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tyi ccmtn $tate (Meat 1MISS COLBY Living and working in Oshkosh for only ten years, Miss Helen Colby, nevertheless, has left her mark upon the school which she loved. We remember her as a young woman of contagious spirit, eager and alert, quick to see opportunities of service and to meet their challenge. Professor Colby, former Dean of Women, and a faculty member since 1946, died in an automobile accident last summer when she lost control of her car while trying to avoid hitting a dog. Joining the faculty in 1946, Professor Colby was Director of Physical Education for Women and, in addition, was Dean of Women from 1951 to 1956. She resigned as dean last year to devote more time to her expanding duties as director. Professor Colby has influenced thousands of young people during her years of teaching—And the blessing of her life will go on and on in the lives of these young people—a testimony of love and devotion to her teaching and to her interest in boys and girls. The influence of a good teacher never dies.In June of this past year, Professor Dilling, Donner and Groves retired from the OSC faculty. Professor Bradbury announced her retirement in January, 1957. The services of these four professors will be long remembered on the campus. Professor Hulda Dilling, who served as director of the kindergarten-primary division for 26 years, joined the faculty in 1930. As director, she watched her division grow from 50 students to over 200 students. For thousands of OSC students, history became a living thing through Dr. C. Barbara Donner, who retired last fall after serving the college for 30 years Dr. Donner, who joined the faculty in 1926, earned her Doctor of Philosophy degree at the University of Chicago. One of the most respected teachers at OSC, Professor Leavelva Bradbury, retired after 31 years of teaching geography at the college. In her role as an educator, Professor Bradbury has written a geography textbook covering Wisconsin and has contributed many articles to the field. In her retirement Miss Bradbury plans to live in two homes, here in Oshkosh, and part of her time will be spent with her sister at Fen-nimore, Wisconsin. Professor Cozctte Groves, one of the colleges most conscientious and effective teachers, had been 5th grade supervising teacher at the training school since 1931. In her retirement, Professor Groves plans to devote more of her time to her photography hobby and to travel. Together, these four teachers have given the students of Wisconsin State College, Oshkosh, 112 years of teaching service.ADMINISTRATION 6 FACULTY 10 STUDENTS 26 ORGANIZATIONS 64 ACTIVITIES 122 SPORTS 134 ADVERTISING 146 STUDENT INDEX 152nMMfcdiou■ PRESIDENT POLK 6PRESIDENT FORREST R. POLK For the past twenty-six years President Polk has guided the students and faculty of our college with deep interest and genuine sincerity. Under his leadership and guidance the Wisconsin State College has become one of the leading colleges of the state. With the aid of his administration stafT and the Board of Regents of the State Colleges there has been developed a long range building program, and a revised and significant educational program. His knowledge and friendly spirit of cooperation has won him the respect and appreciation of his associates and the community. THE BOARD OF REGENTS OF WISCONSIN STATE COLLEGES: Ltfl to Right, Barney B. Barstow, Superior; Robert L. Pierce, Mcnomonie; Mrs. John Walter, DePere; Elton S. Karrmann, Plattc-villc; George S. Watson, Madison; Lewis G. Magnusen, Vice-President, Oshkosh; Herman T. Hagestad, River Falls; W. I). McIntyre, President. Eau Claire; Harold G. Anderson. Whitewater; Eugene R. McPhee, Madison; H. K. Gcycr, Platleville; and Eugene W. Murphy, LaCrosse. 7JAMES F. DUNCAN Dean of the College ERNEST O. THEDINGA Dean of Men L. O. TETZLOFF Registrar 8RUTH NELSON Dean of Women RAYMOND J. RAMSDON Dean of Instruction Grace M. Shimek Secretary to the q .. President Business Manager Robert W. Quast 9Raymond J. Ramsden Director of Liberal Arts and Pre-professional Education. Ph.D., 1941, Ohio State. N. Peter Nelson Director of Secondary Education. M.A., 1929, Columbia University. David L. Bowman Director of Campus School and Placement. Ed.D., 1934 Columbia University. James K. Johnson Director for Intermediate and Grammar Teachers. M.A., 1948 Northwestern University. Bertha C. Merker Director for Kindergarten-Primary Teachers. M.A., 1939 Columbia University. May L. Stewart Director for Rural Education. M.A., 1923 University of Chicago. 10Art M.S., 1950 University of Wisconsin NOT PICTURED John S. Keel Art M.S., University of Wisconsin Ethel J. Behncke Art M.A., 1925 University of Wisconsin Raymond L. Gloeckler Art M.S., 1952 University of Wisconsin Stanley S. Linton Music Ed.D., 1952 Columbia University Roger P. Dennis Music M.A., University of Wisconsin David J. Zeff Music University of WisconsinLee H. Kalbus Chemistry Ph.D., University of Wisconsin Daniel Palm Biology Ph.D., University of Minnesota Jacob Shaperio Biology Ph.D., New York College of Forestry Max I. Bowman Chemistry Ph.D., 1937 Indiana University Frederick L. Caudle Science Ph.D., 1945 Ohio State UniversityHerbert C. Dohrman Biology M.Ed., 1944 Marquette University David P. Marble Chemistry M.S., 1933 University of Michigan Burton E. Karges Geology’ Ph.D., 1934 University of Wisconsin Gerald G. Reed Biology Ed.D., 1952 Denver University James W. Unger Biology Ph.I)., 1953 University of Wisconsin Anthony J. Womaski Physics M.A., 1951 State University of Iowa James F. Duncan Physics Ph.I)., 1930 University of Michigan Robert T. MacDonald Chemistry Ph.I)., University of MinnesotaLeavelva M. Bradbury Geography M.S., 1926, University of Chicago Morton Nachlas Sociology Ph.D., Ohio State University Kuei-Sheng Chang Geography Ph.D., University of Michigan Sherman E. Gunderson Economics Ph.D., 1950, State University of Iowa Warren J. Geiger Geography, Social Studies Ph.M., 1936, University of Wisconsin Ralph A. Norem Political Science Ph.D., 1934, University of Minnesota Vela Lynn Marble Sociology, History Ph’.D., 1951, University of Texas Marie A. Hirsch History M.A., 1924, University of Nebraska Edward Noyes History Ph.D., Ohio State University Ernest O. Thedinga History Ph.D., 1935, University of Wisconsin Warren L. Jensen Economics M.B.A., 1956, University of Wisconsin William F. Thompson History, Geography Ph.D., University of Wisconsin Alex P. Ferguson Psychology Ph.D., North Dakota University John R. Mook Education, Psychology Ph.D., 1949, University of Chicago 15 L. O. Tetxloff Education Ph.M., University of WisconsinAlice De Barcza French and German Instructor Francis D. Evenhuis English MS., State University of Iowa Nevin S. James English M.A., 1926, University of Wisconsin Henry K. Ziomek I-atm and Spanish M.S., Indiana University Everette G. Pyle English M.A., 1939, State University of Iowa John T. Taylor English Ph.D., 1942 Columbia University Ruth Willcockson English M.A., 1928, University of Chicago Donald W. Zahalka Journalism Publication M.S., 1954 University of WisconsinDorothy E. Martin English and Latin M.A., 1942, Colorado State College Catherine S. Karr English B.S., 1946, Oshkosh State College Maysel E. Evans Speech M.A., 1929 Northwestern University William E. White Speech Ph.D., University of Wisconsin Robert E. Brismaster Speech M.Ed., 1950, University of Minnesota 17Helen I. Wahoski Head Librarian A.M.L.S., 1952 University of Michigan Eugene W. Moushey Senior Library Assistant A.M.L.S., 1951 University of Michigan Obr«rt| Eugene A. Holtman Library Science M.S., University of Michigan Phyllis Nelson Assistant Librarian B.S., 1953 Oshkosh State College Corinne L. Hubbard Library Catalogcr M.A., 1951 Stanford UniversityiMiiiriEiMiflirmcK Robert J. Wonders Mathematics M.A., 1946 University of Michigan David A. Rux Mathematics ' M.S., University of Kansas Radford E. Boeing Mathematics M.A., 1945 University of Wisconsin Florence L. Palmer Student Administration Examiner Patricia Schilcher Account Clerk Germaine Hensel Stenographer 19 Patricia Pokrandt Stenographer Roma Prochnow StenographerAlice Duran Kindergarten Supervisor M.S., 1953, University of Wisconsin Elizabeth Overton First Grade Supervisor M.S., University of Colorado Mildred P. Nasgowitz Second Grade Supervisor Ed.M., 1951, University of Colorado Jean I. Caudle Third Grade Supervisor Ed.I)., 1955, Boston University Freda Wehner Fourth Grade Supervisor MS., 1950, University of Wisconsin James Waldon Fifth Grade Supervisor M.S., University of Wisconsin Terrence Snowden Sixth Grade Supervisor B.S., 1953, Oshkosh State College 20Earl J. Hutchinson Principal of Junior High M.A., 1947, Lawrence College Lloyd W. Wasser Junior High Science B.S., 1939, Oshkosh State College Louise E. Scott History and Social Studies M.A., 1928, State University of Iowa Irene C. Koerwitz Library Assistant B.S., 1944, Oshkosh State College Ingwelde Zeff Music B.S., 1940, University of Minnesota Olga C. Ostertag Secretary to the Director of Teacher Education 21 Robert J. Grant Industrial Arts M.A., 1931, State University of Iowa Audrey Krueger StenographerWarren J. Goehrs Physical Education P.E., 1955 Indiana University Eric W. Kitzman Health and Physical Education M.S., 1954 University of Wisconsin Robert M. Kolf Physical Education Ph.M., 1931 University of Wisconsin Ethan B. Pfefferkorn Physician M.D., 1924, Washington University Elizabeth Toland Nurse R.N., 1928 St. Francis Hospital NOT PICTURED Betty Lawson Physical Education M.A., University of Wisconsin Lois J. Hardt Physical Education M.A., 1955 San Francisco State Barbara J. Stephenson Physical Education M.A., University of Southern CaliforniaCUSTODIANS. Ufi to Right, Front. M. Unglitz, J. Gall, A. Lentz, R. Campbell. Back: S. Bodon, J. Wallace, H. Brunover.J. Clayton. MR AND MRS. LONG Student Union MR. AND MRS. SMITH Radford HalISENIORS 26 JUNIORS 48 SOPHOMORES 54 FRESHMEN 58ALLAN, JANE F. Waupun, Wisconsin Secondary. Major: Mathematics. Minors: Chemistry, English: Wesley 1,2; Quiver 2,4; Plays 1.2,4. B.S. Degree. BARNHART, SUSAN J. Slurtnant. Wisconsin 2 Year Rural. Alpha Chi 1,2; Newman Club 1.2. BARTEL, LOLA G. Omro, Wisconsin 2 Year Rural. Alpha Chi 1,2; W.R.A. I. BARTELT, JOANNE M Cambria. Wisconsin I Year Kdg. Primary. C.L.S. I; L.S.A. 2, 3.4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Advance 1,2,3; Quiver I, 2; Inter-Faith Council 2,3; Phoenix 1,2,3,4; Reporter 2; Treasurer 3; President 4; F.T.A. 3,4; W.R.A. 1,2,3,4. Pep Club 3; Dorm Sec. 2; Homecoming Comm. 4. B.S. Degree. BASEL. PATRICIA M Omro. Wisconsin Secondary. Major: Library Science. Minors: English, Geology; Band 1,2,3; Newman Club 4. B.S. Degree. BAUER. CAROL A. Bcaitr Dam, Wisconsin 4 Year Primary. Wesley 1.2.3; lambda Chi 1,2,3,4; Sec. 3; Pres. 4; Inter-frat. 2; Social Ijfc 3; Pep Club 3,4; Sec-Treas. 4; Glee Club 1,2; W.R.A. 1,2.3.4; Sec. 2; Plays 1,3,4; Prom Queen 3; Homecoming Comm. 3,4; Co-Chair. Publicity 4. B.S. Degree. 26BECKER, CAROL Fond du Lae, Wisconsin Liberal Arts. Majors: Library Science, English. Kappa Garnina 3,4; Pep Club 3. Stevens Point State College. B.S. Degree. BEZIER. DOUGLAS R. Pembine, Wisconsin Secondary. Major: History. Minors: Physical Education, Biology. Football 1.2,3; O Club 1,2,3,4; Intramurals (,2,3,4; Lyceum 1. B.S. Degree. BLOHOWIAK, JANET A. Kewaunee, Wisconsin 3 Year Primary. Band 1,2; Newman Club 2, 3; F.T.A. 3; Phoenix 2,3; Custodian 3. BORESON. ATHLEAN P. A'eenah, Wisconsin 4 Year Kdg.-Priinary. Kappa Gamma 1,2,3, 4; Glee Club 1,2; Radio Club; F.T.A.; L.S.A.; Wesley; B.S. Degree. BRADLEY, RUTH M. Tiger ton, Wisconsin 4 Year Intermediate. Newman Club 2,3,4; Glee Club 1,2; Lambda Chi 2,3,4. Stout State College. B.S. Degree. BREISTER, WILLIAM J. Fond du Lac. Wisconsin Secondary. Major: English. Minors: Latin, History. Newman Club 3,4; Intramural Sports 3.4; Veterans Club 3,4; Alpha Phi Omega 3. I wrence College. B.S. Degree. BREIT, DOROTHY C. Keicaskum, Wisconsin Secondary. Major: History. Minors: Social Science, Geology. Newman Club 4; F.T.A. 3; Campus Forum I; Scc.-Treas. I. B.S. Degree. CAHILL THOMAS J. Fond du Lac, Wisconsin Liberal Arts. Major: English. Minors: History, Geography. Newman Club 1,2,3; Rifle Club I; Alpha Phi Omega 1; Intramural Sports 3,4. B.S. Degree. 27CAMERON, MARY A. Manruttf, Wisconsin I War Kdg.-Primary. Alcthcan; Sec. 3; Vicc-Pres 4; U.S.F. 3; Play 3; U. of Wisconsin, 1954. B.S. Degree. CAREY, SUSANNE M. Wittenberg, Wisconsin I Year Kdg.-Primary. Kappa Gamma 2,3.4; F.T.A. 2,3.4; B.S. Degree. CHERVENY, JUNE A. Kewaunee, Wisconsin 3 Year Inrermediaic. Phoenix 2.3; Intcr-Frat. 3; Newman Club; F T A. Kappa Della Pi 3. CONLEE. BARBARA H. Oshkosh. Wisconsin Secondary. Major: English. Minors: Speech. History. Phoenix 1,2.3; Play 4; Assistant Director 4. B.S. Degree. COTA, JUDITH A. Gillett, Wisconsin 4 Year Intermediate. Minor: Vocal. Alcthcan 2,3,4; Songfcst Director 3; Newman Club 3, 4; F.T.A. 4; Inter-Frat 4; W.R.A. 3.4; Choir 1,2,3.4; "Down in the Valley" 3; Glee Club 1. B.S. Degree. CRAMER, JOAN P. Oshkosh, Wisconsin Secondary. Major: Social Science; Minors: History, Biology. Delta Phi 1,2,3,4; Historian 2; Pres. 4; Critic 4; Women's Association Board 3; Newman Club 1,2,3,4; Sec. 4. B.S. Degree. CRUCKSON. FRED A. Dalton, Wisconsin Secondary. Majors: English, History. Minor: Geology. Iota Alpha Sigma I; Band 1; Radio Club 3,4; Advance 3.4; Veterans Club 4; Kappa Delta Pi 4; WHO’S WHO. B.S. Degree. CUMBER, JOAN C. Foreslville, Wisconsin Ubcral Arts. Major: Chemistry. Minor: Art. Newman Club I; Band I; Advance 1,3; Quiver 1.4; Gamma Sigma 1,2,3,4; Historian 3; Play Director 2.4; Prom Comm. 1,2,3,4; Homecoming Comm. 1,2,3,4; Publicity Chairman 1,2,3; General Chairman 4; A.C.S. 2,3, 4; Vicc-Prcs. 2; Sec.-Trcas. 3; Pres. 4; Chcm Lab Assistant 4. B.S. Degree. f w r'. 28DAVIS. MRS. MYRTLE W. Omro, Wisconsin 2 Year Rural. Alpha Chi. Green I-ake County Normal. DIECK, LOUISE B. Oshkosh, Wisconsin ■I Year Intermediate. Phoenix 1; C.L.S. 1; F.T.A. 1.4. Milwaukee State College. B.S. Degree. DISSEN. EUNICE Union Grot-f, Wisconsin Secondary. Majors: Physics. Chemistry. Minor: Mathematics. Gamma Delta 2,3,4; Historian-Custodian 2; Interfaith 3; Treas. 3,4; A.C.S. 2,3,4; Advance I; Quiver I; Who’s Who 4. B.S. Degree. DRAHN. BARBARA K. Oshkosh, IVisconsin 4 Year Kdg.-Primary. Choir Accompanist I, 2,3.4; Alethean 2,3,4; Custodian 3; Historian 3; Northland Collegr B.S Degree EBERLE, LORRAINE M. Omro, Wisconsin 2 Year Rural. Alpha Chi 1,2; Newman Club 1.2; Glee Club 1. ENIGL, CHARLES R. Egg Harbor, Wisconsin 4 Year Intermediate-Grammar. Door-Kewaunee County College. B.S. Degree. ENIGL, JOHN R. Egg Harbor, Wisconsin 4 Year Intermediate-Grammar. Door-Kewaunee County College. B.S. Degree. ERICKSON, ROGER J. Mccnah, Wisconsin Secondary. Major: Physics. Minors: Chemistry, Mathematics. Student Council 3,4; Iota Alpha Sigma 1,2,3,4; President 3; .‘Cinderella" Business Manager 4; Intramural Sports 2. B.S. Degree. 29FARIS, THOMAS J. Fond du luxe, Wisconsin Literal Arts. Major: History. Minors: Social Science. Political Science. Rille Club I; Newman Club 1.2,3,4; Pres. 1; A.P.O. I; French Club 2; International Relations Club 4. B.S. Degree. FAUCETT. MARY ELLEN MarinttU, Wisconsin 4 Year Intermediate. Newman Club 3,4; W. R.A. 3,4; F.T.A. 3.4. St. Norberts College. B.S. Degree. FEHRMAN, LYLE C. Embarrass, Wisconsin Liberal Arts. Major: History, English. Forensics 3.4; Veterans Club 3,4; Sec.-Treas. 3, 4; Intramural Sports 3,4; International Relations Club 4; U. of Wisconsin. B.S. Degree. FIRARY, ELIZABETH S. Fall River, Wisconsin 4 Year Intermediate. Lambda Chi 1,2,3,4; Kappa Delta Pi 3,4; Wesley 1,2,3.4; W.C.C. 2; Pres. 3; State Representative 4; Inter-Faith 3; F.T.A. 1,4; W.R.A. 2.3,4; Choir 1,2,3; Plays 1,2,3,4; Costume Chairman 4. WHO’S WHO. B.S. Degree. FRAILING, GERALD W. Appleton, Wisconsin Secondary. Major: Math. Physics Minor: English. Arizona State College, Tcmpc, Arizona. B.S. Degree. FRAZIER, ROBERTA J. Oshkosh. Wisconsin Liberal Arts. Major: English. Biology. Lambda Chi 1,2.3,4; Rifle Club 4; Sec.-Treas. 4; Newman Club 2,3,4. B.S. Degree. FREDRICK, ROAMELLE F. Berlin, Wisconsin 4 Year Primary. C.L.S. I; Delta Phi 3.4; Glee Club 1.2. B.S. Degree. GERDMAN. GLENN D. Ephraim, Wisconsin 4 Year Intermediate-Grammar. Door-Kewaunee Normal. B.S. Degree. I 30GIANDT. BEVERLY J. Keuaunee, Wisconsin 3 Year Primary. Phoenix 2,3; F.T.A. 3. GOVEK, KENNETH J. Sheboygan. Wisconsin 4 Year Intermediate-Grammar. Dramatics; Newman Club; Veterans Club. Sheboygan County Normal. B.S. Degree. GRASSE, JACQUELINE J. Sister Bay. Wisconsin 2 Year Rural. Quiver 2; Advance 1,2; Alpha Chi 1,2. GREER, JEANNE K. Appleton, Wisconsin 4 Year Intermediate. Choir 3; Wesley 3.4; World Christian Community Chairman; Lambda Chi 3,4. Wisconsin State, M i Iwau kec; B.S. Degree. GRITT, MARJORIE A. Plymouth, Wisconsin Secondary. Major: Library Science. Minors: English, Geography. F.T.A. 3,4; Lambda Chi 1.2,3,4; See. 3; U.S.F.; Advance I; Radio Club 1,2; Pep Club 2.3. B.S. Degree. HAANEN, ANN K. Green Bay, Wisconsin 2 Year Rural. Gamma Sigma 1,2; Alpha Chi 1,2; Newman Club 1,2; Student Council I; W.R.A. 1.2; Glee Club I. HAAS, PAUL R. Menasha, Wisconsin Liberal Arts. University Extension. Menasha. B.S. Degree. HALLE, JANET M. North Fond du Lac, Wisconsin Liberal Arts. Major: Library Science. Delta Phi 2,3,4; Sec. 3; Play Director 4; Advance 1,2,3; Radio Club 1,2,3; Pres. 3; Band I; language Club 4; L.S.A. 2,3,4; Plays 1,2,3,4; Costume Chairman 3; Props Chairman 4. B.A. Degree. 31HANLEY. JANICE E. Bimamivood, Wisconsin I Year Kdg.-Primary. Band 1,2; Choir 1,2, 3,4; Gamma Sigma 1,2,3,4. B.S. Degree HANSEN, MARJORIE GLORIA Ceal, Wisconsin Secondary. Major: Music. Minor: English Glee Club I; Choir 2,3,4; C.L.S. I; Radio Club 4. B.S. Degree. HELD, DONNA MAE L. Jackson, Wisconsin 3 Year Primary. Band 2; Lambda Chi 2,3; F.T.A. 3; U.S.F. 3. Mission Mouse (College. HENCKE, BEVERLY J. Oshkosh, Wisconsin 2 Year Rural. Alpha Chi 1,2; Treas. 2. HEAPS, ROBERT G. Pardcccille, Wisconsin Secondary. Major: History. Minors: Biology. Speech. Choir 3; Inter-Faith 3; Wesley 2,3; Intramural Sports 3. Bob Jones University Greenville, S.C. B.S. Degree. HEIN, CLAIR EDMUND Kiel, Wisconsin 4 Year Intermediate-Grammar. F.T.A. 4; Intramural Sports 3.4; Kappa Delta Pi 4 Sheboygan County Teachers College. B.S Degree. HENNING, JEROME L. iMmartmc, Wisconsin Secondary. Majors: Geography, Social Science. Minor: Geology. Lyceum 1,2,3,4; Vice-Pres. 4; Inter-Frat 3; Intramural Sports 1,2,3,4; C.L.S. I. B.S. Degree. HERBST, ROBERT W. Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin 4 Year Intermediate-Grammar. Door-Kc-waunce County Teachers College. B.S. Degree. 32HERLACHE, DONALD J. Algoma, Wisconsin 4 Year Intermediate-Grammar. Newman Club 3; Circle "K" 3; Kappa Della Pi 4; Intramural Sports 3. Door-Kewaunee Normal. B.S. Degree. HERRMANN, GEORGE Mamtouw, Wisconsin 4 Year Intermediate-Grammar. Newman Club 3,4; Lyceum 3,4; Pres. 4. Manitowoc County Teachers College. B.S. Degree. HERTWIG, RONALD W. Oconto Falls, Wisconsin Secondary Major: English. Minors: French, Speech F T.A. 1,2; French Club 1,2. Midwestern University. B.S. Degree. HEURING, JUDY L. Kimberly, Wisconsin Secondary. Major: History. Minors: Physical Education, Biology. NV.R.A. 1,2,3,4; Sec.-Treas. 2; Newman Club 1,2,3,4; Sec. 2; Social Committee 3; F.T.A. 1,4; Lambda Chi 1,2,3,4; Custodian 2; Vice-Pres. 4; Advance 2; Band I; Glee Club 2. B.S. Degree. HILDAHL. KAREN E. M. Marine tie, Wisconsin Secondary. Major: Biology. Minors: Social Science, English. Quiver I; Advance 1,2; Wesley; Gamma Sigma. B.S. Degree. HINESH, MARIE M. Kewaunee, Wisconsin 3 Year Primary. Band I; F.T.A. 3; Quiver 2; Newman Club 2,3; Phoenix 2,3; Custodian 2. HOFFMAN, DAWN M. Oconto, Wisconsin 4 Year Primary. Kappa Gamma 2,3,4; Historian 3; Play Director 4; Newman Club I, 2,3,4; F.T.A. 2,3,4; Quiver 1,2,3,4; Administration Fxl. 4; Advance 1,2,3,4; Associate Ed. 3; Make-Up Ed. 4; Homecoming Comm. 3, 4; Co-Chair. House Decorations 4; W.R.A. 3,4; Pep Club 3.4; Skit Ch. 3; Co-General Chairman 4; Dorm Vice-Pres. 2; Plays 2,3,4; Prom Court 2; Prom Comm. 3.4. B.S. Degree. HOFFMANN, ELAINE E. Oshkosh, Wisconsin 4 Year Intermediate-Grammar. F.T.A. 4; Kappa Delta Pi 4; WHO’S WHO. B.S. De- gree. 33HOPPER, JOHN S. Oshkoih, Wisconsin Liberal Arts. Major: Chemistry. Philakean; Treat. 3; Track 2; A. C. S. Homecoming Comm. 4; Choir; Intramural Sports. B.S. Degree. HORNBECK, RUTH A. Mmas ha, Wisconsin 4 Year Kdg.-Primary. Kappa Gamma 2,3,4; Custodian 4f Glee Club 1; Newman Club I, 2.3,4; Quiver 1.2,3.4; Advance; Cir-culation Ed. 4; Homecoming Comm. 3.4; F. T.A. 1.2. 3,4; Pep Club 3.4; W.R.A. 3.4; Plays 2,4; Cast 4. B.S. Degree. HUBBARD, ANNA GAY Gum Bay. Wisconsin 4 Year Primary. Gamma Sigma 1,2,3,4; Custodian 2,3; Sec. 4; F T.A. 2,3.4. B.S. Degree. JANKOWSKI, IRENE F. Denmark, Wisconsin 4 Year Intermediate. F.T.A. 4; Newman Club 4. Outagamie County Teacher’s College. B.S. Degree. JANSEN, JOHN D. Mamtouvc, Wisconsin Secondary. Majors: Geography, History. Rifle Club 2,3,4; Pres.; Lyceum 3,4. U. of Wisconsin, 1954. B.S. Degree. JOHNSON, CLARA A. Oshkosh, Wisconsin 2 Year Rural Alpha Chi 2; L.S.A. 2. JOHNSON, JAMES C. Fond du Lac, Wisconsin Secondary. Major: Biology. Minors: Physical Education. History. Iota Alpha Sigma 1,2; Intramural Sports 1,2,3,4. B.S. Degree. JOHNSTON, KENNETH W. Oshkosh, Wisconsin Secondary. Major: History. Minors: English, Geography. Social Life 3.4; Chairman; Choir; Alpha Phi Omega 1,2,3,4; Pres.; Sgt. at Arms; Vicc-Pres.; Student Council; Intcr-Frat; Tennis 2,3,4; Capt; Homecoming Chairman 3; Prom King 4; Intramural Sports 1,2,3,4; Pep Club; Veterans Club. B.S. Degree. 34KENNEDY, MARY N. Antigo, Wisconsin 4 Year Rural. Band 1,2,3; Newman Club t, 2,3,4; Alcthean 1,2.3,4; Sec. 2; Pres. 4; FT. A 3,4; Alpha Chi 2,3,4; Vice-Pres. 4; Student (xjuncil 1,3,4; Kappa Delta Pi 3,4; Sec. 4; WHO’S WHO. B.S. Degree KIENOW, DOROTHY KEEL Randolph, Wisconsin 4 Year Intermediate. B.S. Degree. KINZEL, RALPH C. Ripon, Wisconsin Liberal Arts. Major: Chemistry. Minors: History, English. Band 1,2,3; Choir 1.2; Pcriclean 1,2,3,4; Pres. 3,4; Intcrmural Sports 1.2,3.4; Social Life 3,4; Homecoming Comm. 3.4; Co-Chairman 4; Circle K 3.4; Board 3, 4; A.C.S. 2,3,4; Pres. 3; Prom Comm. 3; Ch. Decorations 3; "Girl Crazy" I. B.S. Degree. KIRCHOFF, HENRY F. Manitowoc, Wisconsin 4 Year Intermediate-Grammar Choir 4; Student Council 4; Play 4; Alpha Phi Omega 4; Manitowoc County Normal. B.S. Degree. KISSEL, JERREL A. Appleton, Wisconsin 4 Year Intermediate-Grammar. Sheboygan County Teachers College. B.S. Degree. KLEINSCHMIT, SUE F. Oshkosh, Wisconsin 4 Year Primary. Alethean 3.4; Historian 4; U.S.F. 4; Quiver 4; F.T.A. 4. Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. B.S. Degree. KLIMKO, ROBERT LOUIS Oshkosh, Wisconsin Secondary. Major: Music. Minor: English. Philakean 1,2.3,4; Vicc-Pres. 3; Sec. 3; Student Council 1,2; Vice-Pres. 2; Pres. 2; Radio Club 1,2; Co-Chairman 2; F.T.A. 3,4; U.S.F. 3.4; Social Life 3; Sec. 3; Choir; Delate 2; "Girl Crazy” 1. WHO’S WHO. B.S. Degree. KOSMOSKY, YVONNE P. Chilton, Wisconsin 4 Year Intermediate. Kappa Gamma 2,3,4; Custodian 2; Trcas. 3; F'.T.A. 3,4; C.L.S. 1; Kappa Della Pi 3,4; Quiver 1.2.3,4; Index Ed. 3,4; Advance 1,2,3,4; Circulation Manager 3; Homecoming Comm. 4; Co-Chairman House Decorations 4; Band I; Pep Club 3.4; W.R.A. 2,3.4; WHO'S WHO. B.S. Degree. 35KRUEGER. GERALD J. Two Ritas, Wisconsin Secondary. Major: Chemistry. Minors: Mathematics. History, English. U.S.F. 2,3,4; A.C.S. 2,3,4. University of Wisconsin Extension, Manitowoc. B.S. Degree. KRUMEU WAYNE P. Manitowoc, Wisconsin Secondary. Major: English. Minors: Speech. History. Lyceum 2.3,4; Historian 3; Stage Manager 3,4; Choir 2,3,4; Radio Club 3,4; Pres. 4; Newman Club 2; Plays 2,4; Director 4. U. of Wisconsin. B.S. Degree. KUBAIE. ROBERT P. Retdsull , Wisconsin Secondary. Major: Social Science. Minors: Math, English. Football 2,3; O Club 2,3; Lyceum 3,4; Newman Club 2; V'ctcrans Club 4. I.aCrovse State College. B.S. Degree KUMBIER, BARBARA A. Pickett, Wisconsin 2 Year Rural. Alpha Chi 1.2; L.S.A. IANPHEER. RICHARD A. GUnbeulah. Wisconsin Secondary. Major: Physics. Minors: Math. English. Choir 3; Lyceum 4; Intramural Sports 3,4; Mission House College. B.S. De-gree. LEEFTINK, VALUE M. Mountain, Wisconsin 3 Year Primary. Kappa Gamma 2,3; Wesley 1.23; Vice-Pres; Glee Club. LEEMAN. HARRY W. Oshkosh. Wisconsin Secondary. Major: Biology. Minors: Chemistry, Social Science. Kappa Delta Pi 3,4; Trcas. 4. B.S. Degree. MACINTYRE, NANCY R. Fond du Iac, Wisconsin 4 Year Primary. Delta Phi 2,3,4; Pres. 3; Critic 4; U S E. 2,3,4; Treas. 3.4; F.T.A. 3.4; Women’s Association Board 2; Pep Club 3; Glee Club 2. U. of Wisconsin. B.S. Degree 36MAICHESKI, BARBARA A. Pulaski, Wisconsin Secondary. Major: English. Minors: Biology-, Physical Education. W.R.A. 1.2,3,4. Pres. 3; Kappa Gamma 1,2.3,4; Sec. 2,4; F.T.A. 4. B.S. Degree. MARSCHAll. DONALD W. Rosrndalt, Wisconsin Secondary. Major: History. Minors: Physical Kducation. Biology. Band 1,2,3; Basketball 1; Baseball 3,4; Intramural Sports 1.2,3, 4; Lyceum 3.4; Mens Association Pres. 3; C. I..S. 1.2; Student Council 3,4: Vice-Pres; Pres; Kappa Delta Pi 3,4; Advance; Sports Ed. 3.4. WHO’S WHO. B.S. Degree. MARX. MELVIN G. Oshkosh, Wisconsin Secondary. Major: Natural Science. Minors: Chemistry, Biology. Alpha Phi Omega 1,2,3, 4; Historian 2. Iota Alpha Sigma 2,3,4; Pres. 3; Social Chairman 3; Wesley 2,3,4; Recreation Chairman 3; Advance 2; Social Life 2. B.S. Degree. MAYER, GARY L Shawano, Wisconsin Liberal Arts Major: Chemistry. A.C.S. 3,4; Gamma Delta 4. U. of Wisconsin Extension, Green Bay. B.S. Degree. MEIER, ARNOLD J. North Fond du Iac, Wisconsin Secondary. Major: Math. Minors: Physical Education, Biology. Football 1; Baseball 3,4; Intramural Sports; C.L.S. 1; U. of Wisconsin. B.S. Degree. MERT2, ETHEL MAE Waupaca, Wisconsin Secondary. Major: English. Minors: Latin, Geology. Choir 1,2,3,4; C.L.S. 1; Kappa Gamma 2.3,4; Pres. 4; Women’s Association Pres. 3; L.S.A. 2,3,4; Pres. 4; Inter-Faith 3,4; Kappa Delta Pi 3,4; Vice-Prcs; Advance 3.4; Copy Ed. 3.4; WHO’S WHO. B A. Degree. MEYER. KATHRYN K. Wmncconnc, Wisconsin 2 Year Rural. Alpha Chi 1,2; Kappa Gamma 1,2- MEYER, RICHARD C. Shawano, Wisconsin Secondary. Major: English. Minors: History, Social Science, lota 1,2,3; Historian 2, Play Director 3; Plays 2,3,4; Social Life 3; Gamma Delta 3. B.S. Degree. 37MIELKE, PAUL P. Shiocton, Wisconsin Liberal Arts. Major: Math. Minors: Physics. Intramural Sports 1,2,3,4; Men’s Association Scc-Trcas. 3; Basketball 3. B.S. Degree. MILLER, CLAUDE J. Man illt, Wisconsin Secondary. Majors: History, English. Intramural Sports 3,4; Inter-Frat 3,4; Dramatics 4; Baseball 4. St. Norberts College. B.S. Degree. MINSKEY, JOSEPH S. Hahn, Wisconsin Secondary. Major: Chemistry. Minors: Math. Physics. Iota Alpha Sigma 1.2,3,4; Vicc-Pres.; Rifle (Hub 2,3; Pres.; Vicc-Pres.; A.C.S. 3.4; Vicc-Pres. B.S. Degree. MIX. JOHN C. Hahn, Wisconsin Secondary. Majors: English, History. Band 1.2,3.4; Choir 3,4; Dance Band 3,4. B.S. Degree. MOENNING, KENNETH H. Sheboygan, Wisconsin 4 Year Intermediate-Grammar. Coif 4; Veterans Club 4; Lakeland College, Plymouth. B.S. Degree NARANCE. JOHN W. Fond du Imc, Wisconsin 4 Year Intermediate-Grammar. Newman Club 1,2,3,4; Student Council 2; F.T.A. 1.2. 3,4; Vice-Prcs. 3. B.S. Degree. NEJEDLO, SUSAN A. Gillett, Wisconsin 2 V'ear Rural. Choir I; Band 1; Wesley 2; Alpha Chi 2. NOVAK, ROBERT M. Manitowoc, Wisconsin 4 Year Intermediate. Intramural Sports; Veterans Club 4. Manitowoc County Teachers College. B.S. Degree. 38OLM, FLORA A. Manitowoc, Wisconsin I Year Primary. Advance 2.3.4; Make-Up Ed. 2.3; F.T.A. 2.3.4; Pres. 4; Delta Phi 3.4; Radio Club 2,3.4; Group Chairman 2,3,4; U S F. 2.3; Mays 2.3.4; Glee Club 2; Young Republicans 4; Publicity Chairman. U. of Wisconsin. B.S. Degree. OLSON, MONA L. Sturgeon ltd), Wisconsin Secondary. Major: Biology. Minors: Mathematics, Chemistry. Advance I; Radio Club I; Gamma Sigma 1.2.3,4; Trcas. 4; Custodian 2.3; A C S. 3.4; Plays 3; F T A. 3.4. B.S. Degree PAREY, DONALD L. S ubopgan, Wisconsin 4 Year Intermediate-Grammar. Band 3.4. Intramural Sports 3.4; Gamma Delta 3; Orchestra 4. Sheboygan County Teachers College. B.S. Degree. PETCOFF, NAOMIE D. Seymour, Wisconsin Secondary. Major: Social Science. Minors: History, Speech. Plays 2.3; Radio Club 1; Newman Club 1.2; Advance I; Glee Club 1.2; FT.A. 2.3,4 B.S. Degree. PETERSON, DONALD E. Waufiaca, Wisconsin Liberal Arts. Football 1,2; O Club. B.A. Degree. PETERSON, DONALD F. Shawano, H’t scons in Secondary. Major: Biology. Minors: Physical Education. Geography. Iota 2; Veterans Club 2.3.4; Football 2: Basketball 2. Valparaiso University. B.S. Degree. PETERSON, RENDAL H. Omio, Wisconsin 4 Year Intermediate-Grammar. B.S. Degree. PINGRY, CHESTER A. Onto, Wisconsin Secondary. Majors: English. History. WHO'S WHO. B.S. Degree. 39POLLARD. DORIS J. Clinton, WtKonun 4 Year Primary. F.T.A. 1,4; Delta Phi 2,3,4; Kappa Delia Pi 3,4; Inter Varsity 1,2,3,4; Inter-Faith 4 WHO'S WHO. B.S. Degree POMPIUN, WILUAM W. Wautoma, Wisconsin 4 Year Intermediate-Grammar. Intramural Sports. Waushara County Teachers College. B.S. Degree RAISLER. MAE E. Sear Cutk. Wisconsin 4 Year Intermediate. Kappa Gamma 2.3.4; Historian 2; Parliamentarian 3; Co-Chainnan Play Contest 4; Advance 1.2,3,4; Quiver 1,2, 3.4; Class Ed. 3,4; Homecoming Comm. 4; Dorm Sec. 4; F.T.A. 3,4; Pep Club 3; C.LS. IjW.R.A. 3.4. B.S. Degree. RASMUSSEN, JOANNE R. Summit l kt, Wisconsin 4 Year Kdg.-Primary. Minor: Art. Band I, 2,3; U.S.F. 1,2.3,4; Vice-Pres. 1.2; Sec. 3.4; F.T.A. 3.4; Treas. 4; Kappa Gamma 2,3,4; Treas. 4; Advance 1,3; Kappa Delta Pi 3,4. WHO'S WHO. B.S. Degree. RAAB, JOSEPH A. Oshkosh, Wisconsin Secondary. Major: Math. Minors: Art, Geology lota 1,2; Kappa Delta Pi; Quiver 3.4; Advance 3. WHO'S WHO. B.S. Degree. RADKE, WILLIAM P. Oshkosh, Wisconsin Secondary. Major. Geography. Minors: Social Science. History. Veterans Club 1,2,3, 4; F.T.A.; Basketball 3; Intramural Sports. B.S. Degree. RESHESKE. KATHERINE A. Red granite. Wisconsin 4 Year Primary. Newman Club 4; Waushara County Normal. B.S. Degree. RETZER, NANCY A. Port Washington, Wisconsin Secondary. Major: English. Minors: Speech. History. Delta Phi 1,2,3,4; Advance 1,2,3,4; Circulation Manager 3; Editor 3; Advisory Ed. 4; Quiver 1.4; F.T.A. 1,3; Newman Club 1; Radio Club 1; Kappa Delta Pi 3,4; Homecoming Comm. 4; Co-Chairman Publicity 4; Pep Club 3; Campus Forum I. WHO’S WHO. B.S. Degree 40RIEMER, LOIS J. Watertown, Wisconsin 4 Year Primary. Glee Club 1.2; U.S.F. 1.2,4; Historian 2; Milwaukee State College. B.S. I egree. RUTZ, JOHN D. AI oma, Wisconsin 4 Year Intermediate-Grammar. F.T.A. 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3.4; L.S.A. 3.4; Intramural Sports 3,4. WHO'S WHO. Central State College, Door-Kewaunee County Teacher’s College. B.S. Degree. RUTZ. UVERNE S. Algoma. Wisconsin Secondary. Major: Social Science. Minors: English. Biology. Kappa Delta Pi 3.4; Historian; F.T.A.; L.S.A.; W.R.A.; Quiver; Ad-vancc; WHO’S WHO. B.S. Degree. SALM, ROSEMARY E. Xcenah, Wisconsin 4 Year Kdg.-Primary. Kappa Gamma 1,2,3, 4; Historian I; Vod-Vil Chairman 2; Social Life 3.4; Chairman 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3.4; Homecoming Court 3; Homecoming Comm. 4; Advance 1; Quiver 2,3; W.R.A. 1.2; Glee Club 1; WHO’S WHO. B.S. Degree. SCHEUERMAN, MARIAN K. Oshkosh. Wisconsin 2 Year Rural. Alpha Chi 1,2. SCHMIDT, LOU ANN North Fond du Imc, Wisconsin Liberal Arts. Major: Library Science. Delta Phi 2,3,4; Vicc-Prcs. 4; Advance I; Radio Club 1.2.3; Glee Club 3; Band I; L.S.A. 3,4; lainguagc Club 4. B.A. Degree. SCHMUDE, DARLENE M. Hultc dts Moris, Wisconsin 2 Year Rural. SCHUSTER. MARGARET ANN Berlin, Wisconsin 4 Year Intermediate. Gamma Sigma 2,3,4; Custodian 3; Intcr-Frat 4; W.R.A. I.2.3.4; Quiver 1,2,3; Advance 1,2,3,4; Newman Club 1.2,3,4. B.S. Degree. 41SHARER, DONN G. Oshkosh, Wisconsin •I Year Intermediate. Band; Tennis; U. of Wisconsin. B.S. Degree. SHUBERT, THOMAS C. Oshkosh, Wisconsin Secondary. Major: Social Science. Minors: History. Math. Golf 1,2,3,4. B.S. Degree. SMITH, EARL J. Oshkosh, Wisconsin Secondary. Major: Geography. Minors: Geology, History. Intramural Sports 1,2,3,4. B.S. Degree. SPRECHER, CYNTHIA ANN Fond du Iju. Wisconsin I Year Kdg.-Primary. U.S.F.; Wisconsin State College. Milwaukee. B.S. Degree. STAGEMAN. WAYNE W. Oak uld, Wisconsin I-iberal Arts. Major: Physics. Minor: Math Football 1,2,3,4; Men’s Association Board 3, 4; Vice-Pres.; Pres.; Band 1,2; C.L.S. 1,2; O Club 2; Sec. Lyceum 4. B.S. Degree. STANNARO, JOHN W. Creenbush, Wisconsin Secondary. Major: Mathematics. Minors: Chemistry, Physics. Choir 1.2,3; Kappa Delta Pi 3,4; Wesley 1,2,3,4; Treas. 3; Publicity 4. B.S. Degree. STARKE, NANCY E. A aukauna, Wisconsin 4 Year Primary. Lambda Chi 1.2,3,4; F T. A. 3,4; Advance 1,2; Picture Ed. 2; Make-Up Ed. 2; Quiver 1,2; Women's Association Pres. 2; Newman Club 1,2,3; W.R.A. 1,2. B.S. Degree. STAUFFER, SALLY ANN Oshkosh, Wisconsin 4 Year Primary. Quiver 1,2,3; Organizations Ed. 2; Editor 3; Delta Phi 1.2,3,4; Sec. 4; Vice-Pres. 3; Kappa Delta Pi 3,4; Pres. 4; Women’s Association Sec-Treas. 2; Glee Club 1; Student Directory; WHO’S WHO. B.S. Degree. 42THOMAN, PAUL C. GrttndaU, Wisconsin 4 Year Intermediate-Grammar. U. of Wisconsin Extension. B.S. Degree. TIMM. TERRENCE L Fond du Ixu, Wisconsin Liberal Arts. Major: Geography. Minors: Biology, Geology. Iota 3.4; Historian 3; Treas. 4; Circle K 3,4; House Comm. 3; Board of Directors 4; Radio Club 2; Rifle Club 2; Treas.; Intramural Sports 4; Advance 4. B.S. Degree. TIMMERMAN, ANNETTE J. Oshkosh, Wisconsin 4 Year Kdg.-Primary. Glee Club I; Plays I, 2.3; Cast I; Phoenix 1,2,3,4; Custodian 2; Pres. 3; Women’s Association Board 2. B.S. Degree. TIMMERS, ROMAYNE M. Kimbcily, Wisconsin 4 Year Intermediate. Lambda Chi 1,2,3,4; Sec. 3; Historian 2; Inter-Frat 3; Band I; Glee Club 2; Newman Club 1,2,3,4; F.T.A. 1,3.4; Kappa Delta Pi 3,4; W.R.A. 1,2,3.4; WHO’S WHO. B.S. Degree. TISCH, JOAN M. Oconto Falls, Wisconsin Secondary. Major: English. Minors: Physical Education, Biology. Kappa Gamma 1, 2,3.4; Vice-Pres. 2,3; Pres. 4; Songfest Director 3,4; Play Contest Director 2; L.S.A. 1,2, 3; Pres. 3; Student Council 2; Choir 1,2,3,4; Band I; Plays 1,3; W.R.A. 1,2,3,4; Pres. 2; “Girl Crazy” 1; “Down in the Valley” 3. B.S. Degree. VERDETTE, JACK A. Green Bay, Wisconsin Secondary. Major: Math. Minors: Physics, History. Iota Alpha Sigma; Tennis 1,2,3,4. B.S. Degree VOIGHT, BERNARD H. F.lcho, Wisconsin Secondary. Major: History. Minors: Social Science, Physical Education. Band 1,2; Intramural Sports 1.2,3; Lyceum. B.S. Degree. WALSH, JOE Ijsnnon, Wisconsin Secondary. Major: Social Science. Minors: Geography, History. Newman Club 1,2,3,4; Pres. 3; Inter-Faith 3; Veterans Club 3,4; Lyceum 1,2; Inter-Society 2. B.S. Degree. 43WATSON. JAMES M. Oshkosh, Wisconsin Secondary. Major: History. Minors: Economics, English. Radio Club 1,2; Co-Chairman 2; Student Council 2; Social Life 2,3; Chairman 3; Advance 1,2,3,4; Sports Ed. 3; Quiver 4; Sports Ed. 4; Philakean 1,2,3; Sec. 2. Wesley 3; Men’s Association Board 2,3; Intramural Sports 1,2,3. B.S. Degree. WEISNICHT, ANN A. Brandon. Wisconsin 2 Year Rural. Alpha Chi 1,2; Vice-Pres. I; Student Council 1,2; Choir I. WELCH. EDNA C. Red Granite, Wisconsin 3 Year Primary. U.S.F. 2,3; W.R.A. 2,3; F. T. A. 3. Mission House College. WERNECKE. AIEETA RAMM Sheboygan, Wisconsin I Year Kdg.-Primary. Delta Phi 1,2, 3.4; Pres. 2; Kappa Delta Pi 3,4; Advance 1,2,3; Business Manager 3; F.T.A. 1,2,3,4; Pres. 3; U. S.F. 3,4; Radio Club 2,3; Glee Club I. WHO’S WHO. B.S. Degree. WILDE. CHARLOTTE 0. Oshkoth, Wisconsin 4 Year Intermediate. Inter-Varsity 1,4. William Jennings Bryan University, Dayton Tennessee. B.S. Degree. WINKE, SHIRLEY j. Fond du Ixu, Wisconsin 2 Year Rural. Alpha Chi. Marian College, Fond du Lac. WIPPICH, JACK G. Menas ha, Wisconsin Secondary. Major: History. Minors: Physical Education, Biology. Football 1,2,3,4; All-Conference 3; Captain 4; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Baseball 3,4; Intramural Sports 1,2,3; Newman Club 1,2; Periclean 1,2; O Club 3. B.S. Degree. WITKOWSKI, JAMES F. Oshkoth, Wisconsin Liberal Arts. Major: Math, Language Club 4; Vice-Pres. 4. B.A. Degree. 44LINDSTRUM, WALTON L. Marinette, Wisconsin Secondary. Major: History. Minors: English, Biolog)-. Iota Alpha Sigma; Wesley; Veterans Club. B.S. Degree. MUELLER, MARIANNE Oshkosh, Wisconsin Liberal Arts. Major: English. Alcthean. B.S. Degree. WOOD, MAXINE A. Oshkosh, Wisconsin 2 Year Rural. Alpha Chi 2; Wesley 2. Wisconsin State, Whitewater. ZUELZKE, PATRICIA A. Aaukauna, Wisconsin 3 Year Intermediate, lambda Chi 1,2,3; F.T.A. 1,3; Pep Club 2; Advance I; Quuer 1. DAVIDSON, SIDNEY E. Waupaca, Wisconsin .Secondary. Major: Biology. Minors: Physical Education, History. Track 2,3.4; Intramural S| orts 1,2,3,4; Central Slate College, Stevens Point. B.S. Degree. DE RUSHA, RICHARD L. Fond du I Ac, Wisconsin Secondary. Major: Chemistry. Minors: Mathematics, Physics. Tennis 3; Dramatics 3. B.S. Degree. HARNITZ, WILLIAM L. Oshkosh, Wisconsin Secondary. Majors: Biology, Geography. Kappa Delta Pi; Intramural Sports; Basketball 1.2; Football 1,2; Baseball 1,2; Plays 1; Business Manager. B.S. Degree. KLUMB, NAOMI R. West Bend, Wisconsin 3 Year Primary. Radio Club 1,2; C.L.S. 2.3.STEIN, MADONNA A. Oshkosh, Wisconsin Secondary. Majors: History, English. Newman Club 3, 4; Radio Club 1,3,4. B.S. Degree. WACHTER, FREDERICK C. Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin Secondary. Major: Geography. Minors: Geology, Physical Education. Periclean 1,2,3,4; Treasurer 3; Baud 1,2; Basketball 1,3; Men's Association Board 3; Student Council 3; Intramural Sports 1,2,3,4. B.S. Degree. SENIORS NOT PICTURED ABIDON, MINNIE L. Niagara, Wisconsin 4 Year Primary. BOETTCHER, DENNIS R. Oshkosh, Wisconsin Secondary. Major: History. Minors: Geography, Economics. Alpha Phi Omega 1,2,3, 4; President 3; Vice-Prcs. 2; Sgt. at Arms I; Circle K 3.4; Board of Directors 3; Philakcan 1,2,3,4; Sgt. at Arms 1,4; Intramural Sports 1,2,3,4; Choir 1,2,3,1; “Jack and the Beanstalk" 3; "Girl Crazy” I; Homecoming Comm. 3,4. B.S. Degree. BREITENBACH, FRED M. Nttnah, Wisconsin Secondary, lajor: Biology. Minors: English, History. Philakcan 1,2. B.S. Degree. BUCHANAN, MAE O. Wmncconnc, Wisconsin 2 Year Rural. Alpha Chi 1,2; Secretary 2. DREIFUERST, PAUL B. Fond du Lae. Wisconsin Secondary. Major: History. Minors: Eco- nomics, English. Intramural Sports. B.S. Degree. DU FOUR, TED E. Seymour, Wisconsin 4 Year Intermediate-Grammar. B.S. Degree. EVERIX, ROBERT R. Fond du Lac, Wisconsin Liberal Arts. Major: History. Minors: I.atin. English. Kappa I)elta Pi 4. B.A. Degree. FRANTA, JAMES P. Oshkosh, Wisconsin Liberal Arts. Major: Economics. Minors: English, History. Intramural Sports 1,3,4; Veterans Club 3,4; St. Norberts College. B.S. Degree. GERNER, WINIFRED C. West lend. Wisconsin 4 Year Primary. Dodge County Normal. B.S. Degree. KNOLL, KEITH E. Oshkosh, Wisconsin Liberal Arts. Major: English. Minor: Ge- ology. Philakcan 1,2; Veterans Club 3,4; Pres. 4. B.S. Degree. KRUEGER, PAULA M. Fond du Lae, Wisconsin 4 Year Intermediate. Dramatics 1; L.S.A. I; Cheerleader 1,2; Modern Dance 3; W.R.A. 1,2. B.S. Degree. MURRARY, TOM E. Fond du l ac, Wisconsin Liberal Arts. Major: English. Minor: Journalism. Golf 1.2,3,4; Veterans Club 2,3.4; Advisory Board 4. B.S. Degree. NOLLAN, ALLEN T. Oshkosh, Wisconsin Liberal Arts. Major: Chemistry, Physics. Minor: Math. A.C.S. 1,2,4; Intramurals 1,2, 3,4; Philakcan 2,3,4; Jnter-Frat 3.4; Vice-Prcs. 4. B.S. Degree. WOLLERMAN, YVONNE A. Neenah, Wisconsin 2 Year Rural. Alpha Chi 1,2; Pres.; Women’s Association Board 46PRACTICE TEACHING Aboiy: Mr. KirchoiT (caches 5th grade reading. helps a 6th grade Miniature artists at work with the assistance of Miss Reese and Miss Meister. Miss Firary and Miss Kos-mosky prepare to teach a lesson on the frog to the 6th grade. 'ITie ninth graJe enjoys English with Mr. Breistcr, while the 6th grade is out for recess. 3:30 bell, and the end of a perfect day for Miss Lawless and the 2nd grade. IN V $ • V b fl i V ft t T m I +t ' ri V Ax ■ 1 T j r ) f -V y 9 f Jl Barbara Broehm Ernest Broeniman Edward Abbey Joan Abbs Sally Adams Norman Brown Bonnie Buechel Jerry Andorson Alan Ameman James Atwell Eugene Buechel Donald Butts Bruce Bamberg Eleanore Battig Eugene Bednarowski Mary Clark John Congdon Ralph Benthein Beverly Bilicki Edward Bloomer Mory Jand Cornelius Barbara Dauplaise Mory Bock G. Roger Bod art John Bogusewski Robert DeWane David Ditter Douglos Boler Marlene Bork Joseph Bosman 48Michael Gieryic Roland Gilligan Peter Gorr Joan Doll Mary Dupies David Gortege Carol Gould Barbara Guenther Mory Feldmann Howard Fonske William Haidlinger John Hanley Robert Hannoman Donald Fictum Marge Firehommer Edmund Hanten David Hormten Richard Harry Virginia Garnet Alan Geimer Donald Haupt Clifford Hein Patricia Heinzen Robert George Clarence Gereau Dorothy Henzel Clarence Hettmonn George Hightdudis Loit Gerrift Jane Getchiut Paulo Hitchcock Betty Hlavachek Janit Hoffmann 49• ■ ■ML at -■I IT v h • T- o ■y - , P 4m • 11% f 9 r .Tfc- Jjm +■ Charles Holsen Marlene Hoverson Shirley Hoverson Dolores Kitzinger Jerome Kleiber Irvin Huberty Leon Ja kman Lois Jacobson Kenneth Klein Donna Kloppmann Carol Jagodinski David Johnson Shirlene Johnson Ellen Knight Arlyn Koeller Robert Karnes John Korow Daniel Karrels Jack Kolterjohn Mary Konrad Kathleen Keller Nancy Kempfert David Kent Edward Korbish Bernadine Koval Thomas Kerrigan Herbert King John Kircher Byron Krause Ewald Krueger 50Janie Marquis Audrey Meistor Deno Monas Ramona Kusto Philip Lamport Margaret M tz Thomas M y r W. Donald Michels Dora Larson John laut rba h William Mold nhau r Gl nn Montonoti Gerald Mu ll r Margaret Lawless Henry Leaper Kenneth Mueller John Murphy Ann Murray Barbara Leher Carol Lehman Sally Nehring Carol Neuman Robert Newton Richard Lewis Virginia Lewis Doris Nielson Mary Ann Nitkowski Thomas O'Heam Jean Maas Dorothy Manolis 51Sylvia Otrodovec Emily Oyer Shirley Parker lir i V V 4) 1 L Ch W; , rW) 1 { 7 • It 9 mr © 1 Va m e T $ ' fh A - V? Mr 1 wbh At i ll U u O. 1 a Richard Rupp Jean Rutted Carol Penkotke Rudolph Penzenttaddler Chetler Planlico Maureen Ryan Frederick Schaefer Cleono Prouta Barbara Prout Mary Lou Reete Ronald Schelfhout David Scherff Marilyn Reible Suzanne Rice Richard Roeber Dorothy Schmidt Eugene Schmidt John Roever Louit Romuald Loit Rotcoe Ruth Ann Schmidt Bernard Schmitt Kenneth Ruetink Al Rumlow Alan Runkel Robert Schmitz Barbara Schrank 52 F' m Mary Ann Tiller Mary Tohulka James Tomcxyki Solly Schultx Richard Seiler Aundra Tally Carl Turcxyniki Donald Van Handel Audroy Shone Joanne Shepro Russell Van Straton Thomas Van Vreede Marguerito Wagnor Felecio Slufik Ronald Stearns Terry Warhanek Philip Weiner Marion Wenxel William Steedo David Steinbach Dallas Werner Marlene Wielgosh Ardyth Wosniak Mary Stevenson John Stockingcr Wilford Zeamer Darrell Ziebell John Straw WNIORS NOT PICTURED: Richard Tatro Donald Halverson Duane Kindstrom Kenneth Kuehnl Camillo Johnson Dorothy Lange Reinhord Schmidt Richard Swantx Raymond Wifler Woyne Witt 53 . ?, Row I: M. Coulahan, M. Halverson, J. Ahl, M. Cassidy, L. Baumgartner. Row 2: K. Becker, B. Ahrens. C. Basel. R«t' 3: T. Barber, I). Abba, J. Broderick, G. Briggs. Row 4: N. A bens, C. Adams. R Akin. L. Cismoski Right. Row I: B. Eiles, K. Johnson. Row 2: N. Frank, P. Duncan, 1). BuetOW, I). Blankenburg. Row 3: R. Dauplaise, C. Bodmer, G. Durocher, B. Bom. Row 4: M. Fulwiler, J. Fiedler, R. Gehrke. D. Flunker, T. Gospodarck, Ltft, Row I: E. Egan, J. Van Okkcrcn, D. DeMoulin, C. Dober-stein. Row 2: K. Fuller, J. Falck, C. Garbc, N. Gauthier, P. Dunlavy. Row 3: R. Dushcraki, B. Eyen, A. Driessel, E. Dragan. Right, Row -• N. Griewisch, S. Crimmings, C. Johason. S. Grota, M. Gruber. Row 2: J. KofTarnus, R Harness, J. Lacs. Row 3: D. Guse, J. Grey . R. Hall. I) Farr. 54Right, Row I: V Haas, M llocvel. Row 2: S. Henning, L. Ham-merseng, C. Hanneman. G. Hammack. Row 3: L. Smith, E. Kandlcr, R. I aPoint, C. Hcucr, J. Hassman. Left, Row I: P. Hendry, D. Hubli, S. Hiddc, J. Heller. Row 2: G. Plutchak, J. Huck.K Hurlbut, V.Jesch. Row 3: N Klieforth, G. Hucbner, G. Hofman, J. Schoenbcrger, G. Henry. Right, Row I: C. Koboski. R. Koehn, L. Holvcrson. Row 2: S. Jentz, I-Jaschob, G. Fessenden, C. Kerry, P. Gregory. Row 3: G. Brandt, J. I-aViolettc, M Krause, S. Kahl, T. Ingram. Left, Row I: M. Blanchette, K. Kaiser, R. Incase, K. Kroll, B. Kroll. Row 2: G. Rewalt, R. Kocppcn, J. Schaefer. D.Jahns. 55Right, Row I R. Veith, I) Lehman. M Strouf. J Peters. E. Spink. Row 2: R. St. Ixiuis, J. Kirscher, J. Oberklaner. Row 3 S. Schoephocsler, K. Gilbertson. C. Prahl, R. Procknow, C. Klecnc. Row 4: I). Handt, R. Ertel, P. Steffen, B. Hogan, J. Kleiber. IjtJt, Row . M. Baugrud, B. Long. D. Tedesko, S. Lcmke, M. Minting. C. Rehbein. Row 2 R. Rum h. S. Seiner. L. Rocder, A. Skilling. J. Wilke. Row 3: J. Smith. W. WaLdorf. R Ixirenz, R. Meisner, L. Bauingart. J. Brookins. Right, Row I: M. Wellner. M. Thibadeau, R. Schultz, M. Roy-craft, H. Grosnick. Row 2: M. Rafoth, C. Westra. Row 3: R. Wenzel, P. Murphy, R. Poquclte, K. Peppier. Row 4: R. Sanders. J. Schuchardt. R. Macknick, R. Young, P. Gates. Uj , Row : J. Pllegcr, M. Stewart, M. Welch. J Martin. Row 2: I). Lemkc, L. Pauly, Nl. Molus, J. Robinson. Row 3: M. Tcskc, I). Nelson, T. Spanbauer, B. Pitz, E, Sticka. Row 4: H. Noe, G. Kitzman, R. Barlow.Right. Row I: G. Marschall, M. Quevillon, N. Scnn, M. Thicl-man, M. Liesch. Row 2: T. Ostermeier, E. Fricbel. R. Hub-hard, R. Tahlier. Row 3: C. Won, J. Kocllcr. B. Mitchell, R Grill, I). Krause. Rou 4: K Bauer, J. Megathlin, A. Brawn, M. Morgan. lift, Roiv I: I). Sleeker, K. Bork. Row 2: F. Kahlcr, D. Richardson, B. Schultz, R. Jaeger. Row 3: I). Lenz, R. Vink, N. Rasmussen, R DinlolT, J. One. Row 4: E. Sirohschine, R. Redman, E. Tunic. B. Judson. B. McClellan, R. Witucke. Right, Row I: M. Sorenson, I). Dieck, M. Davis. Row 2: L. So-sinski. I). Zchren, I.. Boettcher, J. Cornwell. Left, Row I: R. Kunz, F. Fenzenstadler, R. Dcliut, E. Hiley. Row 2: F. Lamb, E. Winkler, B.Jahn, B. Maulick. Row 3: R. Steinike, C. Roth, R. StaufTcr. J. Giesbcrs. Row 4: R. Betti, C. Eserhut, A. Wcedcn. 57Abort, Row I: P. Berg, N. Blucmkc, B. Brihnc, N. Barkow, M Audit, C. Balnis, B. Cutnings, S. Browning. Row 2: A. Ackerer, B Brenncckc, M. Albert, B. Broehin, S. Backus. A. Blanchette, K. Atkins, N. Abrahamson. Row 3: B. Armstrong. K. Baugrud, J. Barnes. R. Bauer, T. Boctcher, B. Alberts, I). Brcy, W. Bolcr. Row 4: K. Auger, W. Bauman, B. Bollom, B. Bitter, R. Bchnke. R. Bortz. Right, Row I: I). Dcimer, A. Custer, L. Fitzgarrald, P. Galikowski. N. Enz, S. El-andt, M. Dhein, J. Dorn, Y. Erickson. Row 2: S. Brownson. R. CufF, S. Czich, V. Bartz. J. Boehm, D. Dexter, L. Batterman S. Buchholz, C. Clark. K. Dahlkc. Row 3. E. Cox, R. Gallics. T. Brown, J. Davis. R. Dehn, J. Davies. E. Daul, A. Hcphncr. Row 4: R. DcGroot. B. Clark. C. Buss. I). Cate, H. Coljins, L. Dctr, D. Devine, K. Buman. 58Row I: K. Gjcrmundson, C. Gcrlach, T. End-crs, M. Hostcttlcr, A. Gam . M. Halloch. P. Han cn. R. Haen. Row 2: A. Dixon. J. Dykcn, M. Raduenz, N. Gricsbach. R. Gerber. P. Goldsmith, R. Knight. P. Gould. Row 3: R. Grenier. D. Miller. S. Hable. J. Hickey. C. Goatos, R. Gram . L.Hill.J. Hawley. Row 4: G. Edward . D. Eickhoflf. J. Fralish.J. Fischer, G. Gritt, R. Guenther. R. Halle, P. Jacobs. Row I: K. Hcydon, L. Kautzcr, K. Henker, M. Kottke, IN .James. U. Kober, A. Kritz. J. King. Row 2: C. Schmid. I.. Holmes, A. Nelson, D. Hohenstein, J. Hclgeson, D. Kendzicra, G. Kindness. R. Holmes. Row 3: J. Hotmar, G. Kirchoff.J. Heinemann, I). Klabunde, E. Jaraszewski, E. Johnson, B. Karuhn, T. Horcjs. Row 4: R. Meissner. A. Be Dell, W. Gjcrtson, G. Kraus. R. Krause, T. Hughes. R. Hafelc. A. Krccgcr. Row : D. VVeycrs. J. Yankc. L. Zentncr, J. Williams. V. Teela. M. Sachs, S. Miller. J. Perdue. Row 2: B. Larson. J. Paulick, M. Sitter, A. Mayer, M. Pheifer, M. Sage, B. Novotny. Nl. Tully, J. Peck ham. Row 3: A. Raalz. R. Miller, A. I.aucrsdorf, C. Engbrctson, S. Nelson. R. Fischer, T. Mack, C. Weier. Ron 4: G. Prindi-ville, C. Ihrkc, R. Naslund. D. Kuether. G. Port. R Page. J. Y'andcn Hogen, C. Wagner. 59Row : L. Shitnek, C. Pollard, M. Schad, J. Weber, R Scufercr, S Miller. S. Spiczenski, C. Peterson, B. Nclis. Row 2: J. Kainrn. J. Majnarich, N. Pfistcr, M. Miller, K. Warren, D. NicholT, M. Raatz, M. Miller. J. Miller, S. Steinfort. Row 3: I). Laedtke, C. Schultz, L. Writt, T. Weber, L. Oestrcich, I). Valentine. L. Neitzcl, L. Mueller. Row 4: K. Sch-waab, K. Neuter, J. Meyer, II Miller, J. Nit kowski. J. Masards, L. Pedersen. T. Millin. P. Richardson. Row : J. McGinnis, P. Picpcnburg, K. Linde, C. Praiser, M. Masterson. B. Kuranowicz. Row 2: M. Schwoerer. H. TeRondc. B. Kubalc, J. Izrftink Row 3: J. I-ettenberger, J. Lust, L. Mander-field. Row I: S. Spicer, M. Schrocder, G. Popp. M. Stark, M. Snyder. C. Schmidt, S. Rogge. K. Tabbert. Row 2: J. Thaihofer, H. Weathcrwax, H. Wywialowski, M. Vross, M. StecklMuer. B. Wenzel, J. Peterson. M. Polomis, J. Wiltman, J. Schramm. Row 3: J. Stccher, K. Pochojka, R. Phelps, J. Peterson, R. Vandcn Velden, G. Rieden, W. Reinert. K. Russell. Row 4: K. Priebc, R RufTalo, E. Strade, H Nehrig. C. SielafT. M. Weber.Row I Z. Larson, I) Louis, L. Wildenbcrg, W. Maxted, N. Rcichenlxrrger, I). Kcllrit, I). Amend. Row 2: A. Hable, K Vander Vcldcn, J. Ilarkc, S. Orr, J. Wagner. Row 3: C. Czoschke, I). Mor-rcson, J. Nlusolf, R. Lambrechi. Row 4: I). Br-bow, R. Johnson. Q. Welch, J. Kubalc. Row : I . Raab, I . Ullspcrgcr, B. Thomas, J. Schuknccht, B. Starks, I). Scholovich. M. Voccks. Row 2: W. Wcrch, J. Swan, A, Stern, P. Sullivan, C. Schmidt, R. Wolf. Row 3: J. Nadcl, W. Adams, K. Sampson, G. Touchett, B. Ziclrcll, E. Wagner, L. Schmitz, C. Kocllcr. Row 4: J. Giebink. R. Joslin, D. Spaulding. W. Stini, M. Whiting, W. Schrimpf, I). Zarndt, T. Wecko. 61Page Advance ............................ 96 L.S.A............... Alethean............................ 64 Lyceum ............ Alphi Chi........................... 66 Alphi Phi Omega ....................115 Men’s Association . . . American Chemical...................113 Newman Club........ Band...........................,....100 Pep Club........... Choir...............................102 Periclean........... Circle K............................114 Philikean........... Phoenix............ Delta Phi........................... 68 Quiver............. Forensics...........................106 Future Teachers.....................108 Radio Club.......... Rifle Club......... Gamma Delta......................... 91 Gamma Sigma......................... 70 Social Life......... Golden Trident......................190 Student Council.... Inter-Faith......................... 90 U.S.F............... Inter-Fraternity.................... 87 International Relations.............Ill Veteran’s Association lota................................ 72 Wesley............. Kappa Delta Phi.....................109 Who’s Who.......... Kappa Gamma......................... 74 Women’s Association Lambdi Chi.......................... 76 Language Club..................... 110 Lambdi Chi....................... 76 Language Club................... 110First semester Officers Mary Kennedy. . Mary Cameron Carol Penkoske Barbara Prout . Sue Kleinschmidt Elleanor Spink . ............President............. .........Vice-President........... ........... Secretary ........... ............Treasurer............. ............Historian............. .............Custodian............ Advisor............Dr. Jean Caudle .... Pam Duncan . . . Barbara Prout Mary Ann Gruber . . . Aundra Tully Row : R. DeHut, S. Nchring, M. Mueller, M. Blanchette. Row 2: P. Duncan, M. Halverson, B. Bilicki, G. Fessenden, S. Rice, C. Penkoske, L. Jaschob, M. Gruber. Row 3: S. Kleinschmidt, A Tully, K. Kaiser, J. Abbs, M. Cornelius, M. Strouf, B. Prout, A. Sucharda.J. Peters, J. Cota, M. Kennedy. Row 4: M. Konrad, E. Heller, J. Peterson, M. Cameron, I). Lehman, D. Kloppman. K. Spink, S. Hunter, B. Drahn.Right: Homecoming Float “Stop ‘Em' Bottom, Ltfl to Right: Advisor, Dr. Jean Caudle Presidents, Mary Kennedy and Judy Cota. Informal and formal rushing began this years activities. Informal rushing was held at Sue Klcinsch-midt’s and the formal rushing at Dr. Jean Caudle’s. The Homecoming float slogan was “Stop ‘Em.’’ The alumni luncheon was held at the Athearn Hotel. Alcthcan took second place in Play Contest with the play “Letters to Luceine’’ which was directed by Alice Sucharda and Barbara Prout. The group joined with Philakean for Christmas caroling, which was enjoyed by all. Refreshments were served at Pam Duncan’s home. Alethean sponsored Frostbite Frolics. The K'"g, Wippich, and his Queen Marge Grenke, were crowned at the Pink Frost dance. The volleyball team took second in the tournament. Alethean’s entry for Songfest was “Ten Little Indians’’ and was directed by Judy Cota and Kay Kaiser. Vod-vil and Campus Carnival were other events the group entered. The alumni gave a tea r the group and a cottage party in the spring closed the year for Alcthcan. for the group and a cottage party in the spring closed the year for Alethean. Informal Rushing Party Cottage PartyFirst semester Yvonne Wollerman Mary Kennedy Mae Buchanan Maxine Wood Ronald Henke ... Lola Bartel........ Shirley Zeller OFFICERS ..............President................ ............Vice-President............. .............. Secretary ............. ..............Treasurer................ ..............Historian................ ..........Program Chairmen........... Advisor ...........Miss May L. Stewart Second semester .... Ann Weisnicht . . . . Sharon Rogge . . . . . Pat Goldsmith . . . . Maxine Wood ... Marcella Raatz . . . Susan Barnhart Marian Scheuerman 4c , v »o r Row : M. Buchanan, B. Hencke, P. Hansen, B. Nelis. Row 2: M. Schcucrman, J, Weber, P. Gold-snath, S. Barnhart, J. Schmidt, L. Ebcrle, M. Shad, S. Nejedlo. Row 3: S. Zeller, M. Wood.J. Grasse, B. Kumbier, A. Weisnicht, E. Hilcy, K. Meyer, D. Schmudc. Alpha Chi is the rural society open to all men and women on the campus in the rural department The group meets every Tuesday morning. The group is striving for better understanding of teaching in a rural system. Alpha Chi held a homecoming gathering of alumni and members. “Titan’s Victory Reigns’’ was the title of the Homecoming float. “Nobody Sleeps,'' directed by Elaine Hiley and Jackie Peterson, was Alpha Chi's entry in Play Contest. A Christmas party was held at the home of Miss Stewart, the advisor. The group completed the year’s activities with an annual picnic. 67Row I: C. Prausa, C. Jagodinski, J. Halle, A. Wcrneckc, L. Schmidt. Row 2: D. Pollard, S. Stauffer, C. Heuer, R. St. I.ouis, W. Taggart, L. Gerrit . Row 3: y Mol us, V. Jcsch.J. Ahl. N. Rctzer, F. Olm, F. Fredrick. Row 4: R. Lease, S. Seiner, K. Gilbertson, J. Cramer, N. MacIntyre, M. Welch OFFICERS First semester Joan Cramer .................................President............. LouAnn Schmidt...........................Vice-President............ Sally Stauffer...............................Secretary............. Vera Jesch.................................Treasurer............... Kay Fuller ...........................•. . . Historian............. Chris Heuer ................................Custodian.............. Nancy MacIntyre..............................Critic................ Advisor...............Miss Dorothy Martin 68 Second semester ......Kay Fuller . . . . Ruth Lease ____Sally Seiner ......Vera Jesch ... Chris Heuer . Cleone Prausa . . .Joan Cramer 7m Homecoming Float 'Down the Platters” Delta Phi started the year's activities with their float,“Down the Platters.” A Homecoming luncheon was held at Fau The group entered “The Mad Tea was directed by Jan Halle. Along with their brother fraternity, Iota, Delta Phi sponsored the Sadie Hawkins dance. Delta Phi sponsored Ronald Hubbard for Ugly Man Contest and John Stockin-gcr for Frostbite Frolics king. Cooperating with four other societies, the group had charge of hiring the orchestra and renting the hall for Frost Fantasy. “Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor” was the entry for Songfest and was directed by Wanda Taggart. Ruth Lease was the chairman for Campus Carnival and Jan Halle and Cleone Prausa were co-chairmen for Vod-Vil. The annual spring picnic brought the year to a close. t Supper Club. Party ' in Kappa Gamma Play Contest. It Presidents and Advisor Sadie Hawkins Dance 69Row I: B. Koval, M. Wielgosh, D. Hcnscl, M. Dupies. Row 2: M. Olson, B Leher, J. Hanley, J. Doll.J. Falck.J. Huclc. Row 3: H. Winkler, M. Hovcrson, K. Kroll,J. Cumber. K. Hildahl, M. lawless, R. Harness, N. Frank. Row 4: G. Plutchak, M. Reible, A. Hubbard, M. Bork, L. Roscoe, V. Games, S. Johnson, B. Guenther. First semester Barbara Leher .................. Joan Doll....................... Anna Gay Hubbard................ Mona Olson...................... Nancy Frank..................... Helene Winkler ................. Advisor OFFICERS . . President............. Vice-President............ . Secretary ............. , Treasurer............... . Historian............... . Custodian............... .....Miss Corrine Hubbard Second semester Marlene Wielgosh ....... Joan Doll ......Karen Kroll . . . . Mona Olson . Bernadine Koval . Rochelle Harnessrnminn i-----X C .........« uvc part in Homo g'i0DanuUn!bCLr W3S "Chairman of the and Barbara Leher was chosen as attendant . on the Queen s court. I he float, “Oracle Predicts Titan Victory”, won third place. The alumni uneneon was held at the I own House preceding the game. Mrs. Ira Woodward, president of the alumni association, was special speaker. Gamma Sig’s entry in Play Contest, “The Bond Between,” directed by Joan Cumber, won third place. Gamma Sig’s, Gail Plutchak was president of Women’s Association. The group helped bring the Christmas spirit into OSC’s halls by putting up a Christmas tree in Dempsey Hall. They were also in charge of selling tickets for the Women’s Association Christmas Banquet. Gamma Sigma joined forces with Lambdi Chi to sponsor Karl Klee for_Ugly Man Contest. licii Margarci Schusier ICU me vuiitjuan iv.aui iu viv-iui j1 II me IUUI Iiamciii. I mtuicy oi songs from “The King and I” was sung for Songfest with Dorothy Hensel as director. Gamma Sigma also participated in Campus Carnival, Vod-Vil, and held an annual Motner’s Day Luncheon picnic for the graduating seniors and the cottage party closed the school year. Posters and publicity were the group’s responsiblity in helping sponsor Frost Fantasy. Margaret Schuster led the volleyball team to victory in the tournament. A medley of soni Homecoming Float I hird Place WotwecotcvWV% Row I: A. Driessel, D. Ziebcll, C. Bodner, J. Macs, D. Gosz. Row 2: T. Timm, W. Zeamer, I. Hu-berty, D. Butts. Ufi to Right.T. Gospodarek, T. Ostermcicr, B. Karnes, D. Guse, J. Atwell.Informal and Formal rushing of new members into Iota Alpha Sigma took place during the second semester. Iota’s entry in the Homecoming Parade was entitled “OSC ‘Titans’ the Noose on Platteville.” The group, in cooperation with their sister sorority, Delta Phi, sponsored the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance. The Christmas Formal was sponsored by Iota and four other societies. During the year, Iota was represented in Intramural sports by two teams, the “Big Shots” and “Little Shots.” Iota sponsored Songfcst in the spring. The group participated in Vod-Vil and Campus Carnival, also. At the Honors Assembly near the close of the year, Iota presented a scholarship to a junior male student. H In concluding the year’s activities, the members of Iota celebrated the activities of the school year by holding a Social Retreat. First semester Roger Erickson....... Ervin Huberty ...... John Maes........... Terrence Timm........ Terry Ostermeier. . . . OFFICERS .............President........... ..........Vice-President......... ............ Secretary .......... .............Treasurer........... .............Historian........... Advisor ...........Dr. G. G. Reed Second semester ____Terrence Timm ’ Tom Gospodarek _ , , , John Maes . ’ James Atwell 1 0fry Ostermeier President 73Second Place OFFICERS First somester Ethel Mertz ..............................President................ Mary Loo Reese.........................Vice-President.............. Barbara Malcheski.........................Secretary................ Joanne Rasmussen..........................Treasurer................ Ruth Hornbeck.............................Custodian................ Mary Sorenson .........................Parliamentarian............. Ruth Pyott................................Historian................ Advisor...........Mrs. Elizabeth Tolland Second semester . . . Rosemary Salm . . .Maureen Ryan . . . Vallie Leeftink Joanne Rasmussen . . . Marge Grenke .....Shelby Kohl . . .Joanne Shepro Co-chairmen of Play Contest: Mary Lou Reese and Mae Raisler. 74 Homecoming Luncheon Town HouseThe first activity of Kappa Gamma members this year was the Homecoming luncheon at the Town House. The group’s float, “Our Tale Ends in Victory.” took second place. Again this year. Kappa Gamma sponsored Play Contest. The co-chairmen were Mary Lou Reese and Mae Raisler. “Lunch in the Suburbs” was the play presented with Dawn Hoffman and Ethel Mertz as co-directors. Kappa Gamma placed a Christmas tree in the new gym. They also sponsored the Christmas formal, “Frost Fantasy,” along with four other societies. Kappa Gamma’s Marge Grenke reigned as Queen at the Frostbite Frolics in January with Jack Wippich as King. The group entered Songfest with a medley based on colors directed by Joan Tisch. The group also participated in Campus Carnival and Vod-Vil. Kappa Gamma ended the year with the annual spring picnic. Row I: J. Rasmussen, M. Firchammcr, K. Meyer, M. Grenke, J. Tisch. Row2: B. Broehm, S. Adams, N. Rouse, M. Ryan.J. Shepro, D. Lemke, I). Hoffman, M. Feldman. Row 3: L. Pauly, V. Leef-tink, A. Boreson, R. Salm, S. Carey, Y. Ko mosky, R. Hornbeck, C. Becker, S. Kahl, E. Mertz, P. Hitchock. Row 4: J. LaViolcttc, N. Gauthier, J. Robinson, M. Krause, M. Raisler, M. Sorenson, M. Baugrud, D. Hubli, P. Hendry, R. Pyott.Row I: M. Roycrafl, J. Van Akkcren, M. Bock, K. Johnson. Row 2: C. Prahl, R. Frazier, R. Tim-mers, J. Greer, C. Bauer, R. Bradley. Row 3: G. Marschall, S. Jentz, P. Zuelzke, M. Wenzel, B. Hlavachek, N. Starke, C. Neuman, J. Russell, B. Firary. Row 4: B. Files, C. Hanneman, B. Buechel. P. Gregory, M. Wagner, D. Held, J. Kaiser, A. Shane. First semester Carol Bauer.... Judy Heuring. . . Betty Eiles .... Audrey Shane . Betty Hlavachek Judy Oberklaner OFFICERS .............President............ ...........Vice-President......... ............. Secretary .......... ............ Treasurer........... .............Historian........... ..............Custodian............ Advisor ...........Dr. Vela Marble Advisor.............Miss Lois Hardt Second semester . Bonnie Buechel . . . Judy Heuring . Marge Wagner . . Audrey Shane .... Carol Prahl . . . Judy Kaiser 76Homecoming will build many memories for Lambdi Chi members. The entry in the float contest, “We’ll Lay ’Em, Flat,” which featured a huge chicken, won first prize. The annual alumni Homecoming luncheon was held at the Athearn Hotel. The next big event was Kappa Gamma Play Contest. “Life Mask” directed by Audrey Shane brought first place honors to Lambda Chi. At Christmas time, the sorority helped to promote the Christmas spirit by placing their traditional lighted star above the main entrance of Dempsey Hall and by arranging a Nativity scene in the library. The advisors entertained the girls at a Christmas party at Dr. Marble’s house. Betty Firary and Audrey Shane were co-chairmen for Campus Carnival which again was a big success. A composite of excerpts from Negro selections was the sorority’s choice for Songfest which was directed by Pat Gregory. Judy Oberklaner and Romayne Timmers were captains of volleyball and basketball respectively. Lambda Chi girls entertained their mothers at a Mother’s Day Luncheon. Other activities included participation in Vod-Vil and a sorority picnic. A cottage party at Waupaca, Chain O’Lakes, ended the school year. Homecoming Float, First Place 77 President and AdvisorsOFFICERS First semester George Herrmann Jerry Henning . . David Harmsen. . Ronald Grill..... Second semester .................President............................Urry Henning ..............Vice-President........................... Ronald Grill ...........Secretary-Treasurer .................. Donald Morschall ................Historian ....................................George Herrmann Advisor.............Mr. Robert Brismaster Lyceum received honorable mention for its entry in the Homecoming parade, “We’ll Gobble Up the Pioneers.” Due to the late arrival of the play script, the group was unable to participate in the play contest. The fraternity entered a team in the intramural volleyball league. Lyceum sponsored Vod-Vil in the spring of the year and put the proceeds into its scholarship fund. Every year, Lyceum presents a scholarship to a male student active in athletics and school activities. To be eligible, he must lx; a junior. During basketball season, Lyceum introduced the idea and was responsible for furnishing the paper covered hoops that were used to introduce the team. Lyceum helped sponsor the spring formal and participated in Campus Carnival and Songfest. A social gathering in the spring brought the social season to a close. 78Row : R. Bunker, L. Smith, D. O’Connell, D. Marschall, J. Congdon. Row 2:J. Jansen, D. Schaefer, G. Herrmann, R. Lanphecr, R. Grill, J. Henning.Row I: R. Rocbcr, H. Schultz, C. Miller, W. Hogan, D. Steinbach. Row 2: K. Klein, K. Mueller, R. Akin, C. Franz, R. Kinzel, F. Wachter, A. Amamcn, D. Flunker, G. Hightdudis. OFFICERS First semester Ralph Kinzel ..............................President............... George Hightdudis.......................Vice-President............. Kenneth Mueller.......................Secretary-Historian.......... Bert Schultz...............................Treasurer............... Don Halverson.............................Custodians............... Don Kroll Advisor.............Mr. Terrence Snowden Second semester . . . . Ralph Kinzel George Hightdudis . . Kenneth Mueller ..... Bert Schultz .........Ron Aiken Ken Klien 80The new school year was started with the election of officers. The theme for the Homecoming float was, “If Elvis can make ’em, We Break ’em.” For play contest, Periclean presented “Murder in the Snow,” by Samuel French. The play was also presented at an assembly during a meeting here of the Speech Institute of the Wisconsin High School Forensic Association. The fraternity looked forward to a successful second semester with a larger membership and increased participation. New members were formally rushed in March. Periclean participated in Campus Carnival, Song-fest, and Vod-Vil. The group closed the year with an annual social gathering. UJl: President, Ralph Kinzel; Advisor, Mr. Terrence Snowden. Bottom Homecoming FloatRow : R. Klimko, W. Haidlinger, J. Schoenbergcr. D. Boettcher, J. Kircher. Row 2: Mr. Zahalka, C. Henry, P. Steffen, A. Nollan, G. Kitzman, E. Korbisch, B. Pitz, R. Lewis, E. Sticka, Dr. Unger. Row3:J. Kocller, R. Barlow. P. Gorr.J. Stockinger, F. Breitinger, C. Rogers, H. Noc.J. Hopper. OFFICERS First semester William Haidlinger ........................President.......... Gerald Henry.............................Vice-President....... Howard Noe.................................Treasurer Earl Sticka................................Secretary.......... Norman Abens ..............................Historian.......... Dennis Boettcher ..........................Custodian.......... Advisor.............Dr. Unger Advisor...........Mr. Zahalka Second semester . Robert Klimko . . Gerald Henry . . Richard Lewis _____Earl Sticka . . . Peter Steffen . . Elmer Hansel 82Philakcan began the year with a Homecoming luncheon. For Kappa Gamma Play Contest, the group entered with “Head’s He Burns.” The play was directed by Richard Lewis and John Stock-inger. Philakean formally rushed first and second semester. The group again sponsored the Masked Ball in March. Presidents and Advisor. Might: The Masked Ball Grand March “Maryann” was the fraternity’s entry for Songfest in April. It was directed by Robert Klimko. Philakean held a dinner at the High K in February. An informal meeting was held at Dr. Unger’s home in March. The group ended the year with a social gathering in the spring.Row : C. Pczl, D. Schmudc, B. Ahrens, S. Lemke. Row 2: N. Klieforth.J. Martin, D. Kitzinger, H. Grosnick, J. Cherveny, D. Buctow, B. Glandt, K. Keller. Row 3: J. Nichols, J. Blahovwiak, M. Hinesh, J. Bartelt, M. Liesch, S. Parker, E. Knight, T. Timmerman. 84OFFICERS First semester Joanne Bartelt. . Kathleen Keller Ellen Knight Carol Pexl .... Dolores Kitzinger Janet Blohowiak .................President............... ..............Vice-President............. ................ Secretary ............. .................Treasurer .............. .................Historian............... .................Custodian............... Advisor ...........Miss Mildred Nasgowitz Seconu semester . . . . Ellen Knight . . Shirley Parker . Nancy Klieforth ......Carol Pezl . Helen Grosnick . . Diane Buetow Phoenix began the semester with Informal rushing at the home of Jean Martin. Formal rushing was held in the recreation room of the Kile’s home and five girls were accepted into the sorority. The next event was the Homecoming luncheon which was held at the American Legion. The group’s float was “We’re Pulling For the Titans.” Phoenix’s entry in Play Contest was “Just Imagine!,” directed by Joanne Bartelt. During the Christmas season, Phoenix went caroling at Sunnyview Sanitarium and the Winnebago County Hospital. “Jazz Journey” was the theme for Informal rushing during the second semester. The melody for Songfest was directed by Kathleen Keller. Phoenix also participated in Campus Carnival and VodVil. The group had a Mother’s Day Luncheon in May and closed the year with an annual cottage party. Homecoming Luncheon. Alumni and Member . Homecoming Float.Row I: H. KirchofT, D. Harinsen, M. Reese, D. Mar-schall. B. 1-ehrr, J. Stockinger, C. Neuman. Row 2: M. Ryan, R. Roebcr, R. Bodart. B. Buechrl. Student Council is composed of one member or representative for every fifty students in the different divisions. The group is responsible for selecting a committee to plan the annual Homecoming and to see that this committee functions to make it successful. The Council is also represented on various faculty committees. Officers for the year were: Don Marschall, President; James Wheeler, Vice-President; and Barbara Leher, Secretary. Row I: W. McClellan; R. Knight; P. Piepenburg; N. Rouse, S. Parker, J. Martin, V. Jcsch. Row 2: E. Cox, T. Brown. R. Mitchell, D. Miller, A. Wein-snicht, J. Peterson, M. Gruber, M. Konrad, j. Abbs. 86Ltft to right: J. Cherveny, B Bucchcl, R. Rocber, M. Dupicv Intcr-Fratcrnity Council is made up of two representatives from each sorority and fraternity. The group meets twice a month. The main objective of the group was to adopt the constitution revised during the previous semester. Societies were asked for suggestions. Some of the constitutional additions included use of a Round Robin before informal rushing, and the automatic formal rushing of legacies. The group directed the “joining of societies” to sponsor two formals. The officers for the year were: President, B. Bucchcl; Vice-President, Alan Nollan; Secretary, W. Taggart. The Deans were the group’s advisors. Row I: J. Abbs, M. Reese, M. Bock, M. Schuster. Row 2: R. Karnes, W. Taggart. C. Miller.Social Life Committee consists of a group of eight students selected by the Student Council to organize the social activities at OSC. Their activities include the Freshman Mixer dance, free Sunday night movies, the allschool mixer-dances, the school picnic, and a wide variety of other social functions. The group finances bands for various society dances as the Mask Ball and Frostbite Frolics. In the spring the group sponsors the annual school prom. Tern- Warhanck. Bottom Ufl: Jean Russell. Roger Bodart. Audrey Shane. The object of this committee is to provide a well-rounded social calendar which will prove of interest to all students on campus. Finances for their activities are obtained from the student activity funds so that there is no charge to the student for attendance at any Social Life-sponsored gathering. Mrs. N. P. Nelson, Dean of Women, is the new advisor for the group. The Committee consists of Audrey Shane, Ralph Kinzel, Terry Warhanck, Jean Russell, Roger Bodart, Rosemary Salm, Alan Lcmery, and Kenneth Johnston. 88Each year a number of seniors, depending on the size of the school, are chosen to be listed in WHO’S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES. The director of each division places in the hands of each senior student a forum which they fill out according to extra-curricular activities. These forums are then returned to the director who selects the most favorable students. The forums are then given to the Honor Committee, the chairman of which is Mr. Anthony Womaski, which checks the grade points of these students. The list of names are then given to faculty members who vote for the students they believe best qualified. This year, 21 students were elected to Who’s Who. Rtfhl, Row . Rosemary Salm, Elizabeth Firary, Komayne Timmcrs, Alceta Wcrneckc, Nancy Retzer. Row 2: Donald Marschall. Mary Kennedy, Chester Pingry. Nol pictured• Rose Depry, Elaine HofTmann, Robert Klimko, Joseph Raab. Left, Row : Eunice Dinen, Doris Pollard, Joanne Rasmussen. Ethel Mertz, Sally Stauffer. Row 2: Fred Cruckson. La Verne Rutz, Yvonne Kosmosky, Allan Nollan.The purpose of the Inter-Faith Council is to promote a good relationship between the religious clubs. Any problems the clubs may have are discussed by the Council. The group is responsible for the religious preference cards that are distributed on registration day. Inter-Faith Council meets once a month and consists of two members from each of the six religious clubs. The president of each club automatically becomes one of the two members and another member is elected. The members of the Inter-Faith Council arc as follows: LSA...................E. Mertz, D. Lemke Newman.......'.....J. Hussey, E. Winkler Gamma Delta...........F. Kahler, D. Dieck Wesley................C. Frahl, M. Reese USF..............J. Congdon, M. Feldman Inter-Varsity.......D. Pollard, C. Wilde Mary Feldman is ihe chairman and Dr. Duncan is the advisor of ihe group. Council: Hour : C. Prahl, E. Mertz, M. Feldman. Row 2: D. Dieck, D. Lemke, F. Kahler, M. Reese, J. Congdon. 90A chapter of Gamma Delta, which was organized on campus this year, was given the name Delta Mu. Gamma Delta is an international Lutheran organization. The installation of new members was held at Martin Luther Church. Following the vesper service, a banquet was held. The annual Christmas party was held at the Elizabeth Batcheler Davis Children’s Home. Gifts were given to the children and refreshments were served. Other highlights of the year included a hayride, a skating party, talks by various people and a series of religious discussions. The year was concluded with a picnic in the spring. The officers included: Floyd Kahler, President; Karalce Bork, Vice-President; Helene Winkler, Secretary; Eunice Dissen, Treasurer; Audrey Mcister, Historian; Delmar Dieck, Inter-Faith; Rev. Klcinhans, Rev. Leudcrs, and Mr. Froelke, advisors. Ltfi to Right D. Dieck, A. Mcister, K. Bork, F. Kahlet. Row I: R. Schmidt, A. Shane, E. Dissen, 1). Buetow, S. Buchholz. Row 2: N. Barkow, J. Miller, S. Backus, D. Amend, K. Dahlkc. Row 3: K. Bork, S. Schoephoester, L Baumgartcncr, M. Raatz, A. Mcistcr, J. Lust, R. Rusch. Row 4: F. Kahler, H. Fcnskc, L. Hill, K. Toebc, I). Dieck, G. Mayer, M. Dissen, P. Frochlke, D. Gusc, Mr. Froelke. 9]Newman Club, the Catholic student organization, began its program of the year with a get-acquainted meeting. At the following meeting, a solemn initiation ceremony took place, followed by a buffet dinner. The year’s events included a hayride in the fall and the group’s annual Christmas party. The group continued its program of setting aside one Sunday of each month for Communion for the club, followed by a breakfast. Speakers and discussion groups helped complete the year’s religious meetings. The bi-weekly meetings were under the direction of Mr. E. Mou-shey, Advisor, and Father Paul Vanden Hogen, Spiritual Advisor.Lutheran Student Association is a religious society on campus for all Lutheran students. To begin the year, LSA held a mixer in the Women's Gym wheie the students took part in games and various dances. In the latter part of October, a banquet was held for the members. On December 12th, the group went Christmas caroling at the TB Sanitarium and the State Hospital. Later, they held their annual Christmas party at Christ Lutheran Fellowship Hall. Throughout the year, various speakers discussed topics of interest to the students. Officers of the group were: Ethel Mac Mertz, President; Edward Abbey, Vice-President; Louise Pauly, Secretary; Christine Hcuer, Treasurer; and Diana Lemkc, Inter-Faith Representative. The group was under the direction of: Dr. J. Daniel Palm, Advisor; and Rev. A. Wein-bender, Spiritual Advisor. Officers, L to R.: E. Abbey, L. Pauly, D. Ixmkc, E. Mertz, C. Hcuer. hv i. ,»i. MfUftc, .vi. otark. V. Jesch, J. Halle. L. Schmidt, S. Crimmings, K. Gjermundson, B. Eiles. Row 2: I). Hohcnstcin, V. Pufahl, E. Hiley, J. Peterson, N. Rouse, C Gcrlach, L. Pauly, R. Lease. Row 3: P. Goldsmith; C. Heucr. M. Stewart. N. Klciforth, E. Mertz, I). Ixmkc. M. Sorenson, N. Pfister, N. Gauthier, G. Marshall. Row 4: J. Fischer, E. Abbey, D. Butts, K. Schwaab. D. Nelson, J. Stccher. Advisors, Dr. Palm. Rev. Weinbender. Officers, Row I: M. Fcldmann. President; J. R.iMnuwn, Secretary. Row 2: M. Hoi verson. Vice-President; J. Congdon, Inter-Faith; E. Heller. Historian. The United Student Fellowship religious society consists of students of various religious backgrounds. USF promotes better Christian understanding and fellowship among the students on the OSC campus. USF began the new year with a Kick-Off banquet for the new members. The year progressed with such events as a hayride, movies, speakers and discussions. To share their experiences, the group held a Christmas party for the Salvation Army children. The advisors were Mr. Dohrman and Rev. Bender. The officers for the year were: President, Mary Feldman; Vice-President, Marlene Holverson; Secretary, Joanne Rasmussen; Treasurer, Nancy MacIntyre; Inter-Faith Representative, John Congdon. Row I: S. Kahl. A. Weiinicht, S. Johnson, M. Strouf, S. Holverson; M. Ho verson, M. Grin. Row 2: K. Atkins, M. Lenz, M. Dyne. P. Williams. F. Welch. A. Wcrnecke, T. Schmidt, B. Buechel. Ro v 3: E. Heller, A. Nelson. K. Keller. R. Graham. M. Fcldmann, R. Pyott, J. Rasmussen. S. Miller, Dr. James Daum. Row 4: M. Cornelius. J. Congdon. R Klimlco. D. Lenz, J. Krueger. D. Miller, J. Bandt, K. Samson. Row 5: Mr. Dohrman. E. St rate. R Mitchell. 94Wesley is a religious organization on campus for all Methodist students. The group started the year with a freshman banquet. An out-of-door dance was held on September 26th, and October 24th was the date of the children’s home party. To increase their knowledge on current topics, discussions were held on marriage, divorce, alcohol, and segregation. A non-credit course on the Church and the Bible was offered to any students who wished to participate in learning more about religion. There was a caroling party in December. On January 9th, a World Christian Community banquet was held. Flower Sunday was held in the spring when students helped decorate the church for services. Speakers, on subjects concerning the members, and conferences held at various places gave Wesley members a new insight and opportunity to hear other opinions on religion. The officers were: President, C. Prahl; Vice-President, V. Lecftank; Secretary-Treasurer, P. Duncan; and State Representative, B. P'irary. Officers, Row I: J. Majnorich; C. Gould. Food Chairman; K. Meeker, Worship Chairman; B. Firary, SlaU Representatre. Row 2: C. Prahl. President; P. Duncan. Secretary- treasurer; K. Russell. Bulletin Board Chairman Weathersvax, M. I.iesch, J. Wilke. J. Koflamus.J. Leeftink. Row 4: Advisor, Rev. J. Kruse, M. Weber, G. Sosinski, R. Judson, J. Corn-well. K Russell, Advisor. Res'. G. Jorden. Row I: C. Prahl, C. Gould. R. Knight, M. Stevenson, S. Miller. N. Gruwisch. Row 2: K. Becker; J. Greer; S. Schultz, J. Pfleger, K. Gilbertson, R St. I.ouis. Row 3: P. Duncan. R. Deprcy, H. 95THE O S C ADVANCE Volume XXXIX ,£pten bcr 28, 1956 Mrs. Nam Have of wome Actually, only the Nelson. I with O. $ has rcpla son. OSC Ranks Second In din tiot FIRST SEMESTER, Bath: Betty Hlavachck, Dawn Hoffman, Terry Timm, Rennie Ryan Grcnkc. Front Marge Firehammer, Editor-in Chief; Ethel Mae Mertz, Shirley Parker, J as Shepro. has was a reporter and news editor. She is an English and Speech Major and has participated in dramatics, debate. Inter - Frat. Kappa Gamma orority as extracurricular activities. most of our football and basketball games andchaperoned dances. As a faculty wife she has been acquainted with many of the stall members and because her son. Craig, attends the Campus ns OFFICERS State Colleges Oshkosh, Sept. 18. 1 semi-final tallies of the St. College enrollment rac showed our OSC in secor -lace. With a big ninett , Marge er cent increase over la Joanne -•mester's 1,164 total. Os osh out-registered all h .ival schools save La Cross The total enrolled in all • the Wisconsin State Col leg was 11,218, with Oshko: contributing 1,390 students Tt,,. r .i| , Ving list show • in order of thei KUEI-SHENC nese Pri Facul mid you wal nd miles fui 1 going to colleg d . but l)r. one of O members, did Chang wa: rn China. In r broke out. h nior high scl ninths the Jap upied his hoi..v .... ics on the Chinese side caching an all-time high, Japanese were much more ul in this early stage of the lany school boys were join-army to fight for the Chi-iusc. Dr. Chang was among K ys who left school behind it the invaders of their nd. He served in the army icteen months, leaving its in March of 1939. Dur-it time he participated in battles and was wounded Marge Firehammer ........... Nancy Retzer................. Betty Hlavachek.............. Mary Feldman, Flora Ohm . . . Roger Bodart, Barbara Aherns. Marge Grenke................. John Hussey, Ethel Mae Mertz Joanne Shepro, Ruth Hornbeck Jim Atwell................... Reenie Ryan................. Bill Tisler, Gene Winkler.... Donald Marschall............ Robert Ruffalo............... .....Editor........ . . Advisory Editor . . Associate Editor . . Feature Editors . . . Special Editors . . . . Society Editor . . . . .Copy Editors . . . . . . Circulation . . . Business Manager . . Picture Editor . . . . Photographers. . . . . .Sports Editor . . . Religious Editor . . .....................Fred A. Cruckson ....................Marge Firehammer .................... Barbara Aherns Vera Jesch, Sharlyn Miller, Judy Swan ..........................Don Hanson .......................Shirley Parker ...... Felicia Slufik, Joan La Violette ......................Ruth Hornbeck ........................Phyllis Gould .................... Bob Lettenberger ________ Winkler , fa 1,47-. 1.390 1.37(3 1.31: 1.25-1,157 1.03; 1.022 93 j Mrs. Nelson recently completed work on her master’s degree at Smith College. Northhampton. Mass. She received her bachelor's degree from the University of Wisconsin. Because she SECOND SEMESTER, Left to Right: Marge Firehammer, Aherns. these United States, we say. we arc happy to have you with us. Mr. Ziomck started his higher educational studies at the University of Warsaw in 1939. In 1941 his studies were inleminred when Fred Cruckson, Editor-in chief; Barbara was in 1939 that the Chi-wemment passed a law to : money that would sup-orthy students, who were rving in the army, to con-leir education. Kuci-Shcng was selected as one of students. He. therefore. 1 long march by foot from n to northern China, he attended the First Na-High School. Northern ■was not occupied by rccs at that time. In a lit- SF social nebage ment i Hospit tion b as a co more charge which Oshko she sup format) UK 1. who . were Proga. itizens under-ing to le the : city, e child and iomck urrcc-stured near ' war. is rc- omck mean -f In a nee with the rapic •ollmcnt. our faculty lias ocen complimented by an in crease of twenty-two new members, augmenting nearly all of th« departments. O. S. C. is proud t welcome: Robert A. Brismaster Speech and English. M.S.; Kuci Shcng Chang, Geography. Ph D. Francis Evcnhuis. English. M.S. Alex P. Ferguson,Psychology Ph.D.; Eugene A. Holtman, Li brary Science, M.A.; Lee Kalbus Chemistry, Ph D.; John S. Keel Art.M S.; Betty Lawson. Physica Education. M S.; Robert T. Mac Donald. Chemistry and Mathc matics. Ph.l).; Morton Nachlas Sociology, M.A.; Edward Noyes j History. Ph.D.; Elizabeth Over ton, Firts Grade Critic. M.A.; J. Danial Palm. Biology, PhD. David A. Rux. Mathematics. M S.; Jacob Shapiro. Biology am Conservation. PhD.; Barbar; Stephenson. Physical Education ‘ M.S.; William F. Thompson. History, M.A.; James Walden. Fifll Grade Critic.M.S.; David J. Zcff, Music. B.A. and B.S.; Mrs. Ing : fcldc P. ZefT. Training Schoo Um ■ i' '■--■- ■ --- inrolli 139CNEWS DESK: Lt l to Right, Nancy Gauth, Shirley Parker, Mac Raider, Judy Swan, Ruth Knight. MAKE-UP AND COPY WRITERS: Back. Joan La Voilette, Felecia Slufik, Joanne Shepro. Front, Ethel Mac Mertz, Marge Grenke, Reenie Ryan, Dawn Hoffman, Pat Dun- lavy. CIRCULATION AND BUSINESS DESK: Back, Jim Atwell, Pat Hcinzen, Margaret Schuster. Front, Jackie Grasse, Ixirma Roeder, Ruth Hornbeck, Phyllis Gould. SPORTS AND SPECIAL DESK: Back, Greg Zurn, Burr William . Front, A1 Gcimcr, A1 Laucrsdorf, Robert RufTalo, Terry Timm. PHOTOGRAPHERS: William Tiller, Gene Winkler, Bob I ttenbergcr. 97Editor............... Business Manager. . . Art Editor........... Administration Editor Class Editor ........ Organization Editor. , Activities Editor..... Index Editor......... Sports Editor........ Photographer......... Art Advisor .......... Advisor ............. ..................Mary Konrad Marlene Hoverson, Bill Haidlinger ............Mary Lou Blanchette ................ Dawn Hoffman ..................Mae Raisler .................. Karen Kroll ...........Carole Hannemann ...............Yvonne Kosmosky ............... Bruce Bamberg .................. Bill Juhnke .............Mr. Henryk Ziomek ............ Mr. Donald Zahalka FACULTY STAFF: Dawn Hoffman and Lorn a Mac Roe-dcr. Not pitlujtd. Carman Kerry, Mary Slinski. 98 INDEX STAFF: Yvonne Kosmosky and Alice SuchardaORGANIZATION STAFF: l. ft to Right, Kac Gju-mundson, Pal Dunlavy, Jodell Ramm, Karen Kroll, Bernadine Kovel. Not puturtd, Annette Blanchette, Carolyn Kobski, Carol Penkoski, Daissy Ponce, Sue Rice, Romell Rusch, Sally Seiner, Nfardclle Mos-tettler. CLASS STAFF: Sandy Jentz, Donna Blankcnbcrg, Sharon Crimmings. Ia rna Mae Roeder, Mae Rais-ler, Ruth Hombeck. Not puturtd, Gloria Marshall. ACTIVITIES STAFF: l ft, Kay Kaiser and Carole Han-nemann. Not puturtd, Mary Bork, Barbara Born, Joyce Robcnson, Bonnie Buechel, Carol Gould. BUSINESS STAFF: Right, Marlene Hovcrson. Not puturtd, Bill Haidlinger, Roy Holmes, Barbara Brochm, Barbara Thomas, Lucelle Manderficld, Sue Klein-schmidt.w »v vW tata A . 4 to W OsvwiSA, m A Ctaita wfoY I he band under the direction of Mr. Dennis tormance at the 1956 0.S.C. Homecoming. IUnder a new drum major, Charles Reehl, the band performed at the home football games, utilizing a military type procedure, doing parade routines rather than forming letters and figures. Judy Holmes was featured as flag waver, with Mary Lynn Rafoth was featured twirling routines. In November the band, as a group, attended a concert in Milwaukee. The concert featured the Carabinieri Band of Rome. Mr. Dennis, the band director, and the sixty member band read through many new and contemporary selections including the “Flag of Stars,” the selection “Ruth” from “Portraits from the Bible,” Handels “Careselve,” and the old popular, “Carmichaels “Stardust,” and presented them at the annual winter concert on January 22. The band attended all basketball games during the winter season, and played popular tunes. T hroughout the school year small band ensembles appeared at school functions. The band concluded its year with the Spring Concert, May 12, 1957.Dr. Linton directing the choir in preparation for the Spring Concert. Darrell Ziebell at the piano with the choir rehearsing for the “Elyah.” 102Mcndelsohnn’s “Elyah,” presented by the Oshkosh State College Choir in the Little Theater on November 28, marked the first performance of the choir for the 1956-1957 season. The students features included a vocal trio consisting of Marilyn Schroeder, Barbara Schrank, JoAnn Bartelt; and a double mixed quartet of Barbara Brcnneckc, Kay Kaiser, Barbara Long, Kenlyn Heydon, Leroy Pederson, Charles Hoffman, Allen Lemery, John Palmer, and James Wheeler. Barbara Brahn was the piano accompanist. Guest soloists for the evening were John McDonald and Kathryn Smith of Chicago, Kenneth Jorgensen from Milwaukee, and Margery Anania of Oshkosh. The College Choir presented its annual Spring Concert in the Little Theater on April 24th at 8:00. Under the direction of Dr. Stanly Lintcn, the program included such songs as “Create in Me O God,” and “Grant Onto Me the Joy of Salvation” from a motif by Brahms, the Negro Spirituals, “Beautiful Dreamer” and “Deep River,” and Samuel Barber’s “Anthony O Daly” from “Reincarnations.” The concert was also present on tour at Jillet, Oconto, and Pulaski. The choir made its last public appearance of the season at the graduation exercises, June 12, 1957. 103CHOIR ROSTER 1st SOPRANO M. Audit B. Brenneckc P. Gregor)’ M. Halverson R. Knight A. Mciscr M. Mertz M. Schrocdcr M. Voccks 2nd SOPRANO D. Amend D. Blankcnburg H. Grosnick M. Nansen M. Hostcttler K. Hurlibut S. Kahl K. Kaiser K. Keller I). Kellctt C. Prausa M. Stark W. Taggert S. Zentncr 1st ALTO 1). Bchling 1). Dexter L. Garlach J. Hanley C. Hanncman E. Kautzcr N. Klieforth E. Knight B. Long J. Mandel C. Rehbein J. Tisch 2nd ALTO J. Bartclt M. Cassidy M. Coulahan N. Erickson L. Fitzgarrald K. Fuller V. Haass I. Heller 1C. Heydon K. Johnson G. Marshall A. Wcisnicht L. Zentner 1st TENOR R. Eyers C. Hoffman H. Kirchoff A. Lcmcry L. Pederson 2nd TENOR G. Durochcr A. Geimcr I). Gocscgc E. Hansel K. Keisow D. Linser E. Stradc R. Wificr D. Zicbcll 1st BASS G. Bauer D. Bittner D. B x ttchcr J. Condgon G. Gostas J. Hopper P. Jacobs M. Jacobson K. Klee R. Lampheer H. Nehrig J. Palmer G. Stone B. Rcchl W. Tcsch W. Zcamcr 2nd BASS J. Barnes D. Hcrlachc W. Krumel C. Kuchnl J. Meyer . Nadel ). O’Brien Paepkc C. Rcchl J. Wheeler BAND MEMBERS FLUTE AND PICCOLO J. Holmes K. Keller J. I ceftink C. Pollard S. Rogge OBOE S. Backus CLARINET K. Becker B. Bucchel M. Cocnclius P. Galikowski R. Gerber H. Grosnick D. Kober N. Pfistcr C. Prausa J. Rasmussen S. Aclner L. Zentncr 1). Zicbell BASSOON K. Fuller M. Hallock SAXOPHONE C. Browning D. Dcsslock T. Endcrs K. Galow C. Gostas G. Hofman R. Rusch CORNET B. Gilmore C. Newman I). O’Brien S. Ostwald J Hike J. SchacfTer R. Sutherland R. Wifler FRENCH HORN N. Kcmfcrt P. Murphy R. Nelson R. Schultz BARITONE D. Hohcnstcin A. Lcmerv' C. Rcehl 104 TROMBONE , . Barnes I. Jaeger . Kariow Ocstrcich 1. Rechl TUBA B. Brocniman R. Pike T. Shownek P. Welch PERCUSSION S. Adams M. Albert C. Collard J. Cornwell S. Grota S. Schultz W. ZcamcrThe Rifle Club is an organization for all of those interested in learning and practicing the use of firearms. The rifle range is in the basement of Dempsey Hall, which is provided with good lighting, four shooting positions and excellent equipment provided by the school including a spotting scope, target, and rifles. Regular meetings are held once a week. The club encourages girls to participate. Practiced shooters take care of all the beginners. The group again planned to have a team to enter interschool competition. The members hunted at Dr. Caudles farm in the spring. The group was often given films and talks concerned with rifles and firearms. The advisor for the group was Dr. Frederick Caudle.Row I: R. Karuhn, B. L. Brochrn, B. Brochm, P. Gould, A. Dricurl. Row 2: L. Permian, A. Geimcr, T. Oslermier, D. Guse, H. Fenske, B. Dreulzer, Dr. While, G. Sievers, T. Mastaliar, E. Schmidt. This year it was a pleasure to announce that OSC was admitted to Pi Kappa Delta (National Honorary Forensic Society) and designated as Wisconsin Gamma Chapter 247. Although the group was small, the number of events it participated in was large. The members participated in debate, discussion, oratory, exptemporaneous speaking, and oral interpretation. The season of events began on October 25, 1956, with the High School Speech Institute at OSC. Other events include: Bradley University Tournament, Peoria, Illinois, November 16-17, 1956. Debate, discussion, oratory, and extemporaneous speaking. Wisconsin State College, River Falls Tournament, January 18-19, 1957. Northwest College Debate Tournament, St. Thomas College, St. Paul, Minnesota, February 28, March 1-2, 1957. Public debate on March 26, 1957, with a team from Oxford University, England, and an OSC team at OSC. Public debate on April 4, 1957, with Harvard University and OSC at Wisconsin State College, Oshkosh. Pi Kappa Delta National Convention and Tournament at South Dakota State College, Brookings, South Dakota, April 14-19, 1957. Officers of Pi Kappa Delta include: Lyle Fehrman.........................................................President 'Ferry Ostermier................................................Vice President Phyliss Gould..............................................Secretary-Treasurer Noreita Procknow...........................................Recording Secretary Terry Ostermier, Dennis Guse, Eugene Schmidt, and Thomas Mastaliar were given individual recognition at the various tournaments. 106At 9 PM on Thursday, the radio dials on the campus are turned to WOSH —“Your College on the Air” — presented by Radio Club. The Club is divided into four groups. Each week a different group is in charge of arranging and presenting the program. A typical program consists of an interview of a college personality that is in the limelight, records, and the current campus news. Membership is open to students interested in preparing and presenting radio programs. The Radio Club serves as a link between the college and the community and brings campus activities closer to the student body. President Secretory Treosurer Wayne Krumel Cleone Prauso Mary Ann Gruber Top, Row : G.TccIcr, R. Cult. M. Halverson, C. l-ehman. Row 2: Mr. Zahalka, Advisor; M. Kipp, S. Schulta, D. Larson, W. Clark. Bottom, Row : E. Hlavachek, F. dm, M. Gruber. Row 2: M. Cassidy, J. I’flegcr, V. Lewis. Row 3: R. Guenther, R. Karuhn. 107The J. A. Breese Chapter of the Future Teachers of America is an organization open to all OSC students who are planning to become teachers. The objectives of this organization arc to provide experiences not received in formal education courses, to allow the students to work with professional organizations such as the National Education Association and the Wisconsin Education Association, and to perform certain services for the school. The program for this year included the discussion of many interesting and informative topics. A panel discussion -was held on the merits of school camping. One of the city nurses talked to the members about what teachers can do to maintain and improve student health. At one meeting the supervisors told what makes a good student teacher and at another some of the 1956 graduates came back and told about their experiences during their first year of teaching. A banquet was held at the closing meeting of the year. The officers of the year were: President, Flora Olm; Vice-President, John Schaefer; Secretary, Ruth Schultz; Treasurer, JoAnn Rasmussen; Historian, Sharon Grota; Advisory member, Alceta Wernecke; Faculty advisors, James Johnson and James Walden. Offum, L to H.: R. Schultz, S. Grota. J. Rasmussen, J. Schaefer, F. Olm.Kappa Delta Phi was established at Oshkosh State College twenty-six years ago. Its purpose is to encourage high professional standards in the teaching field. Both students and faculty members may belong to Kappa Delta Phi. Election to the Beta Chapter of Kappa Delta Phi is based on scholarship, service to the school, and individual character. Juniors of full standing in one of the educational divisions are eligible for membership. This year new members initiated into the fraternity were: Bruce Bamberg, Norman Brown, Bonnie Buechel, June Cherveny, Joan Doll, Mary Feldmann, Marjorie Firchammer, Gerald Frailing, Clair Hein, Donald Herlachc, Marie Hinesh, Mrs. Elaine Hoffmann, Marlene Hoverson, Carol Jagodinski, Irene Jankowski, David Johnson, Shirlenc Johnson, Daniel Karrels, Kathleen Keller, Ellen Knight, Mary Konrad, Chester Pingry, Barbara Prout, Maureen Ryan, Edmund Hansen, Dora Larson, Katherine Resheske, Mrs. Cynthia Sprecher, Audry Shane, Wanda Taggert, Marguerite Wagner, Gerald Krueger, and Carol Lehman. Officers of the past year were: Sally Stauffer, President; Ethel Mae Mertz, Vice-President; Mary Kennedy, Secretary; Harry Leeman, Treasurer; and La Verne Rutz, Historian. Upper picture, Left to Right, lit row: E. Knight, M. Hoverson, R. Timmcrs, J. Cherveny, M. Hinesh. 2nd row: H. I«ecman, J. Standard, G. Krueger, G. Frailing, C. Pingry. 3rd row: Mr. Wo mask i, Miss Palmer, Miss Martin. 4th row: K. Reskeske, B. Buechel, D. Pollard, A. Ramin. Lower picture. Left to Right, lit row: D. Larson, R. Salm, Y. Kosmosky, N. Retzcr. 2nd row: Dave Johnson, Bruce Bamberg, Dan Karrels. 3rd row: Mary Konrad, Sally Stauffer, E. Kirary, Elaine Hoffmann. 4th row: M. Feldmann, J. Rasmussen, K. Keller, Shirlenc Johnson.The Language Club is a new organization at OSC open to all of those who are taking one of the foreign languages offered on campus or who are foreign students. An organizational meeting was held on October 30. Officers elected were: President, Walter Ponce; Vice-President, James Wit-kowski; Secretary, Margaret Steckbauer. Mrs. DeBareza and Mr. Ziomek are the faculty advisors of the group. Language Club meets twice a month and have a varied program at each meeting. Speakers, cultural movies, folklore music, and dances from different countries are featured. Top Ufl, Row : J. Hanley, S. Brownson, G. Fecla, R. DeGroot. Row 2 P. Welch, R. Dauplaisc, Mr. Ziomelt, D. Zarmdt, C. Won. Bottom right. Row I: A. Stem, D. Ponce, L. Shimek,. M. Sitter. Row 2: L. Manderficld, A. Graham, M. Vraw, M. Steckbauer. Row 3: R. Stearns. J. Baudt, I). Zimmermann J. Helgeson, A. Mullick. W. Ponce.Row I: M. Nitkowski. J. Peters, P. Dunlavy, S. Otra-dovec. S. Hunter, T. Paris. Row 2: Dr. Noyes, advisor; A. Weedcr, N. Aliens, A. Driessel, R. Dauplaisc, C. Escrhut. Row 3: S. Orr, F. Cruckson, L. Fehrman, K. Toe be, F. Ostermeier, C. Bodner, T. O’Brien. Officers, Isfl It Right: Dr. Hunter, C. Bodner. International Relations Organization is a new club on campus initiated under the sponsorship of Or. Noyes. The group has strived to achieve understanding of international affairs, the promotion of objectives of peace and mutual understanding among the nations of the world through their monthly meetings. The members have worked on the growth of their organization encouraging both American and visiting students to participate. Those holding office were: President, Lyle Fehrman; Vice-President, Mary Ann Nitkowski; Secretary-Treasurer, Sharon Hunter; and Corresponding Secretary, Charles Bodner. IllThe Veterans’ Association welcomes all vets on the campus. The purpose of this organization is to promote the interest, welfare, and fellowship of veterans attending OSC through informative and social functions. There were approximately three hundred veterans taking advantage of the GI Bill at OSC this past year. On November 13, The Veterans’ Association, along with the cooperation of the music department, conducted a Veterans’ Day program. Gil Ellman, State Legion Commander, was the guest speaker. Other activities for the year included sponsoring Ferry Warhanck for homecoming queen, entering the float parade, and intramural sports. The Vets' also sponsored the Memorial Day Assembly in May. The Veterans’ Board consists of: President......................... Vice-President.................... Secretary-T reasurer.............. Advisory Committee................ Keith Knoll Lawrence Asplund Lyle Fehrman Joe Walsh Robert Scott Thomas Murray Perry Welch Arthur Huberty Vturns' Board: I., to H.: T. Murray. R. Scott, L. Asplund, K Knoll, A. Huberty, L. Fehrman.Row : E. Dissen, J. Minskey, J. Cumber, M. Silvrrthorn, V. Lewis. Row 2: D. Abbs. E. Krueger. M. Gruber. J. Krueger. G. Mayer. Row3: II. I-ehman, Dr. Max Bowman, J. Schaeflcr. The American Chemical Society is composed of chemistry majors and minors. Dr. Max Bowman is the advisor of the group. The officers for the first semester were: Joan Cumber, president; Joseph Minskey, vice-president; and Gary Mayer, secretary. The second semester Allan Nollan served as president; Merlin Silverthorn as vice-president; and Gerald Krueger, secretary-treasurer. The group meets once a month. At one meeting Dr. McDonald spoke on polymerization. Later this spring A.C.S. members met with Dr. Farrington Daniels, chairman of the University of Wisconsin chemistry department. Several members attended a student chemistry meeting at Roosevelt University in Chicago. They also visited the Museum of Science and Industry. A social hour is held after each meeting, and in the spring the society has an annual picnic. OJfutn: I. to r.: Gary Mayer, Statlaiy; Joan Cumber, President; Joseph Minskey, VUt-PresuUnt. 113I • Row : I). Harmsen, J. Perdue, E. Winkler. Mr. Zahalka, Advisor. Row 2: W Haidlingcr, R. Bo- • dan. F. Limb. T. Timm, E. Hansel. R. Kin cl. Circle-K is a non-fraternal, international service organization and promotes closer campus-community relations. The idea of Circle-K or Kiwanis Club was started in 1955 and the group was organized at OSC in the spring of 1956. This year, Circle-K has been given the concessions in the new gym. The profits are to be put to use on campus. The officers include: James Perdue, President; Dave Harmsen, Vice-President; Eugene Winkler, Secretary; Roger Bodart, Treasurer. Board of directors includes: Bill Haidlingcr, Ralph Kinzel, Terry Timm, Francis Lamb. 114 Offitm. L (o R.: R. Bodart. J. Perdue, 1). Harmsen, E. Winkler.Row : R. Tairo, B. Dricssel, J. Nigl, H. KirchofT. C. Roth, R. Karst, F. Paepicc. Row 2: R. Lewis, I). Wendt, I). Boettcher, L. Mitchell, G. PalTcnroth, J.Comwell, J. Mcgathlin. Row 3: R.Judson, J. Bower, K.Salford. K. Johnston. J. Llewellyn. R. Rulfalo, G. Moore, A. Geimer. Mr. Pyle,advisor. Alpha Phi Omega again sponsored the “Ugly Man” Contest in December. Votes were sold for a penny apiece with the proceeds being used to brighten Christmas for the needy and unfortunate of Oshkosh. The members washed windshields for the Christmas Seal Drive and sponsored the Blood Drive. The group helped marshall the Homecoming Parade, put up flags for the Community Chest and helped with the speech conference. The group pledged 20 new members. The officers were: Jim Nigl, President; Emery Safford, 1st Vice-President; Bob Judson, 2nd Vice-President; Arthur Dricssel, Secretary; Charles Roth, Treasurer; Fred Pac-pke, Historian; Dick Lewis, Sergeant of Arms. Offitm, L to R.. J. Nigl, B. Dricssel, R Judson. K. Salford, C. Roth 115Every woman student at OSC automatically becomes a member of Women’s Association when she pays a fee of one dollar during registration. The Association is governed by a group of women known as the Women's Association Board. This board includes a representative from each sorority and one independent. Officers are chosen by election each spring. Even though the organization is quite large, members manage to sponsor several activities each year in which all may participate. The first of these is the freshman mixer which is held shortly after school starts in fall. The locker party is the next on the schedule of events. This year, it was held in the lounge because of the lack of a locker room. This was followed by the Women’s Association banquet which, this year, was held at the Athcarn Hotel on December 6th. The last annual event of the school year was the Mother’s tea which is held each spring. . The group consists of: M. Strouf, M. Kennedy, M. Welch, A. Meister, G. Plutchak, N. Rouse, B. Eiles, B. Ahrens. The officers were: President.......... Vice-President..... Secretary-Treasurer 116 Gail Plutchak Marcia Strouf . Nancy RouseThe Men’s Association consists of more than 800 male students of !OSC. The group largely responsible for the activity of this group is the Men’s Association Board. The Association performs services to the men on campus. In November, the annual football banquet was held as a token of appreciation to the team. The group also sponsored the showing of movies of the University of Wisconsin football games. Funds are used to buy furniture and for up-keep of the lounge. Reserve funds will help furnish the new student union to be built in the future. The board consists of R. Bodart, D. Ziebell, G. Hightdudis, R. Grill, and D. Dittloff. The officers for the Men’s Association were: President.......... Vice-President...... Secretary-T rcasurcr 117 Wayne Stagcman . . Don Halverson . . Dave Stein bachThe Pep Club functioned for its second year on the OSC campus. The officers of the group were: Co-Chairmen, Dawn Hoffman and Barbara Leher; Secretary-Treasurer, Carol Bauer. The members of the board were: David Stein-bach, Marge Grenke, Maureen Ryan, Elizabeth Hlavachck. The cheerleaders for the year were: Barbara Leher, Maureen Ryan, Janet Mandel, Beverly Brochm, Kay Kaiser, and Donna NiehofT. The advisor for Pep Club was Mr. Eric Kitzman. The idea of a card section at the games was initiated and the group worked on it for the coming year. Row : Kay Kaiser, Barbara Leher. Row 2: Maureen Ryan, Donna NiehofT. Row 3: Beverly Brochm, Janet Mandel, Janet Koller. Pep Club Board, Rou' : M. Grenke, M. Ryan. B. Leher. Row 2: D. Hoffman, C. Bauer, E. Hlavachck. D. Steinbach. 118The Golden Trident was initiated as a new club on the campus of OSC. The swimming club, composed of fifteen members during second semester, made plans for expanding in the coming year. The officers for the semester were: President, Camille Johnson; Vice-President, Carolyn Schmidt; Secretary, Adrienne Ackerer; Treasurer, Beverly Bilicki. Miss Barbara Stephenson and Miss Lois Hardt were the advisors for the group. The club began its first year with a water show from May 8th to 11th. “Standing Room Only” was composed of numbers built around Broadway hits and took place in the pool of the new Health Physical Education Building. Row I: M. Mastcrson, S. Powell, J. Mandd, M. Baugrud. Row 2: C. Johnson, A. Ackerer, M. Snyder, C. Siebcrt. Row 3: J. Schuknccht, B. Bohne.J. Lceftink, P. Hendry, M. Hallock. 119j4-ctcv» CHRISTMAS FORMAL PAGE 128 DRAMATICS 125 FROSTBITE FROLICS 131 HOMECOMING 122 LOCKER PARTY 126 MASK BALL 132 MEN’S ASSOCIATION BANQUET 129 PLAY CONTEST 124 RUSHING 127 SADIE HAWKINS 126 UGLY MAN CONTEST 127 WOMEN’S ASSOCIATION BANQUET 129Quern Terry Warhanek King Joe Lorenz Flans for the big 1956 Homecoming week were under the direction of the Homecoming Committee chairmen, Joan Cumber and Ralph Kinzel. T he Queen’s Rally began the busy week with campaign speeches and skits. T he students chose Terry Warhanek as Queen and Mary Lou Reese and Barbara Leher as court attendants. The House of Strupp took first place for house decorations with “Pioneers Will Wail.” Lambda Chi took first place in the float contest with their theme “We’ll Lay 'Em Flat.” After the parade the students enjoyed the bonfire at the college athletic field. After the bonfire, the Royalty Dance was held in the Campus School Gym. Following the sorority luncheons on Saturday, the Homecoming game against Plattville was played. Although the Titans suffered a loss, the Cider Party at Radford Hall and Pollock House was enjoyed by everyone. Climaxing the week’s activity was the Alumni Dance at the Eagles Ballroom. ‘u tarts tourttsy of Oshkosh Daily Aorthutstem. ■ • £ Abott: Qjutn Terry and her att ndants Mary Lou Reese and Barl ara I,eher. Ixfl: Queen Terry lighting the bonfire.Rtfkl: hi Place House of Sirupp Decorating the House at Schneider Rdow: Homecoming Came. Lambdi Chi 1st Place Gamma Sigma 3rd Place Kappa Gamma 2nd Placec LAMBDA CHI -First Place Mae Kaisler presenting the trophy to Audry Shane. AIETHEAN -Second Place The annual Play Contest, sponsored by Kappa Gamma was held October 25th, 26th, and 27th. The event was under the direction of Mary Lou Reese and Mac Raislcr. Lambda Chi took top honors with its presentation of W. W. Waldron’s play, “Life Mask." Directed by Audry Shane, the cast included Jean Russell, Judy Oberklander, Bonnie Buechel, Patsy Gregory, Carmen Kerry and Mary Bock. Alethcan and Gamma Sigma won second and third places. Alc-thcan presented “Letters to Lucerne,’' directed by Barbara Prout and Alice Sucharda. Members of the cast included Sally Nchring, Carol Penskoski, Mary Cameron, Sue Rice, Eleanor Spink, Alice Sucharda, Mary Kennedy, and Beverly Bilicki. Gamma Sig presented “The Bond Between.” Jo Cumber directed the play whose cast included Barbara Lehcr, Mona Olson, Karen Hildahl, and Dorothy Henscl. 124The annual Children’s play was presented December 7th and 8th. This year “Cinderella” was selected for the all student production. Marge Firehammer played the role of Cinderella. Others in the cast included Dick Meyer as the Prince; Alice Sucharda as the stepmother; Ruth Hornbeck and Dorothy Weyers as step-sisters; Pat Ullsperger as the Fairy God-mother; Henry Kirchoff as Gallafy-son; Marilyn Schroeder as the Queen; Beverly Brochm as Felicia; Ronald Krause as Curdkin; Bob Halle as Rolland; and Brain Gil-Imore as the Court Page. Wayne Krummel and Barbara Conlee were director and assistant director of the production. i Cinderella. Marge Firehammer pleads with her stepmother, Alice Scharada while step-sisters, Dorothy Weyers and Ruth Hornbeck look on. a step-sister trys the slipper, Cinderella. 125WHY Cider and doughnuts were enjoyed by both faculty and students on October 31st when the Women’s Association sponsored the annual Locker Party. The party was held from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the Lounge. It was Maw’s turn to take Paw to the gym on November 17th. The gym was invaded by Dogpatch characters when the Sadie Hawkins dance was sponsored by Delta Phi and Iota. The prize for “most original costumes” went to Jack Congdon and Mary Jane Cornelius. “Funniest Winners”were Nancy Kcmpfcrt and Bill Bolcr. Lil Abner and Daisy May prizes went to Dave Stcinbach and Jane Van Ak-keren. IAom: Nancy Kcmpfcrt and Bill Bolcr, Jane Van Akkercn and Dave Stcinbach. Ltft: Mary Jane Cornelius and Jack Congdon.RUMKi The honor of being elected “ugliest man” on the campus went to Bob Eichin-ger. The announcement was made at the basketball game on December 15th when Terry Warhanek presented Bob with the ugly man trophy. The contest was sponsored by Alpha Phi Omega. Each vote costs one penny and each student is allowed as many votes as he wishes. The proceeds from the election are used to make Christmas more joyful for the needy and unfortunate people in the Oshkosh area. Terry and King Ugly A “Round Robin” for all women interested in joining a sorority was successfully held February 12th in Dempsey Hall. The girls in sororities were able to get to know the interested girls better.“F'rost F'antasy" was the theme of the Christmas formal. On December 14th, the dance was held at the Twentieth Century Club from 9:00 to 12:00. The five societies sponsoring the dance were Delta Phi, Iota, Kappa Gamma, Gamma Sigma, and Periclean. 128The Men’s Association Banquet was held on Monday evening, November 19th, in the Campus School Cafeteria. The speakers at the banquet were President Polk, Dr. Ferguson and Mr. Kolf. Mr. Kolf spoke of the highlights of the past season’s games. Movies of the University of Wisconsin verses the University of Illinois football game were shown. The banquet, which was planned for all men on campus, featured a swiss steak dinner. “Silver Bells” was the theme of the Women’s Association Banquet held on December 6th, at the Athcran Hotel. The honored quest was Miss Florence Case, a former dean at O.S.C. Marilyn Schrocder sang the theme “Silver Bells.” The guest speaker of the evening was Miss Maddy Horn, a former skating champion. The program was climaxed with group singing. 129Philakean fraternity sponsored the Masked Ball at the Eag , n March 2. A false ceiling and bright colored streamers and ballons gave the i all a Mardi Gras atmosphere. Elmer Hansel, in the disguise of a Persian prince was juciged the best dressed male, while Mary Lou Blanchette, as a flapper from the roaring twenties, was the best dressed co-ed. Donna Kloppman and Rex Joslin were crowned King and Queen of the ball for their portrayals of Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. Jackie Peters and Mary Lou Blanchette were awarded prizes for the poster contest. 130The Dance for the King and Queen. The annual Frostbite Frolics, sponsored by Alethean, was held on January fourth. The festivities began with an ice show which included a broom-ball game between members of the faculty and the student body. Next, the students enjoyed a dance in the lounge, which was beautifully decorated to carry out the theme “Pink Frost.” Jack Wippich was crowned Frost King to reign over the dance. Jack chose Marge Grenke as his queen. King Jack and Qiutn Marge crowned by the Frostbite chairman, Jackie Peters. 131 PAGE FOOTBALL 134 BASKETBALL 138 WOMEN’S RECREATION ASSOCIATION 143 INTRAMURAL SPORTS 144Left to Right, Stated: J. Brookins, E. Cox. J. Moreau. K. Vander Velden. T. Gospodarck. R. Kunst-man. T. Kerrigan. NV.Siagemen. Second row: J. Wippick, G. Hightdudis, A. Wiltman, I). Loehning, B. Kerrigan, N. Olson. E. Kandler, J. Bogusewski, L Jackman. J. Basiliere, V. Doxiator. Standing: . GRADUATING LETTERMEN • Left: Jack Wippick, end. • Right: Wayne Stageman, guard. 134Coach Kolf, I). Rusch, F. Davcl, L. Koch, B. Armstrong. 11. Collins. J. Lorenz. I). Kuether. D. Ziebell. B. Schultz, T. Stcltz. Mgr. C. Shultz. Coach Kitzman. OSHKOSH 39 NORTHLAND 0 The Titans opened the 1956 schedule by trouncing Northland 39-0. l d by hard running halfback, Bob Kerrigan, the Titans won the most convincing victory in the history of the college. Kerrigan scored four touchdowns and accounted for 155 yards by rushing. On a pass play from Tighe to YVippich the ball was carried to Northland's 45 yard line. A line buck netted 3 yards, then Kerrigan took a pitch-out from Tighe, and raced 42 yards for the first Titan TD. Oshkosh again scored in the second quarter. Shortly after the third quarter opened, the Titans scored a third touchdown. This score came after a 76 yard march with Kerrigan again driving into the end zone. Later in the third quarter, Tom Kerrigan pounced on a Northland fumble, this gave the Titan eleven another opportunity to score. Jim Moreau and Earl Kaudler brought the ball to the Northland 11 yard line, and Bob Kerrigan scored. In the fourth quarter, Armstrong intercepted a pass, lateralcd to Kerrigan, who raced to another TD. The final touchdown was scored on an 8 yard scamper around right end by Doxtater, after a pass interception set up the play. 135OSHKOSH 7 STEVENS POINT 20 After a fine game against U.W.M., the Titans did a complete about face, losing to the Pointers 20-7. Stevens Point scored the first time it had the ball, moving 76 yards in 10 plays. The Titans tied the score in the second period 7-7, but this wasn’t enough as the Pointers crossed the goal line in each the third and fourth quarters. The Titans only touchdown came on a plunge by Bogusewski which ended an Oshkosh drive that started on the Stevens Point 34 yard line. George Hightdudis, Bruce Armstrong, Don Kuc-ther, and Neal Olson all played a fine defensive game but unfortunately this was not enough to off-set the Titans’ impotent offense. OSHKOSH 0 SUPERIOR 31 After their convincing victory against Northland College the Titans suffered a letdown against Superior, losing 31-0. It was just one of those afternoons when the ball didn't seem to bounce right. Oshkosh made too many mistakes and Superior took advantage of them to build up their score. Although the team showed flashes of good football, they couldn't seem to put together a sustained drive. OSHKOSH 20 U.W.M. 13 Oshkosh State scored once through passing and twice on the ground to defeat the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, 20-13. In the first three quarters the Titans built up a commanding 20-0 lead which was enough to withstand a fourth quarter rally by U.W.M. Late in the first quarter Oshkosh took a 7-0 lead on a four yard plunge by Kerrigan. The other Titan scores came in the third period on a 10 yard pass from Vander Veldcn to Wip-pick and on a 22 yard run by Kerrigan. Milwaukee tallied late in the game for two touchdowns, but it wasn't enough to beat a determined Oshkosh squad. The score was actually deceiving, because Bob Kolfs boys clearly outplayed the Milwaukee team. Led by tackle Neal Olson the Titan defense allowed a mere 46 yards through rushing, and 79 yards through passing. In total yardage Oshkosh had 244 while Milwaukee was held to a mere 125 yards. 136OSHKOSH 2 PLATTEVILLE 7 Before a capacity Homecoming crowd, the Titans played one of their best games of the season. Late in the first quarter Platteville took an Oshkosh punt that rolled dead on the 36 yard line. In 15 plays Platteville marched 64 yards for the only touchdown of the afternoon. In the second period Platteville took over again on their own 14 after an Oshkosh punt. The Pioneers were thrown for a 4 yard loss, when Andy Wittman tackled Bill Ewing, a Platteville back, in the end zone. The Titans proved to their down state opponents that they were a stubborn lot, especially after the Platteville touchdown. The Pioneers only penetrated Titan territory three times after that, while the Titans played into Platteville territory several times during the afternoon, but were unable to score. OSHKOSH 13 EAU CLAIRE 28 Oshkosh lost its final game to the Eau Claire Blugolds; if it had not been for some costly fumbles the score might have been reversed. The first Blugold TD came as the result of a fumble. Early in the second quarter trailing 3-0, the Titans scored on an end sweep by Jim Moreau. Lyle Koch added the extra point. In the fourth quarter the Titans drove 74 yards for their second touchdown, when Bo-gusewski rammed the ball into the end zone. The college football careers of three fine OSC players, Jack Wippich, Wayne Stageman, and Bruce Schutz, ended with this game. 137 OSHKOSH 12 WHITEWATER 7 Bob Rolfs boys evened their season s record at three wins and three losses with the 12-7 victory over Whitewater. The Titans marched 70 yards for the first TD in eight plays following the opening kickoff. The TD climaxing this march came on a 21 yard screen pass from VandcrVcl-den to Kerrigan. The Quaker’s scored their touchdown near the end of the first quarter and led by 7-6. In the second half alert Earl Kandler intercepted a Whitewater pass and returned it to the Titan 34 yard line. The fighting Titans then drove 66 yards for their second touchdown, a pass from Terry Tighe to Bob Kerrigan. Oshkosh totally outclassed the Whitewater team. 'The Titans gained 251 yards to their opponents 116 yards. Oshkosh also completed 4 out of 8 passes.HALVERSON COLLINS DAVIS HENDRICKSON KROLLNo. NAME 3 Davis, Jim 4 Schmidt, Fred 5 Vander Veldcn, Kenneth 6 Wippich, Jack 7 Kroll, Don 8 Hubbard, Ron 9 Mitchell, Bob 10 Akin, Ronald 11 Halverson, Don 12 Armstrong, Bruce 14 O’Brien, Tom 15 Hendrickson, Ron 16 Collins, Hollie 17 Lettenberger, Jim 18 Ottc, Jim POSITION HEIGHT 5’9” Guard 5 9” Guard 5’ir Guard 5’10” Guard 6’ Forward 6’ Guard 6’4” Guard 6’ Center 6’3” Forward 6’2” Forward 6 1! ” Guard 6’2” Forward 6 3” Forward 6’4” Center 6’4” 139TEAM STATISTICS F.G. F.T. Point No NAME Aft. Made Pet. Made Mined Pet. P.F. T.P. Ave . G O’BRIEN 300 121 .40 68 16 .81 61 310 15.5 20 YVIPPICH 275 93 .34 108 43 .72 62 294 14.7 20 LET’BERGER 220 80 .36 74 42 .64 88 234 11.7 20 OTTE 180 70 .39 56 30 .65 76 1% 9.8 20 KROLL 189 61 .32 46 8 .85 36 168 8.4 20 MITCHELL 84 29 .34 48 26 .65 44 106 5.3 20 COLLINS 61 26 .43 32 13 .71 31 84 4.7 18 AKIN 68 19 .28 43 18 .70 30 81 4.5 18 SCHMIDT 53 23 .43 21 18 .54 It 67 7.4 9 HALVERSON 10 6 .60 12 10 .55 13 24 1.6 15 DAVIS II 3 .27 13 ARMSTRONG 6 4 .67 0 HUBBARD 7 1 .14 6 VANDER VELPEN 4 2 .50 4 KLEIN 5 1 .20 6 HENDRSON 20 3 .15 _ HARKE 3 0 -.00 _ SCHAEFER 1 0 .00 0 13 12 .52 9 0 8 .00 3 6 0 100 I 4 3 .57 3 6 2 .75 5 0 I .00 — 19 t.l 16 8 t.O 10 8 U 7 8 1.6 5 8 1.6 5 6 t.O 6 1 2 TOTALS 1497 542 .36 537 250 .69 480 I62t 81.0 20 THE TITAN BASKETBALL TEAM: Rack. Is ft to Right. Coach Kolf. IX Kroll. R Hendrickson. H. Cob lin . R. Mitchell, J. Ottc. R. Let ten herder. F. Scharfer. I). Halverson. T. O'Brien. B. Armstrong. Front. Left to Right, K. Klein, R. Hubltard. R. Akin. K. VanderVelden, L. Smith. J. Harke.J. Wip-pick. F. Schmidt. J. Davis. 140WISCONSIN STATE COLLEGE CONFERENCE STANDINGS (Final Standings) W L TP OP Stevens Point .. 9 3 930 868 Eau Claire .. 8 4 1040 1003 UW-Milwaukee .. .. 7 5 1023 995 Superior. 7 5 930 920 Platteville . 6 6 1042 963 OSHKOSH. .. 5 7 875 903 River Falls .. 5 7 994 990 Stout 5 7 928 1011 I-a Crosse .. 5 7 1020 1069 Whitewater . 3 9 937 997 1956-57 VARSITY RECORD Oshkosh 83 Great Lakes 91 (ot) Oshkosh 79 Allen Bradley 76 Oshkosh 100 Mich. Tech 90 Oshkosh 78 Stevens Point 82 Oshkosh 65 U. W. Milwaukee 80 Oshkosh 112 Lawrence 69 Oshkosh 95 Carroll 84 Oshkosh 94 Winona State 83 Oshkosh 69 Whitewater 55 Oshkosh 82 Stout 71 Oshkosh 84 Eau Claire 90 Oshkosh 98 Ripon 95 (ot) Oshkosh 66 Platteville 92 Oshkosh 47 Stevens Point 58 Oshkosh 68 U. W. Milwaukee 59 Oshkosh 88 Riverfalls 100 Oshkosh 55 Superior 56 (ot) Oshkosh 85 Winona State 81 (ot) Oshkosh 83 Whitewater 75 Oshkosh 90 Platteville 85 Won 12, Lost 8. This year the Oshkosh State Titans had a new look. There was a new coach, a new style of ball, and new hope. Led by Eric Kitzman from Mcnasha High School, the Titans enjoyed a very successful season, with a 7-1 record against non-conference competition and tied for fifth place in the conference. Oshkosh State opened the season at home against the talented Great Lakes Bluejackets. Great Lakes had a fine team built around former Big Ten and major college players. The Titans put up a terrific battle and forced the game into an overtime before losing to the Bluejackets, 91-83. The Allen Bradley team was the Titans’ next opponent. Against this team of top university players, Oshkosh won by a score of 79-76. The Titans made it two in a row by taking Michigan Tech 100-90. Coach Kitzman’s team opened their conference season and lost their first two games to Stevens Point and Milwaukee, by scores of 78 to 82, and 65 to 80. During the Christmas holidays Oshkosh’s first annual Holiday Tournament was held in the new physical education building. The teams competing in the tournament included: Carroll, Lawrence, Ripon, and Oshkosh. Oshkosh won the championship by defeating Lawrence 112-69 and Caroll 95-84. 141Following the tournament, the Titans beat Winona, Whitewater, and Stout to stretch their string to Five victories in a row. In the next game with Eau Claire, Oshkosh broke their winning streak and lost 90-84. With their next opponent, Ripon, Oshkosh State had to go into an overtime before winning 98-95. The Titans then dropped the next two conference games to Platteville and Stevens Point. Oshkosh managed to knock the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee out of first place in the conference standings by defeating the Cardinals 68-59. In this game, shortly after the second half, Coach Kitzman’s boys went into a semi-stall; the tactics worked and the Titans came out the victors. On their northern road trip the Titans dropped two games to River Falls and Superior. The Oshkosh team, however, again rallied and closed the season by beating Winona, Whitewater, and Plattc-ville. The major lettermen on the 1956-57 basketball squad included: Ronald Akin, Hollie Collins, Jim Davis, Don Holverson, Don Kroll, Jim Lettcrberger, Robert Mitchell, Tom O’Brien, Jim Ottc, Fred Schmidt, Jack Wippich, and the managers, Richard Roe-ber and Dave Steinback. The minor lettermen of the season were: Bruce Armstrong, Jim Harkc, Ron Hendrickson, Ron Hubbard, Ken Klein, Fred Scharfer, Lcs Smith and Ken VanderVclden. Jack Wippich was named the most valuable player of the year, and was also chosen as a guard on the Wisconsin State College all-conference 1956-57 basketball team. THE JUNIOR VARSITY This year for the first time Oshkosh State had a Junior Varsity team. The JV’s were coached by Bob Kolf, and enjoyed a successful season winning 9 games and losing only 2 for a season total of 864 points. Ron Hendrickson was the top scorer with 114 points, followed by VanderVclden and Klein.WOMEN'S RISGREfflEM Front, Lift to Right: Judy Heuring. Carla Rehbein, Carmen Kerry, Mary Coulahan. Back, Ltj to Right:Janet Huck, Gail Plutchak, Eleanor Battig, Barbara Malcheski. OFFICERS Carmen Kerry............................ President Annette Skilling....................Vice President Carla Rehbein............................Secretary SPORTS HEADS Basketball......................... Judy Heuring Volleyball........................Mary Couahan Table Tennis.......................Eletfnor Battig Gail Plutchak Swimming.......................Sally Adams Tennis....................Barbara Malcheski Soft Ball....................... Janet Huck Golf 143 Badminton Camille JohnsonVOLLEYBALL TEAM: Front. Left to Right, Jake Gicslen, Jack I.udtkc, Roger Wolf. Bath, Isfi to Right. Bob Eichingcr. Jim Otte, Cliff Hinkcni. VOLLEYBALL LEAGUE STANDINGS American league W L Tigers.........................6 0 Independents.................. 5 1 House of Friday............... 3 3 Big Shots..................... 3 3 Atomizers..................... 2 4 Kiles Klan.................... I 5 The Rail...................... 1 5 National league Grcndcl’s Gang................ 6 0 Amboy Dukes................... 5 1 Nitc-Fitcrs................... 4 2 Lyceum........................ 3 3 Little Shots..........•....... 2 4 Faculty Men................... 1 5 Philakcs.......................0 6 INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL A large turnout for intramural basketball this year made up 19 teams. A split season was played, and the champions of the 3 leagues played off to decide the grand championship. In the championship game, Buzz Asplund’s Vet’s Club beat Grendel’s Gang by a score of 71-45. Jim Lorenz hit 23 points for the Vet’s while Jerry Peppier led the losers with 15 points. In the annual free throw contest, Terry Tighe made 45 out of 50 throws to win the event with a percentage of .900. Runners-up were Dick Roeber making 42 out of 50, Cliff Hinkens with 41, Henry Kuiper with 38, Tom Peterson and Neal Olson with 37, and Don Flunkcr with 36 baskets. American League BASKETBALL STANDINGS National League CHAMPIONSHIP BASKETBALL TEAM: Front, Jerome Hatmar. Glen Durocher, Earle Kandler. Baek. International League W. L. W. L. W. L. Little Rocks 5 0 Vet’s Club 6 0 GrendcPs Gang . . . 5 0 K.O. Kids 4 1 House of Scefcld 5 1 I louse of Friday ... 4 1 Big Shots 3 2 Tigers 4 2 Panthers ... 3 2 Ccller Dwellers 2 3 Independents 1 5 Net Nockcrs ...2 3 Goofcrs 1 4 Little Shots 1 5 Kilos Klan ...I 4 Young Vet’s 0 5 Atomizers 1 5 Laudc's Nightmares. . ... 0 5 SECOND HALF FINAL STANDINGS Big Shots 5 0 Ambov Dukes .... 5 1 Grcndel’s Gang .. 5 0 Little Rocks 4 1 Vet’s Club . . . . 4 2 House of Fridav 4 1 K.O. Kids 3 2 Independents 4 2 Net Knockers .. 3 2 Ccller Dwellers 2 3 1 louse of See fold .... 3 3 Panthers . . 1 4 Goofcrs 1 4 Tigers . . . . 3 3 Kiles Klan . 1 4 Young Vet’s 0 5 Atomizers . . . . 0 6 Laudc’s Nightmares. . . . . 1 4Oshkosh State has one of the finest intramural sports programs in Wisconsin. Its purpose is to give everyone in the school an opportunity to participate in some kind of athletic activity. There is organized competition in touch football, volleyball, and basketball. Besides this, many tournaments are held during the winter and spring months in table tennis, badminton, tennis, golf horseshoe, and shufTlcboard. The intramural sports program is organized and directed by Mr. Goehrs of the Physical Education department. u Asplund. Bob Scott. Jake Jocdjcn. TOUCH FOOTBALL Touch football opened the intramural sports program at O.S.C. Enough interest was shown so that two leagues, the American and the National, were organized. All games were played on the intramural field which is adjacent to the old gymnasium. Competition was unusually keen so no team in either league escaped with a clean record. T he Tigers were the champions in the American League; the Rails finished second. In the National League the Independents won the title with the House of Friday runnerups. TOUCH FOOTBALL STANDINGS American League W. L. T. Tigers 5 0 3 The Rail 3 0 5 Amboy Dukes 3 3 2 High Flyers 2 2 4 Old Timers 0 8 0 National League Independents (5 0 2 House of Friday 4 2 2 Little Giants 3 3 2 Braves 0 7 1 Philakcs 2 3 3 CHAMPIONSHIP FOOTBALL TEAM: Front. Jake Giesbcrs. John Macs. Rex Gilligan. Hark. Bob Eichingcr, ClifT Hinken, Jim OttcTop: Cheerleaders practicing before football game, and Right, during the half time at the basketball games. Gamma Sigma championship volleyball team. Ltfi to Right: Margaret Schuster, Gail Plutchak, Janet Muck, Margaret lawless and Judy Flack. W'.R.A. Basketball tournament Alcthcan vs Gamma Sig. 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Alberts, Bruce Allan, Jane Amend, Diane Anderson, Jerry Andropolis, Andrew Armstrong, Bruce Arneman, Alan Arthur, James Asplund, Lawrence Atkins, Richard Atkins, Karen Atwell, James Audit, Margaret Auger- Ferris ...... 48,93 ......54,113 48,64,86,87 ......54,111 58 58,119 54 48,75 ......... 61 ........54,68 54,84,96,116 54,80,138 .......... 58 ...........58 ....... 26 ........61,91 ........48 58,134 ........48,80 .....112,144 ........58,94 48,72,97 ..........58 ...........58 Backus, Sally ....... Ball, David 8alnis, Carol ....... Bamberg, Bruce Bandt, John.......... Barber, Thomas Barkow, Nancy Barlow, Robert Bornard, David Barnes, James Barnhart, Susan Bartel. Lola ........ Bortelt, Joanne Bartz, Virginia Basel, Carol Bosel, Patricia ... Basilier, James Batterman, Lou Rea Battig, Eleanore Bauer, Carol Bauer, Gerald Bauer, Keith Bauer, Robert........ Baugrud, Mary E. Bauman, William . . . Baumgart, Lionel Baumgartener, Lois . Bebow, Donald Becker, Carol Becker, Kay BeDell, Allan Bednarowski, Eugene Behling, Diane Behnke, Richard . . . . Behrend, Kenneth Belke, Wayne Bell, Janet Bell, Stephen Bennett, Dorthea Bennett, Thomas ____58,91,103 ..... 58 48,99,109 .........56,94 ..... 54 58,91 ........ 56,82 58,100 ...... 26,67 26 26,84,103,108 58 54 .......... 26 ...........134 ........... 58 ........48,145 26,76,118 ............57 ........... 58 50,58,75,119 ........... 58 ........... 56 .........54,91 61 .....27,75,95 ........... 54 ............59 ........... 48 ........... 58 Benthein, Ralph Jr. 48 Berg, Margaret 58 Berndt, Grant Berndt, Richard Betti, Richard 57 Bezier, Douglas 27 Biederwolf, Richard Bilicki, Beverly 48,64 Billes, Frederick Binner, William Bitter, Robert 58 Bittner, Ronald Blair, Richard Blanchette, Annette 58 Blanchette, Mary 55,64 Blankenburg, Donna 54,99 Blanker, Robert Block, Jerome Blohowiak, Janet 27,84 Bloomer, Edward 48 Bluemke, Nancy 58 Bock, Mary 48,76,87 Bodart, G. Roger 48,86,88,114 Bodmu, Chuck 132 Brandt, Vincent Boettcher, Dennis 82 Brandt, Vincent Brawn, Arlayne •.,.57 Breister, William 27 Breit, Dorothy 27 Breitenbach, Frederick 82 Breitenfeldt, Carmen Brennan, Donald Brennecke, Barbara 58 Brey, Donald 58 Briggs, George 54 Brink, William Broderick, John 54 Broehm, Barbara 48,75 Broehm, Beverly 58,106,118 Broeniman, Ernest 48,100 Brookins, James 56,134 Brown, James Brown, Norman 48 Brown, Roger Brown, Thomas 58,86 Browning, Carolyn 58 Brownson, Sally 58,110 Buchanan, Mao 67 Buchholz, Sharon 58,91 Buechel, Bonnie 48,76,86,87,94,109 Buechel, Eugene Buetow, Diane 54,84,91 Buman, Kenneth 58 Bunker, Robert 79 Burish, Gloria Buschkopf, Walter Buss, Carl 58 Butts, Donald 48,72,93 152 Cahill, Thomas.......... Cain, Milford Collies, Ned Collies, Roy............ Cameron, Mary Campell, Duncan Carey, Susanne ......... Cashman, Ronald Cassidy, Mary Cate, David............. Cavanaugh, Christopher 27 ............ 58 ......... 28,64 ......... 28,75 54,103,108,106 58Champoou, Jerome Cherveny, Juno 28,84,87,109 Chivington, Jam® Christie, Rosalie Cismoski, Loren . . . 54 Clark, Carol 58 Clark, Mary E. 48 Clark, Mary H. Clark, William 58,106 Coenen, Allan Collar, Keith Collard, Carol Collins. Hoi 1 io 58,134,138 Congdon, John 48,79,90,126,94 Conlee, Borbaro 28 Cook, Dexter Cook, Robert Corbott, Hugh Cornelius, Mary J. 48,64,94,126 Cornwall, John 57,95,115 Cola, Judith 28,64,103,108 Coughlin, Rodney Coulahan, Mary 54,145 Cowlin, Thomas Cox, Ervin 58,86,134 Coyne. William Jr. Crain, Richard Cramar, Joan 28,68 Crimmings, Sharon 93,99 Crombia, Richard 96 Cruckson, Fred 28,96,111,89,96 Cudahy, Barnard Cuff, Rita 58,103,108,106 Cumbar, Joan 28,70,113,122 Cumings, Barbara 54,58 Curtis, Richard Custar, Alice 58 Czech, Shirley 58 Czeschke, Chester 61 D Dahlke, Karen 58,81 Dal Santo, Nick Dalton, John Daniel, John Daul, Eugene 58 Dauplaise, Barbara 48 Dauplaise, Ronald 54,110,111 Davel, Frederich 134 Davidson, Sidney 45 Davies, James 58 Davis, James 139 Davis, John 58,105 Davis, Mrs. Myrtle 29 Davis, Neil DeGroot, Robert 58,110 Dehn, Robert 58 DeHut, Rito 57,64 Deimer, Donna 58 DeMoulin, Diane 54 Deprey, Rose . 95 Derr, Leslie 58 DeRusha, Richard 45 Dessloch, Dan Devine, David 58 Dewane, Robert Jr.. . 48 Dexter, Donna 58 Dhein, Mary J 58 Dieck, Deimer 57,90,91 Dieck, Mrs. Louise 29 Diedrich, Marvin Dial, Robert Dissen, Eunice 29,91,113,89 Dissen, Martin 91 Ditter, David 48 Dittloff, Richard 57 Dixon, Alice 59 Doberstein, Carol 54 Dolan, Roger Doll, Joan 49,70 Donner, Nancy Dorn, Jane ...... 58 Dorsey, Robert Doxtator, Van 134 Dragon, Emil 54 Drahn, Barbara 29,64 Dreifuerst, Paul Druetzer, Blaine 106 Driessel, Arthur 54,72,106,111,115 Droer, Audrey DuFour, Theodore Duncan, Pam 54,64,95 Dunlavy, Patricia 54,99,111,97 Dunn, Thomas Dupies, Mory 49,70,87 Durocher, Glen 54,144 Dushenski, Robert 54 Duwe, James Dyken, Joan 59 E Eagan, Gary Easton, Larry Eberle, Lorraine 29,67 Ebersberger, Sylvester Edwards, Gene 59 Egan, Elizaboth 54 Eichkoff, Richard 59 Eichinger, Robert 144 Eiles, Betty 54,76,93,116,103,108 Elandt, Sally 58 Eleveld, Donald Enders, Thelma 59,103,108 Engbretson, Charles 59 Engeldinger, Domenico Enigl, Charles 29 Engil, John 29 Enz, Noritha 58 Erickson, Nancy Erickson, Roger 29 Erickson, Yvonne 58 Ertel, Ronald 56 Eserhut, Charles 57,111 Everix, Robert Eyers, Robert 54 F Fabry, James Falck, Judith 54,70 Faris, Thomas 30,111,144 Farr, Richard 54 Faucett, Mary E. Feela, Virginia 110 Fehrman, Lylo 30,106,111,112 Feldmann, Mory 49,75,90,94 Fenske, Howard 49,91,106 Fessenden, Grace 55,64 Fictum, Donald 49 Fielder, James 54 Fiedler, Sheldon Fielkow, Sidney Firary, Elizabeth .30,76,89,95,103,108,109 Firehammer, Marge 49,75,125,96 Fischer, Jack 59,93 Fischer, Ronald 59 Fischer, Thomas Fitzgarrald, Libby 58 Flunkor, Donald 54,80 Flynn, Thomas Forster, Ruth Frailing, Gerald 30,109 Fralish, James 59 Franchowiak, Bernard Frank, Donald Frank, Donn Frank, Nancy 54,70Franta, Jomoi Guenther, Ronald 106 Front, Clark Gulley, Charles Frazier, Roberta 30,76,105 Guse, Dennis 54,72,91,106 Fredrick, Roamello 30,68,103,108 Gustafson, Ronald Frei, Dale Gutzke, Blanche Freiberg, Philip Friedel, David . 57 Fritchen, Delbert Froehlke, Philip 91 Fuller, Kathleen 54 Fulwiler, Mert 54 Fuszard, Thomas H Haanen, Ann 31 Haas, Paul 31 Haass, Veryl 55 Haberkorn, Robert G Hable, Allan 61,105 Hablo, Steven 59 Gobert, Henry Haen, Rose Marie 59 Gabrielson, Lyle Hafele, Robert 59 Galanis, Anthony Hoffermann, William Jr. Galikowski, Phyllis 58 Haidlinger, William 49,82,114 Galow, Kendall Holey, John Gams, Annette 59 Hall. Robert 54,125 Garbe, Corol 54 Halle, Janet 31,68,93 Games, Virginia 49,70 Halle, Robert 59 Garvey, Colleen Hallock, Margaret 59,119 Gates, Philip 56 Halverson, Don 138 Gauthier, Nancy 54.93.97 Halverson, Mary 54,64,103,108,106 Gehrke, Donald Hammock, Gwen 55 Gehrke, Maurice Hommerseng, Leatrice 55 Gehrke, Ronald 54 Hammond, Ronald Geimer, Allan 49,106,115 Hanley, Janice 32,70 George, Robert 49 Hanley, John 49,110 Gerber, Rochelle 59,103,108 Hanneman, Carole 55,76,99 Gerdman, Glenn 30 Hanneman, Robert 49 Gereau, Clarence 49 Hansel, Elmer 114 Gerlach, Carol 59,90,103,108 Hansen, Edmund 49 Gerner, Winifred Hansen, Marjorie 32 Gerrits, Lois 49,68 Hansen, Paul 59 Getchius, Jane 49 Hansen, Pauline 67 Gibson, Gerold Hanson, Giles Giebink, Jerry Hanson, Larry Gieryic, Michael 49 Hanson, Robert Giosbers, John 57,144 Harke, James 61 Gilbertson, Kay 56,68,95 Harmsen, David 49,86,114 Gilligan, Roland 49,144 Harness, Rochelle 54,70 Gilmore, Brian Harnitz, William 45 Girens, Leo Horry, Richard 49 Gitter, Francis Hart, Lyle Gjermundson, Kay 59,93,99,103,108 Hashmi, Hosin 110 Gjertson, William 59 Haskett, Richard Glandt, Beverly 31,84 Hassmann, John Glodowski, Donald Haupt, Donold 49 Gocker, Janice Hawley, Jerome 59 Goldsmith, Patricia 59,67,93 Heaps, Robert 32 Gomoll, Robert Hecker, David Gorr, Peter 49,82 Hedrich, William Gorsege, David 49 Hedtke, Gerald Gospeodarek, Thomas 54,72,134 Hein, Clair 32 Gostas, Charles 59 Hein, Clifford 49 Gosz, Donald 72 Heinemann, Jon 59 Gould, Carol Jeon 49,95 Heinzen, Patricia 49,97 Gould, Phyllis 59,96,97 Heiting, Robert Govek, Kenneth 31 Held, Donna 32,76 Graham, Alberta 110 Helgeson, Janice 59,110 Grams, Robert 59 Helgren, Ron Grasse, Jacqueline 31,67,97 Heller, Eunice J 55,64,94 Greer, Jeanne 31,76,95 Hendrickson, Ronald 138 Gregory. Donna Hencke, Beverly 32,67 Gregory, Patsy 55,76 Hendry, Patricia 55,75,119 Greiner, James Henke, Ronald Grenier, Raymond 59 Henker, Kay 59 Grenke, Margaret 75,131,96,97,118 Henning, Jerome 32,76 Grey, John 54 Henning, Suzanne 55 Griesbach, Nancy 59 Henricks, Allen Griewisch, Nancy 54,95 Henry, Gerald 55,82 Grill, Ronald 57,79 Hensel, Dorothy 49,70 Gritt, George 59 Hephner, Art 58 Gritt, Marjorie 31,94 Herbst, Robort 52 Grosnick, Helen 56,84 Herlache, Donald 33 Grota, Sharon 54,103 Hermann, Roger Gruber, Mary Ann 54,64,86,92,113,106 Hermann, George . . .' 33,76 Guenther, Barbara 49,70 Hertwig, Ronald 33 Guenther, Robert ... 59 Herzog, Ted 154Hettmann, Clarence 49 Heuer, Christine 55,68,93 Heuring, Judy 33,145 Heydon, Kenlynn 59 Hickey, John 59 Hidde, Sharon 55 Hightdudis, George Hilbert, Robert 49,80,134 Hildahl, Karen ... . Hildebrand, Russel 33,70 Hiley, Elaine 57,67,93 Hill, Lee 59,91 Hineth, Marie 33,84,109 Hinkent, Clifford Hinz, Karl Hischke, Thomas 144 Hitchcock, Paula 49,75 Hlavachek, Elizabeth 49,76,96,106 Hoevet, Marlene Hoffman, Charlet 55 Hoffman, Down 33,75,96,97,98,103,108,118 Hoffmann, Elaine 33,109 Hoffmann, Jonis 49 Hofmon, Gordon 55 Hogan, William 56,80 Hohenstein, Dolores 59,93 Holmos, Levi 59 Holmes, Roy 59 Holten, Charlet 50 Holverton, Lois Ann Holz, Wayne 55 Hopper, John 34,80 Horejt, Thomas Horn, Louis 59 Hornbeck, Ruth 34,75,97,99,103.108,125 Hostettler, Mardelle .59 Hotmar, Jerome 59 Hoverson, Morlene 50,70,94,99,103,108,109 Hoverson, Shirley Howard, Mrs. Betty 50 Hubbard. Anna Gay 34,70 Hubbard, Ronald 57,112 Huberty, C. Arthur 50,112 Huberty, Irvin 72 Hubli, Donna 55.75 Huck, Janet Huddle, Lawrence 55,70 Huebner, Floyd 55 Hughes, Thomas 59 Hunter, Sharon Huntington, Harriet 64,110 Hurlbut, Kathleen 55 Hussey, John 92 I Ihrke, Chariot 59 Ingram, Terrance ............................... 55 J Jockman, Leon 50,134 Jocobs, Phillip 59 Jacobson, Lois Jacobson, Melvin Jaeger, Raymond 50 Jaeger, Roger 57 Jagodinski, Carol 50,68 John, Dennis 55 James, Nancy Jamieson, Alice 59 Jankowski, Irene 34,103,108 Jansen, John 34,79,105 Jarotzewtki, Eugene 59 Jaschob, Lois 55,64 Jentz, Sandra 55,76,99 Jesch, Vera 55,68,86,93 Johnson, Camille 34,109 Johnson, Clara ................................ 54 Johnson, Dave 50,109 Johnson, James Johnson, Karen.............................. 54,76 Johnson, Lawrence ............................. 59 Johnson, Roger................................. 61 Johnson, Shirlene ....................50,70,94,109 Johnston, Kenneth ..........................34,115 Jones, James Joslin, Rex 61,132 Judson, Robert 57,95,115 Juhnke, Roland 99 Jung, James Kadlec, James Kafer, Gordon Kohl, Shelby K 55,75,94 Kohler, Floyd 57,90,91 Kaiser, Kay 55,64,99,118 Kaiser, Judy ...... 76 Kandler, Earl 55,134,144 Karavakis, George Karnes, Robert 50,72,87 Karow, John 50 Karrels, Daniel 50,109 Karst, Richord 115 Koruhn, Robert 59,106 Katchube, Orin Kautzer, Lois 59 Keller, Kathleen 50,84,94,109 Kellett, Darlene 61 Kelley, John Kelsey, Alvin Kempfert, Nancy Kendziera, Doric 50,126 59 Kennedy, Mary 35,64,65,89,116,103,109 Kent, David 50 Kerrigan, Robert 134 Kerrigan, Thomas 50,134 Kerry, Carmen 55,145 Kerscher, Jacqueline Kienow, Dorothy 35 Khalig, Mohammad 110 Kiesow, Kent Kiesow, William Kindness, Gary 59 Kindstrom, Duane King, Barbara King, Herbert 50 King, Janet ........ 59 Kinzel, Ralph 35,88,122,114 Kipp, Mary Ann Kircher, Donald 56 Kircher, John 50,82 Kirchoff, Gary 59 Kirchoff, Henry 35,86,115 Kirkland, Kenneth Kiser, Judith Kissel, Jerrel 35 Kitzinger, Dolores 50,84 Kitzman, George 56,82,105 Kitzman, Sharon Klabunde, Richard 59 Klee, Karl Kleene, Carol 56 Kleiber, Jerome .50 Kleiber, Jon 56 Klein, Kenneth 50,80,138 Kleinhenz, Lloyd Kleinschmidt, Sue 35,64,103,108 Klieforth, Nancy 55,84,93 Klimko, Robert 35,82,94 Klinger, Harold Kloppmann, Donna 50,64,132 Klumb, Naomi . 45 Knight, Ellen 50,84,109 Knight, Ruth 59,86,95,97 Knoll, Keith 112 Knoll, Wayne Kober, Dolores 59 Koboski, Carolyn 55 Koch, Mrs. Doris Koch, Lyle ... 134 155Koehn, Ruth Ann 55 Koeller, Arlyn 50 Koeller, Canton 61 Koeller. John 57,82 Koeppen, Raymond Koeser, Jomos 55 Koffarnus, Judith Koll, Mike Kollath, John 54,95 Kollor, Janot 118 Kolterjahn, Jack 50 Konrad, Mary Koo, Ja Kyung Koo, Ja Young 50,64,86,98,109,92 Korbisch, Edward 50,82 Kosmosky, Yvonn 35.75,89,98,103,108,109 Kottko, Mario 59,93 Koval, Bornadino Kramor, Donald 50,70,99 Kraus, Gerald 59 Krause, Byron 50 Krause, K. David 57 Krause, Marilyn 55,75 Krause, Ronald 59 Kreeger, Albert Kremers, Robert 59 Kritz, Ardis 59 Kroll, Barbara . .. 55 Kroll, Donald 138 Kroll, Karen Kroon, William Krueger, Audrey 55.70,99 Krueger, Ewald 50,113 Krueger, Gerald Krueger, Marland 36,109 Krueger, John Krueger, Paula 113,94 Krummel, Wayne Kubale, Barbara 36 Kubale, Joseph 61 Kubale, Robert Kuehl, Nancy Kuehnl, Kenneth Kuether, Kay 36 Kuether, Donald Kuottner, Reginald Kuiper, Henry 59,134 Kumbier, Barbara 36,67 Kunstman, Ronald 134 Kunz, Roderick Kuranowicz, Elizabeth Kuranowicz, Richard 57 Kusta, Ramona 51 L Laedtke, Donald Laos, Joanne 54 Lamb, Francis 57,92,114 lambrocht, Ronald 61 Lamport, Phillip 51 Lange, Dorothy Lange, Suzanne Lanpheer, Richard 36,79 La Point, Robert La Point, Ronald 55 Larsen, Harold Lorsen, Richard Larsen, Bernice . . 59 Larson, Dora 51,106,109 Larson, Zola ... 61 Lau.John Lauersdorf, Albert 59,97 Lautenschlager, Thomas Lauterbach, John 51 La Violette, Joan 55,75,97 Lawless, Margaret 51,70,144 Leaper, Henry . 51 Learmann, Paul Lease, Ruth 55,68,93 Leeftink, Janna 95,119 Leeftink, Vallie 36,75,103,108 Leeman, Horry 36,113,109,118 Leher, Barbara 51.70,86,118,122 Lehman, Carol . . . . 51,106 Lehman, Dolores Lehman, John Leinweber, Byron Lemery, Alan 56,64 Lemke, Diane 56,75,90,93 Lemke, Shelby 56,84 Lentz, Martha 94,103 Lenz, Dean Lepinski, James Lett, Jay 57,94 Lettenberger, James 139 Lettenberger, Robert Leu, Barbara Lewis, Lynn 97 Lewis, Richard 51,82,115 Lewis, Virginia 51,113,106 Liesch, Marilyn Limbery, Marge Linberg, Jack Lind, Catherine Lind, Erlin Lindstrum, Steve ... 57,84,95 Lindstrum, Walton Linser, David 45 Llewellyn, James 115 Loehning, Donald 134 Long, Barbara 56 Lorenz, Joseph, 122,134 Lorenz, Robert 56 Louis, Diane Luckow, Darleen 61 Ludtke, Jock Ludwig, Kenneth Luebke, David Luft, Robert Lugg, James Lust, Judith 144 M Maas, Bernice Maas, Jean 51 MacDonald, Mary Ann Mac Intyre, Nancy 36,68,94 Mack, Thomas . 59 Mackin, Thomas Macknick, Richard 56 Maes, John 72,144 Majnarich, Judith 95 Malcheski, Barbara 37,75,145 Malchow, Richard Malchow, Tom Mallick, Amin 110 Mandel, Janet 118,119 Manderfield, Lucille 110 Mongum, John Manolis, Dorothy 51 Manthey, Robert Marquis, Janice . 51 Marshall, Donald 37,79,86,89 Marshall, Gloria 57,76,93 Marshek, Jerry Martin, Jean ... 56,84,86 Maryn, J. Michael Marx, Melvin . .... 37 Maras, John Masuda, Norman Mastalir, Thomas 106 Masters, Clayton Masterson, Margo 119 Matthews, Joanne Maulick, Robert 57 Mauritz, John Maxted, Wenda 61 Mayer, Ann 59 Mayer, Gary 37,91,113 McClellan, William 57,86 Me Donald, Daniel Me Dougal, Robert Me Ginnis, Joan Megathlin, James 57,115 Meier, Arnold 37 156Meitner, Robert 56 Meissner, Robert 59 Meister, Audrey .... Menas, Anton 51,91,116 Menas, Dino Mertes, Donald 51 Merti, Ethel 37,74,75,90,93,96,97,89 Metz, Margaret . . . . Meves, James Meyer, George 51 Meyer, Thomas Michael, Elliot 51 Michels, Donald 51 Mielke, Paul Mikkelton, Jeanette 38 Miller, Claude 38,80,87 Miller, David Miller, Dennis Miller, Harold 59,86 Miller, Janice Miller, Marcello Miller, Marjorie 91 Miller, Richard Miller, Shorlyn 59 Miller, Shirley Millin, Thomas 59 Minskey, Joseph Mintkey, Robert Miracle, Jerry ,38,113 Mitsling, Marlene 56 Mitchell, Loren 115 Mitchell, Richard 86,139 Mitchell, Robert 57,94 Mix, John 38 Moenning, Kenneth Moerchen, John 38 Moldonlauer, William 51 Molus, Jacquelyn 56,68 Montonoti, Glenn 51 Moore, G. Michael Moore, Joel Moore, Roger 115 Moreau. James 134 Morgan, Michael Morken, Richard 57 Morrison, David Morrissey, Jerome Morrissey, Thomos Morse, Franklin Mott, Allan 61 Mueller, Gerald 51 Mueller, Gerald Mueller, Lyle 51 Mueller, Marianne Mueller, Ralph Muentter, Glenn Mulvey, James 45,64 Murphy, John 51 Murphy, Paul 56 Murray, Ann Murray, Richard J. 51 Murroy, Tom 112 Musolf, John Mutzelburg, Melvin Nachtwey, David Nadel, Jerome 61 N Navance, John Naslund, Robert 38 Nobol, Ted 61 Nehring, Sally Neitzel, Lestor 51,64 Nejedlo, Susan 38,67 Nelis, Barbara Nehrig, Harlan 67 Nelson, Alico Nelson, C. J. 59,94 Nelson, Dewey Nelson, Eugene Nelson, Hartley Nelson, Ruth 56,93 Nelson, Sam 59 Neubauer, Clifford Neuman, Carol Neuman, Ronald Neuter, Kenneth Newhouse, Richard 51,76,86,92 Newton, Robert Nicholas, Janet 51 Niehoff, Donna 118 Nigl, James . Nigl, Rudy Nielsen, Daniel 115 Nielson, Doris Nitkowske, Jon 51 Nitkowske, Maryonn 51 Noe, Howard 56,82 Notion, Allan 89 Nolsund, R. 59 Novak, Robert 38 Novotny, Betty Novshek, Kathleen Nowak, James o .. .59 Oberklener, Judith O'Brien, Donald 56 O'Brien, Thomas O'Connell, Dennis 111,138 O'Connell, Duwayno O'Connell, Margaret Oestreich, Letter O'Hearn, Thomas.............................. 51 Ohm, Flora ....................... 39,68,103,106 Olton, Bruce Olson, Mona ...............................39,70 Olson, Neal .................................134 Olson, Reta On, Margaret Orr, Sanford............................. 61,111 Osenroth, Ted Oskar, Dorothie Ostermeier, Terry..................57,72,106,111 Ostwald, Sam ............................... 100 Otradovec, Sylvia 52,111 Ott, Albert Otte, James ..........................57,138,144 Otto, Russell Oyer, Emily ................................. 52 P Paekpke, Frederick Paffenroth, Gorald 115 Page, Rovert Palmer, John Paque, Ronald 59 Parey, Donald 39 Parker, Shirley Parsons, Gary Patrick, Donald 52,84,86,97 Paulick, Jeanne 59 Pauly, Louise Pazen, Dick 56,75,93 Peckham, Judith Pedertend, Leroy 59 Penkoske, Carol 52,64 Penzenstadler, Fay 57 Penzenstadler, Rudolph Jr. 52 Peppier, Gerald 56 Perdue, James 114 Perdue, Judith 59 Petcoff, Naomie Peters, Diane 39 Peters, Jacqueline Peters, Robert Peterson, Carolyn 56,64,111,131.132 Peterson, Donald E. 39 Peterson, Donald F. Peterson, Gordon 39 157Peterson, Jacqueline 64,86,93 Peterson, Joel Peterson, Rendal 39 Petrie, Sylvester Pezl, Carol 84 Pfister, Nancy ... . 93 Pfleger, Janet 56,95,103,106,108 Pheifer, Marcia 59 Phelps, Robort Piopenburg, Patricia 86 Piko, Donald Piko, Richard Pingry, Chester 39,89,109 Pittler, Mary Pitx, Bernard 56,83 Plantico, Chester 52 Plutchak, Gail 55.70,116,144,145 Pochojka, Kenneth Pollard, Carol Pollard, Doris 40,68,89,109 Polomis, Marilyn Pomplun, William 40 Ponce, Daissy .. no Ponce, Walter no Popp, Grace Poquette, Ronald 56 Porath, John Port, Gordon 59 Porter, Dennis Prahl, Carole 56,76,90,95 Prasher, Christine Prausa, Cleono 52,68 Priebe, Kenneth Prindiville, Gerald 59 Procknow, Noreita 56 Prout, Barbara 52,64 Pubanz, Len Pufahl, Darrel Pufahl, Virginia 93 Putzer, Thomas Pyott, Ruthie 94 Q Quovillon, Mary Anne 57 R Raob, Joseph 40 Raab, Patricia 61 Raatz, Arlan 59,91 Raatz, Arlan 59,91 Raatz, Marcella Race, Mary Radke, William 40 Raduenz, Marjean 59 Rafoth, Mary Lynn 56 Raisler, Mae 40,75,97,99,124 Ramm, Jodell 99,103,108,109 Raschig, Robert Rasmussen, Joanne 40,75,89,94,103,108,109 Rasmussen, Neil 57 Rather, Lee Rathol, P. 103,108 Ratzburg, Frances Ravey, Melvin Reagan, Denis Reamer, Dora Redemann, James Rodlin, Douglas Redman, Donald Redman, Jean Redman, Russell 57 Reehl, Ben 100 Reehl, Charles 100 Reese, Mory Lou 52,75,86,87,90,122 Rehbein, James Reible, Marilyn 52,70 Reichnenberger, Nancy Reif, Roger Reinert, William Remington, Judith Replogle, Albert 61 Resheske, Katherine Reszka, John 40,103,108,109 Retzer, Nancy 40,68,89,109 Rewalt, Gary Rhodo, Kenneth ....... 55 Rice, Suzanno 52,64 Richardson, Daniel Richardson, Patrick Richter, Adrian Richter, Eric Rieden, Gordon Rieder, Robert 57 Riemer, Lois Rinaldi, Ralph 41 Robinson, Joyce Rode, Ronald 56,75 Roeber, Richard 52,80,86 Roeder, Lorna Roethel, Paul 56,87,98,99 Roever, John 52 Rogers, Clifford Rogge, Sharon 82 Romuald, Louis 52 Roscoe, Lois Rosenbohm, Donald Rosenthal, Jan 52,70 Roth, Charles 57,115 Rouse, Nancy 86,75,93,116 Royeraft, Marna Ruedinger, Michael 56,76 Ruesink, Kenneth 52 Ruffalo, Robert 115 Rumlow, Al 52 Runkel, Alan 52 Rupp, Richard Ruprecht, Denise 52 Rusch, Dale 134 Rusch, Romello 56,91 Russell, Jean 52,76,88,103,108 Russel, Kenelm 95 Rutz, John 41,103,108 Rutz, LaVerne 41,89 Ryan, Maureen 52,75,86,96,97,118 S Sachs, Marlone 59 Safford, Emory 115 Sago, Mory E. 59 St. Louis, Ruth 56,68 Salm, Rosomary 41,74,75,89,109 Sampson, Kurt 61,94 Samuelson, LoRoy Sanders, Richard 56 Sargont, Gerald Sawicki, James Schad, Mariloo Schaefer, Donald 79 Schaefer, Frederick 52 Schaefer, John 55,103,113,109 Schaefer, Wilma Schanen, Lyle Schelfhout, Ronald 52 Scherff, David 52 Scheuerman, Marian 41,67 Scheuermann, Anthony Schilchor, Clifford Schikher, Sylvoster Schmick, Larry Schmidt, Carol Schmidt, Carol Schmidt, Carolyn 59 Schmidt, Dorothy 52 Schmidt, Eugeno 52 Schmidt, Fred Schmidt, Jeanotto 67 Schmidt, Lou Ann 41,68,93 158Schmidt, Paul Schmidt, Reinhard . . . 103 Schmidt, Ruth Ann 52,91,108 Schmitt, Barnard 52 Schmitz, Lawrence 61 Schmitz, Robert 52 Schmudo, Darlene 41,67,84 Schneider, Ralph Schock, Richard Schoenberger, James 82 Schoenberger, William Scholphoester, Shirley 56,91 Scholl, Rollyn Scholovich, Dorothy 61 Schomisch, William Schraa, Clem Schraa, Judith Schramm, Janet Schrank, Barbara 52 Schrimpf, William 61 Schroodor, Marilyn Schuchardt, James 56 Schuh, Donald Schuknecht, Jane 61,119 Schultz Charles Schultz, Clarence 134 Schultz, Hilbert 80 Schultz, Jerome Schultz, Miriam Schultz, Patricia Schultz, Richard 56 Schultz, Ruth 103,108 Schultz, Sally 53,95,108 Schulz, Bruce 57,134 Schulz, Mary Ann Schuster, Margaret 41,87,97,144 Schwaab, Karl 93 Schwoerer, Mary Scott, Dennis Scott, Robert 112,144 Soal, Harold Seaman, Lawrence Seiler, Richard 53 Seiner, Solly 56,68,103,108 Senn, Marvi-Senn, Natalie 57 Sensiba, Gordon Seuferer, Roberta Shad, Mary 67 Shane, Audrey 53,76,88,91,103,124,108 Shapiro, Marian Sharer, Donn 42 Sheets, Duane Shepro, Joanne 53,75,97 Shimek, Lyn 110 Shirland, Gary Shubert, Tom 42 Shwonik, Terrence Siebert, Carol 119 Sielaff, Carlton Si ever. Gale ... . 106 Silverthorn, Merlin 113 Simms, Marjorie 103,108 Simpson, Denneth Sippel, Elroy Sitter, Mary 59,110 Skilling, Annotto 56 Sloan, Ned Stoup. LaVern Slufik, Felecia 53,97 Smick, Robert Smith, Earl 42 Smith, James . . 56 Smith, Lee 55,79 Smith, Milton Smoody, Frederick Snyder, Glenn Snyder, Mary 119 Sobieski, Marilyn ... 75 Sommer, Clair Sorenson, Dale Sorenson, Mary 57,75,93,103 Sosinski, Leslie 57.95 Spanbauor, John Spanbauer, Stanley Spanbauer, Thomas 56 Spaulding, Donald 61 Spicer, Sara Spiegelhoff, Delmont Spiczenski, Sharon Spink, Eleanor 56,64 Sprecher, Cynthia 42 Stageman, Wayne ...... 42,134 Stannard, John 42,109 Stark, Marilyn 93 Starko, Nancy 42,76,103 Starks, Beverly 61 Stauffer, Russel 57 Stauffer, Sally 42,68,89,109 Stearns, Ronald 53,110 Stecher, James Steckbauer, David 93 Steckbauer, Margaret 110 Stacker, DcAnne 57 Steedo, William 53 Steffen, Peter Steffens, James Steffes, Gerald Steidl, Edward Steimle, John 56,82 Stein, Madonna 46 Stoinback, David Steinfort, Shirley Steinhaus, Jon 53,80,118,126 Steinike, Robert Stinke, Arthur 57 Steltz, Thomas Stenlund, Roger 134 Stern, Annette 61,110 Stovenson, Mary Stewart, Herbert 53,95 Stewart, Marilyn 56.93 Sticka, Earl 56,82 Stini, William Stinski, Mary 61 Stockinger, John Stone, Goorge 53,82,86 Strode, Earl 94 Straw, John 53 Strohschine, Elmer 57 Strouff, Marcia Subat, Robert 56,64,94,103,116 Sucharda, Alyce 64,98,125 Sullivan, Patricio Sutherland, Robert 61 Swan, Judith Swantz, Richard Sweet, Clifford 61,97 T Tabbert, Karen Taggart, Wanda 68,87 Tahlier, Richard 57 Tank, Dale Tanty, Leone Tatro, Richard 53,115 Tedesko, Dona 56 Teela, Virginia 59 TeRonde, Helen Tesch, Walter Toske, Melvin 56 Thalhofer, Judith . . . Theyerl, Donald Thibodeau, Mary 56 Thielman, Mary 57 Thomon, Paul 43 Thomas, Barbara 61,103 Thomas, Patricia Tighe, Terry Timm, Terrence 43,72,96,114 Timmerman, Annette 43,84 Timmers, Romayne 43,76,89,109 Tisch 43,75 Tisler, Mary Ann 53 Tisler, William 97 Toebe, Kennth 91,111 Tohulka, Mary 53 Toland, James Tomczyk, James 53 159Tonchett, Gerald 61 Traugott, Belly Trenreid, Philip Troudl, Donald Tully, Aundra 53,64 Tully, Mary Jane 59 Turcxynaki, Carl 53 Tulle, Earl 57 Tyriver, Davie Ullsporger, Pal u 61 Ulrich, William Unger, Jerome Upham, Robert V Valentine, Donald Van Akkeron, Jane 54,76,126 Van Alsline, David Vanden, Hogan, Joseph 59 VandonVelden, Kenneth VandonVelden, Richard 61,134 Van Handol, Donald Van Vuren, Thomas Vaughn, James 53 Veilh, Rhode 56 Veilh, Robert Verdelte, Jack Verkuilen, Vernon 43 Verstegen, Roger Vink, Roger 57 Voecks, Marilyn 61 Voighl, Bernard 43 Vross, Marjorio 110 w Wachler, Frederick 46,80 Wagner, Curtis 59 Wagner, John 61 Wagner, Marguerite Wallender, William 53,76 Walsdorf, William 56 Walsh, Joe 43 Warkanek, Terry Warnocke, Elaine Warner, Roger Worren, Kay Washbuch, David Wotry, James 53,88,122 Watson, James 44 Woathorway, Hopo 95 Weber, Joyce 67 Weber, Marlin Weber, Theodore 95 Weeden, Alfred 57,111 Weeks, Thomas Wegenke, Richard 61 Wegner, Edward 61 Weier, Charles 59 Weiner, Philip Weiser, Dwight 53 Woisnicht, Ann 44,67,86,94 Welch, Edna 44,94,103,108 Welch, Martha 56,68,116 Wolch, O. Perry 61,110 Wellner, Mardoll 56 Wendt, Daryl Wenninger, Ronald Wentzel, Robert 115 Wonzel, Beverly Wenzel, Marion 53,76 Wenzel, Ronald 56 Werch, Wendie 61 Werdin, Richard Wernecke, Aleeta 44,68,89,94 Werner, Dallas 53 Wesner, Donna Wosthause, Erwin Westra, Clarence 56 Weyers, Dorothy 59,125 Wheeler, James Wheeler, Thomas While, Benjamin Whiting, Morris Wichman, Ronald 61 Weilgosh, Marlene 53,70 Wifler, Ray. Wiles, James Wilbrecht, John 100 Wilde, Charlotto 44 Wildenborg, Lois 61 Wilke, Joan Will, Arnold Williams, Mrs. Ann Williams, Harold F. Williams, Harold R. 56,95 Williams, Judith 59 Williams, Pat Wilms, Phillip 44 Winke, Shirley 44 Winkler, Eugene 57,97,114 Winkler, Helene 70 Wippich, Jack Wisthoff, Dean Witherbee, Roger 44,131,134,138 Witkosski, James Witt, Wayne 44,110 Wittmann, Andrew Wittmann, Joan 134 Wituche, Rodney Witzke, LeRoy Wojner, Gerald 57 Wolf, Roger Wolfe, Douglas Wolfe, Thomas Wollangk, Robert Wollerman, Yvonne 61,144 Won, Chon Mon ...... Wood, Laura 57,110 Wood, Maxine 45,67 Wozniak, Ardyth Writt, Lawrence Wrzinske, Barbara Wynboom, Donald Wywialowski, Helen 53 Y Yaesq, Felix Yanke, Janice 59 Young, Richard 56 z Zarndt, Don 61,110 Zeamer, Wilford 53,72 Zehren, Oavid 57 Zeitler, Braugeor Paul 61 Zeller, Shirley 67 Zellmer, Gory Zellmor, John Zemlock, Charles Zentner, Linda 59 Zenlner, Suzanne Zepczyk, Raphael Ziebell, Bruce Ziebell, Oarrell . . 53,72,134 Ziellow, Harland Zimmermsn, Deland 110 Zuelzke, Patricio 45,76 Zurn, Gregory 97V QUIVER SUPPLEMENT WISCONSIN STATE COLLEGE OSHKOSH, WISCONSINQUEST WEEK The first week in March, 1957 was known as "Quest Week" in which the new members of the sororities and fraternities performed duties assigned to them. Various sights, as the carrying of stuffed animals, wearing heels, shining shoes, scrubbing the main hall floor with a tooth brush, and group singing in the halls were seen on campus during the week. FACULTY TEA An afternoon tea, June 4, 1957 was held at Pollack House in honor of Miss Lcavclva M. Bradbury. Miss Bradbury concluded 31 years of teaching in the last week of January, 1957. She was an associate professor of geography, joining the college faculty in 1919. The honored guest received her master of science degree from the University of Chicago. Spring flowers decorated the table at which Mrs. Nile J. Bchncke and Miss Ruth Wilcockson poured. They were assisted by Miss May L. Stewart, Miss Marie A. Hirsch, Miss Mayscl E. Evans and Miss Louise E. Scott. Members of the general committee were Mrs. Herbert Dohrman, Miss Alice Durcn, Mrs. Vela Marble, Mrs. John Mook, and Mrs. Allen Pricbe. EDITORS NOTE: Pictures on pages 12 and 13 are courtesy of the Oshkosh Daily Northwestern. We are sorry, but due to camera trouble we were unable to obtain pictures of “My Sister Eileen", “Fantasia”, The Honor's and Award's days assemblies. 2MOTHER’S DAY TEA Six Hundred mother were honored as guests at the Mother's Day Tea, sponsored by the Women's Association, on Saturday May 11, 1957. A musical program of entertainment was held in the new gymnasium. Gail Plutchak, president of Women’s Association presided as mistress of ceremonies, while Mrs. Ruth Nelson, Dean of Women, welcomed the mothers to the event. The entertainment included Marilyn Schroedcr singing “That Wonderful Mother of Mine", two numbers by a modem dance group, three marimba selections by Sally Schultz and "Lollytoodum" by Phoenix sorority. After the program, sandwiches, nuts, candies and punch were served at Radford Hall. There was open house at the dorm, and the guests were also able to sec the campus. “MY SISTER EILEEN” The Broadway Hit play, “My Sister Eileen”, was also a big hit on the O.S.C. campus. Under the direction of Miss Mayscl Evans, the play was held March 21 and 22 in the Little Theater. The setting of this comedy was a small basement apartment in Greenwich Village near Christopher Street. The story rovolvcd around two sisters from Columbus, Ohio, who came to New York to lease a fateful apartment. Ruth Sherwood played by Marilyn Schroeder, was the older sister who aspired to become a writer. Marge Firehammcr portrayed the younger sister, Eileen, whose beauty involved the sisters in many situations. Other main characters were Jim Poland as Mr. Appoplous, the Greek landlord; Claude Miller as Walter Sherwood, the girls’ father; Larry Hanson as the Wreck, who is garbed in an unusual style; Mary Halverson as Helen, the Wreck’s bride; Wayne Krumcl as Frank Lippencott, the drug store admirer of Eileen; Jim Wheeler as Robert Baker, a newspaper correspondent; and Ruth Hornbcck as Violet Shelton, the apartment’s former tenant. The other parts were played by Dennis Boettcher, Henry KirchofT, Bob Halle, Pete Stcflan, A1 Lauersdorf, Alice Sucharda, and Beverly Brochm. Chairmen of the various committees were: stage management, A1 Geimer; properties, Sally Adams; business, Barbara Lehcr; assistant director, Ethel Mac Mcrtz; publicity, Judy Swan; and costumes, Barbara Prout and Sally Spicer. 3SONGFEST Phoenix Sorority was awarded the Iota Alpha Sigma Songfest trophy before a full house, Saturday evening, April 6, 1957. The contest was held Friday and Saturday evening with Berk Driessel acting as Master of Ceremonies the first night, and Donald Butts the second. Phoenix sang the folk song, “Lolly Toodum”, to take them into the first place spot. The girls were dressed in alternating full length red and blue skirts, bandanas, and white blouses. Their only setting was a rustic tumbledown hut. Kathy Keller and Ellen Knight were co-directors. “A Medley in Color’' brought Kappa Gamma Sorority a tic for second place. The colors were represented in the songs “Green Sleeves ’, “Deep Purple”, and “Bluebird of Happiness.” The background consisted of white pillars draped with green, purple, and blue. Joan Tisch and Marge Fire-hammer were the directors. Gamma Sigma, the other second place winner, entertained the audience with a medley from “The King and I”. The numbers chosen from this Broadway musical were: “Getting to Know You", “We Kiss in a Shadow,” and “Whistle a Happy Tunc.” The Gamma Sigma girls wore oriental-type costumes of red and black; their slanted eyes, bare feet and Siamese posture added to the authenticity of their outfits. Dorothy Henscl directed and Joni Dali accompaincd this number. Third place went to Lambda Chi, who sang “Toot Toot 'Footsie,” and “I’m Alabamy Bound” The black-faced minstrel singers were under the direction of Pat Gregory. Alethean’s “Sweet Kentucky Babe”, under the direction of Kay Kaiser brought them honorable mention. Also competing in the contest were Lyceum under the direction of A1 Lcmery singing “Dry Bones", Philakean with “Calypso Tunes” under the direction of Bob Klimko, and Wanda Taggert directing Delta Phi’s “Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor" directed by Wanda Taggert.CAMPUS CARNIVAL Left and Btlow: Kappa Gamma’ firs! place booth, "K. G. Klink.” The fellow don’t eem to mind being arrested or put in jail. Gamma Sigma’s third place booth, “Three Coin in a Fountain. Btlow: Periclean, Monte Carlo e cond place. The third annual O.S.C. Campus Carnival, sponsored by Lambda Chi, was held in the Women’s Gym, March 30, 1957. The proceeds from the affair, totaling S275, were used to purchase two cameras for the college’s student publications. The booths of the twelve campus organizations were judged on a basis of originality, workmanship, and patronage. Kappa Gamma won first place with their “K.G. Klink”. for the price of one ticket anyone at the carnival could sign a warrant and have someone arrested and put in jail, where they stayed until someone “put up the bail” and got them out. Periclcan’s “Monte Carlo”, a gambling booth won second prize, while Gamma Sigma, with “Three Coins in A Fountain” came in third. Other booths included Alcthean’s “Send An Alethean-O-Gram, Alpha Chi’s “Spice of Life”, Delta Phi’s dart game, “Little Red Riding Hood”, Lyccun’s theme, was “Squirt and Squirt”, Iota carried on a side show, while Phoenix threw bean bags “Behind the Green Door.” The House of Langlitz carried out a Traval Show, Philakcan, “The Old Barber Shop”, and A.P.O., “If You Can’t Catch A Muskie, Catch a Sucker.” Aleihcan’s Alcthean-O-Gram. Philakcan' Barber Shop Alpha Chi, “Spice of Life' Tdntdiid presented by ALETHEAN PHILAKEAN PHOENIX LYCEUM LAMBDA CHI RAULF HOTEL April 27, 1957 9 to 12 Music by Jimmy James The music of Jimmy James’ orchestra provided a festive air for “Fantasia”, the annual spring formal which was held at the Raulf Hotel on April 27, 1957. From 9 to 12, couples danced in an aura of springtime. Masses of flowers and other spring decorations carried out the theme. Committees were formed from five societies. Lambda Chi, represented by Lorna Rocder, was in charge of tickets and refreshments. Mary Lou Blanchette from Alcthcan secured the hall and orchestra and also served as general chairman. Richard Lewis of Philakcan was in charge of the programs while Ron Grill from Lyceum secured Nancy Kliefoth of Phoenix was in charge of publicity, the chaperones and sent out the invitations. Honorary chaperones for the evening were Dr. and Mrs. E. O. Thedinga and Mr. and Mrs. N. P. Nelson. Chaperones included Dr. and Mrs. F. Caudle, Dr. and Mrs. J. Unger, Dr. and Mrs. S. Linton, Mr. and Mrs. D. Marble, Mr. and Mrs. D. Zahalka, and Mr. R. Brismaster. STANDING ROOM ONLY “Standing Room Only” proved to be a success on the O.S.C. campus. On May 7-11 the Golden Tridents, one of the newly organized groups on campus, presented this water ballet in the new pool of the Health Physical Education building. “Standing Room Only” consisted of swimming numbers set to music from top Broadway stage plays. Students directors of the various numbers included Camille Johnson, Mary Ellen Baugrud, Beverly Bilicki, Jane Schuknccht, Janet Mandel Margaret Hallock, Barbara Bohnc, Margo Masterson, Mary Lynne Snyder and Carol Siebert. Faculty directors were Miss Hardt, Miss Stephenson, and Mr. Goehrs. The other members of the cast included A. Ackcrer, P. Hendry, J. Leeftink, S. Powell, R. Klimko, E. Schmidt, R. Dc Groot,J. Fralish,J. Hanley, R. joslin, R. Tahlicr, T. Wolfe, W. Boler, W. Coyne, T. Gospodarek, R. Jaeger, D. Lenz, A. Murray, T. Peterson, K. Rhode, R. Wollangk, A. Gcimcr and C. Clark, N. McGuire, T. Radford, L. Schribcr, S. Singstock, and P. Widder from the Campus School. h I IINTRAMURAL SPORTS The spring sports on the O.S.C. campus included baseball, track, tennis, golf, and swimming. These pictures show various groups preforming in the campus sports program. TENNIS MAJOR IETTERMEN: I m Male how. Braugeor Zeitler, Donn Sharer, Jim Wheeler, Rtxl Wiiucki.Jack erdette. Minor lettermen: Jack Boguzewski and Dave Stein-back. Coach: Joe Breckinger. TENNIS: J. Wheeler. D. Steinback. B. Zeitlcr, R. Witucke.J. Verdette, D. Sharer. ) TRACK TRACK MAJOR IETTERMEN: Bruce Armstrong. Ned Callies. Ron Dauplabe, Terry Ingram. Lyle Koch, Tom Lauicnschlager, Jim l-ugg, Sylvester Schilcher, Cene Edwards. Ron Akin. Rod Coughlin. Bill Hogan. Dick Makhow, Harold Miller, I-arry Schmitz, Karl Schwaab, Tom Belling. Tom Gospodarek, (Manager), Wally Fiottcr, (Manager). Minor lettcrmen: Bob Halle and Tom Wolf. 8 kGOLF MAJOR LETTERMEN: Don Spaulding, Jim Harlcc, Bob Karnes, Al Cocnen, Rudy Pcnzemtadler, Tom Mcver; Coach, Robert Rolf. GOLF: Right to Ltfi: Karnes, Coenen, Pcnzcnstadler, llarkc, Meyer, Spaulding. BASEBALL MAJOR LETTERMEN-Jim Lcttcnbcrger, Captain, Pat Cox, Van Doxtatcr, Don Golz, Jerry Peppier, Len Pubanz, Duane Sheets, Ken Vander Vclden, Ken Klein, Jim MacKinncs, Don Marschall. Jim Horcay, Bob Maulick, Al Replogle, Terry Tighc, Jack Wippich, and Dale Kuiper and Ron Welch, Managers. Minor Lettcrmcn: Jim Basiliere, Bob Guelzow, Ron Inouye. Coach, Eric Kitzman. 9AWARD’S DAY ASSEMBLY James Wheeler, President of the Student Council, served as the master of ceremonies of the annual Awards Day Assembly held May 28, 1957. First on the program was recognition of students who helped to produce the 1957 Quiver. Next recognition was given to those students who worked on the Advance for the first and second semesters of the 1956-57 school year. Dr. William White told the activities of the Forensic Society on campus, and announced the students who actively participated in speech activities. Wayne Krumel recognized those students who directly and indirectly took part in the dramatic productions on campus. The winner of the Kappa Gamma Play Contest was Lambda Chi, and the trophy was presented to Audrey Shane. Men’s Intramural Sports Awards went to the following teams: The Pcriclcan Touchfootball Trophy presented to John Gicsbers, manager of the “Tigers”. The Iota Volleyball Trophy was also presented to the “Tigers”. Buss Asplund, manager of the Vet’s Basketball team accepted the Phil-akean Basketball Trophy. The Men’s Association Inter-Society Track Trophy was presented by Ron Grill to the Independents. Women’s Intramural Awards were presented by Mary Coulahan and Judy Hcuring. Gamma Sigma Sorority was awarded first place in the volleyball tournament, while Alcthcan came in second. In Basketball, Kappa Gamma look first place, while the Unknowns and Kambda Chi were tied for second place. Athletic Awards were presented to major and minor letter winners in football, basketball, track, tennis, golf and baseball. “0”-Cards were presented to Donn Sharer, Douglas Bezier, Tom Shubcrt,Jack Wippich, Don E Peterson, Richard Stearns, Don Marschall, Arnold Meier, Jack Verdette, Tom Murray, and Wayne Stageman, by Dr. Burton Karges. NEW DORM A new long range building program on the O.S.C. campus includes a new dormitory to be completed early in 1958, and the plans for a new student union to take the place of the Reeve Memorial Union. L 10PI KAPPA DELTA Pi Kappa Delta, the national honorary forensic society, was instituted this spring at O.S.G. Membership in Pi Kappa Delta is open only to those college students and instructors in public speaking, or directors of oratory and debate. Present at a banquet held at the Town House on May 18, 1957 was Professor Grace Walsh from Wisconsin State College, Eau Claire. She conducted the installation ceremonies in which 17 students and two faculty members became active members of the new O.S.C. society. President Polk received honorary membership into Pi Kappa Delta while Dr. White and Mr. Brismastcr were the faculty members installed. The degrees of honor went to Lyle Fcrr-man and Gale Sicvcrs. Degrees of proficiency were presented to Perry Ostermeier, Dennis Guse, Arthur Dricsscl, and Tom Mastalicr. The degrees of participation were granted to Alice Sucharda, Phyllis Gould, Rita Prochnow, Carol Collard, Bob Karuhn, A1 Geimcr, Bob Halle, Beverly Broehm, and Barbara Kubalc. First row. Lift to right: T. Ostermeier, A. Sucharda, P. Gould, Prei. Bolls, G. Welsh, L Ferrman. Sttond row: A. Geimcr, G. Sieverx, B. Karuhn, R. Prochnow, B Broehm, T. Mastalicr, Dr. White. Third row: H. Fenxkc. B. Kubalc, A. Dricsscl, B. Halle, D. Guse, B. Karuhn, E. Schmidt. HONOR’S DAY ASSEMBLY The 1957 Honor’s Day Assembly, sponsored by Phi Beta Sigma was held Tuesday morning, May 14, 1957. A woodwind ensemble playing “Quintet” by Hayden opened the program, after which Dr. Walter A. Wittich, Professor of Education at the University of Wisconsin, gave a timely address, “The Time for Individual Greatness.” Recipients of scholarship awards were as follows: Lambda Chi sorority, Phoenix Trophy for the highest society gradepoint; Diantha Dohrman and Mary Konrad, Ellen Peake St. George scholarships in English; Shirlene Johnson, Gamma Sigma Alumni Scholarship; Betty Hlavachek, the Oshkosh Council of Catholic Women Scholarship; Marge Firchammer, Kappa Gamma Scholarship; Bonnie Buechcl and Sharlyn Miller, The American Association of University Women Scholarships; Judith Swan, the Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship, Bill Scnsiba, the Lyceum Scholarship; Robert Karnes and Byron Krause, Iota Alpha Sigma Scholarships; Gloria Marschall, the Eldridgc A. Stewart Scholarship. Following the presentation of the scholarships, Mr. Anthony Womaski presented certificates to the students who were selected in the fall to membership in Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities. The program closed with Miss Alice Duren announcing the names of the students who were elected by the faculty for membership in Phi Beta Sigma, a national honorary fraternity. 11M? A wreath of white carnations and lilies of the valley was worn by Margaret Grcnke queen of the Oshkosh State College prom on Saturday evening, May 25, 1957. Marge, from Verona, Wisconsin, was escorted by Jack Wippich of Menaeha, who was elected king of the dance by the student body. Kenneth Johnson, last years king presented the silver crown to Jack declaring him king of the 1957 prom. Attired in a white nylon net ballerina-length dress, Marge entered the Health and Physical Education Building, on the arm of the king and proceeded to the place of honor. Her flowers were of white carnations with aqua streamers to match her aqua cummerbund. Preceding her entrance were the five attendants and their dates. They were Roger Erickson and Marie Kottkc, Donald Marshall and Kay Warren, David Harmsen and Lorcna Roeder, James Wheeler and Carol Balnis, and James Barnes and Barbara Oppcr. “Manhattan Towers” was the evening’s theme and was depicted with paintings of the Manhattan skyline at night and a false ceiling effect created by blue streamers and large silver stars. The general chairman of the prom was Roger Bodart of Two Rivers. He was assisted by various committees. The decorations committee chairman was Terr)- War-hanek, A1 Lcmcry, Nancy Abrahamson, Darrell Zeibell and Carmen Kerry. The publicity chairman was Roger Johnson, with Dick Tahlicr serving as assistant chairman. The band, flowers, and invitations chairman was Jean Russell, Barbara Lchcr was in charge of the elections. Chaperones for the evening were Dr. and Mrs. Burton Kargcs, Mr. and Mrs. L.O. Tetzlaff, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Gloeckler, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Pyle and Mr. and Mrs. Warren H. Goehrs. 12 “MANHATTAN TOWERS” The Grand March led by the King and Queen MAY 25, 1957GRADUATION The March from “Tannhauser” played by the college band, and the a cappclla choir’s selection, “The Closing Doxology”, by Lockwood, opened the program for the 83rd annual commencement at Oshkosh State College. One hundred and forty-four members of the 1957 graduating class received diplomas and degrees at the ceremonies on Wednesday morning, June 12th. President Polk introduced the principal speaker of the morning, John P. Mann, superintendent of the public schools at Appleton. Mr. Mann discussed the subject, “On Being Educated,” and advised the graduates to develop value systems which will become major parts of their behavior patterns. The leading values of the American educational system were noted to be democracy, individualism, equality, and human perfectibility. The climax of the graduation exercises came when President Polk awarded diplomas and conferred degrees on the graduates from the elementary, the secondary, and the Liberal Arts divisions of the college. The students were presented for graduation by the directors of their divisions, Dr. David Bowman, Mr. N. P. Nelson, and Dr. Raymond Ramsdon. The College A Oapp.ill.i Choir. Two students Elizabeth Firaly and Elaine Hoffman were graduated with highest honors, and six students received high honors. These students included Minnie Abidon, Mary Kennedy, Allen Nollan, Joanne Rasmussen, Nancy Retzer, and John Rutz. Students who received honors were, Fred A. Cruckson, Eunice Dissen, Charles Enigl, Kenneth Govek, Clair Hein, Donald Herlache, Yvonne P. Kosmosky, Harry Leeman, Donald Mar-schall, Ethel Mertz, Chester Pingry, Doris Pollard, Joseph Raab, La Verne Rutz, Rosemary Salm, John Stannard, Sally Stauffer, Romayne Timmers, Alccta Wcrnccke. I Mr. Mann, the guc i speaker. 14JUNE 1 2,1957 The graduation program continued with Miss Barbara Drahn, a member of the graduating class, playing a group of piano solos, including “Praeludium in B Flat Minor”, from Bach; “Minuet” and “Gavotte” from Prokofieff; and “Polka de Salon” from Smetana. The commencement event closed as the graduates filed from the auditorium to await the congratulations of their families and friends. The invocation and benediction were offered by the Rev. Gordcn Bender, pastor of the First Evangelical United Brethren Church. A reception for graduates, parents, and friends was held in the lounge of the old gymnasium immediately following the commencement program. tAoc . Graduates of the Secondary division receiving their degrees. BtUw: Graduates with their parents and friends after the exercises. PHI BETA SIGMA The June 1957 graduates who were initiated into Phi Beta Sigma at a dinner held at Radford Hall on May 22, 1957 were: Mrs. Minnie Abidon, Norway, Michigan; Elaine Hoffman, Fred Cruckson, and Harry Leeman, and Aletta Wcrnecke, all of Oshkosh; Elizabeth Firary, Fall River; Clair Hein, Kiel; Mary Kennedy, Antigo; Yvonne Kos-mosky, Chilton; Donald Marschall, Roscndale, Ethel Mertz, Waupaca; Chester Pingry, Omro; Doris Pollard, Clinton; Joanne Rasmussen, Summit Lake; Nancy Retzer, Port Washington; La Verne Rutz, Algoma; Rosemary Salm, Ncenah; and Romayne Timmers, of Kimberly. The January 1957 graduates named to Phi Beta Sigma were Charles Enigl, Sturgeon Bay, Joseph Raab, Oshkosh; and Donald Herlache and John Rutz, both of Algoma. X 15

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