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:fiigiia5Q'l-i5:ff,S'g51'I ?":E5i,E?j55:::ffEI Ifiafiff- E?if:E" -:f"'3" -s:Hg212:z', .,. fQ "":f':'f:'!if- gut s - " W i 1 . i., .,. :.-gi, Q f f. -i taiaigxaszl - sf o g g g k: - sf 1 - 1: gm-if 1 52124-if" w wf - : ,,,,vWE?":i2E'm."riieW..,'w.mA f SX If fly .. at . :.-Exif ifrfiiiv, .5-ir.-s,..:miz4,f-Qff,-::-in .- s f, :gp -g-,mf 3,5 - f f-,':gs',ff" firms ! ,ffsibfr ,521-E,'r "f X f 1 1 '1 , iw Wisconsin State University LaCrosse, Wisconsin In a time of Progress and Change ,gag i T ,, f 4' ' , ' w 'Fw ,ft r . in buildings JY7 - as 1 Q"5 kifw 3. gg fe A :L ,KMA fr if 1 f ' f 1 f E in techniques education Li ellowship, it in new experiences, ,ik -wvg, V ,, ln personalities -,-- i - and in special performances We Present W.S.U.-La Crosse P1 CAMPUS Buildings ........... 10 Student Life .... 16 CSpecia1 Events includedb Sports ........ ......... 6 2 Wisconsin State University-La Crosse ,. MT 8-at -Bk -N" 6332513 : ,1 I--'rfagc .s 'H x.i3"""',s fin in wi was fr' The new science building. I-w"'A'!n.1w'fwW - Q The recently built Angell Hull and a new dorm under construction. Whitney Center, the new food service building. Sights of The old student union. D e V e 1 0 p m e I1 t The construction site of future housing for men. ,. w The new and old heating plants ,wha he bv-,,.......-ff-f' UVA' S' iyNW'iwiSsWw L A wQ'?2C.'53':?5 Main Hall, the center of learning. Wilder Hall, the oldest of the girls dormitories. 01114 Old Wittich Hall, the major recreational and class area for women students S t a I1 d - b y S Florence Wing Library, a place for studying, browsing, and classes. ff' Student Life ,Ak 1 u w , ' A Q ' .uw 3 V 1 Y Y f ,H x , W ,,X,X.-,-X., -V ..f - 4 3 T V Berths Of Learning Lryf ,,-- ,Q V 1 --in Learnings Various Phases 2? s Students at Leisure ig, if S' X i I 22 Wah X QQ? .J A 4 . :au - S Wx P' wana M, , dm M nm,,..,,,M gimp 22 'Nav Q P1621 wwf-sw "mmm, T :,z .Q: . -1 -v.v+ 'E' ' T 7 fi Y Q Lsindsigw Mm -.-....m ,,, 35. W, M. .W .fm ,W -X, wwf.-. V f ,--.. .MM - W, .M nm M. ,, nw- W W., MQ, 5 .-,F V... W W M ,V L, W. VA, sf W. M, . I .Hu , ,,,L V M. W in YQ. P-A W., M1 .Nw .,A. UAW W-, new an W ,W lm www W- my M, ,wk ,Aw W. me , -Q M, -.A ffm Jw . Aw Lf. -my ,W ,,, W v 'rm 5 " a .SE M H M 3 gy. y uf sg 2 4' 5 ,K Q H... min AD-muum.,.,x , k ' N ,M,wnf.x. ,, ,,.. Mmww K ,,-M.4,,,,,, .,L,A mf, ,,,.,,L.. MM, -3 ., ,.. , 8 W 3 ...,,,,,.,.,,,,,,.,, X Y NNW ,M ..-.,.? , ,MW .W..,-.Www - -L f W M - .930 -4 ,Agn vpn . , , L'.k' ,n'Y.'g"J ff, . .aff f I w 'um Homecoming Queen: Rose Mangiaraeina 24 Queen Rose. The 1966 Homecoming, '6Autumn Pow-Wow", was considered to be one of the most highly suc- cessful and well organized homecoming celebra- tions of recent years. The lighting of the "Ln on Grandad's Bluff, and the introductions of the queen candidates at the Pep Rally, was the initial kickoff of the home- coming weekend. Amidst screams and excitement, the students then made their way from Memorial Field to Main Hall, where the traditional hanging of the lantern took place. Friday evening, the 'fYoung Americansi' capti- vated the Royal Court and LSU students in an evening of hilarity and musical entertainment. The major event of Homecoming, the game versus Stout took place on a cold, blustery Satur- day and was fought to the end with a victory for LSU, much to the delight of both alumnae and current LSU members. The weekend culminated with the semi-formal Homecoming Dance held in the beautifully deco- rated Valhalla Room. "Autumn Pow-Wow" Homecoming Royalty: Penny Peacock, Julie Hutenbergg Queen Rose, Hank Delikoski, 1965 Homecoming Queen, Pamela Smith. Homecoming Fever Fires up Enthusiasm and Victory A Night of Entertainment and Festive Decorations 28 ' D5 .4 And a Victory Celebration 1 Miss January Marcia Lee Miss March Shirley Tapelt Miss February Margie Wachal Miss May Vicki Megrath J Sigma Tau Gamma Presents The Calendar Girls Miss August Judy J ungen Miss July Karen Klug Miss September Chris Turzinski 30 Calendar Queen Julie I-Iuttenburg Miss June Carolyn Garriot Miss April Millie Nelson Miss October Sally Steckart Miss November Sue Ishmael 31 Miss December Margaret Grant J " ' V ' 'VV' """?" L"L"'i"b 'L' 'M' Powder Puff Olympics Ali.. , amid gf Easy-does it! Wheelin' and dealin' But you said they were hard boiled! 32 .- K. im? L, i w .hi , is ,a. U 1 . t 3 EW my! - ' s :M ff? QZLMW 5 wa sg :Q 4 we-r nf 5' Scenes Christmas Delta Sigs ring in winter in a variety of headgear. inter These boots were made for winter. Swings I I1 36 fa 2 K if . .Z 6 X . , A Z,y,,yF,5,n 1.1ssf,,w Q, 4, fm, ,MgfifwpamgNg,5,ff,,,3VE, 5 ,.v,2, A .,v,,.. MJP5 A.v, . hm :ww -is .fw W, M wwakswefffwffgfmf,fsff f f - f-,Q V " 7 f ' w:m42i-1.'img.-ig ffffky 1ff"'5fafiiiE2L'bw-,'?5ii:2f3b,"zg'fa f- M .1 , li, iy,3 -,f. gwm 5b,gN,e 7 ik I WWW -1:HS::g 'sv Lg, f ,. 1 2. P3 'A , 2' an Q TI S '?x'K3kqg M ff' My EEE. . ggi? nw 0 ef! 2 ,wif Up the slope by rope. Winter Weekends A happy couple goes up the slope via the ski lift 'summ- A Man For A11 Seasons A Man For All Seasons by Robert Bolt, showed how Thomas More, England's Chancellor in 1529, disagreed with Henry VlII's remarriage. A man of great conscience, Sir Thomas Moreis unshakable belief in the Catholic Church was vio- lently oppossed to the actions of Henry VIII and Reformation policiesg he is imprisoned for this, and is finally beheaded. The Cast The Common Man , William Fleming Sir Thomas More David Joanis Richard Rich , Leighton Lee Duke of Norfolk . s s Ronald Lee Alice More , . s..s Carolyn Ott Margaret More Mary Lynn Hart Cardinal Wolsey Gerald J. Quimby Thomas Cromwell s Robert Gronski I ChapL1yS . . . . Gary Mary Lynn Hart as Margaret More and David Ioanis William Roper , . , V.s. Robert Pruess as S" Thomas More' King Henry VIII , . s Dustin Evans A Woman r , . , s , , . , Kris Fox Archbishop Cranmer s . Richard Anderson Chapuys' Attendant . R. Thomas Burnick Robert Pruess as William Roper listens to the discussion between Thomas Cromwell, Robert Gronski, and Sir Thomas More, David Joanis. Odetta Odetta highlighted the early part of December by presenting a most enjoyable and moving con- cert. The dynamic folk artist performed a concert which varied from a light poem by A. A. Milne to sorrow-laden Negro spirituals. Her performance was climaxed by a standing ovation. Vincent Price Vincent Price appeared on campus with the sole purpose of stimulating, in Americans, an awareness of their own literary history. Walt Whitman, James M. Whistler, and Tennessee Wil- liams provided source material for this most im- pressive dramatic presentation which will be long remembered by all who attended. A strong contender in the lighted candle race. Alpha Phi Water Carnival A gunny sack tied to his feet made swimming difficult The most exhausted person present. 42 Nancy Krattiger demonstrates her skill. A Well coordinated ball routine. Gymnastics Club Precision movement and grace are the rewards of hard work and diligent practice which were demonstrated by this well disciplined group. They coordinated individual and group routines into effective performances which highlighted basket- ball halftime shows. C uc Beamer docs 1 Hm man dance International Variety Show and Bazaar A colorful Spanish dance. An Intqrnational Student looks at a fancy flgurine. Mr. Zero and Daisy Diana contemplate their dreams of one another. The Adding The Cam Machine The Adding Machine was first produced by the Theatre Guild in 1923. The play in- herently reflects this period in dialogue and in other aspects of its scenes. ln order to be true to the playwright's original tone, the University Theatre has chosen to reflect the period of the twenties in costuming and makeup. Mr. Rice fthe authorj has stated that the locale of the play is "anywhere" - the time uanytimef' The adding machine of 1967 may be more "super" than the 1923 model, but the man who stands before it is essentially the same. -Director's Note Mr. and Mrs. Zero through Six in a social gathering. Mr. Zero Daniel Pedretti Mrs. Zero Jane Wainwright Daisy Diana Dorothea Devore Mary Lynn Hart The Boss Thom Gianoli The Second Boss The Third Boss Mr. One Mrs. One Mr. Two Mrs. Two Mr. Three Mrs. Three Mr. Four Mrs. Four Mr. Five Mrs. Five Mr. Six Mrs. Six Policeman Judy O'Grady Young Man Dennis Blackmore Steven Fidika Ken Polasky Kathy Seiter Richard Grieger Renee Doolittle Raymond Waldie Mary Munson Charles Kuchler .Joyce Thornton Charles Laeser Judy Rotter Dave Pieper Carolyn Ott Richard Downing Marilyn Gongoll Patrick McDaniel Shrdlu David Joanis A Head George Spelvin Lieutenant Charles Tim Van Susteven Joe Richard Downing Songfest 1966 Around T h- E W : 1 :l I Sandy Anderson dressed as :1 Dutch Miss. First place winners, Alpha Phi Sorority. The Recreation Majors Club transformed Main Hall Auditorium into a showplace of faraway scenes. A huge globe beside the stage revolved as a constant reminder of the continents to be repre- sented in song. Club members dressed in foreign costumes accented the flavor of faraway lands. The Campus Vets won the Grand Prize with their humorous song "Old King Cole" and "Hene' Ma Tou" an Israeli folk song. The Alpha Phi Sorority earned top honors in the Women,s Voices with "Banana Boat" and 'Falling in Love with Lovef, '99 "Leni-Ka1 Spring Prom 1966 Dancing to the swinging music of the Ross Anderson Band. A couple admires the prom decorations. Held for the first time in three years the spring prom, which was sponsored by Newman Club, was very successful. The prom was based around the Hawaiian theme, Leni-Kai, and was beauti- fully decorated. Music was provided for by the Ross Anderson Band and the first royal court was named. Playing for the formal was the Ross Anderson Band. I1 How far do I have to go? inte1"'S W. 3 They say one push does it. W ,yy T ff" my Ii Another hill-another fall. Playground 49 A Hard Days Work J hard to wash! 50 .W WML,h, Th ltf hgtd 2 X x A fair exchange-dirty linen for clean linen. ls... Put a good crease i1 those slacks. .IF 4 C' 'Km I Ks,-f' ..,-f' fs ' fr' V ,N , , Q .xv Writing letters and drinking Pepsi takes up lots of time. 51 .tqt t R , t N f M13 1 t 51.3 That book was just too hard to get through! my L,,b1t i V , 5 ,',, A , . , ' Q Q . ,,.,w' 1 What would dorm life be without music? Pop-corn tastes good after studying hard. Packing for vacation. W., ,....m-- I fi ,z ,Z 3 wdgpul' I I AQ I YG , -fm Q . , " 'E' Restful you say? Cheaper by the couple? A3 M im, .- wi M55?Pf?' .51 F2515 Q W? xx if 1, -- 'i , ,LW?:if,-' ,.1f:Mwf if Studying is not ull work md no phy Now to gct the sp L may-552, ig A-f ww. zgegggiaiiimfiig iw W zz 'Jail 215531221 Xia-' L 75551 1wgeez:ffMfQf.afQ1'i ev X, W ,f,--, uk. 9: ,gc QM: 11535 ,f cfu ksgag 19'f:ii:L.4wg5fif1:5:7gy, -fv:'i:m:-11- has .5 Wlifliff ,, A - ielriviisgg we J Apprehension? , ' Restful Weekends The best way to relax is together. fit.. we V ziiiigivi '.k', E 1' ,f A-1" ' .41 inter Carnival "Crystal Winter Carnival Queen of l967. Bonnie Rieman. is crowned by Shirley Wnlsvik. the 1966 Queen. Winter Carnival Royalty: Carol Lenzg Bonnie Rieman, queeng Terry Lindgreng Judi Patienceg and Pam Topol. The New Christy Minstrels highlighted the opening of Winter Carnival activities. Casino" Heave-ho, the rope pulling contest opens the carnival sports events. Gary Dresang displays his beard for all to see He eamed first place honors giving him the dis- tinction of being the top winner for three con- secutive years. The Sig Taus put on last minute touches before the ice sculpture COIIICSI. President Gates gives a critical eye judge in the ice sculpture contest. in the role of 3 gpg www --W W .wav-Q re--' Two Alpha Kappa Lambda men are time keepers in the toboggan race. Delta Zeta Sorority received a first place rating for "Casino Joef' Eager contenders for the toboggan race The Beta Sigma Chi Fraternity rakes in the money from their carnival booth. 'N e l if it .... A romantic ending to a weekend of fun and festivity. high-hatted night life of the "New Yorker." Catalina Club Presents Focus on Life X The pirates group for a "Victory at Sea." www vnu QED' ,f- W eww- wr.-M The seniors bid a fond farewell. Lil Abner, where is you? 1 vi, is ff? One boy, one girl, first love. nm., W, 'wnwvw-M -Hvlv' 1 A- . , . LL,, t. ?.-H lla-lu ""-"'A""' an 33 31 --.-...- sr T1 lub I 1. A ............. Row I: Dennis Arkin. Ed Cretens. George Kliminski. Barry Schoekmel, Grady Steensrud, Roger Baylor, Bill Riberich. Row 2: Bill Quin. Bob Crist. Bob Mars, Tom Sacharski. Tom Carrol. Bill Turnquist, Warren Bear. Adele Johannes. Row 3: Tom Teff, Len Funk, Phil Carevello. Dan Meinert, Jude Elliot, Jeff Preiss. Bob Meronk. Row 4: Tom Mancuso, Rocky Falaschi, John Kuehn, Bill Peterson. Gary Klug, DuWayne Stendahl, Bob Fortney, Craig Kusick. Row 5: Dan Barret, Fred Thorton, Dave Devorack, Steve Willet Dale Tykla, Tony Galena. Tony Christnovich. Row 6: Randy Erickson, Bob Rentz, Cal Knaide, Bruce Shultz. Indians ambush a Stout back. Coach Vickroy W 62 v Scoreboard La Crosse 14 Oshkosh La Crosse 34 Platteville La Crosse 16 Stevens Point La Crosse 22 UWM La Crosse 16 Stout La Crosse 7 River Falls La Crosse 20 Superior La Crosse 14 Whitewater La Crosse 20 Eau Claire Turnquist evades pursuing Bluedevil. Indians Scalp Gridiron Foes The La Crosse State Indians rolled to a 6-3 won and loss record this year and placed fourth in the Wisconsin State University Conference. The Indians romped past Platteville, UWM, Stout, Superior, and Eau Claire. The three de- feats suffered by the Indians were at the hands of Stevens Point, River Falls, and Whitewater. In the exciting Homecoming game against Stout, the Indians had to overcome a 7-3 half time deficit and did so with a Turnquist to Steens- rud touchdown pass in the fourth quarter. The team managed to score another TD in the last second of the game to earn the final 16-7 win over the Stout Bluedevils. The tribe whoops it up. Yards Are Tough To Come By Scoreboard La Crosse 34 La Crosse 20 La Crosse 29 La Crosse 42 La Crosse 33 Stevens Point Platteville UWM Luther Oshkosh La Crosse 17 River Falls 62 Augsburg 60 La Crosse 38 Winona 20 La Crosse 15 Bethel 45 La Crosse: Third place in conference meet Note: Low score wins in cross country. Harriers-3rd In WSUC as X3 ,cnnsff 650555 Q? A ylh.. . Paul Dale, record-breaking harrier The La Crosse harriers finished third in the Wisconsin State University Conference. The con- ference was unusually tough and the Indians faired very well against some stiff WSUC compe- tition. The Indians won 3 of 8 meets and placed third in the conference meet Cat Whitewaterj behind Oshkosh and Whitewater. La Crosse downed Platteville, Bethel, River Falls and Augsburg Ca quadrangular meetj. The harriers lost a close match to UWM by two points. Paul Dale established a school record with a time of 16:38 against Luther. The old record of 16:43 was held by Larry Drew and was set in 1963. Other consistant performers for Coach Gautsch were Pete Van Handel, Scott Lindgren, Jack Curtis, Rod Leadley and Pete Smith. Cross Country Indians Ros' I: Pete VanHandel. Scott Lindgren, Jack Curtis, Row 2: Coach Floyd Gautsch, Capt. Larry Hardy, Paul Dale, Doug White Ro Leadley 67 Row I: John Mitich, Ron Winker, Gene Loughrin, Mike Grainger, Joe Emer, Dave Morley, Dennis Miller Row 2: Ian MacAulay, Don Miller, Joel Hafner, Bob Bruett, John Johnson, John Dooley, John Moriarity, Dave Neuberger, Mike Flannagan, Coach DeVoll. Indians In 3-Way Tie For 2nd Oshkosh won the Wisconsin State University Conference basketball championship, but the WSU-La Crosse Indians surprised the conference by tying for second place with Stout and Eau Claire when they werenit expected to place in the first division according to preseason pre- dictions. The Indians romped to a 13-8 overall record and an ll-5 conference mark. After losing their first three games to Winona C88-825, Stout C87-675, and Gustavus Adolphus C78-635, La Crosse caught fire and blazed to 13 victories out of their last 18 games. Six of the Indians' eight defeats were between one and ten points. La Crosse downed Eau Claire twice 80-74 and 99-72. La Crosse lost to Stout in their second encounter by only two points, 71-69. The In- dians lost both of their games with Oshkosh, but one of these was by the close score of 84-80 which was indicative of the Indians determination and aggressiveness on the basketball court. The Indians showed a balanced attack both on defense and offense with each player netting his share of points in a game. The Indians, success was dependent upon teamwork because of the lack of height on the team and after the third game of the season they developed into a winning unit. John Johnson was lauded for being the teams top scorer while Dave Neuberger was named the most valuable player. Gene Loughrin won the John Stearns award which is a laurel for the most improved player on the team during the sea- son, and for sportsman-like conduct on and off the court. Coach DeVoll Resigns-U Head basketball coach Cliff DeVoll resigned after the 1966-67 season to become the Associate Dean of the college of Health, Recreation, and Physical Education at WSU-La Crosse. This ended a 15 year coaching career for DeVoll in which he led Indian teams to a 185-124 compiled won-loss record. In the past 7 years, DeVoll led his teams to a 70-26 Wisconsin State University Conference CWSUCJ record and two conference championships in 1963-64 and 1964-65. These two teams tallied 20-2 Cconference: 11-lj and 19-4 Cconference: 15-lj records respectively. Both of these teams had high-geared offenses coupled with strong defenses and the 1964-65 team represented the District 14 CWisconsinJ in the NAIA Tournament at Kansas City. In many games these two teams played, they hit 100 or more points. However, these weren't the only standout teams that DeVoll coached. This years team was also an excellent example of a DeVoll coached team. The Indians won 13 of 21 games. They posted an ll-5 conference mark which was good for a second place tie with Eau Claire and Stout. What is different about this years team is the fact that few persons: sportswriters, students, conference opponents, or townspeople, expected the Indians to place in the upper division of the conference. Ln Crosse Tribune photo ---Posts Victorious Finale For a while, the team followed preseason pre- dictions by losing their first three games, but under DeVoll's talented guidance combined with the team's aggressive desire and latent talent, the Indians jelled into a winning quint, winning 13 of their last 18 encounters. DeVoll called this team the "most pleasing" he had ever coached and the "character" evident in this team was an important factor in its success. On the basketball court, DeVoll emphasized defense which usually produced the offense and aggressiveness of his teams. Most of the coaches in the WSUC recognize that DeVoll was probably the best defensive coach in the conference. Cliff DeVoll will be missed as a coach here at La Crosse because everyone is aware of his excep- tional talent in molding winning teams and good sportsmen. If his coaching career is any indication of the future, La Crosse State will have an out- standing Associate Dean of Physical Education. This yearis team exemplified the spirit of Cliff DeVoll himself. He was the type of man who instilled energy, aggressiveness and vitality in any- thing he undertook, whether coaching or teaching. This was transmitted to his students, his associates and his basketball players. DeVoll was a graduate of La Crosse State, and earned his master and doctorate at Indiana University. 1966 I-Iolid ay T011 rn ament Scoreboard Dec . 2 7 La Crosse 88 Loras Lincoln 94 Hamline La Crosse 75 Hamline Lincoln 1 12 Loras Dec. 28 Ind1ans Consolation Champs Coach DeVoll-Tournament host. The La Crosse State Holiday Tournament was loaded with action and suspense. Tournament teams were: defending champ Lincoln CTigersj, Loras CDu Hawksj, Hamline CPipersJ, and La Crosse. Lincoln won the championship and the Indians took consolation honors. The most exciting game was the 98-88 Loras over La Crosse win. The Du Hawks led La Crosse 80-76 with 19 seconds left in the game when Neu- berger's layup cut the lead to 80-78. With 6 sec- onds left, Loras, Joe Hester missed a free throw, Neuberger got the rebound and passed to fast- breaking Loughrin whose bucket at the horn tied the game at 80-80. lndian fans went berserk and Loras fans sat in stunned disbelief. However, in the 5 minute overtime, Loras outscored La Crosse 18-8. Earlier Lincoln beat Hamline 94-69. In the championship battle, Lincoln defeated Loras ll2-95. Loras got an early lead, but the Tigers fought back to gain a 54-45 half time mar- gin. Lincoln outpaced the Du Hawks 58-50 in the last half and won their second straight Tourna- ment championship. Lincoln's Arvesta Kelly, for the second straight year, was named the Tourna- ment's most valuable player. In the consolation game, last second Indian heroics earned a 75-74 victory over Hamline. The Pipers led 72-71 with 23 seconds left, Grainger blocked Al Frost's layup and Mitich then scored two to put the Indians ahead 73-72. Seconds later Johnson was fouled and he sank two free throws to push La Crosse's lead to 75-74. Frost scored a basket at the buzzer. Top Indian scorers in the tournament were: Mitich 29, Johnson 27, Grainger and Neuberger 26, and Bruett 24. This showed well balanced scoring for La Crosse. gle for ball contro Scoreboard La Crosse ll9 Alumni La Crosse 82 Winona La Crosse 67 Stout La Crosse 63 Gustavus Adolphus La Crosse 77 Platteville La Crosse 93 Whitewater La Crosse 88 Loras La Crosse 75 Hamlin La Crosse 80 Eau Claire La Crosse V 80 Stevens Point La Crosse 80 Oshkosh Hafner out rebounds in winded Falcon, La Crosse La Crosse La Crosse La Crosse La Crosse La Crosse La Crosse La Crosse La Crosse La Crosse La Crosse Superior River Falls Stout Eau Claire Northland Superior River Falls Oshkosh Platteville Stevens Point Whitewater Driving Shooting Rebounding Teamwork Equals Victory Indian Style Dave Neuberger on the de- fensive John Mitich drives in for a layup. ' 1- , , 73 M All arms? ll Geno takes a jumper. 4,,,,.4w yi X F25 , W ff . W , , W. A Year Of Improvement Scoreboard La Crosse Eau Claire La Crosse Stevens Point La Crosse Loras La Crosse Winona La Crosse Platteville La Crosse Marquette La Crosse Upper Iowa La Crosse Superior La Crosse St. Thomas La Crosse Stout La Crosse St. Cloud Indian wrestler struggles with opponent Row I: Steve Boyd, Rich Korish, Vem Cowles, Tom Brown, Danny Berg, Pat Stephens, Jim Harland, Row 2.' Gary Eagen, Norb Duba Dave Urban. Terry Tanner, Carl Fox, Dave Blanchard, Al Poser, Mike Fanny, Steve Willet, Asst. Coach Dannel Dutcher. 74 An Indian wrestler works for a pin. The Indian matmen showed a marked improve- ment over last years team by posting a record of 5 wins and 6 losses, compared to last years record of 4 and 10. Carl Fox a freshman, took the con- ference championship in the 167 pound class while two seconds were taken by Steve Willet at 177 pounds and A1 Poser at 191 pounds. a third and fourth were also taken by Norb Duba heavy weight and Dave Blanchard 160 pounds. The Indians took 4th place as a team in the Confer- ence Championship held here at La Crosse. Carl Fox 167 lbs. Conference Champion breaks his man to the mat. 1 1,33 EL." V skim, Steve Willett attempts to break loose S 55 ffl S I, Y S Row I: Topper Hagerman, Bob Keller, Steve Pischke, Wayne Bohlman, Jim Franciskovic, Jack Franciskovic, Bob Polan. Row 2: Steve Jensen, Tim Meyer, Mike Manigold, Mark Frey, Gary Mosier, Jim Rewolinski, Darrel Lulling, Dick Schultz. Indian Swimmers Scoreboard Crosse 63 St. Thomas 40 Crosse 70 Luther 34 Crosse 66 Stevens Point 38 Crosse 74 River Falls 30 Crosse 38 Platteville 66 Crosse 75 St. Cloud 28 Crosse 22 Winona 82 Crosse 79 Stout 21 Crosse 47 Oshkosh 57 Crosse 45 Gustavus Adolphus 59 Crosse 42 Hamline 58 Crosse 59 U.W.M. 45 Conference Meet 4th Place An Indian swimmer streaks for the finish. The La Crosse swim team opened the 1966-67 season by winning four straight meets. The In- dians were led by six returning veterans and strengthened by six freshmen. The swim team compiled a 7 and 5 won and loss record and placed 4th in the Conference Meet held here at La Crosse. Gary Mosier, a freshman, and Steve Pischke won first places. Mosier set a new con- ference record of l:56.2 in the 200 yard freestyle and Pischke took diving honors with 263.55 points. Q ,im T yy, 7 A 7 .r 7 .,., e.'r 1 ,1". 't.. 2 . . .... .i.. r e r if tw .ff gdb. 12 M' X if 76 Q .. 2 Precision Scoreboard La Crosse 83.5 La Crosse 142.05 La Crosse 137.8 La Crosse 122.0 La Crosse 147.5 La Crosse 170.10 La Crosse 121.66 La Crosse 138.37 . 71 ll gl i 1 Gilbert Bird. Richard Zaliski. Eric Johnson. Pat O'1-learn, Mike Coley, Dave Went- worth, Carey Meierg Rick Padgett. Jim Baungarten. Ralph Dreucke. Dick Schliecher. Ed Karceski. Cary Anderson, Asst. Coach, Jim Howard, Coach. Eau Claire Platteville Stout River Falls Oshkosh Platteville Whitewater M.l.T. River Falls Oshkosh Stout Bemidji Conference Meet lst Place N.A.l.A. National Championships 8th 48.5 117.6 148.05 102.5 122.7 100.6 99.8 122.9 85.93 117.95 148.12 148.67 Place HG-.9 Skilled Performances The La Crosse State Gymnastics team posted a 9-3 record and placed eighth among gymnastics teams from all over the U.S. in the NAIA Cham- pionship at North Western State College in Natchitoches, Louisiana. Individual standouts were Eric Johnson who placed second on the side horse and Rich Zaleski who placed eighth in the NAIA Championship meet in overall events. I Oindermen Streak by Opponents 1,1 ,..-4 Olen Lasch tied Bill Oaks of Oshkosh for first place in the pole vault with a record breaking vault of 13 feet, 9M mches at the Conference Meet. 78 N Row I: Jack Curtis, Randy Docauerg Bruce Hutcheong Rick Schultzg Larry Hardy, Al Thurman. Row 2: Glenn Dall- mang Bob Bloedelg Rick Shultzg Dave Maher, Bill Meronkg Barry Schockmel. Row 3: Rick Kaufmang Bob Mars, Lee Spletterg Rick Reissg Ron Byersg Norb Dubag John Kuehn. Row 4: Jerry Brazag Barney Klinzing, Capt.g Jeff Haebigg John Gianforteg John Mahorskeyg Gary Dresang, Trainer. Row 5: Gene Witekg Jim Brown, Head Coachg Leo Schnur, Assist. Coach, Scott Poijag Rollo Taylor, Assist. Coach. So o reboard La Crosse 70 Stout La Crosse 91 Winona La Crosse 1 14 Platteville River Falls La Crosse 70 Platteville La Crosse 81M Oshkosh Stevens Point Stout La Crosse 61 Whitewater La Crosse 75 UW-M La Crosse 11 1 Winona UW-M Relays: Fourth Place Conference Meet: Fifth Place Darryl White and Al Thurman outraces opponents. 30 53 59 12 75 66 64 34M 84 70 43 The La Crosse State trackmen finished the sea- son by placing fifth in the WSU-Conference Meet at Madison. Besides this accomplishment, the cin- dcrmen compiled a 4-2 record in individual dual meets. The track team also placed first in a quadrangu- lar meet here, the first of its type, against Stout, Stevens Point, and Oshkosh. In addition to this, the Indians placed fourth in the UW-M Relays at Milwaukee. An interesting aspect of the past track season was the addition of two new events which were the triple jump and the 440 yard relay. At the conference meet the 440 yard relay team estab- lished a new school record of 43 7! 10 seconds. Crosse Crosse Crosse Crosse Crosse Crosse Crosse Crosse Crosse Tennis Balls Fly Scoreboard 5 Mankato 9 UW-Marshfield 3 Platteville 2 Luther 6 Iowa Teachers 6 St. Marys 9 Eau Claire 4 Bethel 4 Platteville Conference Meet: Second place The 1966 Indian tennis squad completed a sucessful season with a 6-3 won-lost record and a second place finish in the Conference Meet in Oshkosh. In other meets, the netmen belted UW-Marsh- field and Eau Claire 9-0. The Indians also de- feated Iowa Teachers, St. Marys, Bethel, and Mankato. The Indians lost 2 matches by one point, to Platteville by a score of 5-4 and 4-3. The other loss was to Luther. Row I: Joe Jaroshg Dale Prell, Assistant Coachg Bob Wingate. Row 2: Coach Cliff DeVollg Ken Stehg .lohn Kadingg Joe Aignerg Al Prueferg Jim Burton. 'D Don Iverson, Harry Carpenter, Gary Olsen, Ron Quillin, George GCISC Lee Kaczmarek, Coach Walter Thoresen Cstandingb. Golfers First in WSUC The La Crosse State linksmen won 15, lost 2, and tied l during the 1966 golfing season and won the Wisconsin State University Conference crown. The team also placed thirteenth nationally in the NAIA Tournament in which Don Iverson won top honors. Iverson also won the Wisconsin State Amateur Open in 1966 and is rapidly be- coming one of the states best golfers. Ron Quillin was also a standout on the team during the sea- son. Iverson's shot to the green is right on target. ,M . , ami I Mk " j , E A powerful swing. The La Crosse State diamondmen won 3 of 10 conference games and posted a 5-11 overall record. Statistics indicate a poor season, but the team showed desire which was proven in the first three conference games the Indians played. They won all three of these games before suffering de- feats. The team was comprised mainly of fresh- men and sophomores who gained valuable expe- rience and present a bright prospect for the fu- ture. Scoreboard La Crosse 4 Winona State College 6 La Crosse 3 Oshkosh State University 1 La Crosse 2 Oshkosh State University 10 La Crosse 1 Loras College 4 La Crosse 2 Loras College 1 La Crosse 7 Winona State College 2 La Crosse 3 Eau Claire State University O La Crosse 14 Eau Claire State University 6 La Crosse 7 Iowa State College 8 La Crosse 2 River Falls State University 5 La Crosse 4 River Falls State University 5 La Crosse 8 Bethel College 12 La Crosse 4 Whitewater State University 8 La Crosse 1 Whitewater State University 2 La Crosse 3 Platteville State University 8 La Crosse 1 Platteville State University 4 Indian streaks for first base. Spirited Baseball Indians ns? n ' ' ,yii if ' - .fl ffl 1 14 NJW' K ?'g K Row I: Mark Simon, Bob Wieland Paul Sommers, Jim Grosch, Terry Schaetzke, Chuck Landis, Frank Thorton, Dick Meteyard, Dave Christensen. Row 2: Coach Vickroy, Jeff Goll, Bob Alt, Tom Smith, Dave Sadowski, Joe Emer, Jerry Hilger, Jim Szelagowski, Jeff Koeller. Row 3: William Vickroy, Art Brownell, Wayne Gorell, Dave Tykla, Ray Marmastone, Ralph Eswein, Jim Webster. 83 SOCIAL Organizations as sg wmwlwzamff -K , K 1- Q4-M-,mmwmsamwefmmiwiv --wzsvxsm 2 A -1 H If 1 B w Jw X ,.., mfg if in-wqqf , 1 w 1 w 1-Mun A luv away!! awww ' 1 Nbishfvd-svn-J-was-ifwf ua : 4 as e un r N an is mn :awww id! l 5 F ' .'Ti:?i' , LLVA , in h1,L Row I: Deanna Olson, Sally Steckartg Donna Hilleshiemg Millie Nelson, Sharon Green, Bonnie Lothian, Recording Sec. Row 2: Barb Breeserg Joey Scott, Dolly DeKeyser, Patsy Gilles, Linda Benedict, Ellen Raimerg Judy Hinz, Corres. Sec. Row 3: Steve Reardon, Bob Murphy, Treasg Jim Smart, Pres, JoAnn Poellingerg Geri Ruehl, Dirk Michudag Scott Shaw. Row 4: William Parks, Advg John Woodsong Jim Burton, Rodney Nelsong Wayne Jacobson, Parliamentg Dr. Milford Cowley, Adv. Campus Controls Council C.C.C. members enjoy a spaghetti dinner at President Gates' home. Campus Controls Council, the representative body of our university, has devoted much of its time in promoting special projects for the benifit of the student body. These projects included changing the library hours, teacher-course evalu- ation, coinciding Spring Break with Easter, and attempting to incorporate student discounts at the various stores in La Crosse. The activities which the Campus Controls Council has backed this year are the campus-wide elections, poster regulations, and student-faculty committees. These are just a few of the many ways in which our Campus Controls Council has served the stu- dents of WSU-La Crosse. 88 President Kay Fisher welcomes dele- gates to La Crosse for the State AWS Convention. The AWS State Convention, "We like It Heref' was held successfully on the La Crosse Campus. The theme represented the importance of the women's role on campus. Nine colleges from the state of Wisconsin, and one from Minnesota at- tended the meeting, bringing and exchanging ideas, methods, and systems of utilizing AWS on the college campus. Lynn Zimmerman, Region II Coordinator of IAWS was the capsule keynote speaker and guest of the day, while Dr. and Mrs. K. Fisher of La Big and little sisters get to know each other at the AWS Big-Little Sister picnic held in Myrick Park. Associated omen Students Crosse presented an after luncheon program on their 20 month stay in Nigeria. Always important is the Big-Little Sister picnic which enables new women on campus to famil- iarize themselves with other women students and AWS, the governing body. Other social events sponsored by AWS were the two church break- fasts, Pow Wow Princess,s Meeting during Home- coming Week, the Inaugural Reception for Presi- dent Gates, the Computer Dance held in February, and the annual Mother's Day Week-end. 1... Row I: Judy Smithg Bonnie Hannonq Pat Meyers, Eugenia Engg Connie Curtisg Sue Schuettg Kay Fisher, Pres., Lindsey Kuhn, Cheryl Fisher, Corr. Sec., Ginger Laetschg Barb Skrobatg Melissa Erickson: Paula Pomplum. Row 2: Sonia Serstadg Georgene Kuzmag Linda Nelsong Cindy Howland, Rec, Sec., Sue Travettog Chris Weber, Phyllis Asseling Judy Delong, Treas.g Karen Sedarquistg Jane Hahn, Diane Smalanckeg Carol Lenz. J :AQ S Entertainment Committee Row I: Pat Mulherong Nancy Jungg Gerald Bonsackg Judy Colletti, Sec.g Jeanne Utter. Row 2: Roberta Kehrwaldg Joan Robertsg Kathy Schottg Ann Hueninkg Barb 'Bronsong Barb Skrobot, Vice Chrm. Row 3: Sandy Jacksong Tekla Andersong Mary Prillerg Effie Abraham- Eong Floinnie Paulsong Mrs. Pmkston, Advisor. Row 4: Linda Heroldg Jane Pedersen, Chrm.g Steve Adamsg Richard Downingg Janice Martinsg aro oore. 1' K 1' Food Committee Row 1: Sue Myersg Lynn Braemg Sue Killian: Brenna Bick. Row 2: Pam Strongg Jim Stewartg Barb Binder, Row 3: Joseph Jasper: Steve Reardon, Vice Chalrmang Gary MacAuIayg Paul Williams, Chairman. Student Union Board Row I: Dean Tenckhoffg Marjorie Kellyg Judy Boederg Miss Pollackg Mrs. J. Pinkston. Row 2: Mr. Holtg P.'Asherg Glenn Dallmang John Stage: Dean Steuckg Mr. Waltersg Mr, Strandg Mr. Hoodg President Gatesg Dean Gunning - wqwa' Row I: Karen Jacobs, Marjorie Kelly: Mary Jane Whitty. Row 2: Bruce McLaing Beth Bowers, Bonnie Beamerg Gary Bendlin. Row 3: Larry Ellefson, Chairman, Don Strand. Advisor: Jane Pedersen, Sec., John Stageg E. David Larsen. Operations And Procedures Xi' csv Row 1: Kathy Newton: Janet Woodsg Claire Lynne Morse: Diane Falbeg Marilyn Bain. Row 2: Mrs. Pinkston, Advisor, Marilyn Miller, Judy Jordan, Sec., Jan Klein, Sheryl Burkhaltcr. Row 3: Rob Brown, Steve Adamsg Karen Jacobs, Beth Bowers, Bonnie Beamer, Chrm. Public Relations Recreation Row 1: Karen Jacobs, Vice Chrm., Virginia Anderle: Joann Clark, Hist. Row 2: Larry Ellefson, Chrm.' Bruce McLain' Ch l'S'l k'A h E f ' ' ' A ' ' , ar es icoc , rt ur kern. Ron 3. Tom Hood, Advisor, Dick Eggers, Jack Connaughi IOH. Nikaifi ' 'iii A1 Thurman, Editor. Donnette .Hollman, Organizations Editorg Sarah Sather, Assistant Organizations Editor. Beth Dolbier, Underclassmen Editorg Brenna Bick, Staff Member Dan Wellsg Bob Poehling, Co-Sports Editors. Na Mary Jane White, Special Events Editor. The La Crosse Staff 196 Jan Kleing Sue Schuenemann, Co-Student Life Edi- torsg Cheryl Busch, Assistant Student Life Editor. 7 af? Standing: Michelle McGrath, Staff Memberg Bob Conrad, Staff Memher. Seated: Lynda Olson, Assistant Seniors Editorg Kathy Casey, Seniors Editor. my 51 ii.- M " Donna Hanseng Steve Reardon, Co-Index Editors. Mary Lou Johnson, Assistant Special Events Editorg Al Thurman, Editorg Millie Nelson, Copy Editor. 93 Row I: Alene Stenslieneg Sheila Bowlerg Kathy Neisg Harriett Stephenson, Michelle McGrath. Row 2: Janel Bladowg Mary Kamlag Marty Niznikg Pat Beatty, Effie Abrahamson, Layout Ed. Row 3: Linda Arnesong Jeanne Suberag Jill Brady, Gail Stewart, Jackie Heuser, Fea- tures Ed. Row 4: Steve Solberg, Daniel Pickett, Bus. Mgr., Mike Sederquist, Sports Ed., Peter King, Mgr. Ed.g Nicholas Moran, Ed., Jack Vater, News Ed. Racquet The Racquet, celebrating its 57th year of pub- lication, was published by the largest staff in the history of the campus newspaper. Other firsts this year were the enlargement in the size of the paper and the frequency it was published. Eight page papers became the basic size while the paper was published bi-weekly and in many instances weekly. The Racquet provided many new features that had never appeared in the paper before. A forum for public opinion, called "The Open Forumf' ap- peared for the first time. Many provocative views and opinions appeared in the column, open to all members of the academic community. Irving also made his satirical appearance, giving insight into Members of the Racquet Staff prepare layouts for the next issue. instances and problems that concerned WSU-L students. Other features included a look at "UFO's -Real or Fantasy?" The Greek community was featured during Greek Week with a report on the background of fraternity and sorority groups on campus. In late October, Editor, Nicholas Moran at- tended the national convention of the Associated Collegiate Press in Philedelphia. There, the editor exchanged ideas with other journalists from the nation's college campuses. A new advisor, Joseph Zobin, brought fresh ideas to the staff of the paper. Zobin came to the university position from a job as a newspaperman on the Des Moines Register. sr 1, 94 Nick Moran, Editor, edits an article for the Racquet. Rob Brown, Dan Pedretti, Editor, Rene Perkins, Leo Pedretti. Q-if Fledghng The F ledgling provides an opportunity for stu- dent writers to see their works printed and a chance for students to try their hand at being edi- tors. The purpose of the F ledgling is to encourage creative writing. This magazine is a student operated enterprise. From student writings submitted, student staff members select what material is best and make the necessary arrangements to get the material printed and distributed to the student body. Once printed, the F ledgling is put on sale in the Student Union Book Store and in the library, on a self- service basis. Two issues of the F Iedgling are intended to be printed this year, one issue devoted to student art and student writings. Publications Board Row I: Miss Patricia Muller: Millie Nelsong Dr. Gilkey. Chrmg Geri Ruehlg Saralie Sands. Row 2: Al Thurman, Mr. John Jenksg Dean Steuckg Pete Kingg Nick Moran, Mr. Joseph Zobin. Row I: Dean Slcuck: Geri Ruehlg Dean Tcnckhoffg Sherrie Katzg Mrs. Pinkstong Dean Hogue. Row 2: Mr. Strand, .lim Burton, Rodney Nelsong Dr, Parksg Charles Walters: John Christian. Organizations Committee This committee is made up of five students selected by the Campus Controls Council, the dean of student affairs and four faculty members appointed by the Faculty Steering Committee. Its functions are: to determine the basis on which student groups are recognized as university or- ganizations and to recognize petitioning groups as university organizations on the basis of these regulations, to administer and coordinate the ac- tivities of all university organizations except so- rorities and fraternities Within the framework of the policies determined by the Student Activities Council. Sorority and fraternity activity shall be regulated by the Panhellenic and Interfraternity councils respectively, also within the framework of the policies established by the Student Activi- ties Council, to sponsor activities of an all-uni- versity character or authorize organizations to sponsor those activities and to allocate funds to such sponsors from the student activity fees as- signed to the committee for its purpose, to pre- pare the college activities calendar, to maintain a record of all campus organizations including their constitutions, meeting time and place, offi- cers and advisors. One of the many services WSO performs on campus is ushering for the various plays and concerts. Cheryl Fisher greets National Gamma Sigma Sigma President, Charlotte Mendoza, at a tea during the W.S.O. Convention of which W.S.U.-L was host. omen's Service Organization The Women's Service Organization is now a probationary colony of Gamma Sigma Sigma, the National Women's Service Sorority. The motto of the sorority is "Unity in Servicev and its colors are maroon and White which symbolizes friend- ship and equality. The purpose of the sorority if to assemble college and university women in a spirit of service to humanity. It is based on the high ideals of service, not only on campus but in the community and national affairs as well. On campus Gamma Sigma Sigma assists with ushering, campus tours, the bloodmobile, proc- toring for exams, assembling the activity calendar, and other respective services. Row 1: Ellen Stekel, Corr. Sec.g Clarella Guiderg Joyce Fayg Barbara Le Fevreg Sharon Lepsch, Treas. Row 2: Sharon Nadag Chris- tineg Mary Mantheig Jane Howland, Pres.g Betty Folgers, Rec. Sec.g Janine Bina. Row 3: Cheryl Fischerg Cindy Dodgeg Ellen Larsong Joan Berkeng Anne Stollg Linda Novy, Znd. Vice Pres. Row 4: Linda Gottbeheutg Susan Weigg Judy Johnsong Betty Thompsong Suann Thompsong Elaine Scott, Vice Pres. f , 1- 'ff i W3 '29, W .M . .RE V , 161 1., . ik , ' In wa l f w A " t f A t ' ' A ' ' .', , " . 'gf fr f iff" '. ..- Np -cuff! If E' - Lam. E 5 . Q , , Row I: Mike Nolan, Steve Brudlos. lst Vice Pres., Gary Slaatsg Gerald Souterg Patrick Anderson, Corr. Sec.: Rich Henry: Harry Lee, Rec, Sec. Row 2: Mr. Gunning, Advisorg Jim Finn, Prcs.g Don Braccog Bill Harris. Treats.: Dave Lukas, Hist.g John Sleik, Advisor: Jim Roster. Row 3: Pete Deciccog B. W. Ingli, Chairman Adv. Boardg Joe Porterg Pete King. Alumni Sec.g Robert Benson, Tom Kneiflz Carlin Dahler. Advisor. Row 4: Jeff Heisler: John Lindquist: Arnold Pleuss: Roger Crum, Don Nontelleg Frank Groverg George Doyle: Dave Lien. lpha Phi Omega Alpha Phi Omega, National Service Fraternity, carried out a varied program of service and social activities throughout the year. The fraternity proctered for ACT and Selective Service exams, provided campus tours for visitors to the univer- sity, supplied deskblotters for dorm students, pro- moted the Peace Corps on campus, sponsored the Badger Bloodmobile's visit to La Crosse State, and cooperated with the Alpha Xi Delta sorority in sponsoring a Thanksgiving party for the La Crosse Boys' Club. The fraternity also attended the Alpha Phi Omega national convention in Minneapolis during December and the annual sectional convention at Eau Claire. The members also participated in the Homecoming and Winter Carnival activities. In addition to these and other activities APO adopted a poverty-strickened Vietnamese child through the Save the Children Federation. A member of Alpha Phi Omega displays an award won by the fraternity at the sectional convention. A member of Alpha Phi Omega presents the fraternity's deskblotter to two L.S.U. coeds. I W ..,..,... ,,,.,,,,,W.,,WM.c We "' f 'Q I Row I: Bruce Hamilton, Vice Pres., Ed Wachholder, Treas.g Robert Poehling, Pub. Relations, Gerald Bonsack, Pres.g Dr. Cross, Kiwanis Advisor. Row 2: David Leighrg Richard Grieger, Sec.g Mr. Steinke, Advisorg Gene Zazicekg Mr. LeRoy, Advisor. Circle K The International Circle K on the La Crosse campus is one of 800 in the United' States and Canada. This service organization for college men is sponsored by the Kiwanis International and the local Kiwanis Club. The service projects, which the Circle K par- ticipated in, include ushering at different campus Bruce Hamilton helps decorate the Christmas tree in the Union. K project. and local events, building a library at the La Crosse Boys' Club, and resurfacing the bulletin board between Main Hall and the Library. The Circle K is also furnishing maps of the campus which will be located on various points on our campus. A map of the campus which is located between Main Hall and the Library, a Circle Two prospective customers examine the Delta Psi Kappa Student Direc- tory. Delta PS1 Kappa Delta Psi Kappa is a national physical edu- cation fraternity for women in the field of physi- cal education. To be eligible for membership, a candidate must have a semester gradepoint of a 3.0 followed by a 2.75. Delta Psi Kappais projects and activities in- clude publishing the student directory, sponsoring the student-teacher tea, organizing the volunteer tutoring serviceg editing Major Tips for the women physical education majors, an annual Homecoming Luncheon, two professional meet! ings geared to the interest of the majorsg the sale of physical education textbooks, and the spring banquet at which time the new officers are in- stalled. A project for the future includes the selling of membership cards for the AAHPER, the pro- fessional journal. Row 1: Rori Templing Frances Koenig, Treas.g Barbara Schlosser, Chaplaing Susan Gentile, Pres.: Barbara Heinonen. Row 2: Marilyn Meyer: Barb Zimmermang Carol Wetenkamp, Sec.g Kay Fishery Kathy Connor. Row 3: Kathy Runholmg Jean Bubolzg Rosanne Chan- ningg Mary Alfus, Karen Toburang Evelyn Grosch. Row 4: Karen Board, Foil Ed., Publ., Lorriaine Steuckg Ellen Balzg Virginia Naimg Nancy Nicklasg Pam Schroeder. 5.54 A .- :-sr . i .- 'W saw-rf ff-t,, ' ui 1. 43-- 1. i'i fm as wi 1 iijg :'i iflig W' -. 'X j Q' E j i V :V I I 1 I at . .X s Row I: Margery Ginskeyg Kathlyn Hayes, Vice Pres.g Dean North, Pres.g Harold Hanson, Hist. Row 2: Margaret Larsong Scott Dicksong Greg Curleyg Don Braccog Sue Weig. Row 3: Michael Lauermanng Dr. Richard Blade, Advisorg William Bradfordg Dr. Fred Davies, Advisor. Eta Phi Alpha Eta Phi Alpha, honorary Letters and Science Fraternity, was able to award another scholarship this year to the Letters and Science student with the highest academic standing. The group's first scholarship was given out last year and this prac- tice will continue yearly. Other activities included two book sales, and a series of fascinating lectures on topics of current interest in both world affairs and academic circles. The aim of this honorary fraternity is to estab- lish a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa on the La Crosse State Campus. Mr. David Bassuener, principal of West Salem High School speaks to the students. Kappa Delta Pi is a national honor society for students in education. Members are chosen on the basis of high academic records and recognized professional attitudes. ' Monthly meetings feature speakers active in the K p af D G a P 1 field of education. Guest speakers this year in- cluded Mr. James Lafky, instructor in English and winner of the Johnson Foundation Award for excellence in teaching, who spoke on 6'What Makes a Good Teacher?,' and Mr. David Bas- suener, principal of West Salem High School who discussed "The Teacher and the Adminis- tration." Rim- I: Donna Hillsheim: Bonnie Boyer: Donna Haugen: Sue Gentile: Ellen Steckel: Judy Boeder: Barb Schlosser: Linda Novy: Jean Cox: Nancy Dickenson. Row 2: Mary Txiantheiz Betty Folgers: Margaret Johnson: Beth Doyle: Pat Rosendaleg Pam Klund: Ann Lorenzen: Mary Strasscr: Lois Snider: Sandy Blahut: Nancy Schmid: Row 3: Margie Wachal: Barb Zimmerman: Barb Becker: Carol Novak: Barb Drews: Clarclla Guider: Janine Bina: Diane Ostremg Steve Brudlos: Ellamae Hawkins: Dr. Young. Row 4: Marty Juel: Mike Wegnerl Marcia Trcinain: Barb Schultz: Alycc Schneeberger: Mary Alfus1 Phyllis Puckett: Adele Johannsen: Sally Steckart: Lillian Hutzler: Don Bracco. Row 5: Mike Scderquist: Dick Loken: Wayne Jacobson: Bud Feet: Dave Neuberger: Betty Thompson: Lorraine Steuck: Geri Reuhl: Topper Hagerman: Barry Herzog: Don Bracco. 103 Row I: Curtis Lingsweiler, Sgt. at Armsg Doug Weittemhillerg Pete Van Handle, Vice Pres.g Larry Pruess, Sec. Row 2: Barry Schockmelg Topper Hagermang Jim Leonhartg George Kliminski, Pres.g Gerald Larsong Dennis Stannard. Phi Epsilon Kappa As a national honorary Physical Education Fraternity, Phi Epsilon Kappa involved itself in several activities concerning the profession of Physical Education. The fraternity provided their services as ushers at the dedication of the New Physical Education Building and presented an inscribed plaque for the building. During Inauguration week for Pres- ident Gates, the fraternity served as guides for visitors on campus. Panel discussions and a clinic in Physical Education were held by the group for those interested in physical activities. Sponsored by Associated Women Students, Ratom is now in its fourth year on campus. It is modeled after Mortar Board, a national senior Womenis honorary society. Ratom will apply for membership in Mortar Board after serving a five year probationary period. Chosen in the spring semester of their junior year on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and overall service to the University, Ratom members are outstanding senior women. Picked by the Ratom members of the proceeding year, the new members must have a grade point which is 4f 10 of a point above the average of all Women on the University campus and must display active and enthusiastic participation in campus events. Ratom Raw I: Barbara Shlosserg Donna Hilleshiemg Ellen Balzg Barbara Heinonen: Kay Fisher. Row 2: Kathy Con nor, Pam Schroeder, Betty Folgersg Linda Novy. Row 3: Bridget Olson, Judy Boederg Karen Tobureng Ann Lorenzeng Sally Redlin, WA 'k.,,,-f 105 L w EL ...W e Q ....... Barb Drews, Sec.-Treas.g Pat Vennerg Joan Jarchowg Barb Schultz, Pres.g Kathy Hayes: Linda Novy, Vice-Pres. Sigma Delta Pi Epsilon Theta chapter of Sigma Delta Pi was formed on our campus in June, 1963. Its pur- pose is "to champion in colleges and universities an interest in the language, literature, and culture of Spain and other Spanish-speaking countriesf' There are 31 members, a large number of these being natives of Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries. To become an active member, students must have had three college years or the equivalent of Spanish language and literature and a minimum grade average of 3.25. Row I: William Bradfordg Sharon Rudeg Mildred Nelsong Donna Hilleshiemg Beth Doyle. Row 2: Ellen Balzg Marjorie Jaspersong Stephen Jess. Row 3: Virginia Nairng Alyce Schneebergerg Margaret Larsong Patricia Rosendale. Row 4: Larry Pruessg Mike Crossg Bob Rathg Jim Smarty Donald Bracco. Row 5: Terrance Krugelg Thomas Kerrigang Russell Getter. Scholarship inners 107 Row 1: Ray Herda: Susan Perry, Sandy Miller: Jim Solberg, Sec., Treas. Ron' 2: Lorraine Stcuck, Vice Pres.: Donald Wick: Margaret Larsong Richard Williams, Pres., Doris Millard. Row 3: David Johanng Tom Pellettg Charles Gschwindg Dr, Hgward Young. Advisor. Biology Club The Biology Club is a campus organization for those interested in some aspect of biology. Activities include discussions on interesting biological topics, programs by authoritative speak- ers, field trips, projects, and more recently, social gatherings. The club has two new advisors, Dr. Claflin Biology Club book sale. and Mr. Wujek. The appointment of these new advisors plus a recent increase in membership stirred new enthusiasm, giving the Biology Club the promise of becoming one of the more inter- esting and lively campus organizations in the future. The Campus Vets march in the Ocktoberfest Parade. The Campus Vets Club is a social organization composed of university students who have been in the armed forces for a period of six months or longer. Its purpose is to bring together men of a common background. The Campus Vets sponsor a color guard which this past year marched in the Ocktoberfest Parade and led the La Crosse Marching Chiefs The Campus Vets won first place in the Songfest. Campus Vets at other functions. The club raises funds through community proj- ects which are used for social functions and en- deavors the club feels are worthwhile. The highlight for the club this past year was placing first in the mens division of the Recrea- tion Clubis Songfest. Row I: Jerry Schoemerg Phil DeRosag Gary Vedumg Robert Rasmussong Dick Lunenschlossg Alfredo Onrubia. Row 2: Edmund Brunetg Robert Umbergerg Jerry Briggsg Patry Loomis, Pres,g Shannon Cashg Dick Karrigang Douglas Manlick. Row 3: Jim Killiang Dick Kleinkeg Rau Waldieg Larry Clarkg William Sheltong Bernard Lobenstein. Row 4: Robert Swanson, Sec.g Iim Pottsg Warren Dreyerg Dennis Zweifelg Gary Langg Bruce Woodeng Ernie Modjeski. Row 1: Pam Smith, Vice Pres.g Carol Andersong Janith Prellg Pat Batchelderg Linda Hahng Karen McDermottg Linda Benedictg Joan Berken, Row 2: Nancy Nicklas, Sec.g Carolyn Rex, Treas.g Jane Warzalag Ginny Reegag Karen Seebergerg Yvonne Stellmacherg Susan Duncang Ann Theirlg Sally Bentzieng Edna Connolly. Row 3: Terry Lindgren, Pres.g Karna Olson: Sherrie Stauberg Joey Scottg Leslie Evansg Barb Gamberg Margaret Robichaudg Karen Jacobsg Mary Kroner. Catalina Club The thrilling event of the year for Catalina Club is the Water Show. After semester break the push is on to meet the deadline for the show in Marchg but before this time, both the old and the new members are working hard to get back into form. . 5 2 'iKf55frv5-if iK"2 - ' filsi5535if,7-fwfyw ' i' K'K " r K " ?T fi???521K1 K .s,':,1:zzff11K,1,.v fy mst--zK'?" ' ,. . K-fresavf ' - K :WTI fx, . fVf5'T" 'C T K" i 'Q' 'C ' K 7 'L 1 .':',.x " m " f nf I - - .e - ww ' .. 1 2 V Wk K K 4 : , ., ' . ,, - . , . KMSK-ffw m ari- ,ie-f, :fw . ,. -fre-Kw::,1f,:1z- lg K,wg11egwgq4,,..,2 M127-,a.fe5a::Xzewg23S2 " fe X . ,NMMM , ,- , V --:W i :ir-,mir-1 - w - A W, rp as at . , ,M .,.,. . Q 12 we Q .. .. .. . M, , 3, , r ,,M,f,sigs,. t-fy-witvlvt-fr:.f, Kim:-fwfit2igggsz,f 15 .aggwf-".,'1fi WET-1.-igiggaggggpigagiwsgasgefgfgewvK mg,wu22f?1g,S5wgg5egsgg25a2K K we s??Qsies'zA5tje?Saz1fas.ssvg1 ,,uQ5'a2if-if ifflgsmi K'lK,ff-i:ft3f?W2?ff", iw'liWil25125211-K2,St':ffsiiigigfl'fKfeffeiriirigiilfefgii ,'Kf:QKfwi--M ,- . . , ' 1 - -2 Kzu,-ez. 1.-fm-.szr,g:vgfgf ,-'awe mwlafwf,-is, ,, ,A ' , fafK:,ffKzK ,..,.r t, wl,tsw,t7 are-rfifrlm-if X .MfWa,w-gg, wammwt--t.,,V W -. ,, . i,.g,.Q,rW,a,r53g1 2 Sym J as 4 ,mists .,sv,rfwffgf,tgz3z - 811211, ' :Pu5zsszffz1w2g,,L .,,,,.,se,, , ., ,, .. , tfirfkbifx Kfuw r . a s ., ,15515'15555fiifY1KW5?Wifff"5f . - lfia'i"K7V?i52ff f i?f'fQQ wwf ' I. Z. '12,ff'.l55 ilitf A 5755?Vfr?E3?hilit,k,,Nf,Q ' ' ifliflf-12' K - I gs 5 TQ Si v iw ' 2: " - f : , , Eg fii l zr, 5, ,ir i , 35S7 'pm -,..,, 5,1 -:,.,y 1' fr, ,H W Saw . N, l. .l a,E,m.,r A., . , f, - f K, ,,ff',.l--L-K K --r f -I -,rf- ,, 3 wa ,Alia Ml J " M ' f-milf" " if: 'f' : ..:E'f - F if fs i fi . . hu, - -- C -- ,,,.., ,. . , V K M' K K',,f5??? . 1 KK1'K1.swft,fafwfazfiffsi-rag K K K , .. ,KH .W ,Sa-' . - y . , K Nm 4' 'K " W3 'sge2r1 fl5 'f': Q ii ,QA Ivz M K 1iK L in E3 ,,.- iiiia -ffg, -1 no y Wendy cheers the Indians on to a victory. agp Mick and Chris cheer the Indians on as the tension mounts. Cheerleaders The cheerleaders participated at home and out- of-town games and also entertained at the annual Quarterbacks Club banquet and served as hos- tesses on many occasions throughout the school year. The purpose of the cheerleaders is to create enthusiasm and spirit among the students. Workshops are held in the fall in which the returning cheerleaders teach other interested girls their routines. Tryouts follow these workshops and the best of the group round out the squad as an alternate or regular cheerleader. Row I: Nancy Somdahlg Chris Turzinskig Gail Tomasinog Sue Harris. Row 2: Rose Mangiaracinag Barb Blockg Wendy Heinesg Marilyn Miller. . .., Q li i ,., l 5334, 'W u Fai' 1 Row I: Bonnie Lothiang Caryl Klugg Kit Boeschg Lynn Braemg Lin ia Fraser: Nancy Jungg Linda Sellsg Cindy Bunter. Row 2: Dolly De- Keyserg Lindsey Kuhng Connie Curtisg Mary Anne Francisg Mary Moeller: Virginia Smith: Donna Aronsong Jane Warzala. Row 3: Cheryl Buschg Anne-Marie Waldeckg Karen Harveyg Mary Besseeg Lynn Huntingtong Cindy Howlandg Jan Steldtg Barb Binderg Tom Burnick. Row 4: Bob Burdickg Mark Sobczakg Lee Spletterg Gary Buornatg John Lindquistg lan l'vlacAulayg Gary Lundeg Ron Potter. Coulee Trekkers skiing, tobogganing, and especially a weekend campout at Camp Decorah. Coulee Trekkers specialize in fun. Activities offered in the Trekkers are unique on our cam- two canoe trips down the Black and Kickapoo pus. rivers, hayrides, horseback riding, spelunking, The Coulee Trekkers is an organization which offers many opportunities for out-of-doors activi- ties as well as indoor sports. High points of this years activities were the Members take a rest from the trip. S Coulee Trekkers canoe down the river. V K. The Wisconsin State University Debate Squad participated in fifteen tournaments. Some of the opponents faced and won against were the Uni- versity of Wisconsin, the University of Minnesota, Duke University and Princeton University. Their national debate question was, 4'Resolved: should the United States substantially reduce its foreign commitments?" The advisor this year was Mr. Jack Starr, and the assistant advisor was Mr. Noel White. Row I: Vicki Megrathg Jill Bradyg Barb Binder. Row 2.' Jim Finn Steve Solberg Reporter Tom ' ' ' ' ' Ad ' ' Tom Rosterg Jim Birnbaum Capt Kianga, Vern Ruhland, Mr. Starr, visor, Row I: Toni O'Brien, goalieg Pam Schroeder, left innerg Marilyn Meyer, left wingg Mary Ann Christina, center forward: Jo Ann Heindel, left fullback, Carol Karps, center forwardg Bonnie Beamen, right fullback. Row 2: Dolly Vanderlip, Coachg Marilyn Schwartz, Treas. 8: right fullbackg Cassie Pederson, left wingg Jean Evert. right halfbackg Karen Toburen, Sec. 8: center halfbackg Margo Hennig, right innerg Sally Redlin, right innerg Jean Bubolz, left halfback Sz Vice Pres.g Lynn Keehn, right wingg Patricia Besner, reserve: Mary Alfus, right fullbackg Judith Bauer, left halfbackg Beatrice Baird, Coach. Field Hockey Club The La Crosse Field Hockey Club had an event- Miss Pamela Schroeder is only the second col- ful year. They were very active playing a variety lege woman to be chosen for the first team in the of opponents and receiving their share of vic- history of the Midwest Field Hockey Association. tories. The highlight of the team's year came with Members of a U. S. touring team will be selected the selection of one of their members to play in from among the tournament players. the Midwest Tournament. Quick minds and reflexes are essential in this game. Pamela Schroeder was selected to play on the Midwest Field Hockey team at the U. S. Field Hockey Association's national tournament. H4 iw! .awww The Gymnastiques performed their new ball routine for the students at the basketball game' Balance. strength, and grace are the features of the Gymnastiqucs. Gymnastiques, formerly the Tumbling Club, introduced gymnastic apparatus in its program, performing with their usual skill, balance and grace. The group kept the tradition of performing G' . at half-time shows at home basketball games. Per- forming at the December 3 game the gymnastiques y Im U' a' S t' 1 G S used a ball routine for the first time. The gymnas- tiques also performed at the February 27 game for high schools on play and sport days. Row I: Nancy Aldrich, Joy Markartg Kathy Meyerg Fran Koenig: Priscilla Taylor: Sally Huckg Nancy Krattiger: Sandy Laing. Row 2: Sue Vizanko: Kathy Wadzinski: Sue Meadowsi Judy Marx. Rose Mangiaracinag Jill Walker. Row 3: Marilyn Meyer, Sue Horskig Mary Rickterg Vickie Habel: Nancy Wagner. W' "l 'l ,A A. :fi . Row I: Susan Perryg Elaine Murray, Jennifer Yeskieg Julie Jorgensen. Row 2: Sue Hendrysong Kathy Oedsmag Judy Hartsough. Row 3. Gerald Bonsack, Treats.: Dick Griegger, Vice Chair.g Charles Gschwindg Larry Pfaff, Chair.g Eric Johnson. Y-GOP During last falls elections, the Young Repub- licans worked actively for state and local Repub- lican candidates. Some of their activities included arranging a campus coffee luncheon for Louis Ceci, the Republican candidate for Attorney Gen- eral, and for Jack Olson, the Republican candi- date for Lt. Governor, distributed campaign lit- erature throughout the city, telephoned people in the city reminding them to vote, and set up a table in the Student Union to assist students in absentee voting. The club also published a monthly Republican Newsletter which dealt with news on the national scene. The club also distributed a book, The Amcfricwz Cause, to interested students on cam- pus. Many of the members had an opportunity to attend the State Convention for the Y-GOP which was held in April at Sheboygan. International Students The lnternational students Organization strives for community understanding and appreciation of international friendship and cooperation. The International Students sponsored a variety show which was held at Viterbo College. an all girls college in La Crosse, which included the in- Dancing beneath the sun at the annual Variety Show. ternational students from that school. Other events sponsored by the International Students were debates, discussions, talks on national and international issues, and a Bazaar at which they sold figurines and statues. Row l: Mrs. Surender Singh: llecralal Sharma: Peggy Zum: Tarry Pfaff: Barbara Kirchcis: Mrs. Judith Arora. Ron' 2: Dr. Singh. Advisori Rosanne lioehlcr: Clarclla Ciuider: Deowraf Butldhu. Vice Pres: Gregg Hill: Randy Jackson: Mr. M. S. Arora. Advisors. Row 3: Jim liarrett: l.. M. Boutniz Mbolola Kianga, Pres.: Toni Young. Row 4: Bonnie lcmpke: Willard Samuels: Dan Pedretti: Truman Lowe: Steve Dcnsnioor. Pub. Sce. t-we .f village in If H-,Lf ""'4..fh Row I: Judy Marx: Steve Westlundg Connie Boebelg Bob Merorkg Barbara Schlosserg Mike Flanagang Marilyn Miller, Jim Hornby, Barry Schockmelg Nancy Roy. Row 2: Jeannie Jack, Tom Maddeng Betty Folgeng Scott Shaw, Barbara Heinoneng Terry Klungsethg Katheryn McCullochg Bob Polang Joyce Pabst, John Connaughton. Row 3: Bonnie Riemang Jim Leonhartg Ingrid Barnsg Mark Pfisterg JoAnn Heindelg Jeff Olson, Greg Jeffries, Nancy Aldrichg Ronald Fischerg Nancy Krattigerg Larry Button, Evelyn Grosch. The University Dancers, known as L-Bar-X, is directed by Miss Bernadine Kunkel. The group L - B X was organized not only to increase dance skills ' and enlarge their dance repertoire, but also to share their enjoyment with others interested in dance. By using mixers, couple and set dances, the group makes it possible for the audience to experience the joy of participation. The members spend many hours styling their dances. They have performed in various towns throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa. A Texas Star. This is called a Birdie in the Tree. X .. a t 5 -- fi: b rr La Crosse Board The swimming officials compare times during a meet. The La Crosse Board of Women Officials trained, tested, and then gave ratings to women desiring to be officials in badminton, basketball, swimming, volleyball, and track and field. The Board provided officials for several high school and college activities. Of omenGffioia1s The La Crosse Board is a professional organi- zation affiliated with the Officiating Services Area of the Division for C1irl's and Women's Sports of the American Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. Row I: Marcia Evenson, Lee Stephenson, Joann Clark, Sec. 8z Treas., Beatrice Baird, Faculty Chrm., Carol Karps, Student Chrm., Jean Evert, Marilyn Schwartz. Row 2: Mary Alfus, Pat Besner, Barb Zimmerman, Evelyn Grosch, Sally Redlin, Lynn Keehn, Karen Board, Kay Fisher. Row 3: Lorraine Moe, Karen Toburen, Margo Hennig, Bonnie Lutz, Barbara Gamber, Pam Schroeder, JoAnn Heindel, Jan Donahue, Roberta McGowan. Row 4: Marilyn Meyer, Judith Bauer, Nancy Wagner, Mary O'Brien, Jane Hahn, Christine Weber, Betty Ward, Nancy Semrad, Virginia Nairn, Jan Doleschal. H ' . 1' - 1. --ig : l X 2 I ' 119 C? sl Q O Row I: David Wentworth: Al Thurmang Denny Bergg Dean Schwarteng Ken Pliskieg Neil Greinke, Treas. Row 2: Bob Kellerg Gary Dresangg Richard Reissg Topper Hagerman: Barry Schockmelg John Pankiewicz Jr. Row 3: Darryl Whiteg Ted Bear, Vice Pres.g Eugene Witek: Paul Sommersg Wayne Bohlmarmg Larry Pruess. Row 4: Bob Mars, Sec.g George Kleminskig John Drewsg Bruce Schultzg Steve Pischkeg Jack Curtis, Pledge Masterg Lee Spletter, Pres. 9 The honorary membership of L-Club is formed I. m S by athletes who have earned a letter in a varsity sport. This year the organization gave active C service by selling concessions and programs at both football and basketball games. An Easter party for orphan children, a dinner for all L- Club members and coaches were special projects of the L-Club. The Homecoming Queen, Rose Mangiaracina, was sponsored by the L-Club. This was the first year the Letterman's club sponsored a homecoming candidate. L-Club members sell programs and concessions at a basketball game. Sw. Ace Stadthaus tosses the ball for the center jump. v , f 4,- Don Ketchum signals the number of free throws to the players. La Crosse State Gffioials Within the La Crosse area, a group of young men interested in athletics put their interest and knowledge to work by officiating football and basketball games. Depending upon one's skill test result, determined by the Wisconsin Interscholas- tic Athletic Association, officials work from the intramural sports level to the college junior varsity level. Seminars are held to train prospective of- ficials, practice sessions are arranged, and finally the test is given. The La Crosse State Officials sponsor a dance every year and sell pens with the football schedule printed on them. The money is needed to aid club members throughout the year. Row I: Jim Dodeng Bruce Parkovichg Tom Peterson, Ray Massingill. Row 2: Dean Andersong Bill Loushineg Tom Romenesko, Corr. Sec.g Al Tomaszewskig Rand Erickson, Treas. Row 3: Cecil Wald, Jack Curtisg Gary Blomquistg Wayne Jacobson, Presg Bill Breneman. mga, Gale Huseg Cherri Wrchota: Margaret lzinnuschg Carolyn Garriottg Kathy Kuhns: Pat Pirwitz. o O ir o h e S 1 S Kathy and Pat practice their skills. . Orchesis Grchesis, a contemporary modern dance group, was founded on the La Crosse campus in 1932. With the purpose of self-expression through dance, the Orchesis members work on technique, improv- isation and choreography. At the end of each year they combine these various skills into their annual Mother's Day Weekend performance. members go through one of their routines. U U ' mkr' 44-lul'5C'5'ap The car wash at Len's Citgo proved to be a fun as well as a profitable experience. Pom Pom Girls perform half-time activities m m G' Zi- I. 1 S at the football games. The 1966-67 Pom Pom squad, under the direc- tion of Cheryl Fischer, promotes school spirit and student attendance at all athletic events. They perform at football and basketball games, and hope to include wrestling, swimming, and gym- nastic meets on this year's schedule. Pre-game football performances included peppy routines to the music of 'fOn Wisconsin" and f'Cherokee." The squadls special show was held at half-time of the Dad's Day game, where they performed to the tunes of "Bonanza,', "Beer Barrel Polkaj, and "Batman," The squad helped with homecoming, the inauguration festivities, and entertained winter sports fans with a special Christmas routine to "Sleigh Ride? The girls spend a great deal of time not only practicing for their special performances but also helping high school girls from the surrounding area learn more about Pom Pom routines. The squadis goal is to obtain new uniforms for next year. Row I: Jean Ness, Carolyn Quammen, Kitsy McCulloch, Sharon Chitwood. Row 2: Carole Kutzbach, Cindy Bruni, Mary Copeland, Mary Jane White, Kathy Rank, Kathie Petersen. Row 3: Pat Meyer, Judy Eriksen, Cheryl Fischer, Director, Sue Stuesser, Sharon Reese. Row 4: Geri Ruehl, Terry Lindgren, Betty Hiser, Holly Hoesly, Karen Nordbloom, Carol Gersmehl. Row 5: Pam Topol, Kathy Klus, Barbara Lorenz, Connie Boe- bel, Kama Olson. , , , fl ,.A 1 W V 555 'z zr I - i t , , A i. . A , I ,, , ' W VM, y . r V : , ZW ,,,, , ,qw ,,,, M .. 1 V 1 fi ' ,,,..' ,, V, 4 9 it V r . 'r r , e V V, VVVVV T i 9 , 1 X 5 .,,, ,,,.: H 4 B ! ,Q 645, 9 gli Y ....l1i1i...x-f ...- Row I: Carlene Meisnest: Jill Brady: Barbara Heinonen: Pamella Fait: Janice Schwersenska: Ellen Balz, Vice-Pres.: Barbara Pieper: Cheryl Fischer: Margaret Taylor: Pat Anderson: Ron Lynn. Row 2: Ted Schleicher: Jim Derkez: Mark Pfister: Lois Koch: Mary Jo Madalon: Barbara Lorenz: Sandra Anderson: Karen Jacobs: Pat Kruse: Bill Jinske. Prog. Dir.: Dean Voskuil. Row 3: Will Samuels: Harold Blaize: Tom Disrude: Kim Jarvis: Dave Holcomb: Dale Prell. Proj. Chair.: Darrel Jacobs: Terry Klungsethg John Christian, Sec.: Tom Hansen: Bob Swanson. Row 4: Steve Pischke: Matt Ritola: Lyall Schroder: John Woodson: Steve Adams: John Stagan: Bob Bruett: Jack Connaughtong Steve Stauker, Pres.: Joe Aigner: Bill Gries,Treas.: Mike Moran. RGCPG3tiO1l With the ever increasing growth in the number of people entering the field of recreation, the Rec- reation Majors' Club has become one of the larg- est professional organizations on campus. The club provides a variety of programs at its monthly meetings. Professional people, repre- senting various areas and recreation fields, appear before the group as guest speakers. Coordination of classroom and club efforts is accomplished through projects and the sponsor- ing of several University social events. The an- nual card party provides practical experience in planning and in addition is a money-making proj- ect with the funds used to help defray expenses of students attending professional meetings and "Recreation Royale" was the theme of the an- nual card party. Majors' Club conventions each year. The sponsoring of an all school dance provides additional assistance. One of the largest all University events is the annual HSongfest,' where some 12 to 15 organizations compete for honors. All club members united in their efforts to make this traditional program an outstanding one enjoyed by students, faculty and towns people. The members have ufunl, as well. The fall so- cializer is planned by the Junior class as practical experience. Here new members are given special welcome into their professional organization and all enjoy the genuine fellowship of the group to- gether. Recreation Majors usher at the 1966 Songfest. Student National Education Association, a newly formed organization this year, was estab- lished for students in education. SNEA had sev- eral speakers come in to discuss teaching situa- tions and conditions, and had several informative films. SNEA strives for understanding and appre- ciation of the field of education. Student Education Association Row I: Barbara Funnellg Mary Kamlag Judith Nelsong Rosemary Whiteg Phyllis Puckett. Row 2: Marcia Tremaineg Ann Orr: Jeanette Andcrl: Harold Scarsethg Joe Beckg Adele Johannes: Larraine Steuck. it 125 Row I: Jean Griesg Dixie Yeiterg Judy Hanseng Jean Brandt. Row 2: Lois Schwarteng Jan Mlllln Jean Blackmore Shirley Morkensen Row 3: Elizabeth Stauberg Susan Goeldnerg Barb Dauphing Marilyn Kile. Wivettes The purpose of Wivettes is to provide an op- portunity for the wives of college students to be- come familiar with and be a part of the campus community, make new acquaintances and share common interests through various activities. Pro- grams are presented at the monthly meetings on such topics as family credit management and op- portunities available to student wives and fami- lies. A service project consisted of making Christ- mas center pieces for the La Crosse County Hos- pital in West Sale. Fund raising projects included a bake sale using their talents as homemakers, and a Spring Style Show. Social opportunities are offered through the Wivettes Bowling League which meets twice a month in the Student Union and husband-wife gatherings such as the Couples Bowling League, the Progressive Dinner Christmas Party and the banquet at the close of the year. There goes a strike Ready? Aim! Fire!! Watch the Birdie! The Women's Association, WRA, encourages expanded participation by publicizing its activi- ties in the WRAP, the WRA paper. Opportunities to participate in twelve separate sports were of- l fered. Apparatus, archery, badminton, basketball, J curling, fencing, riding, softball, swimming, ten- nis, track and field, and volleyball were the events WRA sponsored for girls with any amount of ex- perience. omen's Recreation Association Row 1: Marcia Evenson, Sandy Laing, Miss Lee Stephenson, Advisor, Karen Toburen, Judy Delong, Treas., Jean Bubolz, Vice Pres., Sally Redlin. Pres., Marilyn Schwartz, Sec., Nancy Krattiger. Row 2: Marcia Tremaine, Barb Zimmerman, Virginia Smith, Jean Evert, Kathy Wadzinski, Barb Gamber, Lynn Keehn, Elaine Hooker, Margo Hennig, Frances Goenig. Row 3: Ellen Larson, Marilyn Meyer, Pat Koch, Rita McKinley, Patricia Besner, Mary Alfus, Karen Board, Toni O'Brien, Pam Schroeder, Bonnie Lutz. Row 4: Mary O'- Brien, Evelyn Grosch, Virginia Nairn, Eileen Seefeld, Jane Hahn, Christine Weber, Jean Horzlanzyk, Marcy Oncken, Jan Doleschal, Roberta McGowan, Carol Karps. fi'-ffzgr, 'tf'W l .-, - . . f, 'Q , J - Q4 . V K M. K 3 SRF - all .M . ,"' . f , A , ,L if g g A --J A "-'f ,tlti . if wa 9 K . i I Z . J ' 5 5' -L I fa iii 5' Q E-5Qk,1 , 2- ' Z -, V S v l 127 4? Row I: Terry Krugel, Assistant Directorg Rosanne Channingg Allen Thompsong Maryls Johnsong Kathleen Caseyg Marge Burnsg Annette Melbyp Mary Rombergg Mary Welchg Carol Larsong Jeanne Neumanng Laura Hasenstabg Gladys Steneg Jo Krauseg Julie Jorgensong Maggie Quamg Annette Hoffg Arlene Altg Bonnie Lutzg Nancy Moerschg Gordon Nelson. Row 2: Diane Adamsg Jana Hansong Sandy Haksomakig Jackie Coates: Connie Sudgeng Charlotte Andersong Pam Albrechtg David Leighrg Sandy Dolatag Rich Sageg Carol Hintzg Corinne Trautschg Nancy Rennerg Sandy Ericksong Alicia Enseyg Betty Nuttallg Joan Berkeng Ramona Harpoldg Martha Jenkinsg Barb Moran, Row 3: Carol Armagost: Julie Jordang Mary Pendleton: Judy Kovalaskeg Pat Hustong Sandy Schultz: Mary Youngg Ann Lorenzeng Kay Killiang Joan Wehrenbergg John Bentzg Judy DeJongg Jeff Heislerg Rita Bosshardtg Nodji Olsong Wendy Bahrg Lorraine Messerg Virginia Smithg Bev Manteyg Jan Semraug Dave Zurng Pat Kinseyg Marly Sugdeng Bev Emmonsg Linda Benekerg Chandra Ahrensg Sara Bisseng Pam Rangerg Nancy Emery: Lin Howellg Gerald Lambertg Mary Reikeg Mary Jo Gruendler. Row 4: Charlene Timmg Karen Rommelg Bob Schneiderg Jerome iMoedeg Ron Potter: David Joanisg Roger Grang Virginia Marting Mike Snusteadg Bonita Gehlingg Nancy Try- nandg Nick Charlesg Donnette Hollmang Ray Massingillg Jeanne Coxg Blaine Peterseng Don Parsonsg Jeff Jamesg Rick Youndg Harry Leeg Dick Downingg John Cathmang Al Myreng Tekla Andersong Linda Carterg Judy Smith: John Petersong Mary Bessacg Deanna Frenchg Roy Sugdeng William Schmidt: Alan Rudrudg Ron Drecktrahg Chuck Kuchlerg Carole Oinoneng Harry Harnichg Dave Kenstadg Linda Toddg Dick Loken. Row 5: Kermit Oppriechtg Kris Falkg Linda Rundeg Laurie Rebrog Bob McDonaldg Lin Scottg Bob Falkg Tom Joanisg Bill Meyerg Jerry Bonsackg Barb Elmerg Cindy Dodgeg Mr. Wahl, Directorg Forrest Biggerstaffg Ron Pfaffg Roger Haughg Sue Jeromeg Bob Johnsong James Hornbyg Norman Hurlburtg Larry Werbelg Ruth Wildag Charles Robertsg Cheri Snyder. ind Symphon Row I: Gordon Nelsong Bonnie Lutzg Maggie Quamg Carol Larsong Jo Krauseg Mary Rombergg Rosanne Channingg Terry Krugel. Row 2: Sandy Dolatag Rich Sageg Kay Killiang Anita Melbyg Jean Neumang John Bentzg Nodji Olsong Mary Pendeltong Lucinda Brunig Mary Munsong Jackie Coates: Maryls Johnsong Al Thompson. Row 3: Kris Falkg Tom Joanisg Jerry Bonsackg Mike Snusteadg Don Parsonsg Harry Lee: Rick Youngg Al Myreng Roy Sugdeng Forrest Biggerstaffg Roger Haughg Dick Lokeng Linda Toddg Bev Emmonsg Linda Ben- ekerg Nancy Emeryg Pam Ranger. Row 4: Cheri Snyderg Mr. Wahl, Director. 128 Symphonic Band Swinging Chiefs Row 1: Al Thompsong Terry Krugelg John Bentzg Jeff Heislerg Gordon Nelson. Row 2: Chuck Krucklerg Dave Kensteadg Linda Toddg Dick Loken. Row 3: Rich Sageg Mr. Wahl, Directorg Kris Falkg Forrest Biggerstaffg Don Parsonsg Mike Snusteadg Rick Youngg Harry Lee. 129 At the Green Bay Packer-Minnesota Viking game in Green Bay the Marching Chiefs played "Thunderball" in il salute to Agent 007. Featured Twirler, Pam Albrecht. C eeee eeele ,KN 5349" Q Marching Chiefs The Marching Chiefs, 142 young men and and women of La Crosse State University, are under the direction of Ralph Wahl. The Drum Major is Gorden Nelson and the featured twirler is Pam Albrecht. The Marching Chiefs brought considerable attention to the school and the city through its ap- pearances at various functions throughout the state. This year the Marching Chiefs appeared at the Baltimore Colt-Chicago Bear professional football game in Chicago and also at the Minne- sota Viking-Green Bay Packer professional foot- ball game in Green Bay. The band also performed a half-time show at Whitewater when the La Crosse Indians met the Whitewater Warhawks. A marching exhibition was given at Fond du Lac, based on the theme "Building a Band". Long hours of intense practice and drill are the elements which make this years Marching Chiefs outstanding. For each minute of performance the members of the band practice and drill about one hour. During the football season you will always find the band practicing on the University park- ing lot. Although the football season may end the mu- sical and performing activities of the band are just beginning. The high stepping, hard driving Marching Chiefs lead the Oktoberfest Parade. Drum Major, Gorden Nelson. The band is shown here in a "Tijuana Taxi" number at the Green Bay Packer-Minnesota Viking game in Green Bay 'I31 3 Q3 if .' , H RQAE "- ffl: L. kt fQQ?. fi L' i bwft 1 ikezu , M G MW if iiiiiiiii University Singers Dr. William V. Estes, Director. Barbara Bronson, Aooompanist. Soprano Jean Ahlin Mary Crum Joan Dauphin Sharon Green Kristen Hanson Donnette Hollman Carol Johnson Kathy Kortbein Sharon O'Leary Jeannine Opdyke Mary Olson Carolyn Quammen Ann Rommel Barbara Ruf Janine Schaller Suann Thompson Diane Vaaler JO Ann Wall Jeanne Wilson Allen Myren Kermit Oppriecht George Potaracke Harold Scarseth Mike Wilmot William Ziegler Bass Tom Adams Doug Brandt Roger Crum Stephen Diakoff Jim Greenup Ron Jones Jerry Lambert Ron Lee Gary Lunde Chuck Schmidt Bob Sivak Al Stendahl Roy Sugden Glenn Wake Wayne Wilson John Haag Alto Diane Adams Emily Amundson Cathy Clements Jan Doleschal Melisa Erickson Theo Fliekinger Mary Ann Francis Julie Jorgensen Kay Klinke Sharon Lintelman Jean Milinovieh Pat Miller Debra Osgood Sandy Rebhan Karen Santlvold Priscilla Sharer Sally Steclsart Tenor Harold Beitlieh John Brauner Tom Byerly Dave Juneau Jack Lewis Allen Myren Kermit Opprieeht George Potaracke Harold Searseth Nlike Wilmot William Ziegler Row I: Sharon O'Leary: Carol Kaepernickg Diane Vaulerg Theo Flickingerg Ann Lorenzeng Jan Doles- chal. Row 2: Jim Regeleing Bob Sivak: Jim Greenupg William Zieglerg Kermit Oppriechtg George Potaracke. Collegiates University Singers European Concert Tour Aug.. ' 99 134 3,44 SJ' Q59 In Rothenburg, Germany the Singers were greeted by the mayor of the city who was dressed in original Costume. When the city was under siege by invaders the mayor drank a stein of wine to save the city from being destroyed. Dr. Estes re-enacts this drinking of the wine ceremony. J I, J od I h uthemic U IC 0I'gCl'lSCl'1 ITI C S CI' Z1 German costume. The singers presented Dr. Estes with a wine goblet in remembrance of their visit in Rothenburg. Germany. 135 One of the sights in the tour that created a lasting impression was the Berlin Wall. The day the Singers toured East Berlin the East Berliners were celebrating the fifth year the wall had been built against U. S. aggression. One of the high points of the tour was when the Singers gave a private concert for the Chan- cellor of West Germany, Chancellor Erhard. The warm hospitality of the inn keeper in Tegernsee, Germany cannot be over- looked. He entertained the Singers during dinner by playing various German folk tunes. The warm feeling the entire village held toward the Singers was emphasized when the inn keeper played the Star Span- gled Banner. 1 ZX A- A W if eligious Grganizations A 5 , 6 ,V pgygifs , X , f . W, 2 an 'Q as a A 1 Q. . gf, I 1 M..-d"'l""f ' fb-Tl' ' . W Rami I: Bonnie Kopp. Sec. gl Treas.g Marsha Curtisg Carolyn Rex, Vice Pres.g Linda Novy. Row 2: Susan Halberg, Pres.g Dr. Birchler, Advisorg Roger Crumg Charlene Johnson. I I1 tl e It ' R e 1 1 g 1 O U. S Inter-Religious Council represents all faiths of worship and acts as the official religious repre- ' sentative at various campus events. They also C I1 C 1 1 act as a "clearing house" for religious activities. I.R.C. sponsored a Thanksgiving and Easter Con- vocation While also holding an Ecumenical Day. The Inter-Religious Council sponsor Thanksgiving Convocation. l l l4O Members get acquainted at a coffee hour. Cana Club, the Catholic married students or- ganization, met for coffee and donuts weekly after 9:00 a.m. Mass to discuss various topics of common interest. A get acquainted coffee hour was held for all Catholic married students. Although the Cana Club members spent most of their spare time with their families, they did manage to hold a bake sale, chili supper, New Year's Eve Party, pot-luck supper, picnic, and evening discussions. Cana Club Row I: Elizabeth Stauber: Barbara Kasterg Doris Iessesskig Jean Brandt, Vice Pres. Row 2.' Barbara Reedich, Pres., Sylvester Marilyn Kileg Father Ed Bertz. Row 3: Jack Reedichg John Jessesskig Steve Stauberg Wayne Kile. Kaster qui' 141 Row 1: Judy Smith, Nancy Emeryg Donna Hillishiem. Row 2: Donna Mcliittrickg Sharon Getter. Row 3: Andy Pyatskowitg Burdett Wakeman, Evangelist: Ronald Augustine. Christian Bible Study Striving to unite campus students with the In- spired Word and Its Truths, the Christian Bible Study organization meets Weekly for round table discussion, further study, and fellowship. Focusing their attention upon evidences of Christianity, the members hope to understand the Members of the CBS discuss the Bible at a regular meeting. facts pertinent to Biblical Truths enabling them to evaluate the Scriptures. It is the Christian Bible Study's intent to com- plete this channel of study before approaching another pathway. I N .xvggfli Ye? H edu .. w, vs. ,M ' 7 -sggse ,ef i 3 5 i 5. Rim- I: .lane l-Quniurian: Bonnie Kopp: Margaret Gourley. Cor. Sec.: Donna Haugen. Ron' 2: Sandy Blahut. So-C. Chrm.: Maxine Stetzerl l.ois Snider, Sec, K Trcas.: Marsha Curtis. l.R.C Row 3: James Berg. Pres.1 Robert Johnson. Vice Pres.: William Hughes. Advisor. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship The purpose of the Inter-Varsity Christian Fel- lowship is to provide fellowship for Christians on campus. This organization is a non-denomina- tional group, unsupported by any church. As members, they gain strength through fellowship and friendship with other Christians. At meetings, the IVCF studied the Bible indi- vidually, in groups, and through discussions, and speakers. Their main goal is Christian fellowship. 143 L e ete Q Row I: Judy Zeuschnerg Carol Zeuschnerg DeeDee Olson, Sec.g Wayne Hall, Pres.g Mary Olseng Melisa Ericksong Sandy Millerg Nancy Jung. Row 2: Tekia Anderson, Pat Braaschg Kit Boeschg Virginia Smith, Rosanne Hanson, Mary Ann Pirnerg Millie Nelson. Row 3: Cheryl Busch, Ginger Carlsong Margaret Larson, Mary Besseeg Charlene Johnsong Bev Manteyg Paul Pfefferg Doug Brandtg Norman Erickson, Pastor. Row 4: Terry Peterseng Dennis Tranbergg Gary Meunierg Gary Blomquistg John Lindquistg Raymond Waldieg Gary Lundeg Harold Searsethg Norman Leaf. Lutheran Campus Center The Lutheran Campus and its chapel, called the Catacombs, is a community of students with a common religious faith. As well as a center of activities for the campus, the students are also a congregation seeking to be the church of the campus. Worship is held on Sundays as well as weekdays. Discussion groups, retreats, choir, non- credit courses, social events, and community serv- ice projects are among the activities which make up center life. This year the Lutheran Campus Center, along with the Newman Center hosted a retreat for students from campuses throughout Wisconsin and upper Michigan, the theme of which was "One and Holy". This was the first Ecumenical venture of this kind in the midwest. The two hundred students spent the weekend in October together in dialogue and worship to achieve better understanding of the two churches. The Center is governed by a vestry of twelve students who meet twice each month. It is served by a full time campus pastor, the Reverend Nor- man A. Erikson. These are members of the Lutheran Campus Center vestry. 3 wrgl 1 t ...W v . , i fsf i gf f " :":.,1Q:i".. -Vi? nf i . me ff G ui 1. 'ti iQE,,.,.s ",X ' - 1 '12 . J 1 J ni s1:,1sf. ,. .. ... - Row I: Sherry Lischyk, Antoinette Johnson, Lois Murray, Peggy Roraff, Elizabeth Ristow, Judy Sowinski, Jean Suring, Kathy Snapp. Row 2: Rosanne Koehler, Clarella Guider, Sharol Halverson, Linda Novy, Kathleen Casey, Jacque Zielinski, Kathy Ahl, Judy Jordan. Row 3: Joan Hackner, Mary Braithwaite, Treas., Clarla Huberty, Peggy Stellpflug, Bob Renz, Pres. Ass't., Elaine Scott, Suzanne Schuenemann, Pat Venner, Rec. Sec. Row 4: Ray Byerly, Jack Wiersgalla, Sue Searle, David Johann, Jerry Weiland, Tom Byerly, Vice Pres., Jim Birnbaum. Newman Club The La Crosse State Newman Club is a re- ligious organization for all Catholic students on campus. Under the direction of Father G. Hinger, the chaplain, and Jerry Braza, the president, it carries out both religious and social activities. Religious services are held everyday plus a Weekly meeting to instruct the students of what is developing in the church, the world, and the campus. The club paper, New-Man, ago aids in keeping the students informed about other people and events. The chaplain holds group dis- cussions and private conferences with the students when they so desire. Socially, the club enjoys putting on the Chick- en Barbeque, dances, hay rides, bike hikes, skat- ing, and movies. To cover the expenses of the club there is an annual pancake breakfast and broom sale. Row I: Ronald Schaub, Joanne Ventura, Sharon Lepsch, Corr. Sec., Janine Bina, Lindsey Kuhn, Barbara Heinrich, Tom Boland. Row 2: John Uhler, Patrich Stephens, Janis Stellpflug, Ellen Stekel, Elaine Murray, Anne-Marie Waldeck, Barb Fuchsteiner, Jerry Braza, Pres. Row 3: Jim Ramer, John Cain, Pam Roth, Mary Franes Cummingham, Barb Schmitz, Paulette Schmidt, Lynette Ekes, Mary Tickler. Row 4: John Haag, George Potaracke, Gary Buornat, Gary Dresang, Mary Evelyn Burke, Connie Boebel, Maggy Hartig, Carl Adams. Row 1: Arden Brugger, Peg Zurn. Jewel Johns. Barb Kircheis. Row 2: Sheridan Siewers, Jean Ahlin. Gaylene Hoeth. Joan Dauphin. Geri Ruehl, Row 3: Gene Broccard, Ruth Rorabaugh, Ruth Sunday, Kathy Oedsma. Judy Klehm. Kristine Futz. Row 4: Michael Saxton, Norman Hurlburt, Pastor Gary Putnam, Wesely Hurlburt, Ian MacAulay, Kermit Oppriecht, Jim Hornby. nited Campus inistry Students find happiness behind its door. The United Campus Ministry, formerly the Wesley Foundation, is an ecumenical ministry uniting the Wes- ley Foundation of the Methodist Church and the United Campus Christian Fellowship of the Disciples of Christ, the Evangelical United Brethren, Moravian, United Presbyterian Church USA, and the United Church of Christ churches. This year marked the establishment of a campus cen- ter, across from the school library. Retreats, study groups, the Heretics' Club, and the Covenant Players, a religious drama group, characterized activities at the Center. Some of the programs were concerned with "Understanding Death", "The Morality of Scientific Dis- coveryw, and the films "Parable'l and "Abandon Shipv. The ministry shared by students, faculty, administra- tion, and the campus pastor, the Rev. Gary Putnam, seeks to express the presence of a Christian community in the life of the university. uvdilt ww-5 Pastor Wayne Schmidt. Lutheran Through the efforts of the Wisconsin Evan- gelical Lutheran Synod and the campus pastor, Wayne Schmidt, a center and chapel have been established for the stimulation of spiritual growth of LSU students. The objectives of the center are to help the student meet life's duties and to help him meet the responsibilities in the church and in society. The objectives are obtained through Wednes- i The Collegians go caroling. Collegians day evening vesper services, fellowship cost sup- pers, and the provision of transportation to local congregations for Sunday worship. ln addition, secular activities are also an important aspect of the center's program. However, keeping Christ in the center of each member's life remains the primary objective of the Wisconsin Lutheran Chapel. Row I: Marilyn Millerg Rose Selle: Joan Wehrenbergg Janine Schaller. Row 2: Margie Dyre: Linda Sellsg Arlis Vlasakz Mary Linse: Linda Craigs. Row 3: Rev. Wayne Schmidtg Doug Willerg Tom Niedfeldtg Harry Hamishg Tom Peterson: Dave Wilder. Row 4: Bill Gresensg Alan Follendorfg Ron Drecktrahg Allen Myreng Gary Bussg Merlin Kardin. ll la, x sf , 'fl 1 'iX 5 Greek 0 if' Organizations 5, V1 ML . , , . .f. ' :ff--3 A .g ME A ,S , 4 is N A rf' if A AM A.v,, ,,,. in Q H Q 1 x ka i ,. 'J Q 2 In 2 fy!! 1, X .nf Wm LX 3 .,.,. L.V..,.A,.L, W JI, K ye., 1' 9 4 2 Q Q x- 'P 1 A 2- 4, ffm 1 7, A Q- '31 W ' 1'f' Q3 fl fa 55 , T 5 . xx , y XV! Row 1: Carol Lenz, Sec., Millie Nelson, Treas.g Julie Mack, Pres.g Pam Klundg Marianne Stark. Row 2: Sherri O'Rourkeg Peggy Stell- pflugg Saralie Sandsg Carol Kaepernick. Panhellenio Council '4United we stand, divided we fall", is the motto of the Panhellenic Council as they work together in many campus functions. An exciting service performed this past year by the sorority members was their work and participation during the In- auguration Week. The girls acted as guides and hostesses, and sponsored a reception for President and Mrs. Gates. Upholding the standards of intellectual achieve- ment, the council awards the Panhellenic Scholar- ship trophy to the sorority with the highest grade point each semester. The trophy went to Delta Zeta sorority for the 1966 spring semester, then to the Alpha Phi sorority for the 1966 fall semes- ter. Pledges entertain the Greeks and the student body in skits spon- sored by Panhellcnic Council. Another combined effort of all sorority mem- bers was the Formal Rush. Plans for this event began in the fall of the year when the council prepared and sent out newsletters to freshmen orientating them to sorority life. Provision of counselors before and during rush is another service of the council. An all-sorority tea is the initial function of Formal Rush. Two girls from each sorority represent the unity of all the girls as they meet each week to discuss their college and sorority interests. Miss June Tenckhoff, assistant Dean of Women, is their advisor. Actives and Rushees enjoy the Pzmhcllcnic Formal tea. A An Alpha Phi times a contestant during the banana eating contest at the Water Carnival. Members of the sorority proudly display some of their trophies. A1p11a Phi The Alpha Phi's social calendar was filled with many varied events which included a water carni- val for all campus organizations, a Thanksgiving Banquet for the Alpha Phi family, and a Holly Sale at Christmas to provide additional money for the building fund in hopes of building a sorority house in the near future. While sponsoring these events they also participated in the Powder Puff Olympics, Songfest, and Winter Carnival. Enter- taining the older folks at Mulderis Nursing Home was their philanthropy project for the Alpha Phi's. Alpha Phi won the Greek Women's Scholar- ship trophy for first semester of this year and also won first place in the women's homecoming float competition. Row I: Susan Roderick, Kathy Kortbein, Marty Steffen, Barbara Heinrich, Pam Smith, Treas., Barbara Schlosser, Pres., Joanne Mous- sette, Kathy Newton, Carol Piekarz, Elaine Hooker, JoAnn Miller. Row 2: Kathy Tench, Nancy Roy, Joanne Zeilinger, Kathy Connor, Betty Hiser, Barb Drews, Kelly McCoy, Kay Fisher, Barbara Heinonen, Sally Bentzien, Mary Anne Koenig, Carol Lenz. Row 3: Lauree Rebro, Linda Benedict, Sue Stuesser, Kitsy McCulloch, Marilyn Miller, Carol Wetenkamp, Sherri Orolirk, Judi Patience, Karen Johnson, Joan Anderson, Nancy Hass, Judy Lokken. Row 4: Terry Lindgren, Mary Engsberg, Linda Herold, Rosemary Rowe, Jane Pedersen, Cor. Sec., Sylvia Murphy, Benjie Knox, Lynn Laursen, Mary Jo Madalon, Mary Martin, Diane Falbe, Julaine Huttenburg. .. .QL .am ...L aim.. u. AQ .. - A Row I: Carol Romeo: Sharon Reese: Hank Delikoski: Margo Hennig: Bonnie Lothian: Connie Carlson. Corr. Sec.: Elizabeth Hickey: Barbara Panke: Sandra Miller. Act. Chr.: Sue Bacun. Raw 2: Dianne Smalancke. Prefs.: Pat Klug. Treas.: Joey Scott: Diana Gros: Saralie Sands: Chris Knudson: Pam Klund. Panhellenic Del.: Cheryl Hartman: Margie Wachal: Linda Radke, Ass't. Rush Chrm. Row 3: Karen Nordbloom: Pat Ploctz: Jolynn Wittenberg: Barb Skrobot. Vice Pres.: Sue Hickey: Linda Hansen: Carol Hayhurst: Gale Huse, Kate Deppeler. Rec. Sec.: Dianne Nelson. Row 4: Candy Buehl. Soc. Chrm.: Cindy Howland: Linda Schubert: Nancy Stuart: Shirley Walsuik: Kathy Klus: Linda Drinkwater: Mary Kirkhorn: Chris Johnson. Rush Chrm.: Karen Dwyer: Cheryl Trapp. Alpha 0 The Sigma Lambda Chapter of Alpha Omicron O m 1 C Pi, philanthropic project is concerned with the Bethany Nursing Home in La Crosse. Each week members of the Chapter visit, comfort, and cheer P ' the elderly people. Alpha Omicron Pi also plays 1 a large part in the functioning and development of certain annual activities which occur on cam- pus. Working in conjunction with other Greeks, Alpha Omicron Pi help sponsor the Homecoming Fall selections from the AOPi style show. activities- Students get in the Christmas spirit at the AOPi Tea. 152 o T S- "' - ' , ' if A pledge shines shoes during Greek Week. A pledge gets questioned at the Xi table. lpha Xi Delta The Delta Alpha Chapter of Alpha Xi Delta took part in many campus activities from the Powder Puff Olympics, which they won this year, to Songfest. The Alpha Xi's also presented the Saint Patricks Day Style Show and Tea, and acted as hostesses and guides during Inaugura- tion Week. Working with the girls of St. Michael's Home was the philanthrophy project, this in keeping with the national philanthropic project to prevent juvenile delinquency. The Alpha Xils worked jointly with the Phi Sigma Epsilon Fraternity to give a Christmas Party for orphans. Row I: Chris Turzinskig Karen Flynn: Shari Tess: Nancy Somdahlg Rori Templing Karen Harrigang Jean Niedererg Sue Harrisg Kathy Neisz Mary Copeland, Mary Annett, Row 2: Kathy Runholm, Nancy Coughlinp Lorrie Meachamg Annetta Hoffg Jean Gonyog Barb Smithg Ann Schyeg Carolyn Garriottg Jill Leren. Linda Novyq Pat Splittg Roselyn Mangiaracinag Karen Klug. Row 3: Julie Mackg Joan Jarchowg Marianne Stark: Janie Buchmiller: Carol Kaepernickg Judy Boederg Shirley Tapelt: Arlene Alt, Sherry Maderg Jackie Coatesg Susan Grabowg Sharon Dahlk. Row 4.' Barb Block, Cindy Greenerg Sherry Lewisg Marcia Leeg Judy DeJong: Suzanne Ishmael, Joan Schmidt: Lois Metoxeng Mary Jo McLaughlin1 Mary Joe Grimm, Bonnie Riemang Jeanne Huseby, Jan Wojahn. .l lk ,, 1g , Row I: Becky Robinsong Jeannette Droegeg Susan Gagermeierg Nancy Sweeneyg Nancy Moerschg Sharon Chitwood, Rec. Sec.g Sally Steckart, Act. Chairmang Nancy Aldrich, Sally Castleg Cheryl Squire. Row 2: Kathie Peterseng Jean Ness: Donnette Hollmang Mary Riekeg Mary Kamlag Rosanne Hanson, Susan Roellichg Kay Halverson, Treas.g Judy Sowinskig Nadine Clarkg Millie Nelson, Senior Pan- hellenic Rep. Row 3: Patsy Gilles, Kathy Dvorakg Kay Kern, Judy Jungen: Sonia Gonzalezg Barbara Beckerg Nancy Dickinsong Janice Holtzeg Vicki Megrathg Nancy Weissenberger, Pres. Row 4: Jan Steldtg Jan Kleing Peggy Stellpflugg Susan Weigg Betty Thompsong Judy Fennerg Margie Knoblouchg Betty Emery, Jan Doleschalg Barb Bronson. Delta Zeta Members of Delta Zeta take part in many so- cial, campus, and civic projects. Each year the Delta Zetais sell activities calendars. Philan- thropic projects include aid to the Navajo Indians and work with deaf children. Each week a few of the members meet with these children at the First Baptist Church to teach them many new skills. Money projects include car washes, pickle sales, and pop bottle drives. A new project was The D-Z's give Judy Fenner moral support during the Powder Puff Olympics. just undertaken and that is babysitting services each month for the children of the faculty. Delta Zeta members participate in the Beta Variety Show, Songfest, Powder Puff Olympics, and Winter Carnival. The D-Zis had the highest scholarship average of all the sororities in 1965 and was the first to receive the Panhellenic Scholarship trophy. President, Nancy Weissenberger explains the D-Z display to interested girls at Activities Night. In the last few semesters the Inter-Fraternity Council has been making big strides toward im- proving its organization and effectiveness. With the assistance of its able advisors the Council re- vised its Constitution and drew up a set of by- laws with hopes of expanding its scope of author- ity. The purposes of the Inter-Fraternity Council are: l. to coordinate the Fraternities in joint proj- ects: 2. decide Inter-Fraternity disputes: 3. to make decisions pertinent to the well being of all fraternities: 4. to provide a link between the fra- ternities and administration. The Council's first big step toward making itself an effective and useful organization was during the Inauguration Week of first semester. The IFC along with the Panhellenic Council acted as an organizing and co-ordinating commit- tee, planning services for the visiting dignitaries during the week. All Greeks worked in harmony on this venture by providing campus tours, an information booth, transportation services, and parking lot attendants. 'V 'P vnu.. Row I: Gary Wachtel, Treas.: All Tomaszewski, Pres. Frey, Sec.: Jerry Sager, Vice Pres. Inter-Fraternity Council Row 2 ill Row I: G. l. Mnlzcllc, Advisor: Gary Wachtcl. Treas.: lim Nesbitt: Dave Curits: Mr. Ammerman, Advisor. Row 2: Al Tomaszewski, Pres.: Bob Nicbuhr: Dave Schmidt: Roy Hoffmann. Row 3: Bill Frey, Sec.: Jim Paulus, Bill Davis: Bob Benson: Wayne Herzog. Row 4: Jerry Sager, Vice Pres.: Jim Greenup: Bob Gronski: Dennis Liebscher: Tom MacGillivray. 155 John Donnatellg Gene Loughring Al Tomaszewski, Sec.g Terry Schaetzke, Vice Pres.g John Zim- pelg John Woodsong Mr. William Parks, Adv.g Timothy Meyerg Alyerd Luelloffg Jim Rechting Dick Flayterg Bill Griseg Jim McCormicg Bob Mullinsg Tom Carroll. Bob Bruettg Dave Whisnerg John Drewsg Dan Barrettg Dave Schmidtg Rick More- landg Paul Sommersg Ray Hoffman, I.F.C. Rep.g Joe Olivag Mike Morang Skip Kaeskeg Bill Davis, Pres.g Ted Vergesg W. Bruce Hutcheong Thomas Garsombke. Don Skwierawskig Chuck Oldenburghg Doug Nelson, Treas.g Bob Midlandg Steve Pischke, Soc. Sec.g John Mitichg Bob Niebuhr, I.F.C. Rep,g Corey Degaetanog Jim Adamsg Bob Cristg Bob Hansong Ed Williamsg Gary Liederg Larry Buttong Ken Spraetz. Alpha Kappa Lamba Alpha Kappa Lamba is one of the most active social fraternities on campus. The Kappas throughout the years have been especially active in nearly all of the campus activities from Dad's Day and Homecoming in the fall, to Winter Car- nival and Songfest in the spring. Alpha Kappa Lamba has headed Dad's Day for the last five years, and has won the float competition for the last four years. The Kappas have organized and promoted Winter Carnival for the last three years. The Kappas received the A. P. O. Service Award for 1966 for refinishing the desks in the library. A second large project of the Kappas was the collection of thousands of cookies from the people of La Crosse, boxing and crating them, and sending them to the servicemen in Viet Nam for Christmas. 2 Jim Paulus decorates the Beta booth for Winter Carnival. All work and no play. Beta Sigma Chi, the oldest fraternity on cam- pus, was founded in 1934 by D. O. Coate. The only local fraternity at WSU-L, the Betals an- nually sponsor the Beta Variety Show, an event which features skits by various campus organiza- tions. Beta Sigma Chi also partici ates in Home- ' ' coming, Winter Carnival, and Soriggfest. Socially, B S 1 g m at C h. 1 the Betas stage a Homecoming Dance, a Spring Dinner Dance, a Senior Picnic, as well as many informal get-togethers throughout the school year. Row I: Micheal Lavermann. I-list.: Jim Kollathg Dave Beranek, Vice Pres.g Robert Benson. Presg Jim Paulus. Row 2: LeRoy Millerg Richard Knox, Cor. Sec.g Gregory Jablonski, Sec.g Bob Burgmaier. Row 3: Jim Iiangeng Ralph Watson, Treasg Pete Sullivang Dave Senng Carl Wehman, Pledgemaster, I. F. C. Rep. Row 4: Jerry Sager, Philip Meadg Nell Hovind, Chaplaing Ray Przywojskig Clayton ,Combs. i-"il --if Mi' Q77 lr , ,,rr i 'P J r 'a a . f J I a I V . J D ky 3 3, Q J 5 i 157 Row I: Mike Shoemakerg David Sprehng Mike Flanagang Ken Johnsong Doug Happelg Randy Docauer, Sec. Row 2: Don Hehenbergerg Alan Staffong Mike Clarkg Randy Loomisg Wayne Herzogg Virgil Holder, Advisor. Row 3: Norb Dubag Gene Bajicek, Sgt. of Arms, Tom Joanisg Joseph Aldrichg Bill Frey, Pres., Mr. Wingate, Advisor. Row 4: Robert Petersong Jack Connaughton, Treas.g William Sleeterg Richard Bristenfieldg Stan Sprahng Jim Burton, Vice Pres.g Wayne Jacobson. Delta Sigma Phi The Delta Sigma Phi fraternity, the newest fraternity on campus initiated its first pledge class on November 22, 1966. Expanding rapidly, the fraternity is looking forward to its installation as a chapter during the second semester. The Delta Sigis hope to make this the greatest formal event in their history. A scholarship of fifty dollars was initiated dur- ing the first semester to award the pledge with the highest grade point during his pledge semes- ter. To promote scholarship, the pledge must par- ticipate in a Hcollege bowll' in which teams an- swer questions on any subject chosen. The win- ning team each semester competes against a team of actives for the semester championship. The Delta Sig's have planned and carried out several functions thus far with hopes of expand- ing these in years to come. The first big group project was a money making project in conjunc- tion with the La Crosse Oktoberfest Committee. Participating in their first homecoming, the Delta Sigis placed second in the fraternity division of the float judging. Future plans, other than the installation, include the annual "Pop" Gardner Christmas party for underprivileged children, and a car rally to be held sometime second semester. The Delta Sig booth at Winter Carnival' honored the professors. . 1 . fa. - . N, . r "A 1 't :S Phi Sig's and the Alpha Xi's join together to give a Christmas Party for the Orphans. Phi Sigma Epsilon sponsors sports day for the The Phi sigs Honky Tonk ice sculpture. youth of La Crosse, co-sponsors the Orphans Party for the children at St. Michaells during the Christmas season, the annual Winter Carnival, 0 0 the Tom Turkey Dance before Thanksgiving, and 1 S 1 g m at numerous work projects for the fraternity. The show 'fWhere The Action ls" which took place ' 1 here in La Crosse was also sponsored by the Phi p S 1 O H Sigs. The Phi Sigs are also known for the annual spring Playboy Party which is a weekend long affair and they are also proud of its active par- ticipation in intramural athletics. Row 1: James Cross: Larry Trammell: William Meyer: Richard Schulz: Martin Anderson. Pres.: Michael Manegold: Dean Schwarten: Raymond Herda: Terry Nelson: Michael Buttler. Row 2: Ron Hanson. Hist.. Chap.: Tarry Hall: Tom Mitchell: Jim Laeko: Rick Synold: Greg Jefferves: Bob Yoss: John Lenz, Party Chair.: Otto Novick: James Christensen. Row 3: Carlos Pagan: Jim Novak, Rec. Sec.: Tom Touton. Corr. Sec.: Jeff Mahloch: George Thompson: Al Poser. Sgt. of Arms: Jim Folger: Pete Tangley: Dennis Waldron: Joe Dwyer. Row 4: Jerry Graf: Steve Olsen: Harold Warriner, Soc. Chair.: Tom Madden: Steve Jensen, Treas.: Don Dimond, Vice Pres.: Dick Pflueger: Jeff Lange: Robert Gronski: Robert Polan: Len Brasch: Jim Greenup: John Tremain. .A-K . l 159 l Row 1: Maurice Gallagher, Soc. Chair.g Charles Moore, Sec.-Treas.g Pat Sebranekg Blaine Peterson. Row 2: William McGrathg John Wuldrong Tom Macgillivrayg Gary Linkg Ken Kolar. Row 3: Pat Lawrynk, Rec. Sec.g Phil Peckhamg Gordon Jensen, Chaplaing Leonard Rashg Bob Bohng Denny Liebscher, Pres. Row 4: Clayton Woodg John Budginsg Larry Drew: Marvin Biesiadeckig Nick Moran, Vice-Pres. Sigma Tau Gamma Sigma Tau Gamma became a national frater- nity on the LSU campus in 1960 and was the first to do so. Each year they sponsor a Calendar Queen Week which was initiated in 1965. Thir- teen girls are chosen through elimination by the members of the fraternity and then the queen is elected by an all school election. This year's Cal- endar Queen was Julie Huttenburg. It is the Sig Couples could try their luck at the Sig Tau Black Jack table at Winter Carnival. s s WI! 1 4 -fill!-ff Tau's hope to make this a bigger event each year. Each year Sigma Tau Gamma gives out a scholastic award to the fraternity with the top grade point. This highly coveted award was won by Tau Kappa Epsilon last year. The Sig Tau's are also very active in intra- mural sports with participation also in the Beta Variety Show and Songfest. The Sig Tau's put the finishing touch on their Casino Rose. Row I: Mark Pfisterg David Houghg Jim Smarty Irwin Morris, Thomas Adams, Hist.g Luis Esquilin, Treas.g Olin Harried. Row 2: William Griesg James Dobson, Ralph Tolokkeng Jules Levyg Dean Sherry, Pres., Jim Baumgarteng Dave Curtis. Row 3: Jose Torresg Buckley Niel- sen: Louis Levy: Patrick Fleming, Sec.g Bob Pruessg Loren Dankeg James Coughlin. Row 4: David Robinson, Mike Ticklerg John Johnsong David Nowak, Mike Enghg Don Justingerg Mike Krueger, John Mikkelson. Tau Kappa Epsilon The Theta Phi Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon has in the past year done many service projects. The TEKES have adopted a Korean orphan, put up signs welcoming people to La Crosse, served as escorts in the Miss Oktoberfest pageant, and controlled the Oktoberfest parade. Every year the TEKES sponsor the Powder Puff Olympics. Sororities compete in unusual events to win a traveling trophy, won this year J A fr by the Alpha Xi Delta sorority. E fc As a social fraternity, Tau Kappa Epsilon has I I about three parties a month. The highlight of the A TEKE Pledge gets 3 notch m he paddle' year is the Red Carnation Ball held in the spring. This year it was held at the Alumni Banquet, en- abling the Alumni and the undergraduates to get together. Row 1: Dick Matushekg Ken Visgerg Tom Jenseng Jack Millerg Mike Roraffg Mike Mevesg Jim Pfeiffer. Row 2: Bill Turnquistg. Jim Johannes, Dick Schulzg John Ruckg Jim Bambroughg Phil Kuehng Jim Stillmang Terry McArdle. Row 3: Bob Paulyg Jim Nichols, Jim Dobbsg Marvin Ekerng Tom Schutzg Vern Schallerg Lee Niemczyk. Row 4: Michael Slabackg Gary Gromg James Ebersoldg Isadore Sorceg Darrell Dvorakg Gary Wachtel, Vice Pres., Peter Bentz. Q ..'-"Qd0lloggo - 5550105.00 s lvsoan QOQO' 10:01-"' 'gf .0550 fgqof' 0 M. 0 of' 'JP .0 O ACADEMIC g w'f"'J+" ."f+ ' f ' , :,.V jig fzz j Vgizi 11j5g,EE. iE:1:ff2E mm m,. M ,,i ZQE 5 -- A : . . IN 5 gig .3 gi - . , K , .,. .. 1 I W Q ri E 1 .s I :.:l. 55' -: " ":f ff 5--vf?'r+-gi-Qfffffi ' " 'W " . V my V E M .E 2a:f5s:2f5 5 mm MM - ,,.. Seniors Nfav ,nv A" ff' 'Q Mrs. Dorothy L. Althaus Elementary Education Larry W, Arnoldy Secondary Education Susan J. Bacun Secondary Education Bonnie C. Beamer Physical Education W 11' , J. aff M fr iff gy? Jeanette E. Anderl Martin I. Anderson Dennis L. Arkin Physical Education Physical Education Secondary Education At the Summit Burton H. Artz Secondary Education Robert B. Balliet Ellen K. Balz Roger F. Baylor Physical Education Recreation Physical Education Barbara L. Becker Fred R. Becker Thomas S, Beebe Elementary Education Letters and Science Letters and Science 166 Harold L. Beitlich Gary R. Bendlin Sally L. Bentzien Bruce, E. Berg Letters and Science Letters and Science Physical Education Letters and Science Karolyn E. Berg Thomas B. Betsinger Marilyn P. Bjorge Kurt W, Bluske Physical Education Letters and Science Elementary Education Letters and Science Sen1ors Judith L. Boeder Randy W, Bowell Secondary Education Secondary Education Bonnie M. Boyer Donald C. Bracco Douglas E. Brandt Len F. Brasch Elementary Education Letters and Science Secondary Education Letters and Science 167 M John F. Brauner Letters and Science Stephen C. Brudlos Secondary Education A. Jean Bubolz Physical Education Sheryl K, Burkhalter Physical Education Donald E. Brock Letters and Science Marilyn J. Brecka Elementary Education Un Their Own I . JOY A- 1311011611 I Janie L. Buchmiller Elementary Education Secondary Education Pefef D- BUFUS James L. Burton Letters and Sciences Letters and Science 168 Carol I. Brown Physical Education Robert F. Bruett Recreation Keith A. Burand Letters and Science Thomas J. Byerly Letters and Science Richard I. Carey Connie J. Carlson ROSCI' D- Chellevqld Letters and Science Secondary Education SecondarY Ed'-1C3110f1 5 Kathy A. Connor Jeannie R. Cox James W. Cross Physical Education Physical Education Secondary Education Seniors Christine M. Cudek Elementary Education Glen W. Dallman William J. Davis Dennis A. DeGutes Physical Education Letters and Science Physical Education 169 Aurelia S. Chotoff Elementary Education Michael S. Cross Letters and Science Marsha K. Curtis Secondary Education Judith B. Delong Physical Education Henrietta K. Delikoski Neil A. Denniston Kathryn J. Deppeler Nancy S. Dickinson Physical Education Physical Education Letters and Science Secondary Education Preparing for Life Michael J. Diesburg Janis K. Doleschal Letters and Science Physical Education John W. Doser u Beth V. Doyle John A. Drews Dan E. Dutcher Secondary EduCaI10I1 Elementary Education Physical Education Physical Education entt args? . cts. ' ..,- .2'gE4.55if:79':S .-.,7,.k. J ,.,- . f nse. m-1.12g55ngeeig- .Ra . :gz P' Karen A. Dwyer Michael F. Ehrhardt Arthur C. Ekern . Merlin A. Ellefson Elementary Education Physical Education Secondary Education Letters and Science 170 Barbara J. Elmer Mary C. Engsberg Harold P. Erickson Paul J. Erickson Physical Education Physlcal Education Secondary Education LCUCTS and SCICIICC it Rand E. Erickson Mrs. Caroline S. Evenson Merriam J. Evenson Jean E. Evert Physical Education Elementary Education Elementary Education Physical Education Sen1ors John F. Fancher Peter F. Fink Letters and Science Letters and Sqjencg Kay Fisher Richard A. Flayter. Patrick J. Fleming Robert E. Foley Physical Education Elementary Education Secondary Education Physical Education 171 Betty A. Folgers Elementary Education Ingrid A. Francksen Linda E. Franklin Susan M. Franzen Letters and Science Physical Education Secondary Education Nancy B. Frederick Secondary Education z, ..--...vas-5. '-1: ,5ff'lif3F efifftik-f . . ' Victor T. Gehm Physical Education Mrs. Betty L. Goodman Elementary Education College Mernoirs Susan L. Gentile Physical Education Linda L. Gottbeheut Elementary Education Barbara C. Gamber Physical Education Russell W. Getter Joel S. Gilbertson Secondary Education Letters and Science Jeanne M. Granke Verna M. Graham Secondary Education Physical Education Neil N. Greinke Letters and Science Gloria I. Grimsrud Elementary Education Wayne O. Hall Secondary Education William E. Gries Richard A. Greve A Secondary Education Recreation Ruth A. Gruen Mary A. Grunwald Letters and Science Physical Education Seniors Gary R. Hanson Physical Education Olin N. Harried Cheryl L. Hartman Secondary Education Physical Education 173 Mary-Joe Grimm Physical Education Pamela K. Gust Elementary Education 4 ' - Mrs. Joyce C. Halvorson Elementary Education Nancy K. Hass Secondary Education Donna J. Haugen Secondary Education Marilyn Haugland Elementary Education Mrs. Ella M. Hawkins Secondary Education Barbara J. Heinonen Recreation Donald J. Herzog Secondary Education Donna L. Hilleshiem Secondary Education Professionalism Exemplified Jackie E. Heuser Letters and Science Jeri A. Hilmoe Elementary Education Holly C. Hoesly Physical Education Annetta R. Hoff Physical Education Douglas S. Hinkel Physical Education Janice F. Holtze Elementary Education Barbara L. Hoeppner Letters and Science David W. Hough Secondary Education Jane D. Howland Douglas S. Hugget Lynda L. Howell I Physical Education Letters and Science Letters and Science Wesley W. Hurlburt Letters and Science Charles D. Ingwell Karen M. Jacobs Letters and Science Recreation Bruce G. Hustad Secondary Education Seniors Wayne A. Jacobson Secondary Education Joan E. Jarchow Joe C. Jarosh Marjorie M. Jasperson Letters and Science Physical Education Physical Education 175 Paul V. Jacobson Elementary Education Margaret A. Jannusch Physical Education Steven A. Jensen Physical Education William J. J inske David R. Johann Karen A. Johnson Larry D. Johnson Recreation' Letters and Science Secondary Education Letters and Science New Fields of Endeavor Lester J. Johnson Phillip L. Johnson Letters and Science Letters and Science r E J ili A ii i ' A tg ttilrtfa Jre , Julie A. Jorgensen Marty J. Juel Frank S. Jungbluth R. Lee Kaczmarek Secondary Education Secondary Education Letters and Science Physical Education James C. Kaleas Carol A. Karps Ann M. Kent Thomas L, Kerrigan Letters and Science Physical Education Elementary Education Secondary Education 176 ii mlm Joe H. Kershasky Donald R. Ketchum Sandra Lau Kidd Barbara E. Kinyon Recreation' Recreation Secondary Education Letters and Science Mary L. Kirkhorn Judy A. Klehm George C. Kliminski James C. Kling Letters and Science Letters and Science Physical Education Secondary Education Patricia K. Klug Physical Education Benjie Knox Elementary Education Senlors Carol A. Koeller Letters and Science Pamela Klund Secondary Education Paul M. Kosbab Julie A. Krieg Letters and Science Physical Education Mary Jo Kriemelmeyer Patricia A. Kruse Phillip J. Kuehn r Barbara A. Lange Letters and Science Recreation Secondary Education Physical Education Looking Ahead Jeffery R. Lange Gerald C. Larson Secondary Education Physical Education Lynn K. Laursen l Pamela D. Lawrenz Patrick W. Lawrynk Gerald A. Layton Secondary Education Secondary Education Elementary Education Secondary Education Barbara M. LeFevre Bonnie A. Lempke Sharon J. Lepsch Jules C. Levy Elementary Education Secondary Education Letters and Science Secondary Education 178 Ann B. Lorenzen Secondary Education Louis T. Levy Eugene E. Limberg Secondary Education Letters and Science Marilyn E. Mandy Duane J. Mara JoAnn M. Martinek Physical Education Letters and Science Secondary Education Seniors Katherine J. McCulloch Physical Education Mary Jo McLaughlin Dennis M. Mengelt Richard W. Meteyard Physical Education Letters and Science Physical Education 179 David J. Lukas Secondary Education Ian McAulay Physical Education Roberta H. McGowan Physical Education Michael M. Meves Secondary Education Marilyn G. Miller Emily K. Meyer R. Timothy Meyer Physical Education Physical Education Letters and Science Patricia J. Miller Secondary Education Challen ing Tomorrows Sandra R. Miller Elementary Education James L. Mills Recreation Frank C. Mittermeyer John L. Moe Connie L. Morgan Letters and Science Secondary Education Elementary Education lid ,f"e Sharon N. Nada Carol E. Nelson Dianne S. Nelson Elementary Education Secondary Education Recreation 'I80 Helen M. Mower Physical Education Millie A. Nelson Secondary Education Donald R. Nontelle Secondary Education Daniel A. Netwal Diane C. Nicolai Letters and Science Secondary Education Linda A. Novy Toni A. O'Brien Gerold R, Olsen Secondary Education Physical Education Letters and Science Seniors Susan A. Olsen Elementary Education tw James H. Olson Joyce E. Pabst Virginia R. Payne Secondary Education Physical Education Letters and Science 181 Dean T. North Letters and Science Mary L. Olsen Elementary Education David W. Olson Secondary Education Jane C. Pederson Letters and Science Thomas D. Pellett Gail S. Peterson Larry J. Pfaff Larry J. Pitzner Letters and Science Physical Education Letters and Science Letters and Science Gpporturutles Unlimited Kenneth J. Pliskie Nancy L. Plappert Physical Education Elementary Education Kay Anderson Pope Larry' A. Pruess William C. Quain Carolyn A. Quammen Physical Education Physical Education Letters and Science Elementary Education Sally A. Rliymef U Sally A. Redlin James H. Regelein John W. Riberich SCCOHd3fY EdUC21U0I'1 Physical Education Secondary Education Physical Education 182 Joyce A. Richter Margaret A. Robichaud Raymond Rodriguez Ann J. Rommel U Secondary Education Physical Education Elementary Education Secondary Education B. Lynn Rosenthal Nancy Roy Allen D. Rue Richard D. Rutter Letters and Science Physical Education Letters and Science Letters and Science Seruors Eleanor J. Rye Dorothy-Ann Sagen Elementary Education Secondary Education Gerald F. Sager June A. Sampson Harold C. Scarseth Pam J. Schroeder Letters and Science Elementary Education Elementary Education Physical Education 183 GWCI1 M. Scott Barry L- SCh0Ckf11C1 Judy A. Schenck Kathy R. Scherdin Physical Education Physical Education Letters and Science Letters and Science Stairways to Success Barbara A. Schlosser JO2lI1.C- Schmidt Physical Education PhYS1C211 EdUC21fi0T1 Barbara L. Schultz Marilyn J. Schwartz Nancy S. Schwartz Ann R. Schye Secondary Education Physical Education Elementary Education Secondary Education Karin J. Setterquist Scott L. Shaw Gerald M. Sheehan Lester O. Simon Physical Education Physical Educatign Letters and Science Physical Education l84 Linda L. Skappel U Barbara A. Skogen Gary W. Slaats Secondary Educatlon Letters and Science Letters and Science James D. Smart Lois A. Snider Paul A. Sommers Letters and Science Secondary Education Physical Education Al C. Stadthaus Letters and Science Steven J. Stauber Recreation Seniors Martha E. Steffen Physical Education Nancy Steinhoff Letters and Science Diane M. Smalancke Physical Education Patricia A. Splitt Elementary Education Marianne A. Stark Elementary Education 1 .... , wk Ellen E. Stekel Secondary Education Maxine A. Stetzer Gail J. Stewart Marilyn A. Strasser Gerald L. Strittmater Elementary Education Elementary Education Secondary Education Secondary Education Thomas K. Stuber Secondary Education ov1I1g On William J. Sweda Physical Education Aaron O. Synsteby Rori S. Templin Kathleen J. Tench Judith A. Tetzner Letters and Science Physical Education Elementary Education Physical Education Christine A. Thornton Letters and Science James L. Tichenor Karen R. Toburen Al J. Tomaszewski Letters and Science Physical Education Secondary Education 186 N Thomas W. Touton Cheryl L. Trapp Marcia J. Tremaine Thomas J. Tschanz Letters and Science Elementary Education Physical Education Physical Education Peter J. Van Handel Patricia A. Venner Theodore G. Verges Michael J. Wale Physical Education Secondary Education Secondary Education Letters and Science Sen10I'S Jill A. Walker Shirley A. Walsvik Physical Education Secondary Education Earleen J. Wardwell William C. Webb Sheila A. Weiland Ruth L. Welda Secondary Education Physical Education Secondary Education Elementary Education 187 Barbara L. Wells Gerald R. Wendling Carol L. Wetenkamp Secondary Education Letters and Science Physical Education Exciting Prospects Catherine M, Wilson Joan K. Wojahn Charles D. Wolter Letters and Science Physical Education Letters and Science Janet M. W00dS- David V, Yeiter Joanne K. Zeilinger Physical Educatlon Letters and Science Physical Education 188 l Row I: Kathy U. Connor: Kay Fisher: Barbara Schlosser: Barbara Heinoncn: Pamela Schroeder: Karen Toburen: Ellen Ball: Ann I.or- enzen: Row 2: Robert Bruett: VVayne Jacobson: Al Tomaszewski: Judy DcJong: Wayne Hall: Linda Novy: James Smart: Gerald Larson: Ian lVlacAulay. Senior Honors An anonymous faculty-student committee hon- The selections were based on participation and ored thirty-four WSU-La Crosse students by se- leadership in academic and extra-curricular ac- lecting them to the 1966-67 edition of 6'Who's tivities, citizenship and service to the school, and Who Among Students in American Universities promise of future usefulness. and Colleges." Row I: Jerry Braza: Judith Boeder: Millie Nelson: Nancy Roy: Susan Gentile: Betty Folgers: Donna Hilleshiem: Peter Van Handel. Row 2: Michael Cross: Barry Schockmel: Harold Erickson: Thomas Byerly: Prescott Shaw: Nicholas Moran: Rand Erickson: James Bur- ton: Don Herzog. it ill! 4 Z ai rr,- l As Our University Grows in Spirit So Do We in Body The Nix Underclassmen f,f f142? Q v .,A,. .. Mg? ,J V in Mind g 1 g f L , K Y.. V . lie xz, f itat V VV Row I: Sue Langdon, Terry' Donahue, Dee Olson, Harriett Stephenson, Linda Radke, Sue Potter, Martha Niznik, Beverly Demarb, Carol Juliani, Cathy Rafferty, Sandy Aken, Susan Roderick. Row 2: Sharon Christensen, Margie Dyre, Judi Buch- eger, Carol Alperstett, Jill Brady, Charlotte Abrahams, Elaine Hooker, Lynn Goodrich, Alicia Smith, Connie Sugden, Char- lene Horn, Mary Allness, Maureen Lindrud. Row 3: Linda Benke, Kathy Branca, Jackie Mattheis, Carol Nelson, Pat Pir- witz, Martha Jenkins, Kris Hanson, Becky Peck, Rita Schulz, Lauree Rebro, Diana Gros, Nancy Alderson, Cindy Soles, Sandy Erickson. Row 4: Kathy Destover, Barb Ruf, Kathy Dvorak, Lois Dobson, Janet Brux, Jacqueline Burt, Judy Bimmerle, Linda Leurquin, Sue Ann Bausman, Barbara Moran, Janet Bothwell, Jo Ellen Krause, Carol Moore, Effie Abrahamson. Angell I-Iall-Cube A Row I: Maggie Quam, Linda Ihne, Linda Sells, Ramona Harpold, Cathy Lorenz, Karen Harvey, Ann Theirl, Mary Annett, Barbara Heinrick, Cindy Bunker. Row 2: Kathy Schott, Gail Simonson, Judy Hinz, Ginger Martin, Patty Volpano, Anne McGregor, Marie Appel, Jane Warzala, Sharon Green, Sharon Baronowsky, Kathy Spiering. Row 3: Betty Koenitzer, Nancy Hewish, Kay Kern, Vicki Megrath, Linda Schubert, Carol Wirtz, Leslie McCumber, Georgene Kuzma, Rita Hart, Susan Engebretson, Sharon Dahlk, Joyce Ebben. Row 4: Linda Wandel, Sandy Hakomaki, Mary Priller, Carol Wolf, Sharon Red- dell, Eileen Seefeld, Sue Deterville, Sue White, Kay Killian, Lynn Huntington, Vicki Ferguson, Chris Baumgartner, Carol Waskow. 5 A ,-- - N l 1 t 3 7: 2 E ,C , N,,, S 4 , H -,,2 1 sf - A sl t S a ,. f 3 -k7,,,',kkL . . ,-,- 5 it .JLL , A J J A A i'i": . ,,.. A 'iit K -,1' i'ii"" L s A :,,t in te tv A, 'Q ,tt - ,v,,, t : i ii to , , l t l I t t :: :: t A H , i f 192 5 S 0 . L iii , . J B W M w3 B 4 a ll :tl al. , Q . ,y R ii , 1 y . J . L ' li 1 Q ti. an Row 1: Sharon Weatherford. Donna Finucan, Beth Counselman, Diane Zieman, Jerri Parsons, Karen McDermott, Phoebe Sund. Carol Knabe, Joneen Ness. Marcia Evenson. Raw 2: Nancy Sticken, Lindsey Kuhn, Ann Ehlenfeldt, Diane Adams, Lucy Huntzicker, Barbara Funnell. Kathleen Komro, Judy LaKoWske, Kathy VonRuden, Kathy Elliott. Row 3: Mary List- wan, Susan Sherman, Diana Christianson, Linda Benedict, Marjorie Kelly. Janet Peters, Dianne Meronek, Donna McKit- trick, Judith Nelson, Nancy Wagner, Judith Wagner. Row 4: Kathy Burd. Roxann Klingbeil, Berthanna Betts, Jane Clements, Pauline Hillig, Linda Herold, Barbara Hoffmeier, Mary Jane Whitty, Jackie Pankow, Cindy Howland, Joyce DeBruler. Angell Hall-Cube B Row I: Jean Niederer. Kathy Neis, Mary Copeland, Karen Harrigan, Pat Fredricks, Stephanie Ulvestad. Mary Michaud, Jean Heller, Arda Hotek, Sandi Lenz. Row 2: Elaine Dudley, Susan Grabow, Barb Dunn, Chris Turzinski, Ruth Schmidt, Barbara Pinkstaff, Mary Ryan, Kathy Meyocks. Jean White, Jeanne Walgenback. Nancy Emery. Row 3: Dianne Blakley, Bev Miller, Edna Connolly, Linda Stayner, Vicki Puncer. Paulette Andress, Barb Anderson, Susie Lotzer. Susan Mashak, Cynthia Onuma, Marsha Severson, Nancy Moersch. Row 4: Diana Archibald. Diane Falbe, Kathy Mruk, Nola Beaver, Sharon Getter, Rosalie Selie, Diane Conrad, Linda Nelson, Rita McKinley, Jane Coley. Marlene Walter. Anita Melby, Sue Horski, Sharon Chitwood. , . on e p Vf,h . ,, ff? . .if 3 r Q .N ' ,Q L . A, 4 V A y . I .V 4 193 an l Q it . 35 , r',,'1.a, E Q ft 3 B Q 'Q QT' r -i V, Aiuztj . is ,fn V 4 5 lg, :ip AY--, - Q ,,, 9, 'KE 41 :fit gg : gg, Q :,,, " ' ,Q he if ' 7 - 4 Y Y . , , 1 ' t ' Y Row I: Marie Finley, Dolly DeKeyser, Sandy Laing, Carol Gayeske, Carol Sampson, Kathy Newton, Poppy Braunstein, Suzi Lockwood, Janith Prell, Terry Cullen, Reisa Cade, Nancy Krattiger, Bonnie Lothian, Row 2: Barbara Breeser, Mary Rieke, Mary Laubenstein, JoAnne Becherer, Dorothy Snyder, Pat Zelic howski, Mary Jane Bartlett, Maggie White, Cathy Lange, Kay Coleman, Rita Bosshardt, Jean Milinovich. Row 3: Anna Beaver, Pam Fait, Carol Olson, Evelyn Thom, Rosanne Koehler, Pam Gregg, Susan Peters, Roberta Kehrwald, Adrianne Einzig, Charlotte Anderson, Mary Downing, Sandra Ber- gelin, Sue Harinek. Row 4: Wendy Bahr, Faye Burt, Connie Kolbo, Jeanne Subera, Jeanette Prew, Mary Moeller, Helen Zabel, Donna Warren, Joan Roberts, Jolynn Wittenberg, Marilyn Bain, Carol Swanson, Leslee Rightmire, Karen Klug. Angell Hall-Cube C Row I: Sue Lange. Kathy Schowalter, Judy Colletti, Barb Skrobot, Sandra Dolata, Nancy Dedolph, Barbara Mech, Pam Ranger, Cherri Wrchota, Vicki Youngman. Row 2: Sandy Fisher, Cathy Romens, Sue Thierfelder, Bonnie Lutz, Susan Duncan, Vicki Schoonover, Pam Courtier, Kathy Kuhns, Jane Gelhaus, JoAnn Dempsey. Row 3: Ginger Carlson, Betty Wedell, Lois Koch, Carolyn Garriott, Barb Binder, Renee Doolittle, Linda Wanta, Loie Shingler, Kris Fox, Donna Hansen. Row 4: Ruth Brozek, Nancy Streeter, Barbara Lorenz, Pat Young, Marilyn Montgomery, Jan Steldt, Judy Schneider, Jan Semrau, Kathleen Oedsma, Sandy Schultz, Donna Smits. i . sy, ,. t -- tat as X35 A "" ,,, A ' I -w In 61" , , an ,gr ' A ,rg , Q z Q,,, ,J 3. , 194 l " - is i,5g,.,i 4. --, .9 V- , 4-?r, -L 5 A V VAKA , ' W . 'S - A xv, g V is is K fzhi J A 3 - Q8 Row I: Jeanne Euler, Joan Clarke. Gloria Grady. Dorothy Duff, Virginia Peck, Paulette Andre and Boots. Row 2: Rita Dyer. Beckey Robinson, Pat Hanson. Cynthia Berg, Clarella Guider. Cindy Dodge. Row 3: Jan Klein, Gaye Beamer. Barb Chapman. Donna Sandy, Lynette Eekes, Mary Romberg. Joyce Paulson. Row 4: Janel Bladow. Kathy Dion. Sonia Schuelke. Sharon Paisley. Nancy Leiviska, Laurie Bernhard. Charlene Bennett, Gladys Stenen. W S55 A l-rf, ata' if J., -g .. .,,.., kai A K 1 11der , . it... ssl' Ha W W' .-If K gg I .Q 2 . ., : " " g M. Vg - 5 I 'Y . Y I B M -121.4- Raw I: Alene Stenslien. Marie Parduhn, Margaret Ewert, Sue Schuett. Row 2: Eleanor Szorovecz, Suzanne Sehuenemann, Joan Siudzinski, Terri Diehl, Barb Buenning. Row 3: Barb Conk, Kathy Ahl, Sandy Morgan, Ellen Lager. Row 4: Bonnie Gehling, Phyllis Asselin. Jessie Pattratz, Jean Ransom, Mary Kachelek. M T h Sue Kurz Jeanne Wilson Caye Putning Connie Hamilton Caryl Klug. Row 2: Judy Smith, Row I: ary ausc er, . , . , , Connie Curtis, Cindy Bruni, Brenna Bick, Margaret Persick, Anne-Marie Waldeck, Jennifer Yeskie. Row 3: Linda Carter Sherry Hetland, Nancy Deming, Carolyn Check, Barb Dalton, Jennifer Miller, Connie Reynolds, Nancy Nelson. Row 4: Pam Esping. Linda Runde, Kris Falk, Rochelle Hoffman, Jackie Coates, Cheryl Busch, Mary Anne Francis. l J - , i::t-' r G .:- . . il il' V 5 ,Q Q gg r ig . ' ig. av' E, K 'J H' Ll, 1 Q, -. J ,K .1 V il 1,3 Roxy I: Tom Butterfield, Mrs. Bushmann, Housemotherg Denn-ie Brinkmann. Row 2: Gene Collier. Tom Spreeman, Jeff Christ, Rick Maske. Row 3: Michael Ristau. Steve Ruder. Craig Leese, Wayne Link. Coate I-Ia11-First Floor Row I: Karl Larson, Dan Zier, Robert Hubbard, Scott Meredith, Walter Ahrens, Tim Johnson, Ray Massingill, Dick Cal- lender, Ignasius Zilisyki. Row 2: Don Smiley, Joe Bergeson, Rich Hoeg, Chuck Kurtz. Mike Fanning, Jim Sieren, Dave Yoss. Row 3: Larry Woods, Bill Jodarski. Gary Mosier, Scott Rector. Marshall Conradt, Mike Snustead, Dave Neuberger. Row 4: Jim Rasmusson. Rick Straw, Jim Stauffacher, Gary Evenson, Richard Hartrick, Lynn Walter, William Zatloukal. l. C51 A l Cl! A 196 I A +4 an E3 Q-me M Row I: Dwight Hibicke, Terry Mestan, Denis Bischoff, Donald Mueller, Jim Hornby, John Lathrop. Row 2: Ken Steh, John Dellman, Jack Marr, Rick Geracie, Allen Hams, Rod Dahl. Row 3: Les Finkelstein, Richard Moss, Allan Rudrud, Bob Carpenter, Greg McNeely, Glen Lasch, Steven Dorow. Row 4: Bill Nelson, John Lindquist, Steve Westlund, Robert Wise, Mike Moham, Mike Vanderploeg, Wayne Jacobson. Coate Hall- Second Floor Row I: Bill Schenk, Ron Quamme, Greg Grunniwaldt, Charles Roberts. Robert Gautsch. Sam Riskin, Jim Sarchet. Row 2: Robert Keller, Roger Hamblin, Mark Frey, Billy Hall, Mike Carlson, Larry Brinkman. Row 3: Douglas Manlick, Dennis Gutman, Duane Thompson, Peter Conniff, Dale Johnson, Dick Nelson, Tom Crapisi. Row 4: Don Wilson, Dennis Tranberg, Gary Meunier. Joe Simek, John Cathman, Marvin Hansen, Rich Musolf, George Cary. S Pl -. .. A its 'I97 l l A , - an A l L A Row I: Verne Cowles, James Hoffmeister, Thomas Roethe, David Bunnow, Mike Bredahl. Jim Greenup. Robert Seymour, Bill Kal- lio, Row 2: Keith Hcidel, William Breen. Glenn Decker, Greg Schwichtenberg. Bob Dammen, John Zimmermann. Jim Burson, David Fox. Philip Bonack. Row 3: Bob Rundle. Rich Hartrick, Chuck McConnell, Doug Riley, Larry Mack, Jim Buckholz, Don Opitz, Bruce Baka. Row 4: Fred Giraldi. Ed Rhude, Richard Schleicher, James Secretarski. Rick Billings. Michael Myers, Tim Templin, Jerome Moede. Ed Mataczynski. Coate Hall- Third Floor Row 1: Al Thurman. Ronald Schaub. John Gartland, Timothy McMurray. Mark Sobczak, Steven Liss, Vemon King. Tom Harstad, Mike McCoy. Row 2: Ronald Rundle. Darryl White, Jerry Thomsen, Dave Swanson, John Roethel. Alan Fish. John Payne, Larry Jones. Rod Meister. Row 3: Steve Willett. Dick Michuda, Michael Markee, Frank Abboreno, Jon Rudolph, Ron Chellevold. Darrel Lulling. Daniel Resae. Tom Burnick. Row 4: Bob Peterson. Rod DenBoen. Dave Volz, Steve Moore, Bob Coulter. Mike Wurl. Kurt Brose, Ricky Peck. Prentiss Byrd. Steve Haugland. 198 Row I: Mrs. Brown, Housemotherg Larry Leff, Doug Happel, John Ryan, Bob Gruber, Keith Anderson, Dave Jackson. James Knoble, Row 2: Augie Fuchs. Wendell Uutala, Gary Sime. Mark Sayler. Fred Burger. James Burhop. Brent Isensee. Patrick Mountain. Row 3: Ron Knudson. Phillip Long. Bob Schomer. Frank Rybak. Paul Birkflo. Jeff Nelson. Frank Hotchkiss, Jim Smart, Row 4: Roger Hough. William Hanson. Jim Happel. Zackery Bernard. Charles Moore. Ron Fischer. Bob Buergin. Trygre Pederson. Renter Hall First and Second Floor Row I: Harold Rybak, Harold Blaize, Mike Coley, Mike Widner. Larry Werbel. Carey Meier. Bob Koehl. Row 2: Gary Mauaulay. Paul Williams, Neil Steiner, Philip Woller. Jim Rewolinski. Tom Toman. Bob Pusateri. Ken Pickett. Row 3: Richard Valley, Dale Tietz, Norman Tse, James Halverson, James Bentley. Rick Severson. Greg Kirst. Steve O'Brien. Row 4: Steve Rewey, Dave Morley, Terry Tratt. Jake Hetezel. Mike Hqideman. Lee Friell. John Berge. l99 J . .P "iff V , L"- V A K x f' f Y ' '., ,F ax , f' , , C 5 A - if V . ra -,rf 145. ,,,,- 7 g i,,69 f'i 0 Row I: Chandra Ahrems, Susan Perry, Dianne Ostrem, Judy Sowinski, Kathy Casey, Mary Manthei, Sarah Van Wormer, Lynda Olson. Row 2: Cheryle Reynolds, Betty Hiser, Carole Kutzbach, Joan Berken, Susan Rybar. Susan Jones, Jo Ann Miller, Ann Orr. Row 3: Jane Wainwright, Terry Lindgren, Arlys Vlasak, Peggy Stellpflug, Arlene Alt, Carol Ersepke, Linda Livangood, Elaine Scott, Mary Tornowske. Row 4: Joanne Fickewirth, Eileen Dunne, Pat Anderson, Sue Stuesser, Ann Huenink, Lynn Karnopp, Jean Gorzlanzyk, Sharon O'Leary, Pam Topol, Mariane Lyon. Baird Hall First and Second Floor Row I: Mary Slcinc. Diane Glass. Marie Hewlette. Judy Marx, Susan Gentile. Frances Koenig. Donnette Hollman. Sandra Miller. Janice Schwersenska, Shirley Tapelt, Barbara Pieper, Diane Armata. Susan Vizanko. Row 2: Florence DeLong, Mary Kay Johnson. Phyllis Puckett. Jean Ahlin, Rosanne Channing, Carol Harding, Evelyn Grosch, Carol Kaepernick, Chloris Ann Furlong. Mary Janda. Cheryl Fisher, Virginia Anderle. Row 3: Mary Morgan. Pat Schellenger. Madge Brehm. Sharon Jermstad. Charlene Johnson. Pat Casati, Mary Linse, Adele Johannes, Bonnie Falltner, Marilyn Meyer. Mary Alfus. Geri Ruehl. JoAnn Clark. Row 4: Suann Thompson. Judy Johnson, Bobette Strand, Lorraine Steiick, Betty Ward, JoAnn Heindel. Jane Hahn. Betty Thompson. Sarah Sather, Doris Millard, Margaret Larson. Barbara Scherbarth, Nancy Semrad, Virginia Nairn. I . l A - wi , ' , A , Y J in 'fi .- ": 2 'ten '1' : . W .K s , A aft fr Q! gg,-, 1 . ,g g 2 gig . . ,V lyg , Y Q , as fa 0 ler f ,Y . J it .....,, 2 J as if f We - S s . T , ,L 200 K . J-1. -f Q , 5 ' J ff". ef' J , V fi: fyffi if , a t . J iwetf i f fe it im. f b t 1 2 -'gl he J., gs .. t ' v I' .,.. t Q i ...ian-A - - '- J Row I: Janice Riley. Jan Donahue. Sharon Reese, Nancy Aldrich, Cheryl Squire, Sally Castle, Joan Wipf. Row 2: Diane Nicolai, Bev Felton. Pat Ploetz. Trudy Kanvik, Penny Brotton, Margie Wachal, Marilyn Mendelson. Barb Schmitz. Row 3: Anne Stoll, Connie Boebel. Karen Nordbloom. Gale Huse, Mary Jane White. Sally Steckart. Margaret Grant. Carol Hay- hurst. Row 4: Odette Downing. Kathy Klus. Linda Hansen, Sue Hendryson. Sue Arentz. Sherry Tennant, Judy Fenner. Baird Hall Third and Fourth Floor Row I: Pam Smith, Marilynn Kieckhefer, Cheri Kroening, Connie Austin, Carlene Meisnest, Jeanne Utter, Colleen Holly Row 2: Sue Harris, Barb Block. Barb Drews. Karna Olson, Carol Lenz. Sue Ishmael. Rosemary White. Row 3: Nancy Stuart Louise Jensen. Carol Gersmehl. Kathy Drinnan. Julanne Huttenhurg. Sylvia Murphy. Beverly Mantey. 3 l if M ,.. .Q - '- 'K " B - N . 2 .., . 'Q ,,..,, A. V it w J . ,,,.., f' J Q eyii K Q ...ft f .1 K l l 201 Row I: Merlin Lee. Gary Egan, Radney Christianson, Mike Neeb, Dick Brainer, Fred Nagao. Row 2: Tom Brown, Dave Blanchard, Frad Schmidt, Tom Buhr, Stewart Peterson. Row 3: Norb Duba. Jack Curtis, Dan Johnson, Pat Collins, Bill Wolff, Mike Warmke. Row 4: Duwayne Stendahl. Gerald Eswein, Jim Tarrell. Mike McGregor. Rod Johnson, Laux I-Iall First and Second Floor Row 1.1 Bud Walker, Randy Jackson, Wayne Bohlmann, St R ' d eve ear on. Row 2: Al Webber, Bob Falbo, Jerry Horswill, Dave Makovic, Tom Young. Row 3: John Thompson, Will Samuels, Robert Edmiston, Richard Anderson, Rodney Boardman. Row 4: Wayne Erdmann, Tom Slezak, Steve Toepel, Laurence Clark, Frederick R. Skurulsky. i Q 202 On-campus students learn to accept their misfortunes in exchange for certain advantages Third FIOOI' 203 l Row I: Ron Schneider, Dick Olson, Warren Dahl. Terry Tanner, Ron Jones. Run- 2: John Kuehn. Bob Nichols, Ron ' ' ' ' ' f ' 4: B'll E'l Mark Drecktrah. Jim Ellis, Greg Stellrecht. Row 3: Tom Disrude, Rich Ballard, Nell Lueht. Jay Curle. Row 1 is er, Simon. Jim Lacko, Jack Lucas. Carlos Pagan. Jr. Drake Hall- First and Second Floor Run' I: Dan Wells. Fermin Burgos. Rick Boehm, Mark Pfister, John Kaczmarek. Karl Koehler, Pat Stephens, Dan St Ti merman. Gar' Millerd. Raw 2: Jeff Kirst, John Christian. Ronald Falkner. Ed Stockel, Louis A. Ramirez. eve m y Krolow. Steve Mav. Glennis Aavang. Bob McDonald. Ted Schleicher. Rim' 3: Doug White. Robert Jothen, David M G ' D Metzdorff, Ron Hart. son, Mike Clark. Norm Timm. Bill Blood. Bob Wehrenberg, Art Soto, Bruce c uire. an Lee Harwell. Larry Gabrielson. Steve Eide. Oscar Bolstad. David Nowak. George Koehler. Rick Nattor, John Lee Nueseharfer. Gary Korb, Andy Pyatskowit. I l . k N l fx an- ... an 0 Hillcoat, Michael Amund- Row 4: Lauret, 204 2 qi? . l ,.... A flu, Row 1: Jim Doden. Ray Herda. Dennis Eberhardt. Chuck Synold. Dave Dickinson. Steven Ewing. Arthur. Jim Punko. Row 2: Terrance O'Meara, Joe Todd, Don Faulkner. Richard Falleck, Rod Nelson. Gary Buse, Richard Heinemann, Bob Airoldi, Dean Anderson. Row 3: Bob I-larmel, Dick Fahrenholz, James Pischke. Timothy Van Susteran. Don Dean, Vincenzo Mor- rone, Tom Schutz, Gary Lunde, Steve Pitterle. Row 4: Vic Connors, Bill Loushine, Dennis Waldron, Don Herzog, Bob Burdick, Bob Meitz. David Leighr, John Niesen. Richard Borns. Drake Hall Third and Fourth Floor Row 1: Chuck Loeser, Doug Reynolds, Keith Olson, Al Anderson, Don Hurley, Michal Richmond, James Bolgim, John Gabelbauer, James England. Row 2: Thomas Bottiglier, Dana Ford, Bruce Parkovich, Mike Berkovitz, Don Parsons, Jim Barrett, Ross Christiensen, Jack Fiegel, Dan Barrett, John Graves. Row 3: John Gianforte, Jack Davis. Lee Spletter, Don Thompson, Jim Irwin, John Menz, Mark Larsen, George Geise, Dave Sadowski, John Trautsch. Row 4: Ken Polasky, Ed Frawley, Tom Spencer, Mark Jacobson, John S. Dooley, Pat Behm, Jim Roecker, Ben Forschler, Harold Tracy. Ale f l ' l Q - A 91 - Q 205 Row 1: Linda Seamans, Marilyn Johnson, Carol Becker, Carol French, Eugenia Eng, Kris Christensen, Rosemary Schappe, Sue Klug. Row 2: Jane Foskett, Mary Gourlie, Suzi Myers, Barb Retzlaff, Kathy Meyer, Connie Peterson, Kathi Annear, Kris Hall, Sue Hersey. Row 3: Kathleen Neunetz, Lonna Uthmeier, Jackie Coons, Jackie Milant, Kathy Kanable, JoAnn Krueger, Pat Meyer, Jeannie Jach, Elinor Robillard. Row 4: Carol Anderson, Paula Kowalski, Cheryl Kempley, Claudia Backus, Delores McKillip, Kathy Dorband, Mary Richter, Ingrid Barrs, Judy Janusheske. Trowbridge I-Iall First and Second Floor Row I: Barbara Hilber, BJ. Fett, Dianne Thurin, Colleen Adler, Sharon Sutter, Sandy Wenzel, Melinda Miller, Joy Baugniet, Nodji Olson, Nancy Baranowski, Bonnie Fenner. Row 2: Kay Klinke, Deanna Devaul, Came Andrews, JoAnn Kollath, Kitty Doyle, Peggy Sutherland, Emily Amundson, Margo Henning, Carol Hintz, Machelle McKinley, Mary Weaver, Delores Dino. Row 3: Eileen Aasen, Linda Fraser, Kay Averkamp, Cindy Shird, Margaret Hartig, Kathy Frischman, Judy Jordan, Lynn Chrisler, Soja Elmer, Sue Hirschfield, Sue Parker. Row 4: Linda Houle, Nanci Baker, Paula Clark, Kristine Fritz, Marilyn Miller, Mary Lou Johnson, Jennifer Mott, Betsy Baker, Jill Kewitt, Linda Ehlert, Shirley Radtke, Pat Hegge. J K . f ff 5 -'.i M-.. . S , wa 4+ ,..:. - , I QT? i5',.Jfx . 'J b up ' ',. A A, Z 'tgy L S ff., J " aff. 'si .,,. M, ' was k ,Ji-kt f, f X ,. ,- V . , Y Y V .,,, AW x-M 206 l l ,, 1 C f l in , :V , t '..V ,1f1 , - V, Z . i i, , H Va , . : 1? V , Q , 5 i r , 3,15 -T .. , .A , 5 . Amo , . 3 V,g2f Ii i ,gg A 4 I I. ' . K I ,h fel' N S J if ' J ' ,gr , . 5 . Row I: Karen Betthauser, Kathy Mujwid, Linda Bencker, Arden Brugger, Alicia Ensey, Gregg Schveller, Kit Boesch, Margie Burns, Marilyn Carney, Phyllis Milspaugh, Linda Marcotte. Row 2: Kathy Pagel. Marie Jenkins, Sara Bissen, Pat Braasch, Lynn Keehn, Karen Board. Peggy Cascio, Jan Mrozek, Ronda Darrah, Sue Indra, Sally Huck. Row 3: Joyce Gaede, Patsy Foelske, Janice Stellpflug, Corinne Trautsch, Jan Lacko, Sue Register, Mary Munson, Sandra Simdon, Linda Arneson, Paula Hogden, Lyn Bonnke, Madge Waid. Row 4: Diane Moritz, Marcia Loan, Karen Seeberger, Kathy Christel, Bonnie Green- wood, Sherry Stull, Charlene Timm, Carol Nowicki, Bev Stuart, Pam Strang, Ann Clark, Joan Imhoff, Stephanie Beckman, Kathy Wier. Trowbridge Hall Third and Fourth Floor Row 1: Lana Ramsland, Nancy Blackwell, Karen Swanson, Sara Bobrow, Kathy Meyer, Betty Woods, Peggy Swanson, Judy Wolfram, Gail Tomasino. Row 2: Mary Pat Lacy, Yvonne Stellmacher, Sally Wagner, Kathy Wadzinski, Terry Hack- meister, Sandy Hansen, Kay Pfaff, Saralie Sands, Ethel Ahlbom. Row 3: Virginia Wikkerink, Jeanne Bates, Jeanne Nue- mann, Charlene Wiese, Margaret Nelson, Pam Mayne, Donna Travnick, Linda Nelson, Sue McIntyre. Row 4: Connie Her- old, Linda Stelsel, Sharon Lechner, Madeleine Schuett, Ginger Rateike, Lynn Wish, Kaye Deppe, Peggy Smith, Mary Tickler. l is-5 .1 ,,, it iiilig, , Q, Iiggf. - etatc , ' W l X X g ,ygy Y , 'il 2 , l j i. x , ,t ix t G l 207 up X lr Q . P . --- if t " l ,A+ W it f Row 1: Marti Downing. Cheri Gromaeki. Priscilla Taylor. LouAnn Webster. Mary Ann Fink, Linda Sampson, Chris Car- pentar, Carol Bytell. Row 2: Pam Lorenz, Marjorie Steffen. Barb Radtke. Ginney Hanslik, Melisa Erickson, Karen Pruess, Sharon Anderson, Barbara Bellmeyer. Connie Hart. Row 3: Kahe Foley. Kathy Mainzer, Karen Schulte, Margaret Gourrey. Susan Johnston. Beverly Rydell. Ginny Reega. Chris Leonardelli. Barbara Lecher, Ilene Schreck. Row 4: Marilyn Brahm- steadt. Marcy Mishun. Kathy Warren, Karen Voss, Marjorie Tomlin. Sue Bedker. Kathy Little. Cheri Honer. Sandra Gersbach Wentz Hall First and Second Floor Raw I: Lynn LaPorte. Pat Mueller. Jtldy Zeuschner, Sherry Leschyk, Linda Hastreiter, Wendy Heinz, Carol Zeuschner, Kathy Biek, Sue Schreiber. Ram' 2: Christine Olson. Lynda Ogden, Sharon Tersen. Judy Novak, Jo Ann Kornack, Linda Newkirk, Mary Wenzel. Cathy Chrouser. Jo Splinter, Fran Noyce. Mary Kay VanDrisse. Row 5: Dolores. Wyczawski, Sheridan Siew- ers, Dianne Treutel. Ginger Laetsch. Bonnie Kopp, Jacque Zielinski, Gwen Hoffman, Donna Wyers. Carolyn Rex, Tafita Jahn, Lynda Hill, Raw 4: Sue Smith, Linda Pecore. Sharon Wargowsky, Sherry Vessel, Janis Redman, Linda Jenkins, Sue Travetto, Caryl Welch. Mary Maves, Jane Kroeming, Bonita Friday, Sharon Schmidt, Sue Landusky. lg J J , 208 l 5 l L Q h , , X syt, ft L 5 l Q rf, ' ' , I l Y l Row 1: Sue Setum, Pat Batchelder, Laradene Petersen, Pat Campbell, Linda Doine, Linda Tripp, Barbara Barker, Jenny Brunn, Kathy Murphy, Chery Kijak, Linda Hahn, Diane Sussek, Ann Arzbecker. Row 2: Kathy Kaschinski, Joanne Mous- sette, Karen Keltner, Susan Swearingen, Kathleen Storms, Lorene Oftedahl, Kathleen Murphy, Carol Mancini, Mary Thomp- son, Paula Pomplun, Barb Scheunemann, Cindy Guiles, Pat Fordney. Row 3: Mary Haase, Sue McGrath, Anne Carnelly, Rozanne Drakulich, Cheryl Weitala, Larea Wilson, Loretta Michols, Lynn Young, Diana Morehouse, Mary Jo Luedtke, Kathy Clark, Mary Victory, Vicki Habel. Row 4: Sandy Kowalik, Kay Carlson, Audrey Hallweg, Jeanne Jefferey, Marion Micke, Judy Neider, Mary Theirl, Linda Danker, Marilyn Hannemann, Mary Hickey, Sherry Lindau, Diane Faber, Pat Koch Wentz I-Iall Third and Fourth Floor Row 1: Flint Kussmaul. Kaye Stewart, Sheila Bauer, Christine Howe, Gloria Crawford, Patricia Becwar, Betty Nuttall, Sandi Zielinski, Terri Howell, Joane Crouch, Cynthia Zerzycki, Candy Lambert. Row 2: Sheila Boweer, Rita Ruland, Jacqueline Thompson, Carol Stargardt, Suzanne Wescott, Linda Palmisano, Pat Huston, Reberta Lewis, Linda Starkey, Car- olyn Kinsey, Cheryl Jacobson, Sandy Gabucci, Ellien Feller, Row 3: Rosemarie Hodulik, Mary Neipp, Carla Huberty, Mary Schultz, Kathy Kerstein, Cheri Snyder, Cindi Ann Lodde, Debby Pilling, Carol Apple, Sharon Hughes, Kathy Rasmussen, LuAnne Nohen. Row 4: Linda Curti, Maureen Mulhern, Linda Cook, Noreen Ahlberg, Sharon Wheaton, Margaret Miller, Barbara Best, Christine Beaudry, Jennifer Eells, Mary Jo Gruendler, Margaret Blomlie, Paulette Schmidt, Kay Nelson. l ti A if , X mizifga t yi' F. i gr ikiq K 'Q 'ji 2 , x vii 'Qi is , Q V, in Q 1' E P ,R H , X ' fi g,, ' J y ,W , J 209 if . Row Row Row Row ler, Jim Kexel. I: Tom Boland, Bill Webster, Tim Hellpop, Clayton Jenkins, Mark Nederloe, Jo Toumey J Stewart Dave Urben 2: Rick Johnson, Ray Habelman, Jeff Olsen, Rob Mubarak, Dale Tylka, David Bobcock Lou Drecktrah Jim Bird 3: Harold Jones, Lee Artz, Ron Smrcina, Jim Peterson, Wayne Bishop, Mike Dickert Ken Leonard Mike Peterson 4: Tom Garstecki, Stormy Koski, Russ Kinney, Ted Radde, Richard Hamunm, Dave Raabe Tim Corbin Glenn Muel hite Hall First and Second Floor Row I: Ron Dobrinska, Bob Tennessen, Mike Miller. Row 2: Ken Zell, Joel Pfieffer, John Ken Michaud. Row 3: Dave Gehring, Fred H Dennis Gorski, Ken Thalacker. Row 4: Vern Cowling, Steve Steinhoff, Al Hambrecht, Jerry Kwaterski Jo Kwaterskr Wally La Court, John Evenstad, Douglas Andrews Lee Niemczyk Al Rettenmaler ewitt, Jim Ramer, Monty Steiber, Philip Barns Larry Alens Randy Rautmann Seifert, Rod Zentner, Robert Oliver. Ted Vahovin Roger Oliver Ronald Dan oski, Jim Bradley, Lloyd Srbe, George Wardenski. Q .Q ,.. Q1 210 4. l l l l as A A - A g Row I: Dave Colombo, Jim Emerson. Doug Lau, Dan Barth, Blaine Peterson, Allan Tripp, Al Glubka, Jim Harlan, Mike Knapp. Row 2: John Bohen, Ralph Druecke, Jim Bellin, Gerry Vetter, Dennis Karnopp, Ronnie Dettman, Mark Bishop, Steve Chapman, Bob Fleischman. Dan Meyer. Row 3: Stan Druckrey, Randy Scefeldt, Eugene Hocft, David Hennessey, Don Ostren, Bill Maker, Stu Stuesser, Richard Keller, Jim Franciskovic. Ned Pellmann. Row 4: Clayton Wood, Steve Wilde, Steve Dahlke, James Gibbs, Raymond Waldie, Larry Drew, Dave Krizizke, Dick Iggers. Tom Wruk, Gordy Hellpop. hite Hall Third and Fourth Floor Row I: Lenard Speth, David Sonsalla, Mike Essar, Jim Glover, Ron Henke, Greg Schantz. Skip Scepanski, Jim Richter, Mar- shall Kleist. Row 2: Scott McComber, Ron Held. Paul Schwengel, Bruce Cassel, Bruce Sullivan, John Roy, Gene Coy, Paul Benzing, Steve Shepherd. Row 3: William Schmidt, Jim Nelson, Gene Zajicek, Lee Young, Joe Kruse, Dean Slimdee, Steve Babcock, Steve Mayfield, Steven Diakoff. Row 4: Larry Schroeder, Dick Wanzel, Donnie Anderson, Al Gibbon, Bob Walker, Don Wilson, Jim Baumgartner, Bill Meyer, John Swendrowski. l l l mg., if as All A ' L' A L. A 211 Living off campus presents students with new privileges and a, few inconveniences Juniors Row 1: David Wentworth, Randy Docauer, Mike Shoemaker, Robert Powers, David Hansen, Gerald Bonsack, William McGrath. Row 2: Larry Hardy, Gary Novak, Roger Knutson, Tom Joanis, Don Hehenberger, Gordy Jensen, Mike Flanagan. Row 3: Dennis Olson, John Reymond, James Berg, William Rayome, Bill Winter, Charles Moore, Wayne Herzog. Row 4: Joseph Aldrich, Ralph Watson, Jim Paulus, Alan Staffon, Richard Breitenfield, Ronald Potter, Jack Connaughton, Bill Frey. f J Q F5 ..... .. 212 Row 1: Pat Connell, Jane Ellis, Priscilla Peterson, Joanne Ventura, Sandra Derks, Judith Oman, Susan Gagermeier. Row 2: Barbara Beck. Mary Rohrer, Joan Dauphin. Mary Kay Schmidt, Judy Johnson, Mary Ellen, Larkin, Regina Snyder, Elinor Jensen. Row 3: Janet Renny, Mike Schultz. Robert J. Mullins, Robert J. Wieland. Jack Hoffl, Ray Ebiger. Joe Stauffer. Tom Foxxe, Cheryl Skogen. Row 4: Dick Schultz. Mike Manigold. Steve Pischke, Joe Dwyer, Don Dimond. Jim Novak. Lennie Brock, Dave Onsager, Neal Gruber. Juniors Row 1: Barbara Miller. Patricia Zein, Kathy DeWitt, Rosanne Hanson, Patsy Gilles, Janine Bina, Rose Marie Slaback. Row 2: Michael Lowe, Mary Frances Cunningham, Mary Levendoske, Susan Weig, Judeen Stovey. Elaine Houser. Harold Hanson. Row 3: Mike Sederquist. James Rahn. Robert Meronk. Sylvester Kaster, Larry Pischke, Gene Bourdage, Albert Nelson. Row 4: George Westerberg. Merlin Kardin, Greg McLaughlin, Topper Hagerman, Jim Leonhart, John Moriarity. Dennis Klinke, George Kohlmeier, Dennis Burton, Dave Dregnc, L sl l Z M - - l 213 l ee! , 131 2 Run' I: RozAnn Lehrke, Antoinette Johnson, Sally Vickroy, Claire Lynne Morse, Linda Heitman. Susan Roellich. Row 2: Barbara Jansen, Barbara Fuchsteiner. Muriel Jahnel, Beverly Gilles, Jeanine Bollrud. Cheri Cassel. Row 3: Jerry DeMers. Jerry Becker, Mary Kroner. Cherylyn Fletcher, Richard Hjelsand, Ron Cook, Dave Faas. Row 4: Bob Bush, David Johnson, Bob Malanic, Jim Olson, David Martin, John Coburn, Sophomores Row I: Nancy Renner, Margaret Bantle, Jean Christiansen. Ellen Dagnon, Kathy Dummer, Jean Ness, JoAnn Wall, Joan Russell, Vicki Skogen. Raw 2: Sally McLevich, Marilyn Jenks, Sue Jerome, Linda Dowell, Virginia Smith, Deanna French, Donna Aronson, Beth Dolbier, Kay Halverson. Row 3: Lorne Shaw, Roy Platz, Robert Poehling, Gordon Nelson, Dennis Blackmore, Paul Dale. Tom Kneifl, Steve Solberg. Row 4: Gary Pampuch, Paul Guibord. Tom Macgillivray, George Crary, Alan Copsey. Richard Hill, William Galewski, Thomas Stone, Gerald Wiese. s 214 Row I: Pat Williams, Dianne Borton, Sandra Bernett, Joleen Pralle, Gaylene Hoeth, Jane Halama. Row 2: Karen Pertzsch, Cheryl Bogie, Elaine Murray, Susan Ward, Suzanne Grant, Diane Lindner, Kathleen Stauffer. Row 3: Mary Johnston, Mary Bell, Sharon Swan. Pat Stankey. Cathy Brown, Pat Gordon, Nancy Kleinsmith, Susan Marx. Row 4: Ron Flick, Gordie Holter, Dave Miller. Danny Fuller. Dan Olson. Robert McKinney, Gregory Markos. Freshmen Row I: Steve Albrechtson. Barbara Blumentritt, Nancy Darling, Peg Zurn, Linda Pitzner, Kathleen Johnson, Lynn Mc- Carthy, Ed Flock. Row 2: Patrick Kline, Mike Gautsch, Debbie Osgood, Sue Mashak, Jeanette Kellicut, Linda Rabener, Don Thesing. Jeff Pitz. Row 3: Don Rezek, Fred Johnson, Carolyn Anderson, Sue Hartig, Pat Pertzsch, Oscar Crary, Don Crook, Ron Grimsled. Row 4: Edmund Brunet. Robert Rasmusson, Gordon Servais, Ray Vaughn, Jack Clappier, Greg Koelbl, Robert Hansen, Dennis Bechtel, John Fox. 215 Wx AILISW if -x,L ? Q 'hiss-ik FACU LTY Owiww-f f 'X' X fXX xx V rf ,L ,4 XX X X my gf 217 Our Fifth President Samuel G. Gates B.A., Colorado State M.A., Stanford Univ Inaugural Ceremony As the WSU-La Crosse Marching Chiefs played Pomp and Circumstance the academic proces- sion moved into the new physical education build- ing fieldhouse from the Hall of Science. First to enter were the nineteen members of the learned societies, followed by sixty representatives of col- leges and universities throughout the United States and the 290 faculty members of WSU-La Crosse. After a series of welcoming addresses and the keynote talk by Angus B. Rothwell, Dr. Samuel Gates was officially installed as the fifth president of WSU-La Crosse. Gates had previously assumed the presidency in February of 1966 following the retirement of Dr. Rexford Mitchell. In his inaugural address President Gates said that WSU-La Crosse needs include starting ag- gressive programs of specialization in music, chemistry, and business administration. In con- clusion he stated, "I accept the challenge, trust, and responsibilities. I will direct my energy to the kind of quality instruction needed in a teach- ing universityf' President Emeritus, Rexford Mitchell, formally hands over the gavel which symbolizes duty and responsibility to President Gates. l I . 11 -Y' . -- in -A. - ' 1-- The academic procession procedes to the new physical education building. President Gates gives his inaugural address. . . - MM J .9 af ga - -.m,.., Maurice O. Graff, Ph.D. Vice-Pres., Academic Affairs Richard J. Gunning, Ph.M. Dean of Men Edith Cartwright, M.A. Dean of Women James Erickson, Ed,D. Dean, Graduate School Reid F. Horle, Ed.D. Director, Admissions and Field Service Robert O. LeRoy, M.A. Registrar 220 Eugene Murphy Regent Glenn M. Smith, Ed.D. Dean, School of Health Recreation and Physical Ed. Administration Robert H. Steuck, Ed.D. Dean, Student Affairs Bemard J. Young, Ed.D. Dean, School of Teacher Ed. W. Carl Wimberly, Ph.D. Dean, School of Letters and Science gig y k - . th 'ful 42 wif" fn T1 zb! 3 33 11 t , . 3' ss I " fl 'Qu 42525 " K5 ,, , H ,M , , I-:leaf fgf"3"zf"a 48.1 4' 4 5 xg-...Q 3 . , .,.,, ,, is g ,Al J. .Qqs,s.y,'- LIN' S 121v222e?1E.:55z Garmen K. Ammerman, M.S Assistant Dean of Men Shirley J. Haus QMrs.J M.A. Assistant Dean of Women David W. Hogue, Ed.D. Assistant Dean of Men Gale Grimslid, M.S. Assistant Director of Admissions and Field Services Richard Koehler, A.M. Assistant to the Vice-Pres. Business Affairs H Specnal Services Joseph Keller Director, Campus Housing Eleanor Kennedy fMrs. Faculty Assistant Alumni Office Harvey D. Ideus, Ed.D. Director of Placement D Clifford Holt, M'.P.A. Assistant Director Student Union Thomas L. Hood, M.A. Assistant Director Student Union 223 LM mg -V-mf C. W. Althaus, M.S. Financial Aids Robert E. McMahon M D Director, Health Services Special Services Judith Pinkston fMrs Program Director, Student Union Allan Schell, B.S. Student Employment 224 Richard Beck, M.S. Assistant Professor Art Daniel I. Devitt, M.F.A. Instructor Art Sandra Rabbitt Faculty Assistant Art Gerald Wells, M.F.A. Assistant Professor Art 225 Art Richard Ellinger Professor Art Vernon D. Kendricks, Ph.D. Professor Art Gerald Matzelle Faculty Assistant Audio-Visual Ed. Donald L. Nicholas, M.A. G. Assistant Professor Audio-Visual Ed. V. B. Rasmusen, M.S. Assistant Professor Director, Audio-Visual Lester Steinhoff, M.S. Assistant Professor Audio-Visual Ed. Robert Ward. B.S. Faculty Assistant Audio-Visual Ed. Dwan T. Wick, M.Ed. Assistant Professor Audio-Visual Ed. Audio-Visual Clair L. Roof, M.S. Instructor Audio-Visual Ed. 226 Biology Stuart M. Mcllraith, MS. 227 Orlin Anderson, Ph.D. Professor Biology Richard T. Hartley, Ph.D Professor Biology Assistant Professor Biology Allen C. Nelson, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Biology Laura A. Schuh, M.S. Assistant Professor Biology Biology Lucretia Wahl, CMrs.J, B.S. Faculty Assistant Biology James H. Warner, M.S. Instructor Biology Robert E. Senff, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Biology Phillip D. Sparks, Ph.D Assistant Professor Biology Daniel E. Wujek, M.A. Assistant Professor Biology Howard Young, Ph.D. Professor Biology C. Richard Kistner, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Chemistry W. Grey Konrad, Ph.M. Assistant Professor Chemistry Assistant Professor Chemistry Lawrence A. Nuttcr, M.S. Instructor Chemistry Gerald W. Rausch, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Chemistry Kenneth E. Lindner, Ph.D. Chemistry Ronald R. Roskos, M.S. L. G. Rowe, M.S. Assistant Professor Associate Professor Chemistry Chemistry William D. Schulz, M.A. Chemistry Instructor Chemistry Marian Scullin QM'r5,j Katherine F. Stubblefield CMrs.J Faculty Assistant Instructor Chemistry Chemistry 230 Cloyce Campbell, Ph.D. Professor Economics, Bus. Administration Economics William A. Parks. Ll.M. Associate Professor K 1 U Economics, Bus. Administration David M. Cole, Ph.D. Professor Economics, Bus. Administration Chloe I. Elmgren, M.B.A. Assistant Professor Economics, Bus. Administration William J. Goldsborough, M.B.A. Instructor Economics, Bus. Administration Brian M. Vergin, M.B.A. Instructor U . Economics, Bus. Administration Q, xiii' nxt """ Education Elementary Dorothy P. Heider, M.A. Associate Professor Elementary Education Alta V Johnson CMrs.J, M.S. Instructor Elementary Education Pauline A. Abel, M.A. Assistant Professor Elementary Education Kenneth R. Fish, Ed,D Professor Elementary Education Marian D. Hammes Associate Professor Elementary Education Judith Onsrud Faculty Assistant Elementary Education Rhea Pederson, M.S. Assistant Professor Elementary Education Terry Witzke, B.S. Faculty Assistant Elementary Education Burton E. Altman, Ph.D. Associate Professor Elementary Education Marian Granger, M.A. Instructor Secondary Education Justin K. Lemke, M.S. Assistant Professor Secondary Education Norman J. Schein, M.S. Assistant Professor Secondary Education Waldo R. Widell, M.A. Associate Professor Secondary Education 233 Education Secondary English Billie Batchelor, M.S. Instructor English Mary Jane Bloom CMrs.J, B.S. Faculty Assistant English .ml Mortimer W. Cushman, M.A. Philip E, Diser, M,A Assistant Professor Instructor English English Lorraine Flaherty, B,A. Faculty Assistant English Helen K. Gilkey CMrs.J, M.A. Instructor English 234 Lee J. Glasel, M.S. Assistant Professor English Mary H. Hebberd fMrs.J, M.A. Associate Professor English William J Hyde Ph D James F. Lafky, M.A. Professor Instructor English English Edward Hartig, M.A. Instructor English Richard Koppitch, M.A. Assistant Professor English 235 English V .L wm5 was sl Q2 Paul A. Manter, M.A. Instructor English Margaret B. Oleson, M.A. Associate Professor English Roger Loren Parsons, Ph.D. Professor English Adelee B. Stokke CMrs.J, B.A. Instructor English Gretta Trainer fMrs.J, M.S. Faculty Assistant English Emerson G. Wulling, Ph.D. Professor English Gary T. Vershure, M.A. Instructor English Margaret S. Chew, Ph.D. Professor Geography Harold A. Classen, Ph.D. Professor Geography John N. Hoefer, M.S. Virgil Harold Holder, M.A. Assistant Professor Instructor Geography Geography Edward J. Weinzierl, M.A. Associate Professor Geography Robert G. Wingate, M.S. Instructor Geography 237 'Willing Geography ilviaf' Health, Recreation and Beatrice A. Baird, Ed.D. Professor Health, Recreation, P.E. Robert W. Batchelder, Ed.D Professor Health, Recreation, P.E. Orville Brault, M.A. Assistant Professor Supervising Teacher, P.E. CliflOl'1 H. DeVoll, P.E.D. Floyd H, Gautsch Professor . Associate Professor Health, RCCFCHIIOI1, Directof, Athletics Ernest J. Gershon, P.E.D. Professor Health, Recreation, P.E. Lane A. Goodwin, M.Ed. Instructor Health, Recreation, P.E. 238 Brent Hafen, M.S. Instructor Health, Recreation, P.E. Richard J. Hardy, Ed.D. Associate Professor Health, Recreation, P.E. James Howard, B.S. Beth KUCPPIC CMPS-P, B-A- Faculty Assistant IHSUUCFQF Health, Recreation, P.E. SUPeI'Vl5lf1g Teafihef, P.E. Physical Education Mary I. McLellan, M.A. Assistant Professor Health, Recreation, P.E, William O. Otto, M.A. Instructor Health, Recreation, P.E. Patricia Polleck, M.S. Instructor Health, Recreation, P.E. Health Linn R. Rockwood, M.S. Associate Professor Health, Recreation, P.E. Jane E. Swanson, M.S. Instructor Health, Recreation, P.E. Recreation and Instructor Health, Recreation, P.E. F. lsee Stephenson, M.S. Assistant Professor Health, Recreation, P.E. Myrna L. Stephens, M.S. Marjorie Schroeder CMrs.J, M.S Instructor Health, Recreation, P.E. E. William Vickroy, M.A. Associate Professor Health, Recreation, P.E. Rollo G. Taylor, M.S. Assistant Professor Health, Recreation, P.E. Dolly D. Vanderlip, M.A. Assistant Professor Health, Recreation, P.E. Physica Don M. Wille, Ph.D. Associate Professor Health, Recreation, P.E. Nancy Gayle Wulk, M.S. Instructor Health, Recreation, P.E. 241 Education -fwwfkww 1 2 , 1 , - -f14e2fss2'rm'fYf ff-- sfwsfssfp113w5123.s,ref11125-1511 1 1, . if? 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Birchler, Ph.D. Instructor History Assistant Professor History Frederick G. Davies, Ph.D. Professor History Histor George R. Gilkey, Ph.D. Professor History Gar Assistant Pr Histor y G. Kuhn, Ph.D. William R. Hughes, M.S. ofessor Assistant Professor y History V 1 ., ,xx +A William Laux, M.A. Vivian L. Munson, M.A. Professor Instructor History History William E. Pemburton, M.A. Instructor History Stanley R. Rolnick, Ph.D. Professor History William G. Vcttcs. Ph.D. Rex A. Wade. Ph.D. Professor Professor History History Warren S. Hubbard Ramiro Manalich, D.L.L. Edna Whalen, KMTS-J, M-A Associate Professor Assistant Professor Instructor Spanish Spanish Spanish Spanish Langua es French German Alvida Ahlstrom, Ph.D. Karl Ruebel, Ph.D. Professor Assistant Professor French German Qi!! HN' William F. Birdsall, M.A. Russel C. Evans, M.A. Walter Franklin, M.L.S. Instructor Instructor Instructor Library Science Library Science Library Science Alice Hager, M.S. Associate Professor L1bI'aI'y Library Science Science Library Science Margaret L. Hocker, M.A.L.S. Associate Professor Library Science Dale L. Gresseth, M.S. Assistant Professor Herbert L. Searcy, Ph.D, Assistant Professor Library Science Roy N. Van Note, Ph.D Professor Director, Library John D. Jenks, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Mass Communications Mass Communications Joseph Zobin, M.A. Instructor Mass Communications Patricia A. Muller, M.A. Instructor Director, Information Services 246 Merrill H. Barnebey, M.S. Assistant Professor Mathematics Mathematics Manmohan S. Arora, M.A. Assistant Professor Mathematics Thomas Breiter, Ph.D. Associate Professor Mathematics Arthur F. Brownell, M.S. Instructor Mathematics Roland W. Christensen, M.A. 247 Associate Professor Mathematics Mathematics Robert F. Doser, M.A. Instructor Mathematics Theodore W. Rozelle, M.A. Associate Professor Mathematics Leo M. Schnur, M.A. Associate Professor Mathematics E. Keith Swanson, M.A. Associate Mathema Professor tics Arnold L. Temple, M.A. Associate Professor Mathematics 248 William V. Estes, Ed.D. Professor Music Truman D. Hayes, D.M.A. Associate Professor Music David H. Mewaldt, M.Mus. Associate Professor Music 'HV . , John H. Swickard, M.S. Assistant Professor Music Dallas A. Weekly, M.Mus. Assistant Professor Music William Yarborough, M.Mus. Assistant Professor Music ti .H Fi Therese Roggenbuck, M.M. Instructor Music Ralph V. Wahl, M.M. Associate Professor Music usic 249 Richard A. Blade, Ph.D. Professor Physics Carlin E. Dahler, M.S. Associate Professor Physics Earl F. Hughes, M.N.S. Instructor Physics Physics Theodore V. Smith, M.S. Instructor Physics Robert H. Uber, Professor Physics Ph.D. Philosophy William E. Felch, Ph,D. Professor Philosophy John C. Cleveland. Ed.D. Associatc Professor Psychology Clark E. Himmel, M.Ed. Assistant Professor Psychology Ted J. Tetzlaff, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Psychology Psychology Stanton E. Wixson, MS. Assistant Professor Political Science Psychology Richard G. Lindblad, M.A. Assistant Professor Political Science Dennis J. O'Keefe, M.A. Assistant Professor Political Science Surender Singh, Ph.D. Associate Professor Political Science he ., fQ Charles E. Hurst, M.S. Instructor Sociology Paul A. Johnson. Instructor Sociology Sociology Lois J. Loddeke, M.A. Instructor Sociology Joseph J. Motivans. M.A. Assistant Professor Sociology lVl.S,W Glenn Comeau Faculty Assistant Speech William C. Dixon, M.A. Assistant Professor Speech Robert L. Frederick, M.A. Assistant Professor Speech Jack D. Starr, M.A. Instructor Speech Sharon A. Tracy, M.A. Instructor Speech Tom E. Wirkus, Ph.D. Professor Speech 25 . . . pieces of almost forgotten memories and half forgotten names of people at parties, across a room, or close at hand in classes or at games . . . just pieces of it are remembered, only minutes that were unimportant and seldom the important things remembered or to hold onto . . . 4 f ig, ig, eg I mg r Z ili' iFggi,4: EAM 2 s e i 1 ' -s . . . . . . the endless snow and cold, puddles and lakes to walk through to get to classes . . . prob- lems to contemplate, papers to slave over, gym suits and straight hair and rain . . . the crowds push- ing and hurrying to go nowhere . . . fads, fashions, dances and dates . . . promises to keep but seldom kept . . . rings, medals, pins, awards, banquets, and sweat- ers . . . the constant battle with grades, unattained dreams and al- most loves . . . failures and al- most failures . . . and so we pro- gressed through the year with our joys and our sorrows. These are the pieces of memories that have combined to make this year, one that will be long remem- bered by you. Aasen, Eileen 206 Abboreno, Frany 198 Aavang, Glennis 204 ABEL, PAULINE 232 Abrahamson, Effie 90,94 Adams, Carl 145 Adams, Diane 128,133,193 Adams, Steve, 90,91,124 Adams, Thomas 133,161 Adler, Colleen 206 Ahl, Kathy, 145,195 Ahlberg, Noreen 209 AHLSTROM, ALVIDA 244 Aigner, Joe 124 Ahlin, Jean 133,146 Ahrens, Chandra 128,200 Ahrens, Walter 196 Airoldi, Bob 205 Albrecht, Pam 128 Albrectson, Steve 215 Aldrich, Joseph 158,212 Aldrich, Nancy 115,154,201 Alens, Larry 210 Alfus, Mary 101,114,119,127,200 ALLNESS, ADA CMRSJ 240 ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA 156 ALPHA OMICRON PI 152 ALPHA PHI 151 ALPHA PHI OMEGA 98 ALPHA PSI OMEGA 99 ALPHA XI DELTA 153 Alt, Arlene 128,153,200 ALTHAUS, CLARENCE 224 Althaus, Dorothy fMrs.D 166 ALTMAN, BURTON 232 AMMERMAN, GARMEN 155,222 Amundson, David 204 Amundson, Emily 133,206 Anderl, Jeanette C. 166 Anderle, Virginia 91,200 Anderson , Al 205 Anderson, Anderson, Anderson 7 Anderson, Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson 7 Anderson, 7 Barbara 193 Carol 215 Carol 110,206 Charlotte 128,194 Dean 205,121 Donnie 211 jJ0an151 Keith 199 Martin I. 159,166 ANDERSON, ORLIN 227 Anderson Anderson 7 Patrick 98 Pat 124 AHGGFSOHZ Richard 202 Anderson Anderson , Sandra 124 Anderson, ,Tekla 90,128,144 Sharon 146,208 Andre, Paulette 195 Andress, Paulette 193 Andrews, Carne 206 Andrews, Douglas 210 Annear, Kathi 206 Annett, Mary 15 3 Appel, Carol 209 Archibald, Diana 193 Index Arentz, Sue 201 Arkin, Dennis L. 62,166 Arlt, Bob 83 Armata, Diane 200 Armagost, Carol 128 Arneson, Linda 94,207 Arnoldy, Larry W. 166 Aronson, Donna 112,214 Arora, Judith fMrs.l 117 ARORA, MANMOHAN 117,247 Artz, Burton H. 166 Artz, B. Lee 210 Arzbecker, Ann 209 Asselin, Phyllis 195 ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS 89 Augustine, Ronald 142 Austin, Connie 201 Averkamp, Kay 206 Babcock, David 210 Babcock, Steve 211 Bacun, Susan J. 152,166 Backus, Claudia 206 Bahr, Wendy 128,194, Bain, Marilyn 91,194 BAIRD, BEATRICE 114,119,238 Baka, Bruce 77,198 Baker, Betsy 206 Baker, Nancy 206 Ballard, Rich 204 Balliet, Robert B. 166 Ballweg, Audrey 209 Balz, Ellen K. 101,105,124,166,189 Bambrough, Jim 161 BAND 128-129 Bantle, Margaret 214 Baranowski, Nancy 206 Barker, Barbara 209 BARNEBEY, MERRILL 247 Barns, Phillip 210 Barrett, Dan 62,205 Barrett, Jim 117,205 Barrs, Ingrid 206 Barth, Dan 211 Bartlett, Mary Jane 194 BASEBALL 82 BASKETBALL 68 BATCHELDER, BILLIE 234 Batchelder, Pat 110,209 BATCHELDER, ROBERT 238 Bates, Jeanne 207 Bauer, Judith 114,119 Bauer, Shelia 209 Baugniet, Joy 206 Baumgarten, Jim 77,161 Baumgartner, Jim 21 1 Baylor, Roger F. 62,166 Beamer, Bonnie C. 91,114,166 Beamer, Gaye 195 Bear, Ted 62,120 Beatty, Pat 94 Beaudry, Christine 209 Beaver, Anna 194 Beaver, Nola 193 Becherer, JoAnne 194 Bechtel, Danny 215 257 Beck, Barbara 213 BECK, RICHARD 225 Becker, Barbara 134,166 Becker, Carol 206 Becker, Fred R. 166 Becker, Jerry 214 Beckman, Stephanie 207 Becwar, Patricia 209 Bedker, Sue 208 Beebe, Thomas S. 166 Behm, Pat 205 Beitlich, Harold L. 133,167 Bellin, Jim 211 Bellman, John 197 Bendlin, Gary L. 91,167 Benedict, Linda 110,151,193 Beneker, Linda 128 Benson, Bob 98,155,157 Bentley, James 199 Bentzien, Sally L. 110,151,167 Bentz, John 128,129 Bentz, Peter 161 Benzing, Paul 211 Beranek, Dave 157 Berg, Bruce E. 167 Berg, Cynthia 195 Berg, Denny 74,120 Berg, James 143,212 Berg, Karolyn E. 167 Bergelin, Sandra 194 Berge, John 199 Bergeson, Joe 196 Berken, Joan 97,1l0,128,200 Berkovitz, Mike 205 Bernard, Zachery 199 Bernett, Sandra 215 Bernhard, Laurie 195 Bertz, Father Edward 141 BETA SIGMA CHI 157 Besner, Pat 114,119,127 Bessac, Mary 112,128,144 Best, Barbara 209 Betthauser, Karen 207 Betsinger, Elizabeth 193 Betsinger, Thomas 167 Bick, Brenna 90,92,195 Bick, Kathy 208 Biesiadecki, Marvin 160 Biggerstaff, Forrest 128,129 Billings, Rick O. 198 Billmeyer, Barbara 208 Bina, Janine 97,145,213 Binder, Barbara 90,112,113,194 BIRCHLER, ALLEN 140,242 Bird, Gil 77 Bird, Jim 210 BIRDSALL, WILLIAM 245 Birkelo, Paul 199 Birnbaum, Jim 113,145 Bischoff, Denis 197 Bishop, Mark 211 Bishop, Wayne 210 Bissen, Sara 128,207 Bjorge, Marilyn 167 Blackmore, Dennis 214 Blackmore, Jean 126 Blackwell, Nancy 207 BLADE, RICHARD 102,250 Bladow, Janel 94,195 Blahut, Sandy 143 Blaize, Harold 124,199 Blakley, Diane 193 Blanchard, Dave 74,202 Block, Barb 153,201 Bloedel, Bob 79 Blomlie, Margaret 209 Blomquist, Gary 121,144,196 Blood, Bill 204 BLOOM, MARY JANE 234 Bluske, Kurt W. 167 Board, Karen 101,119,127,207 Boardman, Rodney 202 Bobrow, Sara 207 Boedel, Connie 123,145,201 Boeder, Judy 105,153,167,189 Boehm, Rick 204 Boesch, Kit 112,144,207 Bogie, Cheryl 215 Bohen, John 211 Bohlmann, Wayne 76,120,202 Bohn, Bob 160 Bolgrien, James 205 Boland, Tom 145,210 Bollrud, Jeanine 214 Bolstad, Oscar 204 Bonack, Phillip 198 Bonnike L n 207 , Y Bonsack, Gerald 90,100,128,2l2 Bosshardt, Rita 128,194 Bottiglier, Thomas 205 Bourdage, Gene 213 Boutni, L.M. 117 Bowell, Randy W. 167 Bowers, Beth 91 Bowler, Shiela 94,209 Boyd, Steve 74 Boyer, Bonnie M. 167 Braasch, Pat 144,201 Bracco, Don 98,102,167 Bradford, William 102 Bradley, Jim 210 Brady, Jill 94,113,124 Braem, Lyn 90,112 Braemer, Dick 202 Brahmsteadt, Marilyn 208 Braithwaite, Mary 145 Brandt, Douglas E. 133,144,167 Brandt, Jean 126,144 Brasch, Len F. 159,167 BRAULT, ORVILLE 238 Braunstein, Poppy 194 Brauner, John F. 133,145,168 Bravo, Arthur 205 Braza, Gerald F. 145 Brecka, Marilyn J. 168 Bredahl, Mike 198 Breitenfield, Richard 158,212 BREITER, THOMAS 247 Brehm, Marge 200 Breen, Bill 198 Bresser, Barb 88,194 Breneman, Bill 121,303 Brinkman, Dennie 196 Brinkman, Larry 197 Brock, Donald E. 168 Brock, Lennie 213 Bronson, Barb 133,154 Brose, Kurt 198 Brotton, Penny 201 Brown, Carol I. 168 Brown, Cathy 215 Brown, Evelyn CMrs.J 199 BROWN, JAMES 79 Brown, Rob 91,95 Brown, Tom 74,202 BROWNELL, ARTHUR 83,247 Brozek, Ruth 194 Brudos, Stephen C. Bruett, Robert F. 68,124,168,189 Brugger, Arden 146,207 Brunet, Ed 109,215 Bruni, Cindy 123, 195 Brunn, Jenny 209 Bubolz, A. Jean 101,114,127,168 Buchell, Joy A. 168 Buchmiller, Janie L. 15 3,168 Buckholz, Jim 198 Buddhu, Deowraj S. 117 Budgins, John 160 Buehl, Candy 152 Buenning, Barb 195 Buergin, Bob 199 Buhr, Tom 202 Bunker, Cindy 112 Bunnow, David 198 Buornat, Gary 112,145 Burand, Keith A. 168 Burd, Kathy 193 Burdick, Bob 112,205 Burger, Fred 199 Burgmaier, Bob 157 Burgos, Fermin 204 Burhop, James 199 Burke, Mary Evelyn 145 Burnick, R. Thomas 112,198 Burns, Margie 128,207 Burns, Peter D. 168 Burns, Richard 205 Burson, Jim 198 Burton, Dennis 213 Burton, Dianne 215 Burton, James L. 80,88,96,158,168 189 Busch, Cheryl 93,112,144,195 Buschmann, Helen CMrs.J 196 Bush, Bob 214 Buss, Gary 147,205 Butler, Michael 159 Butterfield, Tom 196 Byerly, Ray 145 Byerly, Thomas J. 133,145,169,189 Byrd, Prentiss 198 Bytell, Carol 208 Cade, Reisa 194 Cain, John 145 Callender, Dick 196 CAMPBELL, CLOYCE 231 Campbell, Pat 209 CPglgfIPUS CONTROLS COUNCIL CAMPUS VETS 109 CANA CLUB 141 Carvello, Phil 62 Carey, Richard J. 169 Carlson, Connie J. 152,169 Carlson, Ginger 144,194 Carlson, Kay 209 258 Carlson, Mike 197 Carnelly, Anne 209 Carney, Marilyn 207 Carpenter, Chris 208 Carpenter, Harry 81 Carpenter, Robert 197 Carroll, Tom 62 Carter, Linda 128,195 CARTWRIGHT, EDITH 220 Cary, George 197 Casati, Pat 200 Casey, Kathleen 93,128,145,200 Cascio, Peggy 207 Cash, Shannon 109 Cassel, Cheri 214 Cassel, Bruce 211 Castle, Sally 154,201 CATALINA CLUB 110 Cathman, John 128,197 Channing, Rosanne 101,128,200 Chapmen, Barb 195 Chapman, Steve 211 Charles, Nick 128 Check, Carolyn 195 CHEERLEADERS 1 1 1 Chellevold, Roger D. 169 Chellevold, Ron 198 CHEW, MARGARET 237 Chitwood, Sharon 123,154,193 Chotoff, Aurelia S. 169 Chrisler, Lynn 206 Christ, Jeff 196 Christel, Kathy 207 Christensen, James 159 Christensen, Kris 206 CHRISTENSEN, RONALD 247 Christensen, Ross 205 CHRISTIAN BIBLE STUDY 142 Christian, John 124,202 Christiansen, David 83 Christianson, Diane 193 Christianson, Jean 214 Christianson, Rodney 202 Christina, Mary Ann 144 Christnovich, Tony 62 Chrouser, Cathy 208 CIRCLE K 100 Clappier, Jack 215 Clark Clark Clark , Ann 207 ,Joanne 91,119,200 Kathy 209 Clark, Larry 109,202 Clark Clark Clark , Nadine 154 , Paula 206 e, Joan 195 CLASSEN, HAROLD 237 Clements, Cathy 133 Clements, Jane 193 CLEVELAND, JOHN 251 Coates, Jackie 128,153 Cobb, Jacques 195 Coburn, John 214 COLE, DAVID 231 Coleman, Kay 193 Colletti, Judy 90,194 Coley, Mike 77,199 Collier, Gene 196 Collins, Pat 202 Colombo, Dave 211 Combs, Clayton 157 COMEAU, GLENN 253 Connaughton, Jack 91,124,158,2l2 Connell, Pat 213 Conk, Barb 195 Conniff, Peter 197 Connolly, Edna 110,193 Connor, Kathy A. 101,105,151,169, 189 Connors, Vic 205 Conrad, Bob 93 Conrad, Diane 193 Cook, Linda 209 Cook, Ron 214 Coons, Jackie 206 Copeland, Mary 123,153,193 Copsey, Allan 214 Corbin, Tim 210 Coughlin, James 161 Coughlin, Nancy 153 COULEE TREKKERS 112 Coulter, Bob 198 Counselman, Beth 193 Courtier, Pat 194 Cowles, Verne 74,198 COWLEY, MILFORD 88 Cowling, Mike 210 Coy, Gene 211 Cox, Jeannine R. 128,169 Craig, Linda 147 Crapisi, Tom 197 Crary, George 214 Crary, Oscar 215 Crawford, Gloria 209 Cretens, Ed 62 Crist, Bob 62 Crook, Don 215 CROSS COUNTRY 66 Cross, Dr. 100 Cross, James W. 16,159 Cross, Michael S. 169,189 Crouch, J oane 209 Crum, Mary 133 Crum, Roger 98,133,140 Cudek, Christine M. 97,169 Cullen, Terry 194 Cunningham, Mary Frances 145,213 Curley, Greg 102 Curley, Jay 204 Curti, Linda 209 Curtis, Connie 112,195 Curtis, Dave 155,161 Curtis, Jack 79,120,121 Curtis, Marsha K. 140,143,169 CUSHMAN, MORTIMER 234 Dagnon, Ellen 214 Dahl, Rod 197 Dahl, Warren 204 DAHLER, CARLIN 98,250 Dahlk, Sharon 15 3 Dahlke, Steve 211 Dallman, Glenn W. 79,169 Dalton, Barb 195 Dammen, Robert 198 Dancker, Linda 209 Danoski, Ronald 210 Danke, Loren 161 Darling, Nancy 215 Dauphin, Barb 126 Dauphin, Joan 133,213 DAVIES, FREDERICK 102,242 Davis, Jack 205 Davis, William J. 155,169 Dean, Don 205 DEBATE 1 13 De Bruler, Joyce 193 De Cicco, Dusty 98 Decker, Glenn 198 Dedolph, Nancy 194 De Gutes, Dennis A. 169 De Jong, Judith B.127,128,153,169, 189 De Keyser, Dolly 88,112,194 De Long, Florence 200 Delikoski, Henrietta K. 152,170 DELTA PSI KAPPA 101 DELTA SIGMA PHI 158 DELTA ZETA 154 De Mers, Jerry 214 Deming, Nancy 146,195 Dempsey, JoAnn 194 Denboer, Rod 198 Denniston, Neil A. 170 Densmoor, Steve 117,203 Deppe, Kaye 207 Deppeler, Katheryne J. 152,170 Derkez, Jim 124 Derks, Sandra 213 De Rosa, Phil 109 Detert, Richard 77 Dettman, Ronnie 21 1 Devaul, Deanna 206 DEVITT, DANIEL 225 Devorock, Dave 62 DEVOLL, CLIFTON 69,80,238 De Witt, Kathy 213 Diakoff, Steven 133,211 Dickert, Mike 210 Dickinson, Dave 205 Dickinson, Nancy S. 154,170 Dickson, Scott 102 Diehl, Terry 195 Diesburg, Michael J. 170 Dimond, Don 159,213 Dino, Delores 206 Dion, Kathy 195 DISER, PHILLIP 234 Disrude, Tom 124,204 DIXON, WILLIAM 253 Dobson, James 161 Dobbs, Jim 161 Dobrinska, Ron 210 Docauer, Randy 79,106,212 Dodge, Cindy 97,128,195 Doden, Jim 121,205 Doine, Linda 209 Dolbier, Beth 92,214 Doleschal, Jan 119,133,134,154,170 Dolata, Sandy 128,194 Donahue, Jan 119,201 Dooley, John S. 68,205 Doolittle, Renee 194 Dorband, Kathy 206 Dorow, Steven 197 Doser, John W. 170 DOSER, ROBERT 248 Dowell, Linda 214 Downing, Marti 208 Downing, Mary 194 Downing, Odette 201 Downing, Richard 90,128 Doyle, Beth V. 170 Doyle, George 98,206 Drakulich, Roxanne 209 259 Drecktrah, Ron 128,147,204 Drecktrah, Lou 210 Dresang, Gary 79,120,145 Dregne, Dave 213 Drew, Larry 160,211 Drews, Barb 106,151,201 Drews. John A. 120,170 Dreyer, Warren 109 Drinkwater, Linda 152 Drinnan, Kathy 201 Droege, Jeannette 154 Druckrey, Stan 211 Druecke, Ralph 77,211 Duba, Norb 74,79,158,202 Dudley, Elaine 193 Duff, Dorothy 195 Dummer, Kathy 214 Duncan, Susan 110,194 Dunn, Barb 193 Dunne, Eileen 206 Dutcher, Dan E. 74,170 Dvorak, Darrell 161 Dvorak, Kathy 154 Dwyer, Joe 159,213 Dwyer, Karen A. 152,170 Dyer, Rita 195 Dyre, Margie 147 Eberhardt, Dennis 205 Ebersold, James 161 Ebinger, Ray 213 Eckes, Lynette 145,195 Edmiston, Robert 202 Eells, Jennifer 209 Egan, Gary 74,202 Eggers, Dick 91,211 Ehlenfeldt, Ann 193 Ehlert, Linda 206 Ehrhardt, Michael F. 170 Eide, Steve 204 Einzig, Adrianne 194 Eisler, Bill 204 Ekern, Arthur C. 91,170 Ekern, Marvin 161 Ellefson, Larry 91,170 Ellefson, Merlin A. 170 ELLINGER, RICHARD 225 Elliott, Jude 62 Elliott, Kathy 193 Ellis, Jim 204 Elmer, Barbara J. 128,171 Elmer, Soja 206 ELMGREN, CHLOE 231 A chilly aftemoon for the cheerleaders. Emer, Jane 213 Emer, Joe 83 Emery, Betty 154 Emery, Nancy 128,142,193 Emerson, Jim 211 Emmons, Bev 128 Eng, Eugenia 206 Engh, Mike 161 En land James 205 S , Engsberg, Mary C. 151,171 Ensey, Alicia 128,207 Erbe, Lloyd 210 Erdmann, Wayne 202 Erickson, Harold P. 171,189 ERICKSON, JAMES 220 Erickson Erickson Erickson Erickson Erickson ,Norman 144 ,Paul J. 171 , Melisa 133,144,208 , Randy 62,121,171,189 , Sandy 128 Eriksen, Judy 123 Ersepke, Carol 200 Esping, Pam 195 Esquilin, Luis 161 Esser, Mike 211 ESTES, WILLIAM 133,249 Eswein, Ralph 83 Eswein, Gerald 202 ETA PHI ALPHA 102 Euler, Jeanne 195 Eumurian, Jane 143 Evans, Leslie 110 EVANS, Evenson , C Evenson, Gary 196 Evenson, Evenson, RUSSELL 245 Carol S. Mrs.J 171 Merriam J. 171 Marcia 119,127,193 Evenstad, John 210 Evert, Jean E. 114,119,127,171 Ewert, Margaret A. 195 Ewing, Steve 76,205 Faas, Dave 214 Faber, Diane 209 FACULTY 211-253 Fagan, John 124 F ahrenholz, Dick 205 Fait, Pamella 124,194 F alaschi, Rocky 62 Falbe, Diane 91,151,193 F albo, Bob 202 Falk, Kris 128,195 Falk, Robert 128,129 F alkner, Ronald 204 F alkner, Bonnie 200 F alleck, Richard 205 F ancher, Fanning, John F. 171 Mike 74,196 Farrell, Jim 202 Faulkner, Don 205 Fay, Joyce 97 FELCH, WILLIAM 250 F eller, Eileen 209 Felton, Bev 201 Fenner, Bonnie 206 Fenner, Judy 154,201 Fett, B. J. 206 Fickewirth, JoAnne 200 F iegel, Jack 205 FIELD HOCKEY CLUB 114 Fink, Mary Ann 208 Fink, Peter F . 171 Finkelstein, Les 197 Finley, Marie 194 Finn, Jim 98,113 Finucan, Donna 193 Fischer, Cheryl 97 ,123,124,200 Fish, Alan 198 FISH, KENNETH 232 Fisher, Kay D.101,105,119,151,171, 189 Fisher, Sandy 194 Fischer, Ron 77,199 FLAHERTY, LORRAINE 234 Flanagan, Mike 158,212 Flayter, Richard A. 171 FLEDGLING 95 Fleming, Patrick J. 161,171 Fletcher, Cherylynn 214 Fleischman, Bob 211 Flickinger, Theo 133,134 Flock, Ed 215 Flynn, Karen 153 Foelske, Patsy 207 Foley, Kathleen 208 Foley, Robert E. 171 Folger, Jim 159 Folgers, Betty 97,105,l72,189 Follendorf, Al 147 FOOTBALL 62-65 Ford, Dana 205 Forschler, Ben 205 Fortney, Bob 62 Foskett, Jane 206 Fox, Carl 74 Fox, David 198 Fox, John 215 Fox, Kris 194 Foxxe, Tom 213 Francis, Mary Anne 112,133,195 Franciskovic, Jack 76 Franciskovic, Jim 76,211 Francksen, Ingrid A. 172 Franklin, Linda E. 172 FRANKLIN, WALTER 245 Franzen, Susan M. 172 Fraser, Linda 112,206 Frawley, Ed 205 Frederick, Nancy B. 172 FREDERICK, ROBERT 253 Fredericks, Pat 193 French, Carol 206 French, Deanna 128,214 Frey, Mark 76,197 Frey, Bill 155,158,212 Friday, Bonita 208 Friell, Lee 199 Fnischman, Kathy 206 Fritz, Kristine 146,206 Fuchs, Augie 199 Fuchsteiner, Barb 145,214 Fuller, Danny 215 Funk, Len 62 Funnell, Barbara 193 Furlong, Chloris Ann 200 Gabelbauer, John 205 Gabrielson, Larry 204 Gabucci, Sandy 200 Gaeldner, Susan 126 Gagermeier, Susan 154,213 Galena, Tony 62 Galewski, William 214 Gallagher, Maurice 160 260 Gamber, Barbara C. 110,119,123, 172 Garriott, Carolyn 122,153,194 Garstecki, Tom 210 Gartland, John 198 Gasper, Joe 90 GATES, SAMUEL 218 GAUTSCH, FLOYD 238 Gautsch, Mike 215 Gautsch, Robert 197 Gehling, Bonnie 128,195 Gehring, Dave 210 Gehm, Victor T. 172 Geise, George 205 Gelhaus, Jane 194 Gentile, Susan L. 101,172,189,200 Geracie, Rick 197 Gersbach, Sandra 208 GERSHON, ERNEST 238 Gersmehl, Carol 123,201 Getter, Sharon 142,193 Getter, Russell W. 172 Gianforte, John 79,205 Gibbon, Al 21 1 Gibbs, Jim 21 1 GILKEY, HELEN CMRSJ 234 GILKEY, GEORGE 95,242 Giraldi, Fred 198 Gilbertson, Joel S. 172 Gilles, Patsy 88,154,213 Gilles, Beverly 214 Ginskey, Margery 102 GLASEL, LEE 235 Glass, Diane 200 Glubka, Al 211 GOLDSBOROUGH, WILLIAM 231 GOLF 81 Goll, Jeff 83 Gonyo, Jean 153 Gonzales, Sonia 154 Goodman, Betty Lou CMrs.J 172 GOODWIN, LANE 238 Gordon, Pat 215 Gorski, Dennis 210 Gorzlanzyk, Jean 127,200 Gottbeheut, Linda L. 172 Gourlie, Mary 206 Gourley, Margaret 143,208 Grabow, Susan 153,193 Grainger, Mike 68 Grady, Gloria 195 Graf, Jerry 159 GRAFF, MAURICE 220 Graham, Verna M. 172 Gran, Roger 128 Granke, Jeanne M. 172 GRANGER, MARIAN 233 Grant, Margaret 201 Grant, Suzanne 215 Graves, John 205 Green, Sharon 88,133 Greener, Cindy 15 3 Greenup, Jim 133,134,155,l59,198 Greenwood, Bonnie 207 Gregg, Pam 194 Greinke, Neil N. 120,173 Gresens, Bill 147 GRESSETH, DALE 245 Greve, Richard A. 173 Grieger, Richard 100 Gries, William E. 124,161,173 Grimsled, Ron 215 GRIMSLID, GALE 223 Grimsrud, Gloria J. 173 Grimm, Mary-Joe 153,173 Grom, Gary 161 Gromacki, Cheri 208 Gronski, Robert 155,159 Grosch, Jim 83 Grosch, Evelyn 101,119,127,200 Gros, Diane 152 Grover, Frank 98 Gruber, Bob 199 Grunniwaldt, Greg 197 Grunwald, Mary A. 173 Gruber, Neil 213 Gruen, Ruth A. 173 Gruendler, Mary Jo 128 Gschwind, Charles 108 Guibord, Paul 214 Guider, Clarella 97,117,145,195 Guiles, Cindy 209 GUNNING, RICHARD 98,220 Gust, Pamela K. 173 Gutman, Dennis 197 GYMNASTIQUES 115 GYMNASTICS 77 Haag, John 133,145 HAAS, CHARLES 253 HAAS, SHIRLEY CMRSJ 222 Haase, Mary 209 Habel, Vicki 115,209 Habelman, Ray 210 Hackner, Joan 145 Hachmeister, Terry 207 Haebig, Jeff 79 HAFEN, BRENT 239 Hafner, Joel 68 HAGAR, ALICE 245 Hagerman, Topper 76,l04,120,213 Hahn, Jane 119,127,200 Hahn, Linda 110,209 Haksomaki, Sandy 128 Halama, Jane 215 Halberg, Susan 140,146 Hall, Biiy 197 Hall, Kris 206 Hall, Tarry 159 Hall, Wayne O. 144,173,189 Halverson, James 199 Halverson, Joyce C. CMrs.J 173 Halverson, Kay 154,214 Halverson, Sharon 146 Hamann, Richard 210 Hambrecht, Al 210 Hamblin, Roger 197 Hamilton, Bruce 100 Hamilton, Connie 195 HAMMES, MARIAN 232 Hams, Allen 197 Hannemann, Marilyn 209 Hansen, David 212 Hansen, Donna 93,194 Hansen, Judy 126 Hansen, Linda 152,201 Hansen, Marvin R. 197 Hansen, Robert 215 Hansen, Sandy 207 Hansen, Tom 124 Hanslik, Ginny 208 Hanson, Gary R. 173 Hanson, Harold 102,213 Hanson, Hanson Hanson Hanson: Ron 159 Hanson, Hanson, 7 Jana 128 Kristen 133 Pat 195 Rosanne 144,154,213 William 199 Hanzel, Dick 211 Happel, Doug 158,199 Happel, Jim 199 Harding, Carol 200 Hardy, Larry 79,212 HARDY, RICHARD 239 Harinek, Sue 194 Harlan, Jim 74,211 Harmel, Dick 205 Harnish, Harry 128,147 Harpold, Ramona 128 Harried, Olin N. 161,173 Harrigan, Kathy 193 Harrigan, Karen 153 Harris, Bill 98 Harstad, Tom 198 Hart, Connie 208 Hart, Ron 204 HARTIG, EDWARD 235 Hartig, Margaret 145,206 Hartig, Sue 215 HARTLEY, RICHARD 227 Hartman, Cheryl L. 152,173 Hartrick, Richard 196,198 Harvey, Karen 112 Harwell, Lee 204 Hasenstad, Laura 128 Hass, Nancy K. 151,173 Hastreiter, Linda 208 Haugen, Donna 143,174 Haugh, Roger 128,199 Haugland, Marilyn 174 Haugland, Steve 198 Hawkins, Ella M. CMrs.J 174 Hayes, Kathryn 102,106 HAYES, TRUMAN 249 Hayhurst, Carol 152,201 HEBBERD, MARY 235 Hegge, Pat 206 Hehenberger, Don 15 8 ,212 Heidel, Keith 198 Heideman, Mike 199 HEIDER, DOROTHY 232 Heinonen, Barbara J. 101,105,124, 15 1,174,189 Heidel, JoAnn 114,119,200 Heinemann, Richard 205 Heindrich, Barbara 145,151 Heinz, Wendy 208 Heisler, Jeff 98,128,129 Heitman, Linda 214 Held, Ron 211 Heller, Jean 193 Hellpap, Gordy 211 Hellpap, Tim 210 Hendryson, Sue 201 Henke, Ron 211 Hennig, Margo 114,1 19,127,l52,206 Hennessey, David 211 Henry, Richard 98 Herda, Ray 108,159,205 Herold, Connie 207 Herold, Linda 90,151,193 Hersey, Sue 206 Herzog, Donald J. 174,189,205 261 Herzog, Wayne 155,158,212 Hetland, Sherry 195 Hetzel, John 199 Heuser, Jackie E. 94,174 Hewitt, Fred 210 Hewlette, Marie 200 Hibicke, Dwight 197 Hickey, Elizabeth 152 Hickey, Mary 209 Hickey, Sue 152 Hilber, Barbara 206 Hilgers, Gerry 83 Hill, Gregg 117 Hill, Lynda 208 Hill, Richard 214 Hillcoat, Dan 204 Hilleshiem, Donna L. 88,105,142 146,174,189 Hillig, Pauline 193 Hilmoe, Jeri A. 174 HIMMEL, CLARK 249 HIMMEL, CLARK 251 Hinkel, Douglas S. 174 Hinz, Judy 88 Hirschfield, Sue 206 Hiser, Betty 123,151,200 HISTORY CLUB 116 Hielsand, Richard 214 HOCKER, MARGARET 245 Hodulik, Rosemarie 209 HOEFER, JOHN 237 Hoeft, Gaylene 146,215 Hoeg, Rich 196 Hoeppner, Barbara L. 174 Hoesly, Holly C. 123, 174 Hoff, Annetta R. 128,153,174 Hoffl, Jack 213 Hoffman, Gwen 208 Hoffman, Ray 155 Hoffman, Rochelle 195 Hoffmeier, Barbara 193 Hoffmeister, James 198 Hogden, Paula 207 Hogue, David 96,222 Holcomb, Dave 124 Holcombe, Gary 203 HOLDER, VIRGIL 158,237 Holly, Colleen 201 Hollman, Donnette 92,128,133,154 200 Honer, Cheri 208 HOLT, CLIFFORD 223 Holter, Gordie 215 Holtze, Janice F. 154,174 HOOD, TOM 91,223 Hooker, Elaine 127,151 Hornby, Jim 128,197 Horski, Sue 115,193 Horswill, Jerry 202 HORLE, REID F. 220 Hotchkiss, Frank 199 Hotek, Arda 193 Hough, David W. 161,174 Houle, Linda 206 Houser, Elaine 213 Hovind, Neil 157 HOWARD, JAMES 239 Howell, Lynda L. 128,175 Howell, Terri 209 Howland, Cindy 112,152,193 Howland, Jane D. 175 Hubbard, Robert 196 HUBBARD, WARREN 244 Huberty, Carla 145,209 Huck, Sally 115,207 Huenink, Ann 90,200 Huggett, Douglas S. 175 HUGHES, EARL 248 Hughes, Sharon 209 HUGHES, WILLIAM 143,242 Huntington, Lynn 112 Huntsicker, Lucy 193 Hurlburt, Norman 128,146 Hurlburt, Wesley W. 146,175 Hurley, Don 205 HURST, CHARLES 252 Huse, Gale 122,151,201 Huseby, Jeanne 153 Hustad, Bruce G. 175 Huston, Pat 128,209 Hutcheon, W. Bruce 79 Huttenburg, J ulanne 25,151,201 HYDE, WILLIAM 235 IDEUS, HARVEY 223 Imhoff, Joan 207 Indra, Sue 207 Ingli, B.W. 98 Ingwell, Charles D. 175 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL 155 INTERNATIONAL STUDENT ORGANIZATION 1 17 INTER-RELIGIOUS COUNCIL 1 40 Not in my boots! INTER-VARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP 143 Irwin, Jim 205 Isensee, Brent 199 Ishmael, Suzanne 153,201 Iverson, Don 81 J ablonski, Gregory 157 J ach, Jeannie 206 Jackson, Dave 199 Jackson, Randy 1 17,202 Jackson, Sandy 90 Jacobs, Karen M. 91,110,124,175 Jacobson, Cheryl 209 Jacobson, Mark 205 Jacobson, Paul V. 175 Jacobson, Wayne A. 88,121,158,175, 189,197 J ahn, Tofita 208 J ahnel, Muriel 214 James, Jeff 128 J anda, Mary 200 J annusch, Margaret A. 122,175 J anusheske, Judy 206 Janzen, Barb 214 Jarchow, Joan E. 106,153,175 Jarosh, Joe C. 80,175 Jarvis, S. Kim 124 J asperson, Marjorie M. 175 Jefferies, Greg 159 Jeffrey, J eane 209 Jenkins, Jenkins, Jenkins, Jenkins, J ENKS Clayton 210 Linda 208 Marie 207 Martha 128 JOHN 95 246 Jenks, Marilyn 214 Jensen, Elinor 213 Jensen, Gordon 160,212 Jensen, Louise 201 Jensen, Steven A. 76,159,175 Jensen, Tom 161 J ermstad, Sharon 200 Jerome, Sue 128,214 JESSESSKI, DORIS 141 Jessesski, John 141 Jinske, William J. 124,176 Joanis, David 128 Joanis, Tom 128,158,212 J odarski, Bill 196 Johann, David R. 108,145,176 Johannes, Adele 200 Johannes, Jim 161 Johns, Jewel 146 JOHNSON, ALTA CMRSJ 232 Antoinette 145,214 Johnson, Johnson, Johnson Johnson, Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson, 7 7 Carol 13 3 , Charlene 140,144,200 Chris 1 5 2 Dale 197 Dan 202 Frederick. 2 15 ZJim 77 John 68,161 Judy 213 Judy L. 200 Karen A. 151,176 f Kathleen 215 Ken 1 5 8 262 Johnson, Larry D. 176 Johnson, Lester J . 176 Johnson, Marilyn 206 Johnson, Mary Kay 200 Johnson, Mary Lou 93,206 Johnson, Maryls JOHNSON, PAUL 25 2 Johnson, Phillip L. 176 Johnson, Ricky 210 Johnson, Robert W. 128,143 Johnson, Rod 202 Johnson, Tim 196 Johnston, Mary 208,215 Jones, Harold 210 Jones, Larry 198 Jones, Ron 204 Jones, Susan 200 Jordan, Judy 91,128,145,206 Jorgensen, Julie A. 128,133,176 Jothen, Robert 204 Juel, Marty J. 176 Jungbluth, Frank S. 176 J ungen, Judy 154 Justinger, Don 161 Kachelek, Mary 195 Kacmarek, George 81 Kaczmarek, John 204 Kaczmarek, R. Lee 176 Kading, John 80 Kaepernick, Carol 134,150,15 3,200 Kaleas, James C. 176 Kallio, Bill 198 Kamla, Mary 94,154 Kanable, Kathy 206 Kanter, Ronald 203 Kanvick, Trudy 201 KAPPA DELTA PI 103 Karceski, Ed 77 Kardin, Merlin 147,213 Karnopp, Lynn 200 Karps, Carol A. 114,1 19,127,176 Karrigan, Dick 209 Kaschinske, Kathy 209 Kaster, Barbara 141 Kaster, Sylvester 141,213 Kaufmann, Rick 79 - Keehn, Lynn 114,119,127,207 Kehrwald, Roberta 90,194 Kelleher, Ken 203 KELLER, JOSEPH 223 Keller, Robert 76,120,197 Kellicut, Jeanette 2 1 5 Kelly, Marjorie 91,193 Keltner, Karen 209 Kempley, Cheryl 206 KEN DRICK, VERNON 225 KENNEDY, ELEANOR 223 Kenstad, Dave 128,129 Kent, Ann M. 176 Kern, Kay 154 Kerrigan, Thomas L. 176 Kershasky, Joe H. 177 Kerstein, Kathy 209 Ketchum, Donald R. 177 Kewitt, Jill 206 Kexel, Jim 210 Kianga, Mbolota 1 13,1 17 Kidd, Sandra Lou 177 Kieckhefer, Marilyn 201 Kijak, Cheryl 209 Kile, Marilyn 141 Kile, Wayne 141 Killian, Jim 109 Killian, Kay 128 Killian, Sue 90 King, Peter 94,95,98 King, Vernon 198 Kinney, Russ 210 Kinsey, Carolyn 209 Kinsey, Pat 128 Kinyon, Barbara E. 177 Kircheis, Barbara 117 Kirkhorn, Mary L. 15 2, 177 Kirst, Greg 199 Kirst, Jeff 204 KISTNER, C. RICHARD 229 Klehm, Judy A. 177 Klein, Jan 91,93,154,195 Kleinke, Dick 109 Kline, Patrick, 215 Kleinsmith, Nancy 215 Kleist, Marshall 211 Klimke, Dennie 213 Kling, James C. 177 Klininski, George C. 62,104,120,177 Klingbeil, Roxanne 193 Klinke, Kay 133,206 Klinzing, Barney 79 Klug, Caryl 112,195 Klug, Gary 62 Klug, Karen 153,192 Klug, Patricia K. 152,177 Klug, Sue 206 Klund, Pamela 150,152,177 Klungseth, Terry 124 Klus, Kathy 123,152,201 Knabe, Carol 193 Knaide, Calvin 62 Knapp, Mike 211 Kneifl, Tom 98,113,214 KNEPPLE, BETH CMRSJ 239 Knoblauch, Margie 154 Knoble, James 199 Knox, Benjie 151,177 Knox, Richard 157 Knudson, Chris 152 Knudson, Roger 212 Knudson, Ron 199 Koch, Lois 124,194 Koch, Pat 127,209 Koehler, Carol A. 177 Koehler, George 204 Koehler, Karl 204 KOEHLER, RICHARD 223 Koehler, Rosanne 1 17,145,194 Koehl, Bob 199 Koeller, Jeff 83 Koenig, Francis 101,115,127,200 Koenig, Mary Anne 151 Koelbl, Greg 215 Kohlmeier, George 213 Kolar, Ken 160 Kolbo, Connie 194 Kollath, Joann 206 Kollath, Jim 157 Komro, Kathleen 193 KONRAD, W. GREY 229 Kopp, Bonnie 140,143,208 KOPPITCH, RICHARD 235 Korb, Gary 204 Korish, Rich 74 Kornack, JoAnn 208 Kortbein, Kathy 133,15 1 Kosbab, Paul M. 177 Kovalaske, Judy 128 Kowalik, Sandy 209 Kowalski, Paula 206 Krattiger, Nancy 115,127,194 Krause, Jo 128 Krieg, Julie A. 177 Kriemelmeyer, Mary Jo 178 Krizizke, Dave 211 Kroening, Cheri 201 Kroening, Jane 208 Krolow, Michael 204 Kroner, Mary 110,214 Krugel, Terry 128,129 Krueger, JoAnn 206 Krueger, Mike 161 Kruse, Joe 21 1 Kruse, Patricia A. 124,178 Kuckler, Chuck 128,129 Kuehn, John 62,79,204 Kuelm, Phillip J. 161,178 KUHN, GARY 242 Kuhn, Lindsey 112,145,193 Kuhns, Kathy 122,194 Kurz, Sue 146,195 Kurtz, Chuck 196 Kusick, Craig 62 Kussmaul, Flint 209 Kutzbach, Carole 123,200 Kwaterski, Jerry 210 Kwaterski, Jo 210 Lacko, Jim 159,204 La Court, John 210 1967 LA CROSSE 92,93 LA CROSSE BOARD OF WOMEN OFFICIALS 1 19 LA CROSSE STATE OFFICIALS 1 2 1 Lacy, Mary Pat 207 Laetsch, Ginger 208 LAFKY, JAMES 235 Lager, Ellen 195 Laing, Sandy 115,127,194 Lakowske, Judy 193 Lambert, Candy 209 Lambert, Jeny 128,133 Landis, Chuck 83 Landusky, Sue 208 Lang, Gary 109 Lange, Barbara A. 178 Lange, Cathy 194 Lange, Jeffrey R. 159,178 Lange, Sue 194 Langen, Jim 157 Langdon, Sue 192 263 Laporte, Lynn 208 Larkin, Larsen, Larsen, Larson, Larson, Larson Mary Ellen 213 David 91 John 203 Carol 128 Ellen 97,127 Gerald C. 104 178 189 Larson: Karl 196 , , Larson, Mark 205 Larson, Margaret 102,108,144,200 Lasch, Glen 197 Lathrop, John 197 Lau, Doug 211 Laubenstein, Mary 194 Laursen, Lynn K. 151,178 Lauret, John 204 Lauermann, Michael 102,157 LAUX, WILLIAM 243 Lawrenz, Pamela D. 178 Lawrynk, Patrick W. 160,178 Layton, Gerald A. 178 L-BAR-X 1 18 L-CLUB 120 Leaf, Norman 144 Lecher, Barbara 208 Lechner, Sharon 207 Lee, Harry 98,128,129 Lee, Marcia 153 Lee, Merlin 202 Leese, Craig 196 Le Fevre, Barbara M. 97,178 Leff, Larry 199 Lehrke, Rozamie 214 Leighr, David 100,128,205 Leiviska, Nancy 195 LEMKE, JUSTIN 233 Lempke, Bonnie A. 117,178 Lenz, John 159 Lenz, Carol 150,151,201 Lenz, Sandi 193 Leonard, Ken 210 Leonardelli, Chris 208 Leonhart, Jim 104,213 Lepsch, Sharon J. 97,145,178 Leren, Jill 153 LEROY, ROBERT 100,200 Leschyk, Sherry 145,208 Levendoski, Mary 213 Levy, Louis T. 161,179 Levy, Jules C.161,178 Lewis, Jack 133 Lewis, Roberta 209 Lewis, Sherry 153 Liebscher, Denny 155,160 Lien, Dave 98 Lillie, Carole 146 Limberg, Eugene E. 179 Lindau, Sherry 209 LINDBALD, RICHARD 251 Lindgren, Terry l10,123,151,200 Lindner, Diane 215 LINDNER, KENNETH 229 Lindquist, John 98,112,144,197 Lingsweiler, Curtis 104 Link, Gary 160 Link, Wayne 196 Linse, Mary 147,200 Lintelmann, Sharon 133 Liss, Steven M. 198 Listwan, Mary 193 Little, Kathy 208 Livangood, Linda 200 Loan, Marcia 207 Lobenstein, Bernard 109 Lockwood, Suzi 194 Lodde, Cindi 209 LODDEKE, LOIS 252 Loeser, Chuck 205 Loken, Dick 128,129 Lokken, Judy 151 Long, Phillip 199 Loomis, Patry 109 Loomis, Randy 158 Lorenzen, Ann B. 105,128,134,179, 189 Lorenz, Pam 208 Lorenz, Barbara 123,124,194 Lothian, Bonnie 88,112,152,194 Lotzer, Suzie 193 Loughrin, Gene 68 Loushine, Bill 121,205 Lowe, Michael 213 Lowe, Truman 1 17 Lucas, Jack 204 Lucht, Neil 204 Luedtke, Mary Jo 209 Lunenschloss, Dick 109 Lukas, David J. 98,179 Lulling, Darrel 76,198 Lunde, Gary A. 112,133,144,205 LUTHERAN CAMPUS CENTER 148 Lutz, Bonnie 119,127,128,194 Lynn, Ron 124 Mac Aulay, Ian 112,146,179,189 Mac Aulay, Gary 90,199 Mac Gillivray, Tom 155,160,214 Mack, Julie 150,153 Mack, Larry 198 Madalon, Mary Joi 124,151 Madden, Tom 159 Mader, Sherry 153 Mahloch, Jeff 159 Mahorski, John 79 Mainzer, Kathy 208 Maker, Bill 79,211 Makovec, Dave 202 Malanic, Bob 214 MANALICH, RAMIRO 244 Mancini, Carol 209 Mancuso, Tom 62 Mandy, Marilyn E. 179 Manegold, Michael 76,159,213 Mangiaracina, Rose 24,25,l 15,153 Manlick, Douglas 109,197 MANTER, PAUL 236 Mantey, Beverly 128,144,201 Manthei, Mary 97,200 Mara, Duane J. 179 Marcotte, Linda 207 Markee, Michael 198 Markert, Joy 115 Markos, Gregory 215 Marmorstone, Ray 83 Marr, Jack 197 Mars, Bob 79,120 MARSHALL, THOMAS 224 Martin, David 214 Martin, Mary 151 Martin, Virginia 128 Martinek, JoAnn M. 179 Martins, Janice 90 Marx, Susan 215 Marx, Judy 115,200 Mashak, Sue 193,215 Maske, Rich 196 Mason, Jim 113 Massingill, Ray 121,128,196 Mataczynski, Ed 198 Matushek, Dick 161 MATZELLE, GERALD 155,224 Maves, Mary 208 May, Steve 204 Mayfield, Steve 211 Mayne, Pam 207 Mc Ardle, Terry 161 Mc Carthy, Lynn 215 Mc Connell, Chuck 198 Mc Coy, Kelly 151 Mc Coy, Mike 198 Mc Culloch, Katherine J. 123,151,179 Mc Cumber, Scott 211 Mc Dermott, Karen 110,193 Mc Donald, Bob 128,204 Mc Gowan, Roberta H. 119,127,179 Mc Grath, Michelle, 93,94 Mc Grath, Sue 209 Mc Grath, William 160,212 Mc Gregor, Mike 202 Mc Guire, Bruce 204 Mc ILRAITH, STUART 227 Mc Intyre, Sue 207 Mc Kinley, Rita 127,193 Mc Kinley, Machelle 206 Mc Kinney, Robert 215 Mc Killip, Delores 206 Mc Kittrick, Donna 142,193 Mc Lain, Bruce 91 Mc Laughlin, Greg 213 Mc Laughlin, Mary Jo 153,179 Mc LELLAN, MARY 239 Mc Levich, Sally 214 Mc MAHON, ROBERT 224 Mc Murray, Timothy S. 198 Mc Neely, Greg 197 Meacham, Lorrie 153 Mead, Phillip 157 Meadows, Sue 115 Mech, Barbara 194 Megrath, Vicki 113,154 Meier, Carey 77,199 Meisnest, Carlene 124,201 Meister, Rod 198 Meitz, Bob 205 Meinert, Dan 62 Melby, Anita 128,193 Mendelson, Marilyn 207 Mengelt, Dennis M. 179 264 Menze, John 205 Meredith, Scott 196 Meronk, Robert 73,79,213 Meronek, Diane 193 Messer, Lorraine 128 Mestan, Terry 197 Metoxen, Lois 15 3 Meteyard, Richard W. 83,179 Metzdorff, Dan 204 Meunier, Gary 155,197 Meves, Michael M. 161,179 MEWALDT, DAVID 249 Meyer Meyer Meyer Meyer Meyer, , Dan 211 ,Kathy 115,206 , Kathy 207 ,Emily M. 180 Marilyn 101,114,115,119 127,200 Meyer Meyer, Meyer, , Pat 123,206 Timothy 76,180 William A. 128,159 Meyer, William G. 21 1 Meyocks, Kathy 193 Michaud, Ken 210 Michaud, Mary 193 Michols, Loretta 209 Michuda, Dick 88,198 Micke, Marion 209 Mikkelson, John 161 Milant, Jackie 206 Milinovich, Jean 133,194 Millard, Doris 108,200 Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Millt r, Miller Miller? Miller, Miller Miner? Miner, Miller Millerj Miller, Miner Barbara 213 Bev 193 Dave 215 Don 68 Den 68 Jennifer 195 Jo Ann 151,200 Jack 161 Le Roy 157 Margaret 209 Marilyn 91,147,151,206 Marilyn G. 180 Melinda 206 Patricia J. 183,180 Sandy R. 144,180 Sandy 108,152,200 Miller, Wally 210 Millerd, Gary 204 Millin, Jan 126 Mills, James L. 180 Milspaugh, Phyllis 207 Mishun, Marcy 208 Mitchell, Tom 159 Mitich, John 68 Mithum, Jim 203 Mittermeyer, Frank C. 180 Modjeski, Ernie 109 Moe, Joe L. 180 Moe, Lorraine 119 Moede, Jerome 128,198 Moeller, Mary 112,146,194 Moersch, Nancy 128,154,193 Moham, Mike 197 Montgomery, Marilyn 194 Moore Moore Moore Moore Moran 9 Moran, Moran, 9 7 Charles 199 Chuck 160,212 Carol 90 Steve 198 Barb 128 Mike 124 Nicholas 94,95,160,189 Morehouse, Diane 209 Morgan, Connie L. 180 Morgan, Mary 200 Morgan, Sandy 195 Moriarity, John 68,213 Moritz, Diane 207 Morley, Dave 68,199 Morris, Irwin 161 Morrone, Vincenzo 205 Morse, Claire Lynne 91,214 Mortensen, Shirley 126 Mosier, Gary 76,196 Moss, Richard 197 MOTIVANS, JOSEPH 252 Mott, Jennifer 206 Mountain, Patrick 199 Moussette, Joanne 151,209 Mower, Helen M. 180 Mrozek, Jan 207 Mruk, Kathy 193 Mubarak, Rob 210 Mueller, Donald 197 Mueller, Glenn 210 Mueller, Pat 208 Mujwid, Kathy 207 Mulhern, Maureen 209 Mulheron, Pat 90 MULLER, PATRICIA 95,246 Mullins, Robert 213 MUNNS, EARLE 224 Munson, Mary 207 MUNSON, VIVIAN 243 MURPHY, EUGENE 221 Murphy, Kathleen 209 Murphy, Kathy 209 Murphy, Robert 88 Murphy, Sylvia 151,201 Murray, Elaine 145,215 Murray, Lois 145 Musolf, Rich 197 Myers, Myers, Myers, Myren, Donna 208 Michael 198 Suzi 90,206 Allen 128,133,147 Nada, Sharon N. 97,180 Nagao, Fred 202 Nairn, Virginia 101 ,1 19, 127,200 Natter, Rick 204 Nederloe, Mark 210 Neeb, Mike 202 Neider, Judy 209 Neipp, Mary 209 Neis, Kathy 94,153,193 Nelson, Albert 214 NELSON, ALLEN 227 Nelson, Carol E. 180 Nelson, Dianne S. 152,180 Nelson, Gordon 128,129,214 Nelson, Jeff 199 Nelson, Jim 211 Nelson, Judy 193 Nelson, Kay 209 Nelson, Linda 207 Nelson, Linda 193 Nelson, Millie A. 88,93,95,144,150, 154,180,189 Nelson, Margaret 207 Nelson, Nelson 195 Nelson, Dick 197 Nelson, Rodney 88,96,205 Nelson, Terry 159 Nelson, Bill 197 Nesbitt, Jim 155 Ness, Jean 123,154,214 Ness, Joneen 193 Netwal, Daniel A. 181 Neuberger, Dave 68,196 Neumann, Jeanne 128,207 Neunetz, Kathy 206 Neuschaefer, Lee 204 Newkirk, Linda 208 NEWMAN CLUB 145 Newton, Kathy 91,151,194 NICHOLAS, DONALD 224 Nichols, Jim 161 Nichols, Bob 204 Nicklas, Nancy 101,110 Nicolai, Diane C. 181,201 Niebuhr, Bob 155 Niedfeldt, Tom 147 Niederer, Jean 153,193 Nielsen, Buckley 161 Niemczyk, Lee 161,210 Niesen, John 205 NIGHBERT, JOYCE 222 Niznik, Marty 94 Nolan, Mike 98 Nontelle, Donald R. 98,181 Noren, LuAnne 209 Nordbloom, Karen 123,152,201 North, Dean T. 102,181 Novick, Otto 159 Novy, Linda A. 97,l05,106,140,l45, 15 3,181,189 Novak, Gary 212 Novak, Jim 159,213 Novak, Judy 208 Nowak, David 161,204 Nowicki, Carol 207 Noyce, Fran 208 Nuttall, Betty 128,209 NUTTER, LAWRENCE 229 O Brien, Toni A. 114, 127, 181 O Brien, Mary 119,127 O Brie11, Steve 199 Oedsma, Kathleen 146,194 Ogden, Linda 208 Oftedahl, Lorene 209 O Hearn, Pat 77 Oinonen, Carole 128 O'KEEFE, DENNIS 249 O Leary, Sharon 133,134 OLESON, MARGARET 236 Oliver, Robert 210 Oliver, Roger 210 265 Olsen, Olsen, Olsen, Olsen, Olsen, Olson, Olson, Olson, Olson, Olson, Olson, Olson, Olson, Olson, Olson, Olson, Olson, Olson, Olson, Olson, Olson, Oman, Gary 81 Gerald R. 181 Mary L. 144,181 Steve 159 Susan A. 181 Bridget Cantlon CMrs.J 1 Carol 194 Christine 208 Dan 215 David W. 181 Dennis 212 DeeDee 88, 144 Jim 214 Jeff 210 James H. 181 Karna 110,123,201 Keith 205 Lynda 93,200 Mary 133 Nodji 128,206 Dick 204 Judith 213 O Meara, Terrance 205 Oncken, Marcy 127 Onrubia, Alfredo 109 Onsager, Dave 213 ONSRUD, J UDITH 232 Onuma, Cindy 193 Opitz, Don 198 Opdyke, Jeanine 133 Oppriecht, Kermit 128,133,134 ORCHESIS 122 ORGANIZATIONS 84-161 Orourke, Sherri 150,151 Orr, Ann 200 Osgood, Debbie 133,215 Ostrem, Dianne 200 Ostrem, Don 211 OTTO, WILLIAM 239 Pabst, Joyce E. 181 Padgett, Fred 77 Pagan, Carlos 159,204 Pagel, Kathy 207 Paisley, Sharon 195 Palmisano, Linda 209 Pampuch, Gary 214 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL 150 Panke, Barb 152 Pankiewicz, John 120 Pankow, Jackie 193 Parduhn, Marie 195 Parker, Sue 206 Parkovich, Bruce 121,205 PARKS, WILLIAM 88,96,231 Parsons, Don 128,129,205 Parsons, Jeri 193 PARSONS, ROGER 236 Patience, Judy 151 Paulson, Connie 90 Paulson, Joyce 195 Paulus, Jim 155,157,212 Pauly, Bob 181 Payne, John 198 Payne, Virginia 181 Peacock, Penny 25 Peck, Ricky 198 Peck, Virginia 195 Peckham, Phil 160 Pecore, Linda 208 Pedersen, Jane 90,151,181 PEDERSON, RHEA 232 Pederson, Trygve 199 Pederson, Trygve 199 Pedretti, Dan 95,117 Pedretti, Leo 95 Pellett, Thomas 108,182 Pellmann, Ned 21 1 PEMBERTON, WILLIAM 243 Pendleton, Mary 128 Perkins, Rene 95 Perry, Susan 108,200 Persick, Margaret 195 Pertzsch, Karen 215 Pertzsch, Pat 215 Peters, Janet 193 Peters, Susan 194 Petersen Petersen Petersen Peterson 7 Peterson, Peterson, Peterson, Peterson, Peterson, Peterson, Peterson, Peterson, Peterson Peterson Peterson Z Terry 144 Kathie 123,154 Laradene 209 Blaine 128,160,211 Cabert 15 8 Connie 206 Gail 182 James 210 John 128 Mike 210 Priscilla 213 Robert 198 Stewart 202 Thomas 121,147 William 62 Petri, Jack 77 PFAFF, DONALD 253 Pfaff, Kay 207 Pfaff, Larry 117,182 Pfaff, Ron 128 Pfeffer, Paul 144 Pfeiffer, Jim 161 Pfeiffer, Joel 210 Pfister, Mark 124,161,204 A fast game of volley ball. Pflueger, Dick 159 PHI EPSILON KAPPA 104 PHI SIGMA EPSILON 159 Pickett, Daniel 94 Pickett, Ken 199 Piekarz, Carol 151 Pieper, Barbara 124,200 Pilling, Debby 209 Pinkstaff, Barbara 193 PINKSTON, JUDITH CMRS. 96,224 Pirner, Mary Ann 144 Pirwitz, Pat 122 Pischke, James 205 Pischke, Larry 213 Pischke, Steve 76,120, 124,213 Pitz, Jeff 215 Pitzner, Larry 182 Pitzner, Linda 215 Pitterle, Steve 205 Plappert, Nancy 182 Platz, Roy 214 Pluess, Arnold 98 Pliskie, Kenneth J. 120,182 Ploetz, Pat 152,201 Poehling, Robert 92,100,214 Poellinger, Joann 88 Poja, Scott 79 Polasky, Ken 205 Polan, Robert 76,159 POLLECK, PATRICIA 239 Pomplun, Paula 209 POM-POM GIRLS 123 Pope, Kay Anderson CMrs.J 182 Porter, Joe 98 Poser, Al 74,159 Potaracke, George 133,134,145 Potter, Ronald 112,128,212 Pottratz, Jessie 195 Potts, Jim 109 Powers, Robert 212 Pralle, J oleen 215 Prell, Dale 80,124 Prell, J anith 110,194 J Preiss, Jeff 62 Prew, Jeanette 194 Priller, Mary 90 Pruefer, Al 80 Pruess, Larry A. 77,104,120,182 Pruess, Bob 161 Pruess, Karen 208 Przywojski, Ray 157 Puckett, Phyllis 200 Puncer, Vicki 193 Punko, Jim 205 Pusateri, Bob 199 Putnam, Rev. Gary 146 Putning, Coye 195 Pyatskowit, Andy 142,204 Quam, Maggie 128 Quain, William C. 182 Quamme, Ron 81 Quammen, Carolyn A. 123,133,182 Quillin, Ron 81 Quinn, Bill 62 Raabe, Dave 210 RABBITT, SANDRA 223 Rabener, Linda 215 RACQUET 94 Radde, Ted 210 Radke, Linda 152 Radtke, Shirley 206 Radtke, Barb 208 Rahn, James 213 Raimer, Ellen 88 Ramer, Jim 145,210 Ramirez, Louis A. 204 Ramsland, Lana 207 Ranger, Pam 128,194 Rank, Kathy 123 Ransom, Jean 195 Rash, Leonard 160 RASMUSEN, V. B. 224 Rasmussen, Kathy 209 Rasmusson, Jim 196 Rasmusson, Robert 109,215 Rateike, Ginger 207 RATOM 105 RAUSCH, GERALD 229 Rautmann, Randy 210 Raymer, Sally A. 182 Raymond, John 212 Reardon, Steve 88,90,93,202 Rebhan, Sandy 133 Rebro, Lauree 128,151 RECREATION MAJ ORS 124 Rector, Scott 196 Redlin, Sally A, 105,114,119,127 182 Redman, Janis 208 Reedich, Barbara CMrs.J 141 Reedich, Jack 141 Reega, Ginny 110,208 Reese, Sharon 123,152,201 Regelein, James H. 134,182 Reike, Mary 128 Reiss, Richard 79,120 Renner, Nancy 128,214 Renny, Janet 213 Renz, Bob 62,145 Resac, Daniel 198 Rettenmaier, 210 Retzlaff, Barb 206 Rewey, Steve 199 Rewolinski, Jim 76,199 Rex, Carolyn 110,140,146,208 Reynolds, Cheryl 200 Reynolds, Connie 195 Reynolds, Doug 205 Rezek, Don 215 Rhude, Ed 198 Riberich, John W. 182 Richmond, E. Michael 205 Richter, Jim 211 Richter, Joyce A. 183 Richter, Mary 115,206 Rieke, Mary 154,194 Rieman, Bonnie 153 Rightmire, Leslie 194 Riley, Doug 198 Riley, James 201 Riskin, Sam 197 Ristau, Michael 196 Ritola, Matt 124 Ristow, Elizabeth 145 Roberts, Charles 128,197 Roberts, Joan 90,194 ROCKWOOD, LINN 240 Robichaud, Margaret A. 110,183 Robillard, Elinor 206 Robinson, Beckey 154,195 Robinson, David 161 Roderick, Susan 151 Rodriguez, Raymond 183 Roecker, Jim 205 Roellich, Susan 154,214 Roethe, Thomas 198 Roethel, John 198 ROGGENBUCK, THERESE 249 Rohrer, Mary 213 ROLNICK, STANLEY 243 Romberg, Mary 128,195 Rommel, Ann J. 133,183 Rommel, Karen 128 Romens, Cathy 194 Romeo, Carol 152 ROOD, CLAIR 224 ROOT, ELSIE 234 Roraff, Mike 161 Roraff, Peggy 145 Rorabaugh, Ruth 146 Rosenthal, B. Lynn 183 ROSKOS, ROLAND 230 Roster, Jim 98 Roth, Pam 145 ROWE, LAWRENCE 230 Rowe, Rosemary 151 Roy, John 211 Roy, Nancy 151,183,189 ROZELLE, THEODORE 248 Ruck, John 161 Ruder, Steve 196 Rudolph, Jon 198 RUEBEL, KARL 244 Ruehl, Geraldine 88,95,96,123,146, 200 Judo Club members practice their holds. Rue, Allen D. 183 Rudrud, Alan 128,197 Ruf, Barb 133 Rundle, Bob 198 Rundle, Ronald 198 Ruland, Rita 209 Ruhland, Vern 1 13 Runde, Linda 128,195 Runholm, Kathy 101,153 Russell, Joan 214 Rutter, Richard D. 183 Ryan, John 199 Ryan, Mary 193 Rybak, Frank 199 Rybak, Harold 199 Rybar, Susan 200 Rydell, Beverly 208 Rye, Eleanor J. 183 Sadowski, Dave 83,205 Sage, Rich 128,129 Sagen, Dorothy-Ann 183 Sager, Gerald F. 155,157,183 Sampson, Carol 194 Sampson, June A. 183 Sampson, Linda 208 Samuels, Will 117,124,202 Sands, Saralie 95,150,152,207 Sandvold, Karen 133 Sandy, Donna 195 Sarchet, Jim 197 Sather, Sarah 92,200 Saylor, Mark 199 Scarseth, Harold C. 133,144,183 Scepanski, Skip 211 Schaetzke, Terry 83 Schaller, Janine 133,183 Schaller, Vern 161 Schantz, Greg 211 Schappe, Rosemary 206 Schaub, Ronald 145,198 SCHEIN, NORMAN 233 SCHELL, ALLAN 252 Schellenger, Pat 200 Schenck, Judy A. 184 267 Schenck, Bill 77,197 Scherbarth, Barbara 200 Scherdin, Kathy R. 184 Scheuneman, Barb 209 Schleicher, Ted 124,204 Schleicher, Richard 77,198 Schlosser, Barbara A. 101,105,151 1 84, 1 89 Schmidt, Chuck 133 Schmidt, Dave 155 Schmidt, Fred 202 Schmidt, Joan C. 153,184 Schmidt, Mary Kay 213 Schmidt, Paulette 145 Schmidt, Ruth 193 Schmidt, Sharon 208 Schmidt, Rev. Wayne 147 Schmidt, William 128,211 Schmitz, Barb 145,201 Schneider, Judy 194 Schnieder, Robert 128 Schnieder, Ron 204 SCHNUR, LEO 79,248 Schockmel, Barry L. 79,104,120,184 189 Schoemer, Jerry 109 Schomer, Bob 199 Schoonover, Vicki 194 Schott, Kathy 90 Schowalter, Kathy 194 Schreck, Ilene 208 Schreiber, Sue 208 SCHROEDER, MARJORIE 240 Schroeder, Lyall 124 schroeder, Pam J. 1o1,1o5,114,119 127,183,189 Schuebert, Linda 152 Schuelke, Sonia 195 Schuenemann, Suzanne 93,145,195 SCHUH, LAURA 227 Schueller, Gregg 207 Schuett, Madeline 207 Schulte, Karen 208 Schultz, Barbara L. 106,184 Schultz, Elfred 77 Schultz, Mary 269 Schultz, Mike 213 Schultz, Richard 213 Schultz Sandy 128,194 Schulz, Bruce 62,120 Schulz, Dick 161 Schulz, Rick 79,159 SCHULZ, WILLIAM 230 Schwarten, Dean Schwarten, Lois 126 Sclivgirtz, Marilyn J. 114,119,127, Schwartz, Nancy S. 184 Schwengel, Paul 21 1 Schye, Ann R. 135,153,184 Schwersenska, Janice 124,200 Schwictenberg, Greg 198 Scott, Elaine 145,200 Scott, Gwen M. 184 Scott, Joey 88,110,152 Scott, Lin 128 SCULLIN, MARIAN CMRSJ 230 SEARCY, HERBERT 245 Sebranek, Pat 160 Secretarski, James 198 Sederquist, Mike 94,213 Seeberger, Karen 110,207 Seefeld, Eileen 127 Seefeldt, Randy 211 Seifert, Vem 210 Selle, Rose 147,193 Sells, Linda 112,147 Semrau, Jan 128,194 Semrad, Nancy 119,200 SENFF, ROBERT 228 SENIORS 164-189 Senn, Dave 157 Servais, Gordon 215 Setterquist, Karin J. 184 Setum, Sue 209 Severson, Marsha 193 Severson, Rick 199 Seymour, Robert 198 Sharer, Priscilla 133 Sharma, Heeralal 117 Shaw, Lorne 214 Shaw, Scott L. 88,184,189 Sheehan, Gerald M. 184 Shelton, William 109 Shepherd, Steve 211 Sherman, Susan 193 Sherry, Dean 161 Shingler, Loie 194 Shird, Cindy 206 Shoemaker, Mike 158,212 Sieren, Jim 196 Siewers, Sheridan 208 SIGMA DELTA PI 106 SIGMA TAU GAMMA 160 Silcock, Charles 91 Simdon, Sandy 207 Sime, Gary 199 Simek, Joe 197 Simon, Lester O. 184 Simon, Mark 83,204 SINGH, SURENDER 117,251 Singh, Surender CMrs.J 117 Siudzinski, Joan 195 Sivak, Bob 133,134 Skappel, Linda L. 185 Skogen, Barbara A. 185 Skogen, Cheryl 213 Skogen, Vicki 214 Skrobot, Barbara 90,152,194 Skurulsky, Frederick R. 202 Slaback, Michael 161 Slaback, Rose Marie 213 Slaats, Gary W. 98,185 Sleeter, William 158 Sleik, John 98 Slezak, Tom 202 Slindee, Dean 211 Smalancke, Diane M. 152,185 Smart, James D. 88,161,185,189,199 Smiley, Don 196 Smith, Barb 153 SMITH, GLENN 221 Smith, Judy 128,142,195 SMITH, NORENE 222 Smith, Pam 25,1 10,151,201 Smith, Peggy 207 Smith, Sue 208 SMITH, THEODORE 250 Smith, Tom 83 Smith, Virginia 112,127,128,144,214 Smits, Donna 194 Smrcina, Ron 210 Snapp, Kathy 145 Snider, Lois A. 143,185 Snustead, Mike 129,196 Snyder, Cheri 128,209 Snyder, Dorothy 194 Snyder, Mike 199 Snyder, Regina 213 Sobczak, Mark D. 112,198 Solberg, Jim 108 Solberg, Steve 94,113,214 Somdahl, Nancy 153 Sommers, Paul A. 83,120,185 Sonsalla, David 211 Sorce, Isadore 161 Soto, Art 204 Souter, Gerald 98 Sowinski, Judy 145,154,200 SPARKS, PHILLIP 228 Spencer, Tom 205 Speth, Lenard 211 Splinter, J 0 208 Splitt, Patricia A. 153,185 Spletter, Lee 77,79,112,120,205 Spreeman, Tom 196 Sprehn, David 15 8 Sprehn, Stan 15 8 Squires, Cheryl 154,201 STAATS, DONALD 222 Stadhaus, Al C. 185 Staffon, Alan 158,212 Stage, John 91 Stankey, Pat 215 Stannard, Demlis 104 Stargardt, Carol 209 Stark, Marianne A. 150,153,185 Starkey, Linda 209 268 STARR, JACK 113,253 Stauber, Elizabeth 126,141 Stauber, Steven J. 124,141,185 Stauffacher, Jim 196 Stauffer, Kathleen 215 Stayner, Linda 193 Steckart, Sally 88,133,154,201 Steffen, Marjorie 208 Steffen, Martha E. 151,185 Steh, Ken 80,197 Steiber, Monty 210 Steine, Mary 200 Steiner, Neil 199 STEINHOFF, G. LESTER 224 Steinhoff, Nancy 185 Steinhoff, Steve 210 STEINKE, THEODORE 100 Stekel, Ellen E. 97,145,185 Steldt, Jan 112,154,194 Stellmacher, Yvonne 110,207 Stellpflug, Janis 145,207 Stellpflug, Peggy 145,150,154,200 Stellrecht, Greg 204 Stelsel, Linda 207 Stendahl, A1 133 Stendahl, Duwayne 62,202 Stenen, Gladys 128,195 Stenslien, Alene 94,195 STEPHENS, MYRNA 240 Stephens, Pat 74,145,204 STEPHENSON, F. LEE 119,127,240 Stephenson, Harriett 94 Stetzer, Maxine A. 143,186 Steuck, Lorraine 101,108,200 STEUCK, ROBERT 95,96,221 Stewart, Gail J. 94,186 Stewart, Jim 90 Stewart, J. 210 Stewart, Kaye 209 Stich, Tim 77 Sticken, Nancy 193 Stillman, Jim 161 Stockel, Ed 204 STOKKE, ADELEE 236 Stoll, Anne 97,201 Stone, Thomas 214 Storms, Kathleen 209 Stover, Ralph 203 Stovey, J odeen 213 Strand, Babette 200 STRAND, DONALD 91,16 Strang, Pam 90,207 Strasser, Marilyn A. 186 Straw, Rick 196 Streeter, Nancy 194 Strittmater, Gerald L. 186 Stuart, Bev 207 Stuart, Nancy 152,201 STUBBLEFIELD, KATHERINE 230 Stuber, Thomas K. 186 STUDENT UNION COMMITTEES 90,91 Stuesser, Stu 21 1 Stuesser, Sue 123,151,200 Stull, Sherry 146,207 Subera, Jeanne 94,194 Sudgen, Connie 128 Sugden, Mary L. 128 Sugden, Roy 128,133 Sullivan, Bruce 211 Sullivan, Pete 157 Suring, Jean 145 Sussek, Diane 209 Sutherland, Peggy 206 Sutter, Sharon 206 Swan, Susan 215 Swanson, Bob 109,124 Swanson, Carol 194 Swanson, Dave 198 SWANSON, JANE 240 Swanson, Karen 207 SWANSON, E. KEITH 248 Swanson, Peggy 207 Swearingen, Susan 209 Sweda, William J. 186 Sweeney, Nancy 154 Swendrowski, John 21 1 SWICKARD, JOHN 249 SWIMMING 76 Synold, Chuck 205 Synold, Rick 159 Synsteby, Aaron O. 186 Szelagowski, Jim 83 Szurovecz, Eleanor 195 Tangley, Pete 159 Tanner, Terry 74,204 Tapelt, Shirley 153,200 TAU KAPPA EPSILON 161 Tauscher, Mary 195 Taylor, Margaret 124 Taylor, Priscilla 115,208 TAYLOR, ROLLO 79,241 Templin, Rori S. 101,153,186 Templin, Tim 198 TEMTE, ARNOLD 248 Tench, Kathleen J. 151,186 TENCKHOFF, JUNE 96, 222 Tennant, Sherry 201 Tennessen, Bob 210 TENNIS 80 Tersen, Sharon 208 Tess, Shari 153 TETZLAFF, TED 251 Tetzner, Judith A. 186 Thalacker, Ken 210 Theirl, Ann 110 Theirl, Mary 209 Thesing, Don 215 Thierfelder, Sue 194 Thom, Evelyn 194 Thompson, Allen 129 Thompson, Betty 154,200 Thompson, Don 205 Thompson, Duane 197 Thompson, George 159 Thompson, Jacqueline 209 Thompson, John 202 Thompson, Mary 209 Thompson, Suarm 133,200 THORESEN, WALTER 81 Thomsen, Jerry 198 Thornton, Christine A. 186 Thornton, Frank 83 Thorton, Fred 62 Thurin, Dianne 206 Thurman, Al 79,92,93,95,120,198 Tichenor, James L. 186 Tickler, Mary 145,207 Tickler, Mike 161 Tietz, Dale 199 Timm, Charlene 128,207 Timm, Norm 204 Timmerman, Steve 204 Toburen, Karen R. 101,105,114,119, 127,186,189 Todd, Joe 205 Todd, Linda 129 Toepel, Steve 202 Tolokken, Ralph 161 Toman, Tom 199 Tomasino, Gail 207 Tomaszewski, Al J. 121,155,186,189 Tomlin, Marjorie 208 Topol, Pam 123,200 Tomowske, Mary 200 Torres, Jose 161 Touton, Thomas W. 159,187 Toumey, Joe 76,210 TRACK 78,79 Tracy, Harold 205 TRACY, SHARON 253 TRAINER, GRETTA 236 Trammell, Larry 159 Tranberg, Dennis 144,197 Trapp, Cheryl L. 152,187 Tratt, Terry 199 Trautsch, Corinne 128 Trautsch, John 205 Travetto, Sue 208 Travnick, Donna 207 Tremain, John 159 Tremaine, Marcia J. 127,187 Treutel, Dianne 208 Tripp, Allan 211 Tripp, Linda 209 Tryvand, Nancy 128 Tschanz, Thomas J. 187 Tse, Norman 199 Turnquist, Bill 161 Turzinski, Chris 153,193 Tylka, Dale 62,83,210 UBER, ROBERT 250 Uhler, John 145 Ulvestad, Stephanie 193 Umberger, Robert 109 UNDERCLASSMEN 190-215 UNITED CAMPUS MINISTRY 146 UNIVERSITY SINGERS 132-137 Urben, Dave 74,210 Uthmeier, Lonna 206 Utter, Jeanne 90,201 Uutala, Wendell 199 Vaaler, Diane 133,134 Vahovius, Ted 210 Valley, Richard 199 VANDERLIP, DOLLY 114,241 Vanderploeg, Mike 197 Van Dris-se, Mary Kay 208 269 Van Handel, Peter J. 104,187,189 VAN NOTE, ROY 245 Van Susteren, Timothy 205 Van Wormer, Sarah 200 Vater, Jack 94 Vaughn, Ray 215 Vedum, Gary 109 Venner, Patricia A. 106,145,187 Verges, Theodore G. 187 Ventura, Joanne 145,213 VERGIN, BRIAN 231 VERSHURE, GARY 236 Vessel, Sherry 208 Vetter, Gerry 211 VETTES, WILLIAM 243 Vickroy, Sally 214 VICKROY, E. WILLIAM 83,241 Victory, Mary 209 Visger, Ken 161 Vizanko, Sue 115,200 Vlasak, Arlis 147 Volz, Dave 198 Vonruden, Kathy 193 Voskuil, Dean 124 Voss, Karen 208 Wachal, Margie 152,201 Wachholder, Ed 100 Wachtel, Gary 155,161 WADE, REX 243 Wadzinski, Kathy 115,127,207 Wagner Wagner Wagner, WAHL, WAHL, ,Judith 193 , Nancy 115,119,193 Sally 207 LUCRECIA 22s RALPH 129,249 Waid, Madge 207 Wainwright, Jane 200 Wake, Glenn 133 Wakeman, Burdett 142 Waldeck, Anne-Marie 112,145,195 Waldie, Raymond 109,144,21 1 Waldron, Dennis 159,205 Waldron, John 160 Wale, Michael J. 187 Walgenbach, Jeanne 193 Walker, Bob 211 Walker, Bud 202 Walker, Jill A. 115,187 Wall, Jo Ann 133,214 Walsvik, Shirley A. 152,187 Walter, Marlene 193 Walter, Lynn 196 WALTERS, CHARLES 96 Wanta, Linda 194 Ward, Betty 119,200 WARD, ROBERT 224 Ward, Susan 215 Wardenski, George 210 Wardwell, Earleen J. 187 Wargowsky, Sharon 208 Warmke, Mike 202 Warner, James 228 WARNER, TERRY 226 Warren, Donna 194 Warren, Kathy 208 Warriner, Harold 159 Warzala, Jane 110,112 Watson, Ralph 157,212 Weatherford, Sharon 193 Weaver, Mary 206 Webb, William C. 187 Webber, Al 202 Weber, Christine 119,127 Webster, Jim 83 Webster, LouAnn 208 Webster, Bill 210 Wedell, Betty 194 WEEKLEY, DALLAS 249 Wehman, Carl 157 Wehrenberg, Joan 128,147 Wehrenberg, Bob 204 Weig, Sue 102,154,213 Weiland, Bob 83 Weiland, Jerry 145 Weiland, Sheila A. 187 WEINZIERL, EDWARD 237 Weissenberger, Nancy 154 Weitala, Cheryl 209 Weittenhiller, Doug 104 Welch, Caryl 208 Welch, Mary 128 Welda, Ruth L. 128,187 Wells, Barbara L. 188 WELLS, CHARLES 223 Wells, Dan 92,204 White, Rosemary 201 Whitty, Mary Jane 91,193 Wick, Donald 108 WICK, DWAN 224 WIDELL, WALDO 233 Widmer, Mike 199 Wieland, Robert 213 Wier, Kathy 207 Wiersgalla, Jack 145 Wiese, Charlene 207 Wiese, Gerald 214 Wikkerink, Virginia 207 Wilde, Steve 211 Wilder, Dave 147 Wilder, Dean 77 Wilkinson, Russell 203 WILLE, DON 241 Willer, Doug 147 Willett, Steve 62,74,198 Williams, Pat 215 Williams, Paul 90,199 Williams, Richard 108 Wilmot, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Mike 133 Catherine M. 188 Don 197 Don G. 211 Jeanne 133,195 Larea 209 Wayne 133 Wendling, Gerald R. 188 Wentworth, David 77,120,212 Wenzel, Mary 208 Wenzel, Sandy 208 Werbel, Larry 128,199 Wescott, Suzanne 209 Westerberg, George 213 Westlund, Steve 197 Wetenkamp, Carol L. 101,151,188 WHALEN, EDNA CMRSJ 242 Wheaton, Sharon 209 White, White, White White White Darryl 120,198 Doug 204 Jean 193 Maggie 194 Mary Jane 93,123,201 WIMBERLY, W. CARL 221 WINGATE, ROBERT 80,158,237 Winker, Ron 68 Winter, Bill 212 Wipf, Joan 201 WIRKUS, TOM 253 Wise, Robert 197 Wish, Lynn 207 Witek, Eugene 79,120 Wittenberg, J olynn 152,194 WITZKE, TERRY 232 WIVETTES 126 WIXSON, STANTON 251 Wnuk, Tom 211 Wojahn, Joan K. 153,188 Falling leaves make work for the custodians. 270 Wold, Cecil 121 Wolff, Bill 202 Wolfram, Judy 207 Woller, Phillip 199 Wolter, Charles D. 188 WOMAN'S RECREATION ASSOCIATION 127 WOMAN'S SERVICE ORGANIZATION 97 Wood, Clayton 160,211 Wooden, Bruce 109 Woods, Betty 207 Woods, Janet M. 91,188 Woods, Larry 196 Woodson, John 88,124 Wrochota, Cherri 122,194 WRESTLING 74-75 WUJ EK, DANIEL 228 WULK, N. GAYLE 241 WULLING, EMERSON 236 Wurl, Mike 198 Wyczawski, Delores 208 YARBROUGH, WILLIAM 247 Y-DEMS Yeiter, Dixie 126 Yeiter, David V. 188 Yeskie, Jennifer 195 Y-GOP 116 Yoss, Bob 159 Yoss, Dave 196 YOUNG, BERNARD 221 YOUNG, HOWARD F. 108.228 Young, Young Young? Young Young Young, Lee 211 Lynn 209 Mary 128 Pat 194 Rick 129 Tom 117,202 Youngman, Vicki 194 Zabel, Helen 194 Zajicek, Gene 100,158,211 Zaleski, Richard 77 Zeilinger, Joanne K. 151,188 Zein, Patricia 213 Zelichowski, Pat 194 Zell, Ken 210 Zenter, Rod 210 Zerzycki, Cynthia 209 Zeuschner, Carol 144,208 Zeuschner, Judy 144,208 Ziemann, Dianne 193 Ziegler, William 133,134 Zielinski, Jacqueline 146,208 Zielinski, Sandi 209 Zier, Dan 196 Zilisuki, Ignasius 196 Zimmerman, Barb 101,119,127 Zimmerman, John 198 ZOBIN, JOSEPH 95,246 Zurn, Dave 128 Zurn, Peggy 117,146 Zwiefel, Dennis 109 l 1 Acknowledgements Audio-Visual Center, WSU-La Crosse Milwaukee Journal Ellickson's Studio Paragon Yearbooks La Crosse Tribune S. K. Smith Cover Company A1 Thurman, Editor Patricia Muller, Advisor Joseph Zobin, Advisor :M fxffi' xx

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