University of Wisconsin La Crosse - La Crosse Yearbook (La Crosse, WI)

 - Class of 1965

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University of Wisconsin La Crosse - La Crosse Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Cover

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?A A A i'E,,?' AA AA , 3 ' FAA R ' ,. f ffm ' kl!'r " r' .Q AAA? , -,1A 5Qfgf'v ' i M., A A JA , , AAA ?, A AA sw , - Q- in : ' Q , ,L . A , 6.4 Hg!! .A 3 gflgq , ,l A' ' - !, "Aft, ' 'AFR 4 pf, , "'g7"w V, .AA 'AA Ng s T. A A A 4,A A A ' igaxi f"'?f .' V? . ' , A V '. .L fx . '3?ifg f "Elm-T ' if A A, Y my su ,A -f V PP A - , ' A 2 1643? ' 'A gf! '-Q. I A49 A M," p sv, cy A , .ff 'Q-f 315 5,5 V ' 1 ' ,,4 ,, -mg , ' 1 g,"'nn- , 'j f' W f. "'f ,T :eu 1 , - , , . - 5.. "T?'f"1'f'w.:5QiLii H 1 T fit ' 'K M L , ,W ymgwuq-Z Y an AAA AQIAJN '51 . x fu ' . 5' H f vf' 'vp 'm3 , ,, :ff f 4 W ... I' . W A-wi? n-,...,M .1 LA V y,A,. 'wan A :A . A 4.7. , AAAAA '4d':"fJ,. Minn NAM' AAF, v ,mt 5 ' v 'Mol . H A ' . f , A, W, . A f L 'U ' lffh , w 'al-fbhrrg' ., ,, " ry' EW 91,5 V. W--.4-v " . ini' W Az? - eww , wigiy' -'TW , vm- Q' ,, w .s , '1-W., A M fm- ff- , -wg -fw fH -' "-'ff-m - . H 1--G I E fg '- 1: ' f" -,jr f '21--,..,... -V . --14" -' -wwf -4" 1' -W +-1,4- w . 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Q Q It a x at .,,, A A H 'm I. 1 1. The La Crosse Wisconsin Sfafe Universify La Crosse, Wisconsin I 965 L X A X WS QF A ws Table Conienis Z ww Z W AE Z QF Adminisiraiion and Faculig . , I .InI I.v.,...fI .. 0 X N -v y -,Ia ,- I WY? ,IQIUI 15, , I III IIIQI 'III . . 4 Q .m,,. ' ' l X 'v' --4"".'. -'. -. , . . -. .. I , , , . . . I .A .- 1 , - 1 3 1 II 4 - I 1 Iv ,. . I ' HQTI ,. I 1 M . I . I , I I I- ' I L I I- f K Ila' 'q ZIIIQIII- I 375. -fy I? , . I ' -, I . I5 I I:-I tI..'I. F , BI .. A .LII .g. If ui ,I I n, , - - - .,I-I ,.,.,,I 1- . 2- ,. 1 1. -' 4 ..,.4-ff, f"-' - - -. ' ..-fa - ff--4-A.. . 1 ,fl . ---'xm51,y, I - . AQ! .I fag A -,r . I, . A., f -- - J. ,- .I . .. I s I. II I.,IIIw.I .IIIIx If. ,II M:s1eIx I I.I 55. I. I. HI III I, f. I . I II., II. . 4 I '3' x " Q ' .J .' ."-.5 -"- 'pg 'Y " ' - , 4.2 '.' Q1-"H- ' 1' 'WL '- , I , , I I I III QI IIQI I I I. 4 I IfI.I- -.ZXP f ,A II ., I Il. I ,I I I. , ' ' ' f' .-' . ' . 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' I' f".I l '- . if ' 1.1 i'I,'Q":73r.f,. . -.,' ' - , - ' L? ' "X .- - IGI: II I I JI-' I III .:lII G' - M447 I .- L 4 I .LII I -, t '- t ' .I , ' 1' -III, -ff ' 1 'my I. v K4 , . - - ... 'Q I ' ' ' D ', K I 3-I I WI 1 II I I-.vt I LII' , - II I FY I, 'I I I ' ' ., 1 " .L ' ' ' " , , -I -'-4-4. ,QP I' .Iii , 1:. I f 'Jw ' I I J, I I - I v,-.5 'W' I.. I I. - I .IRL .fr 4 f dy- -. , A' '- E fs. 'K ' . . ... ' . ' ' ' feb' fr-f 1 . ' .. .w K ' 'N ' " 1' .ff '- .gsq 'J ' -. . I ' . J .I YII , . . L ' .1 ' 'A' G1 I .' 1-I flfgg ' al,4"- , W1 . .V .fufkwv ,: ' ' '7' 7 ' Ma' ' .. ' . 1' 1 1 "QI ,I?f3w",EQ' N. if' i UW ,,-1-1. IJ-if - I .I ' 42, R . 1-" , I 'A' . .'-Pixg, wj-lwlff' , . y . ' 4. I. Q 411- P- . -'I I ' , ,, 1 rw . If I - 44" ,. ' 1 RI ' 1 M41 ' Q. - . I' Q J' 4- . ,,..,f-,Y MI ,X g I ff' .., . . ,II - ' -1 ' ' . .. . 1, II , , ,, II ., ...N .. . .. . IQ.: I Isjd.. ' .I 1- ,,.- .r .. I , I . . , .Q fIgI , 5 , V' 3 .R I, .. ,II .gn JVII II V5 II I , I . . I X, I .,I.. I . .. H I- ii , - P 'M -.A Lf, -' - 1 'V ' , . N , . -Sr' '. My ' Q A U V. ,,- ' A .. , MIM I I ' ' ' 1 'Q - "I 'C AI " - 3 I rf- '. I . - -A-- . .IW . ., - ,L ,,,,.,I'.. I. .., -- ww, Ig I ... I.- ,hf ,. ,- ...Lg ,., , 'fl .5 1.1 an g 5 ,f- wf .- .- 'I ff ' "1 11.1 ., Q65 ' - F '--I' - - - X' -V . " , 1:12 1. ' 1 . H , - , '- ', H' '- . ' . - -L M, .Q . I ei. I .. , .9 ff, , S' K 91. A- 5 .. If I. ' I I A 4- , I If , - . .I X- II P ,-.f-5 'Q I . . ., . f 1 -' , 92' ' . ' 1 -"-1' 'a ' Yi' wfi. '-H . I . Fai - . , . 2 I .. gn ,f II . A fi .1 I fa - .1 A . H .rf f' . .Q . . -: --as ' -F' FH Y nf 1.35 .V II 3' - .I 12' I .Y 'Fl' tu gg. .W 1., g.,:i-iii i . .II .:jv..,,,,I lm I-I AIQIIII I .Ie I A II,- I . , , .-. If g . I 3 ' , ' 431, A 1.1 .f ..'.. II,I III., . , ' 111 -1 ' QII,-5 ' ' 'tx III. I ..-M W., I ,.: I if N I -, 13.26-.g...-" . ,. ... .A I ! W E ....-. ...W Q f ...... E -un... 5 I , I -Q-.:..., IIaII-W..- .... I I I II II I I II S I ""Wf V ..,u.m..,,.,,,I,III I --fi... . 1 l"'lMw 11' H H W in II "'h I V W.. "ing,-. . J- , ' i ' .rwmlwvf ' I, - 1" ' Munn.- .. f f WN' V , :M 1 CX ,Iii ml Y I II I 1-fxwmiwh - 5-M .. V ' ....pndIilU"'W .1 . .... ,. 1'fv'Yw I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII WMI " .. W. I .Mmm .,fi..fIf,I.I. I w,sm!5m,,.- www-4. warm JV... fFQ5""f"'w ' 'MM-bl i-ww vw " ml. WMM. M my "W"-'3M'T5m 'N ' , .. WWI--wh '.N'f N W5 ' w- - ' ""W'M'Y6"+WM' V-N ' " Imgwwf- X' 'Vw . . , A ,w ' ' y.-ASM... I 'N ' X 1' W ww f ' ' n " H1-'H9MlVWL'f Y '- ' A -. K! 2 ' ,wM'1MF4m .-f Q9 m ""4"f0-A .. .. Y M, n K Presideni REXFORD S. MITCHELL H9391 BA.. Lawrence College MA., Universify of Chicago PHD., Universiiy of Wisconsin Adminishfaiion Eclward S. Carlsson, Jr. H9651 Vice-Presidenl for Business Affairs B.A., Lullwer College PHD., Universily of lowa Maurice O. Graff lI94ll Vice-Presiclenl for Academic Affairs B.Ecl., Illinois Srale Normal Universily M.A., Pl1.D., Universify of Iowa Eugene R. Murphy Regenf Adminisiraiion Ediih J. Carfwrighi ll94Ii Richard J. Gunning H9471 Professor Professor Dean of Women Dean of Men Dean of Siudenl' Services B.E., Wisconsin Siaie' College, Sievens Poini' B.E., Wisconsin Siaie College, LaCrosse Pl'i.M., Universiiy of Wisconsin MA., Norilwwesiern Universiry Reid F, Horne 4:9633 Roberf O. LeRoy 119511 Aggigfranf Prgfeggor Assisiani Professor Direcior of Admissions and Field Services RSqiSlrar B.S., Wisconsin Siaie College, LaCrosse B-A.. Olivei College lvi.Ed., Universiiy of lllinois MA.. Ur1iVe'rSily Oi Wyoming Adminish-aiion James H. M. Erickson H9581 Professor Glenn M. Smifh lI954l Professor Dean, Gracluafe School! Secondary EClUCGllOf1 Dean, l-lealfh, Recreafion, Physical Eclucafion B.S., Universify of lvlinnesofa, Dulufh BS., MS., Universify of Arkansas M.Ecl., Universify of Colorado Ed.D., Columbia Universijry Ed.D., Universify of Wyoming William Carl Wimberly lI953l Professor Bernard J. Young ll 953, Professor Dean, School of Leffer and Science Dean, School of Teacher Educafion Polifical Science Elemenfary Educafion B.S., MA., Soufhern Illinois Universify BS., Bloomsburg Sfafe College Ph.D., Universify of lllinois M.S., Bucknell Universify Ed.D., Universify of lllinois Pauline Abel ll943l Assisfanl' Professor lnfermediafe Supervising Teacher, B.E., Winona Sfafe College MA., Universify of Minnesofa Alvida Ahlsirom ll93ll Professor Foreign Language, B.A., MA., Norfhwesfern Universifyg Diploma cl'en'signemenf, Universify of Tou- louse, France, Ph.D., Universify of Sfrasbourg, France Aida Allness lMrs.l lI955l lnsfrucfor I'-lisfory, BA., Beloif College James Anderson ll9b0l Associafe Professor Sociology, BA., Lufher College: MA., Universify of Minnesofa Orlin Anderson lI954l Professor Biology, B.S., Wisconsin Sfafe Col- lege, River Falls: M.S., Ph.D., Uni- versify of Wisconsin Noel Anioff lMrs.l lI964l Faculfy Assisfanf Campus School, second grade B.S., BA., Winona Sfafe College Bealrice Baird lI946l Professor Healfh-RecreafiomPhysical Educa- fion, B.S., M.A., Sfafe Universify of Iowa, Ed.D,, Universify of Cali- fornia Richard Beclr ll959l Assisfanl' Professor Arf, B,S., Universify of Wisconsin, Milwaulcee, B.F.A., Layfon School of Arfg M.S., Universify of Wisconsin James Lowell Beers lI958l Assisfanf Professor Sociology, A.B., College of Emporia M.S., Kansas Sfafe Teachers Col- lege I0 Faculfg Faculig Roberi L. Beran H959l Richard A. Blade H964l Mary Jane Bloom lMrs.l H964l Orville Braulf H946l lnsirucior Associaie Professor Faculiy Assisianl Assisianf Professor Healfh-Rec.-P.E., B.S.. MA.. Ol1iO Physics, B.S.. Ph.D., U. of Colorado English, B.S., W.S.C. LaCrosse Physical Eclucalion Supervising Siafe U. Teacher, B.S., Illinois Wesleyan U.: MA., U. of Wis. James D. Brown H963l lnsirucior l-lealih-Rec.-P.E., B.S., W.S.C. La- Crosse: M.S., Kansas Siaie, Emporia LaVerne Lee Bulclhaupf H96Il Assisiani' Professor Biology, BA., Wariburg M A., Drake Universiiy f Bruce A. Bursack H962l Cloyce Campbell H956l Mavis Carlsson lMrs.l Margarei S. Chew H945l lnsirucior Professor Faculiy Assisiani Professor MaihemaiiCS, B-A-. Ripon: M-S-. U- Economics, Business Adminisiraiion, Spanish, B.S., W.S.C. LaCrosse Geography, B.S., M.S., Norihwesf- of Wis. B.S.C.. M.A., Ph.D., U. of Iowa ern Universiiy. PHD., Clark Univer- sify Mauree Applegafe Clack lMrs.1 1:9451 Associafe Professor Elemenfary Educafion, B.S., MA., Norfhwesfern Universify Harold A. Classen H9541 Professor Geography, B.Ed., M.S., Ed., Illinois Sfafe Normal Universify Ph.D., Universify of Nebraska Keifh L. Collins H9521 Faculfy Assisfanf Secondary Educafion, B.S., Wiscon- sin Sfafe Universify, LaCrosse, M.S.. Universify of Wisconsin Faculig Jerry B. Culver H9561 Associafe Professor Geography, B.S., Wisconsin Sfafe College, Plaffeville, M.S., Univer- sify of Wisconsin Carlin E. Dahler H9471 Associafe Professor Physics, BA.. Sf. Olaf College, M.S., Sfafe Universify of Iowa Frederick G. Davies H9471 Professor Hisfory, B.A., Carlefon College, M.A., Norfhwesfern Universify Ph.D., Sfafe Universify of Iowa Charles Conniff H9641 Insfrucfor Mafhemafics, B.S., Indiana Techni- cal College M.A., Ball Sfafe Teach- ers College Milford A. Cowley H9331 Professor Chemisfry, Ph.B., Ph.M., Ph.D., Uni- versify of Wisconsin Cafherine F. Crail lMrs.1 H9371 Associafe Professor BA., Universify of California, Los Angeles, Diploma, Library School Universify of Wisconsin, M.fN.L.S., Universify of Michigan Faculig William Dixon H9621 lnsfrucfor Speech, BA., Easf Carolina Col- lege: MA., Universify of Minnesofa William V. Esies H9591 Associafe Professor Music, B.A., George Pepperdine College: M.Ed., Universify of Mis- souri: Ed.D., Universify of Illinois Sharran P. Everhari lMrs.1 H9621 Faculfy Aslsisfanf Elemenfary Educafion, B.S., Wiscon- sin Sfafe College, LaCrosse Alice DeBower H9451 Associafe Professor Y l-lealfh-Recrealion-Physical Educa fion, B.S., Universify of Illinois MA., Norfhwesfe rn U niversify Cliffon H. Devon 1:9521 Professor Biology, l-lealfh-Recreafion-Physica Educafion, B.S., Wisconsin Sfafe College, LaCrosse: M.S., P.E.D., Indiana Universify Diana DeVoll iMrs.1 H9641 lnsfrucfor Physical Educafion, BPHE. Univer- sify of Toronfo: MA., Wisconsin Sfafe Universify, LaCrosse William E. Felch H9631 Associafe Professor Philosophy, A.B., Bafes College: Ph.D,, Universify of Chicago Kenneih R. Fish H9511 Professor Elemenfary Educafion, Direcfor of Placernenf, B.E., Wisconsin Sfale College, LaCrosse: M.S., Universify of Wisconsin: Ed.D., Colorado Sfafe College of Educafion Lorraine Flaherfy lMrs.1 H9641 Faculfy Assisfanf English, BA., Universify of Wis- consin I3 Faculfg William Floyd ll963l lnsfrucfor Sfudenf Union: Healfh-Recrea fion-Physical Educafion, B.S Ohio Sfafe Universify: MA., Wesf Virginia U niversify Howard R. Fredericlcs H9451 FloYd Gaulscl' ll939l Assisfanf Professor Assomafe profess? . Jr- High Supervising Teacher' BIEH Healfh-Rec.-P.E.. Dar. of Afhlefucs, w.s.c. LaCrosse: MA. U. of Minn- B-EH W-5-C Lacfossel M-A-I CO'0- esm sc. of Ed.: P.E.D., Ind. U. Jean F- F055 ll952l Roberf L. Frederick lI946l Assisfanf Professor Assooiofo professor Healfh-Rec.-P.E., B.S. LaCrosse. Speech' BAE.. WSC' Lacrosse' M.S., New York Universify M.A.I U, of Iowa Lee J Glasel lI962l H7Li:r5g+iglkey lMrs'l llqbll Assilsfanf Professor . . l English, BS., W.S.C., Sfevens Poinf: English, BA., Beloaf College, M.A., MS. U. of Wisconsin Ernesf J. Gershon ll946l George R. Gilkey H9541 Professor Professor Healfh-Rec.-P.E., B.E., W.S.C. La- Hisfory, Pol. Science, A.B., DePaux Crosse: Ph.M., U. of W., P.E.D. ln- U.: MA., Pl1.D., Norfhwesfern U. diana U niversify Bob Gowlland ll956l Associafe Professor Secondary Educafion B.S., Winon. Sfafe College: MA., U. of Minne sofa Norflwwesfern U niversify Facullg . ,JA-W V wan., eowiiana iMf..1 im-13 Facully Assisfanl Elemenlary Educalion, B.S., Winona Slafe College Velma Gunning lMFs.1 H95I1 Faculfy Assislanl' Direclor, Sludenl Loans and Em- ployment B.S., W.S.C. Slevens Poinl xlice Hagar H9471 Associale Professor ibrarian, Campus School, B.S., .S.L.S.. M.S.L.S. George Peabody Iollege for Teachers M W .51 if Marian Granger H9491 lnslruclor Jr. High Supervising Teacher, B.E., W.S.C. Whifewalerg MA., Norlh- weslern U niyersily 5. Lora Greene H9281 Assislanl Professor Economics, Business Aclminislra lion, B.E., W.S.C., Whilewalerp M.A., Columbia Universily Charles E- HN' '964 Shirley Haas lMrs.1 H9641 Assislanl' Professor fr,-,CUNY Assisfanf eeclll B-SH W-SfC- S'-lpeflori English, BA., Slale College of U- 0 Iowa: Pl'-D-I U- of lowag MA., Universily ol Denver Denver Jay P. Gurian H9641 Associale Professor English, BA., Syracuse U., . ., . of Hawaii: Ph.D., U. ol Minnesola MAU fs fs -seg! .gggs . ,Q - rg 1' Q Q z l MW? Mof' Marian D- Himmei H9471 Richard T. Harlley H9501 Associale Professor Professor Elemenlary Educalion B.S., W.S.C., Biology, BA., Nebraska Slale LaCrosse MA., Norlhweslern U. Teachers College, M.S., Ph.D., Slale U. ol lowa Faculfg Mary H. Hebberd lMrs.1 H9471 Associafe Professor English, B.S. in Ed., M.A., Ohio Sfafe U. Truman Hayes H9621 Assisfanf Professor Music, B.M., U. of Okie.: M.M., Easfman School of Music Dorolhy 'P. Heider H9561 Associafe Professor Elemenfar Educafion Y B.S., W.S.C. LaCrosse MA., Universify of Minnesofa Jean M. Helliesen H9631 lnsfrucfor Hisfory, BA., Bryn Mawr lege: M.A., U. of W. Larry Hilgendorf H9631 Faculfy Assisfanf Chemisfry, Afhlefics, W.S.C. LaCrosse Col- B.S.. I Clark Himmel H9641 Assisfanf Professor Psychology, B.S,, Wesfern Ill. U., M.Ed U. of Illinois Margaref L. Hacker H9501 David W. Hogue H9601 John Homer H9641 William R. Hughes H9641 Associafe Professor Associafe Professor Assisfanf Professor Assisfanf Professor Librarian, AB., Wesfern Kenfuclcy Assisfanl' Dean of Men B.S., W.S.C. MafhGmoliCS. A-B., M5-, Sliile U- Hisfory, 'B.5.. W.5.C. OSl'1l1OSl'1I Sfafe College, B.L.S., U. of Ken.: LaCrosse: M.S., U. of W.: Ed.D., of lowa M.S., U. of Wisconsin I6 MJ-X. LS., U, of Michigan Colo. Sfafe College Faculig i , William J. Hyde lI956l Professor English, B.S., U. of W., Milwau- kee: MA., Ph.D., U. of Wiscon- sin R0l9e"'l M- Ja'-Tllson il957l Jerome Jeffers lI964l PV0i955OV Facully Assisianf Psychology. B-Sr M-Sr PHD- U- Chemislry, Bs., w.s.c. LaCrosse of Wisconsin Vernon D. Kendrick H9601 Professor Arr, B.S. Ball Siaie Teachers College: MA., Siaie U. of Iowa: Ph.D. Penn. Sfaie Univer- siry Eleanor Kennedy lMrs.l H9641 Faculfy Assisiani' Iniormaiional Services B.S., W.S.C. LaCrosse Alfa V. Johnson lMrs.i lI959l Faculiy Assisfenr Elemeniary Educaiion B.S., W.S.C. La- Crosse Conrad L. Kish H9641 Richard c. Kisfner 1:9541 Berh Krrepple lMrs.l 119621 W. Grey Konrad H9461 lf1S'fFUCiOF Assisranr Professor insfrucfor Associafe Professor Enqllillr BA-r M-A-r WOYH9 Sidie Chemisrry, BA., Carihage College: Physical Eclucarion Supervising Chemisiry, B.S., Ph.M., U. of Wis- Uf1lV9FSiiY M,S.. Ph.D. U. of Iowa Teacher: B.S.. Lufher College consin Richard J. Koppifch H9641 Assisranr Professor English, French, BA., MA., Univer sily of Michigan James L. Laflxy iI96ll Insiruclor English, B.S., Winona Sfaie Col- lege: MA., Washingfon Slafe Uni- versily Fred E. Lengfeld lI955l Associaie Professor l-lealfh-Recreaiion-Physical Educa- rionz B.S., M.S., Universify of Wis- consin Faculig John D. McLain H9621 Professor Elemenrary Educaiiong Direcror. Campus School, B.S., Sourhern Ore- gon College: M.S., D.Ed., Univer- siiy of Oregon Mary I. McLellan iI963l Assisianf Professor Healrh-Recreaiion-PhysicalV Educa- riong B.P.H.E., Universiiy of Toronroq MA., Universiiy of Iowa Roberi E.'McMahon ll9b4i Associale Professor College Physician, A.B., Holy Cross College: M.D., College of Physi- cians and Surgeons, Columbia Uni- versify Richard G. Lindblad iI9bl, Assisianr Professor Polirical Science, A.B., Augsburg College: M.A., Uniyersily of Minne- sofa Ada M. Lord iMrs.l iI959l Assislanl Professor English. B.S.. W.S.C., Slevens Poinfq M.S., Universify of Wisconsin Sfuari M. Mcllraiih iI962i Assisianr Professor Biology, BA., M.S., Srare Univer siiy of Iowa Faculfg Leon W. Miller H9261 Professor Healflm-Recreafion-Physical Educa- I'ion B.Ed., W.S.C. LaCrosse: M.A., Universify of Iowa Eugene J. Millich H9571 Associaie Professor Librarian, BA., College of Sl. Thomas, B.S.L.S., Universily of Minn.: A.M.L.S., U. of Mich. Joseph J. Mo+ivans H9641 Assisfanl Professor Sociology, A.B.. MA. Universiiy of lndiana Thomas A. Maik H9631 lnslrucfor English, BA., Warlburq: MA., U of Illinois Paul N. Manfer H9641 lnsfrucior English, BA., MA., U. of lncliana David H. Mewaldf H9521 Associaie Professor Music, B.M., Lawrence College M.M., Norfhwesfern Universily Pafricia A. Muller H9641 Inslrucfor Journalism, Direcfor, lnformalional Services, B.S., U. of Wis., M.A., Universify of Missouri Earle D. Munns H9631 lnsiruclor Educalion, Sfudenf Personnel, A.B., AM., Colorado of Educalion: Ed.D., Universiiy of Colorado Allen C. Nelson H9641 Assislanl Professor Biology, B.S., W.S.C., River Falls: MA., Universily of Soulh Dalcofa: Pl-i.D., U. of Wisconsin Faculig Rulh Nixon lMrS-l Jay C. Norris lI9b2l Lawrence A. Nuffer H9041 Margarel B. Oleson ll949l ASSOCiGlG PFOieSSOV Associafe Professor lnsfrucfor Associafe Professor FOFSWQN l-amluagei B-Sw UnlVeV9li'Y English, A.B., M.A., Universify of Clwemisfry, B.S., W.S.C., LaCrosse: Speech' English' BA., Grinnell CQI Tl Mlnnesolai M-A-I UnlVef5llY Ol Nebraska M.S., U. of Wisconsin lege: M.A., U. of Wisconsin owa William Offo lI964l lnsfrucfor Physical Educafion: B.S., W.S.C. La- Crosse: M.S., Colorado Sfafe Col- lege William A Parlrs ll960l Associafe Professor Economics, Business Adminisfrafion, B.B.A., M.B.A., l..L.B., L.L.M., Bosfon Universify Ro-ger L. Parsons lI96Il Rhea Pederson ll947l Ralph L, Phillips lI958l Juclifh Ann Pinlcsfon lMrS.l ll964l Associafe Professor Assisfanf Professor AS5OClal'e Professor F6CUll'y Assisfanf English, BA., MA.. Pl1.D., U. of Primary, Supervising Teacher. B.S., Chemistry, B.A., Yanlcfon College: Sfuclenf Acfivifies, B.S., W.S.C.. La- Wisconsin W.S.C.. OSl'1lC0Sl'1I M-5-i U- of WlS' M.S., Norflmern Illinois Universify Crosse consin Faculig Phyllis A. Pirner H9581 Elizabeth Pollack Pafricia J. Polleclr lI963l Richard E. Rasmussen lI96ll lnsfrucior Business Manager lnsirucior lnslrucior Kindergarlen Supervising Teacher, Healih, Recreaiion, Physical Educa- Infermediaie Supervising Teacher. B.S.. U. of Wisconsin, Milw.: M.S.. lion, B.S.. M.S., W.S.C., LaCrosse B.S., W.S.C., Superior: M.S.. U. U. of Wisconsin of Wis, A V. B. Rasmusen lI947l Assocuafe Professor Direclor, Audio-Visual Cenler, B.E., W.S.C., River Fallsg M.S.. U. of Wisconsin James R. Reynolds H9601 Faculiy Assisiani Secondary Educaiion, B.S.. MS., Morehead Sfaie College Theodore RiCh+er lM"5'l ll957l Palricia Robinson lMrs.l ll96ll Sfanley R. Rolnich lI957l Theodore Rovang lI927l lnsirucior Faculiy Assisianl Professor Professor 5PeeCl'i B-A-N U- Oi WiSCO'1Sif1 Chernisiry, BS., U. Of Wisconsin Hislory, B.A., Universiiy of Mary- Biology, A.B., St. Olaf College land: MA., Ph.D., U. of Wis. A.M,, Columbia Universify Faculig Lawrence G. Rowe H9471 Associafe Professor Chemisfry, B.S.. Missouri Sfafe Col- lege: M.S., U. of lowo Theodore W. Rozelle H9461 Associafe Professor Mafhemafics, B.E., W.S.C.. Sfevens 'Poinf: MA., U. of Michigan Norman J. Schein H9621 Assisfanf Professor Junior High School Supervisf ing Teacher, B.S., W.S.C., Oshkosh: M.A., U. of Wiscon- sm Leo M. Schnur H9571 Assisfanf Professor Mafhemafics, B.E., W.S.C., River Falls: MA., Norfhwesf- ern Universify William A. Schmiclf H9591 Assisfanf Professor Secondary Educafion, BA-, Lufher College: MA., Sfafe Universify of Iowa N Mariorie Schroeder lMrs.1 H9641 lnsfrucfor l-lealfh, Recreafion, Physical Educa- fion, B.S., M.S., W.S.C., LaCrosse Laura A. Schuh H9571 Associafe Professor Biology, B.Ed., Winona Sfafe Col- lege: M.S. U. of Minnesofa 3 I fx Marian Scullin lMrs.1 H9511 Faculfy Assisfanf Chemisfry, B.Ed., W,S.C., LaCrosse Herberf L. Searcy H9641 Assisfanf Professor Librarian, A.B., Easfern Ken- fuclcy Sfafe College: M.A., Ohio Sfafe Universify: M.S. in L.S.: Ph,D. in L.S.: Universify of lllinois Arfhur R. Shoemaker H9631 Assisfanf Professor Economics and Business Aclminisfrafion BA., Cornell College: MA., U. of Ne braslca Faculig Julia Sfeinke H9601 lnsrruclor Primary Supervising Teaclwer, B.S., U. ol Wis., Milwaukee: M.S,, U. of Wis. Rolaerf H. Sieuclr Associale Professor Dean of Sfudenl fxcriviliesp Direclor of 'Sffudenl Union: B.S., w.s.c. LaCrosse: M.S., U. of lll., Ed.D,, Colo. Slale Surender Singh lI964l Associale Professor Polilical Science, Hisrory. BA., Macalesler College: MA., PHD., U. of Minn. Auslin H. Spencer ll963l lnslruclor Economics, Business Adminiss lrafiong B.A., Oberlin College: MA., U. of lndiana Norene A. Smiflw ll96ll lnslruclor Assisranl Dean of Women BA., MA., Slale College of lowa Joseph Sfelrel lI964l Facully Assislanl Clwemislry, B.S., W.S.U. La- Crosse G. Lesfer Sleinlwoff ll946l Associale Professor Audio-Visual Educalion B.E., W.S.C. Plalrevillei M.S., Iowa Srafe College F. Lee Sfephenson ll958l Assisfanl Professor l-lealllw-Rec.-P.E. A.B., M.S Syracuse Universily John C. Sforlie ll959l Associale Professor B.S., W.S.C. Eau Claire: M.S Universify of Wisconsin Adelee B. S+olrlre lMrs.l H9591 lnslruclor English, BA., Lombard College Facullg Donald H. Sfrand ll959l Kafherine E. Sfubblefielcl lMrs.l lnslruclor ll962l Assislanr Direclor. Siudenl' Union, Facully Assislanl B.S., M.S., W.S.C. LaCrosse Biology, Chemislry, BA., Mississip- pi Slale College for Women Reber? E. Sullivan lI962l lnslruclor English, BA., Oberlin Col- lege: M.A., U. of Virginia E Kerfh Swanson I957 Associale Professor Malhemalics, BA., Guslavus Adolphus College: MA., U. of Minnesola John H. Swiclcard H9621 Assislanl Professor Music, B.S., M.S., U. of Illi- nois Arnold I. Temfe lI949l Associale Professor Malhemalics, BA., Lulher Coll egeg M.A., U. of Minnesola Ted'J. Tehlaff ll964l Anna L. Thomas lI944l Walter P. Thoresen lI947l Marie Tolancl lMrs.l H9371 Assislanl Professor Associare Professor Professor Professor Psychology, BA.. MA., Ph.D.. Heallh, Recrealion, Physical Ecluca- Sociology, BA.. Carroll College: Speech. BA., Ollawa U.: MA.. Michigan Share Universily lion, B.Ed.. W.S.C., LaCrosse, MA.. Ph.M., U, ol W.: Ph.D., U. of Ph-D-, U. Ol lOWo. New York U. Minnesola Faculfg Reber? L. Treu H9641 lnslrucior Englisln, BA., MA., U. of Wisconsin William G. Veffes H9581 Professor Hislory, BA., Rooseveif Col- lege: MA., Pl'1.D., Noriliwesi- ern U. William E. Viclcroy II'-7481 Professor l-lealln, Recreaiion, Plwysical Educalion, B.S., MA., Ohio Siaie Universily Roy N. Van Nofe H9641 Professor Direcfor, Library, B.Ed., Easfern Illinois Sfafe College: A.B.l..S., U. of Michigan: M.S. in LS., Pl'1.D. in LS., U. of illinois .K 105 1 Reber? H. Uber H9551 Associaie Professor Physics, B.S., U. of Wisconsin, Milw.: M.S., PHD., U. of Wiscon- sin ig If fied. I William P. Vafeas H9631 Associaie Professor Arr, B.S,, Edinboro Slale Teachers College, MA., Universify of iowa: Ed.D., Pennsylvania Siafe Universily 'Me fa' Helen Vliale lM"5-l H9641 Roberf C. Voighl 119593 Mariorie K. VonArx lMrs.1 H9441 Rex A. Wade H9631 Fawlfy A55l5i'3ni PFOWCGSSOV Assisiani' Professor Assislanl Professor SPQECP' 35" W'S'C" LaCrosse l'll5i0VYi POlilical Science, BS., Direcior, Siudeni Healfli Cenier. Hisiory, BA., Soulliwesiern Col- W.S.C., OSl'1l4OSl17 M-A-i Colorado BS., U.ol Wisconsin lege: MA., PHD., U. of Nebraska Siaie College of Educafion, Plw,D., U. of Minnesola Faculig Ralph V. Wahl H9641 fxssislanl Professor Music, B.M.Ed., Ark. Slale Col- lege1M.M., U. of Mississippi Rober1'Warcl H9631 Facully Assislanl Audio-Visual, B.S,, W.S.C. Crosse James H. Warner H9631 lnslruclor Biology, BS., Manchesler College: M.S., U. ol W. A. Vinceni' Weber H9561 Edward J. Weinzierl H9631 Richard B. Wesfkaemper H9561 DON M. Wille H9531 Professor Assislanl Professor Professor A500519 Professor Biology, B.Ed,, M.S., Duquesne Uni- GGOCJVGFWY- BLA-i M-AH Ufllvefslllf Healrlw-Rec.-P.E., BS.. Rice Uni- Heallh-RGC.-PE. BS., Wayne U. vergifyg Ph,D,, U,Qf1V11f-lnesofa of Colo. versilyg M.A., Ed.D., Columbia Ur. of Much. Ph.D., Ohio Shale Unrversily ri Faculfy-Srudenl Conferences Teachers gel logelher Faculig Fwd. Sfudenr-Faculfy Picnic Mr. Lallfy's 'Lasr Le-cfure' lnslruclor Roclclo rd College Assisfanl' Professor Mfx., U. of lowa Eugene E. Williams ll962l English, B.S., U, of Wisconsin: MA., Anne J. Winfer lI962l l-leallh, Recrealion, Physical Educa- fion, B.S., Florida Slale Universily: me f 5 ':Q' ' E .. ff i sl ,i ,Q ,.f. v ss .i. F1 T 1 'Ji '.Q3"il :JE 5 '47 girl' fl' Tom E. Wirlrus lI959l Emerson G. Wulling H9381 Howard Young lI955l Assislanf Professor Professor Professor Speech, BS., W.S.C., Sfevens English, fX.B., U. of Minnesola: Bioloqy, BA., Mfr., Ph.D., U. of Poinl:M.S.,U.olWisconsin IKM., Harvard U.: Ph.D., U. of Wisconsin Minnesola NOT PICTU RED James Conway lI964l Facully Assislanl' Speech, BA., LaCrosse MA., Slale U. of lowa Bernadine H. Kunlcel H9491 Associale Professor l'leallh4Rec.-P.E., BA. N. Dali. Slafe Teachers College: M.S., Co- lumbia Universily Marie B. Sanders lMrs.l ll942l Facully Assislanf Secondary Educalion B.Ed., W.S.C. LaCrosse Drganizaiions 24526, Wi ,Wi ,W , V ff X XX Q' K XX ,, my 1 Row l: l-l. Goodall. J. l-lolfze, C. Sreh. C. Karceslfi. S. Rezel. Row 2. J. Sfockwell, J. Flefcher, R. Brendle, C. Glubke, D. Speich, C. Vogelpohl. Panhellenic Council Panhellenic Council parficipafes in fwo big proiecfs each year. Working wifh fhe lnferfrafernify Council each fall, fhey sponsor all Homecoming acfivifies. Jusf before Chrisfmas vacafion, fhe Council sponsors fhe Winfer Formal. Council members bring general problems before fhe Council fo acquire fhe opinion of fhe members. The Council sponsors formal Sororify rush each year. Af fhaf fime, fhe girls on campus who wanf fo ioin a sororify can apply for membership in The sororify of fheir choice. A series of parfies and meefings give so- rorify members and prospecfive members a chance fo 43 EX. Formal rush is full of songs. become acquainfed so fhaf fhe fwo groups can coordi- nafe fheir wishes. lnspirafion Week is anofher acfivify which comes un- der fhe supervision of fhe Council. Affhis fime, pledges of fhe sororifies parficipafe in various acfivifies which fesf fheir sense of humor and prepare fhem for mem- bership in fhe sororify. ln addifion fo fhe officers, lwo women from each so- rorify are members of fhe Council. As fhe governing body of all sororifies, fhey coordinafe sororify acfivi- fies and formulafe conducf policies of fhe sororifies on campus. gg., in o d Il M El lad, S. Ulman, B. Mifchell. G, Homan, C. Carlson, B. Hoeppner. Row Z: J. Yandre, T. Bolen. J. Sloclcwell, H. Deli D D K D ye P B l J B clcl y D Kelchell, P. Weisbrod. Row 3: J. Valeo, P. Klug, S. Squires, S. Hickey, K. Ulness, C. Hulberl, N. Plapperr, L l o 4 L H ff J. Sims, S. Manihei, D. Smalanclce, J. Miller, P. Grover. C. Weber, B. Zeller, L. Alward, S. Plaif. Alpha Omicron Pi Presiden'r . . Sue Manlhei Vice-presidenl' . . Lynn Hellner Recording Secrefary . .. .... Sharon Ulman The Sigma Lambda chapler ol Alpha Omi- ron Pi is an achve group which lakes parr n campus social achvihes as well as philan- AdVlS0fS e Treasurer .. .. . .... hropic prolecls. Members worlc wilh elder esidenrs al lhe Belhany Lulheran Home ev- ery weelcend. AOH's sponsored lhe "Lively Ones," Os- :ar Pelerson and Jrhe New Journeymen, in co- aperalion wi'rh lhe Ford Caravan. The girls old liclcels and dislribuled adverlising lo upporl lhe appearance of The group. They parlicipaled as groups and individ- ally in lhe Powder Pull Olympics, an an- ual sporls evenl lor sororilies. The l964 Homecoming gueen is an ACH. 'lembers ol "Who's Who Among Sludenls i American Colleges and Universi+ies" can e found in The ranlcs ol lhis sororily. The group plans lo parlicipale in formal ish lo acquire new members and lo acguainl ampus coeds wilh ils plans and aclivilies. Bonnie Clappier Mrs. Hebberd Mrs. Nixon .sffiwmifhs , . DOS, . . . 6 GFSSFI, Row l: M. Mesch, J. PorTz, M. Malone, B. l-leinonen, S. Berger, J. Bray. Row 2: P. Adams, M. Ten Halcen, S. l'loTTland, C. Karceslci, J. MacDowell A E J ' ' N R C. Lamp. K. Urban, M. Miller, S. Hayman. Row 4' J P d Zeilinger, B. Schoen, C. Owen. Row 3: C. WeTenlcamp, l-l, l-larding, D. Spelch, K. Tench, . oy, C. MiTchell, S. Schrnuclf, L. Laursen, B. Knox, M. Bowers, J. STadler, A. RichTield. Alpha Phi Since becoming The DelTa Kappa ChapTer in IQ63, The Alpha Phi's have Talcen parT in naTional TraTerniTy acTiviTies by helping insTall Two new chapTers. The Alpha Phi's are very acTive wiTh Their philanThropy proiecT. Each Wednesday several oT The girls spend Time aT Mulder's Nurs- ing l'lome in WesT Salem. l-lere They have organized a rhyThm band wiTh The residenTs oT The home. During Their visiT There, They dance, sing, and play rhyThm insTrumenTs. Their main obiecTive is noT To develop any special slcills, buT simply To help The residenTs have Tun. All The residenTs parTicipaTe in some way. Aside Trom proiecTs such as This, The Alpha Phi's also carry on several money-malcing proiecTs during The year. Two Times a year, They hold a Barbecue Supper in The basemenT oT one oT The dorms. JusT beTore The ChrisTmas holidays, They sell ChrisTmas l-lolly which supporTs Their building Tund. The Tund is presenTly being used To Turnish The Alpha Phi's new suiTe in The basemenT oT WenTz l-lall wiTh Early American TurniTure. Several girls in The sororiTy have been made members OT honor socieTies. Two oT The girls were picked Tor "Who's Who in Amer- ican Colleges and UniversiTies." Many OT The girls are members oT DelTa Psi Kappa, and several oThers are members oT RaTom. ChrisTmas parTy aT The Mulder home. OFFICERS PresidenT ..... . ......,,,.....,.,.....,,. . Vice-presidenT .........,.., .,,..., Recording SecreTary Treasurer .. .........,.,.,. .,.,.. . . Advisor ....... Penny Adams Connie Owen Mary Malone Jean STadler Miss Foss The Del+a Alpha chapTer oT Alpha Xi DelTa came inTo exisTence on The Univer- siTy campus in l962 when Alpha Phi Pi had The disTincTion oT becoming The TirsT local sororiTy To gain naTional sTaTus. The Alpha Xi's acTively parTicipaTe in numerous campus TuncTions such as The Powder PuTT Olympics, BeTa VarieTy Show. and WinTer Carnival. They also sponsor many oT Their own yearly acTiviTies, in- cluding The ChrisTmas Grab-bag sale, The Snowman ParTy, a ST. PaTriclc's Day Tea and STyle Show, and The annual dinner dance. One oT The mosT rewarding highlighTs oT The year is The Orphan's ParTy. ln co- sponsorship wiTh Phi Sigma Epsilon TraTern- iTy, children Trom a communiTy home are given a ChrisTmas parTy, wiTh games, movies, songs, and oT course, giTTs Tor everyone. The Alpha Xi's also work To prevenT iuvenile delinquency as a parT oT Their philanThropic program. The colors oT Alpha Xi DelTa are double blue and gold, and Their badge is a quill. SororiTy oTTicers are: PresidenT, Marsha ThornTon, Vice-presidenT, Judy Boederg Recording SecreTary, Marilyn Romel- Tanger, Treasurer, Sue Hall. Row I. D. Weideman, J. Boeder, G. Jenkins, J. Jarcho C M J. Oeffinger, S. Rezel. Row 3: M. ThornTon, K. Kiesow M B cl D C Vogelpohl Row 4 A Sch be g C. Behrens. M. Romelfanger, P. Blonquist L. Owens, J Sch l f---'imma lg A Row I: R. Bishop, B. Herried, B. Dambach, M. Nelson, B. Leavill, J. Sullivan. Row 2: J. Cunningham, C. Sieh, S. Olson, D. Larson, B. Bell, M. Olerud. Row 3: S. Krake, G. Lloyd, C. Glubka, K. Aigner, C. Kubiak, R, Schwandl, R. Brendle. Row 4: C. Lulher, N. Douglas, R. Sayre, A. Schneeberger, S. Edgar. A. Jordie, J. Doelschal. Della Zela Della Zela slarled oll lhe lall semesler by laking lhe lrophy in lhe annual Powder Pull Olympics. In lhis evenl, sororilies on campus compele in various aclivi- lies lor a large lravelling lrophy and a smaller perma- nenl lrophy. Hard work and a lol ol praclice won lirsl place in lhe i964 Bela Variely Show wilh lheir characlerizalion ol singers lhrough lhe ages lor lhe DZ's. Their perlorm- ance was climaxed wilh a "Bealle" song. DZ's also won honorable menlion in lhe i964 Songlesl, "Recrealion Cho-rale." OFFICERS Presidenl ................................. ............... C arol Kubiak Recording Secrelary ....... ....... R ose Ann Brendle Treasurer .............,... ..... ..... .... K a l hy Aigner Rush Chairman ..,.... ..... C amille Glubka ln lhe I964 Winler Carnival, a Dz original hal won lirsl prize lor lhe sororily. DZ proiecls include selling aclivily calendars lor lhe school year, Molher's Day Weekend on campus, and sending clolhing lo Navajo Indians. During Greek Week, pledges work wilh lhe children al Emerson School in La Crosse. Della Zela had lhe highesl scholarship average ol all lhe sororilies in IQ64. A new sororily meeling room in lhe basemenl ol one ol lhe dorms was a maior change lor lhe DZ's lhis lall. They are now busy lurnishing and decoraling il. Individual DZ nolables include members chosen lor "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universiliesf' Ralom membersg Sigma Della Pi, honorary Spanish so- cielyg Ela Phi Alpha, lellers and science honorary: l-lomecoming courlg Campus Conlrols Council: and Kappa Della Pi, honorary lor lhose in secondary educa- lion. Several DZ's won scholarships in IQ64. Social lunclions lake up a large parl ol lhe sororily members' lime. Parlies wilh lralernilies, pol luck sup- pers, slumber parlies, and inlormal coke parlies lorm a large parl ol lhe girls' aclivilies. , s 'ir 41" 5, 'K 'T' . is' Row I: M. Sammons, J. l-lolTze, J. l'lolTze, M. Brenner, P. Pi Pi Tau Epsilon was Tounded in T944 by a group oT girls bonded TogeTher Through an inTeresT in The Tine arTs. Through The years The group developed inTo a social sororiTy. IT is a local sororiTy, and is made up chieTly oT girls Trom The immediaTe La Crosse area. The aim oT Pi Tau Epsilon girls is poise, Tolerance, and educaTion. Annual acTiyiTies have included ChrisTmas caroling, aTTer-play parTies, alumni reunions. Homecoming acTiyiTies and all Panhellenic TuncTions. Pi Tau Epsilon sponsors a scholarship plague which goes each semesTer To The member wiTh The highesT grade poinT. ln The pasT, This plague has been awarded To Sue WolTgram and Marie Beenner. During The second semesTer period, The so- roriTy became inacTive due To The small mem- bership. HU fi' McCoy. Row 2: C. Rego, EpsHon Presideni' .,,... Vice-presideni' SecreTary cc.,.. v, " . I FleTcher, A. PeTerson, L. John OFFICERS ,W L vs 'il or T5 HFC Juli FleTcher E ,..c Jan l-lolTze Carole Rego l r l Pi Taus are record Tans. Inlerfralernilg Council As governing body ol The live social lralernilies on campus, Inlerlralernily Council sponsors Greek Week, a lime when lralernily pledges are hazed by lralernily members. The IFCs' annual Greek Week lrophy is awarded +o +he Iralernily which scores 'rhe mosl poinls on a 5-4-3-2-I-O scale in compelilion including evenls such as an obslacle race, a swim meel, a canoe swamp. gymnasium compelilion, and a bowling conlesl. "If you sign Ihere, he will hil you." iii Composed ol represenlalive members ol each so cial lralernily, IFC is a regulalory board which super- vises lralernily aclivilies on and oil campus. In sponsoring a men's smoker, IFC inlroduces pro- speclive lralernily members lo lralernily Iile. Work- ing wilh Panhellenic Council, IFC co-ordinales annual I-Iomecoming evenls. Greeks fire up for Greek Week. 36 Row I: D. Lalhrop, N. Winchell, W. Slark. R. Mangene, D. Kaulz. I Row I: C. Birch, J. Klein, J. Werner, J. Giboxivski, D. Wagner. Row 2: D. Flynn, J. Geissner. D. PoTTer, K. Heineclce, D. Borowicz, S. Nelson. Row 3: T. Schmidt D. Will, M. FiTzgerald. J. Vellman,G. Quimby, R. Thompson. Row 4: W. Parks, R. Byers, D. Rheel, W. Collins, E. Jors, J. Teff. Alpha Kappa Lambda Every year Alpha Kappa Lambda TraTerniTy honors The TaThers OT LSU sTudenTs by sponsoring The Dad's Day TesTiviTies. IT seems The TraTerniTy is also making an annual evenT of winning The Homecoming TloaT com- peTiTion. Alpha Kappa Lambda has won This evenT Tor The lasT Three years running. During The Homecoming celebraTion, The Kappas held Their alumni parTy and They performed The "Hanging oT The LanTern" ceremonies. LasT year, The TraTerniTy won The inTramural TooTball championship, Taking The TiTle Tor The Third sTraighT year. ln February, The Kappas sponsored The WinTer Car- nival. The annual TraTerniTy dance was held in The spring. As a communiTy proiecT, The group placed Trash recep- Tacles labeled "Kappa Kans" around The ciTy beach aT PeTTibone Park. Row I: N. Klug, M. Pecha, J. Baker, J. Davis, R. MeTeyard. Row 2: P. DeBaun, T. Lucas, D. Cibrario, C. O'Dwanny, W. Schreiber. Row 3: J. McCarTney. J. Coggins, P. Vinci. K. Knueppel, R. Eslinger. Row 4: B. Freagon, G. Hamm, D. Gahning, L. Kasuboslce, B. Niles, S. Adams. al. l A.-.. 1 TEH: , 3 K1 i:LiYQf?i?i iY1 YiW 1iH?HW3?X?wTwSY'f55'5ifUUm'Fif35fiTfW57M'Wf5'si' 1 JWTTWT'imww'T5'Llliu5'9'mTB?- Beia Sigma Chi BeTa Sigma Chi is The oldesT TraTerniTy on campus, and is aT presenT The only local Tra- TerniTy. Founded in I934 by D. O. CoaTes, an English Teacher and advisor To The TraTer- niTy, The beTas have esTablished a scholarship in his name. The scholarship is awarded To The ouTsTancling Treshman maioring in physical educaTion. The TraTerniTy has also seT up a Tund in memory oT Tom Morgan, a member oT The BeTas who was killed in The service. The Tund is used To Tinance various BeTa proiecTs and social TuncTions. The BeTa VarieTy Show wiTnesses ageless skiTs. BeTas geT in on The ground Tloor. During Homecoming, The BeTas sponsor an alumni brealcTasT. Every year The honored guesTs include The presidenT and dean oT The school and The dean oT men. The biggesT proiecT underTalcen by The Tra- TerniTy is The annual BeTa VarieTy Show. Many oT The campus organizaTions enTer The show, and The proTiTs The TraTerniTy receives go inTo The D. O. CoaTes Scholarship and The Tom Morgan Fund. The BeTa Bugle is The TraTerniTy's alumni newspaper, and is published Three Times a year. The paper is senT ouT To over 300 men who are Tormer BeTas. Ro I N H d K. Evenson, D. KauTz, R. Benson, J. Fisher, F. Rudrud, J. Wieblce. Row 2. E. Sfeele, E. Engler, M. Bahr. D. Hanson, H. Zumach, D. Shepardson ene, R. Gudgeon. 3un i 1.- ' K " ' f--" K - V ' s . , . . . . ,. . ,. " ' P5 A an .. KN A - - Row I: D. Peierson, R. Dumke, R. Brueggeman, A. DiCello, O. Brown, J. l-larlzheim. T. Nelson, M. SweeT, W. Bruno, R. Hanson. Row 2: S. Jensen, T. Brown, J. Miller, J. Novick, A. Kuhl, M. Anderson, B. Caesar, D. Brock, S. Shaw, D. Parisey. T. TouTon. Row 3: 6. Erickson, R. Kussmann, P. Young, T. BeaTTie, G. T-lupfer. J. Lange, R. Clumpner, G. STeensrud, P. Werner, R. Polan, J. Tremain, M. Mulhern. W. Davis. Row 4: B. Rowe, R. Barker, R. Mashack, R. SorgenT, D. Vanderploeg, E. ATherTon, P. Arnold, B. Schockmel, D. Ludwig, S. Olsen, L. Frisch, D. Norihrup, D. STannard. Phi Sigma Epsilon One oT The main acTiviTies oT The Sigma Alpha Chap- Ter oT Phi Sigma Epsilon is an annual sporTs clinic, which is held each auTumn during The second week oT OcTo- ber. FraTerniTy members send ouT leTTers To all area schools inviTing boys in grades Tour Through eighT To Take parT in The day's acTiviTies, which include a Track meeT, gymnasTics, TooTball, baskeTball, and, oT course, Tood. ATTer all The evenTs are Tinished, The parTicipanTs rneeT in The Coulee Room Tor reTreshmenTs and a sporTs Tilm. Phi Sigs sponsor an annual orphans' parTy shorTly beTore ChrisTmas vacaTion begins. ResidenTs oT The La Crosse Children's l-lome are showered wiTh Toys and aTTenTion. Movies are shown, and everyone parTicipaTes in organized games supervised by Phi Sigs. SanTa Claus appears aT The end oT The parTy To hand ouT presenTs, making The day an exciTing and TruiTTul one Tor The children. The highlighT oT The Phi Sig social year is an annual Playboy ParTy dinner dance. This aTTair, held in The spring, is a daTe parTy which Takes place aT one oT The local resTauranTs. , 1. ,FN-mvdnla Sporls Day parTicipanTs all enioy food. l i i "And if you don'T smile, you win The Trophy." Sigma T EighT years ago Sigma Tau Gamma provided a Trav- eling Trophy To go To The TraTerniTy which compiles The besT scholasTic record. AT The end oT every year The over-all grade poinT oT each TraTerniTy is calculaTed, and The TraTerniTy wiTh The highesT over-all average is awarded The Trophy. Sigma Tau Gamma was The TirsT naTional TraTerniTy To organize aT La Crosse. ln addiTion To weekly meeT- ings, The TraTerniTy has an all-college dance and a Tor- mal dinner dance. The broThers parTicipaTed in a local QU Gamma muscular dysTrophy ChrisTmas parTy. Their '4I Chevy pep wagon appeared aT various school TuncTions To promoTe school spiriT. An annual luau Tor Sig Tau mem- bers is The highlighT oT The social year. A Greek Week Torch run Trom Madison To La Crosse sTarTed This Tall's week oT hazing new members. In ad- diTion To having open rush Tor The TirsT Time, The STGS' plan To expand by opening several new oTTices wiThin The TraTerniTy. 4 , , . QQ' .S ' ..4'o' , , The Pep Wagon and exTra moTors. "Keep up The rhyThm unTil The band arrives." Row I: T. Ganoli, J. Harnisch. R. Rasmussen, N. Winchell, A. Haacke, W. McCuTcheon, J. Radienovich. Row 2: J. ReichgelT, S. OsTrand, R. Gray, M. Schneider G P ck S H TT M Ch Tph J Ch h R 3 L W b g J Mosley, B Heine-ke, B MacDonald, M EhrhardT, C Johnson, D Du ez, W STark. D .aue,.o, . riso er.. urc.ow.. einer,. Dunnum. . . . . TTI . l Tau Kappa Epsilon One oT The big "Greek" acTiviTies oT The year, The Powder PuTT Olympics, is sponsored by The TheTa Phi chapTer oT Tau Kappa Epsilon every Tall. All Tive so- roriTies on campus compeTe in such evenTs as The egg roll, The Tug-oT-war, The horseshoe piTch, and The gren- ade Toss Tor a large Traveling Trophy and a smaller per- manenT one provided by The Tekes. ATTer The evenTs are over, The Tekes also hold a dance in honor oT The so- roriTies. Besides The Powder PuTT Olympics, lasT Tall The Tekes had The biggesT pledge class oT all The TraTerniTies and won The Greek Week Trophy. During The winTer, The Tekes sold TruiTcakes and used The proTiTs To pay Tor a ChrisTmas meal Tor a local needy Tamily. ln March, The TheTa Phi chapTer was hosT To over 300 Tekes Trom Their province in a leadership conTerence. The spring prom was sponsored by The Tekes, and They also held a Tri-l-li dance Tor The Three local high schools, TeaTuring a "BaTTle oT The Bands." The TraTer- niTy also sTarTed anoTher annual evenT This pasT spring, The Teke SweeThearT Red CarnaTion Ball. The ball is Tor TraTerniTy members and Their daTes, and They selecT a Teke SweeThearT To represenT The chapTer in The con- TesT Tor lnTernaTional Teke SweeThearT. Tau Kappa Epsilon is Th largesT social TraTerniTy in The world. There are approximaTely 220 chapTers in The UniTed STaTes and Canada. Tekes in Training. TKE concession sTand. Row l: D. Panek, L. Wardwell, S. RuTTer, R. Meier, D. LaThrop, D. Kampschroer, J. NesbiTT, R. Tolokken. Row 2: G. Espeland, D. lvlelsTer, R. Gassen, D. l-Tough. J. Rohrer, J. LayTon, T. Adams. Row 3: A. C-5auTsch, J. Coughlin, T. Doyle, M. Timmerman, D. SmiTh, D. Kohlwey, L. Danke, P. Kuehn. Row 4: S. Mueller, N. Engan. B.,SchwandT, B. Kroner, W. AlberTs, T. BorseTh, P. Erickson, T. Tobin, B. WalTers. Alpha was MN , .TheB Alpha Psi Omega is a naTional honorary dramaTics TraTerniTy which has been acTive aT LaCrosse since IQ38. l3eTore becoming a parT oT The naTional TraTerniTy, The group was acTive Tor many years under The name oT The Buslcin Players. ln order To become a member oT The local chapTer, one musT be acTive in all phases oT drama. The TraTern- iTy concerns iTselT noT only wiTh acTing, buT also wiTh direcTion, business managemenT, and sTage manage- menT. Since iTs concepTion, Alpha Psi Omega has provided The school and The communiTy wiTh a broad array oT TheaTre experience. Through The years They have sTaged English, Spanish, and Erench producTions in addiTion To American eTTorTs. Their producTions have included proven classics oT lvloliere, plays Tor The sheer pleasure Row l: J. FleTcher, L. Neve, R, Ward. R W. Omega PreparaTions Tor a play. oT enTerTainmenT such as Green Grow The Lilacs, and highly conTroversial conTemporary plays by Edward Albee. This pasT year The drama group has concen- TraTed on TwenTieTh cenTury playwrighTs. ln The Tall They sTaged Garcia Lorcas' House of Bernarcla Alba. ln The winTer They puT on Two one acT plays by Edward Albee, The American Dream, and The Zoo STory. Their Tinal play oT The year, Playboy oT The WesTern World, was wriTTen by J. M. Synge. Pearson, J. Klund, S. WichelT, M. Synoground. Delia Psi Kappa 39- 1 . .4 A . pf. .,.: - A f A , . Q kkyy .L . ' - 1 5. ' -: In :A+ ' . rg, mx. a a a . ca .. A A-A ei his , ' . ' ' -.'f g - Q... 'P-'g I A if fifff . A . if ' ' ' ' .Ve -fL.1, 1 v "' r if y l . 5 5 l Row l: G. Koch, M. Tenl-laken, M. Woelfel, W. Thomson, J. Bray, D. Libersky, L. Moe. Row 2: S. Haymann, J. Oeffinger, B. Osfermeier, C. Crook, B. Blackburn D. Jenson, M. Walker. Row 3: R. Norfon, N. Assmann.A. Richfield, J. Mienwa. R. Luke J. Sfadler. D. McFarlane, A. Difscheif. Phi chapfer of Delfa Psi Kappa is a Nafional Profes- sional Organizafion for women in healfh, recreafion and physical educafion. This organizafion, on fhe na- fional level, offers a research granf for women: if has an educafional loan fund: if is affiliafed wifh fhe Amer- ican Associafion for l-lealfh, Recreafion, and Physical Educafiong and if represenfs fhe field of physical edu- cafion in fhe Professional Panhellenic Associafion. Na- fionally, Delfa Psi Kappa recognizes oufsfanding men and women in fhe field by honoring fhese people by naming fhem as Pafrons and Pafronesses. lf honors ifs members by naming a "Psi Kap of fhe Year." Locally, Phi chapfer elecfs fo membership women who have affained a 3.0 honor poinf preceded by a 2.5. Membership is also dependenf upon qualifies of characfer and professional fifness. Phi chapfer offers a scholarship fo fhe sophomore woman in physical educafion: if has esfablished fhe Emma Lou Wilder Loan Fund: if plans and brings fo fhe campus professional people such as Miss Rose l'lill of Toronfo, Canada. who was a specialisf in physical educafion and who conducfed a workshop for fhe ma- iors in fhe School of l-IRPE3 if publishes fhe Universify Direcfory and conducfs a sale for professional books for maiors in fhis field, and if publishes ifs own news- leffer, The Foil. To carry on fhe many proiecfs and responsibilifies of fhis organizafion, fhese members serve as officers for Phi Chapfer: Presidenl' ....c , ....,. ...,. J acgueline Bray Vice-presiden+ ............. .cccc.c.... M ary Woelfel Recording Secre'l'ary ......... ..ccc.. A drian Richfield Treasurer .........c..c................. .....c.. M arlene Tenl'laken Advisor and Norfh Cenfral Province Director ,.,,......,.... ....... M iss Ann Thomas Ela Phi Alpha Fla Phi Alpha, lhe honorary sociely lor sludenls in Lellers and Science, meels lwice a monlh in lhe Pow- Wow Room ol lhe Sludenl Union. Aller The business meeling, characlerized by an especially lively reading ol lhe minules, special guesls appear before lhe group lo discuss various phases ol sludywhich inleresl lhe members. Universily lacully members, local communily leaders, and people in high posilions oulside lhe com- munily appear belore lhe group lo speak on a field in which lhey are experl. Aller lhe lalk, The floor is opened lo gueslions lrom members and a general dis- cussion based on lhe lalk lollows. Relreshmenls are served al lhe end ol lhe meeling. Social aclivilies ol lhe group include picnics, inilia- lion parlies, and an annual Chrislmas parly al lhe home ol Dr. and lvlrs. Davies. Dr. Davies plays Sanla Claus al lhis parly, handing oul gills which range from gold- lish lo decks ol "Aulhors" cards. A 3.2 overall average and slanding as al leasl a lirsl semesler sophomore are necessary lor admission lo lhe group. Members musl mainlain a 3.0 average lo remain as an Fla Phi Alpha. OFFICERS Presiclenl saaasss,. aasa . c Roberl Cinskey Vice-presidenl asaa . .. Dianne McDonald Secrelary . .. sssa sss,. D ianne Berg Treasurer sssc,..ssssss,.aa Daniel Graf Advisors .. Dr. Ahlvida Ahlslrom Row l: D. McDonald, M. Fleck, C. Weber, C. Kubiak, lvl. Mashak. Row 2: S. Ruller, D. Graf, R. Ginslcey ,R. Dr. Frederick Davies Meier. Row l-: l.. Moe, R. Brendle, S, Preuss, M. Oliver, S. Barrell. lvl. Woellel, A. Oliver, Row 2: J. Groves. A. Alderma Schmuck. N. Assman. Kappa Della Pi Kappa Della Pi is an honorary sociely organized lo encourage and recognize scholarly excellence among sludenls ol educalion. To meel enlrance reguiremenls lor lhe La Crosse chapler. sludenls musl eilher be in lhe lop len per cenl ol lheir class. or -have al leasl a 3.0 grade poinl average. Any iunior or senior who is in educalion and who can meel lhe enlrance require- menls is eligible lo ioin. The club pledged new members lasl Oclober. The lormal inilialion ceremonies were held in November. Meelings are held on a monlhly basis. ln order lo- gain a wider perspeclive ol lhe problems in leacher ed-ucalion. lhe organizalion inviles guesl speakers lo mosl ol lhe meelings. All ol lhe speakers lhis pasl year have been people who are aclive in lhe lield ol edu- calion. Mr. LeRoy spoke on lhe pros and cons ol leaching currenl lileralure in high school. "Why College Slu- denls Should Take Philosophy" was lhe lopic ol Dr. Pelch's.speech. William Slelzer, superinlendenl ol La Crescenl, Minnesola public schools, spoke on lhe kinds ol leachers in which lhe modern school syslem is in- leresled. Olher meelings in lhe year were lhe Founders' Day Banguel in lvlarch and lhe Kappa Della Pi picnic in Way which was lhe lasl meeling ol lhe year. Presidenl . .. Vice-presidenl Secrelary Treasurer . .. Hislorian .. K sm 1 'W 1 'iid J Fl l h G. Robarge. C. Drews, S. Fl, . 6 C SF, OFFICERS . Ray Scolield Gary Robarge Sue Schmuck . Juli Flelcher Jean Valeo 45 Sigma Delia Pi Sigma Della Pi is a nalional honorary sociely lor slu- November al Mrs. Nixon's home. lhe club look in live denls of The Spanish language and lileralure. The or- new members. Each new member pledges himself 'ro ganizalion is now compleling ils second year on cam- noi only broaden his knowledge of The Spanish lan- pus. guage, bul also lo increase his underslandinq ol lhe Membership is limiled lo sludenls maioring and min- Spanish speaking nalions and cullures. oring in Spanish. A+ Jrheir inilialion, which was held lasl 46 Row l: D. McDonald. A. Oliver. N. Opland. Row 2: R. Brendle, S. Barrell, M. Risberg, M. Oliver. Row I: J. Haebig, J. Gray, J. SmiTh, D. Kane, S. Lange. Row 2: J. E. Miller, P. Werner, S. STorey, J.Loulco, S. Yazawa. Phi Epsilon Kappa Men who have a high scholasTic achieyernenT in ohysical educaTion are eligible To ioin The naTional hon- orary TraTerniTy, Phi Epsilon Kappa. The group is a highly proTessional one in which The nembers hear speakers Trom diTTerenT proTessions such as medicine, educaTion and law. The TuncTion oT The :lub is To relaTe physical educaTion To oTher proTessions. n The pasT year members have heard Dr. Paul Phillips, 3 pracTicing physician Trom La Crosse speak on The Tield oT medicine. EmmeT Ford, direcTor oT physical edu- :aTion and recreaTion in The La Crosse public school sysTem, spoke on physical educaTion. The club meeTs n priyaTe homes in The ciTy. ln order To aid all seniors in physical educaTion, The 3rganizaTion underwriTer compiles and publishes a place- menT boolc which They send To school sysTems all oyer 'he sTaTe. The boolc is also designed To help school sys- 'ems in Their selecTion oT physical educaTion Teachers. During The Tall semesTer, Phi Epsilon Kappa sponsored 'wo dances. OFFICERS PresiclenT . ...... .......... . ...... J im Miller Vice-presiclenT ...... .............. J im Gray SecreTary , .... .... . STeve STorey Treasurer . PeTe Werner Raiom Chosen in The spring semesTer oT Their iunior year on The basis oT scholarship. leadership, and overall service To The UniversiTy, RaTom members are ouTsTanding senior women. Picked by The RaTom members oT The preceding year, The members musT have a grade poinT which is 4flO oT a poinT above The average oT all women on The UniversiTy campus. AcTiviTies also are a parT oT The sTandard by which new members are chosen. The iunior women who have The necessary grade poinT receive a guesTionnaire on which They lisT all Their UniversiTy acTiviTies. PoinTs are awarded on The basis oT The imporTance oT The acTiviTy and oT any oTTices which The coed held. From Tive To TwenTy-Tive members are chosen on This basis by a board super- vised by The Three RaTom advisors, Miss CarTwrighT, Dr. Chew, and Miss SmiTh. lT is necessary ThaT aT leasT one oT The advisors hold a docToraTe. A monThly dinner meeTing is held Tor members, advisors. and special guesTs. Ra- Tom sponsors a service proiecT each year. This year, members chose To sponsor a series out discussion aimed aT The Treshmen in The Tall semesTer. One speech, given by Dr. Beers oT The UniversiTy sociology deparTmenT, covered The subiecT oT The RATOM lv Csive applause- "Sociology oT Sex." ln The spring, The group promoTes a series oT "LasT LecTures" by TaculTy members. Sponsored by AssociaTed Women STudenTs, The group is now in iTs second year. IT is modeled aTTer MorTar Board, a naTional senior women's honorary socieTy. RaTom will ap- ply Tor membership in This naTional organizaTion aTTer iT has been a local club Tor The required Tive years. Because iTs members are so acTive in campus organiza- Tions, RaTom is noT an exTremely acTive organizaTion. lTs purpose is primarily To provide recogniTion Tor Those senior women who give much Time and service To The UniversiTy and sTill mainTain a high scholasTic average. oe, J. NolTe, S. Ulman, J. Bray. Row 2: M. Woelfel, P. Adams, R. NorTon. J. FleTcher, N. Assmann, A. Richfield, S EY. is Ti? .ui SE! si ri gs Si is 42? T5 5. as ,.. 253 Q an iii 557 ei? if T5 a 52 5.5 Q E mx Tl fn- 5 252 .ss Alpha Phi Omega 4-Q.. Al A gan. Row l: J. SmiTh, D. Bracco, I. MacAulay, R. Benson, R. Fiberger, M. Bahr, T. FilzpaTrick. Row 2: D. Lukas, S. Brudlow, J. Neefe, J. Sheehan, A. Pleuss, R. Hanson, D. Slama. Row 3: J. RosTer, T. SmarT, B. WalTers, R. Briggs, T. Lyons, J. Rose, M.Wegner, D. l-logue. Row 4: D. NonTella, M. Cross, F. Grover, R. Poellinger, D. Frisbie, T. Roche-sTer, C. Dahler, J. Sleik. College men who are Tormer Boy ScouTs have an opporTuniTy To ioin The Alpha Phi Omega service Tra- TerniTy. Alpha Phi Omega, which is now The largesT TraTerniTy in The world, eiTher social or service, has chapTers loc.aTed on over Tour hundred campuses. Our local chapTer, which senT Twelve represenTaTives To The naTional convenTion in Denver, Colorado, lasT Tall, was raTed The sevenTh besT A.P.O. chapTer in The counTry Tor campuses The size oT La Crosse. A.P.O. sponsors many service proiecTs all Through The year. In The Tall They carried luggage inTo The wom- en's dormiTories, sponsored a men's smoker during orien- TaTion week, disTribuTed Tree desk bloTTers, and proc- Tored aT The A.C.T. TesTs. During The winTer The TraTer- niTy disTribuTed Career loooks To senior men, measured seniors Tor caps and gowns, sold Campus Pacs, disTril3- uTed ChrisTmas baskeTs oT Tood To needy Tamilies, and co-sponsored The mid-semesTer graduaTion ceremonies. LasT spring The organizaTion hosTed -The sTaTe conven- Tion oT A.P.O. in April. ln addiTion To These proiecTs. A.P.O. conducTs Tours oT The campus, ushers aT various campus TuncTions, and helps The Bloodmobile uniT when iT is in Town. This pasT year The TraTerniTy also iniTiaTed Two new service proiecTs. They are sponsoring a Boy ScouT Troop Tor menTally handicapped boys, and are sonsoring a service Trophy To be awarded To The social TraTerniTy on campus wiTh mosT noTable record oT serv- ice proiecTs. The PresidenT speaks. if sf Q,'w i ,- ,. A' Row I: R. Bishop, F. Schwarfz. D. Irwin, E, Wifflcopf. Row 2: L. Marfin, E. Sfekel, J. Brandau, K. Youngberg. Row 3: S. Simpson, L. Novy, L. Moe, J. Sohrweide. Women's Service Organization Organized fo promofe service and fo develop friend- ship and leadership in ifs members, Women's Service Organizafion is fhe only coed service organizafion on campus. lfs members falce an acfive parf in Universify social and academic acfivifies fhrough fheir services. The Calendar of Evenfs oufside fhe Universify offices on second floor of Main l-lall is mainfained by WSO members. Twice a monfh, members help fhe Sfudenf Union publish fhe campus news bullefin, which lisfs club meefings and Universify evenfs. Ushering for campus evenfs is a maior WSO acfivify. Girls disfribufe programs and seaf fhose who affend campus performances and acfivifies. They acf as hosf- esses for various LSU evenfs, greefing guesfs and serv- ing refreshmenfs. Procforing for exams, a WSG acfivify, involves as- sisfing fhe feacher by disfribufing papers, answering guesfions, and collecfing finished exams. The Bloodmobile comes fo fhe Universify campus once a year, and WSO members parficipafe acfively by arranging sfudenfs appoinfmenfs, assisfing af fhe Bloodmobile, and donafing blood fhemselves. Conducfing campus fours for fufure LSU sfudenfs and fheir families, WSG members cover fhe main areas of fhe campus. The girls answer guesfions abouf campus evenfs and sfudenf life which arise during fhe four. Hen parfies for all LSU women are a parf of fhe club's acfivifies. This fall, a picnic was held for campus and fown girls. Informal parfies af fhe advisors' homes and inifiafion parfies are a parf of fhe group's yearly social acfivifies, which are climaxed by a banguef in a local resfauranf. increasing membership is a big i964-65 proiecf. Plans fo become a chapfer of fhe nafional women's service frafernify, Gamma Sigma Sigma, are being ac- fivafed. Members will have a more varied program and will parficipafe in more social evenfs as a chapfer of Gamma Sigma Sigma. Circle K Row l: J. Rohrer, B. Mullen, L. Anderson, R, Slaullacher, W. Munns. Row 2: W. Pomeroy, J. Sullon, L. Koehler, D. l-lerzog, D. Mengell, R. LeRoy. Circle-K lnlernalional is The newesl men's service organizalion on cam- pus. lnlernalional in scope, lhere are Circle-K clubs on over Two hundred and filly colleges and universilies Jrhroughoul Canada and lhe Uniled Slales. The clubs work closely in coniunclion wilh local sponsoring Kiwanis clubs. The Circle-K chapler in La Crosse, organized in IQ63, has erecled an ouldoor bullelin board, placed pencil sharpeners in Main l-lall classrooms and has ushered al various campus evenls along wilh conducling guided lours of The universily. The club also vvorlcs wilh children from Sl. Michaels Home in La Crosse. Each Olcloberlesl lhe club raises money by selling soil drinks along lhe parade roule and by operaling a millq lenl wilh lhe lwo local Kiwanis clubs. Any men on campus who have an inleresl in service lo The school and communily, and men who wish lo develop lheir leadership skills are eligible lo ioin Circle-K. i as Pencil sharpeners are a campus necessily .fm , A "No, boys, il's nol for you." Inier Religious Council The lnTer-Religious Council was organized To provide op- porTuniTies To have discussions beTween diTTerenT religious groups on The UniversiTy campus. ln The pasT, The Two big proiecTs which IRC underTook were The convocaTions aT Thanksgiving and EasTer. This year, in ad- diTion To The convocaTions, lRC co-sponsored a series oT Ecu- menical ConTerences wiTh The campus religious advisors. Among The speakers who parTicipaTed in The conTerences were Bernard Cooke, head of The deparTmenT oT Theology, Mar- gueTTe UniversiTy, and Dr. George Farell, school oT religion, STaTe UniversiTy oT lowa. Composed oT represenTaTives Trom The campus religions, IRC coordinaTed inTer-religious acTiviTies and encourages The various denominaTions To work TogeTher To provide a spiriTual liTe Tor UniversiTy sTudenTs. M C d k G G Tk hT M Anderson. Row 2: P. Pabich, N. Melby, D. Davis, M. Jensen, J, Rahn, Chrislian Bible Sludg an Row I: M. Heck, N. McCoy, E. McCoy, P. McCoy, J. Cunningham. Row 2: C, Chrislman, R. Sugden, P. Miller, M. Fyksen, B. Wakeman. Chrislian Bible Sludy is a religious organizalion on campus organized by La Crosse Universily sludenls who belong lo lhe Church ol Chrisl. Hs purpose is lo bring college sludenls logelher in Chrislian fellowship and sludy while lhey are on campus. The group meels every Wednesday evening from 6:30 lo 7:30 lor sludy ol lhe Bible in order lo gain beller underslanding ol il. C.B.S. worlcs lo slrenglhen The individual +o help him meer lhe many challenges lo his lailh which may arise during his college career while he is away from his home church. I+ also encour- ages lhe individual 'ro become an enlhusiaslic wilness for Chrisl. The Chrislian Bible Sludy provides an excellenl op- porlunily lor fellowship and recrealion wilh people ol similar conviclions. Membership in Chrislian Bible Sludy is open lo all La Crosse Universily sludenls and lacully members inleresled in ils purpose. ' . , ,aw-E Q0-'01 11 I 4 Row I: C. Markos, C. Owen, S. Schumacker, B. SmiTh, L. Venier. Row 2: C. Wilson, P, Trueman, C. l'layhursT, G. Lloyd, B. Berglund. Row 3: Fr. True- man, P. Connell, J. Rahn, Rev. A. Moody. Canierburg AlThough iT is one oT The smaller religious groups on The campus, CanTerbury Club is one oT The mosT acTive. The Episcopalian sTudenTs who comprise The member-- ship rosTer meeT every Two weelcs Tor meeTings designed To rela+e ChrisTianiTy To everyday liTe. The club has had such men as Dr. VoighT OT The UniversiTy l-lisTory DeparTmenT on "PoliTics in Religion," and Dr. Copps To spealc on "Pre-mariTal Sex." AT one meeTing, The group lisTened To records oT mass music recorded in jazz. Talcing advanTage oT The Wisconsin winTer season, They had a Toboggan parTy. CanTerloury Club was The only religious group aT The UniversiTy To enTer a TloaT in The l-lomecoming parade. Club OFFICERS PresiclenT ......... ..,., , , , ,Y Y,Y,YY 7 Rehn Vice-presidenf .. . . Connie Owen SecreTary-Treasurer . Cl'1arloTTe Marlqag Advisor . . . . FaTher KenneTh Trueman ,T- Vvadeg Foundahon The Mefhodisf sfudenfs on campus find fellowship and connecfion wifh fheir church fhrough Wesley Founda- fion. The organizafion is open fo all LSU Mefdodisf sfu- denfs and fhose inferesfed in Mefhodisf Sfudenf Move- menf acfivifies. Members have a Sunday nighf supper followed by a program of movies, speeches, or panel discussions. Guesf speakers come in fo address fhe group, and Wesley Foundafion members prepare fheir own programs on fopics which inferesf fhe group as a whole. Wesleyans parficipafed in a nafional MSM confer- ence af Lincoln, Nebraska, during Chrisfmas vacafion. A hay ride, skafing parfy, and Chrisfmas celebrafion are among fheiryear's acfivifies. The Rev. Lunsford is Wesley Foundafion's new direc- Row I: M. TenHaken, S. Krake, J, Bray, L. Coffon, B. Lan e, A. Tor erson, H 9 Q Sfoll, J. Fay, S. Redlin. Row 3: T. Adams, J. Edwards, M. Peff, D. Davis, V. W. Hulburf, L. Koehler, S. Ruffer, G. Zaiicek, D. Hershey, Rev. Sheppard. for. As advisor fo fhe group, he supervises Wesley ac- fivifies, and he acfs as assisfanf minisfer for fhe La Crosse Wesley Church. The Campus Clock, a Wesley Foundafion sfudenf paper, is published fo give sfudenfs a chance fo express fheir opinions abouf church acfions and policy. If is a sounding board of sfudenf opinion and confains arficles defending and opposing various ideas which fhe sfu- denfs express af fheir meefings. Wesleyans conducfed church services January IO af fhe Wesley church, wifh a drama reading faking fhe place of fhe regular sermon. Wesleyans also fravel fo ofher churches, parficipafing in services and supervis- ing youfh groups. They parficipafe in fhe acfivifies of fhe La Crosse Wesley church as acfive members during fhe fime fhaf fhey are sfudenfs af LSU. Eid L HI N . averson. Row 2: L. Labaff, R. Hass, L. Marfin, P. Puckeff, N. Berg, A. B. Wagner, C. Silcock, J. Brauner. Row 4: R. Lunsford, W. Reeder, R. Glasrud, Row l: R. Quinn, F. Berfz, L. Burns. Row 2: S. Quinn, I. Burns. Row 3: L. lvlalsfrom, B. Kasfer, J. Ferkovich. Row 4: R. Malsfrom, S. Kasfer, J. Ferkovich. Cana Club The Cana Club, composed of Cafholic married sfu- denfs, was formed eighf years ago and is affiliafed wifh fhe Newman Club. The couples affend Mass fogefher every Sunday af IO a.m. af fhe Newman Cenfer and following worship, have fheir weekly breakfasf meefing in fheir own special Cana room in fhe Cenfer. They also meef once a monfh fo discuss fopics on marriage and fhe role of married sfudenfs affending college. Once a semesfer fhe wives prepare a banguef for fhe enfire group af which a speaker is feafured. Dr. Ubaldo Alvarez spoke af fhe firsf semesfer dinner on 55 "The Use of Rhyfhm in Marriage." Members were hosfs fo alumni during fhe college Homecoming fesfivifies. Cfher social evenfs included a fall picnic, several dances, including a New Year's Eve Cosfume Ball. The group finances fheir own acfiv- ifies fhrough rummage and bake sales. Officers for fhe i964-65 school year are Sylvan and Rhona Quinn, presidenf, Sylvesfer and Barbara Kasfer, vice-presidenf, and Dick and Lynn lvlalsfrom, secrefary- freasurer. Commiffees included: Jim lzerkovich, Mass servers, Jean Brandf, babysiffers, George Fox, ushers. The club derives ifs name from Chrisf's appearance af fhe wedding af Cana where l-le worked his firsf miracle. Newman Club M ... A FN AERA Row I: T, Boland, R. Bishop, M. Bauer, K. FTferlz, H. Havill, L. Brownell, C. Fischer, S. Leach, K. Scherdin. S. Miller, C. Orrnsby, D. Brushy. Row 2: B. Sebranelc, M. Elslad, N. Thomson, P. McCarlhy, Fl. Emery, J. Brey, C. Croolcs, N. Niclclas, L. Novy, G. Michels, M. Flanagan. Row 3: J. Polodna, L. Dorf, S. Edgar, C. Ku- bialc, C. Lulher, R. Brandvold, B. Oslermeier, P. Pabich, W. Soilcowslci, M. Urban, A. Dilscheil, L. Dancher, T. Milchell. Row 4: A. Nagroclci, T. Downs, S. Balliel, A. Bassuener, J. Rosler, B. Scherer, J. Binsleld, L. Koehler, M. Ordway, K. Valiquelle, L. Pruess, J. Kalamen, Rev. G, l-linger. The religious lile ol The Calholic sludenls on campus cenlers around Newman Cenler, a new sludenl cenler buill as a resull ol donalions ol La Crosse area Calh- olics. The unique modern chapel is surrounded by a lounge, library, upslairs living guarlers, and base- menl meeling rooms. Falhers Beicher and Berlz assisl Falher l-lenger, The Tull-lime chaplain. Falher l-lenger succeeded Monsignor Wagner, who Tounded The club and supervised il Tor I4 years. Newmaniles allend weekly meelings and daily mass- es. The 37-member club has lwo pancake brealclasls al S+. Joseph's Calhedral each year. Sludenls cools, serve, and wash dishes, doing The enlire iob Themselves. An annual broom sale sends Newmaniles lo all parls ol La Crosse in a door-lo-door sale. Picnics, roller slcal- ing, and dances sponsored by Newman Club give mem- bers a chance 'ro meel newcomers. Row l: C. Cudek, M. Woellel, S. Genlile, E. Anderson, E. Slelcel, A. Pelerson, D. lrwin, P. Rayome, M. Brenner, P. Venner, L. Slcappel, B. Folgers. S. Lepsch, B. Misch, Row 2: G. Dresang, J. Panelc, C. Spychalla, F. Gengler, G. Beiler, B. LeFevre, M. Mussey, B. Kinyon, E. Scoll, K. Behling, M. Schieble, J. Sowinski, M. Janda, J. Braza. Row 3: C. Connifl, R. Cervenlca, B. Crisl, D. Olson, S. Ugloi, R. Norlon, J. MacDonald, S. Brieslce, E. Frank, J. Bauer, C. Olson, M. Lemlce, L. Arnoldy, J. Sheehan. Row 4: R. Byerly, J. Correa, D. Gall, J. Dwyer, P. Fleming, T. Sells, M. Ticlcler, M. Cross, P. Cula, F. Kleczewski, L. Frisch, W. Truplce, R. Uhler, 5. T i.. - . 4. T. Kerrigan. 5 1 1 l L iw, - Luiheran Qiudenis Assooiaiion Row I: D. KeTchell, M. Fauslce, L. Neve, B. Lee, M. Davig, C. Quammen. Row 2: W. Hall, J. l-lolTze, C. Kaepernich, J. Jach, B. Maniey, R. STremcha. Row 3: G. EpldDMFl ML JFlTh MJ NDglCClcSW'ldR4MEllT W byWJb JRgl'L s ean , . c ar ane, . arson, . e c er, . ensen, . ou as, . Koehler, W. Felde, l-l. ScarseTh, P. PTeTTer, S. l-loTT. The LuTheran STudenT AssociaTion provides spiriTual guidance To LuTheran sTudenTs on campus. ThroughouT The year, vesper services are held aT The LSA cenTer across Trom The UniversiTy library. This pasT year The organizaTion meT wiTh o+her LSA chapTers Trom The sTaTe aT The Tall and spring Ashrams held aT Green Lalce, Wis. The purpose OT The Ashrams was To discuss TaiTh in liTe. "PoliTics and ChrisTianiTy" was The subiecT oT The panel discussion held by LSA lasT OcTober. The panel members included Two universiTy insTrucTors and a min- roo, . eian. ow : . eson, .Joren , . aco son, . oeeln, . isTer, and The evenT was open To The public. LSA does noT limiT iTselT To religious acTiviTies. IT sponsored Two movies in The sTudenT union lasT Tall, and The LSA Thespians sTaged No ExiT, a play by Jean- Paul SarTre, lasT November. A monThly magazine, The Epis+Ie, is published by The organizaTion. The magazine is composed OT poeTry, essays, and organizaTion news wriTTen by The members, and arTicles oT inTeresT Taken Trom oTher magazines. The LSA choir is composed oT 24 members. They sing Tor special LSA services and aT local churches. 58 l'looTenanny in Tho LSA CenTer. ISA oTTice hums. V Gamma Della As lhe organizalion lor Lulheran Sludenls ol lhe Missouri Synod, Gamma Della was lormed lo coordi- nale some ol lhe aclivilies ol lhe Lulheran church wilh lhe lives ol Universily sludenls who live al home and on campus. Gamma Della brings lhe church closer lo Universily sludenls in many ways. The members allend church services as a group. Speakers address lhe organizalion al ils regular meelings. Men ol dillerenl baclcgrounds help lhe sludenls explore various career possibililies. The group has inlormal social meelings. Suppers on campus lor church members and Gamma Della Uni- versily sludenls are a parl ol lhe organizalion's aclivi- lies. l-loliday parlies are among lhe members' lisl ol Gamma Della social evenls. Row l: R. Lederer, C. Gersmehl, S. Kums, J. Fabsl, M. Kling, Row 2: S, Walsvilc, C. Vogelpohl, K. Sluarl, S. Plall, C. Nelson. Row 3: l.. Koehler, lvl. Ehflwfdl. D. Barlig, R. l-loell. ,V 43' Wil s 1' Biology Club Six years ago The Biology Club was formed To pro- mofe inTeresT in biology among sTudenTs maioring in ThaT field. To promofe ThaT inTeresT, The club invifes several guesT speakers, including aT leasT one nofed bi- ologisT, To Their meefings ThroughouT The year. They also organize field Trips every year. LasT Tall The club wenT on a field Trip To The head- guarfers of The Tri-STaTe Breeders Co-op in Wesfby, Wis. ln The spring They held Their annual camp-ouT. Through The medium of Their guesf speakers, The members of The biology club furfher Their inferesf in Their chosen field by acquiring informafion from an experf in Their field. The spealcer goes info deTail on an area which inTeresTs The members, Thereby deepening Their knowledge and increasing Their comprehension of The field oufside Their classroom and laboraTory sfudies. The field Trips give members a chance To apply whaT They have learned in Their sTudies on The Univer- sify campus. Members collecf everyfhing from poison ivy To hornefs for furfher sTudy and explorafion. P - ..' .. . Row I: R. Henry, E. Mauna, K. Valiqueffe, D. Becwar, E. Hanifl, Row 2. G. RaaTz, R. oreve. C. Gschwind, J. Moe, l-l. Young. Missing. J. Chrishan, J. Negra, W C raig. Economics Club Economics Club, a professional organizafion for fhose sfudying in fhe field of economics, gives sfudenfs fhe opporfunify fo enlarge fheir lcnowledge and inferesfs in areas of sfudy which apply fo fheir profession. Spealcers appear before fhe group fo fallc on sub- iecfs in which fhe sfudenfs are inferesfed. Quesfion and answer periods give fhe sfudenfs a chance fo clarify fhe fine poinfs of fhe discussion and fo inferiecf fheir own opinions on fhe subiecf before fhe group. The ideas broughf ouf in fhe fallcs and discussions supplemenf fhe sfudenfs' classroom sfudies and make fheir worlc more applicable fo fheir lives. A Trane Company represenfafive appeared before fhe group fo spealc on marlcefing problems. lnvesfmenf brolcers and insurance personnel are among fhe profes- sional men who have spolcen fo fhe organizafion. The Economics Club wenf on a field frip fo fhe Fed- eral Reserve Banlc and fhe Wheaf Exchange in Minne- apolis, Minnesofa, fhis spring. They spenf fime af fhe fwo places learning more abouf how fhe esfablishmenf worlcs and whaf are some of fhe everyday problems of such an organizafion. Row l: N. Berg, C. Weber, J. Dolores, lvl. Rezek. Row 2: A. Spencer, R. Lafser, W. Eliud, R. Hanson, M. Zuleger. Row 3: lvl. Wilkins, P. Cufa, R. Howard, D. Gall. I -2 2: Row I: B. Masheimer, M. Davig, P. Derouin, B. Becker, L. Goiibeheui, K. Manlce, K. l-lemlcer, J. Snyder, J. Buckley. A. Dennison, K. Olson, S. Nada, G. Homan. Row 2: D. Kampschroer, K. Lunde, S. Miller, L. Rockwell, N. Plapperi, B. Lee, K. Smifh, M. Elslad, J. Sampson, D. Kelchell, C. Hari, M. Hubbard, B. Zeller M. Sweer. Row 3: A. Haacke, S. Schlosser, N. Schwarrz, J. Valeo,R. Holig, M. Kramer, N. Melby, 6. Hansen, P. Williams, B. Clappier, S. Hoffland, C. Fleming' C. Bradford. Row 4: B, Heineke, A. Schomberg, M. Romelfanger, K. Allness, P. Lieflce, R. Schwandl, N. Douglas, D. Olson, S. Schmuclc, M. Urban, M. Pellmanl, S. Edgar, P. Connell. Elemeniarg The highlighl of Elemeniary Club acliviries rhis year was ihe leslrimonial dinner held for Dr. Fish, lhe club's former advisor, before his depariure for Nigeria on January 9. Members gave a slcir incorporaiing some incidenls from his life and presenled him wirh a plaque in recognilion of his ouislanding service in rhe Elemen- Jrary Deparlmeni. A+ one monihly meering a panel oi sludeni leachers discussed rhe problems of praclice leaching. Mr. Ras- mussen, Jrhe club's advisor for second semesler, showed slides ai anolher meering aboul a relalively new idea in elemeniary reaching which has been carried our in La Crosse. As a means of conservaiion siudy and oi gelling acguainled wiih classmaies and ieachers in an oui of class siiualion, elemeniary pupils spend a weeli ai a camp and worlc on individual nalure proiecls. Elemenlary Club is open To sophomores in elemen- lary educalion. Club Prenlice Connell Jean Tryggeslad .... . Kaihy Manlce ........,,... Barbara Masheimer Presideni' Vice-presidenf Secre'l'ary Treasurer Physical Educaiion Majors AT The beginning oT each semesTer The Physical Edu- caTion Maiors Club sponsors a Tea Tor The sTudenT Teach- ers and Their supervising Teachers. The club also operaTes a TuToring service To aid sTu- denTs in all Tields oT sTudy. Compiling a lisT oT sTudenTs who are willing To TuTor, The PEM club acTs as a clear- ing house Tor The TuTors and The sTudenTs seeking help. AT each meeTing, The club has a speaker To Tallc on some proTessional aspecT or problem in physical edu- caTion. AT one meeTing lasT Tall, The club heard a rep resenTaTive oT The Peace Corps Tell oT The need Tor peo pl Trained in physical educaTion ThroughouT The world The purposes oT The PEM club are To assisT in The de velopmenT oT a sound philosophy in physical educaTion To advance The sTandards oT Teaching and leadership and To cooperaTe wiTh The oTher levels oT The associa- Tion. Membership is open To any women or men maior- ing in physical educaTion. Qow l: L. Corron, S. Kralce, S. Simpson, D. lrwin, L. Moe, P. Rayome, A. l-loTT, C. Friday, C. Paulson, Cv. Bishop. Row 2: C. Romeo, P. Schroeder, J. Bubolz, D. Li- Jerslcy, B. ManTey, C. Smifh, M. Donnermeyer, B. Lange, E. DeLong. Row 3: K. ETTerTz, L. l-lumer, l-l. Emery, N. Assman, S. HamilTon, J. Seno, S. Anderson, E. Bab- TT, C. Croolr, P. Besmer. Row 4: A. DiTscheiT, R. Redlin, L. Duncan, B. Brelclcen, D. Lahii, R. McGowan, B. Gamber, S. PTaTT, M. PeTT, M. Fronlc. V ggr. A T . Z.: gllxqq , . ,F -g -,ji - l if fs T T ' r T '1-:' T L T i ri f i . . - ,.i-T '.,, T I .... - T iiilis as gg ' ,sg , Ti L . , y A W K rn' f 13' V T . 'lf' T T T T 5 T Q . T if T ... ., .,. - sii s M sf fs.. . 1' 'TT , 475' , fi Q, l . ,g Hr ff x g Q- , B 11,4 ' or ef T fr .4 f . W. xy. ,QM V . i , Y 5 E Row I: B. Warner, M. Bauer, B. T-leinonen, D. Nelson, K. Aigner, K. FTilT, C. Pipke, G. FToeTT, B. Pilcus. Row 2: D. l-lalvorsen, T. Adams, E, Balz, P. Kruse, M. Tay- lor, D. DurenhorsT, S. LuedTlce, S. DorTT, B. Gries. Row 3: T. Fisher, D. Flynn, B. Brueggeman, F. Jungers, D. PeTerson, J. Aigner, F. Balmer, J. Kershaslcy, R. Dumke, J. Geissner. Row,4: R. Eslinger, T. McKinney, G. l-TupTen, J. Richling, J. Schoebeck, B. Niles, B. Tooley, M. Ordway, F. Fibeger, F. Shoemaker, D. Larsen. Recreaiion Majors RecreaTion Club, open To all sTudenTs maioring in recreaTion, is one oT The more acTive organizaTions on campus. AT Their monThly meeTings They have heard such guesT speakers as Mayor Milo KnuTson and Huey Frye on The Topic oT ciTy recreaTion programs: Miss PaTricia Muller on public relaTions7 and Mr. ErnesT C. Goranson, STaTe RecreaTion DirecTor Tor WelTare and YouTh. Annual acTiviTies include a songTesT, won This year by Alpha Omega Pi and Tau Kappa Epsilon, and a Rec- reaTion Club socializer, The Theme oT which This year was "Freedom Ablazef' A popular annual aTTair spon- sored by The RecreaTion Club is Their card parTy aT which all Types oT card and oTher Table games are played. Door prizes donaTed by ciTy merchanTs are given away. The club also senT represenTaTives To The Wisconsin RecreaTion AssociaTion ConTerence held in Milwaulcee in November. l Voices blend in harmony. 1, 3. G. S. The WesTern seTTing was breaThTalcing. y Qecondarg Club As a prolessional organizalion, lhe Secondary Club is open lo all sludenls rnaioring in secondary educalion. The purpose ol lhe club is lo beller orienl lulure high school and iunior high school leachers lo lhe problems peculiar ro lheir lield ol leaching. A+ each of Jrhe Secondary Club rneerings There is a speaker from lhe lield ol secondary educalion lo laik on a broad range of subiecls. Club nnem- bers add lo lheir knowledge ol lheir chosen proles- sion rhrough inlormalion gained from lhe various speakers. During every aulumn session of school The organ- izalion holds a club picnic. ln lhe spring, lhe group has a banguel. Row l: R. Bishop, C. Carlson, S. Weiland, K. Wick, B. Dambach. Row Smilh, M. Oliver, L. Kovalik, G. Robarge, D. Frisbie. X 2. C. Nelson, H. l-lavill, R. Brendle, D. Damon, K. Lee, The line forms al The righl. K. Foriyes Row l: J. Esch, H Harding, J. Skare. A.'Downie, M. Rezek. Row 2: P. Schmifz. S. Pennode, M. Larson. A. Kroph. J. Anderson, J. Mofivans. Row 3: N. Hovlnd. T. Rafhburn, M. Zuleger. J. Bahr, H. Mofscheubacher, B. Severson. Sociologg By invifing guesf speakers and panelisfs fo each of fhe monfhly meefings, fhe Sociology Club offers ifs members firsf-hand accurafe informafion of social prob- lems as fhey exisl' around fhe world. Af one meefing, a panel composed of a pharmacisf, fhe local assisfanf Disfricf Afforney, and a police officer spoke on drug addicfion in La Crosse. A+ anofher meefing a mission- Club ary physician spoke on healfh pracfices in Peru. Dr. Singh, a member of fhe Universify faculfy, gave a falk on fhe social sfrafificafion in India. ln fhe spring, fhe group fook a field frip fo a welfare insfifufion. The Sociology Club is a professional organizafion open fo all sfudenfs who are sfudying in fhe field of sociology. nkc President Secrefary Treasurer Advisor .. R w l: N. Thompson, mp. C. Sieh. B McCarfhy, D. Damon. 6 "Here comes OFFICERS Carol Vogelpohl Pom-Pom Girls The Pom-Pom Girls perform a+ half-fime shows and give exhibifions of precision movemenf fhrough- ouf fhe foofball and baslcefball seasons. They par- ficipafed in fhe Olcfoberfesf parade, fhe Homecom- ing parade, Sfunl' Nighf, and made a frip fo Wis- consin Sfafe Universify, River Falls, wifh fhe LSU band fo perform in fheir Homecoming parade and half-fime ceremony. For fhe firsl' fime, fhe March- ing Chiefs and fhe Pom-Pom Girls provided enfer- fainmenf af pre-game fime and half-fime during fhe foofball season. The girls puf many hours of prac- fice info each performance. Tryoufs are held in 'rhe fall and in The spring for any girl who is inferesfed and has a 2.0 grade poinf. The girls are iudged on fheir abilify fo coordinafe fheir movemenfs wifh 'rhe movemenfs of ofhers in a roufine. B. Folgers, J. Johnson, J. Hansen, H. Harding, S. 'Wandsneiden L. Mislcinis, B. Lee. Row 2: B. Kinyon, L. Humer, S. Hickey, K. Tench, C. Wei'- ' Nel R 3 ' llc hf N Z' K n S . Heinonen. M. Mussey. M. Elsfad, D. son. ow : D. Meielc, C. Vogelpohl, G. Gu nec . . immerman, . Johnso , . Pfaff, J. Shenlc. , Q LW y 6-:wr -2 : B fi Ei f r Cheerleaders Row I: B. Block. H. Goodall. K. Ulness, S. Harris. Row 2: A. Sanchez, S. Hayman n. Row 3: H. Delilcoslci, G. Ranum, M. Mill Enlhusiasm and high spirils are lhe lrademarks ol lhe cheerleaders, who allend every home game lo supporl lhe leam and encourage school spiril. They cheer al as many oul-of-lown games as possible, depending on whelher lhere are many sludenls 'From La Crosse allending and on whelher lhey can gel lransporlalion. Besides cheering lor lhe Indians, lhey also acl as oilicial hoslesses, welcoming supporlers ol lhe visling leam. Several workshops are held in lhe lall lor girls who are inleresled in lrying oul lor The cheerleading squad. Poinlers are given and -roulines worked oul belore lhe aclual lry- ouls begin. The cheerleaders sponsored a dance in lhe lale fall lhis year wilh The Olli- cials Club. as --W if gl HB5 H, R. Baylor, J. Pinfar, N. Klug, J. Braza, J. Bambrough, L. Rasmussen, W. Truplce. Row 2: R. Honsberger. T. Lucas, R. Clumpner, K. Voll, R. Barker, C. Kwiclc. Row 3: R. Polan, D. Heineclce, B. Schoclcrnel, R. Fahning, E. Crefens, J. Tell, D. Ehler. L-Club Any arhlele a+ La Crosse Slrale Universily who is awarded a leller in some phase ol Jrhe varsily sporls program is eligible for membership in The L Club. More lhan iuslr an honorary club, rhe organizalion lakes an aclive parl in campus life. L Club sponsors all hall-lime enlerlainmenl lor all loolball and baslcelball games in addilion To handling concessions ar loolball games. Three limes a year The club sponsors an Awards Presenlafion Night honoring lhe alhleles of La Crosse Sjrale Teams. A+ Easier, Jrhe club held a dance lor Jrhe enlire school and donaled all Jrheir prolils lo The Easler Seal Foundalion. On March I8-I9-20 when The Nalional Swim lvleel was held ar La Crosse, L Club sponsored all +he concessions and programs lor Jrhe parricipanls and visilors. Row I: P. Flemin ,M. Pecha, H. Graf, J. Rose, J. Kading. S. Balliel, N. Grienlce. Row 2: C. McQuillan, B. Collar, T. Beaflie, A. Bassuener, S, Slorey, R. Henry. R K ki Q Row 3: B. l-leineclce, P, Werner, J. Molslad, G. Robarge, J. Kalamen, A. Freeman. OS l. ffff 'K' Tumbling Club Row I: B. Osfermeier, S. Leach. Row 2: M. Woelfel, H. Delilcoslci, 6. Homan. Row 3: J. Walker, M. Schroeder. E. Meyer. Tumbling Club members pracTice all year for Two annual performances aT baslceTball games. Members give demonsfrafions aT high schools Throughouf The area during The year. Play Day performances for high school sfudenfs inferesfed in physical educafion enferfain The sTudenTs while They are aT LSU as a parf of The year's acTiviTies. ln April, The girls sponsor an all-day Tumbling clinic for Ten ouT-of-Town schools. Club members pracTice Tumbling in various free exer- cise roufines wifhouf mafs as well as doing handsprings, walkovers, and shoulder sfands in Their maT perform- ances. Prospecfive members affend workshops and Tryoufs where They learn To do The more elemenfary sfunfs such as scales, Twirls, and splifs. Members advance in Their abili+ies unfil They are qualified To give solo perform- ances aT Club exhibifions. Orchesisi Orclnesis is a modern inlerprelive dance group organized lo periec+ Jrlwe b'asic mo+or skills, Jrlie arl of dance composi+ion, siage presen+a+ion, and +l1e aesllweiic imagery conveyed by all of Jrlwese. Tryouis are l'1eld lwice a year, once in ilrie fall and again be- 1 fore inlense show preparalions begin. Boilw are preceded by .y r r .iq worlcslwops. The show is presenled Two niglwis annually during lvlo'rl1er's Day Weekend. Expressing Hue music in movemenf. An assisi from LSU men afSl1owl'ime. Row I: D. Jenson, G. Keelc, J. Bray, N. Burcum, D. Beese, N. Roy. Row 2: B. Zeinemann, A. Richfield, l.. l-lefiner, K. Ulness, T. Baicbelder, P. Reis. iiiivl K' x . ,,.,.ggig.i,,-2 .5 T j s My - Miiiiili L-Bar-X Dancers Si++ing: J. Poffer, J. Sensen, S. l-laymann, J. Miller, D. Boese, L. Preuss, J. Bray, M. Mandy, J. Kalamen, B. Schoclcmel, S. Leach, M. LaPlanf, B. Parker. S. Olson. Gary Lehman, P. Adams, G. Erickson. S-landing: B. Mesch, R. Wild, J. Miller, J.-Taylor, K. Carmany, J. Miller, J. MacDowell, P. Werner, K. Ulness. W. Schreiber, B. Osfermeier, J. Gray, P. Reis, T. Byerly, M. Tenl-laken. S. Lange, R. Templin. The l.-Bar-X Dancers are a group of Universify sfu- denfs who are inferesfed in fhe promofion and perform- ance of American and European follc dances. Members are selecfed from classes in square dance and social dance which are offered fhrough fhe School of Phys- ical Educafion. As a group, fhe I.-Bar-X Dancers fravel fhroughouf fhe sfafe fo provide enferfainmenf af communify func- fions. ln addifion fo fheir performances, fhe Dancers offen ufilize audience parficipafion in feaching folk dance skills. lndeed, one of fhe purposes of fhe organiza- fion is fo assisf would-be dancers in geffing sfarfed in communify dance programs fhrough demonsfrafion and experf insfrucfion. Besides visifing ofher communifies, L-Bar-X offen pro- vides programs for schools and organizafions in La Crosse. One of fhe big club eyenfs of fhe year is fheir performance af fhe Glcfoberfesf celebrafion here in fhe cify. Dlrecfor . .............. . Assis1'an'I' Direcfor OFFICERS Miss Kunlcel . Ann Kurfh Co-Chairmen . . .. .... Jaclcie Bray and Jerry Kalamen Secrefary ...... ............ ................. S u san Glson Treasurer .... .... S feye Lane . f-'- A if r..... is . -i "' ,J r.., ' c s'.- i as 1 . , i fkr kk . K X32 'g i ..-,- K L .f.-,' fig, .VLV . QI kk H f J A K ysiyi 1. -2- 5 1: ., I, '1- fl. if 1 ' A J f': T. rr. Tl 1. ' 5 . gy- . lr? , Rims E A .,.-. irkhk A ygyyyg .yyy.g 5, if ' :fr 2526 , K hgh A V Q F. A,QLi5.f . -fv.H"'f Q.-' new F , -- i S' S' Miss Kunkel and Dancers in The Olcfoberfesf parade. Caialina Club "La Mer" or "The Sea" was The Theme oT The CaTa- lina Club's show in synchronized swimming This pasT March. The show is an annual evenT. ln recenT years, The all-girl club has used men swimmers in one oT The num- bers on The program, and This year There were men in Three numbers, including one using only males. The group also perTormed The highlighTs oT The show aT a special program reguesTed by The TwenTieTh CenTury Club, a group oT local ladies. The CaTalina Club is open To any girls who are in- TeresTed in learning and perTorming The arT oT syn- chronized swimming. They meeT once a week Tor a combined business and pracTice session unTil abouT Two monThs beTore Their annual show, when They begin pracTicing every nighT. Besides sTaging Their show, The club also Tries To Travel To aT leasT one maior workshop in synchronized swimming each year. ln The spring oT l964, several oT The members wenT To a workshop held aT lowa STaTe UniversiTy in Ames, lowa, where renowned swimmer Beulah Gunderson insTrucTed swimmers Trom all over The midwesT. l.asT spring The group parTicipaTed in a similar workshop in Milwaukee. OTTicers oT The club are: Karen Jacobs, presidenTg BeTTy lvlesch, vice-presidenTg Kay Anderson, secreTary: Carolyn Karceski, Treasurer. Row l: B. Henning, Mnesch, L. CoTTon, N. MeToxen, K. Anderson, C. Karces Hickey, G. Kock, L. Miskinis. Precision performance P. Adams. Row 2: B. Gamer, K. Jacobs, K. Kiesow, K. l-l Flule and Piccolo Kalhryn Pelersen Nancy Moersch Annella l-loll Joan Jensen Arlene All Barbara Schlosser Joanne Scoll Joan Berlcen Marlha Myers Connie Paulson Lucrecia Wahl Oboe English Horn Carol Karps Diane Nicolai E Flal Clarinel Sharon Chilwood B FIa+ Clarinel Donald Slullcen Marlin Schneider Susan Pennock T Rosanne Channing Kay Einer Terry Krugel Paul Van Alclceren Judy Johnson Kalhy Gilbeclc Carolyn Berg Nancy Wessenberg Mary Olsen Marcia Slocum Phyllis Puclcell Gloria I-lulchinson 14 Pal Anderson Sl' Qgmphonic Band Marilyn Biorge Allo Clarinel Connie Gilberlson Sandra Smilh Bass Clarinel Ann Lorenzen Rulh Hass Barbara Slcrobrol Conlra Bass Clarinel James Miller Ralph Wahl, Conduclor Arlan Wooden. Sludenl Conduclor Bassoon Suann Thompson Karen Smilh Jeanne Preslon Allo Saxophone Diclc Greve Judy De Jong Linda Novy Jane l-lowland Joy Andrew Beverly Manley Jini Scharrschmidl Barbara Wagner Tenor Saxophone David Zurn Carol Hayhursl Donna Mueller Arlyce Schullz Bonnie Bilney Barilone Saxophone Jim Duerlcop Jim Regelein Cornel Arlan Wooden Noel Dennislon Merlin Kardin Charles Silcoclc Charlene Johnson Roy Sugden Rick Sime Ronald Poller Sharon Dobbs Margie Knoblauch Richard Running Donnelle l-lollman Lupi Tiierina Trumpel Jeannie Cox Blaine Pelerson French Horn Marie Brenner Edward Davig Mary McLaughlin Donald Krause Linda I-lowell Bernard Sebranelc Barilone Roberl Looney Belly Emery Ron Lee Gary Dresang Trombone Roberl McDermoll Candy Buehl Michael Lowe Gerald Bellhauser Charles Cullen Jell Miller David l-linlz Bass Trombone Richard Loken Tuba Forresl Biggerslall Gregory Krema Ronald Plall Charles Moore James l-lornby Slring Bass Helen Elder Percussion Thomas Joanis Cindy Dodge Thomas Lemke Sara Sands Bass Drum Gerald Bonsaclc Cymbals Melva Jensen Timpani Kalhryn Runholm Bells Sleve Holer 5 si EF fa R Soprano Trudy Bolen Bonnie Falkner Susan Hendricks Carol Kaeperniclc Kalhleen Korlbein Sharon O'l.eary Mary Olsen Carolyn Quammen Ann Remmel Maryanne Sammons Pam Schilberg Jeanne Tryggesrad Connie Fleming Carol Cook Gloria Michels Joann Kleinsasser Tenor Daniel Boeclc John Brauner Charles Burr Russell Carler Richard Eberl John Lewis Ray Rodriguez Harold Scarserh Bruce Wallers William Ziegler Frank Rairh Accompanisf, Karen Kleinlce Bass Tom Adams Don Barlig Douglas Brandl Jose Correra Roger Crum Richard lvlolsrad James Regelein Sreve Ruller Roberl Sivalc Ronald Slremcha Roy Sugden Glenn Wake Richard Hubbard Sieve Railh AH'o Phyllis Bourne Jan Doleschal Kay Einer Sallymae Keefle Palricia Lapoinr Ann Lorenzen Norma lvlelby Pal Miller Sandra Rebhan Karen Smilh Rally Solverson Rulh Welda Shirley Fox Pricilla Sharer Sheryl Edgar lvlerlie Forlney Julie Jorgenson Universiig Singers Congraf Dr. Esl Q ww X .3 155 ,M 6 X "Which shoTs Tor This one? 51. I-i', X H 1 fs -H-naw l "Anyone know her?" -eg 1965 La Crosse The I965 La Crosse was ediTed by sophomores, ex-soph- omores, and TuTure sophomores. Room 204 in The STudenT Union was The cenTral headguarTers Tor The operaTion which began in The spring oT '64 and ended in ThaT season oT '65. Deadlines came in The Torms oT Thanksgiving Dinner, ChrisT- mas presenTs, a n d semesTer break enTerTainmenT. T h a nk heaven ThaT The EasTer Bunny "Dom blink, group." didn'T have one in his baskeT Tor us! f I .f . -, NexT year will see several y .. we ro basic changes in The organiza- Tion oT The annual. Why don'T ' you be a parT oT The new sTaTT? " 5 M.: , if Q uw-3 WMA. 5 A 3 "These pages are done!" ow I: B. FrankensTein, J. Hansen, J. Andrew, L. lvlarTin, Miss Muller. Row 2: P, Vanl-landel, G. Bonsack, B. Mullen C. Wilson, G. Ruehl, L. GoTTbeheuT, K. Olson. NOT Shown: D. KeTchell, C. Johnson, R. Brendle, S, Schmuck, C. Weber. . K, if Ln wk. is iw-:rw ,fi sncilhpq, . I, I. .f""i 4? Racquei in 'Af' Row I: R. Brendle, J. Johnson, L. Brendle. Row 2: R. Meier, R The sfudenf newspaper, fhe Racquef came fo be a lively and confroversial sounding board for sfudenf opinion fhis pasf year. ln keeping wifh fhe fradifion of edifors in pasf years, fhis year's edifors, Bill McBride lfirsf semesferl, and- R. Odell Peferson lsecond seimesferl, have provided readers wifh ediforials which reflecf broad inferesf and varied opinion. in addifion, fhe Racquef confinued fhe popular "Fiffh Column" from lasf year and offered a new regular feafure, "l-londo." lf "Leffers fo fhe Edifor" is any indicafion fo response, fhe Racquef has succeeded in sfimulafing sfudenfs fo fhinlc a liffle more carefully abouf affairs in fhe local, nafional, inferna- fional, and infellecfual world in which fhey live. Of course, fhe main purpose of a newspaper is fo inform. ln frying fo beffer inform fheir fellow sfudenfs, fhe Racguef sfaff covers news fo supplemenf all ofher forms of news media wifh which fhe sfudenfs come in confacf: campus, governmenf, general campus news, culfural acfivifies, organizafional acfivi- fies. and universify sporfs evenfs comprise fhe bulls of arficles which appear in fhe paper. All fhe worlc in puffing ouf fhe Racquef is done volunfarily by sfudenfs. They publish fhe paper approximafely every fwo weeks. . Rogers, L. W be-rg. R ow 2: R. Peferson, W. McBr . Q .fn xeunnh Ptbflfdm Edifors work for freedom of fhe p s, 6. Quill WLL ll. L, K 78 The lace ol Quill. L. Anderson, D. Gral. Quill, lhe youngesl ol lhe lwo campus lilerary magazines was loegun nol so much lo compele wilh lhe older publicalion. Fledgling, as il was lo widen lhe speclrum ol available oullels lor lhose sludenls inleresled in wriling. Forsalqing lhe ullra avanle-garde lor lhe mosl parl, Quil slrives lo emphasize in ils lormal prose and poelry ol more universal appeal, ralher lhan limiling ils audience lo lhose specilically involved in English. ll lries lo provide ils wrilers wilh readers as varied as lhey would encounler under aclua lree-lance wriling condilions. The magazine lries lo encouragelwide readership inleresl by charging only len cenls lor each edilion. People who are inleresled in wriling lor lhe magazine are welcomed and en- couraged lo do so. Row I: C. Ormsby, G. Anderson. L. PedreTTi, L. Brownell. F ledgling The Fledgling, The TirsT oT The Two sTudenT liTerary magazines To appear on campus. began as a proiecT oT a composiTion class in l939. ATTer The TirsT ediTion, The magazine Tlourished as an enTirely sTudenT-ediTed and self-supporTing publicaTion. The magazine operaTes on a very informal "caTch as caTch can" basis. The ediTorial sTaTT appeals To The gen- eral sTudenT body Tor poeTry, shorT sTories, and essays Through a posTer campaign, and Then waiTs Tor con- TribuTions. When The sTaTT Teels ThaT a suTTicienT amounT :JT maTerial is on hand, The magazine is ediTed and senT To The prinTer. AlThough The magazine is noT composed wiTh a sTylized TormaT, iT has gained a repuTaTion oT oeing more avanTe-garde Than iTs counTerparT, The Quill. The ediTors aslc Their conTribuTors To submiT only 'maTerial which reTlecTs college maTuriTy and abiliTy. Because iT is a selT-supporTing venTure, The Fledgling acquires iTs own operaTing Tunds in Two ways. FirsT, The magazine receives some Tunds Trom The disTribuTion orice. Also, The Fledgling advisor, Dr. Wulling, collecTs ised books which he conTribuTes To a sTudenT boolc sale vhich is held once a year. WhaTever proTiTs are realized 'rom The sale are divided beTween The Fledging and The Duill. PN f ' fN Q, A Sf ,. rm f-X PA 'llelglznss 34. Assooiaied Women 9TudenTs ma GHC 6, . TD OFT. Row I: 6. Bishop, K. Fisher, C. Owen, A. Schye, L. Halverson. Row 2: J. NolTe, E. WiTTlcopT. C. NulberT, S. Schmuclc, K. M, SmiTh, D. S I li B K y During OrienTaTion week lasT SepTember, The Asso- ciaTed Women STudenTs carried on Their Big-l.iTTle SisTer program by assigning an upperclasswoman To girls iusT enTering The UniversiTy. Each "big sisTer" Took a girl To The Big-LiTTle SisTer Picnic, and To a church break- TasT held aT The STudenT Union. ATTer The brealcTasT, The girls aTTended local church services. Six OT The members aTTended- The sTaTe convenTion OT AWS held lasT OcTober in Madison. The biggesT evenT ThaT AWS sponsors during The year, Sadie l-lawlcins Weekend, was held in November. The program oT The weekend included a movie, "Because They're Young." and a cosTume dance. AT The dance awards wenT To sTudenTs wiTh The besT cosTumes and corsages. ln The spring The organizaTion sponsored a 80 luncheon Tor all women sTudenTs and TaculTy members. OFFICERS PresidenT .............. ........ ........... . . . Vice-presidenT .............. . Recording SecreTary .... Corresponding SecreTary .............. ..... . .. Treasurer ................................... ...... ..... Advisors ee . ..,.. Miss CarTwrighT . Gerry Bishop Joyce NolTe Kay Fishe Elyse WiTTlcop Connie Owel and Miss SmiT Women's Recreaiion -q. I T 0 The 1 f ' VV, Associaiion ,T J T... ..... We ,- 'M- ff. Row I:- R. Bishop, S. Kralce, S. Redlin, L. Moe, K. Anderson, M. Moen, C. Paulson, C. Friday. Row 2: G. HoeTT, C. SmiTh, U. Fairbanks, S. Simpson, P. Schoecler, D. Lberslcy, C. l-TulberT, J. Seno, M. Donnermeyer. Row 3: F. BabbiTT, S. Anderson, K. KnuTson, J. DeJong, D. lrwin, C. Lamp. Y. LeMieux, N. Assmann, N. Thomson. A. DiTscheiT. Row 4: A. Emery, L. CoTTon, L. Duncan, B. Breklcen, C. Fenny, J. Doleschal, D. LahTi, R. McGowan, B. Gamber. Women's RecreaTion AssociaTion provides a varied sign up Tor Their TavoriTe sporT and SporT Day in WiT- Tich Hall. program which gives LSU women a chance To parTici- paTe in inTramural sporTs. ln promoTing an inTeresT in sporTs, WRA helps coeds aTTain high sTandards oT per- Tormance in Their acTiviTies. All UniversiTy women are eligible To Take parT in These evenTs. Under The Theme " '64 and LoTs More," The WRA sporTheads and assisTanT sporTheaols seT up eguipmenT, regulaTe games, and esTablish TournamenTs Tor such sporTs as baslceTball, curling, and swimming. Fencing les- sons are given Tor Those who wish To learn The sporT. WRA has seT up a SaTurday riding session which is Ti- nanced by WRA and parTicipaTing sTudenTs. To become a member oT The WRA board, applicanTs Till ouT The proper Torms, which are read beTore The exisTing board. The board voTes upon The applicaTion, and if The voTe is aTTirmaTive, The applicanT is seaTecl. The number oT board members is limiTed by The number OT sporTheads which are necessary To supervise The various sporTs. WRA sponsors SporTs Days wiTh various colleges ancl universiTies +hroughou+ The area. La Crosse hosTed a volleyball and curling SporTs Day in December and a baclminTon SporTs Day in April. LSU coeds Took parT in SporTs Days aT oTher campuses. InTeresTed girls can l'losTesses Tor a high school Play Day in The spring, WRA members send ouT inviTaTions To many high schools, inviTing inTeresTed girls To come To The campus To Take parT in a day oT general sporTs acTiviTies wiTh girls Trom all over The sTaTe. The highlighT oT The IQ64-65 WRA year was a con- venTion oT The Wisconsin AThleTic and RecreaTion Fed- eraTion oT College Women aT LSU in OcTober. The con- venTion was called To esTablish uniTorm rules and regula- Tions Tor all colleges and universiTies concerning eligibil- iTy Tor SporTs Days, TournamenT rules, and relaTecl sub- iecTs. RepresenTaTives Trom privaTe and public colleges and universiTies ThroughouT The sTaTe aTTenolecl The con- venTion. OTTicers oT The WRA board, The supervising group oT The organizaTion, are: PFGSTCTSDT ....... J ...... Lorraine Moe VTCG-pI'6SidenT ,, .,,.,,,,, ,,,,,,, D iane Irwin Recording Secrefary ..... ,,,...,,.. R Oni Bishop . Nikki Assmann . Miss STephenson Treasurer ........ . .....,,.,. Advisor. , . 8l La Crosse Siafe Officials Row I: J. Church, T. Schleicher. M. Flanagan. G. Jensen, W. Soikowski. Row 2: T. MiTchell, J. Louko, T. Selle. G. Larson, S. Hoff, R, Sime. Row 3: F. Henry. M. Tickler. B. Scherer, J. MolsTad, W. Jacobson, M. Mandeville. AlThough many members oT The La Crosse STaTe OT- Ticials Club are physical educaTion maiors, abouT a Third oT The membership consisTs oT men who are noT in physical educaTion, buT who have an acTive inTeresT in sporTs. The club Trains men To become cerTiTied oTTicials in various sporTs evenTs perTormed on The high school and college level. The members make a comprehensive sTudy oT The rules, and learn various oTTiciaTing Techniques. AT periodic inTervals, TesTs are given in SparTa where pros- peciTve oTTicials have Their skills graded. According To The raTing The men receive Trom These TesTs, They are cerTiTied To oTTiciaTe games Trom The inTramural level To college iunior varsiTy games. The La Crosse STaTe OTTicials Club has been in exisT- ence Tor Tive years. AT several oT The meeTings The club inviTes cerTiTied oTTicials in as guesT speakers. Many oT The members are men who hope To become coaches aT some Time. By learning The rules Trom The oTTicial's poinT oT view, The men hope To improve Their own coaching skills. Mr. Vickroy, The advisor oT The club, says, "To know The game, you have To oTTiciaTe iT." La Crosse Board of Women Officials M. ,. ., . ,Q Qt 'Q 1 nw ,N . . ur r Ti X i .- vlclfarlane. D. Lahfi. The La Crosse Board of Women Officials is a professional organiza- fion affiliafed wifh fhe Officiafing Services Area of fhe Division for Girls and Women's Sporfs of fhe American Associafion for l-lealfh. Physical Ediucafion and Recreafion. The AAHPER is composed of officials' boards in every sfafe. The Board is responsible for fraining and providing officials for college and high school sporfs evenfs. lf was founded I5 years ago fo provide officials for fhe school's inframural program. Members explain rule changes and supervise pracfices. Each year fhe Board holds a baslcefball clinic in which many of our sfafe high schools parficipafe. Wifh Dr. Baird's assisfance fhe Board frained officials for a May 22 sfafe fraclc meef for high school girls. Inferesfed people may sign up for fhe sporf in which fhey are inferesfed and learn officiafing fechnigues from Board members. Local officials rafing aufhorized by fhe Board and are non-fransfer- able. Members can obfain a nafional official rafing which enables fhem fo officiafe anywhere in fhe nafion. H jx X. if . .1 , 5 il, -ii -f 'W an v ,. . 3- fi my low I: C. Poulson, S. Redlin, C. Smifh, L. Sfephenson, Row 2: M. Peff, S. Anderson, N. Assmann, F. Babbiff, J. Baue R 3 L Coffon, K. Knufson, D. - mf ""'W"M ficial af lc 83 AQ. Field Hockeg Club Siralegy lallcs are imporlanl. Bumps and bruises malce a colorful game MIDWEST TOURNAMENT Composed ol girls experienced in lhe sporl and inler- LSU 8 Valpariso O esled girls from lhe sophomore lield hockey class, lhe Field l-loclcey Club requires a 2.0 average ol ils mem- l-SU 4 Oshkosh O bers. Busy wilh a I3-game schedule lhis year, members LSU 2 Norih Shore ll 4 lrayelled lo Minneapolis, Minn.: Macomb, lll.p Chicago, OFFICERS aa-2ilrnlNglIil1vQ?:lcsivbeioeridefgning a spol in lhe Midwesl Presidenl osoo..o . so.sso,ss.oosooooosss , soso Lorraine Moe Round robin and- inlerclass iournamenls filled our lhe Vgce,p,-esidenf gggqg g Marcia Felland Zeacsorys gciigviilessghe hlighlighr ol lime hseason wa? me g gggg B- e ea o or ore , a eam w ic is one o e Secrellary Gerry Tllgp loeller field hoclce clubs in lhe Midwesl. Treasurer Carol Smilh - Y . , """o'oooror iiiooooo , Anyone inleresled in Jrhe club may come lo raciice Ad c ii D B Ci - - B WSC" Cac aaa--a-- rrara T ' 5" in lhe fall when Jrhe club is acrive. Conlacl a member or Dr. Baird lor inlormalion aboul lime and dales ol praclice sessions. Row I: C. Friday, G. Bishop, C. Smiih, J. Wallger, L. Moei1M.dLuclc, M.hMoen. Row 2: S. Krake, S. Redlin, S. Olson, l-l. Emery, J. Dellmann, C. Poulson Row 3: L. Burns, D. McFarlane, B. Baird M Fe land, P. Sc roe er, F. Sc warlz, K. Heinz. WiveHeS Formed Tor social and recreaTional purposes, The WiyeTTes Club enables wives oT college sTudenTs To par- TicipaTe in college liTe. AT Their meeTings, which are held once a monTh, The group oTTen brings in spealcers wiTh helpTul homemalcing Tips. This pasT year a home economics experT Trom lNlorThern STaTes Power Company provided a program oT demonsTraTing Tood economy, recipes, and shopping Tips. A woman Trom The ciTy demonsTraTed how To make ChrisTmas DecoraTions aT anoTher meeTing. Their big proiecT Tor The year was a sTyle show, "Spring Splendor," held lasT March aT The ParTy l-louse. Fashions and garmenTs were donaTed by local merchanTs. RecreaTion minded, WiveTTes has iTs own bowling Team, which compeTes on The STudenT Union lanes. AT ChrisTmas Time They held a husband-wiTe parTy. Tra- diTionally The lasT meeTing OT The year is a bangueT, held in lvlay aT one oT The ciTy's supper clubs. .Q Make if 5 Sf,-We' The WiveTTes' Bowling Team. Row I: M. Henry, J. Kleinhaus, B. Abraham, F. Ferguson, J. l-luTchins, P, Frazier, E. STauber. Row 2: J. Brandt Ci. Hogan, C. Jacobs, D. Clark, B. Voslcuil, 5. lvliTTermeyer, J. Berg. - Q 'T' si 3' 'M 'RTT Y Y-Dems Acfive in fhe aufumn campaign of Democrafic candidafes for local, sfafe, and nafional offices, fhe Y-Dems worked wifh La Crosse Democrafic headguarfers and various Universify faculfy members, passing ouf handbills, parficipafing in bumper sficlcer drives, acfing as on-campus campaign managers, and canvassing fhe cify in a door- fo-door regisfrafion drive. Franlclin D. Roosevelf Jr. spoke af a sfudenf rally in fronf of fhe Sfudenf Union as a guesf of fhe Y-Dems. Mrs. FDR. Jr. was a special guesf af a fea for Universify sfudenfs and communify cifizens. The Y-Dems assisfed Twin Cifies lawyers acfing as fhe advance campaign commiffee for Vice-presidenfial candidafe Huberf Hum- phrey, who spoke af fhe La Crosse Airporf. Gaylord Nelson. candidafe for fhe Senafe, and Bronson La Fol- leffe, candidafe for fhe office of sfafe Afforney-General, received assisfance from fhe Y-Dems when fhey appeared in La Crosse. Eighfeen delegafes represenfed fhe LSU Y-Dems af a sfafewide convenfion in Racine. Prominenf sfafe officials addressed fhe con- venfion delegafes. ln February, fhe organizafion sponsored a Third Disfricf caucus in Sfoddard. A recenf membership drive increased fhe club roll from 24 fo 90 members. ii? wifi ' Eh: lnmxgznuli T . F .,', '.yi 'g,'I Q' Eguhnn T r.riisi Bipxhrrt T y CflfxKf3fQ?fZi'gfw' 1... V firarswsusa Rewards for parfy workers. Row I: M. Maffison, K. Currie, N. Weiss, J. Schulfy, S. Medinger. Row 2: W. Jacobson, T. Rochesfer, M. Schneider, C. Cullen, L. l-lebelman. Y GOP During llwe nalional eleclions lasl lall, llie Young Republicans worlced very aclively lor slale and na- lional Republican candidales. Among llieir aclivi- lies, lliey arranged a campus speaking engagemenl lor Governor Knowles, dislribuled campaign liler- alure llirouglwoul llie cilyg lelepboned people, re- minding llwem lo vole: and sel up a lable in llie slu- denl union lo assisl sludenls in regislering lo vole, and lo dislribule absenlee ballols. ln Oclober, llie club lormed llwe Tusk, a new cam- pus newspaper. Tlie lirsl issue presenled and inler- preled llie slale and nalional Republican plallorm. Since llien, llle Tusk lias become a more convenlion- al sclwool paper, lealuring campus wide aclivilies. Also lliis year, llme club slarled a series ol ex- clwange programs willw llie Y-GOP club al Sl. Mary's College in Winona, Minn. Al llle February pro- gram, represenlalive Waller Judd was llwe guesl speaker. ln llwe same monlli, llwe local cliapler par- licipaled in a slale-wide Young Republican Debale Tournamenl. Many ol llwe members allended llie slale conven- lion lor Y-GOP, lleld in Wisconsin Rapids lasl April. Wlmen llie Slale Republican Convenlion was lmeld in La Crosse lasl spring, llwe organizalion assisled llie La Crosse Counly Republican Parly in planning llle evenl. Row I: N. Berg, L. Larson, R. Will, C. Wilson, J. Fa , A. D ' .R 2 R L f G R 1- J M C Jesse, 6. Von-l-laden, J. Sullon, C. Gsebwind, D. Albled, Jenllyliglreigclivl A gllli M B Q P l-l P V Iniernaiional Qiudeni Organizaiion One oT The newesT organizaTions on The Univer- siTy campus is The lnTernaTional STudenT Organiza- Tion which was re-organized This Tall. The aims oT The club are To help Toreign sTudenTs beTTer undersTand American socieTyg To TosTer a beTTer inTernaTional relaTionship, To assisT people in and ouT oT The or- ganizaTion To beTTer undersTand The various Toreign counTries and Their culTures: and To provide an op- porTuniTy and a means Tor selT-expression Tor iTs members. The club is composed oT sTudenTs Trom The Uni- versiTy campus and associaTe members Trom ViTerbo College and The surrounding communiTy. The coun- Tries represenTed include BriTish Guiana, Canada, China, Cuba, Ghana, l-long Kong, Israel, Kenya, The UniTed STaTes. and VieT Nam. An lnTernaTional BangueT, The organizaTion's TirsT big evenT, was prepared by club members. Six dif- TerenT dishes Trom six counTries Tormed The menu. Nearly one hundred people were servd, including club members, UniversiTy TaculTy and disTinguished people Trom The communiTy. Plans Tor The TuTure include a varieTy show in which each counTry will prepare and presenT Two acTs perTaining To iTs culTure and a sTaTewide con- venTion oT Toreign sTudenTs To be held in La Crosse. Member s express Their T LH! nAK+NM d vsghJJh szikB.Lg.R 2.K.cufr.e,P.JaCk50n,J.PsbS+.v.Py sHb cwb B Rowl: . averso, . en, . asu a, . in , . onson, . ieinsi, ane ow Nixon. Row 3: R. Gunning, R. Badran, D. PedreTT1, 6. Shalibr, J. Correa, K. Jackson, S. Deowrai, S. Singh. Row 4. M. Kainga E. DefHrv1ycsdMP dN+p+dDcd Eich ' . FG, . GUU 6, . UI BD, . SFSBU . 0 IC Ufe I . G SS, . reis L h ghl Tau "Campus CloThes and The Coed" was The 'heme Tor The annual auTumn sTyle show spon- sored by Tau Gamma. The show is designed To nTorm new women sTudenTs how To dress ap- 3ropriaTely Tor various school TuncTions. Tau Gamma, which has been in exisTence since l962, is open To all women sTudenTs who do noT ive on campus. The basis oT The oragnizaTion is To nTegraTe The oTT-campus women inTo school ac- 'iviTy. Besides, The sTyle show, The club sponsored a GhrisTmas ParTy aT The La Crosse Children's -lome. The members gave each child a giTT, and 'hey spenT an aTTernoon playing games and car- Jling wiTh The children. ThroughouT The year, Tau Gamma holds meeT- ngs Twice a monTh, oTTen meeTing in one oT The avomen's dorms so ThaT The Town girls can become acguainTed wiTh dorm girls. ln The spring, The organizaTion purchased Tau Gamma SweaTshirTs To publicize Their group. Gamma "Thank you, ladies and g +I I 5 d '19 .K 0 . f , 9 3 if gl c Z i Wir, X55 T. , 5 'fgfaiq . T if? T as Row I: L. Halverson, J, Buchmiller, N. Norcross, S. Nichols. R 2: R. LinharT, D. Warnken, J. Brudos. Row 3. J. Buchell, M. B g P B g F N l 89 Campus Veis Rowlzi-l. MoTschenbach, W. Kenyon, D. Lund, G. Olsen, J.P lcyR 2 DLTh p CGI Cl fxj Khl CK kJ Lf 3JMv KBckNH RFchRIvlhI R4RG THfr+++PBylPFnk Eno ae WC ayonow Z . E GV, . G U, . OFVTIGU, . ris , . G Um. OW I Each year The Campus VeTs oTTers a scholar- ship To a iunior or senior who is in need oT Tinan- cial assisTance. To gualiTy Tor The scholarship, The applicanT musT display a deTiniTe need Tor assisT- ance, have aT leasT a 2.3 grade poinT, and cannoT own a car. The VeTs supporT The scholarship Through shows puT on by naTionally known TalenT. l.asT OcTober, The club broughT The Four Lads To La Crosse Tor a special show. In February, The VeTs sold TickeTs Tor a show TeaTuring Johnny Iv1aThis and The Young Americans. The club also had a hoT dog sTand during The high school Band Day lasT spring. Campus VeTs is an organizaTion oT men who have served aT leasT six monThs in The armed Torces. Their purpose is To bring TogeTher men 90 oT common background. F + Campus Conirols Council The Campus ConTrols Council is The sTudenT governing body which acTs' as spokesman Tor The sTudenT body in maTTers dealing wiTh ad- minisTraTive policy ThaT aTTecT The campus com- muniTy. lTs members are elecTed by and are direcTly responsible To The sTudenTs. Members oT sTud-enT-TaculTy commiTTees and governing boards oT conTrol are appoinTed by The CCC presidenT wiTh The approval oT The council. The Campus ConTrols Council adminisTers The cam- pus-wide elecTions Tor The Homecoming queen. The WinTer Carnival king and gueen, and The CCC oTTicers and represenTaTives. AnoTher responsibiliTy oT The organizaTion is To plan and carry ouT The New STudenT OrienTaTion Week program in The Tall. The boundaries oT parTicipaTion are noT limiTed To The campus as The council TuncTions sTaTe-wide as parT oT The UniTed Council oT The STaTe UniversiTies. The sTudenT governmenTs oT all nine sTaTe UniversiTies work, wiTh The co- operaTion oT The Board oT RegenTs and Presi- denTs oT The sTaTe UniversiTies, To beTTer edu- caTional opporTuniTies in Their schools. Minimum wage reguiremenTs and legislaTive scholarships have been proiecTs in which The UniTed Coun- cil has parTicipaTed. Row l: M. STark, P. McCarThy, D. Damon, J. Johnson, S. Rez el, D. Hellesh M Lorenzen, L. Owens, S. Kuhk, C. Kubiak, G. Lloyd, S. Oksa. Row 3: M. Cowley, R. M. Wilkins. Row 4: J. Wallin, M. Slaback, D. Frisbie, D. Herzog, B. WalTers MeeTing of The minds. OFFICERS PI'eSldSrIT ............. ................... ...... B r uce WalTers vlC6-presldenl' ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, John Wallin ReCOrdlr1g SecreTary .. .. ..,. ..,,.,. M arilyn l-laugland COI'l'SSpOr'ldlng Secrefary ..... ......... , Donna l-lillesheim TFGGSUFGF .................. . ........................s.ssss .. Dave Frisbie Advisors ........ ..... M r. Cowley, Mr. Parks, Mr. VoighT Haugland, J. BarTleTT. Row 2: S. Murphy, S. Tischer, G. Rue Hanson, J. SmarT, R. Meier, J. Haebig, B. Brueggeman, J. Ch H. DusTman, R. VoighT. Qiudeni Union Commii-Tees The STudenT Union Board is The policy-making body OT The STudenT Union. IT consisTs oT Three sTudenTs se- lecTed by The CCC, The UniversiTy Vice-presidenT, The Deans oT Men and Women, and a TaculTy member. Any- one on campus may aTTend Board meeTings. Members discuss and voTe on all issues broughT beTore Them by The Tive Union supporTing commiTTees and oTher issues such as conTracT negoTiaTions, The Union operaTing budgeT, and policies on The varied Union program. The EnTerTainmenT CommiTTee helps To provide year- round recreaTion. Responsible Tor Thursday and Friday nighT movies and co-sponsors oT The World-Wide l-ler- iTage Films, The group sponsors various sTudenT dances, including The New STudenT Mixer, l-lalloween, ChrisTmas, and ValenTine's Dances. Their Wednesday nighT Shindigs TeaTure campus TalenT. The Food CommiTTee works in cooperaTion wiTh The Union sTaTT and Tood service. Comprised oT aT leasT Two sTudenTs Trom each dorm, The group meeTs wiTh PropheT Co. represenTaTives To recommend policies Tor meal hours, dress, and menus. STudenT complainTs and Union Board -4-""""' I M P kT M L gfld D ai-TwrighT, Dean Gunnin , Dean STeulc. Boeder, R. Dumke, D. Frisbie. M EnTerTainmenT . Fema, . O GS GF, . O Um. complimenTs are voiced aT The meeTings. As governing body oT all Union commiTTees, The OperaTions and Procedures CommiTTee reviews Union rules and seTs up general procedures Tor all commiTTees. lT supervises Their acTiviTies. The OrganizaTions CommiTTee is made up oT Tive sTu- denTs chosen by The CCC, Union DirecTor, and Tour FaculTy STeering CommiTTee appoinTees. The group seTs up regulaTions Tor campus organizaTions and recog- nizes new groups. IT conTrols and coordinaTes The or- ganizaTions' campus evenTs, prepares an acTiviTy cal- endar, and keeps a record oT all organizaTions. Responsible Tor all Union evenTs publiciTy, The Public RelaTions CommiTTee works wiTh posTers in campus buildings, RacqueT arTicles, and Tlyers in mail boxes and under plagues. They give Union Tours. Realizing ThaT recreaTion is an inTegral parT oT Uni- versiTy liTe, The RecreaTion CommiTTee sponsors leagues. TournamenTs and special Union evenTs. IT deTermines policy in The La Crosse Room and programs TuTure Union evenTs. Row : rs. in son, r. en e , ean C 9 Row 2: T. Brown, J. NolTe, T. DiCello, J issing: Vice-PresidenT GraTT, Mr. STrand Row I: R. Bishop, S. Olson, J. Cunning ham, D. Damon, J. ColleTTi, B. Warner, L C b II amp e . Row 2: J. Pederson, P. Moore, T. Lyons G K T R ch T M SI c Food Row I: B. Heinonen, J. Dolesclial, S. Sclilosser, J. Bray. Row 2: Cr. Moore, H. Duslman, G. Krema, M. Wilkins. Operaiions and Procedures Row I: M. Larson, K. Smillw, K. Flynn, R. Mangiara- cina, C. Sieln, B. Lee. Row 2: M. Wilkins, D. Kelclium, P. Werner, H. Dusf- man, R. Crum, J. Regelein, D. Frisbie, D. Grieger, G. Baker, J. Young, J. Kading, R. Persaucl, T. Brown. Organizaiions Row I: Mr. Sfrancl, Miss Smirlw, Mrs. Pinlcslon, Dean Sleuclc, C. Lurlier. S. Hall, J. Smarl. M i ss i n g: D ea n Hogue, D. Schroe- der, G. Ruelil, J. Clwrislian, K. Belil- ing. Publioiig Row I:J. Brey, B. Pilcus, M. Bowers. Row 2: L. Larson, M. Meyer, C. Sielw, S. Burlclnaller. Missing: R. Grieger, R. Malin. Reoreaiion Row I: S. Kralce, C. Holz, J. Boecler, C. McKeell'i, K. Hill, B. Warner. Row 2: A. DiCello, L. Laball, P. Kruse, W. Munns, R. Dunlce. Row 3: L. Ellelson, T. McKinney, B. Iooley, R. Nagel, F.Sl1oemalcer. 93 Humanisis The La Crosse STaTe UniversiTy STudenT ChapTer oT The American l-lumanisT AssociaTion was charTered on campus during The TirsT semesTer oT The currenT school year. lT is composed oT members who consider Them- selves To be religious liberals. l'lumanisTs are dedicaTed To The personal criTical examinaTion oT all aspecTs oT liTe: economic, poliTical, social, and religious. The members meeT weekly in inTormal sessions aT which conTroversial subiecTs are presenTed by guesT speakers wiTh discussion Tollowing. During The TirsT semesTer The T-lumanisTs spon- sored The BroTherhood BuTTon Drive. Proceeds Trom The drive will be used To TurTher human righTs acTiviTies in The SouTh. Speakers have been Dr. Young, Biology DepT., on "EvoluTion," Dr. Rolnick, l-lisTory DepT., on "Academic Freedom," Dr. Singh, PoliTical Science DepT., on "BirTh ConTrol in lndia7" and Fr. Jablonske, Aguinas l-ligh School religion insTrucTor, on The "FuTure oT Liberal ThoughT in The CaTholic Church." A TaculTy-sTudenT dis- cussion on The movie "NighTmare in Red," concerning The growTh oT communism, and oTher provocaTive dis- cussions aTTracT many inTeresTed visiTors To The meeT- ings. In The TuTure The l-lumanisTs plan To bring naTionally and inTernaTionally known speakers To This campus To TurTher TaculTy and sTudenT body inTellecTual sTimula- Tion. The l-lumanisT ChapTer is a member oT The lnTe- Religious Council. OFFICERS Presldeni' --'e--A'ee ee"'Yee..--f...... ..,,,, J a ck Finley Vice-presiden+ ,..,c ,,,,,q-- D an Qraf SeC"e+a'Y eeee-f eee.e-- -........................ L y le Koehler Treafufef eeee--e eeeseeeeee.-.......-........... L ynn l-lalvorsen Advlsors ----- Y--,V- lvl F- Vande-rvorT, lvir. Shoemaker E BroTherhood BuTTon Dance. D Il T P G g R 2. B. VandervorT, C. Block, D. Graf, L. Koehler, D. HamilTon, R. b W6IbT MSlbkWMBd Row I: J. Finley, T. Gianoli, L. Halverson, . Mo e, . ran er. ow SToda, J. Gianoli. NOT Picfured: R. Williams, L. Wein erg, . i er son, . GGG, . CNG. LSU Sfageg d U On CamPUs ll xv Underclassmen DVK fir - fu-Q,-dw' 5 J fa 1 in .., .wrfxfff ,9.- "Q 4, 5-4, ,,N Nts.. , .-+.Nf,w.. X 3.,.,J f-.Q ' 4 1- NQIKU 1 ,1 VM. 1 wwf-'f fn -,L A1 , I wwf lr' ,NMR-si--M-.4 A., 'N-J' 'wstfx'-I-' , q",f 'w"" 4 if "R J . 4' ' IO r .X A J V 4 1, '. W. ' 'lixxq .. , rf., -11 . L Q' 'PN-v 115+ U . ' , . - -1 ff- 1 4 -r Ns.. 4 'fi-S + 11. '-M '-9 7 M . M- , ',w .w + - Yr , 4'.'.,Xj , A 'f' ,...,. 52 wx 9 7 Adams, Sleve R. 2625 Ruger Janesville, Wis. P. E. Amundsen, Daniel B, 810 W. Lawn Racine, Wis. P. E. Anderson, Cary L. 1707 Main La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Anderson, Ellen D. 103 l7lh Place La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Anderson, Leonard E. 442 Shore Acres La Crescenl, Minn. L. 81 S. Anderson, Marlin I. 3262 Shorewood Dr. Esliikosh, Wis. Arneson, Richard C. 303 N. 21s+ La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. Ariz, Burlon H. Merrillan, Wis. Sec. Ed. 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Ehrhardf Michael 52l S Alfred in we as fi i gspl .asfiflhe Q ef ' if QI',l awe? iii: . 1' ii I 'W r i iw, Y Q7 il- 1. ,sulg X. .. if We N. , .L time . ' J. . ' '. - . ' F- a 1 L ' , - , - , P -3 - ' ' , '. Elg' f Ill. sec. Ed. p, E, ' P. E. P. E. . 99 Elsfad, Mary Independence, Wis. Elem. Ed. Emery, Helen J. RR. 2 Mauslon, Wis. P. E. Erickson, Gary C. 663-2nd Ave. N. 'Fgargc Falls, Wis. Erickson, Ronald A. 612 Walnul Sparla, Wis. Sec. Ed. Esch, Judilh E. 8lll Willow Dr. Oak Creek, Wis. L. 81 S. Espeland, Gary A. 2l0l Mississippi La Crosse, Wis. P. E. Evenson, Kelly L. 93l Division La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Ewerl, David C. 8 Edina Courl Minneapolis, Minn. L.8:S. Fairbands, Virgnia L. 234 Congdon Rd. Williamson, N. Y. L.8fS. Fauske, Mary E. RR. l Genoa, Wis. Sec. Ed. Felker, Kennelh R. I55 N. Lake Peshligo, Wis. Elem. Ed. Fenney, Carol A. 30l W. Washinglon Porl Washinglon, Wis. P. E. Ferris, Louis F. ISI9 George La Crosse, Wis. P. E. Fibeger, Fred M. 1404 E. Ave. S. La Crosse, Wis. P. E. 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RR. l, Box l53 Kenosha, Wis. L. 8: S. Green, Donald D. La Farge, Wis. L. 81 S. Greenheck, Kathy lA. Spring Green, Wis. Elem. Ed. Grenisen, Thomas A. 307 S. 24 La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Greve, Richard A. l900 'Wisconsin Ave. New Holstein, Wis. Sec. Ed. Greve, Ronald G. I9O0 Wisconsin Ave. New Holstein, Wis. Sec. Ed. Gschwind, Charles R. 2009 S. l4th La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. Guberud, Alden M. RR. l Caledonia, Minn. L.8rS. Gudgeon, Erma F. Cashton, Wis. Elem. Ed. Guertler, Marqarel J. II9 N. 7th Galesville, Wis. Sec. Ed. ' Gutnecht, Gayl E. 4505 Hy. H Franksville, Wis. P. E. Haacke, Allan B. 26 WI9-150 Pros. Dr., Rt. 3 Muskego, Wis. Elem. Ed. Haas, Donald Haebig, Jeff i620 Main La Crosse, Wis. P. E. Halmrasl, Vernon 624 S. l7th La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Halverson, M. Lynn 406 S. I5th La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. Halvorsen David H I055 Woodland Ave: Elm Grove, Wis. Hamilton, Sharon R RR. 2 Verona, Wis. P. E. Hamm, Gary 209 Franzen St. Random Lake, Wis. Hammer, James 2202 Prospect La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Hanesworth, Richard F. Box 225 Stoddard, Wis. L. 8: S. Hanifl, Ellen J. 2878 Hanifl Rd. La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Juniors Hansen, Genevieve RR. 2 Galesville, Wis. Elem. Ed. Hansen, Robert A. 9I9V2 Mississippi La Crosse, Wis. L.8lS. Hanson, Ronald K. 3Il N. Main Viroqua, Wis. L. 81 S. Harcey, Karen May 32I S. Moore Algona, lowa Sec. Ed. Harding, Helen K. 500 S. Michigan Prairie du Chien, Wis. L.8fS. Harper, Walter W. Patgh Grove, Wis. P. . Harhheim, James M. l4l3 N. Gillett Appleton, Wis. L. 8: S. Haskins, Virginia L. BIS Cass La Crosse, Wis. L. Xi S. Hayes, Michael J. 1725 S. 9th La Crosse, Wis. L. 8. S. Haymann, Sally Jo 463l W. Holt Ave. Milwaukee, Wis. P. E.. Heck, Martha A. 305 E. Terhune Viroqua, Wis. L.81S. Heinecke, David E. Theresa, Wis. L. 81 S. Helfrich, Joseph B. l24 S. l7th La Crosse, Wis. L. 8: S. Hermann, Cher I J. 2507 Clifton Rockford, lll. Sec. Ed. Herreid, Barbara 22iI S. 22nd La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S.. 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I Eagle, Wis. L. 81 S. Keefe, Susan 802 S. 20'rh La Crosse, Wis. L.8rS. Keefe, Sallymae Trempealeau, Wis. Sec. Ed. Keilholfz, Kaihy A. 757 N. 22nd La Crosse, Wis. Elem. Ed. Keishaslry, Joseph Kerska, Roberf E. Box 225 Coon Valley, Wis. Sec. Ed. Keichum, Donald bl I7 46'rh Ave. Kenosha, Wis. P. E. Kleczewski, Barbara A. 9l4 l2il1 Ave. Rockford, lll. Sec. Ed. Kleczewski, Frank M. 9I4 I2+h Ave. Rockford, lll. P. E. Kleinke, Karen K. 43I W. Garland West Salem, Wis. L. 81 S. Kling, James C. 4l4 Peck Srbooner, Wis. E em. Ed. Klinzing, James 225I S. 65+h SI. Wes? Allis, Wis. Klug, Norman L. i350 Vine Union Grove, Wis P. E. Klund, Jeffry B. 2338 Marker La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Koch, James P. l206 Liberly La Crosse, Wis. L. 8. S. 'Koski, Roberf J. 2I2 Brolherfon yagefield, Mich. Krake, Sharon M. RR. I, Box 29 New London, Wis. P. E. Kramer, Marion L Melrose, Wis. Elem. Ed. is -1. . .gi sill 13:93 f izsufxg fs iw -.. . W Vl, was s r' il g2 li , r igf. . TQ. .,,::. ,,.:, ..., . . . . A Kriesh, Elias Kromlre, Judifh A. 202l Green Bay La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Kropf Anila D. 2726 Clbnalaska Ave. La Crosse, Wis. L. 8: S. Krueger, Karen G. l4I0 adger La Crosse, Wis. L. 8- S. Kruse, Pafricia A. 925 Andrews, 2haEwano, Wis. KQJZYQSV Sylvia I ir inia Racine, riNis. P. E. Kwick, Charles F. RR. 2 Onalaska, Wis. P. E. Laabs, Gerald W. 229 N. Superior Tomah, Wis. L.81S. LaBarre, Don L. RR. I Siockholm, Wis. L. 81 S. Lamp, Carol L. I406 S. 9lh :Vagerlowm Wis. Lanam, Jon P. 28l4 E. Newberry Blvd. Milwaukee, Wis. L.8iS. Lange, Jeflerey R. 8943 N. 83rd Milwaukee, Wis. Sec. Ed. Lange, Siephen W. l643 Michigan gslgkosh, Wis. Larsen, E. Richard I23B S. l5Ih Pl. Milwaukee, Wis. P. E. Larson, Donna J. I639 Liberly La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. Larson, Mavis A. Cashlon, Wis. L. 81 S. Laurenf, Thomas M. 503 Division Algoma, Wis. P. E. Leaviif, Bonnie 3542 E. Armour Cudah , Wis. Elem. Ed. Lobakkan, Erling O RR. l Box 4l Galesville, Wis. Sec. Ed. Lee, Barbara A. Cashfon, Wis. Elem. Ed. Lenfz, Richard 3I5 E. Jefferson Waupun, Wis. P. E. Llbersky, Diann RR. 3 Cheiek, Wis. P. E. Liebhardl, David A. RR. 2 Easi Troy, Wis. Sec. Ed. Liebscher, Howard N. RR. I Three Lakes, Wis. L. 2- S. JA Juniors av ' I' +13 H25 gre. if " L S K. ...J is ' f -3- fs' -is ' , iyi' ,miie l W Q A .rser hX is . . . , xr dz i jf . .r f ' gl 5 ai A , . t . , :r ,f Q: if at j ,sk - K.. f is -is vig! . .P -lv 7. is l A L 5 17 I' -A-1 gr , X Lingsweller, Curfis R. 3lO0 Slorybook Dr. Racine, Wis. P. E. Llo d, Gall S. 35 Borann Ave. Princefon, N. J. P. E. Louko, Jack C. 708 W. Pine, Washburn, Wis. P. E. Lucas, Thomas W. 2032 S. 7lsl Sl. Wesf Allis, Wis. Sec. Ed. Ludwig, Donald H. 2l8 Wesi Ave. S. La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Luelloff, Alyerd L. 8l6 Florence Racine, Wis. Sec. Ed. Lunburg, David Lunde, Kay M. H42 Kane La Crosse, Wis. Elem. Ed. Lunenschloss, Francis W. SOI Suszycki Dr. Mauslon, Wis. Elem. 'Ed. Lulher, Carol A. RR. 2 Box 2Il Baraboo, Wis. P. E. Maas, Jane Maass, Merlin H. RR. 3 Seymour, Wis. L. 81 S. H fra MacDowell, Jo K. Iso-1 N. wh sf. P A 1 ghefsboygan, Wis. ., N, Af. Mahnke, Carolyn A. 2I42I Woodland Dr. New Berlin, Wis. Elem. Ed. I Malin, Rosemar M. A A Genoa, Wis. Y Sec. Ed. Malone, Mar E. 4856 S. 76ih gf. Edilgraukee, Wis. Mandy, Marilyn E. 6I6 E. 2nd Ladysmilh, Wis. P. E. Manke, Barbara E. RR. I La Crosse, Wis. Elem Ed. Manlre, Kaihlean A. RR. I Wesi Salem, Wis. Elem. Ed. Manley, Dona L. II22 S. I23rd Wesi Allis, Wis. Sec. Ed. Manihei, Susan J. 8530 Glencoe Circle Wa uwa iosa, Wis. Sec. Ed. Marshall, Kay F. 4l3 Rose La Crosse, Wis. L. 8: S. Marshall, Shirley M. 5II N 24ih La Crosse, Wis. Sec, Ed. Mashak, Marlene D. Box 357 Bangor, Wis. Sec. Ed. as . 3 as 'Y . I wreaths lk " 'Q ,Ji is 4 J ri f "fy-if-if,s. 25, . ,gg .3 3. Mashack, Roger A. Weslfield, Wis. Sec. Ed. Masheimer, Barbara A. Arkdale, Wis. Elem. Ed. Masik, Bonnie Thorp, Wis. Sec. Ed. Masuda, Naomi l25 Baker Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii Sec. Ed. McBridie, William 29 Sunsiey Ave. Hicksville, N.Y. L.8fS. McCarfhy, Pairicia A. AIO9 N 42nd Milwaukee, Wis. Elem. Ed. McCar1ney, James A. l20 E. Bih Belvidere, Ill. Sec. Ed. McCoy, Paisy R. RR. I Norwalk, Wis. Sec. Ed. McCrei hi, Jerolg D. IIOO Cedar Rd. La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. McCreighi, John H. IIOO Cedar Rd. La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. McCu1cheon, William l83 Peler Sl. Pori Arihur, Canada P. E. McDermoH, Roberi J . l322 E. Meadowview Dr. Oak Creek, Wis. Sec. Ed. McKee1h, Carol E. 23I4 Jackson La Crosse, Wis. L. 8- S. Meier, Diane E. 5525 N 52nd Sl' Milwaukee, Wis. L.8rS. Melby, Norma J. Gillingham, Wis. Elem. Ed. Mengeli, Dennis M. I724 S. Losey Blvd. La Crosse, Wis. L. 31 S. Mesch, Mary E. 3l8 Paine, Kiel, Wis. P. E. Meihum, Paul E. 220 E. Boardway Viroqua, Wis. Miller, James E. 8l3 Cass La Crosse, Wis. P. E. Miller, James S. Parr Lodi, Wis. P. E. Miller, Kalhleen RR. 3 Slevens Poini, Wis. P. E. Mills, Howard T. RR. I Viroqua, Wis. L. 81 S. Milos, Karen J. l45l S. 88+h Wesr Allis, Wis. P. E. Misch, Befly J. l608 S. Losey La Crosse, Wis. L. 8. S. Juniors gi .... 55 af EU Q 1 .gm SW' . il 'K M . 5 .3 a. ,sa . I-.. V.-z ig.. , we J We .I . , . . 'l rs - wx isgrilf' 4 . .fi gs, af X Pizafsrii S s. Q. Z 41... . . 5- . . i f-will . f- 8 ii X ' :l'2 Miflermeyer, Frank C. 705 Mormon Coulee Rd. La Crosse, Wis. L.8rS. Moen, Mona L. 800 E. Websier Prairie du Chien, Wis. P. E. Molldrem, Roberl R. I34 N. Van Ness Wes? Salem, Wis. Sec. Ed. Moller, David G. 40l E. Decker Vrroqua, Wis. L. S. Molling, Orville P. 25l5 S. I7Th La Crosse, Wis. Morgan, Thomas P. Cobb, Wis. P. E. Mosher, Cordelia K. 4I3 N. 9rh La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. Moischenbacher, Harold A. 32l N. 41h Onalaska, Wis. L. 81 S. Mulhern, Thomas M. 623 Main Monfello, Wis. L. 81 S. Mullen, William C. i902 Green Bay La Crosse, Wis. L. 8. S. Mullikin, Dewey L. 505lf2 N. llih La Crosse, Wis. P. E. Mulock, Roberf C. 3lb Locusl Onalaska, Wis. Sec. Ed. Nada, Sharon N. l65 Dandelani Hilo, Hawaii Elem. Ed. Neefe, James W. 624lf2 S. Blh La Crosse, Wis Sec. Ed. Nelson, Dorofhy A. De Solo, Wis. Sec. Ed. Nelson, Florann M 2605 Prospeci La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Nelson, Scoif C. IIS Wesfmoor Dr. Brookfield, Wis. L.8iS. Netwal, Daniel A. 470 N. 2nd. Onalaska, Wis. L. 81 S. Newburg, Marlha S. 2509 Losey Cl. La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Noddings, Edna F. 3245 Cliffside Dr. La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Novick, Jon B. BI6 Regenf Madison, Wis. L.8fS. Oas, Thomas W. 38l0 5ih Ave. Kenosha, Wis. Obmascher, Joe A. l0l5 Jackson La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. O'Brien, John J. 228 N. 9rh La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. f' 1 a 0. I I -swf 1 . i l l e 2 Q' .4 x. s or Wfiie v ' if ,j . .k 4:5 ,, s. s. 'fi EE S - gi -I f as R gs' K. 'se sv, Q, f As . 'QL f U Oertel, Robert RR. 2 La Crosse, Wis. L. 8- S. Offedahl, Eleanor M. 3I5 S. Main Viroqua, Wis. Elem. Ed. Olsen, Richard D. I933 2lst Terrace La Crosse, Wis. L.81S. Olson, Charlynn M. I34 West Ave. S. La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. Olson, Diane M. l6I6 Weston La Crosse, Wis. Elem. Ed. Olson, James H. 7l0 Main Viroqua, Wis. Sec. Ed. Olson, Kathleen F. I802 Main Cross Plains, Wis. L.8iS. Olson, Martin V. 302 West Ave. N. La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. Olson, Russell A. I875 Lincoln Whitehall, Wis. L. 81 S. Onsrud, Kenneth A. Galesville, Wis. Elem. Ed. Ordway, Michael G. 533 S. Sth Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Studies Osfermeier Barbara G 7l2 Algoma New London Wis Juniors gawzld. Darlene L. 3 Q J Cashton, Wis. Elem. Ed. R I A ...asf i Owen, Connie J. , 209 Worthington : Sccgnomowoc, Wis. ,M V S Owens, Lynn 5300 W. Thurston Ct lglilgfaukee, Wis. Padek, Jack M. 3220 N. 48th Milwaukee, Wis. P. E. Parker, Edward C. Bok 254 Niles, Mich. Elem. Ed. Paucek, Gar J., 7325 W. Wallker :Vest Allis, Wis. Pedretti, Daniel G. Genoa, Wis. Elem. Ed. Penoclr, Susan E. l33I 3rd N. E. Rochester, Minn. L. 81 S. Peterson, Clifford J. RR. I, Box 50 Sparta, Wis. L. 8: S. Pfaff, Sonia F. RR. 2 Camp Douglas, Wis. P. E. Pikus, Barbara A. RR. I Colgate, Wis. P. E. Pipke Caroline A I523 S 43rd Milwaukee Wis ,A-are , 16 Reg! Q, 'J' C ,,.,pv'i fi . tw .QV I .. it xi , may 5 i , ii i K gf. s 5 , .... . .. , . re f 'T lis sie Mar S Q i .swa- ,Q if :KL is f -:... L W... s f Q .iff-3 . 154 l.-1 Platz, David P. RR. I, Box 257 Onalaska, Wis. Sec. Ed. Pleuss, Arnold J. Box I66 Tomah, Wis. L. 81 S. Poehling, Jerome J. RR. I La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Poellinger, Raymond J. 2334 George La Crosse, Wis. L. 8- S. Polodna, John G. I2I5 Beaumont Rd. Prairie du Chien, Wis. L.8LS. Pomeroy, William N. I9II Farnam La Crosse, Wis. Elem. Ed. Preuss, Robert E. 907 Academy Elroy, Wis. Elem. Ed. Quinn, Sylvan O. 420V2 Oakland I,5a grosse, Wis. Radienovich, John 2375 S. 58th West Allis, Wis. Elem. Ed. Rae, Dale A. I0l W. Lawn Verona, Wis. P. E. Rasmussen, Lloyd P. Almond, Wis. P. E. Rezek Margare I62B Adams La 8Crosse Wis Rexel, Suzanne 7lI3 St. Paul . 5 ,L M1 k , W' . A 562722.65 'S V,,, 4 'i""'i L gg55argd,LPatrick L. A I La Crosseislxllllis. lf gl L. z. s. , :L s R' h f. R Id J. A sis ai new Onalaska, Wis. mf, 5- 5 -M L. s. s. ' Robson, Gordon I. RR. 4 Viroqua, Wis. L. a. s. . iz kw il, L' d K. it REF I ' "' " Q Gillingham, Wis. .q ' Elem. Ea. R fr Roellich, William L. i"i ' L me s. :nh La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Rogers, Richard J. Box 24 Union Center, Wis. L. 8: S: Rohrer, Joe H. lI06 S. Losey La Crosse, Wis. L.8iS. Romeo, Carol J. 2819 Cleveland Park Dr. West Allis, Wis. Sec. Ed. Rose, James B. 8 Laclane Painted Pst N. Y. Sec. Ed. Roseberry, Joha Friendship, Wis. Rowe William C Spring Lake Rd Rhinelander Wis .ir Q, se Lehi. r 1 . , .IL . fr . 5, 4 Rf' 1 'T' RAW' V. . I . I . ' 3 , V i I +R' . ' . . . V V. A P , E . V . I A , Q ' ui VK! , r . I : ' 55121, 9 s m A ll lili ' it xi J i--- -lli A ' r X 1.-i .. ' .. .sw ' 7 ' ll . K Q '3 , .. S.: . is 2 . .s 'Q Rudolph, Al J. l50l Farnam La Crosse, Wis. L. Xi S. Rudolph, David I50l Farnam La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. Rutter, Steve W. lIl6 S. Losey, La Crosse, Wis. L. Xi S. Sammons, Maryanne Box 245 Stoddard, Wis. L. 8- S. Sanders, Sherry J. l342 Charles La Crosse, Wis-. Elem. Ed. Saterbak, Lynn L. 2l47 Sunrise Dr. La Crosse, Wis. L.8rS. Sayre, Rhoda RR. 2 Edgerton, Wis. Elem. Ed. Schaetzke, Terrence, R. 5808 W. Howard tglilgraukee, Wis. Scheie, 'Kathie J. ISO3 S. 22nd La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. Scherer, William L. l0ll Milwaukee Ave. South Milwaukee, Wis. P. E. Schiffield, Shirleen Schmitz, Bernadette H. RR. l Norwalk, Wis. P. E. Schreiber, Walter W. Fountain City, Wis. Sec. Ed. Schreiber, Wayne N. 306 South St. Fall River, Wis. P. E. Schroeder, Jeanne M. IlOl5 W. Ruby.Ave rlagwatosa, Wis. Schwandt, Rita K. 902 Pine La Crosse, Wis. Elem. Ed. Schwartz, Faye A. IO444 S. 27th Oak Creek, Wis. Elem. Ed. Scott, Shirley E. 2l27 Madison La Crosse, Wis. Elem. Ed. Searseth, Clare Seiler, Sally R. 2ll6 S. l5th La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. Senn, Catherine M. ZI39 Denton La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Serverson, Beatrice E. RR. l Tomah, Wis. Elem. Ed. Shalabe, George K. I32l l3th Wausau, Wis. L.8iS. Shepard, Lawrence B. Box l85 Silver Springs, Fla. P. E. Juniors 2 . .T 1 Y Q xiii . i Shermock, Michael R. RR: l Onalaska, Wis. L. gr S. Shields, John A. 8045 S. Harvard Chicago, lll. Sec. Ed. Sieh, Carleen I69 McHenry Crystal Lake, lll. P. E. Simpson, Sandra l33l-4th Hudaon, Wis. P. E. A. Ska ppel, Linda L. l254 Farnam La Crosse, Wis. Elem. Ed. Skemp, Peter P. 2506 Cass La Crosse, Wis. P. E. Skoy, James 2I6 Elm Onalaska, Wis. L. 81 S. Slubu, Thomas Smart, Bette J. 32I Division, Mauston, Wis. Elem. Ed. Smith, David J. 204 N. l4th La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. Smith, Duane D. 4I0 E. 2nd Neilsville, Wis. P. E. Smith, Jerome F. Coon Valley, Wis. L.8iS. Smith, Karen M. 7l8 Walton Fort Atkinson, Wis. Elem. Ed. Snyder, Janet T. RR. I West Salem, Wis. Elem. Ed. Sobczak, Martin R. 8I3l S. Willow Dr. gale Creek, Wis. Schrweide, Jean 534l N. 27th St. Milwaukee, Wis. L. 81 S. Soikowdki, Wayne A. 2008 N. Pierce trgflilgraukee, Wis. Soley, Sandra J. ll0 S. l3th La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Soller, Thomas P. 7l2 Caledonia La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Solverson, Luther D. RR. 5 Viroqua, Wis. L. 8. S. Solverson, Patricia A. 208 N. K Sparta, Wis. Sec. Ed. Spangler, Rita M. 7l0 W. 5th Neilsville, Wis. Sec. Ed. Spencer, Michael A 685 Brooks Rd. gslgikosh, Wis. Spooner, Ann B. 29l2 Lincoln Are. La Crosse, Wis. Elem. Ed. 'P sf. sw 1 .- F' . Y gm' .. M Q34 at Q 5,5 A Squires, Susan A. 300 Lake Dr. Soulh Milwaukee, Wis. L. 8: S. Sladler, Jean A. Wl385O Mequon Rd. Germanlpwn, Wis. P. E. Sfadlhaus, Alfred C. 5l7 Degner Mayville, Wis. L. 8: S. Sfannard, Dennis R. 413 Hillcresl Dr. :org Afkinson, Wis. Siauffacher, Richard K. 52l Camp Baraboo, Wis. L.81S. Sfeinhoff, Robert B. 723 Long -Courl Sparfa, Wis. Sec. Ed. Sieher, Maxine A. Trempealeau, Wis. Elem. Ed. Sforey, Waller S. 739 Oconio Ave, lgesgligo, Wis. Slover, William C. l5l0 Markel' La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Slremcha, Robert J. RR. I Rockland, Wis. Sec. Ed. Slrillmaler, Larry J. 2606 Williams La Crosse, Wis. Slrilfmarer, Michael E. 23ll Winnebago La Crosse, Wis. L. 8- S. Slulken, Donald G. RR. 5 Viroqua, Wis. Sec. Ed. Suidan, Chaker l32l Main La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Sullivan, Palrick F. l6ll Wesion La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. Suffon, John F. 425 S. 22nd La Crosse, Wis. L. 8- S. Juniors ,. ,,. 6 . 3 f ." : rrr ,", 3 3 r r , M kkly , L 'K A 1 1, 7 Swgqegm. C. - , RR.-7' O" glleglby, Wis. Q: ' is .,,, Synoqround, Mona J. 423 Tilson ' fi-'X glgezslgialem, Wis. Sgznsffby. Aaron O. w' lb , w' . Lei S7 'S ilfsgx Tegflint, h , iz I A. i 3 l23.Vl7. iivis. Clwf-ewa Falls, P. E- ani f :li ff' , geff, Jim A. . W, 732 Elmwood K W1 , M'dclI+ ,W'. Y., if Seb. Eiion ls Li l i' 1:17, A Temp, Bearfce J. K 740 N. 23rd.l La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. ,- TenHaken, Marlene R. 2805 Henry 1. , gheEboygan, Wis. j Thomson, Nancy G. Box 25 , gozgeman, Wis. .' ill allfll' lllf T ll "i' ... Y 3 i 1 ggi? .,.i . , sal.. Q s ,J Tingle, Clark G. ll8 W. Laflin Waukasha, Wis. Sec. Ed. Tooke, Roger 770 Hillview La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Trudeau, Clyde L. 7l5 Marquelle Green Bay, Wis. L. X: S. Trupke, Wayne D. 506l N. 47lh Milwaukee, Wis. P. E. Trussoni, Michael C. l403 S. Zlsl La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Tryqgeslad, Jean A. l929 Main La Crosse, Wis. Elem. Ed. Twedl, Dean E. Box 344 Calmar, Iowa L. 81 S. Ulness, Karen Valders, Wis. P. E. Urban, Marie M. 7l9 Hillsborough Ave. Hillsboro, Wis. Elem. Ed. Vaher, Bonnie J. l455 S. Blsl Place La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. Vanderploeg, Del J. 304 Garland Wesf Salem, Wis. L. 8- S. Vellman, John 802 Vine Union Grove, Wis. P. E. Vinci, Philip R. Box 44 Genoa Cily, Wis. L. 8: S. Vogelpohl, Carol WB-15 Norlhwood I'- Menomonee Falls, Wis. Elem. Ed. Von Allmen, Peter 2l03-9lh Monroe, Wis. P. E. Von-Haden, Gary 320 Russell Baraboo, Wis. Sec. Ed. Wagner, David J. Cleveland, Wis. Sec. Ed. Wagner, John R. lllblfg S. 41h La Crosse, Wis. L.8iS. Walderberqer, Rpberl,J. l928 Spring Schofield, Wis. P. E. Walker, Margarel A. 2l48 Wauwafosa Ave. Wauwafosa, Wis. P. E. Wallin, John D. 22l2 S. I4'rh La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Walsh, James E. 2329 S. 23rd La Crosse, Wis. L. 8: S. H. D. Walters, Roberl J. RR. 2 Galesville, Wis. Sec. Ed. Wampler, Dennis I2ll Oak Sl. Wisconsin Dells, Wis. P. E. F. f -:qi K an 5 ,ag . ' K wg? if ,Q s ii ' 1 5 I 1.535 Fw V f 5 ,, 'Q . xy, ..., l. A' -4 - - v X. 4 is l 07 L i if y , ..W 4 :I ,K in 9. GM. 4 , M. f . '19 Q. in .. if ffwfei' -- .. . w i 'x .. . Q e. .,. mil i e- I... v fi f 'He W f 5 i 3: Mui' is 'B :-" :1s?'J."i-H Pg if 41 ii- A ei 7 4 Q. 35. 15 0 Wardwell, Loren C. I352 Wood La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Warner, Beverly S. W222N8325 Plainview Pkwy. RR. I Sussex, Wis. P. E. Waterman, Peier C. 807 W. Slaie Mauslon, Wis. L. Xi S. Weber, Bernard C. IOO6 Farnam La Crosse, Wis. L. 8: S. Wegner, Edward G. 2l5l'fg Markel La Crosse, Wis. Elem. Ed. Weisflos, Donald D. 4477 S. 63rd Milwaukee, Wis. L. 81 S. Weller, Kay A. 795 S. Beaumonl' Rd Prairie du Chien, Wis. Sec. Ed. Werner, Peter H. 6I0 E. Coolidge Qpgleion, Wis. Wichelr, Sharon K. RR. l Box I9 Brodhead, Wis. Sec. Ed. Wiebke, John R. 203 S. l6lh La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Wiebke, Monica L. 203 S. I6Ih La Crosse, Wis. L.8iS. Wiersgalla, Harvey F. II3 E. Cleveland Arcadia, Wis. L. Bi S. Wiesiahn, OH'o L. 677 Brandi Cf. Pewaukee, Wis, P. E. Wild, Ronald Belleville, Wis. Sec. Ed. Wilkins, Miles R. RR. I Wesf Salem, Wis. L. 81 S. Williams, Arfhur E. RR. I Camp' Douglas, Wis. L.8iS. Williams, Penny L. 526-51h Ave. S. La Crosse, Wis. Elem. Ed. Winchell, Neil H. I704 Johnson La Crosse, Wis. P. E. Winder, James B. RR. I La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Wink, James A. IOI6I S. McGraw Dr. Oak Creek, Wis. P. E. Wiifkopf, Elyse A. lglollgence, Wis. Wolfe, Lawrence A. 5I3 Oshkosh Sf. New London, Wis. Wollerf, Bonnie A. RR. 2 Eagle Rd. Neshkoro, Wis. L. 8: S. Wood, Reber? J. RR. I Trempealeau, Wis. L. 8: S. Juniors ' 3 li rf fi .22- 'fif f'..:iix . -..,,. 5-I3 2 . 5+ '1!mi., iifiiiii ex iff J so . wr, .. Je.. s .ikiiskih , we-f . 2. - , 1,9 ...W I ' .-2 392? 'WT -.s. .fs-N .. Q In . jg, .SQL :QM 1 Y - f ' L it Q ,... We ig... E :ff 'ii KE. 1 i 1 ii' l fir. ' -, f y 31 . if .-,kv 'ff ' 2 'J.-Rf.. ' 1 i i i, Worman, Douglas D. 909 S. l3l'h La Crosse, Wis. Young, Pa? Soldiers Grove, Wis L. 81 S. Zahrie, Carol J. IOOVQ Kilbourne Ave. Tomah, Wis. Sec. Ed. Zeimemann, Barbara J. 1502 Union Sheboygan, Wis. P. E. Zielke, Warren T. 320 N. Bfh La Crosse, Wis. P. E. ,,,. sr 3:-.. , .rv ei, A ll .gm ei . 3. - ., if 1 ,,,,, R j i ggi. .ix . " -, 1?-. .J 3 Q sf. 5 1 E -rx 'il ,W I ,X I 4... 'vii K 'lim 1' all ff . , as ...A-... ,, ,AR ir' A A Ll 25 .Vx is i Q.. Abraham, Fred 20-ll Liberly La Crosse, Wis. L. 8. S. Adams, Thomas W. 2307 S. Palmeffo llgdagshfield, Wis. Ahrens, Richard l. RR. l Prairie du Chien, Wis. Basic Sfudies Aigner, Joseph W. I9I9 David Ave. Sheboygan, Wis. Albrechf, Roberf J 357 W. Sugar Lane Plgmgzaukee, Wis. Aldenbury, Wayne Amann, Susan E. I030 Ay,e. S. La Crosse, Wis. Elem. Ed. Anderl, Jeaneffe E. RR. 3 Bloomer, Wis. P. E. Anderson, Kay E. 3l3 Slh Place lglevg Glarus, Wis. Anderson, Mary L. Blue River, Wis. Sec. Ed. Apled, Peler M. l322 Pine La Crosse, Wis. L. 8: S. Apled David P i322 Pine La 8Crosse Wis Arnold, Billi 2IIO Markel Sf. La Crosse, Wis. Arnolpy, Larry W. 406 Second La Crescenf, Minn. Sec. Ed. Bacon, Susan J. I202 S. 44th Milwaukee, Wis. Sec. Ed. Baird, Jack T. I238 S. I5fh Place Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Sfudies Bakkum, James C. Box 233 RR. I Onalaska, Wis. L. 81 S. Ballief, Robert B. RR. I Porlage, Wis. P. E Balfz, Curlis G. Zll N. Rose Wesl' Salem, Wis. L. 31 S. Balz, Ellen K. 602 La Salle Wausau, Wis. P. E. Bambrough, James M. 3034 W. Acre Ave. Franklin, Wis. Basic Sfudies Barge, Mary E. 927V2 Farnam La Crosse, Wis. Elem. Ed. Barker, Robert E. II2 2nd SI. Graffon, Wis. Sec. Ed. Barhg Donald H I4 S Zlsl' La Crosse Was Sophomores , X ,., , ii . illi 'J .Q yr IEW R N. fbi if 3 , an -7... We ! Q gnu QE' l Hg, . ,J . , sg- , is , Q . . ,,,q,"?ga. i A .Saw 3, f' - 'ar " ' 'L we . an if if fp .I ,ii ,755 5,55 -lflkicsii Q 3 rl Y K I .Y I S ., .k KK. . , Q '4 rr., 'Q , Q.. 1 x...J . "dei X ., .1 6? . g il., if if 5 .-...Q ,. 4:6- in Ba rflefl, Wayne L. Basself, Vernon K. IIO3 Chapin Beloif, Wis. P. E. Bauer, Judifh A. RR. I Waldo, Wis. Basic Studies Baulch, Dennis A. RR. I Box 65 Independence, Wis. L.8rS. Bazewicz, Richard RR. I Canfon, Wis. Basic Sfudies Beamer, Bonnie C. 305 llimano, Kailua Oahu, Hawaii P. E. Becker, Barbara 6lI N. 23 La Crosse, Wis. Elem. Ed. Becker, Bruce D. l808 S. 3I , La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Betker, Fred R. RR. I Necedah, Wis. L. 81 S Beebe, Thomas S. SOI Spring Sparla, Wis. L. 81 S. Baylor, Roger F. RR. I Iron Mouniain, Mich. P. E. Behnke Barbara l50 Calumel Brillion Wis Bell, William F. 447 N. 22 La Crosse, Wis. B. S. Bellman, Margarel Benson, Roberl E. I5l2 N. Benlon Sparfa, Wis. L. 81 S. Benfzien, Sally L. Hwy. I45 Menomonee Falls, Wis. P. E. Benzine, Beniamin C. 705 M. C. Rd. La Crosse, Wis. B. S. Beranek, David 1409 Adams La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Berg, Bruce E. I6I2 Farwell La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. Berg, Kennelh E. IOB9 Newburg Ripon, Wis. P. E. Berger, Susan J. lll Pleasanf Hill Palatine, lll. P. E. Berflich, Harold Belsinger, Thomas R. RR. 2' Onalaska, Wis. L. 81 S. Blrkholz Judy A I902 Superior Ave Tomah Wis Sec Ed it l L Q' .-4 HBH N. lx in 'ii 35 S. lf' 1, I if E if. .1-vb' N.. . - ,. ii'-' a 3 . Q .1 s if BF. 7,554.4 . I m a . V .,.. Y J if IR Q, , 13 ... 5 ug: K! , ' - ' . . '.', J. - I . . , , L. s. ' ' L. a s, ' ' y it P, E. ' ' . '. ' N ' A ' L 1 4 Hr. L L 109 .ww Blake, Pamela D. 405 S. Weber Aberdeen, So. Dakofa P. E. Blomquisl, Barry A. 2703 Birch La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Bodoh, Dennis D. RR. 3 Clinlonville, Wis. Basic Sfudies Boeder, Judifh L. 7782 Fond du Lac Rd. Oshkosh, Wis. Sec. Ed. Borselh, James A. i922 Slale La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Boyer, Bonnie M. ll6 Slh Ave, S. Onalaska, Wis. Elem. Ed. Bracco, Donald C. l303 Wesl Ave. S. La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Brandi, Douglas E. RR. l Wilson, Wis. Elem. Ed. Brandvold, Rifa E. lOl Wesl Oak Slanley, Wis. L. X: S. Brasch, Leonard F. 4l5 Easl Maple Applefon, Wis. L. 81 S. Brecka, Marilyn J. RR. 4 Box 332 Baraboo, Wis. Elem. Ed. Brieske, James R. 920 Division La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Brieske, Sharon A. RR. 3 Sparla, Wis. L. 81 S. sradr, Belly J. l5l6 Ferry La Crosse, Wis. Elem. Ed. Brown, Carol I. 468 W. Ave. Mauslon, Wis. P. E. Brown, Orley C. l000 Colfax Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Sludies Brudlos, Stephen C. 347 S. 23rd La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. Bubolz, Alyce J. 420 W. Summer Apglelon, Wis. P. . Buchell, Joy A. 4l3l Slale Rd. La Crosse, Wis. Elem. Ed. Buchmiller, Janie L. 25l5 Prospecl La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. Buddhu, Deowrai S. 59 Corenlyne Br. Guiana, Soulh Africa L. 8: S. Bugenhagen, Paul D. 8700 W. Hamplon Milwaukee, Wis. L.8iS. Burand, Keilh A. 53l N. Marlin Waukegan, lll. L. 81 S. Burke, Pafricia J. Lansing, lowa L. 8: S. Sophomores Burkhaller She . ryl K. l0l8 Sandy Hollow Rockford, Ill. P. E. Burkhardf, James M. 428 E. Oak Viroqua, Wis. L.8iS. Burkharf, James ll04 Rose Sf. La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Burkharl, Thomas P. I936 Zlsl Terr. La Crosse, Wis. L.8rS. Burkholder, Francis C. 2729 E. High Davenporl, lowa L. 81 S. Burns, Geraldine 473 Wes? Capilol Milwaukee, Wis. L. 81 S. Burns, John D. I006 Vine La Crosse, Wis. L.8rS. Burlon James L. 27l7 Mason Madison, Wis. L.8rS. Busser, Judiih M. IOOO Hazel Ave. Deerfield, lll. Byerly, Raymond M. Easlman, Wis. Basic Sludies Byerly, Thomas J. Easlman, Wis. L. Xi S. Canilon, Bridge? M RR. l Ellrick, Wis. Sec. Ed. Carl, Dennis 6l0 N. Michigan Prairie du Chien, Wis. Carmany, Karen 808 Forl Sl. Sore Alkinson, Wis. Carpenler, Harold P. O. Box l45 Lake Delfon, Wis. P. E. Cars, Michael Carter, Nicholas RR. I Onalaska, Wis. Cavadini, Diane N Box 306 Bangor, Wis. Elem. Ed. Chielewski, Robert J. 5043 N. 76th Milwaukee, Wis. P. E. Chrislopher, Michael Chrislopherson, Robert A. 430 Courl' Viroqua, Wis. Basic Sludies Chritlon, Tom A. l2l4 S. l9l'h La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Church, James R. l0I5 Cenler Ave. Brodhead, Wis. Clark, David B. 259 Lincoln Dr. S. :feel Bend, Wis. 3.12 Sli? 3 WH? 'ir' f .si 1 3 vii 2 bg , f .3 . fag? , I -sb., Fl. 1 A I ., -I 9 1 z K s ei i i rs. .. it ,L . '-hI iffkx F ' , . ,Q X.. sf ii 1000 ii 'S is 4 1, X' S 1' 'f QA? sf K ' 1. il " 4 Rel sl 1 x .JV , , , . Q, , Clark, Laurence E. l203 Winneshiek Rd. La Crosse, Wis. L. Er S. Colavita, Robert W. I0 Cannon Dr. Trenton, N. J. Elem. Ed. Collins, David L. l8ll Loomis La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Collins, Ronald E. Melrose, Wis. Sec. Ed. Conniff, Dennis L. RR. 3 Caledonia, Minn. L. 81 S. Cox, Jeannie, R. N64 WI3039 Mill Rd. Menomonee Falls, Wis. P. E. Crelens, Edward L. 605 Mackinac Ave. Milwaukee, Wis. Sec. Ed. Cross, James W. 808 Onieda Appleton, Wis. Sec. Ed. Crothers, William R. Wisconsin Dells, Wis. Basic Studies Cudek, Christine M. 2794 Appletree Lane Northbrook, lll. Elem. Ed. Cunningham, Judith A. RR 2 Viroqua, Wis. L.8rS. Curli, Bernard F. RR. I Genoa, Wis. L. 81 S. Curtis, Beverly I9I8 S. 30th La Crosse, Wis. Curtis, Marsha K. Box l38, RR I Onalaska, Wis. Sec. Ed. Dahms, Barbara 2l76 S. 75th West Allis, Wis. Basic Studies Danke, Loren G. RR. I Fremont, Wis. P. E. DeJon1, Judilh B. 72 She oygan St. :onEd du Lac, Wis. Delikoski, Henrietta K. RR. l Schofield, Wis. P. E. Denniston, Neil A. Star Rt. Pitlsville, Wis. P. E. Deppeler, Kathryn J I506 W. 3rd Ave. grogdhead, Wis. Dickinson, Nancy S. 400 E. Oak Sparta, Wis. Sec. Ed. Diesburg, Michael J. 4l8 Caledonia La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Dobbs, Laura V. I37 Tellin Ct. La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. Doleschal, Janis K. 4343 N. blsl Milwaukee, Wis. P. E. Qophomores it ., if g? i .:.""" '- 2, -if K x litre 4.1. 15555.-f.,iai . . fx-FI ,pill 4 WJ' .- ... we ,. Pr' . ig. W, W W jf , .. .. r 'FK :ill lf fzwf .,. axe f 1 . ,W L 3, . ,.,i in fl. , ' t is .i ii' ! 7 M i . .in v' Downdelinger, David N. I820 Cameron La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Dennermeyer, Mary K. 4l5 W. 7th Kaukauna, Wis. P. E. Doser, John Jr. 425 Poppy Sf. Long Beach, Calif. Sec. Ed. Dowd, Gary P. 33Il W. Holmes A Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Studies Downs, Thomas J. 7l0V2 Sth Ave. Eau Claire, Wis. L.8rS. Doyle, Timothy J. I96 Cincinnati V6 Spring Green, Wis. L. 8: S. Durall, Roberl T. I447 Kane La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Durkee, John J. 209 S. 22nd La Crosse, Wis. L. 8. S. Dutcher, Dannel E. 525V2 N. llth La Crosse, Wis. P. E.' Dwyer, Ka ren A. 9035 W. North Ave. Wauwatosa, Wis. Elem. Ed. Eastman, Alan W. l4l5 Avon La Crosse, Wis. L. 8: S. Ebert, Richard C. Rt. 3 Sparta, Wis. Eckarl, Sandra R. l02 S. 27th La Crosse, Wis. L. 8r,S. Ehler, Daniel Svheguoygan, Wis. Eilertson, Nancy S. IOI6 Gohres La Crosse, Wis. Elem. Ed. Einer, Kay M. R. 2 Box 29 Cashton, Wis. Sec. Ed. Ekern, Arthur C. 228 Grove Weslby, Wis. Sec. Ed. Ekern, Marvin A. RR. I Weslby, Wis. Sec. Ed. Ellefson, Merlin A. RR. 2 Ferryville, Wis. Basic Studies Engan, Michael R. i008 Sherman Ave. Fort Atkinson, Wis. Basic Studies Engsberg, Mary C. 3l9 S. Ferry Dr. llsakg Mills, Wis. Enright, David B. 240 Elkhorn Rd. Eagle, Wis. P. E. Erickson, Harold P. l5lO Vine La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. Erickson, Paul J. RR. I Onalaska, Wis. L. 81 S. 5' TJ? will .2 Us X . . ,Is 6. .315 sm Ex, ,Rash f' -i. are '4 ' z E . L 'cg uuq i ' fy 1 ..,. Ill Erickson, Rand Melrose, Wis. P. E. Evans, Duslin R. Brandon, Wis. Sec. Ed. Evenson, Caroline S. Box 282 RR. 2 Onalaskaf, Wis. Everl, Jean E. RR. I Box I6 Pewaukee, Wis. P. E. Ewings, Gary D. Chippewa Falls, Wis. L.8rS. Fancher, John F. 705 Mormon Coulee Rd. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sluclies Faudue, Leslie Freely, Lyle l6l6 Mississippi Sl La Crosse, Wis. Fell, Terry L. 23I9 Markel La Crosse, Wis L. 81 S. Fish, Lenela K. RR. 2 . La Farge, Wis. L. 81 S. Fisher, Gary L. 39l Emma Sl. Fond du Lac, Wis. L. 81 S. Fisher, Kay D. Valders, Wis. P. E. Flayler, Richard A. 3323 S. l6ll1 Milwaukee, Wis. Sec. Ed. Fleischman, Carl R. I36 E. Garland Wesl Salem, Wis. Basic Sludies Fleming, Palrick J. Gays Mills, Wis. L. Xi S. Flood, Thomas E. 923V1 Cameron Ave. La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Folgers, Belly A. 7205 W. Bennell Wesl Allis, Wis. Elem. Ed. Fosse, Marien 225 S. 2Isl Pl. La Crosse, Wis. Fra ncksen, lng rid A. l606 Liberly La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Frank, Elaine L. RR. 2 Caledonia, Minn. Basic Sludies Franklin, Lynda E. 438 Harrison Waukesha, Wis. P. E. Franzen, Susan M. Park Ave. Berlin, Wis. Sec. Ed. Fraser, Sandra A. ll0l Birchdale Elgin, Ill. L. 81 S. Freagon, Roberl J. Box 305 Cadoll, Wis. Sec. Ed. Sophomores a i ' 3 W. L if i"i , , 11,: iii I 2 , T E, H qy. i , , ,V, . , i Al- ix 3 .W key - . V .girls , ,. . ,G fl rla . ..R e.sll.. , . wg xx Frederick, Beebe 62l N. Chesler Sparla, Wis. Sec. Ed. Fybsen, Mariean R. 578 Jefferson Viroqua, Wis. L. 81 S. Gamber, Barbara C. 5337 N. Kenl lpgdilgvaukee, Wis. Ganlenbein, Jay R. 4l8 Oakland La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Garfield, John W. 400 S. Courl Sparla, Wis. L. 81 S. Gehm, Viclor T. 509Vg Pine, Sparla, Wis. P. E. ' Genlile, Susan L. 3l2 Copper Hurley, Wis. P. E. Geller, Russell RR. l Readslown, Wis. Gianoli, Dennis B. RR. I Genoa, Wis. L. 81 S. Gibbs, Kenl W. 300 S. Fronlence Ave. Slevens Poinl, Wis. Gilson, La Vonne P. 208 S. 2lsl La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Goers, William L. 42l0 Somersel Madison, Wis. L. 81 S. Gollz, Peggy J. 833 Nicolel Ave. ?reEen Bay, Wis. Goodman, Belly L. 20l Grove Sparla, Wis. Elem. Ed. Gollbeheul, Linda L. RR. 3 Tomah,. Wis. Elem. Ed. Graham, Verna M. Main Sl. Weslby, Wis. Sec. Ed. Grassman, Doris M. RR. 2 , Tomah, Wis. Elem. Ed. Graves, Michele M. RR. l Onalaska, Wis. Elem. Ed. Green, Francis P. 338 S. 23rd La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. Greenwald, Joanna 704 Delafield Ave. Waukesha, Wis. Elem. Ed. Greinke, Neil W. 29l5 W. Franklin Terr. ' Franklin, Wis. L.8iS. Greiger, Richard A. 5l9 Race . nz 3 ' 4 ef 3, v ... . . , s f 'f :sz:sn.i,,2. , Wisconsin Dells, Wis. 55 1315 55' Sec. Ed. Gries, Williams E. Clglegeland, Wis. Grimm, Mary-Jo A. 3708 Oliver gllaghinqlon, D C. FH. if 3 fl 4 J r ...e,.. Z N '. - SH A. I . V . .: . . i, A 4 o -. .M ei. ..' N'-. .5 f. . , I , . My 1 Q W' 2 . E' lil' 2 gr .-4,1 ii., ,. ge., - l -+4 ,it ,. -ills 2.52.5 ' , as ...I 1 V ffsrl 4- as Grimsrud, Gloria J. I50l S. 5+h La Crosse, Wis. Elem. Ed. Griswald, Sharon D. 333 W. Cenfral Chippewa Falls, Wis. Elem. Ed. Grover, Frank H. l3l Wesf Ave. S. La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Gruen, Ruth A. l552 Avon La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Grunwald, Mary Ann l8l2 Ilfh Two Rivers, Wis. P. E. Gulbrandson, Mariorie M. I30 N. 2nd Waterford, Wis. P. E. Gundersen, Rulh T. RR. 2 La Crosse, Wis. L. 8. S. Gusf, Pamela K. RR. I, Box 46 Onalaska, Wis. Elem. Ed. Habelman, Lloyd G. 707 Jackson Tomah, Wis. L. E S. Hadkins, James L. Hafner, Jean Marie l63l George La Crosse, Wis. Elem. Ed. Halberq, Susan J. I2l3 Graham Ave. Eau Claire, Wis. Sec. Ed. Hall, Wayne O. RR. 2 Tomah, Wis. Sec. Ed. Hamann, James L. 2877 N. 59lh Milwaukee, Wis. Handrick, Kennefh J. 205 2nd Mosinee, Wis. L. 81 S. Hanilz, Barbara Kay 2869 N. 90+h Milwaukee, Wis. P. E. Hansen, Earl H. RR. 2 Galesville, Wis. Basic Studies Hansen, Janel C. ll27 Cedar Creek Racine, Wis. P. E. Hanson, Jayne E. 2030 Llberly La Crosse, Wis. Elem. Ed. Hanson, Oved W. 26l4 Shelby Rd. La Crosse, Wis. L. 8: S. Hanson, Roberf A. 2l I6 Marker La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Harkins, Dennis W. lOl Banbury Rd. Aurora, Ill. L. 8: S. Harlan, Marle Harried, Olia N. 2ll S. Franklin Stoughton, Wis. Sec. Ed. Qophomores as Q.. 'f'21'E: .1 ' ' A if E 4 ' "::i I2 ,. ,., ., 'i" ' -.. 3 .. i Y , as i, -ij. , ii , ,rl Q . .. 's in 1 W 5f . .Jigsaw N is is . . A A Qilfiss, Z. .. is ., . L. , , xref' 1 'M i if We ..,.: ' 1fSif . ,. e . .N .... .... . . . if .Jw 1... .H 5. "Fm x:'9k3::" . m .- . -of ss, ... ll' . , is ss Harlman, Cheryl Lou Maple Ave. Sugar Grove, lll. P. E. Hass, Nancy Kay 2006 Markef La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Haffen, Lorie L. IIO4 Juniper Lane Ml. Prospecl, lll. Elem. Ed. Haugen, Donna J. 2007 Liberly La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. Haugland, Marilyn 404l Glen Haven Dr. La Crosse, Wis. Elem. Ed. Havill, Hollis l657 Birchwood Dr. Green Bay, Wis. Sec. Ed. Hawkins, Ella Mae 620 S. 8+h Onalaska, Wis. Elem. Ed. Heider, Carolyn RR. I Wesf Salem, Wis. Elem. Ed. Heinonen, Barbara J. gognucopia, Wis. Hemker, Karen M. Rl. I Wesf Salem, Wis. Elem. Ed. Harold, Dianna M. 2l24 Travis La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. Herzog, Donald J. RR. 3 Tomah, Wis. Sec. Ed. Hesse, David A. 2480 Maple Hill Lane Brookfield, Wis. P. E. Heuser, Jackie E. RR. I Ml. Horeb, Wis. L. 81 S. Hieber, Sandra l428 Kane Sf. La Crosse, Wis. Hillesheim, Donna L. RR. 3 Soldiers Grove, Wis. Sec. Ed. Hilmoe, Jerilyn A. 408l Sfarlighf Dr. La Crosse, Wis. Elem. Ed. Hoeppner, Barbara IU? Wesl' Frances Appilefan, Wis. Hoesly, Holly C. 2l I0 l0ll1 Monroe, Wis. P. E. Hoeslman, Henry Hoff, Anneffa R. Qugusfa, Wis. Hoffslelfer, Theodore M. 305 S. 5ll1 Walerlown, Wis. Basic Sludies Hogen, Sonia G. Eflrick, Wis. L. 81 S. Holfze, Janice F. 422 Woodard Tomah, Wis. Elem. Ed. ,..,., ,b 'l'?g,, i. . es ., J i' L., E., hi ,Ui . . a f il . , In 'Www 2 Zfi. ' J I. 'W' FA x. so R H3 Horman, Neale A. 307 S. 9fh Onalaska, Wis. L. 81 S. Howard, George L. 628 S. 41h La Crosse, Wis. L.8iS. Howell, Lynda L. RR. ll, Box 330 Prairie du Chien, Wis. Sec. Ed. Howland, Jane D. 5642 S. Qualify Cudahy, Wis. Basic Sfudies Hudson, Donald RR. 4, Rl. 9 Edgerfon, Wis. P. E. Huhn, Gerald K. RR. I La Crosse, Wis. L.8iS. Hundl, Lois E. 9O0V2 S. 9+h La Crosse, Wis. Elem. Ed. Hunsberger, Roger RR. 3 Sferling, Illinois L. 8: S. Hurlbure, Wesley W. RR. 3 Black River Falls, Wis. L. 81 S. Huslad, Bruce G. RR. l Onalaska, Wis. Sec. Ed. Infelise, Thomas J. 2017 Hughiff Superior, Wis. P. E. lnslenes, Karen M 918 Sill La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. Irwin, Morris M. RR. 3 Cadoff, Wis. L. Ei S. Jacobs, Karen M. 2227 Bfh Monroe, Wis. P. E. Jacobson, Mark N 1522 Hyde Avenue La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Jacobson, Wayne A. RR. 2, Box II3 Sfoughfon, Wis. L. 81 S. Jannusch, Marqarel A. 41 Felshow Clinfonville, Wis. P. E. Jarchow, Joan E. 1620 Sfafe 'Sfreef La Crosse, Wis. Elem. Ed. Jarosch, Joe C. 1313 S. Bfh Manifowoc, Wis. Basic Sfudies Jensen, Sfeven A. 142 Maple Qncghorage, Alaska Jensferle, Carol E. 128 E. Prospecf Porf Washinglon, Wis. P. E. Jesse, James A. 154 Wood Avenue Nekoosa, Wis. L. 81 S. Jiracek, Nancy R. 2150 Green Bay La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Johann, David R. 2351 Valley Rd. La Crosse, Wis. L. Xi S. Sophomores Johnson, James F. 4521 2lsl Ave. Kenosha, Wis. L. 81 S. Johnson, Larry D. RR. 2 Holmen, Wis. L. 81 S. Johnson, Karen A. RR. I Canron, Wis. Johnson, Paul W. 503 3rd Ave. Onalaska, Wis. L. 81 S. Johnson, Phillip L. Box 55 Warren, Wis. L. 8: S. Juel, Marfy J. Richland Cenler, Wis. Sec. Ed. Jungelulh, Frank S. 761 Woodloerry Rd. York, Pa. L. 81 S. Jurgensen, David M . Gays Mills, Wis. Sec. Ed. Kane, Karin M. Lulani Kaneohe, Hawaii Elem. Ed. Kapke, Charles E. 505 E. Jefferson Sfoughfon, Wis. L. 81 S. Karps, Carol A. 3127 b0ih Kenosha, Wis. P. E. Kaufz, David A. 3307 W. Lombard Eawigenporf, Iowa Kenf, Ann M. 702 51h Baraboo, Wis. Elem. Ed. Kenyon, William G. RR. 2 Onalaska, Wis. L. Xi S. Kerrigan, Thomas 431 2nd S. LaCrescenf, Minn. Kerska, Richard J. 1323 Johnson LaCrosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Kianga, D. Kianga Kisau-Nduluku P. Ofawa, Masaku, Kenya L. 81 S. Kiesow, 'Karla M. N. 59 Wl5975 Cherylin D. Menomonee Falls, Wis. Kile, Wayne D. 227 Pearl La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies King, Pefer R. 415 Johnson La Crosse, Wis. L. 8- S. Kinyon, Barbara E. Lone Rock, Wis. Elem. Ed. Kirkhorn, Mary L. 1419 George La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Klehm, Jud A. 1924 Redfield La Crosse, Wis. Elem. Ed. Klein, Marqaref 1032 Redfield La Crosse, Wis. Elem. Ed. . we .L -5. fi W- I "': 2 ,es Ayub. er , ..,.: """e z- , 'W' 4 r s , sy marriot fx la-.L '-3 iez- ll - L in I M 9' I y , .g tx 3 . is 1" l - . P 13 Kleinhaus George I63l Bainbridge La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Klgninski, C eo e . 'lIghogp,ri'Vis. Klug, Palricia K. RR. single, Wis. Knox, Beniie J. 324 Cenler Whifewaler, Wis. Elem. Ed. Koehler, Lyle RR. I Cafaracl, Wis. Sec. Ed. Koeller, Carol A. l346 Wood , La Crosse, Wis. L. 8- S. Konwinski, David A. 902 E. Howard Ave Milwaukee, Wis. L. 81 S. Kriemelmeyer, Mary J. l2l6V2 Avon La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Kroner, Roberl L. i902 Hyde Ave. La Crosse, Wis. L.8rS. Kuehl, Roberf W. 2l5l Merkel' La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. Kuehn, Phillip J. 8l30 Hillcresl Dr. Wauwalosa, Wis. Sec. Ed. Laakso, Sandi E. RR. 3 , Porlage, Wis. P. E. Lange, Barbara A. RR. 2 Columbus, Wis. P. E. Lange, Joel D. 407 S. 9ll1 La Crosse, Wis. L.8lS. Larson, Gerry C, Il5l N. 68lh xilagwalosa, Wis. Larson, Susann K. lO23 L Crosse Sl. La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Lalshaw, William N. Main Sl. Mondovi, Wis. L.8rS. Laursen, Lynn 'K. 44l5 S. 84lh Greenfield, Wis. Elem. Ed. Lawrynk, Palrick W. Box l06 Sloddard, Wis. Elem. Ed. Laylon, Gerald A. 3020 S. 29+h Cf. La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. Lee, Ronald M. RR. 2 La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Lee, Ronald S. Cashlon, Wis. L. 81 S. LeFevre, Barbara M. 2307 Calherine Norlhbrook, Wis. Elem. Ed. Leisso, Marvin A. Onalaska, Wis. L. 81 S. Qophomores We H, .fr .ai fb QQ if is 1 W S . 5 wg, ef Wi' 4' ' 1' 3 r -lf , . -Q, neg if A A sl 1. -I We . .a Y ,..::i. ...W - rn - f: :li . S rg VV i, f r' ' ' ,. X J Q.. aim E. W sw? A A fr Q rs. L ! +1 . , .2 'is .K . . .1 F Lempke, Bonnie A. lOl E. Manchesler Markesan, Wis. Sec. Ed. Lepsch, Sharon-J. IIS W. Scolf Fond du Lac, Wis. Sec. Ed. Lervqendoari, a . RR. lry Genoa, Wis. L. 8: S. Levenslein, Sheldon M. 2203 Winnebago Le Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Laveraus, Jon R. 9l7 Avon La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Levy, Jules C. 5 Harrison Sl. Janesville, Wis. Elem. Ed. Levy, Louis T. S Harrison Sl. Janesville, Wis. Libanslry, Tom J. RR. 2 Hillsboro, Wis. Sec. Ed. Lirguberg, Eugene E. 424 Caledonia Le Crosse, Wis. L. 8: S. Lokken, Ronald E. 340 N. Rose Wesl Salem, Wis. L. 8: S. Lombe, Jackson Nairobi, Kenya L. 81 S. Lommen, Virginia L. 2l44 Green Bay La Crosse, Wis. L. S. Lorenz, Leslie H. i923 S. l9ll1 La Crosse, Wis. L.8rS. Lorenson, Ann B. 344 Capilal Wisconsin Dells, Wis. Sec. Ed. Lowe, Truman T. RR. 4 Black River Falls, Wis. L.8rS. Luebke, Ricky L. 2550 Roof River Pkwy. Wesl Allis, Wis. Sec. Ed. Lukas, David J. 928V2 S. 4th La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. Lulher, Dick R. Box 303 Weslminsler Waukesha, Wis. Basic Sfudies Lyons, Gary F. 2202 Farnam La Crosse, Wis. Lyons, Timolhy R. l528 Marker La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. MacAulay, lan A. 25I4 Slale La Crosse, Wis. P. E. MacDonald, Bruce l. 3l7 S. Hill Porl Arlhur, Oni. L. 81 S. Mack, Julie F. II3 N. lblh La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. Mader, Sherry K. 2Il9 Redfield La Crosse, Wis. L. 8: S. 7' rg i I ,ik iles. L Y I .s A E w is .K .4 , K - T' M. .s.. in - ra: if 'i I it C ,iii 2 1- li? -04 f- 5 f s-fig if . Wu. ,ki l . :EQ 1 ' is -E X . - . I is Mahlum, Carol La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Mahlum, Terry D. I4I6 Gillelie La Crosse, Wis. Malsfrom, Richard T. Ib07V2 Pine . La Crosse, Wis. P. E. Mandeville, Michael H. Winnebago, lll. Basic Sfudies Manke, Roger RR. I Wesl Salem, Wis. Mariell, William A. RR. I La Crosse, Wis. L. 8. S. Marlin, Linda M. RR. 2, Box I04 LaFarge, ,Wis. L. 8. S. Marlinek, JoAnn M. l460lf1 Redfield La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Mason, Roberf E. 723 E. Division Sparfa, Wis. L. 81 S. McChesney, Thomas J. 209 N. 6fh Cornell, Wis. McClain, Duane R. Wesl Oak Sparla, Wis. Basic Sludies McCoy, Nancy L. Norwalk, Wis. L. 81 S. McCulloch, Kafher n J. 902 E. Liiserly Whealon, lll. P. E. McGowan, Roberla H. l03b W. Winnebago Qpglefon, Wis. McLaughlin, Mary Jo RR. I Roberls, Wis. P. E. Meacham, Delores M. Wilton, Wis. P. E. Mead, Phillip H. 29l6 S. 29lh La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. Melsler, Don E. l706 Prospecl' La Crosse, Wis. L.8rS. Melfyard, Richard W. 908 Romayne Racine, Wis. P. E. Meloxen, Lois 85 Tayco Menasha, Wis. L. 81 S. Meves, Michael M. 2808 Lake Shore Dr. Sheboygan, Wis. L. 81 S. Meyer, Emily K. RR. Z Berlin, Wis. P. E. Michles, Charles R. Box l4l Brandon, Wis. Mikels, Rila D. RR. 2, Box I83 Onalaska, Wis. Sec. Ed. Qophomores ifmg if 1 fl1m1".:.::. rm.. . L . . ' . ,rg V . p . . me f-Q fe .53 . MII .. Y , ..,, ,,,. .- , l,, .,,,.,. I ,X .ws is H siliii ' . ,.. ,,.. .,,.-,l, f , f i Q ., l-ii , I siir p is s Mikkolson, John G. H28 Adams La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. Miller, Daniel D. 3lI6 S. I5 Pl. Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Sfudies Miller, Diane M. RR. I Wesl Salem, Wis. Elem. Ed. Miller, Marilyn G. Hawlhorne Lane Sic? Lake, Wis. Miller, Pafricia J. 70I S. Washingion Viroqua, Wis. Sec. Ed. Miller, Sandra R. No. 3, N. Garfield C+. Davenpori, lowa Elem. Ed. Mills, Jim L. Box 4l5 Loyal, Wis. P. E. Miska, Salli R. 4708 Harding Chicago, lll. P. E. Miskinis, Lynda A. 6563 W. Burdick Ave. Milwaukee, Wis. P. E. Milchell, Barbara R. 23l3 N. 55lh Omaha, Nebraska L. 81 S. Mitchell, Carol J. l8I7 I5Ih Ave. Monroe, Wis. L. 81 S. Moe, Gary K. RR. 2 Viroqua, Wis. L. 8: S. Moe, John L. l2l9 Johnson La Crosse, Wis. L. 84 S. Molsfad, Dwight E. RR. I Sparla, Wis. Elem. Ed. Monsoor, Rifa M. l2l N. 3rd Onalaska, Wis. L. 81 S. Moore, Ann S. RR. 2 l Wausau, Wis. Sec. Ed. Moore, Charles M. 500 Monroe Pl. Faus Church, Va. Sec. Ed. Moran, Nicholas L. I620 Main La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. Morehouse, Mary A. l703 Weslon La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. Mor an, William J. 745 Sark Lane Elm Grove, Wis. Basic Sfudies Morrison, Larry 8226 Slaler Ave. Racine, Wis. L. 81 S. Mosley, John J. 405 4ih W. Fori Frances, Onlario P. E. Mundi, Barbara A. 6l8 9+h Ave. S. Onalaska, Wis. L. 8- S. Murphy, Pierce M. I209 S. Lose La Crosse, lxlis. L. 8: S. - W.. ,. :,,.,,, Q. .ggi -, -o f ,mf -- "Fir ,Q 'semis is ei -ss...-.2 I Wi iii . Q W - 'Ti .. a ii. l...,- 5 - ie- - RW .3 , Murphy, Roberl T. I03 Cameo Dr. Danville, Calif. Basic Sfudies Mussey, Mary E. I002 Main Menomonie, Wis. P. E. Nagel, Richard W. 604 Lawe Kaukauna, Wis. L. 8- S. Nelson, Carol E. ll2 S. Union Elgin, Ill. Elem. Ed. Nelson, Dianne S. Melrose, Wis. Elem. Ed. Nelson, Millie A. Tremonl Sl. Mauslon, Wis. P. E. Nelson, Terry C. 200l Lave View Ave Middlelon, Wis. Basic Siudies Neuqarl, Charles I. RR. I Adams, Wis. Basic Sludies Nichols, James M. 2425 Vine La Crosse, Wis. L.8iS. Niebuhr, Roberf H. 2Bl0 Chamberlain glagison, Wis. Noffsinger, Sleve A. 5038 N. Lydell Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Siudies Nonlelle, Donald R. 2I35 S. 30'rh La Crosse, Wis. Elem. Ed. Norlh, Dean II4 N. Wafer Sparla, Wis. Novy, Linda A. Yuba, Wis. Sec. Ed. Nuflall, Richard J. RR. I Mauslon, Wis. Elem. Ed. Obershaw, Richard J. 457 N. Franklin Wesf Salem, Wis. L. 8: S. O'Brien, Telofey A. 3I9 S+. Claire Ashland, Wis. P. E. 0'Hearn, Jeffrey L. Melrose, Wis. Elem. Ed. Olsen, Gary R. I933 S. Zlsi La Crosse, Wis. L. Si S. Olsen, Gerald R. 2306 Winnebago La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Olsen, Mary L. Sparla, Wis. Elem. Ed. Olson, Davie W. RR. I Coon Valley, Wis. Sec. Ed. Olson, Joseph G. 9l9 Mornin side Dr. Jeffersonvilie, Ind. Olson, Kalhleen B. RR. l Black River Falls, Wis. Basic Sfudies Olson, Ken R. 22I7 Johnson La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Olson, Susan K. La Crosse, Wis. Ormson, Mary G. ll8l6 W. Bluemound Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Sludles Pabsl, Joyce E. RR. 2 Mondovi, Wis. P. E. Pauly, Thomas J. 9l3 Winneshiek,Rd. La Crosse, Wis. L. Si S. Payne, Virginia R. 404 Adams Sheboygan Falls, Wis. L. 8- S. Pedersen, Jane l03l Ela Road Palaline, Ill. L. 81 S. Pellefl, Thomas D. RR. I Richland Cenler, Wis. L. 81 S. Perkovich, Gerald P. I26 N. l7fh La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Perviskey, Gerald J. 2409 S. Losey La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Pfeffer, Paul D. ISS4 Horlon La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. Pfennig, Roger L. l4I4 Badger La Crosse, Wis. Pichofla, Donald R. ,ia ,- 220 Frame Ave. iris' Waukesha, Wis. . L. a. s. E Pielhop, 'Kennelh C. , Badger Sf. La rosse, Wis. K L. s. S. gjg Pischke, Larry W. l5l-Blh Ave. s. an Onalaska, Wis. Sec. Ed. .- Pilzner, L , ms s. ziigyor. ii ,,, La Crosse, Wis. M L. a. s. , K . . 1 ,I - Q Pla 1, N L. maze. -'M' 4-,L . Chilfon, Wis. Elem. Ed. Pinks., Kennelh J. -' RR. I H 5 ' '- Mosinee, Wis. . ' P. E. .' si? 1, v 32. ,. ....?, Plunkelf, Timofhy J. 622 Easl Ave. N. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Polan, Roberl N. 23 Sinclair Janesville, Wis. Basic Studies Pa +I, J d A. I . azswzaaliyvy I Waukesha, Wis. fr 'ash . . Elem. Ed. Q ,Q ,V Poryga, Chesler R. . , "Q, ' 4, Preuss, Larry A. x H 'L ' RR. I - Hilberl, Wis. I ' P. E. ff H .ff Pryor, Andrea H. RR. l Holmen, Wis. Quain, Sharon E. 2001 S. 20111 La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Quammen, Carolyn A. RR. 2 Blair, Wis. Quisf, Michael D. RR. l New Lisbon, Wis. L.8fS. Rahn, James E. 502 I4lh La Crosse, Wis. P. E. Railh, Waller F. 3301 S. 28lh La Crosse, Wis. L.8fS. Rall, William E. 313 Ridge Ave. Galesville, Wis. L.8nS, Ransom, Ray J. Box I92 Merrillan, Wis. L. X1 S. Rasmussen, Colleen R. 1510112 Vine La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. Raymer, Sally A. 411 Youl n S Redlin, Sally A. B045 Whilney Rd. yigfaukee, Wis. Regelein, James RR. l Sloddard, Wis. Sec. Ed. Reqisler, Earl W. Mindoro, Wis. L. 81 S. Wesl Salem, Wis. ec. Ed. H. Riberich, John W. 847 Main Reedsburg, Wis. P. E. Robichaud, Margarel A. l7ll Orchard Dr. Manilowoc, Wis. P. E. Richler, Joyce A. 1606112 Badger La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. Richardson, John G. 348 Winsled Spring Green, Wis. L.81S. Robinson, David P. RR. 5 Viroqua, Wis. L. 81 S. Rochesler, Terry L. Sll S. 2Ol'h La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Rodriguez, Raymond Rollmann, Richard H. RR. 4 Chillon, Wis. Basic Sludies Rommel, Ann J. Mindoro, Wis. Sec. Ed. Rosendale, Pafricia J. RR. 3 Holmen, Wis. Sec. Ed. Rosenthal. Belle L. szazwaw, RR. 3 Waukesha, Wis. L. 81 S. Roy, Nancy 2816 Lincoln Ave. Milwaukee, Wis. P. E. Sophomores ss ya f , '43 f ,l'- 41 f I ,:s....i2i?.-,-Q. 21154 1 .,, M5 ..,, ,, ,.., ., fe... ... S. 1. ,,,. K ,Q Qi F , ning K ,Fr Jie, Ruck, John L. 6138 Bollsford Milwaukee, Wis. L.8fS. Rue, Allan D. 318 N. Walnul' Reedsberry, Wis. Sec. Ed. Rueckl, Roberl J. 857 3rd Menasha, Wis. Basic Sludies Ruud, Larry B. 423 S. 141h La-Crosse, Wis. L.8fS. Rye, Eleanor J. 507 Monroe Sparla, Wis. Elem. Ed. Rye, Suzanne K. 606 3rd Ave. Onalaska, Wis. L.81S. Asgen, Dorolhy A. 1908 Kane La Crosse, Wis. Elem. Ed. Sager, Gerald F. bblb N. I07lh lglilgvaukee, Wis. Sampson, Jane A. 2319 Madison La Crosse, Wis. Elem. Ed. Sampson, Mary J., 2319 Madison La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Sanchez, Aurora M. 4531 S. 47lh Milwaukee, Wis. P. E. Scanlan, Gale Brownsville, Minn. L. 81 S. Scarselh, Harold C. Box 623 Galesville, Wis. Elem. Ed. Scarselh, Jean E. French Rd. Galesville, Wis. L. 81 S. Schaper, Dennis A. RR. I Wesl Salem, Wis. L. 81 S. Schauland, Ralph F 831 Avon La Crosse, Wis. L.81S. Schenck, Judy A. 612 Kelly Sun Prairie, Wis. L.81S. Scherdln, Kalhleen R. 226 N. 22nd La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Schevrich, Susanne M. Rulls Sl. Tomah, Wis. L. 81 S. Schilling, Wallace N. 1623112 Johnson La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Schlies, Michael Schlosser, Barbara A. RR. 1 Richmond, Ill. P. E. Schmidl, Joan C. Wl68-N9103 Falls Ave. Menomonee Falls, Wis. P. E. Schneeberger, Alyce J. 2322 Winnebago La Crosse, Wis. Elem. Ed. fl . I gli- l 9 .l X img . 'JSA f . J ny-'sro Q ' All 5 . . I .. - .-, g r 'R A . .ai ,X , fy 1 . -ww K' .L A.. Schockmel Barr L. . Y IIOI6 N. Highview Dr. Mequon, Wis. P. E. Schroeder, Pam J. Indian Shores Q Winneconne, Wls. P. E. gggulzg Carl R. . 4th La Crosse, Vlfis. L. 81 S. Schulz, William N. 207 Dorn La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Schultz, Barbara L. 6I2 N. l0lh La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. Schumacher, Shirley M. RR. I, Box 438a Harlland, Wis. L. 81 S. Schwandl, Roberl M. 902 Pine La Crosse, Wis. L. 8. S. Schwarfz, Marilyn J. bl-1 New York Ave. llgflaglilowoc, Wis. Schwarlz, Nancy S. l306 S. 7'rh La Crosse, Wis. Elem. Ed. Schwarz, Daniel N. Box 98 Cashlon, Wis. Schye, Ann R. 2l4 Davidson Weslby, Wis. Elem. Ed. Sciborski, David J. Il2l Ferry La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Sophomores Salk, Thomas L. RR. I J Ch'l+on,W'. 'l, . ' P. E. 'S . A Sellerquisl, I lzicfiin l'il'A ' ' 6+ ve. 'fs , lsailrfofd, Ill. 71. 5,1 S arson, MakS. 7 - .ss N. f lege. La Crescenf, Minn. I.. 8 S. 2.7111 Shaw, Scoll' L. 2526 Hug? Club ' . . f I , Lk. iiiiii.. Om e iff, P. E. I .,,, - glflge-Illan, Gerald M. W I' La chile, wig. J L. 8: S. .-r ,-J-,E Sherman, Roberl' Hillsboro, Wis. ' l.. s s. 1 . " 1 l Sherry, Allan D. :- RR. 2 Soldiers Grove, Wis. Q' 57 l.. ll. s. y QT . K I l Showers, D nie L. 1 ill 20fhaW If axial a r sse, ' . 7 7' X l.. sl sci is 'Q' Simonds, Daniel ,f 7 I. ., 43 Devon Rd. :Q -- Beihpage, N. Y. X' Basic Sludies Q a. 5' 9 'qs 3 gh ..",Q .I i ig .l 'ff V F.. . 1 Pe gg? 7 .. Q -rg ' A-er 4 ,x 5 ,T .:.. ..,. .Q . .,,, , J". . IQ? .3 Q. 4 1 40- Slaback, Michael J. RR. 4 Mauslon, Wis. Sec. Ed. Slabeck, Roberf Slama, Darrell C. Cazenovia, Wis. L. 81 S. Smalancke, Diana l307 Willmor Racine, Wis. P. E. Smarl, James D. 32I Division Mauslon, Wis. L. 81 S. Smith, Joyce E. 7I8 N. Main Aberdeen, So. Dakola Elem. Ed. Smith, Karol L. Box l87 Mauslon, Wis. Sec. Ed. Smilh, Philli A. 462 Woodsidlla Madison, Wis. L. 81 S. Snider, Lois A. RR. I Pillsville, Wis. Sec. Ed. M. Splilf, Palricia A. 27II Sampson Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. Elem. Ed. Squires, Howard M. 300 Lake Dr. Soulh Milwaukee, Wis. Slangl, Mark C. 2026 Kane La Crosse, Wis. L. 8: S. Slarlr, Marianne RR. I Sinarfa, Wis. Eem. Ed. Slauber, Sleven J. 2l22 Cooper Ave. gheiiboygan, Wis. Sleckel, William J. 2863 N. 27th Milwaukee, Wis. L. 81 S. Sloele, Eldon L. 3l2 Liberly La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Sleensrud, Graydon L. l9I5 R. Rd. Monroe, Wis. P. E. Sfeinhoff, Nancy M. 2205 Sunrise Dr. La Crosse, Wis. L. 8: S. 3 5' ' x ,W . d h 'iii 1335 -ff Q . K 4 X If Z' if I lf-if NLI K -ik Q Sivalr, Roberl' J. , . I I' I- Snyder, Elmer Sfekel, Ellen E. II 2569 N. 38th 2. af . 4 2sl4 so. 3l Hillsboro, wls glilwilgkee, Wis. f l A? lia gfllgosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. . ec. . 5' . . 'W f W' Ag, .M 1 . . ae ' sk Sommers, Paul A. Slellingwerf, ,1 MP- 'WOHY J- .. 509 w. Sth Darrell G. '- 204 5' Wh , A f. , 1 fr. Marshfield, wi.. zloo Onalaska Ave. ., Le Crosse- W'5- . -' ,f-,X ,I Basic Sfudies La Crosse, Wis. ,. fi P. E. 'Q '-no-. L. 81 S. :if ,yy ,, .5 Skw'e a ski, Don G. .' - Spo'ch, Dianna L. Sliska, Wayne G. f ii ls-ls' iioolh- V , 23I0l I7fh Ave. 363? Bernard '55 ij. Wesl Allis, Wis. 5 31,1 E , f Monroe, Wis. Chicago, Ill. fl xg' Sec, Ed, 3 ff K L, 3. 5, Basic Sfudies K 'V ' a 1' ' I I9 .iii L I' x. ,if 1-. . - -.4 5 V ina i., .9 I 1-fi.-V., 1.-i ww- , f..w,...f. ,kl. 'l s 2 x . . . 1 . .V isl 2 5 H ,. .. Tl 5'--' P if ig if if sig? . Q :Q X44 nw . sf in ,. fs 2,1 Pl .x .. 3' . 4 L , fi . es nie... .. .. I E, 5 . ,ilq y in al ' L . L,A, ,A 5 .AVV f 2.1. 1. .H Q -of 'T . -are Stockwell, Janet E. 219 Vernon Sl. Paul, Minn. Elem. Ed. Strasser, Marilyn A. l326 Denton La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. Slremcha, Ronald W. RR. 2, Box 284 Onalaska, Wis. L. 81 S. Strittmaler, Gerald L. l035V2 Redfield La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. Sugden, Ray G. RR. 2 Richland Center, Wis. Sec. Ed. Sullivan, Judith L. l903 Barnabee Rd. La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Swanson, Robert C. Box 89 Albany, Wis. P. E. Sweda, William J. 3l69 N. Bremen lgilgfaukee, Wis. Swiggum, Linda C. RR. 2 Soldiers Grove, Wis. Elem. Ed. Sytsm, Peter A. 6Il 3rd Washburn, Wis. L. 81 S. Tadewald, Thomas D. 702 So. 23rd La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Taylor, Barbara A. 2l5 So. Bih La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Taylor, Margaret A. 2l2 Wood Ct. Wilmette, lll. Basic Studies Templin, Rorie S. ll37 W. Taylor Appleton, Wis. Basic Studies Tench, Kathleen J. 83l S. Seminary Park Ridge, lll. Elem. Ed. Thingvold, Che l l37 Wesl' Ave. La Crosse, Wis. L. Xi S. Thomas, Terry A. SOI W. Franklin Portage, Wis. Elem. Ed. Thorsen, Roger D. RR. I Westby, Wis. Sec. Ed. Tichenor, James L. 602 N. Beaumonl' Rd. Prairie, Wis. Basic Studies Tobin, Terry R. Wisconsin Dells, Wis. L. 81 S. Toburen, Karen R. RR. 2 Greenwood, Wis. Basic Studies Tolokken, Ralph V. 20l6 Prospect lisa grosse, Wis. Tomaszewski, Allen J. 3I25 So. 56th Milwaukee, Wis. Sec. Ed. Tooley, Daniel J. l4lI Gillelle La Crosse, Wis. L. 8: S. Sophomores 32.5 ' , E F,,.. ' -wi. . M ,. fi Wi, :Q . 'A di? sefmsssfs. . si, . . vi is . x egg, S gf ' .., . f 1 . . .vw SA s . g f - In. L if. ...fig lfiii. :' ' : ':L.. -- i s . ...E-"g, - .Q '17 55' . .lax Qi. A , ifijgglihfiiviwp i 1- ,Ei if s .neil Tooley, Robert W. 2226 Onalaska Ave. lisa grosse, Wis. Toulon, Thomas W. 805 Hillcrest Ft. Atkinson, Wis. L. Xi S. Trapp, Cheryl L. 7l5 E. Russell Milwaukee, Wis. Elem. Ed. Tremain, John D. 44l Leonard West Salem, Wis. L. 81 S. Tschanz, Thomas J. l702 Conifer Ln. Sriendale, Wis. Turner, David P. 845 Morningside Ln Elm Grove, Wis. Basic Studies Umberger, Mary L. 203 Broadway Stoddard, Wis. Elem. Ed. Urban, Kathy A. 27lO Brookside grogktield, Wis. Van deWege, Earl Basic Studies Van Drisse, Jerry F. New Franklin, Wis. L. 81 S. Van Handel, Peter J. 2lO8 N. l9th ghegaoygan, Wis. Vater, John R. RR. I Owen, Wis. L. 8. S. Venner, Patricia A. Genoa, Wis. Basic Studies Verqowe, Phillip L. l0l Center Ave. Cedar Grove, Wis. Sec. Ed. Voskuil, Lowell R. 4llV1 So. lOll1 La Crosse, Wis. P. E. Voss, Bruce H. II36 Losey Blvd. La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. Walden, Wayne A. 2408 Robinsdale La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Wale, Michael J. Sold Spring Rd. Liberty, N. Y. L. 81 S. Walker, Cheryl A. lO05 S. 25th La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Walker, Jill A. 200 River Dr. Appleton, Wis. P. E. Wallerman, Cherri L. RR. 2 Norwalk, Wis. Sec. Ed. Walsvik, Shirley A. 4206 Winnequah Rd Madison, Wis. Sec. Ed. Wandsneider, Sandra J. l206 E. Laflin Ave. xyagkesha, Wis. Waters, Ronald V. 8l35 W. Wisconsin Milwaukee, Wis. Sec. Ed. f.. E. QW f if -if qw' :fs fire is gg. ls.. A:A, f . Hx: 'sl 'P' .1 s lik HX. - f I ..,- at .M is all . ,yi . X "Qt 2. -4. .Hy fi. sp .,,, Q .. 51- i Ig, , n x., A if Webb, William C. 272l Hall Ave. llgdarinelle, Wis. . E. Webster, Auslin T. IIO6 Keep S+. Darlinglon, Wis. P. E. Wagner, Michael l9260 Lofhmoor Dr. Brookfield, Wis. Sec. Ed. Wehman, Carl H. RR. I New Lisbon, Wis. Basic Sludies Weideman, Dianne L. 6l6 Grand Ave. Sslgkosh, Wis. Weiland, Jerry E. l903 S. l6fh La Crosse, Wis. Weiland, Sheila A. lll3 N. Main Sl. Richland Cenler, Wis. Sec. Ed. Weinke, James S. 757 Congress Neenah, Wis. Basic Sfudies Weisbeckar, Anfhony J. 3l6 Jackson La Crosse, Wis. L. 8: S. Weisbrod, Paula E. 653 Wrighfwood Ave. Chicago, lll. P. E. Weise, Harold J. Sll Charles La Crosse, Wis. L.8-S. Weissenberger, David J. i528 Adams La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Weiflenhiller, Doug D. l35 Milwaukee Mauslon, Wis. P. E. Welda, Rulh L. RR. I Mindoro, Wis. Elem. Ed. Wells, Barbara L. l224 Liberly La Crosse, Wis. Sec. Ed. Welenkamp, Carol L. 633 Woodlawn Dr. glagifowoc, Wis. Weflslein, Howard A. RR. 2 La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Wellslein, RosaAnn RR. 2 La Crosse, Wis. While, Phillip J. RR. 2 Onalaska, Wis. L. 81 S. Wiebe, Donald A. I40OV2 Pine La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Williams, Jeffrey V. 6l6 E. Franklin Sparfa, Wis. Basic Studies Williams, Richard K. 403 Clark Tomah, Wis. Sec. Ed. Wilson, Calh M. 3155 lerman Rd. Deerfield, Ill. L. 81 S. Will, Margarel G. 6l4 N. 81h Place La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Qophomores . if iff gsm. 33' V 2 r H fi . few ll' 1 ii 3? ,. ,,,, . ,...lll . get ,s I' fi, ,, lsr ,, 'A ss.. . 3 Q- 'K ,f 'S ks .1 .. . . is 24. L 3 , ... Q .., -if K 3.-s. , li K H 5 .. Rafi? ...J 1x pz i f .v Q is sl 1 XR nil' ,pQ, . th 4 . Lv-an .L Woiahn, Jon Vesper 504 S. I9fh La Crosse, Wis. Woods, Jane! M. Dendall, Wig, Basic Sludies Yandre, Judi A. 426 College Sf. lialge Mills, Wis. Yeiler, David V. 606 Oak . La Crescenf, Minn. L. 81 S. Young, Thomas E. RR. I Onalaska, Wis. P. E. Youngberg, Kalherine M. RR. 2 Hayward, Wis. L. 8- S. Zampach, Christine D. I54 N. 75fh Sf. Milwaukee, Wis. P. E. Zeilingsr, Joanne K. I3g60 W. Capifol Brookfield, wi.. P. E. Zellmer, Gerald R. 536 scoff Ripon, Wis. P. E. Ziellre, Susan M. RR. l Park Falls, Wis. Basic Sfudies Zielinski, Joan A. 2180 S. 97th Milwaukee, Wis. P. E. Zielinski, Ronald G. giwgn, Wis. Sludenls laugh Sludenls eal Sludenls lhink Aasen, Gail 302 Melby Wesfby, Wis. Basic Sfudies Aceves, Manuel ZI47 Clark Racine, Wis. Basic Sfudies Ackerson, Connie Consfock, Wis. Basic Sfudies Adams, James F. 2625 Ruger Janesville, Wis. Basic Sfudies Adams, Jerry l923 S. 20lh LaCrosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Aiello, Kafherine R. 3882 S. Hanson Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Sfudies Aldrich, Jon D. ll8 S. 26+h LaCrosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Aldrich, Nancy H. 202 Park Ave. Milbank, So. Dakola Basic Sfud ies Alens, Aaron J. 4l0,E. Franklin Sparfa, Wis. L. 81 S. Alfus, Mary K. R.R. I, Box 82 Cryslal Lake, lil. Basic Sfudies Aller, Dennis D. i206 Glendale Tomah, Wis. Basic Sfudies All, Allan M. 926 Wafer Prairie du Sac, Wis. Basic Sfudies Alf, Arlene M. 425 W. Paley Spring Green, Wis. Basic Sfudies Amundson, David J. RR. I Wesfbv, Wis. Basic Sfudies Anderle, Virginia L. 404 Lincoln Rhinelander, Wis. Basic Sfudies Anderson, George S. Trernpealeau, Wis. L. 8. S. Anderson, James A. 7I0 S.I7fh La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Anderson, Joan C. 323 Kilbourn Tomah, Wis. Basic Sfudies Anderson, Karen J. Amhersf, Sf. Paul, Minn. Basic Sfudies Anderson, Krisfy B. 520 S. I6fh La Crosse, Wis. L.81S. Anderson, Richard RR. I Sun Prairie, Wis. Basic Sfudies Anderson, Rila E. III W. Ave. S. La Crosse, Wis. L. Xi S. Anderson, Sandra L. Glenwood Cify, Wis, Basic Sfudies Anderson Slav n J. , e 945 S. Midvale Madison, Wis. Basic Sfudnes reshmen Andres, Mark J. 345l Greenbroar Cf. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Andress, Paulelle A. 4954 N. I08 Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Siudies Andrew, Connie J. RR. 2 ' Evansville, Wis. Basic Sfudies Anhold, Manfred R. 2nd 81 Main Elroy, Wisconsin L.8iS. Anlel, Jack A. 20 Alexander Rofhschild, Wis. Basic Sfudies Arenlz, Larry R. 3ll9 S. Z5fh La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Arms, Bobbie J. 520 S. 8Th Onalaska, Wis. Basic Sfudies Arneson, Philip T. RR. 2 La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Arra, Ronald D. l23 Hillside Ave. Needham, Mass. Basic Sfudies Auer, Roberl' W. Army Trail Barfleff, lll. Basic Sfudies Auslin, Guy T. 32I S. Elm Drive La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Bakalars, Edward J. l644V2 Travis l.a Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Baker, Dennis C. 812 Jefferson Sparfa. Wis. Basic Sfudies Bakltum, Karen M. 2626 King La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Bales, Bonnie E. 203 W. Crawford Milwaukee. Wis. Basic Sfudies Balkman, Palricia M. RR. l Nasholah, Wis. Basic Sfudies Balsiger, Walfer D. Shore Acres Pardeeville, Wis. Basic Sfudies Bame, Gayle L. I8 Valley Circle Hamburg, New York Basic Sfudies Barge, Pamela J. l722 Barnabee Road La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Barkus, Michael M. IIIVQ W. Oak Sparla, Wis. Basic Sfudies Barnes, David R. 402 Virqinia Terrace Madison, Wis. Basic Sfudies Barlels, William R. Box I68 R. Schomer Road Anrorn, III. Basic Sfudies Barflefl, David W. ll4l Shorewood Drive La Crosse, Wis. L.8iS. Barllell, Joan L. 9l4'f2 S. 7fh La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies ,gh . 'rx 'KJ 2 flair-4" 1 2 2. ,.V?,.: 5 .::.:': E.:V f 'gi 1 fe, .df .. .5 We X. ,K " e: 'ms ill fhssjl .aw . f C 'if' 1.3 6. f mu, we W we-.t-.. ...ff s. Barton, Thomas P. 6l2 N. 2nd . La Crescent, Minn, L. 81 S. Baumel, Lawrence A. 624 N. Court Sparta, Wis. Basic Studies Beahm, Roger W. 322 Washington Ave. Wisconsin Dells, Wis. L.8rS. Bear, Warren W. l507 Magnolia Dr. Waukesha, Wis. Basic Studies Beaver, David A. RR. I Elroy, Wis. Basic Studies Beaver, Wilfred J. Kendall, Wis. Basic Studies Becker, Carl W. RR. 2 Bangor, Wis. Basic Studies Becker, James A. i606 Martha Washington Dr. Wauwatosa, Wis. Basic Studies Becker, Monli J. 829 S. 20th La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Bedessen, Jane H. 224 W. Marion Portage, Wis. Basic Studies Behlinq, Kathleen M. 3ll8 S. Ellen Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Studies Beiler, Georgiana J. 6837 Milwaukee Ave. Wauwatosa, Wis. Basic Studies Beissel, Edward D. 2327 Sisson Drive La Crosse, Wis. L.8rS. Belasic, Sally A. 4747 Charles Racine, Wis. L. 81 S. Benedict, Patricia A. I654 Moore Beloit, Wis. Basic Studies Benson, Brian D. I205 S. Calhoun Road Brooktields, Wis. Basic Studies Banu, Peter J. 330 N. 24th La Crosse, Wis. L.8rS. Beranek, Thomas J. I543 Charles La Crosse, Wis. L.8rS. Berg, Daniel R. 508 N. l2th La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Berg, James L. 2565 Edgewood Place La Crosse, Wis. L.8fS. Berg, Stanley M. 3020 Cliffside Drive La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Berglund, Barbara A. Manitowish Waters, Wis. Basic Studies Bergren, Linda J. B456 l7th Ave. Kenosha, Wis. Basic Studies Berken, Joan K. I20 N. Webster De Pere, Wis. Basic Studies Freshmen ,W F' ,. :Mr 'TW' ,, X.. , N .X ,, I ffl! ir , . S l , x 5 . by F A fi fl 'Q ' ..a si . ng, hs TEV ia ,1 Y .M I fp.. fl. ,. JEL ,,. LL . ix 5 if f. Q. l 1 'gi 'if fy ...,,-e ?.".1 1-Q" Q, iff' 'V j. marry., +2- Wi' 1 I ar' .1 i t lf, .ea ll .sf l n ' . 1-,A ,..., Rik x I ' 'Y . nv:-.N my "3" if X, s dag Bernamann, Merlin J. 502 N. L Sparta, Wis. Basic Studies Berndt,, Jack F. 2l5 Sthrr Prairie du Sac, Wis. Basic Studies Bertschy, James L. I329 Rankin Appleton, Wis. Basic Studies Besner, Particia R. l524 E. Morgan Ave. Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Studies Betthauser, Donald K. l545 Loomis La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Beuer, Larry R. Wilton, Wis. Basic Studies Bey, Myron J. RR. 3 Luck, Wis. Basic Studies Bicha, John M. 2305 Kane La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Biesiadecki, Marvin J. RR. I Necedah, Wis. L. 81 S. Biggerstaff, Forrest O. I802 S. 3lst La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Hillman, Gary W. l6l0 Loomis La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Bina, Janine M. l358 Hyde Ave. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Birkelo, Paul G. Viroqua, Wis. Basic Studies Birkholz, Robert H. Wilton, Wis. Basic Studies Birkinbine, John R. 306 Windsor Sun Prairie, Wis. Basic Studies Bishop, Susan M. 7 Independence Viroqua, Wis. Basic Studies Bierlre, John A. 322 N. Mark West Salem, Wis. L.8rS. Blaha, Gerald L. 439 E. River St. Arcadia, Wis. Basic Studies Blaize, Harold O. 9932 S. Chicago Road , Oak Creek, Wis. Basic Studies Blee, Jean A. 125 7th Rochester, Minn. Basic Studies Block, Barbara L. l7l6 Ashland Rockford, Ill. Basic Studies Board, Karen L. -, . s .ii Qing- px l l, 4 ,r W f ' ,er I' , - - J wg f , I N 'r. fi. fix .4595 1. ea, x we X 5-YXL A 6 5.41342 ' 1 6309 Park Ridge A 'N Loves Park, Ill. ru Basic Studies C... 1 Boebel, Constance H08 E. Ave. 'D 9- Boscobel, Wis. lf.,- Basic Studies .hm Wx Boeck, Daniel H. l3l7 Farnam fig La Crosse, Wis. ' 3. L.8rS. .Vg 43 - 2 lei 5 QAQ. ' W K- 5 hwy. : if ...,gs..e,l. gag., 5, ,, 'gf .. .b.. fr . A , .5 is XOLMI Ji' M., S,-is I :mi 1:.- S . .. ,.. If Ln- ' ' .1 as . . ' , Q. f ' S ,-., -fm ' ,- Boggs, Jerry D. Il07 Vine La Crosse, Wis. L.81S. Boqgoll, Timolhy R. l903 llih Ave. Sferlinq, Ill. Basic Sfudies Boland, Thomas P. l806 Farwell La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Bondenhagen, Peler A. 490 Lake Poinl Dr. Lodi, Wis. Basic Siudies Bonsaclr, Dianne K. 9I0 S. I5lh La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Bonsack, Gerald A. R.R. 2 Onalaska, Wis. Basic Sludies Borenz, Harlan R. 8l5 Parkway Dr. Brookfield, Wis. Basic Sludies Borisch, Anne M. I627 W, Fiesfa Lane Mequon, Wis. Basic Sfudies Boua, Jillorma A. 2l2 Russell Warren, Pa. Basic Siudies Boullion, David E. Galesville, Wis. Basic Sfudies Bouzek, Michael D. l30l S. lllh Prairie du Chien, Wis. Basic Siudies Bowell Nancy L, Viola, Wis. Braalen, Ronald l4l Easr Maple Viroqua, Wis. Basic Sludies Bradford, William F. 225 S. l7fl1 Pl. La Crosse, Wis. L. 8- S. Brady, James F. R. R. I Holmen, Wis. Basic Studies Brandi, Douglas RR. I Wilson, Wis. Basic Sfudies Brandi, Jean A. 8I6 Cass La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Brehm, Margarel M. Unify, Wis. Basic Sfudies K. E. Breidel, Philip D. 2I6 Hillyer Viroqua, Wis. Basic Sfudies Breilenfield, Richard V. 705 McLean Ave. Tomah, Wis. Basic Sludies Breiwick, Donald 26l5 S.l7fh La Crosse, Wis. Basic Siudies Brendle, Lily L. I64I Wood La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Bray, Julie A. 2l I4 Fairmonl' Manifowoc, Wis. Basic Siudies Brigqeman Joseph L. Cashfon Wis. Basic Sfudmes L. ...F .. gz. Freshmen g . fi M l X i Vg 'K .ms If 551. - visa. ...rn -z .1,s.. I . W. . :,-. ., M 7 .. .li If f is R+? sf iiuils1:.3 . ,. We J f,-'s, ' ii . , '. 1 1' ' f' i -is is .. . ., , ,.... K 92. ., 3 .W " '5"Wf M I Q fsxwl .1 ., Uv 43- Q . . w e . ar" ..- ' . W . ...s f ssi. JF sl . ' ff fs . -M I1 es . jx 'X if . . fsiiiiiwr. ,-rug., me .. ,.,,..a. g ,.,.,..,, iv. P. .,,.. W, lrighl, M. D. Basic Sfudies Bringe, Marvin N. RR. U Viroqua, Wis. Basic Sfudies Brooks, James H. 423 E. Monlgome Sparfa, Wis. L. 81 S. Brosinski, Margie RR. Sfoddard, Wis. Basic Sludies VY E. Brown, Thomas F. RR. 2 Osseo, Wis. Basic Sfudies Brown, William T. llO4 Lois Park Ridge, Ill. Basic Sludies Bruder, Harry V. RR. 2 Tomah, Wis. Basic Sludies Brudlos, Julie J. 247 S. 23rd La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Brusky, David L. RR. 3 Edgar, Wis. Basic Sfudies Buckley, Edward 206 Alla Loma Theinsville, Wis. Basic Sfudies T. Buehl, Candace M. RR. I Monficello, Wis. Basic Sludies Buehrle Roy J. 2II5 Heoschler D La Crosse Wls l' Burgirend Charles . Oconomowoc Wis. Basic Sludies fi- Q ' I J , 345 ' 329 E. Wisconsin Ave. I 6. K, 5+ :ask Burgnaier, Roberl M. 403 N. l4fh La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Burk, William M. IIl0 Ohio Glenwood, lll. Basic Sfudies Burmeisfer, Edward W. 615 N. Washinglon Ave. Cedarburq, Wis. Basic Sludies Burr, Charles J. I328 Caledonia La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Burr, Marylyn F. l35O Main Onalaska, Wis. Basic Sfudies Burlon, Dennis E. RR. l Holmen, Wis. Basic Sfudies Bush, Sandra L. RR. l Bloomer, Wis. Basic Sfudies Busse, Thomas A. 344 Souih Sl. Lombard, Ill. Basic Sfudies Burler, Michael F. IOOO Hazel Ave. Deerfield, lll. Basic Sfudies Bullon, Larry A. 724 Harrison Neenah, Wis. Basic Siudies Buflon Ronald Sparfa Was Basic Studies .. ,.,.,. 1 vi ,y.. g gigs? Q 1 . .L r I :Ffa .. . 3 .3 2, N -... r ...Q i. . . as .J st ! is .Ji -wif 51 . ..., ,, s,,.q1.- ., I, '41 .. . , .... I Q I ik Y 2 . .L 3' W-F . I nit f new ' ' , I If ' , RR. I ' I ,sv , I Q L. s. s. , . I -', ,iii . ' - . - f - A 1 I L' 8' 5' RE? .. ,-Vl . i i Zi gi L.Vg I 24 ., I... A .... H , .X ,. My . lf militias . ., . I, 1.3 K - "+V I W ...Kg - if l. 'F' se' f l .ir an .' 'NVQ sfiffl .. sm ,. fl .. rl, l. I "Fi i iii Kxll 3 5 :ya -. aug. ,i ,.i. 4, Z, 'N vP',t 'W Byers, Richard L. RR. 3 Hillsboro, Wis. Basic Studies Byers, Thomas 8l8 N, Minn. St. Prairie du Chien, Wis. Basic Studies Breinke, La Vonne Cadwell, John W. 503 Kelly Sun Prairie, Wis. Basic Studies Calcandy, Theodora P. 2I Remsen Ave. Boslyn. N. Y. Basic Studies Campbell. Linda R. Chestnut St. Ellsworth, Wis. Basic Studies Campbell, Terry D. I7lI Hawthorne Janesville, Wis. Basic Studies Carey, Patrick W. 208 Ridoe Mineral Point, Wig, Basic Studies Carlson, Denise K. Hayward, Wis. Basic Studies Carter, Art H. RR, 2 La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Carter, Russell C. Jude, Wis. Basic Studies Castle, Sally J. 526 Crandall Madison, Wis. Basic Studies Cervenka, Ronald La Farge, Wis. Basic Studies J. Chambers, Frank W. 520 S. Rine Aqllilngton Heights, Basic Studies Channing, Roseanne H. IO7 S. Lincoln Elkhorn, Wis. Basic Studies Chesemore, James RR. I Eagle River, Wis. Basic Studies Cheston, Edward Basic Studies Chitwood, Sharon Richland Center, Wis. Basic Studies Choate, Nicki J. 2027 Charles La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Chose, Richard P. l26I La Crosse St. La Crosse, Wis. P. G K. Christian, John W. ll05 Cleveland Beloit, Wis. Basic Studies Christiansen, David 1347 Kane La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Christianson, Gerald G. 2326 Ferry St. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Christianson, Michael L. Warrens, Wis. L. Si S. E. Freshmen 2 . 'ti' .is up it 3. . A I 5 ,. ,, , in is 2 ,Am ' . Y, fi. " . Afliffs Z 9 4, 54 YE, f 'ar l, ,g .il , , ft 1 sz., ,, ,Q 4. ' , if '5"tf..., l .. "v. ,T .,,-. , 'za , Q . sf' ffl 3 .F Q, ii fs. fi. " , an-.y me X. pf ev if , 'W -153 .SH . f if ' 'I . ggi .lie ig, ' its 1 . xlib! H Q iv , if .gf tea- , -4 - 'li .5 as X I . Fx. it , f r ii arf -,a fn. 'Zi 5 .,,. 'Q' x 5 W, . . i f, x' N s I rl .9 . ss . Christman, Alan H. RR. I Onalaska, Wis. Basic Studies Churchill, Allen E. Box 59 Amberq, Wis. Basic Studies Clark, Constance L. 309 S. Znd Waterford, Wis. Basic Studies Clark, Joann M. RR. 3 Viroqua, Wis. Basic Studies Clauson, Darryl G. RR. 2 Pittsville, Wis. Basic Studies Clementi, Joesph C. 4329 Somerset Madison, Wis, Basic Studies Clements, Cathy A. Cashton, Wis. Basic Studies Clodi, Elizabeth A. I335 Badger La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Coleman, John D. RR. 2 Onalaska, Wis. Basic Studies Colletti, Judith A. 8I6 Regent Madison, Wis. Basic Studies Comeau, Alan F. ll22 Rose La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Comeau, Frederick A. l53l Prospect La Crosse,- Wis. Basic Studies Compton, James W. l2l9 Kane La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Conant, Rick A. 2505 Chase La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Coniglio, Tomothy M. II07 N. Ridge Arlington Heights, III. Connaughton, Jack F. 824 Wilson Ave. Oconomowoc, Wis. Basic Studies Connors, Michael A. IOI9 N. 2Ist Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Studies Connors, Sheila K. 889 N. Central Richland Center, Wis. L.8iS. Constalie, Annette E. 503 Melby Westby, Wis. Basic Studies Conway, Nancy L. RR. I Fredonia, Wis. Basic Studies Cooke, Joyanne K. RR. I Loyal, Wis. Basic Studies Cooper, Melissa M. l4l3 S. 27th La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Corbett, Judith A. I443 Avon La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Correa, Jose F. 26 Madison New York 38, N. Y. Basic Studies 15' i 1 on ' "7 xi W3 X 'Q fi 5 37- 3 ,'i ,wifi , if x, gi ee R 7 1 ., I ,.. 1 X F S 2 Q ,, .- f if .ffm wr' 66 . 'A Colfer, Carol A. 2ll Monlello Monlello, Wis. Basic Sfudies Collrell, Kenl' A. Holmen, Wis. Basic Sludies Coughlin, Nancy K. I733 Charles La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Coulley, James N. 4202 W. Hampfon Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Sludies Cramer, Jeri L. Lake Dellon, Wis. Basic Sfudies Crary, Carolyn S. 2533 S. Graham Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Sludies Crisf, David T. 827 Vine Wisconsin Dells, Wis. Basic Sludies Crisf, Roberl A. 3l07 Mclfeon Rd. Kenosh, Wis. Basic Srudies Crook, Charles R. l44l Wood La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Crooks, Conslance A. 508 N. Oak Sparla, Wis. Basic Sludies Crowell, Elizabefh C. 321 S. Michigan ' De Pere, Wis. Basic Sfudies Crum, Roger S. l8I3 S. Ibrh La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Cudzinovic, Rudy J. 2540 N. Lilly Rd. Brookfield, Wis. Basic Sfudies Cullen, Charles L. 20l E. Benion Cuba Cily, Wis. Basic Sludies Cunningham, Dainne L. RR. 2 Viroqua, Wis. Basic Sludies Curley, Gregory M. Gays Mills, Wis. Basic Sludies Cuellar, Roberl L. 306 Callaway Blvd. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Cvikola, Kennelh J. 29I3 Concord Pl. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Dahl, Judy M. 6l4 Ridge Baraboo, Wis. Basic Sfudies Dalesandro, Laura F RR. I Hayward, Wis. Basic Sludies Dallman, Donald A. 548 Harrison Elgin, Ill. Basic Sludies Dally, Judy F. 2l24 Cameron La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Damicis, Anfon H65 Morron Ave. Folsom, Pa. Basic Sludies Damp, Palricia J. II6 W. Korl' Schofield, Wis. Basic Sludies Freshmen l Dancker, Linda M. 3775 S. 23rd Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Sludies Dauphin, Neal V. Ibll Badger La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Davies, James N. 407 Garfield Harvard, lll. Basic Sfudies Davis, Sheila Trempealeau, Wis. Basic Sludies Deakins, John R. Muscoda, Wis. L. 81 S. Deane, John J. 695 Terrace Dr. Paramus, N. J. Basic Sfudies Decker, Cheri A. 22 Beaumonl Mason Cily, Iowa Basic Sludies Degenhardl, Arnold R Norwalk, Wis. Basic Sludies Degenhardf Charlene R. RR.l Cashlon, Wis. Basic Studies De Gracie, Terry E. 224 N. Waler Sparla, Wis. L. 8- S. De Grove, Richard 3866 BIN. 80ih Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Sfudies Dell, Nancy J. 526 N. l5ll'l La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies DeLong, Florence E Mafher, Wis. Basic Sludies Denison, Larry J. Basic Sludies Derkez, James L. RR. 2 Tomah, Wis. Basic Sludies Derks, Sandra K. I5l2 Farwell La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies De Troye, Peler A. RR. 2 Kiel, Wis. Basic Sfudies De Vaulf, Suzelle M. 30lO S. 27lh La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies DeWiH, Kafhleen K. RR. 4 Tomah, Wis. Basic Sfudies Dickinson, Gary L. RR. 3 Sparta, Wis. Basic Sludies Deckson, Scoff L. I27 S. 4lh Barron, Wis. Basic Sludies Dimond, Donald L 206 S. Slale - Poplar Grove, Ill. Basic Sfudies Disbrow, Jack L. l2I6 S. lllh Ave. Wausau, Wis. Basic Sludies Disbrow, Paula J. III4 S. l2lh Ave. Wausau, Wis. Basic Sfudies 0,4 V g t ' Yi v ,.-- ir. 'w 2 . A :I wg . 1 sr Q L .ad if .. .W s. .. L rf R232-L' I Dobbs, Laura V. 137 Tellin Ct. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Dodd, Craig E. Basic Studies Dobson, James R. 806 Caswell Fort Atkinson, Wis. Basic Studies Decauer, Randall F. 228 E. Sunnyside Libertyville, Ill. Basic Studies Dock, Elroy A. RR. Elroy, Wis. Basic Studies Dodge, Lacinda J. RR. I Ellsworth, Wis. Basic Studies Dombroski, Michael 5872 N. 40th Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Studies Donahue, Janet M. RR. 4 Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. Basic Studies Donnelly, Michael P. Sq. Center Elroy, Wis. Basic Studies Dorff, Louie J. 1302 69th Kenosha, Wis. Basic Studies Dou hty, Diana J. 527 Main Brillon, Wis. Basic Studies Downing, Odette E. Ontario, Wis. Basic Studies Draeger, Harry R. 2156 Park Ave. La Crosse, Wis. L. 8- S. Dregne, Kara L. Garfield Viroqua, Wis. Basic Studies Dresang, Gary A. 140 S. Lincoln Kimberly, Wis. Basic Studies Drew, Larry D. 335 Minshall Ave. Viroqua, Wis. Basic Studies Drews, Barbara L. 15205 Cascade Dr. Elm Grove, Wis. Basic Studies Drinkwater, Linda M. 6819 Hwy. 31 Racine, Wis. Basic Studies Drinnan, Kathryn J. 1904 Carlisle Ave. Racine, Wis. Basic Studies Droege, Jeanette 901 E. 5th Ladysmith, Wis. Basic Studies Dryer, Janet K. RR. I Reedsburg, Wis. Basic Stuglies Du Charme, Gary 120 Beloit Delavan, Wis. Basic Studies Dudley, Bryan C. 8212 N. 61st Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Studies Freshmen 'auf' jk. 1 tv. S fa . F I, fs. 1 L ,aft 8,1 rr . 1 , , f sz' Dunlavy, Donald L. Q s f . RR. l Clintonville, Wis. Basic Studies li. : . yuau i l A ii jif- . fwl.. ., .Q x '15 , .gg,,,,:k!E.:.' .llgi , W, '1 1 ' PIN! .4 A A fd' -J b sffsfzg ,, ,-., ,K g .,V, ., , , 'LY r 1'-Sr : 1'2ifz. EE It 'ls all 'Nw- Duplar, Daniel L. 2811 S. llth Pl. Sheboygan, Wis. Basic Studies Duren, Edward W. Cazenovia, Wis. Basic Studies Dustin, Ann M. 2305 S. 29th Ct. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Dustin, Janet RR. 1 Viola, Wis. Basic Studies Dutton, Bonita C. RR. 4 Sparta, Wis. Basic Studies Dvorak, Darrell J. Mishicot, Wis. Basic Studies Dwyer, Joseph C. Kendall, Wis. Basic Studies Dwyer, Mary R. RR. 2 Kendall, Wis. Basic Studies Dziedzic, Mark R. 9720 S. Barrell Oak Creek, Wis. Basic Studies Eastman, Sandra 2338 George La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Eberha rt, Melody M. 418 N. Garfield Janesville, Wis. Basic Studies Eckels, Lynn Basic Studies Eddy, Randolph A , 1427 Ferry La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Edmondson, William E. South Pettibone La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Edwards, Bruce 810 S. Minnesota Prairie du Chien, Wis. Basic Studies Edwards, John W 500 Racine Waterford, Wis. Basic Studies Egeness, Sharon A 320 Linton Viroqua, Wis. Basic Studies Eide, Crorine A. 1929 Main La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Eide, Kenneth A. RR. 2 Onalaska, Wis. Basic Studies Elbe, Keil F. 707 Riverview Theinsville, Wis. Basic Studies Elder, Helen D. 1328 King La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Eldridge, Bert M. 2243 Coulee Dr. La Crosse, Wis. L.8fS. Ellefson, Larry A. 4ll S. 8th La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Ellis, Jane M. I34 l7th Pl. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies ss. it I27 Emberlson, Mariorie K. RR. I McFarland, Wis. Basic Sluclies Emery, Belly L. RR. 2 Mausfon, Wis. Basic Sludies Emery, Linda M. RR. I Onalaska, Wis. Basic Sfudies Erickson, Jerry RR. I Sparla, Wis. Basic Sludies Erickson, Michael F. 320 N. Minnesola Sl. . Prairie du Chien, Wis. Basic Sfudies Erickson, Nancy J. 472 N. Leonard Wesi Salem, Wis. Basic Srudies Ersepke, Carol M. RR. I Necedah, Wis. Basic Sludies Erlel, Gary B. Gays Mills, Wis. L. 81 S. Espenes, Jon l92B Jackson La Crosse, Wis. L.8rS. Esquilin, Luis R. 749 Driggs Ave. Brooklyn, N. Y. Basic Sfudies Eswein, Ralph J. 3lI Lelendre Ave. Porl' Edwards, Wis. Basic Sludies Evenson, Merriam J. I502 George La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Evenson, Thomas W. Harmony, Minn. Basic Sludies Faherly, William P. 3l2 S. 23rd La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Fair, William T. Topping Rd. Madison, Wis. L. 81 S. Falkner, Bonnie E. RR. I Tomah. Wis. Basic Siudies Fa rnsworlh, Janice L 477 Foqsfad Glen Madison, Wis. Basic Sludies Fay, Joyce. E. 6837 Maple Terlr. Wauwalosa, Wis. Basic Sludies Felton, Beverly A. Foldiers Grove, Wis. Basic Sludies Fenner, Judifh L. 3975 S. Sth Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Siudies Ferris, Louis J. ISI? George La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Fiauh, Roger Basic Sfudies Fief, Arthur A. RR. 2 Bangor, Wis. L.8rS. Fief, Roberfa J. IOI N. Benlon Sparia, Wis. Basic Sluclies Freshmen if 2 34 E . . Finanqer, Sfeven P. 2522 Prospecf La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Finn, James E. 629 S. 9I'h La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Firsl, Donald M. 307 N. Illh Onalaska, Wis. Basic Sfudies Fischer, Cheryl M. RR. 6 Wesl Bend, Wis. Basic Siudies Fisher, William T. 2I5 W. Carroll Porfage, Wis. L. 81 S. Fifzpafrick, David F. 5ll N. 7ih La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Firzpalrick, John J. SII N 7ih La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Fitzpatrick, John M. 40I3 Terrace Dr. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Flanagan, Marcia A. 833 E. High Sl. Oconomowoc, Wis. L.8rS. Flanagan, Michael J. RR. I Bear Creek, Wis. Basic Sfudies Flynn, Karen L. IO63 Foresl Deerfield, lll. Basic Siudies Foehringer, James F. Cassville, Wis. Basic Sludies Foerlsch, Curfis A 439 Romayne Racine, Wis. Basic Siudies Foley, Daniel J. 2320 S. 3lsl La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Foss, Richard L. 822 Vine Wisconsin Dells, Wis. L.8iS. Fosler, Brian S. 22I4 l-lollisler Madison, Wis. Basic Sfudies Fox, Peggy A. 2l24 Park Ave. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Fox, Shirley A. RR. 2 Salem, Wis. Basic Sludies Fox, Sandra R. 9I0 King La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Foy, Frederic S. I0006 Sheridan Mequon, Wis. Basic Sludies Frankenslein, Barbara J. 4337 Hillcresl Dr. Madison, Wis. L.81S. Franz, Roberl G. I9I0 Marker La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Frechelle, Bernard Keshena, Wis. Basic Sfudies Freelove, Thomas A. 328 Sunsel Dr. Waukesha, Wis. Basic Studies s ji' W 4 5 i . . .L I rr -i 1, ' ' m, The 1 l - - i i .Q ,V 4. W 3 , si, . f .. , kV,,, ii, se ik R W new .I fin' me s. ,A , ...S Eli Freisinqer, Frances A. 452 S. 20ih La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Frelke, Mary J. 2l22 E. Holi Ave. Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Siudies Frey, Roberl J. I367 Thompson La Crosse, Wis. Basic Siudies Frey, William J. 5ll Anfielam Park Foresf, lll. Basic Sludies Fries, John R. 632 Kane La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Frishc, Richard M. RR, I Onalaska, Wis. Basic Sfudies Frydenlund, Jane A. 533 N, Marqueife Prairie du Chien Basic Sludies Fuchs, Carl J. 203 Dorn La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Fuchsleiner, Joseph P. 208 S. 23rd La Crosse, Wis. L.8rS. Fuchsieiner, Thomas E. 20l7 S. 20th La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Fuller, Cherry M. 425 N. IO+h La Crosse, Wis. Furman, Jane E. 294 Jefferson River Edge, N. J. Basic Srudies Fybssn, Lee L. 578 E. Jefferson Viroqua, Wis. Basic Sfudies Gabrielson, Julio A. 23l N. Zlsl La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Gagermeier, Susan A. 70'-7 S. 7lh La Crosse, Wis. Basic Siudies Garbers, Donald F.. RR. I Wesl Salem: Wis. Basic Sludies Gardiner, Gary G, 60 Oak Hill Rd. N, Kingslon, R. l. Basic Sludies Gardgrove, Timofhy J. Basic Sfudies Gardner, Merrill Basic Sfudies Garner, Susan M.. 6l0 E. Haselline Richland Center, Wis. Basic Sfudies Garroll, William G. 42l0 Mandan Crescenl Madison, Wis. Basic Sfudies Garlner, Gary L. I0 N. Maple La Crescenl, Minn. Basic Siudies Gavinski, Richard E. l2l0 Oak Wisconsin Dells, Wis. Basic Sludies Gauqer, Nancy J. i839 Park Whifehall, Wis. Basic Studies Freshmen CQ 511 il ' . 1 . Q Gauisch, William D. RR. 2 La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Gay, Kalhryn F. RR. 7 La Crosse, Wis. Basic Srudies Gehabe, David Arbor Vifae, Wis. Basic Sfudies Gibbons, Dennis J. 2055 S. 3ls'r La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Gifford, Judy M. 2602 Shelby Road La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Gilbeck, Kalhryn M. Cashlon, Wis. Basic Sfudies vs fp ey ,.,. . .an .... 9 H f.. A Gchriq, Melvin M. Gllliiff. MiCl1iBl K- -. f f Sh d L Bl d. Hol n. W'. . fiff ge's Maxam LF?'s erm . Wls' - .J I Basic Sfudies A . r G l , F L. Gilberlson, Corrine . tk Q ESSrlgJ2?re,:gn' Chaseburg, Wis. .Q sux . ga!?dET,ZI'M,nnA Basic Sludies - 1 3 K ' '-use asic u les j, 2, -,. ,,,. is X if f e U L .Q B ' Genlry, Karen F Gilder, Laura J. 'Q f, zeils. 23rd 1:4 N.I4'rh as 1 r 'H - La Crosse, Wis. La Crosse, Wis. ' f -' Basic Sfudies Basic Sludies 'ofa 'P i' 5 ,x I A ...,.. .J Q KN., S. rp Q. a Q .... om, Vgna emu, rsificis M. , ,V W ,- V 205 Clark i824 WeS+0n , FZ- I-1 f 3 57, 527 . Tomah, Wis. La Crosse,'Wis. . . V in Basic Sludies Basic Sludles ii ' , lh:imiM V .-.. ' i,1...Q Y V .K ii i Gcrl, Marilynn L. Ginskey, Margery E. r .. "i W. Marne Ave. 327 s. zoih . Q i aukee Wis La Crosse Wis M , .1 -,. W . - . - ' ' iy k jf Basic Sludies Basic Sfudies ,, 4. Garrzinarch 'igasi ,Eiga M. I ' .. f . . . , Q Q . 2223531 Ave. Clinlcilnville, Wis. , , Kenosha, Wis. Basic Sludies Q 5" 5' Basic Sludies lsu kh .hi...i"'!I lrk ll V it K ', ,. A Gerschefske, Glick, Diana F. is Q Y Q l ,, ,' James A, 4052 Glen' Haven Dr. ' . ,L s -- RR. l HI lga Crgsseg Wis. L i ii . 1 Hampsh're, . asic fu ies 3,551 Basic Sllidies " s .. .A gg,-5'TeEl,lC,1r0l S, fliseendorl? Crxrfis in a rescen , inn. V , Mg Janesville, iflfis. Basic Sfudies 1, ,si s i Basic Sludies S Q ., -JE, Getsinqer, Viclor C. Glover, Jefiry K. K RR, 3 . Lincoln Ave. ' R , 'Ma' V Wisconsin Rapids, Beaver Darn, Wis. M Q, F 1 Wis. Basic Sfudies -'M' fi! f ' L. 81 S. Q4 -V... ,,.. - , 1 9 f IN. l29 MQ' ge ei .Tigre if gi., A H .if f.. li L,', . ie V ima..-t I . .2 ,. fm . 1. H . A ' 1, 15 -. . . Gomez, John R. SIS Jefferson Sparta, Wis. Basic Studies Gonya, Jean, Ann 7622 Honey Creek West Allis, Wis. Basic Studies Goodenough, Gary D. Mindoro, Wis Basic Studies Gorgen, Nancy Ann Mineral Point, Wis. Basic Studies Gorski, Elaine A. 507 E. Broadway Waukesha, Wis. L. 8- S. Graet, Rick L. 22I8 W. Marne Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Studies Graham, Brian J. ZSOI Ernst Franklin Park, lll. Basic Studies Graham, Victoria M. 2I6 Rose La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Grangaard, Ellen M. 2504 Crown Blvd. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Granger, Paul R. 4I6 E. Gillette Viroqua, Wis. L.8-S. Grasse, Robert M. I2I-t Georgia Ave. Sheboygan, Wis. Basic Studies Grathen, Robert J. lS33 Weston La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Graves, Dennis A. Onalaska, Wis. Basic Studies Green, Roger J. Waupaca, Wis. Basic Studies Griffiths, Phyllis R. Union Grove, Wis. Basic Studies Grimslid, Michael J. IOO4 Wood La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Grindler, Alan R. I204 Bluff La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Grinnell, Robert A. are Phillips Yellow Springs, Ohio L. 8- S. Grise, William L. l3l3 State Union Grove, Wis. Basic Studies Grom, Gary C. 827 N. Pine Arlington Heights, Ill. Basic Studies Gronski, Robert J. 5577 S. Lake Dr. Cudahy, Wis. Basic Studies Grosch, Evelyn J. 5366 N. 47th Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Studies Grosskopf, Rallon E. H23 Travis La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Groves, Kathleen V. Fountain City, Wis. L. 8: S. Freshmen l l Grumke, Thomas W. I39 Lakewood Blvd. Madison, Wis. Basic Studies Grunseth, Thomas O. Glen Flora, Wis. Basic Studies Gulikson, Caryl L. 950 Lincoln Onalaska, Wis. L. 81 S. Gunderson, Larry C. 2I37 Kane La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Guy, Patrick A. Sparta, Wis. Basic Studies Haacke, Kenneth L. Prospect Dr. Muskeqo, Wis. Basic Studies Hackett, Linda L. 5507 N. 53rd . Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Studies Hatemann, Gordon J. l936 E. Murdock Oshkosh, Wis. Basic Studies Haets, Melvon F. La Crescent, Minn. Basic Studies Hagaman, Cheryl A. 742 Cornelia Janesville, Wis. Basic Studies Hagen, Carol A. Westbv, Wis. Basic Studies Hagenah, Terry L. II22 Wood Ave Hillsboro, Wis. L. 81 S. Hager, John J. Waukon, Iowa L. 81 S. Hagerman, Gene R Holmen, Wis. Basic Studies Hahn, Jane A. Clinton, Wis. Basic Studies, Haanes, Richard D. Washinqton Arcadia, Wis. Basic Studies Hall, Sandra J. 842 Robertson Wauwatosa, Wis. Basic Studies Hall, Tarry J. l04 W. Kansas Boscobel, Wis. Basic Studies Handschke, Arnold H I I2 Maple Waupaca, Wis. L.8iS. Hansen, Kathleen A 447 West Ave. Mauston, Wis. Basic Studies Hanses, Linda D. RR. 2 Hartland, Wis. Basic Studies Hansen, Rodney A. I350 Center Union Grove, Wis. Basic Studies Hansen, Thomas J. Illinois St. Racine, Wis. Basic Studies Hansen, Willis Basic Studies ff , A I in R ,AQ 'fs - 3 l, , Hanson, Carole L. 2030 Liberly La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Hanson, Donald S. lO624 W. Granfosa Dr. Wauwafosa, Wis. Basic Sfudies Hanson, Harold A. RR. 4 Black River Falls. Wis. Basic Sludies Hanson, James D. 322 W. Garland Wes? Salem, Wis. Basic Sfudies Hanson, Roberi L. RR. I Columbus, Wis. Basic Sfudies Hanson, Rosanne RR. 2 Onalaska, Wis. Basic Sludies Harding, Carol A. RR. 2 Tomah, Wis. Basic Srudies Hardy, Larry K. 362 E. 7+h Richland Cenler Wis. Basic Sludies Hamish, Thomas W. II7 Sperbeck La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Harris. Barry L. 249 l7'fh Charles, lll. Basic Sfudies Harris, Suzanne J. l526 8lh Beloif, Wis. Basic Sludies Harris, William C l909 S. 23rd La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Harrod, William H. Forf Ave. Cranslon, Wis. Basic Sfudies Harry. Barbara J. l32B Slale La Crosse, Wis. Basic Srudies Hart, Arthur L. 5l8 N. Courl' Sparla. Wis. Basic Sfudies Harfman, Jim F. l6Ol Madison La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Harlsough, Judy A. Pillsville, Wis. Basic Srudies Harwood, Jeffrey J. 930 Powers Oshkosh, Wis. Basic Studies Hase, Keilll A. RR. l Readsfown, Wis. Basic Sludies Hawkins, Richard G. 2823 Bayshore Dr. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Haves, Kaihryn A. 3508 Crown Blvd. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Hayhursl, Carol J. 342 E. Slh New Richmond, Wis. Basic Sfudies Hegel, Allen A. 5ll Jackson La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Hegge, Marilyn T. l9l2 S. 20fh La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Freshmen W sg. ' mu , sg. A . i 3' , 8 'V .ll V K if r ' M 4 4 ,wr as Hebenberger, Donald J. 403 Franklin Sauk Cily, Wis. Basic Siudies Heindel, JoAnn S. 3l32 W. Thurslon Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Sludies Heilman, Richard J. 4l7-S. 'K' Sparla, Wis. Basic Sludies Hendrick, Cheryl D. I7 indianhead Circle Marblehead, Mass. Basic Sfudies Hendricks, Susan L. 322 W. Milwaukee Tomah, Wis. Basic Sfudies Hendrickson, Pafricia A. McGregor, Iowa Basic Studies Henke, Dwalne E. McKinley Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. Basic Sfudies Henry, Fred G. l4l9 Superior Tomah, Wis. Basic Sludies Henrhorne, Donald B. i806 Caledonia La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Herman, Gilberf RR. l Plymoufh, Wis. Basic Sludies Herres, Michael F. 70I N. Wafer New London, Wis. Basic Sfudies Herring, Jan L. 2l4 W. Harrison Lombard, lll. Basic Sludies Herzog, Wayne T. l7O King Land Des Plaines, lll. Basic Sludies Heser, Richard A. 3l7 2nd Ave. Onaiaska, Wis. Basic Sfudies Heslad, Erling A. 2205 Pine La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Higgins, Dennis A. 25l2 Diane Ave. Racine, Wis. Basic Sfudies Hillon, Michael C. 2169 N. 52nd Wauwafosa, Wis. Basic Sludies ' Hilvers, Norma J. 401 E. Clay Cuba Cily, Wis. Basic Sfudies Hinds, Terry L. ISO9 S. 22nd La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Hlusko, Genady G. 508 S. Sfh La Crescenf, Minn. Basic Sludies Hoeff, Richard J. I042 E. Lindbergh Applelon, Wis. Basic Srudies Hoelh, Rodney J. RR. I . Coon Valley, Wis. Basic Sludies Hofer, Sieve D. 26I7 S. l3fh Place La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Hofferek, Charles R. 2132 Mississippi La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies 'fs .wie i i i, li' r ...- fig , ,, . . lk E Pings s fm L ff' N ff ss r f y, W , ,,, , 1. x- 'X all 1' . rf? I "vi .. 7-f-.L .. . ml 2 Q ' ki, me . gn? k, .s- fi . 'ff W 7' r - 2-,i -z.., 153 D .,.. . ,fs , Hogan, Dennis A. 905 Winneshiek Road La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Hogan, John S. 5l5 S. 3rd La Crescenl, Minn. Basic Sludies Holleran, Dennis R. 6605 Cedar Wauwalosa, Wis. Basic Sfudies Holly, Colleen IM. Tunnel Cily, Wis. Basic Sludies Holmbeck, Juanifa L. RR. 2 Clinlon, Wis. Basic Siudies Holf, Thomas T. 520 W. Garland Wesl Salem, Wis. Basic Sludies Hooverson, Richard A. RR. I Srodclard, Wis. Basic Sludies Hopkins, John W. 38 N. 4fh Evansville, Wis. Basic Sludies Hoppel, Randy Basic Sludies Horger, Charlene A. 445 Chippewa Chippewa Ealls, Wis. Basic Siudies Horman, Judilh M. 307 S. 9lh Onalaska, Wis. Basic Sludies Hornby, James A. RR. 3 Viroqua, Wis. Basic Sludies Houser, Elaine J. l7l5 Loomis La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Huebner, Roberl' G. l536 Barlow La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Huebner, Judilh A. 33l0 Old Town Hall Rd. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Humm, Belly J. 2520 S. l5lh Pl. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Humphrey, Bruce R. 4l3 N. Couri' Sparfa, Wis. Basic Sludies Humphrey, Judilh M 34l W, wnd Oconomowoc, Wis. Basic Sfudies Huse, Gale E. ll80 W. Lincoln Ave. Wesl' Allis, Wis. Basic Sludies Husebv, Jeanne IOI33 W. Maniioba West Allis, Wis. Basic Sfudies Huiclaeon, William I. l4l Brewsfer Rd. Massapequa, N. Y. Basic Sludies Hufchinson, Gloria M. Colfax Wis. Basic Srudies Hulchinson, Linda L. 2442 Jackson La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Hullenburg, Julaine K. l0l3 S. Mason Aooleron, Wis. Basic Siudies Freshmen Hulzler, Lillian l. 9lJ l-ieadiord Warerloo, Iowa Basic Sludies Irving, Ingrid A. 609 W. Carroll Poriage, Wis. L. 81 S. lpsen, William T. 823 S. 7fh La Crosse, Wis. Basic Siudies Irwin, James K. 2070 Allen Blvd. Middleron, Wis. Basic Sfudies Ishmael, Suzanne I307 Ridge Rd. Hiqhland Park, lll. Basic Sludies lverson, Gary M. Dakora, Minn. L.8fS. lverson, Jane C. 620 Lincoln Dr. Sun Prairie, Wis. Basic Sludies Iverson, Karl D. 2555 Edgewood Pl. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Iverson, Pamela K. l727 Madison La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Jack, Jeannie L. 8874 S. 8ls+ Franklin, Wis. Basic Srudies Jackson, Sandra K. 404 E. Hickory Viroqua, Wis. Basic Sludies Jaeger, Gary R. Weslbv, Wis. L. 81 S. Jallin s Vir inia K 9 - 9 3l0 N Segar Rd. Madison, Wis. Basic Studies Janke. Donna R. IOI3 N. 3rd Ashland, Wis. L.81S. Jannusch, Marqaref 4l Eelshow Clinlonvillo, Wis. Basic Sludies Janusheske, John RR. l Sparta Wis. Basic Sfudies Jefson, Jerald J. Cashfon, Wis. Basic Sludies Jenkerson, Kennelh 609 S. 3lsf La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Jenkins, Gary D. RR. l Wesf Salem, Wis. Basic Sludies Jensen, Biorg L. 3209 W. Verona Milwaukee Wis. Basic Srudies Jenner, Daniel J. 2349 W. Verona Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Sfudies Jensen, Elinor M. 23I3 Jackson La Crosse, Wis. Basic S+udies Jess, Slephen E. 2l49 Mississippi La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. A R Jermalad, Sharon M RR. 4 Osseo, Wis. Basic Sfudies ,Ii ,.,, ,J I are . Eh. 55552 I .V f,3q,,,.i1 ,. . 3, 35' an ,...r ws- f Q . .4 if fi ., - ,L riff: '- rf.: - . - ,- wen . ff 5-Liz? 15,15 ie , ur' 'iq W X 1 Q Jessesski, John T. Box I7B Trempealeau, Wis. Basic Sfudies Joanis, Thomas B. I3lI Johnson La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Johannes, Adele E. RR. I Porl Washingfon, Wis. Basic Siudies Johannes, James 6l69 S, Illinois Cudahv, Wis. Basic Sludies Johansen, Charlene A. RR. I Porl' Washingfon, Wis. Basic Sfudies Johnson, Charlene K. I28 S. 3rd Black River Falls, Wis L. 8: S. Johnson, Chrisline L. 806 Lakeside Madison, Wis. Basic Sfudies Johnson, David I502 Vine La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Johnson, Gary A. l85I6 Sledhall Homewood, III. Basic Sludies Johnson, Judy A. I623 Moore La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Johnson, Judy L. Coon Valley, Wis. Basic Siudies Johnson, Margaref I823 Green Bay La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Johnson, Mary K. 545 N. Youlon Wesl Salem, Wis. Basic Sfudies Johnson, Ronald J. l53l Loomis La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Johnson, Nelson H. 5 2423 Loomis La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Johnson, Sarah M. RR. I Sparla, Wis. Basic Sludies Johnson, Sherry L. I502 Mississippi La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Johnson, Susan E. 40I7 S. Slh Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Sludies Johnson, Ruihanne I520 N. Church Rockford, III. Basic Studies Jones, Delores M. RR. I Randolph, Wis. Basic Sfudies Jones, Susan J. 224 W. Franklin Porlage, Wis. Basic Srudies Jafhen, Roberf D. Coon Valley, Wis. Basic Sfudies Julsrud, Mark E. II6 S. 20fh La Crosse, Wis. L.8iS. Jung, Mary J. RR. I Box 45 Randolph, Wis. Basic Srudies A4 .,...,. Freshmen I 2.325 nf 1 I Vw Q ,gf Q . A 'TEX X 4 ' f- is 1 if 91? ri wi. ae? fi fiflmf, if . A i f . L, my .iv s 5 so I - M. 1' I ,Q 2 xx fi. if !fe13!k.a iii' 1, is . gig K Jurkowski, John RR. I Wonewoc, Wis. Basic Sludles Jusfon, Richard Basic Studies Kabaf, Robin A. 705 Mormon Coulee Rd. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Kaczkowski, Konrad K. 570 Muskego Dr. Muskeqo, Wis. Basic Sfudies Kaepernick, Carol IOI9 Buckley Waukesha, Wis, Basic Sludies Kaeslre, Russell G. 73I N. 3rd Ave. Cedarburg, Wis. Basic Sludies Kahl, Bernadine L. Verona, Wis. Basic Studies Kamla, Mary M. I22 N. lllh Ave. Onalaska, Wis. Basic Sfudies Kampschroer, James S. l425lf2 Merkel' La Crosse, Wis. L.8fS. Kamuchey, William I7l4 E. Park Pl. Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Srudies Kapanke, John G. IOI6 Redbird Cf. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Karch, Lawrence L. 7l7 Illinois Racine, Wis. Basic Sludies Kardin, Merlin H. RR. 2 Holmen Basic Sludies Karnapp, Lynn E. Box 265 Thorp, Wis Basic Sfudies Kaslenschmidf, David H. RR. I Mindoro, Wis. L.8zS. Kaslenschmidf, Judith K. ll2I S. Brh La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Kaslenschmidf L. RR. I Mindoro, Wis. Basic Sfudies Kauma, Claudia E. l7l7 Sunser Dr. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Kavanaugh, Colleen M. 20ll S. Zlsl Pl. La Crosse, Wis. Basic: Sfudies Keeffe, Michele H. Trempealeau, Wis. Basic Sludies Keilh, Gilberf L. Hazelhursl, Wis. Basic Sludies Keppen, William C. 2006 Wood La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Keliner, Richard L. 2909 S. Mabbell' Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Sfudies Kiefer, Michael C. Il5l5 N. SI. James Mequon, Wis. Basic Sfudies If .Q lii, 35151 6- 'ies' 721 'Y ' Z , . 9 . . are A yky y Q iv f'-' . Q 4' K1 5 f. sv? 45,1 ., ' Qasisizf. -iii., .gr 'Q .ef W . . 'N X if 121 is- .sf , 2- fi i i' L is in . . .,.. Al 12 M 133 Killian, James A. I339 Stale La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Kingsley, Judilh K. IO4 Oak La Crescenl, Minn. Basic Sludies Kingsley, Susan R. 50I N. Main Adams, Wis. Basic Sludies Kirch, Karen G. I65I Lalhrop Racine, Wis. Basic Sfudies Kisner, James R. Spruce Rd. Homewood, Ill. Basic Sfudies Klein, Janet E. 752 N. 22nd La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Klein Susan J. 3I80 Isl. Lilly Rd. Brookfield, Wis. Basic Sfudies Kleinke, Richard R. 431 W. Garland Wesl Salem, Wis. L. 8: S. Kleinsasser, Joann S. 705 Mormon Coulee Rd. La Crosse, Wis. L. 8l S. Klimke, Dennis D. RR. 3 Monlello, Wis. L. 81 S. Klinq, Mary L. 4I4 Peck . Spooner, Wis. Basic Sludles Knoblauch, Margie R. 7204 Aeina CT. Wauwolosa, Wis. Basic Srudies Knox, Richard F. 6I9 S. l3lh La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Knudlson, Howard RR. 3 Ml. Horeb, Wis. Basic Studies Knulson, Dennis J. RR. 2 Onalaska, Wis. Basic Sludies Knulson, Krisline 24II Slafe La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Knulson, Marilyn L. Box IA3 Ellrick, Wis. L.8lS. Knulson, Roger E. 40'-7 Davidson Roanoke, III. Koehne, Karen A. 424 E. Marquette Applefon, Wis. Basic Sludies Koenig, Frances L. 70l I9Ih Monroe, Wis. Basic Sfudies Kohlmeier, George J. RR. 2 La Crosse, Wis. L.8zS. Kollalh, James R. 7II Kilbourne Tomah, Wis. Basic Sludies Korfbein, Kalhleen M. RR. 2 Norwalk, Wis. Basic Sfudies Koslecki, Kennelh 3I63 S. 28th Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Sludies J. Freshmen Kovalik, Linda F. RR. 3, Box 65 Palaline, lll. Basic Sludies Kovalovic, Mike T. 2423 S. 76Ih Wesl Allis, Wis. Basic Sludies Krahn, Lucien E. 60l E. Taylor Prairie du Chien Basic Sludies Kramer, Eve R. 5408 Roanoke Dr. Alexandria, Va. Basic Sludies Kranpifz, James D. Soulh Wales, Wis. Basic Studies Kranzvsch, Hollis G. Elroy, Wis. Basic Sfudies Krema, Gregory F. l602 Nagle Manilowoc, Wis. Basic Sludies Kremenski, Peler L. 3405 S. 27th La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Krieg, Julie A. Monlicello, Wis. Basic Sludies Kroenong, Cheri L. 820 Kurlis Dr. Elm Grove, Wis. Basic Sludies Krueger, Gordon E. 303i 79th Ave. Elmwood Park, lll. Basic Sludies Krueger, Kerry L. RR. I, Box I8 Dousman, Wis. Basic Studies Krueger, Margarel RR. I Wes? Salem, Wis. Basic Sludies Kuehn, Mary A. 405 Walnul Omro, Wis. Basic Sfudies Kuiawski, Frederick 3462 S. lllll Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Sludies LaBarre, Dennis RR. I Slockholm,Wis. Basic Sludies Laball, Laura L. V. I6807 Excelsior Blvd. Hopkins, Minn. Basic Sfudies LaFIeur, Alberl L. 2032 Prospecl La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Lamb, Roberi E. 2540 Isl Ave. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Lammer, GeRuase RR. I Onalaska, Wis. Basic Sludies Lampert, Marli A. RR. 2 La Crosse. Wis. Basic Sludies Lander, Patricia J. 377 W. 4lh Winona, Minn. Basic Sludies Landsverk, Wayne I534 Park Ave. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies A D. La Point, Palricia A. I437 Main Onalaska, Wis. Basic Sludies AA,A . are .:,. wifi rg .. 'Ei i i T if ii x I i L as MS. -f f in 3 Ee if Karr . if '- ..f..1f'a-This I 1 T. as 7 . sf fi ' as R25 f ,s vo, 'sk' ,..,,e. f f..,. .1 . ' i fd' -3,5 K ,. , s Larkin, Mary E. 1003 Avon La Crosse, Wis. Basic Siudies Larsen, Daniel P. 205 S. Vfh La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Larsen, Michael J. 9I4 S. 7Ih La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Larson, Dennis G. 6I8 Island La Crosse, Wis. Basic Srudies Larson, Connie M. Box I29 Slar Prairie, Wis. Basic Sludies Larson, Ellen I. Box I65 Holmen, Wis. Basic Sludies Larson, Margaref RR. 2 Viroqua, Wis. Basic Sfudies L. Larson, Richard D. 76I Main Viroqua, Wis. Basic Studies Larson, Sharon A. RR. I Willon, Wis. Basic Sfudies Lash, Sandra L. 772 N. 24Ih La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Lauermann, Michael M. I326 Adams La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies La Vold, Sharon BIO Main Viroqua, Wis. Basic Siudies K. LaVon9, Terry W. 6I4 N. I5lh La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Lawrenz, Dale A. SI4 Benlon Tomah, Wis. Basic Siudies Lawrynk, Larry F. Sloddard, Wis. Basic Sfudies Lawson, Allen L. RR. I Holmen, Wis. Basic Sfudies Laylon, Barbara -A. 3020 S, 29th La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Lederer, Rufh A. Sfar Roufe Wcyauweqa, Wis. L.8iS. Lee, Larry A. 608 S. 3rd Onalaska, Wis. Basic Sludics Lee, Linda A. 2300 Hickory Ln. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Lee, Roberl E. RR. I Winneconne, Wis. Basic Sludies Lee, Russel M. RR. 2 La Crosse, Wis. Basic Srudies Lemke, Thomas A. 4I8 S. lllh La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Lenser, Dan H. Chaseburg, Wis. Basic Studies Freshmen gif, , fe ff mm i 1- 5 f 'R 9' ...S 1 ' . sf T L if I A 318 if Ja 1? 45-f sfwj I. fi. any - I -,. , sf,.- 5 ff , ,lf agn- . , .-.Ls -....... , . ...' .f Q ,ks if S. :. 1 4 gr is . I ,..,..... .1 Lenz, John C. Shell Lake, Wis. Basic Sludies Leonard, Ardis J. 72l Ferry La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Leonharl, James L. Iowa SI. Denver, Ia. Basic Sludics Levy, Carol J. RR. I Wonewoc, Wis. Basic Sfudies Lewandowski, Roger C. 2205 Glen Cove Brookfield, Wis. Basic Sludics Lewis, John R. RR. I Wesl Bend, Wis. Basic Sfudics Lewis, Sherry A. I226 S. 25Ih La Crosse, Wis. Basic Siudies Lewis, William R. 2928 S. 23rd La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Liebschsr, Dennis A. RR. II Three Lakes, Wis. Basic Sludies Lieder, Gary W. 2I26 Hoeschler Dr. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Lillelhun, James A. I22I Bluff La Crosse, Wis. Basic Siudies Lillie, Neil J. RR. 2 Clear Lake, Wis. Basic Studies Llmberq, Ken J. I44I Charles La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Lindgren, Terry A. II922 S. 75I'h Palos His., III. Basic Sludies Lindloff, Mark O. RR. I Wisconsin Dells, Wis. Basic Sludies Linharf, Roxanne 2OI7 Travis La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Linse, Mary K. RR. I Wcsi Salem, Wis. Basic Sludies Livangood, Linda J. Camp Douqlas, Wis. Basic Sludies Lock, Margaret J. Haskin SI. Lake Geneva, Wis. Basic Sludies Locy, Gerald R. 277 W. Wayne Wheeling, III. Basic Sfudies Loken, Richard M. I726 S. 3IsI La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Lokken, Judifh A. I622 Kane La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Looney, Roberr A22 S. 2nd Mayfield, Ky. Basic Sfudies Loomis, Palry E. I24 S. 28fh La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies a Wi ff' .. fe. L96 Ax: 0 A ff.-3' " if 0 '15 'wr 1. I 5 " 51 . 551 ye i I 'ik L Y ai if ' L. . Lorenz, Pamela J. 2IO5 San Fernando Dr. Elm Grove, Wis. Basic Sfudies Loslnski, Kalhryn A. I3b N. Shore Dr Founfain Ciiy, Wis. Basic Siudies Loughrin, Gene G. I945 Henry Neenah, Wis. Basic Sfudies Loveioy, David J. 2I2 Rose' La Crosse, Wis. Basic Siudies Lowe, Michael J. Friendship, Wis. Basic Sfudies Lulher, Anloinelle M. 4I2 N. Spring Sparia, Wis. Basic Sfudies Lyons, Conslance L. 2529 I3+h PI. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Lyons, Cynlhia J. BI7 Wilson Onalaska, Wis. Basic Sfudies L ons, Mariana F. sfo S. Ohio Prairie du Chien, Wis. Basic Siudies' Maas, Linda M. 5I4 Mississippi La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Mackie, William G. I923 Loomis La Crosse, Wis. Basic Siudies Madalon, Mary Jo 32I 2nd Ave. Baraboo, Wis. Basic Studies Magnuson, Alice l. I458 Chelmsford SI. Paul, Minn. Basic Studies Maher, David F. I900 Main Sf. La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Mahloch, Jeffrey G. i903 Springbrook Ave. Rockford, III. Basic Sfudies Malnory, Richard G. 2I0 S. Pearl Berlin, Wis. Basic Sfudies Manegold, Michael P 2I35 N. 7lsf Wauwaiosa, Wis. Basic Siudies Mangiaracina, Roselyn M. 53I7 N. Main Rd. Rockford, III Basic Siudies Manke, Donald L. RR. I Wes? Salem, Wis. Basic Sfudies Manley, Beverly J. I0402 Parklane Hales Corners, Wis. Basic Sludies Manlhei, Mary A. 3l9 N. 5+h M Black River Fails, Wis. Faisic Slurdies Marker, Dennis R. 203 Goddard La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Markerl, Joy A. 4731 N. 28th Miiwaukee, Wis. Basic Sfudies Markos, Charlollo M. I3I4 S. 2Isl' La Crosse, Wis. L. 8- S. Freshmen Marliar, Barbara A. I630 Longwood Elm Grove, Wis. Basic Siudies Mars, Roberf E. 2309 24+h Aye. Kenosha, Wis. Basic Siudies Marlin, Dennis R. 4l4 4Ih Ave. Soufh Onalaska, Wis. Basic Studies Marlin, Richard G. 5830 Barslow Waukesha, Wis. Basic Sfudies Mariin, Thomas C. 2l2 Main Mosinee, Wis. Basic Siudies Marly, Befh A. RR. I New Glarus, Wis. Basic Sfudies Marx, Judilh A. 3432 S. l5'lh Shebovqan, Wis. Basic Sfudies Mashak, Marilyn A. Rocklan, Wis. L. 8: S. Mason, Judiih K. l627 Charles La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Maslers, Tim J. 3I4 Spring Sparta, Wis. Basic Sfudies Malhison, Roberl W. 2907 Lake Shore Dr. La Crosse, Wis. Basic S+udies Mallison, Mary M. 9I4 Sfafe La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Mafulis, Thomas G. 2526 Legion Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Sfudies Malushek, Richard A. 22I5 Jackson La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies May, Donald E. 3II Ridge Mineral Poinf, Wis. Basic Sfudies McBain, Arlhur N. 330 S. 20ih La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies McCoy, Colleen M. 745 Elm Neenah, Wis. Basic Sfudies McCoy, Earlene M. Novwalk, Wis. Basic Sfudies McCormick, James D 607 Hiqh Randolph, Wis. Basic Studies McDonald, Thomas E Iowa Cify, Iowa Basic Sfudies McDonnell, Nancy J. 730 I0fh Hudson, Wis. Basic Sfudies McGinnis, Mary M. RR. I Wesi Saiem, Wis. Basic Sfudies McGralh, William G 4II N. Minnesofa Prairie du Chien, Wis Basic Sfudies McKenzie, Susan Sfar Roule 2 Rhinelander, Wis. Basic Sfudies iv'-I , S . 1-"N-f S? A Q ..r. . . 'M" I Q i - . : : i Fi 5' -i Q ' " . . 'P fy, McKibbin, Wayne Basic Studies McKinney, Robert A. 540 Hickory Mauston, Wis. Basic Studies McMahon, Walter M. 609 9th Baraboo, Wis. Basic Studies Medinger, Sonia S. l0l7 Redfield La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Mahlum, Richard E. I2I5 Rublee La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Meier, Vicki J. i354 Thompson La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Meisnesl, Ca rlene 740 l8th S. Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. Basic Studies Melby, Shirley A. 524 N. Leonard West Salem, Wis. L.8iS. Meronk, Robert H. l33 Huron Omro, Wis. Basic Studies Merrill David F. RR. I Onalaska, Wis. Basic Studies Messerschmidt, William P. 25 Oak Darien, Wis. Basic Studies Metcalf, Donetta J. 520 S. 5th La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Meyer, Don B. 203 W. Oak Boxcobel, Wis. Basic Studies Meyer, Marilyn E. 3ll3 Lindbergh Dr. Manitowoc, Wis. Basic Studies Meyer, William A. I633 S. 7Ist New Berlin, Wis. Basic Studies Meyers, Thomas N. 2002 Market La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Michel, Sharon A. 2I4l Johnson La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Michels, Gloria J. 37lU S. Alabama Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Studies Michuda, Richard J. 4074 N. I8th Milwaukee, Wis. L. 8. S. Midland, Robert J. I6O S. Lombard Lombard, Ill. Basic Studies Mike, Margaret M. I3I4 Vine La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Mikelson, Kristin 842 Cliftwood Lane La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Mikonowicz, David RR. 3 Reedsburg, Wis. Basic Studies Milfred, Judith E. RR. I Cazenovia, Wis. Basic Studies Freshmen A ff e rr Q. St- .iir " E E . rx 1' I .3 We ix .,,,.,iil.. 2 yd I , I L ...MT 3 K ei. 2' 5 'tis . if Y if ii fs, ,mr X-'ii 4- U lag, . - .5-is if ei ,,,f,,,, Q.. 1 ,gg A.. es is an X. '. W: Q s S f 6 ,.,, Si x. s 51 Q L 'X -' li 13 fi' 4: ,. . l Q . n w al . ju? 2 s 'I' I x , .,,, fi e xi S I Millard, Doris F. RR. I Darien, Wis. Basic Studies Miller, Dennis C. 2607 Williams Pl. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Miller, Dennis R. Ilb N. Main Wauconda, Ill. Basic Studies Miller, Donald M. llb N. Main Wauconda, III. Basic Studies Miller, James M. RR. I LaCrescent, M inn, Basic Studies Miller, Jeffrey C. 25I3 S. 26th La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Miller, JoAnn Parr St. Lodi, Wis. Basic Studies Miller, Kristina, 3005 S. 29th Ci. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Miller, LeRoy L. l4I0 S. I9th La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Miller, Mary L. 2I7 9th Ave. South Onalaska, Wis. L. 8: S. Miller, Patricia K. 305 Washington Ave. Sauk City, Wis. L. 81 S. Miller, Paul H. RR. 2 Omro, Wis. Basic Studies Miller, Peter F. 2I9I Wedgewood Dr La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Miller, Rene C. l83 Lindon Suakville, Wis. Basic Studies Miller, Sandra J. Brownsville, Minn. Basic Studies Millin, David C. Madison St. La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Mitchell, Thomas F. 4479 N. 30th Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Studies Mitich, John G. I507 Milwaukee Ave. Wauwatosa, Wis. Basic Studies Moe, Gary K. RR. 2 Viroqua, Wis. Basic Studies Moe, Roger A. RR. 3 Arcadia, Wis. Basic Studies Moersch, Nancy A. lBl S. East Elkhart Lake, Wis. Basic Studies Mohr, Mary E. 49l4 S. lOth Sheboygan, Wis. Basic Studies Molland, Rila M. 8I4 Kane La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Molledhl, Janes A. 2042 Loomis La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. is ff S' . J! -.1 fs 'L s 5. --. . K ...M 1 is 5 .- X' 'tial '1 x Molslad, Roberl J. 2309 Weslon La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Molsiad, Richard G- RR. I , Sparta, Wis. L. 81 S. Monahan, Michael J. RR. 2 Soldiers Grove. Wis. Basic Sludies Monsoor, Edward T. 2l26 George La Crosse, Wis. L.8iS. Monsoor, Mary L. 407 S. I3Ih La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Monsoor, Thomas O. 2l4 Main Onalaska, Wis. Basic Sludies Moran, Timolhy J. Soldiers Grove, Wis. L. 81 S. Morgan, Mary E. 3l.5V2 Walson Ripon, Wis. Basic Sludies Morgan, Richard D. I436 Farnam La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Moriarify, John L. 202 Wesl Cook New London, Wis.- Basic Sludies Moriariiy, Ronald A. l3l0 Sherman Janesville, .Wis. Basic Sfudles Morris, David J. Bangor, Wis. Basic Sludles Morrison, Richard C. I662 I2Ih Ave. Graflon, Wis. Basic Siudies Mosher, David C. La Crescenr, Minn. Basic Sludies Moskonas, Harris C. RR. I Tomah, Wis. Basic Sludies Mousselle, Joanne G. 625 Main Cornell, Wis. Basic Sludies Mrolek, Pafricia E. l6Ol Silver Creek Rd. Manilowoc, Wis. Basic Sludies Mueller, Donna S. 495 E. Gage Richland Cenler, Wis. Basic Sludies Mueller, Gary A. 5I3 Badger La Crosse, Wis. Mulesky, Roberl S. 4lI W. 6lh W. Wyoming, Pa. Basic Sludies Mulheron, Palricia A. RR. 2 I Ellrick, Wis. Basic Sludies Mullins, Roberl J. 4555 S. 47th Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Sludies Munns, William F. I03O Main Ave. Sheboygan, Wis. Basic Sludies Munroe, Bonnie L. RR. I Cadoll, Wis. Basic Sludies Freshmen Munson, Helen M. 828 Kane La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Murphy, Sylvia M. 650 Mason Rhinelander, Wis. Basic Sludies Myer, Barbara Basic Sludies Myers, Mariha J. Glen Haven, Wis. L. 81 S. Na rocke, Alilan P. 663 N. Milwaukee Sl. Porl Washinglon, Wis. Basic Sludies Nairn, Virginia L. 7726 W. Drexel Franklin, Wis. Basic Sludies Nanscawen, Sharon L. l726 S. 30l'h La Crosse, Wis. L.81S. Nechralal, Francis D. Monlforl, Wis. Basic Studies Nederloe, Joan O. 20IO Slale La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Needham, Jane L. 2002 Cass La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Neis, Donna R. Sevenlh Ave. Baraboo, Wis. Basic Sludies Nekola, JoAnne 2l47 Marker La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Nelson, Alan E. 422 3rd Ave. Washburn,Wis. L. 81 S. Nelson, Douglas A. Weslmoor Dr. Brookfield, Wis. Basic Sludies Nelson, Faye E. Luck, Wis. Basic Sludies Nelson, Florann M. 2605 Prospecl La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Nelson, Reggie W. I7'rh Sf. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Nelson, Rodney R. RR. I Camp Douglas, Wis. L. Xi S. Neprud, Madeline J. 333 N. lllh La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Nescheke, Ernesl' Basic Sludies Neuberger, David C. Harrison Si. Reesville, Wis. Basic Sludies Nichols, Robert C. Wonewoc, Wis. Basic Sludies Nichols, Susan M 2425 Vine La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Nicholson, Terry L. I702 Wood La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Nicholson, Terry L. I702 Wood La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sl'udies Nicholson, Timolhy C. 429 Harrison Waukesha, Wis. Basic Sfudies Nicklas, Nancy A. 6I9 2nd Ave. Durand, Wis. Basic Sfudies Nicolai, Daine C.. Soldiers Grove, Wis. Basic Sludies Niebauer, Richard R. RR. l Park Falls, Wis. Basic Srudies Niefeldf, Thomas E. 4l9 N. 9lh Ave. Onalaska, Wis. Basic Sludies Nikols, Marge Box 243 Lake Dellon, Wis. Basic Sfudies Nobles, Barbara A. 25ll 2nd Ave. Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. Basic Sfudles Noelke, William P. 444 N. 24lh La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Nohr, Sandra J. 8I2 Norlh Sl, La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Norcrosse, Nancy l. l422 Wood La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Nordbloom, Karen L. N. 3rd Waferford, Wis. Basic Sludies Norman, Carol J. 2029 Jackson La Crosse, Wis. L.8iS, Novak, Gary J. 8l2 Fremont Algoma, Wis. Basic Sludies Nullall, Larry W. 7th Sl. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies O'Brien, Lesler D. I l I3 Harrison Kaukauna, Wis. Basic Studies Oelke, Virgil D. RR. I Elroy, Wis. Basic Sfudies Okas, Susan M. 32l9 N. Bfh Sheboygan, Wis. Basic Sludies O'Leary, Sharon K. l220 George Appiefon, Wis. Basic Sfudies Oliva, Joseph A. 2ll9 E. Vollmer Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Sludies Olsen, Delores E. 3l3 Mill Rd. Galesville, Wis. Basic Sfudies Olsen, Sieve M. 600 Sunnylane Thiensville, Wis. Basic Sfudies Olson, Bernard O. RR. 3 , Chelek, Wis. Basic Sludies Olson, Cailla M. 3l8 Main Sparfa, Wis. Basic Sfudies si: ff" . 7 ., nf f.-fm. J.. ,sw sf Freshmen 1-5 lf' 2 - 5 3, if , X. 1 2 4 keg, 51' 1 - saa- .. as lr . ,F , aw S . .1 " fats i f . f 'if' is .4 . . . E., 42 s im E. s:" :" 1. Q 5 .. .... ..2 1.. 1 , . 1? A ' ':-f riffs RK as Je Q si ' fv. 11 .... :j ': ' f 7 J F : ','. ' 5 ' - , , . sf-.,. ff., .fi Rego , me X A Hifi Si, EF ff at 'lo K, i n -..,, i." 11,:i, jgf - . 1 f 2 1 .5-e':iH'5i1 f Olson, Dennis lll4 S. 25fh La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Olson, Ellen E. Bl? Pierce Black River Falls, Wis. Basic Sludies Olson, Karna J. l500 Sunyside Highland Park, lll. Basic Sludies Olson, Kathleen F. 707 W. Oak Sparta. Wis. Basic Sludies Olson, Larry J. 308 Troy Onalaska, Wis. Basic Sludies Olson, Larry L. 307 N. 2nd La Crescenl, Minn. L.81S. Olson, Lynda M. Slrum, Wis. Basic Sfudies Olson, Norman R. 707 W. Oak Sparla, Wis. Basic Sludies Olson, Ronald D. 402 Auslin Sparfa, Wis. Basic Siudies Olson, Rulh E. 20l8 S. 3Is+ La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Olson, Thomas R. Washinglon Sl. Wesfbv, Wis. Basic Sludies Oman, Judilh L. 2828 Farnam La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Onchen, Marciel V 7724 23rd Ave. Kenosha, Wis. Basic Siudies Onsager, David R. RR. 3 Waukon, Iowa L.81S. Oremovich, Judilh l230 Milwaukee Sl. Racine, Wis. Basic Sludies O'Rouke, Sherri A. l08 Jule Neenah, Wis. Basic Sludies Orr, Ann M. 5962 Park Hammond, Ind. Basic Sfudies Oswall, David G. 21 I6 Pine La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Oslermann, Eugene 839 Jefferson Cedarburg, Wis. Basic Studies Osllund, Viclor T. RR. 2 La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Osfreicher, Tony Basic Sludies Oslrem, David J. 220 N. Rock Viroqua, Wis. Basic Sludies Oulcell, Barry J. l627 Avon La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Page, Henry C. 444 N. 4l'h Onalaska, Wis. Basic Sfudies Panek, JoAnne P. RR. I Thorp, Wis. Basic Siudies Panke, Barbara L. 2408 Sunrise Dr. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Palience, Judifh A. 905 Tower Ml. Prospeci, 111. Basic Sfudies Paulson, Mrs. Alice 601 N. 16th La Crosse, Wis. Basic Srudies Paulson, Connie Il E. LaSalle Barron, Wis. Basic Siudies Palus, James R. 530 N. 10111 La Crosse, Wis. Basic Siudies Pavela, Joseph F. 5030 33rd Ave. Kenosha, Wis. Basic Siudies Payne, Lloyd F. Main S+. I Sfoddard, Wis. L. Zi S. Peacock, Penny R. 138 Lazarre Green Boy, Wis. Basic Siudies Peckham, Philip G. I21 S. Minnesola Prairie du Chien, Wis. Basic Siudies Pederson, Paula J. Shell Lake, Wis. Basic Siudies Podrefli, Leo M. Genoa. Wis. Basic Sfudies Pendleion, Richard J. 1510 Kane La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Perry, Susan G. RR. 4 Sparia. Wis. Basic Siudies Pelersen, Kalhryn A. Cashron, Wis. L.8iS. Pelerson, Blaine W. 716 W. Oak Sparia, Wis. Basic Sfudies Peferson, Gary C. RR. 2 Soldiers Grove, Wis. Basic Siudies Pelerson, James A. 437 W. Garland Wes? Salem, Wis. Basic Siudies Peferson, Susan L. Hixion, Wis. Basic Siudies Peferson, Thomas D. 1505 Vine La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Pellis, Jane M. 3011 S. 271h La Crosse, Wis. L.8iS. Pelzke, Sharon K. Willon, Wis. Basic Sfudies Pfaff, David W. RR. I Halmen, Wis Basic Sfudies Pfaff, Sandra L. 1334 71s1 Dr. Union Grove, Wis. Basic Sfudies Freshmen 'bf as 1 i ,.-, gi f s? if ,,,. ff 1. i i ":a:::::5-:"?i::' :im . ' , SPii.:9ffr,f 1, .' ETL? 53135 liar we iii' ' s ss. P is! my ii ws. ,. is.. A 3 1 M is 1? E is 1 ff F 4' ,F .2 gf i fi 132. - . ,FTD-W-4.,.:. ,Q . , . ' I 55: 7 551 5 E I :xii 1.2113151314 , f "1wgssz'1Qaf'f1.--K , ie ,.,, ,,.. 3 I Pfaff, Wayne RR. 2 Holmen, Wis. L. 81 S. Pfaff, Ronald F. RR. 2 Mausfon, Wis. Basic Sfudies Phelps, Anita J. 926 Avon La Crosse, Wis. L.8iS. Philip, Donald J. B99 Deerpalh Lake Foresf, 111. Basic Sfudies Pickell, Daniel W. 2311 181h Ave. Monroe, Wis. Basic Sfudies Piekarz, Carol A. 848 W. Cecil Neenah, Wis. Basic Sfudies Pielhop, Kennelh C. Badger Sf. La Crosse, Wis. L.8iS. Pischke, Sfeven J. Sherwood Place Wesf Bend, Wisconsin Basic Siudies Plinska, Karlene E. 5167 N. 651h Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Siudies Ploelz, Palricia 201 Lincoln Ave. Prairie du Sac, Wis. Basic Siudies Poollinqer, JoAnn M. 2334 George La Crosse Wis. Basic Sfudies Poser. Allan 1820 N. 166111 Brookfield, Wis. Basic Siudies Posl, Karen L. 307 Green Mr. Horeb, Wis. Basic Siudies Poffer, Orrin T. 611 91h Baraboo, Wis. Basic Siudies Puller, Ronald A 814 S. 19111 La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Polls, Lloyd R. 1019 Green Bay La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Powell, Keilh R. 2210 Redfield La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Power, Mary E. Viroqua, Wis. Basic Sfudies Powers, Robert J 111 Bender Rock Snrinqs, W Basic Sfudies Prael, Linda E. 590 Sherry Lane Deerfieid, 111. Basic Srudies is. Pralle, Thomas L. Onalaska, Wis. Basic Siudies Preiean, James 3131 Cass La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Preiean, Irena 3131 Cass La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Prell, Dale B. 305 W. Fosier Tomah, Wis. Basic Siudies ' 2235. Y , 'ir 3,251 We ii . rg .fff'l::igergi 1?-515 r., ,, ri... . . Q. .M . . iii., I .. e wi ze, ., .B . .. . , J., fx V si Tw qi Ki , ,. , , fssgsssfs f ' if .v2:s14si4fa:f' if s .,,, ,,, Q. if . s, me . 2 xg J -8' fx, R' .045 ll, 5. X ev 89' Prell, Marilyn C. 806 McLean, Tomah, Wis. Basic Studies Prentiss, Carolyn M . 500 N. Windsor Dr. Aqllilngton Heights, Basic Studies Preston, Jeanne M. 2054 S. 29th La Crosse, Wis. L.8rS. Primus, Judith K. Fairchild, Wis. Basic Studies Prucha, James 2200 Onalaska Ave. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Prudhome, James P. 2420 Hass La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Pruefer Alvin W. Jr. 403 Linden Dr, Basic Studies . s ' E ,Jefferson, Wis. " e s . ssss sssss . 'ii i as .,, L . Qi? si Frei' S, .. . y r ew js Puckett, Phyllis E. 234 Summit Lodi, Wis. Basic Studies Purtell, Ann F. 7522 Kenwood Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Studies Ouillan, Ronald J. I703 S. 3lst La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Quinn, Kathleen E. 7424 Lincoln Place Wausau, Wis. Basic Studies Quiring, Leonard W. 4l65 42nd Milwaukee. Wis. Basic Studies Raa be, David E. RR. I Wilton, Wis. L. gr S. Radke, Carol J. RR. I Wilton, Wis. Basic Studies Radfke, Gloria A. RR. I Schofield, Wis. Basic Studies Ramsay, Richard W. 2l45 Adams La Crosse, Wis. L.8rS. Ranger. Marc B. 33l Franklin West Salem, Wis. L. 81 S. Rank. Stanley D. l907 S. Losey La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Rash, Leonard RR. 2 Onalaska, Wis. Basic Studies Rasmusen, Rosalyn J. 235 2lst. La Cross, Wis. Basic Studies Ratwik, Richard P. RR. I Mauston, Wis. Basic Studies Rausch, Beverly T. Wilmot, Wis. Basic Studies Raymond, John A. 4508 48th Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Studies Raymond, Ralph G. 3 Birch Creek Madison, Wis. Basic Studies A eff Freshmen ,W i1,,isf, J" gal Q45 ,sv ' if 11:1 f . Hi?- lff 5 'gy mi- QV e R Q is -' 5' F ii , lf - '-. S . is . .. , 1 K, Rayome, William 806 2nd Port Edwards, Wis Basic Studies Rebhan, Sandra A. 29I4 N. Bay La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Rechtin, James P. 445 E. Cedar Lane Mequon, Wis. Basic Studies Reed, Beverly J. 3l8 Remington Baraboo, Wis. Basic Studies Reeder, William R Bay Shore Dr. Muskeoo, Wis. Basic Studies Reese, Sharon L. 977 Walworth Ave. Whitewater, Wis. Basic Studies Reget, Dennis J. I725 Kane La Crosse, Wis.' Basic Studies Reise, Gordon D. 9I6 S. 6th La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Ronz, Robert R. 529 Jackson Fart Atkinson, Wis. Basic Studies Rette, Sandra Basic Studies Rettenmaier, Albert l3O Dogwood Berkley Heights, N. Basic Studies Reynolds, Ruth E. I022 S. Losey La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies J. J. Rhodes, Dwight RR, I Bangor, Wis. Basic Studies Richard, Garry A. Egg Harbor, Wis. Basic Studies Richter, John A. l834 27th Sheboygan, Wis. Basic Studies Rieman, Bonnie L. Main St. Wales Center, N. Basic Studies Riley, Gary D. 478 E. Geneva St. Elkhorn, Wis. Basic Studies Riley, James F. Highland, Wis. Basic Studies Riniker, Mary E. 508 N. I0th La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Ripley, Gary L. West State Mauston, Wis. Basic Studies Robertson, Mary E. I223Vg Avon La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies E. . ' li is 3 -: A N I' rss a, 2 S K 2. dit . . . M Q . .,, . 1, 'f ri? 'igf is ...QA . fs. Y. ip! .,., V .. ,4 ,"' -- .,,, " S ,. . i My ,. . rt-5.-s w Robinson, Gary M. , ., 2I06 Charles I La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Roets, Jeanne V. 529i N, 83rd Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Studies Rohrer, James A. 2I lb Prospect La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies i 5 we N we gi f, ., . 'l .. 'W .22 J. .fi 1 Qt 0 A 1. 5 H8 V 1 gs .ra i r A es av W s ati, i 21 A rid' f I 6 9 r if I," Q 4 7521-- X . i, Romenesko, Thomas D. l348 Summer Appleton, Wis. Basic Studies Roper, Dennis K. 932 Summer Eau Claire, Wis. Basic Studies Roratf, Margaret M , l649 Park Ave. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Rosandich, Greil D. 362 West Ave, La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Roseberry, Edmond A. l8Ol Farwell La Crosse, Wis. L.8rS. Rosendale, Dennis RR. 2 Holmen, Wis. Basic Studies Roth Robert S. 606 Glen Hiqhway Madison, Wis. Basic Studies Ruehl, Geri A. Oakwood Heiohts Menornonie, Wis. Basic Studies Runholm, Kathryn A. 4l9 Franklin Wauoun, Wis. Basic Studies Runice, Jerome R. 2507 Weston La Crosse Wis. Basic Studies Russel. Patricia Basic Studies Rusch, William P. RR. I Valders, Wis. Basic Studies Rutter, June E. IIl6 S. Losey La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Ryan, Thomas P. 535 West Ave. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Rydel, Sandra L. 26l9 Oakwood Wausau, Wis. Basic Studies Ryder, Valerie A. Trempealeau, Wis. Basic Studies Sands, Saralie S. 2412 Bradley Rockford, lll. Basic Studies Sander, Robert D. Basic Studies Sa rner, Gary R. 2232 Onalaska Ave. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Saron, Gordon J. 4500 N. 38th Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Studies Sart, Carol E. I5Il Cass La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Sarver, Thomas A. 63l Omaha Washburn, Wis. Basic Studies Sather, Sarah H. II6 S. Cedar Adams, Wis. Basic Studies. Sawyer, Georqene K. I00 S. Cedar Adams, Wis. L. 8- S. ,I , an Freshmen , : W it v ' 'is Aft ii I N .AAA6 if ls I 2 2 ii 5 .riffs ' uf. ' A Ax t A 2,2 u fix, C i , , M X I 1: l si xi! nf tx . n 7, . 1 ai K ,.. , 1 .4 j' wi we-iff as i , s, 4 'Q' -My It A X 'J ffm. ,c MJ I. ., 4 f i ' lr 1, . sb f .. . W . , i,,. Y 7-, .,ii ,Vg A Q2 3' 5 . 'V 1. .f 5 ,J ,VV Saxe, Alice M. RR. 2 Portage, Wis. Basic Studies Saxton, Michael L. Sl? Market La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Schaff, Jack L. l28 N. 2nd Medford, Wis. Basic Studies Schaller, Judith L. RR. 2 . Onalaska, Wis. Basic Studies Schaller, Vernon Wonewoc, Wis. Basic Studies Schallock, Michael R. l222 Madison. La Crosse, Wis. L.8rS. Schamens, Richard M. I902 Sachtien Madison, Wis. Basic Studies E. Schams, Terry W. RR. I La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Scharrschmidt, Jini H. South Sl. Medford, Wis. Basic Studies Schaub, Carole J. 607 College St. Sparta, Wis. Basic Studies Schauf, James E: RR. 2 ' Sparta, Wis. Basic Studies Schellenger, Patricia A. Argyle, Wis. Basic Studies Schieble, Marleen . RR. 3 Pewaukee, Wis. Basic Studies ,eg . is Schiffer, Donald J. 2207 Prospect La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Schiller, Robert A. BBII W. Rohr Ave. Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Studies Schirm, Robert R. 3209 Lake Shore Dr. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Schleicher, Ted W. RR. 3 Tomah Wis. Basic Studies Schleifer, Ellen L. 25l7 Harvey La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Schmidt, Mary K. I803 George La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Schmidt, Sandra Basic Studies Schmidt, Richard J. 2807 Cass La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Sc hmieder, Sandra A. 734 Adams Lancaster, Wis. Basic Studies Schmit, Sandra M. 342 S. Main Saukville, Wis. Basic Studies Schmitt, Rosemary E. Basic Studies 3, .- 5 an 3 3 J aff 1 I wr. Q... I s 3 te. T .t as jf ' L F ii . i .F ,t 'ilxzgsv A i F K Q Schmitz, Barbara 284i W. Kilbourn Ave. Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Studies H. Schmitz, Francis C. RR. l h La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Schneider, Anthony W. 920 Mitscher Hillsboro, Wis. Basic Studies Schock, Arden M. I725 Jackson La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Scholberg, Steven l3I7 Caledonia La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S, L. Schrabeck, Joan E. I903 S. 23rd La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Schroeder, Douglas H. l607 Charles La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Schroeder, Richard W. 602 9th Ave. S. Onalaska, Wis. L.8iS. Schubert, Charlotte S. 333 S. 6th La Crosse, Wis Basic Studies Schulz, Bruce W., H32 Grand Ave. Schofield, Wis. Basic Studies Schulz, Richard D. 4566 N, 76th Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Studies Schultz, Adlyce K. Wonewoc, Wis. Basic Studies Schultx, Frederic H. l30 N. Baird Rhinelander, Wis. Basic Studies Schultz, Jeanne K. RR. 3 Baraboo, Wis. Basic Studies Schultz, JoAnn R. RR. 3 Arcadia, Wis. Basic Studies Schultz, Michael R. 407 W. Bottsford Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Studies Schutz, Thomas A. 6506 N. Sunny Pt. Rd. Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Studies Schwab, Charles F. 37l4 Ross Madison, Wis. L. 81 S. Schwersenska, Janice J. Coloma, Wis. Basic Studies Schwier, Gerald R. 2 S. Midvale Madison, Wis. Basic Studies Schwoegler, Sharon Basic Studies Sciborski, Larry E. ll2I Ferry La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Sciborslri, Robert T. 24l4 S. l3th La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Schilberq, Pamela I59 Cths Oconomowoc, Wis. Basic Studies Freshmen Q ij? fi fit , Q . , " " EJQS5 i ii "" fm r hswlg. 'iv f N . a ' 15- 5 -.f- . . ,,'., 1 ,, ,flier ' i Y . S, a t 3. ' ig 9 if if i i fi i X11 we V .A Q 5 .s 4 D. .' P 'ws I .i sit.-fi.: sys 15 L . 'nl if ...Q.., W'.. ' ,a ' may ... Scott, Elaine F. IO3 Polk Slinger, Wis. Basic Studies Scott, Elia ne H. 2I47 W. Daphne Rd. Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Studies Sebranek, Patrick H. Wonewoc, Wis. L. 81 S. Sederquist, Michael A. Valley View Dr. Richland, Wis. Basic Studies Seeley, Patrick J, Wyocent, Wis. Basic Studies Segal, Richard A. 31 West St. Sharon, Mass. Basic Studies Seiler, James E. 2l62 Denton, La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Selke, Esther E. RR. I Trempealeau, Wis. Basic Studies Semmerling, Barbara A. Minoqua, Wis. Basic Studies Semrad, Nancy B. 3308 E. Whittaker Cudahy, Wis. Basic Studies Sendelbach, Roger J. I308 Mississippi La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Sensen, Gordon Basic Studies Ssrvais, Bernard J. i553 5. I5th La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Severson, Gary L. Ferryville, Wis. Basic Studies Shanlev, Susan M. 2I27 Coulee Dr. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Sharer, Priscilla J. Albany, Wis. Basic Studies Shaul, Michael J. Main St. Deerfield, Wis. Basic Studies Shaw, Charlene K. 32l 3rd Ave. S. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Shedivy, James H. 224 N. Beaumont Prairie du Chien, Vfis. Basic Studies Sheldon, Paul.J. 608 Rose La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Sherman, Lew W. 703 Pine Hudson, Wis. L.8-S. Shirk, Philip R. RR. 4 Edgerton, Wis. L. Xi S. Shields, Gail M. RR. 3 Westby, Wis. Basic Studies Shoemaker, Michael A, Wittenberg, Wis. Basic Studies , or toss RJ: it def. ' ' ty fl 5.12 ' 1 . 4 K :,, , 5' I are iiii' L .. ' if . 5. . .ir . a s 'ffl 'Q it '33 3 3 4 4 s 3 'Q s 'wk za., , Wee x 1- it Q Y' . .4 if .7 eg. .I , D N .2 f it 'YT 144 fi... A . Shrider, Randy B. I79 Birchwood White Bear Lake, Minn. Basic Studies Shuda, Nancy C. ll4 Ninth Ave. S. Onalaska, Wis. Basic Studies Schulz, Robert Basic Studies Shumaker, Steven R. 22nd Ave. Sterlino, lll. Basic Studies Sibianeh, Bernard Basic Studies Sieger, Peter J. i804 S. 23rd La Crosse, Wis. L. Xi S. Siewert, Suzanne R. 709 Dewitt Portage, Wis. Basic Studies Silcock, Charles L. 3I N. Main Mayville, Wis. L.8iS. Sim, George A. I803 W. Rogers Appleton, Wis. Basic Studies Sime, Rick T. RR. l Soldiers Grove, W Basic Studies Simon, Mark T. 2803 S. 8th Sheboygan, Wis. Basic Studies Sinclair, Jessie S. 4602 Gregg Rd. Madison, Wis. L. 81 S. is. Skagen, Cheryl A. 2l3 N. Sth Onalaska, Wis. Basic Studies Skrobst, Barbara J. Manitowish Waters Wis. Basic Studies Slaback, Rosemarie I39 Bth Ave. Onalaska, Wis. Basic Studies Sleigh, Michael B. 527 S. 23rd La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Slette, Mary J. RR. I Genoa, Wis. Basic Studies Slocum, Marcia A. 273 Gardner Ave. Burlington, Wis. Basic Studies Slosarczyk, Mary A Wisconsin Ave. Racine, Wis. Basic Studies Small, John H. 5205 Shawano Terr. Madison, Wis. Basic Studies Smith, Barbara A. George St. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Smith, Carolyn L. RR. 2 De Soto, Wis. Basic Studies Smith, Charlene L. 2035 George La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Smith, Pamela J. l2243 75th Ave. Palos Heights, Ill. Basic Studies Freshmen .A 7 Fi r uf-if pa. I -. Ts Dis 'ii A 1, ,.., g I nh ' ir S Q Qi s W fri WA' 51 li? -A S! 1 I if Ya 5 ,sm K, . . me at 'f at Q, A I ,,.. as Smith, Patricia A. RR. I Galesville, Wis. Basic Studies Smith, Sandra J. 6I3 Maple Downers Grove, lll. Basic Studies Smout, Neal L. 2l I4 Cargill Janesville, Wis. Basic Studies Sokolik, Kathryn B. l2l Usher La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Solberg, James C. 23l0 Winnebago La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Sondreal, Elroy O. 725 N. 4th Onalaska, Wis. Basic Studies Sondrol, Kenneth O. 2ll6 Redfield La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Sonneborn, Roy D. I308 Carlton Dr. Racine Wis. Basic Studies Sorce, lsadore 2828 E. Bolivar St. Francis, Wis. Basic Studies Southworth, Kenneth H. 228 W. Pleasant New Lisbon, Wis. Basic Studies Souza, Walter H. Eleele, Kauai, Hawaii Basic Studies Sowinski. Judith L. 5I42 Ruby Ave. Racine Wis. Basic Studies Spars, Dennis B. 329 Grove Mayville, Wis. Basic Studies Specht, Barbara A. l45 St. Louis Dr. Prairie du Chien, Wis Basic 'Studies Spedl, Maxine 2227 Kane La Crosse, Wis. L.8:S. Spencer, William D. 433 Caledonia La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Spletter, Lee V. 2260 State New Holstein, Wis. Basic Studies Spychalla, Carol A. 300 Francis Rothschild, Wis. Basic Studies Squire, Cheryl L. 62lO Sylvan Lane Madison, Wis. Basic Studies Squire, David E. Cashton, Wis. Basic Studies Staab, Marlys K. P. S. R. Medford, Wis. Basic Studies Stage, John D. 69l3 West Mill Rd. Milwaukee, Wis. L. 81 S. Statfon, Alan G. 724l North Ave. Middleton, Wis. L. 81 S. Stankey, Sharon J. 2l23 Redtield La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies 'CTS I 'T . - K ',A. K .Kiki ,Q .li-K' a is 1 5 ,. geii. , 4 r ' , -vfrll ,im f A i S F f-f Q . ff 'R Zi JI .3 . A l ii X ai Q, -,,-- Q sl Qi as .B 3' is ,.., dm like I 3,0397 'QA Slarlr, Mary L. l4l4 S. l9lh La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Slauffer, Joseph W. RR. I La Crescenr, Minn. Basic Sludies Slaine, Mary J. 93I Van Buren Black River Falls, Wis. Basic Sludies Sleiner, Neil J. 744 Tremonf Mauslon, Wis. Basic Sluclies Slellick, Richard D. I5I6 S. 7Il1 La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Slellmacher, Thomas L. 70 U nion Ripon, Wis. Basic Sludies Slellpflug, Margaref A. l06 Harris Rd. Galesville, Wis. Basic Studies Slellrechl, Greg T. Galesville, Wis. Basic Sfudies Stenerson, Mary A. l240 Aoricol Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. Basic Sfudies Srewarl, John D. 4I2V2 W. Noll Tomah, Wis. L.8iS. Sloda, Randall J. RR. 3 Tomah, Wis. Basic Sludies Sfoen, John M. RR. l La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Freshmen Sloll, Anne M. l265'-7 N. Easl Shoreland Dr, f.- Mequon, Wis. Basic Sludies . 4' TQ 'p -nw. , 5. , .sn , Lrmiqsmlgff 3 ilgralndf, James C. I I Lk Mihaafo, wi.. l . I Basic Sludies 1' i f A Slo ey, J deen K. " aosrs. lbllh 4' 'R La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies . 47 Slrasser, Palricia A. RR. l Sfocldard, Wis. Basic Studies .9 '35-A vt.. ft., I Slremcha, Janice M. Loen, Wis.. 9, Basic Sludies -, f.,.x KV' J., riff! I Sfreuli, Joanne YM. 720 l5lh Ave. Union Grove, Wis Basic Sludies Sfuarf, Kalhleen A. RR. 2 Boyceville, Wis. Basic Sfudies Q9 Y. 1' V, Sluarl, Nancy A. if 925 Walson I I Ripon, Wis. Q' ' Basic Sludies f I .Q- Sfuarl, Terry W. Harmon Blvd. Onalaska, Wis. .ygzfr L. s. s, 'Tl 5? X W -' Sugar, David C. K ' 295 S. Park ' Richland Cenfer, Wis. 'Q if Basic Sludies ,. Sullivan, Pele E. l6ll Weslcn si ki La Crosse, Wis. A. J Basic Sludies ,ery xv! f. Sullivan, Thomas J. I2l6 Jackson La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Y 4:5 ,i I f V I . F liar' , gs.-w,s", ., 1 ' 0- 1 ,'f...'ll 5 4 N 'lm .. ,Iliff 'e 14 Y' . .ff 5. ' L .al fa . 1 ., H K' I ,ache s. img. nfs "" . is In sl. s ar s A 'L E .4 af 532' - I' .N .,,, Suworoff, William J. 3449 S. 44th Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Sludles Swanculf, Susan B. 29Ih 8: Cass La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Swanson, Jean 32I7 Diamond 8 Terr. Minneapolis, Minn. Basic Studies Sweeney, Nancy J. bl5 9lh Ave. S. Onalaska, Wis. Basic Sfudies Swiggum, Marc B. MI. Horeb, Wis. Basic Siudies Szozda, Edward J. 3l6 W. blh Kaukauna, Wis. Basic Sfudies Tachanz, Roberl Basic Sludies Taylor, James W. N50Wl575l Honeysuckle Menomonee Falls, Wis. Basic Sludies Taylor Jane J. Iaov Caroline La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Temp, Roberl M. 740 N. 23rd La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies Templin, Connie L. II37 W. Taylor Applelon, Wis. Basic Sludies' Teynor, Cheryl L. RR. I Prairie du Chien, Wis. Basic Sludies Theiler. Rober? C. 522 Easf Park Ave. Tomahawk, Wis. Basic Sfudies Thiede, Leonard A. RR. I Granlon, Wis. Basic Sludies Thirion, Terry R. 4455 Adams Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Sfudies Thoflne, Daniel A. Soldiers Grove, Wis. L.81S. Thompson, Belly L. RR. I Ellrick, Wis. Basic Sludies Thompson, Leon A. Dane, Wis. Basic Sfudies Thompson, Suann A. RR. I Elroy, Wis. L.8:S. Thrune, Kay E. ZI50 Winnebago La Crosse, Wis: Basic Sfudies Tickler, Michael P. 6l3 Kilbourn Tornah, Wis. Basic Sludies Timm, Dennis C. 2000 Onalaska Ave. La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Tollackson, Louis G. 1326 Liberty I La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Topol, Pamela A. 7942 W. 97th PI. Hichory Hills, lll. Basic Studies lg, ,.', mf K 'Y fa if-ff I la' 1 .9 ,F . I is be iv' ly I . ' is . 'H Bs- 1 Xu. , . aqua I , ...Q 7. A L i s A bn.. as .. rf! .,' .352 sus p..w. as CW! 5 . 5 fy Q sei... l45 'r ,Ms g A- v iv . '. gi..1ls VS Y .nag 935 . ' kj, rfb. sf- W' al' . .2 is 1 Q .s - lf' 3 .- . F 13 I46 .41 Toppen, Peter M. Elroy, Wis. Basic Studies Tormey, Thomas W. N. Prospect Ave. Madison, Wis. Basic Studies Tornowslee, Mary F. RR. I Bagle , Wis. L. a Z. Torres, Jose B. I735 Madison Ave. New York City, hl.,Y. Basic Studies Tossi, Barry A. 9I9 Kennicutt Anltgngton Heights, Basic Studies Tracey, Marllyn M. Mindoro, Wis. Basic Studies Trammell, Larry L. 526 Winnebago La Crosse, is. Basic Studies Trapp, Allen T. 226i Hiawatha Ave. La Crosse, Wis. L. 8: S. Treu, Margaret A. 2lS N. lbth La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Trlebs, Gordon A. ll4 N. Franklin Elroy, Wis. Basic Studies Trwobridge, James R. La Farge, Wis. Basic Studies Tudahl. David Basic Studies Trueman, Patricia L. l220 King La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies s Trussoni, Judith A. I403 S. 2lst La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Turner, Jeffrey A. 402 N. 9th Onalaska, Wis. L.8rS. Turnquist, William E. RR. 3 Greenwood, Wis. Basic Studies Tyler, William H. Wilton, Wis. Basic Studies U lio, Susan M. 23.28 N. llth Wauwatosa, Wis. L. Bi S. Freshmen . 4, . K 3 ra. 2' .-as si-... an v5sg:,f'N 2 is ..., .3 .eafsffffbig .. ..,....,2 H.. .21 5292 31 555357 . S253 12 H , .. kg K ': -: :5 :. :H. . fi ' "" ..., Utter, Mary J. Vine St. Wisconsin Dells, Wis. Basic Studies Vacca, Richard J. i604 Bryn Mawr Racine, Wis. Basic Studies Q :s.+.,, if f .af . ,J . 5'-Iffifiif' Nr - . .Wee . E. 5 , 5 Vallee, Gar A. 4472 S. Grlmln Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Studies Van Akkeren, Paid A. H23 Johnson La Crosse, Wis. L. 8: S. Vanin an, Jonathan J. l2l Vifellington Poynette, Wis. Basic Studies Van Wormer, Sarah J. 430 E. Franklin Portage, Wis. Basic Studies . ,-f..-..., 5 TITS: V ZW is W .. K sr .Af ifvs . 5' si "ff - - aa. .1 f In .... -is-'i 55252 fk-- if 3.5, ,k 'ifivlxii :ri 1,17 L f 3 X! . . ni.. i 1 - J' gl. i..i' i:" I .5 . 5 . . .... ,... fe. - . x, jig.. . 33, . 411. is? . - . ess sex.. - , Q... ., ,., it Zi., A ' :l,:H..: " sg , -r Varley, Owen A. I033 Wabash Waukesha, Wis. Basic Studies Vedum, Gary W. 354 W. Franklin West Salem, Wis. L. Bi S. Veglahn, Thomas E. l9ll East Ave. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Venier, Lois 4303 S. Johnson Racine, Wis. Basic Studies Vergowe, Wayne J. lOl Center Ave. Cedar Grove, Wis. Basic Studies Violette, Richard G l535 Farwell La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Visger, Kenneth J. 2546 S. l5th I La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Vlasak, Arlys J. Kendall, Wis. Basic Studies Voeks, Glenn R. 73I River Grove Dr. Bara boo, Wis. Basic Studies Vogt, James M. Cassville, Wis. Basic Studies vain, Patricia A. l050 Shorewood Dr. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Vosvil, Dean J. l2l W. Union Cedar Grove, Wis. Basic Studies Voss, David J. RR. I Cross Plains, Wis. Basic Studies Voss, Rosemary J. RR. 2 Franksville, Wis. Basic Studies Wachal, Margaret A. 2064 S. 83rd West Allis, Wis. Basic Studies Wachtsl, Gary P. RR. 2 Two Rivers, Wis. L. 81 S. Wagner, Barbara C. RR. I Madison, Wis. Basic Studies Wainwright, Jane A. 70I E. Cass Prairie du Chien, Wis. Basic Studies Wake Glen M. 2205 Eastwood Janesville, Wis. Basic Studies Wakosm, Deloris Basic Studies Walker, Bonnie L. Babcock, Wis. Basic Studies Walker, Cheryl A. l005 S. 25th La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Walker, David T. l0I7 Sill La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Ward, Betty J. 722 S. Losey La Crosse, Wis. Basic Studies Q . ' sias iez l'Pi':z was- f-vi I I ., er' fyf' Q .sm K if , Q'-5.5 it 2 f f J. 7. '41- C asf 'safe' ,-N s Ali ii' J". il.. . ,S . y 4 .. , ,K V : V, 1 . if 4 . yg 5 I, Ward, Diane M. Oak Sf. Sparfa, Wis. Basic Sfudies Warmon, Dwighl Basic Sludies Warner, David L. H5 l9ll1 Forl Belvoir, Va. Basic Sludies Warnken, Virginia 355 Sth Awe. Onalaska, Wis. Basic Sludies Washic, Nancy J. 2432 N. H6 Wauwalosa, Wis. Basic Siudies Waszak, Russell A. 326i S. l5fh Pl. Milwaukee, Wis. L.8iS. Walerman, Eleanor O. bil N. I9fh La Crosse, Wis. Basie Sludies Wafeski, Judilh A. I43 Wood La Crosse, Wis. Basic Siudies Wafowski, David Basic Sfud ies Weichbrod, Janel' L. RR. l Amhursl, Wis. Basic Sludies Weig, Susan E. l23l S. l5fh La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Weigman, Gary C. 4I5 W. 'ith Kaukauna, Wis. Basic Sfudies Weis, Thomas J. i927 Caledonia La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Weiss, Nancy J. i302 Kane La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Freshmen ...IPP we 1- as aa- 1-MP. ,1 iv l v N. fl ENN. .s in .9 9 Weissenberger, ,' Nancy A. , IO4 Ceniral Cf. Q' Wesfby, Wis. ' is Basic Sludies - .rj ,, -2 , wendy, nab fv. S Il46 Tvler er ' La Crosse, Wis. J 1 5 Basic Sfudies "" W ll , Jay L. IISW. Thomas - F Poynelfe, Wis. if f l Basic Sludies K tx Wenlworlh, David W. E 5 zazo W. vmafd Ave. Milwaukee, Wis. r f' Basic Sludies " ' , , J' Wedh, Allan J. 20Il S. 2lsl La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sfudies MH .5 I . if 1, . S' , ,. West, Douglas G. 3937 N. 98fh Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Sludies Wesf, Juanita L. l5l7-S. Ibih La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies . s f , if is? F xt!- Whisner, David A. 4275 N. l33rd Brookfield, Wis. Basic Sludies Q , 7- , vi as White, Rosemary E. Lake Geneva, Wis. Basic Sfudies Wiedman, Reginald W. 8l0 Oak Terr, La Crescenf, Minn. Basic Sludies s-.. Q "-255 .XV V' 'J is ,rl 4 .A ..-ef llll gil, 5 . r, J V, i 5-2. -os. 4 .iff I Ti.. .-fu .-5, ? or 9 l 1 S -si!-Kiev-.l. Ask. lr ,p l ,fa 4 x :Q 1. 3 li if? QF Q-.. , ,451 if 7 .,ae,. Wieland, Roberl' J. 5718 W. Allerfon Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Sludies Wiersgalla, Jack R. Trempealeau, Wis. Basic Sludies Wilcox, Roberf D. Wesl Ave. Wesl' Salem, Wis. Basic Studies Will, Kathleen A. Kenl Sf. Sparfa, Wis. Basic Sludies Willer, Alan D. RR. I Onalaska, Wis. Basic Sludies Williams, Arrah L. RR. 3 Chelek, Wis. Basic Sludies Williams, Thomas R. l3l S. Charles Waukesha, Wis. Basic Sfudies Wisfe, Donald L. 2l0I Kane La Crosse, Wis. Basic Siudies Wilek, Eugene R. RR. I Wiihee, Wis. Basic Sludies Wille, Alan B. RR. I Wesl Salen. Basic Sludies Wociehoski, Darlene M. 3840 A N. Oakland Milwaukee, Wis. Basic Siudies Wolfe, David W. 235V2 S. I9lh La Crosse, Wis. Basic Siudies Wolff, Jo Ann 226 S. Main Lake Mills, Wis. Basic Sludies Wrighl, Wayne E. i702 Ferry La Crosse, Wis. L. 81 S. Wyrembek, Joe E. N86Wl3688 Irene Dr. Menomonee Falls, Wis., L.8iS. Yoss, Roberf E. 723 Fullon Edgerlon, Wis. Basic Sfudies Youle, Karolyn M. II9 Kneeland Galesville, Wis. Basic Sfudies Young, John M. 703 E. Council Tree Ml. Prospeci, Ill. Basic Sludies Yourl , Joyce 6l4 laonilor La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Youngman, Sandra L. l2l6 Wes? Ave. S. La Crosse, Wis. Basic Sludies Zabel, Au us? E. Bangor, NA?is. Basic Sfudies Zaiicek, Gene E. RR. 2 Soldiers Grove, Wis Basic Sludies Zanlow, Steven 355 W. Franklin Wesl Salem, Wis. L. 81 S. Zein Pafricia A. sos N, 4lh Onalaska, Wis. Basic Sludies c .9 sf 1 ' 'I , A L 2. X s WPI . 4 Q I' A g s. A 2 ,f ff . u . - " HI-'lx-'A . fl!!! lx K . .-, of 'll l I47 lg, if v. J ii uf 4 4 3 .3 ix if 1 ' if sf is Q ,Wifi 3 , w i ' 2 '3 - a Q Ziclr, Palricia RR. I ' Weyauwega, Wis. Basic Sfudies Ziegler, William RR. 2 Norwalk, Wis. L. 81 S. Zimpel, John l622 Vicioria Waukesha, Wis. Basic Sfudies Zinke, Carolyn lI3I Bowman Rd. Wisconsin Dells, Wis. Basic Sfudies Zurn, David 25l5 S. I4ih La Crosse, Wis. L.81S. Dussaull, James I Land O'Lakes, Wis. Elmer, Barbara Argyle, Wis. Fleiscliman William I36 E. Garland Wesl' Salem, Wis. L. 8- S. Gallagher, Rulll 2425 Main La Crosse, Wis. L.8iS. Gelatl, Charles l326 Cass Sf. La Crosse, Wis. Gelali, Jane I326 Cass La Crosse, Wis. Special Qludenls Gunderson, Elizabelh l2l S. l3Th La Crosse, Wis. Haff, Mary 3I9 S. 24+h La Crosse, Wis. Hesfad, Erling 2205 Pine La Crosse, Wis. Hood, Helen i634 King La Crosse, Wis. Hundl, Paul RR 2 Borgor, Wis. Johns, Palricia l5l4 King La Crosse, Wis. Kippin, Paul 2462 N. 73rd Wauwafosa, Wis. Larson, Lucille Box 84 Mausfon, Wis. Larson, Richard 96l N. Main Viroqua, Wis. Lorenz, Gene IOOSVQ Srare La Crosse, Wis. Lukas, Janel I303 Kane La Crosse, Wis. Melby, Phyllis 33I E. Broadway Blair, Wis. Elem. Ninneman, Thomas RR. I La Crosse, Wis. Pavasars, Andrus Tomah, Wis. Pinlrsfon, Douglas l828 La Crosse Si. La Crosse, Wis. "You're sfudying WHAT?" Schelbe, Samuel I2I7 E. Ave. La Crosse, Wis. Severance, Kalhryn 53I 24th La Crosse, Wis. Thaldorf Phillip sua clilfside Dr. La Crosse, Wis. Roni B. shows lhe DZ scrapbook Wall, Dennis Box 42 Holman, Wis. L. 81 S. Wullinq, Cindy 6I3 N. 22nd La Crosse, Wis. Time ou? for a game of skill Underclassman Aciiviiies Phone numbers or uufographs, John? Freshmen help each ofher record bowling scores during iheir free games in ihe Sfuclenf Union. Sieve L. and Shan D. accompany Joanne S.. Laura D., Phyllis G., and Rosemary V., members of The Classmafes. -1-.mi Qporis ,.,.......w.... :Ol 1 -X-,M ,,,-- mm,-armani mmm M. . .Q F v X . K k K A 'H p 1 . ' Y A . l Q Q I N I ' ' 00 " 1 10' 11" -mv---'luqqnn ...W 1 'T' M1 I' y-J! 1 N ow- NUM in Q '.:: . M .Z QSIJ5 A .f vii it J- .fm .gunz W a' X, 'a QM. 'M 'wr QM inf ? a 1 I U BU my '-is ve. .-.. u C . if -1- '7'.7"Jr 5 i.'.?lQf 'iv . xxx" -5. 'J 1, X . 1' aygmt .Kink 1' laid' 'Vx'-..4'-.Si -. x si: 'j'-1 H. yn QF' -K' , ,. 1 'S..,.5'r v!'E"1. 1 , 'F K' a 4 ...", 'Q ffl-. Vi-Y . Y f- -' , , , 4 - -M4 , 4, - . ...'-.' ,. - ':'h!13n Jn. 4 1 , -.. vi !v'1?2!, nh A 1, 1' .-4.1, uifi X I A 'Q 'ig .W ' 5., my 'R fig 3 Q-'ws .AS ..- N 'S 'ilghix "1 ' 1 ' ?I'y W" if " 4 uv 'inf "Li Q 'fm , 1 . u W. . ,!?t.A,ik J Zi, , vb. ilu., K -. S - - ,,5f'7. '4"..',5'n' .g ,f .--1 H" 1-. v' ., .-,fp I-5 .ggv 'f' mr' Q ff: A ir ".' u " ,- -. wi :S 5 K 1 ' Q' ' ' 44 HJ . -E b if-,T. "' ' ' .Vg f- 2' -xs .Huw fir Alf-'fe' 9' A ff' 1 'P Here comes 'rhe feaml "A liHIe louder" Anofher Two for LSU! wx, v On Hue way 'ro K.C. wifh anofher baskef! And Coggins scores again! L 'R l K fx .f i hh HalfTime enTerTainmenT: The Tumbling gk We won The conTerence championship . . . we wanTed To go To Kansas CiTy Tor The naTional TournamenTs. All ThaT sTood beTween us and our goal was The Tough Lakeland Team. The nighT oT The conTesT came aT The packed Mary E. Sawyer AudiTorium. STudenTs Tormed a Tunnel To cheer LSC players onTo The Tloor. The game began . . . The LSC Tive Tallied poinT aTTer poinT . . . halTTime came, and The Tumbling club performed . . . we increased our lead during The second halT . . . The Tinal louzzer creaTed bedlam . . . LSC's winning Team was hoisTed onTo sTudenTs' shoulders . . . We were going To Kansas CiTy! Ln nun-""'F Q N- "' Avoid ThaT guard . .. ln Tor a layup. T1 Fl Vicforious Coach DeVoll T0 The viC'fOfS' ' l53 Fooiball SCHEDULE S+. Norberl . , 34 La Crosse Sl. Cloud . 7 La Crosse Superior ,ooo.o,, 7 La Crosse Eau Claire ooooA.oo.oo. 25 La Crosse Plalleville . 6 La Crosse Sloulr .o..sosso .sssoo 2 O La Crosse River Falls .os,oooooooo 9 La Crosse Bemidii ooo.. ooooo 2 l La Crosse Oshkosh oooo..s.ooosoo I3 La Crosse Season Record 5-4-0 Conference Record 4-2-0 Row I: G. Saron, R. Clumpner, B. Collar, M. Pecha. J. Rose, C. McQulllan. J. Miller, S. Slore Johannes. Row 3: J. Mills, D. Sugar, J. Burche, T. Bear, J. Regelein, M. Anderson, W. Maroc N. Klug. Row 5: M. Anderson, Coach Vickroy, Coach Brown, Coach Olfo, Coach Floyd, J. Taylo jj Indians Second in WSU Conference n f' 5 -21. ,Q .ea 1--2-x,,3, .,. 5 3 -. Nl!-'f R Kussman B Koski Row 2 T Lukas E Crelens D Larson, J. Teff, D. Heineclce, B. Scherer, G. Kliminski, R Baylor G Sleensrud B Schoclcmel J Smouf K Plislcie J lvlccormlclf R w 4 J Ribericlc D. Picholla, B. Turnquisl, A. Suweroll, J. Beclcer, B. Schulz Mars B Crisl C Lingswiller The Team has shown overall improve- menl lhis year. A line passing arlaclc and an excellenl running game have broughl oul The sludenls in increasing numbers lor Jrhe games. The Marching Chiefs provided pre-game and halllime enlerlainmenr wilh The Pom-Pom girls. which generally increased school spiril. T. Bear dodges opposing lackler. if 'x .. .. IIS N.-. Homecoming fesfivifies Ouch!" Wiil he make H? "Ge+ him!" Before +he pass Nofhinq sfops himk -K Going for a Touchdown In Hue Thick of if all. Cross Counirg The LSU cross counTry Team, coached by lvlr. OauTsch, had a raTher successTul season, compiling a 3-win, 4-loss record, The Team placed second in The STaTe UniversiTy conTerence meeT and Third in The STaTe AmaTeur AThleTic Union meeT. Row I: D. Ehler, J. Klinzing, J. Broza. Row 2' Coach GauTsch, P. Vanl-landel, L. Morrison. D. Nelson, J. Hardy. SEASON RECORD La Crosse ................ 36 Oshkosh ....,oo,oco,ccoo,s 52 STevens PoinT ........ 40 La Crosse ...... ....,,. I 9 PlaTTeville .,...... ..... 4 2 La Crosse ...... ....... 2 8 Oshkosh ..,... ..,o, 2 7 La Crosse ...... ....... 4 6 Winona ........ ...vv, I 7 La Crosse ...... ....... 2 5 U.W.M. ...... ..... 3 5 La Crosse ................ 46 CarlTon ,.,,,,, -,.,,, I 5 La Crosse ................ 30 LuTher .....,....... ....o. 2 6 The record does noT show The real resulTs, however. as The harriers meT unusually Tough compeTiTion and posTed very TasT Times even in losing. The Team will be looking Torward To The '65 season when They will be led by capTain-elecT Larry lvlorri- son. The Team promises To be beTTer Than ever as all members oT The '64 squad will be reTurning, including lvlorrison, Dan Ehler, and PeTe Van l-landel, who placed in The Top Ten in The conTerence meeT. The squad works ouT and holds all iTs home meeTs in 'lvlyrick Park where The course is Three miles long. OTTen The Team will run Tour miles in meeTs and some- Times as much as ThirTeen miles in pracTice. I58 W.S.U. ConTerence MeeT Second Wisconsin A.A.U. MeeT Third Wresiling Row I: R. Larson. R. Hunsberger, B. Bruslcy, W. Bruno. Row 2: B. Olson. A. Freeman, T. BogoTT, N. Dauphin. Row 3: M. QuisT, Mgr., J. y M S bc lc Taylor, R. MolsTad, R. Kussmann. D. Donlev, . o s The LSU grapplers, due To graduaTion and ineligibil- Ty, have had raTher dismal going so Tar in The '64-65 eason. Iniuries have also plagued The Indians, wiTh co- .apTain Roger Kussrnan Temporarily sidelined. as The ireaTesT loss To The Team. AIThough inexperienced, several Treshmen have elped The Team: among These are Bob Bruslcy and Don Ionlevy. A young Team, The wresTlers hope To gain experience and depTh Tor TuTure years. They have a wresTIing prac- Tice room in The new gym, so The boys will have some- place To pracTice and work beTore Theiseason begins in November. The boys need To dieT and Train To reach Their various weighT classes which range Trom I I5 lbs. To I9I lbs. and heavyweighT. TVR I 5 London Bridge. P I i i u I him down as. I59 Swimming Row l: B. Polan, D. PickeTT, M. Mandeville, D. Hudson, H. Blaize, B. Mulli O B R 2 P Waszalc, B. Goers, T. Hagerman, D. Dowd, R. Raymond, C. Tingle, Coach L g ATTer lasT year's Tine record, The Tankmen are splashing Their way To new glories. The Team, under The leadership oT coach l.engTeld, and capTained by PeTe Von Allmen has already shown ThaT They inTend To win The Wisconsin STaTe UniversiTy Comference Championships again This year. Spurred on by The new naTaTorium being builT and ThoughTs oT The N.A.l.A. Championships which They are hosTing on March I8-I9-20, The Team has surged To new records in every meeT. Some oT The more ouTsTanding records are: Bill Goers, 200 yd. Tree sTyle, l:56.3: Ralph Raymond, l00 yd. Tree sTyle, 0:49.93 PeTe Von Allmen, 200 yd. buTTerTly, 2:I7.7, and Bob Polan, 200 yd. bacl4sTrolce, 2:22.3. Along wiTh The STaTe UniversiTies who can qualiTy men, men will come Trom all over The UniTecl STaTes Tor The na- Tional meeT. The lndians have high hopes Tor places in The N.A.l.A. meeT. Since They have losT only To lasT year's naTional cham- pions, lvlacalesTer, The boys Teel They have an excellenT chance in This year's meeT. l - l '60 The leader. Th b g T h Ggmnasiics Row I. L. Rasmussen, J. lrwin, D. Ewerf, J. Pankiewicz, D. Wenfworlh. Row 2 Coach Gershon. The gymnaslic Jream, coached by Mr. Gershon has had a fine season rhus lar. being 4-O in The conference and 4-4 overall. Gradualion and inexperience have Taken Jrheir roll and lhe Indians also lacked an oulslanding performer fo loolsler Jrhe squad, alrhough Cary Anderson and AI Kuhl have filled in as rhe lop individuals lor La Crosse in winning rnany of rhe evenrs rhey have enlered and somerimes raking he over-all championship. A freshman, Dave Wenrworrh, s a line prospecl lor rhe +eam's lulure. l-le is an excellenl performer on lhe side horse, The rings, horizonlal bar and lhe parallel bars. La Crosse is sponsoring ils own invilalional in coniuncrion rvilh rhe slale AAU championships on March 6. Mosl slale Jniversilies will send enlries along wirh such schools as vi.l.T. and U.W.M. C. Anderson, L. Spleiler, A. Kuhl, C. Kwk J Kl n , fi'f-',A if ,W " - .H , An example of sl grh cl b l C lbl Baskelball I62 Row I: J. Coggins, D. Slandard, D. Poller, A. Sladhaus, C. Robarge, T S In dl, K. Johnslon. Row 2: J. Websler. A. Tomazewskl, D. B d h D F h g L. Kasuboske, L. Voskuil. R. Byers, O. I-larried. The LSU baskelball learn, aller lasl year's lremen- Sladhaus, and Leon Kausboske have all played line ball dous 20-win, 2-loss record, again wenl aller lhe conler- ence lille lrom lhe slarl ol lhe season. The Indians' lrip lo Kansas Cily lasl year was a hard acl lo lollow. bul lhe leam, led by John Coggins, Doug Poller, Gary Robarge, and Terry Schrnidl, gol oll lo a liery slarl by whipping oll lwelve slraighl wins. Then came Doug Poller's iniury and lhe leam slumped lo lwo slraighl deleals al lhe hands ol non-conlerence Illinois schools. The Indians bounced back and are now I2 and I in con- lerence play and I6 and 3 lor lheir over-all record. The conlerence lille was clinched when Sloul lell 74-66 and now all eyes are lurned lo Lakeland, where lhe lvluskies will be playing Sl. Norberls' lor lhe righl lo play La Crosse lor lhe slale lille and lhe lrip lo Kansas Cily where lhe Nalional Associalion ol lnlercollegiale Alh- lelics Baskelball Tournamenl will be held. The leam has seen line playing lrom all lhe men lhis season, especially lrom John Ivlilich and Ron Byers. who lilled in lor lhe iniured Poller. Dennis Slannard, Ace lor LSU. SCHEDULE LSU ...,... ..... 6 99 Belhel ..... LSU . ..... 666 95 River Falls 6 LSU .,.,.. .... 6 8 Sloul 6 6 LSU ..,.cc, .. cc.... I I3 Whilewaler LSU . sssss. 6 6 66 6 97 Superior LSU 466,666666666 666666666666 99 Mankalo 66 LSU won I-Ioliday Tournamenl LSU AL66 66 ,,LL6666666 80 Slevens Pl, LSU 666666666 66666 6 IO9 Oshkosh .6 LSU 666666 LL6L 9 7 Plalleille 66 LSU 6 66666 6 6 77 Eau Claire . LSU 6666,66 60 N. Illinois LSU , 6666 76 Illinois Tech LSU . 6 84 River Ealls 6 LSU .666..6 . 6...66. 89 Plalleville 6 LSU ,66666 .6666666 I O I Whilewaler LSU 6666.66 .66. 7 4 Sloul ..6..66.. LSU .6..... Superior ..66. LSU .66,6,6 Slevens Pl. 6 LSU .6,666 Oshkosh ..6.. LSU .,.,... Eau Claire 6 wx '3'Ws',e 7 K4 Jump, Leon! Nice sho? Ace! You didnwrl pm!! es 10' , re Q .M . .L L- A " ' ' Q Q xi, K 52 . 5 gf 1 -if gf Q x Q K - f- wi 2549? 4 f QL L K V , A A A - - Q , Km'AA ' 1' , N ' - ' Q . L ,L , 1' " A - 1 L X Si 1 385.9 free, W. 1 W, K Over here Terry! FM? 'M , 6 X Mama' Driving for The buckef My CRQ5' , V44 K Y ft: , aan.-s N ' ' 1. - ,xwg i ..., . x A as ft' 3 fl gee , 4 3 x , H", ill , N A. .,,. ww" 'nw Rebound I63 'lE'If?Ai,7'Z5,'g' ' wt X151 J Track Nb M M..- 5 . rw B? STA ?g"g,2P IRA Kg Row I: R. Robarge, T. Carrol, P. Vanl-landel, D. l-leinelce, J. RoeniTz. J. Miller, W. Trupke. Row 2: J. Broza, l. Cross, J. Klinzing, P. Fl g J J L. Pruess, M. Ekern. Row 3: B. AlbrighT, J. Gorzycki, L. Morrison, P. Werner, B. Schookmel, F. Grover, M. Engen. Row 4: D. Ehler, J. H bg G R T S. Noffsinger, R. Byers, D. PoTTer. Row 5: AssT. Coach Brown, G. l-lupTer, D. Kane, P. EsTen, T. Miller, G. STeensrucl, Coach 6auTsch. The Track Team, coached by Mr. GauTsch and as- sisTed- by Mr. Brown, had mixed success Tor The '64 season. ATTer winning iTs TirsT meeT oT The season, The cindermen wenT downhill, only To surge upward Tor The conTerence meeT which was held aT WhiTewaTer, where LSU Took Third place. The season was marked by Tine individual perTorm- SCHEDULE ances and school records were broken in several evenTs. . I ,H Some oT The beTTer perTormances were Turned in by Ron Aprll LSU 'c"cccc""" ' gl P GUSV' e Us Byers, The high jump: PeTe Van Handel. Three mile rung Aprll LSU scss""ssss"c' 4l Wh'+eWa+er Charlie Block. iaveling PeTe Werner, dashes: and Grady Aprll LSU LLLL"L'LLLLLLLL 58 UWM "sAssss Sqreensrud pole Vault May Comference Relays LSU 3rd ..... PracTices are held nighTly on The Track and in Myrick May LSU Ramed Ogg Rlljerhlzalls Park and are supervised by The coaches. alThough much May LSU LsssLsss""Lcss UT er ""iii is leTT To The individual. May Conference med LSU 3rd The '65 season has a good ouTlook buT help will be May NAIA D'5Tr'C+.l4 . June NMA Championships needed Trom Treshmen. On your marks! E was Headhunfer Gryphan. The pole vault The Meef The fhree-mile grind. Li S. Ugh! The hmsh. Q. .-M Whew! Tennis al T 'NRM x W in Row I: B. Polan J. Kading, M. Taylor, J. Jarosh. Row 2. F. Kleczewslci, C. Drews, J. Gray, D. Clark. The Tennis Team, coached by lvlr. De Voll, had a rainy season in The spring oT 1964. CUT oT seven scheduled maTches, They played only Tour, buT They won all oT Them. They were led in Their eTTorTs by John Kading and Collin Drews, who Took TiTTh in doubles aT The ConTer- lbb ence meeT. Jim Gray and Bob Polan played singles Tor La Crosse and The Team Took a TourTh over-all. The l965 season promised To be a good one wiTh all squad members reTurning, including leTTermen Bob Polan, John Kading, Joe Jarosh, Collin Drews and Jim Gray. Golf i l 1 R. I: L-R H. CarpenTer, T. Nels, K. Voll. R. 2. A. S The divoTs Tlew as The golT Team birdied iTs way Through iTs pooresT season in Tiye years. ATTer winning The conTerence meeT and going To The lXlaTional Asso- ciaTion oT lnTercollegiaTe AThleTics Championships Tor The lasT Tour years, The linlcsmen, coached by lvlr. Thore- sen, wenT ouT beTore The snows melTed To pracTice. This was To no avail, since They Tinished The season wiTh a six- win, Tiye-loss record and TourTh place in The conTerence meeT. Tadhaus, J. SmiTh, J. lv1olsTeacl, Coach Thoresen. A somewhaT inexperienced Team in IQ64, They are loolcing Torward To The addiTion oT Don lverson Tor The l965 season. lverson, a naTive oT La Crosse, has been an ouTsTanding golTer in The pasT, winning The NaTional Junior Chamber oT Commerce -l'ournamenT and also playing in The Bing Crosby lnviTaTional. OTher prospecTs Tor The I965 season are l-larry CarpenTer and Ace STadThaus. Coach Thoresen will be counTing on Tresh- men To bolsTer hi: squad. I67 Baseball R I B S S S huler, S. Langer, J. Kwasny, S. Connor, R. Dumke, B. Chmielewski, W. Soilcowslci, M. Anderson, B. M Miebauer, Cv. Bendlin, D. Slannard, D. Mullilcin, T. Lorenz, O. Torres, W. Masheck, B. Sleclcel. Row 3: C h V lc y L R B Massech, D. I-Ialvorsen, D. Johnson, R. Erickson, Ass'l. Coach Hilgendorl, D. Weillenhiller. BASEBALL SCHEDULE Crosse ...... ...... I 2 Winona .... Crosse ...... ..... 2 River Falls The baseball leam, coached by Mr. Vickroy, had a ralher poor season winning 3 and losing IO. Due Io gradualion losses and inexperienced lreshmen, lhey iusl couIdn'+ gel going, even aller lheir opening viclory againsl Winona. Dennis Slandard, who was named roolcie ol lhe year, led The leam in many areas. A+ bal he had sevenleen hils in 42 limes lo lhe plale lor a .404 average. I"le also led lhe 'ream in slugging 24 lolal bases and runs bailed in wiI'h lourleen. Olher line ellorls were given by Marly Anderson, Bill Severson, Sieve Lange, and Bob Murphy. Larry Conner ol Mauslon and Bob Murphy ol Kewaunee were named co-caplains lor lhe year and Dennis Slandard was named rookie ol The year. l68 Crosse . ...... 5 Crosse ..... . ...... 5 Crosse ...c... .... 6 Crosse ....... ...... 7 River Falls Loras ........ Loras ...s.. U.W.M. Crosse ..s, . 7 U.W.M. Crosse ....... . O Eau Claire Crosse .,.s... .... . 5 Eau Claire Crosse ...... O Iowa Slale Crosse ...s..s . . I Sloul' . Crosse ....s., .s.... 2 Crosse ....... ...... 3 Sloul Winona Slannard l64I and Lange l63I Rookies Fl if Ou. cheering secfion. Qporfs Aciiviiies "6RRRRRRR." wJW 1' Uv ' K9-4" Score 'rwo for LSU. I ,f,. f .. -., JE . gaw. my , - He scdped We Plaffevilfe pioneer. nik: 5, 'rx 1 jf, ff f an Look ouf befowl Sfrengfh and grace The mos? sfrenuous acfiviiy. Precision Team. ..........f....g Sandy Qchmleder Pai Calcandg HOPE!-UIS Gail Huse I7I Seniors Q fjf Q f -' '41--5.7 , -iahr w..: xi., -ow -. - p .V .-.A ,,- . - , 1, , I v g, 's x - - nA - ' -,fff-...,+,.x yi 3. - . nl.-9 ki K x 1 if -,-N'-?1'AA,g'r' 'FD L' l 4 . X . N.,-,a-, f x' 'Y ' ' . 4' xc ' 1- lg .. " x.. , 4-'. ,A K - if v :i!'.'!gg3'. -: A .. . . --idx 1' ' -M- S.. -xzgq:-.. K ' s '. in 4 N X , . , www, ,, V - T, -2 - :,.,,, ' v .L --1 1: .. - .- 1-N 'S-.-Rea'-JQSJ .. , .,xh 1 l . ch Q x:'i!' !...u' N K 1 - AA Y ,. '. . ' , -. -, I . , V . .v, rn f ', N , . ' W "3 W s f -AM' M: 4 ww . . ' , . Lsysg Mm, . 'Q ' w K .,,. 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Brueggeman Charles Birch Milwaukee Brookfield New Berlin Leiiers and Science Physical Eclucarion Secondary Ronald Bufzman Wynn Capps Lorraine Check La Crosse Wilion La Crosse Physical Educalion Physical Educafion Elemenfary Bonnie Clappier Roy Clumpner John Coggins La Crosse De Pere Eau Claire Elemeniary Physical Educaiion Physical Educaiicfn Seniors William Collar La Vonne Cool: Sharon Copper Wisconsin Rapids Wilfon La Crosse 5eC0"Cl6'Y Elemenfary Elemenlary Thomas Coughlin Karen Currie La Crosse La Crosse Elemenlary Leifers and Science Mary Ann Davig Viroqua Elemenlary ' 253551 :Liar as eggs, is., Brenda Dambach Black River Falls Secondary W "'Q"!" Diana Davis l-lolmen Secondary W . Anne Dennison Prairie du Chien Physical Educafion Seniors - 'W M AME qua A'n+hony Di Cello Frank Doleisi James Downs Kenosha La Crosse Wausaukee Physical Educalion Secondary Secondary James Draeger La Crosse Lellers and Science Collin Drews Soulh Milwaukee Secondary Darcy Dufenhorsf Anne Eberi Sheryl Edgar Mulcwonago Sparla Mauslon Physical Educalion Elemyenfary Elemenfary Seniors Wayne Eifland Leonard Ellison Marion Ellison La Crosse La Crosse La C-rosse LeHers and Science Lelfers and Science Secondary Charles England La Crosse Physical Educalion Eugene Engler La Crosse a""',,,,,.w' Leffers and Science ,F sm. Ann Enos Gary Espeland Phil Esfen Madison La Crosse Beaver Dam Physical Educalion Physical Eclucafion Physical Eclucafion Seniors Kelly Evenson Beih Feely Susan Feldbruegge La Crosse La Crosse La Crosse Leiiers and Science Elemeniary Elemeniary l P .G .- V .- . v,- . 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New Jersey Milwaukee Lefiers and Science Physical Educalion Physical Educalion Carol Wesolowslri Pulaski Leliers and Science Karen Wick La Crosse Secondary Doroihy Wileman Millious Wilkins David Will Edgerlon Onalaska Winona, Minnesola Lellers and Science Physical Educalion Physical Educalion Seniors Ellen Willard Mary Woelfel Sfanley Yazawa La Crosse ' Chilfon Paia. Maui, Hawaii Leiiers and Science Physical Educafion Physical Educafion Barbara Zeller Brookfield Elemeniary Marvin Zuleger Onalaska Leiiers and Science Charles Bloclc Eluicl Maina La Crosse Nyeri, Kenya, Easr Africa Physical Educalion Leiiers and Science Siudeni Life 2 5 5 1 mn, A wg. K A ' 1 R. x 'ww IJ' 'x AW' -'xwmmwwv Mm"wwwWMMmW ,K wLW'5A M ,-N51 W! !M,,N,.wf' W" "" W J bv -nw Ty. Qs-a' ' -.1 fm-N ' viglfxf N A xx- wa' , 'Mg' X. ' K X Qgw fax naw- ' a'ie,U'f,i'Hiif' 1 'V' Shi' 1 -f T + . 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WM M. , M f sq,,gg 'ww5c -N' ffmfwigwfvmf Wynn' M an W if 'W ww. ,mf Alf . , w wwww - WM W 'A 2' Ak -Q2 5,51 ' x f .sv wrX" N wa Ax - Y- W R ga m v , W, ww A X , ,gs jaw 1 Q 'mu 'TW fi Lk W .fl Y, ' G "M .X 1 457 -F 3 ' f MH J wwf-Law M' ia, U Ji ,gp Q My 41lI'F'y, Ne S' W, W AN W' . 1 . ,C ' " G , f R , if QE ,fs-53 -fr: Qi, f ' A -mn 4 V . f. in j I - vi ,Q ,-4' ' U' .25 -. gi? .rg r I A ' ' if A ' V 'Y "gg L- WM , g 5.92 gv gsm, 4s F' .,4. is .., " m Q. , L, my ii W5 4' lf Campus s+yIe shows acquainT new sTudenTs wlTh proper universiTy dress. 2l2 Fall brings many evenTs To The campus. New STuolenT OrienTaTion Week, new classes, new Teachers, new room- maTes-everyThing is a change Tor The Treshman. Up- perclassmen adcl To The general comfusion wiTh direc- Tions and 'misclirecTions. Everyone Trom The l-lealTh CenTer To The Auolio-Visual DeparTmenT is busy inTe- graTing The newcomers inTo The universiTy machinery. Tuberculin TesTs are a yearly necessiTy. FaculTyAsTudenT picnics give The campus a relaxed aTmosphere. The Wafusi-or somefhing. l'm dancing. LSU's Charades make a hif wnh fhefr hrs? appearance 1+-F ,- Ulf I 'rake This card . . ." Freshmen bowl free games.. Y Educaiion Ceniers I ill F 3 Social Life Cen+er Fufure Physical Acfivify Cenfer L 'RM 'X N-,gfkx .4-If A--10" Spring in Hwe play pen. Lensure Time A momenf fo fhink. Creahve relaxahon. .SJ The exciiemenf of fha game. Leffers from Posi-Mardi Gras asquerade Lancelof and his lady. 2l6 Slow, easy and fun. Ticlcels and masks for everyone. King Wayne Killian and Queen Carol l-leilman "And if I slick il slraiglil in , . ." Fraierniiies and Qororiiies nl:-,A i M 19 mrs? 1 .. ,.,,, 1. The Alpha Phi's sfrlke again. TKE's af work. ,ni The giff of giving. "Sign here. please, sir." He has a funny nose The Four Lads siarfed The fesfivifles. 'Q Ye old lamphghfers. Vd rafher fighf Than swirchfx Chief La Crosse is gonna scalp fhem. Homecoming Only her hairdresser knows. The Queen-Karen Ulmess. Her courf+Mary Beiderwerclen, Barbara Zeller, Roni Bishop. Fesiiviiies 7 LUNG TIME 'S 3 BEEN A We brewed Sfoufl rr., mlvzf-'ii W g i f"' K K ,f -. A Once we came Home +r1is way. 9 , rigs-fr KDZE A boom for vicfory. The Dance 1 E Am' V 1 ima E AQ Q , S i 5 1 L 5Li?JffsEEx.Fi,3Lk'3,U'1E mr ms lm C ol Clwaraci . Dlscusszons on We dance floor. Winier Formal W 15,--wx f "Be Carefuilu "Oh, NY?" 221 ev Crhrisfmas spirif in Wenfz. Snow . . . cold . . . lasf min- ufe exams . . . ferm papers . . . parfies . . . olorm decorafions . . . giffs. . . misflefoe . . . fhe one lasf fling before sfudenfs sfarf sfudying for exams . . . We parfy our way fhrough hecfic: final spurfs of sfudyingg we counf fhe days and fran- fically hunf for rides home . . . fhaf's Chrisfmas af LSU. Any explanafion needed ? 222 Open house! Sanfa found fhe La Crosse campus. Chrisfmas - ' 'en "Yes, Mom, l've really been sludyingf' Aparimeni Life Slep one: hold cllslw firmly. Q1 One l'1our lvlarlinizlng. ,fi l 'NM-awww K 'lf , E s if as :wx Ny ff llll X' ec... ef f'X "Blaaaaah." f V A sfilclw in lime . 223 When will you be back? Don"r burn if-The buHer's precious! Dorm All sfeamed up! Does if pass Jrhe whilreness fesf? 4 fi PE S! 5 ife "I'Il bid Three spadesf as w K 3 555 fx- . 22,535 ax , ' 154 1 if? is Q 1 as if, """""nv..w, W.. Nw ug "I'd love fo go "A hard dey's night" Hello Daddy. I+'s Time for supper." , 1 A bedtime siory. Married Qiudenis Jus? in Hme fo help. "Goodnight swccfhearf. SYecp fiqhf Presidenl and Mrs Milclwell af Hall of Presidenis' dedicalion. Celebrifes LSU members of Wl'1o's Who in American Colleges and Universifiei. Seafed: J. Nolfe P. Adams S. Ulman J. Bray A. Richfield Sfanding: J. Coqgins T. Dickmann D. Frisbie G. Robarge R. Craw J. Klein M. Sweef 1' Royalfy-Queen's Courf Seafed: M. Woellel L. Moe G. Bishop R. Brendle S. Hall Shanding: J. Miller P. Werner l.. Ellison R. Meier B. Wallers Missing: G. Espeland D. Schroeder R. Scofield W. McBride 3 1 ,,,,, -ff A' Oom-pah-pah Anficlpafionl :mann-un, l8 paw Classes An empfy sfomach means an empfy mind! QE T' h gf 5 When everyihing else fails fry Hwe card cafalog! Fundamenials of sporfs-in adion. Finally-pracfice Teaching. R iw '-in-. An ar'ris+'s dedicafion. nw-1 Adminisfrafion , . Alpha Kappa Lambda CC Alpha Omicron Pi ,aaa,aa,.. Alpha Phi .aaa,.,aaaaa aaaa..A Alpha Phi Omega .aaaaaaaa Alpha Psi Omega aaaaaaaaaaa Alpha Xi Delfa ee...eeaee., Organizaiions Index Associafed Women Sfudenfs CC Band ,aae.aea.aeeaaaa..eaaaa.peee....,lae,,,.eaee Baseball ,,,,,,, ,eee Baslcefball .eae.,eaee C Befa Sigma Chi C ee..e Biology Club oeeeee eoeee,Aooeegeeeee Campus Confrols Council Campus Vefs CC u.sssss ssss.v.s.s C C Cana Club sss,ss..,. sososs Canferbury Club C C Cafalina Club osssosssss Cheerleaders ,susssss C CCCCC C Chrisfian Bible Sfudy Circle K CCCCCCCCCCCCC CC Cross Counfry CCCCCCC Delfa Psi Kappa CCCC..C Delfa Zefa CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC Economics Club C CC Elemenfary Club CCCCCCC Efa Phi Alpha CCCCCCCC Eaculfy CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC Field Hockey Club C Eledgling CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC Eoofball CCCCCCCC Frafernifies C CC C Freshmen CCCCCCCCCCCC Gamma Delfa CC Golf CCC CCCCCCCCCCC CC Gymnasfics CCCCCCCCCCCCCCC l-lonorary Sociefies CCCCC I-lumanisfs CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC CCCCCCCCCCCCC lnferfrafernify Council CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC 4-9 37 3I 32 49 42 C CCCCC 33 80 I74 C I52-I53, I62-I63 C CCCCC, 38 60 9I 90 56 C 54 C CCCC 73 68 33 5l l58 43 34 CC C 6I 62 44 I0-27 84 79 l54-I57 36-4I I22-I49 CC C 59 I67 I6I 42-48 Infernafional Sfudenf Organizafion CCCCCCCC lnfer-Religious Council CCCCCCCCCCC CCCCCC Juniors CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC Kappa Delfa Pi 94 36 88 I 965 La Crosse CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC 230 La Crosse Board of Women Officials ..CCCCC 98- I 08 45 76 83 La Crosse Sfafe Officials C 82 L-Bar-X Dancers C C,,CCC.CCCCCCCCCCCCCC CCCCCCCC 7 2 L-Club CCCCCCCCCCCCCC,CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC CCCCCCC 6 9 Lufheran Sfudenfs Associafion C CC 58 Newman Club CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC CCCCCCC 5 7 Orchesis CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC Organizafions CCCCCCCCCCCCCC Panhellenic Council CCCCCC Phi Epsilon Kappa CCCCCCCCCCCCCCC Phi Sigma Epsilon CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC Physical Educafion Maiors CCCCCCCC Pi Tau Epsilon CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC Pom Pom Girls C CCCCCC CCCCCCCCCC C Professional Organizafions CCCCCCC Quill C CCCCCCCCCCCCCC. C CCCCCCCCCCCCCCC C Racoluef CC CCCCC CC Rafom C CCCCC CCCCCCCCCCCCCC C Recreafion lvlaiors CCCCCCCCCC Religious Organizafions CC CC Secondary Club CCCCCCCCCCCCCC Seniors C CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC CCCCC C Service Organizafions Sigma Delfa Pi CCCCCCCCCCCCC. Sigma Tau Gamma CCCCCCCC Sociology Club CCCCCCCCCCCC Sophomores CCCC Sororifies CCCC Sporfs CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC Sfage Band CCCCCCCC Sfudenf Life CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC Sfudenf' Union Commiffees CCCCC Swimming CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC Symphonic Band' CCCCCCC Tau Gamma CCCCCCCCCCCCC Tau Kappa Epsilon CCCCCC Tennis CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC Tumbling Club CCCCCCC Underclassmen CCCCCCCCCC Universify Singers CCCCCCC 7I 28-95 C 30 CC C 47 C 39 63 C 35 CC 67 60-66 68 CCC 77 48 C 64 CC 32-59 CC CCCC 65 I72-209 C 49-5I 46 40 C CCCCC 66 l09-I2I CC 30-35 l50-I7I 95 2I0-229 CC 92-93 160 I74 as CC CCCCC 4,1 C CCCC use 70 96- I 49 75 Wesley Eoundafion CCCC.CCCCCCC..C.CCCCCCC CCCCCCCC 5 5 Wiveffes CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC CCCCCCCC CCCCCCCC 8 5 Women's Recreafion Associafion 8I Women's Service Organizafion CCCCCCC CCCCCCCC 5 0 Wresfling CCCCCCCCCCC.CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC Y-Dems CCCCCCCC Y-GOP CCCCCCC I59 86 87 Aas - Bal A Aasen, Elna Aasen, Gail Abriham, Fred .. , Aceves, Manuel Ackerson, Connie . Adams, James F. . Adams, Jerry .. Adams, Penny Adams, Steve Adams, Tom W. Ahrens, Richard l. Aiello, Katherine R. Aigner, Kathleen R. Aigner, Joseph W. Albrecht, Robert J. Alberts, William A. Alderbury, Wayne Alderman, Aice M. ... ., Aldrich, Jon D. ..,.... ,... . Aldrich, Nancy H. Alens, Aaron J. .. Alfus, Mary K. . Aller, Dennis D. .... .... . .... Allness, Karen M. . Alt, Allan M. .. Alt, Arlene M. Alward, Lauralee Amann, Susan E. ,. Amsrud, Gail A. ...... Amundsen Dan B. .... ...... , Amundson, David J. Amundson Judith A. Amundson June J. .. Anderegg, Casper, F. .,......... . Anderl, Jeanette E. Anderle, Virginia L. Anderson, Anderson, Cary L. Ellen D. .. .. Anderson, George S. Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, James A. .. Joan C. .... . Kay E. .... Karen J. .., K't B ris y . ....... Leonard E. AAnderson, Marty l. Anderson, Mary L. ........ . Anderson, Richard B. . Anderson, Rita E. .... Anderson, Shirley E. Anderson, Sandra L. . .. Anderson, Steven J. . Andres, Mark J. . .... .. .. Andress, Paulette A. , , . Andrew, C. J. ............... Anhold, Manfred R. Kntel, Jack A. .. Apted, Peter M .... Xpted, David P. Nrentz, Larry R. ...... . Arms, Bobbie J. .....,. . krneson, Richard C. ...,.... ....,,, , Xrneson, Philip T. Arnold, B. A. ....... . krnold, Peter B. ...... . Krnolpv. Larry W. . Xtra, Ronald D. . krtz, Burton H. xssman, Nikki ...... . Kuer, Robert W. ..., . kugat, William S. ..... ..... . Austin, Guy T. ......... . B abbitt, Fran acon, Susan J. . . adran, Raia Y. .... . ahan, Patricia M. ahr, Gale J. ...... , ahr, James J. .,,.. ahr, Michael G. ., aird, Jack T. ...... .... . . akalars, Edward J. aker, Dennis C. .... . aker, James W. ......, . akkum, James C. akkum, Karen M. . ales, Bonnie E. ....................... . alkman, Patricia M. alliet, Robert B. ........... ,.., . alliet, Stephen M. allir, William E. allwahn, Larry L. almer, Fred W. .. ...... alsiger, Walter D. Bal - Bir Baltz, Curtis G. . Balz, Ellen K. . ,,.. .. Bambrough, James M Bame, Gayle L. .. .. Barenthin, Peggy A. Barge, Barge, Barker, Barkus, Barnes, Ba rrett, Bartles, Bartig, Bartlett, Pam J. . ,. Mary E. .... ,, Robert E. .. Michael M. D.R.., Sandra K. ....... ,... . William R. Donald H. .. David W. .,.. . . .. Bartlett, Joan L. . Bartlett, W. L. .. Barton, Bassett, Tom P. .... . Vernon K. . Bassuener, Alan K. .... . Batchelder, Tari A. .. ..,. Bateman, Rita A. . Bauer, Judith A. Bauer, Baumel, Bautch, Baylor, Mary J. Lawrence A. .... .. Dennis A. . . Roger F. . .... ..... . .. Bazewicz, Richard ..,... Beahm, Roger W. ...,..., ..,,,,, , Beamer, Bonnie C. ..... .,.... . Bear, Warren W. ................... . Beaster, Bethani A. ............... . Beattie, Thomas D. ......, .,,..... . Beaver, Beaver, Beck, K Becker, Becker, Becker, Becker, Becker, Becker, Becwar, Bedesse Beebe, Behling, Behnke, Behrens, Beiderw David A. ...... . Wilfred J. .... .,,.... . EFI . ...., .. .... Barbara L. ....,.. . ...... ., Bruce D. ....... . Carl W. ....,.. . Fred R. James A. Monti J. ....... . Daniel J. ........ ....... . m, Jane H. .... ...... . . Thomas S. ......., ,.,,,,. . Kathleen M. Barbara J. ............... . Che ieden Beiler, Georgiana J. .. Beissel, Edward D. .... ...,. , . Belasic, Sally A. Bell, Ba rbara M. ..... . Bell, William F. ....... . Belthauser, Thomas .... ryl A. ........,.,,... . , Mary E. ........... , Bellman, Margaret ....... ......... Bendlin, Gary R. ,,,,..,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , Benedict, Patricia A. .,..,,.,,,,.,,, , Benson Brian D. ......... , ..... . Benson, Robert E. ...., . Bentz, Peter J. ........ . Bentzien, Sally L. Benzine, Beranek Beranek Ben ....... . , David . ........ , Leonard J. Beranek, Thomas J, ,,,, .,,,,,, , Berende S, Jerry L. ........ ......... , Berg, Bruce E. ....... . Berg, C arolyn G. . .... . Berg, Diane E. Berg, Daniel R. Berg J ames L. Berg: John E. ,..... . Berg, J oseph P. Berg, Kenneth E. Berg, Nancy L. ......, . Berg, S Berger, tanley M. . Susan J. ..... ,.........,....... . Berglund, Barbara A. Bergren Berken, , Linda J. Joan K. ....... Bernamann, Merlin J. Berndt, Jack F, .,,,.,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, , Bertlicht, Harold ....... Bertschy, James L. .... ....... . Bertschy, James L. .... . Besner, Patricia R. .... ....... . Betsinger, Sue Ann .. Betsinger, Thomas R. . Bethauser, Don K, ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, , Beuer, Bey, M Larry R. ..... . yron J. Beyer. James E. ..,........ ....,.,, , Blcha, John M, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , Biesiadecki, Marvin J, ,,,,,,, , Biggerstaff, Forrest O Blllman, Gary W, ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, , Bina, Janine Maree .,,.,, ,,,,,, Binsfeld, Jerome F. ..... ..,... . Birch, Charles W. .... Birkelo, Birkholz, Paul G. ....,.., Judy A. ..... Bir - Bug Birkholz, Robert Herman Birkinbine, John R. . , Birkner, Raymond ......... Bishop, Gerry A. ...... . Bishop, Susan M. ......... . Bishop, Veronica E. ...... . Bishopsky, Janet .............. Bierke, John A. ....................... . Blackburn, Barbara M. ........... . D Blackman, Jon . . ......... . Blaha, Gerald ............ Blaize, Harold O. ...... . Blake, Pamela D. ...... . Blee, Jean A. .............. . Block, Barbara L. ...... . Block, Charles R. ........ ...,..... Blomquist, Barry A. ............... . Blomquist, Patricia L. ,. Board, Karen L. .............. . Bodoh, Dennis D. .......... . Boebel, Constance K. Boeck, Daniel H. ........ ....... . Boeder, Judith L. ........ ....... . Boese, Dorene L. ..... .......... . Boggs, Jerry D. ........ ....... . Bogott, Timothy R. .... ....... . Bolen, Trudy K. ............ ......... . Boland, Thomas P. ................... . Bondehagen, Pete A. ............... . Bonsack, Diane K. ....... . Bonsack, Gerald A. ...,.. . Borenz, Harlan R. .... .,,. Borisch, Anne M. ................... . Borowicz, David W. ...........,... . Borseth, James A. . ..... . . Boua, Jillorma A. ...... . Bouilion, David E. ....... ........ . Bourne, Phyllis J. ............ . Bouzek, Michael D. ...... . Bowell, Nancy L. ....... . Boyer, Bonnie M. ...... . Braaten, Ronald K. ,...... . Bracco, Donald C. ,. .... . Bradford, Caroline J. .............,. . Bradford, William F. ........... . Brady, James F. ...,........ . Brady, James M. ....... . Brandau, Judy R. ............ . Brandt, Douglas E. Brandt, Jean A. .......... . Brandvold, Rita E. ...... . Brasch, Len F. ....... . Brauner, John F. ............ . Bray, Jacqueline L. , .... .. Braza, Gerald F. ....................... . Brechler, Christine G. ........... . Brecka, Marilyn J. .......... . Brehm, Margaret M. ...... . Breidel, Herbert L. . .... ......... . . Breidel, Philip D. ................... . Breinke, LaVonne ............,....... Breitenfield, Richard V. Breiwick, Donald L. ........,...... . Brekken, Barbara J. ...... Brendle, Lily ................ Brendle, Rose A. Brenner, Marie J. ....... Brey, Julie A. .. ............. Brieske, Sharon A. ................... . Briggeman, Joseph L. ........... . Briggs, Ronald L. ............ . Bright, M. D. .............. . Bringe, Marvin N. ...... . Brock, Donald E, ....,.,,.,,,,, , Brodt, Betty J. ...........,........... . Bromberek, Michael J. ..,........ . Brooks, James H. .......... . Brosinski, Margie E. ...... . Brown, Carol l. .......... . Brown, Orley C. ...... . Brown, Tom F. ...... . Brown, Thomas G. ...... . Brown, William T. .......... . Brownell, Lorelle E. ...., . Bruder, Harry V. .......... . Brudlos, Julie J. ,,... .. .,.,.. Brudlos, Stephen C. ...... . Brueggeman, Bob L. ...... . Bruner, Marjorie A. .... . Bruno, Wayne F. .... . Brusky, David L. ...... . Bubolz, A. Jean ........,.. Buchell, Joy A. ......,....... . Buckley, Edward T. ...... . Buchmiller, Janie L. ...... . Buchner, Mary M. .... . Buddhu, Deowrai ........ Buehl, Candice ...,......... Buehrle, Roy J. ., .,,........... Bugenhagen, Paul D. Bur - Col Burand, Keith A. Burcum, Nancy L. .. Burgirend, Charles J. .........,. . Burgmaier, Robert M. Burk, William M. ...,.... . Burke, Pat J. .... Burkhalter, Sheryl K. Burkhardt, James M. . Burkhart, J. F. ............... .... , Burkhart, Thomas P. ............... . Burkholder, Francis C. ........,.. . Burmeister, Edward W. . ....... Burns, G. A. ...,...........,........ . Burns, John D. ................,.. .... . Burns, Lorna L. ...... . Burr, Charles J. ...... , Burr, Marylyn F. ., Burton, Dennis E. ...... . Burton, James L. Bush, Sandra L. ...... , Busse, Tom A. Busser, Judith M. ...... . Butler, Michael J. ...... . Button, Larry A. .......... . Button, Ronald J. ........ . Butzma Byerly, Byerly, Thomas J. ...... . Byers, Roger L. .... , Byers, Ronald J. ........ . Byers, Thomas A. ...,.. . C Cadwell, John W. .,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,, , Calcandy, Theodora P. Cantlon, Bridget M. ....... .... . Campbell, Linda R. .... . Campbell, Terry D. .... . Capps, Wynn ...,,..,,.,,... Carey, Patrick W. ...... . Carey, Richard J. .... . Carl, Dennis ......,.,,,,,,,,,,, Carlson, Connie J. .... . Carlson, Denise K. ...... . Carlson, Mary M. ..., . Carmany, Karen ....,.,,,,.,. Carpenter, Harold C, .,...,..,,, , Carter, Art H. .,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, Carter, Nicholas ........... Cars, Michael ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , Cassidy, Robert M. .... . Castle, Sally J. ..,...,,,,,,... Cavadini, Diane M, ,,,,,,, ,,,, , Cervenka, Ronald J. ............... . Chambers, Frank W. . Channing, Roseanne Check, Lorraine M. .... . Chesemore, James P. . Cheston, Edward G, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , Chitwood, Sharon K. . chieiewski, Robert J. .fffff Choate, Nicki J. ...... . Chose, Richard P. ........... .... . Christian, John W. .... . Christiansen, David E. Christianson, Gerald G Christianson, Michaei L. Christman, Alan H. .... . Christopher, Michael ............ Christopherson, Robert A. Chritton, Tom A. ..........,.......... . Church, James R. ................... . Churchill, Allen E. .......... .... . Clappier, Bonnie L. ....... .... . Clark, Constance L. ....... .... . Clark, David B. .......,.. . Clark, Joann M. Clark, Laurence E. ..... . Clark, Terrence W Clauson, Darryl G. Clementi, Joseph .... Clements, Cathy A, ,,,,,,, ,,,, , Clements, Jack P. Clodi, Elizabeth A. Clumpner, Roy A. ...... . Coady, Richard D. .... . Coggins, John J. ....,...,,,,,,, ,,,, , Co avita, Rober+ W, ,,,,,, ,,,,, , Coleman, John D. Collar, William E. Colletti, Judith A. Collins, David L. . Collins, Ronald E n, Ronald G. ....... .... . Raymond M. ....... .... . Col- Dep Collins, William J. Comeau, Alan F. ...,....... .... . Comeau, Frederick A. ........... . Compton, James W. .... . ..... . Conant, Rick A. ....................... . Coniglio, Timothy M. Connaughton, Jack F. .,........, . Connell, Prentice C. Connift, Dennis L. .......... ..... . Connors, Michael A. ...... ..... . Connors, Sheila K. ....... .,.. . Constalie, Annette E. ........... . Conway, Nancy L. 1 ........ ..... Cook, LaVonne M. ....... .... . Cooke, Joyanne K. ....... .... . Cooper, Melissa M. ...... ..,.. . Copper, Sharon R. ....... .... , A Corbett, Judith . ....... .... , Correa, Jose F. ...... .... . Cotter, Carol A. ...... . Cotton, Lois M. .......,. . Cottrell, Kent A. ...... . Coughlin, James W. ...... ....... , Coughlin, Nancy K. ............... . Coughlin, Thomas E. ........... . Coutley, James N. .... ...... ..... . Cox, Jeannie R. .. ...,. Cramer, Jeri L. ...... . Crary, Carolyn S. ........... .... . Cretens, Edward L. ....... .... . Crist, David T. .......... . Crist, Robert A. . Crook, Claudette C. Crook, Charles R. ................... . Crooks, Constance A. ......... . Cross, James W. ......... .,..,.... . Crothers, William R. ........... . Crowell, Elizabeth C. ........... . Crum, Roger S. . ....... Cudek, Christine M. ...... ..... . Cudzinovic, Rudy J. ...... ..... . Cullen, Charles L. ................... . Cunningham, Dianne L. ....... . Cunningham, Judith A. ......, . Curley, Gregory M. ........,.. . Currie, Karen L. ........... .... . Curti, Bernard F. ...... . Curtis, Beverly ,,....,. Curtis, Marsha K. ...... . Cuta, Paul A. ............ . Cuellar, Robert L. .......... ..,.. . Cvikota, Kenneth J. D Dahl, Judy M. ....,.,,.,,,,,.,,,.,,,, , Dahlstrom, Clydene D. ,...,..,,., . Dahms, Barbara ......,........ ,..... Dalesandro, Laura F. ..,,.,...., , Dallman, Donald A. ..... .... . Dallman, Glen W. ....... .... . Dally, Judy F. ............ Dambach, Brenda L. Damicis, Anton .............. Damon, Darryle D. .... . Damp, Patricia J. .... - Dancker, Linda M. ..... . Danke, Loren G. ...... , Dauphin, Neal V. ...... . Davies, James N. ....,. . Davig, Mary A. . Davis, Diana R. .,.... . Davis, Jack-D. .........,.. . Davis, Sheila ................ .... Davy, Raymond H. .. Dawley, Nalrae ............ Deakins, John R. ......... . Deane, John J. ..........., De Braun, Pierre A. ..... ...... . Decker, Cheri A. ........... ..,. . Decauer, Randall F. .........,...., , Degenhardt, Arnold B. ....... . Degenhardt, Charlene R. De Gracie, Terry F. .............,. . De Grove, Richard F. ........... . De Jong, Judith B. ....,.......... . Dekiloski, Henrietta K. ....... . Dell, Nancy J. ....................... . DeLong, Florence E. .,....,.... . Denison, Larry J. .....,. ,,., , Dennison, Anne E. ....... ..., . Denniston, Neil A. ....... Denniston, Noel G. .......,,.,,,,, , Deppeler, Kathryn J. ........... . 99 l25 l25 l25 l25 125 l25 99 I l l l25 l25 l25 I25 I79 l25 l25 I79 l25 l25 l26 99 l26 99 l26 I79 I26 lll l26 l26 lll l26 l26 99 I26 126 lll lll l26 l26 lll l26 l2b l26 Ill l26 l79 lll lll lll 99 l26 l26 l26 99 lll IZ6 IZ6 I99 l26 I79 l26 99 l26 IZ6 lll l26 l26 I79 l79 99 l26 99 99 l26 IZ6 99 l26 l27 l26 l26 l26 l26 lll Ill l26 l26 l26 I79 lll 99 Ill Der - Eid Eid - Fil Derkez, James L. Derks, Sandra K. . Derouin, Pafricia A. De Trove, Pefer A. Deifman, Judifh M. De Vaulf, Suzeffe M. DeWi'rf, Kafhleen K. ...... ..... . DiCello, Anfhony T. Dickinson, Gary L. .,............. . Dickinson, Nancy S. ....... . Dickson, Scoff L. Diesburg, Mike J. ...... ..... . Dimond, Donald ...... Disbrow, Jack L. ....... .,.. . Disbrow, Paula J. ....... .... . Difscheif, Ann E. .... . Dobbs, Laura V. Dobson, James R. ....... ..... . Dock, Elroy A. ........... .... . Dodd, Craig E. ........... Dodge, Lacinda J. ....... .... . Doleisi, Frank C .,,, .. Doleschal, Janis K. ....... .... . Dombroski, Michael ................ Donahue, Janel' M. ..........,.... . Downdelinger, David Donnelly, Michael P. Donnermeyer, Mary K. ............ Dorff, Louie J. ,........... . Dorff, Sfan T. ,,.. Doser, John Jr. ......,..,. ,,.. . Doughfy, Diana J. ....... ..... . Douglas, Nanci L. ..... ...... . Dowd, Gary P. .,......... ..., . Downie, Alice M. .,.,.,..,,.. ....,.. . Downing, Odeffe E. ....... ..... . Downs, James M. ....... .... . Downs, Thomas J. Doyle, James P. .....,,.. ...... . Doyle, Timofhv J. ....... .... . Draeger, Harry R. .......... ..... . Draeger, James H. ....... .... . Dregne, Kara L. .......... ..... . Dresang, Gary A. ...... ,.... , Drew, Larry D. ,.,,,,,,,,, ,,,, , Drews, Barbara L. .......... ..... . Drews, Collin C. ................... . Drinkwafer, Linda M. Drinnan, Kafhryn J. ....... ..... . Droege, Jeanneffe A. ,,,,,,,,,,, , Dryer, Janef K. ..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , Du Charme, Cary R. Dudle, Janice M. ............ ....... . Dudley, Bryan C. .... .... . Dufenhorsf, Darcy R. ...,,. ...,, . Duncan, Linda M. ...,. ...... . Dunlavy, Don L. .,,.,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, , Dunom, Donald G. Dupler, Dan L, ,,,,.,,.,., ,,,, , Durall, Roberf T. .... Duren, Edward W. ....... .... . Durkee, John J, .,.,,,.,,,,,, ,,,, , Dussaulf, James F. Dusfman, Herm C. Dusfin, Ann M. ........... ,.... . Dusfin, Janel' ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, Dufcher Dann l E , e . ....... ..., . Duffon, Bonifa C. Dvorak, Darrell J. ...,.. .,.., . Dwyer, Bonnie M. ..... ...,.. . Dwyer, Joseph C. ...,,, ,,,,, . Dwyer, Mary R. ,,,.,,. ..,, , Dwyer, Karen A. ....,,, ,,,, , Dziedzic, Mark R. E Easfman, Alan-W, ,,.,., , ,,., ,, Easfman, Sandra K. ...... ..... . Eberf, Ann . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , Eberharf, Melody M Eberf, Richard C. ........ ..... . Eckarl, Sandra R. ,,,,.,, ,,,, , Eckels, Lynn ......,,,,,.,....,,,,, ,.,,,, Edgar, Sheryl L. .........., Eddy, Randolph A. ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, , Edmondson, William Edwards, Bruce ..........,,,,,,,,,,,,, Edwards, John W. ..,,,,,,,,,,,,, , Efferfz, Kafherine M. ............... . Egeness, Sharon A. Ehler, Dan .. ....,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, , ,, Ehrhardf, Michael F. ........... . Eide, Corrine A. ........,.,,, ..,,,, , Eide, Kennefh A. ...... . Eilerfson, Nancy S. Einer, Kay M. ..,, . Eifland, Wayne H.. Ekern, Arfhur C. .... . Ekern, Marvin A. .,.... . Elbe, Neil F. ....,,.. . Elder, Helen D. ....,. . Eldridge, Berf M. Ellefson, Larry A. ........ . Ellefson, Merlin A. ....... .... . Ellis, Jane M. ............. . Ellison, Leonard B. ....... .... . Ellison, Marian J. ........... .... . Elmer, Barbara J. ........ . Elsfad, Mary ............................ Emberfson, Mariorie K. ....... . Emery, Befly l.. ....................... . Emery, Helen J. Emery, Linda M. Engan, Michael R. ..... , Engler, Eugene L. ....... ..,. . England, Charles H. . Engsberg, Mary C. Enos, Ann M. .,,.,., . Enrighf, David B. .......... ..... . Erickson, Harold P. ...... ..... . Erickson, Gary C. ..... . Erickson, Jerry ........................ Erickson, Michael F. ........... . Erickson, Nancy J. Erickson, Paul .............. Erickson, Rand ............. Erickson, Ronald A. .........., . Ersepke, Carol M. ....... .... . Erfel, Gary B. ....,.... . Esch, Judlfh E. ...... . Espeland, Gary A. Espenes, Jon .,,......, .. Esquilin, Luis R. .,.. . Esfen, Phil L. .......... , Eswein, Ralph J. Evans, Dusfin R. ..... . Evenson, Caroline S. ..... ,,.,,, . Evenson, Kelly L. ......... ...... . Evenson, Merriam J. Evenson, Thomas W. ..... ...... . Ever+, Jean E. .....,,,.... . Ewerf, David C. .... Ewings, Gary D. .,.. . F Faheriy, William P. ..... ,..... . Fair, William T. .,........ . Fairbanks, Virginia L. Falkner, Bonnie E. .....,,,, .,,,,, , Fancher, John F. ,,,,,,,.,,,, ,..,,,, , Farnsworfh, Jan L, ,,,,.,,, ,,,,,,, , Faudue, Leslie .,.,..,,,,,,, Fauske, Mary E. ..... . Fay, Joyce E. .,,,,,.,, . Feely, Befh A. ......,,.... . Feld bruegge, Susan ,,,,, ,,,,,,, Felde, Wyman S. ..., . Felker, Kennefh R, ,..,.,,,, ,,,,,, , Felland, Marcia L. ..... ...... . Felf, Terry L. ,,..,,,,,,,, , Felfon, Beverly A. .... . Fenner, Judifh L. .... . Feeney, Carol A. .... . Ferkovich, James J. Ferris, Louis J. .. Fiauh, Roger .,,....... Fibeger, Fred M. .... . Fief Arlhur I . A. .....,,,, ,,,,,, , Fief, Roberra J. ..,.., .,.., . Finanger, Sfeven P. Fink, Pefer F. . Finley, John P. .... . Finn, James E. .,,.,,. . Finses, James R. ....... . Firsf, Donald M. .... . Fischer, Cheryl M. ..,, , Fish, Janice H. ..., . Fish, Lenefa K. .... . Fisher, Gary L. ,... . Fisher, Kay D. ......... . Fisher, Theron .,,,, Fisher, Wi ' Fifzpafrick, David R. Filzpafrick, John J. Fifzpafrick ,Fifzpafrick lliam T. QQQQQff , John M. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , , Thomas M. ..,.... . Fla - Geh Gei - Gru Flanagan, Marcia A. ........... . Flanagan, Michael J. ........... . Flayfer, Richard A. ...... ..... . Fleischman, Carl R. ............... . Fleischman, William A. ......, . Fleming, Connie K. ............... . Flefcher, Juli A. ............. ..-..- . Flood, Thomas E. .... . Fluekiger, Clyde P. ...... ..... . Flynn, Karen L. ............. ...... . Flynn, Richard J. ........... Foehringer, James F. ........... . Foerfsch, Curfis A. ....-. -..-- . Fokema, Miriam R. ..... ...... . Foley, Dan J. ............. . Folgers, Beffy A. .... . Foriyes, Kafherine ..... Foss, Richard L. .... . Fosse, Marien ............. Fosfer, Brian S. Forfnev, Dana ...,...... Forfney, Merfie K. .... . Fox, Gay L. ......... . Fox, Peggy A. ..... . Fox, Shirley A. ..... . Fox, Sandra R. ............. ...... . Foy, Frederic S. ............ . Francksen, Ing rid A. Frank, Elaine L. ....................... . Frankensfein, Barbara Franklin, Lynda E. ................... . Franz, Roberf G. ............,. . Fra nzen, Susan M. ..... Fraser, Sandra A. ....,.... ...... . Freagon, Roberf J. ..... ...... . Frecheffe, Bernard ........ ........ Frederick, Beebe ..... Freehoff, Dale B. .... . Freelove, Tom A. .... . Freely, Lyle ................................ Freeman, Alan W. ................... . Freisinger, Frances A. Frelke, Mary J. ....................... . French, Herb A. ......... ...... . Frey, Roberl' J. .... . Frey, William J. Frick, Beffe .......,. Friday, Carol J. Friedl, Gary E. .... . Fries, John R. .......... . Frisbie, David A. ......... ...... . Frisch, Lawrence A. Frisch, Richard M. ..... ...... . Fronk, Mary L. .. Frydenlund, Jane A. ............... . Fuchs, Carl J. . ..........., . . Fuchsfeiner, Joseph J. Fuchsfeiner, Thomas E. ....... . Fuller, Cherry M. ................... . Fuller, Linda D. ....................... . Fullmer, William H. Furman, Jane E. .,.......... ....... . Fvbsen, Mariean R. .... ....... . Fvbsen, Lee L. ........ . G Gabrlelson, Julie A. ............... . Gagermeier, Susan A. Gahan, Dolores E. ................... . Gahmug, Richard ..... Gall, Dennis D. ....... . Gallaher, Rufh M. Gamber, Barb C. Ganfenbein, Jay R. .... ....... . Ga psiewicz, Karol .. Garbe, Linda E. ........... ........ , Garbers, Donald F. .... ....... . Gardiner, Gary G. .... ....... . Garfield, John W. .............., . Gardgrove, Timofhy ................ Gardner, Mary ..........,. ....... Garner, Susan M. ................... . Garroff, William G. ,.............. . Garfner, Gary L. ........ ....... . Gafes, Sandra K. ................... . Gavinski, Richard E. Gauger, Nancy J. ................... . Gaufsch, Anfhony J. Gaufsch, William D. Gay, Kafhrvn F. . Gehabe, I Dave ......... Gehm, Vicfor T. ............ Gehrig, Melvin M. .... ....... . Geinz, Karol . ............... . Geissner, James W. ..... ....... Gelaff, Charles ......... Genfile, Susan L. .... . Gengler, Fay L. ..... . Genfry, Karen E. .... . Genz, Vona ............ ......... ....... Gerl, Marilynn L. ...... . Germinard, Roberf M Gerschefske, James A. Germehl, Carol S. ....... . Gefsinger, Vic C. ......... ...... . Geffer, Russell .......... Gianoli, Dennis B. .... . Gianoli, James A. Gianoli, Thomas ......... Gibbons, Dennis J. ..... ...... . Gibbs, Kenf W. ............. ...... . Gibowski, John A. ...... ...... . Gibson, Roberf L. ......... ...... . Gifford, Judy M. ...... ..,, Gilbeck, Kafhryri M. .,.. ....,.. . Gilberl, Michael K. Gilberfson, Corrine E. Glider, Laura J. ............. ...... . Gilles, Pafricia M. .... . Gilleffe, Joanne L. ..... ...... . Gilson, LaVonne P. ..... ...... . Ginskey, Margery E. ..... ...... . Ginskey, Roberf A. ..... ...... . Glass, Diane M. .......... ..... . Glasrud, Richard H. ..... ...... . Glick, Diane F. .............. ...... . Glish, Sally A. ....................... . Glissendorf, Curfis D. ....... . Glover, Jeffry K. ................... . Glubka, Camille A. Goehner, Sharon E. ..... ...... . Goers, William L. ...... . Golfz, Peggy J. ....................... . Godding, Jo Ann V. Gomez, John T. .. .... Gonya, Jean A. ........ . Goodall, Helen E. ...... . Goodenough, Gary D. Goodman, Beffy L. Gorgen, Nancy A. ...... ..... . Gorski, Elaine A. .......... ..... . Goffbeheuf, Linda L. Graef, Rick L. ........... . Graf, Daniel W. ....,... . Graf, Harley R. Graf, Reginald F. .... . Graham, Brian J. .......... ..... . Graham, Verna M. Graham, Vicforia M. Gor en, Nancy A g . .. Grangaard, Ellen M. Granger, Paul R. ...,... . Granke, Jeanne M. ............... . Grasse, Roberf M. Jr. Grassman, Doris M. ..... ...... . Grafhen, Roberf J. . Graves, Michele M. ..... ...... . Graw, Richard B. ..... . Graves, Dennis A. .... . Gray, John . ............ . Gray, John R. ..... . Green, Donald D. ..... . Green, Francis P. ....... .... . Green, Roger J. ....................... . Greenheck, Kafhy A. Greenwald, Joanna ...... Greiger, Richard .......... ...... Greinke, Neil W. ....... . Grenisen, Thomas A. ........... . Greve, Richard A. ......... ...... . Greve, Ronald G. .. Gries, William E. ....... . Griffel, Pafricia A. Griffifhs, Phyllis R. ...... ..... . Grimm, Mary Jo .......... ...... Grimslid, Michael J .... Grimsrud, Gloria J. .,... ...... . Grindler, Alan R. ....... . Grinnell, Roberf A. .... . .. Grise, William L. ...... . Griswold, Sharon D. ...... ......, Grom, Gary C. ......... . Gronski, Roberl' J. .... . Grosch, Evelyn H. .......,.. ..... . Grosskopf, Rallon E. ,.... .,,... . Grover, Frank H. ..... . Groves, Kafhleen V. ...... ..... . Grover, Pafricia M. Groves, Joann C. ..... . Gruen, Rufh A. ........... . Grumke, Thomas W. ........... . Grunsefh, Thomas O. ,,,,,,..,,, , Grunwald, Mary Ann Gry -- Has Gryphan, Richard .......... Gschwind, Charles R. ..... . Guberud, Alden M. ......... . Gudgeon,' Erma F. ..... . Guerfler, Margaref J. , .... . Gulbrandson, Mariorie M. Gullikson, Caryl L. ..... . Gundersen, Elizabefh, Gundersen, Rufh T. ..... . H Gunderson, Larry C. ........ . Gusf, Pamela K. ......... . Gufknechf, Gayl E. ..... . Guy, Pal' A. ...,...... . l'l Haacke, Al B. .............. . Haacke, Kennefh L. ...... . Haas, Donald ........... .......... Habelman, Lloyd George Hackeff, Linda L. ......... . Hadkins, James L. ............. . Haebig, Jeff ................... Hafaman, Cheryl Ann ...... Hafemann, Gordon J. ..... . Haefs, Melvon, F. ..,...... . Haff, Marilyn ...,,,,,,,.,.. Hafner, Jean M. ..... . Hagen, Carol ........... Hagenah, Terry L. ..... . Hager, John J. Hagerman, Gene R. ..... . Hahn, Jane A. .............. . Haines, Richard D. ...... . Halberg, Susan J. ..... . Hall, Sandra J. Hall, Tarry James ....... Hall, Wayne O. ............. . Halmrasf, Vernon ........., Halversen, David H. ,..... . Halverson, M. Lynn ...... Hamann, James L. ...... . Hamilfon, Sharon R. ,.... . Hamm, Gary ............... Hammer, James .............. Handrick, Kennefh J. Handschke, Arnold H. Hanesworfh, Richard F. Hanifl, Ellen J. ............- - Hanifz, Barbara K. Hansen, Earl H. .... . Hansen, Genevieve Hansen, Janef C. ........... . Hansen, Kalhleen A. Hansen, Linda D. ...... . Hansen, Rodney A. Hansen, Roberf A. Hansen, Thomas J. Hansen, Willis ............... Hanson, Carole L. ...... . Hanson, Dave S. Hanson, Donald ,....... Hanson, Harold A. Hanson, James D. ...... . Hanson, Jayne E. Hanson, Oved W. Hanson, Roberf A. Hanson, Roberl' A. Hanson, Ron K. Hanson, Rosanne ........ Harcey, Karen M. ...... . Harding, Carol Ann ....... Hardy, Larry K. ........ , Harkins, Dennis W. Harnish, Thomas W. Harlan, Merle ............ Harper, Walfer W. Harried, Olin N. ..,... . Harris, Barry L. .,,,.. . Harris, Suzanne Harris, William C. Harrod, William H. ...... . Harry, Barbara J. ...... . Harf, Arfhur L. Harf, Candy J. ..... . Harfman, Cheryl L. Hartman, Jim F. .............. - Harfsough, Judy A. Harwood, Jeffrey J. Harfzheim, James M. ...... . Hase, Keifh A. .....--.-----.----- A Haskins, Virginia L. Hass, Nancy K. ..... . Hass, Rufh M. ,....... Hutchinson, Linda L. ....,....,. . Jones, D Hott, Steve F. .. ,..., Holt, John H. . Lillie, Neil J. .. .,..., Hat- Hov Hatten, Lorie L. .. . Haug, Ronald Haugen, Donna J. .....,, .. Haugen, John R. , Haugland, Marilyn .... Havill, Hollie . .,.........., . Hawkins, Ella M. .....,............. . Hawkins, Richard G. ....,....,. . Hayes, Kathryn A. .....,, ........ . Hayes, Michael J. ,...... ........ . Hayhurst, Carol J. ..... .... . Haymann, Sally Jo ....,... Heck, Martha A. Hetfner, Lynn C. Hegel, Allen A. ........,..... . Hegge, Marilyn T. ......,.,. . Hehenberger, Donald J. Heider, Carolyn ..................... .- Heider, Mary . .............. . Hein, Harlan W. Heindel, JoAnn S. ...,...... . Heinecke, David E. .............. - Heineke, William F. ,. Heinonen, Barbara J. . Heitman, Richard J. Helfrick, Joseph B. Heller, William .. Hemker, Karen M. Hemker, Robert D. Hendrick, Cheryl D. ...... . Hendricks, Susan L. Hendrickson, Patricia A Henke, Dwaine, E. .......... . Henning, Beverly A. .. Henry, Fred G. .. ...... Henry, Ronald A. ......,.., . Henthorne, Donald B. Herman, Gilbert ..., Hermann, Cheryl J. ...... . Herold, Dianne M. Herres, Michael F. Herried, Barbara ...... . Herring, Jan L. .,..... . Herzog, Donald J. Herzog, Wayne T. ....., . Heser, Richard A. .. Hesse, David V. Hestad, Erling A. ...... . Heuser, Jackie E. ...... . Hickey, Susan K. Hieber, Sandra ............ Higgins, Dennis A. ...... . Hill, Katherine A. .......... . Hillesheim, Donna L. .... . Hilmoe, Jeri A. . ,,.,,.. .. Hilt, Kay .. .. Hilton, Michael C. ...... . Hilvers, Norma J. ...... . Hinds, Terry L. ,............. . Hlusko, Genady G. ...... . Hoch, Daniel J. ......,... . Hoett, Elaine A. Hoeft, Gloria J. .......... . Hoett, Richard J. ...,.. . Hoeppner, Barbara ....... Hoesly, Holly C. ..,... . Hoeth, Rodney J. ...... . Hofer, Steven D. ..,.. . Hoestman, Henry ..,., . Hoff, Annetta R. .. Hofterek, Charles R. ..... . Hoffland, Sharon M. Hoffman, Wayne R. ............, .. Hottstetter, Theodore M. Hogan, Dennis A. ...............,... . Hogan, John S. ...................., .. Hogen, Sonia G. .. .,... Hohlteld, Charlotte Holig, Ruth M. .......... Holleran, Dennis R. ....... .. Holly, Colleen M. .. .... Holmbeck, Juanita L. .......... . Holtze, Janice F. ...... . Holtze, Jean E. ..,... . Holz, Connie L. ..... . Homan, Gail M. ...... . Hood, Helen E. Hooper, Edithe P. ......... . Hooxierson, Dick A. ..... . Hopkins, John W. . Hov - Joh Joh - Ket Kia - Laa Hovind, Neil H. .,,............ .... . Howard, Geroge L. .....,, .... . Howell, Lynda L. ,....., . Howland, Jane D. ...... . Hubbard, Mary J. ...... . Hudson, Donald L. ........ Huebner, Robert G. ....... .... . Huebner, Judith A. ....... ..., Huggett, Douglas S. ....... .... . Huhn, Gerald K. ....... . Hulbert, Carlynn Humer, Linda M. ...... . Humm, Betty J. .,............. .... . Humphrey, Bruce R. ....... .... . Hum hrey, Bruce R ...... ..... p . . Humphrey, Judith M. Hundt, Linda E. ............ Hundt, Lois E. .... .........,. . Hundt, Paul A. ........ .............. . Hunsberger, Roger R. Hupfer, George J. ....... Hurlbu rt, Wesley W. Huse, Gale E. .,...,.......... Huseby, Jeanne .......... Hustad, Bruce 'G. .. ,...... . Hutchen, Kathleen F. ........... . Hutcheon, William ................ Hutchinson, Gloria M. Huttenburg, Julaine K. ....... . Hutzler, Lillian I ..,...,...... .,......... Infelise, Thomas J. Irving, Ingrid A. lnstenes, Karen M. lpsen, William T. ...... . lrwin, Diane S. Irwin, James K. ...... . lrwin, Morris M. Johannes, Adele E. Johannes, James .. . Johansen, Charlene A Johns, Patricia G. ..... ,........ . Johnson, Charlene K. ........... . Johnson, Christine L. .. ..,.. ... Johnson, Craig E. ........... Johnson, David . ........ . Johnson, Gary A. ........... .... . Johnson, James D. .,,,, . Johnson, John D. ...... . Johnson, Judy A. ...... . Johnson, Judy L. .......... . Johnson, Karen A. Johnson, Ken W. ...... . Johnson, Larry D. ...... . Johnson, Lester J. ...... . Johnson, Margaret ........ .... Johnson, Mary K. .......... . Johnson, Nelson H. ....... .... . Johnson, Nelson H. Johnson, Ronald J. ...,,. . Johnson, Owen P. ..,,, . Johnson, Paul W. ...... . Johnson, Phillip L. Johnson, Sarah M. . .. Johnson, Sherry L. . Johnson, Susan E. .. ..... Johnston, Ruthanne ........ ..,. elores M. .... Ismael, Suzanne ...... . Iverson, Gary M. ....... .... . Iverson, Jane C. ....,. . lverson, K. Donald .,..... ...... lverson, Pamela K. ....... ..., . J Jach, Jeannie L. ......... . Jackson, Sandra K. Jacobs, Karen M. . ,........ Jacobs, Richard E. .. .. Jacobson, Jean N. ....... .... . Jacobson, Mark N. ....... .... Jacobson, Wa ne A. Jacobus, Judith J. .......... ..... . Jaeger, Gary R. ...... . Jaeke, Marlene ....... Jallings, Virginia K. ,..... .,... . Janke, Donna R. .................... . Jannusch, Margaret A. ....... . Januskeske, John R. ............,.. . Jarchow, Joan E. ,.......... .... . Jarosch, Joe C. ........... .--- - Jefson, Jerald J. ............... . Jelenshick, William S. Jenkerson, Kenneth R. Jones, Susan J. . Jordie, Allegra M. Jorgensen, Julie A. .... Jors, Edward .......,. ,..... Jothen, Robert D. ...... . Juel, Marty J. ....... . Julsrud, Mark E. .. Jung, Mary J. ........... . Jungerluth, Frank S. ...... . Jungers, Nancy A. ........... Jurewicz, Alfred P. Jurkowski, John ...,.. Jurgensen, David M. .. Justman, Stan F. Juston, Richard Kianga, D. Kianga Kiesow, Karla M. Kiefer, Michael C. . Kile, Wayne D. .. . Killian, James A. . .. King, Peter R. Kingsley, Judith K. .. Kingsley, Susan R. . Kinyon, Barbara E. .. Kippin, Paul E. .. Kirch, Karen G. . . Klrkhorn, Mary L. ......... ...... . Kisner, James R. ..........,... Kleczewski, Barbara A. . ,... Klehm, Judy A. Klein, Janet E. .... ......... ..... . Klein, Susie J. Klein, John A. Klein, Margaret .................., Kleinhaus, George E. Kleinke, Karen K. ....,.... ....,. . Kleinke, Richard P. ...... ..... . Kleinsasser, Joann S. Kliminski, George C. Klimke, Dennis D. ......... ...... . Kling, James C. ........ . Kling, Mary L. ....... . Klinzing, James .......... Klug, Norman L. . .. Klug, Patricia K. .... . Klund, Jetfry B. .....,,.... . ..... .. Knoblauch, Margie R. Knox, Beniie . ........... . Knox, Richard F. .................., . Knudtson, Howard D. Knutson Dennis J. ,........ ...... . Knutson: Kaye S. ......., . Knutson Kristine ........... ..... Knutson, Marilyn L. Knutson, Roger E. .... . Knutson, Robert J. .... . Koch, James P. Koehler, David H. ..., . Koehler, Deanna M. .,,,. ...,. . Koehler, Lyle . .. Koehne, Karen A. Koeller, Carol A. ...., . Koenig, Frances L. ......... ..... . Kohlmeier,, George J. kausih, James R. ..,, . Konwinski, David A. L aa - Llo Laakso, Sandi E. .. LaBarre, Dennis . La Barre, Don L. . Labatt, Laura L. LaFleur, Albert L. .... , Lafser, Roy A. ....,..... . Lahti, Donna M. Lamb, Robert E. . ,. Lammer, Gervase A. Lamp, Carol L. .. Lampert, Marti A. Lanam, Jon P. Lander, Patricia J. Landsverk, Wayne D. .. Lange, Barbara A. .... . Lange, Jefterey, R. ..... . Lange, Joel D. ....... . Lange, Stephen W. Lanzel, Joseph A. .. LaPlant, Mary O. ........ . LaPoint, Patricia A. Larkin, Mary E. Larsen, Daniel P. ..... . Larsen, E. Richard ...... Larsen Michael J. .. Larson, Alan F. Larson, Dennis G. .... . Larson, Connie M. Larson, Donna J. Larson, Ellen I. ...... . Larson, Gerry C. ..... . Larson, Lucille ...... Larson, Margaret L. Larson, Mavis A. ....,. . Larson, Richard D. ,. Larson, Richard J. ...,.. . Larson, Susann K. Larson, Sharon A. ..... . Lash, Sandra L. ...,.... . Lathrop, Daniel C. .. Latshaw, William N. ..... . Lauermann, Michael M Laurent, Thomas M. ,.... . Laursen, Lynn K. .......... . LaVold, Sharon K. ...... . LaVont, Terry W. Lawrynk, Larry F. Lawrynk, Patrick W. ..... . Lawson, Allen L. ......... . Layton, Barbara A. .... . Kortbein, Kathleen M. Koski, Robert J. .. .,.. ..... . ,... Kostecki, Kenneth J. ..... . Kovalik, Linda F. .... ,.., Layton, Gerald A. ...... . Leach, Susan A. .. Leavitt, Bonnie ...,........... Lebakken, Erling O. Lederer, Ruth A. .. K Kabat, Robin A. ...........,.. . Kaczkowski, Konrad K. ......, Kading, John C, .. ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, Kaemmer, Jacquelyne ........,,.. Kaepernick, Carol L. . . Kaeske, Russell G. ......... . Kahl, Bernadine L. ...... . Kahle, Jack J. .. Kalamen, Jerome L. ...... . Kaleas, James C. .... ..... . Kamla, Mary M. ..........,.,,,,, Kampschroer, David L. Kampschroer, James S. Kamuchey, William J. Kane, Douglas A Kane, Karin M. Kapanke, John G. .. .. Kapke, Charles E. . ...,,..... Karceski, Carolyn M. Karch, Lawrence L. ...... , Jenkins, Gary D. ....,...... ..,, . Jenkins, Gloria ........... ..... Jenner, Daniel J. .... . Jensen, Biorg L. .......... ..... . Jensen, Donna J. ....... ..... . Jensen, Elinor M. . Jensen, Ernest R. .... . Jensen, Joan M. .......... ..... . Jensen, Jensen, Melva C. ....... ..... . Steven A. .......... ..... . Hoppel, Randy ............... Horger, Charlene A. .........,.. .. Horman, Jim A. ............. . Horman, Neale A. ., Hornby, Hough, Houser, James A. ..... . David W. ..... . Elaine .L ...,... Hove, Clark T. ...... . Jensterle, Carol E. ....,.. .... . Jess, Stephen E. ......... . Jesse, James A. ...., . Jermstad, Sharon ....... Jessesski, John T. .. Jezwinski, Ronald J. ...... ..... . Jiracek, Nancy R. Joanis, Thomas B. ..... . Johann, David R. ...... . Kovatovic, Mike T. Krahn, Lucien E. ...... . Krake, Sharon M. ..... . Kramer, Eve R. Kramer, Marion L. Kranpitz, James Kranzusch, Hollie G. Krause, Donald L. ...... . Krema, Gregory F. Kremenski, Peter L. Krieg, Julie A. ..... ,.......... . .. Kriesh, Elias .,... Kriemelmeyer, Mary J Kroenong, Cheri L. Kromke, Judith A. Kroner, Robert L. Kropt, Anita D. .......... . Krueger, Gordon E. ..... D. .......... .... . Lee, Barbara A. . Lee, Larry A. .. Lee, Linda A. . Lee, Robert E. ....... . Lee, Ronald M. .. Lee, Ronald S. ..,... Lee, Russel M. ....... . LeFevre, Barbara M. ..... . Leisso, Marvin A. .......... . LeMieux, Yvette M. :. Lemke, Thomas A. ..... . Lempke, Lensen, Bonnie A. ..... . Dan H. ...... . Lenz, John C. ....... . Lentz, Richard .... , .... . Leonard, Ardis J. .. Kardin, Merlin H. Karnapp, Lynn E. .. ...... .. Karps, Carol A. .. ...... ...... . .. Kastenschmidt, David H... Kastenschmidt, Judith K. Kastenschmidt, Mary L. Kasuboski, Leon .- .... ......,..... . Kau, Barbara .M. . ..... Kauma, Claudia E. ..... Kautz, David A. Kavanaugh, Colleen M. Keete, Susan ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, U Keetfe, Michele H. Keetfe, Sallymae Kelshasky, Joseph ...,,.... Keilholtz, Kathy A, .,,,,, , Keith, Gilbert L. ....... . Kent, Ann M. .. .. Kenyon William G Kepperl, william ci iff.. Kerrigan, Thomas ...... Kerska, Richard J. ..... . Kerska, Robert E. Ketchell, Dianne L. ..... . Ketchum, Don R. ..... . Kettner, Richard L. .. Krueger, Karen G. .. Krueger, Kerry L. ......... . Krueger, Margaret V. ........ . Kruse, Patricia A. Kubiak, Carol J. . Kuehl, Robert W. . Kuehn, Mary A. Kuehn, Phillip J. . . Kuhl, Allen J. . Kuhl, Sandra . . Kuiawski, Frederick E. Kumm, Judith ......,...... Kump, Carrie L. .... . Kums, Sylvia L. Kunard, Marie N. .. Kwasny, Jim L. . , Kwick, Charles F. .. L Laabs, Gerald W. I03 Leonhart, James L. ...... . Lepsch, Sharon J. ...... . Levendoski, Mary M. Levenstein, Sheldon M. Leveraus, Jon R. ............. . Levy, Carol J. ., Levy, Jules C. .. ............ Levy, Louis T. .............. . Lewandowski, Roger C. Lewis, John R. .... . Lewis, Sherry A. . Lewis, William R. Libansky, Tom J. . . Libersky, Diann ........... .. Liebhardt, David A. ...., . Liebscher, Dennis A. . Liebscher, Howard N. .. Lieder, Gary W. . ........ .. Liefke, Pamela R. ,..,..... . Lillethun, James A. ..... . l.imberg, Eugene E. ..... . Limberq, Ken J. ....... . Lindloff, Mark O. ......,.. . Lindgren, Terry A. . ...... .. Lingsweiler, Curtis R. .. Linhart, Roxanne Linse, Mary K. . Livangood, Linda J. ..... . maya, ess: s. ........... . Munson Loc - Mar Lock, Margarel J. Locy, Gerald R. ,... . Loken, Richard M. ..... .. Lokken, Judily A. .,,,, . Lokken, Ronald E. .... , Lombe, Jackson ......... Lommen, Virginia L. .,.. , Looney, Roberl B. .... . Loomis, Donna M. ..., . Loomis, Palry E. Lorenz, Gene T. ..,,. . Lorenz, Leslie H. ...,.... . Lorenz, Pamela J. ,... . Lorensen, Ann .B. ......... . Loughrin, Gene G. . Louko, Jack C. ......... . Loveioy, David J. .,... . Lowe, Michael J. ..,.. . Lowe, Truman T. ,,........., . Lucas, Thomas W. .. Ludwig, Donld H. ...,. . Luebke, Ricky L. .... . Luedlke, Sandra .,,....... Luelloff, Alyerd L. .... . Lukas, David J. . Lukas, Janel L. .... . Luke, Rozanna ,,,... Lunberg, David ...,..,....,.. ,..,., Lund, David R. .. Lunde, Kay M. ,.,...,. ,. Lunenschloss, Francis W. ..,, .... Lulher, Anloinelle M. . Lulher, Carol A. .,,,.. Lulher, Dick R. Lyons, Conslance L. ...... ...,. . Lyons, Cynlhia J. ..,.. . Lynons, Gary F. ....., . Lyons, Mariane F. .,,., , Lyons, Timolhy R. ...,. . M Maas, Jane ...,....,. Maas, Linda M. ..,.. . Maass, Merlin H. .... . MacAulay, lan A. ., MacDonald Bruce l. MacDonald, Jane M. . MacDowell, Jo .,..,.,.... Mack, Julie F. ,,,,,,,,,,,,, , Mackie, William G. .... . Madalon, Mary Jo .,,,,,,,, ,.,,,,, Mader, Sherry K. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,., , Magnuson, Alice I. ..,.,, ,,,,, . Maher, David F. ..,....,.... . Mahloch, Jeffrey G. .,,,, ,,,,., . Mahlum, Carol . ,........ . Mahlum, Terry D. ........ . Mahnke, Carolyn A. .... . Maina, Eliud W. .,...,, .. Malin, Rosemary M. .,,,, ,,,,,, , Malnory, Richard G, .,... ,,,.., . Malone, Mary E. .....,..... . Malslrom, Richard T. . Malszy, Niki . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,, , Mandeville, Michael H. ......, . Mandy, Marily E. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,, . Manegold, Michael P. ........... . Mangene, Roberl A. Mas - Mil Mashak, Marilyn A. Mashack, Marlene D. Mashack Ro er A , g . . .,,.,., .. Masheimer, Barbara A. ..A.... . Masik, Bonnie .. Mason, Judy K. ............. ...,,, . Mason, Roberl E. Maslers, Tim J. . ,.... .. Masuda, Naomi .. ..... Malhison, Roberl W. ,....., .. Mallison, Mary M. ..... ....,. . Malulis, Tom G. .,........ Malushek, Richard A. Malzelle, Gerald J. Mauuye, Henry M. ...,,... ....... . May, Donald E. .. Mayer, Sue J. . .....,..,.. .. McBain, Arlhur N. ,,..... . McBridie, William ..,........,. ...... McCarlhy, Palricia A. McCarlney, Jim A. ,............., . McChesney, Tom J. . McClain, Duane R. McCoy, Collen M. McCoy, Earlene M. McCoy, Nancy L. ......, , McCoy, Palsy R. ........... ....... . McCormick, James D. McCreighl, Jerold D. McCreighl, John H. ............... . McCulloch, Kalheryn J. ...,... . McCulcheon, William .,,,..,...,. McDermoll, Roberl J. McDonald, Diane D. .........,,.... . McDonald, Thomas E. McDonell, Nancy J. McFarlane, Doris J. McGinnis, Mary M. ............... . McGowan, Roberla H. McGralh, James R. ..,...,......., . McKeelh, Carol E. .... , McKenzie, Susan McKibbin, Wayne .,..,,, McKinney, Roberl A. ,.... ........,. . McKinney, Tom E. ......, . McLaughlin, Mary J. .......... ..... . McLean, Rod W. ....,,,....... McMahon, Waller M. McManamy, Palricia L. .....,. . McOuillan, Charles W. . .. McOuinn, Michael ........,........... Meacham, Delores M. Mead, Phillip H. Medinger, Sonia S. Mehlum, Richard E. ....--.--.. Meier, Diane E. .,.....,... . Meier, Richard R. Meier, Vicki J. ,,,.,.,, . Meisnesl, Carlene ........ Melby, Norma J. . . Melby, Phyllis J. .,..,,, . Melby, Shriley A. ..,. . Melsler, Don E. ......., . Mengell, Dennis M. Meronk, Roberl H. ..... ..,.,. . Merril, David F. ................----- . Mesch, Mary E. . . . Messerschmidl, William P. Melcall, Donella J. ............... . Melyarcl, Richard W. ...,..,.... . Melhum, Paul E. ........,,. . Meloxen, Lois ........,....,. Meloxen, Norma L. Meves, Michael M. Meyer, Don B. Meyer, Emily K. ,...... . Meyer, Marilyn E. ....,,. . Meyer, William A. ....,... ...... . Meyers, Tom N. . ...,.... .. Michel, Sharon A. Mil - Nad Miner, Miller, James S. Janel L. ..,....,.... ....,.. . Miller, Jeffrey C. ...., Miller, JoAnn ............ Miller, Kalhleen ........ Miller, Krislina ...... Miller, LeRoy L. ....... . Miller Marilyn G. ....... ........ . Miller, Mary L. ....... . Miller, Palricia J. ........ ....... . Miller, Palricia K. ,, ..,.. Miller, Paul H. ....... . Miller, Peler F. ....... . Miller, Rene C. ....... . Miller, Sandra J. ,,.,...... ........ . Miller, Millin, Sand ra R. ...,. ...... . David C. ....... . Mills, Howard T. Mills, Jim L. ,. Milos, Karen J. Misch, Belly J. Miska Salli R. ,..,.,....., . Miskirlis, Lynda A. .,... . Milchel Milchel I, Barbara R. l, Carol J. ,,,.... .,........,. . Milchell, Thomas E. ., Millermeyer, Frank C Moe, J ohn L. ...,........,. . Moe Gary K. ........... . Mae, J ohn L. ,...... . Moe, Lorraine G. Moe, Roger A. Moen, Mona L. . Moersch, Nancy A. .... ....... . Mohr, Mary E. Molland, Rila M. . , .,.. Molldrem, Roberl R. ....,,....,..,. . Molledahl, James A. .. Mollel, David G. ,,,,,. . Molling, Orville P. ..... . Molslad Dwighl E. Molslad: Molslad, Roberl J. Molslad, Richard G. .. Monahan, Michael J. Monsoor, Edward T. ..,,..,....,,.. . Monsoor, Mary L. . Monsoor, Monsoor, Thomas O. Monsos, Peler J. ,. Moore, Moore, Moran, Ann ,,,..,.,........ Charles M. Tim J. Morehouse, Mary A. .. Morgan Morgan, Richard Morgan, Thomas , Mary E. ...... . Morgan, William J. Jim B. . ,...,,,,. ...... . .. Rila M. ...,...,....,...... . D. .Q ,... ffffffff. P. .............., , Moriarily, John L. ,,,,,,, .,,,,,,,,,,,, Moriarily, Ronald A. .....,.,..,.... . Morris, David L. ....,,, ,,., , Morrison, Larry ........... Morrison, Richard C. Mosher, David C. .................,. . Moskon Mosley, as, Harris C. John J. ,.,. ............,.,.... . Molschenbacher, Harold A. .. Mouselle, Joanne G. ....,......,,.. . Mrolek, Mueller, Palricia E. Mueller, Gary A. . Donna s.i""ffff.'ffi'fffi' Mueller, Scoll J. ,,.......,. ,.,,,,., , Muenich, Sharon F, .,,, ,,,,,,, , Muelzel, Roger P. ......., ....... . Mulesky, Roberl S. .....,. ........ . Mulhern, Tom M, ,,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,, , Mulheron, Palricia A. Mullen, William C. Mullikin, Dewey L. ........ ........ . Mullins, Roberl J. ........ ....... , lvlulick, Roberl C, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, , Mundl, Barbara A. .... ....... . Munns, William F. ........ ....... . Munroe, Bonnie'L. , , Helen M. ........ ....... . Mangiaracina, Roselyn M. Manke, Barbara E. ........... ........ . Manke, Don L. ....................... . Manke, Kalhleen A. ........... . Manke, Roger ..,..,.,....... .,.... Manseur, Pamela ,,.,...,., ,,.,... Manley, Beverly J. Manley, Dona L. ..... . Manlhei, Mary A. ..... . Manlhei, Susan J. .... . Marker, Dennis R. .. Markerl, Joy A. . Markos, Charlolle Marlier, Barbara A Mars, Roberl E. ..,..... . Marshall, Kay F. Marshall, Shirley M ll2l."'fffffffffff. Marlell, William A. ..... ...... . Marlin, Dennis R. .... . Marlin, Linda M. Marlin, Richard G. .... . Marlin, Thomas C. .... . Marlinek, JoAnn M Marly, Belh A. ........ . Marx, Judilh A. .... . Michels, Charles Michels, Gloria J. Michuda, Richard J. ............... . Mickschl, Lyle H Midland, Roberl Mierzwa, Judilh Mike, Margarel Mikels, Rila D. Mikelson, Krislin Mikkelson, John Mikonowicz, David Milfred, Judy E. Millard, Doris F. 'Jfff fffff M. ...... lf' Miller, Carol A. ..,..... ....... . Miller, Daniel D. ............ ........ . Miller, Dennis, C. Miller, Dennis R. ............ ....... . Miller, Diane M. ........ ....... . Miller, Donald M. .... ....... . Miller, James E. ..... ...... . Miller, James M. ..... ....... . Murphy, Pierce M Murphy, Roberl T. . Murphy, Sylvia M. . Mussey, Mary E. ....... . Mwara, John B. .,.. . Myer, Barbara ......... Myers, Marlha J. N Nada, Sharon N. ..... , Nag - Ons Nagel, Richard W. .. Nagrocke, Allan P. .. Nairn, Virginia L. ..,.. . Nanscawen, Sharon L. Nechralal, Francis D. Nederloe, Joan O. ......... .... . . Needham, Jane L. .... . Neefe, Neis, Nekola, Nelson Nelson Nelson Nelson Nelson Nelson Nelson Nelson Nelson Nelson Nelsoh Nelson Nelson Nelson James W. ...,. . Donna R. JoAnne .......... Alan E. Carol E. ..... . Dianne S. Dorolhy A. .. Doug A. ..... . Faye E. Florann M. , Millie A. ..,.. . Reggie W. ...... ..... . Rodney R. .... . Rodney R. ..., . Scoll C. ..... . Shirley M. Terry C. .......... ....- - Neprud, Madeline J. Nesbill, James W. Nescheke, Ernesl .,,... Nelwal, Daniel A. .,....... .. Neuberger, David C. Neugarl, Charles l. Neuman, Roberl P. Neve, Linda L. . ................. Newburg, Marlha S. Nichols, Roberl C. . Nichols, James M. .... . Nichols, Susan M. .... . Nicholson, Jerry L. ..... ,..., . Nicholson, Jim C. Nicklas, Nancy A. , ,. Nicolai, Diane C. ., Niebauer, Richard R. Niebuhr, Roberl H. , Niedleldl, Thomas E. Nikols Mar e . .......... . . 9 Niles, Bob H. ......... . Ninniman, Thomas ..... Nobles, Barbara A. Noddings, Edna F. ............... . Noelke, William P. Noffsinqer, Sleve A. ............... . Nohr, Nolle, Sandra J. ......,..........., . Joyce M. ....................... . Nommensen, Elsbelh A. ....... . Nonlelle, Donald R. .,............. . Norcross, Nancy l. ..-.. -----. - Nord bloom, Ka ren Norman, Carol J. Norlh, Dean R. Norlhrup, Dale W. Norlon, Rila J. ,... . Novak, Gary J. ..,. .. Novick, Hon B. Novy, Linda A. . ...,................ .. Nussbaum, Dorolhy I Nullall, Larry W. Nillall, Richard J. Oas, Obershaw, Richard O Thomas , .... . Obmascher, Hoe A. .............., . O'Brien, Hohn J. . O'Brien, Lesler D. O'Brien, Teloley A. .,... .. Oelke, Virgil D. ............. ....... . L. .. ...... Ols - Pla Olson, Ellen E. . Olson, Joseph .,.,,,.. Olson, Karna J. ...,,.. . Olson, Kalhleen F. Olson, Kalhleen V. Olson, Ken R. ........ . Olson, Larry J. Olson, Larry L. .... . Olson, Lynda M. ..,... . Olson, Norman R. Olson, Philip .. .......... .. Olson, Ronald D. . Olson, Rulh E. ........., . Olson, Susan K. ....... . Olson, Thomas R. Oman, Judilh L. ...... . Oncken, Marciel V. Onsage r, David R. Opsahl, Nancy E. Oremovich, Judilh L Ormsby, Carol R. Ormson, Mary G. O'Rouk e, Sherri A. Orr, Ann M. ........ . Oswall, Oslerm David G. ann, Eugene J Osllund, Viclor T. ,. Oslreic her, Tony ....... Oslrem, David J. Oulcell, Barry J. Pabich, P Phillip F. .... . Pabsl, Joyce E. .... . Page, Henry C. ..,,... , Panek, Dennis J. .. Panek, JoAnne P. .... . Panke, Barbara L. .. Palience, Judy A. .. Paulsen, Kalhy .,.....,.. Paulson, Mrs. Alice . Paulson, Connie ,.....,.. Paulus, James R. .. Pauly, Thomas J. ....... . Pavasars, Andris ...... Pavela, Joseph F. .... , Payne, Lloyd F. ,,., , Payne, Virginia R. .... . Peacock, Penny R. .... . Pearson, Wilma Pecha, Marcus ............. Pecha, Merlin ............. Peckham, Philip G. . Pedersen, Jane C. .... . Pederson, Paula J. Pedrelli, Leo M. ..,..... . Peiniger, Maribelh ..... Pellell, Thomas D. .. Pendlelon, Richard J. Perkovich, Gerald P. . Perry, Susan G. ......... . Perviskey, Gerald J. . Pelers, Elqa .....,.. Pelersen, Kalhryn A. , Pelerson, Anila M. ..,. . Pelerson, Blaine ......... Pelerson, Dahlvin D. . Pelerson, Gary C. .,.. . J. .......... . Oellinger, Jean M. ..... ...,, , O'Hearn, Jeffrey L. ..... ..,... . Oksa, Susan M. ........ . O'Leary, Sharon K. ..... ...... . Olerud, Mariorie K. Oliva, Oliver, Oliver Olsen, Olsen, Olsen, Olsen, Olsen, Olson, Olson, Onson Joseph A. ............ ....... . Ann L. ........ .,,. ...... . Marilyn E. ........ . .... .. Delores E. .... . Fary R. Gerald R. ,. .. Mary L. ........ , Sleve M. ....... . Bernard O. ........ ....... . Camilla M. ..... ...... . David W. .... . Pelerson, James A. .. Pelerson, R. Odell ...... Pelerson Susan L. .. Pelerson: Thomas D. .. Pellis, Jane M. ......... . Pelzke, Sharon K. ..... . Plalf, David W. ..... . Pfaff, Ronald F. .... . Pfalf, Sandra L. .. .. Pfall, Wayne Plelfer, Paul D. .,,...... . Pfennig, Roger L. ..... . Phelps, Anila J. ..... . Philip, Donald J. ......, . Picholla, Donald R. .. Pickell, Daniel W. .... . Piekarz, Carol A. .,... . Pielhop, Kennelh C. ,. Pikus, Barbara A. ..... . Pinkslon, Douglas J. Pilzner, Larry J. .. Pischke, Larry W. .... ,. Pischke, Sleve J. .,., . Pilzner, Larry J. ......... . Plapperl, Nancy L. .. Pli - Rei Plinska, Karlene E. Pliskie, Kennelh J. Ploelz, Palricia ....,.... Plunkell, Timolhy J. .... ..,.,VV . Poellinger, JoAnn M. .. ,..... Pohl, William G. . Polan, Roberl N. .... . Pomplun, William S. ..........,.,,. . Poole, Joy E. ....V.,..,.. Porlz, Judy A. ,.,, . Poser, Allan .,,,,,,,,....... Posl, Karen L. ,,....... ..... . Poller, Douglas E. ........ .,..... . Poller, James H. Poller, Orrin T. Poller, Ronald A. Polls, Lloyd R. ,,... Powell, Keilh R. ,.,,... . Power, Mary E. Powers, Roberl J. Prael, Linda E. .,....., . Pralle, Thomas L. Preiean, Irene ............ Preiean, James ....... Prell, Dale B. ..... . Prell, Marilyn C. ....... . Prenliss, Carolyn M. Preslon, Jeanne M. . Primus, Judilh K. ....,,.. ....... . Proksch, Nancy M. ....... ........ . Prucha, James ,,,,............ ,,,,,,, Prudhome, James P. .............A, . Pruefer, Alvin W. ..A..... ....... . Pruess, Larry A. .,...,... ...... . Pruess, Shirley A. ..... ...,,, , Pryga, Chesler R. Pryor, Andrea H. .,...... ....... . Puckell, Phyllis E. ........ ,..,... . Purlell, Ann F. .......... . Q Quain, Sharon E. ................... . Ouammen, Carolyn A. ........... . Quillan, Ronald J. ............... . Quinn, Kalhleen E. ................... . guiring, lfeonard W. uisel, Linda K. ............ ....... . Quisl, Michael D. ,, R Raabe, David E. .....,, . Radke, Carol J. .,,,.., . Radlke, Gloria A. Rahn, James E. ..,..... , Railh, Waller F. ,,,,,. . Rall, William E. ......... Ramsay, Marvin B. Ramsay, Rich W. ......... .-.--. - Ranger, Marc B. ,...... . Rank, Slan D. ..... . Ransom, Ray J. ..., . Rash, Leonard .............. ...... Rasmusen, Rosalyn J. Rasmussen, Colleen R Ralhburn,.Thomas M. Ralwik, Rich P. ............ ...... . Rausch, Beverly T. Raymer, Sally A. ......... .,.... . Raymond, John A. ..... ...... . Raymond, Ralph G. .... ..,... . Rayome, Palricia M. . Rayome, William L. Rebhan, Sandra A. ........ ....... . Rehlin, James P. Redlin, Sally A. ..,,.... . Reed, Beverly J. ..... . Reeder, William R. ..... Reese, Sharon L. ....... . Regelein, James H. ..... ...... . Regisler, Earl W. .... . Regez, Gary L. ............. ...... . Rego, Carole A. ..., . .... .. Regel, Dennis J. ....... . Reichgell, James N. . l40 II7 I40 II7 l40 200 II7 200 200 II7 I40 l40 200 200 I40 I40 l40 l40 I40 I40 l40 l40 l40 I40 l40 l4l l4l l4l l4l 200 l4l l4l l4l II7 200 II7 II7 l4l l4l IIB IIB l4l l4l I4I 20l IIB l4l l4l I4I II8 IIB II8 20l l4l l4l l4l IIB l4l l4l II8 20l l4l l4l Il8 I4I l4l 20l l4l l4l l4l IIB l4l l4l l4l Il8 IIB 20l 20l l4l 20l Rei- Sch Sch - Sen Reis, Palricia L. .............. ,.,. . Reise, Gordon D. ..,.. , Renz, Roberl R. Resch, Harold C. ....... , Relle, Sandra ..... Rellenmaier, Alberl J. Reynolds, Rulh E. ...,.... . Rhodes, Dwighl E. ...... . Riberich, John W. Richard, Garry A. ........... .... . Richardson, John G. ............... . Richfield, Adrian .......... Richler, Johm A. Richler, Joyce A. ...... . Rieman, Bonnie L. ...... . Riley, Gary D. ....... . Riley, James F. Riniker, Mary E. ...... . Robarge, Gary L. ............,, , Roberlson, Mary E. .... . Robichaud, Margarel A. .....,. . Robinson, David P. ............... . Robinson, Gary M. ,, Rochesler, Terry L. ...... . Rodell, Charles F. .,,..,, ....... . Rodriguez, Raymond .. Roels, Jeanne V. ................... . Rohrer, James A. ........,,,,,,,,.,, . Rollmann, Richard H. . Romelfanger, Marilyn K. ....... . Romenesko, Torn D. Rommel, Ann J. ,.,,..,,. Roper, Dennis K. Roralf, Gre D. .......... . 9 Rose, James A. ............ . Roseberry, Edmond A. Rosendale, Dennis E. ..,,........,,, , Rosendale, Palricia J. ........... . Rosenlhal, Belle L. ...,.,,, Ross, Roberl E. ,........ . Rosler, James B. .... . Rolh, Roberl S. Roy, Nancy ,,,, Ruck, John L. ....., , Rudolph, Al J. Rudolph, David ....,... Rudrud, Frank K. ...... . Rue, Allan D. ...,....... , Rueckl, Roberl J. Ruehl, Geri A. ......, , Ruud, Palricia A. .....,,, , Runholm, Kalhryn A. .... R. ..... ., Rusch, William P. ..... .. Runice, Jerome Russel, Palricia ............ Ruller, Ruller, Sleve W. Ryan, June E. ....... . Tom P. ........ , Rydel, Sandra L. .......... . Ryder, Valerie A. ...,,., . Rye, Eleanor J. .... . Rye, Suzanne Kf ....... S Sagen, Dorolhy A. ...... . Sager, Gerald F. ....... . Sampson, Jane A. .,.,.. . Sampson, Mary J. ..,,., , Sammons, Maryanne ..... Sanchez, Aurora M. .,.. . Sander, Roberl ...,. Sands, Saralie S. .,,..... . Sanders, Sherry J. ...... . Sargenl, Roberl ........ Sarner, Gary R. ....... . Saron, Gordon J. Sarl, Carol E. .,...... . Sarver, Thomas A. ..,... , Salerbak, Lynn L. .,................. . Salher, Sarah H. ................... . Sawyer, Georgene K. ........... . Saxe, Alice M. ..... Saxlon, Michael L. ...... . Sayre, Rhoda .... .......... Scanlan, Gale F. .. ...... Scarselh, Clare .......,............ Scarselh, Harold C. .... . Schaefer, Genevieve G. ....... . Schall, Jack . .................. .... . .- Scarselh, Jean E. ............... ...- . Schaelzke, Terrence T. ........... . Schaller, Carol J. .....,.. . Schaller, Schaller, Judilh l. ........ . Vernon E. ............... . Schallock, Michael R. ., Schamens, Richard M. M. Qfffffffff. Schams, Terry W. ......... . Schaper, Dennis A. ............... . Scharrschmidl, Jini H. Schaub, Carole J. ......... . Schaul, James E. Schauland, Ralph F. .... . Scheie, Kalhie J. ...... . Schelbe, Samuel G. .... . Schellenger, Pal S. ..... . Schenck, Judy A. ........ . Scherdin, Kalhleen R. .. Scherer, William L. ..... . Schevrich, Suannne Schieble, Marleen G. .. Schiller, Donald J. .... . Schiffield, Shirleen ........, Schiles, Michael ........,, Schiller, Roberl A. ............--. . Schilling, Wallace N. ,,...,,.. ,, Schirm, Roberl R. ...... .. Schleicher, Ted W. ..,. . Schleifer, Ellen L. .............,, , Schlosser, Barbara A. .....---.-- - Schmidl, Joan C. ........ . Schmidl, Mary K. ..,, , Schmidl, Sandra .... Schmidl, Richard J. ............... . Schmieder, Sandra A. ........... . Schmill, Rosemary ...,...., Schmil, Sandra M. .... . Schmilz, Barbara H. ............... . Schmilz, Bernadelle H. Schmilz, Francis C. ............... . Schmilz, Paul F. ......... . Schmuck, Susan M. ............... . Schneeberger, Alyce J. Schneider, Anlhony W. Schneider, Marlin .................... Schnick, Peler J. ........ . Schock, Arden M. Schockmel, Barry L. .... , Scholberg, Sleve L. .,,, . Scholze, Arlene E. ......... .......... . Schomberg, Anne M. ........... . Schoen, Barbara ............ Schrabeck, Joan E. .... . Schreiber, Schreiber, Waller W. ........... . Wayne N. ............... . Schroeder, Douglas H. Schroeder, Jeanne M. ........... . Schroeder, Pam J. ........ . Schoreder, Schuberl, Charlolle S. . Schuler, Schullz, Schullz, Schullz, Schullz, Schullz, Schullz, Schulz, Schulz, Schulz, Sam J. ....................... . Barbara L. -... Arlyce K. Frederic H. Jeanne K. ....... . JoAnn R. ........... . Michael R. .. Carl R. ............ . Richard D. .... . Roberl .............. Schulz, William N. ........--.--.....- - Schumacher, Shirley M. Schulz, Schwab, Tom A. ....................... . Charlie F. .... , Schwandl, Rila K. ....... . Schwandl, Roberl M. Richard w. Schwarlz, Faye A. ..........-.--- . Schwarlz, Marilyn J. ............... . Schwarlz Nancy S. Schwarz , Daniel N. ................-.- . Schwersenska, Janice J. ....... . Schilberg, Pamela ........--------.-.- Schwier, Gerlad R. ...... . Schwoegler, Sharon ....... Schye, Ann R. ......,. . Schibrski, David J. ...... . Sciborski, Larry E. .... . Sciborski, Roberl' T. ......---.----- - Scofield, Ray F- ---.--.---- - Scoll, Elaine F. ....... . Scoll, Elaine H. ...--.---.- - Scoll, Shirley E. .....-..--- . Sebranek, Palrick H. Sederquisl, Michael A. Seeley, Segal, Palrick J. ..........-..-.----- - Richard A. .... . Seller, James E. ....... . Seller, Sally R. ....... . Selk, Thomas L. ....-.--.....-------. Selke, Eslher E. ..........-.-..---- - Semmerling, Barbara A. ....... . Semrad, Nancy B. ................ Sendelbach, Roger J. ........... . Senn, Calherine M. Sen - Sou Seno, Jacqueline ......... Sensen, Gordon ......... Seryais, Bernard J. ,... . Servias, Emma . ......... . Sellerquisl, Karin J. Severance, Kalhryn N. . Severson, Bealrice E. .... . Severson, Gary L. ........ . Severson, Mark S. Severson, William M. ........--- - Shalabi, George K. .... . Shanley, Sue M. Sharer, Priscilla J. .... . Shaul, Michael J. .... . Shaw, Charlene K. .... . Shaw, Scoll L. Shedivy, James H. .. Sheehan, Gerald M. .... . Sheldon, Paul J. Shepard, Lawrence B. ..........- . Sherman, Lew W. .....,,. . Sherman, Roberl ........---------------- Shermock, Michael R. ........... . Sherry, Allan D. ...... . shark, Philip R. ......... . Shields, Gail M. .... . Shields, John A. ........ . Shoemaker, Mike A. .... , Showers, Daniel L. ............-...--- - Shrider, Randy B. Shuda, Nancy C. ........ . Shumaker, Sleven R. .... . Sibianeh, Bernard ...,. Sieger, Peler J. ..... . Sieh, Carleen . ............. .- Siewerl, Suzanne R. .... . Silcock, Charles L. ........ . Sim, George A. ..... . Sime, Rick T. ..,..... . Simon, Mark T. .,,,.... . Simonds, Daniel ............. Simpson, Sandie A. .... . Sims, Leslie J. .,,.,, . Sinclair, Jessie S. Sivak, Roberl J. ........ . Skappel, Linda L. .... . Skare, Judy A. ......... . Skemp, Anlony J. .... . Skemp, Peler P. ........ . Skogen, Cheryl A. ..... . Skoy, James .,.,............... Skrobsl, Barbara J. ..... . Skwierawski, Don G. ., Slaback, Michael J. .... , Slaback, Rosemarie ...... Slabeck, Roberl ......... Slama, Darrell C. ........ . Sleigh, Michael B. Slelle, Slelle, Mary J. ......... , Agnes H. ..... . Slocum, Marcia A. ..... . Slosarczyk, Mary A. .... . Slubu, Thomas ................ ........ Smalancke, Dianne M. ........... - Small, Smarl, Smarl, Smilh, Smilh, Smilh, Smilh, Smilh, Smilh, Smilh, Smilh, Smilh, Smilh, Smilh, Smilh, Smilh, Smilh, Smilh, Smilh, Smoul, John H. ............. . Belle J. ..... . James D. .....,,, . Barbara A. .... . Carol J. ..... . Carolyn L. .... . Charlene L. David J. ......,, , Daune D. Jerome F. ..... . Joyce E. ......... . Karen M. Karol L. ......... . Pamela J. .... . Palricia ......... Palricia A. .... . Philip A. ......... . Russell, L. Sandra J. ........ . Neal L. Snider, Lois A. ..... . Snyder, Snyder, Elmer ..,.. . Janel T. ...,,,,... . Sobczak, Marlin R. ..... . Sohweide, Jean -----------f-- Soikowski, Wayne A. ----f------ A Sokolik, Kalhryn B. ..... . Solberg, James C. ...... . Soley, Sandra J. ..,...... . Soller, Thomas P. ......... . Solverson, Lulher D- Solverson, Palricia A. ........... - Sommers, Paul A- -.------- - Sondreal, Elroy O. ..... . Sondrol, Ken O. .........- - Sonneborn, Roy D. ...... . So rce lsadore . -----..--- ------- ----'--- Soulhlivorlh, Kennelh H. Sou - Tad Souza, Waller H. , Sowinski, Judilh L. Spangler, Rila M. . ,. Spars, Dennis B. Spechl, Barbara A. ., Spedl, Maxine Speich, Dainne L. , Spencer, Michael A. , . Spencer, William D. ,... . Spleller, Lee V. ..,. , Splill, Palricia A. ..... . Spooner, Ann B. . ,,,, Spychalla, Carol A. .... . Squire, Cheryl A. . , Squire, David E. ....,,,, , Squires, Howard M. .,,, , Squires, Susan A. Slaab, Marlys K. Sladler, Jean A. ., .. Sladlhaus, A. C. ..,., , Slaflon, Alan G. Slage, John D. .,,,..,...... . Slangl, Mark C. ,, Slankey, Sharon J. ..,, . Slannard, Dennis R. .... . Slark, Marianne A. .,,., , Slark, Mary L. ......... , Slauber, Sleven J. ......... , Slauffacher, Richard K. Slaulfer, Hoseph W. .. Sleckel, William J. ..... . Sleele, Eldon L. .... .... . Sleensrud, Graydon ...... Sleine, Mary J. ......... . Sleiner, Neil J. ...... , Sleinhofl, Nancy M. .... . Sleinhoff, Roberl B. .... . Slekel, Ellen E. ............. . Slellick, Richard D. .... . Slellingwerl, Darrell G. Slellmacher, Thomas L. Slellpllug, Margarel A. Slellrechl, Greg T. ..... . Slenerson, Mary A. ..... . Slelzer, Maxine A. .,,, . Slewarl, John D. ., Sliska, Wayne G. ...,, , Slockwell, Janel E. ..... . Sloda, Randall J. Sloen, John M. Sloll, Anne M. ......,,. . Slorandl, James C. ..... . Slorey, Judeen K. Slorey, Waller S. .......,.... . Slover, William C. ..... . Slrasser, Marilyn A. ,,... . Slrasser, Palricia A. ..,.. . Slrehl, Kennelh T. ..... . Slremcha, Janice M. .... . Slremcha, Roberl J. ..... . Slremcha, Ronald W. .. Slreuli, Joanne M. ...... . Slrillmaler, Gerald L. ., Slrillmaler, Larry J. ..... . Slrillmaler, Michael E. . Sluarl, Kalhleen A.. ...... Sluarl, Nancy A. ..... . Sluarl, Terry W. ............. . Slulken, Donald G. .,... , Sugar, -David C. Sugden, Roy G. ....., , Suidan, Chaker .......... Sullivan, Judilh L. .... . Sullivan, Palrick F. .... . Sullivan, Pele E. ......... . Sullivan, Thomas J. ..... . Sulherland, Sheridan ..... Sullon, Jon F. . ..... .. Suworolf, William J. .... . Swancull, Susan B. .... . Swanson, Jean .,,.,,,,,,, Swanson, Roberl C. ..... . Sweda, William J. .,,, , Sweeney, Nancy J. ..... , Sweel, Merle S. .......... . Swiggum, Gordon C. .. Swiggum, Linda C. .. Swiggum, Marc B. ......,, , Synoground, Mona J. .. Synsleby, Aarori O. ..... . Sylsm, Peler A. .......... . Szozda, Edward J. ..... . T Tadewald, Tom D. ., I20 Werner, John .,,,, Tay - Try Tsc - Von Taylor, Barbara Taylor James W. Taylor Jane J. VV.,, . Taylor, Margarel A. Taylor, Richard H. .. ,,,,.,....,.. ... Teeslink, Elizabelh A. Teff, Jim A. .. .,....,,,, ,... . Temp, Bealrice J. Temp, Roberl M. .,....,..,, .. , Templin, Connie L. Templin, Rori S. ,,.,. ., Tench, Kalhleen J. . TenHaken, Marlene R Thingvold, Cheryl , Thaldorf, Philip F. Theiler, Roberl C. . Thiede, Loenard A. . Thingvold, Cheryl .... Thirion, Terry R. .... Thoflne, Daniel A. Thomas, Terry A. .... . Thompson, Belly L. . Thompson, Roberl E. Thompson, Suann A. Thomson, Nancy G. . Thornlon, Marsha J. Thorsen, Roger D. . Thrune, Kay E. ....... . Tichenor, James L. Tickler, Michael P. . Timm, Denis C. ........ . Timmerman, Mark L. Tingle, Clark G. .... . Tobin, Terry R. ........ . Toburen, Karen ........, Tollackson, Louis G. Tolokken, Ralph V. Tomaszewski, Allen J Tooke, Roger ..... ........ Tooley, Daniel J. ..., , Tooley, Roberl W. . Topol, Pamela A. Toppen, Peler M. .... . Torgerson, Arla J. Tormey, Thomas W. Tornowslee, Mary F. Torvik, Bernard B. Torres, Jose B. Tossi, Barry A. . ..... .. Toulon, Thomas W. Trainer, Grella C. . Tracey, Marilyn M. ..... ...... . Trammell, Larry L. . Trapp, Allen T. .. Trapp, Cheryl L. ....... . Tremain, John D. Trenhaile, Hoan M. Treu, Margarel A. Triebs, Gordon A. . Trowbridge, James Trudeau, Clude L. Trueman, Palricia L., Trupke, Wayne D. riififf' Q Trussoni, Judilh A. . Trussoni, Michael C. Tryggeslad, Jean A. 236 Tschanz, Roberl W. . Tschanz, Thomas J. , Tudahl, David , Turner, David P. . Turner, Jeffrey A. ......,. . Turnquisl, William E. Twedl, Dean E. ..... . ..,.,. ,, Tyler, William H. .. U Uglio, Susan M. ........ , Ulman, Sharon E. ........ . Ulness, Karen ....................--.----- Umberger, Mary L ....-....------.. Urban, Kalhy A. ........ . Urban, Marie M. .... . Uller, Mary J. . V Vacca, Richard J. . . Vaher, Bonnie J. ....... . Valeo, JoAnn .........,........ ..,. Valiquelle, Keilh R. .. .......... Vallee, Gary A. ........................ Van Akkeren, Paul A. Vanderploeg, Del J. ............... . Vandervorl, Mary E. ......... ...... . Van DeWege, Earl ............ Van Drisse, Jerry F. Van Handel, Peler J. ............... . Vaningan, Jonalhan J. Van Wormer, Sarah J. ........... . Varley, Owen A. ..... . Valer, John R. ........ . Vedum, Gary W. ....... . Veglahn, Tom E. ....... . Vellman, John ..,,........ Venner, Palricia A. .... . Venier, Lois ...........,., Vergowe, Philip L. ....... . Vergow, Wayne J. Vinci, Philip R. .... . Vis er, Kennelh ....,. VioTelle, Richard G. Vlasak, Arlys J. Voeks, Gelnn R. ............ . Vogelpohl, Carol H. Vo l, James M. ........ . Von, Kennelh B. ....... . Volk, Palricia A. ........... . Von Allmen, Peler ......,, Von -- Wei Von Haden, Gary D. Vosvil, Dean J. .. , , Voskuil, Lowell R. Voss, Bruce H. .... . Voss, David J. ., Voss, Rosemary J. .. .. W Wachal, Margarel A. ........ Wachlel, Gary P. Wagner, Barbara C. ,, Wagner, David J. ....,, , Wagner, John R. .......... . Wainwrighl, Jane A. ........ Wake, Glen M. .....,, . Wakeen, Mary J. Wakosm, Deloris ....,, Walchak, David ........ .. ..., Walden, Wayne A. ............... . Walderberger, Roberl J Wale, Michael J. ................... . Walker, Bonnie L. Walker, Cheryl A. ....... . Walker, David T. Walker, Deloris E. ....... . Walker, Margarel A. ........... . Wall, Dennis W. .... . Wallace, Lucile A. ...... , Wallerman, Cherri L. Wallin, John D. .........,. . Walsh, James E. ........ . Walsvik, Shirley A. Waller, Roberl J. ......,.., , Wampler, Dennis .................. . Wandsneider, Sandra J. Ward, Belly J. ........... Ward, Diane M. ....................... . Wardwell, Loren C. .... .......... . Warmon, Dwighl ........ Warner, Beverly S. ...... . Warner, David L. ,...... , Warnken, Virginia ........ Washik, Nanc J. ................... . Waszak, Russell A. ......... . Walerman, Eleanor O. ,, Waleski, Judilh A. ...... . Walerman, Peler C. ............,.. . Wafowski, David ........,., Walers, Ronald V. ......... . Webb, william c. .... Weber, Bernard C. ............... . Weber, Carol L. ....... , Websler, Auslin T. ...... . Wegner, Edward G. ..... . Wegner, Michael ...,,,,, Wehman, Carl H. Weichbrod, Janel L. .... . Weideman, Dianne L. ........... . Wei - Wil Weig, Susan E. ....., ,. Weigman, Gary C. .... . Weiland, Jerry E. Wieland, Sheila .......,. Weinberg, Larry Weinke, James L. .. Weis, Thomas J. ....... .. ...... Weisbecker, Anlhony J. Weisbrod, Paula E. ............... . Welse, Harold .. ,...... Weisflos, Donald D. ..... . Weiss, Nancy J. ............ . Weissenberger, David J. ....... . Weissenberger, Nancy A. ....... . Weillenhil ler, Doug D. Welda, Rulh L. ................... . Weldy, Roberl' V. ........ . Wells, Barbara L. .... , Wells, Jay L. .... Weller, Kay A. . ...... ., Wenfworlh, David W. .. Werner, Peler H. .... . Werlh, Allan J. Wesdowski, Carol ......,.. Wesl, Douglas G. ..... . Wesl, Jeanila L. ........ . Wefenkamp, Carol L. ..... ...,, . Wellslein, Howard A. .. Wellslein, RoseAnn ..... Whisner, Dave A. .... . While, Phillip, J. ........ . While, Rosemary E. .... . Wichell, Sharon K. Wick, Karen K. ......... . Wiebe, Doandl A. .Z ...... , Wiebke, John R. ......... . Wiebke, Monica L. ............... . Wiedman, Reginald W. Wieland, Roberl J. .......,,,,,... . Wiersgalla, Harvey F. .......... . Wiersgalla, Jack R. Wiesiahn, Ollo L. ........ . Wilcox, Roberl D. Wild, Ronald ........,,.......... ,, Wileman, Dorolhy A. ......... ,. Wilkins, Miles R. Wilkins, Millious G. .... Will, David J. Will, Kalhleen A. .... , Willard, Ellen R. ..... , Willer, Alan D. ............ . Williams, Arrah L. ........ . Williams, Arlhur E. Williams, Jeffrey V. .... . Williams, Penny L. ...,. . Williams, Richard K. .............,. , Williams, Thomas R. Wilson, Calhy M. ........ . Winchell, Neil H. ........ . Winder, James, B. .. Wink, James A. Wisle, Donald L. ..... . Wilek, Eugene R. ...,. , Will, Margaref G. .. Wil - Zur Wille, Alan B. .... . ..... .. Willkopf, Elyse A. .......... . Wociehoski, Darlene M. Woellel, Mary A. .......... . Woiahn, Jon V. ......... . Wolfe, David W. ......... . Wolfe, Lawrence A. Wolff, JoAnn ...... ....... , , Wollerl, Bonnie A. Wood, Roberl J. ..... . Wcrman, Douglas .... , Woods, Janel M. ..... . Wrighl, Wayne E. , Wuensch, Marc J. Wulling, Cindy L. Wyrembek, Joe E. .. Y Yandre, Judi A. Yazawa, Slan ...,,.,.,...... Yeiler, David V. ..........,.. . Youle, Karolyn M. Young, Pal .... Young, John M. Young, Joyce .................... Young, Thomas .-..-..-.-.-----. Youngberg, Kalherine M Youngman, Sandra L. Z Zabel, Augusl' E. Zahrle, Carol J. ......... . Zaiicek, Gene E. .. Zampach, Chrisline D. Zanlow, Sleven .............. Zeilinger, Joanne K. .... . Zein, Pal A. ................ . Zeinemann Barbara J. Zeller, Barbara D. ......... . Zellmer, Gerald R. ..... . Zick, Palricia K. Ziegler, William F. ..... . Zielke, Susan M. ...... , Zielke, Warren T. ...... , Zielinski, Joan A. .. Zielinski, Ronald G. Zimpel, John E. .......... . Zinke, Carolyn A. ..... , Zuleger, Marvin H. .. Zurn, David W. ........... . f ' fu- .-+ ' ..'f:+-5:""-. he 2-if V- -, L ,' .- : -.J'."12fiw - -. Y V ,A . 1w,l.f.',L H-ww . "5'.:'iZ72--sQs:.3,?, .A - ' ' -. , .11 , . iw , , .4, . ' . el. :ffkw " '-.?!f5",w- r-'mf-f 3--if--JA-ws Ls.-4:-' if lv .-' Hu-lm --4? 119. J, 'A 2 ,'.g,,w4-'sg-4:1 ins-g?, ,...,-V 1-iv:'Xf 'fw " '1P"'7'-, ' -'H -Y 5 "'-W, 1 4 f ' 24-LW-w' "f 5' .vin 1' 4 H -VX.,-A '- A, A Q, gh, 'lk-H-J '-,-'H M. -1- 1: V. 'Q . 1, -ff W., 2-,fb wa ' - :gy . .- 2, gina N, - ,,g.- Az -, an ,Jffu , -A: -wg my-: zfxww - ,.H f ,, , a N, Mg. A , Q- 1 M. - ,,-,, .vff-Qnfq., , 3..,., , KL -'51 Ah.. 9, 1-.,,-x,,,,. --1-Wfx., 1 Rh: Q,,,.,,.1 f 1 -1-" M: , h ,, - , ..,, -,v . Am y - v- ,1 Sw,-.v N- 9 -' f Q51 A M wh -. 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Suggestions in the University of Wisconsin La Crosse - La Crosse Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) collection:

University of Wisconsin La Crosse - La Crosse Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


University of Wisconsin La Crosse - La Crosse Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


University of Wisconsin La Crosse - La Crosse Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


University of Wisconsin La Crosse - La Crosse Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


University of Wisconsin La Crosse - La Crosse Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


University of Wisconsin La Crosse - La Crosse Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


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