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Text from Pages 1 - 216 of the 1923 volume:

I-IE ECI-IO Yearbook ol' 1923 of the lLwAunu: sun: NODMAL I 1 o him who .sees wilh cleaves' .sight when common minda can see. gljpdn of clcliionwilgm c1nd.?yi.SeZ5 ave se cl so r Cyndi iigiir migh1C5iYoC qs him lo whom the sludenls looked Lis counselor and FYIGHGQ rfilglblxi never' Failed ddvicfa lf? give o el clpu edone o IV Lind diggggle lo Ilxe enm o Qwlxim willx love and grdlilude, Lldillx fclilrx and hope we looh me our' own CARRULL GARDNER DEARSE Lido dedicale mia Boolkiii l l 1 N I E71 , ,Y , 7, A4 i.,- s QTQWXWXQ YQ? 'WTF e "w1lllnl1mmrlun-A w ' U 3 I mmli1KllW!llI1llT,m' NW if ll xx if J I f 'Vi 'l 5 , an ,A f. 1 mg- , f K , -sg - X 1 A 'A Q ,ff d ' I L Q Us ' - jfffff ' eJIhLef1gecu1fi5coQkoIiQf1?, has ngecml: to ifs Compilers 0. ,H QGYHCYIYLQ Tovbgefher of The K frcgmenks of the life ofMilwa,uke 4 4 Normal SCROQI x LES Erlendships and ideals X iks actmihes and pleasures mihefmo e Ehat Eoddeug It will reflect Your mteges s of the pest qgeiemr, ami' inthe fuEusre1i5w1LLOg -Q treasures lnfyinwr sfores CS house QF 0 rvmemories Y bQix,,.,,b A I 1 o if I4 . lah, , , ii n W -5, p1 Qs: 'f:- , 1 'N sw 1 'Gan G1'F6,y5gq,g1v Q QQ gg-,ik ,xxqs A -' Q M. uf' . tilt lx rx-QQ 5-XH4 .vw , .akmoa Que fx R any ,N A ,N , 49571 'B-U51 frwqg M0 A . 1 ,.- X, , X gd Xl W5 'Ubi' il-F14 ?'1'3-' 'Wg "WN fuffli ow- w - 5.4 I linux x J' 1" .' ' " Q 'f-If 9 V K '- l .X ,I Q16 H351-hxilr., ,ll f im llc!! ,l., Xu' t!! is ,,. . 0- N Jnrvxky , . 0 M., is QKFH, af n 4' ,Nye 6.5 ' jffpriu, x?'9x up Co TE TS B E Jed, fin Ljty 230051 C L CL s s 0, .9 BOOE3 CDl'8C?3rLizgtions oo fiftgllcztfzcs 00 .5 Re-C050 1 IA Ulu' 0 ff V. I' 'HN f fi' r . . 4 f 'g'xgx6'o:e.19:Gil2-ii :.f'C:T'3"R . 1 r ' mfg' F .- ' "4 - fluM441121fa.xw"'-Q''Mlm-1+L2-ml-w1w-3- X- xg .x g .., Q, iv- 13. 1: -5, ,IQ N 9- NH all-,:' :yu xi,--,X-,-K ,pf -4- .' lf- 4- '-fuhv -1 hm Q, ,si K xmix, x.x u H u Ah A y I I 1 1, iQ: ff -ku ' l'. "uf" l,L1 -'X-,. 3-gp . wk 41' , ,, . al .X ,Q , Q. ty 1 v ... Lg '7Q 1 fu- Q 0 y I gf - , fx , K Hb r U, K i N '?11'4: 'XF X .fl qixjl qv' .St jd 1. 31'-,I s ,An xx! I X - 5 UM?" " '. K,- '. "w n ,' W 3 5,3 '-NH f5'T"'N . ff' . W - N arggll up U A,-, I . VQYPL' lx' I f6l?i ul: lx' 'ljpvuiw 'f Q'F, :Wei we ,gg f'::w 'sI'u,f,4, A A rshfkilhfn ff ly 'llxi' ,CD 1- ,fi N.. 5115-Q Caj 4 Xu, F1 3 W2 Q 2? F ' x ..-'F IN xl IX x u lh11'4':.!lQ rox EN X , ,,..M,3VZa,l?:n,1 ivy H 0 lg, rlqpy Q -,pxixn Q :x 1 '- '-w+:mX--A' - 'A ' x r-F1 Qslgfallligf hui Qxxmwg H51 1 l I J Q- Nx u'J,J9yy x Lu' U X s 4', A af 1 Y n . Ur. N rc ", W ' .- nv- -f ' N . X . "'1?315TFY'?-1 W' 'P 'nl x Hx' r'4,. - H' PK . I-'fl -' ln'?' 'Il will " X UI' 'px' - ,,,'l1,f ft'-I N' Nh- Iv.. x., 1- 'fn-12 -- ll 1 .xu M , fs ,, -4. u, . ,. NNN N , xx K U " A f - 92, F? X uv," fx,,+Xj f-x 2, - Q V1 '19 AA ' V 'QI 'w W q1,Wg jf: 'Si ,Q B K' fLi',gQ XSXXS 'iw -1 ff 3 5, Af 9,3 4 my mc .- C 'R f Lib E93 , , It I l 115: MVN uv lr, llum1: ' u - H lf' Mx' QM .... - 'WI' - I Q- X xxx N 2? Alma mater By old Micliigans proud waters, Rolling waves of blue, Stands VVisc0nsin's fairest N0l'lIlHl Alma Mater' true. q Beacon light of truth and virtue, Pointing wisdoinls way. Flooding all our varthly pathway NVitli lim' guiding ray. Statvly ships turn to tlle harbor From the storiny SPHQ S0 Our hearts upon liFP's ocean Fondly turn to thee. CHORUS: Sing lu-it praises. let the chorus Ring o'0r land and svag llail. Milwaukee. Alina Mater. Hail. all liail to thee. I10I Smith Entranrr llll lflihrarg Olafztrria P131 Azmrxnlxlg lflallllmy. illzxiu Entrzmrr L1 31 IMI 15 Main Entrants Erihgr, illnkr Bark l16l Y lliintrg Manta Eight liinune, Tfmkv Fark I l7l L 2 ,ff illuar Urrrarr, iliakz Park N , 4m.f - i N U31 'M 1 X ' 'NXNN tt," 'kk E l -4., Eileen lilaekvy .. William Walton . .. CiI'0lCll0II Knief Grace l'lI'Hil0lll1l1l'gl1 . Ross Lewis ........ Gretchen Halmerlnehl Margaret Fritseli .. Philip Geil ........ Barqlmara Halmernielil Robert lienkvn ..... Marguerite Anderson Marguerite NVolfsen Rt'lllJl'll li. liergrniaii The following stl Echo Annual Staff idents have helped in the preparation o Roy De Roo Bertram Goodman Leonard Barry Leona Kurth Ingaborg Anderson Sylvester Scherer Myrtle Kulnn Margaret VVeln-le H. L. Mueller Carl Cozington Xvlllikllll Cole H. R. Roessler Harold Al11'QI1Sll2lCll XVillian1 xfvfigllf Dorothy Lamlm l19l . .Editor-in-Chief Business Manager .Assistant Editor ..l.iterary Editor . . . . .Art Editor . . .Organizations . . . .Organizations . .Senior Pictures Faculty Pictures . . . . . . .Athletics . . . .Valendar . . .Snapsliots ........C'artoons lf the book: N. ' ' 'Av ? ' , X -lux as A xl' 'S Qfllm., f NW Q 4,. I ,"',:'z "' , GX-. wg, QL X xx , Hg' MX 'N' xx ' ,W AKEN: M KN 4 Egx I-201 .Q ,Wx l K3 Xi-- V N. xx-x . u Xxyixx we 7- 'Y 4,1 'M . A 5' Q YLYNN u H H QWQVMEAX ' ECHO WEEKLY 'Forward, Together, Milwaukee VOIQ4--NO. u. 1, 1923. PRICE srsvmx cams. PACKED ASSEMBLY , CHRISTMAS SAYS AU REVOIR T0 PLAY IS PRESENTED PRES-LENT PEARSE T0 LARGE AUDIENCE Thursdnv .. A 51, mag oo W. the 1,2 f me us-1 ff Numan ' A . meet- ,QK 2 If ' 1-'Smeg cami "' HWY 59 Green Night. E231 QNX Um S FHCULTY WN 1? . Q 4 " X X fix- ' , QM , 44,,, xx -' 4 --4-4A fulmwuwfafwf ""w1-M -fi--P,-:ug FRANK .I. MEl.l,l'IX4'AMl' 4X4"l'IXG l'R1isllmEN'1' E331 Q X K , xiii.-.hkig N ," nfwx 1. I24l FRANK F. ADAMS Psychology, Education Peru Normal School, Nebraska? University of Nebraskag Columbia Cnivcrsityg A.B., A.M. fNehraskaj LOUISE M. ALDER Director of Kindergarten Department A.H.. Kansas State l'niversityg A.M., Coluinbia University. Teach- ers' College, National Kindergarten and Eleinsentary College, Chicago. ALMA SWEET ALLISON English R. Ped. State Normal, Spring- field, Missourig Ph.B., University of Wisconsin. BERNARJD E. ANDERSON Physical Education American College of Physical Education, Chicago. ELIZABETH ANHALT Public Speaking. Oral Reading, Drainatic Art School of Speech, Northwestern I'niversity. HUGO O. ANHALT Orchestral Instruments and Orchestra Bradbury .School of Music and Wrangle School of Music. WILLIAM HENRY ATWOOD Biology A.B., Hope Collegeg M.A. Wash- ington I'niversityg MQS., Ifniversity of Wisconsin. WINIFRED E. BAIN Director of P1'actice, Kindergarten. Instructor in Plays and Gaines and Story Telling Graduate, Milwaukee Normal School: Student, Chicago Univer- sity. fs X A S QQ-ivw-. - W QM Yin JOSEPIIINE E. MALONEY Eighth Grade Critic Milwaukee Stulc Normal: Tench- crs' College. ftfllllllllllll Vniversity. IIELI-IN C. MARTINEAI' Physical Training, Culnpiire I rQi1ll9l'Sl1l1b I'oln1nhi:1 Normal School of Ullysicnl Education. Qlhicago. ICDNA I.Ol'lS'1G MASON Home Nursing Registered. Illinois and Wiscon- sin. St. Lnke's Ilospitnl, Chicago, Illinois. VERNA MAYWURM Librtlritin, Reserve Desk Milwaukee State N0l'1ll2ll School. LOUISE W. MEARS Geography ICcl.B., Nebraska State Teachers College: A.M.. l'niversity of Nc- hruska: f'l1lCil,2,'0 lfniversityg liar- vard l'nive1'sity. GICRTHIYDE L. MEYER Third Grade Critic Milwaukee State Normal School. ETTA MICIIAELS Pedagogy and 1'1'l1Ilfll'j' Methods llnivcrsity of Chicago: P11.H., Uni- versity of Wlisconsin. GUSTAVE MOELLEH Drawing. Painting, COl1lll1Ql'Clill De- sign, Composition Wisconsin School of Arts 3 National AC2ld61llY, New York' Parisg Royal ACI1d91llY, Munich. E29 1: Ab , 4 o r 0 4Ii?i2zKz K l E!glO ,1 a ' . 1 lf K V xxx . 7 XX E301 .Al ALEXANDER MUELLER Director of Art School Art 4XCild6llllGS of Europe. MRS. ALEXANI TIGR MVELLER Pottery 111111 Chinn llecorutiou Wisconsin School of Arts. l'l,.XR1'I A. NIC IIIILIUH C111-111ist1'y l-LS., I'11ivv1'sity of XVisCol1sin. STELLA NELSON First Grade 'Critic VVl1itowa1ter State Noruml Schoolg l'lliVQl'Slfj' of Chicago. NIGTTIE G. l'liIl1l5AlfX Assistant Lil+r:11'iaI1 Milwaukee NOl'1ll2ll School. MRS. MARGARET OLSON NICHOLS Physical Iflducatioll. Scouting, Play- ground Lezldership BIHXVZIIIKQQ State NO1'lll'31 Schoolg Alll6l'lCilll College of Physical T1'2llllll1g. KATHERINE l'. NORTON 1'i:111o Pupil of John Orth, Boston: A. K.. Virgil. New Yorkg Dr. Percy Goetscl1i11S. New York: Wager Swayue, Paris. GLAIHYS L. OLSON Household Arts Stovous 1'oi11t Normal School. , x - X W. x DICLIA G. OVITZ Lilh1'1l1'i2lll Milwzuikeo State Norinal S'cl1oo1g Wisconsin I,ilu'ary Schoolg I'nivvr- sity of lf11iCl1g0. CUNIQAD Ii. 1'.k'l'ZIGIl Supervisor of l'1'nctice Studvnt of 14211114-ntioil. Bonn Yni- vc-rsity. WINIFIQIGID li. l'll1I.LlI'S Ibvsign. I.e-ntln-1' Tooling. Art Nvodlowork. Batik. Stviicilillgr. Juvenile In-:nwing NVisconsin School of Art: Chi- cago Art Instituto: Stout Instituteg Pratt Art Instituto. l'lIARI.I4IS M. PVRIN IN-un of Mon. I"1'e-llcll l'1l.I5.. I'niVe-rsity of XVisc0nsin. JIGSHIIG li. 1'YR'l'l,l'I English .X.I3.. .X.M.. Nvlnlulskzl l'nive1'sity. MILTON RVSUII AssociateDirector. School of Musicg H2ll'lllfb11j'. f'Ullllt9l'll0i!lt. History of Music, l'on1lucting. fH'Cl19Sf1'ilfiOl1. 'l'l1e-ory Graduzlte in Piano. under M0012 schel. XIilXVtlllk9k'I Grzlduzlte in Hur- lllflllj' and i11 f'0llllNlSifi01l. nndvr Just, Clliczngoz l'ost-glwldinxtv in C0llI1f0l'li0illf. unclor Micltlelscllulte. f'hiC2lg'0. MARll4lLl'I SFIIIRMICIK l"1'9llCil und GOI'1ll2lll PLA.. Milwaukev INNYIIUI' Vollm-,wg MA.. I'nivol'sity of XViS0onsin. RIGXFURIJ SCI-INAl'l"1'EI! Iiconmnics and Sociology .LIL Ilznlovor Collezvz L Kentucky Stntv I'11ivv1'sity. LH., I 3 V , P i f W' Alix ' I SQ- ,- , i i N gy Ek xxx l F , D-QU xxx l Xe'-J fl... QQ""S'5x '- 4 V CHARLES HENRY SEARS S'upe1'visor of Practice Teaching Graduate, State Normal School Westfield, Mass.: A.M.. Allegheny Collcgeg I'l1.ll.. Flark lfnivcrsity. MAY BVMHY SEVERY English Ripon Uollegreg Vniversity nf XVisconsin: I'niVc1'sity of Chi- Bzlgn. MAVIIE M. F. SCIIAFER English Milwaukee State NOl'lll211 Sclloolg l'h.R.. I'h.M.. l'nivt-rsity of Wis- consin: Vniversity of Minnesota. META MARY STEINFORT Spanish and Latin A.B.. A.M., Vniversity of Wiscon- sin. V ETIIEL R. STEVENS gxlit, School of Fine and Applied Arts Milwaukee State Normal School. l EMILY WHEELER STRONG Fo111'tl1 Grade Fritic ' lliploina. Statc Nornial School i Plylnontll. Now Ilalnpshire. i P K i321 R. .L SI'f'IlY Physics Milwaukee State Normal School RA.. Vniversity of Wisconsin. LVCIEN SAMTI-IL SXVEET llistory and Political Science A.B., l'nivv1'sity of Wisconsin. -4.'f"" . ax 1 Q- f N. S . Q X'--.X ga-I H lx"""h5x GEORGE E. TETER Englishg Head of Department A.l4., Indiana Universiityg A.M., Ha1'Va1'd I'nive1'sity. SAMVEI. A. TIIORN Music St. Cloud. Minn., State Teachers' Vollcge l.Xdvanced Course and f'0lll'S9 of Music Supervisorsjg Allllll'lC2ll1 Institute of Normal Methods. Evanston, I1l.g North- western I'nive1'sity. HARVEY A. NBER Geography and Geology A.l!., A.M.. University of lViscon- sing l'niye-rsity of Chicago. EISA IC. TTLBRICHT llead of Normal Art Department. Drawing: Methods. Basketry, Weziv- ing. Block Printing, Bookbindingf. f'0llSll'llCtl0ll Work. Voping. Saw Work, Mechanical Drawing. and l'e-rsnectivc. State Norinal Schoolg Wisconsin School of Art: l'1-att Institute. LEYYIS A. VAN TINE S'll1l01'VlS0l' I'h.H.. I'nive1'Si'ty of Wiscoiisiiig Graduate Music School. l'nive1'sity of NVisconsing lvlllV0l'Sll1Y of Chi- C'2lfI0. LILLIAN M. WEBSTER Te-xth-ook Lib1'a1'ian Milwaukee State Normal School. EDITH E. XVIIITE English Milwaukee State Normal School: I'h.l1.. l,vlllVl'l'Sll'j' of lVisconsing A. M., fllllllllllllfl l'nive1'sity. I". E. J. YVILIPE European History AB.. A.M.. l'1liV0l'SlfX of Wiscon- sing I'nive1'sity of Pennsylvania. l33l ww, -4g', 1' . 7'1y1' 51 K X N 1 l ' - , 'Alf i - xii 'xx , Y"-' .lfkxf -1 N . .. :- A. J. XVI NNIE Ili1'vc-t111'. IDe11:11't111011t for 'I'1'a1i11i11g Te-:1cl1c-rs of the Deaf I Milwaukee State Normal School: g l'11ivr-rsiiy of YVisc-o11si11. Additional Facultq members W. IJ. CANAN Mntliematics. IAIRICIIIIIQ In-sign. T1-cl111ir-:1l Mvclizuiics I'01111sylv:111i11 State Vollogv: IIS.. ill I-I. E.. M.E., Il111'v:1r1I: M.S.. BIIISSRICIIIISIXIIS Instituto of 'l'ecl111nlogy. ALBEIVI' ELNNEH I'IIt'lll6IlI2ll'X EIIIII Illtl:'1'1IIUdIilfE! IPr:1wix1g AXIISCOIISIII Scluml of Arts. ARTIIVH GVENTIIER Design t'l1ic:1gu A1't Institute. E I. I ZAIZETH K NIGHT Mzltllc-111:1tiCs A.B-.. Jzlinefs Milliken I'1lIVl'I'SIfYQ I'11iVe1'sity of Illinois. AAI.. EMII. KRONQVIST Art Metal Work and Jewelry 'Fechliicul School. l1tlD9I1IIilgUIl, ID011- murkg The Polytvvhiiic, I.011do11. I3-II HI'G4J IA IGICMAN Al'CIlIIt'CtII1'flI Il1'z1wi11g'. M0Cl1z111icf1l lbrzlw- ing. M4-cl1:111if-:ll I'e1's11QCtiv1- ANNA VATHARINA NERMAN Blilllllill T1'1IIIIIl1g. S1-wing School of Applied Arts. SIOCIKIIOIIII, Swodm-11. GEORGE OBERTEITFER Drzlwirig and Painting P1'i11c1-to11 I'11ive1'sity: I'01111sylv:111i:1 Ac:1cl4-1115' of Fine Arts: Paris Art Schools MARIE 0'HARA Trfiiniug School Ibrawiiig Milwzuikeo Stnto Norinal S'cl1o0I: XVIS- Oousin Sc-I10ol0fA1'tS: Noruial Art I'0lll'SE'. ESTIIER MERLE SWAIN I.IIh1'2l1'1' VZIIEIIOQOI' XViscu11si11 State I.IIlI'iI1'j' School. Madi- son. JEAN T A LBOT I'11ySioI0,L,'y and Hygiene A.R.. I'11ive1'sity of YVisco11si11: Grad- uate of I701l:lI'fll19llI' of Ilygivne and l'l1ysic:1l Ellucatioii, Wellpslvy College. 'N losses be if .V ,,,,, 1 Af-ltfist ' if F' p ' in ,. 5, ssh., Robert Lenken Philip Geil Elvira Carlson Harold Sanville President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Hislorq of the Class of 1923 Although class histories. as a rule. assume lnuch the sanie tone year after year, the history of the Class of 1923 has contributed niany highlights and touches of color that will nlake that class lo11g renielnbered hy the faculty and such others as are able to judge class achievements. Fronl that time in its history when on September 12, 1921. its eight or nine hundred nlelnhers tirst hurried along' the spacious halls of Milwaukee State Normal School. u11til that day of days when tl1e salne people attended the gradual tion exercises of their class. the history of tl1e t'lass of 19253 has bee11 one of notable achievements and tasks well done. Although the history of classes repeats itself. the history of the t'lass of 19215. rather than a history of repetition. is a history of voyages on enchanted seas. of inountain top experiences. and of a succession of achievenlents seldom credited to any one class. Running true to type. the Vlass of 1923 refused to accept the orthodox views of the seniors. gave battle to the upper classnlen. and on Septelnher 20. 15121. just eight days after the advent of the class. elected Sylvester Scherer editor-in-chief of the 1Veekly lflcho. Mr. Sf-herer's election came as a distinct surprise to the seniors. 1"l'U1l1 that time forward. the class demonstrated its ability to do things well. . On September 22. 15521. the faculty reception for the f'lass of 1923 attracted one of the largest gatherings of freshmen in the history of Milwaukee State Norinal School. The Sflllll' spirit of good-fellowship which has prevailed throughout the class history drove t'lllll2ll'l'2lSSlllt-'llf and tinlidity front the reception. and as a result lnany of the barriers which often llltillllf up between students and instructors were broken down. never to he rebuilt. To insure the success of their first year's activities. the inenibers of the l'lass of 11123 sought the leadership of able officers. A spirited campaign resulted in the election of Arthur Nicolaus. president: l'hil Geil. vice-president: Alice Reynolds. treasurerg and Lucille Saveland. secretary. l'nder the guidance of these capable officers, the class steered a straight course throughout the year. After the seniors had demonstrated tl1e proper method of providing entertaininent for the juniors at the Senior-Junior Reception. the Class of 15123. on Friday. December 16. 1921. were hosts at a reception for the faculty and the seniors. Although this :was the first attempt of the lll0lllil0l'S of our class to entertain their friends as a group. the splendid co-operation of all classlnen resulted in an evening freighted with joy for both juniors and seniors. l35l -4. . ,I vk - f:,"f'x.xx Y V. Among the outstanding achievements of the year, the Junior 1'l'Ulll tak As a product of class co-operation and loyalty, the prom of the juniors far any other social event of the school year. Headed by Prom tlhairman Evan Schwemer, tl1e prom committee carefully worked out the plans for the event. l'nder of George Keller. chairnran of the decorations conunittee. the rough-walled sium was transformed into a unique spring rlower garden. lt was the opinion at the time. that the scheme of decorations was tl1e znost beautiful es Hrst place. surpassed by the direction men's gymnae consensus of and the most original of the year. 1'll1lll'lll2lll Scblwemer and Vatherine lfluwright, who was chosen l'rom Queen. led the grand march. Although few students remember the exact date of the Junior l'1'Olll-"A1il'll Qs. 1022-the melody of the l'ro1n song. which was written espe- cially for the occasion. comes lack when. in ret.rospective moods. we look back to the days of 1922. ln oratory and debate. the l'lass of 15123 demonstrated that it would be ready to take over the task when the seniors had left the halls of Milwaukee Normal. Harold Nanville leaped into tl1e limelight hy winning the alternate's position in the local oratorical contest on February 111. As a result. Mr. Sanville accompanied Carroll Vhristenson. the winner. to Stevens l'oint. Although most of the places on both debating teams went to the seniors. representatives of tl1e Class of 1923 added much to the success of the year. Jule Ilelwiche. a junior who did not return to Milwaukee Normal in the fall of 15322. gained a place on the affirmative team and was instrumental in beating XVhitewater in the local assembly. llarold Sanville served as an alternate on tl1e negative team. The l'lass of 19225 furnished many men for football. basketball. track. and baseball teams. Outstanding among the men are l'hil Heil. vice-president of both junior and senior classes in 15322 and 153255. respectively. who was a mainstay in the football machine of 1921: liob Lenken. senior class p1'esident. who distinguished himself by a fighting spirit and difficult shots on the basketball tloor: and Moses Thisted. president ofthe High School Group. who instilled much of his enthusiasm into Voach Anderson's baseball men. even though Thisted traveled on a pair of crutches because of a b1'oken leg suffered early in the season. The Racine Hike of 1922 saw many juniors on the road. A few days later many of the same .Tuniors packed their trunks and headed north and south and west toward their homes in all parts of YVisconsin, XVhen the class returned in the fall of 1922. several members. headed toward leader- ship in their junior yea1'. were not among us. Herbert Jacobs had chosen Yale as the place where he would do hattle with the demi-god, Knowledge. Jule llelwiche. of debat- ing fllllltk had located at Marquette Vniversity. to prepare for law. Leslie Bowden. licho Weekly stati' editor, had traveled to the Vniversity of Michigan. The loss of men of the LIacolas-Delfiche-Bowden type. however, did not rob the class of all its leaders, A splendid array of potential force presented itself when the nome inations for class otfieers were opened early in Uctober of 1922. Two tickets were in the field. and o11e of the hardest fought campaigns in school history resulted. Posters Hared from every bulletin board. and election tickets were broadcasted throughout. the school. After a week of campaigning. the balloting on Monday, Uctober 16. resulted in the election of Robert Lenken. president: Phil Geil, vice-president: Elvira Carlson. secretaryg and Harold Sanville. treasurer. livan Schwemer for president. Vera Litcher. vice-presi- dent: Marion Fhristie. secretary: and Alice Reynolds. treasurer. furnished material for the opposite side of the argument. The Senior-Junior Reception in 1922 began the social season with exceptional enthu- siasm. The seniors greeted the juniors in a way that made the 11ew students feel comfortable in spite of the fact that they had scarcely begun their sojourn at Milwau- kee Normal. Foremost among the 1922-23 social events. sponsored by the class. the Senior Prom- enade on February 9. 1923. attracted a crowd that packed the men's gymnasium 'to capacity. Gordon Strathearn. chairman of the Prom. and his group of enthusiastic Co- workers had so carefully arranged every detail that when the eventful evening arrived everything was in readiness for one of the class' most delightful gatherings. l36l ,,, X 11 X U1 li f i- . 1 1 1'P1'llRl1lS the 11111st lasting l1l:11'li 111' the Vlass 111' 151221 111111111 'when 1111- X11'11'S 1'lul1. lll1dt'1' the 1ea1le1'sl1i11 11f l'hil 111-il 111111 I'r11t'ess111' Teter. C'0l1ll1l0f01l the fl'ZlllSfUl'1lli1l,LI 11r11cess, which 111111 c11111111e11C1-11 i11 the Alt-111.5 l'l11l1 11111111 ill the spring of 11122. 0111111511113 the s11111ky. 111111r1y lighted 11111111 i11t11 il s11le111li1l 1'e111lezv11us. the M1-11's 1111111 1111s left il l112ll'k ill the huilcliug which will lung 1'1-11111111 i11c11111i11g classes 11f the Vlass 11f 151231. Chief 1111111112 the f0l'NY2ll'di'I'S 11f the AI9ll.S Qilllll r1111111 was fHl'll1P1' l'1'esi1le11t l'11rr11ll 11. I'1-arse. When. 1111 111101-111111-1' 21. 12122. Mr. Pearse s1111ke t11 tl1e 11sse111l1le11 students 1111' the last time. 11111 1111ly the 111011. l1ut every student 111 Zlffixllllillllwx here sincerely re- gretted his d01l2l1'fIll'0. The :1sse111l1ly 1'1111111. cr11w1l1-11 far lfey11111l its 1111r11111l Cilllilfily. was as sile11t as El llllllll when Mr. l'e11rse SIIURQ' c1111cer11i11g our l11X:l1lX 111 causes which we lrelieved t11 lze just. Tl1is 2'!lfllPl'll1S. far the largest 11f the year. Slllblit' Ul01lll1'l1flj' 11f the esteem which tl1e students 111111 for our Prexy. Must of the active student 11rg:1111izati1111s 111111 Slxllllll' Cl21SSl1lPl1 at their he111ls. G111111 l"el111wshi11 League. 1lirecte1l hy llel1'11 f1l2lff110j'. tl11urisl1e1'1 lllll'lll9J,' the year 151221231 A 1,'11111'tesy NVeek ca11111:1ig11 resu1t1-11 ill Il 111111'ke1l i111111'11ve1111-111' ill the stu1le11ts' courtesy. Zlll i1111.1'11ve111e11t wl1icl1 exte111le1l th1'1111zl111ut the year. The .Xllllllill May Fete. l1el1l 1111 May 2. 151221. called f111'1ll il llllllflflldl' of 1111vel ideas 111111 111T111'1l1-11 2111 iIff1'l'll00ll'S enter- filillllll-'llf for the girls. While tl1e 11111111 I'v0ll4lNYS1lil1 League cared f11r the 1100115 11f tl1e 1111111011 11f the s1fl11111l, the RIl'll.S lilllll s111111s11re1l a lllllllllvl' of 1111vel events for the 111911. '1'w1'1 Kei-Y1Mf'f11Pl' +'V4'lli11gs f111'11isl1e1l El ll102ll1S 11f getting :lC4lll111lllE'd. A l1asketl111ll 1111111111- 111e11t. 21 1111139511139 11itchi11z c1111t1-st. 111111 1111 ll1f0l'd1'D2ll'fl11l-1111:ll I111sel111ll league aroused 111111-11 frie111lly rivalry 111111 s1-1'V1-11 t11 raise the 1111111110 of the 111911 here. Y. XV. l'. A. 111111 1lil1l11111s 1111113 11ls11 c1111tril111te1l 11111011 t11w11r11 lllilkillgl' the 15122-23 sch11111 year distinctive. Because 11f their f1'2lilllll5I wl1ile j1111i111's. the athletes of the Class of 15123 fUl'l1lSl19l1 the fl'2ll11t'XY0l'k f11r every athletic g1'5u1'1 of the scl11111l. Coach 1111w111-1"s f1111tl111ll 111111 track S1lllildS. illfllllllilll greatly 11u:111e11te1l liy jllllilll' athletes. used the se11i11r 1111111 t11 hear the ll1'llllf 11f the attack. l'11acl1 Alld1'I'S0ll. with l1is l1asketl111ll 511111 l111sel1111l teams utilized Ulass 11f 111221 1111111 i11 11111115' places. Allllfllljlll the 15123 athletic 1'ec11r11 was unsuccessful fl'1l1ll the cl1a11111i1111sl1i11 view1111i11t. the year 111-111151111 f11rtl1 s11111e 11f t11e 11111st s1111rts111a11- like 1'xhil1iti1111s i11 the scl11111l's hist11ry. Se11i11rs 11ls11 t1111k the li1111's share 11f 111111-es i11 0l'ilf0l'j' 111111 111-'l52ll'1'. fill F9l1l'll1lI'X 151. H:11'11l1l Sauville w1111 lirst l11111111's ill the l11c11l 11l'2ll11l'lC':ll contest. Mr. Sauville 1'9111'9- sented Milwaukee i11 tl1e state contest, wl1icl1 was held ill the 1110111 11ss1-111l1ly 1111 March 111. Alfllflllgll Mr. S2l11V1l1t',NV1lS 1111211119 t11 wi11 the contest, our 111'at11r 1le1111111str11te11 that Milwaukee N01'l113ll 11l'0dl1Cl'S Il2l1lQI0l'0llS c1111testa11ts 11t all times. 111 1lel111te. 111S'Illl101'S of 11111' Class l1el1l the 111aj11rity of places 1111 l111tl1 teams. Ilar11l1l Sauville 111111 Eileen Blackey 1'e111'ese11t1-11 the se11i1'11's 1111 tl1e 11fl'i1'11111tive t1-11111. while Nathan Schwid 111111 Roy D1-111111 carried their c11l111's 1111 the uegzative fl-'illll against YV11it0XVHf0l'. The g1'a1luati1111 exercises lll21l'k9Il the cl11si11:: e11is1111e ill the l1ist111-y of tl1e Class of 15123. The 111e111l1e1's 11f that class 1111w gn their Slllldlj' ways fll1'Tl19l' to lllilkll its l'1ist11rv. I1111' 1.. 1111111111 137 I 24S iv 1 if , X , N xl., YNEX ,N , .N XA 4. Helga Sorensen Eileen Blnckey Roy L. De Roo Fzitlierine Enright Poet Ivy Orator Historian Prophet The Builder Senior Class Porn: Slowly he built, and steadily he wrought Until from out the shapeless timber grew Graceful, steady of keel, the vessel new, Majestic, proud, with strength and power fraught. Ready to brave Lifes Sea. The ship had caught The spirit of the niaster and the crew- The patient wisdom, kindliness, the true Knowledge that life and fellowship had brought. At last 'twas launched and as the ship was freed Amid the shouts and cheers that rent the air, The wind caught in the sails to bear it far Out to the sea, while friends called out God Speed, Hoping for its return with honors rare. From other ports beyond the harbor bar. HELGA SORENSEN. l3Sl Mt Ng X M fn THE ABNORHIAL llElDS PriceQ2 bits and a carcheck Tociau, 2013 K. T. llo. of Pages--Count 'em Circulation-The 400 FORECAST lDEATl'lER-- IDORST Bu MERIT- llou Like lt or Hot Read ll and Weep King Tut Il Discovered by Noted Discoverer The wo1'ld of science was oleetrilied yesterday when the mummy of King E V311 st-hwemer was lllur 1111 by George Griswold ll. noted diggerologist and descendant of George Griswold 1, who at one time beheaded the I'nion Vodvil Committee. It is thought that King Evan rep- resents the period beginning as far back at 1922 when he was Prom King. He was wrapped in yards of erepe pa- per tleft over from the promj studded with pop bottles lnot left over from the 1bl'0I1'lJ. Numerous egg plants pre- served in grape juice adorned the kingly chambers. proving that King I-Ivan died around Easter time. In telling of the discovery, lleorge II said, Ullichard liielefeld, Alice Thelan. and I were playing bridge in the -afeteria, when I dropped the leuee of spades. It stuck in 'he ground. and as I pulled it out it seemed to stick in wood fliing Ev's heady. Im- mediately employing all the spades and elubs, Hiehard dropped the queen he had on his lap and proceeded to dig vor-iferously. The result you st-ell A Poison Ivy 01-ator On June 6. 1923, Eileen lilac-kney was the Ivy Orator at thc Class Day exercises of Milwaukee Normal. On the same date many years after she has again been proclaim- ed Ivy Orator. She had wandered into the woods and was having a jolly with herself. She tramp would stop now and then to gaze upon the trees and grasses and to listen to the twitter of the birds. She was having so much glad with herself, when soon she was heard talking in the strangest manner. She had touched some poison ivy and as near as we eould make out she was saying -XM! W 'Z' KI Noted Newspaper Man Dies lloy Ilelloo, editor of the I'oliee Gazette in Uskaloosa, cashed in his cheeks yester- day. Ile was at one time a in the young man rising world of fame. and it was 1ll'Ut'l2lllll0ll that he would make good dough if he was left alone in the dark. Funeral survives will be held from the undertaking parlors of Carl ltaumbach M Sons. The pallbearers will include ll a r r y Phillips. Nathan Sehwid, Norbert lsliselloff, and Alle 1'0ll. The Coffin will be pushed up the aisle to the strains of "I Ilidn't liaise My Hoy to be a Cub Reporter." The sermon will be preached by Marguerite Wolfsen and is entitled, t'XVe I'ut Him to Sleep with Zlll Old Fashioned Crowbarf' The pallbearers will be able to keep step. hav- ing marehed single tile for three years in thc bread line at Sing Sing." Former Football Hero? Marble Champion Phil Geil. former football hero and all round athlete, has gone ill for marbles and taken all honors. The latest prize he won was a handsome cut glass eye to be used as a shooter. On the bleaehers is often seen Mrs. Geil, formerly Ilelen Sf-holl. who is a great marble fan. Great Feet Performed Miss Lois Almon, formerly interested in nature study, has taken to the study of hu- man nature. Iler husband, 1. M. VVild, desired to have feet like Charlie Chaplin, so Lois has taken to grafting piano legs and shoe trees, and soon I. M. lVild will appear on the streets of Toonervillle, getting a speaking aequaint- ance with the bees and beetles. l39l The Koo Koo Klan Some years ago the Koo Koo Klaus were gaining a world wide reputation as a very powerful as well as dis- orderly organization. But since Lloyd Thomas has been plaeed at the head of them, the Koo Koo Klaus have be- come worse, and are reign- ing demons. They have wiped out twenty towns with- in the last twelve hours, with dish towels made by Loretta Tully. lluring a reel-nt meeting which was held at the slaugh- ter house a knock was heard at the door. After same time, the head butcher answered. Standing at the haseboard sat Lester Shuck. He said he wanted an order for all the white goods. Soon Neal 0'lirien came rushing along and said he was afraid to go home nights as he had used up all his inother's sheets, pillow cases, towels. and his fatherls pa- jamas. .Announcement A new shop showing 11 1-omph-te line of antiques will be opened on No. Ones street early next week. Grave Con- nors will mauago the shop. Helping her advertise the an- tiques will be Itosina Fagan and Celeste Herran. Come Back, Elvira Word has just been receiv- ed from Hawaii that Elvira Parlson, who went there to do Y. XV. F. A. work. has been proclaimed the best Hoola. Hoola danc-er that ever Came from Amerim-an shores. Beg Your Pardon In our last addition to this paper we stated that Kip Kroenig was arrested by the Humane Soeiety for shooting r-raps. What we meant to say was that he had to be shot by the Humane Soeiety because he got a f-ramp in his leg and broke it. 7 l r Qt, . .0 SX X l x5- . S X, , if 'xx V s,,n,i ass-.M jqw 44 :sei ..5s wp, l'rime Minister from lfinland Clear Road for Baby Buggy Milkweed Twins N'ed Visits l'. S. Races The wedding of Mr. Del A parade fully ten miles long. the last nine and a half consisting of dogs. eats. ete.. greeted Preinier Sylvester S4-herer as he stepped from his private puslnnobile at the Northwestern Depot today. The tirst part of the parade eonsisted of admiring mem- lzers of the female sex. Lead- ing the prof-ession was Bel'- niee lielany's llnbbel' lland. I'l't'lllit-ll' Seherer one time addressed a group of deaf people in F'inland on the eorrevt way of t'tllll't'llfl'iliill,2' when listening to a speaker. They were so mneh impressed that they made him premier. Un the platform with him was a piteher of water and Mayor fflimn-A XV01f, .,-..,. lnvents Tail Light for Kiddie Car Mr. Lester VVegne1' added onee more to his lanrels as an eleetrieian when he invented a stop light for the Kiddie Car. The invention is the last of his many which have brought Mr. XV:-gner fame. Mr. Thomas Edison was re- ported as having given up all hopes an an inventor and drinking Coe-a-ffola when he heard of the invention. Rev. Arthur Nieolaus Returns from Siberia Having run out of a supply of collar buttons, Rev. Art Nic-olaus and his bride, for- merly Helen Ilarbaugh, re- turned from Siberia where they have been doing mis- sionary work. A reeeptiou will be held Sunday from 2 to 4 IRX.. in the sun parlor of Mr. and Mrs. Fat Lawler's new home. At this let it he known that Mrs. Lawler was formerly Miss Vera Burns. Astrologieal Horoscope By Alice Galligan A ehild born on this day has eome into the world. Should it resemble his fa- ther it will look like him. Should it resemble the mother it will look like her. If water falls from the heavens tomorrow, you'll you'Il know it is raining. Those in the employment of others, who have a payday tomorrow, should be sure and Collet-t their sheekles. Tomorrow the road from Sym-amre to State streets in Piggsville will be 1-leared and Vhester Young. at one time a star tram-k man at Normal. will push a baby buggy eon- taining his wailing' infant up this thoroughfare. Ile will 4-ompete with ll. l'. Slow, I. M. Speedy. li. I. Swift, and V. li. liaee. Chet will give all those who are at the goal, if he comes in first, a hair taken from the misplaeed eyebrow which he has preserved with alt-ohol sinre his SL-hool days. Announcement Misses Marie Wall and lfllaine Palm-er just returned from gay Paree wearing the latest eostumes. It is said that they both invested a for- tune in their attire. but our reporter thinks Marie got hers at a tire sale as he smelt the smole. while I-llaine's must have been imported as he smelt the oeean. Appointed to Sit on Bench Moses Thisted, who upheld the judges of the l'. S. Su- preme Court and the methods they used when sitting upon the benvh. took his plaee on the Supreme Court beneh yes- terday. The bench was fresh- ly painted and placed near the statue of Solomon Juneau in .lnneau Park. Moses had just plan-ed himself upon the heneh and was about to start dealing out orders to his in- feriors, when all of a sudden a loud erash was heard, and lo and behold. the beneh had broken ill two and Moses was rolling down the hill and nearing the railroad tracks. Three men jumped out of a box ear and pieked Moses up in four parts and stood him on his two feet. The men proved to be old school- mates of his and were now leaders of the Hobo lfnion. They were Clyde SVOhlford, XVilliam Tiernan, and Robert St-hoenbrun. XVhen Moses reeognized his old friends, he told them of the exalted po- sition he held and assumed them that they. too, should have positions higher lllb. So now all three of them are do- ing janitor work on the top floor of the XVells Building. E401 Coleman and Miss Evelyn Goessling, the original Hon. and Dearie, took plaee this afternoon at 9 a.m. in the fern room of the Hotel Nix- dorf. The bridal couple en- tered the room to the strains of, "The High Cost of Living" in a flat. The bride was giv- ing away for nothing by her father. The 4-osxunies of the bridal party were elalaorate and rented. Miss Goessling was attired in a bridal bouquet of 1-auliflower and hat to lll2lft'il. The groom looked his handsome best in a long pair of kid gloves and a sweet smile. Mr. liill ltight fthey start- ed in with bills the first thingy aeted as worst man. Mr. Elmer Kall was brides- maid. Bigamist Held, Has Six Wvlves Dave WVigodsky. former i v o r y tiekler and heart breaker, is being held at po- liee mess quarters on eom- plaint of his sixth wife. He had previous to this been ar- rested for hanging his wife with a rope of pearls. His sixth wife states he has three wives now living at the House of David, while another wife just eommitted suir-ide by drinking ginger ale, when he attempted to beat her-to the dinner table. Conflab at Beckers Many people of interest will attend the conference which is to be held at Iieekers in the near future. The ones- tion to be debated will be, "How high is up?" Among those who will talk on the subjeet will be Robert Leuken now taking Mr. llean plaee at VVashington Park. Mrs. Leuken will also be there. Of eourse. we all know she was at one time f'atherine liohman. Helen Gaffney will act as one of the judges, giving the final der-ision. Miss Gaffney has for some time past been kept quite busy 4-ountiug the mnuber of straw hats which men are wearing in Alaska. Faith Btllllll,2'11I'iIlf'l' will be in attendanee to doetor any wounds eaused by tl1e use of rough language. Miss Baum- gartner has been speeializing along this line for many years. N KK X1--.N Good Sports Kathleen VFIIUIIIIISUII has been awarded honors for be- ing the Chanipion Cherry Eater of Iloor County. l'ut and Take Tournament railed off beeause Martin Tor- phy and Anita liiley, the ehiet rontestants, are to have the knot tied today at sundown. lluth Bonner and Gladys Kramer ran a saek rave yes- terday on the upper Milwau- kee lliver. Ruth won the rave by three hops, Norma llaberlnan is plan- ning to eoinpete for the hand eroeheted hot water bottle, whit-h will be presented to the winner of the Giggling Con- test. lflvelyn Feinber,f: has taken to playing golf and it is 1'u- niorefl that soon she will be a ehainpion as she has been spending her mornings in the kitehen praetieing with fresh eggs and the stove poker. Evelyn Weber has entered her pet raeeoon in the Annual Animal Show. whieh will be held in the Nearby Natato- riuin. The Hrdnlan sisters have just returned from llussia. where they lllildt' a naine for theinselves as pieeeinakers, having: broken up thirty Bol- shevists' meetings hy import- ing: ten wheelbarrows of Mex- iean bulls, whieh were at- traeted by the lleds. At last the King of beasts is subdued. Dorothy Hood has Vtllllllttll the lions of Afriea into purring at her feet. Irene Zuehlke has broken the reeord as high jumper, She jumped over three tooth- pieks plaeed in a horizontal position. Marie Sm-haaf and l-Ileanor NVerner attended the a1111ual eelebration Sunday of the Third VVard. Marie was given a paekage of spaghetti for elinlbingr to the top of the greasy pole, while Eleanor reeeived a bottle uf olive oil for singimr. "The Niea Biga Hanana"-eantata. Etiquette Pointers Tessie Yinovsky Dear Miss Vinovsky: Is it neeessary to rise when a lady older than yourself enters the rooin before break- fast? Genevieve Folger. Yes, Gen, always get up be- fore breakfast. Turns Down l'v0l'fllll0 "Love in a eottagre is bet- ter than all the rin-hes in the world." so says Marion Chris- tie who has just turned down a fortune ot 140,000 rubles, and is marrying liollie Hod- ges, who has been training' hippotainuses to jump thru ear rings for the past few years. Advice to the Love-Lorn My 1l12,lll beat ine with a hose last night. Shall I leave hint? Grave Norton. Yes, if he is too heavy to take with you. My wife walks in her sleep. VVhat shall l do to prevent this? Charles Hawtry. Buy her ear dheeks. My husband has been ly- ing to Ine. He says he is 36 and l know he's 40. What ean I do about it? llose Helen Burns. Cheer up. Maybe he lost four years on aeeount of siek- ness. My 5.-:irl's father kieked me out last night. WR- love each other. Tell nie a means of gretting into the house. I-Illner Kall. NVaIk in backwards and the father will think you're eonl- ing out. Personals Mr. and Mrs. Usear Goels- zer and the little Ones have just returned froin a dying trip abroad. They went as far as Madison. Mrs. Goelszer was formerly Seielda lllriekson. a former blonde. Now she has l'-lark hair. 'Tis very strange how a change of elixnate af- fects 0ne's coloring. Miss Aliee Reynolds, one tilne proni queen, is said to have been eler-ted the Queen of Sheba. She always had winning: ways and I suppose will be a regular heart- breaker when she IlSl'E'll1lS the throne. It has been rnniored for some tinie past that Miss Au- drey Melndoe opened a kin- dergarten of her own in Pa- per Yalley. but we under- stand she is about to marry the King of Greeee. Gretehen Haberiuehl is preparing for her wedding breakfast. She is getting the tables eleared as everyone is to bring his own luneh. lluth Garbutt is entertain- ing for all her c-lassnrates of 1923. Her future husband is building' her at palatial lnan- sion in the Sfllllllb of a tree on the lake front. E411 lf You Believe lt, It's So Hazel Kidd is in the Old Ladies' Horne. Elsie Wilson is selling ice to the Iflskilnos. .larry Weber has peroxide blond hair and talse eye- brows. Evelyn lirodesser has be- l'Ul1l6 a eabaret entertainer. Dot Iltbfflllilll lost her hands. but ean still play pi- ano with her elbows. Hlauehe Mueleinan is still going: with the one uxan. Marian Voss has lost all her pep, and is oifering a rewal'd to the one that tinds it. Marg llaas, Mary Etta ltonayne, and Genevieve VVolf had a tight a11d have not spoken in years. even though they lnarried three brothers froin the same family. lluby .lat-obson suddenly disappeared and was found studying trees in Washing- ton Park. Josephine l'aehaly married the l'rinee of VVales. She inet him while dancing at the Pickle Growers Ball. llose Christensen kept the seating plan from her Nature Study elass and has chairs arranged in her kitehen like the plan, and takes roll eaeh morning. Virginia lleberlein had searlet fever and her hair fell out. Now she has light, per- feetly straight hair. Catherine Hayniaker has opened a sehool for ent-ups. Helen Donahue has a low, heavy voiee as a result of be- ing out in the fog. Leona Hein stopped for a set-ond to draw breath before she eontinued speaking. Mary MeManus has stopped vainping: the inen as she did in So:-iology. Florenee May h:1s develop- ed a disposition like an old erab. Marian Frowley for::0t to doll up yesterday. Grave Mt-Dermott owns her own gyin outtit. f XV 7? l p X V llelp Nfanted-Male Auetionear-Honest. and re- lined. Party is leaving for lVaterford and is desirous of dispensing with all of his val- uables, Among other anteeks he has an interesting collection of ever-sharp pencils and club pins. Sold at a saeritiee by ERNST HINTIGLMANN. Manftlrey haired. medium sized with pierl-ing eyes, to assist Ulga Maurice and Dor- othy Stangel in writing their famous book entitled, "A Guide to Pram-tice 'l'eaehing," in 2 volumes. Boy-Between ages of 34 and 47 years to take my right hand and guide me along the path of roses. Call early as my husband might be home. MYRTLE BECK. Help lvanted-Fenlale Girls - Professional Star- gazers to help Margaret Ro- gan, Helen Sholl and Dorothy Parker in their astronomical observation of the Chocolate Dipper. Don't apply unless you 4-an explain all the points of a eirele. Call Angle X Y Z. Girls-Over 15 with high sf-hool education to assist George Keller in his new ex- haustive study of the ques- tion: "VVhy do they all fall for me?" Port YVashington girls pre- ferred. Anyone-To invent a Lis- tenoseope whieh is portable and easily ereeted. Nettie Romanowski, Patent Attorney. Owing to the fact that the Trivoli is a good show and advertises our paper we in turn advertise the Trivoli. Trivoli Theatre Program for the !Veak Mon.--Eleanor Dwyer in seven parts- "Virtuous Vamp" XVed. - "l'aul"-KNIEF "Gretchen" explain the miss- ing link of the VVeiner VVor1d. Direct from Sausage Co. Fri. - Horace Kittens- "Clog Dancer," will give les- sons to all cripples in the au- dienee. Sun.-K ing Tut Toodle- G ra e e Fradenburgh ju s t brought this back from Egypt. Marie Krumme will also perform. She will danee the "Snakes Ilipsf' Listenin' in on the Radio YV A A C The best lec-ture ever heard over the radio was delivered by Gordon Strathearn. It is perfeetly wonderful how he has learned to manipulate his hands. livery vibration of the sound waves disturbed the air in sueh a way that we 1-ould almost see Gordie as he was in ihe days of long ago. C R K A lt was always very hard for Gordie to address an au- dienee without heeoming fussed and stammering over various words. But since the radio pil-ks up messages given by the deaf and dumb method Gordie is considered a whizz. WV C C A Another number on this program rendered last night was a triplet by Evelyn l'rendergast, a ditty en- titled. "VVhy Fatlu-r's Glass Eye Don't lVater." She was assisted by Rose 1'ol1ins,who played the string beans. C Z K A A third number was a solo danre by Miss Vera Downey, at one llllle known to be as graeeful as a fai1'y seen three fll0llS2lllll miles in the dis- tanee. Grave Connors rendered some songs in perfect agony. One would think she was either cooling soup or ped- dling fish. W' K A A The program was con- eluded by a eorn 1-ob pipe and organ duet by Adell Siegler and I. Dreadit. Assembly Program for Mil- waukee Normal Adviee to Students-Stay Away Monday -Address, "From tl1e bottom to the top-by an elevator boy"-Sylvan Zwei- fel. Tuesday- Song revital- Mme. .lanet Jones of Metro- politan Opera Co. H1-dnesday - Address -- "Evils of Gum Chewing," Rev. Sylvia Fhudkow. Thursday - t"ommunity singing under leadership of Prof. Fred Sr-hneider of Mu- sie School. Friday - Educational tilm -"The Madness of Lovej' starring Annyee Levinsky. l42l Paid Advertisements Yerda Bn-naman Rouge Get that sehool girl eomplex- ion. XVrite for free booklet. Post nothing. 1 llound -the-Corner St. You Cx-m't Change Your Face, But You can Changer Your Name. .Made to order marriages a speeialty. Guaranteed hus- bands supplied. Return if not satisfaetory. Write to La Dora Vaughn "Lest You Forget" 'l'rade-mark .. Lake Park Nurseries Free adviee to gardeners. Mushless Mushrooms a specialty Lady guides furnished. Lina Loge-man, Prop., Cora Wolfrum, Q Sgt.-at-Arms. Pine Cone 812. i Now Ready Editor of "Two Rivers Bluff" offers pamphlet "The VYell Groomed Man." Charles I'osephny. - Don't Read This! Fan Water VVave? See it done at Madame Car- rigan's Hair Emporium. Large heads 1.000,000 roobles Small heads 350,000 roobles Crime waves 200.000 roobles Light waves 100.000 roobles Paid Ad. Catherine Enwright: Vera Litcher Ruth Ga-rbutt Announee the formal opening of their print shop. where they will edit a Gazette of some sort. t'Our experience was gained thru editing the Abnormal News. Those that liked it be our eustomers, others try our new paper and we'll give you lots of notoriety in it." ,4, . ' fr.-gil' a s K 4 x I -'fxxx ,V NORMA IC. ACI-IICSUN, I'l'llll2ll'y "Acl1ie" Buy View Goml Fellowsliip I,e:1g:1u-. Vtopizl. l'l'i' llI:lI'y Suplmulore t'nuuCiI. IIAROIJJ U. AUIITIGNIIAGICN, Manual Arts 'AAchte" XVZIYQVIUXVII Art l'IuIv. Ellglish Uluh. All-'Il,S 1'Iuln. MA R I IC I IIGLICN AC K Eli. Gl'2l111I1lil1' "Hee" SI14-Iuoygan Guuzl Fellmvsllip I4l"2lflll0I tiilmlwuns Clubg Zeimhin I,ite1':11'y Society. EIDNA M. M'YIil4IRKNlCl,'lIT. Nm-iual Arts "EIll'Ilifl'. Waukesha Art Students' 1"IuI1. Gmail Fellowship Lezxguv. AI,Il'l'I AIJHRMAN, G1'2lIllIIlilI' "AI" , GFGSIIEIIII Key Klub, Good Fellowship League. IGDNA AIJERMAN, Deaf "Ed" G1'esI1:111x Good Fellowship Lezlgrue. l'Iiilocu1vI1iz1, Key Klub, T1'ez1su1'e1' l'I1iIoC0phia. I-131 Il0R0'I'IIY I.. AILICN, Priiuury "Dot" NV2lSlliIlgtOll Y. XV. U. A.. Good Fellnwsllip League. LUIS ALBION, I,1-ttvrs and S'Ci9l1C9 "Imp" North Division Science Vluh. Treble FII-f Vlub. Le Cel'- Cle Fmllqzlis. Eliglish Club. lVeekly Echo Stuff. f ffl .cv I K N - If Xixgx - ' ', f N 'V 1 gal ..-.- - f' W Qmmbqx MICTA HlCl,l-IN AMANN. IillldPl'Q.'2ll'Ill1l lIll,llI'R ANIDICRSUN. Norxuul Arts l'1'z1i1'ie du f-'llll'll "Andy" Sll1N'1'i01' Ligeu. Iillldl1l'Q.'Zll'ft'll Association. Good Smocfk Club. Art Stucleuts' l'lub, Good l"e-llowsluip League. lfvllowsllip LGZIQIIIU. SARA AXIPICIUCGG. I'1'il1l:l1'y .l4lSl1ll'HlNl'I ll. ANIIRICS Hfnllllllill' "Sally" Algoum "Jo" lloly Angels .ACZIGPIIIY Good Fellowsllilr lmlglle. I7l'ZlIll2lfiC Vllllb. Gibbous Vlulb. Good Fel- lowship League. lflliglislx Club. Key Klub. Idllllil, Girls' .AllXlli2ll'1'. l'resi4le11t Grum- uuu- SHlbll0lll1ll'0S. lflxe-Cutive B02l1'd of Gooal Fellowslliln IAQZIQIIUZ Secretiwy Gl'2lllllll2ll' I'1'im:11'y l"1'eslum-n. S1-uior 1'luy. GNYICNI Pl PLY N JANE A HNI DT. lbwlf "Gwen" South liivisiuu Y. VV. l'. A., l'l1iloco1ml1iu. Good Fellow- ship LEil.LIll0. lfllmlelpllizl. XVesley Ululr I'lld6l'Q'1'1lllll2lft' Representative of Y. W l'. A. '22-'23, Vice-l'resi1lel1t Wesley Vlulr. l'1'c-sideut l'l1iloco1rl1iu. IIAZICI. ll. l'lAlJl'l. l'l'llll2l1'y "Be-tsy" Rig livud Y. WV. G A.. Good Fellowsllip lmzlglw H41 l.l4I1lNARlb S. ISARIRY. Letters K Science "lim-i11k" Rive rside I,l'2llll!ltiC Vluln. l.e Fercle l"1'zu1q:1is. .luugrlv l.ez1g.:ue. Tl'PElSlll'9l' llrzuuutic Vluln. I7l'2llllZlflC. Fl'0llCll. and f'1lI'lSflll2lS Plays. Glev Ululr. f'0lllllll'l'C0 Cluln. Meu's Club. lCl,l'IANUR l,Ul'ISlC RARTA. G1'z11u1u:1l' "Ellie" Ruciue Zeuohiu Gibbous Club. Good lf'e-llowsllilx I.e:lp:ue. President Zeuohiu. Tl'9HSl1l'0l' Z1-uohizl. SOCl't'fill'X-Tl'02lSlll'0l' Gl'2lllllllIll' Group. X "lug Yf'-Ex , l.Al'l!lfIT'l'A lflI.IZARlC'l'H lflASSl4Z'1"l'. MARGGARWI' IL l2AI'l'lR. Gl'2lllllll1lI' Sfllflx Glulclvtl "Mll2S" U1l1'flFS "Butts" Lena '9l"""'1S "1""- Allxullc .xxx n-xI'M.xN. sm., 1:1-mlm XVitlw0 1g1gA1gL 1gAgg'MAN. q'1,u,lm,1'Q0 Howl l"vlIuwsl1ip I.61lL'Illt'. hstilllllkq Kisllilu-V. Russia Men! Vluh. AI2lHl0lll2lflC'S Vlnlf, l'01'0lv l"l':l11g:lis. l".XIT1I l!Al'MGAl!'l'Nl'lR. l'1'i111z1l'y MARIE ILXKICK. Kil11l01'g:l1'tvl1 M1n11'of- Eau Claire Flin. Huml lfollmvslliln l.Q-nglw. Kinder- MY1:'1'1,E l'IlDl'l'll IiEl'K. lu-ilmu-y ff""te" MS"f'mf"'n' "l!eCki0" XVQSY Ilivisiun Hood Fvllowsllip I4-sugrlle. MARION I.0I'ISlC HEIILINH. Glilllllllill' "BlRl1'ilDIl., Holy Angels ACZIIIPIIIX Gihlwvlls Vlulv, Gund l"vllmvsl1ip I.1-zlgrlle, Girls' .XllXiliill'X. . T451 '4'."' , 759' 'ii' o r 4 i t ' 5-xxx ' M A D W, -2. Ns ,Mx ICIINA CX RELITZ, State Graded MARY V. BIGNIIICL. P1'illl2l1'X "Blitz" Cleveland Athens Good Fellowship League. Good Fellowship League. Zenohia. VORINNE li. HHMIS. Music Supervisors AllIt'li BERGQVIST. Priniary VVuupaca "Al" Ironwood, Mich. Stillman-Kelly Club. Orcln-stru. Girls' Good Fellowsliip League. Girls' Glee Vhorus. Fluh. DANIEL BICRGSMARK. State Graded "Ilan" South Division Men's Glee Uluh. Truck Tezun. AMY BEYER, Norinnl Arts "Amy-bird" Riverside Art Students' Club, Sniock Vluh, Good Fellowship League. i461 w ARTIIVR lil. BIIDNICY, Manual Arts "Gi-11e" Independence Art Cub, Men's Cub. I-IILEEN BLAFKICY. Letters K Science "Blackie" South Division Good Fellowsliip League. Girls' Aux- iliary, Pythia. Drainatic Uluh, President Pythia. Secretary Pythia. Vice-President 01-atorical Assoication '22, Debate Team 23. Vliristnias Play '21, Humor Editor, Echo Weekly. Editoi'-in-ffliief Echo An- nuzll. Ivy Orator. -4'FTff" . 7596? 1: I o r ., x 1 . , S .5 lr' .KK -,-xxx , H kwji .. I H H 4 K b ESTHER IRENE BLOM, Kindorgarten L'Besser'i St. John's Cathedral Erodelphia, Good Fellowship League, Gibbons Club, Girls' Auxiliary, Kinder- garten Association. Drzunatic Club, French Flub. Secretary I'YI'2l1lliliZiC Club. TICRESA M. BLOTZ. I'1'i1na11'y Dodgeville Gibbons Flub. Good Fellowship Leaguv. FIA DRICNCIC E. HUICH Rl NGER, Iiilld01'5Iil1'tQ-'ll "Flory" Two Rivers Ki11de1'g:m't.o11 Association. Good Fellow- ship League. VALIAIILIA BUGDA, l'1'imnry "LilI'I'il-'v North Division Gibbons Club, Good Fellowship IA-agile, l,l'illlill'j' Council. HARRY VV. l'IOLl.INGlCR. Manual Arts RVTH RUNNER. Prininry Sharon "Ruthie" Uconto Falls Good Followship Ilengllv. Ligva. Presi- df-nt N. C. 1. GHlllllllill'-l'1'illlilFX Juniors: U"'IS'47 HON' Gmlmmu. i'l'illl'll'V Xdvisorv Founcil "Bonnie" Kenoshn ' ' ' ' ' ' Key Klub. Y. XV. P. A.. Good Fellowship L9fl2l10, Librarian Key Klub. IRENIC IG. BURN. IfiIld9l'jItlI'it'll "S'kylvo" North Division Good Fellowship League. Y. W. U. A.. Kindorgnrton Assoc-intion, I'i'Olliil, Kinder- garten Hnskotlmll TOIllll. F-171' -4,w?'x, f X K x. X 4 'N , . S . Ir' X-Xxx '- I'I.XROI,IP IIUNVIGN, I.l't1lxl'S and Scivucv MIIJDHICII HRIICN, Ki11d01'::1l't+-I1 NW-st IDiViSi4bl1 Norway. Mich. Mc-11's Vlnlv. Hihhulls Fluh, IfillIll'l'LI2ll'f0ll Associa- tion. Good 1"vllowshi1+ I.e-213110. ULIVIC IUNI-I HRAIJICR. l'l'i1ll2l1'X "0Iliv" South I,iViSillll l4IYl4Il.YN I'!IiU11lGSSlC1L Kil1dv1',2zll'f+'l1 Gund Fvllmvsllip Imalguv "Ex", Rivvrsidv Vliu. Ki111le1'g:z11':4-11, ASS1K'i2ITiUll. Gmnd Vollmvsllip IA-'ilgllt-X. AIDELA HIIVIC. Pl'illl21l'y IiS'l'I'ZI,I,Ii HI'E'l'NlCIi. liilidi-'l'Q.f2lI'tl'll "Lo1'k" IboFo1'vst IQ4-'NV2lHll6Q" Good Fellowship I,ez1g11v. Y. NV. 0. A., Y. W. C. A.. Girls' Anxilizlry. Iirodvllrllia. Rl"l'H liI'IlGMAN, Hl'2l1lll1l:l1' YVAI,'l'ER A. RI't'HlIOI.Z. Stzltv Grands-d "'l'opsy" North Division "R0nkie" Kingston Z1-nuluial, Good Fellmvsllip I,v:lg:ue. Monk Club. Give Vinh. I'1'0sidv11t State Graded l+'1'esl1111:1n Class. E431 ,4,'7'N, I I XX 5 tg Q A l lj" ' ' xixx , xv YYQ' '-.5 ' , li. I'ATRll'IA BI'IiNI4I'1"1'l4I. l'l'i1112ll'X VERA A. BVRNS. l'1'i1ll2lI'X "l':1t" Mziriuvtte "I':lll'llS9X-l Hlullcllznmlville Gilmlmus Ululn. Gnodfl-Ilowsllip I.c-agile. Gilvlmlls. Gmnl F0ll0WSl1iI1 110212119- RHSIC HI-Il.I-IN BVRNN. I'l'i11l2ll'X .XXl'l'.X H. l3I'TSl'lllCR. Holy Augm-ls ACZIUPIIIY Ll-tts-rs and Sail-llcv Gilmluous Ululn. Thzllia. llistory l'lul1. "Nitz" XVZISIIUIXUDII Girls' Auxiliary. Gund Fellmvsllip I.e:1guu. 5IZlfll0lllilliCS l'lulv. Le l's-rn-lo I'1'a11q:1is, llilxlwms t'lulr. Gund Felluwsllip League, Vnllogv Girls' Baslivtlmll 'rl"Zllll. JANE BI"l'TLI'IS. Letters and Science IGLYIRA l'ARI,SUN. Gl'2l1lllll2lI' Riverside "IClviv" Smith Division Le Vs-rclo F1'2lllQiliS. Pytllizl. Girls' Auxiliary. Y. W. U. A.. Gund Fel- luwsliip lmagne. lfI1'odvlpl1i:1. l'l'9Sld6'llf Y. MAHf:,xRI1:'1' iz. c'.x1nu.xN, In-imm-,V f"q,SfE""in"2' S"j'1"'1l"""i flmss' Y- l.Gum,im,, Casco . . . . :I mlet. . tmlant 1 ouncil. Gilslvons Club. Gund F1-llmvshill l.vzi::1w. l49l MAR I I-I'l"l'A li. PARK. I'l'llllill'y Hllsnlne-" llllroy timid Fffllnwsluilr lmnglw. 'fag' mf . L fs 'ik 1 xxx V X N xx wi' xxx '- , H p, we 2,2 ' A Riagg' " h tt lib A-. Xa--e .Jim 1' . f 'Ex '- MARY JAl'QI'l'll.INI'l VARRIGAN, 1'lLS'A l'A'l'IIERINI'l CARSTICX, Pl'illl21l'y State Graded "Blondy" Medford XVashington Good Fellowship League. Good Fellowship League. Gibbons Club. Key Klub. l'l1ilatl1ea. SOC1'0l'2ll'j'-Tl'0dSlll'0l' MHAFRED CASS Hiuh School State Graded Group. mfimmludel, ' l-ILINUK K. t'ARROI,L. 1'l'l1llfl1'y "Ellyn Holy Angels Academy Good Fellowship Leagueg Clio: Gibbons Club, Girls' .Xl1Xlll2ll'j', Vice-President His- tory Club. KATHRYN F. CAVHY. Kindergarten ESSIE CHRISTENSEN. State Graded Holy Angels Acadeiny "t'l1riStie'i Rio Gibbons Club. Good Fellowship League. Key Klub, Baseball Team, State Graded Basketball Team. AMELIA I'. FHAFIQY. I'1'illlill'y "Amy" Riverside Ilistory Club. Good Fellowship League. MAHIUN IRENE CHRISTIIC. 1'I'i1na1'y "t'l1ristie" West Division Iduna. History Vlub, Good Fellowship League Board. Vice-President and Presi- dent of Iduna, TI'92lS1lI'GI' Good Fellowship League. Treasurer Gl'2llllllltl1'-I'l'illl3.l'y Juniors: Treasurer History Club. E501 -4 . NA . 75 lit' ., 1 MN W K Y Qi SYLYIA l'lll"l'KOXV, l'1'i111:1ry HSN" North Ibivisiou Good Fellmvsliip. Girls' Auxiliary. l"l.ORENl'I'I i'I,Il-"l'. I'l'llllilI'j' "f'liffy" Yiulu 'fhllliih Good Fellmrsllilu lwlglle-. MAH M. 4'Gl,l,lNS. lii1xde1'gz11'rv11 Wziliwniosa Flin, Girls' Auxiliary. Gilvlvous Club. Gund Ifvllowsliip League. IiiIldQ1'g2lI'f0ll Asmvizltiolx. Ivlllllll Voilvil. Gl!Al'l'I VUNNUHS. 1'1'illlill'y "Haley" Green Buy Flin. Gnml l+'vllmvsl1ip l.1-zlglw. Girls' .Xl1xili:1l'y. Gilnl uns. GlGR'l'RI'lllC li, VUTTUN. X0l'I1lillAl'fS MAIUAN ip i'RUWI.lCY. liilld91'gflFf0ll "GMT" South Division "I-!z1l:e" Riverside Smock t'lul'. Good Fvllmrsliip lmzlglle-, lfllmlellzllizl. Gilmlmus Cluln. Gund Fellow- Art Students' l'lulv. ship lmalgllv. Y. W. l'. A. GIAIWS VILXBIICII. IiiI1dQ1'22ll'f0ll I-Il.lZAl3l-ITII J. VVMMING. Iii11dQ1'g2l1'f0ll "Glad" JIIIIGSVHIQ' "I1vtty" Racine Kilxdergzlrtvu Associzltion, Ligezi. l51l 'l'ra-lilo Ulvf Club, Ifillll0l'gIill'fl-'ll Asso- cintiml. Gund If:-llmvsllip l'.eug1w. , 41, A A l SQ- K Y N ELOISE MARIE CVRRAN, Priniary 'AI'oggy" Medford Good Fellowship League. ESTHER A. CRONIN, Priinary "EstiXs" Lake Geneva Gibbons Club. Girls' Auxiliary, Good Fellowship League. Prilnary Council, Treasurer Primary Group. MILIJRIGIJ VVSIUK, Music Supervisors lVest Allis Stillman-Kelly Club. Orchestra. Vtopia. LAVRA IDACHOW. l'1-iniary "Shorty" South Division Girls' Auxiliary. Y. XV. C. A., Good Fel- lowship Leazue. lirodelphia. Secretary Y. NV. I". A.. Tl'l'2lSlll'6-'l' l-lrodelpllia. FLORENUE DALLVVIG, Kindergrarten "Flo" Manitowoc Iduna, Kindergarten Association, Good Fellowship League. BERNICE DELANICY. Priniary Green Ray Clio, Girls' Auxiliary, Good Fellowship, Fnion Vodvil, Gibbons. K5 21 UATIIARINIAI IIELAVAN, Deaf "Oath" Sheboygan Falls Good Fellowship League, Gibbons Club, Philocophia, Treble Clef Club, Ligrea, Sec- retary Philocolvliia. ROY L. DIC R00. Letters and Science Milwaukee Senate llebating Club. l'lng.:lisl1Club, Men's Club, lflditor-in-Chief Echo Weekly, Debate Team, Secretary Senate Debating Club, Men's 'Club Executive Board, Stu- dent Council. Assembly Prograni Com- mittee. Vlass Historian. X51- rx . Q. 1 4 l W 1 X.,-X LILLIAN DIEDRIl'KS', I'1'in1a1'y CATHRINE DOCKRY, Ki11de1'ga1'ten "l leeds" Manitowoc Good Fellowship League. Secretary- Treasurer N. C. 1. Gfilllllllil1'-l'l'illlfll'y Juniors: l'1'in1ary Advisory Council. ELLEN E. IDISCH, l'1'illl2l1'y "Nellie" Cudahy Good Fellowsllip League. Vtopia. "f'appi" Green Bay Good Fellowship League Executive Board, Student Council, Gibbons Club, Kindergarten Association, Iduna, Treble Clef Club. Girls' Auxiliary, Vice-President Senior Kindergarten Class. FLORENCE M. DOPKE, Kindergarten West Division Vtopia. Kindergarten Association, Good Fellowship League. MARY L. IIOMBRUWSKI, I'ri1nary "Dom" Neshkoro Good Fellowsliip League, l'I1'odelpl1ia. VERNA IJUXVNICY. Primary "Vern" St. John's Cathedral Gibbons Club, 1':l'0dQlIll1i2l,Il1'2l1ll2ltiC Club. H531 MARGFERITE M DREVVS, Kindergarten "Peggy" Madison Kindergarten Association. Treble Clef Club. Ligea. Good Fellowship League, Sec- retary Ligea. LEONA DRIES. State Graded Random Lake Gibbons Club. vv- . -4.1 . f . . k 4 YQ. X X gn . QQ, X-X ,- xff' 2 ,, .. may fl' . lf2I.ANi'lflG IDWYICIL P1'l11l2ll'y VICICONA lCl'KAR41lT, KlIlil6l'2.T211'f6ll Almzl Uenter "Vern" Slxebnygnn Iii11cl'e1'ga11'te-11 Association. Good Fellnw- VLARA EHLING- Gmmmm, ship l.0Zl2ll0. Vtnpia. Girls' Auxiliary. Richfield Zeunhizl. Y. XV. F. A., Gnnd Fellowship IGIDNA M. lCIt'HI'Il., lii1lfl9l'jIill'U:ll Lezigue. S'ecl'et:11'y Zennluia. "Eddie" Beaver Dzun l'tnpi:u. Iilllflt-'I'X2ll'fCll gXSSOCl2ll'l0ll. HliATRll'I'I S. lCl,Kl-Ilt'l'. IilIlll91'gtl1'tl-'ll l'I,A JANE l'll.XVICl,I.. Gfilllllllill' "Be-0" Nnrth Division "l"' Sturgeon Bay Kimlc-1'g:1rton Assncizltinil. Y. XV. t'. A.. Aglzlizi. Grzllnllnai' Basketball Team. Vtnpiu. t'A'l'IIlf1R INN A. ICNWRIGHT, P1'llllIl1'y LYIPIA V. lCl.I,lGNl!l4I1'KlCli, Primziry "Kato" St. J0lll1,S Cathedral "I.y1l" Thieusville Gnnml F1-llnwsllip League. Flin. Girls' Gnnd l"ellnwslxip League, Pliilrltllezl, Sec-1'vt:n'y l'l1il:ltlu:1. l5+l AllXlll2ll'A'. Gilvhnus Flub. Secretary Gnnd 194-llnwsliip Leapzne. Vice-l'1'0sidm1t Flin. l'r4-sidellt l'lin. Student ilnuueil. SeC1'et:11'y Stmln-nt Vnuncil. Hnnnrary Member Gund lfvllnwsllip l.v:lg11e Executive Hnzlrd. , . -J , , 1' ui I xx K Y X CJ, i Y V V 5,-K I X JET ' :w' r l'l.AI!ll'E MIl.lJRl'llb ERDMAN, Primary S'ICIlfII.llA J. ERIUKSUN, l'rimury "Flor" Horicon "Hinges" South Division ldulm. Good Followsllip Leaguo. hluna. Y. XV. P. A.. Girls' Auxiliary, Good Fellowship Loaguv, Treasurer Y. YV. ELANURE L. ERDMANN. Primary F. A.. S9Cl'9f2ll'y Gllllllllllll' Primary Fresh- "Sis" Horicon men' lduna. Good Fellowship League. ROSICNA M. FAGAN, I'1'illl?l1'y "Irish" Bloomington Gilrhons Ulub, Good Fellowship I.e-zlgue. K 1'.X'l'l'll'IlilNl'I FARLICY. IilIld91'Q'3I'l6I1 lf'I.0liliNl'l4Z FICLIHMAN, G1-11111111211- "l'l1-E" South Division Wuuzokn Iii111lo1'g:11't1-11 Association: Good Fcl- Y. XV. 1'. A.. Girls' AllXi1l2ll'y. lirodel- lowship IA-'2l5Illf'. Girls' Glve Vlulv. liro- lllllil. lllfllllllil. Gilulons Ulnlv. SOCl'QfHl'y Giblnolls "'u"- S"C1'fx'1"'Y El""Ml"'lf'- ezlcvl-:V11':x'11: NI lf14:1.1:1c1: 1'1-imal-y Huy Vivw l4lVl'1I.YN lf'lilNlTlCRG. l'l'llll2ll'X Vtopiu. Good lfs-llmvslxip Lllllillll-X. "Bvio" XVUM Division Mvnorulx. Good lfn-llowsllilu L02l5.'Ill9. liro- dvllmllizl. Girls' Auxiliary. Svc1'efz11'y Me-- llUl'2ll1. E551 '4' .251- ' NX 'ag 1 Q.. K 4 5Q. w X, ' . 'Ni -klxx " ,,f -- 'L I XJ Y we he Mfg, f or G YICNIUIC FELLOXVS. Gfilllllllill' CLARA IC. FIGVEII, Kindergznrtell Algonm South Division Good Fellowship League. Iiill1l91'gill'fPll Association, Good Fellow- ship League. VERA A. FLAHICRTY. Gfillllllllll' Sllehoygalll IIALPHENIC FINNEGAN, Ifi11d01'gflI't911 Zeuolvizx. Good Fellowship League. Gila- 'fllellv Riverside hons Club. Gibbons Club. Good Fellowship I.ez1gue, Iiilld0l'Xill'fi-'ll Association. MAVDIC FLORIDA, Gfilllllllill' MRS. l'lDl'l'll FOSTER. Glilllllllill' "Juliet Xvllllflllll Stanley Good Fellowship League. IDURTHA B. FOXVLER, G1'i11ll1113.1' AVDRICY FOUTIC, Letters and Science "Susie" Wuslxington Washington Idunn. Good Fellowship Lea,f:,ue. Girls' Pytlliu. Good Fellowship League, Girls' Auxilizlry. Auxiliary. Le Cercle Fraxlczlis, Echo VVeekly Staff. E551 A -fx . 1 if .XX X fx Hn Q . , . Yi?-.N . GRAUI-I A. FRAlblGNliI'RGIl. Letters and Science "Iiillie'l Riverside Y. YV. C'. A.. l'ythi:1. Lal 'f0I'tllli2l. Good Fellowship League Board, Vice-President Pythian. Weekly Echo Stuff, Literary Edi- tor Echo .Xlll1llZl1. ALYCIC FREEMAN. Kindergarten Ilzlrtford Kindergzlrteli Association. Hood Fellow- Ship Lea,g,'1le. MAH FRl'II'lbEN. l'l'll1l2lI'y South Division Y. XV. C. A.. lhotlelphia. IIICLICN M. FRIAR, Grzunnlur Holy Angels Academy Idunu. 1Yl'21llliltiC Club. Gibbons Club. Good Fellowship League. Girls' Auxiliary, Gilxlvons Ululv. l'reSiden't Gibbons lllub. AI,'IQl4ZI,lA FRIICIILI, Kilidergurten XV2lSl1lll1.ff01l Iillllll'1'X2ll'U'll Association. Good Fellow- ship I.eng:1u-. Ftoluia. Girls' Auxiliary. MAlUiARl'I'l' Flil'l'Sf'll. Letters and Science "Jerry" North Division English l'lulv. Pythizl. Le Cercle Fran- gnis. Gibbons Vlulr. Good Fellowship League. French Play. Vice-President Eng:- lish Club. lflcho Annunl Stuff. RVIIY ANN HAl1ltIl'Zl,SUN. 1'1'll11ill'y i'Hulmy" PC-lllllill16 Girls' Auxiliary. Good Fellowship League. Y. XV. l'. A. IIICLICN GAFFNICY. G1':1111111z11' RVs-st Division Good Fm-llowsllip League: llrzuiiutic Club. Girls' Auxiliary. Idunzl. President Hood Fellowship League. . f ffl .nk K E Q xx ' Q 4 ,, wi, E fl W " xx 'ly , - N. -, V w xxx ,WJ Aki ..N- jf U Xb-'Im-35, if , ALIVE l'. GAILIGAN, I'1'i1lli11'y "Al" Kennslia Gililmns Club, Clio. ICVTH ALIVE HARHVTT. High School "Rufus" Wnshingtmi Vtupiu. English Ululv. Vuion Vmlvil. Good Fellowshilv League, Secretary High School Group, H0011 Fellowsliip League liilillfl. AGNES GARIAHV. P1'illl2l1'y "Halle" Genesee Hood Fe-llowslllp l,9iljlllP. Hihllmis l'lub. WINIFREIP GARUT. . I'1'i111a1-y "XVinuie', Grven Bay Hood Fc-llowsliip lA'2i5.'flll'. 'l'l12lli3. Vice- I'l'l'SldPllf Tllalia. MAREL ELIZABETH GEHL, Pri111a1'y I-'l.UHENl'E GELLER, P1-i1mu'y Hartford "P0g:g:ls" AVOCZI Good Fellowship League. Aglziizl. Y. NV. C. A., Good F1-llowsllip I4-zlgue. JUSEPIIINE GEIGER, Letters K Science "Jo" Riverside HI-IR'1'IiI'IrE GENIESSE. P1'llll2l1'j' Good Fellowsliip lmilgllfl, Le Curcle "Goo" ESCZIIIEUIZI. Mich. l'll'2lllQ2llS, La Tertulisl. Gibbons Vlulv, Ligezi. l'5Sj ., A gX , 4 , X l, ' 'NX HHLICN H. GICTZIN, Graimiiai' MARGARET GIBSON. Gl'3I1lllltl1' Bay View Rriggsville Good Fellowsliip If-zlglie, Pllililtllllil, Y. Good Fellowship Loague. W. V. A. ELINOR VIOLA GIESIC. l'1'iu1a1-y NATHALIIC M. GIBR, Ifilld6l'g2ll'ft'l1 "Bul1bles" South Division "Nath" Aiuberx Good Fellowship League. 'l'1'0l1le Ulvf. Killli91'gill'tQl1 Association, Gilllious Club, Erodelpliia. OSCAR GOEIZICIQ. f'011l1ll0l'C6' l4Zl'ICI.YN GOLDEN, Primary "i:l'i"ZlN4:'., Rive-1'siflv "Eve" Manitowoc l-,11 'l'G1'tuli11, UM' Full, Sigma Iflqfil l'l1i, Good F4-llowsliilu IA-'2lgll6, Menorzili, l'!z1ske-tllall Mz111:1go1', I'1'vside11t Lu 'l'e1'- Girls' AllXill2l1'Y. Recordiiig Secretary Me- tulin. 11111-5111, IZVI-ILYN N. GOICSSLING. l'l'illlZll'y AIPELINE G0l'RI,HY. I'1'in1a1'y live" South Division South Division I-I1'odPl11l1i2l. Good Fellowship Iiezlglle. Gi'll0I'2ll l'l1z1i1'111:111 l':l'0llf-llllllifl Imlic-Q. U91 SQ? o 1 Y 4 4-. . , ' ' X' 7 .10SEl'11 J. GRIMM. Pre-Medic "1 mc" Riverside bI3f1l0lllilf1CS Club, D14-!1l'S Vlub. lP1'fll1l- zltic Club. Pro-Medic Club. Science Club '21. 1'AI'LlNE GRUGAN. 1'1'illl211'X npillllu Our Lady of Mercy Academy Good Fellowship Lx-z1g11e. Gibbous Club. HELEN GR1'EBXER, IqiIld91'glll't43l1 Sheboygan Iil1ld6l'1IEl1'tQ11 Association 5 Good Fellow- ship League. Girls' Auxiliary. l'topia, Secretary of Junior Ki114le1'gu1'te11 Class. 1"1,0RENl'E M. G1,'I1I! Ifilld91'g211't9l1 "Flo" South Milwaukee Iillldl-'l',Lf2l1't9ll Association: Good Fellow- ship League. Girls' Glee Club. DOROTHY IIAZEL Gl'TI1. 1'1'i11uu-y "Dot" XV9St Allis Zfflllblliil. Good Fellowship League, MARGARET HAAS, l'l'l11lRI'y "Marge" Our Lady of Mercy ACIIGEIIIY. Gibbous Flub, Girls' Auxiliary. Idllllil. Good lfellowsliip League. 1601 NURMA M. IIAHERMAN, Iii11d9l'g2l1't6l1 "Norm" Jefferson Iil1ldl'l',2ill'ftP1l Association, Good Follow- ship League, Ligrea, Vice-President Ligea. BARBARA HABERMEHL, lfil1d6I',Lf211't911 "Bnrby" North Division Iil1ldPl'9.!2ll't6ll Association: Good Fel- lowship League: Vtopia, Y. VV. C. A., IfllldP1'Lf2ll'f9ll Raslzetlmull Tvaing Vice- l'reside11t Y. VV. U. A.. Tvlllllll Vodvil, XVM-kly Echo Stuff, Echo Auhuzll SHUT. AIXXN1! EVN QR S . fk. GRIf1Ti'lfll'IN HARICRMEHL. Letters and Science "Gretch" North Division Y. W. C. A.. Good Fellowship League. News Editor. Echo Weekly, Echo Annual Staff. College Juniors Basketball Team. IRMA IIAEFS, Kindergarten "Buster'Y XVashingt0n Girls' Auxiliary, Goodfellowship League. ROSE IIANKIN, Primary "Cll1'1SU Marinette Good Fellowship Lea,-gfueg Aglaiu Me- 11o1-ah Society, Secretary Aglaia, Vice- Presideut Menorah. fTlf1l,lGSTE ANN HAREN, 1'1'illlQ1lfy "l.esty" Monroe Goodfollowship League. IGVIGLYN G. HART. Letters :Ind Science "Ev" Buy View 3I2ltlll'llllltiCS Clulr. Le Cercle l"1'z111Qz1is. Good Fellowship L02l,!llf'. l'2l1II'1lill of Col- lege Bzlskethall Team '21-'22, KATHRYN HAIITNICTT. Primary "Kate" Richland Center Gihhons t'luh. Good Fellowship League, f61l FLAIQA MARIE HAVE Y, Ifll1d6l'gIll't6ll "l'i" Lyndon l'l1'odclpl1ia. Gibbons Club, Good Fellow- ship League. Girls, Auxiliary. lillld91'gill.'- ten Association. RERNI1 'Ii H IC l .ICN HAYES. Pl'illlLll'j' "live" Iiilllktlllllil Idllllil. Good Fellowship League, Girls' Auxiliary. Gihhous Club. 1 5' 1 ixx 6 fl Y l, .Qt u Air ,4lf1g t'.X'I'IllflRlNl-I HAYMAKICR. 1'l'llllZII'y JANE DENISE HAYES, Kindergartoii "Kate" Washington Holy Angels Academy Iduna Literary Societyg Good Follow- ship League, Girls' Auxiliary, W01H9H'S Party. Treasurer ldunu. Good Fellowship Executive Board. Student Council, Pri- lnary Advisory Council. Junior Prom Play, Sophonnore Class Play. I'1-iniary Basket- hall. VIRGINIA MAE Hl4lHlflliLEIN. l'1-inlary "Jinnnie" XVashington Iduna, Girls' Auxiliary, Good Fellow- ship League. Kindergarten Association, Gibbons Cluh, Good Fellowship League, LICGNA MARIE HI-IIN. Priinary "1 'leo' Waterloo Good Fellowship League, Y. W. C. A., Aglaia. l'ri1nary Basketball Team. Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, l'1'e-Sidcnt Aglaia, 1'rinm1'y Uouncil. ILGSIC VLARINE lIl'll'.M. Iillldt'1'j.fil1'fGll Appleton Good lfcllowsliip Lcaguc. Ivffllllil. Kin- dcrgnrtcn Association. President Kinder- gartcn Association. RVTII MINETTE IIICLZ. Gfilllllllill' XVaShington Good Fellowcihip League. l-IRWIN IIENSVIIIGI.. Lctters and Science "I1Irv" South Germantown Science Club, Monk Club, Pro-Mcdic t'lulr. HIANFIIIC R. IIll.I.lKlCR. Prinnlry "I'cs.:" Tunnel City GoodAlfellowsllip I.f-uguc. Trcblc Clef Club. Thalia. E621 ,N ,,,, , -1 , f 'oil' 'x o Y G 4A Tk- YN. M .1 tlwgibx " "i fn t'T.AlRl4I IIOAIPLIGY. IiilldPI'gil1't-911 IRHNIG HALLBICRG, Gfillllllllll' Bzmnboo Meuouiinee, Mich. Treble Ulef. Girls' Auxiliziry. LAVRA EDNA HOLLY. Grzilnluzll' DOROTHY I-I. IIOFFMAN. Iiillll01'g2lI'fQ1l "I.olla" Alitigo "Dot" Milwaukee Good Fellowship League. Clio. Iilll1lE'I'22lI'f9ll Association. MAR.lORl1IC IIUIAIICS. 1iilld01'gIll't9l1 MARGARET HONICYUOINIB, "Margie" South llivisiou Ki11de1'ga1'to11 Ki11de1'g:1rtl-u Association. Good Fellow- "Honey" S'llll11Sbl11'g Ship I.e-agile-. Ligen. Good 1-'ellowsbip League. Kindor- gzirtvu Association. GVRICNA R. IIUIJIHXN. 1filld91'g'2ll.'f911 STOIISIIIUJII IlOR0'l'HY li. HUUID. Grumiuzir IiilldG1'9.f2ll't0ll Assoc-iutiou. Good Fellow- "Dot" XV2lShillj.'If011 Qllill Lfflglw. Troble Clef Club. Iduua. Dl'ill1l2lflC Club. Key Club, Girls' Auxiliary. Good Fellowship LGSILIIIP. 'l'1'ons1l1'e1' Idunzl. I'1'i1ll2ll'j'-Glilllllllill' Jun- iors Advisory Board: S9Ql'ota1'y ldunzl. S1-C1'et:1ry N. B. I. Juniors. Vuiou Vodvil 1 12522 E631 rv- w -- - v- -- I' 1 1 Nu Y W Xl-xxx in , lo M LILLIAN H. HORNIC. Gfilllllllill' Pickvtt Good Fellowship League. J ICAXNICTTE IIOVSICR. Lettors and Scicnco A'Je:1n" XVilSilill:.'Il'0l1 l'ythi:1. Lv Uorcle Francais, linglish l'lnh. Good Followsllilir I.l'2l2,'l1f:'. Girls' Auxiliziry. Echo VVeckly Stzlffg S1-c1'ota1'y Ln- l'c1'clo Fl'1lllQ2llS. French and f'hl'iSU1lIlS Plays. '22, College Bnskcrhall TGZIIN. HENRY H. lll'lfll'lR. 1+l11gi11eo1'i11g "limba" North Division Ile-lm Signm Iiillillil, Englisli Club, BIilfl1f'lll2ltiCS Clnh. Uross Connt1'y'21, 'l'l'92lSlll'0l' Milwaukvc Nornlal Engineers, Men's Ulnh I-Zxecntive Board. MARIE MIRIAM IIVHI-IR. Primary "Micky" North Division Good Fellowship 1192121115 l':I'0d9l1Di1i21, La 'l'v1'tnli:l. Mvnorah Society. IIHROTIIY IC. IH'1Cl'Kl'IR, Iiiiirlf-1-g:z11'te11 liI'NIl'l4I M. IIASLITT. I'1'i1nzu'y "Dot" La Crosse 'Al'ntcX" SfllI',L'QOIl Bay lillldt-ll'Q'2ll'fl-ill Association. Good Fellow- Thzxlizl. Good Fellowship Leaglle. ship I.t'2l,Lfll6. IGSTIIPIR HICYIJIG. Music Supervisor JANE HVGHICS. High School "Es" Wvst Division Now Richmond Stillnmn-Kc-lly Vinh, Good Fvllowship Gihhons, Good Fellowship T.ea:.:nc.,2'nc. Gihhons Clnh. if-ll ist' . 1 'c 5' N 1 K . S .- , 5, Q .N ww! i .1 his , T LOIS 1. IUKE, IfiIldGI'gElI'f6Il 4'l.ARA E. JOHNSON. Iiilld91'gi11't6ll "LO" South DiViSi0I1 Marinette Kindergarten Association. Good Fellow- ship League, Thalia Literary Society. RVBY B. JACOBSON, Priuiary "Rue" Riverside lduha, Menorah. English Club, Girls' Auxiliary. Good Fellowship League. Pri! umry Basketball Team, XVOIBPIVS Party, Secretary Iduno. Priniary Sophomore Ad- visory Vouucil. l'll2ll1'11lflll I'1'i1ll2ll'X Sopho- more f'01lf0l'9l1C'P Arrangement Committee, l'1's-sillent I'1'i1llill'y Sophomores. Good Fellowsliip League, Kindergarten Association. Treble Flef. t'LAIilCNC'lG A. JOHNSON, High School YVaterford' President High School Group. Men's Executive Board. M4-11's Club. HIGLIGN M. JOHNSON. Iiilld01'QZl1'l'0ll XVest Allis Kiuder,f:a1'ten Association. Y. W. I". A., Good Fellowship League, Girls' Auxiliary. Treble Flef. LVUILLE E. JOHNSON, IilIldQI',f1ill't9l1 "Veal" East Troy Good Fellowship League. E651 RAY F. JOHNSON. Letters and Science "Duke" YVest Allis Meu's f'lulv. S'0llZlf9 Debating Cluh. Le Perch- Francais. Freucli Play. RI'Tll L. JOHNSON, Gfilllllllill' "'l'oots" Golumlms Good Fellowship League. Presideirt. N. A. 1. Grammar Group '21-'22. 1 x K X IX l , , X ' Li, V . kfixxx VA . Q1 Q i .. .f W-Pe, PX 'FIIORIIIS JOHNSON. lloof .lANlC'l' M. JONES. Music Supa-1'visors Detroit Hnrlwor Riva-rside Y. XV. F. A.. I'1'vSid0l1t l'llililCOIilllil. Stillmzui-Kznlly Club, Clio. M.XIiGARl'l'l' S. JOHNSTON, lS'Alil4lI,I,A KAIN. I'1'i111:11'y Lvtters and Science- BIlllV2lllk0P "I'e,a:" East Troy Hood lfolloxvsliip Imzlgiw. Mzntllelmltics Club, lin il'91'fllll2l. Gibbons Vlnh. Good Felllmvsliip Lezigllc-. t'I.Al!ENl'li KAMILATII. State- Gl':llll'd Huy iew Mou's Club. M1-11's Glvv Club. ICVIGLYX Ii. KATZ. IilIl1l0l'gill'fl'll "libs" North llivisiou Bf2lfl19lllflflCS Ululm. Iilll1l0l'jI1ll'fPIl Asso- tizltion, Hood F4-llowsliip Leugm-. E661 .lOSlil'lllNE KAFFFMAN. IilllllQ'l'Q.f2l1'tCll "Jo" llillsboro Y. NV. I". A.. Good Fcllowsliip League. Iii1ule1'g:11'tvn Associntioil. Tre-lilo Clef l'lnln. HIQIOIQHIC W. KliLl.l'1lt Iligli School Piqua. Ohio Scivllcv Flulv. ll1'2llll2lflC l'luh. Ilvcora- tions. .luuior l'i'om, llvcorzltions, Senior l'1'om. M ,M A .ff-.X I Ei N ANNETTE Kl'ZMl'l"lCH. I'1'llll:l1'y TIIERIGSA KERNS. Ki1ldQI'Q,'l1I't61l South Division "Tres" WVost Division I':I'OdPi1Pl1iil. Girls' .XllXiliil1'X, Good Fellowship League. Ki11d91'g:11'ton Association. ELVIRA A. KICRN. I'x'i11m1-y lVvst Division EMMA D. KERSTEN, I'1'iI1l2ll'X Thulin. flood lfollowsliip League-. "Em" Green Bay Y. W. F. A., Good Fellowship League, Thulin. Member I'l'illl2ll'y Council. Chair- lllilll 1'1'iIll2l1'j' Group Ii. HAZICL KIIDIP. IiiI1d9'1'g2l1't0ll MIGRYLE M. IQIICWIGG. Grzliliuull' "IIf1zely" NVeSt Division Ii0XV2llll1l'l! f'lio. Ki111lo1'g:u1'to11 Association. Vico- Y. VV. C. A.. Good Fvlloxvsliip LQRIQIIU. Presidellt Clio. DALLAS M. KILHY. Coiuiuerce MICHAEL KIIZS. State Grzulod "Dal" North Division "Mickey" R2l11L10111 Lake L21 Tortllliu. Sigma lwltzl Phi. Il1'2l1ll.2lflC l'luh. Gibbous Club. Juuglv League. BI9ll'S l'luh. 519113 Glo? Vluh. President State Gl'Zld9d Group, BIUIIIIWI' Meu's Club lixecutive Board. l67l -4.. U Ag xN. X K X 1 4 . 5 -. X .KK vxxxx ' X.--nf t ..,, .. Nia, . AIHICIAIIPIC M. KIHSVH. 1iilld01'QI2l1't6Il VOHINNIC KLINICII. l'l'i1l12ll'y Port XVZlSlllligfOll lI2ll'S1lIi0lKl '1'h:ili:l. Hihlmus l'111h. Iiil1d9l',!2ll'U'll As- Iii-zilimtic l'luIn. Girls' Aiixilizwy. Aglaia. sucintiull. Hood I"Q-lluwsliip Imaglic. ICLSIIC M. KLINKICH. Gl'Zllll11l2l1' t'ICLI'IS'l'l4I A. KISTIGN, Kii1dvx'gz11'fc11 "KIiuk" New Lislmou "Los" Kenosha Gmail IH-llmvsllip Lwlguv. IiilldQl'22ll'f0l1 Assncintimi. Good Fellow- ship I.:-ngnc. Y. XV. F. A. I.I'UlI.l,l'I IHENIC KNAPP, 1'1-i1uary "Neil" New Butler Good Ifvllowship League. EVELYN KNIk'KlflRBOCKRR. I'1'i111a1'y "Nick" Elroy Elwlclpliizl. SQ-c1'ctz1l'y and T1'Q2lSllI'6l' l'1'i1l1i!l'y Soplmiiiores. l631 GICICTUIIIGN IJ. KNIICF, Letters and Science "Gi'vtvl" XVHSIIHIQIYOII Scioncc Vlnlr. Pythial. English l'1u-b, Le Verclc Fl'2lllQiliS. Good Fellowship League, I'l'l-Nidi-'llt I'ythia1. Sec1'cta1'y Eiigrlisll Club, f'l1l'iSflll2lS Play '22, Echo Wmlclcly' Staff, Assistant liditm' Echo Annual. l'Al'L F. KNIEF. Lvtters :md Science "I mc" NV2lSllillL!t0I1 Mvn's Vinh. Lo Uvrclc Francais, Echo WVvckIy Stal? Slllltlffx Ilchating: Vlub. 241' f - 'X ,ax 11 , Q . X.- IIl'IIHlI'l"l'A K. KXVIPSTAIJ. l'l'i1llRll'X ICS'l'IilCR F. KUICIIKH. I'1'i111z1l'y "lim-liy" Argyle "ICS" Mzmitowoc Y. W. V. A., 1211011 l"e1ll1m'sl1i11 I.62lLEllt'. Howl lf'11ll1n1'sl1i1m l.e11g111-. Girls' Auxilizlry. VAIUPI, SICLMA Kill-1liNl'Ili. 1l1'a111111:11' IIHCNIG M. K1r1'H. li111'z1l South Mil11':111kee "Roxy" C111111blrQlls1m1't 1101711 lfvllowsliip I,c:1,Q111-. I,l'1'Il,l,lfI KOI'Ml'IIl'IIl. l.11ttv1's K S'Cl8llC9 "Ii1m11py" l.:1 Tv1't11li11. IliVvl'si1le GLAI PYS KIM MICR. "Glz11l" IiiIld0l'2,'2ll'fi-'ll Assuciutioll. Ki111l111'g:11'tQ11 Jzluvsville I ,ige:1. H691 MYI,llItIilh l.. KRAMER. Ki111le1'gz11'te11 "Myl" NV:111keshz1 Flin. Good FQlltlXYSllill llililglltx. Kinder- Q'2ll'f9ll .Xss11ci:1tio11. Girls' ,X1lXlIlIII'Y. lil INA KRA I 'IRL Gfallllllillf "l'I1l1lie" llrziftou 41111111 Fe1ll1111'sl1i11 I.11:1g11e. 'Preble Clef 1'l11lv. Girls' Auxiliary. A ! 4 SQ. . X L S- -. K --Q.. HM . MILIJREI1 KRGHN. Letters :md Science "Milly" Ocouoiuowoc Blill'll9I1li.lllC'S Club: Cerclo Ifnulgziis, Good Fellowship Leugrue. MARNIE KRVMMIC. IilIld9l'22ll'tQll A'lil'lll1l11lP" Fond du Luc Clio. Good Fellowship Lflilglle. IJUROTHY A. KVECK. liilldQl'5.f2ll't9ll "I l01'Sl1', Janesville Iillld01'2i1l'l'0ll Association. Good Follow- ship League, Y. VV. C. A., Thalia. DOROTHY M. KVICHN, High School "Ilot'l flillllllflil Mn thema tics Club, Aglain. MYR'l'I.E 111. KVHBI. Ki11de1'p::11'tc11 "Me1'tzie" North Division Klllil9l'gi11'lL'll Association. Good Fellow- ship League. lilllll0l'Q'ill'll-lll Baskeltfbull 103111 32. 1. XX. C. A.. Iuiou Nodvll. 23, VlCt'-l'l'6Sld1-'lll. lvffllllll. '22, ICYNI 1 'IC K I 'NIllCIt'l'. 1ill1d91'22lx1't0ll Argyle Kiude1'gz11'ton Association. Good Fellow- ship League. Thulin. l70l THl4IRl'ZSA KVRTZ. State Graded 'tTress" Ironwood, Mich. Gibbous Club, Good Fellowship League. Pydou. Key Klub. Basketlmll. Baseball, Food Fellowwhip Board. Student Council. RI"l'II LAAHS. G1-a1u1nar "Ilutl1iv" Wausau l'j'ill'21. Y. W. C. A.. Good Fellowship League. Girls' Auxilizlry. ,4gf"f:' . f .tu 0 N s . 4 x X l x N W 1 X,- XQJ Niki XQ YN' wQ""'4'5x ., '74"-. G ELIZABETH LANE, Ki11lii'1'LI2lI't6I1 HLIVE LAVMER, Gfilllllllill' "Rett3"' Janesville "Ollie" Wausau IiiI1d9l'Q'2ll'fGll Association. YERNA E. l,Al"l'ENBAK'H. P1'i11l2ll'Y ELSIE J. LANGE, I'1'i1u:11'y "I'e-psy" Weyauwega "L, P." Plylllljllfll Tllalia, Good Fellowship IiP2l,2,"ll9. Girls' Good Fellowship League .xIlXlHHl'X, Svoretmy of Thnlia '23, NINA LEE. Deaf "Nouuie" Watertown I'hiIOCOIllli2l. Good Fellowship League, Erodelphizx. Girls' Auxiliary, Y. WV. G. A., Secretary E1-odelphia, S'ecret:u'y and Vice-President Philacophiil, Echo reportei' Philacopiu. HAZEL A. LE FERVRE, Primary "Peggy" Jacksonport Gibbons Club, Good Fellowship League. ll MARIE LEHAN, P1'illl2lI'y St. Johu's t"atl1ed1':1l El'o1l'e11vl1i:1, Good Fellowship League, Gibbons Uluh, Girls' Auxiliary. RUHERT J. LENKEN. Engineering "Rob" Riverside Gilnlrous Club. "M" Uluh. M. N. E.. Sig- mzl Delta I'l1i, l,l'0Sid9llt Sophomore Class, Vice-Presidelit, Gibbous Club, Secretary Me11's Club. Tl'92lSllI'61' M. N. E., Junior I'rom f'O1llIlliff1-'9. Student Vouncil. Men's Vluh Executive Board, Weekly Echo Staff, Athletic Editor Annual Echo, Captain Jungle League. Basketball, Vuiou Vodvil. A 249 - f 3' .cv gi O X 3 -. . N r l . 1- i .. , 'g l jxkxx MARILYN LESHIN. P1'i1llil1'y Menorah. Good Followslxip League. SYLYIA INA I,IiVl'I1lI41NZ. Iiil1d91'gi11'it'll "Sliver" New Holstffin Ligreal. Ki11cle1'g:a1'tv11 Association. Good lfl-llowship Leziglw. I'I4ZAI:I, LIGYIN. Glilllllllill' North Division Good l+'4-llowship Lvagiw. GlGNliVlliVl'I IC. l.lfIVINlG. Iillldt'l'gIl1't9ll "Gen" Hillsboro Iiill1l0l'2,'ill'fl'll Association. Good Follow- ship lmzlxlw, Girls' Auxiliary. l,l+10N1'l W. LEVINE, Kindergarten "Slim" Riverside Kinde-rgarten Association. Good Fol- lowship League, Girls' Auxiliary, French l'lub. Spanish Club, Secrvfu1'y-T11-:1sl11'e1' Spanish Club '22. SICMANDA LICXVTON, Iii11d91'gi11't0ll hsllllln Stoughton Treble Plef Club, Kindergarten Asso- ciuitiou. Good Fellowship League. I72l AGNES R. LIIDHAL. l'l'i11lilI'y "Liddy" Algoina Good Fe-llowship League. Gibbons Club. xlfxlllili-ll' I'l'lIllill'j' Uouncil '22 :Ind 'ZZ3. .TI 'NE l.lI.l.Yl LX III.. IfiIld9I'5.C2l1't61l "Juniv" Riverside Clio, IiiIl1lPI',Lf2ll'fPl1 Association, Good lfvllowslxip I,e:u:uP. French Club, Presi- dent Senior Kill'd91'I2,'E1l'tQI1 Glass, French Play '21 'QIL Iizlslcetlaull '23. Spring Fes- tival '22. fi x rx , 'iw H , X, VERA LlTl"HI-IR. I'1'i11m1'y MILIIRICIP ANNA LURNNZ, I'1'i111a11'y Fond du Lac "A. li." North Division Gmul Fellowsliilu Imzigue. Gllill011SCll1ll. Zl'Il0l3lil. Gmail Fellmvship League. Flin. 'l'1'0z1s111'ei' Gihhons Club '23, Secrel . ,. 1- wr, - . p. v ' , v.,., mu tho 3-. Jumm lmm ftllllllllttlil ..-. VERA IMRIMER. Kindergartml '4I':1t" LIN-X DORIS' IXNQNNIAN- High 3011001 'l'l1z1li:i. Ki11de1'gzu'ten Asshciaitimi. Guml HSll61'l0Ck,' Rivvrside Folluwsllilr Longile. Psyclmlogy Uluh. l'l1ilz1tl1eu. English l'luh. l'1'e-side-nt English Vhih. IiI'l'Y LVCHT G1':11u111:11' "Lou" North Division Aglzliu. Y. XV. l'. A. IRMA LI'l4IRt'llUW. 1'1'illl1l1'y "Ii-m" Wausau l'y1lva1. lmllllzltic Clllh. Y. XV. l'. A., Good Fellowsllip LQZIHIIP. Girls' Auxiliary. Us I'II1EANUIiA ULARA I,lI'IID'l'KlC. P1'i1ll2ll'y South Divisimi Gund lfvllmvslxip League. lrllR0'l'IIY LVEHRING. Grfilllllllilf "lint" North Division Kvy Kluh. Zeuoleizl. Gmail Fellowship l,t'z1g'll0. 3 l f A x J xxx- K Y I- '. I . i lf S - xxx, 5' v X XX , 1 ,,1,. V - ig ,. .. Webs, e FX . LI41N0Iil'1 SHELL LVENZMANN, Letters and Science "Lee" XVashington Good Fellowsliip League. Y. XV. U. A. I-ISTHER LI'El'K. I'I'Illl2Il'y South Division Y. XV. U. A., Zenolria. Key Kluh, Good Fellowship League. Basketball. MARY LVTZ, State Graded Shiocton Good Fellowship League. Gibbons Club, Key Klub, Basketball State Graded, Base- lrall State Graded. Vice-President Key Kluh. Uaptain Basketball Team. IGI.lZABlC'l'H LYNI 'II, Primary "Betty" Reedsburg Good Fellowsliip League. NELLIE LINEHAN, Deaf VVatertown Gibbons Club, Good Fellowship League, Philocophia. MARION MCCANN, I'rin1a1'y "Mickie', Washington Girls' Auxiliary, Gibbons Uluh. Treas- urer Thalia. Good Fellowship League, I'ri- mary Council. I7 4l ICTHEL HELEN MNTORMIITK, Gfallllllill' "I'0l'lllICH Madison Gibbons Ulub, Philathea, Good Fellow- ship League. I". i'LAIRl'I MCCI"l'I'II1'l0N, IiII1d01'g21I't9l1 "Mac" Riverside Clio, Good Fellowship League. Kinder- garten Association. Girls' Auxiliary, Trelmle f'lef Cluh, Vice-President Girls' Auxiliary '22, A,.-ab f .Sf X 0 K X 3 i h. f. W ' . if N-'xxx . Y'- ' N' M355 K 1 I.f'El,l.A K. BICGRATH, Pl'iI1l:11'y GIIAFIG M. .x1m1f:RMo'1"1', l'1'1111a1'y nm Luv Chilton 59W BUH01' Good Fellowship LPZILKIIP, Gibbons Club. C'A'l'HI'lHINlC A. BICDUNNELL. Grilllllllill' "Mac" Reedsbursx , 4. ,. , Gibbons Club. Good Fellowship Lozlgue, Ll IA M1 LLOIZQI mt . , Pummy on-ls' Auxiliary. AJ" due MARFIA MCVICAR, Kl1ld9l'g2l1'IQl1 "Marsh" Janesville Kindergarten Association, Utopia, Glee l'lub. Y. XV. U. A., Good Fellowship League. ELEANOR MAIJDEN, Grainniai' "Madden" East Troy Good Fellowship League, Philathea, Gibbons Club, Basketball. S'ec1'eta1'y Phila- thea, Vice-President Philathea. I7 JENNIE IIAZEL MADDEN, Prilnary "Jane" Barron Good Fellowship Loague, Girls' Aux- iliary. GLADYS MAEGAARIJ, Kindergarten "Glad" Kenosha Y. W. C". A., Kllld6l'gi11't9ll Association, Good Fvlloiwship League, Girls' Glee Club '21 and '22, L ,,,, Y- f'L1l751' w ll ARTIIVR MARGOLICN. f'0llllllEl'C0 RVTHANN MATHICH. 1'1'i1llill'X "Art" N0l"fll Division "l'v,2LT5',' Monroe BI0llUl'Zlil. Moxfs Club. S1-nate Ilebzntiug Good Followsllip Lvzlguo. Gibbous Club. Club. I Erodolpllial. ICI,IZAl4l4Z'l'H PARK MAIi'l'lN. 1'1'i1nn1'y OLGA MAVRICE. High School YV:1sl1il1gton Vniou Grove I'l1il:1tho:1. Aglnizu. English Club. Gibbous Club. FLURIGNC-111 N. MAY. P1'i1llil1'y "Flossie" Ironwood, Mich. rxgliliil. Y. W. C. A.. Glee Club. Good Fe-llowsliip League. Y. NV. C. A. Cabinet. JOSl'Il'lIlNlC MAYNARID. Gfilllllllill' "Jo" Beaver 1521111 Good Fellowsllip l.e-agile. Pllilatllen. So- ciology Club. E761 I.I'CY IIICLEN METZ, I'l'i1ll2ll'5' "Luv" Walshiugtou High l'l1il:1rl1e:1. Good Fellowship League. BLANCIIIG MEI,'I.EMAN, Ki11de1'g:u'te11 YVasl1i11gto11 Clio. Girls' Auxiliary. Good Fellowship League. Gibbons Club, IvI1iOI1 Vodvil, Kin- de1'gu1'te-11 Association. Treble Clef Club. J4w, ' " . f hd pk w o , A a 41, YF-.K V E i T ,... H iiqmixbx . IIARRIET MEYER. IiiIld91'Q,'2l1'U-'ll Oshkosh LILLIAN I.I'C'II,E MEYER. I'1'iu1a1'y "Lily i'illll1lil0iiSDOI'if Good Fa-Ilowsllip Leu gue. MARIE A. MII,I.IC'R. I'1'illlil1'y 'ipllin Hay View Good Ifollowslnilv Imzlmle. Vtopizl. I't0- pizl S0c1'ota1'y. RI"l'H MILLER. Letters and Science Riverside l,:u Trrtulizl. BIRIYIIGIIIZIHCS Club, Pythia, Vice-I'1'1-sideut and President Mzltheuultics Vluln. 'l'1'enS111'or l'ytl1i:1 '22, Vice-l'1'osideut Ln 'i'9l'flliiil 'BEL JVLIET MITTl'ZN. P1'iI11fl1'j' 'AJu1ie" South Division Lifzml, History Club. MARGARET T. MITTEN. I'1'i111a1'y "Peggy" Mukwoua,u:o Goodfvllowsllilv Lezlgue. U71 GI+lR'1'RI'DE E. MOHMIC. I'1'i11l2lI'j' Elkhart Lake' Good Fellowship League. GVNHILID M. MULANIJER, BI2lI'illk'tt6 "filllllli9u Killdvrgartvn Associutioug Good Fellqw- ship IA-zlglle. 4.1 , . I .TNF 1? x ns 1 "--45 rx X K , V X,-f'Nxx -, LEU U. MUNTGOMERY, lllanufll Arts "Monty" Toumhawk Art Ulub. KATIIERINE H. MORAN, Ifllld9l'1IEl1't6Il "Katie" l'o1't:1ge KlIlIlfx1'fI2lI'fixll Association. Good Fellow- ship l.eaf,:1le. Treble Clef Club, Idulla. f'ATlll4lRlNlC MVLANY, l'ri111zu'y "Kate" East Troy l'hilz1tl1eu. Gibbons Club, Good Fellow- ship l.e:1gue. ANNA H. MVRPIIY, Primary "Ann" Lancaster Gibbous Ulub, Key Klub. Good Fellow- ship League. GEORGIANA NABH, l'1'i111u1'y GEO. A. Nl-ILL, Bltlllllill Arts "Georgie" YVHIIXYHYOSZ1 llrillion EMMA NASI-IR, State Graded GRACE NORTON. lfl11d6I'g2l.1't9l1 "E111H Kewaunee VV2ltPl'f0XVl1 Good Fellowship League. Key Klub, Vlio. Girls' Glee Flllli, Gibbons Club, Basketball, Baseball State Graded. SOCl'9f2ll'y History Club. f78l -4. FK, if X rx -- ESTHICR NOVOTNY. IilI1dOl'9Iillft6ll "Es" WVashiugt0n Ligea, Kindergarten ASS-Sciatioll, Good Fellowship Lezuzue. A FRANCES MARIE OFFERMAN. I,l'i111Hl'X A'Frn11ce" West Division Thalin. Good Fl-'1l0,XYSl1l1l Club, Gibbons Club. l'll'l'Ill4lMlA M. OGLE, Deaf "Fee" Vllaldo Good Fellowship League. Gibbous Club, Philocopliia. Thaliu, Treble Ulef Club, TI'9ilSl1l'01' Pliilocopllizl '2'2. LILLIAN OLSEX, Priluzxry "Lili" Merrilluu Good Fellowsliip lleagflw. ICTHEL M. IVNICIL, l'1'll1l2ll'y "Put" Manitowoc Good Fellowsllip League. Zeuobizl. JUSICPIIINE LILLIAN PAUIIALY, 1'rimury "Jo" Riverside Girls' Auxiliary. IYl'2ll1l2ll'lC Club, Presi- dent XV0lllilll'S I'21l'fX. Vice-l'1-esidellt and l'1'esidvut 1Tl'illll2lflC l'lub. lhralllutic Club Plays. f'11l'iSflll2lS l'lz1y. lvlllllll Yodvil, Clliliflllilll PI'0Q'l'illll f-'0lllllllft99. Junior 1'I'0Ill '22.Stude11t t'ouucil. Echo Stnif VVeekly :md Auuuul. Ivlli0ll Vodvil Slzlff, Student-Faculty 1,I'0g'l'lllll 4'ommittee. E791 ICLAINI-I l'Al.MER. Kindergarten St. J01lll'S Fzlthoflral Ifll1d9l'j1ill't0ll Association. Clio. Gibbous Flub. Good Fellowship League. Girls' Aux- iliary. IFORUTHY G. l'AHKl'lR. High School Hllot' Medford Tlxzllizl. hlilfhl-'lllElflCS l'lub. Good Fel- lowship League. Tl'P2lS1lI'0l' Thulin. r"'f' ' F 1 L....,, A 1331- .-Eiihx tk X GENEVIEVE l'ARNl4Il.l,. 1'l'illl2l1'y i'JGn" Fl-lI1l1illl0I'9 LYDIA LOUISIC PATUN. Iillldl-'1'5.'I2ll't9ll "Lyd" Racine Kiudergartou Association. Treblv Clef Club. Good Fellowship League. RLANCIIE R. l'liI,0NG, GI'31llLll2l1' Illliilelzlmloi' YIULA I.. l'l+II.Zl'lR. IiilldQ1',fI5l1'f9I1 Now Ltllldtlll Kllldf'1'X2ll'ti-'ll Association. Good Fellow- ship IA-lil,LfllE'. Tre-blv Clof Club. DOROTHY I'RENI'JlCRGAST, Iiil1d61'g.f2ll'tl-'ll "Dot" St. Jolufs f'2lfllQd1'2ll Kixidorgarteu Association. Ligou, Good Followsliip L0a::u9, Gill'll0llS Club, Girls' Auxiliary. EVELYN PRENIJERGAST. IfilldP1'j.f2ll't6ll "Ev" St. Johu's CHfll6dl'ill Gibbons Club, Ligezl, Good Fellowship l.c-aglw. E801 HHN I'ICSS'IN, Pre-Medic XVest Allis Menorah. Pro-Medic Club. Meu's Club, Englisll Club, Sociology Club, Secretary l'l'6-BIPIHC Club. l,I'Ci'l,Ll'Z PI-ITICRSON, Primary A'1'ote" Berlin Gibbons Club. Vtopia. Glee Club, Good l-'Q-llowship Lezigue. Girls' Auxiliary, Bas- lu-tball I'1'illI21l'y. 4 SQ K S f. XFN, HQ N gk I.l'ELLA I'l'ITI'II!SON, G1'i11I1n1a1' ANITA PFLlCGl'IR, Gl'21Il1lll2ll' "Lou" Ilollumlzlle ",XllitChk2l', XV2lSl1ill2.'It0I1 High Good Fvlluwsllip League. Y. XY. V. A., 'l'l1zllizl. Good Fl1ll0NYS1li1l League. Girls' Auxiliary, Key Klub. IIIGLEN MONICA I'll-1I!1l'l'I. 1'1'i1m11'y ULARA A. 1'E'l'liIl'K. Iiilldf-'1'QI2ll'f0ll "Pierce Arrow" Hiugham "Pete" Full Fiver Gilrlrous l'l11h. Ermlellvliizl. Good Fellow- Erorlelpllizl. ship League. l'1'i111a1'y l'ounCil. VIOLA B. l'LAI'TZ, Iiil'1d91'gill'f0ll "Yi" South Division Ki11de1'gn1'te11 Association, Y. VV. U. A.. Aglaia, Good Fellowsllip League. ABRAHAM POLL. Engines-1'i11g: Milwaukee Ellgill99l'il11Z Flulr. BIilfll9lll8fiCS Uluh, Me11's Glee Club. Mens Club. ISU YIULA F. l'OLI.WOR'l'll. l'1'i11ml'y 'iI'0lly" North Division GNIIWOIIS Club. Good Fellowsllilm League. ICYICLYN MARIE I'UOI.lG. Kllld61',E,'S1l'tf'Il "Gu1111a" Hurley Gil Irons l'lulv, Good Fellowsllip League. lillld9I',Lf2ll't9ll Association. Icluna. f 'X QQ xx ik X l x , xx if ' ' .KX s.--1 ,2555 'N . . - .F ix , T MARY ANN 1'USlll4Il'NY, Kindergarten "Po" South Division Iillldi-ll'j.I2ll'l'0ll Association, Good Fellow- sl1ip League. Gibbons Ulub, Thalia, Girls' Auxiliary. T1'l'2lSlll'9l' Thulia. ADELINIC Ib. I'RI'lSf'0TT. Kllld61'gHft9l1 Deerfield Y. W. C. A., Pydea. Kindergarten As- sociation. Good Fellowship League, Bas- ketball. Captain Ifilld9l'Q,'ilI'fQl1 Basketball Team. IIICLICN MARY RAAB. Iiimle1'g:11'te-11 Riverside l'y'tl1in. Ifllld01'jl'2l1'fQI1 Association. Good Fellowsllip League. ANNA H. RAIDECH. Prirnary "Anne" South Division Treble Clef Club. Good Fellowship I.e:1,-zlle. LEONURA KAMSAY. P1'l11lill'X VIOI,lfI'l' RASCII, Priuiary Uconto "Yi" Lake Geneva Good Fellowship League, Y. XY. C. A. Y. NV. U. A.. Good Fellowship League. EVA lCI.IZAlfiI4l'l'II RANDALL. Priiuary MAXIMILIAN RASKIN, Pre-Legall "Evo" Waupun HMax" North Division Thalia, flood 11's-llowship League, Trease Uercle I"1'angais, Men's Club, Senate urei' llwllilliil. Club. Men's Glee Club, T1'QilSl11'0l' Uercle E321 l+'1'a11e:nis. French Plays. Baseball. Basket- bull. -Jll.""" ,gl . Q . QV' 'K 1 Q0 X- 'x s 5 ,, ' l iil i i v x EMMA RATHLIGSBERGER. fQl'2l1lllll2lI' VICRONA REINHULD G1-311111131 "NiI111ie" Wusllillztml "wi-W XVZlSlli1lgf0ll Good Fellowship I,61lQ'lll-'. Thzilia. Gilmlvoifs Vluln. sxgliliil. Good Fellowshiln . Ifzlgllv. MAYME RAYMAHQVE. 1'I'illl2l1'y M1530 ALICE HICZARCH. P1'i11lilI'j Gibbous l'luh. Aglain. Good Followsllilu pm-k Falls T-923119. Goodfe-llowsllip LGIIZIIO. RA HRARA JANE RICE, Iiil1dG'1'S.'ill'tC11 "Bibs" Riverside Kiml+1rg.r:11'tv11 Association. 'l'1'c-'lrlv Clof Club. Good Fellowship League. Vice-l'1'esiA dent Ki11de1'g:i1'tv11 Freshiuou. ROSELLA RICHARDS. 1'1'ium1'y l'RoSe" Ironwood. Mich. Good Followsllip Lezlguv. l33l IGRNST R. RIN'l'l4ll,MANN. High School "I':l'lli4:". South Division Bhlfllt-'lll2lflCS Vluln. Ibrnmzltic Club, Glee Cluln. EMMA G. RlTl'HAR'l', Grulnluul' "Rich" New Lisbon Good Followsllip League. .WN 1 l .. K c i e as 'xp GICRTRVDE EIDNA ROBERTS. Prinlary "Gerts" Racine Good Fellowship League, Zenobia. JANE ROBERTS, Kindergarten f'2llllibl'iH Kindergarten Association, Good Fellow- ship League. EVGENE M. RODAT, Music Supervisors "Gene" Milwaukee Orchestra, Still1nanfKelly Club, Gercle Frzincais. Me-11's Glee Club, Men's Club. DOROTHY IRENE RODEMS. 1'l'i1I1a1'y "Dot" Baraboo Menorah Society. Good Fellowship League, Girls' Auxiliary. MARGARET J. RUGAN. High School "Marg" Oconornowoc Mathematics Glub. Thalia, Good Fel- lowship League. Secretary - Treasurer Mathematics Club. Secretary Thalia, Treasurer- High School Group. NETTIE R. ROMANOWSKI, High School Bay View Thalia, French Club, English Club. E341 MARY ETTA RONAYNE, Primary Washington Good Fellowship League. Girls' Aux- iliary. Iduna, Gibbons Club, Vice-Presi- dent Good Fellowship League. Vice-Presi- dent Iduna. President lduna, Good Fel- lowship Board, Student Council. IVA BELLE RVSKELL, Kindergarten Belmont Good Fellowship League. Kindergarten Association, Y. VV. C. A., Treble Clef Club. f ft ax o r 1 .N , . I X'-R . . N ' NX IGLSIE RUSELINK. Graminar "Rusty" Sheboygan Falls Key Klub. Good Fellowship League. Girls' Auxiliary. Xv0lll2lll'S Council. Gl+INl4ZVllCVE F. RVVVITCH, Priniary "Gen" Nizigura Good Fellowsllip Leaglie, Girls' Aux' iliury, Balsketbzlll. Baseball, Menorah Play '22, President Menorah '23, Cllllfkllll Pri- lllill'y Basketball '23. IRMA E. SACHS State Graded "Sox" Chilton Good Fellowship League. Key Klub. Li- ll'tll'lilIl Key Klub. RAY HUMAN SADOWSKI. xlkllllltll Arts Milwaukee INGA S. SALE. Ki11derga1'te11 FRANCES SAX. Primary Madison "I"illllll0H Mnrinette Treble l'lef Club, Ligeu. Aglzliu. BI6llO1'Zlll. Good Fellowship I,c:1::11e. HAROLD J. SANVILLIC. Pre-Legal "Sandy" Slieboyggnn MARIE SFIIAAF, Priniary Gibbons Club, llrainzitic t'l11b. Glee Club, "Sis" Rice Lake Mathematics Club, President Cercle Fran- cais. President Men's Senate. President 0l'Ilf0l'lC2ll Association, Tl'6HSllI'91' Sopho- more Floss. Executive Board Men's Club, Student Council, Second Orator and Al- ternate Ilebater '21, '22, Orator and De- llilfQl' '22. '23. French Plays. q'l'P2lSlll'91' l7I'2lIll2lflC Club. Echo Stott. Jungle LGZIQIII9. lS5l Gibbons l'l11b, Tllalia, Girls' Auxiliary, Good Fellowsliip League. Good Fellowship Honrd. Student f'ouncil, President Pri- llltll'y Conference. 'lg ,ji .0 x 1 4 X X px. X:--.N ,mf T1 ff l 'N ' V SlLVl'lS'l'l'IIl N. St'HlflliIiR. Journalism IIICLICN I.. SUHLITZ. Iiilldl-'l'22ll'f0ll "Slivvrs" South Division Buy View Iiilld9l',Lf2ll'f911 Association. Trelale Flef , 1. V , , 4, ,M W Vlull. Vtopin. Good Fellowship Imzlglle. MILDRlf.QIiIHg.?ClIILLLR' Yf,i1liTi':lx:,nn'u Vrvsidvnt Vtonizi '23, Secretary and Trezls- ' ' ' ' urvr 'l'rs-lnlv Cliff Ululv. Tl't'2lSlll'Pl' Kinder- Gilvlrons Club. Ligvzl. Good Fellowsliip IA-'ilf.fllP. gnrten SUI?ll0lll0l'9S. Junior In-logzitv to I. K. l'. l'onvention '21 GICR'l'Rl'IbI4I Sl'IlMlIl'l'. liiilde-1'p:n1'to11 "Ge-1't" Riverside Good Fvllowsllilu IAHIHIU-'. Iiilldf-x1'H2ll'f0ll Association. INGER M. Sl'HMl'l'Z. 1.1-tters K Sch-nee "Ink" lVvst Division Mntllc-llnltics Ululv. Felwflo FI'2lllQRliS. Good Fl-llowslxip Imzlgiiv. Folll-ge Ii2lSkPt' l::1l1 Tozlnl. l.ORR.XlNlC I.0l'ISE Sl"llNABlCI,. Gr:l1n1n:1r "'l'oots" I,01'filLIl' Y. XY. l'. A.. 'l'l1:1li:1. Hood Followsiiip l.engue-. A l36I l"IllCIJIfZHIl'K Sl'IiNI'IlIlIiIi. Music "Fritz" XV2lSl1illgt0ll Sfilllliilll-Iii-'HX l'lulx. M1-n's G14-P Ululu, 01'c1nfstr:l. 319111 Vluh. ELIZABETH SGIIOLLER, Iiil1d0l'2ill'f0ll "Retry" .lznwsvillv Idunu. fQillij01lS Flulv. Good l"vllowsl1i1w I.:-zigiu-. Kimle1'g:l1'tv11 Assoc-isltion. Girls' Auxiliary. Pqyxlww. .ie f 5 Hx qs 1 XX X tg ' W 45, ' I 5--Xxx I , M, AN 1 4. New .r ., -' -f-, X -f'- "' " P 1' 1 I '. '. M l NN I E EMILY SCHFLTZ, G 11111111191 1' Xxv2lSllll1f.ff0ll Good Fellowship Len gm-. EVAN C". SCHWVIC MER. lflllgilie-willy.: "Pip" South Division NATHAN SCIHVIID. f'0llllllk'l'C9 "Nz1tv" North lbivisiou 1Tl'2ll1l3fiC Clulr. R1k'll0l'ilh Sucivty. All-F1178 Vluh. I'1'eside11t Meimmli. Irelmtim: Team, BI9ll0l'ilh Play '22, 23. 'FHICRESA M. SICGRIN. 1'l'illlill'y "'l'reSs" Pllillips fluml l'x0ll0NVSllill l,v:1g11o. Gihlums Club. ICIHVINA t"I,ARli SIClFlGR'l'. INIILX SICSIL. I'1'llllill'X liilldn-l'gz11'te11 "I lot" Amigo Huy View Gilulmons Club, Goml lfvllu-wsllip Leaglw. lflIll1l'l'g2i1'fl'll Association. l'ytl1izi. His- Ululr, Iillldl-'1'22ll'f9ll lwlegzlte 1. K. V. MVHIEL SHALLONVQ I,1,imiu,y "" We-st Allis Goml Followsllip Leziguo. JICNNIE S1'll,TZER. Gfzlllllllill' "B1'fllll0" North lbivisiou Good Fellnwsliilm llengm-. i371 0 or X I X., 1 X 4, . 5' Ng . ., 5, v 5 XX N"' fl .. Qmhbbx ESTl'Zl.I.I'l SHERMAN, Priniary HL0lliSl2l1l21u Texarkana. Ark. l'1l'0d9llllli2l. Good Fellowship League. l-ll'Zl.lflN JEAN SHOLL, High School "Helion" Bay View Thalia, Good Fellowship League. Mathe- matics Club, History Club, Good Fellow- ship Board. President Mathematics Club. President 'lVllHli2l. Vice-President Thalia. AIDELIA SIEGLER. Kindergarten VVatertown Clio. History Club. Glee l'lub. Y. VV. i". A. IJUROTIIY U. SMITH. Deaf "l lo" Amherst Good Fellowship League. Philocophia. Vice-Presidellt Pllilocophia. Secretary Plyilocopllia. l El'Nlf'I4l T. SMITH, Music Green Hay Stillman-Kelly Club, Good Fellowship League. Al,lt'l'l SULSRVIP. Kilidergarteli VVl1itehall Good Fellowship League. Iill1d91',2'2l1'fP11 Association. Y. XV. f'. A.. Treblo Flef Ulub. Basketball Team. I S81 HIGLGA MARIE SORICNSICN. Grammar "Soruy'l Racine Good Fellokvsliip League. Zeuobia, Girls' Auxiliary, Grammar Basketball Team. Jl'l.lA STALLMAN, State Graded "Julia" Carroll College Agrlaia. Good Fellowship League. f 'sill g 31' in w l Y ' . lil, ' u llE?E2zK2 K T V xxxx In Ih0RU'l'IIY STANGI-II.. Iligh School IATIDIA S'l'AI'l"l-'At'Hl'Ill. IillldPl'3J,'ill'fl'll Manitowoc "l.yd" New Glurus Pythia. Good Fellowship I,0ZlQIlll'. Gib- Good lfollowsllip League. Ki11d01'g:z11'te-11 bons Club, French Vlub. Association. Trefblo Ulef Club. l1EA'l'RIl'l4I A. STAI'I,IC'l'0N. Gl'ZllllI1lill' FRANCES MARIE STEHLING. "Bea" Holy Angels Academy "Frat" Holy Angels AClld9lllX Idunn. Gibbons t'lub. Key Klub. Girls' Gibbons. 'l'l1z1li:l. Key Klub. ITl'2llllZ1flC Auxiliary. I'lub. ANNA T,ORI'lT'l'A STRONG. Pl'llll2ll'X t'l1ilto11 Koy Klub. l'ytl1i:1, Good lfollowsliilr League. Gibbous. Ill'2lll12lflC Ulub. 841011-- tary Kc-y Klub. l'1'osideut G. 1'. F.. I3l'illll- attic l'lub Play. IIllRAi'E S. STRONG. l'lblllllll'l'C6? "Pony" Rivorsido l'0IllIll91'C0 Ulub. Monk Vlub. Ml-u's Gleo Vlub, Lo Uorcle- l"1'm1Qnis. l,1'3lll2lfiC Club. Junglo l.e:l::11o. IIlt0l'-Il61lZll'fl11Pllt Basket- l'z1ll. Junior Prom Prize Fox Trot '22, l"1'o11cl1 l'l:1y '21 llzludbnll Toux'11:1111eut 71 T391 .lllS'l'lI'lIlNI'l SNVIDICRSKI. High School "Jo" South Division Gibbous Club. Agxlzlia. Good Fellowslxip Imzlxue. l'1'esidout Aglziizl. licllo Woekly Stuff. SAM TAIINOW. l'1'1--Medic North Division ,:45fV?-N5 A I, .gigsgl l ix! l . 'v X., . Q., 'kk X S,x V . , 5, V1 xx ' x,.,,j X- H .U LILLIAN 'l'El'BER. Iqllld91'gi11'f6ll AGNES M. 'l'llIBOIDEAl', P1'illli1I'y Wyeville "Ag" Coleman Treble Ulm-f, Girls' Auxiliary. Good l+'ellowsl1ip Lez1g.:u9. Gibbons Club. ALICE THELEN, Kindergarten MOSES N. THISTEIJ, High School South Division "Mow" New Lisbon Ligozl. Kiude1'p::x1'ts-u Association. Good Sfudvnt Council. 3I9ll'S Glee Ulub. "M" Fvllowsllilr League. Club. I'1'0Sident Ell7lill96l'i11g Society '20. Yicv-l'1-esident Mvn's Ulub '22. Treasurer Monk Club '23. Baseball Cslptain '22, '23, I'1'osidP11t High School Group '23. KATHLEEN RVTII THOMPSON, ALIVE G. THVERING. Iii111le1'g:u1'te11 P1'lIllZll'j' "G00l','Zi6U XVost Division UTOIIIIIIXU Groon Bay Iill1l1l'l',!'81'f0ll Associzlfiou. Vtopia. Good Good F4-llowship lmzigliv. Gibbons Club. Fe-llowsllip Ilsfzlgllo. Y. XV. V. A. Vice-lwosidont G. l'. Juniors. ESTIIER TISl'1lENIJOR1". Gfiflllllllill' VERNA AGI'S"l'A THOMPSON. Gl'2llll11l2ll' "Tischie" Elkhorn "T0llllllX', Sparta Girls' Auxiliary. Good Fellowship League. Good Fellowship Leaglw. Gl'2lllllll1ll' Basketball 'Fe-um. i901 j7:45mgg3 jg. K X xx 4 k , . ., -R 6, 'R xxx '. MARY TOI,FURl'b, l'l'llllill'X "Maxim-" Thorpe EI'iTlll'llllliH. MARTIN .IOSICPII TORPHY. I'1'e-Legal "T0rph" South Division MPn's Club. "M" Uluh. Sigma Delta l'l1i F1'ntm'11ity. Football '22, NICI,l.lIC TOXVNS. Music "Nell" Albany Stillumu-Kvlly Vlulm. Good F6-llowsllip v v 1 LFIIQIIQ, Orclu-st1'z1. 1. V. 1 . A. FAR! ILINIC TOXVNSICNI J. G1'a111111:11' "R0lllt-'09 Portage Tllzllin. Y. W. V. A., Good Fell0ws11i1'r lmaguv. Basketball Tezuu. I.U1ilC'l'TA Tl'I.l.Y. Iiillfl91'Q2lI'll'll MlI.IrlLlCIr VAN YUNIPERICN. I'l'llll2ll'y xv2llIXV2lf0Sll "Mil" f'0l011l:lll lfiIllll'1'22ll'lPll .XSSOC'l1lfillll. Vlio. Howl Goml Fvllowsl1ip I.P:1g110. Gilvlmolls Club. Fvllowshilm lA'2lQ'llf'. Girls' AllXillill'j'. q"x2'5"m "N" 1,.x1mRA Iil"l'll x'.xl'c:H.xN, I'1'i1ua1'y uvilllgllilllivl, C1llllbl'l2l lll'Zl,lfIN TVRNQVIST, I'1'llll2l1'y Hood Fvlluwsllip League, Key Klulr. uTll1'lll0,' Bayfic-111 Hnml Fe-llowslxip l,e:1g:uP. Aglzlizl, Y. NV. , . . . , , , , 1. A.. f,11'ls A1lXlll2ll'y. Y XX. 1. A. fall:- im-t. i911 "" 1' Q.AQ- Q51 ru 4 N , 'FESSIE YINUYSKY. Lcttvrs .ls Science "Tess" North Division BI2lfl19IIl2li'iCS Club. Pydea. French Club. Menorah, Ilranmtic Club. Girls' Auxiliary. Good Fellowship League-. Vice-Prcsidont l7I'iIIll1ltiC Club. IIELICN MARIE YOGT. l'l'llll2ll'y "Hon" Lake Geneva Y. W. C. A.. Good Fcllowsllip I.o:1g1u-. MARY ANN YGLLS'l'1'Zl1T. Kindergarten "I4ar11cy" New Holstein Good Fcllowship Lengiie. Girls' Anx- iliary. Kindergarten Association. MARIE VULZ, Music Supervisors La Crosse Gibbons Club: Srillnnln-Kclly Club, Or- chestra. Good lfellowship League. Vice- Presidvnt Stillman-Kelly Club. MARION A. VUSS. Kindorgnrtcii RVTII M. XVICGNICR, Kindergarten "Polo" Bl2lZ0lll2lI1il" "Rufus" NVit.tenberg Kindergarten Association. Good Fellow- Kindergarten Association, Good Fellow- ship Iicugxllc, Clio. ship I.92l,2llf'. lIlilil5IGK'l' VUI+Zl.Kl'IR. High School MARIE JANE NVALI.. Iillldt'l'gHI't6I1 Sun Prairie Antigo Clio. E921 . ..,, , An":." , V g . 1 .Q W ll X . 1 . ,', rx, I X .f xxxx 1' l' xwf .sx, N wax A -T". In Mll.DREI'r H. WAl.l.ll'K. Gl'21lll11l2ll' AGNES C. YVATERS. High School "Chuckles" Waukesha Reeseville Y. W. C. A., Good Fellowship League. Gibbous Hub. Pythia, Ellrxlish Club. Girls' Auxiliary. DORIS VVATROUS, Gfdllllllal' IRENIC VVARID, Graininur "lint" East Troy Hollundale Good Fellowship League. Y. W. C. A., Good Fellowship League. Gibbons l'lub, Pllllllfllllil. Key Flub, President lrlllliltlllill ,.,., Girls' Auxiliary, Key Klub. EYHLYN M. Wlfllilflli. Graininar "Ev" Riverside English Club, Dramatic Club. Gibbons Club, Treble Clef Club. Girls' Auxiliary, Erodelphia. Good Felloiwsliip Lcague. Vice- President Drainatic l'lub 522. GERALDINE YVICBER, Kindergruten "Jerry" Racine Clio, Good Fellowship l,e:1,2ue. Kinder- garten Association. Gibbons Club. l93l Ji ISICIWIINE WEIJPIMEYER. Deaf "Ju" Watertown Gibbons Club. Good Fellowship League. Pliilocopliizl. FIAJRA H. XVIGHNICR. Gfilllllllill' Otterbein. Ohio Ilonornry BI0llllIl'l' l'1l'0dPllil1l2l. Urani- zltic Club. i4s":W 1 - .ldv 7 f .9 " i x It - uv f,, ,"' X AIU, El.I+lANORl KATHRINIG WERNER, MILIJRICIJ WlfI'l'l'ZIi, IilIll101'gkll't9ll Priiuzlry "I lick" XVulworth "Nory" XVilSl1iI1Q't0Il Good Fvllowsliiln I.e-uglio. Iiilld0l'g2ll't0ll .XSSOClilfi4bll. Y. YY. F. A. Thalia. Y. XV. F. A., Good Fellowship League, Vice-Presideiiit Thalia, President Thaliu. 'frvnsllrer Class Group. Primary A111915 XVLIELAN. qgmlmllm- Vouncil. 1921 Homo Coming. ...uv west Allis Gibbons Club. Girls' AllXili2ll'1'. MARJOHIE IIORET WERNI-IR, I h'HllllllH1' "M:u'j" North Division Aglaia. Good Fellowsllip League. GLAIJYS YVIIl'1'l,I'lY, l.PtT+'l's :mtl SCll'llC0 IPAYIIT XVIGUIJSKY. l're-MediC "Gl:1ddy" Ivlliflll Grovo "lPnx'o" North Division Good Fellowship 141213111-. Matlleiuzxtics l'l'0-MP1liC Vlllll- M9113 EXOCIIUVQ BOIIFC1, Vluh. French Club. Studout Vounc-il, I':ilSK-'lllll1. History Club, Ivllltlll Yodvil 22. MAlCGl'l'IR1'1'I4l XVII'ISl'IKl'l. Ki111l91'5::lI'fP11 ,.Mame,, f.,m1h1,iu 1-11rN.x 1l:14:AM NVILVGX. Iiil1d9I',L'3I'f0ll Association. Good Follow- ,Letters and buena? SlliIlLE'Il1.'Ill0, Gibbous Club, Aglaizl. Yvegt Divigiml Pythian, l"erf-le l4'1'a11Q:1is. Englisli Club. l E941 -4k,g"" ci" rx f .Q .n5x Kindergarten lddgerton Ftopia. Glce Club. Good Fellowship Y. XV. I'. A., IXIII- IC STH HR W I LEMAN. "Tess" Lcnglw. Girls' Auxiliary. dQI'gZll'l'91l l'luy, T1'9RlSIlI'0l' Vtopiu. l'ZI.lZAB1C'l'H WILLIAMS. lii114le1'ga1'tv11 "Glen" l':unbri:1 Kindergzlrten Association. Good Fellow- ship League. Agluin. ICLLICN V. WILLIAMS. Grzuninzu' "Billy" Racine Good Fellowship Ik-agiw. Zonobia, Girls' Auxiliary. President Zenobizl. Gfilllllllill' Pzlsliotlsall 'l'ou1n. Junior Girls' Ilzlsketbzlll Tvillll. IIICSSA WILLIS, Music "Rub" Toledo. lll. Good F4-llowslxip League. 0I'CllGStl'Rl. l'1'm-sillvllt Stillnmn-Kelly Club. Tl'9IlSl11't'I' l'lio. XIGIIIIDPI' Good Fellowship Board. Studrut Council. LILLIAN A. XVITT. Gfilllllllill' l'l.IFI4'Ulllb R. WOLF. Pro-Medic "Lil'i YVZlSllll1Q,'IOIl South Ilivision lllrodvlplliu. Girls' Auxiliary. Y. XV. ff. A.. Kcy Club, President Key Klub. GRACE I. Vl'l'l'TENREliG, I'rinuu'y "Mug:,:ie" xV2lSlllllj.ff0ll Good Fellowship,:uc. Ztlllilllill. i951 Scicncc l'lub. I'1'v-Medic Vlub. Monk Club, Executive Board. Studi-nt Council. Tl'GilSlll'01' l're-Medic Club. ICRNA WOLF. Letters and Science North Division Spanish Ulub. lllzltlwlnntics l'lub. I'y- thizl. Good Fcllowsllip Imzlglle. President Spanish Ulub, Secromry Spanish Club, Yicc--l'1'vsidvl1t l'ythi:1. f'lll'iSllll2lS I'lz1y'LZ2. lim-ho Weekly SHUT. fi 1 xxx- K Y QQ s - .xxx rrir GlflNEVlEVl'l WOLF, l'1'iIll2ll'X CUBA FIIANVICS WOLFRITM, Milwaukee High School xxvl-'XIIIIXVGKH LILLIAN XVOLF, l.l,imm.y English Club. Iyllililfllfkl, Secretary Phil- '-Li1" Bay View i'fh"f'- Good I+'m-'llowsllip I492lgu1", I'to1ri:1, Svc- rotary Tft0Di2l. AMANDA VVVLF, Kindergarten AILIOIDII Good Fellowship Ifaglle. ALICE WYLIE, G1':1m111:11' South Ilivisiou Pythia, Good Fellowship IA'21,flfl10, Secrol tary Pythia. HELEN J. YORKE. - Grammar "Yorkie" Grand Ledge. Mich. Good Fellowship League, Gibbons Club, Tlialia, Dramatic Club, Vice-President Granmiar Sophomore-S. T961 HICIJCN Ii. YHVNG, IiilldQl'M2l1'fQll Wa usa u Good Followsllip Leaguv, IiilldQ1'gi1I't911 Association. BARBARA M. YVNK, Primary "Robbie" Marinette Gibbons Club, Good Fellowship League. 0 K X - X IKICIQNICIVIC ZIMMERMAN, Primary "I Dutch" Avoca Good Fellowship League. IRICNIC M. ZI'l'ZHl.KI4l. Kindergarten "Rene" Fremont Kindergarten Association, Y. W. C. A., Thalia. Good Fellowship League, Presi- dent Thalia, Vice-President Thalia. l.UI.A COX. Music "I 'eega r" XVEISIIMIQIYOII Stillman-Kelly. Sec'y-'l'reas. Stillman- lielly Club. MARION N. ERERT. Normal Arts "Birdelia" West Division Art Students' Club. Sinock Club, Good Fellowsliip League, Treasurer Sniock Club, Vice-l'1-esident and President Art Stu- dents' Club. ANNA LOVISIC EILERT. Kil1dGl'f,'i1ft01l Augusta Good Fellowship League, Iillldf-'1'g'21l'lf9l1 Association. CARLA G. HELLER, Normal Arts "Carlsh" Appleton Good Fellowship League, Smock Club. i971 AI.Il'IC ELIZABETH MASON. Normal Arts "Alicia" West Division Art Student's Club. S1ll0Ck Club, Good Fellowship League. GORDON S. STRATHEARN, Letters and Science "Gordie" North Division Student Council. Me-n's Club Executive Board. Football. Baseball. Football Cap- tain. 222: l'l'0lll f'1l2ll'llltlll. 23: Treasurer, NU1ll1Ulll0l'9 Class: Tl'Q2'lSlII'9l' and Vice- Vresident Men's Club. Vice-Presidellt "M" Club. o K 4 4 . , 3 ., N rs' 'RK .RHXX , Additional Seniors JOSEPH BRAZY. Letters and Science "Joe" Menomonee Falls Le Cercle Francais. Senate Club. Mc-n's Club. Menorah, Frelicli and Menorah Plays. ANN BICRNICE CARROLL, I'l'i11lill'y "Ring" Hortonville Y. YV. C. A., Erodelphia. Good Fellow- ship League. Ll'ClLI,E FITZSIMONS, Kindergarten "Fitz" Fond du Lac Good Fellowship League. Kindergarten Association. Gibbons Club. NURMA M. l"ROMl'l. Grannnar Sheboygan Gibbons Club, Good Fellowship League. CYRILLA HICKI-XY. Letters and Science "Cy" Riverside Good Fellowship League. lduna. Girls' Auxiliary' Good Fellowsliip League EX- ecutive Board. Student Council. Gibbons. HARRY A. KOVICNOCK. l're-Legal Milwaukee Menorah. Alternate Uratory and Debate '2l. Echo Staff i2f!. HAZEL HARRIET MAYNARII. l'l'illl2li':y' North Division Iirodelphia, Y. VV. C. A. GEO. E. NICKEL. Manual Arts t'Nick" Hay View NM" Club. Men's Club. Football '21, '22, Track '2l. '22, President "M" Club. His- torian "M" Club. I9Sl ALICE HIGYXOLDS. l'l'illlill'Y "Allie" South Ilivision Clio, History Club. Gibbons Club, Good Fellowship l.ea,:ue. Girls' Auxiliary. Treasurer Junior Class. Vice-President Clio. l'resident History Club. Echo Staff. l'nion Vodvil Staff, Student Council. l"l.0Hl'INCE S'ClllLLEli. Kindergarten t'I"lo" Riverside Ifil1liPl'f2f2ll'ft-'Il Association. Glee Club, Good Fellowship League. HICLEN B. SKAl'GS'l'Alr. l'1'illl2ll'y Argyle Philathea. LAVREL R. SMITH. Kindergarten "Laurie" NVest Division Kindergarten Association. Treble Clef. Girls' Auxiliary. Good Fellowship League. YVILLIAM A. TYRE. Engineering "Hill" South Division UM" Club. Men's Club. Sigma llelta l'hi. Track Einblein '2l. '22, '23I. Track Cape tain l22. Cross Country '22, lil-lA'l'lllClC H. XVADLEIGII. Letters and Science "Ii" Riverside I'ythia. Good Fellowship League, Cercle 'Francais Spanish Club, NVeekly Echo Staff. Treasurer Pythia. Junior Basket- lrall Team, LESTICR ll. VVICGNER. Engineeriiig t'" Riverside Men's Club. Dramatic Club, Men's Glee Club. Delta Sigma Kappa Fraternity. Stage Electrician. Movie Machine Oper- ato1'. Ll 'I 'l LE SAVELANI b. Kinderga rten South Division I 4 xxx . X M., Y'-,X I 1 uf nl xlx 'A x,,,f -A -.-- f A H QQMQQVF in META ANDERSON. Port xVhlSlll1ljlIOll LEONA REATTIE. Lake Beulah RADFORD ROEING. Hustisferd ALICE RORCHAR-DT. Rubicon ELOISE COX. flCOI1OIllOXVOC MARIE DISIINEAII Green Ray MARY DONNELLY. Plainville HELEN ESSER. Dane MILLIE FVNK. IVafertown SOI'HIE GILBERT. XVest Bend STELLA GRAIUHEN. Colonia MARGARET IIOLLOWAY. Green Ray CAREY HUTTNER. Elkhorn EDNA JONES, Merrinlac IIILDEGARDE KASTEN. Cedarlmurg AGNES KAVANAIYGII. Milwaukee LVSETTE KEUK. Port AVZlSlllI1,2IOIl GRACE KEITH. Sturgeon Bay LOTTIE KOI'P. Cedarlmrg UORA KREVTER. fl9d2Il'lllII',2 RI'TH LEIFER-. Random Lake AGATHA LOMRARD. I'lint0nville LEILA LOVER. Sauk City MARY MCAVLEY. OCOIIOIIIOXVOK' AGNES MAIR. AV2lllkk'SllIl RI'TH BIAIADNIC. f'01lZll'llll1"5I ALIVE MINTZLAFF. Grafton EA RL I'AI'S'l'. Vrivitz MARGARET PETERS. Milwaukee 'FH E LMA PETERSON. I'urt YVilSlllllQ'fOll Rural JESSIE POEIILER. Rural Sturgeon Ray Rural ANNA PREYSS, Rural Prairie du Sac Rural GLADYS' ROBERTS, Rural Portage Rural LILA ROVNDS. Rural Reeseville Rural MILDRED SUHMIDT. Rural Milwaukee Rural VERNA SUHIIBEL. Rural Lake Beulah Rural MARGARET Sl'HI'LTZ, Rural Horicon Rural IRMA SELL. Rural Kohlsville Rural NELLIE SHEREL. Rural Hales Corners Rural VIOLA STELTER. Rural Randolph Rural ROSE THORSEN. Rural IYiftenherg Rural FLORENCE ZAMZOW, Rural Merriinac Rural ULAYTON CHENEY. Letters X Science Milwaukee Ru1'al HARRY l'I-IILLII'S'. Letters and Science Milwaukee Ru1'al LLOYD THOMAS. Letters and Science Milwaukee Rural RICHARD RlELEI"EI.D. Engineering.: Milwaukee Rural MERRILL CRANE. Eng:ineering Milwaukee Rural ROYAL JOYNSON. Engineering Milwaukee Rural J. N. .IOI'I'. Engineering: Milwaukee Rural DAVID LIVINGSTON, Engineering Milwaukee Rural HERRERT SEYRING. Engineering Milwaukee Rural R. W. STEINWAND, Engineering.: Uollny Rural ULYDE XVOHLFORD, EIILIIIIGQFIIIH Milwaukee Rural ELEANOR WATSON, Kindergarten West Allis Rural RAY IIEYER. Music Supervisors Milwaukee Rural IIAZEL DEMAND. Music Supervisors SI1OI'0NVOOlll Ru1'al IIAROLD COOK I're-Medic lVaterford Rural GEORGE HERMAN. I're4Medic Jackson Rural MARION THOMAS, Granunar Milwaukee Rural VERA KEITII. High School l99l Sturgeun Ilay -4 "X f 4 x X N , A , s . ' ,, ek, N-xx . l ' ' ' K XXL ' l-listorq of the Freshman Class President . . . . .Katherine Vv6Ckll1ll9llEI' Secretary . ...Elizabetli Il. Ewens 'Treasurer . . ..... Mildred Price In September, 1922, there entered into the halls and class-rooms of our Normal School, a mass of students, who registered the spirit of wide-awakeness, intelligence. and "pep" all over their merry faces. As the days grrew into weeks, and the weeks into rnonths, they manifested this evidence of active en- ergy in every school activity. The noble football squad boasted many a Fresh- man among its ranks, and well did these loyal class-mates of ours prove that our pride in them was not in vain. Indoors, Freshmen were to blame for many of the balls so gloriously tilted through the basket. ?l11Cl for many of the ingen- ious passes that were made. ln the Assembly, Freshmen played for us, sang for us, and acted tor us. The staff of the Echo VVeekly bulged with the names of our classmates. Surely, this was a versatile crowd, one capable of any under- taking, and able to carry its purpose to a successful end. NVhat has been most praiseworthy in the annals of the class is the spirit of friendliness, and good fellowship, which marked the relationship between the students themselves, and between the students and their teachers. The year has come to a close without one disagreeable blot to mar the good name of the Freshman class of twenty- three. porn H011 ' , l N Yifxixx COBIBIERCE Block, Roy Daniel, Geo. Krueger, John Marshall, Melvin Wergin, Oliver Walton, Gertrude Weckmueller, W. Ackerman, Sherman Anderson, Alex J. Bartlet, Harvey E. Bender, Boris Berman, Fred A. Clark, Seldon Davis, Elmer Earle, Clifford Eichfeld, Kenneth Fernekes, Norman Gerlat, Oscar H. Hackett, Donald Heineman, Joseph Herrmann, Harold Brooks, Katherine Charles, Marion E. Candee, Rose Du Mez, P. Kemmeter, Stanley Meinhardt, Lucille Andrus, Elwin A. Bouscher, Hugo Galinsky, Chas. Genzmer, Elmer Gratz, George Drescher, Milton Baker. WI11. Borges, John H. Bruegger. Arthur Crowe, Raymond Glick, Harry Halsor. Edmund Mainwaring, Wm. Prengel, Hugo ENGINEERS Killingstad, Alf. Kopp, Carl J. Krueger, Adolph Krueger, Herbert Kuehnl, VValter Leshing, Morris B. Luchsinger, Werner J. McCauley, Robert Mallman, Wm. C. Martinez, Frank C. Medina, Pedro Pilliard, Win. F. Rhoda, Ralph Ruppenthal, Jacob HOME ECONOMICS Hollenbeck, Beatrice Konop, Kathleen JOURNALISM Sells. Ruth Kartack. Theodora Perschonok. Mary Lauson, Elizabeth PRE LEGAL Hodges, Roland F. Wirths, Harry Adams, Ronald , Martineau, Paul Schwartz, Herman LETTERS AND SC I ENCE Clark, 'Irene Andersen, Marguerite Collins, Lawrence Baker, Henry Dean Bean, Robert Belitz, Helen Iiergin, Timothy Campbell, Grace Carter, R. M. Drescher, M. Dundon, Myrtle Durand, Samuel Eggert, Irene Ehlman, Neal Etheir, Grace Uozj Winkenwerder, Ray Ruehl, Ray Bannister, Donald Monroe, Alvin Ray, James O'Neill, Jos. Weisner, Emanuel Boardman, John Schroeder, Erwin Spies, Roy Stein, Edgar Sheffer, Renssellaar Wassweiler, LeRoy Wegener, Ray Woyciehowsky, Stanley Young, Clarence Mueller, Franklin Schmidt, Elmer Spracker, Solomon Vogt, Gilbert Weber, Arthur Peterson, Alta Klevay. Welma Bogdon, Margaret Wegner, Walter Zellin, Abraham Paetow. Ray Shahaz. Cyrus Westhofen, Carl Ewens, Elizabeth Fortier, Suzanne Gaudynski, Ed. J. Goelzer, Jennie Graves, Alice llalling. Alfred llarty, John llempe, Paula .,-5 xx If o H X . x X Qltll an . - Killian, Meta Klatz, Frieda Kleinhans, Marie Korbel, Alfred Kummer, Verna Leissring, Wn1. Long, Ila Mueller, Marjorie Murphy, Harriet Neelen, Ruth Olson, Chas. Otteson, Herbert Reinoenauer, Ella Root, Florence Rowe, Harriett Sattler, Lucile Scherkenbach, Lorena Schneider, Ralph Senty, Lester A. Sprecher, Waldo Sternlieb, Esther Svanoe, Haakon Thwaits, Wm. Torphy, Marti11 Assman, Harry Atanasoff, Joseph Baumle, B. Behrens, Herbert Churchill, Bernard Cogan, Leo. Dugas, Geo. Ellis, Gilbert Feld, David Froncek, Ed. J. Fullerton, Chester Goldenberg, Martin Grodin, Hyman Haessly, Marvin Kelly, Francis Lange, Eugene Libby, George Schmidt, Elizabeth Fahlgren, Floyd Gugler, Gretchen Simonds, Harriet Dolan, John J. Hill, Margaret Traynor, Edna Treichel, Gail Torpy, Martin Torpy, Alma Tucker, Whitney Wolff, Armin Wadleigh, Beatrice Weber, Othmar Wynhoff, Alice Zucker, Esther Moser, Viola Coleman, Eleanor Eggert, Oscar Gilbertson, Wm. H. Golling, Chas. Mi11eau, Frances Morrissey, W. L. Palakow, Gertrude Vollmar, Harold Wendt, Clarence Young, Mark Cherdron, Irving Hoffman, Hugo PRE-MEDIC McKenna, Eugene Norton, S. C. Rauchschwalbe, Lothar Schade, Robert Schottler, Robt. Stern, Fred Sternberg, lsadore Wall, Chas. Walton, Wm. Wigodsky, David Zaun, John Barrows, Hollis Darnieder, Norbert Grimm, Jos. 0'Neill, Harold Stemper, Herbert Biller, John SPECIALS E Shaughnessey, Geo. Schowalter, Harris De Stefano, Leonard Gibson, Wesley Hambach, Roland Lucotf. Sara 51031 Merten, Herbert Ray, Ethel Wasserman, Tillie Stanton, Bess Wadsworth, Margaret Bergman Rueben Adamkiewicz, Cornelia Aplin, Willard Carney, R. F. Case, Herman Corbett, Muriel Dawe, Dorothy Dobbert, Edgar Dorne, Marjorie Luenzmann, Leonore Meyer, Berneice Rubenstein, Chas. Shaw, Ruth Steinman, Ruth Babcock, Harriett McHugh, Vincent J. Desmond, Marion Poehlman, Wm. J. Clasman, J. W. Flesch, John J. Regan, Jas. Thranow, John A. Kruschke, Noah Minor, Earl Breen. Frank Holoubek, Lester Hurwitz, Ben Sand, Hyman Sheidls, Erve Voellings, Wm. Caravello, John Cohn, David Jimkins, Myron Koepnick, Fred Turteltaub, Solomon Mias, Boris Steel, Marcel Hentzicker, Mary Moore, Hope E. Ward, Wm. Berger, Geraldine 10+ 105 g4.' , ..., f N lk xB- X K,-J i. .. .A Nurs fx Tlormal Freshman Abley, Ruth Adernian, Alice Aderinan, Edna Anderley, Caroline Andersen, Katherine Anderson, Mildred Bachanz, Nelda L. Baker, Anah Bancroft. Lulu Hangert, Marie Harkow. Alice M. Hassett. I-Ilxvyne Battles. Ruth Bearinan. Hazel Bearinan. Hele11 Belond. Isabel Biederlnan. Esther Blotz, Margaret Bon. Louise Brader. Olive Branstronl. Grace Brennan. Anna Brier, Hannah Brunnn. Helen Burns, Lilah F. Burns. Nona Butler. Evelyn Uanipbell, Catherine Vavanaugli, Mary Cawley, Isabelle Chase. Mearl Fheesenlan, Marion Clark. Grace Clarke, Harriet Cleary. Margaret Cleveland. Laurine Foleinan. Josephine Condon. Helen Fenway. L. Helen Crawford. Joyce Cross. Frances G. Crowley. Lucille De Dianan. Delia Dempsey. Anna Dunlap. Dora Dunn. Mary Egan. Mary R. Ellingson. Mildred Erickson. Leah Erickson. Sielda Eslien. Helen Fecht. Lucille Ferber. Alma H. Flanagan. Grace M. Foley. Lucille Foster. Litta Miriam Franklin. Ida Friedli. Marcella Freeberg, Constance Frojen, Alina Ganske, Alpha Gilmore, Margaret Glaubitz. Elsie E. Goehl, Mabel Goodrich, Lucille Gratfenius, Margaret Graski, Angeline Gran, Helen Greenya. Marion Griffith, Mary Margaret Gronnne. Mary Gunderson. Lois Gunderson. Sylvia llabich. Edna llanrahan. l'lll'llPI'lll8 Hansen. Eva Ilan. Esther Hazard. Frances lleffernan. Margie lleiderich, Beulah Ileinen. Mildred A. llellen, Phristine Ilenke. Elsa lltlll'Z1l2lllSt'll. Ethel lIunting.:ton, Beulah Jackson. Guenhild Jacob, Ethel Jacobson, Agnes Jalen, Ma1'y Jensen. Ennna D. Johnson. Christine Johnson. Huldall Joslyn, Dorothy Keenan, Ruth Keller, Esther Kelly. Lucile Kelty. Irene Kerner, Grace Keuper. Margaret Kiltz. Lucile M. Kirkish. Moneera Kleaver. Dorothy Koontz. Eleanor Kriske. Mary Krueger. Alina Kabicek. Frances Kuhn. Norma Kurkoyvski. Monica Langyvorltliy. Vera Larson, Grace Latourelle. Ruth Leahy, Inez Lee, Ainy Libal, Evelyn Liedtke. Eleanor Linehan, Corrine 11061 Lonsdale, Alice Love, Roinona Luchsinger, xvlllllil Iillk'll1'ill,2,', Dorothy McCarthy. Mildred McDougall, Nelle McGlone, Alida McGuire. Helen McKenna. Eileen Mages. Annabelle Mahoney. Lorraine Margolis. Gene Masclnneyer. Marie Matteson. Helene Meisenheilner. Josephine Mellen. Bernice BIGSSIIIHII. Hulda Millonzi. Madeline Michaelson. Viola Minton. Grace Moranz. Vivian Morrissey. Mildred Mudroch, Marion Muehlineier. Gertrude Mueller. Harriett Murphy. Alice Murphy. Vlaire Mushinski. Leona Nenizoff. Milda O'Grady. Mary 0'Neill. Margaret Olson. Alice Olson. Viola Patlow, Helen Peters. Frances B. I'heatt. Mabel K. Pliillips. Mary M. Phillips. Ruth I.. Pickruhn. Viola Pierce. Maude l'oocl1. Louise Marie Posephny. Josephine l'otterton. Vleo Qnade. Edith Radke. Mildred Rainer. Florence Iiasnmssen. Mabel Rathbun. Ruth Redlin. Dorothy Reichenlrach. Irene Rhode. Naomi Rittniann. Ilelen Robinson. Alice Roth. Mabel Ryan. f'Hl'll0l'illlS Schalla, Edith Schmidt. Ilorotllb' Schmidt. Luella V. . , .l 4 x R 1 54- . X, 1 X L ly HRX .H - i,,f xx 4- 1 i', 1'.:4-'- Sc-lnnitt. l19Ullil Schneider, Marie Schroeder, Eva SCllllli01'f, ll2l1'gi11'Qt SClllll11Ql'. Sylvia Seltzer. Jennie Severtson. Sigird Sllilllllilll. Marie Sl12llDl1'0. Ruth Simon, Esther Slilifflllllll. Arline Slivinsky. Annyce Slllltll, Varol Smith. Lauretta Smith, Rosa Super. 1'l'lldQllC6 Stagg, Leonore Ste-ndel. Edith Stury. Mildred Strong. Anna Loretta Stuart. Vivian SXVIIIISOII. Ilildnr TIQIUIIIDSUII. E1'va '1'm11asello. Mary 'llUl'l1J:lll6Il9. Gina V. Tnffley. Genevieve Tnrville. Helen l'lP0l'. Mildred Ytlllilll. l'l11'iSl'll1Q NVillSl1, fl2l1'0liIlP Walter. Martha XVa1'd, Irene xV0ll9l'. Gladys D. NVelnetz. Mary Wendt. Ennna XYQ-Wflllltll, Eunice Wiclnnan. Lula VVl0lll0l', Blanche Nl JRMAL FRESH M EN XVilli:1n1s. Alice XVilllEllllS, Eunice NVi11nie, Katharine NVitte11berg, Grace VVolfru1n, Irene A. Wolfsen. BI2ll'5.!119I'it0 Woodcock, Laura Wylie. Alice Zielnns. 1P01'0fll0tl Johnson. Thos. Kliner, f'01'1'iIll1 Lmvth, l':1the1'ine U'l1l'2ll'Y. Louise Owen. Mary Rnselink. Elsia Seelmoth. Eleanor Alll0llS9l'. Margaret Bolton. N01'lll2l i'z11'ste11s. Elsa Clarke. l'al111e1' K. Coyle. Kathryn Firkns. Ornie Hannnes. Lucile Hansen. Ruth Jarchow. Adela Steffen. FITIIICPS Wehlr. Hazel Hickey. Martha Sennott Kenney. Mary Steinherpz. Jennie Funk. RUS3l1l0Ild Gl'0l1l1d0l'ff, Helen S9llll'2ld. Mary Fickert. Alice Boyd. Charlotte Whitford. Hettie Yanke. Hainnah Yanke. Lillian I1071 Iq1't'llll91l. Henrietta Feder, Martha Stille, Helen VVl1elan, Marie VV1ollin, Dorothy Black. Ida May Barrows, Julia l.llllzll'Sky. Blanche I31'0ll2llll2lIl, Frieda l'lllClih3lll. Alice Codell. Pearl Maclloxnild. Bernice Angrllstyn, Ruth Baxter. Mary Bizer. A111111 Blll'I'0l1gllS, luilftllil f'ilI'lbQl1fPl'. Evelyn Davis. Agnes Iliedrich. Dorothy IiiSl-xlllbi-'l'JZ. Frieda Grulke, Elea11or HLlllI6lllll'lllk, Marian J01'di"I1S. Evelyn B. Krasno, Ruth Lewmidowski. Florence Lloyd. Lorraine 1ICfl0I'l1liCk. Elizabeth Moody. Lois l'ie1'i. Alice Sflllllidt. Evangeline Serie. Marie Sh2iIhi1'0. Norina Tews, Esther Hanley. Mary Lois Sills. Margary E. Te1'willig:er. Sally I'atton. Florence Alhonser. Margaret fi K t X fly t N Rural Cjroup On the next two pages, you will behold the photographic representation of what is the largest, and what we have been lead to believe, not the least signifi- cant rural group ever graduated from Milwaukee Normal. We organized early, with Radford Boeing as President, Earl Paust as Treasurer, and Edna Jones as Secretary. The girls elected Aliee Borehardt as their representative on the Goodfellowsliip Board. Our extra curriculum activities also began early, with an afternoon of games and a calnp supper at Lake Park. At the Ilallowe'en party, our girls brought great credit to the group by having a very large attendance, and by staging a rollicking quadrille. On Washington 's Birthday we took a sneak out to the Agricultural School. where we observed closely everything from creani tomato soup to prize Holsteins and Guernseys, not to inention having a splendid danee in the gymnasium. Just before we left for our practice teaching, we had the niost enjoyable dinner party the majority of us had ever attended. If you hear that the status of rural schools is much higher than it ever was before, you will know it is due to the activities of the half hundred ruralites of the Class of ,23. fl08l , l109l --4 ,- .4 1 I-4 .. 1 Z- -4 N W I lim! W W ,gi 5 If Lux Il11I l Z l l l l M, . fi- T-sex A Albrecht, Mollie Aronin. Ruth Assenheiiner. Paula Bassett, Marion liillllllilllll. Prsnla Beekman. Lillian E. Beehe, Mary liergeiz Lanra liertscliey. Alice Hethke, Ruth IG. Rjoin. Mildred Blackwood. Agnes Rlakeley. Harriet lioers, ltilnia Borden. lleatrice Ilraeger. lirna Iiranzean. Elizabeth Hrnley. Ileatriee lfinntesehn. Lillian Varey. lillen Farinony, 1"i0l'llllCQ Vattoi. Nostra l'hnrchill. Katherint Vegan. Olga I'lic'kinson. lrene llolister. lierniee llonovan. Margaret llnfek. Ilelen lfldlelrec-k. Maniie liiehhorst. Nlixahetli Finney. llarriet Fitzgihhon. Naomi Frank, ltlleanor l"reita,2. Ruth George. NVinifred Gross, Renate llaefs. Irina Halverson. Hazel llankwotz, Dorotliy llannon. Josephine Ilansen. Ruth llase. IIele11 lleidenian. Isaliel lleinck. Violet Hood. Marjorie llottensen. Flori nee Ilnlvlmell. Hattie Ilnghes. Marion lserlnann. Marjorie Jaeohson, Ruth Johnson. Clara Kasper. llazel Kanfer. Beatrice K IXl IICKGA HTEX 14'IlI'ISllMEN Klessig, Lynda Knight. Florence Knippel,, Dolores Knudstad, Margaret Krieser. Rosella Knehn. l4'lo1'enee Knipers. l'atherine La Pidns. Rosalind Leppla. Zerelda Lightner. Mnsetta Logan. Agnes Lnderns. Mildred Lnecker. Maretta Mel'arthy. Lorraine Met'arthy. Myrtle Met'lary, Zola Melntyre. Pearl Melienna. Ma1'ie MeLarthy. Margaret Maellonald. lilaine Madden. Katherine Margoles. Florenee Mayer. Antoinette Messerslnith. Viola Meyst. Evelyn Miller. llnth B1lll'i1illltl0l'. XVhola lfllonnell. Florence tlhl. Evelyn flsnllllltlsoll. i.Ul'l'Zlllli Pitt. Lillian Pratt. l'athe-rine Price. l'Isther Price. Mildred Rees. Priscilla lleindle. l1'ene llenneherg. Harriet G lienl. lflliyalretli lliee. Harlvara Seharf. Margaret Schiller. Bessie li. Sehlei. Esther Selnieherger. Anialia Selioeneekeix Varla Nc-hostak. Velia Seeley, Kota Svillllilllll. Frances Shafrin. Bertha Silverwood. Hellen Sorenson. Delta Slirister, lre11e Stick-tinan. Ruth Stnrtevant. Ruth Sweet. Vorene 51123 Templeton. Fay 'i'illl11l9l'lll2lll, Josephine Vaughn. Uecile Voight. Bonita Van Gaal. Muriel NValsh. Mary Rose Wedeineyer. Florence Westhofen. Ruth Young. Geraldine Z1'llli4ll'Siij'. l'elia Zentnt r. lrlnpheniia Zilllllltlldllilll. Eileen l'il'X2llli. lieth llrnettner. Lorraine Hawkes. Marian llilker. Mildred lleniinger. Lneile liliner. Lorna Melntosh. Lonise Marshall. lloris Mathews. Ligonri I'ankratz. Helen Pringel. Alice Sanderson. Gladys Seherer. liortense Sheck. Alona Shorey. Nellie 'l'rier. Gertrude l'n1hreit. lfllnora Kyro. Salina liyro. Lillian t'ollins. Genevieve llieker. Verna llood. Martha Monroe. Ester King. Anna Fonnell. Eleanor MaeKowski. Genevieve Voss. Marie lllinn. Nona 'i'l'illli-'ff. Mahel Wilson. Dorothy lilau. Ilelen iillXiI2llllll. Eleanore llngan. lleatriee lfellenz. Lucille lr-ke. Ruth I. Iverson. ilzlglllill' Koehler. Agatha Kossat. Olivia Iill0llllll0l'if'lll. Marjorie Titellranin. Leah Tlioinpson, Virginia 4 3 ' f A ek AX l A President ..... Vice-President .. Secretary .,..... Treasurer ........ Faculty Advisor .. First Year Anderson, Viking Aplin, Lawrence Barrett, Irene Biehle, Ira Bitzer, Alvin Bowe, Lester Brauer, Beatrice Bruggink, John Cox, Mildred Croarken, Kathleen Devine, Lorraine Donahue, Margaret Drummond, Myrtle Dwyer, Anna Ferren, Michael Fischer, Walter Gaul, Charles Graef, Irene Hary, Geo. E. Heney, Thomas Hickman, Arthur Hilton, Fola Hogan, Florence Hollrith, Ray Kastner, Leroy Kominski, Rudolph Kurtze, Otto Laufemberg, Ray Lee, Ell McCann, Lucille McCarthy, Wesley McWethy, Constance McWilliams, Clint Mahlherg, Martin Mathys, Susan Mootz, Meta Moerschel, Henry Paif, Gretchen Parrish, Alice Reak, Frank High School Group Thisted Rhodes, Joseph Roberts, Mary Robertson, Lawrence Rosen, Max Royt, Mary Schneider, Hans Schirrmacher, Fred Shew, Hazel Shireman, Gertrude Singer, Joseph Smith, Robert Spinney, Helen Stats, Henry Stegxnan. Arthur Van Wald, Beatrice Wechmueller, Katherine Winn, Charles Winn, William Second Year Belgum, Orpah Bertram, Joseph Brenaman, Verda Cannon, Janice Cass, Miltred Clark, Donald Donahue, Helen Dunlap. Tremaine Dwyer, Eleanor Engel, Max Erdmann, Ray Geil, Philip Gittens. Horace Hawtrey, Charles Hayman, Ethel Jaehnig, Clara Jeuck. Nellie Karsten, Fred Kupfer, Gerda Kurth, Leona Lemay, Sarah McKinnel, Helen f114-1 . . . .Ernst Rintlemann , . . . .Helen Spinney . . . .Margaret Rogan ............ .Dr. Bussewitz Nelson, Anne Nolan, Catherine Schultz, Chester Stephanson, John Teipel, Tessie VandeKamp, Jerome Voelker, Herbert Waters, Agnes Wirsing, Irene Third Year Bossford, Irma Garbutt, Ruth Haas, Oscar Hughes, Jane Jardine, Beth Kane, Ruth Keith, Vera Keller, George Kemmeter, Rosiland Kuehn, Dorothy Leiber, Paul Iiogeman, Lina Maurice, Olga Nelson, Gladys Parker, Dorothy Posephny, Charles Reid, II. P. Rintelmann, Ernst Rogan, Margaret Romanowski, Nettie Rock, Myrtle Sholl, Helen Schectman. Max Stangel, Dorothy Stapleton, Alice Stoll. Harry Swiderski, Josephine Thisted, Moses VVilher, Mabel Wolfrum, Cora ,14u""' Q . f qu' ? .X ' K' 3 4 4 - M, "N, f 'x ' ,X 5 ' I' .te XXX in ,J jf QQUIMSQ, 4 -:7"-. .V Fl'Ullf row-li. Lutz. 'l'. Kurtz. M. SCll1llM'l'f. I.. Zink. I. Sum-hs. N. ICIIIDIWI. M. lloppert Nc-lsuu. I". 1'v1'1'y. Sm-cmnd nm'-li. Nam-r. Ii. linssm-rt. V. Kaxlllrutll. M. Kius. lb. l,lll1k'il. H. JHIIIISUH I l'h1-istiznlsun. H, I.:1mlsl1c-ss. li. Glillllll. 'l'hi1'd 1'0NY'R. IJIIKINZIX. J. Nflllllllilll. Mr. HilI'l', Ib. H0l'2,'Slll1ll'li. F. Ringv. XV. Ituchholz I Itvgzlll. J. xV2lIliSll. W First row--M. 1Xll'l'llllIll41. M. 4':u1'1'i::1n. IP. Iililllllil. IG. Kl'm1Izol'. I". llilvy. Svvmud l'LlXY-' VA. I"I'1'lil'll. A. 3lt'Iil'llll0X. A. Ulsun. I-I. lihling. S. Mzluclx. !1l5I w x 11161 ' If ii - xxx rf I X xt . 'R , "-,X A Qlllll .... 4lUUIbFlCI,IANVSIIII' I.lCAHl'l'l 1'IXlCl.'l"l'l'x'IC BOARD Froiit row-M. McManus. Il. Slioll. R. Hzwlmtt. Iloylv. li. Hl'2lZl"2lll. A. Isnisdzilvy A. Morrell. SPf'0lld row-1 '. Ilayiiisilu-i'. .l. .Alllll'0S. l'. l-Imwiglit. M. Roimyiw. J. liilyllil, M, Ross. 'l'l1ir4l row-VM. Mootz. N. lizlplnvl. T. Kurtz. A. l':t'!'fSCl1j'. ll. Willis. M. Rigby. I-'ourth row---I". Knight. G. I4'1':ulv11ln1rgli. Miss Huck. Miss Ibuy. Miss Shafer. H. Ihlitz. Cjooclfellowship League l're-siflvnt .... .... , . .... . . ...... Hvlvu tlatfiicy Yil't'-IJl'C'SiLll'llf . . . .Elizzilwc-tll limzvziii SOC1't'fH1'Y .... . . . . . . . . . . . .Floiwiiw Knight 'l'rvas11rer' ...,...................... .................,.. I Ieirion t'l1i'-istie lfzluiilty' Advisors . .......... ,... ..... A I iss Daly. Miss Slizifvr, Miss Huck The olijvct ol' the Lvzlgiic is to lmriiig Ilw woiuvn ol' tho school into zz closer frivmlsliip hy promoting tho spirit of unity mnoiig tlwm: to iilwvzisv their si-uso of rvspoiisilmility towzirtls 4-acli otlu-r. :mil to luv El mwliuiu hy whim-li the stumlzirrls ol' tlw Normal Svhool can lw imuln- and kwpt high. Une ot that priniary vtforts of thc- lim-eigliv this your has lweii to mlvwlop the zittitiule of vourtvsy amoiigg' Ilw studviits hy inomis ol' il svrivs ol' vmuipziigns, vourtesy pl'0g'l'?llllS, and prizvs. The lA'2lQl'llt' has mlclml to thc- coml'ort of the girls' rest room hy replacing wiiulow slizulvs and l't?IJ2lll'lllgI furiiiturv. l,2lI'li4?S, il tvzi for thv fm-iilty NVOIIIUII. mul the Zlllllllill May tvtv litxvv aflcletl to tho social Q-vm-11ts of Tho yvzaiz Iiitewstiiig' spealn-rs lmw ziilclwssml tho school llllllt"l' the :auspices of tho lmague: Mrs. Arthur T. llollmrook ol' Milwaukw: Mrs. Ilarry Glicksmzm of Mzirlisoug Mrs. l51'zit1'iCv lflorlws-Robinson llalv. writvr and former actress. of Eiigrlaml. The following' iiiviiilwws flo not appvnr on tho pictilrv: V. Dovkry. U. Hick- vy. M. O'Neil. M. SC'll?l?lli:. li. llemiiiivs. -I. linylia. l117l -4, ""' U fsirll x , A 6 all -'NN I T, ,. Mf"7f'p ,. - 2 MENS ULITI3 EXECUTIVIC BOARD l'll'trllf row-V. VV0lf. N. U'lil'it'll. KX J0llllNtlll, Il. llnhvr. Il. Wig.:odsk5', li. l.0l1li6l1. Svc-mud row-Mr. Tetvr. I". Ilm-hl. M. Thistvd. l'. tix-il. ll. Philips. G. 5lil'illll0ill'll. Lust row-Il. l,01101'g:ll1. R. In-Ibm. Meds Club Prvsichmt, ...,. ........ I 'hilip Gail Vice-Prvsilh-nt . ..G0rclcm SfI'2llll6211'Il Svc1'vtz11'y .... ..R0lwrt J. lA'lllil3l1 Tl't'HSlll't'l' ......... ...,.. ....,................ ....,..., B I 1 wsv Thistocl 'I'hv Mmfs Cluh ElSSlllll0ll El IICXV dignity this yt-ur, which stzlrtmwl with thv opening' day ot school. 'l'hv long hoped for l'luh Room has hw-onw an rvality. Its Lflll'l'li0l' :md Study tahlvs, its wicker i'll1'l1lfll!'0 :md ciisliiomwl lN'lll1lll'S, and its lll2lg.f2lZlll4'S hind 2111 air ol' IHlt'2lS2l11lllPSS which has erased from our memory tha- glomnlv pic-ture of last yvzzr's room. Slllfllilllgf was voluntarily prohihilmfcl in thc IIUXY 4lllilI'lt'l'S. and has lWK'Il strictly 2l1lllUl'0ll to. That thv i'1-1110414-lvcl Cluh Room rw-:ntl-ml El new spirit EIIIIOIIQ tho men was lll2lllllal'S'll'Cl ll11'0llQ'll0lll tho yvzir. Thr Iflxvvlltiw lioznrd im-t rt-gulzlrly and Tlll'0lIQlI its activity thu Illl'll of the school wvrv ztliforclwl 1'vc'1'vz1lirn1 in SOVtt'l'tll ways. lli'4'2lSl0ll2lllY promhwut spvak- ers wvrf- lll'0lllQfllf hvrv to spa-:lk to the mon. A felwclwr' tolmlznme-nt was held fluring thm- wintvr montlls, :xml 21 Vtrr the 1'9g'llltll' lmslu-t'lmll HQNSOII was ovvr, the lXIllIl.S Vllllb stzlgvcl E111 illfUl'lll'lJ2lVllllllllliil haskc-tlmll lvztgglie. All imloor h:1sc-hall l92lQfl1l' :tml il ll0l'S9SllOl,' i0lll'll2llIlCIlf wvre also hrhl in tht- Spring. f11s1 F K at ,X ,245"fiW .1 . f , N . s X '. X L!-4 6, R- N J ' il" xx' , K A ,A Wie President .. . . . Vice-President Secretary .. . . . Treasurer .. . . . Mildred Anderson Josephine Andres William Armstrong Elwyn Bassett Leonard Barry Helen Belitz Isabel Belond Esther Blom Grace Campbell Rose Candee Margaret Clary Genevieve Collins Norbert Darnieder William Downer Helen Friar Helen Gaffney Joe Grimm George Griswold Bert Goodman Charles Hawtrey Dramatic Club First Semester .... .....Jo. Pachaly .....Evelyn Weber .....Esther Blom Leonard Barry Faculty Advisor-Mrs. H Lucille Heminger Dorothy Hood Frederick Karsten George Keller Michael Kies Corrine Kliner Eleanor Koontz Gerald Kops Zerelda Leppla Alice Lonsdale Irma Luehehow Mildred Luderus Simon Maueh Wesley McCarthy Marie McKenna Lucille Meinhardt Frances Mineau Alvin Monroe Josephine Pachaly Josephine Posepny Alice Prengel f1191 Second Semester Jo. Paehaly Tesse Vinovsky Lucile Meinhardt Leonard Barry ugo Anhalt Florence Root Harriett Rowe Lucile Sattler Harold Sanville orothy Schmidt Marie Schneider Rose Smith Frances Steffen Frances Stehling Anna Strong Austin Trull Marie Turner Tesse Vinovsky Lawrence Waite William Walton Evelyn Weber Kathryn Weckmueller Lester Wegner Mrs. VVerner Helen Yorke I XX. 6 K X X Q K l T e i XTR. . b I -. .. lllwqrghbx V'A" Front row-U. Maurice. I.. Alnion. ID. Stangel. N. Ronmnowski. H. Rowe, C. Wolfruin. Second row-I.. lAD5.'IPlllRlll. M. McCoy. J. Ilouser, I1 Jachnigz, E. XVeher. Third row-H. Knief. ll. Huher. Mr. Ta-ter. R. Ibeltoo, M. Fritsch. English Club President ..... .... L ina Logexnan Vice-President ...... . . .Margaret Fritseh Secretary-Treasurer ................................ . . .Gretchen Knief Faculty Advisor-.Miz Teter Knowing that no person could be called cultured. who was ignorant of the literature of the day, the English Club decided on Modern Poets as its subject for study during the year. Biographical sketches of the various authors studied were giveng short, pithy criticisms of the poetry under discussion were made, and as the cluh was fortunate enough in possessing some very excellent readers, the meetings were never dull. Much of the credit for the success of the year inust be given Mr. Teter, who worked and played with the English Cluh, the only honorary scholastic club in the school. The following members do not appear on the picture: J. Andres, R. Jacob- sen, E. Wilcox, A. VVaters. 51203 . ,,, - f Ngnx lf? N Ks i ' R . "-H , Front row-Y. Knpfer. M. Krohn, M. Rogan. ll. Sholl. ID. Parker, R. Miller. M. Cox, I. Schmitz. Second row-L. McCann. M. Johnston, li. H2lj'lll2lll. G. YVhitley. K. xVGCK1llllPll61', Miss Knight. IC. Hart. Third row: F. NVohkford, T. Irllllllllll, F. Karsten, J. Jopp. H. Huber. mathematics Club First Semester Second Semester President ...... . . fiuth Miller Ruth Miller Vice-President .......... 'fred Karsten Lueile McCann Secretary-Treasurer ..... Ethel Hayman Ethel Hayman Faculty Advisor-Miss Knight The Mathematics Club, organized in 1919, has completed its fourth suc- cessful year. The work of the year has included both formal and social pro- grams. Talks on such phases of mathematics as the origin and use of CPU, and the use of the sextant, with sketches of some of the most famous mathematicians were given by the members. An initiation and a Christmas party, a picnic, and mathematical 'twrinklesw and games all helped to make this a most pleasant year for the members of the Club. The following members do not appear on the picture: M. Bassman, A. Butscher. A. Hickman. F. Hoehl, E. Koll, H. Koegel, A. Klopf, D. Kuehn, C. Kunz, E. Lubar, M. Roberts, H. Sehring, H. Spinney, J. Van de Kamp, T. Vin- owsky. A. VValsh. I. Vtlirsing. S. VVoyciebowsky, E. Rintelmann. H211 1? . + it A K i ,f x as .X l R . X"-R , Nl ' N " xXx w XQXX Nuff'-PQ, , ss. Front row-S. Zweifel. R. Miller. IC. XVolf, T.. Sattler. E. Dwyer. I.. Kurth. A. Monroe. Second rome-N. Schusnnz PI Blnrdinm, N1 1Vlhien,l!. Fradenhnrgh, S. Erickson,lQ Zucker, It. Vogel, G. Griswold. Umdlhw-R.LmmmLR.Mdnmw10.mwmm.H.BMhL FmwH1mw-L.MdnmLS.NmUm:H.Gmwmm1hIQww. La Tertulia First Semester Second Semester President . ...... .... I Dscar Goelzer Oscar Goelzer Vice-President . . . . .Cyrilla Hickey Ruth Miller Secretary . .... . .... Lucile Sattler Leona Kurth Treasurer .. ......... Lloyd Thomas Jack Baltus Faculty Advisor-Miss Steinfort The Spanish Club has had its usual round of good times and instructive entertainments this past year. Early last fall, the Spaniards enjoyed them- selves at a picnic given at Oscar Goelzer's summer home on the Milwaukee River, where they amused themselves with dancing, boating, tennis, baseball, and croquette, and last but not least, in eating good provisions they had brought along for the day. During the course of the year, the Club entertained its friends with a mock bull fight, where everything was as nearly Spanish as the members could make it. At one meeting of the Club, Miss Steinfort gave an illustrated lecture on southern Spain, showing some of the massive Moorish buildings with their gorgeous decorations, the beautiful cathedrals, and the very picturesque Andalusian costumes and landscapes. Early this year, La Tertulia entertained at a very enjoyable matinee dance. This Spring, a comedy was given by some members of the advanced Spanish class, which proved to be a great success. All of the programs were not only entertaining, but very in- structive. La Tertnlia is a thoroughly wide-awake club. H221 K - i N YTNN ' Fro11t row-T. XVasserman, IC. liwens, G. XValton, J. Geiger, L. Meinhardt, A. liutscher,QL Iiousen Second row-R.. Neelan, M. Cliarles. t'o1eman, E. Dwyer. M. Kleinhans. R. Candee, G. Habermehl, Miss Schirnier. A. Foote. Third row-F. Museau, J. Buttles. M. Krolln. F. Root, I. Schmitz, R. Hart. Fourth row-J. Brazy, L. Barry. H. Strong. U. Cheyney, E. WVilcoX, M. Fritsch, R. Johnson. Fifth row-0. XV!-?lJ91', H. Sanville, L. Murphy, Dr. Purin, P. Knief. Le Cc-:role Francais President ....... . . . . . . .Harold Sanville Vice-President . . . . .Josephine Geiger Secretary .... ......................... . .... J eanette Houser Treasurer . . .............................................. Lynn Murphy Faculty Advisors-Miss Schirmer, Dr. Purin Le Cercle Francais has completed one of the most successful years in its history. Under the able direction of Miss Schirmer and Dr. Purin, interesting programs were given at each of the bi-weekly meetings of the society. "Le Medecin Malgre Lui," a comedy by Moliere was successfully presented in the Normal School Auditorium on November 23, and another play "Le Sicilienw by Moliere was enacted before the students of the school on April 26, and before the Association of Foreign Language Teachers on April 27. A Christmas and a Mardi Gras party furnished the members with social activities and entertain- ment. ln the programs, short plays, and scenes from longer ones, were given. Some of these were taken from Moliere, Pailleron, Rostand, Bernard, and Mae- terlink. The two Christmas plays. which were presented, were original. Games and refreshments were the attractions at other meetings. The picnic on May 28 brought the activities of Le Cercle Francais to a close. Most of the credit for the delightful year must be given to Miss Schirmer, whose painstaking efforts have made the meetings of the club both interesting and profitable to the members. A hearty thanks from the members is expressed to her hy the officers of the club for the past year. f123l 'M i x X - px, or--,X Front row-IC. l'1ichl1orst. L. Beekinaii, H. liaise. I. Zuehlke. 'R.. Miller. Second rowili. Helm. Miss Holmes. i. Born. Miss Alder. Miss Lovett. H. Ilziberinchl. Kindergarten Association President ..... . . . ,....... Rose Helm Vice-President ....................,...,..,.............. .Lillian Beckman Secretary-Treasurer . ,........ ......................... 1+ Elizabeth Eichhorst Faculty Advisors-Miss Holmes. Miss Lovett The Milwaukee Normal Kindergarten Association is composed of the facul- ty members and students of the Kindergarten Department. The purpose of this association is to promote social welfare and to bring a larger field of kindergarten problems before the student body. The association is a branch of the lnternational Kindergarten Union and each year sends delegates to the annual convention. This year the convention was held at Pittsburg, Penn., and the following delegates represented the association: Helen Hase, Lucille Fitz- simmons, Irene Born, Barbara Habermehl, Irene Zuehlke. Ruth Miller, Wini- fred Bender, and Eleanor Watsoii. At Thanksgiving time the girls filled baskets for a welfare association, and dressed dolls at Christmas time. The social events during the year have included a luncheon, Halloweien party, Valentine party, Spring dance, and a Spring luncheon at which the re- ports of the convention were given. H241 2411? Aff I . v . ss., . Front Row: Miss Martineau, I.. Wegner. Mrs. Anhalt, A. Lonsdale. Second How: A. Monroe, R. Lenken, G. Griswold, Mr. Adams. Union Uocluil Jlssocialion Faculty Advisors-Mrs. Anhalt, Miss Martineau, Mr. Adams. Student Advisors-Geo. Griswold, Chairmang Austin Trull. Alice Lonsdale, Alvin Monroe, Robert Lenken. Union Vodvills fourth presentation was an unqualified success. The Union Vodvil committee coupled with the hearty co-operation of the Milwaukee Normal students gave a production Worthy of unlimited praise. The final performance was all that could be hoped for under the present stage facilities. Union Vodvil certainly met the approval of the audience. lt was a fitting example of what co-operation and earnest work will do, and we hope that this year is production will he an incentive for next year's performance. H251 eff!" 1 . X 1 5' .i t R . xx A 'DNXN X J KS A -H" SX "2'1l'-1 ' ef f- ---- fer:-gui - Girls' Jlthletic .Jluxiliarq President ...... .... .... . . ..Florence Root Vice-President ...... . . . ........... . . . .... ..... llf Iary McManus Secretary-Treasurer ................................ .... S uzanne Fortier Faculty Advisor-Miss Day The Girls' Auxiliary is an organization composed of all the active and wide awake girls of the school. The biggest work that the club accomplished this year was to purchase the sweaters for the athletic heroes. Oh! and they were handsome sweaters, tool Big heavy white ones with the green felt UM" sewed on the front! To be able to give these beautiful things, money had to be earned to buy them. So the girls hustled about all winter. There was the theatre party given at the Strand, the four programs featured in the assembly, the Coffer-Miller Players, and the many candy-sales. All of these events helped to fill our coifer until finally we were able to give our gifts. Each and every one of us, however, was glad to do our bit. i fleet I'lNHlNl'Il'I1lS IHMAI. IN! M I l.NYAl'KlCI1 :4 Q, Z -I 51 Q , .J rl- 5- ,- 'I v-1 p- 4.- 4 Z 1J If r ,-. .-. P f .-. -1 A ,-1 -4 .,-1 Q 1 V 1 Z k C 'J 'F -i" , ...- I L Fivq, 3.9. Q ,1'T,L':' ,:: .ALT J.:...9 -w :"':QLE-'J ,..u..--: .' Y -I f---1. L-- ,, --L, :n,:.- 41:5 .:'2'E4,45'5L g,.vf-1+--:,I.if.: -132:.'b.1g, P-A-.--ALL! ! E5E:. P1 Y :-...-4..f.:- .jf'LHo-4 : 1--'AWA-I D . .ELF .H 59.277 ,-P1 - EE.1:'ZG:4Q-I :IQEES-:1 ::.gL,..-12.4 . E - if- '-E 5 -f Z va: :EF if 1:-..'T:,-3 .-I :N-:": :ad- j-5'ZT.g ,Q-7 "' gl: 172.1 . . +-,,.,,:g-:T Lf- - V f ,:4jEg's ?Z5'EEiL5 EIS'-TGVFQ: -1T'T'.'Z.':"'If dv-r-:r-ALL!! -CC , git.-E51 ,E 5-l742E.Z:C r1"' fT1f'Z'r'Z ,J-...rag JJ: ,""5':,- 2254-' 52' ,-753x174 ,- :-.L':'-.-' 1,::,.'iL:-Z I...L!.Z.i.12!..4n V.: KP' :I : 2:1 CV' -1'-PC:-.:.""-T Z'1:iEa1:f Zz' Fr -12 -- .4-vt- F722 - .TF 7L:7-1:-1 Ef?:?EZ .....,..,,.H- 432-1...f-as-.,.L. V v-In me 'sg af... -12 ,F- 'ir' Csi T-Z ""r- CH Po 714 41.1 - LJ xi 'J F- r: 5-: ..- ., "' . 1 Qi Q: ,-f.: 53-1 L, 55 '-'w .C-. N ZLL .:: EE if 1 7- .33 .Z-I. -... 'VTW' maj r-4 r-4 T' v-4 4 54 r-Y ,, 'Z' r-1 4 -. A 3 ... Z I U N. ...1 s C rc 1. 'I S I i .. 9 :Tia E v'l.."',-1, ,---..,,,:L -':TT.1.Z---'-' :.-:L.::.p:," . -.,, -, , , -f----:-f, zvv -:.. f LLH' - - J.. . :-:V: --4:..:---L- :LH':...-...,.. 3-'4.,:....:.II'-'I T!-Z:-:Eg ,'-:'p...,-7-H 1-fftfvf -rag 'I 25:5 5 : ,-T' 'Z . 1,-V, ... gtgzi: 1 :,,.,:,m7,,- AA... ,-1- -1. m,..-gl: ..-- ::...., ....'l'f-7- '- I--.L'T::-' 7- --rQ:"'1': ::v,,,,:, 'T.":::,'-f-L .:.Z:":::-:TCI p--.f.a,-1,-7-1 : -, IE ::iE' N-:z.::3:E' 'IBZELS 1 -Eg:-ll' Iiiizffj 1:l5-g,:Z v'7w.-'Tv-Hr-rwpL1 'L'l,'E. F' :pg r -f..:..vv., ,-1IZEi1:3f": -,...--rig-7 4:-.Iva-:V -41-- :-1-' : 2 rill.. iZ:':E:p.: -::-,-.-...E -f-'1-4..i:J,- E : - - , a-4 .J if via 1 . 1 g K X A X I 1" , 'v , 1 ly 'K - xxx 1, 1 X . . ' I , I ,. " 'X 1 ' xf-"J, ills E, xl W wzmhsix ,, "' Della Siqmd Kappa Frdternilq l1'rf1-ullff llrmllrr --lP1'. l'111'i11 :4'l'I'lbIiN'1' RIICXIIZIGIKS 1 I!e11't1'11111 I,f-Stu' NV1-g111-1' Alvin ll. 1'l11'ist1-11w11 Kl1:1s. You l:2llllllli2l1'll YV111. A1'111srl'1v11g Il:11'1'y li, Hlivk 4 111. G1'isx1'ul1l .Xlfrvcl 1:ll+'TTllt'l' S:11111111l lli1111111-lt':11'l1 4 ll'l Gl'iU:'ll0l' XV:1lt01' Fisllvl' Nilfllilll lli111li11 flll'llllCO Ilzlllsvll ll2ll'l'j' XVi1'tl1s xVf'l'llf-'I' .l. l,11c'l1si11g4-1 :1l l'lll1111:111 .X14rl1111' Gl'lllll llo1'l1e1't A. XlK'l'l1'll il111'l1-s ll:lXYll'l'j' Sillllllfil I'l'Zll'4lf'lf Alvin M11111'1w ll1111'3' ll11l14-1' .l111'01110 Yilll mln- liilllllb l,u-11 BIlll'l12lll4' X1 Sllll 1'. 'I'1'11l! R11l11f11 l:Ul'Qlllil1l l.l'1lll2ll'll ln- Slvllilllll 11. 'l'j'l'l,' Alvin llmwe lmviml Wigmlslq 112-11 ,X- A A f, 5 . :xx Front Rowt R. Perssion. F. Sax. IC. Sternlieb, B. l.ulaarsky. Il, Rodenis. M. Leshin. R. Aronin. R. Lepidus. G. Mosher Second Row: M. Huber, M. Ruwiteh. R. Shapiro. M. Nemzoi1', U. Zeinbrosky, li. Zucker, M. Fader. M. l'ersehonok, P. Levine. Tllird Row: Mrs. Allison, H. Brier. lfl. Golden. Ii. Feinberg. 1"ourtl1 Row: N. Sehwid. S. Perssion. A. Margoles, M. Rosen, C. Iialinsky. C. Vogel, S. Ilinnnelfarb. menorah Societq President ............. . . . . . .Genevieve Ruwiteh Vice-4President .......... ........ R ose Ilankin Corresponding Secretary . . . . .Evelyn Feinberg Recording Secretary .... .... ........ .... ..... ..... E y ' e l yn Golden Treasurer ............. . .......................... . ..Arthur Margoles Facility Advisor-Mrs. Allison The Menorah Society of the Milwaukee Normal School is one of the seventy branches of the lntercollegiate Menorah Association, and the only Normal School Menorah Society in the Association. In the main, the aim of the society this year has been the study of Jewish Literature. W'ith three lectures from promi- nent speakers. and bits of fine music from the members the programs proved to be very delightful. A dramatic presentation of Nordau's HA Question of Honor" was given under the direction of Mrs. Allison, the advisor of the society. The aim of the society has been successfully upheld in all ways throughout the entire year. The following members do not appear on the picture: I. Belond. D. Feld. T. Franklin, F. Klatz. II. Kovenock, B. Pessin. C. Schostack, B. Shrafin. T. Vinovskv. 11301 f Y X ,kk Xffxxx lj. ID. C. Jl. President . . . . . . U. Rep. ..... . Vice-President .. . . . . Secretary . . . . . . . Treasurer . . . First Senzesfez' Elvira Carlson Gwendolyn Arndt Barbara Haberniehl Laura Daehow Seielda Erickson Second Semester Genevieve Tuffley Laurine Uleaveland Ruth Lindsay Grace Kerner lrene Kelty Faculty Advisor-Miss Pyrtle The year 1922-23 has been niost profitable and interesting for the mein- bers of the Y. NY. C. A. Every girl who has attended the nieetings has acquired something worth while because of the variety of activities. ln addition to the general program of Bible Studies, missionary meetings. interesting speakers. and parties, the Y. VV. C. A., with the Downer College Y. VV. C. A., entertained the cabinet council members from the colleges Hllll normal schools of South Westerll Wisconsin and lllinois. During the year delegates were sent to various conferences at Geneva and Madison. New ideas were brought back, so that the Y. VV. l'. A. this year has been one grand success. I1311 "J Z .L ... A 2 Z, Z .-. ,-A Z K A Q .. -1 A. ..- - ,- V I 1 321 MURES O H BBONS SOI' GI - iv 7' 5' . , sex i N X-fx, 1 The Qibbons Club O FFICEHS President .,... ............... . . . .Helen Marie Friar Vice-President .. ........... Robert lienken Secretary .... . . ..C'atherine Lucille Farley Treasurer ....... ............ N 'era Litcher Faculty Advisor .. .... Miss Ruth M. Fox Spiritual Director .. .... Rev. M. F. McEvoy HONORARY MEMBERS Mrs. Lynda Foster Miss lrene llarbeck Miss Constance Jacques Miss Marjorie Jacques Miss Marie Keuchenberg Miss Josephine Maloney Miss Helen Martineau Miss Marie O'Hara The Gibbons Club, organized about eleven years ago, for the moral and social welfare of Catholic students, has enjoyed a most prosperous year. The membership has steadily increased from year to year, -until Gibbons Club now numbers more than two hundred and twenty-five members. The club held regular bi-weekly meetings during the year, the first being held September 28. After the business meeting, a short informal program was usually presented, followed by light refreshments. The first Saturday after the opening of school, the Gibbons Club and Y. W. C. A. gave a joint picnic at VVater Tower Park for the new students of the school. The animal initation party was held October 13, at the K. C.'s. Over one hundred and twenty-live new members were initiated into the club. On November 23, the club members were entertained informally at the home of Helen Friar, president of the club. The annual Christmas party for the children of St. Rose Orphanage was held December 19. A large informal dance was held January l2, at Gesu Auditorium. The club rested from social activities during the Lenten period. The meet- ings during this time were held every Thursday at St. Rosc's Orphanage, where topics of a more serious nature were discussed. The elub's annual beach party was held the middle ot' May at Lake Park. The big event of the year for Gibbons Club was the annual informal danc- ing party held May 11, at the Knights of Columbus Ballroom. This dance marked the conclusion of the activities of the Gibbons Club. H331 f Fll ilf x , X fr, X"-,Ax Ul . - a Stillman'-Kcllq Club President ........ ...........................,.. .... R 0 semary Yolz Vice-President ....,......., . . . . . . ...... ...... ll Iarion Ross Secretary-Treasurer ....................................... Mildred Sather Faculty Advisors-Mr. Miessner. Mr. Rusch The Stillman-Kelly Club is a musical organization of all students enrolled in the supervisors' course of the Music School, and of all instructors i11 the department. The Club has been very active during the past school year, both i11 its pub- lic appearances as chorus and orchestra, and in social affairs. The chorus sang at the educational meeting held in the school auditorium in November, also at the farewell banquet, given by the faculty of the school in honor of Mr. Pearse. in December. On January sixth, fourteen members of the Stillman-Kelly Club took part in the Twelfth Night Festival given by the Wiscoiisiii Players. At Christmas time, the Men 's Glee Club, the Treble Clef Glee Club, and the Still- man-Kelly Club joined in the singing of Christmas carols, accompanied by the orchestra. At the Inter-Normal Oratorical Contest, these same clubs united again in giving a performance of several selections from the HRose Maidenf' cantata, with VVilliam Armstrong as tenor soloist. During the latter part of April, the Stillman-Kelly Club sang at the Milwaukee Art Institute and in May the joint glee clubs presented the entire HRose Maiden" cantata. The orchestra performed at the plays given during the year, at the lnter- Normal Oratorical Contest, and on several other occasions. ln April the orch- estra presented a program before the school. and it also took part in the com- mencement exercises. At the time of the Teachers' Convention, the club held its annual alumni ban- quet in the Cafeteria. Besides this, dancing parties, beach and hiking parties. a masquerade, and a formal dance were the social events of the season. All affairs were characterized by a. gay spirit of congeniality among both members and faculty, which insured the success of the festivities. 11341 -J . 1 . -9 J' g 5 1 x . 6 ll, i-xxxx 1 . .. 1. - First Row: A. I'11II. V. 1'1lSO1IllIIy. l". lfSlIIIl'2Ifl!. A. R111-tt111-1'. NV. A1'111st1'n11g. I-Z. IiI'l'lIlZ01', I. N111-t011. Ii. IlmI:1t. S1c0111I Iiuw: S. '1'I1111'111-. F. St-I111vi1I1-1'. .I. fI11tek1111sI. J. li0l'fl'iIIIl. A. T1'IIll. I1. AY11g11e1', I.. IY:1its-. 0. Ii111'tze. 'lllliI'll Huw N. IiI'lISl'llli1'. J. W1111is11. R. Ile-11-1'. Ii. S1-I1111-Iler. Ib. Iie1'gs111a11'I:, J, Andor- smi. IC. Ri11tvl1111111. I"o111'1I1 Row: A. IIe1'11icl1. XV. 3ICf':II'll1A', IC. 1'll'2IIIC't'li. II. IiI'lIPg0l'. I". R111-sim-11. A. Kriiegm-r, II. St1'n11:. L. l'i1ll'l'y. II. AI:1II1111111. I'. RI:11'ti11o1111. Hleifs Glec-: Club P1'esi1le11t ..... . . .M'. Thisted Vice-I'1'vsitle-11t ...... . . .ll Schultz S0C1'l1lEll'A'-TI't'HS1Il'Gl' . . . . . I. C. Norton Dirvctoi' ........,.. ....... . .. ...Mix S. Thorne Early in thc fall of 1922, 11 groiip of young 1111-11. iiitwestvcl in part song work 111111 11111si1f. g11tl1v1'ecl to l'01'111 il pm-111111110111 o1'g1111iz11ti011 to ho k11ow11 EIS the 31911 's Glvv lllllll. Thv Cluh lwgmi with 11 111u111he1'sl1ip of thirty which lI2IS i11c1'e-zlswl to t'o1'ty. Its Ill0Illl7Ql'S 1111- 1l1'11w11 l'I'0III ew1'y cle1p111't111o11t of the NOI'Ill2ll Scliool. Tho tfhih ll2lS lilkltll 1111 zuftivv p2Il'T i11 p1'ovi1li11g' l'llll'I'T2ilIIllIl'lIl on V?ll'iO1lS svhool 0c'c11sio11S. AVith thc- Girls' Glvv Vluhs. the o1'g'1111iz11ti011 h11s gxivcii as EI v11l111i1111ti011 of its vtforts, "'l'l11- Rosv lAI2lIt,lt'll.N El lw1111lit11l light mpc-1-11. lvllllvl' the lvadv11sl1ip of Mr. 'l'l1o1'111-. thm- lllllli h11s 111111le IlOlt'WOI'Tl1y pm- grvss TOW2I1'tl the 11tt11i11111Q11t of l0lI2ll h11l1111c11 1111cl C2ll'0lclll pl11'11Si11g.. The 11111115' iwqiivsts for tho CllllI'S siiigiiig is hut 21 siiigrlc i11clic11ti011 of the XVOY'fl'1 of E111 01-g1111iz11ti011 of this type i11 thv sceliool. The f0llowi11,Q' IllPIIIlI9I'S do not 11ppe111' Oll the- pim'tu1'11: S. lftlgiill. AV. Fisch- v1'. AV. K11eh11l. R. L1111t'vnlw1'g. C. Schultz. X. ElllIlI?llI, M. Thisteal, A. 1ll2II1SClI, H. SHTlVllll'. S. lxltlllvll. I135l X l fq,g1Qi P Q iv ' 'f 'Hx Front Row: M. Heinen. L. Erickson, H. Johnson. H. Mascllnieyer. H. Spinney, M. Car- 1'l2ZlI1, IJ. XV2lt1'llllS, Y. Michaelsou. G. Keruer, L. Cleuveland. Second Row: E. llICIil'll1l2l. L. Peterson. N. Kalmpel, L. NVitt. C. Cainpbell, A. Strong, M. Mudrock, 141. Schulln. R. Lindsay, G. Vaughan. Third Row: A. Aderinun, li. Stapleton, I. Xvilfd, IJ. Luehring. 111. Cliristensen, IJ. Dun! lap, M. Lutz. Fourth Row: Mr. Thorn, J. Andres, li. Rust-link, T. Kurtz. I. Ilallhergr, E. Nasa-1'. Fifth Row: Ib. Hood. I.. Ron. A. Ganske. H. Grnu. Keg Kula President ..... ...... H elen Spinney Vice-President .. .......... Mary Lutz Secretary . . . .... liaurine Cleaveland Treasurer .. ...... Edith Schalla Director .. .... Mr. Thorne Pianist ....................................................... Miss Vogt During the first semester of this school year, a small group of girls, under the direction ot' Mr. Thorne, organized the Key Klub for the purpose of practice in chorus work. Throughout the year the club has not only grown in numbers but also in spirit, and in ability. The Key Klub members have taken part in the musical numbers given at the Christmas Play, the Oratorical Contest, and one of the student concerts, besides appearing on one of the assembly programs. All the members have worked faithfully at organization and at rehearsals, that Key Klub may prosper, and next year hold an outstanding place among the school activities. The following members do not appear on the picture: A. Anderson, E. Anderson, D. Pullea, L. Erickson, B. Heiderich, A. Kavanaugh, M. Kraemer, G. Landsness, E. Lueck, M. McDonald, A. Murphy, A. Rezarch, I. Sachs, M. Sneider, F. Stehling, G. Virgin. 7 H361 mu 4 U r 1 - z - .L .I '7' Z Z .I A .ZZ Z -L : - ... 77 Z.. A AL 4, 5 23: :1 4. 5-2 -IL, . 7- zli Ei? :F :gg--z,g:,: -' Q., -,.,N4.:4 :I-'Z7":11 - f2::',--:-::: 5-JN 7. --- -zxtri-rl:-t 7:3 pg- -5:r V-.. ...,... :- -N " Lf If L' ' A I , 1, bL .: A -- f 1:44 H 57..- L. - ""'1." C 'L'- 4 -Zfvx 'Y-2 f1Hq:- :vg- sh-Aqf ,::F .fax ,'L.:-21' ..g::7:,,5:5' T ..,L-:'r-.:T3... .::-'-::v:..',::T '-K-6 ..I QL: K A. -F - E E-1 1 lei ?5i :-LZZ, g..-H -1,-. ,-4.4-- 5, -,..4...7-f ,,-... F., -:q,,4 y...: - NHfv:LH:4.m p- A.,..y 4.- :, .., si,4"'m:v-- -,,.. --Y . :JlTiQ'?f:- ,:g..-bN, ,,-LN. -- -71.-. f.,--.-7 " -7f,I,"1 IZZNZ - :fi 1 -. -Z .E S N : g.LbL:3 tj 9. -LT:-2 4- : :2L"Z31E2 F- 3i?A,5wi:5 2 5:E'H+-ZIAE Z'TZ'a3 H-L JA-'-:Ah-1 .15 I-.-"':..:-'IIC'-4' ,..,-.:,-..:.,.:-7-1L ..'.-.::..-,v -""'-'1IJ,jQ "-'V-1 V z 1,7 .2!rF4:g ti -Z-1-11: ..:73 3.2-. Zz--ry fx.:-::rH::L "lv,--:,:fr:: K5.7..L.:..-:-.L,:.:: zgqgj,-.J-:-' "'.L.- N ..'-zvz. if-qi' :.: .-H-' N4:i"::- 2:1-Ei -:Z-:s---1--. . :7-.:::-:ELT 'AKLIZIQJ-Tx: -1,-3 'L Z -I ,-4 4 .CI .. ': Z S' .1 I' -A ri-'14:'lldgHIl IN' M 'ox 1 l 1,12 Q I 7-4 1. ,-. 4. 5: I 'Z' Q 'I -1 Z I1381 K , .- 51 pf R 5 z k 1 H M 4 J '7- J r' I.. I .- n. Z T ,- 6 P P Lf 7 PT 5 -Z4 J , E -E A ,L ,-4 ,-1 ,., -1 -- ,-. A .-4 4. P P ,-4 ,-4 - ,- .J as E3 .. E- ,-1 4., ,-1 .-4 ,. L .. Q- T j , I .Z H 4. 1 97 Pi .L ,- :- ,Z .-f L A .- 6 ,Ll E wr CI : QC VI h 3 -. Z 2 ,-1 -I G P. 2 :S .- rv- i .J v-1 Z :- L ,., -1 ,- ,,,I V llcllmwt 1 1 .., .11 Q p 'i Z -1 6 E '1 3.1 'E - - Z - 6 P. 2 -. 4 ,- 4., SI. .,-4 4..- 2- P P J ,- f: Z TL -L P. I2 A ,-1 -.1 rv- - 2 i u 5. .-. ,-4 .,-4 -1 -1 -1 ,- ,-4 ,-1 P. :I cf 75 I Q4 IE z Q , 22 5-4 7 Ji 6 4 V -4 6 .J 9 FZ 31 L: L '1 rv -1 3- if ..- 'T' ,-- Y. L P .1 ,-1 4 E - ,, - 2 5 L' ,Q L 4 ,- S-4 ,- fc 4 V N .. 11 Z' v' ,-. P P M ,- 'C .Z -CI E-1 J. rr: IL Cf N- ,-1 Z :L 'r' 1: .J ,-1 E 4 P. P1 E 'T ,-I r-4 , C .LC - ..- ,.. V'-1 T, C : Z H Q P CJ w M Q5 Qc H c: GJ . E C: E o L7 M Q., 4.. CJ C C1 '-1 F rn O .-CI +-, G3 -4 6 'E uf DD C'- E U -H 5 KD vi U : : .2 ,L 3 c I L .. S4 : o 1. nsback, C YC A hceau. ,C.S chwccrs li. S Malone, Phillips, KI. Miss Schroeder, If. Achtenhagen, 5 .. 5 tark, F.S iocslcr, . I r,l Luxinge F. Bolingcr, H. . Ticrnau, ueller, R H ondra, NV Wfcstcrman, J. 7 VN Na-ll, ght. ri VV . Coleman, chrlc, D. M . 5, H1 da .R.A ll r, B. Simonso C 05' M G. Foss, Q rm Q ell! ' f up N K Y Q QS Www. . 1 f "'! ., 'n i ,N ' 'ly 'K - xXx si, jx 4'-Q xxx . l- .. .. xx we YT" . I'-X H Front Row: l'. Elwell. V. lleinlroldt. M. XVerner. Y. Brenainan, H. Patlow F. Sax I. Kliner, G. Minton. S. LeMay. A. Nelson. Second Row: L. Luelit. ll. Zielnns. li. 1,tl1'tll. U. Ryan. M. Lightner. F. May, H. Donahue, M. lber. I.. lleln. 7 1 1 Yl'l1ird Row: lfl. Keller. H. Turnquist. I.. Iilllfll. M. McManus, M. Cox, ll. Mattison. Mrs. Allison. Foutli Row: 12 Donovan. lt. Meysi President .. . . Vice-President . . . . Secretary .. . . Treasurer . M. lillingson, F. Geller Aqlt-11a First Semester Josephine Swiderski Mary McManus Rose Hankin Leona Kurth Faculty AdvisorAMrs. Allison Saviour! Semester Leona Hein Mildred Cox llelen Donahue Mary McManus The Aglaians have had an exceedingly interesting year. A profitable study ol' the modern short play and modern play writers was made. and a series of representative plalvlets was given at the loi-weekly meetings. Our social aiieairs were many and delightful. They were-a thorough initiation. a Christmas test- ival, a hanquet. a candy sale. an Easter Egg hunt, and a St. Patrick's dance, which everyone will remember as the affair of the year. The year's functions have been complete. The following members do not appear on the picture: G. Clampbell, C. Kliner, J. Swiderski, B. Brower. R. Hankin, ll. Kuehn, O. Maurice, L. Mathews. H. Mclfinnel, J. Stallman, M. Vllieseke. H391 T? 1 5' X R , X Mr, XR'-,X Front Row: M. Follins. ll. Cullen. Ib. Hoitmau. G. Cullen, Mrs. Hoe, K. 1'l11XV1'iglll',. IC. I'2ll1lll'1', M. lVa1l. G. Connors, B. Delaney. Second Row: li. Blackwood. J. Jones. A. Mages. IC. Carroll, A. Reynolds. Y. Litcher. R. Borden. A. Koehler, H. Meuhnan. I.. Mel':irthy. Third Row: IC. liiehhorst. M. Kramer. A. Ilueblein. M. Krunune. R. Battles. A. Gallagen. A. Siegler. G. Norton. Fourth Row: M. Voss. II. Kidd, A. Schroeder. L. Foley, M. Baker. G. XVel1er. I.. Tulley. IC. Hrodesser. C10 First Semester Second Semester President ...... . . . Catherine Enwright Catherine Enwright Vice-President .. . . . . Alice Reynolds Hazel Kidd Secretary . ...... . . .Florence Greene Alice Schroeder Treasurer .. ........ Elsie Wilson Loretta Tully Faculty Advisor-Mrs. L. Hoe VVith the new girls in office, Clio Literary Society. held its first regular meeting September 27, 1922. Plans were then in order for giving a rush party. After two weeks of anxiety, initiation was held in due form at the home of Dorothy Hoffman. A sandwich sale was held before the last football game. It was a cold day. but nevertheless every one was hungry. There were then sufficient funds to hold our annual Clio Informal Dance, which was held in the men 's gymnasium, December sixteenth. The dance proved a success. As Christmas neared, our thoughts turned to those in need, and we made up baskets to give to some poor families. The next event on the calendar was a sleigh ride party. The members of Clio were kept busy this spring arranging an act for the Union Vodvil. The formal dance was held in the Elizabethan room at the Ath- letic Club, on the fifth of May. All told, the year was successful in every way for Clio. The following members do not appear on the picture: R. Sturdevant, L Kiltz, R. Fritag. E. Frank, J. Cannon, L. Schmidt, C. McCutcheon, L. Saveland, E. Wilson. A. Mclndoe. H401 sk at 1 X5- X ' Yfxx . we s , . .. .f as , -. Front Row: Ii, Carroll, R. Aronin, N. Sl101'9y, A. Brue, QI. Berg, J. Crawford, G. Tulfley, I.. Stagg, E. Westfahl, M. K1-iske. Second Row: F. Feldmaii. M. Huber, R. Mather. U. Farley, R. Shapiro. E. Carlson, I. Kelty. V. Pierce, I.. Xvifflilllflll. E. Goessling. Third Row: L. XVitt. M. Ilomhrowski. E. Feinllerg. li. Ilnvish. 1"01ll'ill Row: Miss Fox, E. XVeher, Mi Alhauser, H. Messman. Eroclelphia First Semester Seeonct Semester President . ..... .. .Anita Riley Lenore Stag Vice-President . . . .Nellie Shorey Nellie Shorey Secretary .. . . . . .Catherine L. Farley Joyce Crawford Treasurer . . ........., Laura Daehow Lola lVickman Faculty Advisor--Miss Fox The past year has been one of the most successful and eventful years for Erodelphia. The big event of the year was the study of the theaters at the reg- ular hi-monthly meeting, hut the Initiation party, and the Thanksgiving spread held at Miss Michaels' home were never-to-be-forgotten events. In January an informal dancing party Was held in the school gymnasium. The yearis activi- ties elosed with the Spring banquet held April 18. The following members do not appear on the picture: D. Schmidt, E. Blom, M. Crawley, M. Freuden, N. Gibb, C. Havey. M. Johann, I. Kain, A. Kempfer, E. Knickerbocker, M. Lehan, H. Maynard, H. McCarthy, A. Olson, C. Petrich, A. Riley, M. Stubly, M. Talford. D411 K Y X . Se. M 7 f it xxx kc'-J V "k" ' ii . ff X"7"'i5.5 . Front Row: II, Mc-Kvuliu. R. SCll2llll'1', M. Hood. ll. Jacobsen, Y. llelmerlein, V. Heiuck Y. Moran. R. Sfidlllllilll. Second Row: E. Elnlllilll, F. Dallw son. M. R011tlj'1ll'. Third Row: D. Fowler. Y. Van E Fourth Row: 141. Pool, Il. Hood. I Jr. Hussewitz. ig. F. E1'd1ll2lll. C. IlflY1l1filI61'. S. I'll'lCliS011. F. Ho n ttzl. L. Haas. A. Graves, M. XYolfseu. F. Hicku lcluna First Semester Sw-olirl Scmcstu President ..... . . .Marion Christie Mary Etta Ronayne Vice-President .. . . . Secretary . .... . . . . . Treasurer . . . ....... . . .Mary Etta Rouayne .Ruby Jacobsen . Catherine Haymaker Advisor-Dr. Bussewitz Faculty MEMBERS J. Andres II. Gaffney J. Bayha A. Graves NV. Bender M. Haas A. Rertscliy V. Haymaker E. Biederman V. Heberlein M. Christie U. Heron Q". Dockry V. Heinck F. Dallwig f'. Hickey F. Erdumu D. Hood E. Erdman M. Hood S. Erickson E. Hottenson H. Friar R. Jacobsen D. Fowler M. McDonald 11421 June Bayha Alice Bertschy llorot by Hood E. McKenna M. Miller ll. Murphy E. Poole M. Ronayne F. Root R. Scholler R. Stapleton R. Steinman M. Studnicka. V. Van Etta G. VVolf M. Vllolfson U ' 24416 1, f 'K p t ' Xa i, t R . N . 5 ' 5 ' X, X. l Front Row: M. Turner. M. lljoin. S. Rathhun. M. Beehe. J. Muldoxvney. H. Holverson. M. McKenna. L. Mclntosh. B. lluntington. Second Row: G. Cramer. M. Janett. M. Price. Il. Sorenson. li. Howe. L. Heekinau, M. Drews. J. Riedel. K. Doyle. I. Sale. Third Row: S. Leverenz. E. Monroe. M. Hood. Z. Leppla, II. Riedel. Z. Monlux. M. Schiller. A. Tl'he1an. R. NYesthoven. Fourth Row: IC. Schroeder. M. Ainann. M. Iloneyeoinh. N. Ilaherlnau. D. Prendergast. IG. Prendergast. Miss Jacques. F. llelavan. R. Bonner. Liqea President .... Viee-President .. Secretary .... Treasurer .. Faculty Advisor-Miss Jacques . . . .Helen Riedel Norma Haberman Marguerite Drews ..Mildred Price Ligea has had a very successful year. Although we have enjoyed many good times together, "All play and no work." has not heen our motto, and Dud- ley Crafts Watscin has made us appreciate our study of art more than ever. Our informal dance in the early part of the year, and our formal spring party were the two important social events of the season. The following members do 11ot appear on the picture: K. Hohman. li. Dol- lister. M. Ileiternan. D. lverson, II. Meyer. E. Young. l143I ,W l ' ' Front Row: J. Maynard, D. lVatrous. A. Klngz. C. Zembrosky. M. Lueker. Sc-cond Row: C. Mulany, Miss Kueehenlxerg, D. Marshall, H, Madden, L. Irlllenheckel Philathea First Semester President ..... . . . Doris Watroiis Vice-President .. . . .Doris Marshall Secretary .. . . . . Eleanor Madden Treasurer . . .......... Cecile Vaughn Faculty Advisor-Miss Kuechenberg Second Semester Doris Marshall Eleanor Madden Lydia Ellenbecker Cecile Vaughn VVith Miss Kucchenbcrg as advisor, Philathea has spent a very busy year Under her direction the subject "The Appreciation ot Music" was widely dis cusscd. The programs consisted of musical numbers and talks on the symphony, origin of music, and types of music. The big social event of the year was the costume party at Mrs. Swams, Ken wood Boulevard. All the members present reported a very good time. The Freshman members of the society are looking forward to more good times next year. The following members do not appear on thc picture: A. Friedli, H. Get zin. H. Gruebner. I. Heideman, E. Henke, S. Klessie, E. F. Wedenieyfer, Il. Edlebcck, G. Renneberg. ll44l Mc Cormick. P. Rees g g J ii I . X J N if - xx e v - Ax . l, X Front Row: K. Doyle, E. Ogle, G. Arndt. M. Ularke, li. Adernian, G. Linelian. Second Row: T. Johnson, M. Cfll'lll0llY, N. Lee. ll. Riedel, D. Smith, ll. liartelt, X Anderson, K. Delavan. Third Row: J. Riedel, G. Virgin, Mr. XVinnie. J. Wedenieyer, G. 1ICClllllll91'. I.. Kuehl Phlocophia First Semester Sevmzrl Semester President ..... ...Jane Riedel Thordis Johnson Vice-President .. . . . .Nina Lee Dorothy Smith Secretary ..... . . . Dorothy Smith Katherine Delavan Treasurer .. . ......... Euphemia Ogle Edna Aderman Faculty Advisor-A. J. VVinnie Philocophia, the club of the deaf department, has been meeting every two weeks. The object of this club is the getting together as a related group, all the students of the deaf department with Mr. VVinnie as its head and advisor. The girls are bound together by the happy fellowship that arises between people who have a single purpose, and who have the welfare ot a handicapped class of people at heart. The meetings have been social ones. with interesting programs and refreshments, The chief object ot' study has been the lives ot' famous women. The annual May Fete stunt of the deaf department was a huge success. The annual banquet was held at the Medford Hotel, Monday. March 12. Mr, VVinnie entertained the twenty members of the club at his home. Thursday, March 15, in honor of Miss Bernadine Hammes, who is now teaching in St. Paul. The following members do not appear on the picture: M. Johnson, B. Hammes. H451 -4.u"5'N . , 7-N oil' tx QA y I xxx , X'-R Front Row: F. Kubicek. H. Rowe. J. Pacbaly. M. Kniper. M. Heinen. M. Voss. H. Stendel. Second Row: I". Cross. E. Bassett. G. YV:iIton. K. XVeckmueller. V. Michaelson. l'. Pratt. In BunUwdnUr.L Schwab.IL Hase Third Row: I. Ilallberx. T. Kurtz. ll. Laalhs. li. Koontz. H. Helitz. Miss Nelirlich, R. Neelen. Pqdea President ..... ......... . Hele11 Belitz Vice-President . . . ..Marguerite Anderson Secretary ...... .... C lrertrude Walton Treasurer ................................. ..... I lelen Ilase Faculty Advisor-Miss Nehrlicli Early in the fall of nineteen twenty-two, a new, active. healthy, baby was born. The required number of young ladies was carefully selected. and the few who failed to attend the first meeting became the unlucky ones to receive the first initiation. Then came the question of naming the baby, and after a great deal of discussion, the name of Pydea was decided upon. Pydea is the Greek word meaning HlG2il'11l11Ql'.ll The purpose of the society this year has been the study of modern drama and its authors. The following members do not appear on the picture: l. Anderson. M. Anderson, K. Brooks, R. Candee, G. Campbell, M. Charles, S. Fortier, V. Kum- mer. l. Kelly. A. Lonsdale, F. lXIcVVethy, A. Prescott, V. Stuart. A. Torpy. T. Vinovsky. M. VVadsworth. I. Luebchow. l'1-I-61 f s Front Row: li. Dwyer. R. Miller. J. Meisenheiiner. IJ. Stangel. Miss Greene. L. Sattler. 1'. Helnpe. M. Vlmse. Second Row: A. NVylie. A. Frojeu. li. Schmidt. A. Strong, M. Gilmore, A. Foote, M. Fritseh. Third Row: H. lfratlenlmrg. J. liuttles. I.. lrlrhke. I, Eggert. E. XYileox. J. llouser. Fourth Row: G. Knief. IC. Blaekey. Id. XVolf. Miss Shafer. I. Long. First Nenzester Nreolzfl Nernrfstrf' President . ..... . . .Eileen lilackey Gretchen Knief Vice-President . . . . ,Erna VVolf Grace Fradenlnxrgh Secretary . ....... .... l iueille Sattler Alice VVylie Treasurer .............. Ruth Miller Beatrice Wadleigh Faculty Advisors-Miss Shafer. Miss Greene Pythia has been earnestly studying a11d enjoying mythology for the past year. The more important myths, Greek, Roman and Norse, were studied first, the less important myths, Oriental. Hebrew and Indian, afterwards. Through the efforts of Miss Greene and the two vice-presidents, Erna Wolf and Grace Fradenburgh. the programs have been made most interesting and enjoyable. The biggest social function of the year was the initiation banquet November sixteenth Mrs. Henderson and two former Pythians. Misses Marian and lsa- belle Hill attended and brought to us a message from former years. The deco- rations were a combination of Thanksgiving and Pythian symbols. Another social function of great enjoyment was the Christmas party. The State Oratorical Contest held at Milwaukee Normal this year, gave Pythia the opportunity of entertaining the Eau Claire delegates. The room was beautifully decorated in their school colors, blue and gold, and made comfort- able with furniture kindly lent by the Eggert Furniture Company. Pythia's annual banquet this year. a mythological costume party, was held May 23. Intermingled with the social and literary life of Pythia is the enjoyment and inspiration derived through the friendship of our advisor. Miss Shafer. The following members do not appear on the picture: H. Raab, M. Rigby, B. VVadleigh. A. XVaters. H471 ,qfglf I f Nil' A 4 l 44. kjxxx Q ' in ,f 'Q X' 'f 1 Front Row: E. Ogle, E. Hoslett, L. l'itt, YV. Garot, E. Price, IJ. l'a1'ke1', I". Ulift, N. Ronlanowski. Second Row: E. Ewens, A. Nvj'llll0ff. L. Hannnes. H. Yorke, M. Rogan, II. Sholl, R. Hilliker. E. 1f2ltlll0Sll6I'jl91'. Third Row: I. Zuelxlke, E. Kersten. ll. Kueck. L. Sclinabel. E. Williams, M. Pheatt, E. Randall. Fourth Row: I.. Mahoney. L. McCann, V. Moraux. Miss XVhite. Miss Baker. E. Xv91'Il91', V. Lautenluach. A. Ptlm-,2e1'. Thalia First Semester Second Smmstcr President . ..... . . . Irene Zuchlke Eleanor Werner Vice-President . . . . . Eleanor VVerncr lVinifred Garot Secretary .. ...Elvira Kern Verna Lautenbach Treasurer . . . . .Dorothy Parker Eva Randall Faculty Advisors-Miss White, Miss Baker Thc year 1922-23 has indeed been a very successful one for Thalia. Under the fine leadership of Miss White and Miss Baker, the study of contemporary poetry has yielded much pleasure and exhibited fine workmanship. But all work allll no play makes Jack a dull boy. Our social activities started out with a beach party for the old members. Then with our new members, we decided to have a banquet and initiation at the City Club. A Christmas party marked the holiday program. For the Thalia girls of past years, the society entertained at a dinner at the College WOlll3H?S Club. A few informal teas added a touch of the true friendship that charac- terizes a Thalian. The following members do not appear on the picture: E. Kern. A. Kirsch, F. Offerman. M. Poshepny, M. Schaaf, F. Stchling, M. McCann. H481 ff , 4 6 if YNN - in QM! ig? "" xi .. H iiwxwyhbbh Ifroiit Row: L. Hwger, M. Millvr. R. Gzlrliutt. Il. Schlitz, F. 'l'mnploton, Y. Iickardt. II. Fillllllf. Sc-cond Row: V. flllllllilllxll. l'. llollvn. N. Aclwsmi. H. lbiscll. li. Sclilvi. R. Miller, B. 'II:1l1ern1ol1I, M. Kulnn. Utopia President .... .... I Ivlen li. Schlitz Vice-Pre-siclviit .. .... Myrtle Kulnn Secretary .... . . .Marie A. Miller Treasurer .. ........., ................................. E sther NVilQ1nan i"i'lClllij' Advisors-Miss Heiny, Miss Slizifer After 21 rollicking initiation pzirtlv :lt the iltlgllllllllg ol' thv ycar, Utopia ho- gan 21 your of work and fun. Many Lilxllgilfiilll ilievtiilgs took plzicfv with pro- g'I'2ll1lS niziciu up ot' short Storics and music. At Vhristnias tinlv. the society did its share in prmnoting tho Clll'lSt1ll?lS spirit hy providing' dinner, toys, and cloth- ing' for ai, newly fznnily. A most flvlighttul tiniv was had at the- Yzilentiiiv party, wlwrc- a pro,Q'raim of Valvntine storivs was given. Utopia was assisted by Thalia in furnishing' and iiPCOI'2lfiI1g' Mr. 'l'etvr's room as l1vz1clq11ai"t0r'S for the visiting cielvgates Froin Plattevillv to the 0rato1'imez1l Contvst held on Mziruli l6. The following momliors do not appoar on thi- picture: I. Born, F. Dopko, E. Eichel, B. Elkvrt. G. Fl'lg'itI', A. Frivdli, N. Fitzgilmlmoiis, II. Gi-uelmner, R. He-lm. G. Harrison, D. Huecker, M. McVicar. L. Nieinan. M. Ross. A. Thuering, B. Vogt, E. Willman, L. Wolf. , l149l fddigx xy x 1 xxx l f 5 . . . n, X'-,X ' , . X ' iff " 'H gp.-el - 'g' T . was ff" x . I 1-'rout How: IC. U'Neil. U. l'0i'f01'tllll. II. Kasper. IC. Rurta. IG. Williams. ll. Sorensen. Second Row: M. Iilotx. A. NVillia1ns. li. Yan Xv0l'dt'l'l-'ll. R. Kuehner. Y. Flalierty, M Aeker. Third Row: C. libling. G. Iloberts. Miss Mears. Il. 1-Rurgiusm. Miss IiUOSi'0l'lll2ll1. Zenobi President .. . . . Secretary .. . . . T reasu rer .................... . First Semester Ellen Williaiiis Plara Ebling Eleanor Barta Second Semester Eleanor Barta Alice Williaiiis Emily Anderson Faculty Advisors-Miss Mears, Miss Kuesterniann The years program ot Zenobia, as heretofore, was the study of the lives and works ot VVisconsin authors. This year John Muir and Zona Gale were studied. A number of delightful programs were given. The members con- ducted successfully several candy sales. A Spring picnic was held in Lake Park. Zenobia provided a room, appropriately decorated. and hospitality for the River Falls Normal School delegates to the State Oratorical Contest, held at Milwau- kee Normal, March 16, 1923. Zenobia has the distinction of being one of the youngest of the literary societies in the school. The following members do not appear on the picture: A. Anderson, E. Anderson, M. Bendel. A. Borch, Fl. Pronin, U. Elwell, I. Hamm, L. Hatter. E. Lueck. M. Owen. V. Pickruhn. E. Roller, G. VVittenberg. I15Ol MQ N 'lk AY- M . Oratorq The success of oratory this year was profou11d. It was as general as it was intense. Never before in the history of the Milwaukee Normal School was so much interest manifested nor so much attention aroused as in this year. Har- old Sanville was elected President of the oratorical association, and preparation was started for the annual battle between the giants of eloquence. The partici- pants in the local contest showed remarkable ability, and the orations they de- livered demonstrated superior minds and highly developed intellects. Five ora- tions were delivered on diversified topics. The clear, truthful, lucid and concise manner in which the orators delivered their talks was indicative of the convinc- ing power and persuasive forcefulness of the speeches. The dominant swaying voice of Harold Sanville, which so often rang out in the assembly, took first place. He was selected to represent us in the state contest. Bert Goodman was given the alternate's position. Appreciation is due to Mrs. Anhalt for the effec- tive way in which the speakers were trained. On March 16, Milwaukee acted as host to the other eight Normal schools. The opportunity for acting in that capacity comes once in nine years, and Mil- waukee surpassed anything that has ever been attempted in preparations, enter- tainment and hospitality. The entire school was decorated gayly with the ban- ners and colors of the various normal schools. Programs were held in the morn- ing and afternoon at which Prof. M. Rexford Schnaitter officiated as master of ceremonies. The contest held in the evening was as exciting and stirring as it was appeal- ing. Harold Sanville started the contest and his delivery is believed by many to have been unsurpassed, but unfortunately his content compelled him to yield the winning places to his opponents. First place was given to Orville Wright of Stevens Point, who spoke on 'Tmplements of Progress." f151l '4-IW" . fsl-All ni w x N 1 1 i , an--,NX Debating Although the debating teams which represented Milwaukee during the 1922- 23 school year were not successful in capturing the state debating championship, the standard set by the debaters was well up to that of former years. VVhile only 0110 tea111 succeeded in gaining a decision against its opponents, both groups dis- played commendable spirit and ability. ' After announcing the subject for debate early in November, Coach Schnait- ter and his faculty committee on debate, inaugurated a new system for tryouts. With about thirty students participating, a series of short debates on various phases of the main question were ari-anged. Two advantages accrued from this plan, namely, the coaches were given ample opportunity to choose the most prom- ising candidates and the debaters were given the maximum amount of debating practice. After six weeks of preliminary work, both teams were chosen, shortly after the holiday season. - On Friday afternoon, March 2, Harold Sanville, Lawrence Collins, and Ei- leen Blackey, with Bert Goodman as alternate, debated Platteville in the Milwau- kee Normal School assembly room on the question, '4Resolved that an unemploy- ment insurance bill, embodying the essential features of the Huber Bill, be passed Dy the 1923 session of the Wisconsin Legislaturef' The local team upheld the affirmative of the question. The debate was replete with thrills and climaxes, the last of which came when Miss Blackey, with her characteristic wit and good humor, threw bomb after bomb into the enemy's camp. Harold Sanville and Lawrence Collins showed much skill and enthusiasm in their handling of the difficult side of a puzzling question. Although unable to demonstrate his worth on the day of the debate, Bert Goodman aided materially in building the affirm- ative case. At the close of one of Milwaukee's most thrilling debates, the judges awarded Milwaukee the decision by a 2 to 1 vote. I152l 1 . -. of X . X '- ., . ir, 'K . X fxx rv , A' tl xx In S5-,hi x-xx VL My H Qqfffvulbx ., Debating' the negative side of the same question. Nathan Schwid. Henry Moerschel. and Roy lie-Roo, with Elwin Andrus as alternate, invaded Whitewater on the evening of March 2. t'arrying out their customary policy of evading the real issue ot the debate, the VVhitewater team succeeded in scrapping much of Milwaukee-'s most valuable material. Wo1'ki1ig under this severe handicap, the local team carried the battle into the enemy's field. C'l'he foregoing statement is by no means figurative, indeed, Hank Moerschel's enthusiasm almost carried the Whitewater group away with it.D Nate Schwid, the iirst speaker for the negative, appeared to have convinced the affirmative that labor opposed the bill, since the lVhitewater team said little about the poor working man after Nate had spoken. Mr. Moerschel likewise presented the aitirmative a few problems to solve. and these too, went begging for answers. Roy DeRoo piled more trouble upon VVhite- water's head. Elwin Andrus, who was afforded no opportunity to display his ability on the platform, gave many valuable suggestions during the course of preparation. After being within reach ot' a decision. the Milwaukee team was un- able to overcome a caprice of fortune which gave XVhitewater the decision by a 2 to 1 vote. Coaches NVhite and Barr accompanied the negative team to VVhite- water. Roy L. DeRoo IISSVI man rfiflrlhngxlft is ha milh hiaiun rfali + + lliilh high ihPalz,rnnmmh11nhlg manmeh 5+ + HSE linvs nfpuium marh his hianhaimnughl + Hg fhluyhl hmfnunh mm alma nlmnfhri Imm- Ei1::hl?arPnf2ffn?m5zm zhuh tht hlrrnglh zmh mill Uhnlmmah a man inhn hma xml hmm in hirlh + + Euehvrg guafnllninh urrhangenf hlasl. + + But Pbrr fighfz fur what ia gnnh ahh lruv 1 + + .IDhnm1 hrarl in hmvm furallhrhimmhu Zilldlli Hs hmll ah him mth hlrihvzs in hu lhv rmhl. + Ziirung in lhv slrmtglh uf manhnuh, he lu ua + lmpnrtz a strength in alanh fur right ahh truth. Drraentvh to Ilrvsihvnt Clarrollfbllearaae by lhelllvnh Gluh uf lhelllilmaukveiitalv Normal Zrhnnl, Ilervmber 13, 1522 + A letics -1: . . 'G X SON ' milwaukee llormal Football Captain ....... . .Marshall L. Stone Coach ........ .George F. Downer Manager ..,,.. .... N lartin Torphy Trainer ....... . ..Barney Anderson Emblem lVlenfMarshall Stone, Jacob Moerscliel, Tom Johnson, James Regan, Phil Geil, Kenneth Eichfeld, Max Shectman, Richard Bielefeld, George Nickel, Gor- don Strathearn, Ray Ruehl, Martin Mahlberg, Herbert Stemper, Clinton McVVilliams, Oscar Eggert, Eugene McKenna, Chester Fullerton, Joe Heineman, Reuben Bergman. MARSHALL STONE Football Captain IISSI Football in 1922 was another dis- appointment, for while the team played great football at times, particularly i11 the Platteville and Stevens Point games, the defeats by VVhiteWater and Oshkosh were the result of football which was far below what the team was capable of doing. This is not written to disparage the work of either XVhite- water or Oshkosh, both of which were stronger and deserved to win, to mere- ly record the fact that Milwaukee's 1922 eleven played "in-and-out" foot- ball throughout the season. Opening the season with a large number of letter men back, and what appeared to be excellent prospects, the practice early developed the fact that was to be the seasons big Milwaukee's best linemen lighter and less experienced men they were compelled to the line problem. were far than the face. In the backiield, Captain Stone, Mahlberg, Shuck, and Stemper, who were virtually the iirst string backs, were all light and rather prone to in- jury and therein lay the team's great- est handicap. Captain Stone, i11 the form he displayed against Stevens Point, was a team in himself, but a sprained ankle kept him out of the line-up much of the season, and with- out him the team was only about sev- enty-tive per cent efficient. Stone was punting in wonderful form up to the time of his injury, was leading his team with rare ability, and making great gains in the open and bringiig back punts. Mahlberg, a great balxk when in form, and Shuck, reliable plunger of 1921, both suffered from in- juries throughout the season, as did Stemper. McKenna and McVVilliams lacked experience, but both played great football at times. McKenna was late in getting started or he would have won a regular berth, despite his light weight and inexperience, for no more determined tackler or harder tighter ever wore the Green. Joe Heineman, Q ll56l '35 ... GJ ti-1 :U .-. w ..- CD I ,-1 ,., 5 ... LL Q L: c V1 .. ... 4: Q 'T V :: cu on Q1 Bri A J 'C E 2-1 ,- ,- .L L11 M V71 W :Q 1 xW 5 9 Q.. U H Hei11uu1u11, R. Be:'gu1u11. rschel, J. , .l, Moe D ow 11 e uchl, Couvll ua, R. R 11 Ke M E. . S luck, L NV I' 0 le Midd rainer , 1. XVil1izL111s. M C C. nun, ct L? Sh M. tone, . S Capt ahlberg, . M. M St1'athea1'11 G. Manager Torphr, l'0 VV ll tto Bo dersou. An - 41 . NX, ' l X tx A K l N '60, - V xxx the fastest man on the squad, a real find in the backfield, broke his hand and was out most of the season. Opening the season late, due to inability to get early games, the team started with a scoreless tie with St. prep school class, and the elevens on the day. Against Stevens Point Point following had made would win by three or more only score coming, on a 60 yard run from a recovered fumble. two touchdowns, and Mahlberg dropped a pretty goal from the a week later, Milwaukee played a this their homecoming game and touchdowns, but the final count was first score came on a pass of 20 yards from Stone to Strathearn, .Iohn's Military Academy, a team far above the usual outcome was a fair measure of the strength of the great game. The figured that they 16 to 7, the Points Milwaukee earned 30-yard line. The over the goal line, the second on a plunge by Mahlberg, after a steady march of 50 yards on plunges by Mahlberg and Stemper and end runs by Stone. The game was hard fought and clean, except for the fact that the officials permitted clipping by the Point men to go utterly unchecked, these tactics sending Johnson, Nickel, and Moerschel to the side- lines, Johnson being lost to the team for the season as a result. Still battered from the Point struggle, the team entered the Carroll game six days later, in poor condition, and was lucky to win 6 to 0, as Carroll was stronger at the end. Of the Whitewater game, the less said the better. Whitewater had a good team, but Milwaukee was in its poorest form of the season and all the breaks went to Coach Agnew's team. Comparative scores against Oshkosh showed that White- water deserved to win, but the margin of their superiority was not shown by the 19 to 0 score In the second half, with the game hopelessly lost, Milwaukee came back and held Whitewater even. This game was played without the services of both Captain Stone and Stemper, the squads only punter, and the only two men who were sure in handling punts. Within seven minutes, the score stood 14 to 0 against us. Coach Agnew presented a powerful, well coached team that was set for the game. A week later, we took De Kalb into camp, 12 to 6, in a game marked by much wrangling and poor play on both sides. The visitors reeked with power but lacked football sense and were out-generalled as well as out-fought. Oshkosh, opponents in the final game, possessed material superior to that of any school in the state and despite poor work in earlier games, was hitting on all twelve when they came here for the final game. When all is said, the Sawdust city eleven was just too good for us. They outweighed the wearers of the Green at least 15 pounds to the man, were more mature, and had, on the day, a well rounded pol- ished team. Oshkosh scarcely ever started a play in which two or three Milwaukee men did not get a chance to tackle their back without any material gain, but we OFF TACKLE DRIVE IN CARROLL GAME H571 A .Xxx f Qt, .s X 1 it XY just could not stop them. McAndrews, Curtis, Jensen, Williams, and the rest of Coach Hancock's plungers simply bumped off Milwaukee tacklers or ploughed along for yards and yards with one or more Green jerseyed lads hanging on but unable to bring them down. Their running was greatg Milwaukee's tackling the poorest of the season. In their form that day, Oshkosh would have, we believe, walked through any normal team in the state. Individual mention of the members of the 1922 team is not possible due to space limitations, but whatever criticism has been passed upon them is not upon their work as individuals nor upon their spirit. The men worked as hard as the limited practice period permitted. At the risk of having the old term of reproach-"Alibi" flung at us, it is no more than a fact to say that until Milwaukee football teams are able to get a reasonable period of practice upon the Held, it is useless to expect any better showing than we made in 1922. The men were willing, if light and lacking in physical power, but so many of them had work running to 4:35 P. M. that no real develop- mental work was possible. Considering the conditions, the team did not do badly and had they escaped the injuries which cost the services of so many veteran players, incluing the captain, there might have been a more cheerful story to write. The school supported the team with wonderful spirit, and the results were no disgrace. There have been many worse seasons at Milwaukee Normal than that of 1922. Here's to the gritty members of that squad who gave their best to the game and who will not soon be forgotten. f 1922 sooREs Milwaukee . . . . 0 St. John's Military Academy. . . . . 0 Milwaukee . . . .16 Stevens Point ,.......... . . . . . . 0 Milwaukee . . . 0 Whitewater ..... . . . . . . 19 Milwaukee . . . 6 Carroll College . . . . 0 Milwaukee . . .20 Platteville ..... . . 6 Milwaukee . . .12 De Kalb . . . . . . 6 Milwaukee . . . 0 Oshkosh . . . .. .20 I1581 Wx f Y I? V Milwaukee Normal Basketball Captain .. ....................,....................... Kermit Schweers Manager .,......................... . . . . . . . . .... .Oscar Goelzer Coach ...........,...............,.,........,........... .Barney Anderson Emblem Men4Captain K. Schweers, Robert Lenken, Robert Lynde, Alvin Bit- zer, Gilbert Ellis, Paul Martineau, Ell Lee, Charles Wall, Harry Stoll, David Feld. Milwaukee's 1923 Basketball team earned a place in the hearts of the stu- dents which will not be erased for a long time. The team fought through a season filled with disappointments, and against opposition that was the pick of the State Normal teams. The bare figures present a rather sad tale. Ten losses and two average that cannot light the success of ever, when a team, verse circumstances, ceeding game with wins constitute an represent in a true our season. How- playing under ad- goes into each suc- the determination and spirit which our boys showed throughout the whole season, then it is safe to say that we enjoyed a fairly successful year in basketball. A large squad answered Coach And- erson's first call. Two regulars, Schweers and Lenken reported, and the prospects for a winning team looked exceedingly bright. However, a season would be incomplete without some ill luck, and our share fell upon us when Lenken dislocated the clavicular achron- ium in practice, and was lost to the team after only two games had been played. Lenken's fight and scoring abil- ity were greatly missed. Coach Ander- son started the task of building the team by shifting Captain Schweers and Lenken to guard where their experience could be used to the best advantage. Lynde proved a big find, and easily earned his berth at center. Martineau, Ellis, VVall, and Lee alternated through- out the season at the forward positions, injuries necessitating constant changes. The school team met the Alumni in , the first game of the season, and for the second time in the history of the school defeated them 36-17. Martineau and Lenken scored eleven goals be- tween them. We met Carroll next in the first real test of the season. Carroll was repre- sented by its strongest team in years, and whipped us 24 to 15. Our boys were unable to get started in the first half, the score being 15 to 4. They showed their true ability when they came back in the second half and outplayed and outscored the collegians. KERMIT SCHWEERS Basketball Captain 11591 Maul 72 4 2 . 4 N- -. 5. Q I! w 4 IC ci o ffl :f E 4 v E : Q -I AJ ,... N H N-. -1 4 Z -1 - GJ N Cb 0 L5 in 2 5 O L. Q :Q P lf T -1 hi uf :-. Q2 FU 5 .II JI ,-. A v ,.: ,-. .- 0 A ci 5 ,- V ,.. .., N- uf B1 L6 E Q 15 V., lm 5 GJ H ... .. 7-1 +L. m 5 C 'C Ps .H P-4 1 if jig s . it 1 After the holidays were past, preparation for the conference games began in earnest. Hard scrimmages featured the workouts every night. The loss of Lenken at this time was a big blow to the team. Bitzer was transferred to the first squad and took Lenken's place at running guard. Al was full of fight, and fast for his size. Carroll came to Milwaukee for a return game, and after a wonderful exhibition of basketball by both teams, our Green and White lost the verdict in the last ten seconds of play, by a 15 to 14 count. Coach Bell, of Carroll, inserted his ace into the fray with but a minute to go, and Sterr delivered, His basket won the game. Lynde and Captain Schweers starred for Normal. Platteville opened the conference season here by bringing a veteran aggrega- tion to do battle. In a rough, give and take affair, we were beaten 28 to 20. Here, again, an early lead by our opponents proved to be our undoing. Whitewater proved to be our first victims, in a thrilling game. The Green carried the fight to their rivals, and held them to three baskets. Six perfect tries for free throws, however, kept Whitewater in the lead 12 to 11 until less than a minute remained to play. Here, a Dick Merriwell finish by Paul Martineau won the game for us. Marty grasped the leather from four or five eager pairs of hands, and dropped the ball thru the net as the final gun went off. Our team then travelled to Platteville and Oshkosh, losing to the former 30 to 18, and to the latter 31 to 9. Bob Lynde was the outstanding player in both contests. La Crosse, led by Pascover, came to Milwaukee and took a game that ought to have been ours. Milwaukee's fighting quintet led during the greater part of the game, and they passed, shot and guarded with a smoothness that was near perfec- tion. Pascover's shots from midfloor, however, could not be stopped, and three of them near the close of the game cost us the decision. In a return game, Oshkosh defeated us 33 to 18 on our floor. We again led at half time, but despite the desperate play of Captain Schweers, Lynde and Bitzer, our defense weakened, and Oshkosh ran up a large score. A week later, at Stevens Point, we lost a free scoring contest, the final score being 43 to 30. The Point team took the lead and were never headed. Captain Schweers will carry a scar on his lip, the result of an unexpected blow from a Stevens Point player. Poor officiating is held responsible for this unfortunate oc- curence. Our team travelled to La Crosse, greatly weakened, and were swamped 54 to 13. Captain Schweers did not make the trip, which left a big gap at guard. Dave Feld was used at forward, and showed up well. The final game was played at Whitewater. Our offensive play was sadly off color, and our defense was not proof aginst long shots with which Whitewater won the game 21 to 8. When everything is taken into consideration, our 1923 team can be compli- mented on their performances. A more loyal team never represented the Green and White, and the spirit and all around sportsmanship, both at home and away, of the men on the team is to be admired. Here's a Yea! Team! THE SCORES Milwaukee Normal 36 Alumni Milwaukee Normal 15 Carroll . . . Milwaukee Normal 14 Carroll .... Milwaukee Normal 20 Platteville .. Milwaukee Normal 13 Whitewater .. Milwaukee Normal 18 Platteville .. Milwaukee Normal 9 Oshkosh . . . Milwaukee Normal 20 La Crosse Milwaukee Normal 18 Oshkosh .. . . Milwaukee Normal 30 Stevens Point Milwaukee Normal 13 La Crosse Milwaukee Normal 8 Whitewater . I1611 1621 M TRACK TEA eller. H Manager . Stoll, H XV. Fiscluwr, '. Tiernan, VN Nzxrurn, ,H. I Q y Q Brown, C. C, ll-V N Downs ozlvh row-AC Il T 0 Herman. G lison, L. Shuck, E1 E, mn, H, Zillisch, M. Stone, J. Foley, bs Juvo H. 0 NY Miclclle 1' Jung. Tlliessenhusen, C. R. NTC, nT Luiclltfuss, Capuai l. wi - 0 1. Bottom ,ga . I' G' i' l JV' . qnbx gx. 5 an Track Athletics Captain . . . ......... .............. ...... W i lliam Tyre Manager . . . ..., ........ . . . . . . . . .,.. Louis V, Heller Coach ................................ ,..... ........... G e orge F. Downer Emblem Men-Capt. Tyre, Ray Thiessenhusen, John Foley, Marshall Stone, Earle Ellison, Henry Jacobson, Chester Jung, Harold Zillisch, Harvey Narum, Lester Shuck, Walter Fischer, Harry Stoll, Irving Leichtfuss, Joe Vallier, Carl Baumbach, George Herman, Roy Donovan, Wm. Tiernan, Carroll Brown. Track athletics at Milwaukee Normal reached their highest point of success in 1922. Following dual meet victories over Carroll, Lake Forest and Ripon coil- leges, the Green and White romped away with the state championship in the Wis- consin Normal Athletic conference meet at Madison, .Iune 3, with the record break- ing total of 59 points. In this meet, Mlilwaukee tied for Hrst in the 220 yard dash and won every other track event except the 100 yards and the high hurdles. Moreover, every Mil- waukee track winner broke the state normal record in winning. As a further in- dication of the high standard of performance by the Green and VVhite it may be noted that the records made in the normal meet were decidedly better than those made in the state college meet of the so-called "Little Five" in 11 out of the 14 events which were on both programs, In the century dash, the winners in both meets did "ten flat." Moreover, Milwaukee placed two men in each track event except the hurdles and two mile run, where we had but one man competing. To round out the day, the relay quartet, Stone, Shuck, Tiernan and Narum, won the race by 30 yards, setting another record at 1:33-3f5. While not so strong in the Held events, Milwaukee tied for first and got'a third in the pole vault. Zillisch took third in the broad jump and Stoll and Brown were second and third in the hammer. DEFEAT THREE COLLEGES In the first dual meet of the year, we took Carroll college into camp by a score of 83 points to 50, the best performance, perhaps, being .Iacobson's two miles in 10:35. Ray Thiessenhusen won both the half and the mile in good time. A week later, the team won easily from Lake Forest on their Held, 72 to 52. Here Thiessenhusen again showed his mettle by sweeping through the half in 2:04 1lf5. Milwaukee won every track event except the 440. Zillisch set a new Milwau- kee Normal mark in the high hurdles, doing 116-4,f5. The 89 to 42 victory over Ripon the following week, was a sweet repayment of four previous defeats though not in any unfriendly sense as the Ripon meets have, since 1918, been a pleasant annual feature of Milwaukee's schedule, always being marked by the best of feeling. In this meet, all the men showed steady de- velopment at which Coach Downer had been aiming, with the state meet in view. The best work of the day was that of Ray Thiessenhusen in winning the mile in 4:36 on the new normal track, none too fast on the day, and coming right back for a Hrst in the half in 2:06-4j5. Leichtfuss cleared 10209154 in the vault, and Foley, Stone, Tiernan, Narum, Zillisch, Ellison and Herman all did good work. Captain Tyre was out of this meet due to an injury to his ankle sustained in a scrub ball game. A GREAT VICTORY In the state meet, the climax of the season, every man came through with his best performance of the year. It was a triumph of spirit and efficiency on track and Held, the third time in four years that Milwaukee had won the state normal championship. It would be difficult to single out the work of any one man for spec- ial mention. All were tit to the minute and all performed like champions. Tyre, Stone, Foley, Thiessenhusen, Donovan, Jung, Ellison, Zillisch, Leichtfuss, in short, every man, won a lasting place in the hearts of Milwaukee supporters. Scoring 59 points and breaking seven records, many of long standing, in one afternoon, tells the story of this win impressively. Always where a Milwaukee man won, there was another green jerseyed team- mate close behind. Ray Thiessenhusen won a great mile race in 4:33-4j5, his only mai ix competition coming from his pal of the last two seasons, Chet Jung, who teamed with hin1 throughout the race and finished second in 4 z 37-2 X5. Donovan was the only double Winner on the team, capturing both the quarter and half, each in record time. In the half he barely beat out Thiessenhusen, While Tiernan, third in the 440, was scarcely two yards back of the winner. Stone's winning the low hurdles in 126-2y5 and placing third in the 100 was an- other good day's work. Tyre, handicapped by a long lay-iff, due to his injury, was only a yard behiid McAndrews in the 100 and ran him a dead heat in the 220. So it went, all through the afternoon. Zillisch, who had not had a shoe on for a Week and ran with his ankle heavily strapped in tape, lost the high hurdles to Armstrong of La Crosse by less than a yard, in :16 flat. Ellison's time in the two mile, 10:04-3f5, was one of the best per- formances of the day and he could have gone faster as he won by at least 150 yards. Of that great team, the men who won 44 points are gone-Stone, Ellison, Thiessenhu- sen, Donovan, Foley, Zillisch, Brown, Narum, Leichtfuss, Shuck-all graduated, or trans- ferred to other schools. It will be many a day before such a group of stars is gathered on a Wisconsin normal track team. FEW STARS LEFT Meanwhile, Coach Downer is working to the limit with the 1923 squad and while the material is less plentiful and less promising than in 1922, nothing will be left undone to put out a team this year, tit and ready to battle to the limit to retain MilWaukee's place at the top. The veterans include Captain Jung in the mlie, Tyre in the dashes, Tiernan in the 440, Fischer in the pole vault, and Stoll in the hammer. In addition, Herman in the two mile and Heyer in the broad jump, who were on the 1922 team but failed to score in the 1922 state meet, are also available. Sev- eral new men look good for points and, win or lose, followers of the Green and White may be assured of a team that will carry their colors with honor and fight to the finish in every event. II6-H 1 if Milwaukee Normal lnferscholastic Tract Meet Normal Field, May 13, 1922. 100 yards-Shotola, West, first: VVood, East, second: Herman, East. third: Donahue, East, fourth. Tllllll-210-3'5. 120 yd. Hurdles-Chainpncy. XVest. first: Dilwig, XVashini:t0n, second: Mt-Keever, East, third CIZISSIHKIH, YVashington, fourth. Tiintb-:17. lilile-Grossnizui, East, first: Tureck, VVest, second: Lister, Vilashington, third: DiCella, Kenosha, fourth. 'l'i1ne-5:04-3!5. 220 yards-Shotola. West. first: XVood, East, second: Hayden, XVest, third: Henkel, East, fourth. Tiine-:25-415. 880 yards-Shilnek, Kenosha, first: Cotzhanseu. East, second: Lenacheck, VVashingt0n, third: Price, VVcst, fourth. Tilule-2:11-2!5. 120 yd. Low Hurdles--Keunan, East, first: Schneider. XVashington, second: Champney, WVest, third: Luetzow, NV2lSlllIl5l'fOll, fourth. Tilne-:14-2f'5. 440 yards-Henkel. East, first: XVendt, XVashington, second: Van Hart. East, third: Held, VVashington. fourth. Tinic-:55-3!5. Relay race-Jl'wo laps 6627 yds. 1 ft.J WVashington, first: Riverside, second: WVest, third: Kenosha, fourth. High jump-Anger, Nvashinfrton, first: Schwarze, XVashington, and Vallee. East, tied for second: Monisen, XVest. and Xvi1'IllS, East ticd for fourth. Height-5:03?i. Shot 112 lbs.J--Graf. East, first: Schwarze, East, second: VVirths, East. third: Fedderson, Racine, fourth. Distance--44:06V2. Discus-Graf, East. first: Hall, VVest. second: Emory, East, third: Jones. Racine, fourth. Distance-125:0I. Broad jump-Shotola, XVest, first: Donahue, East, second: Dilwig, XVashingtou, Guy, East, Hurley. NVashing:ton tied for fourth, Distance-20:10, Pole vault+Vl'irths East, Shea, East, and VVilson, East. tied for first: Glaser, Xvest, fourth. Height-10:06. Javelin-Graf. East. first: Schwarze, XVasl1ington, second: XVilson, East, third: Champuey, XVest, fourth. Distance-153:09W. WISCONSIN NORMAL ATHLETIC CONFERENCE TRACK AND FIELD MEET Canip Randall, Madison, June 3, 1922. 120 yd. Hurdles-Armstrong. La Crosse, first: Zilisch, Milwaukee. second: Nohr, Stevens Point, third. Tiinie-:16. fNew rccordj. Mile-'l'hiessenhusen, Milwaukee, first: Jung, Milwaukee, second: Leinhardt. Stevens Point, third. 'I'in1f+4:33-4!5. fNew recordj. 100 yards-Mc-Andrews. Oshkosh, first: Tyre, Milwaukee, second: Stone, Milwaukee, third. Time-:10. fEquals rec0rd.J 440 yards-Donovan, Milwaukee, first: Senn, Oshkosh, second: Tiernan, Milwaukee, third. Time-:53-1!5. fNew record.D High jump-Armstrong, La Crosse. and Christopherson. Eau Claire, tiedz: Slyfield, Platteville, 1 third. Height-5: 1171. Discus-Pascover, La Crosse, first: Hanson, La Crosse, second: Hall, Oshkosh, third. Dis- tance-126:07. fNew record.J 220 yards-McAndrews, Oshkosh, and Tyre, Milwaukee, tied: Foley, Milwaukee, third. Timw- :22-4!5. fNew recordj 220 yd. Hurdles-Stone, Milwaukee, first: Nohr, Stevens Point, second: McKinney, Eau Claire, third. Time--:26-2!5. fNeW recordj Pole V?Illlf-LPiI'llffllSS, Milwaukee, and Davidson, La Crosse, tied: Fischer. Milwaukee, third. Height-11:01. Hammer-Gerber. La Crosse, first: Stoll, Milwaukee, second: Brown. Milwaukee. third. Distance-112:01. 880 yards-ADon0van, Milwaukee, first: Tliiessenliusen, Milwaukee, second: Senn. Oshkosh, third. Time-2:03-2-5. fNeW record.i Broad jnmp-Christopherson, Eau Claire. first: McAndrews, Oshkosh. second: Ziliseh, Mil- waukee, third. Distance-22:01. fNew recordq Javelin--Vondroshek, La Crosse, first: Burris, Platteville, second: Van Duser. VVhitf-water, third. Distance-152:09. fNew rec0rd.j Two mile-Ellison, Milwaukee, first: Mueller. Oshkosh, second: Field. La Crosse, third. Time-10:04-3f5. fNew Rccordj Shot put-Gerber, La Crosse, first: Hall, Oshkosh. second: Pascover, La Crosse. third. Dis- tance-36:08. Half mile -elay-Milwaukee, ffstone, Narum, Shuck, Tiernanj, first: Oshkosh, second: La Crosse, third. 'Fime-1:33-3!5. CNew recordj. 11651 r,,,,.. r l. . 1 s Track and Field Records Corrected to April 1, 1923 MILVVAUKEE, NORMAL 100 yards-John Foley, 1921 .... :10-115 2220 X1l1'f1S--vvilliillll Tyre, 1922. .. Z22'4f5 '440y:1rds-R. Donovan, 1922 .... :53-1X5 '880 yards-R. Donovan, 1922 .... 2:03-2!5 'Mile-R. Thiessenhusen, 1922 .... 4:33-4X5 '2 Mile-Earl Ellison. 1922 ....... 10:04-315 120 yd. h'dls-Harold Zilisch, 1922 216-4X5 '220 yd. h'dls-MarshallStone,1922 126-2f5 'Pole vault-R. Townley, C. Noern- berg, 1915 ...............l... 11:06 High jump-Jack Mitohell, 1915. .50:08 Broad jump-M. Van Ells. 1921..21.03 "Shot 116 lbs.j-M. Van Ells, 1921.40:04BQ Discus-'Mark Bach, 1918 ........ 120.09 Hammer Q16 lbs.j--H. Stoll, 1922 ....................... 110:06 Javelin-M. Yan Ells, 1921 ..... 148.08 Shot 112 lbS.J-M. Van EHS. 1921.48:06 'Relay rave 1880 ydsj--Stone, Shuck, Tiernan. Narum, 1922 1:33-3X5 '-State Normal Record. "-Beats State Normal Reeord. H661 W. N. A. C. Kelsey, Stevens Point, McAndrews, Oshkosh .................... McAudrews. Oshkosh ........... Donovan, Milwaukee ..., .. Donovan, Milwaukee ...... .. 2 Thiessenhusen, Milwaukee . . . . 4 Ellison, Milwaukee ........ .. 10 Armstrong, La Crosse .. . Stone, Milwaukee ............... Townley and Noernberg, Milwaukee 11 Reget. La Crosse ................ 6 Christopherson, Eau Claire ..,.... 22 Van Ells. Milwaukee ..... .... 3 9 Pascover, La Crosse ....... .... 1 26 Dahlgren, La Crosse ... . . . .119 Voudrashek. La Crosse .. .... 152 Milwaukee. 1922 . . . . 1 ' A, Lk, X,"-X V: xxx 1 .rf H QR ? A-W N! 4 H Mx fail. Q k i . Y V milwaukee normal Relaq Team TH. Stone, ID. Tiernan, H. Narum, L. Shuck Time 1:3332 I1671 I1681 m-4 BASEBALL TEAIN -47 "" " ,N XX, 1 . as 6- , v L x ,I 1. Baseball 1922 Captain .... Mose 'Fhisted Manager . . . ...,... Fred Peters Coach ......................,.... . . ,Barney Anderson The 1922 baseball season was a very successful one, and established the same record as in 1921. that ot losing only one game during the en- tire season. This is considered re- markable as each year Coach Ander- son has had only one or two letter men about whom to build a team. The season of 1922 opened up with the greatest misfortune possible. when Mose Thisted. the captain and star pitcher, was eliminated for the year with a broken leg received inthe-final basketball game of the year. Mose was up a11d around before the season was over. but only in the capacity ot bench captain, his leg not being Strong' enough to stand the strain ot pitching, but to offset this misfort- une, the stat? was bolstered by the addition of t'Cfhief" Meyers Cot no- hit tamel, "Pat" Schell, and "Red" Thisted, the captain broth-- er. Schultz also took his turn in the box for a tew games. Of the personnel of the team, we should say more than there is space tor. Remarkable team work was de- veloped, besides splendid hitting and fielding qualities. The biggest sensa- 1 tion ot the year was the work of Ol- lie Heineman at short. who is a star at tielding. He also collected the most hits of the season. being four hits ahead of Bischoff, our able third baseman, who also starred with the bat and in the field. First base was well taken care of by Sam Kyos. who hit well. Phillips was the second M. THISTED baseman and performed very well, be- Baseball Captain H691 . L . y jzk, sides being a 300 hitter. Strathearn at catch was as reliable as ever and as steady as could be. On the outfield, Andy had Leichtfuss, Hanneman, Halser, and Grellinger, all of them fast and accurate throwers. The only game lost was a seven inning aifair at Oshkosh, by the score of 5-3. The team drove up in cars and due to heavy rains did not reach Oshkosh until game time. The players were hurried into uniforms and the game was started immediately, without any batting or fielding practice, and the tea1n seemed unsteady from the long car ride. On the Milwaukee half of the 7th inning, our boys came to life and drove in three runs, making the final score 5-3. When Oshkosh came down here a few days later, Milwaukee retaliated by whip- ping them to the tune of 7-5. The following men received their letters for the season: Captain Thisted, Myers, Phillips, Bischof, Leichtfuss, Heineman, Kyos, Hanneman, Halser, Strathearn, "Redi' Thisted, Schultz, Grellinger, and Schell. Fred Peters was the manager and was well liked and capable. The prospects for 1923 look very good with Mose Thisted re-elected cap- tain, back in shape for carrying the brunt of the pitching. Strathearn, Phillips, Bischoff, and Schultz are also back. Of the new men that look exceptionally good, we have Sawyer, a catcher, and Serio, a shortstop. The record for 1922 is: Milwaukee Normal .... . , ..... 1 Country Day .......... . . . . O Milwaukee Normal .... ..... 2 1 University Extension . . . . . . .10 Milwaukee Normal .... . . . 8 Concordia College .... . . . . 4 Milwaukee Normal . . . . . . 8 Whiteu'ater . . . . . . . . . . . 0 Milwaukee Normal . , . . . 8 Pio Nono College .... . . , . 6 Milwaukee Normal . . . ..,.. 22 University Extension . . . . . . . 8 Milwaukee Normal . . . , . . 3 Oshkosh . ........... . . . . . 5 Milwaukee Normal .... . . . 7 Oshkosh . .......... . . . . 5 H701 -4 "f" b ,so M .. S ,I - f fix I' nf xx 1 A ,aw "' 'it of t A K' E. Klinker C. Townsend E. Madden M. Schiller E. Barta A. Lonsdale E. Hfillianis H. Sorenson Girls' Basketball 1923 Although the basketball season for the girls was started ra year. there was very much enthusiasm shown 011 the part of the girls. and coni- petition between the teams was very keen. 'l'he girls were very anxious to have a tournament antl praeticetl faithfully. The teams were eoaehed by niembers ot' their own teams. ably assisted by Miss .lean Talbot. The annual girls' basketball tournament was plannetl for, antl the Vil- rious clepartmental teams chose their captains. They were as follows: Gram- mar: Elsie Wilson and Ellen NYilliainsg Kintlerga1'te11: Alice ,liertschyg Pri- mary: Genevieve Ruwitehg Rural: liusette Keekg State Graded: Mary Lutzg Music: Daisy Slater. At last all was in readiness tor the tournament. the regular players were chosen and steady practice tollowetl, about sixty players going through the entire season. Due to the course of practice teaching ot' the Rural Department, the Rural team was forced to forfeit all but one of their games to their oppo- nents. The tournament was won by the Grammar Group team. which lost only one game. The playing of this team was weakened through the gradua- ' ' " ' l ' - " 'l'l ? Ol"lllll11'lI' team tion of Elsie N ther late this Vilson and Esther Tisehencloit in February. it 1 . 1 l o won the ehampionship last year. t a s l . ' ' ' ' " I-sl tl- ll season, the class teams were no Due to the latenmss ot the girls waste ma 1 ehosen, much to the mlisappointment of all the girls. H711 C ft w x I xx Y A i X'-. - J 7 RXN i' Qllzll 'x" Y, :. .. Rbhbbr. The teams were composed of the following girls: Kindergarten Captain: Alice Bertscliy lMamie Edlelmeck Forwards: lEsther Schei I Y SAlice Bertschy Guards: lHelen Gruelmner Jumping Center: Alice Prengel Running Center: Pearl Mclntyre lDorothy Hankwitz S1lllStll7l1t0S! 2AuI,elia lgriedli Primary Captain: Genevieve Ruwitch Forwards: lG. Ruxritcli lli. Wenner I QL. xrvlfjlllllfllnl Guaids. YD' Stagg Running Center: W. Lueksinger Jumping Center: R. Rittman YG. KQPIIGAI' Substitutes : YR' Jacobson Grammar CA t . Y lElsie VVilson 'IP am' lEllcn Williams v I lH. Sorensen Fomfmls' QM. Schiller Jumping Center: E. Madden l172l Running Center: A. Lonsdale . H XVillian1s Guards' IC. Townsend , . Y Barta Substitutes: Kliuker Staff' fifllllffl Captain: Mary Ann Lutz , v SL. Bassett Lorxxardsz IM. Lutz SE. Nelson Guards: IT. Kurtz Running Center: E. Grimm Jumping Center: E. clllI'lSt011SQI1 ' L- Substitutes: Nigismbs ,llzzsic Captain: Daisy Slater gn Satlier Forwards: HI: Riedel Guards: lli' Elllike lll. Bittner Running Center: M. Lynch Jumping Center: D. Slater . L. H' -kl Substitutes: EE. H51 er - Arfgll - 4 4 . gk, y Cfhe Plum Trees I thought that beauty was forever dead Until I saw wild plum trees in the night, Blown into moon light, shivering and white, .Beyond a ruined wall, my dream thoughts sped From tears to country la11es and grass, and fied To loveliness of May and spring, while'st bright New hopes rose high in the soft glimmering light, And l. of beauty yearned to he full fed. NVild plum! I will remember till .l die How on an April night I saw it first. Here in this windy city do I ery For olden loveliness to quench my thirst. There is a crumbling wall l used to know NVhere 011 a night like this wild plum trees blow. Winter Twilight in the Citq Clear dusk, streaked faintly saffron in the west- Still air refreshing like a frozen wine- Jeweled city lights against the sky's dark breast- One lofty tower, seeming half divine, Groping in light, up pointing to a star, Ilouses shade-drawn, lamp-lighted a11d serene, VVherein Life moves, where little children are, Casting black shadows on the blind 's brief screen, People that pass unheeding-motor throb- Night, folding closer, and not far from here Bare fields, stark trees, and little winds that sob, Dreaming of spring, the spring of yesteryear, VVhen life was 11ew and treasured hopes were high, lVhen young and old forgot that they must die. Tessie A. Teipel, Class of '24 11731 . - .fl N , hy . ' ' 'K i Qxex Calendar of the Hear SEPTEMBER Monday, 18-Registration day. The Freshmen are all packed into the li- brary amid much confusion. lt rains. Tuesday, 19-HMore registration. VVednesday, 20-Lockers given out. Classes meet for the first time. Frank Hoehl and Fred Stern get into an argument concerning the ethical process in human society vs. the cosmic process, and this in the locker line! Thursday, 21HHThe text book line forms. The weary ones drape themselves along the walls. Friday, 22-First call for cheerleaders. Harry 'VVirths and Jerry Kops are awarded the honors. Monday, 25-The Jungle League is organized. Much excitement among fu- ture basketball stars. Tuesday, 26--Mr. Zelaya brings us our tirst assembly program and a deal of happy philosophy. Wednesday, 27-Rain and more rain. Thursday. 28-Freshmen are privileged to hear, for the first time, Miss VVebb's famous little library song: '4Too much talking, heref' Friday, 29-The faculty begins to get a line on the students. First char- acteristics eome out. Faculty reception to the students. OCTOBER Thursday, 5-Y. W. C. A. initiation. Great time given the new girls. Friday, 6-Sophomore mixer in the mens' gym. Half of the Freshman class present, anyhow. Monday, 9-First regular issue of the Echo makes its appearance. Tuesday, 10-Bob Lenken attends the Style Show at the Alhambra and ex- periences a novel sensation. Fervently hopes for another style show soon. VVednesday, 11-The Coffer-Miller Players present t'The Taming of the Shrew". Iduno gives its annual rushing party. Thursday. 12-Gibbons Club booster party in the mens' gym. Large turn- out, much boosting. Friday, 13-HThe Cricket on the Hearthl' ehirps across our screen in the assembly. Gibbons Club initiation. Saturday, 14-Game with St. John's at Delafield, 0-O. Many eo-eds attend. Monday. 16-Sophomore and Freshman class elections. Lenken leads the Sophs, Libby the Frosh. Tuesday. 17-Hamilton Holt addresses the assembly on Europe during and after the VVar. The new Sophomore officers dine together in the cafe- teria. VVednesday, 18-The Mens' Club room formally opened. All the co-eds attend the Hopen house". Thunderstorms. Thursday, 19-Rose Helm elected President of the Kindergarten Association. Saturday, 21-We travel to Stevens Point and defeat S. P. Normal, 16-7. Monday, 23-Club a11d society drive program in assembly, Miss Alder speaks. The Mens' Glee Club is organized. l174l -4.1 "X . EW N Tuesday, 24-Mrs. Kate llpson Clarke addresses the assembly 011 "What is a Patriot Vlfednesday, 25-elngeborg Anderson of the Art School appears in a weird and terrible trouser costume for oil painting. Thursday, 26-Good Fellowship Hallowe'en party in the mens' gym. Miss Day kllld many faculty members mingle with the girls for a great good time. Friday, 27-Normal defeats Carroll College in a stiff game. Pep meeting of Girls' Auxiliary in assembly. Q77 Monday, 30-Mrs. LaFollette addresses the assembly. Tuesday, 31-Florence Root gives 'fThe Maker of Dreams" before the as- sembly. NOVEMBER Wednesdayf, 1-Spanish Club initiation. Thunderstorms, no lights. Chef Oscar Goelzer and all the rest have to cook their OVVII banquet in the do- mestic science rooms. The new members washthe dishes! Thursday, 2-Birthday party given for President Pearse by faculty members and some students. Saturday, 4-VVhitewater 20, Normal 0. The spirit of the team, according to Andy, is most commendable. Monday, 6-Eichfcld tries to attend assembly, but has to give up until a large enough seat can be installed for him. Tuesday, 7-The History classes stage a very realistic War scene for Armistice Day. George Griswold gives a sincere portrayal of a dead soldier until the doughnuts are passed. Wednesday, 8-HM" Club benefit movie. ln addition, Ben Baumle's orchestra plays and Gordy, Harry, and Max sing some popular songs. Irving Bacheller entertains the assembly with dialect readings in the afternoon. Thursday, 9-The first day of the State Teachers' Convention. Max Raskin and Skinny Schweers risk their necks putting up decorations for the homecom- ing dance. Friday, 10-Normal wins over Platteville, 20-6. Record homecoming crowd at the game i11 the afternoon and at the dance in the evening. Rose Candee and Fluffy Root are much excited about the game. Lester Schuck stars and comes through minus two teeth and plus a great many laurels. Monday, 13-We return, to find some new style stationary seats installed in va- rious first floor rooms. They are unpopular with the men since there is no place to put the feet! Tuesday. 14-Pydea is organized, amid much arguing and excitement. 'Wednesday, 15-The Mens' Club gets action on the delinquent showers, because Gordy nearly scalded his skin off one day. Friday, 17-Normal defeats DeKalb 12-6. Sophomore reception to the Fresh- men and Faculty. Monday, 20-Slivers appears in spatsl Thursday, 23-The French Club gives its annual play. George and Helen meet, for the first time and take an unusually instant liking to each other. H751 fig? tg .' 4 .WW in Friday, 24-Normal loses to Oshkosh, 19-0. Ralph discovers a new way to keep onels feet warm: ask a co-ed to sit on them. Monday, 27-Harry Wirths writes a note. Reward: she accepts the bid. Harry blissful. Tuesday, 28-Mr. Schnaitter convicted in a mock trial, for giving too much homework. The Kindergarten department gives a tea. NVednesday, 29-Harry Stoll proposes to a young lady in German. She accepts him. DECEMBER Friday, 1-Resignation of President Pearse becomes Known. Monday, 4-Marge Anderson loses Harry Stoll's ring. Engagement off. VVednesday, 6-Beginning of Good Fellowship League Courtesy campaign. Thursday, 7-Dr. De Vine addresses the assembly on Education. Monday, 11-Gordy Strathearn is elected Soph Prom Chairman. Tuesday, 12-At assembly time: George Griswold wins the daily dollar for courtesy. Fourth hour: George is reprimanded for being rude! Wednesday, 13-The Spanish Club stages a bull fight with Art Nicolaus, Oscar Goelzer, and Jack Baltus in the leading parts. Thursday, 14-Bill Walton wins the courtesy dollar for exterminating the last Hy of this year's crop. Friday, 15-Gordy wins the dollar for picking up Betty 's pencil. Funny. Gordy would almost pay a dollar for that privilege, and then to be paid for it- Monday, 18-Basketball team defeated 24-15 at Carroll College. Tuesday, 19-Miss Day wins a dollar. Gibbons Club and the Kindergarten as- sociation give their Christmas parties. Xllednesday, 20-HSuppressed Desires" given before the assembly. Annual Christmas play in the evening, followed by a mixer. The Engineers furnish most of the fun in the play. Thursday, 21-Farewell program for President Pearse, with singing, an address by Mr. Pearse, and presentation of a tribute from the Mens' Club. Miss VVebb leaves to be married. ' JANUARY Tuesday, 2-Beginning of the Goodfellowship League Courtesy NVeek. George Keller comes back in one of these fuzzy sweaters and all the girls want to wear it. Thursday, 4-Mr. Henderson speaks about courtesy customs in Germany. Friday, 5-George Keller incriminates himself, but pulls out again. Ch, it was only a sleighride party. Monday, 8-Mr. VVilde brings up modern politics in class Eilld a near riot takes place. Perry du Mez on the pro side, everybody else con. Vllednesday, 10-Miss Anita Politzer addresses the assembly concerning the Na- tional Woiiians' Party. Monday, 15-Don McKeeyer and Leonard Barry are the joint recipients of a box of fudge. Don eats the fudge and Leonard gets the box. Friday, 19-George Keller comes into prominence again. This time he is caught asking Alice Graves to the prom. Saturday, 20-The Dramatic Club gives its annual dance. l176l -4. 1 . EW N Monday, 22-Harriet Murphy loses one old beau and gets two new ones. Tuesday, 23-Katherine Weckmueller announces receiving her ninth bid to the prom. What are Babe Ruth's forty homers to this? Wednesday, 24-Everybody cramming for college exams. The library a busy place. Thursday, 25-Dudley Crafts Watson speaks on 'cThe Drama". Friday, 26-"VVhat is the 18th Amendment U? " Dr. Hobson explains it to us. Monday, 29-Exams. Tuesday, 30-More exams. Vlfednesday, 31+The last of the exams, George had tour of them in one day and gets leave ot absence for a week. FEBRUARY Thursday, 1-Registration day for the college department. Mr. Dittmer added to the faculty. Eight hundred co-eds are thrilled to death. Friday, 2-Normal loses to Platteville, 14-9, at Platteville. The Kindergarten department gives a mixerq Lester Schuck leaves school amid much hand shaking and good will, to try his fortune in the wide world. Monday, 5-The Cotter Miller Players present t'Gammer Gurt0n's Needle" and ' ' The Imaginary Invalid. l ' Tuesday, 6-Gene McKenna finds out who Rose Candee is. So does Jack Baltus. Vlfednesday, 7-Normal is defeated by Oshkosh, 31-9. Friday, 9-The Sophomore Prom. Betty Dallister leads the prom with Gordy Strathearn. Everybody present. Tuesday, 13-Dr. Bussewitz suggests that students who do not care to drink the contaminated bubbler water bring their private cows to school and tie them up behind the building. February, 14-Truly, a day of events. The mercury stands at fourteen below. Mrs. Beatrice Forbes Robertson Hale addresses the assembly and a half- breed Airebull pup wanders across the stage. Fluffy Root freezes her nose and gets a valentine from Jerry, so it's all right. Frank Hoehl wears a pair of enormous boots. Thursday, 15-Eleanor Koontz makes a bet: tour dates with Oswald, or tive dollars to Grace! Friday, 16-Miss Rinzel addresses the assembly on child psychology. Monday, 19-Harold Sanville wins the local oratorical contest. Tuesday, 20-Jo Pachaly gives a Hawaiian dance in national costume. Walter Fischer appears in German class the morning after initiation night, smell- ing Mmighty lak a rose." Class excused! Wednesday, 21-Charlie von Raumbach learns the value of looking lonesome. Thursday, 22-We come to school, despite the fact that it is Washington's birth- day. Charlie continues to look lonesome, not for nothing. A co-ed takes notice. Friday, 23-Co-ed sympathizes, Charlie happy, bliss permanent. Monday, 26--Oswald bites, Eleanore wins, Grace pays. Tuesday, 27-Something like spring in the air. Roy de Roo thinks of running away-to Lake Park. The Dramatic Club presents 'fliaddy Long-Legs." I1771 77 f --QV' . is. ci Copious weeping from the training school fiappers at thc matinee perform- ance. Vlfednesday, 28-Oscar Goelzer re-elected president of the Spanish Club. MARCH Thursday, 1-March comes in like a lamb. Cameras out, no coats, everybody goes walking. Several new cases around school. Friday, 2-Annual triangular debate with Platteville. lVe win here but lose at Whitewater. Mixer following the debate. Monday, 5-Helen and George no longer eat. Talking is enough. Tuesday, 6-Oscar Goelzer asks: "Was Galahad the guy that found the Grail?" Miss Shafer pastes paper over the glass pane of her door. Peeking in at the co-eds not allowed. Vlfednesday, 7-Mr. Alexander Mueller of the Art School speaks to the as- sembly about the Art School. Cheever and Mieding lecture on topics of their own in the back of the room and are asked out by Miss Day. Thursday, 8-Mens' Glee Club gives a program. Encore. Program repeated in full. Friday, 9-Mr. Sweet forbids Nate Hinden to pick up things from the floor. Safety first! Monday, 12-Big snow storm. No assembly. Postie and Fluffy Root, the legal representatives from Wauwatosa and NVest Allis, are both absent. Tuesday, 13-Harold Sanville busy trimming up his oration for Fridayys combat. More snow. Vllcdnesday, 14-Registration day for the normal departments. Postie smells a potato chip and hunts for it all day. Finally trails it to the kindergarten tea in Miss Michaels' room, but is 11ot allowed to enter. Thursday, 15-Kip Kroening is almost drowned when he falls in a foot of slush. Chet Fullerton wears a straw hat to school. Friday, 16-Milwaukee Normal entertains the delegates to the convention of the State Oratorical Association. Big doings, gala spirit. We dance, talk, eat, and enjoy ourselves much. Stevens Point wins the contest. Saturday, 17-Heinneman stars for Normal in the Marquette-Normal track meet. Monday, 19-Louis Untermeyer speaks to us about poetry. Postie wears a wing collar, and Dick Bielefeld gets a. box of fudge and a reputation as a Romeo. Tuesday, 20-Lester Schuck visits school and does away with Miss Day's priv- acy by bursting through a glass window pane backward into the Dean's inner office. Wednesday, 21-A Near East film is shown during assembly time. The cast includes seventeen thousand children. Contributions are called for. Thursday, 22-Mrs. Putnam organizes a. Student Council of the National Wom- an 's Party. Friday, 23-A Harold Lloyd Comedy is given as an Auxiliary benefit. Monday, 26-Slivers borrows George Griswold's gym shoes and then goes home for the rest of the day. 11731 ,ai fx, Al' . AX itil, X in 4 n . i t. ri Tuesday, 27-The Telephone Company gives us a program and we are reminded of some of our telephone shortcomings. VVednesday, 28-Gordy leads the assembly in a Using." Sylvan Zweifel, the Beta nightingale, gives a vocal solo. Thursday, 29-The football and basketball men receive their sweaters. APRIL Vilednesday, 4-We all return from Easter vacation ready to start the last lap. Thursday, 5-Rose Candee gets a spanking. Roy Rieselbach visits school, the proud owner of a mustache. Jo Pachaly gets here for a first hour class after exactly three hours of sleep. Friday, 6-Dallas Lore Sharp addresses the assembly. He says much that is new and interesting, and in him we find a stout champion of the tardy comer. Harriett Rowe jubilant. Jo Pachaly is still alive and again on time at her tirst hour after another such party. Monday, 9-Joe Heinneman solves the mystery of the Prom queen. Evan Yundt visits school. So do a number of other alumni. It snows for a change. Tuesday, 10-Warm, springlike weather. Bob Lenken and Katie Bowman go bird hunting with an opera glass. VVednesday, 11-Harriett Rowe has gone to a fortune teller and is disgusted be- cause everything is all wrong and it wasn't worth fifty cents. Thursday, 12-Billy Wright wins the first prize for his Prom poster. Friday, 13-Everything goes wrong with everybody. General crankiness and many tests. ltls the 13th. Saturday, 14-MM" Club annual dinner dance a11d a bad snowstorm. Dancing and eating, and everyone happy. Monday, 16-The Sophomores get their proofs. They are all sure that the cam- era is the worst liar in existence. Tuesday, 17-The Prom tickets going with a rush. Wednesday, 18-Normal defeats the Milwaukee County Aggies in the first base- ball game of the season, 3-2. Thursday, 19--Fully half the men in school absent because of toothaehe or a dead grandmother. The Brewers meet the Millers in the first game. Friday, 20-The Junior Prom! The gym is a riot of color, the music is wonder- ful and everything is glorious. The party adjourns at 12 :30. Monday, 23-Mr. Suchy gives a few tests. Mere trifles-to everyone but the ones who have to take them. Wednesday, 25-Sophomore class play, "Let's Get Married." Record attend- ance, big hit. Thursday. 26-Hugo Prengel throws a few erasers and Bob Carney picks them up. Mr. Wilde is the silent spectator. Friday, 27-The Foreign Language Department entertains convention delegates from the Wisconsin Modern Language Teachers' Association. Evening pro- gram of French, German, and Spanish plays and dances. Monday, 30-Tryouts for Union Vodvil. Many promising stunts. fl79l 3 . 4 xx N TK- YF-, MAY Tuesday, 1-Charles Hawtrey comes to school in a Palm Beach suit. Wedriesday, 2-Good Fellowship League May fete. Thursday, 3-Rose Candee composes a song: "I like My Gene McKenna," and Gene comes back with :L'How I Love Rose Candecf' Monday, 7-The bobbing craze reaches a climax. There are three girls left in school with long hair. Even Miss Schirmer shows signs of weakening. VVcdnesday, 9-Union Vodvil. Great success. Thursday, 10-Gym classes conducted outdoors. Friday, 11-Thrills! George finally gets his last semester's English credit by handing in three sonnets, some blank verse, and a dozen epics. Friday, 18-lduna's spring dancing party. A big event. Monday, 21-Reviews draw near. We begin to see the seriousness of life. The Sophomores realize their importance. Thursday, 24-Racine hike. A good number turn out and finish the jaunt. Friday, 25-Mr. Sweet lectures on "How to Build a Gothic Doghouse." The lecture is copyrighted and broadcasted from Gimbcls. Mixer. Monday. 28-The assembly contains twenty people instead of the usual morn- ing audience. Not enough for a "-sing." JUNE Monday, 4-Exams. Tuesday, 5-EXAMS! Wednesday', 6-Class Day . Thursday, 7-Graduation. Marguerite li. Andersen '24. 11801 . nga. af ' -L5 rf fi-F426 ..v. 'fifiliff H rx 1 Qt 4 Nw. V NS' lf ,, Malia 'i Forward Dear Reader: XVe tl1a11k you for reading thus farg your kindness is exceeded only by your personal beauty. The con- tents ot' the following pages were as ll1llCl1 ol' a surprise to us as they are to you, but we felt it our duty to reveal to the students of this school SOIIIC of the hitherto unknown facts con- cerning the terrible past, uncertain present, and questionable future of some ol' their professors tllld classmates. lVe shall detain you 110 longer, as we know that you are anxious to scoop up the scandal which follows. The faculty inembers 011 hall duty will now please lock tl1e Assembly doors to prevent tl1e escape of any of these notorious, but bashful, members of the Rogue's Gallery. VISITORS-In spreading tl1e scandal, please mention the Echo. Signed, Connnittee 011 Reputations. 11811 . Q U he J ' If xxx R ,j A.. X- I Wsvwbs, " , , , - 4 - 1 ' - P' . S. l N , K ll I -url rg ARS,-9 ff:5"' .K 1 Whit f :VX A 4 1 X 0 Facultq VVe asked Dr. Gates if he had a picture which we might have for the Annual. His eyes tremored with tears and his voice grew moist, as he replied, "I have a picture, but it is very dear to me. It is myself as I should have been if all my students had handed in their experiments on time: if they had recited when falled on, if they had been absent when the roll was taken. I submit this picture a warning to future instruc- tors, not as an example of good looks." l could find Miss Greene nowhere. I looked in all the desk drawers, under the telephone, in the bookcase-everywhere, but I found her not. Some kind soul then informed me that she had only one class a day in that room. and that I could now Iind her in Doc Purin's sanctuary. I heard the bell ring, f K and with a dash I reached the room only to find it empty. I tracked my viftim again, this time to Miss Shafer's room, but appar- ently that too was unoccupied. I was about to leave in disgust, when I heard what sounded like a deeply heaved sigh. I looked again, and this time I perceived Miss Greene buried under a mountain of English themes, from which she emerged with a wry face to inquire the purpose of my visit. "Do you have much work?" I asked pleas- es. 1 W K pls .fig I has Sidi If I KX il 'Q gf A524 fate L, ff M4 45 7-,NV ff, . 3 avralffvrx ily 14 2 7,1 .444 M I .. ff fs antly. "VVell," she said, a trifle ironically I ' ' thought, "if I were paid piece work for ' New V' it W I I N f Blue: I t :W K . ef 3, I 1 1: 0 . f Na 1 E N , 'l 4.-1 ,X . .. Qui! X ffl ' d ffdf' IW "lf 4 ,, 'IM Q In - If! themes, l could retire and live on the inter- est of my money at the end of the first month." With that she was smothered in papers once more, and I very meekly withdrew. "Hello, Mr. VVinnie," I ventured as a way of opening the Conversation, but it was more like opening an exhaust. "You are not speaking correctly," he answered. "Your epiglottis and your palate are not in harm- ony. QOf course not, they were in my mouthj, Your larynx has been playing tag with your trachea, and the result is you emphasized the wrong syllable of the word 'Hell0.' Now proceed with what you started to say." IISZI ,4, "X 7' 15' X I X- SX l xxx- 5 ' 1 ' --xkrxx A ' ..,, N NQQQEX I sneaked into the gym one day while Barney was drilling a class. I had no sooner entered, when he emitted a terrible roar. I saw all the fellows turn and run. I'd have run too, if I'd had any strength. As it was, I left the floor a few feet behind, returning after a few flying moments, to find the class gone, and Barney looking inquiringly at me. "Barney," says I boldly, "What makes you so fat?" "Well, you see," says he. "It runs in the family like wooden legs." "But it is very becoming," says I, squelched. "What? The wooden leg?" says he, with a twinkle in his eye, and a dumbbell in his hand. Afraid that he might repay my im- pertinence by using the dumbbell, I escaped by the nearest door. f - -- X XX E W ' lf ff X 17 hx ff' X Q K iw iz IW? X0 , SA VN my f I -UV , I f Vx 21 ' X li ,.-X W .. , 7 .f if 72 :E , f ,!i:l',f 4.-Z-X I X - If lkhx, xx N ,W ?QlXi f gwxfi , - q I N 'f 5 il rv' ' lm, X X jf f I I 1 fi II 4 xr 51 I The only time we could interview Miss Steinfort was at a Spanish Club meeting. Order had not yet been called, and despite the gabbering Spaniards, we managed a few questions. "How long have you been teach- ing here?" I bellowed. "I think next week would be the best time," she answered. "Do you live here in Milwaukee, Miss Steinfort?" "No, I can't. There is a faculty meeting to- night." In desperation, I bellowed again, "Do you like Milwaukee Normal, Miss Stein- fort?" "Yes, it is a lovely day, but it looks quite a bit like rain," We corralled Mr. Adams one day while he was playing baseball with our team. I had the nerve to holler, "Hello" just as he was about to strike at the ball. Paying no at- tention to my salutation he sent it flying fthe ball of coursel and flew to first base. I slid in after him, with the following, "Do you play often, Mr. Adams?" He was at second. So was I, half out of breath, but persistent. "Rather warm, isn't it?" He was gone again, and when next I had suffic- ient wind to address him he was standing calmly in the field, having completed a home run. I wiped my face, and gulped, "H-h-h- hello, Mr. Adams?" "Oh, how-do-you-do," he beamed, "Can I do anything for you?" I took him at his word and collapsed. H831 gex will 'E ff,-:A '7 X ff- fa 'Q-N, fi f,v' ' i, QQ' 1 0 .. . ,Q A 4 K , A X.- 'x .tb XXX , U x I QM Q H84 'LK EW X. g4.fV"' f N I'--Txxx 7 4 I' " ' '-1' -4 Qqhhix - Ex ',"f,,' f1851 gfXb liz!! wi movie-"Cl'he Shrick of Jlrabqn Censored by I. li. Doubtful. Leading Mau-Kenneth W. Eiclifelcl The Movie Board wishes to express its thanks to Mr. Eiohteld through the Echo for trying out for the production. Below we have printed his application, filled out hy himself: Gi'ade-1007? . NHIIIS-KQl1l16fl1 NV. Eiolifelcl. Address-Tin Can Alley and Tuft St. Rate-Slow, due to incuuibraiices. No.-OOO. Eligihility--Sometimes. If'011lur1's: Eyes-color-Deep pinl.'-consistency--Soft lmilcri. IIai1'-Few' and far bffllfllfll. Blemishes-Two eorns and af fl'fIt'fIlI'0d van-opener. Face-Iflront Grevian-Profile 'il'l'I'Sf1',ll8. Neck and Shoulders-Su'a11I1'L'e. AI'n1S-Hefty. Hamls-Delfirate. l'ligllY'6LPL'l'fPI'f 36. lfleet-Ileafvenly. Ankles-Knoty. Shape-Sphmwa-I. Weight-13 lbs. at birth. Facial Expressioii-Foolislz. Pomplexioii-PaierzI leather. Q1mI1'fYf'rlf1'o11.s : Type ol' appeal4lni1'llmAfual. Ahility-SivaIn-rolling, aestheiic flalu-ing, ClllN'L7C'I'S, horseshoe. Apparent Age-12. fl86l x T PRESENT? 'W' FUTURE. Ci I 0 Ov? X 0 f X D ' OX QNX -- ' Q? I 2 'ZZ' . I' X I v S f RJ W t all XF fb 5, rmoaeov X, M fi KRAMER , ffiogx f f? Q TAKES A305 GT QW X QX Q x 'X APPLETON. X ,fo.'j,Q ,f f ' , I ij ,- 0"'1,A,uup,l,xXxmf,,l!,! I K 6553 33 GN wwe Dy 7 ?orQ 1 'Elf M679 FWD VERA LITCHER HGUC' X E-VER A omrcme comafm aff- , , , WITH 'mo' zzferaew. Q KCW wJ Now ,559 5 Sm? j W1 GX 'La if "" " 1 X H. X 'AFX 0 ' smwnte i ' I X X pb X me erm Poe" X Q 3 5 X M ATIT LYNDE O , O X, AND J "QHaRLew'e L: K ETC X I WQLI. as 9 1 ENE" J N. Q Q Q fTczssu':AW 6. 6 ff xvancetmifsy , 5- SINGING , A Q QAVHPQNINLS - 'A ' CAN OPENER OGOEIZER MANAXQED BASKET 5Bl -- fI87l N IT PHYETU HDVEIQTEE lmh N -+NXoN SCHNKCKELFRXTZ HAM ERGER OWNERS Reducm vu-1 u R as fi .1 1, , ' RE ooq- mm ax WHY WORRY P LET com ousT Twins Do gonna worm! ShouLLTEE:N AN I 'RA u OK 1NS?xfAThcRt:kNl 'nh LiTfLL vimerwb 15 Wie. f lt:Q.aMss.ARmeVRoN-1, 3'l:, WeAK SF, M.Lvv:guKefL,Wis, CRIDLEYS MILK Dlbfl' l Q.. -,if H881 1 He WAS Fawn .gk . V vc rua v.. yr , NxR.Ce as ovxhi 0116, of The. wvumui who hmm Ln., -YCL bf Aww LC NN A ' W.. mN7Eilz3SlwECN 'wg +BR9?Q" Y his Pwcowfdl hedgm 'TYTwxea:,e.. Se.v1A.TowL . D T KJT' o ' XL Nc nmuareffl Sgt:-at-1l2,fJ,Lrkg'Y W' HI. H4 H lekspn Wbom CQ X ir .... FIDVERTHE E GOING W REURE? TT , b K 1 . hail-Znrfifkcee evovfiw' M- ww' ' M .Y 'K S2533 bgwcxsc. CONXPAP E H INX WITH N BA ff X09 Thig QMIEQMVAE Wovnqien " 50 , ROO'5O Nm 'NMS DCRUO, H35 BQSPEL' HFLLLKABS, "UP T6 'IheTfMe, he.. was. 3vno"nTh'2v o he arvieA- L T "Y ,YL .ATN TTA vv ?fJ2'f EX'6T'E"6'RA':1JD Mx'h.,-,wfvfwf ,fence amd sTo:nTeifkVbqmim rmf.d.Lx1- Ki 25, kr: is u.Y1eu,LTvu , Fwbuii' bmbw, LBS, ami Mc H-1 Q. wwvffl E . X r 3 - I, .0 J 1 .5 . K . ' L CONNEON iN MEET ME FACE To mee" Mum ha.vceowe,bT ew v ki Suvlvwezs. v F has Wu EN EKXCEAEEBQQNDBOR DENS 51891 IF YOU HAVE TEARS- l:Xpologies to john G. VVhittierD Lucien Sweet on a summerls day Raked his Ford Car sweet with hay. Beneath its rust, there glowed the wealth Of rattling tin and perfect health. Singing, he worked, and his childish glee The cuckoo echoed from itls tree. Hut when he glanced to the far oft town VVhere he had lived his bad name down, The sweet song died, and a vague unrest And a nameless longing tilled his breast. A wish, that he hardly dared to own, For something better th-an he l3itCl"l'ii10XVi'h f '- A Buick Coupe came down the road, Kicked up the dust and scared a toad. Lucien looked and sighed, "Ah Me! That l could own a thing like thee. .-X form more fair, a hood more sweet Ne'er hath it been my lot to meet." And the sad man mused beside the well Till the rain on the rusty Lizzie fell. For of all sad words of tongue or pen, The saddest are these: 'Alt might have been! ll Il90l "ETS-3?'E5m. Q Nomvwu.. N owszwsez. Lg hx X iglnhqy 4 . 5 gf' 1 .A ' 5 r will , ffxfcgg if 'ffg.:fL. M if ?2"a?fFj:if:cS5:'nI:l- H! Z 9?ffh.,:,, Z l3!V1W"QZ::E 5 AXA ' f M aa f ll Z SHE- Ram.n..Y 'Tom Imam- SAY Z f MX Q He- 5+-Y Fssarsazf' X ,N ,. U. 'WWWQI fm!! I Hggpxp HT Z Y 1 1 5, jk V -----"' -PR I Assamemr Tuma.. THE. on Wag, is A HRND Pnmrab Lamp. Ma. Swear Suouuorfrr UE Ruboweb To Tsqcn, Ha Deism' Know Ruu- 171112 U YH 1 KNoW l GOT H fs: 'N W NRRK Tool fly A ll li J 7 fl Ro'rTeN QM me wh I f 'I ' Z f : , xl! H IS Sumsrr 1I1'l'm.' -1 . hlmlfgl Y .59 HE- lJu5T L.ovE.Ta DANG. SHE- WELL., WHY Dofir X Tau? Lf PmznPPx.L Q' y SEZ X 7' Gee lm-xo Fm Hwr-'up FRICHT L.ns1' Nuawr! Yan, lSnw You Wu-M HER. Bersle II19l'1 . . W fi 5' ALL IN A LIFE TIME Mr. Barr-"XYho was most eoneerned when Sir XX':llter Ralf-igh's head was ent off?" Rural Student-"XYhy. Sir XYalter. of course." The difference between life and love is that life is one darn thing after another and love is two darn things after eaeh other. "Are you fond of tea?" "Yes, but I like the next letter better." "Do I bore yon?" asked a mosquito as he sunk a shaft into a 1nan's leg. "Not at all." replied the man smashing him with a book, "How do I strike you?" XVhy does the salt shaker? Because he saw the sugar spoon with her. the potato niasher in the kitchen. the gas meter down Cellar, the lelnon sqneezer in the pantry, and the egg beater on the table. Student-'tXYhat is your opinion of this exam paper?" Mr. Sweet-"lt is worthless." Student-"I know, but tell nie anyway." Nr. XVilcle-"XYhy didn't you study your history lesson?" Student---"XYhy should I? llistory repeats itself." If a body sees a body lflnnking in a quiz, And a body helps a body, ls it the teaeher's biz? Soph-"I ean't keep my toes from going to sleep." Senior-"IJon't let theni turn in." The boy stood in the corridor, lle did not hear the bell. And when he got to Iinglish Class llis teaeher gave hini-extra homework. My dog. his name is Khaki. Ile makes the rabbits dance. And when it's hot. by eracky, Bly, how that Khaki pants. Little drops of knowledge, Mixed with lots of bluff, Makes the haughty senior XYho tries to treat ns rough. 11921 S LASI-IES ,N -wi I 1 , -xx , -XX New SMILE- up-.4 ' ' W fra u5T RTRIFL.E.! Xvaejl 79 1 f H 1 I Q LS rms my-gas 9 L ay,-1312... I Q VQICE. f uf 1 Y 'T 1 SENN RS Tm: MENS sues. ch a . HAve1-Hem 155535225 l.uvE.Nl-zo up THE. ASSEMBLY Pncrunas 1-mcc.N alnniillgg Fog THE. RNNUHL. N, Q2'Iinna9 -Q NSS!! - i" W'E f.a. gwnmnunururunranumj ,,.. 31 5 T E E 1,,,l.fwxnnllV' g 2 S A V L ' ii 'i Emuuucuu N .N Pncvunz OF EICHFEL-D INTHE 4 I Pom: vfwur NoRMm. x iii HRD H Fuocx f'b'4 OF Goou f' f :W Q rw bEBfrrE.Rs ff? X 'rms Yam ffl f . T- 1- 1 ,. 'HANK MOE-RSCHEL. MVBBY5 IN ncw-uoN ima! www' smba or vm-rovzv git Wig: RT STEVENS Pom' i 0--5 ' Hose- lwusu nwns IN U No EXPLANATION Z YR' Boo-rs mn En NECESSAHY Rnsws- .now cone? U M M055 - MINE. LEAK. 4 I HfI..Py4, H0-v 'Wt w X 252' ' " N D ' f liif.-zf ,--2? N n'2YfEI2u.Z-like INDOOR SPORTS! fA,fg.gU WRITING IN LNNE. 2 X wdgfr I' Fbq Books Y f5 1-'ie N Hanes' HOPSNGQ df 1' '1 W TRACK HRM ! ms 1 f ffl E ',.,l!llu:lgu i' init R QQ S-1 Q iq. .- ' E I193I I orrnal Cafeteria American Exchange Bank MILWAUKEE, WIS. Does Your Money Give You Pleasure? The habit of saving is a hard one to acquire. It means sacrifice and a long determined effort. The history of your money makes interesting reading for the man who banks it. However, once started and the advantages appreciated, the saving of a portion of your income becomes a joy forever. Let us serve and be of assistance to you. AMERICAN EXCHANGE BANK Plankinton Arcade National Avenue and Mitchell Street and Reed Street Fifth Avenue When making purchases, remember our advertisers. I1941 Bangle :Q Upmeyer Co. Jewelers --Jlfflwa alters Tlenkinton Arcade Building Whore Qfldliy IS A5 lQQprQ5Q1x1C9Cl KENWOGD TEA SHOP A. F. Lindemamz, Proprietor 840 DOVVNER AVENUE A PLACE FOR PARTICULAR PEOPLE SPECIAL PRICES FOR PARTIES WE are doing our best to serve you. in return for the sincere welcome and continued patron- age you have shown, in the few months we have been in your neighborhood. We have installed a Soda Grill and a Postal Sub Station. They are for your enjoyment and convenience. iiiiniiiuiiiniiiimiiuimuiimiiimiiimiivmiiniimyiiiiniiiimiiimiiini1HiiiiniiiiiiiiinmiimiiniiiiniiiHiii11iiiniiiimimiiimi11miiniiiin1iiiinimi1mniiiin1inii1mmiiuiiimiimniimimi11mm1iniimiimuwlmm iiiumimyumiiimiuiimiiimiimuiumimniiniimiiiiiniiiim11imiiinmmiiniiniiiimiiiiimiinimniiiiniH1iiiniiirmimiiimiiimi1I41iinnii1niim11um1iiin1iniiimmiiniiimiimmiiininiiiimminiimlwuwuwiu Baebenroths Downer Drug Shop R4 xvllessf '-Sedy: Personally in charge l195l Milwaukee State Normal School 1. For 2. For For 3. For 4 For 5. For Offers the following Normal Courses: Primary teachers, two years, four years. Grammar Grade teachers, two years, four years. junior High School teachers, three years, four years. High School teachersg three years, four years. Principals of State Graded Schools, two years, three years, four years. Superintendent of Schools and Principals of High Schools, four years. Practical knowledge required by students when they be- come teachers is given special attention. Sound scholarship lies at the foundation of all successful normal school work. Special attention is given to administrative and executive problems in the course for superintendents and principals. Splendid library facilities give opportunity for broad prep- aration. Conventions, lectures, concerts, museum, art galleries, and numerous other metropolitan advantages furnish exception- al cultural opportunities. Additional Advantages: Separate gymnasiums for men and for women. Large athletic Held. School is located a few blocks from one of Milwaukees parks on the shore of Lake Michigan. Menls glee club. VVomen's chorus. Orchestra and band. VVrite now for catalog. For further information address F. QI. MILLENCAMP, Acting President Milwaukee, Wis. When making purchases, remember our advertisers. H961 ZIVNEY Studio 210 Sycamore Street Our Class Photographer Grand 2059 I I Milwaukee State Normal School Special Departments Department of Kindergarten Training. Louise XVI. idler, Director. The course of study emphasizes appreciation of the principles of education con- nected vvith kindergarten work. Among the subjects provided are Kindergarten Theory, Technics, Principles, and Teaching. Observation and practice enable the student to see how the principles are applied, and to gain experience in applying them. The requirements of the kindergarten teacher in music, nature study, and art are considered in special classes in those subjects. 6jiC'hO0l Qf ATL ,Jiex11l1iI5 flfueiier, Dgiector. Zi W 1. Normal art course prepares teachers to be supervisors of drawing and hand- craft. lt includes study of methods for public school work, drawing and paint- ing from life and still-life. Design, manual training, basketry, clay modeling, weaving, art needle work, mechanical drawing, history of art. A normal manual arts course for men is offered. 2. Normal line arts course includes work in drawing and painting from life model and landscapes, mural decorations, study of plant and animal forms, decorative design, lettering and commercial design. 3. Normal applied art course offers work in bookbinding, leather tooling and staining, are needlework, china decoration, weaving, pottery, stenciling, jewel- ry, clay modeling, interior decoration. School of !'x4USLC, 1fl'.Utto t711iF.S'S7lFT, Director. Offers detailed study of music in practice and theory. 1. Course in Normal music methods for supervisors of public school music and directors of high school music. 2. Courses in voice, piano, organ, and the various symphonic instruments. a. Supervisors' and liirectors' course. b. Teachers' course. c. Artists' course. d. Preparatory course. 3. Courses in theory of music include elementary harmony, advanced harmony, counterpoint, analysis of musical form, composition, orchestration. Department for Training Teachers of the Deaf. ,Honzo J. Pfinnie, Director Regular Normal courses are offered with special electives in subjects for teaching the deaf. A splendid equipment of apparatus and an extensive collection of books, pamphlets, and magazines is provided. A diploma in this department has a double value. The holder may teach in any public Day School for the Deaf in the State, or in any public elementary school for hearing children. A special course of instruction in music is provided, an important factor in the thorough equipment of a teacher for the deaf. Ufrite IIOZU for the catalog of any of the .tffecizll departulelltr. .'Idrlre.vr Direrfor of Sperirzl Department or F. J. lVIII.i.ENCAMP, Acting President. Niilwaukee, VVis. When making purchases, remember our advertisers. I l9Sl STUDENTS To those who have accumulated the required number of credits and who will be invested with the title of GRADUATE we give greeting, good wishes for the future opening up before you,God speed. To those who are looking forward to next year when they, too, shall grasp in their hands that precious DIPLOMA which spells achievement, we give greet- ing also and the promise that if then in the infinite variety of candies "King Tut" has been superseded by some- thing "newer", you will find it at the Milwaukee Normal Stationer's Stand I l Forffndt Trip to the Golden West Start a Savings Account T O D A Y with the Money You Save by Buying in the L L MILWAUKEE NORMAL STATIONER'S STAND The East Side Bank Capital and Surplus 360,000 Ojicers and Directors VV111. I. Greene, President Patrick W. Dean, Vice-President VVm. L. Cary, Cashier E. C. Genthe, Assistant Cashier Dr. Vvl. T.. Nichols Richard Kiel Otto Best One Dollar Will Open a Savings Account Safe Deposit Boxes Rented for Less than One Cent a Day Open Monday Evenings for Your Convenience f2001 HIGH GRADE SUNDAESSODAS AND LUNCHES RS. . BECKER TRY OUR HOME COOKING AND SUNDAY DINNERS . .AT .. BECKERfKESSLER An linglislnnan and an American were bragging about the speed of the trains in their respective Countries. EI1gllSl1l11311i-iifijllf trains go so last that telegraph poles look like teeth in a Comb." 436116I'lCH11--n'l1l1Ii'ti5 nothing. I got on one of our trains and leaned out the window to kiss niy wife good-bye, and the train went so fast, I kissed a eow at the next station." He-t'XVhy are girls always so erazy over battered up football players?" Himinl suppose it's because of their innate love of remnants." "Etaoinshrdlueiufwypvbgkfqf' is the Eskimo Word for "I love you," No wonder the nights up there are so long. V You tell 'em, graduate, you've senior days. Nurse-'Jones seems to be very sure of himself." Friend-"Sure of hiniself? Say, if the doctor told him he was going to die, he'd begin taking lessons on the harp," Teacher-'Alf I say, tl ani beautifulf what tense would that be?" Frances K.-"Past tense." l2011 THE END . HNOTHBR Www HND HE-S G:- GOZZFQN van R Ku-an TZ wsaoue j 1 -"' FFCEQ-J, .gigs , 'SLT Yoda: J ' Q Fszfris 'N f ' Hnceefc G Effie Q 85 '15 X 'lf ' TNEHN , C-""'o'Lxoil5 - RJ L' " 9B of W . p 1,5 Ya I, - v .1 .1 6:53 if ' iv? 1 ' 'ifzis ' : 'Rx ' z14 fiNa1gvH I 1 ..mnWlI0 1 PHIL, Gnu, 'lxgn I V ...H A143304 ' x ' ll' - 3,4 ,, f ,wfT .7z 6 x ,gaff gg m y . f, f :Z A vm PM 'X' A 7 132114. .k in X A BULANCEI No I3 -k - , W 1 ff, ri - HQ -A ':: il V, , 'Bog X U -5 LE-NKEN ffl X 5 ., , xg 2333 5 X X ' ' J 7 J nnunn I ---1 X S . 2 llnvuq X , J 0 Lfi-?'rfH 4 I Rsszxeeff ,A mu ir' -f 551' -f- 7 Q 1 44 eff. Bn..-. , x 555.gif if ! ' WALTON my-Q V- r F' H021 Autographs Write in M13 Book? HAMMERSMITH-KORTMEYER CO Mu.wAuKEr-:.w1s. 4' y 'I' '. ,Gi 'F ' ' . .4 V J- 'R ,. X I , ' 'c

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