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t . f i WISCONSIN STATE COLLEGE OSHKOSH 1963 QUIVER Gil Baker........................Editor - in - Chief Carol Meyer.........................Associate Editor Donald Zahalka...............................Advisorr September came and we were on the path of knowledge once again ... as freshmen it was new and exciting ... as upperclassmen it was returning to old ways and old friends ... as the student body it was all very colorful . . . our dear OSC was decked out in its finest colors to greet the new and the old . . . the scared ... the homesick . . . lonesome . . . friendly . . . the group ... we were about to start a new life . . . one in a dorm ... in a frat house or as an independent ... we were about to see a new world open up for us . . . Wc were about to start a new life . . . one in a derm . . . Our dear OSC woi decked out in its finest colors to S' ' the new ond the old . . . I 4. w 4That togothtr lh« two tmallt mad on gigantic BIG . . . Rollios and bonfirej . . . . . . as freshmen we thought “my how big all this is” but soon we learned that it was small . . . that we were small . . . that together the two smalls made up one gigantic BIG ... this BIG did a lot together to keep it working as a BIG . . . our wonderful and beautiful Homecoming . . . so new and different to many freshmen . . . and always new and different in a special way to the upperclassmen . . . floats . . . rallies and bonfires . . . dances . . . voting . . . fun . . . 5And lh« b«»t foolboll gam of lh« xaion . . . TK« band's performonc at lh« Packer gam in Cr «n bay . . . . . . and the best football game of the season . . . that no one dare miss if they were going to be part of the BIG ... the year has been full . . . many wonderful and colorful things this past year . . . those new band uniforms that were so badly needed . . . the Band’s performance at the Packer game in Green Bay . . . but regardless how far away our BIG would travel we would always return to the colorful campus of OSC . . . and. of course, the best beauty spot that was added to the campus was the library . . . beautiful . . . colorful . . . and functional . . . 6Beautiful . . . colorful . . . and functional . . . 7The doors to OSC were opened once again to the onsYan nt of the freshmen hoards .. . % tan to OSC... ,,.W toe m m to «... Imto m m m l c pM el K kM ,, .RptaNm’i Wl nel fflhimm,, Ae tohto W i fan.., m to %iA wr to4... eh ta m wi M wk m w The problem! of paying fees . . . 9All the old is tucked away • • • learning to wolk olone . . . . . . time and energy is devoted to new ideas and new goals . . . we’re going to be here for four years . . . the old friends . . . the old places . . . are gone . . . but there are people and places to make new memories . . . that first day we didn’t know a thing . . . but we learned . . . learning to walk alone . . . along the paths of knowledge . . . Ak»n8 the polhi ©f knowkdg . . 'Or 10We're buying the loveliness . . . . . . we’re buying the loveliness . . . the good . . . the worthwhile in life . . . and we’re paying for it with time . . . time to think and make decisions . . . 11. . . time for leisure, love, and fun . . . time for growing up . . . time to become a man ... a woman . . . time to become a friend . . . someone to talk to . . . coffee in the Union snack bar . . . sharing problems and fun . . .Shoring problems and fun . . . 13. . . there are Dempsey and Harrington Halls . . . remember the first time we went inside . . . musty and dark, but something special ... there’s the new library ... all those terrific places to study when we have the time ... the Guardian ... it means something different to each of us . . . Mutly and dork, but tomtthing ip« iol . . . 14There' the new librory The Guordion . . . 15 All those terrifie ploces to study when we hove the timo . . .. . . tradition . . . parties . . . fun . . . they become a part of you . . . you become a part of us . . . together we make four years of memories and learning . . . 16College became a way of Spirit started slowly but gathered forte with the onset of Homecoming . . . Campaigning . Campaigning . . .  Th done . . . During halftime w« watched our band perform and the debut of the Titonettet . . . . . . a life with varied purpose and hopeful goals . . . but like any way of life there was opportunity for many things . . . fun started with football games . . . spirit started slowly but gathered force with the onset of Homecoming . . . winning floats . . . house decorations . . . campaigning . . . pep rallies . . . and finally the game — we may not have won, but we certainly tried . . . during halftime we watched our band perform and the debut of the Titanettes ... the presentation of our king and queen . . . after the game was open house, parties, and Anally the dance ... a homecoming to remember with spirit . . . 19I Our beautiful queen, Sally Laycock, and her court, Carol Trudeau and Karen Wendt reigned over OSC during the homecoming of ’63. 21Spirit.. . there’s a word that’s really been knocked around . . . "there isn't any school spirit” . . . “everyone goes home on weekends” . . . “no one ever goes to the school dances” . . . that may all be true to a certain extent . . . but don’t blame it all on lack of student interest . . . perhaps it is a result of a beginning of student intelligence — a desire to be alive and running its race instead of watching it run past us . . . but our spirit wasn’t all that bad . . . many a time Albee Hall bulged at the seam during a basketball game . . . Christmas brought about a great deal of campus spirit . . . and who knows how many times we stood in the line at the snack bar at 9:30 any night of the week . . . yes, there’s plenty of spirit but it’s a different kind ... in our own way we had the spirit of a LION . . .Many a lime Albee Hall bulged ot the eom during a basketball game . . . In our own woy we hod the spirit of a HON . . .Lots of things are different now . . . it’s hard to remember when we changed, but it happened . . . and there we were a member of the “SPLENDIFEROUS RACE" called students . . . what are we . . . what do we do . . . there’s all kinds of things . . . sororities and fraternities . . . AWS and “O” Club . . . literary and journalistic efforts ... all kinds of clubs . . . religion . . . service, study, contemplation, and learning as well as plenty of good times and lots of emotions . . . feelings, emotions . . . whatever we call them, take all forms . . . exhileration when we win a game . . . disappointment when we lose an argument . . . happiness when we’ve done our best . . . despair when everything goes wrong . . . but most of all there is a combination of the very best and the very worst that adds up to a satisfied, quiet feeling that stays with us, down deep inside, for the rest of our life . . . 24Hopplncti when we've done our bett . . . Vttrr26giving and taking ... a warm feeding when our roommate finally understands Math 60 because we've helped ... a wanted feeling when we have a shoulder for someone to cry on ... a crowded feeling when we have three 7:30 meetings on Tuesday night ... a feeling of satisfaction when we patch up a quarrel ... a happy feeling when we make a friend ... a feeling of accomplishment when we’ve done enough for one day . . . A (••ling of o«ompliihm«n! wK»n w ‘v don enough for on doy . . . 27Days ... the good ones ... the happy ones ... the ones filled with things to do and things to remember . . . like WINTER CARNIVAL for instance . . . chipping ice . . . modeling snow sculpture ... so much hard work . . . in the end the hard work paid off for everyone . . . first place for Kappa Gamma and their “Officer Krupke” . . . third place for “Mr. President” by Lambda Chi . . . and there was the fun that the other groups had creating their blocks of ice into a Broadway of ice . . . Clemans Hall with “76 Trombones” from The Music Man . . . the first place winner ACS with “Never Smile at a Crocodile” from Peter Pan . . . 28 A Broadway of ic« . . . "Mr. Protidont" by lambda Chi . . . "Officer Krupke" . . . 29. . . Peter Pan was very well represented at the WINTER CARNIVAL this year . . . there was “Peter Pan” and "Captain Hook" in ice at the Union . . . and there was “Pirate’s Shanty” down the block in front of Newman House . . . lambda Chi received the greatest number of points and the President’s Cup . . . there was so much to do that weekend . . . competing in the winter games . . . going to the dance . . . seeing our lovely queen Geneva of Alethean Sorority and our king Jim of Sigma Tau Gamma ... a full and wonderful weekend full of fun and memories . . .Songfest with "A Little Bit of Broadway” • • • AUthcon Sorority torn on o Nun ond loft o fir l plot winner . . . 32 Onto ogoin OSC had an oxomplo of fin planning . . ."Bye Bye Birdie" . . . . . . Once again OSC had an example of fine planning . . . organization . . . and love of the arts . . . Delta Kappa took their audience on a grand tour down Broadway, New York . . . the curtain went up and the Little Theatre “was no longer OSC ... it was the greatest accumulation of talent . . . school spirit . . . inter-fratemity-sorority competition .. . and college life, all of which took us straight to New York . . . eight of the best Broadway shows were seen by the OSC students in a two evening performance . . . “The Sound of Music” . . . “The Music Man” . . . “Bye Bye Birdie” . . . “South Pacific” . . . “Peter Pan” “Porgy and Bess” . . . “My Fair Lady” . . . and “Oklahoma” . . . Alethean Sorority came on as Nuns and left as first place winners . . . hard work and great people worked to make it a success . . . and that it was ... the greatest joy was to leave as a winner . . . and as a participant . . . The greotett joy wot lo l«ov at a winntr . . . 3334After the long year of construction... The new library opened its doers . . . Wonderful place lo study . . . The new library opened its doors ... it is a wonderful place to study . . . to meet people . . . and obtain knowledge . . . how many times we were on our way to the new library ... a building without a name, only new library . . . but then the regents decided and the newest building on campus took on the name of the former president of the school. Forrest R. Polk ... the library was dedicated with all the pomp and circumstance of a royal coronation . . . t 4 4 35Th Chad Mitchell Trio . . . The passing year has seen many different people visiting the campus of OSC . . . The Chad Mitchell Trio . . . The Smothers Brothers . . . folksongs and comedy were their treat . . . Red Camp . . . Jazz pianist and great entertainer . . . The New Christy Minstrels . . .Joiz pianiit and groot ontcrtainer The Now Chriity Minztrel Red Camp . . . 3738 Inspecting the campus . . .Governor-elect Reynolds . . . inspecting the campus . . . Sen. William Proxmire with John Race . . . spoke at OSC . . . and of the ten "Miss Oshkosh” finalists nine were from OSC ... Jill Bylow . . . Barbara Frothinger . . . Linda Harness . . . Joude Harteau . . . Mary Hildebrand . . . Fay Royan . . . Kleone Kline . . . Sharon Markowski . . . and Elizabeth Waldo . . . all of these and many others made the year at OSC more interesting . . . Sen. Wm. Proxmire . . . The ten finolittt in the 1963 Min Othkoth Pogeont ore teoted loft to right, Jill Bylow. Valerie Kluge, Barbara Frothinger. Standing are Kleone Kline. Fay Royan, Elizaboth Waldo, Mary Hildebrond, Undo Harnett, Sharon Morkowtki, Judy Harteau, and the 1962 Mitt Othkoth Jane Kozak. 39Titans Win! Kansas C Oshkosh State Wins Titans Batter UW-M; TITANS IN FIRST PLACE! LAST-HALF RALLY UPENDS POINTERS, 70-57 . . . OSHKOSH STATE WINS LOOP CHAMPIONSHIP! . . . TITANS BATTER UW-M; STEVENS POINT LOSES . . . TITANS WIN! KANSAS CITY HERE THEY COME ... all of these were the headlines that we followed as our team fought their way to Kansas City and the national representative for Wisconsin small colleges in the NAIA tourney ... we were proud of our team . . . and we showed it . . . rallies were only the beginning . . . our hearts were with them all the way . . . Titan Rally 40ity Here They Come! Loop Championship! Stevens Point Loses s in First Place! Last-Half Upends Pointers, 70-57!• • • The school year ends but life goes on . . . the memories will be with us always . . . the friends will remain true . . . and it will start all over again next fall ... we will long remember the events that took place this school year ... the first for some of us . . . the last for others . . . but the best for all . . . there was Campus Carnival . . . with clowns and games . . . and fun and prizes ... we will never forget the wild antics of the Winter Beach Party ... or the unforgettable Tri-Adds . . . the hours spent in Dempsey Hall ... no one can ever forget the time in the classroom or the knowledge obtained there . . . watching the long awaited science building take shape . . . the time after time' we would walk uptown . . . and the long winter that didn't end any too soon . . . so home we go with these and other memories . . . waiting till we can return for more . . . 42The hour pent in »ho classroom . . . Welching the long owaited tcience building take shope . . .Tho time oftor tim that wo walked uptown . . .Another milestone was once again met by the Stage Door group at OSC this year . . . starting the year off was Miss Gloria Link directing Blithe Spirit . . . adding up the fine direction, acting, technical aid given by Mr. Robert Heise, the evening’s entertainment was stupendous . . . with hard work on the Noel Coward comedy beforehand, everything came off perfect the opening night . . . the hours and hours of rehearsals . . . constructing the set . . . busy crews and tired actors ... all made for a perfect evening . . . but the work didn’t end here . . . with the set cleared the second play was begun . . . Mitt Gloria link and Mr. Robtrt Hoitt Tho hour! and hour! of rthoartalt . . .With hard work on the Noel Coward comedy beforehand everything came off perfect the opening night . . .Something now lias been added to the Drama Department . . . student directors, three of them . . . three directors . . . three plays . . . three sets . . . and three set designers . . . Hook, Stowe, and Killoran directed them ... The Chairs . . . The Sandbox ... I Rise in Flame, Cried the Phoenix ... the crews worked hard on the tri-production . . . and the actors came through again . . . Student dirertor. Jim Hook . . The Choir . . . OSC had a special treat . . . Mr. Donald Burdick, directing . . . The Corn Is Green . . . new to the Speech Department . . . not new to the theatre . . . truly a fine production and a credit to all that had a hand in it . . . 48MINISTRATION AND FACULTYPresident ROGER E. GUILES 52 Executive Assistant to the President WILLIAM E. WHITEL. OTTO TETZLAFF Director of Teacher Education DAVID L. BOWMAN Coordinator of A rts and Sciences HERBERT GAEDE Director of Graduate Studies EVERETT PYLE Dean of Instructional Affairs RAYMOND J. RAMSDEN Registrar 54Dean of Student Affairs Dean of Men ERNEST THEDINGA Assistant Dean of Men GARY QUEHL Dean of Women RUTH NELSON Assistant Dean of Women DAPHNE MICHAELIDES 55PATRICIA BIUIAU M.A. Physical education JOHN R. BENGTSON Ph.D. Hiitary CHARLES BIERLY PS.O. English AVERYl BISHOP M.A. English RAOFORD BOEING M.A. Mathematics MARTHA M. ALFONSO M.A. for tig n Language LESTER BEBERFAll Ph.D. foreign Languoge ETHEL BEHNCKE M.A. Art ROBERTA BOISMENUE B.S. English GERALD BOTHNER M.S. Biology DAVID BOWMAN Ed.O. Educotion 56ROBERT BRISMASTER M.A. Speech FREDERICK CAUDLE Rh.D. Science RONALD CRANE M.A. Cngliih MAX BOWMAN Ph.D. Chemiitiy MARIANNE BRAY PK.O. Education JARVIS E. BUSH M.A. Englith DAVID CHANG PS.D. Political Science HELEN JANE COUGAN M.S. Phyiicol Education ROBERT CARR M.A. Speech JEAN CAUDLE Ed.D. Education RUSSELL CARTER M.A. Arf 57ALICE DE 6ARCZA Foreign Languages CORDON V. DRAKE Ed.D. Education ALICE DUREN M.S. Education ROBERT DELK Ph.O. History THOMAS I. DEZELSKY M.A. Physical Education ROGER DENNIS Ph.D. Music HERBERT C. DOHRMAN M.Ed. Audio-Vis. Ed. JANE EDGY M.A. Physical Education ALBERT ERLEBACHER M.A. Education 58MAYSEl EVANS M.A. Speech ROBERT FORMAN Ph.D. Sociology HERBERT I. GAEDE Ph.D. Geography GEORGE E. FAY M.A. Sociology and Anthropology o i9€r ' EMERSON D. FINE M.A. Molh and Phytici NORMAN J. FRENZEl Ed.D. fducotion 59MARY L HICKEY M.S. Edocotioa JAMES T. HIUESTAD M.A. Education MARIE A. HIRSCH M.A. History 60LEE H. KAIBUS Ph.D. Chomistry JAMES K. JOHNSON M.A. Education ERIC V. KITZMAN Ph.D. Physical Education CORDON E. HOFMAN B.S. Chtmislry THOMAS J. HUGHES B.S. Chomistry NEVIN S. JAMES M.A. English BURTON E. KARGES Ph.D. Geology JOHN I. KASPER M A. Biology IRENE KOERWITZ B.S. library Scionco R. M. KOIF Ph.M. Physical Education DONAID IAMB M.S. Gtology-Gcography 61JAMES S. MEHOKE M.A. fng itb BERTHA MERKER M.A, [ducalion VELA LYNN MARBLE Ph.D. Hiitory 62DAPHNE I. MICHAEIIDES M.S. Auitlont Dton of Womon WIlllAM I. MUNNS Ed.D. education RUTH P. NEISON M.S. Sociology RICHARD G. NETZEl Ph.D. Phytlct LEE N. NEWCOMER Ph.D. Hiitory 63RALPH A. NOREM PH.D. Political Science PAUL C. PEGIS M.A. English ELAINE O'BRIEN M.A. Education RICHARD W. OSBORN M.F.A. Aif GERALD J. OLSON M.S. Education EDWARD NOYES Ph.D. History ELIZABETH OVERTON M.Ed. Education ETHAN B. PFEFFERKORN VAUGHAN PIPER M.D. Health Education M.S. Mathematics ROBERT R. POLK M.S. Geography 64GILBERT F. POllNOW Ph.D. Chemistry JOSEPH A. RAAB M.S. Mothomotics GARY H. QUEHl M.S. Assistant Dtan of Men GERALD G. REED Ed.D. Biology RAYMOND J. RAMSDEN Ph.D. Philosophy DANIEL J. RICHARDSON M.S. Mothemoti ts ALLEN J. PRIEBE M.S. Ait ROY ROBINSON Ph.D. Psychology SHIRLEY ROGERS M.A. English DAVID R. ROLLINGS M.A. English 65JAMES D. SEBASTIAN M,$. Mathematics JOHN SCHMIOT M.A. Speech HUBERT K. SCHULTZ M.S. Mofhemofics RAY SCHROEDER M.S.l.S. library Science PHYLLIS RONEY Ph.D. Physical Education RAYMOND C. SCHMELTER M.S. Education WILBER SCOVIllE M.A. Psychology EDWARD I. SCHWARTZ Ph.D. Biology JACOB SHAPIRO WILLIAM E. SHERIFF Ph.D. Biology English GEORGE W. SIEBER Ph.D. History 66JAMES E. SIMMONS M.A. English RICHARD SOMMERFIEID M.S. Physical Education RICHARD SMITH M.S. Education L O. TETZIAFF Ph.M. Education NEUIE SPARKS M.S. Physical Education RALPH A. SMITH Ed.D. Art --------- J. T. TAYLOR Ph.D. English GEORGE R. SOIKA Ph.D. Psychology E. THEDINGA Ph.D. History KENNETH J. THOMAS B.S. faculty Ass't. Kacraotion ALTON C. THOMPSON B.S. Googrophy 67WM. THOMPSON ELIZABETH TOIAND Mi.D. Hiitory R.N. Health Ed motion WILLIAM TOROW M.A. Arl JON VORISEK M.M. Millie JAMES W. UNGER Ph.D. Biology IRVING WALLACE M.A. Economies 68WIUIAM WHITE Ph.D. Sp «ch ROBERT WONDERS M.A. Molhomotics ANTHONY WOMASKI M.A. Physics VERA WIlllAMS M.A. Physical Education DAVID ZEFF M.M. Millie KAZYS J. ZEMECKAS Ph.D. Economics bur' AM ORSON WILLARD B.S. Biology DONALD ZAHALKA M.S. Journolitm JOHN KlICKA Ph.D. Biology HOPE LINTON B.S. Miriic foculty Atiiifont LAWRENCE LARSEN Ph.D. History 69I I t ORGANIZATIROW 1: Or. G. f. Pollnow, Or. M. Q. Bomon, C. lymon, M. Wpimon, R. lorge, J. Doubert, W. Fi dorowi i, R. Roiontk ROW 2: G. Hofmon, 0. Tr t«in ki, A. Brikowtki, A. W«bb, J. Schwoerer. K. Koohlor. R. Flohorty, P. Harm, K. Januthaw- ki, R. lemke, R. Crone, G. Ginnaw, A. Meitner The Sigma Chi Sigma Chapter of Student Affiliates of the AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY The Sigma Chi Sigma Chapter of Student Affiliates of the A.C.S. is composed of chemistry majors, minors, and other students interested in the field of chemistry. The object of the chapter is to help interest students in chemistry and to broaden the scope of their knowledge in the various fields, as well as to afford the students of chemistry to become better acquainted. Chapter meetings are held monthly. Academic aspects of the chapter included a trip to the Mercy Hospital labs, a panel discussion on graduate study in chemistry, several movies on various subjects in the field of chemistry, and an interesting lecture on the metal Titan- ium by Dr. Lee Kalbus. Social aspects of the chapter included a Christmas party, a tobogganing party, a banquet, and the annual picnic at the close of the school year. This year the chapter also participated in the sculpturing contest during the Winter Carnival. The theme of their project was NEVER SMILE AT A CROCODILE. The chapter won first place and a trophy for its efforts. Dr. Max Bowman acted as professional advisor to the chapter, and Dr. Lee Kalbus and Dr. Gilbert Pollnow served as faculty sponsors.ROW 1: P. Firary, S. Mark , K. Holou-bek, I. Cat , M. Joniten, D. Ya i k, J. Rat 1 ROW 2: J. RoHlf , W. Dr«w, M. Be ker, C. Perl«berg, R. Ehlert, J. Gunther, C. Anderion, S. Immel, J. Kr ti, C. lymon KAPPA DELTA PI Kappa Delta Pi is a national honor society dedicated to the promotion of high professional standards in the teaching field and a closer bond among students in education. Among this year’s activities were a Homecoming Breakfast for its Alumni and its annual initiation banquet at which Dr. Harry Bangsberg, assistant to director of the Board of Regents, spoke. President----- Vice President Secretary----- Treasurer ----- Historian .... Advisor....... OFFICERS ............ Richard Ehlert ............Darlene Yasick .............Suzanne Immel ..........Lynn Konowalski ...............Wendy Drew ...............Dr. E. Pyle ROW 1: J. W«t ing, N. TwkM, M. Stohmer, M. Timmer . E. Be k, R. lorge, G. Desch ROW 2: P. Kolarik, G. Velic«r, D. While, I. Andtrton, 1. Konowoltki, C. Schroeder, J. Witt, G. Scllin, K. Norditrom, N. Bullard, A. Maroch ROW I: C. Hortkopf, Pro . I; V. Gnoitor, Mi»t. I A II; A. Pinkerton, V. Pro . II; J. Williom , Exhibition Solo Com. II; N. Ninon, Trot. I, Exhibition A Solo Com. I, Pro . II; K. Klein; C. Koehler ROW 2: R. Otborn; E. Boior; I. Hornet . Tre . II; 0. floether; W. Wimmer; D. Reimer; 8. Bruby; I. Webber; D. Von Ert, 8. Pro . I, Exhibition A Sale Com. II; J. Meikle ART CLUB "Sweep 'Em Cleon" Art Club o|x ns its membership to all art majors and minors, and any students interested in art. The aim is to promote an understanding of the arts by acquainting the members with various artists, their philosophies, their methods of approach, and their work. One of the first field trips was to the John Nelson Bergstrom Art ('enter in Neenah for the oils and drawings of a University of Wisconsin instructor, John Wilde. The Milwaukee Art Center was also an objective last fall. The Club was invited to visit the Commercial Art Studio in Neenah, which was a very rewarding experience. For a money raising project during the Christmas season, they silk-screened Christmas cards to sell. Also during the winter season they took part in the ice sculpture contest. The Art Club also gave cash awards to the art winners of the Pursuit magazine’s contest. One of the biggest additions to this year’s agenda was the introduction of a Beaux Art Costume Ball on the campus. All individuals came in costume. Cash prizes were given for the female winner, the male winner, and a separate prize for the couple with the best costume. Second semester also brought the All-Student Art Exhibit. Cash purchase prizes were awarded, amounting to S65. Field trips second semester numbered many. Dard Hunter Paper Institute at Appleton was most unique. They also attended the 49th Annual Exhibition of Wisconsin Art at Milwaukee. Art Club had a most worthwhile year. They were exposed to a vast number of areas in the art field, were exposed to historical material with their speakers, old masters work, modernistic approaches in all mediums, and had an opportunity to travel with and get to know-other fellow art enthusiasts. B«oux Art Cottumo Boll 74ROW 1: J. Jom«», P. Wilton, J. Hook, M. Reid. R. Rudiger, D. Smith, S. Wilton STANDING: 1. Soibol, F. Church, W. Ormond STAGE DOOR The Stagedoor Drama Club was formed four years ago. It is an organization made up of students from all departments bound together by their mutual . , , , . Recruiting, work, practice, and fun go into Stagedoor. interest in all phases of the theater. The club meets informally every week to recruit volunteers to staff the many crews required to assemble a play. In effect, the stagedoor is the backbone of all productions. The members sjx rt their black derbies the week of a play to remind the rest of the college that "The play is the thing." Its annual banquet at the close of the year is held to give recognition to all those who have done outstanding work both on and back stage. This year’s president was Jim Hook. Pat Wilson was vice president with Mary Celichowski as secretary-treasurer and Diana Smith as the historian. 75GOLDEN TRIDENT ROW 1: K. T«M«r, B. Frothingar, S. Hordfku, f. Schn id«r, K. TSompton, J. Gvulig. K. OUn ROW 2: J. Broker, R. Maxhmoior, L Sowit»ki. J. Nowkki. J. Bylow. M. I. WoinKold. A. Harder ROW 3: J. Bylow, C. Freund, J. Brick , F. Dobbe. 0. Gooding, 0. Rkk. $. Wolker Golden Trident is n synchronized swim club designed to promote an appreciation for the aesthetic value of water ballet. The club was led in pursuit of their goal by able officers and their adviser, Mrs. Cougan. President, Shari Walker, and Vice President, Kathy Olen, strove to lead the club into an understanding and appreciation of swimming as an art. They were aided by Janet Broker, Secretary; Diane Pick, Historian; Mary Ellen Weinhold, Treasurer; and Paula Schneider, Publicity Manager. As a whole, the girls accomplished their goal by presenting their annual water show, ‘‘Flash-Splash’’. The show included numbers centered around the various sections of a daily metropolitan newspaper. In addition to this annual affair, the members performed at the dedication of the new YMCA in Oshkosh. These activities combined with other service projects kept the members active and busy concentrating on the physical aspect of their education. 76■ C. Dahl M. Bov«l S. laycock $. Bruns H. Room M. Pingla J. Irwin E. Jaffa' J. Horteou ORCHESIS The purpose of the modem dance club is to promote an understanding and an increased appreciation of dancing as an art form and to increase the skills and knowledge of the participants. Activities sponsored by and participated in by the Senior Orchesis group throughout the year included a high school dance workshop in the fall, intended to promote interest in modem dance; a spring concert — Dynamics in Dance; a Dance Symposium at Iowa City. Iowa in April; a Latin American dance presentation for the Dames Club in March; and a fall and spring session of Junior Orchesis. Membership into Senior Orchesis is open to all students — male and female — who care to attend Junior Orchesis for approximately nine weeks. During this nine week period basic techniques of dance and creativity are stressed. Tryouts for Senior Orchesis are then conducted and admission into Senior Orchesis is based on these skills stressed during the lesson period. Officers during the year were Joude' Harteau. president; Sherry Bruns, vice-president; Carol Dahl, secretary-treasurer; Jean Irwin, historian; and Sally Laycock and Helen Koonz, co-chairman of publicity. J. Longtine S. Icvereni D. Dobbtrpuhl L Waldo M. CoUchowtki R. Mortin R. Krati B. Slreblow 77Left to right: $. foron, 6. Thomot, M. Riedel. K. Rolph, P. Koenig WOMEN’S RECREATION ASSOCIATION The Women’s Recreation Association sponsors various activities throughout the year, some of which last the full year. These include Orchesis, fencing, trampoline and tumbling, and recreational swimming. Seasonal activities are field hockey, competitive swimming, volleyball, basketball, badminton, and golf. Besides these regular activities, W.R.A. sponsored a field hockey invitational, a basketball sportsday. volleyball playday, and a swimming-fencing sportsday where several sister schools participated. A co-recreational night was also held for OSC students. Each of the seasonal sports is divided into two groups. Those students looking mainly for recreation and exercise are in the intramural group; those who are more highly skilled and are looking for competition are in the interest group which competes with other schools. All women on campus are automatically members of W.R.A. when they pay their activity fees. No dues are charged. Officers this year were Barbara Thomas, President; Marilyn Riedel, Vice President; Kathleen Rolph, Secretary; Bette Bahr, Treasurer; Susan Keren, Publicity Chairman; and Priscilla Koenigs. Intramural Chairman. 78ROW 1: P. Schneider, P. Reinert, D. Joehnig, 0. Pi«k, S. Quondt, J. Wollongk, A. lueck, E Konop ROW 2: N. Krinke; J. Smith; J. Gilbertton; M. Comb . I. Krueger, K, Rolph; M. Becker, Pret.; S. Citek; M. Zinkgro«; B. Geitncr, R. Mouhmtitr, P. Koenig PEM CLUB The year was a thought provoking and enjoyable one for PEM Club members. The purposes of the organization were met through a wide variety of educational and social activities. The high school playday in Deceml er was beneficial to the college in that it may have motivated many of the 180 participants to major in physical education at Oshkosh. The PEM Club members were given an opportunity to demonstrate their special skills. To promote interest in research and progress in physical education, the organization journeyed to Ripon College to view a demonstration by Dr. Lyons on the use of an oscilloscope to measure the degree of relaxation. To promote professional growth, PEM Club encouraged its members to participate in professional meetings. PEM Club sponsored students to attend the national convention in Minneapolis in May. Several students attended the state conference at Green Lake, at which one of our members was chairman of the student section. "Chat and Chew," a talent night, and an ice skating party were among the social activities. Greater social and professional cooperation among physical education majors and faculty members was achieved through activities. ROW 1; H. Koonx, S. Ecker, K. Olen, R. Krefx, 0. UM«. J. Hubbard. J. Schmoker ROW 2: I. larton. T. Toigo. V. Burkhart. $. McConnell. K. Kinney, V. William . B. Pfefferle, ). Velicer, K. Cotlello. $. Jodge. M. Irving, B. Thomat 79ROW 1: M. Mott, R. Kteli, f. Icfevr , C. P«ir «, M. DuChorme, R. Em«ri«K, C. King ROW 2: Min Michaolidot. D. Poquelte, M. Riedel. B. Pfefferle, M. loker, S. NeUon. K. Umlond, A. Moroch, f. Ziellow, N. Spaight, J. Keener, K. Wendl, Mr . Nelson ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS Associated Women Students, one of the largest organizations on campus, is the representative body whose rules and regulations govern the women of the college. It is designed to promote high levels of conduct, responsibility, and leadership. The local chapter of AWS belongs to a nationwide organization called the Inter-collegiate Association of Women Students. Over 150 colleges and universities participate in IAWS by sending delegates to attend state, regional, and national conventions for the interchange on ideas. At Wisconsin State College, Oshkosh, the AWS chapter is quite active. It not only represents the women through a legislative board but also presents several social and cultural activities throughout the year. They begin the year with a big and little sister program plus a style show. They hold a father-daughter banquet in the winter and a mother-daughter day in the spring. They also present a workshop to provide opportunities for summer employment. Each year a prominent woman is invited to speak to the girls. This year it was Mrs. Helen Galagan Douglas who spoke on “Little Man! Big Machine! Small World! Big Question!” In a more serious vein the executive branch of AWS serves with the Dean of Women, Mrs. Nelson, as a judicial board. Its duties include hearing and judging cases referred to them by members of residence halls, sorority halls, and private housing. On the whole, AWS does a complete job of representing and informing college women to make them more active participants on campus. 80 IROW I: K. Chompeny, 0. Wrtkowtki, M. Sthoumb.rg. Prof. R. Corr, V. Pupok, J. Cerutti, O. Morlom ROW 2: J. loBollo, A. Johnson, E. Ko iorow»ki, J. Whitburn, J. d'Amotourt. P. Friti, Prof. J. Sthmidt PI KAPPA DELTA “The Art of Persuasion, Beautiful and Just” is the byword for debate and forensic participants, whether they have been initiated into Pi Kappa Delta, the national forensic society, or are working toward membership. This organization is an active group, sponsoring an annual varsity debate tournament on campus, a spring banquet, and sending a delegation to national conventions, held this year in Carbon-dale, Illinois at Southern Illinois University to celebrate the organization’s golden anniversary. Local officers this year are Val Pupak, president; Phil Fritz, vice president; Sharon Belling, secretary; and James LaBelle, treasurer. A special program was presented during the year by the Speech Department which brought the British International Debate Team to campus for an audience debate with two of OSC’s varsity squad. The debate and forensic group, under the direction of Mr. Robert Carr, director of forensics, and Mr. John Schmidt, associate director of debate, succeeded in all tournament competition. They began winning trophies for Oshkosh State early in the year at Bradley University and Southwestern College, Winfield. Kansas, and continued second semester with recognition from Eau Claire and superior records at other universities. Vol. Mordy, ond Judy hold iho sweopttokot trophy from tho Eau Cloiro Tournament. 81ROW 1; R. A. Mill.,; T. Richort; R. Mirholotk. R. I. Smith. V. Pr.s. II; f. Burr; D. B« k ROW 2; M. Woutl.t, R. lurv.y, Pr.s. I; C. P.cor.; B. Bourn, Sot.; C. Sl.lin.r, Tr .; W. Doskom ROW I: P. Prom.n; 0. Roltgen; J. Zond.r; I. Sthmid; 0. Schilling; R. Kron.ndonk ROW 2; Mr. Hy Song l.«, Advitor; 0. Kolmorg.n; 0.; B. Edlebeck, J. Martcholl; J. Schrank; D. Judton The Economics Society is a social campus organization of Economics and Business Administration majors and minors whose purpose is to obtain an intellectual and favorable relationship with various industries and business trends throughout the state. Each year many interesting speakers who are specialists in different phases of industry and economic thought and who are able to discuss various aspects of economics are invited to speak before the society. During the past school year the society was extremely privileged in obtaining Mr. Guliford Willey Jr., a resident partner in the Investment Brokerage firm of Robert W. Baird and Co.; Mr. Witherbee of the F. W. Woolworth firm of Oshkosh; Mr. Rene Urguidi of the Kimberly-Clark International Research firm; Mr. W. F. Brown, Director of Labor Relations, United States Steel Corporation; Mr. Samuel Evett, Assistant to the Director, United Steelworkers of America who appeared in conjunction with the Labor-Management Institute; and Dr. Ozanne, Director of the University of Wisconsin School for Workers who was the guest speaker for the second annual Economics Banquet. ECONOMICS SOCIETY R. lurv.y, Pros. and R. Smith, V. Pr.s. or. shown with Mr. W. f. Brown and Mr. So mu. I 82ROW J: D. I. Homan, M. lovin, Pr .; A. Dorn, D. Rollgan, 0. Pollnow, V-Pr ». ond Trao . ROW 2: T. Kuanil, R. Wahnar, R. Botin, O. Koromitit, J. Hwbli, R. Hlinok, G. Vogdt, Sat. VET’S CLUB The Vet’s Club is an organization composed of students in college who have had over ninty days of active duty or a medical discharge from the Armed Forces. It is a social organization, active in many school functions. In the fall, the club sponsored a trip to the Packer-Viking football game, the club sponsored a team in the intramural football league. The fall season was highlighted by the club entering a float in the Homecoming parade with the slogan “Down the hatch with Platteville.” The club hosted the 550’s Vet's Club from Stevens Point State, and then completed the fall events with a corn roast. With the coming of winter, the club sponsored an intramural basketball team, and also a bowling team which took first place. During the Winter Carnival, the club put forth its artistic effort in the ioe sculpturing contest in which the theme of the entry was "What Kind of Fool Am I.” To bring the winter schedule to a close, the club had a St. Patrick’s Day celebration which featured a beard growing contest. When spring fever hit, the club journeyed to Milwaukee to sec a Braves game, the club then entered a softball team into the competition in the intramural league. Along with this, the 550’s from Stevens Point played two games with the club. The spring festivities were rounded out by holding a picnic. 83INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB S. Hol»t, Soc. Chm.; I. Schmidt, Corre . Sec.; J. Huebner, Sec-Tret.; N. Dorehthori, Pre .; Df. Bengtion, Advitor; 0. Fay; R. Smith, Pub Chm.; S. Leichhardt, Cul. Chm.; C. Hardy, Pro. Chm. The International Relations Club is an organization of students who arc interested in gaining a greater understanding of world affairs and who seek to make a small contribution to the attaining of world peace. The I.R.C. promotes the study of conflicting ideologies for the purpose of better enabling the members to form sound judgments on international issues. The Club also conducts a program of activities which are aimed at increasing appreciation for the cultures of other lands and bringing to attention opportunities for travel, study, and service in foreign countries. The I.R.C. strives to be of special service to the foreign students enrolled at the college and is proud of the fact that students from ten different nations belong. ROW 1; C. Wong, N. Dorehthori, S. Leichhardt. Dr. Bengtton, S. Harder, A. Harder. M. liljeitrand, J. Daugherty ROW 3: C. Smith. S. Sottiurai. J. Muthioni, H. Zorovfy, C. Fither, T. Schuppe, O. Frew, O. Nordlond, R. Packer, B. Shimek, $. Olten, D. Austin ROW 1; E. Schmidt. S. Sharib, i. Huebner, S. Holtt, 0. Coprilet. J. Mariinilk, U. Baiar, M. J. Schoening ROW 3; C. Hordy, G. Fay. D. Kraute, J. Mwoto, P. Chobedo, E. Boelti, E. Wahome, R. Silk, S. Abdullahiadeh, K. Piroui, M. Hoghporatt-Rod, A. Sadriadeh-Roffli, R. Smith, J. Johnton, M. N. Boghert 84ROW 1: M. Ellsworth, M. Grov , P., M Ri«d«l. J. Suckow ROW 7. R. P.t.r.on, E. Burg, C. VmIi. K. Atkin., N. lond«r», G. Colo, C. King, J. Moori ko, S. Glo», B. Daniel.on, R. Wrchota, M. lavin ROW 3: T. locy, S. Hol.t, A. Dorn, M. Doilor. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB In the four years that psychology has been a major on this campus, over 100 students have registered for this major. The purposes and aims of the psychology club are to promote interest in the field of psychology, to follow this interest through programs and reports dealing with the subject matter of psychology, and to foster friendship and communion of ideas between those of kindred interests. Officers for this year are Margaret Graves, president; Mike Deiters, vice-president; Marilee Elsworth, secretary; Mike Lavin, treasurer; and Norma Landers, historian. Dr. D. Landis and Mr. W. Scoville are faculty advisers. OFFICERS M. Elltworth, M. lovin. M. Grov ., M. D it r». Mr. 0. Londi., 85SPANISH CLUB ROW 1: Mitt Alfonio, D. CoprilUt, S. l.ikhordt, V. UltlKO ROW 2: C. Pi«r . R. Glover, B Coy. I. Botfwkk, t. B.gotlco This year saw the initiation of another group on campus. The Spanish Club was instituted for the purpose of furthering fluency in speech as well as stimulating interest in Spanish customs and traditions. The organization was ably advised by Miss Alfonso. Activities began in September with election of officers. Vemille Leistico was elected President with Daphne Caprilles serving az Vice-President. Carole Pierce was secretary for the group. There were numerous activities throughout the year: the group sang Christmas carols in Spanish and presented a Spanish program in March. They also participated in a Spanish-American dance festival in May. The organization has hopes of further expansions in the coming year. Membership is open to any student on campus who has a knowledge and interest in the language and its people. Such a membership would be stimulating and rewarding as any present member will admit. 86ROW I: 0. Edminit.r, R. lor9». M. Kojfotl. I. KonowoltVi, S. Kloutr ROW 2: P. Gillei, R. Yocum, t. EdmintUr, J. 8019. J. Borlol, J. Hoohl MATH CLUB The Math Club is an organization which has been developed primarily for majors and minors in the field of mathematics. Through the club, the members have an opportunity to pursue their interest in math, not only on an academic level but also from a social standpoint. In the process, they are able to supplement their formal math education. In previous years these goals were accomplished through movies, speakers from the college, and lectures from outside speakers. However, thus year an emphasis was placed on student talks and demonstrations. This, combined with the faculty talks, served to provide an interesting and stimulating academic program. The social program of the math club included a fall and spring picnic, as well as a bowling party. In a somewhat more serious vein, the members aided by the advisors, Mr. Raab and Mr. Thompson, brought up to date the list of job opportunities for people in the field of math. They also planned a field trip to Madison to see a computer. On the whole, all the activities served to provide the opportunity to realize the importance as well as the enjoyment derived from a career in mathematics. 87ROW I: Dean Thedinga; J. Ziegenhogvn, Tr o». I, II; S. Olion, R« ord Sot. II; T. Horonburg, Pro . I, II; R. Folmor, Hi»t. I, II; R. Markovitth, Corre . Sot. I, V-Pre . II; Mr. Boeing ROW 2: C. Hordy; Dr. Foy; D. Britko; Mr. Geiger; 8. Ormond; J. Gvddon; T. Hoore. Corret. Se . II; E. Knulion; Dr. Pyle; Mr. Martin ALPHA PHI OMEGA Alpha Phi Omega’s Epsilon Upsilon chapter of Wisconsin State College, Oshkosh, celebrated its fifteenth anniversary on March 7th of this year. The national service fraternity of Alpha Phi Omega is pleased to show its record of service to the campus and the students for the past year, and plans a bigger and better season for the 1963-64 semesters. A P O sponsored another fall semester Blood Drive on campus this year, which terminated in success. One October-labeled Saturday saw still another A P O project originate, that of the Chicken Bar-B-Q, which in the future will be held as an annual campus activity. During the pre-Christmas season, A P O’s Ugly Man On Campus contest had fraternities donating money for their candidate’s nomination of the most noble of titles to be bestowed on a man, that of Ugly Man On Campus. In return, $735 in cash and checks was collected and turned over to the Family Service Bureau, giving A P O its biggest success in the history of the contest. A P O fokot fourth plo « with in Winter Carnival mow sculpture. 88SI In the Winter Carnival this year, A P O tied for third place in broom hockey, and received fourth place in snow sculpturing. Various projects throughout the year increased the funds of the A P O sponsored National Defense Student Ix an Fund and the Emergency Student Loan Fund. A P O set its annual book sale into action once again this year, using the proceeds collected for an orphan’s outing. Instead of breaking pianos apart and shoving the pieces through a 20 centimeter hole in record time, A P O destroyed a boat house in record time as a service project slated for the Twin Lakes area. As A P O set its sights on the spring tubing race, its members planned for a spring steak Bar-B-Q at Twin Lakes Boy Scout Camp. To round the year’s activities off, A P O received orders of new navy blue sweatshirts with old English lettering semicircling the fraternity coat-of-arms. A P O sorts th moil in th Alumni Offic . A P O gov owoy M nn n products. Or. Pyl ond Tom Horanburg display charter signifying tK group's fifteenth anniversary. 89CIRCLE "K” ROW t: J. Robinion, J. JoHnton. T. Andrew ROW 2: J. SchwMttr, P. Sw «n«y. A. W bb, I. Williomt The Circle K Club is a service organization similar to Kiwanis and other service clubs. It serves at the college level and is a character building group which offers service on the campus, to the school, and to the community. Circle K has many opportunities. These include joint and individual participation in many activities for the service of humanity and for campus and community betterment, for self-expression, for self-development, and to serve and learn at the same time. Circle K’s biggest project of the year was the 1962-63 Student-Faculty Directory. In another service, the club helped move the books from the old library to the new. The club also built the P for the Homecoming pep rally and ended the year with a banquet for the initiation of new members and the installation of next year’s officers. William Seefeld acted as President of Circle K with Gerald Johnson as vice-president. The secretarial position was filled by Rodney Smith, and the treasurer’s position was filled by Jerome Schwoerer. 90GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA Gamma Sigma Sigma is the national service sorority on campus. Its purpose is to assemble college women in the spirit of service to humanity. Membership is open to all women students who desire to serve school, community, and nation in a spirit of friendship and equality. This year the sorority lent its services to the Red Cross Blood Drive sponsored by Alpha Phi Omega and also assisted Mrs. Nelson in handling job placements for women students. The national project for the year was "working with children”, and this chapter’s role in the project included giving companionship to some emotionally disturbed children and planning one birthday party for these children each month. The social calendar for 1962-1963 was highlighted by a Homecoming luncheon in honor of visiting sorority alumnae. The group also participated in the Delta Kappa “Song-fest' which was held in December. ROW 1, Ufl to right: J. Race, Pr tt, II; J. Dsttuh; M. DuChorm , A.W.S.. I, II; K. Stu.w.r; j. Tabbert; K. Wrolttod. Alumna S «., I. ROW 3: M. Hutby. Fir t V. Pr »„ I, $ ond V. Pr »., II; F. Chureh; J. Gunth r, Pro ., I; M. Furlong, Corre . S . I; $. long. Tr oi., I. II. ROW I, loft to right: C. Sharratt; A. lu ck. S. Strom-b rg. Second V. Pro ., I, First V. Pro ., II; A. ftomal-o»ki; 0. And rton, R . S -. I. ROW 3: F. Jon ; J. R«it r, Hi»t., II; C. Sehlimme, Alumna S c., II; Mi» A. Dur n. Advi or; D. $ hro d r, R S „ II; M. Pickhordt; I. Suren 91AFRICAN STUDENT’S UNION ROW 1: 0. Muinde, J. Gitoke. J. Muthioni STANDING. E. Wohomi, J. M«oio The Union, an organization open to all African students on campus, was formed in the spring of 1962 for the purpose of advancing the inter-cultural images of both the African and the American, through formal and informal panels and other programs. The Union sponsored lectures and films, and participated in U.N. Day. These African students bring with them beautiful wooden statues carved by talented people, most of whom have never been to school and find it difficult to read or write. Most of the carving is done by the Mkamba tribe who live in Eastern Central Kenya, about 50 miles east of Nairobi City. A wood carver needs tools for his craft. A chisel, saw, axe, knife and file are the main implements. Sandpaper and polish are used to finish the carvings. Mvuli and Muhungu are the woods commonly used, for these give a shinier and a finer finish and need little polishing. Black ebony, the hardest wood in the world, is also used. Statues carved are ornamental sticks, implements, masks, antelope, elephants, lions and many kinds animals, most of which the carvers never see in their lifetime. Don Muinde ditployi weed ttolvet. 92Uft lo right: Olomorou Gwendolyn, Solly Stttdiou,, Horry Hom town r, 6«t»y Bot Or.tod. Jo. ColWg., louro loft, Choorfwl Chorlio. STANDING (in tro«}: Cothy Cood. FUN-LOVING SOCIETY The Fun-Loving Society is a selective honor organization dedicated to the encouragement and organizing of good times and to the destruction of conformity. The society reflected its interests by organizing demonstrations and writing on public walls. To make this group more interesting, a contest was held to see who could cut the most classes, and ideas were submitted for the best idea in making excuses to instructors. Academic interests were stimulated by guest speakers, including James Meredith on ‘"Brotherly Love in Southern Schools,” John F. Kennedy on “The Fun of 50 Mile Hikes, on “How to Fight Dandruff.” Many discussions were held on such subjects as “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?," “Adults Jealousy of Beer Bars,” and “Ways of Making Oshkosh More Exciting.” Meetings were held all the time at the Bam with Atmosphere and officers were elected every time they met to guarantee more efficiency to the society. Looking ahead to next year, the society has numerous new events planned to exceed this past year’s activities. Richard Nixon on “The Joy of Winning,” and Yul Brynncr Th moling Houo 93ROW 1: M. Bonomor, C. Sowitki, E. Wogn«r, J. Domaho»ki ROW 2: Or. Ncuhlai. R. P t«rton. J. Mu» «lmon, T. Hoor . M. M u», Mr. Fay, 0. MoitruHa SOCIOLOGY CLUB Sociology Club is one of the newly organized academic clubs at Oshkosh State. It has been formed to meet the rising interest in sociology and social work. This year the program, growing out of suggestions by interested students, included having Dr. L. L. LeMas-ters, Director of the School of Social Work, University of Wisconsin-Madison and Milwaukee, speak to the group on aspects of social work. The club’s activities also included a trip to the Sociology Convention in Madison, during which several members presented papers, and heard numerous other talks on social security, handicapped children and other such subjects. The project for the current year was working on a file of social work catalogues for the entire United States. Mr. George Fay served as faculty adviser for the club. OFFICERS 94 ROW 1: C. Sowklci, $• .; P. Jolcubowiki, Hitt-Publ. ROW 1. R. PoUrton, Trtoi.; J. R nlm«e»!er. Chm.; M. H v»s, V-Chm.UNION BOARDS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE loft to right: A. Moroch, J. S hoenor, Mr. Sommerfield, J. Wolhooffor, S. Korgot, M. Stohmor, R. Wagner The Reeve Memorial Union, living room of (he college, provides services and conveniences to meet the daily needs of the students and faculty. During the past year the Union Board has played a very vital role in the presentation of cultural, social, and recreational programs of the highest caliber. The four committees, ably assisted by Mr. Sonuner-field, Union Director; Mr. Thomas, Assistant Union Director; and Steve Karges, Chairman of -the Union Board, luive worked to provide the student with a well balanced program of beneficial activities. SOCIAL COMMITTEE Silling, lofl lo right: M. Welland, B. Daniolton, J. Wetting, S. Becker, M. Notion Standing, left lo right: Mr. Thomot, i. Mali, R. Wegner, Chm.; R. Fitigerold, P. Stannard, C. lem, R. line, 0. Jotephton, J. Porlmon, N. Bullard, E. Broleimon HOUSE COMMITTEE Silting, left to right: B. Klecknor; J. Schooner, Chm.; C. King Standing, left to right: J. Schickert, S. Comoll, N. Bohn PROGRAM COMMITTEE Sitting, left to right: C. Scoville; M. Stohmer. Chm.; M. Gould Standing, left to right: Mr. Sommerfield. R. Ehlert, J. Hoore, G. Floether, G. Smith, A. Moore, 8. Michaltki PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE Sitting, left to right: B. Nithahara, J. Schmitx, A. Moroch, S. Hiddc Stonding, left lo right: J. Bylow, K. Wendt, A. Schmidt 95ALPHA DELTA THETA ROW 1: S. Syenj, S. Hidde. H. Hofmon, M. S hmid, J. Sthumo h r, S. Schad STANDING: Mr. J. I. Kaiper Alpha Delta Theta, Chi Chapter, is the national professional sorority on campus organized in 1960 to unite women enrolled in a course of Medical Technology. Activities for the past year included assisting Alpha Phi Omega with the annual blood drive. In February, the group held its annual Founder’s Day banquet at Robbin's Supper Club. Mrs. Moon, the national treasurer, was a guest at the banquet. Pledging of new members and initiation ceremonies were held both semesters. Other activities in which the members took part during the year were a bake sale and a picnic. Officers for the year included Jeanette Morrison Timm, president; Helen Hofman, vice-president; Shirley Schad, secretary; and Sandra Hidde, treasurer. Mr. John Kasper served as adviser to the group. 96ROW 1: M. Scheidermoyer, Pret.; A. Lueck; J. Greet; 0. Trinrud; 0. freimund; J. Gieli ROW 2: A. Roboin; K. Provoncher; P. Kolorik; J. Pockot; L Kono-woltki; K. Fitcher; S. Ewold; J. Gunther; $. Immelj J. Armttrong The J. A. Breese Chapter of the Student National Education Association has been very active in providing various experiences for those who are interested in the field of teaching. The campus school children presented an interesting panel discussion on “Tips For Student Teachers”. The panel was moderated by Dr. N. Frenzel. Miss Helen Halpert presented a speech on the place of speech correction in the elementary and high schools. Mr. Steven Suhm of the Oshkosh school system presented a talk on the field of guidance in education today. Other interesting activities included an alumni panel of teachers; a visit by high school students from surrounding communities, who were interested in the teaching profession; and a smorgasbord in May. STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION ROW Is J. Moericke; N. Dettori; I. Gotei. V. Pro .; B. Scheider; J. Doertch; J. Roce, Sec. ROW 2: G. Boettcher; H. Prollot; G. Sellin; J. Wilt; J. Bartel; J. Brewer; B. Kiehnoo; t. Harnett; N. Tutchl, Tret. 97 STUDENT GOVERNMENT OFFICERS ROW 1: 0. Zitlow, Treat.; R. North, $• .; R. Hulchiton, Prot.; C. Trudoau, V.-Prot. ROW 2: Mr. Rollings, Advisor; Mr. Dollar, Advisor ABSENT: Mr. Edelhoit, Advisor ROW 1: P. Jokubowtki, G. Sollin, S Hiddo. C. Roinhord. M. I. S hryver, Z. Jonos, J. Brown ROW 2: Z. Spindlor, R. Burkart, O. Niovwojoor, S. Korget, J. Borgor, R. Potorton ROW J: R. Johnson, M. Konnody, C. Piekori, M. list, C. Peterson ROW 2: J. WollhooFor, P. Florok, K. Krueger, M. Barton, P. S hoenberger Student Government Legislature, the student representative and student governing body on campus, is composed of seven representatives from each class. Its powers as stated in its constitution arc to provide for the general welfare of the student body and to serve as the official voice of the student body. With these in mind, Student Government Legislature has helped to effect many changes for the good of the college and has broken ground for more such changes. Student Government legislature has proved itself an important and integral part of the student body. 98PURSUIT A. Voeltz, S. Pow ll, $. Belling, K. Sullivan, K. fronk, W. Wimmer Pursuit Magazine is one of the most recent organizations on campus. Organized in 1960, Pursuit has produced five issues containing the literary and artistic accomplishments of students and professors at OSC. One of the major difficulties of Pursuit has been the organization of a complete and working staff because editorship changes often and reorganization is just as often. After the first two publications, the magazine obtained an office in the fine arts building, where they are presently located. The event was a tremendous aid to the workability of the staff. One of the aims of the magazine is to give the students an opi ortunity to express themselves outside the restrictions of classroom assignments, and to share their ideas with those who most appreciate them. In the future. Pursuit hopes to publish scientific essays and musical compositions in order to broaden the field from which expressions of students and student life can come. Publication of an issue occurs once a semester; but, future plans include three or four issues a year, with a full and working staff. 99QUIVER ROW I: S. Snathall, divition pogtt; K. Rtynoldt, indox editor, senior; S. Wilton, index; J. Retileff, index ROW 2: J. Ziegenhogen. photogrophy editor; C. Meyer, otto iote; i. Merwin, divition pages; P. Brixiut, greek, typing; V. Gneiser, greek editor, W. Albert, photographer; G. Baker, editor h cfchf The Quiver Staff had to start the school year out with an idea to erase the previous year’s Quiver from the student’s minds. Seeing as how everyone was skeptical about the promptness of the book, the staff worked with vigor to produce a larger annual filled with new ideas and colored photos. Deadlines were met and thus a collegiate yearbook was produced at last. Many industrious people were on the staff, led by a slave driving editor-in-chief. His constant call kept everyone going and when things lagged, he was there cracking the old whip. ROW 1: i. Buboli, orgoniiotiont; A. Wortmon, orgonicotiont; C. Art , religion editor; M. Schaefer, faculty ROW 2: L Nogler, cover dotign; J. Wanner, photographer; F. lefevre. living unit editor; 8. Mark , living unit , activity life; 0. Goodwin, activity editor; 0. Moede, tporft editor ABSENT: J. Uttech, tenior editor; S. Hoover, competition Shown here it the utuol view of the editor, fitting back in the eoty chair and watching everyone work. The group worked well together and had many happy times. The Quiver office was called home by many who spent their precious spare hours there. Although a tiring and busy year, it was a profitable one for many. A party was held to celebrate the book being finished. It is with pleasure that we can now present to you your 1963 Quiver. 100Juicy ills on lop of the cobinct in the standard way of picking out pictures. Penny sits ot the typewriter misspelling copy, while Mable is on the table dictating. It pays to advertise. «! In coming to the rescue of Penny ond Juley while they were in a book plageriting, Sharon got hooked up in the coat hanger. Sue practices using the poper cutter. Dove and Gil read a letter from Mama — another complaint on last year's book. "It it finished," comments Shielo ofter the hectic year on the book and all is done. 101ROW 1: J. Zivgtnhogtn, H. Foreman, T. Whoelor, 0. Von Dykt, R. Klan r, J. WaMorf, D. W»nd»l, M. Williamt, J. Wonnrr, C. Johnson ROW 2: R. Cimvrmonit, $. BooWt, K. Quam. J. Moriimik, J. Boyd, A. Boduhn, A. Btlongi . M. longsine, B. Thomas. O. Detch, G. Rootslor, A. Pribbarnow ROW 3: Mr. 0. Zaholka, Advisor; £. Bertram, K. Rosek, M. Bremner, $. Feudner, A. Moore, K. Wendt, B. Ihlenfeldt, S. Bwestrin, P. Parker, J. Go moll. P. Framer ADVANCE The Oshkosh ADVANCE, OSC college newspaper, is published by the students, for the students, about the students, to inform the students. Like any college newspaper, the ADVANCE keeps the students at OSC informed of what is happening on campus. The year 1962-63 was no exception. Under the direction of executive editor, John Walsdorf, the paper continued to expand its coverage. A special edition was circulated for Homecoming. Something new was added in the form of national ads and gort. With the advent of second semester and new co-editors, Annette Belongie and Anita Pribbemow, controversy set in. The letters-to-the-editor section increased in size as opinions varied on pay for the editors. Added to the list of objections were the columns, “Newsweak” and “Shots in the Dark.” In commemoration of April 1, the MADVANCE hit the stands and the college with satirical stories. In April the ADVANCE, together with the Quiver, hosted the Wisconsin College Publication Association convention. Students connected with publications at the nine state colleges attended the convention. To honor the unending work done by the staff, a Christmas party was held in December, and a picnic in May. These are the makings of a college newspaper. The fourth estate exists on the OSC campus. It continues to provide news coverage of campus life, and will continue to do so. 102Looking into the Advance office on Tuesday night, one can see the paper being put together for the distribution (3,400 copies) on Friday. Also, on Tuesday evening, one can see the proofreaders checking and correcting all errors that the copyreaders or printer made. Friday comes and the office is the setting for the circulation staff, mailing out copies to colleges, universities, high schools, and other people interested in Oshkosh State. 103TOP: M. t. $ hryvor, P. Oohrman BOTTOM: S. Donnis, S. Pohlow, I. Sowittki, N. Bullard CHEERLEADERS These six attractive girls in gold and white, the Cheerleaders, combined their enthusiasm and leadership to contribute spirit to our athletic teams during games at home and away. They continued their spirit by sponsoring the Queen's dance for homecoming festivities and accompanying the OSC conference champs to Kansas City for the NAIA basketball tournament. The group included Nancy Bullard. Lois Sawitski, Sue Pahlow, Shele Dennis, and co-captains Pam Dohrman and Mary Lynn Schryver. Alternates were Lois Anderson. Jane Beck, and Edie Konop. 104N. Schroeder, J. Scheiboch, J. Eichttoedf, J. Hubbard B. Ryon S. Wil on 5. Jehntan M. Pelry TITANETTES The origination of the Titanettes. our pom-pom girls, was achieved in October of this year. The group performed at football and basketball games with an outstanding performance at the Green Bay Packer Stadium over national television. At all performances, the girls presented original routines. Members of the Titanettes this year included Joanne Scheibach; Meribeth Petry; Betty Ryan; Janet Hubbard; Sue Sutliff; Sue Wilson; Nancy Schroeder; Judy Eichstaedt and Sally Johnson. Captain. Alternates were Rozanne Nielson and Inga Torok. Their advisor is Dr. Dennis and their director is Mr. Neice. In the coming year, the Titanettes hope to increase in size in order to present the many planned performances even more effectively. Qualifications for membership are based on ability, appearance, and size and a realization of work on a four year basis."O” CLUB ROW 1: B. $!ra k, H. Brannon, 1. lowther. N. DaBriyn. F. Mark . 0. Moada, W. Wilton ROW 2: K. Wildarmon, T. Kringt. J. Thome. R. Faldo, R. tmeriah, R. lindamonn, 0. Waidamonn, K. Huabnar The lettermen on campus compose the membership of “O” Club. It is an honorary organization with the specific purpose of promoting athletic fellowship. This spirit of fellowship and good will is cultivated by active participation by the club members in several campus activities. As a result, this year they backed the successful homecoming queen candidate and succeeded in defending their rope pulling crown in the winter carnival. The members of "O” Club also initiate activities. They are famous for Bratwurst Day and are noted for such events as Dad’s Day and the letterman's banquet. In an effort to offer service they operate the concessions at football basketball games and participate in Award’s Day. On whole, the “O” Club strives to do its part to keep college campus active and interesting. ROW I: 0. Stetfer, 0. Pontior, B. Ko h, M Deittrt. R. Werner, i. IhUr ROW 2: C. Srhomocher. i. Paine, T. Ekvoll, 0. Hogan, S. Solimon, i. Jaeger, D. Corriveou 106 HiORCHESTRA The orchestra under the direction of Mr. David ZefT opened its season with a concert on Tuesday, November the 13th, which featured the tenor soloist, Jon Vorisek, a member of the faculty of Oshkosh State. The orchestra assisted in the production of the opera “The Medium” in February. The Orchestra then gave a second concert on Tuesday, April the 9th, before they went on the road for a few days on tour. The faculty string quartet, organized by Mr. ZefT, presented a recital in October in conjunction with Jon Vorisek, tenor soloist; and later in May the faculty quartet, with Willis Buettner as clarinet soloist, gave another recital in the lounge of the Reeve Memorial Union. 107CONCERT CHOIR Under the direction of Dr. Stanley Linton, the Oshkosh State College Concert Choir again spent much time and effort preparing to present another successful season. The group is composed of 110 members whose voices are combined to produce a satisfying experience in harmony. The season was officially opened with a program on November 19 and 20 given at the First Congregational Church. They produced the Brahms’ "Requiem” with organ accompaniment featuring soloists Maud Nosier and Richard Schreiber of Chicago. The choir also performed at the dedication of the Forrest R. Polk Library in November. As with many organizations, tradition is often a vital part. One such example of tradition in the Choir is participation by the members in the annual production of the "Messiah”, a presentation of the community choir. Thus several of the members continued the tradition on December 2. The choir as a whole continued its work on March 3 by appearing with the Civic Orchestra of Oshkosh. In the early part of April the choir went on tour, stopping off at Manitowoc, Green Bay, and Sheboygan. In Green Bay, a T.V. tape was made which was shown on April 7, Palm Sunday. The choir concluded its activities for the year by presenting a Spring Concert, April 30. On the whole, the organization continued working to present to OSC their usual fine tradition. It is quality such as they’ve presented this season, which gives them just cause for pride. 108MEN’S GLEE CLUB ROW I: 0. Morkofski, C. Culbertson, 0. Honselmon, H. Kober, E. Watkins ROW 2: i. Melberg, K. Koehler, A. Abroham, P. Meigaard. P. Utto h, P. Ebbott ROW 3: G. Virth, G. Gerhorti, I. Maos, R. Eslien, K. Krueger The Male Glee Club is a new group on the campus which was organized under the direction of Mr. Jon Vorisek. The group appeared in a spring program during the month of May. The Music Department plans on making the Male Glee Club one of its outstanding units for the coming year. WOMEN’S GLEE CLUB Another group organized on the campus this year was the Women’s Glee Club under the direction of Mrs. Hoik Linton. The group presentee! a joint concert with the choir on Tuesday, April 30th. The group plans on a more extensive program in the coming years. 109MARCHING BAND CONCERT BAND This year witnessed the combination of the Marching and Concert bands into a single unit. As with any form of progress, such a step involved problems as well as benefits. The commanding power and new vitality apparent in the combined bands were certainly easily noticeable benefits, while the mechanical aspects involved the less noticeable problems. Such a problem was the delay in the delivery of new band uniforms. However, with a little luck the uniforms arrived in time for the dedication of the Forrest R. Polk Library. A few days later the band performed in resplendent glory on national TV during the half time of the Baltimore Colt - Green Bay Packer game in Green Bay. Continuing this spirit of service and entertainment, the band played at all of the home football and basketball games, as well as presenting their Mid-Winter and Spring Concerts. These activities were combined with marching in the Community Fund Drive Parade, Homecoming Parade, and the Memorial Day Parade. They also performed for the Homecoming halftime festivities at Whitewater State Cpllege. In addition to this they also went on their annual band tour. 110This lour included stops at Wautoma, Portage, Pounette, and Markesan. All in all, such a list of activities proved a heavy schedule for this organization. Hats off to Mr. Thomas Neice and the associate director of bands, Willis Buettner, for a wonderful year with the band at Oshkosh State. With this in mind one can only wait to see many more surprises for the coming year. Ill The Marching Tilont perform before national TV audience.CANTERBURY Row I: A. Simon !, R. Soronson, N. Dtitort Row 2: J. Ziegenhogtn, 0. Muind , G. Soiko. C. Grimm, R. Fl t h r, Mr . S hn k Inter-Faith Council is composed of two representatives from each of the religious organizations on campus and a faculty advisor. Inter-Faith Council is the one religious group that the college can work with in a direct way and to which certain privileges can be extended. The Council serves as a clearing house for requests from all of the organizations, and because the college can assist a non-sectarian organization, all of the religious groups have and will continue to be aided in many ways by the college. The Council serves to coordinate the activities of the organizations. This year the Inter-Faith Council sponsored the annual Religious Emphasis Week, February 11-14. Mr. Max Gaebler of the Unitarian Society of Madison was the keynote speaker and addressed the college on the theme of the week, “God’s Place in the Space Age.” All religious groups on campus engaged in special activities during this important week. Officers were Jane Hoare, President; Dick Sorenson, Vice-President; Sandy Lang, Secretary; Judy Berg, Treasurer; and Dr. James Unger, Faculty Advisor. Canterbury, consisting of all Episcopalian students on campus, has had another successful year. Knowledge was gained first hand with trips to Nashota House Seminary at Nashota, Wisconsin and to St. Paul’s Cathedral at Fond du Lac. Meetings were held twice a month with excellent discussions on many phases of the church and the role religion plays in the life of college students. In the latter part of the second semester the group had Father Keyes of Blessed Sacrament Church, Green Bay. give an interesting talk on the churches of the state with slides to supplement his talk. New officers were elected in May at a picnic which was held to culminate the activities of the year. Officers this past year were: President, Dick Sorenson; Vice-President, Linda Gates; Secretary-Treasurer, Nancy Dessert; Faculty Advisor, Dr. George Soika; Religious Advisor, The Reverend William Spicer. INTER-FAITH COUNCIL ROW 1: J. B rg. D- Sor n»on, J. Moor , S. long ROW 2: G. Morkgrof. 0. Mo»»r«ho, J. Mulhioni. A. Sond rs Thow not pr t nf when fh pktwr wo »ok n w r S. Gunnlougion. D. Goodwin. M. John. C. H lm, ond 0». Jom » Ung r 113While the chapter of the Lutheran Student Association of America at OSC has as its primary purposes the encouragement of all interested students to Christian commitment and the strengthening of members in Lutheranism, the members’ social life is not neglected. Meetings consist of fellowship, devotion, recreation, panel discussions, movies, song-fests, and group trips to weekend retreats, or Ashrams. As an active organization on campus, LSA takes part in such events as Homecoming, Winter Carnival, and Religious Emphasis Week. Potior Hetiler. Regionol Hood; Steve Thompton, Pretident, Semeiter I; and Potior Woinbondor, contort potior. Polor Sweeney. Mitt Bekkedal, odvitor; and Bruce Nolton, Protidont, Semetler II. LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION ROW 1: Dave VonDreete, Corolino Helm, Bonnie lemke, Joonne Hecker. Mory Peterton. loit Wangerin ROW 2: Ron Schreiber, Sandy Lang. Adeline Robert!, Kathy Wroltlad, Ruth Pieli, Marilyn Riedel ROW 3: Tom VanHeuklon, Ted Mickelton, Jim McCauley. LeeAnne Crottenbach, Peler Sweeney ROW 4: Bruce Nelton, lorry Moat 114ROW 1: Judy Andrews, Dion Houslor, Doris S hroed«r, Antoinette Harder. Varna Mueller, Joan Rohlft, Judy Wuerrh, Judy Reine ke, Sandra loa Harder ROW 7: Sandra Erlcer, Barbara Nishiharo, Judy Wendt, Shoron Srhlaeger, Diana Reible, Ruth Jana Justmon, Diana AH, Pol Johnson, Judy Hamarlay, Helen Kostorff ROW 3: Adolph Froeheke, Rev. Poul W. luaderi, Don Srhuattpali, Jerry Golow, Ronald Feltner, Gerald Martens, David Simon, Or. Gaede GAMMA DELTA Delta Mu is the local chapter of Gamma Delta International Association of Lutheran Students. Yearly activities of the group consist of a combination of religious and social functions. At the weekly meetings, the group may participate in a student led Bible discussion or hear a talk given by a local religious leader. Social functions during the past year have included a roller skating party, pizza party and picnic. Members of the group also participated in the Homecoming parade and the group’s ice sculpture took fourth place in the Winter Carnival contest. This year's officers are the following: Don Schuettpelz, President; Ron Felsner, Vice President; Judy Wuerch, Secretary; Judy Reinecke, Treasurer. Gothering laughs 115ROW 1. loft 10 right: J. Witt, C. Arpko, N. Ninon. I. Bustard, J. Kugtor, J. Hoore. ROW 2; A. Harriion, M. Stohmor, R. Hutihiion, R. Doming, T. Hoaro. J. Brookor, M. loomit. WESLEY The Wesley Foundation was organized in 1946 to unite students in a fellowship group and to develop religious and social interests. This group is sponsored by the Methodist Church and it holds its regular weekly meetings at Charter House. Activities of the year included deputation teams to West Bend, New London, Marinette, Waupun, and Osh- kosh. Many members also attended Methodist Student Movement Conferences at Pine Lake. The foundation entered the Homecoming house decoration contest and sponsored two banquets. The officers are Tom Hoare, President; Amy Lundstrom, Vice President; Nea Nissen, Secretary; and John Robinson, Treasurer. ROW I, I ft to right: A. lundttrom, J. long . J. Boyd. M. Schiodormoyor, G. Bon. ROW 2: C. Kwtor, J. Ruff, J. Robimon. J. Choropow, N. Hoitt, J. Mwthioni, J. Storbokkon. 116117ROW 1: H l n Prollot, Noncy TutcM, Noncy How . Jon.t Stu tt9 n, Kor n Ro k, PhylKt Kolorik, Ruth lorg , Judith Honk , Kothy Sullivan ROW 2: Clifford M ul man , John Waltdorf, Rob rt Eihcir, Dal Bri ban«, lynn Konowoliki, Mary Su W inmon, Ro» W inmon, Suian Clavan, Ruth Kr tr, Thomas W b«r, Micha l 0'Conn ll, P l W nx l, Robert O Keone. John Sparapani NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Movement, as a part of campus life, is a threefold organization. It is active in religious, intellectual, and social realms. Much has been done to further these organizational goals in the last year. The Newman Hall Chapel has been used for daily Mass, and Missions, and Retreats have been given for the spiritual guidance of all Catholics. All these things further the idea of a Collegiate Parish, in which all Catholic students are members. To further the intellectual growth of Catholics, classes have been offered in doctrine and theology. Fireside discussion groups have been organized. The library is enlarged and rearranged for better service. Socially, Newman Club entered the competition in Homecoming and Winter Carnival. The club placed second in over all competition in the Winter Carnival, with seconds in both Ice and Snow Sculpture. Dances, horseback riding, skating, and other activities were offered. A large delegation was present at the Houghton Regional Convention and at the Milwaukee Province Convention. A group from the local club will attend the national convention at Lafayette, Louisiana, in August. Much has been done in the past year, and the future year promises more. ROW 1: Barbara S hn i l r. Donna Bi d rwolf, Judy longtim , Carol P ir «, Undo Edminrter, Nancy Milan, Jeann Bvgotka. Ann Bomolaiki, Mary Bulchoff ROW 7: John Schlud . J rry Ludwig, Arthur Tong, Tom M lg r, C rold Corp nt r, Don Bi«bl, Bill B hring, Dave Edmintt r, Pr id nt; Bob Brook . Vic Pr ti-d nl; Tom Napi«rkowtki, Jim Countn y, Ralph Hopkins, K nn th Yock y, Doni l Kir»ch 118119ROW I, Mi to right: J. Eichitadt, S. Borlol, L. Jerred, S. Schilling, K. Johnton, J. Wintcrhack. ROW 2: A. Sondort, D. Polton, G. Bruin , S. Slot, D. luchiinger, D. Rupnow, S. Johnton, D. Drews, L. Didlo, E. Shabo. UNITED CHRISTIAN CAMPUS FELLOWSHIP The school year started with a banquet held in the Fraker Room of Reeve Memorial Union. Regular Wednesday night meetings were held with a variety of subjects discussed. In October a hay ride was held, and in December a caroling party took place. United Christian Campus Fellowship went on a winter outing at Camp Lucerne during the semester break. Second semester, the guest speaker for Religious Emphasis Week was Rabbi Myer Schwartz. All the churches concerned in the organization were visited during the Lenten Period. Officers for the year are Dale Luchsinger, President; Arlyn Sanders, Vice President; Sharon Stotz, Secretary; Shirley Johnson, Treasurer; Pam Dohrman, Inter-faith Representative; and Leader and Director Rev. Jack Lemar. 120ROW 1i J. Printvp, O. Gooding, N. Shon«brook, N. R»om r, 6. WoMo ROW 2: W. Bamotiok, J. Doughorty, J. Smith, J. Borg, E. Groichon, E. Waldo, G. Markgraf The informal Christian Science Organization at Wisconsin State College, Oshkosh was first organized in 1959. It is authorized by Article XXIII, Section 8 of the Manual of The Mother Church and its purpose is that of affording students, graduates, and faculty members who so desire, an opportunity to learn the truth about Christian Science, as taught in the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, and an opportunity to participate in the activities of the Christian Science movement. This year the organization participated in the observance of Religious Emphasis Week in cooperation with the Inter-Faith Coyncil. Mr. Chester Muth of Milwaukee was a guest speaker at that time. The group’s advisor, Mrs. Barbara Waldo, also participated in a panel discussion as a part of the Religious Emphasis Week activities. Plans are being made for the approval and adoption of a set of By-Laws, and the group is working for official recognition of the organization during this spring semester. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION I CALL THAT MIND FREE which jealously guards its intellectual rights and powers, which calls no man master, which does not content itself with a passive or hereditary faith, which opens itself to light whensoever it may come, which receives new truth as an angel from heaven, which whilst consulting others, inquires still more of the oracle within itself, and uses instructions from abroad not to supersede but to quicken and exalt its own energies. I CALL THAT MIND FREE which sets no bounds to its love, which is not imprisoned in itself or in a sect, which recognizes in all human beings the image of God and the rights of his children. William Ellery Channinc “THE FREE MIND” CHANNING-MURRAY FOUNDATION college group of Unitarian-Universalist Church of America 121 Dr. Morton deCorcey Nachlas, AdvisorROW 1: Jomit Hickey, Eugene McClone, Cory Pomier, Tom Olten, Harold Chrittenion, Jim Olten, Trod Wilt, Ray Werner, John Buter, Doug Hogan ROW 2: Warren Crobby, Ken laCroix, Bob Gentler, Jack Jetwintki, lenny Ultberger, Dave Weideman, Warren Murphy, Bill McAlloon, Ken Wilderman, Jim Paine ROW 3: Bob Barkhaut, Dick Hendrickton, Dick Schmidt, Jerome McClone, Mike Vat , Floyd Markt, Jim Jaeger, Bill Farhrenkrug, Harold Schlait, Jerry Gypp ROW 4: Dan Brown, Gordon Velboom, Jim Hamill, Dick Emerich, Don DeVorchek, Don Chermack, Sam Klika, Norbert Stahber, Ston Johnton ROW 5: Coach Bob Kolf, Attittanl Coach Eric Kitiman, Attislant Coach Ruts Young Emerich drives for more yordoge . . . Football 1962 RESULTS Oshkosh 6 River Falls 7 Oshkosh 6 U.W.M. 7 Oshkosh 13 Stevens Point 38 Oshkosh 19 Eau Claire 20 Oshkosh 0 Whitewater 35 Oshkosh 7 Plattevillc 14 Oshkosh 13 Stout 33 124Spotting o r iv r, Jim Jo g r prepares to throw on against UW-M. The Titans opened the season on a foreign gridiron at River Falls State. In that game the Titan defense was quite strong. The only scoring done against the Titans was in the second quarter when the Falcons scored on a short flat pass. The extra point proved to be fatal as the Falcons won 7-6. In the next game the Titans played host to the University of Wiscoasin-Milwaukee and again the extra point proved fatal as the score was 7-6. The game was a good defensive struggle without any scoring until late in the third when UW-M broke the ice. In the fourth quarter Jim Jaeger completed ten of the seventeen passes and the Titaas then scored on a quarterback keeper. Oshkosh lost their third straight at the hands of Steveas Point. The Titans got off to an early 6-0 lead. Rut then the Pointers started to fly. Following OSC’s kickoff, a CSC freshman ran through the Titan defense to score on an 85 yard return. The Titans came back to score on the passing of Jaeger to make the score 13-7 in OSC’s favor. From that point on it was Stevens Point all the way, using their speedy backflcld and forceful line for a final score of 38-13. UW-M wot (topped by the Titan's defense. 125OSC tripi up Eau Clair player. Coming back to the home field, the Titans were faced with another one point loss. This time at the hands of the Blugolds of Eau Claire State, 20-19. Early in the first quarter Payne recovered an Eau Claire fumble and on the next series of downs Dick Emerich scored. The remainder of the quarter was a very interesting defensive battle featuring interceptions by Payne and Tom McAloon. In the second quarter Emerich carried the ball to the Eau Claire 15 yard line to set up a quarterback-keeper for a score by Jaeger. The extra point was good to put the Titans in front 13-0. In the fourth quarter the Hlugolds capitalized on Titan errors to tie up the game at 13-13. The Titans came right back with a touchdown by Emerich. The extra point proved drastic again as the Titans missed. Eau Claire came back to score and make the extra point. The final score: 20-19. Titant try again in Homecoming gam ogoimt Plattevill . Whitewater was the next opponent. The Titans had a difficult time both offensively and defensively against a strong Warhawk team. The halftime score was 14-0. Just when it looked like the Titans were on the move. Whitewater pushed their way into a homecoming victory, 35-0.OsHkoth ottompft to ttop Stovtnt Point. The battered Titans returned home for their Homecoming game with the Platteville Pioneers. The first half of the game proved to be a good defensive battle as there wasn’t any scoring. The deepest penetration, of Platteville during the first half was to the Titan 29 yard line. The first score of the game came early in the third quarter when the Pioneers scorer! on a pass play. The extra point was good and the score stood 7-0. Within the next few minutes the Titans fumbled deep in their own territory and the Pioneers capitalized to make the score 14-0. The Titans were put back in the game by a series of | asses by .Jim Jaeger. The extra point was added by Lenny Ullsberger and the score was 14-7. Although the Titans looked brilliant offensively for the remainder of the game, it was too late to save the cause and the final score stood at 14-7 in favor of Platteville. The Titans finished the season at Stout State with a defeat. The final score was 33-13. Tho detenu pours it on to o Stout Stoto ployor ot Monominoo.ROW Is P. Nordgt n, T. Ekvoll, D. Moede ROW 7: D. Seng«r, W. Hurob, R. Sa«g»r, Coo«h Dtxtltky CROSS COUNTRY Stalt Champion Don Mvindt. Tho first year in cross country competition for Oshkosh State was a rousing success. Dan Muinde captured much recognition for the squad. He set new course records at Menominee Park. Oshkosh, at Whitewater, and at Stevens Point. At the Stevens Point meet Muinde placed first and won the state championship. As a team, the harriers placed fifth in the Wisconsin State College Conference. Encouraged by such performances as this, Coach Tom Dezelsky is looking forward to more recognition for Oshkosh during the next season. 128ROW 1: J. Ja»g»r. M. Dieters. R. Ko K, 0. Austin, A. Schmidt, R. lindemonn, D. Carriveou ROW 2: Coach Ruts Young, T. Stoinhaut, K. MacDonald, R. Werner, J. VonGrintven, J. Peterson. 0. Route, J. Thome, Assist. Coach Robt. KoK, Manager W. Wilton BASKETBALL Conference Champions CONFERENCE STANDINGS OSHKOSH STATE W 11 L 1 La Crosse 9 3 Stevens Point 9 3 Plattcville 7 5 River Falls 6 6 Eau Claire 5 7 Whitewater 4 8 Stout 3 9 Superior 3 9 UW-Milwaukee 3 9 129Al Schmidt dwnki the boll for two. Doan Auttin outjumpi opponent and aims for onother bucket. The State-champ Titan Basketball squad had an over-all record of 14-9 and a conference record of 11-1. The team started the season off rather slowly with non-conference losses to Northern Michigan, Michigan Tech, Carroll College, and St. Norberts in an overtime. Then they won their first conference game by beating Platteville at Platteville 86-80. The following Wednesday found the Titans taking their only loss of the season in the conference to Stevens Point in the Albee Gym 65-61. After that loss they split their next two games in the Oshkosh Holiday Tournament. The opening night the Titans downed the Knights of St. Norbert 82-81. In the championship game the following night the OSC cagers lost to Carroll on a last second basket, 85-83. After the Christmas vacation the Titans were host to three conference games — La Crosse, Superior, and Whitewater. Home court advantage or no home court advantage, the Titans still would have come through in fine style. As it was they swamped all three foes; Superior 95-75, I-a Crosse 74-69, and Whitewater 77-57. The team from Wisconsin State at Oshkosh was finally beginning to receive some attention as a definite contender for the No. 1 spot in the State. Eiulosod Doug Corrivoou outhuitlci Superior loom lo koep pournion. 130The Titans went on the road to Illinois to face Northern Illinois University and the University of Chicago. They lost both games 84-71 and 67-49, re-spectively. The taste of defeat was bitter and the battling Titans made sure it didn't come back for a long time. They went on to win nine straight with seven being conference games and thusly became the State College Conference Champs. In the close games the Titans beat Plattcville 90-88, UW-Milwaukee 62-60, Eau Claire 55-53, Whitewater 55-51, and Lakeland 67-66. In the routs the Titans was over Kipon 69-59, Stout 82-68, Stevens Point 70-57, UW-Milwaukee 86-56. Going into the playoffs the Titans won the two out of three game series with Lakeland. The first night in Sheboygan the Titans took a definite advantage by edging the ‘big fishes’ 67-66. But lakeland wasn’t through yet as they handed the Titans their first loss in 33 days, 86-84. The series, now even, went to a final showdown game at the Armory in Sheboygan. Winning that big one 86-80 put OSC on the top in the State and on their way to Kansas City, Missouri. In KC on March 12, 1963, the hearts of all OSC cagers and fans were stunned by a last second basket by Lewis Clark College of Oregon in the first round of the NAIA tournament 75-74.Beside the most successful basketball year since 1949 the Titans set two new school records: Dean Austin for the most field goals in one season and Doug Carri-veau for the most assists in one season. Austin led the team in scoring with 512 points followed by Jim Jaeger, the little 5'8" guard, with 366 points, and Doug Carriveau with 317 points. Hounding out the starting five, Al Schmidt, the 6'6" center, had 167 points and Ron Lindemann with 122 points. Totals for the team against their opponents were as follows: The Titans attempted 1,763 field goals and made 668 for a 37.8% shooting percentage while their op-ponents attempted 1,695 and made 666 for a little better than a 39.2%. In free throws, the Titans attempted 731 and made 428 for a 58.7%. While their opponents attempted 619 and made 378 for 61.0%. The Titans committed 472 fouls to their opponents 524. In total points the Titans managed to get 1,764 to their opponents 1,710. In spite of the lack of height of the Titan team they managed to out-rebound their opponents by 1,194 to 996. Congratulations to Coach Russ Young and his Titans for a season never to be forgotten in the anals of OSC basketball. Bob Koch spreads oimi for Ihe boll. John Thome bailies lo gel clear from UW-M. 132CHAMPION’S RESULTS OSHKOSH 64 Northern Michigan 93 OSHKOSH 57 Michigan Tech 62 OSHKOSH 67 Carroll College 74 OSHKOSH 92 St. Norlxtrt College 94 OSHKOSH 86 Platteville State 80 OSHKOSH 61 Stevens Point State 65 OSHKOSH 82 St. Norbert College 81 OSHKOSH 83 Carroll College 85 OSHKOSH 74 LaCrossc State 69 OSHKOSH 95 Superior State 75 OSHKOSH 77 Whitewater State 57 OSHKOSH 71 Northern 111. Univ. 84 OSHKOSH 49 Univ. of Chicago 67 OSHKOSH 69 Ripon College 59 OSHKOSH 90 Platteville State . 88 OSHKOSH 62 UW-Milwaukee 60 OSHKOSH 55 Eau Claire State 53 OSHKOSH 82 Stout State 68 OSHKOSH 70 Stevens Point State 57 OSHKOSH 86 UW-Milwaukec 56 OSHKOSH 55 Whitewater State 51 Wisconsin NAIA Playoff OSHKOSH 67 Lakeland College 66 OSHKOSH 84 Lakeland College 86 OSHKOSH 86 Lakeland College 80 Kansas City NAIA Tournament OSHKOSH 74 Lewis Clark of Ore. 75 Th nover ending huttle for the rebound. 133 Dean Auitin ovtjumpt opponent for two points in NAIA playoff.ROW I: 0. Polochcck, G. Mueller, H. Moertl, J. Ziert, C. Honten. J. Molt, W. leichtmon, R. Cavonough, R. Walk ROW 2: R. McRobertt, J. lautemchloger, 0. OuMonthier, R. Merger, Cliff Peterton, J. Wonner, C. line, 0. Meliut ROW 3: 0. Cio», Coach DeieUky, R. Porodiie SWIMMING SEASON S RESULTS OSHKOSH 65 LaCrosse State 30 OSHKOSH 54 Michigan Tech 32 OSHKOSH 77 River Kails State 18 OSHKOSH 60 Stevens Point State 35 OSHKOSH 46 UW-Milwaukec 49 OSHKOSH 45 Univ. of Chicago 50 OSHKOSH 56 Winona State of Minn. 39 OSHKOSH 61 Michigan Tech 21 OSHKOSH 64 Milwaukee Inst, of Tech. 31 OSHKOSH 63 Platteville State 21 OSHKOSH 62 Platteville State 33 OSHKOSH 58 Stevens Point State 36 134The second year of the organization of the Oshkosh State College competitive swim team proved to be outstanding in victories and accomplishments. The Titan swimmers, coached by Tom Dezelsky, presented an impressive record of 10 wins and 2 losses. They out-scored their opponents by over 300 points and set eleven records. In their first meet the Titans downed LaCrosse and went on to defeat Michigan Tech, River Falls, and Stevens Point. In the next two meets the Titans lost close battles to UWM and the University of Chicago, but they made a comeback by swimming six consecutive dual meet victories thus proving their worth as one of the best swim teams in the state. In addition, Coach Dezelsky‘s swimmers finished second in the conference swimming meet at OSC. Included in the eleven records set this season were four pool records set by the swim squad. The records are as follows: in the 400-yard medley. Rusty Line, John Wanner, Dave Polachek, and Jack- Lautenschlag-er; in the 50-yard freestyle, Dave Polachek; in the 100-yard freestyle, Bill Leichtnam; in the 200-yard butterfly, Bud Moertl; in the 200-yard backstroke, Rusty Line; in the 500-yard freestyle, Bob McRoberts; in the 200-yard breaststroke, John Wanner; and finally in the 400-yard freestyle relay, Lautenschlager, Leichtnam, Polachek, and McRoberts. Mel Mickey, a February graduate, also set a record for the most points in diving with 191.4 The individual scoring this season was topped by five freshmen and two juniors. Freshman Bob McRoberts took scoring honors with 118 points; Dave Polachek and John Wanner scored 107V6 and 70Vfc points, respectively, to gain the second and third positions; junior Rusty Line was fourth with 68 4 points; and junior Jack Lautenschlager was right behind with 62 2 points; freshman Bud Moertl and Larry Mueller rounded out the top seven positions with 48 4 and 48 ! oints, respectively. The progress the swimmers have shown this year deserves praise for both the coach and the team. It is with hope we can look forward to another outstanding season in the year to come. 135ROW t: W. Alb«rt, J. S«mrad, M. Maraich, J. Krueger ROW 2: K. Thompton, T. Carroll. G. Gillinghom, R. Budotki WRESTLING Another first in the ana Is of OSC sports in 1963 was the forming of the Wrestling team. The team finished eighth in the state with all ten teams in the conference participating. Although OSC placed eighth they did well under the circumstances. Joe Semrad took the championship and Tom Car-roll took consolation honors in the 115 lbs. and 147 lbs. class, respectively. Others who certainly deserve recognition are Jim Krueger, Marty Marasch, and Gary Gillingham, who put forth their best efforts. Congratulations are in order for young Coach John Martinson for a fine job. It was certainly no secret that there wasn’t much interest in wrestling at OSC this season. This is illustrated by the fact that OSC went to the state tournament at La Crosse with no entries in the 123 lbs., 130 lbs., 177 lbs., 191 lbs., and heavyweight divisions. This was beyond a doubt why our Titan wrestling team finished eighth in the state. It is through the hopes of these men that the future of wrestling as a collegiate sport at OSC is based upon. Everyone is looking forward to the team next season. 136Vf It .4 ROW 1: T. Suinhout, R. Schaefer, T. Peerenboom, D. Brown, J. Thome. J. Schoebeck, G. Schvmocher ROW 3: J. Korb, W. McDonald, R. Win, R. Ftlda, R. Woldt. D. Schwort, Coach I. Kidman ROW 3: G. Johnton, 0. Ritter, L Lowther, Mgr. R. Burkart, D. Held, G. Schlieve. K. Huebner BASEBALL Thirty-eight candidates reported for the opening practices held in the Albee Hall gym. Fifteen of these hopefuls were returning lettermen. The main problem was finding a second baseman. Oshkosh State should have good defensive strength as can be shown by its opening games. The Titans won its first four games when this book went to press and thus extended its winning streak to seventeen games against non-conference foes. The opener for the season was a double header against St. Norbert College as the team swept past them with scores of 2-0 and 5-0. During the following week the Titans en- tertained Hipon College by defeating them 10-3. The team was then back out on the field the next day to cut down I iwrence College and beat the Vikings 7-3. The remainder of the season’s schedule consists of three nonconference games and ten conference games. The baseball squad is headed and coached by Dr. Eric Kitzman. 137TENNIS ROW 1: R. Dicdrich, 6. Ml«r ROW 2: Coach Blackinger, J. Semrad, K. Petenon During Spring vacation while all of us students were home enjoying the free time, the Oshkosh State tennis team was having its first match of the season with Ripon College. The team has their work cut out for them as last year’s team won the state championship and the team has held this title for four out of the last five years, but with the men who turned out for the team this year it looks like Oshkosh could retain the title. The state meet will be held here in Oshkosh on May 18. Of the men returning three are letter winners, Ray Werner, Braugeor Zeitler, and Doug Melius. Werner is a returning member of the 1962 championship double team while Zeitler was the 1961 singles champion. Other members of the squad who are out for victory are Dick Diedrich, Ken Peterson, Robert Johnson, Dan Nass, Joe Semrad, Dan Phillips, and Pat Bork. 1962 doubki champion, Ray Warner Zeitler gaH into action. 138ROW 1i T. ikvoll, C. Bo tuh«r, P. Nordgr«n, D. Corriv.ou, M. Droyd. R. Ro «, R. Soefl ' ROW 2: J. Potter, P. Go«tm, R. Supple. N. Umk«, A. Kuboth, R. Miller, D. Owyer ROW 3: L Hontbrough. B Humbert. J. Stroub, R. Houtwirth. P. Freund, R. Imerith, W. Hurob. 0. SteMer ROW 4: D. Moede. 0. Poeblmon. 0. Weidemonn, G. Gypp, J- 'hl r. T. Hewitt. J. loeffler, C. Brodley ROW 5: Cooth Rust Young TRACK The 1963 Track squad took to the Albee Gymnasium for the workouts right after the champion basketball team finished its season. Heading the list of candidates were eight returning lettermen. They were: Dan Muinde, broad jump and quarter-miler; Wayne Hurab, low hurdles, 220 yard dash, and 440 yard dash; Dean Moede, mile and two-mile; Doug Carriveau, pole vault, broad jump, and javelin; Jerry Ihler, high and low hurdles; Dave Weidemann, high and low hurdles; Dick Emerich, broad jump and 100 yard dash; and Paul Freud, high jump, a returning letterman from the 1961 track team. Among the good Freshmen prospects are Phil Nordgren. mile; Jeff Potter. 440; Jim Loeffler, pole vault; and Ray Hauswirth, shot and discus. o • _ 1 « 1 _______ - - x X 139GOLF The Oshkosh State Golf team hadn’t opened the season yet when this book went to press but of the men who came out, four were returning lettermen, Bill Jensen, Dale Eg-noski, Dave Betts, and Stan Salzman. Without last year’s state medalist Dave Graska. the team will have to all concentrate on finding a way to win and to better last year's record of five wins and three losses. The state meet will be held the third week in May. Dove 6ett» it out to practice Dale Egnotki and runt into trouble. Bill Jenten 140The success of the intramural program can be accredited to the hard work of Mr. Warren Goehrs. Throughout the year Mr. Goehrs has efficiently set up schedules for the various athletic tournaments in which hundreds of college men have participated. INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL Pcriclean Fraternity won the intramural touch football championship by a score of 13 0 over the Touch Ticklers. The game was dominated by a bigger Periclean squad and the fine passing of Jim Davis. The Ticklers were a determined squad right up to the final gun, coming close but never quite able to go all the way. It was a good, clean, hard fought game and brought a fitting end to the 1962 touch football season. ROW 1: J. Davit, R. Adomt. 1. Wienke, C. Daniel , N. Brown, 0. Auttin ROW 2. 0. Gut . B. Smith, 0. Petleweki, T. Pennewell. J. Ei h, B. Ko h. G. Fox, T. Kringt, D. Tonn INTRAMURAL VOLLEYBALL The Hogs retained their championship in the Intramural Volleyball League. In a match that ran true to form, the Hogs held off a good Shorties team to win two straight games. The Shorties rallied in the first game, only to fall short, and lose 16-14. Had they been able to win, the momentum would have been in their favor. The pressure was on in the second game and the Hogs won 15-9 to cop the championship. ROW 2: F. Mark , R. Adorn , R. Werner, R. Peterton. G. Fox, N. Brown, B. Forhenkrug 141ROW 1: f. Mark . 8. Fahronkrwg. J. Hamill. J. Jaogtr. N. Brown ROW 2: R. Adorn . 0. Woidomann, 0. C«M, 0. Auitin, 0. Phillip . P. FoHon, R. Imorith INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL The Periclean Chimps defeated the House of Fling for the Intramural Basketball crown by a score of 63 to 39. The champions were only behind in the opening of the game and then took the lead at 11 to 9 for good. The Chimps were led by P. Felton with 23 points and R. Emerich with 18. Dean Austin served as coach for the team. Loft to right; R, Worntr. F. Jungort. In the double elimination Intramural Badminton tournament Fred Jungers and Ray Werner defeated two-year champions Ron Adams and Dean Austin. In the loser’s bracket Adams and Austin defeated Steve Heiseand Ed LaFleur to play Jungersand Werner in the winner’s bracket. The scores in the final for the championship were: Adams-Austin 15-7, 15-12, 15-12; J ungers-Werner 17-14, 15-12, 15-1, 15 13, and 15-2. INTRAMURAL BADMINTON 142ROW 1: N. Brown, I. TrombU, W. Soorl, P. Slonnord, R. Adomt ROW 2: P. Fohon, R. Pollowtki, R. Wornor, R. Emerich INTRAMURAL WATER- BASKETBALL The Waterbasketball season was divided into two rounds of play this year. The first and second rounds were won by Periclean. In the first round the Pi Sigs beat the CAL Club. Due to a tie in the second round for second between CAL Club and the Aquaducks there was a playoff. The CAL Club won that one and found themselves up against Periclean for the second round championship. The rugged Periclean team won the over-all championship by whipping CAL Club by seven baskets. High scorer for the Champs was Wayne Searl. He was assisted by Norm Brown, Ron Adams, Ray Werner, and Dick Emerich. UNION BOWLING The Reeve Union intercollegiate bowling team finished their postal season on top of the Western Division of the Mid-States conference. Upon completion of the postal season they participated in a face-to-face conference roll-off. The winner of the roll-off would then represent the conference at the National Intercollegiate Bowling Tournament at Purdue University. Oshkosh finished second, but never the less represented the college well, in that they won three out of four of their matches. Paul Stannard had the season high average of 191.3, and also rolled the high individual series with a 690 count. ROW I: P. Slonnord, R. Jaeger, E. Broelimonn STANDING: A. Sirno, D. Sehneckenberg. P. Bork, E. Wolkini 143ROW 1: N. Dedeiing; J. V lk«r; I. Horn»t»; J. Kobk», S. 8 k r; J. Judton ROW 2: Mi»» Mkhoalides, Advisar; C. leni; 0. Oitrand; J. Trejo; J. Hoar . M. $ ho«nik«; K. Matuda PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Panhcllenic Council is composed of representatives from each of OSC’s six social sororities. This group was formed because of several common aims and ideals which these sororities promote: fostering college traditions, encouraging good scholarship, developing well-rounded personalities, and maintaining high social standards. In addition to these aims, the Council organizes “rush” and presents the annual Panhellenic Dance which was held February 23 with the main theme of “Grecian Mist.” Panhellenic Council also helps institute the sororities’ social calendar for the coming year and serves as a policy-making group concerning intersorority relations. SEMESTER I President........................... Mary Lynn Janssen Vice-President ....................... Carol Schroeder Secretary-Treasurer........Judy Kretz and C'onnie Ix nz Adviser............................. Miss Michael ides SEMESTER II President ......................... Karen "Kim” Masuda Vice-President ..............................Sally Becker Secretary-Treasurer...........................Jane Hoare Adviser................................ Miss Michael ides 146ROW J: K. Herold; I. Johnson; J. Wionko; J. Hougilond. Mr. Ouohl, Advisor ROW 2: R. Buntrock; 0. Morrill; G. Eggcrt; J. Timm; 0. Oombrowski; J. Froy INTER FRATERNITY COUNCIL Because of a new constitution being ratified this semester by Interfraternity Council, the group now has more power on the Oshkosh campus as stipulated by its constitution, under the auspices of the college. The motivating forces instrumental in strengthening IFC were Mr. Gary Quehl, Assistant Dean of Men, adviser to the group, and Doug Merrill, the president, who was outstanding for his leadership qualities. Doug Merrill semester I President SEMESTER II John Wienke.................... Jack Haugsland ................ Kent Herold.................... Dave Belinsky ................. Mr. Quehl ..................... ----President Vice President ----Secretary ---- Treasurer ......Adviser 147ROW 1, left to right: 5. Kropp; J. Uftech; S. Behrendt; S. loycock; R. Hir»ch; M. Schoeffer; J. Meli, Sec. I, II; J. Pelkey; G. Peterton, Pori. I; M. Schryver, AWS Rep. I, II ROW 2: M. Hildebrond; Z. Jone , Cu t. I. Corre . Sec. II; J. Morkt, Cu»t. II; B. Frothinger; $. Dovi ; M. N.lton, Hitt. II; 8. Lentz, Hitf. I; P. Oohrmon, Pon Hell Rep. I; K. Peterton ROW 3: M. Kennedy; M. Shorkey, Corre . Sec. I, Treo . II; C. Reinhordf, Pori. II; J. Jocob»on; 0. St. John, Pledge Troiner I, V. Pre . II; R. Reok; S. Hopp; S. Becker, Pon Hell Rep. I, II; A. Schmitt, Treo . I ROW 4: M. Schoenike. Pan Hell Rep. II; J. Jordon; J. Gehrke; K. Riewe, Chi Chi Ed. I, II; J. Schickert, Pre . II; J. Brown; B. Willord; R. Meier, Pledge Troiner II; J. Spice ROW 5: L Anderton; K. Holm; P. Ook»; G. Honion; P. Slorck; K. Nordilrom; E. Lewi ; J. Smith, Alumni Eilo , I, II; M. Welland ALETHEAN All good things come at once, or so it did for Alethean Sorority. After co-sponsoring the "Harvest Ball’’ with Philakean Fraternity, Homecoming awaited Alethean with two victories “We Tot'em We'd Top ’Em” won a first in house decorations and best of all, Sally Laycock was chosen for OSC Homecoming Queen. 148Having barely gotten over this victory, Alethean won first place in “Songfest” with sorority members dressed as nuns doing the “Preludium” and the “Processional” from The Sound of Music. Winter Carnival brought another honor with Geneva Peterson being chosen Snow Queen. Alethean sponsored the Annual Sweetheart contest in February and the funds from this dance are given to their annual scholarship. I-ater in the month, a dinner-dance was held at Tuscumbia Country Club of Green Lake. For Campus Carnival, Alethean used the theme of Western Round-Up. May’s events included a Mother’s Day Dinner before the A.W.S. Mother’s Day Tea. Cottage Weekend was held in Waupaca at the end of the month. 149ROW I: R. Johnson. D. Smith; J. Gilmore; J. OrHtke; J. Williams; C. Culbertson ROW 2: A. RafRi; R. Smith; R. Hlinak; R. Abraham; J. Smithers; D. Bjick ROW 3: J. Zieske; S. Spaulding; B. Sorenson; D. Van Irt; M. Robertson; W. Emrich; R. lorson ROW 4: I. Johnson. Hist. I, II; 0. Oombrowski; 0. Ahonen; J. Doyle; T. Book; R. Botin; C. Voeli ROW 5; Z. Spindler, V. Pres. I, II; H. lauritien; D. Stowe; J. Schudikk. J. Quimby; R. Lindburg; J. Timm. Pres. I. II; D. McCarthy ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA Alpha Kappa Lambda did not start out the school year by moving into a fraternity house as did their fellow Greeks. Instead, the brothers took their place on Titan Court in January. ,22 on Court . 150This did not retard their progress however. They fully participated in campus activities ranging from Homecoming to ice sculpturing. In the float competition for Homecoming, Alpha Kappa Lambdas entry was “We’ll Record a Victory" which used the traditional R.C.A. trademark for a theme. They continued their Homecoming activities by vigorously supporting Miss Carol Trudeau for queen candidate. Alpha Kappa Lambda renewed their school spirit in December beginning with participation in the Songfest. Singing selections from The Music Man in a barbershop setting, A.K.L. placed second. Invigorated by this victory, they competed in Winter Carnival’s snow and ice sculpturing contests. Using Showboat for the snow theme and Stop the World, 1 Want to Get Off for the ice theme, they proceeded to win a second place in the latter. They also back Bryan Sorenson for Snow King. Philakcan formally dropped its old title when it merged with Alpha Kappa Lambda this year and “went national.” The formal chartering presentation of these events took place in March. 151ROW 1: H. Brannon; K. Harold. IK Rap. I.H. Hilt. II; J. Borgor, Corn. Soc. I; R. Polar ion. V. Proi. I, Plodgo-Mt. I; D. Enli; R.Hondrick-ton, Soc. Chm. I, II; I. Soibol; Dr. Drako, Adviior ROW 7: E. Stodolo, Soc. Cbm. II. Ouortor-Mi. I; J. Frovol; 0. Wandol; R. Broom; 0. Winton; R. lohman, Plodgo-Mi. II, V. Proi. II, J. SKorrott, Corn. Soc. II ROW 3: C. Morquardt; G. Poanon, Plodgo-Mi. I, Roc. $• ■ II; • Trooi. II; G. Eggorf, Roc. Soc. I, IK Rop. II. Proi. II; . Schroodor; G. Sonnloilnor. E. Gronior, Pladgc-Mt II; D. Sothorlond ROW 4: G. Gorharti, Choploin II; R. Poffonroth; R. Schoofor; T. Knapp; G. Johnion; P. Mortyn, IK Rop. I, Proi. I; K. Januchowiki, Soc. Chm. I; D. Mottor, Ouortor-Mi. II ROW 5: T. Smith; J. Domm, Sgt.-ot-Arms II; I. Mwti; T. Frodrich; K. Von Haron; T. Toil; G. Bornt; Dr. lanon, Adviior Lady Victoria Chamberlain was the first female member of Iota Alpha Sigma. She is a St. Bernard nicknamed "Brandy,” who stays at the new Delta Kappa house on Titan Court. The first function of the Delta Kappas was their dinner with Senator William Proxmire. Then came Homecoming. Carol Trudeau of Kappa Gamma was selected for the Queen's Court with the support of Delta Kappa. The float showed "The Bare Facts” to OSC students. DELTA KAPPA 1258 Titan Court 152Delta Kappa’s James Berger claimed the “Ugly Man" title of Oshkosh; Rolf Peterson was on the King’s Court for the Winter Carnival; and Harry Brennan was the undisputed King of Hearts. “That Old Devil Moon” and “Carousel” were the Delta Kappa's themes of the ice and snow sculpture for the Winter Carnival. The semi-formal Christmas party at the Hickory House and the Red Rose Formal in May at the Rainbow Supper Club were the chief events of Delta Kappa, in addition to the “Songfest” which they sponsored in December. When Delta Kappa held its national convention in November at Stout State College and in spring at Ithaca, New York, members of the local chapter were present. 153ROW I: D. Oitrond, Pon H«ll. Rep. I, II; J. Schoener, Trees. I, II; J. Geitx, J. Peterson; J. Albee; G. Detch ROW 2: M. Janssen, Hitt. I, II; 8. Treml; M. liljettrond; 8. Buehner; C. Dunlavy; C. Olson, V. Pret. II; M. Roberts; J. Sehmahx. Sec. I ROW 3; 0. Yotick; P. Kolarik; C. Nelson; F. Royon; D. Do long. Custodian II; A. Pruts; 8. Hetsel, AWS Rep. I, II; G. Velicer, V. Pres. I, Pres. II ROW 4: H. Komm; M. Mueller, Pan Hell. Rep. I; J. Bortel; I. Brauel; K. Holobek; J. Velicer, Pan Hell. Rep. II; 8. Timmerman; D. Walbrant DELTA PHI Delta Phi’s “Scent-i-ments” for Homecoming Queen were for Marge Liljestrand. To be “Drag-on Home a Victory” was their goal. After the football game, the alumni had a luncheon at Alex's. 154A first was introduced to the OSC campus with Teacher Talent Night. The roar of Dr. Kobinson’s cannon and the male chorus line convinced everyone of the faculty’s talent. After the program, a reception was held for the participants. The proceeds were contributed to the Forest R. Polk Library for further development of the Curriculum Library. Delta Phi’s choice for Winter Carnival was Carol Olson. Barb Treml and Diane Ostrand directed the ice and snow sculptures of “Shoeless Joe from Hannibal, Mo.” and "Brush Up on Your Shakespeare.” Diane Ostrand was Delta Phi’s Sweetheart nominee. The spring rushees were invited to “Sing Along with the Delta’s” and a Roaring Twenties party at "Delta’s Hide-a-way.” A dinner was enjoyed by Delta Phi members and their dates at the Roxy on February 23 before the Pan Hellenic Formal. Spring activities included participation in the Campus Carnival and the presentation of Easter baskets to needy families in Oshkosh. The Cottage Party and Senior Picnic brought the year to a close, but left many happy memories. 155ROW 1: J. Ri«d, AWS Rap. II; J. Trajo, Ron Hall. Rap. II; A. Pribbarnow; M. Schiadamoyar, B. Wolfgrom; J. Draas; Or. V. Morbla, Advisor ROW 2: C. Drear, Sac. I, Pros. II; S. Morkowski; R. Wialond; K. Jam, Hitt. II; M. Palarson, AWS Rap. I, Critic II; J. Hirth; B. Zahn; K. Zingler, Custodian, I; M. Vignalli, Treas. I, II ROW 3: C. Zangla; C. Perdebarg, Critic I; I. Harness, Pan Hall. Rawold; 0. Zobal; J. Krati, Pan Hall. Rap. I ROW 4: D. Oobbarpwhl; K. Fischer; C. Sobieski, Custodion, II; S. Ep. I, II; S. Sonntog; S. Gomoll, Sac. II; S. Hollnogal; A. Hrusko. Hist. I GAMMA SIGMA Homecoming started the year off for Gamma Sigma with Judy Kabke as their Homecoming Queen Candidate. Sharon Ewald directed the construction of their float that told everyone "We'll Sleigh Em” and on which Lyn Harness rode. After Gamma Sigma’s luncheon held at Legion-On-thc-I-ake, a reception was held at the sorority house on Titan Court. 156In DecomIx r, the first Annual Formal Dinner Dance was held in the English Hoorn of the Athoarn Hotel. The “Song-fest”, also in December, found the Gamma Sigmas dressed in red plaid kilts, doing their interpretation of songs from Iirigadoon under the direction of Clarice Drees. Camelot was constructed in front of the sorority house as the Gamma Sigma snow entry for Winter Carnival. Their .ice sculpture was “Hello, Hello There.” The Sweetheart of Gamma Sigma was Clarice Drees who was also chosen as their president. Throughout the year. Gamma Sigma continued its service project of entertaining patients at the Winnebago State Hospital. This work, plus full participation in campus activities, marks Gamma Sigma as a rising sorority. In fact. Judy Kretz and Sue Sonntag were chosen for Who’s Who Among American College Students. Sue Gomoll was invited to join the Peace Corps and Anita Pribbernow is co-editor of the Advance. 157ROW I: K. Motudo, Pan Hall. Rap. I, II; K. Krueger, Cutt. II; B. Schmolatky; J. Schlainhaga, Porliamanlorion I; M, Tallock; 0. Dietrich, Traot. I, II; $. Olp; C. Piakori; K. Adam ; i. Horfaou; J. Stodlar, Parliamentarian II ROW 2: J. Fiedler. M. Goynor; A. Rot ; N. Bohn; M. Brown; S. Immel; S. Brunt; J. Judton, Pan Hall. Rap. II; K. Hillar. Cutl. I; G. Smith; N. Oat tart ROW 3: P. Chata; P. Baltin; S. Nalton, AWS Rap. I, II; i. Schmitt, Prat. I, II; J. Zander; S. Whitman; J. Tight, V. Prat. II; M. Janttan; K. Klutmoyar; S. Walker, Sac. I, Porliomentorion I; C. Trudeau ROW 4; J. Schnapf, I. Konowoltki. V. Prat. I; J. Keener. M. Ball, Hitt. I, II; C. Koffornut; J. Volantina; B. Dahly; J. Grotanick; N. Balat; J. Walker. Sac. I; M. Bramnar; N. Forty KAPPA GAMMA For Kup| a Gamma, its fortieth year anniversary was a very special and a very busy one. Fall rushees enjoyed their informal party, Fontessa — a modern idea carried out in the abstract. Representing her sorority on the Homecoming court of honor was Carol "Trudi” Trudeau. Following the alumni luncheon and game, visitors were invited to the opening of the new sorority house. 1237 Titan Court 158Dressed in native costumes, the girls sang selections from Porgy and Bess in the “Songfest” competition. At Christmas time, a party planned by the pledge class, was given for the members of a local nursing home. Winter Carnival brought two victories for Kappa Gamma. Their Officer Krupke from West Side Story won first place in the snow sculpture competition, and Lynn Konowalski came in second in the ice skating contest. Snow Queen candidate was Jean Walker. Kappa Gamma’s candidate, Kathy Hiller, was crowned Sweetheart of OSC at the February dance over which she reigned. Before the Pan-Hellenic dance, dinner was enjoyed by the girls and their escorts in the English Room of the Athearn Hotel. Spring rush brought two informal parties, one an Olde English Tea in a Victorian setting, and the other an afternoon in the casual atmosphere of a ski chalet. The annual Mothers’ Day luncheon and program was held at the Athearn Hotel. Events of the year came to a close with a picnic, at which departing members were honored. 159ROW I; M. lofferty, Coittl. Sec. I; S. Orthober, Cv»l. I; J. Konechne, Hi»l. II; O. Zitlow, Cu»t. II; B. Shimek, V. Pret. I; P. firary; B. Horrit, Pari. I; J. Jom«», Mitt Rogers. Advitor ROW 2: 8. Tetch, Hitt. I; A. Maroch. AWS R.p II; N. Bullard. AWS R.p. I; J. Schmahl. B. Kleckner. J. Dohlke, Treat. I. II; S. Bobcock, Ret. Sec. II; B. Scheider, Pon Hell Rep. II C. McCatkey ROW 3: J. Kobke, Pan Hell Rep. II; P. FiliGerold; S. Salberg; 0. Jotephton, Pret. II; R. Miller; M. Timmert, Pret. I; R. Pike; 0. Refelle ROW 4: J. Knudtton; B. Davel; 0. Smith; J. Beck; C. lorem; A. Janten, Corret. Sec. II; I. Beck; G. Befut ROW 5: K. Piepenburg; J. Bylow, V. Pret. II; K. Stahmer; M. Hill. Pari. II; J. Wetting, Pan Hell Rep. I; K. Schrage, Rec. Sec. I; B. Kitx trow; S. Zingler LAMBDA CHI Ingenuity was the basis for Lambda Chi's many victories this year. To start the year, first place for Homecoming float was taken with “Pinochio Knows We'll Win," and third place for house decorations was won with ‘’Regatta Win.” A tie for third place in Songfest was then attained with selections from the Broadway hit. Bye Bye Birdie. 1259 Tilon Court 160The highlight of the year was winning the President's Cup for the most points in Winter Carnival Activities. Third place in snow sculpturing with Mr. President, Sandy Solberg on the Queen’s Court, and Nancy Bullard as women’s ice skating champion all contributed to this second successive win. Donna Josephson was Lambda Chi’s Sweetheart Candidate in February. Before the Pan Hellenic Formal, also in February, a “coke-tail” party was held and a dinner at the Sunset Club in Fond du Lac. Lambda Chi sponsored Campus Carnival with Peggy FitzGerald and Karen Schrage as co-chairmen. They also sponsored the annual style show and rummage sale. In order to furnish their new sorority house, Lambda Chi sold candy and other articles as did other Greeks on campus. 161ROW I: Mr. Goorgo Foy, Advisor; P. Rotobrook; P. Stonnord. Troos. I, II; R. S kribor; R. Gorrits; I. Goyhort; 0. Milnor; R. Buntrock. Pros. I. II ROW 2: J. Hoyol; 0. Hogan; R. Baldwin; T. Tomlin; J. Konig; F. Burr; R. Sloby ROW 3: M. SUinbock; 0. Rubringor; W. Hurab, So . I, II; I. Joiwinski; J. (i h, Sgt.-At-Arms I, II; R. Emorich, W. Krabbo ROW 4: 0. Krahn; i. Wionko; R. Smith; A. GodUski; T. Christy; 0. Botk; 0. Wiodomann ROW S: D. Guso; I. Tremble; R. Adams; T. Richort; R. Koch; C. Philips; J. Pederson This year Periclean joined the other campus Greeks in the mass movement to Titan Court. There, under the able leadership of President Dick Buntrock, Periclean revised their constitution, lengthened and formalized their pledge program, and furthered their interests in Theta Chi National Fraternity. It was at this time that Periclean was proud to acquire Mr. George Fay as faculty adviser and Mr. William Harford as municipal adviser. PERICLEAN 1244 Titon Court 162For Homecoming, the first big event of the year. Periclean entered a float with the theme “We’ll Cream the Pioneers.’’ Members of Periclean on Homecoming Court were .Jack Jezwinski as King and .Jim •Jaeger and Mike Voss as members of the court. For Winter Carnival, after Periclean competed in the ice sculpturing, rope pulling. and broom hockey, they were awarded the Broom Hockey Trophy for the second year in a row. Hon Adams was named a member of the King’s Court. A number of Periclean members attained high positions in the varsity athletic program. In football, Dick Kmerich and Jim Jaeger were chosen for all-state honors. Dean Austin, basketball veteran, led the Titans to their first Conference Championship since 1949. Floyd Marks and Dave Weideman were returning State College hurdles champions. This year, in the school intramural program, Periclean teams won championships in football, volleyball, basketball, and participated in water basketball, badminton, softball, and bowling. 163ROW I: Mr . Moor , Hou motH r; Mr . Hoi o, Advitar; J. Atkinton. N. Ooll; J. Orvol; 0. Biodorwolf; C. Uni, Pan Hail. Rap. I. Hi J. Bagolko; K. Madigan ROW 2: ). Buboli; S. Coldan; C. Arpk ; B. Bo tion; R. Erdmann; O. Hoalhar; J. Pop , Hi»». II; C. P !r , AWS R p. I, II; P. G hrk ROW 3: J. Andr wt; 8. M y r; N. 0 d ring, Pan H ll. Rep. II; B. Doni l on; J. Witt; B. Ki knau, S c. I, V. Pr i. II; M. Kajfoti; S. Hidd . Pr ». I; M. Bo l ROW 4: J. KUmann, Pr ». II; K. Jacobton, Cuttodian I; K. W ndf, V. Pr . I; J. Pollauh; C. S hro«d r, Pan H ll. R p. I; 8. Habarkorn, S . II; O. Sellin. Hitt. I; J. Mohnk , Cuttodian II; M. Stahmor PHOENIX To start the school year, Phoenix made use of a Grecian atmosphere for its very enjoyable rush party. Following that. Homecoming brought a victory to the sorority by the naming of Karen Wendt to the Queen’s Court of Honor. The Phoenix float entry was “Titans, We Wish You Well.” A pre-game luncheon was held at Alex’s Town House. 764 aouWvard 164Phoenix members dressed in green to sing four selections from Peter Pan for “Songfest.” The sorority's candidate for Winter Carnival Queen was Sandy Tank. The figure of Annie Oakley from Annie Get Your Gun was entered in the ice sculpture competition. “My White Knight” from The Music Man was Phoenix’s entry for the snow sculpture. Two Phoenix girls, Kay Jacobson qnd Karen Wendt, were chosen for Who’s Who Among American College Students. Sweetheart of Phoenix was Mary Jean Kajfosz. A Mothers' Day Luncheon brought the year to an end. 165ROW 1: O. Kinn»; B. Buth; R. Jungtrt; J. Fr y, IFC R p. II, Pr«». II; J. Hougilond, Pro . I, IFC. Rop. I, II; i. Jo g r. D. Carriveou, $• -II; F. Jungort, V. Pro . II ROW 2: T. Witthun; H. Whitomarth; B. Wogntr, Corro . Sot. I; R. loutonboch; B. Kilmor; O. Eng br u«n, P. Brod; R. longer ROW 3: 0. Merrill, IFC. Rep. I; D. Anderton; A. Kubath. Pledge Trainer II; R. Burkort; J. Marquart. Hid. I; T. Shea; G. Jungwirth; D. Krueger, Corret. Sec. II ROW 4: 0. Setk; D. Moede, Chop. II; R. lindemann. Treat. II; Sent. I; S. Heite; i. Portmon, Set. I; J. Shoebetk, Chop. I; R. Houtwirth; I. lowther. ROW 5: T. Steinhaus; D. laVattor; J. Diffor, Hid. II; J. Ihler; I. Ketterhogen; J. Faltut; G. Baker; A. Gayhart SIGMA TAU GAMMA Homecoming was a successful start of the year’s activities for Sigma Tau Gamma with their backing of Miss Sally Laycock for Homecoming Queen. Sig Tau’s Mike Sterr was the co-chairman of the 1962 Homecoming festivities. Their float entitled "Pioneer Days Are Over" placed second. Fourth place in house decorations was copped with "The Re-Enactment of the Fight of Sonny Titan and Floyd Pioneer." 1236 Titan Court 166The Twentieth Grand Chapter Convention of Sigma Tau Gamma was held this year at Kent State University, Kent, Ohio in late December. Jack Haugsland and Fred Jungers represented the Beta Mu Chapter at that time. Mr. Stan Musial, a nationally known baseball player, was initiated as a member of the fraternity. Jim Schoebcck was elected Winter Carnival King which made it the third straight year that Sigma Tau Gamma has won this honor. “We’ve Got Trouble-’ placed fifth in snow sculpturing, and in competition for the coveted President’s Cup they placed third. Chairman of the Union Board Social Committee and Winter Carnival was Bob Wegner. The Third Annual White Rose Formal was a special event for Sigma Tau brothers and their dates. Tuscumbia Country Club, Green Lake, was the scene of the formal. White roses and candles were the main theme in which Miss Mary Petcrsik was crowned Sig Tau Sweetheart. The school year was rounded out by the annual picnic at Mauthe Lake following the Spring Prom. Sig Tau excelled with many campus leaders including Mike Sterr, Homecoming Co-Chairman; Doug Merrill, IFC President; Bob Wegner, Union Social Chairman; and Gil Baker, Quiver Editor. The champion Titan basketball squad had Doug Carriveau, Ron Lindemann, Jim Jaeger, and Tom Steinhaus. 167BREESE HALL The cultural co-ordinatp made reports to each floor informing them of the cultural opportunities which were available to them on campus. They also invited lecturers to speak to the residents. Dr. Shapiro, Dr. Chang, and Mr. Braatz were the guest-lecturers this year. The recreation co-ordinate organized intramural and intrahall sports. They offered basketball, football, pool, and ping-pong. Highlighting the sports activity was the traveling trophy won by Breese with a win over Clemans in football. The social co-ordinate was responsible for the various activities held throughout the year including a semi-formal inter-dorm dance with Webster Hall. The communications co-ordinate published the hall newspaper, The Breese Bugle. One member from each of the co ordinates was elected to the executive council. This council was the main governing body for the hall. Its primary achievement this year was formulating a new hall constitution. Riclur to l fl —Br s Hall counselors: 1st Row; Bill Coy, Slav Thompson, Oov W id monn, Mr. Qu«hl. 2nd Row: lorry Didlo, Ron C nri k, Bob Ko h. Breese Hall is the second men’s dormitory to be occupied on the OSC campus. A new system of self-government for the residents was organized. It consisted of a cultural, social, financial, communications, and recreational co-ordinate — the members of which were elected from each floor. Members of the academic co-ordinate act as the President of each floor and preside over all meetings. They offered a trophy for the person attaining the highest grade-point average thereby fostering an interest in academic achievement. Executive Council 111 Row: Ed Kociorowski, K n Thompton, John d Aim-court, Morty Morich. 2nd Row: Oov B gol, K n Peterson, Sl v King. T rry Dort y, Woyn Bonnok. 170Ed Koczorowtki find thit new chore a little harder thon it weed to look. “I just on't get the create ttroighll" Ken Peterton, Dove Begal, Mike Orozd, and Pete Danielton congregate for a football gome. HALL LIFE "No, I won't get up ond don't try any funny-butinett." Cm Romel it teen trying to take a nap. Noncy Spaight, Pret. of Webiter Hall, crownt Sue Klatt of Webiter iweetheort of the Breete-Webiter Valentine'! dance. M Atm 171CLEMANS HALL CounMlors (Right): 1st Row: Jim Stain, Marv Boyd, Chu k Schukn« ht, Mark Cota. 2nd Row: Don Go o, John Thom . Mr. Brinkmon, John Bauar, Mika Von Clemans Hall is homo for over two hundred men while they attend college at OSC. Each of the four floors in the hall has its own self-contained governmental unit, and each has its own name. The names are as follows: 1st floor — Farley House, 2nd floor — House of Palm, 3rd floor — Taylor House, and 4th floor — Mitchell House. Each house government has an academic co-ordinate, secretary-treasurer, social chairman, cultural chairman, communications chairman, and representatives to the Justice Department. This type of government is responsible for the ix« utiv« Council: lit Row: Tom Noprol, Rog Flotchor, Doug Lotlto, Tod Doit. 2nd Row: Jim Choropow, Chuck Sovino, Dovo Simon. Mr. Brinkman, Jorry Schmidt, Nolon Yolich, Gary Schliovo. social, cultural, and academic welfare of the residents. The floor officials carry out their obligations by organizing and executing activities and carrying out the wishes of the residents. They are guided by the Executive council which passes legislation that is law to all men in the hall. . The powers of the executive council are limited by a basic set of rules set up by the college administration, but they may pass laws within these rules which they feel would lead to a more congenial hall atmosphere. The council was responsible this year for opening the basement to women on weekends, organizing a new constitution, and carrying on social, recreational, and cultural activities with other halls. 172Residonti pome for a coffo« brook during finol exom week. Doug Leslie, Tom Noprol, Jim Johnke, Tom Widor, Kon Schmidt, ond Miko Kosper polo for a picturo by tho houie decorotiont for homocoming. HALL LIFE Ray Hauswirth ond Rogor Schmitt got togothor for a coffee teuton sure ' John Kofol ond Oory Schliovo discuss campus activities.DONNER HALL ROW J: Margaret Pfeifer, Down Poquette. Donna Witowiki, Cheryl Atherton, Mory Mueiner, Margoret Mott ROW 2: Sandy Fergeion, Mary Jo Kadlac, Diane Paichen, Ruth Mouhmeier, Priscilla Peck, Joyce Schaefer. Donner't Holl Council. Countelort: ROW 1: Joyce Schaefer, Judy Schooner, Suzanne Lei-chardt. ROW 2: Sandy Fergeion, Mary Zinkgraf, Paula Schneider, Mining: Ann Hrutka. Donner Hall, the newest of the residence halls for women, opened its doors in September 1962 to 237 freshmen women and eight counselors. After electing a slate of officers for the hall and for the floors, the first organized project became the construction of a homecoming float and house decoration. Before Christmas the hall held two dances and started a news-pa per. For the Winter Carnival Daphne Capriles was entered as the candidate for carnival queen. “Wildcat” was the title of the ice sculpture. The hall took honors in the Carnival by taking first place in the women’s rope pulling contest. Plans for the Spring included an open house anti reception for the faculty, a dance, and mother’s weekend activities. With the help of the residence hall director, Dr. Bray, and the student counselors, the girls of Donner Hall have spent an enjoyable and successful year of college life. 174Roiidontt work faithfully on homocoming houto docorationt. Jon Grotto, Diana Goodrich, Barb Vorhovon, Jackio Liftman, and Alico Nouanfoldt toko a minvto to rolax in fun. Diana Marquardt, Choryl Athorton, and Judy Doornek bogin tho long projoct of conducting a float. NEWEST WOMEN’S RESIDENCE HALL OPENS IN 1962 Donnor't finithod product it roody for tho parado.Holl officers: Barb Willard, Nancy Rothrack, Joan Andropolit, Barbara FrolKingar, Marilyn Ri d l. Count lors: Mory Gottta k r, Su lah«y, and Val Pgpak. Radford Hall was a combination of comradery and courage, fun, and foolishness and was a new horizon on responsibility. The year at Radford was marked by being the first upperclassed hall for women. It functioned under a government composed of a Council, Executive Board, and nine permanent committees. The executive officers were: President, Marilyn Riedel; Vice President, Barbara Frothinger; Secretary 1st semester, Pat Sprague; 2nd semester, Nancy Rothrock; and Treasurer, Barbara Willard. The committee chairmen were: Kathi Olen, Public Relations; Social, Jessie Gilbertson; Scrapbook, Beverly Beardsley; Publications, Judy Bubola; House Management, Mary Roberts; Courtesy. Pat Johnson; Budget, Barbara Willard; Wing Representative, Barbara Frothinger; Slater Representatives, Judy Stauffacher and Ruth Pietz. The counselors were Mary Gottsacker, Sue I-ahey, and Val Pupak. Head Resident was Miss Patricia Billiau. During the year, residents participated in several campus activities. Radford was able to capture second place in house decorations for Homecoming. Also entered was the Winter Carnival. Other activities within the hall were the Halloween and Christmas parties. The girls decorated the hall in the spirit of Christmas and then held an open house and reception. As a climax to the Christmas preparations, an all-residents party was held complete with Santa, gifts, singing, and readings. Halloween activities managed to scare several residents. To end the year of activities was the Mother-Daughter weekend when mothers stayed for weekend entertainment and partying with their daughters. ... .«✓ i 176 r« Radford' hour decorations look second plot in tko Homo coming activities. Barb FrotKinger, Sharon Ridley, Betty Schmitt, Coil Walk, and Helga Burkord work on the house decoration. 177 WEBSTER HALL The school year was a progressive one for Webster Hall and its residents. With the counsel of Miss Michaelides, the residence hall director, a new form of government with a new constitution was adopted. It consisted of an executive branch, the Executive Board, a legislative branch, the Hall Council, and a judiciary branch, the Standards Committee. Homecoming gave the residents the chance to compete for honors in house decoratioas and floats. Although no prizes were won. the women were not disappointed, for the activities had made them more familiar with college life. With determination and a prayer, a group entered the Songfest and captured a tie for third place. When the Winter Carnival was held in January. Webster again gained honors by placing fourth in the ice-sculpturing contest, having their queen candidate. Nancy Schroeder, place on the court, and taking fourth place in over all points for the Carnival. Other hall functions included an open house, an art show, a Pixi-Angel week, a scholastic banquet, and Mom's Weekend. Counselors: ROW 1: Solly Johnson, Fron leFevre. ROW 2: Mory Bullomore. Noncy Hirsig, Jeon Freiberg, J on Storbakken. Hall Council: ROW 1: luona Hannemon, lindo Mulqueen, Shirley Griepentrog. Ruth Oilman, Fran leFevre. ROW 2: Miss Daphne Michaelides, Cecilia ReifF, Morsyl Ferch, Carole Germer, Nancy Spaight, Nan Rower, Mory laamis. Holl Officers: I. to r. Carole Germer, Treasurer; Fron LeFevre, A.W.S. Representative; Nancy Spaighl, President; luona Hon-neman. Vice President; Ruth Oilman, Secretary.HALL LIFE With the combined effortt of Webtter and Cltmonj Halit a float far Homecoming wot produced. "You Aro Beautiful." Webtter't i a tculpture, raptured fourth place in the Winter Carnival. Membert of the holl choir took a tie for third placo in the Songfett with thoir numbert "Happy Tolk" and "Thit Nearly Wot Mine." Nan Rower utet her powert of adoptotion to be comfortable.POLLOCK HOUSE Roth lorg end Koran Sltuwtr prepare hoots do orotion for Homecoming. Officer of Pollock Hoots ars Jody Jomst, Mory Stohmer, and Sharon Markowtki. Pollock House is an independent honor house that operates under its own constitution and administration. Pollock House houses twenty-three upperclass women who work together as a closely integrated, friendly group. During the year Pollock House participates in many activities. One of the activities is entrance into the house decorations contest for Homecoming. Many activities arc also carried on within the house, such as the “pixie-angel'’ program at Christmas, an open house during the Christmas season at which time the girls gaily decorate their doors, a spring open house, and an annual spring party. Life in Pollock House is an interesting and rewarding experience for any young woman on the Oshkosh State College campus. 180PRIVATE HOUSING Preparing horn cooked food Many of the students attending OSC live off campus in college approved private housing. These students are under the same jurisdiction as those living in the halls are and are represented on the governing organizations of the college. Private housing residents enjoy a certain amount of independency and a slightly added amount of responsibility. They are responsible for keeping their house in order and for choosing, purchasing, and preparing their own food. There are usually between five and twenty residents in a privately owned house, but this is subject to variation. Perhaps one of the greatest advantages and most meaningful factors of private housing is the privilege of enjoying the warmth of "home” atmosphere while attending college.ENIORSWilliam E. Albers Joyce Bartel Miehieot Carol Andorson West Bend Sharron A. Babcock Neenoh Margaret Basel O n ro Judith Anderson Brodhead Bette Bahr Oshkosh Bruce Baum Showono 184Barbara Middleton Beaulieu Joseph E. Billmann Patrick L. Boland Milwaukee Ellen Beck Brookfield Bettie Blum Appleton Ronald Braun Fond du loc Thomas H. Berge Fond du loc Gerald Boettcher Croon Boy Jane E. Brewer Berlin 185Richard M. Buntrock Grafton Rita J. Cumber forotlrillo Thomas M. Cavanaugh Groon Boy Charles W. Collins Ntonoh Evonne Cushman Grond Manh Patricia Chase South Milwouktt Joseph L. Collins Hartford Joan Daggett Omro 186Carol Dahl Oihkoih Larry L. Didlo Jana S. Dreier Showono David Dasonbrock Horicon Donald C. Diener Fond do toe Wondy Drew Tomahawk Norman De Briyn Athland Dan H. Doherty Fox toko Richard Dufek Slurgoon Boy Nancy Dessart Green Boy Joyce Drees Peitifigo 187Richard Ehlert Vorna L. Evans Patricia Firary Foil Rivtr Robert Engebretsen Do For David Feilo KM 188 Paul Frakes NeonohJames E. Fravel Darlene Freimund Plymouth Susan Gomoll Oihkoih Carol Gregorius Apploton 189 Philip H. Fritz Othkoth Florence M. Graf Sfvrgcon Boy James Gross Do P«rt Richard G. Grams fond du locJon Guellcr Shawano C. Ted Hartkopf Fond da loc Mary Hcinzkill Noonah Eileen Hanselman Kewoikum x Catherine Hartkopf Fond da loc Ronald L. Henke Fond da loc Charles Hardy Maxine M. Heimerl Bearer Dam Ralph R. Henscl Shtboygan 190Harriet R. Hipko New Holstoin Judith Herrlo Oshkosh Ronald R. Hibbard Karen Huth Posondolt Mary Husby Jacksonpoit Karen Holz Mil woulee Betty J. Ihlenfeldt Green Boy Suzanne Immel Fond do loc Jean P. Irwin Port Washington Jean Hirth Wouwotoso Jayne Ihlenfeld Wovkesha A. Everett Ison Crondon 191Joan Jacobson Princeton Alice J. Jansen Antigo Kay Jacobson Oconto foils Loren Jensen Berlin Mary Ann Janssen Underhill Arthur H. Johnson Neenoh Patricia Jakubowski Milwoukee Mary L. Janssen Oshkosh Joby Jordon Oshkosh Ellen Jaffe Dovsman Kenneth Januchowski West Allis Darryl Judson fond du loc 192Bernard J. Kasierski Princeton Fred E. Jungers Appleton Joan Keener Amhcrif Steven Karges Dennis L. Kimmoll Monaiha Douglas Klimek Green Boy Steven Klima Fond du lac Carol Koffarnis Kiel Larry Kath V oytide 193 John E. Klozotsky SheboyganLynn Konowalski Sue Lahey Sally Laycock Watt Band Judith Krctz Antigo Darrel F. La Luzerne Sturgeon Boy James A. Lee Othkoth Janet Krueger Grean Boy Mary Lammeman Winncconnc Robert A. Lehman Barlin 194Kathryn A. Lconhardt Fond do toe Carol J. Lorenz Sheboygon Follt John Lemke Noenoh Robert Le Mieux Green Boy John J. Lincoln Oihlosh Marjorie Liljestrand Richard R. Lurvey Fond do toe Dale F. Luchsinger Rip© n Rolland E. Lemke Poihtigo Florence Link GUndiro, Montana Cynthia Lyman Othkoth 195Maureen Madigan Roiendote James Marschall fond du Lot Al Messner Junction City John Magnin Iona Karen "Kim" Masuda Lohoina, Maui, Hawaii Mark C. Michel Lake Mills Phillip Makurat Berlin Philip G. May Crondon Elizabeth Dahly CUntonvillo Sharon Markowski Two Rivers Richard McDougal Reshtigo Ruth Miller Waupaca 196Marvin Mischka Waulomo Caren Nelson Crandon Karin L. Nordstrom Oihkosh Lois J. Montgomery Koith J. Nelson Mar!n»ll» Richard A. Novitske Ripen 197 Verna L. Mueller luntngbvrg Janet L. Noack Ocoofo Sandra Olp Brillion Carol Olson Green Soy Thomas L. Pennewell Olhkoih Dennis Plamann Appleton Glen Olson t Peshtigo Geneva Peterson Voldtrt Thomas A. Plein Oihkoth Thomas F. Oswald Elkhart lake Joyce Peterson Helen G. Prallat Ripon 198 Joanne Pederson Gillett t Marlene H. Pingel Hilbert Joan Race JoekionNancy Rades Skowono Kathlyn Race Oshkosh Kathryn Reynolds Watertown Charlotte A. Reinhard Green Bay Robert Runkel Pori Washington Wayne Radtke Menasho Rita Reak Randolph Marilyn Rozny Milwaukee Richard Rosansko Oshkosh Larry Sawallish Berlin Robert Sandberg fond du lac 199 Fay Royan AppletonAllan Schelfhout Manitowoc Sandra Schmallenberg No o' London Keith O. Schneider Monitowoc James L. Scheuermann Noonoh Ann Schmitt Othkoih Judith Schmitz Judith Schocner Morin cite Joan Schickcrt Wait Bond 200 Karen K. Schrage Appltlon James Schrank Roient o e Dawn Sheffy Oshkosh Julianne Smith Neenoh Carol Schroeder OiMcosti Barbara Shimek Menomonee Fall I Barbara Ann Schuessler Sheboygan Fallt Dale Smith Monowo Sandra Solbcrg Appleton Lorna Smith Oshkosh 201 Judy Schuetze Waukesha Jane Smith Woupoco Richard Sorenson SheboyganAdrienne Sosinske Waupaca Mary Stahmer W if 8end Sandra Tank Von Dyn Thomas J. Spalding OtMtoiJi Dale St. John De Pert Lenard Tessen Ntw London Zone Spindler Fitmant Frederick Timm Olhkoth 202John Timm Kenotho Joyce Valentine Denmark Marlene Verdette Green Boy Marlene Timmers Kimberly C. James Van Patten Appleton Mary Walker Berlin Susan Trappe Woukeiho Germaine Velicer Kewounee Shari Walker Berlin 203 Charles Ulrich fremonf Mary Jac Verbeten Koukovna John Walsdorf KielRobert Wegner Roitndolo Karen Wendt FI no Rivtr Carol Williams Fond du Loc Robert Wohner St. Cloud Donna White MorintN Thomas Witthun Fox Loko Mary Welland Shoboygan Eugene Wilcox Diane Wuellner Koukauna 204Janet J. Wunderlich Appleton ■■■I Carol Zangl Mayvitlo Betty E. Schcuerman Oshkoth Darlene Yasick Mafinel) John Ziegcnhagon OiMtosh Hea Sook Sim Seoul, Koreo Barbara Zoglman Graham Charles Bruhn New London A Patricia Storck Mi woulce 205RCLASSMENa 3 i OS fl i Vi s m U ii I. 4 l. Abbott K Adam S. Alboo C. Alfertig B Amoth D. Anderson I. Anderson f Appteyord A. Moroth J. Armstrong C Arpke V. Augtburger JUNIORS rr H M. Boll M. Better 0. Bertolt M Bo to I M. A. Betker S. Behrendt O 9 o © O o •V g r m. r i 4A u v — dim 0. Austin O. Bokor 0. Boovor 0. Book A. Belong to M. Bonningor J. Borg 0. Borgo 1. Berger B. 1. Borndt 0. Bornt D. Belts 1. Bohne A. Bomolotki I. Biorttoker 8. Brodloy J. Brown I. A. Brenner S. Brunt M. Brodloy D. Brisbane B. Burbolter f. Burr W. Beth D. Britko H. Brooks N. Bwllord 0. Burgort J. Butt I. Bettord 208JUNIORS W. CHritfenten f. Chritlio J. Do mm C. Daniel 5m 0 . Both $. Coyno V. Cimermonit 0. Donfoin C Dovit 8. Clark I Druekt D. Do mb to wiki J. Colkovn T Coarson J. W. Clark B. Dov.l G. Oetch J. Diffor D. Dobbr rpuM T. Dost I. Forguton S. UrU J. Fros r R Freiburg J. Flynn D. Foley T. Galvin A. Gay nor H. Fax R. Frank M. Furlong N. Oall 209 o P Drew 8. Edlebeek D. Edmund M. Elltworth I. Evans 8. Faldo O. Friday M. GaynorD. Griffith J. Groit ni k D. Gut« O. Gypp Mr . I. Honton 0. Konop A. Hord«r K. Korkint K Horold S. Morr.ld 6. Horr.i 5. Horrli $. Hort J. Horteou J. Hougtlond I. H ch l K. H l gb k R. Mini R HI look J. M.«k»r K. H k r s. Hidd C. Hugh J. Hupf r I H tt l T. H u r T. Hour j. Ho«hl R. KuKhiton J. IntrovoiaJUNIORS J. Jtiwintki D Jorgentin 6 Jacob J. Jani n J. Johnson 8. Kanio 8- Kilm r 8. Kilioow 8. Klockrwr R. Kl ink 0. Jo«g r J. J ni«n R. Johnson K. K s 1. Kissing ! 0. Klonc«r J. Klein J. Klcmonn M. Krii J. Kronschnob l N. lenders 1. lor ton I. loit 0. Krv g r C. Krvmboin R. Witch 8. Utch J. Usimon M. C. la March J. laul nschlog r M. lavin 211M. Ntlton s. NtUo" M N«lt D Mgind J. Mumlmon N. I. Nitton Y. Nolon 0. North 0., B. K.lw C. Nmm hwondii T. Novon f. Ook 0. Ollrond 212M. Robtrtion K. Robion R. Renton D. Rott A. Rothtnbogtr R, Ru«n 0. Schotftr J. Schotftr I. Ryf W. Sowellitk C. Sewkki B. Schiegg 0. Schilling J. SckmeHt 213J. Sl«m E. SmxMo 214 r stfohi M T 4l xk • ■ StreWow 0 IwnaU; E. Sw»« W Th.y..l O. Suthvrlond M Still i. Sto bokk n S. Swank J. Zondar J. Ziomik I. Zolowtl. M. Zotoufy I Zoiflo 5. ZiayU C. Zowhk N Milan S. Stromfcorq J. Volant In M Diaiact J. Bloom 215912 pA»t r v « ■ ll uuog 3 Mt t N PI « S S«pog o i wo«ig ] V N i 1 M 'A S)oqH ti»ig 0 j|0«j»p».g 0 M t« 0 1 0 uiej(j«g | u«6oquj»g g 1 »! n»i n •!!• 4 “ ••• I imv 3 M» jpuV r « 'P“V -i uMnpuy f uot j puy 0 j p«V 0 M IIV W m iv a • PV X uowj y y g uio«qy j ■PW t uioqojqy y S.o pu.qy ,1 I. Ctopper I. Clerk $. Clerk 0. Clerk D. Clouting B. Coot! I. Coburn D. Condcl M. Colo S. Cevill J. Counlney C. Cuoger 217•tOobn C 3 W pci O S 219V. Gneiter S. He.te C. Heller S. Hendrickt M. Hennettey 0. Henthow I. Herttenton V. Hettelink M Hildebrand K. Hiller N. Hirtig K. HeiiKelman f) _V ® jj fe .(iliKiiikii a jt fc f R. Had S. Hoffmann $. Hollnogel K. Holm 0. Holme S. Hoover $. Hopp $. Horn C. Hvebner D. Hvebner J. Hvebner 8. Jaeger J. Jaeger I. Jo melon C. Jankowtki K. Janz SOPHO I M to [Mb 0. Jenkint 0. JiroveU $. Joerret J. Janet 8 Johnton 0. Johnton N. Johnton R. Johnton S Johnton R. Jvngert O. Jwtteton n -oCV I. Kaowa 8. M. J. Kojfott M. Kavtien T. Kaye C. Keoling T. Keefe S. Keittow J. Kelly M. Kennedy T. Kernel 8. Kletter 2200. Kilim Christine King Connie King S. King G. Kim 0. Klrtch E. Kiritein I. Klout J. Kltnke K. Klutmeyer H. Kober K. Koch M. Ko h 0. Kollmontberger 0. Kolmorgen ft. Kolnek J. Konig E. Konop MORES H. Kont K. Kotik D. Krohn j. Krout ft. Krenke R. Kretx D. Kroop I. Krooto Koren Krueger Koren Krueger Korl Krueger I. Krueger B. Krull A. Kuboth E. Kuhn o 4 tmii ft r» ? i © 5 y 71 . 1 . ? R. Kuhn J. Kurth J. loBelle J. lorourt P. lodyth E. tofleur S. long H. lorton I. lothrop M. lowrenl F. leor i. lehmon J. leider V. lel.tko N I. Mem. D. lemieu I. lemke J. lenon 221A. Roff.i B. Rank E. Raimution S. Rau«h N. Rromif D. Raack T. Rogon M. Raid J. Rainacka J. Raifx T. Rails 0. Ralalla S. Ricklafi J. Ri klaf J. Ritkay 0. Riltar 1. Robfaint J. Robinton a o» r T IB K. Rolph K. Rctak P. Ron M. E. Roth N. Rothrock I. Ruaga J. Ruff R. Runkal E. Ryon R. Saga SOPHO M. Sovidai G. Mattartchmidt E. Schabo E. Sahaafcr J. Schaafar M. Schaafar M. Schampart K. Schindlar H. Schloli P. Schlaifar J. Schlag C. Schlimmc D. Schmick E. Schmid K. Schmidt S. Schmakar B. Schnaidar B. Schnaidar 224MORES P. Smith S. Smith B. Snyder C. Sobietki J. Spillner R. Splndl.r P. Spindt J. Stodler C. Stadtmueller K. Stohmer B. Stoniak J. Storck J. Stauffacher J. Stein S. Steinberg P. Schneider V. Schnell T. Schoen A. Schram 0. Schumacher W. Seaman 0. Seidl R. Seidner J. Seilr J. Shafer C. Sharott J. Shenk P. Shutta J. Siegmonn A. Simondl 0. Simmt D. Simon J. Slabe T. Steinhout M. Slenback B. Stiefvater R. Stiff W. Strack S. Strand 0. Stratton K. Strewer J. Strope R. Sacco J. Suckow S. Sutliff P. Sweeney S. Syent P. Toylor M. Tellier R. Tenpai R. Teofilo 225226liiil! Iililj ills!} O o' 2 O J nOOnti J o' « ■ -i « 42T' n d j © » ► €’ c i ’!i 0 - c 0 u CP?, liill Hill ffij C" c j C C 11 C 3 w cd oFRESHMEN Kirtten Bergholti Don Borg in Ooorgo Borg in Connio Bergmonn Gono Berth Sir Berknono ioon Baton Kurt Bevernitt Roberta Beverttein Shoron Bionloin Gertrude Biavar Mory Block Corol Bloch Ruth Block C ho riot Bloodorn Cynthia Boottchor Choryl Boottnor Sandro Bohn Jettie Bolit louito Bondow Tony Book Kothryn Borchordt Mory Bork foul Born Ronold Botin Wayno Bott Irvin Boitwkk Roxy Bouton Floyd Bowon Tod Bowon Chariot Bredloy Judith Braun Ron Brotl Kay Breutimon Martin Browogor Rotomary Briggt Art Brikowtki Gono Brill Judy Britton Janot Brocket lorry Bronttod Robert Brookt Carol Brown Tom Brown Gwonn Brownell Marjorie Broiyna Oail Bruint Billie Jo Brvky Bob Bruman Stephen Brundog Phillip Brutiut Steve Brvtitwt Rotalie Bryhom T ho mol Buchholi 229FRE c m c B £2 C € 05- C3 C$L T-l; s C1 C J c m 41' c C c Jcgd jlljs! 3-1353 s • |i|l33 iiilJl 3 3 J J J | 2 w • 2 « ImJI jljui flJjjJc I c c e | - hli c C W c cl c c ClFRE FahrbotK €• 1 n 1 ■Tv i c € Q'i; € _J[ € 1A m C G { C €'? l'A c; ■ jj CP c ■g -2 •? 2 • 5 jIijU H|J|I iSlii) !lj||] i Jl Sill iljiil lilil!FRESHMEN Mkhoel Frohm David Frailer Filtr Freibvrger John Fnvnd Glenn Frow Ron Froy Sandro Frill Yvonno Frit Tom Frommhoni Ira Frvhwirth Frod Fwki Jeff Fwht Gloria Fvker linda Fvtt Morgaret Oobert Gobriol Gabriol Jomot Gaffney Patti Oalvin Jomot Gannon Gordon Gouger Borbara Goitnor Diana [ndrkh Cyndi Gtorgo Svo Oorhorz Barbara Oornot loo Ann Ohoetenborh Mork Ohvnie Chariot Oibbt Franklin Oiobol Don Oilbort Sandro Gilham Jomot Gillingham Jomot Gilmore John Olattol Bob Olerkner Stove Onagi Stove Gnogi William Godin Bonnie Goo tor Philip Oootort Dkk Oollnkk Janet Oemoll David Goodwin Ooorgo Ooro Tom Ootthoordt Sharon Graf Joanne Orohl Shoron Grainger Diane Grotto Janet Grotto Robert Oray David Groio Peggy Greenert Shilloy Griopontrog 233FRESHMEN Dev Griffith Catherine Griwm Cheryl Gronowtki tllea Groate David Grothe Oroham Guenther Oerold Gunther David Owrath Oerold Ovrka Guold Gurnveld Jolly Gygax Dkk Haber man Joyce Hackbert Carol Hagen Jamet Hamill Don Ho mmol Cathy Hampton Don Honey luoao Honnemon Lyle Hontbrouph Chariot Hanten David Hanten Paul Hanten Jay Hantin Sondra Hon ton Shirley Hanton Linda Hanvta Jody Handel Sondra lee Harder Adoire Harriton David Harriton Kathy Harriton Pam Hartley Penny Hartman Sandra Harvey Tom Hauler Jean Hauler Jerry Hooiwirth Nancy Howe Mary Hawkint Mary Hayet David Hecker Dowel la Heidemann Fred Heil Ivanpelyn Heilborn William Heileman •ill Heimerl Mory Heimerol Charmaine Heite Barbara Heitler Don Held •on Holliday Carolina Helm Jody Ann Hemerley 234i-llls Ullii J 111 Hi it II i i !I 1 ■? - IJ2 mm lull j x ; s • . P 1 € i €. C cl m cHI r. ■ «j c c c 1 c| B 5 ( ' JT H if'7 C :■ J C b| Cl '» J •- V4 .4 L 1 c c ■ c cFRESHMEN Vktor Johnton Woller Johnton John Jonet Thereto Jonkowtki Soroh Judge Sue Judge Rondy Juley Ruth Juttmon Pot Kocer Moiy Jo Kodlar Koren Koelin Joy Kovemeir Lorraine Konitz George Karomitit Jeon Karbat Shirley Korlt Mkhael Koiper Dkk Koufmonn Ginger Keeiler Jerry Kegel William Keller Frank Kempinger Herman Kenropp Bob Kenyon Bonnie Keough Ellen Kettell Karen Ketter Salley Key LouAnn Kieltmeir Karen Killen Bernard Kiept Anne Kimball Brute Kimball Robert Kime Karen Kinney lowrente Kinney Terry Kit a Mary Klabvnde Sue Klatt Tom Kloten Sam Klika Kay Klinkenburg Kathleen Klittke Edword Knution Allen Kotcrki Ted Ko h Carol Koehler Kathy Koelter John Koeppe lorry Koettel Sally Kohlbetk Mary KoplitI Jack Korb Mory Korell o 4 t n,J % 8 ' ft 0 'r 0 V j efk 1 i J. 236FRESHMEN Darrell Kopliti Karen Kowalit Satan Kraemer Carole Kramer Bill Kraut Donald Kraute Penny Krawtt Anne Krautkromer Koren Kremple Nellie Kinke Sharon Krii Dave Kriienetky John Kroet Jeon Kroelen Jeon Ann Kroelen Jo me t Kromm Judy Kronberg Jo met Krueger Sieve Krueger Thomat Kubttlal Bemadetle Kublili Claudia Kwebn Jill Kugler Mory Jo Kuhni Charlet Kuht T ho mo t Kubottof Dkk Kunde Dennit Kunli Carol Kuler Ken laCroix Neal laFeur Bill lahail Jamet lombrethi Morvin lombrethi Diane laMore Annetle laMolle Judith lonte Curtit londe Brute londtverk June lange Sharon tanglili Diane Houtler Jim larton Mithoel latl lorry lauke Jackie leeton Donne lee lynn lee Fran leFevre linda leffingwell Carol lehner Bev leithlfutt Jean lemberger Bonnie lemke 237FRESHMEN Nili lomko David lomborgor bob Wonhordl Jim loonhordl Art lotago Oovgloi lotlio John lotlio Tom Uttav Sally Ann lovoren Georgia lowit Howard lowit Joan lowit IE. lowit Donnit Ikhtonborg Bob lindnor Don litowo Martha lit! Jockio littmann Rvth loborg Judi lodl Torri loigo Tom lohry Mary loomit Dwight lovoland Trod lu ot Judy longtino Jool lubbort Jotoph ItKOt Jorry Ludwig Darroll luobko Trodrk luobko Phyllit lukowktk Kwon lung-Shong Gory luthor Sutan R. lynor Morlono lyont lorry Moat Poggy Mobry OoEtto Markoo Kovin MacDonald Jim Macktom Tom Maddon Gorry Magoo Doug lot Mahy Dorothy Makouti lorry Mollion Carol Malian Carol Malono Pot Malott Arnold Moltock Donnit Manthoi Janot Moniol Arthur Mam Patrkia Marack 238239FRESHMENFRESHMEN Jeon O'Neil John Otloftke Donna O’Rourke Di k Oitwald Joan Ot worth John Owon Nothalio Podrobtky loo no Post! Data Pohnke Sim Pohlow Joyto Palol Oorold Ponach laurie Paquette Bob Porodiio Ed Porker Richard Porkt David Poibria Diano Potchen Priicitla Pock lindo Podorton Donold Podorton Jayco Podorton Donnit Poil Donna Ponnow Paula Porkint Corol Polort Pol Polort Carolyn Polorton Cliflon Polorton Cordon Polorton Konnolh Polorton Margo rot Polorton Terry Polorton Meribolh Polry Ruth Pfefferkorn Margaret Pfeifer Seorl Pickett Ron Phelpt Don Phillipt Mory Phillipt Janet Piepenburg Tom Pieli Sutan Pinegor Dave Pingry Komronx Piroux Mory Plant Mory Plott Dove Poohlmon John Poelt Robert Pohlow David Polochetk Caroline Polomit Down Poquelte 241FRESHMEN Jim Portmon Jtff Potter Judy Potter Barbara Pranontkot Pom Pratich Terry Prelipp Bonnie Preutt Karen Prevott Judith Prill Joyce Printwp David Priik Peggy Promer Lawrence Puga Betty Pugh Joieph Pufier Mary Ann Putzer Michael Putzer lilion Leichhardt Ron Putzer Karen Quaiiut Okie Race John Kofel Barbora Racine Charlet Rodtke Richard Roleigh Karen Rond Wayne Ranzau Fred Roimutien Maureen Ratacyok Rozonne Rotator! John Reamer Dione Reible Cory Rekhenberger Cecelia Reiflf Penny Reinert David Reinke Connie Reinet Roy Jean Renier Judy Retzleff Ron Rtu Williom Rhode Dan Rhodet Kaye Rke Donna Riegel Jan Riet Thomot Riewe Larry Rinzel Okk Plier Adeline Robert! Andrea Rocheleau Rochelle Rooch Mary Kay Roeck Bob Roelt Keith Roeike f ft ' f i!tf. « ♦ A .j-ti . f) © ,n l' ™ n i § Tl Jtk, W ° $ A © P D-s ■ fry ft) A ft - v n a b n Tt » a ff ft g ft 242243FRESHMEN Horold Schowdor Jomti Sthorf lorry Sthmitt Okk Sthmitt Jo Sthmitt Mory Sthmitt Rogrr Sthmitt Jotkio Sthmokor Gorold Sthnoidor Paul Sthoonborgrr Mory Sthooninp Barboro Sthoonko Roid Sthoonovor Dovo Schrior Davo Sthroodor Kothorino Sthroodor loit S Kra J«r Noncy Sthroodor Palrkio Sthroodor Jamot Sthulknowtki Ronold Sthvlfi Tom Sthulti Worron Sthulti Tom Sthuppo Jill Sthulti Bo'boro Sthworti Antoinotto Sihwrnnn Miko Start Suton Sotkar Kothloon Sidrr Gono Soofoldt Vilomoo Soofoldt Jotoph Sopor Eupono Soidl Ooonii Soilor Bonnio Soil! JoiopK Somrod Robort Sondorhouf Dovid Songor Bob Sorwo Carol Sholluo Norma Shonobrook Ellon Siowort lorry Simont Paulotto Singor Robort Sloby Mory Slopokit Mory Smort Gono Smith Jomoi Smith Joy Smith Judd Smith Morgarot Smith Torry Smith 244"er ■! A , At A • V - -sfl Jfa r' ft ft • -m jC ft . A ft © ft ft ft ft ?• ‘ a 11 ' 1 FRESHMEN Poul Smoody Robert Somer Corol Sommer Kenneth Sondelle Steve Sonntog Judy Sot not ki Honey Spoight Cordon Spoete Rotonn Sponbouer Horry Spiering Chorleen Sploine Mortholl Stock Gerald Stolker Lynn Stalhot Norbert Stouber Mkhoel Steffen Don Steldl loi Steinbach Kothleen Steiner Borbaro Steinmesch JoAnn Stewart Danny St. Louis Karen Stockwell Anne Sfoecker John Stroub Key Slrvebirg Glenno Stuort JoAnn Stuti Robert Supple Jonathon Sutter Susan Swan Stewart Swansons Judy Swort Barbara Sweedy Judy Tobbert Corol Toff frank Tamel Angela Tompagna fay Tonck Art Tong Corol Totum lynne Touber Down Terholl Keren Teseh John Theilmonn John Theis Mork Theisen Tom Thibertx Eileen Thomas Corleton Thompson Steve Thurwechter Judith Torgerson Lawrence Thull Judy Towne 245FRESHMEN Wanda Trcpton Jom«» Tripp Kenneth Troeger Gail Tally Gloria Ann Tanks Wallace Shaver Diane Shields Ronald Shields Jwley Shipley Peter Uttech Tom Volley Pal Vanderbloom Sondro Vanevenhoven James Van Grinsven Marry Van Groll Ronald Von Rostwm Beverly Vorney Beth Veitch Wayne Velicer lenny Velsperger Eugene Venturini Barbara Verhoeven Brace Verstegen Gerald Vigdol Dick Vils Erhand Voelts Gory Vogds Robert Vollendorf Jeanne Voss Earl Wogler Mary Woite Eorline Walker Bonnie Walt Katherine Walsh lois Wangerin John Wonner Undo Webber Gory Webber Ken Wehmeyer Thom Wehse Mary Welland Rose Weinman Norman Weir 8onito Weiss Sondro Werkin Dave Gelbke Barbara Welch Jon Wellhoefer Terry Welter Pete Wemel Sandra Wemel Thomos Werner lois Wessenberg Steven Westhuis 246c 0? 1.J t Ij tr £ X C ct c- ' ! X c c- £ «4 c ( c 0 5 ?■ c 0 £ f; C£j C 'j c| iiijif issi|£ c e = x t aJillJ « N M N „ - 1 » -9 :IUH o 8 SENIOR ACTIVITY INDEX Michael W. Albers West De Pere Secondary. Major: Mathematics; Periclean 1, 2, 3, 4; Circle K 1, 2, 3 (Treasurer 3); SNEA 4; Basketball 1, 2; Math Club 3, 4; Men's Association Rep. 3; Newman Club 2, 3, 4. B.S. Degree. William E. Albers Neenah Liberal Arts. Major: English; Vet’s Club 1, 2, 3; Newman Club 1, 2, 3; YGOP 1, 2, 3. Transfer from Troy State College. B.S. Degree. Carol Anderson West Bend Lower Elementary. Band 2; UCCF 2; Children's Play 1; Gamma Sigma Sigma 4 (Recording Secretary); SNEA 4 (Historian); Kappa Delta Pi 4. B.S. Degree. Judith Anderson Brodhead Upper Elementary. College Choir 2: Dormitory Counselor 2, 3, 4; Gamma Delta 2; Who's Who 4. B.S. Degree. Sharon Caylor Anderson Wausaukee Secondary. Major: Music; MENC 1, 2, 3, 4 (Vice President 3); Delta Phi 2, 3. 4 (President, Secretary, Historian); College Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Who's Who 4. B.M. Degree Janet Atkinson East Troy Secondary. Major: Biology; Phoenix 1, 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 1, 2; Student Gov't. 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Sharron A. Babcock Neenah Lower Elementary. Lambda Chi 1, 2, 3, 4; Union Board Social Committee 3, 4 (Secretary 3, 4); Prom Committee 2, 3. B.S. Degree. Bette V. Bahr Oshkosh Lower Elementary. SNEA 3, 4; WRA 1, 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer 3); Orchestra 1, 2; Psychology Club 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Nancy Bales West Bend Upper Elementary. Student Gov't. 2; Advance 2; Kappa Gamma 1, 2, 3. 4 (Treasurer 3t House President 4); SNEA 1, 4; Newman Club 1. B.S. Degree. Thomas H. Berge Fond du Lac Liberal Arts. Major: Business Administration; Economic Society 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Joseph E. Billmann Sheboygan Falls Upper Elementary. B.S. Degree. Elizabeth Birkholz Beloit Lower Elementary. SNEA 1. 2, 3. 4; UCCF 1. 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 2, 3); Stage Door 1, 2, 3, 4 (Vice President 2). B.S. Degree. Bettie Blum Appleton Lower Elementary. WSA; Art Club; LSA; Speech Correction Club; Psychology Club. B.S. Degree. Gerald Boettcher Green Bay Upper Elementary. Track 1, 2, 3. 4; Intramural Basketball 2, 3; Gamma Delta 1; SNEA 4. B.S. Degree. Patrick L. Boland Milwaukee Liberal Arts. Major: Mathematics; Vet’s Club 1, 2, 3 (Vice President 2); Math Club 4. B.S. Degree. Evonne Braun Berlin Lower Elementary. Phoenix 2, 3, 4 (Vice President 3). B.S. Degree. Ronald Braun Fond du Lac Liberal Arts. Major: athcmatics; Delta Kappa 2, 3. 4; Math Club 4. B.S. Degree. Jane E. Brewer Berlin Secondary. Major: History; Minor: Political Science; Gamma Sigma Sigma 1, 2 (Historian 2); Wesley 1, 2; International Relations Club 1, 2, 3; SNEA 2, 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Charles Bunke Marinette Upper Elementary. Alpha Phi Omega; Young Republicans; Wesley; Intramural Volleyball; Union League Bowling. B.S. Degree. Sandra Colden Clintonville Liberal Arts. Major: Natural Science; Phoenix 2, 3, 4 (Historian-Reporter 3). B.S. Degree. Charles W. Collins Neenah Liberal Arts. Major: Geography. B.S. Degree. Joseph L. Collins Hartford Secondary. Major: Social Science; Philippine Historical Association 2; Men’s Association 3; Newman Club 3; Delta Kappa 3, 4; Vet’s Club 3. B.S. Degree. Mary Lou Combs Polar Secondary. Major: Physical Education; Drama 1; Psychology Club 1; WRA 1, 2, 3, 4; PEM Club 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer 3); Junior Orchesis 4. B.S. Degree. Rita J. Cumber Forestville Secondary. Major: Natural Science; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Gamma Sigma 2, 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Evonne Cushman Grand Marsh Secondary. Major: Physical Education; Minor: Biology; PEM Club; Alethean 2, 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Joan Daggett Omro Lower Elementary. Band 1, 2; Spanish Club 4. B.S. Degree. Carol Dahl Oshkosh Secondary. Major: Physical Education; PEM Club; Senior Orchesis (Vice President 2, Secretary 3); Alethean 2, 3, 4; WRA; SNEA. B.S. Degree. Elizabeth Dahly Clintonville Lower Elementary. Student Gov’t. 1, 2; Kappa Gamma 2, 3, 4 (Historian 3); Newman Club 4; AWS Representative 1; Art Club 3-B.S. Degree. David Dasenbrock Horicon Secondary. Major: Physics, Mathematics; Math Club 1, 2, 3; Gamma Delta 1; Kelty Scholarship 3. B.S. Degree. Joyce Bartel Mishicot Secondary. Major: Mathematics; Math Club 1, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 4); Newman Club 1. 2; SNEA 4; Delta Phi 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Richard M. Buntrock Grafton Upper Elementary. Periclean 3, 4 (President 4); B.S. Degree. Bruce Baum Shawano Liberal Arts. Major: Economics; Economics Society 1, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 3, 4); Pursuit 1, 2 (Treasurer 1, 2). B.S. Degree. Barbara Middleton Beaulieu Baraboo Secondary. Major: English; Minor: Speech; WRA 1; Wesley 1; Gamma Sigma 1, 2, 3; Young Democrats 3. B.S. Degree. Mary Ann Becher Kiel Upper Elementary. Band 1, 2; SNEA 2; WRA 1. B.S. Degree. Ellen Beck Brookfield Upper Elementary. Lambda Chi 2, 3, 4 (Corresponding Secretary 3, House Business Manager 4); Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Prom Court 1. B.S. Degree. Thomas M. Cavanaugh Green Bay Liberal Arts. Major: History; Associated Men's Students 1, 2, 3; Vet’s Club 1, 2, 3; Swim Team 3; Intramural Football 1, 2, 3, 4; History Club 1. B.S. Degree. Patricia Chase Milwaukee Secondary. Major: English; Minor: Spanish; Kappa Gamma 3, 4; World University Service Chairman 3; World Understanding Society 3, 4; Wesley; Radford Hall Social Committee 3; Secretary Pollock House 4. Transfer from Heidelberg College, Tiffin, Ohio. B.S. Degree. Frances Church Rio Secondary. Major: Speech, English; UCCF 1, 2, 3 (Treasurer 2, 3); Stage Door 1, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary-Treasurer 1, 2); Young Democrats 2; Gamma Sigma Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4 (Vice President 2, 3); Pi Epsilon Delta 3, 4 (Secretary 3, 4); Who’s Who 4; SNEA 4; Advance 2, 3; Pursuit 2, 3; Drama 1, 2, 3, 4; Forensics 1, 3; District Forensic Contest Chairman 3, 4; Who's Who 4. B.S. Degree. Norman Debriyn Ashland Secondary. Major: History; Baseball 1, 2, 4 Let-rerman; Football 3. 4 Letterman; O Club 3, 4; Periclean 4. B.S. Degree. Nancy Dessart Green Bay Lower Elementary. Kappa Gamma 1, 2, 3, 4 (Historian 2); Canterbury 1, 2, 3, 4 (Vice President 2, Secretary 4); SNEA 2, 3, 4; Advance 1, 2. B.S. Degree. Larry L. Didlo Oshkosh Secondary. Major: Social Science; UCCF; Sigma Tau Gamma; O Club; YGOP; Varsity Track, Letter 1, 3; WCSS; Intramural Sports. B.S. Degree. Dan H. Doherty Fox Lake Liberal Arts. Major: Economics; Vet’s Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Economics Club 4. B.S. Degree. Jana S. Dreier Shawano Secondary. Major: English; Union Board 2; Golden Tridents 2; Who's Who 4. B.A. Degree. 248Wendy Drew Tomahawk Lower Elementary. Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4 (Historian 4); SNEA 2; Christian Science Organization 2, 3 (Secretary). B.S. Degree. Richard Dufek Sturgeon Bay Upper Elementary. Intramurals 4; Kappa Delta Pi 4. B.S. Degree. Carol Dunlavy New London Secondary. Major: Library Science; Minor: English; Delta Phi 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 1, 4; Quiver 2. B.S. Degree. Judith Eckstein Winneconne Lower Elementary. Delta Phi 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Richard Ehlert Beaver Dam Secondary. Union Board 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4 (President 4); O Club 2, 3, 4; Varsity Track 2, 3; Student Government 1; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Who's Who 4. B.S. Degree. Mary Ann Eid Oshkosh Secondary. Major: English; Art Club 4. B.S. Degree. Robert Engebretsen West DePere Liberal Arts. Major: Biology; Minor: Chemistry; Sigma Tau Gamma 1, 2, 3, 4 (Vice President 2); Men's Association Board 3. B.S. Degree. Shirley Euclide Suamico Upper Elementary. AWS 1, 2, 3, 4; Gamma Sigma 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Vera L. Evans Appleton Lower Elementary. B.S. Degree. Sharon Ewald Clintonville Lower Elementary. Gamma Sigma 2, 3, 4 (Vice President 4); Gamma Delta 1,2, 3, 4; SNEA 3, 4. B.S. Degree. David Feile Kiel Liberal Arts. Major: Economics; Economics Society 3, 4; Vet’s Club 2, 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Walter Fiedorowicz Coleman Secondary. Major; Biology; American Chemical Society 3. 4; SNEA 4. B.S. Degree. Patricia Firary Fall River Upper Elementary. Lambda Chi 1, 2, 3, 4; Wesley 1, 2; College Choir 1, 2, 3. 4; Kappa Delta Pi 4. B.S. Degree. Karen Fischer Marion Upper Elementary. Gamma Sigma 2, 3, 4 (Critic 3); SNEA 4. B.S. Degree. Paul Frakes Neenah Secondary. Major: English. B.S. Degree. James E. Fravel Neenah Liberal Arts. Major: Business Administration; Bowling Team 2; Delta Kappa 2, 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Sue Ellen Freiburger New London Lower Elementary. Newman Club 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Darlene Freimund Plymouth Secondary. Major: English; AWS 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3. 4; Psychology Club 3; SNEA 4. B.S. Degree. Philip H. Fritz Oshkosh Major: History; Minor: English; Debate 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3; French Club 3; Pi Kappa Delta 3, 4 (Vice President 4). B.S. Degree. Jam's Gietz Algoma Lower Elementary. Delta Phi 1, 2, 3, 4 AWS 2, 3, 4; WEA 4; SNEA 4; Advance 1. B.S. Degree. Arthur Godlesk Three Lakes Liberal Arts. Major: History; Periclean 4. B.S. Degree. Susan Gomoll Oshkosh Liberal Arts. Major: Library Science; Gamma Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4; Union Board 2, 3, 4; AWS 1, 2, 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Florence Graf Sturgeon Bay Lower Elementary. Delta Phi 2, 3, 4 (Custodian 4); Newman Club 2, 3; SNEA 3, 4; WRA 2. Transfer from Door-Kewaunee County Teacher's College. B.S. Degree. Richard G. Grams Fond du Lac Liberal Arts. Major: Business Administration, Economics; Track 2. Transfer from Lakeland College. B.S. Degree. Janice Greuel New Holstein Lower Elementary. Phoenix 2, 3, 4 (Historian 3); Newman Club 1. B.S. Degree. James Gross De Pere Liberal Arts. Major: Geography; Vet s Club 2, 3; Intramurals 2. B.S. Degree. Jon Gueller Shawano Liberal Arts. Major: Economics, English; Economics Society 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Eileen Hanselman Kewaskum Secondary. Major: Music; SMENC 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchesis 2, 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Roger Hansen Green Bay Secondary. Major: Biology; Minor: Chemistry; Gamma Delta 3. 4; Glee Club 3, 4. Transfer from University of Wisconsin. B.S. Degree. Charles Hardy Racine Secondary’- Major: History; Minor: Speech; Alpha Phi Omega; International Relations Club; Canterbury Club. B.S. Degree. C. Ted Hartkopf Fond du Lac Upper Elementary. Minor: Psychology; Orchestra 1, 2; Psychology Club 3; Alpha Kappa Lambda 4 (Board of Directors 4); Intramurals 4. B.S. Degree. Catherine Hartkopf Fond du Lac Lower Elementary. Minor: Art; Orchestra 1, 2; Art Club 2, 3, 4 (President 3, 4); Advance 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Allen Heckendorf Reedsville Upper Elementary. Minor: Art; Gamma Delta 1, 2, 3, 4; SNEA 4; Periclean 4; Art Club 4; Young Republicans 1. B.S. Degree. Maxine Heimerl Beaver Dam Upper Elementary. SNEA 3. 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4; WRA 1, 2, 3, 4; Fencing 2. B.S. Degree. Mary Heinzkill Neenah Lower Elementary. Gamma Sigma 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Spanish Club 3, 4; Spanish Students Union 4; SNEA 4. B.S. Degree. Ronald Henke Fond du Lac Upper Elementary. Vet's Club 2. B.S. Degree. Thomas Henning Lamartine Secondary. Major: English; Delta Kappa 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer 3). B.S. Degree. Ralph R. Hensel Sheboygan Upper Elementary. B.S. Degree. Judith Herrle Oshkosh Secondary. Major: English; Newman Club 1; Pursuit 4; Kappa Delta Pi 4; Who’s Who 4. B.S. Degree. Ronald R. Hibbard Oshkosh Liberal Arts. Major: Biology; Men's Association 1; Vet's Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3. 4. B.S. Degree. Harriet Hipke New Holstein Lower Elementary. World Understanding 3, 4; Advance 2, 3, 4; Radford Hall President 3; AWS 3; SNEA 4- Choir 4; Who's Who 4. Transfer from Lawrence College. B.S. Degree. Jean Hirth Wauwatosa Lower Elementary. Gamma Sigma 2, 3, 4; WRA 1. 2; AWS 1, 2, 3, 4; SNEA 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Karen Holz Milwaukee Lower Elementary. Newman Club 1, 2; Young Democrats 1. Transfer from University of Wiscon-sin-Milwaukee. B.S. Degree. Mary Husby Jacksonport Liberal Arts. Major: History; Minor: Sociology; AWS 1, 3, 4; Sociology Club 3, 4; Newman Club 1, 3; Gamma Sigma bigma 3, 4 (Corresponding Secretary 4); Fencing 3. B.S. Degree. 249Karen Huth Rosendale Secondary. Major: French; Lambda Chi 3. 4; French Club 3; Kappa Delta Pi 4. Transfer from University of Wisconsin. B.S. Degree. Jayne Ihlenfeld Waukesha Liberal Arts. Major: English; Minor: Journalism; Lambda Chi 3, 4; Advance 4. B.S. Degree. Betty J. Ihlenfeldt Green Bay Secondary. Major: English; Quiver 2; French Club 2; Pursuit 3; Gamma Delta 2, 3. 4 (Newspaper Editor 4, Worship Chairman 3); SNEA 3, 4; Advance 3, 4 (News Editor 3); Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Who's Who 4. Transfer from University of Wisconsin Extension, Green Bay. B.S. Degree. Suzanne Immel Fond du Lac Lower Elementary. Minor: Library Science; Student Government I; Kappa Gamma 1, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4 (Secretary 4); Fencing 2, 3. 4; SNEA 4; Who's Who 4. B.S. Degree. Jean Irwin Port Washington Secondary. Major: Physical Education; UCCF 1, Orchesis 2, 3. 4 (Historian 4); PEM Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; WRA 4; Who's Who 4. B.S. Degree. A. Everett Ison Crandon Secondary. Major: Biology. B. S. Degree. Joan Jacobson Princeton Upper Elementary. UCCF 1, Alethean 3, 4; Prom Committee 2. B.S. Degree. Kay Jacobson Oconto Falls Secondary. Major: Music; Phoenix 1. 2, 3, 4 (President 3, Historian 2, Custodian 4); Wesley 1, 2; SMENC 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band I, 2, 3; Orchestra 2, 3; Who's Who 4. B. Mus. Ed. Degree. Patricia Jakobowski Milwaukee Liberal Arts. Major: Psychology and Sociology; AWS 2: Orchesis 2 (Historian); Prom Committee 2, 3; Student Government 2, 3, 4; Psychology Club 3, 4; Class Secretary 3, 4; Sociology Club 4 (Historian); Elections Chairman of SGL 4; Who’s Who 4. B.S. Degree. Ellen Jaffe' Dousman Liberal Arts. Major: Library Science; Projesos 1, 2, 3, 4; Sociology Club 3, 4; Newman Club 1, 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Alice Jansen Antigo Upper Elementary. Lambda Chi 3, 4; Newman Club 3. 4. B.S. Degree. Mary Ann Janssen Underhill Lower Elementary. Newman Club 3. 4; Delta Phi 3. 4 (Historian 4); SNEA 1, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 4. Transfer from St. Norbert College. B.S. Degree. Mary L. Janssen Oshkosh Secondary. Major: History; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Gamma 3, 4; Pan Hellenic 3, 4 (President 4). B.S. Degree. Kenneth Januchowski West Allis Liberal Arts. Major: Chemistry; American Chemical Association 3; Delta Kappa 3, 4 (Social Chairman 3). B.S. Degree. Loren Jensen Berlin Uoper Elementary. Varsity Golf 2, 3, 4; O Club 2. 3. 4. B.S. Degree. Joby Jordan Oshkosh Lower Elementary. Alethean 2, 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Darryl Judson Fond du Lac Liberal Arts. Major: Economics and Business Administration; Economics Society 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1. B.S. Degree. Fred E. Jungers Appleton Liberal Arts. Major: History and Social Science; Sigma Tau Gamma 1, 2, 3, 4 (Pledge Trainer 2, 3; House Manager 4); Inter-Fraternity Council 3; Men’s Association 2, 3 (Secretary-Treasurer 3); Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 1, 2; O Club 2; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Steven Karges Oshkosh Liberal Arts. Major: History; Class President 1, 3, 4; Class Vice President 2; Student Government 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Court 2; Union Board 2, 3, 4 (Chairman 4); Wesley 1, 2, 3, 4; Debate 3; Who's Who 4. B.S. Degree. Bernard J. Kasierski Princeton Liberal Arts. Major: Biology; Minor: Spanish; La Sociedad Hispanica 3, 4; Who's Who 4. B.S. Degree. Larry L. Kath Wayside Liberal Arts. Major: Biology; Men's Association 1. 2, 3, 4; Economics Society 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Joan Keener Amherst Secondary. Major: Speech; Minor: English; National Collegiate Players 3, 4; Kappa Gamma 2, 3. 4; Stage Door 2, 3. 4; AWS 1, 2, 3, 4 (Vice President 3, President 3, 4); Newman Club 2, 3; SNEA 4. B.S. Degree. , Dennis Kimmell Menasha Liberal Arts. Major: Math and Economics. B.S. Degree. Stuart Klauer Oshkosh Liberal Arts. Major: Math; Math Club 4; Young Republicans 2, 3, 4; Vet’s Club 1, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary-Treasurer 3). B.S. Degree. Steven Klima Fond du Lac Liberal Arts. Major: Business Administration and Economics. B.S. Degree. Douglas Klimek Green Bay Liberal Arts. Major: Psychology; Psychology 3, 4; Newman Club 3; Sociology Club 3. B.S. Degree. John E. Klozotsky Sheboygan Liberal Arts. Major: Economics and History; Economics Society 1, 2, 3. 4; Vet's Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Men's Association 1, 2, 3; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. B.S. Degree. John R. Kobelsky Sheboygan Secondary. Math Club 4; NSEA 4; Intramurals 2, 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Carol Koffarnus Kiel Secondary. Major: Speech; Kappa Gamma 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 2, President 3); Drama 1, 2, 3, 4; Stagedoor 2, 3, 4; Speech Correction Club 3, 4 (Chairman 3); SNEA 3, 4; Forensic Squad 3, 4; Who's Who 4. B.S. Degree. Phyllis Kolarik Denmark Upper Elementary. Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Delta Phi 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 3); SNEA 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Young Democrats I; NEA 3. 4; Who's Who 4. B.S. Degree. Lynn Konowalski Green Bay Secondary. Major: Math; Minor: Biology; Student Government 1, 2; Faculty Public Relations Committee 1, 2; WRA 1; SNEA 4; Math Club 1, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 2, 3; President 3); Kappa Gamma Sorority 1, 2, 3, 4 (Historian 2, Vice President 4); Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 2); Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4 (Treasurer 4); Who's Who 4. B.S. Degree. Judith Kretz Antigo Lower Elementary. Gamma Sigma 2, 3, 4 (House President 4); Newman Club 1, 2, 3; Pan Hellenic 3, 4 (Secretary-Treasurer 4); AWS 1, 2, 3» 4; Kappa Delta Pi 4; Who's Who 4. B.S. Degree. Janet Krueger Green Bay Secondary. Major: Physical Education; Minor: English and Biology; Judiciary Board I, 2; Honor Resident 1, 2; WRA 2, 3, 4; PEM Club 2. 3, 4; Newman Club 2, 3; AWS 3, 4 (Treasurer 4); Fencing Club 3, 4; Swim Team 3. Transfer from St. Norbert College. B.S. Degree. Donald Laabs Appleton Secondary. Major: History. Transfer from University of Wisconsin. B.S. Degree. Sue Lahey Two Rivers Liberal Arts. Major: Library Science; Radford Hall Counselor 4. B.S. Degree. Darrel F. LaLuzerne Sturgeon Bay Upper Elementary. B.S. Degree. Mary Lammuman Winneconne Secondary. Major: Speech and English; Pi Kappa Delta 1, 2, 3, 4; Pi Epsilon Delta 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer 2, 3); Stage Door 2, 3, 4 (Secretary-Treasurer 2, 3); Lambda Chi Sorority 2, 3, 4 (Vice President 3, Parliamentarian 3; Debate Team 2; Forensics 1, 2, 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Roger Lautenbach Sturgeon Bay Secondary. Major: History; Sigma Tau Gamma 1. 2, 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Sally Laycock West Bend Secondary. Major: Physical Education; Minor: Biology; Advance 1; Orchesis 3, 4 (Publicity Chairman 4); Alethean Sorority 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Queen 4. B.S. Degree. James A. Lee Oshkosh Liberal Arts. Major: Economics; Delta Kappa 1, 2, 3 (President 2, 3)) Vet’s Club 1, 2, 3 (Secretary 1); Inter-Fraternity Council 3 (Secretary 3); Economics Society 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3. 4. B.S. Degree. 250Robert A. Lehman Berlin Liberal Arts. Major: Natural Science; Minor: Biology; Delta Kappa 3, 4; Intramurals 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Marion Leisering Appleton Secondary. Major: English; French Club 3, 4 (President 3); Who's Who 4. B.S. Degree. Robert LeMieux Green Bay Liberal Arts. Major: History; Newman Club 1, 2; Vet’s Club 1, 2. B.S. Degree. John Lemke Neenah Secondary. Major: History; Young Democrats 1, 2, 3, 4 (Vice-Chairman 4); Student Government 3; Union Board 3. B.S. Degree. Rolland Lemke Peshtigo Secondary. Major: Natural Science; American Chemical Society 3, 4 (Vice President 4); Vet's Club 2, 3. B.S. Degree. Kathryn Leonhardt Fond du Lac Liberal Arts. Major: Psychology; Psychology Club 3, 4; Newman Club 4; Sociology Club 4. B.S. Degree. John Lincoln Oshkosh Secondary. Major: Natural Science and Biology; Alpha Kappa Lambda 1, 2, 3, 4 (President 2); Vet's Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Florence Link Glendive, Montana Secondary. Major: French and Spanish; French Club 2, 3; La Sociedad Hispanica 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 4; Who's Who 4. B.S. Degree. Carol Lorenz Sheboygan Falls Liberal Arts. Major: Economics; AWS 1, 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 1; Lambda Chi 1, 2, 3, 4 (House Food Chairman 4); Economics Society 4. B.S. Degree. Dale Luchsinger Ripon Liberal Arts. Major: Library Science and History; LSA 1, 2; Young Republicans 2, 3; United Campus Christian Fellowship 3, 4 (President 4); International Relations Club 3. B.S. Degree. Richard R. Lurvey Fond du Lac Liberal Arts. Major: Economics; Economics Society 3, 4 (President 4). B.S. Degree. Cynthia Lyman Oshkosh Secondary. Major: Math; Math Club 1, 2, 3, 4; American Chemical Society 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4. B.S. Degree. Maureen Madigan Rosendale Secondary. Major: Physical Education; Lambda Chi 3. 4; PEM Club 1, 2, 3, 4. B.S. Degree. John Magnin Lena Secondary. Major: History; Minor: Physical Education; Math Club 1; Basketball 1; Intramurals 1, 2, 3. 4; Periclean 1, 2, 3 (Vice President 3); SNEA 4. B.S. Degree. Phillip Makurat Berlin Secondary. Major: Math; Newman Club 2, 3, 4; Math Club 2, 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Sharon Markowski Two Rivers Secondary. Major: English; Minor: Speech; Debate; Dramatics; Gamma Sigma; Pi Kappa Delta. B.S. Degree. James Marschall Fond du Lac Liberal Arts. Major: Economics; Baseball 1; Economics Society 4. B.S. Degree. Jean Martin Oshkosh Liberal Arts. Major: History; Phoenix 3, 4 (Secretary 4); World Understanding 3, 4; Sociology Club 4; Psychology Club 4. B.S. Degree. Karen "Kim" Masuda Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii Lower Elementary. Gamma Sigma Sigma 1, 2; AWS 2 (Secretary 2); Wesley 1, 2; Kappa Gamma 3, 4; Pan Hellenic 4; Homecoming Committee Co-Chairman 4; IRC Publicity Chairman 4. B.S. Degree. Philip F. May Crandon Upper Elementary. B.S. Degree. Richard McDougal Peshtigo Secondary. Major: English and Economics; O Club 4; Ski Club 4; Economics Club 3. B.S. Degree. Mark C. Michel Lake Mills Upper Elementary. Philakean 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 4); Advance 2; Young Democrats 3; Art Club 2, 3; Intramurals 1, 2, 3; SNEA 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Ruth Miller Waupaca Liberal Arts. Major: Psychology; Newman Club 1. 2; Lambda Chi 3, 4; Psychology Club 3, 4 (Historian 3); WRA 1, 2. Transfer from La Crosse State College. B.S. Degree. Marvin Mischka Wautoma Secondary. Major: Natural Science; Minor: Biology. B.S. Degree. Lois Montgomery Pewaukee Lower Elementary. Alethean 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 2. 3; Vice President 4); WRA 1, 2, 3. 4 (Secretary 3); Union Board 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 2, 3); Kappa Delta Pi 4; Who's Who 4. B.S. Degree. Marceile Mueller Milwaukee Lower Elementary. WRA 1; Gamma Delta 1, 2; Delta Phi 2, 3, 4; Pan Hellenic 4; SNEA 3, 4; WEA 3. B.S. Degree. Verna Mueller Luxemburg Secondary. Major: Math; Minor: Chemistry; Gamma Delta 2. 3. 4 (Treasurer 3, 4; Regional Treasurer 4); ACS 2, 3, 4 (Secretary-Treasurer 3; Treasurer 4); Math Club 2, 3. 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4; Band 2. Transfer from University of Wisconsin Extension. Green Bay. B.S. Degree. Caren Nelson Crandon Lower Elementary. Delta Phi 1, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 2); Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3; Band 3, 4; Newman Club 2, 4; SNEA 3; Who's Who 4. B.S. Degree. Keith Nelson Marinette Upper Elementary. Student Government 2. 3; L5A 2; Prom Committee 3; Children’s Play 2, 3. B.S. Degree. Barbara M. Nishihara Kaumakani, Kauai, Hawaii Upper Elementary. Lambda Chi 1, 2, 3, 4; Union Board 4; Advance 3; Gamma Delta 2, 3, 4; SNEA 2, 3; Honor Resident 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Janet Noack Oconto Secondary. Major: English and French; Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4 (Vice President 3); French Club 1, 2, 3; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Phoenix 1, 2, 3, 4; Fencing Club 3. B.S. Degree. Karin Nordstrom Oshkosh Secondary. Major: English; Minor: Speech; Orchesis 2; UCCF 2, 3, 4 (Historian 3); Choir 2; Alethean 2, 3, 4; Union Board 3; Debate 2; Stage Door 2; Oral Interpretation 3; Kappa Delta Pi 4; Who's Who 4. B.S. Degree. Richard Novitske Ripon Upper Elementary. Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4 (President, Vice President); Sigma Tau Gamma 3, 4; Student Government 2; Young Democrats 1; Prom Committee 2, 3-B.S. Degree. Roger Oehlke Neenah Secondary. Major: English; Young Democrats 1, 2, 3, 4 (Vice-Chairman 2); Student Government 3; Track 1; Pursuit 2, 3. B.A. Degree. Sandra Olp Brillion Secondary. Major: Vocal Music; MENC 2, 4; Kappa Gamma 1, 2, 3, 4; SNEA 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4. B.M. Degree. Carol Olson Green Bay Lower Elementary- Newman Club 1, 2; Delta Phi 3, 4 (Vice President 3). B.S. Degree. Thomas F. Oswald Elkhart Lake Upper Elementary. SNEA 3; Periclean 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; Debate 3-B.S. Degree. Joanne Pederson Gillett Lower Elementary. Delta Phi 2, 3, 4; Pan-Hellenic 3. B.S. Degree. Thomas L. Pennewell Oshkosh Liberal Arts. Major: Economics; Football 1, 2. 3, 4; Homecoming King 4; Track 2, 3, 4; O Club 2, 3, 4 (President 4); Economics Club 3, 4; Philakean 1; Intramurals 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Geneva Peterson Valders Secondary’- Major: Speech; Minor: English; Alethean 3, 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1; Stage Door 3, 4; SNEA 4; Winter Carnival Queen 4. B.S. Degree. Marlene Pingel Hilbert Secondary. Major: Physical Education; WRA 1, 2, 3, 4; Orchesis 2, 3. 4; PEM Club 2, 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Dennis Plamann Appleton Liberal Arts. Major: Art; Economics Society 4. Transfer from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukec. B.S. Degree. 251Thomas A. Plein Oshkosh Liberal Arts. Major: Psychology and Economics; Newman Club 2, 3, 4; Psychology Club 4; Economics Club 4; Pursuit 3. B.S. Degree. Helen Prallat Ripon Upper Elementary. Orchestra 1, 2, 3; SNEA 3, 4; Newman Club 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Joan Race Jackson Lower Elementary. LSA 1, 2, 3, 4 (Vice President 3, Recording Secretary 4); Gamma Sigma Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4 (Corresponding Secretary 2. Recording Secretary 2, 3); SNEA 1, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 4); Kappa Uelta Pi 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Kathlyn Race Oshkosh Upper Elementary. Young Republicans 1, 2, 3. B.S. Degree. Nancy Rades Shawano Secondary. Major: English; Christian Science 1, 2, 3, 4 (President 4); Inter-Faith Council 2; Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4. B.S. Degree. Wayne Radtke Menasha Liberal Arts. Major: Economics; Economics Society 2. 3, 4; Vet’s Club 2, 3. B.S. Degree. Rita Reak Randolph Lower Elementary. Alethean 2, 3, 4 (Corresponding Secretary 2); Newman Club 1, 2. B.S. Degree. Charlotte Reinhard Green Bay Secondary. Major: English; Minor: Spanish; Alethean 2, 3, 4; Student Government 3, 4; Class Treasurer 3; Class Vice President 4; Newman Club 1. 2, 3; SNEA 1, 2, 3, 4; Advance 1, Pan Hellenic 3; Faculty Public Relations Committee 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Kathryn Reynolds Watertown Liberal Arts. Major: Library Science and English; Minor: Political Science and German; Quiver 3. 4; Gamma Delta 3. Transfer from Wisconsin State College, Whitewater. B.A. Degree. Marilyn Rezny Milwaukee Lower Elementary. Dramatics 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Richard Rosanske Oshkosh Secondary. Major: Chemistry; ACS 2, 3, 4 (President 3). B.S. Degree. Fay Royan Appleton Secondary. Major: Instrumental and Vocal Music; Young Democrats 1,2; Stage Door 1, 2, 3; Wesley 1; Choir 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3; Orchestra 1, 2, 3. 4; Delta Phi 2, 3, 4; Music Educators National Conference 1, 2, 3t 4; Fencing 2. B.Mus.Ed. Degree. Robert Runkel Port Washington Liberal Arts. Major: Math. B.S. Degree. Robert Sandberg Fond du Lac Secondary. Major: Math; ACS 1, 2, 3, 4; Math Club 1, 2, 3, 4; NSEA 4. B.S. Degree. Larry Sawallish Berlin Liberal Arts. Major: Economics; Young Conservatives 1, 2 (Publicity Director 1, 2; Membership Director 2); Young Republicans 1, 2, 3, 4; Economics Society 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Mardell Schaumberg Hartford Lower Elementary. Debate and Forensics 1, 2, 3, 4; Pi Kappa Delta 1, 2, 3, 4 (President 3); Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; SNEA 2, 4; Who's Who 4. B.S. Degree. Allan Schelfhout Manitowoc Upper Elementary. Delta Kappa 2, 3, 4 (Recording Secretary 2); Newman Oub 1, 2. B.S. Degree. James Scheuermann Neenah Liberal Arts. Major: Economics; Basketball 1. B.S. Degree. Joan Schickert West Bend Upper Elementary. Alethean 1, 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer 3, House Secretary-Treasurer 4, President 4); Newman Club 1, 2; Advance 1, 2; Union Board 3. 4; WRA 1, 2. B.S. Degree. Marilynn Schiedermayer Appleton Upper Elementary. SNEA 1, 2, 3. 4 (Treasurer 2, Vice President 3. President 4); Wesley 1, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 2); Gamma Sigma 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Judith Schleinhege Milwaukee Lower Elementary. Kappa Gamma 3. 4 (Parliamentarian 4); SNEA 3. 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3. 4; WRA 1. B.S. Degree. David Schiessl Oshkosh Liberal Arts. Major: Business Administration; Advance 1; Alpha Phi Omega 1, 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Economics Society 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Sandra Schmallenberg New London Secondary. Major: English; French Club 2; Gamma Delta 1; SNEA 4. B.S. Degree. Ann Schmitt Oshkosh Lower Elementary-' Newman Club 1, 2; Alethean 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer 4); Union Board 4. B.S. Degree. Judith Schmitz Kiel Secondary. Major: English and Spanish; Kappa Gamma 2, 3, 4 (President 4); Advance 2, 3; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Union Board 4; Who's Who 4. B.S. Degree. Keith Schneider Manitowoc Upper Elementary. B.S. Degree. Judith Schoener Marinette Secondary. Major: Math; Delta Phi 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer 4); Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Newman Club 2, 3, 4; Math Qub 2, 3, 4; Union Board 2, 3, 4 (Chairman 4); Who’s Who 4. B.S. Degree. Karen Schrage Appleton Upper Elementary. WRA 1, 2, 3 (Vice President 2, 3); SNEA 3; Student Government 2 (Treasurer 2); Stage Door 1; Lambda Chi 3, 4 (Secretary 3, Pledge Chairman 3). B.S. Degree. James Schrank Rosendale Liberal Arts. Major: Economics; Economics Society 3. 4. B.S. Degree. Barbara Schuessler Sheboygan Falls Lower Elementary. Sociology Club 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Judy Schuetze Waukesha Lower Elementary. Lambda Chi 1, 2, 3, 4 (Vice President 2, House President 4); Union Board 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Dawn Sheffy Oshkosh Lower Elementary. Gamma Sigma; Newman Club; Art Club. B.S. Degree. Barbara Shimek Menomonee Falls Lower Elementary. Lambda Chi 3, 4 (Vice President 4); Pan-Hellenic 3; Speech Correction Club 4; Who’s Who 4. B.S. Degree. Dale Smith Manawa Liberal Arts. Major: Business Administration; Young Republicans 1, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 2); Economics Society 4. B.S. Degree. Julianne Smith Neenah Lower Elementary. Alethean 2, 3, 4; Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 2, 3. 4 (Secretary 2, President 3, 4); Inter-Faith Council 3 (Secretary 3). B.S. Degree. Lorna Smith Oshkosh Lower Elementary. Newman Club 1; Honor Resident 1. B.S. Degree. Sandra Solberg Appleton Upper Elementary. Minor: Art; Golden Tridents 1; Canterbury Club 1, 2, 3; Student Government 1; Lambda Chi 1, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 3); Art Club 4. B.S. Degree. Richard Sorenson Sheboygan Upper Elementary. Interfaith Council 3, 4 (Vice President 4); Canterbury Club 4 (President 4); Union Student Supervisor 2, 3t 4. B.S. Degree. Adrienne Sosinske Waupaca Liberal Arts. Major: Library Science. B.A. Degree. Thomas J. Spalding Oshkosh Secondary. Major: Vocal-Instrumental Music; SMENC 2, 3, 4 (Vice President 4); Band 1, 2; Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir 2, 3, 4. B.Mus.Ed. Degree. Mary Spice Oconto Falls Lower Elementary. Newman Club 1, 2; WRA 1; AWS 1, 2. 3, 4; Honor Resident 4. B.S. Degree. Zone Spindler Fremont Liberal Arts. Major: Business Administration and Economics; Economics Club 3, 4; Union Board 3; Student Government 3, 4; Class Treasurer 4; Philakean - Alpha Kappa Lambda 1, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 2, President 3, Vice President 4, Pledge-master 4). B.S. Degree. 252Mary Stahmer West Bend Secondary. Major: English and French; French Club 2 (President 2); union Board 4 (Chairman 4); Phoenix 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer 3); Pan Hellenic 2 (Secretary-Treasurer 2); Wesley; Kappa Delta Pi 4. B.S. Degree. Dale Catherine St. John De Pere Upper Elementaiy. Alcthean 3, 4. Transfer from University of Wisconsin. B.S. Degree. Patricia Storck Milwaukee Lower Elementary. Alethean 2, 3, 4 (Historian 3); World Understanding 2 (Secretary-Treasurer 2); Advance 2. B.S. Degree. David Studinski Stevens Point Upper Elementary. Newman Club 3; Vet's Club 3; SNEA 3. B.S. Degree. Kathleen Sullivan Waukesha Lower Elementary. Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4 (Historian 1, Librarian 2. Corresponding Secretary 4); Young Democrats 2, 3; SNEA 4; Pursuit 2, 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Sandra Tank Van Dyne Lower Elementary. Phoenix 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Leonard Tessen New London Liberal Arts. Major: Library Science and History; Gamma Delta 1, 2 (Religious Chairman 1). B.S. Degree. Elaine Thalke Appleton Secondary. Major: Art; AWS 1, 2, 3, 4; Art Club 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Frederick Timm Oshkosh Secondary. Major: English and History; LSA 1 (Vice President 1); Delta Kappa 2, 3, 4 (Secre-tarv 2). B.S. Degree. John T. H. Timm Kenosha Liberal Arts. Major: Economics and Spanish; Circle K 1, 2, 3 (President 2) Philakean-Alpha Kappa Lambda 1, 2, 3. 4 (Historian 1, Public Relations 2, Secretary 3. President 4); Advance I (Sports Editor 1); Young Democrats 1, 2% Socieaad Hispanica 3. 4. B.A. Degree. Marlene Timmers Kimberly Secondary. Major: English; Minor: History; Lambda Chi 1. 2, 3, 4 (President 4); Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; WRA 1, 2, 3 (Secretary-Treasurer 2, Sports Chairman 3); Honor Resident 2; Pan Hellenic 3; Newman Club 2, 3; Who's Who 4. B.S. Degree. Susan Trappe Waukesha Lower Elementary. Young Republicans 1; Ski Club I, 2; WRA 3; AWS 1, 2, 3, 4; Gamma Delta 1; Honor Resident 4. B.S. Degree. Charles Ulrich Fremont Liberal Arts. Major: Economics and Psychology; Delta Kappa 2, 3» 4; Economics Society 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Joyce Valentine Denmark Pre Professional. Major: Medical Technology; Kappa Gamma 1, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Delta Theta Chi 2, 3, 4 (President 3). B.S. Degree. C. James Van Patten Appleton Liberal Arts. Major: Economics; Choir 1, 2, 3; Economics Society 3, 4; Alpha Kappa Lambda 3, 4 (Recording Secretary 3); Conservative Club 4 (Vice Chairman 4); Young Republicans 1, 2, 3, 4 (Parliamentarian 2, Vice Chairman 3, 4). B.S. Degree. Germaine Velicer Kewaunee Lower Elementary. Delta Phi 2, 3, 4 (Historian 3, Vice President 4); SNEA 2, 3. 4; Newman Club 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 4. Transfer from University of Wisconsin Extension, Green Bay. B.S. Degree. Mary Jac Verbeten Kaukauna Lower Elementary. Minor: Art; Gamma Sigma 3, 4 (President 4); Newman Club 1, 2, 4; SNEA 3, 4; Band 1; AWS 1, 2, 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Marlene Verdette Green Bay Lower Elementary. Band 1, 2; Gamma Sigma 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 2; Spanish Club 3, 4; Spanish Students Union 4; SNEA 4. B.S. Degree. Mary Jean Walker Berlin Upper Elementary. Kappa Gamma 1, 2, 3 (Secretary 3); Golden Tridents 1, 2, 3 (Treasurer 2, 3); Competitive Swim Team 1; Kappa Delta Pi 3. B.S. Degree. Shari Walker Berlin Secondary. Major: Physical Education; Minor: English; PEM Club 1, 2 (Publicity 2); Golden Tridents 1, 2, 3 (Secretary 2, President 3); Kappa Gamma 1, 2, 3; Swim Team 1, 2; WRA 2; Kappa Delta Pi 3. B.S. Degree. John Walsdorf Kiel Liberal Arts. Major: English and Library Science; Newman Club 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer); World Understanding Society 3, 4 (President, Vice President); Young Democrats 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer); Advance 2, 3, 4 (Executive Editor); Pursuit 2, 3. B.S. Degree. Robert Wegner Rosendale Upper Elementary. Sigma Tau Gamma 1, 2, 3, 4 (Social Chairman 1, 2; Chaplain 2, Corresponding Secretary 4); Homecoming Parade Chairman 2; Young Republicans 1; Union Board 3, 4 (Chairman 4); Gamma Delta 1; Band 1; Little Symphony 1, 3; Winter Carnival King 3-B.S. Degree. Robert L. Wehner St. Cloud Liberal Arts. Major: Business Administration; Vet's Club 2, 3, 4; Economics Club 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Mary Sue Weinman Oshkosh Liberal Arts. Major: Chemistry; Math Club 1, 2; ACS 1, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 3). B.A. Degree. Mary Welland Sheboygan Lower Elementary. Advance 1, 2; Union Board 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 4); Alethean 1, 2, 3, 4 (President, Vice President, Historian, House President). B.S. Degree. Karen Wendt Pine River Upper Elementary. Phoenix 2, 3. 4 (Vice President 4); AWS 3, 4 (Vice President 4); Union Board 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Gamma Delta 4; Advance 4; who's Who 4. B.S. Degree. Donna White Marinette Secondary. Major: English; Minor: History; Wesley 2; Young Republicans 2; Kappa Delta Pi 3. B.S. Degree. Ruth Wieland Berlin Lower Elementary. Quiver 2; Newman Club 1, 2; Gamma Sigma 2, 3» 4; Pan Hellenic 3; SNEA 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Eugene Wilcox Mauston Upper Elementary. B.A. Degree. Thomas Witthun Fox Lake Secondary. Major: History; Minor: Political Science; Sigma Tau Gamma 2, 3. 4 (Chaplain 3); Men's Association Board 3; (Business Manager 3); Intramurals 1, 2, 3 4. B.S. Degree. Carol Woldt Appleton Liberal Arts. Major: English; Spanish Club 3, 4; Newman Club 1. B.A. Degree. Diane Wuellner Kaukauna Liberal Arts. Major: Speech; LSA 1, 2; Stage Door 2, 3, 4 (President 3); National Collegiate Players (President); Pan Hellenic 3; Psychology Club 3; Art Club 4. B.S. Degree. Janet Wunderlich Appleton Lower Elementary. Young Republicans 1; SNEA 1, 2, 3. 4; Delta Phi 2, 3, 4 (President 3). B.S. Degree. Darlene Kallas Yasick Marinette Secondary'. Major: English; Delta Phi 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4 (Vice President 4); Newman Club 1, 2. B.S. Degree. Eugene Yasick Ripon Liberal Arts. Major: Economics; Economics Club 3-B.S. Degree. Barbara Zahn Bailey's Harbor Secondary. Major: Physical Education; PEM Club 1; Advance 2; Gamma Sigma 3» 4; AWS 1, 2, 3. 4. B.S. Degree. Carol Zangi Mayville Upper Elementary. Quiver 2 (Business Manager); Gamma Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer 2); SNEA 3, 4; Gamma Delta 1, 2. B.S. Degree. John Ziegenhagen Oshkosh Liberal Arts. Major: Chemistry; Alpha Phi Omega 1, 2, 3, 4 (Historian, Treasurer); Canterbury Club 1, 2. 3, 4; Advance 1, 2, 3, 4 (Photo- Srapher); Quiver 1, 2, 3, 4 (Photographer). .A. Degree. Barbara Zoglman Gresham Lower Elementary. B.S. Degree. 253STUDENT INDEX Abbott, Lee 208 Abdullohzadeh, Saifullah 84, 227 Abendroth, Linda L. 216 Abitz, Daniel L. Abitz, David 228 Abraham, Alan R. 109, 216 Abraham, Robert N. 216 Abraham, William T. Abrahamson, Leonard F. Abpke, Cynthia Abrams, Sharon G. 216 Ackerman, Robert L. 216 Adams, Edward M. 228 Adams, Karen E. 138, 208 Adams, Ronald E. 141, 142, 143, 162 Ades, Karin E. 216 Ahonen, Donald T. Ahrens, Jack J. Ahrodt, Mary L. 228 Albee, J. 154 Albee, Stephen T. 208 Albers, Michael W. 184 Albers, William 184 Albert, Marvin J. 228 Albert, Mary B. 216 Albert, William A. 100, 143, 216 Albertz, Arnold D. 228 Alf, Diane R. 115, 228 Alfertig, Gary J. 208 Alfertig, Judith L. Allen, Mary Z. 228 Allen, Peter M. 228 Alwes, Arthur W. Ammerman, Georgia D. Amoth, Ben Boa 208 Anders, Dale F. 216 Andersen, James T. Andersen, Lynn R. Anderson, Carol A. 91, 184 Anderson, Donald C. 166 Anderson, Gloria-Jeanne F. 216 Anderson, James 216 Anderson, John T. 228 Anderson, Judith 184 Anderson, Lois M. 73, 148, 208 Anderson, Londale M. Anderson, Sharon C. 184 Anderson, Vicki C. 228 Andrew, Thomas J. 90, 216 Andrews, Judy D. 115, 164, 216 Andropolis, Joan 176 Antholt, Steve M. 228 Appleyard, Frederick R. 208 Arkinson, Janet 184 Arms, George D. 228 Armstrong, James W. 97, 208 Armstrong, Larry M. 228 Arpke, Cynthia 116, 164, 208 Arps, Jane C. 228 Artz, Carol A. 100, 216 Aschenbrenner, Gary L. 228 Ash, Betty J. 228 Ash, Janet 228 Atherton, Cheryl J. 174, 175, 228 Atkins, Karen A. 85 Atkinson, Janet A. 164 Aufdermauer, Mary J. 228 Augsburger, Vernon R., Jr. 208 Ausloos, James R. 228 Austin, Dean 129, 133, 141, 142, 205 Austin, Dennis 84 Averbeck, Richard J. 228 Babcock, Sharron A. 160, 184 Backeri, Mohamad N. Bachmann, Janet M. 228 Bachtell, Alvan C. Backus, Judie C. 228 Baeten, Earl J. 216 Baeten, Mary F. 228 Bagheri, M. N. 84, 228 Bahr, Bette V. 184 Baier, Alice M. 228 Baier, Elizabeth S. 74, 228 Baier, Patricia L. 228 Bailey, Jeris A. 228 Bailey, Phyllis L. 216 Bailey, Sally E. 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Beaulieu, Barbara L. 185 Beaver, Donald K. 208 Beavin, Ruth A. 216 Becher, Maryann A. 185 Beck, Daniel J. 82 Beck, Jane R. 160, 216 Beck, Ellen R. 73, 160, 185 Beck, Richard 162, 208 Becker, Dorothy T. Becker, Marita P. 79, 208 Becker, Mary Ann 208 Becker, Roger L. 216 Becker, Sally M. 95, 146, 148, 216 Beckley, Peter Beduhn, Andra N. Beduhn, Marilee A. Befus, Gail H. 160 Begel, Dave C. 170, 171, 228 Begotka, Jeanne A. 86, 118, 164, 216 Behm, Janet F. 228 Behm, Michael A. 228 Behm, Terrance L. 228 Behrendt, Shirley A. 148, 208 Behrens, Henry F. 216 Behring, William L. 118, 216 Beirne, Jim R. 216 Berge, Dave 208 Breister, David A. Belanger, Lee W. Belke, Myles C. Belling, Sharon L. 99 Belongea, Beth A. 228 Belonger, Lee 228 Belongia, Daniel L. 228 Belongie, Annette Y. 208 Below, David L. Benkoske, Steve 228 Bennett, Richard C. 228 Benninger, Marian D. 208 Benson, James A. 216 Bently, Walter B. 228 Berchardt, Linda 228 Berg, Judith A. 113, 121, 208 Berg, Robert D. 216 Berge, David A. Berge, Richard J. 152 Berge, Tom 185 Berger, Donald V. 228 Berger, James A. 98, 152, 208 Berger, Richard A. 134, 216 Bergholz, Kristen M. 229 Bergin, Donald L. 229 Bergin, George M. 229 Bergmann, Connie J. 229 Berkuam, Sue G. 229 Berndt, Bettylou V. 208 Berndt, Richard J. 216 Bernhagen, Marlene E. 216 Bernhagen, Ronald G. 216 Berns, Gary E. 152, 208 Berry, Robert E. Berryman, Rev. Harold L. Bersch, Merriman E. Berth, Gene E. 229 Bertram, Elaine J. 216 Besaw, Joan Y. 229 Bestor, Robert J. 216 Bettin, Pamela R. 158 Betts, David E. 140, 208 Bevernitz, Kurt J. 229 Beverstein, Roberta M. 229 Bewkoske, Steve L. Beyer, Thomas R. 216 Bierwagen, Martin F. Biebl, Dan J. 118, 216 Biederwolf, Donna M. 118, 164, 216 Beinlein, Sharon K. 229 Bierstaker, Lloyd E. 208 Bierer, Gertrude 229 Billman, Joseph E. 185 Binder, Karen A. Birkholz, Elizabeth A. 185 Birschbach, David S. 216 Black, Mary E. 229 Blake, Virginia K. 216 Bleck, Reinhold A. E. 216 Bloch, Carol E. 229 Block, Frederick J. 216 Block, Ruth E. 229 Bloedorn, Charles W. 229 Bloom, John C. 215 Bloomer, Edson 216 Blum, Bettie 185 Blumer, Edson L. Bodoh, Dale J. 216 Boede, Robert H. Boehmer, Keith J. Boeldt, Sandra 216 Boelter, Katherine M. Boeltz, E. 84 Boerson, Roxy J. Boettcher, Cynthia 229 Boettcher, Gerald W. 97, 139, 185 Boettner, Cheryl M. 229 Bohn, Noreen A. 95, 216 Bohn, Sandra J. 158, 229 Bohne, Jim P. 208 Bohren, Clair F. 216 Boland, Patrick L. 185 Bolzt, Jessie A. 229 Bomalaski, Anne K. 91, 118, 208 Bonamer, M. 94 Bondow, Louise 229 Bonnett, Vivian E. 216 Book, Terrill J. 229 Borchardt, Kathryn J. 229 Borchardt, Linda L. Bork, May M. 229 Bork, Patrick C. 143, 216 Borkowski, Dale L. Born, Paul L. 229 Borree, John D. Bosin, Ronald L. 83, 229 Boss, Wayne F. 229 Bostwick, Irwin W. 86, 229 Bouson, Roxy 229 Bowen, Floyd L. 229 Bowen, Theodore R. 229 Bower, John 172 Bowser, Patrick F. Boyce, Maxine E. Boyd, Janet K. 116, 216 Boyd, Marvin D. 172, 217 Boye, Roger D. Braasch, Ron W. Bradley, Barbara K. 208 Bradley, Charles W. 139, 229 Bradley, Mary F. 208 Brandt, Helen M. 217 Brauel, Irma M. 154 Braun, Bruce W. Braun, David C. Braun, Evonne J. 185 Braun, Judith C. 229 Braun, Mary K. 217 Braun, Ronald L. 152, 185 Brazeua, Gerald F. 217 Breister, David 217 Breit, Harold F. 217 Breitrick, Lorna S. 217 Bremer, Garfield H. Bremner, Margi 158, 217 Brennan, Harold B. 106, 152 Brennan, Mary K. 217 Bretl, Ronald J. 229 Breutzman, Kay A. 229 Brewager, Martin 229 Brewer, Jane E. 97, 185 Briggs, Rosemary L. 229 Brikowski, Arthur W. 72, 229 Brill, Gene P. 229 Brinkman, Thomas G. 217 Brinkman, Thomas J. Brisbane, Dale 118, 208 Briske, David J. 88, 208 Britton, Judith K. 229 Brevu, Gertrude M. Brixius, Penny A. 100, 217 Broecker, Janet H. 116, 229 Broetzmann, Earl O. 95, 143 Broker, J. 76 Bronstad, Lawrence S. 229 Brooks, Harold W. 208, 229 Brooks, Robert W. 118 Brost, Peter 166 Brown, Bruce O. L. Brown, Carol R. 229 Brown, Dan J. 124, 217 Brown, Josephine A. 98, 148, 208 Brown, Kenneth T. Brown, Mary A. 158, 217 Brown, Norm A. 141, 142, 143, 217 Brown, Thomas H. Brown, Thomas 229 Brownell, Gwendolyn C. 229 Brozyna, Marjorie J. 229 Bruby, B. 74 Bruhn, Charles A. Bruhy, Billiejo 229 Bruins, Gail A. 120, 229 Bruman, Robert C. 229 Brundase, Stephen N. 229 Brunet, Patrick A. 217 Brunner, Libbieann 208 Bruns, Sherry L. 77, 158, 208 Brusius, Phillip G. 229 Brusius, Steve E. 229 Bryhan, Rosalie L. 229 Bubolz, Judith H. 100, 164, 217 Buchanan, Patsy L. 217 Buchholz, Thomas J. 229 Buckarma, Eugene R. 136, 230 Budecki, Robert M. 230 Buehner, Bonny J. 154 Buestrin, Suzanne K. 230 Buetow, Paul E. 230 Bullamore, Mary 178 Buller, Charlene M. 230 Bullard, Nancy A. 73, 95, 104, 160, 208 Bunke, Charles J. 186 Buntrock, Richard 147, 162, 186 Burg, Eldon E. 85, 217 Burgard, Helga 177 Burgert, Darlene R. 208 Burgdorf, Robert I. 230 Burhn, Charles 205 Burich, Ronald A. 230 Burkhaiter, William A. 208 Burkard, Barbara A. Burhard, Helga D. 217 Burkart, Roy J. 98, 166 Burkhart, Vivian B. 79 Burmeister, Karen E. 217 Burneister, Patsy M. 217 Burns, Nicholas C. 217 Burr, Frederick G. 82, 162, 208 Burr, Nancy L. 230 Burrows, Judith L. 230 Burster, Barbara A. 217 Burton, Gerald L. Buser, John M. 124 254Bush, Welter W. 208 Buss, Robert D. 230 Buss, James 208 Bussard, Linda R. 116, 208 Butcher, Lowell G. Butenhoff, Mary C. 118, 217 Buth, Archie C. 166, 209 Butkiewisz, Brian R. 230 Butt, Kenneth H. Butt, Thomas J. Butterfield, Jane M. 217 Button, Lee C. Bylow, Jill A. 39, 76 By low, Joan C. 76, 95, 160, 230 Calhoun, James W. 209 Calmes, Sharon A. 230 Campagna, Angela H. Campbell, Douglas T. Campbell, Michel E. Capelle, Joan M. 230 Capriles, Daphne S. 84, 86 Captain, Louis J. 230 Carley, Carol E. 230 Carmody, Sharon L. 230 Carpenter, Eric J. 230 Carpenter, Gerald L. 118, 217 Carrico, Stephen, L. 230 Carriveau, Doug J. 106, 129, 139, 166, 239 Carroll, Thomas H. 136 Carufel, Carollyn 230 Carufel, Connie 230 Cary, Orlene M. 230 Casanova, Donald J. Case, Dean R. Casiana, Thomas A. 217 Casper, Fred R. 217 Coughlin, Katherine 217 Cavanaugh, Richard R. 230 Cavanaugh, Robert 134 Cavanaugh, Thomas M. 186 Cayner, Susan M. 209 Cearson, Terry 209 Cecchini, Kathleen A. 217 Ceelen, William Celichowski, Mary F. 77, 217 Cerpich, Marilyn A. 217 Cerutti, Judith A. 81 Chabeda, Paul I. M. 84, 217 Chamberlain, Gloria G. 230 Chang, Alice Champeny, Kathi A. 81, 230 Charapata, Jerry L. 217 Charbonneua, Mary H. 230 Charles, Dean I. Charles, Jean 230 Chase, Patricia E. 158, 186 Chasen, Barbara E. Chaudoir, Keith N. 230 Cherepow, James F. 116, 172, 230 Chermak, Don H. 124, 230 Chopin, Timothy M. 217 Christensen, Carol B. 230 Christenson, Gerald J. Christenson, Harold E. 124 Christenson, Peter S. 209 Christenson, Wesley L. 209 Christian, Raymond L. 230 Christiansen, John W. Christie, Paul T. 209 Christie, Thomas J. Christopher, Constance D. Christy, Ted 162 Church, Frances M. 75, 91, 186 Cios, Dennis J. 134, 217 Cimermanis, Vizbulite 209 Cimermanis, Rasulite 217 Ciriacks, Daniel P. 230 Cizek, Sandra J. 79, 217 Clansing, Daniel P. Clapper, John R. Clapper, Larry A. 217 Clark, Dennis S. Clark, Gene F. Clark, James 209 Clark, James R. Clark, James W. Clark, Linda Lee 217 Clark, Patricia 230 Clark, Robert J. 209 Clark, Stephen G. 217 Clarke, Christine J. 230 Clarke, Donald M. 217 Clausing, Dave 217 Clausing, Howard F. Clayton, Robert J. 230 Clemons, Carmen A. 230 Clermont, Arthur J. 209 Cleveland, Judith A. Coates, Barbara J. 217 Coburn, Curtis L. Coburn, Leone G. 217 Coffey, Shelia J. 230 Coggeshall, Kathleen T. 230 Cohan, Jane M. 230 Coil, Karen S. 230 Colburn, Curtis 230 Colden, Sandra L. 164, 186 Cole, Donald G. 230 Cole, Gene H. Jr. 230 Cole, Grace 85 Collins, Alan E. 200 Collins, Charles W. 186 Collins, Joseph L. 186 Combs, Mary L. 79, 186 Combs, Wayne C. 230 Coher, Ronald E. 230 Condel, Doris H. 217 Conlin, Thomas J. Conlon, Shirley R. Conrad, John W. 230 Conrad, Ronald A. Conrad, Stanley L. 230 Cooke, Richard C. Coon, Beverly E. 230 Coon, Brenda F. 230 Cooper, Diane S. 230 Coruffel, Carollyn M. Corvan, Steve 230 Costello, Karen A. 79, 230 Cota, Mark P. 172, 217 Cottrell, Barbara C. 231 Cottrell, Douglas J. 231 Cottrell, Larry K. Coughlin, Kathye A. Couillard, Douglas O. Coulahan, Dennis M. Countney, James E. 118, 217 Couill, Sharon L. 217 Cowen, Janice W. 231 Cowan, Steven N. Cox, Cheryl L. 231 Crabby, Warren 124 Crabtree, Jeanne I. 231 Crain, Roger N. 231 Crane, Richard R. 72 Creager, Curtis P. Crimmel, Shari L. Crooks, Robert J. Crosbey, Jerome J. 231 Cuager, Curt 217 Culbertson, Calvin W. 109, 217 Cumber, Rita J. 186 Cumber, Sandra M. 231 Cummings, John J. 231 Cundy, John P. 231 Cur Urio, Sal A. 218 Curry, Paul D. Cushman, Evonne A. 186 Czarniecki, Joy A. Dachelet, Darrel A. 231 Daggett, Joan R. 186 Dahl, Carol M. 77, 187 Dahl, John L. 231 Dahl, Mary K. 231 Dahl, Nancie C. Dahly, Betty 158 Dahly, Elizabeth J. Dailey, Jean A. 160, 231 Dale, JefF C. Dalebroux, Sandra D'Amecourt, John C. 81, 231 Damm, James J. 152, 209 Daniel, Curtis M. 209 Daniels, Gordon C. 142 Danielson, Betty A. 85, 95, 164 Danielson, Peter J. 171, 218 Dantoin, Georgiana M. 209 Dorehshari, Nader F. 84, 218 Dosenbrock, David H. 187 Daskam, William B. 82 Daubert, Jean R. 72, 231 Daubert, John P. Dougherty, Jane R. 84, 121, 231 Daun, Alice A. 231 Daun, Jerry E. Davel, Barbara A. 160, 209 David, Linda K. 231 Davis, Carol J. 209 Davis, James L. 142 Davis, Malcolm C. Davis, Melvin L. 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Glavan, Susan J. 118 Glock, James C. 210 Glockner, Robert J. 233 Glodosky, James R. 219 Gnagi, Stephen V. 233 Gneiser, Voni F. 74, 100, 220 Godin, William J. 233 Godleski, Art A. 162, 189 Goerke, Kenneth E. 219 Goeser, Bonnie C. 233 Goeters, Philip S. 139, 283 Gogolewski, Joyce A. Goldberg, Jean V. 210 Goldern, Gerald L. 219 Goldrich, Alvin A. Gollnick, Richard L. 233 Gomoll, Janet D. 233 Gomoll, Randall M. Gomoll, Susan C. 95, 156, 189 Gonyo, Gerald G. Gooding, Gloria 76, 121, 219 Goodwin, David J. 100, 233 Gore, George 233 Gores, John S. Gordon, David F. 210, 219 Gorske, Arnold L. 210 Gospodarek, Thomas R. Gossens, Thomas E. Gosz, Dan N. 219 Gottheardt, Tom J. 233 Gottsacker, Mary L. 176, 210 Gould, Marie M. 95 Gove, George R. Grabner, Ronald J. Graf, Dorothy M. Graf, Florence 189 Graf, Sharon R. 233 Graf, Sherri L. Graff, Thomas J. 219 Grahl, Joanne L. 233 Grahn, Robert L. 219 Graichen, Elaine L. 121, 219 Grainger, Sharon L. 233 Grams, Richard G. 189 Grant, Al G. Grasse, Diane C. 233 Grasse, Janet B. 175, 233 Graumann, Maryann S. 219 Graves, Margaret E. 85 Gray, Robert J. 233 Graze, David 233 Green, David Green, Edwin R. Greene, Dennis A. Greenert, Peggy 233 Greening, Orrin D. Greenwald, Nancy 219 Gregor, Lawrence M. Gregorius, Carol 189 Greiner, Alice L. Greinert, Peggy L. Grempel, Mack C. 219 Grenier, Edward 152, 219 Greuel, Janice H. 189 Greve, Richard A. 219 Greve, Ronald G. 219 Griebel, Laurie A. Griepentroy, Shirleyann A. 178, 233 Griffith, Dianna J. 210 Griffiths, David L. 234 Grill, Dennis F. Grill, Michael M. Grimes, Carl W. 219 Grimes, Tom G. Grimm, Catherine H. 113, 234 Grimm, Eugene E. Grisar, Jane D. Gronowski, Cheryl A. 234 Groose, Ellen A. 234 Grosenick, Judy 158 Grosh, Ronald C. Gross, James R. 189 Grossenick, Judith K. 210 Grossenbach, Lee Anne 114 Groth, Diane K. 210 Grothe, David L. 234 Gruel, J. 164 Gruenberg, Jeannine S. 219 Gruenwaid, Gary L. Grunewald, James J. 219 Grunwald, Gerald R. Grunze, Mark R. Grupe, Susan G. 219 Grutzmacher, Richard V. 219 Gudden, Jack L. 88 Guelig, Julie A. 76 Gueller, Jon H. 190 Gueller, Lawrence A. Guenther, Graham G. 234 Guenther, Richard O. Gunnlaugsson, Sally A. 210 Gunther, Gerald J. 82, 91, 234 Gunther, Claire 210 Gurath, David W. 234 Gurka, Gerald 234 Gurnveeld, Guald 234 Guse, Donald 141, 142, 162, 171, 220 Gustke, Janet M. Gygax, Sally J. 234 Gypp, Gerald E. 124, 139, 210 Haag, Carol J. 210 Haase, Susan E. Haberkorn, Bette L. 164, 210 Hackbert, Joyce M. 234 Haedt, Donna J. 210 Hafameister, Marshall W. Hagen, Carol A. 234 Hagen, Richard O. Haghparast-Rad, Ahriman 84 Hahm, Paul T. 72 Hales, Rosalie M. Haley, Dennis P. 219 Haley, Richard H. Hall, Sandra M. 219 Holliday, Ron Halverson, Rita C. Hamell, Don V. 234 Hamill, James P. 124, 234 Hamilton, Richard F. 219 Hammock, Michael J. 219 Hamp, Colleen E. 227 Hampton, Kathy 234 Hampton, Mary C. Haney, Daniel G. 234 Honke, Judith A. 118, 219 Hanna, Ellie A. 219 Hannes, Rodney, G. Hanneman, Luona J. 177, 234 Hannon, Susan E. Hanop, Douglas R. Hansbrough, Lyle C. 139, 234 Hanselman, David H. 109 Hanselmann, Eileen R. 190 Hanson, Allen Hansen, Charles H. 134, 234 Hansen, Craig S. Hansen, David R. 234 Hansen, Gretchen E. Hansen, Lee 83 Hansen, Marian E. 219 Hansen, Paul 234 Hansen, Peter J. 219 Hansen, Ralph J. Hansen, Roger L. 190 Hansin, Jay 234 Hanson, Inez Botker Hanson, Mrs. Inez 210 Hanson, Sandra L. 234 Hanson, G. 148 Hanson, Shirley J. 234 Hanusa, Linda L. 234 Hordel, Judy L. 234 Harder, Antoinette 76, 84, 115, 210 Harder, Sandralee C. 84, 115, 234 Hardtke, Sharon A. 76, 219 Hardy, Carol E. 219 256Hardy, Charles J. 88, 184, 190 Harenburg, Thomas A. 88 Harhay, Stuart A. Harold, Kent 210 Harkins, Kathryn P. 210 Harmsen, Merten L. 219 Harness, Linda L. 39, 97, 146, 156 Harper, Karen L. Harreld, Susan Jane 210 Harris, Bonnie 160, 210 Harris, Ronnie B. Harris, William M. 210 Harrison, Adair F. 116, 234 Harrison, David K. 234 Harrison, Kathy 234 Harrison, Mary K. Harrison, Michael J. Hart, Sandra C. 210 Harteau, Judith 39, 77, 158, 210 Hartford, Carolyn M. 219 Hartkopf, Catherine E. 190 Hartkopf, C. Ted 190 Hartley, Pamela 234 Hartmann, Penelope M. 234 Hartoonion, Walter Hartzheim, Kathleen M. Harvey, Sandra M. 234 Hasse, Bonnie Hatch, Judy L. Hathaway, Carole A. Haugsland, Jack W. 147, 166, 210 Hauser, Jean Hauser, H. John Hauser, Tom C. 234 Hausler, Diane N. 115 Hausser, Jean M. Hauswirth, Gerald R. 173, 234 Hauswirth, Raymond R. 139, 166, 173, 219 Haverty, Patrick E. Hawe, Nancy C. 118, 234 Hawley, Ardell J. Hawkins, Mary C. 234 Hayden, Ralph S. 219 Hayes, Mary C. 234 Hayes, Timothy G. Hayward, Sandra Hechel, Eileen 210 Hechel, Ruth J. Heckendorf, Allen H. 190 Hecker, David 234 Hecker, Joanne E. 114, 210 Hecker, Karl W. 210 Hedtke, John E. 219 Heidemann, Dewella M. 234 Heil, Fred R. 234 Heilborn, M. Evangelyn 234 Heileman, William P. 234 Heimerl, Mary E. 234 Heimerl, Maxine M. 234 Heimerl, William C. Heimerl, Mary E. Heimerl, Maxine M. 190 Heimerl, William C. Hein, Steven M. Heinz, James A. Heinzelman, Ray R. Heinzkill, Mary C. 190 Heise, Charmaine M. 234 Heise, Steve N. 166, 220 Heisler, Barbara E. 234 Heitz, Ned B. 116 Held, Donald R. 234 Helgeson, Richard M. 247 Heller, Carol M. 220 Helliday, Ron 234 Helm, Caroline L. 114, 234 Hemerley, Judy A. 115, 234 Hendricks, Rosemary V. 235 Henricks, Susan H. 220 Hendrickson, Richard G. 124, 152 Hendry, Carl J. Hendry, Sandra J. Henke, Ronald L. 190 Hennes, Jerome G. Hennessey, Mary A. 220 Henning, Thomas K. 190 Hensel, Ralph R. Henseler, Eunice C. Hensen, Paul J. Hensel, Ralph 190 Henseler, Eunice C. 235 Hensen, Paul J. Henshaw, Diana H. 220 Hephner, Patrick J. Herlache, Jean M. 235 Herminath, Arien L. 235 Herold, Frances V. 235 Herold, Kent F. 147 Herres, Gary D. Herrle, Judith A. 191 Herszenson, Edith 220 Heshmatpour, Manouchehr Hess, David J. 247 Hess, Richard L. 227 Hessel, Elizabeth F. 154, 210 Hesselink, Virginia M. 220 Hesslink, Suzanne K. 235 Hettenhous, Dennis C. Hetzel, Joseph J. 227 Heuer, Thomas C. 210 Heup, Robert E. 227 Heus, Clifford A. Heus, Michael J. 94 Hewitt, Thomas 139, 227 Heyel, John A. 162, 235 Hibbard, Ronald R. 191 Hibbard, Yvonne R. 235 Hickey, James F. 124 Hidde, Sandra C. 95, 96, 98, 164, 210 Heilsberg, John A. 235 Hildebrand, Donald G. Hildebrand, Mary T. 39, 148, 220 Hilden, Mary E. 227 Hill, Marlene M. Hill, Rosa I. Hille, Michael J. Hiller, Kathy M. 158, 220 Hinkens, William G. 235 Hintze, Judith M. Hinze, Ronald L. 210 Hipke, Harriet R. 191 Hirsch, Rosina H. 148 Hirsig, Nancy L. 177, 220 Hirth, Jean H. 156, 191 Hitchcock, Dale E. Hleincelman, Kay 220 Hlinak, Richard F. 83, 210 Hoare, Jane L. 113, 116, 146 Hoare, Thomas R. 88, 94, 95, 116, 210 Hoban, Patricia M. 235 Hoeft, Frances J. Hoehl, Gerald J. 210 Hoepner, Marilyn 247 Hofberger, Jann E. 235 Hoff, Rodney 220 Hoffman, Alan J. Hoffman, Carla J. 235 Hoffman, Brian 235 Hoffman, Susan 235 Hoffmann, Don W. Hoffmann, James H. 235 Hoffmann, Sandra L. 220 Hoffmann, Susan R. 235 Hofman, G. 72 Hofman, Helen W. 96 Hofmann, Judy A. Hogan, Douglas M. 106, 124, 162 Hohd, Anthony E. Hohol, Anthony 235 Hohol, Harry J. Hohol, Larry 235 Hollands, Carol L. Hollnagel, Sharon A. 156, 220 Holladay, Edward D. Holloway, Nancy J. 235 Holly, Ruth A. Holm, Kathi D. 148, 220 Holmberg, Lois A. Holmes, Dennis G. 220 Holst, Suzanne C. 84, 85, 235 Holobek, K. 154 Holoubek, Kristine A. Holz, Karen A. 191 Honemann, Thomas D. 235 Hook, James W. 48, 75 Hoover, Susan F. 220 Holoubek, Kristine 210 Hopfinger, Anton J. 235 Hopkins, Ralph 118 Hopp, Susan E. 148, 220 Hopper, David L. Horn, Stephen J. 220 Horsens, Kevan A. 235 Hostettler, Elizabeth F. Houghton, Douglas W. Howe, Dale W. Hozzer, James D. Hrnak, Marcia A. 235 Hrnak, Michele M. Hruska, Ann L. 156 Hruska, Robert R. Hubbard, Janet M. 79, 105, 235 Hubli, Joseph F. 83, 235 Huebner, Carol M. 220 Huebner, David M. 220 Huebner, Judith A. 84, 220 Huebner, Kenneth W. 106 Huebner, Wayne L. Huelster, Michael F. Hughes, Chloe L. 210 Hughes, Donald L. Hughes, Margaret J. 235 Huguet, Karen A. Humbert, Brain G. 139, 235 Hunzinger, Diane L. 235 Hupfer, Jack L. 235 Hupfer, Joseph V. 210 Hurab, Wayne W. 128, 139, 162 Husby, Mary T. 91, 191 Husman, Donna K. 235 Hutchinson, Dan 235 Hutchinson, Dave C. Hutchinson, Richard W. 161, 235 Hutchinson, Russell E. 98, 210 Huth, Karen J. 191 Hyde, Forrest D. 235 Ihler, Jerry 106, 139, 166 Ihlenfeldt, Jayne 191 Ihlenfeldt, Betty J. 191 Ihrig, Sharon L. 235 Ihrke, Robert W. Intravaiak, James A. 210 Immei, Suzanne C. 97, 158, 191 Irwin, Jean 77, 191 Irving, Mary L. 79, 235 Isaacsen, Kenneth W. Ison, A. Everett 191 Jackson, Lonny R. 235 Jacob, Barbara J. 211 Jacobs, Susan M. Jacobson, Joan A. 192 Jacobson, Judy M. Jacobson, Kay M. 164, 192 Jacque, Joanne 235 Jacques, Lee F. Jaeger, James F. 106, 129, 166 Jaeger, Jim D. 124, 125, 141, 142, 220 Jaeger, John W. Jaeger, Richard A. 142, 211 Jaeger, Robert L. 220 Jaehnia, Dagmar E. 79, 247 Jaffe, Ellen E. 77, 192 Jagdfeld, James A. John, Morilee D. Jahnke, James H. 173, 235 Johns, Mary A. 235 Jakubenas, Meredith E. 235 Jakubowski, Patricia A. 85, 94, 98, 192, 235 James, Judy E. 75, 160, 177 Jameson, Lorraine K. 220 Jankowski, Carol L. Jankowski, Colette M. 220 Jankowski, Theresa D. Jannusch, Patricia M. Jansen, Alice J. 160, 192 Jansen, James R. 211 Janssen, Mary Ann 154 Janssen, Mary L. 158, 192 Janswig, Georgia J. Janz, Kathleen A. 156, 220 Januchawski, K. 152, 172, 192 Jaschob, Nancy Jayne, Doris G. Jeffers, Thomas L. Jenkins, Dave L. 220 Jenwerjohn, Reginald L. Jennings, Ruth A. 235 Jensen, James L. 235 Jensen, James M. 211 Jensen, Loren W. 192 Jensen, Lou Ann R. 235 Jensen, Virginia A. Jenswold, Raymond A. Jerred, Lois J. 120, 235 Jesse, James M. Jeywinski, Dave Jeywinski, Jack F. 124, 211 Jezwinski, Edward 162 Jirovety, Douglas C. 220 Jochmann, Joyce A. 211 Joerres, Shirley J. 220 Jodge, S. 79 Johns, Rev. Thomas L. 227 Johnson, A. 81, 192 Johnson, Barbara 235 Johnson, Betty L. 220 Johnson, Carey R. 235 Johnson, Charlotte L. 235 Johnson, Dale W. 220 Johnson, David J. 235 Johnson, David W. Johnson, Gary C. 235 Johnson, Gary P. 211 Johnson, Gerald M. Johnson, Harold E. Johnson, J. 84, 90, 211 Johnson, Karin Mae 120 Johnson, Karen Margaret Johnson, L. 147 Johnson, Neil 220 Johnson, Patricia M. 115 Johnson, Patricia 220 Johnson, Robert 98 Johnson, Robert L. Johnson, Robert Leigh Johnson, Rosemary A. 235 Johnson, Ruth A. 211 Johnson, Sally J. 105, 177, 220 Johnson, Sara Johnson, Shirley 120 Johnson, Stan 124 Johnson, Thomas R. Johnson, Victor Alan 236 Johnson, Walter S. 236 Jome, Delane C. Jones, Darlene M. Jones, F. 91 Jones, John H. 220 Jones, John T. 236 Jones, Z 98, 148 Jonkowski, Theresa 236 Joolanday, Abdal A. B. Jordan, Joby D. 148, 192 Jorgensen, Richard A. 211 Josephson, Donna Lea 95, 160, 211 Joyce, Robert W. Judge, Sara 236 Judge, Sue M. 236 Judkins, James H. Judson, D. 82, 192 Judson, Darryl R. Judson, Jan 150, 211 Judson, Janice 146 Juedes, Virginia A. Juley, Randy E. 236 Jungers, Fred E. 142, 166, 193 Jungers, Roman M. 166, 220 Jungwirth, Greg J. 166 Justeson, Gary D. 220 Justman, Ruth J. 115, 236 Kaaua, Lani 220 Kabke, Judith E. 146 Kabke, Joan E. 160 Kacer, Pot R. 236 Kaczorowski, Edword 81, 170, 171 Kading, Robert O. 220 Kadlac, Mary J. 174, 236 Kaeding, Joan H. Kaelin, Karen L. 236 Kaeser, Ross L. Kaiser, Stephen J. Kajfosz, Mary Jean 164, 220 Kallas, Darlene A. Kaminski, Frank J. Kaminskas, Robert L. Kania, Bernard G. 211 Kanitz, Lorraine 236 Karabas, Jean 236 Karamitis, George M. 83, 236 Karges, Steve 95, 98, 193 Karplinger, John Karls, Shirley A. 236 Karls, Don R. Karst, Richard F. Kasierski, Bernard J. 193 Kasmer, Andrew A. Kaspar, J. 96 Kasper, Michael P. 173, 236 Kastorff, Helen C. 115 Katchkey, David G. Kath, Larry L. 193 Kattner, Paul J. 257Kaufmann, Richard A. 236 Kavemier, Joy D. 236 Kautzer, Mary E. 220 Kaul, Casimir W. Kaye, Terry A. 220 Keating, Carl B. 220 Keckeisen, Karen M. Keefe, Thomas J. 220 Keener, Joan 80, 158, 193 Keepers, Kerry K. Keesler, Ginger 236 Kegel, Jerry 236 Keilberg, Susan K. Keilberg, Susan K. Keissow, Sharon 220 Keller, William 236 Kelley, Kathy J. Kelly, James E. Jr. 220 Kempf, Judith M. Kempinger, Richard J. Kempinger, Frank S. 236 Kennedy, M. 148 Kennedy, Mary E. 98, 220 Kentner, Janet R. Kentoppl, Hermon L. 236 Kenyon, Robert L. 236 Kenzel, Tony 220 Keough, Bonnie J. 236 Kese, Karl 211 Kestell, Eileen R. 236 Kester, Karen A. 236 Ketterhagen, Lee W. 166 Keuer, Bill P. Key, Sally S. 236 Kiehnau, Beverly D. 97, 164 Kiel, Jack H. Kielsmeier, Lou Ann N. 236 Kietner, Robert L. 220 Kietzer, Sharon A. Killen, Dennis R. 221 Killen, Karen A. 236 Kilmer, Bruce N. 166, 211 Kilps, Bernard G. 236 Kim, Loung Kyun Kimball, Anne 236 Kimball, Bruce 236 Kime, Robert B. 236 Kimmell, Dianne M. Kimmell, Dennis L. 193 Kimla, Kaye K. King, Christine L. 85, 221 King, Connie 80, 95, 221 King, Steven J. 170, 221 King, Janice Kinne, Geoffrey W. 162, 221 Kinney, Karen M. 79, 236 Kinney, Lawrence E. 236 Kintzler, Mary J. Kintzler, Sue E. Kirsch, Daniel W. 118, 221 Kirstein, Eric B. 221 Kissinger, Edward E. 211 Kita, Terry J. 236 Kitzerow, Barbara L. 160, 211 Klabunde, Mary C. 236 Klancer, Richard 211 Klarik, P. 97 Klasen, Thomas G. 236 Klatt, Suzanne 171, 236 Klauer, Liela E. Klauer, Stuart W. 193 Klaus, LeRoy E. 221 Kleckner, Barbara Ann 95, 160, 211 Kleiber, Florian W. Klein, Jerome F. 211 Klein, Kleone K. 39 Kleinke, Robert G. 211 Klemann, Judith A. 164, 211 Klenke, Judith M. 221 Klika, Samuel J. 124, 236 Klima, Peter T. Klima, Steven C. 193 Klimek, Doug W. 193 Kliment, Melvin J. 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Miller, Glen R. 222 Miller, Joanne Miller, Joanne M. 240 Miller, Joseph J. 240 Miller, Michael A. 240 Miller, Raymond A. 240 Miller, Richard E. 139, 240 Miller, Ruth A. 160, 196 Millerd, James G. 212 Millerd, Richard L. 222 Mills, Dennis D. 240 Milner, Gene R. 162, 212 Milner, James D. Minskey, John A. 240 Miracle, Rolland G. 240 Mischka, Marvin W. 197 Mizewski, Fred J. 240 Mitchell, Charles B. Mitchell, William C. 240 Moderow, Robert R. 222 Moede, Dean C. 100, 106, 128, 139, 166, 22 Moericke, Judy A. 85, 97, 212 Moertl, Harry N. 134, 240 Mollet, Ellen H. 222 Mollon, Linda A. Monzel, Janet 238 Monis, Thomas R. 240 Monroe, James B. 222 Montgomery, Lois 197 Moore, Anne R. 95, 222 Moore, David R. 222 Morack, Patricia M. Morehouse, Charlotte E. 222 Morgan, Mary E. 222 Morgan, Nancy A. 222 Morochi, A. 95 Morrison, Jeanette R. 212 Morrison, Marilyn D. 240 Mortill, William P. 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Nolan, Yelick 212 Nordgren, Phil C. 128, 139, 240 Nordhaus, Gary P. 240 Nordlond, O. 84 Nordquist, Curtis W. 240 Nordstrom, Karin L. 73, 148, 197 North, Richard A. 98, 212 Northern, Julio M. 240 Norton, Mary J. 247 Novitch, Charles J. Novitske, Richard A. 197 Nowell, Peter M. 259Nowicki, Eugenia A. 223 Nowicki, J. 76 Nowicki, Robert A. 240 Nuiand, Darrell R. 240 Nuss, Lonnie R. 223 Nygard, George W. Oaks, Patricia A. 148, 223 O'Blenes, Karen J. O'Brien, John J. 240 O'Brien, Peggy J. 223 O'Brien, Sharon L. O'Brien, Shelia K. 223 O'Connell, Michael A. 118, 240 O'Donnell, Sharon M. 240 Oehlke, Roger W. 197 Ogden, Joe S. O'Grady, Ruth Ann 223 O'Hern, Mary Olbrich, Gerald 223 Olen, Kathleen 76, 79, 177 O'Keane, Robert 118, 240 Oleson, Tamss Oleson, Michael 240 Oleson, Thomas Ollmann, Ruth 177, 240 Olmsted, Daryl Olp, Sandra 158, 197 Olsen, James 124 Olsen, Richard 240 Olsen, Karl Olsen, Orlando 223 Olsen, Sten 84, 88 Olsen, Thomas 124 Olson, Ann 223 Olson, Carol 154, 198 Olson, Custer Olson, Glen 198, 223 Olson, Glenn Olson, John 223 Olson, James Olson, Judith 223 Olson, Karil Olson, Kendall 240 Olson, Larry 240 Olson, Roy 240 O'Ltern, Mary 240 O'Neil, Jean 241 O'Nestik, Marion Orlfske, John 241 Ormond, William 75, 188 O'Rourke, Donna 241 Orthober, Sandra 160 Ortmann, Terry Orzechowski, Sharon Osborne, Donald Ostrand, Diane 146, 154, 228 Ostwald, Richard 241 Oswald, Thomas 198 Osworth, Jean 241 Otradovec, Marquis Ott, Leonard Otte, Barbara Otto, Olive Otto, Robert 213 Owen, John 241 Packer, R. 84 Padrobsky, Nathalie 241 Paffenroth, Robert Pagel, Leone 241 Pahnke, Dale 241 Pahlow, Sue 104, 241 Pahlow, Robert 241 Paine, James 106, 124 Palet, Joyce 241 Palmbach, Ruth Panoch, Gerald 241 Panzier, Gary 106, 124 Pape, Howard Paquette, Laurie Paradise, Robert 134, 241 Parks, Richard 241 Parker, Edward 241 Parker, Alan Parker, Margaret Parker, William 223 Parker, Barbara Parker, Nancy Pasbrig, David 241 Paschen, Diane 174, 241 PatzlafF, James Paulos, Judith 223 Paulus, David Pauly, Verna Pawlacyk, Thomas Pawlityke, Diane 213 Payette, Richard Payne, Clark 247 Pearson, G. 152 Pearson, Terry 174 Pech, Priscilla 241 Peckhardt, M. 91 Pecok, G. 82 Pederson, Donald 241 Pederson, Gerald 48, 162‘ Pederson, Joanne 198 Pederson, Joyce 241 Pederson, K. 148 Pedersen, Linda 241 Peebles, James Peerenboom, Thomas Peil, Dennis 241 Peffer, Suzanne Peirce, Carole 80, 118, 164, 223 Pelc, Dick Pellett, Lea Pelkey, Joan 148, 223 Pelong, Susan 223 Pelton, Dave 120 Penke, Darwin Pennewell, Thomas 142, 198 Pennow, Donna 241 Penzenstadler, Robert Perkins, Paula 241 Perleberg, Carol 156, 213 Petersik, Mary 167 Peters, Carol 241 Peters, Mary 213 Peters, Patricia 241 Peterson, Carolyn 98, 241 Peterson, Geneva 28, 148, 198 Peterson, Clifton 134, 241 Peterson, Gordon 241 Peterson, J. 129, 154, 198 Peterson, Kathleen 223 Peterson, Kenneth 170, 241 Peterson, Margaret 156, 241 Peterson, Mary 114, 223 Peterson, Mary Louise Peterson, Rolf 85, 98, 213 Peterson, Rennae 223 Peterson, Ronald 142, 152, 223 Peterson, Sue 223 Peterson, Terry 241 Petlewski, Richard 142, 143 Petri, Elizabeth Petri, Bonnie 223 Petry, Meribeth 105, 241 Pfaffenrath, R. 152 Pfeiffer, Curtis 223 Pfeifer, Margaret 174, 241 Pfefferkorn, Ruth 241 Pfefferle, Barbara 79, 80. 213 Pfister, Gary 223 Phelps, Ronald 241 Phillips, Craig 162 Phillips, Dan 241 Phillips, Lois 223 Phillips, Mary 241 Pichelmeyer, Farrel Pick, Diane 76, 79, 223 Pick, Ronald 213 Pickett, Searl 241 Pickhardt, Marion 223 Piechowski, Robert Piekarz, Christine 98, 158, 223 Piepenburg, Janet 241 Piepenburg, Karla 160, 213 Pieper, Bruce 223 Pieper, Carol Pierce, Carol 86 Peitz, Ruth 114, 223 Pietz, Thomas 241 Piffor, John Pike, Ruth Ann 160 Pinegar, Susan 241 Pingel, Marlene 77, 198 Pingry, David 241 Pinkerton, Anne 74, 223 Pinter, Michael 213 Piotrowski, Cheryl Pirouz, Kamroug 84, 241 Pittler, Sandra 213 Plain, Kathy Plamann, Dennis 198 Plant, Mary 241 Plantikow, James 247 Plass, Mary 241 Platz, John 223 Plein, Thomas 198 Plier, Dick 242 Ploederl, Katie Ploss, Mary Pockat, Joan 213 Poehlman, David 139, 241 Poels, John 241 Polacheck, David 134, 241 Pollasch, Jane 164 Pollnow, Daniel 83 Polomies, Caroline 241 Polzin, Thomas 223 Pommerening, Charles Pomraning, Thomas Pope, Gretchen 223 Pope, Judith 164, 223 Popelka, Michael 213 Popelka, Mary 223 Poquette, Dawn 80, 174, 241 Poquette, Lourie Porath, Bev 223 Portfilio, Sheila Porter, Dennis Portman, Gerald 213 Portman, James 95, 166, 242 Posewitz, Richard 227 Posorske, Carol Potter, JefFerey 189, 242 Potter, Judy 242 Powell, Su-lin 99 Praeger, Barbara Prallat, Helen 82, 118, 198 Praninskas, Barbara 242 Pratsch, Pamilla 242 Prelipp, Terry 242 Preuss, Bonnie 242 Prevost, Karen Prevost, Patricia Pribbernow, Anita 156 Price, Robert Pride, Lois Priebe, Kenneth Prill, Judi 242 Printup, Joyce 121, 242 Priske, David 242 Promen, Peter 82 Promer, Margaret 242 Protheroe, Carol Provancher, Kay 82, 213 Pruss, Anna 154, 213 Preuss, Bonnie Pucci, James 223 Pugh, Betty 242 Pugh, Elizabeth Ann Pump, Harry Pupak, Val 81, 176, 213 Putnam, Judith Puza, Laurence 242 Putzer, Edmond Putzer, Joseph 242 Putzer, Mary 242 Putzer, Michael 242 Putzer, Ronald 242 Pyott, Marcia Quandt, Sylvia 79, 223 Quasius, Karen 242 Quast, Robert 213 Raatz, Roderick Rabideau, Richard Raboin, Arlene 82, 213 Race, Joan 82, 91, 115, 198 Race, Kathryn 199 Race, Richard 139, 249 Racine, Barbara 242 Rades, Nancy 199 Radtke, Charles 242 Radtke, Lance Radtke, Wayne 199 Radue, Robert 223 Raffii, Sagruadeh 224 Rafoth, Sandra 213 Raleigh, Richard 242 Rameker, Arlette Ramesh, Joshi 213 Ramstack, Kathie 213 Ramthun, Elmer 213 Rand, Karen 242 Randall, Charles Rank, Robert 224 Ranzau, Ross Ranzau, Wayne 242 Rasmussen, Eric 224 Rasmussen, Fred 242 Ratacyak, Maureen 242 Ratatori, Royanne 242 Rateike, Shirley 213 Rather, Sally Rausch, Sandra 224 Raymond, Carol Reak, Rita 148, 199 Reamer, John 242 Reamer, Nancy 121, 224 Reardon, Thomas 213 Reeck, David 224 Reese, Tom 213 Reetz, Ronald Regan, Thomas 224 Reger, Joan 213 Rehwinkel, Rogene Reibel, Diane 115, 242 Reichenberger, Gary 242 Reid, Joan Reid, Margot 75, 224 Reid, Robert Reiff, Cecelia 178, 242 Reigel, Chuck 213 Reimer, Dale 74, 213 Reincoke, Judy 224 Reinecke, Judy 115 Reiner, Barbara Reiner, Rae Jean 242 Reinert, Penny 79, 242 Reinhard, Charlotte 98, 148, 199 Reinke, David 242 Reines, Connie 242 Reinscli, Michael 213 Reis, Barbara 213 Reiter, Joan Reitz, Jerome 224 Reitz, Thomas 224 Renard, John Renier, Ray Jean 242 Rentmeester, J. 94 Rentweester, James 94 Retelle, Diana 160, 224 Retzleff, Judith 100, 242 Rey, Ronald 242 Reynolds, Kathryn 100, 199 Reyny, Marilyn 199 Rhodes, Daniel 242 Rhode, William 242 Rhyner, Susan Rice, Kaye 242 Richardson, Penny Richart, Thomas 82, 162 Ricklefs, James 224 Ricklefs, Susan 224 Ridley, Sharon 177 Ried, J. 156 Riedel, Marilyn 76, 78, 80, 85, 114, 213 Riegel, Donna 242 Rier, Janet Ries, Dale Ries, Jan 242 Riese, David Riese, Jacquelyn Riewe, Karen 148, 213 Riewe, Thomas 242 Ringle, Kenneth Rinzel, Larry 242 Riskey, Gerald 224 Ritter, Orrie 224 Roach, Rochelle 242 Robbins, Luanne 224 Roberts, Adeline 114, 242 Roberts, Keith 213 Roberts, Mary 154, 213 Robertson, Mark 213 Robinson, John 90, 116, 224 Robson, Kenneth 213 Rocheleau, Andrea 242 Rodeck, Mary 242 Roeder, Eileen Roels, Robert 242 Roesel, Larry Roeske, Keith 242 Roessler, Gretchen 243 Rohlfs, Janet 243 Rohlfs, Joan 115 Rollman, Gerald 260Roloff, Nina 243 Rolph, Kathleen 78, 79, 224 Roltgen, Daniel 82, 83 Romel, Christopher 227 Rommefanger, Roman 243 Ronson, Ronald 213 Root, Stephen Rosanke, Carol 243 Rosanke, Richard 72, 199 Rose, Bonnie 243 Rosebrook, Phillip 162 Rosek, Karen 115, 224 Rosenthal, Robert 243 Ross, F. Andrew 243 Ross, Ann 158 Ross, Peggy 224 Ross, Richard 213 Rost, Beverly 243 Roth, Cheryl 243 Roth, Mary 224 Rothenbach, Ronald 243 Rothenberger, Althea 213 Rothrock, Nancy 176, 224 Rouse, David 129 Rower, Nan 178, 179, 243 Royan, Fay 39, 154, 199 Rozermolski, Mary 243 Rubringer, David 162 Rubringer, Joan 243 Rudiger, Rebecca 75 Ruechert, Verna Ruedinger, Kathleen Ruedinger, Michael Ruege, Lois 224 Ruen, Ron 213 Ruff, Joanthan 116, 224 Ruff, Mary Rumlow, Barbara Rundle, Sylvia 243 Runge, Marcus 243 Runkel, Robert 199, 224 Rupnow, Donna 120, 243 Ruppel, Nancy 243 Rusche, LeRoy 243 Rusch, Louis 243 Russ, Faye 243 Russell, Jerome Ruty, Melanie Ryan, Betty 105 Ryan, Ellen 224 Ryan, Thomas 243 Ryf, Elizabeth 213 Sabou, Gary 243 Sackersin, C. Calvin Sadrzadeh-Raffii, R. 84 Saeger, Roger 128, 137 Saffron, Sandra Sage, Rita 224 Sahott, Thomas St. John, Dale 148, 202 St. Louis, Dan 245 Salas, Jesse 224 Salas, Manuel Salas, Teofilo Salchert, Brian 224 Saletri, Charles 224 Salm, Raymond Salwedel, Richard Salzman, S. 106 Samens, Weston Samer, Robert Sandberg, Robert 199 Sanders, Arlynn 113, 224 Sanders, Gary 243 Santy, Jerome 243 Saunders, Albert 120, 243 Saur, Nancy 224 Savides, Mary 224 Savino, Charles 172, 243 Sawallish, Larry 199, 213 Sawallish, Wayne Sawicki, Carole 94, 213 Sawitski, Lois 76, 104, 243 Sawyer, Carol 243 Schobo, Earl 120, 224 Schad, Shirley 96, 214 Schaefer, Edwin 224 Schaefer, James 213 Schaefer, Joyce 174, 224 Schaefer, Mary 100, 148, 224 Schaefer, Richard 152, 213 Schaefer, Susan Schalis, Harold 124 Schampers, Melton 224 Schauder, Harold 244 Schaumberg, Mardell 81, 200 Schauten, Vernon 243 Scheibach, JoAnne 105, 243 Scheider, B. 82 Schelfhout, Allan 200 Scheller, Gerald 243 Schenk, James Schenk, Sandra Schenske, Mary 243 Scherck, Daniel 243 Scherf, James 244 Scheuerman, Betty 205 Scheuerman, James 200 Schickert, Joan 95, 148, 200 Schiedermayer, Marilynn 82, 116, 156 Schiegg, William 213 Schiereck, Stanley Schiessl, David 200 Schiller, Barbara 243 Schilling, Daniel 82, 213 Schilling, Sandra 120, 243 Schindler, Karen 224 Schlaefer, Philip Schlaeger, Sharon 115, 243 Schlais, Harold 224 Schlais, Jerald Schleg, James 224 Schlei, Jane 243 Scheibach, J. 105 Schleifer, Pauline 224 Schleinhege, Judith 158 Schleinhege, William 243 Schlenske, Mary Schey, Barbara 243 Schleive, Gary 172, 173, 243 Schlimme, Corinne 91, 224 Schlude, John 118 Schluter, Sandra 243 Schmahl, Judith 160 Schmallenberg, Sandra 200 Schmaltz, Janis 154, 213 Schmichel, Elizabeth 243 Schmick, Dennis 224 Schmick, James Schmid, Ervin 82, 224 Schmid, Margaret 96 Schmidt, August 95 Schmidt, Dick 124, 243 Schmidt, Edith 84, 214 Schmidt, F. Alan 129, 243 Schmidt, Fred J. Schmidt, Jerome 172, 243 Schmidt, John Schmidt, Jon Schmidt, Kenneth B. 173, 243 Schmidt, Kenneth C. 224 Schmidt, Marsha 243 Schmidt, Richard 243 Schmiq, Verlyn 214 Schmiling, Joana 243 Schmirler, Toni Schmit, James 243 Schmitt, Ann 148, 200 Schmitt, Gary 243 Schmitt, Larry 244 Schmitt, Patrick Schmitz, Betty 177 Schmitz, Joseph 244 Schmitz, Judith 95, 158, 200 Schmitz, Mary 244 Schmitz, Richard 244 Schmitz, Roger 244 Schmoker, Suzanne 79, 224, 244 Schmolesky, Barbara 158, 200 Schneckenberg, David 143 Schneff, Jean 214 Schneider, Barbara 118, 224 Schneider, Bette 160, 224 Schneider, Gerald 244 Schneider, Howard 227 Schneider, Keith 200 Schneider, Paul 214 Schneider, Paula 76, 79, 174, 225 Schneider, Ralph 214 Schneider, Roger Schnell, Victor 225 Schnepf, Jean 158 Schnitzler, Marie Schoebeck, James 31, 214 Schoen, Thomas 225 Schoenberger, Paul 98, 244 Schoener, Judith 95, 154, 174, 200 Schoenike, Marcia 146, 148, 227 Schoening, Mary 84, 244 Schoenke, Barbara 244 Schoonover, Reid 244 Schottky, Raqul Schouten, Vernon Schrab, Wayne Schrader, Robert 152 Schrage, Karen 160, 200 Schram, Anna 225 Schram, Donald Schrank, James 82, 201 Schreiber, Ronald 114, 162, 214 Schreier, David Schrimpf, Richard Schroder, Robert 214 Schroeder, Carol 73, 164, 201 Schroeder, David 244 Schroeder, Doris 91, 214 Schroeder, Doris 115 Schroeder, Katherine 244 Schroeder, Lois 244 Schroeder, Nancy 105, 244 Schroeder, Patricia 244 Schryver, Mary 98, 104, 148, 214 Schuessler, Barbara 201 Schuettpelz, Donald 82, 115, 214 Schuetze, Judy 201 Schuknecht, Charles 172, 214 Schulknowski, James 244 Schulz, Jo Schultz, Alvin Schultz, Jill 244 Schultz, Ronald 244 Schultz, Thomas 244 Schultz, Warren 244 Schumacher, Gregory 106, 225 Schumacher, Janet 96 Schuppe, Thomas 84, 244 Schusta, Larry Schutkowski, James Schutz, Susan Schwab, Philip Schwanner, Antoinette 244 Schwark, David Schwartz, Barbara 244 Schwartz, Richard Schwoerer, Jerome 72, 90 Scott, Michael 244 Scoville, Clairanne 95 Seaman, William 225 Searl, W. 142, 143 Seckar, Susan 244 Seder, Kathleen 244 Seefeld, William Seefeldt, Gene 244 Seefeldt, Vila 244 Seese, Frank Segor, George Segor, Joseph 244 Seibel, Lynn 75, 152, 214 Seidl, Dennis 224 Seidl, Eugene 244 Seidner, Robert 224 Seiler, Dennis 244 Seitz, Bonnie 244 Seitz, Judy 224 Selbach, Gordon Selk, Dale Selk, Robert 166 Sellin, Gloria 73, 82, 98, 164, 214 Semrad, Joseph 136, 244 Senderhauf, James Senderhauf, Robert 244 Senger, David 128, 244 Sensiba, Bruce Sernau, Russell 214 Serwe, Robert 244 Shafer, Joann 225 Shallue, Carol 244 Shanebrook, Norma 121, 244 Sharib, S. 84 Sharkey, Marilyn 148 Sharratt, Carolee 91, 225 Sharratt, Jim 152, 214 Shaver, Wallace 246 Shea, Thomas 214 Sheffy, Dawn 201 Shenk, Jim 225 Shereland, Richard Sheski, Mary Shields, Diane 246 Shields, Ronald 246 Shimek, B. 160, 201 Shimek, William 84 Shingler, Kenneth Shipley, Julie 246 Shirley, Janet Shoebech, Jim 166 Shusta, Paul 225 Sibley, Mary Sieber, Pearl Siebert, William 214 Siegl, Clayton Siegmann, Jerry 225 Siewert, Ellen 244 Siewert, Robert Silk, R. 84 Sim, Hea Sook 205 Simandl, Ann 113, 223 Simms, Donald 225 Simon, David 115, 172, 225 Simon, Judy Simons, Larry 244 Singer, Paulette 244 Sirna, A. 143 Skibba, Maurice 214 Skubitz, Bernadette Skubitz, Mary Slabe, John 225 Slaby, Robert 162, 244 Slatky, Kay 214 Slavik, Lawrence Sleik, Donald Slepekis, Mary 244 Slorky, Kay Smart, Mary 244 Smith, Christiana Smith, Dale 201 Smith, David 214 Smith, Diana 75 Smith, Gary Smith, Gene 244 Smith, George 84 Smith, Georgia 158, 214 Smith, Geraldine 95, 160, 214 Smith, James 244 Smith, Jeames Smith, Jane 121, 201 Smith, Joy 79, 244 Smith, Julianne 100, 201 Smith, Lorna 201 Smith, Margaret 244 Smith, Peggy 225 Smith, Robert L. 214 Smith, Robert L. 82, 142, 162 Smith, Rodney 84 Smith, Sandra 177, 225 Smith, T. Judd 152, 244 Smith, Terry M. 244 Smith, Wayne Smithers, James 214 Smoody, Paul 245 Snashall, Sue 100 Snyder, David Snyder, Lee 214 Snyder, Robert 225 Sobieski, Carol 156, 225 Sobieski, Dan Sobieski, Ed Sobieski, Leo Sodolski, James Solberg, Sandra 160, 201 Soldner, Joyce 214 Solger, Roger 243 Somer, Robert 245 Sommers, Carol 245 Sommers, Justine Sondalle, Kenneth 245 Sonnleitner, Gerald 214 Sonntag, Steve 245 Sonntag, Sue 156 Sorenson, Bryan Sorenson, Richard 113, 201 Sosinske, Adrienne 202 Sosnoski, Judy 245 Sottiurai, Sanny 84 Spaete, Gordon 245 Spaight, Nancy 80, 171, 178, 245 Spalding, Richard Spalding, Ronald Spalding, Thomas 202 Spanbauer, Rosann 245 Sparapani, John 118 261Spaulding, Stephen Spice, Joan 148, 214 Spice, Mory 202 Spiering, Harry 243 Spiller, John 225 Spindler, Ken 214 Spindler, Roger 225 Spindler, Zone 198, 202 Spindt, Phillip 225 Splaine, Charleen 245 Spoehl, David Spoehl, Joan 214 Sprague, Patricia Squier, Dale Stack, John Stack, Marshall 245 Staddler, Maureen Stadler, Jayne 158, 225 Stadmueller, Carol 225 Stahler, Donald Stahmer, Kathy 160, 202, 225 Stahmer, Mary 73, 95, 116, 164, 180 Stalker, Gerald 245 Staniak, Barbara 225 Stannard, Paul 95, 143, 162, 214 Starck, Janice 225 Stathas, Lynn 245 Stauber, Norbert 124, 245 Stauffacher, Judith 225 Steckbauer, William Stedl, John Steffen, Kerwin Steffen, Michael 245 Steidl, Dan 245 Stein, James 172, 225 Steinbach, Lois 245 Steinbach, Patricia Steinberg, Sharen 225 Steiner, Kathleen 245 Steinert, David Steinhaus, Thomas 129, 166, 225 Steinmann, Jo Rane 214 Steinmesch, Barbara 245 Stelzner, Charles 82 Stenback, Martin 162, 225 Sterr, A. Michael Stetter, David 139 Steuwer, Karen 180 Stevens, John 214 Stewart, Jo Ann 245 Stiefrater, Bill 225 Stieg, Gilbert Stiff, Roanne 225 Stille, Marvin 214 Stilouis, Danny Stitter, D. 106 Stockwell, Karen 245 Stodola, Edward 152, 214 Stoecker, Anne 245 Storbakken, Jean 116, 178, 214 Storck, Patricia 148, 205 Stoz, Sharon 120 Strack, William 106, 225 Strahl, Ron 214 Strahl, Stanley Strand, Stanley 225 Stratton, Doris 225 Straub, John 139, 245 Streblow, Beverly 77, 214 Strewer, Karen 225 Stroebel, Robert Stromberg, Sharon 91, 215 Strope, Jacqueline 225 Stuart, Glenna 245 Struebing, Kay 245 Stry, Joy Stry, Terrence Stuart, Glenna Studinski, David 202 Stuettgen, Janet 118, 247 Stuewer, Karen 91 Stutz, Jo Ann 245 Subat, Robert Succa, Richard 225 Suckow, Janet 85, 225 Sullivan, Kathy 99, 118, 202 Sunnleitner, G. 152 Supple, Robert 139, 245 Surprise, Louis 243 Suren, Edith 91, 214 Susedik, Marie Sutherland, Dave 152, 214 Sutliff, Susan 225 Sutter, Jonathon 245 Swan, Susan 245 Swanke, Stephen 214 Swanson, Stewart 245 Swart, Judy 245 Sweedy, Barbara 245 Sweeney, Peter 90, 114, 225 Sweet, Henry Syang, Gary Syens, Sheryl 96, 225 Syring, Ralph Tabbert, Judy 91, 245 Tadych, Peter Toff, Carol 245 Tait, Thomas 152 Talarcyzy, Norman 227 Tamel, Frank 245 Tampagna, Angela 245 Tanck, Fay 245 Tang, Arthur 118, 245 Tang, Jean Tank, Sandra 202 Tarry, Dennis Tatum, Carol 245 Tauber, Lynne 245 Taylor, Pamela 225 Taylor, Stephen Tebo, Thomas Telfer, Kathy 76 Tellier, Mary 225 Tellock, Mona 158, 214 Tenpas, Ronald 225 Teofilo, Ronald 225 Teresinski, Dean 72, 214 Terhall, Dawn 245 Terhorst, Joanne Tesch, Beverly 160 Tesch, Karen 245 Tessen, Leonard 202 Thalhofer, Judith Thalke, Elaine 202 Theis, John Theyerl, Walter 214 Thibert, Thomas 245 Thielmann, John 245 Theis, John 245 Theisen, Mark 245 Thoma, Mary 214 Thomas, Barbara 78, 79 Thomas, Eileen 245 Thomas, William 226 Thome, John 106, 129, 172, 214 Thompson, Carelton 245 Thompson, Ken 170 Thompson, Kirsten 76, 136, 226 Thompson, Ray Thompson, Stephen 170 Thompson, Thomas Thull, Lawrence 244 Thurwachter, Steve 245 Tighe, Judie 158, 226 Timm, Frederick 202 Timm, John 147, 203 Timmerman, Barbara 154, 215 Timmers, Marlene 73, 160, 203 Tindall, Timothy 215 Toigo, Terri 79 Tomlin, Todd 162, 226 Tonn, Duane 142, 215 Torgerson, Judi 245 Torok, G. Inge 226 Toshi, Ramesh Towne, Judy 245 Trappe, Susan 203 Tree, Carol Trej’o, Juanita 146, 156 Treleven, Barbara 226 Treleven, Dale Tremble, Lulas 143, 162, 226 Treml, Barbara 154, 226 Trepton, Wanda 246 Trickel, Brent Trinrud, Virginia 82, 215 Tripp, James 246 Trochil, Clarence 215 Troeger, Kenneth 246 Troiber, Robert Trowbridge, John 226 Trudeau, Carol 21, 98, 158, 215 Tully, Gail 246 Tunks, Gloria 246 Turner, Thomas Tuschl, H. 82 Tuschl, Nancy 73, 115, 215 Twohig, Michael 215 Tyner, Barton Uhle, Dorothy 79, 177, 226 Ullsperger, Lenny 124 Ulrich, Charles 203 Umland, Karen 80, 226 Unger, Dorothy Urban, James Uttech, Jane 148, 226 Uttech, Peter 109, 246 Valentine, Judy 158, 203, 215 Valley, Tom 246 Vames, Jean Van Abel, Robert 226 Vandenberg, Alvin Vanderboom, Patricia 246 Vanderputten, Carl Van Dreese, David’114, 215 Van Ert, Donald 74, 215 Vaneverhoven, Sandra 246 Van Grinsven, James 129, 246 Van Groll, Harold 246 Van Haren, Kenneth 152, 226 Van Heuklon, Thomas 114, 226 Van Nulland, Rita Van Patten, C. Jane 203 Van Rossum, Ronald 246 Varney, Beverly 246 Veirch, Elizabeth 246 Veith, William Velboom, Gordon 124 Velicer, Germaine 73, 79, 154, 203 Velicer, Janice 146, 154, 226 Velicer, Wayne 246 Velissaais, Leonidas 246 Venturing Eugene 246 Verbeten, Mary 203 Verdette, Marlene 203 Verhoven, Barbara 175, 246 Verstegen, Bruce 246 Verstegen, Lyle 226 Vigdal, Gerald 246 Viqnali, Marian 156, 215 Vils, Richard 246 Virch, Gary 109 Voeltz, Ariana 99 Voeltz, Carl 85 Voeltz, Erhard 246 Vogds, Gary 83, 246 Vogel, Loretta 226 Voqel, William 215 Vollendorf, Robert 246 Vollmer, James 226 Voss, Jeanne 246 Voss, Mike 124, 172, 226 Wagler, Earl 246 Wagner, Ambrose Wagner, Bob 166 Wagner, David 226 Wagner, Elizabeth 94 Wagner, John Wahome, Eliud 84, 92, 215 Waite, Mary 246 Walbrant, Deanna 154, 227 Waldo, Elisabeth 39, 77, 121 Walk, James Walk, Robert 134, 226 Walker, Earline 246 Walker, M. Jean 158, 203 Walker, Shari 76, 158, 203 Wallace, Rebecca Wals, Bonnie 246 Walsdorf, John 118, 203 Walsh, Kathleen 246 Wangerin, Lori 114, 246 Wanner, John 100, 134, 246 Wapp, Bernard 226 Warnke, Donald 226 Wartman, Annette 100, 226 Waterstradt, Gary Watkins, Earl 109, 143, 215 Wautlet, Mork 82, 226 Webb, Arthur 72, 90, 215 Webb, Mark Webber, Linda 74, 246 Weber, Gary 246 Weber, Rita Weber, Thomas 118 Weeks, Lori 218 Wegner, Bonnie 226 Wegner, Robert 95, 204 Wehmeyer, Kenneth 246 Wehner, Robert 83, 204 Wehse, Thomas 246 Weidemann, David 106, 124, 139, 170, 226 Weigman, Richard Weiland, James Weiland, Mary 246 Weiner, Michael Weinhold, Mary 76, 118 Weinman, Mary 72, 204 Weinman, Rose 118, 226, 246 Weir, Jean 226 Weir, Norman 246 Weisbrick, Dennis Weisgerber, Dan Weisgerber, David Weiss, Bonita 246 Weiss, George 215 Weiss, Susan Weitz, Dennis 226 Weitz, Harold Wekkin, Sandra Welch, Barbara 246 Welland, Mary 84, 148, 204 Wellens, John 226 Wellhoefer, Jon 246 Welter, Terry 98, 246 Wendel, Don 152, 226 Wendt, Judith 115 Wendt, Karen 21, 80, 95, 164, 204 Wennen, Barbara 226 Wenzel, Alice 215 Wenzel, Douglas 226 Wenzel, Pete 118, 246 Wenzel, Richard 226 Wenzel, Sandra 246 Werkin, Raymond 106, 124, 129, 141, 142, 143 Werner, Thomas 246 Wesenberg, Lois 246 Wessing, Judy 73, 95, 160, 215 West, Virginia 226 Westhause, Erwin Westhuis, Steven 246 Westmas, John 247 Westover, John Wettstein, Gail 247 Weyenberg, Neil Wheeler, Thomas 247 Whilemarsh, Judith 247 White, Beverly White, Donna 73, 204 White, Karen 247 White, Marjorie Whitburn, Jerry 81, 247 Whitemarsh, 166 Whitemarsh, Judy Whitman, Sandra 158, 226 Whitemarsh, Harley 215 Whittaker, Thomas Wieland, Ruth 156, 204 Witthun, Thomas 166 Wiatrowski, Joseph 226 Widor, Thomas 173, 247 Wiedemann, David 142, 162 Wiegman, Dennis 226 Wieland, Marcia 247 Wienserski, Bruce 215 Wienke, Jon 142, 147, 162 Wieseckel, Carol 226 Wiersman, Lawrence 226 Wifler, Michael 215 Wightman, Anita 226 Wikkopp, James Wilcox, Eugene 204 Wilderman, Ken 106, 124, 226 Wiley, Guy Wilkinson, Dieter 247 Will, Thresa 247 Willard, Barbara 148, 176, 226 Willett. Ronald 247 Williams, Carol 204 Williams, Henry Williams, Jay 226 Williams, James 215 Williams, Joan Williams, Lester 90 Williams, M. Michael 247 Williams, Roger Williams, Rosemary 247 Williams, Sharon 262Williams, Thomas Williams, V. 79 Willihngany, David 247 Willis, Malcolm 247 Wirfh, David Wilson, Helen 239 Wilson, Jane 215 Wilson, Patricia 75 Wilson, Shirley 75 Wilson, Susan 100, 105, 247 Wilson, Woodrow 106, 129, 215 Wimmer, Winfield 74, 99, 226 Winchester, Ruth 215 Wingren, William 226 Winkler, Robert Winkler, Thomas Winter, Dennis 152 Winter, Donald 227 Winterhack, Judith 120, 226 Wirtz, Dick Wisehart, Janet 215 Wischnewski, James 247 Wishet, George 215 Wisniewski, Donna 247 Wisniewski, Robert 247 Witowski, Andrew Wisnef, George Wiss, Jerome 247 Witt, Fred 124 Witt, June 73, 82, 116, 164 Witt, Wayne 215 Witthun, Thomas 162, 204 Wittkopp, James 247 Witkowski, Andrew 226 Wittkowski, Donna 79, 174, 247 Wittkowski, James 226 Wochos, Mary 227 Woehler, Marilyn 247 Woelhaeffer, J. 95 Wojahn, Robert 247 Woldt, Carol 204 Wo df, Richard 247 Wolf, Mary 247 Wolfe, David 247 Wolff, Arthur Wolf gram, Bonnie 156 Wollanok, Judith 79 Wollangk, Sharon 247 Wollersheim, Robert Wolverton, Roger Wong, Christine Wood, Delford 227 Wood, Lorraine 24 Wood, Mary Woolweber, Raymond Woosencraft, Laurie 227 Wong, Christine 84 Wothe, Susan 247 Wrchota, Robert 85 Wright, Leni 247 Wright, Thomas 215 Wrolstad, Kathryn 91, 114, 247 Wuellner, Diane 204 Wuellner, James 247 Wuerch, Judy 115, 227 Wulk, Gayle 117, 227 Wunderlich, Janet 205 Wydenen, Donald 247 Wyman, Helen 215 Wyrwas, David 227 Wysochi, Louise 247 Yasick, Eugene 205 Yasic, D. 154, 205 Yeakey, James Yelich, Nolan 172 Verges, Judith Yockey, Kenneth 118, 215 Young, Richard 247 Youtsos, Julie 227 Zabel, Diane 156, 215 Zaddack, Carol Zander, Jacqueline 82, 158 Zahn, Barbara 156, 205 Zangi, Carol 156, 205 Zarn, James 247 Zeamer, Lorraine 227 Zehren, Eugene 247 Zeihen, Mary Zeitler, Braugeor 215 Zeischold, El wood Zehren, Eugene Zeleske, Thomas 247 Zemlisko, Connie Zemke, Cathey 227 Zepnick, Sharon 227 Zernzach, James Ziarnik, James 215 Zick, Darryl Ziebell, Bruce 227 Ziebell, John 247 Ziech, Dennis 247 Ziegelbouer, John 247 Ziegenhagen, John 88, 100, 113, 205 Ziegert, James 134 Zietlow, Faye 80 Zieske, James 227 Zimmerman, Mary 247 Zimmer, Ruth 227 Zingler, Karen 156, 227 Zingler, Sandra 160, 215 Zinkgraf, Mary 79, 174, 227 Zitlow, Gail 98, 160, 227 Zoellner, Barton 227 Zoglman, Barbara 205 Zolkowski, Lois 215 Zorn, James Zoroufy, Hassan 84, 215 Zoschke, Gloria 2151963 PROM "SEA ILLUSIONS” ... the end of the year . . . May 18 . . . Prom 1963 . . . “Sea Illusions” ... an evening to remember . . . Wayne King Orchestra . . . the grand march led by Queen Sally Becker and King Bob Wegner . . . two o’clock hours . . . the pomp and formality gave us a different feeling ... all of which will remain with our other school memories in later years . . . Queen Sally and King Bob The Royal Court Bob Lehman and Shari Walker Doug Merrill and Sharon Bean Don Chermak and Carolyn Peterson 264

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