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university of Wisconsin milwaukee3 table of contents Student Life 2 125 Organizations 160 Athletics 196 Greeks 244 Militory 259 Administration 265 Class of 1968 Ads l ex 284is taking part in • • • •A LW.can be an awareness • • • •a feelingcreating . . • •it 7 22it’s being influenced by ... . peopleUWM UNION " UNIVERSITT BOOKSTORES UNION LOWER LEVELthe union is peopleRoger Wagner Chorole Chomber Symphony of Philadelphia Julian Breem Peter Pears Lorin Hollander Goarneri String Quartet Theodore Ullmonn PDQ Boch Leon Bibb 1967-68m: m :i i 1 INTRODUCING ... S ... EXCEPTIONAL NEW TALENT. . . £ V FO( ? CONCERTS SPONSORED BY 8 THE UWM UNION MUSIC COMMITTEE SIEGEL • BARRETT, IWASAKI, GREEN • KIM • PEIL •41 Dolly Fischer 57Mary Gainer Kathy HoustonSue Swanson64 65through happiness • • •70through research • • •72 73new student weekpan-hell ballrush • • • sorority meets girls00 00ice sculpture • • • •business and industry fairO cs -i r theater artspeak nightalpha Phi omega'scampus carnival 102 103104 CONFUCIUS106and it’s all for charity 107|une graduation ono unusualkay kupi phi mu 112 cathy pompc sigmo sigma sigma monlyn moen o'lene toloska olpho omicron morilyn leister gamma phi betabeautiful perspective . . . fern wem .phi sigma sigma11-4¥division of student affairs 122 Gerald Andre • AiWont Director (if SfoOmt Ac1w« t Mr C«mc« Wirt Director of Student ActMtirt Dean W, ftaMnsa Aunfaaf Oran »red St'ortoMri. Jconac H.fimon Secretory f.iS ln»ormcr-or Serve feme Frey — Oirector of Foreign SludcrM Service VwOtnft from otroad Velcrons crvl Scv.Ke H Ceefcev 5crv e-» from Ihe UWM Swilc'iCoordinformation and guidance services Fi ih «n Inlwmoiun — I twok WM Siwde f C».bu «i, cXIk Oron C toft Wt.i’oc8 f WoMn Mc «0( on Wf« npro1276U 1 33Holton Hall Row It Chro Cruder Suienn Kitlo Ada OrtwlR Nan Moddc" Cu'Ol OwMMfHoHI R » 2: A"n G»n% Pa Wof Ko»by Zeff fc Ame Von 8e a n Mc Aj Coon Q-v o Pv n on Ro« 2: Grnny ftonrwr tinoo Won Va'v WoiKtxnn Mcrj-t HoNofusn Co’oi Oe-k »ort U« li Conv W Po m f Dwrth B«O0 Nonet te flirt VofQar M U«r Jotl'en Von Ou rWctli Joy Bomukh 135 3: Jeon SroUmoctoce 'jho vs Amefvon Jcnrt Koptelon l J »K Cvpo«a SNaron F itv3 »oVJ Judv Book Kritfln owth ot« 2; VCfVOt n VO'CttO Monkey A»f Chor W.nnen Va»:y Pntz LniM Nelvan Po» Comct «|l Un Nl«ttJohnston Hall Ro- I] Jonei LO rta Kush Sutcn Johonning Ru'h W,(Jro Be- I: fiovorty Mathe-i Kathryn Hook ' SoivVa S K'a« cr C Z n«.ik Oiono Toh »kO Po'rw'O lOAiul Row i: Cheryl Cobbler LrfVto Zeeiioe Helen Kchan Modee Heeoe Bo'tjc'o Watvnk Dc'on Paitorck Sandro Wocc 136 Ro— It P»OQV Vojto Oeicrah Child PWr SfhHXrnor Kcthryn KoK» C-3cn Ro- 1: Noncv Mo V ry Ruhm'om Ka«la Kmpo Ivon Bur Icydl JvOy 0ron.1t JtMfY Mu" K YomeslHo Ro- J: Jonor Moy » MargorcT Rooonkirc Mary lone )mhjt erm M Ce Jway A Oi'h Schtt iusan ThomotQarcS L-vto S«hoonl ld K Wernerme laren hall con you identify marietta housecollege bowl team 3 wins . . . 1 loss 139alpha delta theta v.«rr c » vp if AIpKj Of Ira T v«a. o pilrniM«i tmtr iv.i» w rr, ftrki « irrdical (•tHiviiOQV The Club p« U-}ICl UXC-Ol 0 VJ pf IC U««OI CO- uCCrullun ai» urv| ••rnrtrrlaqnft In cr’C'X OOr ►rrOh »ICrx!o»‘l' am Ocelli’ c-" nl |)vl li.-'.Jalpha omega national service sorority F«n» R », L- ■ Mckv Hujhei Pot Moia McrV o Earsn Pet Jooo KoFtl«tX»0. Sondro MrNinch. Wirufred Purdy »«th Ro», L.R: Undo Nieft. Frar. Wong, Carol S«g. Karen fiopo o. Kra autt , GeetQ»3 Nolor. MoryoPen Mototto, Renn So»o . Marilyn luoUe. Ko hy ZernicVe. Sncrry Sutton. BcrtxKO Cvljorovlc Hot Lteted: Bcrbero Bittnor. Cnrlt Kruiooof. Carlo Roden. Suton Stieldorphi mu sigma r+% Mj. inyro i computed if lufuc »cccIvm of fS« nwntalV f«forrir 4 following off m or Pnwtwi foitph P. Lcngo. V«ce-Prmacnt Mary Phi Mu S gir o O'OVdo oducotlonal omj KCifot mol (v «gro'i'. for fha ScfiiKUftrf, TraotUMr Mary Ly n A.firf ru«f r Secretory Pulhonn icfO'OeO at wr l Oi (Pogrom for p»orct J-«-o c«w |yii«nt drtionud To Bohlman Ce »» «vlns Secretary Virgin Wmkioniorv UnNc«t ly ifuoovi -nn rnc I ic'd of meolol rctaiooKin. 1h sigma alpha eta Any truorm mlpfCV’Ctt m OOCCC CftrrCTtor arvl t«k 0»i'T«i t oc- JV» 0'l i pi pcv o Ike 0 «h n to crto'c cm y1|T i Vile pi «lf r »t oirorq i -( • »»co Jtcow J prm:r» r. eligitVi lor n mborir- i ,n S«j(»io Alpha t a Tl in ihr « ic o »crc i cm3 hearing torn .student of education officers Pfnxt’nt V«t' Prtr»»Vi » T r« • Vi rr »« • • »'-Obc Mletom Naorv HasM«t Morv A '« Pat' On.' Vaon ScHowwhe honoratae 144 QHtcw P »VK»nf. I1 »•-! Vjf r Vlf p|«« •'» Marita 5 «n»r $ rr lory Tr owyr. Ai»ci»phi chi theta national marketing sorority 145 but for you . . .want to buy an airplane?u.w.m. vets’ club »»e»l Bo- ctofk iMo-ijhr f.y. Oovv Okr-tlreM back to COnXM), L'«ay«l |»r- ArrvjcAtc . |, t n Mbrvhy. R., P rk. Rot. i omke. O-c . sciw ».«i Ro-i )cf r C» i»tfy T.-n « . ... u U. M. P-t . Ornr it C»i"« non, • Tyir. t, Ti»i idvrotnci Ken PmW, 0-0 Hod:d., L«-.u [•xny italian club Freet Do | Lutit R.:tOf . Irx ’ i. Co I 7.»r Ctoiv DtlVomo. St4 S ».»an .e »«« P® C o, I .u y» C-oniil •!« Ci u ciJ. I '• Donna lo " 0'«o GHutvck ScH»«it ur 149cheerleaderspom-pon girlsuniversity student government officers All students ot UWM ore members of the University Student Government (USG) Through its executive, legislotive, end |ud cial branches, USG provides the entire student body with o strong and vocol voice in the governance of the offoirs of students ond student organizations Martfcoll Craft Pr«w)r«r Pawl RoayaV ViM-P»e»«Je«i ft»f L'MAlaaat Trcov rer fou'e 6ran4cnburaunion policy board The UWM Union Policy Boord, os its name implies, formulotes the policies which guide the functioning of the UWM Union Meeting once o month from October to Moy, the UPB cversees ond directs the sociol, cut turol, rccrcotionol, ond educational programs of the Union by establishing goals, authorizing new programming oreos, ond opproving the budgets for oil of the free programs of the Union Activities Boord The Policy Board is olso responsible for electing the Union President, the Union Vice-President, ond the fourteon committee and,club chairmen of the Union Activities Boord. The UPB is composed of 15 members who represent the entire spectrum of student and faculty interest at UWM It is an effective ond integral part of the UWM Union The officers of the UPB ore Union President.........................Richard Fleissner Union Vice-President ..................... John Wukstich Union Director................. . . Ted Crobb (Secretory)union activities board lot »h |»f litrvs ttsof n the Cot foe Hour — tnt emotional Club The Union Activities Board IS me program mmg arm of the Union, providing far the campus community o schedule of activities to suit all interests THE OFFICERS OF THE UAB ARE Union President . . . . Richard J, Fleissner Union Vice-President . . John L Wukstich UAB Treasurer Gil Malone UAB Secretary . Jamcc Lichter 154 Tog iherneii — (C end UA9ivy publications ORDER YOUR ‘68 IVY NOW! only 86.00 Call 228-4880 or mail check to, IVY PUBLICATIONS 3058 N. STOWELL Order deadline -Mav 24 r W ll-©m R«m roiOO -imV T m Tern Sche«n«nou f DeBOfOh Snoudinvolvement is planning157involvement is building160161162involvement within ■Ifootball 166 The 1967 football season could not really bo colled a successful one, os the Panthers compiled only o 3-6 record, but still it was one loaded with mony thrills Luckily, the gridders saved the majority of these thrds for their home gomes, os they won 3 out of 5 gomes at Shorewood Field. The year was marked by two jinxes; one was that of injuries, something which any football team has to expect, but not to the great extent which hit UWM For example, s x starters were last for the year before the season even begon, and several more, such os Jerry Jendors and John Jccklm were hurt eorly in the schedule The second jinx was that of the road games, m which the Panthers ployed mediocre ball, carrying on o pattern which has plagued them for many years167 However, the contests ployed at home were lood-ed with thrills and wide-open football ot its best UWM was led by the strong right orm of Jim Skarie, who completed 59% of his passes for twelve touchdowns and 1390 yards; this despite missing some oction due to on ankle injury Jim's fovonte torget was Terry Fredenberg, who cought 62 passes for 784 yords and eight touchdowns, and established himself as the top end in UWM history But Jim also had other fine targets in tight end Phil Jones and flonker Mark Buelow, who helped give UWM o trio of the finest receivers in college football in 1967. The weokness in the offense wos the running gome, with the only bright spot being freshmon Mel Loycock, who started in the lost five contests ond hod sevcrol gomes of over 100 yords goined in rushing. The defense was led by bock Mike O'Hogon, who smashed a school record by picking off eleven interceptions and ploying excellent all-around boll.The high points of the year were the overwhelm mg win over Eastern Illinois where almost every single gome passing record was broken, ond the exciting homecoming victory over Brodley, 21-19. Next year the Panthers will be strengthened by the oddition of outstanding high school stars attending UWM on the new athletic scholarship program. If will also mark the first time county stodium will be used for o game the Homecoming contest ago nst UICC on October 19 Hopefully, the scholarship program, 1968 will begin a long trodition of winning records of UWM170172basketball 173Three University of Wisconsm-Milwoukee bosket ball records fell os the 1967-1968 Ponthers posted UWM's best record in eight years and best m Heod Coach Roy Krxosko's five years by winning 16 ond losing 11. The Panthers' 2435 points broke the UWM record of 2200 set m 1965 1966, ond the squod's 90 2 point per game scoring overage topped the 1958-1959 team's old mark of 88.01. The squad's only senior, 6-5 center Fred ''Duke'' Moos occountcd for the other record os he shattered Tom Kneusel's career free throw accurocy mark of 75 7% Maas mode 92 of 120 free throws this season to bring his career totals to 125 of 162 for 77.2% In winning all 14 of their home games the Panthers brought their home court winning sfreok to 18, second longest in UWM history The present streak, which began on Feb 9, 1967. is bettered only by the 35 gome streak omossed by four teams between 1957 ond 1961. Winning only two ond dropp ng 11 rood encounters. UWM brought their fast breakmg style to three stotes for the first tme The Panthers debuted in Louisiana, Nebrojko. and Oklahoma 176177With only Moos groduating the future looks bright for UWM Returning from this seoson's teem will be five men who averaged in double figures Forwards Dexter Riesch (this year’s scoring leoder), Terry Fre-denberg, ond Tom Reikowski and guards Chet Edwards and Mickey Postonno. all of whom averaged over 10 points per game Reikowski, the Panthers' leading scorer and rebounder until he suffered six cracked ribs in o game at Loyola of the South, was forced to miss 7 gomes but still became the eleventh top career scorer in UWM history with 761 points Postorino's 281 point season total brought his career total to 614, good for twelfth ploce on the all-time list. Add to this the return of 6 reserves, a crop of freshmen who won 15 of their 17 games this season, and the fact that UWM will be on on athletic gront-in-oid program by next season ond Ponther boosters hove good reason to be optimistic 1 78 1 79involvement in studies186The UWM trock team had what must be termed a most successful seoson in 1968 The cindermen compiled a 7-0 record m dual meets, won the stote A A.U indoor crown; easily won the only triangular meet they participated in In addition, they coptured the Loke Superior State Invitotional team championship ond finished high in every other invitationol meet they were in The tcom wos characterized by great depth In most events, especially the field events ond the middle and long distances The top performers on the team were Mike Moriorty, John Christensen, and Bill Meyer, who. among them, broke five school records Moriorty broke his own indoor high |ump mark by leoping 6' 4V ', to go along with his outdoor record of 6'4" Sophomore ace. John Christensen, established himself os the finest dis- tance runner m UWM history when he recorded a 4 19 5 in the mile and a fine 9.36 6 in the two mile, breaking the records that were set by Jim Sprague in 1962. Another big reason for UWM's fine seoson wos the effort of freshman sensotion, Bill Meyer, who broke the shot put mark with a throw of 51'8" and the discus record with o throw of 15r3". So in his first year, Bill become one of the top small-college weightmen in the Midwest ond was rarely beaten in 1968. Thus, head cooch John Teirny odded another fine yeor to his a’reody glowing record, ond with only two seniors on the 1968 squod. The prospects for 1969 are indeed bright 187188involvement is recreation - indoor and outdoor 193involvement is discussions voting • • •concernb h '•» ft Mo»» K Co»?il P 6«v »»irw P Voung I Morvev K OtO« G 9 « .f ii S. Sleorla M Homey A Oclo o»vi J Juroe M Nylicn »«•» ro- P fcHaan«»l Jt L »‘oc«er ra o 1 MurpHy O l.ohn C. M chohh) M Mean K. Sco Wic--h 8. Murrey A Mokoi J. }0yC4 K Klrfh Olky K iu«h iii«aHfinpanhellenic council leadership Lynn Hockcnberg 197 service Roy Alfrey—Adopted child social Ponhedenic Ball scholastic Gamma Phi Beta Sororityt«»f lrr«h Knflb. honk SayttWfilm Ann ClawU.f Asfl.f Bra J »W HM-nik. •«• irwfcwittM MaMt Buff Ann D«»i » S r Dl na«i«r I Hmw Gfmq:orn Icdarman G r lw»A f 0 Marilyn Ma«« Jnn «r N.«h«)»on Vann. H «l i«y K dlin ion Srhm-U G.ytr Imrtfc' M r .rH Hrnrr Lyfl. StenrulIHd VHdIV °°N W 1 r •M «wao “» f »i spu 1 m«H •P-fl MUtfVV ifM} W»l »l v 8 «a » « r •n 0«3{ A f »M»M ■«•)( » • 4j»W mmH «i »n WHIM !«•! •••■H • »W uoH6o«cw p Q w mi MWI3 «"« j W M ! •■ l « 3 wi« mi 18 M9 1VI 1 1 • »• •» »•«ThUI Lm4» NhMM Manr «r«» M rr •««» •««ky 1«AM v » Ce«».t »• •• •Uffcf H »uk !»• • • C««4» gamma phi betaDELTA ZETAi-jndo Kri» Mary •UM»r 0«» u«. liada ■aaaaf Kfrcfcn “r«' iM r Sfcwaar Joaaa Vttfh Cfc»i p»» mMA SfTMA SlGMAM«nr W i » Nonet Klein in U»IM LmmW) O'onno Klteim Morr WowjN f Moey Gn.ntr I J Pom Turtta T Morion Roxsch Kerhr Kioto | t nj (. a I:I.F.C. i r c orncui Stand." I Wilton. Vkc PfCtldrn C» V-In.v. P ll.ViV Oton SVC V . H WftfcJ Hcnvzet at IcrflC. Seated t fie™ lexivia', M lo. -c-rr Tico- it»e»INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Staodrag =? Chrn» I P- B Tuff- Too «(«•»•« Cfn Vm I fciolMt-v—Tnongla, 0 Bi rrl AtpAo P v A vro V Ci ul — Oc 'o Tan Drllc C loof" -ZdO C o Tcu — Arpho fjm nn Pi Si alnl R Ziovt . ••non—Bc'O C - 0 Mot 'c.-vj A t w P ». On go D Kqllta—Al( w KoppO (Si. E ov» —(Hi Sv"« Ka«po 5 Woi.oWl—Pm Jigmo Eptilan, D leoto—0» O Ch»M. m » I ihGoal Mucktaamcr Boh Ma li G«««0 W.l Do»« DrogotovK Rich hriM Bok Bofta Ocann Moilman Wwim W gr«t SI«o CarcckiSamvel MarrOV . 1 ' ft I" « . AV...4 . w S T tcmtrrthf - - Wto-fwiwJ iiHTimm ini m mu‘ John CI'AII ' 'Ton' Cli»«M M«»k CWff t «» ;«y«! Jchi K ll«t {« SadovtVv Inxe Glalbr Safe Schalti Id.atrf iMPMk •7 KM ' V" Jama o t “ MarthoB Cfbtj ■ xjieid hranafi' Marfy Rudey H »aAl K • » •»_ •rt«a4 MirvA "f May4r J IfMf Tom Kbits Bod HofM Jo« Swotek Oinivti Wood Paul Louder Jim Vopol Bni(« Tof« Oi«V 5p«n i Da r4 Cnom Bob Tbiol Karla Moulihoa D m Cull Trie Poartoo Don Placah TAU KAPPA EPSILO1S « tT«in «• •«» Audtvy Mm ut.y wr iw» tout Mwnkiwf R t. U»n. «•» •' • mm Until Cltikt trM»c OtboM Uw » »q4Fc 0. cK Ifrt.MfiM Ulntb f »»tm G t £ •• K«l» NtM Urt M«i( ‘V« i««ob. JM JanMwtki CX .lt K..»,l 1. n KMppMlfe fttfc Kmluf military sciencethe cadet brigade 246 1st row Sofdon I. Cv Jnhr. Wol» W G-ni'M I Nopw O Oleck. 2«4 r w R MrotfwilU F Kruil Ton Mucdef A Flint « Co"y O Th l 'd C Gorecki P Roe R. Boy km G Kfcg P Mcrtehdort 4fk row; W Wlulthogn W VoUmor L tCou 'in»ko « Court-, T Pee Terry MwtHtf Commander Staff 1« row 1 Kelly H, Plou»» R Scot I R Pirlwd K Rom G fueper, Command ng N. Kurt , Sgontcr W Brunner R Buwcto R. Genonde Si JthflMi 0 4, 2nd row: 2. Lamb C Gnot W Si«f«rt K Konio T. SkiLMlth O Ocfl'Moc i Cvtfilrwry O. Lens M Merotc P. Brook t P. flyrvi M. Rruiclcf M row. J. LieM L Llebon O- Atonen P. Gwenther N Kolucny O. Crau C WOfQO W. Goct'clman A Kemp R Siefprt R Foelcr S Harlmen 4th rww: V. Bern S. Sctvoedef f. )e he P Grab R. Swrvm L Roman M. M«3«fekJ W. WaMen ) WM J Sir»th R Newman B Browne nm Row—G Dov . J Bruok. J Iberhordy. J. Petricfc. L Butktey Command in®. Dee Dew JorxnVo, Spontor, W Briecnti, M ihroeOn, R 1 0 1. G. Re.toe, Cp» 0 Kle«t. Second Rww—C H-powrt. R Sm K. E Sxape'ckl, A B.ivmxm. D Alien. ) Guen»tor. R Z lmik Third Row—A Wolloeh. t Coban. K Rank. 1 CMtoncev L Eccletn. W Bom. 0 Cvbellc. R Wwilpbol, M Truby f. Bo'ci fourth Rww— P, Button, J. Kcnet. i. Miller, P Keolwo, R Ri«W G So wring, J, Meta. D Jotfvn, T. SchmwPlit r »: W. To »l ?P tonic User H Goodman R Ni. 0 We . Ccmmondaig Kath McGork, Spomcr 1 Mows R SeAmllt M Hooont l 0. Rowell J rrcnciKO 2nd row: a Viwpp W Bu«k» A. Runicr 0 Molimorm P Theilio W. Raul ■ hcnimon I LemVa I k omell J WAworlrbutg V Grooa'cxh L. Jonowjlci A ScAumocAor 3rd row: R. Bra Amor T. iercwA.m T lompico T. Gerger ?:££!“ J. Winwnot J. Tionen i. Sec'srr W Oratwr V. Audi R Aiti I Du »a« «»k row: i. Hocp» R. Rotter R. ScAeito O. He»00 B LOWni.i O Cork T. Zee R PouHon R Wamort W Reod W Koltoreh Milla r : M. R«x4-flu i ft jmcfv. J. Currter. Sporaor R. Friedrich. C err mending A Oevmtoe B. Likin 3 Ml r»», M. Mtcek . A. Strjhlcu « Ktttoc ft Oitfr ,W-o tC Hwrh M IKmon Jrd rev: R. Fox W. Clerc I Krc »er N Bitvcnotto J Tiefenlhaler J. Peck S S», Ifh t. AhWdt . Cetihri P Gcrlichcn K Hunt M Shoemaker J Klumti R. John ft. Korl I. PuhekGuidons military ball 250Itl raw: J Uotxct. ScobtO'J orrf Boot I. Senior PrnOtr S Pr o»»wvtk Mot. C Wul ic, AtKivof 3-0 raw: A WirarUi J. Cow J. Bokh 0 Kokv-oito S Rou J Mod € Wr«M V. K'tMl W. Mods ’ P. A ytefton J'O raw: I. Dro-«»%k. C. K- KoPM M. CutlM M Ropilttkt S Wm C- ItwfW M Kordoi 4»h raw: tea J Travoo J SchuCtz S 5a o»:o C Scnorborth D Kocc'ov J«y K Bwitr R. Pop® L Scfineigwr N f Pictured M AJtrnhofro S. BcrgokJ T. Cm M. Ho'dco tC Howard 5. KoceravnAy M S tfi C. S®mrod M. Sfo-wcrarlon K Zabkr wicr 251mil-ball queens Sue Andrews Conroenr I 252 Queen Kathy McGurk Dee Dee Jonosko Ctxnpon, 8P«n !r»3 Rlfto Sue Cutler Ccvnpor-r D Jane Courrier 253 NorKy Kurtz Cixnpony AL. Lomont f Swell toy R Hof.l ! i Cutie». Scons' W Vocco. Conwnondma A t If nor ; Gww R. CKc»co 2nd row; T Hottori K. RoWy i. So»ok 0. Zwivtt A. Rrvefirock 1. Key K. Omari i MoM h Jrd row: W O-ctofeld J Hi K y 1 Wrff N. iwittcr T Mucfccrhodc 0 Anr .- R. Klwik J. Worn 4lh row: C fu iyu Inner L PM.CO L Rose D DoRoio W Grundnef W A'yj fi n J. Goutw Sth row Optnty . W.llien»»on C. Vwwhollo h UT2 Mngor ?. t J. Lynch R. Kur R, Gv wak 0. E'rINOl L. Roti.nw 254 Col. ioAn Wo«» T I Mu 4lcr Noptor Bordon. Rrooidont Popo. SwootAoari Un I BwcLln 8 Ssr Moi Whi Cool . Ad.! o» 2nd row; M Mo llftf R Friedrich 0 Th l A S«v fl'0 W OfJMWki K. Rerfiy 1 Boy on P. MmeMorf J. 0oOgt i'd row: L lomom W. ToiW R N C Gccecfc W Grinko W Brunner R- ZoWlto t. KniB 4 fc row: A fifn r L KotAwnfca J Groos R C OKO R H«rrt»c K Rom S KoRy J Uwr1U row IL Fox J. Mornu, P'MMJtml R. Simon G Spiffing A ftewrpock W f »: $G Wilcox. Coocn T. B IN» i. Mill ' r "BSJ, Woi w W »»»: M. Trutjy ?P«rwo Sxepinsk' V Aw© W Cc»5 W. T G«fO f ft Mortm Good A©v o Comp McCoy, Wisconsin 256 Scabbard ond Blade Notional Convention“rank among the top five urban universities is clearly within reach . .Chancellor J. Martin Klotsche 258Kenneth L Greenquist, President Charles D Gelott, Vice President Bernard C Ziegler Maurice B Posch A Matt Werner Dr James W. Ncllcn Jocob F. Fnedrick Arthur DeBordeleben Walter F Renk William C. Kahl Mrs Howard V Sondin Gordon R. Walker 261264“you will find satisfaction and achievement only through personal involvement” Governor Warren Knowles at Commencement June 9. 1968school of business administration Ronald Alexander Douglos Boerner Richard Christensen Warren Ellmann 266 Theodore Hahm Beth Harris Russell Hook Dennis Kostko Lester Fritz Den Goodmann Lynn Hockenberg Thomas Klahorst Gary Loos Thad Makowski Lynn SimonsKenneth Spitz Alfred Sterner Sandra Stoll M choel Stutzmcn Lawrence Styzo Thomas Wochal Wyon Wiegratz school of education Nancy Andrus Gail Ankerson Mary Armbrustcr Bonnie Bauer Carolyn Blaser Tara Blieden 267 Bette Birge Richard Bersch268 Mildred Bodenberger Jone Bubolz Nancy Chortek Janet Cowles Veatnco DeWolf Sandro Frcudcn Susan Glusman Dolores Grosch Nancy Hcssett John Herr Jill Holb Sondro Koiscr Kothryn Koufmonn Karen Kosinski Richord Kumbier Joseph LongoPotricio Moido Michele Oxmon Georgionno Lundgren Kerry Newville Joy Modson Kathryn O'Connell Marjorie Nelson ■ Maria Prasko Koren Rehorst Phillip Reisweber Potricio Riordon Shirley Rodziczok Suson Role‘son Sharon Rowland Susan Schmitt Marcia Schuster 269 MaryAnne Sec os h Jud Ih Sodke Sharon Stcarle Koren StolzAndrea Tofelski Gene Thompson Marilyn Tillman Joon Weerts Adelyn Weiss Lawrence Whitehcus Morgoret Yoss school of fine artsJohn Hoynor Constance Hinrichs Jonet Perkms Mary Piroino Dionne Joeschke Gloria Punton Kathryn Harris Alice Nimz Janet Smith Beveriy Jeon Ve ekc Chorles Wisneski medical technology college of letters and science and school of nursing 271 Donalda Benson Nancy ErdahlBcrbora Fritz Ruto Kupsis Margaret Los Margaret Maguire-Nursing Poula Peovey Karen Tangen-Nursing 272 school of social welfare Suzonne Boris Kathleen Betts Shoryn CorriveouRobert Rogon Lorno Rush Patricio Schnvdbauer Patricio Solazo 273 Diane Terlecke Linda Yeung Jean Zimmermanncollege of letters and science Jonc Abrahams Lanno Amidon Bruce Bogin Thomas Barry Patrick Bates David Belfus Maury Berger John Bermmghom Fronces Beverstock John Berend Thomas Blortner Kothy Bolewsky Borbaro Bcseker Peter BowmanJohn Boylon Dorothy Briggs David Brophy Kathryn Burke Marlene Bursell Morcio Chybowsk' Wayne Dohnkc Adrienn Dot2auer Roberta Dorfmon John Edelblute Jon Egel Judith Ehlers Joyce Elias Nonette Ellis Frederick Ernst Noncy Ende Michoel Farmer Richard Fermanton Katherine Fodor Todd FredenbergKaren Gamm Fred Gosmon Nancy Gronesc Marshall Gratz John Green William Greinke Olga Grkovoc Richord Hanke Ruth Holst John Harms Pat Honlon Jerry Heine 276 Mkhoel Hatfield Susan Hatfield Richard Held Gory Holzbauer Kenneth Horgen Kenneth Hunt Daniel Hunteman Donald HutchinsonJomes Jablonowski E Jankowski | Janet Kaprelian Patricia Kleiber Helen Knox David Kom John Joegcr John Kopusta Gregory Jaqmm Denis Kitchen Elizobeth Komo Karen Klei Thomas Kottke Jonet LaBranche Marvin Lauwasser Robert Lehninger More Leslie Lorry LeStorge Jeffrey Levanetz John Luhri 9278 ___________________ Miklos Magyar Keren Molnory Gregory Mono Potricia Meyers Michael Moehrig Terry Mueller Gerhard Muench Anne Mullen Arnold Mullen Loveen Paddock Suson Petoshmck Dennis Pfeil George Nobkey C. Popothemetnos Thomas Nowak Thomas OlsonCarol Puls William Puskarich Gerhard Reiner Maryanna Reszka Jeonne Richardson Gary Risser Steven Rutt Margaret Rys John Rohr Paul Ronyok Phyllis Safer Allen Salomon Edith Schlafrig Wolfgong Schneider Mary Schellinger Fred Schenk Brian Schultz Mavis Schmidt Linda Schult 279 Sandro Smith280 Penny Stiehm Charles Stratmcn Robert Strifling Deborah Stroud Vernon Voss Barbora Wossink Greg Vogt Paula Watry James Vopal Bob Weber Dione Titus Patricio Tutton Dennis Weeden Terry Whittet Jerome Witthoft Susan YahrMary Zone Sandra Zarwcll Richard Zimmerman Tom Zocsch Williom Zunker Silverene Edwards 281D Ml MIC AnOum LtS J»» HJI Social W«K0r» lotai Ckillora Soeol Wcllo-c VI TMn«ihr • US A»» . lirnuf firm Am awards Date On CMm •» Aihirtoatani |lw« i «l Tha Atta.ioan Sacaty ol Waott Accownianlt (MriaPvkM Chof ai| CKAJQtt JOHN PtMBOG s,9"° ° » On Schoicnbp A.a 4 |1mmI«| IYHN MAIIf SIMONS l«i Utatanhw OMBtJ x MN nnuto fm WaiaiNiuM fo nda».D«i SdiaWthp «©MA10 «IZ« APtaOlO MUIlfM I'W 4 Iron Accaonliag bholartbp ArlW Andtrian 4 Conpony SchoiattNpi IYNN MAItlf SIMON) flWOOO JAY WYNVUN ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS TO IVfdJ MA t( SIMON) DEGREE CANDIDATES OF 1968 HONOR SOCIETIES Kappa 0a Ha PI (l J»«itta 0 Hail, John tWia- Sia.o (ai ond»t. tiuida I fcvlt it. M»Hf Am MoWnon, Oatald JowpA die.hi. Hxcy rote D.Ho CM l.»m« A-4 .ion, Ga 1 lllx Holb. JW CtoraA OoKi.njtf, Caiol Jay. r IS. an.., MalS.m.llr.1 kula, •a'boia Jt«n Howto x. Aator Imaa d. Oatny. Cai«l ( Ui r Wv « f.Ui, lt w»J Cail Kjulnann, CiHry Ma.paiX Otemhi. (Ha PaQmo U'td. Gawd harm K«H». Nancy 0a«a Ktatacfc. law" Netataa Oiahlwaiar. Sauaa Do'cd ro VWy hoea Hoik. AH 0 ’a KarpnU, Ja ca Mat llaraaad. Kodilaan Mary l».|i. thawm M Haaiagf. ■»!•» lama U hatha. Oami, Ixaxd Hoh, AM Oita t ioaia» Atrm«M, K» lny Moipl t lathai, t.lan Jaatl Mamlwy. O', ii -t c.rab, flaoWp A. Utalar. Wallr Ho-aid Moya. Hatty Co-oJ Jahnta. Atom Woltar MeCalloogh. »"»• lotntnca lathael. Jo-al laa ( Mouann. Kao .» K M, M l« l. Pfaacy Jtf Millrron IrtiMt, May Cathpina SWt». (Can I on n. lym Maria Mail.»•«. IcM Wpb Nawvilla. Kart Daa Me Nail, KaiUar Mai mate « ». Cary t«0« Otman, w-.ia't Ad• Nawailla. Kart Ota tliabah John Mclaa talahon, Sctoa I pm Para, loh AlWd Thameaoa. Paalo Jana Sandait, V by Atn ScH««it». Mato tamsdna Pitniaa. Claim ■ Wtndahmj. Tat" (Ban Schn.H, r.lik Devg'o. Smth, Jana. Mona L tm-. Taia Maty Had Mo. Joan liana hM. CMu Ora, Aatfioa uar Sahi. fhya.. So.. (Ito. too. f.ltaan. Mo. »y« (•« Jalaatsa. AJie Mai Tp« 0aPa UnylitJi) W«.xia.r, Ailfcu Pit. Alalia TYia'a IMntatyl Sanaa, UnaaJI E raatl SAaHat. QWi Jam 4oio«p. Bo-baro Joaa ChOHa . Mtary Kara Yob fc NrJ OataNX. G a»- SMwhai. KaHilox Ana ’9U, Oo-odiy lorn. Ww W Paa John AJfcad Taoai. IlnoWi ! Grahoo), Job VtKaot Pnndl, lo-.i Jaaaph Traitor, Olmo Ana Mrorr. Jo fir 1. 0 l a Sipoo »W-Tao Koppo Alpha D ,| YraM Wainrtam. Aithia Kaflopt. Mary Jo Anno SehaaalaW. Haatxd lai-md 2o a. Joan Baba KanaiUp. Jodab May Boroaior. $, Phi Kappa PM lAfl Unlaohltyl PI lambda Thata bi. Koran If.OKI 0.1 9. Satan toad Oondto. Karoo Ma-lvr-.V Artf aid. tr+a. t IMaitoa Caadidatat — fdotodan — Woman) Iroilrr. Wal'ai Ma-Pd H Halaa Vo,— AAtn, Etfhx lOrtmlpa. voxtt A. Koto. Joto. Mclto Botokar. Barbara jtan Mima... Jao IvadEla. Maty CalKarina hat . OvopS Ixaaia 1 .mnj. Jeon Poddatl. (piaaa Joy IM H®ma PM Oaf . Haney Jai Haw. Btaailf Nona . Bonofd Myra UaMn, 0. . ) Catono . -chord Ata'inf, N«oto Potouhnrfl. in. (era ImKk, Pal , tom CraHy. Pehoa Am Padaoy, hihar Paw . Pa . Pobtit W-Hma Oa PmAo. S«»ntoy (daa d Titaip. Maiy M Podamih. J»f i lawa Hanarotoo fd-aod. lonold Jaaoa Sine -a. Wmiliad L hatakar laWo JN fobev Uonpd Carl l|M Doha A Upanlth) To react. Jn»r Kay Maitl, Naar Ma.« Ovrie. l r y Sr» » AiHnai Gail (Hr TintwiMt. (nrtan Wayoa ItoaU Marty Duma Gotnon. Prod ClaM Men. Joh. ( W Trtl'l . Otiua A.n Maw»Hla. Iar ttoa Grata, ManW Ira Koadnona. KoMryn Msrgm.l WAt. PMI« A’to So'a . Phylk, l»a Okavoc. Oipe Stpaaa (pula SpM (Treatnae Woaiati) Wallatdmia. Ba'bara Sox ran , Mifot Mmta. Naaar ban AtAenan. GmJ (lla Yaatp. lo.otly laa la . Jana. Mat M««7, top t faula . iaiheta loan Zmba. Mary Wiipaiming counselors, always at hand. They are ready to repeat their lesson as often as UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORES Union Lower LevelSENIOR ACTIVITIES DIRECTORY AND INDEX COLLEGE OF LETTERS AND SCIENCE NAME MAJOR DEGREE ABRAHAMS. JANE ANDREWS. DIANNE BAGIN. BRUCE BARRV. THOMAS BATES. PATRICK 8. BE If US. DAVIO CHARLES BE REND. JOHN F. BERG. RUSSELL KEITH BERMINGMAM. JOHN BEVEKSTOCK, FRANCES B. BIC BEL. MARTHA BLATTNER. THOMAS BOWMAN. PE TE R W. BOYLAN. JOHN A. BHIGGS. DOROTHY J. BROPHY, DAVID M. BURKE. KATHRYN BURSELL. MARLENE E. CHYBOWSKI MARCIA T CORRELL. TIMOTHY A. OAHNKE. WAYNE THOMAS OOREMAN. ROBERTA ANNE EOEL0LUTE. JOHN W. EGEL. MARY JAN EMLERS. JUDITH MRS ELIAS. JOYCE ERNST, FREOERICK A. Ptychotogy-8. S. FARMER. MICHAEL FERMANIAN. RICHARD FOOOR. KATHERINE FOLAN FREDFNBFRG. TOOO GAMM. KAREN JEAN GRANESE. NANCY L. GRATZ. MARSHALL GREEN. JOHN GREINKE. WILLIAM P. GRKAVAC. OLGA HANKE. RICHARO HAMMS. JOHN D. Jr HATFlELO. MICHAEL A. HATFIE LO. SUSAN GAY HELD. RICHARO A. HOLZBAUER. GARY P, HORGEN.KENNETH L. HUNT. KENNETH IVAN JR. HUNTEMAN. DANIEL HUTCHISON. DONALD C. JABLONOWSKI. JAMES L JAEGER. JOHN KANIA. ELIZABETH KAPRELIAN. JANET KAPUSTA. JOHN J. KITCHEN. DENIS L. KLEI. KARFN B. KLEIBER. PATRICIA L. KORN. DAVID KOTTKC. THOMAS G. EngfeWB. A Hivory B- 5. Psychology!!. S. Politick Soence-B. S. EconomicvB. S. Hntocy 8 S. History 6. S. Communication -B. S. Geology B. S. Sociology B. A Sociology 0. A. Chemistry B S. Applied MMh and Pnyucs GeographyB. S. Jc-uinalism-B A. Gcograohy-B. S. Communications-8. S. EnglrtKB. A Spanish-B. A. Zoology B. S. Economics-B. S. Sociology B. S. Conservation B. S. Journalism B. S. Eoghih-B.S. EngliVv B. S. Geology B. S. Chemistry-B.S. French-B. A. teononievB. S Sociology'B. S. MrtlOfV B. A. Economic B. S. Anthropology B. S. Sociology-B. S. Political Sornce 6. A. Zoology B. S. Hmory-B. S. Economics. B. A. Sociology-B. A. M-ethematicvB. S. E cOnomicv B S. Zoology-6. 5. E conomio 6. A. EconomicvB. A. Hiv.ory-B. A. Pr lax . History-B. S. MathematicvB. S. Mitt»m«icyEd. 8 S Speech Secondary E doe History-B. S. Journalism-8. S. English Speech B. S. Journalism B. A. Spanish B. A. Chrmxslry B. S. ACTIVITY PARTICIPATED Newman Ann 1 4 Outing Club-Football Pin S«ma Epsilon. U. A. B Geology Club Phi Kappa Ptu Human Relations Council Sigma Sigma Sigma. Panheflanic Oetia Chi Sigma. Teaching Assistant Delta Chi Sigma Phi Sgma Kappa. Gamma Theta Upwlon Gamma Phi Beta. Social Chau men-Hoi ton Gamma Theta Upsdon. Della Chj Sigma Alpha Sigma Alpha Chairman-Umon Activities. Film Committee Phi Sgma Sigma Volunteer Service Unlimited Phi Mu Geology Chib French Club Badcetball Football Pret Alpha Omicron Pi Phi Alpha Theta Pret. Student Government Phi Sigma Delta ROTC Commander. Scabbard Blade Soc Union Policy Board. V Pret Circolo Italian Prev Beta Chi. Svnnvnmg Newman Association Stu. Li«e a interests. Cede K Club S gme Epsilon Sigma. Tutoring Young Republician YAF Snide-Humor Mag Editor UWM-POST Cartoonist UWM POST. Editor - Alpha Omicron Pi IVY. Sigma Delta Pi Men- Glee Club. Delia Chi SigmaCOLLEGE OF LETTERS AND SCIENCE NAME LA0RANCME. JANET C. LAUWASSER. MARVIN E. LEHIVINGEH. ROBERT F LESLIE. MARC LESTARGIE. LARRV J LEVANETZ. JEFFREY L LUHRING. JOHN A. MAGYAR. MIKLOS MALNORY. KAREN MANO, GREGORY A MEYERS, PATRICIA J MOEHRIG. MICHAEL O MUELLER. TERRY t MUFNCH. GERHAROT C. MULLEN. ANNE NOWAK. THOMAS F OLSON. THOMAS PAODACK. LOVEEN PAPATHEME TRIOS. CONSTANTINE PERSZYK. DANIEL PE TASMNICK. SUSAN F PFEIL. OENNIS J PRlNOL. JAMES J. PUSKARICH. WILLIAM J. REINER. GERHARD RESZKA. MARYANNA RICHAHOSON. JEANNE F. RlSSER. GARY E ROWYAK. PAUL G. RUTT. STEVEN J RYS. MARGARET SAFER. PHYLLI5 SALOMON. ALLEN M. SCHENK. FRED W SCMLAFRIG. EDITH C. SCHNEIOC R. WOLFGANG F SCHULTZ. BRIAN W. SCHMIDT. MAVIS SCHULT. LINDA SMITH. SANOR AS. STAWICKI. ALLAN M STEELS. WILLIAM W. STIEHM. PENNY J. STRATMAN. CHARLES STRIPLING. ROBERT STROUD, OEBORAH C, TITUS. OIANE L. TUTTON. PATRICIA VOPAL. JAMES VOSS. VERNON F. WATRY. PAULA A. WEBER. BOB K. WEEOEN. KENN1SC. WITTHOFT, JEROME L. YAMfl. SUSAN ZANE. MARY AASTEVO. BRITA BENSON. DONALD CARLSON. NANCY C. EROAHL. NANCY LOS. MARGARET FRITZ. BARBARA KUPSIS. RUTA A. MCNEIL. KATHLEEN MILLER. SHARON L. OSBURN. SUSAN J OTTO. 8ARBARA A. PEAVEV. PAULA MAJOR OEGHEE English. SED8 S Chemistry 8. S. MntoryB. S. Political Science 8. A Philosophy B. A. Psycho ogvB A. AMP Ir let national Relation Radw T. V. B S. Psychology Geology B. S Political Sctancc 8. S Psychology Economics 8. S. Psychology B. A. Geography B. S. Psychology-B. A. EngluhS. Ed.. B A. Philosophy 8. S. A M P-0. S. Engloh B.S Mjih A Economics B. S Hmory B S Economics-8. S. Social StudiesB. S. B-ology B. S. Sociology 8. S. Mathematics 8. S. History B Economics English B. A. Political Sc nc«-B. A. Political Science 8. S Anthropology 8. A. History B S. German B. S Psychology 0. S History-B. S. History B. S Spanish B- A Oology 8 S 8 S. Oegw Iniamatl Relations Cconomics-B. S. Political Science-8. 5. Internal! RHatiorw-8. A. Botany B. S. Spanish 8. A Zoology 8 S. Hatoiy Edu B A. Zoology B S. Political Science 8 A. Psychology 8 S-Psychology 6. S Sociology 8. S. History B. S MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY B. S. Medrcal Tech Medical Tech B. S. M d ol Tech B S Medical Tech. B.S. Medical Tech.-B. S Medical Tech.-B. S. Medical TecK-B. S, Medical Tech.-B. S. Medical Tech B. S Mcd al Tech B. S Madical Tech.-B. S. Medical Tech. B. S. ACTIVITY PARTICIPATED Fr t Prw. IFC Tr ». Baseball. Intramural Judo Club, Fencing Phi Mu. Militaty Ball Court Social Work Club Geology Club Post Photo Editor P. OHia Epsilon Outing Club Guidon. Sigma Tuu Delia ROTC. Newman Club Phi Sigma Epsilon, PM Alpha Theta Alpha Phi Omega. Neuman Club Newman Association Inter national OHIO Chi Sigmo V Pres. U. S. G.. Della Tau Delta ROTC Sigma Epulp ' Signa Model U. N.. Student. Zionist Organization Univ Symphony Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Ph Omogj UnrversHy Student Government Symphonic Band Circolo Italiano Geology Club Phi Alpha Theta University Student Legislature Newman Club IVY Alpha Phi Sorority Sen or Class Pres. Tau Kappa Epsilon Pp Alpha Theta. SagmaCM Delta UWM Guide Speaker Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pies Reps. USG Delia Zeta Phi Mu. PanMellemc Council Alpha Delia Theta Alpha Delta Theta Honoratae. Pom Pon Guts Alpha Della Theta Alpha Delta Theta Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha OHta Theta Med. Ttrrh Sorority. A. O. T. Alpha Delta Theta. Oiaiorm Chorus Alpha Delta Theta Alpha Delia ThetaAN END There was a time when a college degree could Ik- considered an end — sufficient education for the job ahead OR A BEGINNING? technology and intense individual competition. Now, whether you're planning on a career in science or the humanities, the requirements arc much the same -special knowledge, special skills, special nine niton And that means post-graduate study. '[fie decision is yours. Make it carefully, for it will be one of the most important you'll ever make. We at Allis-Chalmcrs hope it will be for further study. Being deeply involved in space-ngr technology, we know first-hand the importance of special skills and education. Just as you will, in the future — when it counts. ALLIS-CHALMERS288 Year alter Year serving more people in more ways than any other bank in the state. a FIRST WISCONSIN NATIONAL BANK OF MILWAUKEE Member federal Deposit Insurance CorporationSENIOR ACTIVITIES DIRECTORY AND INDEX SCHOOL OF EDUCATION NAME ANDRUS. NANCY M. ANKERSON, GAIL E. ARMBRUSTER. MARY U BAUER. BONNIE J. BCRSCM. RICHARD M. BIRCE. BETTE A. BLASER. CAROLYN M. BLIEDCN.TARA M. BODENBERGER. MILDRED I BUBOLZ. JANE R. CHORTEK. NANCY COWLES. JANET OEWALT. VEATRICE F REDDEN. SANORA GLUSVIAN. SUSAN L. GROSCH. DOLORES M. GRUNOW. LINOA HACSE. JANICE HANSEN. JANICE HASSETT. NANCY HENEVAOL. LYNN C. HERR. JOHN HOLB. JILL ORRELL KAISER. SONORA L. KAUFMANS. KATHRYN KOSINSKI. KAREN A. KUMBLER. RICHARD A LONGO. JOSEPH R. LUNDGREN. GEORGIANNA MADSON. JAY D. MAI DA. PATRICIA NELSON. MARJORIE NEWVII If.KFHY O'CONNELL. KATHRYN OXMAN. MICHELE A PRASKO. MARIA RE HORST. KAREN L. REISWtHER. PHILLIP G. RIORDAN. PATRICIA RODZICZAK, SHIRLEY ROLEFSON. SUSAN L ROWLANO. SHARON A. SCHMITT. SUSAN A. SCHUSTER. MARCIA SECOSH. MARYANNC SODKE. JUDITH A. STEARLE. SHARON STOLE. KAREN L. TAFELSKI. ANDREA THOMPSON. GENE TILLMAN. MARILYN WEE RTS. JOAN IVEISS. AOELYN VHI TE MAUS. LAWRENCE YASS. MARGARET AU XANOER. RONALD BOERNER. DOUGLAS CHRISTENSEN. RICHARD ELLMANN. WARREN C. FRITZ. LESTER L. GEROLD. MICHAEL GOODMANN. DAN HACKEN8ERG. LYNN M. HAMM, THEODORE P HARRIS. BETH HOOK. RUSSELL G KLAHORST. THOMAS H. KOSTKA. DENNIS M. LOOS. GARY M. MAKOWSKI. THAO J. SIMONS. LYNN M. SPITE. KENNETH T. STERNER. ALFRED STOLL. SANORA U STUTZMAN. MICHAEL L. STYZA. LAWRENCE WACHAL. THOMAS WIEGRAT2. WYON MAJOR OEGREE Early Childhood Ed Sec. Ed. Spanish Excaptl. Education-B. S. Phy. Education Phy. Education-B. S. Catly Childhood Ed.-8. S. Education-B. S Education-8. A. Educations. A. E.C. education Eng. Sac. Educ Education 8. S Elementary Edwc.-B. S. Elementary Educ-B. S. Elementary Educ.-B. S. Educ at ion Philosophy Elementary Educ. Ea«ty Childhood Lduc B. S. Education ft History E. C. Education Elem. Education - Pty. Ed. Sac EducaHon-Spamsh-B. S. Elem. Education 8 S. Elem. Education B. S. Sac Educ.-Sperush B. S. Elam, FAjcinon. B S. Education ft MathB. S E. Educ Menial Rat aided Ek-meniaiy Education B S. Sac Educ. Math. 8. S. Education-B. S. E. Education B. A. E. Education - B A. Elem. Education B. S. Elem. Education B- A. Elem Education U S E.C. Educations. S. Soc. Studies. Sec Educ. Educ. Social Sludan B- S. Education B- S. Except. Education Elem Education B-S. Education B. S. Sac Educ-Hiktory Elem Education 8 A. E. C. ED. 0. S Elam Education SED.-Cnglnh-B. S. Sec Ed.. Mathematical Elem Educations S. Elem Educations. S. Lang. Ans Concentration Elem Education B Elam EducanonB. S Exept Education B. S. Educ Social stud B S. BUSINESS ADMINSTRATION Marketings. B A. Accounting B. B. A. Production Managrm. B B A Quant. Analy., B. B. A. ProdL Management BOA Quant. Analy. 0 B. A. Accounting BB A Marketin'] B d A Maifc cling 36 A Marketing 6 B A '•talkcling DBA Marketing B B A Finance B B A Indust. Engineering BB A Personnel Mangm. ft Organisation Accounting BB A Banking Finance B B A Accounting B B A Marketing B 8 A Indust. Mangm. BBA Induct Relations BBA Marketing BBA Business Admin. ACTIVITY PARTICIPATED Alpha Sigma Alpha. ROTC Sgm Delta Pi. Stu. Ed. Assoc. Phi Mu Sigma Tieas Gamma Phi 8eta. Pcmm Cluli Phi Ed Club. Tiack Football Gamma Phi Beta. Pres Nat Educ Assoc. Stu Educ. Assoc. Guidon Phi Sigma S«gma. Sigma Eosdon Sigma Alpha Pi Sorority Phi Mu Gamma Delta Ph| Sigma Sigma Phi Kappa Phi Student N E A Sigma Sigma Sigma. Studam N E A Student Educ. A hoc Phi Mu V-Pie WRA. Pcmm Club Si ha Della Pi. S E A Kappa Delta Pi Sgma Delia Sigma Delta Pi. Pies. 5. E. A. Pompon Gwl Religions Council. U. A. B. Phi Mu SigmfrPres Della Zeta. V Pros PanHoltenic Phi Mu - Phi Mu Sigma Ho no at at ft Phi Mu Gamma Phi Beta International Club Internal). Reading Association V Pips Teu Keep Epstlon Alpha Omicron Pi N. E. A. Phi Mu Sigma Gamma Phi Beta. Secy. Sr Clan Outing Club ft S. E- A. Honoratae Phi Alpha Theta Treat Sigma Sigma Sigma Student N. e. A. Student W. E. A. Gamma Phi Beta. V-Pies. Sr C«aa Phi Kappa Phi. S«gmj Tau Delta NewmvanClub Librarian Katipa OHta Pi Phi Mu Sigma Student S. E. A . Student N. T. A. Alpha Kappa Pu Vat's Club Pi Sigma Epstlon ROTC S. A. M. A. S. K. PanHol. USG Alpha Kappa Ps . U. S. L. Phi Chi Theia Pi Sigma Fnation. A. M. A. Tieas Pi Sigma Epsilon. A. M, A. Alpha Kappa Psi Phi Sigma Epsdon phi Chr Theta Mon's Glee Club Neuman Club Phi Chi Theta Tie Pht Sigma Epsilon. Football Inuamurets. McLaren H. Assoc. Phi Sigma Kappa. Univ. Stu GovernSENIOR ACTIVITIES DIRECTORY AND INDEX SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WELFARE NAME MAJOR DECREE ACTIVITY PARTICIPATED AMI DON. LANNA BETTS. KATHLEEN M BORIS. SUZANNE L CARRlVr AU. AMARYN CHI TTE RO, BARBARA DAVIOSON. RlKI EICHSTAEDT. RONALD J FUHRMANN. SUSAN GLOYER. GAIL O. HILL. JOYCE J. JOSFPHSON, MARY KAY MARINO. ALLAN C. MERWIN. RICHARO A ROGAN. R08ERT T RUSH. LORNA R SCHMIDBAUFR. PATRICIA SOLAZO. PATHICIA A TERLECKE, OIANNE M. YOUNG. LINDA L. ZIMMERMAN. JF AN Social Work.S. W Social Welfare-B. S. Socul Wort Social WMfareB S Social VMlaii Social WHIa Social WHfaia B S. Social W»lla« Social We4lere»B. S. Social Wet laic 8. S. Social Welfare B. S Social Work 8. S Social WHIa»e-B. S Social Wellwe-B. S. Social Work B S. Social Welljie-B S. Social IV11 a o- B. S Social Welfare- B. S Social Weflare-B. S. Social Work B. S. SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS Social Work Club Social Work Club Social Work Club Phi Ela Sigma, Social Work Club Social Work Club Newman Club. Social Work Club Social Work Club. Veteran Club Social Work Club. UAB Soc. Committee Social Work Club Social Work Club Social Work Club Alpha Om cron Pi Social Welfare Club Lutheran Student Assoc. Gamma Phi Bela. Marietta House BRADY. ROMOLA G MRS. BRENNER. ASTRiO COCNEN. MARSHA OOOLAN. DANIEL L. FERRY. BARBARA L FRANCISCO. HAROLD W FRANTZ. SUSAN J GRANT. KAREN L HARRIS. KATHRYN N. HAYNOR. JOHN W. HINRICHS. CONSTANCE JAESCHKE. OIANNE C. NlMZ. ALICE J PERKINS. JANET V PIRAINO. MARY L PUNTON. GLORIA SMITH. JANETM. VELEKC. BEVCRLY J. WISNESKI. CHARLES F An Education. BFA Fine Airs B A Mu«C Therapy-B.F.A. An (Sculptor) 8 F.A Mwsrc-B.F-A. Advertising Design B.F.A. Art B.F.A. Ait B A. Music Ed B F.A Music B.F.A. AH Education 8 F.A Mime Ed. B.F.A. AM E(J.-B.F.A AM B F.A. AM Ed.-B F.A Am B FA. Musk-B.F.A Piano B.F.A. Theatre Arts B.F.A. SCHOOL OF NURSING Delta Zeta. Style Show Co ordmator Newman Club. Phi Mu Scabbard A Blade. Vicr Pres. Pershing Rifles Gamma Phi Beta Phi Mu. UWM Student Faculty Adv Council McLaren Do«m Pret Sigma Stfm Sigma, Arts Students League Delta O micron Sec Trees Holton H. Alpha Sigma Alpha Delta Ormcron Honor star Delta Ormcron. Orchestra University Players MAGUIRE . MARGARE T NurvngB.S TANGEN. KAREN ANN Nurvng-B.S Pum Pun Girts Nursing Prol Og Nursing Prol Org. Gamma DeltaDole Cornell Roger Pryor John Krueger Agency Supervisor Bob Mitchell Ted Rose John Pryor Agency Supervisor Morvin Hanson Best Wishes from all of Us Ask Us About — The 'Blue Chip" Plan Designed with the "College Mon" in Mind! We Represent the "Blue Chip" Company CONNECTICUT MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY THE ROBERT D. WAGNER AGENCY 1250 Morme Plozo 276-2026 Bill Torrolly Bob Wogncr Generol Agent John KowoWlu 291LUCK AND SUCCESS Jfflen’s and 3®omen’s Clothing BRITTANY LTD. 2611 E. Hampshire 9644)340 TO THE CLASS OF 68 BUTLER PAPER COMPANY 4040 N. Richards Milwaukee, Wis. 292 CD LJ F3 i F= rvi 1 © N t N 1 f 1 C I U R n ( C 0 N t 1 N T | I I I I I MILWAUKEE WATERTOWN WISCONSIN MonvfoctV’Vfl of COUNTING AND CONTROLLING INSTRUMENTS In Eu»op» DURANT (tUROPA) N V. RARNEVElD. NfTHfRLANOS THE CAMPUS STORE RIEGELMAN’S DOWNER PHARMACY “Everything for the Student” 3116 N. Downer Avc. 964-0600CANDIDATES FOR ACADEMIC DEGREES June 9. 1968 BACCALAUREATE DEGREES « Mfi I"- - h»i»). IBM ed »• !. im, COLLEGE OF LETTERS AND SCIENCE BACHELORS OF AKTS: »l kata. I"|lfol AC . UU- Jtk. I—I Alon. fde CM. |lma| Km»M ».'.«• O—lM lw| |IW IVt Wod, C -.» km l M ►-..V IvA, Cl Ml floeai |Ce a H| fcv «,«»! Km |ato»J« m r rifM fafoioa Im lloona) Kl. tde Rond •"». tao KivA M font C r dA brntf buMMI. |M M r,MVII Re. S I law IV-r tow fort ||»I|WA|. l r« v- Bamdl l jt low, W U— • S ‘» foit A»f«f lt Rtd Ww I fopWM MW Wam Boom It.-®.I If Mn, Cod H»W Rw-AO Stw. Vf»na Mr. Ifiat« | Ooiatot. W A C»«K»| Bed M VO Me liVI tiw ibjWI M. 9»f. Iff Cel too .. , woi Mf ( 144 OfW'. CaoW Mw Rt «l| G, . CMWI MO 0 1) Cfhw. Join iwi fowl fond. totM fon R c VI tew, Mtwf l 4 Me) CAmlCVIM' W.| iKWcir , foil Cmf Uwf| Ml . Im Km twlVw foil ie.fl. |f.,-v Me , 'mi Iw B. Cd VMM, CMi 0.M foM f-w tnlM W".m Air'l Mm .. AW. A» lVdk| MAw.imO r w WWmi, •f'f IK" »»• ! Ml. Canr torn Rto'l • ••. . MM lea fa Ml let., VI., Mm. |»a .M ■•Mm . Mu. 1-lfMM. ' lid. M»r if| IH I MHfll. ilWMl C.jlll'l l.y,'. Carol li» fowl I.„rW .» Mm Ro..»| lf"l. Ww. toe! It-del raw Iww Aw-t lido. Mm C»a n |V W «m..M«i wi|ww Hei Am WIm Dm) iw , foe tar I WM MAIN AIM Mn fwi| aaamM, C-o» awmm Ifoo an , a 1 1 cea MM O Kf Mlf VI tf-wl Mr. M. AteA |tw Ml r.uM. hw Bmai torn. £V,M Mead MH 'Mar VtW M.AW.I IC-pUtl AnW Omml Rod low. K»wc la «W-Wf llwmi I.W. Iwmo I MO (Coat to . tow Cor tM o| taitew. tarjof- Met Jtol Mlai We. rr t‘f V. Rtai VI UM. I..A WAaw. |AW ) Wedr. W Hjao» Ken lnw.| 1 4—. (Wo U—! 'At Mill •, !e»i BeonW Wr. tan Ow.4 AmH Mm. «V.i Wo rajl.v Wtatot tow Aao IIW fo» MamA. Bate r M ..w CWI 1.1) VAM«. Cod WOw MW—H iodaa. ItW. AW tXodl WkJ, kw. A RaatoAal A o, A n lift—. too , tan 1 wl hfo. tow rod, fi n t Ce l tolie Get Mtwl n- i—. r-r- (MM foil !«' ■. f a Arn Cent Wmff In— CtaraMI mw. fcCl Cata A - W W -AW B. Veto lr liaw.l ww«f. Am Item I to.) WfW. Ueo—f Irr rl'V'iM WI.IM. ••■• »« toWi (Wall —f Matmt Ota. I Vet Ao wd. H4R Kn, If— 11—Oft tofW. A Ihon |W OiiWj-4., am. 0a It— fonM 0«». Omw. far c| Cm . Cw-d Wf— MM foftouo. I - r-t aai. Until fo A Amt folfM l»W- Hotcr torn ImM, M r A.,bo fowl •a , tortam |T.««• • r—totoaL toll. , t| Kfooe lii—o. CWI ten t ad.M CowW,. Mnlf. Wo Bad 0« p . 'Iff7 Claw Ml Ml OtC. Oer Motel AAI IttftoM. Me MW Mn « • ( tWitoK ton t r» Cl we «tow. tor tr B "r |Wo« IVnolw.! I |to M| iff— Ww AH CmK) ■non MrorW Arm P •! • W r 4f. tail' fooneu-in—. (for Am Cl la Co. toll fond I to) 1 0.1, Win. la If....el I,•« »•••, tolt— M put awive. w .io, on a i MMMoa . Iotas ItaftM fowwa . V—• Cool P «v l 14. .’.to.I HaauM l«r ' 0a i Kom w (to . So| to—fo M wo, i» tot Inwitanl, to — (Woo KeAM M W C. CWtto am. » ltan»! C a A Mo W—A. ton— I (WrMI BACHELORS OF SCIENCE — . wa W w, WmW I. Cod tarn. Cm Ko AMI tan , IM L tone Aaoa. IM Cl RrfAw. HA. t . (too W . "MW S e| •err. Ha— f MW a—v a u .a t p « kite. IW Mki 0 04 !»» ». to IWwo |foM k.f, OonA I—. Cl Inel. irr. Mot 1 0 1 Wo Hw Im tf.«f kn y«v leln I lOadl ktnl. (oloto A A Won to— or Cam Cl Kale. Mew to lie-1 MMc r. OomoI |k| tWtota (WW L |W o| Ma—e. 1tom.A fOoW kA foton J s an V I tod. WAe ton A—I to— ., Ctortn 1 Ifonw hfMm fo—UI (tod »—» taAoe WW« fool »—. »n—f K C a i K Af l "A lun AMI Onto . Cteb t. Inn . KM4 I H to kuA. im I Pon| late M t J. . IAn Moll C-toVA fowl to— Ptoh Co—. W o iaOoa r»rt Caakan l C WWW pC « CoooA. ia do Reel (oo W, MWA W la W» Cam Ml. li.M-A fo ■■»» I — Cetl. Tiaetar A ttM C «,l| to— 4,m o,| Cf w. k—to—Wr X aW COuittfr, Coni Mm CWn| foot. AeWal 1 1 RaA V.4 antot. MJe Ware Wool; twn-le. RWf W|m O B—. I—I mn M pft M e. WWmi Aa.f Cl Bf tor Jam Am K m | l nW. Rdil tan l Mr| HeW. liV OMae If m | lAafotaw. Jala WJlm K— i MeA CI| rum Hm la . Wm Wo U—n lleWg. lotto lhe J lion. fetoU W— lAUri C. Mo Ato o tto l, IWW.I tor Ktoorl l oo . rn »» Wto»A ( ! larw, KoAmk AWo IKkI: r—. 'torn. IM lO n| too. toe I Ion, R f1 Mint v f r A Aw c«| eV-. Peoto (Hoi Cl »loK M» AH . Cl foWr.toArtf A k.| •we. OotoW tom «-,K | t,a l. fc..7 leW « : hell.. » « torn « fo H Cow—. VAon Coil R«ad Como. Mr Ion- IM Cod. . ton AM— ».U| Cc—fto, Wilton ' itta Ml| Cttot . Atom I oi ttoll Cow. Mm cwn c? Cnno. A—4 Ootow At, .f foa Iww. 0 1 Mtoir d Cftohww. m« a r A—I CM, to". C4 Atool Cotan, WiMe. Mi Wrd| Cedf. Wl Mat WoWI Comm , NtoCJ.w, awl Crrt. tAortoB 1 1 (rod Cam . AW C»»W» A—o| f—V WAtow for Cl foOM. —a Um.A Cl Coe tan Mae Bel tori- I. In A C r nornt H.«lr .A-WtoM Hot., Baton! "to- Wml da—.. «o e» kro A V l •W—. M« Band. Hot —onto I4k“ — f foo-tl Hto» W»- Weed. I tad !, V,r. CknW. RMmI food • H»e noe, Warn, fo® Bod Mad Ww». Baton f N IW- •— foe— | » Vi| Me . l m Want Oft Mwo, BoM.f Com IKrtoa) A04. »Cf fom.| !—■»—. la- B Itoan. (Cmo) awieto. ta..I Cooper (food ■bid— Co tod M Hap fnnd Imnn Woatl Me-i. A am W— « nW MmM ». Worm fowl Mmead A, Mdod |A4 d WaA. doeai WAn Ltar «| e e. «C. A— M jolto-d. Ha— i—| Mod oil mail, Tto— 0 Re) awe fo-d tofoa food b-ffta AO—Af. for.fl IWenl unto , ide I4.| Hal (-Aw , ktrrfofafood load. leeM I .— Rd Cam. "AW Iwi paw ■Mu toW AWn |7o n ■oretraa. • Utr foMAfl a,.Mark. Bead for? 1C ■MB .. It — e»A laoml ledM. Arto — • |CW| (W. Cow JA-rd Afoot bon. WW Hand Uren. Com Bnled i MP| loMMeBdfol « •’ »» Bed looread (Co. CrawAto. Bw W Hr) •ratal , (oiidi Nooon tlaei 'Ad. Bern A-, W,twl m.a URiei. CMOO Keen.) •f»afo C»d Wwfo I Wan | —Wao. toto., fond 11(0 1 «“r. tow A W, i. ffM In , Coif Oita, foad UrRrr. 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Cvtoi... i.lo |»„ta« to .. .', U.l... u.., |tia„ Mta'o to. Jhqlnl Moff. . flto ho. I7..II “"!■ W..W, to... (C.H-UM.yc.ltor..I |»»'- ? Who. Will. »«M M.M, Hutton An (Tt h) 5M.AI, Alta, Mtaka«l r-.ot u. m, tjhto r.ito. n—i turtej.. U»i 1 S »kM, r.iu. Horn [ .. v.) StanV Hk Iwi Jsti.| — »«•••• " r t»«S. k fc t..| CMiUi mi. fell Mw. tw-l ta to. irwv. i.y v »i i irv 9mm.. Oar, tM Rnn) r wm, (amu w»f« JnfiiH Udv, CM.I.. Ir. U...| t l». '«• tom lUml Glib. Cota M o«i tatahl v «.. Wito» tot. pta| Votakoi, Oo W (%•«• v. i- tow, tobi, Caatl WCivil) taito.J Ibv.i W«,rV», C .d. m| w. bv, lor Item If. .M W.ko., MI W flr-l W.MI.. A. .. |AWf| W« llw| ton flu M W Mto. Ado. A o lP Vk| WJmm. Oo-d Oc.ta. itc.| Wmclr, Kt n.k 1..... |Mw) ta». »o«ia (.». . lWd| W lto ik. U..V Ata iO.rl W.U., Cuitat bi.. IUc| W.lto .., Mwto.1 ttoto Ih.t.e) ;•••. H , timu.n in.ll t, .• -. IM Mr' pul tat r.A . H«| »',.» . pot V tnl. Cnl VI.KMI Blast la. tamo r.oi (fatal folk , wilm f.oAtal, Ill .u-| Aufu.l, I VIA todvww. tain- Itp- W T, I..I, , (.A. ft_ :.i A|J| tolard, tan. C. fftaiV.1 tmbtal. UtaOvAl :tV)ll tacjc. VC A 0 1 kotto.. I . Am it n . | to.|L limll » «« ) don . tai' (null (Sad km. On ™ A t ta Kami ta oVk.. Ctaijlx I Jrai.H k vf ta ! » I ll.mj Vk Ma Ml | Aide- A (.1 Gil . Dm.I C.,I Coltao, Atm lCA r| Coaau.. Mm f ai Ostxyk. Cc t Ooo (dm . Ml. Court lAU j » ■■■■. D .ro Kaoiwl Mm-.i, » ..!( (dno lot.. A o'| Goto . . Man a Am. Mi| C-Mam. to.M W W.rt.l tas k. ubm W.I. , MU O. ., Cto,. totak Ctotol Hum. Go tad Alt. tata.,1 Hu.. , Wll.— 0 Pm.| ta (. Cool A-to |AU1| (tamo, O.iro logr Tia. «IL I tar l«|«. (Ootal •talWan. iota toe fvM Maoinl. Kuroth 'wo o |tan[ l,IV Am Jaostaox. W,. u, 9v ioi Kto.'—, Cbm Aka. |lw| (otak . Oat Oank ifo).| Moo. Av tal i»«» tall K-msu. lato.t Pia»| loo. fetTKTd la. Ma W-S' louttay. toko Ami ft.ota ii tao .e«tadl. 11 11 Atatsa ,. law. 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WISCONSIN QUALITY MOTOR CONTROL and QUALITY ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS MARINE NATIONAL EXCHANGE BANK Himi. fun Or»e».i • CwlitMi 9 te SB Vurdit f'«!»» 295NORDBERG QUALITY PRODUCTS IN A TRADITION OF ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE OlESEl ENGINES SCREENS GAS TURBINES GRINDING MILLS COMPRESSORS MINE HOISTS CRUSHERS RAILWAY TRACK MACHINERY HYORAULIC VALVES AND MACHINERY NORD3ERG MFG. CO., Mistake . wi»co« iR LAKESIDE SHEET METAL WORKS. INC. HEATING ROOFING VENTILATING AIR CONDITIONING 3117 N. Oakland Avc. Milwaukee ll.Winconun 332-3880 296 THE NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY • MILWAUKEE i. Lowell Craig, CLU, Associates 765 N. Jackson St. 276-9800 Dennis W. Laudon. CLU, Associates I5S0N. Prospect Avc. 271-3242 Milwaukee, Wisconsin (53202) NML BEST WISHES MILWAUKEE BREWERS' ASSOCIATIONCONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS RIVERVIEW BARBERSHOP MILWAUKEE EQUIPMENT CO. 2216 N. Farwcll Avc. 4221 North 35 Street Milwaukee Milwaukee. Wisconsin 53216 COMPLIMENTS OF CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ’68 B. C. ZIEGLER AND COMPANY West Bend. Wisconsin SHORE VU SHOP RITE Church . School. Hospital Bonds 2420 E. Capitol Dr. Distributors of the Newton Fund 332-8420 Milwaukee Offices: Carl Joe D'Agostino, Prop. 735 North Water Street 3306 South 27th Street g r e e n s CAMPUS BOOK STORE 3132 N. Downer Ave. Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53211 297B. CIANCIOLO. INC. MILWAUKEE'S LARGEST AND FINEST PURVEYORS OF FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Successfully Serving Milwaukee's Hote . Clubs, Restaurants and Institutions 322 N. Broadway 276-8200 Milwaukee 276-2808 CHARTERED BUSSES FOR ALL OCCASIONS D ADGER D BUS DEPOT Fast Daily Express Service Between Milwaukee and Madison Via Interstate 94 Running Tune -90 Min. 635 N. 7th Street 276-7490 SqUHRE£ CDMPRNY a ud 298 ANIMATES I OR DEGRI LS (Contmpcdi •••mam. n f '»W. »- in im ■Mi. fm-.n lr» WI WlUwi Wi—»Tlf. lam M HlWlB-T Hll»M hut. OPf • » . tMI'll, «» SI C f» C.. m1 k Kd M M . I-WI «M MpM. t an Mm MlW . OP Am OK . •««■) 0 1 WnA tlKl M A w.w Kami Am Mm IKii «r CV W» Tmf Im («. Wmm (MM Gw«m. Ml Mm Cm.i, MA Mm Im . Jwar Hn A «uM. I9M (llM.AKJkU (■" h M Will l M. MW W Ol M. IMI la Cm . u »7 tr Vnofc T«fc ». »mw» i. OS Am«m W » » ». M»r t M t ||« Wl 01k MM OtlMMtM. MM SOIOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BACHELORS OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION: J-w. IMA AW... . I mU ( M» »l A.mU bolt l« tWMSl Vltf. tm Am u m NmiW IiWI—jm »r ' Wm K. • I M 4 ' 'M I" kkM Am I - Am ImIm On l A ,u..k. Cnw fcW-M lM Am W l t« Mm IWatHm «« M Mm Ml, MW Mm» CMM, l«n It M0 M W» McMIn. Mi U (Am ((mmiii Gsr( , Wsrn o ilMn MhK Aril ,, Uw M Ow. !i OP Ml. M I Am, kP« Am WU . W»M»1 On. M jf H W CMtl (M 0 1 tm-Ai •mam. Mm lilt Mm d.tlillM ftM . kr—', I . » »W. 'IM HlMl SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WELFARE BACHELORS OF ART: a . r i a .-. n im«, :mW . U.V W MAiAAm « m, ( i k.’rtjr Jk-.IW ■Him. Km Am BACHELORS OF SCIENCE: K M. Mi. k K-r. IMA VWr . K .» A VWW Pom r IimAmi. k ( I Tan, Mm|»ci Ism COLLEGE OF APPLIFD SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING - »- nm Im a m- m. HUM M km i i i wo-f •Ml. (AH IM, k «. llMW L WkWA. 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Oh ah l nw m « m i . 11— ■ ! • »M»wl •WN Um r.m i .« l Km I1 i d l 1l IM-1 ••» Aim . -»»» ! im nm a imp h. w i o«r« d ■vr IWmlM (Up 1M M. t Caa, Id (»■ ■ •IV. Ud- : i.i lAc-rr. M r. HmW 1 pip Hi Oh ? •( Im K»mU W 1 1 l w Cm, twin 1 V MHnk. 1 an P»" Mpk Ml W 1- |Ae 1 u.iwv tl Acral (1 1. H, !••• K»’P Mi nan W»K |M (an A«W 4 fnd—W Hip (la . TnAf CkH HP Hamm AamO HI KW| . Pal Amk mf M Wn 0a « »rr W» »i 1 i tKMkmOiWAai W Ww kif J »A-H tarn. Im Mam t c««P In , C«m (H |An p V - Omm Im OmmI Ami W lot, I . Hip wm. im im .(-i “ri I teadCIIAlp 1 iw, 1 m up « p. M (V-nn- |M v K.U H M-«M pip Wanna, wn M • • • lar •» H ■ •Pamk.. CMn » l l CW n. CUT (MM " CKH AaAAHkAutll M W MM nW H jl ■mi. i a» ii kA ip « «,. 0 Cm W M « I.M.KHA-P •m . In. o« lAuip UPr. Dam • IH1 Vim laan All I (mi vp, »mh . f m Mr Act SCHOOL OF NURSING BACHELORS OF SCONCE: k.A «- 'I Mn. Am IMh i «k i.a 0» a, T1IE HONORARY DEGREES OK (an n1 r A kiaii IWn W k»l CM"a C H-« 1 Mn »F Ck»”' KAfk L OOTTMAAPI (am d M Ml dr. pi, P 0 Im4 D a p lam b 1 W d n (W IMP Owl. 0 1«m» P Ci«y«P» HAMlCUAAlW Kpna l m P l'(W tdiw i nm mu no 1.1 Dad P Kmh Ha i A NKKIMNIM O’ m an 1 f and p a HaAnA P ! W O Han VaMAaPKIKClO 0 d Pld tdMto ’■ 11111 Warn ! W|lk.| Cm . Daam P IkVm ANaa COMIf BAIMOOI TkH MOMOAANV Otr.RttS Alim. (AEOK HAAAlfkG-TCXk (AEUNTA1I0W Of CAAIOIOATE8 fOA OOCTOftS Of GACES OKAAII 1tirG Mk..»i« »T«oi COKMAIUKOOf OOCIOAI OEOACCC (•flan) AtOM KAA AlMCTOfk fHfMKTATIONOf CAMOIOATES fOA MASTEAS- DC CAECA OmnKAAl C «»IU CaWai. PH KiM-J f.i.r AhWa UP la l« Otmii 0. •a w, kill lUkaaa I syk, X M MnlM Una I •AnjAm C«nn Am (.MV ( K '" An CfHm »■ 1 fe.«. Kh»,m (PA . ma Am COKFCRRIKC OP MASTIRT DCOAEIS (mKMfDM HAAAINCTOM f Af UMTA1I0N Of MM0A Cl AU Gift l M Ckaaa KmUM lAAICS VOfAlTHE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-MILWAUKEE IVY PUBLICATIONS NORTH STOWELL HOUSE TO The Student Body and Professionals DATE School Year 1967-68 FROM IVY STAFF RE: Special Thanks and Credits ■TO ERR IS HUMAN TO FORGIVE IS DIVINE" We hope as you have perused the poges of this yearbook you are cognizant of the foct thot perfection Is yet to be desired However, we shall try harder in the years to come. We desire to give extro special thanks to the following: Ivy Photographer....................Dove Kom UWM Photo Services and John Czukos Photographer, Sch. of F.A.......................Andrei Lovinesco Cilento Studios .....................Senior Photos Delmor Printing Company Representatives .... W Northup J. Mulder Student Activities Office......Gerald Andrews, faculty odvisor to the yeorbook ond Assistant Director of Student Activities. —

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