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 1  otiewotid IAJherever in the lanes of memory you walk ... You will find the qualities of those people and your experiences which you loved the deepest . . . Although your college days, as such, are past, the pleasures and experiences they have given will still live on . . . With the passing of time, the echoes of your college life will grow fainter and fainter, and then die away. Gone forever will be the routine of college days, the fun you had, and the friends you made . . . It is the hope of the 1959 Quiver Staff that as you glance through this book in years to come, you will recapture those moments and the echoes will sound again in your memories. 3FORREST R. POLK Dedication IT is with sincere appreciation for exemplifying life at its fullest and best that we dedicate the 1959 Quiver to Forrest R. Polk, retiring president of Oshkosh State College. Forrest R. Polk has been closely associated in interest and service to Oshkosh State College for forty-three years. During his presidency, which began in 1931, he has combined leadership and stimulation with respect and achievement. Through his sensitivity and enthusiasm for all, and his belief in the dignity of the individual, he transmits to students the ideals of education. 4cAdminigt tation Our administration spends many long hours of service toward keeping OSC a smooth-running institution. For their unselfish devotion to the welfare of our student body and school, we sincerely say . . . thank you. JAMES F. DUNCAN .........Dean of the College L. OTTO TETZLAFF.............. Registrar ERNEST O. THEDINGA............Dean of Men RAYMOND J. RAMSDEN.......Dean of Instruction DAVID L. BOWMAN .. Director of Teacher Education and Placement EARL J. HUTCHINSON .. Principal of Jr. High School RUTH NELSON.................Dean of Women HELEN I. WAHOSKI............Head Librarian DR. JAMES F. DUNCANDr. David L. Bowman Mr. Earl J. Hutchinson Miss Helen Wahoski, our head librarian, wot elected Librarian of the Year by the Wisconsin Library Association. The plaque she is displaying was presented to her ot the Association's annual banquet. Miss Wahoski is also an associate professor of library science at OSC. The Ouivcr staff extends their congratulations to Miss Helen Wahoski. oWeu; Second Semeste t acu y Uembe ts Mr. Jacob Edelheit, Mrs. Norma Lewis, Mr Geo r9» Soiko: absent. Dr. Virginia Potri, Werner Braatz. Mr. Darold Albright. 8faculty ETHEL J. BEHNCKE (1925) Associate Professor of Art Ed.B., M.A. RADFORD E. BOEING (1946) Associate Professor of Mathematics B.A., M.A. DAVID I. BOWMAN (1954) Professor of Education; Director of Teacher Education and Placement B.A., M.A., Ed.D. ROBERT E. BRISMASTER (1956) Assistant Professor of Speech B.S., M.Ed., M.A. FREDERICK L. CAUDLE (1945) Associate Professor of Science B.S., M.S., Ph.D. JEAN I. CAUDLE (1946) Professor of Education B.S., Ph.M., Ed.D. KUEI-SHENG CHANG (1956) Assistant Professor of Geography A.B.. M.A. r 9ALICE DeBARCZA (1955) In sir n dor of Foreign Language Studies at Polish Lyccc and Queen’s College, London. ROGER P. DENNIS (1952) Associate Professor of Music A.B., M.A. HERBERT C. DOHRMAN (1949) Associate Professor of Audio-Visual Education B.S.A., M.Ed. GORDON V. DRAKE (1957) Coordinator of Guidance Services B.S., M.A., Ed.D. JAMES F. DUNCAN (1930) Professor of Physics; Dean of the College B.A., M.A., Ph.D. ALICE DUREN (1955) MAYSEL E. EVANS (1929) Associate Professor of Education Associate Professor of Speech B.E., M.S. B.A., M.A. 10ALEX P. FERGUSON (1956) Associate Professor of Psychology B.S., M.A., Ph.D. D. EMERSON FINE (1957) Instructor of Mathematics and Physics A.B., M.A. PAUL B. FRAZIER (1958) Assistant Professor of English B.A., M.A. HERBERT GAEDE (1957) Associate Professor of Geography B.A., M.A. WARNER J. GEIGER (1936) Associate Professor of Geography LL.B., F.d.B., Ph.M. WARREN J. GOEHRS (1947) ROBERT J. GRANT (1927) Associate Professor of Physical Associate Professor of Practical Education Arts B.E.. M.A.. Dir. P.E. Ed.B.. M.A. 11SHERMAN E. GUNDERSON (1946) Professor of Economics Ph.B., M.A., Ph.D. CLAYTON M. HADLEY (1958) Instructor in Education. Supervisor of Off-Campus Student Teaching B.S.. M.S. MARIE A. HIRSCH (1929) Associate Professor of History B.S., B.A., M.A. EARL J. HUTCHINSON (1946) Associate Professor of Education B.S., M.S. WILMA ISENBERGER (1958) TED R. JACKSON (1957) Associate Professor of Physical Instructor of Speech Education B.A., M.S. B.S.. M.S., Ph.D. NEVIN S. JAMES (1923) Professor of English B.A., M.A. 12JAMES K. JOHNSON (1949) Assistant Professor of Education; Director of Curricula Upper Elementary Division B.E., M.A. RUTH JOHNSON (1957) Textbook Library Clerk LEE H. KALBUS (1956) Assistant Professor of Chemistry B.S., Ph.D. BURTON E. KARGES (1934) Professor of Geology Ph.B., Ph.D. « ERIC W. KITZMAN (1955) Assistant Professor of Physical Education B.S.. M.S. IRENE C. KOERWITZ (1947) Instructor of l ibrary Science B.S. ROBERT M. KOLF (1923) Associate Professor of Physical Education Ph.B.. Ph.M. 13BRUNHIIDE A. KRAUS (1957) Instructor of Art B.A.E., M.A.E. BEnY LAWSON (1956) Instructor of Physical Education B.S., M.S. ARTHUR E. LEIBLE (1958) Instructor of English and Mathematics A.B., M.A. STANLEY S. LINTON (1952) Professor of Music B.S., M.M., Ed.D. DAVID P. MARBLE (1953) Assistant Professor of Chemistry A.B., MS. THOMAS A. MADISON (1957) Assistant Professor of English B.A., B.D., M.A. 14 VELA L. MARBLE (1955) Associate Professor of History B.A., M.A., Ph.D.DOROTHY E. MARTIN (1946) Assistant Professor of English B.S., M.A. BERTHA C. MERKER (1939) Associate Professor of Education; Director of Kindergarten-Primary Curricula Ed.B., M.A. JOHN R. MOOK (1950) Professor of Psychology B.A., M.A., Ph.D. EUGENE W. MOUSHEY (1951) Assistant Professor of Ubrary Science; Assistant Librarian B.A., M.A., A.M.L.S. MORTON DoCORCEY NACHLAS 0956) Associate Professor of Sociology A.B., B.D., M.A., Ph.D. MILDRED P. NASGOWITZ (1948) Assistant Professor of Education B.S., Ed.M. N. PETER NELSON (1924) Assoc. Professor of Secondary Ed.; Director of Secondary Ed. Ph.B., M.A. 15RUTH NELSON (1956) Dean of Women B.S., M.S. RALPH A. NOREM (1939) Professor of Political Science B.A., M.A.. Ph.D. EDWARD NOYES (1956) Professor of History B.S., M.A., Ph.D. GERALD J. OLSON (1957) Instructor of Education and Psychology: Off-Campus Elementary Supervisor B.E., M.S. ELIZABETH L. OVERTON (1956) Instructor of Education B.S., M.Ed. RICHARD OSBORN (1957) Assistant Professor of Art B.F.A., M.F.A. 16 J. DANIEL PALM (1956) Assistant Professor of Biology B.A., M.A.. Ph.D.JOAN PAVELSKI (1957) Instructor of Physical Education B.S. FIORINE E. PEW (1957) Instructor of Music B.S., M.M. ETHAN B. PFEFFERKORN (1935) Associate Professor of Health Education; College Physician B.A., M.S.. M.D. ROBERT R. POLK (1957) Associate Professor of Geography B.S., M.S. ALLEN J. PRIEBE (1953) Instructor of Art B.S.. M.S. DANTE A. PUZZO (1957) EVERETT G. PYLE (1946) Associate Professor of History Associate Professor of English B.A., M.A., Ph.D. B.Ed., M.A. 17RAYMOND J. RAMSDEN (1941) Professor of Philosophy; Dean of Instruction; Director of Liberal Arts and Preprofessional Education B.A., M.A., Ph.D. GERALD G. REED (1946) Professor of Biology B.S.. M.S., Ed.D. CYRIL B. RUSSELL (1957) Assistant Professor of Library Science B.A., B.D., M.A.L.S. DAVID A. RUX (1956) Associate Professor of Mathematics B.S.. M.S. LOUISE E. scon (1928) Associate Professor of Education B.A., .VI A. . WILLIAM P. SAFRANEK (19S8) Assistant Professor of English B.A., M.A. 18 EDWARD I. SCHWARTZ (1958) Assistant Professor of Biology B.S., M.S., Ph.D.JACOB SHAPIRO (1956) Associate Professor of Biology B.S., M.S., Ph.D. TERRENCE J. SNOWDEN (1954) Instructor of Education B.S., M.S. MAY I. STEWART (1926) Associate Professor of Rural Education; Director of Rural Education Ph.B., M.A. JOHN T. TAYLOR (1936) Professor of English B.A., M.A., Ph.D. I. OTTO TETZLAFF (1954) Prof, of Ed.; Registrar; Dir. of Summer Session and Extension Ph.B.. Ph.M. ERNEST O. THEDINGA (1936) Prof, of History; Dean of Men; Dir. of Student Personnel Serf. B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. 19 MICHAEL THOMAS (1957) Instructor of English B.A., Nl.S.Ed.WILLIAM F. THOMPSON. JR. (1956) Assistant Professor of History B.A.. M.A. ELIZABETH S. TOLANO (1951) Instructor of Health Education; College Nurse R.N. JAMES W. UNGER (1953) Professor of Biology B.S.. M.S., Ph.D. HELEN I. WAHOSKI (1946) Assistant Professor of Library Science; Head Librarian B.A., B.S.L.S., A.M.L.S. WILLIAM E. WHITE (1955) Professor of Speech B.S., M.S., Ph.D. FREDA WEHNER (1953) Assistant Professor of Education B.S.. M.S. 20 RUTH WIllCOCKSON (1921) Assistant Professor of English Ph.B., M.A.ANTHONY J. WOMASK1 (1946) Assistant Professor of Physics B.Ed., M.A. ROBERT J. WONDERS (1946) Assistant Professor of Mathematics A.B., M.A. DONALD W. ZAHALKA (1954) Instructor of Journalism; Publications; Public Relations B.S., M.S. DAVID J. ZEFF (1956) Assistant Professor of Music B.A., B.S. FACULTY NOT PICTURED LoVERNE R. FRANZOI (1957) Instructor of Economics B.S., LL.B. MARIE GOFF (1958) Instructor in languages B.A, M.A. Ph.D. MERLIN D. HALLE (1957) Instructor of Mathematics B.S. LENORE E. MALUEG (1958) Catalog Librarian A. B., A.B.L.S., A.M.L.S. OTTO NIEUWEJAAR (1957) Professor of Economics B. S., M.A., Ph.D. CECILE RUKGABER (1957) Assistant Professor of English B.A.. M.A. GEORGE R. SOIKA (1959) Associate Professor of Psychology A.B., M.A.. Ph.D. LLOYD W. WASSER, JR. (1947) Instructor of Science B.S. DANA W. WHITMAN (1958) Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Mathematics B.S., M.S., Ph.D. NANCY C. WHITMAN (1958) Instructor of Mathematics A.B., A.M. 21ROBERT W. QUAST Business Manager GRACE M. SHIMEK Secretary to the President FLORENCE I. PALMER Student Admissions Examiner OLGA C. OSTERTAG Secretary to Dir. of Teacher Ed. and Placement PATRICIA S. SCHILCHER Account ClerkGAIL JACKISCH ROMA READ Stenographer HELEN WELCH Statistical Clerk GERMAINE HENSEL Stenographer Stenographer JANET SCHROEDER CAROL BEULEN Stenographer Stenographer NOT PICTURED MARY ELLEN LUEBKE BETTY REIMER Stenographer StenographerROW 1: J. Gall, J. Clayton, 0. Herman. ROW 2: J. Brunover, L. Joraag, A. loti. ROW 3: S. Bodoh, R. Campbell, M. langlitz. Q wice Qtajfj Mrs. Henderson, the housemother ot our new dorm, Webster Holl. Mr. and Mrs. long — Union. Cooks: T. Kaufmann, B. Bodoh (partially hidden), M. Yanko, G. Bodoh, I. Gaurkee, A. Fenn, B. Smith, E. Bobbin.DONALD B. ABBS Donald B. Abbs Fond du Lac Secondary. Major: Chemistry; Minor : Mathematics. Economics; American Chemical Society 2, 3. 4; N.E.A. 4; Mathematics Club 4; Transfer from U. of W. B.S. Degree. Ronald K. Akin Hortonvillo Secondary. Major: Biology; Minors: Physical Education. English; Basketball I. 2. 3. 4; Track I. 2, 3. 4; Quiver 3; Pcriclean 1, 2. 3. 4; Pan Hellenic 2. 3. Inter-Fraternity 2, 3: Men's Association 2, 3 (Vice-President 2, 3); Intramural Sports 1. 2. 3. 4. B.S. Degree. RONALD K. AKIN Semo ts Charles F. Adams Oshkosh Secondary. Major: Chemistry; Minors: Mathematics. History; America! Chemical Society. Student Affiliate I. 2. 3. 4; N.E.A. 4. B.S. Degree. CHARLES F. ADAMS JERRY L. ANDERSON Jerry L. Anderson Groan Bay Secondary. Majors: Geography, Social Science: Student Council 2; Intramural Sports 3; N.E.A. 4: W.E.A. 4; F.T.A. 4. Transfer from U. of W. Ex. Green Bay. 2. B.S. Degree. 27 BARBARA D. AHRENS Barbara D. Ahrens Markosan Secondary. Major: English; Minors: Speech. History; Advance 1, 2. 3. 4 (Associate Editor 2. Editor 3. Advisory Editor 3); Phoenix 1. 2. 3. 4 (Vice-President 3. President 4); Women's Association Board 2; Assistant director of Children's Play 4; Debate 3; N.E.A. 4; Honor Resident 3. 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4. B.S. Degree. Alan L. Arentsen Cedar Grove Upper Elementary. Transfer from Sheboygan County Teacher's College; Summer School Graduate. B.S. Degree. ALAN I. ARENTSENROBERT BARLOW Robert Barlow Oshkosh Keith Lawrence Bauer Oshkosh Intermediate. Vet' Club 1. B.S. Degree. KEITH LAWRENCE BAUER Marlynn M. Bartels Gillet Secondary. Major: History. Social Studies. U. of V. Ex.. Menasha 1956 57. B.S. Degree. MARLYNN M. BARTELS LOIS E BAUMGARTENER Lois E. Baumgartener Liberal Art . Major: Medical Technology Band I: W.R.A. 2. 3. • : Phoenix 3. -f Honor Resident 3: Gamma Delta 2. 3. 4 Adtuutt 3, 4. B.S. Degree. 28 CAROL ANN BASEL Carol Ann Basel Omro Liberal Arc . Major: History: Minor: Biology: Band I. 2: Newman Club 1. 2. 3: W.R.A. I. 2. 3. B.S. Degree. Kay Janice Becker Winnoconno Lower Elementary. Band 1, 2: Kappa Gam-ma 2. 3. 4 (Parliamentarian 1); F.T.A. and N.E.A. I. 2. 3. i; Wesley 1. 2. 3. 4 (Wot- hip and Membership Chairman 2, 3). B.S. Degree. KAY JANICE BECKEREUGENE BEDNAROWSKI Eugene Bednarowski Neenoh Secondary. Major: Biology: Minor : Physi-cal Education. History. Track 1; Cross-Country 3.4; Periclcan Fraternity. B.S. Degree. Janet A. Bell Fond du Lac Kindergarten-Primary. Dorm Council I; Women's Association I. 2. 3. 4; N.E.A. 4; Senior Seminar Committee. Transfer from Ripon College. B.S. Degree. JANET A BELL GRANT BERNOT Grant Berndt Oshkosh Donna N. Blankenburg Appleton Kindergarten-Primary. Lambda Chi 2. 3. 4 (Songfest Director 3); Pan Hellenic 3: Inter-Fraternity President 3: Quiver 2. 3; Modern Dance 4: W.R.A. 3 (Sportshead 3); Dorm Council 3: N.E.A. 4; Choir 1. 2. B.S. Degree. DONNA N. BLANKENBURG CHARLES R. BODMER JR. Charles R. Bodmer Jr. Appleton Secondary. Majors: History. Social Science; Iota Alpha Sigma 2. 3. 4 (Historian 3); Newman Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Circle K 2. 3. 4 (President 4); International Relations Club 2. 3. 4 (Corresponding Sec. 2. 3): N.E.A. 4; Intramurals 1.2. 3. 4; Prom Committee 2. B.S. Degree. 29 Barbara Ann Born Fair Water Upper Elementary. Gamma Delta 2; Advance 2: Kappa Gamma 2, 3. 4 (Custodian 3): Women s Association I. 2. 3. 4; N.E.A. 4. B.S. Degree. BARBARA ANN BORNKAREN M. BOSSENBROEK Karen M. Bossenbroek Brandon 2 Year Rural. Alpha Chi I (Vice-President • JoAnne Mary Buero Milwaukee Upper Elementary. W.R.A. I. 2. 3. 4; Gamma Sigma 3. 4; Newman Club 1. 2. 3. 4; F.T.A.. N.E.A. 4; Dorm Counselor 4. Transfer from LaCrosse State ColleKC. B.S. Degree. JOANNE MARY BUERO Robert Boucki Manitowoc ROBERT BOUCKI DIANE BEVERLY BUETOW Diane Beverly Buetow Markesan Upper Elementary. Phoenix 2. 3. 4 (Custodian 2): Gamma Delta 2; Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4; N.E.A. 4. B.S. Degree. 30 JAMES VICTOR BROOKINS James Victor Brookins Oshkosh Secondary. Major: Biology: Minors: Physical Education. Geography: Intramural Sports 2. 3. • : Varsity Football 2. 3. 4; Kappa Delta Pi 4; Men s Association 2. 3. 4; Who's Who 4: WSC All Conference Football 3. 4: Honorable Mention Little All American 4. B.S. Degree. Mary M. Cassidy Berlin Upper Elementary. Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4; Radio Club I. 2. 3 (Group Chairman 2): Quiter 1; F.T.A.. N.E.A. I. 2. 3. 4: Psi Epsilon 3. 4 (President 3. 4); Choir I. 2. 3. 4; Glee Club I: Band 3. 4. B.S. Degree. MARY M. CASSIDYRONALD E. CHASE Ronald E. Chase Wautomo Upper Elementary. Intramurals 3. Transfer from Waushara County Teachers College 2. B.S. Degree. Patricia M. Chupita Brillion Elementary. Two Year Rural. Psi Epsilon I. 2 (Historian 2); Newman Club 1. 2; N.E.A. 2; Alphi Chi 2; Student Council 2: Honor Resident 2. PATRICIA M. CHUPITA LOREN CESMOSKI Loren Cesmoski Fond du Lac Secondary. Major: Math; Minors: Biology. Physical Education: Intramurals I. 2. 3. 4. B. S. Degree. Frances K. Clarich Sheboygan Upper Elementary. Minor: Art: Kappa Gamma 3. 4 (Vodvil Chairman I): N.E.A. 3. 4; U.S.F. 3: Quiver 4: Young Dems Club 4 (Secretary 4); Honor Resident 4. Transfer from Shcbyogan County Teachers College 2. B.S. Degree. FRANCES K. CLARICH JANIS M. CLAY Janis M. Clay Manitowoc Kindergarten-Primary. Newman Club 3. 4: Delta Phi 3. 4. Transfer from Manitowoc County Teachers College 2. B.S. Degree. 31 Mary E. Coulahan Fond du Lac Secondary. Major: Social Science: Minors: English. History: Aehauce I; W.R.A. I. 2. 3. 4 (Sportshead 2); Choir I, 2; Lambda Chi I. 2. 3. 4: N.E.A. 4: Women's Association 1. 2. 3. 4. B.S. Degree. I MARY E. COULAHANSHARON I. CRIMMINGS Sharon L. Crimmings Princeton Kindergarten-Primary. Kappa Gamma 2. 3. •» (Parlimentarian 3): Quiver 2. 3: F.T.A.. N.E.A. I. 2. 3. 4: L.S.A. I. 2; W.R.A. 2. 3. 4; Pep Club 1. B.S. Degree. Delmer F. Dieck Marion Secondary. Major: Mathematics: Minors: Physics. English; Gamma Delta I, 2 (Inter-faith Representative I. 2); Math Club -I. B.S. Degree. OELMER F. DIECK Marilyn Audrey Daggett Omro Kindergarten-Primary. Alpha Chi I. 2; Women's Glee Club I: Kappa Gamma 3. -I; Wesley I. 2: Kappa Delta P. 3. 4; W.R.A. 3: Who's Who 4. B.S. Degree. MARILYN AUDREY DAGGETT GERALD ELTON DlllEY Gerald Elton Dilley Clintonville Secondary. Major: Physics; Minors: Chemistry. Mathematics; Lyceum 1; Pcriclean 2. 3: Vet's Club 3. 4; U.S.F. I. Transfer from U. of W. 3. B.S Degree. 32 DIANE C. DcMOUlIN Diane C. DcMoulin Luxemburg Kindergarten-Primary. Phoenix 2. 3. 4 (Vice-President 3): Newman Club 2. 3; N.E.A. 4: Women's Association. Transfer from Door-Kewaunce Teachers College. B.S. Degree. Thomas Dobesh Green Bay THOMAS DOBESHEMU RONALD DRAGAN Emil Ronald Dragan Milwaukee Liberal Arc . Major: Biology; Minor : English; Vet's Oub 2. B.S. Degree. RICHARD FARR Richard Farr Manitowoc Arthur Berkley Driessel Wauwatosa Liberal Arc . Major: Speech; APO 1. 2. 3. i (Secrccary 2): loca 2. 3. 4: Pi Kappa Delta 2. 3. 3 (National Convention Dele- ?atc 2. •»): International Relation Club 2. 4 (President 4); Young Democrat (Member Exec. Board) 4; Debate Team 2. 3. 4; Radio Club 4. B.S. Degree. ARTHUR BERKLEY DRIESSEL Betty Ann Eiles Sheboygan Kindergarten-Primary. Lambda Chi I. 2. 3. • (Secretary 2. Vice President 3): Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4: Dorm Vice-President 2: Dorm Council 2. 4; Honor resident 2; Pep Club I; Quiver 1; Women's Association Board 2: N.E.A. 2. 3. 4; L'.S.F. I; L.S.A. 2. B.S. Degree. BETTY ANN EILES Grace E. Fessenden Sheboygan Secondary. Major: English; Minors: History, Psychology; Alcthean I, 2. 3, 4; (Secretary 3); W.R.A. I. 2. 3. 4; Adrante 2: Quiver 3: N.E.A. 4; U.S.F. I. B.S. Degree. GRACE E. FESSENDEN PAT ANN DUNLAVY Pat Ann Dunlavy Clintonville Secondary. Majors: Library Science. English: Minor: Mathematics: Gamma Sigma 2. 3. I; N.E.A. 4; FTA I. 2: Newman Club I. 2. 3: Quiver I, 2. 3; Advance 1. 2, 3. 4 (Make-up editor 4); Honor resident 2. 3; International Relations 2 B.S. Degree.DON AID W. HUNKER Donald W. Flunker Horfonville Secondary. Major: Biology; Minors: Physical Education. Mathematic : College Band I: Intramural Sport I. 2. 3. I: Pcriclean 2. 3. 4, (President 4); Pan Hellenic 2. 3: Men's Association Board 3. 4. (Secretary-Treasurer 3). B.S. Dcjtrec. John Ronald Frank Oshkosh Liberal Arts. Majors: English. History: Minors: Mathematics. Political Science; Philakean I. 2: Intramurals I. 2. 3. B.S. Decree. JOHN RONALD FRANK Bernard M. Franckowiak Kimberly Secondary. Major: Biology; Minors: Physical Education. History. B.S. Degree. BERNARD M FRANCKOWIAK ClARK FRANZ Clark Franz Berlin 3 4 DONALD C. FRANK Donald C. Frank Oshkosh Secondary. Majors: Mathematics. Physics; Newman Club I. 2: Math Club 3. 4. B.S. Decree. Gerald J. Franz Manitowoc Upper Elementary. Vet s Club 3: Intramural Sports 3: Track 2. Transfer from Manitowoc County Teachers College 3. B.S. Degree. GERALD j. FRANZ4 v 1 ♦ ERNEST I. FRIEBEL Ernest E. Friebel Oshkosh Carol M. Garbe Oshkosh Kindergarten-Primary. VC'.R.A. 3. 4. B.S. Degree. CAROl M. GARBE Kathleen V. Fuller Groon Bay Upper Elementary. Delta Phi I, 2. 3. 4 (Historian 2. President 2); Critic 3; Prom Committee 2; Homecoming Committee 2. 3 (Parade Chairman 3); Social Life 3. 4 (Secretary 3. 4); Band 1, 2; Choir 1, 2. 3. 4; Quiver 3; N.E.A. 1. 3. 4 (President 4) L.S.A. I. B.S. Degree. KATHLEEN V. FULLER NANCY GAUTHIER Nancy Gauthier Oconto Falls Kindergarten-Primary. Kappa Gamma 2. 3. 4; I..S.A. 1. 2. Girls Glee Club I. B.S. Degree. 35 MERTON J. FULWIIER Merton J. Fulwiler Groon Boy Secondary. Major: Biology: Minors: English. History: Iota Alpha Sigma; Intramural Sports: Newman Club 3: Adtauce 2. 3. 4; International Relations Club 2, 3. 4. Transfer from U. of W. B.S. Degree. Mary Ann Gendron Coloman Lower Elementary-. F.T.A. Newman Club. Transfer from Marinette County Teachers College. MARY ANN GENORON GERALD GIBSON Gerald Gibson Oshkosh Patricia Greisch Sheboygan Upper Elementary. Gamma 2. 3. 4; F T. B.S. Decree. Q Hirer 2. 4; Kappa 3- 3; Adun t I, 2. PATRICIA GREISCH Nancy M. Griewisch Green Bay Lower Elementary. U.S.F. 2, 3. 4; Phoenix 2. 3. 4; Glee Club 2: F.T.A. 4. Tran fer from Green Bay Extension Center 1. B.S. Degree. NANCY M GRIEWISCH PATSY IOU GREGORY Patsy Loo Gregory Kindergarten-Primary. Lambda Chi (Secretary 3. President 4); Choir 1. 2; N.W.E.A. 4. B.S. Degree. 36 JOHN CLEMENT GREY John Clement Grey Clintonville Liberal Am. Majors: Physics. Mathematics; Rifle Club 1; Newman Club I. 2; International Relations 2. 3 (Vice-President 3); Math Club 4. B.S. Degree. Kay C. Gilbertson Rhinelander Liberal Arts. Majors: English; Minors: Sociology. Psychology; Delta Phi I. 2. 3. 4 (Pan Hellenic Representative 3. Secretary 3); Adumce 2. 3. 4 (Circulation Manager 3); Wesley 1. 2. B.S. Degree. KAY C GILBERTSONRONAID J. ORIll Ronald J. Grill Oshkosh Liberal Am. Majors: Physics. Mathematics: Men's Association Board President 2: Lyceum 1. 2, 3. 4 (President 3); Math Club 3; Intramurals I. 2. 3-B.S. Degree. Robert David Guelzow Oakfield Secondary. Major: Biology: Minors: Physi-cal F.ducation, History: Basketball I; Baseball 2. 3. 4: Lyceum 2. 3. 4 (Secretary-Treasurer 3. 4): Men's Association Board 3. 4 (Secretary-Treasurer 4): Intramurals 1. 2. 3. 4. Transferred from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology I. B.S. Degree. ROBERT DAVID GUEIZOW Sharon Ann Grota Oshkosh Lower Elementary. Newman Club 1. 2, 3. 4 (Historian 3-0: Psi Epsilon 3. 4: F.T.A. I. 2. 3. 4 (Historian 2): Kappa Delta Pi SHARON ANN GROTA DENNIS A. GUSE Dennis A. Guse Beaver Dam Secondary. Majors: Speech, History: Forensics I. 2. 3. 4: Pi Kappa Della 2. 3. 4 (President 3): Gamma l elta I. 2. 3. 4 (Treasurer 4): Iota Alpha Sigma 1. 2. 3. 4 (Historian 4); International Relations Club 2. 3. 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4 (President 4): Intramural Sports I. 2, 3. 4. B.S. Degree. 37 MARYANNE GRUBER MaryAnne Gruber Chilton Secondary. Major: Chemistry: Minors: Physics. Mathematics: Alcthcan I, 2. 3. 4 (Historian 3): Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4 (Secretary 2): Radio Club I. 2, 3: F.T.A. I, 2. 3. 4; American Chemical Society 1. 2. 3. 4 (Secretary-Treasurer 3. President 4); Student Council 3-B.S. Degree. Ann Kathryn Haanen Green Boy 4-Ycar Rural. Glee Club I. 2; VK'.R.A. I: Student Council I; Newman Club I, 2: Gamma Sigma 1, 2, 3. 4; Alpha Chi 1, 2. B.S. Degree. ANN KATHRYN HAANENVERYL HAASS Veryl Haass Menasha Kindergarten-Primary- Delta Phi 2. 3. 4; F.T.A. 2. I. B.S. Degree. Carole J. Hanneman Oshkosh Kindergarten-Primary. Lambda Chi I. 2. 3. 4 (Vice-President -I): F.T.A. 4; Quiver 1. 2. 3. (Activities Editor 2. 4): Choir 1. 2: Modern Dance 4. B.S. Degree. CAROLE J. HANNEMAN Robert R. Hall Clintonville Liberal Arts. Majors: Mathematics. Physics; Choir I. B.S. Degree. ROBERT R. HALL ELMER V. HANSEL Elmer V. Hansel Waotoma Secondary. Choir I. 2: Philakean I, 2; A. C.S. 2. 3. 4; Baseball 2. 3; Football 3. 4; Basketball 2. 3. 4. B. S. Degree. 38 MARY V. HALVERSON Mary V. Halverson AppUton Upper Elementary. Minor: Art; Quiver 3; A let bean 2. 3. 4 (Historian 3); Y.G.O.P. 4 (Secretary 4): Dramatics I. 2. 3. 4: Choir I. 2: N.E.A. 2. 3. 4: Radio Club 2: Alternate Honor Resident 4; Kappa Gamma Scholarship 3. B.S. Degree. Giles Hanson Manitowoc GILES HANSONJOHN E. HASSMANN John E. Hassmann Wautoma Liberal Am. Majors: Mathematics. Physics; Math Club 4; Chess Club 4. B.S. Degree. Gerald C. Henry Green Bay Secondary’. Major: History; Minors; English. Social Science; Philakean 1. 2. 3. 4 (Vice-President 2. Treasurer 3); Pan Hellenic Council 3. • (Vice-President 4); Intramural Sports I. 2. 3. 4; N.F.A. 4. B.S. Degree. GERALD C. HENRY I Neil C. Havel Marinette Upper Elementary- Newman Club 3. 4; N.E.A. 3. 4. Transferred from Marinette County Teachers College I. 2. B.S. Degree. NEIL C. HAVEL Ted Herzog Oshkosh 39 E. JOAN HELLER E. Joan Heller Menosha Upper Elementary. U.S.F. I. 2. 3. 4 (Historian 2. 4); Alethean I. 2. 3. 4 (Custodian 2); Quiver 3; Choir I. 2. 3. 4; Honor Resident 3 (Vice-President 3): N.F.A. 3. 4 (Vice-President 4); "Christmas Carol" 2: Kappa Delta Pi 4. B.S. Degree. Marlene Mary Hoevet Juneau Lower Elementary. W.R.A. 2. 3. 4; Women's Association 3 (Secretary-Treasurer 3) : Newman Club 2.3; Homecoming Uom-mittcc 4; Gamma Sigma 2. 3. 4 President 4) . Transfer from Mount Mao College I. B.S. Degree. MARLENE MARY HOEVETOORDON E. HOFMAN Gordon E. Hofman Anrige Liberal Am. Major: Chemistry: Minors: Biology. Physics. Mathematics; German CJub 2: American Chemical Society 2. 3. Transfer from Lawrence Collette 2. B.S. Degree. Donna M. Hubli Winncconne Upper Elementary. Newman Club 2. 3. : Kappa Gamma 1. 2. 3. • : N.E.A. -f. B.S. Degree. DONNA M. HUBII William R. Hogan Clintonville Secondary. Major: Biology: Minors: Physical Education. History; Track 1, 2. 3. 4: Intramural Sports I. 2. 3. 4: Pcriclean I. 2. 3. 1 (Historian 3); Inter-Frat 2; Choir I. B.S. Degree. WIUIAM R. HOGAN JANET MARIE HUCK Janet Marie Huck Taycheedoh Lower Elementary. Gamma Sigma I. 2. 3. 4 (Historian 3); N.E.A. •»; Women's Association Treasurer • ; Newman Club I. 2: W.R.A. 1. 2. 3. I (Sportshcad 2. Secretary -1). B.S. Degree. LOIS ANN HOLVERSON Lois Ann Holverson Larsen Kindergarten-Primary'- Delta Phi I. 2. 3. 4. B.S. Degree. Floyd R. Huebner Oshkosh Liberal Arts. Major: Chemistry: Minor: Mathematics; American Chemical Society 2. 3. 4 (President 3). Transfer from Lawrence 1. B.S. Degree. FLOYO R. HUEBNER 40JEAN H. IHIENFEIDT Jean H. Ihlenfeldt Kaukauna Lower Elementary. Transfer from Outagamie Count) Teacher Col lege. Kaukauna. B.S. Degree. Vera Jesch Oshkosh Liberal Art . Major: Medical Technology: Delta Phi I. 2. 3. 4 (Treasurer 2); Adume 1. 2. 3. 4 (News Editor 3. I): Pep Club 1; W.R.A. 3; L.S.A. 1, 2. 3. 4 (Secretary 2. 3): Student Council 2; International Relation Club 3: Quiver 1; Radio Club I; Dramatic I, 2, 3. B.S. Degree. VERA JESCH Edward A. Jajodinsky Manitowoc Upper Elementary. Intramural Sport 3. 4; Vet Club 3. 4; N.F..A. 4; Baseball •». Transfer from Manitowoc County Teacher College 2. B.S. Degree. EDWARD A JAJODINSKY ROBERT H. JOHNSON Robert H. Johnson Omro Secondary. Major: Natural Science: Minors: Biology. Physical Education; Basketball I. 2. 3. B.S. Degree. 41 LOIS A. JASCHOB Lois A. Jaschob Sheboygan Kindergarten-Primary. Alethean I. 2. 3. 4: W.R.A. I. 2. 3. 4 (Vice-President 3): Pan Hellenic 2. 3. 4; Inter-Sorority President 3: N.E.A. 4. B.S. Degree. Shelby Jean Kahl Markesan Lower Elementary. Choir I. 2. 3: U'.S.F. I. 2: F.T.A. I. 2: Kappa Gamma 1. 2. 3. 4 (Parliamentarian 2): Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4 (Secretary 4). B.S. Degree. SHELBY JEAN KAHLFLOYD E. KAHLER Floyd E. Kohler Black Creek Liberal Art . Major : Physics, Chemistry: Minor: Mathematics: Gamma Delta I. 2. 3 (President I. Lakes Region Board 2); Inter-Faith Council I; Radio Club I; A.C.S. Student Alliliatc 3, 4. Transfer from Rollins College. Winter Park. Florida I. B.S. Degree. Marlene R. Klann Manitowoc Upper Elementary. N.E.A. 3. • ; Newman Club 3. 4: Phoenix 3. 4 (Historian 4); Kappa Delta Pi 4. Transfer from Manitowoc County Teacher College. B.S. Degree. MARLENE R. KLANN Judy A. Kiser Oshkosh Kindergarten-Primary. Lambda Chi I, 2. 3. -I (Custodian 3. Homecoming Chairman 2): F.T.A. 4; Baton Twirler 2. 3. B.S. Degree. JUDY A. KISER KENNETH A. KLEIN Kenneth A. Klein Sheboygan Falls Liberal Arts. Major: Geography; Minors: Physical Education, English; Basketball 2. 3. 4; Baseball 2. 3. 4: Pcriclean 2. 3, 4. Transfer from Carroll College 1. B.S. Degree. 42 GEORGE H. KITZMAN George H. Kitzman Oshkosh Upper Elementary. Philakean I. 2: Rifle Club I. 2: F.T.A. 3. 4: Radio Club 3: Social Life 3. 4; L.S.A. I. 2. 3. : Adttucr 3. 4: Intramural Sports 1. 2. B.S. IX-grec. Nancy Beverley Kempfert Milwaukee Upper Elementary. Minor: Music: Band I. 2. 3. 4; Orchestra 2. 3: Choir I. 2; Collegium Musicum 3. 4 (Secretary-Treasurer 3): Brass Ensemble I. 2: Homecoming Committee 2: Prom Committee 2: Gamma Delta 3. »: Interfaith Council 4: N.E.A. 3. 4: Modern Dance 2: Honor Resident 3. Transfer from U. of W.-M. B.S. Degree. NANCY BEVERLEY KEMPFERT CARMEN JEAN KERRY Carmen Jean Kerry West Bend Kindergarten-Primary. Lambda Chi 1. 2. 3. i (President 3); W.R.A. I. 2. 3 (President 2); AdtitNcr 2, 3: Quiver 2. 3: Social Life 2. 3: Homecoming Committee I, 2, 3; Prom Court 3. B.S. Degree. Edward C. Korbish Oshkosh Liberal Arts. Major: Biology; Minor: English. B.S. Degree. EDWARD C. KORBISH Carolyn H. Koboski Beaver Dam Secondary. Major: English; Minors: Speech. History; Phoenix (Secretary 4): Newman Club I. 2: Radio Club 2. 3: Quit re 2. 3: Aduuce 4: Honor Resident 2. I; F.T.A. 3. B.S. Degree. CAROLYN H KOBOSKI ERMA KRAUSE Erma Krause Plymouth 43 RUTH ANN KOEHN Ruth Ann Koehn Neenah Kindergarten-Primary. Kappa Della Pi 3. -t. B.S. Degree. Barbara Lee Kroll Oshkosh Kindergarten-Primary. Psi Epsilon 3. 4 (Parliamentarian 3. 4); Inter-Varsity 3: F.T.A. 4. B.S. Degree. BARBARA LEE KROLLKAREN H. KROll Karen H. Kroll New London Kindergarten-Primary. Gamma Sigma I. 2, 3. 3 (Secretary 2. Critic »); r.T.A. 1: Kappa Delta Pi 3. 3; Qttiitr 1. 2 (Organization Editor 2); Band 1. B.S. Degree. Joanne Mary Laes Green Bay Upper Elementary. Newman Club 1. 2. 3. •»: Radio Club I. 2. 3: F.T.A. I. 2. 3. 3: Pm Epsilon 3. 3; Ride Club 2. B.S. Degree. VIETTE J. lofOND Viette J. LaFond Coleman I'pper Elementary. Education Major. Transfer from Marinette County Teachers College. College. B.S. Degree. James Kuhn Oshkosh JAMES KUHN HENRY W. KUIPER Henry W. Kuiper Grand Rapids, Michigan Secondary. Major: Bio'ogy; Minors: History. Physical Education: Intramural Sports 2: Baseball 1: Men's Association I. 2. 3. 3; Honor Roll 2. -4. B.S. IX-grce. Francis C. Lamb Fond du Lac Secondary. Major: History: Minors: Social Science. English. Geology: Newman Club I. 2. 3. 3 (Vice President 3. 3): Vet's Club I. 2: Circle K I. 2. 3. 3 (Board Member I. 2. 3. Treasurer 3): Kappa Delta Pi 3. 3 Historian 3): N.E.A. 3. B.S. Degree. FRANCIS C. LAMB 44JOAN A. loVIOLETTE Joan A. LaViolette Oconto Upper Elementary. Kappa Gamma I. 2. 3. 4 (President 3. Campus Carnival Chairman 2); Pan-Hellenic 2. 3. 4 (Secretary 4): Newman Club I. 2. 3. I; N.E.A. I. 2. 3. 4 (Treasurer 4); AJtjnce I, 2. 3; Quiver 2: W.R.A. I. 2: Glee Club 1. 2: Valentine Formal Chairman 3. B.S. Degree. Diane Mae Lemke Oshkosh Secondary- Major: History: Minors: Social Science. English: Student Council 3. A: Quiier I; Adtauce 3 (Column Editor): Kappa Gamma 1. 2. 3. 4 (Secretary 3): L.S.A. I. 2. 3. 4 (Secretary -I): Interfaith Council I. 2; Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4: (Vice President I): Gamma Sigma Alumni Scholarship 4. B.S. Degree. DIANE MAE IEMKE Ruth L. Lease Madison Secondary. Major: English; Minors: His- tory. Biology: Delta Phi; I. 2. 3. I (Vice President 2. President 3. Critic 3): L.S.A. 1. 2. 3. 4 (Treasurer 3. President 4. Interfaith Council 4): N.E.A. 4. B.S. Degree. RUTH I. LEASE SHEIBY JEAN IEMKE Shelby Jean Lemke Fremont Secondary. Major: Biology; Minors: Physical Education. History: Phoenix 1. 2. 3. 4 (Treasurer 4); Pan Hellenic 3: Inter- Sorority 3: Honor Resident 2: W.R.A. 3. 4: Childrens Play I. B.S. Degree. 45 AlAN R IEMERY Alan R. Lemery Green Bay Secondary. Major: Combined Music: Minor: English: Wesley I. 2. 3. 4 (President 4): Lyceum 2. 3. _4 (Secretary-Treasurer 4): Social Life 2: Student Council 3 (President 3): Intramural Sports I. 2. 3. 4. B.S. Degree. Mary Louise Lewis Oshkosh Secondary. Major: English: Minors: Psy- chology. Speech: Alethean 2. 3. 4 (Vod-Vil Chairman 3): Quiter 1. 2. 3 (Art Editor I. 2): Advitue 2: Homecoming Committee 1. 2. 3. 4 (Publicity Co-Chairman 3. 4): Prom Committee 1. 2. 3. 4: Social Life Committee 3. 4 (Corresponding Secretary 3. 4); Co-Chairman for all school Formal »; Newman Club I. 2. 3: Make-Up Committee for Plays 1. 2. 3. 4 (Chairman 2. 3): N.E.A. 4. B.S. Degree. MARY LOUISE LEWISMARILYN C. LIESCH Marilyn C. Liesch laona Kindergarten-Primary. Phoenix 2, 3. 4 (President 3): Pan Hellenic 3: Wesley 2. 3. 4 (Treasurer 3. Vice President 4): Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4; N.E.A. 4. B.S. Degree. Arlita Lu Lovedale Peihtigo Kindergarten-Primary. N.E.A. 4; L.S.A. 3. 4. Transfer from Marinette County Teachers College. ARLITA LU LOVEDALE Henry M. Lipke Hancock Upper Elementary. Intramural Sports 3; Men's Glee Club 3- Transfer from Waushara County Teachers College. B.S. Degree. HENRY M. LIPKE DAVIO IRVING LUEBKE David Irving Luebke Fond du lac Secondary. Majors: English. Speech. Circle K (Vice President 4). Transfer from St. Norbert's College. B.S. Degree. 46 BARBARA A. LONG Barbara A. Long Wild Roso Kindergarten-Primary. Honor Resident 2; Alethean 2. 3. 4: Choir 2. 3; Wesley 3; Dorm Treasurer 4. Transfer from LaCrosse State College 2. B.S. Degree. Richard H. Macknick Shoboygan Secondary. Major: Social Science; Minors: Geography. English. History; Newman Club I. 2. 4: Golf 3. 4; Intramural Basketball 4; Young Democrats 4. B.S. Degree.JOHN C. MAES John C. Maes Kaukauna Secondary. Major: Social Science: Minors: Political Science. History: lota Alpha Sigma I. 2. 3. 4 (Secretary 2, 3): Men's Association 1. 2. 3. 4; Intramural Sports 1. 2. 3. 4. B.S. Degree. Robert J. Maulick Freedom Liberal Arts. Major: Social Science: Minors: Geography, Physical Education: Baseball 2, 3. 4. Transfer from S. Norbcrt College. B.S. Degree. ROBERT J. MAULICK MaryAlice Martens Sheboygan Kindergarten-Primary. Transfer from Sheboygan County Teachers College. B.S. Degree. MARYALICE MARTENS JUNICE MAURER Junice Maurer Manitowoc Kindergarten-Primary. Delta Phi 3. 4: Gamma Delta 3. 4. Transfer from Manitowoc County Teachers College. B.S. Degree. 47 ANNETTE J. MATTHIAS Annette J. Matthias Manitowoc Upper Elementary. Newman Club 3. 4; N.E.A. 3. 4; Orchestra 3. Transfer from Manitowoc County Teachers College. B.S. Degree. Robert H. Meisner Manitowoc Upper Elementary. Vet's Club 2. 3. 4: Social Life Committee 3. 4 (Chairman 4): Men's Association 4: Intramural Sports 3. 4: Track 3; Homecoming Court 4. B.S. Degree. ROBERT H. MEISNERMARGARET H. METZ Margaret H. Metz Oshkosh Liberal Arts. Major: English; Minor: French; Phoenix 3. 4 (Custodian 4); New. man Club 2. 3. 4; Language Club 3. Transfer from University of Wisconsin Extension-Manitowoc !. B.A. Dcjtree. Jacquelyn Ann Molus Oshkosh Kindergarten-Primary. Delta Phi I. 2. J, •I (Vice President 3): Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4: F.T.A. 4. B.S. Degree. JACQUELYN ANN MOLUS Marlene Missling Appleton MARLENE MISSLING JOEL MOORE Joel Moore Oshkosh Secondary. Kappa Delta Pi; Young Democrats (Chairman) 4. B.S. Degree. 48 RICHARD MITCHELL Richard Mitchell Menasha Roger Lea Moore Oshkosh Secondary. Majors: History. Social Science: Yoons Democrats 4 (Executive member 4): Kappa Delta Pi 3. » (Treasurer 4): Congressional Internship 3; Who’s Who 4. B.S. Degree. ROGER LEA MOORERICHARD C. MORKEN Richard C. Morken Sheboygan Falls Liberal Arts. Major: Economics; Minor: English; Intramural Baseball 2; Intramural Football 2; History Club 3; Vet's Club 2. 3. 4. Paul Murphy Oshkosh PAUL MURPHY Edward M. Mueller Manitowoc Upper Elementary. Alpha Phi Omega 3. 4 (Pledge President 3. Treasurer 4); Orchestra 3. 4; Choir 3: Men's Glee Club 3; Student Council 3, 4: Young Republicans 4; N.E.A. 4; U.S.F. 3. 4. Transfer from Manitowoc County Teachers College 2. B.S. Degree. EDWARD M. MUELLER RICHARD W. NEWHOUSE Richard W. Newhouse Oshkosh Libetal Arts. Major: Mathematics; Intramural Sports I. 2. 3. 4; Male Marching Band: Lyceum 3. 4 (President 4); Newman Club I. 2; Choir 2. 3. 4; Student Council 3: Men's Glee Club 4. Transfer from the U. of W. B.S. Degree. 49 GLENN W. MUENSTER Glenn W. Muenster Seymour Secondary. Major: English: Minors: History. Geography; Lyceum 2. 3. 4: Vet's Club 2. 3: Baseball 3. 4. B.S. Degree. Janet Nichols Green Bay Kindergarten-Primary. Phoenix 2. 3. 4 (Custodian 3). B.S. Degree. JANET NICHOLSHOWARD C. NOE Howard C. Noe Oshkosh Secondary. Major cholojcy. English; urer 2). B.S. Degree. Biology; Minors: Psy-Philakeun 1. 2. 3 (Treas- Terry H. Ostermeier New London Secondary. Majors: Speech. History; Varsity Debate I. 2. 3. 4; Pi Kappa Delta 2. 3. 4 (Vice President 2. 3. President 4); Opta Alpha I. 2. 3. 4 (Historian 2. 3): Newman Club 1. 2; International Relations Club 2, 3. 4; Intramural Sports I. 2. 3; Young Democrats 4: N.E.A. 4; Johnson Foundation Scholarship Award 4. B.S. Degree. TERRY H OSTERMEIER Arlys Jean O'Neill Oshkosh 2-Year Rural. Alpha Chi 1. 2 (Reporter I. President 2); Women's Association Board 2; L.S.A. 2. ARLYS JEAN O'NEILL JAMES LOUIS OTTE James Louis Otte Kaukauna Secondary. Major: Mathematics; Minors: Physical Education. Biology; Periclean 2. 3. 4 (Vice President 3): Basketball 2. 3. 4. Intramural Sports I. 2. 3. 4; Football 3; Mens Association Vice President 3; Prom Representative 3; Iota Alpha Sigma Scholarship 4. Transfer from the U. of W., I B.S. Degree. 50 MARILYN ANN OPGNORTH Marilyn Ann Opgnorth Sheboygan Kindergarten-Primary. Transfer from She-hoygan County Teachers College. B.S. Degree. Frederick John Paepke Oshkosh Liberal Arts. Major: English; Minors: French. History; Lyceum 2. 3. 4 (Vod-Vil Committee 2. 3. 4); Alpha Phi Omega 1. 2. 3. 4 (Vice President 3. Historian 2. Alumni Secretary 3); Choir I, 2. 3. 4 (Down in the Valley 2. Martha 4); Glee Club 3; Language Club 3; Radio Club 2; Intramurals 2, 3. 4: Social Life 3; Homecoming Committee 3: Prom Committee 3. B.A. Degree. FREDERICK JOHN PAEPKEJOHN M. PALMER John M. Palmer Rhinelander Upper Elementary. Minor in Music. Choir I. 2. 3. 4. Transfer from U. of W.. 3-B.S. Degree. Jacqueline Helen Peterson Marion 4-Year Rural. Alpha Chi 1. 2. 3. 4; L.S.A. 1. 2. 3: Student Council 2; Interfaith 3: Alethean 2. 3: Honor Resident 3. B.S. Degree. JACQUELINE HELEN PETERSON Louise Pauly Fond du Lac Secondary. Major: History: Minors: Geology. English; Advance 1: Glee Club 1; L.S.A. 1,2, 3 (Secretary 2); Kappa Gamma 1. 2. 3. 4 (Vice President 3): Inter-Fraternity 4; Honor Resident 3: F.T.A. I, 2. 3: N.E.A. 4. B.S. Degree. LOUISE PAULY ISABELLE I. PICK Isabelle L. Pick Auroroville Upper Elementary. B.S. Degree. 51 JACQUELINE JULIET PETERS Jacqueline Juliet Peters Oshkosh Kindergarten-Primary. Alethean 2. 3. 4 (Custodian 3. Hi torian 4): Women's Association 2. 3: N.E.A. 4: Student Council 3: Newman Club 2. 3. 4; International Relations Club 2. 3. 4: Frostbite Chairman 2. B.S. Degree. Richard Warren Pike Waupun Secondary. Major: Mathematics: Minors: Physics. Chemistry: Concert Band 1. 2; Pep Band I; Football 2: Math Club 3. 4; (Vice President 4); Intramurals I, 2. RICHARD WARREN PIKEMARY JEAN PITTLER Mary Jean Pittler Fond du Lac 3-Year Rural. Gumma Sigma 2, 3: L.S.A. 3: Honor Resident I; Alpha Chi 2. 3 (President 3). MaryAnne Quivillon Shawano Kindergarten-Primary. Newman Club 1, 2. B.S. Degree. MARYANNE QUIVILLON Gail Marie Plutchak Green Bay Upper Elementary. Minor: Physical Education; Gamma Sigma 1. 2. 3. 3 (Womens Association 2. President 3: Vice President 3: Critic 4); Womens Association President 2: Pan Hellenic 2. 3 (President 3): Alpha Chi I (President 1): W.R.A. 1. 2. 3. 4 (Sportshcad 2. 3); N.E.A. 4. B.S. Degree. GAIL MARIE PLUTCHAK MARY LYNN I. RAFOTH Mary Lynn L. Rafoth Clintonville Elementary. Kindergarten-Primary; Phoenix Sorority 2. 3. 4; Pan Hellenic 3. 4; Discussion I. 2. B.S. Degree. 52 NOREITA E. PROCKNOW Noreita E. Procknow Appleton Secondary'. Major: Speech: Minors: English, French; Forensics 2. 3. 4; Dramatics I. 2. 4; Pi Kappa Delta 2. 3. 4 (Corresponding Secretary 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4; Lambda Chi 1. 2. 3. 4; N.E.A. 4. B.S. Degree. Denis O. Reagan Green Bay Liberal Arts. Major: Chemistry. Mathematics: Minor: Economics; Newman Club 3. 4; A.P.O. 3. 4; ACS. 3. 4; Mens Association 3. 4; Math Club 3. 4: Golf 4; Intramural Sports 3. 4. Transfer from St. Norberts College 3. B.S. Degree. DENIS O. REAGANJAMES WENOEll REDEMAN James Wendell Redeman Ripon Secondary. Major: Biology; Minors: Arc, History. B.S. Degree. John J. Reszka North Fond do Lot Secondary. Major: Biology; Minors: His-cory. Physical Education. JOHN J. RESZKA Carla Ann Rehbein Green Boy Kindergarten-Primary. W.R.A. 2. 3. 4 (Secretary 2); Gamma Sigma 2. 3. 4 (Secretary 3): Choir 2; N.E.A. 4. Transfer from U. of W.-Ex. Green Bay. B.S. Degree. CARLA ANN REHBEIN GARY KEITH REWAIT Gary Keith Rewalt Oshkosh Liberal Arts. Major: English; Minor: History. B.S. Degree. 53 JAMES RICHARD REHBEIN James Richard Rehbein Berlin Secondary- Majors: Biology. Natural Science: Newman Club 2. 3: Vet's Club 2. 3: Men's Association 2. 3. 4: Intramural Sports 2. 3. 4. Transfer from Montana State. B.S. Degree. Daniel Jay Richardson Marinette Secondary-. Major: Mathematics: Minors: Physics. History; Newman Club I, 4; Math Club 4: Intramural Volleyball 1, 3; Intramural Basketball I. 3. 4. DANIEL JAY RICHARDSONIORNA MAE ROEDER Lorna Mae Roeder Marinette Secondary. Majors: Mathematics. English: Lambda Chi 1, 2. 3. 4: Women s Association Board 3. 4 (Vice President 3. President 4): Aduucr I. 2. 3: Quirtr 1. 2. 3: Math Club 3: W.R.A. 1 2. 3. 4: Campus Carnival Chairman 3; Honor Resident 2: Dorm Council I: Prom Committee 2. 3: N.F..A. 4; Prom Queen 3: Prom Court 2; Homecoming Court 3. B.S. Degree. Albert M. Rumlow Oshkosh Liberal Arts. Majors: Economics. Mathematics. B.S. Degree. ALBERT M. RUMLOW Paul H. Roethel Oostburg Secondary. Major: Mathematics: Minors: Chemistry. English: Math Club 4 (President 4. Historian 4): F.T.A. 3. 4; A.C.S. 2. 3. 4 (Vice President 3): Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4. Transfer from U. of W.-Ex. at Sheboygan. B.S. Degree. PAUL H. ROETHEl ROMEUE FAY RUSCH Romelle Fay Rusch Gillen Secondary. Major: English; Minors: Music. History: Band I. 2. 3. 4; Choir 3. 4; Quiitr 2: W.R.A. 2. 3. 4; Phoenix 3. I; Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4; Gamma Delta I. 2. 3. 4 (Historian. Reporter 2. 3): F.T.A. I. 2. 4. B.S. Degree. 54 CHARLES JOSEPH ROTH. JR. Charles Joseph Roth, Jr. Oshkosh Liberal Arts. Majors: Chemistry. Mathematics; Minors: Physics: APO (Treasurer 2. Vice President 3. Corresponding Secretary 4); Adtaact (Photographer 3. Picture Editor 4): A.C.S. 3. 4: Math Club 4. B.S. Degree. Ruth St. Louis Phelps Liberal Arts. Majors: English. Library Science; Minor: French; Delta Phi I. 2. 3. 4; Honor Resident 2. B.A. Degree. RUTH ST. LOUISRICHARD S. SANDERS Richard S. Sanders Berlin Liberal Art . Major: Social Science; Minor : Political Science, History. B.S. Degree. William D. Schoenberger Oshkosh Secondary. Philakcan Relation Club I, 2 ret ary). B.S. Degree. I. 2; International (Corresponding Sec- WILLIAM D. SCHOENBERGER Jeanette J. Schmidt Mishicot Lower Elementary. U.S.F. I. 2. 3. I; N'.F.A. 3. • ; Honor Resident (; Psi Epsilon 3, 4. B.S. Degree. JEANETTE J. SCHMIDT SHIRLEY JEAN SCHOEPHOESTER Shirley Jean Schoephoester Green lake Secondary. Major: English: Minors: French. Library Science: Phoenix 2. 3. Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4: Gamma Delta 2. 3: French Club I. 2. 3: N.E.A. 4: Ellen F. Peake English Award 3. B.A. Degree. 55 RUTH ANN SCHMIDT Ruth Ann Schmidt Appleton Secondary. Major: English; Minors: Psychology. History: Phoenix Sorority 3. 4 (Historian Reporter 3): Womens Association Board 4 (Secretary 4); Gamma Delta 3. 4; F.T.A. 3. -I: Adtauce 3. 4: Honor Resident 3. 4: Radio Club 3- Transfer from U- of W.-Ex.. Mcnasha. B.S. Degree. Hilbert K. Schultz Menosha Secondary. Majors: Physics, Mathematics; Pcriclcan I, 2. 3. 4 (Treasurer 2): Intramural Sports I. 2. 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4; Math Club 3. 4; N.E.A. 4. B.S. Degree. HILBERT K. SCHULTZRUTH W. SCHULTZ Ruth W. Schultz Fond du lac Kindergarten-Primary. Delta Phi 3. •»: F.T.A. I. 2, 3. •» (Secretary 2. Vice President 3): Band I. 2. 3. 4. B.S. Degree. Sally Ann Seiner Coleman Secondary. Majors: English, Library Science; Wesley I; Delta Phi I. 2. 3. 4 (See- Ban? I2 2 ®"ncr 3: FT A‘ • '• 4: B.S. Degree. SALLY ANN SEINER Sally Ann Schultz Rhinelander SALLY ANN SCHULTZ DON SHEPARD Don Shepard Beavor Dam 56 WAYNE SEILER Wayne Seiler Forestville Beverly Smith Beaver Dam 2-Year Rural. Inter-Varsity I, 2; Alpha Chi I, 2 (Secretary 2). BEVERLY SMITH MARILYN A. SOBIESKI Marilyn A. Sobieski Redgranile Upper Elementary. Newman Club I. 2. 3. •1: Kappa Gamma I. 2. 3. 4: N.E.A. 4. B.S. Degree. Suzanne Stapel Eldorado Upper Elementary. N'.E.A. 4. B.S. Degree. SUZANNE STAPEL Mary L. Sorenson Waupaco Lower Elementary. Advance 1; Glee Club 1. 2; L.S.A. I. 2. 3; Kappa Gamma 1. 2. 3. •I (Historian 3. Parliamentarian 2): Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4; ET A. I. 2. 4. B.S. Degree. MARY L. SORENSON OEANNE STECKER Deanne Stecker Oshkosh STANLEY J. SPANBAUER Stanley J. Spanbauer Oshkosh Secondary. Major: History; Minors: English. Geography; Vet's Club I. 2: Men's Association 1. 2. 3. 4. B.S. Degree. Peter H. Steffen Hortonville Secondary. Major: Speech; Minors: English. Sociology: Band 1: "My Sister Eileen” 2: "Aladdin” 3 (Business Manager): Adiatue 3: Quitrr 3; Newman Club 1. 2. 3: Prom Committee 3: Philakean 3. 4 (Vice President 3. 4, Harvest Ball Co-Chairman 4); Play Contest Director 3: Inter-Fraternity 2. 3: Pan Hellenic 3. N'.E.A. 4. B.S. Degree. PETER H. STEHEN 57SANDRA JENTZ STEINBERG Sandra Jentz Steinberg Appleton Kindergarten-Primary Choir I. 2; Lambda Chi I. 2, 3. 4 (Historian 3); Quiver 1. 2, 3: Modern Dance 4; N.E.A. 4; Homecoming Committee 2. B.S. Degree. MARCIA BARBARA STROUF Marcia Barbara Strouf Manitowoc Kindergarten-Primary. Minor: Art: Alcthcan I. 2. 3. ■» (Women' Association Representative 2. Secretary 3. Vice President 4. President 4); Women' Association Vice President 2; Student Council 3: Honor Resident 2; U.S.F. 2. 3. 4 (Historian 2): N.E.A. 2. 3. 4; Senior Seminar Steering Committee 4; Dramatics I. 2. 3: Chairman of Dorm Faculty Tea I; Quiier Art Editor 3; Homecoming Queen 3; Miss Young Democrat I; Honor Roll I, 2. 3. B.S. Degree. Elmer Strohschine Fond du lac Liberal Art . Major: Physics, Mathematics; Track 2; Math Club 4. B.S. Degree. ElMER STROHSCHINE Earl H. Sticka Algoma Secondary. Major: Biology; Minors: English. Sociology: Philakcan 1. 2 (Secretary- 2); Intramurals: Volleyball I. 2. 3. 4: Basketball I. 2. 3. 4; Softball 1. 2. 3. 4: Touch Football I. 2, 3. B.S. Degree. EARl H. STICKA JOHN J. STOCKINGER John J. Stockinger Oshkosh Secondary. Major: Social Science: Minors: English. Economics; Student Council 3: Newman Club I. 2. 3; Homecoming Committee I. 2. 3. (; Prom Committee 2. 3. 4: Philakean I. 2. 3. 4 (President 3): Inter-Fraternity 2 (President 2); “Hansel and Greed" (Assistant Stage Manager); Intramural I. 2, 3. 4. B.S. Degree. Alice Fay Sucharda Oconto Secondary. Major: Speech: Minor: History. English; Alcthcan 1. 2, 3. -I (President 4. Pan Hellenic 2. 3); Quiver 2. 3 (Editor 3); Advance I. 2; Dramatics 1. 2. 3. 4 (Director of Children's Play 4); Debate 2. 3. 4; Pi Kappa Delta (Secretary-Treasurer 2); Red Cross I. 2; Glee Club I. B.S. Degree. AllCE FAY SUCHARDACLIFFORD FRANKLIN SWEET Clifford Franklin Sweet Oshkosh Liberal Art . Major : History. Geography; Le Circle Francais 3: International Relation Club 2, 3. 4 (Vice-President 4): Inter-Varsity 2. 3. 4 (Vice President 4). B.A. Degree. Mary Ellyn Thibodeau Fond du lac Lower Elemental. Gamma Sigma 2. 3. 4 (Pan Hellenic Representative 3. 4. Vice President 4); Pan Hellenic President 4; Social Life 3. 4; Prom Committee 3: Newman Club 2. 3: Homecoming Committee 4. Transfer from Mount Mary College. Milwaukee. 2. B.S. Degree. MARY ELLYN THIBADEAU Richard Tahlier Green Boy Liberal Arts. Alpha Sigma 3. 4; Social Life (President 3): Homecoming Committee 2. 3; Prom Chairman 3; Men's Association (President 4); Water Show 2. 3. 4. B.S. Degree. EARL S. TUTTLE Earl S. Tuttle Fond du Lac Upper Elementary. Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4: AduHcc 2. 3. 4; Quiver 4 (Sports Editor 4); Radio Club I, 2. 3 (Treasurer 2); international Relations Club 3. 4: F.T.A. 3. 4; Student Council 4. B.S. Degree. 59 MARY J. THIELMAN Mary J. Thielman Chilton Upper Elementary. Women's Association President 3: Kappa Gamma 2 3. 4 (President 4, Women's Association Representative 4); Newman Club 2; N.E.A. 4. Transfer from Wisconsin State College. Whitewater. B.S. Degree. Eleanor Spink Tyriver Oshkosh Kindergarten-Primary. Alcthean I. 2. 3. 4 (Custodian 2. Historian 3): Student Council 3 (Secretary-Treasurer 3); Modern Dance 4; N.E.A. 4. B.S. Degree. ELEANOR SPINK TYRIVERANNMARIE VAIITCHKA AnnMarie Valitchka Manitowoc Upper Elementary. Advance 3: Delta Phi 3. 4i Newman Club 3. 4 (Secretary 4); Golden Trident 3: N.E.A. 4: Young Democrats -4. Transfer from Manitowoc County Teachers Collette. B.S. DeKree. Rhoda A. Veith Oshkosh Liberal Arts. Major: History. B.S. DeKree. RHODA A. VEITH Jane E. Van Akkeren Oshkosh Secondary- Major: Social Science: Minors: History. EnKlish; Lambda Chi I. 2. 3. 4 (Pan Hellenic Representative 3): Advance: Newman Club I, 2. 3: Imerfaith 3; YGOP Chairman I; Seminar Steering Committee 4: N.E.A. -4. B.S. DeKree. JANE E. VAN AKKEREN ROBERT J. VEITH Robert J. Veith Oshkosh Liberal Arts. Majors: Physics. Mathematics: Math- Club 3. B.S. DeKree- 60 ElAINE R. VAN DIXHORN Elaine R. Van Dixhorn Shebyogan Falls Lower Elementary. Kindergarten-Primap-. Inter-Varsity •» (Secretary-Treasurer -4). Transfer from Northwestern College. B.A. DeKree. Virginia E. Wacek Algoma Lower Elementary. Transfer from Door-Kcwaunee Collette. B.S. Degree. VIRGINIA E. WACEKALFRED JOHN WEEDEN Alfred John Weeden Oshkosh Secondary. International Relations Club. B.S. Dcjtrcc. Mardell Mary Wellner Denmark Kindergarten-Primary. Newman Club 2. 3: YGOP 2; Delta Phi 3. 4 (Custodian 4) N'.E.A. 4; Advance 3. 4 (Circulation Editor 4). Transfer from U. of W.-M. B.S. Degree. MARDELL MARY WELLNER Richard A. Wegenke Appleton Liberal Arts. Majors: Physics. Chemistry; Minors: Mathematics. English; American Chemical Society 4. Transfer from U. of W.-Ex.. Mcnathu. B.S. Degree. RICHARD A. WEGENKE DARYL D. WENDT Daryl D. Wendt Oshkosh Liberal Arts. Major: Economics; Minors: History. English; Alpha Phi Omcpa 1. 2. 3. 4 (President 2): Iota Alpha Sigma 3. 4 (Secretary 4); Vet s Club 2. 3. 4 (Secretary 3); Student Council 3. 4. MARTHA JEAN WELCH Martha Jean Welch Oshkosh Kindergarten-Primary. Delta Phi 1. 2. 3. 4 (Secretary 4. President 4); Women's Association Board Member 2: Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4; F.T.A. 4; Choir I. B.S. Degree. i Beverly Grace Wenzel {trillion Upper Elementary. W.R.A. I. 2. 3; Lambda Chi I. 2. 3 (Treasurer 3): U.S.F. I. 2. 3: N.E.A. 3: Honor Resident I. 2. 3 (Vice-Chairman 2). BEVERLY GRACE WENZEL 61JIM WESTPHAl Jim Westphal Bonduel Phillip Wilms Neenah PHILLIP WIIMS Patricia A. Williams Menasha Kindergarten-Primary. N.E.A. 4: Student Council: Gamma Sigma 3. 4: Choir I; U.S.F. 2. 3. 4; Student Honor Certificate I. Transfer from II, of W.-Ex.. Menasha. B.S. Degree. PATRICIA A. WILLIAMS ANDY G. WITTMANN Andy G. Wittmann Menasha Upper Elementary. Football 1. 2. 3. 4; Intramural Sports I. 2. 3. 4; Vets Club 3. B.S. Degree. 62 JOAN f. WILKE Joan F. Wilke Kewaunee Lower Elementary. U.S.F. 2, 3. 4; Glee Club 2; Phoenix 2, 3. 4 (Secretary 3): F.T.A. 4; Honor Resident 2. Transfer from U. of W.-Ex., Green Bay. B.S. Degree. David Wingrove Oshkosh DAVID WINGROVEDarlene Wohlt Fremont 2-Year Rural. Alpha Chi. EUGENE E. WINKLER JR. Eugene F. Winkler Jr. Chilton Secondary. Major: History; Minors: English. Economics. Geology; Adtunre Photographer 2. 3; Newman Club I, 2. 3. 4 (Interfaith Representative 2); Circle K I. 2. j. •( (Secretary 2. 3. Board of Directors 4). B.S. Degree. Richard A. Young Marinotto Liberal Arts. Major: English; Minors: Speech. History: Intramural Sports 2. 3. 4: Choir 3. 4; Men's Glee Club 3: Men's Association Board (Secretary-Treasurer 3): Student Council 2. 3: Prom Committee 2: Homecoming Committee 3. 4; "Life With Mother;" "Sleeping Beauty" (Stage Manager 4): Lyceum 2. 3. 4 (Vice President 3. Historian 4. Vod-Vil Stage Manager 4. Play Director 3. 4. Vod-Vil Quartet 3. 4); Pan Hellenic Representative 3- Transfer from U. of W.-Ex., Marinette. RICHARO A, YOUNG DARLENE WOHLT DAVID ZEHREN David Zehren Fond du Lac Nile Behnke Art Award 4; Who's Who 4. 63 THOMAS I. WOLFE Thomas L. Wolfe Now London Secondary. Major: Biology; Minors: Physical Education. History; Lyceum; Intramural Sports 1, 2. 3. 4. B.S. Degree. Anna M. Zimmerman Fond du Lac Kindergarten-Primary. Wesley Foundation 4. Transfer from Dodge County Teachers College. I. 2. ANNA M. ZIMMERMAN %Camille F. Johnson Neenah Secondary- Major: Social Science; Minor : Physical Education. History; Synchronized Swim Club I. 2. 3. • (President 2. 3); Band 1; WRA (Golf Chairman). Transfer from Macalestcr College. St. Paul 1, Lawrence 2. Texas Western •(. B.A. Degree. Harlan Owens Oshkosh CAMIllE F. JOHNSON HARIAN OWENS SENIORS NOT PICTURED NAN BACHKAl LOUIS BLONOEAU CHARLENE CHALBERG ROBERT CHRISTENSEN RODNEY COUGHLIN JAMES DENIL THOMAS EHLERT GLADYS GILBERT ROBERT GOMOLL DONALD GOSS JAMES HERMAN KARL HINZ DONNA HUBLE ROBERT JAHN SHELBY KAHl ROBERT JOHNSON LYLE KRAUSE LOIS LoFOND LARRY LARSON JOHN LAU ELSIE MADISON JOHN MAERCHEN MELVIN MUTZELBURG NEAL OLSON FRANCES RALZBURG GERALDINE ROELS GALE SIEVERS VERNA SCHOEPKE RICHARD SWANTZ H. ARTHUR TRELEVEN LA VERNE VANDE ZANDE THOMAS VINEY MARY WEGE THOMAS WHEELER GRADUATION 1958. The big doy finally came, the diploma is yours . . . the faces of graduating seniors are filled with mixed emotions. The same will be true for the graduating class of 1959. 64ADRIENNE ACKERER IONE ALEXANDER IRENE ALF FERRIS KEITH AUGER SAUY BACKUS MARY JANE BAIER CAROL BALNIS MARY BASTAR SANDRA BAUERBEV BROEHM ALLAN BROWN SALLY BROWNSON SHARON BUCHHOLZ LOUISE BUHROW CAROL COBURN BARBARA COLLINS SHIRLEY CRONCE GERALD CROZIER RITA CUFF ALICE CUSTER KAREN DAHLKE EUGENE DAUL FREDERICK DAVEL DONNA DEIMER 66MARY JANE OHEIN KARALEE DIECK RICHARD DITTLOFF ALICE DIXON JANE DORN GARY EAGAN THELMA ENDERS NORITHA ENZ JAMES FIEDLER WILLIAM FRAIIING PHYLLIS GALIKOWSKI JACK GARVENS ROCHELLE GERBER CAROL GERLACH 67 KAY GJERMUNDSONn BRIAN GILMORE GERALD GOODRICH PHYLLIS GOULD GERALD GREEN ROBERT GUENTHER ROSE HAEN ROBERT HANSON JANICE HELGESON BONNIE HENDRICH HERBERT HERB LEE HILL ROBERT HOERSCH CHARLES HOFFMAN DOLORAS HOHENSTEIN MARDELLE HOSTETTLER 68 KATHLEEN HURLBUT CHUCK IHRKE TERRY INGRAM WILLIAM ITZIN REX JOSLIN KAY KAISER DARRYL KAUFMANN LOIS KAUTZER RICHARD KESTER MARY KIRK RUTH KNIGHT DOLORES KOBER JUDY KOFFARNUS NEIL KOHLMAN MARIE KOTTKE 69BARBARA KUBAIE DON IAEDTKE DONNA LAMMERS JUDITH LEARMANN PAUL LEARMANN JANNA IEEFTINK ELAINE LEITINGER MARTHA LENTZ R08ERT LETTENBERGER JAMES LETTEN8ERGER MARGE LIMBERG VICTOR LIND WAYNE LINDGREN DAVID LINDSOR JOSEPH LORENZ RICHARD LOWRY 70BARBARA LUEBKE DONALD MAILLOUX JUDITH MAJNARICH LUCILLE MANDERFIELD THOMAS MARTIN JOHN MASAROS WENDA MAXTED william McClellan DON MERTES DAVID MILLER JUDY LEE MILLER RLYN MILLER RUSSELL NORMAN MORTENSEN DAVID NACHTWEG DONNA NIEHOFF KENNETH NEUSER 71RALPH NIELSCH CARMEN NORTON BETTY NOVOTNY JUDY OBERKLANER RAMONA OLSON SANFORD ORR JUDY PERDUE NANCY PFISTER PATRICIA PIEPENBURG MARILYN POLOMIS GRACE POPP BOB PRAEGER CHRIS PRASHER KENNETH PRIEBE GERALD PRINIVILLE LEN PUBANZ 72 ROGER RADDATZ JODEU RAMM ROBERT RASCHIG NANCY REICHENBERGER WILLIAM T. REINHART DOUGLEEN REMO PATRICK RICHARDSON ADRIAN RICHTER NANCY RICHTER JACK ROOME JAMES ROTH ROBERT RUFFALO MARLENE SACHS WENDY SCHERERMANN CLIFFORD SCHILCHER LAWRENCE SCHMITZ 73JUDITH SCHRAA JANET SCHRAMM KARL SCHWAAB MARY SCHWOERER ELROY SIPPEL MARY LYNN SNYDER MARGARET STECKBAUER ANNETTE STERN PAT SULLIVAN GINGER TEELA JUDITH THALHOFER RICHARD THEW BARBARA THOMAS TERRY TIGHE MARY TULLY PATRICIA UllSPERGER 74 KENNETH VANDER VELDEN HOPE WEATHERWAX JANE WEBORG JOYCE WEBER MARLIN WEBER THOMAS WEEKS EDWARD WEGNER ROGER WOLF MEREDITH WOOD LAWRENCE WRITT HELEN WYWIALOWSKI DON ZARNDT LINDA ZENTNER BRUCE ZIEBELL DELANO ZIMMERMAN MARY ZOELLNER 75Sopliomo teg ROW 1: S. Huebregtse, S. Schoopkc, B. Abraham, J. Grisar, V. Albert. ROW 2: B.'Wilson, J. Zimmerman, M. Fordham, F. Dibble, B. Blazek. ROW 3: E. DuFrane, E. Schroeder, H. Cramer, R. Fleischman, C. Bochmap. M. Huberty, C. Kroll, M. Hartzheim, B. luczak, T. Knoop, I. Klausch. 76 ROW 2: N. Johns, N. Wavrunok, K. Schreiber, D. Stucke, J. Paapo.ROW 1: H. Armstrong, S. Warren, V. Danielson. ROW 2: D. A. Didlo, B. Wolloch, A. Ullrich, J. Hinosh, D. DcWan. ROW 3: N. Davies, R. Draeger, D. Moore, C. Shim, E. Salxsieder. ROW 1: E. Eichstaedt, D. Pikrandt, C. Witt, S. Rhyner, N. Gehrig, J. Nowell, N. E. Buck, B. Behrooxi. ROW 2: D. Lunquist, W. McKinley, C. Mohs, G. E. Zimmerman, T. Hughes, D. Hendry, K. B. Schroeder. ROW 1: E. Teichmiller, M. Mersch, K. Johnson, N. Wendtland, E. Jisa. 77 ROW 2: T. Frieder, N. Reshoske, P. Wagner.ROW 1: J. Beyer, J. Higby, M. Krueger, C. Moser, R. Barwinkel, K. Gundel, B. Polonsky. ROW 2: T. Ounlavy, R. Werdim, R. Mellberg, G. Kons, 0. Johnson, N. Neta, W. B. lemieux. Sophomores J. Frederick Krueger and Mike Grabner lake advantage of the facilities of the student lounge to catch up on some studying. 78ROW 1: B. Vollendorf, S. Miller, I. Harrison, C. Taylor, A. Van Buren, J. Wischnef. ROW 2: N. Wickeham, F. Vrowink, L. Derivan, M. Missall, C. Brotz, J. Schmaltz, C. Fogeltang. ROW 3: B. Roehl, M. Kochan, L. Bromon, J. Hornig, J. Humecki, B. Ingrelli. ROW 4: J. Bartel, D. Sorgent, D. Nikolaus, J. Guyette, A. Bachtell, B. Bartelt, M. Kobow. ‘tJfrtegfiwGn ROW 1: S. Kerry, D. Johnson, I. Cuff, M. Kraus, K. Wollangt, S. Roenz. ROW 2: J. Huhn, A. Holschuh, S. Berfield, S. Holmes, R. Walters, E. Jankowski. ROW 3: G. Hoehl, T. Johnson, J. Mathe, S. Oragosh, J. Sandborg, W. Schleak, R. Lipske. ROW 4: B. Hanke, T. Plein, C. Knoke, F. Jungers, T. Beckman, D. Brawn, R. Oiskowski. 79ROW 1: M. Schwebs, S. Sangcnr, I. Nolis. ROW 2: B. Weishaar, K. Winckler, L Melby, J. Christian. ROW 3: G. Ridley, 0. DeBruin, R. Hint , G. Erbeck, S. Rather. ROW 1: J. Hayes, J. Polishinski, M. Sanders, B. Gara, C. King, C. Hannis. ROW 2: J. Sedlachek, J. Forsberg, B. Bofal, S. Sershon, J. lightfuss, J. Steinbach, K. Broderick. ROW 3: N. Schwandt, E. Kolb, G. Kromm, L Hoffman, B. Lang, J. Harstad. ROW 4: D. Kraemer, C. Radtke, T. Hogan, R. Novitske, J. Scheuermann, R. Niemuth, N. Redemann. 80ROW 1: P. George, A. Schuelke, J. Vonderlinden. ROW 2: G. Berrell, R. Nigl. ROW 1: S. Andrew . J. Ruff. ROW 2: S. Glats, K. M. Johnson, K. Grueit. ROW 3: D. liebclt, M. Gebheim, P. Kennedy ROW 1: A. Polzin, L Brunner, E. Schaeffer, P. Gohr. ROW 2: S. Mendleski, J. Gavintki, P. long, C. King. ROW 3: R. Fischer, D. Dasenbrock, I. Glasnopp, J. Weber, B. Ritger. ROW 4: T. Wilcox, J. lizak, I. Oidlo, R. longer, T. Knapp, R. Drexler. 81ROW 1: S. Lewis, C. Waite. ROW 2: R. Ricco, C. J. Van Petten. ROW 3: T. Frank, D. Koehntop. ROW 1: F. Wittmann, K. Whitney ROW 2: V. Gilsdorf, J. Winter. ROW 3: J. Thrasher, J. Gordon. ■ ROW 1: M. Rickert, B. Zaida, L. Roller, F. Wywialowski, J. Goedtke, R. Cumber. ROW 2: S. Earl, M. Gerdmon, B. Bird, B. Middleton, S. Smith. ROW 3: H. Renkens, D. Gutzman, R. Siemers, C. Dibelius, C. Roach, C. Mueller, K. Budde. ROW 4: S. Dougherty, J. Heiss, D. Madison, G. Laluzerne, J. Sprehe, S. Lowell. 82i Freshmen Caroline Schoenian ond Janice VerBoort listen to Judith Danner relate a humorous doss incident. ROW 1: L Tessen, R. Skolitiky, M. Ott, J. Collier, R. Schmidt. ROW 2: C. Warnke, J. Anunson’, R. Detjen, W. Wester, Jr., J. Fasbender, M. Wagner. ROW 3: J. Geever, R. Von Ornum, A. Plate, E. Watkins, A. Stohlman, T. Heus, V. Knight. ROW 4: S. Klauer, D. Zachowski, G. Broun, W. Steckbauer, T. Pennewell. 83ROW 1: R. Wood, J. Buettner, M. Ader, E. Gruetzmocher, D. Jones, R. DeGrofF. ROW 2: S. Bodmer, B. Bcrncggor, I. Wright, S. Jimos, B. OuQuoino. ROW 3: D. Klou, J. Smither , S. landtkron, J. Jatczak, I. Koetler, J. Vondervest. ROW 1: J. Kilmer, P. Seybold, D. Seefold. ROW 2: T. Reordon, H. Roggo, S. Schuh, P. Solm. ROW 3: A. Dobberstein, C. Kolb, D. Jungwirth. 84Freshmen S. Tolorek, R. Gooding, S. Steffen, and D. Rex form a friendly group for the photographer. ROW 1: S. Kaufman, L. Vel-issaris, M. Tipler, S. Abhold, C. Adorns. ROW 2: M. Duex, L. Zwicky, P. Van Ornum, M. Stank. ROW 3: I. Judton, R. Hansen, J. Kilmer, W. Cuttill. I I Freshmen class members Robert Molke and Jon N. Dresdon. 85 You can always tell when spring has arrived!Mr. Richard Sommerfield, Director. Mr. Richard Sommerfield, the Union's director and a twenty-nine member student union board will work in conjunction to provide and operate a union program for students. Board members, in addition to acting as a whole, are divided into four committees to be responsible for some phase of the Union program. Board committees include a social committee, a house committee, a program committee, and a public relations committee. This chess gam took place in the temporary union in Webster Hall. Next year this scene will be repeated in the new union. Union facilities will include a cafeteria, snack bar, gameroom, college store, music and television lounges, meeting rooms, offices, women’s lounge, and a sun deck. It will provide services and conveniences for daily college needs on the campus. QlluOft Next semester when the Reeve Memorial Union opens, it will become the community center for all members of the college family — students, faculty, alumni, and guests. It will be more than a building; it will be an organization with a program for the entire college family. A view of the new Reeve Memorial Union as it nears completion. President Polk officiated at the laying of the cornerstone last year. 86 Pan ‘z eQdenic OFFICERS First Semester Mary Thibadeau, President Jerry Henry, Vice President Joan La Violette, Secretary Second Scmoitcr Jo Wussow, President Joe Vanden Hogen, Vice President Lou Pauly, Secretary Serving at tecond temetter officers for Pan Hellenic were Joe Vanden Hogen, Vice Pretident; Jo Wussow, President, and lou Pauly, Secretary. This group was organized to correlate the activities of the sororities and fraternities on campus. Round Robin and informal rushing was carried out by the council. Highlighting the group’s activities were the Christmas and Spring formals for Greek society members and their dates. Both of these events were held at the Twentieth Century Club. Mootings wore hold to corroloto tho sorority and fratornity activitios. ROW 1: C. Balnis, B. Thomas, J. Wussow, I. Zontnor, M. Sachs. ROW 2: G. Daul, P. Piopon-burg, H. Mellum, M. lent , P. Borg, D. Niohoff, L. Pauly. ROW 3: J. Vandon Hogon, R. Albright. 89ROW 1: M. Krueger, K. Kaiser. ROW 2: M. Hostetller, A. Kritx, D. Remo, L. Jaschob. ROW 3: J. Miller, G. Fessenden, K. Berndt, C. Norton, J. McKinnon, M. Gruber. LD. uWetlmn FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER Alice Sucharda................. President .................Marcia Strouf Marcia Strouf.................Vice President.......... Mardelle Hostettler Ardis Kritz ................... Secretary .................Jackie Peterson Betty Jane Novotny............. Treasurer.............Betty Jane Novotny Jacqueline Peters.............. Historian Sue Boeder Dougleen Remo ..................Custodian..................Dougleen Remo Dr. Jean Caudle.................Advisors..............Miss Betty Overton i ROW 1: M. Schroeder, B. long, J. Worthen. ROW 2: M. Halverson, M. Tully, S. Boeder, C. Balnis. ROW 3: B. Novotny. J. Peters, J. Heller, J. Peterson, M. Strouf, A. Sucharda, E. Tyriver. 90t I Alethoan started the year’s activities with the crowning of Marilyn Schroeder, an Alethean, as Homecoming Queen. The name of their float was "We’ll Dance a Jig to the Kill’t.” Alethean co-sponsored the Harvest Ball with Philakean. Third place was captured by Alethean in Vod-Vil with "The Littlest Devil." Formal rushing was held at the Legion on the Lake with Philakean, their brother fraternity, where sixteen new members were initiated. Alethean won second place in campus carnival with their entry, "Teahouse of the August Moon." Second place was also awarded to them in Play Contest with the play, "Overtones.” Alethean’s songfest entry included "Wells Fargo Wagon" and "Til There Was You." Kilts added color to the Homecoming Float. The Alethean Tea House won second place honor at Campus Carnival. Shining shoes wos o chore of Alethean pledget. First and second semester presidents, Alice Sucharda and Marcia Strouf take time out between classes. t 91ROW 1: D. Wohlt, A. Schuelke, S. Schocpke, B. Cotter, V. Belongio, D. Peterson. ROW 2: 8. Smith, K. Botsenbroek, S. Smith, J. Riedeman, A. O'Neill, P. Oberstadt, I. Peterman, J. Butterfield. capita CM FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER Mary Jean Pittler................ President Arlyss O’Neill Pat Oberstadt .................Vice President............. Audrey Schuelke Beverly Smith.................... Secretary .............. Elizabeth Cotter Sharon Smith .................... Treasurer................... Sharon Smith Barbara Hallada ................. Historian ..............Drucilla Peterson Miss Stewart ......................Advisor..................... Miss Stewart 92Alpha Chi began making plans for their homecoming float as the fall semester opened. Their theme was “We’ll Scalp ’Em.” Members of the society provided a basket of food for a needy family at Thanksgiving. During the Christmas season, the group presented a short program at a home for the aged and also sang carols. Alpha Chi members were also treated to a Christmas party by their advisor, Miss Stewart. Mi Steworf, advisor. A Rural Playday was held in the Spring for rural children in Oshkosh. The children were entertained with movies, games, and refreshments. Alpha Chi closed the year’s activities with a picnic held at Menominee Park. Arlys O'Neill, second semester president and Mary Jeon Pittler, first semester president point out the society's symbol. Some of the society members plan future activities. Standing: Pat Ober-stadt. Pierce Griffey, Joel Grasse, Arlys O'Neill; Sitting: Beverly Smith and Mory Jeon Pittler. 93 Alpha Chi sponsored a rural playday for rural children in the spring.ROW J: B. Klatzbciccher, C. Roth, I. Judion, B. Merklc, H. Owens, P. Murphy, P. Day. ROW 2: C. law, Ed. Mueller, G. PatzlafF, R. Mitchell, B. Driessel, D. Reagan, T. Skarvon, ROW 3: J. Mosaros, J. C. Roth, R. Van Ornum, J. Dresden, I. Sosinski, I. Mitchell, M. Sordahl. ROW 4: P. Welch, E. Eid, T. Wilcox, Mr. E. Pyle, P. Gates, D. Wendt, R. Jaeger. tAPp ia tylii ©mega FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER Gerald PafTenroth .................. President James C. Roth James C. Roth .............. First Vice-President ............Quinnan Welch Clarence Westra............ Second Vice-President ...................Harlan Owens Edward Mueller...................... Treasurer.................Edward Mueller Harlan Owens...............Corresponding Secretary.............Charles Roth Richard Mitchell ........... Recording Secretary ..............Paul Murphy Tony Skarvan......................Alumni Secretary.............Daryl Wendt Leslie Sosinski .................... Historian ................Willard Stowe Willard Stowe................... Sergeant at Arms .............Roger Jaeger Mr. Everett G. Pyle.........Chm. of Advisory Com........Mr. Everett G. Pyle i 94Alpha Phi Omega is a national fraternity dedicated to Leadership, Friendship, and Service. The Oshkosh group is the Epsilon Upsilon Chapter and has held its charter for 13 years. The Oshkosh fraternity is one of three hundred chapters throughout the country. A 4 0 finds many projects to keep busy during the first semester. The group provides the refreshment stand at the football games and marshals the Homecoming parade. The annual Ugly Man contest is also sponsored by A4 0, with the Ugly Man dance co-sponsored by Social Life. The group conducts the campus blood drive and distributes and collects March of Dimes can-nisters. Second semester A t 0 participated with a non-competitive booth in Campus Carnival. The campus blood drive was repeated. Another fundraising project was the annual book sale. A highlight of the year is the picnic outing for the children from the Elizabeth Batchelder Davis Home. The group also holds a winter camp work-weekend. This year, the Distinguished Service Key was presented to Daryl Wendt and Charles Roth for outstanding service to the chapter. Together they have given eight years of service to the school and community as members of A l Q . Second semester officers: E. Mueller, C. Roth, H. Owens, P. Murphy, P. Welch, J. Roth, R. Jaeger, D. Wendt. First semester officers: H. Owens, E. Mueller, D. Mitchell, J. Roth, T. Skarvan, I. Sosinski. Alpha Phi Omega's Campus Carnival booth gave cornival goers a chance to win a live goldfish. The football season kept the frot busy supplying refreshments to hungry spectators. 95ROW I: D. Kober, J. Clay, J. Maurer. ROW 2: M. Welch, H. Woathorwax, M. Wellner, J. Schramm, M. Sachs, J. Helgeson. ROW 3: B. Thomas, J. Perdue, K. Gilbertson, R. Lease, S. Click, K. Gjcrmundson, 0. Doimor. efita -Plu FIRST SEMESTER Kay Gjermundson Annette Stern .. Sharon Buchholz Ruth Knight .... Janet Schramm . . Mardell Wellner . Miss Martin _____ OFFICERS . President .. Vice President . Secretary . . . Treasurer .. ,. Historian . . . . Custodian ., ... Advisor .. SECOND SEMESTER ... Judy Majnarich .....Jan Helgeson Margaret Hartzheim .....Ruth Knight . Patricia Oberstadt .. Barbara Brennan ...... Miss Martin ROW 1: M. Hartzheim, S. Buchholz, R. Schultz, J. Majnarich. ROW 2: M. Hupke, I. Monderfield, K. Fuller, A. Stern, V. Jesch, B. Brennan. ROW 3: C. Pollard, M. Missling, R. St. Louis, 8. Blazek, P. Oberstadt, R. Knight, J. Molus, S. Sellner, S. Cronce, V. Haass. 96Delta Phi’s Homecoming activities were highlighted by a campaign for their queen candidate, Jan Helgeson. An alumni luncheon was held at the Peacock. The slogan of the sorority’s Homecoming float was, “We’ll Bake the Pie-oneers.” Iota Alpha Sigma and Delta Phi sponsored the annual Sadie Hawkins dance. Jan Helgeson and Judy Majnarich directed “Dream,” Delta Phi’s entry in Lyceum’s Vod-Vil. Pink elephants were the outstanding feature of the skit. After participating in Round Robin activities, and holding an informal rushing party at Radford Hall, Delta Phi feted eight new members at a formal banquet at the Legion on the Lake. This event was held jointly with Iota. Carol Pollard was chairman of the carnival booth, “Hit the Nitwit,” which captured third place in Lambda Chi’s annual Campus Carnival. First place in Play Contest went to Delta Phi with their entry “The Stolen Prince.” The Chinese fantasy was under the direction of Annette Stern and Donna Deimer. Delta Phi members entertained their mothers at Alex’s Town House for Mother’s Day and presented their prize-winning play during the afternoon program. “Night and Day,” a popular Cole Porter tune, was the sorority’s selection for Songfest. A successful year was brought to a close with the traditional Delta Phi-Iota picnic. A chorus lint ptrformtd at fht informal rushing party. Judy Majnarich narrated the story of The Stolen Printe which won the group first place in Play Contest. Ruth Knight directed the Songfest entry. Delta Phi's float predicted a sad fate for the Plotteville team. Informal rushing was held with the theme of "The Delta Queen," in showboat surroundings. 97ROW 1: J. KofFarnus, M. Hoevet, J. Barkley. Qamma Sigma FIRST SEMESTER Marlene Hoevet .. Mary Thibadeau . Nancy Abrahamson Sandra Dahlke ... Pat Piepenburg ... Dolores Hohenstein Dr. Isenberger ... OFFICERS . President .. Vice President . Secretary . .. Treasurer . .. Historian . .. Custodian . .. Advisors .. ROW 2: M. Pittlor, B. Homihon, K. Dahlke, K. Winters, J. lauterbach, M. Schultx. ROW 3: P. Galikowski, P. Williams, J. Zimmerman, D. Mellum, D. Hohenstein, B. Schultz, M. Thibadeau. SECOND SEMESTER Nancy Abrahamson .... Joanne Buero Mary Ellen Bastar ____Sandra Dahlke .... Virginia Albert ......Diane Stucke ......Miss Malueg ROW 1: P. Dunlovy, D. Stucke, B. luebke, M. Huberty. ROW 2: S. Dahlke. M. Bostar, S. Spicer, J. Buero, N. Abrahamson, D. Scholovich. ROW 3: S. Muck, A. Smith, K. Schrieber, N. Wovranek, H. Mellum, P. Piepenburg, V. Albert, M. Dhein, M. Stark, J. Huck. 98Gamma Sigma started the school year with pep and enthusiasm by participating in the Homecoming activities. “Pearl of the Football World” was the theme of the float for the traditional parade. The comical “Dillar Dollar” was Gamma Sigmas entry in Vod-Vil this year. “The Irish Cake Walk” provided fun for all at the Campus Carnival. To add to the Christmas spirit, Gamma Sigma donated and decorated the big Christmas tree in the front hall. The annual Mother’s Day Luncheon, held at the Legion on the Lake, was enjoyed by the mothers and daughters alike. For their entry in Songfest, “Songs From South Pacific” were selected. In the Spring, Gamma Sigma was invited to a social get-together with their alumnae. A sorority picnic concluded the many activities throughout the school year. Changes made in the last year included constitutional revisions, powder blue and white as the new sorority colors, and the white mum as the official flower. A work of snow sculpture was built by Gamma Sig pledges during Quest Week. Gamma Sigma members close their meeting with their ring song. An Irish Cake Walk theme was used for the Gamma Sigma Campus Carnival Booth. Gamma Sig's float proclaimed OSC the "Pearl of the Football World." 99ROW I: J. Matt, T. Dunlavy, D. Wendt, K. Auger, K. Neuter, Mr. Jackson (Advitor), R. Jaegor. ROW 2: P. Murphy, W. Rcinert, D. Van Sfraften, H. Owens, 0. Laedtke, R. Dittloff, 0. Fritchen, J. Roth, B. Drietsel, R. Paque. SECOND SEMESTER ... Don Laedtke .... Bill Reinert .....Ron Paque ... Keith Auger ----Ken Neuser ... Mr. Jackson Mr. Sommerfield « FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS Dick Dittloff...................... President .. Roger Jaeger.....................Vice President Darryl Wendt....................... Secretary .. Russ Hildebrandt................... Treasurer .. Jim Stecher........................ Historian Dr. Ferguson Dr. Reed json................f Advisors I I 100The Men's Association Punch Party enlisted the aid of lota members, Dick Tahlier, Keith Auger, and Dick Crombie. Iota Alpha Sigma began their activities in October by submitting the theme, “Grind the Hula Out of Platte-ville” for their entry in the Homecoming Parade. The group sponsored Jan Helgeson as their candidate for the Homecoming Queen. Iota participated in Lyceum’s Vod-Vil for their eleventh consecutive year, in which they were given honors. Grant Nerenhausen directed the group in “Iota’s Bandstand” for their entry. Also in the Fall, Delta Phi, Iota’s sister sorority, and Iota joined together in presenting the annual Sadie Hawkins dance. lota made use of the hulo hoop in their float, "Grind the Hula out of Platteville." lota membors put up signs for their annual sponsored event, Songfest. “The Ransom of Red Chief” was the Kappa Gamma play contest entry produced by the fraternity. Their director was Bill Reinert. This year’s formal rushing was held at the Legion on the Lake with Delta Phi. Bill Reinert was chairman of the event. “Chip Gyp” was Iota’s entry in this year’s Campus Carnival. Terry Dunlavy and Dan Van Straten were chairmen of the booth. This Spring, the fraternity again sponsored the annual Songfest with Terry Dunlavy as general chairman. The year came to a close with the picnic at South Park with Delta Phi. 101 A scone from loto's Ploy Contest production, Tfto Ransom of Red Chief.ROW 1: R. Haen, $. Hadrich, P. Cornell . ROW 2: M. Daggett, J. Dorn, V. Bartx, P. Berg, J. Weber, N. Gauthier. ROW 3: J. Niquette, S. Huibregtse, K. Prechold. C. Moser, D. Lemke, C. Snider, I. Pauly, K. Becker. FIRST SEMESTER Mary Thielman Janna Leeftink Bonnie Hedrich Virginia Bartz Joyce Weber .. Pat Sullivan .. Mrs. Toland Miss Rukgaber amma } OFFICERS . President . Vice President . Secretary . , . Treasurer . . . Historian .. ,. Custodian . . Advisors . SECOND SEMESTER .. Diane Lemke . Mary Sorenson .. Louise Pauly . Virginia Bartz Joanne Niquette . Phyllis Gould Miss Ruckgaber ROW 1: F. Clorich, M. Thielman, B. Hedrich. ROW 2. 0. Hubli, B. Bohne, C. Schmidt, P. Sullivan, P. Gould, P. Greisch. ROW 3: S. Crimmings, S. Brown-son, M. Sobieski, J. La Violette, J. Leeftink, B. Born, M. Sorenson, S. Kohl, B. Broehm. 102Kappa Gommo' homecoming alumnae luncheon wot a big success. Kappa Gamma began their year by publishing “K (1 News" to inform the alumnae of their activities of the previous year. At Homecoming time, the annual alumnae luncheon was held at the Raulf Hotel. Kappa Gamma’s candidate for the Homecoming Queen was Joyce Weber, who was a member of the court-of-honor. "We’ll Swallow All But De’Feet” was the name of their float in the Homecoming Parade. In the Fall, informal rushing was held at Pollock House and formal rushing at Jim Kile’s. The group participated in Vod-Vil by presenting. "The Wizard of OSC." Frances Clarich and Virginia Bartz were the co directors. For the second year in a row. Kappa Gamma won first place. A scene from Kappa Gomma's non-com-pefitive play Giolilude. Josefs was the scene of formal rushing in the Spring. Formal initiation took place at Pollock House. Kappa Gamma again sponsored the Play Contest. The co-chairmen were Jane Dorn and Beverly Broehm. The proceeds were used for a scholarship for a junior girl. Kappa Gamma also presented the play. "Gratitude” under the direction of Louise Pauly, but the group was not in competition. "Redwing" was the selection the sorority sang at Songfest. The co-directors were Shelby Kahl and Rose Marie Hoen. The members of the sorority honored their mothers at a banquet and then attended the Mother’s Day Tea on May 9. Kappa Gamma ended the year by having a cottage party with Gamma Sigma Sorority. The KG Ghouls rot from lb grove for Campus Carnival customers. 103ROW 1: C. Gerloch, B. Weniel, A. Ackerer, B. Kubolc. ROW 2: N. John , C. Honncmon, C. Kerry, J. Kiser, J. Von Akkoren, J. Wutsow, S. Hoppe. ROW 3: Mrs. Marble (Adviser), R. Procknow, M. Olson, J. Wittig, N. Pfisler, B. Eiles, S. Spiegelberg, N. Reichenberger. lambda Clu FIRST SEMESTER Pat Gregory....... Carol Hanneman . Sherry Speigelberg Beverly Wenzel . .. Elaine Fuhs........ Mona Olson......... Dr. Marble......... OFFICERS . President . Vice President . Secretary . ,. Treasurer . .. Historian . , . Custodian . ... Advisor .. SECOND SEMESTER ......Rita Cuff . Wenda Maxted Judy Oberklaner . Beverly Wenzel .. Gail Drummy Marge Lindberg .....Dr. Marble ROW 1: M. Schwoerer, C. Prosher, J. Oberklaner, J. Brandt. ROW 2: W. Maxted, I. Roeder, E. Goggin, J. Juedes, E. Fuhs, R. Cuff, K. Obenberger. ROW 3: P. Ullsperger, M. Limberg, G. Drummy, K. Heydon, S. Stienberg, P. Gregory, D. Blankenberg, I. Zentner 104Lambda Chi sponsored Campus Carnival. The group worked hard to make the event a success. The Homecoming float of Lambda Chi received second place. The float theme was “We’ll Control Them.” Judy Wittig and Kenlynn Heydon were co-chairmen for the committee. Opening the queen’s rally in the Little Theatre was Lambda Chi Sorority which gave a version of Cinderella entitled “Wendorella.” This skit was given to promote their candidate for the Homecoming Queen, Wenda Maxted. Wendy was on the court-of-honor. The informal rushing was a coffee hour held February 25 at Pollock House. The formal rushing and installation was held at Hesser’s Supper Club. Installed as new members were: Jan Amun-son, Sue Berfield, Lois Cuff, Judy Harstad, Barbara Herrmann, Muriel Huismann, Sharon Kerry, Pat Long, Mary Pamplin, Judy Polishinske, and Janet Sedlachek. Tapes and records for the music appreciation room of the new union was purchased by the sorority with the proceeds obtained from Campus Carnival. General chairman of Campus Carnival was Mona Olson. Lambda Chi presented “Lost Victory” under the co-direction of Pat Ullsperger and Elaine Fuhs. The Songfest presentation, "I Believe.” was directed by Carol Gerlach. To end the year, Lambda Chi’s pledges sponsored a picnic for the active members. A cottage party was held for the girls at the Chain-of-Lakes at Waupaca. Th» informol rushing porty wos held at Pollock House. OSC players pulled tho puppet's strings to predict thot "We'll Control Them," the theme of lambda Chi's float. 105ROW 1: J. Clark, C. Engbrotson, R. Young, G. Muenster, R. Pohnl. Lyceum FIRST SEMESTER Richard Newhouse George Mohr....... Robert Guelzow .. Chester Czoschke . Mr. Thompson ... officers . ... President .. Vice President . . Secretary-T reasurer .... Historian .... .....Advisor........ ROW 2: L Marohn. H. Seal, C. Ciosche, R. Hanieter, E. Wegner, 0. Krauio, R. luobkc, T. Skarvan, F. Oovel. SECONO SEMESTER ... Harold Seal . Roger Johnson Chester Czoschke . Robert Luebke .. Mr. Madison ROW 1: P. Pocket, R. Roddoti, F. Paepke, J. Hayet, M. Borlowski, L Writt, W. Miolke. ROW 2: B. Alberts, R. Wolfe, 0. O'Connell, L. Smith, R. Guelgow, 0. Merles, L. Kelterhagen, R. Van Horen, R. Johnson. 106Lyceum's floot "Our Teom's A Reol Gower" look first plot honors in iho homecoming float parade. Lyceum, organized in 1871, is the oldest fraternity on campus. Its purpose is to develop its members intellectually, culturally, and physically. It also furthers social interests. This society sponsors the annual Lyceum Vod-Vil. Louis Morohn, a Lyceum member, will be president of Student Council next yeor. The fraternity works towards its goals by participating in Homecoming. Campus Carnival, Play Contest, and Song Festival. This year’s activities brought the fraternity a first place in the Homecoming parade with the winning float, ‘’It’ll Be A Heal Gasser.” Lyceum’s Campus Carnival booth, “Dampen Your Date” gave them a first place also. Third place was captured by Lyceum in Play Contest. Songfest entries included: “The Happy Wanderer” and “The Drinking Song.” Lycoum members join together to practice their selection for the annual Songfest competition.ROW 1: 0. Crombi©, D. linser, G. Dohl. ROW 2: D. Flunker, R. Akin, K. Vandor Vcldon, K. Klien, J. Shoohan, I. Tubbs, G. Sfrick. ROW 3: P. Trudell, J. Hark©, J. Vanden Hogan, B. Hogan, H. Schultz, H. Collins, I. Pubanz, M. Jacobson, E. Cox. cpetiicQean FIRST SEMESTER Donald Flunker ........ Thomas Weeks........... Kenneth Vander Velden .. Hollie Collins......... Mr. Snowden OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER .. President .....................David Linser Vice President................ Melvin Jacobson .. Secretary .................... Hollie Collins .. Treasurer.............Kenneth Vander Velden .. Historian .....................James Harke Custodian..................... George Strick ... Advisor...................... Mr. Snowden 108Erwin "Bab " Cox takes advantage of a Punch Party. Periclean members enjoy a few minutes rest before another dots begins. Periclean enjoyed another successful year of intramural sports. A strong touch-football team went to the title game before being defeated in a hard fought contest. Again in basketball and volleyball the “Kangaroos” captured their division titles. The first semester formal rushing banquet was held at the Legion on the Lake with Ted Fritsch, a former Green Bay Packer star, giving an interesting account of his experiences in football. Homecoming was highlighted by an alumni gathering. Periclean also entered a float in the Homecoming Parade. Periclean was one of the societies sponsoring the Christmas “Snow Flake Fantasy” formal providing the decorations for this event. Jim Otte soys a few words at the Homecoming Rally. Periclean members were active in intramural and varsity sports. Twenty-five students pledged Periclean fatemity during a dinner held at Josef’s supper club; this event opened the second semester’s program. Periclean’s “Casino” was a popular attraction to those attending Campus Carnival. The prevalent trend toward TV westerns induced this organization to choose a trio of songs from the Old West for their entry in Songfest. These included: “Tumbling Tumbleweeds,” “Cool Water,” and “Blue-Tail Fly.” 109 Hollie Collins and Bruce Schultz listen to Ken Vonder Velden give a few words of wisdom.ROW 1: C. Hoffman, F. Yaeto, N. Davies. ROW 2: P. Steffen, E. Korbish, I. Sosintki, W. Juhnke, J. Megathlin, R. Albright, D. Tank. ROW 3: A. leible, D. Puzzo, J. Stockinger, D. Brey, A. Binder, B. Ott, T. Konrad, D. Pairon. FIRST SEMESTER Dale Tank ... Peter Steffen . Don Brey ... Jim Megathlin Dr. Puzzo Mr. Zahalka PIuMean } OFFICERS .. President .. Vice President .. Secretary .. .. Treasurer .. Advisors { SECOND SEMESTER .... Dale Tank .. Neil Davies . . Tom Konrad William Juhnke Dr. Puzzo Mr. Leible 110Philakeon member predicted that "We're Plunging to Victory with their homecoming float. Philakean was organized in 1899 and is a social organization. The fraternity began the college year by winning third place in the Homecoming parade. “We’re Plunging to Victory” was the slogan of their float. Other activities throughout the year kept the fraternity busy. Philakean served as co-sponsor for the Harvest Ball with their sister sorority, Alethean. This was the second year the dance was held. The proceeds from this event went into a scholarship fund. Don Brey, an active Philakean member, won first place in the Ugly Man Contest this year. The group also acted as co-sponsor in the Sorority-Fraternity Spring Formal. First semester pledges of Philakean were Felix Yaeso, Dan Pairon, Barry Ott, and Tom Konrad. The rushing party promoted old and new friendships. . . . and a good time wos had by all. Put your cards on the tablet 111 Plioeiuv: FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS Barbara Ahrens President . . Marty Lentz Carolyn Koboski Secretary . . Shelby Lemke Treasurer . , Marlene Klann Historian . . Margaret Metz Custodian .. Miss Nasgowitz Advisor ... ROW 1: J. Hinesh, M. Wiesner, N. Eostling. ROW 2: L Boumgortener, M. liesch, J. Jones, C. Schultz, R. Rusch, M. Polomis. ROW 3: G. Popp, K. Novshek, N. Gehrig, K. Stoddart, M. Lentz, E. leitininger, S. lemke. SECOND SEMESTER ,. Johannah Knatzka ....Romelle Rusch Shirley Schoephoester ....Shelby Lemke ....Kathy Stoddart ____Beverly Sosinski .... Miss Nasgowitz ROW 1: M. Rothenbach, 8. Ahrens, C. Koboski, J. Yanke. ROW 2: J. Franzke, 8. Sosinski, I. Shimek, S. Schoephoester, D. Pokrandt, M. Rafolh. ROW 3: N. Grifwitch, J. Nichols, J. Knatzka, D. Burlow, J. Wilke, R. Gerber, D. Niehoff, J. Tank. 112Oh, whot those Phoenix pledgee hod to suffer through1 Phoenix started the year off by winning third place in the Homecoming Parade. The theme of the float was “Wed To Victory.” The Homecoming luncheon was held at the Legion on the Lake. Throwing ping-pong bolls into shoes provided o popular booth as the Phoenix entry in Campus Carnival — "Try It for Site." Will the Lodiles Please Come to Order? provided hilarious moments for the Ploy Contest audience. Phoenix sponsors a scholarship trophy which is given each year to the sorority with the highest grade point average. "Wed to Victory" was the theme of the Phoenix float in the Homecoming parade. Formal rushing was held at Alex’s Town House this year. Phoenix participated in the various annual activities throughout the year. “Try It for Size” was the name chosen for the booth for Campus Carnival. The play presented in Play Contest was “Will The Ladies Please Come To Order?” For Songfest, Phoenix sang “Songs My Mother Taught Me,” as a medley of familiar songs. The group also had a Mother’s Day Luncheon and helped to sponsor the annual Spring Formal. 113ROW 1: D. Kohl, C. Huebner, B. luciok. ROW 2: B. Sondalle, J. Sievers, M. Davidson, S. Ritchie, S. Grota, N. lea. ROW 3: C. King, J. laes. B. Kroll, F. Dibble, D. Seybold, M. Cassidy, P. Chupita. Psi Sfosifou FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER Mary Cassidy..................... President Susan Ritchie Barbara Sondalle...............Vice President.................... Nancy Lea Nancy Lea........................ Secretary Florence Dibble Barbara Luczak .................. Treasurer.................... Diane Kohl Patricia Chupita ................ Historian Mary Ann Davidson Barbara Kroll.....................Custodian........................... Sharon Grota Miss Duren.........................Advisor.............................. Miss DurenTh villain got Kit come-upponce al informal rushing. A Western them wot ut«d. Ladies of the Mop got down business in Ploy Contest. Psi Epsilon Sorority made its appearance on the local campus in 1958. Their first Homecoming entry was a float entitled “OSC Is A Sure Bet." Informal rushings were held at Radford Hall. The theme was a Western one and the members dressed in typical western and Mexican costumes. Formal rushing was held at the Atheam Hotel first semester and at the Columbus Club the second semester. Psi Epsilon’s Play Contest entry was “Ladies of the Mop.” To complete a successful year, songfest participation highlighted the activities with the singing of ‘Til Walk With God” and “Walk With Me.” A gambling theme wot carried through on the Psi Epsilon floot entitled "OSC is a sure bet." to Student bowling which wo tponiorcd by Student Council wot a popular recreational activity among the student body. Second semester officers Jon Helgeson, Secretory-Treasurer; Louis Marohn, Vice President; and President Bev Broehm talk over the year's activities. First semester officers were Dick Crombie, President; Marilyn Schroeder, Secretary-Treasurer; and Bev Broehm, Vice President. I i Three students pause to east their votes in the Student Council elections. Student Council The Student Council is the Oshkosh State governing body which is operated entirely by students. It is composed of members elected from each class and from social organizations for a term of one year. The members had complete charge of Homecoming Queen elections, pom-pom sales, and general Student Council elections. During the second semester, various committees worked on the school calendar, commencement activities. Student Union Advisory Board, Prom King elections, and the student activity allocations. The Student Council is in the process of reorganization. A new Student Government is being set up, and a new constitution is being proposed and adopted. ROW 1: N. Gehrig, B. Polantky, 8. Broehm, P. Chupita, D. Seybold. ROW 2: J. Helgcton, I. Cuff, J. le eft ink, D. Deimer, L. Zentner. ROW 3: D. Miller, R. Raddatx, I. Marohn, E. Mueller, R. Baida, C. Buchman.Social The fifteen representatives of the Social Life Committee — too often taken for granted — are an unseen group on campus which continually sponsor activities of diverse interests for the students of OSC. This year they sponsored various activities such as Homecoming, Sunday night movies. Thanksgiving Formal, all-school mixer dances, and the Prom. FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER Bob Meisner ........... Chairman . . . Don Lundquist Kay Fuller ........... Secretary .... Kay Obenberger Ruth P. Nelson........ Advisor ...... Ruth P. Nelson Don lunquist, Chairman, ond Kay Obonborgor, Secretary served as second semester officers of the Social Life group. The all school dance held registration week was a sponsored activity of Social Life. ROW 1: K. Obenberger, I. Cuff, J■ Wussow. P. Crovillion, S. Lewis, S. Kerry. ROW 2: R. Baida, D. Brey, E. Wegner, C. Buchman, D. lundquist, M. Bathke, D. Marshall. 117‘EKappa Defta Pi ROW 1: M. Sorenson, J. Heller, L. Zentner, P. Gregory, M. Schroeder, J. Clay, B. Ahrens, J. loarmonn, D. Deimer, B. Thomas, N. Procknow. ROW 2: M. Strouf, S. Kahl, C. Kerry, J. Helgeson, S. Buchholi, A. Stern, B. Hedrich, S. Grota, C. Schmidt, B. Bohne, B. Eiles. ROW 3: D. Miller. D. linser, Mr. E. Pyle, D. Guse, D. Buetow, R. Rusch, R. Knight, R. Gerber, E. Mueller. D. Richardson, E. Winkler. ROW 4: H. Schultz, R. Joslin, R. Moore, K. Auger, F. Lamb, T. Ostermeier, K. Neuser, D. Frank, J. Moore, D. Kircher. Kappa Delta Pi is a national honor society organized to promote a closer bond among students in the education field. This group of sixty-five members meets every second Monday of each month at 7 o’clock in the Campus School. The group’s activities began with a Homecoming Coffee Hour held at the union for all K A II alumni. The annual initiation banquet was held at Josef’s for eighty old and new members. Dean Stiles of the University of Wisconsin presented the evening’s topic on “Only the Best Should Teach.” The group sent several members to the twenty-second Biennial Convocation in Chicago to round out the year’s activities. Ruth Knight gives her approval of guest Officers for the year were Francis lamb. Vice President; Dennis Guse, President; speoker Bob lettenberger's talk on his Shelby Kahl, Secretary; and Roger Moore, Treasurer. r'P to Europe. 118Cfocde EK ROW 1: C. Bu hman, C. Shim, D. lunquist, N. Davies. ROW 2: K. Neuter, C. Bodmer, K. Auger, F. lamb, D. Brey, J. Prindiville. ROW 3: G. Winkler, B. Rasmussen, 1. Ketlerhagen, R. Fleischman, E. R. Wegner, G. Daul, J. Heinil, R. Van Horen. D. lu hb Circle K, a service organization on our campus, has promoted close campus-community relations. The organization sponsored the student directory and used the profits for campus projects, and operated the check room and concession stand for athletic events. In March, an inter-club meeting was held with Lakeland and St. Norbert’s Colleges. Two dinner-dates were also held. The highlight of the year’s activities was the Student Exchange Work Program, co-sponsored with the local Kiwanis Club. The club raised the money for the project by selling tickets for Pancake Day and brooms made by the blind. Throughout the second semester, the club visited local businesses and corporations in its “Get to Know the Community” program. Chuck Bodmer, president, also attended the International Circle K Convention in Huntsville, Texas. The intricacies of the equipment held the group's interest. Circle K toured the local telephone company. 119Officer duties of ihe Women's Association were handled by Dolores Kober, Secretary; Marilyn Schroeder, President; Joyce Weber, Vice President. Treasurer Judy Jones is absent. The Women's Association welcomed Alice in Dairy-land at an informal meeting in the student lounge. Women’s Association Women’s Association is an organization on campus of which all coeds are members. Throughout the year, this organization has successfully carried on its initial projects. This past year, Women’s Association sponsored such things as the Christmas Banquet for the coeds, the Dad-Daughter Banquet, the Mother’s Day program, and various lounge parties. The organization also welcomed Alice in Dairyland to OSC. The group has contributed a sum of money to be used in purchasing an item for the new union. Recently, the Women’s Association of Oshkosh State College affiliated itself with the Inter-Collegiate Associated Women Students, a national Women’s Association. Women's Associotion members consisted of Dolores Kober, Kay Obenberger, Arlys O'Neill, Joyce Weber, Maxine Schwebs, Karen Johnson, Marilyn Schroeder, and Barbara luezak (standing). 120lAWs Association Each male student at OSC is a member of the Men’s Association, paying a one dollar fee each semester. This large group is represented by a board of ten men. Each semester, the board nominates ten students that they feel are qualified to represent the association. Of these ten men, five are elected by the votes of the male student body. Elections are held each semester so the board consists of five new and five old members. Anticipating student need for recreation in the new union which is nearing completion, the Men’s Association has purchased six pool tables. They are also making plans to furnish signboards for the union which will list all school activities. Another popular activity of the group is the annual Men’s Association banquet which honors the football players. Officer : Vice President Don Merles, President Keith Auger, ond Secretary-Treasurer Dick Dittloff compare note . Ed Wegner, Fred Davel, Ralph Nielsen, and Del Frit-chen talk over plans before the meeting of the Men's Association Board begins. ROW 1: Don Mertes, Keith Auger, Fred Davel. ROW 2: Harlan Owens, Richard Dittloff, Del Fritchen, Edward Wegner, Ralph Nielsen. 1219fo tensics Registration duties were handled by members of the forensic department for one of the tournaments. Discussion: Sitting — E. Osbourne, B. Halle, M. Krueger. Standing—T. Dobish, V. Lind, R. Jaeger, R. Krause, T. Dunlavy. Forensic highlights of the 1958-59 school year included participation by the OSC debate squad in fifteen intercollegiate debate tournaments. Over forty participated in the program. Awards were bestowed on many of the OSC debators during the season. At Bradley University a superior rating in debate was given to Rita Procknow and Beverly Broehm. At the River Falls tournament, Don Rex and Bob McCoy were undefeated and Don Rex tied for a top debator award. A superior in discussion was given to Arthur Driessel and a superior to Dennis Guse in extemporaneous speaking at Illinois State Normal University. The University of Wisconsin was the scene of other honors given to OSC students. Among them were: Bob Halle, who qualified for the finals in discussion, Rita Procknow, who was the top speaker of the entire tournament, and Barbara Kubale, Rita Procknow, Carston Koeller, and Bob Halle were undefeated. Nancy Roberts and Judy Danner received a superior in debate at Flint, Michigan. At the St. Thomas Tournament, Barbara Kubale and Mary Jo Krueger qualified for superior in debate at the University of Illinois. The big event of the year was the National Tournament at Bowling Green, Ohio. Receiving honors were: Rita Procknow, Beverly Broehm, and Barbara Kubale who received a superior in debate; Mary Jo Krueger received an excellent in discussion, and Arthur Driessel also received an excellent in discussion. There was a superior sweepstakes in both the women’s and the men’s division. To end the year’s most successful season, the group attended their annual banquet May 5. Debate: Sitting — C. Roach, B. Kubale, B. Broehm, A. Sucharda. Standing — D. Rex, B. Halle, D. Guse, M. Krueger, T. Oster-meier, V. Lind, J. Brownson. Participants in Interpretative Reading were Bev Broehm, Jerry Goodrich, Roger Jaeger, and Ron Krause. Mr. Jackson, OSC debate coach, presents the first place trophy to a Northwestern student from the annual State College Debate Tournament. OSC finished in third place. 122 Pi c[Kaf3pa eta Pi Kappa Delta is an honorary national forensics fraternity on our campus. New members are elected by the local chapter and then they must be approved by the National Council. The purpose of this organization is to stimulate progress in and to further the interests of intercollegiate speech activities and communication. This is done in an effort to provide functional leadership training for life, and at the same time encourage a spirit of fellowship, brotherly cooperation and incentive for achievement. Officers of Pi Kappa Delta were Bob Halle, Vice President; Barb Kubale, Secretary-Treasurer; and Terry Ostermeier, President. II K A sponsored an invitational debate tournament at OSC on November 14 and 15. A high school speech institute was also held on campus in October. The high school district forensic contest was held on Saturday April 4 on our campus. II K A held its third annual spring banquet at Hesser’s Supper Club on May 5. The new members initiated were Muriel Huisman, Colleen Roach, Nancy Roberts, and Don Rex. Two alumni of the group, Lyle Fehr-man and Howard Fenske, were present for the event. The teachers who acted as judges for the forensic contest were guests of IIK A for the banquet. PI KAPPA DELTA MEMBERS Sitting: M. Krueger, B. Broehm, A. Suchardo. Standing: Dr. White, B. Halle, D. Guse, B. Kubale, T. Ostermeier, Mr. Jackson. Entered in the Extomporanious Division were Barb Kubale, Dennis Guse, Terry Ostermeier, and Don Rex. Bev Broehm, Women's Superior Gold Medal Winner at the National Tourney. Absent: Norita Procknow and Barb Kubale. 123Borb Ahrens and Eileen Osborne expertly apply make-up to two members of the cast. The finishing touches are put on the set by stage crew members. “S£qje QMtli Uotfi6 t" Clarence Day’s comedy, "Life With Mother,” was the chosen play to be presented by the Oshkosh College players this year. The three-act comedy was presented October 30 and 31 in the Little Theatre. Miss Maysel Evans was the director and the technical director was Mr. Robert Brismaster. ‘‘Life With Mother,” centered around the Day home and family, took on comical action as Mother Day attempts to provide an engagement ring for her son to give to his girl. Mother and Father Day and their lively children, along with many other interesting characters, helped to make the Day home come alive and set the stage for a hilarious comedy. Included in the cast of this extremely amusing comedy were Marilyn Schroeder and Dave Marshall in the lead roles of Mother and Father Day. Supporting roles were taken by Gerald Kalbus. Patrick Donovan. Bill Reinert. Steve Lindo, Beverly Broehm, Kathryn Gundel, Ed Cartwright, Judy Herrle, Carol Kroll, Mary Sue Klein, Libbie Ann Brunner, Wilber Denson. Sharon Buchholz. and Gordon Goodrich. The dress rehearsal gives polish to the play. Dave corrects his stance for the final performances. Dave and Marilyn admire the ring which she finolly acquired by her woman's natural wiles. 124The audience at the annual Children' Play prove the old saying, "The play's the thing". “Sleeping r6eauhj’' Will good triumph over evil? It did in Sleeping Beauty, January 9, 10, and 11, as the Prince awoke Beauty from her long sleep in the fine production of the Children’s Play. This entire OSC student production, including costuming and settings, was directed by Alice Sucharda, with Barbara Ahrens as her assistant. Technical director and property head for the production was Annette Stern. The cast included: Pat Donovan as the Prince, Marty Hostettler as Beauty, Wilber Denson as the King, and Carol Kroll as the Queen. Mary Halverson played the Maid in Waiting, Ron Krause was Gort, Pat Ullsberger, Una, the first fairy, Meredith Wood, the fairy Belita, Sally Brownson, the fairy Preona, Mary Sue Klein, the fairy Cordia, and Eileen Osborne as the bad fairy. Erwin Teichmiller portrayed the kitchen boy. The proceeds from the production were used to build up the dramatic department’s fund. Scenes from the famed fairy-tale came alive under the direction of Alice Sucharda and her assistant Barbara Ahrens. 125ROW I: M. Daggett, S. Grota. ROW 2: M. leisch, P. Gregory, M. Strouf. ROW 3: M. Sorenson. S. Kohl, C. Kerry. Twenty-seven OSC seniors were nominated to Who's Who Among Students In American Universities and Colleges. Seniors are nominated by the faculty on the basis of scholarship and lead-j ership qualities. The seniors receiving the honor were: Barbara Ahrens, Diane Buetow. Marilyn Daggett, I Betty Eiles, Patsy Gregory, Sharon Grota, Dennis Guse. Shelby Kahl, Carmen Kerry, Donald Kircher, Karen Kroll, Francis Lamb, Diane Lemke, Victor Lind, Marilyn Liesch, Arlita Lovedale, Robert Meisner, Joel Moore, Roger Moore, Edward Mueller, Terry Ostermeier, Noreita Procknow, Mary Sorenson, Marcia Strouf, Marion Zacharias, and David Zehren. Seated: E. Mueller, D. Buetow. Standing: D. Guse, F. Lamb, I. Ostermeier. Four nominees of Who's Who gather in the hall between dosses. 126Student cAfationat! Education Association ROW 1: R. Siemers, M. Thielman, K. Gjermundson, M. Sachs, P. Greisch, J. Laet. ROW 2: C. Cholewinski, H. Rchkons, B. Thomas, M. Gruber, S. Backus. ROW 3: I. Alexander, 0. Dieck, J. Perdue, R. Cuff, R. Rusch, J. leeflink, K. Neuter. ROW 4: J. Masaros, E. Tuttle, B. Meitner, G. Green, E. Mueller, H. Crammer. The J. A. Breese Chapter of the Student National Education Association is a group designed to provide experiences that will be of value to the OSC students as future teachers. Its threefold purposes are to provide experiences for students in education that they might not have in formal education, an active interaction with the National Education Association, and the Wisconsin Education Association, and it is a service organization to the college. This year NEA had among its guest speakers: Mrs. Basaran, Mr. Moushey, Dr. Gunderson, and Members of NEA conduct a discussion group with high school student visitors to the FTA convention. a panel of grade and high school students. A mixer started the year’s activities and a banquet brought them to a close. On April 24 and 25, NEA played host to the Wisconsin State Future Teachers Convention held on our campus. Officers: Sitting — Koy Fuller, president; Joan Heller, vice president; Standing — Barb Thomas, secretary; Joan LaViolette, treasurer. 127ROW 1: D. Wendt, D. Crombie, J. Vondcn Hogon, J. Dilly, J. Nowell. ROW 2: A. Ott, R. Kacynski, J. Hetzel, J. Penfield, C. Neuter, P, Bowser, A. Binder. ROW 3: R. Orexler, N. Utic, R. Woelfel, E. Pilloth, J. Brown, R. Reinchardt. Qiet’s CQuIo Although the Vet’s Club is truly a social organization, it perhaps has had enough spirit to flow over into other activities. Mr. Jacob Edelheit, Advisor In the line of other than social activities, the group undertook such service projects as a "yard cleanup” campaign. The Vet’s Club membership evened at a round figure of fifty members who have been active in a variety of activities. The Spring semester activities included their annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration and a host of other fellowship parties. The highlight of the club’s activities was campaigning for their Homecoming Queen candidate, Joyce Weber. Vat's Club officers wer«: Al Oft, Vic Pr sid nt; Daryl Wendt, President, and James Nowell, Secretary-Treasurer. 128ROW 1: A. Van Buren, K. Stoddart, M. Kraut. ROW 2: B. Wenzel, D. Hohenstein, M. limberg. ROW 3: S. Kerry, J. Koffarnut, S. Dahlke, S. Ritchie, A. Herrmann. ROW 1: J. Weber, P. Greitch, F. Clarich. ROW 2: D. Niehoff, S. Hu k, J. Helgeton. ROW 3: M. Krueger, J. Wittig, K. Winters, I. Peterten. Three OSC coeds prepare for a trip home over the week-end. ‘t ou 'i Residents This organization has been in existance on the Oshkosh State College campus since the fall of 1956. The function of this group is to work with the housemothers in helping to carry out the regulations for all women students. The Central Council acts as a disciplinary committee to hear infractions of the rules and to decide the penalty to be imposed. 129 Webster Hall took first place honors in the house decorations contest during Homecoming.The House of Atherton made use of the snowstorms . . . A pause to catch up on the latest news occupies the interest of OSC students before ottending frat meetings. . . . and this is what resulted. A giant snow lady. Here's one occasion where spring and studying go together. A familiar scene in the library. Alpha Phi Omega members carry off the Ugly Man Board filled with money for the contestants. 130Officer : Jomct Sowicki, Treosuror; Dr. Noy«s, Advisor; ond Clifford Sweet, Vice President. Absent: Arthur Driessel, President and Gale Sievers, Corresponding Secretary. hte mat(onaC eCations C b International Relations Club is an educational group formed by students interested in the activities of other countries and our relations with them. This year IRC coo| erated with the Department of History for the presentation of a history workshop program April 15 and 16, and for the visit of the French Consul-General, Mssr. Joan Baliard, May 5. The season’s activities were concluded on May 6 with a banquet and program. The featured speaker was Mr. Frank Radford who appraised the contemporary political scene in England. Officers of the club included Arthur Driessel, president; Clifford Sweet, vice president; James Sawicki, treasurer; and Gale Sievers, corresponding secretary. nvn • ; oruwmvn, m. vnov, . dicvor , m. murnorRV. ROW 2: B. Behrousi, J. Sawicki, G. Zimmerman, W. IcMicux, C. Sweet, B. Mathe, D. Riehl. 131ROW 1: Henry Delacenserie, Colleen Roach, Frances Clor-ich, Raymond Jaeger, William McClellan. ROW 2: Al Noel, Ned R. Utic, Carmen Norton, Bob Halle, Mike Roach. ROW 3: Tom Boyle, Del Zimmerman, Richard Novit-ske, William lemieux, Dennis Guse, Terry Ostermeier. Qjoaiig Democ iats The Young Democrat’s Club of Winnebago County, Wisconsin State College, Oshkosh was organized primarily to acquaint students with their government and to provide an opportunity for them to gain background and experiences in political situations. Highlighting the club’s activities throughout the year were various campaigning experiences for such prominent figures as Senator William Proxmire and Governor Gaylord Nelson. Bill McClellan, Vico President; Bob Halle, President; Henry DeLacenterie, Treasurer; and Carmen Norton, Secretary, check the minutes of the last meeting. Other events included a Young Dems-Prox-mire Dinner which was held at the Columbus Club and featured the Senator as guest speaker, a state Christmas formal at Milwaukee, and various rallies and caucus’ held at different Wisconsin cities. The group also participated in a Senior Democrat’s Dinner at which Senator Wayne Morris of Oregon was guest speaker. Several delegates attended a state convention held at Fond du Lac March 19, 20 and 21 at which Governor Nelson was the guest speaker. Governor Nelson paid a visit to the campus, giving th Young Dam's and other interested students a first hand interview. 132ROW 1: E. Mueller, J. Van Patten, W. lindgren, J. Dresden. ROW 7: H. Armstrong, J. Fat-bender, E. Gruetxmacher, J. Chris tion, C. Campbell. ROW 3: S. Jimos, C. Schultz, I. Petersen, G. Drummy, N. Stover, M. Kochan, B. Roehl, K. Johnson. oang epubftcans The Oshkosh State College Young Republicans Club was reorganized this year. The objectives are: to bring young people into the Republican Party and to provide an opportunity for them to find political expression and recognition, to train young people as effective political workers and cooperate in the election of the Republican Party’s nominees, to foster and encourage the activities of the Republican Party and to promote its ideals, and to collect, analyze, discuss and disseminate information concerning factual political affairs. It was organized for the interest of the stu- dents so they could learn more about politics, become well-informed, and also become active in running their government. Speakers during the year included Mr. Gerald Menzel, the college chairman of the Y.G.O.P., and Mrs. Dorothy Krohn, the vice-chairman of the state Republican party. The club sent delegates to the Mid-West Federation of College Young Republicans Convention held in Chicago, and to the State Convention held in Madison. Advisor to the group is Mr. Thompson. Vice-President Nixon received an enthusiastic welcome f,0m the YGOP Club. YGOP officer for second semester were: Iris Petersen, Treasurer; William Sense, President; Gail Drummy, Secretary; and Ed Muoller, Vice President. 133First semester editor Robert letten-berger confers with second semester co-«ditors Lucille Monderfield ond Nancy Pfister. defiance The typewriter carriage pace the second hand of the clock as another edition of the Advance is prepared for publication. It takes group effort to assure both the existence and the excellence of each story in the bi-monthly newspaper. Beats are pounded, people interviewed and out of this comes the seeds of stories which soon appear on the campus. What is the Advance? A center not only of stu- dent information but also discussion, analysis, interpretation and creative expression, as well as a training ground in communication, promotion and publicity, and formal journalism. The editorships of Bob Lettenbergcr, Lucy Manderfield, and Nancy Pfister throughout the year combined to give OSC students a more complete coverage and more vital and agressive news stories. MAKEUP STAFF Soalod: M. Sachs, P. Dunlavy, Editor. Standing: J. Hoiss, J. Gordon, T. Dunlavy, T. Holowinski, C. Witt. Co-copy editors Judy Majnarich ond Sharon Buchholz. 13 fChorles Roth, picture editor. Sitting: J. Brandt, P. Long. Standing: B. Sondellc, M. Fordham, K. Schreiber, S. Dahlke, 0. DeBruin, K. Neuser. Sitting: K. Gjermundson, B. Polonsky. Standing: N. Wavranek, B. Mueller. Sitting: Marilyn Polomis, Sandy Bauer. Standing: Hope Weatherwox, Nancy Wendtland. Gory Zimmerman, Pete Wagner, Dave Riehl. Pat Piepenburg, Celest King, Judith Oberklaner. 135Editor Judy learmonn and Assistant Editor Tarry Dunlavy check ideas for page layouts. As you turn over the pages of the 1959 edition of the Quiver, we hope that some degree of satisfaction occupies your attitude toward this year’s annual. If it does, then may we direct the spoils of your pleasure toward the many persons who were instrumental in the production of this book. From the first day of registration to the last week before publication, Quiver staff photog- Co-Copy Editors, Jo Wussow and Kay Obenberger discuss a copy sheet before submitting final copy to the printer. raphers were shooting every event that was considered necessary for the complete record of the school year. Meanwhile, the Quiver staff, led by Editor-in-Chief Judy Learmann, was busy planning and developing the book. The culmination of a year’s work resulted in this production, the OSC Quiver. To enable you to view the progress of the past year, we present the 1959 Quiver. Typing Editor Hope Weotherwo dictates some information to staff member Phyllis Gould. 136Jane Weborg; Judy Wittig, Art Editor; Nancy Johns, Faculty and Class Editor; Ginny Albert, Organizations Editor. Absent: Earl Tuttle, Sports Editor and Carol Hanneman, Activities Editor. Photographer John Masaros Business staff: Judy Perdue, Verna Knight, Bettie Wilson, Judy Geever, and Business Editor Barb Thomas. Photographer Gerald Hansel it Photographer Bob lettenberger Layout Editors Annette Stern and Lucy Mandorfield plan Index staff: Pat Greisch; Nancy Pfister and Carol Gerlach, Co-Editors, a page layout. 137ROW 1: Dr. Bowman, F. Huebner, C. Brotz, M. Gruber. ROW 2: Z. Mohsenzi, D. Mailluux, F. Koehler, F. Davel, C. Adams. ROW 3: B. Plasko, J. Grasse, Dr. Kalbui, D. Wegenke, G. Hofmon. uAme tican Chemical! Society The object of the ACS is to help interest the students in chemistry and its various fields, as well as to bring about a greater social understanding among the students. The American Chemical Society meets once a month, with a social hour being held after the meeting. Many interesting topics are presented Officers of »h« Americon Chemical Society were Floyd Huebner, Mary Ann Gruber, ond Carol Bratz. by various speakers as well as informative movies shown on scientific subjects. The chapter is composed of chemistry majors and minors with nearly all of the student majors being junior affiliate members of the national ACS. An annual spring picnic concluded the year for the group. The social hour gives the group a chance to review the topic of the evening's speaker. 138ROW 1: R. Nehls, D. Richardson, L. Gibson, E. Strohschino, Mr. Wonders. ROW 2: R. Pike, J. Wischnef. A. Van Buren, F. Wywialowski, D. Frank, L. Blondeau. cAAatli C b The Math Club is one of the newer groups on campus. The purpose of the club is to promote the emphasis of modern math in all fields of study. The group opened the year’s activities with a steak fry. Throughout the year discussions relating applications of math to various fields and developments in modern math were held. Projects of the year consisted of selling new and used textbooks. The club also took subscriptions for The Mathematics Teacher. The capable officers of Moth Club were: (front row) Martha Lentz, Historian; G. Gibson, Treasurer; (back row) Richord Pike, Vice President; Bert Schulz, President; and Bob lettenberger. Secretary. ROW 1: K. Schwaab, B. Schultz, R. Lettenberger, W. Trailing, Mr. Rux. ROW 2. P. Eddy, B. Hedrich, M. Lontz, R. Praogcr, C. Roth. 139An important event for Gamma Delta was the regional fall con vention. Members attended from Wisconsin, Minnesota and Upper Michigan. Intor-Faith chairman, Judy Lee Miller, served as co-chairman for the convention. As the year ends, the various religious organizations of OSC have many activities to look back upon. Banquets, picnics, hay-rides, and dances provided an active year for the organizations. Newman Club sponsored Christmas and Halloween dances, a toboggan party, and a roller skating outing. Wesley, this year, initiated new activities— Intor-Faith officers plan another event. Barbara Bird served as secretary-treasurer and Judy lee Miller was chairman. The Inter-Faith Council, a body of two representatives from each religious society on campus, functions to promote a better relationship between the religious groups. In addition, this year, to provide correlation between the groups, the Inter-Faith Council sponsored a Religious Emphasis Week in conjunction with the National Brotherhood Week. All religious societies cooperated by holding special worship services for their particular faith; by providing speakers for sectional meetings; and the sororities and fraternities each held a “buzz session” on various religious aspects. It was a three-day observance. 3fiteit-Q’aith Council! cftgtous _Aleu s Members of ihe Inter-Faith group were Janice Helgoson, Ruth Lease, Barbara Bird, Wayne lindgren, Lee Hill, and Pete Wagner. 140GAMMA DELTA ROW 1: D. Gulimon, M. J. Gerdnon, B. Polonsky, S. Backus, F. Dvorak, F. Fohr, S. Buchholx, N. Wendt-lond, V. Wojahn, J. Christian, J. Forsborg. ROW 2: C. Winkler, J. Lightfuss, J. Schmaltz, V. Wacek, S. Rather, 8. Weishoon, J. Grisor, C. Broti, J. Steinback, J. L. Miller. ROW 3: G. Soeger, J. Brondt, J. Von Fathr, C. Mohs, R. Droeger, C. lau, R. Abraham, L Tessen. ROW 4: Mr. Dennis (Advisor), R. Detjen, W. McKinley. D. Zachowski, D. Guse, L Hill, E. Watkins, Jr., Mr. Froehike (Advisor). a Sunday morning discussion and breakfast, a library and Sunday evening supper hour. Gamma Delta played host to the Lakes Region Fall Convention here in Oshkosh as well as sponsoring a Christmas party and caroling. The highlight of the year for L.S.A. was attendance at the Indianhead Regional Meeting of Lutheran Student Association at Stevens Point. A banquet began the year and a picnic ended it for U.S.K. members. In addition, a hay ride and Christmas Party for the children from the Salvation Army was held. Canterbury Club was a newly organized religious group on campus. Highlighting the year’s activity was a joint meeting with the Lawrence and Ripon Canterbury Club members and a convention at Ripon. These are just a few of the many activities that those various groups enjoy and s|x nsor. UNITED STUDENT FELLOWSHIP ROW 1: B. Bird, I. Harrison, C. Witt, A. VonBuren, J. Heller, M. Zoellner, A. Bortel. S. Gunderson. ROW 2: R. Cuff, B. Burchell, J. Weborg, M. Missal, B. Roehl. M. Lentz, W. Maxted, M. Strouf, R. Allen. ROW 3: M. Stens, E. Mueller, R. Neisner, D. Wegehoupt, C. Westro, D. lenx, D. Seefcld, J. Dresden. If 1LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION ROW 1: M. Pittler, J. Cronce, C. Gerloch, M. Kottke. N. Pfister, G. Ridley. R. lease. ROW 2: Dr. Palm (Advisor), P. Flanagan, A. Schuelke, K. Schwaab, W. Lindgren, G. Longrie, S. Glass, I. Melby, Rev. Rabbe. CANTERBURY ROW 1: J. Van der linden, K. Thiessen, M. Dhein, S. Spicer, I. Vilissaris. ROW 2: Mr. Russell, J. Smithers, K. Russell, J. Worthen, B. Wilson, J. Slecher, Father Spicer. WESLEY ROW 1: K. Becker, G. Erbeck, J. Eng, H. Weather wax, J. Buettner, S. Andrews, V. Knight, N. Eastling, I. Higuchi, F. Whitman, D. Remo. ROW 2: S. Smith, J. Zimmerman, M. leisch, K. Wollangk, G. Jackish, B. Blazek, H. Armstrong, C. Campbell, K. Winkler, S. landskron, S. Earl. ROW 3: I. Klausch, G. Zimmerman, T. Brown, J. Goodrich, J. Burton, H. Kramer, P. Pockat, J. Kilmer, A. Lemery, E. Teichmiller. 142ROW 1: E. Ji»o, E. Roeder. j. Col-tier. C. Dibeliui. ROW 2: B. Vollendorf, N. Wov-rnek, S. Schuh, S. Bodmer. ROW 3: L Wright, I. Nendlitki, P. Van Ornum, M. Kochan. ROW 4: I. Serthon, M. Marhefke, D. Kohl, C. Roach. ROW 5: C. Fogeltonz, V. Giltdor, J. Danner, $. Cholewintki. ROW 6: K. Neuter, D. Van Stratton, J. Green, B. Merkle. oMewman Ctub ROW Is R. SUalitxUy, FA. David-ton, FA. Wagner, L Brunner. ROW 2i F. WywiaJotki, $. Hat-buegtie, FA. FAuibtnikt, FA. FAerub. ROW 2: H. WywialowtVi, N. Mdh erl, G. Drummy, FA. Sbalbie. ROW A. W. Scboenberger, t. Kot-tub, J. Verbeten, T. Hodginv ROW 5: J. Httu, T. HoUwmtkt, R. Jaeger, E. Sippel. ROW 6: C. Hoffman, J. Aunen, 0. Brey, R. FWtwbman. ROW 7. F. Jungert, €. Uilingti FA. Polomit, C. Bucbman. 143The Marching Band was a familiar sight to football fans at the homecoming game. Under the excellent direction of Mr. Roger Dennis, the Oshkosh State College Band has achieved a reputation of unusually fine professional stature. Versatile is the word for the OSC band, and it shows the hours of rehearsal and planning required to meet the demands of a busy schedule, starting with the football games, through the basketball season, and ending with a spring tour, to say nothing of sectional appearances and concerts sandwiched in between. Members and instruments have little time to get rusty. The secret is interest and cooperation. Another purpose of this group is to create a spirit of good fellowship and social relations between its members. These motives are manifest in our campus organization. 144The Christmas musical® was hold in Harrington Hall. Hero Mr. Dennis directs the brass section in a number. Highlighting activities of the year occurred in an April band tour of Northern Wisconsin, including Lena, Coleman, Gillett, and Horton-ville, featuring Ben Rehl, a trombone soloist and Tom Lameer, a French Horn soloist. The traditional winter concert was presented in November. The annual Spring Concert featured such compositions as “Symphony for Band” by Persechetti and “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring,” a demonstration by Bach. A guest conductor was also featured in Tschaikowsky’s, “Symphony in F Minor.” 145Members of the choir perform during the Christmas musicale held in Harrington Hall. Choi t Under the brilliant leadership of Dr. Stanley Linton, the Oshkosh State College Choir again soared to unmatched heights in musical performance and experience. Bi-weekly practice finds the choir working closely to maintain its high standards. The eighty-voice group presented a Christmas concert in the Little Theatre featuring the “Missa Brevis” by Mozart and “All Men Now Sing, Rejoice,” by Bach. Students and faculty composed the accompanying ensemble. Lighter folk carols were also included in the performance. The main event of the year was the presentation of the opera, Martha in which about twenty-five members participated. Marilyn Schroeder and James Petrie acted and sang the leading roles for the March event. The chorus’ Spring concert, presented in the Little Theatre, offered a varied program including “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands,” by Hare, and a composition by Handel. The choir besides performing the above concerts, also presented a program for the Oshkosh Rotary Club. 146a? Jim Petri, Marilyn Schroeder, Don O'Brien, and Karen Winters were four of the leads in the opera presented by the choir. Members of the choir lent their voices to outside activities. Here Marilyn Schroeder sings ot the Dad-Daughter banquet. Dr. Linton directs the choir through a difficult passage.Jim Petrie, Marilyn Schroeder, Karen Winters, and Eugene DuFrane gave enjoyable performances in the opera "Martha With the exception of the one-act contemporary opera presented by the music department four years ago, this was the first time that the department has presented a full scale opera of this sort. Dr. Stanley Linton directed the presentation which included a cast of thirty-five. Marilyn Schroeder, as Lady Harriet Durham, and Jim Petrie, as Lionel, carried the lead roles of the opera. Other members of the cast included Karen Winters, Nancy; Donald O’Brien, Sir Tristan Michleford; Eugene Du Frane, Plunkett; and James Smithers, the sheriff. Jacqueline Hoyos, Jayne lindberg, Both Wiosner, and Karon Winckler portrayed tho Servant-Maids. The Servant-maids included: Jacqueline Hayes, Jayne Lindberg, Beth Weisner, and Karen Winckler. Ruth Knight, Ardis Kritz, Mary Sanders, Susan Ritchie, Mary Wattawa, Sharon Dougherty, Linda Zentner, and Susan Earl made up the chorus of women. The men’s chorus included: Richard Young, James Van Patten, Mike Berlowski, William Hallada, Grant Neren-hausen, Gary Longrie, William Fraling, Glen Saeger, Larry Klausch, Reginald Jennerjohn, David Linser, Alan Lemery, and Erwin Teich-miller. B -- -mr A scene from "Martha," the first presentation of a full scale opera by OSC students. 148The little Symphony prepares for its second formal concert which wos presented May 5. SPittfic Symphony The Little Symphony is an example of the chamber orchestra and provides valuable experience in this field. Happy, smiling faces belie the tedious hours and hours of practice, practice, and more practice that are required to make everything arrive on key and in union. Mr. David ZefT, taking his position as director a bit more seriously, brings the orchestra through particularly difficult passages. The first winter concert that was presented to the public featured seven soloists as well as three compositions by the orchestra. This year was also the orchestra’s first Spring concert in the Little Theatre. The members of this group also helped to accompany music students in other vocal or instrumental solos. The group plays string compositions — classical and symphonic — both for the pleasure of its members and the audience. Mr. Zeff pauses to correct a passage in one of the selections. The violin section Iceep their bows moving rapidly and accurately in a selection. The trombones await their cue while other orchestra members practice diligently. If 9Members of the Modern Dance group perfect a dance for their second semester program. Under the direction of Miss Pavelski, the club presented the program entitled "New York. New York." The club interpreted scenes of Little Italy, Chinatown, Manhattan, Broad' way, Horlem and other familiar scenes of New York City. JMdm Dauce The Modern Dance Club of OSC began the school year by conducting tryouts in the fall. Fifteen new members were admitted to the club. Under the direction of Miss Joan Pavelski, the girls worked hard all winter to present their annual Spring program in March. This year’s show was built around scenes from New York City, and it was given March 20 in the Little Theatre. The production consisted of various numbers including: “New York. New York,” “Mystery Street,” “Chinatown,” “Autumn In New York,” “Moonlight On Manhattan,” “New York Fantasy,” “Harlem,” and “Coney Island.” Sally Spicer was the producer of the 150 program.ISadie Manikins Iota, Delta Phi, and Social Life this year cosponsored the Sadie Haw-kin’s Dance. A huge success, the dance was held October 18 in the Training School Gym. The Kickapoo Joy Juice was probably the answer to Grab your partner — promenade around the hall) Marryin Sam S busy eve- ning. Grant Nerenhausen, impersonating Marryin’ Sam, was kept busy performing mock nuptial ceremonies with plastic wedding bands awarded to the newly-weds. Prizes were given for outstanding resemblences to “Dog Patch’’ characters and characteristics. Mary Traeder and Ed Wegner were chosen the couple most closely resembling Daisy Mae and Lil’ Abner. The most original costumes were worn by Sandy Gilbertson and Roger Van Haren, while Dennis Guse had the funniest corsage. All of “Dog Patch” danced to the music of Will Pasono. In charge of this event was Annette Stern, Delta Phi; and James Stecher, Iota. Marryin' Sam ties the knot. The winners take time out to pose for the camera. 153 Dogpatchers take a turn around the floor.Homecoming co-chairman Donna Deimer pint the traditional mum on cheerleader Bev Broehm. Mr. Dennis, OSC band director and Homecoming chairman Don Brey figure out last minute details. "Oh, no! It can't be me!' pep rally. "Hail, Alma Mater . . Queen Marilyn Schroeder and her court are It was a good game with OSC victorious over introduced to the crowd. Platteville 19 8. 154Open house at Pollock House parlor after the game provided the students with refreshments. The queen and her escort, Don Brey, enjoy a dance. homecoming Homecoming 1958 at OSC was a gala weekend, long to be remembered. It all began at the Queen’s Rally when Marilyn Schroeder became OSC’s choice to reign over the festivities. Marilyn’s court included Wenda Maxted and Joyce Weber. Weather had little effect upon the spirit of the crowd once the colorful parade got underway. After the parade, a bonfire at the pep rally attracted the excited crowd to the football field. Here was announced Lyceum’s first place in the parade with the slogan, “Our Team’s a Real Gasser,” and Webster Hall’s, “It’ll Be a Hare Raising Event” which won them first place in house dec- orations. Students went home in high spirits and in high hopes for a victory. A 19-8 win over Platteville was the Titan answer to the student’s high hopes. Following the football game a “Toast to the Titans” open house was held at Pollock House. The annual Alumni Homecoming Dance which featured the Templaires concluded the Homecoming activities. Chairman Don Brey and co-chairman Donna Deimer and Carmen Norton helped to make the ’58 Homecoming outstanding. Lyceum's "skunk", here proudly displayed after being dismounted from the float truck, took first place in the Homecoming parade. House of White placed third in the house decoration division. 155OJodAM Lyceum offered variety between act . Calypio dancer also made a hit at Vod-Vil. A pink elephant in Central Park produced a startled reaction. Lambda Chi marched to a econd place win with "Melody-Ramo". Lyceum Fraternity’s annual Vod-Vil, November 20 and 21, was a rousing success. Seven skits were presented by fraternities and sororities. The i erformers competed for a much sought-after trophy. There was something for everyone; the audience found easy enjoyment in the whimsical parodies. Proceeds from the two night show are used for scholarships. Francis Clarich directed the winning presentation. “Wizzard of OSC,” for Kappa Gamma. Lambda Chi’s 1920 “Melody-Rama” under the direction of Mona Olson and Rita Cuff resulted in second place. “The Littlest Devil” brought the third berth to Alethean. This act was directed by Barbara Long and Carol Balnis. Between act entertainment was presented by Lyceum. Burt Ising and Dick Berth acted as M.C.’s.Campus Ca mii afi Lyceum’s booth, “Dampen Your Date," gained first place in the 1959 Campus Carnival sponsored by Lambda Chi sorority on March 13 and 14. Capturing second and third places were Alethean sorority’s “Teahouse of the August Moon,’’ and “Hit the Nit-Wit,” Delta Phi’s contribution. The booths are judged on originality, workmanship, and success. Lambda Chi collected approximately $630.00 and after deducting expenses, the proceeds will be used to purchase tapes and records for the music appreciation room in the new student union. In future years the proceeds from this gala event will continue to be donated to the union for some worthwhile cause specified by Lambda Chi. Other themes used by the sororities and fraternities were “Chip Gyp” by Iota, “Fish Farce" by Alpha Phi Omega, and “Irish Cake Walk” by Gamma Sigma. Kappa Gamma sponsored “K.G. Ghouls"; Phoenix “Try It For Size"; and Psi Epsilon “Ping Pong Alley". Mona Olsen was chairman of the gay carnival. k 157 Delta Phi took third place with their clever "nitwit” booth. A unique ad for Campus CarnivallA dramatic scene from Dark Victory. Pfiay Contest Delta Phi Sorority ranked number one with the judges to carry home the trophy from the annual Play Contest sponsored by Kappa Gamma. The Delta Phi entry was a Chinese fantasy, The Stolen Prince. Directors were Annette Stern and Donna Deimer. Second place went to Alethean Sorority. They presented the one-act play Overtones, directed by Alice Sucharda. The Still Alarm directed by Dick Young was awarded third place. It was the entry of Lyceum Fraternity. Alethean won second ploce with Overtones. Other plays entered in the competition were Will the Ixuiies Please Come to Order directed by Barbara Ahrens and Joey Knatzka which was the Phoenix entry; Psi Epsilon’s presentation of Ladies of the Mop under the direction of Sharon Grota; the Gamma Sigma entry, Rehearsal, directed by Barbara Hamilton and Doretta Mellum; Lambda Chi’s production of Ixist Victory under the direction of Pat Ullsperger and Elaine Fuhs; and Iota’s entry, The Ransom of Red Chief which was directed by Bill Reinert. Kappa Gamma presented their noncompetitive play Gratitude directed by Lou Pauly as entertainment while the judges reached their decision. Proceeds from the event are used for a scholarship awarded to a junior girl. Delta Phi took firlt place honors with a Chinese fantasy, The Stolen Prince. 158 Uau Don Brey was crowned Ugly Man of OSC during halftime ceremonies of the OSC-Whitewater basketball game. During the ceremony the proceeds from the contest were presented to the local Bureau of Family Services. The same evening, Mr. Ugly reigned at an all-school dance. It was the climax of an eventful day. School had been closed all day because of the bomb scare. The contest is sponsored annually by Alpha Phi Omega. OSC Ugly Mon Don Brey ond his dote. Marilyn Schrocdor of the dance in his honor. Qadio CQub This year, Radio Club reorganized and set as its aim the presentation of public activities in which OSC students participate over a radio station. Arrangements were made to present recorded programs over WNAM in Neenah-Menasha. The programs this semester featured selections from the opera, the Little Symphony, and the Band. Radio Club members: Sifting — Bill Sente. Standing — Sharon Buchholx, David Miller, and Mary Jone Dhein. 159“fiuening Pa ttg' The Masonic Temple was the scene of the Thanksgiving formal “Evening in Paris,” held November 22, 1958. A “Moulin Rouge” atmosphere was provided for students who danced to the music of Wally Beau. The Social Life Committee, in answer to the many requests for an all-school formal, sponsored this event. The sorority and fraternity Christmas formal was held December 12 at the Twentieth Century Club. The dance was open to society members and their dates. “Snowflake Fantasy” was sponsored by Delta Phi. Gamma Sigma, Iota, Kappa Gamma. Periclean, and Psi Epsilon. Mary Thibadeau, Pan Hellenic president was chairman. ( Mieaii- ii alhean “Rawest The second annual “Harvest Ball” was held at the Masonic Temple September 27. Proceeds from the dance are used to establish an Alethean-Philakean scholarship fund. The scholarship will alternate between men and women students chosen on the basis of scholarship and extracurricular participation. It is open to students completing their junior year. 160A scene from the 1958 Prom, "Josmine and Jade.' tom An abstract theme “Fontessa” was chosen as the theme for the Oshkosh State College 1959 Prom. The Social Life Committee sponsored the annual dance which was held on May 23 in the new gym. Music for the affair was provided by Larry Ladd and his orchestra. Prom-goers found themselves dancing amid modern, artistic, abstract art forms. The hue of the gym appeared in various shades of blue. The decoration committee was headed by Mike Bathke. Chairmen under him were: Russ Baida and Ed Wegner, supervising group chairmen; Sharon Kerry and Jo Wussow, tickets and programs; Kay Oben-berger, flowers; Mike Bathke, chaperones; Dave Marshall, publicity; Don Lundquist, lights; Louis Cuff, refreshments; Pat Long, classroom and lobby; Chuck Buckman, ceiling; and Wendy Maxted, orchestra. The abstract theme was carried out in the signs advertising the Prom. Jo Wussow worked on a sign for Fontessa. 161Campus S£i e That's the way to really dig into that Botanyl Webster Hall provided modern living quarters for OSC coeds. Registration comes but twice a year . . . forms, forms, forms. The Men's Association Banquet honoring the football players proved to be a great success. 162 I i ✓ i i 1 % • t 1 1 ( t • I A 1 • i 1 1 • I t • V V « I V • 1 I V i V • .» % 4 + The girls showed their pep ot the Homecoming gome. Ruth Baker, Ann Ulrich, Kenlynn Heydon, Bev Broehm, and Sue Micheals gather in the student lounge to talk over plans for new cheers. Absent is Judy Kelley. Cheendeadeng The sports season at Oshkosh State College would not be complete without the active participation of our six enthusiastic, peppy college cheerleaders. The group performed under the direction of captain Bev Broehm, Winneconne. Kenlynn Heydon, Madison, and Judy Kelley, Royalton, were the two returning cheerleaders. In the fall Susan Micheals, Oshkosh, Ruth Baker, Lake Geneva, and Ann Ulrich, Plymouth, were elected to the squad through competitive tryouts. Phyllis Gould, Jane Collier, and Sandy Brownson were chosen as alternates. The cheerleaders sponsored the successful Queen's Dance for the Homecoming Queen and her court after the bonfire on Friday night of Homecoming Week. Throughout the sports season this vivacious group spurs our Titan teams to victory. Phyllis Gould and Jone Collier served as alternates this season. Absent is Sondy Brownson. Homecoming was a busy time for the girls. Their cheers gave spark to the rallies. Sue Micheals receives her Home coming corsage before the big game begins. 165cToo tbaQQ ROW 1: Bob Oo ch, Bob Korrigon, Andy Wittmonn, Nool Olson, Jim Brookins, Bob Woelfel, Dovo Krouso, Horry Nelson. ROW 2: Ed Green, lorry Scheiboch, les Jonas, Tom MaUhow, Bruce Armstrong, Ken Konetxke, George MacArthur, John Bogusewski, Jerry Kunde. ROW 3: Coach Kitzman, Wayne Belke, Jim Moreau, Jerry leu, Joe Lorenz, Tom Verkuilen, larry Brunet, John Binkowski. ROW 4: Coach Kolf, Tom Frank, Dick Ricco, Tom McCarthy, Bill Reabe, Tom Pennewell, Tony Hens, Jerry Dohr, Tom Petterson. The 1958 edition of the Titan gridders proved to be the most successful in the last twenty-three years. Coach Bob Kolf’s yellow and black clad footballers served immediate notice of their power by trouncing Northland College 44-0, in their season’s debut. Jim Moreau lead the offensive unit in rushing with 73 yards in 14 attempts. Tackle Neil Olson was a standout on defense. The Titan defenders swarmed over the Lumberjacks back, giving them a minus 42 yards rushing and a minus 2 yards passing. The Titans captured their second consecutive non-conference game the following week by edging Eau Claire State 7-6. Tom Malchow’s second quarter 4 yard plunge and Wayne Belke’s conversion gave the Titans the decision in this very hard crushing contest. Winning ways still prevailed for the Titans as they scored 22 points in the second half against the UW-M to post a 22-0 decision over the Cardinals. 166OSC traveled to Stevens Point State to receive their first setback the following week 22-21. The Titan’s slow first half allowed the Pointers to lead 21-6 at half time. The second half was all OSC, but the clock killed any hopes for victory late in the game. Tackle Harry Nelson played a standout game on defense. Next. Whitewater made gloom continue to prevail over Titan boosters by registering a 13-7 victory. The Titan’s scored on a 75 yard TD explosion that had George MacArthur on the receiving end of a Malchow aerial. However, the following week saw the Titans sneak by Superior 20-15. Terry Tighe led all touchdown drives, scoring twice on passes from Malchow. The Titans downed the Platteville Pioneers, defending champions. 19 to 8, in making Homecoming a huge success. The standing room only audience didn’t have to wait long as Malchow scored the first TD and Belke converted. OSC’s second scoring play came as Malchow lateraled to Tighe, who rifled the pigskin to Belke for the marker. The final tally came with Wittmann making a diving catch of the TD bound aerial in the end zone.Posh, Push, Push! The season’s finale found the Titans routing Stout 35-14. Mal-chow’s strong right arm hit TD bulls-eyes to Bob Dosch, twice, and to Andy Wittmann. The 1958 football fortunes of OSC continued to rise as the Titans and Whitewater shared third spot in the rough Wisconsin State College Conference with identical 4-2 records. All conference berths were earned by Brookins and Olson; while Belke, Kunstman, Tighe and Wittmann received honorable mention. Jim Brookins and Neal Olson were elected honorary co-captains. FINAL STANDINGS River Falls w 6 L 0 T 0 Stevens Point 5 0 1 OSHKOSH 4 2 0 Whitewater 4 2 0 Eau Claire 3 3 0 La Crosse 3 3 0 Platteville 1 4 1 Stout 1 5 0 Superior 1 5 0 UW Milwaukee 1 5 0 168 Football Coaches: Mr. Kitzman and Mr. Kolf. asketbadH 1959 OSHKOSH STATE COLLEGE TITANS BACK ROW: Ron Dibelius, Paul Timm, Jim Scbeuarmann, Lee Ketterhagen, Hollie Collins, Mike Grabner, Jim Otto, Jim Lettenberger, Cameron Gorges, Robert Brehm, Don Nelson. FRONT ROW: Daryll Kaufmann, Pat Trudell, Dennis RofF, Jim Harke, Carl Buss, Ron Akin, Jerry Koslowski, Ken Klein, Gordon Setback, Jim Davis. Injuries, ineligibilities, a slow start, and having a nack for losing the close “ones” resulted in an eighth place tie for the OSC cagers of the tough Wisconsin State College Conference. Mentor Eric Kitzman in his third year at the helm, took his aspirants to dedicate the new Brown County Memorial Arena for the initial tilt, December 1. Hosting St. Norberts handed their guests a 106-87 setback. Jim Lettenberger meshed 21 points, and Guard Daryl Kaufman connected for 18 points, in the losing effort. The Titans were able to get a taste of victory at the expense of the Winona State Quintet 89 to 66. Mike Grabner’s rebounding ability and a 20 point surge proved to be the instruments needed for victory. The conference opener proved to be a disaster for the Titans — as the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee downed them to the tune of 104 to 72. A slow second half by the Titans paved the way for the easy U. of W-M victory. Senior Guard Ron Akin played a steady floor game and paced the OSC scoring parade with 21 points. During practice the following week, Akin had the misfortune of breaking his wrist, thus, the high hopes of OSC boosters continued to dim. Coach Kitzman’s cagers posted their first conference victory over River Falls in convincing fashion, 90 to 71. Lettenberger, Hollie Collins, and Grabner, did an excellent job of controlling the boards. Freshman Lee Never was the highest point producing Titan with 15 points. 169I Ron Dibelius puli in another two pointi for iho Tifani. The advent of the closed semester boosted OSC followers with the addition of “clever” and “sure hands” — Ron Dibelius. Dibelius proved to be a valuable asset to the Titans with his speed on defense, ability to set-up offensive patterns, and a “sure eye” for the two pointers. Probably the finest show of the season by the Titans occurred when title bound and determined Platteville Pioneers invaded the Oshkosh State gymnasium. As the official scorebook was closed it said, “Platteville 76 and Oshkosh 73.” A standing room only audience enjoyed this spectacular, as time after time it appeared the Titans looked more like first place material than their visitors from Grant County. Dibelius led the OSC scorers with 33 points; while Akin and Grabner chipped in with 11 points each. The finale saw seniors Akin, Jim Otte, and Ken Klein playing their last game for the yellow and black. Akin and Otte were named co-captains. Evidence of a balance scoring attack reveals the following individual total points statistics: Dibelius, 212; Lcttenberger, 201; Akin, 185; Grabner, 177; Kaufman, 176; Never, 142; Nelson, 105; Jim Davis, 104; and Otte, 73. Dibelius sported the highest per game point average with a sparkling 21.2. He was followed by Akin and Lettenberger with game averages of 12.3 and 9.6 respectively. 170 Seniors: I to r, ore Ron Akin, Jim Otte, Ken Klein, with Coach Kitimon.WISCONSIN STATE COLLEGE CONFERENCE (Final) Total Opp. Won Lost Points Points Platteville 11 1 969 833 UW ■ Milwaukee 10 2 1077 979 la Crosse 8 4 932 873 Eau Claire 8 4 1004 988 Superior 6 6 968 975 Stevens Point 5 7 887 850 River Falls 4 8 913 992 OSHKOSH 3 9 866 942 Stout 3 9 858 918 Whitewater 2 10 789 906 FIELD GOALS Pet. FREE THROWS Pet. I P.F. T.P. p.. Ave. No. Gomes Att. Mo. Mo. Mi. Dibelius 208 79 38 54 16 77 35 212 21.2 10 Lettenberger 186 81 44 39 31 56 86 201 9.6 21 Akin 155 70 45 45 23 66 j 38 185 12.3 15 Grabner 169 66 39 45 22 67 57 177 8.4 21 Kaufman 163 71 44 34 10 77 19 176 8.4 21 Never 131 64 49 14 14 50 29 142 11.8 12 Nelson 114 39 34 27 7 80 14 105 5.8 18 Davis 109 40 37 24 15 62 22 104 5.2 20 Otte 90 23 26 27 8 77 44 73 3.5 21 Collins 65 17 26 12 14 46 29 46 2.9 16 Timm 37 14 38 12 9 57 11 40 3.3 12 Klein 40 9 22 6 7 46 13 24 1.6 15 Harke 17 3 18 3 4 43 5 9 .8 11 Selbach 9 3 33 2 1 67 0 8 1.1 7 Trudell 4 1 25 5 1 83 1 7 1.8 4 Buss 1 1 100 0 0 1 2 1.0 2 Vender Velden 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 Karisny 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 Oshkosh Totals 1499 581 38.7 349 182 65.7 404 1511 72.0 21 Opponents Totals 1522 602 39.6 391 178 68.8 | 390 1595 76.0 21 1958-59 VARSITY BASKETBALL REPORT Oshkosh 87 St. Norbert 106 ‘Oshkosh 69 Stevens Point 66 Oshkosh 61 Mankato State 62 ‘Oshkosh 84 UW-Milwaukee 98 Oshkosh 89 Winono Stole 66 'Oshkosh 64 Whitewater 62 Oshkosh 66 Allen-Bradley 68 Oshkosh 81 Ripon 80 ’Oshkosh 72 UW.Milwaukee 104 ‘Oshkosh 72 la Crosse 81 'Oshkosh 54 Whitewater 60 ‘Oshkosh 85 Superior 97 Oshkosh 73 Michigan Tech 67 Oshkosh 71 Michigan Tech 68 Oshkosh 51 No. Michigon 74 Oshkosh 66 No. Michigon 62 'Oshkosh 90 River Falls 71 ‘Oshkosh 73 Platteville 76 'Oshkosh 69 Eau Cloire 73 ‘Oshkosh 80 Stevens Point 85 'Oshkosh 54 Platteville 69 Star indicates conference game. Underlined number indicates gomes won. Scoson Record: Won 8 Lost 13 Conference Record: Won 3 lost 9 1958-59 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL SEASONS SCORES Oshkosh 61 St. John's Athletic Club 58 Oshkosh 61 Hewitts 69 Oshkosh 68 Brillion Athletic Club 49 Oshkosh 86 Kimberly R. A. 60 Oshkosh 69 Kewaunee Athletic Club 71 Oshkosh 65 Randolf Athletic Club 39 Oshkosh 91 Wertsch Motors 83 Oshkosh 79 Hewitts 74 Oshkosh 68 Kimberly R. A. 60 Oshkosh 82 Felda's 78 Oshkosh 69 Menasha Athletic Club 77 Oshkosh 88 Kewaunee Athletic Club 60 Seoson Record: Won 9 lost 3 171FRONT ROW: Bob Maulick, Ed Jagodinsky, George Berrell, Jimmy Zinth, botboy; Tom Koslowsko, Ron Inouyt, Jim Sheahon, and Elmer Hansel. BACK ROW: Jim Moreau, Duane Sheets, George Mohr, Wayne Kroll, Ken Vender Velden, Bob Goggins, Allen Harke, Gerry Peppier, Jim Lettenberger, captain; ten Pubanz, and Coach Eric W. Kitzman. Coach Eric Kitzman’s edition of the OSC baseball “nine” opened up the season by edging Ripon College 8 to 5. Jerry Peppier paced his mates with three safeties and three RBI’s. Jim Lettenberger also collected three base hits. Len Pubanz and A1 Harke led the Titan’s moundsmen as they each gave up four hits. Experienced personnel in the form of fourteen lettermen makes for a very potent and interesting diamond attraction to all OSC hopeful fans. Early Spring saw the use of a mammoth batting cage on the second floor of the Health and Physical Education Building being utilized by Titan batsmen. The nine major letter winners returning for action include Duane Sheets, Ken Vander Velden, Lettenberger, Bob Goggins, A1 Harke, Ken Klein, Tom Koslowske, Bob Maulick, and Pubanz. The big roundhouse. Easy doss it. • t 1.1,r o OT Ho o fc ." “final - This is it “ He'% gonna hove o uppVe. "Native Doncer" Nice work, Jerry and Elmer. turn the corner. m Hott % comev Up and "in." It's in orbit and "»wi h!"('ojich Bob Kolfs Titan track squad appears destined to supreme heights this season as they carried an eleven meet victory string into the opener at Ripon College. The OSC thinclads seem to be forming a strong nucleus for conference meets with six returning lettermen Barry Ott, Bob Dosch, Ned (’allies, Karl Schwaab, I arry Schmit, and Larry Burnet. If the suj erb performances of these men last year are any indication of what to expect this year the Titan’s will continue on their w-inning way. It thit cross country, fellas?" Are you Koadod Cubing, Chuck ond Tom?" KNEELING, I. to r. - lorry Ingrom, Barry Ott, Bob Dosch. Roger Wolf. Korl Schwoab, K.n Priobo. Jim Potrio, Joe Ogden, and Harold Miller. STANDING, I. to r. - Coach Kolf, Jack Roome, Bruce Schulti. Tom Hogan, Larry Didlo, Dick Ketterhagen, Bruce Armstrong, Dick Rademacher, Ralph Syring, and Rodney Coughlin. ABSENT - Sylvester Schilcher. Larry Brunet, Larry Schmit . Dick Kettlewell. Chuck Ihrke and Tom Peterson. I7f tx' ttiJot BUckingcr (coach), Jack Heinxl, Dick Normand, Pawl Korti, Jorry Green. a tsity 0Tennis OSC will put its tennis title on the line this year — as it pins its main hopes on the shoulders of returning lettermen Bill Simon and Paul Kurtz. Coach Joe Bleckinger’s netters have the unfortunate distinction of having lost six lettermen from last year’s championship club. All in all, it should be a very interesting season as the other conference schools attempt to take the conference crown from the fighting Titans. Vaftsity QoQf) Coach Bob Kolf’s OSC golf team is comprised of five lettermen which accounted for a three win, four loss, and one tie, during the 1958 campaign. The five returning emblem winners include Don Spaulding. Jim Harke, A1 Coenen, Mike Dodge and Whitey Kaufmann. Coach Kolf reports other promising candidates bidding for berths on this year’s golf team include Dick Macknick, Bob Felda, Tom Murray. Jim Fiedler. Tom Knoop, Jim Kujawa, Paul Bonffard, Gary De Bauch. Tom Hogan, and Bob Ritger. Murray won letters on the 1954-55-56 squads. 175176 Up, up and over on the trampoline. He' up in the air over this play.Smcjpb INTRAMURAL VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS ROW 1: R. Poque, M. Walsh, D. Roush, A. Whittaker. ROW 2: T. Bixxio, W. Schlojke, J. Roush, E. Stika. 3ntnammH Qo tbaHH Intramural softball was greeted with terrific enthusiasm in the two circuits on April 20. From the many spectators and spirited play exhibited by the teams, you can bet on a hotly contested race to the wire. Look out below! Safe or out? 177INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS Row 1: J. Davit, P. Bowser, D. Crombio, H. Finnegan, C. Neuter, R. Bouffard. Row I: A. Arneman, J. Vanden Hogan, R. Ribbard, B. Kaiser, M. Grabner, J. Krueger. $nt iamu tal! dfootbaM Touch football initiated the OSC intramural sports festivities this fall. The circuits were composed of two six team loops, with each team playing a six game schedule. The Vets captured the National League title, and the Periclean Kangaroos took the American League crown. These two clubs played off for the league’s championship honors. The Vets were able to edge Periclean 2-0 for the coveted crown. A safety proved to be the big break for the Vets. The Kangaroos’ quarterback received a second quarter hike outside the end zone. 178 Scan from championship gam . Practic sometimes was rough.$ntaamu ia$ (QasketbaQQ The Polacks were crowned champions of the 1958-59 OSC Intramural Basketball league. They claimed the title by whipping the Pistons 82 to 42. The four division champions participated in the play-offs, with the Polacks and Pistons reaching the finals. Bob Karisny and Tom Martin paced the Polacks with 25 and 18 points respectively. John Van Sistine meshed 25 points for the losers. The Polacks held a commanding lead throughout the contest. INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS ROW 1: M. Carlton, A. Wittman, R. Nielson, B. Karisny. ROW 2: B. Vogel, J. Marten, G. Hansel, J. Goedjen. 179 A player scores in the playoff game.WRA PARTICIPANTS ROW 1: A. Smith, C. Spring-born, J. Govinski, A. Schuelke, J. Cronco. ROW 2: M. Pomplin, M. Mersch, M. Jeske, S. luisier. ROW 3: C. King, E. Rooder, V. Gilodorf. V. Kichefski, S Sorshon. Q Uomen’g Qeciieat'm Association The Women’s Recreation Association functions for the enjoyment of all women on our campus. The program includes intramural sports of all types. The main purpose of WRA is to promote sports and athletic activities for women. Membership is open to all interested college women. Sportsheads are elected to lead each sports group. In addition, they are responsible for organizing the sport. The intramural activities include tournaments in volleyball, basketball, softball, table tennis, golf, and badminton. No, it isn't a form of modern dance, but an active game of volleyball. WRA PARTICIPANTS ROW 1: A. Schaumburg, J. Tschopp, R. Hint , M. Ader, N. Ludwig, D. Heim. ROW 2: J. Roberts, 0. Johnson, J. Higby, J. Slaby, J. Nelson, B. Vol-londorf. ROW 3: A. Ullrich, J. Roothlisbor-ger, M. Disch, J. Jones, P. Gould, C. Fogeltang. 180Qo{Men 0f ttdent Golden Trident is the name of the Wisconsin State College Synchronized Swimming Club at Oshkosh. Membership is open to all girls who are advanced swimmers. After a training period, all new girls must pass a series of swimming tests to become a regular member. This year’s club is composed of fifteen members. The Golden Trident Club meets every Thursday and works for eight months to present its annual program in May. This year’s presentation by the club was entitled “Come Fly With Me.” The choreography, costumes, and numbers are all designed by the girls, themselves. The Italian number, featuring the officers, was an outstanding highlight of this year’s program. It made use of special lighting effects. Dr. Isenberger is the advisor for the club. OFFICERS Adrienne Ackerer, President Barbara Bohne, Vice President Margaret Ha Hock, Secretary Carmen Norton, Treasurer Golden Trident in action. Spanish number from their show "Come Fly With Me." Golden Trident members take time to pose between rehearsals. The Diving Club participated with the Golden Tridents in the Swim Show. 181217 N. MAIN OSHKOSH, WISCONSIN GDC MILK Grade A Dairy Products • Pasteurized • Homogenized • Vitamin D Try Them at your Door or Store GDC Guernsey DfliRy compony RaAUu ufrtd jzuuaj • % - Pasteurized Dairy Foods STATE OAJ OTTER • OSHKOSH. WIS STATE and OTTER • OSHKOSH, WISCONSIN 182OSHKOSH'S QUALITY JEWELER Since 1886 137 N. MAIN 808 OREGON STREET You will find here at all times quality clothes to meet the requirements of young men at LOW PRICES THE CONTINENTAL IN OSHKOSH S. S. KRESGE 305 Main Street Phone BEverly 5-5140 Oshkosh's Greater Dime Store School Supplies • Clothing Needs Fountain Service Hippety Hop to BARBER'S CANDY SHOP 1511 Oregon St. BE 5-1580 DICKSON'S for something different in FASHIONABLE SUITS DISTINCTIVE BLOUSES COE DRUG COMPANY Prescription Specialists TOILETRIES and DRUGS Everything Photographic 310 N. Main 2211 Oregon With an Eye for the Teacher and her pupils . . . BRONSON'S INC. THE FRIENDLY SCHOOL and OFFICE SUPPLY STORE 914 Oregon BE 1-7320 183THE HARMON AGENCY, INC. "Harmon Service" INSURANCE The Washington Building Oshkosh, Wisconsin Its a Woman's World at HH’s SPORTSWEAR COATS DRESSES ACCESSORIES 439 NORTH MAIN 184PROPSON'S PHARMACY CORNER JACKSON AND SCOTT A Friendly Place To Stop THE WARDROBE "Our Concern Is Men's Fashions" 459 N. MAIN STREET "Everything for the Sportsman" EDDIE'S SPORT SHOP Complete line of Fishing and Athletic F.quipment SCHARPF'S Typewriters • Office and School Supplies 25 Washington Avenue BE 1 8280 BAUER LUGGAGE Since 1898 23 Washington Avenue OSHKOSH, WISCONSIN Largest Selection of Records In Oshkosh RODAT JEWELERS Fine Watchmaking Silver China Glassware 133 N. Main Street • Oshkosh, Wisconsin RCA PHONOGRAPHS WILSON'S 941B ALGOMA BOULEVARD The snowstorms added a touch of winter beauty to our campus. EVANS BROS. BURR, INC. Finest in Quality Foods 185Compliments of HOTEL ATHEARN AND ATHEARN HALL 2 complete floors of line feminine fashions for Juniors, Misses and Women . . and where do you buy your ties?” 186FURNITURE 115 NORTH MAIN COLLEGE OUTLINE SERIES MAGAZINES LUFT PRINT SHOP BAIER'S BAKERY 408 Scott Avenue BEverly 5-4320 "Bakery goods that are different’’ RACE OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. 455 N. Main BE 5-2060 Compliments of ZIMMERMAN'S AGRELL and BRUESKE Casual Clothes for Men and Women Interior Decorators OSHKOSH ROTHENBACH BROTHERS BETTER SHOES College Outline and Schaum Outline Series at ANDERSON'S 909 Oregon Street Irene Haberman OSHKOSH, WISCONSIN 51 Washington Avenue KENYON JEWELRY FINE DIAMONDS AND WATCHES STUDENT DISCOUNT Across from the Ran If Hotel BE 5-1320 Two nominees for the "best dressed” couple. 187The Castle-Pierce Printing Co. HOTEL RAULF Air-Conditioned Fire-Proof Banquets of All Kinds DINING ROOM OSHKOSH PRINTERS TO THE COLLEGIATE WORLD OF THE FOX RIVER VALLEY + INVITATIONS ANNOUNCEMENTS DANCE PROGRAMS SCHOOL PUBLICATIONS Entertainment Nightly HILDA'S WOMEN S APPAREL and BRIDAL SALON Open Evenings by Appointment The temporary union provided relaxation between classes. 188STUDENT INDEX Abbey, Edward Abbs. Donald 27 Abhold, Shirley 85 Abig, Richord Abraham, Barbara 76 Abraham, James Abraham, John Abraham, Robert 141 Abrahamton, Nancy 98 Ackerer, Adrienne 65, 104, 181 Adorn, Raymond Adomt, Betty Adamt, Charles 27, 138 Adomt, Christine 85 Addis, Sharon Ader, Marion Rose 84, 180 Ahl, James Ahl, Raymond Ahmed, Wote Uddin Ahrens, Barbara 27, 112, 118, 124 Akin, Ronald 27, 108, 169, 170 Albert, Virginia 76, 98. 137 Alberts, Bruce 106 Albright, David Albright. Robert 89, 110 Alexander, lone 65, 127 Alf, Irene 65 Allen, Michoel Allen, Roberto 141 Ammerman, Bruce Anderson, Jerry 27 Andrew, John Andrews, Charles Andrews, Sue 81, 142 Andropolit, Andrew Annen, John Anunson, Janice Sue 83 Appleton, William Arentsen, Alon 27, 178 , Arient, Thomas Armstrong, Bruce 166 Armstrong, Helen 77, 133, 142, 174 Arndt, Carlton Atkins, Karen Auger. Keith 65, 100, 101, 118. 119. 121 Auger, Terry Augustin, Fred Austin, Dorothy Ann Aw, Chan Fun Axnann, Abbie Aylesworth, Robert Ayreman, Alon Bachkal, Nan Bochtell, Alvan 79 Bocich, Borboro Backus, Sallv 65. 127, 141 Bae, Richard Boer, Floyd Bohr, Roderick Baier, Louise Baier, Mory Jone 65 Baker, Ronald Boker, Ruth 165 Boldo, Russell 116, 117 Bolnis, Carol 65, 89, 90 Balza, Joan Barber, Robert Barkley, Jane 98 Barlow. Robert 28 Bartel, Jonet 79 Bartel, Roger Bartels, Morilynn 28 Bartelt, Bryon 79 Bartz, Virginio 102 Barwinlle, Ruth 78 Botoran, Nezohat Basel. Carol 28 Basel, Kenneth Bastor, Mory 65, 102 Ratal, Barbara 80 Bath, Dove Bathke. Mike 117 Bathke, Warren Bolton, Gloria Bauer, Keith 28 Bauer, Robert Bauer, Sandra 65 Baumann, Joseph Baumeister, Paula Baumgart, Lionel Baumgartener, Lois 28, 1' Baye, Thomas Beaman, Bernard Beck, Daniel Becker, Bernice Becker, Kay 28, 102, 142 Becker, Thomas Beckley, Peter Beckman, Thomas 79 Bednorowski, Eugene 29 Begon, Daniel Behm, E. Joyce Behm, Priscilla Behroozi, Behrooz 77, 131 Belke, Myles Belke. Wayne 166 Bell, Janet 29 Belongia, Veronica 92 Benson, James Benz, Paul Berens, Robert Beres, Betty Berfield, Suzanne 79 Berg, Peggy 65, 89, 102 Bergh, Mory Bergner, James Berlowski, Michael 106 Berndt, Gront 29 Berndt, Koy Frederick 90 Berndt, Robert Bernegger, Brenda 84 Berrell, George 81, 172 Berth, Richord Betry, lorry Beyer, Judith 78 Biederwolf, Richord Binder, Albert 110, 128 Bingen, Kenneth Binkowski, John 166 Binner, William Bird, Barbara 82, 140, 141 Bittner, Ronald Bizzio, Nick 177 Block, Corol Block, Stonley Blair, Richard 8lonchette, Annette 65 Blonkenbura, Donna 29, 104 Blatke, Rooney Bloyney, Fred Blozek, M. Betsy 76, 96, 142 Bledsoe, Rose Blob, David Bloggett, Barbara Block, Jerome Bloechl, Judith Bloomer, James Blondean, I. 139 Boalt, Ralph Bodmer, Chorles 29. 119 Bodmer, Sharon 84, 143 floede, Robert Boeder, Susan Boeselager, Robert usewski, John 166 n, Emil Bohne, Barbara 65, 102, 118. 181 Bohne, William Boler, William 65. 181 Bolder, Susan 90 Borchordt, Melvin Bork, Michael Bork, Thomas Born, Barbara 29, 102 Borree. Carla Bortel, A. 141 Bouicki, Robert Bottenbroek, Koren 30, 92 BoufTord, Raoul 178 Bouicki, Robert 30 Bowser, Potrick 128 Boyd, Lee Boyd, Wayne Boyle, Tom 132 Bracher, Horry Bradley, Sheila Brondt, Gwen Brandt, Jon 104. 141, 159 Brown, Dorrell 79 Breault, Robert Breister, David Bremmer, Richard Brennan, Barboro 96, 181 Brey. Donald 65, 112, 117, 119, 154, 155. 159 Brink, Judith 181 Broderick, George 65 Broderick, Koren 80 Broderick, Patricia Brodesser. Mory Broehm. Beverly 65. 102, 103, 1)6, 122, 123, 154. 165 Broehm, Robert 169 Broetzmonn, Eorl Broman, Loro 79 Brookins, James 30, 166, 168 Brooks, David Brotz, Corol 79, 138, 141 Broon, G. 83 Brown, Allan 65 Brown, Gerold 128 Brown, Jomes Brown, Thomos 142 Brownson, Jomes 122 Brownson, Sally 65, 102, 103, 125, 131 Brownson, Sandra Bruehm, Robert Brunet, Larry 166 Brunner, libbie 81 Brunlon, Susan Buchholz, Sharon 65. 96, 118, 134, 141, 159 Buchman, Charles 76, 116, 117, 119 Buck. Neal Buck, Neil Buck, Warren Budde, Kathryn 82 Buechel, Anthony Buechel, Eugene Buero, Joanne 30, 98 Buerstotte, Gail Buetow, Diane 30, 112. 118, 126 Buettner, Jerry Bueltner, Judith 84, 142 Buhrow, Louise 65 Bunno, Oliver Burchell, Borboro 141 Burgin, Dorothy Burnt, Eugene Burton, Gerold Butho, Potrick Buss, Corl 169 Buth, Arlene Burner, G. Edwin Butterfield, Jone 92 Collies. Ned Compbell, Constance 133, 142 Carlson, Charles Corlton, Marvin Cortwright, Edword Case, Dene Roy Case, June Cose, Noncy Cosey, Potrick Cassidy, Mory 30, 114 Covonough, Thomos Cemon, Grigg Cholberg, Charlene Champeau, Jerome Chopleau, John Chase, Donald Chase, Ronald 31 Chier, Mike Cholewinski, Stella Cholewinski, Susan Christel, Don Christensen, Imogene 76 Christensen, Robert Christensen, Wesley Christenson, Dovid Christenson, John Christion, Jeon 80, 133, 141 Christionson, Gerold Christopher, laird Chupita, Patricia 31, 114, 116 Cihlor, Carl Citmoski, Loren 31 Clapper, Sheila Clorich, Frances 31. 102. 129, 132 Clark, Jomes M. Clark, James R. 106 Clark, John S. Clark, William Clay. Janis 31, 96, 118 Clement, Richord Cleveland, Judith Coburn. Corol 65 Coe, Wayne Coenen, Alton Cole, Douglas Collier, Jone 83. 143, 165 Collins, Barboro 65 Collins, Hollie 109. 110, 169 Conrad. Ronald Cook, Robert Cooper, David Corby, Robert Coroelly, Paulin 102 Cotter, Elizabeth 92 Cottroll, Robert 158. 189Coughlin, Rodney 174 Coulohon, Mary 31 Cowan, Daniel Cox. Ervin 109, 110 Cox, Judith Cromer, Harold 76, 127 Crovillion, Penny 117 Cretton, Donald Crimmingt, Sharon 32, 102 Crombie, Dennit 108, 128, 178 Crombie. Rithord 101 Cronce, Joonno 96, 142, 180 Cronce, Shirley 6S Crozier, Gerald 65 Cudohy, Bernard Cuff, loit 79, 116. 117 Cuff, Rita 65. 104, 127. 141 Cumber, Rito 82 Cundy, Milet Cvfian. Ron Cutter, Alice 65 Cuftill, William 85 Czojka, Thereto Czich, Shirley 96 Czotchke, Chet 106 Doehn, Roland Doggett, Doniel Daggett, David Daggett. Marilyn 32. 102, 126 Dohl, Gene 108 Dahlke, Karen 65, 98 Dahlke, Sandro 98. 129. 159 Dalton, Robert Danielton, Vicki 77 Danke, Eugene Danner, Judith 83 Datenbrock, David 81 Dotkam, Williom Doubner, Nancy Doul, Eugene 65, 89. 119 Davel, Frederick 65, 106. 121. 13 Dovidton, Mary Ann 114 Davidton, Neal Daviet, David Doviet, Jamet Daviet, Neil 77. 110, 119 Davit, Jamet I. 169,178 Dovit, Malcolm Davit, Neil Day, Phil 94 Day, Ronald Debouche. Gory DeSruin. Dorit 80. 159 DeChombeau, Robert DeGroff, Ronald 84 Deicher, Rotolind Deimer, Donna 96. 116, 15 Deitte, Dole Delacenterie. Henry 132 Delamater. Tom Dellemonn, Jamet Dellger, Shoron Dellzer, Shoron Deloria, Suxonne Delorme. Jomet Delorme, Joel Deimer, Donna 65. 118 Demoulin, Dion 32 Demptey. Tho mot Denton, Wilbur Derivon, Linda 79 Detent. Jomet Detotelle, John Detjen, Robert 83, 141 Devlin, Linda Dewan, Jamet 77 Dhein, Mary Jone 65, 98, 142. 59 Diokoff, Mory Dibble, Florence 76, 114 Dibeliut, Corol 82, 143 Dibeliut, Ronold 169, 170 Didlo, Dee Anna 77 Didlo, Larry 81, 174 Dieck, Delmor 32. 127 Dieck. Karalee 65 Diedrich, AAorvin Dilley, Gerald 32. 128 Dinger, Solly Ditch, Mory Ellen 180 Ditkowtki, Robert 79 Ditten, Mortin Ditferhoft, David Dittloff, Richard 65, 100, 121 Dixon, Alice 65 Dixon, Gohnr Dixon, Kathleen Dobbertfein, Arlyn 84 Dobberttein, Wynn Dobeth, Thomot 32, 122 Dodge, Mike Dohr, Gerald 166 Donovan, John Donovon, Patrick 125 Dorn, Jone 65. 102 Dortey, Robert Dotch, Bob 166, 174 Dougherty, Sharon 82 Dowmon. Thomot Doyle, Tom Droeger. Ruttell 77, U1 Drogon, Emil 33 Drogoth, Stephan 79 Dretden. John 85. 94, 133, 141 Dreutzer, Blaine Drexler, Daniel Drexler, Ralph 81, 128 Driettel, A. Berkley 33. 94, 100 Drummy, Gail 104, 133 Du Bo it, Rithord DuCKoine. Thelma DuChorme, Barbara Duddeck, Dean Duex, Mary Kay 85 DuFrane. Eugene 76, 148 Duger. Sally DuMonthier, Richard Dunlovy, Pot 98. 134 . Dunlavy, Terry 78, 100, 101. 122. 134, 136 Duntirn, Eugene Duquoine, Betty 84 Durocher, Glen Duthentki, Robert DuWell, Jamet Dvorak, Francet 141 Dykttro, Gayle Eogen. Gary 65 Earl, Soton 82. 142 Eattling, Nancy 112, 142 Eaton, Jonece Ehlert, Thomot Ehman, Gory Eichenteer, Terry Eichttoedt, Elmer 77 Eich, Jomet Eickhoff. Rithord Eid. Galol 94 Eid, Mory Widdifield Eiden, Joan Eilet. Betty 33, 104, 118 Eklund, Gory Elandt, Sally Emmel, Herbert Endert, Thelmo 65 Eng, Joan 142 Engbretton, Chuck 106 Engler. Michael Enz, Noritho 65 Erbeck. Gaela 80. 142 Erdelyi, Peter 139 Erdmon, Eric Jr. Erickton, Normon Ertmer, Mary Etkritt, Edit Eyert, Robert Fabry, Mike Folck, Cwrfit Forr, Richard 33 Farrow, Judith Fotbender, Judy 83. 133 Fatick. Myra Felda, Robert Feldo, Tom Felker, Sandra Fettenden, Groce 33, 90 Feuerttein, Richard Fiedler, Jomet 65 Fielkow, Sidney Finnegan, Hugh Fitcher, Richard 81 Fitcher, Thomot Fither, Jomet Pitt, Jamet Flonogan, Jamet Flonogan, Potricio 142 Fleitchmon, Robert 76, H? Flunker. Donald 34, 108 Flynn, Thomot Foetch, Walter Fogeltonz, Corol 79, 180 Fogtmon, Chorlet Folzmon, Keith Fordhom, Mary 76, 159 Foretter, Margaret Fortberg, Joan 80, 141 Fothoy, Jeannine Fotick, Myro Fotey, Potricio Fowler, Robert Froiling, Williom 65, 139 Froncour, Robert Frank, Donald 34. 118, 139 Frank, John 34 Fronk, Sutan Fronk. Thomot 82, 166 Franckowiak, Bernard 34 front, Clark Franz, Gerold 34 Fronike. JoAnn 112 Freimork, Ruttell Frey, Joteph Friebel, Ernett 35 Frieder, Thomot 77 Fritchen, Delbert 100. 121 Frook, David Fuht, Elaine 104 Fuller. Kothleen 35. 96. 127 Fuller, lorry Fulwiler, Merton 35 Funk. Joel Futzard, Thomot Gahnz. Dixon Golikowtki, Phyllit 65. 98 Galow, Joyce Galow, Kendall Galow, Richord Galvin, Mildred Gamt, Frank Gontki, William Gorbe. Corol 35 Gardner, Connie Gorvent, Jack 65 Gotet, Philip 94 Gatzke, Kenneth Gouger, Carlyle Gouthier, Noncy 35, 102 Govintki, Judy 81. 180. 181 Gebheim, Mitchell 81 Gee. William Geever, Judith 83, 137 Geffert, Kenneth Gehrig, Nancy 77, 112, 116 Gehrke, Donald Geltemeyer, David Gendron, Mary Ann 35 George, Potricio 81 Gerber. Rochelle 65, 112, 118 Gerdmon, Mary 82. 141 Gerhordt. Roger Geriene, Frieda Gerlach. Corol 65. 104. 137, 142 Gibton, Gerald 36. 139 Giebnki, Mildred Giete, Myrna Giffey, Pierce Gilbertton, Kay 36, 96 Gilbertton, Sondra 153 Gillchriett, loit Gilmore, Brion 65 Giltdorf, Veronica 82, 180 Gjermondton, Koy 65, 96, 127, 159 Gjertton, William Glaeter, Ronold Glottertopp, Koren Glotmopp, louit 81 Glatt. Sherlene 81. 142 Gloubitz, Fay Glidden, Chrittine Glodowtki, Donald Goedjen, John Goedtke, Juanita 82 Goggin, Eileen 104 Goggint, Robert 172 Gogolewtki, Karen Gohr, Pauline 81, 141 Golliner, Donald Gomoll, Robert Gonyo, Robert Gooding, Richord 85 Goodrich, Gerald 65, 122, 142 Goro, Borboro Ann 80 Gordon, Jerome 82. 134 Gorget. Comeron 169 Gorr, Arlene Gotz, Do no Id Gotttcholk, Richard Gotttcholk, Robert Goudaillier, Ghitloine Gould. Phyllit 65, 102. 136. 165. 180 Gowey, JoAnn Grobner, Mike 78. 169, 178 Grodl. Michoel Graham, Alberto Gromt, Robert Grotee, Jomet Grotte. Joel 138 Grotter, Eloine Groupner, Allen Graverton, Rondi Green, Edwin 166 Green, Gerald 65. 127 Greenwalt. Marie _ ... Gregory. Potty 36. 104. 118, 126 Gregory, Thomot ,,, Greitch, Potricio 36, 102. 127. 129, 137 190Grenier, Raymond Grey, John 36 Griesbach, Nancy Griewisch, Noncy 36, 112 Grill, Dennis Grill, Rorvold Grisar, Janis 76, 141 Griswold, Williom Groh, Joseph Grose, Carol Grossman, Dorlhea Groto, Sharon 37, 114, 118, 126 Grove, Stonley Gruber, Charles Gruber, Mary Ann 37, 90, 127, 138 Gruendemann, David Grueneberg, tavern Gruett, Karen 81 Gruelzmocher, Eva 84, 133 Gruetzmacher, Julie Gruetzmon, Roberta Grunwaldt, David Guelzow, Robert 37, 106 Guenther, Robert 65 Guenther, Roger Guenther, Ronald Gundel, Kathryn 78 Gunderson, Sheridan 141 Gurkowski, Thomas Guse, Dennis 37, 118, 122, 123, 126, 132, 141. 153 Gustke, Richard Gustke, Sandra Gutzman, Darlene 82, 141 Guyette, John 79 Haanen, Ann 37 Haase, Jomes Haass, Veryl 38, 96 Hoberkorn, Noncy Hoberkorn, Robert Hable, Steven Hadrick, Seone 102 Haen, Rose Marie 65, 102 Haffermann, Williom Haley, Richard Hall, Robert 38 Hallado, Borbora Hollado, Williom Halle, Robert 122, 132 Hallock, Margoret 181 Halverson, Mary 38, 90, 125 Homilton, Barbara 98 Hamilton, Carol 76 Hommond, Bruce Hanke, Bryon 79 Hanneman, Carole 38, 104 Honnis, Charlotte 80 Hansel, Elmer 38, 172 Hansel. Gerhcld 137 Hansen, Allen Hansen, David Hansen, John Honsen, Paul Hansen, Pauline Hansen, Roy Hansen, Robert Honsen, Rubeno Hanseter, Russell 106 Honson, Giles 38 Hanson, Robert 65 Harden, James Hardwick, Ronald Hore, Willis Horke, Allen 172 Horke, James 108, 169 Harnitz, William Harrison, Lynn 79, 141 Horstad, Judith 80 Hartman, Marvis Hortoonion, Walter Hartzheim, Margoret 96, 176 Hortzheim, Peter Hashimoto, Myrtle Hossmonn, John 39 Havel, Neil 39 Hoverty, Patrick Hoy, Don Hoyes, Jocqueline 80, 148 Hayes, James 106 Heornden, Richord Hedrich, Bonnie 65, 102, 118. 139 Heidman, Willis Heilert, Roger Heim, Dionne 180 Hein, Notalie Heinemann, Glenn Heinzl, John 119 Heiss, Jerome 82, 134 Helding, Terry _ _______ Helgeson, Janice 65, 96, 116, 118, 129, 140 Heller, Joan 39, 90. 118, 127, 141 Hemouer, Thomas Hemmer, Joseph Hempel, Dale Henck, Beverly Hendricks. Judi Hendry. Carl Hendry, Donald 77 Henninger, Robert Henriksen, Russ Henry, Gerald 39 Hens, Tony 166 Henschel, Frederick Hephner, Earl Hephner, Gervose Herb, Herbert 65 Herloche, Ward Hermon, James Herminath, William 78 Heerie, Judith Herrmonn, Alyce 129 Herrmann, Barbara Herzog, Ted 39 Hetzel, Joseph 128 Heuer, Thomos Heus, Anthony 83 Heydon, Kenlyn 104, 165 Hibbard, Ronald Higby, Judy 78. 180 Higuchi, lorraine 142 Hildebrand, James Hildebrond, Russ Hill, Evelyn Hill, Lee 65, 140. 141 Hinckley, Marie Hinesh, Joan 77, 112 Hinz, Karl Hinz, Myrtle Hintz, Rito 80, 180 Hodgins, Thalia Hoett, Richard Hoegh, Gloria Hoehl, Gerald 79 Hoersch, Robert 65 Hoevet, Morlene 39, 98 Hoffman, Charles 65, 110 Hoffman, Gordon 40, 138 Hoffman, John Hoffman, Lois 80 Hoffman, Shirley Hofmon, Jane Hogan, Thomos 80, 174 Hogon, Williom 40, 108 Hoger, Melvin Hohenstoin, Dolores 65. 98, 129 Holbert, Charles Holewinski, Thomas 78. 134 Holland, John Hollihon, Timothy Holme, Denni Holmes, Suzonne 79 Holschuh, Alice 79 Holtz, Mary Holverson, Lois 40 Hoppe, Sandro 104 Horn, Williom Hornig, Jeon 79 Hostettler, Jay Hostettler, Mordelle 65, 90, 125, 147, 158 Hoyt, Robert Huberty, Art Huberty, Irvin Huberty, Mary 76, 98 Hubli, Donna 40. 102 Huck, Jonet 40, 98 Huck, Sharon 98, 129 Huebner, Carol 114 Huebner, Floyd 40, 138 Huebner, lorry Hughes, Thomos 77 Huhn, John 79 Huibregtse. Susan 76, 102 Huisman, Muriel Humecki, Marie 79 Hupke, Myrno 76, 96 Hurlbut, Kothleen 69 Huth, Sue Ihlonfelt, Jeon 41 Ihrke, Charles 69 Ihrke, Robert Ingersoll. Robert Ingrom, Terrence 69, 174 Ingrelli, Basilio 79 Inouye, Ronold 172, 179 Itzin, Williom 69 Jackson, Joyce Jacobson, Gerald Jacobson, Melvin 108 Jaeger, Raymond 132 Jaeger, Roger 94. 95, 100, 122 Jagodinsky, Edward 41. 172 Jogodinski, Nancy John, Robert Jahnke, R. Johns. Noncy 76, 104, 137 Jankowski, Ellen 79 Joschob, Lois 41, 90 Jatczak, Jerome 84 Jawson, Dennis Jennerjohn, Brion Jennerjahn, Reginold Jensen, Borbora Jensen, Loren Jentz, Sandra Jero. Leroy Jesch, Vera 41, 96 Jeske, Myrtle 180 Jimos, Sandy 84, 133 Jiso, Elizabeth 77, 143 Johnson, Arthur Johnson, Comille 64, 181 Johnson, David Johnson, Diane 180 Johnson, Dianne Johnson, Jennie Johnson, Joan Johnson, Julie ... Johnson, Karen Morgorot 81, 120, lJ- Johnson, Karin Mae Johnson, lowrence Johnson, Richord Johnson, Robert 41 Johnson, Roger 106 Johnson, Thomas 79 Johnson, H. Don Jonos, Lester 166 Jones, Darlene 84 Jones, Franklin Jones, Joyce 180 Jones, Judy 112, 120 Joppa, Betty Jorgensen, Denis Joslin, Rex 69. 118, 181 Jouno, Koy Judson, Darryl Judson, lelond 85, 94 Juedes, Joyce 104 Juhnke. R. Williom 110 Jungers, Fred 79 Jungwirth. David 84 Jungwirth, Thomas Koat, Gilles Kocynski, Robert 128 Koeding, David Koempf, James Kohl, Shelby Jeon 41, 102. 118, 126 Kohler, Floyd 42 Koin, Jerome Kaiser, Koy 69, 90 Kaiser, William 178 Kalbus, Gerald Kolupa, Lucille Komke. Kenneth Kondler, Earl Kopla, Jerome Korgus, Arno Korisny, Bob Korls, Don Kork, Don Korman, Lorry Kosmer, Andrew Kotke, Duane Kaufman, Sandro 85 Koufmann, Darryl 69, 169 Kautzer, Lois 69 Kearley, lorry Keeler, Kermit Keliher, Dennis Kelley. John Kelley, Judy Kellogg, Donold Kelly, Jomes Kempt. John Kempfert, Nancy 42 Kempingu, Jomes Kemps, Ken Kennedy, Patrick 81 Kergh. Robert Kerrigan, Robert 166. 167, 168 Kerry. Carmen 43, 104, 118, 126. 158 Kerry. Sharon 79, 117, 129 Kester, Richard 69 Ketterhagen, Lee 106. 119, 169 Kettlewell. Richard 174 Kichefski. Vivian 180 Kiel, Jock Kienost, Donald Killoron, Grant Kilmer, Jomes 85, 142 Kilmer, Jean Kino, William King, Burt King, Carol King, Carole 191King. Celeste 114, 180 King, Janet Kinkel, Norman Kipp, Mary Kircher, Donald 118 Kircher, John Kirk, Mary Louis 69 Kiser, Judy 42, 104 Kissinger, Gerald Kitchin, James Kittoe, Forrest Kitzman, Georgo 42 Klomberg, Betty Klann, Marlene 42 Kloske, Judith Klott, Leon Klau, David 84 Klauer, Stuort 83 Klausch, lorry 76, 142 , ... ... Klein, Kenneth 42, 108, 109, 169, 170. 179 Klein. Mory Sue 125 Klein, Williom Kleinhanz, Lloyd Klemp, James Kleveno, Conrad Klotxbuecher, Williom 94 Klozotsky, John Klumb, Noomi Knapp, Theodore 81, 141 Knatzka, Joey 112 Knier, Kenneth Knight, Ruth 69, 96, 97. 118 Knight, Verna 83, 137, 142 Knoke, Curtis 79 Knoop, Tom 76 Kober, Dolores 20, 69, 96 Kober, Jane Koboski, Carolyn 43, 112 Kobow, Myrna 79 Koch, Robert Kochon, Mary 79, 133, 143 Koeck, Gail Koeck, Gerold Koehler, Marguerite 138 Koehn, John Koehn, Ruth 43 Koehntop, Richard 82 Koel, Alfred Koelter, Carston Koeller, Larry 84 Koenigs, Lawrence KoFfornus, Judy 96, 98, 129, 150 Kohl, Dione 114 Kohlmon, Neil 96 Koiawo, Jomes Kolb. Charles 84 Kolb. Esther 80 Kollath, John Koluek, John Konetxk . Kenneth 166 Konopski, Patricia Konrad, Tom 110 Konstman, Ronald Kons, Gerald 78 Kontos, George Kopp, Georg Korbish, Edward 43, 110 Kornely, Pauline Kortz, Poul Kosharek, Beth Koslowski, Gerald 169 Kostowski, Tom 172 Kottke, Mori 96, 142 Kovak, Kent Kozak. Mike Kozlowski, Adolph Krocmer. Diane 80 Kraus, Gerald Kraus, Margoret 79, 129 Krause, Erma 43 Krause, K. David 106, 166 Krause, Ronald 122, 125 Krause, Russell Krause, Willis Kritz, Ardis 90 Kroeplin, Karl Kroll, Barbara 43, 114 Kroll, Corol 76, 125 Kroll. Koren 44 Kroll. Wayne 172 Kromm, Gloria 80 Kronberg, Kurt Kronschnobel, Jomes Kronzer, Corol Krueger, John 78 Krueger, Mary Jo 78, 90, 122, 129 Krouse, Lyle Krzewino. Gerold Kubole, Barbara 70. 104, 122, 123 Kubale, Joseph Kuenzl, John Kuether, Thomas Kuhn, Arlen Kuhn, Gerald Kuhn, James 44 Kuiper, Henry 44, 179 Kujowo, Jomes Kunde, Jerry 166 Kunstmon, Ron 168 Kuranowicz, Poul Kuronowicz, Rick Kurtz, Poul Kyle, lorry laatsch, Donald la Combe, Roberto laedtke, Don 70, 100 Laos, Joann 44, 114, 127 la Fond, Lois la Fond, Viett 44 lofrombios, Glen 78 loloxerne, Garrett 82 lomb, Froncis 44, 118, 119, 126 lamer . Thomas lommen, Donna 70 lomperl, Thomas londskron. So 84 long, Barbara 80 long , Clifford long . Ervin longer, Ralph 81 longholz, Ruth loros , Richard lorson, lorry lorson, Thomas lortz, Joyce lau, Charles 94, 141 lou, John lauersdorf, Al lautenboch, Roger lauterboch, Jean 98 la Violette, Joan 45, 102, 127 low, Robert landskrow, Susan 142 lea, Noncy 114 leormann, Judith 70, 118, 136 leormann, Paul 70 leas . Ruth 45, 96, 140. 142 lebeck, Richard lechner, Corol leeftink, Jonna 70, 102. 116, 127 leible, A. B. 110 leimer, June leinweber, Beverly leitinger, Elaine 70, 112 lemery, Alan 45, 142 lemieux, Charles lemieux, Williom 78, 131, 132 lemke, Diane 45. 102 lemke, Shelby 45, 112 lentz, Martha 70, 89, 112, 139, 141 lenz. Dean 141 lenz, Jomes left, James Lett, Jay leltenberger, James 70, 169, 172 lettenberger, Robert 70, 134, 137. 139 leu, Gerald 166 leVine, Kothy lewondowski, Joseph lewandowski, Richard lewis, Mory Blonchett 45 lewis, Sally 82. 117 libby. Roy liebelt, Dave 81 leisch. Marilyn 46. 112. 126, 142 lightfuss, Janet 80, 141 Limburg, Marge 104, 129, 158 linberg, Jock linberg. Jayne 148 lind, Erlin lind, Victor 70, 122 lindgren, Wayne 70, 133, 140, 142 lindstrum, Steve linser, David 70. 108. 109. 118 lipke, Henry 46 lippold, Ron lipske, Robert 79 lizok, Jomes 81 Lloyd, Donald long, Barbara 46, 90 long, Keith long, Potricia 81, 159 longrie, Gary 142 loomans, Nancy lo'biecki, lavern Lorenz, Jo 70. 166 Lorenz, Robert lotzer, Clarence Louis, Alton lovedole, Arlito 46 lowed, Susan 82 lowery, Richard 70 lowther, Elizobeth lucoreli, Robert luckow, Dorleen luezok, Barbara 76, 114, 120 ludewig, Lois ludtke. Jack ludwig, Eugene Ludwig, Norma 180 ludwig, Roger luebke, Barbara 98 luobke, David 46. 119 luebke, Paul luebke, Robert 106 luedtke, Gary luedtke, Suzanne luisier, Sally 180 lunquist, Donald 77. 117, 119 lurvey, Richard lust, Judy lutz, Norman Mack. Thomas MocKinnis, James Mocknick, Richard 46 Madden, Susan Moddy. Bruce Model, David Madison, Audrey Madison, Douglos 82 Maercklein, Charles Maes, Jon 47. 100 Magnin, John Magnin, Thomas Mogoon, Roger Moilluux, Donald 71, 138 Mojnorich, Judith 71, 96, 97, 134, 150 Malchow, Tom 166 Malkovich. Roger Monderfield, Leonard Monderfield, Lucille 71, 96, 134, 137 Monel, Germain Monel, Mabel Money, Clem Manis, Mouric Manneboch, Wayne Monney, Judith Manthei, Clorence Marosch, Milton Marcellis, Martin Marcouiller, Marjorie Margers, Kenneth Morhefke, Mary Ann 131 Morko, Robert Marohn, louis 106, 116 Marshall, David 117, 124 Marshall, Robert Marshall, Ronald Martens. Mary 47 Martin, James 71 Martin, Thomos Martyn, J. Michael Mosoros, John 71, 94, 127, 137 Mostalir, Lester Moth , James 79 Matthews, Joann Molter, A. Mathson Motthios, Annette 47 Maulick, Robert 47, 172 Mourer, Junice 47, 96 Moxted, Wendo 71. 104, 141, 154 Moyne, Terrors Mayo, Williom McAllister, Betty Jo McAloon, Mory lee McAlvon, Mary lee McArthur, Georg 166 McCorthy, Thomas 166 McCain, Alon McClellan. Williom 71. 132 McCnow, Ann McConahey, Joan McCoy, Robert McDougol. John McElroy, Robert McEnroe, I. Edward McGinnis, Williom McGoey, I. Michael McGuire, Juanita McGuire, Poul McGroth, Jomes McIntyre, Richard McKellips, Nelrose McKinley, Wayne 77, 141 McKinnon, Judy 90 McNall, Robert Mcolash, Weston Meenk, Darryl Megathlin, Jomes 110 Meigher, Terrance Meisner, Robert W. 47, 127. 141 Meissner, Mory lou Meissner, Robert H. Melby, lois 80. 142 Mellberg. Robert 78 Mellum, Doretta 98 192Mellum, Henrietta 89, 98 Mendletki, Shoron 81 Mertch, Morgarot 77, 180 Merkle, Barry 94 Mertent, Alfred Mertes. Don 71, 106, 121 Meti, Margaret 48 Metx, Thomot Meyer, Daniel Meyer, David Michels, Susan 165 Mickey, Mel Middleton, Barbara 82 Mielke, William 106 Miller. David 71, 116, 118, 159 Miller, Evelyn Miller, George Miller, Harold 174 Miller, Jomes Miller, Jonice Miller, Jeremy Miller, Judith Miller. Judy I. 71. 90, 140, 141 Miller, Patricia Miller, Sylvia 79 Mistall, Margoret 79, 141 Minting, Marlene 48, 98 Mitxewski, Joseph Mitchell, Julia Mitchell, loren 94 Mitchell. Richard 48, 94, 95 Moerchen, John Mohr, George Mohs, Corl 77, 141 Mohteni, Zioeddin 138 Molitor, Dean Molke. Robert 85 Molus, Jocquelyn 48, 96 Monroe, Mildred Mook, Susan Moore. Duane 77 Moore, Joel 48, 118 Moore, Mary Moore, Roger 48, 118 Moreau, James 166, 167, 172 Morgan, Michael Morken, Richard 49 Morken, Sidney Mortensen, Norman 71 Moser, Carla 78. 102 Moses, linda Mott, Alton Mowrer, Mkhoel Mueller, Anthony Mueller, Corol Moe 82, 181 Mueller, Edward 49, 94, 95, 116, 127, 133, 141 Mueller, lyle Mueller, Ralph Mueller, Ruth Mueller, Tony Mueller, Williom Muenster, Glenn 49, 106 Mullins, Philip Mulroy, Dick Murray, Edward Murroy, Robert Murray, Richard Murroy, Tom Murphy, John Murphy, Mike Murphy. Poul 49, 94, 95. 100 Mushinski, Maxine Muti, Mortin Mutxelburg, Melvin Nachtwey. David 1. 71 Nagler, leono Notch, John E. Nashind, Robert N. Noshlund, Arvid Naslund, Robert Nebel, Julie Nebel, Theodore Nehls, Rithord 139 Nelis, laurel J. 80 Nelson, Alice Nelson, David J. Nelson, Donald 169 Nelson, Eugene Nelson, Gladys f. Nelson, Harold 166. 168 Nelson, Jane 8. 180 Nelson, Marguerite Nelson, Verona Nerenhousen, Grant Edward Neta, Nyle C. 78 Nett, Hubert C. Netxel, Morion Neubouer, Clifford J. Neumon, Ronald J. Neuter. Charles M. 128, 178 118, 126. Neuter, Kenneth J. 71. 100, 118, 119, 127, 159 Never, lee G. Nevers, Eileen Newhouse, Richard 49 Nichols, Dixie L. Nichols, Jonet 49, 112 Nielsen, Ralph R. Niehoff, Donna J. 71. 89. 112, 129 Nielson, Eugene C. Nielson, Ralph 72. 121, 179 Niemuth, Roger 80 Nigel, Ronald S. 81 Nikolaus, Dovid R. 79 Niquette, Joanne E. 102 Nitkowski, Dovid Noe, Howard 50 Noel, Alfred 132 Normand, Richard Norton, Carmen Alice 72, 90, 132 Notch, John Novitske, Richard 80. 132 Novotny, Betty Jane 72, 90 Novshek, Kathy 112 Nowak, James Nowell, Jomet 77, 128 Nygord, Bonita Jane Obenberger, Kay 104, 117, 120, 136, 158 Oberklaner, Judith Morie 72, 104 Oberstodt. Patsy A. 92, 96 O'Brien, Brian Daniel O'Brian, Donald James 147 O'Brian, William Robert O'Connell, Dennis I. 106 O'Connell, lorry William Ocstreich, letter M. Ogden, Joe S. 174 O'Hearn, lorry Ohlrick, Wayne Oldani, Terry Oleson, Jomet Olson, Mono 72. 104 Olson. Neol E. 166 O'Neill, Arlys 50, 92. 120 Openorth, Morilyn 50 O'Reilly, Margaret Orr, Sanford 72 Osborne, Eileen 122. 124. 125 Ostermeier. Terry 50. 118, 122, 123, 126. 132 Ott, Albert 128 Olt, Borry 110. 174 Ott, Marlene 83 Ott, leonord Otte. James 50. 109, 169, 170 Otto, John Otto, Robert Owens, Harlan 64, 94, 95, 100, 121 Poope, Jonis 76 Packat, Philip Packet, Borry Poepke, Frederick 50. 106 Pogel, Richard Pfoffenroth, Gerald Poiron, Daniel 110 Polmer, John 51 Pomplin, Mory 180 Popenfus, Jean Poque, Ronald 100, 177 Parol, Sue Porker, James Potke, Arthur Potchelt, Noncy Potxloff, Gary 94 Patrick, Donald Poulton, Diono Poulus, Dovid Pauly, louite 51, 89, 102 Pavlik, lyla Poidero. Mory Peachey, Jone Penfield, Jomes 128 Pennewell, Thomas 83, 166 Peppier. Gerold 172 Perdue, Judy 72. 96. 127. 137, 158 Peterman, lucille 92 Peters. Elaine Peters, Jacqueline 51, 90 Petersen, David Petersen, Iris 129, 133 Peterson, Drutcillo 92 Peterson, Milton Peterson, Tom 166 Petrie, Jomes 147, 148, 174 Pfeiffer, Lorraine . .. Pfister. Noncy 72, 104, 134, 137, 142 Phelps, Robert Phillips, Edword Phipps, Agnes Pick. Isabelle 51 Piechowtki, Edmund Piepenburg, Patricia 72, 89, 98, 135 Pike, Don Pike, Richard 51. 139 Pikrandt, D. 77 Pilloth, Emil 128 Piottcr, Walter Piroxxoli, Edward Pitcher, Vilma Piltler, Mory 52, 98. 142 Ploch, Gerald Plate. Arlyn 83 Plashko, Bruce 138 Plein, Thomas 79 Plutchak, Gail 52 Pockot, Phillip 106, 142 Pohnl, Robert 106 Pohr, Gerold Pokrondt. Dorothy 112 Polonsky. Beverly 78, 116, Ml, 159 Polishinski, Judith 80 Pollard. Carol 96 Pollex, Walter Polly, George Polomis, Morilyn 72, 112, 135 Polsin, James Polsin, Jerome Polxin, Alice 81 Ponce, Doissy Pope, Frederick Popp, Groce 72, 112 Porst, louis Port, Gordon Porto, Mortin Praeger, Robert 72, 139 Prather, Chris 72. 104. 157 Prosher, James Pretchold, Kathy 102 Priebe. Kenneth 72. 174 Priebe, Richard Prindiville. Jerry 72. 119 procknow. Noreifo 52, 104, 118 Propton, Richard Pubonx. len 72, 106, 172 Pufahl, Darrel Pugh, Williom Pullman, David Putxer, Thomas Pyott, Ruth Quevillon, Mory Ann 52 Ouimby, Dove Roob, Richard Rootx. Arlan Raddotx, Roger 73, 106, 116 Rodemacher. John Rademocher, Richard 174 Rodtke. Corl Rodtke, Charles 80 Rodtke, Michael Rodtke, Wayne Rodtke, Willard Raduenx. Mar jeon Roe, Oovid Rofoth, Mary lynn 52, 112 Roneker, Wayne Romm, Jodell 73 Rotchig, Robert 73 Rotmussen, Gory Rotmutten, William 119 Rather, lee Rather, Sally 80. 141 Ratxburg, Francis Rausch. David 177 Rousch, Jomes 177 Routman, Orvil Reabe, William 166 Reagan, Denis 52, 94 Reamer, Dora Reardon, Thomos 84 Reddick, Jeonnette Redemonn, James 53 Redemonn. Noncy 80 Redlin, Russell Red men, Kenneth Reehl, Ben Reetx. Gerold Reff. Charles Rehbein, Carla 53 Rehbein, James 53 Reichordt, Ellen Reichordt, Rodger 128 Rekhenberger, Noncy 73. 104 Reigel, Chuck Reinert, William 73, 100 Reiser. Bor bora Jean Reiser, lorry Reit, Roger Reitx, Joanne Relien, Stephen Remo, Dougleen 73, 90, M2 Renier, Robert Renkens, Helen 82 193Rem, Dennit Rentmeeitcr, lowrence Roschke, Herman Rcsctke, Noil 77 Retzko. John 53 Retteroth, John Rewalt, Cory 53 Rex, Oon 85, 122, 123 Rhode, Joan Rhyner, Suo 77 Ri«o, Richard 82, 166 Richard , Roberta Richordton, Dan 53, 118, 139 Richardson, Patrick 73 Richter, Adrian 73 Richter, Noncy (Barkow) 73 Rickert, Margaret 82 Ridley, Coil 80. 142 Rieden, Gordon Riedeman, Jean 92 Riehl, David 131, 135 Ries, Dole Rika, Paul Riley, Chorle Riley, Eleanor Ritchie, Susan 114, 129 Ritger, Robert 81 Ritter, Gene Roach, Colleen 82, 122, 132 Roach, Michael 132 Robert , Janet 180 Robert , Noncy Robertton, Miriam Roden»al, Roberta Roe, Denni Roeder, Eileen 143, 180 Roeder, lor na 54, 104 Roehl, Betty 79, 133, 141 Roel , Geroldine Roenx, Saro 79 Roe er, Richard Roethlisberger, Jeon 180 Roethel, Paul 54 Roff, Dennit 169 Rogge, Helen 84 Rogge, Norton Rohm, Emma Roller, loit 82 Romantki, Darlene Roockt, Erwin Roome, Jack 73, 174 Rortted, Benet Rote, Jome Rote, Robert Rotenmerkel, Jome Rotenthal, Jack Rotenthol, Jan Roth, Charlet 94, 139, 159 Roth, Jome 73, 94. 95, 100 Rothenboch. Marcelline 112 Rotter, Marilyn Royeroft, Peter Rubent, Robert Ruff, Judith 81 Ruffolo, Robert 73 Rumlow, Al 54 Rumlow, Woyne Runge, Owen Rupert, Tom Ruprecht, Denite Rutch, Romelle 54, 112, 118, 127 Rutted, Gordon Rutted, Kay 142 Rutted, Kenelm Rutted, Noncy Rutted, Shorlyn 71 Rutter, Gene Rufz, Andrew Ryan, lone Sacht, Marlene 73, 89, 96, 127, 134 Sackerton, C. Colvin Saeger, Glen 141 Sofford, Emory Saint louit, Ruth 54, 96 Salm, Peter 84 Salztieder, Edward 77 Sampton, Curt Sandberg, John 79 Sander , Mary Therete 80 Sander . Richard 55 Sargent, Sue 80 Sowollith, Wayne Sawall, Deloret Sawed, Leon Sawicki. Jome 131 Schoefer, liamont Schoefer, Suton Schaeffer, Elizobeth 81 Schoehauter, Jamet Schorf, Carol Schouder, Mary Schoumburg, Ardi 180 Schoer, Carol Scheibach, lorry 166 Schernkk, luella G. Scheuerman, Betty E. Scheuermon, Conrad Scheuermann, Jamet 80, 169 Scheuermann, Wendy (Wirch) 73 Schiessl, David 78 Schilcher, Clifford 73 Schilcher, Sylvetter Schild, David Schiner, Mary Jane Schlaok, William Schlafke, Walter Schleak, W. 79 Schleer, Judith Schleinhege, Judith Schmaltz, Joyce 79, 141 Schmid, Carol Schmidbauer, George Schmidt, Alice Schmidt, Carol J. 118 Schmidt, Carolyn 102, 181 Schmidt, Charlet W. Schmidt, David J. Schmidt, Jamet Schmidt, Jeanette 55 Schmidt, Robert Schmidt, Ruth 55 Schmidt, Thomot Schmidt, Wayne Schmitz, Lawrence R. 73 Schmude, loVerne Schneider, Alvin E. Schneider, louit Schneider, Ralph H. Schoenberger, Richard 55 Schoenberger, William Schoenian, Caroline 83 Schoephoetter, Shirley 55, 112 Schoepke. Solooh 76, 92 Scholovich. Dorothy 98 Schomitch, J. Thomot Schrao, Judith 74 Schramm, Jonet 74, 96 Schreiber, Koy 76, 98, 159 Schreiber. lynn Schroeder, Corol Schroeder, Cordell Schroeder, Dennit Schroeder, Elizabeth 76 Schroeder, Kenneth 77 Schroeder. Morilyn 90, 118, 120, 124, 147, 148, 154, 155, 158, 159 Schroeder, Mary Schubert, Jane Schuelke, Audrey 81, 92. 142, 180 Schuh, Sylvia 84, 143 Schufohn, Mory Jone Schuler, Richard Schultz, Bar bora 98 Schultz. Bert 108, 109, 139 Schultz, Bruce 174, 179 Schultz, Elizabeth Schultz, Hilbert 55, 118 Schultz, Jerome Schultz, Ruth 56. 96 Schultz, Sally 56 Schulz, Bruce Schulz, Charlotte 112, 133 Schulz, Mary Ann 98 Schulz, Patricia Schumacher, lyle Schumann, Ronald Schwoob, Karl 74, 139, 142, 174 Schwandt, Noncy 80 Schwanke, Noilene Schwebt, Maxine 80, 120 Schwoerer, Mory 74, 104, 157 Scott, Ann Scott, Dennit Scott, lee Scott, Robert Seal, Harold 106 Seorlet, Frederick Sedlachek, Jonet 80 Seefold, Don 84. 141 Seekint, Kathleen Seete, Mortho Segor, George Seibel, Bruce Seifeldt, Bonnie Seiler, Wayne 56 Selbach, Arthur Selboch, Gordon 169 Seiner, Solly 56, 96 Senderhauf, John Sente, William 127, 133 Senzig, Jerry Serthon, Sarah 80, 180 Seybold, Dorothy 114, 116 Seybold, Peggy 84 Seymour, Donald Sholtue, Morgery Sharlik, Rodger Sharner, Lloyd Sheohan, Jamet 108, 172 Sheet , Duane 172 Shepard, Don 56 Sherman, Merton Sheveland, Richard Shield , Garvin Shield , Kenneth Shim, Chang Sup 77, 119 Shimek, lyn 112 Shwonek, Terry Sibley, Carol Siemert, Ruth 82, 127 Sievert, Gale Sievers, Joyce 114, 131 Seiwert, Mory Simon, William Simonton, John Simpson, Jamet Simpson, Kenneth Singler, Richard Sinkler, Carol Sippel, Elroy 74 Sippel, James Skolitzky, Rote 83 Skarvan, Tony 94. 95, 106 Skidmore, John Slaby. Jone 180 Smarzinski, Gory Smith, Annette 98, 180 Smith, Beverly 56, 92 Smith. Bill Smith, lee 106 Smith, lorno Smith, Milton Smith, Sharon 92 Smith, Suton 82 Smithert, Jamet 84, 142 Smits, Kenneth Snider, Carole 102 Snyder, David Snyder, Glen Snyder, Mory 74 Sobietki, Marilyn 57, 102 Sodoltki, Jamet Soles, Roger Sommers, Dennit Sondolle, Barbara 114, 159 Sonnenberg, Roy Sonnleitner, Jamet Sordohl, Michael 94 Sorenson, Mary 57, 102, 118, 12 Sorgent, Dove 79 Sotinski, Beverly 112 Sosintki. Leslie 94, 95, 110 Sotnotki, Marlene Spanbauer, James Spanbauer, Karen Spanbauer, Stanley 57 Spaulding, Don Spearbraker, Koarin Spellman, Francis Spicer. Sally 98, 142 Spiczenski, Judith Spiegelberg, Sheridah 104 Spiering, Gary Spindler, John Splitgerber, Myron Sprader, Tom Sprehe, Jane 82 Springborn, Corol 180 Stodtmueller, Robert Stoke, Juanita Stake, Marlene Stapel, Susanne 57 Stork, Marilyn 85. 98 Stearns, Ron Stecher, James 142 Steckbouer, Margoret 74 Steckbouer, William 83 Stecker, Corl Stccker, Deonne 57 Steffen. Gloria Steffen, Peter 57, 110 Steffen, Stonley 85 Steimle, John Steinboch, Joanne 80, 141 Steinberg, Sandra 58, 104 Stienbrecher, August Steinike, Robert Steitz, Irene Stenlund, Roger Stens, M. 141 Stephan, Donna Stephan, Ellen Stern, Annette 74, 96, 118, 137 Stern, Douglos Sterr, Albert Stertz, Irene Sticka, Eorl 58, 177 Stille, Louis 194Stilp, Patricio Stockinger, John 58, 110 Stoddort, Katherine 112, 129 Stodohl, Michael Stoecker, John Stohlman, Albert 83 Stone, George Stover, Nancy 133 Stoviok, Don Stowe, DaWayne Stowe, Willard Strasser, Martha Stratz, Joseph Strick, George 108 Stroht, Myrten Strohschein, Wanda Strohschine, Elmer 58, 139 Strouf, Marcia 58, 90, 118. 126, 141 Stry, Terry Stucke, Diane 76, 98 Suchordo, Alice 58, 90, 91, 122, 123. 158. Sullivan, Jomes Sullivan, Pot 74, 102 Sullivan, Thomas Sund, Bill Sutak, Frank Swonton, Milo Swontz, Richard Sweet. Clifford 59. 131 Syring, Ralph 174 Tabalske, Judith E. Tohlier, Richard R. 59, 101, 181 Tohulker, Eileen M. Toit, Mary C. Talarek, Stanley J. 85 Tonk, Dale 110 Tonk, Jeon E. 112 Taylor, Eileen C. Taylor, Carol J. 79 Taylor, Stephan Tee la. Ginger 74 Teichmiller, Edwin 77. 142 Tellock, Merle E Terhorst, Courtney Tessen, Leonard I. 83, 141 Tuefel, Vivian Thalheim, Brenda S. Thalhofer, Judith C. 74 Thermansen, Judith Thew, Richard F. 74 Thibodeau, Mary E. 59, 98 Thielman, Mary J. 59. 102, 127 Thiesten, Katherine B. 142 Thona, Paul I. Thomon, John H. Thomas. Borboro 8. 74. 89, 120, 127, 158 Thomas, John Thomas, Thomas J. Thompson, Alton C. Thompson, Errol Thompson, Joseph R. Thompson, Reginald F. Thompson, Theodore O. Thorson, Elmer H. Thrasher, Joseph 82 Tice, Mary Tighe, Terry 74. 167 Timm, Dale Timm, Duane Timm, Paul 169 Tipler, Marie 85 Toister, Joanne Toppe, James Traeder, Mary 153 Treleven, Horry Trewyn, Tim Trexell, Donald Trickey, Norman Trinrud, Dave Troudt, Donald Trudell, Potrick 108, 169 Tschopp, Judy 180 Tubbs. Lowell 108 Tulledge, Richard Tully. 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James 82, 133, 141 Vansistine, John Von Straten, Daniel 78. 100 Von Vonderen, Joan Von Vuren, Thomas Veith, Rhode 60 Veith, Robert 60 Velissaris, littian 85, 142 Venske, Wilbur Verboort, Janice 83 Verkuillen, Thomas 166 Viney, Thomas Vogel, Williom Vogt, Norbert Vollendorf, Barbara 79, 143, 180 Vross, Morjorie Vruwink, Frances 79 Wocek, Virginia 60, 141 Wagner, David Wagner, Mary 83 Wagner, Peter 77, 135, 140 Waile, Carolyn 82 Walker, Noncy Wolloch, Barbara Ann 77 Wolsdorf, Thomas Mox Walsh, Michael 177 Walters, Barbara Lou Walters, Rono 79 Ward, Stephen Wornecke. Elaine Wornke. Carol Morie 83 Warren, Sandra 77 Waters, Susan Watkins, Earl 83, 141 Woltowo, Mory Wovronek, Noncy 76, 98, 135, 143 Weather wax, Hope 75. 96. 135. 136, 142 Weber, Jon Weber, Josephine Weber, Joyce 75, 102, 120. 129. 154 Weber, Morlin 75 Weber. Rita Weber. Theodore Weber, Thomas Weborg, Jane 75. 137, 141 Weeden, Alfred 61 Weeks, Thomas 75 Wegehopt, Duane 138, 141 Wegenke, Richard 61 .... Wegner. 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Robert 128, 166 Wohll, Darlene 63 Wojahn, Virginia 92, 141 Wolden, Helen Wolf, Roger 75. 106. 174 Wolfe. Thomas 63 Wolff. Kenneth Wolfe, Thomas Wollongk, Kothryn 79, 142 Wood, loura Wood, Meredith 75 Wood, Ronald 84 Worden. Carol Worthen, Jone 90, 142 Wrehoto, Williom Wright. Lucille 84, 143 Writt, Lawrence 75, 106 Wussow, Dennis Wussow, Joanne 89, 104. 117, 136. 161 Wussow, Sandra Wywiolowski, Frances 82, 139 Wywiolowski. Helen 75 Yaeso. Felix 110 Yonke. Janice M. 112 Yasick, Eugene S. Yogerst, Norman Yohonnon, Malcolm S. Young, Richard A. 63, 106 Zachorias, Morion B. Zachowski. Dole W. 83, 141 Zahn, Beatrice V. Zaida, Elizabeth 82 Zander, Marilyn J. Zorndt. Don R. 75 Zauo, Dale A. Zehren, David 63 Zeinert, Poul I. Zentner, Linda B. 75, 89, 104, 116, 118 Zentner, Milton C. Zernzack, Robert F. Ziebeil, Bruce D. 75 Zeibell, Richard Ziebeil, Robert H. 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Suggestions in the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh - Quiver Yearbook (Oshkosh, WI) collection:

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