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University of Wisconsin Oshkosh - Quiver Yearbook (Oshkosh, WI) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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I lr o UMJ£ l 9S6 M ' jt (jCt AtL Osj Jtfo (2c u) r6Vl4 JL FOREWORD The 1956 QUIVER is yours to hold and treasure forever. Within its covers are bound the memories of your year at Oshkosh State College, so that you and your friends may relive these days in the years to come.“Let us go hand in hand. . Shakespeare We dedicate the 1956 Qutuen to you, the faculty and students of the Oshkosh State College.PRESIDENT FORREST R. POLK 6ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICIALS JAMES F. DUNCAN Dean of the College RAYMOND j. RAMSDEN Dean of Instruction ERNEST O. THEDINGA Dean of Men 7 L. O. TETZLAFF RegistrarDEANS DR. ERNEST O. THEDINGA Dean of Men HELEN A. COLBY Dean of Women First Semester JEAN L. JACOBSON Dean of Women Second Semester 10DIRECTORS DAVID I. BOWMAN, 1954 Director of Campus School and Placement Ed.D., 1954, Columbia University HUIDAA. DILLING, 1930 Director of Curriculum for Kindergarten-Primary Teachers M A., 1930, University of Chicago JAMES K. JOHNSON, 1949 Director of Curriculum for Intermediate and Grammar Teachers M.A., 1948, Northwestern University N. PETER NELSON, 1924 Director of Secondary Education M A., 1929, Columbia University RAYMOND J. RAMSDEN. 1941 Director of liberal Arts and Pre-professional Education Ph.D., 1941. Ohio State 11 MAY L. STEWART, 1926 Director of Curriculum of Rural Education M A.. 1923. University of ChicagoFINE ARTS ETHEL J. 8EHNCKE, 925 Art M.A., 1925, Univerjity of Wisconsin RAYMOND L. GLOECKLER, 1953 Art M.S., 1952, University of Wisconsin RAYMOND H. CULP, 1955 Music M S., 1951, University of Wisconsin STANLEY S. LINTON, 1952 Music Ed.D., 1952, Columbia University YDA LOU SCHULTZ. 1955 Music M.A., 1951, Columbia University ALICE DE BARCZA, 1955 French and German Instructor DOROTHY E. MARTIN. 1946 English and Latin M.A., 1942, Colorado State College of EducationMAYSEL E. EVANS, 1929 Speech M.A., 1929, Northwestern University WILLIAM E. WHITE, 1955 Speech Ph,D., University of Wisconsin HELEN I. WAHOSKI, 1946 Head Librarian A.M.L.S., 1952, . University of Michigan EUGENE W. MOUSHEY, 1951 Senior Library Assistant A.M.I.S., 1951, University of Michigan CORINNE L. HUBBARO. 1949 Library Cataloger M.A., 1951, Stanford University PHYLLIS NELSON, 1955 Assistant Librarian BS, 1953. Oshkosh State College 13 DONALD W. ZAHALKA. 1954 Journalism Publication M S., 1954, University of WisconsinFINE ARTS NEVIN S. JAMES, 1923 English and Speech M.A., 1926, University of Wisconsin JOHN T. TAYLOR, 1936 English Ph.D., 1942. Columbia University CATHERINE S. KARR. 1955 English B.S., 1946, Oshkosh State College RUTH WILICOCKSON, 1921 English M A., 1928. University of Chicago DAVID L. 2UERN, 1955 English B A., 1955, Oshkosh State College EVERETTE G. PYLE, 1946 English M.A., 1939, State University of Iowa 14EDUCATION AND MATHEMATICS JOHN R. MOOK, 1950 Education and Psychology Ph.D.. 1949, University of Chicago I. O. TETZLAFF, 1954 Education Ph.M., University of Wisconsin RADFORD E. BOEING, 1946 Mathematics M.A., 1945, University of Wisconsin LEONARD BRISTOW, 1949 Mathematics Ph.D., 1930, University of Illinois FREDERICK L. CAUDLE. 1945 Science and Mathematics Rifle Club Advisor Ph.D., 1952, Ohio State University ROBERT J. WONDERS, 1946 Mathematics M.A., 1946, University of MichiganSCIENCE HERBERT C. DOHRMAN. 1949 Biology, Audio-visual Education M.Ed., 1944, Marquette University MAX I. BOWMAN, 1953 Chemistry Ph.D., 1937, Indiana University JAMES F. DUNCAN, 1930 Physics Ph.D., 1930, University of Michigan GERALD G. REED, 1946 Biology Ed.D., 1952, Denver University FRANK E. CARR, 1955 Chemistry, Biology M.T., U.S.N. Medical School ANTHONY J. WOMASKI. 1946 Physics M.A., 1951. State University of Iowa JAMES W. UNGER, 1953 Biology Ph.D., 1953, University of Wisconsin DAVID P. MARBLE. 1953 Chemistry M.S., 1933, University of Michigan BURTON E. KARGES, 1934 Geology Ph.D., 1934, University of Wisconsin 16SOCIAL SCIENCE LEAVELVA M. BRADBURY, 1919 Geography M.S., 1926, University of Chicago % C. BARBARA DONNER, 1926 History Ph.D., 1930, University of Michigan WARREN J. GEIGER, 1936 Geography, Social Studies Ph.M., 1936, University of Wisconsin MARIE A. HIRSCH, 1929 History M.A., 1924, University of Nebraska VELA LYNN MARBLE, 1955 Sociology, Social Science, History Ph.D., 1951, University of Texas ERNEST O. THEDINGA. 1936 History Ph.D., 1935, University of Wisconsin J. THEODORE HEFIEY, 1955 History, Philosophy Ph.D., 1953, University of Minnesota SHERMAN E. GUNDERSON, 1946 Economics Ph.D., 1950, State University of Iowa 17 RALPH A. NOREM, 1939 Political Science Ph.D., 1934, University of MinnesotaHEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION ETHAN B. PFEFFERKORN, 1935 Physician M.D., 1924, Washington University Medical School ELIZABETH TOlAND, 1951 Nurse R.N., 1928, St. Francis Hospital WARREN J. GOEHRS, 1947 Physical Education PE. Dir., 1955, Indiana University ERIC W. KITZMAN. 1955 Health and Physical Education M.S., 1954, University of Wisconsin ROBERT M. KOIF, 1923 Physical Education Ph.M., 1931. University of Wisconsin HELEN A. COLBY. 1946 Physical Education MS., 1934. Northwestern University 18 LOIS J. HARDT, 1955 Physical Education M.A., 1955, San Francisco StateOFFICE STAFF GRACE M. SHIMEK Secretary to the President ROBERT W. QUAST Business Manager FLORENCE I. PALMER Student Adm. Examiner PATRICIA SPAEDTKE Account Clerk GERMAINE HENSEL Stenographer 19CAMPUS SCHOOL ALICE DUREN, 1955 Kindergarten Supervisor M.S.. 1953, University of Wisconsin BERTHA C. MERKER, 1939 First Grade Supervisor M.A., 1939, Columbia University MILDRED P. NASGOWITZ. 1948 Second Grade Supervisor Ed M., 1951, University of Colorado JEAN I. CAUDLE, 1946 Third Grade Supervisor Ed.D., 1955, Boston University FREDA WEHNER, 1953 Fourth Grade Supervisor M.S., 1950, University of Wisconsin COZETTE A. GROVES. 1931 Fifth Grade Supervisor M.A., 1929, University of Chicago TERRENCE J. SNOWDEN, 1954 Sixth Grade Supervisor B.S.. 1953, Oshkosh State College 20EARL J. HUTCHINSON. 1946 Principal of Junior High School M.A., 1947, Lawrence College LLOYD W. WASSER, 1947 Junior High School Science B.S., 1939, Oshkosh State College ALLEN J. PRIEBE, 1953 Art M.S., 1950, University of Wisconsin LOUISE E. SCOTT. 1928 History and Social Studies M.A., 1928, State University of Iowa | ROBERT J. GRANT. 1927 Industrial Arts M.A., 1931. State University of Iowa IRENE C. KOERWITZ, 1947 Library Assistant B.S., 1944, Oshkosh State College OLGA C. OSTERTAG Secretary to the Director of Teacher EducationFAMILIAR WM. J. BARTELT Custodian FACES SERVULUS BODOH Custodian RONNIE CAMPBELL Custodian MILTON LANGLITZ Custodian ALFRED LENTZ Custodian JOHN WALLACE Custodian 22 MR. C. JOHNSON Painter HERMAN NORDHAUS CarpenterMR. AND MRS. LONG Student Union LUCILLE JOVAAG Janitoress MRS. HINZE Cook MRS. TAGGATZ Cook MR. AND MRS. SMITH Radford Hall 23SENIORS JEAN L. ARNOLD Neenah, Wis. Kindergarten-Primary Education KEITH A. BASTIAN Bril lion, Wis. Junior High School MARY JANE BEAUCIAIRE Peshtigo, Wis. Intermediate Education RONALD J. BEDORA Pound, Wis. Secondary Education CAROL A. BERGEN Fond du Lac, Wis. Primary Education JANET A. BEYER Fond du Lac, Wis. Secondary Education HELEN E. BIRD Beaver Dam, Wis. Primary Education JAMES J. BLECHL Oshkosh, Wis. Liberal Arts LOUISE A. BRADLEY Oshkosh, Wis. Rural Education FERN V. BRAMSCHREIBER Little Suamico, Wis. Rural Education GAIL L. BRIGGS Oshkosh, Wis. Secondary Education 26JERRY R. BYRNE Green Boy. Wis. Liberal Arts EUGENE F. CAVIL Green Bay, Wis. Intermediate-Grammar Education JANICE R. COULAHAN Fond du Lac, Wis. Secondary Education NATHAN D. CALDER Menasha, Wis. Liberal Arts ELLEN M. CHRISTENSON Appleton, Wis. Kindergarten-Primary Education RALPH M. CRAIN Fond du Lac, Wis. Liberal Arts DIANE C. CARLSON Peshtigo, Wis. Kindergarten-Primary Education MARJORIE H. CLARK Oshkosh, Wis. Secondary Education HAROLD D. CROUSE Oconto, Wis. Secondary Education DAN C. CAVANAUGH Manitowoc, Wis. Intermediate-Grammer Education EDWARD D. COFFIN Manitowoc, Wis. Intermediate-Grammar Education DONALD E. DAKE Oshkosh, Wis. Secondary Education 27HELEN M. DVORAK McFarland, Wis. Intermediate Education NANCY J. EDMINSTER Oshkosh, Wis. Rural Education f i JOSEPH J. ERMATINGER Oshkosh, Wis. Secondary Education DORIS E. EBERT Markesan, Wis. Rural Education DESNEIGE R. ELLEFSEN Shawano, Wis. Secondary Education RUTH E. FERO Oshkosh, Wis. Secondary Education THEDA A. ECKSTEIN Larsen, Wis. Kindergarten-Primary Education RUTH C. EMMEL Appleton, Wis. Intermediate Education MARY LOU FINK Oshkosh, Wis. Kindergarten-Primary Education BEN C. EDER Antigo, Wis. Intermediate-Grammar Education SHARON F. ENGERSON Kaukauna, Wis. Kindergarten-Primary Education DIANE E. FORREST Appleton, Wis. Primary Education 28JANICE M. FURRER Waukesha, Wis. Primary Education JOANNE E. HANNEMAN Wautoma, Wis. Primary Education ELMER J. HARTMAN Antigo, Wis. Intermediate-Grammar Education RICHARD E. GETCHIUS Redgranite, Wis. Intermediate-Grammar Education HARRIET A. HARMS Ripon, Wis. Secondary Education RALPH G. HARTMAN Oshkosh, Wis. Secondary Education JAMES F. GIORDANA Kaukauna, Wis. Secondary Education CARLTON V. HARRAND Oshkosh, Wis. Secondary Education JANET A. HARTZHEIM Kaukauna, Wis. Kindergarten-Primary Education RUTH A. HABERKORN Cambria, Wis. Rural Education NANCY L. HARRIMAN Appleton, Wis. Intermediate Education BARBARA A. HIPKE New Holstein, Wis. Primary Education 29GERALD L. HOLLAND Oshkosh, Wis. Liberal Arts NANCY HARFORD HUTCHINSON Oshkosh, Wis. Secondary Education GILBERT J. JOHNSON Oshkosh, Wis. Secondary Education LIONEL F. HOLMES Ripon, Wis. Liberal Arts ELAINE G. HORN Fond du Lac, Wis. Primary Education 4 MARY J. HUPKE Clintonville, Wis. Primary Education HELEN A. JANSSEN Oconto, Wis. Rural Education NEIL M. JERABEK Algoma, Wis. Intermediate-Grammar Education JESSE L. JOHNS Oshkosh, Wis. Liberal Arts THEODORE J. KACHELSKI Beaver Dam, Wis. Liberal Arts MARGARET H. KELLEY Royalton, Wis. Intermediate Education CHARLES G. KING Omro, Wis. Liberal Arts 30WILLIAM R. KING Madison, Wis. Secondary Education MARION R. KIT2 Oshkosh, Wis. Primary Education LOIS M. KLEIN Eldorado, Wis. Primary Education JOAN M. KNACK Marion, Wis. Secondary Education WAYNE K. KNOLL Oshkosh, Wis. Secondary Education CAROLE J. KNOPE Two Rivers, Wis. Secondary Education RONALD L. KNORR Menasha, Wis. Secondary Education BOYD W. KOHN Woupun, Wis. Secondary Education BARBARA J. KOPLEIN Ripon, Wis. Secondary Education ANN M. KOSTREWSKI Kewaunee, Wis. Junior High MARY ANN KOWALSKI Goodman, Wis. Secondary Education DONALD A. KREBSBACH New Holstein, Wis. Secondary Education 31ROBERT W. KUJANPAA Phelps, Wis. Secondary Education JOE M. LINER Fond du Lac, Wis. Intermediate-Grammar Education MARY A. MALCHESKI Pulaski, Wis. Intermediate Education DORA ANN LARSON West De Pere, Wis. Rural Education ROBERT G. LARSON Milwaukee, Wis. Secondary Education KENNETH C. LIPPOLD Oshkosh, Wis. Intermediate-Grammar Education SALLY A. LUDWIG Rhinelander, Wis. Primary Education VERN W. MANTHEI Oshkosh, Wis. Liberal Arts MONA M. MATRAVERS Oconto, Wis. Primary Education JOHN J. LESKOVEC Crivitz, Wis. Secondary Education AUDREY J. MADISON Oshkosh, Wis. Primary Education BETSY A. MAY Fond du Lac, Wis. Primary Education 32JOHN F. MEGGERS Sheboygan, Wis. Intermediate Education VIRGINIA E. MOORE Oshkosh, Wis. Secondary Education DONALD R. ORIOWSKI Milwaukee, Wis. Secondary Education GEORGE P. MILEY Sheboygan Falls, Wis. Liberal Arts CARYL R. MILLER Beaver Dam, Wis. Primary Education LORNA M. MOLL Cedar Grove, Wis. Kindergarten-Primary Education JOAN M. MURPHY Oshkosh, Wis. Kindergarten-Primary Education DON A. NEHLS Fond du Loc, Wis. Secondary Education PHYLIS J. NORMAN Green Bay, Wis. Intermediate Education GRACE L. ORT Black Creek, Wis. Intermediate Education BETTY B. ORY Pelican Lake, Wis. Primary Education CAROL J. PAISER Gresham, Wis. Rural Education 33ELEANOR M. PATCHETT Markesan, Wis. Intermediate Education JO ANN E. PETERSON Green Bay, Wis. Intermediate Education MARY ANN PUGH Juneau, Wis. Kindergarten-Primary Education DANIEL A. PAULICK Oshkosh, Wis. Liberal Arts CAROL A. PFUND Appleton, Wis. Primary Education NANCY C. QUASTENBERG Milwaukee, Wis. Kindergarten-Primary Education LEE F. PERRODIN Manitowoc, Wis. Intermediate-Grammar Education BEVERLY J. PLOT2 Oshkosh, Wis. Intermediate Education JOHN K. QUINN Hortonville, Wis. Secondary Education MARY E. PERSHA Horicon, Wis. Primary Education NANCY ANN PRILL Manawa, Wis. Secondary Education ARDIS J. RAISLER Neenah, Wis. Rural Education 34MARILEE REINERT Manitowoc, Wis. Kindergarten-Primary Education JEAN A. RESHESKE Oshkosh, Wis. Kindergarten-Primary Education DENISE E. RHEIN Two Rivers, Wis. Primary Education MYRITA E. RODENCAL Berlin, Wis. Primary Education SHIRLEY A. RUSCH Chilton, Wis. Rural Education K. PATRICIA RUTHMANSDORFER Two Rivers, Wis. Secondary Education JEANETTE M. SCHINKE Appleton, Wis. Primary Education DOROTHY M. SCHMIDT Berlin, Wis. Rural Education ELAINE M. SCHROEDER Pulaski, Wis. Kindergarten-Primary Education MARCELINE A. ROBERTS Fond du Lac, Wis. Secondary Education DONALD E. SCHAEFER Oakfield, Wis. Liberal Arts FRANCIS J. SCHROEDER Oshkosh, Wis. Liberal Arts 35KENNETH A. SCHROEDER Appleton, Wis. Secondary Education WILLIAM E. SLOEY Fond du Lac, Wis. Liberal Arts LOIS V. STOLPER Random Lake, Wis. Kindergarten-Primary Education KATHLEEN E. SCHUETTE Redgronite, Wis. Secondary Education DORIS M. SOBIESKI 8erlin, Wis. Intermediate Education DAVID A. SUTTON Milwaukee, Wis. Secondary Education MARGARET ANN SCHUSTER Berlin, Wis. Intermediate Education RITA A. STECKBAUER Oshkosh, Wis. Secondary Education LEONARD L. TEWS Ripon, Wis. Secondary Education CAROL C. SIEBOLD Oshkosh, Wis. Secondary Education SARALEA R. STEINER West Bend, Wis. Primary Education MICHAEL D. THOMAS Manitowoc, Wis. Intermediate-Grammar Education 36SHIRLEY M. TIPLER Neenah, Wis. Intermediate Education THOMAS R. VINEY Marinette, Wis. Liberal Arts MARY A. WEBER Appleton, Wis. Primary Education REBECCA M. VANCE Racine, Wis. Intermediate Education SHIRLEY E. VOGEL St. Nazianz, Wis. Kindergarten-Primary Education CONSTANCE J. WOEHLKE Oshkosh, Wis. Rural Education EUGENE W. VANDEN BOOGAARD Appleton, Wis. Secondary Education MARVIN C. WACHHOLZ Oshkosh, Wis. Intermediate-Grammar Education ARLENE A. WOLDT Oshkosh, Wis. Liberal Arts EUGENE P. VANDEN HEUVEL Kimberly, Wis. Secondary Education ST' CATHERINE J. WALSDORF Kiel, Wis. Secondary Education JULIE A. WRCHOTA Oshkosh, Wis. Secondary Education 37DORIS J. WUSTRACK Waupun, Wis. Intermediate Education THOMAS H. YUNGWIRTH Fond du Lac, Wis. Secondary Education GERALDINE S. ZELLER Oshkosh, Wis. Rural Education DORIS L. HEISLER Oshkosh, Wis. Kindergarten-Primary Education LOWELL GLUNN Wautoma, Wis. Secondary Education ROBERT C. RAHR Oshkosh, Wis. Liberal Arts 38IN MEMORY OF Patrick J. Holloran Patrick J. Holloran, 24, of Menasha, died on Tuesday, November 22 of a heart attack. Pat was a senior in the secondary division and was majoring in social science. He came to Oshkosh State College after attending the University of Wisconsin extension center at Menasha for two years. He was active on campus as manager of the Oshkosh State College football team and as a member of Periclean Fraternity of which he was president and vice-president. 39Jane Allan Joanne Bartelt Patricia Basel Carol Bauer Carol Becker Douglas Bezier Dennis Boettcher Athlean Boreson Ruth Bradley Dorothy Breit Vivian Brusius Donald Buresh Susanne Carey Judith Cota Joan Cramer Fred Cruckson JUNIORS Joan Cumber Richard DeRusha Eunice Dissen Barbara Drahn Charles Enigl Roger Erickson Thomas Faris Elizabeth FiraryGerald Frailing Romelle Fredrick Kenneth Govek Jeanne Greer Marjorie Gritt Janet Halle Robert Heaps David Hecker Clair Hein Jerome Henning Robert Herbst Donald Herlache George Herrmann Ronald Hertwig Judy Heuring Karen Hildahl Dawn Hoffman Ruth Hornbeck Anna Gay Hubbard Jack Jansen James Johnson Richard Karst Mary Kennedy Kent Kiesow Ralph Kinzel Sue Kleinschmidt Robert Klimko Marlene KnokeYvonne Kosmosky Don Kroll Louis Kroll Arvin Krueger Gerald Krueger Wayne Krumel Shirley Kruse Wayne Kubick Richard Lanpheer Junior Lehman Richard Lewis Walter Lindstrum Donald Loehning Nancy MacIntyre Barbara Malcheski Melvin Marx Arnold Meier Ethel Mertz Richard Meyer Joseph Minskey John Narance Robert Novak Flora 01m Mona Olson Naomie Petcoff lonald F. Peterson dol Peterson s ter Pingry ; Pollard 1m Pomplun i RaabMae Raisler Aleeta Ramm Joanne Rasmussen Nancy Retzer Joan Richter John Rutz Laverne Rutz Rosemary Salm George Schmidt Lou Ann Schmidt Cynthia Schoss Bruce Schulz William Slate Robert Smick Earl Smith Wayne Stageman John Stannard Nancy Starke Sally Stauffer Madonna Stein Paul Thoman Terrence Timm Annette Timmerman Romayne Timmers Joan Tisch John Tisler Harold Valentine Jack Verdette Frederick Wachter Jack Wippich Dennis WussowSOPHOMORES Top Left: Row 1: S. Adams, M. Bock, J. Abbs. Row 2: E. Bottig, N. Behnke, B. Buechel. Row 3: B. Bamberg, E. Broeniman, D. Bollom, J. Atwell, R. Boese. Middle Left: Row 1: L. Fehrman, M. Dupies, J. Doll, M. Bork, D. Dohr-mon. Row 2: D. Butts, R. Bodart, F. Dykstra, R. DeWane, R. Kunz. Bottom Left: Row 1: J. Blohowiak, M. Hinesh, B. Glandt, J. Cherveny, Row 2: D. Fuestel, D. Held, J. Flock, G. Herdina. Row3: R. Groth, E. Hansen. Bottom Right: Row 1: S. Johnson, F. Bramschreiber, L. Bradley. Row 2: I. Huberty, R. Kusta, E. Hoffman, C. Hinkens. Row 3: B. Krause, R. Guelaow, G. Hanson, T. Herzog.Top Left: Row 1: B. Guenther, B. Lehrer, E. Knight. Row 2: J. Ka-row, V. Leeftink, D. Kloppmann, D. Kent. Row 3: K. Kuehnl, J. Bosmon. Top Right: Row 1: C. Meyer, A. Meister. Row 2: C. Manther, R. Ludwig, R. Kuehn, W. Moldenhouer. Middle Top: Row 1: K. Klein, M. Firehammer, V. Games, B. Bilicki. Row 2: N. Brown, P. Gorr, M. Gieryic, I. Dorsey, D. Harmsen. Middle Bottom: Row 1: P. Hitchcock, D. Hensel, M. Grenke. Row 2: M. Feldman, P. Heinzen, P. Greisch. Row 3: D. Halverson, A. Huberty. Row 4: G. Hightdudis, R. Gilligan, D. Johnson. Bottom Right: Row 1: M. Hoverson, M. Konrad, K. Keller, D. Kitzinger. Row 2: B. Laycock, S. Hunter, C. Jagodinski, B. Koval. Row 3: D. Herzberg, B. Karnes, D. Korrels. 45Top Left: Row 1: K. Nowotny, M. Wagner, M. Reese. Row 2: F. Lehman, J. Heideman. Top Right: Row 1: W. Steede, D. Larson, C. Lehman. Row 2: R. Roeber, T. Manley, L. Larson, R. Miller. Middle Top: Row 1: A. Binger, J. Fast, C. Neuman. Row 2: K. Olsen, K. Reath, S. Nehring. Row 3: K. Kiegler, M. Lawless. Row 4: K. Menas, J. Stockinger, K. Weber. Middle Bottom: Row 1: W. Taggart, C. Prausa, D. Sherman, N. Siegel. Row 2: R. Stearns, M. Ryan, R. Sowls. Row 3: D. Scherff, R. Stauss. Bottom Left: Row 1: M. Wenzel, B. Schmidt, B. Prout, D. Plotz. Row 2: R. Wifler, J. Treutel, T. Schrank, C. Mossberg. Bottom Right: Row 1: D. McCormick, S. Otradovec, P. Sanford, M. Reible. Row 2: J. Murphy, L. Roscoe, E. Welch. Row 3: R. Newhouse, R. Ostertag, R. Zernzach.Top Left: Row 1: M. Wielgosh, T. Worhonek. Row 2: R. Werner, A. Tully. Row 3: K. Toebe, D. Werner, L. Romuald. Top Right: Row 1: A. Roberts, S. Parker, M. Wittwer. Row 2: J. Perdue, J. Kircher, D. Ditter. Row 3: J. Kujawa, A. Rum-low, R. Newton, C. Kunde. Middle Top: Row 1: F. Slufik, K. Litkey, A. Shane. Row 2: D. Stein-bach, N. Utic, M. Schmolesky. Row 3: A. Runkel, R. Malchow. Middle Bottom: Row 1: E. Winorski, J. Congdon, M. Cornelius, V. Lewis. Row 2: R. Schmitz, D. Sheppard, B. Scott, R. Schmidt. Bottom Left: Row 1: T. Van Vreede, R. Gove, D. Brennan, F. Schafer. Row 2: D. Wingrove, W. Johnson, R. Dixon, W. Kaiser. Bottom Right: Row 1: J. Shepro, M. Turan, R. George.FRESHMEN Top Left: Row 1: J. Ahl, S. Crimmings, M. Baugrud, D. Blanken burg. Row 2: C. Basel, B. Ahrens, P. Dunlavy, K. Becker, J. Bechard. Row 3: S. Barnhart, L. Bartel, S. Kohl. Middle: Row 1: S. Dopp, S. Groto, K. Bork, R. Harness. Row 2: R. Akin, K. Bauer, G. Dhein, R. Barlow, P. Barry. Row 3: J. Bandt, R. Betti, C. Bodmer. Bottom Left: Row 1: R. DeHut, M. Blanchette, J. Diel, R. Eyers. Row 2: D. Richardson, W. Carver, D. Dieck, D. Campbell. Row 3: R. Hall, L. Cismoski, R. Faust, R. Propson, R. Du-sheski. Bottom Right: Row 1: B. Hencke, S. Jentz, L. Joschob. Row 2: L. Hoi-verson, R. Holzer, C. Heuer, T. Gospodarek, J. Gies-bers, D. Flunker. Row 3: T. Hischke, G. Henry, J. Fiedler.Top Left: Row 1: M. Lund, G. Hammock, C. Hannemon, P. Gregory. Row 2: A. Lemery, J. Huebner. Row 3: E. Hiley, M. Hare, J. Klieber, J. Grey, P. Freiberg, R. Judson. Top Right: Row 1: A. Drover, N. Frank, G. Fessenden, B. Eiles, M. Gruber, Row 2: N. Gauthier, A. Foust, E. Frey, G. French. Row 3: P. Gates, C. Garbe, D. Guse. Middle Top: Row 1: J. Grasse, J. Kramer, M. Kraft, J. Loes. Row 2: B. Kumbier, J. Larson. Row 3: J. Kollerjohn, F. Lehman, K. Brandt, C. Mantz. Middle Bottom: Row 1: K. Gilbertson, L. Hammerseng, M. Halverson, V. Haass. Row 2: A. Kerwin, H. Grosnick, J. Gocker, C. Johnson. Row 3: W. Mielke, L. Gabrielson, R. John, R. Grill. Bottom Right: Row 1: J. Huck, S. Hidde, P. Henry, V. Jesch, K. Johnson. Row 2: J. Heller, K. Fuller, D. Hubli, D. Schmude, K. Hurlbut. Row 3: J. Muerchen, R. Jahn.Top Left: Row 1: N. Klieforth, C. Kerry, C. Kleene, K. Kroll. Row 2: J. Kiser, D. Krueger, E. Knutzen, P. Kluth. Row 3: W. Felix, J. Kirsch, H. Kuiper, E. Sticko. Middle Top: Row 1: P. Drown, J. Folck, L. Eberle. Row 2: J. Koeller, J. Geer, A. Driessel, D. Long, R. Erfel. Row 3: D. Gauger, R. Stauffer, T. Dreblow, E. Dragon. Middle Bottom: Row 1: M. Krause, J. Kratsch, P. Klein. Row 2: R. Koehn, S. Henning, R. La Point, K. Kuenzl. Row 3: J. Konrad, R. Koeppen, H. King, J. Lau, F. Lamb. Bottom Left: Row 1: M. Buchanan, D. Buetow, M. Bormann. Row 2: D. Bloedel, M. Cassidy. Row 3: E. Egan, T. Barber, J. Brown C. Adams. Row 4: N. Botz, G. Bauer, R. Cook. Bottom Right: Row 1: H. Owens, D. Storzer, R. Mroczynski, M. Morgan. Row 2: G. Mohr, D. Muller, J. Hinske J. Ruedinger. Row 3: J. Megathlin, G. Briggs, D. Kramer, R. Nigl.Top Left: Row 1: B. Kroll, B. Hessler, M. Welch. Row 2: R. Henke, E. Kondler, R. Wenzel, P. Murphy. Row 3: R. Korow, T. La Buwi, M. Minten, D. Jackisch, R. Kerrigan. Top Right: Row: D. Sitzberger, F. Penzenstadler, J. Peters, J. Martin. Row 2: C. Monfre, G. Marschall, M. Maos, R. Lease, M. Liesch. Row 3: J. Lugg, G. Peppier, J. Schoenberger. Middle Top: Row 1: R. Macknick, D. O'Connell, K. Putzer, S. Lind-strum. Row 2: W. Watchholz, G. Mongan, R. Poquette, R. Mitchell, J. Morrissey. Row 3: D. Nelson, H. Williams, R. Mitchell. Middle Bottom: Row 1: R. Pyott, A. Skilling, T. Schmidt, R. Rusch, S. Seiner. Row 2: J. Pfleger, N. Rouse, E. Spink, C. Schneider. Row 3: W. Schoenberger, J. Schuster, P. Kronzer, R. Stenlund. Bottom Right: Row 1: M. Rofoth, R. Born, R. Schultz. Row 2: B. Sommers, A. Sucharda, M. Sorenson. Row 3: J. Kiel, D. Van Alstine, T. Salzseider, J. Redemann, P. Steffen. 51Top Left: Row 1: C. Siebert, P. Scott, C. Stonisch, L. Roeder. Row 2: E. Tuttle, S. Seehower, M. Strouf, R. Sanders. Row 3: J. Maes, C. Handeyside, W. Winkler, R. Witucke. Middle Top: Row 1: P. Wilms, J. Weber, R. St. Louis, W. Tanner. Row 2: L. Sosinski, T. Spanbauer, G. Rogers. Row 3: T. Derkuilen, D. Wegehaupt, J. Sprague, M. Teske. Middle Bottom: Row 1: B. Traugott, A. Weisnicht, B. Wuest, B. Timm. Row 2: J. Van Akkeren, M. Sobieske, Y. Wollerman, B. Leach. Row 3: R. Vieth, J. Schaefer. Bottom Left: Row 1: J. Wheeler, J. Vap Sistine, J. Wussow. Row 2: B. Wagner, C. Westra, D. Peterson, R. Smerling. Row 3: A. Scheuermann, R. Vink, E. Winkler. Bottom Right: Row 1: S. Rolseth, B. Stoeckli, M. Scheuerman, M. Troudt. Row 2: J. Reszka, G. Oakes, T. Ostermeier. Row 3: F. Paepke, R. Malliet, O. Bittorf. Row 4: D. Schmudlach, D. Porter, E. Ploenzke.Top Left: Row 1: J. Nichols, D. Hacker, C. Prohl. Row 2: S. Ne-jedlo, M. Roycroft, C. Pezl, D. Lemke, D. Stecker. Row 3: A. Wittmann, J. Klatt, J. Reszka. Top Right: Row 1: J. Robinson, B. Born, B. Wrzinske, M. Stinski. Row 2: S. Schoephoester, S. Thomas, R. Ristow. Row 3: O. Runge, D. Tyriver, N. Rasmussen, C. Roth, R. Redman. Middle Top: Row 1: G. Coughlin, C. Penkoske, M. Mason, J. Lo-Violette. Row 2: A. Sievert, G. Plutchok, S. Lemke, B. Murphy, M. Mullin, J. Monfils, B. Rosenberg, M. Rhode, K. Meyer. Middle Bottom: Row 1: L. Pauly, J. Kerscher, J. Oberklaner, J. Remington. Row 2: R. Rupp, J. Roever, R. Bunker. Row 3: W. McClellan, H. Noe, J. Peterson, C. Schultz. Bottom Right: Row 1: S. Schneider, N. Procknow, B. Mohr, P. Shannon. Row 2: M. Stewart, J. Molus, G. Pfeil, H. Winkler. Row 3: R. Luff, L. Lewis, A. Medema, F. Kohler. 53FRESHMAN WEEK September 13th found the largest freshman class ever to enter OSC registering in Dempsey Hall. Guidance tests, group meetings with division directors, lectures and addresses were attended by the new students. The traditional Freshman Mixer was held in the Campus School Gym on Monday night. Freshmen taking exams in the library. The band performs at the Parents' Day game. PARENTS’ DAY October 8th was the annual Parents Day at OSC. The game played that day was in honor of the parents of the football players. During the half-time period, the band played a special selection and formed o large "P" to honor all of the parents attending the game. SOCK HOP On October 28th OSC students danced to the music of Don Delap's orchestra at the annual "Sock Hop ". It was sponsored by Social Life in the Women's Gym. The many styles and colors of socks were judged and prizes were awarded to the most outstanding. Co-chairmen of the event were Becky Vance and Dick Meyer. Sock Hop winners: Ron Gafner, Mary Halverson and Jim Wheeler. 56Working up an appetite while playing football. ALL-SCHOOL PICNIC Sunday, September 25th, the Social Life Committee entertained the students of OSC at an allschool picnic held at Menominee Park. This was the first picnic of the new school year, and a good time was had by all who attended. Various games such as football, baseball, and tennis were played throughout the afternoon. A picnic supper was served. At the end of the day, prizes were given to the winning teams. Joan Cramer and Ethel Mertz sampling the cider. LOCKER PARTY As a Halloween feature, the Women's Association sponsored the annual Locker Party on October 31st. Cider and doughnuts were served to the faculty and students from 2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the Women's Lounge. Students enjoying the Locker Party. 57Queen Rita and her court—Kathleen Schuette, Rosemary Salm Queen The King and Queen lead the Grand March t eHOMECOMING Plans for the big 1955 Homecoming week were under the direction of the Homecoming Committee chairmen, Kathleen Schuette, Jan Hartzheim, Tom Viney, and Ken Johnston. The Queen's Rally began the busy week with campaian speeches and skits. The students chose Rita Steckbauer os queen and Kathleen Schuette and Rosemary Salm as court attendants. Harold Valen-time was named king. The attendants chose Dick Kuehn and Leon Jackman as their dates. Philakean took first place in the float contest with their theme "Dial TD for Victory". The college athletic field was the scene of the bonfire. There it was announced that the House of Strupp took first place with "We Butter-fly Over Point" as their theme for house decoration. After the bonfire, the Royalty Dance was held in the Campus School Gym. Following the sorority luncheons on Saturday, the Homecoming game against Stevens Point was played. During the halftime period. Queen Rita was crowed. Although the Titans suffered a loss, everyone enjoyed the Cider Party at Radford Hall and Pollock House. Climaxing the week's activities was the Alumni Dance at the Masonic Temple with music by Jimmy James. 1 9 5 5 Kathleen SchuettePLAY CONTEST The annual Play Contest, sponsored by Kappa Gamma, was held on October 28th and 29th. The event was under the direction of Jean Resheske and Denise Rhein. For the fifth year in a row, Alethean took the top honors with its presentation of “When Altars Burn", directed by Ginny Moore and Rita Steckbauer. Gamma Sigma placed second with “The Phantom Ship". Lambda Chi placed third with the play, "Early Frost". Alethean's Winning Play Jim Worthen Dogpatch Winners' Janet Kratsch Sadie Hawkins Line-up SADIE HAWKINS DANCE On November 19th, the Campus School Gym was invaded by Dogpatch characters when the Sadie Hawkins Dance was sponsored by Delta Phi and lota. Myrita Roden-cal and Don Butts acted as chairmen. Prizes were awarded for the best Dogpatch couple, the couple with the most original costumes, and the funniest dressed couple. Music was provided by Larry Woodbury and his orchestra.MEN’S ASSOCIATION BANQUET The Men's Association Banquet was held on Thursday evening, November 17th, in the Campus School cafeteria. Mr. Eric Kitzman served as toastmaster. Both Mr. Kitzman and Coach Bob Kolf spoke about the highlights of the past season's games. The concluding entertainment was movies of both the University of Wisconsin and the Green Bay Packers football games. Men at the banquet. “JACK AND THE BEANSTALK’’ The thespians of Oshkosh State College presented their third annual allstudent production on December 9th and 10th. This year the committee selected "Jack and the Beanstalk" for the college production. Shelby Lemke played the title role of Jack; DuWayne Stowe, substituting for the injured Dennis Boettcher, was the Giant. Molly Walsdorf and Virginia Moore were director and assistant director of the student production. The "Jack’ cast Shelby Lemke as Jack WOMEN’S ASSOCIATION BANQUET "Here We Come A-Caroling" was the theme of the Women's Association Banquet held on December 7th, at the Athearn Hotel. The program included a speaker. Dr. Vela Marble; a reading; community singing; and vocal selections by Mary Ann Nitkowski. The banquet, which was planned for all women on campus, featured a chicken-pheasant dinner. Women enjoying the banquet. 61c H R I S T M A S T I M E Christmas time brought high spirits to OSC. The beautiful Christmas star over the front entrance of Dempsey Hall was put up by Lambda Chi. That sorority also displayed the nativity scene in the library. The long-needled pine tree which was so beautifully sprayed and lighted was the work of Gamma Sigma. Radford Hall girls placed a tree in the front picture window of the dorm for all passers-by to enjoy. Students of OSC joined in the holiday spirit and carried this spirit home with them as they left the college for a wonderful vacation. "Mistletoe Magic"was theatmos-phere as five societies combined efforts in sponsoring the annual Christmas formal on December 9th. The dance was held at the Eagles Ballroom from 9:00 to 1:00. The societies sponsoring the dance were Delta Phi, Gamma Sigma, Kappa Gamma, lota Alpha Sigma, and Peri-clean. The music was provided by Reggie Barber and his orchestra. 62UGLY MAN CONTEST Derogatory allusions to a man's physiognomy can be dangerous, but not in the case of Alpha Phi Omega's annual search for the "ugliest" man on the campus. Sponsored to raise money for the Bureau of Family Service, the contest was held from December 1£ to 14. With each vote costing one penny and with everyone being allowed to vote as often as he wished, OSC students voted Dick Dittloff as the "ugliest" of the candidates, which had been nominated in a similar manner during the previous week. "King Ugly" polled 7,026 of the votes while the total proceeds amounted to $141.50. The Beauties and Dick Dittloff King Ugly' Diane Lemke, Gene Cavil, and Nancy Rouse get ready to skate. ROLLER SKATING PARTY On January 9, a new social event was added to OSC's calendar. Social Life Committee sponsored a roller skating parfy at the Starlite Roller Rink. The chairmen of the event were Jan Beyer and Dick Meyer. From 7:30 until 10:00, students of OSC enjoyed an evening of free entertainment. 63QUEEN AUDREY KING FRITZ r"ROSTBITE r ROLICS The annual Frostbite Frolics, sponsored by Alethean, was held on January 20 and 21. During the preceding week, the students of OSC elected Fritz Wachter as king to reign over the two-day event. He chose Audrey Madison as his queen. The highlights of the first evening included an ice skating exhibition by students and a broom-ball game between members of the faculty and the student body. On Saturday evening, the Frostbite Frolics dance was held in the Women s Gym. Music was provided by Arch Adrian and his orchestra. Perform 64The judges decide upon the winners. On February 4, Philakean fraternity sponsored the return of the "Mask Ball" to the social calendar of OSC. James Perdue was general chairman of the event which was held at the Eagles Ballroom. Rosemary Salm and Leon Frieschmidt, the winning couple, were crowned as king and queen for the evening. Prizes for the best costumed dancers were awarded to Sue Kleinschmidt and Lee Morsell (Milwaukee). Entertainment during the intermission period was provided by the Philakean quartet and soloist Mary Ann Nitkowski.I. to R., Row 1; V. Moore, R. Steckbauer. P Ruthmenidorfer. B. Drahn, M A, Pugh. Row 2: D. Forrejt, 8 laycock, N. Behnke. E. Christenson, M. Kennedy, M. Relnert. Row 3. J. Hartzheim, M. Cameron, C. Penkoike, R. Fero, D. Kloppman, A Tully, M. Konrad Row 4 M. Mueller, J. Abbs, J. Cota, F. Slufik, S. Nehring, J. Fait, M. Fink, B. Proof. First Semester Mary Lou Fink... Janet Hartzheim Mary Cameron.... Mary Konrad..... Nancy Behnke.... Barbara Drahn.... Dr. Jean Caudle Officers ....President... Vice-President. .. ..Secretary.. ....Treasurer... .....Historian.. ...Custodian... ...Advisor...... Second Semester ... Janet Hartzheim ....Virginia Moore ....Nancy Behnke .....Mary Konrad ....Barbara Drahn .....Sally Nehring ... Dr. Jean Caudle Both informal and formal rushing began this year's activities for the members of Alethean. The home of Marion Kitz was the scene for this event. Homecoming time found Alethean busy with their float. "We'll Choo Choo Chew ’Em Up" was their slogan this year. The Homecoming alumni luncheon was held at the Athearn Hotel. For the fifth consecutive year Alethean sorority took first place in the annual Play Contest. Their entry was entitled "When Altars Burn" and was directed by Rita Steckbauer and Virginia Moo re. Christmas caroling was enjoyed by the members of Alethean. They were accompanied by their brother fraternity, Philakean. Frosbife Frolics proved to be a success with a little help from "old man winter." The Ice Revue and Broom Ball were enjoyed by everyone in attendance. King for the weekend events was "Fritz" Wachter. The Queen of his choice was Audrey Madison. Under the direction of Judy Cota, Alethean presented "It’s a Grand Night for Singing" in the lota Songfest. 68ALETHEAN Formal Rushing at the Home of Marion Kitz 69ALPHA CHI Big meeting in Women's Lounge Anyone for Charades? Christmas party A present for Miss Stewart 70 Homecoming FloatI. lo R.. Row 1: 0. Schmidt. R Haberkorn, $. Rujch. C. P« s«r, A Raster. Row 2; G. Plvtchak, A. Seibert, I. Eberle, D. Ebert, M Hare, 0. Larson, C. Woehlke Row 3; A. Weimicht, D. Schmwde, E Hiley, B. Zeller, I. Bradley. 8. Heocke, J. Schmidt. Row 4. M Buchanan. J. Peterson, B. Som mers, Y. Wollerman. B. Wojohn, B Kumbier. M Kenney. N. Edminjter. Officer! First Semester Second Semester Doris Ebert.........................President...................... Gail Plutchak Ann Weisnicht....................Vice-President..............................Arlene Sievert Constance Woehlke...................Secretary....................Darlene Schmude Bridget Murphy .....................Treasurer..................... .Beverly Henke Jean Kramer.........................Historian.................................Carol Paiser Miss May L Stewart..................Advisor...................Miss May L. Stewart Alpha Chi is the Rural society on campus and its membership is open to all men and women of the Rural Department. Its meetings are held every Tuesday morning in the Alpha Chi room. The business meeting is followed by a short program. Miss May L. Stewart, the club's advisor, started the year's activities with a "get acquainted party" at her home. "let's Help Steven Get the Point" was Alpha Chi's float entry in the Homecoming Parade. The annual Homecoming Tea was held in the Alpha Chi's meeting room Although Alpha Chi takes part in many different activities on campus, its purpose is not purely social. The purpose of the group is to embody education and social aims, and to strive to promote better understanding of rural conditions. 71BETA PHI now LYCEUM L. to R., Row 1: W. Krumel, D. Schaefer This year for Homecoming Beta Phi (Lyceum) had as its slogan "We'll Sharpen the Pointers to an End." This was the first of the fraternity's activities for the year. Its entry in the Play Contest was "So's Your Old Antique." The play was directed by Wayne Krumel and the members of the 72Officers First Semester Second Semester Dave Harmsen ....... President..................Don Schaefer Don Schaefer......Vice-President.......Dave Harmsen Ernie Broeniman Secretary-Treasurer Ernie Broeniman Wayne Krumel.........Historian.........Wayne Krumel E. Broeniman. Row 2- D. Harmsen, J. Henning. cast were: Dave Harmsen, Ernie Broeniman, Jerry Henning, and Don Schaefer. The group also participated in the Intramural Sports program. This fraternity has again changed its name to Lyceum after changing it to Beta Phi last year. ?7 $hHo' o t-Entry SS0e„ Par de Pointers to s 73First Semester Diane Carlson Officers Second Semester Sally Stauffer Janet Halle Carol Jagodinski Barbara Koplein Lou Ann Schmidt Custodian Aleeta Ramm Critic Miss Dorothy Martin The 1955 to 1956 school year once again saw Delta Phi active in various campus events. They began the year by having Formal Rushing at Sally Stauffer's home. Seven new members were welcomed into the sorority. "We'll Pound the Pointers" was Delta Phi's float entry in the Homecoming Parade. They received honorable mention. The Homecoming Alumni Luncheon was held at Ostertag's Tea Room. The next big event for Delta Phi was Kappa Gamma's Play Contest. Barbara Koplein directed its entry, "Strange Victory." Delta Phi along with lota sponsored the Sadie Hawkins dance. Bob Karnes was Delta Phi's candidate for the Ugly Man Contest. At Christmas time Delta Phi in cooperation with lota. Kappa Gamma, Gamma Sigma, and Periclean sponsored the Christmas Formal. The theme this year was "Mistletoe Magic." Delta Phi was in charge of the decorations. Lorna Moll directed "Over the Rainbow," Delta Phi's entry in the lota Songfest. 74DELTA PHI Play Contest "Strange Victory" Homecoming Luncheon at Ostertag's Tea Room Homecoming Float 75 "We'll Pound the Pointers"GAMMA SIGMA f 76 Homecoming Float "Point to Defeet"I. to R.. Row I: M Olwjn, E Schroeder. C- Paiier. M Wielgosh. M. Perjha, D. Henvel. P. Kelley Row 2 B Koval, S T.pler, M lawlesj. J. Flack, K Ziegler. J. Doll, A Madison, J. Beyer. Row 3 K. litkey. M Roberts. A. G Hubbard. J. Cumber. M Re b!e, N Prill. N, Harriman. K Olson. Row A M Schuster. S Johnson. V Garnse. M Bork. C. Knope. 0 Dohrman. B leher. K. Hildahl. H Dvorak First Semester Officers Second Semester Audrey Madison Janet Beyer Barbara Leher . Joan Cumber Margaret Schuster Mona Olson Miss Corrine Hubbard.................. Advisor Miss Corrine Hubbard Following Formal Rushing held at the home of Miss Hubbard in October, three new members of Gamma Sigma were initiated into society activity through participation in Homecoming. Gamma Sigma's float in the Homecoming Parade was "Pointed to Defeet." A large number of alumni cloyed the Homecoming Luncheon at the Town Grill. Next in sight was Kappa Gamma's Play Contest and Gamma Sigma claimed second place with its presentation of "The Phantom Ship." It was directed by Elaine Schroeder and Marceline Roberts. Gamma Sigma put up the Christmas tree in the main corridor of Dempsey Hall and also joined with four other societies in presenting the Christmas Formal, "Mistletoe Magic." January brought the Frostbite Frolics and a Gamma Sig, Audrey Madison, reigned as Queen with King Fritz Wachter. Gamma Sigs were enthusiastic participants in the tournaments sponsored by WRA. In a gay mood, Gamma Sigma sang the spirited "Woman in the Shoe" in lota's Songfest. Jan Hanley served as director. Participation in Campus Carnival and Vod-Vil were also included in Gamma Sig's activities. Among the final events of the year were the annual Mother's Day Luncheon, the senior farewell picnic, and the cottage party at the Chain O' Lakes, after the close of school. t to R., Row 1: J. Hanley, 0. Butt , J. Atwell, H. Corbett. Row 2: R Kwehn, J. Byrne, K Bastian Row 3: T Timm, J. Mlnjkey. 0. Ziebell, R. Erickioo, I. Hwberty. W. Zeamer Officers First Semester Second Semester Roger Erickson.......................President................................Jerry Byrne Keith Basfian.....................Vice-President.............................Donald Loehning Jerry Byrne......................... Secretary...............................Irvin Huberty Wilford Zeamer.......................Treasurer..............................Wilford Zeamer Richard Meyer........................Historian.......................Terrence Timm Dr. G. G. Reed........................Advisor........................Dr. G. G. Reed Informal Rushing headed the calendar of lota's first semester activities. Five new members were initiated into the fraternity at Formal Rushing. lota received second place for its float "Heads We Win, Tails They Lose" in the Homecoming Parade. "Dark Rider," a dramatic western play, was presented by lota in the annual Play Contest. They were awarded fourth place. lota sponsored the annual Sadie Hawkins dance along with their sister sorority. Delta Phi. Along with one other fraternity and three sororities lota sponsored the beautiful Christmas Formal, which was held at the Eagles' Ballroom, December 9. Throughout the year lota participated in all Intramural sports. They were represented by the "Big Shots.'' Songfest was sponsored by lota in the spring. They also participated in Campus Carnival and Vod-Vil. At the Honors Assembly on May 15, lota presented a scholarship to a junior male student. In concluding the year's activities lota had a Social Retreat which celebrated the activities of the past school year. 7 oIOTA ALPHA SIGMA "V'T,ebe" Oaf( eW et Play Contest entry "Dark Rider" 79 Second Place Homecoming ParadeKAPPA GAMMA Play Entry "Uplifting Sadie" fiieco Hotel on »r •» ' V » - . Homecoming fioat 80 Third Piace ... "k Toast to the Titans" I 10 R , Row 1: J. Rasmussen. $ Corey. R. Solm. J. Resheske, F Brarm hre.ber. Row 2 M I Reese. B Walcheski, J. Tisch. R Hornbeck. J Shepro, M Raisler Row 3: B Brochm, 0. Hoffman. W S. Adams, D. McComvck, W Feldmann, P. Hilchoek, M Weber. S. Kruje Roa 4 Y Koimoiky, M Malchcjk.. A Borejon. S Voqel. B Way. E Wertz. M Grenke. D Ellefien First Semester Jean Resheske Officers Second Semester Joan Tisch Joan Tisch Fern Braumschreiber Yvonne Kosmosky Shirley Kruse Athlean Boreson Marion Turan Mrs. Elizabeth Toland ..................Advisor Mrs. Elizabeth Toland The first event of the year was Informal Rushing at Pollock House. Three new members were welcomed into the sorority at Formal Rushing at the Caudle home. Kappa Gamma won third place for its float. "Toast to the Titans." in the Homecoming Parade. The alumni were welcomed back with a luncheon at the Athearn Hotel. Co-chairmen for the annual Play Contest, which Kappa Gamma sponsored, were Mitzi Rhein and Jean Resheske. The sorority also presented the play "Uplifting Sadie," directed by Gail Briggs. "Mistletoe Magic" was the theme of the annual Christmas Formal of which Kappa Gamma was one of the sponsors. Kappa Gamma sponsored "Fritz" Wachter for Frostbite King. Kappa Gamma's Songfest entry was a medley from "Oklahoma." The group also participated in Campus Carnival and Vod-Vil. The annual cottage party concluded the year's activities for the members of KapDa Gamma. 81LAMBDA CHI Q "If Barnum and Bailey could see us now!" say Carol Bauer and Nancy Starke. 82I. lo R., Row 1: B Hl«va hek, B. Firary, B. Vaoca, P. Zwelzke, B Boechel Row 7 P Hcinzen. R. Frazier, R. Timmer , M Wagner, $. Engervon. J. Peierton Row 3: C. Bauer, B Ploiz, J. Coulahen. R. Bradley, M Bock, C. Neuman, N. Starke. Row 4 A Shane, M. Grin, R George, J. Meuring, M Waltdorf. J. Russell. Or. Marble First Semester Sharon Engerson Beverly Ploiz... Carol Bauer..... Becky Vance..... Mary Bock....... Audrey Shane .... Dr. Vela Marble Officers Second Semester President......................... Beverly Plotz Vice-President........................Molly Walsdorf .. .Secretary......................Romayne Timmers ....Treasurer........................Becky Vance ... .Historian................... Rosemary George ....Custodian....................... Marge Wagner ...Advisor........................Dr. Vela Marble lambda Chi members began their year of activity by welcoming Dr. Vela Marble as their new advisor. Homecoming activities got underway with the preparation of a float with the theme, "We'll Pin the Pointers" which won honorable mention, lambda Chi enjoyed greeting its alumni at the Homecoming Luncheon held at the Hotel Athearn. Molly Walsdorf and Audrey Shane directed the play "Early Frost" which won Lambda Chi third place in the Play Contest. The group helped add to the Christmas spirit at O.S.C. by placing the star over the main entrance of Dempsey Hall and erecting a nativity scene in the library. lambda Chi sponsored the annual Campus Carnival again this year with Carol Bauer as general chairman. The event was held March 10 in the women's gym. Carol Neuman was the director of its entry "All the Things You Are" in Songfest. Other activities included a Vod-Vil entry, a Mother's Day luncheon and a cottage party. 83PERICLEAN I. to R., Row 1: G. Hightdudis, F. Wachter, D. Halverson, R. Knorr, R. Gilligan. Row 2: D. Krebsbach, D. Steinbach, H. Periclean began its activities for the year by having Informal Rushing. At Formal Rushing several rushees were taken into the fraternity. This was followed by Periclean's entry 84Officers First Semester Second Semester Don Brennan....... President Ralph Kinzel Pat Holloran Vice-President. Larry Larson Don Krebsback Secretary Dave Steinbach Fritz Wachter..... Treasurer ...........Fritz Wachter Bill Coyne........... Historian Ron Knorr Harold Valentine Custodian............... Lyle Koch Lyle Koch............ Custodian .......Jack Wippich Mr. Nevin James ... Advisor Mr. Nevin James Mr. Earl Hutchinson ... Advisor Mr. Earl Hutchinson Valentine, W. Stearns, D. Brennan, D. Kroll. in the Homecoming Parade, "Wipe Out Point." The fraternity also participated in Song-fest and Campus Carnival. 83I. to R., Row I: P. Gorr. R Klimko, J. K.rcher. Row 2: T. tamper!. W. Ha.dling«r, 0. Boettcher A. Perkins. 0. Stowe. Row 3: I. Dorsey, I. Nelson, J. Stockingcr, G. Holland, Mr. Zahalka, J Perdue Row 4 E. Cavil, J. Christenson, J. Kujawa. R. Boose. A Krueger. First Semester William Haidlinger Robert Klimko...... John Kircher....... James Schomisch. ... Neil Jerabek ...... Dennis Boettcher... Dr. James Unger.... Mr. Donald Zahalka Officers ....President..... ...Vice-President,.. ....Secretary..... .....Treasurer.... ....Historian..... Sergeant-at-Arms .....Advisor .....Advisor...... Second Semester William Haidlinger ......James Perdue .....Robert Klimko .......Ivan Dorsey ........John Kircher ...Dennis Boettcher ...Dr. James Unger Mr. Donald Zahalka Philakean began its activities for the year by taking part in the Homecoming festivities. Its parade entry, which won first place, bore the slogan, "Dial TD for Victory." James Perdue was the chairman for this event. The candidate for the Ugly Man Contest was Kenneth (Jumbo) Arndt, who won second place. Philakean sponsored the return of the Mask Ball this year. James Perdue was chairman. "The Last Time I Saw Paris" was Philakean's entry for Songfest. It was directed by DuWayne Stowe. 86PHILAKEAN 87 Are they for real?!PHOENIX 88 Float Entry Homecoming ParadeI. «o R., Row 1 M Hineih, A RanWr, 8 Glandi, D. Wustrack. J. Blohowiak Row 2 S RukH. N Edminjrer, K Keller, J. Bar (ell, 0. Kitzinger. T Timmerman Row 3; J. Murphy. H Marm». A Roberts. P Norman, J. Cherv ny, S. Sterner, S Parker, I. Kle.n, E Knight. M Matravers First Semester Annette Timmerman..... Saralee Steiner....... Phyllis Norman........... Joanne Bartelt........ Joan Murphy........... Lois Klein............ Miss Mildred Nasgowitz Officers .. .President... Vice-President ...Secretary ....Treasurer Historian... ....Custodian. ...Advisor..... Second Semester .........Mona Matravers Phyllis Norman ..............lois Klein ..........Joanne Bartelt ......... Shirley Parker .......... Marie Hinesh Miss Mildred Nasgowitz Phoenix began its activities for the year with a "progressive dinner" for Informal Rushing. Formal Rushing was held at the Athearn Hotel and eight girls were taken into the sorority. "Murder at Mrs. loring's" was Phoenix's entry in Play Contest. During the Christmas season Phoenix went caroling at Sunnyview Sanitarium and presented gifts to the young patients. Phoenix also caroled at the Winnebago County Hospital. This was followed by a potluck supper at the home of Joan Murphy. Gifts were exchanged by the group. Phoenician Festival was the theme of Informal Rushing second semester. Formal Rushino was held at Ostertag's Tea Room. 'This Is My Country'' was Phoenix’s entry in Songfest. 80L. to R., Row 1: A. Perkins, K. Johnston, D. Boettcher, Mr. Pyle. Row 2: C. Roth, E. Safford, M. Marx, D. Merfz, R. Judson. ALPHA PHI OMEGA Alpha Phi Omega certainly had a busy year. They sponsored the Ugly Man Contest. Fraternities and Sororities nominated candidates and used pennies for ballots in a two-day election. The money collected was turned over to the Bureau of Family Service to be used for Christmas baskets for the needy. The Blood Drive Contest was sponsored by Alpha Phi Omega to solicit donors for the Blood Mobile in Oshkosh. The annual book sale was held again this spring. The books are acquired from the faculty, library, and students. These books are in turn sold to the students. The proceeds from this sale are used for taking the orphans of Oshkosh to the summer Boy Scout Camp. The members of APO do all the cooking and take the children swimming, fishing and hiking. Other miscellaneous activities were helping with registration day, marshalling of the Homecoming Parade, and helping scouting activities throughout the city. Officers: R. Lewis, K. Johnston, D. Boettcher. Entry in Homecoming Parade.K A P P A The Beta Theta Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, national honorary fraternity, initiated into membership twenty new students this year. Kappa Delta Pi, established twenty-seven years ago in our college for people who have dedicated their lives to education, has as its purpose the encouragement of high professional standards in education in its members during the period of preparation for teaching. Both students and faculty members may belong. Twice each year new members are chosen by members of the fraternity. These students must have full junior standing, be enrolled in one of the education divisions and have a high scholarship. Officers for the year were: Elaine Schroeder, President; Donald Krebsbach, Vice-President; Pat Ruthmansdorfer, Secretary,- Diane Carlson, Treasurer; Nancy Harriman, Historian; and Mr. Anthony Womaski, Advisor. Top, L to R., Row 1: N. Retzer, Y. Kosmosky, E. Mertz, M. Weber, P. Ruthmansdorfer, B. Plotz, A. Ramm. Row 2: J. Rasmussen, D. Pollard, E. Firary, N. Harriman, M. Hupke, L. Rutz, M. Roberts. Bottom, Row 1: M. Kowalski, H. Harms, B. Koplein, J. Stannard, E. Schroeder, D. Carlson, M. Fink. Row 2: R. Salm, S. Stauffer, R. Timmers, D. Marschall, M. Kennedy, K. Schuette, J. Resheske.SOCIAL LIFE The Social Life Committee consists of students elected by the Student Council. The organization promotes social activities and encourages student participation in them. The Committee sponsored two all-school mixer dances and the annual Sock Hop. It financed the bands for the Frostbite Frolics, Mask Ball, and the Sadie Hawkins dances. It also sponsored a roller skating party for all students at the Star-Lite Roller Rink. The Social Life Committee sponsored the weekly Sunday night movies. It sponsored a contest for suggestions of new activities which would add to the social life on the campus. The Committee highlighted its year by sponsoring the annual school prom in the spring. An all-school picnic was held at Menominee Park in the fall and another one in the spring Members of the Social Life Committee were: Carol Bauer, Becky Vance, Janet Beyer, Kathleen Schuette, Robert Klimko, Bonnie Buechel, Dick Meyer, and Ken Johnston.WHO’S WHO Fourteen seniors from Oshkosh State College were chosen to be listed this year in WHO'S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES. Each year since 1934 outstanding students in the various colleges and universities throughout the country have been given recognition in this publication as a reward for achievements in their college careers. These students were chosen by the faculty on the basis of scholarship, participation in school affairs, leadership, and personality. The students selected must be seniors. The students chosen for recognition in this year's publication of WHO'S WHO were: James Blechl, Joseph Ermatinger, Virginia Moore, Daniel Paulick, and Beverly Plotz of Oshkosh; Diane Carlson of Peshtigo; Harriet Harms of Ripon,- Nancy Harriman and Kenneth Schroeder of Appleton; Denise Rhein and Patricia Ruthmansdorfer of Two Rivers; Marceline Roberts of Fond du Lac; Elaine Schroeder of Pulaski; and Kathleen Schuette of Redgranite. Top, L. to R.: K. Schroeder, V. Moore, E. Schroeder, H. Harms, D. Rhein, B. Plotz, M. Roberts. Bottom, L. to R.: J. Ermatinger, D. Carlson, K. Schuette, N. Harriman, P. Ruthmansdorfer. 93INTER FRATERNITY Inter-Fraternity, an organization made up of two representatives from each sorority and fraternity, plays an important part in the social life at OSC. This year Inter-Fraternity enforced the ruling that sororities and fraternities cannot rush first semester freshmen or first semester transfer students. They also changed rushing dates from Monday through Saturday to Monday through Thursday and the following Monday and Tuesday. Inter-Fraternity stated that each fraternity and sorority could have fifty members. This included active and inactive members and each society could make their own specifications as to inactive members. It was also decided that again this year the sororities and fraternities would join in sponsoring two formals. L. to R., Row 1: C. Bauer, R. Timmers, M. Matravers, M. Reinert, A. Madison. Row 2: J. Perdue, G. Hightdudis, A. Boreson, D. Ziebell, K. Schuette, J. Stockenger, D. Kroll.1 STUDENT COUNCIL A new system of representation was put into effect this year by the Student Council. In the system used in previous years there were two representatives from every division. Replacing this is the method of electing one representative for every fifty students in a division. An active part is taken by the Council in planning the annual Homecoming activities. It is their task to set up a committee and to see that it operates after it has been set up. The Student Council should therefore be credited for our successful Homecoming. A Student Council member plus two students from the student body are represented on various faculty committees. Officers: D. Marschall, J. Lescovec, E. Vanden Heuvel, B. Buechel. L. to R., Row 1: E. Vanden Heuvel, G. Schmidt, B. Schulz, F. Wachter, J. Lescovec, D. Marschall. Row 2: J. Tisch, M. Walsdort, M. Reinert, T. Warhanek, M. Kennedy, C. Jagodinski, B. Buechel. Edirors Nancy Retzer, Marceline Roberts THE ADVANCE On these two pages are the students who edit and write our school paper. Little do we realize the efforts put into one paper. There are assignments to be made, deadlines to be met, ad space to be sold, and proofreading to be done. So, let's say, "Thanks" to the Advance staff for another year of fine work. Editor's Note: Not pictured—Society Editors: Carole Knope, Betty Hlava-chek. Advisor: Mr. Donald Zahalka. Associate Editors Barbara Koplein, Dawn Hoffman t -TV -■ i . .... News Editors Be„y HisvacVseW. Niarge F.rehammer Make-Up Editor Flora Olm Picture Editor Mary Lou Reese Circulation Editors Nancy Retzer, Yvonne Kosmosky Business Managers " —nrr , Mary Fe dmano Sports Editor "Buzz" Asplund Mrtt rtirti r M I .jr Copy Editors Marge Firehammer, Ethel MertzLeft Picture Make-Up and Circulation Staffs F. Olm, J. LaViolette, N. Retzer, D. Hoffman Right Picture Copy Staff M. Grenke, M. Firehammer, L. Roeder. Left Picture Art, Society, Typing, Photographer Staffs J. Arnold, C. Knope, H. Harms, J. Byrne Left Picture Editorial and Business Staffs M. L. Reese, J. Rasmussen, F. Slufik. Right Picture Reporters Seated: J. Russell, B. Hlavachek, B. Kuja-Opaa. Standing: M. Bock, D. Ellefsen, N. Harriman, K. Schuette. 97Business Manager Mary Konrad Editor-in-Chief Sally Stauffer Class Editor Mae Raisler Administration Editor Mary Ann Pugh Once again another year of memories have been gathered between the pages of your Quiver. Sally Stauffer, Editor, with the able assistance of her staff have worked hard to make this a yearbook which will be remembered by all. The staff was almost sorry to see the final deadline roll around. But the Quiver is finished now and it is the sincere hope of the staff that it will portray a part of your life at OSC in the past school year. Editor's note: Cover design by Tony Raab, division pages by Rae Jane Born. Advisor: Mr. Donald Zahalka. THE QUIVER Art Editor Mary Lou Blanchette Organizations Editor Terry Warhanek Index Editor Yvonne Kosmosky Activities Editor Bonnie Buechel 98 Sports Editor Jim WatsonPicture Left Index and Class Staffs J. Rasmussen, R. Hornbeck, D. Hoffman. Picture Right Sports and Photographer Staffs C. Knope, B. Kujanpaa, K. Schuette, J. Byrne. Photographers not pictured: D. Propson, J. Hinski. Picture Left Activities and Art Staffs M. L. Reese, P. Greisch, L. Roeder, H. Harms. Picture Right Organizations Staff Seated: M. Bock, J. Russell, S. Jentz. Standing: B. Eiles, L. Jaschob, C. Stanisch, D. Ellef-sen, D. Blankenburg. 99Eb CLARINET 2 Eb CLARINET J Ot-.,Clor. 1 'MUBAND The band began its year by supporting the athletic department. For each home football game, the band presented interesting half-time shows and gave a special performance for the parents on Parent's Day. The week of Homecoming was an especially busy one for the band members, because they not only played for the Queen's Rally and the pep rallies, but they also led the Homecoming Parade. They presented a snappy halftime show for the alumni at the Homecoming Game. In November the band made its first appearance in the Little Theater to play for the veterans' Armistice Day program. It also presented an assembly program which was enjoyed by all who attended it. On January 17, the band made its second appearance in the Little Theater in concert style when it presented a variety of recently published selections. The Pep Band has lived up to its name. Its continual "Let's Go" echoed throughout the gym as they played at the basketball games. During the second semester there were concert trips to Omro on February 28, Kaukauna on March 14, and an appearance at the Fond du Lac Teacher's Convention. On May 20, the members of the band honored their parents at the Parents' Day Band concert on the lawn in front of Dempsey Hall. The band was under the direction of Mr. Raymond Culp. Top: All set and ready to go!! Middle: Pom Pom Girls lead the way. Bottom: The brass praise your Chris-tians. be praise your J379NCHOIR The annual Christmas concert marked the debut of this year's singing group. The concert was held December 12th and 13th in the Little Theater. The feature was the Christmas Oratorio by Bach. Thirty minutes of this program was put on tape for rebroadcast over the state radio network. On April 11th, two contemporary American works were given. They were "The Peaceable Kingdom" for unaccompanied voices, and a one act American Folk Opera, "Down In The Valley." Off campus appearances of the choir included performances at high schools in Manitowoc, Wautoma, and Markesan. The Madrigal Singers appeared on WBAY-TV. They also were featured at the Mid-Winter Music Clinic held by the Wisconsin School Music Association on the University of Wisconsin Campus. The choir's last performance of the year was singing for the commencement exercises in June. Thus the year was ended with an extra amount of fun and experience. 103 Top: Dr. Stanley Linton and the Madrigal Singers. Bottom: Our choir director in action!L. to R., Row 1: M. Feldmann, E. Firary, J. Congdon, Advisor, Dr. James F. Duncan. Row 2: R. Steck-bauer, E. tyertz, D. Lemke, N. Jerabek, A. Krueger. INTER-FAITH COUNCIL The Inter-Faith Council is composed of the President and one other representative from each religious organization on campus. The objective of Inter-Faith Council is to help in uniting the religious organizations into promoting more religion on campus. The Council is responsible for the "religious preference" cards distributed on registration day. A project undertaken by the Council this year was a new centrally located bulletin board that will give equal space to all the religious groups. Through the cooperation of the students, the administration and the school carpenters, the new board is across from the Men's Locker Room on the main floor of Dempsey Hall. An evening was spent at Dr. Duncan's home where Miss Galdys Ishida, a member of the American Friends Service Society, a Quaker Relief Agency, spoke to the Council and faculty members on the work of her organization. The Chairman, elected by the Council, is Rita Steckbauer; the Advisor is Dr. James F. Duncan. 104NEWMAN CLUB Officers: Row 1: Gilligan, Heuring. Row 2: Arndt, J. Walsh. Newman Club, the Catholic student organization, this year carried out a program of social and religious meetings under the direction of Joe Walsh, President, Mr. E. Moushey, Advisor, and Father Paul Vanden Hogen, Spiritual Advisor. Bi-weekly meetings were held in the Recreation Building of St. Peter's Church. Other Newman Club officers included Rex Gilligan, Vice-President; Joan Cramer, Secretary; and Ken Arndt, Treasurer. Some of the group's events included the annual Christmas party which was held at the Columbus Club and a discussion on marriage by Father Staudmeier of Appleton. A new program consisted of the setting aside of one Sunday each month as a corporate Communion Sunday for the club. 105L. to R., Row 1: L. Baumgartener, E. Dissen, L. Roeder, N. Procknow. Row 2: Rev. H. O. Kleinhans, A. Meister, B. Traugott, R. Rusch, K. Bork. Row 3: M. Teske, N. Jerabek, F. Kohler, A. Krueger, R. Meyer. CLS The College Lutheran Society on campus this year became affiliated with Gamma Delta, an international Lutheran organization. The annual Christmas party was held at the Elizabeth Batchelder Davis Children's Home. The children received gifts and refreshments were served. Reverend Leuders and Reverend Kleinhans are the religious directors. Mr. Froelke is the social director. Officers were, Neil Jerabek, President; Audrey Meister, Vice-President; Betty Traugott, Secretary; Dick Meyers, Treasurer. The year was concluded with a picnic held in Menominee Park. Officers: Row 1: B. Traugott, A. Meister. Row 2: N. Jerabek, R. Meyer. 106L. to R., Row 1: N. MacIntyre, M. Feldman, D. Sherman. Row 2: B. Buechel, A. Ramm, C. Stanisch, K. Keller. Row 3: S. Rusch, B. Eiles, J. Rasmussen, Row 4: D. Wegehaupt, M. Gritt, J. Congdon, M. Cornelius, D. Dohrman, J. Scnmidt, H. Bird. Row 5: D. Lenz, M. Hoverson, J. Krueger, S. Kahl, J. Heller. Officers: Row 1: B. Buechel, D. Dohrman. Row 2: J. Congdon, M. Cornelius. USF United Student Fellowship is a religious society on campus composed of students of various religious backgrounds. The purpose of USF is to provide better Christian understanding and fellowship among the students on campus. In September USF had a banquet for the new members. Some of the highlights of the year were: special speakers, movies, a hayride and a Christmas party for the Salvation Army children. Several provocative subjects were studied and discussed during the year. 107L. to R., Row 1: C. Prahl, R. Vance, C. Bauer, J. Pfleger, B. Firary, S. Rolseth, S. Seiner. Row 2: D. Carlson, V. Moore, J. Russell, J. Greer, J. Fast, M. Bock, M. Wagner, R. Harness, S. Seehawer, M. L. Reese, J. Norman. Row 3: A. Dohrman, B. Scott, B. Heaps, T. Barber, L. Sosinski, R. Lewis, A. Perkins. Row 4: Rev. G. Jordan, R. Stenlund, J. Stannard, R. Judson, M. Marx. WESLEY Wesley is a religious organization on campus for all Methodist students. To begin the year Wesley had a freshman banquet. A Halloween party was held at the Elizabeth Batchelder Davis Children's Home. On January 11, Wesley held its World Christian Community Banquet. A flower Sunday was held in May. The members completely decorated the church with flowers and were in charge of the entire service. To increase their knowledge and understanding of other religions Wesley heard speakers from various churches in the city. Officers of Wesley include, Betty Firary, President; Dick Lewis, Vice-President; and John Stannard, Secretary. Virginia Moore is the state representative. Officers: Ascending: B. Firary, V. Moore, R. Lewis, J. Stannard. 108FUTURE TEACHERS Officers: Row 1, L. to R.: B. Eder, S. Kruse, J. Narance. Row 2, L. to R. B. Buechel, A. Ramm. The J. A. Breese Chapter of the Future Teachers of America began its fourth year in September with sixty active members. The main projects of the organization were service to the college, aid to high school FTA Chapters, and the recruitment of more OSC students to join the organization. During National Education Week, November 6 to 12, a general assembly was sponsored by the OSC Chapter with the purpose of making this week more meaningful to the student body. The OSC Chapter sent representatives to the State FTA high school convention at Winneconne. Two representatives also attended the November WEA convention in Milwaukee. The State FTA spring convention held at Marion College in Fon du Lac, was attended by a delegate from the OSC Chapter. Nancy Harriman, a member of the OSC Chapter, was elected State Vice-President and was consequently editor of the newly established State newspaper. Badger Bulletin. OF AMERICA 109WOMEN’S ASSOCIATION E. Knight1' '° R’' R°W ,! E‘ Mert2' 1 Cramer' B Leher, J. Fast. Row 2: R. Haberkorn, A. Shane. Christmas Banquet at the Athearn Hote Women's Association continued to flourish again this year. All coeds enrolled at OSC became members of the Women's Association on registration day. Each coed pays membership dues which are used for social events sponsored by the Women's Association and the upkeep of the Women's Lounge. A Freshman Mixer and a locker room party were two of the association's events. The annual Christmas banquet was held at the Athearn Hotel, on December 7. The theme of the banquet was "Here We Come A-Caroling." A Mother's Day program which included a formal tea, was held May 12 for all women on campus and their mothers.MEN’S tne.v» a' a"™8' banque'' tttzmtn speaks ASSOCIATION of this 0ra ni7Atinl0 'a!'0n ‘s.cornposed of all male students on campus. The purpose men and trv t IS t0 maintain the Men's Lounge, to provide a banquet for the men and to perform various services to the men on campus. e social events that took place were limited, although on November 17, the association held its annual banquet honoring the football team. A steak dinner was served in the Campus School Cafeteria. Mr. Eric Kitzman, the assistant coach, was the main speaker. The evening was brought to a close with the showing of movies taker of professional football games. L. to R., Row 1: F. Wachter, D. Marschall, D. D. Steinbach, J. Lescovec, G. Johnson. Halverson, D. Ziebell. Row 2: D. Dittloff, W. Stageman,RADIO CLUB L. to R.: N. Klumb, M. Stein, V. Lewis, J. Pfleger, K. Olsen, D. Werner. L. to R.: E. Hintermann, N. Harriman, B. Hlavachek, L. to R.: A. Ramm, A. Raisler, D. Ziebell, L. Schmidt, F. Olm, J. Holland. D. Sherman, C. Jagodinski, J. Halle. "Your College On the Air" is a familiar phrase to all students of OSC as well as to the citizens of the surrounding communities. These words are from the introduction to the College On the Air program, a radio broadcast presented every Thursday evening over WOSH by the Radio Club of OSC. Radio Club is composed of a group of students interested in preparing and presenting radio programs of various types. Programs during the past year have varied from disk jockey shows to intercollegiate debate. It is the aim of Radio Club to bring college activities more directly to the student body, and to develop closer college-community relationships. 112L. to R., Row 1: B. Schultz, G. Holland, G. Sievers, 1. Fehrman. Row 2: B. Driessel, M. L. Rafoth, T. Ostermeier, D. Guse. Row 3: Dr. White, G. Schmidt, E. Hintermann, L. Holmes. FORENSICS Representing OSC in the River FaUs Tournament. Although the Forensics program was just inaugurated at OSC this year, good results were obtained, there were approximately twenty people working in this area. Faculty advisor for the group is Dr. White. Members participated in the following areas: debate, discussion, extemporaneous speaking, oral Interpretation, oratory, and newscasting. Several members attended the River Falls Debate Tournament. They were undefeated and took first place. Individual recognition was received by Gale Sievers, who was selected as the outstanding debater. 113L. to R., Row 1: D. Brennan, D. Kroll, W. Stearns, H. Valentine, D. Steinbach. Row 2: D. Ziebell, D. Krebsbach, G. Hightdudis, R. Knorr, J. Leskovec. "O” CLUB The "O" Club is now in its third year of reorganization. The constitution drawn up for membership requires a major letter in a major sport, or two minors in a major sport. The club has a formal initiation and "O" Club membership cards are awarded. The "O" Club also handles the selling of Homecoming beanies. Its main purpose is to inspire good will and sportsmanship among the athletes of OSC. 1 t4L. to R., Row 1: M. Kennedy, M. Kelley, Mr. Kitzman, B. Leher. Row 2: C. Bauer, E. Hlavachek, D. Steinbach, M. Ryan, D. Hoffman. The Pep Club was organized this year at OSC to inject a spirit of drive into the students for school sports. It is sponsored by Mr. Eric Kitzman and is under the chairmanship of Peg Kelley. The club is open to any student on campus who is full of pep and willing to participate in its activities. Several committees were set up to work out the problems and functions of the club. Top, L. to R., Row 1: J. Fast, B. Leher, M. Ryan. Row 2: K. Litkey, P. Kelley, B. Hlavachek. Middle: Lots of pep! Bottom: K. Ziegler, G. Fessenden, B. Eiles, J. Greisch, R. Fero. Bottom Right: Donna Zahalka, the junior Pom Pom Girl. CLUBAMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY The American Chemical Society of OSC is made up of chemistry majors and minors. It held monthly meetings which featured outside or local persons as speakers. Some of them were: Mr. David Marble, who spoke on geological specimens he had collected in the West; Mr. Frank Karr, who spoke on medical technology; Mr. Lauren Frank, from the city Department of Health; and a graduate of OSC, who spoke on industrial chemistry. The group hoped to encourage a regional meeting of the five schools in this state which have American Chemical Societies. This would include the University of Wisconsin, Marquette University, Carroll College, and River Falls State College. The society had an annual picnic in the spring. They also took a trip to an industry in the vicinity which was of interest to the students. Geniuses at work!! L. to R., Row 1: E. Dissen, V. Lewis, A. Woldt, K. Olson, J. Krueger, J. Minskey. Row 2: Mr. Marble, G. Mayer, J. Watry, C. Franz, R. Judson. Row 3: J. Cumber. V. Manthei, Dr. Bowman, J. Schaefer, R. Kinzel, J. Coulahan, M. L. to R., Row 1: G. Holland, D. Stowe, E. Hansel, D. Harmsen, D. Lewis. Row 2. G. Stone, R. Boese, T Timm, D. Herlache. Row 3: P. Barry, F. Falkowski, W. Haidlinger, I. Dorsey, A. Krueger. Row 4: Mr. Zahalka, R. Kinzel, J. Perdue, D. Boettcher. Cirde-K, d Kiwanis Club for Oshkn £,eiSTs,uden,s and sp°ns° d the local Kiwanis organization, organized on campus this year. Objectives of the OSC Kiwanis gro include efforts to promote closer re tionships between the college and t community in general, plus such regu Kiwanis projects as youth work. The OSC Cirde-K Club is one of large number of such Kiwanis organizations which have been formed at colleges and universities throughout the United States. Officers: Row 1, L. to R.: G. Holland, E. Hansel, J. Perdue, D. Stowe. Row 2: W. Haidlinger, R. Kinzel, D. Boettcher, R. Boese. 117VETERANS’ ASSOCIATION At the end of the first semester it was found that the total enrollment of veterans taking advantage of the Gl Bill at OSC totaled 241, an increase of 100 students here over the 1954-1955 period. All veterans of either the Korean Conflict or World War II are welcome into the organization. The Veterans' Association has as its goal the promotion of the welfare of student veterans and to be a medium of service to the college. A Veterans' Day Program was conducted on November 10 in the little Theater. Neil Johnson of Oshkosh, was the main speaker. Wotpr,n, To end the school year, a Memorial Day assembly was sponsored y in May. iiBi RIFLE CLUB The OSC Rifle Club was organized in September of 1952. Its purpose is to give the students of OSC an opportunity to engage in small arms practice and competition and to become familiar with safety in the handling of rifles. The Rifle Club meets every Tuesday evening in the basement of Dempsey Hall. Dr. Frederick Caudle is the group's advisor. All the equipment that the Rifle Club uses is the property of OSC. The school has some excellent rifles. This year a number of the’club's members are girls. Each year during the spring the Rifle Club goes out to Dr. Caudle's country home to hunt. f Officers: J. Minskey, R. Frazier, J. Jansen, Advisor: Dr. Frederick Caudle.FOOTBALL 1955 No. Name Position 1 Wippich, Jack — M E 2 Kroll, Don — M QB 3 Hoekstra, Tony — M HB 4 Hinkens, Cliff QB 5 Burr, Elmer — m G-T 6 Brennan, Tom — M C 7 Bloomer, Jim — M QB 8 Bezier, Doug — M HB 9 Moreau, Jim — M HB 10 Leskovec, John — M HB 11 Moreau, Pat HB 12 Hightdudis, George — M G 13 Miley, George — M G 14 Schulz, Bruce — m E 15 Sutton, Dave — M HB 16 Rusch, Dale — m G 17 Ziebell, Darrell — M E 18 Knorr, Ron — M G 19 Peterson, Tom — m E 20 Valentine, Harold — M C 21 Poquette, Ronald — m G 22 Wittman, Andy — m E 23 Winarski, Erwin — M QB 24 Stageman, Wayne — M G 25 Jackman, Leon — M C 26 Kerrigan, Bob — M E 27 Hinz, Jerry — m T 28 Cook, Bob G 29 Hansen, Larry — m T 30 Stern, Wayne — M T 31 Jezwinski, Jack — M T 32 Manley, Tom — M FB 33 Kohn, Bud — M E 34 Arndt, Kenneth — M T 35 Koch, Lyle — M T 42 Bodarf, Roger — m T Karnes, Bob HB Coach • Bob Kolf Assistant Coach • Eric Kitzman Manager - Pot Holloran Assistant Manager - Don Krebsbach M - Major Letter Winners m - Minor Letter Winners Row 1: J. Wippich, D. Brennan, J. Moreau. Row 2: D. Krebsbach, R. Cook, W. Stageman, D. Sutton. Row 3: Coach Kolf, J. Hinz, D. Kroll. Stevens Point River Falls La Crosse Eau Claire CONFERENCE Platteville Milwaukee Whitewater Superior Stout Oshkosh I. 04vid« o' violo'-oo o wWt 3. UWgol motion pi W p; HWgol iMi-boifh Korxh 8. UmporttmanBi Conduct 10. Holdup or 9. IllegalV kicking legol uCO of Of bo’tng O loot boll ho«dt O' a’rnl -----------------v------------------------- 14. In. 17. ill go I forwo'd pou 0 FOUL SIGNALSRow 1: D. Bezier, T. Hoekstro, G. Hightdudis, E. Winorski, L. Jackman, J. Bloomer. G. Miley. Row 2: R. Karnes, B. Schulz, R. Knorr, B. Kerrigan, A. Wittmon, J. Jezwinski, R. Poquette, E. Burr, P. Holloron. Row 3: D. Ziebell, W. Stern, L. Koch, H. Valentine, K. Arndt, L. Hansen, R. Bodort, T. Manley, Mr. Kifzmon. W-L-T 6-0-0 4-1-0 4- 1-0 5- 2-0 3-2-0 2-3-0 1-3-1 0-4-1 0-4-1 0-5-1 STANDINGS COPYRIGHT 1955, THE COCA-COLA COMPANYJohn Leskovec Captain The Kick Off! GRADUATING LETTERMEN Ronald Knorr Boyd Kohn George Miley David Sutton Homecoming—Oshkosh versus Stevens Point Oshkosh! Let's 124Jack Wippich All-Conference Player Most Valuable Team Player at OSC Game Scores Oshkosh 6 Stevens Point 31 Oshkosh 0 Northland 0 Oshkosh 0 Whitewater 0 Oshkosh 14 Platteville 44 Oshkosh 0 Milwaukee 12 Oshkosh 0 Eau Claire 21 Oshkosh 6 River Falls 7 jo! Let's Go! Fight! Team! Fight! The Titans this year suffered from lack of experience. At one time in the season, eight freshmen were included in the starting line-up. The players made up for this lack of experience by increased effort. The future outlook seems to be good. Only five members of this year's squad will be lost through graduation. Next fall the prospects look good, for there will be many freshmen and underclassmen returning to OSC. Homecoming Game, 1955 125I itans Set Scoring Record; Whip River Falls, 110 to 88 scoreboard L to R., Middle: W. Kubick, Coach Kitzman, Coach Kolf. Circle: F, Wachter, J. Wippich, W. Stern, B. Radke, B. Mitchell, F. Schaefer, D. Halverson, R. Hubbard, G. Vanden Heuvel, D. Malchow, D. Kroll, T, O'Brien, K. Klein, B. Schulz, R. Akin. collected I made the rcco.a - breaking Jeld i half to; goal on his only shot with just a their biggest Top Old Mark b ; Two; Team Hit .510 on Shots; ! After Herum made good on tw to break the former school record I frcc throws. O’Brien sank .his 13t 1 22 against Ripon Col- j fielder and Halverson hit a basket that game, 108-, an(j two foul shots to give the Ti tans a 104-80 spread. O'Brien hil again as Oshkosh led, 106-86, witl WISCONSIN STATE COLUh CONFERENCE . W L PUttevllIe ........ 7 La Crotie ......... 7 Ban Claire ....... 7 Superior .•....... 6 Whitewater ........ 4 Milwaukee 4 Stevens Point..... 3 River Fall! ...... OSHKOSH ......... Stout ............ FRIDAY ® n OMikoih 110. Rive Milwaukee S7. Bat riattevllle 91. Su l.« Crowe 94. Sti Whitewater S3, h TONIGHT Superior at Osh La Crosse at Pla Fan Claire at t River FalU at ? Stout at Steve 43 seconds left. Wippich followed with two free to equal the school scoring The Titans still had pos-vortunitics to establish the but with 18 seconds was 108-88. Just be-sounded. Hubbard ,e final goal of the 7. A school sco here Friday State crushed 110-88. in the " sivo perform® The Titans Wisconsin Sta game until th ny in every on a treme (hooting nc Coach which meets Merrill Gym a was unstoppable Oshkosh shot j right from the st lost its touch. The With a remarkable sh tentage. making good c shots for a .520 rating. Their scoring ability also is fleeted in the frcc throw depart-') knent. The Titans made good on 82 of 41 such attempts for an excel-, ated lent 78.05 percentage. der the -— Four Oshkosh players produced llerui. points in the double figures to lead 1 Ho was Dave Ilcrum, Owe o. ti the scoring parade. The big man; conference’s leading scorers. Her In this quartet was Tom O'Brien, um whipped in S2 points, making who accumulated 32 points in one eight field goals and 16 free of the finest shooting displays wit- throws. He had 16 points in each nessed by OSC fans in quite some half and his eight buckets came on time. O'Brien leading to an 8-2 lead, id a Falcon score at 8-8. 8-9. but t again, scored 10 tans clung icn the rest and soon it -ed. reducing oly to fall be-jsh led. U» 50, alcons threat ings closed foi econd half. Rivei gap to 55-53 am only 65-61. But will h and Kroll leadini Titans stepped away ad little trouble thi way. Terrific! OSHKOSH (110) FT FTM P 2 Hi: O'Brien mostly on shot from free the first field me. he 15 shots. O'Brien jorc in the second half to f ; Kroll. f....... 6 Hin ken . f ... 0 s was : stem, i ....... s angerous- j5Si'r2 n;l1 ! .jjwtver, the Falcons fi-i Schaefer, c . i". . • ..any yielded for keeps with about R 6ir«. c ....... o 10 minutes remaining. it bZrd. .' . i Oshkosh led then. 81-73. A one- Aiken, e ......... 2 hand push shot by Aiken and two ?S2Sii?u ei; s'? free throws each by Kroll. Wip- — — pich and O'Brien put the Titans « • » k ; ft ft left. Youncberc. I •• 2 , H.niMn. I .... J Rutherford. I .. I ♦n Zimmerman. I . 4 _ . I Herum, ........ RiV- Shield, c ...... O to make Steffen, c ..... '■ Titans ?oreor n. s'::. : 3 to 98-78 — lead up to that point Carter, g Total R»M M PFRbi Aiken made three gifts-and Kroll F » M Halftime eore: 0»hko li Rl»t ■-'ut " ;i1 - ' Kivt Pal 1 i ' : t iNo. Name Position Year 3 "Fritz" Wachter Forward Junior 4 Kenny Klein Guard Freshman 5 Don Kroll Forward Junior 6 Jack Wippich Guard Junior 7 Bruce Schulz Forward Junior 8 Ron Hubbard Guard Freshman 9 Bob Mitchell Center Freshman 10 Ron Akin Guard Freshman 11 Wayne Stern Forward Junior 12 Fred Schaefer Center Sophomore 14 Tom O'Brien Forward Sophomore 15 Dick Malchow Guard Sophomore 16 Bill Radke Center Junior 17 Gene Vanden Heuvel Guard Senior 18 Don Halverson Forward Sophomore Gene Vanden Heuvel Team Captain Graduating Letterman Coach-Robert M. Kolf Assistant Coach-Eric Kitzman Manager—Wayne Kubick BASKETBALL 1955-1956 After 33 years of coaching basketball at OSC, Coach Robert M. Kolf turns the position over to Coach Eric Kitzman for the 1956-1957 season. Good luck to both of them. 127 Coach Kolf and Coach KitzmanVJ Stern Tops In OSC Scoring FG FT FTM PF TP Stern 84 112 36 69 280 Wippich 81 75 37 42 237 Kroll 70 40 9 40 180 Mitchell 52 49 26 64 153 O'Brien 50 33 10 27 133 Hoekstra 23 20 13 20 66 Halverson 13 27 18 33 53 Aiken 16 13 8 13 45 Malchow 12 5 7 17 29 VandenHeuve 8 10 4 11 18 Hinkons 4 10 4 11 18 Schaefer 7 4 10 24 18 Hubbard 5 7 4 7 17 Wachtcr 3 3 4 . 8 9 Klein 2 2 0 5 6 Radko 1 2 3 6 4 Schulz 0 0 1 2 0 Lewis 0 0 0 1 0 Team Totals 431 411 201 412 1273 § 1 5 •• 503 428 228 387 1434 128WISCONSIN STATE COLLEGE CONFERENCE (Final) Plattevillo 10 2 1112 984 Eau Claire 10 2 1069 864 la Crosse 9 3 1039 949 Superior 8 4 1015 984 Milwaukee 7 5 961 965 Stevens Point .... 6 6 943 984 Whitewater 4 8 939 990 River Falls 3 9 926 1044 OSHKOSH 2 10 945 1041 Stout 1 11 852 996 129INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL FINAL Fondy Cards Randolph Raunches Vets' Smokers Flying Dutchmen Suicide 8 Bar Flies Big Shots 15 a Intramurals Open A rough and tough touch football league officially opened the intramural sports program for OSC this fall. In the opening game Ken Klein's “Suicide Eight” tied Sid Davidson's “Flying Dutchmen . The score was 12-12. The following game looked like an Australian tag ichthen a football “Randolph • n I4-0 STANDINGS W-l-T 5-t-O 5- -0 4-2-0 3-2-A 2 - - 3 ) -5-0 0-6 0 The Champs Row 1: Lenz, Wegenhaupt, Kaiser, O'Brien. Row 2: Kinzel, Stein-bach, Marschall, Guelaow, Roe-ber. earn fcfcaV, u c 4et q Ww OSC v ra niorc ina (oo' OovC s Ryan u. Raunches" punching out a . “Rock Meyer's“Vet cond game • tf Here is a list of the teams, their captains and who they are representing in the intramural league-. Suicide Eight, Ken Klein, Independent; Vet Smokers, Tom Meyer, Vets; Randolph Raunches, Ryan Gove, Independent; Fondy Cards, Tom O'Brien, Independent; ;!£ « L Big f0.jily rtf, 0( theIC Flying Dutchmen, Sid Davidson, ccvwta ctAbVKTS V fc L Vi Ns W ’SaNt TK V Kws awcn Va Vj Vw vt vj Vsi M 'M- tv srs.wA. V 'W V . m'L ‘ toO'Ai to H 1 Wtm Hit! ' 130INTRAMURAL VOLLEYBALL FINAL Flying Dutchmen Fondy Cards Amboy Dukes Chain Gang Philakes Terrible Tigers Big Shots Gridiron Six STANDINGS W- L 7-0 6- 1 5-2 3-4 2-5 2-5 2-5 1 -6 The Champs Row 1: Dittloff, Vanden Heuvel, Kubick, Konrad, Eichinger. Row 2: Meier, Dal Santo, Bezier, Schaefer, Davidson, Glunn. Cards, Dutchmen Tied For First Intramural volleyball has gotten underway and it looks like a repeat performance of what Tom O'Brien's Fondy Cards showed on the intramural gridiron. O'Brien and his Cards took top football honors and now it appears they want another championship. Presently the Cards and the Flying Dutchmen are tied for first place with four wins each. The teams, their managers and whom they represent follow: Philakes, Karst, Philakean; Flying Dutchmen. Kubick, Independent; Fondy Cards, O'Brien, Independent; Chain Gang, Ertel, Independent; Gridiron Six, Rogers. Independent; Amboy Dukes, Steinbach, Pcriclcan; Terrible Tigers, Herzberg, Independent; Big Shots. Butts, Iota. Up! Up! and Over! It's so easy!! 131 One at a time!INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL Amboy Dukes National League 132WOMEN'S RECREATION ASSOCIATION WRA is composed of all women on campus. Its object is to promote Intramural Sports among women students. In the fall it holds one meeting for the purpose of electing officers and sporfheads. Officers this year were President, Barbara Malcheski; Vice-President, Kathleen Schuette; and Secretary, Marilyn Krause. Sports offered are volleyball, basketball, fable tennis, swimming and badminton. The final round of the girls' volleyball tournament was held on Thursday, February 9. The two teams remaining in the double-elimination contest were Gamma Sigma and the independent team, the Peter Jays, who were unbeaten until their meeting with Gamma Sigma. Therefore, in the final game, each team had one loss. Throughout the tournament, the Peter Jays used the ¥ system of rotating captains while Helen Dvorak led Gamma Sigma. The Peter Jays were victorious in the tournament and their name will he placed on the wall plaque in the women’s lounge. 135u a Woman's YOU WILL WortJ” FIND HERE AT ALL TIMES at Compliments of QUALITY CLOTHES TO MEET THE REQUIREMENTS WH5 AA OF YOUNG MEN AT V LOW PRICES SPORTSWEAR 69 MAIN STREET COATS DRESSES ACCESSORIES Stanley 1566 165 Main Street Favhion Colony Shoe SaJon Winnebagoland's finest Manitowoc Milwaukee Boston Store OSHKOSHFRIENDLY SERVICE ALWAYS THE BANKS OF OSHKOSH Quality Chekd Milk Ice Cream First . . . in good taste THE HARMON AGENCY, Inc. INSURANCE "Harmon Service" The Washington Building OSHKOSH, WISCONSIN HOTEL ATHEARN "The Hotel With A Heart” JO'S CHARCOAL GRILL Steaks - Hamburgers - Bratwurst Fish on Friday 547 8th St. Phone St. 503 Perfection Glass and Paint Co. Glass Paint Wallpaper 616 Oregon KLINES DEPARTMENT STORE PRECOUR CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Custom Made FORMALS Original or your own design Fashion Studio 7V i Main Street NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. OF MILWAUKEE 703 First National Bank Bldg. M. A. Carroll, General AgentOSHKOSH OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY 146 MAIN STREET Phone Stanley 2358 ffl. cJl. Kenyon Student Discount Across from the Raulf Hotel Black hawk 8766 (lA OoJ 1 lo vasii RIVERSIDE GREENHOUSE 1015 Algoma Blvd. OSHKOSH. WISCONSIN Corsaces, Party-dinners Stan 465 tScaltcx cSumfiint nvuA DCoWtxi” THE CAMPUS CAFE "Good Food at Moderate Prices" Jim Kile, Proprietor EVANS BROS. BURR, INC. FINEST IN QUALITY FOODS 555 Algoma Boulevard "fl hi I"" jltdi Is A Cash Purchase is a Cash Saving at in OshkoshSMART FASHIONS FOR JUNIORS, MISSES end WOMEN HOTEL RAULF OSHKOSH, WI8- Air-Conditioned Fire-Proof Banquets of All Kinds Dining Room Entertainment Nightly Our food is fair, Our boss is loud. So get in line And follow the crowd. 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"Say it with FLOWERS" 1011 Oregon St. FLOWERS FOR EVERY n r Awraj Jewelers and Goldsmith OCCASION 22 Wjugoo Street Stanley 2311SENIOR DIRECTORY ARNOLD. JEAN L. Neenah, Wis. 4 Year Kdg.-Pri-mary. F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Wesley 1, 2, 3, 4; Advance 4; Glee Club 4. BASTIAN, KEITH A. Brillion. Wis. Junior High. Major: Social Science; Minors: English, History, lota Alpha Sigma 2, 3, 4; Treas. 3, V. Pres. 4; F.T.A. 2, 4; Wesley 1, 2, 3, 4. BEAUCLAIRE, MARY JANE. Peshtigo, Wis. 3 Year Intermediate. Pep Club 3; Glee Club 3; Rifle Club 3; Red Cross; W.R.A. 3; Marinette County Normal. BEDORA, RONALD J. Pound, Wis. Secondary. Major: Biology, Natural Science. F.T.A. 4. BERGEN, CAROL A. Fond du Lac, Wis. 4 Year Primary. Phoenix 2, 3, 4; Dramatics 3, 4; Bob Jones U. BEYER, JANET A. Fond du Lac, Wis. Secondary. Major: Biology; Minors: English, History. Gamma Sigma 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 3, 4; F.T.A. 3, 4; Student Council 3; Social Life Committee 4; Prom Queen 3. BIRD, HELEN E. Beaver Dam, Wis. 3 Year Primary. Band 1. 2, 3; Alpha Chi 1, 2; U.S.F. 3; F.T.A. 2, 3. BLECHL, JAMES J. Oshkosh, Wis. Liberal Arts. Major: History; Minors: Economics, Political Science. Who's Who; Debate. BRADLEY, LOUISE A. Oshkosh, Wis. 2 Year Rural. Band 2; Alpha Chi 1, 2; V. Pres. 1; Program Chairman 2. BRAMSCHREIBER, FERN V. Little Suamico, Wis. 2 Year Rural. Band 1; L.S.A. 1, 2; Kappa Gamma 1, 2; Sec. 2; Alpha Chi 1; Pep Club 2; W.R.A. 1. BRIGGS, GAIL L. Oshkosh, Wis. Secondary. Major: English; Minors-. Speech, Geology. Kappa Gamma 1, 2, 3, 4. BYRNE, JERRY R. Green Bay, Wis. Liberal Arts. Major: Chemistry; Minors: Mathematics, English, lota Alpha Sigma 3, 4; Historian 3; Sec. 3, 4; Quiver 4; Advance 3, 4; Sigma Chi Sigma 3, 4; Sec.-Treas. 4; Band 2; Intramural Sports 3, 4 "Jack and the Beanstalk", Business Manager 4; L.S.A. 3; U. of Wisconsin. tension Center Menasha. CARLSON, DIANE C. Peshtigo, Wis. 4 Year Kdg. Primary. Minor: Music. Band 1, 2, 3; Sec.-Treas. 3; F.T.A. 1, 2; Wesley 1, 2, 3, 4; Worship Chairman 4; Choir 4; Radio Club 1, 2; Glee Club 4; Delta Phi 2, 3, 4; Pres. 4; Sec. 2; Historian 3; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Treas. 4. CAVANAUGH, DAN C. Manitowoc, Wis. 4 Year Intermediate-Grammar. Intramural Sports. CAVIL, EUGENE F. Green Bay, Wis. 4 Year Intermediate-Grammar. F.T.A. 2, 3, 4; Philakean 4; Extension Center, Green Bay. CHRISTENSON, ELLEN M. Appleton, Wis. 4 Year Kdg.-Primary. Newman Club 1, 2, 3; Inter-Faith Council 2; Alethean 1, 2, 3, 4; Custodian 3. CLARK, MARJORIE H. Oshkosh, Wis. Secondary. Major: English; Minors: Speech, Library Science. Delta Phi 1, 2, 3, 4; Historian 2; F.T.A. 4; Quiver 1. COFFIN, EDWARD D. Manitowoc, Wis. 4 Year Intermediate-Grammar. Manitowoc County Normal. COULAHAN, JANICE RUTH. Fond du Lac, Wis. Secondary. Majors: Chemistry, Biology. Lambda Chi 1, 2, 3, 4; Custodian 2; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; American Chemical Society 3, 4; V. Pres. 3; Pres. 4; Advance 2; Quiver 2; C.L.S. 1, 2; W.R.A. 2, 3, 4; Dramatics 4. CRAIN, RALPH M. Fond du Lac, Wis. Liberal Arts. Major: Music; Minor: History. Band 2, 3, 4; V. Pres. 2, 3; Choir 3, 4; Stevens Point. CROUSE, HAROLD D. Oconto, Wis. Secondary. Major: History; Minors: English, Social Studies. Choir 3, 4; Newman Club 4; U. of Wisconsin. DAKE, DONALD E. Oshkosh, Wis. Secondary. Majors: History, Social Science. Philakean 1, 2, 3, 4; Treas. 3; Radio Club 1; Oratory 1, 2; Discussion Speaking 2, 3, 4; V. Pres. Campus Forum 2. DVORAK, HELEN M. McFarland, Wis. 3 Year Inter-mediate. F.T.A. 1, 2, 3; Gamma Sigma 1, 2, 3; Historian 2; W.R.A. 1, 2, 3; Advance 1, 2, 3; Quiver 1, 2, 3; Newman Club 1, 2, 3. EBERT, DORIS E. Markesan, Wis. 2 Year Rural. Alpha Chi 1, 2; Pres. 2; C.L.S. 1, 2; Intramurals 1, 2; Glee Club 2; Red Cross. CALDER, NATHAN D. Menasha, Wis. Liberal Arts. Major: History; Minors: English, Geography. Ex- t 43ECKSTEIN, THEDA A. Larsen, Wis. 4 Year Kdg.-Pri-mary. Delta Phi 2, 3, 4; F.T.A. 4. EDER, BEN C. Antigo, Wis. 4 Year Intermediate-Grammar. F.T.A. 4; Treas. 4; Veterans' Club 3, 4; Student Council 4; Intramural Basketball 4; Langlade County Teachers College. EDMINSTER, NANCY JEAN. Oshkosh, Wis. 2 Year Rural. Alpha Chi 1, 2; Phoenix 1, 2; W.R.A. 1; Inter-Fraternity 2; Intramurals 1, 2. ELLEFSEN, DESNEIGE R. Shawano, Wis. Secondary. Major.- Music; Minor: Biology. Kappa Gamma 1, 2, 3, 4; Wesley 1; F.T.A. 3, 4; Advance 3, 4; Quiver 4; U.S.F. 1, 2, 3, 4; Sec.-Treas. 2; W.R.A. 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Librarian 1; Choir 4; "Girl Crazy", Asst. Sales Manager; Inter-Sorority Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. EMMEL, RUTH C. Appleton, Wis. 3 Year Intermediate. F.T.A. 1, 3; Women's Association Board 3; C.L.S 1. ENGERSON, SHARON F. Kaukauna, Wis. 4 Year Kdg.-Primary. Minor: Art. Lambda Chi 2, 3, 4; Sec. 2; Vod-Vil, Director 2; V. Pres. 3; Songfest, Director 3; Pres. 4; Choir 1, 2, 4; Cheerleader 1, 2; Advance 1,2; Managing Editor 2; Dorm V. Pres. 2; Inter-Fraternity 2, 3; Social Life Committee 2; Homecoming Committee 1, 2, 3; Co-chairman 3; Modern Dance 1, 2; F.T.A. 4. ERMATINGER, JOSEPH J. Oshkosh, Wis. Secondary. Major: English; Minors: Latin, Geology. Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Who's Who; Veterans' Club; Sec.-Treas. FALKOWSKI, MILDRED B. Krakow, Wis. 4 Year Intermediate. Glee Club; Rifle Club; Intramural Volleyball, Basketball. FERO, RUTH E. Oshkosh, Wis. Secondary. Major: English; Minors: Speech, Geology. Alethean 2, 3, 4; Women's Association Board 3; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Sec. 2; Choir 1, 2; "Girl Crazy" 2; Pom Pom Girl 3, 4; Homecoming Committee 4. FINK, MARY LOU. Oshkosh, Wis. 4 Year Kdg.-Pri-mary. Alethean 1, 2, 3, 4; Inter-Fraternity 2; Sec. 3; Pres. 4; Advance 1; Kappa Delta Pi 4. FORREST, DIANE E. Appleton, Wis. 4 Year Primary. Alethean 3, 4; U. of Wisconsin. FRYE, FRANK M. Omro, Wis. Liberal Arts. Major: English; Minor: History. Advance 1,2, 3, 4; Quiver 2, 3, 4; Radio Club 3, 4; Student Council 4; U.S.F. 2; Chess Club 2. FURRER, JANICE M. Waukesha, Wis. 4 Year Primary. Kappa Gamma 2, 3, 4; Wesley 1, 2, 3; F.T.A. 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1,2, 3; Homecoming Committee 3. GETCHIUS, RICHARD E. Redgranite, Wis. 4 Year Intermediate-Grammar. GIORDANA, JAMES M. Kaukauna, Wis. Secondary. Majors: English, History. GLUNN, LOWELL D. Wautoma, Wis. Secondary. Major: Mathematics; Minors: Physical Education, Biology. Intramurals. HABERKORN, RUTH A. Cambria, Wis. 2 Year Rural. Newman Club 1, 2; Alpha Chi 1, 2. HANNEMAN, JOANNE E. Wautoma, Wis. 4 Year Primary. Band 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 4; F.T.A. 3, 4; Delta Phi 2, 3, 4; Treas. 3. HARMS, HARRIET A. Ripon, Wis. Secondary. Major: English; Minors: Art, Latin. Phoenix 1, 2, 3, 4; Historian 2; U.S.F. 2, 3; F.T.A. 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Who's Who, Band 1, 2; Advance 4; Quiver 4. HARRAND, CARLTON V. Oshkosh, Wis. Secondary. Major: English; Minors: History, Geology. Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Veterans' Club. HARRIMAN, NANCY L. Appleton, Wis. 4 Year Intermediate. F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Pres. 3; State V. Pres. 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Advance 2, 3, 4; Gamma Sigma 2, 3, 4; Sec. 2; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Historian 4; Wesley 1, 2; U.S.F. 3; Who's Who. HARTZHEIM, JANET A. Kaukauna, Wis. 4 Year Kdg.-Primary. Alethean 1, 2, 3, 4; Custodian 2; Historian 3; V. Pres. 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3; Advance 1,2; Band 1,2, 3; Health and Accident Committee 3; Homecoming Committee 3, 4; Co-Chairman 4. HEISLER, DORIS L. Oshkosh, Wis. 4 Year Kdg.-Pri-mary. Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; Madrigals 1, 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatics 2, 3, 4. HIPKE BARBARA A. New Holstein, Wis. 4 Year Primary. Stephens College. HOLLAND, GERALD. Oshkosh, Wis. Liberal Arts. Major: History; Minor: English. Radio Club 3, 4; Pres. 4; Circle-K 4; Sec. 4; Philakean 3, 4; Forensics 4. HOLMES, LIONEL F. Ripon, Wis. Liberal Arts. Major: Geography; Minor: English. Debate 4; Dramatics 3; Radio Club 3, 4; Wesley 2, 3, 4; Inter-Faith 144Council 4; Discussion 3, 4; Inter-Varsity Student Fellowship 3, 4; U. of Wisconsin. HORN, ELAINE G. Fond du Lac, Wis. 4 Year Primary. HUPKE, MARY J. Clintonville, Wis. 4 Year Primary. F.T.A. 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Advance 3, 4; Delta Phi 4; Glee Club 3, 4. HUTCHISON, NANCY HARFORD. Oshkosh, Wis. Graduate Student, Secondary. Major: English; Minors: French, Social Science; U. of Wisconsin. JANSSEN, HELEN A. Oconto, Wis. 2 Year Rural. Alpha Chi 1, 2. JERABEK, NEIL M. Algoma, Wis. 4 Year Intermediate-Grammar. Choir 4; Philakean 3, 4; Historian 4; C.L.S. 3, 4; Treas. 3; Pres. 4; F.T.A. 4; Inter-Faith Council 4; Volleyball 4; Dramatics 3, 4; Door-Kewaunee Normal. JOHNS, JESSE L. Oshkosh, Wis. Liberal Arts. Major: History; Minor: Journalism. JOHNSON, GILBERT J. Oshkosh, Wis. Secondary. Major: Mathematics; Minors: Biology, Physical Education. Veterans' Club; Sec. 4; Periclean 2, 3, 4; Intramural Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Phi Omega. KACHELSKI, THEODOR J. Beaver Dam, Wis. Liberal Arts. Major: History. Wayland Junior College. KELLEY, MARGARET H. Royalton, Wis. 4 Year Intermediate. Minor: Physical Education. Gamma Sigma 2, 3, 4; V. Pres. 3; Women's Association Board 3; Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 4; Chairman 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3; F.T.A. 3: Advance 1, 2: W. R. A. 3, 4; Radio Club 4; Dramatics 1, 2. KING, CHARLES G. Omro, Wis. Liberal Arts. Major: Geography. Track 2, 3, 4; lota Alpha Sigma 2, 3, 4; Veterans' Club 4; Treas. 4. KING, WILLIAM R. Madison, Wis. Secondary. Major: Mathematics; Minors: Physics, Chemistry. Veterans' Club 4; U. of Wisconsin. KITZ, MARION. Oshkosh, Wis. 4 Year Primary. Alethean 1, 2, 3, 4; "The Silver Whistle" 3. KLEIN, LOIS M. Eldorado, Wis. 3 Year Primary. Phoenix 2, 3; Custodian 3; L.S.A. 2. KNACK, JOAN M. Marion, Wis. Secondary. Major: Biology; Minors: English, Physical Education. C.L.S. 1, 2; L.S.A. 3, 4; Glee Club 4; Delta Phi 2, 3, 4; Band 1,2; W.R.A. 4; F.T.A. 4. English; Minors: History, Geology. Philakean; Pres. 3. KNOPE, CAROLE J. Two Rivers, Wis. Secondary. Majors: Mathematics, History. Gamma Sigma 3, 4; Newman Club 1, 4; F.T.A. 4; Advance 3, 4; Copy Editor 3; Society Editor 4; Quiver 3, 4. KNORR, RONALD L. Menasha, Wis. Secondary. Major: English;Minors: Physical Education, History. Football 1,2, 3, 4; Periclean 1,2, 3, 4; Sec. 2; Treas. 2; Historian 3; Pres. 3; "O" Club 2, 3, 4; V. Pres. 3; Pres. 3; Men's Association Board 2. KOHN, BOYD W. Waupun, Wis. Secondary. Major: English; Minors: Physical Education, Biology. Student Council; Pres.; "O" Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Pres.; V. Pres.; Men's Association Board; V. Pres.; Pres.; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Captain 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track; Baseball. KOPLEIN, BARBARA J. Ripon, Wis. Secondary. Major: English; Minors: Speech, Library Science. Delta Phi 1, 2, 3, 4; Sec. 2; V. Pres. 2; Historian 4; Play Contest, Director 3, 4; Vod-Vil, Director 2; Advance 3, 4; News Editor 3; Associate Editor 4; F.T.A. 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; U.S.F. 2, 3; "Jack and the Beanstalk", Property Chairman 4; Dramatics 1, 2, 3. KOSTREWSKI, ANN M. Kewaunee, Wis. Junior High. Major: Social Studies; Minors: History, English. Newman Club 1, 4; F.T.A. 1, 4. KOWALSKI, MARY ANN. Goodman, Wis. Secondary. Majors: Mathematics, English; Minor: Biology. Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Phi Chi Mu 1, 2; Sec. 2; Band 1, 2; F.T.A. 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Advance 4; Quiver 4. KREBSBACH, DONALD A. New Holstein, Wis. Secondary. Major: History; Minors: Physical Education, English. Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; V. Pres. 4; Periclean 2, 3, 4; Sec.; Social Life Committee 3; Sec. 3; "O" Club; V. Pres.; Pres.; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Inter-Faith Council; Football 3; Manager 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Men's Association Board 3. KUJANPAA, ROBERT W. Phelps, Wis. Secondary. Major: Social Science; Minors: English, History. Beta Phi 1, 2, 3; Historian 2; F.T.A. 1, 2, 3; Historian; V. Pres.; Advance 4; Quiver 4; Kappa Delta Pi 4. LARSON, DORA ANN. W. PePere, Wis. 2 Year Rural. Alpha Chi 1, 2; Pres. 1; L.S.A. 1. 145 KNOLL, WAYNE K. Oshkosh, Wis. Secondary. Major:LARSON, ROBERT G. Milwaukee, Wis. Secondary. Major: Biology; Minors: Chemistry, English; Marquette U. LESKOVEC, JOHN J. Crivitz, Wis. Secondary. Major: Physics; Minors: Chemistry, Mathematics. Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Captain 4; Student Council 4; V. Pres. 4; Pres. 4; Men's Association Board 4; Pres. 4; Periclean 1, 2, 3, 4. LINER, JOE M. Fond du Lac, Wis. 4 Year Intermediate-Grammar. lota Alpha Sigma; Sec. 3; Newman Club; Intramural Football; U. of Wisconsin. LIPPOLD, KENNETH C. Oshkosh, Wis. 4 Year Intermediate-Grammar. Veterans' Club; Intramural Volleyball; Manager. LUDWIG, SALLY A. Rhinelander, Wis. 4 Year Primary. Newman Club 3, 4; F.T.A. 3, 4; College of St. Scholastica. MADISON, AUDREY J. Oshkosh, Wis. 3 Year Primary. Gamma Sigma 1, 2, 3; V. Pres. 3; Wesley 1, 3; Alpha Chi 1, 2; Sec. 2; Inter-Fraternity 2, 3; V. Pres. 3; Inter-Sorority Volleyball. MALCHESKI, MARY A. Pulaski, Wis. 4 Year Intermediate. W.R.A. 3, 4; Kappa Gamma 1, 2, 3, 4; Quiver 3; F.T.A. 4. MANTHEI, VERN W. Oshkosh, Wis. Liberal Arts. Major: Chemistry; Minor: English. American Chemical Society 3, 4. MARTRAVERS, MONA M. Oconto, Wis. 3 Year Primary. Phoenix 1, 2, 3; Historian 2; Inter-Fraternity 2, 3; Pres. 3; V. Pres. 2; Glee Club 1, 2; F.T.A. 3; Homecoming Court 2; Frost Bite Queen 2; Newman Club 1, 2, 3. MAY, BETSY A. Fond du Lac, Wis. 4 Year Primary. Kappa Gamma 1,2, 3, 4; Sec. 2; Co-chairman, Play Contest 2; Co-director, Vod-Vil 2; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Historian 1; Advance 2, 3, 4; News Editor 3; Editor 3; Advisory Editor 4; Inter-Fraternity 2, 3; Student Council 3; Sec.-Treas. 3; Homecoming Committee 2, 3; Dramatics 1, 2, 3. MEGGARS, JOHN F. Sheboygan, Wis. 4 Year Intermediate. Choir 4; Band 4; Sheboygan County Normal. MILEY, GEORGE P. Sheboygan Falls, Wis. Liberal Arts. Major: Geography; Minors: Biology, Physical Education. Football 1. 2, 3, 4; "O'' Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Periclean 1, 2, 3, 4. MILLER, CARYL R. Beaver Dam, Wis. 4 Year Primary. Band 1, 2, 3; Delta Phi 1, 2, 3, 4; V. Pres. 3; F.T.A. 3, 4; Advance 3. MOLL, LORNA M. Cedar Grove, Wis. 4 Year Kdg.-Primary. Minor: Music. Delta Phi 1, 2, 3, 4; Historian 2; Pres. 3; F.T.A. 1, 4; C.L.S. 1, 2; L.S.A. 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Choir 3, 4. MOORE, VIRGINIA E. Oshkosh, Wis. Secondary. Major: English; Minors: Speech, Library Science. Alethean 1, 2, 3, 4; Co-director, Vod-Vil 1; Codirector, Play Contest 2, 4; Treas. 2; V. Pres. 3; Wesley 2‘, 3, 4: Pres. 3; State Council member and officer 4; Advance 2, 3, 4; Editor 3; Advisory Editor 3; Inter-Faith Council 3; Chairman 3; "Silver Whistle", Property Manager 3; "Hansel and Gretel", Property Manager 3; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; "Jack and the Beanstalk", Director 4; Homecoming Publicity Co-chairman 4; Quiver 4; F.T.A. 4, Who's Who. MURPHY, JOAN M. Oshkosh, Wis. 4 Year Kdg.-Pri-mary. Phoenix 1, 2, 3, 4; V. Pres. 3; Reporter 4; Advance 1. NEHLS, DON A. Fond du lac, Wis. Secondary. Majors: History, Geography. C.L.S.; F.T.A. NORMAN, PHYLLIS J. Green Bay, Wis. 4 Year Intermediate. Phoenix 3, 4; Sec.; Historian; Quiver 3; Advance 2, 3; L.S.A. 3, 4; Glee Club 2; F.T.A. 3, 4; C.L.S. 2; St. Olaf College. ORLOWSKI, DONALD R. Milwaukee, Wis. Secondary. Major: History; Minors: Biology, English; Extension Division, Milwaukee. ORT, GRACE L. Black Creek, Wis. 3 Year Intermediate. W.R.A. 1, 3; Wesley 1, 2. 3, 4; F.T.A. 3; Delta Phi 2, 3. ORY, BETTY B. Pelican Lake, Wis. 4 Year Primary. Advance 1; Radio Club 1; C.L.S. 1, 2, 3; Historian 2; Sec. 3, Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Alpha Chi 1. PAISER, CAROL J. Gresham, Wis. 2 Year Rural. Gamma Sigma 1, 2; Alpha Chi 1, 2; Sec. 1; C.L.S. 1, 2; Sec. 1. PATCHETT, ELEANOR M. Markesan, Wis. 4 Year Intermediate. F.T.A. 3, 4; Glee Club 4; Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 3, 4. PAULICK, DANIEL A. Oshkosh, Wis. Liberal Arts. Majors: Social Sciences. Veterans' Club 1, 2; V. Pres. 2; Intramural Football 1, 2; Who's Who. 146PERRODIN, LEE F. Manitowoc, Wis. 4 Year Intermediate Grammar. Veterans' Club; U. of Wisconsin. PERSHA, MARY E. Horicon, Wis. 4 Year Primary. C.L.S. 1; F.T.A. 4; Gamma Sigma 2, 3, 4; Advance 1, 2; Glee Club 4. PETERSEN, JOANNE E. Green Bay Wis. 4 Year Intermediate. Quiver 3; Glee Club 1; Orchestra 1, 2; Sec.; Treas.; W.R.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; C.L.S. 1, 2; L.S.A. 3; Lambda Chi 1, 2, 3, 4; F.T.A. 2; Dramatics 2, 4. PFUND, CAROL A. Appleton, Wis. 4 Year Primary. Alethean 1, 2, 3, 4. PLOTZ, BEVERLY J. Oshkosh, Wis. 4 Year Intermediate. Lambda Chi 1, 2, 3, 4; Treas. 3; V. Pres. 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Women's Association Board 2; Who's Who; C.L.S. 1, 2; Advance 2, 3; Quiver 3; F.T.A. 4; Glee Club 2, 4; Dramatics 3. 4. PRILL, NANCY ANN. Manawa, Wis. Secondary. Majors: History, Social Science. F.T.A. 4; Gamma Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4; Historian 2. PUGH, MARY ANN. Juneau, Wis. 4 Year Kdg.-Pri-mary. Minor: Art. Alethean I, 2, 3, 4; Quiver 3, 4; Business Manager 3; Administration Editor 4; Advance 1, 2; Business Manager 2; Inter-Fraternity 3, 4; Sec. 3; Newman Club 4. QUASTENBERG, NANCY C. Milwaukee, Wis. 4 Year Kdg.-Primary. F.T.A.; Milwaukee State College. QUINN, JOHN K. Hortonville, Wis. Secondary. Major: Social Science; Minors: History, Geology. Basketball. RAHR, ROBERT C. Oshkosh, Wis. Liberal Arts. Majors: Mathematics, Physics. Periclean. RAISLER, ARDIS J. Neenah, Wis. 2 Year Rural. Phoenix 1, 2; Historian 2; Alpha Chi 1, 2; Rifle Club 1; L.S.A. 1, 2; Radio Club 2. REINERT, MARILEE, Manitowoc, Wis. 4 Year Kdg.Pri-mary. Alethean 1, 2, 3, 4; Treas. 3; Vod-Vil, Chairman 2; Newman Club 1, 2, 3; Historian 3; F.T.A. 1,4; Inter-Fraternity 4; Sec. 4; Student Council 3, 4; Advance 1, 2, 3; Society Editor 3; Circulation Editor 3; Quiver 1, 2; Glee Club 1, 2; Homecoming Committee 2, 3, 4; Parade Chairman 2, 3, 4; W.R.A. 2, 3, 4; Campus Forum 1; Modern Dance 1, 2. RESHESKE, JEAN A. Oshkosh, Wis. 4 Year Kdg.-Pri-mary. Kappa Gamma 1, 2, 3, 4; Custodian 2; V. Pres. 3; Pres. 4; Cochairman, Play Contest 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3; F.T.A. 4; Choir 1, 2, 3, 4; "Girl Crazy", 2; Advance 3; Quiver 3. RHEIN, DENISE E. Two Rivers, Wis. 4 Year Primary. Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Gamma 2, 3, 4; Treas. 2; Pres. 3; Chairman, Play Contest 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; F.T.A. 2. 3, 4; Who's Who ROBERTS, MARCELINE A. Fond du Lac, Wis. Secondary. Majors: English, Mathematics; Minor: Geology. Gamma Sigma 2, 3,.4; Historian 2; Treas. 3; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; F.T.A. 4; Advance 1,2, 3, 4; Copy Editor 3; Associate Editor 3; Editor 4; Quiver 4; Who's Who RODENCAL, MYRITE E. Berlin, Wis. 4 Year Primary. Delta Phi 1, 2, 3, 4; Women's Association Board 2; Sec.-Treas. 2; Volleyball; Basketball; Homecoming Committee 2, 4; F.T.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; C.L.S. 1. 2, 3, 4; V. Pres. 2, Advance 2. RUSCH, SHIRLEY A. Chilton, Wis. 2 Year Rural. Phoenix 1, 2; Alpha Chi 1, 2; U.S.F. 1, 2. RUTHMANSDORFER, K. PATRICIA. Two Rivers, Wis. Secondary. Major: English; Minors: Latin, History. Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Pres. 2; F.T.A. 1, 2, 3; Treas. 2; Alethean 1, 2, 3, 4; Historian 2; Pres. 3; Quiver 1, 2; Advance 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Who's Who. SCHAEFER, DONALD E. Oakfield, Wis. Liberal Arts. Majors: Geography, Social Science. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Beta Phi 1, 2, 3, 4; V. Pres. 4; Inter-Fraternity 2; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4. SCHINKE, JEANETTE M. Appleton, Wis. 4 Year Primary. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Gamma Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4; F.T.A. 2, 3, 4; Advance 2, 3; Newman Club 3. SCHMIDT, DOROTHY M. Berlin, Wis. 2 Year Rural. L.S.A. 1, 2; F.T.A. 2. SCHROEDER, ELAINE M. Pulaski, Wis. 4 Year Kdg.-Primary. Gamma Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4; Sec. 2; Pres. 3; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Pres. 4; Inter-Fraternity 2; Quiver 2, 3; F.T.A. 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3; Social Life Committee 2; "Jack and the Beanstalk ", Publicity Manager 4; Who's Who SCHROEDER, FRANCIS J. Oshkosh, Wis. Liberal Arts. Major: Social Science; Minor: Political Science. Intramural Sports; Track Manager 3. SCHROEDER, KEN A. Appleton, Wis. Secondary. Major: History; Minors: English, Speech. Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Veterans' Club; Who's Who. 147SCHUETTE, KATHLEEN E. Redgranite, Wis. Secondary. Major: History; Minors: Physical Education, English. Band 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4; Delta Phi 2, 3, 4; W.R.A. 2, 3, 4; F.T.A. 2, 3, 4; Social Life Committee 4; Inter-Fraternity 3, 4; C.L.S. 2, 3, 4; Advance 2, 3, 4; Quiver 4; Homecoming Committee 4; Co-chairman 4; Christmas Formal, Chairman 3; Homecoming Court 4; Rifle Club 2, Who's Who. SCHUSTER, MARGARET ANN. Berlin, Wis. 3 Year Intermediate. Advance 1, 2, 3; Quiver 1, 2; Gamma Sigma 2, 3; Custodian 2; Newman Club 1, 2, 3; W.R.A. 1, 2, 3. SIEBOLD, AROL C. Oshkosh, Wis. Secondary. Majors: English, History. Women's Association Board 3. SLOEY, WILLIAM E. Fond du Lac, Wis. Liberal Arts. Majors: Biology, Natural Science. SOBIESKI, DORIS M. Berlin, Wis. 3 Year Intermediate. F.T.A. 3; Newman Club 1, 2, 3; Delta Phi 3; Advance 2; Glee Club 1, 2. STECKBAUER, RITA A. Oshkosh, Wis. Secondary. Major: English; Minors: Speech, History. Alethean 1, 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 2, 3, 4; Pres. 4; Inter-Faith Council 3, 4; Chairman 4; Social Life Committee 3; Chairman 3; W.R.A. 3; Advance 2; Radio Club 1, 2; Homecoming Queen 4. STEINER, SARALEE R. West Bend, Wis. 4 Year Primary. Wesley 1; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; “Girl Crazy" 2; Advance 2, 3, 4; Women's Association Board 2; F.T.A. 2, 3, 4; Phoenix 3, 4; V. Pres. 4. STOLPER, LOIS V. Random Lake. Wis. 4 Year Kdg.-Primary. Delta Phi 2, 3, 4; Custodian 2; V. Pres. 3; F.T.A. 1, 4; C.L.S. 1, 2; L.S.A. 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. SUTTON, DAVID A. Milwaukee, Wis. Secondary. Major: Biology; Minors: Chemistry, Physical Education. Football 1, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Captain 3; Dramatics 2, 3, 4; "O" Club 2, 3, 4; Pres. 2; Inter-Fraternity 1, 2; Periclean 1, 2, 3, 4; V. Pres. 1; Treas. 2, 3; Pres. 2, 3; Student Council 2, 3; V. Pres. 2; Pres. 3; Men's Association Board 1, 2; Pres. 2; Social Life Committee 1, 2; Homecoming Committee 3, 4; Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4; Marquette U. TEWS, LEONARD L. Ripon, Wis. Secondary. Major: Biology; Minors: Geography, Music. THOMAS, MICHAEL D. Manitowoc, Wis. 4 Year Intermediate-Grammar. Intramural Sports; Alpha Phi Omega. ate. W.R.A. 3, 4; Gamma Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4; Sec. 2; Pres. 4; Women's Association Board 2; Glee Club 1, 2; C.L.S. 1, 2; Treas. 2; F.T.A. 4; Advance 2; Quiver 3. VANCE, REBECCA M. Racine, Wis. 4 Year Intermediate. Wesley 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 2; Student Council 2, 3; Sec. 3; Social Life Committee 4; Advance 3; Lambda Chi 3, 4; Treas. 4; F.T.A. 4; Extension Center, Racine. VANDER BOOGAARD, EUGENE W. Appleton, Wis. Secondary. Majors: History, Geography. Sailing Club; Intramural Sports; Veterans' Club 2, 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4. VANDEN HEUVEL, EUGENE P. Kimberly, Wis. Secondary. Major. Biology; Minors: Physical Education, English. "O" Club; Basketball; Newman Club; Student Council 3, 4; V. President 3; Pres. 4; Marquette U. VINEY, THOMAS R. Marinette, Wis. Liberal Arts. Major: English. Homecoming Committee 4; Co-chairman 4; Student Council 4; Intramurals. VOGEL, SHIRLEY E. St. Nazianz, Wis. 4 Year Kdg.-Primary. Glee Club 1, 2; Advance 2; C.L.S. 1, 2, 3; Kappa Gamma 2, 3, 4; Inter-Fraternity 3, 4; F.T.A. 3, 4; Dorm Sec. 2, 3. WALSDORF, CATHERINE J. Kiel, Wis. Secondary. Major: English; Minors: History, Speech. Lambda Chi 1, 2, 3, 4; Sec.; Historian,- Inter-Fraternity; Social Life Committee 2, 3; Dramatics 2, 3, 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Advance 2, 3, 4; Circulation Editor 3; Radio Club 1, 2; Homecoming Queen 3. WEBER, MARY A. Appleton, Wis. 4 Year Primary. Kappa Gamma 2, 3, 4; Parlimentarian 3; Women's Association Board 3; V. Pres. 3; Glee Club 1; F.T.A. 4; Homecoming Committee 3, 4; Kappa Delta Pi 4. WOEHLKE, CONSTANCE J. Oshkosh, Wis. 2 Year Rural. Alpha Chi 1, 2; Sec.; W.R.A.,- L.S.A. WOLDT, ARLENE A. Oshkosh, Wis. Liberal Arts. Majors: General Science, Biology; Minors: English, Chemistry. Band; Delta Phi. WROCHOTA, JULIE A. Oshkosh, Wis. Secondary. Major: English; Minors: Speech, Geology. Newman Club 1; "Girl Crazy" 2; Pom Pom Girl 3, 4. WUSTRACK, DORIS J. Waupun, Wis. 3 Year Inter-mediate. Alpha Chi 1; Phoenix 3; C.L.S. 1; Glee Club 1,2. ZELLER, GERALDINE S. Oshkosh, Wis. 2 Year Rural. Alpha Chi 1, 2; V. Pres. 2; Newman Club 1. TIPLER, SHIRLEY M. Neenah, Wis. 4 Year Intermedi- 148FACULTY INDEX STUDENT INDEXD- on. Richard 47 Doalkar. (I.nbath Dohcman. Allan 10B Oohrman. D-antha 44.65.77. 107 Oof . Joan 44. 77 Dopp. W Baarl Oopp. Sylv-a at Ooc(man. toil Dortay. Ivan 45. 86. M7 Dotty,. J amyt Dc-tay. Bob "' Opvphman. Karl Oo.p'-at. De-ald D-apan. (m-l 50 EVogti, Nwy Drahd, Ba-ba-k 0.68 tkwfo . JO Orarfuatii. Paul Olitlltl. Ailtvf 50. II) Drpvyr. Avdra, 9 Grown. PaVk-a 50 0w8o-t. Dor-aid Dvjm4«. WA« OuAtAA. P|A« OvoUvv at OvAA. lH yN» 0vO fl. V f 44 OuQvvtla. D.-ar-a Ovrochyr. Glyn Ovthyntk-. Bebart at Oul on. Bobarr M, My'an 28. 77 Oylina, IraalU 44 Fatten. larry (batly. Iwura 50.71 Itn'ilH'ga'. SiS-nw (bar?. Do.,. 2B.7I (dWA V-t l-ada 2$ (da., bad 28. 109 (dmntryr Nark, 2t. 71.49 (oar. Da.-d (pad, (Uaabath 50 f-f ooa., Bobarr Ol (-dao. R-thy d (-a.. Batty at. 99. 107. • 15 ( afaad. Dat-mpy 28. Bl. 97.99 (mmyl. vrh 28 (-par ton. $tarcd 28.8) (mpl. Charlat 40 (ridwi, Bepyr 40.78 (rmarmpar. Jotaph 28.9) (rtal. Ronald 50 Ckyrhvt. (wit. Beta t ( a a. Bebart at »akl. Jvd-th 50.77 Faftewtki. r.adV 117 |U«n ,. Marparaf Fa'ke.iki. V.’4-yd •an. tho—at 40 Farr. B-chard (an. Jvd.’h 40.68, 108.110,115 Faveytt, Mar, (Had Favkt. Avdra, 49 Favkt. t-chy-d 48 (ay. ohA (ahamad. tyla 44.11) 'a’d-am. Mar, 45. 81.96 104. 107 Fall. Wayrty 50 faro. B_nh 28.68. 115 (nwrdm, O’ara 49. 115 Favtryl. Oav.d 44 F-adlar. Jy-ak 44 Fd-par. 1 odd Frhl. Mary 28.64 91 F-ryry. (l-cabath 40.8). 91. 104. 108 (dtkaitdar. Varga F-tt. Oav-d F-t»pyyld. Bota-ai Flock. Tv-a 44 FWdkar. Demid 44 Flynn. Mr. Rvth Flynn. Ihomat Forraat. Dada 24. 64 Fra.lmp, Caratd 41 Francko-yak, Bardard Fradk. Denyld Fradk. Joh- F'adk. Made, 49 FraorJama. Fraoj. Clark 116 F.aritr, Rebarta 8). 119 Fradrkk. Boamalta 41.74 Fty-byt0. PNT.p 49 Fral.V-dr lao« 64 F'BACh. Cary 49 Fray, (td-ca 49 Fr abal. (wan 'r-t-yva. J.m Fr,a. Fraok FvtSar. la-Maao at Fvarad. Jar-ca 29 Oabralvod. 1,1. 49 Gal—. 56 Car.V,. Mary Gvba. Carpi 49 Gadda . V dp-o-a 45.77 Cava. »h-i .p 49 Gavttky. MarrO»-a Gavpa . Dav-d 50 Gav-'-a., Narky at Gaar. John 50 Oahdka. Do-a Id Gahrka. Mtv'-ca Cahrka. Ga..rhardr Rvby Gaorpa, Botamar, 47. 8) Orrdmad, G’ann Ga.aaw, Clararka Gatrtth Bebart Ga ih. . Bkhadd 29 Gbvjd, Ga.a'd Gar,k. V. h al 45 Gaikan, kAo 48 G-lbarnoo. Kay G-Hpao. Boly-d 49 45. 84. 105 29 G-raoi. 140 Glaodar. Jamaa Glar'd'. Bavarty G-tode-tk-. Demid Okrm, lonaH 44.89 )t. 1)1 Gocktr. Jaorta 49 Gsmoll. Bobarr Gorr. Barar 45.86 Gotpodortk. Ihomat a Gou. Op. Id Gova. B,ao Govak. Kannyrh 41 Gra . Bpbarr G-atia Jacjva'da 49 Gra»al‘a. AnSv» Gdaar. Jaa-da 41. 108 Grappdy. Ooooa G'tpxy. Ba'iy 49 Grama«, Jamaa Gda-ach, Jpy 115 Grat-ch. Barrk-a 45.97 Cradika. Myrparyr 45.81.97 Gray. Joh« 49 Cr.B. Bod.'d 49 Gaodpa Gr.ll. Mar,era 41.8). 107 Gr«a".tk. My'an 49 Groda. Shared 41 Gro-h. Ronald 44 Gr-bar. Mar, Ann 49. 1 16 Gvakpd, Boban 44. 1)0 Gyaorhar. Barbara 45 Gda«rhar. F.adarkk GvVian. Be 'a—4 Gvdv.lly, Odd aid Gvta. Da——i 49. 11) Maaoad. Add Maaa. Bavl Haata. V« yl 49 Mabarkom, Rvd 29.71.110 Matkar, Op-a 5) Ha-d'-pat. W-U-ym 86. 117 Malay. Johd Mali. Mar, Mall. Bebart 41 Malla. Ja-at 41.74. 112 Myh-ytton. Ood 45.85. in. 126 MabyrtOd. Mar, 49.56 My—mack. Goad 49 Ha-otriar-). laatrta 49 Ma—dayk-da Col-" 52 Ma-lay. Ja"ka Madlay. Joh- 78 Ma—arnao. Carela 49 Haroaman. Joa—a 29.74 Ha—amad, Bpbarr M d al. (Imar 117 Maoiad. (d-ydd 44 Hao«d, John HaMan. Ma ior,a Hamad. Bavl Mampn. Gla 44 Mamod. larr. 12) Mara. Mary 49,71 M,.m,. Harr ar 29. Bt. 89.91.9) 97 99 Harmtan. Oa. d 45. 72, 117 Harnata. Bpthaila 48. 1C8 Ma»d,tj. w.llam Marrand. CarltOd 29 Mart—a—. Nadt, 29 77. 91.9). 97. 112 Martma". (Imar 29 Hanmad. B.lph 29 Harri'am Jam 29,68 Ma»karr. B-tha-d Ha.kmad. Jpho Haapt. Bpbarr 41.108 Matkar. 0a».d 41 Madrkh. W.llram 46 Ma m. taBoy Ma-d. Clar 41 Ma-ojad. Ba’r a 45.83 Mao,!. Jekd Ma .lat. Opr-k )l Maid. Ooona 44 Milpran. Bcoaid Mallar. Ivn-ca 49, 107 Markka. Barbara 8.71 Mandry. Batrk-a 49 Mania, Bonatd 51 Mannrdp. Jaroma 41,73 Maddmp. Str anna 50 Madry, Gerald 48 Madya . Oeroth, 45.77 Karbkt. Bebart 41 Mardda. G-appry 44 Marlatha. Op-ald 41,117 Marrmand. Gaeapa 41 Marrwip. Ppda Id 41 Marabarp. Oodald 45 Manpp lad 44 MakkVr. Barbara 51 Mtvar. Chrn'rna 44 Mav»mp. Jvdy 41.83.105 M.pda. Sharp- 49 Ma pak. Marpa-at M-phtp Ba. Gaprpa 45.84.94. 114 12) M-ldahl. Kara- 41.77 M.Idab-a—d. Bvktal M .lay. (U-a 49.71 Mmakh. Ma-a 44.89 Mrdladk. Cl.l'o-d 44 Mo-kka. Jack so M-dtarmad. ( t 112. II) M-dty. Tarty 122 M.pka. Barbara 29 M-kthla. thpmtl 48 N-tthtptk. Ba.-ta 45.81 Mlavathak. Ilkabarh 83.96.97. 99. 115 Mpatktrra. Antpd 133 Mpflman. 0a»n 41. 81. 96 97 99. 115 HoFIman. Jamat Moll ma-d Mik ( a-a 44 Mppad. Johd Mppa- MpHa-d. Gara'd 30.86. 112. 113. 117 Mol lor ad. Barr-tl ». 12) Molmtt. lav. Mplmat. l-6«al 30. ID Molkad. Charlat Molva'kod, lo i 48 Moljar. Ba,r-Odd 41 Mpppar. John Mprd. (la -a y Mor-batk Both 41.81.99 MoktalHar. M.a-da Ha Mokhk.i, Frada'-k 45. 107 Mpd-ard. Op-Mvbbard. Adda Ca, 41,77 Mvbbard. Bp-ald 126 Mvbaary. Clamant 45 Mvbarty. Ir.d 44.78 Mvbl.. Dpvu 49 Mvtl. Jadar 49 MvdkPd. Opdald Mvab-a». Jamat 49 Mvabdar. Mar-6d Mvphaa. Ga.l Mvmath. GraNhfd Mvdlar. Shared 45 Mvpka, Vary 30,74,91 Mvrlbvr. Kathlaad 49. II) Mvkkay, Jphd Mgtth-dkPd. Narky 30 Jatk-ah. Dayrd 51 Jatki-Od. lap- 1)3 JacobkPd, Bthard Jaapa'. Baymp-d Jaapar. Bppar Jappd-nkk,. Carpi 45. 74. 95. 11? Jahd. Bobarr 49 Jahdy. Da-dk Jamakpd. Al-ca Janaa-. Jphn 41. 119 Jk-kad. Kanda h Janakad. Ma.’ad 30 Ja'pkh. Fhapdera JaKhpb. Ip-k 48.99 Jadkprs, Ma-Wy kdij. 5a-d-a 48 99 Jarabak. Na-I to. 104. 106 .Nkth. Vara 49 Jarrydkk-. jatk I?) Tphm. Jakia y Jph—kOd. Ca-Ha Jphr-kpn. Carol 49 JOhdMd. Da.a 45 Johdkod. G-lbart 30. 111. 118 Joh-tpd. Ja—ak 41 Johdiod. ta-a- 49 44. 77 JOhdkOd. W-H-k 47 Johdkipd. Kaddaih 90.92 Jonai. Do-prS, Jpdat. Jead Jvdaod. Bobarr 49,90. ICO. 116 Jvnp. Ma y Jvdo. Jatk KathaHk-. T-aodo-a 30 KaW. 5-aiby 48. 107 Kahlar. Fkp,d 53 Ba-aa . Kay Ka wr. IVJkam 47. 1)0 Kal y. C'arama Ka-kHar. (art 51 Ka'man. Ik--—a Ka«d k. Bebart 45. 123 Ka ovy, Carpi Karpw. John 45 Karon. Bodald 51 Ka-ralk. 0a—al 45 Katthrba. Ord Ka-kt. Bkhard 41 Kallar. Karhlaad 45. 89 107 KalWtk, Oa'la-k Kr'ay. 8tvta Kallay. Marparat 30.77. 115 KadtnW. Gaprpad Ka-dpdy. M ., 41.68.7I.91.9S.IIS Ka-r. Da—i 45 Ka r -pan. Bobarr 51.12) Karr pan, Ikpmak Karr,. Carman $0 a ktha». Jacpva'da 5) Ktrnm, Arlyn 49 Ka-ir-ar, Icon Kiel, John 51 K-an.»». Charlat K-atow. Kant 41 K-rvp. Charlat 30.118 Kmp. Marbarr 50 Kdp Bpbarr —S W-lUam 31 KimaJ. Baiph )». 116. M7. 1)0 K-char. Dpna'd K-thar. John 47.86 K.fkland. Kr-da-h Kvtth. John 50 K-tar. Jvd-rh 50 K.ta» M-t Vad.-J K.ttal, Jarral K.r Mar-Od 3' K-t dpa . Oolprat 45 89 Klart, Jamat 53 Klaa. Karl Klaana. Carol so Kla-bar. Jon 49 xlarn, K anna rh 45. 126 Klawl. (pt 31.89 Kla-n. Pa’r-t.a 50 Kla-"«hm ji. s a 41.64 KlaForrh. Narky 10 Kl-mkp. Bpba-r 41.86. 92 150sa as S £ )i s' 'y s a- ssRssasasassjsa £ R8 « S5 8S$S-- £ «Q « r? 5 " 5 5 asas a ssssasR ss« ? :s «5 ?§3«5 ” = s $ 355 r 5 a5 s' 5 s? z ?:• 5 5 a 151QUIVER SUPPLEMENT WISCONSIN STATE COLLEGE OSHKOSH, WISCONSINVela Marble, 1955 Sociology, History, Social Studies Ph.D., University of Texas Delmar Multhauf, 1955 Geography M.S., University of Wisconsin Mr . William Karr, 1955 English, Speech B.S., Wisconsin State College. Oshkosh F A C II L T V II G M B E R SAn Oshkosh chapter of the Student Affiliate of American Chemical Society, a nationa organization composed of chemistry majors, was organized on January 20, 1955, by t e chemistry majors of Oshkosh State College. The chapter's monthly meetings consist of social and business meetings combined. They have shown films pertaining to science and have had various speakers. Two of the speakers were Dr. Bowman, a chemistry instructor on campus, and Mr. Frank from the Oshkosh Health Office. They are both senior American Chemical Society members. Student affiliates may become junior members during their senior year. They have to be a junior member for five years before they can become a senior member. The members of the American Chemical Society receive the Chemical and Engineering News, a weekly magazine. They also have a student affiliate pin. iditor'f note: The American Chemical Society article has been put in the supplement due to the group's lateness in organizing. Row 1: Dr. Bowman, E. Dissen, V. Lewis, J. Cumber, J. Coulahan, D. Gerlat. Row 2: V Manthei. F. Schmitz. E. Krueoer. J. Bvrne. J. Judd J Kmmn I ___________■ .... . _SUM REST 2nd Place—Delta Phi, "I Believe.” Nancic Gop in receives trophy lor Phoenix trom Bill f anis, Songlest chairman.milium mmmnLeft: Mothers and daughters bcirvg served punch in the Women's Gymnasium. On May 7, members of the Women's Association entertained their mothers at an annual Mothers' Day Tea and program in the Campus School. To open the program, Yvonne Kos-mosky played "Arioso" at the organ and then Nancy Starke, President of the association, gave the welcoming address. She also introduced her mother, Mrs. Gilbert Starke, who spoke on behalf of the mothers present. Following a short talk by Miss Helen Colby, Dean of Women, a double quartet sang, "To My Mother," accompanied by Barbara Miller, The quartet was composed of Kathleen Koller, Joyce Redeker, Wanda Taggert, Joan Tisch, Janice Coulahan, Joanne Bartelt, Janice Hanley, and Judy Cota. Guest speaker of the afternoon was Mr. Roy Dunlap, a columnist for the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Mr. Dunlap gave an account of his recent trip to Europe with 40 other newspaper men. He took his audience through the two sectors of Berlin, Germany; Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, England, and Ireland. The program concluded with another organ selection, "Nocturne" played by Yvonne Kosmosky. After the program, everyone gathered in the Women's Gymnasium for the tea. They were entertained by a string trio composed of Jo Ann Peterson, Barbara Miller, and John Congdon. Right: The tea was proclaimed a huge success. MOTHERS’ DM TEAIM. -|IELLE. ir FORMAL Alethean, Beta Phi, Lambda Chi, Philakean, and Phoenix Societies sponsored the Pan-Hellenic Formal which was held at the Masonic Temple on April 23. Decorations for the event were in a Greek letter motif. Letters representing the participating societies covered five of the ballroom windows and from them streamers were hung to the ceiling. Over the orchestra on stage a huge banner was hung repeating the dance theme. Student chairmen for the formal were Mary Ann Pugh, Alethean; David Harmson. Beta Phi; Judy Heuring, Lambda Chi; Jack Judd, Philakean; and Joanne Bartelt, Phoenix. Chaperones included the society advisors: Mr. and Mrs. David Marble, Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Linton, Miss Constance Ottman, Miss Mildred Nasgowitz, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Moushey, Dr. and Mrs. James Unger, Miss Helen Colby, and Dr. and Mrs. E. O. Thedinga. Left: L. to R.: Miss Mildred Nasgowitz, Miss Constance Ottman, Miss Helen Colby, Dr. Frederick Caudle, Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Gunderson, and Dr. and Mrs. James Unger. Right: Refreshment time!STAIRWAY Til THE STIRS With a "Stairway to the Stars" forming the background, OSC students, faculty, alumni, and guests danced to the music of Tony Winters at the annual prom, May 28th at the Eagles Ballroom. Court of Honor: SENIOR CLASS: Jim Cannon and Sue Carey Bill Manis and Mary Dilts JUNIOR CLASS Eugene Vanden Heuvel and Rita Steckbauer SOPHOMORE CLASS: Don Kroll and Barbara Leher FRESHMAN CLASS: Erwin Winarski and Dawn Hoffman Receiving Line: King John Butrymowicz Queen Janet Beyer President and Mrs. Forrest R. Polk Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Magnusen Dr. and Mrs. E. 0. Thedinga Dean Helen Colby Robert Klimko and Bonnie Buechel The Court of Honor Chaperones: Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Ramsden Dr. and Mrs. John Taylor. Dr. and Mrs. John Mook Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Womaski Kenneth Johnson crowns John while Jan and the court looks on.Golf Team: Karnes. Schubert, Spaulding, Dorfman, Murray, Zcmlock GOLF Oshkosh State College captured the Wisconsin State College Conference Golf Meet Championship on the Lake Shore course on May 20 The Titans set a new record with a total of 577 strokes. Dick Spaulding, with his 134, swept medalist honors for Oshkosh. Tom Shubert of OSC was runner up with 140. Milt Hintz, Tom Murray, and Ross Dorfman had scores of 148, 156, and 160 respectively. TEWIS The Titans gained a share of third place in the annual Wisconsin State College Conference Tennis Meet at Milwaukee on May 21. Jack Heinzl gained the Titan's lone point by finishing third in the singles. The squad failed to collect any points in doubles competition. Tcnni Team: Coach Blcckmgcr, Mangum, Heinzl, Spaulding, Vcrdcttc, Manis THICK Track Team: Row 1: Huberty. Schullz, Wmarski, Sutton. Hightdudu, John-son, Roebcr, Doxtater Row 2: Coach Kolf, Lautcnschlagcr. Krebibach. Koch. Stern. Malchow. Moldcnhauer. Stcmbach, Valentine. Kruie Freshman Lyle Koch set a new record for the shot-put at the Wisconsin State Track Meet at Milwaukee on May 21. The only other winner was Dave Sutton in the 100 yard dash In the other events, Tom Lautenschlager placed fourth in the high hurdles and fifth in the low hurdles. Dick Malchow took fourth in the high jump and Ken Moldenhauer finished fifth in the discus. Oshkosh came in last with 17Vi points behind Stevens Point who had 19. Milwaukee was first. La Crosse second. River Falls third, Stevens Point fourth, and Oshkosh last.IISC SHIRTSFACULTY TEA A tea was given on June 2 at Pollack House by the faculty of Oshkosh State College to honor five of the teachers who are retiring from the faculty this year. Honored at the tea were Miss Jeanne Mercier, Mrs. Betty Zwicky Bauer, Miss Jeanne Rehwirkel, Miss Constance Ottman, and Mrs. Gertrude Bowman. They were presented with gifts during the party. Pouring in pairs throughout the tea were one each from faculty and office staff respectively and as follows: Miss Ruth Willcockson and Miss Patricia Spaedtke; Miss Maysel Evans and Miss Olga Ostertag; Miss Mildred Nasgowitz and Miss Grace Shi-mek, and Miss Louise Scott and Miss Ann Harvey. Receiving guests at the tea were members of the faculty social committee. James K. Johnson, Miss Corrine Hubbard. Mrs. Bertha Merker, Raymond Gloeck-ler, and Eugene W. Moushey. L. It.: Mis, Mildred, Mrs. Bell, Zwick, Bene-. Miss Rehwinkel. M,,s Con,,.nee On™,. Mrs. Gemode Bo.. m n. Mist Helen Colby, Miss Grace Sbimek PHI BETA SIGMA Twenty-one seniors were elected by the faculty to the Phi Beta Sigma Honorary Fraternity in Education. Phi Beta Sigma members are elected on the basis of scholarship and good character. The college faculty elects each year not more than fifteen per cent of the graduating class. The members were honored at an assembly on May 17, and at a faculty sponsored dinner at Radford Hall on May 25, where they were initiated. The following were the 1954-1955 initiates: Mrs. Betty Bettin, Mrs. Virginia Evans. Leroy Kottke, Joyce Pahlow, Mrs. Ella Thedinga, and Donna Lee Wasser, Oshkosh; Dorothy Anklam, Pickett; Jacqueline Case, West Bend; Marvel Doepke, Montello; Hada Ellinger, Westfield; June Johnson, Marinette; Ruth Krueger, Randolph; Jean Mix, Berlin; Mildred Mulvaney, Columbus; Nancy Lee Nesberg; Pesh-tigo; Dorothy Rosin, Shawano; Susan Reible, Horicon; Henrietta Seehawer, Apple-ton; Shirley Sterlinske, Ripon; Dolores Voland, Kiel; and Iver Wenander, Cedarburg. Officers include Mr. N. P. Nelson, President; Mr. Terrance Snowden, Vice-President; and Dr. Leonard Bristow, Secretary-Treasurer Row 1: S. Reible, V. Evans, J. Case. M Doepke. Row 2: L. Kottke, J Pahlow, S. Sterlinske. H. Seehawer, J. Johnson.Or. Leslie Johnson, commencement speaker. GRADUATION Graduation ceremonies were held in the Little Theatre in the Campus School. Dr. Leslie Johnson was the commencement speaker and his theme was, "What Values Shall We Accept?" It's so good to have it. It's all over but the shouting!

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