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Text from Pages 1 - 156 of the 1942 volume:

y;vc a. C ..« — ' C ' ' i tl 2--« -- -fl» - - - ' " . -V-jp uajuU, :: JLaa w - - . Aa-vO " ' THE I V Y ROBERT H. UBER., MARION BROWN . CHESTER S. NAPIENTEK RAYMOND KLEIN _ MILDRED BARBIAN .__ LUCILLE VOGEL _ MELVIN M. YANOW . EDITORS Editor ...Associate Editor Art Editor . ..Photography Editor Literary Editor .Seniors Editor .....Business Manager THE IVY ANNUAL OF THE MILWAUKEE STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE 9 CONTENTS DIVISIONS ORGANIZATIONS ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS FOREWORD This year marks the beginning of a new annual — The Ivy. For many years, the ivy-covered buildings of Milwaukee State Teachers College have symbolized the tradition of knowledge and learning. Each year the ivy springs forth with new, undying, freshness and vitality. It is only fitting that the new annual. The Ivy, should take its name from this plant; like the ivy, it too will come forth each spring with a permanent, living, pictorial record of the preceding school year. ART DIVISION FACULTY HOWARD THOMAS Director of Art Division LOWELL LEE Art Instructor FRED LOGAN Art Instructor ELSA ULBRICHT Art Instructor DIVISION OFFICERS GERALD LANDT JACK COLLINS GRACE CURTIS NIKOLA BJELAJAC _ .President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer ART DIVISION ROW 1: Harriet Gill, Carol Gander. Jean Morey, Hazel-Jean Larsen, Libby Marshaiek, Edith Maletz, Jane Gagliano. ROW 2: Muriel Germanson, Audrey Southcott, Shirley Stevens, Jean Ackerman, June Buchholz. Harriet Worth, Dorothy Stellhorn. ROW 3: Mary Dalton, Vivian Roth, Virginia Smith, Dorothy Leuch, Edith Peterson, Allen Priebe, Dorothy Humphreys, Helen Hinterthuer, Eunice Schaefer. ROW 4: Joy Hassllnger, Mildred Phillips, Ethelyn Anderson, Robert Kenneweg, Mr. Thomas (fac). Miss Ulbrlcht (fac), Mr. Logan (fac), Mary Evans, Jim Engman, Nancy Smith. ROW 5: Natalie Sceets, June Herzberg, Isabel Beaudoln, Eli Bornstein. Alice Buckley, Dorothy Swancutt, Dorothy Thomson, Rosalind Tubesing, Caroline Feutz, Dick Dawe, Kathryn Hillborn, Grace Curtis (sec), Joy Plessner. ROW 1: Gertrude Thielen, Don Horning, Margaret Siggelkov , Louis Anastopolos, Petronilla Brehm, Anna Petersen. ROW 2: Dawn Bailey, Lothar Krueger, Jean Naulir, Mary Wadleigh, Helen Bidle, Evelyn Salter, Chef Napientek. ROW 3: Betty Lathrod, Elizabeth Kordes, Geta Andren, Adolph Karl, Richard Houghton, Frederick Muhs, Marlon Gessert. Violette Drescher. ROW 4: Roy Sieber, Stanley Drejer, John Reiss, Louis Salocitos, Nikola Bjelajac (treas.), Warren Jennerjahn, Ray Obermayr, Henry Bergman, Leslie Ruehl. ART DIVISION ROW 5: John Wesle, Earl Rosenthal, Gerald Landt (pres.), Jack Collins, Dudley Canfield, Norman Dennison, Howard Conant, Sylvester Perszyk, Glenn Wegener, Ervin Nowicki. n n o f p r f A . fifi AUf ' LOUIS ANASTOPOLOS Majori Art . . . Minor: History . . . Activities: Division— Board; Echo Annual— Staff: Enhibition Committee — Chairman. NIKOLA BJELAJAC MARGE BOULET . Minor: French . . . Activities is — Secretary: Le Cercle Francais ce League; Echo Annual — Ar Club; Dorado. HARRY COLLINS History . . . Activitie in- Board: Echo Annu ilth— Social Committee Biology Tionweaitt Echo Am NORMAN DENNISON Major: Art . . . Minor: Sigma Delta Phi; Comr mittee; Swimming Team; Male Chorus. STANLEY DREJER Major: Art . . . Minor: English . . . Art Students ' League— Board; Men ' s Stock Company; Football — Captain. MURIEL GERMANSON Major: Art . . . Minor: History . . . Activities: Division— Secretary; Art Students ' League— Vice- president; Echo Annual— Art Staff; Gibbons Club; Women ' s Service League; Kappa Delta Pi. HARRIETT GILL Art . . . Minor: History . . . Activitie Lambda Phi; Women ' s Service Leagu nnual— Art Staff; Puppetry Club— Pre JUNE HERZBERG Major: Art . . . Minor: History . Kappa Lambda iota; Senior CI, WRA— Secretary, Board. EUGENE JUDGE Activities: Major: Art . . . Minors: Music and English . . . Activities: Representative Speakers — President, Business Manager; A Cappella; Puppetry Club; Stock Company: Gibbons Club; Camera Club. Page 12 ADOLPH KARL Major: Art . . . Minor: Enqlish . . . Actlvitie Kappa Delta Pi; Camera Club: Art Student Leaaue— Board. ELIZABETH KORDES Major: Art , . . Minor: History . . . Activities: Kappa Lambda lota; Cheshire— Art Editor; Ivy Annual Staff. LOTHAR KRUEGER GERALD LANDT Major: Art . . . Minor: History . . . Activities: Tennis Team; Art Students ' League— President; Art Board. FREDERICK MUHS Major: Art . . . Minor: English . . . Activi Cheshire — Literary Editor; Kappa Delta Philosophy Club— President. CHESTER STANLEY NAPIENTEK Major: Art . . . Minor: History . . . Activi Sigma Delta Phi— Historian; Ivy Annual- Editor; Football— Trainer; Fencing Club; Ir mural Athletics; Gibbons Club; Senior Repre tative of the Art Board. MARGARET PETERSEN Major: Art . . . Minor: Biology . . . Activities: Echo Weekly— Staff; WRA; Dorado; Kappa Lambda lota. KATHLEEN POST Major: Art . . . Minor: History . . . Activities: Kappa Lambda lota — Secretary; Commonwealth — Board, Auditing Committee, Student Welfare Committee; Division — Board; Women ' s Service League; Camera Club; Gibbons Club; Kappa Delta Pi. NATALIE SCEETS Major: Art , . . Minor: English . . . Activitit Band; Orchestra. JANE SCHWALBACH Major: Art . . . Minor: History . . . Activitif Sigma Lambda Phi; Women ' s Service Leagu Camera Club; Puppetry Club. RAYMOND SELLON Major: Art . . . Minor Siqma Delta Phi; Comm Committee. History . . . Activitie onwealth— Board, Athle EVELYN SWEENEY Major: Art . . . Minor Crafts Club. : English . . . Activitie ROSALIND TUBESING Major: Art . . . Minor: Speech . Chi Sigma Lambda— Vice-president pany; Commonwealth— A Cappella Lutheran Students ' Association; A . Activities Stock Com Committee Cappella. GLENN WEGENER Major: Ar ties: Com t . . . Minor nonwealth: A Geography t Students ' Leag. Activi RUTH ANDERSON Major: Art . . . Mi ties: Puppetry Club. ART DIVISION ACTIVITIES Up in their corner on the third floor, adept students make academic subjects secondary to the skillfullness of their hands and the desire to create. Brilliant watercolors, beautiful oils, and immense murals are produced by agile hands guiding swift-moving brushes. The art of weav- ing, pottery, and the fascinating study of jewelry are all included in an art education. Carving, either in wood, stone, or plaster has its place. This division is famous for the weird and " off the record " parties it harbors within its rooms. The terrifying, yet wonderful " initiation " re- mains in the minds of all, and woe to the new freshmen who are the victims of the upperclassmen ' s unholy ideas. Supper parties, winter sleigh parties, and the annual hayride afford great fun for all. Page 14 ELEMENTARY DIVISION FACULTY FRANK ADAMS Vice-president of the College and Director of Training DR. NEAL BILLINGS Director of Elementary Division DOROTHY COOPER 5th Grade Training Teacher RUTH LOUISE BRISTOL Elementary Education Instructor CARRIE EDMONDSON Elementary Education Instructor ANTHONY INGRELLI 7th Grade Training Teacher JOSEPHINE MALONEY 8th Grade Training Teacher ETHEL ROTHWELL 4th Grade Training Teacher DIVISION OFFICERS CARL SANTELL _ _ President REVERDY HALL Vice-president ROSE STATHAS Secretary LOUIS ROMANO Treasurer t Ik Page 17 ELEMENTARY DIVISION ROW I: Steve Vrsata, George Varsos, Celia Greenwood. Ralph Martin, Dorothy Sennhonn, Ruth ROW 2: Frank Jaeger, Marian Rhodes, Gilbert Szymansici, Nic Skaros, Robert Gr Thompson. Robert Recla. Pete Hallberg, ROW 3: Marvin Lange, Joseph Frenn. Charles Gu Georgiady, Melvin Yanov (vice-pres.] , William Corci Gale Jensen, Ge ROW 4: Jack Neumann, Emil Symonik. James Tyborsky. Jack Enders. Jane Miller, Jane Anderson, Keith Beggs, Ardis Treichel, Louis Romano (treas.). ROW 5: Marvin Wirhz, Harold Yahnke, Verne Hinze, Kenneth Place, George Jablonski, John Hatton. Warren Tamms. George Rusteika. Robert Mundt. Ben Lane. ROW I: Betty Fetgatter. Magdalen Polacheck, Agn3s Allen, Mae Kappel, Jane Correll. Rose Stathas (sec). Rose Marchetta. ROW 2: Dorothy Anderson, Rosemary Egan, Marion Marfy, Amour Fieldman. Gertrude Llppow. Dorothy Adier, Shirley Priester, Cathryn Gerstner. ROW 3: Theona Stacey, Verna Jensen. Florence Warnka, Ruthmarie Schmidt, Florence Krueger, Viola Collins, Ruth Best, Estella Stowe, Dorothy Peterson. ROW 4: Marion Webster, Alice Weldermann, Mary Ann Zuber, Bstty Andracki, Mabel Brill. Dr. William Walte (fac), Rosalynn Golper, Temmy Solom, Wesley Maurer. June Marie Washburn. ROW 5: Dorothy Cowles, Patricia Miller, Marjorle Buettner, Grace Hembel, Hermlna Kopfer, Dorothy Schmldii, Kenneth Buehler, Lawrence Edelsteln, Carl Santell (pres.), Joyce Helton, Gloria Tarkowski, Angellne Stann. ROW I: Blllle Odie. June Schroeder. Betty Schaefer. Irene Neelsen. Josephine Kublak. Isabel Raloff. Betty Krause. ROW 2: Jean Rlschmann, Lorraine Jacks, Betty Jane Mitchell. Esther Marcus, Lorraine Whlpperfield. Alice Tonar, Marjorle Neher. ROW 3: Grace Scholz. Lois Propp, Margaret Vodak, Jerry Farley. Mary Jane Anderson. He Siemion, Shirley Glaser, Marlon Wachsmuth. ROW 4: Alice Smilianick. Dorothy Schlouch. Ruth Arndt, Amy Pforr, Leslie Brown, Florence Devlin, May Pusch, Myra LaFond, Barbara Bond. ROW 5: Mary DeHeus, Mary Janice Debblnk, Virginia Klemme, Olive Wegner, Caroline Middleton, Marjorle Maurer, Lieselotte Bracke. Bernice Blauert. Phyllis Kranz, Geneva Vaillancourt. k. i DOROTHY ANDERSON Major: Elementary . . . Minors: English History . . . Activities: Crafts Club— Secrei Delphic Women— Secretary; YWCA; WRA. JANE ANDERSON Major: Elementary . . . Eicchanqe Editor; Worr YWCA— Business Commi Cheshire— e League; BETTY ANDRACKI Major: Elementary . . . Minors: English and Speech . . . Activities: Alpha Gamma Lambda; Inter-sorority — Secretary; Le Cercle Francals; Women ' s Service League; Conrad Club; YWCA; Gibbons Club. GEORGE BERG Majors: Elementary and Biology ... Ml Activities: Delta Chi Sigma— Gr logy Club — President. Physl MURIEL BLECKER Majors: Elementary and Genera Activities: Sigma Phi Tau — president. Secretary. 1 Selene Presiden e . . . , Vice- EUNICE BOERTH Major: Elementary . . . Mino History . . . Activities: PI Theta s: Engl Alpha; sh and rwcA. LENORE BONESKE Major: Elementary . . . Mlno Economics . . . Activities: Conr president; B A Cappella; Outd Gibbons Club; YWCA. s: Engli ad Club oor Life h and —Vice- Club; LIESELOTTE BRACKE Major: Elementary . . . Minors: German and Economics . . . Activities: Theta Lambda Phi— Vice-president, Historian; Kappa Delta Pi; Inter- sorority Council; Commonwealth— Election Com- mittee; Der Deutsche Verein— President; YWCA — Executive Board; Delphic Women; Lutheran Students ' Association; WRA. MARIAN BRAUN Major: Elementar. History. English MABEL BRILL Major: Elementary . . . Minors: Phys cation. Economics and Geography . . ties: Lambda Phi Chi— V Secretary; Athletic Board. ,lden cal Edu . Actlvi WRA- ?l i MARJORIE BUETTNER Major: Elementary . . . Minors: History and Sigma Omicron Phi- Speech . . . A( Treasurer; B A Cappella Students ' Association, GENEVIEVE CARRIVEAU Economics. ANN CULLEN Majors: Elementary and English YWCA: Luther, ROBERT ECKENROD Major: Elementary . . . Activities: Delta Sigma Kappa — Vice-grand master; Division — Vice-presi- dent; Sophomore Class — President; Common- wealth—Athletic Committee; Football; Basket ball; Track — Captain. RUTH EIGNER English . Minors: Biology an Alpha Gamma Lambda JACK ENDERS Majors: Elementary and Biology . . . Minors: Economics and German . . . Activities: Sigma Delta Phi; Delta Chi Sigma; Commonwealth- Athletic Committee; Der Deutsche Verein; Male Chorus; Football— Manager; Gibbons Club. WILLIAM FOULKS Major: Elementary . . . Minors: Mathematics and Geography . . . Activities: Sigma Delta Phi- President, Vice-president; Inter-lraternity Coun- cil—President; Commonwealth— Auditing Com- mittee; Camera Club. DOROTHY GLIDDEN Major: Elementary . . . Minors: Biology and Physical Education , . . Activities: Town Hall Club; V RA. ROSALYNN GOLFER Major: Elementary . . . Minors: Economics English . . . Activities: Alpha Beta Gam Outdoor Life Club. GERTRUDE GREUSSING Page 21 PETE HALLBERG Major: Elementary . . . English . . . Activities: Outdoor Life Club— Presi Minors: History and Delta Sigma Kappa; dent. RUSSELL HOLT Majors: Elementary and Physical Geography . . . Minor: History . . . Activities: Beta Phi Theta— Grand Master; Men ' s Club— Board; Intra- mural Board; Handball and Wrestling Champion. BETTY HOPFENSBERGER Economics . . . Activities Sigma Omicron Phi. History . : Echo W . . Minor: eekly Staff; GEORGE JABLONSKI Majors: Elementary and Economics Geography and Physical Education ties: Delta Sigma Kappa; Junior Clas Senior Class— President; Football; Track; Photography Club. . . Minors: . . Activi- — President; Basketball; LORRAINE JACKS Major: Elementary . . . Iv Geography . . . Activities: —Treasurer; Stock Compa Sigma Omicron Delta ny; WRA. FRANK JAEGER Majors: Elementary, Social Science and History . . . Minor: General Science . . . Activities: Sigma Delta Phi; Commonwealth— Board; Sv im- ming; Town Hall— Chairman; Men ' s Club— Board. GEORGE JANECEK Major: Elementary . . . Minors: Biology and His- tory . . . Activities: Sigma Delta Phi; Delta Chi Sigma- Grand Scribe; NYA— Co-Director; Men ' s Club— Board. Treasurer; A Cappella; Who ' s Who; Commonwealth— Platform Committee, A Cappella Committee. GALE JENSEN Elementary and Economics . . . Minors: ind English . . . Activities: Sigma Delta Phi; Inter-fraternity Council; Commonwealth- Board, Election Committee. A Cappella Con mittee; Lutheran Students ' Association— Trea urer; B A Cappella; Homecoming Parade Chai man; Orchestra. MAE KAPPEL Major: Elementary . . . Activities: Sigma Lambda Phi— Vice-president; Outdoor Life Club— Secre- tary; Stock Company; WRA. GERTRUDE KASTRUL Page 22 VIRGINIA KLEMME Major: Elementary . ry . . . Minors: Geography and ctivities: Theta Lambda Phi- President. Vice-president, Secretary; YWCA— President: Gibbons Club. HERMINA KOPFER IVY KORPELA Major: Elementary . . . Minors: English and History . . . Activities: Outdoor Life Club; Le Cercle Francais. PHYLLIS KRANZ Major: Elementary . . . Minors: Geography and French . . . Activities: Le Cercle Francais; Gib- bons Club; YWCA. HAROLD LEVIN Major: Elementary . . . Minors: English and Economics . . . Activities: Alpha Phi Omega; Biology Club; Men ' s Chorus. MAGDELENE MACK Major: Elementary . . . Minors: Geography. Economics and Biology . . . Activities: Sophomore Class— Secretary; Division— Social Committee; WRA; Chorus. LORRAINE MAU Major: Elementary Physical Educa- . Minors: Biology and Activities: WRA— Board; Echo Weekly— Reporter; Dorado; Water Safety nstructor. ANN MATHEWS Major: Elementary Minors: History and logy . . . Activities: Lutheran Students ' Asso- tlon; YWCA. ALVA MAURER Major: Elementary . . . Minors: History and Geography . . . Activities: Upsllon Lambda Sig- ma — President, Vice-president, Treasurer; Kappa Delta Pi- Historian; International Relations Club —Secretary, Treasurer. WESLEY MAURER Major: Elementary . . . Minors: Biology and Geography . . . Activities: Alpha Phi Omega; Commonwealth — Student Welfare Committee; Male Chorus— President; Biology Club — Vice- president; Astronomy Club — Vice-president. Page 23 OTTO MEYER Majors: Elem, itary. Economics Bird Club. JANE MILLER Major: Elementary . . . Minors: History and Eng- lish . . . Activities: Kappa Lambda lota— Vice- president; Sophomore Class— President; GFL— Board; WRA; Gibbons Club. BETTY MORGAN Major: Elementary . . . Minors: Economics and Physical Geography . . . Activities: Biology Club; Sorority; WRA; YWCA. EMILY NAPIERALSKI Major: Elementary . . . Minors: English and History . . . Activities: Joseph Conrad Club- Correspondent; YWCA; Women ' s Service League. BILLIE ODLE Major: Elementary. KATHLEEN PEPPER Major: Elementary . . . Minors: History and English . . . Activities: Lambda Phi Chi; YWCA. PAULA PETRI Minors: Histor DON PHILLIPS Majors: Elementary, History and Economics . . . Minor: Physical Education . . . Activities: Delta Sigma Kappa; Inter-fraternity — Vice-president; Men ' s Club— Board; Football; Basketball: Intra- mural Athletics: Gibbons Club. LOIS PROPP Major: Elementary . . . Minors: History and Economics . . . Activities: Sigma Lambda Phi — President; Inter-sorority Council — Treasurer; Women ' s Service League — Secretary: Common- wealth—Student Welfare Committee; WRA — Board; B A Cappella; Lutheran Students ' Asso- MARJORIE OUEEMAN Majors: Elementary English . . . Activif Weekly— Reporter; tion; YWCA. and Eco es: Sigma Lutheran lomics Omicr Stude ts . Minor Phi; Ech Associa MARION RHODES Mathematics. MARGARET SANDO CARL SANTELL Majors: Elementary and Biology . . . Minor: Speech . . . Activities: Sigma Delta Phi— Vice- grand master: Delta Chi Sigma: Inter-fraternity —Council: Commonwealth— Vice-president, Sec- retary: Division — President. Vice-president: Intra- mural Award: Tennis: Who s Who: Male Chorus: Stock Company. DOROTHY SCHMIDLI Major: Elementary . . . Minors: English and Economics . . . Activities: Women ' s Service League: Outdoor Life Club: Photography Club: Biology Club: YWCA: WRA: Kappa Delta PI. JUNE SCHROEDER Major: Elementary . . . Minor: Economics and English . . . Activities: Pi Theta Alpha— President, Secretary: WRA. HELEN SIEMION Major: Elementary . . . Minors: English and Geography . . . Activities: Commonwealth — Li- brary Committee: Polish Club— President, Secre- tary, Treasurer: Women ' s Service League: Gib- bons Club: Echo Weekly Staff. TEMMY SOLOM Majors: Elementary and Economics . . . Minors: History and English . . . Activities: Alpha Beta Gamma — Secretary: Inter-sorority Council: Echo Weekly— Reporter: Outdoor Life Club. ANGELINE MARIE STANN Major: Elementary . . . Minors: Biology and Geography , . . Activities: Biology Club — Exe- cutive Committee: Gibbons Club: Outdoor Life Club: Women ' s Service League. ROSE STATHAS Major: Elementary . . . Minors: Art and English . . . Activities: Mu Beta Sigma: Echo Annual- Editor-in-chief: Commonwealth — A Cappella Committee: Division — Secretary: A Cappella: Kappa Delta Pi. JACK TELFER Majors: Elementary and Social Science . . Minor: English . . . Activities: Commonwealth- Board: Publications Committee: Cheshire— Bu: ness Manager: Who ' s Who: Representati Speakers: Alpha Phi Omega: Beta Phi Theta. EVELYN THOMAS Major: Elementary History. JAMES TYBORSKY Major: Elementary . . . Minors: History and Geography . . . Activities: Sigma Delta Phi- Treasurer; Delta Chi Sigma— Historian: Football — Manager; Swimming — Manager; Track — Man- ager; Senior Class — Vice-president; Common- wealth—Platform Committee. Athletic Commit- tee; Biology Club; Gibbons Club. ROSALYN UMENTHUM Major: Elementary . . . Minors: Biology, Physical Education and Economics . . . Activities: Kappa Delta PI; Dorado— President: WRA— Board: Gib- bons Club; Outdoor Life Club; YWCA. CATHERINE VAN ERP Gibbons Club; YWCA. GEORGE VARSOS Major: Elementary , . . Mino History . . . Activities: Inti Biology Club; Male Chorus— J MARGARET VODAK Major: Elementary ... Mi Mathematics . . . Activities: Gibbons Club; WRA; YWCA. STEVE VRSATA Major: Elementary . . . Minors: Physical Educa- tion, Economics and Geography . . . Activities: Delta Sigma Kappa — Vice-grand master; Inter- fraternity Council; Student Employment Bureau — Co-director; Intra-mural Board — President; Foot- ball. MARION WEBSTER Geography ... Ac llnors: Speech anc Theta Lambda Phi ALICE WEIDEMANN Major: Elementary . . . Minors: Mathematics. History and Economics . . . Activities: Mu Beta Sigma — Secretary; Echo Weekly — Society Editor. Women ' s Sports Editor, City Editor, Circulation Manager; Echo Annual— Reporter; Outdoor Life Club; Mathematics Club; YWCA; Common- wealth — Publications Committee. FAYE WELLS Majors: Elementary and S Minors: English and Econor Page 26 r c ' ! 4 ) MELVIN YANOW Majors: Elementary, General Science and Bi- ology . . . Activities: Echo Weekly— Business Manager, Reporter; Echo Annual — Sports Editor, Business Manager; Biology Club— Program Com- mittee; Who ' s Who; Peak Night— General Man- MARY ANN ZUBER Major: Elementary . . . Minors: History and V Ti B I L t H English . . . Activities: Pappa Delta Pi; PI W I H« - 4. jheta Alpha; Echo— Feature Editor, Society Edi- tor, News Editor and Managing Editor; Gibbons Club. LAWRENCE EDELSTEIN Majors: Elementary and Biology . . . Activities: Delta Chi Sigma— Scribe; Biology Club— Vice- president; Festival Chorus. ELEMENTARY DIVISION ACTIVITIES The oldest of all the divisions, dating back to the days of " readin ' , writin ' , and ' rithmetic " , the Elementary division offers to prospective graduates a choice of many fields of work. A rural or state-graded certificate enables the graduate to extol " book-larnin ' " in a one or perhaps three room schoolhouse set among the shady trees of a rural roadside. For ihose interested, there are many chances to be placed in village or city school systems with opportunities to teach anywhere from third grade up to eighth grade. These positions have much room for advancement, both in work and in salary. This division might be the veteran of teaching, but it is also the most changing and progressive. A newly-opened field is that of Junior High School teaching, in which more and more Elementary students are being placed. This type of work is more concentrated and specialized, and its certification has done much to increase the enrollment in this branch of education. Paqe 28 EXCEPTIONAL DIVISION FACULTY DR. SAMUEL KIRK Director of Exceptional ALICE STRENG Deaf Instructot DIVISION OFFICERS ROBERT CALLAHAN President HELEN STOCKEY _ Vice-president VIRGINIA CUSTER Secretary ELAINE CITTA treasurer EXCEPTIONAL DIVISION ACTIVITIES These are the " exceptional people " . With infinite patience and care they teach and handle the handicapped children. A connmon sight in this " different " way of teaching is a picture of a little deaf girl placing her hand along the teacher ' s throat, in order to get the feel of the word. Repetition and slow accuracy in pronunciation are absolutely necessary. Because this teaching is a slow process, the practice teachers have formed a club, Philocophia, whose main purpose is to keep the students interested and entertained. Games that all the deaf students can participate in, lots of good-fellowship, and abundant refreshments are all part of this organization. In the mentally-handicapped field, teaching, re-teaching, and over- teaching are necessities. Rhythms and games make things clearer for the children. The object of this work is to teach the rudiments and funda- mentals of learning, and to help the children acquire good health and good mental habits. EXCEPTIONAL DIVISION rgie Tubesing, Jean Kenney, Jewel : Strenq (fa ROW 2: JoAnn Weborg, Dorothy ZIpersteIn, Alice Goldberg, William Roewer. ROW 3: Robert Dlch, Betty Oeflein, George Leshir Wright, Clair Kilton. Lorraine S Madge Kopplin, E ROW 4: Elinor Wallschlaege June Diefenderfer, Margaret ROW 5: Richard AgaclnsH, Gloria Schwin, Lee es Waid, Fred Vetter, Kathleen McKenney, Jane Anderson, Helen Crowley (vlce-pres.) . 1, Dorothy Kraschlnslcy, John Melcher, John Blake, Russell Dlener. Audrey McQueeney, Charlotte Avery. EXCEPTIONAL DIVISION ROW I: Mary Jo Norton, Edith Pollack, Lois Wallschlaeger, Marjorie Sauter. Helen Patelski. ROW 2: Gloria Neubauer, Marjorie Bjlck, Mavis McClure, Virginia Custer (sec), Jane Wagner. ROW 3: Juliane Peterson. Ethel Trovinger. Dorothy Morgan, Pat McCormick, Gwendolyn Myers, Margaret Van Wle. ROW 4: Betty Bauer, Shirley Holvey. Eleanor Braasch, Carol Blackford, Arlynne Reichardt. Charlotte Shapiro, Jane Olsen. Cyrilla Galewski. ROW 5: Blanche Heffron, Colleen Reisner, Alvera Stachowskl, John Paulos, Charles Mallue, George Elmer. Muriel Miller, Kathryn Briggs. JANE ANDERSON Major: Exceptional— Deaf MARJORIE BJICK Major: Exceptional — Mentally Handicapped . . . Minors: Speech Correction and English ... Ac- tivities: YWCA; WRA. ROBERT CALLAHAN Major: Exceptional— Deaf . . . Minors: Psychol- ogy, Geography, Speech Correction . . . Activi- ties: Sigma Delta Phi; Division— President; Conn- monwealth— Election Committee. ELAINE CITTA Major: Exceptional — Deaf . . . Minors: Speech Correction and English . . . Activities: Division- Treasurer; Philocophia. HELEN CROWLEY Major: Exceptional— Mentally Handicapped . . . Minors: English and Art . . . Activities: Sigma Omicron Delta; Inter-sorority — Council; Division — Vice-president; Dorado. VIRGINIA CUSTER Major: Exceptional — Mentally Handicapped . . . Minors: Psychology, History and Speech Correc- tion . . . Activities: Kappa Lambda lota; Inter- sorority Council — President; Commonwealth — Student Welfare Committee, Social Committee; WRA — Vice-president; Division — Secretary; Who ' s Who; Freshman Class— Treasurer. JUNE DIEFENDERFER Major: Exceptional — Deaf . . . Minors: Speech Correction, English and Psychology . . . Activi- ties: Alpha Delta Sigma— Vice-president; Inter- sorority Council — Vice-president; GFL — Board; YWCA — Chaplain; Commonwealth — Auditing Committee; Freshman Class — Treasurer; Echo Weekly — Reporter, Circulation Manager, Ex- change Editor, Assistant Society Editor; Philo- cophia; Lutheran Students ' Association; B A Cappella; Music Festival Chorus. GEORGE ELMER Major: Exceptional— Mentally Handicapped . . . Minors: Biology, Geography and Psychology . . . Activities: Alpha Phi Omega; Delta Chi Sigma— Vice-grand Master; Sigma Del ta Phi- Secretary; Inter-fraternity Council — Vice-presi- dent; Junior Class — Treasurer; Men ' s Club — Board; Commonwealth— Athletic Committee. CYRILLA GALEWSKI Major: Exceptional — Deaf . . . Minors: Speech Correction and English . . . Activities: WRA— Vice-president; Philocophia — Vice-president; Conrad Club — Vice-president; Gibbons Club. BLANCHE HEFFRON Major: Exceptional— Deaf . Correction and Economics . ocophia — Secretary; YWCA. Page 33 R MADGE KOPPLIN Major: Exceptional — Mentally handicapped . . . Minors: Biology and Economics . . . Activities: YWCA. DOROTHY KRASCHINSKY Major: Exceptional — Deaf . . . Minors: Biology and Speech Correction . . . Activities: Alpha Gannma Lambda: YWCA: Lutheran Students ' As- sociation: Philocophia: Women ' s Service League. CHARLES MALLUE Major: Exceptional— Deaf . . . Minors: Speech Correction and Physical Geography . . . Activi- ties: Sigma Delta Phi— Treasurer; Commonv ealth —President, Social Committee. Election Commit- tee, Election Committee Board; Delta Chi Sig- ma; Who ' s Who— President: Freshman Class- Vice-president. BETTY OEFLEIN Major: Exceptional— Deaf . . . Minors: English and Economics . . . Activities: Kappa Lambda lota — President; Philocophia; YWCA; Echo Weekly — Reporter. GLORIA SCHWIN Major: Exceptions al . . . Minors: English and Activities: Sigma Omlcron Phi Commonwealth — Student Em- tee: Echo Weekly— City Editor. LORRAINE STRASZEWSKI Major: Exceptional — Deaf . . . Minors: English and Speech Correction . . . Activities: Echo Weekly— Reporter; Philocophia; Gibbons Club. RUTH YOPS Major: Exceptional— Deaf . . . Activities: Theta Atpha— President, Treasurer; Phllocophii Vice-president; WRA— Board; Gibbons Club. MARGARET BROWN Major: Exceptional— Dea Correction and Biology Lambda Sigma- Historia cll; Philocophia— Preside tronomy Club. . . Minors: Speech . Activities: Upsllon Inter-sororlty Coun- Biology Club; As- KINDERGARTEN- PRIMARY DIVISION FACULTY LOUISE ALDER Director of Kindergarten Primary Division LOLA MAY HUGHES 1st Grade Training Teacher NANCY NUNNALLY 1st Grade Training Teacher EDNA LEE PEGRAM Nursery School Training Teacher MARGERY WINTER Kindergarten Primary Training Teacher DIVISION OFFICERS JANE CAFFREY __ _ _ ..President BARBARA HENNINGER Vice-President MARIE KITZINGER __ __ ..Secretary RUTH SLADEK Treasurer KINDERGARTEN- ' ' ' ■ Florence Braun, Doris Monger, Dorothy Korff, Rose Derzavitz Sylvia Nashban, Ruth PRIMARY ' ' " ' ' ° ' ' " ° " ' ' ' 3- DIVISION snn, Clare Schenkenberq, Ma ROW 2: Muriel Noah. Dorothy Wegner, Erma Twilah Hein, Marcille Draeger. ROW 3: Mary Ann Rausch, Frieda Krueger, Betty Jane Mueller, Angela Gelhaus, Armella Mayer, Lorraine Weinhold, Margaret Raison, Betty Bondesen. ROW 4: Beatrice Kaeppel, Grace Berg, Virginia Martell, Betty Erdman, Bernadine McCarthy, Eunice Martin, Marie Dreger, Jane Phelps, Marian Trushinske. ROW 5: Mary Lou Stang, Irma Seiy, Jane Caffrey, Esther Huhn, Dorothy Ann Burdick, Shirley Dustrude, Norma Ackerman, Myrtle Martens, Beulah Schultz, Ruth Kanters. ms, Helen Stuplch, Mildred Wanda Szpakowski, Rose M. KINDERGARTEN- Zl PRIMARY DIVISION ROW I: Elizabeth Frank, Betty Lou Yahr, Janet Wright, Lois W Bartle, Jeanette Doepke, Marianne Surlow. ROW 2: Naomi Rudman, Sally Sterling, Amy Strong, Margie Brem Orlando, Alice Crump. Marie Kitzinger (sec), Helen Scheuer. ROW 3: Doris Reinke, Marie Chworowsky, Mildred Hume, Margaret Joy Morris, Shirley Nelson. Idie Alpern, Analee Lathrop, Betty May, Lucille Riley, Carol Jean Bloor. ROW 4: Dorothy Jane Taylor, Pat McNamara, Delia Stoelting, Lucille Kendall, Sylvia Chi Dorothea Lannewehr, Audrey Muehl, Margaret McGinty, Betty Gustin. ROW 5: Evelyn Fefer, Dorothy Hillemann, Dilys Humphreys, Dorothy Brem, Mary Frances Mot Dorothy Tuchman, Estelle Perssion, Ellen Kuckuck, Jean Thies, Jane Winnig. Diane Kalin. KINDERGARTEN-PRIMARY DIVISION ROW I: Clarice Schatz, Belle Yopack, Ruth Kaufman, Marjory McDowell, Barbara Zieike, Sylvia Noll. Audrey Erdman. ROW 2: Norma Warmie, Tacl Kenton. Beatrice Hagensick, Lorraine Zimmermann, Dorothy Verhage, Ann-Suter Ganster, Joyce Green. ROW 3: Mariorie Schaefer, Dorothy Wheaton, Jean Germanson, Marjorie Faber, Patricia Doherty, A ' ice Towell, Betty Godfrey, Mildred Rosenthal. ROW 4: Marian Woodford. Betty Verduin, Lucille Coultas, Barbara Henninger ( vice-pres.) , Jean Jones, Mary Ellen McMenamin, lla Wolff, Betty Ann Norton, Betty Coon. ROW 5: Dorothy Irish, Shirley Elkind, Norma Vevie, Rosie Lampkins, Gladys Byrd, Phyllis Swancutt. Nina Sametz, Jeanne Sloan. Doris Plencner, Shirley Bliwas. ROW I: Mary Zwick, Lore Lander, Gail Frostad, Jean Neuswirth. Doris Wordell, Peggy Lou Rolfs. ROW 2: Perlanne Druch, Ruth Grotenhuis, Vera Weber, Jean Kranstover, Jane Sutherland, Evelyn Thomas, Ruth Minkoff. ROW 3: Jane Longwill, Bernice Kunde, Beverly Moon, Ruth Mauer. Lucille Hacker, Mary Huun, Doris Just. Carol Vanselow. ROW 4: Vera Schultz, Mary Jane Hatzinger, Donna Wittich. June Niemann, Orris Eberhardt, Shirley Prior, Marvel Moser. Janet Gold, Eunice Berg. ROW 5: Jean Witte. Lola Loeper. Lorraine Blum, Geraldine Detjen, Bette Stegmann, Evelyn Krueger, Maysel Smith, Edith Breese, Flora Duerst. Louise Wolk. ROW I: Ruth Zorn, Zltamarie Yentz, Lenore Lembke, llene Smiley, Rogene. Heckmann. Marion ROW 2: Louise Hagen, Fern Gregor, Wanda Hart, Loraine Yahnke. Dorothy Clasen. Ruth Reilly, Helen Hanley. ROW 3: Patricia Murphy, Grace Kltzerow. Jean tte Melchior, Grace Scheftner, Doris Kasimor, Rosemarie Ibach, Dorothy Ledebuhr. Betty Krieger, ROW 4: Jeanette Miller, Marie Larsen, Phyllis Morrow. Elsbeth Feldman, Ora Krueck, Sylvia Knutzen, Peggy Harris, Marion Brown, Jane Esau. ROW 5: Louise Kant, Marillyn Bill, June Gissenaas, Jeanette Goldman, Jean Mandt, Margaret Finger, Dorothy Colker, Lois Kuppert. Helen Stang. IDIE ALPERN and English. ENID ALTMAN Major: Kindergarten-Primary . . . Mino tory and Biology . . . Activities: Sigma — Treasurer and Vice-president. MARY BENKERT Major: Kinderga tory and Englisti Sigma. rten -Primary Activit es: L . Minors psilon La His mbda CAROL BLOOR Major: Kinderga nomics and Phys Pi Theta Alpha YWCA; Delphic ten cal — S Wo Primary Geogra .cretary: phy Ru Minors: . . Acti al Life Eco- Club LORRAINE BLUM Major: Kindergarten-Primary . . . Minors: Bi- ology and English . . . Activities: Alpha Gamma Lambda — Secretary; Lutheran Students ' Associa- tion—Vice-president, Secretary; YWCA; WRA. ELINOR BREINES Major: Kindergarten es: Lambda Phi Chi Secretary; YWCA. SYLVIA CHERNIN Major: Kindergarden-Primary iish and Economics . . . Activi . . . Mire ties: Sigma rs: Eng- Phi Tau. LUCILLE COULTAS Major: Kindergarten-Primary lish and Economics . . . Act Chi; Craf ts Club— President; . . . Mine vities: Lam YWCA. rs: Eng- bda Phi ALICE CRUMP Major: Kindergarten-Primary . and English . . . Activities League; Delphic Women; Cr . . Minors Women ' s afts Club: History Service YWCA. MARIE DAUN Major: Kindergarten-Primary nomics and Geography . . Weekly— Society Editor, Exch bons Club; YWCA; WRA. . . . Minors: Eco- . Activities: Echo ange Editor; Gib- ROSE DERZAVITZ Major: Kindergart ORRIS EBERHARDT Major: Kindergarten-Prirr i and Economics . . . Acti Lutheran Students ' Assocli Service League: Band. . . Minors: Biology : Pi Theta Alpha; YWCA; Women ' s JUNE ENSEL Major: Kindergarten-Primary . . . Minors: English and History . . . Activities: Upsilon Lambda Sigma; YWCA. BETTY ERDMAN ndergarten-Prim and Econ Lambda; Music Festi Activities: Alpha Gamm •al Chorus; YWCA; WR MARJORIE FABER Major: Kindergarten-Primary . . . Minors: Speech and Art . . . Activities: Mu Beta Sigma; Inter- sorority Council; Gibbons Club— President; Stock Company — Board, Secretary. ANN-SUTER GANSTER Major: Kindergarten-Primary . . . Minors: English and History . . . Activities: Chi Sigma Lambda; Gibbons Club. JEAN MARY GERMANSON Major: Kindergarten-Primary . . . Minors: Music and Geography . . . Activities: A Cappella; Still- man-Kelley Chorus; Music Festival Chorus; Gib- bons Club; Astronomy Club. BETTY GODFREY Major: Kindergarten-Prime and English . . . Activil Stock Company; Echo Weekh 7REGOR 1a|or: Kindergarten-Primary . . . Minors: English nd Economics . . . Activities: Mu Beta Sigma — resident, Vice-president; Delphic Women; Luth- -an Students ' Association; Band; YWCA. BETTY GUSTIN Major: Kindergarten-Primary . . . Minors: English and Biology . . . Activities: Sigma Omicron Delta — Secretary; Dorado: Band; WRA; Echo Weekly: Echo Annual. Page 4! SLlJbtfw BARBARA HENNINGER Maior: Kindergarten-Primary . ology, English and Economics Lambda Phi Chi; Division — B A Cappella; WRA; YWCA. . . Minors: Bi . . . Activities Vice-president DOROTHY HILLEMANN Major: Kindergarten-Primary . . . Minors: His tory and English . . . Activities: Sigma Lambda Phi; YWCA— Vice-president; Lutheran Students Association; Women ' s Service League. CAROLYN HOLTZ Major: Kindergarten-Primary . . , Minors: English and Economics . . . Activities: Alpha Gamma Lambda— Vice-president: Inter-sorority Council; Women ' s Service League; YWCA; Dorado. JEAN HOWE Major: Kindergarten-Primary . . . Geography and English ... Ac Lambda Sigma— Secretary. Minors: Physical tivities: Upsilon DOROTHY IRISH Major: Kindergarten-Primary . . nomics and Geography ... Act Students ' Association; Dorado CI ly— Reporter. . Minors: Eco- vlties: Lutheran b; Echo Week- DIANE KALIN Major: Kindergarten-Primary . . . and Economics. Minor: English ERMA KAMMANN Majors: Kindergarten-Primary and German Activities: Der Deutsche Verein— Vice-president; Stillman-Kelley; Orchestra; YWCA. RUTH KANTERS Major: Kindergarten-Primary . . . Minors: Physical Education and Economics . . . Activities: Sigma Omlcron Delta — Secretary; Women ' s Service League; WRA; B A Cappella; Stillman-Kelley Chorus; Canter Club. LUCILLE KENDALL Major: Kindergarten-Primary . . . Minors: Biology and Economics . . . Activities: Sigma Phi Tau— Secretary; Canter Club; Biology Club. TACIA KENTON Major: Kindergarten-Primary . . . Minors: English and Economics . . . Activities: Gibbons Club; YWCA; Women ' s Service League; Joseph Con- rad Club — Reporter. L. % LUCILLE KETTER Major: Kindergarten-Primary and History . . . Activitie Board: Sorority— Treasurer; Lutheran Students ' Associatio . . Minors: English Photography Club; n; YWCA. MARIE KITZINGER Major: Kindergarten-Primary and Economics . . . Activif tary: YWCA— Secretary; Bio Club. . . Minors es: Division ogy Club; Biology Gibbons EDITH KLOFANDA Major: Kindergarten-Primary . . . Minors: English and Biology . . . Activities: Lambda Phi Chi— Vice-president; Commonwealth— Board; Lutheran Students ' Association; WRA; YWCA. LORRAINE KLUSINSKE Major: Kindergarten-Primary and Economics; Activities: Association: Romani Hodier . . Minors Lutheran : English Students ' BETTY KRIEGER Major: Kindergarten-Primary and Biology . . . Activiti lota; Commonwealth— Board, . . Minors s: Kappa Library Cc : English Lambda mmittee. EVELYN KRUEGER Major: Kindergarten-Primary . . . Minors: English and Economics . . . Activities: Women ' s Service League; Camera Club; Biology Club; B A Cap- pella; YWCA. AURILLA LE BARON Major: Kindergarten-Primary . . . Minors: Eco- nomics and Biology . . . Activities: Biology Club: B A Cappella: YWCA. LENORE LEMBKE Major: Kindergarten-Primary and Biology . . . Activities: . . Minors : English ng Club. MARGARET LEWIS Major: Kindergarten-Primary and Economics . . . Activities —Secretary; Women ' s Serv YWCA. . . Minor Chi Sigma ce League : English Lambda ; WRA; VIRGINIA MARTELL Major: Kindergarten-Primary and Geography . . , Activit lota— Secretary; YWCA— Vi Dorado; Women ' s Service L of Sophomore Informal. . . Minor es: Kappa -e-presiden sague: Co- : English Lambda : WRA; chairman Page 43 i±r h £ 1 ii EUNICE MARTIN Kindergarten-Primary . . . Minors: Physical " ion and Economics . . . Activities: Alplia Jamma — Treasurer, President: Inter-sorority il; Sophomore Class — Program Committee: BERNARDINE McCARTHY Ma|or: Kindergarten-Primary . . . Minors: English and Biology . . . Activities: Kappa Lambda lota —Secretary: Inter-sorority Council; Junior Class —Social Committee; Gibbons Club; YWCA. ROSEMARY MOODY Major: Kindergarten-Primary . . Education and Economics . . monwealth — Board; Sorority Treasurer; Biology Club — Sec Division — Vice-president: GFL Club; WRA. . Mino Activi - Vice retary, — Bo s: Physical ies: Com- -president, Treasurer; rd; Crafts MARGARET MORRIS Majors: Kindergarten-Primary and En Activities: Dorado; YWCA. jlish . . . RUTH MOSHER Major: Kindergarten-Primary . . and Economics . . . Activities —Vice-president, Treasurer; B . Mino Pi Th A Ca rs: English eta Alpha opella. PATRICE MURPHY Major: Kindergarten-Primary . . . Mino rs: English and Art . . . Activities: Kappa Lambda Secretary; Commonwealth — Social Comr Gibbons Club. SYLVIA NASHBAN Major and E Kindergarten-Prir nglish . . . Activ nary . . . ties: Sig Minors: History Tia Phi Tau. SHIRLEY NELSON Major: Kindergarten-Primary . . and French . . . Activities: Kapp —Treasurer; Le Cercle Francais YVv ' CA. Minors: Music a Lambda lota ; A Cappella; BETTY ANN NORTON Major: Kindergarten-Primary . . . Minors: Eco- nomics, Biology and Art . . . Activities: Lambda Phi Chi; GFL— President, Secretary, Board; Music Festival Chorus; A Cappella; Commonwealth- Public Relations Committee, and Election Com- mittee; V ho ' s Who; Women ' s Service League; Junior Class— Social Committee. ROSE ORLANDO Major: Kindergarten-Primary . . . ography and History . . . Acti Gamma Lambda — Treasurer; Won League; Gibbons Club; YWCA. ;: Ge- Alpha i PEARL OSTERGARD MARIE PFEIFFER Major: Kindergarten-Primary . . . Minors: Musi and Mathematics . . . Activities: Mathematic Club— Secretary; Crafts Club; B A Cappella Stlllman-Kelley Chorus; YWCA. JANE PHELPS Maior: Kindergarten-Primary . . . Minors: Fr and History . . . Activities: Kappa Lambda Le Cercle Francais; GFL— Secretary. SUZANNE RILEY Maior: Kindergarten-Pri Geography and Frencl Lambda Sigma; WRA. . . Minors: Rhys Activities: Ups MARION RODDELL Maior: Kindergarten-Primary . . . Minors: English and Music . . . Activities: Lambda Phi Chi— President; Inter-sorority Council; Commonwealth —Committee ot Committees, A Cappella Com- mittee. Social Committee; Stlllman-Kelley Chorus; Music Festival Chorus; A Cappella. MILDRED ROSENTHAL Maior: Kindergarten-Primary . . . Minors: English and Biology . . . Activities: B A Cappella; Lutheran Students ' Association; YWCA. NINA SAMETZ Maior: Klndergarten-Prlma and Speech . . . Actlv League; Le Cercle Fra Dorado. 7 • . . Minors Women ' s ; WRA; History Service YWCA; MARJORIE SCHAEFER Maior: Kindergarten-Prlmc and Music . . . Actlvitis man-Kelley Chorus. : B . . Minors A Cappe : English la; Still- MARION SCHMIDT Maior: Kindergarten-Prim and English . . . Activ Sigma— Secretary. Treasur •■y • itles er; E . . Minors Upsilon iology Clu Biology Lambda b; WRA. BEULAH SCHULTZ Maior: Kindergarten-Prim and History . . . Activi Treasurer; YWCA — Tree Stlllman-Kelley Chorus; C ary rX . . Minors: Music Delphic Women— r; B A Cappella; Club. RUTH SHAPIRO Ma or: Kindergarten-Primary . . . Minors: Biology and English . . . Activities: Alpha Beta Gamma. LILLIAN SILBERMAN Major: Kindergarten-Primary and English . . . Activitie: Stillman-Kelley Chorus. . . Minors: Musi Sigma Phi Tau RUTH LA VERNE SLADEK Major: Kindergarten-Primary . . . Minors: English and Art . . . Activities: Sigma Omicron Phi; In- ter-sorority Council — Secretary: Division — Treas- urer; Echo Annual— Art Staff; Women ' s Service League. MAYSEL SMITH Major: Kindergarten-Primary . . . Minors: History and English . . . Activities: Lambda Phi Chi; Commonwealth— Board; Women ' s Service League; WRA; YWCA. SONIA SOLOCHEK Major: Kindergarten-Prim, and Biology . . . Activit SHIRLEY SONNENTAS : English Tau. Major: Kindergarten-Primary . . . Minors: hlistory and English . . . Activities: Theta Lambda Phi; Lutheran Students ' Association; YWCA; WRA. ELISABETH SPRENGEL Major: Kindergarten-Prlr nors: English Chi Sigma MARY LOU STANG Major: Kindergarten-Primary . . . Minors: Physical Education and Economics . . . Activities: Sigma Omicron Delta — Vice-president, Treasurer; Women ' s Service League; WRA; Gibbons Club; Canter Club. BETTE STEGMANN Major: Kindergarten-Primary . . . Minors: English and Biology . . . Activities: Lambda Phi Chi; Lutheran Students ' Association. SALLY STERLING Major: Kindergarten-Primary and Economics . . . Activiti Minors: Bioloc iiology Club. ' Page 46 L-C h i AMY STRONG Major: Kindergarten-Primary . . . Minors: Art and Economics . . . Activities: Sigma Omicron Phi; Commonwealth — Publications Committee; Stillman-Kelley Chorus; YWCA— Vice-president, Secretary; WRA— Secretary. Minors: Eco- . Activities: ado; A Cap- ELIZABETH SWANCUTT Major: Kindergarten-Primary . . . nomics and Physical Education . Chi Sigma Lambda— Secretary; Dc WANDA SZPAKOWSKI Major: Kindergarten-Primary and Economics . . . Activit Staff; Echo Annual— Staff. DOROTHY-JANE TAYLOR Majors: Kindergarten-Primary, Biology and Eco- nomics . . . Activities: Kappa Lambda Iota; Commonwealth — Board, Building and Grounds Committee, WRA Committee; WRA— Board; In- ternational Relations Club — Committee; Le Cercle Francais; Dorado; Life Saving. BETTY VERDUIN DOROTHY VERHAGE Major: Kindergarten-Prii nomics and Biology . . . , JEAN WEISS DOROTHY WHEATON Major: Kindergarten-Primary . . . Minors: Mat matics and Biology . . . Activities: YWCA— Tre urer; B A Cappella; Division— Treasurer; Luthei Students ' Association. . Minors: Eco- YWCA; WRA. English EILEEN WHITTINGTON Major: Kindergarten-Prima and Biology . . . Activitic BETTY WILLIAMS Major: Kindergarten-Prima and Physical Geography Delta Sigma— Vice-presid( dent, Treasurer; Dorado. English . . Mmors: Biology . Activities: Alpha CWA— Vice-presi- ILA WOLFF Major: Kindergarten-Primary . . . Minors: Art and BiologY . . . Activities: Lambda Phi Chi; Inter-sorority Council; Commonwealth — Commit- tee of Committee, Athletic Board; Athletic Ban- quet—Chairman; WRA. LORRAINE YAHNKE Major: Kindergarten-Primary . . . Minors: English and Economics . . . Activities: Alpha Delta Sigma — President. Treasurer; Lutheran Students ' Asso- ciation; YWCA, RITA WOLLOCK Major: Kindergarten-Prii Alpha Beta Stock Company. KINDERGARTEN-PRIMARY ACTIVITIES No matter how suspicious those big girls out on the playground with an array of coaster wagons, bicycles, and jumping ropes might look, they are not over-worked college students reverting back to childhood in an effort to find relaxation from their studies. The toys are part of the material used In practice teaching, and the girls are the student teachers in the K-P division. Every day, these coeds work and play with the youngsters In the class room and out of doors. All of the old, favorite songs and games which they knew from their own experience in kindergarten now have become part of their regular teaching work. The ability to Invent new games, and to find original ways of catching and holding the Interest of the child is of great value in this work. A K-P teacher must also be adept at tugging at overshoes, coats, and mittens for the children demand much attention. There are certain times, however, when the child Is forgotten for the moment, and adult fun holds sway. Some of these are the traditional Christmas dinner and candlelight service, the Spring Banquet, and other parties for the whole all-girl division. MUSIC FACULTY HOWARD STEIN Music Instructor DOROTHY KELLEY Music Instructor HUGO ANHALT Music Instructor ANITA HANKWITZ Music Instructor R. PAUL ANDERSON Music Instructor CARLE OLTZ Head Music Division DIVISION OFFICERS HAROLD KELBE - - ___. President CARL THOM - Vice-President MARJORIE BUETTNER ._ -- __ .Secretary DOROTHEA MUELLER _ - Treasurer MUSIC DIVISION ROW I: Ruth Marie Avelallemant, Rita Kacheli Jane Monte. Amydee Carr, Mary ROW 2: Viola Howard, Helen Jo aye, Faith Innes, Dorothy Kr ROW 3: Elsie Hotredt, Gladys Hough, Marion Roecker, Carolyn Gay, Marjori Lucy Martino, Dorothy Onsager. ROW 4: Barbara Levinson, Marjorie Bullock, M Margaret Wergin, Betty Rae Mark, Myrtle Lecke Thomas. William Fisher. Angelo La Valle ROW 5: Sam Falbo, Melba Novak, Elaine Domrose, Felicite Mueller. Gladys Liska. Marjor Murphy, Gwen Bruhn, La Verne Miske, Gloria Goehle. ROW I: Kenneth Leonard. Carl Thom (vice-pres.) , Ray Bernauer, June Marshall. June Panduro. Elizabeth Nunn. ROW 2: Margaret Kunz, Nancy Dickerman, Idabelle Goldsmith, Arthur Miller, Betty Speigel. Edith Mae Wolters. ROW 3: Corlis Pitzo, Theodore Buenger, Bill Machan. Bill Jansen, Harold Witte, Dave Rellly. ROW 4: Robert E. Mueller. Madalene Kiesner, Rodney Johnson, Gerald Jensen, Marvin Zoerb, Myron Faick, Pierce Walters. ROW 5: George Czerwlnski, Jr., Robert Hert, Alfred Schlag, Robert Strothenke, Harry Bendlin. Bob Beduhn, Harry Swenson, Alvin Pinter. ROW I: Sylvia Goldfein. June Hopp, Ruby Watson. Ardys Hegeman. Gregoria arides. ROW 2: LaVerne Rockweiler, Thomas Miller, Charles Scharback, Frank J. Korzenlewski, Clifton Scheffler. ROW 3: Milton Mathlak, Andy Zinke, Dwight Tuckwood, Gordon Johnson, Joseph Neun Virginia Gauger. ROW 4: Pauline Thornberry, Dorothea Mueller (treas.). Anne Marie Borge, Mary Jane Marks, Marjorie Blackmun. Esther Congelliere, Kenneth Resheske, Betty Kroencke. ROW 5: Mary Martinsek, June Miller, Robert Brunk, James W. Kendall, Clifford Shemick, Michael Ylndra, Reuben Feld. Phyllis Walker, Guinevere Scobie. n n u . O NANCY DICKERMAN Major: Music . . . Minors; English . , . Activities: Chi Sigma Lambda— President; Inter-sorority— Council; GFL — President, Secretary; Common- wealth—Board; Who ' s Who; A Cappella: Still- man-Kelley Chorus; Band; Music Festival Chorus. MARJORIE ELLS FREDERICK ERBACH JAMES KENDALL Master; Cc Orchestra. HAROLD KELBE Minors: Art and Biology . . . Phi Theta— Historian, Grand ealth— Band Committee; Band; )r: Music . . . Minor: History . . . Activities: Phi Theta: Kappa Delta Pi; Division— Presl- ; Com monwealth— Board: A Cappella; Fes- Chorus; Band; Orchestra. MILTON MATHIAK raphy and ic Festival LAVERNE MISKE Major: Music . . . Minor: English . . . Activities: Sigma Lambda Phi; Division— Board; Women ' s Service League; Der Deutsche Verein; A Cap- pella: Music Festival Chorus; WRA; YWCA. ROBERT MUELLER Major: Music . . . Minor: History . . . Activi- ties: Town Hall Club; Commonwealth— Board; Band; Orchestra. CHARLOTTE MURPHY ss: Mu Beta Sigma— Vice-president, Treas- Stillman-Kelley Chorus; A Cappella; Music al Orchestra; Gibbons Club; Orchestra; PATRICIA REILLY Major: Music . . . Minor: English ... Ac A Cappella; Stillman-Kelley; Orchestra; MARY RIGAS Major: Music . . . Minor: English . . A Cappella; Stlllman-KelleY Chorus LAVERNE SASS Major: Music . . . Minor: English . . . Activ Music Festival Chorus; A Cappella; Stil Kelley Chorus; WRA. RUTH SCHWELIND Major: Music . . . Minor: History . . . Activi+ie A Cappella; Orchestra: Stlllman-Kelley Choru Sigma Delta Omicron; Kappa Delta Pi. ROBERT JOHN Major: Music . . . Minors: Economics and B ology . . . Activities: Beta Phi Theta; Commoi wealth— Student Welfare Committee; Division- Treasurer; Music Festival Chorus; Band. RUTH WAGNER Major: Music . . . Minor: History . . . Activ A Cappella; Band; Orchestra; Represen Speakers. GEORGE WERTH JUNE PANDURO Major: Music . . . Minor: Economics . . . ties: Chi Sigma Lambda— Treasurer; Co wealth — Board; A Cappella; Stillman Chorus; Band; Orchestra. Page 55 MUSIC DIVISION ACTIVITIES The key-note of the Music division, as one would expect, is fun combined with music. With the spirit of song behind their work the students find enjoyment in and out of classes. A general get-together is held once every six weeks for a hilarious fun-fest of singing, dancing, card-games, and supper. During these sessions, the idea of having a good time reigns supreme. An annual formal dance and dinner, held in the spring, is the high-light of all the social events which are planned by a special student board. Special musical affairs are given each year by the various organiza- tions. Vocal and piano recitals constitute a part of this program. The big feature of the year is the Music Festival. The Band, Orchestra, A Cappella Choir, Stillman-Kelley Chorus, and Male Chorus are the groups which blend their talents to make this affair a success. SECONDARY DIVISION FACULTY JOHN LAZENBY Director of Secondary Division LEWIS VANTINE Director of Appointnnents DIVISION OFFICERS ROBERT MUNG ER __ ..President JACK MUELLER _ ___ Vice-president RUTH BARTELT Secretary CURTIS SCHOWALTER Treasurer SECONDARY DIVISION ACTIVITIES If you saw a group of students busily engaged in discussing problems of " developing a well-integrated personality of the adolescent through a continuous expansion of the individual ' s total configuration by individu- ating and redefining experiences, " you would decide Instantly that they were Secondary upperclassmen holding one of their many group meetings. That, however, is only the intellectual side of their program of activities. A " Krazy Karnlval, " was featured at their last social affair, where roulette, fortune telling, bean-bags, and dancing, prevailed. The annual dinner and theater party for seniors and their training teachers. Included a performance of Macbeth. SECONDARY DIVISION ROW I: Lawrence Hyinic, Richard Kaiqe, Robert Dorsch, Henry Mayer. Doren Wehrley, Joseph Steiner, Richard Sladky . ROW 2: Eugene Brzenk, Arthur Dick, Marion Kaderabek, John Blake, Paul Kehres, J. Morgan Curry. Beverly Nook. Robert Munger (pres.), William Joost. ROW 3: Marshall Rieboldt, Edward Steffen, Carl Wege Halbach, Franklin Bobb, Louis Marino, Sam Sokol. ROW 4: Jean Lewandowski, Milton Bodan, Robert Uber, Charles Kaye, Carl Frank. Le Leverson, Raymond Klein, Robert Fischer, John Baltus, Carroll King. ROW 5: Yale Wasserman. Robert Ehn, Donald Van Liere, Willie Mazslck. Robert Walker, Harold Knuth, Harold Glander. Gerald , Albert Frackelton, Frank Edward J. Schmidt. ROW I: Josephine Burt. Ann Jerrek, Nina Upham. Miriam La ROW 2: Helen Davy, Floretta Pomeroy, Jeanne Morency, Dolores Schroeder. Elaine Schc Anabel Snyder. Phyllis Huebner. Alice Rybak. ROW 3: Evelyn Sarbacker, Alfred Drobiszewski, William Brussat, Arthur Reichardt. Thomas Kewley Marvin Miller, David Gahr, Mary Coles, Alfred Hanisch. ROW 4: Carl Schneider. Carl Plehn, Clarence Luther, Melvin Timmel. John Ma Drotman, Walter Westedt, Charles Buran, Manfred Passau, Edward Sajdak. ROW 5: Ruthann Brugman, Ken Blessing, Ruthe Schler. Alan Wilson. Walter Danecki, Jim Bardenwerper, Jack Mueller (vice-pres.) , Fred Buege, Alvln Goodman. Rosemary Boyle, Patricia Jones. ROW I: June Schaffer, Carolyn Jean Starr, Dorothy Barczak, Gloria Plantz, Kathleen Docke Mary Couqhiin, Sarah Sinaqra. ROW 2: Doris Jones, Robert Moricky, John Kaudy. Victoria Curcio, Edna May Poeske, Marie Ell Yvonne Van Slate , Virginia Pettit. ROW 3: James Charon, Isabelle Spector, Phyllis Trepol, Anita Stelger, Betty West, Mary Ja Pitrof, Leslie Martin, Joyce Eiling, Bette Obert. ROW 4: Jeanne Schwartz, June Perry. Edward Dubis. Carol Stumpf. Hulda Kohlbeck, Jeanne Blossfield, John Borsos. William Woods, Curtis Brown, Audrey Sisson. ROW 5: Helen Janecek, Ruth Bartelt (sec), Lillian Trottier, Jeanne Wiegers, Ernestine Freismuth, Dorothy Dowling, Allen Prasser, Curtis Schowalter, Louise Mills, Frances Buffan. Irene Button. r rprJiS 1 . fh ' r p n Oj ' B,. Hr " jHHHjjS - B sl S lll 11 B H Uj i l p - n o JOHN BORSOS MARTHA COOK Maior: Secondary — English . . . Minors: Latin and Economics . . . Activities: Theta Lambda Phi— President. Vice-president, Secretary, Treas- urer; Romani Hodierni— President, Secretary, Treasurer; WRA. ANDREW DUNAR Major: Secondary — Social Science . . . Minor: Biology , . . Activities: Sigma Delta Kappa- Secretary; Men ' s Club— President, Board; Foot- ball—Captain; Male Chorus; Kappa Delta Pi. JAMES FOLEY : Secondary— English and Mathematics... History . . . Activities: Alpha Phi Omega 3tary; Mathematics Club; Gibbons Club. WALTER JAGMIN Majors Secondary— General Science and Phys . . . Minors: Biology and Physical Education . Activities: Delta Chi Sigma; Football— Capta HELEN JANECEK Major: Secondary — English . . . Minors: Germ and Biology . . . Activities: Echo Weekly— Fe ture Editor, Reporter, Assistant Copy Editor. HULDA KOHLBECK Major: Secondary — English . . . Minors: Speech, German and Mathematics . . . Activities: Kappa Delta Pi; Co-Director of N.Y.A.; Who ' s Who— President, Treasurer; Der Deutsche Verein— Sec- retary-Treasurer; Echo — Reporter, Alumni Editor; Lutheran Students ' Association, EGBERT KOPFER Major: Secondary— Social Scien History and English . . . Activiti —Sports Editor, Feature Editor. NELLIE-MAE LEONARD Major: Secondary— English . . . Minors : Speed and French . . . Activities: Commonwealth- Committee ot Committees, Library Committee Publications Committee: Le Cercle Francals- President; Cheshire— Editor-in-chief staff mem ber, Assistant Copy Editor. JACK MUELLER Majors: Secondary — History and Social Science . . . Minors: English and Economics . . . Actlvi ties: Sigma Delta Phi; Inter-fraternity Council Division — Vice-president; Freshman Class — Presi- dent; Mathematics Club; Track. ROBERT MUNGER Majors: Secondary— General Science and Physics . . . Minor: English . . . Activities: Alpha Phi Omega — President: Delta Chi Sigma: appa Delta Pi: Division — President: Echo — Editor: Who ' s Who: Commonwealth— Board. nee Ml VERNE OSTERNDORF Major: Secondary— Social Scii History and English . . . Activities: Sigma Delta Phi; Kappa Delta Pi; Commonwealth— Commit- tee of Committees, Athletic Committee; Junior Prom King: Intra-mural Board; Band. CARL PLEHN Major: Secondary — Social Science and History . . . Minor: English . . . Activities: Representa- tive Speakers — Secretary; Stock Company — Treasurer. CURTIS SCHOWALTER Major: Secondary — History . . . Minor: English . . . Activities: Alpha Phi Omega— President; Division — Treasurer; Junior Class — Vice-president; International Relations; Male Chorus. SARAH SINAGRA Major: Secondary — English . . . Minors: French and History . . . Activities: Le Cercle Francais —President: Gibbons Club; YWCA; Echo Week- ly—Circulation Manager, Reporter; Echo An- nual—Staff. AUDREY SISSON Majors: Secondary — English and History . . . Spe ■ies: PI Theta Alpha; Commonwealth— Board: Division- Vice-president; Who ' s Who: Camera Club; Echo— City Editor, Copy Editor, Feature Editor, News Editor and Executive Editor. CAROL STUMPF Major: Secondary — English . . . Minors: History and Biology . . . Activities: PI Theta Alpha- Treasurer: GFL— Board; Cheshire— Literary Staff; Echo Weekly— Reporter; Echo Annual — Staff; Women ' s Service League; Commonwealth— Build- ing and Grounds Committee; Town Hall; Or- chestra. JACK KETTER Major: Secondary— Social Sci English and Physical Educatio Delta Sigma Kappa; Junior CI Gibbons Club; Male Che . Minors: Activities: - --. Secretary; Basketball. RAYMOND KLEIN Majors: Secondary — General Science and Chem- istry . . . Minor: Biology . . . Activities: Alpha Phi Omega— Vice-president; Fencing Club— Pres- ident; Camera Club— President, Treasurer; Luth- eran Students ' Association; Male Chorus; Echo- Photographic Editor; Ivy Annual — Photographic Editor. RACHEL HEESTAND Major: Secondary — English . . . Minors: Physica Education and History . . . Activities: Mathe matlcs Club: WRA; YWCA. Page 63 ROW I: Marion Schweitzer, Winifred Kuhm, David Be Arline Gall. Joan Hinsenkamp. ROW 2: Beulah Diaz, Josie LaPresti, Shirley Avner, Winnie Jahnke, Ro Rosenthal, Earl George. ROW 3: James Traut, Thelma Safer, Phyllis Jean Hayes, Gladys Cassavai NEW STUDENTS Janet Pearce, Caroline Wood, Robert Chadek, Henry Sullivan. Elaine Spaulding, Ruth Lletzlce, Lanqe, LaVer Dorothy Rutzinsici, NEW STUDENTS OW l: Shlrley Pritzlaff, Betty Dietrich, Joanne Swind Marjorie Winter. Rodden, Neil Potter, Le Luella Tinglof, David Ottensteii Peronteau, Carolyn Enqel, Elle ROW 2: Arthur Wolter, Ja Folzman, Betty Rasmussen. ROW 3: Millard Leshin, Richard Gorskl, Lyie Britton. Roland Malsack, Arthur Frick, Roger Frey, Donald Matting, Burton Jahn. Page 64 FRANK E. BAKER President I ALMA ALLISON Social Science CLINTON BARR Rural Life Adviser ERNEST BELLIS Chemistry Instructor FLORENCE BENELL Physiology Instructor AtM aJ u.V M DR. WILLIAM BIDDLE Head of Education Department ENOLA BRANDT Enqlish Instructor JOSEPH COTTON Economics Instructor YOHANNA DEHORN Language Instructor LUCILLE EVANS Biology Instructor DR. MAXWELL FREEMAN Head of English Department age 67 A r?i . a o 4t i JPI DR. CHARLES GATES Head of Chemistry Depa RUTH GAUERKE GRACE GOTTSCHALL GRACE HILDRETH Heaa of Women ' s Physical Education Depa ELIZABETH JONES DR. J. MARTIN KLOTSCHE HERMAN KLUGE Head of Athletic Depar nd Dean of Me DR. BENJAMIN LIEBERMAN College Physician and Physiology Instructor HELEN LUTTGEN Kindergarten Training Teache EDNA LOUISE MASON ROBERT NORRIS Head of Mathematics Departme DR. JOHN NASH History Instructor r a f VERNA NEWSOME Er qlish Instructor CLARENCE OLSEN Language Instructor 1 MANFRED OLSON Head of Physics De NEHIE PRIDEAUX Librarian DR. MARY JO READ Geography Instructor ORAL ROBBINS DR. MARIELE SCHIRMER Language Instructor MAUDE SHAFER English Instructor DR. MARIAN SILVEUG ADOLPH SUPPAN English Instructor ALVIN THRONE JOHN TETER DR. HARVEY UB ER Head of Geography Departme DR. WILLIAM WAITE DR. LEWIS WARD Psychology Instructor DR. GORDON WARES Physics Instructor F. E. WILDE DR. ORTHA WILNER Head of Foreign Language De ELIZABETH OAKES ELIZABETH KNIGHT IN MEMORIAM MISS ELIZABETH B. OAKES— An unexpected shadow fell over the college life at State Teachers when death summoned Miss Elizabeth B. Oakes from our midst and left a place not easily filled. Miss Oakes, former dean of women at the college, had become a mainstay to the girls, h er cheery office was filled daily with those seeking advice, and those whose custom it was to drop in and chat with this gracious lady. In her two years at Milwaukee State Teachers College, Miss Oakes left the stamp of her charming personality and character upon the routine of her office and the college. Such a person is neither soon nor easily forgotten. Both the faculty and the students recognized the loss of one whose activities were nationally known. Miss Oakes was president of the Illinois Association of Deans of Women, president of the Chicago branch of the American Association of University Women, and treasurer of the National Association of Deans of Women. MISS ELIZABETH KNIGHT — The death of Miss Elizabeth Knight brought the realiza- tion of a great loss to Milwaukee State Teachers College. For twenty years, Miss Knight served the school and the students by making mathematics a bright. Interesting subect. Her wit and charm won her many friends with whom she corresponded through the years. Former students of hers, teaching in every part of the Union, still wrote to her asking for advice, and received wise counsel. As adviser to the Commonwealth Auditing committee. Miss Knight gave much help to faculty and students. COMMONWEALTH Carrying on the work started by last year ' s Commonwealth Board, the organization has concentrated all its efforts this year upon acquainting the voters and citizens of Milwaukee with the needs of our college. A Public Relations Committee, headed by Richard Elvey and supported by funds from all school classes and organizations, has already functioned to obtain favorable publicity and has made the public conscious of the lack of proper facilities at the college. The drastic reduction in school attendance resulted in a decrease in the Commonwealth ' s funds, but, through careful budgeting, a well bal- anced program was maintained. Among its many accomplishments are the modernization of offices, the re-classification of second-semester students, and the establishment of class constitutions. COMMONWEALTH OFFICERS T c f -m %! Charles Mallue (pres.) Louis Romano (vice-pres. Carl Santell (vice-pres.) Nicholas Georgiady (sec.) COMMONWEALTH EXECUTIVE BOARD President . -- -- Charles Maliue Vice-president .- Louis Romano Vice-president . .Carl Santell Secretary .Nicholas Georgiady Art Division Ray Sellon, Hazel Jean Larsen Elementary Division Gale Jensen, Nick Georgiady, Frank Jaeger, Alice Faber Exceptional Division Fred Vetter Kindergarten Primary Division Dorothy Taylor, Betty Krieger, Edith Klofanda, Maysel Smith Music Division . Robert Mueller, June Panduro Secondary Division John Blake, Fred Buege, Richard Elvey, Robert Munger, Audrey Sisson Faculty Dr. Mary Jo Read, Jessie Pyrtle, Adolph Suppan, John Teter Dorothy.Jane Taylo Santell (vice-pres.) , Betty Krieger, Audrey Sisson, Hazel-Jean EXECUTIVE BOARD ROW 2: Raymond Sellon. Fred Buege, Charles Maliue (pres.), Nicholas Georgiady, Maysel Smith, Robert Mueller. ROW 3: Lou Fred Vetter. (sec.-treas.), John Melcher, Richard Elv THE IVY ANNUAL ROBERT H. UBER MARION BROWN THE IVY STAFF Editor Robert H. Uber Associate Editor Marion Brown Art Editor Chester S. Napientek Photography Editor - - ...- ..- Raymond Klein Assistant Photography Editor Benjamin Lane Literary Editor _ _.._ Mildred Barblan Seniors Editor _ _ Lucille Vogel Business Manager Melvin M. Yanow Art Staff — Muriel Germanson, Louis Anastopolos, Lothar Krueger, Marge Boulet, Analee Lathrop, Jane Schwalbach, Elizabeth Kordes, June hierzberg, Gerald Landt, Rosalind Tubesing, Adolph Karl General Staff — Richard Sladky, Louise Hagen, Mary June Berns, Mary Murphy. Doris Wright, Betty Bucknam, Peggy Siggelkow, Pat Mehr, Gail Frostad, Anne Thomas, Pattle Miller, Marie Benson Photography Staff — James Bardenwerper, Alvin Olszyk, Warren Thompson, Russel Diener Faculty Advisers — Fred Logan, Adolph Suppan, Maxwell Freeman ROW I: Mildred Barbian (lit. ed.). Marion Brown (assoc. ed.). Lucille Vogel (seniors ed.). ROW 2: Melvin Yanow (bus. mgr.), Ray Klein (photo, ed.), Robert Uber (ed.), Chester IVY EDITORS Napientek (art ed.). IVY STAFF ROW i ROW 2 ROW 3 Mary Murphy. Pat Mehr, Marie Benson, Analee Lathrop. Louise Hagen, Peggy Siggelicow, Doris Wright, Gail Frostad, Mary Burns. Elizabeth Kordes. Jim Bardenwerper, Russ Dlener, Ben Lane, Louis Anastopolos, Dawn Bailey. Page 77 THE ECHO WEEKLY AUDREY SISSON ROBERT H. MUNGER THE ECHO WEEKLY STAFF Executive Editors -- Audrey Sisson, Robert Munger Managing Editors ____ Robert Munger, Mary Ann Zuber News Editors Mary Ann Zuber, George Leshin Business Manager - -Melvin Yanow City Editors __...- ______Ruth Bartelt, Alice Weidemann Assistant City Editors Lillian Trottier, Harold Weike Feature Editors - -- Egbert Kopfer, Frances Buffham Assistant Feature Editors Marie Daun, Patricia Jones Society Editors Alice Weidemann, Ruth Bartelt, Mildred Bartle Assistant Society Editors .Kathryn Briggs, Ursula Brueckener Sports Editors George Leshin, John hiatton, Gerard Farley Assistant Sports Editors John Hatton, Evelyn Steinbacher, Carolyn Jean Starr Copy Editors Richard Elvey, Lillian Trottier, Evelyn Steinbacher Photography Editor Raymond Klein Assistant Photographers Ben Lane, James Bardenwerper Exchange Editors Sarah Sinagra, Eugene Brzenk Art Editor „ . ...Dick Dawe Alumni Editors Harold WeIke, Audrey Pavlik Circulation Managers Sarah Sinagra, Dorothy Irish Assistant Circulation Managers Ethel Trovinger, Mary Ann Rausch Reporters — Dorothy Barczak, Dorothy Cowles, Betty Mitchell, Eugene Brzenk, John Melcher, Ken Blessing, Alfred Hanisch, Dorothy Klug, Louis Marino, Harry Schwandt, Sam Sokol, Marian Trushinske, Mary Zwick. Faculty Advisers Enola Brandt, Maxwell Freeman ROW I: Carolyn Jean Starr, Marie Daun, Audrey Sisson, AIke Weidemann, Sarah Slnagra (cir. mgr.) ROW 2: Kathryn Briggs, Dick Dawe, George Leshin. Melvin Yanow (bus. mgr.). Jerry Farley, ECHO WEEKLY Mary Ann Zuber EDITORS ROW 3: Lillian Trottier, Robert Munger, John Hatton. Dick Elvey, Raymond Klein, Ruth BarteH O D ECHO WEEKLY ow i REPORTERS row 2 ROW 3 Betty Jane Mitchell, Eugenia Lewandowski, Mildred Bartle Dorothy Klug, Jim Bardenwerper, Kenneth Blessing, Marian Trushinske Robert Fischer, Sam Sokol, Louis Marino, Eugene Brzenk, Ben Lane Page 79 CHESHIRE STAFF ROW I: Grace Hembel (copy editor), Lola Loeper Isabel Beoudoin (publicity manager). ROW 2: Jane Anderson (exchange editor), Harold Weike Elizabeth Kordes (art editor). DIRECTORY STAFF ROW I: Amy Strong (student advisor), Shirley Stevens (a editor), Elizabeth Frank. ROW 2: Angela Gelhaus (ass ' t. editor), Doris Kasimor (distrib. mgr.), John Blake (dlstrib. mgr.), Helen Bidle (editor), Marvel Moser, Mariorie Buettner. STUDENT SERVICE Unique in its field is the Student Employment Bureau which is run entirely for the student body by students who understand and try to fulfill the need for jobs outside of regular school work. The present staff includes seven students who voluntarily devote their time after classes and during free hours to contact outside employers and find part-time and summer ' obs for those who apply. " Soup to nuts " is the bill of fare of registered jobs. A wide range of work is covered — from walking dogs by the hour, or minding Junior while mother goes shopping, to clerking in the various department stores. The work is so varied that there is opportunity for practically all the students to display their talents in some field. Positions are about evenly divided among the men and women applicants, with the majority of jobs for the women in the domestic field, and for the men In sales v ork. On the staff of the S.E.B. are Gloria Schwinn, Mildred Barblan, John Blake, Vernon HInze, Bob Recia, Warren Thompson, and Tom Gardener. One of them can be found on duty any time during the day to receive calls and to place applicants. STUDENT EMPLOYMENT BUREAU ROW I: ROW 2: Robe Glorl Schwin (cha Bobb, War n), John Bl -pres.), Mildred Barbian (sec). Page GEORGE JANECEK HULDA KOHLBECK NATIONAL YOUTH ADMINISTRATION The new administration of N.Y.A. was placed in the capable hands of co- directors George Janecek and Hulda Kohlbeck. Miss Kohlbeck was the first woman to assume a co-directorship in the N.Y.A. office. This year the emphasis was placed upon educational work experience which would help the student in more than a financial manner, and would be of greater benefit to the school. The new projects included research work in the sciences, history, arts, hospital and clinical assistance, library service, and recreational projects. An effort was made to place students in a field that correlated with their studies and interests. For twenty-nine hours each month, all over school, students employed by this organization put aside their school work, literally rolled up their sleeves and went to work. In the reserve library they busily issued stacks of books at 3:30. Out on the playgrounds the training school kept them on their toes. Up in the science labs, art students used their talents to Illustrate plates, and down in the recesses of the cafeteria, many kept the faculty and students well-fed and contented. WOMEN ' S SERVICE LEAGUE ROW I: June Schaffer. Tacia Kenton, Rut i Hertel, Lois Propp (sec), Jane Correll Helen Jones, Dorothy Anderson, Alice Crump. Dorothy Ledebuhr, Ma ;e-pres.). Draiger, ilah ROW 2: Rose Orlando, Betty Andracki, Jane Langwill (t Virginia Marteil, Dorothy Hillemann, Mariorle Neher. ROW 3: Betty Schaefer. Audrey Pavlik, Betty Ann Norton, Betty Perego, Marian Trushinske Schultz, Orris Eberhardt, Grace Kitzerow, Jeannette Brown, Muriel Noah. ROW 4: Mary Jane Marks, Jane Caffrey (pres.). Shirley Dustrude, Dorothy Clasen, Carol Debbink, Carol Vanselow, Josephine Burt. Shirley Prior. LaVerne Miske, Edith Mae Wolters. ROW 5: Pauline Thornberry. Jane Anderson, Evelyn Krueger, Kathryn Jonas, Phyllis Morrow, Mildred Barblan (pub. chairman), Louise Kant. Sylvia Knutzen, Olive Wegner. Dorothy Thomson, Flora Duerst. ROW I: Amy Strong, Irene Button, Rosalyn Umenthu Mildred Bartle. ROW 2: Cyrilla Salewski (v sec), Alvera Stachowski, Shirl .), Fern Ehlers (Dorado sports head), Marie Grade (N.F.C.W. r (pres.), Lois Propp, Betty Perego (treas.). ,., , ,„„ ROW 3: Beth Koehn (asst. sport head), Lola Loeper, Mary Janice Debbink, Lorraine Mau, Rita W. R. A. BOARD Rose Smith, Mary Coles, Roberta Michiel. COLLhGt ROW I: Betty Williams (treas.), Betty Ann Norton, Shirley Prior (social chair.). Mariorie Buettn WOMEN ' S Leota Streeter, Grace Curtis. ASSOCIATION BOARD MEN ' S CLUB ROW i BOARD ROW 2 Carl Santell. Dr. Harvey Uber (adviioi), Gccrqe Janecek (troas.). Nicholas Georgiady, Fred Vetter (vice-pres.) , James Tyborslcy, Robert Uber (sec). John Melcher, Jacic Enders, Kenneth Place, Richard Elvey, Louis Romano. Y.W.C.A. ROW I: Audrey Erdman, Dorothy Dowllng, Jsane Wlegers. Mildred Rosenthal, faeulah Schjitz (treas Floretta Pomeroy, Ruth Arndt. ROW 2: June Hopp, Grace Kitzerow. Dorothy E. Schmidii, Gail Frostad, Shirley Prior (chaplair Dorothy Clasen, Doris Wright, Orris Eberhardt. ROW 3: Betty Bondesen, Pauline Thornberry, La Verne Roclcweiler, Virginia Martell, Jane Ese Kathryn Briggs, Doris Boggs. Carol Vanselow, Ruth Benner. ROW 4: Wanda Hart, Louise Wolk. Bette Spiegel. Flora Duerst (co-chaplain). Jessie B. Pyrtle (fac Evelyn Krueger, Rogene Heckmann, Barbara Bond, Phyllis Kranz, Lucille Hacker. ROW 5: Lorraine Blum, Dorothy Sennhenn. Virginia Klemnne, Jean Witte, Kathryn Jonas, Syk Knutzen, Lieseiotte Bracke, Beryl Huhn. Jane Anderson, Alice Christensen. Elsbeth Feldman. i V f " 4(1 =« ,a Y.W.C.A. 11 Page 85 RC Ca RC Or RC Vi RC M RC H- Ja W 1: Elizabeth Frank, Ruth Marie Ave ' Lallema rol Bloor, Margaret McGinty, Leonore Wade. W 2: Marie Kitzinger. Alice Crump, Mavis K ando, Dorothy Brem, Marian Woodford, Ruth )W 3: Analee Lathrop. Dorothea Lannewehr, T ginia Pettit, Monica Attermeier, Joanne Pritch )W 4: Libby Marshaiek, Dorothy Ann Burdick rcille Draeger. Jane Langwill. Norma Vevle. C )W 5: Jeannette Brown. Betty Andracki, Ni lemann (vice-pres.) , Dorothy Ledebuhr, Delia ne Anderson. nt, Elsie Hotvedt. Marietta Shewry, Helen Patelski. A. McClure, Shirley Priester, Billie Odie, Rose M. Wilhelmsen. acia Kenton, June Marie Washburn, Doris Reinke, rd, Ruthann Brugman. Pat McNamara. Jane Sutherland, Florence Devlin, Muriel Noah, orothy Wegner, Alice Tonar. a Sametz, Betty May, Joy Hasslinger, Dorothy Stoelting, Alice Towell, Alice Smiljanick, Mary ROW I: Ruth Schwedland, Rose Stathas, Betty Erdman, Muriel Germanson, Hulda Kohlbeck. ROW 2: Nicholas Georgiady, Jane Louise Anderson, Adolph Karl, Ruth Wagner, Kathleen Post. Mary Ann Zuber. ROW 3: Lee Bracke, Lorraine Mau, Louis Romano, Verne Osterndorf, Andrew Dunar, Charles KAPPA DELTA PI Mallue, Harold Kelbe. WHO ' S WHO ROW I: Virginia Custer, Audrey Sisson, Carl Sante Janecek (treas.). ROW 2: Betty Ann Norton, Shirley Prior, Nancy Dicke Jane F. Caffrey. Hulda Kohlbeck (sec), George n, Charles Mallue, Melvin Yanow, ROW 3: Fred Vetter (vie Richard Elvey, Louis Roman ,.), Robert Munger, Mildred Barbian, Robert Uber, Emil Zibung, ROW I: Armella Mayer. Angela Gelhaus, AU Josephine Kubiak. ROW 2: Jane Caffrey, Don Phillips (pres.). Patri Michael Yindra, Betty Andracki. ROW 3: Virginia Klemme. Jane Miller, Marian Margaret Raison, Marjorle Neher. ROW 4: Jean Germanson. Mary Wadleigh, Helen Stang, Joseph St llene Smiley, Henry Mayer, Kathleen Post, Pat Kelley. r- J-D-DrWTC r T TTTD ' ' 5: Dorothy Klug, James Tyborsky, Louis Romano, Jack Enders, Arthur Dick. James Halbach (jlrSDCJN b ULUD Bill Turner, Louise Kant, John Martin. Richard Sladky. era Stachowski, Colleen Reisner. Ruth Zorn, :e Murphy, Clitton ScheHler, Charles Scharbach, Kaderabek. Bill Klug. Jane Esau. Phyllis Kranz, lary Grace Stumpf, GIBBON ' S CLUB I O " - ' ' ranees Scardena. Rose Marchetta, Billie Odie, Marie KItzlnger, Tacia Kenton. Sarah Sinagra. Helen Stupich. ROW 2: Helen PatelskI, Cathryn Gerstner. Agnes Allen. Marian Woodford. Rita Kachelmeier, Margaret McGinty, Rose M. Orlando. ROW 3: Patricia Doherty, Angelo LaValle. Yvonne Van Slate. Marie Benson. Mary Murphy. June Marie Washburn, Kathlene Dockery. Marjorle Faber (pres.). ROW 4: Mary Jane Berns, Dorothy Peterson. Carl Santell. Rose Stathas. George Janecek, Monica Attermeler. Catherine Peckman, Marion Marty, Mary Coughlln. ROW 5: Ruth Hertel, Doris Jones, M. Van WIe, Muriel Noah. Mary Jane Marks. La Verne Page Rockwe Hacker, Peggy Lou Rolfs, Je atsy McCormic LUTHERAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION ernice Kunde, Marie Grade. I Moser, Bette Stegir 3ta An ROW I: Doris Just, Grace KItzerow. Marie Melchert, Dorothy Clase ROW 2: Louise Wolk, Rogene Heckmann. Grace Scheftner. M Anola Radtke, Betty Kroencke. ROW 3: Lillian Trottier, Alice Christensen, Lieselotte Bracke. Kathryn Jonas. Marjory Maurer, Lorraine Blum (vice-pres.) . Lola Loeper. ROW 4: Ardis Trelchel, George Varsos. Carl Schneider, Doren F. Wehrley, CI. Marvin Lange, Marshall Riebdolt, Fred Buege, Arthur Reichardt. ROW 5: Robert Uber, Raymond Klein, William Vater (treas.), Edward Schmidt, Russell Dlen Emll Zibung, Harold Glander (pres.), Robert Fischer, Robert Dorsch. Paul Kehres. Luther L. S. A. ROW 1: Mavis McClure, Dorothy Irish. Ruth Wilhelmsen, Jeanette Doepke. ROW 2: Verna Jensen, Elsie Hotredt, Viola Collins (sec), Betty Jane Mitchell, Dorothy ROW 3: Myrtle Martens, Marian Trushinske, Jean Rischmann, Lorraine Whipperfield, Do Lanneweh r, Pattie Miller. ROW 4: Dorothy Ledebuhr, Betty Anderson. Norma Veule. Dr. Harvey A. Uber (fac), Mrs. h- A. Uber. Marie Dreger, Mildred Rosenthal. Orris Eberhardt. ROW 5: Jeanne Sloan. Rosalind Tubesing, Margie Tubesing, Arlynne Reichardt, Mary Hatzinger Lorraine Weinhold, Frieda Krueger, May Pusch, Elaine Schoessow. JOSEPH ' " ' O ' ■ ' e ' = " Patelski, Eugenia Lewandowskl, Betiy Andracki. CONRAD CLUB row l- Cyrilla Galewski ( vice-pres.) , Josephine Kubiak, Helen Siemion (f i--- ROW I: Sarah Sinagra (pres.), Jean Jones, Miss Schirmer (fac), Leslie Brown, Frances Buffh rKhiNUhl ULUD Lasnover | vice-pres.) , Sam Falbo. LATIN CLUB ROW I ROW 2 ROW 3 Helen Dav Helen Sfuplch, Gertrude LIppow, Marjorle Miller, Uabelle Spector, June Schaffer. Anne Kolodrubetz. Jewel Mlike, Ortfia Wilner (fac), Anita Steiger, Norma Acicerman. Joe Baer (vice-pres.) , Margaret Raison, Marjory Maurer, Gerald Dugan, Louise Kant, GERMAN CLUB I O ' ' " Jensen, Hulda Kohlbeck, M. Schirmer (fac), Dorothea Lannewehr, Doris Harmeyer. ROW 2: Rose Marie Waters, Doris Menger, Mary Jane Anderson, Ruth Mauer. Pat McCormlck, Joyce Helton. ROW 3: Frank Schmerda, Ruth Bartelt. Lieselotte Bracke, Joseph Steiner, Alfred von Hanisch (vice-pres.l, June Niemann, Rogene Heckmann (sec.-treas.) . ROW I: J. Peterson, Elaine Citta, Alice Streng. Blanche Heffron (sec), M. Van Wie. ROW 2: Cyrilla Galewski (vice-pres.) . Kathryn Briggs, Charlotte Avery, Jane Anderson, Colle Reisner. ROW 3: George Leshin, Dorothy Kraschinsky, Fred Vetter, June Diefenderfer, Betty Oefle PHILOCOPHIA Margaret Brown (pres.). SPANISH CLUB ' " ' ■ gdalen Polacheck, Helen Kraszka. Florence Devlin, Dorothy Morgan, Sylvia No Elaine Spauldlng. ROW 2: Frank Schmerda, Jo-Ann Weborg, Mary Coles, Mrs. Scanlon (fac), Warren Richman Josie La Presti, Sam Falbo. ROW 3: Helen Bidle, Joseph Frenn, John Reiss, Charles Kaye (pres.). Albert Frackelto Earl Rosenthal, Robert Greenwood, Tom Gardner. WOMEN ' S FORUM PHYSIOLOGY ' ' O ' ' Jeannette Miller (sec), Alvera Stachowski, Mary Jo Norton |2nd vlce-pres,). CLUB ROW 2: Helen Bidle (treas.), Mildred Barbian (pres.). Warren Tamms, Doris Kasimor (vice-pres.) . Page 92 ROW I: Angellne Stann. Grace Kitzerow, Eleanor Graasch. ROW 2: Flora Duerst, A. L. Throne. Agnes Kugel (sec.-treas.) . Dorothy E, Schmidll. ASTRONOMY " O ' ■ f«t ' P V Lo Rolfs, M. Van WIe (sec), Marion Marly. CLUB ROW 2: Ralph Hiile, Wesley Maurer, Dr. Gordon W. Wares (fac), Samuel A. Thorn (fac), Burt Nelson (pres.), Celia Kretschmer (treas.). rUrrhlKl L-LUrS row 2: Ethelyn Andersen, Roy Sieber, John Wesle, Betty Lathrop. PYTHAGOREANS Row i ROW 2 ROW 3 Huhn (pres.) Helen Patelski, Lorraine Whipperfield (vice-pres.) , Betty May, Ruth Strong. Ruth Arndt, Marillyn Bill. Margaret Vodak, Ruthmarie Schmidt, Dorothy Welx. Louise Wolk, Robert Uber, Harold Slander (hist.), William Vater (treas.). Beryl A CAPPELLA ROW Myrtle ROW Mary ROW Barbai ROW Golds ROW Rob Rose Stathas, Me Lecker. Carolyn Gay _ Jean Germanson. De Heus, Fellclte Mu( Robert Brunk, Ch. Levinson, Arthur Ml n Roecker, Dorothy Krau ' lariorle Buettner. nry Colavlta, Russell Sch : Marian Trushinske. ; Scharbach, Betty Spiegel Wilfred Berg, Mary Jane E. Br Fredenburah. Betty Ann Norton, LaVerne MIske, Edith Mae Wolters, Michael F. Clen Marks, .la Radtke, Nancy Dickerman, Marlon E. Brown. Pierce Walters. Carl The ith, Mary C. Dean, Dorothy Swancutt, Dorothea Mueller, Rosalind Tubesing. Ray Bernauer, Marvin Zoerb, William Benulls, Ray Dietrich, Morvin Wirtz, Geor ■t Strothenke, Donald Van Llere, Alfred Schlag, Alvin Pinter, Carl Wege, Rodne Jensen. : Hansler Johnson f r f% r r» (• V%VV«»r ».»fV »«» » » ' »» MAI F PHORIIS ROW l: Ardoth Smith (treas.), Baldwlno Durante, Wesley Maurer (pres.), George Varsos, Robert 1 irAi j v iiv ixw l l j p l . (librarian), John Kaudy, Allen Priebe. ROW 2: Clair Kilton, Joseph Stelner, Robert Greenwood, Warren Thompson (pianist), Lawrence Hyink, Sam A. Thorn (fac), Doren F. Wehrley (recording sec). Merle Liban, Emil F. Symonik, Louis Anastopolos. ROW 3: Joseph Frenn, Ben Lane (sec), Milton Bodan, John Blake, Ralph Seefeld, Emil Zibung, George Rusteika, Charles M. Kaye, Jean I. Lewandowski (vice-pres.) , Richard C. Agacinski. John Reitci. TOWNHALL ROW I: Viola Collins, Doris Jones. Edward Dubls, Ruth Best (sec), Jean Acicerman, Mariorie Sauter. ROW 2: Agnes Kugel, Grace Hembel (treas.). Anabel Snyder, Marian Kaderabek, Richard Kaige, Lucille Hacker, Norma Ackerman. ROW 3: Lillian Trottier, Louise Kant, Keith Beggs (pres.), John Blake, Carroll King, Gerald Dugan (vice pres.l, Ben Lane, Robert E. Mueller. n f DEBATE CLUB I O ' ■ Ardoth Smith. Edward Dubis, Glenn Coates (vice-pres.) , Angelo LaValle. ROW 2: Alan Wilson (pres.). Keith Beggs, Gerald Dugan, Curtis Schowalter. ROW 3: Carroll King, Allan Prasser, Charles Kaye, Edward Schmidt (sec), John Melche r rs ORCHESTRA ROW I: Falbo, Fe ROW 2: Marjorie Fisher. ROW 3: Elizabeth Mathiak, ROW 4: Alvin Pir Ruth Ave ' Lallemant, Ruth Kaufman, Mildred Hianny, Viola Howard, Florence Braun, Sam licite Mueller. Miriam Thomas, Mary Jane Monte, Mildred Bartle. Russell Schwejda, Ben Fisher. Margaret Wergin. June Hopp, Lois Orloff. Margie Tubesing, Blackmun. Betty Spiegel, Elaine Domrose, Betty Lou Ackermann, Gladys Hough. William Anne-Marie Borge, Virc Nunn, Idabelle Goldsmith, Carl G. Thorn, Michael Y Theodore Buenqer. Gilbe lia Budil. Daniel Schultz, Kenneth Resheske, Reuben Feld, A ' illiam Jansen, Hugo Anhalt (director), June Panduro. Milton dra, Charles Scharback, Frank Korzeniewski. Horniq, Robert E. Mueller, Pierce Walters, Emll Rucktenwald, Bob Beduhn, George Hansler, Alfred Schlag, Robe n, Madalene Kiesner, Corlis Pitzo, Henry Wegner. C. Hert, Rodn John BAND ROW I: Ben Fisher, Henry Colavlta. Frank Korzeniewski. Wilfred Berg. Kenneth Leonard. William Fisher, Sam Falbo. ROW 2: Howard Dallman. Robert Brunk, Charles Scharbach, Carl Thorn. Kenneth Resheske, Daniel Schultz, Reuben Feld, Milton Mathiak. ROW 3: Joseph Neunelsel, Gordon Johnson, Corlis Pitzo, Dave Reilly, Mr. Paul Anderson, Robert E. Mueller, M. Yindra, Dwight O. Tuckwood, Andy ZInke. ROW 4: Emll Rucktenwald. George CzerwinskI, Jr., William Jansen, Arthur Miller, Marvin Zoerb, Gilbert Hornlg, Bill Machan, Harold WItte, Theodore Buenger, Jim Bardenwerper, Ray S. Bernauer. ROW 5: Gerry Jensen, AlvIn Pinter, Myron Faick, Harry Swenson, Bob Beduhn, George Hansler, Robert Strothenke, Henry Farwell, Alfred Schlag, Robert Hert, Warren P. Jennerjahn, Pierce Walters. W r o f r n r ROW I: Helen Scheuer, Rufn VVilhelmssn, Margie Bremer, Marianne Silberman. ROW 2: Miriam Thomas, Faith Innes, Florence Braum, Viola Howard, Mildred Hlanny. ROW 3: Ruth Hertel, Felicite Mueller, Margarei Wergin, Joanne Pritchard, Patricia Doherty, Helen Jones. ROW 4: Gladys Hough, Jean Rischn TILLMAN- pQ 5. L,,y Martino Geraldine Melby Marian Trushlnske, Carolyn Gay, Sylvia Goldfish, Mary Rr-LLi UriLJKUO Grace Stumpf Mar|one Buettner Myrtle Lecker Greqona Karldes. STILLMAN- KELLY CHORUS ROW 3: Bernlce Kunde, Esther Huhn, Pauline Thornberry, Shirley Dustrude, Betty Kroencl Doris Stoecklg. ROW 4: Betty Spiegel, Ester J. Congelliere, Anne-Marie Borge, Nancy DIckerman, Marjorl Blackmun, Idabelie Goldsmith, Dorothea Mueller. ROW 5: Elizabeth Nunn, June Panduro, June Miller, Ardls L. Trelchel, Grace Scheftner, Vlrglnl Budll, Ruth Marshall, Mary Martinsek, Phyllis Walker. Page 9 CAMERA CLUB Row i ROW 2 ROW 3 Jim Bard J. Peterson, Doris Wright, Burt Nelson, George Stagg, Betty Jane Mitchell. Richard Sladky, Alvin Olszylc, Robert Dorsch. Eugene Weishan, Kathleen Post. Doren Wehrley, Fredrich Erbach, Yale Wasserman, Warren Thomas, Robert Uber, rper (vice-pres.) . ROW 4: James Halbach, Ray K Arthur J. Dick, Ben Lane (pres.) Edward J. Schmidt. Nor Dennison, Franklin C. Bobb, INTER- SORORITY COUNCIL ROW I: Evelyn Fefer, Billie Odie, Hazel-Jean Larsen (pub. chair.), Ila Wolff, Marjorie Faber. ROW 2: Betty Andrackl (sec], Alice Tonar, Virginia Custer (pres,), Dorothy Tuchman, Shirley Stevens. ROW 3: Perlane Druch, Lois Propp (treas.), Grace Curtis, Louise Mills. Shirley Prior, Helen Crowley. ROW 4: Bernardine McCarthy, Nancy Dickerman. Doris Kasimor, June Dlefenderfer, Rosemary Boyle, Helen Bidle, Margaret Brown. INTER- FRATERNITY COUNCIL ROW I: Don Phillips, Fred Bueqe, Carl Thorn, George Elmer (pres.), Carl Santell. ROW 2: Melvin Yanow (treas.), Milton Goldberg. Jim Tyborsky, Emil Zibung (sec), Morvin Wirtz, Nicholas Georgiady. es r ALPHA DELTA " ' • - " " Schaffer, Dorothy Barczak, Lois Wallschlaeger, Elizabeth Franl(. SIGMA ROW 2: Betty Williams (vice-pres.) , Lorraine Zimmermann (rec. sec), Florence Devlin (tre Doris Menger (cor. sec), Betty Coon. ROW 3: Amy Pforr, Roberta Michiel. Mary Coles, June Diefenderfer (inter-sor. rep.), Lon Yahnke (pres.), Elinor Wallschlaeger. ALPHA BETA GAMMA ROW I: Marianne Silberman, Temmy Solom, Ruth Wiviott, Mildred Hianny, Ruth Shapiro, Rita Wollock (treas.). ROW 2: Estelle Perssion, Shirley Bliwas, Dorothy Tuchman, Shirley Elkind, Charlotte Shapiro, Isabelle Spector, Mildred Habush. ROW 3: Rosalynn Golper, Natalie Mendelson, Rosella Litovchlk (rec sec), Eunice Martin (pres.), Judith Gershan, Ester Marcus, Doris Gallberg. A VT " V aP ' F ' ALPHA GAMMA " O ' ■ aqorie Mlller, Betty May (sec), Betty Andrackl, Rose M. Orlando (treas.), Marj LAMBDA ' ' ' ' p " ' - ROW 2: Dorothy Ledebuhr, Lorraine Welnhold, Carol Debbink, Myrtle Martens, Irene Neel Mary Anne Rausch. ROW 3: Margaret Ralson, Betty Erdman, Lorraine Blum, Dorothy Kraschinsky, Marvel Mc Frieda Krueger, Anna Petersen. CHI SIGMA LAMBDA ROW I: Dorothy Leuch, Marjorie Buettner, Margaret Lewis (cor. sec), Ann-Suter Ganster, Myrtle Lecker, Shirley Stevens. ROW 2: June Buchholz, Ruth Marshall, Nancy DIckerman (pres.), Mrs. Grace Gottschall (advisor), Rosalind Tubesing (vice-pres.) , Jo Ann Weborg, Armella Mayer, Angela Gelhaus. ROW 3: Alice Buckley, Caroline Feutz, Dorothy Thomson, Anola Radtke, Louise Kant, June Glssenaas. June Panduro (treas.) Dorothy Swancutt, Flora Duerst. L. { KAPPA LAMBDA ' ' ■ ' ' ° ' ' ' Neubauer, Jane Wagner, Virginia Custer, Doroth y-Jane Taylor, Shirley Mae Nelson. IOTA ROW 2: Patsy McCormicIc, Geraldine Pokrandt, Dorothy MacNabb (treas.), Jane Phelps, Jean Kenney, Betty Nelson. ROW 3: Betty Oefleln (pres.), Virginia Martell, Kathleen Post (rec. sec), Patrice Murphy (cor. sec), Bernadine McCarthy (inter-sor. rep.). Jean Kranstover. ROW 4: Rosemary Boyle (inter-sor. rep), Jane Miller (vice-pres.) , Ruth Ann Ziegler, June Herzberg, Mary Dean, Jane Esau, Fredrica Fritz. LAMBDA PHI CHI r ROW I: Elinor Breines, Barbara Henninger (vice-pres.), Irene Button (reporter), Audrey SouthcotI (treas.). Ma WolH (inter-sor. rep.). ROW 2: Marvel Tlscher, La Verne RocUeiler, Joy Plessner, Betty Ann Norton, Lucille Coultas ROW 3: Grace Curtis (inter-sor. rep.), Mary De Heus (sec), Maysel Smith, Bette Stegmann Kathleen Pepper, Edith Breese (cor. sec). Carol Blackford. ( OO . MU BETA SIGMA f OW h Rose Stathas, J. Peterson. Jane Olsen (cor. sec). Miriam Thomas, Marjorie Faber (int sor. rep.). ROW 2: Felicite Mueller, Marjorie Bullock. Patricia Doherty, Louise Mills (inter-sor. rep.), Mari Trushinske, Mrs. H. Fielding (advisor). ROW 3: Myra La Fond, Fern Gregor (pres.), idabelle Goldsmith (treas.), Sylvia Knutzen. Virgii BudiL Ruth Rellly. Dorothea Mueller. ' y Jt M Jli 1 • ' Vr ' ' " ' V ' Blanchard, Jane Sutherland. Faith Luebke, Gertrude Greussing (vlce-pres.) . ' r ir J ' T l KROW 2: Mary Ann Zuber. Alvera Stachowski, Patricia Jones, Doris Kasimor, Jeanette Miller, pfTHETA ALPHA ' Z. nJ .r ' - ' " " " " " " ' " - ' ' " - ' " " • " • ' • " " - ' ■ " ' " " " " " " " ■ ' • " ' f n . SIGMA LAMBDA °W ' - " ° « " ' y f« g° ( ' ■ •l ' l " PP ' (vlce-presj, Harriett Gill. PHI ROW 2: Lois Propp (pres. inter-sor. rep.), Leota Streeter. Shirley Prior (inter-sor. rep,). LaVerne Miske. ROW 3: Beth Koehn, Jane Schwalbach. Phyllis Morrow, Mary Janice Debbink, Fern Ehlers. SIGMA OMICRON DELTA ROW I: Jeane Krom (cor. sec), Betty Gustin, Mary MacBride, Mary Jane Berns, Mary Murphy. ROW 2: Lorraine Jacks (treas.), Mary Lou Stang (vice-pres.) , Betty Kroencke, Polly Paddock (pres.), Lucille Vogel, Louise Hagen. ROW 3: Pat Kelley, Marion Brown, Marion Gessert, Frances Waid, Rita Rose Smith, Marjorie Pick (rec. sec), Helen Crowley (inter-sor. rep.). n a r% % Ci m ' ' SIGMA " ' ■ ° ' ' Harmeyer, Jean Rischmann, Amy Strong, Margie Breme OMICRON PHI ROW 2: Josephine Burt, June Carr. Gloria Schwin (pres.), Lillian T (treas.), Carol Vanselow. SIGMA PHI TAU ROW I: Enid Altman (vice-pres.) , Gertrude LIppow. Shii Hellman, Carolyn Jean Starr (rec. sec). ROW 2: Amour Fieldman, Evelyn Fefer (inter-sor. rep.), Murlt Jean Weiss, Pearl Pressman. ROW 3: Sylvia Goldfien, Yetta Zbar, Edna Lu Pegram, Jeane Druch (inter-sor. rep.). Rose Derzavltz (treas.). Berg, Lillian Silbsrman, Clar, lecker (pres.), Evelyn Petranowsky Goldman, Ruth Minkoff, Perlann, n a THETA LAMBDA h Betty Jane M PHI Jillie Udle (pres.), Joyce Helton, Alice lonar (inter-sor. rep.), Loraine Whipperfleld, June Washburn. ROW 2: Delia Stoelting. Rose Marie Waters, Mary Jane Anderson, Martha Cook (treas.), Shirley Sonnentag, Rita Mary Larson, Irma Seiy. ROW 3: Rogene Heckmann, Virginia Klemme (sec). Lucille Hacker. Ilene Smiley, Lieselotte Bracke (vice-pres.) , Bernice Blauert, Zlta Marie Yentz, Dorothy Cooper (advisor). ROW I: Jean Louise Howe (rec. sec), Hazel-Jean Larsen (Inter-sor. rep.), Suzanne Riley, Analee Lathrop. ROW 2: Jeannette Brown, Marion Schmidt (treas.), Beverly Moon, Mary J. Huun. Eunice Schaefer, UrbiLON ROW 3: Elizabeth Flaherty, Vlolette Drescher. Rosemary Moody (vice-pres.). Peggy Harris, LAMBDA SIGMA Betty Jane Lathrop, Bette Baur. DELTA OMICRON ROW I: Dorothy Krause (pres.), Helen Jones (vice-pres.) . Ruth Hertel, Margaret Wergin Jeanette Hamann. ROW 2: Ardys Hegeman, Edith Mae Wolters. La Verne Rockweiler (chaplam), Shirley Dustrude Ruby Watson. ROW 3: Pauline Thornberry (sec), Elizabeth Nunn, Betty Spiegel (treas.). Miss Anita Hankwit; (fac), Barbara Levinson, Betty Kroencke. Page I li: g| ALPHA KAPPA Row l: Hyman Sadowsky, Melvin Yar TAU ROW 2: David Gahr. Robert Becker (t ALPHA PHI OMEGA (grand ma.ter). i.j, Sherwin Abrarr Goldberg (It. grand ROW I: Ardoth Smith, Balduino Durante, Kenneth Blessing, Jerry Farley, Geral d Kosharek, George Leshin, John Paulos, Robert Recia (co-vlce-pres.) . ROW 2: Ray Trimble, Curtis Schowalter (pres.), Del Kinney (cor. sec). Joseph Steiner, Mr. Bellis. Edward Stetfen. Robert Dorsch, Robert Greenwood, George Elmer. ROW 3: Jim Bardenwerper, Edward Lontkowski, Warren Thompson, Jean Lewandowski. John Blake, James Halbach, Franklin Bobb, Carl Wege, Richard Agacinski, Doren Wehrley. ROW 4: Robert Uber (treas.), Harold Glander, Verne Hinze. Warren Tamms, Russell Diener (hist.), Emil ZIbung (inter-frat. rep.), Morvin Wirtz (inter-frat. rep.), Edward Schmidt (rec. sec). Raymond Klein (co-vice-pres.j, Ben Lane. m p f O r r " r o .it ' f BETA PHI THETA Row i ROW 2 ROW 3 James W. Kendall (grand master), Carl Thorn (sec), Henry Colavita, Clifford Shemick. Michael Yindra, Frank Newton, Hugo Anhalt (advisor). Bill Machan. Bill Jansen, Robert Hert, Robert Strothenke, Alfred Schlag, Gerry JensDn. DELTA CHI SIGMA ROW I: Carl Santell, George Janecek, John Borsos, Lawrence Edelstein (corres.-sec.) . ROW 2: George Berg (grand master). Dr. Harvey A. Uber (fac), Samuel Thorn (fac), Robert Uber (treas.j, Nic Skaros. ROW 3: Nicholas Georgiady, George Elmer (VGM), Manifred Olson (fac), Robert Becker, Fred Buege, James Tyborsky (hist.), ROW 4: Charles Mallue, Fred Vetter, Harold Weike, Emil Zibung, Jack Enders, Raymond Klein, Louis Romano, DELTA SIGMA KAPPA SIGMA DELTA PHI ROW I: Raymond Sellc Edwin Lahiff. ROW 2: Ken Blessing. Nic Georgiady, Nic Sk ill Klug (hist.). George Janecelt, Robert Von Neuman (advisor), Chester Napientek. Jack Enders. George Elmer. John Melcher. Fred Vetter, Jim Bardenwerper. ROW 3: Charles Mallue, Louis R Jack Mueller. ROW 4: Walter Danecke, Vern Hinze, Richard Elvey, John Hatton. Ken Place, Norman Dei Verne Osterndorf, James Tyborsky. ■f ' - dA g Page Page INTRA-MURAL BOARD The start of every school year finds the men of State Teachers eagerly awaiting the activities sponsored by the Intra-Mural board. Great en- thuslasnn greets the sporting events, and keen rivalry exists between the classes, fraternities, and individuals. Every day the gynn is the scene of some type of athletic competition, and good-natured fans loudly acclaim their teams. This year ' s board, under the chairmanship of Steve Vrsata, has stressed the preparation of the men in school not only physically but mentally and temperamentally as well. Three types of competition have been organ- ized: inter-fraternity athletics, intra-mural and inter-class sports. In an endeavor to key up interest in these games, five intra-mural awards are given annually to the five male students having the highest number of points for participation in these events. Skill, proficiency, and attendance aid in scoring these winning points. Ip Kp M B I p ' !»?j ' p l lj£ IP INTRA-MURAL BOARD ROW 1: Steve ROW 2: Dick C Vrsata (chair.). Robert Recia esle. Warren Tamms, Ken Plac (sec), Herr an Kluge (fac), Milton e, Vernon Hlnze. Jack Neumann. Goldberg. Page 119 FOOTBALL TEAM Despite the wonderful spirit displayed by Coach Kluge ' s men, both In team and individual play, Milwaukee State suffered its worst football season in many years. Although each game had that drive and fight that is heartbreaking to watch, Milwaukee succeeded in winning only one conference game, dropping five. The first conference tilt with Oshkosh left us triumphantly happy, with a score of 45 — 0. A virtual steamroller swept over the Titans, leaving the Peds victorious and ready for St. Norberts. This out of town tilt proved to be the most unexpected rough and tumble fight, leaving State defeated 28 to 6. Consecutive league games were lost to Platteville 19 — 0, Whitewater 14 — 7, Stevens Point 20 — 6, and LaCrosse 10 — 7. In most of these frays our Klugemen brilliantly outplayed their opponents, but failed to score. Football mentors both in the Southern and Northern leagues designated five of our green gulls to star on the All-conference honorable-mention team. Dick Seske, Mike Cienian, Conrad Stawski, Stan Dreyer, and Ken Keough were the men to receive this honor. BASKETBALL TEAM h igh powered playing by Penwell ' s hoopmen, fast and shifty running, and high scoring marked the ' 41 - ' 42 basket season at M.S.T.C. Out of eight conference skirmishes, the local team emerged victorious in six. A total of 797 points was piled up in all games, to the opponents ' 632. Of the defeats suffered — four. Including the non-conference games — three were away from home. The Green Wave dropped both out of town clashes with St. Norbert ' s, 47 to 46, and with Stevens Point, 44 to 43, by one solitary point after disputes over game timing had arisen. Since the pointers lost a later game to Platteville, easy prey for Milwaukee, the referee ' s decision at Stevens Point undoubtedly cost the Gulls the Southern Championship. Complete scores of the games are: Alumni 49, M.S.T.C. 41 M.S.T.C. 36, Oshkosh 32 Great Lakes 59, M.S.T.C. 44 Stevens Point 57, M.S.T.C. 42 M.S.T.C. 60, Carroll 38 M.S.T.C. 56, Oshkosh 3 I St. Norbert 47, M.S.T.C. 46 Stevens Point 44, M.S.T.C. 43 M.S.T.C. 50, Iowa State Teach. 33 M.S.T.C. 44, Whitewater 34 M.S.T.C. 50, Carroll 38 (Mil. aud.) M.S.T.C. 45, Platteville 36 M.S.T.C. 55, Platteville 42 M.S.T.C. 62 St. Norbert 36 M.S.T.C. 60, Whitewater 3 I M.S.T.C. 49, Chicago Teachers 3 I FOOTBALL TEAM ROW I: Leo Kratz, Anthony Pauly, Edwin TaibI, Dick Geilce, Robert Dich, Michael Clenlan, Conrad Stawskl, Marshall Rleboldt ROW 2: Water Boy. Donald Eckmann, Ken Kuehl, Don Phillips. George Jablonski. Andrew Dunar, Stanley Drejer, Walter Jagmin, Norman Geske, Leonard Leyerson. Willard Stich. Elmer Oloizla ROW 3: James Tyborski, Herman Kluge (coach), Frederic Buege. John Menslng. Gladdon Dunst, Ralph Seefeld. Joseph Burgert. James Lembck. Gilbert Szymanski. John Becker. Alvin Olszyk. Jean Lewandowskl, Harold Glander. Paul Kehres, John Blake ROW 4: Marvin Lange. James Schweitz, Charles Gurneau, Thomas Spence, John Mazurek, Robert Rpcia FHwln Lahlff -1 . P-r- ' mmmm i •9A. BASKETBALL TEAM ROW I: John Curry, Charles Gurneau, Kennlth Buehler. George Jablonski, John Jankowskl, Leo Kratz ROW 2: Chester Schroeder. Jack Neumann, Warren Tamms, Guy Penwell (coach). Frank Smith, Page 12! SWIMMING TEAM The season started with a loud splash as Kluge ' s mermen outswam and out dove Extension to the sweet ripple of 58 to 8. From then on, all seemed like easily executed wins, as M.S.T.C. tied with Kenosha Youth Foundation 33 to 33, won by great margins over Loyola 38 to 27, Wright 40 to 36, Lawrence 45 to 2 I , La Crosse 42 to 33 and Lawrence again 40 to 26. With this array of wins behind them, our swimming team confidently entered the state meet with an eye to bringing home first place. The meet at Stout Institute turned out to be a vigorous duel between La Crosse and M.S.T.C. Although we snared first in the 300 meter relay, 200 meter free style, and the 200 meter breaststroke, a lack In our reserve of man power enables La Crosse to snare from us the thirds, fourths, and fifths which we needed for first place. Emerging with second place in the State meet and with a galaxy of individual wins, the Klugemen finished one of their most successful seasons. TRACK TEAM For weeks the Milwaukee cindermen could be seen pushing themselves into action. The gym was the scene for those trying the hurdles, the weights, and the dashes. Around the school and along the lake, the distance men paced nightly getting into shape for their scheduled meets. The ' 4 1 - ' 42 track team positions were filled by many new- comers, for several all-around performers of last year had been lost. This year ' s team made a fine showing, in spite of the lack of reserves. Distance events with Joe Steiner and Nic Skaros garnering points, weights handled by Gladdon Dunst, and the short dashes were the strong points of the team ' s record. TRACK TEAM ROW I: Ray Trimble. Harold Dugan. Joe Steiner. Bob Greenwood. Jotin Curry. Leonard Leverson Leo Kraft. Marvin Lange. Charles Francis. WiKred Miron. ROW 2: Milan Mihalievich, Dick Dawe. Bob Andreotti ROW 3: Clif Scheffler. Sam Solol, Louis Marino. Harold Glander. George Jablonsli. Ralph Seefeldf. Car! Frarl Ray Dierricn Did Gesle Set Kinney Paul Kehres. Guy Penwell (coach) Page 125 DORADO Added interest was shown in girl ' s sports this year. Dorado played a big part in creating this interest and in getting the women of the college out for sports. M.S.T.C. mermaids faithfully practiced long hours, night after night, in the pool to make this year ' s water carnival the biggest and most successful of its kind. A new angle was added when the rhythm of classical, semi-classical and swing compositions replaced the customary beat of the tom-toms, as the swimmers went through their formations. A modern dance touch was added to the ordinary square, triangular, and circular figures. Of course, the girls got all wet, as did some of the well-satisfied spectators, but everyone agreed that this year ' s Dorado surpassed the mark of other years. DORADO ROW I: Ruth Strong, Mariam Th Perego (asst. sport head), Dorothy Bn Curtis, ade (a Hlis Trepol, Betty sport head), Jean ROW 2: Jewel Milke, P. L Rolfs, Mary Jane Adams, M Kranstover, Donna Wittlch. Dorothy Dowling. ROW 3: Fern Ehlers (sport head), Dorothy Thompson, Phyllis Walker, Geta Andren, Elizabeth Nunn. Mary Janice Debbink (asst. sport head), Betty Koehn. Alvera Stachowski. Page 129 BEST WISHES TO 1942 GRADUATES KLEIN STUDIO 205 E. WISCONSIN AVENUE BROADWAY 9785 Abrahms, Sherwin A 32 75, no Bartie, Mildred Baur, ' Elizabeth Beaudoin. Isabel Becker, John Becker, Robert Beduhn, Bob Beggs, Keith .... Bendlin, Harry Benkert, Mary Benner. Ruth . Benson, Marie Benulis, William 37, 83, 92, 97 60, 98, 90 32 II, 92 120 1 10, 111 52 97 18, 96 52 40 18 85 Ackerman. Norma Ackermann. Betty Lu Adams, Mary AdIer, Dorothy . Aqacinski, Richard Allen, Agnes . . Alpern, Idle 83, 85, 37, 96, 90 97 127 32, 75, 99, ' " ' ll0 37 ' , 40 40, 106 II, 12, 99 92 II, 94 ' " . " .IB, 83, 20 93, 20, 33. 91, 86 18, 85, 107, 90 Altman, Enid Anastopolos, Louis 87, 77 Andersen. Dorothy Andersen. Ethelyn Anderson, Betty Anderson. Dorothy Anderson, Jane .. Anderson, Mary Jane Berg. Eunice Berg. George Berg, Grace Berg. Shirley Berg, Wilfred Bergman, Henry Bernauer, Raymond Berns, Mary Jane Best. Ruth 18, 93, 20, III 37, 38 106 97, 99 1 1, 64 52, 97, 99 105, 87, 77 Andracki. Betty . Andreotti, Robert arie . 8 20, 100, 102, 87 -123 II, 88, 127 18. 85. 94 ...85 52. 85, 97 Andren, Margaret Arndt, Ruth Bidle. Helen Bill, Markllyn Birdsall, Betty Bjelaiac. Nikola II, 92, 80, 100, 104, 91 Attermeier. Monica . Ave ' Lallemant. Ruth M 103 II, 62 Avery Charlotte .. Auner. Shirley Baer, Joe B .32, 91 - 64 112 90 Bjick. Marjorie Blackford. Carol Blackmun, Marjorie Blake, John 32, Blanchard, Gladys Blauert, Bernice Blocker. Muriel .... Blessing. Kenneth . Bliwas, Shirley Bloor, Carol Blossfield, Jeanne 32, 33 .32, 103 52, 97. 98 1, 60, 73, 80, 96, 99, 110, 120 104 Bailey, Dawn Baltus, John Barbian, Mildred Barczak. Dorothy .. Bardenwerper, James Bartelt. Ruth 95, 60 60 81, 92, 86. 77 60. 101 97. 1 10, 1 12. 77 60 20, 106 60, no, 112, 120 38, 101 37, 85, 92. 40 60 HOTEL MEDFORD OFFERS EXCELLENT ARRANGEMENTS For Private Parties, Smokers and Meetings Marquette 3000 i ea£t i MILK « ICE CREAM The Cover and Binding OF THE 1942 IVY ARE PRODUCTS OF The Boehm Bindery Co. 104 E. Mason St. Milwaukee. Wisconsin " HESS SAUSAGE " Manufactured by Chas. FHess Sausage Provision Co. 2300 N. Third Street Locust 4060 The Ch Who Kno ice of The FRESH AND SMOKED MEATS POULTRY . . . FISH Page 133 JULIEN SHADE SHOP INCORPORATED Manufacturers of BADGER BRAND WINDOW SHADES AND VENETIAN BLINDS HOFFMANN ' S PHARMACY " A Julien Shade — A Shade Better " 829 West Michigan Street Phone Marquette 3864-5 MILWAUKEE WISCONSIN The Howe of Research Footwear RROUWER ' C 3 STORES ' . 330 WEST WISCONSIN AVE. . 7606 WEST STATE ST. • 7223 WEST GREENFIELD AVE. A. Lentz Company MANUFACTURERS OF MILLWORK DEALERS IN LUMBER North 70lh and West State Streets Bluemound 4810 Wauwatosa, Wisconsin 3116 N. DOWNER AVE. PHONE EDGEWOOD 7230 Blum. Lorraine Boerth. Eunice Bodan, Milton Bond, Barbara Bobb. Franklin . Boneste. Lenorc Boggs. Dolores Bondesen. Bett Borge, Anne M Bornstein, Eli Borsos. John ... Boulet, Marjorii Boyle, Rosemar ' Braasch, Eleanc Bracke, Liese Braun. Florence Braun, Marian Breese, Edith ... Brehm, Petronill Breines, El Brem. Dorc Bremer, M, Briggs, Ka- 62. 60, 60, 100, tte Britton Lyie Brown, Curtis . Brown. Jeannette Brown, Leslie . Brown, Margaret . Brown, Marion Brugm n, Ruthann Bruhn. Guinevere Robert Brussa William . Brzenk Eugene .... Buchholz, June Buckle h Alice hy - - g ' e 37, ...37. 32 85, r 106, ' Ifl ' t s t 34, 100. 105. 77. 85. Buege, Frederic . Buehler, Kenneth Buenger. Theodore Buettner, Marjorie Buettner, Marjorie Buffham, Frances Bullock, Marjorie Buran. Charles ... Burdick, Dorothy Burt. Josephine .. Button, Irene ... Byrd, Gladys Caffrey. Jane .. Callahan, Robert Canfield, Dudley Carriveau, Genevieve Carr, Amydee Carr. June Cassavant, Gladys Chadek, Robert Charon, James Chernin, Sylvia Chrlstensen, Alice . Cienian, Michael Citta, Elaine Clasen, Dorothy . Coates. Glenn Colavita. Henry Coles. Mary Colker, Dorothy Collins, Jack . Collins, Viola Conant. Howard 80, 99, 52, .37, 83, 86, 87 38, 83, 85, 64 Page 134 re, Esthe -38, Cone Cook. Martha .. Coon. Elizabeth Corcoran. William _ Correll. Jane 18. 83. Coughlin, Mary 60. Coultas, Lucille 38. 40, Cowles. Dorothy .._ 18, 89, Crowley. Mrs. Helen .32. 33, 100, Crowley. Robert Crump, Alice 37. 83, 85, 92, Culler, Anne Curcio. Victoria Curry. John 120, Curry, Joseph Curtis. Grace II, 84, 100. 103, Custer, Virginia 32, 33, 100, 103, Czerwinslci. Georqe 52, Dallme Dalton Danec Daun. Davy. Dawe. Dawlln Dean. Debbii Debbi, De H( Dennis Derzav Devlin, Detjen Diaz. an. Howard Mary 97 1 1 Marie 37, 40 Helen 60 Dicic g. Dorothy Mary nk Carol II, 123 60 99. 103 83, 102 nk. Mary eus, Mary on. Norman itz. Rose 18. 83. 105, 127 18. 99, 103. 98 II, 95. 12. 112 .37, 41, 106 . Florence , Geraldine . 18, 85, 101, 91 38, 104 Dich, Robert .. Dick, Arthur Dickerman, Nancy Diefenderfer. June Diener, Russell Dietrich. Betty Jane Dietrich. Raymond Dockery, Kathleen Doepke. Jeanette . Doherty. Patricia Domrose. Elaine Dorsch, Robert Dowling, Dorothy Draiger. Marcllle . .. Dreger, Marie Drejer. Stanley Drescher, Violette . Drobiszewski. Alfred Drotman, Marvin Druch, Perlanne Dubis, Edward Duerst, Flora Dugan, Gerald Dunar, Andrew Dunst. Gladdon Durante, Balduino ... Dustrude, Shirley .. . Eberhardt, Orris . Eckenrod. Robert Eckmann, Donald Edelstein, Lawrenc Egan, Rosemary .. Ehlers, Fern Ehn, Robert Eigner. Ruth 52, 84, 54, 99, 100, 32, 84, 33, 32, .38, 99, 104, 52. 95, 60, 110, i .Z ' . " .37, Cameras. Photo Supplies. Home Movie Equipment LEADER ENGRAVING L. H. Ball Photo and Gift Shoppe COMPANY 2557 N. Downer Ave. Lakeside 5617 Open Evenings ROCHELLE, ILLINOIS A Complete Line of Exquisite Gifts We Feature the Famous Hallmark Greeting Cards A Card For Every Occasion Bridies DAIRY PRODUCTS col ' " , ,« CM " l " ' j££ £jlI|jL- BECKER ' S MISS BROWN ' S SCHOOL CONFECTIONERY .•( Crrul Same i„ Cunnurnlal Trmning Secretaries Wanted! Our demands for compe- tently trained college women far exceed our • supply. Can you qualify? . . . Enroll in our — INTENSIVE SECRETARIAL COURSE — JUNE 22 3 126 North Downer Avenue 08 E. 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Amour Hnqe , Margaret Hsche r, Robert Fisrhe r, William Frark. Iton, Alber Franr s, Charles Frank Carl Frank Elizabeth Frede nburgh, Jea Freisrr uth, Ernesti Frenn Joseph . .. 38, 85, 75, 103, Galewski, Cyrilla . Gall, Arline Gander, Carol . . Ganster, Ann Sute Gardner, Thomas . Gauger. Virginia . Gay. Carolyn Gelhaus, Angela George, Earl Georgiady, Nichole Germanson. Jean Germanson. Muriel Gershan. Judith . Gerstner. Cathryn Geske, Norman Geske, Richard Gessert, Marion . Gill, Harriet Gissenass, June Glander, Harold Glaser, Shirley Glidden. Dorothy Godfrey. Betty Goehle, Gloria .. . Gold, Janet Goldberg. Milton . ,32, 83, 33. 91 52 .52. 99. 98 37, 80 Goldlien, Sylvia Goldman. Jeanette , Goldsmith. Idabelle Gollberg, Doris - - Golper. Rosalynn . Goodman. Alvln Gorski. Richard . Grade, Marie Green. Joyce Greenwood, Celia .. Greenwood. Robert Gregor, Fern Greussinq, Gertrude Grotenhuis, Ruth .... Gurneau. Charles ... Gustin. Betty 52, 97, 99. 104. Habush. Mildred Hacker, Lucille ...... Hagen, Louise Hagensick, Beatrice Halbach, James Hallberg, Pete 2tte 95. 93, 60, 52, ch, Alfred y, Helen . eyer, Doris . ;, Margaret Wanda nger. Joy Ha Hatton, John Hatzinger, Mary Ja Hayes, Phyllis Heckmann. Roqene Heestand, Rachel . Twi Hege, Hein, Hellm Heltoi Hemb Henni Hert. Robert Hertel, Ruth Herzberg, June Hianny, Mildred . Hillborn, Kathryn Hille, Ralph Hilleman, Dorothy Blanche , Ardys 32. 33. 52. 108. Clara Grace 18 r, Barbara 38, 42. !7, 83, 107, 98 .37, 83, 85, 42 Hell Hinterthue Hinze, Vernon . . Holt. Russell Holtz, Carolyn Holvey, Shirley . Hopfensperger, B Hopp, June Horning, Donald Hotredt, Elsie . . Hough. Gladys Houghton, Richar Howard, G. Viola Howe, Jean Huebner, Phyllis Huhn, Beryl Huhn, Esther Humphreys, Doro Hunn, Mary Hyink, Lav, sh, Dorothy 38. 42, f- tlntets aj: tlie y Complete modern facilities for the production of scfiool annuals, bound books, catalogs, advertising literature, and general commercial printing. OL S EN PUBLISHING CO. MILWA UKEE, WIS. Jablonskr. George Jacks, Lorraine Jaeger, Frank Jagmin, Walter . Jahn, Burton .,, Jahnke, Winifred Janecek, George . Janecek, Helen . Jans Wil 52, 97, Jennerjahn, Warren Jensen, Gale Jensen, Gerald Jensen, Verna -. .18, Jerrek, Ann - John, Robert --. Johnson, Gordon Johnson, Rodney - 52, Jonas, Kathryn ..._ -83, Jones, Doris 60, Jones, Helen .- -52, 83, Jones, Jean - - Jones, Patricia Joost, William Just, Doris - " - - - K Kachelmeier, Rita Kaderbek, Marian 60, Kaeppel, Beatrice Kaige, Richard Kalin, Diane - - Kammann, Erma - - - - Kant, Louise ..- Kanters, Ruth Kappel, Mae Karides, Gregoria Karl, Adolph Kastrul, Gertrude Kaudy, John Kaufman. Ruth Kaye, Charles Kehres, Paul Kelbe, Harold Kelley. Pat Kendall, James . - - Kendall, Lucille .- Kenneweg, Robert Kenney, Jeanne .- Kenton, Tacia - Keough, Ken - Ketter, Jack Ketter, Lucille Kewley, Thomas -. Kiesner. Magdalene Kilton, Clair - King, Carroll Kinney, Del Kitterow, Grace Kitzinger, Marie Klein, Raymond 38, 83, 96, 92, 80, 38, 83, 85, 42 83, 85, 37 85, 92, 43, 95, 63, 60, NO, Ml Klemme, Virginia 18, 85, 23, Klofanda, Edith Klug. Bill Klug, Dorothy Klusinske, Lorraine -- Knuth, Harold Knutzen, Sylvia - ..- 38, 83, Koehn, Betty 83. I Kohlbeck, Hulda -. - 62, 60. 75, 86 Kolodrubetz, Anne Kopfer, Egbert Kopfer, Hermlna - Kopplin, Mrs. Madqe Kordes, Elizabeth Korff, Dorothy Korpela, Ivy Korzeniewski, Frank Kosharck, Gerald - Kranstover, Jean Kranz, Phyllis Kraschlnsky, Dorothy - - Kraszka, Helen Kratz, Leo Krause, Betty - Krause, Dorothy Kretschmer, Celia Krieger, Betty Krueck, Or, Krueger, Ev Krueger, Marion Kubiak, Josephin Kuckuck, Ellen - Kugel, Agnes - Kuhm, Winifred Kunde, Bernice Kunz. Margaret Kuppert, Lois .-. 18, 23 32, 34 13, 77 37 23 52, 97 38, 103, 127 18, 85, 23, 87 32, 34, 102, 98 107, 108 93, 75 3, 43, 73 105 38 38, 83, 85, 43 - -37, 102, 88 II, 13 38 - 37 93, 96 64 38, 98, 88 52 -- -38 18, 95, 96, 99, I 10, 77 La Fond, Myra - Lahiff, Edwin Lampkins, Rosle - Lander, Lore Lane, Benjamin Landt, Gerald - Lange, Marvin _ 18, I 12, 120, Langwlll, Jane . " " - - ...... ' Z 38 Lannewehr, Dorothea 37. 85 Lapresti, Josie Larsen, Hazel-Jean - 11, Larsen, Marie Larson, Rita Lasnover. Miriam Lathrop, Analee - 37 Lathrop, Betty LaValle, Angelo 52 LeBaron, Aurilla Lecker, Myrtle - - 52, 99, Ledebuhr, Dorothy - 38. 83, 85, Lembke, Lenore - 38, Leonard. Kenneth _ _ . 83 85 5. 88 90 -91. 64 73, 100 38 Leshii ,rd. Ne George Leshin. Millard Leuch. Dorothy Leverson. Leonard Levin. Harold Lenvlnson. Barbara Lewandowskl. Jean Lewis, M. Margaret Liban, Merle — Lietske, Ruth Lippow, Gertrude - Liska, Gladys Lltovchlk, Rosella - - Loeper, Lola - Lontkowski, Edward Luebke. Faith Luther, Clarence - -32 Machan. William .... Mack Magdalene A MacNabb, Dorothy Maletz. Edith Mallue, Charles Malsack, Roland Mapes, Russell 3tta, Rose ;. Esther . Marion . I, Louis .. Mark, Betty Rae Marks, Mary Marshaiek, Libby Marshall. Ruth .. . Martell, Virginia .. Martens, Myrtle .. Martin, Eunice Leslie .... John Ralph . . . Lucy .52, 83, 99, 98, 87 .11, 85 52, 102, 98 .37, 83, 85, 43, 103 37, 102, 88 37, 44. 101 ...60 60, 87 Martlr Martir Martlr Martir Martlr Mathews, Ann .... Mathlak, Milton 52, 54, Matting, Donald Mau, Lorraine 83, 23, Mauer, Ruth Maurer, Alva 23, Maurer, Mariory 18, 90, Maurer, Wesley 18, 93, May, Betty 37, 85, 94, Mayer, Armella 37, 102, 98, Mayer, Henry 60, Mayo, Doris Mazsick, Frank Mazurek, John McBride, Mary McCarthy, Bernadlne 37, 44, 100, McClure, Mavis ...32, 85. McCormlck, Mary Pat 32, 83, 103, McDowell, Marjory McGlnty, Margaret 37, 85, McKenny, Kathleen McMenamin, Mary-Ellen McNamara, Patricia 37, McQueeney, Audrey Mehr, Mary Melby, Geraldine .. Melcher, John 32. 84, 73, 96. Melchert, Marie 60. Melchior, Jeanette Menger, Doris 37, 101. Mensing, John Mendelson. Natalie Meyer, Otto Mlchlel, Roberta Mlddleton. Caroline Mihalievich, Milan Milke Millei Patrlc Thorn. 32, 90, 127 38. 92, 103, 104 60, 100, 104 Mlron. Wilfred Misher. Ruth MIske. LaVerne Mitchell. Betty Jan( Monte, Mary Jane Moody, Rosemary Moon. Beverly .52, 83, 54, 99, 105. Mop Morey, Jean Morgan. Betty Morgan. Dorothy .... Morlcky. Robert Morris, Margaret . Morrow, Phyllis Moser. Marvel Mosher, Ruth . Mottram, Mary Frar Muehl. Audrey Mueller, Dorothea .. Mueller. Betty Jane Mueller. Feliclte Mueller, Jack Mueller, Robert Muhs, Frederick Mundt, Robert Munger, Robert Murphy, Charlotte Murphy, Marjorle Murphy, Patricia Murphy, Patrice Murphy, Mary Myers, Gwendolyn Bette Oben Ober Odle, Blille Jean .. Oeflein, Betty Olsen, Jane Olszyk, Alvin Orlando, Rose Orloff. Lois Onsager, Dorothy Ostergard. Pearl Osterndorf Verne Ottenstein, David . .52, 97, 99, 62, • 52, 54, 73. II. 13, 112. 7 Napleralski, Emily 2 Nashban, Sylvia 37, - Naulin Jean . 18 83 102, S Neelsen, Irene 18, IC Nelson, Betty IC 95, S Nelson, Shirley .37, 44, IC Neubauer, Gloria 32, IC Neumann, Jack 18, 120, 1 Neuneisel, Joseph . 52, ; Neuswirth Jean Newton, Frank 1 Niemann, June 38, S Noah Muriel 37 83. 85. i Noll Sylvia Nook. Beverly -..i Norton, Betty Ann 38, 44, 99, 103, i 32, 84, S Novak, Melba 52, S Nowickl. Ervln Pflddock, Polly . . Panduro, June Passau, Manfred Patelskl, Helen Paulos. John Paulson. Gerald Pauly, Anthony Pavlik, Audrey . . Pearce. Janet .. Peckman, Catherin Pepper, Kathleen .. Perego, Betty Peronteau, Leroy Perry, June .. .. Perssion, Estelle Perszyk, Sylvester Petersen. Margaret Peterson, Anna Peterson, Dorothy Peterson, Edith . Peterson, Juliane Petranowsky, Evelyr Petri, Paula Pettit, Virginia Pfeiffer, Marie Pforr, Amy . Phelps, Jane Phillips, Don . Phillips, Mildred Pick, Marjorle Pinter, Alvin Pitrof, Mary Jane Pitzo. Corlis Place. Kenneth Plantz. Gloria Plehn, Carl , Plencer, Doris Plessner, Joy .. Poeske, Edna Pokrandt, Geraldin Polacheck, Magdeli Pollack, Edith Pomeroy, Floretta . Post, Kathleen Potter, Neil Poulos, John Prasser, Allan Pressman, Pearl Priebe, Allen Priester. Shirley Prior. Shirley Pritchard. Joanne Pritzlaff, Shirley . Propp, Lois Pusch, May Radtke, Anola ... Raison, Margaret Raloff, Isabel Rasmussen, Betty Rausch, Mary Ann Reichardt, Arlynne Reichardt, Arthur Recla. Robert Rellly. David Reilly. Patricia 84, lOS 52, 55, 97, 102, 98 50 32, 85, 89, 94, 87 99, no . 60 .... 120 83, 105 127 64 60 18, 75 II 32, 95, 104 91 106 24 . 85, 60 45 1 8 101 37, 84. 45 00, 112, 120 75, 105 52, 97 99 60 .. 52, 97 18, 84, 112, 1 19 60 63, 60 75 38 1 1 103 60 103 18 91 .32 85, 92 60 95, 13, 103, 87 85 33. 84, 85, 100, 104, 86 85, 98 64 18, 83, 24, 100, 104 99, 102, 37. 102, 90, 99, 120, I 19 52, 97 54 Reilly. Ruth 38. 104 Reinke. Doris . 37. 85 Reisner. Colleen 32, 75, 91. 87 Reiss, John .. II, 91 Reitci, John . .99 Resheske, Kenneth 52, 97 Rhodes, Marion .... 18, 25 Richman, Warren 91 Rieboldt, Marshall 60, 120, 88 Rigas, Mary . 55 Riley. Lucille 37 Riley. Suzanne 45 Rlschmann. Jean 18, 106. 98, 88 Rockweiler, LaVerne 85, 52, 102, 108, 98. 87 Rodden, Lucille 64 Rodell, Marion 45 Roecker, Marion S2, 99, 98 Roewer, William .. 32 Rolfs, Peggy Lou .... 38, 93, 127, 87 Romano, Louis 18, 84, 73, I 12, 86, 87, 72 Rosenthal, Earl II, 91 Rosenthal, Mildred 38, 85. 45, 88 Rosenthal, LaVerne 64 Rucktenwald. Emil 97 Ruehl, Leslie II Rudman, Naomi 37 Rusteika. George 18, 75, 99, 64 Rybak, Alice . 60 Sadowsky, Hyman Safer, Thelma Saidak, Edward Saloutos, Louis Salter. Evelyn .... Sametz, Nina Sando, Margaret .. Santell, Carl 18 Sarbacker, Evelyn Sass, Laverne Sauter, Marjorie . Scardina, Frances Sceets, Natalie Schaefer, Betty Schaefer. Eunice Schaefer, Marjorie Schaffer, June Scharbach, Charles Schatz, Clarice Schlag, Alfred Scheffler, Clifton . Scheftner, Grace .... Schenkenberg. Claii Scheuer, Helen Schier, Ruthe Schlouch, Dorothy 52, 97, 99, I 52, .38, 98, 37, Schmerda. Era,.- Schmidii, Dorothy Schmidt, Edward Schmidt. Marion Schmidt, Ruthmar Schneider. Carl . Schoessow, Elaine Scholz, Grace . Schowalter, Curtis Schroeder, Cheste Schroeder, Dolore Schroeder, June Schultz, Beulah .. Schultz, Vera .... Schultz, Daniel . 63, 60, 96, lie .37, 83, 85, 45 Schwalbach, Jane . Schwartz, Jeanne ., Schwedland, Ruth Schweitz, James Schweitzer, Marion Schwejda, Russell . Schwin, Gloria .. . Scobie, Guinevere . Seefeld, Ralph Seiy, irma Sellon, Raynnond Sennhenn, Dorothy Shapiro, Charlotte Shapiro, Ruth Shemick, Clifford ,. Shewry, Marietta Sieber, Roy ,. Siemion, Helen .__ Siggelkow, Margaret . Silberman, Lillian Silberman, Marianne .. Sinagra, Sarah Sisson, Audrey Skaros, Nic Sladek, Ruth _ .. - Sladky, Richard . Sloan, Jeanne Smiley, llene -- Smiljanick, Alice Smith, Ardoth Smith, Frank _ Smith, Maysel Smith, Nancy Smith, Rita Rose Smith, Virginia Snyder, Anabel Sokol, Sam Solochek, Sonia Solom, Temmy Sonnentag, Shirley Southcott, Audrey Spaulding, Elaine ...... Specter, Isabelle Spence, Thomas Spiegel, Betty Sprengel, Elisabeth .. Stacey, Theona Stachowski, Alvera Stagg, George Stang, Helen Stang. Mary Lou .... Stann, Angeline Stathas, Rose Starr, Carolyn Jean Stawski, Conrad Steffen, Edward Stegmann, Bette Steiger, Anita Steiner, Joseph . Stellhorn, Dorothy Sterling, Sally . Stevens, Shirley Mae Straszewski, Lorraine . Stoeckig, Doris • Stoelting, Delia Stowe, Estella Streeter. Leota Strong, Ruth Strong. Amy Strothenke, Robert Stumpf, Carol Stumpf, Mary Grace Sullivan, Henrv 13. 105 60 .....55 86 120 M 97, 99 ,,,. 32 SI 34, 106 5? .99, 120, 37, .14, 73, 101, 106, 98 89, 63 60. 87 60, 73, 86. 78 IS II, 112 46 .38, 107. ..18, 85, .96, 99. 112, 46, 73, 60, 123 46 18, 25. 101 46. 107 .11, 103 91, 64 60, 101, 90 120 52, 97, 99, 108, 98 46 n. 92, 104, 127, 87 38, 46, 103, 60, 10, 90, 87, 75, 80, 100, .37. 85. 84, Sutherland. Jane .... Stupich, Helen Surlow, Marianne Swancutt, Dorothy .. Swancutt, Elizabeth Swancutt, Phyllis ... Sweeney, Evelyn ... Swenson, Harry Swindle, Joanne ..... Symonik. Emil Szpakowski, Wanda Szymanski, Gilbert .. Taibl. Edwin Tamms, Warren ... Tarkowski, Gloria , Taylor, Dorothy Ja Telfer, Jack Thielen. Gertrude Tischer, Marvel Thies, Jean Thorn, Carl 37, 83, 47, 73 97, 99, 100, 52, 97, 104, 127 ...95 18, 81. 99, I 10 I I, 83, 84, 102, 127 83, 85, 52, 98 Ali. Treichel, Ardis Trepol. Phyllis ...... Trimble. Ray Trovinger, Ethel .... Trottier, Lillian ...... Trushinske, Marian Tubesing, Margaret Tubesing, Rosalind Tuchman. Dorothy . Tuckwood, Dwight Turner, Merton ...... Tyborsky, James .... .60. 89. 60, 96, 106, .37, 83, 99, 104, 98, 32, 97, I I, 14, 75, 99, 102, 37. 100. 52, u Uber. Robert 84. 94, 95, 60, III, 86, 88, 77, 76 Umenthum. Rosalyn 83. 26 Upham. Nina 60 Vaillancourt, Geneva Van Erp, Catherine Van Liere. J. Donald ...60, Vanselow, Carol 38, 83, 85, I Van Slate, Yvonne ......60, Van Wie, Margaret 32. 93. 91, Varsos, George 18. 93, 26. 99, Vater, William 94, 60. Verhage. Dorothy ......38, Verduin. Betty 38. Vetter. Fred 32, 84, 73, III, 112, 91. Vevle. Norma ... 38. 85. Vodak. Margaret 18. 94. Vogel, Lucille .105, Vrsata, Steve . 18, 26. w Wachsmuth, Marian Wade. Leonore Wadleigh, Mary Wagner, Jane Wagner, Ruth Waid, Frances Walker, Phyllis Walker, Robert Wallschlaeger, Elinor Wallschlaeger, Lois Walters, Pierce Warmie, Norma ... Warnke, Florence Washburn, June Wasserman, Yale .... Waters, Rose Marie Watson, Ruby Weber, Vera Weborg, Josephine . Webster, Marion .... Wege, Carl Wegener, Glenn Wegner, Dorothy Wegner, Henry Wegner, Olive Wehrley, Doren Weidemann, Alice . Weigers, Jeanne Weigert, Lee Weinhold, Lorraine Weishan, Eugene Weiss, Jean Weix, Dorothy Weike, Harold Wells, Faye Wergin, Margaret .... Werth, George Wesle, John West, Betty Westedt, Walter Wheaton, Dorothy .. Whipperfield, Lorrair Whittington, Eileen Wilhelmsen, Ruth .... Williams, Betty 8S, 75 I I. 87 32, 103 18, 85, 92 95, 60 107, 90 .52, 108 38 32, 102, 91 18, 26 . .60, 99 18, 26 85, 60 32, 123 .37, 102, 88 ...95 .37, 47, 106 94, Winter Morjorie Wirtz, Mqrvln Witte, Harold . Witte, Jean . Wittich , Donna .. Wiviot , Ruth Wolff, Ha Wolk, Louise Wolloc , Rita . Wolter , Edith Ma Wong, Warren . Wood, Caroline Woodford, Mariar Woods William Worde Doris Worth, Harriet . Wright Doris Wright Janet ... 18, 99, 100, no ...52, 97 38, 85, 92, 104 38, 75, 127 101 38, 48, 100, 103 38, 85. 94 88 48, 101 Yahnke, Harold Yahnke, Lorraine Yahr, Betty Lou Yanow, Melvln Yentz, Zita . Yentz, Zltamarie Yindra, Michael Yopack, Belle . Yops, Ruth Zbar, Yetta Zibung, Emil Zleqier, Ruth Ann . Zleike, Barbara ..... Zlmmermann, Lorrali Zlnke, Andrew Zlperstein, Dorothy Zoerb, Marvin Zorn, Ruth Zuber, Mary Ann ... Zwick, Mary .38, ...62, 97 32 52, 97, 99 38, 87 27, 104, 86 FACULTY Baker, Dr. Frank Adams, Frank . .. Alder, Louise . .. Allison, Mrs. Aln Anderson, R. Paul Anhalt Hugo 9, 7, 5 97, 5 B - 67 Bellls Ernest 67, 110 Benell, Florence Biddle, Dr. Williann 67 67 17 Brandt Enola 67 17 C 17, 107 . 67 D Dehorn, Mrs. Yohanna E 67 17 Evans, Lucille 67 F 67 G Gates Dr Charles AS Gottschall, Mrs. Grace . H 68, 102 Hankwitz Anita . .108, 51 Hildreth Grace 68 Huqhes. Lola Mav 36 Inqrelli, Anthony Jones, Elizabeth Kelley, Dorothy . .. Kirk. Dr. Samuel .. Klotsche, Dr. J. Ma Kluge, Herman Lieberman, Dr. Logan, Fred ... Luttgen, Helen Robert Nancy P ......106, - Penwell, Guy 123 12 Prideaux Nettie t R i Robbins, Oral RothwelL Ethel Scanlon. Mrs. Cha Schirmer. Dr. Mai Shafer, Maude .. Silveus, Dr. Maria Stein, Howard .... Streng, Alice Suppan, Adolph .. 51 32, 91 .70 Thorn, Samuel Alvin 70. 93 Uber, Dr. Harvey Ulbricht, Elsa ...... Waite. William . Ward, Dr. Lewis . .. Wares, Gordon . .. Wilde, F. E Wllner, Dr. Ortha Winter, Margery . w ..93, 70 70 .90, 70 36 Page 143 x ; " " y - v

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