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Text from Pages 1 - 200 of the 1937 volume:

' TWlflT ' Beth fre-fer - JLo 3 7 4 . 77 Jt. - l est As Wi 4 ECHO YEARBOOK 19 3 7 M S L W A U K E E T A T TEACHERS COLLEGE DEDICATION Amid the commotion of graduation days, those of us who are to receive degrees pause for a few mo- ments to philosophize over the busy years spent ar college. 1 We have added to our fund of knowl- edge. Long and tedious assignments have usually been performed; individual initiative and sheer in- tellectual curiosity hove done even more to raise educational attainment levels. 1 But facts alone might have been gleaned at any higher institution of learning. We have gained more than facts. Our Knctive privilege has been the opportunity to meet liberal and open-minded attitudes. •] The at- sphere of our school is pervaded with a spirit of tolerance and a wholehearted desire for progress - inspires the student to independent and con- structive thinking. It is, therefore, to the de- mocracy and freedom of thought evident in our i lent government and classroom discussions that the Echo Yearbook of 1937 is dedicated. CONTENTS c o L LEGE A C U L T y GRADUATES D V s O N S ORGANIZATIONS A T H LET C S SNAPSHOTS ACT V T E S A D V E R T I S N G COLLEGE : r j COLLEGE COLLEGE COLLEGE COLLEGE PRESIDENT FRANK E. BAKER FACULTY D R O R CARLE SAMUEL HOWARD FRANK OLTZ KIRK THOMAS ADAMS Music : tional Art Elementary ADELAIDE LEWIS JOHN LOUISE AYER ITINE LAZENBY ALDER aents Secondary GERTRUDE ELIZABETH RUTH ELIZABETH BUCK DUDLEY BRISTOL ANHALT i y Science Training Teacher Elementary Speech ALMA MARY PHENA WILLIAM ALLISON BIRR BAKER ATWOOD Sociology Training Teacher Music Biology JOSEPH ALINE NEAL WILLIAM COTTON BECKER BILLINGS BIDDLE Economics Nursery Education Education FACULTY LOLA RUTH LUCILE HUGHES HENDERSON EVANS Training Teacher French Biology CANDACE ELIZABETH RUTH Mcdowell HEINY FOX Nursery Kindergarten English JACOB CONSTANCE LOWELL KASS JACQUES LEE Chemistry Registrar Art CHARLES GATES Chemistry ERWIN ESCHER Language ALFRED MADSEN Manual Arts FACULTY ROBERT NANCY EDNA AMELIA NORRIS NUNNALLY MASON McMINN Mathematics Training Teacher Nurse Hygiene LOUISE JESSIE ORAL MANFRED MEARS PYRTLE ROBBINS OLSON Geography English Mathematics Physics CLARENCE WINIFRED JOHN LUCILLE OLSEN PHILLIPS NASH PATTON Language Art History Training Teacher FACULTY L w r. kA My ELSA EDITH MAY MAUDE ULBRICHT WHITE SEVERY SHAFER Art English English English MARGERY LEWIS ORTHA ROBERT WINTER WARD WILNER VON NEUMANN Kindergarten Psychology Language Art MARIAN ALYIN GEORGE SAMUEL SILVEUS THRONE TETER THORN History ! English Music FACULTY MABEL LUNDIN Training Teacher CORNELIUS JANZEN Economics MAXIMILLIAN BUSSEWITZ Hygiene VERNA NEWSOME English FRANK MELLENCAMP ANNA DAY Dean of Men Dean of Women DOROTHY KELLEY CLINTON BARR Music Elementary WERA SCHULLER Language HAROLD WESCOTT Art BAYRD STILL History Died WERA SCHULLER April 5, ' 37 FACULTY HUGO JOSEPH ANNA BEULAH ANHALT BARON CARR DAVIS Music Philosophy Speech Libr ; CARRIE LYNDA GRAi :e ETHEL EDMONDSON FOSTER GOTTSCHALL GREEN Elementary Physical Education fraphy Training Teacher IRENE GRACE ELIZABETH MARTIN HARBECK HILDRETH JONES KLOTSCHE Kindergarten Physical Education Librarian History HERMAN ELIZABETH CHARLOTTE JOSEPHINE KLUGE KNIGHT MAJOR MALONEY :al Education Mathematics Art Training Teacher HELEN LILLIAN DELIA GUY MARTINEAU MELDMAN OVITZ PENWELL Physical Education Librarian Librarian Physical Education NETTIE VIRGINIA ETHEL MILTON PRIDEAUX RODIGAN ROTHWELL RUSCH Librarian Speech Training Teacher Music MARIELE ALICE BLANCHE RALPH SCHIRMER STRENG SWEET TILLEMA Language Exceptional Kindergarten Music HARVEY LILLAH ALTA BEE LOTTIE UBER WEBSTER WOLCOTT WOODFORD Geography Librarian Physical Education Exceptional FREDERICK RUTH WILDE FISHER History Librarian FACULTY GRADUAT ES CLAIRE ACKER STURGEON BAY MUSIC Theia Lambda Phi; Madrigal singers, Still man-Kelley chorus, band, orchestra; Dorado club; W.A.A. Minor— English. AUDREY ARNOLD MILWAUKEE EXCEPTIONAL Upsilon Lambda Sigma — president; Echo Weekly — feature editor; Exceptional divi- sion — secretary; W.A.A. ; Dorado club. Major — education of mentally handicapped. Minors — English, economics. MARJORIE ARTUS MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY A Cappella choir; Biology club. Minor — biology. MARION BODE MILWAUKEE ART Kappa Lambda Iota. OTTMAR BODEMER MILWAUKEE SECONDARY Delta Chi Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega, Beta Phi Theta; Stock company; Male chorus — secretary. Majors — physics, general science. Minor — speech. CLARA BAUMANN MILWAUKEE KINDERGARTEN Der Deutsche Verein; Gibbons club. Minors — German, library science. MILDRED ANDRES MILWAUKEE RURAL HELEN BALL MILWAUKEE KINDERGARTEN Upsilon Lambda Sigma; Inter-sorority council; Commonwealth board; social committee; A Cappella choir; Festival chorus; G.F.L. — president, secretary, treasurer; Kindergarten - Primary division — secretary; Dorado club — president; W.A.A. — president. Minors — English, economics. MARY BORGMAN MILWAUKEE KINDERGARTEN GRADUATES rRADUATES RUDOLPH BERTOLAS MILWAUKEE EXCEPTIONAL Alpha Phi Omega; Camera club; Biology club; Y.M.C.A.; Athletics — Intra-mural base- ball, basketball, football. Major — education of mentally handicapped. Minors — bi- ology, economics. HAROLD BORGH MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY Delta Chi Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega; student welfare committee; Echo Weekly — cir- culation manager; Intra-mural athletics; International Relations club. Major — history. Minor — geography. ROSEMARY BERDIE MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY Sigma Lambda Phi — secretary; Commonwealth board; Glee club; le Cercle Francais. Minors — history, English. ROBERT BUECH MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY A Cappella choir; Athletics — swimming team, football, track, cross country, golf, hand- ball, archery, intra-murai sports. Major — elementary education. Minors — mathematics, geography. GLADYS BERNAU MUKWONAGO RURAL Camera club; Y.W.C.A. LAWRENCE BUSHEY SPOONER ELEMENTARY Festival chorus; International Relations club — president; C amera club. Minors — his- tory, English. DOROTHY BECKER MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY G.F.L. board; Der Deutsche Verein; Y.W.C.A. Minors — English, library science. MURIEL BERTANE MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY Gibbons club. Major — history. Minor — library science. SOPHIA BERLAND MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY A Cappella choir; orchestra. Major — music. Minor — English. GRADUATES GRADUATES IRENE BECKER MENOMONEE FALLS RURAL G.F.L. board. DONALD BERGER MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY Kappa Delta Pi; le Cercle Francais; Festival chorus. Majors — French, history. ILSE BENNEWITZ MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY Lambda Phi Chi — vice-president; social committee — chairman, secretary, treasurer; for- ensic committee — secretary, treasurer; acting dean of women — summer session; Der Deutsche Verein; Dorado club; W.A.A. Minors — German, geography. MARGUERITE CAMPBELL MILWAUKEE KINDERGARTEN Festival chorus; Gibbons club — secretary-treasurer. Minors — history, English. OLIVER COLBY MIL WAUKEE SECONDARY Delta Chi Sigma; Sigma Delta Phi; Committee of Committees; Athletics — track. ROBERT BOWMAN RACINE SECONDARY Delta Chi Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega — secretary; Echo Weekly — executive editor, man- aging editor, city editor, sports editor; Student Directory — copy editor. Majors — bi- ology, general science. Minor — English. JOHN COOK MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY le Cercle Francais; Philosophy club. Major — English. Minor — history. MARGARET COOK MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY JAMES BRINGE MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY Kappa Delta Pi; Representative Speakers; Camera club. Major — elementary educa- tion. Minors — history, economics. GRADUATES GRADUATES DOROTHY De BAUFER MILWAUKEE ART Phi Chi -secretary; Echo Annual- Camera club. EVERTON DIBB MILWAUKEE RURAL DORIS DIETERICH MILWAUKEE KINDERGARTEN Minors — English, economics. ■ k r [ UiHa v LUCILE DAILY WITHEE MUSIC Stillman-Kslley club, Madrigal singers, Festival chorus, A Cappella choir. EUGENIA DISGARDEN ELLISON BAY RURAL CONSTANCE CLARK MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY Theta Lambda Phi; Latin club. Minors -history, Latin. CARL DEBLITZ MUKWONAGO ELEMENTARY Athletics football, high-jump champion; Men ' s club -secretary. Minors — physical edu- cation, biology. RUTH DICKE TWO RIVERS KINDERGARTEN Glee club; Y.W.C.A. Minors — economics, English. GRACE DeSHAM MILWAUKEE MUSIC A Cappella choir; Festival orchestra; Madrigal singers; Stillman-Kelley club. Major music supervising. GRADUATES GRADUATES JANE ERDMAN MILWAUKEE KINDERGARTEN Archery club. Minors — English, biology. IONE FLEMING HARTLAND RURAL SYDNEY EISENBERG MILWAUKEE SECONDARY Alpha Kappa Tau — grand scribe, treasurer; Inter-fraternity council; publications board- library board; Representative Speakers; Echo Weekly — business manager; Echo An- nual — business manager; Directory — business manager; Festival chorus; Peak night — chairman. Major — economics. Minors — history, English. NORMA ENGELKE MILWAUKEE SECONDARY Upsilon Lambda Sigma — treasurer; athletic board — chairman; W.A.A. Major — his- tory. Minors — economics, mathematics. WILLIAM DUMMERT MILWAUKEE SECONDARY Band, orchestra; Athletics — swimming team; Camera club. Majors — physics, gen- eral science. Minors — mathematics, chemistry. DOLORES ENGEL MILWAUKEE KINDERGARTEN Der Deutsche Verein; Y.W.C.A. Minors — English, German. HARRIET DODA SOUTH MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY W.A.A. ; Pythagorean club; Camera club. Minors — physics, mathematics. LORRAINE FLEMING NORTH LAKE RURAL Rural-State Graded division — secretary. RUSSELL ENDE MILWAUKEE MUSIC Beta Phi Theta— grand master, scribe, sergeant-at-arms; A Cappella choir, band- drum major, Festival chorus, orchestra. Minor — history. GRADUATES GRADUATES LESTER FUHRMANN MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY Stock company- -president; Echo, Cheshire — business manager. MARIANNE HEINIG MILWAUKEE KINDERGARTEN Kappa Delta Pi; Commonwealth; Der Deutsche Verein. CARLA GEORG MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY Lambda Phi Chi — treasurer; Commonwealth; library committee — chairman; W.A.A. — secretary. DOROTHY GRAY IRON RIVER, MICHIGAN EXCEPTIONAL Major — education of mentally handicapped. Minors — English, history. JEAN FRASER MILWAUKEE KINDERGARTEN Major — English. Minor — economics. INEZ FLEISCHER MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY Upsilon Lambda Sigma; Echo Weekly; Cheshire — editor. Minors — English, econom- ics. EDITH FRANKS MILWAUKEE KINDERGARTEN Athletics; Der Deutsche Verein; Pythagorean club. Minors — English, German. WARREN GAUERKE MILWAUKEE SECONDARY Beta Phi Theta; Y.M.C.A., le Cercle Francais; Creative writing; A Cappella choir, Festival chorus. Major — social science. Minor — English. IANE GREENBAUM MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY Lambda Phi Chi — president, secretary; G.F.L. board; building and grounds committee; W.A.A. Major -English. Minor — physical education. GRADUATES d Alhv GRADUATES WALTER HACKBARTH MILWAUKEE SECONDARY Delta Sigma Kappa; Inter-fraternity council — president; Commonwealth representa- tive; social committee; A Cappella choir; Philosophy club; German club; Athletics — swimming team. BERNICE JOHANNING MILWAUKEE ART Theta Lambda Phi — president, treasurer; Athletics-— tennis, volleyball. ESTHER HIANNY MILWAUKEE SECONDARY Representative Speakers; Echo — feature editor; Cheshire; American Student union — president; E.P.C. GLENDA HELMS SEYMOUR RURAL ELSA JACOBI MILWAUKEE KINDERGARTEN Pi Theta Alpha; Commonwealth; Chorus. Minors — biology, music. WILLIAM HERRMANN MILWAUKEE SECONDARY EDITH JOHNSON NEENAH RURAL Echo Weekly — copy editor, assistant city editor. Major — mathematics. Minors — English, library science. RUTH JOCHIMSEN NEW HOLSTEIN MUSIC A Cappella choir. MARY HOLAN MILWAUKEE ART Echo Annual —art staff; Art board — vice-president; Orchesis. GRADUATES GRADUATES INEZ KOTZ WAUWATOSA KINDERGARTEN Minors — English, biology. ILLA LOUISE KRANSTOVER MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY Alpha Delta Sigma; A Cappella choir; Festival chorus; Der Deutsche Verein. Minors —English, German. JAMES KLIMT MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY Delta Chi Sigma, Delta Sigma Kappa; Inter-fraternity council; Athletics — intra- mural; Football club; Biology club. Minors — history, geography. ROGER HORNIG MILWAUKEE MUSIC Beta Phi Theta; A Cappella choir; band; orchestra; Camera club; Male chorus. Minor — chemistry. VIRGINIA INDRA GREEN BAY KINDERGARTEN Basketball; Chorus; Dorado; Gibbons club. Minors — economics, English. ADA KELLY MILWAUKEE KINDERGARTEN ISABEL KING MILWAUKEE EXCEPTIONAL American Student union. Majors — education of mentally handicapped, economics. Minor — history. VIOLA KOPSHINSKY MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY Theta Lambda Phi — vice-president; Inter-sorority council; Der Deutsche Verein; Y.W.C.A. Minors — English, library science. DOLORES KOENITZER MILWAUKEE KINDERGARTEN Alpha Delta Sigma — vice-president, secretary; treasurer; Echo Weekly; Kindergar- ten-Primary division — secretary. Minors -English, history. GRADUATES GRADUATES ANITA LAUWASSER MILWAUKEE ART RUTHMARY LONG MILWAUKEE KINDERGARTEN Alpha Delta Sigma; Festival chorus; Gibbons club. Minors — history, economics. KENNETH KRUEGER MILWAUKEE ART A Cappella choir, Male chorus; Athletics --badminton, volleyball. ELEANOR LORENZ MILWAUKEE KINDERGARTEN Publications committee — secretary; Echo Weekly; Cheshire editorial board; A Cap- pella choir; W.A.A.; archery, hockey, volleyball; Der Deutsche Verein. Minors — English, German. HELEN LIPSCHUTZ MILWAUKEE ART Athletics — archery, tennis; Orchesis. VIRGINIA LADWIG MILWAUKEE KINDERGARTEN Pi Theta Alpha; G.F.L. board; Athletics — basketball, hockey. Minors — English, ec- onomics. MARJORIE LUBIN COLEMAN ELEMENTARY Sigma Omicron Delta; Echo Weekly. Minors — English, economics. RUTH LEHMANN MILWAUKEE KINDERGARTEN le Cercle Francais. Minors — French, history. POBERTKaTcQSSE MANITOWOC RURAL y . GRADU, GRADUATES FREEMAN MARTIN MILWAUKEE ART Sigma Delta Phi — vice-grand master; Men ' s club board; Athletics — track team — cap- tain; cross country team — captain; Intra-mural sports. RITA MURPHY MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY Pi Delta Alpha; Commonwealth board; Echo Weekly; Freshman class — secretary; Sophomore class — president; Junior class — treasurer; Festival chorus; Gibbons club; Romani Hodierni. Minors — history, English. HARRIET LERNER MILWAUKEE KINDERGARTEN Sigma Phi Tau; A Cappella choir; W.A.A., tennis tournament. Major — economics. Minor — biology. GLADYS MACK DENMARK EXCEPTIONAL Alpha Gamma Lambda — treasurer; Festival chorus, A Cappella choir. Major — ed- ucation of deaf. Minors — speech correction, economics. ALICE MUELLER MANITOWOC EXCEPTIONAL Echo Weekly. Major — education of deaf. Minors — history, English. ELIZABETH LINDSAY KINDERGARTEN DOROTHY M. MEYER KIEL KINDERGARTEN Upsilon Lambda Sigma; A Cappella choi ral chorus; Kindergarten - Primary division — vice-president; W.A.A. Minors — English, music. GEORGE MARKSCHEFFEL MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY Delta Sigma Kappa; scholarship committee; cafeteria committee; Stock company; Glee club; Festival chorus; Athletics — football, training school coach. Major — social science. STUART McBEATH MILWAUKEE ART A Cappella choir; Festival chorus. GRADUATES GRADUATES RUTH OSSMAN WEST ALUS ELEMENTARY Festival chorus; Y.W.C.A. Minors — geography, general science. GEORGE McCANN MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY Delta Sigma Kappa; Athletics — swimming, football. Minors — history, economics. THOMAS MARAS MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY 4 Alpha Phi Omega; election board; forensic board; Representative Speakers; Echo Weekly; Athletics — basketball, intra-mural. Minors — biology, chemistry. CHARLES NELSON MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY Beta Phi Theta; Representative Speakers; band, Festival chorus; Athletics — track, wrestling. Major — history. Minor — economics. ARDIS PETERSON MILWAUKEE KINDERGARTEN Chi Sigma Lambda — president, vice-president; Echo Weekly; le Cercle Francais; Romani Hodierni — president. Minors — Latin, English. WILLIAM NOLL MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY Delta Chi Sigma — vice-grand master; Echo Weekly; Freshman class — treasurer; Athletics— baseball, basketball, handball, tennis; Camera club; Gibbons club; Inter- national Relations club. Minors — history, physics. JOSEPH MARKS MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY Alpha Kappa Tau — grand master, historian, chaplain; Inter-fraternity council; Cam- era club; Der Deutsche Verein. EILEEN NELSON HARTFORD RURAL ELINOR PETERSON WISCONSIN DELLS RURAL GRADUATES GRADUATES HERBERT PRAHL MILWAUKEE ART Athletics — swimming. Minors — German, economics. ELISABETH PROEHL MILWAUKEE SECONDARY Upsilon Lambda Sigma; Athletics — baseball, basketball, hockey, horseshoe, s niing, senior liie saving, tennis, volleyball, W.A.A.; Festival chorus; Der Deutsche Verein. Minors — English, mathematics. JOHN QUILL MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY Athletics — intra-mural, cross country, handball, track; Le Cercle Francais. M — history, geography. FRANCES PODLINSHEK MILWAUKEE ART Philosophy club — treasurer. THEODORE PRISLAND SHEBOYGAN ART Sigma Delta Phi; Echo Weekly — art editor; A Cappella chorus; Student Directory — editor; Athletics — basketball, volleyball; Art Students ' league board — secretary; Cam- era club; Gibbons club — vice-president; Sophomore class — secretary; Inter-fraternity council — secretary. VIVIAN PETRI MILWAUKEE KINDERGARTEN Kappa Lambda Iota — president; Commonwealth; Kinderga ;ident; G.F.L. board; Glee club. Minors — music, history. HERBERT PRIESER MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY Delta Chi Sigma; Beta Phi Theta; Representative Speakers. Minors — biology, geog- raphy. SARA PECKARSKY MILWAUKEE KINDERGARTEN Minors — art, English. FRANK PRINDL MILWAUKEE MUSIC Beta Phi Theta; band, orchestra, Festival chorus; Athletic s; Der Deutsche Verein. Minor — history. GRADUATES GRADUATES PHILIP RITZ MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY Delta Chi Sigma; Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Kappa Tau — treasurer; Echo Weekly; Fest- ival chorus; Athletics — intra-mural, track; Pythagorean club — president, secretary. Minors — mathematics, biology. FA YE SKINNER MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY Pi Theta Alpha; Echo Weekly — feature editor; Y.W.C.A. Minors — economics, music. EMELIN RATHMAN MILWAUKEE EXCEPTIONAL Sigma Lambda Phi — president; Exceptional division — vice-president; W.A.A.; Y.W.C. A. Minors — economics, biology. LOUISE RUEHL MILWAUKEE ART Der Deutsche Verein; Y.W.C.A. GEORGE ROTH MILWAUKEE SECONDARY Delta Chi Sigma; Representative Speakers; Biology club. Majors — general science, biology. Minor — physics. ESTHER SHAPIRO MILWAUKEE SECONDARY EDNA RATHMAN MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY Sigma Lambda Phi — president; Stock company; Echo Weekly; Senior class — secre- tary; W.A.A.; Y.W.C.A. — president. Minors — English, geography. ILSE SCHMIDT MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY Der Deutsche Verein; Le Cercle Francais. Minors — German, French. CAMILLA RUSSELL MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY 3 Lambda Iota; Stock company — president; Gibbons club. Minors- -English, GRADUATES ■ ROBERT STOLHAND MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY Athletics — cross country, track; Y.M.C.A. Major — social science. MARIE SCHOENEBECK NEWALD MUSIC Madrigal singers; orchestra. Minor — English. CURVIN SMELSER MILWAUKEE MUSIC Sigma Delta Phi — alumni chairman; Festival chorus; A Cappella choir; band; or- chestra; Athletics — cross country, boxing. Minors — history, economics, English. ROSE SEITZ CUDAHY KINDERGARTEN Festival chorus. Minors — economics, music. WILLARD SHINNERS MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY Delta Chi Sigma; Alpha Phi Omega — president; Inter-fraternity council — vice-presi- dent; Commonwealth board — vice-president; Representative Speakers; Echo Annual — photography editor; Athletics — intra-mural basketball, touchball, track; Camera club — president; Y.M.C.A. — president. Majors — physics, general science. HELEN SIZER MILWAUKEE KINDERGARTEN CHARLES SCHEFET MILWAUKEE SECONDARY Beta Phi Theta, student welfare committee; Secondary division — president; Athletics — boxing, wrestling. Minors — social science, biology. VIRGIL SCHOLL MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY Festival chorus; Camera club; Der Deutsche Verein; Gibbons club. Minors — geog- raphy, chemistry. GODFREY STEVENS MILWAUKEE EXCEPTIONAL Delta Chi Sigma; platform committee— chairman; N.Y.A. - director; Representative Speakers; Exceptional division — president. Majors — biology, economics. GRADUATES GRADUATES WILMA THOMPSON MILWAUKEE KINDERGARTEN Pi Thaia Alpha — vice-president. Minors — English, economics. RUDOLPH SEROTA MILWAUKEE MUSIC Delta Chi Sigma; Beta Phi Theta; orchestra; band; A Cappella choir; Male chorus; Camera club. Majors — music, physics. HAROLD SCOTT DETROIT, MICHIGAN Art Students ' league board; Male chorus committee; Chorus. ART LEONARD SHERWIN MILWAUKEE Cheshire; Orchesis. Minors — English, economics. LOIS TURNER MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY KINDERGARTEN ROLF SCHLADITZ MILWAUKEE SECONDARY Commonwealth — president; Representative Speakers; Male chorus — president; Intra- mural board- chairman; Athletics — boxing; Der Deutsche Verein — president. Majors — social science, history. Minors — German, English. HAROLD TETER MILWAUKEE SECONDARY Delta Chi Sigma; Commonwealth board; Stock company; Biology club. Majors — general science, biology. Minor English. MARY TERNES RIDGEWAY ELEMENTARY Country Life club; Gibbons club. Minors -English, mathematics. VIRGINIA SIMON MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY Sigma Omicron Delta; Le Cercle Francais; Y.W.C.A. Major — French. Minor — geog- r tphy. GRADUATES GRADUATES WILLETTA ULRICH MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY Pi Theta Alpha — secretary, treasurer; W.A.A. — secretary; Athletics — archery, base- ball, volleyball, hockey; Pythagorean club; Camera club. Minors — chemistry, math- ematics. BESSIE WATERS CUDAHY KINDERGARTEN Stock company; Festival chorus. Minors — English, library science. WILFRED VEENENDAAL MILWAUKEE ART Art Students ' league — president; Echo Annual — art staff; Cheshire — art editor. MARIE VANDER KUYL SHEBOYGAN FALLS RURAL MARGARET VAN WIE MILWAUKEE SECONDARY Stock company. Major — English. Minors —speech, mathematics. ANITA WIEGAND CLEVELAND KINDERGARTEN Pi Theta Alpha — president; Cheshire; Festival chorus; Orchesis; Der Deutsche Ver- EVELYN WEBER OAK PARK, ILLINOIS KINDERGARTEN Minors — economics, history. ELDRED WOLZEIN MILWAUKEE SECONDARY Delta Chi Sigma — grand master, vice-grand master; Beta Phi Theta; Echo Weekly; Festival chorus; Camera club — secretary; Y.M.C.A. Majors — physics, general sci- ence. Minor — mathematics. IUNE WOLLENSAK MILWAUKEE KINDERGARTEN Lambda Phi Chi; student welfare committee; le Cercle Francais. Minors — German, English. GRADUATES GRADUATES ANITA WOLFF MILWAUKEE ART Annual; Orchesis; Camera c EARL WEILEY MILWAUKEE ART Delia Sigma Kappa; 1936 junior prom king; Camera club; Athletics— football, track, wrestling. CAROLYN WOLFF WAUWATOSA ART Lambda Phi Chi — president, secretary; senior brea committee; A Cappella choir; Festival chorus; Glee club; Athletics — W. A. A., he :-ader, basketball, volleyball. HAZEL ZANZIG MILWAUKEE EXCEPTIONAL Chi Sigma Lambda; Good Fellowship league; Philocophia. Major — education of deaf. Minors — speech, geography. CLARENCE WOLFF MILWAUKEE MUSIC Beta Phi Theta — president; Commonwealth board; Festival chorus; band; orchestra; Music division — president; Athleiics — swimming team, basketball, track, baseball. Minor- -economics. KiLL Jl o - O O IT -3 •M, - ± 1 v X i MARY NEUMEYER MILWAUKEE KINDERGARTEN ELENORE ZIMPELMANN EAGLE RIVER KINDERGARTEN EDNA ZADRAVETZ MILWAU KEE ELEMENTARY Pi Theta Alpha — president, vice-president; chorus; Der Deutsche Verein; Gibbons club — president. Minors — English, German. ERMA ZARLING MILWAUKEE SECONDARY English. Minors — libarary science, economics. GRADUATES GRADUATES RICHARD FRANZ HELEN BELESNAY CECELIA BENDEL ALICE BERTACHY ARNOLD BETHKE ALTHEA BODEKER ROSE BREIT VEDA BRIMMER ESTHER BYRENS LUCILE CARLSON CATHERINE CONROY HELEN DRESSEL BERNARD DROUGHT MILDRED EBERT Phi Delta Alpha — president HELEN FLACK LENA GAGLIO MILWAUKEE MILWAUKEE MILWAUKEE MILWAUKEE MILWAUKEE REED3BURG MILWAUKEE MILWAUKEE MILWAUKEE MILWAUKEE MILWAUKEE ART KINDERGARTEN ELEMENTARY KINDERGARTEN EXCEPTIONAL KINDERGARTEN KINDERGARTEN RURAL RURAL ELEMENTARY KINDERGARTEN RURAL ELEMENTARY KINDERGARTEN treasurer; Dorado. Minors — English, economics. MILWAUKEE MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY KINDERGARTEN ELEMENTARY SYDNEY HAMBLING MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY Platform committee; Athletics — boxing, basketball, football, track. Major — economics. Minors — geography, art. BESSIE GOLDSMITH GENESEE DEPOT Sigma Phi Tau. Minors — economics, English. LILLIAN HARLICK JOHN HASSBERG JEANETTE HECHT ROBERT HUMKE GRADUATES ALGOMA ELEMENTARY MUSIC ELEMENTARY ELEMENTARY HELEN JAX VERONICA JANEFF MILWAUKEE MILWAUKEE DOROTHY JOHNSON MILWAUKEE Dorado. Minors — English, economics. ROSE KAUTZER CHILTON : ons club; Rural Singii KINDERGARTEN RURAL KINDERGARTEN RURAL SYLVIA KINNEL MILWAUKEE KINDERGARTEN Pi Delta Alpha; G.F.L. board; W.A.A. Major— English. Minors— history, nomics. DANIEL KIRLEY MRS. DAVID KLEIN ANITA KNOLL ELLA LARSEN GERTRUDE LIMPEL MILWAUKEE MILWAUKEE RURAL KINDERGARTEN KINDERGARTEN ELEMENTARY KINDERGARTEN EUGENE LOOMIS MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY Athletics — handball; Pythagorean club. Majors — chemistry, physics, general sci- EARL LUCK MILWAUKEE RURAL Athletics — baseball, basketball, football, handball, swimming, wrestling. Minors — history, geography. MILWAUKEE SAUKVILLE raymond lynch homer lynn marie leifer bertha mantz evelyn margoles margaret mauling lorene McCaffrey beaver dam RICHFIELD MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY RURAL KINDERGARTEN RURAL KINDERGARTEN KINDERGARTEN ELEMENTARY GRADUATES DARLEEN McCORMICK KINDERGARTEN ANDREW McINTOSH MILWAUKEE RURAL RUTH MANSKE MILWAUKEE RURAL TOM MAGRO MILWAUKEE EXCEPTIONAL Festival chorus; Pythagorean club. Minors — geography, mathematics. KATHLEEN McPARLAND MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY ANNE MENGEL EXCEPTIONAL GEORGIA MESSNER MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY SANTA MIELOTZ MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY LILLIAN MOEHRKE RURAL ELLEN MURRAY MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY Sigma Omicron Delta; Stock company; Gibbons club. Minors — English, speech. JANE OLSEN MILWAUKEE KINDERGARTEN W.A.A.; Dorado club; French club; German club. Minors — English, biology. HILDEGARD RAUER ELEMENTARY KATHRYN RICE MILWAUKEE KINDERGARTEN FLORENCE ROBBINS FALL RIVER ELEMENTARY Biology club — secretary-treasurer. Minors — biology, geography. HENRIETTA ROTHWELL MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY WILLARD RUDIGER MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY Sigma Delta Phi — grand master; Commonwealth board; Men ' s club board --secre- tary; Senior class —vice-president; Athletics — cross-country team — captain; basketball learn — captain. NORMA RUTZ MILWAUKEE KINDERGARTEN ALICE SACKETT MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY FAY SCHEFFMAN KINDERGARTEN GRADUATES GERHARD SCHROTH MILWAUKEE MUSIC Beta Phi Theta; band, orchestra, Festival chorus, A Cappella choir, String quartet, Der Deutsche Verein. Minor — German. ALISON SEYMOUR ART SARA SISSERMAN MILWAUKEE KINDERGARTEN MARGUERITE SPICUZZA MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY Kappa Delta Pi; Chi Sigma Lambda—secretary; Echo Weekly — society editor, city editor, editorial board; Biology club. Minors biology, English. ALVERA STRASSBURG MILWAUKEE RURAL EDITH THURRELL MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY FLORENCE WACKEROW MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY MARGARET WALDY MILWAUKEE EXCEPTIONAL WILLARD WEISER MILWAUKEE ELEMENTARY Festival chorus— president, A Cappella choir; Elementary n — treasurer; plat- form committee; Athletics — track. Minors — geography, history. DOROTHY WEST SECONDARY CHARLES ZWEIGLER WAUWATOSA MUSIC Beta Phi Theta; band; orchestra; Festival chorus. Majors — music, economics. SISTER MARY ELLEN (Cunningham) O.S.F. EXCEPTIONAL SISTER MARY PAUL (Fisch) O.S.F. SECONDARY SISTER MARY ITA (McNamara) OP. ELEMENTARY SISTER MARIE BERNARD (McDonald) OP. ELEMENTARY SISTER MARY JOVITZ (Kelly) OP. ELEMENTARY SISTER MARY CELINA (Klein) O.P. ELEMENTARY SISTER JOHNITA (Sanders) O.S.F. ELEMENTARY SISTER MARY SARA (Egan) O.P. ELEMENTARY GRADUATES DIVISIONS 7 A R T 4. Ethe ■ Marks, Dorothy Burn- tt, :rgaret King, Jane Rost, Bel : Wolff, Louise Ruehl, Deloris Hageman. nstance Zarconj, Betty Schmidt, Virginia Ramthun, Evelyn Traut, Jane ' o.n de Bcgert, Redlin, June Fredricks, Alice H eff, Dorothy Johnson, Elizabeth Pasler, Dorothy De E nneth Krueger, Anita Lau- rob, Lorraine Patzke, Janet n Reis, Arthur Miller. Norman Gauerke, Lawrence Urbscheit, Charles Jacobs, Arno ' .d Schee: Haushalter, Theodore Prisland, Michael Kazar. Weiley, Stuart McBeath, Otis Francis, Ralph Thur, Freeman Martin, William Meyer, Wilfred Veenen- daal, Ann Molzen. Hanglin, Harriet Schroeder, Ruth Holle, Herbert Prahl, Bernice Johanning, Harold Milbrath, John Valentine, Winifred Harms. Niles, Joseph Kamieja, Richard Siebrecht Herbert Adams, - ' ' resen, Edward i Loi : rgia Straub, Mavis Elliott , idys Gilbert, Bernice Hicks, Dorothy Wolff, Manorie Kircher, Virginia O :•■ Vestphall, James Achuff, J i. Lucille Kickok, Oi ' :rgaret : : ' ■•-■, Ioleen S Doris Elgeti. sen. AR1 ELEMENTARY Ruth French, Lillian Roate, Ellen Murray, Lorraine Wagner, Marian Drake, Tune Chadek, Ruth Kath, n Tracy. Virginia Smith, Adeline Schneider, Irene Becker. Leonard Sherwin, Lenore Hinz, Eleanor Merten, Sylvia Muenchow, Dorothy Becker, Tina Skover, Jean- ette Gecht, Eugenia Disgarden, Martha Sicardi, lone Oisen, Helen Dressel, Perry Georgiady. Glenda Helms, Ruth Manske, Camilla Russell Vera Janeff, Gladys Bernau, Lorraine Fleming, Elinor Kautzer, Augusta Meyerson, Marian Strong, Virginia de Galley. Hilda Konga i thy Masiakowski, Jennie Brodi. Paula Kluge, Veda Brimmer, lane Krawczak, Myrtle Gross, Margaret Schmitt, Clara Henricks, Catherine Vakos. Robert Stolhand, Daniel Tivanovac, Thomas Kamens, Carl Deblitz, Fi ink Himmelmann, Robert Seeger, John Magistrelli. w, George Friedrich. Joe Arganek, Gordon Bab y Vitrano, Walter 1] Sophia Hibler. Jennings, Alvera S; issl Mildred Andres, Viola Kop- shinsky, Muriel 1- ith Ossmann, Edna Zadra. Lawren Gumm, John Misun, Joseph Cheplak. Howard Spangenberg, Henry Schaefer, Doris Mehltretter, Dorothy Flet :] ELEMENTARY - : Erwin Krahn, Georq ■■ Everton Dibb, Russell James Bringe, Arvid Lee Francis Dunn. 3. Helen Atwood, ' Farmer, Inez Haralsoi .enaur, Pa : 2. Jean?tte Staiduhar, ' in, Louise Sa Noll, I harnoleski, Eli N ■ ■ ' : ■:..-. ' : i Stern, Louise vieve Eldred : 1. LaV Ethel Ha : ELEMENTARY p T C V EXCEPTIONAL 3. Vide Vetter, Jean Mehlberg, Mary Lou Wilson, Beatrice Reitman, Dorothy Burgsss Audrey Arnc Madden, Tom Poulos, Harvey Stevens. 2. Tom Magro, Lillian Matthews, Dorothy Babich, B ernadine Goodman, Shir!-:-- Beverly Lindsley, Margarete Gesch, Alice Stadnicki, Hazel Christoph. 1. Lillian Saxe, Eunice Leupold, Mardelle Leuoold, Rut 1 ishefskv Jewell Can Allen. EXCEPTIONAL C A 3. Doris Blakley, Gwen Hathaw iy, lharlene Fuller, Arnold Bethke. Mai Roberta Asplund, Mercedes Kern, Gertrude Russell. is Gullickson, Peggy Robinson, Ruth Kern, Mary Ruth Bader, Mariann3 Kielan, Beth Kiefer, Rudolph Bertolas, Marian Solverson, Wi e, Arthur Kasprzyk, Orvilli Ruth Olson, Clara Engelien. EXCEPTIONAL KINDERGARTEN PRIMARY 1 J f r I ' ll f i f | JL .ft 4. Christine O ' Donnell, Marjorie Oosterhous, Patricia Matysak, Janet Pries, Lois Niensteclt, Jean Fohey, Marion Dorman, Anita Wiegand, Rose Seitz, Grace Wishall. 3. Virginia Czyzewski. Lois Turner, Alice Neuswirth, Dorothy Mesick, Kathryn Arnold, Marguerite Breines, Marguerite Lindstrom, Jean Fraser, Dolores Engel, Ruth Dicke. 2. Betty Mayer, Belle Feinberg, Jean Shafer, Jean Hatch, Elaine Erdmann, Patricia Sullivan, Jeanette Stau- ber, Anita Rubin, Marcella Calvy. 1. Joan Naumann, Bernice Schwerman, Harriette Wolfson, Shirley Cohen, Florence Belinky. Margaret Eng- elke, Zelda Nelson, Marjorie Johnson, Ethel Nameroisky, Bernice Scheiderer. 4. Irene Schuerman, Annette Moody, Alice Berg, Hortenze Mochalski, Elizabeth Lindsay, Doressa Neu, Manorie Moody, Dorothy Meyer, Mabell Krueger, Mildred Murr. 3. Ruth Yahnke, Elizabeth Bloodgood, Lorraine Larjon, Margaret Lewis, Marie Leifer, Ramona Vanderhoof, Ruth Maves, Lois Clemens, Sara Peckarsky, Edith Franks. 2. Florence Ketay, Rose Keske, Antoinette Wollaeger, Mildred Lawrence, Judith Jochin Wachter, Mary Holgate, Virginia Schwenke. I. Jane Morri Sarah Waxer, Marion Schollmeyer, Eleanor Reuss, Helen Stewart, A I rske, Cath- i in ' ■ Lawrei Marian Berg, Elva Goers. KINDERGARTEN TV I f , $-4 4. Eleanor Williams, Doris Lukomski, Lorna Peterson, Eleanor Blasberg, Jane Erdman, Marianne Heinig, Winifred Ahrens, Ruth Neemann, Jean Taylor, Lillian Hogenson. 3. Gertrude Hoeppner, Virginia lance. Eileen Uecker, Blossom Kraft, Helen Woods, LeVerne Schulman, Marian Schenk, Joan Staudt, Erma Huhn. Helen Luck. 2. Eleanor Lorenz, Inez Kotz, Ruth Nehring, Helen Vogt, Ruth Sullivan, Ruth Schimmelpfennig, May Herro. Ruth Lehmann, Anne Von: 1. Gladys Borkovich, Harriet Lerner, Mona Weis, Ruth Berman, Frances Kubiak, Virginia French, Althea Smith, Vivian Petrie, Caroline Tess. " ::ryn Zinke, Mildred Muels, Martha Newton, Arlin Hooper, Irene Bansemer, Ali ret Bull, Luella Freeh, Mariorie Paff, Marion Roberts. iryn Boynton, Mae Simon, Grace Ba; Meilson. Wii th Reik iia Wohlqezogen, Eileen Denning. Olive Mil 2. Beatrice Schulz, Norma Rutz, Ruthmary Long, Evelyn Weber, Ruth Dale, Dorothy Perlin, D nert. Janice Suelflow, Miria: in, Evelyn Si imia Hoskms, . " . ■ Hellman, A KINDERGARTEN MUSIC 4. Harry Bendlin, Gordon Brady, Roger Hornig, Fred Leist. Donald Mohr, LeRoy Bauer, Russell Ende, Norma Perry. Jerry Schroth. 3, Ruth Kitzercw, Eugene McDcnell, Wesley Gallup, Leo Muskatevc, Vernon Harrass, Louis Welk, Arnold Jones, Otto Kraschinslcy, Wilbert Freeman. Arthur Walker, Gunnar Granquist, George Becker, Roy Voelz, Clyde Knox, George Ruecktenwald, Ber- nard Saler, Norbert Holz. 1. James Wilcox. Robert Sommer, Robert Petzold, John Dawson, Edwin Benski, Kenneth Kaye, Roland Schwitzgoebel, George Werth. 4. Annette Zoerb. Isabelle Meyer, Evelyn Klamicer, Beity Ferres, Miriam Bellville, Clarice Lee, Hildegard Wohlmuth, LaVerne Jaeger. 3. Myrna Neuhaus, Pearl Dickuass, Virginia Gage, Bernice Shea, Gertrude Kraeft, Helen Siedlecki, Gladys Chatfield, Shirley Zinke. 2. Anne Blaschke, Shirley Russell, Helen Tillotson, Vivian Zimmermann, Joan Reydman, Hedwig Wojtowicz, Eleanore Karkutt, Lenie Breivogel. 1. Margaret Cox, Arleen Arndt, Virginia Harder, Esther Melby, Agnes Kestell, Anita Switzky, Ruth Leuch. 4. John Meyer, Ruth Mary Johnson, Fred Noerenberg, Charles Andrasen, George Czerwinski, Arthur Becker, Eugene Judge, Walter Fandrich, Robert Schroeder. 3. George Kitchen, Curvin Smelser, Charles Engsl, Harold Ewig, Irwin Kroening, Paul Kuentzel, Isabel Al- brecht, Rudolph Serota, William Hart. 2. Roy Meissner, Robert Maerzke, Edgar Sherman, Richard Nelson, Arthur Hayek, Herschel Burke, Edward Glazer, Max German. 1. Dorothy Bartelsen. Jean Gill, Grace Lyon, Dorothy Pree, Eunice Miersch, Lorraine Schoeller; Ruth Joch- imsen, William Watson, Dorothy De Bruine. MUSIC MUSIC SECONDARY 4. Carol Dreyer, Dolores Gohlke, Thomas O ' Connell, Thomas Kieckhefer, Waldemar Treichel, Francis Greu- lich, Ephraim Wasserman, Young Davis, Ardelle Armstrong, Ruth Bernhard. 3. Florence Neumann, Marie Becker, Mary Riner, Agnes Pettit, Grace Heis, Elizabeth Murphy, Esther Lampsa, Julia Janecek, Matilda Martinsek, Wanda Waliszewski. 2. Josephine Motchell, Gertrude McMicken, Margaret Koetting, Marie Lee, Martha Fleter, Lorene Meyer, Arlyle Mansfield, Ruth Goren, Mary Thompson, Evelyn Bassler. 1. Sylvia Klenk, Jean Maas, Lorraine Purcell, Ethel Sherman, Barbara Ethier, Martha Cook, Dorothy Behm, Deris Steinkellner, Dolores Schwichtenberg. 4. Paul Madritsch, Arthur Roller, Junior Throne, Jack Callahan, Sol Lichter, Julius Atinsky, Solomon Pach- efsky, Ervin Bruner, Jack Young, Verlon Schleifer, Arno Wehle. 3. Thomas Miglautsch, Doris Wright, Felix Jagiello, Ray Weinstein, Hugo Zotter, Harris Brown, Oliver Colby, Edward Hand, LaVerne Brownrigg. 2. Martin Wollock, James Haessly, Joseph Sparapani, Aubrey Wood, Joseph Mattioli, Robert Heimann. Al- bert Popek, Charles Gagliano. 1. Manon Bross, Marshall Herro, Carl Yaillen, Raymond Weeks, Walter Schmitt, Robert Hammersmith, Al- fred Tank, Frank Fuller, Hudson Alofs. 4. Thaddeus Kopaczewski, Stanley Klonowski, Stanley Lontkowski, Gustav Hirsch, Frank Criscimagna, AldD Bertolas, John David, Robert Seeger, Jerry Gunville, Harold Mi 3. Richard Tews, Franklin Harrass, Eugene Schwartz, Raymond Golla, Martin Sussman, Douglas Boardman, Doris Rechcygl, Blanche Hoffman, Madge MacFarland. 2. Henry Gramberg, Victor Petek, John Reuter, Donald Kuehl, Donald Getzlaff, George Schraut, Roland Fischer, John Dolata, 1. Eleanore Fletcher, Maxine Schaub, Katharine I nselon, Cleo Weimer, Dorothy Hoffman, Faith Bathke, Lorna Waechter, Willowene Alofs. SECONDARY SECONDARY 4. John Murray, Harold Schulz, Eldred Wolzien, Ha: as Irwin Kamke, Halbert Gales, C Schefft, Edward Kruschke, Carlton Stevens. lames H i 3. Otto Schultz, Robert Johnson, Owen Tendick, Roy Martin, Val Schaller, Robert Fredrich, Wilson Kuenzie, i Klein, Allie App, Alvar Hultman. 2. Robert Smith, Richard Tews, Artnoll Wegner Earl i • Harold Giesecke, f 3e1 ike, John rtzl, John Heller, Harold Teter, 1, Richard Piasecki, Robert Kerns, Paul Altpeter, Earl Kleinmc Kendellen, Harold Bernard Kaiman, Norman Graebn lanet Knoblaur: I ropp, Verna Vanden Mildred Shea. la Dietz, Ruth Peplinski. I ' ick, Elaine Kuel Elser, Laura Ruth Schatts McDermott, Ellen Martineau, M i Azarowi Ruth Eng " .:: ' s m, lean Ball, Helen Nohl. 1. Haline G: Verna Luebner, Beth Arverson, ! Belva Lor..: Weismann, Rose Sterling. 4. Audrey Wehr. Beulah Dreyer, Olga Hinich, Janet Gruber. Serena Bevers, Ruth Ellen Johnson, Renee Mason, Mary Mason, Baxter Newton, Myron Zimmermann. 3. Robert Huyeke, Richard Appleby, Donald Danaher, Ralph Pyszynski, Saul Rapl ert Jaggard, Or- ville Kirmsse, John Le May, Kenneth Corwin. 2. Arthur Edwards, Sidney Zaidins, John Jankowski, Ben Oilman, Max Pollack, Edward Schneider, Gab- rial Zamosh, Donn Brazier, Virginia Bryant, Florence Dachenbach. 1. Betty Fay, William O ' Neil. Sylvia Cords, Jean Mol ' .er, Joseph Stangl, Carl Eckenrod, Elisabeth Proehl, Ella Piazza, Carl Kozlow. SECONDARY r n n n iiri j,j[ - ■ rs ' I -. SECONDARY ORGANIZATIONS ■ £ COMMONWEALTH EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE 2. Heinig, Robinson, Seeberg, Jacobi, Graetz, Rudiger. 1. Schladitz (Pres.), Shinners (Vice-pres.), Schwartz, Friedrich, Mr. Janzen. PRESIDENT ROLF SCHLADITZ VICE-PRESIDENT WILLARD SHINNERS COMMITTEES COMMITTEE OF COMMITTEES: Frank Himmelman, Carl Eckenrod, Oliver Colby, Clarence Wolfi, Jane Greenbaum, Eugene Geiger, George Leider, Ben Oilman, James Bringe, Vide Vetter, Robert Johnson, Willard Shinners, Harvey Stevens, Eleanor Lorenz, Use Bennewitz, William Cunningham, Aubrey Wood, Annette Wolff. A CAPPELLA: Frank Himmelman, Norma Perry, Barbara Walton, Elsa Jacobi. ATHLETIC: Sam Bartaluzzi, Carl Eckenrod, Ray Lynch, Pat Tronca, Lois Gullickson, Louis Rosenblum, Joseph Mattioli, Cleopatra Weimer. AUDITING: Oliver Colby, Daniel Kreuger, Rudolph Serota, Harold Shapiro, Eldred Wolzien, Valentine Schaller, Orville Johnson. BAND: Clarence Wolff, John Stewart, Charles Engel, Annette Zoreb, Ruth Maves. BUILDING AND GROUNDS: Jane Greenbaum, Audrey Wehr, Kenneth Kreuger, Lois Graef, William Meyer. CAFETERIA: Eugene Geiger, George Markscheffel, John Misun, Mercedes Kern. CAMERA CLUB: George Leider, Henry Schaefer, Rudolph Bertolas, Katherine Achin. ELECTION: Ruth Dale, Jewell Campion, Hyman Kurtz, Harold Teter, Albert Burns, Ben Oilman, Tom Maras, Florence Ketay, Earl Veenendaal, Max Pollack, Andrew Mcintosh. FORENSIC: James Bringe, Esther Hianny, Roy Shapiro, Sydney Eisenberg. LIBRARY: Vide Vetter, Carla George, Rose Silberman, Ruthmary Long, Eugene Tornow, Lucille Belrose, Sydney Eisenberg. MALE CHORUS: Robert Johnson, Fred Noerenberg, Harold Scott, Kenneth Kaye, Max German. NATIONAL STUDENT FEDERATION OF AMERICA: Catherine Merriman, John Magistrelli, Vide Vetter, Milton Miller, Willard Shinners. PLATFORM: Godfrey Stevens, William Meyer, Greta Marcussen, Harvey Stevens, Sidney Hambling, John Meyer. PUBLICATIONS: Enola Brandt, Sydney Eisenberg, Eleanor Lorenz, Inez Fleischer, Julius Atinsky. SOCIAL COMMITTEE: Use Bennewitz, Margaret Engelke, Robert Jossi, Kenneth Kuemmerlein, Virginia Hart, Donn Brazier, Doris Steinkellner, Carl Kozlow, Ruth Holle. STOCK COMPANY: William Cunninghai | ! •: Becher, Ottmar Bodemer, Ruth STUDENT WELFARE: Aubrey Wood, Jean Allman, Ruth Horton, Walter Hackbarth, Virginal Tracy, Leslie Mauth, Marjorie Artus, Margaret Bull, Helen Gruber, John Magistrelli, Gertrude Russel. WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION: Annette Wolff, Kenneth Bateman, Willowene Alofs, Dorothy Sontag, Paula Kluge. COMMONWEALTH COMMITTEE OF COMMITTEES 2. Oilman, Eckenrod, Colby, Johnson, Himmelmann, Cunningham, Wood. 1. Stevens, Wolfi, Shinners, Vetter; Leider, Bringe. M M N W E A L T H The Commonwealth, student governing body, was organized in 1923, with collection and budgeting of the finances of all extra-curricular activities as its chief function. Students, representing the six divisions of the college, and four faculty members compose the executive board. The president and vice-president are also popularly elected. Each vice-president automatically becomes chairman of the Commit- tee of Committees, which in turn appoints the members of the 17 sub-committees. All social affairs, athletic and club expenditures, contracts and policies of publications, building and ground regula- tions, and student welfare are controlled by the committees. The Commonwealth also conducts all elections, approves appointments to committees, and enacts rules and by-laws of the school. Any stu- lent in the college may attend sessions of the executive board and speak on the floor, although he may not vote. COMMONWEALTH r v Jrik ■ EXECUTIVE EDITOR Robert Bowman BUSINESS MANAGER Sydney Eisenberg H W FACULTY ADVISEE Miss Newsome K Beginning as a monthly in 1919, the Echo Weekly has climbed to a place of distinction among college and university publications. In 1936-37, for the second successive year, it was judged one of the seven " Pacemaker " papers by the Associated Collegiate Press asso- ciation. The Columbia Scholastic Press association during the past two years has given the Echo Weekly a first class rating, highest honor given by this association. A total of 935 points out of a possible 1000 were awarded. This association has cited the Echo Weekly edi- torials as the best in the United States, the title " All-Columbian " be- ing affixed to them. Eight hundred college and university papers are judged annually by this association. " While serving as a news ex- change and a general informant to the college, the Echo Weekly is the training ground for future advisers of secondary and elementary school papers. Any student interested in writing is encouraged to be- come a reporter for the weekly. Promotions are made each semester by the executive editor, who is elected for a year by the editorial boaro with the approval of the publications committee. PUBLICATION H I O R 2. Piasecki, Prisland, LeMay, Dorman, Gollwitzer, Mansfield, Dashetsky, Gilchrist. 1. MacFarland, Brandt, Wehr, Bowman, Eisenberg, Sussman, Hianny. ECHO REPORTERS 3. Gcren, Rathman, Jance, Feller, Fletcher, Bugiel, Maves, O ' Neil, Lc: 2. Strong, Kuehl, Gc ky, Knuth, Hammersmith, Merriman, Epstein. 1. Greiff, Schaeter, Gclla, Sc! ' e, Veenendaal. PUBLICATION mi Hdr Jbm PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS EDITORIAL TYPOGRAPHY Willard Shinners Sydney Eisenberg Dorothy Seidel William Meyer Mr. Olson Mr. Teter Miss Pyrtle Mr. Von Neumann H R B O O K Since 1932 six depression years prevented any provision for an annual publication in the college. In 1936 many students felt improved condi- tions warranted the subsidy of a yearbook by the Commonwealth. The proposal of a special increase in Commonwealth fees, although sanctioned by an all-college ballot, was vetoed by the administrative office. However, a strong student sentiment succeeded in having the Annual placed on voluntary subscription basis. A money grant, con- ditioned by the number of subscriptions, was voted as an aid by the Commonwealth. In February, extensive subscriptions assured the publication. " In essence, those who have edited the Annual have attempted to make it a lasting symbol of a prevailing democratic school spirit, and an artistic expression of simplicity and sincerity. PUBLICATION m $ il J w l PS M ft .mkkMM HV|Hj A 1 1 e i ft ■ t - J Li 4. Holan, DeBaufer, Lindsley, Dashefsky, Hade, Neilson, Kuschel, Lee, Ash, Sullivan. 3. Rathman, Maves, Bertane, Gullickson, Rugel, Kasprzyk, Prisland. 2. Feller, Wolff, Tracy, Robinson, Thompson, Hatch, Shapiro, Leider. 1. Meyer, Eisenberg, Shinners, Seidel, Schaefer, Piasecki, Veenendaal. YEARBOOK STAFF Sydney Eisenberg - Editor-in-Chief, Business Manager Dorothy Seidel - - Editorial Manager William Meyer - Art Editor, Make-Up Editor Willard Shinners - Photography Editor LITERARY STAFF: Antoinette Ash, Helen Gruber— co-editors; Catherine Vakos, Ruth Sullivan, Jane Nielson, Beverly Lindsley, Sally Dashefsky. SPORTS STAFF: James Hatch, Lois Gullickson — co-editors; Martin Sussman, Carl Eckenrod, Marykay Hade, Mary Lou Quarfot. TYPISTS: LaVerne Kuschel, John Tivanovac. COPY CO-EDITORS: Velika Kantcheff, Peggy Robinson, Mary Thompson. ART STAFF: Anita Wolff, Rudolph Rugel, Wilfred Veenendaal, Mary Holan, Theo- dore Prisland. PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF: Henry Schaefer - assistant editor; Richard Piasecki, Ar- thur Kasprzyk, George Leider. BUSINESS STAFF: Ruth Maves, Florence Feller. CIRCULATION MANAGER: Roy Shapiro. CONTRIBUTORS: Edna Rathman, Muriel Bertane, Robert Bowman, Marie Lee, Dorothy DeBaufer, Virginal Tracy. PUBLICATION MUSIC 4. Hart, Couch, Farina, Ssrota, Petzold, Noerenberg, Fandrich, Hackbarth, Grel!, Lawrence. 3. Wright, Marcussen, Jochimsen, Ball, Maves, Wendt, Dachenbach, Berg, Weimer, Tendick. 2. Wojtowicz, Jacobi, Borgman, Rexford, Bruss, Artus, Wilson, Zoerb, Fn 1. Granquist, Else, Johnson, Perry, Berg, Leist, Prisland, Reis. Choral music provides the field in which the A Cappella choir is interested. Robed in flowing black robes, the choir sings in many church services. Besides broadcasting over the radio several times this past year, the A Cappella has given a concert at the South Mil- waukee High School. The Milwaukee Art Institute organization was assisted by the choir in December, while in April they were the guests of the American Legion. A program of religious music was also pre- sented before a college assembly. The thirty-eight members under the direction of Mr. Carle Oltz toured through Tomah, Portage, and Colum- bus for three days and presented their program there. The members of the choir are chosen by tryouts supervised and directed by Mr. Oltz. This year a B A Cappella has been organized for those students who are interested in choral music but are not eligible for the A A Cappella choir. ». r r r rs r i ' , 1 - L . . Jfc f ■ ' «■■ 1 J H j H — . 1 r - " ' ■- i r B Bft P . ' l.- M l k ( r TB ' a ' .-J i r S « " wr jhc ■ B 1 |avf Hp n| " ir - ' gl x 4. Kuentzel, Hayek, Miglautsch, Nelson. Hart, Pachefsky, German, Meissner. Glazsr, Sherman. 3. Maerzke, Weeks, Watson, Stewart, Gochenaur, Gill. Maves, Haeppner, Kern. 2. Schoeller, Pree, Fuller, Bruine, Petaschnick, Meyer, Zoerb, Chubeck. 1. Kraett, Cox, Milbauer, Belinky, Sidlecki, Blaschke, Zinke, Zimmerman, Alldredge. B N D FLUTE: Wilbert Freeman — principal, Florence Belinky, Charles Engel, Clyde Knox, Gertrude Kraeft, Helen Stewart. OBOE: Dorothea Petaschnick — principal, Gertrude Hoeppner, Robert Sommer. CLARINET: Clarence Wolff— principal, Winifred Ahrens, Ruth Alldredge, Dorothy Bartelsen, Marjorie Chubeck, Margaret Cox, George Czerwinski, Dorothy DeBruine, Arthur Else, Russell Ende, Harold Ewig, Norbert Hotz, LaVerne Jaeger, Ruth Kern, Fred Leist, Ruth Maves, Roy Meissner, Verna Milbauer, Fred Noerenberg, Soloman Pachefsky, Robert Petzold, Dorothy Pree, Lorraine Schoel ler, Gerhard Schroth, Helen Siedlecki, Rudolph Serota, William Watson, Elizabeth Zinke, George Ruecktenwald, Max German. SAXOPHONE: Charlene Fuller — principal, Roger Hornig, Paul Altpeter, Arthur Walker. A six-day tour of the state is an important feature of the band ' s an- nual program. Asking no aid from the Commonwealth, the band financed their fourth annual trip by proceeds from its formal January- concert. An auxiliary choir which assists the organization in its pro- grams on the tour is composed of thirty-six members chosen from the band. 1 Besides participating in the Class Day program and the MUSIC 4. Else, Bendlin, Brady, Leist, Mohr, Welk, McDonell, Czerwinski, Mauth, Altpeter. 3, Gallup, Walker. Schroth. Kraschinsky. Wilcox, Freeman, Knox, Hotz, Saler. Ruecktenwald, Sommer, Schwitzgoebel, Kitchen, Noerenberg, Andrasen, Petzold, Dawson, Stewart, 1. Fandrich, Meyer, Engel, Nehrling, Serota, Kaye, Werth, Zimdars. BASSOON: Edgar Sherman — principal, Louis Welk. CORNET: Otto Kraschinsky — principal, Charles Andrasen, Harry Bendlin, Henry Gauger, Edward Glazer, Eleanore Karkett Thomas Miglautsch, Elwood Nehrling, Richard Nelson, John O ' Connor, George Werth, Vivian Zimmermann. HORNS: James Wilcox — principal, Anne Blaschke, Wesley Gallup, Kenneth Kaye, Isabelle Meyer, Julia Pasler, Robert Schroeder, Ralph Zimdars. TROMBONE: John Meyer — principal, Gordon Brady, Gunnar Granquist, Arthur Hayek, Paul Kuentzel, Leslie Mauth, Bernard Saler, Herman Wiernick. TUBA: George Kitchen — principal, John Dawson, William Hart, Robert Maerzke, Eugene McDonell. BARITONE: Walter Fandrich— principal, Jean Gill. STRING BASS: Roland Schwitzgoebel — principal, John Stewart. PERCUSSION: Janet Gochenaur, Don Mohr, Raymond Weeks, Annette Zoerb. Parents ' Day concert, the band plays for all conference basketball games, and in the football season for all home games, taking one trip out of town with the team. ' The Wisconsin Education associa- tion claims the band as part of its model clinic for the annual con- vention. Directed by Mr. Hugo Anhalt, the organization is composed of ninety students selected from the entire college. MUSIC 3. Becker, Somrner, Kuentzel, Engel, Nehrling, Chubeck, Kaye, Naerenberg. Hayek, Neuhaus, Hart. 2. Seroia, Sherman, Herschel. Gill. Meissner, German, Bellville, Petaschnich. Arndt, Chatfield. 1. DeBruine, Leuch, Turner, Vogel, Zinke, Harder, Kyper, Siedlecki, Blaschke, Brady. R H R A VIOLIN: Gerhard Schroth — concert master, Ruth Alldredge, Arleen Arndt, LeRoy Bauer, George Becker, Arbutus, Bellville, Sophia Berland, Herschel Burke, Gladys Chatfield, Marjorie Chubeck, Max German, Jean Gill, William Hart, Norbert Hotz, Arvid Lee, Roy Meissner, William Meyer, Robert Petzold, George Ruecktenwald, Helen Siedlecki, Rudolph Serota, Adella Trieger, Myra Turner. VIOLA: Donald Mohr — principal, Dorothy DeBruine, Ruth Leuch, Doressa Neu, Myrna Neuhaus, Dorothy Vogel. CELLO: Esther Gruhn — principal, Virginia Harder, Kenneth Kaye, Ruth Kitzerow, Carol Kyper, Leo Muskatevc, Fred Noerenberg. Serving as a model for directors of high school orchestras through- out the state, the orchestra plays annually for the Wisconsin Educa- tion association clinic and for the annual Music Festival. At the pro- ductions of the Stock company, the orchestra or a small group of its members play compositions consistent with the nature of the dramas. ' Although the seventy members of the orchestra are selected pri- MUSIC VIohr, Czerwinski, Welk, Gallup, ■ Hotz, Kitzerow . Gruhn, Alldredge. Neu, Schroeder, Johnson, Meyer, Schwitzgoebel, Kitchen, Lee, Pel BASS: Frank Prindl — principal, Gordon Brady, Ruth Johnson, Roland Schwitzgoebel, John Stewart. FLUTE: Clyde Knox — principal, Charles Engel. OBOE: Dorthea Petaschnick — principal, Robert Sommer. CLARINET: Fred Le ripal, George Czerwinski. BASSOON: Edgar Sherman — principal, Louis Welk. HORN: James Wilcox — principal, Anne Blaschke, Wesley Gallup, Robert Schr TRUMPET: Otto Kraschinsky — principal, Elwood Nehrling, John O ' Coi TROMBONE: John Meyer— principal, Paul Kuentzel, Bernard Saler. TUBA: George Kitchen. TYMPANI: Arthur Hayek. marily from the Music division, some of its group are students from other divisions who have shown ability in playing orchestral instru- ments. There is also a junior orchestra, organized to provide a practice group for the conducting class and an opportunity for stu- dents to perform on instruments they are learning to play. Mr. Anhalt directs both organizations. MUSIC 3. Neuhaus, Harder, Hartmann, Zinke, Wohlmuth, Zoero, Bellville, Lee. 2. Kestell, Melby, Cox, Blaschke, Tillotson, Daily, Chubeck, Alldredge. 1. Ferris, Bartelsen, Schoeller, Jochimsen, Maes, Perry, Reydman. M D R I A Costumed in short, full, green and gray robes patterned after those of the original madrigal singers of the Renaissance, the Madrigal Singers of the college present programs for varied occasions. " Besides singing for commencement exercises and for programs in nearby cities, they appeared before the Seven Arts society at Goodrich Hall, where they sang two madrigals composed by Mr. Milton Rusch, their director. They also appeared before the college in the first chapel service this year. Early this spring they presented a group of songs for the Whitefish Bay Parent Teachers association. ' Twenty-four col- lege v ornen selected from the Stillman-Kelley chorus make up this group which has been functioning since 1914. MUSIC 4. Schaefer, Georgiady, Himmelmann, Kazar, Scott, Kowalski, Meyer, Wiernick, Gates. !;glautsch, Miller, Scholl, Zimmermann, Proehl, Strehlow, Groelle, Hafemeister, Rugel. 2. Gagliano, German, Treichel, Kuentzel, Joyce, Stangl, Eecker, Kamieja, W- 1. Young, Zaidms, Krueger, Poulos (Treas. , Mr. , Ka re (Pres.), Engel (Vice-; M H R U The Male chorus was established thirty-five members. Dressed in the ties, the men figure in programs those attended by the students an made up of students mainly from directed by Mr. Samuel Thorn. ' seph ' s Convent; and during the ye Aged, the Girls ' Industrial Home, ing Whitewater this year, they pa programs and were guests of the Whitewater chorus. This spring th to the Whitewater organization w sing at an assembly program. A WISN, together with the annual b part of their schedule this year. in 1923 and now claims about traditional tuxedos and black bow outside of the college as well as d faculty. The chorus, which is " isions other than the Music, is In November they sang at St. Jo- ar, at the Protestant Home for the and St. Rose ' s Orphanage. Visit- rticipated in one of their assembly members of the recently organized e college Male chorus played host hen they came to the college to series of concerts presented over each party, have also comprised MUSI ' » SPEECH 4. Seeberg, Dachenbach, Rathman, Vanderhoof, Goers, Dunn, Tendick, Himmel Teter, Leist. 3. Nienstedt, Tracy, Beese, Murray, Rost, Lazar, Farmer, Fohey, Schroeder. 2. Thompson, Hoskins, Klein, Waters, Erdmann, Reydman, Gauerke, She: 1. Cunningham, Schmitt, Dexter, Russell, Gilbert, Sanders (Sec), Filut. o K O M P A N y To provide opportunities for self-expression and personality growth, to prepare able dramatic-activity leaders, and to furnish cultural an:; artistic stimuli for its audience are the aims of the Stock compa Pursuing these, members study the drama in reading rehears:;.;, laboratory productions, and work groups. The latter are planne so that each member of the company can be active in at least twe phases of production. Limited facilities and finances necessitate a corresponding limitation of membership. This is effected thrc entrance tryouts. " At several times during the year the orga: tion presents certain of its finished productions before the college and training school audiences. " The Steadfast Tin Soldier " , " Wurze ' . Flummery " , " The Tempest " , " Mrs. Moonlight " , an:! " Wmterset " were given during the past year. " The company ' s executive powers are performed by a board of directors composed of officers and group chairmen. Comprising the board this year were: officers — president, Lester Fuhrmann; secretary, Louise Sanders; treasurer, Antoinette Wollaeger; group heads — reading and casting, Camilla Russell; makeup, Harold Milbrath; acting, John Becher and Elaine Erdmann; design, Gladys Gilbert; costumes, Burton Filut; scenic design, John Reis; production and probation period, James Dexter; lighting, Wil- liam Cunningham and Ottmar Bodemer. Miss Virginia Rodigan is faculty director of the company. REPRESENTATIVE SPEAKERS In 1932 the Representative Speakers bureau was established as a Commonwealth organization to afford students public speaking ex- perience in debates, lectures, and open forums on vital economic, social, and political problems. Membership is open to all who pass the examinations held before the group ' s executive board. The board is comprised of the following faculty advisers — Mrs. Alma Allison, Mrs. Elizabeth Anhalt, Dr. J. Martin Klotsche — and four stu- ■ members who this year were James Bringe, Sydney Eisenberg, Esther Hianny, and Roy Shapiro. ' During 1933-34 the Speakers presented 150 programs; in 1934-35 the numbers rose to 200. Although most of their speaking tours are conducted in Wisconsin and neigh- boring states, members spoke in the Tennessee Valley schools in 1936. The 1937 plans include a California trip. Addresses to local theater audiences in the flood sufferers ' behalf were also given this year. Local forums have been calling upon the Representative Speakers with increasing frequency. SPEECH W ' Jm t f s A v _ " _ A 4 i A J k P8 1 w » M E ' Fff A :. ( .j£j H t j rh t i f P «- fi B H k fl HI | kn ■ Lichter, Wood, Roth, Oilman, Merriman, Shinners. 2. Zaidins, Dashefsky, Chwalek, Bruner, Brazier, Schladitz. 1. Hianny, Si ' fringe, Dachenbach, Eis al erg, Magistrelli. REPRESENTATIVE SPEAKERS Bi : - The Science of Telepathy - - - Death on the Highways Ervin Bruner - ... ... Scouting Henryka Chwalek - - Consumers ' Research Florence Dachenbach .... ... Visual Education Sally Dashefsky - - Care of the Mentally Han: Sydney Eisenberg - - The Failure of Utility Regulation . . . Crin Francis Greulich ....... The Opportunities For Youth Esther Hianny .... . . The Delinquent Girl Robert Holz - - Economy of Abundance Sol Lichter - - - - The American Press John Magistrelli - - - War herine Merriman - - Creative Living Ben Oilman - ....._._. Greendale George Roth ... . Propaganda . . . Munitions Eugene Schwartz - - - ... Humor Rolf Schladitz - ... National Parks Willard Shinners - . ' ' ?orology . . . National Defense . . . Photography Roy Shapiro The Parking Problem . . . C. I. O. . . . Fire Jack Telfer - - - Neutrality Waldemar Treichel .... . Ballyhoo and Radio Wood - Coo: rat Med Sid - ... Origin of P ra SPEECH CLUBS PYTHAGOREAN CLUB 2. Poppendieck, Kaye, Dreyer, Johnson, Giesecke, Johnson, Thur, Argraves. 1. Schaefer, Schaller (Vice-pres.), Chwalek (Pres.), Gilbert (Treas.), Brodi, Veenen- daal, Ahcin. B I U B 3. Robbins (Sec. -treas.), Jensen, Roate, Lindstrom, Luebner, Krider. 2. Schraut, Teter, Tracy, Artus, Kern. 1. Strehlow, Roth, Mr. Throne, Feller (Pres.), Thur, Maerzke. R O M A N I H O D I E R N I 2. Kuehl, Rosen, Tracy, Peplinski, Cook, Ethier, Mett. 1. Sterling, Sherman (Vice-pres.), Weismann (Treas.), Mazurco, (Pres.), Bevers, Hoff- man D E R DEUTSCHE V E R E I N 4. Mansfield, Zadravetz, Goers, Walker, Stangl, Kielan, Kern, Tills, Becker. 3. Henrichs, Proehl, Knuth, Fleter, Vogt, Neemann, Lorenz, Kern. 2. Langenohl, Jaeger, Kitzinger, Heis, Arndt, Baumann, Schmidt, Geiger. 1. Chatfield, Klenk, Keske, Mr. Escher, Miss Schirmer, Becker (Pres.), Martins (Sec. treas.). CLUBS L E C E R C L E F R A N C A I S 2. Gold, Fox, Lehmctnn, Ethier, Sherman, Zwicky, Bassler, Alois. 1. Kurtz, Gauerke, Geiger (Pres.), Miss Schirmer, Mr. Escher, Schmidt, Fohey. M R U B 4. Jochimsen, Roth, Braun, Misun, Schraut, Hatch, Georgiady, Miller, Tronca, Kasp- rzyk, Bringe, Lindsay. 3. Gagliano, Sparapani, Couch, Brownrigg, Kern, Wood, Bertane, Wolff, Eckenrod, Weiley, Thur, Smith, Johnson. 2. Switzky, Peterson, DeBaufer, Mitchell, Konga, Doda, Fleter, Mills, Evans, Haral- son, Mules, Mattioli, Bauer, Gates. 1. Yaillen, Santelle, Corrao, Argraves (Vice-pres.), Ahcin (Sec), Piasecki (! Leider (Trea. SI ers, Bernau, Schaeter, Dunn. CLUBS PHILOSOPHY 2. Mitchell, Tess, MacFarland, Dashefsky, Secor. 1. Bateman (Pres.), Podlinshek (Treas.), Brandt (Sec), Prisland. CLUB y . w . c . a . 4. Krueger, Johnson, Hibler, Ades, Haralson, Gochenaur, Robinson, Nicholls, Rich- mond, Schwenke, Morris, Holgate, Mitchell. 3. Roddell, Gorske, Tess, Dreyer, Czyzewski, Wishall, Gohlke, Kath, McGuire, Konga, Fleter, Strong, Nasgowitz. 2. Sigmund, Collicutt, Privatt, Madden, Hinz, Hathaway, Schafer, Teschendorf, Con- sentino, Knuth, Praefke, Ruehl, Denning, Mitchell, Dale, Long, Jaehnert. 1. Gross, Lindsley, Rathman, Huhn, (Vice-pres.), Staudt (Pres.), Capper (Treas.), En- gelien (Sec), Schulz, Masiakowski, Meifert, Dale. CLUBS I B B N U B 4. Stcmgl, Consentino, Schroeder, Long, Koetting, Madden, Russell, Tracy, Smith. 3. Pettit, Fleming, Schneider, Tracy, Schwichtenberg, Herbert, Jeiiery, Murray, Rus- sell, Eldredge. 2. Kitzinger, McGuire, McDermott, Liner, Paine, Calvy, Simon, Dobbs, Caughlin. 1. Kaczmarek, Martineau, Masiakowski, Pasler, Kautzer, Zinke, Kestell, Smith, Camp- bell. 4. Wendling, Kazar, Scholl, Judge, Fredrick, Gunville, Noll, Mehltretter, Graf, Hicks. 3. Bader, Bevers, Hoffman, Cheplak, Golla, Callan, Dunn, Charnoleski, Wilson. 2. Mochalski, Thorn, Tracy, Gagliano, Wachter, Farmer, Fay, Maes, Pasler, Staiduhar. 1. Vanden Huevel, Pieper, Thompson (Vice-pres.), Zadravetz (Pres.), Kern (Sec. -treas.), Sullivan, Enters, Ethier. CLUBS = 9, 51 1 we oWi wet g " O 3. Poulos, Mamgan, Sires, Tracy, Bader, Robinson, Engelien. 2. Jensen, Freeman, Lindsley, Madden, Privatt, Kern. Vetier (Treas.), Zanzig (Pres.), Miss Streng, Olson, Russell, Wilson. u B Members of the language clubs, adventuring into attitudes and modes of life foreign to their own, strive for knowledge of peoples as well as of pluperfects, for understanding of a country ' s ideas as well as of its idioms. This year le Cercle Francais was occupied chiefly with the production of Moliere ' s plays; the scenery and art of France w ere brought to its meetings through illustrated lectures. " Besides enjoy- ing German folk music, Der Deutsche Verein commemorated the one- CLUBS % Hundred th anniversary of Goethe ' s death in its staging of " Faust " , and M c c the seventieth birthday anniversary of the playwright Hauptmann in t ■£ " its performance of " The Sunken Bell " . ' More given to the literary, A " Romani Hodierni planned its programs this year so that they could be I 5 ' ! incorporated into a magazine of poetry translations and articles con- it " « ! ° » i» s " " cerning Roman life. The more recently organized Polish club, al- f -f-- though it has no classes in the college from which to draw members, iv 3 ; " if _£, strengthened itself with social activities attended by all students alive . v to Polish culture. " The science organizations of the college met with » r ' o -aims more technical. Study of correlations between mathematics and physics and the contributions of individual mathematicians to science typified Pythagorean meetings. ' Between their freguent hikes anci trips, Biology club members reviewed stimulating biological art- icles. ' The fun and work that photography eniails kept the Camera club darkroom busy all year. ' The challenge of t mporary world politics was the concern of the International Relations club. In contrast to these study clubs, the concentration of the two religious clubs of the college was upon philanthropic and social activities. Catholic students became acquainted at the Gibbons club ' s dinners, lies, and communion breakfasts. Y. W. C. A. members found fel- their suppers, teas, and hikes and in planning the two all-college chapel services. CLUBS SORORITIES FRATERNITIES INTER-SORORITY COUNCIL 3. Russell, Minisini, Pains, Alldredge, Hart, Fuller, Meyer, Jacque, Woods, M • 2. Hellman, Koenitzer, Roate, Dale, Schoengarth, Engelke, Madden, Benne 1. Nelson, Kk 2raf (Sec), Jacque (Pres.), Grell (Treas.), Dachen! Wedemeyer. INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL 2. Leist, Krueger, Sires, Eckenrod, Meyer. 1. Prisland (Sec), Hackbarth (Pres.), Shinners (Vice-pres.), Maras (Treas.), M i ALPHA DELTA SIGMA 2. Hoskins, Bcider, Woods, Wishall, Koenitzer. 1. Yahnke (Sec), Andres (Treas.), Mrs. Thorn, Long (Sec), Kranstover (Vice-pres.). UPSILON LAMBDA SIGMA 3. Hannaford, Olson, McMicken, Kurth, Berg, Meyer, Ball, Fleischer, Burgess, Berg, Weimer. 2. Elgeti, Allman, Perreten, Cox, Lindsley, Merten, Hinz, Koetting, Lee, Mitchell. 1. Richards, Jacobson, Wohlgezogen, Bull (Treas.), Madden, Engelke, Proehl, Sontag (Vice-pres.), Arnold (Pres.). VA5 ' i V. OaC t t CHI SIGMA LAMBDA 3. Elliott, White, Strodthoff, Murr, Jacque, Jacque, Maves, Tracy. 2. Beese, MacDonald, Merriman, Gavin, Indra, Zanzig, Kluge. Villiams, Peterson (Pres.), Mrs. Gottschall, Spicuzza (Vice-pres.), Straub, Bellville. KAPPA LAMBDA IOTA 2. Schoengarth, Bode, Lawrence, Smith, Kircher, Turner, Turner, French. 1. Russell, Suelflow, Klein (Vice-pres.), Miss Schulze, Petrie (Pres.), Sanders (Sec), Grell (Treas.). 1 K l T H E T A LAMBDA P H I 1. Johanning, Dunphy (Sec), Mansfield (Vic-pres.), Kopshinsky (Treas.), Stauber (Pres.), Miss McMinn, Praefke. I M A P H I T A U 2. Weis, Saxe, Greenberg, Berman, Nelson, Reitman, Lerner, Freeman, Rosen. 1. Hellman, Feinberg (Vice-pres.), Silberman (Pres.), Miss Day, Stern (Treas.), Zemlyn Sec), Feller. P I DELTA ALPHA 1. Kinnel, Russell, Brownrigg (Vice-pres.), Hartmann (Treas.), Mules. |- ' I ' SXT II AA ALPHA GAMMA LAMBDA 1. Karkutt, Newton (Vice-pres.), Kern, Miss Streng, Alldredge (Sec), Fuller, Mae= Wedemeyer (Pres.). G M A O M I C R O N P H I 2. Lawrence, Luck, Bruss, Plautz, Redlin, Hickok, Roate. 1. Richmond (Treas.), Chwalek (Vice-pres.), Miss Day, Dachenbach (Pres.), Denning (Sec), Gruber. M U B M Blaschke, Tillotson, Meyer, Erdnian (Pres.), Bartelsen (Sec.-treas.), Westover. VIA SO MBS 3. Cahill, Odya, Farmer, Shaier, Wendt, Graf, Chubeck. 2. Lubin, Thompson, Cords, Herbert, Cook, Scheiderer. V { Atwood, Lazar (Treas.), Hatch (Pres.), Murray (Vice-pres.), Rost (Sec! Elliott. LAMBDA P H I C H 3. Reik, Hart, Campion, Wolff, Greenbaum, DeBaufer. 2. Rexford, Moody, Georg, Gilbert, Bennewitz. 1. Fisher, Callan (Vice-pres.), Wollensak, Wolff (Pres.), Breines, Vetter (Treas.). i A l SIGMA LAMBDA P H I 2. Masiakowski, Dale, Deifel, Rathman, Huhn, Ahcin. 1. Leifer, Erdmann (Vice-pres.), Rathman (Pres.), Kieier (Treas.), Vanderhoof. P I T H E T A ALPHA 3. Zadravetz, Minisini, Fohey, Hinich, Seeberg, Jennings, Paine. ■ in, Jacobi, Lewis, Ladwig, Fletchsr, Brandt, Ulrich. ■ yer, Engelien (Sec), Kugler (Treas.), Thompson (Vice-pres.), Wi- Pres.), Miss Schafer. ALPHA P H I OMEGA 3. Kowalski, Bertolas, Magistrelli, Misun, Schaller, Giesecke, Shapiro, Veenendaal, Maras. 2. Brunei " , Schmitt, Greiff, Brazier, Bodemer, Bertolas, Borgh, Leider. 1. Metzen, Stevens, Mattioli, Wood (Treas.), Shapiro (Pres.), Cunningham (Vice-pres.), Shinners (Sec). SIGMA DELTA P H I 4. Vierthaler, Lemke, Tornow, Mauth, Prisland, Himmelmann, Boutelle, LeMay. 3. Georgiady, Vitrano, Milbrath, Kasprzyk, Schertzl, Hatch, Hafemeister. 2. Corrao, Santelle, Corwin, Marr, Johnson, Colby, Farina, Deblitz. 1. O ' Neil, Kuemmerlein, Bartaluzzi (Sec), Rudiger (GM), Martin (VGM), Mcintosh (Treas.), Groelle, Miller. ' W •A DELTA C H I SIGMA 3. Eckenrod, Colby, Roth, Johnson, Tronca, Krueger, Deblitz, Teter, Bodemer. 2. Santelle, Bartaluzzi, Wood, Shinners, Poulos, Loomis, Stevens, Schaefer, Serota. 1. Schaller, Argraves (CS), Wolzien (GM), Popek (GS), Borgh, Giesecke, Veenendaal. BETA P H I H T A 3. Schladitz, Johnson, McDonell, Stewart, Noerenberg, Schroth, Kraschinsky, Wilcox. 2. Sherman, Meissner, Serota, Zweigler, Miglautsch, Engel, Kaye, Petzold, Tendick. 1. Else, Bodemer, Gauerke, Wolzien, Meyer (GM), Leist (VGM), Schefft, Hornig. ax: IW«- ALPHA KAPPA T A U 2. Oilman, German, Jankins, Atlas, Rosenblum, Schneider, Atinsky. 1. Pollock, Dwoskin (CS), Kuritz (GS), Marks (GM), Kozlow (VGM, Mendelblatt. DELTA SIGMA KAPPA 4. Tobin, Spangenberg, Kazar, Kamens, Bethke, Granquist, Kleinmann, Peterson, Weiley. 3. Danaher, Piasecki, Appleby, Olson, Hackbarth, Ulichny, Kitchen, Tietjen, Edt- miller. 2. Thompson, Stevens, Mattioli, Westphall, G ' mgl, Mangan, Bethke. 1. Wendling, Markscheffel, Krahn, Friedrich (Sec), Eckenrod (GM), Gunville (Treas.), Tews, Jossi. k I A1K SORORITIES . FRATERNITIES Passing a unanimous resolution May 11, 1936, that abolished the rough hilarity of their traditional hell week, the six fraternities opened th eir activities with more subdued public initiations this year. By the middle of November all new pledges had been selected and formal and informal initiations were progressing. ' The annual inter-frater- nity dance at the Hotel Medford was also a November function, led by Walter Hackbarth, inter-fraternity council president, and Camilla Russell. The usual Christmas and alumni parties, smokers, bowling parties, and dances completed the social program. A symposium on " Science and Human Progress " was sponsored in April by Delta Chi Sigma, honorary science fraternity. These forums, for the first time non-technical and open to the public, were based upon three lectures given by faculty members. " The fraternities of the college are: Al- pha Kappa Tau, Alpha Phi Omega, Beta Phi Theta, Delta Chi Sigma, Delta Sigma Kappa, Sigma Delta Phi. ' Elections ana rushing func- tions, week-end parties, hikes with destinations unknown, tea dances, and hay rides began the sorority programs early in October. Like the fraternities, sorority initiations occurred in November. Leading the an- ual inter-sorority dance held at the Eagles club in December were Pauline Jacques, president of the inter-sorority council, and Alvin Schills of Port Washington. Customary suppers, study meetings and oances sped the year to a close. " There are 14 sororities: Alpha Delta Sigma, Alpha Gamma Lambda, Chi Sigma Lambda, Kappa Lambda Iota, Lambda Phi Chi, Mu Beta Sigma, Pi Delta Alpha, Pi Theta Alpha, Sigma Lambda Phi, Sigma Omicron Delta, Sigma Omi- cron Phi, Sigma Phi Tau, Theta Lambda, Phi, Upsilon Lambda Sigma. ATHLETICS ft t F 3. Gunville, Tietjen, Deblitz, Weiley, Kieckhefer, Luck, Sires, Sires. 2. Coach Kluge, Boutelle, Bethke, Tews, Jossi, Jacobs, Wendling. 1. Wegner, Kamens, Rosenblum, Friedrich, Eckenrod, Krahn. o o B After a few disheartening defeats in non-conference games, the Gulls finally came into their own, and the end of the season found them tied for second place with Whitewater and Oshkosh in the Teachers College conference. The Green Gulls had a more than even chance to capture the Teachers conference football championship toward the end of the season. A victory over Whitewater and a win against Stevens Point would have given them the title; but the 20-0 defeat by Whitewater ended the Gulls ' hopes for the pennant. A rejuvenated Milwaukee State football team came back in the last home game of the season to defeat the conference champions, Stevens Point, 14-7, in one of the hardest fought battles ever played on Downer field. H Louis Rosenblum, halfback, and Morris Sires, guard, were named to the all- conference team. Twenty-four football men were given letters this sea- son. Among those who played their last game for Milwaukee State were Roman Kleinmann, Earl Luck, Earl Weiley, Louis Rosenblum, Carl Deblitz. The Green Gulls wound up their 1936 football campaign when they invaded River Falls in a non-conference tilt losing to the up- state sguad 6-0. ATHLETICS ' .J FOOTBALL SCORES Sept. 25 MSTC . 13 St. Benedict Oct. 3 MSTC . Oshkosh . Oct. 10 MSTC . Carroll Oct. 17 MSTC . 2 Platteville Oct. 24 MSTC . 6 St. Norbert Oct. 31 MSTC . V hitewater Nov. 7 MSTC . 14 Stevens Point Nov. 14 MSTC . River Falls F TNAL STANDINGS Southern Division A L T Stevens Point 2 11.. Milwaukee . . 2 2 0.. Whitewater 2 2 0.. Oshkosh 1 12.. Platteville ! 2 1.. 31 6 17 20 20 7 6 Pet. .667 .500 .500 .500 .333 2. Boutelle, Tews, Jossi, Peterson, Gunville. 1. Kitchen, Seeger, Rudiger, Eckenrod, Kamens. B K B Handicapped by the loss of Roman Kleinmann, veteran guard, Rus- sel Beierle, promising freshman forward, and John Nasgovitz, center, the Green Gull basketball sguad, although losing more games than it won, had a profitable season and finished in third place in the South- ern division of the Teachers College conference. The Gull team, which was inexperienced in the beginning of the season, learned much during the year and looks forward to a very successful season next fall. Willard Rudiger, Green and White honorary captain, will be the only man lost by graduation. Should Coach Penwell receive a few new good players, the home team ought to finish no worse than second in the Peels ' loop and might even win the championship. ' In the Teachers College conference selections for the all-conference bas- ketball squad, Rudiger was the only Milwaukee player to be placed. He received an honorable mention at forward. Those lettermen who will be back are: Everett Boutelle, center; Carl Eckenrod, guard; Jerry Gunville, guard; Bob Jossi, guard; Tom Kamens, forward; George Kitchen, guard; Gunnar Peterson, forward; Bob Seegar, forward; and Dick Tews, center. ATHLETICS BASKETBALL SCORES Dec. 4 MSTC 21 Wright Junior cc leg =} 19 Dec. 10 MSTC . 15 Alumni .... . 34 Jan. 5 MSTC 39 River Falls 32 Jan. 3 MSTC 26 Stevens Point 39 Jan. 15 MSTC 31 Oshkosh . 27 Jan. 22 MSTC 18 Platteville 30 Feb. 5 MSTC 37 Platteville 35 Feb. 12 MSTC 23 St. Norbert . 22 Feb. MSTC 21 Oshkosh . 35 Feb. :.-■ MSTC 37 Whitewater . 32 Feb. 27 MSTC 35 Stevens Point 49 Mar. 5 MSTC 17 Concordia 24 FINAL STANDINGS W Stevens Point 6 Whitewater 5 Platteville 4 Milwaukee 3 Oshkosh 2 L Pet. 2 750 3 625 4 500 5 375 6 250 ■ Milw nukee )■■ ' ■ i ATHLETICS 4. Colby, Westphall, Spicuzza, Seeger, Tews, Tornow, Jacobs, Martin. 3. Throne, Schultz, Goebel, Krahn, Metzen, Fredrich, Robinson, Tietjen. 2. Deblitz, Eckenrod, Kuemmerlein, Marr, Bethke, Kamens, Thur, Stolhand. 1. Martin, Kishner, Andresen, Gunville, Johnson, Kelley, Boutelle, Rudiger. R K With a strong squad including 15 lettermen, Coach Guy O. Penwell ' s track team had a successful 1937 season. ' The squad had the brightest prospects and most extensive schedule of any Gull track- sters in years. 1 Strong in the sprints, middle distances, and dis- tances, the team had no really weak events and was exceptionally well-balanced. The cindermen finished third in the state A.A.U. meet headed by Wisconsin and Marquette. " Forced to go outside of the state for competition, the squad traveled to many Illinois schools, in- cluding Naperville of the Midwest Relays, where they ran against 20 teams composing the cream of the middle west colleges. ' The team is favored to win the state conference meet at Eau Claire. ' Lettermen on the 1937 sguad were: Chester Andresen, Everett Boutelle, Oliver Colby, Carl Deblitz, Carl Eckenrod, Jerry Gunville, Orville Johnson, Howard Kelley, Melvin Kishner, Kenneth Kuemmerlein, Louis Marr, Freeman Martin, Roger Robinson, Willard Rudiger, and Ralph Thur. Graduation will take six of these track men: Colby, Deblitz, Kishner, Martin, and Rudiger. ATHLETICS 2. Coach Kluge, McCann, Rugel, Scherizl, Piasecki, Wolff, Groelle. 1. Braun, Walker, Pyszynski, Stangl, Vierthaler, Buech. w I M M I N Defeating Beloit for their seventh consecutive win, the tankers finished their most successful season in the history of the school, giving all their opponents only 133 points out of 472. " The season was started with an easy victory over Milwaukee University school. The Green Gulls followed this with victories over Loyola 53d 3, University of Wis- consin Extension 62d3, Woodrow Wilson college 45-21, and Wright Junior college 43-23. The closest meet of the year was against the Ke- nosha Youth Foundation, in which two pool records were broken, giving victory to the Gulls by a score of 40-33. " Bob Buech, Marvin Groelle, George McCann, Dick Piasecki, Ralph Pyszynski, John Schert- zel, Joe Stangl, Art Vierthaler, Art Walker, and Clarence Wolff re- ceived letters for outstanding work this season. John Schertzel was also given the honorary captaincyof next year ' s team. Although the swimmers will suffer the loss of Buech, Wolff, and McCann through graduation this June, there will still remain a strong nucleus around which next year ' s team can be built. ATHLETICS Tornc Rudiger, Kuemmerlein, Thur, Johnson, Martin, Marr, Colby, Kishner. » -J r R O C O U N T R The harriers, bucking undoubtedly the stiffest competition in the middle west, produced for the ninth consecutive year a winning team. After warming up in a practice meet with East Division High school, the Gulls won their first official meet with the Y.M.C.A. The duel meet with Loyola was held at Chicago; and Milwaukee, after prac- tically lapping the field, decided to slam. Willard Rudiger, Freeman Martin, Kenneth Kuemmerlein, and Bob Johnson took firsts. The Gulls then journeyed to Ypsilanti, Michigan, where they met Michi- gan State and lost the only duel meet of the season by but seven points. In the Illinois Normal meet, Rudiger took first place, Kuemmer- lein third; and Martin and Colby also pointed high, cinching the meet. " The harriers met their hardest competition in the Midwest conference where Rudiger and Kuemmerlein were nosed out of first place by Notre Dame, but were followed closely by Martin, Colby, and Johnson, winning the Midwest second award. " Rudiger, Mar- tin, and Colby — all three consistent winners for many seasons — will be lost through graduation, leaving Kuemmerlein, Thur, Johnson, and Tornow as the backbone of the 1937 sguad. ATHLETICS w ' , .«-vll lllH II IIUIS I ■£ ' , II ai ill in ahrs uachirs ' a, ,„a hiim A: Hilly Tornow, Thur, Martin, C . y, Rudiger, Kuemmerlein, Johnson, Hoyer. CROSS COUNTRY SCORES Sept. 25 MSTC . . . 23 East High Oct. 10 MSTC . . . 15 Y. M. C. A. Oct. 17 MSTC . . . 15 Loyola Oct. 54 MSTC . . . 31 Michigan N Nov. ' Mid-West Ii 1. Notre Dame . . 33 Vt. 2. MSTC . . . . 35 V 2 3. Illinois State No rmal 63 4. Wheaton . . . 144 34 55 4 ■:■; ATHLETICS 3. Engelke, Hinich, Lewis, Weimer (Sec), Alofs, Jennings, Graf. 2. Ulrich, Wolif, Kongo. Dale, Proehl, Kuglor. 1. Wolff (Treas.), Minisini (Vice-pres.), Miss Wolcott, Miss Martineau, Ball (Pres.), Hicks (Sec). WOMEN ' S A T H L E T C S Governed by its executive board of elected sports leaders, the Women ' s Athletic association directs all sports offered to women of the college. The eleven sport groups this year were under the super- vision of Helen Ball, president, Kathleen Minisini, vice-president, Ber- nice Hicks, recording secretary, Cleo Weimer, corresponding secretary, Annette Wolff, treasurer, and Miss Grace Hildreth, faculty adviser. ' This spring and fall, baseball, golf, tennis, hockey, and horseshoe tossing were most popular with the co-eds. Leading the diamond stars as they strove for home runs in their annual spring contest were Betty Proehl and Charlotte Jennings. On another part of the campus at the same time, the golfers drove and putted in training for their tournaments — the beginners at Lake Park, the advanced at Lin- coln. Margaret Engelke and Dorothy Sontag were in charge. Tennis players also used Lake Park facilities, where, under Ruth Dale ' s man- agement they held an eliminative tourney to find their champion. Limiting their activities to crisp fall clays, hockey enthusiasts knocked ATHLETICS D O R D O U B 3. Plautz, Luck, Engelke, Kern, Minisini, Jennings, Molier. 2. Meifert, Maas, Kugler, Fleter, Hathaway, Krider. 1. Fletcher, Hinich (Pres.), Miss Wolcott, Ball, Mehlt- ana chased a puck across the campus, under captains Carolyn Wolff and Cleo Weimer. Horseshoe tossers found the fieldhouse indoor courts best suited to their games. Lois Graf was leader. " As soon as snow covered the campus, women athletes turned their energies to basketball, volley ball, ping-pong, tenneguoits, and dancing in the fieldhouse gymnasium. Kathleen Minisini and Doris Kugler organ- ized and directed the basketball players in early winter. Volley ball was headed by Carla George and Jane Greenbaum. Ping-pong ano tenneguoits rose to live activity that lasted the entire season, under Helen Ball and Willowene Alofs, respectively. " Orchesis, newly formed modern dance group, was directed by Miss Wolcott, and was open to men students as well as women. ' Swimming and arch- ery held their popularity throughout the year. Beginning outdoors in early autumn, archers repaired to the gymnasium for practice dur- ing the cold weather but carried their eguipment out on the campus lawn again at the first advance of spring. Dorado, the swimmers ' club, claimed its guota of devotees with water stunts, fancy diving, and Red Cross lifesaving practice. The long established athletic awards were abolished this year with the initiation of a new constitution. Re- wards of personal satisfaction and achievement will replace the point system. ATHLETICS INTRA-MURAL BOARD 2. Graetz, Westphall, Eckenrod, Corwin. 1. Thur, Mr. Kluge, Schladitz. INTRA-MURAL SPORTS The athletic pulse beat of the college can be determined by the large participation in intra-mural sports. It is in this field that the game for the game ' s sake is played. " The administration of the program was divided among six student members of the intra-mural board who su- pervised inter-class, inter-fraternity, and open-grouping activity. Under these three divisions were included basketball, handball, swimming, boxing, wrestling, volleyball, badminton, track, and baseball. " High- lights of the season were the annual battle between the faculty bas- ketball team and the champions o_ r the open league, the finals of the boxing and wrestling tournaments, and the closely contested inter-frat- ernity indoor meet. The possible additions for next year are archery and a revival of horseshoe and tennis. ATHLETICS m I X A ° F. B O R D 3. Greenbaum, Reik, Rexford, Zoerb, Zanzig, Turner. 2. Newton, Petrie, Sanders, Ladwig, Miss Shafer, Ball. 1. Moody (Treas.), Hathaway (Sec), Miss Streng, Miss Day, Georg (Pres.), Robinson (Vice-pres.). MEN ' S CLUB BOARD 2. Hafemeister, Stangl, Marr, Vitrano, Kleinmann. 1. Thur, Mr. Teter, Mattioli (Pres.), Graetz. ATHLETICS SNAPSHOTS CAMPUS FACULTY FACULTY FACULTY SOCIAL SOCIAL SOCIAL SOCIAL SOCIAI ft ;, ' ARTS SPORTS SPORTS N.Y.A. ACTIVITIES TOY MAKERS DOLL 0«»M»TII»TIOM THE JUGGLER OF NOTRE DAME f « T || iftE » T I II C ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS OCTOBER J. Martin Klotsche - ....... " Europe " Alberto Salvi - , - - Harpist with Instrumental Quartet Milwaukee Federal Symphony Orchestra Edward Eigenschenk - Organ Recital NOVEMBER Ebba Dalin - - " Swedish Cooperatives " Ted Shawn Dancers Margaret Slattery - - " The Mad Career of Four Words " Milwaukee State Teachers College Orchestra DECEMBER Oberndorfers - " The Christmas Carol in Art and Song " Eighth Grade Plays - " The Toymaker ' s Doll " and " The Juggler of Notre Dame " JANUARY A Cappella Choir FEBRUARY Reinald Werrenrath " American Music of Tomorrow " Alfred Adler - - - - - " The Inferiority Complex " MARCH Whitewater Men ' s Glee Club APRIL G. J. Laing Burton Holmes " Literature and Leisure " " Mexico " MAY Wilford Husband Carl Holty Honors Day ' Sweden, Where Human Values Count ' - " Art- -Inspiration or Perspiration ' ACTIVITIES N Inaugurated in the fall of 1935, the N Y A, whose purpose has been to aid needy students, has steadily widened the scope of its activities. During the first year, over $20,000 was expended by the federal gov- ernment in supplying N Y A positions to 316 students in the college. Nine allotments of $2,295 a month were paid to approximately 200 students each month. This year the number of students on the N Y A increased to nearly 400. Each month $2,433 was paid by the govern- ment to students of the college. " Student administrators of the N Y A are selected by a committee composed of Mr. Lewis Vantine, Miss Ella Schulze, and Miss Agnes Hofbauer. Hugh McGrath acted as first student N Y A director. He was succeeded by Godfrey Stevens, this year ' s student administrator. Ralph Graetz has been selected as direc- tor for 1937- ' 38. He will be assisted by Frank Himmelman. Stu- dents are appointed for N Y A work in accordance with their need. The work of N Y A students is widely varied. Some act as janitors, some as assistant librarians, others as stenographers and clerical workers. Then there are those students who work in the cafeteria and those who assist teachers in the science laboratories, and the art and music workroom. ' In April, a new policy of assigning students to various social centers and welfare agencies to aid in the social serv- ice work was initiated. Thus besides earning the much needed money, ents gain worth-while experience in some other field than that of teaching. ACTIVITIES WPA HANDICRAFT PROJECT One of the most recent manifestations of the capacity of the college for leadership is the extraordinary success of the WPA Handicraft Project, which is being sponsored by Milwaukee State Teachers col- lege, with Miss Elsa Ulbricht of the art faculty acting as the sponsor ' s agent. In the three workshops of the project hundreds of women are employed making dolls, toys, block-printed fabrics, v oven rugs, and countless other household articles. Skilled designers — most of them graduates of the art department of the school — direct this work. 1 The highly artistic guality of the product has been given nation wide rec- ognition. Among the visitors that have expressed their admiration of it was Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, who visited the project during the past winter. " The merit of the articles made, which are used by tax- supported institutions, seems remarkable, since the women who make them have had no previous training — most of them, in fact, having had little formal education of any kind. The enterprise not only gives them employment and teaches them a skill, but is also raising their standards of taste. Some of these uneducated workers have themselves produced meritorious original designs. The capability of the design- ers in charge has helped to win a certain prestige for the art depart- ment of Milwaukee State Teachers college. ACTIVITIES W P A ACTIVITIES ADVERTISING Well-Wishers AMERICAN STATE BANK ! ' 3uth Second Street SPRINKMAN SONS CORPORATION 116 South Second Street JOHN BLACK WISCONSIN NEWS DR. RALPH E. DAVIS Osteopathic Physician Surgeon 1230 Bankers Building DR. KARL FRIEDBACHER Class of 1921 5930 West Burnham Street R. T. GRIFFIN Superintendent cl Schools Milwaukee County HERBERT UIHLEIN WALLACE H. HAHN ATTORNEY President, Class of 1920 LESLIE M. HURST Class of 1922 817 East Brady Street JOHN E. JOYS JOYS BROTHERS COMPANY 129 North Water Street ADS Well-Wishers MAX RASKIN FORME] V ATTORN] MILWAUKEE Class o 1923 DR. FRANK RETTIG Class o 1922 BAY VIEW STATE BANK 441 East Lincoln Avenue ROY R. STAUFF ATTORNEY Class o 1922 606 West Wisconsin Avenue MARTIN J. TORPHY ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Class o 1923 DR. EDWARD A. WALDECK Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat WESLEY STEEL TREATING COMPANY CHARLES I. WESLEY, Pie i Class ot 1915 F. G. FETZER Representing Remington Rand, Inc. Typewriter Division MISS DOROTHY ENDERIS ADS Well-Wishers (Continued! WILLIAM C. KNOELK Class of 1902 DR. SAMUEL E. KOHN Class of 1921 425 East Wisconsin Avenue DR. BENJAMIN LIEBERMAN Class of 1922 2250 North Twenty-seventh Street EARL D. LILLYDAHL ATTORNEY Class of 1921 LONDON HAT SHOP SHOE REPAIR COMPANY 226 East Wisconsin Avenue OMAR T. McMAHON ATTORNEY Class of 1908 HAROLD (ZIP) MORGAN Class of 1920 Director o Athletics, Department o; Mm ikee Public S MILTON T. MURRAY ATTORNEY Class of 1920 LOUIS P. POTTER ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Class of 1914 ADS Weil-Wishers {Contr ROBERT A. RANK. Vice-President RANK MOTTERAM COMPAN Class of 1904 RALPH G. CHAMBERLAIN Principal RUFUS KING HIGH SCHOOL DR. FRANK C. MARGOLES Class ot I THEO. J. OESAU and MRS. THEO. J. OESAU 7 and 19 WM. F. RASCHE Acting Director MILWAUKEE VOCATIONAL SCHOOL WILLIS REXALL DRUG STORE 1947 North Farwell Avenue Tel. LA. 4830 — 4831 2700 North Murray Tel. LA. 5330 —5331 —0533 FIRST WISCONSIN NATIONAL BANK OF MILWAUKEE WILLIAM M. METZKER MAM M. METZKER COMF ■ i ADS Qr aduate to Higher S a v i IgS limm-nni SHOP AT A P Compliments of. Becker ' s Confectionery 3126 North Downer Avenue HOFFMANN ' S PHARMACY " Where Service With a Smile Prevails " 3116 N. Downtr Ave. Phone Edg. 7230 PAINTS — WALL PAPER The Sherwin- Williams Co " 46 N. 3rd Street PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED AT Weichelt ' s Six Point Pharmacy 1932 E. North Ave. Cor. Murray LAKESIDE 2616 FREDERICK Wm. WEICHELT . R. PH Produced Under the Sealtest System of Laboratory Protection ICE CREAM MILK — CREAM — BUT ■ R — CI ADS THE BOATMAN CARL HOLTY ' 23 Siekert Baum Stationery Company COMPLETE OFFICE OUTFITTERS 617 North Water Street Telephone Daly 1845 ASK FOR - YOUGHIOGHENY OHIO COAL COMPANY 2 ( North Milwaukee Street Milwaukee, Wisconsin W. M. HEISER COMPANY _ ' il " NORTH I ' RI (SPEC I A E LAkesidc 2627 See — Hear — Try THE BALDWIN ACROSONIC Baldwin Piano Store NORTHWESTERN DISTRIBUTORS " " 14 N. Broadway T. R. Huston. Mgr. MILWAUKEE ' S LARGEST SPORT GOODS STORE NOW IN OUR NEW ENLARGED QUARTERS " IF IT ' S USED FOR SPORTS WE HAVE IT " k SPORTING POOPS f Bur£hardt 117 Oeweus ST - £ ' ■■■■ . ■ Doors East F. R. Dengel Company 1134 North Fourth Street ADS Class, Club and Society Rings, Pins and Badges Stationery — Trophies Awards BUNDE UPMEYER JEWELRY MANUFACTURING CO. East Balcony Plankinl Milwaukee, Wisconsin Best Wishes . . Pabst Theater Glenn R. Dougherty ATTORNEY-AT-LAW 710 North Plankinton Avenue Milv aukee, Wisconsin Milwaukee ' s Newest Rendezvous BAMBOO ROOM FEATURING ROLLIE ISCHE AND HIS ORCHESTRA DINNER DANCING 6:30 to 8:30 I ( NCHEON 40c 60c 11:30 a. m. — 2 :30 p. m. DINNER 70c- $1.00 5:30 — 8:30 Hotel Med ford 1 V C D pCL (X[ I3» A SMALL ROOM . . . FULL OF COMFORT Judged by square inches, a Kohler lavette (downstairs toilet room) is of little conse- quence, for a space only 5 ' ' -, ' 4 ' , ' will ac- commodate both lavatory and closet. But measured by cubic comfort, it is one of the largest rooms in the house. Think of the countless trips up and down stairs it spares the young mother of active babies . . . the convenience it provides in case of illness . . . the courtesy it represents toward guests. The Kohler lavette illustrated has a shelf- back Gramercy lavatory and quiet Bolton closet. Visit our Milwaukee showroom at 751 N. Jefferson St. and see the other attrac- tive Kohler lavatories and closets suitable for the lavette. Kohler Co., Founded i s ' 7 , Kohler. Wis. O ' .c 3 ]« KOHLERofKOHLER ADS Opportunities for College Graduates . . . 1937 offers to college graduates the greatest opportunities that any generation has ever known. With a college background — plus the ability to handle Secretarial or Accounting work while you are getting a foothold — your future is assured. Over thirty Colleges represents in our student body this year. Write. Phone, or Call for FREE Booklet SUMMER CLASSES OPEN MONDAY, JUNE 21, 28 AND ILLY 5 Spencerian Building Phone Marquette 0880 COLLEGE INC. 606 East Wisconsin Avenue Milwaukee, Wi There is an Extra Measure of Protection in Every Product of Gridley ' s 716-718 X Milwaukee St li. ili 04S3 THE HOME OF §|tetnuHt) EVERETT A I) (i 111 ER I 1 ' E NAM IS PIANOS ORGANS RADIO; RF.CORDS SI I I- I- I Ml ' SK Hassmann-Mueller Co. POULTRY FRUITS VEGETABLES 1019 N. Third Street MArquette 0525 ADS S E 11 I O R S Cap and Qoipn Photographs One Large 8 x 10 in. Folder $0.00 Four Proofs 6 for $4.50 12 for Qold Tone mith the Dozen $6.50 Preserue the Memorq of VJour Graduation u;ith a Photoqraph in Cap and Qoiun Cap and Qoipn Auailable at Studio Illorrison Studio IDisconsin Theatre Buildinq ITlArquette 3793 OFFICIAL PROTOQRAPHER A D The Foto Shop CAMERAS AND PHOTO MATERIALS EDWIN F. CASPER 1331 North 12th Street Milwaukee, Wis. WHOLESALE Milwaukee Sporting Goods Co, 809 North Second Street Marquette 156 " MILWAUKEE. WIS. ; to your new Annual! H. F. HAESSLER HARDWARE COMPANY 414 East Street Shorecrest Hotel ON THE LAKE FRONT RESIDENTIAL — TRANSIENT HANEY E. IHLENFELD, Mgr. Best Lumber Fuel Company LUMBER — FUEL — BUILDING MATERIAL 4400 North Green Bay Avenue Phone LOcust COO A. Lentz Company Manufacturers of MILLWORK DEALERS IN LUMBER North 70th and West State Streets Bluemc: WAUWATOSA, WISCONSIN Miss Brown ' s School JOSEPHINE WILSON, President 408 E. Wells Street Marquette 2182 Featuring exceptional business education for high school graduates and college women. Free Placement Bureau. Catalog on request. SUMMER SCHOOL — July 7 FALL TERM — September 8 Imperial Knitting Co. 2745 North Third Street Specie: , AWARD SWEATERS AND ATHLETIC KNITWEAR The Standard of I for over 30 years ADS MINERVA ROBERT SCHELLIi; WISCONSIN ' S LARGEST HOME-OWNED VERIFINE ICE CREAM COMPANY Ice Cream for An and All Occasions 1130 West Clarke Street Phone Locust 5900 Standard Brush Mfg. S.;e:inlmn« in RUSSIAN BRISTLE FLOOR FLOOR DUST MOPS — MOP JANITORS ' SUPPLIES. 3873 North Richards St. Company BRUSHES HANDLES ETC. EDgewooi 7:94 E . c . N E I D N E R Til e and Terrazo Company 34 31 Nor th Frederick Avenue Edgewood 9191 — 9160 PIANO ACCORDIONS FOR REAL VALUES See Foerster ' s Music House 2049-53 North 18th Street MILWAUKEE, WIS. Julien Shade Shop Badger Brand Window Shades Venetian Blinds A " ]u - ie — A Belter Shade " 829 West Michigan Street Phone MArquette 3864-5 Milwaukee, Wisconsin East Side Tire Company 2207 East North Avenue Phone Lakeside 1302 COMPLETE TIRE, BATTERY AND MOTOR SERVICE ADS B. E. Buckman Co. Established INVESTMENT SECURITIES FRANK R. SHOTOLA, Re DAly W. Wisconsin A Milwaukee ' [! :: GREEN BAY — LA CROSSE ■ " . ' : " IRE- - WAUSAU Walter Schroeder Schroeder Hotel YOU ' LL BE PROUD OF YOUR FORD V-8 You ' ll be proud of its smart, up-to-the-minute lines and rich interiors. On the road, you ' ll be proud of the V-8 engine that responds to the slightest touch with a surge of power. And you ' ll be proud of your own cleverness when you find out how economical it is to operate. SEE YOUR FORD DEALER Milwaukee Novelty Dye Works CLEANERS — DYERS — FURRIERS 733 East Capitol Drive Edgewc ADS THE 1937 ECHO Originally Planned T - Limited Edition -1 _ , Engraved and Printed zHj HAMMERSMITH -KORTMEYER YEARBOOK PUBLISHERS MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN " We wish to thank the ECHO Staff for their splendid cooperation The Covers for this 1 937 ECHO were made by the NORTH AMERICAN PRESS MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN ADS To Obtain Distinctive, Different and Individual Results, Consult • Hammersmith- Kortmeyer Co. ARTISTS ENGRAVERS PRINTERS 322 E. Michigan St. Milwaukee, Wisconsin A D 5 gggg y rssag A HOME-OWNED CO-OPERATIVE DAIRY • featuring Golden Guernsey Milk and Cream 2206 North Thirtieth Street HOpkins 5400 YOUR FUR COAT STORE — DUSTPROOFED FUMIGATED — as approved — U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. Guaranteed to destroy all moth life. INSURED — INSPECTED -proper periodical inspection by expert furriers, for only 2% of valuation Minimum $0.00 J-3 Send Your Lace Curtains to HTJEBSCH COBLINIZING . . . Wed.. Thurs.. Fri. WET HYDRO WASH Ready to Iron 10 Pounds 69 = Each addi- ■ „ lional 1b... " v Flat Ironed 10 Pounds 92c Each addi- Cp tional lb. " " PREST-ALL AH Finished 18 POUNDS Each additional pound l(tr Shirts hand-finished in (his serv- ice — 5c eitra. each. 2.25 makes them water repellent and retains their shape, luster and cleanliness AT NO EXTRA COST! Call Daly 3480 Send your Dry Cleaning ith your laundry! ,_ The Master Dry Cleaners nuebsch Members l Milwaukee ' s Better Laundries ADS ■s W (U M " o or - j »o « o Uor 8 (J -© rvvMM W-V -rlv h s O) (jj , . JT NS a rx 1 ( V f - " ' YUs - ara

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