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THE 1958 Editor ............ Assistant Editor . Business Manager Alice Suchordo Judy Swan .Nancy Pfister WISCONSIN STATE COLLEGE, OSHKOSH Oshkosh, Wisconsinin n; w a ii ii “My heart, open, I give my soul. 1 give my soul to thee. Great Manitou! Let mine eyes see a vision of the future That I may know myself and my destiny!” AUTHOR ANONYMOUS To see visions of the future, one must know the past, for the past is reflected into the future. Here is a record of our past. Reflect upon it and you will see the vision of the future. You will know yourself and your destiny. Our lives are the reflections of old Indian days. The Indians who lived here before the coming of our fathers would gather upon the return of a war or hunting party and recount deeds and experiences. It was at those councils that recognition was given to those who had earned recognition. The 1958 Quiver is your recognition. Today we “sit in council” to recount a modern adventure, a journey through an academic year. We pause to remember OSC deeds and experiences for they lead to the future. imiPRESIDENT POI.K The headdress of an Indian chieftain was worn with great pride. Humble young braves who had performed deeds of loyalty, responsibility and industry, were rewarded with richly emblazoned feathers. Those feathers were then carefully sewn to the young man’s headband so that all might know his works. Gradually, the band became heavily laden with these symbols of honor . . . and he was chosen leader of his tribe. Twenty-seven years ago OSC chose a leader. President Polk wears no head-band so that we may know his works. Yet. we do know them ... for Oshkosh State College is the steadfast record of his deeds. They too. are deeds of loyalty, responsibility and industry. ADMINISTRATION But that chief of long ago was also dependent . . . dependent upon a worthy and cooperative council. His great works were possible only through their unselfish service. So is our “chief” dependent . . . dependent upon a worthy and cooperative administration. Their service is appreciated.JAMES F. DUNCAN Dean of the College RAYMOND J. RAMSDEN Dean of Instruction ERNEST O. THEDINGA Dean of Men RUTH NELSON ) ( » of Women L. O. TETZLAFF R egistrar DAVID L. BOWMAN Director of Training rage fiveThe lores of Indian days were learned through thoughts, experience and practice. Young redskins obtained knowledge about the customs of their people . . . knowledge they had to use upon leaving the campgrounds. Our great leaders-in-lcarning do not teach around a glowing campfire. Yet the warmth of their sineerity is a constant endeavor to instill beneficial thoughts of art. science and humanity. If we apply these thoughts to our experiences and practices when we leave our “campgrounds. we too will become Icaders-in-learning. Page sixMax I. Bowman Chemistry Ph.D. FACULTY Jean Renee Aichele Library Science M.S. Ethel J. Behncke Art M.A. Robert E. Brismaster Speech M.A.-M.Ed. Radford E. Boeing Mathematics M.A. David L. Bowman Director of Training School and Placement Ed.D. Frederick L. Caudle Science Ph.D. Page eightFACULTY Jean I. Caudle Third Grade Supervisor Ed.D. Kuei-Sheng Chang Geography PhD. Alice DeBarcza French and German Instructor Roger P. Dennis Music M.A. Herbert C. Dohrman Biology M.Ed. Gordon V. Drake Education Ed.D. James F. Duncan Physics PhD. Page nineHerbert Gaede Geography M.A. FACULTY Alice Duren Kindergarten Supervisor M.S. Maysel E. Evans Speech M.A. Warner J. Geiger Geography Ph.M. Alex P. Ferguson Psychology PhD. Emerson D. Fine Mathematics M.A. Warren J. Goehrs Physical Education P.E. Page tenFACULTY R. J. Grant Industrial Arts M.A. Sherman E. Gunderson Economics Ph.D. Lois J. Hardt Physical Education M.A. Marie A. Hirsch History M.A. Corinne Hubbard Library Catalogcr M.A. Earl J. Hutchinson Principal of Junior High M.A. Ted R. Jackson Speech M.S. Page elevenEric W. Kitzman Physical Education M.S. FACULTY N. S. James English M.A. James K. Johnson Director for Intermediate and Grammar Teachers M.A. Lee H. Kalbus Chemistry Ph.D. Burton E. Karges Geology Ph.D. Irene Koerwitz Library Assistant B.S. R. M. Kolf Physical Education Ph.M. Page twelveFACULTY Stanley Linton Music Ed.D. Thomas A. Madison English M.A. David P. Marble Chemistry M.S. Vela Marble Sociology, History PhD. Dorothy E. Martin English M.A. Bertha C. Merker Kindergarten-Primary Director M.A. John R. Mook Education, Psychology Ph.D. Page thirteenHULTY Morton Nachlos Sociology Ph.D. Mildred Nasgowitz 2nd Grade Supervisor Ed.M. Ralph A. Norem Political Science PhD. Edward Noyes History Ph.D. N. P. Nelson Secondary Director M.A. Ruth Nelson Dean of Women M.S. Gerald J. Olson Educational Administration M.S. Page fourteenFACULTY Richard W. Osborn Art M.F.A. Elizabeth Overton 1st Grade Supervisor M.S. Daniel Palm Biology PhD. E. B. Pfefferkorn Physician M.D. Everett G. Pyle English M.A. Dante A. Puzzo History Ph.D.' Allen J. Priebe Art M.S. Page fifteenFACULTY Raymond J. Ramsden Liberal Arts, Pre-professional Ed. Director Ph.D. Gerald G. Reed Biology Ed.D. Louise E. Scott History, Social Studies M.A. Jacob Shapiro Biology Ph.D. ' Cyril B. Russell Library Science M.A.L.S. David A. Rux Mathematics M.S. Terrence Snowden 6th Grade Supervisor M.S. Page sixteenMay L. Stewart Rural Education Director M.A. John T. Taylor English Ph.D. L. O. Tetzlaff Education Ph.M. Ernest O. Thedinga History PhD. William F. Thompson History. Geography Ph.D.' Michael Thomas English M.A. Elizabeth Toland Nurse R.N. Page seventeenFACULTY James W. Unger Biology PhD. Helen I. Wahoski Head Librarian A.M.L.S. James Walden 5th Grade Supervisor M.S. Lloyd W. Wasser Junior High Science B.S. Freda Wehner 4th Grade Supervisor M.S. William E. White Speech Ph.D. Page eighteenFACULTY Ruth Willcockson English M.S. Anthony J. Womaski Physics M.A. Robert J. Wonders Mathematics M.A. Donald W. Zahalka Journalism. Publications M.S. David J. Zeff Music B.A. Henry K. Ziomek Latin, Spanish M.S. Page nineteenFACULTY NUT LaVerne Franzoi Economics L.L.B. Merlin D. Halle Mathematics B.S. Brunhilde Kraus Art M.A. Betty Lawson Physical Education M.A. Cecile Rukgaber English M.A. IC T UIU I) Otto Nieuwejaar Economics PhD. Joan Pavelski Physical Education M.A. Florine Pew Music Supervisor MS. Robert Polk Geography MS. Page twentyOFFICE STAFF Germaine Hensel Stenographer Gail Jackisch Stenographer Olga Ostertag Secretary to the Director of Teacher Education Florence L. Palmer Student Administration Examiner Patsy Pokrandt Stenographer Page twenty-oneOFFICE STIFF Robert W. Quest Roma Read Business Manager Stenographer Sue Steinhilber Stenographer Grace M. Shimek Secretary to the President Patricia Schilcher Account Clerk Page twenty-twoSwart Training School New Gym Radford Hall Harrington Hall Pa fie twenty-threeIn early days the young Indian boy was sent on a hunt. He ventured down a hazardous trail in search of a great prize. This was a test of manhood. As his arrow pierced the heart of a deer, so he gained honor and merit. We are also on a hunt, but a hunt for knowledge. Our college life is our test. We begin on the trail in our freshman year. At the end of the trail, our graduation, there is a worthy prize. This end brings merit and honor; but it is also a beginning. Page twenty-fourminus Diane Amend Eleanore H. Battig Fond du Lac Liberal Arts. Major: Biology; Minors: Physical Education. Chemistry; F.T.A. I. 2; W.R.A. I. 2. 3. 4 (Sportshead 2, 3. 4); L.S.A. I, 2; Advance 4. B.S. Degree. Lawrence Asplund Two Rivers Secondary. Major: Geography: Minors: Biology. English; Intramural Sports Editor. Advance 2. B.S. Degree. Mayville Rural. Gamma Delta I. 2. (officer 2); Radio Club I. 2 (Secretary 2); Alpha Chi I. 2 (President 2); Choir: Inter-faith 2. Alan J. Arneman Oshkosh Secondary. Major: Biology; Minors: Physical Education. English; Football I. 2; C.L.S. I; Track I; Pep Club 3. 4; Pcriclcan I. 2. 3. 4; Intramural Sports I. 2, 3. 4. B.S. Degree. Bruce B. Bamberg Port Washington Secondary.'Major: Mathematics: Minors: Chemistry. Physics; Intramural Sports 2. 4; F.T.A. 4; Quiver (Sports Editor) 3. 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4; University of Wisconsin I. B.S. Degree. Page twenty-sixOolores Bauer Juneau Upper F.lemcntan. Newman Club 4; Dodge County Normal. B.S. Degree. Mary Bock Fond du Lac Kindergarten Primary. Lambda Chi I. 2. 3. 4 (Historian 2. Pan Hellenic 3. Interfraternity 3); Wesley I. 2: Advance I. 2. 3: Quiver 2. 3: F.T.A.: Pep Club 2: Dormitory Secretary 2: Women’s Association. B.S. Degree. Dorothea M. Bennett Oshkosh L'ppcr Elementary. Kappa Delta Pi 2. 3; F.T.A. 4; Who's Who 4; Dodge County Normal. Mayville 1 year graduate. B.S. Degree. Edward Bloomer Chilton Liberal Arts. Major: Biology: Intramurals I. 2. 3. 4: Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4 (Vice-President 3. 4). B.S. Degree. Douglas Boler Sturgeon Bay l.iberal Art. Major: Social Studies. B.S. Degree. ( Roger Bodart Two Rivers Liberal Arts. Major: History: Minor: Art: Football 2; Tennis 2: Circle "K" Club 2. 3. 4 (Treasurer 3. Board of Directors 4. Project Committee Chairman 4): Men’s Association Board 3; Student Council: Social Life Committee: Homecoming Committee 3. 4; Prom Committee 2. 3: Intramural Sports 2. 3: B.S. Degree. Page twenty-sevenMarlene Bork Beaver Dam Upper Elementary. Gamma Sigma I. 2. 3. 4; Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4; F.T.A. I; W.R.A. I. 2. 3. 4; Quiver I. B.S. Degree. Duncan R. Campbell Winncconne Secondary. Major: Biology: Minors: History. Physical Education. B.S. Degree. Bonnie Buechel Sheboygan Upper Elementary. Band I. 2. 3. 4; Choir 2. 4; U.S.F. President 3. 4: Lambda Chi I. 2. 3. 4 (Interfraternity 2. President 3. Vod-Vil Chairman 2): Student Council I. 2. 3 (Secretary 2): Homecoming Publicity Co-Chairman 3. General Co-Chairman 4; Inter-Faith Council 3. 4; F.T.A. I. 2. 4 (Secretary 2); Social Life Committee 2 (Secretary 2): Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4: Quiver Donald E. Butts Appleton Secondary. Major: History; Minors: Mathematics. English: Intramural Sports (Football 1. 2. Volleyball I. 2. 3); Iota Alpha Sigma Fraternity I, 2, 3. 4 (Social Chairman 1. 2. Vice-President 4); L.S.A. 2. 3. 4 (President 3. 4); Inter-Faith 3, 4. B.S. Degree. Joe Bosman Princeton Liberal Arts. Major: Physics; Minor: Math. B.S. Degree. Ernest Broeniman Burnett Secondary. Major: Music; Minor: Geology; Band I. 2. 3, 4; Choir I. 2; Orchestra 3, 4; Lyceum I. 2. 3. 4 (Secretary-Treasurer 2); C.L.S. I. B.S. Degree. Page tw enty-eightWilliam J. Coyne, Jr. Fond du Lac January Graduate Liberal Arts. Major: English: Minor: Physical Education; Veterans Club 1.2. 3. 4 (Vice-President 2); Newman Club I. 2. 3; Pcriclean I. 2 (Vice-President. Historian 2); Men's Association I. 2. 3. 4; Football I. 2. 3; Intramural Sports I. 2. 4; Homecoming Committee I. B.S. Degree. Hugh M. Corbett Appleton Liberal Arts. Major: Chemistry; U.S.F. I. 4; lota Alpha Sigma I. 2. 3. 4; American Chemical Association 4; Inter-Fraternity 3 (President 4); Pan Hellenic 4. B.S. Degree. Mary Jane Corneluis Oshkosh Kindergarten Primary. Minor: Music: Alcthean I. 2, 3. 4; U.S.F. I. 2. 3. 4 (Vice-President 2): Inter-faith Council 2; Band I. 2. 3; Choir 3: Orchestra 3. 4: Advance I. 2. B.S. Degree. Secondary. Major: Music; U.S.F. 1.2. 3. 4 (President 2): Inter-faith Conned 2. 3; Lyceum I. 2. 3. 4; Orchestra 3. 4; Band I. 2; Choir I. 2. 3. 4; Advance I. B.S. Degree. John L. Congdon Oshkosh Bob Dewane Maribel Secondary. Major: History: Minors: English. Social Science. B.S. Degree. Barbara Dauplaise Green Bay Lower Elementary. Newman Club 3. 4; Alethean 3. 4; F.T.A. 4; Honor Resident 3. 4. Transfer from University of Wisconsin. Milwaukee. B.S. Degree. Page twenty-nineDiantha R. Dohrman Oshkosh Secondary. Major: English; Minors: Psychology. History: Gamma Sigma I. 2. 3. 4 (Historian 2. President 4); VV.R.A. I; Inter-Fraternity 2: U.S.F. I. 2. 3. 4 (Treasurer I): F.T.A. 4; A Cappclla Choir I. 2: Who's Who 4; Freshman Scholarship (Ellen Peake English Award). B.S. Degree. Joan Doll Neenah Lower Elementary. Band I: Gamma Sigma I. 2. 3. 4 (Treasurer 2. Vice-President 3): Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4: W R A. I. 2. 3. 4; B.S. Degree. David Differ Fond du Lac Secondary. Majors: English. History: Newman Club 2. 3. 4: F.T.A. 4; Advance 2. Transfer from University of Wisconsin. Milwaukee. B.S. Degree. Larry Easfon Oshkosh Secondary. Major: Mathematics: Minors: Physics. History: Mathematics Club. B.S. Degree. Pam Duncan Oshkosh Liberal Arts. Major: English: Minor: Psychology; Alethean Sorority 3. 4 (Secretary 3): Wesley Foundation 2. 3 (Secretary-Treasurer 3): Modern Language Club 3: Psychology Club 4. B A. Degree. Mary Dupies Fond du Lac Elementary. Band I: Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4: Gamma Sigma 3. 4 (Treasurer 4); Inter-Fraternity 3: Prom Committee 3: F.T.A. 4. B.S. Degree. Page thirtyRobert G. Eichinger Oshkosh Secondary. Major: Biology: Minors: Physical Education. Geography; Intramural Sports I. 2. 3. 4 (Football. Basketball. Baseball. Tennis. Golf. Badminton. Shuffleboard. Horseshoes); Ugly Man Contest I. B.S. Degree. Donald F. Fictum Oshkosh Upper Elementary. Kappa Della Phi 3. 4; Who’s Who 4. B.S. Degree. Mary Feldmann Kaukauna Upper Elementary. Kappa Gamma I. 2. 3. 4 (Vice-President 2. Vod-Vil Director 2): U.S.F. I. 2. 3. 4 (President 2. 3): Advance I. 2. 3 (Business Manager 2); Quiver I; F.T.A. I. 4; Inter-Faith 2. 3. 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4 (President 4); Who’s Who. B.S. Degree. Howard R. Fenske Kaukauna Secondary. Major: Social Studies; Minors: History. English; F.T.A. 2 (Vice-President 2); C.L.S. I. 2. 4 President 2); Lyceum 1, 2. 3. 4; Gamma Delta 3. 4 (President 4); Pi Kappa Delta 3. 4; Inter-Faith Council I, 3. 4 (President 3. 4); College Debate Team 2. 3. 4; Veterans Organization 2; B.S. Degree. Marjorie A. Firehammer Horicon Secondary. Majors: Speech. English: Advance I. 2. 3, 4 (Copy Editor. News Editor. Editor in Chief 3: Advisory Editor 4); F.T.A. 4; Who’s Who 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4; Kappa Gamma I, 2. 3. 4 (Pan-Hellenic President 3); Glee Club I. 2: Plays I. 2. 3. 4 (Director Children's Play 4). B.S. Degree. Virginia Games Manitowoc Secondary. Major: English; Minors: History. Geography: Gamma Sigma I. 2. 3. 4; Pan Hellenic 4; Quiver I; Wesley 2; F.T.A. 4. B.S. Degree. Page thirty-oneRobert D. George Oshkosh January Graduate Upper Elementary. Glee Club I. 2; F.T.A. I. 2. 4; Quiver 4; Men’s Association I. 2. 3. 4; U.S.F. 4; W.R.A. I. 4. B.S. Degree. Roland F. Gilligan Sheboygan Upper Elementary. Football I. 4; Play "My Sister Eileen” 3: Pcriclean Fraternity I. 2. 4; Intramurals I. 2. 3. 4. B.S. Degree. Clarence L. Gereau Oshkosh Secondary. Major: History; Minors: English. Geography; Campus School Paper 4. B.S. Degree. Allan Fredrick Geimer Two Rivers I pper Elementary. Debate Squad 3. 4; Newman Club; Alpha Phi Omega (President 4); l.yceum; Pi Kappa Delta; Stage Manager "Cinderella”; Student Council 4; Forensics 3. 4; Sports Editor Advance 3; Business Manager Advance 4; Choir: Intramural Sports; F.T.A. B.S. Degree. Jane Getchuis Michael Giervic Omro Upper Elementary. Glee Club I. 2: F.T.A. I. 2. 4; Quiver 4; Women's Association I. 2. 3. 4; U.S.F. 4; W.R.A. I. 4. B.S. Degree. Port Washington Upper Elementary. Intramural Sports 2. 3. 4; Newman Club 4; F.T.A. 4; lota Alpha Sigma 3. 4. B.S. Degree. Page thirty-two Patricia Ann Goldsmith Milwaukee 2 Year Rural. Alpha Chi (Secretary); Radio Club; L.S.A. Robert H. Gomoll Oshkosh Secondary. Major: History; Minors: Geography. Social Science; Lyceum Fraternity (Secretary-Treasurer 4); Men’s Glee Club; Intramural Sports. B.S. Degree. Leo Girens Oshkosh Upper Elementary. B.S. Degree. Peter Michael Gorr Oshkosh pper Elementary. Rifle C lub; F.T.A.: Philakean Fraternity. •LS. Degree. Carol Jean Gould Marinette Kindergarten Primary. Wesley Foundation 3. 4 (President 4); F.T.A. 3. 4 (President 4); Glee Club 3; Quiver 3. 4 (Organization Editor 4); Lambda Chi 3. 4 (Officer 4): Inter-faith 4. B.S. Degree. David Charles Gorsege Elkhart Lake January Graduate Upper Elementary. Track 3; Intramural Sports 3. 4; Veterans Representative 3; Vet's Club 3. 4; Choir 3; Alpha Phi Omega 3. 4; Newman Club 3. 4; Marching Band 3; F.T.A. 4; Play 3; Speech 4; Graduate of Sheboygan County Teachers College 1952. B.S. Degree. Page thirty-threeDon Halverson lolu Secondary. Major: Biology: Basketball I. 2. 3. 4; Baseball 2. 4; Pcriclean I. 2. 3. 4 (Secretary 4); Men's Association 2. 3 (Vice-President); Track I: Intramural Sports I. 2. 3. 4. B.S. Degree. Robert Hanneman Oshkosh Secondary. Major: Biology: Minors: History. Psychology: Intramural Sports 2. 3. 4: Vet's Club 3. 4. B.S. Degree. Dave Harmsen Waupun Secondary. Major: Physics: Minors: Mathematics. English: Lyceum I. 2. 3. 4 (President 2. Secretary-Treasurer 3): Student Council 3; Men’s Association 3. 4 (President 4): Circle "K" 3; Prom Court (Junior Representative 3): Homecoming Court 4. B.S. Degree. Edmund R. Hansen Appleton Secondary. Major: Mathematics. Physics: lota Alpha Sigma I. 2: Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4; Who's Who 4; Intramural Sports I. 2: Reporter for 1956-57 Brochure (Basketball). B.S. Degree. Mary Haas Coto I pper Elementary. Newman Club; E.T.A.: International Relations Club. B.S. Degree. Pauline N. Hansen Denmark 2 Year Rural. Alpha Chi I. 2. Page thirty-fourRichard Harry Oshkosh Upper Elementary. Lyceum 3. 4: Pan Hellenic 4: Circle “K” 3. 4 (Board Director 4); F.T.A. 4; Intramural Football 3: Intramural Volley ball 3: Transfer from Dodge County Teacher’s College. B.S. Degree. Ron Helgren Florence I pper Elementary. B.S. Degree. Clifford J. Hein Kiel I pper Elementary. F.T.A. 3. 4: Iota Alpha Sigma 4; Transfer from Sheboygan County Teacher's College. B.S. Degree. Pat Heinzen Sheboygan l.ower Elementary. Lambda Chi; Advance Staff: Quiver: F.T.A.: U.S.F. B.S. Degree. George Hightdudis Menasha Sccondar). Major: Biology: Minors: Physical Education. History; Football I. 2. 3. 4; Honor Captain M.V.P. 4; Track I. 2; Homecoming King I: Men's Association 3: Pcriclean Fraternity (Vice-President 3. President 4); Inter-Fraternity 2; "O'" Club I. 2 (Scc.-Trcas. 2): Vet's Club I. 2 B.S. Degree. Dorothy June Hensel New London Lower Elementary. F.T.A. 4: College Lutheran Society I; Modern Dance 3: Gamma Sigma I. 2. 3. 4 (Secretary 4): Songfcst Director 3: “Hansel and Grctcl” I: Honor Resident 3. B.S. Degree. Page thirty-fiveElizabeth Hlavachek Reedsville Upper Elementary. Cheerleader I. 2: Student Council I; I umbda Chi 2. 3. 4 (Officer 3. 4); Radio Club I. 2. 3; Pep Club 2. 3: F.T.A. 2. 3. 4; Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4: Who's Who 4; Quiver Index Editor 4; Advance Staff I. 2. 3 (Assoc. Editor 3); Kappa Delta Pi 4. B.S. Degree. Clifford D. Hinkens Oshkosh Secondary. Major: History: Minors: Physical Education. Biology: Vet’s Club; Periclcan; Basketball 3. B.S. Degree. Marlene Hoverson Two Rivers Secondary. Majors: History. I ibrary; Minors: Science. Geology: Band I. 2: Orchestra 3. 4; U.S.F. I. 2. 3. 4 (Vice-President 3): International Relations Club 3. 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4; Gamma Sigma 2. 3. 4; F.T.A. 3. 4; Quiver 3: Honor Resident 4. B.S. Degree. Janis Hoffmann Gladstone. Michigan Lower Elementary. Gamma Phi Alpha: Band: Chorus: F.T.A.; W.R.A.; L.S.A. Transfer from Northern Michigan College. B.S. Degree. Elaine Hiley Rosendale 3 Yr. Rural. Alpha Chi I. 2. 3; L.S.A. I. 2. 3: Radio Club 2. 3. Charles J. Holsen Manitowoc tipper Elementary. Intramural Sports: Vet's Club. Transfer from Northern Michigan College. B.S. Degree. Page thirty-sixShirley Hoverson Denmark January Graduate I'ppcr Elementary. U.S.F. 3. 4 (Secretary 4): F.T.A. 3. 4: Kappa Delta Pi. Transfer from Manitowoc County Teachers College. B.S. Degree. I Leon R. Jackman Two Rivers Secondary. Major: Geography: Minors: History. Physical Education: Newman Club 2: Football 2. 3; Intramural Sports 2. 3. 4; Homecoming Committee 4; Pcriclean 2. B.S. Degree. Irvin J. Huberty Fond du Lac Liberal Arts. Major: Geography; Rifle Club I; Newman Club I. 4; lota Alpha Sigma 2. 3. 4 (Secretary 2. Vice-President 3. Treasurer 4); Intramural Sports I. 2. 3. 4: Circle "K" 4: Men's Association 3. 4 (Secretary-Treasurer 3). B.A. Degree. Carol Jagodinski Manitowoc I'ppcr Klcmcntun. Newman Club I. 3: Radio Club I. 2: Delta Phi I. 2. 3. 4 (Treasurer 2 : Pan Hellenic 3. 4: Secretary-Treasurer of Inter-Sorority 4: Student Council 2: Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4 (Treasurer 4): F.T.A. 3. 4 (Secretary 4): Who’s Who 4; Advance 3. B.S. IXgrec. Sharon Hunter Oshkosh Secondary. Major: English: Minors: History. Geology: Alcthean Sorority I. 2. 3. 4: International Relations Club I. 2 (Secretary-Treasurer I): F.T.A.: Who’s Who 4: Kappa Delta Pi 4. B.S. Degree. Dave Ray Johnson Waupaca Secondary. Major: Mathematics: Minors: Physics. Chemistry: Band I. 3. 4: F.T.A. 4: Quiver Staff 4: Beta Theta Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4.. B.S. Degree. Page thirty-sevenRobert Charles Karnes Kenosha Secondary. Majors: History. English: Football I. 2; Golf I. 2. 3. 4; Intramural Sports I. 2. 3. 4; lota Alpha Sigma 1.2. 3. 4; Inter-Fraternity 3: Newman Club 1.2. 3. 4; F.T.A. 4; Men's Association I. 2. 3. 4; B.S. Degree. Daniel Karrels Port Washington Secondary. Major: Mathematics: Minors: Physics. Chemistry: Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4; Newman Club 4; F.T.A. 4: Intramurals 2; Transfer from Marquette University. B.S. Degree. Thomas Kerrigan Oshkosh January Graduate Upper Elementary. Football I. 2. 3. 4; Pcriclean: Eagle Scout. B.S. IXgrec. Marlene Kaschube Shiocton Upper Elementary. B.S. Degree. Shirlene Johnson Oconto l.ower Elementary. Advance I: Gamma Sigma I. 2. 3. 4: Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4; U.S.F. I. 2. 3. 4. F.T.A. 4; Who's Who 4. B.S. Degree. Kathleen Keller Beaver Dam l.ower Elementary. Choir I. 2. 3. 4; Band I. 2: Phoenix I. 2. 3. 4 (Vice-President 3. Rep. 4. Songfest Director 2. 3): F.T.A. I. 2. 3. 4 (Treasurer 4): Kappa Delta Pi (Historian Reporter 4): U.S.F. I. 2. 3. 4. B.S. Degree. Pam' thirty-eight Herbert King Marinette Secondary Major: English: Minor: Geography; Vet's Club; F.T.A. B.S. Degree. Kent P. Kiesow Horicon Secondary. Majors: Instrumental Music. Vocal Music: Minor: English: Band I. 2. 3; Orchestra I. 4; Chorus 2. 3. 4. B.S. Degree. Jerome Kleiber Manitowoc Upper Elementary. Intramurals 3. 4; F.T.A. 4; Newman Club 4; lota Alpha Sigma 4. Transfer from Manitowoc County Teachers College. B.S. Degree. Donna Kloppmann Crivitz I'ppcr Elementary. Band I. 2: Glee Club I: Alethcan Sorority I. 2. 3. 4; F.T.A. 3. 4. B.S. Degree. Dolores H. Kitzinger Appleton Kindergarten-Primary . Phoenix 2. 3. 4 (Historian 3); Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4; Band I. 2. B.S. Degree. Ellen J. Knight Dalton Kindergarten-Primary. Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4; Advance 3; Choir I. 2. 3. 4: Phoenix I. 2, 3. 4 (Secretary 3. Pres. 3); Women’s Association Board 2; Glee Club 1; F.T.A. 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4 (Secretary 4); Who’s Who 4. B.S. Degree. V - Page thirty-nineMary Konrad Oshkosh Secondary. Major: Mathematics; Minors: History. English; Alcthcan 2. 3. 4 (Treasurer 2. President 4); Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4; Advance I; Quiver I. 2. 3 (Editor 3); Student Council 3; F.T.A. 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4; Who’s Who 4; A.W.S.C.F. Award 2. B.S. Degree. Bernadine V. Koval New London Secondary. Major: Library Science; Minors: Geology. English: Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4; Gamma Sigma I. 2. 3. 4 (Historian 3); F.T.A. 3. 4; Advance (Business Staff) 2: Quiver 3. 4 (Activities Editor 4). B.S. Degree. Jack Arthur Kolterjahn Oshkosh I'pper Elementary. Philakcan 1. 2; Golf 2, 3: Intramural Sports I. 2. 4; Choir 2; F.T.A. 4; I.R.C. 4. B.S. Degree. Ewald Krueger Oshkosh Secondary. Majors: Chemistry. Biology; American Chemical Society I. 2. 3. 4 (Vice-President I). B.S. Degree. Bryon W. Krause Oshkosh Liberal Arts. Major: Mathematics; Minors: Chemistry. Physics: Intramural Sports I: Lyceum 2. B.S. Degree. Donald L. Kroll New London January Graduate Secondary. Major: Biology; Minors: Physical Education. Geography; Football I. 2, 3; Basketball I. 2. 3. 4; Intramural Sports I. 2. 3. 4; Inter-Fraternity 3; Pcriclcan I. 2. 3. 4; “O’ Club 2. B.S. Degree. Page fortyDorothy Lange Fond du Lac Lower Elementary. F.T.A. 4: Transfer from University of Wisconsin. B.S. Degree. Phillip Lamport Oshkosh Secondary- Major: Geography; Minors: English. History; Vet's Club. B.S. Degree. Robert M. LaPoint Oshkosh Secondary. Vet’s Club. B.S. Degree. Margaret Lawless Fond du Lac Lower Elementary. Band I; Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4; Gamma Sigma I. 2. 3. 4; Inter-Fraternity 2: F.T.A. 4. B.S. Degree. Barbara Leher Oshkosh Secondary. Major: Speech; Minors: English. Physical Ed.; Cheerleader I. 2. 3. 4; Homecoming Court of Honor 3; Women's Assoc. Board (President 2): Student Council (Secretary 3): Social L.ifc Committee 3. 4; Prom Committee 3; Prom Court I; "My Sister Eileen” (Business Mgr.); "Aladdin” (Ass't Director); F.T.A. 4; Gamma Sigma (Secretary 2. President 3. Custodian 4. B.S. Degree. Carol Jane Lehman Berlin Kindergarten-Primary. Minor: Ait: Glee Club I. 2; Radio Club 3: Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4: F.T.A. I. 2. 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4; Who’s Who. B.S. Degree. Page forty-oneVirginia Lewis Fond du Lac Secondary. Majors: Chemistry. Mathematics; Radio Club I. 2, 3 (Group Chairman 3): Newman Club I. 3, 4; A. C.S. Student Affiliate I. 2. 3. 4 (Secretary-Treasurer 4); Honor Resident 4; Band I. B. S. Degree. Richard Malchow Oshkosh Upper Elementary. Basketball; Track: "O" Club; Pcriclean Fraternity; Intramural Sports. B.S. Degree. Audrey Meister Clintonvillc Lower Elementary. Women's Association Board 3. B.S. Degree. Marvin E. Marheine Oshkosh Liberal Arts. Major: English: Alpha Phi Omega I. 2. 3. 4 (Charter Member. President 3): College Debate 3. B.A. Degree. Richard Lewis Oshkosh Secondary. Majors: Mathematics. Natural Science; Alpha Phi Omega I, 2. 3. 4; Philakcan 2. 3. 4; Circle “K" Club 3. B.S. Degree. John Mauritz Oshkosh Secondary. Majors: Biology. History: Philakcan I. 2 (Vice-President 2): Newman Club I. 2; Rifle Club I. 2. B.S. Degree. Page forty-twoWendelin D. Michels Winneconne Upper Elementary. Transfer from Sheboygan County Normal. B.S. Degree. William R. Moldenhauer Oshkosh Secondary. Major: Biology; Minors: English. Physical Education. B.S. Degree. Thomas Meyer Oshkosh Secondary. Major: Social Science; Minors: Geology. Geography; Football I: Golf 3, 4; Pcriclcan I; Vet’s Club I, 2. 3; Intramural Sports I. 2. 3. 4. B.S. Degree. Glenn Montonati Oshkosh l.ihcnil Arts. Major: Social Science: Minors: Geology. English: Vet's Club I; Newman Club 3: Intramural Sports I. 2. 3. 4. B.S. Degree. Gerald S. Mueller Sheboygan Upper Elementary. Intramurals 3. 4; F.T.A. 4; Newman Club 3. 4; Vet’s Club 3. 4; Men’s Association 3. 4; International Relations Club 4. B.S. Degree. ■ Kenneth W. Mueller Two Rivers Secondary. Majors: Biology. Natural Science: Pcriclcan Fraternity 2. 3. 4 (Secretary 3): Circle "K” Club 3. 4 (President 4); Language Club 4; Men’s Glee Club 4. B.S. Degree. Page forty-threeAnn Murray Fond du Lac Lower Elementary. B.S. Degree. Sally Nehring Oshkosh Technology. Alcthcan 2. 3. 4. B.S. Degree. Robert E. Newton Appleton Secondary. Major: Mathematics: Minors: Chemistry. Physics: F.T.A. 4: Mathematics Club 4. B.S. Degree. Barbara Nelis Green Bay 2 Year Rural. Alpha Chi I. 2: Student Council I. 2: Health and Accident Committee I. 2: U.S.F. I. 2; Radio Club I. 2 (Treasurer 2). Carol Ann Neuman Beaver Dam Kindergarten-Primary. Newman Club 1.2. 3. 4 (Treasurer 3); Lambda Chi I. 2. 3. 4 (Songfest Director 2. Play Cast 2); Band I. 2. 3. 4; Pep Band 3: Orchestra 4: F.T.A. 3, 4; Student Council 3; Dorm Treasurer. Council and Honor Resident 3: Prom Decorations 2: Homecoming Committee 3. 4. B.S. Degree. Page forty-jourThomas J. O'Hearn Rita Mae Olson Reedsville Upper Elementary. F.T.A. 3. 4; International Relations Club 3. 4; lota Alpha Sigma 3. 4: Kappa Delta Phi 4: Newman Club 3. 4: Student Council 3. 4: Vet’s Club 3. 4: Intramural Sports 3. 4; "K" Club 4. B.S. Degree. Mary Ann Nitkowski Oshkosh Seconder). Majors: History. English; College Choir, "Down in the Valley" (Madrigal Singers): Lambda Chi; International Relations Club (Vice-President 3. President 4); Transfer from Northwestern University. Evanston. III. Emily J. Oyer Wausau Kindergarten-Primary. Gamma Sigma 3, 4: Dramatics I. 2; Primary Council I. 2: Glee Club 2; Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4; Transfer from Stevens Point State. B.S. Degree. Shirley Parker Neenah Kindergarten-Primary. Phoenix 2. 3. 4 (Historian-Reporter 2. Vice-President 3): Glee Club I. 2; L.S.A. I. 2. 3: Prom Committee 3: Advance Staff (Typing Editor 3. Society Editor 3. 4); F.T.A. I. 4: Student Council 3; Play Contest 3. B.S. Degree. Sturgeon Bay Kindergarten-Primary. F.T.A. 4: Transfer from University of Wisconsin. B.S. Degree. James F. Perdue Oshkosh Secondary- Major: Biology; Minors: Mathematics. Chemistry: Philakcan 1.2. 3 (Vice-President 3. Inter-Fraternity 2): Circle "K" Club 2. 3. 4 (President 2. 3. Director 4): Newman Club I. 2. B.S. Degree. Page forty-fiveCleone Prausa Oconto Falls Secondary. Major: Music; Minor: English: Della Phi 2. 3. 4; Newman Club 2. 3; Orchestra 3. 4; Radio Club 2. 3 (Secretary 3); F.T.A. 4; Band 1. 2. 3. 4; Choir 2. 3. B.S. Degree. Suzanne Rice Oconto Upper Elementary. Newman Club 2. 3. 4; Alcthcan Sorority 2. 3. 4; W.R.A. 2. 3. 4: Quiver Staff 3: F.T.A. 4; Transfer from University Extension. Marinette. B.S. Degree. Donald W. Redman Ripon Secondary. Majors: Biology. Natural Science; Transfer from University of Wisconsin. B.S. Degree. Mary Lou Reese Green Bay Kindergarten-Primary. Kappa Gamma I. 2. 3. 4 (Inter-Fraternity 2; Play Contest Co-Chairman 3. Vice-President 3): Dormitory President 3: Advance I. 2. 3; (Make-up Editor 3); Quiver 2. 3: Wesley I. 2. 3. 4 (Council 2. 3): Inter-Faith Council 3: Homecoming Court 3; Prom Committee 3; Student Council 3: Glee Club 2: F.T.A. 4. B.S. Degree. Marcella Raatz Wautoma 2 Year Rural. Alpha Chi I. 2 (Historian-Reporter I); Women’s Assoc. Rep. 2: Gamma Delta I. 2. Chester C. Plantico Manitowoc Upper Elementary. Vet's Club 3. 4; F.T.A. 4; A.P.O. 4; International Relations Club 3; Transfer from Manitowoc County Teachers College. B.S. Degree. Page forty-sixWanda Roever Oshkosh Secondary. Major: Music; Minor: Latin: Delta Phi I. 2. 3. 4; Inter-Frat Rep. 2. 3; Choir 1,2, 3. 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4; Newman Club 1. 3; Radio Club I. 2; Who's Who 4; Forensics 2. B.S. Degree. Lois Roscoe Menominee. Michigan Lower Elementary. Gamma Sigma I. 2. 3. 4; Advance I; Women's Association I. 2. 3. 4; F.T.A. B.S. Degree. Richard Roeber Eldorado Secondary. Major: Mathematics; Minors: Biology. Physical Education; Intramural Sports 1. 2. 3, 4; Track I; Basketball 3; Advance 4; Men's Assoc. Board 3. 4; Student Council 2. 3. B.S. Degree. Kenneth D. Ruesink Waupun Secondary. Major: Social Studies: Minors: History. English: Intramural Sports I. 2; Transfer from Whitewater State College. B.S. Degree. Alan Runkel Port Washington l.iberal Arts. Major: Mathematics; Minors: Chemistry. Physics: Intramural Sports: lota Alpha Sigma: U.S.F. B.S. Degree. Dale R. Rusch Appleton January Graduate Secondary. Football I. 2. 3: Transfer from Stevens Point State College. B.S. Degree. Page forty-sevenMaureen G. Ryan Mcnasha Kindergarten-Primary. Kappa Gamma 2. 3. 4 (Vice-President 3. Vod-Vil Co-Chairman 2. 4); F.T.A. 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4; Advance 3. 4 (Picture Editor 3); Cheerleader 2. 3. 4 (Co-Captain 4); Pep Club 2. 3: Student Council 3; Who's Who 4: Modern Dance 4; Transfer from University of Wisconsin. B.S. Degree. Lillian Samsa Sheboygan Kindergarten-Primary. Newman Club 4; F.T.A. 4. B.S. Degree. Ronald Schelfhout Manitowoc Upper Elementary. Intramural Sports 3, 4; Men’s Association: Graduated from Manitowoc County Teachers College. B.S. Degree. Judith M. Sargent Sturgeon Bay Upper Elementary. Gamma Sigma I. 2. 3: F.T.A. 3; W.R.A. I. B.S. Degree. Jean Russell Rosendale Kindergarten-Primary. Lambda Chi I. 2. 3. 4; Wesley I. 2; Social Life Committee 3 (Secretary 3): F.T.A. 3. 4; Advance I. 2: Quiver 2; "Jane Eyre" Cast 2: Prom Committee 3: Homecoming Committee 4. B.S. Degree. Frederick J. Schaefer Fond du Lac Secondary. Major: History; Minors: Biology. Physical Education: F.T.A. 4; Newman Club I. 2. 4: Basketball I. 2. 3: Track 2, 3. 4; Intramurals I. 2. 3. 4; Kappa l clta Pi 3: Who’s Who 4. B.S. Degree. Page forty-eightDavid Scherff Plymouth Secondary. Major: Biology; Minors: Chemistry. English; International Relations Club 3. 4; F.T.A. 4. B.S. Degree. Dorothy Schmidt Berlin Upper Elementary. Glee Club I; Alpha Chi I. 2: F.T.A. I. 2. 3. 4; L.S.A. I. 2. 3. 4; Quiver 2, 4; Women’s Recreation Assoc. 4; Honor Resident 4. B.S. Degree. Eugene A. Schmidt Manitowoc Upper Elementary. F.T.A.; Pi Kappa Delta; Newman Club (President 4); Intramural Basketball and Volleyball. B.S. Degree. George A. Schmidt Manitowoc Liberal Arts. Major: History; Forensics 3. 4 (Debate 3); Dramatics 4 "The Crucible": Student Council 3; Choir 4; Advance 4 (Columnist). B.S. Degree. Reinhard Schmidt Oshkosh Secondary. Major: Biology: Minors: History. Geography: Philakcan; Radio Club: Advance Staff; L.S.A. B.S. Degree. . Bernard A. Schmitt January Graduate Upper Elementary. Band I. 2; Ncw»man Club I. 2: Alpha Phi Omega 2. 3. 4 (Vice President 2). B.S. Degree. I Page forty-nineNatalie Senn Shawano Kindergarten-Primary. F.T.A.; U.S.F. (Vice-President); Transfer from Mission House College. B.S. Degree. Audrey Shone Waukesha Kindergarten-Primary. F.T.A. 3. 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4; Lambda Chi I. 2. 3. 4 (Pres. 4. Treas. 3. Custodian 2); Women's Assoc. Board 2 (Scc.-Treas. 2); Social Life Committee 2. 3 (Sec. 3): Homecoming Court 4; C.L.S. I. 2; Gamma Delta 3. 4; Who's Who 4. B.S. Degree. Nancy Sievert Newton Upper Elementary. Newman Club; Women’s Recreation Assoc.; F.T.A.; Transfer from University of Wisconsin. Milwaukee. B.S. Degree. Joanne M. Shepreo Fond du Lac Kindergarten-Primary. Kappa Gamma 2. 3. 4 (Secretary 2. Historian 3. Treasurer 4); F.T.A. 4; Advance 3. 4 (Circulation Editor 3): Newman Club I. 2. 3; Glee Club I. 2: Honor Resident 3. B.S. Degree. Richard Seiler Sturgeon Bay Upper Elementary. Intramural Sports 3; Transfer from Door-Kewauncc Teachers College. B.S. Degree. Gale Sievers New London Secondary. Majors: Speech. History; Debate. B.S. Degree. Page fiftyFelecia Slufik Crivitz Secondary. Major: English: Minors: Speech. Biology: Alcihean 2. 3. 4: Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4 (Social Committee 2): Advance I. 2. 3: Quiver I. 2: Glee Club I. 2: F.T.A. 4: Debate 4. B.S. Degree. Ronald Stearns Oshkosh I.ihcral Arts. Major: Chemistry; Minor: Mathematics; Intramural Sports 2. 3: Language Club 2. 3: American Chemical Society I. B.S. Degree. James O. Smith Menasha Secondary. Major: Economics; Minor: Geography; Economic-Seminar 4; Philakean I. B.S. Degree. John G. Spanbauer Oshkosh Secondary. Majors: Music. Social Studies. B.S. Degree. David P. Steinbach Clintonville Secondary. Major: Biology: Minors: Physical Education. History; Track I; Tennis 2. 3. 4; Intramural Sports I. 2. 3. 4; Pcriclcan I. 2. 3. 4; (Secretary 2); Men's Assoc. Board 2. 3 (Scc.-Trcas.); Student Council 4 (Vice-President. President); Circle 0" Club 2; Pep Club 2. 3; Basketball Manager 3. B.S. Degree. William D. Steede Shiocton Secondary. Major: Mathematics; Minors: Biology. Physical Education. B.S. Degree. Page fifty-oneJohn C. Straw Oshkosh Upper Elementary. Transfer from Manitowoc County Teachers College. B.S. Degree. Aundra Tully Oshkosh Upper Elementary. Choir I. 2; C.I..S. I; Alcthean (Custodian 4. Vice-President 4. Vod-Vil Director 4. Pan Hellenic 4); Quiver 4; Advance 4; F.T.A. B.S. Degree. Mary Ann Tisler Manitowoc Kindergarten-Primary. Modern Dance I. 2; Sec. of Assoc. Houses 2: Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4. B.S. Degree. Mary Stevenson Berlin Kindergarten-Primary. B.S. I egree. William A. Tisler Manitowoc January Graduate Secondary. Major: Physics; Minors: Geology. Mathematics. B.S. Degree. Kenneth Toebe Green Bay January Graduate Liberal Arts. Majors: English. History; Gamma Delta 3. 4; International Relations Club 3, 4; Transfer from University Extension. Green Bay. B.S. Degree. Page fifty-twoCarl A. Turczynski Manitowoc t ppcr Elcmcntars. Newman Club 3. 4; Vet's Club 3. 4; F T.A. 4; Who's Who 4; Kappa Delta Pi 4; Transfer from Manitowoc County Teachers College. B.S. Degree. Marguerite Van Hulst Brillion l ppcr Elementary. Glee Club I. 2; Newman Club 4: Women’s Association 4. B.S. Degree. Thomas L. Van Vreede Appleton Secondary. Major: Mathematics; Minors: Biology. English; lota Alpha Sigma I. 2. 3: Student Council 3. 4; Intramural Sports I. 2. 3. 4. B.S. I cgrec. Marguerite Wagner Fond du Lac Kindergarten-Primary. Lambda Chi I. 2. 3. 4 (Custodian 2. Secretary 3); Kappa Delta Pi 3. 4; FT.A. 4; Wesley I. 2. 3. 4 (Council 2. 3); Advance I. 2; Pep Club 2; Dorm President 4; Who's Who 4. B.S. Degree. Russell Van Straten Shiocton Secondary. Major: Biology; Minors: History. English; Newman Club 3. 4; F.T.A. 3. B.S. Degree. Catherine J. Warhanek Milwaukee January Graduate Kindergarten-Primary. Newman Club I. 2. 3; Quiver I. 2 (Organization Editor 2); Advance I. 2; Social Life Committee 3; Student Council 2: Homecoming Queen 3; Prom Committee 3; F.T.A. 4; Gamma Sigma 3. 4. B.S. Degree. Page fifty-threeMarion Wenzel Dallas W. Werner Oshkosh L'pper Elementary. l ambda Chi; Quiver: F.T.A.; L.S.F. B.S. Degree. Seymour Secondary. Major: Physics; Minors: Mathematics. English: Radio Club 2: U.S.F. 4: Intramural Sports 3. 4. B.S. Degree. Janice Mae Yanke Oshkosh 2 Year Rural. Kindergarten Primary I. Alpha Chi 2: Phoenix I. 2: Newman Club 2. Marlene J. Wielgosh Princeton l'pper Elementary. Gamma Sigma I. 2. 3. 4 (President 3): Newman Club I. 2. 3. 4: F.T.A. 4: Modern Dance 3. B.S. Degree. Phillip Weiner Appleton Secondary. Major: Mathematics; Minors: History. English. B.S. Degree. Ray C. Wifler Glcnbeulah Secondary. Major: Music: Minor: English: Band 2. 3. 4; Chorus 2. 3. 4; Orchestra 3. 4. B.S. Degree. Page fifty-fourCharles W. Zemlock Oshkosh Secondary. Majors: Chemistry. Phvsics: Golf I. 2. 3. 4. B.S. Degree. It Wilford B. Zeamer Brillion Secondary. Majors: History. English; Band I 2. 3. 4; Choir 2. 3. 4; Orchestra 3. 4; lota Alpha Sigma I. 2. 3. 4 (Treasurer); Kappa Delta Phi 4. B.S. Degree. Harold Klinger Oshkosh Major: Geography B.S. Degree niiun Not Pictured JAMES ATWELL Fond du Lac DAVID BARNARD Omro DONNA BLANKE Plymouth FRED BREfTENBACH Oshkosh DONALD BRENNAN Dc Pere GEORGE BITTNER Oshkosh ROBERT CHRISTENSEN Berlin CAROLYN CORRIGAI.L Nccnah NICK DAL SANTO Pcmbinc JOHN DALTON Fond du Lac MARLIN DOXTATF.R Sturgeon Bay EVELYN F.ICHINGER Winncconnc EDNA ENLOE Oshkosh JAMES ERMATINGER Chicago CHARLES ESERHUT Fond du Lac BLANCHE GUTZKE Mcnasha WILLIAM HAIDLINGER Oshkosh JOHN HANLEY Shawano GILES HANSON Manitowoc JOHN HUSSEY Appleton LOIS JACOBSON Oshkosh CAMILLE JOHNSON Nccnah NANCY KEMPFERT Milwaukee CHARLES K1NGSTROM Keedsburg JOHN KIRCHER Oshkosh KENNETH KLEIN Sheboygan Falls AUDREY KRUEGER Oshkosh PAULA KRUEGER Fond du Lac KENNETH KUEHNL Hortonvillc VALUE LEEFTINK Mountain RICHARD MEYER Shawano HARRIET MOSER Oshkosh THOMAS O’BRIEN Oshkosh DICK PAZEN Oshkosh GORDON PETERSON Waupaca JOHN PORATH Fond du Lac LEE RATHER Mcnash CHARLES REF.HL Omro RUTH RUECHEL Oshkosh AL RUMLOW Oshkosh ROBERT SCHMITZ Oshkosh MERLIN SILVERTHORN Omro LA VERN SLOUP Mishicot MARY STEVENSON Berlin JUNE SUKLING Fond du Lac DON THEYERL Oshkosh DONALD VAN HANDEL Little Chute JAMES WATRY Port Washington HAROLD WILLIAMS Kimberly LEROY WITZKE Oshkosh BETTY WOJAHN Oshkosh RICHARD KURANOWICZ SALLY SCHULTZ Marinette Rhinelander P (1ST (J R I) IIA TES THOMAS J. CAHILL Fond du Lac SISTER MARY L. HERBER Oshkosh JOHN S. HOPPER Oshkosh CATHERINE KRUMRICH Oshkosh Not Pictured HERDIS McCRARY Oshkosh EUGENE O'BRIEN Oshkosh WILLIAM RIPPL Mcnasha MARIAN SHAPIRO Oshkosh DOROTHY OLSON JOHN SITTER Oshkosh Oshkosh ROBERT SMITH Oshkosh ROBERT SUBAT Albuquerque. N. Mcx. RUSSELL WILLIAMS Oshkosh Page fifty-fivePage fifty-sixOONAID ABBS CHARLES ADAMS BARBARA AHRENS RON AKIN JERRY ANDERSON MARLYN BARTELS CAROL BASEL KEITH BAUER LOIS BAUMGARTNER KAY BECKER EUGENE BEDNAROWSKI MARY BLANCHETTE DONNA BLANKENBURG CHARLES BODMER BARBARA BORN ROBERT BOUCKI Page fifty-sevenEUGENE BUECHEt JOANNE BUERO DIANE BUETOW NED CAUIES MARY CASSIDY RONALD CHASE LOREN CISMOSKI FRANCES CLARICH JANIS CLAY RODNEY COUGHLIN MARY COULAHAN SHARON CRIMMINGS DIANE DeMOULIN DELMER DIECK CAROL DOBERSTEIN EMIL DRAGAN AUDREY DROBER Page fifty-eightPATRICIA DUNLAVY GARY EAGAN THOMAS EHIERT BETTY EllES ROBERT EYERS RICHARD FARR GRACE FESSENDEN DONALD FLUNKER BERNARD FRANKOWICK JOHN FRANK GERALD FRANZ ERNEST FRIEBEl KATHLEEN FULLER MERTON FULWILER CAROL GARBE PHILIP GATES NANCY GAUTHIER MARY GENDRON Page fifty-nineKAY GILBERTSON OONAID GOSZ PATSY GREGORY MARY ANN GRUBER ROBERT GUEIZOW DENNIS GUSE VERYl HAAS SEONE HADRICH ROBERT HAIL MARY HALVERSON CAROLE HANNEMAN ELMER HANSEL NEIL HAVEL ART HEBNER Page sixtyTtnnr JOAN HELLER PATRICIA HENDRY SUZANNE HENNING GERALD HENRY JAMES HERMAN ALYCE HERMANN CHRISTINE HEUER MARLENE HOOVET GORDON HOFMAN WILLIAM HOGAN GERALD HOLSEN MARDELLE HOSTETTLER DONNA HUBLI JANET HUCK FLOYD HUEBNER KATHY HURLBUT JEAN IHLENFELDT TERRY INGRAM RAYMOND JAGER Page sixty-oneROGER JAGER EDWARD JAGODINSKY R08ERT JAHN LOIS JASCHOB SANDRA JENTZ VERA JESCH ROBERT JOHNSON SHELBY KAHl NANCY KEMPFERT CARMEN KERRY JACK KIEL MARY ANN KIPP JUDITH KISER GEORGE KITZMAN MARLENE KLANN NANCY KLIEFOTH CAROLYN KOBOSKI JUDY KOFFARNUS RUTH KOEHN Page sixty-iwo MriiM RAYMOND KOEPPEN EDWARD KORBISH MARILYN KRAUSE KAREN KROU DALE KUIPER JOANNE LAES FRANCIS LAMB LARRY LARSON JOAN LA VIOLETTE RUTH LEASE ALAN LEMERY DIANE LEMKE SHELBY LEMKE ROBERT LETTENBERGER MARILYN LIESCH HENRY LIPKE BARBARA LONG ROBERT LORENZ DAVID LUEBKE Page sixty-threeRICHARD MACKNICK BRUCE MADDY ANNETTE MATHIAS ROBERT MAULICK JANICE MAURER JAMES MEATHIIN ROBERT MEISNER MARGARET METZ ROBERT MINSKY MARLENE MISSLING RICHARD MITCHELL JACQUELYN MOLUS MICHAEL MORGAN EDWARD MUELLER PAUL MURPHY JOANN NAUMANN EVELYN NEITZEL JANET NICHOLS DENY O'CONNELL Page sixty-fourTERRY OSTERMEIER JAMES OTTE FRED PAEPKE JOHN PAIMER LOUISE PAULY JACQUELINE PETERS JACKIE PETERSON CAROL PEZl RICHARD PIKE GAIL PLUTCHAK NOREITA PROCKNOW MARY QUEVIlllON MARY LYNN RAFOTH BEN REEHL CARLA REHBEIN JOHN RESZKA CARY REWAIT DANIEL RICHARDSON Page sixty-five LORNA ROEDER PAUL ROETHEL CLIFFORD ROGERS CHARLES ROTH NANCY ROUSE DENNISE RUPRECHT ROMELLE RUSCH RUTH ST. LOUIS JEANETTE SCHMIDT RUTH ANN SCHMIDT WILLIAM SCHOENBERGER HILBERT SCHULTZ RUTH SCHULTZ WAYNE SEILER SALLY SEINER RICHARD SHEVELAND DON SHEPARD CAROLE SNIDER MARY SORENSON Page sixty-sixLESLIE SOSINSKI ELEANORE SPINK DE ANNE STECKER PETER STEFFEN ROBERT STEINIKE EARL STICKA ELMER STROHSCHINE MARCIA STROUF ALICE SUCHARDA RICHARD TAHLIER OONA TEDESKO MARY THIBADEAU MARY THIELMAN BETTY TRAUGOTT EARL TUTTLE ANN VALITCHKA JANE VAN AKKEREN ROGER VINK ALFRED WEEDEN Page sixty-seven!'PW.W MARTHA WELCH DARYL WENDT CLARENCE WESTRA JAMES WHEELER JOAN WILKE PATRICIA WILLIAMS PHILLIP WILMS EUGENE WINKLER ANDREW WITTMAN RICHARD YOUNG DAVID ZEHREN DARRELL ZIEBELl ANNA ZIMMERMAN 3n fflrmnriam Cod's finger touched him. and he slept. Teunyton Virginia Geer was fatally injured in an automobile accident Saturday, February 8, 1958 near Oshkosh. Wisconsin. Fatally injured in an automobile accident that occurred outside of Kaukauna, Wisconsin were John Giesbers. who died Tuesday, February 18. 1958 and Ron Poqucttc. who died Thursday, February 20. 1958. These young people are not only a loss to their class, but to the future. Page sixty-eightSOPHOMORES Top Row: M. J. Tully. M. Schrocdcr, L. Zcntncr. B. Thomas. N1. Schwocrcr, M. L. Snyder. Bottom Row: M. Stcckbaucr. H. WywialowsKi. A. Will. K. Sampson. J. Swan. A. Stem. Top Row: J. Lceftink, A. Hable, D. Lang, J. Kubale, E. Strade. W. Lindgrcn. Bottom Row: B. Kubale, R. Haen, P. Galikowski. B. Hedrich. L. Kautzcr, R. Gerber. Page sixty-nineSOPHOMORES Top Row: P. Sullivan. C. Balnis. M. Raducnz, C. Schmidt. D. Scholovich. G. Tecla. Bottom, Row: D. Ponce. M. Stark. K. Schwaab. L. Wildcnbcrg. J. Thalhofer. Top Row: D. Gauger. R. Johnson. G. Port. R. Hanson, C. Schultz. H. Cox. Bottom Row: V. Bartz, J. Dyken, D. Kuethcr, R. Joslin. J. King. R. Cuff. Page seventySOPHOMORES Top Row: C. Weicr. J. Wolf. J. V. Hogcn. I). Weisser, B. White. T. Weeks. Bottom Row: J. Wittig. B. Wenzel. W. Werch. M. Vross. J. Weber. mint iniMimii! uiiiiJiiiiiiiiijiJii iiiiiiiiijih Top Row: M. Weber, B. Collins, K. Novshck, B. Luebke, S. Steinfort, T. Dempsey. Bottom Row: C. Gcrlach, M. Albert, N. Barkow, K. Gjcrmundson, D. Dcimcr, A. Dixon. • Page seventy-oneSOPHOMORES Top Row: J. Masaros. L. Schmitz, T. Mackin. W. Bolcr, P. Lcarmann, J. Lorenz. Bottom Row: T. Tighc. J. Andrews, M. E. Bastar. J. Roller, B. J. McAllister, L. Writt. Top Row: J. Paffcnroth, R. Page, J. Ramm. D. Linscr, D. Laedtke, K. Ncuscr. Bottom Row: J. Perdue, M. J. Pittlcr. M. Polomis, D. Nichoff, M. Lentz, N. Pfistcr. Page seventy-iwoSOPHOMORES Top Row: H. Miller, B. Halle. R. Crombic. W. Miclkc, K. Priebc, J. Prindivillc. Bottom Row: P. Welch. C. Ihrkc. B. Armstrong. L. Mueller. D. Zarndt. Top Row: M. Dicdrich, H. Gabert. R. I.ucbkc. K. Keeler. G. Muenster, B. Ziebcll. Bottom Row: E. Sippcl. N. Blucmkc, R. C. Guenther Jr.. K. Tabbert, K. Russell. Page seventy-threeSOPHOMORES Top Row: E. McEnrol. R. Wituckc. N. Martcnscn. D. Rictz. T. Mitlin, R. Grams. Bottom Row: F. Davel, P. Gould. P. Ullspcrgcr. S. Buchholz. M. J. Dhcin. R. Woclfcl. Top Row: A. Laucrsdorf, M. Mastcrson, L. Mandcrficld, J. Miller, E. L.citinger. H. Owens. Bottom Row: P. Piepcnburg. M. Miller. R. Knight, T. Endcrs, W. Maxted, J. Miller. Page seventy-fourSOPHOMORES Top Row: W. Rcincrt, C. Prashcr. N. Rcichcnbcrgcr, M. Sachs, J. Schraa. O. Pautmann. RoKom Row: D. Spaulding. J. Majnarich. H. Wcathcrwax. J. Schramm. G. Popp. B. RufTalo. Top Row: K. Auger. S. Czich. B. J. Novotny. S. Bauer. K. Atkins. D. Zimmerman. Bottom Row: C. Engbretson. S. Brownson. M. Kottke. B. Kuronwicz, D. Kober, A. Cocncn. Page seventy-fiveRom 1-Left: M. Sosnoski. J. Tank. J. Jones. M. Ullrich. P. Schulz. J. Peachey. K. Johnson. Rom 11-Left: G. Nerenhausen. M. Wiesner. D. Kohl. L. Schreibcr. P. Wegener. T. Holewinski. Rom Ill-Left: M. Nolan. D. Jorgensen. L. Koenigs. M. Rcspaljc. J. Stratz. K. Slate. D. Van Straten. Rom 1-Left: K. Felsner. B. Polansky. K. Foley. J. Brink. S. Dcloria. B. Ley son. J. Pappe. Rom 11-Left: J. Hook. R. Langholz. H. Riley. B. Soginski. M. Raduenz. P. Day. Rom Ill-Left: G. Christianson. N. Buck. D. Hendry. P. Hansen. N. Lewellyn, G. Ehman. W. Kinas. Rom 1-Left: J. Wiersma. D. Rocscr, G. La Frombois, J. Spindlcr, L. Tubbs. Rom 11-Left: G. Strick. G. Steffen. A. O’Neill. P. Obcrsiadt. J. Riedeman. N. Davies. Kom Ill-Left: B. Griffith. D. Pokrandt. J. Worthen. B. Smith, C. Sibley. B. Abraham. S. Rhyner. Page seventy-sixRow l-l.cft: VJ. Kirk. J. V. Albert. C. Grcsch. M. Hartzheim. C. I.ucck. A. Bremer. Row Ill-Left: Ci. Drum my. S. Burnton. N. Jahns. N. Gehrig. J. Jones. M. Jeske. S. Huibregtse. Row Ill-Left: T. Dunlavy. R. Finnegan. D. Schucttpelz. G. Kons. C. Buchman. R. Flcischman. W. Herminath. Row 1-Left: D. Scybold. P. Chupita. B. Hamilton. J. Miller. A. Mrozinski. V. Rieves. R. Connolly. Row 11-Left: A. Buth. K. Obenberger. S. Hoppe. S. Dahlke. K. Bossenbroek. J. Kroll. N. Loomans. Row 11-Left: D. Johnson. L. Klausch. W. McKinley. C. Mohs. R. Draeger. M. J. Clark. L. S. Mohseni. Row l-l.cft: J. Franzke. S. Dcllger. C. Humbcl. J. Brandt. M. Huberty. S. Huck. M. Blazck. Row 11-Left: S. Bcardcr. N. Jagodinski. H. Armstrong. J. Higby. M. J. Krueger. C. Sheppard. Row Ill-Left: A. McOlask. S. Fisher. R. Wiesner. R. Du Bois. T. Klinker. R. Mulroy. J. Griesbach. Page seventy-sevenRow I-Lcfl: S. Schocpkc. N. Wendtland. B. Sondallc. B. Wilson. D. Stuckc. J. Rent . J. Sicvcrs. Row Il-I eft: S. Spicgclbcrg. M. Sicja. J. Zimmerman. S. Ritchie. C. Witt. E. Schroder, M. Conrad. Row lll l.cft: T. Wiseman. P. Pockat. D. Schicssl. R Williams. G. Zimmerman. J. Van Dyke. E. Zaiscr. Row I-I.eft: J. Noel. M. Fordham. M. Sickingcr. S. Smith. M. Mcrsch. M. Rietz. M. Maas. Row IM.eft: B. I.uczak. K. Schrtiber. N. Wavrunck. K. Stoddart. F. Dibble. N. I.ea. C. King Row 111-I.cft: H. Mcllum. D. Mcllum. E. Rocdc. R. Kocck. W. Schwantcs. D. Roc. Row M.efl: Row ll-I.eft: Row UM.cft: I. Christensen. J. Juedes. B. Kirk. M. Davidson. J. I.artz. M. Hupke. C. Hamilton. R. Koch. K. Rasmussen. C‘. Huebner. C. M. Schulz. M. Rothcnbach. A. N. Resheske W. Stowe. J. Micholic. J. Wissmann. H. Cramer. T. Dclamatert. E. Jisa. W. Focsch. T. Hughes. Page seventy-eightRow I-I.cfl: Row IM.eft: Row lll-l.cft: Row IV-I.efl: S. Springer. M. Whiling. E. Rcichardi. V. Danielson. M. Horsier. D. Grovogel. C. Kroll. N. Raisler. K. Stark. B. Schultz. R. Grucizman. R. Curran. I . Trudcll. H. J. Herb. R. Mclbcrg. R. Werdin. J. Anncn. R. Braun. R. Bantcl. D. Gunz. I.. Marohn. L. Gruencbcrg. T. Scnerancc. And now to study?!!! Even Sandy’s teddy bear is welcomed back at the beginning of the school year! Page seventy-nine IION (IRS II 1V Carol Schmidt receiving jhc Oshkosh Council of Catholic Women Scholarship. Jim Otic receiving the lota Alpha Sigma Scholarship. Sharlyn Miller and Annette Smith arc recipients of the Oshkosh Branch American Association of University Women Scholarships. David Zern receiving the Nile Behneke Art Scholarship. On May 13, 1958, the Honors Day Assembly, sponsored by Phi Beta Sigma, was held in the Little Theatre. Dr. Philip N. Joranson spoke on "America's Rising Tide of Intellectual Curiosity: A New Climate for New Teachers". Honors Day Assembly is held annually and its main purpose is to recognize and award students with honors and scholarships for their scholastic achievement. The Phoenix Trophy, for the highest society scholastic achievement, went to Lambda Chi; second place Alethean and third place Delta Phi. Other scholarships, not pictured, were presented to Marylyn Liesch. Shirley Schocphocstcr. Diane Lemke, Carol Schmidt. Mary Halverson, Diane Stucke. Larry Kramsch, Barbara Ahrens, Virginia Albert, Phyllis Gould. Joan Heller, Judy Swan, Karen Winters, Sue Boeder, Ardis Kritz, Patricia Wegener, Margaret Sicja, Daniel Cowan, and Ronald Day. Page eightyIIII Til Ell’S DAY TEA The annual Mothers Day program, sponsored by Women's Association, began at 2:00 p.m. in the Little Theatre, and included the presentation of the highest ranking woman's play from the play contest. The Powers That Be, by SIISII General chairmen of Iota Alpha Sigma's Songfest were William Reincrt and Kenneth Ncuscr. This annual event was held May 16 and 17 at the Little Theatre. Some of the selections that were entered are as follows: Alcthean —“Seventy-six Trombones”; Delta Phi—a medley of “Hans Christian Anderson" tunes; Gamma Sigma—"Seasons Through Song"; Kappa Gamma—a medley from "My Fair Lady"; Lambda Alcthean. The program also included modern dance selections and vocal solos by Karen Winters. Following the program, a tea was held on the tennis courts behind Radford Hall. TEST Chi—"The Halls of Ivy”; Lyceum—“Battle Hymm of the Republic"; Phoenix—"Let My People Go”; Psi Epsilon—"Blue Moon"; and Philakean—“The Three Bells". Proceeds go for a scholarship to be given to some worthy Junior boy. The recipient of this year's scholarship went to Jim Ottc. Page eighty-oneFrom sunrise to sunset, the Indian tribe worked to maintain its independent way of life; but pleasure was not unknown to them. Upon the return of the warriors and the hunting parties, the chief summoned his people together in a day of social activity and feasting. Maidens and braves danced to the steady beat of the tom-toms, singing praises to their gods on this great feast day. So too. the word pleasure is not unknown to OSC students. The sororities, fraternities and other societies on our campus summoned their members to combine their skills of cooperation, organization, and leadership in order to present a socially enjoyable school year. Page eighty-twoRow 1: M. Schrocder. L. Jaschob. C. Penkoskc. F. Spink. B. Long. S. Miller. A. Krilz Row 2: M. Konrad. S. Rice. F. Slufik. A. Blanchcltc. M. Hostctllcr. A. Tully. ,V1. Cornelius. M. Halverson. A. Sucharda. I). Kloppman Row 3: J. Heller. S. Hunter. G. Fessenden. B. Dauplaisc. M. Strouf. M. Raduen . J. Peterson. D. Tcdcsko. C. Balnis. J. Swan. M. Gruber i l n t ii i: I HI Officers Second Semester .. President..............................Carol Penkoske Vice President.......................Judy Swan . . Secretary..............................Grace Fessenden . . Treasurer.................Marilyn Schrocder .. Historian................................Mary Halverson . Custodian...................Jacqueline Peters .. Advisors........................Miss Overton First Semester Mary Konrad Aundra Tully Marcia Strouf . .. Marilyn Schrocder Eleanor Spink . . . Joan Heller....... Dr. Caudle........ Page eighty-fourThe Alcthcan sorority voiced true words on their Homecoming float. “Victory in Our Arms." tor even as OSC's football game was successful, so did this sorority's candidate for Homecoming queen. Marcia Strouf. gain success. This sorority found much pleasure in sponsoring the Christmas formal and the Sweetheart of OSC contest for the student body. I.ois Jaschob led her sisters to another victory, and they were rewarded with the basketball championship of the WRA tournament. The Vod-Vil entry. “The Alethean l ollies of the iy2()’s.“ will bring many happy memories to the participants. Just as various clans joined together so Alethean has joined together with Philakean, her brother fraternity and they have worked hard with one another for many years participating in various activities. For many moons to come, these two societies will renew with laughter the good times had in the past and will hope that the future will bring more of the same. ‘The Egg and Eye" was the theme, and the setting was the Alethean Farm at the 1958 Campus Carnival. •gluy-five Judy Swan and Ardis Kritz of Alethean entertain Gail Koech. a rushce, at their informal rushing party . . . the I. Alethean Cafe. Row I: P. Bucro. P. Goldsmith. I). Amend. B. Nellis. J. Reidmann. H. Wywialowski. S. Raatz Row 2: B. Smith. J. Vanke. I£. Hiley. J. Peterson. A. Peterson. I . Oberstadt, J. Kroll. K. Bossenbrok I L I'll 1 I Officers Second Semester .. President....................Jackie Peterson Vice President................Karen Bossenbrok . . Secretary...................Myrtle Williams . . Treasurer.................Helen Wywialowski . . Historian....................Elaine Hiley .. Advisor.......................Miss Stewart First Semester Diane Amend Barbara King....... Judy Kroll......... Helen Wywialowski Arlys O’Neil....... Miss Stewart....... Page eighty-sixAlpha Chi began their activities in October by submitting the theme. “Dial lor Victory” in the Homecoming parade. Their Homecoming chairman this year was Barbara King. In December the society displayed their C hristmas spirit as they went caroling at the I adics Benevolent Society. I hey later enjoyed a Christmas party at the home of their advisor. Miss Stewart. Alpha Chi members chose Helen Wywialowski and Barbara Nclis as their first semester student council representatives. Second semester, they were represented by Jean Reideman and Helen Wywialowski. A Rural Play Day was presented in the spring by the prospective teachers. The society concluded the year with their annual picnic. Decorating Ihe bulletin board is one of the many projects that Alpha Chi docs throughout the year. hty-seven Alpha Chi members look over the order of business before their meeting.Row I: V. Haas. K. Fuller. K. Gilbertson. J. Perdue. C. Pollard. R. Schultz. S. Croncc. S. Czich Row 2: R. Knight. H. Weatherwax. A. Stern. J. Schramm. J. Majnarich. J. Ramm. C. Heur. M. Welch. R. Lease. V. Jesch Row 3; R. St. Louis, S. Seiner. M. Missling, C. Jagodinski. S. Buchhol . M. Sachs, L. Mander-ficld. D. Deimer. K. Gjermundsen. J. Hclgeson ii i: i, t i mii Officers Second Semester . . President........................Martha Welch Vice President....................Christine Huer . . Secretary...............Janice Helgeson . Treasurer............................Judy Perdue . . Historian..........................Ruth Knight . . Custodian...............Hope Weatherwax .. Advisor......................Miss Martin First Semester Ruth Lease........ Jacquelyn Molus . Martha Welch .. . Judy Perdue....... Sharon Buchholz . Lucille Mandcrficld Miss Martin....... Page eighty-eightDella Phi started the year with a win for their Homecoming float “Make the Blugolds See Red." The float cntr was awarded third place. Annette Stern was chairman for the eveni. lota. Delta Phi’s brother fraternity, and Delta Phi joined hands in presenting the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance. These organizations not only enjoy the activities they sponsor together, but have a long established and growing friendship. Delta Phi also shared the sponsorship duties of “Sweethearts in Pastel.” "Chattanooga Choo-Choo" was the colorful entry in Vod-Vil. Judy Perdue and Kay Gerniundson shared the leadership duties in this event. The play "Love is Like That" was chosen for the Play Contest and was directed b Kay Gilbertson and Donna Diemer. Ruth Knight was director for the Delta Phi Songfest entry. The sorority combined voices in a medley of songs from the the movie “Hans Christian Andersen." Many new and old students of OSC yet acquainted during Round Robin Rushing. ' eighty-nim• Formal Rushing in the Club Room of the Alethearn Hotel.Row I: S. Johnson. P. Dunlavy. M. Willgosh. D. Hensel. L. Fitzgerrald, J. Huck. M. Thibadcau. M. Kusta Row 2: V. Games. M. Hocvci. J. Kollcr. T. Warhanck, J. Doll. J. Sargcni. N. Abrahamson. M. Audit. M. Dupies, D. Hohcnstcin Row 3: L. Roscoc. G. Plutchak. D. Scholovich. M. Hoverson. M. Bork. A. Haanen, K. Kroll. C. Rchbcin. M. Dhcin. M. Miller. M. Lawless. N. Enz. B. Lchcr. D. Dohrman mm mm First Semester Diantha Dohrman Gail Plutchak . . Dorothy Hensel . Mary Dupies Barbara Lcher . . . Janet Kollcr...... Miss Hubbard . . Officers . . President . . Vice President . . Secretary . . . . Treasurer . . . . Historian . . . Custodian . . . . Advisor . . . Second Semester . .. . Gail Plutchak Nancy Abrahamson . . . . Carla Rchbcin .....Mary Dupies . Diantha Doiirman ......Janet Huck . . . . Miss Hubbard Page ninetyGamma Sigma members began the school year by putting their active imaginations to work and winning second prize in the Homecoming float entries with the clever theme. “We Give Blugold Stamps.” Janet Koller was in charge of the float preparations. A Figi Island party joined Gumma Sigma with their brother fraternity Peri-clean. Hie tropical atmosphere hinted of palm trees and coconuts, with sarongs the dominant attire of the evening. Gamma Sigma gained second place in the WRA volleyball tournament under the capable leadership of Margaret Lawless. A new theme was chosen for this year's informal rushing. Rushees wearing favorite pajamas were entertained in “Dreamland.” Formal rushing was held at The Legion on the Lake. To complete another eventful year this society chose the very dramatic play "Undertow” as their entry in Play Contest. "Pick ’Em and Paini 'Em" was the theme chosen by Gamma Sigma for Campus Carnival. Formal Rushing at the American Legion. Page ninety-oneRow 1: W. Rcincrt. D. Butts. J. Stccher. A. Runkcl. J. Prindiville. R. Hildcbrandt. J. Kleiber, W. Zcamcr Row 2: Dr. Ferguson. R. lahlier. F. Bucchcl, K. Schwoab. H. Corbett. K. Auger. D. Spalding. D. Gusc. J. Hanley Row 3: R. Buffalo. A. HafTner. D. I.acdke. E. Huberty, O. Rungc. D. Dittloff. D. Zicbcll. C. Bodmer. B. Blinder. J. Macs. K. Ncuscr. M. Gieryic 1 llil Officers First Semester Second Semester Darrell Zicbcll Donald Butts . . Vice President John Macs Irv Huberty Terry Ostcrmcier . . . Dr. Ferguson Page ninety-twolota participated in Lyceum's Vod-Vil for their tenth consecutive year and deserved another “leather in their band" for earning third place with “The Steve Welknic Show." Homecoming was a busy time for Lyceum. With pep. vim. and vigor this organization brought to their chosen candidate. Lorna Roeder. a seat in the Homecoming Court and also gained honorable mention for their float. "Chick C'hantz" brought first place honors to the esteemed Iota line, as their Campus Carnival booth challenged the markmanship of the crowd. Live baby chicks were awarded to the winners. Lighteen years ago lota sponsored the first Song Festival. This spring, the fraternity again presented honors to those societies with vocal skill. tola's "C hick Chance" paid off wiih lirsi place for Campus Carnival. Muhba! Hubba! Who’s ihe lubba?! Iota reall went all oii» for our 1957 Homecoming. Page ninety-threeRow 1: N. Gauthier. P. Berg. V. Bartz. C. Schmidt. B. Brochm. B. Bohne. P. Grcisch, J. Dorn Row 2: M. Krause. B. Born. M. Firchammcr. J. LaViolettc. V. Lceftink. J. She pro. J. Lust. M. Ryan, N. Rouse. M. Thiclman Row 3: S. Brow-nson. D. Hubli. M. Sobciskc. S. Crimmings. D. Ponce. P. Hendry. M. Feld man. K. Becker. J. Weber Row 4: I.. Pauly. S. Kahl. J. l.ccftink. M. Reese. M. Sorenson k i l First Semester IM 1,1 Officers N 11 1 Second Semester Joan LaViolettc Mary Lou Reese Marilyn Krause Beverly Brochm Joanne Shepro . . . Joanne Shepro Sharon Crimmings Mary Sorenson Historian .... . Janna Lceftink Barbara Born Custodian . . . . ... Virginia Bartz Mrs. Toland .... Mrs. Toland Page ninety-fourThe year began for Kappa Gamma with informal rushing at Pollock House. The first semester formal rushing was a potluck supper held at Jim Kile's. Vod-Vil first place honors went to the Kappa Gamma sorority for their performance of "Paunchy Pete and his Performing Puppets." Rccnc Ryan directed the group. In the WRA tournament. Kappa Gamma won second place in volleyball competition under the leadership of Barbara Born. Their basketball team was guided by Judy Lust. Many worthy activities are sponsored annually by sororities and fraternities. One of these activities is Play Contest sponsored by Kappa Gamma. This year Beverly Broehm and Mary Feldman worked together as co-chairmen. The proceeds were used for a scholarship awarded to a worthy junior girl. Kappa Gamma and her sister sorority Lambda Chi ended another school year with a barbecue. We d just like to ask the Kappa Gamma girls one question . . . How many feet in a mile?! The Alumnae Homecoming Luncheon. Looks like a good time was had by all. Page ninety-fiveRom I: Rom 2: Rom 3: M. Wenzel, B. Bucchcl, C. Gcrlach. C. Prashcr. B. Wenzel. B. Kubalc, K. Heydon. P. Heinzen C. Hanneman. C. Kerry. R. Cuff. W. Maxted, M. Wagner. C. Gould. J. VanAkkeren, J. Kiser. A. Ackcrcr. N. Pfistcr. S. Jentz Dr. Marble. B. Hlavachck. P. Gregory. I., Boeder. D. Blankcnburg, C. Neuman. B. Eiles. N. Procknow. M. Bock. P. Ullspcrgcr. J. Russell. A. Shane, M. Coulahan LAMBDA CHI First Semester Audrey Shane . . Betty Eiles..... Wenda Maxted . Nancy Pfistcr . . . Carol Gerlach . . Betty Hlavachck Dr. Marble Officers . . President . . Vice President . . Secretary . . . . Treasurer . . . . Historian . . . . Custodian . . . Advisor . . Second Semester Carmen Kerry Pat Ullspcrgcr . . Pat Gregory . Nancy Pfistcr . Sandra Jentz . Carol Gould . . Dr. Marble Page ninety-sixLambda Chi opened the year with two Homecoming Queen candidates from the sorority obtaining seats in the court of honor. They were Audrey Shane sponsored by Lambda Chi and Lorna Roeder sponsored by lota. Co-chairmen. Carol Hanneman and Carmen Kerry directed Lambda Chi down the path of “Destination — Hsokhso" which led them to the second place in Vod-Vil competition. It was certainly a pleasure to see all the happy faces of the children from the Elizabeth Batchclder Davis Childrens Home enjoying themselves at Campus Carnival which seems to get bigger and better every year. The proceeds go to some worthwhile project or to charity. To end the year the Songfest presentation was conducted by Donna Blanken-burg; and Carmen Kerry, with the assistance of Rita CufT. directed the Play Contest entry. Lambda Chi entertains a group of rushccs during Round Robin. Du does everything" Pane ninety-se veilRow I: R. Young. A. Geimcr. H. Fcnske. F. Pacpkc. F. Davcl. H. Seal. R. Grill. I.. Writl Row 2: A. Lcmcry. G. Mohr. R. Hanson. R. Johnson. D. Krause. I.. Smith. B. Guelzow. R. Ncwhousc. R Gomoll. C. C oschkc. R. Harry L V (■ E11 M Officers First Semester Ron Grill Robert Hanson . Robert Gomoll . Al Lauersdorf . . Mr. Brismaster . President Vice President .. . . Secret or v-T reasurer Advisors Second Semester Harold Seal Robert Gomoll Alan Lcmery Chester Czoschkc Mr. Thompson Page ninety-eightLyceum's Homecoming war chant was a loud “Squash the E’Claires.” This cry was proclaimed on their float entry, which was headed by Dave Harmsen and Bob Guet ou. This fraternity’s "Patience and Prudence plus two" act produced many "pow wows" of praise after their successful Vod-Vil show went on this fall. Proceeds of their sponsored event went into a scholarship fund which is presented to a male junior who is active in athletics and school activities. This organization also proved themselves to be highly skilled in sports as they captured first place in the intramural basketball contest. The third chant of Lyceum's year was. "Drop the Drawers." This original Campus Carnival booth was judged to be worthy of second place. The play contest selection that Lyceum chose for the year was “Submerged.” a very dramatic and highly tensed play, directed by Richard Young. One of the many excellent floats put out by the frats during Homecoming was Lyceum’s "Squash The E’Claires.” Dick Young gives his cast a few pointers during one of the many rehearsals before Play Contest. Page ninety-nineRow I: R. Rocber. R. Akin. W. Hogan. J. Lettenbcrgcr. D. Halverson. J. One. K. Vander Velden. D. Stcinhach Row 2: J. Griesbach. C. Wcyers. N. Calics. T. Weeks. K. Klein. !.. Larsen. J. Harkc. C. Kindstrom, R. Gilligan. D. Flanker. G. Highldudis l» E IN C L E 11 Officers First Semester George Hightdudis..................President .. James Otte......................Vice President Donald Halverson...................Secretary . . Richard Roebcr.....................Treasurer . . Mr. Snowden........................Advisor ... Second Semester Donald Halverson .... James Otte James Griesbach . Richard Roebcr . Mr. Hutchinson Page one hundredPcriclcan's “peace pipe” of welcome was passed from hand to hand upon the acceptance of new members. The ritual was repeated when the alumni reunited after this year's Homecoming game. I wo teams bearing sports skill entered the Intramural contests. Their "Kangaroos.” a well deserved team, won the volleyball crown. rhe new camping grounds of "Space Olympics” was viewed by Campus Carnival participants and new creatures created by Pcriclcan's members were shown to the public for the first time. Periclean helped to sponsor the "Sweethearts in Pastel” formal and entered songfest. For many years this organization has helped to work for better relationships not only with other fraternities and sororities but with the entire school on campus. O' (That’s all wc'vc got to say about this one.) Whaz at?! Page one hundred-oneRow 1: R. Lewis. G. Henry. B. Bitter. J. Frailish. T. Cowling. J. Megathlin Row 2: J. Stockinger. D. Brey. Mr. Zahalka. Mr Puz o, P. StelTcn, H. Noe. J. Hopper. P. Gore. J. Kircher I' III UK L 11 Officers Kirs! Semester Second Semester John Stockinger....................President......................Donald Brey Peter Steffen...................Vice President....................Tom Cowling John Hopper........................Secretary....................James Megathlin Gerald Henry.......................Treasurer....................James Fralish Donald Brey........................Historian......................Robert Bitter Mr. Zahalka........................Advisors.................................Mr. Puzzo Page one hundred-twoPhilakean opened the college year with an informal rushing party. This was followed by a formal rushing party, held the second semester at the Town House. Bob Bitter was Pledge Master for the second semester. The fraternity served as co-sponsor of the Harvest Ball which was held this year in the place of the usual Masked Ball. The dance proved to be very successful and everyone is looking forward to it again next year. Philakean also helped sponsor the annual Christmas formal. “Winter Wonderland." “Launch ’em" was the original theme chosen for their Homecoming float. Philakean participated in Campus Carnival under the guidance of Dick Lewis. They also took part in Play Contest under the direction of Peter Steffen. OSC’s first contribution in the race for space! You’d think somebody was taking their picture!!! Page one hundred-threeRow I: L. Shimck. D. DcMoulin, J. Yankc, C. Kobaski. N. Klicforih, N. Gricwisch, S. I.emkc. L. Baumgartner Ro» 2: N. Barkow. K. Novshek. E. Leitinger. M. 1 iesch. S. Schultz. C. Pezl, J. Nichols. D. NichofT. D. Bcutow. M. Raforth Row J: B. Ahrens. D. Kit ingcr. R. Cierber. M. Polomis, M. Lentz, R. Schmidt. J. Wilke. R. Rusch. S. Schocpocstcr. S. Parker. K. Keller. E. Knight Officers First Semester Second Semester Carol Pezl...........................President................... Marilyn Liesch Deanne DeMoulin ..................Vice President.................Barbara Ahrens Jean Wilke...........................Secretary....................Donna NiehofT Martha Lentz.........................Treasurer....................Martha Lentz Kathy Keller........................Historian..................Ruth Ann Schmidt Janet Nichols........................Custodian..................Rochelle Gerber Miss Nasgowitz.........................Advisor...................Miss Nasgowitz Page one hundred-four“It’s No Gamble. It’s a Win” was the slogan displayed on the Homecoming float by Phoenix. Following the parade the members entertained their alumni at a banquet held at the Legion. Janet Nichols directed the sorority in Vod-Vil with the theme “Central Park.” The sorority sponsored Jim Wheeler as their candidate for Ugly Man. During the Christmas holidays the group displayed their good will as they went caroling at the Sunnyview Sanitarium and at the County Home. “Ring The Thing" brought a third place victory during Campus Carnival. Phoenix also participated in Songfest with Ellen Knight and Kathy Keller as co-directors. Carolyn Koboski and Shelby Lcmke served as the co-directors of Play Contest. "Ring The t iling” broughi Phoenix a third place for Campus Carnival. Barb Ahrens tells about past events in which Phoenix has participated at their informal rushing. Page one hundred-fivePRESIDENTS Row I-I.cft: K. Gilbertson. M. Ryan. C. Jagodinski. J. l.aViolettc. Row ll-I.eft: R. Harry. R. Hanson. V. Games. R. Crombic. P. Steffen. R. Akin. First semester Gail Plutchak Second semester Richard Harry Pan-Hclicnic is a new organization for members of our sororities and fraternities. This is the high bench of appeals provided for these societies. Each group has two representatives, one of the two being elected each semester. Twice a month problems are discussed. Progress is their pass word. This year the pioneer organization established a new sorority on campus and converted our spring dance into a Valentine formal. Row l-I.cft: G. Plutchak. M. Licsch. i. VanAkkcrcn. L. Jaschob. Row ll-I.eft: D. Flunker. C. Pcnko kc. S. Lemkc. i. Stockingcr. D. Blankcnburg. H. Corbett. Pa fie one hundred-sixWHO'S WHO Top Row: S. Hunter. M. Firehammer. E. Hansen. D. Werner. R. Newton. E. Knight. A. Shane. Bottom Row: f. Konrad. M. Ryan. B. Wajahn. B. Bennett. M. Wagner. Top Row: M. Fcldmann. C. Lehman. C. Turozynski. M. Haas. B. Hlavachck. Bottom Row: W. Roever. D. Dohrman. D. Fictum. Shirley Hoverson, C. Jagodinski. Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges? Twenty-five of the listed leaders arc from our own college campus. The honor bestowed upon these seniors is given after much consideration and elimination. Activities and grade points were studied by the Honor Committee and faculty members voted for the students they believed were best qualified. Page one hundred-sevenRow 1-l.cfl: W. Rocvcr. N1. Konrad. S. Hunter. M. Daggett. M. Sorenson. E. Knight. E. Hlavachek. B Ahrens. M. Firchammcr. Row- IM.efl: C Jagodinski. K. Kroll. B. Files. M D. I.cmkc. Row lll-l.efi: I) Johnson. D. Karrcls. E. Hiley. Row IV-Lcfl: B Bamberg. E. Hansen. P. Roelhcl. klPIM II Kappa Delta Phi. a national honor society, was established at Wisconsin State College at Oshkosh twenty-six years ago. Its purpose is to encourage high professional standards in the teaching field. One of Kappa Delta Phi s big events of the year was held in January. Twenty faculty members. twenty-one old members and thirty-seven new members, plus honorary member. Mr. J. K. Johnson, gathered around the initiation banquet table to hear “Integration in Education." by Dr. Robb Taylor of the University of Wisconsin. I iewh. S. (irotu. M. Haas. A. Shane. D. Buciow. K. Ru.sch. R. Newton. M. Hovcrson. D. Bennett. F. I amb. I. O Hearn. D. Gusc. I) Werner. ELTI Fill Their bond between people in the educational field was more closely secured when five students attended the twenty-first Biennial Convocation in Chicago. This society also sponsors a fifty dollar scholarship to be given to a junior member of Kappa Delta Phi. Officers of this organization arc: Pres., Mary Feldmann; V.P., Shirlenc Johnson; Sec., Ellen Knight; Treas.. Carol Jagodinski; Reporter. Kathleen Keller; and Advisor. Mr. J. K. Johnson. Page one hundred-nineALPHA Nil II HU Row l-I.cft: A. Gcimer. S. Scibold. T. Severance. L. Mitchell. D. Wendt. J. Megathlin. Row IM.cft: F. Paepke. L. Sorinski. R. Ruffalo. C. Ihrke. R. Eickhoff. P. Day. T. Skarvan. Row lll-l.eft: H. Owens. R. Mitchell. J. Roth. E. Mueller. Mr. Pyle. D. Zarndt. C. Westra. G. Bauer. Row IV.Left: D. Reagan. J. Kelly. R. Brcault. W. Stowe. B. Cudahy, J. Llewellyn. C. Roth. Jr. r P p i i '• i Al Gcimer and Harlan Owens set the pace for A.P.O.’s projects which lead to the "joining of college men in fellowship and service to the college, nation and to the community.” The forty active members and eighteen pledges have surely "followed the ways of their people" in that respect. Here are a few of the events Wisconsin State College at Oshkosh would not have without the industry of Alpha Phi Omega: Homecoming parade. Ugly Man Contest and the Blood Drive. OFFICERS First Semester See.. Jim Megathlin: Treas.. Jim Roth: V.P.. Charles Roth: Alumni See.. Fred Paepke: Pres.. AI Giemcr. Second Semester V.P.. Jim Megathlin: Treas.. Jim Roth, Recording See.. Dick Mitchell: Pres.. Harlan Owens: Corresponding See.. Bob Ruffalo: Sergeant at Arms. Gerald Bauer; Historian. Tom Sever-cncc. Pu e one hundred-tenCIRCLE k Row I-Left: D. Wegchaupi. C. Bodmer. K. Mueller. F. l amb. I. Huberty. Row ll-l.cft: l . Lucbke. R. Crombie. R. Harry. G. Prindiville. E. Winkler. J. Perdue. R. Bodart. OFFICERS V.P.. Richard Harry Trcas.. Francis Lamb Pres.. Kenneth Mueller Sec.. Eugene Winkler Circle K. a service organization on our campus, began in 1955. This society was organized in order to promote closer campus-community relations. They are the fellows responsible for the spotlight action on the flag and the gym’s concession stand. This service organization is partially responsible for our OSC cheering section, for they have treated children of the local Children’s Home to basketball games. Page one hundred-elevenHow I-Lcft: J. Peters. J. Hclgcson. J. Swan. P. Gould. J. Kelley. C. Prashcr. How ll-l.cft: M. Schrocdcr. B. Eilcs, E. Spink. M. Strouf. B. Ncliv Row Ill-Left: D. Brey. M. Lentz. K. Schreibcr. F. Dibble. J. Jones. H. Wywialowski. Row IV-I.eft: T. O'Hearn. W. Bolcr. L. .Schocnrock. D. Newhousc. R. Crombic. A. I.aucrsdorf. Thirty-seven students have spent many long hours for the divisions of this college so they may be well represented. Their main business of the year was to aid in providing a satisfactory student lounge program for Wisconsin State College at Oshkosh. A couple of extra handclaps may be added toward the success of that project. Election campaigns went into full swing at the beginning of second semester and resulted in a great increase in the number of votes cast, as compared with previous years. Officers: Alan Lemery and David Steinbach. Presidents; David Steinbach and Richard Crombic. Vice Presidents; Eleanor Spink and Marilyn Schroedcr. Sec.-Treasurers. Dean Thedinga presided as faculty advisor. Page one hundred-twelveSOCIAL LIF E Too often we have a tendency to take for granted many of the social doings that we have on campus. How-Row I-I.eft: M. Schwocrcr, K. Frederick. C. Norion. K. Fuller, ever, there is a group on this campus Row Il-I.eft: D. l ahlicr" c'. Kerry. R. C»(T. K. Heydon, N. ,hat doCS ,ake ,ime 10 Plan Abrahamson. R. Johnson. social functions for OSC students. The fifteen representatives of Social Life keep our campus activities in good health. They have sponsored various activities such as the Sunday night movies, all-school mixer dances and the prom. This committee is truly the unseen, unheard group that tries to keep the students happy at Wisconsin State College at Oshkosh. Row 1-l.efl: C. Gcrlach. I). Schmidt. D. Dicmcr. R. Cuff. Row Il-I.eft: B. Thomas. B. Bohne. J. Perdue. P. Dunlavy. Row Ill-Left: T. Enders. N. Pfistcr. B. Kubalc. B. Wenzel. Row I-I.cft: V. Bartz. L. Pfeiffer. J. Heller. M. Bastar. N. Kempfert. Row Il-I.eft: C. Hcucr. M. Hoverson. M. Sachs. L. Pauly. S. Croncc. Row Ill-Left: M. Lawless. C. Huebner. K. Gjermundson. 1. Krauas. B. Traugott. ii i) o it it n i ii e t s An innovation on campus is the Honor Residents. Their duties began in the fall of 1956. Honor residents work with the housemothers in helping to carry out the regulations for women students. The Central Council acts as a disciplinary committee to hear infractions of the rules and to decide the penalities to be imposed. Page one hundred-thirteenRow M.cft: N. Klicnfoth, M. Kaaiz. M. Hovet. K. Gjcrmundscn. Row 11-left: K. Tabbcri. M. Thiclman. L. Roeder. All coeds become members of the Women's Association as soon as they pay the membership dues on registration day. These dues arc used to sponsor various events and services throughout the year such as the Christmas Banquet, the new Dad-Daughter banquet, the Mother's Day program and contributions for the maintenance of the lounge. The Women’s Association also welcomed Wisconsin's Alice in Dairyland to the campus for a visit. V Dr. Karges speaking words of wisdom ai the first Dads and daughters. Dad-Daughter banquet. Page one hundred-fourteenMEM’S ASSOCIATION Seated-I.cft: B. Guctgow. R. Tahlicr. E. Hansen. D. Harmscn. Standing-Left: D. Flunkcr. R. Crombic. D. Young. A. Otl. All male members of the student body at OSC are members of the Men’s Association. The dues, which are one dollar a semester, finance the activities of this organization. TV in the lounge means relaxation for our student body. The Men's Association utilized their dues this year to provide that relaxation. They also took over a considerable amount of the lounge maintenance duties. Another activity sponsored by the group is the annual Men’s Association banquet, held in the early part of the year, which honors our football players. Inca Indian?! Page one hundred-fifteenOFFICERS Daryl Wendt: Scc-Trcav Paul Hansen: Vice Pres. Keith Auger: President The Vet’s Club membership hit a record high this year with ninety-eight members taking part in various activities. To start the year off they helped sponsor Marcia Strouf who became OSC’s Homecoming Queen; and they took first place in the lloat contest. Many strange faces were seen walking around our campus. This was due to the newly sponsored Beard Contest. The winner was neatly lathered and shaved by our Homecoming Ouecn. They also participated in intramurals and Ugly Man Contest. The purpose of this college group is not only to promote the general welfare of veterans on campus, but also to be a medium of service to the college. They accept the opportunity to sponsor general assembly programs to observe Memorial Day and Armistice Day. Page one hundred-sixteenTHE LITTLE SYMPHONY Director: Mr. Zeff This gang takes a lot of rosin! Seated: Mrs. David Zcff. R. Grueizman. E. Mueller. J. Scivcrs. C. Prausa, R. Knight. S. Backus. E. Broeniman. B. Jensen. J. Congdon. Back Row seated: M. Mancl. A. Mathias. N. Enz. M. J. Cornelius, A. Thompson. B. Rcchl. R. Wilier. M. Hovcrson. K. Barrow. R. Gerber. R. Smith. Standing: A. Hablc. C. Fogtman. S Hoppe. W. Zcamcr. The Little Symphony was organized in 1956. This year a good part of their time was spent in reading various materials in order to become more familiar with the various styles and standard literature of music. It is hoped that next year they will be able to present one formal concert each semester. Also, the members of this music group will be used to help accompany music students in vocal or instrumental solos next year. This group has shown a good deal of interest for better music and has made great strides in proficiency. Page one hundred-seventeenPage one hundred-eighteen How I: J. Lartz, W. Roever. M. Stark. K. Keller. M. Hostcttler. M. Schroedcr. A. Krit . P. Audit. M. Kiel. B. Bueehcl, L. Ht garrald, K. Fuller. L. Zcntncr, B. Long. I . Kautzcr. E. Knight How 2: S. Ritchie. V. Geer, K. Winter. K. Frederick. A. Dctllaff. K. Felsncr. P. Schwantcs. R. Knight. K. Heydon. M. Cassidy, V. Haas, G. Kocck. R. Conley. J. Wussow, D. I). Dei me r Row 3: R. Roe. G. Stone. J. Palmer. E. Mueller. K. Kuchncl. J. Wheeler, C. Reel. D. I inscr. C. Hoffman, A. Lcmcry. D. Zicbell, L. Kcrusch. K. Kicsow, R. Wifflcr. R. New house How 4: G. Nercnhausen. J. Congdon. (i. Saegcr. F. Paepke, R. Young. W. Zcamcr. D. O'Brien, C». Schmidt, R. Eyers. D. Spiegclhoff. J. Hook, B. Haidlingcr. A. GeimcrDirector: Dr. I.inton See sharp so you won't be flat. CII II I II On Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:(X) P.M. Harrington Mali's first floor becomes a workshop for the OSC choir. The results of many long hours of practice proved to he cvry effective with the successful presentation of their annual Christmas concert under the direction of Dr. Stanley I.inton. This concert included ’Jesu. Priceless Treasure." '‘Magnificat." Applied Music Faculty. Standing: Mr. Zcff. Mrs. Hollenbeck. Mr. Vogt. Mrs. Linton. Seated: Mrs. Zcff. Mrs. Kickhafer. and "Carol Fantasy." Not shown: Miss Brainard. Mr. Pickett. The choir's spring concert, presented in the Little Theatre, offered a varied program. including "Go Way from My Window," a solo by Mrs. Marilue Kiel. "Turtle Dove." a baritone solo by Kenneth Kuchnl and the choir's rendition of "Rise Up My l.ovc. My Fair One." The choir, besides performing for Oshkosh, takes an annual spring tour to various communities throughout the state. Florence A. Hollenbeck: organ and piano. Northwestern University; also studied with Dr. C. E. Sheppard of Carroll College. Gerrie Vogt; brasses. Danna’s Musical Institute. Ohio. Veteran of Chicago Opera Company, the Victor Herbert, and other orchestras. Hope H. Linton: voice. Missouri State College; director of the Cccilian Singers. Oshkosh. P. Zeff: strings. University of Minnesota. Marjorie F. Kickhafer: voice. Northwestern University; Juilliard School of Music. Gladys Y. Brainard: piano. Studied in Europe with Arthur Shattuck. Wanda Landowska, and others. Seari. Pickett: woodwinds. Lawrence College. Appleton. Page one hundred-nineteenPage one hundred-twenty II k i I) W K M II K II S J. Armstrong. S. Backus, K. Barron. S. Bauer, E. Brocniman. B. Bucchcl. M. Cassidy, I. Christensen. K. Connolly. T. Enders, K. Felsner. C. Fetgman, P. Galikowski. R. Gerber. S. Grota. R. Gruetzman, D. Gunz. B. Hod rich. S. Hoppe. I . Jero. M. Jeske. D. Johnson. K. Keller. N. Kempfert. L. Klausch, R. Knight. G. Kons. P. Kurtz. R. La Rose. A. I .emery. M. Martyn, I . Murphy, O. Neuman, K. Obenberger. D. O'Brien. J. Peachey, L. Pfeifer. P. Pockat. C. Pollard. C. Prausa. N. Raislcr. B. Reehl. R. Rusch. B. Schultz. R. Schultz. E. Sippet, B. Smith. B. Sondallc. G. Steffens. M. Ullrich. T. Walsdorf, P. Wegener. Q. Welch. R. Wilier. J. Wolf. W. Zcamer. L. Zcntcr. D. Zicbcll. J. Zimmerman. J. Martyn.Band Director: Dr. Dennis Karen Winters and Ken Kuchnl, with the assistance of Dr. Dennis, practice their duct for the hand concert. Practice makes perfect is an old slogan hut it certainly proved to he true for anyone who heard this year’s hand concert. The steady beat and steady gait at the home football games was due to the all-men marching unit, under the direction of drum major. Charles Rcehl. Mr. Roger Dennis directed the OSC concert band as they presented a mid-winter concert, February 12, which featured "Rienzi," and "Impressions of Seville.” This very impressive concert will long be remembered by those who attended. This past year the music department organized a new society and adopted the name "Collegium Musicum” which means a college of music. In the Renaissance period of history, groups of this sort were common in places of cultural learning. Historically, the basic purpose of such endeavor was to provide an atmosphere of informality among amateur and professional musicians at the college level in which original compositions were performed by the members. In modern times, similar groups arc organized in colleges, usually with the intent of performing music of other eras, particularly that of the past two or three centuries. Another purpose of this group is to create a spirit of good fellowship and social relations between its members. These motives arc manifest in our campus organization. Programs presented during the year included a performance of Wagnerian Brass excerpts. “Mozart Quintet in A Major,” “F.vening of Pianism.” a demonstration in Bach, and a demonstration of styles in symphonic literature. Dr. Roger Dennis acts as advisor to this organization. A Mother’s Day concert, a student concert, and two guest concerts rounded out a very active year for the band. Page one hundred-twenty-oneHow I-I.eft: K. Procknow. B. Brochm. G. Sicvers. B. Kubale. A. Suchardu. Row H.Lcfl: Dr. White. H. Fcnskc. G. Schmidt. B. Halle. A. Driesscl. A. Geimer. Mr. Jackson. Row lll-l.cft: T. Ostermier and D. Guse. OFFICERS Beverly Brochm. Corres. See. Terry Ostermier. Vice Pres. Barbara Kubale. Scc-Trcas. Dennis Guse. President The District Contest of Wisconsin High School Forensic Association held at OSC was sponsored by Pi Kappa Delta. They also sponsored the Speech Institute in the earlier part of the year. To become a member of Pi Kappa Delta, one must be elected by the local chapter and approved by the National Council. The group installs their new members at a banquet held in the spring. Last year, this society elected their first honorary member. President Polk, due to his interest in forensic activities. The purpose of this organization is to stimulate progress in and to further the interests of intercollegiate speech activities and communication. This is done in an effort to provide functional leadership training for life, and at the same time encourage a spirit of fellowship, brotherly cooperation and incentive for achievement. Page one hundred-twenty-twomusics Developing eihos?!! Honors! Honors! Honors! were received at many of these meets. At Madison. March 7, the A division debate teams, Terry Ostcrmier and Dennis Gusc. Bert Driessel and Gale Sicvers took first place. Earlier, on February Some of OSC’s champs: C. Kocller. B. Halle. T. Ostcrmier. 21 and 22, our debaters tied for I . Ouse. first place at Northern Illinois. On March 29. at the University of Illinois, Barbara Kubalc, an OSC debater, received the highest individual speaking award. Also receiving awards for superior speaking were Rita Procknow and Mary Jo Krueger. At this meet the debate team was again undefeated and came home with first place honors. Dr. White and Mr. Jackson are the advisors in the Forensic Department. A highly successful organization on campus this year was the combination of members of a newly formed Forensic Union and members from the National Honorary Forensic Society, and Pi Kappa Delta. These groups established fine records while participating in fifteen intercollegiate tournaments. Debate, discussion, oratory, extemporaneous speaking. radio newscasting, after-dinner speaking, and oral interpretation were the contests which our local society participated. Page one hundred-twenty-threeI) I! III I “T IIE r It I) Cl B L E” On October 31 and November I of this year, our students were witnesses to the Salem witchcraft trials. “The Crucible" directed by Miss May-sel Evans was the chosen drama this year. A very competent cast for this three act play revealed the injustices done to these so-called witches, as they presented the drama by Arthur Miller. The actors and actresses in this student play were: Dougleen Remo, George Schmidt. Dorothy Koocs, Marge Firehammcr. Ann DctlofT. Carol Kroll. Brian Gilmore, Mary Halverson, Mary Sue Klein, John Van Dyke. Marilyn Schrocdcr, Jim Wheeler. Kenneth liingin, Patricia Ullspergcr, Albert Lauersdorf, John Hanley. Jim Atwell. John Hussey, Mary Jo Krueger, Wilbur Denson. Jane Dorn and Philip Pockat. Not everyone stars on the stage, but the workers behind the scenes helped make the drama real. Mr. Robert Brismaster was technical director. One of the inicnsc scenes in this very moving drama. Page one hundred-twenty-fourIL A D I) I It took more than the rub of a lamp to create the fine production of the children's play. "Aladdin” on January 10. II. and 12, directed by Marge Fire-hammer and her assistant Barbara Leher. The Arabian Night fantasy was brought to reality by Dick Rietz, who played Aladdin, and by the following cast: Pat Ullspergcr as the Princess Adora. John Van Dyke as the Sultan. Marilyn Schroedcr as Aladdin's mother. Mary Sue Klein as Noona. Carol Kroll as Kalissa, Jim Wheeler as the Magician. and Dennis Boettcher and Wilbur Denson as genics. Our Modern Dancers gave an excellent performance as they portrayed the Slaves of the Ring and the Slaves of the Lamp. Page one hundred-twenty-fiveumum Row I left: M. Silvcrthorn. V. Lewis. G. Hofman, P. Roothal. H. Corbett. Row || left: Advisor: Dr. Max Bowman. E. Krueger. M. Gruber. O. Rautmann. I . Schocnrock. C. Adams. Row III left: E. Hansel. F. Kahlcr. R. Michel. F. Huebner. D. Abbs. "Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of imagination. John Df.wey The American Chemical Society meets twice a month. A social hour is held after each meeting. The society is composed of chemistry majors and minors. Many interesting talks are heard from speakers outside of the community as well as local persons. An annual spring picnic concluded the year for the group. Second semester V.P.: P. Roethal. Second semester Scc.-Trcas.: V. Lewis. First semester Scc.-Treas.: M. Gruber. First semester Pres.: M. Silvcrthorn. Second semester Pres.: F. Huebner. Page one hundred-twenty-sixTreasurer: K. Keller. President: C. Gould. Advisor: Mr. James Walden. Not shown: V.P.: Ruth Schultz. See.: Carol Jagodinski. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA The J. A. Breese Chapter of the Future Teachers of America at OSC is now an associate member of the National Education Association and the Wisconsin Education Association. The highlights of the year included various interesting and informative talks by Mrs. Tctzloff, Dr. Sharpiro, Mr. and Mrs. Dc Bareza, and Mr. Row | left: Row || left: Row III left: Row IV left: C. Jagodinski, C Koboski. B. Thomas. R. Schultz. Advisor: Mr. James K. Johnson. J. Heller. R. Schmidt. R. Cuff. S. Cronce. B. Blazck. N. Havel. S. Spicgelbcrg. M. Bruns. C. Gerlach. J. La Violcttc. K. Becker. C. Turezynski. R. Harry. J. Koltcrjahn. J. Ramm. N. Pfistcr. S. Dahlkc. Geiger. The objective of FTA is to give the student knowledge in education Row I left: B. Hlavachck. J. Kroll. J. Thermansen. A. Buth. R. Hacn. S. Crimmings. Row || left: J. Hinesh. S. Backus. M. Konrad. V. Albert, K. Obenberger, J. Wussow, J. Schmidt. Row III left: G. Drummy. C. Heuer. S. Hunter, C. Witt. S. Hoppe. I.. Pauly. Row IV left: A. Mcistcr. O. Rautmann. R. Schmidt. G. Kitzman. H. Cramer. G. Nerenhausen. which he can apply in his future teaching career. Page one hundred-twenty-sevenVice Presidents: P. Cox. Not shown: J. Diehl. Secretary: S. Brownson. President: J. Hopper. Treasurer: J. Higby. Advisor: Mr. Henryk Ziomck. I; I H 11 1 (i E CLUB The Language Club at OSC was formed to promote a better understanding among people and their countries. It is open to all those who arc taking one of the foreign languages offered on campus or to those who arc foreign students. During the Christmas season the Language Club held a party at the home of the Dc Barcza’s. l anguage students took a social break at the Christmas Party. A new project was undertaken by the group second semester. The Language Club with the Social Life Committee co-sponsored a "Fiesta all school dance. Colorful murals carried out the Mexican theme. For the second year the Latin Banquet was held at Radford Hall. Students gave a Latin play. Perseus and Andromeda. "Slaves' served the meal to guests reclining in true Roman style. Page one hundred-twenty-eightRow I left: M. Nitkowski. J. Peters. S. Hunter. M. Hoverson. M. Haas. Row II left: C. Bodmer. P. Duncan. T. Ostcrmcier, K. Mueller. Row III left: D. Farr. J. Sawicki. C. Sweet. T. O’Hcarn. W. Schocnbcrgcr. mmmimi. remtiois Once a month on Thursday evenings, 7 p.m., the Demonstration Room is the meeting place for an educational evening concerning the activities of other countries and our relations with them. A banquet was planned and attended by the International Relations Club this spring, and all past speakers were the honored guests. Vincent Rohlf, President of Badger Northland, Kaukauna, who spoke on “Russia”, and Mrs. L. O. TetzlofT, who spoke on “Mexico and the Mayans” were two of the speakers on this year’s program. March was the busiest time for the group, as they attended a mid-west convention in Milwaukee and also discussed “Education in the United States and Behind the Iron Curtain” as that month’s topic. Officers of this group arc: President: Mary Ann Nitkowski, Vice President: Bert Driessel, Treasurer: Charles Bodmer. Dr. Noyes is advisor for the group. Page one hundred-twenty-nineFirst Semester Editor BARB AHRENS vV I i Second Semester Editor ANNETTE STERN I IIV I I I ] Your yearbook is a recording of the 1957-58 College history. That is also what we hope The Oshkosh Advance has meant to you. The newspaper staff has cooperated in order to achieve a record for the present and the future. A college newspaper is special because it is for and by a special group . . . you. Your various editors, photographers and staffs have tried to show that practical experience with the workings of the paper has taught them well . . . and we believe they have learned well. You might call the small corner of the Science Annex a workshop, for certainly in any endeavor, practice is the best teacher. A reporter's “nose for news”, a faithful photographer and a scrupulous copy and make-up desk arc a few of the important workshop tools. We hope that, through the willingness of many more tools. The Oshkosh Advance will build a large and successful workshop in future years. “The best use of a journal is to print the largest practical amount of truth which lends to make mankind wiser, and thus happier." —Horace GREEI.EY Scaled left: C. Kerry. L. Rocdcr. I . Dunlavy. Standing left: K. Obcnbergcr. C. Win. L. Mandcrficld. V. Bartz. Not shown: Art Work: Judy Wiitig. Sharlyn Miller. Copy Editor: Jim l.ewcllyn. Make-Up Editor: Judy Swan. Business Manager: Jim Fralish. Page one hundred-thirtySeated lefl: Sporty Editors: P. Gould and A. I.aucrsdorf, Circulation: V. Bart . Standing left: News Editor: D. Deimer, Associate Editor: K. Heydon. Copy Editors: K. l.ambrccht and T. Spanbauer. Not shown: Jim Lcwellyn. Associate Editor: T. Dunlavy. Seated left: Circulation: J. Miller. Feature Writer T. Holcwinaki. Typist: M. Polomis. Standing left: Typist Editor: N. Barkow. Typists: H. Weathcrwax. S. Spring-born. Circulation Editor: K. Gilbertson. Advertising: G. Kit -man. Circulation: M. Wellncr. Not shown: Judy Kroll and l.ois Jaschob. Left: Picture Editor: B. I.cttcnbergcr. Photographers: A. Ott. C. Both. Not shown: Perry' Welch. How I left: Columnists: B. Buffalo and B. Schmidt. Make-Up Staff: T. Dunlavy. Bow II left: Sports Writers: P. Gould and B. Mueller. Hcportcr: K. Gilbertson. Columnist: G. Schmidt. Page one hundred-thirty-oneQUIVER An eager staff began early in the fall to capture the highlights of the year for the students of OSC. An old English Proverb “Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst’ , seemed at various times to fit the feeling of many staff workers when the copy didn’t fit, pictures did not turn out. identification seemed impossible, and deadlines had to be met. It was hard to believe that the Quiver would ever open— but now it has. We hope that you will get as much enjoyment out of it as we had putting it together and we also hope that in years to come it will be a real memory book for everyone of us. ALICE SUCHARDA Editor JUDY SWAN Assistant Editor "An editor who lives to please all of his readers will soon discover himself in a state of constant dizziness. A n old editor pat it this way. ' Yon cannot scratch every man where he itches' " —Anonymous Seated left: Standing left: Not shown: Business Manager N. Pfister. Typist: I.. Windenberg. Organization Editor: C. Gould. Index Editor: B. Hlavuchck. Art Editor and Cover Designer: M. Strouf. Copy Editor: A. Stern. Typist Editor: Ci. Ecsscndcn. Copy Editor: L. Manderficld. Sports Editor: Bruce Bamberg. Activities Editor: Bernie Koval. Advisor: Mr. Donald Zahalka. Pane one hundred-thirty-twoSeated left: C. Gould, C. Hcur, K. Fuller. Standing left: D. Blankcnburg, S. Jentz. K. Fuller. Not sho»n: S. Stcinfort, J. Gctchius. B. Kubalc. C. Gcrlach. C. Koboski. A. Tully. N. Procknow, M. Wenzel. Seated: C. Hanncman and N. Pfister. Standing: B. Thomas and B. Wilson. Art Staff: M. Halverson and M. Strouf. Layout Staff: L. Roedcr. C. Kerry. C. Pcnkoskc. Not shown: J. Lccftink. Photographers: Picture Editor: B. Lettenberger. P. Wilms. C. Roth. Not shown: P. Welch. G. Nerenhausen. Page one hundred-thirty-threePS I EPSIL Row | left: M. Davidson. R. Connolly, J. Schmidt. S. Ritchie. Row II left: S. Grota, C. King. F. Dibble. I . Chupita, D. Scbold. R. Sondallc. Row in left: J. Sievers. J. l acs. B. Kroll. C. Huebner. N. Lea. B. Luezak. M. Cassidy. A new sorority was organized on campus this year — Psi Epsilon. Mary Cassidy was elected the first president of the society and Rita Connolly holds the Vice-President title. Nancy Lea was elected Secretary, Barbara Luczak is Treasurer. Pat Chupita is Historian. Barbara Kroll is Parliamentarian and Carl Hucbcr is their first Women's Association Representative. Miss Duran has been chosen for the advising post. OSC can be sure they will be hearing a lot about Psi Epsilon next year. II I) 11) (1 L11II I.eft to right: G. Kit man. E. Hiley. S. Btichholz. 1.. Soginski. “Your College on the Air" is presented by the Radio Club on Thursday at 9 p.m. This organization, which keeps us posted on college activities, serves as a link between the college and the community. The program usually consists of a run-down on the current college happenings as well as a spinning of the students' favorite records. I ge one hundred-thirty-fourINTER-FAIT II (' II I! C11, Row I left: D. Buds. J. Van Akkeren. D. Amend. H. Fenske. Row II left: B. Buccbel. M. Feldman, C. J. Gould. P. Ullspcrgcr. The Inter-Faith Council, which consists of two representatives from each religious society, was formed to promote a better relationship between the religious groups on campus. Banquets, picnics, hayrides, and dances provided an active year for these organizations. U.S.F. sponsored a Christmas party for children and entertained the Keller Nursing Home patients. A Halloween party at the Children’s Home and a Christmas carol party were sponsored by Wesley. Fifteen members of the Delta Mu Chapter of Gamma Delta at OSC attended a fall convention held by the Madison Chapter. Phillip Froehlke was elected project chairman of the Lakes Region at the convention. In December L.S.A. went Christmas caroling at the hospital, and this was followed by a party with the other religious organizations. Newman Club opened the year with a banquet at St. Peter's Parish Hall. This group also sponsored a Christmas party and a record dance. These are just a few of the many activities that these various groups enjoy and sponsor throughout the year. Page one hundred-thirty-fiveU. S. F Row I: N. Senn. J. Purdue. J. Schmidt. F. Clarich. M. Fcldmann. E. Reichardt. B. Nclis. M.E. Bastar. Row II: M. Lentz, R. Cuff. B. Buechel. J. Gctchius, N. Gricwisch. K. Atkins. D. Mccrdink. Row III: Mr. H. Dohrman (advisor). J. Heller, D. Hohenstein. D. Dohrman, S. Hovcrson. J. Wilke. E. Lowthcr. C. Westra. Rev. B. H. Romanowski. Row IV: H. Corbett. D. Wiegchaupt. D. l.cnz. E. Mueller. M. Strouf. M. Hovcrson. K. Sampson. I). Werner. IV E S L E V Row I: G. Albert. N. Eastling, K. Becker. C. J. Gould. Rev. Jordan. Row II: V. Geer. R. Knight. J. Majnarich. M. Liesch. Row III: T. Brown. A. Lcmcry. P. Pockat. H. Cramer. K. Russell. Page one hundred-thirty-sixnwxn CLUB Row I: M. Kirk. J. Clay. C. Lehman. J. Lacs. M. Haas. D. Kitzingcr. Kow II: E. Schmidt. P. Sullivan. J. Wiltig. M. Gruber. T. Dunlavy. E. Jisab. Row III: E. Sippcl. T. Holcwinski. D. SpicgcIhofT. T. O'Hcarn. A. Valitchka. D. Van Straten. A. Geimer. Row I: P. Galikowski. M. Krueger. M. Davidson. M. Metz. R. Connolly, P. Korncly. M. Audit. Row II: D. Seybold. P. Chupita. B. Luezak, M. Cassidy, B. Sondalle. M. Mensch. Row III: M. Konrad. C. Schmidt. P. Ullspcrgcr. L. Pfeiffer, J. Banklcy, G. Drummy. N. Gehrig. Row IV: E. Bloomer, A. Hephner. R. DeGroot. N. Havel. J. Llewellyn. D. Gorsege, R. Lettenberger. Row I: P. Dunlavy. E. I.citingcr. J. Kroll. D. Ponce. R. Hacr, S. Dcllgcr, S. Bauer. Dr. White. Row II: H. Wywialowski. M. Fordham. J. Miller. M. Gendron. M. Polomis. T. Enders, D. Kohl. A. Blanchette. Row III: M. Van Hulst, N. Wavrunek. B. Kubale. M. Tislcr. M. Hartzheim. S. Huibregtsc, C. Lucck. J. Bucro. Row IV: Father Vanden Hogan. T. Ehlcrt. J. Stretz. D. Karrcls, P. Steffen. C. Buchman. F. Gittcr. Page one hundred-thirty-sevenL. S. I Row I: J. Hclgcson. J. Peterson. N. Pftster. C. Gcrlach. M. Kottkc. V. Jcsch. R. Lease. Row II: G. Nerenhauscn. J. Kamm. S. Dahlkc. D. Mcllum. J. Stcchcr. R. Hildebrand!. Rev. A. Wcinbcndcr. Row III: Dr. D. Palm, J. Fischer. K. Schwaab. W. l.indgrcn. G. Kitzman. D. Butts. E. Zaiscr. (Mini! DELTA Row I: J. Maurer. M. Wiesner. S. Buchholz. M. Maas. V. Rieves. I.. Baumgartcncr. D. Kober. Row II: K. Stark. B. Polansky. N. Jahns, S. Backus. R. Schmidt, B. Hedrich, K. Felsner. Row III: F. Karezewski. D. Amend. P Oberstadt. E. Neitzel. M. Raatz. R. Rusch. K. Dahlkc. J. Miller. Row IV: Mr. Frochlkc (advisor). L. Hill. D. Steinert. H. Fenske, P. Froehlke. D. Guse, F. Kahicr, Rev. l.ucdcrs Page one Iwndred-thirty-eightIT WILL SIM U VIII:II PICK You don’t have to tell what you do every day; You don't have to say if you work or play; A true barometer serves in its place. However you live, it will show in your face. For muscle and blood are a thin veil of lace. What you wear in your heart will show in your face. How, it your life is unselfish and for others you live. For not what you get or how much you can give; If you live close to God in His infinite grace. You don't have to tell — it will show in your face. Page one hundred-thirty-nine Many full moons marked the four seasons of the year which made up the calendar of Indian rites. This calendar was an assemblage of autumn harvests, winter council fires, spring feast days and summer rain dances. Our campus calendar is not so guided by the movements of the elements, but is rather guided by the spirit of energetic students. Their cooperation and eagerness for friendships have produced an industrious schedule of activities. Page one hundred-fortyp|acc Scc°nd place honors went to Gamma Sigm entry We Give Blu-Gold Stamps". First place in house decorations went to Pollack House. I wonder why everyone looks so happy. Could it be because the Oshkosh team is ahead? To make the day complete a rugged OSC team gave us a victory we will long remember. It really seemed good to sec the goal posts go down. Page one hundred-forty-twoQueen Marcia is crowned by Terry Warhanck. OSC’s 1956 Homecoming Queen. Mr. and Mrs. Slrouf enjoy the homecoming dance. HOMECOMING A 6-0 Titan victory over the Eau Claire Blugolds was the highlight of OSC's 1957 Homecoming. Marcia Strouf and her attendants Audrey Shane and Lorna Roedcr reigned over the Homecoming festivities. It was announced at the bonfire Friday evening that the Vet’s Club had taken first place in the Homecoming parade. Its slogan was “Eat ’Em Alive’’. Pollack House placed first with its house decoration “Blugolds. Blugolds in the Brook—Titans Catch Them on the Hook." The music was provided by Ron Harvey and his orchestra. Marcia Strouf was crowned queen by Terry Warhanck during the half time of the game and then, following the football game, everyone was welcome to attend a Punch Party held at Pollack House. The week’s activities were concluded with an Alumni Dance featuring Ron Harvey and his orchestra. Co-chairmen Bonnie Buechel and Roger Bodart helped to make this 1957 Homecoming another memorable one for OSC. The Court of Honor . . . Lorna Rocdcr and escort Dave Harmscn, Audrey Shane and escort Ralph Nielson and Queen Marcia and King Bill Bolcr enjoy the Homecoming dance. Page one hundred-forty-threeThe Lemon Sisters!!! V II II V I L “Paunchy Pete and his Performing Puppets" pulled no strings to receive the Lyceum Vod-Vil trophy on November 22, 1957. Maureen Ryan and Mary Feldman directed this presentation by Kappa Gamma sorority. Carmen Kerry and Carol Hanneman’s direction of “Destination—Hsokhso" resulted in second place for Lambda Chi and the “Wonnerful-Wonnerful Welknic Show" brought third place to Iota fraternity. This act was directed by John Hanley and John Maes. Vod-Vil is presented yearly by Lyceum fraternity and proceeds are used for a student scholarship. Page one hundred-forty-fourCHRISTMAS FORMAL OSC’s Alethean, Lambda Chi, Lyceum, Philak-ean and Phoenix societies created our own “Winter Wonderland” for the Christmas formal. The Eagle’s hall was decked with boughs of holly on December 13. 1957 for this special event. Herbie Brietzman’s orchestra provided the music for this walk through wonderland. Society advisors acted as chaperones. Chairmen and (heir escorts at the Christmas Formal. The Raulf Hotel was the scene of the first Valentine Formal, Sweethearts In Pastel, sponsored by Gamma Sigma, Iota, Delta Phi, Kappa Gamma and Periclcan. This dance took the place of the Spring Formal that was usually held in the latter part of the year. Dick La Rose and his orchestra provided the music. Society advisors acted as chaperones. UL E ST IIE FORMAL Page one hundred-forty-fiveUg|y Man. Bill Wrochota. and dale- Ugly Man Dance. As in past years. Alpha Phi Omega again sponsored the Ugly Man Contest. This year the contestants included Tom Wolfe, Joe Vanden Hogen. Charles Bodmer. Bill Wrehota. Irv Huberty, Bob Hansen, Joe Lorenz, John Stockinger, Roger Koepper and Jim Wheeler. The student body voting with pennies chose Bill Wrehota as their “Ugly Man”. APO collected $233 from this event which went to charity. The contest was climaxed with a dance in the student lounge. Due to unfavorable weather conditions, it was found necessary to discontinue the annual Frostbite Frolics. To take its place. Alethean sponsored the “Sweetheart of OSC” contest. The student body voting with pennies chose Dixie Nichols as the first OSC Sweetheart. Proceeds were donated for records in the new Student Union. j gly Man crowns Dixie Lee Nichols as ‘•Sweetheart of OSC". one hundred-forty-sixCAMPUS LIFE A plug for Welknic. Neat!! What will it be in 2000 A.D.? Kill it before it multiplies! Hie! Page one hundred-forty-sevenCAMPUS CARNIVAL Lambda Chi's Campus Carnival was a real treat for all carnival lovers, including this sorority's guests from the Elizabeth Batchclder Davis Children's Home. A collection of approximately $400 at this event served to aid these children further and to also provide additional stage lighting for the dramatics department. First place honors went to Iota for their “Chick Chantz” booth which offered a chance to win chickens. Lyceum’s “Drop the Drawers” theme captured second place, while Phoenix’s “Ring the Thing" booth won the third place position. Selection of prize winners was based on the success and originality of individual booths. Carol Gerlach. Nancy Pfistcr and Chris Prashcr advertise for Campus Carnival. Baaa-loons. Page one hundred-forty-eightPLAY CONTEST “If Men Played Cards as Women Do ’, anyway, like Iota men, they'd win the Kappa Gamma play contest trophy, as they did. Jim Atwell directed Richard Kuchn, Bill Reinert. Grant Nerenhauscn and Don Lacdtkc in this cup-winning play. Three nights, April 24-26, of dramatic entertainment for OSC displayed the talent of our campus sororities and fraternities. Alice Sucharda’s direction of “The Powers That Be" was a second place winner, while Lambda Chi’s, “The Great Dark", directed by Carmen Kerry, gave this sorority third place. Play Contest is sponsored by the Kappa Gamma sorority. Co-Chairmen for this event were Mary Feldman and Bev Brochm. Proceeds arc used for a scholarship that is given to some junior student on campus. "If Men Played Cards As Women Do." lota’s Lambda Chi’s “The Great Dark" was awarded third place, first place entry. “The Powers That Be" presented by the Alethean sorority took second place. A scene from Kappa Gamma's play directed by Marge Firchammcr. Page one hundred-forty-nineCo-Chairmen for the 1958 Prom were Dick Tahlier and Al Geimer. 19 3 8 I ROM An oriental theme, “Jasmine and Jade”, was the theme for the 1958 OSC Prom. The Social Life Committee sponsored the annual dance which was held on May 24 in the new gym. Music was furnished by Larry Ladd. The decorations committee was headed by Dick Tahlier. Chairmen under him were: Jerry Stry. ceiling; George Kitzman. north wall; Bob Meissner, south wall; Don Lunquist, east wall; Al Geimer, west wall; Kay Frederick, bandstand and throne; Carmen Norton, classroom, lobby and flowers; Rita Cuff and Mary Schwoerer, publicity; Kcnlynn Heydon, chaperones; Carmen Kerry, elections and refreshments; Bob Meissner, lights; Kay Fuller and Mary Lou Blanchette, band; and Al Geimer, police, janitor and programs. Winicr scene of Pollack and Radford Dormitories. Page one hundred-fiftyCAMPUS LIFE One of OSC’s best liked and well known men on campus is "Ron". His friendly smile and cheerful ‘good morning' has lifted the spirits of many students in past years and will continue to do so in the future. What's the name of the game? Ah ... to be a senior! Women Association Christmas Banquet. Time out for a rest. Page one hundred-fifty-oneFeather bonnets of honor were not the only head-rcsscs of Indians. There were also bonnets of war. placed upon the heads of the tribesmen as they prepared to meet the challenge of their enemies. Our college sports ‘ tribes’ wear the war bonnet to meet the challenge of many teams. However, the OSC sportsmen wear bonnets which combine both symbols of war and honor. They proudly claim many victory feathers along the band of challenges. The band is a story of success but not only in terms of winning a game. It also signifies success in athletes' constant display of good teamwork, good sportsmanship and fine ability. Page one hundred-fifty-twoFOOT It 1 L L Row | left: Row || left: Row III left: Row |V left: D. Brennan. M. Cundy. P. Trudell. A. Wittman. G. Hightdudis. J. Brookins. D. Krause. L. Karman. R. Woclfel. J. Lorenz. A. Cocncn. H. Nelson. B. Armstrong. R. Miller. L. Buenet. D. Allen. D. Ziebcll, R. Gilligan. J. Ottc, Redman, D. Sheets, R. Coughlin. W. Bclkc. T. Tighc, B. Kerrigan. I Male how. Coach Kolf. Coach Kitzman. D. Green. D. Strupp. R. Plumin, T. Peterson. Managers: E. Hensel. E. Cox. George Hightdudis. one of men in the history of the •he finest line-school. It’s not just playing a game on Saturday, but it’s practice every day during football season and also during the summer months for the OSC team. Page one hundred-fifty-fourThe Titans opened the 1957 football season with a 14-6 victory over Northland College. This was the Titans’ sixth victory in the series with Northland. One other game between the schools ended in a scoreless tie. Both Oshkosh touchdowns came in the first quarter with Terry Tighe scoring the first and Tom Malchow going over for the second. Coach Bob Kolf’s boys got sonic added insurance when Bruce Armstrong was credited with a safety in the fourth quarter. The following week OSC opened its conference schedule by upsetting the Superior team 6-0. Titan halfback Al Cocnen scored the game’s winning touchdown late in the last quarter. A good deal of the credit for this victory should go to our fine line, as the OSC linemen only allowed Superior to gain 63 yards rushing. The Titans suffered a letdown and lost their next game to U.W.M. Cardinals 34-13. Oshkosh had trouble controlling Milwaukee's running game. However, the following week they bounced back to whip our traditional rival Stevens Point 20-12. Plattevillc. the Conference Champions, cooled the Titans off in the next game by a score of 25-12. Oshkosh had a good day passing, but the attack didn't get started until it was too late. A heavily favored Whitewater team beat the Titans 13-6. Bob Kerrigan scored OSC’s only touchdown on a 2 yard plunge. Page one hundred-fifty-fiveThe Titans closed the season by winning the Homecoming game against Eau Claire. Coach Bob Kolf's boys were “fired up’ for this game and they played inspired ball against the favored Blugolds. The only score of the game came when Terry Tighe picked off an Eau Claire pass and ran for the touchdown. Looking back on the season, the Titans posted their best record in many years. OSC finished the 1957 season with a record of 4 wins and 3 losses. They also wound up in a very respectable 4th place finish in the tough Wisconsin State College Conference. The future looks bright as this was a very young team. All Conference players for the 1957 season were Wayne Bclkc, Terry Tighe, Bruce Armstrong and Jim Brookins. With the pep and enthusiasm shown, not only by the football team, but the student body and faculty as well . . . next year should really prove to be a very exciting one. Page one humlred-fijty-six V I B AS K E T B ALL VARSITY TEAM Center front: Coach Kitzman. Left to right: D. Kaufmann. J. Davis. J. Harkc, F. Schaefer. T. O’Brien. H. Collins. M. Grabncr, J. Lcttcnbcrgcr. D. Halverson. C. Bartol. K. VanderVcIdcn. R. Akin. K. Klein. R. Karisni. •■iwi J.V. TEAM Row I: J. Magnin. P. Trudell. D. Fritchcn. K. Klein, D. Kaufmann. Row 2: G. Strick. J. Harkc. M. French. H. Collins. C. Bartol. D. Beck. K. VanderVcIdcn. M. Jacobson. Page one hundred-fifty-sevenIn his second year as head basketball coach, Eric Kitzman led the Titans to a fifth place finish in the tough State College Conference. Coach Kitzman’s team had a conference record of 6-6 and an overall record of 10 and 11. At the start of the season it looked as though the guard positions would be a sore spot. However, Ron Akin and Jim Davis filled these positions very well. As a matter of fact. Akin and Davis were two of the team's leading scorers. The front line was anchored by the veterans Tom O’Brien. Jim Otte and Jim Let-tenberger. Big Mike Grabner, a 6-6 giant, was the teams leading re-bounder. Bob Karisni and Ken VanderVelden saw a lot of action at the guard positions and Hollie Collins. Jim Harke, Bob Dosch and Don Halverson proved to be capable replacements at the forward and center positions. The Titans opened the season by winning two of their first three games. They lost to Northern Michigan in the opener, but then bowed back to whip Michigan Tech and Winona. Page one hundred-fifty-eightOne of the highlights of the season was the Holiday Tournament which was held in the physical education building. This was a two day affair and the first night Oshkosh State trounced River Falls 93-65 and earned the right to go against Eastern Illinois in the championship game. In a very close contest Eastern III. edged the Titans 86-81. Another high spot of the season was the Titans 74-66 upset win over U.W.M. This was a bitterly fought game and it reached an abrupt climax when the Milwaukee coach pulled his team off the floor after disputing a call by one of the officials. Coach Kitzman's boys assured themselves of a good place in the conference standings when they won two of their last three conference games. The OSC basketball team had excellent balance this year. It was a team effort all the way. Five players scored 200 points or more. Ron Akin led the way with 264 points, and he was followed closely by Tom O’Brien and Jim Davis. Jim Otte WISCONSIN STATE COLLEGE CONFERENCE STANDINGS averaged 15.0 points per game and Tom O’Brien averaged 13.7. Won 1958 I.ost FINAL Total Points Opp. Points % Jim Lettenberger and Mike Grab- Platteville 11 1 1078 846 .917 La Crosse 9 3 929 865 .750 ncr snared a total of 398 re- Stevens Point 7 5 973 954 .583 bounds between them. UW-Milwaukee 7 5 1067 1012 .583 OSHKOSH 6 6 961 976 .500 Eau Claire 6 6 988 947 .500 River Falls 6 6 752 803 .500 Stout 5 7 852 917 .417 Superior 3 9 738 803 .250 Whitewater 0 12 865 1080 .000 ALL GAMES: : Won 10 Lost 11 Page one hundred-fifty-nineNext year’s prospects are bright because the entire squad will return with the exception of two fine senior players. These players are Tom O'Brien and Don Halverson. O’Brien will certainly have to be classed as one of the great scorers in the history of the school. Halverson, while never a regular, was a fine replacement and an excellent shot. 1957-58 VARSITY BASKETBALL RECORD Oshkosh 84 Northern Michigan 93 Oshkosh 60 Michigan Tech 54 Oshkosh 90 Winona 66 Oshkosh 69 St. Norbcrts 74 ♦Oshkosh 61 Plattevillc 83 Oshkosh 93 River Falls 65 Oshkosh 81 Eastern 111. 86 Oshkosh 70 Northern Mich. 74 ♦Oshkosh 63 Stevens Point 76 •Oshkosh 75 Stout 70 ♦Oshkosh 81 Eau Claire 74 ♦Oshkosh 74 UW-Milwaukcc 66 ♦Oshkosh 94 Whitewater 72 Oshkosh 91 Ripon 86 ♦Oshkosh 70 Plattevillc 101 ♦Oshkosh 112 Superior 97 ♦Oshkosh 76 La Crosse 82 Oshkosh 56 Winona 62 ♦Oshkosh 94 Stevens Point 90 ♦Oshkosh 69 UW-Milwaukcc 93 ♦Oshkosh 92 Whitewater 62 Star indicates conference games SEASON RECORD: Won 10 Lost II 1957-58 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL RECORD Oshkosh 67 Menasha 58 Oshkosh 67 Green Bay 32 Oshkosh 65 Ncenah 86 Oshkosh 75 Menasha M.A.C. 76 Oshkosh 76 Fond du Lac 62 Oshkosh 92 Neenah 78 Oshkosh 78 North Fondy 76 Oshkosh 89 Karrasc’s Grill 70 SEASON RECORD : Won 6 Lost 2 Page one hundred-sixty11 T It AM II RJ L SPORTS TOUC H FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS Row I: W. Bohnc. L. Writt, C. Schullz. G. Durochcr, D. Van l.aarhavcn. L. Jackman. L. Asplund. Row If: T. Gospodarck. R. Raddatz. L. Smith. D. Kucthcr. A. Arncman. E. Kandlcr. A. Huhcrty. Touch football opened the intramural sports program at OSC this fall. Two divisions each composed of 5 teams played through a schedule of eight games. The White Caps won the National Division title and Lyceum was tops in the American Division. These two teams played off for the league championship. In the championship game the White Caps (above) came out on top 12-6. The White Caps scored on passes from Asplund to Kandlcr and Kuethcr. Lyceum made its touchdown on a Hinkcus to Maulick aerial. Touch football championship game between the White Caps and Lyceum. Page one hundred-sixty-oneVOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS Row I: J. Harkc. D. Halverson. J. Ottc. J. Lettenberger. K. VandcrVeldcn. Row II: G. Hightdudis, C. Hinkens. R. Akin. N. Dalsanto. R. Gilligan. Volleyball championship game. It A D M11 T I) N Uft to right: Nick Dalsanto and Robert Eichingcr Runner-Up: Henry Keiper were the champions and Ken Klein and Ron Champion: Dick DittlofT Inouye were the runners-up. Page one hundred-sixty-twoBASKETBALL CHAMPIONS Back row: Bob Guelzow. Lee Ketterhagen, Lee Smith. Bill Kreisa. Front row: George Mohr. Ed Kiltz. Jocko Seal. Not shown: Dave Harmsen. lb Hanson. Dan McDonald. Ron Grill. Bob Miller. Modern Dance! In intramural basketball the Lyceum Crushers, the champions of the American League defeated the Laudes' Firebugs for the grand Championship. The game was played in the college gym on March 13. The Crushers got off to a fast start and at the end of the first quarter they had a 14-3 lead. They were never in trouble and they won by the comfortable margin of 54-30. Lee Smith was the big gun for the Crushers with 28 points and teammates Bill Krcisa and Lee Koetcrhoegcn threw in nine and eight points respectively. Gordy Peterson and Rollic Schultz lead the scoring for the Firebugs with eight points each. Page one hundred-sixty-threeIt's a homer! Another activity that has met with a terrific response from the male element of this school is the intramural softball league which started April 21, for both the American and National You’re out! leagues. From all observations and reports it looks like it, too. will be a hard fought title match before the outcome is known. This year has really proved to be very worthwhile for the intramural sports. Great interest and enthusiasm has been shown by many male students with the help of Mr. Goehrs who is at the head of all the intramural sports. I.eft to right: Paul Kurauowicz. Richard Tahlicr. Bill Boler. Rex Joslin. Carol Sheppard, and Diane Johnson. Advanced Swimmers: left to right: Dean l.cntz. Harold Nelson. Hugh Corbett. Richard Tahlicr. and Lee Smith. Page one hundred-sixty-fourbaseball First Row: Jim Basilicrc. Jim McKinnis. Bob Karisny. Don Brennan. Bob Guclzow. Ken VandcrVeldcn. Ken Klein and Terry Tighe. Second Row: Jerry Maucr (Manager). Duane Sheets. Tom Koslowski. Jim Lcttcnbcrgcr. Al Harkc. Jim Frey. Terry Helding. and Dick Dittloff. Third Row: Coach Kitzman. Bob Maulick. George Mohr. Don Stoviak. I.en Pubanz, Jim Waite. Bob Pohnl. and Glenn Muenster. What form! The Titan baseball team is starting where it left off last season. In 1957 the Titans won their last 4 games. This season they got off to a very good start by winning six of their first seven games. The leading hitters on the team include Jim Basilicrc. Jim Letten-berger, Ken VandcrVeldcn. and George Mohr. The Titan pitching staff includes Len Pubanz. Al Harkc. Tom Koslowski, Terry Helding, Don Stoviak, and Jim Kimis. One of the reasons for the Titans success this season is because they have been able to combine good pitching with strong hitting. Coach Kitzman's team is a top contender for the Conference Championship. Save! Page one hundred-sixty-fiveTRACK TEAM, left to right: W. Piottcr. T. Ehlcrt. D. Fritchcn. N. Callics. J. Schmidt. R. Coughlin. L. Schmitz. L. Brunet. K. Schwoab. R. Malchow. Top left to right: R. Dosch. K. Pricbc. Ott. Ihrkc. H. Miller. J. Roome. S. Schilcher. B. Armstrong. Chase. T. Peterson. Not shown: Wolf. Hogan. Akin. THICK Everything points to a banner season for Coach Bob Kolfs Titan track team. Kolf has 13 returning lettermen and a fine group of promising newcomers. Letter winners back from last year include Ron Akin, Bruce Armstrong, Ned Callies, Ron Coughlin. Bill Hogan, Lyle Koch, Dick Malchow. Harold Miller. Karl Schwoab, Sylvester Schilcher, Larry Schmitz, and Roger Wolf. Two of the most promising newcomers arc Bob Dosch and Larry Burnet in the pole vault. This year’s most of the events. The greatest strength seems to lie squad has fine balance and depth and appears to be strong in in the distances, the hurdles, the pole vault, and the dashes. Left to right: Dick Macknick. Allen Cocnen. Mike Dodge. Jim Harkc. Don Spaulding. Chuck Zcmlock. Not shown: Bob Karnes and Whitcy Kaufman. Mike Dodge and Don Spaulding know that practice makes perfect in golf. GOLF Six returning veterans resulted in a vast improvement in this year’s OSC Golf team. The returning team members included Don Spalding, Jim Harke, Bob Karnes. A1 Cocncn. Rudy Penzenstadler, and Tom Meyer. Last year’s squad did not participate in the state meet, but this year they were well represented. Page one hundred-sixty-sixtennis Left lo right: Harland Zictlow, Bill Simon. Tom Malchow, Jim Wheeler. John Bogusewski. Rodney Wijuckc. Paul Kurtz. Five returning lettermen and three new candidates make up this year's Titan squad. These eight candidates included veterans Tom Malchow, Jim Wheeler, Rod Wituckc, Jack Bo-gusewski, Dave Stcinbach, and newcomers Paul What a racket! Kurtz, Bill Simons, and Roger Bodart. Most of the boys looked good in pre-season practice and the early meets. Coach Joe Breckingcr's team has a good chance to win the Conference Championship. Pajama Game?! Page one hundred-sixty-sevenisson itiov Left: Janet Huck. Scc.-Trcas.; Lois Jaschob. Vicc-Pres.; Penny Matthews. President. OSC girls discarded their finery in favor of shorts, peddle pushers and the like. Reason? Tournaments were held in volleyball, basketball, softball, tennis, table tennis, golf, and badminton. SPORTS HEADS: Standing: E. Batlig. J. Dyken. D. Blankcnhurg. Seated: M. Krause. C. Rehbein. G. Plutchak. Tournaments are under the direction of the Women’s Recreation Association. The main purpose of WRA is to promote sports and athletic activities for women. Membership is open to all interested college women. The volleyball champions this year were the Com-Rads, a group of independent girls. Alcthean took the basketball championship with five wins and no defeats. Badminton Champs Winner of the badminton singles was Jean Rocthlisbcrgcr. VOLLEYBALL STANDINGS Oct. 14 Oct. 28 Nov. 4 Nov. 11 Nov. 18 Nov. 25 Dec. Unknowns — w w w w w Com-Rads w w w w — w w Alethean — — — — — — w Lambda Chi w w — — — — Phoenix — — — — w w w Little Bravetts w — — w w w — Gamma Sigma — w w w w w w Goof Balls w — w w w w — Sluggers w w w w — — — Kappa Gamma — w w — — w w Delta Phi — — — — — — — The Ladies w — — — — w — stands for losses w stands for wins TABLE TENNIS CHAMPIONS Singles: Carol Springborn Doubles: Jean Rocthlisbcrgcr and Carol Garbe Page one hundred-sixty-eightRed Dot Potato Trips!! Left to right: Judy Kelly. Maureen Ryan. Barbara l.chcr. Beverly Broehm. Kenlynn Heydon. Left to right: Janet Kollcr. Phyllis Gould. Carol Kroll. Our OSC cheerleaders full of pep and enthusiasm really looked great in their new white uniforms. Barbara Lehcr, Maureen Ryan, and Beverly Broehm were the three returning cheerleaders. The newly elected additions to the cheering squad included Judy Kelly, Kenlynn Heydon, and Janet Kol-ler. Donna Niehoflf, Carol Kroll. and Phyllis Gould were chosen as alternates. Victory! Page one hundred-sixty-nineGolden Trident was the name given to the Wisconsin State College Synchronized Swimming Club at Oshkosh when it was organized in September of 1957. Eighteen girls were charter members that year and immediate instruction was begun on strokes and stunts unique to synchronized swimming. After eight month’s work a program entitled "Standing Room Only” was presented in the college pool and was very well received by all. In this, its second year, the group presented its second program "Through the Years”. As it was in 1957, the program coincided with Mother’s Day weekend and the club hopes to make the show an annual Mother’s Day program. Club membership is open to any girls who are advanced swimmers. Miss Hardt is the advisor of this group. Front Row: Margo Masterson, Barbara Bohnc. Judy Brink. Camille Johnson. Middle Row. Adriannc Ackcrcr, Kay Frederick, Carolyn Schmidt. Top Row: Joanne Matthews. Carmen Norton. Ann Marie Valitchka. Page one hundred-seventyII IIIIERS DA HE The modern dance club’s purpose is to offer the students, through the creative possibilities inherent in such activity, another opportunity to develop grace, poise, and self-assurance. The club consists of seventeen members: Imy Christensen. Karen Fclsncr, Connie Gardner, Carol Hamilton, Mardclle Hostcttler. Nancy Jagodinski. Judy Koffcrnus. Jannie Kollcr, Judy Majnarick. Margo Masterson. Betty McAllister. Shirley Parker, Sue Paral, Maureen Ryan, Carol Sheppard, and Jo Wussow. Advisor is Miss Joan Pavelski. The officers for the year were President: Maureen Ryan. Sec.-Treas.: Betty McAllister. During the year the club was very active. They participated in such events as the Children’s Play and Mother’s Day Program. On March 21-22 the group presented their “Spring Program”. Next year this very worthwhile club plans to continue its activities and increase its membership. Maureen Ryan Page one hundred-seventy-oneCampus or Career .. • BOSTON STOKE FULFILLS yoitk needs. wants PLEASURABLY MUELLER-POTTER Drug Co. Prescription Druggists 3 Druc Stores To Serve You OSHKOSH. WISCONSIN S. S. KRESGE SMART FASHIONS FOR JUNIORS. MISSES and WOMEN O Tu o Complete Floors of Fine Feminine Apparel SEESE-HALL, INC. SMART CLOTHES FOR CAMPUS WEAR 105 Main Street Phone STANLEY 961 "For I Mils and Dads" OSHKOSH'S GREATER DIME STORE 144 Main Rhone Stanley 5122 School Supplies Clothing Seeds OSHKOSH. WISCONSIN Fountain Service Queen Marcia and King Bill watch the Bonfire for OSC's Homecoming. Page one hundred-seventy-twoPenney’s ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY! KENYON JEWELRY OUR CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 1958 GRADUATES! Penney's Quality is Your Greatest Saving! 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OF MILWAUKEE 703 First National Bank Bldg. M. A. Carroll, General Agetst Page one hundred-seventy-threeTHE HARMON AGENCY, Inc. INSURANCE "Harmon Service" The Washington Building Compliments of V 808 Oregon Street 137 Main Street 9Hi a Woencuti Wosdd. at SPORTSWEAR COATS DRESSES ACCESSORIES OSHKOSH, WISCONSIN 165 Main Street LARGEST SELECTION OF RECORDS IN OSHKOSH RCA PHONOGRAPHS WILSONS With an Eye Out for the Teacher and Her Pupils . . . BRONSON’S Inc. THE FRIENDLY SCHOOL AND OFFICE SUPPLY STORE 913 Oregon Stanley 209 Carol Schmid and Alice Sucharda taking advantage of the facilities in the Putney Reading Room. Page one hundred-seventy-fourCASTLE- PIERCE PRINTING CO. OSHKOSH PRINTERS SCHOOL PUBLICATIONS CORRESPONDENCE TO THE Sweetheart Contestants ot OSC COLLEGIATE WORLD HILDA'S COE DWG OF THE WOMEN'S APPAREL compxw FOX RIVER VAUEY and Prescription Specialists BRIDAL SALON Toiletries and Drugs ❖ Open Emiitigs by Everything Photographic INVITATIONS Appointment ] b Main S anW| W DANCE PROGRAMS REIMER SAUSAGt [ COMPANY MM aud m 334 MAIN SIKH StonUy 3444 Interior Decor. SCHARPFS IttMfflR OFFICE AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES 26 Woihinjton Bird, Jlonty 3U0 m ns m r 14Carver FRIENDLY SERVICE ALWAYS GDC MILK Grade A Dairy Products Quality Chekd Milk Ice Cream ■$ • Pasteurized • Homogenized • Vitamin D Try Them at Your Door or Store First . . . in good taste THE BANKS OF GDC Guernsey DPiRy company OSHKOSH cutiu u£ at Jmu'u 'TxxxU. STATE ad OTTER • OSHKOSH. WIS HOTEL ATHEARN "The Hotel with a Heart" Reforming? !!! Page one hundred-seventy-sixHOTEL EVANS BROS. OSHKOSH R AULF o BURR, INC. OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY Air-Conditioned Fire-Proof o Finest in 146 MAIN STREET Banquets of All Kinds o Dining Room QUALITY FOODS Phone Entertainment Nightly 555 Algoma Boulevard Stanley 2358 SPAGHETTI?!! Gee, hut it’s great to be alive! Page one hundred-seventy-sevenSITTER'S FURNITURE COMPANY Phone Stanley 722 II and 13 Main Street OSHKOSH. WISCONSIN RACE OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. 183 Main Street STANLEY 2921 BAUER LUGGAGE Since 1898 24 Washington Boulevard OSHKOSH. WISCONSIN EVERYTHING FOR THE SPORTSMAN SARDINES?!! EDDIE'S SPORT SHOP Complete line of Fishing and Athletic Equipment BAIER'S BAKERY 136 Scott Street Phone STANLEY 935 College Outline and Scliaum Outline Series at ANDERSON'S Irene Hubcnnnu 22 Washington Boulevard PROPSON'S PHARMACY Corner Jackson and Scott A Friendly Utile Place to Stop BARBER'S CANDY SHOP EARN EXTRA MONEY This Fall —at 1510 Oregon Street MILES KIMBALL CO. Main Building 319 Eighth Street STAN I. E Y 7 1 3 OSHKOSH Life at the Hotel Atheam And I haven't a thing to wear! Page one hundred-seventy-eightmi m a 1R. AND MRS. LONG Student Union It always seems like something has to go wrong when there’s a deadline to meet. Anyway, that's what happened to us this year! When it came time to get the college helpers page in. a picture was missing. (ART WORK) We feel as Seated: Mary Dracgcr. Head Cook; Bee Bodah. Standing: Leona Rauhe. Elizabeth Babbit . Tress Kaufmann. Not Pictured: Nina Warner and Gladys Bodoh. It FACES MR. AND MRS. SMITH Radford Hall hours have been but in by them as they gave college students helping hands when greatly needed. Such jobs as opening doors while organizations practiced for various contests throughout the year, carrying tables and moving props on the stage in the Little Theatre, and other jobs, plus of course, their regular work. "The highest ol distinctions is service to others”. King George VI Left: Mrs. Laura logatz. Assistant Cook; Mrs. Lorraine Hinze. Head Cook. rage one hundred-seventy-nineS T U I) E S Abb!. Donald 37, 127 Abraham, Barbara 76 Abraham, John J. Abrohamson, Nancy 90, 113 Ackarar, Adrianna 96, 170 Adams, Chari ! 57, 127 Adorn!, David Adam!, Wolt r Ahl, Raymond Ahr nt, Barbara 57. 104, 105. 109. 130 Akin. Ronald 57. 100. 106, 157, 158. 162 Alb rt, Mory Albert, Virginia 77. 126. 136 Alb rt!, Brw« Albright, David Albright. Robert Allard, Roymond Allen, D l 154 Amend, Diane 26. 86, 135 Anderton, Jerry 57 Androthko, Mary Ellen Andrew!, Judith Andropoli!. Andrew Annen, John Arndt, Corlton Armstrong, Bruce 154, 166 Armstrong, Helenjon 77 Arneman, Alan 26, 161 Arthur, James Asplund, Lawrence 26. 161 Atkins, Karen 136 Atwell, Jam Audit. Margaret 90. 118. 137 Auger, Ferris Keith 92, 116 Austin, Darot Ayleswarth, Robert Backus, Sally 117, 126. 135 Baier, Mory Jan Baida, Russell Balia, Joan Bamberg. Bruce 26, 109 Banville, Bernice Barkley. Jan 137 Balnis, Corol 84 Barber, Robert Borkow. Nancy 104, 131 Barlow, Robert Barnard, Charles Barnard, David Barnay, Mory Darien Barnes, James Barrett, Carol, Mrs Barron, Kathleen 117 Bartel, Roger 79 Bartels, Marilynn 57 Barthuly, Alex Borfol, Conrad 157 Barti, Virginia 94, 113, 130. 131 Bartt, Wendo Bovoran, Nexohot Basel. Corol 57 Bosiliere, James 165 Bostar, Mary Ellen 113, 136 Battig, Eleanor 26. 168 Bauer, Bette Bauer. Dolores 27 Bauer. Gerald 110 Bauer, Keith 57 Bauer, Robert Bauer. Sandra 137 Baugrud, Kim Bauman, William Baumann, Joteph Baumgart, Lionel Baumgartner, Lois 57, 104, 135 Beaman, Bernard Beorder, Susan 77 Beck. Dan 137 Beck, Ruth, Mrs. Becker, Gregory Becker. Kay 57. 94. 126. 136 Becker, Ulrich Bednorowske, Eugene 57 Behm, Priscilla Behroosi, Behrooi 128 Balk . Wayne 154 Bell, Janet Belot, Paula Bennett, Dorothea 27, 107, 109 Bennett, Thomos Kerens. Robert Beret, Betty Berg, Morgoret 94 Berlowski, Michael Bernadt, Grant Berndt, Robert Berth, Richord Biederwolf, Richard Bill . Frederick Binder, Albert Bingen, Kenneth Binner, William Bitter, Robert 102 Bittner, Ronold Binio. Nick Bierkvold, Vernon Blair. Richard Bloitdell, Jacqueline Blanchette, Annette 84. 137 Blanchette, Mary I. 57 Blanke, Donna Blankenburg. Donna 57, 96, 106, 133. 168 Blaiek, Marie 77. 126 Bledsoe, Rose Blanker, Robert Blob. Dovid Block, Jerome Blohm, Donold Bloomer, Edward 27. 137 Bloemke. Nancy Bock. Mory 27. 96 Bodart, Roger 27. Ill Bodmer. Charles 57. 92. 111. 179 Boeder. Susan Boettcher, Dennis Bogusewski, John 167 Bohn, Emil Bohne, Borbara 94, 113, 161. 170 Boler, Douqlot 27 Boler, William 112, 143. 164. 170 Bollom, William Bolwerk, Clair Bork, Marlene 28, 90 Bork, Thomos Born, Borbaro 57. 94 Bovcki, Robert 57 Bouffard. Raoul Bosman, Joseph 28 Botsenbroek, Karen 77, 86 Bowser, Patrick Bradley, Michael Brandt, Gwendolyn Brandt, Janice 77 Brandt, Vincent Braun, Ronald 79 Bread, Robert 110 Breitenbock, Fred Bremer. Avis 77 Brennon, Barbara Brennan, Donald 154, 165 Brey. Donald 102. 112 Brigham, Jerry Brink. Judith 76, 170 Broderick. Georg Broderick, Jomes Broehm. Beverly 94. 122. 169 Broeniman, Ernest 28, 117 Brookins, James 154 Brown, John Brown, John Brown, Thomas 136 Brownson, Solly 94, 128 Brys, Daniel Brunet, lorry 154, 166 Buens. Marlene 126 Buboli. Leslie Buchholx, Shoron 77. 88. 134, 135 Buchman, Charles 137 Buck. Neal 76 Buck, Warren Buechel, Bonnie 28. 96. 118, 135, 136 Buechel, Eugene 58, 92 Buero, Joann 58, 137 Buero, Patricia 86 Buetow. Dion 58, 104, 109 Bup, Daniel Burnton, Susan 77 Bury, Jomes Buss, Carl Buth, Arlene 77, 126 Burner. Oeorg Butts. Donald.28, 92, 135 Byrne, Emmett Cahill, Thomas Collies. Ned 58. 120, 166 Campbell, Duncan 28 Carey, Robert Cashmon, Ronold Cassidy. Mory 58. 118, 134. 137 Caswell, Richard Chalberg, Charlene Champeau. Jerome Chose, Donald Chose, Ronald 58 Chivington, Kenneth Christensen, Imogen 78 Christensen, Robert Christenson, Gerold 76 Christopher, Barbara Christopher, laird Chupito, Patricia 77, 134, 137 Cismoski, Loren 58 Clapper. Shiela Clarich, Francis 58, 136 Clark, James M. 77 Clark, James R. Clark, William Cloy, Jonit 58. 137 Clement, Richard Coenen, Allan 154, 166 Collins, Barbora Collins. Hollie 157 Collins, Jo Ellen Congdon, John 29, 117 Connolly, Rita 77. 118, 128, 134. 137 Conrad, Marilyn 78, 118 Cook, Robert Corbett. Hugh 28. 92, 106, 127, 136, 164 Cornelius, Mary 29, 84, 117 Corrigoll, Carolyn Cottrell, Robert Coughlin, Rodney 58. 154. 166 Coulahan, Mary 58. 96 Cowan, Daniel Cowan, James Cowling. Thomas 102 Coyne, William 29 Cox, Ervin 154 Cox, Patrick 128 Cromer. Harold 78, 126, 136 Crimmings, Sharon 58, 94, 126 Crombi . Dennis Crombi . Richord 106, 111. 113, 115 Cronce, Shirley 88, 113, 126 Crosier, Gerald Cudahy, Bernard 110 Cuff. Rita 96. 113, 126, 136 Cundy, Miles 154 Curran, Ronald 79 Custer. Aik Ciish, Shirley 88 Cxoschke, Chet 98 Dobson, Jo Ann Daggett, Daniel Daggett, Marilyn 109 Dahl, Vincent Dohlke, Karen 135 Dahlke, Sandra 77, 126, 135 Dolsonto, Nkk 162 Dalton, John Danielson, Vkki 79 Dorgue. Rkhard Ooul, Eugene Douploise, Barbora 29. 84 Davel, Frederick 98 Davidson, Mary 78, 134, 137 Davies, David Davies, James Davies. Neil 76 Davis, Jamas 157, 158 Davis, Neil Day. Phil 76, 110 Doy, Ronald Deo ley, Robert DeGroot, Robert 137 Deimer, Donna 88. 118. 131 Deitte, Dole Delamater. Thomas 78 Dellger, Sharon 77. 137 Oeloria, Susann 76 DeMoulin, Diane 58. 104 Dempsey, Jerome Dempsey, Thomas Denson, Wilbur 128 Derksen, Robert Page one hundred-eightyDerut, Irene Dettloff, Ann 118 Devine, Dovid Dewane, Robert 29 Dexter. Donna Dhein, Mory 90 Dibble, Florence 78, 112, 134 Dieck, Delmer 58 Diedrick, Marvin Diet, John 128 Diemer, Donna 113 Diettler, Kermit Dilley, Gerald Ditch, Mory Oitten, Fred Ditten, Martin Ditter, David 30 Dittloff, Richard 92. 165 Dixon, Alice Doberttein, Carol 58 Dodge. Michael 166 Ooehling, Theodore Doemel, Mary Dohr. Gerald Dohrman, Diontha 30, 90, 107, 136 Doll, Joan 30. 90 Dorn. Jane 94 Dortchener, Janet Doney, Robert Dotch, Robert 166 Douma, Peter Doxtoter. Marlin Draeger, Rutted 77 Dragon, Emil 58 Dreutier, Blaine 128 Driettel, Arthur 122 Drover, Audrey 58 Drvmmy, Gail 77, 126, 137 DuBoit. Richard 77 DuFrane, Eugene Duncan, Pam 30, 129 Dunlavy, Patricia 59. 90. 113. 130 Dunlovy, Terry 77. 128. 131. 137 Dunn, Thomat Dupiet, Mory 30. 90 Durocher, Glen 161 Duthentki, Robert Duwell, Jamet Dyckhoff, William Dyken, Joan 168 Eogon, Gary 59 Eagan, Michael Eottling, Nancv 136 Eatton. lorry 30 Ebben, Ronold Eckhart, Virginia Edwordt. Gene 59. 137 Ehlert, Thomot 166 Ehman, Gory 76 Ehmann, Ronold Eichinger, Evelyn Eichinger, Robert 31. 162 Eickhoff, Richard 110 Eilet. Betty 59. 96. 109. 112 Elondt, Sally Edit, Janet Eltetter, Dorothy Emmel, Herbert Endert. Thelma 113, 137 Enqbretton, Charlet Enloe, Edna Em, Norilho 90. 117 Erdman, Eric Edmatinqer, Jamet Ertmer, Mory Eterhut, Charlet Everix, Robert Eyert, Robert 59, 1)8 Fabrycki, Warren Fahrenkrug, Robert Fahrenkrug, Thomot Fannan, Judith Farr, Richard 59. 129 Feldman, Mary 31, 94, 135, 136 Feltner, Karen 76, 118, 135 Fentke, Howard 31. 98, 122. 135 Ferch, Corolee Ferguton, Sutan Fettenden. Groce 59, 84, 132 Feyden, Donald Fielkow, Sidnev Fictum, Donald 31. 107 Finnegon, Huah 77 Firehammer. Morge 31. 94, 107, 109 Fitcher, Jack 135 Fitcher, Ronald Fitcher, Thomat Fither, Stanley 77 Fitigorrald, libby 90, 118 Flanagan, Jamet Flanagan, Patricia Fleitchman, Robert 77 Flunker. Donald 59. 100, 106. 115 Flynn, Thomot Fogtmon, Charlet 117 Foetch, Walter 78 Foley, Kitty 76 Ford, Fredric Fordham. Mary 78, 137 Fonter, Margoret 79 Frailing, William Frolith, Jamet 102, 130 Franckowiok. Bernard 59 Francour, Terrance Frank, Donald Frank, John 59 From, Clark From, Gerold Franike, JoAnn 77 Frederick, Kothleen 113, 118, 170 Frederickton, Milet French, John 157 Frey, Jomet 165 Friebel. Ernett 59 Fritchen. Delbert 157, 166 Frii, Marilyn Froehkle, Philip 135 Frook, David Fuht, Elanie Fuller. Kothleen 59. 88. 113. 118. 134 Fulwiler, Merton 59 Futtord, Thomat Gobert, Henry Gabrielton, lyle Galanie, Anthony Galeazzi, John Galikowtki, Phyllit 137 Galow. Richard Galvin. Mildred Gamt, Annette Gantke, William Garbe. Carol 59 Garnet, Virginio 31, 90, 106 Gardner, Connie Garelkk, Donald Garriton, Harold Garvent, Jock Gatet, Philip 59 Gatzke, Kenneth Gauger, David Gauthier. Nancy 94 Gee, William 59 Geer. Virginio 59. 118, 136 Gehrig, Noncy 77, 137 Gehrke, Donald Gehrke, Maurice Geimer, Allan 32. 98. 110. 118, 122, 137, Geltemeyer, David Genal, Diane Gendron. Mary 59, 137 George, Robert 32, 107 Gerber. Rochelle 104. 117 Gereou, Clarence 32 Gerlach, Corol 96. 113, 126, 135, 148 Gerttch, David Getchiut. Jane 32, 136 Gibton, Gerold Gieryic, Michael 32, 92 GieSert, John 60 Giete, Myrno Giher, Froncit Gi'bertton, Jeonette Gilbertton, Kay 60. 88. 106, 131 Gilbertton, Sandra Gillchriett. loit Gilligon, Roland 32, 100, 154, 162 Gilmore, Brian Girent, leo 33 Gitter, Froncit 137 Gjermundten. Kay 88. 113, 114 Giertton. William Glodowtki, Donald Glodowtki, Robert Goedjen, John Goggin, Eileen Gogqint, Robert Goldtmith, Patricia 33. 86 Gomoll, Robert 98 Gonyo. Robert Gorr, Peter 33, 102 Gortege, David 33, 137 Gotpodorek. Thomot 161 Gotz, Donald 60 Gould. Carol 33. 96. 126, 132, 133. 135, Gould. Phyllit 112, 131. 169 Grabner, Michael 157, 158 Graham, Alberta Grohom, Alberta Gramt, Robert Grant, Ronald Gratte, Joel Grattee, Jomet Graupner, Aden Green, David 154 Green, Adwin Greenwood, Betty Gregory, Potty 60. 96 Greitch, Patricia 60, 94 Grenier, Raymond Gretch, Catherine 77 Grey, John 60 Grietboch, Jamet 77. 100 Griewitch. Nancy 60. 104, 136 Griffith, Barbara 76 Grill, Ronold 98 Grottmon, Dorothea Grota, Sharon 60, 109. 134 Grovodel, Dione 79 Gruber, Mory Ann 60, 84, 127, 137 Gruenberg, lovern 79 Gruendemann, Dovid Gruetzman. Roberto 79, 117 Guelzow, Robert 60. 98. 163. 165 Guenther, Robert Guenther, Ronald Gunz, Doug lot 79 Gute. Oennit 60. 92. 109, 122. 135 Gutzke. Blonche Gygi, Suton Haanen, Ann 90 Hoot, Mary 34, 107, 109, 118. 129, 137 Haatt. Veryl 60. 88 Haberkorn, Robert Hable, Aden 117 Hodrick, Seone 60 Haen, Rote Morie 126. 137 Hofele, Robert Hafferman, Wm. Haffner, A. 92 Haidlinger, Wm. 118 Haley. Mary Kay Holey, Richard Had, Patricia Hod, Robert 60 Hade. Robert 122 Hallock, Margaret Holverton, Den 34. 100, 157, 162 Halverton, Mory 60. 84, 133 Hamilton, Barbora 77 Hamilton, Carol 78 Hammond, Bruce Hammond. Ronald Hanley. John 92 Honnemon, Corole 60, 96. 133 Honnemon, Robert 34 Hontel, Elmer 60, 127, 154 Hanten, Elmer Honten, Edmund 34, 107, 109 Hanten, Paul 76, 116 Hanten, Pauline 34 Honten, Robert 115 Honten, Ruben Hanten, Sutan Hanteker, Ruttel Honton, Gilet Honton. Robert 98, 106 Happi, Stanley Hardwick. Ronald Horke. Aden 165 Horke, Jomet 100, 157, 162, 166 Hormten, David 34, 115, 143 Harnett, Rochelle Hornitz, Raymond Harper, Donald Horriton, Ronald Horry, Richard 35, 98. 106, 111, 126 Hartzheim, Marqoret 77, 137 Hothimoto, Myrtle Hattmann, John Hovel, Neil 60. 126. 137 Hebner. Art Hein, Clifford 35 Hein, Gerald Heinemonn, Glenn Heinzen. Pat 35, 96 Heinzl, John Heldinq, Terry 165 Helgenton, Janice 88. 112, 135 Helqren, Ron 35 Heller, E. Joan 61, 84, 113, 126, 136 Hemmer, Joteph Hendrich, Bonnie 135 Hendry, Donold 76 Hendry, Patricia 94 Henden, Robert Henning. Suzanne 61 Henry. Gerald 61, 102 Hentel, Oorothy 35, 90 Page one hundred-eighty-oneHephner, Art 137 Hephner, Earl Herb, Herbert 79 Herloche. Ward Herman, Jomet 61 Herminofh, Wm. 77 Horrmonn, Alyce 61 Herzog, Ted Hear, Christine 61. 88, 113, 126. 133 Heydon, Kenlynn 96, 113, 118, 131. 169 Hibbard, Ronald Higby. Judy 77, 128 Hightdudis, George 35, 100, 154. 162 Hildebrandt, Jomet Hilderbrandt, Russel 92, 135 Hiley, Elaine 36. 86. 109. 134 Hill, lee 135 Hinesh, Joan 77, 126 Hinkent, Clifford 36, 162 Hintz, Roger Hinz, Karl Hinz, Mrs. Myrtle Hlovachek, Elizabeth 36. 96, 107, 109. 126, 132 Hoeft, Richard Hoegh, Gloria Hoevet, Marlene 61, 90 Hoffensperger, Mary Hoffman, Burton Hoffman, Chorles 118 Hoffman, Janice 36 Hofmon, Gordon 61, 127 Kogan, William 61, 100 Hohenstein, Dolores 90, 136 Holewintki, Thomas 76, 131, 137 Holsen, Chorles 36 Hotsen, Gorald 61 Holtz, Charles Holtz, Mory lou Holverson, lois Ann Holz, Wayne Hook, Jomes 76. 118 Hoppe, Sandro 77. 117, 126 Hopper, John 102, 128 Horn, Kenneth Horn. Williom Otto Horner, Mary Hostettler, Joy Hostettler, Mardelle 61, 84, 118 Hoverson, Morlene 36. 90, 109, 113, 114, 117 129. 136 Hoverson, Shirley 37, 107, 136 Hovet, Kenneth Hriebernik, James Huberty, C. Arthur 161 Huberty. Irvin 37. 92. Ill Huborty, Mary 77 Hubli, Donna 61, 94 Huck, Janet 61, 90, 168 Huck, Sharon 77 Huebner, Carol 78. 113. 134 Huebner, Floyd 61, 127 Hughes, Thomas 78 Huibregtse, Susan 77, 137 Humbol, Colleen 77 Hunter, Sharon 37, 84, 107. 109, 126. 129 Hupke, Myra 78 Hurlbut, Kathleen 61 Hussey, John Huth, Suzanne Ihlenfcldt, Jeon 61 Ihrke, Chorles Ihrke, Robert 110 Ingram, Terrence 61 Ingwoll, Robert Inouye, Ronald 128, 162 Ising, Burt J. Itzin, Wm. Jackman, leon R.. 37, 161 Jacobson, lois M. Jacobson, Melvin 157 Jacobson, Richard Jaeger, Kenneth Jaeger, Roymond 61 Jaeger, Roger 62 Jagodinski, Carol 37, 88, 106, 107. 109, 126 Jagodinsky, Edward 62 Jagodinsky, Nancy 77 John, Robert 62 Johns, Nancy 77. 135 Jaitner, Joseph Joschob. lois 62. 84. 106. 168 Jawson, Denis Jenson, Barbora 117 Jentz, Sondra 62, 96, 133 Jero, leroy Jesch, Vera 62. 88, 135 Jeske, Myrtle 77 Jiso, Elizobeth 78, 137 Johnson, Arthur Johnson, Comille 170 Johnson, Chorles Johnson, Dave R . 37, 107, 109 Johnson, David 77 Johnson, Diane 164 Johnson, Joan Johnson, Karen 76 Johnson, lowrence Johnson, Richard Johnson, Robert Johnson, Roger 98 Johnson, Shirlene 38. 90 Johnston, Dan Jonas, lester Jones, Gail Jones, Gary Jones, Jomet Jones, Joyce 76 Jones, Judith Ann 77. 112 Joppa. Betty Jeon Jorgensen, Denis 76 Jotfin, Rex 164 Juedes, Joonn Juedes, Joyce 78 Juhnke, William Kaeding, David 128 Kaempf, James Kohl. Shelby 62. 94 Kohler, Floyd 135 Kalupa, lucille Kalupy, Clarence Kandler, Earl 161 Karczewtki, Faith 135 Karisny, Robert 157, 165 Korman, lowrence 154 Kornes, Robert 38 Korrels. Daniel 38. 109, 137 Koschube, Marlene 38 Kaschube, Orin Kaufmann, Darryl 157 Koutzer, lois 118 Koznierczok, Ronold Kearley, lorry Keeler, Kermit Keller. Kathleen 38. 104, 107, 118, 126 Kellett, Gory lee Kelley, Jomes 110 Kelley. John Kelly. Judy 112, 169 Kelley, Patricio Kempfert, Nancy 62, 113 Kemph, John Kernpinger. James Kerrigan, Robort 154 Kerrigan, Thomas 38 Kerry, Carmen 62, 96, 113, 130, 133 Kester, Richord Kotterhogen, lee 163 Kiel, Jack 62 Kiel. Morlene 118 Kienast, Donald Kiesow. Kent 39. 118 Kilfz, Edward 163 Kimball, Karen Kinas. William 76 Kindness, Gary Kindstrom, Charles 100 King, Barbaro King. Celeste 78. 134 King, Herbert 39 King, Janet Kipp, Mary Ann 62 Kircher, Donald Kircher, John 102 Kirk, Barbara 78 Kirk, Marcelle Kirk, Mory 77. 137 Kirk, Robert Kiser, Judith 62. 96 Kissinger. Gerold Kittoe, Forrest Kitzinger, Delores 39, 104, 137 Kitzman, George 62, 126. 131, 134, 135 Klann, Marlene 62 K'aske. Judith Klausch, lorry 77 Kleiber, Jerome 39, 92 Klein. Kenneth 100, 157. 162, 165 Klein, Mary Kleinhonz, lloyd KUmp, James Kleveno, Conrad K'ienforth, Nancy 62. 104, 114 Klinger, Harold Klinger, Theodore 77 Klomborg, Betty Kloppman, Donno 39. 84 Knotzke, Johannoh Knight. Ellen 39. 104. 109, 118 Knight. Ruth 88, 117, 118, 136 Kober, Delores 135 Koboski, Carolyn 62, 104, 126 Koch, John Koch, Lyle Koch, Robert 78 Koch, Thomas Koeck, Gail 85. 118 Koeck, Gerald Koeck, Ronald 78 Koehn, Ruth Ann 62 Koelbe, Gary Koeller, Carston Koenigs, lowrence 76 Koeppen, Raymond 63 Koffornut, Judith 62 Kohl, Diane 76, 137 Kohlmon, Neil Koll, Mike Kollath, John Koller, Janet 90. 169 Kolterjahn, Jack 40, 126 Konkel. Evelyn Konkol, Kenneth Konrad. Mary 40. 84. 107. 109, 126, 137 Konrad. Thomas Kons, Gerald 77 Kools, Dorothy Korbish, Edward 63 Kornelly. Pauline 137 Kotlowtki, Tom 165 Kottke, Marie 135 Koval, Bernodine 40 Kozok, Michael Kramer, Donald Kraus, Gerald Krause. Sister Mory Annice O P. Krause, Byron 40 Krause, David 98 Krause. Donald 154 Krause, Marilyn 63, 94, 113, 168 Krouse, Ronald Krause, Russell Kreeger, Albert Kreisa, William 163 Kremers, Robert 118 Kriech, Gory Kritz. Ardis 84, 85 Krohlow, Sally Kroll. Barbara 134 Kroll, Carol 79 Kroll, Donald 40 Kroll. Judine 77. Z6. 126, 137, 169 Kroll, Karen 63, 90. 109 Krueger, Audrey Krueger, Ewold 40. 127 Krueger, John Krueger, Mary Jo 77, 137 Krueger, Paula Krueger. Robert Krumrich, Catherine Krumrich, Hubert Kubole, Barbara 96, 113, 122, 137 Kubole, Joseph Kuchenreuther, leo Kuehl, Kenneth 118 Kuehn, Richard Kuenzl. John Kuether, Donald 161 Kuether, Kay Kuhn, James Kuhn, Ronald Kuiper, Dale 63 Kuiper, Henry Kujawa, James Kunde, Jerry Kunstman, Ronold Kuranowicz, Elizobeth Kuranowicz, Paul 164 Kuranowicz. Richord Kurowski, Dorothy Kurtz, Poul 167 Kusto, Romono 90 laatsch, Donald laCombe, Roberto loedtke, Donald 92 loes, Joanne 63. 134, 137 laFromboit, Glen 76 lakin, Edword lamb, Froncis 63, 109. Ill lombrecht, Ronald 131 lampert, Phillip 41 lampert. Thomas longo, David lange, Dorothy 41 lange, Ervin langenbera, Jomes langholz, Ruth 76 laPoint, Robert 41 loRose, Richard larsen, Maurice Page one hundred-eighty-twolorson, lorry A. 63. 100 Larson, lorry I. lorti, Joyce 78, 118 low, John louertdorf, Albert 112, 131 laulerboch, Joon loViolette, Joon 63, 94, 106, 126 lowless, Margaret 41, 90, 113 loo, Noncy 78, 134 loarmonn, Paul loote, Ruth 63, 88, 135 loBeck, Donald leBeck, Richard lechner, Carol lodvino, Dennis lea, Thomos loo, William leeftink, Janna 94 looftink, Vallio 94 lohor, Borbora 41. 90, 169 Lehman. Carol 41. 107. 137 Lehman, Franklin lekht. Sue loitingor, Eloino 104, 137 lomory, Alan 63. 98. 118, 136 lemiou , William lomko, Diono 63. 109 Lemke. Shelby 104. 106 lenti. Mortho 104. 136 lent, Dean 112. 136. 164 leanord, John leanhordt, Emmett lettenberger, James 100. 157, 158, 162, lettenberger, Robert 63. 131, 133. 137 leVine. Kathleen lewellyn, James 130 lewellyn, Norbert 76 lewis, Robert 42. 102 lewis, Virginia 42, 127 leyton, Borbora 76 liesch, Marilyn 63, 104, 106. 109, 136 Limberg, Marilyn lind, Dorothy lind, Erlin lind, Victor lindgren, Wayne 135 linser. David 118 lipke, Henry 63 Llewellyn, James 110. 137 lloyd, Joyce loawig, Roger long, Borbora 63. 84. 118 loomons. Nancy 77 lorem, Joseph 154 lorenx, Robert 63 lovedale, Arlita lowther, Elisabeth 128, 136 loyacona, Joseph luctok, Borbora 78. 134, 137 ludthe. Jack ludwig, Eugene luebke, Borboro luebke, David 63. Ill luebke, Paul luebke, Robert lueck. Carol 77. 137 lungquist, Donald lust, Judith 94 Maas, Bernice Moos, Marlene 78. 135 Mocken. Thomas McKinnis, Jomes Macknick, Rkhord 64, 166 Moddy, Bruce 64 Maes, John 92 Magnin, John 157 Mailloux, Donald Mainarkh. Judith 88, 128, 136 Molchow, Richard 42. 166 Malchow, Thomas 154, 167 Malson, Carol Mancel, Mabel 117 Monderfield. Lucille 88. 130, 132 Manthei, Clarence Marhenfke. Mary Ann Marheine, Morvin 42 Markert. Lucille Marohn, Louis 79 Marquordt. John Marshall, Ronald Martindale. Dovid Martyn. Michoei Masaros. John Mostalir, Thomas Masterson, Margo 170 Mathe. James Matthews, Joanne 168, 170 Motthaias, Annette 64, 117 Mauel, Richard Mauer, Junke 64, 135 Mouer, Jerry 165 Maulick, Robert 64. 165 Mauk, Kenneth Mouriti. John Maus, Jerry Mailed, Wendo 96 McAllen, Thomos McAllister, Betty McCobe, Mory McCofFery McCain, Dorothy McCorthy, Thomas McClellan. William McCoy, Robert McCrory, Herdis McDaniels, Jeon McDonald, Daniel McEnroe, Edword McGoey, Michael McGarth, James McKinley. Woyne 77 McKinnos. Morguerite McKinnon. Judith McKinnis, James 165 McLeod, lorna McOlath, Auston 77 Meenk, Darryl Meerdink, D. Megathlin, James 64, 102, 110 Meisner, Robert 64 Meissner, Robert Meister, Audrey 42, 126 165 Melberg, Robert 79 Mellum, Doretta 78, 135 Mellum, Henrietta 78 Melier, Judith Menas, Anton Mersch, Margaret 78, 137 Mertens, Alfred Merles. Donald Met , Margaret 64, 137 Metz, Thomas Meyer, Richard Meyer, Thomas 43 Meyers, Vernon Michels, Glenn Michels. Wendelin 43 Micholis, Jerry 78 Mielke, Paul Mihm, Morotha Miller, David Miller, George Miller. Harold 166 Miller, Jomes Miller, Janet 77 Miller, Janke 131 Miller, Jeremy Miller. Judy Miller, Marjorie 90 Miller, Michoei Miller, Rkhord 154 Miller. Robert Miller. Sharlyn 84 Millin, Thomas Minsky, Robert 64 Minton. Morion Mintilaff, Roqer Missling, Morlene 64, 88 Miszewski, Joseph Mitchell, Loren 110 Mitchell, Rkhord 64, 110 Moerchen, John Mohr. George 98. 163, 165 Mohs, Carl 77 Mohseni, Ziaeddin 77, 128 Moldenhauer. James Moldenhouer, Vernon Moldenhauer, William 43 Molitor, Dean Molus, Jacquelyn 64 Montonati, Glen Mook, Susan Moore. Duane Moore, Joel Moore. Roger Moreou, Jomes Morqan, Micheal 64 Moritz. Jerome Morken, Richard Mortensen, Norman Morton, Peter Moser, Clora Moser, Harriet Mott, Alon Mrozinski, Adele 77 Mueller. Edword 64. 110, 117, 118. 136 Mueller, Gerald 43 Mueller, Kenneth 43, 111 Mueller, lyle Muel'er, Raloh 129 Mueller. William 131 Muenster, Glenn 165 Mulloux, Donald Mulroy. Rkhord 77 Murphy, John 44 Murphy. John W. Murphy, Paul 64 Murphy, Sandro Murray, Ann 44 Murray, Richard J. Murray, Rkhord U. Mutschler, ludwig Mutzelburg, Melvin Nachtwey, David Nadel, Jerome Nastlund, Robert Neumann, Jo Ann 64 Nebel, Theodore Nehring, Sally Neitzel, Evelyn 64, 135 Nelis, Barbara 44, 86. 112, 136 Nelson, Davin Nelson, Eugene Nelson, Horold 154, 164 Nelson, Hartley Nerenhausen, Grant 76, 118. 126, 135 Netzel, Marion Neubauer, Clifford Neuman, Carol 44, 96 Neumon, Ronald Neuser, Kenneth 92 Neven, Darwin Newhouse, Richard 98, 112, 118 Newton, Robert 44, 107, 109 Nichols, Dixie lee 146 Nichols, Jonet 64, 104 Niehoff, Donna 104 Nielson, Ralph 143 Niquette, JoAnne Nitkowski, Mory Ann 129 Noah, Gory Noe, Howord 102 Noel, Jacqueline 78 Nolan, Mkhael 76 Norton, Carmen 113, 170 Novotny, Betty Jone Novshek, Kathleen 104 Nowak, Jomes Nowell, James E. Obenberger, Kay 77, 126, 130 Oberstadt, Potsy 76, 86, 135 O'Brien, Donald 118 O'Brien, Eugene O'Brien, Thomos 157, 158 O'Connell, Dennis 64 Oestrekh, tester O'Heorn, Thomos 45. 109, 112, 129, 137 Ohlrich, Woyne Olkiewkz, Thomos Olm, Jerry Olson, Dorothy Olson. Neal Olson. Ramona Olson, Rita 45 O'Neill, Arlys 76 Orr, Peggy Ostermier, Terry 65, 122, 129 Ott, Albert 131 On, Betty One. Jomes 65, 100, 154, 162 Otto, John Otto. Russell Owens, Harlan 110 Oyer, Emily 45 Paape, Janis 76 Poepke, Frederick 65. 98. 110, 118 Paffenroth, Gerald Page, Robert Poiron. Daniel Palenske. Carlton Palmer, John 118 Pomplin, Mory Paque, Ronald Porol, Sue Parker, James Parker. Shirley 45, 104 Patrick. Donald Poulu, Sandra Pauly, Louise 64. 94, 113, 126 Pazen, Dick Peachey, Jone 76 Peckham, Judith Pederson, leroy Pierce, Joanne Penkoske, Carol 84, 133 Penzenstadler, Rudolph Perdue, Jomes 111 Perdue, Judy 88, 113, 135 Peters, Jacqueline 65. 112. 129 Page one hundred-eighty-threePoterton, A. Peterson, Gordon Peterson, Jocquolino 65, 84, 86. Peterson, Jomti Peterson, Thomoi 154, 166 Pail, Corol 65. 104 Pfeiffer, loroina 113, 137 Pfitter, Noncy 96, 113, 126. 132. Phalp , Robert Phillip , Oannis Phillip , Edword Piechowtki. Edmund Piapanbar9, Polrkia Pika. Donald Pika, Rkhord 65 Piotter, Wollar 166 Pitcher, Valmo Piftlar, Mary Plontkao. Chatter 46 Plothko, Bruce Plon. Stonlay Plumin, Ronald 154 Plutchok. Gail 65. 90. 106, 168 Pochojko. Kenneth Pocket. Philip 78. 136 Pohnl, Robart 165 Pokrondt, Dorothy 76 Polontky, Bavarly 76, 135 Pollock, Donald Pollard. Corol 88 Polomit, J. Polomi , Marilyn 104, 131 Polomi , S. 137 Poltin, Jama Ponca. Doi»y 94, 128. 137 Popp. Groca Poquatta. Ronald 65 Paroth. John Portt, lauit Port. Gordon Praaqar, Robart Pro har, Christine 112. 148 Prouio, Claona 117 Preltchold. Kotharina Prickatt, Jotaph Priaba. Kannath 166 Prindivilla. Garold 92. Ill Procknow. Norito 65, 96, 122 Poatt, Morgorat Pubonr, laonord 165 Pufahl Putnam, Janat Putiar, Thomo Quavillin, Mory Ann 65 Rootx, Arlan Raatx, Marcalla 46. 114, 135 Raoti, S. 86 Roca. Mory Rodcliffe, Brando Raddotz, Rogar 161 Radtka, Carl Raduans, Morilyn 76 Raduenz, Morjeon 84 Rofoth. Mory lynn 65, 104 Raiilar, Nancy 79 Raithal. Cloudio Romm. Jodall 88. 126, 135 Roiimuitan. Gory Roimuitan. Koran 78 Rathar, laa Ratxburg. Fronca Rou ch, David Rauich, Jo mat Routmann. Orval 126. 127 Raogon, Dani 110 Raomar, Doro Radamonn, Jama Radlin, Ruttoll Radmon, Donold 46 Radmon, Kannath 154 Radmon, Robart Raahl, Ban 65, 117 Raahl. Chorla 118 Raa»a, Mory low 46, 94 Raaia, Woyna Rohbain, Carlo 65. 90. 168 Rahbain, Jama Rahrouar, Gaorga Raichordt, Elian 78, 136 Raidamon, Jeon 76. 86 Raiahanbargar, Nancy Roif, Rogar Rainart, William 92 Reitz, Joanna 78 Ramo. Douglaan Ran , Danni Rantmaattar, lowrence Raichka, Harman Rethetka, Nail 78 Retpolje, Moynord 76 Ra xko, John 65 Rattaroth, John 135 Rawolt, Gory 65 Rhoda, Kannath Rhymar, Sua 76 Rica, Suxanna 46, 84 Richordton, Daniel 65 133, 135, 148 Richordion, Patrick Richter, Adrian Riadan. Gordon Rieti, Marilyn 78 Riatx, Richord Riavat, Virginia 77. 128, 135 Riley. Eleanor 76 Rinaldi, Ralph Rippl. William Ri taw, Don Ritchie, Sutan 78, 118, 134 Robert . Janet Roe, Danni 78 Roe. Robart 118 Roeber. Richard 47. 100 Roeder, Eileen 78 Roeder. lorna 66. 96, 114, 130. 133, 143 Roeier, Richard 76 Roethel. Paul 65. 109, 127 Roethlitberger, Jean Roever, Wanda 47. 107, 109. 118 Roger . Clifford 65 Rogge, Sharon Rolloff, lorry Roome. Jock 166 Root. Jean Rotcoe. loi 47, 90 Rottal, Arkady Ro enthal, Jon Roth. Chariot 66. 110, 131. 133 Roth, Jama 110 Rothenbock, Morcelline 78 Route, Nancy 66, 94 Roycroft. Peter Ruechet, Ruth Ruedinger. Michoel Ruenger. Wayne Ruetink, Kenneth 47 Ruffolo, Robart 92. 110. 131 Rumlow, Al Runga. Owen 92 Runkel, Alton 47, 92 Ruprecht, Danita 66 Rutch. Dole 47 Ruich, laonord Ru ch. Romelle 66, 104. 109, 135 Russell, Gordon Rutted, Jeon 48. 96 Rutted, Kannath 136 Rutted, Tarry Ryon, Maureen 48, 94, 106, 107, 169 Sacht, Marlene 88, 113 Saeger. Glen 118 Safford, Emory Sage, Mary St. louit, Ruth 66. 88 Solxtieder, Edword Sampton, Kurt 136 Samto. lillian 48 Sander . Richard Sargent, Judith 48, 90 Sawillith, Wayne Sawicki, Jama 129 Saxe, John Schoefer. Frederick 48, 157 Schafhautor, Jamet Scharenberg, Edward Schaut, Ronold C. Schelfhout. Ronald 48 Scherff. David 49 Scherneck. luella Schiettl, David 78 Schileker, Clifford Schilcher, Sylveiler 166 Schlafke, Walter Schlaht, Patricia Schliet, Raymond Schmid, Carol 172 Schmidt. Carol 94. 137 Schmidt, Carolyn 170 Schmidt, Dorothy 49, 113 Schmidt, Eugene 49, 122, 137 Schmidt. George 49, 118, 131 Schmidt, Jama Schmidt, Jaonatta 66, 126, 134, 135 Schmidt, Reinhard 49, 126 Schmidt. Ruth Ann 66, 104. 126. 131. 135 Schmitt, Bernord 49 Schmitz, lowrence 166 Schmitz, Robert Schmude, Harold Schneider, Alvin Schneider, loui Schneider, Robert Schoenberger, Jama 66 Schoneberger, Richord Schoenberger, William 129 Schoenrock, lorry 112, 127 Schoephoeiter, Shirley 104 Schoepke, Saloah 78 Scholovich, Dorothy 90 Schrao, Judith 88 Schram, Patrkia Schromm, Janet Schreiber. Kay 78. 112 Schreiber, lynn 76 Schrimpf, William Schroder, Elizabeth 78 Schroader, Kenneth Schroeder. Marilyn 84, 112 Schuettpelz, Don 77 Schultz, Borbaro 79 Schultt, Carle 161 Schultz, Hilbert 66 Schultz, Jacqueline Schultz, Jerome Schultz, Ronald Schultz, Ruth 66. 88. 126 Schultz, Sally 104 Schulz, Charlotte 78 Schulz. Mary Schulz, Patricia 76 Schwoab, Karl 92. 135, 166 Schwantet, Patricia 118 Schwantei, Wayne 78 Schwoerer. Mory 113 Scott, Danni Scott, Robart Saol, Harold 98, 163 Sebiold, Kannath Seibold, Stonlay 110 Siler, Richard 50 Seiler, Woyna 66 Seiner. Solly 66. 88 Sann, Natalia 50, 136 Severance, Thomo 79, 110 Sepnieiki, George Seybold. Dorothy 77, 134, 137 Shone. Audrey 50. 96. 107. 109. 143 Shopiro, Marian Sheahon, Jama Sheet , Duone 154, 165 Shapord, Don 66 Sheppard, Corol 77, 164 Shepro, JoAnne 50, 94 Shimek, lyn 104 Shevelond, Richord 66 Shwanek. Terry Sibley, Corol 76 Sickniger, Marion 78 Siebert, William Siedicllog. William Sieja, Morgorat 78 Siavart, Gola 50. 122 Sievert, Joyce 78. 117, 134 Siavart, Nancy 50 Siewert, Mory 128 Siewert, Robert Silverthorn, Merlin 127 Simon, William 167 Simonton, John Simpton. Kenneth Singler, Gail Singler, Richard Sippel, Elroy 137 Sippel, Jamet Sitter, John Skarvan, Anthony 110 Slate, Kenneth 76 Sloup, loVern Slumc, Felecia 51, 84 Smith, Annette Smith, Beverly 76, 86 Smith, Darrel Smith. David J. Smith, Jama 51 Smith, laa 98. 161, 163, 16-i Smith. Milton Smith, Pot Smith, Robart 117 Smith, Sharon 78 Smitt, Kenneth Sndier, Billie Snider, Carol 66 Snyder, Glenn Snyder, Mory lynne Sobietke, Marilyn 94 Sondalle, Barbara 78, 134, 137 Sorenton, Mary 94. 109 Soiiniki, Beverly 76 Sotintki, Leslie 67, 110, 134 Somotki, Marlene 76 Spanbauer, James Spanbouer, John 51 Page one hundred-eighty-jourSponbouer, Stanley Sponbouer, Thomot 131 Spaulding, Donald 92, 166 Speitx, Coil Spicientki, Judith Spiegelberg, Sheridan 78. 126 Spiegelhoff, Dole 118, 137 Spiering, Gory Spindler, John 76 Spink. Eleanor 67, 84. 112 f-pringborn, Carol Springer, Sondro 79. 131 Stork. Kathryn 79. 135 Stork, Morilyn 118 Stearns, Ronald 51, 128 Steckbauer, Morgoret Stecher, Jo met 97, 135 Stacker, Carl E. Stacker, DeAnne 67 Steede. William 51 Steffen. Gloria 76 Steffen. Rater 67. 102. 106, 137 Sfeimle, John Sfeinboch, David 51, 100 Steiner, Daniel Steinerf, David 135 Steinfort, Shirley Steinike, Robert 67 Stengel, Rote Mary Stern, Annette 88. 130, 132 Stern, Douglai Starr, Albert Stevenson, Mory 52 Sticka, Earl 67 Stini, William Stockniger, John 102, 106 Stoddarf, Katherine 78 Stone. George 118 Stormfeltz, lois Storne, William Stoviak, Donald 165 Stowe. W. 78. 110 Strode, Earl Strati, Joteph 76. 137 Straw, John 52 Strick, George 76. 157 Strohtchine, Elmer 67 Strouf, Marcia 67, 84, 112, 132. 170 Strope, Eorl A. Strupp, Duane 154 Stry, Jerry Struck , Diane 78 Subot, Robert Suchordo, Alice 67. 84, 122. 132, Suhling, June Sullivan, Patricia 137 Sutuff, Thomat Swan. Judith 84. 112. 130, 132 Swonton, Ramona Swanton, Peter I. Swantz, Richard Sweet. Clifford 129 Swither, Thelma Tobbert, Karen 114 Tahlier, Richard 67. 92. 113, 115, Tank. Dole Tank, Jean 76 Tariton, Roger Teela, Virgino 128 Teichmiller, Erwin G. Tellock, Merle Ter Hortt, Stuort Thermanten. Judy Thermonten, Judith A. 126 Tkeyrl, Don Thitadeou, Mory 90, 113 Thielman, Mary 67. 94, 114 Thomat, Borbora 113, 126, 133 Thomat, Pofrkio Thomat, Thomat Thompton, Alton 117 Thompton, Theodore Thorton, Elmer Tighe, Terry 154, 165 Tiller, Mory Ann 52, 137 Tiller, William 52 Toebe, Kenneth 52 Toppe, Jomet Towert, Jomet Traugott, Betty 67, 113 Treleven, Horry A. Troudt, Donald Trudell, Patrick 79. 154. 157 Tubbt, Lowell 76 Tully, Aundro 52. 84 Tully, Mory Tupper, Tom Turczntki. Carl 53. 107, 126 Tuttle, Eorl 67 Tyriner, David Ullrich, Margaret 76 Ulltperger, Patricia 96. 135, 137 Ulrich, William Unter, David Urban, Jomet I. Valentine, Donald Valitchko, Ann Morie 67, 137. 170 Von Akkeren, Jane 67, 96, 106, 135 Von Boxtel, Mory I. Vanden Hogen, Joteph Vandertee, Glenn Vonder Velden, Kenneth 100, 157, 162, 165 Vender Velden, Richard Van Dyke. John 78 Van Handel, Donald Van Horen, Roger Van Hurltt, Marguerite 53, 137 Van laarhaven. Dale Van Straten, Daniel 76, 137 Van Straten, Ruttell 53 Van Vreede, Thomat 53 Vaughan, Jomet J. Veith, Robert Ventegen, Lyle Vide, Adeline S. Vink, Roger 67 Virovocz, Joteph Vogt, Norbert Vrott, Marjorie Wagner, Marguerite 53, 96, 107 133, 136, 143 Waite, Jomet 165 Waeloch, Barbara Waltdorf, Thomat Wolth, Michael Walters, Elaine Warhanek, Terry 53, 90, 143 Warren, Sandra 172 Woterttreet, Donald Wotry, Jomet Wovrunek, Nancy 78, 137 Weotherwax, Hope 88, 131 Weber, Joyce 94 Weber, Marlin Weber, Rita Weber, Theodore Weeden, Alfred 67 Weekt, Thomat 100 Wegehaupt, Duone 111 Wegener, Potricia 76 150, 164 Wegenke, Richard Wegner, Edward R. Weier, Charles Weiner, Philip 54 Weiter, Dwight Welch. Martha 68. 88 Welch, Quinnan Weller. Charles Wellner, Mordell 131 Wendt. Darryl 68. 110 Wendtland, Nancy 78 Wenzel, Beverly 96, 113 Wenzel, Marion 54, 96 Werbelow, Wendie Werbelow, Marilyn Werch, Wendie A. Werdin, Richard 79 Werner, Dallas 54, 107, 109, 136 Westhouse, Erwin Westphal, Duone Wettphal, James Wettphal. Jerry Westro, Clarence 68, 110, 136 Wettuo, Clarence 68, 110, 136 Weyenberg, Leo Weyenberg, Morvin Weyers, C. 100 Wheeler, Jomet 60, 118, 167 Wheeler, Thomot White, Ben White, Thomot White f o t d Alice Whiting, Mercy 79 Wiegehoupt, D. 136 Willgoth, Marlene 54, 90 Wiertma, Jomet 76 Wietner, Morilyn 76, 135 Wietner, Richard 77, 128 Wiffer, Raymond 54. 117, 118 Wilbrecht, John Wildenberg, lots 132 Wiley. Peorl Wilke, Joan 68, 104, 136 Will, Arnold Williamt, Burt Williomt, Donna Williomt, Harold Williamt, Horold R. Williomt, Myrtle Williomt, Patricia 68 Williomt. Rodney 78 Williamt, Ruttell Willnitz, Jeon Arlin Wilms. Phillip 68. 133 Wilton. Bettie 78. 133 Wingrove, David Winkler, Eugene 68, 111 Winters, Karen 118 Wiseman, Terry 78 Wittmann, John 78 Witthoff, Dean Witherhee, Roger Witt, Cynthia 78. 126. 130 Wittig, James O. Wittig, Judith 137 Wittmann, Andrew 68. 154 Witucke, Rodney 167 Wittke. leRoy Woelfel, Robert 154 Wojohn, Betty 107 Wolf. Gilbert Wolf, James Wolf, Roger Wolf, Shirley Wolfe, Thomat Wollougk, Robert Worthen, Jane 76 Wrchota, Williom 146 Writ!, lowrence 98. 161 Wrzintki, Barbara Wuttow, Joanne 118. 126 Wuttow, Sandro Wvwialowtki. Helen 86. 112, 137 Yoese, Felix Yanke, Janice 54. 86, 104 Yockey Robert Yohannon, Malcolm Young, Richard 68, 98, 99. 115, 118 Youngton, Stephen Zoiter, Edword 78. 135 Zarndt, Donald 110 Zattrow, Irene Zeamer, Wilford 55. 92, 117, 118 Zehren. David 68 Zeinert, Poul Zeitler, Braugeor Zemlock, Charles 166 Zentner, Linda 118 Zentner, Suzanne Zernzoch, Robert Zkk, Ronald Zkkaw, Robert Ziebell, Bruce Ziebell, Darrell 68, 92, 118, 154 Zietfow, Harlond 167 Zimmerman, Anno 68 Zimmerman, Delano Zimmerman, Gary 78 Zimmerman, Jean 78 Page one hundred-eighty-fiveThe last mile!1958 Prom King and Queen Dave Harmsen and Lorna Roeder

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University of Wisconsin Oshkosh - Quiver Yearbook (Oshkosh, WI) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


University of Wisconsin Oshkosh - Quiver Yearbook (Oshkosh, WI) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


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