.. University of Minnesota Willis E. Buettner Music B.S.. University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee M.M.. Northwestern University Don P. Burdick Speech B.S. Northwestern University M.S.. University of Wisconsin Jarvis E. Bush English B.A.. A M.. Western Reserve University -c- Rohert R. Carr Speech B.S.. M.A.. Bradley University Russell E. Carter Art B.S.. Eastern Illinois University M.A.. George Peabody College for Teachers Robert M. Cartwright Foreign Languages B.S.. University of Illinois M.A., University of Wisconsin Frederick L. Caudle Science B.S.. U.S. Naval Academy M S., University of Wisconsin Ph.D.. Ohio State University Jean I. Caudle Education B.S., Wisconsin State College—Oshkosh Ph.M.. University of Wisconsin Ed.D.. Boston University Eugene J. Cech Testing B.A., University of California M.Ed.. Washington State University David W. Chang Political Science B.A.. Southwestern College—Memphis M A . University of Minnesota Ph.D.. University of Illinois Terry CoBabe Head Resident B.S.. M.S.. University of Wisconsin John L. Cole English B.A.. University of New Mexico M.A.. University of Wisconsin Charles W. Collins Geography B.S.. Wisconsin State College—Oshkosh David F. Conover Biology B.S.. Pennsylvania State College M S.. University of Minnesota Ph D.. Iowa State University Donald F. Costello Mathematics B.S.. Manhattan College M.S.. University of Notre Dame -D- David H. Dasenbrock Physics B.S.. Wisconsin State College—Oshkosh Alice DeBarcza Foreign languages B.A.. Europe Robert C. Delk History B.A.. Miami University M.A., Clark University Ph.D.. University of Wisconsin Darlene Del Zingro Physical Education B.S.. University of Colorado Roger P. Dennis Music A. B.. St. Norbert. College M.A., University of Wisconsin Ph D.. Michigan State University Thomas L. Dezelsky Physical Education B. S.. Central Michigan University M.A., University of MichiganCharles D. Dillman Geography A. B.. M.A., University of Michigan Herbert C. Dohrman Audio-Visual B. S.A.. University of Wisconsin M.Ed.. Marquette University Thomas H. Dollar English B.A.. Eastern Michigan University M.A., University of Michigan James W. Donahue Foreign Languages B.A., Middlebury College M.A., University of Colorado John A. Dragstedt Foreign Languages B.A., M.A., University of Chicago Gordon V. Drake Associate Dean of Instruction Dean of Institutional Research B.S.. University of Wisconsin M.A.. Arizona State College Ed.D., University of Denver James F. Duncan Vice-president Business Affairs B.A.. Kalamazoo College MA. , Ph.D.. University of Michigan Alice M. Duren Education B.E., Wisconsin State College—La Crosse M.S., University of Wisconsin -E- Jacob J. Edelheit Economics B.A., M.A., New York University LL. B., Harvard University Jane Edgy Physical Education B.S., Florida Southern College M.A., George Peabody College Albert Erlebacher History and Education B.A., M.S.. Marquette University Ruth A. Ertz Chemistry B.S., Wisconsin State College—Platteville M.S.. Ph.D., State University of Iowa John H. Evans Astronomy B.S., Hamline University M.A., University of California—Los Angeles Francis D. Evenhuis English B.A.. Western Michigan University M.A., Ph.D., University of Iowa -F- George E. Fay Sociology and Anthropology’ A. B., University of Missouri M.A., University of New Mexico Robert 0. Fetvedt Library B. S., University of Minnesota M.A., University of Minnesota Lois Jean Fiedler Head Resident B.S.. University of Wisconsin M.S., Purdue University Robert L. Field Coordinator of Secondary Education B.S., Winona State College M.A., University of Minnesota Gordon T. Filmer-Bennett Psychology B.A., M.A., University of British Columbia Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh D. Emerson Fine Mathematics and Physics A. B., Southwestern College—Kansas M.A., University of Minnesota Robert E. Forman Sociology and Anthropology B. A.. M.A., Ph.D., University of Minnesota Donald M. Fouse Music B.A., Ohio State University M.A.. Ph.D., University of North Carolina Elizabeth M. Frankland Education B.E.. Wisconsin State College—Stevens Point M.S., University of Wisconsin Charles E. Frazier History B.A., University of Tennessee M.A.. New York University Ph.D., University of Texas Norman J. Frenzel Education B.S.. Wisconsin State College—Stevens Point M.A., University of Minnesota Ed.D., Colorado State College Barbara Frisbie Head Resident and Assistant Dean of Women Elmer J. Fuhr Biology B.S., M.S.. Michigan State University M.A., University of Michigan -G- Milton K. Gardener Art B.F.A.. Ohio University M.F.A., Cornell University Frances C. Gasman Mathematics B.S.. M.S.. Carnegie Institute of Technology Warner J. Geiger Geography Ed.B., Wisconsin State College—Oshkosh LL.B.. Vanderbilt University Ph.M., University of Wisconsin Julius Gelencser Library Ph.D., University of Budapest M.A., University of Wisconsin Warren J. Goehrs Physical Education B.S.. Minnesota State College M.A., New York University Dir. P.E., Indiana University Charles D. Goff Political Science Ph.B.. University of Wisconsin M.A., Ph.D., Northwestern University Milton B. Goldinger Philosophy B.A.. M.A.. University of Maryland Robert J. Grant Applied Arts B E.. Wisconsin State College—Oshkosh M.A., University of Iowa Martin Gruberg Political Science B.A.. City College of New York Ph.D., Columbia University Sherman E. Gunderson Economics Dean. School of Letters and Science Ph.B., Ripon College M.A.. Columbia University Ph.D., State University of Iowa -H- Clayton M. Hadley Education B.S., M.S., University of Illinois Margaret G. Hagler English B.A., University of Colorado M.A., University of Indiana Merlin D. Halle Mathematics B.S., Wisconsin State College—Oshkosh M.S.. University of Illinois Helen V. Halpert Speech Correction B.S., New York University M.A., University of Maryland Edmund R. Hansen Mathematics B.S., Wisconsin State College—Oshkosh M.S., University of Kansas Jeannine Hart B.F.A.. University of Colorado M.F.A., University of Colorado James A. Hazard English B.A., Northwestern University M.A., Connecticut University John Hein Biology B.S., University of Wisconsin Ethel D. Heise Library Science B.S., University of Wisconsin 313Robert C. Heise Speech B.S.. M.S.. University of Wisconsin Mary L. Hickey Education B.S., Wisconsin State College—Oshkosh M.S.. University of Wisconsin James T. Hi lies tad Education B.A.. St. Olaf College M.A.. State University of Iowa Marie A. Hirsch History B.S.. Fremont College B.A.. Wayne State Teachers College M.A., University of Nebraska Gordon E. Hofman Chemistry B.S.. Wisconsin State College—Oshkosh Florence A. Hollenbeck Music Gamer Horton Coordinator of Public Information Earl J. Hutchinson Education B.S.. Wisconsin State College—Oshkosh M.A.. Lawrence College Ph.D., University of Wisconsin -I- Lothar I. Iversen Economics B.A.. University of Wisconsin M.A.. Ph.D.. State University of Iowa -J- Nevin S. James English B.A.. Wabash College M.A.. University of Wisconsin Carl D. Johnson Geography B.S.. Northern Michigan University M.A.. University of Michigan James K. Johnson Education B.E., Chicago Teachers College M.A.. Northwestern University Mervin L. Johnson Education B.S.. M.Ed.. University of Nebraska -K- Lee H. Kalbus Chemistry B.S.. Wisconsin State College—Oshkosh Ph.D., University of Wisconsin Burton E. Karges Geology Ph.B.. Ph.D.. University of Wisconsin Titus M. Karlowicz Art Ph.B.. M.A.. Northwestern University Bernard J. Kasierski Biology B.S.. Wisconsin State College—Oshkosh John L. Kaspar Biology B.A., M.A.. University of Wisconsin Carl L. Keen English B.A.. M.A., Michigan State University Douglas R. Kilday English B.A.. M.A., University of Wisconsin Richard D. Kimpston Education B.S.. Upper Iowa University M.A.. Colorado State College Ed.D.. University of Nebraska Eric W. Kitzman Physical Education B.S.. M.S., University of Wisconsin Ph.D., University of Iowa John K. Klicka Biology B.S.. M.S.. Northern Illinois University Ph.D., University of Illinois Irene C. Koerwitz Library Science B.S.. Wisconsin State College—Oshkosh James D. Kohn Music B.M.. M.M., Chicago Musical College Robert M. Kolf Physical Education B.A.. Ripon College Ph.B.. University of Wisconsin -L- Joseph B. Laine B.A., Yankton College M.A.. University of South Dakota Ph.D.. Northwestern University Donald C. Lamb Geology B.A.. University of Rochester M.S.. LeHigh University Daniel Landis Psychology B.S.. Arizona State College A. M., Temple University Ph.D.. Wayne State University Wilbur S. Larson Chemistry B. S.. Wisconsin State College—River Falls M.S., University of Wyoming Thomas S. Laudon Geology B.S.. M.S.. Ph.D.. University of Wisconsin Hy Sang Lee Economics B.A.. Elmhurst College M.S.. University of Wisconsin Arthur B. Leible English A. B.. M.A.. Indiana University Ph.D., University of Missouri Gloria M. Link Speech Ph.B., Marquette University M.A.. University of Wisconsin Hope H. Linton Music B. S.. Northeast Missouri State College Stanley S. Linton Music B.S., Missouri Central State College M.M.. Northwestern University Ed.D.. Columbia University Richard M. Lyons English B.A., Brooklyn College M.F.A.. State University of Iowa -M- Thomas A. Madison English B.A.. University of Illinois B.D.. McCormick Theological Seminary M.A.. University of Illinois Mary A. Magruder Physical Education B.S.. University of Colorado M.S.. D.Ed.. University of Oregon Ibrahim Y. Mahmoud Biology B.S.. Arkansas A M College M.A.. University of Arkansas Ph.D.. University of Oklahoma Lenore Malueg Library Science A.B.. Lawrence College A. B.L.S.. A.M.L.S., University of Michigan Dorothy E. Martin English B. S., Southwest Missouri State College M.A., Colorado State College Donald W. Maxfield Geography B.A.. M.A.. State University of Iowa James McMurray Art B.F.A., Akron Art Institute B.F.A., M.A.. M.F.A., Kent State University James S. Mehoke English B.A.. M.A., Michigan State University Bertha C. Merker Education B.S.. Wisconsin State College—Oshkosh M.A.. Columbia University John R. Mook Education B.A., Ball State Teachers College M.A.. Lawrence College Ph.D.. University of Chicago 314William H. Morris Education B.A.. Iowa State Teachers College M.A.. State College of Iowa James P. Muhich Mathematics B.S.. University of Minnesota M.A.. University of Michigan William L. Munns Coordinator of Guidance and Counseling B.A.. Colorado State M.S., University of Colorado Ed D.. Colorado State Morton de C. Machlas Sociology and Anthropology A. B.. Johns Hopkins university B. D University of Chicago and Meadville M.A., Ph.D.. Ohio State University -N- Mildred P. Nasgowitz Education B.S . Wisconsin State College—Milwaukee M.Ed.. University of Colorado Richard A. Naumann Assistant Program Director—Reeve Union B.S.. University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee Thomas E. Neice Music B.S.Ed.. Western Illinois University M. Mus. Ed.. University of Illinois Nadine A. Nelson Head Resident Physical Education B.A.. University of Colorado M.A., University of Oregon Ruth P. Nelson Dean of Women B.S., University of Wisconsin M.S.S., Smith College Richard G. Netzel Physics B.S., M.S.. Ph D.. University of Wisconsin Donald L. Netzer Geography Ph.B.. University of Wisconsin M.A.. Ph.D., University of Illinois Lee N. Newcomer History A. B.. DePauw University M.A.. Ohio State University Ph D., Columbia University Roger L. Nichols History B. S.. Wisconsin State College—La Crosse M.S.. Ph.D.. University of Wisconsin Ralph A. Norem Political Science B.A.. M.A., Ph.D.. University of Minnesota Edward Noyes History B.S.. M.A., Ph.D., Ohio State University -o- Elaine O’Brien Education B.A.. Minot State College M. A.. Colorado State College Gerald J. Olson Education B.E.. Wisconsin State College—Stevens Point M.S.. University of Wisconsin Richard B. On- History B.A.. Bari ham College M.A.. University of Wisconsin Richard W. Osborn Art B.F.A.. M.F.A., School of the Art Institute of Chicago Elizabeth L. Overton Education B.S., Wisconsin State College—Oshkosh M.Ed.. University of Colorado -P- Paul C. Pegiz English Ph.B.. Marquette University M.A., Western Reserve University Florine E. Pew Music B.S.. Ohio University M.Mus.. Northwestern University Ethan B. Pfefferkom Health Education and Student Health Center B.A.. North Central College M.S.. University of Wisconsin M.D.. Washington University Fellow of FCCP Chester A. Pingry Education B.S.. Wisconsin State College—Oshkosh M A.. University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee Vaughn J. Piper Mathematics B.A . Manchester College M.A.. University of Illinois Bruce E. Plashko Chemistry B.S.. Wisconsin State College—Oshkosh Robert R. Polk Geography B.S.. U.S. Naval Academy M.S.. University of Wisconsin Gilbert F. Pollnow Chemistry B.S . Wisconsin State College—Oshkosh M.S.. Ph.D.. State University of Iowa Allen J. Priebe Art B.S.. Wisconsin State College—Milwaukee M.S.. University of Wisconsin Everett G. Pyle English Dean of Graduate Studies B.Ed., Western Illinois University M.A., Ph.D.. State University of Iowa -Q- Robert W. Quast Business Manager -R- Raymond J. Ramsden Philosophy Dean of Instructional Affairs B.A.. M.A.. University of Wisconsin Ph.D.. Ohio State University Robert R. Reilly Education B. Mus. Ed., Illinois Wesleyan M.A.. Ph.D., University of Illinois Daniel J. Richardson Mathematics B.S.. Wisconsin State College—Oshkosh M.S., University of Wisconsin Roy D. Robinson Psychology B.S.. M.A.. Wayne State University Ph.D.. University of Michigan Shirley M. Rogers English B.S., M.A., University of Wisconsin M.A.. Northwestern University David R. Rollings English B.A.. University of Louisville M.A.. University of Michigan Phyllis C. Roney Physical Education B.S.. Illinois State Normal University M.A.. State University of Iowa Ph.D., University of Oregon -s- Raymond C. Schmelter Education—Mathematics B.S.. Wisconsin State College—Oshkosh M.S., University of Wisconsin John W. Schmidt Speech A. B., Illinois University M.A.. Bradley University Ray A. Schroeder Library Science B. S.. Wisconsin State College—Oshkosh M.S.L.S., University of Wisconsin Edward L. Schwartz Biology B.S.. M.S., Ph.D., University of Wisconsin Merlin H. Schwertfeger Biology B.S.. Wisconsin State College—Oshkosh M.S.. Ph.D.. University of Wisconsin Wilbur E. Scoville Psychology A.B.. A.M.. Colorado State College 315James D. Sebastian Mathematics B.S.. Roosevelt University M.S., University of Illinois Jacob Shapiro Biology B.S.. Maine University M.A., Ph.D.. Syracuse University Jerry M. Shea Library Science BS... Kent State University MA.. University of Michigan William E. Sheriff English B.A., M.A.. University of Kansas City George W. Sieber History B.A.. Carroll College M.S.. University of Wisconsin Ph.D.. State University of Iowa James E. Simmons English B.A.. University of California M.A.. University of Wisconsin William E. Sloey Biology B.S.. Wisconsin State College—Oshkosh M.S.. University of Wisconsin George R. Soika Psychology A. B.. Birmingham—Southern College M.A., Ph.D.. Peabody College Richard H. Sommerfield Director of Reeve Union B. S.. Wisconsin State College—Milwaukee M.S.. Indiana University Nellie E. Sparks Physical Education B.S., M.S.. Illinois State Normal University Mary L. Stapleton English B.S., M.A.. University of Missouri Marvin G. Staplin Head Resident and’t. Dean of Men B.S.. Eastern Michigan University M.A.. Western Michigan University -T- Glenn E. Tagatz Educational Psychology B.S.. Wisconsin State College—Milwaukee M.S.. University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee Ph.D., University of Wisconsin John T. Taylor English A. B.. James Millikin University M.A., University of Illinois Ph.D.. Columbia University Lamb 0. Tetzlaff Registrar Ph.B.. Ph.M.. University of Wisconsin Ernest 0. Thedinga Vice-president for Student Affairs B. A., Ripon College M.A.. University of Chicago Ph.D., University of Wisconsin Paul L. Thoma Chemistry B.S.. Wisconsin State College—Oshkosh M.S.. University of Wisconsin Kenneth J. Thomas Union—Ass’t Director B.S.. Wisconsin State College—I-n Crouse Maxine M. Thompson Biology B.S.. M.S.. Ph.D., University of California Phillip J. Thompson Mathematics B.S.. Wisconsin State College—Platteville M.S., University of Wisconsin William F. Thompson, Jr. History B.A.. MA, Stanford University Ph.D.. University of Wisconsin Elizabeth Toland Student Health R.N.. St. Francis School of Nursing B.S.. University of Wisconsin William L. Torow Art B.Sc.Ed.. Ohio State University A.A.S.. Rochester Institute of Technology M.A.. Kent State University -U- Dorothy K. Unger Library B.S.. Wisconsin State College—Oshkosh M.S.L.S.. University of Wisconsin James W. Unger Biology B.S.. Wisconsin State College—Stevens Point M.S.. Ph.D, University of Wisconsin -V- Emil H. Vajda Sociology and Anthropology B.S.. University of Wisconsin M.A.. Ph.D., University of Chicago Jon Vorisek Music B.M.. Morningside College M.M.. University of Wisconsin -W- Helen I. Wahoski Library Science B.A.. Ripon College B.S.L.S.. University of Wisconsin M.A.. University of Michigan Irving H. Wallace Economics M.A.. University of Minnesota Wayne W. Wallace Mathematics B.A.. Hastings College M.A.. State University of South Dakota Veryl W Walter English B.S.. North Dakota State College MA., North Dakota State University Lloyd W. Wasser Education B S.. Wisconsin State College—Oshkosh Freda Wehner Education B.S.. Wisconsin State College—Oshkosh M.8.. University of Wisconsin Patrick T. White English B.A.. Georgetown University M.A.. George Washington University Ph D.. University of Michigan Robert W. White Physics B S , Wisconsin State College—Platteville M.S.. Ph.D., University of Wisconsin Thomas E. White History B.A.. Western Michigan University M.A.. University of Chicago William E. White Executive Ass t, to the President B.S.. Wisconsin State College—Eau Claire M S.. Ph.D.. University of Wisconsin Vera Williams Physical Education B.S.. Wisconsin State College—La Crosse M.A.. University of Michigan Anthony J. Womaski Physics B.S.. Wisconsin State College—Oshkosh M.A.. State University of Iowa Robert J. Wonders Mathematics A.B.. Northern Michigan College M.A.. University of Michigan Clifford G. Wood English A. B.. M.A.. University of Illinois -Y- Russell K. Young Physical Education B S.. Wisconsin State College—Platteville M.S.. University of Wisconsin -z- Donald W. Zahalka Journalism B. S.. M S.. University of Wisconsin David J. Zeff Music B.A.. B.S.. University of Minnesota A M.. University of Wisconsin Kazys J. Zemeckas Economics A.B.. Teachers College of Siauliai M.A.. University of Vilnius Ph.D., University of Tubingen 316STUDEUT 1TIDEX Abbdul 1 an xadeh, Saifullah Abcndroth, Linda L. Abendroth, Mary Jo 300 Abitz. Daniel L. 294 Abraham, Alan R. Abraham, Robert Norman 290 Abrahamaon, Leonard E. 270 Abrama, Sharon C. Abbott, Marion Lee Ackerer, Jeanette E. 235, 290 Ackerman, Robert L. 300 Ackermann, Robert J. Adama, Edward M. 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Clark, James W. Clark, Linda L. 261 Clark, Nelson B. Clark, Orville C. Clark, Robert J. 251, 273 Clark, Ronald W. 237, 301 Clark, Stephen G. Clarke, Chris J Clasen, Barbara C. Clausen, Joel H. Clausing, Daniel D. Clayton, Robert J. Clemans, Carmen A. 294 Clermont, Arthur J, Clinton, Richard J. 237, 301 Coakes, Anne 301 Coates, Nora A. 244, 290 Coats, Barbara J. Coburn, J. L. Coburn, Mrs. Leone G. Coffman, William R. 235 Coggeshall, Kathleen 294 Cohan, Jane M. 294 Cohitburn, Jerry Coil, Karen S. 295 Colden, Kevin L. 233 Cole, Grace D. Coller, James G. Collins, Alan E. Colucci, Allida R. Comer, Ronald E. Condel, Dons H. Conlon, Shirley R. 291 Conover, Ann M. 239, 301 Conrad, Stanley L. 263 Conrad, Shirley A 301 Conradt, Ronald H. 237, 291 Conway, Kathaleen R. 301 Cook, Gary P. Cook, Keith E. Coon, Beverly E. Coon, Brenda F. Cooper, Diann G. 295 Costello, Karen 295 Cota, Mark P. 291 Cotter, Florence A Cottrell, Barbara C. Coughlin, Kathye A 235, 291 Coulahan, Dennis M. 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Doorachek, Dorothy 303 Doornek, Judith A. 295 Dopp, Mary C. 303 Dorn, Allan G. 273 Dorn, Gordon J. Dorn, Ralph E. Dorsey. Terry W. 196, 233, 290 Dost. Ted Jr. 272 Doty, James D. Down, Gordon 200 Downs, James M. 187 Doyle, John W. Drager, Douglas C. 241, 303 Drager, Nola J. 290 Draheim, James R. 237, 303 Drake. Deanna J. 227, 295 Drees, Clarice S. 248, 290 Drella, Audrey A. Drephal, Bonnie L. 295 Drews, Darlene A. 290 Drews, Karen A. 244, 303 Drews, Thomas C. Drover, Julius, Jr. Drozd, Michael D. Drucks, Judith A. Dubester, Peter Dubinaki, David A. Ducharme, Martina A Due ha r me, Michelle M. Duchateau, Norman J. Duernberger, Cheryl J. Duex, Timothy W. 150 Dufek, Dorene A. 253, 290 Dufek, Patricia A. Duff, Alice K. Duff, Charles M. Dufour, Daphne C. 267, 295 Dugan, Luann M. 235, 303 Dugar, Don E. 302 Dulmes, Gary K. 241. 302 Dummtr, Mary Lynn 295 Dunbar, James M. Dunlavy, Mary 295 Dunlop. Douglas A. 233 Dunn, Lawrence R. Dunn. Lynn E. 291 Dunsirn, Diane M. Dunton, Leo A. Durant, Nancy L. Durkin. Rae T. 239. 302 Durst, Carole L. 302 Dusenberry, Robert J. 291 Dvorachek, Donald E. Dvorachek, Dorthy E. 235 Dwyer, Dennis P. 186 Dykstra, Lynda D. 228, 294 Dykstra, Verene L. 235 Early, John M. Ebben, Carol F. Ebben, Richard J. Eberhardy, Richard L. Ebert, John H. Ebert, Nancy L. Ecker, Sandra M. 294 Eckvall. Tom 186, 259 Edens. Jean C. 302 Edgar, Joan E. 302 Edlebeck, Bob M. 272 Edming. Dona 294 Edminster, Donald V. Edminster, Genevieve L. 291 Edminster, Linda M. 272 Egan, Sheila A. 200 Eggert, Gerald A. 255, 272 Eggert, Kenneth C. Eggleston, Lillian W. Egnoski, Dale A. Ehlers. Merlin W. 233. 294 Ehlert, Carla J. 294 Ehlert, Nancy A. 235, 303 Ehlinger, Rosemary Ehm, Tony 294 Ehrhardt, Corwin Ehrhardt. Robert L. 228, 233 Erich, Joe E. Eichstadt, Jacqueline J. Eichstadt, James W. Eick, James G. Eickelmann, Sharon R. 303 Eickstacdt, Judith A. 228 Eigner, Sig 259 Etnum, Danny R. Eisch, Donna L. Eisner, Jerome A. 205, 233, 303 Eisner, Jim X. 273 Ek, Linda J. 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Gerhartz, Gary F. 255, 274 Gerl, Darlene A. 303 Gerling, Pamela L. 294 Germer, Carole J. 218 Gerndt, Barbara M. Gertsch, David C. 290 Gessert, Jane L. 303 Geuder, Richard E. 237 Gibeault, Norene N. 222, 233 Giebel, Franklin H. 225 Gier, Mary L. 303 Gierach, Marilyn I. 303 Gierach, Mary L. Gierke, Frederick E. 274 Giese, Mrs. Dons B. Gietz, Dean R. Gilbert, Gordon D. Gilbert, Howard D. Gilbertson, M. Jessie Gilboy, Margie A. 303 319Gilgenbach, Gerald L. Gilles, Kathy R. Gilles. Peter L. 274 Gillce. Walter J. Gillingham, Gary J. Gillingham, James C. 249 Gilmore, James M. 294 Girard, Terry C. Girens, Audrey R. Gissal, Sue A. 302 Gitter, Barbara L. 302 Gitulcy, Jedidah 290 Glas. Sheila A. 290 Glascnapp, Anita C. 224, 244, 302 Glaser, Rosanna H. Glasnapp, Louis J. Glavan, Susan Giawe, Dianne M. 303 Glock, James C. Glockner, Robert J. Glodosky, James R. Gloudemans, Jeanette M. 302 Gmeiner, Rocklin E. 233, 302 Gnagi, Steve 241 Gneiser, Yvonne 196, 218 Godhardt, Sandra L. 302 Godschalx, Blanche F. Gocdde, Glenn W. Goeser, Bonnie K. 294 Goeters, Philip S. Goelz, Fran W. Goetz, George D, Going, Allen J. Golden, Gerald L. Gollata, James 303 Gollnick, Richard L. 251, 290 Gomach, Robert E. Gomoli, Janet D. 192, 224, 294 Gonyo, Gerald G. 275 Goodell, Sandra J. 303 Goodrich, Marie A. 303 Goodwin, David J. 110, 201, 206, 218. 233, 294 Gorges, Larry W. Gosz, Dan N. Gottsacker, Mary L. 275 Gottschalk, Jon R. 233. 303 Gould, Margie M. Grabner, Ronald J. Graef, Katherine Graf, Dorothy M. Graf, Marc W. 303 Graf, Sharon R. Graff, Lloyd S. Graff, Thomas J. Grahl, Joanne L. 295 Grahl, Sharon G. 303 Graichen, Elaine L. 197 Graichen, Sharyn A. 229, 303 Grainger, Sharon 197 Grant, Alan G. Grasse, Janet B. 295 Grasse, Thomas W. 241 Grauman, Mary Ann 267, 290 Graves, Margaret E. 207 Green, David Green, John L. 251, 291 Grenne, Dennis E. 109 Greenewald, Nancy Gregg, Kathy J, Gregor, Lawrence M. Greiner, Alice L. Greiner, Penny S. Greinert, Peg L. Gresenz, Gary W. 303 Gresholdt, Garfield D. Gretenhardt, Gall A. Grey, David J. Griebel, Laurie 15, 295 Griepentrog, Janet M. 303 Griepentrog, Shirleyann M. 295 Griffith. Dianna J. 275 Griffith. Marilyn D. 243, 295 Griffiths, David L. Grill, Mary E. Grill, Michael M. Grill, Thomas A. Grimes, Thomas G. Grimm, Catherine H. 295 Grimm, Eugene E. Grimm, Robert B. Groeschel, Edward L. Groh, Eileen K. 244, 302 Groh, Tim L, Gronoweki, Cheryl A. Grosenick, Judith K. 257 Grosh, Ronald C. Gross, James R. Gross, Lawrence H. 233, 302 Gross, Stephen M. 302 Grossenbach, Lee A. 224, 265, 295 Groth, Diane K. Groth, Peter M. 196, 237 Grow, Donald W. Grow, Russell R. Grow, Susan S. Gruendemann, Donald E. Gruendemann, Roger A. Gruenwald, Gary L. 275 Gruenwald, Karen D. 302 Gruetzmacher, Julia M. Gruman, Louis Grundy, Mary A. Grunewald, James J. Grunze, Mark R. 224 Grupe. Susan G. 261, 291 Grupe, William P. Grutzmacher, Richard V. Gudden, Jack L. Guelig, Julie A. 202, 274 Gueller, Julie M. Gueller, Lawrence Guenther, Graham G. Guenther, Randall L. 233 Guenther, Richard O. Guhl, Helen R. 200, 291 Gunnlaugsson, Sally Gunther, Joan 274 Guse. Donald D. 170 Gustafson, Peter M. 162, 302 Gustke, Elisabeth A. Gustke, Janet M. Gutzman, Darlene 192 Gygax, Sally J. 244, 295 Gypp, Gerald E. 294 Haag, Carol J. Haas, Lynne M. 302 Haase, Robin L. 303 Haase, Susan E. Habeck, Mariya L. 244 Habcck, Ronald F. 200, 241, 303 Habel, Leroy P. Haberkom, Bette L. 205, 267, 274 Habermann, Richard R. Hackbarth, Karen E. Hackbert, Joyce M. 243, 267, 295 Hafele, Doris M. Haferbecker, Harold Hagen, Carol A. 296 Hagen, Richard O. Hagerman, Samuel A. Hagmann, H. Charles 196. 303 Hahm, Paul T. 213, 224 Hahn. David J. 303 Hales, Rosalie M. 274 Haley, Dennis P. Halgeson, Richard 296 Hall, Nancy M. 303 Halle. Janice L. 303 Halliday, Ron Hallman, Joanne C. Halverson, Paul L Halverson, Rita 296 Hamachek, Sandra L. 244, 303 Hamill, James P. Hamilton, Richard F. Hammack, Michael J. 291 Hammond, Margaret A. 303 Hamp, Colleen E. Hampton, Mary C. Handel, Lawrence A. 233 Haney. Daniel G. 241, 296 Hanke. David M. 303 Hanke, Judith A. 222, 235, 291 Hanke, Robert E. Hankwitz, Helen C. 227, 235, 291 Hankwitz, Randolph S. Hanna, Ellie A. 291 Hanneman, Luona J. 296 Hannes, Rodney G. Hanop, Douglas R. 275 Hansbrough, Lyle C. 150, 233 Hansen, Charles H. Hansen, Craig S. Hansen, Gretchen E. 229 Hansen, Joann M. 302 Hansen, John A. 302 Hansen. John R. 233. 302 Hansen. John Robert Hansen, Leon G. 291 Hansen, Marilyn J, Hansen, Vero W. 233 Hanson, Carol M. 244, 302 Hanson, Inez R. 275 Hanson, Lee 251 Hanson, Robert J. Hanson, Sandra L. Hanson, Shirley J. Hanson, Thomas L. 48. 201, 206, 218, 233, 302 Hanusa, Linda L, 261 Hardel, Judy L. Harder, Antoinette M. 192. 202. 275 Hardtke, Sharon 261, 291 Hardy. Carol E. 212, 290 Harenburg, Thomas A. Harlay, Stuart A. Harness, Linda L. 265, 275 Harold, Kent 255 Harper, Karen L. Harrand, Marilyn K. Harreld, Susan J. 275 Harrington, Beverly A. Harris, Bonnie B. 253, 276 Harris, Mary J. Harrison. Adair E. 196, 296 Harrison, David K. Ill, 297 Harrison, Mary K. 297 Harrison, Michael J. Harrison, Ronald R. Harsh, Mary A. 243, 302 Harteau, Judith A, 203, 257, 276 Hartford, Carolyn M. Hartl, Joseph J. 233 Hartley, Pamela Hartman, Mary K. 244, 297 Hartman, Nancy H. Hartman, Wayne D. Hartmann, Linda L. 303 Hartmann, Penelope M. Hartung, Pamela R. 244, 303 Harvey. Esther O. 243, 303 Harvey, Sandra M. 297 Hasche, Lloyd R. 303 Hass, James H. 237, 303 Hass, Patricia A. 239, 303 Hasse, Bonnie M. 239, 297 Hathaway, Betty L. 219 Haug, David E. 150, 233, 303 Haugen, Lawrence A. Haugsland, Jack W. 237 Haugsland, Joseph E. 303 Hauser, Henry J. 276 Hauser, Thomas C. Hausler, Diane N. 225, 245, 297 Hausser, Jean M. 297 Hauswirth, Gerald R. Hauswlrth, Raymond R. Haut, Barbara E. 239, 303 Hawe, Nancy C. 297 Hayes, James M. 170 Hayes, Mary C. 297 Hayes, Patricia A. 302 Hayes, Timothy G. Hayman, Ronald K. Hazard, Doris M. Hazen, Carol J. Heatwole, Craig G. 302 Hechel, Eileen B. Hechel, Ruth J. 296 Hecker, Joanne E. 244, 276 Hedtke, David L. 237, 302 Hedtke, James L. 233 Hedtke, John E. 290 Heideman Jean L. 302 Heidemann, Dewella M. 296 Heiderich, Janet E. 302 Heidke, John D. 241, 302 Heidt, Kathleen A. 244, 303 Heifetz, Lisa 244, 303 Heil. Fred R. Heilborn, Evangelyn M. Heimerl, Ann Mane 235 Heimerl, Mary E. 296 Heimerl. William 296 Hein, John Hein, Steven M. Heinderich, Janet 193 Heinen, Dale H. 276 Heins, Barbara A. 210, 303 Helnzelman, Kay R. Hein skill, Ruth A. Heise, Charmaine M. 257, 296 Heise, Steve N. 263 Heisler, Barbara E. Helss, Robert L. 303 Heitz, Ned B. 233, 296 Held. Donald R. 241 Heldmann, Renate M. Helgeson, Richard M. 237 Hellwig, James C. Helm. Caroline L. 224, 229, 297 Helmuth, William J. Hemerley, Judy A. 225, 297 Hempel, Dale R. Hendricks, Janet M. 303 Hendricks, Rosemary V. 235, 297 Hendricks. Susan H. 290 Hendrickson, Richard G. Hendrickson, Ronna Lee Hendry, Carl J. 277 Hendry, Sandra J. 277 Henell, Nancy-Mary T. Hennes, Jerome G. Henninger, John T. 222 Henry, Lyle C. Henry, Pamela J. 303 Hensen, Paul J. Hepper, Genevieve L. 303 Herlache, Jean M. 244, 297 Herman. Laurel L. 303 Herold, Kent F. Heroux, Gerald J. 241 Herr, Kenneth H. Herres, Gary D. 290 Herrmann, Alice S. Hersig, Nancy 290 Herszenson, Edith Heshmatpour, Manduchehr Hess. Mary S. 303 Hess, Richard L. 233 Hess, Robert J. 304 Hessellnk. Virginia M. 197, 277 Hettenlaus, Mary B. Hetzel, Joseph J. 277 Heuer, Thomas C. Heap, Robert E. 290 Heus, Clifford A. 213 Hewett, John W. 291 Hewitt, Thomas J. 291 Heyel, John A. 259 Hibbard. Yvonne. R. 297 Hickey, John J. Hickok, Keith L. Hilander, Suzanne M. 244, 304 Hildebrand, Mary T. 261 Hildebrand, Michael J. 196. 241, 304 Hildebrandt, Lorette A. 304 Hilden, Mary E. Hilgendorf, Carol J. 304 Hilden, Mary E, Hilgendorf, Carol J. 304 Hille, Michael J. 197, 224, 291 Hillebrand, Joyce M. 304 Hillestad, Gloria J. 224, 244, 305 Hinkens, William G. Hints, Barbara J. 305 Hintze, Courtland T. 241. 305 Hintze, Gloriannc K. Hinze, Glenn M. Hinze, Ronald L. Hirsch, Rosina H. 261 Hitchcock, Dale E. 291 Hllnak, Rich E. Hoars, Jane 197. 253, 276 Hoare, Thoma R. 193, 276 Hodkiewicz, Robert S. Hoefler, Kathryn F. Hoeft, Carol A. Hoehl, Gerald J. 276 Hoel, Jeffrey R. Hoeppner, Marilyn J. 297 Hoernmg, Gary T. Hoetschl, Richard R. Hoffman, Alan J. 276 Hoffman, Larry L. Hoffman, Robert E. 237, 305 Hoffman, Susan R. 297 Hoffman, Brian C. Hoffman, Don W. 320Hofman, Helen W. 212 Hofmeister, Kurt A, Hogan, Douglas M. 186, 259 Hogcr, Bruce E. Hohol, Anthony E. Holbrook, Matson B. 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Huetter, Robert L. 200, 233 Huettl, Dorothy C. Hughes, Adele Hughes, Chloe L. 257 Hughes, Margaret J. Huguet, Karen A. 200 Hunrath, Frederick K. 225 Hunt, Leanne P. 305 Hunter, Garland L. 305 Hunxinger, Diane L. 296 Hupfer, Jack L. 200, 237, 296 Hurab, Wayne Hurley, Thomas 233 Hurst, Judith A. 305 Hues, Mary V. 243 Hussey, Maureen R. Hussin, John M. Hutchinson, Donald J. Hutchison, David C. 233 Hutchison, John 197 Hutchison, Russell E. 205 Hynek, James Ihenfeld, William C. 162, 193, 305 Ihenfeldt, Jeanne M. 305, 343 Ihler, Jerry lhrig, Bonnie J. thrig, Sharon L. Intravaia, James A. Irving, Mary L. Ison, Deward W. Istwan, John R. 237 Itant, Samir Youssef Jackson, Lonny R. Jacob, Barbara F. Jacobson, Iver C. 241 Jacobson, Jane 244 Jacobson, Judy M. 305 Jacobson, Lorraine J. Jacobson, Robert E. 241 Jacoby, Victor T. 203, 237, 305 Jacque, George L. 233, 305 Jacque, Jane D. Jacque, Joanne Jacques, Leon E. Jaeger, Beverly J, James F. Jaeger, Jim D. 142, 147, 259 Jaeger, John W. Jaeger, Richard A. Jaeger, Roger N. Jaehnig, Dagmar E. 296 Jagdefeld, James A. Jager, Luann A. 304 Jahn Marilee Jahnke, James H. 241, 259, 296 Jahns, Dianne D. 304 Jahns, Mary A. 193, 296 Jakubenas, Meridith E. 248. 253, 297 James, Jeanie M. James, Judy E. Ill, 205 Jameson, Jenny L. 304 Janiak. Shirley Mrs. Jank, Jerilyn M. 304 Jankowski, Collette M. 290 Jankowski, Theresa A. Jankowski, Thom E. Jannusch, Patricia M. 297 Jansen, Janis H. 304 Janssen, William J. 237. 304 Janswig, Georgia J. 277 Januez, Annette R_ 290 Jans, Kathleen A. 265 Jax, Mary A. 277 Jeffery, Jane L. 305 Jenkins, David L. Jenneman, Elizabeth A. 305 Jennjerjohn, Reginald L. Jennings, Melvin D. 305 Jennings, Ruth A. 297 Jensen, James E. 305 Jensen, Jim L. 233 Jensen, James M. Jensen, Phillip F. Jensen, Robert T. Jensen, William C. 233 Jenswold, Raymond H. Jerred, Lois J. 228, 297 Jerow, Bonnie K. Jezwinski, David J, Jezwinski, Edward W. Jezwinski, Jack F. Jirovetz, Douglas K. Joe km an, Daniel L. 237, 305 Jochmann, Joyce 277 . Joerres, Shirley J, 245, 290 Johanesen, Craig L. 237, 305 Johannes, Sharon L. 235, 305 Johns, Becky J. 244. 305 Johns, Thomas L. Johnson, Barbara 235, 297 Johnson, Bruce O. Johnson, Carey R. 237, 297 Johnson, Charlotte L. Johnson, David J. 233 Johnson, Donald C. 305 Johnson, Gary 237, 297 Johnson, Gary R. Johnson, Gerald M. 304 Johnson, Gerald R, Johson, Harold E. 241 Johnson, John H. 304 Johnson, John E. Johnson, John J. Johnson, Judith A. 304 Johnson, Larry H. Johnson, Mary E. 304 Johnson, Nancy A. 304 Johnson, Neil P. Johnson, Pat 290 Johnson, Penny S. Johnson, Priscilla L. 304 Johnson, Richard D. Johnson, Robert B. Johnson, Robert H. 204, 251 Johnson, Robert L. Johnson, Robert L. Johnson, Roy L. 207 Johnson, Ruth A. 277 Johnson, Sally J. 210 Johnson, Sara E. 276 Johnson, Sherriann N, 244, 297 Johnson, Shirley J. Johnson, Theodore E. Johnson, Victor A. 297 Jonen, Patricia A. 235, 305 Jones, Darlone M. Jones, Faye B. 305 Jones. 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Zicgert, James H. 255 Ziemer, Jane E. 235, 310 Zieski, James 251 Zietler, Roger 186 Zietlow, Koralle R. Zietlow, Faye E. Zimmerman, Gwen L. 235, 310 Zimmerman, Mary M. 224, 310 Zimmerman, Miriam J. 193, 310 Zingler, Karen J. 265 Zingler, Sandra L. 253, 287 Zink, Kathy L. 235, 310 Zinkgraf, Mary A. 310 Zitlow, Gail M. 253 Zoellner, Bruce 310 Zorn, James F. Zoroufy, Abool H. 287 Zochke, Gloria G. Zuber, Diane C. 222, 229, 310 Zuehlke, Pamela R. 244, 310 Zueklke, Robert S. 310 Zulauf, Aaron A. Zurn, Josephine A. 253, 310 Zutz, A1 E. Zwi rehit z, Leann F, 327As editor of the '64 QUIVER I would like to use this space for a few editorial comments. Although this is not a newspaper an editor always has a few things to say. First I should commend the ’64 staff for presenting the students of OSC with a yearbook that is worthy of this fine campus. Just as our college is growing in enrollment and our campus is expanding in area, our '64 QUIVER has expanded in circulation and grown in size and content. an J_ now truly represents our progressive campus. The '64 QUIVER has tried several unique and progressive ideas, all of which have added to the quality of this years book. As our campus grows we must realize that the other features of our school will also grow and change. One of PRESS The 1964 QUIVER was published by the students of Wisconsin State College-Oshkosh and was printed by Service Litho-Print. Inc., Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The senior portrait and organization photography work was done by Pallin Studios of Oshkosh. these features being the yearbook. This year I represented the QUIVER and OSC at a national press convention at New York city. The result of this for the book and the school was new ideas for the book and membership in Associated Collegiate Press organization. This, along with good leadership in the future, will make our yearbook a top rated book in the country. Before closing I would like, along with all the ’64 staff, to wish the staff of the '65 QUIVER the best of luck. David J. Goodwin 

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