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Text from Pages 1 - 212 of the 1925 volume:

-Eunice L. Smith Editor Carl G. Bertram Business Manager Harold H. Helms Associate Editor Francis E. Colikx Associate Business Manager II. C. ClIRISTOFFERSON Eacuity AdvisorThe QUIVER 19 2 5 Published by The Students of the State Normal School at OSHKOSH. WISCONSIN Volume Twenty-nineUnwasted Days I'hc longer on this earth wc live Ami weigh the various qualities of men— The more we feel the high stern featured beauty Of plain devotedness to duty. Steadfast and still, nor paid with mortal praise, Hut finding amplest recompense For life's ungarlanded expense In "work done squarely and unwasted days. —James Russell Lowell -f.h 115 £ t CONTENTS Faculty Students Athletics Organizations Calendar Activities HumorFORWARD "That man may last, but never lives. Who all receives and nothing gives." The thought that the richer fuller life comes to him who gives was in the mind of the President and the members of the faculty of the Oshkosh Normal School on that September day in 1871, v . hen the school was formally dedicated to its great purpose of preparing young people for the high calling of the teacher. Because of this belief on the part of the faculty, the students who had come filled with the idea of receiving, departed fully persuaded that no one can live the abundant life who lives unto himself alone. The aim of the school was to put first things first: to kindle in each soul the will to help and the courage to do; to develop loyalty to the real things of life—not alone to the material, but to the spiritual as well. The students were trained to walk in the straight and narrow way, for it is only by so doing that anyone will achieve an abiding success. The great scientist, the great teacher, the great preacher, the great physician, the great financier is the one who has trodden the narrow path which did not permit him to wander thoughtlessly, carelessly on as does the one who goes in at the wide gate and ambles aimlessly along in the broad way. High ideals were kept ever before the students. The thought that they were going out to get. was balanced by the thought that they were going out to give. They were going to make this world a better world, a more beautiful world because they were going out to give of themselves. The little band that gathered here in those early days was as the leaven which helped to leaven the whole lump, and because of these high ideals the school took its place among the foremost schools not only of the state but of the whole country. Emily F. WebsterANORMAL SCHOOL TOAST We hail thee dear Normal! To thee we lift our song. Our pride, our allegiance, Our faith shall e’er be strong. May time serve thee kindly, i he gracious years bring strength, I hy hopes find fulfillment T hy days’ fruitful length. Send on, ever onward rhy constant stream of life, 1 o bear forth thy message In ways of peace or strife. 1 hough walls shake and crumble, Thy courage ne’er shall fail. Thy hopes spring eternal. Dear Normal! All hail!QUIVER F.l.t.EN 1 . r. I’kakf. Literature Irene I '. Arnett E nglislt C 'owposition K UTH W'lLl.COCKSON li nglish C 'ow posit ion (i. V. (..'am WELL English Composition ami Debate Alice I’». Cau.aiian English Composition ami Dramatics X. S. James English Composition and Oratory 1 925 raze i7QUIVER II. C. ClIRISTOFFERSON Mathematics Emily F. Webster Arithmetic F. R. Polk Mathematics R. Clow History. Economics. Sociology Mary G. Kelty History and Chics W. C. I Iexvitt Political Science and Literature 1 925 Page iSQUIVER ]I A. Clemans I'ice-Prcsident; Physics J. O. Frank Chemistry I I. W. Talbot Biology N P. Xklson Super: isor of Practice Teaching in Science V. H. Fletcher Mathematics and Science A. A. Farley Educational Psychology 1925 ’« 9QUIVER Mabei. C j. Hi. a kb Droning 1.11.a M. Rose Music j. A. 15REESE Music Jeanne A. Mercikk French Helen W. Henderson Home Economics A ONES J. DoL’OI.AS Drawing 1925 QUIVER F. E. Mitchell Geography M. IIradbury Geography and Elementary Education William L. Dealey Director. Division of Education of Exceptional Children 1. F. Novitski Division of Dural Education ! lowARD J. H ancock Director of Physical Education for Men Robert M. Kolf Physical Education. Coach in Basket-ball 1925 Page tiQUIVER 1 M. Kaknks Director of Dii ision of Industrial Education R. E. Gruen hagen Cabinet Making II. II. Whitney Supervisor of Manual Arts 11. T. SlIRUM Auto Mechanics and Sheet Metal li'ork F. W. Walsh .1 cell a nieal I) rawing F. E. Just Machine Shop and Foundry Practice 1 925 Poge iiQUIVER Laura M. Johnston Director of Training School Florence B. Wickersiiam Director of Division of Grammar Grade and Junior High Education Jennie (I. Marvin Principal of Junior High School Mary E. Crowley Critic Teacher in Junior High School Harriet K. Lockwood Critic Teacher in the Junior High School Corin’ne M. Kelso Critic Teacher in Junior High School 1925 3QUIVER Clara A. Trotter Director of Course for Intermediate Crude Teachers Sara L. Boom Critic Teacher for the Sixth Crude Laura T. Johnson Critic Teacher for the Fifth Crude Veda H. Bolt Critic 'Teacher for the Fourth Crude Roberta M. Smith Director of Curriculum for Primary Teachers SS M RV WILI.COCKSON Critic Teacher for the Third Crude 1925 Pott 4QUIVER Alice Adams Critic Teacher for the Second Grade Eva J. Van Sistine Critic Teacher for the First Grade Katmkvn E. McElroy Critic I cachcr for Kindergarten Etiif.i. Batschklet Super? isor of Practice in Special Classes for Sub-normal Children MaIIKI. A. K IORDAN Registrar 1 925 QUIVER Malvina C. Clausen Head librarian and Library Science Mary Louise Fitton A ssista nt I. ibraria n Jane R. Radford A ssista nt I. ibra ria n Ruth S. Macf. Dean of Women Gaynell Neff Director of Physical Education for IE omen 1925 Page t6QUIVER Ruth S. Sparkes Financial Secretory Elizabeth M. Herb Secretory to the President Luverene Secretory to the Director of Training Marjorie P. Weidner Stenographer John Clayton Custodian of Property 1925 t’oge 27QUIVER ACc so PC AT C o v r 7sr ey 1925 Page .'XQUIVER 1925 i’ate .vQUIVER r iiTT Laura Ackerman Primary Neon ah .... Necnali High School "We have not time to sport away the hours. .Ill must he earnest in a world like ours.” Evelyn M. Adams Rural I'ond du Lac - Fond lu Lac High School ". I girl among Girls-” Marie E. Adams Kura! Campbell sport - Fond du Lac High School G. A. A. '25; dice Club '25: Thalia Orpheus '25; Hockey '24. “Silence is golden." Ei.i.en Arms Intermediate Dunbar - South Milwaukee High School Radio Club '25; 1 loekey Team '25; Basketball Team '25; Volleyball 25; G. A. A. '25: Quiver Staff '25. “Xo one could possess better temper or more friendly disposition William State Graded Amcry ------ A incry High School Vice-President Rural Lite Club 75: V. M. C. A. '25. "Kindness in women, not their beauteous looks. Shall win my lave." Gladys Amundsen Three Year Junior High School Marinette - - - Marinette High School Alethcan '25; V. W. C. A '24; G. A. A. '25; Quiver Staff '25. "She ik is by nature perfectly good humored.” Carrie Anderson Primary Mat toon .... Mattoon High School Y. W. C. A. '25; G. A. A. '25. “A modest girl never talks of herself Emma J. Anderson Primary Waupaca - - Waupaca High School Gamma Sigma '25: Vice-Pres. '24; YAY.C.A. '25: G.A.A. ’25: Hockey ’25; Ra'kctltall ‘25. "There is no room for dark clouds on her horizon." IojlJ___ 1 925 Page soQUIVER Esther J. Anderson Kura! Allenvillc - Central Wisconsin College, Scandinavia, Wisconsin G.A.A. '25: L.N'.S. ’25; Rural Hockey '25. "Ever curious." Ethel A. Anderson Rural Marion - - Marion High School "To her the teacher's art is given? Eunice Ansorge Grammar Grade Oconto - - - Oconto High School Delta I’hi "24. ‘25: Treasurer, 25; Quiver Staff ‘25. ".■Ill things from her air inspired The spirit of love and amorous delight." Evelyn Ansorge Primary Oconto .... Oconto High School Delta I’hi 24, ‘25. ".■I brighter smile you never sate." Evalyn E. Attoe Three Year High School Wiki Rose Wild Rose High School Lambda Chi. I’res. ‘24; Browning Club ‘25: Honor Roll Second Semester ‘23; First Semester 24; G.A.A. '23. ’24; YAV.C.A. ‘24. "She may blush, but a blush on the face is better than a blot on the heart." Joseph L. Atwell State Graded Gwinn. Michigan - Gwinn High School Periclean ’24. ‘25: Y.M.C.A. ’24. 25; Band '22. ‘24, 25; Orchestra ’24. ’25. ".■I loyal supporter to all things entered into." Linda Ayerbeck Primary Fond du Lac Fond du I-ac High School "Silence is one of the virtues of the ’rise." Aline Banderob Primary Oshkosh - - Oshkosh High School Phoenix '23. '24. ‘25. Treas. ‘24. Vice-Pres. '24; Tennis '25; Suiver Staff '24. "She has a smile for everyone, for all a kindly word." 1 925 Pagt StQUIVER Lina Bau.vvanz Primary l'i ii(| lu Luc - Fowl «l » , Hi«h School G.A.A. 23. '24: V.W.C.A. '23. 24. " '7‘i‘s giwn « ' • merry and wise-" Ethblyn Bartelson Primary Pine River - Waushara County . urinal Y.W.C.A. 24. 25. busier body there ne'er teas." Mildred Baumgartner Intermediate Wrightstown W'rightstown High School "Studies hard the whole year through, quiet, hopeful, never blue. Bern ice Bkciiard Rural Bear Creek Bear Creek High School G.A.A. 24. 25. ••Pious and quiet, to say the least. I f on her studies she surely dues feast." Walter Beck State Graded X. Fond lu Lac X. Fond du Lac High School (dee Club 24. 25. "Rain or shine he is always on the job.” Harvey Bkgi.ixgex Industrial Oshkosh Oshkosh High School Industrial Arts '22. ‘23. '24. ".I mbit ion is his middle name. Just wait and see his rise to fame." Fthki. Bki.i.mokk Grammar Powers - Powers-Spalding High School Marquette '23. '24. '25: Thalia Orpheus '23. 24. '25; Glee Club '24. '25: G.A.A. 24. '25. "Xatural, capable and juvr . just to know her is a treat." Ebua K. Berg Rural Roscoe Harlem Consolidated School (dee Club '25: Thalia Orpheus '25: G.A.A. '25; Hockey '25: Captain. " I worker who enjoys fun. Most as well as anyone." 1 925 Page isQUIVER GEORGE E. BeRGER Industrial Two Rivers - Two Rivers High School Industrial Arts '24. 25; Track '24. '25. ".I fellozc among best of fellozvs." Carl (i. Bertram Three Year High School Marion --- Marion High School Lvceum '23. '24. '25. Pres. ’24; Y.M.C.A. '23. 24, '25. Vice-Pres. '23. '24; Phi Beta Sigma (charter member) Class Day Speaker ’24; Inter-Society Council. Pres. '25: Business manager. Quiver Staff '25; Debate '24. "No one can keep this good man dozen." Marvin Bksserdu k Industrial Kewaunee - - Kewaunee High School Football '23. 24; Track '23. "A man who sees life as it is." Beatrice B. Bluemke Primary Roscndalc - - Roscndalc High School Gamma Sigma ‘24. '25: Y.W.C.A. '24. '25. "'I here is a eordial candor in her manner." Frank J. Bonn, Jk. Industrial Two Rivers - Two Rivers High School "He is an athlete of note and an industrious industrialite." Dorothy V. Boyce Rural Oshkosh - - - Oshkosh High School "All who knozo her value her frendship and helpfulness Orvella A. Bosma Grammar Grade New Holstein - New Holstein High School Y.W.C.A. 25: G.A.A. '23. '24. 25. "Being a friend to ev erybody, she was everybody’s friend." Donald T. Bowkkr Three Year High School Oshkosh ... Saxon High School Lyceum 22. 23. '24. '25; Y.M.C.A. '22. 23. ’24. '25: Sect. '23; Advance Staff '23. '24; Quiver Staff '24. '25; Normal Chorus '23. '24; Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, (charter member) '25: Local Oratory Third Place '24; Normal Debate Team ’23. '24. '24-'25; Scholarship Award ’24; Meritorious Award '25. "There is only one asset that can take a man through life. That is —Character." 1 925 ' » «• aQUIVER Roy R. Bi-oomquist Industrial Tomahawk - Tomahawk High School Philakeau '24. '25; Marquette '23. '24: Foot!,;,I! ‘23. '24; Basketball '24. 5: Track 24. '25. ".'Ill fixed up for Olympics." Catherine Boylan Grammar Grade Portage ... Portage High School Marquette ‘25: Glee Club '25; G.A.A. 25. "Ifere’s to the girl with a heart and a smile. Who makes the bubble of life worth while." Miles Brown Industrial Auhurndalc - Marshfield High School Industrial Arts '24. '25: Critic '25: Student Council '24. '25; Honor Roll '24. '25. "He is a mighty fine fellow to know." Margaret Buhr Primary Marion - - - Marion High School Alethcan '23. '25. Pres. '25: G.A.A. ’25: Student Council ‘23; Marquette '23. '25: Secretary Freshman Class '23; Humor Editor Advance '23; Inter-Society Council ‘25. "She is a favorite with everyone here and deserves to be." Walter Buntrock Industrial Embarrass - Clintonville High School Lyceum 24. '25: Glee Club '23. 24; Track '24; Advance Staff '25. "li'hen fun and duty clash, let duty go to smash." Ellen B. Burg Primary Oshkosh - Wausaw High School Phoenix '24. '25: G.A.A. '24, '25; Y.W.C.A. '24. "A winnin j way makes friends." Julia Burns Primary Hortonville - Hortonvillc High School YAV.C.A. 25: Geography Circle '24; Honor Roll '24. "Joy rises in me like a summer morn.” Segriii Barber Three Tear High School Appleton - Appleton High School "She doth allot for every exercise a several hour-1’ 1 925 1‘aicf .14QUIVER NUrrick Caiiiix Three Year Utah School Fond dn Lac - Rnsendalc High School Philakcan 23. '24. '25; Marquette '22. 23. '24. 25: Track 23. 24. 25; Inter-Society Basket-ball '24. '25; Cheer Leader '24; Debate Squad '23; Inter-Society Council '24; Advance Staff ’24; Vodvil 23. "Occasions do not make a mail strong or weak, but they show what he is." Florence Cardiff Intermediate Outagamie - Outagamie High School Y.W.C.A. '24. '25. ‘' low shall live through all the days—all through a hundred years " Rkatrice Cayo Three Year High School Iron Mountain Niagara High School Lambda Chi '24. 25: .Marquette "25: G.A.A. 23. '24. "She has grown bright as the first opening lilac when it spreads its clear leaves to the sxvectest dawn of May." Chris I. Christensen ndustrial 1-arson - - Winneconnc High School Industrial Arts '24. '25 "A steady, likeable young man" Mf.k vyn S. CLOUGH Three Year High School Oshkosh - Oshkosh High School Pcriclcan '23. '24. Vice-Pres. '23. 24; "To the Ladies" '24. "Where there is music there is love: My ambition is to be a great musician." Orval Davies hour Year High School Wild Rose - Wild Rose High School Y.M.C.A. '23. '24. '25: Clee Club '23. '24. '25: Quartette '24. '25: Thalia Orpheus '23. '24. '25: Mikado '23: Rose Maiden '24; "To the Ladies" '24: Band '25: Advance Staff 25. '25: Honor Roll 25. 24; Meritorious Service Award '25. "McCormick paid me to keep still." Francis Coukn Three Year High School Manawa - - Manawa High School Lyceum 22. '25. '24. '25. Pres. '25; Pfii Beta Sigma Fraternity '25; Industrial Arts '22. '23. 24; Marquette '22. '23: Tennis '24. '25. Cap’t. '24; Radio Club '25. '24. '25. Pres. '24: Class Day Speaker '24: Advance Staff '25. '24; Quiver Staff '23. '24. Associate Manager '25; Meritorious Service Award '25; Scholarship Award '25. "A man of Affairs." Margaret Corry Three Year High School Mcnasha - - Menashajligh School Gamma Sigma '25. '24. '25: Basket-Kill '25. '24; Baseball '25. '24; Hockey '24; Quiver Staff '24; Advance Staff '24; Marquette '22. '23. 24. 25: G.A.A. 22. 23. '24. '25. Sec. '25. "I.ct us be merry, for human life is short." 1 925 I’agr .VQUIVER Beatrice Cote Grammar Grade Oconto - - - Oconio High School Phoenix. ’24. '25. "She smiled on many just for fun But toe know there is only one." Camilu) David Industrial Mcllcn .... Mcllen High School Marquette, ’23. ‘24; Marshall, ’24; Industrial Arts. 23, ’24, ’25. "The world knows little of its great men ’ Margaret Connoi.i.y Intermediate Berlin .... Berlin High School Val Farrari. ’25: Marquette, ’24. ’25; G.A.A., ’24. ’25. ‘‘What would we do without her?" Ed. S. Davis Industrial Butte .... Butte High School Industrial Arts. ’24, ’25: Student Council, ‘24; Honor Roll, '23. "In Montana, men are men." Marjorie Currie Primary Montcllo - - - Montcllo High School Gamma Sigma, ’24; Browning. ’24; G.A.A.. ’24; V.W.C.A., ’24. "Come smile awhile with me." Harold DeI-ong Industrial Montcllo - - Montcllo High School "He does not have to stoop to conquer." Edward Daugherty Industrial Oshkosh - - - Oshkosh High School Track, ’24. "He will usher himself into something good." Dorothy Dobyns Primary Fond du - Fond du Lac High School Marquette, ’25; G.A.A., '25. "Why worryf Life's too short." 1925 t'ogr Jt6QUIVER Grace Dobbins Intermediate Oinro .... Omro High School Phoenix, '24. '25: Student Council. '24. "25: Vodvil. '25. “She’s lost her heart hut not her head." Lloyd F. Dobyns Three Year High School Fond du Lac - Fond du Lac High School Phi Beta Sigma '25; Marquette '24. '25. "He thinks all he speaks, but speaks not all he thinks." Marie Doran Primary New London - New London High School Marquette, '24. ’25. "Simple, modest, and true.” Majorie Dowling Primary Winneeonnc - Winncconnc High School "Happy am I, from care am free: why arc'nt they all contented like me?" Inez E. Drake Primary Beaver Dam - Beaver Dam High School Gamma Sigma, '23, '24: Y.W.C.A., '25. "She who talks little thinks much." Ray Dunn Industrial Shawano - - Shawano High School Football, 22. '23. '24; Track. ’23. '24. "Parnest and energetic: always doing his best.” Edna Dyer Intermediate Omro .... Omro High School girl with a winning way." Esther Egeliioff Primary Fond lu Lac Fond du Lac High School Y.W.C.A.. ’24. 25; G.A.A.. '24. '25. "I d rather aim at perfection and miss it, Than to aim at imperfection and hit it." 1 925 t’age QUIVER M RCARITE EnC.LK Pour Year llif h School Oshkosh - - Oshkosh High School Delta Phi. 22, '23. 24. 25. Pres 23 '24; Browning, Pres. 23. '24. His torian. '25; (I. A. A.. '22. '23: Social Life Committee. ‘22. '24; Y.W.C.A.. '22, '23; Commencement Committee. '24, '25: Cabinet Member. '23; Quiver Staff. '25: Advance Staff, '24, '25; Older Girls' Conference. '24; Honor Roll, '24. “Modesty and Truth ore her guardian on gels." Irene F’vensen Primary Larsen ... Xeenah High .School Val Ferrari. '25. Treas. '25; YAV. C.A.,,’24; Vodvil. '25: L.X.S.. 25. "Bashfulness is connected with good sense." Clementine Dolan Three Year High School Cashton - - Cashton High School Entered from University of Wisconsin. “She's just and sxeeet and nice and hind, 'chose nature never varies.” Claire O. Fitzoeraij) Primary Manitowoc Manitowoc High School Gamma Sigma. '25; G.A.A.. ‘25; Marquette, '25. “Let's enjoy ourselves as long as we can." Arthur Flannauan Industrial Rush Lake - - - Omro High School Industrial Arts, '23. '24. '25; Base hall. 23. '24. “He who knows when to he silent is a wise man." Virginia Flood Hural Kden .... Eden High School Jerome K. Flynn Three Year High School Pulaski - - Wrightstown High School Periclean, '24. '25. Vice-Pres. '24; Marquette. '23. '24. '25. Vice Pro. '24. Pres. '24; Circulation Manager of Advance. '23. '24; Quiver Staff. '24. '25: Delate Team. '24. '25: Honor Roll. First Semester. '24. “.■IllI if yon only knew the peace there is for him when his :work is done." Aonks Jeanne Foley Primary Purns - - Holy Names Academy, Seattle. Wash. Phoenix. '25; Marquette, '25; G.A. A.. '25: Orchestra. '25; Nocturne Quartette. '25; Quiver Staff. '25. “When charm and ability agree." 1925 rage 3SQUIVER Haim i.D Forster Three J'lMr Industrial Oshkosh - - Oshkosh High School Phi Beta Sigma Fraternitv. '25; Industrial Arts. '22, '2.1, ’24. '25. See. '2.1; Advance Stall '24. '25: Scholarship Award. '25; Honor Roll, live semesters. "Genius is a matter of perspiration.” Grace M. Foster Grammar Grade Tomahawk Tomahawk High School Alcthean. '24. '25. Critic, ‘24; Marquette. '25. "II'hat is work when pure fun lies in riett'S" Ruhoi.i-ii Frankard Industrial Menomonic .... High School Lyceum, '25. '24; Baseball. '23, 24. '25. "I durst not smile at any damsel. It would break someone's heart." Harriet Friedrich Primary Oshkosh - - - Central High School Minneapolis. Minn. Phoenix. '24. '25; Vodvil. '25. "She laughs to grow." Meta Froeiu.icii Primary Rccseville - Rccscville High School L.N.S.. 25: Y.W.C.A.. '24. '25. ". Is merry as the day is long." Audi:sta Fritz Three Tear High School Oshkosh - - Oshkosh High School Val Ferrari. '25; (I.A.A.. '23. 24. 25: Y.W.C.A.. 23. '24. Thalia Orpheus. '23, '24. 25: Baseball. '24; (I.A.A. Debate Team, '24. "Seen often but seldom heard” Walter Gkkdes Industrial Oshkosh - - St. Peter High School Philakean. '23. '24. '25; Marshall. '25; Marquette. '23. '24. '25: Baud. ’24, 25: Glee Club. '24. 25. "Good nature is the very air of good mind." Marie Gerritsen Rural Waupun - Waupun High School Girl's Glee Club. '25; Thalia Orpheus. '25. "She aluuys has her lessons done. .hid finds a little time for fun." 1 925 f’ase .wQUIVER Anthony E. Gilsdork Three V’tar High School Elkhart Lake - - Kiel High School Pcriclvan, '24. '25: Marshall. '23. '24; Marquette. '24. '25. Historian. '24. Treas. '25: Radio Club. ‘24. '25: Cheer Leader. '25: Glee Club. '24. '25: Advance Staff. 25: Thalia Orpheus. ’24. ’25. " I good mathematician—at least a good judge of figures" Inca M. Gilson Grammar Grade Sheridan - Central Wisconsin College Y.W.C.A.. ‘24. ’25; G.A.A.. '24. '25. "One of those people who say little and accomplish much-" Rosalia M. Gindt Intermediate Lomira ... Lomira High School Marquette. '24. '25: G.A.A., '24; Honor Roll. '24. "I am content 'with what I have." Muriel Glanut Grammar Grade Kewaunee - - Kewaunee High School "Be thine ozen self always and thou art lovable." Velma Goddard Grammar Grade Oconto FalL - - Oconto High School "cl good worker with a ten lining smile." Stanley Goldgriber Industrial Port Washington Port Washington High School Industrial Arts. '23. '24. '25; Advance Staff. '24. "cl man with a purpose in life." Helen M- Golden Primary Green Bay St. Joseph's Academy, Green Bay Alcthean. '24. '25; Marquette. '24. "Truly the map of Ireland is attractive." R. Florence Graunke Intermediate Brandon ... Brandon High School G.A.A.. '25: Basketball, 24. ’25: Hockey. ‘24. ‘25; Honor Roll. ‘24. "There is not much consolation in being captain." Page so 1 925QUIVER Sylvia Griffith Primary Oshkosh - • Oshkosh High School Delta Phi. '24. '25: Inter-Society Council. 25: Baseball, '24. '25; Vodvil: Y.W.C.A., '24. '25; Glee Club '24. '25: Thalia Orpheus. '24. '25; G. A.A., 24. ".I voice so thrilling ne'er was heard." Ki Grob Industrial Hartford Hartford High School Industrial Arts. '22. '23. 24; Track. '25; Periclean, '23. '24; Radio Club, '23. '24. "A gentleman makes no noise." Leonard Gruelke Industrial Mon tel lo - - Montello High School Lvcvum, '23. '24. ’25. Trcas. '25; Y.M.C.A., '23. '24. "Man has but one failing—li'omen.” Sylvia Gutiii; Intermediate New Loudon - New London High School Y.W.C.A., '24. '25. “IVhat comes next?" Hr win Grosskopf Industrial Pella - - - Shawano High School Lyceum. '23. '24. '25; Industrial Arts, '23; Vice-Pres, of Class. '23; Quiver Staff, '24. '25; Band, '24. '25. "A good student is alzcays in on a joke " Naomi Grosse Intermediate Little Suamico Green Bay High School Gamma Sigma. '24. '25: Basketball. '25: Quiver Staff. '25; Advance Staff. '25; Vodvil, '25: Marquette. '24; Glee Club. 24. '25: Thalia Orpheus. "25. "Her smile cheered many a heart." George IIaack Industrial Ripon .... Ripon High School Industrial Arts. '24. '25. "My thoughts are my companions." Marguerite Haigii Rural Green Bay - - Green Bay High School "liver thoughtful and serene." 1925 Page vQUIVER Vernon Halverson Industrial Valders Manitowoc High School Industrial Arts. ’23. ’24. '25; Student Council '24; Advance Staff, 25. "Ilr often bums midnight oil. but not for study." Myrtle Hanson Grammar Grade I;on l du I-ac - Fond du Lac High School Val Ferrari. '24. '25. Treas. '24. Pres. '25; Inter-society Council, 25; Vodvil. '23. ".■I merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance." Glen Hauser Industrial Beloit - Beloit High School Lyceum. '24. '25; Industrial Arts. 24. 25. Treas. '24. "lie hath an emphatic sense of humor." Hakolo Hawkins Three Tear High School New Richmond New Richmond High School Football. 23. "24; Basketball. '23, • 4 '25; Track. '24; Marquette. '24. '25. "He plays not for gain, but for sport." Fi.izahetii I IawkInson State Graded Gratiot - - Gratiot High School Delta Phi, 24; Marquette, '25; Glee Club, '25: Thalia Orpheus. '25; Hockey. '24; Delate. '24. " I'liy fate is the common fate of all." Sara Iane Heatii Trimary Fond du Lac - Fond du High School Alethean, '24. '25: Social Life Committee. '25: YAV.C.A.. '24. "Her si:e does not denote her greatness-" Kathryn A. I Ikffernen Three Year High School Green Baj - - Green Bay High School Gamma Sigma. '23. '24. '25. Pres. ’24; Marquette. 23. ’24. ‘25; Browning Club, ’23. ‘24. ‘25: G.A.A.. "23. '24. '25. Pres.. '23; Head of Hiking. '23; Basket-ball, '23. '24; Baseball. '23. '24; Inter-Society Debate, '24; Social Life Committee. '25; Girls' Cilee Club, '23, '24: Advance Staff. '23. '24; Sec. of Senior Class. '25; Quiver Staff. '24. "Lore, sweetness, goodness, in her person shine." Catherine K. Hkffkon Three Year High School Omro - - - Omro High School Gamma Sigma. '24. '25: Marquette. '24. '25; Browning. '23, '24. '25. Sec.-Trcas. '24. ‘Quiet, steadfast, demure." Page i 1925QUIVER M ROt.l) II. Helms Three Year IHnh School Marion ... Marion High School Philakean. '23. '2-4. '25. Pres. '25: Y.M.C.A.. '23. '2-4. '25. Pres. ;24; Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. '25: Associate Editor Quiver. '25; Scholarship Award. '25; lnter-Socicty Council. '25. See. '25; I.. N. S.. '25; Inter-State Dehate. '24: Inter-Society Debate. '24. '25: Meritorious Service Award. '25. His study of mathematics has cultivated his reason and sharpened his wit." Rose I Iknnkn Kura! Fond du I,ac - Fond lu Lae lligli School “To her the teacher’s art is given." Ivtiiki. Hollister Primary Green Bay - Sacred Heart Academy, Madison. Wisconsin Alethcan. '23. '24. '25: Marquette. '23. '24. sweet face this, a charming manner." I' l.OUENt E I loSTET ri.KK Rural Stocknridgc Stocknridgc High School ''Goodbye girls. I'm through." Doris 11 hide Grammar Grade Oshkosh - Oshkosh High School Social Lite Committee. '25; Honor Roll Semester of '23: L.N.S., '25. Quietly she works away, faithful to each duty." PIjOKENH E K. I Iooek Primary Winncconnc - Winneconne Nigh School L.N.S.. '24. '25. “It takes so little to make me glad." Ritii Hoi.i.ino Grammar Grade Sheboygan - Sheboygan High School "el good friend." Meta Hili.ikek Primary Berlin ... Wautoma High School "Courteous, kind, and willing, too." 1925 I’iUtf tsQUIVER Frances Milton Intermediate Antigo - Amigo Nigh School Alethean. Treas, ’25; G.A.A.. '25. “Her heart teas elsewhere." Floy L. Hinder man Oniro .... Omro High School G.A.A., ’20: V.W.C.A., ’20; Current History Club, '20. “What sweet delight a quiet life affords.” Tesse M. IIoi.zer Primary “Being good never troubled me.' M. Howard Primary Fond lu Lac - Fond du Lac High School Y.W.C.A. “The kind of a friend we like to have." Emma Jackson Grammar Grade Portage - Columbia County Normal School L.X.S., '25. “She is a good student." Etiielyn M. Jaeger Three Year High School Manitowoc - Manitowoc High School Basket-ball. '25. ’24. '25: Baseball. '23. ’24; Advance Staff. 23. ’24. ’25; Quiver Staff. '23. '24; Browning. Sec. '24. Treas. '24; Phi Beta Sigma. '25: Y.W.C.A.. Pres. '24: G.A.A., Treas. '23. Pres. '24; Girls’ Glee Club, '22. '23. '24; Thalia Orpheus. '23. '24; Meritorious Service Award, '25. “She is a voluntary student." Erma Jeffers State Graded Saxeville - - Wild Rose High School Another "wild rose." Hilda K. J indr a Intermediate Mishicot - Mishicot High School Hockev Team, '25; Basketball, '25; Glee Club, '25: G.A.A., '25; L.X.S.. '25. Vice-Pres. '25. "To knorc her was to love her." 1925 t‘ag.fQUIVER 4 Agnes E. Johnson Craw mar Grade Marinette - Marinette High School Lambda Chi. 25. Sec. ’25; G.A.A.. •25; Y.W.C.A.. '25. “To know her is to appreciate her.” Lydia Johnson Grammar Grade Marinette - - Marinette High School Y.W.C.A.. '24. '25: G.A.A.. 24. ’25; L.X.S.. '25: Glee Club. ‘24. '25; Thalia Orpheus. '24. '25; Student Council. '25; Baseball, '24. ‘25; Volleyball, "25: Basketball, '24. '25; Hockey. ‘25. “Small, chubby and good natured. That's why we all like her.” Agnes Jomx Intermediate Stcphensvillc - Kankauna Training School Marquette. ‘24. "25; G.A.A., '24; Quiver Staff, "25; Honor Roll, '24. "Brutus says she was ambitious." Adeline Jones Grata mar Grade Antigo - - - Amigo High School Alcthcan. '24. 25. Sec. '25: G.A.A., '24. '25; Girls’ Debate Team, ’25; State Debate Team. ’25; Advance Staff. ’25. “The secret of her success was her constancy of purpose” Angelixe Jones Grammar Grade Antigo .... Antigo High School Alcthcan, '24. ’25; G.A.A., ’24. '25. "Music has charms and so has she. Together they form good company.” Irene Jones Grammar Grade Kewaunee - • Kewaunee High School "She is as golden as her hair” East a Jooss Intermediate trillion - - - Brillion High School L.X.S., ’25. "My wants are many and if told ‘would number a score.” Katherine Kafek Three Year High School Eureka - - - Eureka High School Lambda Chi. '25; Y.W.C.A., '24. ’25. Pres. ’25: Inter-Society Council. '25; Quiver Staff. '25; Scholarship Award, ’25. “She has a spirit of detail which will help her to do better in life than any who have figured beyond her in classes." 1925 Page 45QUIVER Marif. L. Kafer Three Year High School Omro .... Omro High School Lambda Chi. 25: V.W.C.A.. 24. •25. Sec. '25: Girls' Glee Club '24. '25: Advance Staff, '24. "25: Quiver Staff. '25: Honor Roll. 24. ‘25. "Quiet ami reserved is she—ii student in the first degree." Cei.ia Kasper Grammar Grade Bear Creek Bear Creek High School "Her smile transcends the potver of pen. and oh! how she loves her fellowmen." Gladys M. Kassebaum Primary Plymouth - - Plymouth High School Glee Club, "25: Thalia Orpheus. '25. "A quiet lass tilth patient demeanor." Norm a Kasper Kura I Bear Creek - Bear Creek High School Y.W.C.A.. 25. "Her tcays are those of pleasantness Ai.vira Kawalsky Kura! Clintonville - Clintonville High School G.A.A.. ’25: Girls" Glee Club. "25: Thalia Orpheus. "25. "One who finds pleasure in work." Katiiryne Keefe Primary Oshkosh - - - Oshkosh High School Delta Phi. "24. "25. Vice-Pres. "25: Marshall. "25: Hockey. "25: Basketball, '25: Vodvil, "25: Glee Club, "25: Thalia Orpheus, "25; G.A.A., "25. "A laugh is worth a thousand groans.'' Katherine M. Kennedy Three Year High School Oshkosh - New Lisbon High School Lainl da Chi. '25: Marquette. "24. "25: Girls" Glee Club. "24; Thalia Orpheus. "24: Advance Staff. "25; Quiver Staff, '25. "Favored with wit. wisdom, and personality."' Eunice Kbrnin Grammar Grade Green Bav - East Green Bay High School Delta Phi, "24. "25. Sec. "24. "25; L.N.S.. "25. "Sweetness and modesty for her won a place in the heart of everyone." 1925 Page 46QUIVER Cl.AKA KlHCK Primary Marquette - Green Lake City Normal Y.W.C.A.. '24. '25. " Ilnnys about her ami business." Gladys A. Ki.kntz Primary Reeseville - - Reeseville High School L.N.S.. '25: Y.W.C.A.. '25. “She's as good as she is fair." WlNIKKKD Kii.KOK Three Year High School Tomahawk Tomahawk High School Gamma Sigma. '24. ‘25; Marquette. 24. '25; Basketball, '25 “Quiet, unassuming, and progressive." Bruce Kim hall State Graded Glidden - - - Gliddcn High Sch«x l Lyceum, '25. '24. '25; Marquette. 25. 24. '25. "el jolly good scout." Ivon a Knowles Primary Gicnbuclah Gleubuclah High School Delta Phi. '23. '24. '25. Critic '24; Y.W.C.A.. '24. ‘25. ".4 little girl with smiling face, whose a ery motion is full of grace." Maiii.k Koi.i.ek Grammar Grade Kewanec - - Kewancc High School G.A.A.. '24. '25; Y.W.C.A., 24. '25. "Clearly a superior woman." Klatt Industrial New London New London High School Industrial Art .. '23. '24. '25: Football. ‘25. ‘24. ‘25 : "O" Club. '23. '24. '25. I ring on the huger is worth two on the phone." Mildred Intermediate Berlin .... Berlin High School Y.W.C.A.. '24. ‘25. "She accepts no one's judgment; she is a judge of herselfV 1 925 '«««• VQUIVER Bertha Krause Grammar Grade Abrams ... Abrams High School "ll' io well rep resents Iter town at school Bessie Lam merman Intermediate Allenville - - Oshkosh High School "She Wits sincere in all Iter work." B. Margaret Kkeutzer Primary Oshkosh - - - Oshkosh High School Y.W.C.A., 24. "Here's to one who'll not pretend. But is and stays the steadfast friend." Myrtle Lange Grammar Grade Oshkosh ... Oshkosh High School "The only way to have a friend is to be one." Margaret C. Kueiil 'rimary Dc Pere - - - DC Pcre High School "For everyone she meets she has a smile." Rutii A. La May Grammar Grade Oshkosh - - - Oshkosh High School Gamma Sigma. '24. '25; G.A.A., '24; Y.W.C.A., '24. ‘25; Thalia Orpheus, '24. "Happy, jolly, fair and free. Xathing there is that bothers me." Ruth Lastofka Primary Pulaski Eagle Grove. Iowa, High School Lambda Chi. ’25; G.A.A.. '25; Hockey. '25; Baskctlwdl, '25: YAV. C.A., 25: Glee Club. '25. "Her ways are those of friendliness." Dorothy Laugiilin Primary Fond du Lac - Fond du Lac High School G.A.A.. '25; Marquette. '25. "She is just no better than she should be." Past 4S 1925QUIVER Gkokmana Cl a irk La tr Primary Schofield - Schofield High School UmlMla Chi. 74. 25. "A friendly maiden from top lo toe." Ci.ayton L. Slate (traded Crivitz --- Crivitz High School "Itaulmll if not the only name that flay.” Henry Lein inker Rural Wayside - - - Wayside IIikIi School “In his life he tcill succeed. l:or lie accomplishes every deed.’’ H. Webster Kruekkr Pour Year Hifih School Sturgeon Bay - Sturgeon Bay High School Lyceum. ’23. '25: Y.M.C.A.. '22, '23. 24. '25: Phi Beta Sigma. ‘25; Advance Staff. '24; Radio C lub. ’23. '24. 25. Prc . '24; Quiver Staff. '24. '25: Inter-Society Council. '25: Thalia Orpheus. '22. '23: Honor Roll. Second Semester. '23. Both Semesters '24. radio fan who radiates his influence lo all the activities of the school." Fraxcis T. Liner I hree Year Hiyh School Brandon Brandon High School Patience and shuffle the cards." Alma Link Three Year lliyli School Oshkosh - - - Oshkosh High School Gamma Sigma, '22. 23. '24, '25. Pres. '23. Sec. 25; Student Body-Vice-Pres. '2 5: Advance Staff. '23. '24. '25; Quiver Staff. '24. '25: Vodvil; Queen of Carnival. '25; Browning, '23. '24. '25. Pres. '25; Marquette. 22. 23. '24. 25: G.A.A.. '22. '23: Inter-Normal Debate. '24: All GirL' Debate Team. '25; Inter-Society. '23. '24; Meritorious Service Award. '25. "Others are affected by what she is and says and does." Lii.a E. Luck Primary Marshfield - Marshfield High School "Only the heart without a stain has perfect ease." Ida Lutii Oram mar Plymouth - Plymouth High School "Sincere with manners hind. .1 finer niel would be hard to find." 1 925 I’age 4vQ UI VER Vivian Luther Grammar Grade Nccnah - - N’vcnah High School Delta Phi, 24. 25: I'halia Orpheus. ’24. 25: Inter-Society Oratorical Contest. 24. “Ready for anythin} you might ask. lit' it fun or be it task." Louis Lyon Industrial Mcllcn ... - Mellon High School Industrial Arts. 23. 24. ’25. Pres. 24; Track. 24. 25. “Quietly he does his work, and knows not what it is to boast. Gladys Maas Grammar Grade Green Bay - - Green Bay Nigh School Delta Phi. 23, 24. 25. Treas. 24. Vice-Pres. 24 25: l. N'.S.. 24. 25. Sec. 24. 25. "A leader in all she undertook to do. Charmingly sweet n powerfully peppy too." Harom) M. Madden Industrial Edgerton - - Edgerton High School Lyceum. 23, '24. “ll hat do we lire for if not to have a good time once in a while.' Clakinda Main Intermediate Chiocton - Chiocton High School Lanihila Chi. 25; BasketlKill, 24. 25: Baseball. 24: Hockey. 25; Advance Staff. 24. 25. Ass’t. Bus. Mgr.. ’24; Y.W.C.A.. 24. 25: G.A. A.. 24. 25: Official "O’ Country Club. ’24. ".-In all around sport in athletics Harry Manzer Industrial Beaver Dam - Beaver Dam High School Lyceum. 23. 24; Glee Club. 23. 24. 25: Thalia Orpheus. 23. 24. "His heart and hands, both open and free." Miriam Mansur Primary Oshkosh - - - Oshkosh High School Phoenix. Pres. 25; Inter-Society Council. 25; Quivel Staff. 25; Social Life Committee. 25. "Possessor of many friends-" Blanche Martin Primary Antigo ... Amigo High School ”IVho said that auburn locks indicate a quick temper.'" 1 925 I’nge y QUIVER Ethelyn Martin Primary Amigo - - Amigo High School "Clmnn strikes the sight. and merit wins the soul.” 1m.okf.ncr Mattson Rural Escnnaba - - Escanaba High School E.N.S.. 25. 7 know more than when I first came to Normal! Mary McNamara Primary Green Bay - - Green Bay High School Marquette. '24. ’25: G.A.A.. '24. '25. ‘‘Oh, zehat i fal teas Mary." Walter E. Industrial Beloit .... Beloit High School Industrial Arts. '23. '24; Y.M.C.A., '23; Advance Staff. '24. 25. "Asleep, but awakening.” Mildred Meter Primary Oshkosh ... Oshkosh High School Basketball, '25. "I just can’t make my feet keep still” Blanche Meyer Intermediate Marion - - - Marion High School Marquette. '24. '25: G.A.A.. '24; Glee Club, '24. '25; Thalia Orpheus, ’24. '25. '7 know for me my work is best.” Bernice M. Miller Three Tear High School Oshkosh - - - Oshkosh High School Phi Beta Sigma, '25: Hockey Team, '24; Scholarship Award. '25; G. A.A., '24. '25. "She has no time to waste away the hours.” Margaret A. Miller Primary Waupaca - - Waupaca High School Gamma Sigma. '24. '25. Sec. '24; Basketball. '24. '25; Baseball, '25; Y.W.C.A., '24. '25; Under-Graduate Representative. '24; L.N.S., '25; G.A.A.. '25. "A true friend to the true." 1 925 fast ftQUIVER Dokotiiy Minki.kk Primary Oshkosh - - Oshkosh High School Y.W.C.A.. ‘24. '25; Nocturne Quartette. '25; Orchestra, '24. '25. Hence! loath'd! Melancholy." Ari.ern K. Mqgak Primary Green hay - Circen May High School Delta Phi, ‘24. '25. Treas. '25; Quiver Staff. '24. '25: Commencement Committee. '25; Marquette. 23. '24. 25; Y.W.C.A.. '23. '24; G.A.A., '23; Inter-Society Dehate, '25. " N it er ready, always late, hut she smiles and you wait.” Beth Moore Mural Kirov .... Kirov High School "I'm just naturally quiet." Donald Morgan Three Year High School Kaglc River Kaglc River High School Lyceum. '24. 25; Honor Roll. Second Semester. 23; Band. '23. '24. '25; Orchestra. '24. '25. "In exery look. word, and deed, nothing hut courteous and manly." Agnes Morsted Primary I .a on a .... Laona High School "Quiet and full of determination.” Lillian R. Three Year High School Oshkosh - - Oshkosh High School Lambda Chi. '24. '25. Vice-Pres. '24: Girls' Glee Club, '23. '24. "She has fiKcer. tact, and skill." Hilda K. Mottki. Grammar Grade Mat toon - - - Mattoon High School Marquette, '24. '25. "Sinn away sorrow, sing away care. I'm off for a good time, come if you dare.' John R. Mikaski Industrial Oshkosh - Oshkosh High School Industrial Arts. '23. '24; I rack. 24. “A quiet worker.” 1 925 t’ogf VQUIVER Ann Mm.akky Intermediate Laona .... Luma High School “Everywhere she meets you, she has a smile to greet you." Donna Marie Nelson Primary Antigo - - - - Amigo High School Marquette, '24. '25; G.A.A., '24. '25. "The whims of women must be humored." Kmei.yn Murphy Intermediate Greenwood - Greenwood High School Marquette. '24. '25. "A young woman fair to look upon." Acnes Nei viu.e Intermediate Minocqua - Minocqua High School "She sympathised with each and teas a friend to all." Genevieve Murphy Primary Oshkosh - - Oshkosh High School "ller ways are w iys of pleasantness and all her paths are peace." Marion Newton Grammar Grade Combined Locks - Kaukauna High School "To those who know you not. no words can print. Those who know you. know all words are faint." Ki.sik Nkiimkr Grammar Grade Fond du Lac - Foil du I-ac High School "Apparently quiet, but with her friends she is full of mirth." Dorothy Nolan Primary Oconto - - - Oconto High School Girls’ Glee Club. 25. "Ah. why should life all labor be " 1 925 = 5.1QUIVER Jack Xusshaum Three Year High School Oshkosh - - Oshkosh High School Philakean. ’24. ’25: Footlxdl, ’22, ’22. ’24; Basketball. ’22. ’24. 25; Baselall. ’24. ’25. "He rejoiced in honorable achievement of every sort." Ottilie Oeiiler Primary Sheboygan - - Sheboygan Nigh School Lambda Chi. ’24. ‘25; V.W.C.A.. ’24. ’25. "The mildest manners and the greatest heart." Alvin O’Konski Three Year High School Kewaunee - Kewaunee High School Philakean. '23. '24. '25. Vice-Pres. '24; Marquette, '23, '24. '25; President of Student Body, ’25; President of Student Council, '25; Debate Manager. '25: Normal Debate Team. '22. '24. '25; Inter-Society Championship, ‘24; Inter-State Team, '24. '25. Captain '24. '25: Extempore Speaking. '25: State Championship in Inter-State Contest. '25. "A "tan of thought and reading. One of light and leading .” Ktheljob Olson Mural Fond du Lac - Fond du Lac High School "Sot that I breed study less, but loved fun more." Gladys Omxess Mural Larsen - - - Larsen High School G.A.A., ’25; Hockey Team, '25. "Meek, patient, still, she takes her way. Still waters flow deep they say." Ralph O’Neil Kilbourn - - Kilhouru High School Industrial Arts. '23. '24. ‘25; Band, '22, '24. '25; Orchestra, '24. ‘25. "He doesn't let his studies interfere with his normal education." Evelyn Otto Intermediate Oshkosh ... Waupaca High School "Her humor is contagious." George W. Overton 7 hree Year High School Oshkosh - Oshkosh High School Advance Staff. 23, '24; Honor Roll. Second Semester, ‘23. “cl jolly good scout." 1‘oge .W = 1925QUIVER Lucille Pekrenroom Primary Pond du Lac - Fond du I-ac High School Marquette, '24. '25. ". I mind serene for contemplation.” Vivian M. Penney KuraI New London - Bear Creek High School Gamma Sigma. '25: G.A.A.. '25: Marquette, 25: Rural Hockcv Team, '25. "Curly locks, smiling eyes, and charming manners." Otis T. Perkins Three Year High School Oshkosh - - Oshkosh High School Y.M.C.A.. '20; Football. '20; Delegate to Student Volunteer Convention. '20. "He is a gentleman, neither talking all. nor eating the feast” Kugenk K. Peters Three Year High School Do Pere - He Pere High School Philakcan, '24. ‘25: Radio Club, '24. '25. Sec. '24. Vice-Pres. '24. Pres. ’25. "He has a resoluteness undaunted by difficulties." Rftii K. Peterson Cram mar Grade Marinette - - Ksc.anaha High School Lambda Chi. '25. Pres. '25; Y.W. C.A., '25; Inter-Society Council. '25. “Graceful, optimistic, conscientious." Meri.f. X. Pickett Three Year High School Spencer - - - Spencer High School Campfire. '22, Pres. '22; G.A.A., "21. '22. 25; Y.W.C.A.. '21. '25; Basketball. '21. 22. '25. Captain '21. 22. All-Star Team. '21. '25: Head of Baseball. '21: Head of Basketball. '25; Field Hockey Team, 25. Captain '25; Athletic Committee. ’25; Quiver Staff. ’25. graceful, brave, and amiable girl;— Her choicest gift, an open eye and heart.” Margaret Poesciil Rural Oshkosh - - Oshkosh High School “I wish there was no such thing as work.” Harvey Reece Industrial Ashland - Ashland High School Philakcan. '24. '25. Marshal, '24. Secretary. '25; Football. '24. '25. ". I personality in proportion to his sice." 1925 f'ttf ssQUIVER IIazei. II. Pkinoi.k Rural Xccnali ... Ncenah High School "She dances and sings and studies some. And all her days unlit joy do hum’' Alice A. Heed Exceptional Children Oshkosh New London High School I.amlxla Chi. ’25; Marquette. '22. "Quiet, modest and capable." Arline Puls Rural Shiocton ... Shiocton High School "If he is a good dancer. I'll like him." Clara Reuteler Rural Oshkosh - - - Oshkosh High School "I have a little violin. The boto goes out and in. Truly it is dearer to me. Than ever any boy can be " I.yle Pkovaxcicek Industrial Menominee - Menominee High School Lyceum. '24, 75: Industrial. '24. '25. "livery pound a pound of energy, livery incident a source of joy." Will W. Richards Industrial Columbus - Columbus High School Y.M.C.A.. '25; Men's Glee Club. '24. '25; Band. '24. ‘25; Baseball. 74. , "More quiet and sincere than most men of his profession." Irene Pi th Grammar Grade Appleton - - Appleton High School "True to her word, her work, and her friends." Helen Ritchie Grammar Grade Spencer • - - Spencer High School G.A.A., 71. 75: Basketball. 71. "A sued disposition goes a long way." 1 925 %! ■ y QUIVER Genevieve Reilly Intermediate Fond du Lac St. Mary's Springs Academy Gamma Sigma. ‘24. ’25; Marquette, ‘24. 25. See. ‘24: G.A.A.. '25. Vice-Pres. ’25; Basketball, ‘24. Captain Intermediate Team, ‘24. “Xothing’s too hard for her that's fun. She's liked mid admired by everyone." ISABELLA RUSCII Three Year High School Wabeno - - - Wabeno High School Y.W.C.A.. '23. 24. 25; L.N.S., 25; G.A.A., ‘24. ‘25; Glee Club. 24; Thalia Orpheus. 24; Baselxall. 24; Honor Roll. First Semester. '23. First Semester '24. "Her honor is as tine as ermine—it will not bear a soil." Mildueii R. Roeiil Intermediate Oshkosh - Oshkosh High School Y.W.C.A.. ‘24. ‘25. "Her humor was second only to her good nature.” Vivian Ryan Intermediate (trillion - - - (trillion High School G.A.A., '24. '25: Marquette. ‘24. ‘25. "Smallest of the class, but not of least importance." Maruaret Rowlands Trimary Oshkosh - Oshkosh High School Gamma Sigma, '24. '25; Y.W.C.A., '24. "Short in stature, long in credits." Marcella Salm Rural Xecnah - - - Xeenali High School " trim full of fun. ready to go. Haz e a good time is my motto." Clara Rltno Weyauwega - Wcyamvega High School Y.W.C.A.. '24. '25: Glee Cluh. ‘24. 25. "Quiet and unassuming. Reserved and thoughtful." Frieda Salter Rural Fond du Lac Fond du Lac High School " These teachers have nearly worked me to death.' Xo wonder I'm so thin. 1 925 ’«£ ■ 57QUIVER Elsie Sandberg Intermediate Marinette - - Marinette High School Glee Club. 24. 25. "Her record proves her worth.’’ Theresa Sawicki Rural Black Creek - - Seymour High School "Lots of time for loitering. Lots of time for dreaming. ‘What's the use of worrying’ Is her motto so it seems” Rose Soilaefer Rural Campbell sport - Campbcllsport High School Marquette, 25. "Who said 11 worker couldn't have fun? She’s always there when it comes to a pun.” Albert Schi.kunes Three Year High School Kiel ----- Kiel High School Perielean, 23. 24. 25; V.M.C.A.. 24. 25; Advance. '24. 25. “A diligent student, not ‘without results." Agnes Scumeiciiei. Intermediate Two Rivers Two Rivers High School Delta Phi. 24. 25; Vodvil. ’25. “ Everywhere I’ll look. I will look. To find in life each single thrill." Irene Sciimikukke (Iranimar Grade Clintonvillc - Clintonvillc High School G.A.A.. 24. 25: Basketball Team, 25. “Happy and from care I'm free. Why aren't they all contented like me?” Ruth Schneioek Intermediate Fond du Lac • - Ripon High School Thalia Orpheus. 24; Y.W.C.A.. 24. 25. "Her thoughts must be happy for her face always reflects inner joy.” Lillian L. Schoessow Primary Luxemburg - - Kewaunee High School Thalia Orpheus. 24. 25: Glee Club, 24. 25: Y.W.C.A.. ’24. '25. “There is majesty in simplicity." 1 925 Vase $XQUIVER W u.TKK Si'll I'KI.KK Industrial Khiiiclamlcr Rhinelander High School I'hilakean. '24. '25: Industrial Arts, '23. '24; Basketball. '23. '24. '25; Football. '24; Baseball. '24. ’25. "A'one but himself can in his power be." Bruno Schultz Industrial Oshkosh - Oshkosh High School Industrial Arts. '23. '24. "1 shall make bold to say what think." MARCARET E. Si'llUETTE Primary Manitowoc - Fond du I-nc High School Alcthean, '22, '23. '24. '25. Vicc-Pres. '24; Basketball. '25; G.A.A., 22. 23, '24. '25: Y.W.C.A.. '22. ’23: Advance Staff. '24; Quiver Staff, ’25. bright, airy lady; very graceful, very witty and ingenious: skilled to speak, skilled to hold her tongue." Mai.ixda Schultz Intermediate Ripon - Ripon High School L.X.S.. '25; YAV.C.A.. '24. '25. "I live and learn." Olive Sen wheel Rural Oakticld - - Fond du Lac High School L.N.S.. 25; G.A.A., '24. 25. "One who has time for play too.” Mari.b I. Scott Primary Plymouth - - Plymouth High School "The mildest manners attend her." Orpiia Theresb Seicworth Intermediate Manavva - Manawa High School Marquette, 25. "Her mind was deeper than her deeds proclaimed." Vivian J. Siianv Primary New Loudon New London High School Gamma Sigma. '24. '25: YAV.C.A., '24. '25: L.X.S.. '25. “A maiden never bold." : 1925 Pag y QUIVER Irene Smallenberc Grammar Grade Xcw London - Xew I»ndon High School Phoenix. '25: G.A.A., ’25; Glee Club, ’25; Thalia Orpheus. ’25; L.X.S.. ’25. "The nods gave you more Ilian your rightful share. In making you brilliant as well as fair." Earl Smith State Graded Monico - - - Amigo High School I.vccum. 24. ’25; Y.M.C.A.. 23. 24. ’25. "God bless the girls. I love them all. They are a thing of joy and expense forever." Eunice L. Smith Three Year High School Wautotna - - Wild Rose High School Phi Beta Sigma. ’25; Lambda Chi. ’24. ’25. Pres. ’25; Browning Club. ’24. 25. Pres. ’25; YAV.C.A.. ’23. ’24. 25: G.A.A.. 23. ’24. ’25; Intcr-Society Council, ’25; Editor of Quiver. ’25; Scholarship Award. ’25; Meritorious Service Award. ’25. "She has virtue. She has acquired also the graces and beauties of virtue." Ei.orknce Smith Primary Manawa - - - Manawa High School Val Ferrari. ’25: Vodvil. ’25. "She hath a hidden strength.” Mildred Snkli. Kura! Seymour - - Seymour Nigh School Val Ferrari. ’25; Vodvil. ’25; 1..W S.. 25; G.A.A., ’25; Glee Club. '25: Thalia Orpheus, ’25; Hockey Team. ‘25. "Here's a girl vAth a heart and a smile. Makes the bustle of life seem worth ichilc." Anton Starai. Rural Kewaunee • Kewaunee High School Marquette, ‘25. "If you must argue, go your way. I'm in the right, that's all I say." Ruben Schipper Industrial N’eillsville - - Xcillsville High School Football. ’23. ’24; Basketball. ’23. ’24. "They who cross his path must bite the dust." Irene Steiner Intermediate Lomira - • - Lomira High School Radio Club. ’25. Sec. ’25; YAV.C.A.. ’23. ’24, '25; Inter-Society Council. ’25; Advance Staff, ’24. '25. "She dreams of what life might be—not what it is.” fF ;1P,||J] ir, i 7"[ p j ; p n".“FJT 1 925 Page 6oQUIVER Alena Stein iiokst Intermediate Mayvillc ... Mayvillc High School Gamma Sigma, '24. ’25. Vicc-Frcs. ’25: YAV.C.A., Honor Roll. First Semester. '25. "Her bright eyes haunt me still." Marion Stkwakt Intermediate Netnah - Necnah High School Alethcan. ’24. 25. 'Proud of the things that make life north while.” Otto Industrial Oshkosh - - Oshkosh High School Football. ’20. '21. ’22: Glee Club. '23, '24, '25: Thalia Orpheus, '23, '24. '25. " ran because I believe I can." Frank J. Taylor Three Year High School Marion - - Marion High School Lyceum, '23. '24, '25, Vice-Pres. '25: Y.M.C.A.. '23. '24. 25: Athletic Committee. '24. '25; Quiver Staff, '25: Honor Roll. First Semester. '24. "The fruit that can fall without shaking, indeed, is too mellow for me" Pun. H. Tiiekn Industrial New London New London High School Lvccum. '24. 25: Y.M.C.A.. '23. '24, '25; Glee Club, '24. '25: Radio Club. '24. "Don't trouble trouble until trouble troubles you." Amanda Tiiiele Three Year High School Caroline - - - Oshkosh High School YAV.C.A.. '23. '24. 25. Vice-Pres. '25; Thalia Orpheus. '23. '24. "el quiet, willing worker." Florence K. Tiiiele Primary Oshkosh - Oshkosh High School Delta Phi, '24. 25. Historian '24. Custodian '25: Basketball, 25; Glee Club , '25: Thalia Orpheus. '24. '25; G.A.A.. '25; Hockey, '24; Vodvil, ‘25. ' ".Ikcays smiling, ever cheery. . tlnuys laughing, never weary." Rose V. Tiiokson State Graded W'ittenberv Wittenberv High School Untbda Chi. 25: YAV.C.A . 25. ". I smiling expression backed by a charming personality." 1 925 Page 61= Q U I V E R John Tiij.kma Industrial Randolph - - Randolph High School Lyceum, 23. '24; Industrial Arts. '23. '24; Track. 22. 23. '24. "If she makes the corner on two toll eels, she's oil right." Ione L. Van Deuel Intermediate Green Ray - Last Green Rav High School Gamma Sigma. '24. 25: Marquette, '24; Rasketball. '25: Quiver Staff, '25; Advance StatT. '25: Vodvil. '25: Glee Club, '24. '25; Thalia Orpheus. '24. '25. "Willing to lend a helping hand, AItoays ready to understand." Ritii Vogel Kura I Shiocton - - Shiocton High School "Nothing is impossible to a willing heart." William J. Vondrachek Industrial Reedsvillc - - Rccdsvillc High School Marquette. ‘23. '24. '25 : Glee Club. '23. '24. 25: Thalia Orpheus. '23. '24. '25; Industrial Arts. 25. "Seen often hut seldom heard." Bruce Walcm Industrial Manawa - - - Manawa High Scliool Industrial Arts. '23. '24. “Sever a care, never a Hurry, (iood-tooking girls are his only worry." Margaret L. Walters Primary Wild Rose - - Wild Rose High School V.W.C.A., '23. '24. “Sot simply good, but good for something." Stella Walters Intermediate Manitowoc • Manitowoc High School Hockey. '25; L.X.S.. '25: G.A.A.. '24. '2a; Glee Club. '24. '25; Thalia Orpheus. '24. '25. “Her modest ansu'er and graceful air. Show her good and wise as she is fair." Khwin Watekstkekt Industrial Kewaunee - - Kewaunee High School Industrial Arts. ’23. ’24. 1‘res. ’24; Glee Club, ‘23. '24: Student Council, '24, '25: Honor Roll. First Semester, '23. '24. "He worked with a will and a purpose =■ 19 2 5 Page toQUIVER Marguerite Wkgman Primary Oshkosh - - Oshkosh High School "1 loppy am I, from care Pm free. H'hy aren't they all contented lilce me ” Minnie A. Wegner Intermediate Fond du Lac - Fond du Lac High School "She is friendly as teell as studious Dorothy G. Weidemann Intermediate Hutchinson - Hutchinson High School "She is different from other girls." Verditta M. Wkisse Primary Shel oygan Shel oygan Falls High School Glee Club. '25: Chorus. 25. "Some think the world is made for fun and frolic and so do I.” S kicks El if Wknc Special Oshkosh - - Oshkosh High School V.M.C.A.. 25, '24. '25. Vice-Pres. '25: Lvccuni, 25; Orchestra. '22. ‘23. '24. '25; Thalia Orpheus. 23. '24; Men's Glee Club. '23. 24. '25; Nocturne String Quartette, '25: Debate. 23. '24. '25: Orator. '24. '25; Ivy Oration. '24; Quiver Staff. '25: Honor Roll. 22. 23. " I he way he "walks, holds his head, and the way he looks at one. turns the balance for him” Leon Whalen Industrial Fox Lake - - Fox Lake High School Lyceum, '23. '24. '25: Marquette. '23. ‘24. 25: Industrial Arts, '23, '24. 25. Vice-Pres. '24. "Hard effort brought good results.” Burton Williams Industrial Oshkosh - - - Odikosh High School Industrial Arts, '24. '25: Advance Staff. '24. ‘25. "IPhen done by him ’tis well done.” Thomas Williams Special New Richmond New Richmond High School Philakean. '23, 24. 25. Pres. '25. Marquette. '23. 24. '25: Track. '25; Inter-Society Debate. '24. '25: Normal Debate Squad, '23. '24. "A pleasant personality is a perpetual letter of introduction." 1925 I’age 6}QUIVER GRACK W’ll.TKRIlINi; Grammar Grade Wausau Wausau High School Alcthean. '24. '25; G.A.A., '24; Quiver Staff. ‘25; Vodvil, '25. "Here shr comes sparkling, heller, skelter, hurry, scurry." JOSEPHINE K. WOCHOS Grammar Grade Kewaunee - Kewaunee High School G.A.A.. '24. '25. friend of mine." M hi.k Wont os Grammar Grade Kewaunee - • Kewaunee High School Ci.A.A., '24. '25; liaskcthall. '25. “ is the lillle things that count " Lll.I.IAN Wopsii ai. Mural Witunln-rg Wittenberg High School "A winning smile and charming ‘ways " A lick K. Wort m N't; Grammar Grade Onkfield Oak field High School Quiver Staff. '25; Girls’ Glee Club. '25. "A willing worker." Paul II. Three Tear High School Oconto - Oconto High School I’hilakcan. '22. '24. '25. Vice-Pro. '24: Football. 23. '24. '25; "O" Club. '23; Glee Club. '23. '24. '25: Student Nominating Committee. '24; Dramatics, "Dulcy," '23. "To the I-adies." '24; Senior Class Pres. '25; Class Day Speaker. '23; Delate. '25: Meritorious Service Award, ‘25; Extempore Speaking Contest. First in State. ‘24. "His sense of humor helps to oil life's engine.” Warren Industrial Racine .... Racine High School Industrial Arts Sociotv. '23. '24; Track. 23. '24. 25. "His quiet altitude has ‘won for him many friends." Paul Yeiii.k Industrial Florence - Florence High School Pcricican. '24. '25; Y.M.C.A., 24. '25; Men’s Glee Club. '24. '25; Thalia (Jrpheus. '24. '25. "Han't call me Sheik, call me Paul.” 1 925 t'jge 61QUIVER Edwin Zekiskk John Fabrycki Industrial SuriiiK Shawona High School Industrial Arts '23. ‘24; Marquette '23. "24. '25. President '24; Social Life Committee '24. '25. Inter-Society Debate '24; “To The Ladies' '24; Quiver Stall '24. '25; Advance Staff '24. '25. Business Manager Advance '25: Honor Roll ’23. '24. '25. "Women! I hate never heard that word before." Milton C. Zentnkk Three Tear High School Oshkosh - - Oshkosh High School Lyceum '23, '24. '25. Treasurer 24. '25; Y. M. C. A. 23. '24. '25. Treasurer '24; Mesaba Chemical Society ‘23; Advance Staff '23. '24. ‘25; Honor Roll '24. “Heller to be a thistle in the side of a friend than his echo." Miriam E. Ziegler Intermediate Beloit - - New London High School Val Ferrari '25. Critic, '25: Glee Club 24. '25; Vodvil '25: Debate '25. "Her many friends reveal her singular ton chihg per so nality." Zii-pkrer Intermediate Manitowoc - Manitowoc High School G. A. A. '24. 25; Marquette '24, ‘25. "Her (treat joy is tennis." 1 9 2 5 = Oshkosh --- Oshkosh High School "Every truth he knouts furnishes him with an additional candle to work by." Gordon Granbkrg Three Year llit h Oshkosh - - - Oshkosh High School "His success is a matter of concentration and perseverance." Maynard Hack Industrial Rhinelander - Rhinelander High School Lyceum '23. '24. '25; Industrial Arts •23. '24. '25. Vice President '25. ".I jolly good fellow always full of wit." Harold M. Harwood Merrill - - - - Merrill High School Lyceum '23. '24. '25. "If a word be worth one shekel, silence is worth two.” Pag 6$QUIVER ThBuHOKA U At'SEK Mural Kid .................... Kiel High School ".I I ways jolly, always kind. Thr sort of girl we like to Hud.” Dorothy Kolitsch I’rimary pj lcton - . - Appleton High School Marquette '23. '24. “Ike { lory of a firm capacious mind." Helen J All ns Grammar Grade Fair Water - - Fair Water High School “She has high attainments as a scholar” A rei’st Keller Three Year High School Marion ... Marion High School Philakenn '23. ‘24. '25: V. M. C. A. '23. '24: Honor Roll Three Semesters. “His smiles refresh us constantly." Joseph ink Kischk Intermediate New 1-ondon - New London High School “II hat can’t do. no one can.” Marie Lloyd Intermediate Pickett .... Oshkosh High School "Her voice was soft and pleasant to the ear." R. Muriel Millar l our Year High School Fond du Lac..................Grafton Hall Phoenix 21. 22. 23. '24. 25 : Phi Beta Sigma 25: Quiver Staff '23 '24; Student Council '24. '25. ".I girl of lofty aim and action.” Ann Nelson Three Year High School Algoma - - - Amherst High School Phoenix '24. '25; Browning '24. '25: Glee Club '23. '24. 25: G.A.A. ‘23. '24. '25; Thalia Orpheus '23, '24; Y. W. C. A. '23. '24; Nocturne String Quartette '25: Basket-hall '23. 24. 25: Baseball 23. '24. 25; Debate '24. '25; Cheer Leader '24. "Her genial disposition brings her many friends.” 1925 t'ase 66QUIVER Cat h kk i n k O’Con n kli. Tour Year llij h School Oshkosh - - St. Peter's High School Gamma Sigma ‘23, "24. "25. President '24; Phi Beta Sigma '25; Marquette ‘22. '22. '24. '25; Inter-Societv Council '25. Vice President ’25: Advance Staff '22. ’24. '25. Quiver Staff '24. '25. Editor-in-Chief '24. Senior Class Treasurer '25. “She never refuses to tend out of her ability when it will help others." Eniii-'ND Olson Three Year High School Denmark - - Denmark High School Philakean '24. '25. Secretary and Treasurer '25; V. M. C. A. '24; Inter-Society Debate '24; Honor Roll 22. " letter be out of the world than of style." Corixr Ori.kbekf. Junior Hi; It School Oshkosh - - Sheboygan High School Phoenix '25; former student Cniversit} of Wisconsin. "The girl with snapping black eyes and winning ways." Harold L. Robbins Three Year High School Oshkosh - - - Oshkosh High School Y. M. C. A. '24. '25. "Seep me innocent: make others great." Rockwell Post-graduate Odikosh ... Oshkosh High School Phoenix '25; Basket-hall '25. "One durst not guile love this high personage as she iwished to be loved. It may not be artistic.'’ Barton J. Rogers Three Year High School Oshkosh ... Oshkosh High School Philakean '22. '23. '24. '25: Y. M. C. A. '24. '25: Dramatic Club '22. '22; Advance Staff '22. '25. "He is a volume if you know how to read hint." Acrklia Resell Intermediate Oshkosh - - - Oshkosh High School "Life is a serious problem to her. ' Liklla Sen ram Intermediate Kscanaba, Mich. - Escanaba High School Val Ferrari '25; Critic '25. "Too much time is lost in sleep." 1 925 Page 67QUIVER Ralph Schxvanut Industrial Oshkosh - . Oshkosh High School Industrial Arts 24. 25: Track 25. ". I good athlete.” Anna Wood Rural Clintonvillc - Clintonvillc IHrIi School "She attends to her business and wastes no time." Blanc hk Swett Intermediate Poysippi - Wautoma County Norma! "She is content to pursue the even tenor of her ways.” Milton Wilson Industrial Oshkosh ... Oshkosh High School Philakean 22. 25. 24. 25: Basket-ball 21. 22. ’23. 24. 25: Football 22. ‘25. 24. 75. Captain 23; Baseball 22. 24. 25. "Il'e remember him for what he did. but mo e for what he teas." Esther Zahn Intermediate Auroraville - - - Berlin High School N. L. S. 24. 25: Hockcv 25; V. W. C. A. 24. 25; G. A. A. 24. 25. “.In earnest worker and a fine friend" Norman Ziebell l:our Year High Oshkosh - - Oshkosh High School Entered from I .a Crosse Normal; Basket-hall 25. "Fields are won by those who believe in winning.” Paul Wittkopf Industrial Oconto ... Oconto High School Industrial Arts Society 24. ‘25; Historian 25. "Normal education consists of more than books." Cora Allen Special Winneconnc • Winneconne High School Owl Society '25. 24. 'Original and Capable in all her work." 1 925 Petr 6SQUIVER Otto Hukicii Three Year Hit It Sch on I Shcl oygan - Sheboygan High School Philakean '23. '24. '25. Secretary '23. Critic '24. Vice President '25; Marquette '23. '24. '25. Treasurer '23; Radio '23. Secretary '23: Tennis 23-;24. '24-'25; Baseball '24; Veil Master '23. '24. '25: Chairman Art Departmnet Quiver '23. '24. '25. "Measuring by deeds, lie is spending his life worthily." Fl.OKK.NC K C’aKJUFK Intermediate Outagamie County Training School V. W. C. A. '24. '25. capable young woman." ArcrsTA Fritz Three Year High Oshkosh ... Oshkosh High School ’al Farrari '24. '25: Owls '24; G. . A. '23. '24. '25. Treasurer '24: V. Y. C. A. '23. '24. "Athletic. : ivacious. engaging—in all. ; student of worth." Anna Kafer Intermediate Eureka .... Omro High School S'. V. C. A. '23. '24. 25: Glee Club '24. '25: Thalia Orpheus '25: Honor Roll '24. comrade blithe and full of glee II ho dares to laugh out loud and free." Margaret Lea Primary Oshkosh - - Oshkosh High School Phcnix '23. '24. '25: Vodvil '25. "She's not Irish but she likes them." Maria Li.oyi Intermediate Oshkosh - Oshkosh High School Y. W. C. A. '24. '25: G. A. A. '25: Girls’ Club '24; Thalia Orpheus '24. "Iler voice was soft and pleasant to the ear." Margaret Longfellow Primary Oshkosh - - - Oshkosh High School Phcnix '23. '24. '25. miss is as good as her smile." Agnes McCormu k Intermediate Fond du Lac - - Fond du Lac High School Marquette '25. "Husiness before pleasure." 1925 Page ( )QUIVER Al.l'IIEL'S TrIGC.S Three Year I Unit School Korol lu l-ac - Fort Atkinson High School Karol '23. '24. '25: Orchestra 23. '24. '25: Glee Cluh. '23. '24. "25: Thalia Orpheus '23. '24. '25: Normal Quartette '23. '24. '25: Entered from Lawrence College. musician, a flood fellow, a man." Robkrt Williams ndustrial New Richmond - New Richmond llinh School Footfall '22. '23. '24: Basket-ball '23. '24. '25; Bascfall '23. '24. '25; Track '24. '25. "Truly a fjood athlete Esther Zavs Intermediate urorville - - - Berlin High School N. L. S. '24. 25: Hockev '25: Y. W. C A. '24. '25: G. A. A. 25. ".In earnest worker and a fine friend." STUDENT IIODV OFFICERS Aia in O’Konski - - - President Student Body Alma Link............................Vice-President Body CLASS i IKFICERS Senior Paul Wkiuiit Hklkn Ritciiif. Kathryn Heffernen Catherine O’Connell Junior Clifford Hutchinson ... President I 'ice-President Secretary Treasurer President -------- -r- ■ ■ - = 192 5 •tijrr 70QUIVER H utc vnson Heffcrnen O'Connell 1 92 5 ' ■ ■ 1— = l‘aKc ; QUIVER The Emily F. Webster Commencement Program Friday, May 29 Distribution of annual .............Corridor of Main Building 2:30 P. M. The Quiver is dedicated to Miss Emily F. Webster who for fifty years has given her best to Oshkosh Normal. Senior Prom President's Reception of Alumni ami Seniors at Normal Gymnasium at 8:30 P. M. Dancing 9:30-12:00. Wednesday. June 3 Phi Beta Sigma Banquet .............................................Dormitory 6:30 P. M. Toast Master ..........................................................J. O. Frank Initiation of new candidates. Awarding of Phi Beta Sigma Keys. Awarding of Cash Scholarship Award to Highest Graduating Senior. Vddrcss on The Value of Nigh Scholarship. Thursday, June 4 Class Day ...................................................Normal Campus 9:30 A. M. Concert .........................................................Normal School Band Address of Welcome ......................Paul Wright. President of the Senior Class Selections .....Senior Male Quartette, A. Triggs, L. Hotchkiss, O. Davies, O. Sues Senior Class Poem ........................................................ lma Link Ivy Oration ......................................................... Merle Pickett Senior Class Song ..................................Words and Music by Kthlvn Jaeger Presentation of Peace Pipe ...................................... ......Harold Helms Junior Acceptance ...............................................Clifford Hutchingson Presentation of Meritorious Service Awards ....................President H. A. Brown The Normal Toast ........................................................... Audience Sunday. June 7 Baccalaureate Service .............................Normal School Auditorium 3:00 P. M. Processional Music .....................................................Directed by Mr. J. A. Breeze Address..........President Charles McKenny. Michigan State Normal College. Ypsilanti. Michigan. Wednesday. June 10 Emilv F. Webster Commencement Processional ................ Invocation ................. Music ....................... Introduction of Speaker ..... Normal School Auditorium, 9:30 A. M. .............................Orchestra ...............Reverend George Weng .............................Orchestra ...............President II A. Brown Commencement Address ...............Honorable John C. Callahan. State Superintendent of Instruction. Madison, Wisconsin. Vocal Solo—Selected ..............................................................Sylvia Griffith An Appreciation______Honorable Edward J. Dempsey, Resident Memlicr, State Board of Normal Regents Retrospect—Prospect ...............................................Miss Emily F. Webster Selection ........................................................ Nocturne Quartette Presentation of Diplomas........................................President II. A. Brown Normal Toast ................................................................ udien.e Benediction .........Reverend John Collier. Pastor of Algoma Street Methodist Church 1 925 l’ag 7tQUIVER Betty HaroJd. Artec Verrr. f’ogt 73 1925QUIVER C Bertrc srr I Smaifenfrerp 6. Wt te vi 7f A. L zr Ci P. V r fAA 1 925 74QUIVER 1925 ’ » • 75QUIVER Four Year High Juniors Neil I hitler Nathan Clow Kenneth Exworthy Fre l llakharth Leonard Hertz Walter Pribnow Lenus Stehle Four Year High Sophomores Florence Jalin Frederick I'ehrens Hobart I’owker Everett Delaware Jed Kennedy Eugene Monahan Fdwin Nicholas Kathrvn Welsh Alice Williams Four Year High Freshmen Louise Dorsche! Alvin Indermuehlc Walter Joyce Margaret Lindman h'loyd Litzcn Lewis Magnusen Stanford Peterson Frederick Pittelkow Page 76QUIVER Four J 'car High Fresh men Ruth Pynch Clifford Schnh Lawrence Schultz Harold A. Sheridan Della Williams Victor A. Wegner Three Ye or High Sophomores Gordon Albert Erwin Anderson Loraine Bergen Charles Cook Mary Davis Mary Enders Margaret Hayes iola 1 loernke Clifford Hutchinson Eleanor Jones Catherine Keena Walter Kves Three Year High Sophomores Loraine Eimerinann Edgar Falk Elba Ginke 1 lazel Ginke George Hall Wells Harrington 1925 1‘W 77 QUIVER Three 1 ear High Sophomores William Leahy Goldy Belle McComh Thomas McKcon Bernice Meyer Ethel Nellis Leone O’Keefe Constance Shipman Dorothy M. Smith John A. Sontag Fred S. Sontag Gertrude Sterken Elizabeth Trelevcn Three Year High Freshmen Gladys Beck Mildred Bohn Harold Brenncn William Brown Marion DeYoung Gertrude DeYoung [ rban Fiedler Evelyn Frisbie Carlton (lay Dorothy I’nibreit Elizabeth Zorn Freda Zuehlke I’anc 1 925I« QUIVER Three Year H iff It Treshmen Donald Gleason Agatha Goggins Kdxvin Goodrich Erna Gosse Jack I laley Royal Halverson Kathryn I lathaway Louise Hide Irvin Ihrke Ruth Krover 1 lelen Keish Elizabeth Kezertcc Harvey Leaman Irene Long Roland McMorrow James Nelson Alta Nichols John Paska Kitty Patterson Eleanor I 'icrce (iwendolyn Reece Clair Sawyer Anastasia Shaughnessy loe Slabosheski 1925 tog 79QUIVER Three Tear High Freshmen Myron Stevenson Alovsius Zainbrowicz State Graded Lewis Waterman Grammar Grade Irene Doyle Marcella Kocnings Helen Kanderson Louise Aspatore Alice Breitenbach Catherine Cahill Odelia DeGrcef Ida I ■'del son Intermediate Grace Englebert I .ucinda Lrdman Esther Gonvitz Florence I leckert Elgena Henke Ruth Hough Lillian Hume Myrtle James Dorothy Mazurek Mercedes McDaniels Josephine Moody Elta Sargent Ruth Schultz 1 925 I’age SoQUIVER Intermediate Wilma Southard Kvelyn Tanner Agita Vieteh Myrtle Wolff Lucille Wussow Alice Dwyer Primary Rose M. Ilarnoski Cecil M. liartleson Rernadine Campbell Stella Dohr Kthcl A. b'rihart b'lorence b'rihart Primary Ruth llartig (jrace Johnson Jennie Mae Kellet Genevieve Martin Katherine McCaffcrtv (ienevieve Remind Primary Louise Dorshel Arleen Reynolds Harriet Vogt Nellie Worthing 1 925 »;;«• A’ QUIVER ndust rial Fresh men Edward Anlxdlxck Orland Baumgartner Erwin I'irkholtz Ivdward Bogucki Thomas Dore Vernon El wood John Gilmour Ed Hoff Ray Jansen John Joy RolK rt King James Klouck Karl Kusche Earnest Meise Lionel Xonkivcll Cyril 1 ’arsons W ilson I’crcey Stanton Puehler Leif Solsrud Carl Sclnveers George Sinmicht Pieter Vervloet Royden W'ilcr 1 925 I’aA'.’QUIVER CS Of eS o. S'rt, rs, " id rc r" " nCud 1 925 Peg 8j QUIVER SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS CARL BERTRAM DONALD BOWKER FRANCES CO LI KN RAY DUNN HAROLD FORESTER HAROLD HELMS WEBSTER KRUEGER MYRTLE LANGE MURIEL MILLAR BERNICE MILLER CATHERINE O'CO.NNEL ISABELLA RUSCII CARL SCHULTZ EUNICE SMITH EDWIN ZENIZEK ' Received awards in 1924. MERITORIOUS SERVICE AWARDS CARL BERTRAM IX NALD B.OWKER FRANCES COLIEN ORVAI. DAVIES JEROME FLYNN IIAR LI HELMS ALMA LINK CATHERINE O'CONNELL EUNICE SMITH ALPIIEUS TRIGGS PAUL WRIGHT 1 925 32!QUIVER Top Row: Theodor?. Wayne N., Clifford. Harry. Xomian, Randall. Martin. Second Row: Myra, Ruby, Laura. Dorothy It., Helen. Kthcl. Third Row: Robert. Marion. May. Marion. Mary. Virginia, Margaret. Kllen. Xellore. Ruth. I'ourtli Row : Lyman. Waller, Kdgar. Carl. Mark. Chronicle of Current Events SEPTEMBER: 10 School opens. Did ja have a nice vacation? 11 Everyone fairly well acquainted with his new friends. 13 Officers of the School Society were nominated at the Junior High assembly. 23 Electioneering ceased. Officers were elected. Janet Rockwell elected to the honorable position of mayor. 26 So school. Everybody broke buying ice cream and hot dogs at the fair. OCTOBER: 7 First Junior High party of the year. Everyone enjoyed the dancing and Eskimo pies. Harry Winstanley made a good policeman. 9-10 Three cheers! no school. Wisconsin Teachers’ Convention at Milwaukee. Many make up their sleep. 13 7A French Party. Miss Marvin and Eleanor Schneider are the guests of honor. 2X Hallowe’en Party in the gym. A regular masquerade with plenty of fun and EATS. Janet and Virginia were lucky in taking prizes. 31 Kindergarten .Vs make rules for their slide. 7. Science Class gives a play ‘‘The Trial of Fire.” Miss Stone says farewell to the Training Department. 1925 ’•» QUIVER NOVEMBER: 10 Miss Lockwood arrives to take Miss Stone’s position. 21 SB’s give a dramatization of the story "The Miraculous Picture." Fifteen dollars was made for the Welfare Fund. 7B's give a play “Pocahontas and Captain John Smith." 25 Tuesday a notable day for the Junior Highs. ”( n Plymouth Rock" an operetta was presented by them in the auditorium. Good talent shown especially in EdwarJ Hart. 26 Audubon Society of the fourth and fifth grades met and decided to plant cherry trees near the bird bath. A double attraction for the robins. First grade had a Thanksgiving Party. DECEMBER: 10-31 No school. Scarlet fever epidemic and Christmas vacation. JANUARY: 5 All were back on the job ready to start the New Year right. All prepared to make up the work missed. 9 Lyman Lcvi tein's play "When We Were Boys” was presented by the 8B boys at the assembly. 23 The last day of school for the SA’s. At the assembly the 8A’s were in charge. The girls gave a style show displaying their own dressmaking. The play “Ncver-the Less” was produced by three "A’s." Finally the graduates received their sheepskins. 26 The sixth grade is rather French), for they gave a French Party. 27 Junior Highs had a party in the gym. The former 8A's were the guests. Good music and a .good time was enjoyed. FEBRUARY: 3 New semester starts. The 8B s become the dignified KA's. Mis Bradbury back at school was greeted by her friends. 2 Semi-annual nomination for the School Society officers. 12 Harry and Edgar do a little electioneering. 13 The first grade studied the usefulness of butter and served it. The fifth grade had a Valentine Party. One little girl had many Valentines, one at a time would be better for one so young. 17 The election was held. Edgar was elected by a narrow margin. 20 The eighth and seventh .grades enjoyed the pictures during the Geography period. Friday is a day looked forward to in Geography. 24 The Arrow was issued with an extra sheet giving the Constitution of the School Society. . Manager of the Arrow Virginia S.. Harry W., Carl I). 1925 ' » • S6QUIVER MARCH 4 6 11 17 20 24 27 30 Junior High heard President Coolidge give his Inaugural Address over the radio at the Downs’ home. Art Exhibit in Miss Blake’s room. The Training School Children trip the light fantastic toe. The reason a basketball game and dance. Green was in evidence. Certain people "broke" spending money at the Quiver Carnival. The fourth grade dramatized “Old PijK-s and the Dryad.” The Northwestern Printing Company was visited by the fourth grade. The fourth grade took a trip to the Water Works and went thru the plant. Another trip was taken by the fourth grade, to the Fire Department. APRIL: 1 Have va' been fooled yet? 5 The fifth grade Citizenship class entertained the sixth grade and the Junior High in assembly. 5 Everyone had the spring fever. Xo work and all play as a motto was well carried out. 8 The third grade organized an Audubon Society. 9 Everyone enjoyed the Easier Party. 30 Another month has slowly past. MAY: 1 May day is enjoyed by the intermediate grades. 10 The Arrow was issued. 22 Many pupils enjoy a hike out in the country. 28 George Sawings walked to school with his girl. JUNE: 5 Annual picnic of the entire Training School was held. 8 Finals were over and the 8A‘s graduated. 9 Everyone at last realized that vacation had come. SCHOOL CITY OFFICERS Edward H., Lyman, Edward M., Xorman. Virginia. Mary. 1 925 QUIVER 1 925 I’tiKe 8SQUIVER Resume of Football Season The football season of 1024. although in some ways less successful than that of the preceding year, showed that we have a team of which we may well he proud. In a series of conference games, and in two non-conference games. Oshkosh emerged with a total of 200 |H ints as contrasted with a total of 29. won by the opponents. Oshkosh began the season by meeting the Northern State Normal team, of Marquette. Michigan, and defeating them 18 to 0. In this game practically every man on the team was put in for some period of the game. The following Saturday saw a clash between Northland College and Oshkosh, on the home grounds. Whirlwind playing and frequent substitutions totaled a 48 to 0 score. Oshkosh being the victor. The first conference game of the season was with La Crosse. I-» Crosse, rated as the most dangerous contender for the State Championship. l owed to a 19 to 0 defeat. This was by far the most desperately fought, as well as the most thrilling game of the season. The IMatteville home-coming, which was held the following Saturday, was somewhat demoralized by a 21 to 0 defeat for IMatteville. meted out to them by Oshkosh, playing at IMatteville. Oshkosh went out of the State to play her next game. Playing the Western State Normal at Kalamazoo, Oshkosh's triumphant march was abruptly halted Indie first defeat in two years. Western State Normal has a football team of university ealilier. )ur team put up a hard fight against strong odds after a 500-mile trip. M e were satisfied with our team though the score of 22 to 7 spelled defeat for Oshkosh. Oshkosh lost her first conference game in two years to Milwaukee Normal. November 6. It was a Milwaukee home-coming victory and a complete surprise for Oshkosh and even for Milwaukee. It was a defeat that sent our hopes for another championship to the winds. This contest was a beautiful example of an inspired game in which a considerably weaker team rose and played sujicr-football. Stung by the defeats on two previous Saturdays, our Cold and White players went into the field to reinstate themselves in the eyes of the students as well as of the large number of returning alumni. ()shkosh scored two touchdowns against Stevens Point in the first quarter. In the fourth quarter. Jerdee heaved completed passes to M'illiams, Curtis, and Schulke. Kach netted a long gain and a touchdown. At this stage of the game our team resembled Notre Dame's Cavalry point-a-minute wonders, and the visitors were unable to stop them. The homecoming was made complete by this victory of 27 to 0. The next week-end found our team fighting hard to win from M'hitewater before a large crowd of M'hitewater students and alumni. 1925 I’ags 90QUIVER Our Coach COACH HANCOCK The comments of Wisconsin sport journals ami athletic publications have long attested the efficiency of Oshkosh Normal's coaching staff. Mr. Howard Hancock, who has officiated as head coach of all branches of athletics, and as physical director for the j»st four years, is more than qualified for his position. During his years as a student at the University of Wisconsin, he established a brilliant record in football, baseball, and track. Sport fans of the Middle West have not forgotten the playing ability which he exhibited u| on the university eleven. .Mr. Hancock sprang into public recognition in 1917, when he captained the Wisconsin team, and was unanimously chosen as all-Wcstcm tackle for that year. Since his graduation from the university he has produced more than one footl all and basketball team of championship calibre. Added to his athletic ability. Mr. Hancock has the qualities of leadership and executive ability which combine to make an ideal coach. BUK1CH GILSDOKF AND BIRICH PEP-TOM ISTS A striking cause for that brand of school spirit so admired by the La Crosse men when they were here i found in our cheer leaders. It is this pep which has been instrumental in giving the team that extra amount of push which was necessary to obtain a winning touchdown or basket. Otto Burich. cheer leader of last year, showed that he had not forgotten how to bring out every hit of energy which the crowd possessed. "Tony” Gilsdorf. newer to the game, showed every bit of the punch and enthusiasm necessary in a first-class cheer leader. He has the spirit which is needed in overcoming the difficulties that hold intact the morale of a student hotly. As l oth Tony and Otto arc leaving school this spring, we shall be forced to look about for new peptomists. The search will he long before cheer leaders arc found who can till our present leaders' places. r.iLsnoRF 1 925 '» : • 91QUIVER Top Row: Schculkc, Nusshauin. WiImoii. Schipper, BcsMidick, I Minn. Second Row: Coach Kolf, Manager !,. Hotchkfe . Klatl. McKcon. (urtU. Williams, Gahan, Hawkins, (!. Jensen. Coach Hancock. Third Row: Son lag, Cooper, Bonn, I . W right, Schwccr . Stubcnvoll, Capt.. Brennan, Rcccc, llloom(|uist. Summary of Football Games October October 4—Northern Michigan State Normal School 11—Northland College 0 ()shkosh.... ()shkosh 18 October 18—l.a Crosse Normal 0 ()shkosh.... 19 6 (Jshkosh.... November 1 W estern State Normal Kalamazoo 23 C Jshkosh.... 7 November 7—Milwaukee Normal 6 ()shkosh.... 0 Noveml er November 0 (Jshkosh.... 38 22—Whitewater Normal 14 C Jshkosh.... 13 Student Manager of Athletics Lloyd Hotchkiss has been a great asset to our toot-hall team. There are always details to attend to which neither the coaches nor the players can find time tor. Hotchkiss has taken pride in his effort to help turn out a good team. Rain or shine he was on the job. I his willingness to serve consistently has won for him the confidence and friendship of the football squad and their supporters. I„ HOTCHKISS rage 9 1 925QUIVER STI’ltEN VOI.L, CAITAIX JERDEE. CART. -ELEC T WILSON HARVEY C. STI BEXVOI.1.. CAITAIN “Stubie” played a steady dependable game in the center of the line during the entire season, l ie was always alert in breaking through and nailing the runner and shifty in following the play lack of his own line. He more than held his own in every game he played and showed himself to he an aggressive, hard-fighting leader. ADOLPH JERDEE. CA PTAIX-ELECT The excellent generalship shown by Jerdee, especially under great stress, will he remembered by all his men. “Cider” always had them guessing for he had a pass as accurate as a bullet. Moreover, he could punt or carry the hall far into the enemy’s territory, G. E. Downer, writing in the Milwaukee Sentinel, said that Jerdee was the Inst quarter-hack he had seen play since the time of David Workman. MILTON' K. WILSON “Milt” is recignized as one of the very best tacklers that ever wore a Gold and White suit. We could always depend upon him to open a hole in the opposing line for our backs. We regret to lose our former Captain because of his ability and wisdom in football. HARVEY O. REECE “Harvey” was a man who was often called U|M n to till the guard position. He was very aggressive on the offense and a tower of strength on the defense. 11 is work this year should give him a regular lierth next year. Nice work. " Jroucc.” =1- = - = 1 925 = REECE rug.- wQUIVER SO NT AG WRIGHT BLOOMQUIST FRED V. SONTAG We arc lucky to have a substitute guard with the ability of Fred. I le was often used as a substitute guard, but he could do lii duty as well as a regular. I le will make a good teammate for Reece and I’reman. PAUL H. WRIGHT We were lucky to have a player like Paul. He could hold his own against the strongest line plungers. Mis playing has been consistent throughout the three years he has fought for Oshkosh. Loss of men like Paul weakens ;i team. ROY BLOOMQUIST Roy was a sure bet at the guard position. I Ie is heavy but very fast for a man of his size. Because our line was made of men like “Bloomy” few gains were ever made through it. He plays for the fun of playing but with a determination to win. Next year will be a banner year for you. REUBKX SCI UPPER Knowledge of football from three years of playing for Oshkosh, ability to move quickly, and iron endurance enabled "Rube" to tackle hard and often get the backs before they could get under way. I le met interference well and could be depended upon to open holes for off tackle smashes. Frequently he was close on the heels of the ends in covering punts. SCIIII’PKK = 192 5 fate 9tNUSSHAL'M DUNN McKKON JACK A. Xl’SSBACM At end Jack played a consistent brand of football during the entire season. A hard, sure tackier, and a speedy runner, he was down under every kick and prevented opponents from running back punts. Me handled passes accurately and cleanly. ()n the defense he prevented many would-be end-runs. RAY c. in XX We are sorry to see men like Rax graduate, because it leaves available ends pretty scarce. Originally Dunn played in the back field. This year he did exceptionally good work at end. 11c was a hard, sure tackier, and he had a burst of sj)eed in running down punts. THOMAS B. McKEOX We all wonder why “Tom’' didn't come out last year. This year he made a real name for himself as a center. He played in nearly even game. When he went into the game no opponent could gain through the center of the line. He worked hard, fought every minute he was in the game, made his jxisses to the quarter back accurately, and he opened up the opposing line for short gains. The school ho] es “Tom" will be back for another year. AMBROSE J. GAHAX (iahan made opponents tear his end of the line In-cause he had a habit of breaking through interference and tackling the runner. ()n the attack, he showed himself a good follower of interference and a good man on the receiving of passes. Remember the spectacular one he grabbed out of the air in the I .a Crosse game?QUIVER JKXSKN St'IIWKKKS CURTIS GEORGE JENSEN For throe years George has l eeii a consistent player for Oshkosh. He has a powerful drive as a fullback and can place kick accurately from long distances. He was always a cool player and exceptionally good in tackling the op| osing hacks after they had broken through our first line of defense. KARL SCIIWKERS ()n occasions when we needed just a few more yards for first down. Karl carried the hall. For two years he has been picked as the liest fullback in the conference. 11 is |H wcrful build coupled with a driving, determined force has enabled him to hit a line as strong as a stone wall and still move it. The school is very fortunate to have such a comjietent man hack for another year. RALPH I). CL RTIS Ralph this year upheld his reputation as the best plunging halfhack in the conference. For three years he has been picked as an all-state halfback. Ibis ear. as usual, lie made spectacular end runs and evaded many opponents by perfect use of the stiff arm. Ralph, your |M sition will he hard to till. I« liERT J. WILLIAMS “Hobby’s” spectacular playing will long Ik- remembered. He was the rooters' idol. It was always with much joy that his supporters watched the swift running, stopping, pivoting, and dodging of this small halfback. Time and time again he carried the ball for three successive times, far into the enemy's territory. He made many a touchdown from Jerdee’s accurate passes. We are sorry indeed that you have finished your three years for (). N. S. Wll.l.tAMS '•»Kt 1 925QUIVER HAWKINS HKSSKKimil KKKI» HAROLD HAWKINS "Ilawkie” has played at quarter and halt, lie handled the team well and showed ood judgment in selecting his men to carry the hall in various plays. He was a last man in carrying the hall and was exceptionally good in open field running, where his ability to dodge tacklcrs enabled him to run back kicks for long gains. MARVIN BESSERDICK I lesser dick has been a consistent ground gainer as a halfback for (). X. S. for three years. His long experience enabled him to (lodge and gain ground in inanv a game. ' ALFRED REED ". r did his l est work last year. This year he was injured in the fore part of the season, and his injury prevented him from again showing us his ability to pass accurately and make long gains through the line. When he got an open field, his licet ness of foot always meant a touchdown. ADOLPH KLATT Klatt has been an asset to Coach Hancock's squad for three years. I le was a fast open field runner and was dangerous at | asses. In the game with Northland College he took charge of the team and succeeded in leading them to gain two touchdowns in the last few rninuts of play. "Klattv" has served our school faithfully. KI.ATT 1 925 « I’w 97QUIVER HKKNNAX HO XX HAROLD BREXXAX COOI’KK 'Cul " l»rokc into the limelight when our second team played St. John's Military Academy. I Ic smashed through the line and stopped the backs consistently. In the two remaining years you should make a regular berth. FRANK BONN Boon was used to good advantage in the latter part of the season. I Ic was a good defensive man and should make a bid for the guard position next year. GEORGE COOPER “Coop ' made himself known when our second team played St. John's Military Academy and Rijxni’s second team, ('oojier will in all probability make a regular end before he completes two more years. WALTER SCHtELKE "Wallie" is a hard tighter: the word "quit ' has never been in his vocabulary. When "Wallie’’ went into the game, he drove through the line for long and short gains. ()ftcn it would require two tackles to down him. He wasn't down until three or four had pinned him down. I le played in nearly every game of the season. SClirF.LKE = 192 5QUIVER "TWO ME« WITH HURTS ONE OF wine:? - B A Cf OOKtD Y Of tO. AMI A KAEVBACK? CAN Vi GOSSE? A v €iG Ty A-iong VNiiTHfetriy QUIVER 1 925 ’ !£«• ICOBASKETBALI.V'CHAMPIONS” 0 Having been for three years one of the greatest athletes who ever played on an Oshkosh team. Mr. Robert M. Kolf was grad-uatc l in 1921. to return as a member of the coaching staff. While a student at the Normal, "Bob" Kolf was a memlier of what may he properly called the greatest aggregation of athletes that ever attended any Wisconsin Normal School. Their ability and consequent athletic victories have l ccomc historic about the school. Aside from giving invaluable assistance in training the football squad. Mr. Kolf was appointed head basket-ball coach of the school. Ilis ability along this line is shown by the series of victories chalked up for Oshkosh which at last gave the school the State basket-hall championship for 1925. Four championships in two years was the record made possible for Oshkosh by the hard, fast playing of the Gold and White's basket-ball quintet this season. Playing a series of nine conference games, Oshkosh came through undefeated, winning the state championship on a percentage basis. Captain Gahan piloted the team through these, and seven other games with nonconference schools, coming through with a total of thirteen C°.u II KOI.I- victories and only three defeats. The fast Komi du American Legion team was the first opponent of the season. Playing an exceptionally goinl grade of basket-ball, they were able to hand Oshkosh a 47 to 24 defeat. On Friday, January 9th. Oshkosh met the St. Norbert's Gdlcgc quintet on the local floor, and succeeded in defeating them by a 38 to 18 score. Shortly after the beginning of the second half, coach K«»lf sent out the second team. These men proved that with a second string of their calibre, the first team is pretty well supported. January 13-18 was spent on a tour to several Illinois educational centers of note. The first two games, played with Macomb Normal School, and Augustana (Rock Island) College, resulted in two defeats for the Oshkosh boys, the scores of the games being 46 to 16. ami 39 to 38. respectively. The last two games, played with St. Ambrose and Concordia Colleges, brought victory to the visiting team, with the respective scores of 23 to 14. ami 45 to 27. Returning home, the boys met their first conference opponents of the season on January 23. Plattcvillc came here that evening, and managed to come nearer to defeating Oshkosh than any other conference team of the year. The moments were very tense up to the fiml whistle, when the score stood 23 to 25. The second conference game of the season was with Stevens Point, fought on the Stevens Point floor. Good offensive playing rolled the final score up to 46 points for Oshkosh, and 19 points for Stevens Point. Perhaps the football defeat of the past season at the hands of Milwaukee was somewhat avenged by a 21 to 14 victory for Oshkosh on the Milwaukee floor. Although severely handicapped by the temporary loss of Captain Gahan. and the illness of other members of the squad. Oshkosh succeeded in winning her third conference victory of the season. The score of 24 to 9. with Oshkosh on the heavy side, little indicates the closeness of the game with Superior at Oshkosh. Plain hard luck was all that kept Superior front giving tlie Oshkosh I toys a run for their money. Stevens Point came to Oshkosh for the next game, and was taken into camp by a 39 to 2.' score. The second meeting of the Oshkosh and Milwaukee teams, which occurred on our home floor, resulted in a 27 to 9 victory for Oshkosh. Milwaukee came here bound to even up the score made by Oshkosh in the previous game, and it was only by a hard light that Oshkosh was able to disappoint them so decisively. Whitewater was the next victim of Oshkosh’s irresistible march for the state championship. They were defeated at Oshkosh. 25 to 10. = 1 92 5 = Page 101QUIVER Top Row: Coach Kolf, Xusshaum. Zcibcll, llacktard) Second Row: Schuclkc, (l w. llliHimimM. ltotiahuc. Third Row: William , (inhaii, I law kin . The following game of the season was a return game with Whitewater, played on our opponents’ floor. Whitewater suffered her second defeat at the hands of Oshkosh, to the tune of 30 to 13. The last, and the decisive game of the season was played at IMatteville on the evening following the Whitewater game. Playing brilliantly, in spite of the clash of the evening liefore, Oshkosh was able to defeat their opponents. 35 to 29. and to claim the victory which won for them the state normal school championship in basket-ball for 1925. CONFERK 25 NCI : scokks 23 ( Xshkosh .... 46 Stevens Point ... 19 Xshkosh .... 21 Milwaukee . 14 ()shkosh .... 24 Suj erior 9 (Xshkosh .... 39 Stevens Point ... 23 tshkosh .... 27 Milwaukee 9 ( Xshkosh .... 25 Whitewater 10 (Xshkosh .... 30 Whitewater 13 tshkosh .... IMatteville 29 Totals 287 149 Team ( Xshkosh . . . . C() X F E K K X CK ST A N DINGS Won I .ost 9 0 1 ’crcentage l.(XX) 1 .a ( rosse ... 8 0 1.000 Uiver Falls .. 5 3 .633 Superior . . . . 4 4 .500 I au Claire . . . 4 4 .500 Whitewater .. 4 6 .400 Milwaukee .. 3 5 .375 Stout 2 6 .250 Stevens Point 2 7 222 IMatteville ... 1 7 .122 1 925 ’•JRC lotQUIVER OAITAN DONAHUE CAPTAIN AM 15ROSE GAHAN, CENTER A player of experience and ability, Gahan thoroughly justified the choice of the s |uad in electing him to the |K sition of Captain, by playing in a manner which was scarcely equaled In any other center in the entire Normal School conference. CAPTAIN-ELECT FREDERICK DONAIICE. GUARD The playing ability which Donahue evidenced in his first year on the Normal squad won for him the place of Captain on next year’s squad. Because of his generalship, and his playing ability, the squad undoubtedly did well to elect him Captain. FREDERICK IIACKBAKTH. FORWARD Freddy had an eye for long shots that was at once I Kittling to the opposing team, and invaluable to (Xshkosh. When the basket was pretty well guarded against short shots, Hackbarth usually managed to sink a few winning baskets from a distance. IIACKIIAKTII »««• ».{ 1 925QUIVER SCIIL’ELKK WILLIAMS HAWKINS WALTER SCI IUELKE, GUARD Walt was one of the quintet of guards who could Ik relied upon to make Oshkosh's defense well nigh iron-clad. He also had the ability to take up the offensive side of the battle, and carry on to an ()shkosh victory. ROBERT WILLIAMS. FORWARD For three years "Bobbie" has been the speeding sensation on the basket-ball lloor. Bobbie has won a place of admiration among the spectators bv his accurate passing, his willingness to contribute to team work, and his jolly good sportsmanship. Many times has “Bobbie" out-guessed his opponent and intercepted a pass or taken the hall from an opponent on the dribble. HAROLD HAWKINS. GUARD Harold is another man whose graduation will leave a big gap in next year's ranks. Ilis shifty playing, and whirl-wind attacks have kept more than one team guessing until it was too late for them to pile up a winning score against (Jshkosh. JACK NUSSBAUM, GUARD Ex] erience. and ability to foresee the opponent’s play, have made Jack one of the most valuable men on the squad. He was one of the strongest guards that ()shkosh ever possessed. NUSSBAUM = 192 5 I’agc tt 4QUIVER BI.OOMQUIST CI-OW .IKHKI.l. ROY I5LOOMOUIST. GUARD Bloomquist shares honors with Hawkins and Xussbauin when it conics to guarding. Whenever he was in the game, the opponents could he certain that they were confronted by an effective barrier against their scoring. X ATM AX CLOW. CEXTER Clow got into a few of the conference games this year, and played with an ability which gives evidence of a great future as a center. We are indeed fortunate in having him with us for two years more. XOR.MAX ZIKBELL. CEXTKR Ziebell is another man who shows great promise as a center. The squad will surely miss him next year. I le graduates in June. LEIF SOLSRI'D "Sol" played in many games when coach Kolf substituted an entirely new group of players. He is eligible for two more years of competition. SOLSKLM) 1 92 5 = I’agf tosVI •» !», S Z 6 I s aa AinC» «vQUIVER 'lop Row: Lindsay. Ilawkin . denies. Rcc l. Second Row : Dunn. Coach Hancock. Knox. Lyons. Tragiai. Sundt. Tillcnia. Third Row: Overton. W. Wright, Hall (Captain), Ue»scr«lick, Clow. I lie first Track Meet of the season was held with Kipou College. The collegians succeeded in winning the meet by a 78 to 21 score. An Inter-Normal Track Meet was held with Stevens Point on May 16. 1924. Oshkosh won the meet by obtaining 95 jioints to the opponents’ 40. The Intra-State Normal Track Meet was held at Milwaukee. Saturday, May 21. Milwaukee won first place in the meet, with a total of 39l i oints. Oshkosh, with 24 points, was second. The other schools in their order of finish were: Platteville. 20' : 1-a Crosse. 15lA : Whitewater. 12: Stevens Point, 6 t and Kan Claire. 5 points. Captain Kd Hall, of Oshkosh, was tied with the Milwaukee Captain, Tiernan. for individual scoring honors. Hall won the shot-put and hammer-throw for Oshkosh. The other first won by Jshkosh was the 120-yd. hurdles, taken by Clow. The various men’s societies of the school met in an Inter-Society Track Meet on May 12. The Philakeans and Inde| endents won the meet with a tie score of 44. The next highest score was that of the Industrial Arts Society, who totaled a 27-j oint score. Lyceum took third place, having 7 less points than the Industrial men. = 1925 I'll nr ( 7QUIVER HAI.I. TII.I.KM A OVKKTOX EDWARD I). HALL, (ATTAIN “Eddie” Hall is one of the most versatile athletes that ever wore the Gold and White. He confined his track activities to the discus, shot, hammer, and hurdles. For the last two years he has been highpoim man in all meets he has entered. JOHN TILLEMA We could always depend on “Jack” to do his utmost in the javelin throw, lie holds the record in throwing the javelin in the Wisconsin Normal conference, and we hope to see him establish a new one this year. His position will be hard to fill next year. ROBERT OVERTON ■•Bob” possessed a great endurance which enabled him to finish ahead of his opponents. 11 is events were the mile and the two mile. NATHAN CLOW. CAPTAIN-ELECT “Nate" is the best hurdler (). N. S. has had for some time. He won first place in the low hurdles and second in the high hurdles in the State Normal meet at .Milwaukee last fall. This year in the meet at .Milwaukee in May he was barely eliminated by one of the best hurdlers in the state. CI.OW. CAI T KI.KCT ’« : • to 1 925QUIVER 4 DUNN SUNDT KNOX RAY DUNN i could always depend upon “Ray” t » do his best in the pole vault. He placed all the dual meets in which he participated. We are sorry to lose him this year. ARTHUR SUXDT "Artie” is an athlete who ha sdone much for Oshkosh in all lines of sj ort. In track he has confined himself to the throwing of the shot. In this event he was second only to Hall who holds the Normal Conference record. VERNON KNOX " ern” is a powerful half miler. He is built for endurance and holds a fast pace throughout the race. We are glad we have men with such fleet feet to represent Oshkosh Normal. LYON LOUIS LYON 'l oo much in the way of praise cannot Ik said for "Louie.” He possessed more stamina and endurance than any athlete O. X. S. has ever known. I le placed in every dual meet in which he took part. 1 925 ’Ux’. opQUIVER LINDSAY HKSSKRIMCK W. WKICHT CHESTER LINDSAY "Chet ' was our best bet as a distance runner. He won a first in the mile event and a second in the two mile. His long stride and physical endurance are his greatest assets. MARVIN BKSSKRDICK "Marv” was one of our reliable dash men who always tried hard to win his even. He had strong opposition in "Al ’ Reed who won first in the 100 and 220 vard lashcs in the dual meet with Stevens Point. WARREN WRIGHT "Wright’ is one of the best discus and shot throwers that we have this year. His strong arm and good “eye" equip him with a power that will show other contestants tlie real athlete that lie is. HAROLD HAWKINS "Hawkic" has a quick start and has held his own in the dashes as well as in the mile relay. His track experience makes him a dangerous man. In addition to being a runner, lie is the best pole vaulter the Normal | ossessed. I THOMAS WILLIAMS "Tommie” is an able man at the 440 and the 220 dash. I le is invaluable in relay because of his capacity to make up distances. This year completes a brilliant record at Oshkosh for him. fotf 1,0 HAWKINS 1925 T. WILLIAMSQUIVER Top Row: H. Jensen, Krdlitz. Second Row: Coach Kolf. Curtis. Wilson. Reed. Williams. Icnscn. Third Row: I'rankard. Ilackbartli. Nussbauin. 1‘uraclle. BASF BALL The first two games of the 1924 season were played away from home. Playing at Milwaukee on May 2. Oshkosh was able to defeat the Normal School team of that city, 7-5. ( n the following day the team journeyed to Whitewater, and there played a double header game with the Whitewater Xormalites. The first game and the second game were both won by the visitors, with respective scores 8-6, 9-5. The next game of the season, with St. Xorberts College was also won by ()shkosh The home fans were able to see Oshkosh bat out 3 scores to St. Xorberts 2. The return game with Milwaukee was played at Oshkosh on June fourth. The visitors were defeated. 13-7. This series of victories gave ()shkosh claim to the State Normal school Championship for 1924. and was the third athletic championship to be annexed by Oshkosh during the 1923-24 season. RICHARD MRDI.ITZ, CAPTAIN The (iold and White misses their former second baseman this year. It was sport to see "Pck” hook them out of the air or pick them out of the dust. 1 92 5 = = KKHLITZ I’age inQUIVER JKNSKN FUMRI.I.K »• JENSEN' GEORGE JENSEN, CAPTAIN-ELECT George is our first sacker. Ilis ability to gral» and hold wild i egs as well as the good ones, his ability to hit the ball when a hit is needed, and his general enthusiasm and g MkI nature have secured him the Captaincy. We arc glad to have a captain who knows baseball in all its phases. WILLIS FLMKLLK "Ruck” was a real fellow and a pitcher of exceptional ability. He could hook his curves across with the sjieed and accuracy of a big leaguer. I le was one of Coach Kolt’s consistent hitters. HENRY JENSEN "Hank is a great aid to our pitchers. He talks them out of many a hit. 'Flic pitchers can hook ’em the way they want to and "Ilank” always holds them. Resides being the best catcher the Gold and White has ever had. he collects his "hit a game.” FREDERICK HACKRARTH Fred surely could cover the ground when running liases, lie frequently got away with a stolen base. When Fritz was at bat we looked for at least a two-base hit. 11 is batting average was near 400. IIACKOAKTII = = 192 5 Pagr mQUIVER Cl’KTIS FKAXKAKU RALPH CURTIS Ralph played left field as efficiently as it could he played, arm and could peg accurately from field to home plate. WILSON I le had a good RUDOLPH KRAXKARl) “Rudy” was one of the Ix-st third basemen the Gold and White has had. MII.T WILS( X This is "Milt's” last year of conference baseball. He has more than proved his worth as a fielder and a consistent hitter. Me could read the pitcher and he always got at least one hit each game. JACK XUSSLAUM Jack was our other reliable pitcher. Much credit is given to him for his consistent reliability. XUSSIIAUM R )LKRT WILLIAMS “Lobby” upheld the record he made last year as an outfielder. Remember how Lob used to hunt and then heat the ball out ? WILLIAMS 1 92 5 — = Page it.tQUIVER 1925 SCHEDULE School Where Played Date Lawrence College ()shkosh April 25 Lawrence College Appleton May 2 Milwaukee Xormal M iiwaukce Tentative Milton College Milton Mav 15 Whitewater Xormal Whitewater May 16 Ripon College ()shkosh May 22 Ripon College Ripon Mav 29 The Tennis Season The first attempt at conference tennis was in the spring of 1624. when the team traveled to Appleton and was defeated by the well trained Lawrence C ollege team. This match was played May 10. Xesbit of I-awrence defeated McKeon in singles 6-3, 4-0. 6-0. Lee and Xesbit defeated Cohen and McKeon in doubles 6-3, 6-3. ()n account of had weather conditions CAPTAIN fkam'IS coi.ien and the short season the two matches with Ripon College were not played. The team has taken an active part in inter-society and summer school tennis. October 29, Lyceum defeated Philakcan, Colien defeating Clow in singles 6-0. 4-6. 6-2 and Colien and Hoff defeating Clow and Burich in doubles 6-1. 6-2. In July 1924 Howell won the semi-finals and was matched with Colien for the championship title. )n account of Colien’s leaving for the University of Chicago during the last week of summer school this championship match was not played off. With several new players on the 1925 team and early practice it is expected that the Gold and White will make a good record this season. Seven conference matches will he played and the team will enter the state tournament at Milton College the last week of May. Tennis is now a real sport at fshkosh Normal, and it is hoped that it will become more popular each year. 1 925 Hcgt H4QUIVER THOMAS B. McKF.ON OTTO F. BUUK II FRANCIS LINER EDWIN HOFF CARL WALKER 1925 rant USQUIVER I he Girls’ Athletic Association is an organization for the promotion of athletics within the school. It also fosters good sportsmanship. This vear inter-class tournaments were held in the following sports: Hockey. Volley I',all. Basket-ball. Baseball, and Tennis. Additional jK ints towards the awards given bv the society may also be earned by hiking, skating, and for excellent work in required gvm-nastics by recommendation from the Physical Director. 'Pile ssociation has l eon behind all of the men s athletic activities. Between halves of the Homecoming Game the girls staged a football game of their own which is worthy of remembrance. l .i Row: I. Wocios. M. Wocfaos, Kohler, M. Miller, A. Ru»ch. K. Smith. LaMofka, I.. I lenten, Schucttc. F. )ahn. K. Anderson. Trclcven, F. C.raunke. Pause. Keith. Sceoml Row: Marurck, Koenig . Johnson, Hoffman. Penney, Berg. Kusch, Adam . Hrover. Whitney. Maine. Pichett. Friable. Magnuiwen. Baumgartner, H. Smith. Thir«l Row: Campbell. Reynolds. M. lames. Veitch, Jinilra, Van Susteran, C.lcndt, K. Frikart, llartleson, I-’. Frihart. (ioiKiiii, Schmiodckc, KawaUky, Omnc.v l-ourlh Row: Reilly. Wotchecalek. «. l «Y»uh , Xicltoi' |. DeYoung, Bellmorc, Holm. F. Thiele. Griffith . Ftcfe. I.indman. Reece, Kcgcrtie. Rottom Row: Carry, Delano. Kilr-e. Knglcbiirt. Ami . Jaeger, DcOrcef. l u ehel. Pierce. Hume. 1 925QUIVER ADVISORY BOARD Miss Neff Ethelyn Jaeger -Katherine Heffekxkx Gertrude DeYoung -Margaret Corky Agatha Gog gins I.OREN Luecke -Alta Nichols Leone O’Keefe Elizabeth Kezertee Merle N. Pickett Mildred Hoiin I .ora! xe Bergen Faculty Advisor President - I'icc President. 1 st Semester -Vice President. 2nd Semester Secretary Treasurer Head of Hiking, 1st Semester - Head of Hikinq, 2nd Semester Head of Hockey Head of Volley Pall Head of Basket-kail Head of Baseball Head of Tennis G. A. A. MEMBERSHIP Marie Adams Ellen Amis Emma Anderson Esther Anderson Cecil Bartleson Lorainc Bergen Mildred Bohn Catherine Boylan Alice Breitenbach Anne Breunig Catherine Cahill Bemadine Campbell Margaret Connolly Margaret Corry Odelia DeGreef Gertrude DeYoung Marion DeYoung (irace Engleburt I .ucinda Erdmann I lelen Falewsky Ethel Eriliart Florence Erihart Muriel Glandt Agatha Goggins Florence Jraunke Kathryn I IctVernen Bernice Hoffman Frances Hilton Lillian Hume Ethelyn Jaeger Myrtle James 1 lildra Jindra Agnes Johnson Lydia Johnson Alvcra Kawalshy Kathryn Keefe Helen Kelsh Elizabeth Kezertee Winifred Kilroe Marcella Koenigs Ruth Lastofka Margaret Lindman Clarinda Main I lazel Magnusen Ruth Matson Dorothy Mazurek Lillian M'etter Bernice Miller Margaret Miller Ann Nelson Alta Nichols I .eone )’Keefe (lladys (hnness Vivian Penny Merle Pickett Eleanor Pierce Arlene Reynolds Helen Richey Agnes Schmeickcl Irene Sclnniedeke Margaret Schuette Olive Schwcfcl 1 rene Smallenberg Eunice Smith Nell Smithwick Florence Thiele Isabella Ruseh Agneta Yictch Stella Walters Josephine Wochos Mabel Wochos 1 925 t'ngf H7QUIVER FIELD HOCKEY Field Hockey opened girls’ athletics for the year. Tins sport was introduced into the normal school some years ago. but it has not been played for the past few vears. Much credit is due Miss Neff, whose untiring efforts developed good teams from green material. At the end of the season a tournament was held to decide which team was champion. Teams from High School-Grammar courses entered, elimination plan. The scores were as follows: High School-Grammar 1 ’rimarv 1 11 igh School-Grammar HIGH SCIIOOI.-GR Van Susteren .... . RW Reece RW Miller. B RI Sutherland RI Pierce RI Pickett (Capt.) CF Beardmorc. M CF DeYoung, G CF Bergen, 1 Koenigs LI Frisbie I AY the Kural. Primary, Intermediate. ; The tournament was run off on the Rural .......................... 1 Intermediate ................... 0 Primary ........................ 1 MAR, CHAMPIONS Coggins, Y....................IA DeYoung. M......................RH Magnusen........................CH Keena. C........................CH Nichols.........................Ml Corry ...........................M I Johnson, I......................RE Lindman ........................LF Bruenig.........................LF W hitney .......................LF Kelsh ..........................CK Kczcrtce ......................RI Lcstofska (Capt.) . Baranowski. R. M. Dore, II........... Bonesteel.......... Keefe ............ Thiele. F.......... Carlstad.......... Hawkinson ........ Prindle .......... Grimes ........... Reichardt......... Adams ............ Anderson. E....... Sawicki .......... Penny ............ Berg (Capt.) _____ Pecker ............ DeGreef........... Sargent .......... Aenis.............. Breitenbach ....... Dwyer ............ Engleburt (Capt.) Hume ............. PRIMARY ... RVY Partleson, C...................RH ....RI Reynolds. A....................CH . ...CF Campbell, B....................MI ... .CF Frihart. F.....................RF ____M Frihart. F.....................LF ____LF Keenan, F.................'........CK RURAL . ..R Y Rosenan .......................CH ... .RI Schultz........................CH ....CF Wopshal........................Ml ____CF Omnes..........................RF ____LI Anderson. E....................LH ....LI Delano ........................GK .... LI Kawalskv.......................GK ...IAY Snell .........................RF ... RI I Stolson .......................LF .... Vogel .........................LF INTERMEDIATE. . ..R V Zipperer......................RII ____RI Vcitch.........................CH ----RI Main...........................LH ----Baumgartner ..........................LH I Walters........................RF I AY Jindra ........................LF ...RH Mazurek........................GK 1925 '• ■ ItsQUIVER Hi’oK 5ch oo L z r U 1925 p QUIVER BASKETBALL Basket-ball attracted many more girls than usual this year. Five teams instead of the usual three or four entered the" tournament. It is hoped that next year every academic course in school will put out a team to try for championship honors. TOURXA. IEXT SCORICS Intermediate ........................ 1«S First High School .................... 4X (irammar ............................. 21 First High School .................... 75 Intermediate ......................... 35 First i Iigh School .................. 51 Intermediate ......................... 22 Primary .............................. 17 First High School .................... 7 Grammar .............................. 13 Primary ............................ 9 Grammar ........................... 8 Primary ............................ 10 Second High School ................. 13 Second Huh School ................. 11 Primary ............................ 3 Grammar ............................. 9 Second High School ................. 15 Intermediate ...................... 12 Second High School .................. 9 An All Star team was selected based on the playing exhibited during the tournament. The following people were chosen: FORWARDS—Helen Rockwell (IIS). Merle Pickett (HS). Ann Xelson (HS). JUMPIXC CENTER—Florence Graunkc (lot.). SIDE CENTERS—Ethelyii Jaeger (HS). Odelia DeGreef (Int.). GUARDS—Hazel Magnusen (HS). Agncta Veitch (Int.). gat ha Goggins (HS). The line-ups for the teams: FIRST HIGH SCHOOL CHAMPION’S Hazel Magnusen ((.apt.) ..........Guard Agatha Goggins ....................Guard Helen Kelsh ...................... Guard Lorainc Bergen ...........Jumping Center Mildred Bohn ............Jumping Center Ethlyn Jaeger ...............Side Center Ann Xelson .....................Forward Merle Pickett ...................Forward Helen Rockwell ..................Forward INTERMEDIATE Florence Graunkc (Capt.). .Jumping Center Odelia DcGreef...............Side Center Lillian Hume ................Side Center Ellen Aenis .....................Forward Grace Engleburt .................Forward Dorothv Slazurek ................Forward Genevieve Reilly ................Forward Ruth Hough ........................Guard Hilda Jindra .....................Guard Agncta Veitch ....................Guard PRIMARY Margaret Miller (Capt.)..Jumping Center Cecil Bartlcson ............Side Center Margaret Schuette Ethel Frihart Florence Frihart Sylvia Griffith Bcrnadinc Campliell Katherine Keefe Forward Guard GRAMMAR Mabel Wochos (Capt.) . Muriel Glendt Lydia Johnson _ Marcella Koenig Catherine Boylan Helen Richey Irene Schmiedeke ...Jumping Center Side Center Forward Guard SECOND HIGH SCHOOL Augusta Fritz (Capt.).. Bernice Miller Marion DeYoung Elizabeth Kezertee .... Alta Xichol Margaret Corry Evelvn Frisbic Pearl Van Sustcran ... Side Center Side Center Forward Guard The First High School team captured the championship by winning all their games by large scores. The excellent team work and passing of the entire team was hard to break up. and almost always resulted in a basket for them. The girls played a fast clean brand of basket-ball. To the Intermediate team goes second place. Their playing was also featured by good team work. The ability of the girls to intercept the ball resulted in disaster for most of their opponents. Throughout the entire season the Grammar team was hard pressed for players. The seven who consistently turned out made the team. They proved their worth by winning third place. Playing a consistent game throughout the tournament the Primary team was forced into fourth place. Unfortunately for them one of their liest players was injured during the lir t game or the score might have been much different. Though the Second High School team succeeding in winning none of their games they deserve much praise. Crippled bv a loss of three member of their squad, the girls fought to the very end and lost. Their line exhibition of sportmanship i especially commendable. 1925 QUIVER Chamhioo h'Bh chooi Tea. m I O'M Jj rnec laie. Cr am rwaV m Pi'im a v y « i $ h o'c fyc a( 1 925 QUIVER 1925 Page in= 1925 ‘•tgc USQUIVER Phi Beta Sigma National Honorary Fraternity GAMMA CHAPTER CHAPTER OFFICERS J. (). Frank.............................- President F. B. Wickkrsham ... - fiVr President C. M. Kelso.......................Secretary- Treasurer CHARTER II. A. Brown I .cavelva Bradbury II. C. Christofferson Mary E. Crowley J. O. Frank I itira M. Johnston Corinne M. Kelso Mary G. Keltv Harriet R. Lockwood KUen F. Peake Forrest R. Polk Florence B. MEMBERS Carl (j. Bertram Donald T. Bowkcr Francis I !. Colicn 1 larold W. Forster Esther Friday Harold II. Helms II. Webster Krueger R. Muriel Millar Catherine O’Connell Dorothy (). Reiter Eunice L. Smith W'ickershain In Septeml er. nineteen twenty-four. Mr. J. . Frank, assisted by Francis Colien negotiated with the National Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity relative to the securing of a local Chapter for the Normal School. A great deal of assistance was given by members of the alumni, faculty members and seniors with the result that twenty-three signed the | etition for a charter. We were granted a charter February 10. 1925. and designated as (iamma Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma. This Chapter is one of the co-ordinate chapters of the Phi Beta Sigma National Honorary Fraternity and is called the Gamma Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma. The object of this fraternity is to stimulate and reward high standards of scholarship among undergraduate students in the Oshkosh Normal School by including men and women of superior intelligence to enter the teaching profession and to reward such students for superior scholastic attainments by electing them to membership in this Fraternity. The members of this Chapter are elected from the best students of the graduating class of the three and four year courses and the selection from each graduating class shall not exceed fifteen per cent of the three and four year students graduated. The annual Convocation is held Wednesday afternoon and evening preceding Commencement week for the purpose of initiating new members, conferring the keys, electing new officers and conducting other business of the Fraternity. At the formal banquet on Convocation Day a sjxiaker of distinction will deliver the address on the value of scholarship in Education. The Gamma Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma awards a fifty dollar scholarship to the three or four year senior securing the highest scholastic attainments during his three or four years at the ()shkosh State Normal School. The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage students with exceptional ability to continue their studies in education. 1925 fane .vQUIVER 1925 '-’5QUIVER LYCEUM September 20—Lyceumites assembled tor their first meeting. Mr. James gave a suggestive talk on “Good Fellowship.” October 29—Lyceumites beat Philakeans in tennis match. November 1 -Our annual smoker celebrated at the Orange Lantern. November 22—Phoenix and Lyceum have joint meeting. After a short literary program we adjourned to the big gym where the rest of the evening was spent in dancing. Deceml)er 6—We enjoyed a comprehensive lecture by Mr. Christofferson on the “Fourth Dimension." December 10—Our representatives placed second in the first of a series of inter-society debate triangles. January 17—Seven new members were initiated into the society. The old ritual was again established. March 7—Miss Bradbury gave an illustrated lecture on “The Making of Wisconsin.” March 21—Joint meeting with Phoenix. After a short musical program we adjourned to the big gym where dancing was in order till 9:45 after which a lunch was served in Room 2. March 26—Philakeans and Lyceumites play otY championship for the inter-society basket-ball tournament. April A—Four new members are initiated into the society. May 2—Lyceum tops off the schedule events with a big party. MFM BRUSH IP faculty Mr. G. W. Campbell Students Carl Bert ran N'eil Butler Donald Bowker Harold Brennan Walter Bunt rock Francis Colien Charles Cook Thomas Dore Stanley Goldgruber Erwin Grosskopf Leonard Gruhlke Maynard Hack Harold Harwood Glenn Hauser Ed Hoff Webster Krueger Karl Kusche Lyle Provanchier Earl Smith Frank Tayler Philip Them Bruce Walsh Victor Wegner Siegfried Weng Roydcn Wiler Milton Zentner 1925 Page i.HQUIVER LYCEUM Top How: llaus«r. Them, Walsh, Wilcr, Grosskopf. Second How : Hack, l orc. Schwcer . Wegner, Itullcr. Third How: Bertram, (•oldxruhcr. limn rock. Hoff. Kiutchc. Harwood. Bottom How: Cook, Zcntncr, Colicn. Wcng. Taylcr, Gruhlke. OFFICERS First Semester Carl Bertram Thomas Kennedy Earl Smith -Milton Zkntner President I iee President Secretary Treasurer Second Semester Francis Colien I'rank Taylor Webster Krueger Leonard Gruhlkf. Siegfried eng - President I'iee President Secretary Treasurer Critic 1925 p jgf 117QUIVER PHOENIX ( Founded in 1872.) "Cliftlire, not Show" September 13— First Medina of Semester. October 7—Luncheon at Stein's Shop. October 1«8—Pledging. (October 25— Initiation. November 4—Xeophite Party. November 15—Homecoming Dinner at Athearn. November 22—Joint Meeting with Lyceum. December 18—Phoenix Program at Sunny view. lanuan 8—Inter-Society Debate. Phoenix won Dempsey Cup. February 6— Part) for Debate Cirls. February 14—Dinner-Dance at Athearn. Fcbruarv 17—Inter-Society Vaudeville. Phoenix won second place. February 2‘ —Party for February (iraduates at Hayes. March 7—Luncheon at Haves. March 21—Pledging. March 21 Joint Meeting with Lyceum. April 25 Initiation. May—Hike into the woods to study birds. May Camping Party. June—Annual Picnic. DeccniU r 10—Inter-Society Debates. April 15—Mr. Clemens gave his "Bird Talk " in the auditorium. All societies were invited to attend. May 29—Formal Prom. Phoenix and Lyceum decorate. , Krni S. Si'akks Aline Banderol) Kllen Berg Beatrice C ote (iracc Dobbins . Agnes Foley 1 larriet Fredrick Krna iosse Catherine Keena Jennie Mae Kellett Kuth K rover Margaret Lea Lucille Levey Irene Long Social Chaperon Margaret I .ongfcllow Miriam Mansur Muriel Millar Ann Nelson Agues Neuville Corrine ()rlebecke (iwendolyn Reece Helen Rockwell Ltliel Roudebush Irene Smallenberg l.ucile Tynan Marjorie Weidner h'lizalK-th Zorn MEMBERSHIP Vacuity Students 1 925QUIVER PHOENIX Tup Row: Second Row Third Row: Fourth Row: Dobbins, Cote. Longfellow, Rockwell, Gocee, Orlebtckc. : Snulltnbcrit. Krnycr, Levey, Zorn, Foley. Lea. Bander I), Kellct. Tynan, Frcidrich, Weidner. : Nelson. Keena. Mantur, Reece. Rurg, Xeuville. OFFICERS First Semester Miriam Mansur - Aline Banderor .... Margaret Longfellow Bernice Kirherger Second Semester Miriam Mansur .... Catherine Keena Gwendolyn Reece ... Ellen Burg .... President I’ice President Secretary Treasurer President I 'icc President Secretary Treasurer 1 925 Page IJ9PHILAKEAN m The year 1924-25 has been another banner year for the Philakean. Great fraternal spirit, good fellowship, loyalty and service to the school was as evident as ever. The members having a wide range of varied abilities, entered practically every outside activity offered during the past school term. The society is greatly indebted for the kind guidance of the faculty advisors Mr. Clemens and Mr. Nelson. Weekly meetings, literary programs, as well as s cial gatherings, were sources of enjoyment to all meml crs. MEMBERSHIP l:acult v Mr. Clemens Mr. Nelson Clifford Hutchinson W illiam Hotchkiss Fred Beherns Roy Bloomquist Charles Brown Otto Burich Maurice Cahill Nathan Clow Walter Gerdes Harold Helms Kenneth I leur Lloyd Hotchkiss Burton Johnson August Keller Ixniis Magnusen Eugene Monahan Thomas McKeon Jack Xussbaum Alvin ()'Konski Edtnund )lson John L. Paska Eugene Peters Ilarvey Reece Tom Rogers Walter Schiietke Clarence Skidmore Fred Sontag Harvey Stubcnvoll Thomas Williams Paul Wright rose ISO 1 925PHILAKEAN First How: Johnson, Wm. Hotchkiss, Williams. Helms, O’Konski, Hutchinson, Burich. Second How: Schuclkc, Gcrdcs, Cahill. Behrens. McKeon. Ilcur. Third Row: Maftmisen. I'ctcrs, I.. Hotchkiss, Monahan. Reece. Brown. F'ourth Row: Clow. Bloomquist, Olson. I’aska. Keller. Wright. Fifth R w: Sontag. Nelson, Clemans. Skidmore. Nussbaum. OFFICERS Harold Helms Alvin O'Konski Otto Burich Edmund Olson Nathan Clow Harvey Reece I:irst Semester President Pice President ..........................Critie Secretary and Treasurer Corresponding Secretary ..............................Marshal Second Semester Thomas Williams.....................President Clifford Hutchinson .... FiVc President Harold Helms.........................Critic Harvey Rf.ece .... Secretary and Treasurer John I’ask a .... Corresponding Secretary Walter Gerdes........................MarshalQUIVER ALETHEAN September 20. Party at Ruth Allen's home for new girls. Rushing Party at Marion James' home. September 24. I’ridge Party at Katherine West’s. September 26. Reception. September 28. Rushing Party at Apartment. October 5. Pledging of 14 new girls. October 18. Joint Meeting with Philakean. October 28. Neophyte Dinner at Athearn. November 11. Mental Initiation. November 18. Homecoming Luncheon at Athearn. November 15. Decorating of Corridor of Gym. November 22. Final Initiation. December 6. New girls take oath and are sworn in. Miss Peake gives interesting talk to girls. December 13. Christmas Romp dispensed with because of scarlet fever epidemic. Money used to provide Christmas for charity family. January 15. Candy Sale. January 24. I’'lection and installation of officers. January 27. Party at Beardmore’s for girls leaving school. January 29. Joint meeting with Philakean. February 16. Candy Sale. Proceeds to l»e used for furnishing girls' rest room. February 17. Vodvil. February 23. Party in Kindergarten room. March 7. Carnival. Aletheans in charge of Fish Pond. Grab Hag. Fortune Telling Booth, and Candy Booth. March 21. Spread. March 28. Pledging of new girls. Hope Vosburg, Anastasia Shaugnessy, and Beatrice Darling. April 16. Candy Sale. , April 17. Faster party. Methean and Philakean to decorate. April 25. Girls take oath and are sworn in. May 1. Spring Formal with Plulakeans as guests. May 9. Mother’s Party. May 15. Neophyte Party. June 10. House Party begins. MEMBERSHIP Faculty MISS ELLEN F. P. PEAKE Students KI TH AI.I.KN GLADYS AMCNDSEN 1.0 It It A INK BERGEN MILDRED BF.ARDMORE CATHERINE CAHILL MARGARET BUHR SADIE DII.LEY BETSY FI LLER GRACE FOSTER EVELYN FKISBIE MARGARET HAYES FRANCES HILTON MARIAN .FAMES ADELINE JONES HAZEL MAGNCSEN M A RGARET SCHC ETTE MARIAN STEWART GRACE THOMPSON KATHRYN TONER JANE RADFORD KATHERINE WELCH GRACE WII.TERDING 1 925 i'age .?-•QUIVER ALETHEAN Top Row: K. Frisbic. A. Jones, G. Amundsen, K. Allen. M. Reardmore. M. 11 ayes, II. Magnuten. G. Thompson. Second Row: It. Fuller. G. Foster, G. Willcrding, II. Golden. F. Hilton. I- llcrgcn. l. Schuctte. K Welch, K. Toner, M. Stewart. Itottom Row: S. Hillev. J. Radford. K. Heath, M. Ilurh, A. Jones. M. James. K. Toner. C. Cahill. E. Hollister. OFFICERS First Semester Katherine West Katherine W elch Margaret Haves Eleanor Bergen Sarah Jane Heath Katherine Welch President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Custodian Reporter to Advance Second Semester Margaret Be hr Katherine Welch Adeline Jones Frances Hilton Ruth Allen Katherine Welch President Vice President Secretary Treasurer C fstodian Reporter t Advance 1 925 Page i S3= Q U I V E R= BROWNING Organize ! 1897 The Browning Club is a literan society which was organized for the pur- jkisc of studying the works of Robert Browning. It is one of the oldest organizations in school. It has a limited membership of fifteen. The meetings are held the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. September 2d. First regular meeting. Ann Nelson gave the historical setting of "Ballaustian’s Adventure.” Catherine Burns told the story of the adventure. Kthelyn Jaeger read selections from the poem. And Kathryn I leffernen conducted parliamentary drill. October 7. Miss Peake and Eunice Smith led in the discussion of the first chapter of "The Ring and the Book.” Alma Link led in parliamentary drill. November 25. Three chapters of "The Ring and the Book" were discussed. "One-half Rome" by Catherine Burns. "The Other-half Rome" by Lorraine Eimermann, and "Tcrtium Quid" by Margarete Engle. December 9. The following three chapters of "The Ring and the Book" were discussed ; "Count Guido Kranceschini" by Catherine lleffron. "Guiscppc C’aponsacchi” by Kathryn HelVernen. "Pompilia" by Kthelyn Jaeger. January 13. The program consisted of a review of "The Ring and the Book" by Helen Faleskv. Bart 8 was discussed by Miss Peake. Alma Link conducted parliamentary drill. The club enjoyed the presence of Miss Mercier. January 27. The officers for the new semester were elected. The program consisted of the following: "Guido" by Alma Link. " The Ring and the Book bv Ann Nelson. Each member of the club read their favorite pas age from "The Ring and the Book." March 10. Miss Arnett, who is taking Miss Peake's place as faculty advisor attended the meeting. Two poems on art were discussed by Eunice Smith and Klizalieth Zorn. An im| ortant business session was held. March 31. Poems on music were discussed. "Abt Voglcr" by Freda Zuelke. "Parlevings with Charles Avidon” by Margarete Engle, and “A Toccata of Guluppi's bv Ethelvn jaeger. Lorraine Eimermann led in parliamentary drill. April 14. The study of jioems of religion was taken up. Kathryn 1 leffernen gave a talk on "Caliban on Setebos.’’ Catherine lleffron discussed "Cleon." and Ida Kdleson reported on "Karshish." Eunice Smith conducted parliamentary drill. April 28. "A Death in the Desert" was re|x rted oil by Kthelyn Jaeger. "Rabbi Ben Ezra" was discussed by Alma Link, and Ann Nelson re|»ortcd on "Saul." Dorothy Smith conducted parliamentary drill. May 12. The study of “Paracelsus." one of Browning’s longer poem- was lie-gun. Eunice Smith discussed the first part, and Marjorie Currie reported on the second part. May 2b. The last meeting of the semester was held at the home of Margarete Engle. The remaining parts of "Paracelsus" were discussed by Ida Edelson. Margarete Engle. Evelyn Attoe. and Dorothy Smith. Klizalieth Zorn led in parliamentary drill. After the program cards were played and light refreshments were served. 1925 I'age I.14= Q U I V E R= BROWNING Top Row: E. Smith, Ho (Iron, Eimcrnunn. Walker, Link. IlcfTcrncn. Second Row: Hoffman, Zorn, I . Smith, Xurhlkr. Edcl«on, Ja«rr, Nelson. OFFICERS Eunice Smith Jaeger Alma Link Catherine IIurns First Semester I resident Secretary and Treasurer Critic 11 ist orian Second Semester Link...................................President Elizabeth Zorn ... Secretary and Treasurer Kathryn Meffernen...............................Critic Margaretk Engle..............................Historian MEM liERSHIL Faculty Miss Ellen F. I'. I'eakk Students Evalyn Attoe Marjorie Currie I .orraine Eimermann Ida Edleson Margarcte Engle Kathryn Hcffernen Catherine Ueffron Fthelyn Jaeger Alma Link Ann Nelson Dorothy Smith Eunice Smith Jane Walker Elizabeth Zorn Freda Zuehlke 1 925 Pw tssQUIVER INDUSTRIAL ARTS The Industrial Arts Society has closed a year’s work uj on which they may well look with pride. The society took an interest in its work and held to a high standard in all things throughout the year. The members showed splendid teamwork and many thinks arc due the faculty for their willingness to co-operate and their aid in all matters. The annual Smoker was held at Mr. Karnes’ cottage and was largely attended. Everyone voted it a huge success in every way. The usual Officers Banquet at the Orange Lantern will long be remembered by all members. The oysters were plentiful and humor was everywhere in evidence. In mid-semester the constitution was found to l»e illegal and was redrafted for the approval of the society. At this time negotiations were formally opened to adopt a sister society, the Delta Phi and Industrial Arts, consummating an alliance which proved mutually beneficial. The basket-ball team gave an excellent account of themselves and finished with a high average, in the tournament, especially so because all teams played a stellar brand of ball. The team consisted of Lyons. Klatt. Christenson. Hack. Vondrachek. Sinnicht. and I letter with President l’awlicki as manager. MEMBERSHIP Faculty F. M. Karnes Students Glen Hauser Alfred I letter Adolph Klatt Chester Lindsey Louis Lyon Ernest Mcise Walter Merlet Cyril Parsons Emil Pawlicki Stanton Puehler Ward Russell George Semonicht Edwin Waterstreet Paul Wittkopf William Vondracheck Orland Baumgartner Harvey Beglinger George Berger Miles Brown Chris Christenson Ed Davis Caniillo David Edward Daugherty Harold De Long Vernon El wood Howard Emerson Arthur Flanagan (ieorge 11 aack Maynard I lack Vernon Halverson 1 925 I’ott . JINDUSTRIAL ARTS Top Row: Berger. Meisc, I'arsons, Ilcucr. Christensen. Lindsey. Second Row: Daugherty. Merlet, Vondracheck. I .yon. Semoniehl, Klatt. Third Row: I’uchlcr. Klwood. Emerson. Halverson, l c Long, Baumgartner. Fourth Row: Wittkopf. (.oldgruber, F. M. Karnes. I’awlicki. Brown. Hauser. OFFICERS First Semester Louis Lyons Leon Whalen Vernon Halverson Ed Davis Stanley Goldgruhek Glen Hauser Chester Lindsay Second Semester Emil I’awlicki - Maynard Hack - Stanley Goldgruber Glen Hauser.................... Miles Brown .... Paul Wittkolf .... President I ice President Secretary Treasurer Critic Cheer Leader Marshal President I'ice President Secretary Treasurer Critic Cheer LeaderQUIVER DELTA PHI September 13. Rushing party at the business Women’s Club. September 23. Pledge service at the Libbey House. ()ctober 6. Picnic at the Municipal Club I louse, i )ctober 9-12. Camping at Sunset Point. October 27. Stunt night for pledges. November 1. Theater party for pledges. November 3. “Ruff” initiation. November 14. Home-coming banquet at the Athcarn and formal initiation at the business Women’s Club. December 10. Inter-societv debates. January 7. Theater party given by the pledges. January 21. Election of second semester officers. February 4. S| ecial program. Talk by Miss Bradbury. February 17. Normal School Vodvil. February 20. Rushing party at the business Women’s Club. March 17. School Carnival. March 19. Joint meeting with Industrial Arts at the home of Mr. Karnes. March 23. Pledge service: special program including a talk on Florence and Monte Carlo by Mrs. Comstock, and a piano solo by Yvonne Faber. April 2. Party given by the faculty members. April 20. Formal initiation and banquet at the thearn. May 25. Spring picnic. June 11-18. Spring Camping Trip to Sunset Point. MEMBERSHIP Faculty Miss Mary Wii.i.cockson .... -Advisor Miss Mai.vixa Clausen - - - Chaperon Miss Bradiury - - - - Chaj eron Miss Mabel Blake.............................- Cha| eron Students Eunice Ansorge Evelyn Ansorge Lorraine Beulin Mildred Bohn Mildred Homier Irene Doyle Margarcte Engle Lucinda Erdman Mary Ixniise Fitton Sylvia Griffith Elizal eth I lawkinson Tesse Molzer Kathryne Keefe Eunice Kernin Edna Knowles Vivien Luther Gladys Maas Arleen Mogan Irene Puth Arlene Reynolds Agnes Schmcichel Ruth Schultz Wilma Southard Florence Thiele Jane Walker 1 925 I'ant ijSDELTA PHI Top Row: I'itton, Holm Schnteichel, Luther, Knlman, RenoM . Kv. Ansofge. Scowd Row: Kcrnin, Maas E. Ansorge, Walker. Mogul. Engle. Keefe, l hirtl K"«: Schultz. Souihard, Thiele, •nt’Kili. I’lith, Doyle, Knowles. OFFICERS first Semester Sylvia Griffith .... Gladys Maas ..... Eunice Kern in .... Eunice Ansoroe .... Edna Knowles .... Florence Tiiiele .... Katiiryne Kef.fe - Second Semester Irene Ruth ..................... Katiiryne Keefe .... Mildred Bohn .... Arleen Moo an .... Sylvia Griffith .... Jane Walker - - - - - Florence Thiele - President I 'ice President Secretary Treasurer Critic Historian Marshal President I ice President Secretary Treasurer Critic Historian MarshalQUIVER GAMMA SIGMA The year 1924-1925 lias held much for Gamma Sigma. The weekly Saturday night meetings have afforded the members much of value and entertainment. The group has entered into every inter-societv event. September 27. Gamma Sigma starts its rushing with a breakfast at the Kandelglo. October 14. A delightful hike and pledging of new members around the camp fire. December 11. Gamma Sigma defeats Val Ferrari in debate but is beaten by the V. M. C. A. February 10. The Inter-Society Vodvil. “Listening In” is staged by Gamma Sigma. Lmma Anderson is expert announcer. Ida Fdelson stars on stage. February 28. Gamma Sigma entertains at a luncheon at Stein's. March 17. The Normal Carnival. Gamma Sigma has cabaret in the large gym and comes out first among societies in making money for the Quiver. Alma Link is crowned Queen of the Carnival. MEMBERSHIP Sara 1.. Boom Alice B. Callahan Emma Anderson Beatrice Bluemke Margaret Corry Gertrude DeYoung Marion DeYoung Inez Drake Ida Edelson I oraine Eimcrmann Claire Fitzgerald Agatha Goggins Ester Gorwitz Xaoim Grosse Catherine Heffron Ethelyn Jaeger Thelma Kaeding Helen Kelsh ♦Not active members. Faculty Gaynell Xeflf Lila M. Rose Students Winifred Kilroe lone Koeser Ruth I .a May Bernice LeFcvrc Alma Link Margaret Miller Catherine O'Connell Vivian Penney Huldah Redmond Genevieve Reilly Margaret Rowlands Vivian Shaw Alexa Steinhorst Katheryn Tice lone Van Derel Freda Zuchlke 1925 Page 140GAMMA SIGMA Top How: lieffernen, O'Connell, Zuchlkc, Ilcffron. Blucmkc, Anderson. Kilroe, Van Herd. Second Row: KaedinK. Miller, Reilly, Shaw, Link, Jacjjer. Drake. Third How: Stcinhorst. Corry, K lei son, Fitr.Kcrald, GroMc. I.a May, Howlands. OFFICERS First Semester Catherine O'Connell Emma Anderson Margaret Miller Ethelyn Jaeger ... Alma Link - Margaret Corry ... President Viec President See ret ary Treasurer Critic Custodian Second Semester Ethelyn Jaeger ... Ai.exa Steinhorst ... - Alma Link - - Emma Anderson .... Winifred Kilroe Kathryn Heffernen President I ice President Secretary Treasurer Critic CustodianQUIVER «r- LAMBDA CHI Early in the fall, lambda Chi entertained fifteen girls at sup|)er at Wood’s Tea Room. A short reception was held after the supper. At Homecoming, our group entertained six alumni at a banquet at the Coffee Cup. After the banquet nearly all of the girls attended the Homecoming Dance. I.nmlxla Chi entered two teams in the society delates. Our negative team lost, but our affirmative team was tied with Lyceum. Around Thanksgiving the new meml»ers entertained at a bridge party at the home of Dr. G. Stratton. A delicious buffet lunch was served. ( ur annual Christmas jxarty was held in the kindergarten. The room was decorated with holly and greens. A Christmas tree with funny presents furnished much amusement. The singing of Christmas carols ended an enjoyable evening. On Valentine’s Day another jxirty was given. A large valentine box. delicious refreshments and dancing were features of the evening. Six girls were entertained at a bridge and dancing jarty at the home of Miss Alice Williams on February 21. Xovel decorative effects were used at the late dinner which ended the delightful evening. Plans for the future include an Easter party, a theatre party, a breakfast hike and a candy pull. Here’s to the future and may it be full of joy. MEMBERSHIP Faculty Ruth Willcockson Students Beatrice Cayo Stella Dohr Bernice Meyer Ethel Nellis Katherene Kafcr Marie Kafcr Katherine Kennedy Elizabeth Herb Agnes Johnson Ruth Ilartig Marion Newton : )ttilic Ochler Ruth Peterson Alice Reed Ruth Lastofka Georgina I.ant Clarinda Main Dorothy Smith Eunice Smith Rose Thorson Alice Williams Della W illiams 1 925QUIVER LAMBDA CHI First Row: Cayo, 1 . Smith. M. Kafcr, William . I.aut. Second Row: Newton. Main. LastnfVa. Ochlcr. Kennedy, K. Kafcr. Third Row: Johnson. Thornon. Feterson. Herh. K. Smith. OFFICERS First Semester Eunice Smith Leone ( VKeef 1-0 KEN i.UECKF. (jEORGINA L.u t Ueatricf. Cavo Second Semester Rutii Peterson EuzAr.ETH Herb Agnes Johnson Rose Thorson Alice Williams President I ice President Secretory Treasurer Reporter President I ice President Secretary Treasurer Reporter 1 925 QUIVER PERICLEAX Periclean had an unusually successful year in all branches of social and school activities, taking a leading position among the societies in all events in which it entered. November. Initiation of new members. Neophytes explore south brick yards. December 10. Inter Society Debates. Our affirmative team defeated Lambda Chi and our negative won from Lyceum affirmative. January 9. Finals. Periclean conquered the I’hilakean team in dual debate. Won right to enter finals. January 13. Finals. Our negative defeated the Phoenix affirmative at assembly, but our affirmative lost to Phoenix negative in the evening, giving us second place. Party with Gamma Sigma. February. Vodvil. Periclean staged the modern version of “The Courtship of Miles Standish. ' We won third place and honorable mention. March 11. Banquet in honor of incoming members at Orange Lantern. March 17. Carnival. Periclean contributed its share to the support of the Quiver by putting on several acts one of which, the Athletic Exhibition, was considered one of the outstanding features of the carnival. March. Periclean entered team in Inter-Society basket-l«ill tournament. April. Adoption of New Constitution. Party with Gamma Sigma. Mav. Inter-Society Track Meet. Our record is proof of our success. MEMBERSHIP Erwin A. Anderson Joseph L. Atwell Hobart I). Bowker Merwvn S. Clough George W. Cooper Everett II. Del ware Kenneth M. Exworthy Jerome E. Flynn Anthony E. Gilsdorf Edwin J. Goodrich Wells Harrington Roland Kussow Walter M. Kyes Benjamin Lehnigk Floyd L. Litzcn Arthur Lloyd Edwin G. Nichols Carleton F. Nottleman Claire Sawyer Arvid I. Salonen I.onus W. Stehle Aloysius Zambrowicz 1 925 fate wQUIVER PERICLEAN Top kow: Kumow, Albert, Exworthy. Anderson. Sawyer, Nichols. Oclwarc. Second Kow: Yehlc. II. Bowker. Flynn. Cooper, I’ribnow. Ixhnick. Harrington. Salonen. Third Row: Cilsdorf. I.iucn. Xouleman. Foster, Atwell. Hall. Kyes. Stehle. OFFICERS First Semester Everett Dei.ware....................................President Jerome Flynn...................................Vice President Anthony Gii.sdorf - - -Secretary and Treasurer Walter Kyes Gordon Albert istorian Marshal Second Semester Wells Harrington ... Everett Dei.ware Anthony Gilshorf .... Edwin Nichols Walter Kyes Gordon Albert .... President 1 ice President Treasurer Secretary Historian Marshal 1925 Page 145QUIVER VAL FERRARI Organised 1924 CALENDAR September 25. Bunco I‘arty at the )range Lantern. October 2. Initiation Party at Normal. December 10-11. Society teams debated in triangle with (iamma Sigma and Y. M. C. A. February 12. Theater Party at Orphcum. The Neophytes entertained the old members. February 17. Vodvil. The Society Art "Pieces of Old China” won first place: A Japanese plate -Miriam Ziegler and Margaret Connolly. An Old English Wedgwood Vase—Sylvia (Jutlm, Constance Shipman and Mildred Snell. • Dresden Mantle Set -Florence Smith and Mary Davis. Saucer from Cojienhagen—Irene Evenson and Alma Evans. March 5. Theater Party at the Rex—The Society entertained several guests. March 17. Carnival—The society conducted a fish pond and raffled off a souvenir silk quilt. March 24. Pledge ceremony at which three new members were pledged: Jane Jones, Marian Kentz and Rose llenneti. April 1. April Fools Party. April 7. Initiation Party. May 30. Week-end camping trip. MEMBERSHIP Faculty Veda H. Bolt Jeanne Mercier Irene E. Arnett Margaret Connolly Mary Davis Irene Evenson Alma Evans Sylvia Guthu Rose Hcnnen Myrtle Hansen Jane Jones Marion Kintz Students Constance Shipman I.uella Schrain Florence Smith Mildred Snell Dorothy I’mbreit Agnita Veitch Irene Wells Miriam Ziegler 1 925 I’agfQUIVER VAL FERRARI First Raw: Snell, Vietch. Wells, F. Smith. Second Row: Schnin, Ziegler, Davis. Evans. (iuthu. Third Row: Connolly, Shipman. Ilansen, Urabreit, Evcnscn. OFFICERS Myrtle Hansen Dorothy Umbreit Constance Shipman Irene Evenson Alma Evans Mary Davis MISS BOLT President I 'ice President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Custodian MISS ARNETT 1 92 5 — = fig nrQUIVER V. YV. C. A. On September 17 tile Y. Y. C. A. girls gave a reception in the Libby House to welcome back the old girls as well as to greet the new ones. On Octolier 1 the Y. M. C. A. members joined with the Y. Y. girls in giving a picnic at the Municipal Club House. A Christmas party, sponsored by the two organizations was held in the I.ibby House December 17. On December 18 a delightful Christmas program arranged by the two organizations was presented in the auditorium. Miss Madge Sills. National Student Secretary of the Y. YY. C. A. was our guest from February 24 to 27. An blaster program, arranged by the two organizations was presented 1h--fore the student body on April 9. Faculty Advisers Miss Webster Miss Clausen Miss Wickershani Miss Litton Evelyn Adams Marie Adams Emma Anderson Evelyn At toe Anah I laker Lina Ilallwanz Segrid Earlier Adelheid Bartelt Cecil llarthleson Ethelyn llartleson Mildred llaumgartener Ix raine Her gen Heat rice Hluenike Mildred Hohn Julia Hums Florence Cardiff Shirley I k-cker Lorena DeLano Inez Drake Esther Eglehoff Irene Evenson Ethel Frihart Florence Friliart Inga Gilson Muriel Glandt Irma Class Velma (kxldard Sylvia Griffith Sylvia Guthu Frieda I lammann Ruth Hartig Florence Hcckert Elgena I lenke Y'iola I loemke Irma Hoffmann Ruth Holling Students Ruth Hough l.uella Howard Ethelyn Jaeger Flora Jahn Agnes Johnson Grace Johnson Lydia Johnson Elizalieth Jones Thelma Kacding Anna Kafer Katharene Kafer Marie Kafer Cecilia Kasper Norma Kasper Clara Kieck Evelyn Kissinger Edna Knowles Marcella Koenigs Maliel Koiler Mildred Kolpin Hertha Krause I Jessie I .animenau Ruth Lastofka Georgina I iut Marie Lloyd Loren Lueckc Clarinda Main Genevieve Martin Margaret Miller Hern ice Miller Dorthy Minchler Ottilile Oehler Florence Oleson I -theI ()lson Corine rlebeke Evelync )tto Ruth Peterson Merle Pickett I lelen Richey Mildred Koch! Clara Rupno Aurelia Rusch Isabella Rusch Ella Sargent Lillian Schocssow Lena Schroder Maliuda Schultz Y’ivian Shaw Dorothy Smith Eunice Smith Irene Steiner Alcxa Stcinhorst I lelen Stoleson Evelyn Tanner Ymanda Thiele Maliel Thompson Elizalieth Treleven Rose Thorson Dorothy I’mbreit Ilarrictte Y’ogt Phyllis YVagner Irma Walker Dorothy W eidemanu Dorothy Whitney Myrtle W’oeff Lucile Wussow Claire Young Esther .aim Miriam Xeigler Elizalieth orn 1 925 I’agc 148QUIVER V. W. C. A. Top Row: Drake, Miller, Roller, K. Smith, l-astofka. Jahn, Jaeger, Gilson, Trcleven, (' A. Rusch. Second Row: (Cartier, Hoffmann, Henke. Schocssow, Pickett. Orlcbeke. Third Row: Kafcr, Tanner. Martin, Vogt. Steinhorst. Schneider. K. Frihart. ICartleson, K. Frihart. liar- tig, Richey. Fourth Row: Koenig . Johnson. Adams. Wcidemann. Kieck. Kolpin. Guthu, Roehl, Thoni|»son, C. Kasper, X. Kasper. Ethelyn Jaeger Amanda Thiele Marie Kafer I.ORF.N LUECKE Margerkt Miller OFFICERS First Semester President Vice President .......................Secretary ......................... Treasurer I ndergraduate Representative Second Semester Katharene Kafer Dorothy Smith Evelyn Tanner Ruth Hartig Genevieve Martin President Vice President Secretary Treasurer I ndergraduate Representative 1925 QUIVER Y. M. C. A. On October 1 the V. M. C. A. and the V. V. C. A. ha l a joint party at the Municipal Club House. On December 10th the Inter-Society Delates took place. A joint Christinas party with the V. W. C. A. was given in the Libby House on December 17. A Christinas program sponsored by the two societies was given in the Assemble on Decemlxrr 18. Another Christinas program was presented at Buttc-des-Morts the same evening. On February 10 a program sponsored by the V. M. C. A. was given at the Welch Church. February 17. Vodvil—A Scene in a Monastery. March 17. Carnival—The Wonders of Science. nother program was presented at the Boyd School on Februan 21. On April .5 two programs were given, one at Allensville and one at Nikimi. April 9. Y. M. C. A. gave an interesting Easter program in the Auditorium. MEMBERSHIP faculty President Brown Mr. Fletcher Mr. Clemans Mr. Walsch Mr. Polk Mr. I Iewitt Students William Ahvin Alvin Indermuehle Gordon Albert Walter Kycs Erwin Anderson H. Webster Krueger Carl Bertram Roland Kussow Donald Bowker Will Richards Hobart Bowker Clair Sawyer Neil Butler Earl Smith Charles Cook Myron Stevenson Everett Delware Ix nus Stehle Orval Davies Frank Taylor Kenneth Exworthy Phil Them John Goodrich George Hall Siegfried Wctig Victor A. Wegner 1 larold 1 lelms Wells I Barrington Milton Zentncr rage iso 1 925QUIVER V. M. C. A. lo| Raw: Ku«ow. Yehle. Harrington, Krueger, Wens. Second Row: li. Itowker, Anderson. Wegner, Butler, Dclware, It. Rogers. Third Row: Taylor. Zentner. Helms. AI win. Them, Indernmchle, Sawyer. Fourth Row: (siixlrkb, Footer, llall. Cook, Stchle. Bertram. Albert. OFFICERS First Semester Charles Cook -Everett Del ware - Earl Smith.................... Milton Zentner - President I 'ice I resident Secretary Treasurer Second Si wester Charles Cook Siegfried Weng Victor A. Wegner Webster Krueger Xeil Butler President I 'ice President Secretary Treasurer Corresponding Secretary tfi 1925 Page iyQUIVER MARQUETTE The Marquette Club has cxj erienccd another thoroughly successful year. Following is an account of the activities of the society. One of tlie most successful parties of the year was the party for Catholic students that was given by Marquette in October. The gym was well filled and everyone had a good time. Marquette entered a debate team and although the team worked hard the boys were eliminated. Because of the fact that many of the numbers belong to other societies, Marquette was not represented in the vodvil. We did have an act in the carnival, however, that was said to Ik one of the best. The society was fortunate in having Miss Alice Adams as critic this year. MEMBERSHIP Faculty Miss Adams Alice Breitenbach Otto Burich Margaret Buhr Harold Brenan Catherine Cahill Maurice Cahill Margaret Corry Margaret Connolly I lelen Crain Hilda Cavanaugh I.lovd Dobyns Louise Dorschel Gertrude DeYoung Marian DeYoung Lorena Delano Adelia DeGrcef Marie Doran Alice Dwyer Grace Englebert Claire Fitzgerald Agnes Foley Jerome Flynn John Fabrycki Grace Foster Anthony Gilsdorf Rosalia Gindt Students Agatha Goggins Xaomi Grosse Walter Gcrdes Catherine I leflfeman Elizabeth I lawkinson Margaret Hayes Ethel Hollister Agnes 1 lart William Hotchkiss Lillian Hume I larold 1 lawkins Clifford Hutchinson Catherine Heflfron Agnes Jolin Catherine Keena Frances Keenan Helen Kelsh Tom Kennedy Elizal cth Kezcrtee Winnifred Kilroe James Klauck Marcella Koenigs Verna Linmeyer Alma Link John Muraski Anne Mttllarkey Evelyn Murphy Dorothy Mazurck Blanche Meyer Agnes McCormick Donna Nelson Alvin O’Konski Catherine (VConnell Eleanor Ih’crce John Paska Lucile Pcrrenlioom Leone )’Keefe Vivian Ryan Genevieve Reilly Anton Staral Theresa Sawicki Nell Smithwick I larold Sheridan Rose Schlafer Anastastia Shaugnessev Josephine Sexton Orpha Seigworth Catherine Toner Grace Thompson Pearl Van Susteran Thomas Williams Georgiana Zip|»erer font ISJ 1925QUIVER MARQUETTE Top Row: Ciludorf. Foster, Hart. lleffrrnon, l-cahy. Second Row: Jolin. Zippercr. Brennan. Meyer, l’a»ka. Sawieki. Nelson. Third Row: l’ciree, Dwyer. Hutchinson. Foley, Staeral. Keatcrtec, Ruhr. Fourth Row: Crane, Scigworth. DeYoung. Ilawkinson. Flynn. Delano. Hindi. l orschel. lK wlitig. OFFICERS First Semester Maurice Cahill ----- Jerome Flynn - Margaret Hayes Tom Kennedy Clifford Hutchinson - - - President 1 'iee President Secretary Treasurer Marshal Second Semester Jerome Flynn Alma Link Clifford Hutchinson - John Paska Lloyd Dobyns I’resident I 'ice President Secretary Secretary Marshal 1 925 Patf IfjQUIVER L. N. S. The Lutheran Normal Society was organized in December 1924. at which time a temporary president and secretary were elected. The purpose oi the society is to further acquaintance among the Lutheran Normalites through social and educational meetings. Due to the splendid guidance of the advisors, the Reverend Lenders and Kleinhans, the members feel that the aim of the society has Ik-ch realized. MEMBERS WILLIAM ALWIX EDWARD AXBELBECK ESTHER ANDERSON CARL BOERXER Cl I ARLES COOK EVERET T DELWARE ETHEL DOROW IRENE EVEXSOX META FROELICK OLIVE GERTZ ERXA GOSSE SYLVIA Gl'THi; RAI L HARTIXG HAROLD HELMS ELGEXA HENKE DORIS 111 DDE IRMA HOEFMAX FLORENCE HAGER ALVIN IXDEKMCEIILE EMMA JACKSON HELEN IAI INS HILDA IINDRA ERXAJOOSE CECILIA KASPER NORMA KASPER EUNICE KERNIN CLARA KIECK ADOLPH KLATT GLADYS KLENTZ RUTH KROYER MYRTLE LANGE MARGARET LIN DM AN IDA LUTH GLADYS MAAS FLORENCE MATTSON MILDRED MENZEL MARGARET MILLER OTTILIE OEHLER FLORENCE OLSON WALTER PRIBNOW FREDA ROSENAUR CLARA RLTNO AURELIA RUSCII ISABELLA RUSCII GERTRUDE SASMAN OLIVE SCHWEFEL MALINDA SCHULTZ TOLA SCHULTZ EVELYN SKIES VIVIAN SHAW IRENE SMAELENBERG MILDRED SNELL MYRON STEVENSON EDDA STOI.ESOX HELEN STOI.ESOX STELLA WALTERS VICTOR WEGNER DOR )THY WEIDEMAN ESTHER ZAUN FREDA ZUEIILKE 1925 I’age IS44 QUIVER N. S. Top Row: Klatt, Hartwig. Angclbeck. Alwin. Stevenson. Delwarc, I'ribnow, Helm . Second Row: Shaw, M. Schultz. X. Kasper. Hertz. Snsman. Jackson, Klcntz, Froeblieh. Miller. Stolcson. Third Row: Joom, Kern in, Anderson, Maltaon, Kasper, Henke, Kieck, I. Rusch, Hoffman, l.ange. Fourth Row: Snell. Mcnzcl. I.indman. Sntallcnburg. A. Ruscli. Wegner, Mas . Indcrnutchle. Hogar,Ocblcr. OFFICERS First Semester Victor A. Wegner.............................President Vivian Shaw..................................Secretary Second Semester Victor A. Wegner..................................President Hilda Jixdra.................................Vice President Gladys Maas.......................................Secretary Alvin Indermueiile................................Treasurer 1925 Page ifSQUIVER Radio Club September 23. Mr. Fletcher gave a talk outlining our program tor the coming year. October 7. Through the courtesy of the W ilson Music Company, the Radio Club gave a concert to the school at large. October 21. Mr. Marchenkuski. a former member of the Radio Club, gave a very instructive talk on the "History of Radio.” November 5. Mr. Shambcau. a pioneer radio fan of Oshkosh, gave a very comprehensive talk on "The Principles of Radio.” November IX. The Club enjoyed a delightful evening at the Libbev house making a good many kinds of candy. Yum! Yum! December 9. Mr. Clemens, one of the Radio Club's Faculty advisors, gave an interesting talk on “The Future of Radio.” January 13. Mr. Mitchell talked to us on the “Entertainments of the Radio in the Home.” January 27. Politics in the Air! Election of officers for the second semester. February 10. Short meeting—then, away to the lake where we did some fancy skating. March 17. Radio Club sells ice cream sandwiches at the Normal Carnival on St. Patrick’s Day to the tune of a radio. Sandwich Islands broadcasting. MEMBERSHIP Mr. Fletcher Faculty Mr. Clemens Ellen Aenis Students Webster Krueger Orland Baumgartner I larold Men sing Clyde Case Ernest Meise Francis Colien Yennie Mercier Vernon El wood Eugene Peters John Gillmour Arvid Salonen Anthony Gilsdorf Elta Sargent Ruth Hough Lcnus Stehle Lillian Hume Irene Steiner Alvin Indermuehle Clifford White 1925 I’ogf iy RADIO CLUB Top Row: Stchle. Caw, Atwell. Second Row : Footer. Mrtse, Steveuwn. GiUdorf, Salonen. Third Row: Gilmour, Ztnin, Peter . Sarjjcnt. Baumgartner, llouc'n. OFFICERS Webster Krueger Eugene Peters Theodore Mf.nsing ALBERT ScilLEUXBS Lillian Hume President I ice President - Secretary - Treasurer Corresponding Secretary T'irst Semester Eugene Peters W’f.bster Krueger Irene Steiner Miss Hume Arvid Salonen Second Semester President I ice President Secretary - Treasurer C 'orrespondimj SecretaryQUIVER INTER-SOCIETY COUNGII Cook. Krncgrr. Helm , Bertram, llantcn, O’Connell, Jaeger. (iriftitli, Mansur. Smith. OFFICERS Carl Bertram.....................................President Catherine O'Connell .... Vice I resident Harold Helms .... Secretary and Treasurer The Inter-Society Council was formed in the fall of 1924 with the following as its purpose: to promote school loyalty, to control inter-societv relations, to settle mutual problems of the societies and organizations and to encourage worthwhile social activities and leisure occupation . Any socict) or organization recognized by the Faculty Committee on Student Societies and ()rganizations may become a member by a majority vote of the societies and organizations within the council, providing said society or organization has been in active existence for a period of one year from the date of its organization. This organization is governed by the representative from each society and organization. The memlicrs of the Inter-Socictv Council are: MEMBERSHIP Carl Bertram Miriam Mansur Harold Helms Margaret 1 laves Eunice Smith Sylvia Griffith Catherine VConnell Ruth Peterson Wells 1 larrington Myrtle Hanson Maurice Cahill Charles Cook Katherine Kafer Ethclyn Jaeger Webster Krueger Lyceum Phoenix Pliilakcan Alcthcan Hrowning Delta Phi Gamma Sigma Lambda Chi P eric I can Van Ferrari - Marquette Y. M. C. A. Y. IV. C. A. - G. A. A. Radio Club 1925 ’ » • I}SQUIVER OUR CALENDAR SEPTEMBER: 8-9 Registration days: old acquaintances renewed and the beginning of new friendships. 10 Classes liegin. Bewildered Freshmen with programs in hand seek to lind Room 106 or Barracks C 11 Fifty men turn out for football—all ambitious to star. 12 .First party—the "Mixer." We get acquainted with our amiable freshmen. 16 Scramble to assembly. "(let out. that's my place.” Miss l.utie Stearns, member of the Board of Regents, addresses assembly. IS Miss Webster is run over by an automobile. Her tir t absence from school is 49 years. 20 Val Ferrari makes its debut. 25 Mr. Mastic, charter Lyceum manlier, addresses society. 26 1‘res. Brown talks in assembly of the $350,000 building we arc to get. 28 A It bean reception in Gym. OCTOBER: , 1 Faculty have big party in Room 2. Boy. the way dent faculty do make coffee. It sure do smell good out in dc hall. 4 (). N. S. trims Marquette Normal in football, 5 President Brown is seen driving bis new car. "The only car there is." 6 Industrial Stag party at Sunset Point—to watch the sun-set?—Buns, Wieners, Oysters—gulp-gulp. 7 Delta Phi picnic at Club-house. 8 Pres. Brown and the Regents make up a new budget. 9-10 Northwestern Association meeting. Normalities get first real vacation. 11 O. X. S. wins from Northland College 48 to 0. 14 N. P. Nelson arrives in the capacity of Science Teacher—now get to work. Gamma Sigma goes on a hike and pledges neophytes around the camp-fire. 18 Oshkosh defeats La Crosse 19 to 0. Big dance in the Gym to celebrate. 25 Oshkosh trims Plattcvillc 31 to 0. _ .... 30 La Foliate vs. Coolidgc debates waging hot in the corridors. A diversity ot pins apjiear on coat lapels. 31 Entertainment—DcseUcm-Folsom artist course. NOVEMBER: 1 Kalamazoo defeats Oshkosh in football 23 to 7—ooooooooh. 2 Lyceum celebrates annual banquet at the Orange Lantern. 0-8 V. T. A. at Milwaukee—We get another how short. vacation, but oh. Milwaukee defeats Oshkosh 6 to 0. Our team is almost with the angels—they even get buried. Homecoming—We defeat Stevens Point. Phoenix, Gamma Sigma, Philakean all celebrate by dining at the Athearn. L'tmdi Chi entertain alumni at Coffee Cup. Mr. Hancock is ill in the hospital. Whitewater defeats Oshkosh. 26-31 Thanksgiving vacation. We all go home. 15 16 22. 1 925 ’ !£ • IffJQUIVER WINTER DECEMBER: 1 Princess Chiuquilla talks to us of the Indians. 10 Inter-society debates ln-Kin. 18 The Y. W. and Y. M. give excellent assembly program Party at l.ibbey House. Delta Phi gives a Christmas party for the poor chihlren. Phoenix gives Christinas program at Sunny view. 19 Otristmns vacation begins—-and the real Christmas spirit prevails. JANUARY: 7 Inter-society council formed. 8 Phoenix wins Dempsey debate cup. Pcridean—runners-up. 9 Defeat St. Xorbcrt’s College—prospects for champ team. 13 Miss Arnett's class presents a play in assembly. 15 L. X. S. society have a party at Menominee Park. That's the night the toboggans worked hard. 20 Maud Scherer reads "The Swan.” 22 Faculty party at Congregational Church. Is room 2 getting too small? 25 Eclipse of sun. "That's nothing. Other sons don’t always shine either." 30 Oshkosh defeats Stevens Point 49 to 17. Registration for the new semester. Ah! three days with no assignments. 31 Election of officers in the societies. The air is full of politics. FEBRUARY: 1 Y. V. and Y. M. program at the Boyd School. Someone asks if Paul Wright is a member of the O. X S. faculty. 2 Sun-hop. Ground hog sees his shadow. Six more weeks of winter. 5 Mrs. Harrison speaks in the Auditorium. 10 Oshkosh girls win debate triangle with Milton and Carroll colleges. Decree: Xo loitering in the halls goes into effect—m'.rl year 12 The quartette sings at Kenosha. School on Lincoln’s birthday to make un for vacation. Orange Lantern Pin Smashers defeat Faculty Bowlers. ' 15 Even school on Sunday—practicing in the auditorium for the Vodvil. 17 Grand event at last. Val Far-rari wins first place in Vodvil. 19 Our Fakiltv gets licked by "Them Fondy Fakilties." 20 Oshkosh defeats Stevens Point in basket-ball. 23 Milwaukee “five" meets defeat at the hands of Oshkosh's braves. 24 Masquerading in the Gym. "Sure an’ we'd nuvvcr have knowed some uv thini." 27 Phoenix gives their Vodvil stunt at the High School “Index" dance. •j 28 Gamma Sigma entertains at a luncheon at Stein's. 14 Phoenix dinner-dance at the Athearn hotel. l‘agc ifo 1925QUIVER SPRING MARCH: 3 In nn address to the assembly. Dr. Andrews tells of the chained conditions in 10tirope ns he saw them in the years 1914-1924. 5 The victors in basket-ball return with their glory and we meet them at the station. 6 This liegins the season when cameras arc popular—pictures for the Quiver. 16. The High School girls' team finish the season with a grand flourish as victors in the basketball tourney. 17 The “First Annual Carnival of Oshkosh Normal” holds center stage for an afternoon and a night. From the •’Chamber of Horrors" to the dancing it was great. 18-19 Hand and delegates leave for Superior for the Extempore and Oratorical contest. 20 "Al" O’Konski wins tir t in Extempore and “Sic " W'eng second in Oratory at the state contest. 21 Phoenix and Lyceum hold a joint meeting with a party afterward. 26 Lyceum and Philakcan compete for championship in inter-society basket-ball. Philakeans win. 27 O. N. S. teams debate with River Falls and Platteville and carry off the state championship. Oshkosh debaters entertain the Platteville team at the Libbey House. APRIL: ... 1 The day when we can get away with almost anything. How many times did you get stung? 7 Musical assembly. The Band and Girls' Glee Club entertain. 9 Faster program in assembly by the V. M. C. A. and V. M. C. A. School out at 3:20 for a brief Easter vacation. 14 .Everyone back on the job—except those having excuses. 15 The "Chemistry'' boys leave for the mines. 15 O. X. S. debaters suffer defeat at Kalamazoo. 17 O. N. S. teams debate against Illinois and Michigan Normals. 18 “Victory" party in the gym. Oh. how it did rain outside! MAY: 1 Alcthean-Philakean Spring Formal. 2 The last baseball game of the season played at Whitewater, meets Saint Norl erts in baseball. 9 O. X. S. meets (.awrence college on the track and Whitewater on the diamond. 16 Still the grand clashes. Again we sec St. Xorberts in baseball. 22 Milwaukee and baseball. 23 Track meet—Stevens Point vs. Oshkosh. 29 The last social event for the Seniors—the Senior Prom. 30 The climax in track meets— the State Meet. JUNE: 2 The last baseball game of the season played at Whitewater. 3 Phi Beta Sigma Convocation Day. 4 Class Day exercises. 7 The Baccalaureate address. 10 Commencement. 11 “Au re voir!” Vacation days arc here! 1 925 Page i6r QUIVER 1925 I'agt l6s »•«QUIVER Class Poem This day has risen—our class day. How soon it did arrive! How fast the hour and days have sped. For the class of ’25. The days spent here were happy ones. And many the friends wove made. Thii with a sigh and smile we go Glad for the time we’ve stayed. We leave the best school in the land To tight our way in life. And use the knowledge that we’ve gained As weapons in the strife. This class day brings a thought to me, A thought of work ahead. A thought of things that must be done Young minds that must be led. In this, the day when lawlessness Is ever on the gain. It is for us to show the child That law supreme must reign. The ncwsshcets print the worst in life. The headlines boast of crime, The slayer and the robber scent The heroes of the time. • The child thus reads of unchecked youth. He wants to be the same. And if we do not guide his step His life will end in shame. Our guidance, too, is needed when In search for sensual joy, A step too far, a comrade had. May ruin girl or boy. Ours is the chance to help the child. A task to which we rise To teach the child to conquer vice And ignorance despise. We go. this class of '25 To prove our metal true. And keep for O.N.S. the name Which surely is its due. — lima Link. : 1 92 5 = Page 16}QUIVER Quiver Board Eunice L. Smith.............................Editor-in-Chief Harold H. Helms...............................Associate Editor Carl G. Bertram - - - Business Manager Franc is E. Colien - - - Associate Business Manager QUIVER (1 ) Classes Charles R. Cook V ictor A. Wegner Gladys Amundsen Margaret Sclmette Donald T. Bowker Erwin Grosskopt Ellen Aenis (Eunice Ansorgc) Dramatics Freda Zuehlke (2) Business I larold Sheridan Catherine () Connell Paul W right Typists Naomi Grosse lone Van Dcrel Forensics Alma Link Dorothy M. Smith (3) Art Otto Burich Siegfried Wcng Alice Worthing Blanche Meyer STAFF Calendar Elizabeth Zorn M. Webster Krueger Earl Smith M usic Agnes Foley (4) Athletics Lloyd Hotchkiss Walter K.yes Merle Pickett Organisations Jerome Flynn Miriam Mansur Training I)efart incut Margarete Engle Agnes John (5) Snap Shots Grace Wilterding Frank Taylor Winifred Kilroe Faculty Katherine Rater Marie Kafer Humor Katherine Kennedy Arlecn M.ogan Segrid Barber 1925 Fagc j i= Q U I V E R = QUIVER STAFF 1 925 Pagt 163= QUIVER I HE ADVANCE Charles R. Cook Ei.izabkth E. Corn How in Zeniskk Milks Brown Walter H. Flktciikr Edit or-in-Chicf dissociate Editor Business Manager .Associate Husiucss Manager Faculty .hlriser CLASS IN SCHOOL AND EDUCATIONAL NEWS AND NEWS WRITING OPERATING THE ADVANCE Scgrid Burlier Ethclyn Jaeger Amanda Thiele Charles U. Cook Katherine Kafcr Mpheus Triggs Orval Davies Marie Kafcr Jane Walker Margaretc Engle Ruth Krover Katherine Welsh Alma Evans Lucille lx‘vy Alice Williams Elba Ginke Alma Link Harvey Zaun Hazel Ginke Catherine O'Connell Eli altcth Zorn Elizalieth Hawkinson Albert Sclilcuncs Reportorial Erna Gosse Adeline Jones Gwendolyn Recce V’ernon Halverson Catherine Keena Victor A. Wegner Floy Hinder man Katherine Kennedy Freda Zuchlkc Business Staff Walter Bunirock Clarinda Main Irene Steiner Harold Forster Walter Merlct Gertrude Sterken Anthony GiKdorf Isabella Ruseli Royden Wiler Mailing Department George Alger Vernon Elwood Alvin Indermuehle Erwin Anderson, captain Kenneth Exworthy Walter Kves mailing team Rufus Foster Lams Stehle, capta Erwin R irk hoi u Jerome Flynn ing team David Clayton George Hall Burton Williams. Everett Del ware Katherine llcffernon addressograph te; Typists Cracc Englebert Dorothy Mazurek Paul Yehle Naomi Grossc lone Van Dcrel Milton Zentner captain 1 925 rase tt QUIVER ADVANCE STAKE 1 925 j I’aj!.- !f 7■ »% SZ6 I ' '"0 MV» V I i Ay b3‘ay y «v 0d S. .d'PQ O001 . ju'd g x a 3 a i n ?)QUIVER Forensics in the ( shkosh Normal School lias made great progress within the last few years. This year’s work in debating, oratory, and public speaking has been csjiecially successful. ( ur school has made a record of which it may well be proud. Debate work has been unusually interesting and successful. Early in the season, a total of fifty j cople participated in a series of inter-society debates, from which Phoenix emerged the victor. On February 10, the furls' Debate Teams won over Milton and Carroll Colleges in an all-girls’ debate triangle. This is the first time that the school has participated in Girls’ debate and their splendid work this year is indicative oi future interest in such work. The next victories were those of the inter-normal teams which carried ofif first honors, winning over Stevens Point. I .a Crosse. Platteville. and River Falls Normals. Our two teams brought home the State Championship in debate for 1925. Our school als« took part in the inter-state debates with Michigan and Illinois. In Extempore Speaking and Oratory. Oshkosh was no less successful. In Extem| orc S| eaking, our last year's State Championship was retained. In ( ra-tory. only the orator from Superior excelled over the representative of the Gold and White. A first and second in these two contests, again gave Oshkosh Championship over the other Normal schools. The speakers in these debates and contests, who. by their splendid efforts brought home the honors for the Gold and White are to be highly commended for their remarkable work. But due credit for this unusual record in forensics must also Ik given to our coaches. Mr. Campi ell and Mr. James. It was only through their untiring efforts and splendid co-0|»eration that these victories were made possible. Let us not forget the important j art played by the coaches in winning these 1925 championships. 1925 • «• i j-QUIVER = = DEBATE Oshkosh Normal lias I tad a very successful year in debate work, making a considerable advance over previous years in quality of work and success in winning. t the beginning of the year, unusual interest and enthusiasm was aroused among the students over debating. As a result of a scries of inter-society clashes the varsity debate squad of twenty persons was selected according to their individual rankings. The memliers of the squad were: Siegfried Weng, Lewis Magnusen. Kenneth Metier. Paul Wright. Donald Itowkcr, Thomas Williams, Dorothy Smith. Alma Link. Thomas Kennedy. Gwendolyn Reece. Catherine Keen: . Alvin O’Konski, Ann Nelson. John Paska. Adeline Jones. Jerome Flynn. John Goodrich. Erwin nderson. and Ema Gossc. With this line-up. extensive work was begun ujx»n the Supreme Court Question. Resolved. “That the power of the Supreme Court lie limited by .1 Constitutional Amendment providing that Congress, by re-enacting a statute by a two-thirds vote in each house making it effective over a judicial veto." A debate tryout was held on January 14th, between memliers of the varsity squad, to determine the speakers ior the girls’ teams. The speakers selected for the affirmative team were: Gucndolyn Recce. Adeline Jones. Dorothj Smith. Captain, and nn Nelson. Alternate. Those f« r the negative were: Alma Link. Captain, Ema Gossc. Catherine Kecna. and Irene Wells, Uternatc. The first Oshkosh Normal Girls' dekite teams participated in a triangular debate with Milton and Carroll Colleges on February 10. Our affirmative team met the Carroll negative here, entirely outclassing them and winning a unanimous decision of 3 to 0. Our negative team travelled to Milton where they did a splendid piece of delating but lost by a 2 to I decision. However, the victory in the triangle went to Oshkosh. STATE DERATE On February 22 another tryout of the debate squad was held for the purpose of selecting the state teams. Those chosen for the affirmative team were: Siegfried Weng, Adeline Jones, and Alvin O’Konski. Captain. The negative team was made up of: Louis Magnusen. Catherine Kecna, and Paul Wright, Captain. These two teams represented the school in the inter-normal debates. The Expert Judge System was used in determining the winner in the state debates. The nine Normal Schools of the" state were divided into three triangles, the Northern, Central, and Southern triangles, respectively. Oshkosh. La Crosse, and Stevens Point comprised the Central triangle. On March 13 the nine schools met in debate. Our negative team travelled to 1-a Crosse, while our affirmative met the Stevens Point negative here. Oshkosh was victorious in both places, and emerged the winner of the Central triangle. The winners of the other triangles were: Plattcville in the Southern and River Falls in the Northern. The contest was thus narrowed down to .1 race In-tween these three schools for state championship. The final delates took place on March 27. This time our negative team debated it home with Plattcville and our affirmative went to River Falls. Again Oshkosh won the decision in both places, and carried off first honors for our school. Here’s to the Oshkosh Normal State Championship in Debate for 1925. INTER-STATE DEBATE Oshkosh also entered an inter-state delate with Michigan and Illinois. On April 16, our negative team debated at Kalamazoo. Michigan, where they lost by a 2 to 1 decision. The resulting scores gave Oshkosh second place in inter-state debate. Surely, Oshkosh Normal has made a debate record this year of which it may well he proud. 1 925QUIVER eece Campbell Wright Gcsse Gooch yes Anderson Smith Weny LmK 1925 I’-gt 17:QUIVER 0’Kon»ki James (Coach) Wen Oratory and Extempore Speaking The Annual Meeting of the Inter-Normal Forensic League was held this year at Superior. Siegfried W'eng represented Oshkosh in oratory and Alvin ( ’Konski in extempore shaking, besides the speakers and Mr. James, a small delegation of students, including eighteen members of the band. Mr. llreese, director of the hand, and Alma Link, student representative, went to Sujwrior to support our contestants. The extemjMjre contest was the first event. Light of the nine Normals were represented by speakers. In the estimation of the judges Oshkosh received first place, Stevens Point second. Suj erior Third, and Milwaukee fourth. This gives ( shkosh the championship in extempore for the second consecutive time, it having been won last year by Paul right. 'The general topic for discussion was “The Constitution of the’United States.” Mr. O’Konski drew as his special topic: "The constitution has been amplified by custom, judicial interpretation, and formal amendments so that it now includes much more than the original written instrument.” Besides giving )shkosh the state championship it puts in her possession the I V. Kamer Cup awarded by the students of the Superior Normal School to the winner of this contest. This cup will remain in the possession of Oshkosh until the contest next year. In the oratorical contest. Oshkosh was awarded second place. First honors went to Superior represented by Miss Ruth Lewis. sjK akiug on hacing the Facts.” Siegfried W’eng. our orator, had a well written oration on “The American Renaissance." He delivered it in the pleasing and forceful manner which has gained for him the reputation of being a "great orator.” I’ngie 171 1925QUIVER PHOENIX DEBATE TEAM Nelson. Keens, Reece. Gossc. PERICLEAN DEBATE TEAM Kycs. Lchnigh, Anderson, llarrinKton. 1 925 Pot mQUIVER Inter-Society Debates l.ast year there was instituted into the Normal School a new system of intersociety debates in which every society had an opportunity to coni| ete for honors. The coveted goal was the winning of the Dempsey Debate Trophy, a beautiful silver loving cup. After a series of spirited contests in which several societies were represented, the Philakeans emerged victorious and were presented with the cup for one year. This year, early in the season, verv keen interest va aroused among the various societies in school over the winning of the cup. Twelve different societies were represented in the tryouts, making a total of fifty ] eople who went out for delating this year. A very splendid spirit was manifest throughout the entire debate season among both societies and individuals. After a month of preparation upon the State question for debate, representatives of the various societies were grouped into four triangles for the preliminaries which were held on December 10, 11 and 12. The winners of the triangles were: the I’hilakean. Periclean. Phoenix, and Y. M. C. A. societies. These societies met in the semi-finals on January 6. The debates were exceedingly interesting and enthusiastic, each society lighting hard for a victory. As a result of the semi-finals, the Periclcans and Phoenix were the two societies left in the race. On January 8, the Periclcans and the Phoenicians clashed for first place in debating. After a hard fought battle the trophy was awarded to Phoenix. I'. Smith Inter-Society Oratory Corresponding to the Dempsey Debate Trophy, is the Anger Oratory Trophy which is given to the society whose representative delivers the hot oration at a contest held early in the spring. Last spring the cup was won by the I.amlxla Chi Society represented by Miss Dorothy Smith. The cup will remain in the possession of lambda Chi until this spring when the various societies will again compete for it. The contest last year was the first of the kind held in this school. Competition was naturally keen and Miss Smith’s work was of necessity of a ven superior quality. Her oration dealing with Woodrow Wilson was of unusual merit both in composition and in delivery. I‘att 174 1925QUIVER The third annual vodvil held in the auditorium February 17, under the direction of Alice 15. Callahan constituted the chief dramatic event of the year. The vodvil was placed on a competitive basis and as a result the finest of acts were staged by the various societies of the school. A clever and varied program was presented in which originality and finish were ever present. Beautiful settings were designed by the students and on the whole the entertainment was of the highest calibre. It was presented with that degree of finish which is rarely present in amateur productions. The first prize which was awarded to Val Ferrari, consisted of a beautiful parchment scroll which was designed in the Art Department by Miss Blake. A scroll similar in design, but much smaller, was presented to Phoenix as second prize. Honorable mention was extended to the Periclean Society for their act. 1925 I’orc 175QUIVER First place was awarded to Val Ferrari for their act. "Pieces of Old China.” The act was composed of four scenes each of which was artistically and cleverly interpreted. The first scene was a plate from Old Japan. Miriam Zcigler and Margaret Connolly as Japanese girls did a graceful and coquettish fan drill in a rose and pink light. The second scene was an old English Wcdgewood Y'ase. Constance Shipman. Mildred Snell, and Sylvia Outlier characteristically portrayed a gay and charming folk dance. The Dresden Mantle set of the third act held the audience by it charm. Mary Davis and Florence Smith as Martha and (Icorge Washington performed the old. universally-loved minuet. The final scene, the Delft Ware from Copenhagen, formed a fitting climax for the entire act. Irene Evanson as the Dutch (iirl and Alma Evans as the Dutch Boy cleverly interpreted a jolly little Dutch dance. The artistic scenery designed l»y Myrtle Hansen together with colored lights blended l eautifully with the costumes of the dancers anti produced a remarkable effect. "The Dancing Puzzle” presented by Phoenix was the act which won second prize. The act won special favor because of its originality. Helen Rockwell as a solo dancer gave some exceedingly entertaining interpretive dancing. The graceful dancing of the entire chorus gave distinction to the act. Kroycr, Smallenberg. Tynan. Kceee, Kccna. Rockwell. Longfellow. Cote. Orlebccke, 1. I o'»bin». N'clwin. Wiedncr, l.evey, Fricderich. 1 925 I’oKt i;6QUIVER THIRD ANNUAL "VODVIL” OSHKOSH NORMAL AUDITORIUM February 17, 1925 1. An Evening in a Monastery—abon: 1450 A. D.........................K. M. (-. A. 1. Hymnns. 2. O Haupt volt Blut und Wunden. 3. Nun Ruhen alle Welber 4. Ini Proparia. MUSICIANS: Gordon Albert. Charles Cook. Webster Krueger, and Siegfried R. Weng. The stained window in this scene was made by Mr. Weng. II. Listening In - Gamma Sigma Emma Anderson, Beatrice Blucmke. Ida F. Kdolson. Claire Fitzgerald, Naomi Grossc. Ethclyn Jlaeger, Alma Link, Alexa Stcinhorst, and lone Van Derel. III. The Dancing Puzzle - - - - • - • - - Phoenix Written by Lucille Levey. Beatrice Co!e. Harriet Fredericks. Katherine Keena. Margaret Lea. Lucille larvy. Margaret Longfellow, Gwendolyn Reece. Helen Rockwell, Lucille Tynan, Marjorie Wcidner. IV. The Courtship of Miles Standish Up-To-Date .... Reader: Erwin Anderson. Miles Standish............................Gordon Albert John Allen................................Jerome Flynn Priscilla................................., George Hall The Minister ..........................Walter Pribnow The Witnesses - • Donald Bowkcr, Wells Harrington Peril-Icon V. Pieces of Old China.....................................................Pal Perron 1. A Plate from Old Japan. Margaret Connolly, and Miriam Ziegler. 2. An Old English Wedgwood Vase. Sylvia Guthrie. Constance Shipman. Mildred Snell. 3. A Dresden Mantel Set. Mary Davis, Florence Jones. 4. Delft Ware from Copenhagen. Alma Evans. Irene Evnnsun. Sets designed ami executed by Myrtle Han»en. VI. Black and White - Alelheon Margaret Buhr. Evelyn Frisbie. Grace Wilterding. Ruth Allen. Gladys Amundson. Mildred Beardmore. Sadie Dilley. Betsy Fuller. Hazel Magnussen, Margaret Schuette. VII. Raggedy Ann - - - -- -- - - - .ainbda Chi Beatrice Cavo. Elizabeth Herb. Bernice Meyer. Ethel Nellis. Leone O’Keefe. Dorothy Smith. Ro e Thorson. Alice Williams. VIII. Our Own Puzzle - - - -...............................- Pella Phi Sylvia Griffith. Lucinda Erdman. Elizalieth Hawkinson. Kathryn Keefe. Edna Knowles. Arlene Reynolds. Agnes Scluneichel, Ruth Schultz. Wilma Southard. Florence Thiele. Awarding of Places...........................................................President Brown JUDGES: Florence B. Krumlauf. J. . Breese. Nevin S. James. MUSIC BY THE NORMAL QUARTET: Orval Davies. Lloyd Hotchkiss Alpheus Triggs. ami Otto Sues. . Pianist A nne Xclson 1925 ’ • 177QUIVER 1925QUIVER I AM MUSIC SERVANT and master am I; servant of those dead, and master of those living. Through me the spirits immortal sjieak the message that makes the world weep, and laugh, and wonder, and worship. 1 tell the story of love, the story of hate, the story that saves and the story that damns. I am the incense which prayers float to Heaven. 1 am the smoke which palls over the field of battle where men lie dying with me on their lips. 1 am close to the marriage altar, and when graves open I stand nearby. I call the wanderer home. I rescue the soul from the depths. 1 o)K n the lips of lovers, and through me the dead whisper to the living. ne I serve as I serve all: and the king 1 make my slave as easily as I subject his slave. I speak through the birds of the air. the insects of the field, the crash of waters on rock-riblied shores, the sighing of wind in the trees, and I am even heard by the soul that knows me in the clatters of wheels on city streets. I know no brother, yet all men are my brothers; 1 am the father of the best that is in them, and they are fathers of the liest that is in me: I am of them, and they are of me. IT)R I AM THE INSTRUMENT OF GOD. I AM MUSIC 1925 I’agf 170QUIVER Top Row: Fiedler, (lerkc, Richards, Trigg . Goodrich, I.loyd. Itavirs Second Row: llu(chinvi). Schlcnnts. Clow, Gerdcs. Atwell. It reear, Fletcher, Ilowker, Pinkerton, O’Neil. Third Row: Gm» kopf. Itehreus. Ilotchkisc, l.itxcn. Ilartwig. Morgan. THE BAND Throughout the year the band has always been ready t » serve the school in (very |K ssible way. During the loot hall season the organization played at all the games, aroused enthusiasm at pep meetings, and led the big snake dance preceding the I.a Crosse victory. During the basket-ball season the hand was an inspiration to the players at every game. Accompanying the orators to Superior, the hand made the hit of the meeting. This year the male (piartette was included in the membership, making possible a variety of numlK-rs. Popular songs were introduced. featuring the quartette. To Mr. J. A. IJrcesc the hand owes a great deal. As a drill master he has always been thorough. | ainstaking and efficient. 11 is | crsonality has inspired the hand hoys to work as thc have never worked before, reaching results that proved gratifying to the school and to everyone who has heard them play. PKKSC ) . KI. Mr. J. A. Ukeesk, Director Baritone Arthur Lloyd Trombones Solo Cornets Donald Morgan Paul Hart wig First Cornets Joseph Atwell Floyd Litzen Second C 'ornets Lloyd Hotchkiss John Goodrich .d It os William Richards Orval Davies Alphctis Trigg W illiam (ierke Clarinets Ralph ( eil C’arleton Pinkerton Hobart Ilowker Bosses I Than Fiedler Richard Lamorcaux Saxof ioncs Albert Schleuncs Clifford Hutchinson Walter Gerties Walter II. Fletcher )tto Sttess Drums Frederick IJehrens Erwin Cirosskopf Nathan Clow Pag tSo 1925QUIVER Top Row: IVihr, Foley, Brccuc. Mincklcr, Fiedler, O'Neil. Second Row: l.loy l. Wen , Itehrcno. SchlvuncK Atwell. THE ORCHESTRA "Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." —Auerbach. The Normal orchestra began a most auspicious year under the conifwtent leadership of Mr. [. ( . Frank who has developed and directed this musical organization for several years. Rehearsals were called weekly and many selections which had found favor at assembly were reviewed as well as new numbers added to an already large repertoire. The Century Club concert was the chief event of the year for the orchestra. Assisted by the Normal Quartette and the Men's (lice Club, an elaborate program was presented, which called forth much favorable comment. Several other concerts are planned by Mr. I. A. l.rccse who has assumed the orchestral baton for the second semester. PERSONNEL Mr. J. A. Brf.i:se. Director I'iolins Agnes Foley Cornets Donald Morgan Joseph Atwell Cello Siegfried Weng Hass Urban Fiedler Saxophones Albert Schleunes Arthur IJoyd Trombone Alpheus Triggs Clarinet Ralph (VXeill Drums Frederick Behrens Accompanist Stella Dohr 1 925 Page 1S1— ■- QU1 VER = MEN’S GLEE CLUB First R»w: Hall. Itoumgartncr. Richards, I.mscy, llrenc. Itcck, Ituicbinson, (Jerries. Second Row: Wens. l-cahy. Mitiajc, Clow, Sues . Monahan. Hotchkiss, Trigg . (Jilsdorf. Third Row: Flanagan. Gilmotir. Mcisc, Brown, Exworthy. Goodrich. Thorn. Griffith. I 'mirth Row: Davies. Manzer. Vandrachck. Vchle. I'mhlcr. Kroerson, Uchrcn . "God sends hi singers upon the earth. With songs of gladness ami of mirth That they might touch the hearts of men. And bring them hack to Heaven again." Longfellow. Our present Men’s Glee Club, though smaller in membership than last year, is a much stronger organization and has not failed to impress upon the student body and others as well, the realization of its ability and success. It consists oi thirty-live voices well drilled and disciplined for the work to l»e performed. Last year this organization formed a commendable combination and presented strong programs at various places in the state and each time were accorded a warm welcome. This year they have prepared a much heavier program, one feature being the presentation of the delightful contata "Paul Revere’s Ride," the poem written by Longfellow and set to music by Dudley Ruck. (Students arc getting a co-relation of their school work with music that show they have achieved a knowledge of the value to l c enjoyed in such activities.) First Tenors MEMBERS Stanton Puehlcr Basses Otto Suess Clifford Hutchinson Lloyd Hotchkiss Harry Monzer I .aw re nee Griffith Howard Emerson Louis Prehn Ralph Koclle Wm. Vandrachck C. W. Brown Phil Them George Hall Ermund Olson Nathan Clow Baritones Ernest Meise Second Tenors Orland Baumgartner Alpheus Triggs Kenneth Ex worthy Orval Davies Walter Reck Peter Vcrvfoct Will Richards Harvey 1-caman Gordon Albert John Goodrich Eugene Monahan Siegfried Weng Jack Gilmour William Leaky Chester Lindsey Walter Gerdes Frederick Behrens Arthur Flanagan Chester Mittag Anton Staral Henry Leiminger 1 925 I’age $.•QUIVER GIRLS’ GLEE CLUB T»p Row: M. 1» - Young. M. Lloyd, Sawioki. Van Herd. Kccfc,, Ki sitigcr, Meyer. Sterkin. Worth- ing, Krauv. Second Row: Zick, Cam b«ll. Luther. Reynold . Sandburg. Lartoflea, Smithwick. Scott. F. Smith. McDaniel . Martin. Kastebaum. Third Row: GtoHc. Ilough. I.uth. Rondehurh. I). Noland. IdMty. KalwaDhy. Smallcnbcrg, Xeuvillc, Lc-Fevre. M. Faroe . A. Kafer. Fourth Row: (I. DeYoung. Whitney. A. Thiele. K. Berg. Adams, Hathaway, Casper. II. Vogt. Tanner. Ilcllamorc. Filth Row: |„ Johnson. Jindra. Waller . Cuthu, Ma urick. Ktiglcbert. Shu w. Snell, I'risbie, Kunig . Weisse, Weine, llrcese. "TIic buds may blow and the fruit may grow. And the autumn leaves drop crisp and sere; But whether the sun or rain «»r the snow. There is ever a song somewhere, my dear." James Whitcomb Kilev. The aim of this club is to train in part singing. Under the leadership of Mr. Brecsc the club has had a most instructive and pleasant year. The great interest in this work F manifested by the large number enrolled. The enrollment this year is one of the largest in the history of this club. MEMBERSHIP First Soprano I.indra Avcrback Eloisi Honest eel Gertrude DeYoung Shirley Decker Clara Dans Marie Gcrritscn Catherine 11 at haway Sarah Jane Meath Ruth Hailing Anna Kafcr Catherine Keefe Bernice Kerlicr.ger Evelyn Kissinger (ilodys Kasscbaum Bertha Krause Ruth La May Dorothy I-aughlin Marie Lloyd Vivian Luther Blanch Meyer Dorothy Nolan Clara Rupno Lillian Schocssow Irene Smallcnberg lone Ban Dercl Evelyn Starkweather Irene Wells Vcrdetta Weissc Dorothy Whitney Nellie Worthing Miriam Ziegler Second Soprano Sylvia Guthu Evelyn Frisbe Elizabeth I lawk in son Lillian Hume Louise Hide Myrtle James Lydia Johnson Erna Karstaedt Bernice I.e Fever Genevieve Martin Ruth Mattson Dorothy Mazurck Mildred Menzcl Mcrcitles McDaniels Ethcljoc Olson Irene Puth Ethel Randebush Gwendolyn Recce Mablc Scott Nell Smithwick Florence Smith Mildred Snell Amanda Thiele Evelyn Tanner Harriett a Vogt Sylvia Zick Alto Marie Adams Ethel Bcllmorc Ehba Berg Catherine Bovlan Anna Brucnig Bcrnadinc Campbell Marion DeYoung Grace Englcl crt Sylvia Griffith Naomi Grosse Theodora Hansen Ruth Hough Hildra Jindra Alvira Kawalshy Cecilia Kasper Marcella Koenings Ruth l tstofka Ida I.uth Agnes Neuville Arlene Reynolds Elsie Snad! er.g Gertrude Stcrkin Theresa Sawieki Florence Thiele Alice Worthing Stella Walters 1925 QUIVER-- = SENOIR MALE QUARTETTE DAVIES BREESE (Director! TKIGCS SUKSS I.. HOTCHKISS “.Music should strike tire from the heart of man. and bring tears from the eyes of woman." —Beethoven. As we look back over the splendid records that have been made in the last few years, there is no organization that we point to with greater pride than our Normal School Quartette. It is seldom indeed that a school the size of Oshkosh Normal can boast of a musical organization that can even approach the work of these four songsters. The hovs have been working together for two years and during this time the programs given by both the Band and (dec Club have largely centered around their work. This year all four members of the quartette played in the band and this combination proved very effective at Superior, where shkosh was conceded the honors in the field of entertainments. The past year has been a very active one for the quartette. In addition to the Band and the Glee Club it has made many public api earances as a separate organization. A number of concerts have been given in cities all over the state, such as Kenosha. Fond du Lac. Menasha. and Stevens Point. Lverywhere the boys have l een well received. The programs given by the Quartette arc exceptional because of the extreme variety of the songs rendered, running all the way from the frankly comic type of music to that of a religious and a classical nature. All the boys are soloists of unusual ability, a fact that adds much to the strength of the organization. We shall be sorry to lose an organization that has done so much for the activities of the school. May each of its memliers meet with even greater success in the future. 1 925 I’agt .V QUIVER NOCTURNE QUARTETTE FOLKY XKI.SON WKNC. MTNCKI.KK “Music is the inarticulate speech of the car. which cannot be compressed into words because it is so infinite." —Wagner. The Nocturne Quartette, a new group formed this year under the stimulus of Christmas activities, has added a delightful new feature to the versatile musical organizations of the school. Inspired by a mutual enthusiasm for ensemble playing, the members of the quartette prepared an extensive reportoire of classical chamber music. After gratifying success in two assembly programs, a series of city engagements followed. in which the quartette made a splendid impression and elicited much praise. The debut concert of the quartette was given at Christ Lutheran Church before a large and appreciative audience. An interesting program, which excelled in variety, was presented, including not only quartette numbers, but also ducts, trios, and solos by each member of the group. Other programs were given at the First Presbyterian Church, the First Con-gregationalist Church, the Oshkosh Women’s Club. Lions’ Club. I). A. R.. and business Women’s Club. The quartette plans to give several concerts in nearby cities later on. .So. although this organization was formed late in the year, it has already made an enviable record, and it is to be ho] cd that the Nocturne Quartette will become like the older musical organizations, a tradition of (). N. S. 1 925 font iSf9Si 9Z6 I XSJ Ao h 3 a i n DQUIVER 1 925 Page i$7 W JXi',1 sze i 3 3 A I fl 0QUIVER "ISMS FROM IZZY" Usually a man feels blue ihe morning after he paints the town reel. The cost of living wouldn't he nearly so high if folks stayed home after supper. People are just dying to get to the cemetery. If you don’t know what you want, ask for it. A man is safe as long as a woman only laughs at him—when she begins to smile she is dangerous. "Children sing for K. Y. Y.t" that’s one better than Mellon s hood. There are three classes of girls: the beautiful, intellectual, and majority. A girl who kisses promiscuously isn't bad. she’s popular. T. BETTER THAN MISS MITFET Three little girls sat in the library. Telling all they had to say: Along came Miss Clausen and stood there beside them And lo! thee all went away! Miss Bradbury: "Why do you say ShakesjH-are was a prophet?” Sicg. eng: "Well, he was fore- telling the era of prohibition when he wrote the recipe for the home brew in Macbeth—The W itches Broth.’’ Bud Bertram: "You said I was a learned jackass?" Jimmy Helms: “Nope— I said you were a burro of information!" IX ARGUMENTATION AND DEBATE Mr. Campbell made the statement that shifting front one foot to another indicated nervousness. Bernice Keinke objected and continued: "Now, Mr. Campl ell. if I stayed after school to talk to you, and we were all alone, and we weren’t talking about anything pertaining to school, and if I shifted from one foot to another. would you call that nervousness ?’’ Mr. C.: “No, Miss Keinke. I'd say you were tired.” Alma, working on a debate on the Negro, talking to Mr. James. Mr. James: "Isn't there a book called the Rise of Color?" Alma: "Yes—l‘p from Slavery!" Hearing a disturbing noise in the library. Miss Fitton looking around finally realized that it came from a table where Paul Wright sat alone. "Whom were you talking to? I was going to send you out of the library but you weren’t communicating. What were you doing?” Paul: "I was learning poetry." C. Boomer: "I read a criticism of Kipling the other day—‘He was the nurse-maid of the empire!' Mr. Hewitt: "Well, lie was! Many a child would die it it wasn't for the nurse-maid." 1 925 'itgf I to)sze i «n H« »0 MHAinOQUIVER A FEW ARTISTIC FORMS AT OCR SI X-HOPS Vjc.: "Do you cat at the Yellow Punkin ?" Lillian: "No!" (emphatically) "1 eat at the Orange Lantern.” REAL AUTHORITY!!! Little Ruth told Frances what she calls a little fib. Ruth: "A fib is the same as a story and a story is a lie. ’ Frances: "It ain’t either!!!” Ruth: “Yes it is. My father is a lawyer and he said so!” Frances: “Well my father is a teacher at Normal and he knows more about lying: than your father!!!" ANOTHER CHAMPIONSHIP!!! Ambrose ( ahan won the National Inter-Normal Petting Championship for 1925. Cheers, heart-throbs, etc. Former Studc: "What did you go out for at Normal?" Stude: "Oh! her name was Mar- gie” Curious: "Say. is the Phi Beta Sigma a radio society?" Doc. Clow: "Well! I never attend formal functions. To tell you the truth my dress suit is so antique that the only place I can wear it is at the Normal Vaudeville!" Leone: "I want to get a fashionable skirt. ” Clerk: "Yes Mam! Will you have it too short or too tight?" "Say. Flynn, you said you shot wildcats while you were home on your vacation. Goodrich tells me that there aren’t any wildcats there." Flynn: "Quite right!! I killed them all.” Yehle: "Dunn and Bloomquist have commissioned me to collect their little accounts.” S.: "Congrats, old top. you've got a |K-rmanent job." 1 925 IV « QUIVER IN GEOLOGY CLASS Mr. Mitchell becoming disgusted at the answer ”1 don’t know," inquired of a certain pupil: “Don’t you ever use your brains?" "No sir!" was the answer as usual. Mr. Mitchell amazed, replied: "Well, well, don't ever use them then, keep them nice and innocent like they are now :and if you ever feel a thought coming run away from it quick." Connie: "Gee! I’ve got so much work to do—honestly I haven't got periods enough. I’ve always got to cut one class to get another prepared.’’ Sociologist: “Say, what's an anarchist? Oh. it one girl didn't want to go somewhere and the rest did—would the one who wouldn’t go Ik- an anarchist ?" Neighbor: "Now—She’d Ik- stub- born !" Father to fond daughter: "Say. did you and Walter sit on that bench on the jHjrch last night? It was just painted—if you did you both got your clothes ruined." K.: "Oh no. not both of us—only Walter." Mr. Hewitt’s class met in the Junior II. S. assembly because of its large size. Mr. Mitchell (as he jKjked his head into the room one day): "Is this a revival meeting?” Mr. Hewitt: "Yes, come in and take the sinner's bench." The following is taken from a late novel—too late to have a title: "And the villain shouted. ’What has Ray Dunn? Is Paul Wright? Is it true or is he Lvon? nswcr, or your life!’ " “The trembling prisoner turned White and his I Iart beat but he stood up bravely in courageous defiance of the cold blue unloaded pistol thrust in his face. The villain laughed in devilish glee. ‘I Meter tonight.’ You could read the malice in his eyes. ‘I'll Gamble that my men are in that Berg now and I’ll have her in my j»ower.' ” "I’nablc to bear more, Fritz pleaded. ’I tell you hammerman—I'm the man she's promised to marry and I'll swear it is the truth on a stack of cross-word puzzles. Kill me hut parc my life! You can have the money but leave me my Lizzie!’’’ I’avo Nurmi. Alias Andy, bidding Charles Paddock, im|icr$onatcd by John Goodrich, goodliy. ’• e ms 1 925QUIVER 1925 Page t )}QUIVER 1925 I’itge 104:QU1 VER IT CAX'T NEVER WAS!! Katherine Kcena keeping quiet. Kathryn Keefe without a smile. I’atil W right unable to recite. I.ucile Tynan without a worry. Eugene Monahan on time for class. Betty Zorn with blonde hair. Provancher under weight. The Barracks the most beautiful of buildings. Perfectly powdered noses. Eleanor Jones without her glasses. Ted K. without his Ford. Doc. Clow cutting classes. Stand oj)en when we need it most. Ruth Allen without her gum. Walter Clerdes: "Why arc the girls wearing such strange expressions lately ?" Red : "Why. they arc trying to look like the pictures they had taken for the Quiver.” Sweetness: "Don't you think Tosti’s ‘Goodbye’ is thrilling?” Louise: "I don't know him but I'll bet it can't l eat Gilmore's.'’ Mr. Hewitt in English Lit.: "Most anyone will go to sleep if you sing a iullaby—don’t think I am going to sing one to you. you don’t need it.” "I ate at the- Boulevard once and I had to wait an hour for something to eat." Sage: "Everything comes to him who waits.” ‘Wes, but it comes cold.” Feminine car driver: "W here shall we go—how would the Country Club be ?" Mike Brennan: “Oh. I don t want to go to any of those road-house places.” 1 925 l'j£f WfQUIVER SAY IT WITH MUSIC!! ‘'Prettv Little lllue Eyed Sally’’ is "All Alone." "No. No, Nora." she’s with “Charley My Bov.’’ ” Jealous ?’’ “What’ll I Do?” “Put Away a Little Ray of Golden Sunshine for a Rainy Day." “Too Tired.” "Follow the Swallow Back Home." Mr. Clematis ( pointing at a list of native Wisconsin animals): "Is there any animal on that list that we should be afraid of?" Bright Student: "Yes, the Skunk." H. Recce: "Hey, which way does this street run?” Stude: "What do you know about women ?" P. Wright: "Woman was made after man and she has been after him ever since.” --------- Tommy Williams: "How do you like such-and-such an instructor?" O’Konski: "I like the way her mother dresses her.” CASES Vanity—R. Pinch and Keyes. Brief-—Fred Sontag. Traveling—I -loyd I lotchkiss. ()ld—Ethelvn and Roy. Bad—Lea and McKeon New—llackbarth and Gwen. Permanent—Hathaway and Davies. Debates—Paul and Alma. Music—Si eg and Ann Book—Clausen and Radford. AND SHE’S WITH THE OTHER FELLOW 1925 I'ngf jJ6QUIVER A GOOD BACKING VALENTINO? NOtfC FOUf Hof stneN'ONt MEAM.ES9 HOWCOriE? PE AM NORMAtGlms? TOOTIKtO) WAITING 1925 Page 107QUIVER » 1925 Page trj$QUIVER M.: "I didn’t accept Dick the first time lie proposed." Friend: ‘Til say you didn't—you weren't there." Mr. Hewitt trying to close the door in the barracks: “I'll put a nail in the liar racks door and tic the string to the door knob and I’ll get the best of these sinking barracks." Miss C.: “Clausen just gave me a dirty look." Kay: “Aw wan. you always looked like that." (irossy: “Didn't you see me downtown last night? 1 saw you twice." M.: “ o, I never notice people in that condition." Dorothy was working cross word puzzles. “What is an insect that roams at night ?" Friend (meaningly): “Sonny." Dramatics director: "In the first act take olT Sappho, in the second take off Circe, in the third take off Salome—” Voice: "Say. I'll tell Mrs. Mace on you." K. S.: "(lot a cigarette?" Shorty: "Sure, wanna sec it?" "I can tell a real lady by the way she dresses—can’t you ?” David: "Dunno, I never watched one." Curious: "How do you like sleeping in the police station ?" Sonny: “ h. it's all right in a pinch." Grace Dobyns tried feeding a dog lettuce sandwiches one noon, but the dog didn’t relish the lettuce. Suddenly J. Kische s|H»kc up and said : " h ! Dobyns. your sandwiches aren’t even fit for a dog to cat." A FCK BLARING ANIMAL IN FOLK LETTERS—OTTO = 1925 ' »« • t QUIVER Jfeffcr e 7 M. Manser E. Snuffy 'J m 77 e. 1925 Page jwQUIVER f rro r CasripJte fro 7 . Crow ey 1 925 Piigf JOtQUIVER MUSII? Mr. Campbell (after reading a quotation from Cicero): "Who wrote that, Barnette?" Barnette (not getting it clearly from one glance at the book): "Cereal." ODE TO R. I . 1 wonder what pose 1 should wear today ? Romantic, pedantic, or lx red blase? The jw)se pedantic, for me, would be wrong. Romantic is good, but it doesn’t last long. I'll just be blase and save it the strain. Ho. hum! how I hate to bother my brain. “(ice, I don’t want to j?o to Kelson's Sec-ondarv Ed. Class.’s 540 to the Boulevard.” "Say. did you hear Mr. C. was hurt Sat.?" ODE TO A RECORD BOOK Under the cover of the old record book Lies something shocking if you'll only look. It may l»e a zero, that you don't tie-serve ? ? ? ? ? Connie (astounded): " o!" ”Yes, someone hurt his feelings.’' Mr. Hewitt: "An Italian shot a girl because he said that he loved her —Beautiful love, wasn’t it!" Or it may be a demerit for showing your nerve: It may be a "flunk” )r a “pretty darn punk" But there's something sure — If you're not kicked out! 1 925 ' £ ■ WQUIVER 1925 Pagt . jQUIVER 1 925 I'age J04 t ![■HutograpljS!HutograpfjSgutograpfjS utograpf)£ 

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