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Text from Pages 1 - 113 of the 1946 volume:

■Milwaukee state teachers collegeI V Y E DITORIAL S I A F F Editor Business Manager Photography Make-up Copy Sports Art ..-Carol Dooley Marjorie Safer .....Gordon Rudolph Doris Brockman ....Marie Reiss Beatrice Rogers ......Vcmcllc Fenner ... Clifford Kosykowski Rosalin App AR E CONTRIBUTORS Carol Burt Pal Steen burgh Pat Wood Marian Mueller FACULTY ADVISORS Art Fred Logan Business Maxwell Freeman Photography Manfred Olson f Igr 6This book finds a hope and a challenge in the peace which has come. The ending of the great war has swelled our numbers and has turned our energies to the pursuits of the sciences and the arts and the great ideals of brotherhood and selflessness. The experiences of the people who are the college have made this hook. . . . their troubles and triumphs, their excitements, their labors, their friendships, and their dreams. These arc the beginnings . . and they will grow, and increase, through the memories and the imaginations of all who seek to share by looking among these pages. I’vgr 7Page «Putr V ’« «■ 10tlie facility As I he newly graduated high school senior floats blithely' into 4 the college life of Milwaukee State Teachers College on his own personal little pink cloud, that faithful mass of dewdrops carries him serenely through the first week of entrance examinations and registration cards. Going on through time and space and experiences, he becomes inevitably and irrevocably influenced by the personalities of the members of the college faculty and staff.DR. FRANK E. BAKER, president of the college, HERMAN KLUGE, dean o f in e n, C E L I A ERNER. dean of women, faithful friends of the students, ever ready and anxious to help solve our problems and find pleasure in our college life. After twenty-three years of faithful service to the college. President Baker is leaving. During these years the school has grown to a place of national importance in the field of education. We regret the loss of a fine administrator and of a good friend, and we hope that Dr. Baker will have a happy and peaceful future. Page ViPage 13ALFRED MADSEN, Manual Arts instructor and Manager of the Stationer’s Stand, selling some poor student today’s special in note book paper; JOHN NASH, History instructor, enjoying one of his witticisms; EN0LA BORGH, English instructor, pouring tea; ORAL ROBBINS, Mathematics instructor, giving a chalk talk on x-y; BENJAMIN GRONE-YVALD, English instructor, at ease with a good book and a good pipe; AN LEA HANKWITZ, Music instructor, anticipating the charm of a Mozart melody; RUTH MARY FOX, English instructor and director of the Composition Workshop, at her typewriter; LI -CILE EVANS, Biology instructor, displaying a bottle of formaldehyde — the perfume dear to the hearts of all biology students. I'fr uMARY BIRR, Sixth Grade Teacher, thrilling the class with the “Travels of Marco Polo ; MARY JO READ, (Geography instructor, pointin'; at the middle of South America; WILLIAM ATWOOD, Head of Biology Department, peering intently into a “mike" at—what?; CHARLES GATES, Head of Chemistry Department, carefully, carefully, mixing the solution; OLIVE THOMAS, Geography instructor, putting her finger on the rock; MAXWELL FREEMAN. Head of English Department, adding up the day’s addenda Before getting down to work. f‘oSr liELSA 1 LBR1CHT, Arl instructor, with tlu warp of a future prize-winning textile; LEWIS VANTINE, Education instructor and Director of Ap-pointincuts, indulging in his favorite pastime of introducing assembly programs; |. M A R T I N KLOISCHE, History instructor and Dean of Instruction, Milwaukee State's gift to radio, relaxing in his office; LI 1.1 AH WEBSTER, Elementary School Librarian. holding forth with her usual cheery smile; H A R V E Y UBER, Head of Geography Department, calling your attention to a bend in the Missouri River. I'ugt litc: A R R I E EDMONDSON, Director of Division of Elementary Education, busying herself in her office; FRANK ADAMS, Vice-President and Education instructor, sitting at his desk; N E A I. BILLINGS, Director of College Elementary School, writing a note; VERNA NEW-SOME, English instructor, enjoying some ambitious student's latest literary effort; MAURICE FOURACRE, Education Instructor and Veteran Advisor, listening intently to a student recitation; JOHN SEARLES. English instructor, demonstrating the rudiments of grammar. Part 17CLARENCE OLSEN, Foreign Language instructor, pleasantly anticipating the next page; EL I ZAB E T H KERR, English instructor, sipping her Orange Pekoe in the Borgh English Tea Shop; HAROLD WESCOTT, Art Instructor, pointing out the expressive qualities of his famous pear textile; HERMAN WEIL, Head of the Department of Education and Psychology, displaying his musical talent for his adoring students; M A R (. A R E 1 HUNTER, Elementary School Nurse, recording another case of the Mumps; DONALD WOODS, Head Librarian, reshifting the hooks to keep students alert and mystified. r-tgr INMARIELE SCHIR-MER, Foreign Language instructor, watching for a mistake in a student's translation; JOHN LAZENBY, Director of Division of Secondary Education, with his charming smile, enjoying a manuscript'; JOHN TET-ER, Economics and Sociology instructor, r e a d i n g a book; ELLA SCHULZE, Secretary to the President, testing the typewriter; ANN JUN-KERMAN, Secretary to the Dean of Women, using the typewriter; CORNELIUS JANZEN, Head of the Department of Economics and Sociology, with Old Faithful, the pointer. '•Jilt' i9F. E. J. WILDE, Head of History Department, “You must become what you must become”; EDNA MASON, College Nurse, at her pel hobby of taking temperature with a cheery, “You should be in bed, dear heart"; WINIFRED PHILLIPS, Art instructor, demonstrating the gentle art of making a plate; CA R LE OLTZ, Director of Division of Music Education, behind his beloved pipe; ANTHONY INGREL-LI, Seventh Grade Teacher, reading a student's theme, or a notice from the office, or tomorrow's les-s o n p Ian; L O I S GRIGGS, Director of Nursery Education, bringing the charm of Spring into the classroom. I’uKr .' ALTA BEE WOLCOTT, Physical Education instructor, keeping her eye on a rollicking game of field hockev; ROBERT SCH ELLIN, Art instructor, wondering whether that painting is worth a B; MANFRED OLSON, Head of Physics Department, tinkering with the tools of his trade; M BEULAH DAVIS, Reserve Librarian, keeping track of all those precious books; ETHEL ROTH WELL, Fourth Grade Teacher, reading; PAUL ANDERSON, Music instructor and Director of Band, waiting for the third cornetist to find the correct page. 21AGNES HOFBAU-ER. College Auditor, tracking clown that last stray penny; JOHN TIERNEY, Physical Education instructor and Coach, planning a new and fiendish exercise for tomorrow's gym class; MILTON RUSCH, Music instructor, considering carefully the merits of Carl’s latest Sonata; GREGORIA KORIDES, music instructor, making with the music for an eager aesthetics class; I UZABET H JONES, Library Cataloged wondering what that card is doing there; JOHN PAUL JONES, Speech instructor, listening with absorbed interest to a student recitation. Patr 22LOWELL LEE, Art instructor, leaning hack in his chair and solemnly pronouncing, “If you believe it, it is so''; ALVIN THRONE, Biology instructor, examining a wigglv specimen of M 11s Musculus; LI R-LYN WILLIAMS, Secretary to Mr. Yan-tinc, putting the finishing touches on an important letter; ROBERT NORRIS, Head Mathematics Department, explaining why what lines go where; FRED LOGAN, Director of Division of Art Education, ready to go across to Preston's with Mr. Schellin for a cup of coffee; HELGA SORENSON, Fifth Grade Teacher, doing her duty by nature. hlgr 23MARIAN SILVERS, History instructor, watching the English History class suffer through a Friday quiz; ESTHER DACOSTA. Physiology instructor, with her pal, Sammy the Skeleton; GILMORE AARESTED, English instructor, enjoying a good hook between classes; R A Y SUCHY, Physics instructor, testing a storage battery; JEAN GERMAN-SON, Nursery School Assistant, sharing an exciting chapter of “Everybody Has a Horse’ with Junior; ORTH A WIENER, Head of Foreign Language Department, sitting back and enjoying a good peppy student discussion; HUGO ANHALT, Music instructor and Director of Orchestra, communing with the Muses concerning what the orchestra will play next. 21I A c: V L T Y N O I P I c: I I'KED Alma Allison, Sociology instructor Elizabeth Anhalt, Speech instructor Anne Berg, Four Year Kindergarten. College Nikola Bjelajac, Art instructor Ruth Bristol, Elementary Education Anna Carr, Speech instructor Margaret Hampel, Director of Division of Elementary Education Irene Harbeck, Second Grade, College Elementary School Eliza! eth Hciny, Elementary Education Grace Hildreth, Head of Women’s Dept, of Physical Education 1 x ln May Hughes, Five N ear Kindergarten, College Dorothy Kelley, Supervisor of Music, College Elementary School Samuel Kirk, Dir. of Div. of Education of Exceptional Children Charlotte Major, Supervisor of Art, College Elementary School Josephine Maloney, Eighth tirade, College Elementary School Helen Martincau, Physical Education instructor Jean McLurc, First Grade College Elementary School Nancy Nummally, Third Grade, College Elementary School Hazel Peterson, Music instructor Nettie Prideaux. Reference Librarian Mary Virginia Rodigan, Head of Speech Department Cora Scanlon, Spanish instructor Maude Shafer, English instructor Howard Stein, Music instructor Alice Strcng, Education for Exceptional Children Adolf Suppan, English and Philosophy instructor Percy Tcska, Psychology instructor George Thill, Air Age instructor Samuel Thom, Biology; Director of Science Education in College Elementary School Ralph Tillcma, Music instructor Margery Winter, Elementary Education; Group Leader S T A F F N O T P I C T I R E D Mary Duffy, Cafeteria Manager Marion Ellert, Secretary to Mr. I azenby Dr. S. Evans. College Physician Nancy Gunter, Switchboard Operator Constance Jacques, Registrar Geraldine Jensen, Assistant to Registrar Glenn McCaustland, Superintendent, Building Maintenance Marilyn Ncmctz, Assistant Secretary to President r»e .• s assembly programs October 2 October 16 October 23 October 30 November 6 November 13 November 20 November 27 December -4 December 11 December 18 January 8 January 13 January 22 February 12 February 19 February 20 March 5 March 7 March 12 March 19 March 20 April 2 April 9 April 16 April 30 May 7 May 14 May 21 President Raker; Music and Community Singing College Women's Association Dr. H. T. MeSwain—“Human Relations are Man-Made" Mr. Manfred Olson—“The Atomic Bomb" Knickerbocker Quartet August Derleth—“The Author’s Relation to His Characters" Thanksgiving Service Music Activity Milwaukee State Teachers College Band Louis Litton—“I Am an American" Fighth Grade Christmas Play James Hepburn—“Science Turns Detective" Milwauke State Teachers College Orchestra Music Activity President Baker—“Fducation and the Split Atom" Mr. Oltz—Community Singing Dr. Klotsche—“George Washington: Isolationist or Internationalist" Mr. Anderson—Band Mr. Macauley—“Your Life in the Coming Air Age" Music Activity Louis Untermeyer—“How to Read Poetry and Love it" Sybil Shearer—Modern Dancing lecture and Demonstration Debate Club Mr. Overstreet—“Our Personal Adjustment to the New Outlook" Music Activity Dr. Gronewald—“My Four Years in Turkey" Carter Wells—“In Peace as in War—Through Work" Music Activity Milwaukee State Teachers College Band Miss Streng—Deaf Demonstration Milwaukee State 'Teachers College Orchestra «««• 26Pate 27social calomlar September 22 Freshman Open House College Building September 24 Freshman Breakfast Shepard Alumni House September 24 Big Sister Party Field house October 10 Sorority Coffee Hour Y. W. C. A. October 11 All College Reception Shepard Alumni House October 27 Homecoming Dance Auditorium December 7 Popcorn Ball Auditorium December 10 Music Division Christmas Party Music Assembly Room December 12 Secondary Division Party Men’s Club Room December 13 Art Division Christmas Party Yellow Room December 13 C.W.A. Christmas Tea Auditorium December 14 Snow Flake Frolic Pfister Fern Room December 18 Elementary Candlelight Service Cafeteria December 19 Caroling Downer Ave. January 19 “School Daze.” Freshman Hop Field house February 2 Unclassified Barn Dance Ed Rady’s Hayloft February 3 Freshmen Dinner Yellow Room February 10 Freshmen Breakfast Anna V. Day House February 15 Sophomore Skating Party Hubbard Lodge February 23 Freshmen All School Dance Auditorium March 2 Inter-sorority Dance Pfister Fern Room April 16 Exceptional Party Lake Park April 27 Sophomore Dance Auditorium May 1 C.W.A. May Day Auditorium May 3 Junior Prom “Stardust” Schrocder Crystal Room May 8 Kappa Delta Pi Honors l ea Anna V. Day House May 10 Art Division Masque Ball Art Department May 16 Peak Night Auditorium May 17 Parents Day College May 18 Mardi Gras Auditorium May 22 W.S.S.F. Box Lunch Social Ficldhousc May 25 Inter-fraternity Costume Ball Auditorium June 7 Senior Breakaway Shorecrcst Hotel June 10 Class Day South Campus June 10 Commencement Emanu-EI B’nc Jcshurun Temple ’iffr :hthe students The people who hang around four years or so and then arc gone, while the teachers stay on and on ... the people who live in the Commons, the Field-house, the Echo office, the Smoker, Preston's, Hoffman’s, and l akc Park, and somewhere in - he -tween find time for classes ... the people who spend their time reading hooks, and writing papers, and smelling other people’s flowers . . . these are the students of the college.FIRST I WAS A FRESHMAN W here is room 219? . . . Boy, lookit the babes! . . . Isn't Mr. Wescott cute? . . . What arc all these little kids running around for? ... I want to drop this class — there are only two men in it.. .. Who ya goinT to the dance with? . . . I)o I HAVE to take Math? ... When does the Stationer's Stand open? . . . But I only cut that class eleven times! . . . What a game that was! . . . Oooooh, did you see Fat Drummond ? . . . Where can we smoke in this place? . . . What the heck is the “Pythagoreans"? . . . Where do I get one of those newspapers? . . . When do the grades come out? . . . Hope he gives me a B. .. . OH TO BE A SOPHOMORE FOREVER Oh! yes, I intend to teach . . . what's a good minor? ... I move we have a hay-ride. . . . You think that song’s good, you should see the one I wrote! . . . Nominations can't he closed. . . . What’s a history class — let’s go to the Palace. . . . Hello, this is the art office, no, Mr. Logan won’t he hack for an hour. . . . Just give us ten more minutes, Romic, and we'll he out of here.... As chairman of the classroom furniture committee of the Commonwealth, I insist that you stop carving your name in that desk. . . . Look! four times I got my name in the Echo. ... Of course I've been admitted to Senior College; it was easy!AND THEN I WAS A JUNIOR And I wanted to be a teacher! . . . How do you ever keep a class of thirty quiet long enough to teach them anything? . . . The meeting will come to order. . . . Do you know where Mr. Suppan is? . . . No, I couldn't serve — 1 have so little time. ... I'd like to reserve the Coni mons. . . . Just look at these freshmen! Were we like that? . . . We need a new committee member— look over the sophomores and find a hard worker. . . . I just can’t seem to keep my clothes clean. . . . Do we want the Prom formal this year? . . . Guess I’ll have to go to summer school if I want to make it in another year. . . . AND NOW A SENIOR — WHAT NEXT? I think I’m going to like teaching after all. . . . Did you hear who got married last week? ... I wish I knew whether or not to take that job — what if I get a better offer? . . . There's the cutest pair of twins in my sixth grade class. . . . Have you seen some of the returned veterans? Too bad we're graduating! . . . . . . Re with you as soon as 1 get these papers graded. ... If I can just pass that Conservation, I'll graduate, yet. ... I’d better think of something to do with that class at eleven. . . . I’m teaching History, Physics, and Spanish in Apple Junction next year! . . . Don't forget to write. . . . RT Mcirdilh cklt % C'onnk Confaii iiiw Marie Hut Virginia Kt'.irv Gr raidin' • 1-orraitw N'eum Carolyn Qui«l Delia Alien In mi Davit Shirlev Rac Hacked Ted Knomit Slrll.1 l.olr fi Donald NVmImu' i Mars K.iHuck Audrey Jane Bartlett Joyce Dntfttrn M .11 ion Ut il lairl Kohloff Loit Mi Elluiion Katheiinr Net Dotin.i Ran Bill Berg Mart Dettman D. •voinr Mi ulili in (:liffuid Kmvknwtki Miltla Malkaoati Pat Odt a Rrin Fred J Herman 1’i-arl Drummond Dori« llildrlirand I and Krarmlirh Patricia MrQtiaid Limit (Moon Carlton Ri'inrinait Patricia Blackbiid Ktnrtnarv Drummond Germaine Hiiuli Nonnaii Kiolin Caiol M iliitv Helm Olvon Joan Rohan la i» Brill Marjnrir Kamiuin Jovci Holme Alice Pal kturun Flora Mar Milloo June Olvon Pal Row-nkrait Hunt llrtK knian Mart F'rnnrr Jamo Howe Maiir Ladttiu Kalina M- ti aki' Ll' aimi.i Penury k Vernier Rm tin t arol Hun Virginia Fidin erii » 11 ii i ul t Mini I • lit Ruth Mu. II. i 1-aiolvN Pr'iitu J OVCr Sahir Man t hriiM.ui Dot ii ( io»irl (.tii-lsn J ik i i .- u Klim Left. Nadine Nelduupr Doloirt Piiu liiiiw l itiila Naie.uUi I’hU- kMary Lou Srmni Jon Sehild Brtty Schmitt Alice Sell wall Ruth Shawlry Kart Skjt iiald Bells Smilnrt.sks Jeanette Sol. oil Ruth Soikr Josephine Smith Beverly S(»errv Patticia Sti'mlmi ch Junr Stiiheiiraurh lima Sum Joan Trajai Irrnr Tiapp Lnrnu Totch Maijiiiie Vonhmik Jean nr Wilke Arleen Witt Hi lly Win lin Pat WW Xanc v Wrinhi (irorue ZaRrl M 11 S I C Richard Ahtahams Margaret Baldwin Brtty Baibraux Bob Bedtihn Eultt'i Bluemiin Halts in BorttKCl Maiddl Bom Calvin Brockman Maty Ann lliuegsemann Jranettr Ceytiowa Anna Chandler Ward Lady Phylli Cohen Roteiuars Curran Louise Darling Virginia Doffort Mary Jane Dortch Dorn Dvkr Bariiaia F.ckman F.ugenc Fadrl Don Fran Georgia Cay hart Bettv George Marv Joyce Gilbert ion Jacob Glum William Goet . Ruth Grade Inez Grubri Vervl llaggr-rts Irvin Hansen Richard Hermann Bonita (donga Janette Jarurn Matgrelhr Jorgriiw n M iry Margaret Kaddat Harlow Knewr Mat ion Ktddhauv Belkv Ann Krahn Luanctlx Krahn Peggy Kretschmer Rmemarv Ling Marvel Lawrence Klcanui Lerwick Harriet Maiking It-ibellr Maitricid.i Mary May r»gr liJarqurliu McQueen June Mcbin )l«a Mihepulo Irene Morri rleen Mot Robert Startler Klw-ahrili Nunn Wilma OUon l Rd) Prronln (anil Prlrnon Peter Piraino Ucvcri Poprlari Kiln Kn kum Joanne Kintelman Ruth Helen Reeder lax Row I ton Srhanmg Derle m Schrnninu PttN lli Schubert Jennie Scoufi Ruin'll Shannon Lillian Shepard Mavis Simpson Lorraine spanner Joy Swan Edward Totkowvki Mary Alice Temple Jranrctr Turnow Lucille Uhlig Rvrlyn Volkert Allan Wallen Robert William Rolwrt Winter Evdvn Zacher Ruth Zielke F. X C F. P T ION L June Abliot Joyce Anderiev Dominic Bertucci Jacqtielin Beil el Beverly Bie Ruth Bouchard Connie HruRiuan !-oii Riirghard Karnona Strife Robert F.rdman Jane Faber Vernrllr Fenner Muiucrilt Ciehrkr Virginia Harm Shirley Enabling Charlotte Herman Hannah Ikeda Evclsti Johnson Rita Keldi Jordyce Kuhn S I via Lacarui Mari Lent er Marion Little Shiilrv Loren Eileen Lynch Virginia Mat tit hi Miul.i Matlwi Eve| ti Mitchell Pat Mooney (Gwendolyn Myers Jane Olson Melvin Packet Margaret Radoff There r Ronke Wdluiii Rnewer Po r .UShirley Rom Grarr Sager Priscilla Schtnidlev I .‘mi it : Schmidt Ella Schumacher Loi» SifinU M.i inr Wilke Norma Williams K L F. MEXTAR Y Grace Aaron Elsie Manko Joan Alexander Genr Archer Clair Arnold Ann Antonioii Joyce Baker Shir lev Haines Belts Bartlett Carol Baumann Jeanne Hrccard Klfrirda Bechet Marie Bee her Bettv Jane Bellows Eileen Berg laila Brnfer Joyce Brrdxal Virginia Riolo M.nilmi Brreke F.lainr Brorren Roberta Broerrn Rrvc Brown Doroths Bryce Lavrrae Brockwnbaun Elaine Boeder Gerry Bovee Margie Buckman Marion Burton Iriua Bull Genevieve Cafftrty Nova Belle Chapman Bernice Cherrk Pearl Cherek Pat Cianckilo Jean Clay Ion Mary Coggt Ruth Culbritton Charlotte Dahel Caroline Dawds Rrlia Deccvar Bernice Detrir Lorraine Dirdrich Arlren Died rich Margaret !)iet«ch Shirlev Differ! K inaiiette Egolf Ruth Kll Marion Yochuni F.h abelh Kligwick Svlvia Even ion Shirlev Evert Marjorie Ann Faber Marv Ellen Farrell Betty Fredrick Cathrrinr Fleckenuein Jam- Fowler Helen Fox well Jacqueline Fontaine Grace Frcve Walter Fncke Jtnrph Frin i Jean Gann Fnge 35Jr antic tli' JaMumki Barbaia Ju| |i Joan Kin Pat I-■ Mont Suun Marika M.iil'k Milvcr Lhiiilot Obfl Jeanne Jjrkuin Mildred Kudo Ruth Kf.ihn Ruirix Latum Lonix M41 inn Virginia Mortis Edith O'Brien Jiviii J.iiniuo DoichIix Karpprl Leo Unitin' Ijoiiii Jiiw Martens Lorraine Murlh-r Patricia O'Brien MnLi Janiuli Marv Kauhhn I ,«• Krnnptrn Dorothx Ijiiiiiuii Stun Mallin Rrva Mullen nn Otmtiead I)irl Janiich Jo Ki lih IcihItk Kop|i Joyce Liston i Mai 1 Bernict Mx strum Marx Ohnstrad l.urilh- Jclmrr Ki'doiit Krxl.e Doris Koslo'-kx Ruth Livingitori Carol M.tinrr Marx Njks Dorothx Olson Jane Jorckel lb (li Ki'in I trim Koitrivn (•race Lund Jacqueline MiUIij Sails Nlcnl Carol Ottamax lUrluti Johnson Juanila Kerschion Thai ins Kwiiivai Man ilr Mai Donald Margate! 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Arc they jealous Marquette students who stuck their fares in front of Mr. Olson’s camera when he wasn't looking? Are they the Little People of M.S.T.C., who spend their time losing silver spoons from the Commons and ripping new signs off the bulletin hoards? Or do you recognize some of your friends among them, perhaps doubling up to save room, or hiding behind each other to avoid recognition? You will find the solution on page 119. 1‘ogr i:between classes 'a re 13r„er IIThese arc the students who arc leaving. Many arc their accomplishments. They have survived the English workshop and satisfied the core-curriculum. They have passed the swimming test and removed the speech condition. After four years of studying all night and sleeping all day in buses and classes, the period of preparation is past, and the point of departure has arrived. The class of '4G goes forth into the world to spread t lie-ideals of Milwaukee State. the grsMliisitesI.Ol.AJEAN MORIN Major: Exceptional Deal Minor Sprrrh Correction, lliitor . Inteitoiui-ity Council (Pip» i, Mu Brt.i Sixttia. Phikxophia. Volunteer Nutxrry. JOHN NICHOLS Mnjur Kxccptiotul Mentally Hmdiripprd Minor : Kronoitiiri. Six iolo«v. II:-tor . Tri-Ouiittun (Prrv, See i. Men' Club Hoard. Forum (Pie . , Pr« of Sophomore Cbu, Alpl • Phi Onrfa. RENEE PF.DRO Majus Exc»-phonal I « .»! Minor-. S|xr.h ( .unction, BioIor . Prr» and I i- .i-of Exceptional Diviuon, !..uulxl.i Phi Chi (Prr . and Vkjc-Prrn, , Commonwealth (1.ounce Commit tee, Chairman Social Commillrc , S.K.U., Philacaphij (Vice-Pret- i, Wat Board OK CF ROSE Majot Exceptional Deal Minor Speech t •■erection, rt I W V., l|wilni LainUia Sitttiu, Philtreopia. Dame Club I Hi on STACK) Mi}m Exceptional Mrn tatty Handicapped M..................i- rt. Biolop BIoIok Club, I’pHou I.ambdn Sigma, Che»hire. MONK STEIN Major Exceptional Mrntalh Handicap) ! Minor : Phvhcal Education, S.« i ologv-Economic Drlralr C-hih I Vice-Pm.:, Ctanumnwralth Krprew titatur. Orehettra. Ythlrtii Hoard. DOROl IIY I II DM Major Exceptional Deal. Minot Sociology Lamlrda Phi Chi. Vi. e.|»| Home Prrxideat, Vice-Prr » •( Div Social Chairman of Alumnae Houte ALICE AMOS Major Lower Elemental . Minor Sociology. Hmlogv Y.W.t ., Delia Sigma Theta, W S.L. ESTHER BLANK Major: Lower Elementary' Minor Geography, Sociolog . V W.( A., W S | Commonwealth Lounge Committee, Theta l.arnl d. Phi (Pn » , Intrrtoroiit Council Reprr w-ntativr PAT FALLON Major. Lower Klrtnrmary, 'at ■ROS.ALIN APP—Major: rt. Minor: Economic . Sociolofv. C.W A., Art Student' la igue Board, Ivy Annual, Art Reviewer (or Echo. Gibbon Club. ERVIN NOWICK I Majoi rt. Minor: Englnli. Chairman n( Junior Prom. CAROL DOOLF.A Majoi Ait. Minor. Biology. Art Dtvi»ion Exhibition Commute. S -c. , Art Division Representative to Commonwealth Executive B uid. Chaiftnaii Building and Groundi Com rnittre. Biologs Club, Puppet iv Club, Ivy Editor, Kappa l -lta Pi JOHN THOMAS CAREY Major: Art Minor: Geography Delta Chi Sigma VIRGINIA I.F.IB COSTA Major : Art Minot Sociology. See of BuUditiK and C.round Commit- tr-r. See of Art Siudrnt League, Sr. CIa»« Representative to Nri Board, Vice-Pm. Upsiion Lambda Sigma (Vin-Pre . I, DEL KINNEY Majoi An Minor . Sociology Chert Leader, Pies. of Fre«hroan Class, College War Council, Alpha Phi Otm ga, Y.M C.A., Trai l.. BEATRICE ROGERS Major Art. Minot Sociology Y.W.C A. W.S.L, Pu|»pet Club. Pi Theta Alpha (Pm., Vice-Pie .. Trrav!, Ivy Annual. WARREN JENNERJAHN Major Att Minor: S|»errh Beta IVia (Sec-Trea . Art Board. Commonwealth Representative. Stocl Co., Vice Pir «»f Art Students League. I’HA I.I.IS PETT Major: Ait Minor History Commonwealth Reprrsmtaiivi-, Intersororily Coun til Representative, Lambda Phi Chi. Building and Giound Committer, House President. HOWARD CON AN T Majoi: Art. Minor Kiuglisli Publicity Chairman «■! War Council, Alplia Phi Omega, A’icr-Pres Art Students League. MARCELLA ENOS Major: Art Minor; Histoiy Wnmrn'i Recreation Association. Alpha Cantina Lambda. BETTY R.AE MARKS Majoi: Music Minor: History Sigma Phi Tau, lv Annual Business Manager. French Club, Biology Club, Y.W.C.A., W S.l. AA'ILMA NOLL Major Music Minor Hwtorv. Delta Omirron, Stillman-Kelly, Band, Dorado, L.S.A., Orchestra. SYLVIA HELL Major: Exceptional Deaf. Minor : Speerh Corm non. Biology. Alpha Beta Gamma (Sec. . Philocophia (Alee-Pre , Sec of Exceptional Division, Biologv Club. ESTHER B LUMEN FELD Major: Exceptional D»af Minor Englith, Speech Correction. Clirsh-ire. Philocophia.LOIS LYSTAD Major larwrr Elementary. Minot Human Orography, Sociology -Econoum • Student Welfare (Pir . Vice-Per .. Scf . Cl B aid Juditiary Committee, Sigma Omicrua Drlu (See., Virc-Prcv CAROLINE MARTIN Major : latwer Klum nun Minor : History. Socii l e . Sigma Oraiiion I’ll i. Comimmyvealth, Vice-President, Serrrtnr v-Trea»urri, Lounge Commitlev. IMmu Committee. Women' S»-i ii r I.r .inui Corresponding Secretary, YAV ('. C-W V. Frllowyhip Commute. Cluiittun, Elementary Exerutisr Hoard, Junior (la's Secretary, History lub President EVELYN MrKINNEY Major: Lower Elementary. Minor Orography, IU Ior S.E.B., " S 1 Hi Sitter. LENORE MEL'NIER Major: Lower Elementary. Minor : «h wlom, timings Stillman-K II v, See of Shepard Alumni House DAH MEYERS M.ijoi Lnw i Eb men tan Minor n. S - mlogv Spanish Club, Y W t N PHYLLIS MORI.EY Major Lowci Elenrentaty. Muhm- Mm:i. Biology. W RA Hoard, ( »tn-mnnsvealth Athletic Hoard. Sophomore Clair Vice-Pn «., Junior Clan Pie ., Sigma Otnir run Phi (Sc , and Treat.I, Hand, Chorut. DOROTHF.A PINKO Major: Lower Elementary Minor Speech, Sociology. Wt Uaiinm Manager of Echo. Choru , Stock C!o. MIKIWI PRENTICE Major: Lower Elementary. Minors: English, Sociology. Choir MARY RALPH—Major Lowei Elementary Minor : Spreeh Carter lion. Sociology. Sigma Oiiih mo Delta, Social Committee of C.W. . SHIRLEY R AWSON Major : Lower Elementary Minor Sociology, Geography. Stillman-HHI- . Milwaukee Stale Christian Fellowship (See.), ALICE KKIMEK Major Lower Elementary. Minor : Art, Sociology Vke-Pif . of Junior Claw, Vice-Prev of Senior Claw, lpha G.iinina Lambda Prr , W S.L. (Rec Srr ind Err PATRICIA RICHARDSON Major: Lower Elementary Minors: English. Sociology-Economy- Alpha Garnina LainUla (See . SHIRLEY RISSMAN Major: Lower Elrtrirntary. Minor Socioloyry, Biology Mpha Delta Siy • (Sec . Gibbons Club, Directory Staff Editor '45. Judiciary Board I W.A., Publications Committee. MARION SHAY Major: Lowci Elementary. Minor Biology, Economic , Sociology. Alpha Delta Sigma f Vice-Pie arid Intcrtnrorits Repnvent.itive , Sec of Elemcnlarv Division, SnllinaiiK-lL. Homecoining Queen II, W.S.L., 1‘mu of ImcPiorority Council. Rl l II STANKE Major Lower Elementary. Minor : Speech, Biology , Commonwealth Social Com-rnirtre, InteiMiiority Council, Kappa Laml d: Iota Sn and lnler ororitv Rcprejcntative ub MJEANNE FARR ELI.—Major : Lo r F.l.nirnUn. Mintsrs: . UioloR.. Vic■ Pn . .»! Junior (:Un, Pro. of Senior Clau, Gibbon C lub, Kappa Lamlida Iota MABEL ('.ALIAS' Majot: Lowci Elementary Minor : Art, Sociology . Economics. W.S.L (Pro, ViiY.Pm. , C.W.A. Board Member, L.S. A. Entertainment Committer, Sigma Lambda Phi {Treat.!. JANET GOLD Major: Lower Elementary Minor. English, Sociology-Economic . W.R.A huir-man of Badminton and Archery, C.W.A., Sigma Ilii Tau, Forum. BETTY HACHISl'KA Major: Lowei Elemental Minors: Psychology. Sociology, Economic . Kappa Delta Pi, W.S.L., Tmi of K P Division, H»aid Member of Elementary Division. GERTRUDE HEYl’R Major; Lawn Elementary Minor liistorv. Sociology L.S.A., W.S.L. EIHEL JUNEK Major: Lower Elementary. NCnon Uinlogs, llittory. Stillman-Kellv, Orchestra, Biology Club, Pi Thetlr Alpha, Student Wrlfair Committee. ALICE KL'EHNL—Major : Lower Elniiniury. Minors: Sociology ami Physical Education. GiMroro Club (Sfc.-Tira. and Vfcr-Pim.1, W.R , Kappa L.unltda Iota (Set and Treat. MARGARET KUSSFROW—Major Low.. Eknrntaty Minor : An, German. Stock Co., Y.W.C A., W.S.L., Pi Thru .Alpha (Pie . •, I.S A.. German Club. Christian Womens league, Intrryorority ivpr -setiuiive, Piogrnsive Edmation Association BERNICE LAD'VIG—Major Iamn F.leinrntary Minor : Sociology, Bio log' Pi Theta Alpha (Pie. and See , Association for Childhood Education and American Education Fellowship (See-Trrsi.l, MARY LYON Majot lamri Elementary Minor :, Sociology. A.W.c A. Hand, Orchestra, Chorus, Theta l-unbda Phi (Sec and Tn a . , C W A House Pm.HELEN II VI ( 1111.1. IN Major: Upt» t Eh tm nun Mi non So ioluyv E awniiin, Hi»U« rial Society, Y.W.C.A., X.C.E MARIA KII.HNAl Major: L pprr F.lnm nurv. Minora: Hittorv, Geogiaphv I. S..X . Union Club. GemstJ|»h I lull. DOROIHX Rl III KI.IEN Nljjoi Upper Elcm nun. VW.l X , W' N I Xlph.i Gamma I m l-l Social Cottlinittcv, C.XX'.A, (•LORI A KOKSIER Major. Upper Eh mi nt.m Minora: ilium, n W.R iVke-P|c» , M i CIijI. (Vtcc-Piv .), French C.1ul», C XV , Gibbon Club, Pi Thou l, »ia (Treat.' W IXIFREI) KUHN Major Upper F.lnnmtarv. Minom: Enclith. Sociolo Y.XV I . Pie Chaim MARION . | |S Major: I pprr F.lrnwntary. Minor Pta ical Edurattoa, GroKiaplis XV K X.. X W.CJX. (trha|ilain , Mu BoU Sigma, Crographv Club JAMS Mcl'lll KSO M jon I pj- r Flcmrntaiv, Phv»iral Geography Minora «, s«- ologv. Doiailo, Ceotraphv Club. JESSIE MU Mil.S Major: L pprr Elementary. Minor Economic . Suriologv Echo Huiitnu Stall. " II. 1.1 XXI XOl.HL Xlajoc : Upprr Eletnrnlary. Minor Plutiul Education, Hi toi . Which-Bojid (See.-, Intramural Board, Echo, Delta Siiuna Kappa (Sr JEAN OPINI Major L J p» ' Elementary. Mim a: Hlrtory, l.alm Latin Club, Sigma Pi Kh-(X'ice-Pret . Commonv ra!th Representative, L.S.A (See.,'. Siem.i Candida Phi. ( XR.WI.I.I.O SAN I ELIPI 0 Major Upper Elan ntar Minoi : History, Sociolog . I’hviiial Id-ui atmn Xlpha Phi Om ga (Xice-Pre , Gibbon Club. Tennis Tram (Manager). Men's Cluh lto ud. XVrbstrrian Farrmic Auuciation. Rl III M IINEIDER Major: lamer Elementary. Minors: Knrluh, llittory. L.S.A iFm. , W s.l., Intel oioi its Count ml, Sigma Lambda Phi (Vice Pres. , American Education frUowthip (Prrv}. JAMES S( IIXVt.ll Major I pjier Elementary. Minor Phxtical Education, Economic Gibbon Club, Inlei-Fiatrrnitv Council, Delta SiKiua Kappa (Pin. MARION SCHWEITZER Major Upper Elrmratar . Minors: History, English. Echo XVrehlv MXRION SKIRICHT Major Upper Elementary. Minot Economic . Sociology. CWf A (Tiea . . Elementary Division (See. . U.iblion Chib. YAV.C.A., Up ilon Lunbda Sigma (Ser.i, lnier oiorii Council. ’« A1MARION STIEDR.MANN Major; Lowri Elrmmurv. Minors. English, Biology C,W form Committee, Council of Drlrntr. S.E.B., W R.A , Lambda Phi Chi (Viet Pm. , A.C.E., Cihltoni Club, War Board. HELEN STt'PKM Major: lamer Elrrarniarv Minors; English, Sofiologs. Biologv Club (Pros Virr-Prr ., See., l iras. , Gilttiom Club. LOIS WAGNER Major: Lowrr Elementary. Minors: llislorv, English. l)OROl H WF.IX Major lanvrt Elrrarniarv Minors: Kiologv, Mathematics Chora , Y.W.C N, Math Club, L.S. A., Alpha Gamma Lambda (Vice-Pm.!. IKMCAKI) ASIICR FT Major: Upprt Elementary Minors Biologi, German, History. Gentian Club | Vice-Prr . , llislorv Club, Geographv Club, W S I.. CASIMIR III LSI l Major; I'pprr Klemrntarv Minors; Eronranics-Soriolottv, Hisioiv JEANNE c: RMK llll. ROBERT DOWSl. Major: I'jipci Elrtnrntnrv Minor English Mu Beta Sigma. Gibbons Club. WS.L MARGARE’I DUTTON Major I’pper Eh inrnUry. Minnis English, IlitlMi. V W.C A , Mock Co.. Clroir, l i Theta Alpha. NINA H AR I Major: I pp« i Elrmmtaiv. Miiuvs; Soriolwi, Economics Camera Club, k.l I Chili 11.1.1 A M UN 1)1 Major Srfondan and F.nglhli Minot : talin, Chrmitlh, HUtotv. Fri Otni-tton (Pm.-, Alpha Phi Om fta (Sec.), Drlutr Chib (Vice-Pre .i, Sigma Pi Rho (Vice-Prr . , Foium lli loi Club. JOHN IIENRA JACKSON Major : Secondary. Smul Studx and Hiuocv Minot : RioloKV, Span » li. Mto'i Club (Board. See., Ttra , Wdnterian Focen ic AyMiciatron (Vice-Prr- ., Pm.), Spannb Club, Hrttor Club, Orator ; Hind place fot »tatr in Jtffpnoti Oratorical , »econd plarr for tatr in John Paul Jonr» Ouioik.i1 . and in Jamc Monroe and Monroe Doctrine OratoviraW--fit%t place fot »talc, first place for Mid-wex. and M-corul place for nation, Kap|ia Delta Pi, Secondary Dhrbion (Tint and Sec.-Treat.. Commonwealth Rep.I, Commonwealth (V'ice-Pre , Sec.-Ttea .), Milwaukee State Chrhtian FrUowtdtip DORIS MrDES ITT Major : Secondary. Biolog and Crneral Science, Minor : Knglich, Speech Chemistry. Stock a . (Pie .), Biology Club, C-W.A., Trea . of Secondary Ditiiion. HFI III.All MtQllAII) Major Secondare, Social Science and lltMory. Minor: Mutic Stillman-Kell Choir, Commonwealth (Pre . and Sec.-Trea . , Election Comm. DOROTIIA R ATZ Major : Secondary, Mathrnuttc . General Science, and Biology. Minot Chemistry W R A (Pre . and Trea and Board), CAV A (Buatd and Trea I, L.S..V (Treavi, P tlucoirjn» (Pre . , Theta (.unihda Phi (Pre . and HUtorian), Curamonwrealth Committee : Audit im. WRA., Athletic, YWCA., W.S L . Ka|»pa Delta Pi MARJORIE SCHAFFER Majon: Secondary aid Englnh. Minor : Speech, !Ii tor . Stock C » (Pre .), Vice-Pro. of Secondatv DivUotl, Commonwealth Publication Committee, Alpha Della Sterna (Trea HI I III SCMIKR Majon S«condar , General Science and Cheuu try. Minor Biology, Malhr-matte . Math Club (Sec. and Trea .Geography Club. Biology Cluli, Alpha Gamma Lambda (S c. and Trea . Commonwealth Social Committer, Sec of Sophotnotr Cla . Vice.Pm. of Secondary Division i IROLIN1 SCHREINER Majon s ■ d ' .j ..n- Cherabtr Pi Theta Alpha (Sec.), Cop Editor of Echo ETHEL WEGNER Major : Sccundar . General Science and Biol"c Minor : Chembtry, German AV.R.A., German Club (Pre . Platform (ommittrr, Biolog Club, Phi Theta Alpha (Vice Pre JA.NF. WILDF. Major : Secondary and Fnelidi. Minor Hblorv, Ecnoomic . Latin AA’.R.A., Che hire, L.S.A. (Vicr-Piri.I, Hiatorv Club, AV.S.L (Sec , Secondary Dixnion (Sec and N'icr-Preo, Senior Clay Trea ., Latin Club, International Relation Club, S.E.B. Putt i2 JANET SIEGERT- Major: Upper Elementary. C.VV A, (Vice-Pre GLORIA STELTZ—Major: Upper FJemrntary. Minor : History, Economic , Sociology, Biolurv Intrnororit Council, Sicma Otnicron Phi (Pre .I, Sec. ol Senior CUn, Klrciion Comm., W.S.L. (Vicr-Pic . ], C.VV.A JEANETTE SZYMANSKI — Major: I'pprl Wimrnur' Minor : Hi U iv, Englnh, Spanish. Spanish Club. W.S.L. VIOLET VAYDA- Major l'p|irr Elementary Y.W.C A., W S I., C.W V, lntrr orocit Coun cil, Thrln Lambda Phi (Vicr-Prr . i HOPE WELNAK Major I'ppri Elementar Minor : Sociology and Economic C.VV .A , W S.L., Y.W.C.A., Alpha Delta Sigma (Pre . i, S P..B. EM1KO YOSHIMOTO Major Upper ElnodUn Minor Economic . Sociolog . Biology. C.W A, Biology Club. MARY ZAGOZEN—Major Upper Elementary. Minor: Social Science. Echo Staff, Pi Ihrta Alpha (Vicr-Prr . , W.S.L., Y.W.C.A., Gibbon Club, C.W.A., Grograph Club, Chorus. ANTOINETTE ZANDER Major Upper Klnwnur . Minor : Btologv. Economics, Sociolog Gibbon Club. Y.W.C A.. Elementary' Division Trra _, Dorado Club, Mu Beta Sigma. AURELIA HOGAN Major : Secondary and English. Minors: History, Economic . Orchestra, rd (College Maga inc , Gibbon Club, llittor dub. Theta Lambda Pt»i (Treat- , Che hire I.II.1.1 AN HOUG Majors Secondary, General Science, Biolog Minor Histor . Debate Club (Sec.), History Club, Geographv Club, Representative Speaker (Pre . . K.l T Club (Pre . War Council, Kappa Drlta Pi, Commonwealth Platform Committee. lje 53Pugr ;»I'ltfj£ rai 1 ii si t s ii o I |i i • I ii i ihI BONN IK BLIFFERT Major: Elementary Education. Minor Ph ical Education and Englidi June. MARILYN BURKMAN Major: Elementary Education. Minor : Latin and F.nglidi. February. MARILYN DAVIDSON Major: Elementar Education Minor : Speech and Biology. August. BEULAH 111 S- Major Elementary Education Minors: Spanish and German. Frbruarv. ANNETTE ENGEL Major: Elementary Education. Minor : History and Geography. June WILLIAM USHER -Major: Musk. Minor: English. August MARIAN GROSSES' Major: Elrmentary Eduratioo. Minor : Geography and Histor . February. VILA HANSEN—Major: Elementary Education Minors English, Sociologv and Economic . February. HAROLD LEVIN Major: Elementary Education. Minor : English and Economics. Nugust. MARY ANNA LYON Major Elementary Education Minor Music and Economic June IDA OKLUND—Majot: Elementary Education. Minors: Geography and Biology. August LOIS I'ETERSON—Major: Elementary Education Minor : Biologv and Grngrnph . June. NEIL POTTER—Major: Art. Minor: History. August KARL POWELL Major Elementary Education. Minor : Motor and Economic . August. SHIRLEY PRITZLAFF Major: Elemrntary Education Minor : History and English August OLIVE SCHWAN- Major: Elementar Education. Minot : Science and Geography. August. SAM SOKOL Major: Secondary Education Minors: Mathrmatic . Physical Education and Biologv. August. RUTH STUART—Major: Elementar Education. Minor : Biology and Economics. February. PHYLLIS WALKER Major: Music. Minor: Hiaor August HENRY WEGNER—Major Music. Minor: Economic . June. M.ARCEIJ.A ZARLING Major: Elementar Education Minot : Histor and Biologv. February HELEN BEWICH—Elementary. August. JANET COOK Exceptional. August. RAYMOND GRAY -Elementary, August. FLORENCE HAAG Elementary, Junr. GLENDA HELMS Elementary. ugu.t MARJORIE HELMS—Elementar . June. ELIZABETH JONES—Elementary, Augu.t ANN BUNCH LEFCOURT Elementar . August RUTH PF.TZOLD Music, Frbtuar . VGNES SCH AKNZER Elementary, June A. J. SCHIPPER Elementar , August. ADM.INK WEHNER -Elementary. Jun. I'ngr .sororities and fraternitiesSecond iow: Anita Larson, I-rah Prnnakow, Ruth Stankr, Delia Allen, Kut.ilif Zurnkr, C.lotu Strlr, Marion Howe. Pint row: |«fi n right Marion Sba , Hilda Gcrann, Peggv Smith, Peggy Krruchiner inf4»rNororilv roiim-il inlprlriilmiilv minimi I First row left to right Dr. Freeman, Mar It Kicboldt, Milton Vurto», Dr. L‘bn St ' d row: Do] Kinnr , Mini It. Nowriclti, Miducl Yindr,t. I'uec inThird tow: Jan Siegert. Joan A tend, I'at Kotrnkrune, Kran Holtr, Violet Mueller, Alyrr Mar King. Joanne Hayri, I.oi« Polrer, Louise Schmidt. Second tow : Virginia Riolo, Joy Keith, Renee Prdro, Dorothy Tiedke, Rose Lautr. Fir t row: left to right—Grace McNulty, Marge Weiner, Jan Sokoll, Man Turrk, Connie Rrugman. ImiilMln |ilii rlii ;il| h«i in in si huiilxlii FirM tow : left to right— Helen Kapplcr, Peggy Kicuchmrr, Alter Rckner, Marcella Eno», Grace Ann Mauer, R»ne Kantirt, Second row Norma William», Burnetta Koch, Dorothy Klein, Betti Kern, Carol Beyer, Irene Titniati, Jeanne Gaul. PogrSecond row: Roheri Wood, Howard Conanl, B -n 1-anc. Ra Kirin, Drl Kinney, Dick Trollrr, Dick Abraham . Mike Sanfdippo. Fi»l row : left to right Dr Firrnun, John Nicholi, Robrrl Kidman, Dorniuir BrrluccL Dr, Ubrr, Mr. Wood . |llli OIIK ll Iri omieron Fint row: Irlt to right—Dr. Maurice Fouracic, Calvin Hrockmun, Robert Mueller, Elwin Sigmund, Mr Paul Andrroon. Second row: Richard llauwr, Norman Schornlelirr, William Hyde, Melvin P.ickrl, Richard Trotter, Mirharl Fiavea. I‘afr N)Second low: Sam Sokol. Ilrrnard Sokol, Kruliiu Lrsgnld. Melvin (Hark. Fin row: left to light Arthui Cohen, Jacob Gln cr, Jack Mnndrlbauin, Marvin Miller atl|ilm kii|i|»» Inn ilelln Fint row : left to right—Leo Krati. Mr. Jones. Milt Varan, Caiugn.i Second row Edward Haeger, William Noehl, James Cuitin. George Zagel, Marsh Rieboldt. Tliiid iow l.ouii Marino, James Sell writ . W 01Second row: Raphael Shrkoiki, isr Peronto, Jolin Bergman, Irvin lianten, Warren Frurlkner, Kenneth Roheske, Michael Yindra. Finl row: left to right—Henn Wegner, Warren Jenncrjahn, Ted Kravnik, Robert llrrt. Ervin Xowtrki, Edwin Boettger. Iirla |»lii llirla .sigma |»i rim (national lalin f rat maily) First row left to right—Patricia Lambert, Geraldine Preboski. Dr Wilorr, Jean Opine Second row Juanita Manthe, llilarv Mrinrer, Shirley Ad.imt, Carol Beyer. Page ft.'Second row Virginia Walter . Marjorie Sperry, Margaret Srhwri, Pat Tnriber, l.ot Pirprr. Grace Rote. Emils Ok-Jon, Geraldine Leib, A r Iren Witt. Barbara Kratsrh, Marg Schultz First row: left to right Irma Bull, Josre Sabin. Theona Stares, Mrs. Logan, Mahon Setright, Pal Odva, June AM»ott kii|»|ua IuiiiImIji ioln Fir»t row: left to right Bonnie Kturger, Ruth Ewan. Second row: Alice Kuehul, Hetty Jane Owens, Jean Buchenbergrr, Shirley Differ!, Jeanne Farrell, Mai Mankutkx, Virginia Harris, Inez Shabrrt, Arlene Willmann. Third row: Ruth Slankr, Angrlinc Wolwv, Helen Olsen, Beverly Sperry, !.ee Sroor, June Olson, Phvlli Sheridan. Vngr Second row: Nina Strange, Marjorie Jettvn, Jean Harcu , Nathalie ZarnVr, Gloria Geiler, Ph' Hi Morlex. PilM Row : Irfi io right Janet Somtnrr, I am Sehrmdrr, Joan Jrrni«o, Gloria Srdu. onm-ron plii |»i :il|»lia ir r nm l ti to nvh(— Dori» DcMtra. Gladx Forte, Lorraine Spanner, Bemtrr lado it, Miv Shnler, Jeanrtu Jahlontki, rln Volkmann, Shiilrx Ndai I i Second iow: Gloria Wctarl, Arlren Hamm, Ethel Wegner, Marx Zago rn, Caroline Schreiner. L" mni Kmw iow, l.nii Zierfntx, Lira nor Rein, Healrirr R« eix, Marrrlla Z.nlimr. Gloria KorUa, Joanne H.iIiiiSecond row: Marx Lvon. Estrr Blank. Dorothy L'lcwWhi. Lock- Hamlrx, Marx Harman, Gloria Roth, Shirlex Grttrlrnan. Carol Ottortiiv, Marx KaishLrn. Mary Najtv. First row: lr(t to right Dorothy Kaatr, Charlotte Blank. Violet Vavda, Mrs. Tiernrv, Betty Sen . tnelhack, Doris Eisner, L«i» Knochrl, Doris Dr Both, Doiothx CM son. I Ih I«i I;iiiiIhI;i |llli si iiia omiiTon First row: left to right Martlxn Ahendroth, Pat Potmtirr, Marx Ralph, Mary Callahan, Eilren Berg. Alicia Janisrh, Second row Priscilla Smith, EUa Schutnarhrr, Dorothy Schultz, Janis Mar Phrison, Edith L’tz, Dor othx Schniua, Marx Catherine Smith Third row : Edith (VBiien, Lots Lxstad, Dinah Bednarrk. Pat Beers, Nadinr NVIihmpe, Nancx Thionc, Carol Kr amiss h.Second low : June Loth, Bonita Idtinga, Mart Ann Biucmtemarin, F.lualx th Nunn. Renemary Curran. Dorothy Wood ton, Phtllit Schubert, Mart Margaret Kaddati. I'«r»t row : |r f t to right Jennie Scoufit, Martel Ijwrrnfr, Lora in e Mueller, Margaret Ann Baldwin. Vert I Haggerty, I-oi» Scltrocdei, Mart Alice Temple omioron iil|»lm «l«»lua Ni ina Fir%t row: left to right Jrttic Wade, Dor it McDevitt, Marjorir Schaffer, Hope Wrlnak, Shirlev Rivtman, Lois Hurghardt, Jeanette I limey. Second row : Gladys Zttka. Shirley Barnet, Jotcc Pmkath, Lucille Hacker, Margaret Gray, Peg Wo«»d, Geraldine Botee, Marilvn Rehn, Bertha Join. Price CX»Second row : June Keup. Evelyn Johnson, Shirirv Wegner, Joyce Hirdtall, Helrn Brown, Doris Krem-pirn, Loi Hennei, Marvel Lawrence, Marianne Hall. Firvi row : left to right Marion Gotnen, Pal Lamonl. Del Alim, Lillian Shepard. Peg Smith, Florence Payleitnrr, Lot Belonger. « lii siuin.'i laimlnla |»l»i lau First row: left to riRlu Bettv Rar Mark , I-rah Primakov , Ethel Ro»», Mrv Weil, Laverne Bockvenhaum, (.race Sieger. Second row: Clarice . Thelma Safer, Evelyn Mitchell, Marjorie Safer, Ettar Himmelman, Janet Gold, Edith Pollock. ’uge 67T Srroad i(M Jrm Opinr, Drlotn S(Ubr, Dual NUurtr, Jo tr Holme . Sctiorro ‘ V., il ikIi 1.4 non, Mafftiiirl Mi rr. .. I'ir»l rim: left to ..(hi Svlvift Evrmon, Patricia bmlril, Mr Hit , Station Huwr. MaM ••» " LiniImI.'i phi mu Im I«i sipnn Kir « row |rfi to tight P.irUn Zarhai, Kotiriu Dtmw, Mary Ka Bornholm, Ruth findr, Mi Wondt, Irinr Kotnuiowrki, l.ivibriu Krahn, Manl n Spriwri Viol.d rim: l»..brUr Marti kola. Winifred, GwmdnUn Gr tiring. Ruth lx Ik., Mat join FaPwr, Marion Mai . P«-t old. Mary Gilhrrtton. ntoinrtt. Zandrf. Murgant MrC.iughrx, Delon r Vandrnhrrg. » Jicollege and tlie woman I lie collide WOllMMl’w HKNO(‘ia(iOII '«r» 70Of the many agencies that guide the bewildered student through the perils of college life, the C.W.A. is devoted to the welfare and happiness of the female population. Some of the component parts which contribute to its success in these objectives are pictured on these pages — officers, advisors, committees, dormitories, and above all — the girls themselves . . . I’aW 71Second row : F.miK )lrwMi, Grarr Roir, Bette Kern, Mabel (•aliatt, Joann - lla r», ( jn-lmr Marlin. Bernier Grrcucku. Maxim Srlimilt. Mitv Ka Bninhnfrn. Hannah Ikrda l »r»l nm : Irlr to right- Bonita Idtinua. l.oi»’ad, Marian Srtrifcht, Mi® Werner, Dotothi . I.urillc Marker, Jriinir oxiu'iilivi lioanl of « . w. 11. rorroiilion jissoHnlion Firat row. left lo right: Shirlrx lUrkett, (iloria Kontrr, Dorolhv Raal , Marion Worlin, Lucille Jr line k. Second row: Grace Saner, Gladv Forte, Jeanette Humtx, Marian Mueller, Ih ru Drtnien PurrSrtnml iox Rentier Sdbrnnan, Ida Mar SalteiifniiRrr, Shirlrx Roman. l »i IaHsuI Vir t rovx: lr(t to ngHt Luullr llickn, GUdvt Fori , Britlu Joo JmtW'iiiry « ouiinill«M‘ of •. v. n. fallowslii|» nmimiUtM of 4 . w. xi. F»t»t low: trti io tight D.-toic Yand«-nbcr . June . l»hoit, (h-iiuIiik Miiliit, llinniih Ikrdj, Mat-ilvn 8t«k Sreond row Haminr £« Wlid. F.iniWo YuhimMo, Ruth l.iv miction. Marir Hold' ndort Jran Rrttard, Joan Km . Pu«.- 73Iliiid row: rlrigh l.aium, Hopr Wrlnak, Pal Trrikri, Caroline Prentice, Norma William . Lois B« longer, Jrannr Caul, Rr r Brown. Shirles RUwnun, Loi Burghardl. Srrond row: Alice Reimrr, Connir Rrwcman, Marion Si»ed«, Belli llarhituka, Alice Korhul, Janei Sommer, Alvcf Mar King, lx»i« Polrrr. Fn i row: left io titchl Caroline Marlin, Gloria Melt , Malw| Galian. Pul Larmont, Manairt Guv. woman's servlet lcn|jiic of r. w. ». women's service Ipii iip of e. v. n. Fir i row: left io ii«.'u—!. ■« Schinrder, Winni Wood, Jovce Holme . IXIuir S. hallo. Sylvia Evtihoii. Second row: Ndlir Nrliho |ir, F.ileen Berg, Jessie Wade, B lie Kern, Rrlina Gulan, Bette ll.irtus, Irma Bull Third row : Doris Krrmptcn, Mars Srnilh, Caiol Krainliech, Marx Callahan, Marian Hall, Leah Pnmakov . Irin Kotnarowiki, Jranetie Huxtrx, Luc ille Sloan. Srrood row: Pearl Dirvrk, Shirlrv Burnet, Maryam McCaughr-v, Arlene Hint , Kulhrxn Davis, Ruth Zirlkr, Grace Maurr. firt row: left to right— Jeanette Sokol], Phylit Schuhrrt, Elizabeth John ton, Jran Marcus, LuAnn Wrgwsrt. housing I'oiiiiniffloo of €•• w. n. — Iioiim |ir ‘M«lonfN lioust |in siih iils Firs row: left to right—Bonnir Idungu. Lucille llaclrr, Mm Werner, GUdw Forra. Rnsalin | ) . Second row j Mar Alicr Trrnplr, Betts Miller, Elaine Stanitautkit, Margaret Olivet son, Shirlrs Raw son, ('anilsn Prentiss. FJisr . lanho, Rohrrta Dowse. P tr ?JIn between and outside of classes our flying friends encounter those clubs and committees and other assorted a c t i v i t i e s which come to be listed on record sheets a s cxtracurriculars. The joining of these many and varied organizations serves a number of purposes: they fill those empty, nothing-to-do hours; they give one the opportunity to pursue one’s favorite subjects beyond the limits of classes, to find new experiences not available in classes, to m a k c new friends with the same interests, to enjoy the glorious feeling of ini|Hir-tance which conies with being elected to offices; and they always look impressive on the records which future employers ex-annne so carefully. 01 S«tnizatfonsSecond low: Agnet Iruh, Either Bltimrafdd, Ella Schumacher, Cuoffr, Rfixr Fcdm, Morn, AHrigh Lawon Kirn row; Mi to right Sylvia La arui, Alice Strong, OniCr Row. Sylvia Bell. |iliiloi ophi«i I»v llin omin h Fir»t row: Irft to ri ht Irinr Kotnarow»ki. Jcanctir Huwv, Mm Robbirn, Marilyn Sprnrrr, Eunice Kothwrilrr. Sreond row: Llo d Mauer, Lucille Hacker, Lorraine Sc harping, Gloria Kortfrr, Kc r Staler, Grarr Wurl, Alicr Opolak, Jran Fager P e 71Srcond low: Emrko Yothimoto, H niuh Ikrda, Norman Srhornlehrr, Robert, Richard Ehn, Beatrice Wilde. Fir»l row: left to right Ruthr Schirr, Mr. Throne, Priw ilia Schinidley, Carol Doolrv. Itiologv « lul» S|»2lllisll 4 1 II It Firvt row: left to right Geraldine Piolrovki. Adah Myer . Mtv, Scanlon, Jean NichoU. Second tow; Alice BukaUki. Charlotte l)abcl, Inna Hull, Rrvi Mullen, Su anne Sookup, Marvin Miller, HannHon- Sommer, Rhea Gadow, Ruth Mueller, Alice Horton. '-V 79 Third row Caroline Martin, M nlr Rirhrwiu, drier McNultv, jrannr K». aid. Ida Mar S.i11• nhricr. Robert Wood. Vcond row : F.lta Schumachrt, Dawn Thom ten. Cathcrim Prim, Virginia Walter , Carol lbter. Bur-nrtla Koch. I ini nm : left In ri l « Hnlhu Jo , Nomuin Schtrnlrbcr, Miijmir Jrnten, Joan Jarni««, Ojiinr. history Huh U«ki»ar;a|iliv Huh Hr»t row IrfI in right—Mi » Thoma . Virginia Walter . Joan Jarnigo, Etcltn Witthulm, |)i. Read, Kllrn I rr|r Sreond row: Dolorrt Limon, Shirlev Kawinn, Catherine I Irckrmlr in. Anil Antonioliit, Marian Kit In ardt, Margaret drat, ArIren Mory, Mart Simeon, Pat l.amonl Ihird row: Warren Spioat, Dorothy Ulr rliki, Ia rraine Shaipine. Mildred Rrcht, Su avne Wrbrr, Sutan Jane Manka. Marjorie Faber. Elainr Stamtautkit, Marion t'bri. Helen Hoffmann «re HflSecond row: M.uvin Millrr, Helen Branovan, Mike Pulito. Fint row: Irft to right Marilyn Miller, Reve Mullen, Alice Horton, NirhoU hmiige 4 onimil 14M 4 4Miim4 ia v4 iilf li i»xi Hiliv4» First row: left to right— Dr. Read, Beulah McQuaid, Caroline Martin, Helen Nicolai, Sslvia Even- ton, Mr. Logan. Second row: Jean Opine, Donald Lee, Carol Maurrr, Virginia Fisher, Robert Mueller, Marjorie Jrmcn. '« r 81Second row: F.lbH Wegner, Lillian lloug, John J.irlmn First row: Irft in right Doris MacDrvitl, Mr. V mine. Bonita Idiinga | hil lorin 4 0111 hi ill 4 4 4 4Hlllllilf4k4 Fir t iow : Mi n» right Carol Miuirt, R«th« Schief, Min Wi-mrr, Hamuli Ikrda, Renee Pnltu Second nm: Calvin Brinkman. Fiancn Unite, Mr. Woods, Jean Jarkmn, Norman SchornMwr, Leo Kraft. Thud row : Marion Jacckrl, Dolores Schallie, Marsh Rieboldt, Ru vll Dir nr t , Harlow Knwr, Wally Frickc, Edward H;ic«cr, M.n v Schultr, Carol Maurer. Second nw : Doris Zirnpelniann, Gloria Stclt , Mi non Richards Mabel Galian, Anne Kitsrr, Elaine Stanisatiski . Eunice Rothwrilrr, Beatrice Wilde, El a Schumacher Unt row: left to rieht Arh-ich {.arson. f.oi Rurghaidt, Dr t'ber, Silvia F.vrmon. Jean Opine. Ruth Schnrider. Iiifli4kr»n sfii l« iil asMM'inlion n li» worklv slalf FirM low: left to rtf It I—Arlene Willtnan, Helen Nicolai, Anfrlinr Woisrv, Marjorie Jensen, lone Kramer. Second row: Dr. Groarwold, Joanne Hahn. Pa Malone, Margant Mork. Bitty DeBriae, Lois Belorujer, Joan NichoH, Vircinia Wallen. Third row: Charlrt Maurice, Glenn Brevhan, Wiliam KmM, Jark Steele Fourth row Pat Strnftl, Hem Martens. Pat Schwnichn, Ida Mar Saltrnberiter, la-r Sroor, Marv Bovd. !'ns S3i Third low: Harold Levin, Florence Pavlcitner, F«r Hoghin, Milton Varsas, M»Vc Sanfelippo. Robert Holrhaurr. Second row: F.lwin Sigmund, Don. Krctnpien, Junr Keup, Carol'n Dawdv, Lillian Shepard. Fir a iw»': left to right—Archie Oliver, Glare Fry, Mr. Jon r . Ann Stan, Dominic fr-rtucci fornn First row : Glenn Schcel, John Nichols, Mr. Joses, Margurritr Gchrke. Second row: Irft to right Elwiti Sigmund, Norman Sehoenleber, Helm Kappicr. Lillian Houg, Archie Oliver, Mavrc O'M a lie , Rene Kanvier, Monica Stein. P« r MSecond row: Jeanne Movnihan. Mary Turek, FW Mueller, Grace McNulty. Fir«l row : left to right -Anita Larvn, Alice kiiriinl, Mis Harbefk, Marian Setright ihhons Hull ’age «5 tlirt’Horv M;ilf Left to right Glad » .itka, Geraldine Bovee, Hope WHtuk. Helen Kappier, Shirley Kivunun, Carol Burt, Betty Hartig, Ann Starr.Siring Jrnnir Scoufit, Maigrrthe Jorgemen. Raphael Shrkotki, YTolct Krrkrlot. Bonita Idling . Margaret Murk, Bern Krahn, Barbara Eckruan, Lori aim Spanner, Margrrt Kretrhmrr, Don Fran , Joy Swan, Elranoi Lerwick, Looitc Darling, Olga Mtkopulot, Mary Alice Temple, Pmrilla Schmidlex, Far Heath, Klirabrth George, Richard Hermann, KuStdl Shannon, Liiabetu Krahri, Marir-Onr Steven , Anna Chandler, Rum Hueberger, Lorraine I ..inning. abcth Nunn, Edwin Boeltger, F.u near Fadi-I, Myron Falck. Rotriuary Lange, Henry Wagner, Mary Dorsh, Jeannctc Tomow, Kcnneih Weinhold Woodwind Vcrvl Haggerty, Joann Rirrtelmnn, Jacquelyn McQueen, Nancv Thronr, Kenneth Leonard, Gordon Drake, Galvin Brockman, June Mcnter, Jeanette CrvnoMi, Man Ann Brurggemann, Ruth KohnhorM. Rmemary Curran Rrata— Bettv Gdrurl, Jarob Gla rr, Merle We , nrr, lsal elle Mattricola, Beverly Popelar . Arlene Rrrhier, Joe Wilton, Paul Zimmerman, Ralph Zimdan, Warren Faulkner, PhxllL Schubert, Harlow Kurtcr, Robert Beduka, William Marlian, Mar gain Baldwin, John Cum, Fredrick Alinto, Erie Parhner. Hugo Anhalt, Director. orplipslra bnn«l Flute—Haggerty, Kamthun. Ilakir, llarnackek, Rintrlman. Fontaine Oboe McQueen, Throne, Fran , Leonard. Clarinet Cxnow.t, Meikter, Gehfing, Shumaker, Brockiuan, Kukla, llammrt, Drake, Hanu n, Dietrich, Kretchnier, Idling . Lent nor. Fe kriran, Hennun, Krahn. Heath, Toth, Nunn, Srou fiv, Yindra But Clarinet Sin kotki. Krikela Sutaphonc Gilvrrtton, Mueller, Korvienowtki, Lerwick, Iwokowtkl, Faulkner Bomooh—Brueggcmann, Kohnhont. Jorgenten. Trumpet Fadel, Dar ling, May, Wilton, William , Zindam, Zimmerman, Ro e, Weidner, lane, Sloan, O'Connell, Barnet French Horn -Gla cr, Mattricola, Popelar . Goe-wd, Wegner, Spanner, Richter, Rae owtki, Shannon Trombone Kuctrr, Mehail, Weinhold, Schubert, Pronto, Brduhn, Georgr, McCrav, Bo hlein Tuba Kittel, Machan. Falk, Johnton, Bortigcr, Chrottowtki, Goodman Drum — Mork, Peterien, Curry, t•■litert. Alula, Martin, Eiwin Paul Anderton, D rector.Sftond row Gordon l)uUt Kenneth Mrntlrl, Rdint Williams, Irving lUmrn, Wilirtl Faulkn:r, Jot Wilton. Jake Clairr, Clstl Brockman, Don Jroning. Gcnr Grolh, Bob Wegner, Eugene Fadrl, Howard lanr, Raphael Shekocki, William Goetz Flr t row : left to right Mary Alice Temple, Veryl Haggerty, Bonita Idunga, Irrnt Moiri», Rose-mary Curran, Carol I’etrnon, Rosemary Lang, Peggy Kieuchroer, Harriet Marking, Jeanette Cesnowa. » 4 11 |M I l«l Hional fiisnnlilr Florettu Anderson, Mary Kav Bornhofen, Mary Ann Brueggrmanti, Svlvia Bell, Margairt Baldwin, Rose-mars Curran, Phsllis Cohen. Anna Chainll-r, Iaiuitr Darline, Dorit Dvkz, Doris Duwr. Ruth F.lls, K.uliaia, Jaccpieline Fontaine, Helm Koxwcll, Grace Fir ye, Mary Gilbertson, Helen Greihammer, Elizabeth Geocgr. Gwen Grilling, Gloria Cciden, Jean Holder. Rou- Heubrrgcr, l)e-voine Hnililrtn, Helen Hoffman, Anna Held, Marg Ann Hansen, Alzada Hayward, Agnes li udt, Arlecn Hainiii, Bertha Jons. Margerthc Jorgensen, Janette Jansen, Carol Krueger, Violet Krikclas, Betts Kent, Mary Marg Koddatx, Eleanor Lerwick, Mats Jean l ent ner, Marsel Lawrence, Len ore Mconier, Olga Mihopolot, Arlecn Mors, Jean Meistrr, Lolajran Morey, Dawn Narron, Johann Nied-ermaytr, Catherine I’rttis, Beverly Popelurs, Lorna Pew, Carolsn Prentise, Renee Pedro, Ruth Peterson, Carol Peterson, Eunice Rothwnlei, Doris Rush low, Joanne Rintli man. Rita Ru kutii, Phyllis Schubeit, Pauline Slade, Jean Schneider, Joan Struss, Maxir Gene Stevans, Mavis Simpson, Marg' Schultz, l.inda Sedetd»erg, Darlene Schcnning, Marjorie Sperry, Margie Smith, Ramona Stclf », Ikiroths liedke, Artis Volk man, Marjorie Weinter, Shir lev Wegener, Helen Watt, Grace Wurl, Doris .impel, Evelyn Zachrr. Ruth Ziintny, Georgia Gayhart, Phyllis Moiles, Barham Hamachrk, jranette Jahlomki. Inez Grulser, Margaret Shuman Lois Strnke, Jeanette Forman, Janet Mandcl, Arlene Hint , Esther llengst, Lucille Uhlig, Shirles Fiasittiei, Bonita lilsinga, Ruth Reeder, Mary Mice IVntplr, Jeanette Cesnowa, Virginia Doffort, VeisI Haggeiiy, (intrude Ru« ktenwald, Geraldine Bovre, Shirley Raw son, Ruth Zirlke, Doiuths Woodson, Shirley Itisunan, Peggy Kteischmrr, Jennie Seoul is, Rhea Cadnw, Joyce Birdtall. Joanne Rintel. I .or tain. I.inning, Warren Falkner, Joe Wilson, |,oi« Srhroe-d r. Lorraine Mueller.Sr rood row: llenrv t.nniki, Garrncr Hriwx ||.,minr , Lois Pirprr, Loi Bril, lonr Kramrr, .Nornun Krahn. Robert von Neumann. I'ini row: left to richt Kli altrth Hrur i;rtnann, Linda Sedmbrrg, Irnu aid Nsheraft, Min Srhtriotr. Ignore Kussrrow, Carol Baer. «ler v« n in (Ilie german cliili) li' H n‘h fra lira i (||m» freiU'li I'lnli) Fiitl ro left to rinlw F.air Himmrtnun, Holm Kapplrr, Miu Schirmer, Helen KotUivat, Miry Mallien, Evjlvn Johnson, Eric Potner P« misports When State students hoi her to peck down through their haze of indifference to see what gives with the athletes, they find a world of vigour and excitement unequalled anywhere else in college life — a world of powerful lungs, fast feet, keen eyes, firm muscles, long legs, strong hacks, humps, bruises, and broken ribs. Rut those worthy souls who are not satisfied merely to look, who clamber down and join the fight, arc those who find the greatest thrills.Stadium Field House Off to class — late fool llllll fOillll Fir»t row left 10 ri«ht- Fuko, R.uwh, Mrhail, Field , KuLla. Mec, Dmu, CvMU. Second low: Proffit, H«C|rr, Tamms Fajkowrki, Packet. Konotrr, Frhlhabrr, Eidmati, Tuffti. 'fluid tow: Schmidt, Rxrmon, Cinlagiu, Luabnicr. L’lrit knots Harm, Burrir, Mcitna, Wihon, Ciaoo, Whcland. Fourth row: Wahdorf, GlrajOP. Hammond, Ktllion. Ilapplr, Garth. fuollmll splmliih1 North Coin ml 6. M.S T.C- 13 Stct'cm Point 7. Nl.S.T.C. .38 LaCrossc 7. M.ST.C. .18 Iowa Central 46. M.S T.C. 0 homecoming All the way down the field Take that ball, boys; Milwaukee must win today; The Green, the White, Must show their fight. And we will win this game. See you there—Friday, Oct. 26th — Pep Rally — Auditorium 12 o’clock songs and cheers fireplace — 7 o’clock — mixer — field-house — 8-11:30 P. M. homecoming dance auditorium. About the fireplace they gather, with sharp plaids and kerchiefs, to sing and cheer for victory. Par • :Twas the night before the game, and all about the campus I could hear songs, laughter, and cheers, while the collcgiates. in serpentine formation, appeared. After a three year absence, the Emerald Gulls once again charged their traditional foe, I.a Crosse. Did we win? I’ll say we did! If it be the Stars and Stripes Forever or the grxxl old Alma Mater, there’ll always be the band to give us that musical note. Pcgc 93ImMkHball Marquette 18 Extension 53 Great I..ikivs 57 Concordia ... 11 . 46 River Falls 56 Eau Claire 66 1 2 Whitewater .... 58 Eau Claire 15 River Falls .. ...... 43 Stevens Point 35 I.a Crosse 34 Whitewater 1 36 Concordia 43 Stevens Point .... 39 Oshkosh .. 35 I-a Crosse .. 51 Second row : 11 j riots Knctcr, Louis Marino, Erv Rothrr, Cliurk Avertamp, Leo Kmur, Jack Steel, Bob Kupfrr, Don Tofte First row- left to right Frit Jcka, Ed Harger, jerry Gleason, Sammy Cattagna, Wallv Frickc, William Proffitt, Francis Hurditt, Marsh Ricboldt, Dfck Bowen. Iinskolluill I k imiM'IhmIuIi hi( 57 there M.S.T. 17 here M.S.T.C .. H then M.S.T.C M.S.T.C 51 then M.ST.C. Vi here M S ! C 51 here M.S.T.C. 62 here M.S.T.C 60 there M.S.T.C: 64 there M.s.r.c 38 there MS.T.( 38 there M.S.T.C 44 here M.S.T.C M.s.r.c. 46 there M.S.T.C 61 here M S 1 48 here M.S.T.C 51 here MiS.TX 10 there 11 Tniiil Iosvh 8 r.u. 9Sinlra-niunil board Fi» t row: led to right—Ed. Ho rr, Jim KuLla, Glrnn Scht-«-l. Second row: Mr. Tierney, Sam CdiUgiu, Leo Krai , Hill Norhl, Mr. Kl««r. I’tltr «r»The Infra-mural Board is a group of men selected to organize and run a full program of intramural sports in conjunction with the athletic department. It is the aim of this hoard to provide opportunity for all college men to participate in sports such as basketball, baseball, handball, tennis, boxing, wrestling, swimming and fencing where instruction as well as competition is provided.fcgt’ ‘'llgirl’s sports raff wA 24 35 34.63,73 65 33, Ml 32 .38,62,64 35.75 35 86 .Mien, Delta 32. 58, 67 Anderky, Joyce 34 :i8, 87 21. 60| 87 40 24.86 40 38 35,80 47', 75 ...... .35 ......... 59 .51,88 Vtuood, Win. II. 15 UrrK im| . ( !url .----------------... .94 Awvr, Dorothy ... 38 B Barr, Carol ..... 88 40 12 .35, 86 411 33,66.86.87 40 35 66 75 86 9| 32 38 35 38 35. 75,80 35 38 65 13, 86 ’ 40 65 64 Bell. Svlvia 47, 78,87 Belli , Mr . 68 35 38, 67, 74, 83 ' ’ ..35 40 II rpr. Eller . 35.65. 74 .... ' ....32 .40 62 38 32 40 34. 60, 84 38. 59. 62,80 Sever, Cturrncr '88 31 5‘ 55, 5» 35,67.«: .U :« ...32 6'. .46,65 3) 47, 71 35.67 35 H 31 38. 68.72, O' 34 35, 66, 85,8‘ .,..: 94 .18, H 8 Hi nun, l)oroili HI 15,71 32.8 81 33, 60, 82, 86,8' 3! 41 35 35 Brown, Hrlrn _ 40.6? . 35,7 .40. 8 33 66, 86, H Rruginan, ConMnner ’ u. 39,74 Ui ce, Doioiln Hut km,in, Marjorie liuriowr, Marina Htirithli. Elennarr llul bili, Alirr Bull, Irina Kurdilt, Fianti Butclurdl, Lam Burl, Carol ... ____________ 35 ............ 35 ..... 31 7' ............ 94 34,63.66.74 ......—32.85 c. 35 .65.7 4 47 51 38 18 66 91.91,96 . .33, 86.8" ,33.86,87 35 35 45.75 32 8 . . .35 40,91 61 ...35 J5 61 87 40 12 Culler. Zil.i 44 mu 47. 60 39 35 33. 66, »6, 87 86 61 40 .91 39,91 41 D 14,79 . . 24 Damjonovich, Dorothy 40 39 33. 86, 87 39 ...21 32, 75 .35.84 63 40,83 40 40.64.72 32 35 40 35 35 39. 83 35.86 35.63 32 33. 87 47,79 86 51,68,75 86,87 ._ ... .32 32 40,87 33'87 E 40 .40 39,73 33, 86. 87 17 35 .40, 79 39. 79 . 65 Ell . Ruth 35,87 " 32 34 .41 35 47.59 34,60,91 86 14 55,66,74,81,83 F.wrri, Ruth 63 F 34 35, 68. 80 33,86. 87 41.78 31,91 Fairk Mvna .86 49, 63 62.86.87 91 39 32 .91,60 91 39 81, 32 35, 80 19.64. 72.73, 75 35,86.87 87 17,60 35 33, 87 33, 86 87 35. 39 Frrrman, Maxwell ..... 13,58.60 55, 84. 87 Frirkr. Waller 55. 81. 94 Fritui, Jov-ph ... ... ... —------.-35 c 35 41 38 38,79,67 Galian, Mabel 38. 68, 72, 74, 83 91 38 15 56.59.74 33,87 38, 68. 86, 87 34,84 .39.64. 87 33.86.87 38,58 24 65 36 86 33,68,86,87 1.42 .... 33.61,86,87 39,91,94 86 „ 41 33,87 49.67 86 67 41 33. 68 38 Crawl, Anne 38 PttPt 101 .38, 66,74,80 39,67,88 . ...72 „ J9,87 38, 87 32 38 18 20 22 .41 38.80.87 Gronrwald, Benjamin 14 83 .53 32 38, 84 87 38.87 33,87 73 41 Holmci, Joyce .32, t 8, 74 38 74 .38. Vt. 82 84 41,79,81 11 53.82.84 32 32 .. .41 58.68 . 49,71 39,66, 72,73,73, 78 41 _ ...32', 72 32 41,61,83.91. 94,% III 38 72.74,7H 41 32,60 41 33.66. nt.,87 I Malm. Joanne 39, 64, 83 Idling , Bonita 33,66,72,75.82.86,87 67,74 ll.ida, Matmali 34, 72, 73. 79,82 4] Hamarhck, Barham 38,86.87 20 39 38, 65 J 38,64,87 36,64,87 .. ..91 Jackson, Jeanne 36,82 14 .52,82 33 62,87 jlttlu 1. Mai ion 41,83 30. 65 41 86 46 « 33, V 85 III 64 75 j.iiniiro, |oan 16. 64.80 •'I 38 Jfltnck, Lucille 16. 72 J9 47,62 J8 JntniiiK. Donald 87 IB Jrnven, Marjorie 39,66,80.81,83 41 jorckri, June If) ..36 Johmon, CUnolvn 32 il John ion, Dorothi 86 Johmon, Elizabeth 36. 75 50 johmon, Ellen 39 Johmon. Evrlyn 34.67.88 41 87 22 1 toi tli Fax .86 Jonr». John Paul -22,61,84 34 4 Joox, Bertha 36.66, 73.80,87 38 87 Jontcnvn, Margie the 33,86,87 ' 32 jmrphi, Virginia 19 87 June, Kvamae , 41 Juwk. BtM 49 19 -ia 67 Jupp, Barbara 36 Jupp, .Margaret 19 33, 86 K .62 86, 87 33, 66. 87 32. 3sj87 16 .49 36 . 32 59 ...38 . 41 llilt'. Willum K.iixhian, Marv 36,65 Ptgt 102HOFFMANN’S PHARMACY ★ 3116 N. DOWNER AVE. EDgewood 9877 39 39,59,84 3 51 , 84.85.8R _ »' Kftztmrtf ak, Audrry 41 32 n 39 ...41 .39 KrlU) Jim 36. 59 34 .36, 59. 72, 71 18 36 . ...36 Kcm| , Jiiih ?h. 67, 84 11 30, BO 41,91 36, 59, 74 . _ ...1361 73 .47.58,60 .41 M 39,83 .50,59 60 .41 16 13 .33.83,86,91,94 65 Knutyon, RoU-rj 39, 39, 80 32 41 50,1.4,72, 78 .33 Kohlnff C '.ail .32 86 ... ... .36 22 86 36, UR 36 32 39. 68.74,78 33,86 33,68, 81. . 36 19. 83. 88 32.63.74 63 36 61.8 2 90. ‘»1, •• 4 36. 74.84 Ki«-i«-hn»rr, M.trgarrt 43 58 5 » ll», 87 .86, 87 32. 88 87 32 49,63,74,85 .. . 34 50 39,86,91 Kupfi-r, RoIk-h 1 94 Png 103Kupwh, Carol Kurt enhrim, Herbert Kuttrrow, Lenoir 36 . 39 04. 88 IjliinU. Lon - — Ladwig, Bernice Ladwig, Marie Lambert, Patricia 49. 64 12 46.68. 82 . ... »l I imbetter |_.«i.ont, Patricia .... 16. 67. 74. 82 Ml. Lane, Howard l-anc. Rosemary 43.86.87 l_.nhburK. Ruth 99 _4 1 Lamed, Janice 48. 83 »iH, 74.78, 83 14. ...36.80 36 33. 66.67.87 39 34. 78 19 ..... 32 41,81 i ' 1 n«.ll 23 39 .39 32. 80 32,63 47 Lenl ner, Man — 34, 86. 87 I.en , Darlene Leonard. Kennrth Urwirli, Eleanor ......... Uwh. Betty ln$old, Rubin l -thin, George Levin, Harold Lirbhrrr, Harold Liston, Juvfr Little. Marion l.iviriK»ton. Ruth . Fred . ... I.omki, Henrv Lorrnr, Stella Lorry, Viola Loth, June .... Lund, flrarr Lynch, F.ilcrn M MaeDonald, Marrilr Machan, William ... Madvrn. Alfred Mai , Marion MalLa»ian, Mida .......... Mallirn, Mar ‘ ------ Malone, Patricia _ Mandrl, Janet ----------- Maude I. Kenneth Mandrl bourn. Jack M.mka, Stivan ..... - —__ Marino, laniit ______________36 86 50. 68 ----------- .32 16. 88 81 46. 64. 87 —........... 39 Cl 46,80 ......-36,61,94 PRINTERS of the “IVY” OUck PUBLISHING COMPANY 1445 North Fifth Street ot West Cherry HESS SAUSAGE Manufactured by Chas. Hess Sausage Provision Co. 2300 N Third St. 37SO N. Green |«v Rd. locuit 40 0 Locust 7694 The Cho c of TKote Who Know fRESH and smoked meats POULTRY . . . FISH The Cover and Binding of the 1946 IVY aro products of THE BOEHM BINDERY CO. 104 E. Mason St. Milwaukee Page 101THE JUUEN SHADE SHOP INCORPORATED BADGER BRAND WINDOW SHAOES AND VENETIAN HINDS l?9 We»» M-cH a«n S . M»rqu t'» W64 Williamson’s Six Point Pharmacy 1932 E. North Avo. Phone — Lakeside 2616 HOTEL MEDFORD OFFERS EXCELLENT ARRANGEMENTS For Private Parties. Smokers and Call Meetings Marquette 3000 33.87 . 67 83 36 ....34 39 48.72.73,74,80,81.86 - ...20 33, 68, 8b 36 36.68,81,82.83 36. 59.75 . 78 83 39. 62 ...33, 86 McCaughcy, Maicairi 36, 68,75 - ’. . 39 39, 86 52, 66, 82 36 16 39 mi 85 50, 65 52.81 Mr Queen, Jacquelyn Mr , Rusvcll . 14 86 39,91 . 91 86, 91 3? Mriiorr, Hilary 39,62 ★ PRESCRIPTIONS — OUR SPECIALTY ★ Service With a Smile 16 87 48,87 50 34, 86.87 41.81,81 32 16. 68 44,64 19 14 39 46. 87 83,86 39 48,64.78,87 . .34.87 36 39 34,80,87 32 85 3b,66. 87 72 ..34, 60, 81, 85, 86 32. 79 59 36, 79.81 48, 79 34 Mvttrooi, Brrnior — ...36 Page fA! N 36 63 OUon, Helen OI»on, Jane — 32,63 34 Narron. Dawn — 19, 87 Ohon, June — OI on. Manfred —21 21 Nrllliorpe, Nadine J2.65.74 Olu. Carle — O'Mallev, Marie _20 41.84 Ni-iirits. Lorraine - 32 Opine, Jean Opoiak, Alice 50. 62,80,81,83,88 41. 78 Ncy, Katherine 32 Oitaway, Carol 36. 65 39. 63 Nirhnl, Sally NirhoK, Joan Nicl ol% John 36.79,81,83 46,60.84 P N n . 1.1 i. Helen 81,83 Nirdrrinaver, Johanni- 36, 87 Norltl, William 90,61, S3.96 ' 36 Ndl, Wilma 47 39 Norris, Robert 23 36 Norm, Virginia 36 36 Nowicki, Krvin 47, 58.64 39 67. 84 Nunn, Elixabeth 34,66, 86 39 78)82 87 O ... J6 Prrnntn, I eRnv Pemyk, Elranora 62. 86 32 .34, 86.87 36,36 37 36 41 86 87 Odva, P«i .32,63 Pell. Pliyllb 32,63. 72 80. 87 84 37,68 .41.73 37,87 .. 36 20 _ 16 63,88 . 18 .37 Oluin. Dorothy .36,65 Pinko, Doiollua 4H Each year, as you graduates grow older and eventually establish homes of your own, you will discover that more and more folks want All-Electric ' homes. You will owe it to yourself, therefore, to be fully informed on low-cost electricity, adequate wiring and electrical appliances — which nuke "electrical living” so easily available to all. The Electric Co. MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN Sr 7A.4S P $t t »iS. J. CASPER CO CHINA — STEMWARE GIPTWARE — SILVER B«S No. Planllntcn Ava. EASTMAN KODAK STORES INCORPORATED Everything Photogenic 745 N. MilwtulM St DRY CLEANERS DYERS AND FURRIERS "Sanitono" P o«a MILWAUKEE NOVELTY DYE WORKS 733 E. Capitol Dfivo Ed. 9400 41 .34 .39 39 67 59,74 65 34, 86, 87 8ft 39 ... .39, 62, 79 18 .32,74.75. B7 4I,9I.«H Mirharl ..... 81 I’utrhnig, Dolor •» .32 Q 32 R 52.63,72 . :.32 41 86 34 39 . 4ft.65 Ranke, Tiwrr r J.54 •I Just Across the Street Rjsnunwn, Mafpitl , 41 37, 65 .44) .32 41,91 48. 75, Ml. 87 15. HU 37. 80 Rr lrr, Shir lev 17 Rrcen, Joirph 41 40. 66 32.61 .32 62 .37 80,83 Rirhardton. Patricia 48 86 31, 87 10. 58,61,83.94 3-1,86.87 48 66 73 74 85 87 1 l] 78 41 Rordn, Rutli Helen 31,87 40 .32 34 40 17,64 :.32 40 ...37 Rov, (irarr 46.63. 72. 78.86 107 32, 59 21 ..37’ 67 21 .35 34 ..37 52, 79,82 .94 33 40 78, 8.4, 87 88 ■ 33. 79. 84. 87 41 17 91 41 37 41 35. 5 4 ..22 33 . .37.87 41,72 91 37. 10 40,87 30. 83 s 41 32.63 68 .37.67 40,79.80.82,84 41.67 52, 64 33, 67. 72 37,64,66, 74.87 40 34, 37, 73, 80, 83 37 ... 4! 63 30 40,63.83.87 37, 641 19 84 35. 65. 78, 80,85 32 37 79 . 41 40 40,83 ...52,66 33 41.68, 74. 83 40 34 .37 67 37 Schau witter, Kb me 41 S -hw,»rtthrrK. Marjorie II !««• JMHUEBSCH LAUNDRY CORP. SKIP BERG LAUNDERERS AND DRY CLEANERS ALL LATEST RECOROS 1716 No. Arlington Plec© 2644 No. Downer Ave. Daly 3480 Member o4 AMERICAN AMERICAN INSTITUTE INSTITUTE OF OF LAUNDERING DRY CLEANING PflCMD-RELUII 314 W. Wiiconiin Ave. .37,63 .41 ...50,61 34. 87 .50 40 37 33 ..34,66,72.86 87 37 ' |7 87 87. 88 40 42, 78 40 37. 74. 8«. 37 33 41 42 37,65 33 ' 4U 37. 58.67, 87 .50,63.72,85 37.65. 71 ’ ' 1.63 (7. 65 4(1 33 34 86 61 .....86 61 Sharptni, I.oriainr 40, 78. 8(1 33. 56. 75 ..I. ’13 HI, 7 1 18. 58 •37, 64, 74 . ’ 37 23 62 86 87 40. 79 ’ ’ 87 .34,66,86 .... 34. 67 84 40. 68. 86 40 63 33, 63 41 42 Shuman, M.iikjii i 87 h8 51 50 80 40,60 84 40. 63. 81 ’ '40 in. 63 37,71 37. 75.80.83 48. 58. 63 Simon, Paliiciu 37 Starr. Ann .40,84.85 Page 100$Uu», Joan Strc|r, Jack Sternbcrgh, Patricia Stdfo , Ramona Sirin, Cunicr .........87 .42,83. 91 ii .34,87 .....37 13.87 37 33,58,64,74.83 .37.83 86 37 37,87 42 51,74 40 37. 64 78 . . 33 51 o 37 42 34. 86 .40, 86 33 T 42 37 81 34 37 It titi 75 86 87 78 37 .19 Thomat, Olive 13,80 l1iom»rn. Dawn Throne, Alvin Throne, Nanev . Tirdke, Dorothy Tierney, John .37, HO ...... 23.79 17, 36, 86 .39, 87 ........-22,96 65 37, 59 91,'H 34,68 33 33,69 37 .42 42 37,63.74 .42! 60 42 42 37, 59, 85 37 u ..16, SB, 60, 83 137’ 80 ..34,87 ' 16 l lr etaki. DoimHn 37,65,80 ,9| . 37 L’t , Edith .65 S MO. 0. . r»». or . GRIDLEY DIVISION ★ MILK CREAM BUTTERMILK COTTAGE CHEESE DELICIOUS ICE CREAM MArquefie 7370 V 37.68.73 16,82 .37,58,61,84 Vavda, Violet . 53.65 42 Volkrrt, F.velyn 34 37.64,87 88 _33 37 w 37 62,68 ; 37 91 84 ! 37,87 38. HO ...'.16 18.67. 87 52 8 . 87 40 18 86 Weiw. Lorna 42 Wrtx, Domllit 51 Hut II" .53,66,74,85 33, 40 .42 38, 74 38 18.60, 82 .40 Wood , Mr . t,8 13, 72,75,82 66.87 .18 38 40,64 33 91 78.87 40 Wilde’, Beatrice 0. 79. 81 Y Wilde, F. J .20 53 32 53 73, 7M S3 .S3 23 7. ... 59, 74 34.68, 87 31.86, 87 33,61 38 38,63,83 53,68 .24,62 86. 87 38. 58. 61 86,91 42 34 18 40 34,68,75.87 33. 63 40,64 38, 80 86 33 80 40, 72 87 12 62. 8t. Wolff Marion 38 42,83, 87 6 t, 83 18. 66, 83 Wi-hI. I.IHI'. 40 Zwiri;, Patricia 38 Ill I

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