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With the hope of establishing a new nation with a democratic government, better health conditions, and schools for all, these admini- strators in the Somalian scgmol sgbstem have illlitrateif that bleach nation's interest and responsibility have become world-wide in scope. Page 6 1 It is a pleasure for me to extend my greetings to you in this 1958 yearbook. Although the job of a regent is concerned primarily with such matters as build- ings and budgets, with policies and personnel, still, in the final analysis, it is concerned always with the welfare of students. It has been and will continue to be my pleasure and privilege to help in getting the teachers, the buildings, the equipment, the policies, and the organization which will enable your college and the other state colleges to grow and to improve and to serve your needs better. fcliqelld ..j4lU'PlLy Regent .fi 've af Win K . I am glad to see this year's annual featuring our students from other countries. We are pleased to have them on our campus. We value their friendship not only because they are personally interesting and Worthwhile individuals, but because through them we come to understand better these countries and their peoples. They, in turn, have a first hand opportunity to learn what We are like, and help their homeland friends to understand us better. There never has been a time when understanding and good will among the peoples of the world was of greater importance to all of us than now. Their presence on our campus contributes to that important end. Wexford .Mifcheff President Page 7 MAURICE O. GRAFF-Dean of the College B.Ed., Illinois State Normal Universityg M.A., Ph.D., University of Iowa EDITH J. CARTWRIGHT-Dean of Women B.E., Wisconsin State College, La Crosseg M.A., Northwestern University Page 8 6404 RICHARD J. GUNNING-Dean of Men B.Ed., Wisconsin State College, Steven Ph.M., University of Wisconsin 5 r-.... s Point W'-1-mn MISS JESSIE CALDWELL has been closely associated in interest and service to La Crosse State College for more than 35 years. The elementary education teacher was among the first group of teacher trainees to enter La Crosse Normal School, the fore- runner of the present college. Having re- ceived the B.S. and M.A. degrees from Teachers College, Columbia University, she joined the faculty staff of La Crosse State in 1923. Miss CaldWell's contributions are of community- and state-Wide importance as well as of benefit to the college. She has served as local president of the La Crosse Education Association, the Western Wiscon- sin Education Association, and the American Association of University Women. In addition, she has been local and state president of Delta Kappa Gamma and local, state, and regional president of the Business and Professional Women. Promoting social Welfare, the retiring teacher has served as president of the La Crosse Commu- nity Council, deaconess of the First Congregational Church, a board member of YWCA and a division chairman of the La Crosse Community Chest. em ' acuity MR. EVERETT WALTERS has been a leader in education since he joined the faculty staff in 1920. Prior to this time, the retiring teacher received the Ph.B. from the U. of Wisconsin and the M.A. from the U. of Chicago and served as high school teacher and principal in Illinois and Minnesota. As a member of the Columbia Univer- sity chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, an honor society in education, Mr. Walters founded Beta Tau Chapter at La Crosse State in 1930 and has been counselor until 1956. In 1922, he sponsored the organization of the Western Wisconsin School Masters Club for superin- tendants and principals of graduate level. When the 25th anniversary of the latter group was celebrated in 1947, he prepared a brochure on "A Quarter Century of Educa- tional Development in Western Wisconsin," which is a Well-documented history of the changes in education. In addition, the sec- ondary education director is affiliated with the NEA, the WEA, the National Society for the Study of Education, the National Asso- ciation of Teachers of Education, and Phi Delta Kappa. Locally, he is a member of the Lions Club, La Crosse Club, Elks, and Masons, While in past years he has been director of the La Crosse Country Club and YMCA. 1 Page 9 Page 10 Everett Walters- Director of Secondary Education Ph.B., University of Wis- consing M.A., University of Chicago Alice Drake- Director of Elementary Education Ph.B., University of Wisconsing M.A., Columbia University - William M. Laux- Director of Letters and Science, History. Social Science B.A., M.A., Univer sity of Michigan Glenn M. Smith- Director of Health, Physical Education. Recreation B.S., M.S., University of Arkansasg Ed.D., Columbia University 1 Q Robert Batchelder-Physical Education Assistant B.S., Wisconsin State College, La Crosse: M.A., Western State College, Colorado Orville Brault-Physical Education Supervising Teacher, Mathematics, Campus School B.S., Illinois Wesleyan Universityg M.A., Uni- versity of Wisconsin Agnes T. Breene-Primary Supervising Teacher, Campus School A.B., University of Wisconsin Jessie E. Caldwell-Elementary Education, Campus School B.S., M.A., Columbia University Cloyce Campbell-Social Science B.S.C., M.A., Ph.D., State University of Iowa Frances H. Carter-Physical Education B.A., Ball State Teachers Collegeg M.A., State University of Iowa Margaret Chew-Geography B.S., M.S., Northwestern University Mauree Applegate Clack CMrs.J- Elementary Education B.S., M.A., Northwestern University Harold Classen-Geography B.Eq,, M.S, in Ed., Illinois State Normal Uni- versity, Ph.D., University of Nebraska , 1 Ama 71 1 at f Fug A 11 5 rg 2 C f Af? Q We W ..., ?2:-iff' f ' Q QZQL-iiffiig Y' 'C ' 2- V5 ' ff Pauline Abel-Intermediate Supervising Teacher, Campus School B.E., Winona State Teachers Collegeg M.A., University of Minnesota Alvida Ahlstrom-Foreign Language B.A., M.A., Northwestern University, Diplome d'enseignement, U n i v e r s i t y of Toulouse, France, Ph.D., U n i v e r s i t y of Strasbourg, F1 ance Aida Allness CMrs.J-History B.A., Beloit College Orlin Anderson-Biology B.S., Wisconsin State College, River Fallsg M.S., Ph.D., University of Wisconsin Thomas Annett-Music B. Music, Northwestern Universityg B.S., Northwest Missouri State College: M.A., Ed.D., University of Cincinnati Beatrice A. Baird-Physical Education B.S., M.A., State University of Iowag Ed,D., University of California Page ll K I i 1- V """ " W3 ,i 5 , 'F 3 Q E39 is ,. f f. 'Sf -75 . ,M ?., A LQ- A .gtxewizg ' , v:Q,3..1:g,.,.,g41 1 Q ,Jcgvgy-my Albert Eglash- Psychology B.A., M.A., Univer- sity of California at Los Angelesg Ph.D., University of Michi- gan Floyd H. Gautsch- Director of Athletics, Physical Education B.E., Wisconsin State College, La Crosseg M.A., Colorado Col- lege of Education Charles W Frothingham-Art B S M S Unlver sity of Wisconsin Advanced Certificate of Education Uni Kenneth R. Fish- Junior High Super- vising Teacher, Campus School B.E., Wisconsin State College, La Crosse: M.S., University of Wisconsin Ernest J. Gershon- Physical Education Ph.M., University of Wisconsing P.Ed., Indiana University mint uv' 'V J ,424 "7 Milford A. Cowley-Chemistry Ph.B., Ph.M., Ph.D.. University of Wisconsin Catherine Crail fMrs.J-Librarian B.A., University of California at Los Angeles: M.A.L.S., University of Michigan Jerry B. Culver-Geography B.A., Wisconsin State College, Plattevilleg M,A., University of Wisconsin Carlin E. Dahler-Physics B.A., St. Olaf College: M.S., State University of Iowa Frederick G. Davies-History A.B., Carleton College: M.A., Northwestern Universityg Ph.D., State University of Iowa Alice L. DeBower-Recreation, Physical Education B.S., University of Illinois: M.A., Northwestern University Robert L. Frederick -Speech B.E., Wisconsin State College, La Crosse: M.A., State Uni- versity of Iowa George R. Gilkey- History B.A., DePauw Uni- versityg M.A., Ph.D., Northwestern University Howard Fredricks- Junior High Super- vising Teacher, Campus School B.E., Wisconsin State College, La Crosseg M.A., University of Minnesota Bobby B. Gowlland -Junior High Science Teacher, Campus School B.S., Winona State Teachers Collegeg M.A., University of Minnesota Clifton DeVo1l- Biology, Physical Education, Athletics B.S., Wisconsin State College, La Crosseg h M.S., Indiana University . 'X , W ,Q X mia Q 3 ,UT ss: Q 1 Q it Ei i 11 .X ,L , x , r W i "' L jig ix in es: .N . . .- ' ' 2' 1. 1 I ' fha-.f..., V ' N ..iEEftXH, ' versity of Illinois 'X 4 12" Page 12 Marian Granger-Junior High Supervising Teacher, Campus School B.E., Wisconsin State College, Whitewater: M.A., Northwestern University Teresa A. Gritzner-Music Teacher, Campus School B.A., M.A,, Iowa State Teachers College, Cedar Falls Velma Gunning CMrs.J-Biology Assistant Diploma, Wisconsin State College, Stevens Point Alice Hagar-Campus School Librarian B.S., B.S. in L.S.. George Peabodly College for Teachersg M.S. in L.S., George eabody Col- lege, School for Library Science Mary M. Hamilton-Physical Education, B.A., Rockford Collegeg M.A., Northwestern University Marian Hammes-Elementary Education B.S., Wisconsin State College, La Crosseg M.A., Northwestern University D 17 of the l06 faculty members are alumni of La Crosse State College. The University of Wisconsin, University of Minnesota, Northwe stern, Columbia, and the State University of Iowa were the leading choices for graduate study. Leslie Hart-English B.A., Iowa State Teachers Collegeg M.A., State University of Iowa Richard Hartley-Biology B.S., Nebraska State Collegeg M.S., Ph.D., State University of Iowa Mary H. Hebberd QMrs.J-Communication , I 5 B.S. in Ed., M.A., Ohio State University P' 'QR ss -M Dorothy Heider-Elementary Education B.S., Wisconsin State College, La Crosse: M.A., University of Minnesota Margaret L. Hocker-Librarian A.B., Western Kentucky State College: B.L.S., University of Kentuckyg M.A.L.S., University of Michigan Harriet Hoelzer fMrs.D-Kindergarten, Campus School Miss Woods Special Elementary School Veronica Holford-Rural Education B.S., University of Wisconsin f Wye William Hyde-English X" it B.S.. University of Wisconsin, Milwaukeeg M.A., W f Ph.D., University of Wisconsin , Robert Jackson-Psychology B.S., M.S., University of Wisconsin f:1 5 ',,, E Page 13 Robert Kime-Physical Education B.S., M.S., Wisconsin State College, La Crosse Edgar C. Knowlton-English B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Harvard University Hazel Kolcinski fMrs.D-Second Grade Assistant, Campus School W. Grey Konrad--Chemistry B.S., Ph.M., University of Wisconsin Gordon Kraemer-Sixth Grade Assistant, Campus School C. Ann Lawrence-Head Resident at Wilder, Assistant to Dean of Women B.A., M.A., Michigan State University Faculty members claim eleven states as their native land. The Badger State holds the principal position with 49 Wisconsinites, while the neighboring states of Illinois, Minnesota, and Iowa rank second, third, and fourth respectively. . is 3 x Fred Lengfeld-Physical Education A " B.S., M.S., University of Wisconsin r Kenneth Lindner-Chemistry . L ,jg B.S., Wisconsin State College, Eau Claireg M.A., Q University of Iowa , , Ferd Lipovetz-Physical Education, Chemistry B.E., Teachers College, Columbia University: A - B.P.E., Normal Collegeg A.G.U., Indiana Uni- . A ' versity , A A f ' David H. Mewaldt-Music r B. Music, Lawrence College: M. Music, North- western University Leon W. Miller-Physical Education 5 j K, I B.E., Wisconsin State College. La Crosse: M.A., X, . University of Iowa Eugene Millich-Librarian We B.A., College of st. Thomasg Bs. in L.S., Uni- t 5 5. versity of Minnesota: A.M. L.S., University of Michigan Ruth Nixon CMrs.7-Foreign Language B.S., University of Minnesotag M.A., University 1 ,,,.,1 .,,,- ,.., t gf Igwa W' Q if Q if Q X afar Q it Pe gr M F ' y Margaret Oleson-Speech . c A.B., Grinnei couege: M.A., University of -. Wisconsin "I 1 iis. I g Eileen H. Orr fMrs.J-Physical Education, ..s.s Campus School B.S., Wisconsin State College, La Crosseg M.S., , University of Michigan Page 14 K I K N Rhea Pederson-Primary Supervising Teacher, Campus School University of Wisconsin V. B. Rasmusen-Physical Science, Audio Visual B.E., Wisconsin State College, River Fallsg M.S., University of Wisconsin Stanley Rolnick-History University of Wisconsin Theodore Rovang-Biology versity Colleen Rowe CMrs.J-Fourth Grade Assistant, Campus School B.S., Wisconsin State College, La Crosse Lawrence G. Rowe-Chemistry B.S., N.E., Missouri State Teachers College: M.S., State University of Iowa Newly added to the faculty this year were Leslie Hart, Englishg Robert Jackson, Psy- chologyi Stanley Rolnick, Historyg Harriet Hoelzer and Gordon Kraemer, Campus School: Veronica Holford, Educationg C. Ann Lawrence, Assistant Deang and Eugene Millich, Library. ' , A ,... Theodore W. Rozelle-Mathematics ,',, B.E., Central State College, Stevens Pointg ' M.A., University of Michigan f Kermit Schroeder-Chemistry Lab Assistant ' f Laura A. Schuh?-Biology 1? V B.E., State Teachers College, Winonag M.S., LE University of Minnesota 7? Xg',,,g33ii ,C Marian Scullin iMrs.D-Chemistry Lab Assistant B.E., Wisconsin State College, La Crosse Martha Skaar-Head Librarian B.A., University of Wisconsin: M.S., Columbia University G. Lester Steinhoff-Arts and Crafts, Campus School B.E., Wisconsin State College, Platteville, M.S., Iowa State College Robert Steuck-Assistant to Dean of Men B.S., Wisconsin State College, La Crosseg M.S., University of Illinois Wife? it ,v,., Adelee Stokke iMrs.J-Communication, gg . if English I if 5' B.A., Lombard College Holger Stub-Sociology B.A,, M.A., University of Minnesota Page 15 B.S., Wisconsin State College, Oshkoshg M.S., B.A., University of Maryland: M.A., Pl'i.D., A.B.. St. Olaf College: A.M., Columbia Uni- E. Keith Swanson-Mathematics B.A., Gustavus Adolphus College: M.A., Uni- versity of Minnesota Arnold I. Temte-Mathematics B.A., Luther College: M.A., University of Minnesota Ann L. Thomas-Physical Education B.E., Wisconsin State College, La Crosse: M.A., New York University Walter Thoresen-Social Science B.A., Carroll College: Ph.M., University of Wisconsin Marie Toland 1Mrs.J-Speech B.S., Ottowa University: M.A., Ph.D., State University of Iowa Robert Uber-Physics, Chemistry B.S., Wisconsin State College, Milwaukee: M.S., University of Wisconsin E. William Vickroy- Physical Education, Athletics 'ig A. Vincent Weber- Grace Webster- Richard Westkaemper- B.s., M.A., ohio state Biology Umverslty B.S ., M.S., Duquesne University, Pitts- burgh: Ph,D., Uni- versity of Minnesota W. Carl Wimberley -History, Social Science B.S. Ed., M.A., Southern Illinois Page 16 University: Ph.D., University of Illinois Physical Education, Head Resident at Grandview Dorm B.S., Tufts College, Massachusetts: M.S., Smith College Edith Wing tMrs.D -Communication B.S., M.A., Univer- sity of Minnesota Physical Education B.S., Rice Institute: M.A., Ph.D., Teacher College, Columbia University Don Wille- Health Education B.S., Wayne Univer- sityg M.S., University of Michigan: Ph.D.. Ohio State 1 University Bernard J. Young- Director of H Emerson G. . , Cam us Scha ol Wullmg-English p B.S., State Teachers A.B., UI1iVeI'Si'Cy of College, Bloomsburg, MiI1X1eS0ta3 A-M., Pennsylvania: M.S., Harvard University: Bucknell University: Ph.D., University Of Ed,D., University of y Minnesota Illinois Howard F. Young- Biology B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Unl versity of Wisconsin 'C' e ' fa Lora Greene The presidents of the state colleges of Wisconsin are shown in the picture below. Standing from left to right are Gordon Hefer- becker representing W. C. Hanson of Stevens Pointg M. A. Melcher, Platteville Inst. of Technologyg R. C. Williams, Whitewater, E. H. Kleinpell, River Falls, R. S. Mitchell, La Crosse. Seated are Jim Hill, Superior, E. R. Polk, Oshkoshg E. W. McPhee, Director of State Colleges and Secretary of Board of Regents, U. C. Fryklund, Stoutg W. R. Davies, Eau Claire, and C. O. Newhun, Platteville, who is a La Crosse State graduate. FACULTY MEMBERS NOT PICTURED BETTY J. BAIRD Physical Education B.Ed., Illinois State Normal Universityg M.A., New York University PHYLLIS R. DAY fMrs.7 Physical Education, Health, Recreation B.S., Ball State Teachers College: M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University HELEN C. DYSON English B.A., University of Wisconsin: M.A., THEODORA RICHTER fMTS-l Columbia University . English BERNADINE KUNKEL B.A., University of Wisconsin Physical Education, , Health, Recreation B.A., State Teachers College, Minot, North MARIE SANDERS Dakota: M.A., Columbia University Field Supervisor, META J. LEIBL cMIS.l Home Economics, Campus School, Private Course in Home Economics, B.S., Wisconsin State College, La Crosse Recreation B.A., University of Wisconsin: M. A., Uni- versity of Illinois English Assistant Page 17 Z-Q f 'NA ? A L Q! f1Q?W f 51W rw N V U 1' f 5, o With his thirst for knowledge temporarily satiated, the senior will enter his profession with the realization that world understanding underlies community understanding. Vi vs, ' s s 4 ' vii - . Mep- -' 4 l M if-' I Michael Warren Adameak: Milwaukee, Physical Education 7046?-v - Football 2, 3, 43 Basketball 23 MIAA 2, 3, 43 Alpha Delta Theta 2, 3, 4. Qmdaating Frederick F. Adams: La Crosse, Physical Education Alpha Psi Omega 3, 43 Alpha Phi Omega 1, Treas. 2, 3, 43 "Male Animal"3 "Our Town"3 "Winterset"3 "Yellow Jack"3 MIAA 1, 2, 3, 4. Dean Allen: Evansville, Physical Education USF 1, 2, 3, 43 Alpha Delta Theta 3, Chaplain 43 Foot- ball 1, 23 Swimming 1, 23 "L" Club 3, 43 MIAA 1, 2, 3, 43 Major Club 1, 4. Karen Amundson: La Crosse, Elementary Education John Franklin Ankney: Six Mile Run, Pennsylvania, Physical Education Sigma Zeta Phi 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1. 2, 3, 43 MIAA 1, 2, 3, 43 "L" Club 1, 2, 3 43 "Angel Said Yes." Robert E. Auer: Milwaukee, Physical Education Newman Club 2, 3, 43 Phi Kappa Epsilon 2, V. Pres. 3, 43 Football 23 Gymnastics 2, 3, 43 Track 43 Social Comm. 3, 43 MIAA 3, V. Pres. 43 "L" Club 3, 4. Graydon Axtell: Milwaukee, Physical Education Alpha Delta Theta 1, 2, V. Pres. 3, 43 CCC 23 Swimming 1, 23 Cross Country 13 Gymnastics 43 Baseball 1. Lee Ellen Bartel: Sheboygan, Physical Education Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Coulee Trekkers 1, 2. 3, Treas, 43 Major Club 2, 3, 43 WSO 3, 4. Ronald Beirne: Ettrick, Secondary Education Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Secondary Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Ann Lienlokken Bendel CMrs.J: La Crosse, Elementary Education Kappa Delta Pi 3, 43 WSO 2, 3, 43 Racquet 1, News Ed. 23 La Crosse 1, 2, 3, 43 USF 1, 23 Choir 1, 23 Elementary Club 1. 2, 3, 43 Lambda Sigma Chi Treas. 2, V. Pres. 3, Pres. 43 Rena Angell Scholarship 43 Who's Who 4. Joan E. Bogert: La Crosse, Elementary Education LSA 1, 23 Pi Tau Epsilon 1, Treas. 2, Pres. 3, 43 Ele- mentary Club 1, 3, 4. Besides 216 native Wisconsin students, the 1958 graduating class boasts four from Minne- sota, two from Illinois, two from Michigan, and one each from Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Hawaii. With a college career completed, the graduating class prepares to enter the Vocational School Auditorium to receive their diplomas. Page 20 dciwaf5'i 3, V. , . if . ..- Q, . - 1 x :a. : :f 5i : E:. I iw I 5 A 5.31 . ' jf' 35:55 + i f 3 ' , X x' , Charles Gilbert Bohage: Portage, Physical Education H Racquet 33 Newman Club 1, 23 Phi Kappa Epsilon 2, 43 Football 13 Track 13 L-Bar-X 2, 33 Major Club 2, 3, 43 MIAA. Sharon Worman Bolster CMrs.D: De Soto, Elementary, Short Course chi Lambda chi 1, 2. Allan Brenegan: Galesville, Secondary Education Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3, Treas. 43 "Our Town"3 LSA 1, 2, 3, V. Pres. 43 Sigma Zeta Phi 3, 4. Ivanell Brenegan: Ettrick, Elementary, Short Course Chi Lambda Chi 1, 2. John A. Brodie: Janesville, Physical Education Newman Club 1, 2, 33 Cana Club 43 Phi Kappa Epsilon 2. 3, 43 Basketball 1, 23 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 23 Golf 1, 3, 43 "L" Club 2, 3, 4. Sonja Bryhn: Stoddard, Elementary, Short Course Chi Lambda Chi 1, 23 House Pres. 2. Brunhilde Buechel: Fond du Lac, Physical Education WSO 3, 43 Racquet 33 Newman Club 2, 3, 43 Iota Xi Omega 3, 43 WRA 2, 3, 43 Major Club 2, 33 Coulee Trekkers Treas. 2, 3, 4. Marlene Burke: Sheboygan, Physical Education WSO 2, 3, V. Pres. 43 Who's Who 43 Alpha Phi Pi l, Treas. 2, 3, 43 Major Club 2, V. Pres. 3, 43 WSGA 1, 2, 3, 43 WRA 1, 2, 3, Board 43 Band 1, 2, 33 Inter-Sorority Council Treas. 4. Michael Butera: Kenosha, Secondary Education Kappa Delta Pi 3, 43 Newman Club 1, V. Pres. 2, 31 Cana Club 43 Beta Sigma Chi 3, 43 MIAA 1, 2, 3, 43 Secondary Club 3, 4. Jerry Campbell: Ripon, Physical Education CCC 43 "You Can't Take It with You"3 "Yellow Jack"3 Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Cross Country 33 Track 2, 33 Social Comm. 43 "L" Club 3, 4. Kenneth Donald Carlson: West Salem, Letters and Science Eta Phi Alpha 2, V. Pres. 3, Treas. 4. David Chappie: Greendale, Physical Education Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Phi Kappa Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 43 Football 13 Basketball 1, 2, 33 MIAA 1, 2, 3, 4. Arrangements for the rental of caps and gowns and individual measuring of each gradua- ting senior is an annual project of the Kappa Delta Pi society. Measuring for caps and gowns was conducted during February to insure proper fit for commencement exer- cises. ir i' Page 21 Ronald Chase: West Bend, Physical Education Phi Epsilon Kappa 3, 45 Alpha Delta Theta 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 1. 2, 3, 45 Gymnastics 1, 2, 3, 45 MIAA Pres, 4: Major Club 1, 2, 3, Pres. 45 "L" Club 1, 2, 3, Sec. 45 Wh0's Who 4.- . 0 U . Amber Christiansen: Wisconsin Dells, Physical Education Delta Psi Kappa 3, 45 La Crosse 2, 3, 45 Pres Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Alpha Phi Pi 2, 3, Hist. 45 Social Comm. 2, 3, 45 Indian Block 25 Major Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Inter-Sorority Council 45 Coulee Trekkers 25 WRA 4. . Patrick Condon: Pewaukee, Physical Education Newman Club 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Baseball 1, 2, 35 MIAA 1, 2, 3, 45 Officials' Club 3, 45 Coulee Trekkers 2. James L. Delagrave: La Crosse, Letters and Science Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Lambda Tau Gamma 2, 3, 4. Eleanor Dennison: La Crosse, Elementary Education Kappa Delta Pi 3, 45 Pi Tau Epsilon 3, 45 Elementary Club 3, 4. Bernard C. Domke: Kendall, Physical Education La Crosse 25 Alpha Delta Theta 1, 2, 3, 45 MIAA 1, 2, 3, 45 L-Bar-X 1, 2, 3, 4. 1-rgffx' f 'ff -ff xr?faffrfzfs,-f Jean Dorsey: Delavan, Physical Education W J ' ii La Crosse 25 Wesley Foundation 15 WRA 1, 2, 3, Sec. 45 Q qqxil Z Major Club 2, 3, 4. Jean H. Dott: Wilton, Elementary Education A Elementary Club 2, 3, 45 Lambda Sigma Chi Sec. 2, , V. Pres. 3, Pres. 4. -Q Beatrice Downey lMrs.J: La Crosse, , . ,A Elementary Education i ' Newman Club5 Elementary Club 2, 3, 4. . Muriel Dresser: Mt. Horeb, Elementary, Short COUFSS LSA 1, 2, 35 Chi Lambda Chi 2, 3. is Qfziigghzz A Thomas Lee Duer: Milwaukee, Physical 5 5 1. ,, 4. A Education iii , 22351 1 g A ' ,- Swimming 1, 2, 3, 45 Major Club 2, 3, 45 Coulee Trekkers ' 3 Q J g 1 mi, 2, 35 "L" Club 1, 2, 3, 45 LSA 1, 2, 3, 45 Alpha Delta g - ' Wffgf Theta 1' 2' 3' 49 7 .Q Patricia Durkin: West Salem, Secondary il ,,,',. l j i 1 S' by 'f i' 2 A Education K ' A ,B Kappa Delta Pi 3, 45 Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Lambda Ya gi ' .- jf"'i' 4 Sigma Chi 2, 35 Secondary Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Los Par- . , Z, lanchines 3, 4. .pip ,lg - , ,,5' W . Z With a steadily increasing enrollment, new facilities must constantly be added. Renter Hall, a dormitory which houses 202 men, will open its doors in September, 1958. A proposed Student Union is scheduled to be completed by September, 1959. Page 22 Putting a box of representative items in the cornerstone of the new Hans Reuter Hall is senior Robert Knilans, C.C.C. president. With him are President Mitchell, Mr. Reuterg Dean of Men, R. J. Gunning, Regent, Eugene Murphyg and James Peterson, a member of the State Legislature and a former student at the college. Huang 5 . . .3-4,32 M , . WMA R- 5333? QF ev 55 W .. . 3. its is uf ll ' 'ff L 3 .4 .V Afqt Q , , 4:52. V ,ZF ,. 39' 3 Norman Eggleston: Pardeeville, Elementary Education Gordon Eiken: Caledonia, Minnesota, Physical Education Fogtball 13 Baseball 1, 23 Choir 1, 2, 43 Coulee Trekkers 2, . Gary J. Evenson: Holmen, Secondary Education Lambda Tau Gamma 1, 2, 3, 43 MIAA 1, 2, 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Choir 3, 43 Secondary Club 2, 3, 4. George R. Evenson: West Salem, Letters and Science Jean. Everson: Wisconsin Dells, Letters and Science Eta Phi Alpha 2, Sec. 3, 43 LSA 2, 3, 43 Fledgling 43 Le Circle Francais 4. Joyce Feldmann: Madison, Elementary, Short Course chi Lambda chi 1, 2. Arthur Femling: Nekoosa, Physical Education Beta Sigma Chi 2, 3, 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 MIAA 2, 3, 43 "L" Club 2, 3, 43 Major Club 2, 3, 4. Fred T. Ferguson: Waukesha, Secondary Education CCC 43 Newman Club lj Phi Kappa Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 43 Football 1, 2, Trainer 33 Swimming 1, 2. 43 Track 1, 23 Inter-Fraternity Council Pres. 43 Officials' Club 43 "L" Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Secondary Club 4. Janice Findling: Waukesha, Physical Education Racquet 33 Wesley Foundation 3, 43 Major Club 3, 4: WRA 2, 3, 43 Coulee Trekkers 2, 3, 43 House President 4. Myron Fish: Mount Horeb, Secondary Education Track 1, 23 Cross Country 1, 2, 33 Secondary Club 2, 3. 43 La Crosse 33 Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4. Steve Anton Fleckenstein: Milwaukee, Physical Education Beta Sigma Chi 3, 43 Football 1, 23 Gymnastics 2, 3, 43 Major Club 23 "L" Club 4. Paul A. Fleming: West Allis, Physical Education Newman Club3 Football 13 Track 23 MIAA 1, 2, 3, 43 Officials' Club. On December 17, senior women of all divisions attended a banquet at the Maple Grove. Jean Fogtman and Sandra Schumacher were co-chairmen of the event. ' A festive Christmas atmosphere pervaded at the pre-holiday banquet for senior Women. ir 'A' Page 23 Donald E. Flynn: La Crosse, Letters and Science Jean Fogtman: Oshkosh, Physical Education Alpha Phi Pi 2, 3, V. Pres. 43 WRA 2, 3, 43 WSGA 2, 3. 43 Major Club 3, 43 Orchesis 2, 3, Pres. 43 Choir 33 Delta Psi Kappa 3, V. Pres. 43 Kappa Delta Pi 3, V. Pres, 43 Bessie Belle Hutchinson Award. Judy Franz: Mondovi, Elementary, Short Course LSA 1, 23 Chi Lambda Chi 1, 2. George Fuller: Tomah, Secondary Education Gordon W. Gade: Reedsburg, Letters and Science Economics Club 4. Linda Lehman Gerard tMrs.J: Elkhorn, Physical Education CCC 3, 43 Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3, 43 "Craig's Wife"3 Alpha Phi Pi 2, V. Pres. 3, Pres. 43 WRA 1, 2, 3, 43 Coulee Trekkers 2, Sec. 3, 43 House Pres. 13 L-Bar-X 1. 23 Major Club 2, 3, 43 Choir 1, 2, 33 Orchesis 3. V. Pres. 43 Cheerleader 1, 23 Who's Who 4. Leland Gilbert: East De Pere, Physical Education Newman Club 2, 3, Pres. 43 Alpha Delta Theta: Gym- Qasltics 3, 43 Officials' Club Treas. 3, 43 Major Club 2, Thomas Roland G1OlIlb9ftl! West Bend, Physical Education Alpha Psi Omega 3, 43 Public Discussion 23 "Male Ani- mal"3 'lWlHtETSEt"Q "Yellow Jack"3 Alpha Delta Theta 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 3, 43 MIAA 1, 2. 3, 43 "L" Club 2, 3, 4. Judith Ann Glick: Oak Park, Illinois, Physical Education Kappa Delta Pi 43 WSO 1, 2, 3, 43 Racquet 2, 33 La Crosse 2, 3, 43 Lambda Sigma Chi Hist. 1, 2, 3, Sgt.-at- Arms 43 Social Comm. 3, 43 WRA 1, 2, 3, 43 WSGA 1, 2, 3, 43 House Pres. 33 Inter-Sorority Council 2, 33 Major Club 2, 3, 43 Los Parlanchines 3, 43 Jazz Fraternity 43 Coulee Trekkers 2. Carol L..Gorham: Kendall, Elementary Education Wesley Foundationg Pi Tau Epsilon 3, 43 Elementary Club 1, 2, 3, 43 House Pres. 33 L-Bar-X 2, 3, 4. Carl Graf: Elkhart Lake, Physical Education Marshall Graff: West Salem, Letters and Science . 3 -vs .3 . 2 , All seniors in the elementary division practice teach in Q , .. .. A K i 410' 1 in ,X Q " Xe .1 X 5 12 ' one of the La Crosse schools for a semester. During this time they also meet in weekly seminars to discuss problems. Page 24 First grade pupils learn to read under the watchful eyes of their practice teacher, Janet Price. Hama 5' ,. ,.. .mfg 1 fxav fa 1:4 H ' 5? k if ,. ,f if Y IWW . .I 1 it .- K t, if 2 ,I 1 ' Q ---- 'il Ti. ", figftfzf ' 12' M N 5. ' 'g-ssl, 4 ww' Q !' 1? 1 4 1 1 1 t gg lift? If if A it 1 is z 'QP la H -gf Joyce Graham: Prairie du Chien, Elementary Education USF 1, 25 Choir 15 Elementary Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Lambda Sigma Chi Sec. 3 and 4. William Haines: Westfield, New Jersey, Letters and Science Phi Kappa Epsilon 1, 2. 3, V. Pres. 45 MIAA 1, 2, 35 Social Comm. 1, 2, 35 CCC 25 Pres Club 2, 3. David D..Hal1berg: Milwaukee, Physical Education LSA 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Choir 1, 2, 3, 43 Major Club 3, 45 Phi Epsilon Kappa 43 Who's Who 4. Roger Harring: Green Bay, Physical Education Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Cana Club 3, 45 Phi Kappa Epsilon Z, 3, 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 MIAA 2, 3, 41 Major Club 3, . Ethel E. Hartley: La Crosse, Elementary Education Joanne R. Hayden: La Crosse, Elementary Education Wesley Foundation 2, 35 Lambda Sigma Chi 3, V. Pres.- Pres. 43 Choir 2, 35 Elementary Club 2, 3, 4. Joyce Helgerson: Mount Sterling, Elementary Education LSA 15 Elementary Club 1, 2, Treas. 3, 4: Lambda Sigma Chi Historian 3, Corres. Sec. 45 House Pres. 3. James Ellsworth Hertz: Owatonna, Minnesota, Physical Education Alpha Delta Theta 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 MIAA 3, 45 "L" Club 2, 3, Sec. 4. James Hickmann: Cedarburg, Physical Education Phi Epsilon Kappa 3, 45 Ski Club 2, 3, 45 Coulee Trekkers 2. Joseph A. Hoch: La Crosse, Secondary Education Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Lambda Tau Gamma 2, 3, 4: Secondary Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Collegiates 3, 4. Donald E. Hoeft: Hurley, Physical Education Newman Club 1, 2, 33 Cana Club 45 MIAA 1, 2, 3, 45 Major Club 1. 2, 3, 4. Elaine Hohlfeldz La Crosse, Letters and Science Newman Club 1, 2, 45 Lambda Sigma Chi 2, 4. At 7:30 A.M. cars gathered at the east entrance of Main Hall to transport 44 secondary education cadet teachers to Holmen, West Salem, Onalaska, Bangor, and two local high schools. Bundled up against the cold, sec- ondary education students start out for a day of practice teaching. 'A' 'lr Page 25 Mary Jane Homan: Ladysmith, Physical Education Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3, 43 WRA 2, 3, 43 Major Club 2, 3, 43 Coulee Trekkers 2, 3. Joanne Hornby: Kenosha, Physical Education Camping Club 1, 23 House President 13 Major Club 2, 3. 43 WRA 1, 2, 3, 43 Coulee Trekkers 43 Wesley Foun- dation 1, 2, V. Pres, 3, Pres. 4. Arnold Huettel: Sparta, Elementary Education ACEIQ Coulee Trekkers. Gary Garner Humphrey: York, Physical Education Eleanora M. Gund Award 33 "L" Club 3, 43 Officials' Club 33 Gymnastics 1, 3, 4. Ted James: Watertown, Secondary Education Lambda Tau Gamma 2, Pres 3, 43 Swimming 1, 2, 43 Secondary Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Alpha Phi Omega 4. John Joseph Jax: Cazenovia, Letters and Science Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Football 13 Baseball 1, 23 Social Comm. 23 Spanish Club 3, 4. Carol Kay Johnson: Larsen, Physical Education LSA 1, 23 Gamma Delta 33 Sigma Lambda Sigma 2, 3, 43 Racquet 23 CCC 3, 43 WRA 1, 2, 43 Social Comm. 3, Shm. 43 Band 13 Major Club 2, 3, 43 L-Bar-X 2, 3, reas. 4. Lowell Harold Johnson: Milwaukee, Physical Education Phi Epsilon Kappa 3, 43 Alpha Delta Theta 2, 3, Pres. 43 MIAA 1, 2, 3, 4. James R. Jolliffe: Chippewa Falls, Physical Education Newman Club 1, 2. 3, 4g Football 1, 23 Baseball 13 MIAA 1, 2, 3, 43 Major Club 1, 2, 3, 43 "L" Club 2, 3, 4. Donald P. Kangas: Ishpeming, Michigan, Physical Education Newman Club 1, 23 Phi Kappa Epsilon 1, 2, Chaplain 3. 43 Basketball 1, 23 MIAA 1, 2, 3, 4. Ralph Karst: Sheboygan, Physical Education Susie Keenan: Lake Geneva, Physical Education WSO 1, 2, Corres. Sec. 33 Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Sigma Lambda Sigma 1, 2, 3, 43 WRA 1, 2, 3, 43 Hockey Club Pres. 43 WSGA 1, 2, 3, 43 Major Club 2, 3, 4. .3I51. . 5 if li, i x . . 233321 W , ge ,, .. ii iii P . - - .,-ag,-:fmt-v. -, 3 In quest of a uniform for practice teaching, 52 women, mainly of the physical education division, purchased light blue blazers bearing the college name and emblem. Page 26 Attractive school blazers rapidly gained popularity among the women. 6644441665 3 Roger Keepers: Nekoosa, Physical Education USF 1, V. Pres, 2, Sec. 3, Pres. 43 Alpha Delta Theta 1, ' 2, 33 Football 1, 23 Gymnastics 2, 3, 43 L-Bar-X 1, 2, 3, .,,.. , Pres. 43 "L" Club 43 Choir 13 String Sinfonia 1, Librarian ' 2, Pres. 3. 43 CCC 43 Dr. C. Smith Scholarship 23 Who's 7 Q.. I Who 4. J ,Q Qiifjggl William Donald Keys: Soldiers Grove, Physical 3 Education .QQ 4 Alpha Phi Omega 1, Hist. 2, V. Pres. 3, Pres. 43 "Yellow - ' Jack"3 Wesley Foundation 1, 2, 3, 43 Lambda Tau 3 Gamma 1, 2, Corres. Sec. 3, V. Pres. 43 MIAA 1, 2, 3, 43 Social Comm. 23 Major Club 2, 3, 43 Choir 1, 2. Allen Klink: Arcadia, Physical Education 3 Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Lambda Tau Gamma 3, 42 Football 13 MIAA 1, 2, 3, 43 Jazz Club 4. Mary Klirz Black River Falls, Elementary, Short Course Chi Lambda Chi 1, 2. Robert E. Knilans: Fort Atkinson, Secondary Education Kappa Delta Pi 3, 43 CCC 3, Pres. 43 Wesley Founda- tion 2, 3, 43 Tau Kappa Epsilon 1, 23 Basketball 1, 2, Coach 3, 43 "L" Club 3, 43 Secondary Club 2, 3, 43 MIAA 1, 2, 3, 43 Major Club 2, 3, Treas. 43 David O. Coate Award 43 Who's Who 4. Cornelius J. Knoche: New Richmond, Physical Education Alpha Delta Theta 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 13 Track 33 Swimming 1, 2, 33 Newman Club 1, 2, V. Pres. 3 and 4. iiii l iil.ll . Neil c. Koeneman: Oshkosh, Physical Education 1 3 .- '3 - Alpha Delta Theta 3, 43 Track 2, 3, 43 "L" Club 3, 43 1 . f Officials' Club 4. f- Patricia Ganzel Koeneman fMrs.J: Menasha, f f, Physical Education Q , CCC 43 Gamma Delta V. Pres. 1, Pres. 2, 33 Sigma iii . Lambda Sigma 1, 2, 3, 43 Choir 1, 2, 3: Snack Bar Board ' 2, Sec. 3, 43 Major Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Coulee Trekkers K - Pres. 2, 3. Hazel Kolcinski CMrs.J: La Crosse, Elementary Educatwn . Q 1. .'siif:f,?1fi.31 Don Kollathz Appleton, Physical Education Newman Club 1, 2, 43 Phi Kappa Epsilon3 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 23 Track 1, 23 "L" Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Eleanora M. Gund Award 2, 3. Wayne Kollath: Milwaukee, Physical Education Gamma Delta 43 Alpha Delta Thetaj Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Football 13 Major Club 1, 2, 3, 43 MIAA 1, 2, 3, 4. Rodney Kowalczyk: Denmark, Physical Education Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Phi Kappa Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 43 lfflIAA3 Football 1, 2, Asst. Freshman Coach 43 Baseball 54 Seniors received letters f 01' PlU'ii0i11ation in basketball, football, baseball, swimming, yymm1SfiCS, y0lf, f0lUliS, 01' track- T 0 l'0C6iU6 Cl letter, the athlete must be recommended by the coaches and approved by the Athletic Board. Maroon and gray letter jackets are a common sight around campus wherever men gather. tif 'A' Page 27 Gordon Kraemer: Reedsburg, Elementary Education L-Bar-X 3: Wesley Foundation 3, 4. Jean Kramer: Melrose, Elementary Education Gamma Delta 1, 2, 3, 4: La Crosse 3, 4, Sigma Lambda Sigma 2, 3, 41 WRAQ Band Sec. 3, 43 Jazz Fraternity 4. 1, 2, Elementary Club 1, 2, Douglas W. Krause: La Crosse, Letters and 2. V. Pres. 3, Sec. 4, Band 13 Secondary Club 1, 2, 3, 4: i ":: A . , A Science Kathy Krueger: New Richmond, Physical 554 1 45: ' Education i"' A ,iA, WSO 2, 3, V. Pres. 43 CCC 45 Racquet 1, 2, Sports Ed. 33 -5.21, VV La Crosse Bus. Mgr. 2, Sports Ed. 35 Gamma Delta 1, 23 V is V ' - LSA 3, 4, Sigma Lambda Sigma 1, 2, 3, V. Pres. 43 Band t, ,P g , ,, A . gk 1, 2. 3, Major Club 2, 3, 45 Coulee Trekkers 2, 3, 43 Q Q, WRA V. Pres. 4. .v,-155.5-1 , 'Q ,fs Ronald E. Krueger: Shawano, Physical 3311 Educ-HUGH ,,., L f Track 1, 2, 3, 4, "L" Club 3, 4, Alpha Delta Theta 2, 3, 41 ,Fai st, 'il' F Marcel Kujakz Arcadia, Secondary Education 1 it -r Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Lambda Tau Gamma Historian , - k. wa B-ssl MIAA, - - -siif b lti,-Stbfhwbipa lfi' . ' "?35M'f"'3' W-Pee Eyvonne Lambert: La Crosse, Elementary Education La Crosse 1, 2, 3, Sigma Lambda Sigma 2, Sec. 3, 43 USF 1, 2, Treas. 3, 45 Social Comm. Corres. Sec. 41 Homecoming Court 33 Elementary Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Edwin Larkin: La Crosse, Letters and Science James Larson: Galesville, Secondary Education a or 'liberate iiii? 23 13525 '- 4.3355 5 .,.,, szrziiilziaxitrtazszisf Hhs, 2 -. Mary Louise Larson: La Crosse, Letters and Science Eta Phi Alpha 2, Pres. 3 and 4, LSA 1, 2, 3, 45 Lambda Sigma Chi 2, 3, 45 WSO 43 WSGA 33 Los Parlanchines Sec.-Treas. 3, Hist. 4: Economics Club Sec. 4. Phyllis Law: Stratford, Physical Education Racquet 3, Iota Xi Omega 2, 3, 4, Major Club 3: Inter- Sorority Council 3, Sec. 4, Loretta Ann Lemke: La Crosse, Elementary, Short Course Chi Lambda chi 1, 2, 25 students completed course requirements for degrees or two-year diplomas with the conclusion of the first semester. Mid-year graduate, Mrs. Beatrice Downey, r e c e i V e s congratulations from five of her children on the com- pletion of her degree in elementary education. 66444 5 , l . ez 3 .. uszififff 1 wi- kfii? .3 X' l?a,g,:.f ',. izyiiilifi g asguf ' :.:gs,g3g,g,:Q1, 'sewage -..H wwf. ... w..a5,gq ' gizzigfvtzlvl. . f1"..sgf 1.s:z,sg::1g5 w bling: , 3affg.21i2f: 3 W . W :Q '1 2 5. 2:3122 1 fs? 7:3 ,f j r .,,. , ': . gif' gzggaze 13' 'Q - 5. 4.5 522 3 152 EWI EEE' """ k . . .-s Wf9fQ" AME. sa --lz t lfli, 325123. E-5 7 it 4 132 3 1 f if Helen Lewerenz: Tomahawk, Physical Education La Crosse 23 USF 1, 23 WRA 1, 2, 3, 43 Hockey Club 43 WSGA 43 Social Comm. 43 Camping Club 1, 23 Major Club 2, 3, 43 Coulee Trekkers 3. George James Lorenz: West Salem, Secondary Education Choir 1, 2, 3, 43 Secondary Club 3, 43 Racquet 3, 4: Alpha Phi Omega 3, V. Pres. 43 Debate 3, 43 USF 2, 3, 4. William E. McCarthy: Burlington, Letters and Science Newman Club 1, 23 Cana Club 3, 43 Alpha Delta Theta 1, 23 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 MIAA 1, 2, 3, 43 "L" Club 2, 3, 43 Economics Club 4. Mary McCune: Augusta, Elementary Education Gamma Delta 1, 2, 3, 43 Pi Tau Epsilon Sec. 2, Pres. 3, gg Elimentary Club 2, 3, 43 WRA 1, 23 WSO 3, Corres. ec. . Twyla Henrickson McFee fMrs.J: Genoa, Elementary Education Elementary Club 43 Kappa Delta Pi 4. Kathryn .Jane McMahon: Waukesha, Physical Education Who's Who 43 CCC 3, 43 Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Alpha Phi Pi 2, Sec. 3, 43 Catalina Club 2, 3, 43 Major Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Choir 13 Homecoming Court 3. Verna McNamer: Boscobel, Physical Education La Crosse 23 Alpha Phi Pi 2, 3, 43 Catalina Club 3, 43 WRA 1, 2, 3, 43 Major Club 2, 3, 43 Coulee Trekkers 2, 3, 43 Band 13 Homecoming Queen 4. Paul McQuillen: La Crosse, Letters and Science Douglas Jerome MacFarlane: Portage, Physical Education Kappa Delta Pi 3, 43 Phi Egasilon Kappa Historian 2, 3, 43 Gymnastics 1, 2, 33 Phi appa Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 43 Jazz Fraternity 3, 43 "L" Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Band 1, 2. Janice Ann Marcou: La Crosse, Elementary Education Kappa Delta Pi 3, 43 Racquet 1, 23 La Crosse 2, 3: Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Lambda Sigma Chi 2, 3, 43 Elementary Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Charles Marion: Owatonna, Minnesota, Physical Education Newman Club 1, 23 Alpha Delta Theta 1, 2, 3, 43 Base- ball 1, 2, 43 "L" Club 2, 3, 43 L-Bar-X 1, 23 MIAA 1, 2, 3, 43 Major Club 1, 2, 43 Phi Epsilon Kappa 2, 3, 4. Dagny Marking: West Salem, Secondary Education LSA 43 Lambda Sigma Chi 3, 43 Secondary Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Los Parlanchines 3, Pres. 43 WSGA 4. At the end of the summer session, the college will graduate its first class with a Master of Science degree in physical education. Robert Kime, a member of the faculty, is the first to receive this degree. The first master's degree in physi- cal education was presented to Robert Kime by Dr. Smith, head of the department. ul' 'A' Page 29 Marian Matson: Sparta, Elementary, Short Course Congo Clubg Chi Lambda Chi Sec. 1, 2. William F. Mauel: Cashton, Secondary Education Joyce C. .Max: Sheboygan, Elementary Education Gamma Delta 1, 2, 33 WRA 1, 2, 3, 43 WSGA 1, 2, 3, 43 Elementary Club 2, 3, 43 Indian Block 23 Jazz Club 43 Coulee Trekkers 23 Pi Tau Epsilon Sgt.-at-Arms 2. Sec. 3, 43 Kappa Delta Pi 4. Charlene Melvin: La Farge, Physical Education La Crosse 23 Racquet 33 WRA 33 Pi Tau Epsilon 2, Treas. 3, V. Pres. 43 Social Comm. 43 Delta Psi Kappa 2, 3, Pres. 43 Kappa Delta Pi 3, 43 O. E. Frazee Award. Elizabeth Mittelsteadt: La Crosse, Elementary Education Kappa Delta Pi 3, 43 Gamma Delta 3, 43 Elementary Club 3, 43 Choir 1, 2. Agnes Munson: La Crosse, Elementary, Short Course Carol Mary Natrop: Kaukauna, Physical Education Newman Club 2, 3, 43 Pi Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 43 Coulee Trekkers 43 Major Club 4. Kathryn Mohr Nairkkari CMrs.J: Mukwonago, Physical Education Catalina Club 1, 2, 3, V. Pres. 43 Major Club 43 Coulee Trekkers 33 WRA 1, 2, 3, 4. La Von Nelson: Mount Sterling, Elementary, Short Course La Crosse 1, 23 Lambda Sigma Chi 1, 23 Chi Lambda Chi 1, Sec. 2. Phyllis Nelson: Elroy, Physical Education La Crosse 23 Gamma Delta 1. 2: Alpha Phi Pi 3, 4: WRA 1, 2, 3, 43 L-Bar-X 1, 43 Tumbling Club 3, 43 Major Club 2. Lee M. Nordrum: La Crosse, Secondary Education Who's Who 43 Collegiates 23 Choir 23 Band 1, 2, Pres. 3, 43 Asst. Band Director 3, 4. Marilyn J. Ocasek: Chippewa Falls, Physical Education WSO 1, 2, Treas. 3, 43 Wesley Foundation 1, 23 Sigma Lambda Sigma 1, Treas. 2, V. Pres. 3, 43 WRA 3, 43 WSGA Pres. 43 Band 1, 2, 33 Orchesis 43 Coulee Trekkers 3, 43 Major Club 2, 3, 43 Delta Psi Kappa 3, 43 Who's Who 4. School superintendents come to the college from states as far away as California, besides numerous cities and towns in Wisconsin and s urrounding states. They interview prospective teachers for positions in their school systems. Page 30 Greta Sprick thoughtfully answers questions during an interview by a high school superintendent. 66444 5 w iki i s q rwzwzgwsr H-:-::-.::' 423252212553 We M lMfm..ism:a'a' . w,,i.M.:.9 A 1 Fzf 'H '- . " .. gxgesssawsfvr z ggggwrggrraz- h r ef: r ---' 3 ggi 35:72 . ff 'N if? ' , W, , -, 1:,aa31?e2:E szlasafiisaae Howard Oda: Wahiawa, Oahu, Hawaii, Physical Education Phi Kappa Epsilon 3, 43 Baseball 3, 43 MIAA 2, 3, 4, "L" Club 4, Gene Olson: Holrnen, Secondary Education Thomas A. Paine: Arcadia, Physical Education Wesley Foundation 1, 25 Lambda Tau Gamma 1, V. Pres. 2, Treas. 3, 4, Football 13 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 "L" Club: Major Club 2, 3, 43 MIAA 1, 2, 3, 43 Band 1. Richard J. Pampuch: Independence, Physical Education Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, Basketball 15 Track 2, 3, 43 Major Club 1, 2, 3, 43 "L" Club 2, 3, 4. Richard Papenfuss: La Crosse, Letters and Science Eta Phi Alpha 3, 4. Andre M. Patnode: La Crosse, Letters and Science Sigma Zeta Phi 2, Pres. 43 "Craig's Wife", "Our Town." Alan Peters: White Lake, Physical Education Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Alpha Delta Theta 2, 3, 45 Basketball 13 Track 3, Major Club 2, 4. N. Keith Peters: White Lake, Physical Education Kappa Delta Pi 3, 45 Phi Epsilon Kappa 2, Guide 3, Sec. 45 CCC 45 Newman Club 1, 2, 43 Alpha Delta Theta 1, 2, Treas. 3, Pres. 43 Football 1, Statistician 4g Swimming 1, Mgr. 2. 31 Major Club 2, 3, V. Pres. 43 "L" Club 3, 43 Who's Who 4. Nelvin I. Peterson. Jr.: Osseo, Physical Education Shirley Peterson: Black River Falls, Elementary, Short Course chi Lambda Chi 1, 2. Donald C. Peth: Tomah, Physical Education Phi Kappa Epsilon 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 "L" Club 2, 3, 4. Sylvia Irene Phillipson: Whitehall, Elementary Education Racquet lg Chi Lambda Chi 1, V. Pres. 2g Elementary Club 4. At the 1957 Honors Assembly eleven members of this year's graduating class received scholarships. Representatives from every divi- sion appear grateful and happy upon receiving a scholarship for the coming year. 'Ir 'A' Page 31 Marlene Frankowski Piojda iMrs.D: Milwaukee, Physical Education Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 43 WRA Board 43 Catalina Club 1. 2, 3, Pres. 4. Janet Price: Rio, Elementary Education Congo Club 1, 23 Sigma Lambda Sigma 1, 2, 3, 43 Ele- mentary Club 1, 23 ACEI 3, Sec. 43 WRA 13 Inter- Sorority Council 3, Historian 4. Doris B. Pynn 6Mrs.D: La Crosse, Elementary, Short Course Geraldine Raasch: St. Paul, Minnesota, Physical Education Delta Psi Kappa 43 WSO 3, 43 La Crosse 33 LSA 1, 2, 3, 43 Pi Tau Epsilon 1, V. Pres. 2, 3, 43 WRA 1, 2, 3, 43 Foclial Comm. 2, 33 House Pres. 33 Coulee Trekkers 2, 3, . Gene R. Rand: Eagle River, Physical Education Kappa Delta Pi 3, 43 Phi Epsilon Kappa 2, 3, V. Pres. 43 Footlaag 13 Major Club 2, 33 Officials' Club 3, 43 MIAA Boar , 3, 4. Mildred Helyea: Taylor, Elementary, Short Course Lambda Sigma Chi 1, 23 Chi Lambda Chi V. Pres. 1, Pres. 2. Sharon Lee Repp: Greendale, Physical Education Delta Psi Kappa 2, 3, Chaplain 43 WSO Sec. 2, 3, 43 La Crosse 3, Co-Ed. 43 USF 1, 2, 3, 43 Sigma Lambda Sigma 1, 2, Pres. 3, 43 WRA 2, 3, 43 Social Comm. 2, 33 Major Club 2, 3, 43 House Pres. 13 Inter-Sorority Council 2, Treas. 33 Eleanora Gund Award 33 Who's Who 4. Ron Richardson: Beloit, Physical Education MIAA 1, 2, 3, 43 "L" Club3 Cross Country 1, 2, 3, Capt. 43 Track 1, 2, 3, Capt. 43 Officials' Club 3, Sec. 4. Carol Rmghardt: Janesville, Physical Education La Crosse 13 Gamma Delta 1, 2, 33 Sigma Lambda Sigma 3, 43 WRA 1, 2, 3, 43 Hockey Club 43 WRA 43 WSGA 1, 2, 3, 43 Major Club 2, 3, 43 Coulee Trekkers 1, 2, 3, Gerald Robbins: Flint, Michigan, Physical Education Kappa Delta Pi 3, Pres. 43 Phi Epsilon Kappa 3, Sgt.- at-Arms 43 World War II Memorial Scholarship 43 Basketball 2, 3, 43 "L" Club 3, 4. James Rogaczewski: Milwaukee, Physical Education Cross Country 1, 23 Track 1, 2, 3. 43 Basketball 13 "L" Club 2, 3, 43 Major Club 2, 3, 43 Officials' Club 3, 4. Barbara Rose: Durand, Physical Education LSA 1. 2, 3, 43 Sigma Lambda Sigma 1, 2. 3, 43 Cheer- leader 1, 2, 3, 43 Catalina Club 3, 43 WRA 1, 2, 3. 43 Major Club 1, 2, 3, 4. '- ' '- Q' g-.q.b!!.- 4. 533 .sew 511.43- 32-"ai . . , Z-if ,.::. -I5-5-25" "MW ,, 1 5 as gi 3 .iii 11 Q Q, E.. if sa M as 5 . is -:-2-' - ,.,. " gg 553433.33 T " 'i"' i 'f it 2 we 'fi-A aah. , . ... this 45:5 - , '31, S2524 ., - .,g .-: : Q Now as seniors, six former Wilder counselors remember times of seriousness and hilarity in the freshman dormitory. Page 32 Mert, Mia, and Linda look on with astonishment at the four feet of news- papers filling their room. dcwaaf5 ixiriefsfgifei - - - - M :mf .. -W .. .JW ' ir " 'lim 1, ' Ck' f" V . . 3 '. ,,,A,?W1,.,,., , i .,,.,,,,,X.,.d,.,z, ,- 25:3 sl w fe asa., Arg -3 ,,c5,pi.,Xx na w . L .5y,qw.:f i V ff, jj 4 qltya, ,- , L r , J Lfffwe sg i if , . ,. ' 1 f .1 s.Qw:,w ,. 32gg i,,g .g fi ,yggqm , , ,ul '- -3 . iiiziifirgsiw t , 13 95 5 ..1,,gW3f5i,g - . -, - ,Tiki Qi 'ixefkfr .1 ' ' 5,3 -1 , 'V . P' .fwfe ir H ,ww Y I - - :. y , , ,I rg, .gg- E Ernest P. Rossa: Arcadia, Letters and Science Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4. George Bouches: Milwaukee, Physical Education Kappa Delta Pi 3, 45 Phi Epsilon Kappa 2, Pres. 3, 41 Sigma Delta Psi 41 CCC 3g Phi Kappa Epsilon 1, V. Pres. 2, 3, 43 Gymnastics 1, 2, Co-Capt. 3 and 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Football 13 Phi Epsilon Kappa Distinguished Service Awardg Who's Who 4. Carol Rowe: Montfort, Physical Education Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Sigma Lambda Sigma 1, 2, Sgt.-at-Arms 3, 4, WRA 1, 2, 3, 4: Hockey Club 49 Major Club 2, WSGA 3. Charles J. Runningen: La Crosse, Secondary Education Newman Club 1, 2, 3: Cana Club 43 "The Angel Said Yes"g Sigma Zeta Phi 1, 2, Sec. 3, Pres. 43 Secondary Club 3, 41 Inter-Fraternity Council 4. Fred W. Saatkamp: Dayton, Ohio, Physical Education Patricia Sala: Chicago Heights, Illinois, Physical Education L-Bar-X 2, 3, 4: WSGA 2, 3, 43 WRA 2, 3, 43 House Pres. 33 Major Club 2, 3, 43 Newman Club 2, Sec. 3, 45 Polish Women's Alliance Award 3, 4. Marilyn R. Sanford: Wisconsin Rapids, Secondary Education Racquet 2, 45 Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Iota Xi Omega 1, 2, V. Pres, 3, 43 Social Comm. 43 Inter-Sorority Coun- cil 2, Sec. 33 Coulee Trekkers 2, 3, 43 House Pres. 3: Secondary Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Marilyn A. Sauer: La Crosse, Elementary, Short Course Racquet 23 LSA 1, 23 Chi Lambda Chi Pres. 1, Treas. 2. Peter Francis Schaettle: La Crosse, Letters and Science Newman Club 2, Treas. 35 Cana Club 43 Sigma Zeta Phi 2, 33 Alpha Phi Omega 2, Treas. 3g "The Silver Whistle"g "Craig's Wife", "Yellow Jack." Patricia Schallerz Plymouth, Physical Education Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 41 WRA 1, 2, 3, 43 Sigma Lambda Sigma 1, Sgt.-at-Arms 2, Treas. 3, 43 Hockey Club 43 Coulee Trekkers 33 Camping Club 1, 2. Charles Schanke: Kendall, Secondary Education Newman Club 23 Cana Club 3, Sec. 43 Beta Sigma Chi Sec. 2, Pres. 3, 45 MIAA 1, 2, 3, 45 Social Comm. 3, Chm. 45 Secondary Club 2, 3, Pres, 45 Who's Who 4. Shirley Ann Schauder: Clintonville, Physical Education Iota Xi Omega 1, 2, 3, 43 Tumbling Club 1, 2, 3, Sec. 43 Catalina Club 3, 43 Coulee Trekkers 2, 3, 4. To be eligible for the GJ. Bill, all veterans enrolled in the college must sign a monthly cer- tificate and present an attendance slip signed by their teachers verifying class attendance. Veterans congregate in Dean Gunning's office to fill out the neces- sary monthly certificates. ik 'lr Page 33 David R..Schiessl: La Crosse, Secondary Education Gamma Delta 1, Sec. 2, Treas. 3, V. Pres. 43 Alpha Delta Tileta 1, 2, 3, 43 MIAA 1, 2, 3, 43 Secondary Club 1, 2, 3, . Rudolph Schiller: Hillsboro, Secondary Education Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Alpha Delta Theta 1, 2, 3. 43 Officials' Club 3, 43 Swimming 2, 3, Capt. 43 Secondary Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Karl Schlender: Oconomowoc, Physical Education Gamma Delta 2, 3, Pres. 43 Alpha Delta Theta 1, 2, V. Pres. 3, 43 Gymnastics 1, 2, 3, 43 Social Comm. 3, Treas. 43 "L" Club 1, 2, Treas. 3, 43 Officials' Club 3, 4. Clarence.Sch1icht: La Crosse, Secondary Education Kappa Delta Pi 3, 43 Gamma Delta 2, 33 Sigma Zeta Phi 1, Hist.-Treas. 2, Pres. 3, 43 Secondary Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Inter-Fraternity Cpuncil 3. I Kenneth .A. Schmitt: Arcadia, Secondary Education Lambda Tau Gamma 1, Sec. 2, 3, 43 Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 43 L-Bar-X 1, 23 Secondary Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Alpha Psi Omega 3, 43 Kappa Delta Pi 3, 43 "Noah"3 "Our Town"3 "Winterset"3 "You Can't Take It with You"3 "Yellow JHCKUQI Eleanora M. Gund Award 3. Margie Schmitt: La Crosse, Elementary Education WSO 21 Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Social Comm. 23 Ele- mentary Club 1, Sec. 2, 3, 4. Shirley Schneider: Kimberly, Physical Education Gamma Delta Treas. 1, 2, 33 Sigma Lambda Sigma 2, Historian 3, 43 Major Club 2, 3, 43 Coulee Trekkers 23 Delta Psi Kappa 2, 3, Corres. Sec. 43 Kappa Delta Pi 3, 43 Alice O. Gordon Award 3. Kermit A. Schroeder: La Crosse, Letters and Science Eta Phi Alpha 4. Delbert Schultz: Chilton, Physical Education Gamma Delta 1, 23 Alpha Delta Theta 1, 2, 3, 43 Foot- ball, 1, 3, 43 Track 1, 23 'L" Club 2, 3, 43 Officials' C u 3, . Sandra Schumacher: Eau Claire, Physical Education USF 13 WRA 1, 2, 3, 43 Hockey Club 43 Social Comm. 43 WSGA 1, 2, 3, 43 Major Club 2, 3, 43 Coulee Trekkers 3, 43 La Crosse 2. Caroline Semrow: Milwaukee, Elementary Education LSA 2, 3, 43 Gamma Delta 13 Alpha Phi Pi 3, 43 WRA 1, 23 Catalina Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Tumbling Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Elementary Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Donald Simeth: Milwaukee, Physical Education Newman Club 2, 43 Cross Country 2, 33 Track 3, 43 Major Club 3, 4. 56 tidy housing units on the edge of campus provide low-cost living for veterans and their families. "Silver City" is operated and largely maintained by the college through the office of the Dean of Men. Marriage and education go hand in hand as a cooperative result of this project. For senior Art Femling the climax of a busy day of classes, practice teaching, and athletics is an anxious smile from his wife and junior football players. 66444 af 5 Margie Sinko: Duluth, Minnesota, Physical Education CCC 43 Newman Club 2, 3, Treas. 43 Alpha Phi Pi 3, 43 Social Comm. 33 Major Club 3, 4. Marlene Skaar: Stoughton, Physical Education LSA 1, 2, 3, 45 Alpha Phi Pi 2, 3, 43 WRA 1, 2, 3, 45 La Crosse Bus. Staff 1, 2, 33 CCC 2, 3, 43 House President 1, 43 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 43 Major Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Home- coming Queen 23 Who's Who 4. Greta Spnck: West Salem, Secondary Education Racquet 1, 2, Ed.-Bus. Mgr. 3, 43 La Crosse 2, Co-Ed. 3, 43 Gamma Delta 1, 2, 33 Pi Tau Epsilon Treas. 2, Hist. 3, 43 Social Comm. 33 WSGA 23 Secondary Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Inter-Sorority Council 3, Pres. 43 Public Discussion 2, 33 Debate 23 Kappa Delta Pi 3, 43 Who's Who 43 G. M. Snodgrass Award 3. Beverly Stefferud: Cashton, Physical Education LSA 43 Major Club 2, 4. Edwin E. Steinbrecher: Milwaukee, Physical Education Phi Kappa Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 43 La Crosse Sports Ed. 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Golf 1, 2, 3, 43 MIAA 1, 2, 3, Sec. 43 Officials' Club 3, Corres. Sec. 43 Major Club 2, 3, 4. Ronald E. Stone: Sparta, Secondary Education Alpha Phi Omega3 Secondary Club. Duane E. Stowellz Yuba, Elementary Education Cana Club 43 Elementary Club. Beverly Dawn Strehlow: Poy Sippi, Physical Education Gamma Delta 1, 2, Sec. 3, Treas. 43 Racquet 23 House Pres. 3. Ann Strodthoff: Tomah, Elementary Education Elementary Club 1, 2, 3, V. Pres. 43 Iota Xi Omega 2, Treas. 3, 43 WSO 3, Treas. 43 Kappa Delta Pi 3, 43 Delta Kappa Gamma Award 2. Sam Stuhr: Onalaska, Letters and Science Economics Club 4. Kenneth Swertfeger: La Crosse, Letters and Science Eta Phi Alpha 3, 4. A Willis Richard Taylor: La Crosse, Secondary Education Physical education seniors practice teach during both semesters of their senior year. This year students taught at 14 local elementary, junior high, and high schools plus a school in La Crescent, Minnesota. Senior men in the physical educa- tion division presented a gymnastics exhibition which they called "The Big Nudder One." ir 'A' Page 35 Eric Temte: La Crosse, Secondary Education Choir 1, 2, 3, 43 Secondary Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Norma Jean Tennison: La Crosse, Letters and Science Kappa Delta Pi 33 La Crosse 3, Co-Ed. 43 LSA 43 lambda Sigma Chi Historian 3, 4: Los Parlanchines Co-Chm. 3, 43 WSGA 43 Le Cercle Francais 4. Mary Lou Thornburg: Milwaukee, Physical Education WSO 2, Pres. 3, Sgt.-at-Arms 43 Racquet 2, 33 La Crosse 33 Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 43 WRA l, 2, 3, 43 Major Club 2. 3. 4: WSGA 1, 2, V. Pres. 3, 43 Sigma Lambda Sigma 1, 2, 3, Pres. 43 Social Comm. 43 Coulee Trekkers 33 Dormitory Counselor 3, 43 Delta Psi Kappa 2, 3, Sec. 43 Kappal Delta Pi 3, 43 Ann Thomas Award 23 Who's Who . Donald Thune: Cornell, Letters and Science Shirley Tock: West Bend, Secondary Education Racquet 2, 3, 43 La Crosse 2, 3, 43 Who's Who 43 "You Can't Take It with You"3 Gamma Delta 1, 2, 3, 43 Lambda Sigma Chi 1, 2, 3, 43 WRA 2, 3, 43 WSGA 43 Secondary Club 1, 2, 3. 43 Fledgling Co-Ed. 3. 43 House lgrels. 43 Los Parlanchines Co-Pres. 3, 43 Social Comm. Charlene.Torgerson: La Crosse, Secondary Education LSA 1, 23 Secondary Club 2, Sec. 3, 43 WSGA Board 33 Sigma Lambda Sigma 1, 2, 3, 43 La Crosse 33 La Crosse Ed. Assoc. Award 4. Donna Tostrud: Westby, Elementary Education Elementary Club 2, 3, 43 L-Bar-X 2. 3. 43 Choir 1, 23 WRA 13 Social Comm. 43 Sigma Lambda Sigma 1, 2, 3. V. Pres. 43 Kappa Delta Pi 3, Treas. 43 Sigma Lambda Sigma Award 3. Lorene Trute: Mauston. Elementary Education Gamma Delta 33 Wesley Foundation 43 Social Comm. 23 Elementary Club 2, 33 ACEI 4. Diane Tweed: La Crosse, Elementary Education Kappa Delta Pi 3, Hist. 43 Racquet Feature Ed. 1 and 2, 33 La Crosse 1, Sr. Ed. 2, Ed. 3, 43 LSA 1, 23 Sigma Lambda Sigma 1, Sec. 2, Pres. 3, 43 Choir 13 Elementary Club 1. 2, 3, 43 AAUW and Alice O. Gordon Scholar- ships3 Who's Who 4. Judy U1r1ch: La Crosse, Elementary Education Kappa Delta Pi 3, Sec. 43 WSO 3, Sec. 43 LSA 1, Sec. 2, 3, 43 Lambda Sigma Chi 1, Sec. and V. Pres. 2, Pres. 3, 43 WSGA 33 Elementary Club 1, 2, Pres, 3, 43 String Finfonia Sec.-Treas. 1, 2, 33 Alice O. Gordon AWard3 Who's Who 4. Carol Ann Vanderzee: Bangor, Secondary Education Lambda Sigma Chi 3, 43 Kappa Delta Pi 43 String Sinfonia 3, 43 Choir 3, 43 Secondary Club 3, 4. Robert Vaningan: Hillsboro, Physical Education Basketball 13 MIAA 1, 2, 3, 43 Beta Sigma Chi 3, 43 Officials' Club Founder and Pres. 3 and 43 Kappa Delta Pi 3, 43 Phi Epsilon Kappa 2, Sgt.-at-Arms 3, Pres. 43 Who's Who 4. ' fi' .gi I - ang rrwfae- 3244.1 wg 51555 34311225 imc, - Wh smzzs --,ig SUN '32 - :zzz-jr 355535 Z' "i H' Sf' l'.'iS'? -f .:. :V 2 .Q . . V gm Tat. , 33 I., wegaggazgybifa tt. Q.. fe ,,wQ,v arg? ag- Q , 131: weiitaizezsisvr ':: : : 1 3 . at Ear me as grim is 'il f iii S2 ay E get i ai, fig as ' 'lg w fsiiiizmisf az H 1 ---- Tifiarsb : fm, -: :- -f.a..:.- 3 3 , , - .am ' 5? -Y :z 3 ' gr ease iz 1' . ,Wa , Q N ml, , . .A QQ 4 RS? Q I aff 11 ' K sf' .in :E.,....,.3l 3 f Q use -.1 4, G 633 9 5, - ----- as X1 W -. - Acting as senior assistants, Hazel Kolcinski, Gordon Kraemer, and Kermit Schroeder were important additions to the staff of the Campus School and the college chemistry department. Page 36 Judy Ulrich, a graduate of the ele- mentary division, signs a contract with the city of La Crosse, after an interview with the Superintendent of Schools, Arthur F. Jordan. eemaga - ,ss .g- Q f '11 an :ev 3' , W ,zjj 'W 1:-3:1 . .. icq? ' " '.f.Z.Ef5I?Ilgl I - . , ,, -. 52 .s?r:i,:fis?ass:Es1S'sff,,a . sf Qtnziizxiiiiiiwgi V' A .,,' " Q i:'5'lJw 'z . - ' 'gliiffizrwggzziiggisi . f ' .1 :nge L-,pew - 4355553 P 3 3 f 2,5352 ,. 5.94552 - .3 1 -. , Q . 3 . .113 3,55 -27 zigiig g as grew Q33 0 1 Hgisitw :wif--:g.i5ff:,f A115323 Igig f 3. 3 tag . , km 7 , A ?:.,vS'fQ,,3w . 5v 1, V y,5, ,, . ,, . , , he iagg, Q S f as Q 9 X 5, 2 ia 1... i ' K Ugg 'QV ae. , ' In 64 .Q , , Q ,s A,,A, 5 , , .-V. Donald Van Loon: La Crosse, Secondary Education William R. Van Vleet: La Crosse, Letters and Science Alpha Phi Omega 2, 3, 43 Sigma Zeta Phi 2, Treas. 3, Chaplain 43 MIAA 1, 2, 3, 43 Economics Club 4. Evan Vieregge: Sparta, Elementary Education Alpha Phi Omega 1, 2, Sec. 3, V. Pres. and Pres. 4. Carol Vieth: Sparta, Elementary, Short Course USF 1, 23 Chi Lambda Chi Treas. 1, 23 WSGA 2. Joan Vockel: West Milwaukee, Physical Education Gamma Delta 1, 2, 3, 43 Major Club 2, 33 House Pres. E1 Kappa Delta Pi 4. Dean Waldenberger: West Salem, Letters and Science Eta Phi Alpha 1, Treas. 2, 3, V. Pres. 4. Frances Waldenbergerz Holmen, Elementary, Short Course Newman Club 23 Chi Lambda Chi 1, V. Pres. 2. Joan Wargula: Wautoma, Elementary Education Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Lambda Sigma Chi 3, 43 WRA 1, 2, 3, 43 Elementary Club 2, 3, 4. Diane Wikum Weinstock tMrs.J: Edgerton, Elementary Education WSO 33 LSA 1, 2, 33 Alpha Phi Pi 1, 2, 3, 43 Elementary Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Richard D. Welch: Gays Mills, Physical Education Newman Club 13 Racquet 3, 43 Baseball 2, 3, 43 MIAA 1, 2, 3, 43 Officials' Club 3, 4. Gordon Wellman: Wonewoc, Secondary Education Alpha Phi Omega 3, 43 Gamma Delta3 Beta Sigma Chi 1, 2, 3, 43 Football 1, 23 Swimming 3, 43 Inter-Fraternity Council 3, 43 MIAA Treas. 4. Jacquelyn Welton: Hurley, Physical Education WSGA 2, 3, 43 WRA 33 Gamma Delta 2, V. Pres. 3, 4. The number of majors offered in the Letters and Science Division is ever-increasingg this year ten graduated with majors in chemistry, four in history, three in economics, two each in English, geography, biology, and math, and one each in Spanish, medical technology and physics. Seniors portray their ideas of such homecoming queen candidates as "Phyllis Phy. Ed." and "Ellie Ele- mentary" in their winning skit for Fun Night. 'A' if W V in Page 37 Arthur A. Wesener. Jr.: Brillion, Physical Education USF 43 Basketball 1, 23 Major Club 2, 3, 43 MIAA 2, 3, 43 Officials' Club 3, 4. Burt Wethe: La Crosse, Secondary Education LSA 1, 2, 3, 43 Alpha Delta Theta 1, Sec. 2, 3, 43 Tennis 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, Mgr. 33 Cross Country 1, 2, 33 Swimming 23 "L" Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Coulee Trekkers 2, 33 Choir 1, 2, 3, 43 Secondary Club 1, 2, 3, V. Pres. 43 Kappa Delta Pi 3, 43 Alpha Phi Omega 1, Hist. 2, 3, 43 Racquet 2, 3, 43 La Crosse Co-Ed. 3, 43 CCC V. Pres. 3, 43 La Crosse Comm. Trust Award 33 Who's Who 4. Edwin Wmxarskiz Milwaukee, Physical Education Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Major Club 1, 2, 3, 43 "L" Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Newman Club 3, 43 Jim Stearn's Mem. Scholarship. Gene Wisner: Milwaukee, Physical Education Alpha Delta Theta 1, 2, Pres. 3, 43 Golf 1, 2, 3, 43 "L" Club 1, 2, Sec. 3, Pres, 43 Officials' Club 3, 43 Major Club 43 MIAA 3, 43 Basketball Mgr. 3, 43 Who's Who 4. Cynthia Ann Wolff: La Crosse, Elementary Education WSO 3, 43 Newman Club 1, 2, Corres. Sec. 3. 43 Lambda Sigma Chi 3, Hist. 43 Elementary Club 1, 2, V. Pres. 3, 43 Choir 1, 2. Lucy Wahl Yeomans CMrs.J: Prairie du Chien, Secondary Education 1 WSO Sec. 3, 43 USF 1, 23 Iota Xi Omega 1, V. Pres. 2, ' Pres. 3, 43 Secondary Club 1, 2, 3, 4. i Anne Therese Yunker: La Crosse, Elementary Education Kappa Delta Pi 3, 43 Racquet 1, 23 La Crosse 2. 33 Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Lambda Sigma Chi 1, 2, 3, 43 Elementary Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Donna Ze11mer: La Crosse, Secondary Education Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 43 "Craig's Wife"3 Pi Tau Epsi- lon 2, 3, 43 Secondary Club 2, 43 L-Bar-X 1, 23 Choir 1, 23 Public Discussion 4. Myron Ziegler: La Crosse, Letters and Science Paul J. Ziegler: Norwalk, Secondary Education . ' . Newman Clubg Beta Sigma Chi 2, Pres. 3, 43 Secondary Club 2, 3, 43 MIAA 2, 3, 43 Coulee Trekkers 2, 3, 4. 5 Marian Zimmerman: Plymouth, Physical A Education xp , Hockey Club 43 WRA 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4, WSGA 1, 2, 3, 43 Major Club 2, 3, 43 Coulee Trekkers 3, 4. W- tif, Kenneth 'Zitt1eman: Colfax, Secondary ' Education ,.-If Ei- A Wesley Foundation 1, 2, Pres. 3, 43 Alpha Delta Theta wifi : 3 5, 43 Secondary Club 3, 43 MIAA 1, 2, 3, 43 Choir Charles Schanke opened the Senior Convocation of 1957 with a hearty welcome to the grad- uating class and its guests. The speaker, Mr. Leonard Hass, Dean of Instruction at Eau Claire State College, left motivating thoughts with the address entitled "Let Each Become All That He Is Capable of Being? Taking part in the ,57 graduation ceremonies were Frederick Hager- man, Nelvin Peterson, Charles Schanke, Mr. George Gilkey, Mr. Leon Hass, and President Rexford Mitchell. dem 5 Page 38 DPW ' Row 1: Skaar, M.g Gerard, L.g Sprick, G. Row 2: McMahon, T.g Thornburg, M.g Bendel, A.g Tweed, D.g Repp, S.g Tock, S. Row 3: Peters, K.g Hallberg, D.g Shanke, C.g Vaningan, R.g Keepers, R.g Knilans, R. Row 4: Wethe, B.g Ulrich, J.g MacFarlane, D.g Ocasek, M.g Chase, R.g Burke, M.g Wisner, G. Not pictured-Rouches, G. 70422704 Each year, an anonymous committee of students and faculty members selects outstanding seniors to appear in the national magazine Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. The selection is based upon denunnnrated abniues and connibunons to the cohege and the student body. Richard L. Bunda La Crosse Elementary Education Juanita Dziedzic Milwaukee Letters and Science Gladys Grindler La Crosse Secondary Education Suzanne Schubert Hammersberg fMrs.D La Crosse Letters and Science SENIORS NOT PICTURED Douglas G. Isleb La Crosse Physical Education Jerald M. Johnson Gays Mills Secondary Education Richard Raymond Johnson La Crosse Letters and Science Donald Markos La Crosse Secondary Education Sally Meeks CMrs.J La Crosse Elementary Education Margaret Stark La Crosse Elementary Education Ina Torgerson La Crosse Elementary, Short Course Robert C. Voss Lake Geneva Elementary Education Ronald W. Wegner Bangor Secondary Education Pa ge P Q' 4 c.. Q lk .x, X ffx Cac X ' ff 'W J ,r4"'5 fk 'ZX ax f L.: 15? xg I 5 -Z Q u. Still tasting the joys-and sorrows-of self-realization, underclassmen share their concepts of the rights and dignity of the individual and all that goes with each one's way of life. cfijipa eieiss of Q59 "- " B- - B Geraldine Adams John Ader Ronald Albrecht Faye Alexander Nancy Allen Robert Altman Craig Anderson Jane Anderson Donald Arnetveit Karen Ashland Rosemary Baeder Donald Bakkum David Barber Dave Bartolutti Mary Ellen Baugrud Jerome Baures Bonnie Beitz Carolyn Bell LaVonne Bellmeyer Orville Bersing Sam Bird Dorene Birdsall Robert Blackbourn Joan Boehmer Mary Boerschinger Joanna Boettcher Donald Boldt Margaret Boline Janet Bostetter John Bowerman Lynda Braithwaite William Braun Anita Brechtel Marjean Brenstein Thomas Brown 1 il' QWORIQ like ,fe R 5 ' TRU!! - W""e 2- 'f-' X ,. El. 52' : ii 1" 5- 1-. Page 42 sul' 1.1- Wann, fn Eleven elementary education and three physi- cal education majors comprise the fourteen girls whose temporary home is Skaff House. House- mother to the group at 207 West Avenue South is HOUSE Abbie Skaff. Mrs. Anna Blaschke is affectionately termed Gramma by "her girls." Living at 2ll5 Main Street is a pleasure because Gramma is always willing to sew on a button or otherwise lend a hand in addi- tion to her guidance duties as housemother. Mary Bull Archie Burke Walter Burling Carlton Caflisch William Cahee Danny Caldwell Roger Carmichael Kenneth Carter Alice Casberg David Chapman Paul Chrisan Dixie Collins Gerald Collins Eugene Conger Barbara Cook Sandra Crane James Crews Donald Cushman Carl Daffinrud Mary Dahlen Jerry Davis Dick DeMario William Deml Roger Dernbach Richard Dickman Phillip Dimmer Elizabeth Dissmore Lawrence Dodge Patricia Donnick John Dopp Richard Doty Muriel Dresser Jack Drew Larry Dwyer Larry Dyb Lucile Eckelberg Irene Erdlitz Arlen Evenson Shirley Farning Robert Finley Janet Fraser Darcy Freer David Gammon Don Gavinski Lyda Geiger Frederick Gennerma Mary Genz Francis George Nancy George Terry Gillette Betty Glendenning Bernice Gould John Gould Russell Gould Emil Grassel Peggy Grimslid l'l B'-ASCHK E HOUSE Page John Gunning James Gutzke Harley Haefs Sandra Hagberg Austrid Hansen Richard Hanson Lyn Hara Thomas Hargraves Patricia Haun James Hauser Barbara Havlik James Heath Raymond Heath Richard Heilman Mary Heipp Richard Heller Carol Henrich Judith Herman Douglas Heyer Roland Hidde Marylin Hills Thomas Hirsch Cletus Hoadley Richard Holt Michael Howard Carol Hubbard Nancy Hudson Eileen Hughes James Hynek Lorin Hyslop Kathleen Igl Anita Isakson Robert Jacobson Joan J aworski Rosemarie J eknavorian John Jenks Norman Jerome Donna Johnson Karen Johnson Karl Johnson Clara Kaneshiro Steven Karrmann Judy Keefe Orville Kersten George Klinker Karen Klish Bonita Klug Ruth Knilans Thomas Knothe Theodore Knudson Gerald Kohn David Krohn Elizabeth Krueger John Kuehlman Joanne Lamb Larry Lambert Page 44 Mr. and Mrs. john I. Anderson, second par- ents to six coed roomers, create a homey atmo- sphere at l406 Pine Street and always lend a guiding hand when problems arise. ANDERSON HOUSE 66444 of 5 The YWCA, West Avenue and Main Street, accommodates twelve girls from all over Wisconsin and even one from Massachusetts. As members of the Supper Club, they hear guest speakers at their meetings. Gary Larkin Thomas Larkin Eugene LaRose John Larsen Richard Larsen Doris Larson John Larson LaVonne Larson Joan Laue Catherine Lawton Frederick Lehrke LaVere Leverenz Shirley Lex Betty Lindberg Clayton Loomis Ronald Loppnow Sharon Luethi Michael Lyga Robert Magnus Armin Malothy Myrna Marek Pauline Martin Marilyn McClintock John McCormick Richard McCormick Jane McGrew Mathias Merten Patricia Meves Bruce Meyer Maureen Meyer Morris Meyer Patricia Meyer Sally Meyer Joseph Michalke Kathleen Milbee Glenn Moerschel Thomas Morgan Harold Morley Robert Muller Agnes Munson Edward Murphy Robert Neels Stanley Neisius Jean Neuser Ken Niemeyer Eugene O'Conner Lorraine Oesterreich Evelyn Ogren Arthur Olson Larry Olson Robert Olson Gary Parker Kathleen Pastori Ronald Payette James Peotter John Perkins YWCA Page Arland Peterson Carol Peterson Frederick Peterson Richard Peterson Kenneth Peth Elizabeth Petrakis Adeline Pfingsten Stennett Pierce James Platts Joseph Pomponi Virginia Potter Bonnie Powell Richard Powell Thomas Puls Sheila Pusch Joe Putsch Joyce Quall Norris Rawhouser Mary Rehwaldt Mary Reichhoff Donald Reigel Joan Remmel Kenneth Renning Mary Richter Donald Riley Robert Ritter Douglas Robarge Betty Rogstad Duane Rose Kenneth Roth James Rowan Ronnie Rowe Alice Rynning Richard Salava Carol Sanft Elwood Sattervall Sharon Schams Joseph Schelbe Darlene Schendel Sarah Schier Eugene Schmig Bob Schneider Gerald Schnuck Fred Schroeder Gerald Schubert Kay Schultz Dianne Schwandt Sally Serio Diana Severson Ronald Seybold Lee Shervey John Shimshak William Shogren J. Royce Simmons Donald Smick Bob Smith Page 46 WEBER HOUSE Future coaches and athletic instructors are found at Weber House, 1122 Ferry Street. All in the physical education division, the four men are sophomores and juniors. elacea 5 Four women enjoy the convenience of living just across the street from school. Cloutier House at H9 North l7th Street, houses one secondary education and three physical education majors, all juniors. CLOUT1 James Smith George Snapp Ronald Snyder Herbert Sorensen Patricia Spehn Gloria Spencer Russell Sprain Donald Staats Fay Sterman Alice Storandt Betty Strand William Strand Janice Strek Ruth Stromila Germaine Suchla Alice Svec Patrick Tangney William Taylor Ralph Temby Robert Thaldorf Gertrude Thiel Beverly Thompson Jean Train Leslie Trehus William Tremelling Rodney Truog Richard Tubb Ronald Urbanek Al Vandenberg Doris Van Dresser Ruth Van Loon Rodney Ver Velde Clinton Vieth Thomas Volke Lois Von Arx Norma Voss Daniel Wagner David Wahlstrom J , Leon Walsh Eugene Weber Roger Weiland Judith Weinstock Floyd Weinstock Donald Wendlandt Ivis Whitbeck Marlaine White Earl Wiehl Paul Wood Allen Worden Kimiko Yatogo Patrick Youmans Charles Young William Young Diane Zablocki J ames Zanter Mary Zieloski Page if eUe51ss srrso ' ' DeWayne Aasen Arlee Adams Garmen Ammerman Charles Anderson Joyce Appleman Kenneth Arneson Harold Ashworth John Aton Lane Attoe Gerald Aulwes Gordon Bakalars Richard Baker Nancy Bares Herbert Barge Jan Bartelt James Becker Sondra Bidar Ronald Blackbourn Mary Blanchard Judith Boehm David Bohrnstedt James Boma Sharon Bowman Barbara Boyd Carolyn Brandel William Brehn Gene Breiling Sheila Brewer Darrell Broker James Brown Judith Brown Carl Bruggink Joanne Burnett Jane Buros Nancy Byers Joyce Calverly Robert Campana Clyde Canman Mary Cavouras Glenn Cerveny Janice Cestkowski James Chrisan Donald Christenson Page 48 ,ak lj ..,, 2 sae: -"' f ff f5E1ii'E ' ii 'gi E1 if Z Z if 70' J .ui ,, Y' , an ef Spangler House, known as 'KSIac" House to Sonja, Lavon, Arlee, and Carol is unique in that the SE girls are afforded cooking privileges, with two HOU . 59p.NGLEv' kitchens for the four of them. Three upperclass girls act as coun- selors at Grandview and preside over the monthly floor meetings. Several times a year, meetings of the entire dorm are called to discuss new rules or other important matters. Sally Christie Joseph Collingon Richard Collins James Connor Glenroy Conrad Beverly Coughlin Lois Craig Wendell Crane Roger Croell Richard Danielson Dale Davig Gerald Davis Phyllis Davis Roger Davis Garrett Deckert Dianne Denton Kay Donaldson John Dunlevy Pat Durr Norman Dwyer Marvin Earp Ellen Elfner Beverly Erickson Bonne Fidika Mary Fiebig Richard Figgie Nita Finses William Fischbach Stuart Fish Sharon Flaten Cletus Fleming Peter Flock Beverly Flume Sharon Foote Suzanne Franz Jerome Fredenberg Karlen Freitag Susan Frey Thomas Frey Irvin Galstad Erwin Ganschow Lorraine Gartner Myron Gates Thomas Gauerke Jeanann Gibson Joseph Gittens David Glendenning Edna Gonzalez Kenneth Goodenough Reuben Gooderum Donald Gorst Daryll Griesberg Richard Gross Donna Gruen John Grunwald Louise Grutzek GRAND WEW Dole Mxlst FLOOR Page 49 Thomas Guenther D Gerald Gutkowski Richard Hackett Lawrence Hammell Jacqueline Hammett Steven Hamre James Hansen Robert Hansen Bruce Hanson Frederick Hanson J errine Hanson Sharon Hanson Peter Harman Barbara Harrington Dennis Hawley Robert Hawley Dennis Healy Gertrude Heil Charles Heise Dorothy Heitman Sonja Helgeson William Heller Michael Hennessey Shirley Herman Marilyn Heyworth Katherine Hilvers John Hlade Janice Hoeth Howard Hoffman Jeanette Hohlfeld Gerald Holte Russel Holte Richard Horswill David Howard Merlin Huber Donald Huebner Richard Hujik Willis Hulberg Carol Hunder David Hussey Judith Hutchison Lawrence Hutton John Hyland Robert Isler Janice Iverson Donald Jacobson Dorothy Jaeger Ralph J agodzinski Dorothy J anecek Judith Jansky George J endrusiak David Jenkins Jacob Jenson Donald Johnson Girard Johnson Richard Johnson GRP-N Page 50 ml XEW DGRM Z lst FLOO R In addition to keeping their own rooms in order, the girls at Grand- view alternate on a weekly basis the cleaning of the broom closet, coke room, porch, and lounge. Some are also responsible for decorating the bulletin boards. Dormitory officers, elected at the beginning of the school year, are re- nsible for much of the disciplin- spo members of the house ary action, are council, and act as chairmen for dorm functions. fo , 'W ,, ' QV' Sify 93' fy' was -1 -vi Ai., 25,32 Robert Johnson Sandra Johnson Wilbur Johnson Toni Jordan Wayne Jurgensen Jacqueline Kennedy Marcia Kerner Richard Kiedrowski J ee Young Kim Darlene King Jack Kleinhaus Warren Knapp William Knilans Elwood Knutson Sondra Knutson Wallace Koel Donald Koss Mary Kronforst Barbara Krueger William Kudlas David Kuehn Paul Ku ester Richard Kuhlen James Kunkel William Kvigne Jud ith Kyles Judith Lamb Robert Lang William Larson Janice Lavey Joanne Lawson Merlin Lebakken Everett Ledman Young Hee Lee Nancy Lehmann Loretta Lemke Jeanne Lentz Gerald Lenz Lyle Leu June Leubner Thomas Leubner Robert Liegel Linus Lisowski Robert Lorenz Diane Louret Frank Lubinsky Barbara Ludwig Ralph Lundquist John Mader Joe Marcotte George Marker Lester Martin Eugene Mathes Frances Mathison Lynne McLaughlin Wayne McMahon GRANDVIE W DORM Page 51 Mary McQuiety Roger Mehlberg Harlow Mehlum LaV0nne Mehren Judith Meuli Douglas Michaels Lyle Mickschl Carl Miller Carole Miller Frederick Miller Jon Miller Rodger Moe Janice Moede .Tames Monogue Wes Mooney Jerry Mosher William Mosher William Mower Frederick Mueller Karen Mullen Karen Nelsestuen Don Nelson Mary Nelson Susan Nesta Shirley Netzer Sharon Nicholson Alan Niedfeldt Ralph Noffke Barbara Noltemeyer Charles Northup John O'Brien Gary O'Hearn Judy Oligney Gaylord Olson Ann Passow Ron Patros Charlene Peachey Lyle Peacock James Pervisky John Pervisky Burton Peterson Peter Peterson Kenneth Pfaff Peter Pfeifer Roger Pfister Sharran Philpot James Philps Robert Pliska Mary Lou Poehling Carol Post Elaine Poth Thomas Potratz Sharon Powell Jerry Priester Kenneth Proksch Donald Puent i GRAN Page 52 DV lEW nd FLOOR 38W of the woman students stay in the dormitories, 2521 live in private homes off campus, while the remain- der, or 37W, are La Crosse residents or commuters from nearby commu- nities. M' v:- -'E' .,,:: 1 4 ' .. .4 Q. , . QV 5 ' . ' 'ff' ' f .SF ,144 'S' E215 .- - '1 Z, , ZH ..,. , M We if . ' 4" - gi , tif he 'L 3 9 gn .. , Y Qvv, 'f '-f" A 2 ,,.A .. 1 ' ,Q 4 "-' , " if fi it --A' ' H, 5 I 'Q ff are ii Of the 965 male students, over half, or about 5721, stay in private homes, while 43? are local students, 1 nclud- ing the veterans who occupy the housing units. CRANDWEW DORM Richard Puent Doris Pynn Jo Ann Rademacher Rolland Rank Robert Raymer Sharon Reese Robert Richards William Richards Peggy Riley Guy Ritchie Richard Ritger John Roberts Janet Robertson Patricia Roloff Rodger Roloff Karen Rose David Rudolph Robert Rumppe Elden Russell James Sanford Margaret Sannes Diane Schacht Sonia Scharer Beverly Schild Roger Schlies Carolyn Schnell Robert Schneyer Richard Schoenfeld Mary Schomberg Joan Schroeder Steven Schultz Robert Schulz Robert Seaman Emery Seemann Phillip Seep William Sheridan Jean Shisler Gary Shoults Larry Shumate Duane Shutter Palmer Skaaland Dave Skemp Donna Skenandore Rachel Skundberg Jack Smith Philip Smith Robert Smith Russell Smith William Smith Gayland Snorek Roland Solberg Doris Speich Ronald Sperry Raymond Spitzer Donna Steger Edward Stenger M0011 plg Page Gene Sterba Donald Stewart Frances Stoker Kenneth Strehl Robert Stueland Ruth Swancutt Kent Sween Joan Sweichokowski Sharon Taylor Dianne Temp Mary Terpstra Robert Terry Joseph Thicke Kenneth Thomas Mary Thomas Charles Thompson Robert Thompson John Thomsen Jean Thoresen JoAnn Timm Helen Toms sk " x r : - :S fa g? Ina Torgerson Q James Toynton Merrillyn Tracey 5 Bruce Tulpo ,Q Rodney Ulteig R David Umnus Clara Van Ark Munson Vanderhouf Judith Vanderwaal Roger VerVe1de Orlando Wadel Hubert Warczak Robert Ward Elaine Warnecke Judy Weber Louise Webster Mary Jo Weingarten Gerald Weir Victoria Welsh George Wenz . Barbara Westwood 1 l as R , 3 2. Judith Weyhmiller Karen Wild Ronald Wilson Gloria Wing Nyra Winge Judith Winter David Wirth Qfw John Witt Kathryn Wittlief Judith Wood Thomas Wright Clara Yttri Eugene Zimbric Carol Zimprich omf3"' FLOOR D Page 54 NN xr arg e V R 5 " .55 ' . , , -be ,5 . 9 -- , -. NL- M. if sf v it .f , '3' . " Q S215 i 4 ' 'iw a 'fvf'-151 K ' Several families are represented by more than one person on ca mpus. Two families are sending three mem- bers, While 38 families have two stu- dents in attendance. Cousins are abundant, and even one mother and son combination is enrolled. f 'RQ' u -'sx1-'- are M 4 SJ rg ,.. -i x wg tt P, gpg K, t . ,:., ke- Baker House claims two cheerlead- ers and the 1955 and 1957 homecom- ing queens among its residents. Seven of the eight girls are members of the June graduating class. B 27 eleiss oi? WSU Ann Abts Richard Adamski Judy Affeldt Alys Aichele Rose Aki John Alberts Marlene Allan Donna Amundso ' Leonard Anderson Letty Axxieciison Il Marna n erson Sharon Anderson James Arndt AKER HOUSE Page Wayne Auer Carol Austin Floyd Austin David Bagneski Delores Bahlman Clyde Ballsrud Theodore Banasik David Barrett Roger Bates Richard Bauch Patricia Bauer Val Vayne Beatovie Judith Becker Barbara Belden Elaine Bennett Gene Berg Joseph Berg Robert Bergrud Carolyn Berndt Carolyn Biehn Thomas Bina Deanna Bixby Roger Bjerkaas Warren Bjorge David Black James Blaney Sherry Block Susan Blumenstein John Blushkofski Carole Bonsack Barbara Books Mary Bowden George Bowerman Geraldine Bowler Sara Bradford Lanny Braithwaite Kathleen Braun Larry Brenengen Russell Brieske Donald Bruchman Sandra Bruckner Douglass Bruss Matt Bubon Rita Bull Frances Bunk Karla Burow Robert Butera Richard Bye Anne Campbell G eorge Capaul Sharon Carlin Kay Carter Carl Casberg James Casey Robert Champeau Carl Choitz GREG Page 56 G HOUSE' xoOPSl ND BAUWACH A A cooperative basis is used by the girls at Gregg House, who do their own cooking. Of the eight girls liv- ing here, four are in physical educa- tion, and four are elementary educa- tion majors. Seven of them are seniors. At Baumbach House the eleven men come from Wisconsin, Minne- sota, and Illinois. Indicative of their school spirit is the fact that they were one of the few off-campus houses to build a display for Home- coming weekend. Their combined efforts also produced an identifying sign for their house. K i i Clarice Christensen James Cline Robert Coney Catherine Conway James Conway Dianne Cook Duane Cooper Gary Coorough Patrick Cornell Vernon Covington Helen Craig James Curley Jeanne Curran Karyn Daering Larry Dahl Marilyn Dahlby John Dahlke Mary Dams Karen Danielson Suzanne Day Richard De Cono Paul Deichelbohrer Lindley De Namur David Derrick John Desmond Carol Dettmering Donald Diamond Ronald Dickson Roger Dolan Carol Dolbier Delores Domstrich Ann Donaldson James Doyle Leonard Driessen Lonnie DuChaine Margaret Duff Jo Anne Durand Dena Dusseau Diane Dutton Mary Earling Alan Eastman Paul Ebert Sally Eckart Suzanne Edwards Mary Ellen Eglinton Henry Eide Thomas Ellis Russell Emerson Alvin Erickson Bruce Erickson Robert Erickson Sally Erickson Vernon Erickson William Ernst Duane Esse Richard Esser 'READ THE SICNU Page Lola Everson Geraldine Evica Kathleen Faas J erry Fabian Gail Fansiall James Farrell Bruce Fellows Thomas Finnel JoAnn Finucan Thomas Fischer Carl Fisher Michael Fleck John Folts David Fossum Janet Frank Karen Frank Martin Freeman Evelyn Froegel Karen Fuenger Judee Gallagher Arthur Gamelin Mary Ganschow Thomas Ganschow George Gardner John Garrity Jerome Gartner Howard Garves Shirley Gates Wayne Gates Phillip Gaustad Ronald Ghelf Dean Gibney Terry Gilbertson Sharon Gillman Lawrence Gilroy M. Sybil Ginskey John Glendenning Barbara Gleue Joanne Goeglein Geraldine Goff Joanne Graap Nancy Graf William Graf Barbara Graff Daniel Graham Jane Griffin Herbert Grimek Kenneth Gruen Roger Gunderson Allen Gutzel Delmar Hackbarth Connie Hagen James Halderson Norman Halderson Dorothy Hall Sandra Halverson Page 58 1 R FRQSH Since the college opened in 1909, three dormitories have been added to accommodate the growing student body. Wilder Hall, built in 1951, has a capacity of 180 freshman girls, while 90 sophomore girls live in Grandview Dorm, acquired in 1953. Next year, 202 men will occupy Hans Reuter Hall, which is now under construction. February 18, 19, 20, the Red Cross Bloodmobile was set up at Wilder Hall. A contest among the dorm resi- dents resulted in 10071 participation in five of six Wings. A total of 471 pints of blood was collected in three days. Mark Hamilton Kermit Hanson Sonja Hanson Nancy Harget Donald Harms Oneta Harrington Virginia Harvey Rose Heck William Heilman Ronald Heins Donald Hemm James Henley Conrad Herman Daniel Hertzfeldt Lenard Hiam Eileen Hilleshiem Richard Hobson William Hoffland Shirley Holman Caroline Holmgren Paul Holter Lee Holthaus Barbara Homan Edythe Hooper Norbert Huebsch Murial Huisman Bonita Hulbert Darlene Hundrieser David Irish Thomas Isler Mary Jax Sharon Jax James Jeskewitz Joan J iracek Gene J irsa Arlene Johnson Diane Johnson Karen Johnson Paul Johnson Richard Johnson Terry Johnson Victor Johnson Virginia Johnson Dianne Jones Karen J ore Terry Kaber Mary Kaempfer Patricia Kaiser Kaye Kalsched Mary Kaner Earl Kanayama Karen Kelk Patricia Kelsey Sandra Kersten Gilbert Key James Killian WILDER 'sf F Page 59 Warren Klanprud Anthony Klapperich Marilyn Kleinsmith Lorraine Klister Rose Kneeland Paul Knueppel Joanne Knutson Raymond Knutson Bruce Kobs James Kortbein Stuart Kortbein Loras Kotinek Sally Koula Deland Kraus Donald Krause Richard Kreibich Donald Kreitzer Calvin Kreunen Jeanine Kreutz Rolf Kroeber Thomas Kroll Jean Krueger Sandra Kuenzi Helen Kunard Frank Kyes William Labus Carol Lansing Rodger Lapham Joel Larson Kay Larson Lois Larson Sonja Larsson Darrell Laschen William Lathrop Gary Layde Ruth Leary Lawrence Lebiecki Thomas LeCloux Brendan Lee Diana Lee Don Lee James Lee Robert Lee Judith Leedle Elizabeth Lehrke William Leisso Gerald Lenser John Lenser Wayne Levi Arthur Lieber Richard Limberg Norma Lippert Malcolm Lloyd Theresa Loehr Paul Longueville Theodore Lucksted ,lst Fl' wimik HALL Page 60 00K Among the all-school functions sponsored by Wilder Hall were a dance in December, a tea in Febru- ary, and a good grooming demonstra- tion in March. Nine sophomores act as guides in Wilder Hall. Chosen after applying for the job the previous year, their duties include distributing mail, con- ducting room check, and performing general housekeeping tasks. i Gayle Luebke Charles Lund Philip Lunde Jeanne Lynch Jane Lyons Carol MacGregor Florence Malizola Charles Markos Carolyn Marsh Edward Marsolek Ronald Mashak Magdalen Massart Joan Masterj ohn Stanley Masuda Marlene May Leonard McCune Robert McFarlane Gerald McGrath Earl McMurtrie Thomas Meier William Meiser Frederick Meisters Donald Merfeld Carol Mertes William Merwin Donald Meyer Ronald Meyer Gordon Mickelberg Donna Miller Marlene Mitchell Richard Mittelstaedt Harry Mont Donald Morris Mary Morrison Daniel Morrow Vivian Moser Edward Mudrak Donna Munson John Murach Esther Murray Ralph Myers Jerome Nawrocke Dale Nelson James Nelson Robert Nelson John Neumann James Newton Gerald Nichols Lavern Nichols Suzanne Nicol Michio Nitta Richard Nolop Edward Noltner Dennis Nuckles Judith Nyberg John Oestreicher WILD ER HALL S Zhd Page Robert Oien Donald Oines James Oldenberg John Oldfield Donna Olson Edward Olson Gerald Olson James Olson Joyce Olson Llewellyn Olson Richard Olson Ronald Olson Ralph Orcutt Lawrence Otto Janet Padrutt Margaret Parker Ronald Parker Rodney Patterson Gerald Paul Wayne Paul Deanna Paulson Gene Peacock Darrel Pederson David Pederson Milton Pederson Mary Rosalie Peters Diane Peterson Donald Peterson Stanley Peterson Mary Pfaff Mary Pfafflin John Phelps Patricia Phillips Jean Pieper Mary Pierce Russell Pierce Jerome Pieterick Ronald Ping Douglas Pinkston Nancy Polglase Dale Potton Don Preslik Delore Prust Judith Quinn James Raatz Carolyn Rackow Peter Randall Lois Ravenscroft Ward Rawhauser Russel Rawlings Sandra Raymond John Redker David Reinders Bertha Reinstra Warren Rhude Sharron Richardson Page 62 FLOOR Freshman scholarships are award- ed in two categories: high scholastic standing and financial assistance to the needy student. With the excep- tion of one Hawaiian student, all re- cipients must be residents of Wis- consin. This year, 96 freshmen from 42 Wisconsin counties and Hawaii are attending on a scholarship basis. Enrollment figures in September listed 1594 students, while in the sec- ond semester there were 1577 en- rolled. A total of 1754 individuals at- tended school during the year, rep- resenting 69 counties of Wisconsin, 17 other states, and four foreign countries. Elaine Rick William Riley Anne Robertson Richard Roehl Donna Romens John Roou Dean Rosenow Mary Roth Ruth Roth Dan Rouches Kathleen Ruegg Thomas Ruel Judith Russell Shirley Ryan James Salem Robert Sandlass Kathlyn Sanford Richard Sarazin Gale Scanlan Kenneth Schaefer Kenneth Schafer James Schalow Edward Schams James Schams Carol Schanke Frank Schanke James Schappe David Schildman Jerome Schmid Charles Schmidt Donald Schmidt John Schmidt Kenneth Schmidt James Schreier Carol Schroeder Douglas Schroeder David Schuett John Schultz Elaine Schumacher John Sciborski Elaine Seopa Everett Servais Glen Severson Mildred Severson Judith Shaw Donald Sheldon Jean Shepherd Kenneth Sherer Thomas Sherry Susan Shields David Sheng Nerine Siekert Susan Simmons Dennis Skaer Dianne Skappel Daniel Skemp Page Suzanne Sleik Marlowe Smaby Doris Smith Gordon Smith Judith Smith Nancy Smith Robert Snodgrass Bruce Snyder Dalen Soholt Clinton Solberg Raymond Spatt June Speer Arleen Speich Robert Spink Doris Spinner Michael Stankey Marjorie Steinmetz Ronald Stellick Jimmie Stellmacher Mary Sterba Naomi Stetzer Ruth Stoddard Harry Stoebe David Stork Eileen Storzer Charles Stusek Carol Sukowatey Shirley Swanson Nancy Swenson Jack Teal Janet Terpstra Robert Thelen Sandra Thies Judith Thomas Rita Thomas Romona Thomas Thomas Thomas Robert Thompsen Barbara Thompson Gerald Thompson Michael Thompson Beverly Thornburg John Tietz Larry Tippeby Barbara Tolstyga Daedrie Tralmer June Trapp Joyce Turnmire Barbara Turzinski Marilyn Twining Jane Ungrodt Thomas Vail Robert Vanderhoof Martha Van Duser Beth Varco Sandra Vasser Page 64 FLOOR Facilities for recreation and relaxa- tion are provided in each dormitory. are attending on a scholarship basis. Both the recreation room at Wilder and the gymnasium at Grandview include activities from ping-pong to piano playing. Television viewers spend their spare time in the lounges. Unique among rooming houses is Amundson House at 1330 Vine Street. During thirty-five years in which three generations of one family have owned the residence, 225 men stu- dents have called it home. Gary Vedum John Veit Judith Vesper Larry Vieregge Cynthia Viertel Hollis Vieth Darlene Viner Donald Vinger David Vingers William Voboril Earl Voss Mary Wakeen Phyllis Waldenberger Etta Walters Perry Walters Bette Walther Terry Warner Wayne Wedwick Richard Wehrle Gerald Weichmann Carol Weighnen Carol Weingarten Jerry Weiser Arlan Wekseth Donna Welch Carol Wells Joan Weyers Robert Whitworth Marion Wick Otto Wiesjahn Richard Wilcox Philip Wildt Thomas Williams Jane Williamson John Winslow Sharon Witte Terry Witzke Darlene Wolfe Lawrence Wolfe Mary Wolfe Ardyce Wolfgram Carol Wolfgram Robert Wolford Glen Wood Marion Wright Jean Yandry Louise Yeagle Ralph Yont Byong' Soo Yoon Sally Young JoAnn Zahorik Lee Zanin Larry Zenke Clayton Zimmerman Roger Zinke James Zoellner ' -'vuon -1 Page 65 XJ Front Row: Meves, P., Boline, M., Melvin, C., Allen, N., Ocasek, M., Glendenning, B.g Hills M Boehrner, J., Meyer, M. Back Row: Schneider, S., Fogtman, J., Martin, P., Thornburg, M. L., Schwandt, D., Krueger, E Crane S., Luethi, S., Henrich, C. Dem uf On May 10, 1930, Phi Sigma Chi, an independent club, was installed as Phi Chapter of Delta Psi Kappa, national honorary professional physical education sorority. There were twenty-two charter members. The present day organization, consisting of forty members, strives to develop a sound mind in a sound body. Membership standards are pre- scribed to uphold this particular aim. Projects this year included the publication of the student directory, the Homecoming luncheon, the Ann Thomas Scholarship, a professional book sale, a cheerleading clinic, the publication of the freshman handbook, and attendance at the National Convention in Kansas City, Kansas. Miss Thomas, the advisor, is serving her second term as vice-president of the national sorority. Officers of the year were president, Charlene Melvin, vice-president, Jean Fogtman, recording secretary, Mary Lou Thornburg, corresponding secretary, Shirley Schneider Phelan, and treasurer, Carol Henrich. Page 68 Senior Psi Kaps strike an informal pose following their annual tea .. gfanafzczfzq Attention is centered on this mem- ber of the German Gymnastic Team as he appears suspended in air. The purpose of Phi Epsilon Kappa, an honorary fraternity for men in physical education, is to promote an understanding of the principles and ideals of the profession. Nu Chapter, established in 1927, was reactivated in 1948, after a lapse of more than ten years. This year, under the direction of Mr. Gershon and Mr. Miller, Phi Epsilon Kappa published the first physical education department news- letter. Work continued on the Wittich-Reuter papers and the Officials' Club was given its independence. Nu Chapter also sponsored the West German Gymnastic Show in February. Annual projects of the fraternity are the senior placement book to benefit all senior men and a Founders' Day Banquet. Also, each year a scholarship key and a distinguished service award are presented to out- standing seniors. Officers for 1957-58 were president, Bob Vaningan, vice-president, Gene Rand, secretary, Keith Peters, and treasurer, Gene La Rose. Front Row: Chase, R., La Rose, G., Rand, G., Peters, K., MacFarlane, D. Back Row: Robbins, G., Karst, R., Johnson, L., Marion, C. Page 69 meeting. Kappa Dem 756 Beta Tau Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, a national honor society in edu- cation, was organized at the La Crosse State College on June 3, 1930. Students enrolled in education courses who exhibit worthy educational ideals, sound scholarship, and adequate personal qualifications are invited to become members. The purpose of the chapter is to develop a high degree of professional fellowship among the members and to foster professional growth by recognizing achievements in educational work. The annual Founders' Day Banquet in March is the culmination of the year's activities. It pays honor to those who organized the society at the University of Illinois in 1911. For over a quarter of a century Mr. Walters, the founder of Beta Tau Chapter, has been counselor. Although the latter is still active in club activities, he has turned his position over to Mr. Young. 1957-58 officers were president, Gerald Robbins, Vice-president, Jean Fogtman, secretary, Judith Ulrich, treasurer, Donna Tostrud, and historian, Diane Tweed. Row 1: Sprick, G., Tostrud, D., Durkin, P., Ulrich, J., Melvin, C., Mittelsteadt, B., Fogtman J Schneider, S., Strodthoff, A. Row Z: MacFarlane, D., Peters, K., Marcou, J., Thornburg, M. L., Tweed, D., Yunker, A., Bendel A Schlicht, C. Row 3: Schmitt, K., Rand, G., Wethe, B., Robbins, G., Knilans, R., Butera, M., Wegner, R. Page 70 Gerald Robbins, Judy Ulrich Don na Tostrud, and Jean Fogtman talk over plans for a Kappa Delta P1 Front Row: Davis, P.g Severson, D., Carlson, K., Miss Ahlstromg Everson, J., Larson, M. Back Row: Waldenberger, D.g Suchla, G., Swertfeger, K., Papenfuss, R., Mr. Davies. aa ,-wa Eta Phi Alpha, an honorary society for qualified Letters and Science students, is one of the most dynamic organizations on campus. Members have initiated a plan designed to broaden their interests and knowledge by having people from the student body, faculty, and the professional and business fields address them on facets of their work. The honorary group is presently striving to form a fund that Will enable it to present a scholarship each year to an outstanding junior student in the Letters and Science division. It is attaining this goal with the proceeds from book sales and donations from local businessmen. Advising the group were Miss Ahlstrom and Mr. Davies. First semester officers were president, Mary Larson, vice-president, Dean Waldenbergerg secretary, Diana Severson: and treasurer, Kenneth Carlson. Books and more books are offered for sale by Eta Phi Alpha to raise money for a scholarship. Page 71 Row 1: Turnmire, J., Wolfe, D.g Vieth, C., Brenegan, I., Everson, L., Arnundson, D., Stetzer, N. Matson, M. Row 2: Larson, K., Nelson, L.g Peterson, S., Johnson, V., Klir, M., Sauer, M., Witte, S. 46 -famfcla ' Sometimes called the Country Life or Rural Club, Chi Lambda Chi is open to all students enrolled in the two year rural education course. The club endeavors to promote strength of community life and to dignify rural life. In the past the local club co-sponsored meetings with the members of the Chi Lambda Chi club at Winona State College. At present, the organization meets every two weeks on campus, one meeting is devoted to business at hand, while the other is a fun night. Among the annual activities are the Christmas Banquet and the fall get- acquainted picnic. Officers for the first semester were JoAnn Zahorik, president, Norma Lippert, secretary, and Naomi Stetzer, treasurer. 1 Page 72 Marian M a t s o n , Carol Vieth, Frances Waldenberger, and Loretta Lemke revise the constitution of Chi Lambda Chi. . ?zafee4danaZ Drakel officers and advisor, Miss Drake, pose for this informal shot during a Christmas party. Zmkeda The Drakels was organized by eighteen charter members in Feb- ruary, 1957, to bring together both students who have returned to complete their education in the elementary division and those who have entered college at a more advanced age. The club aims to satisfy both social and professional needs. The organizations name is derived as a tribute to the advisor of the group, Miss Drake, who was instrumental in forming the club. Special events sponsored by the group were a tea for prospective members in September, a pot luck dinner in December, and a breakfast in Myrick Park in May. Officers were Mrs. Elizabeth Mittelsteadt, president, Miss Ruth Miers, vice president, and Mrs. Beatrice Downey, secretary-treasurer. Front Row: McFee, T., Miss Drake, Torgerson, I., Trapp, J., Kolcinski, H., Hartley, E., Wessler, C., Bader, R., Phillipson, S. Back Row: Dissmore, E., Stark, M., Kramer, G., Munson, A., Downey, B., Mittelsteadt, E., Wolfgram, A., Van Loon, R, Page 73 Eating takes priority to conversa- tion as the Jeks begin their annual banquet. im "Jeks" stands for Junior Elementary Club, one of the four elementary clubs on campus. For many years there was one large organization designed to please all the elementary education students. This group grew so large and the age range became so varied that the idea of four groups seemed much more practicable and serviceable. The reorganization took place in the school year of 1956-57. Under the advisorship of Miss Hammes, the Jeks are composed of freshmen and sophomores in the standard elementary course. Row 1: Hilleshiem, E., Stoddard, R., Janecek, D., Yttri, C., Poehling, M., Moser, V., Shaw, J., Jax S., Finucan, J., Schomberg, M., Raymond, S., Walther, B., Knutson, J., Koula, S. Row 2: Roth, R., Frank, K., Klister, L., Walters, E., Kersten, S., Bonsack, C., Curran, J., Weingarten Page 74 C., Finses, N., Weingarten, M., Jaeger, D., Christie, S., Harget, N. E Jek committee members plan the entertainment for an evening meet- ing. yea This organization acts as an orientation process to introduce the stu- dents to the projects and aims of the senior elementary club. Both incli- vidual and joint meetings are held by these two groups, however, each elects its own officers. The Jeks' main function is to promote fellowship within the group, make new acquaintances, and learn college ways. Officers for the year were president, Kay Wittlief, vice-president, Mary Jo Weingarten, secretary, Ruth Roth, and treasurer, James Toynton. Row 1: Thies, S., Steinmetz, M., Anderson, M., Ganschow, M., Larson, K., Young, S., Flaten, S., Christianson, C., Mullen, K., Donaldson, K., Hanson, S. Row 2: Phillips, P., Biehn, C., Kreutz, J., Allan, M., Danielson, K., Helgeson, S., Nicol, S., Skappel, D., Wittlief, L., Nelsestuen, K. Row 3: Richardson, S., Adams, A., Munson, D., Kvigne, W., Toynton, J., Anderson, C., Gruen, D., Flume, B., Holte, R., Philpot, S. Page 75 Row 1: Hornby, J.g Stefferud, B.g. Boline, M.g Boehmer, J.g Kalsched, K.g Luebke, G.g Pfingsten, A Neuser, J.g Seopa, E.g Speich, D. Row 2: Raasch, G.g Natrop, C.g Skenandore, D.g Ogren, E.g Pusch, S.g Findling, J.g Koeneman, P Denton, D.g Klug, B.g McQuiety, M. Row 3: Chase, R.g Deml, W.g Wesener, A.g Jolliffe, J.g Hawley, D.g Kollath, W.g Winiarski, E.g Sey bold, R.g La Rose, G.g Auer, R. Major Club is an association of students Who are majoring in physical education, health, or recreation. The purpose of the organization is to help students majoring in these fields to become acquainted with persons who are making contributions to education. The students also become familiar with the various professional publications. The club was active for many years as a physical education major club but was reorganized in 1952 to include health and recreation students also. This year representatives were chosen from each class to rewrite the constitution of the organization, and freshmen were admitted to the club for the first time. Page 76 Advisors, Mr. Smith and Miss Baird, suggest appropriate activities to be planned by Major Club officers. Row 1: Hulbert, B., Schneider, S., Farming, S., Gillman, S., Rynning, A.g Glick, J.g Luethi, S., Serio, S., Lindberg, B.g Kuenzi, S., Glendenning, B. Row 2: Peters, A., Allen, D.g Martin, P., Henrich, C., Herman, J., Crane, S., Hundrieser, D., Krueger, E., Wildt, P.g Peterson, F., Braithwaite, L.g Sterman, F. Row 3: Mehlberg, R., Bruggink, C., Heller, D., Gilbert, H.g Knudson, T.g Knilans, R., Wiehl, E., Keepers, R.g Puls, T.g Paine, T.g Fredenberg, J. 77147211 The chief event of the year was a banquet at which Dr. Delbert Oberteuffer of Ohio State University was guest speaker. Mr. Oberteuffer is recognized as one of the leaders in the field of physical education. Another project was the sale of rule books and tennis balls. Proceeds were used to help students attend the Mid-West District Convention of the American Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation at Milwaukee in April. Officers of Major Club were president, Ron Chase, vice-president, Keith Peters, secretary, Elizabeth Krueger, and treasurer, Robert Knilans. Advisors were Miss Baird and Mr. Smith. President Ron Chase conducts a meeting to establish committees for the spring banquet. Page 77 Judy Weinstock and Don Staats keep smiling While paying club dues to secretary Mary Ann Bull. detention Under the sponsorship of Mr. Walters, the Secondary Education Club vvas organized in 1921, as the High School Club. Members changed the name to the Secondary Education Club in 1931. The organization was established to provide social training and entertainment for the people in the Secondary Education Division. The present day organization is open to all students in the Secondary Education Division. The club endeavors to instill a professional outlook or attitude in each member as a prospective teacher. The social side of the club is evident in the spring and autumn picnics, a Christmas party, and an annual banquet at which time officers are elected and alumni return to tell the present club members of their Row 1: Bunk, F., Boerschinger, M., Fidika, B., Terpstra, M., Wood, J., Fiebig, M., Tock, S., Milbee K., George, N., Johnson, S., Hohlfeld, J., Erickson, B., Huisman, M., Weber, J. Row 2: Schulz, B., Marking, D., Wethe, B., Pfeifer, P., Wellman, G., Knilans, W., Shogren, W. Page 78 Brenengen, A., Knilans, R., Dolbier, J., James, T., Schiller, R. Secondary education members ar- rive at Carroll's in La Crescent for the annual banquet. wg ' 66445 experiences in the teaching field. This year, principals from some of the area high schools spoke on the problems they have encountered in their field. Throughout the year a club bulletin board keeps members posted on recent changes in the teaching profession and on varying philosophies of education. Mr. Walters has guided the organization for thirty-seven years. He has corrolated club activities with classroom study, thus presenting a planned program by which students might become adjusted to their profession. This year's officers were president, Charles Schanke, vice-president, Doug Martin, secretary, Alice Casberg, and treasurer, Mary Ann Bull. Row 1: Durkin, P., Mitchell, M., Sanford, M., Carlin, S., Temte, E., Kujak, M., Thompson, B., Hoch, J., Riley, P., Netzer, S., Casberg, A., Sprick, G., Loehr, T., Speich, A. Row 2: Heath, F., Beirne, R., Wegner, R., Schlicht, C., Schanke, C., Butera, M., Schiessl, D., Staats, D., Horswill, R., Nordrum, L., Hirsch, T., Lorenz, G. Page 79 . ' K- i.i.rQ2.p sviim'.a,..:fq3g ,, . A. QQ we M- -Jjwss 95,,,.,?g L. Q21 'Q willftlilf V P+'f"' f , x. Q wr. We... . - ... f X- ,ix A f f ,,.., N Janet Price makes a sale to Don V - :ass , A is-su i I 2 i A Simeth at an A. C. E. I. bake sale. fix? .ew .tw N W ,W,,....... K. W. gg: lt 2 y 'sz' ' ' 'im A 'L ..L i5'WPW'Nfw-snvwv ' 31,2 x5 ' A U i it 1' w rg . .. .eezmima . . f 5? . J M51 M f f' . . ,L,. , . , iw, 1 'J JE nigh," f!'::.Q,i,T. :s.? "l'..'fw! 'FEL F 3 ,. .. ',,.f'a. L ' " A . ,D,e .. . ,522 'f":w5"i' ff f 1 f G . 354' JI p .. ' f A ...'ZiZI2,3ggi.TS:3L?,415 , - A 5 - if fi5i'U" ' 271"f" kg, - p - F EV: 4 , ' T '...:',:9"-322-:I:' ... W A A . 3-5 1 . s A 1 fb, I A - . ST' ' r- . -A 5 - 2 ei 'l ' A 1: ' eff- HJ. .3 -35 zsfzz. , K vii' '22 .Z .7 The Association for Childhood Education International was organized last year. This group was formed as a professional branch of the original Elementary Club. The purpose of A. C. E. I. is to work for the education and well-being of children, to raise the standard of preparation for teaching, to encourage continued professional growth, and to bring into active cooperation all groups concerned with children in the school, the home, and the community. This organization is open to all juniors and seniors enrolled in the elementary division. The officers for 1957-58 were president, Jerry Davis, vice-president, Ann Strodthoff, secretary, Janet Price, and treasurer, Mike Lyga. The advisor was Mr. Fish. Laue, J., Thiel, G., Yatogo, K., Anderson, J., Gorham, C. Row 2: Svec, A., Genz, M., Brenstein, M., Ashland, K., Bostetter, J., Knilans, R., Meyer, S., Bendel A., Wolff, C., Amundson, K., Tostrud, D. Row 3: Larson, L., White, M., Marcou, J., Yunker, A., McGrew, J., Kramer, J., Trute, L., Bell, C., Ulrich, J., Strodthoff, A. Row 4: I1giemeyer,BIE., Davis, J., Rowe, R., Lambert, V., Tweed, D., Wood, P., Schubert, J., Barber -5 Lyga, . Page 80 Row 1: Rogstad, B., Storandt, A., Grimslid, P., Schams, S., Marek, M., Schultz, K., McClintock, M.- 1 1 7 Front Row: Sprick, G., Donaldson, K., Law, P., Burke, M., Price, J. Back Row: Deml, W., Renning, K., Wellman, G., Ferguson, F., Hawley, D. 7mfez- ' - mtewdtg Organized in 1953, the Inter-Sorority Council is composed of one repre- sentative from each of the social sororities on the campus. The Inter- Fraternity Council, formed in 1955, is its equivalent among the social fraternities. The organizations may Work together or as separate units in attempt- ing to correlate the activities of the social Greek letter societies. Coopera- tion is promoted among the represented groups as well as between the college and the organizations. The Inter-Sorority Council sponsors the annual all-school Christmas Formal. Officers for the groups Were presidents, Greta Sprick and Fred Fer- guson, vice-presidents, Kay Donaldson and Bill Demlg secretaries, Phyllis Law and Ken Renningg treasurer, Marlene Burke, and historian, Janet Price. Mrs. Stokke advised the Inter-Sorority Council While Mr. Gilkey advised the Inter-Fraternity Council. Jeannie Dott displays the height of ambition, as industrious sorority members decorate for the annual Inter-Sorority Formal. . Scala! Page 81 Alpha Delts use their heads for more than academic subjects! 146444 Dam Alpha Delta Theta made its appearance on the local campus in 1939. It is one of the largest social fraternities. The Alpha Delts sponsor an annual homecoming banquet, Tom Turkey Dance, and an award to the outstanding freshman. The Winner of this award, which is based on academic achievement, participation in sports and extracurricular activities, and personality, receives a personal trophy, and his name is inscribed on a permanent trophy at the college. Officers were president, Keith Peters, vice president, Graydon Axtell, secretaries, John Ader and John Perkins, and treasurer, James Peotter. Advisor for the fraternity was Mr. Frothingham. Row 1: Ader, J., Smith, B., Deml, W., Peters, A., Schiller, R., Huebner, D., Chase, R., Peotter, J Aton, J., Duer, T. Row 2: Peters, K., Hennessy, M., Hertz, J., Peterson, N., Schlender, K., Marion, C., Allen, D., Wisner, G Row 3: Putsch, J., Barber, D., Jagodzinski, R., Koeneman, N., Adameak, M., Perkins, J., Seybold, R Gauerke, T., Schultz, S., Sattervall, E. Row 4: Domke, B., Lehrke, F., Hauser, J., Schultz, D., Kohn, J., Schiessl, D., Kollath, W., Krueger Page 82 R., Christensen, D., Wethe, B. Alphas renew acquaintances with former Homecoming Alumnae Banquet. sorority members at the ,-46444 7-'Ma a Alpha Phi Pi sorority appeared in the annual for the first time in 1912, it is the second oldest sorority on the La Crosse campus and was known for several years as the Forum. Alpha Phi Pi is interested in developing social and cultural traits in its members. It works toward these goals by participating in Homecoming, Variety Show, Song Fest, and the Inter-Sorority Formal. The annual all- school St. PatriCk's Day Tea and Style Show is sponsored by the Alpha Phi Pi sorority. Various dances and informal social gatherings are also held during the year. First-semester officers were Linda Lehman Gerard, president, Jean Fogtman, vice-president, Geraldine Adams, secretary, Patricia Donnick, treasurer. Advisor for the organization was Mrs. Annett. Front Row: Back Row: Skaar, M., Nelson, P., Thiel, G., Yatogo, K., Sanft, C., Nesta, S., Meyer, M., Gerard, L., Havlik, B. Adams, G., Burke, M., Christianson, A., McNamer, V., Donnick, P., Semrow, C., Knilans, R., Igl, K., Boettcher, J., Stromila, R. Page 83 Front Row: Morgan, T., Grassel, E., Cahee, W., Stewart, D., Femling. A., Staats, D.g McCormick, R Rose, D., Fleckenstein, S., Finley, R. Back Row: Warczak, J., Larsen, J.g Wellman, G., Roloff, R., Ziegler, P.g Butera, M., Magnus, R Schanke, C., Zanter, J., Genal, G.g Wiehl, E. 0 J Alpha chapter of Beta Sigma Chi was founded in 1935, making the Beta organization the first social fraternity to be established on the La Crosse campus. Mr. Coate sponsored the fraternity while he was on the college faculty, in his honor the D. O. Coate scholarship was established. The proceeds of the annual Variety Show, initiated in l94l by the organization, are added to the fund. The fraternity sponsors and participates in a Homecoming Breakfast, a dinner dance, the Homecoming parade, and the Song Fest. The officers were John Larsen, president, William Cahee, vice- president, Don Staats, secretary, Emil Grassel, treasurer. Mr, Wulling was the faculty advisor. Page 84 Success of the Beta Variety Show is due to careful planning under the chairmanship of Earl Wiehl. if i i x s ra staff s fl , E, i' Q is lr rj ' I F' ' Row 1: Wargula, J., Helgeson, S., Nelson, L., Hohlfeld, J., Hohlfeld, E., Ulrich, J., Donaldson, K., Larson, M., Schomberg, M. Row 2: Helgerson, J., Dott, J., Vanderzee, C., Wolff, C., Tennison, N., Hayden, J., Fraser, J., Graham, J., Amundson, K., Relyea, M., Davis, P. Row 3: Marcou, J., Yunker, A., Hansen, A., Bendel, A., Tock, S., Marking, D., Adams, A., Hudson, N., Roloff, P., Peachey, C., Glick, J., Elfner, E. .Zambia dgnm 6 Lambda Sigma Chi was organized as a fine arts sorority in November, 1935, with Miss Rena Angell as advisor. By showing interest in the finer arts-painting, sculpture, architecture, and music-and by taking part in social activities, the organization endeavors to make itself felt as being Worthwhile not only to the members but to the school as well. Some of the first programs were surveys of Greek, Renaissance, and Persian art. In years to follow, the group sponsored many different social functions. In 1939, the group sponsored the all-college card party, a faculty tea, the annual Christmas party, and a rummage sale which is still an annual event with the sorority. Other lasting events were the Mothers' Day Tea, begun in 1945, and the school calendar sales, started in l955. The sorority annually offers the Rena Angell Scholarship which Miss Angell gave to the sorority. Each year the group continues to strive to promote growth of loyalty, friendship, leadership, and culture. Karen Mullen, Kay Donaldson, and Judy Glick apply finishing touches to Christmas candles sold by the Lambdas this year. Page 85 "Fresh Fish, l5c!" People do strange things while in a hypnotic trance, as Larry Hutton found out at a Zeta seminar. I I Sigma Zeta Phi fraternity, the youngest fraternity on campus, has continued to follow the ideals on which it was founded five years ago. The policy of t'Help Week" was carried on with new pledges being assigned Various duties, such as directing traffic in the parking lot, assisting in the library, and aiding in other school projects. In addition, the past school year saw an inception of a series of seminars under the sponsorship of the fraternity. Officers were Andre Patnode, president, Richard Collins, Vice- president, John Jenks, secretary, John Simmons, treasurer. Advisors to the group were Mr. Wimberly and Mr. Thoresen. Front Row: Hirsch, T., Hembre, R., Van Vleet, W., Shervey, L., Wood, P., Collins, R., Young, C. Back Row: Schlicht, C., Patnode, A., Holt, R., Wahlstrom, D., Brenengen, A., Jenks, J., Michalke, J Page 86 O'Conno1', E. Row 1: Schauder, S., Moede, J,, Buechel, B., Schultz, K.g Weyhmiller, J., Thompson, B., Brenstein, M., Hills, M., Birdsall, D., Strodthoff, A. Row 2: Hagberg, S., Boline, M., Hammett, J., Martin, P., Spehn, P., Beitz, B., Allen, N., Glendenning, B., Hara, L., Boehmer, J. Row 3: Henrich, C., Law, P., Sanford, M., Luethi, S., Pusch, S., Denton, D., Bostetter, J., Herman, J., Schwandt, D., Hughes, E.g Yeomans, L. 70254 76 Umega Iota Xi Omega, the youngest social sorority on campus, was founded in 1950. Furthering musical interests and high cultural values among its members are the aims of the group. The organization participates in the Homecoming activities, the Inter- Sorority Formal, the Song Fest, and the Variety Show. The Iotas sponsor an annual Mothers' Day Banquet, a banquet honor- ing the graduating seniors, candy and beanie sales, a spring picnic, and the Senior-Faculty Tea. The advisors were Mrs. Young and Mrs. Weber. Officers Were Sharon Luethi, president, Carol Henrich, vice-president, Kay Schultz, secretary, and Dorene Birdsall, treasurer. Pauline Martin serves punch to new Iotas, Jan Strek, Bonita Klug, and Bonnie Mehren. 44" , Page 87 Front Row: Klink, A., Hoch, J., Niemeyer, K.g James, T.g Schmitt, K., Heller, D., Hawley D Gennerman, F., Paine, T., Schelble, J. Back Row: Braun, W., Suchla, ...7. g Germane, M.g Rowe, R., Dolbier, J.g Shogren, W., Thomas K Andersen, C., Tubb, D., Crews, J. makin me Lambda Tau Gamma was founded in the fall of 1950. Original sponsors were Mr. Rasmussen and Mr. Rowe, who now serve the organization as advisors. Last year the group originated the idea of a plaque to be inscribed with the name of the fraternity achieving the highest scholastic record each year. The fraternity also sponsors an annual Homecoming alumni banquet, has fall and spring banquets, and participates in Song Fest. Each spring the Gammas have a joint picnic with their sister sorority, Sigma Lambda Sigma. The organization also participates in the college intramural athletic program. 1957 officers were Ted James, president, Fred Gennerman, vice presi- dent, Donald Bakkum, secretary, and Marcel Kujak, treasurer. Page 88 President Ted James presents the Gamma plaque for the fraternity with the highest scholastic achieve ment to Beta president, Paul Ziegler The Sigma informal gathering for all college women caught these gals in a harmonizing mood. dqmcz Zambia ' "Greatly begin, though thou have time, but for a line, be that sublime. Not failure but low aim is crime,"-the motto of Sigma Lambda Sigma, Sapphonian Literary Society. In 1910-1911 the newly organized group was known as the Girls' Liter- ary Society, this was changed the following year to the Sapphonian Literary Society, and finally in 1930 to Sigma Lambda Sigma. This year the oldest sorority on campus chose to initiate members only once during the year. As an alternative to fall pledging the sorority sponsored a party for all the women on campus. In addition to the many school activities participated in by the mem- bers, they were hostesses for the Christmas Tea. An annual car wash was sponsored in the spring, proceeds of which went to the Sigma Lambda Sigma scholarship fund. Each year a junior woman is recipient of this scholarship. Officers were Mary Lou Thornburg, president, Kathy Krueger, vice- president, Dixie Collins, secretary, Sandra Crane, treasurer. Miss Oleson and Mrs. Hebberd are the advisors. Row Meves, P., Westwood, B., Price, J., Jawarski, J., Petrakis, E., Byers, N., Nelsestuen, K., Ken- nedy, J., Schaller, P., Johnson, C., Voss, D., Tostrud, D. Row 2 Kramer, J., Ocasek, M., Keefe, J., Thornburg, M., Zieloski, M., Rose, B., Krueger, K., Dziedzic, J., Weber, J., Wood, J., Erdlitz, I., Keenan, S. Row 3 Repp, S., Lambert, V., Crane, S., Tweed, D., Froeming, N., Krueger, E., Ogren, E., Louret, D., Ringhardt, C., Sterman, F., Kerner, M. Page 89 I n Treasurer Howard Oda makes out the check representing the Kappa contribution to the new union, as Mr. Gautsch and president Jim Worden look on. 46 4,644 ' Alpha chapter of Phi Kappa Epsilon was founded on April 9, 1935, on the La Crosse campus. Dr. Ross Spangler was the sponsor and first advisor. In honor of its first anniversary, Alpha chapter decided to offer annually two scholastic keys, one to be given to the highest ranking fresh- man and one to be given to the chapter member with the highest scholastic record. The freshman key is still maintained and awarded by the organiza- tion. This year the Kappas were privileged to be the first organization on campus to donate to the new student union fund. The fraternity hoped that through this example other organizations in the college would follow in contributing toward this goal. Leadership was provided by president, Jim Worden, vice-president, Bill Haines, secretary, Ted Knudson, and treasurer, Howard Oda. Serving as the advisor was Mr. Gautsch of the athletic department. Row 1: Auer, R., Weir, G., LaRose, E., Schlies, R., Dimmer, P., Kangas, D., Altman, R., Worden, A. Conger, E. Row 2: Loppnow, R., Caflisch, C., Renning, K., Becker, J., Bartolutti, D., Oda, H., Vandenberg, A. Johnson, J., Schneider, B., Steinbrecher, E. Row 3: Martin, J., DeMario, D., Kollath, D., Haines, W., Carter, K., Pierce, S., Knudson, T., Chappie Page 90 D., Ferguson, F., Kowalczyk, R. Senior members are honored by underclass members of the Pi Taus at an annual banquet. F96 'km ' Pi Tau Epsilon, known as the fine arts sorority, was organized in 1944, it ranks fourth in age as compared to the other sororities. The activities of the group include a Homecoming float and tea, a rush tea, a senior banquet, a stuffed animal sale, a Mothers' Day banquet, a party at the La Crosse Children's Home, service work for the college health center and the Red Cross, the variety show, and the Song Fest. Mrs. Hoard was Pi Tau Epsilon's advisor. Officers were president, Alice Storandt, vice-president, Charlene Melvin, secretary, Diana Severson, and treasurer, Anita Isakson. Front Row: Raasch, G., Isakson, A., Storandt, A., Sprick, G., Gorham, C., Johnson, D., Max, J. Back Row: Powell, B., Melvin, C., Natrop, C., Ashland, K., Svec, A., White, M., Severson, D., Bogert, J. Page 91 Front Row: Skaar, M.g Johnson, C., McMahan, K., Krueger, K., Koeneman, P.g Sinko, M., Gerard L Meves, P. Back Row: Peters, K., Keepers, R., Renning, K., Knudson, T.g Cushman, D., Knilans, R., Wethe B Ferguson, F., Morgan, T. cd The Campus Controls Council is the La Crosse State governing body which is operated entirely by students. It has a council chair- man who is in charge of organization, publication and news and a repre- sentative on the Social Committee. Representatives of the organization also serve on the assembly committee, men's and women's intramural boards, and the dramatics and music committees. The members have complete charge of the annual Homecoming festivities and the May Prom. First organized in 1911 and revised in 1949, the council now serves the college more efficiently with twenty members Cfour of which are officers elected by the entire student bodyj than it did at its inception when it had only twelve members. The sixteen representatives are chosen by the student body, four of these representatives are officer candidates who received the second highest total of votes in the spring election. Officers were president, Bob Knilansg vice president, Burt Wetheg secretary, Dixie Collins, and treasurer, Carol J ohnson. Page 92 Homecoming activities. 1 Bob Knilans and Burt Wethe evalu ate their carefully laid plans for 0360 -1 . 4 V A . . 5 I Front Row: Tostrud, D., Thiel, G., Poth, E., Cavouras, M., Sanford, M.g White, M.g Glick, J., Knutson, S., Yatogo, K., Johnson, C. Back Row: Auer, R., Peterson, N., Thornburg, M.g Lambert, V., Tock, S.g Henrich, C., Renning, K., Schanke, C.g Schmitt, K. 0 J The Social Committee has undergone many changes since its founding. Having grown from a committee of ten people, it is now represented by every organization on campus. With the increasing enrollment in the college, the committee has continually sponsored activities of diverse interests. The Social Committee annually sponsors the Song Fest, Christmas Convocation, and the Freshman Reception. This year the Committee helped support the Frost Frolic. Presiding were Charles Schanke, chairman, Mary Heipp, vice-chair- man, Kim Yatogo, secretary, and Karl Schlender, treasurer. Advising the group were Miss Kunkel, Miss DeBoWer, Mrs. Day, Mrs. Allness, Mr. Frothingham, Mr. Lindner, and Mr. Stub. Shirley Tock, Donna Tostrud, Mary Heipp, and Kim Yatogo revise Social Committee rules. Page 93 Students from Somalia, Korea, Hawaii, and Panama were honored at the W.S.G.A. tea. 20 E eff ,-444k The Women's Self Government Association was organized in 1949. In its infant stage, W.S.G.A. held teas, sponsored the Big-Little Sister Hike, and guided all freshman girls in their initial experiences at La Crosse. Throughout the years, this organization has successfully carried on its initial projects. This year a new project has been included, W.S.G.A. introduced foreign students to the faculty at a tea. The officers were president, Marilyn Ocasekg vice-president, Pat Meves, secretary, Diane Dentong treasurer, Elizabeth Petrakis. The advisors were Miss Cartwright and Miss Lawrence. Front Row: Nesta, S., Petrakis, E., Flaten, S.g Vieth, C.g Ocasek, M., Meves, P. Back Row: White, M., Froeming, N.g Denton, D., Tock, S., Henrich, C. Page 94 Front Row: Skaar, M.g Stromila, R.g Rademacher, J.g Lindberg, B.g Trochell, B.g Luethi, S.3 Van Duser, M.g Farning, S.g Birdsall, D. Back Row: Adams, A.g Rehwaldt, M.g Krueger, E.g Findling, J .3 Tock, S.g Igl, K.g Sterman, F.g Zielo- ski, M. 4306646 ' 4 The organization of the house presidents had its beginning in 1949, with the founding of W.S.G.A. The purpose of this governing body is to more closely unite the various houses on campus. At the regular meetings, house presidents discuss their problems and attempt to solve them. It is the duty of each house president to enforce the rules set up by W.S.G.A. The president was Shirley Tock and the secretary, Elizabeth Krueger. Miss Cartwright was the advisor. Mary Lou Kronforst and Jean Dor- sey proudly serve Mrs. Blaschke at the annual House Mothers' Tea. Page 95 ,l .ls ..... - Front Row: Mr. Gunning, Rawhouser, N., Vieregge, L., Mr. Uber, Vieregge, E., Bruggink, L., Osborne D., Shumate, L., Van Vleet, W. Back Row: Mr. Dahlerg Mr. Daviesg Mr. Inglig Lundquist, R., Allen, D., Keyes, W., Wellman, G Wethe, B., Vieth, C. 144654 6 0 Alpha Phi Omega, a national service fraternity, is composed of college and university men who are or have been affiliated with the Boy Scouts. An A.P.O. chapter at La Crosse State was organized by Fabian Jacobs in May, 1951, and he served as the first president. Kappa Gamma chapter received its national charter in May of 1952, and has been operating continually since that time. Among special projects it has rendered are pencils for Korea, scout swimming program, assistance at registration and forensic and debate meets, Explorer Scout Social, freshman men's smoker, assistance for the Bloodmobile, and supervision of the recreation program for polio patients. This year the organization sponsored a Korean student on the campus. William Keyes was president of the organization. Advisors were Mr. Davies, Mr. Fish, and Mr. Gunning. Page 96 Ralph Lundquist pins new mem- bers of the men's service organization at a joint initiation-installation cere- mony. Senior girls ham up a tap routine at the fall Hen's Party, sponsored by WSO. Wamen Z ' fzgcwrgcztdcm The motto of the Womenys Service Organization-"We Serve Others"- is formulated around the initials of the club's name. The group has con- sidered affiliation With the national honorary service sorority but has made no definite step in that direction. Membership is open to sophomore, junior, and senior Women by a general sign-up list and by recommendations of the various academic division heads. Throughout the year WSO serves students and faculty by publishing a news bulletin weekly, proctoring for freshman exams, ushering for school functions, and sponsoring the Bloodmobile. The organization sent information to returning upperclassmen before the opening of the fall term, sponsored two Henls Parties for faculty and student Women and gave a Mom's Dinner on Dad's Day. The officers were Mary Heipp, president, Marlene Burke, vice-presi- dent, Judy Ulrich, recording secretary, Mary McCune, corresponding secretary, and Ann Strodthoff, treasurer. The advisors were Mrs. Day and Miss Schuh. Row 1: Raasch, G., Strodthoff, A., McCune, M., Burke, M., Ocasek, M., Bendel, A., Wolff, C., Rade- macher, J., Ulrich, J., Larson, M. Row 2: Thornburg, M. L., White, M., Sterman, F., Glick, J., Krueger, K., Bartel, L., Strek, J., Yeo- mans, L., Henrich, C. Row 3: Rehwaldt, M., Klug, B., Denton, D., Donnick, P., Krueger, E., Crane, S., Froeming, N., Louret, D., Ogren, E. Page 97 Row 1: Johnson, S., Ginskey, M., Torgerson, C., Tennison, N. Row 2: Everson, J., Miss Ahlstromg Severson, D.g Riley, P., Walters, P., Sleik, S. Row 3: Netzer, S., Jiracek, J., Tulpo, B., Heubsch, N., O'Connor, E., Knutson, S. Le Cercle Francais is a relatively new organization on campus. A French Club actually existed many years ago but was later discontinued. It was reorganized this year mainly through the eagerness shown by the beginning students and was supported by the second and third year students as well. The club provides the French student an opportunity to become better acquainted with the French life, culture, and language. Members have been shown slides of France taken by Miss Ahlstrom, the advisor, have had an Epiphany party during which French customs were put into practice, and attended a lecture presented by the French pianist, Phillipe Entremont. Officers for the year were president, Peg Riley, vice-president, Diana Seversong secretary, Jeanne Eversong and treasurer, Perry Walters. The advisor was Miss Ahlstrom. Page 98 Queen Sybil Ginsky and King Nor- bert Huebsch are served by Charlene Torgerson at the Epiphany Party. . imdemk Dagny Marking assists Edna Gon- zalez in trying to break the pinata at the annual Christmas Party. Front Row: Gonzalez, E., Knutson, S.g Fiebig, M.g Glick, J., Loehr, T.g Durkin, P.g Larson, M. Back Row: Casberg, A.g Cavouras, M.g Tennison, M.g Tock, S.g Marking, D., Hohlfeld, J.g Johnson, S. 644 6046 Los Parlanchines CThe Chatterersj is more commonly called the Spanish Club. Advanced students organized the club last year for the purpose of practical experience in using the Spanish language. This is the second Spanish club to appear on the La Crosse campusg the first, La Sociedad Hispanica, which was founded in 1917, was the second largest organization on campus, until it was discontinued in 1927. In order to become a member of Los Parlanchines, one must have had more than one year of Spanish or be able to speak the Spanish language. Meetings are held informally once a month, and Spanish speaking people from Viterbo College and the city of La Crosse join the students from the college. Annually the group prepares a Spanish meal and has a traditional Christmas party. The officers for the year were president, Dagny Markingg vice-presi- dent, Ellen Elfnerg secretary, Don J acobsong treasurer, Mary Fiebig. Mrs. Nixon was the advisor. Page 99 Left to right: George N., Walters, P., Tock, S., Everson, J. The Fledgling, the student literary magazine on campus, derives its name from the idea that one has just taken flight or has just begun to give something of himself. The magazine has been known by this name since 1939, formerly, it was connected with the Racquet. The material for the magazine is contributed entirely by the students and printed with letter- press or offset, depending on the decision of the editors. The Fledgling is published at irregular intervals when a sufficient size booklet can be printed. This self-supporting magazine is organized by students who are interested in both prosaic and poetical works. Mr. Wulling, the advisor, is the owner of the Sumac Press, which is used in producing the Fledgling at low cost. The use of the press was also donated to a publication similar to the Fledgling, called the Rick Rack, a compilation of literary miscellany of an advanced composition class of 1942. Page 100 Tostrud. Shirley Tock, editor of Fledgling checks the contribution of Donna . 77aZZ6eczz'cme Prospective co-editors of 1958-59, Karen Nelsestuen and Judy Weber, perform duties of associate editors. 4 The annual has been one of La Crosse State's leading publications since 1911. In 1939, the yearbook changed its name from the Racquet to the La Crosse to make it more easily distinguishable from the newspaper. For the second consecutive year, a full-sized annual has been published by the staff. There are two additions to the book this year: pictures of various student houses and informal pictures of senior activities. With the establishment of the Audio-Visual Center, all group pictures were taken by James Crews and Tom Hirsch. In addition, all individual pictures were taken during fall registration, therefore, everyone enrolled during the first semester is pictured in the La Crosse. Sharon Repp and Norma Tennison served as co-editors of the annual staff. Mr. Konrad was the editorial adviser and Mrs. Hebberd, literary advisor. Front Row: Gibson, J., Nelsestuen, K., Flaten, S., Cavouras, M., Anderson, L., Weber, J., Knutson, S., Mullen, K., Danielson, K., Thies, S, Boerschinger, M., Sprick, G. Back Row: Ginskey, S., Finses, N., Harvey, V., Glick, J., Philpot, S., Tock, S., Wethe, B., Tweed, D., Crane, S., Pfafflin, M., Tennison, N., Lentz, J., Kennedy, J., Fiebig, M. Page 101 As soon as the newly printed Rac- quet is delivered to the Snack Bar, inquisitive students scan the head- lines. Z! The Racquet is a newspaper published semi-monthly to bring the campus news to La Crosse State students. Under the auspices of the Racquet, this year a radio program, "Campus Calling," was conducted each Sunday evening over WLCX featuring music and campus news. In addi- tion, the Key Club was newly organized to honor any outstanding member who has worked with the staff for at least two years. The annual Racquet staff banquet was held again this fall for all members. Of foremost importance is the fact that four members of the staff attended the Journal- ism Convention in New York in November. Staff heads were editor, Don Cushman, managing editor, Lorin Hyslopg feature editor, Nancy George, news editor, Morris Meyer, sports editor, Tom Brown, make-up editor, Mary Boerschinger, and business manager, Joe Michalke. Advisors were Mr. Wulling and Mr. Rasmussen. Row Row Row Row Page 102 : Boerschinger, M., Rynning, A., Larson, L., Casberg, A., Danielson, K., Kreutz, J., Bares, N Varco, B., Helgeson, S., Hara, L., Sprick, G. Thies, S. ' Skappel, D., Johnson, S., Glendenning, B., Bowler, G., Knilans, R., Calverley, J., Sauer, M Adams, Lorenz Milbee Bye, R., A., Schnell, C., Foote, S. G., George, N., Crane, S., Louret, D., Jiracek, J., Train, J., Putsch, J., Shervey, L K., Braithwaite, L. Welch, R., Larsen, J., Cushman, D., Lundquist, R., Walters, P., Guenther, T., Kotinek L., Hyslop, L., Redeker, J. Practice makes for a more polished performance in the 1958 water show, called 'Sandman's Sonata." Front Row: Frankowski, M., Erdlitz, I., McNamer, V., McMahon, K., Rynning, A., Schauder, S. Back Row: Collins, D., George, N., Donnick, P., Schmidt, B., Brechtel, A., Semrow, C., Rose, B. 66546504 Catalina Club is a synchronized swim club open to all who can qualify by passing skill tests. The club has been performing for the past ten years, although Aquacades had been presented by W. R. A. before this group was organized. The Catalina Club presents an annual aquacade each spring. This year the theme was "Sandman's Sonata." The show is planned and directed entirely by the members. The traditional highlight of each show is the solo number performed by the president. The group also supervises the free swim periods after school and takes charge of the pool for the annual Play Day. Officers were president, Marlene Frankowski Piojda, vice-president, Kathryn Mohr Naukkari, and secretary-treasurer, Kathryn McMahon McBride. Advisor of the club was Miss Betty Baird. , . Speaiaf '7wz'efze4z'4 Page 103 Front Row: Rynning, A.g Buechel, B.g Oesterreich, L.g Kerner, M., Donnick, P.g Ginskey, S., Smith .T Lentz, J., Moede, J.g Nesta, S. Back Row: Lunde, P., Patton, D.g Loppnow, R.g Louret, D., Findling, J., Sanford, M.g Osborne D Jenkins, D. modem A contest sponsored by the Outing Club asking for suggestions for a new name resulted in the selection of the name Coulee Trekkers. The organization has tried to live up to its imaginative name by sponsoring diverse activities. The Trekkers, along with C. C. C. and Social Committee, sponsored the first Frost Frolic to be held at La Crosse. Earlier in the season the club sponsored a Halloween Party, a dance at the Myrick Shelter House, and the annual cleaning of the Snow Bowl. Semester vacation found the Trekkers enjoying their anticipated ski trip to Telemark. President Don Osborne was assisted by vice-president, Dave Jenkinsg secretary, Marcia Kernerg and treasurer, Diane Louret. Serving as advisors were Miss Hamilton and Mr. Lengfeld. Page 104 -on a ski trip, that is. Hooray, hooray, we're going away Informality is the keynote of Jazz Club meetings led by John Jenks, president. M7604 One of the newer clubs on campus is the La Crosse State Jazz Club. The organization is interested in bringing together followers of jazz and in promoting programs for the members' enjoyment. At the La Crosse County Fair in August of last year, the club assisted in the promotion of the Duke Ellington Band and brought the band back to La Crosse this year with the cooperation of the C. C. C. for a concert and dance at Mary E. Sawyer Auditorium. During the second semester the club initiated a plan whereby students on the campus could purchase records at considerable discounts. Mr. Wille served as the Jazz Club's advisor. President was John Jenks and vice-president, Doug MacFarlane. tk! Row 1: Mader, J., Erdlitz, I., Max, J., Hilleshiem, E., Austin, C., Johnson, S., Lynch, J., Snyder, K., Skappel, D., Edwards, S., Olson, D., Snyder, M. C., McLaughlin, L., Hanson, S. Row Z: Dwyer, P., Arneson, K., Mooney, W., Calverley, J., Flume, B., Bonsack, C., Berndt, C., Train, J., Taylor, C., Glick, J., Klink, A., Bowler, G., Dettrnering, C. Row 3: Preslik, D., Gruen, D., Tulpo, B., Lisowski, L., Jenks, J., Lundquist, R., Hyslop, L., Teal, J., Shervey, L., Kubiak, H. Page 105 Orchesis program. Uwcieada The Orchesis Club is composed of students who are interested in modern and interpretive dance. Students pass skill tests and compose a dance in order to joing they are judged by the members for admittance. This dance group is different from others, because it strives for individual self-expression through movements to music. Elizabeth Sehon, first sponsor of the organization on the La Crosse campus, was a member of the original Orchesis founded at the University of Wisconsin in 1920. Orchesis presented a spring program in connection with Mothers' Day activities. Dance numbers were also performed for Play Day and Sports Day, and members demonstrated various skills for the Teachers' Workshop. Officers for the year 1957-58 were Jean Fogtman, presidentg Linda Gerard, vice-presidentg Judy Weber, secretaryg and Mary Zieloski, treasurer. The advisor was Miss Carter. Front Row: Tracy, M.g Erdlitz, I.g Lamb, J.g Weber, J.g Meyer, M.g Gerard, L. Back Row: Fogtman, J.g Zieloski, M.g Brechtel, A.g Lentz, J.g Collins, D.g Boettcher, J. Page 106 Balance and contrast in level offer this pleasing picture from last year s Left to Right: Schauder, S.g Sanft, C.g Miller, C.g Semrow, C.g Collins, D.g Janecek, D. The Tumbling Club is a social as well as a service organization. It is social in the sense that it provides enjoyment through participation to the membersg it acts as a service organization by performing during the half times of two home basketball games. The group also helps with Play Day and Sports Day, which the college sponsors in the spring. Girls with tumbling ability or the desire to learn tumbling skills are urged to join. They may prove their qualifications through a series of skill tests set up by the club. p Advising the group for 1957-58 was Mrs. Day. Officers were president, Dixie Collinsg vice-president, Carol Sanftg and secretary-treasurer, Shirley Schauder. No fair hanging onto the ceiling! Page 107 Row 1: Chase, R.g Fleckenstein, S., Auer, B.g Hackett, R.g Schlender, K.g Putsch, J.g Hertz, J.g Herring R., Humphrey, G. Row 2: Wechter, B.g Winiarski, E.g Renning, K.g Wethe, B.g DeMario, D.g Lehrke, F.g Marion, C Heller, D., MacFarlane, D. Row' 3: Koeneman, N.g Pampuch, R.g Pierce, S., Hargraves, T., Schultz, D.g Gilbert, L.g Loppnow, R J Olliffe, J. 1- L-Club, organized in 1923, has seen many changes throughout the years. When the club first existed, anyone receiving a letter in athletics or debate was qualified to join. For this reason, there were Women as well as men belonging to the club. During the first year of organization the club sponsored banquets, promoted forensics, music, and various social affairs. One of the major features of the group at that time was the duty of election of athletic captains. The first annual Homecoming celebration in 1923 was sponsored by this club. There are nine major sports in which a letter may be won. It is the aim of this club to make the wearing of the college "L" an honor. Page 108 1 Del Schultz congratulates Sten Pierce and Gene Wisner, recipients of the Jim Stearns Memorial Scholar- ship. I I " arg. , , W --- WSW :Q J ee .s m if H 0' gym- , 'Q ,. ,fggifi ,571 2 fg.f.lf5,g A, . . 7. . .W . . , . jvc' fjiqa: 'fggggj 'R my , Mgg, jji fiznzrrgggfflf 2 , gg 1g.i5 H ag , ,. ' jf il 5' '-" 22' . iii , " ' s :p ,Q MTL .,::g ,jig e if 7 5 Qi? . '. V ' if ffi i srjiszifziiiiiii,g,j'5?:ra+'t Qf ' 1"fif5f'7V1',.i ,f?flffg,-1. H ' ' Z. If-i. ' AXE:-2 f .5 , 5, i wi'-2 Q5iZ23?Eif1?"-va r ' 'rilfii if' "" 2 , ,, "1 ' ' A - 17 i 2 .,,.. s w ---vV .ii .. A ,. .4 ,A ,, ,,,. 3 ..., 4.,,.,,s.: 1 .9 ,,,, A, , EQ, A M. famw.,,,,wfH . 1. ,ay 1 .. . ..,. i X """" . "5' Li. ' " A- ., . , . iz, - '- f f. ff 5 4 jg f' cl .- -- f LILL -if. ,.., , ..... Q.,....., , .h,.,,..., . .. ---- ---vL-vu-, . c- .. ,,.-. 3 ,gg gg-.g g,--,Eg ,Q f ff 0 HW af 59 X' xi, :if .2:. :-'.I'..:Qf- 1-252, is W at I if 5 32555 jf 5 Q ii: '4 ga: ,mm Amin "' Qat ar +141 11' , , H srqr I J at Wi wwff , ff ,giiiivtf 11, ,L , W 5 , 3 f .f,. ,-:W 4 -'50 ,g 14 -r 3 5 naw, ref i s V 'mi 'AQ . raft Ni, fffflifr' 'eff 2 ' ' yu ,fn gsagta ii uni M 'li A 9 A a ff 2 A 4 NY am W2 4 in 4 if Y Pg Q f f s' 2IfS'.2::T : : 'i rim mifr , at 'F' mf? 'S ff U' 'S .. .' . , W ' 4. it rf ' 5 '35 "" r' E 4' wg F5551 'fa ,sag ,, ta-1. 11.1 ww at zt M gs , -wr G1W1az1'- Q Q ggig r mega if- iisglwafswii 5,- mwf f fs. ,, .,, Qs? it 5 ii 1 ' f jf Q' :mace 'z wzf " 5 sz iw a I . ,: ..:gvf'f fffz .afmgqgwz :aff-gg , fi 5345522 fm 'Pa ' 91952, ,rs H 5-fi: , ,ff ' 51:pa,, V, , . ,,,.,,gg Eli as., ,5,5ff5f,.," :2Zf,'w,,,,,..:r-r'+?1 2g2,1 655222: lggggg, 5 :karma Wm : j J -:..'- :' : Q-k V, Eif'x2f??hgw:af " E,,:f2fwg 5',. -,? QQ:j ?i QgQf I '. Wai? I 4533 3:15 iw? 5, 55 V Q55-2? ' f 5 5222225 11 " ,rw " ,fm:i,-5 iflzgf ui: '-1-if '-" 2"' . J fqr Hggegg,,1ff4!l'li1f'p -":I,1j'j E gg, - asf 7 m,,5:":.iQ 5 .1.-. Q: Schiller, R., Dernbach, R., Volke, T., Cafisch, C., Krueger, R., Gauerke, T., Payette, R., Paine, T., McCarthy, B. Larkin, T., Allen, D., Puls, T., Vandenberg, A., Robertson, G., Femling, A., Pinkston, D., Keepers, R., Bartelt, J. Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: Mueller, F., Robbins, G., Knoche, C., Knudson, T., Karst, R., Weinstock, W., Knilans, R., Wellman, G., Wiehl, E. 1. The organization sells programs at both football and basketball games and refreshments at football games. Planning half-time entertainment and operating the public address system at athletic events are also projects of the club. Another major undertaking is the presentation of a letter jacket to each senior member. Proceeds from various projects are added to the Jim Stearns Memorial Scholarship fund, which is awarded yearly to a junior or senior man of high scholastic rank and personal qualifications. The first recipient of the award was Ed Winiarski. Advisor for the group was Mr. Thoresen. Officers were president, Gene Wisner, vice-president, John Martin, secretary, Ronald Chase, treasurer, Rudolph Schiller, and sergeant-at-arms, Ronald Loppnow. Gene Wisner, president of L-Club, receives his senior letter jacket from the club advisor, Mr. Thoresen. Page 109 Ron Chase follows Mr. Steuck's directions in posting new material, as Ed Steinbrecher and Gordie Wellman kibitz. .71-ZA The lVlen's Intramural Athletic Association was organized in 1928. At that time, under the leadership of Mr. Lipovetz, a versatile program was offered to as many men as possible. Unlike present-day activities, those offered in the club's early years were checkers, life saving, speedball, five-hundred, bridge, and water basketball. Among 1957-58 activities were football, basketball, curling, bowling, inter-class swim meets, badminton, softball, volleyball, horse shoes, and tennis. The present board of controls offers sports solely for the sake of sport. The officiating board was composed of president, Ron Chase, vice- president, Bob Auerg secretary, Ed Steinbrecherg and treasurer, Gordon Wellman. Mr. Steuck was the advisor. Front Row: Chase, R., Sattervall, E., Puls, T., Auer, R., Altmann, R., Dernbach, R., Morgan, T. Back Row: Wechter, B., Tubb, D., Wellman, G., Mr. Steuckg Hauser, J., Bartolutti, D., Renning, K Page 110 Mr Vickroy gives helpful hints to president, Bob Vaningan. ll ' The Officials' Club was founded last year by Bob Vaningan, 'a member, and was sponsored by Phi Epsilon Kappa. It developed under the latter fraternity and was made an independent organization this year. The idea behind the club was to put men into the field knowing not only the prob- lems of coaching but also the rules and the problems of officiating. Beginning with ninety-four men, the club has stabilized at about sixty active members. The Officials' Club has accepted the responsibility of officiating all men's intramural sports. Two-hundred-sixteen games were Worked outside of the college this year. The club also sponsored a basketball clinic and cooperated with Phi Epsilon Kappa for the West German Gymnastic Show. Advisors of the group were Mr. Vickroy and Mr. Stueck. Officers were president, Bob Vaningan, vice-president, John Larsen, secretaries, Ron Richardson and Ed Steinbrecher, and treasurer, Lee Gilbert. Rowl Richards, R., Rose, D., Peterson, N., Hawley, D., Wechter, B., Flemming, T., Welch, R., Schaefer, K., Campbell, J. Row 2 Richardson, R., Earp, M., Zanin, L., Wisner, A., Teal, J., Vaningan, B., Rand, G., Schlender, K., Bruggink, C. Row 3 Mr. Steuck, Hussey, D., Wiehl, E., Condon, P., Christensen, D., Grunward, J., Koeneman, N., Youmans, P., Mr. Vickroy. Page 1 1 1 70.2,-4 The Women's Recreation Association is composed of all women students on campus. lt was preceded by the Women's Athletic Association, founded in 1923. This earlier organization used to give an "L" to girls who attained specified qualifications. The intramural activities include field hockey, volleyball, basketball, bowling, curling, winter sports, badminton, softball, tennis, and golf. These are individually organized and run by sport heads plus representatives of the affiliated organizations of the Womenls Officials Club, Orchesis, Catalina Club, and Tumbling Club. In addition to the latter activities, W. R. A. sponsored an alumni field hockey game and breakfast during Homecoming weekend, class team competitions of basketball, volleyball, and field hockey, a college sports day, a high school play day, and the Mothers' Day breakfast. Officers for 1957-58 were Marian Zimmerman, president, Kathy Krueger, vice-president, Jean Dorsey, secretary, and Sue Lewerenz, treasurer. The advisors were Miss Beatrice Baird and Miss Webster. Front Row: Burke, M., Lewerenz, H., Spehn, P., M:Namer, V., Zimmerman, M., Sanft, C., Frankow ski, M. Back Row: Martin, P., Krueger, K., Ringhardt, C., Schumacher, S., Dorsey, J., Collins, D., Hagberg Page 112 S., Fogtman, J. "The Line-up" includes Miss Baird Kathy Krueger, Miss Webster, Marion Zimmerman, and Sue Lewerenz Soprano I: Dusseau, D., Dutton, D., Freitag, K., Gartner, L., Hughes, E., May, M., Padrutt, J., Powell B., Pusch, S., Shaw, J., Storandt, A. Soprano II: Berndt, C., Bowler, G., Fraser, J., Jordan, T., Lemke L., Nicol, S., Post, C., Swanson, S., Wittlief, K., Zellmer, D. Alto I: Carter, K., Ginskey, S., Jansky, J. Kunard, H., Lippert, N., Marsh, C., Strek, J., Wolff, C. Alto II: Becker, J., Graff, J., Hills, M., Leub- ner, J., Schroeder, C., Shields, S., Vanderzee, C., Williamson, J. Tenor I: Dopp, J., Hahn, D., Hall- berg, D., Lorenz, G., Wethe, B. Tenor II: Krause, D., Philips, J., Schulz, R., Suchla, G., Taylor, J. Temte, E., WVarner, T. Baritone: Desmond, J., Eiken, G., Kvigne, W., Markos, D., Pederson, D., Wali ters, P., Wilson, R., Thompson, R., Zittleman. K. Bass: Cook, R., Dolbier, J., Mooney, W., Shuinate L. Accompanist: Strek, J. The choir evolved from the Women's Glee Club, founded in 1910, and the Men's Glee Club, organized in 1914, it performed for the first time as a coeducational group in 1939. The two glee clubs presented Handel's "Messiah" in that year with the assistance of various church choirs of the city. lt Was referred to as the Choir for the first time in 1948. The sixty-five voice group appeared for the first time this year at the Thanksgiving Convocation. Under the direction of Mr. Mewaldt, the choir combined with the String Sinfonia and dramatics department in presenting the Christmas program. The main event of the year was the annual presentation of Handel's 'tMessiah" in cooperation with the United Church Choir of La Crosse. The group sang for the State Convention of Engineers at the Stoddard Hotel in March. In addition to its annual Spring Concert in May, the choir also sang at the Commencement Exercises. Convocation appearance or Weekly practice finds the choir Working closely under the direction of Mr. Mevvaldt. I 1 I Page 113 Members: Flute: Hughes, E., Ginsky, S. Oboe: Parker, D., Heitman, D. Bassoon: Nicol, S. Clarinet: Whitworth, R., Lyons, J., Harget, N., Quinn, J., Mullen, K., Sterman, F., Braun, K., Carter, K., Kvigne, W., Curley, J. Saxophone: Lawton, K., Vedum, G., Lawson, J., Hoeth, J. Bass Clarinet: Viner, D. Trumpet: MacFarlane, D., Schulz, R., Richter, M., Suchla, G., Pederson, D., Witzke, T., gmwl Under the direction of President F. A. Cotton, the La Crosse Teachers College Band was organized in 1912 with forty students and faculty members composing the group. Jerome, D. Although the La Crosse Teachers College was among the younger schools in Wisconsin, it was among the first to organize a college band. The organization took part in steamboat excursions to Winona where concerts were played on the campus of Winona Teachers College. One of the early trips by the group was to accompany the La Crosse State orator to Stevens Point for the state contest in 1913. The La Crosse Band was the only one present and added color to the occasion that had never been seen at former gatherings. ln 1953, the band accompanied the football team to the Cigar Bowl game at Tampa, Florida. Cool and clear are the notes pour- ing from the horns of MacFarlane, Heyer, and Niemeyer. Page 114 Dave Hallberg and the band put the finishing touches on a Spring Concert selection. French Horn: Krause, D.g Massart, M.g Larson, L.g Wood, P. Trombone: Shogren, W.g Johnson, P.g Kroeber R.g Heilman, R. Baritone: Jorgenson, W.g Bina, T.g Vinger, D. Tuba: Evenson, G.g Shumate, L Maechels, D. Tympani: Holte, R. Percussion: Moe, R.g Pfeifer, P.g Bruckner, S. Zuma! Today the band, composed of fifty members, is directed by Mr. Mewaldt. He has divided the organization into two smaller groups, the gray band and the maroon band, which take turns playing at home basket- ball games. The band performs as a marching unit during the football season. Highlighting activity of the year was the local Music Clinic at which the La Crosse State and Eau Claire State College bands were hosts for the directors and bands from area high schools. The traditional Winter concert was presented in early March. William Shogren, trombonist, and Robert Whitworth, clarinetist, were the featured soloists. Student director of the band was Lee Nordrum. Jack Heide Served as drum major. Page 115 Row 1: Curran, J.g Block, S., Vanderzee, C., Kunard, H.g Christensen, C. Row 2: Strek, J.g Murray, E.g Freer, D.g Keepers, R. Row 3: Mr. Annett, Heilman, R., Schulz, B., Schoenfeld, R.g McCune, L.g Whitworth, R. ein' The College Sinfonia was formed in 1948 under the guidance of Mr. Annett, who is the present director. The group plays string compositions, classical, symphonic, or modern, both for the pleasure of its members and the entertainment of its audience. Annual performances for the organization included playing for the Honors Day Program, the Spring Concert, and the Senior Convocation. The Sinfonia also presented a program for the Garden Club, combined with the choir and dramatics department in presenting the Christmas Convocation, and performed at an Elroy school assembly. Officers were president, Janice Strekg vice-president, Carol Vander- zeeg secretary-treasurer, Jeanne Currang and librarian, Leonard McCune. Page 116 Sinfonia members and the direc- tors pause in their rehearsal for an informal shot. The Collegiates and Mr. Mewaldt Work to attain the smooth arrange- ments for which the group is known. ' ea Collegiates is the theme of this eight-Voice musical group organized six years ago by Mr. Mevvaldt. The mixed double quartet renders music which ranges from four to eight part harmony and tries to include a variety in the music included in its repertoire. The organization often performs for community as well as college functions. This past year the Collegiates appeared at the Winter Concert, pre- sented by the college band. ln addition, they performed at the annual Song Fest. Jan Strek served as accompanist both for rehearsals and for perform- ances. Front Row: Powell, B.g Fogtman, J.g Koenenman, P.g Wolff, C.g Strek, J. Back Row: Hoch, J.g Eiken, G.g Suchla, G.g Lorenz, G. Page 117 I SFS.- T L 5N sj3c't,4. iff-'N -'Q S 5- s, ., - - 3' - Q Q .xjxs - 'xy'-' 44:-1. six 4' -4 Sri-5 QQX,-' rf :Q NRI,--' X -,f ' '4': X " ,.. Qxbxif' XIX' x' .-' ix N? Xt- A 'T xx fp? -N:X..sN f Xxx,-.Q x Ai ,.-N 5 XXX ANX EX' -R-N-R '- xl: li-2 5 ' . l'N-11" ' S+: --Trbx' XDEQ cf- iv- 5215 gg ' 5: if N, s -.' - ' -S X P11 QNX-N.' Sf gs V 'Nx:xi xx'-TSS 13' -fxxxj X'-5 ' ..l-lxixxlx . :xnxx SXB -SQ -K. f .vs-,xsixsscxx .K Sr. .K X l N-,Tx - .xi P :xXX-xXXsQ,-x jxxx- Nil ki, xfxx iixsxkxx " sX.:' Z X: XXX f xx, unix- N xX xxx, N-X-QXQ' lb'-1" x OX X N xv - X - Ss I , X .. .QQ X x- ' X X 'AX-' 'xxx' 'X NX ' ff'- 'YQQ -3-'ix Qfr- s' 4'X:FXrbN N f '.f ..' . - "" XXX' tx-XQ Xxx ,Q mga- xX,.-,N QA Qfx i 5 X X --1 ff xx W, .g x- '. -5 'XN, Nfx f ,Nw:,- J, X5NS fi-X -XQ, N ix QEXQB 5' :-sv - -I' X N X ,Q ss- ' C4:' -xx Q X: 'ix' Q- I X j gywgeffg X fr SPE: - f f NN-T517 x',N:'- X -'ff N' f S, x--:Nu tx f ff f M "Sim ' f W gt X ff f 2 f xigx A M V 1 gf ij, xg f ai.. U f . ,fri ,- f':tv,f :f -' 'lf J Canterbury Club float takes form Zh! As the year ends Canterbury Club, the Episcopal student group on campus, has many activities to look back upon. There was the Homecom- ing parade in which their float placed second, the Diocesan Conference at which Canterbury Club was Well represented, the redecoration of the chapel at Christ Church, the sponsor, the Pancake Supper on Shrove Tuesday, which is an annual event, the appointment of Jim Philps as chairman of the 1958 Canterbury Conference of the Fifth Province, and the monthly corporate communions. These and many others now become memories as the year closes. Officers were Jim Philps, Marlaine White, Sara Bradford, Donna Skenandore, Mary Cavouras, and Ron Sperry. Mr. Frothingham Was Canterbury Club advisor and Father Trueman, chaplain. Front Row: Walther, B., Whitbeck, 1.5 Cavouras, M., Biehn, C., Bradford, S., McQuiety, M. Back Row: White, M., Skenandore, D.g Philps, J., Markos, C.g Father Trueman, Page 120 Work is slow but steady as the Front Row: Eglinton, M. E., Webster, L., Blanchard, M., Hanson, S., Jenkins, D., Christensen, C., Hulbert, B. Back Row: Day, S., Warner, T., Wechter, B., Wegner, R., Meisters, F., Mr. Wimberly. we 60:5 Pres Club is open to all students of the Presbyterian faith. It strives to develop a feeling of highest attainment in the Christian life within each member, this goal will aid the student both during his college career and in the future. Understanding and appreciation of other religions are developed through lectures and movies. Pres Club invited foreign students as guests at a luncheon given by the Presbyterian Women's Fellowship in October, the theme of the gather- ing Was Friendship Festival Luncheon. Byron Wechter served as moderator at the meetings. Mr. Wimberly was the faculty sponsor and Reverend Bell, the spfritual leader. The dinner for foreign students was the occasion for club member, Bonnie Hulbert, and her guests to enjoy the fall sunshine. Page 1 21 Front Row: McLaughlin, L., Griffin, J., Varco, B., Lawson, J.: Walters, E., Pusch, S., Frank K Denton, D., Lambert, V., Ginskey, S., Nicol, S., Piepers, J., Yatogo, K. Back Row: Rackow, C., Heitman, D., Bostetter, J., Keepers, R.g Snyder, B.g Ashworth, H., Ping R Page 122 Myers, R., Lorenz, G., Louret, D., Henrich, C. on 0 The organization formerly known as the Congo Club changed its name to the United Student Fellowship to encourage membership from Protestant churches other than the Congregational. It is sponsored by the Congrega- tional and Evangelical and Reformed Churches, although it is open to all students of the Protestant faith. The bi-monthly meetings of U. S. F. consist of a cost supper, a guest speaker or other program, and a worship service conducted by members of the group. A formal banquet and a chicken fry at Wyalusing State Park climax the year's activities. The officers were president, Roger Keepers, vice president, Kim Yatogog secretary, Carol Henrichg treasurer, Ron Seyboldg and devotion chairman, Sharon Bowman. Advisors were Reverend Frank, Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Ingli, and Mr. and Mrs. Ken Darmour. Faculty sponsor was Mrs. Clack. The weather at Camp Decorah was ideal for skiing as U. S. F. members enjoy a holiday. After finishing a cost supper, Wes- leyans prove that food's as good for one's humor as it is for the tummy. Weakq can ' The Wesley Foundation on the La Crosse campus serves as a "Home Away from Home" for the Methodist students. lt meets Sunday evenings, usually at Wesley Methodist Church for cost suppers and a variety of programs. Wesley Foundation was active on the campus this year with the high- light being their first prize-winning float in the Homecoming parade. They sponsored a special project called "Books for Korea," a city Wide campaign to obtain books which might be used for text books in the Korean schools. Officers for the first semester were Joanne Hornby, president, Jacque- line Hammett, vice-president, Ruth Knilans, secretary, and Sharon Luethi, treasurer. Row 1: Hornby, J., Gorham, C., Larson, L., Lehmann, N., Trute, L., Craig, H., Thiel, G., Rynning, A., Hanson, S., Schroeder, C., Marsh, C. Row 2: Holmgren, C., Froegel, E., Terpstra, M., Block, S., Carlin, S., Trochell, B., Anderson, L., Pfafflin, M., Knilans, R., Kaneshiro, C. Row 3: Masuda, S., Luethi, S., Meiser, B., Wilson, R., Findling, J., Knilans, R., Fisher, C., Ellis, T., Nicholson, S., Kim, J. Page 123 . food. mcz?eZ2!a Gamma Delta is the international organization of college students affiliated with Synodical Conference Lutheran Churches. Gamma Theta, the La Crosse State College chapter, meets at First Evangelical Lutheran Church every other Sunday night for a cost supper and a business meeting. Advisors are the Reverend Fritz Miller and Miss Pollack. Among the annual events which the group plans are a get-acquainted picnic in the fall, Christmas caroling, skating and tobogganing parties in the Winter, and a steak fry in the spring. Each year the group sends delegates to the Lakes Region Fall Conference, the Spring Workshop, and the Presidents' Conference. Officers for the year were president, Karl Schlender, vice-president, David Schiessl, secretary, Shirley Tock, and treasurer, Beverly Strehlow. Front Row: Kramer, J., Schnell, C., Bowler, G., Austin, C., Kuenzi, S., Heck, R., Vockel, J. Back Row: Tock, S.g Zinke, R., Schiessl, D., Miller, F., Yandry, J., Wolfgram, C. Page 124 No one cares how crowded it gets after a skating party so long as there s An informal meal always tastes good-especially when you burn it yourself. .faafdmcm ' ffaaacdatiaa The Lutheran Students, Association, which was recognized as a campus organization in 1941, meets on alternate Sunday evenings at St. Paulis Parish House with a cost supper provided at each meeting. This year's program included picnics, a program of slides on Korea and Japan, a talk by Mr. Gilkey of the history department on the historical background of the Old Testament, an illustrated lecture by Mrs. Gunnar Gundersen on her recent trip to Russia, the annual Christmas program with caroling, and the annual Weekend retreat. Officers were president, Don Johnson, vice president, Rolf Helgersong secretary, Sandra Hagberg, treasurer, Elaine Poth, corresponding secre- tary, Judy Ulrich, and L. S. Action, Nancy Chitwood. The advisors were Mr. and Mrs. Dahler and the chaplain, Pastor Feroe. Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: Wy 1 Turnmire, J., Farning, S., Larson, K., Wood, J., Fidika, B., Danielson, K., Flaten, S., Knut- son, S., Gibson, J., Ulrich, J., Knutson, J., Larson, L., Larson, M. Evica, G., Hagberg, S., Everson, L., Schumacher, E., Poth, E., Janecek, D., Everson, J., Lindberg, B., Tennison, N., Johnson, S., Erickson, B., Yttri, C. Hagen, C., Jaeger, D., Finses, N., Belden, B., Dyb, L., Brenengen, A., Schulz, B., Wildt, P., Mr. Dahler, Berndt, C., Leubner, J., Marking, D. Page 125 Row 1: Birdsall, D.g Anderson, J., Viertel, C., Smith, J.g Huisman, M., Boehmer, J., Boline M Stromila, R., Bunk, F.g Gonzalez, E. Row 2: Braun, K.g Lavey, J., Serio, S.g Mehren, L., Kronforst, M., Weingarten, M., lgl, K Hudson N., Hughes, E., Schultz, K. Row 3: Morgan, T.g Hoch, J.g .Rehwaldt, M.g Milbee, K., Weinstock, J., Butera, M., Renning K Jax J., Bartolutti, D., Wemgarten, C.g Curran, J. md!! The Newman Club is an organization of the church for Catholic stu- dents attending a state college. Its purpose is to offer students the oppor- tunity to become more intelligent in their Holy Faith and to develop socially and spiritually. The local organization is affiliated with the National Newman Club Federation. The students meet once a week at the Newman Center at 6th and Main Street. A meal is served before each meeting. Highlights of the yearts program were regular Communion break- fasts, the big brother-sister program, a week-long student Mission, monthly Holy Hours, social events, and fund-raising projects such as pancake- sausage breakfasts, a broom sale, and a Newman Tag Day. The topics of instruction were marriage and the Mass with featured guest speakers, panelists, discussion leaders, movies and slides. Page 126 pher strolls past. Convention delegates just happen to gather on a corner as a photogra Newmanites serve a group of orphans at a student planned picnic. Row 1 Abts, A., Olson, D., Peters, R., Thornburg, B., Vassar, S., Skappel, D., Storzer, E., Bruchner, S., Wolff, C., Thomas, R., Jax, S., Finucan, J. Row 2 Hutchinson, J., Stetzer, N., Buechel, B., Natrop, C., Spehn, P., Becker, J., Robertson, A., Riley, P., Hall, D., Thomas, R., Kramer, J., Boerschinger, M. Row 3 Thicke, J., Schiller, R., Sanford, K., Yunker, A., Marcou, J., Jiracek, J., Van Duser, M., Klister, L., Auer, R., Hammell, L., Holfeld, J. Row Heller, W., Heller, D., Pfeifer, P., Pliska, B., Schmidt, C., Knoche, C., Kotinek, L., Simeth, D., Deml, W., LaRose, G. Wecammz Monsignor Wagener was the club chaplain, and Miss Breene was the faculty advisor. The officers were president, Lee Gilbert, vice-president, Connie Knoche, recording secretary, Mary Heipp, treasurer, Margie Sinko, and corresponding secretary, Carol Peterson. The Cana Club is a Catholic organization for married students, con- ducted by Reverend Bertz. The club meets once every three Weeks. At present it is independent of the Newman Club and is rapidly increasing its membership. The program consists of discussions and features speakers on topics of family life. The highlight of the year is Cana Day, which is set aside for conferences, devotions, and meditation. Page 127 3 Wu We- xi, 1 fgiiqis Man has always sung of the glory of his own people and chanted of his native land. As science has caused frontiers to recede, man has learned the value of international teamwork. 74416416 Page 130 . . . MOST VALUABLE . . . Halfback Bill McCarthy from Burlington, Wisconsin receives the Staff Loveland Award as 1957,s most valuable player. Coach Bill Vickroy presents the trophy which was made possible by La Crosse State's rnost avid fan-Staff Loveland. Row Row Row Row Row - f H... .. . nge? 7 S, n Lehrke, F., Schultz, D., Hackett, D., Martin, J., Fcmling, A., Kollath, D., McCarthy, B., Hennessey, M., Brodie, J. Schroeder, D., Smith, B., Vandenburg, A., Ashworth, H., Weinstock, B., Schlies, R., DeMario, D., Killian, J., Larsen, D. Caflisch, C., Gauerke, T., Adameak, M., Larkin, T., Kiedrowski, D., Brown, J., Johnson, J., Stewart, D., Jagodzinski, R. Pederson, M., Warczak, J., Stusek, C., Roberts, J., Loppnow, R., Thomsen, J., Pierce, S., Mooney, W. Auer, W., Kortbein, J., Shutter, D., Skemp, D., Paul, W., Conger, G., Kudlas, B. Row Row Row Row ".4'rJZz'Ze Vnddmza " Emerson, R., Yont, R., Schroeder, D., Dahlke, J., Noltner, E., Weisjahn, O., Cornell, P., Simeons, G., Rouches, D. Lebiecki, L., Brehm, B., Harms, D., Jeskewitz, J., Umnus, D., Kobs, B., Meisters, F. Rudolph, D., Wettengel, T., Covington, V., Salem, J., Mittelstaedt, D., Smith, B., LeC1oux, T. Coach Bob Steuck, Mgr. D. Laschen, Student Coaches R. Kowalczyk, E. Steinbrecher. Page 131 Bo Captains iw Arr Don Kona Femlmg 1757 Seneca 26601 Upper Iowa River Falls Platteville or Stout .,,,ee,, Superior eeee., Eau Claire W St. Ambrose St. Cloud eee, St. Norbert John Martin Del Schultz Jerry Johnson intercepting a pass and lat- eraling to Chuck Stusek for 70 yards and a touchdown against Stout. Don Ko11ath's hard-nosed defensive play against Stout. Warren Adamek running wide on a keeper and cutting back for 45 yards and a touchdown against Superior. 7694669454 of 57 John Martin intercepting a pass and running 99 yards through the mud for a touch- down against Upper Iowa. Art Femling splashing 69 yards through the mud for a touchdown against Upper Iowa again. Bill McCarthy's hard blocking and tackling all season to win the most valuable player award. Art Femling leading the team in scoring C30 pointsj, rushing 1438 yards for an aver- age 5.7 yards per tryj, and punting with a 33.4 season average. Warren Adameak leading the team in pass- ing with 27 completions in 67 attempts for 361 yards. Ron Loppnow leading the team in pass re- ceiving with 19 catches for 233 yards and an 11.7 average. I I I I I I I Page 133 Hey, you clown, Fm on your side. Hey Buddy, you got a license for that trailer you're dragging? Page 134 Well, Tommy Larkin, how did you get through there!! Say, Ref., we don't need your help. Z Standing: Arnmerman, G.g Thompson, B.g Winiarski, E.g Puls, T.g Carter, K.g Hawley, D.g Peth, D.g Martin, D.g VerVe1de, R.g Robbins. J.g Giombetti, T.g Moerschel, G.g Bartolutti, D.3 Parker, G. Kneeling: Seyboid, R,, asst. mgitg Meiser, B., freshman mgr.g Coach DeVol1g Volke, T., statisticiang Rand, G., trainer. fl? g all Standing: Severson, G.g Burbon, M.g Dahlke, J.g Paul, W.g Thelan, B.g Heins, R.g Greenwald, J.g Schmidt, K.: Schier, K.: Eastman, A.g Parker, R.g Coach Bob Knilans. Page 135 Rod VerVelde Doug Martin receives Jim Stearns Memorial Trophy Doug Martin Zmketlail Finishing strong with five straight vic- tories, the Indians ended the season with a 13-7 record and 9-3 in conference play for second place. Leading the team was captain Ed Winiarski, who scored 314 points to boost his four year total to 1,144 and thus becom- ing the first player in the school's history to pass the 1,000 mark. Joining Ed in the H300 Club" were Don Peth, the leading scorer with 318 points and Gar Ammerman with 300. Instrumental in the Indians fine record was the play of Doug Martin, the recipient of the James Stearns Memorial Trophy for the player showing the most effort and im- provement. Fine play was also turned in by service returnee Rod VerVelde, Dave Barto- lutti, Gary Parker, and Tom Giombetti, who Tom Giombetti P 1 136 graduated at mid-semester. Gar Ammerman Conference Standings Won Lost Pct. Platteville ,.neen,n ,,....,,., l 1 1 .917 La Crosse ..e,,,,ssss, ,vnee, 9 3 .750 Stevens Point .,,,..e ,,,,., 7 5 .583 UW-Milwaukee ...,, ...... 7 5 .583 River Falls ....,, .,,.v, 6 6 .500 Eau Claire e...., ...v.. 6 6 .500 Stout ....,,,e.....,. ....,. 5 7 .417 Superior ,,..,, .,e... 3 9 .250 Whitewater e,.e.. 0 12 .000 Don Peth Ed Winiarski Page 137 Row Row Row Row Kollath, W.g Pampuch, B.g Gutkowski, J.g Fangmeier, G Schneider B Chase R Giombetti T., Karst, R., Renning, K., Hargraves, T. Jevens, J., Peterson. R., Nichols, R.g DeMario, D.g Gauerke T Pinkston D Brown J Lehrke, R., Conger, G.g Vandenburg, A.g Richardson, R Asst. Coach Bob Steuckg Pierce, S.g Peterson, J.g Youmans P Griesberg D Hussey D Pleckinger, J.g Beese, B., Deckert, G. Coach Floyd Gautschg Hallberg, D.g Koeneman, N., Sandlass R Larsen J Peters A Lund quist, R., Toynton, J., Knutson, T., mgr. Page 138 teams. Tom Giombetti La Crosse finished another successful track season in winning the state college meet held at Memorial Field During the season, despite many injuries, the team won three dual meets while losing two. In addition the speedsters placed first in two quadrangular meets Highlighting the season was the strong third place finish at the Beloit Relays in which nineteen schools entered feeofmf La Crosse , , . . .,, 107MB Stevens Point eeee 2315 La Crosse ss,s7sess... 9314 Lawrence .,rrrrrr.rrr 37112 La Crosse .,r.r,.v,r,. 87 Beloit ,,r,r.rr.rrr.. ,rrrr 4 4 La Crosse r.rr,r,r,... 63 UW-Milwaukee 68 La Crosse r,..rr.,rr.. 44112 Mankato 1 ,rr.,r...rr 77112 La Crosse 87 4115 Luther 61 8115 River Falls 13 3115 Winona 1 La Crosse 118 1110 St. Johns 49 5110 St. Cloud 26 4110 St. Thomas 13 STATE MEET La Crosse ,rrrr, r.,.rrr,rr.........,.,rrrrrr.rrr Milwaukee .,rrrrrr Stevens Point ,,r,rr River Falls r,r..,,, Oshkosh rr..,rr,rrr,r, 89 59 21 21 0 Whitewater lr1rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,rrr.rr.,,.rrss..r, 1 rrrrrrrs., ,rrr ,..rr.. The Cross Country team, hit hard by the flu all sea- son long, was able to com- pete in only four dual meets and dropped all four. With many freshmen on the team making a good show- ing, the long distance run- ners u n d e r Mr. Floyd Gautsch are looking for a strong showing in '58, Standing: Earp, M-5 Seman, B-3 Hussey, D-5 Coach How They Finished qLow Score Winsy Floyd Gautsch. Kneeling: Ruel, T.g Huebsch, T. La La La La Crosse 30 Loras r..,,a,a,a ,a,.... .25 Crosse Mankato .1 or eee... 2,23 Crosse Lawrence ,,ea.. ,,..,,,a 1 9 Crosse ea,e e.1,.,ea. 2 9 Oshkosh la.,aa..a..a..a,.... 25 Page 139 604 Wechter, B.g Brodie, J.g Wisner, G.g Steinbrecher, E.g Puls, T.g Paul, D.g Boegel, B., Capt.g Coach Thoresen. Page 140 Don Paul Led by Captain Bruce Boegel, the Indian golfers lost only one dual meet while winning ten. The lone setback came at the hands of the University of Minnesota. La Crosse again captured the State Meet title, winning by 46 strokes over second place White- Water. With Don Paul placing first in the State Meet, the Indians took three of the first five places. The team looks strong again for the '58 season and it looks like another first in the State Meet to be held at Green Lake Country Club. evmda Bolstered by the fine play of three freshmen and a transfer stu- dent, the La Crosse State tennis squad coached by Cliff DeVoll estab- lished a 4-l dual mark and captured the 1957 Wisconsin State College ten- nis championship. Freshmen Roger VerVelde, Ed Stenger, and Jan Bar- telt, and transfer Roger Dernbach joined lettermen Burt Wethe and Jim Vollmar in the successful season. Coach DeVoll, Rog VerVelde, Rog Dernbach, Bert Wethe, Jan Bartelt admire conference Champions' Trophy. Representing La Crosse in the state meet were chow beat Wethe in three sets, 3-6, 6-2, 6-2, in the VerVelde and Wethe in singles and the Dernbach- semi-finals. Bartelt combination in doubles. La Crosse's num- Luther handed the Indians their only defeat, ber One man, Vefvelde, trimmed Tnfn Melenew 6-3, at Decorah, but La Crosse turned the tables of Oshkosh, 6-4, 6-4, for the eenfefenee Singles on the Iovvans here, 6-3. Other victories were a title- Defnbaeh and Baftelt Wen 3 grueling tnfee 9-0 whitewashing of Stevens Point and wins over set match over Kopecky and Winkler of Milwau- Loras, 7-2, and Mankato, 6-l. kee, 2-6, 6-3, 6-3, to cop the conference doubles. Dernbach and Wethe were co-captains of the An all La Crosse final Was prevented when Mal- championship team. Kneeling: VerVe1de, R., Volmar, J., Wethe, B., Stenger, E., Dernbach, R., Bartelt, J. Standing: Bartolutti, D., Mason, J., Johnson, R., Putsch, J., Kersten, O. Page 141 I I Front Row: Schiller, R., Capt., Wellman, G., Duer, T., Putsch, J., Warner, T., Fredenberg, J., Olson, D., Mgr. Back Row: Rawhouser, W., Rouches, D., Payette, T., Hargraves, T., Malotky, A., Heller, D., Kersten, O., Salem, J., Coach Fred Lengfeld. Page 142 The La Crosse swimming team finished the season with a 6 won and 2 lost record while estab- lishing seven new varsity records. Tom Hargraves led the record breakers with two new varsity records, a 2:43 in the 200 yard butterfly and a 2:44 in the conventional breast stroke, also for 200 yards. Other record breakers were Dan Rouches in the 60 yard freestyle with a 30.7 mark, RECORD Crosse .. . ... . 6 2 Macalester ,s.,ss.,,...,. 24 Crosse ...... ,s..,. 4 8 Winona , ,o,. ....o,,. 3 8 Crosse ..o,o. ...... 4 7 Lawrence ..o. ,oo...,. 3 9 Crosse o,.... A.,,,v 4 8 Winona .,rss.,. sss,.,s, 3 8 Crosse ..ssss ...... 5 0 St. Thomas,,, L .,.., 36 Crosse .s,.,. ..,,s. 5 5 Lawrence,,.....,,s,, 31 Crosse ....s, ss.... 2 6 UW-Milwaukee ..s.,. 60 Crosse .,.... ...... 3 2 Gustavus Adolphus 54 Total .s...,. ss..ssss,s 3 68 Total .,o.,,.r.....,o., 5 Tom Duer, senior diver, shows the form which he used in setting a record for total points in one meet with 260.5 points. During his four years of competition, Tom was beaten only once, while winning every other meet. Tom Duer with 260.5 points in diving against Lawrence, Ron Payette, who swam the 100 yard freestyle in 56.35 and the 400 yard freestyle relay team of Gordy Wellman, Dan Rouches, Ron Pay- ette, and Terry Warner. In Coach Fred Lengfeldls first year the In- dians won over teams from Macalester, Winona 125, Lawrence 121, and St. Thomas while losing to UW-Milwaukee and Gustavus Adolphus. Page 143 Standing: Wiel, E., Paine, T., Bowerman, J., Krueger, H., Chadwick, J., Griffith, B., Zimbric, G., Warczak, J., Koslowski, T., Gould, J., Bast, J., Hertz, J., Oda, H. Kneeling: Laschen, D., Rose, B., Wolfe, D., Granger, F., Curry, T., Schultz, S., Welch, D., Allen, D., mgr. Page 144 Grind the "Coffee Beans", Vic. The 1957 Indians finished the season with a .500 percentage on a 7 won and 7 lost record. Getting the base hits was the Indian's main trouble with Jack Bast leading at a .297 mark. The Indians figure to be much stronger in '58 with many underclassmen playing a big role. Seniors from the '57 team were Harold Krueger, Jake Chadwick, Don Wolfe, Frank Granger, and Tom Curry. Row 1: Keepers, R., Lundquist, R., Hussey, D., Zenke, L., Ruel, T. Row 2: Gilbert, L., mgr.g Blushkofski, J., Cornell, P.g Graham, D., Peotter, J., Scott, R., Auer, R. Row 3: Coach Gershon, Ader, J., Sattervall, E., Voss, R5 Schlender, K., Chase, R., Humphrey, G. Fleckenstein, S., Peterson, A. The La Crosse gymnasts finished the season in good form, as they are accustomed to. Competing in both class B and C events, the Indians captured firsts in both the state A. A. U. and the Northwest Cham- pionships held at the University of Minnesota in the class C competition. In dual meets the class C partici- pants were undefeat- ed. In class B with few men competing, the team showed good improvement but did not manage to win any meets, their best showing coming in a quadrangular m e e t with Luther, Mankato, Steve Fleckenstein ' Ron Chase Western Illinois, and La Crosse in which they fin- ished second to Mankato. Seniors on the team who finished their last year of competition were Ron Chase, Bob Auer, Karl Schlender, Steve Fleckenstein, Gary Humphrey, and Rog Keepers. ge "KAPPA KATS" Win M. I. A. A. Basketball Tournament .71-?',,-4 The Men's Intramural Athletic Association offers some sort of activity for every student of La Crosse State. The M. I. A. A., under the direc- tion of Mr. Steuck, has widened its program in order to increase participation by students. This year's objectives for a better all-around pro- gram included bowling competition against a team from the University of North Dakota in which the Fire "Da Big Nudder One." John. La Crosse team managed to tie 2-2, thanks to Dick Ritger's 280 lead-off game. In hopes of sending our intramural teams to other playdays and com- petitions, Mr. Steuck has said, 'tHave teams, will travel, need money." Dick Ritger's Average Tops Bowlers 07 055 M. I. A. A. ACTIVITIES Wrestling Softball Archery Swimming Badminton Table Tennis Bowling Tennis Curling Touch Football Golf Track Horseshoes Volleyball Nice Shot, eh!-Rich, Eh! Page 147 The Women's Recreational Assoc1at1on W 2 g functions for the enjoyment of all women f I I ' Z-ZZ-EU? Page 148 on our campus The program intramural sports of all types. Officers of the board: President, Marion Zimmerman Vice-President, Kathy Krueger Secretary, Jean Dorsey Treasurer, Sue Lewerenz includes Advisors, Miss Baird, Miss Webster The various sports for the winter were headed by: fall and Field Hockey-Pauline Martin Basketball-Judy Weinstock Bowling-Sandy Schumacher Volleyball-Sandy Hagburg Curling-Marilyn Ocasek Badminton-Dixie Collins Organizers for the spring sports Softball-Marlene Burke Tennis-Pat Spehn Golf-Verna McNamer are VGLLEYBALL fam?-M 1 E Z V Page 149 BGWLING CU RLING l"l-IDT-IITIXCIJIDUJ 1 E + J 1 1 1 BADIVIINTON if ar'-N 'tx fiw if ki, 5 r I W? N tx J .Q-wil. Q qfamecamdag Warm hearti . . . babbling Jpiritx . . . "Beat Saperiorv. .. lan? minute float comtrac- Zion . . . fraternity-.vorority barzqaetx . . . Mary E. Sawyer Auditorium . . . corztagioaf friemllineff . . . aatanirzal chill . . . Connie Hagen, Gail Kamroth, Gayle Luebke Mia Skaar, Judy Hutchison, Pep Rose Page 155 Joni Boettcher, Judy Weinstock, Don Kollath, Queen Verna McNamer, Art Femling, Kim Yatogo, Nene Adams Wig Page 156 azfawlaa 1 1 dmde Crowcleal Main Street . . . cheer- leaderf . . . "We'll Bluff Superior" . . . "Deftlrzgerlze 'EMU . . . barzolf . . . color gaardy . , . royalty from area .rcboolf . . . orgamzecl corzfafzow . . . Q ka X , "The Only Victory That Counts"- Wesley Foundation's winning float Page 157 si-.'P"'i.., A 2 , Robert Knilans, Judy Boehm, Connie Knoche, Jean Fogtman, Mr Ted nfda Frederick, Jane Ungrodt. f f . Judy Winter, Jeanette Hohlfeld, Miss Wisconsin 4 Joan Henschel, Sharron Philpot, Danielle Dusseau WW 664 Diane Weinstock models a stylish chemise at the Alpha Phi Pi Tea-Style Show. Edna Gonzalez displays the hand embroidery on her Pana- manian costume to Mrs. Nix- D on, Mrs. Martens, D a g n y Marking, and Miss Ahlstrom at the Spanish Tea. Faculty members become acquaint- ed with foreign students on campus attheW S G A Tea Page 159 ' I . Q K Indian Block Senior Girls-Faculty Basketball Game Dad's Day Banquet Informal affair: through which one haildf warm ami laxling ffiendxhipx . . . Sadie Hawkins Dance ji t ,A V' Qi I A, ' 1 2 M gif E , , 41 4555 1 I I alfelae "w-ws + Q-+f- 3 n .Q f P , 1 I 3 9 Q 4 . Q - x . g el! 5 "' 6 ' X gi 'wg f V ,E W 3' 5 ff? if w w f J 4 ff X f f 5 y 51? FWZ N gs Q in , J , A, W vs .A ,,AV i S 77 if fazwx,mf,.,,,,,,, N1 X Q K ,. 5 Mm 5' Y Weekerzd frm . . . Friday afterrzoott coffee break . . . Snack Bar jam feffiort . . . beard context . . . Saturday rtigbt darzce at Wfitticla Ha wad! fzafde Queen Nita Finses and King Pat Yeomans Wea 'Kay giggles Niawggrtlfx Hyde! Q K3 096 ,Z O90 ' KNO s awcekxkt YYZQCC L-u0Ya Prime Mal wel' Top: Miss Cartwright, Mrs. Hoard, Miss Lawrence Bottom left: Ruth New, Mr. Graf. Mr. Gunning, Donna Kowitz. Evelyn Jahimiak Bottom right: Eloise Bell, Rosalie Meier, Lorna Dux Custodian band performs at Stunt Night Presentation of directories for Main Building fro Local 194, Wisconsin State Employees Associatic Left to right: President Mitchell, Lorna Dux Bernice Koblitz, Albert Nederloe, Erhardt Oertel mamma! Miss Betty Pollack WEN-.A ,,..-w-W 'isfiaix Dr. Buchman and Mrs. Von Arx of Edu, ard Ba the Health Center kken . Ansel svenso Truman Thrower, Larry Oldenburg, Arnold Black, Walter Bantley Hulda Scheck. Martha Papenfuss, Mary Buelow alfege ewcumef Grace McKenzie Q i . . a5? fa1ZY? 1 fi 'trt i ,f 1 ' A4 ff Vg. 'I+ . VV A "" ' Q ' ,,:232g5:5::QI5:5s::: ' 4- Hi Isis X! W VV .,.. V V, ,N , nf ' 2 wwe 1 2. 1 ' Q ' ' - 451 X a ' .,,,. . Co-o : Elsie Howland Doroth Foss, Edith Galvin, 3 Frieda Berger, Catherine Stange Page 165 1 fx , .- , . ,, 14- -- - . , : b- ., 1- X ,..,.1,:-wwmwww 2 , ' .,:,',x,4 -v 5 , fy - A-.XS . A. ."wx.w-. .- X- A, , b ' A I ,. -' A x- .. anaoccufcfmw Ballet Russe A Mystery for Christmas" Easter Convocation fgrbx ' MM ix QL X4 E ,XX K X xx ,, , 5 ' .Q Page 168 WW X X 4 X X 1 Q2 , gf X figff? K 3 X XXXXX XXXXXX.xX5.XX XXXXY XX QXXXQQQQ' ,XX X X XNWQXX XXX XX ' X XX XX -WXXXXXX5gXsv'XX,Xa X ' X X N X ff -Jw XEXXXX XX X ,X,XXAtQgX4i6-wmv? XX X ' , X"W9?WSivX Q XX .TX a2N5X4XQXXX,X gy Wm N Xf ?Xa "Cary Midd1ecoff" 'Jr' SX, z Gamma "Neros" 'N some Kappa bunnies. hey! Un artiste . . . Oui! 'J 3 wh- f A xi, it LV.- "if 5 tt t t Marta, vhat are yew doink? Blow. Gabrielas! "Porky Pig" and "Little Lu1u" night Out of the . . . Z orro! U! Q2 as? g mwlmmzb Marlene PioJda 1 Back: Irene Erdlitz. Alice Rynning. Mary Heipp, Dixie Front: Nancy George, Anita Brechtel, Pat Donnick, Sally Sandie Crane. N All" 5 5,1 gm! we if Fi fi X S mms 3 M 44 we af jf af fc .Q Collins, Pat Meves. Serio, Kathy Milbee Q Emcee Ken Schmitt Wesley Foundation- Znd Place "The Four Sophs" 7 Top: Jean Fogtman presents the first-place award to Joanne Hayden, Lambda director. Bottom: Lambda Sigma Chi-lst Place. Page 171 Z ie 7?57-557 df 60446 Mn Co-Editors ..,,.,,., Business Manager ,rss ,,As Advisor. ,,s,As, .,s,,s , Sharon Repp Q Norma Tennison r ,.7,r,rr ,.-,, r Sharon Repp Norma Tennison Mary Lou Kronforst Grey Konrad Mary Lou Kronforst Page 172 Mr. W. Grey Konrad Administration Judy Weber Sports Ed Steiribrecber Organizations Mary B oerycbinger Introducing 195 f Co-Editors - - Seniors Karen N el.reJtuen Administration ,....,, Y,,,,,, Seniors Y.....,,,,7......., ,,,,,., Underclassmen, ,77,.. .,,,,,, Organizations ....,,... ..,.,,i, Men's Sports ,,,i,. Women's Sports ...,,,.. ....,sss Proofreaders ..,,,,.. ,,..... Typists ,,,,,... Index ,,,s..s . Art ,,..,,,,,...,,,,,,,.. Photography .,,,,s.. .,,,..., Business ,,,,.s.., Judy Weber Karen Nelsestuen Sondra Knutson Nita Finses Karen Mullen Sharran Philpot Jean Ann Gibson La Von Nelson Sonja Helgeson Carol Vieth Arlee Adams Kay Donaldson Mary Boerschinger Mary Pfafflin Letty Anderson Karen Frank Sharon Taylor Shirley Tock Greta Sprick Ed Steinbrecher Burt Wethe Joe Pomponi Jerry Schnuek Jackie Kennedy Jeannie Lentz .Sharon Flaten Sandra Thies Sandie Crane Mary Fiebig Sybil Ginskey Judy Quinn Amber Christianson Jean Kramer Charlene Melvin Marlene Burke Karen Danielson Helen Craig Pat Donnick .Tom Hirsch .Jim Crews Richard Bye ,o...,,,.Mary Lou Kronforst Carol Lansing Judy Glick Judy Smith Pat Meves Barbara Krueger Sharon Bowman Diane Louret Sharon Powell Judy Weber Karen Nelsestuen Underclassmen Karen Mullen ' ' ifiz - if" - yt mv-' .I ' ' . .:z,,, V , , A i aa:f.f Q, ypfgiqy 5,2 ,-figf-.1'?:, if 4',fgg2'A-3.f,me1 4 L , .mi nf,-.sang J1T43g,fKQ', gat bi -aH:ggq!7,','.'.e:.r ,ziiiiegw-q2n,:r3 , ,si ff ,f:Lf-:afarsirvzizfaaiS251-rrsgsiiziff jug. gg-,gg iislwffqf,,M:.tZ,x,' ,ish mm-J'J.'JL'F' f ' 12 A . Pez! Dormick Page 173 Tom Hirsch Page 174 Jim Crews india- Www! denim Mr. Rasmusen and his Audio-Visual crew deserve a big 'hurrah' for a great deal of the photography in the 1957-58 La Crosse. For the first time at La Crosse State, student photographers-Tom Hirsh and Jim Crews-shot and de- veloped all organization group pictures, faculty portraits, and also the individual student pictures. Mary Rehwaldt and Pauline Martin helped in the latter task. This spring Robert Thompson joined the staff. Many of the sports shots, organization informals, and college life pictures are further indication of consumed hours. The amount of Work is immeasurableg however, the willingness to give up personal time is what the staff remembers. Thank you so much . . . .Ea Grosse Ccdiforiaf Sfaff M146 Mme The cooperation of The La Crosse Tribune with our college is an exceptional example of city-campus relations. When students are received in a manner com- parable to that displayed by the workers at the Tribune, they cannot fail to meet the business World in later years as optimistic, eager, cooperative people. Credit is especially due to Clayton Weber, head of the Engraving Depart- ment, and his co-Workers, Ladd Bolstad, Al Carlsen, and Hal Tust. By volun- tarily taking on additional tasks beyond the regular engraving and by offering worthwhile advice, Mr. Weber has shown personal interest in our yearbook. Harry Larson and Ed Huebner should very definitely be recognized for a portion of the photography appearing in this La Crosse. The art Work on the division pages and fly-sheet was effectively developed in accordance with our theme by Robert Hess of the Tribune's advertising department. We Wish to extend a sincere thank you . . . Ba Grosse ccdiforiaf joard Page . 7755 550.00 Doerflinger's Department Store, 4th and Main G. Heileman Brewing Company, 1027 South 3rd 525.00 G. A. Keller Printing Company, 112 Pearl La Crosse Tribune Engraving Department, 435 South 4th North American Press, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 520.00 Borden Co., Consolidated Division, 435 S. 4th Trane Company, 2nd and Cameron 515.00 Batavian National Bank, 319 Main 510.00 Coca-Cola Bottling Company, 912 South 3rd Dairyland Power Cooperative, 2615 East Ave. Gundersen Clinic, 1836 South Ave. La Crosse Bowling Proprietors Association La Crosse Paper and Box Company, 106 Pearl La Crosse Rubber Mills Company, Indian Hill Lottie's Ready-to-Wear Shop, 109 North 4th M. Erickson Bakery Company, 320 5th Ave. S. Modern Laundry and Dry Cleaning Co., 212 5th Ave. South Newburg's Men's Wear, 322 Pearl Northern States Power Co., 122 5th Ave. North Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company, 1900 West Ave. Piggly Wiggly, Jackson Plaza and on the Causeway Schlicht's Select Sausage, 1115 Gillette Skemp Clinic, 312 State Standard Oil Company, 20 Copeland Ave. 55.00 Adam Kroner Hardware Company, 319 Pearl Anderson Sporting Goods and Tire Service, 215 State Barron Company Department Store, 426 Main Berg Paint and Wallpaper Company, 539 Main Bobis Confectionary, Vine and 16th Bodega Lunch Club, 120 South 4th Buchanan 8a Gibson, 324 Exchange Bldg. Buttrey's Women's Wear, 407 Main Campus Shoppe, 522 Main Click Distributing Co., Inc., 202 South Front City Car Company, 322 State Conrad Furs, 111 5th Ave. South Cortland Jewelers, 510 Main Page 176 dpa: ' Cram Markets, 1908 Campbell Road, 1609 Losey Blvd. South Cremer's Jewelry Store, 411 Main Crescent Jewelry Company, 429 Main Degen-Berglund Pharmacy, 1908 Campbell Rd. Dolly Madison Dairies, 114 South 2nd Ellickson's Photo Studio, 710 Main Fantle's Fifth Avenue, 201 5th Ave. South Ferraro's College Inn, 1910 Campbell Rd. Finley's Bakery, 1425 Market Flor Shop, 1129 West Ave. South Gantert's Furniture and Rug Co., 110 South 3rd Garvalia China Shop, 116 5th Ave. South Gateway Grocery Company, 106 South Front Gateway Products Company, 129 Main Harold's Men's Wear, 526 Main Hilton Prescription Pharmacy, 205 South 4th Hotel La Crosse, 201 North 3rd Howard's Clothes Shop, 112 South 4th Howard Olson Jeweler and Watchmaker, 125 North 4th Inland Printing Company, 130 Main J afek Beauty Shop, 432 Main La Crosse Clinic, 212 South 11th La Crosse Glove Co., 107 North 3rd La Crosse Transit Company, 601 North 3rd Laundromat Self Service, 705 State Leathis Furniture, 207 5th Ave. South Len's Cities Service, 21st and Campbell Road 1 Lenard's Photo Art Studio, 502 Main Lieder Lumber and Coal Co., 820 North 3rd Moore's Book Shop and Gift Box, 503 Main Nelson Clothing Company, 1205 Caledonia P Sz W Washerette, 603 Main Pappy's Chicken Little, 1806 State Phillips, Ed. D. and Sons Distributing 4 Corporation, Mount Vernon St. Puent, Charles S., Greenhouse, 1802 La Crosse Quinn's Sport Shop, 607 Main Rita's Beauty Shop, 1808 State Ross Furniture and Rug Co., 118 South 3rd Rowley's Office Equipment Co., 227 Main S and H Sport Shop, 325 Main Sanitary Barber Shop, 1804 State Schilling Paper Company, 100 South Front Schultz and Nelson Dry Cleaners, 318 South 4th Seven-Up Bottling Co., 525 West Ave. South Tausche's Hardware Company, 201 South 4th Tillman Brothers Furniture, 116 South 4th WLCX, Rivoli Building Welch Radio and Appliance Service, 1920 Campbell Road Western Fruit Company, 121 North Front Wiggert Brothers, 327 Jay - INDEX - Aasen, Harolyn, La Crosse, Sec. 2 Aasen, DeWayne, Viroqua, LSLS 2-48 Abraham, William, La Crosse, PE 1 Abts, Ann, Fountain City, PE 1-127, 55, 127 Adameak, Michael, Milwaukee, PE 4-20, 131, 132, 82 Adams, Arlee, Mt. Sterling, Elem. 2-48, 102, 75, 85, 95 Adams, Frederick, htnPE4 20 Cas o , - Adams, Geraldine, Monroe, PE 3-42, 156, 83 Adamski, Richard, Milwaukee, PE 1-55 Ader, John, Oshkosh, PE 3-42, 145, 82 Affeldt, Judy, La Crosse, L8cS 1-55 Aichele, Alys, Bangor, Sec. 1-55 Aki, Rose, Milwaukee, Elem. 1-55 Alberts, John, La Crosse, LSLS 1-55 Albrecht, Ronald, La Crosse, Elem. 3-42 Alexander, Faye, Viroqua, Elem. 3-42 Allan, Marlene, Gays Mills, Elem. 1-55, 75 Allen, Dean, Evansville, PE 4-20, 109, 144, 77, 82 Allen, Donald, La Crosse, Elem. 4-96 Allen, Nancy, Milwaukee, PE 3-42, 68, 87 Altmann, Robert, Sheboygan, PE 3-42, 110, 90 Ammerman, Garmen, La Crosse, PE 2-48, 135, 137 Amundson, Donna, Rockland, Elem. 1-55, 72 Amundson, Karen, La Crosse, Elem. 4-20, 80, 85 Anderson, Charles, Westby, Elem. 2-48, 75 Anderson, Craig, La Crosse, L8zS 3-42, 88 Anderson, Jane, Melrose. Elem. 3-42, 126, 80 Anderson, Leonard, La Crosse, L8zS 1-55 Anderson, Anderson, Anderson, Letty, La Crosse, Elem. 1-55, 123, 101 Marna, Ferryville, Elem. 1-55, 75 Sharon, La Crosse, Elem. 1-55 Ankney, John, La Crosse, PE 4-20 Boettcher, Joanna, Appleton, PE 3-42, 106, 156, 83 Bogert, Joan, La Crosse, Elem. 4-20, 91 Bohage, Charles, Portage, PE 4-21 Bohrnstedt, David, Arcadia, L8.:S 2-48 Boldt, Donald, La Crosse, Sec. 3-42 Boline, Margaret, Bessemer, Mich., PE 3-42, 68, 76, 87, Bolster, Mrs. Sharon, De Soto, Elem. 2-21 Boma, James, La Crescent, Minn., L8zS 2-48 Bonsack, Carole, La Crosse, Elem. 1-56, 105, 74 Books, Barbara, La Crosse, L8cS 1-56 Bostad, Robert, Stevens Point, Sec. 1 Bostetter, Janet, Kenosha, Elem. 3-42, 122, 80, 87 Bowden, Mary, Cuba City, PE 1-56 Bowerman, George, Baraboo, PE 1-56 Bowerman, John, Baraboo, PE 3-42, 144 126 Bowler, Geraldine, Black River Falls, L8zS 1-56, 113, 124, 102 105 Bowman, Sharon, Oshkosh, PE 2-48 Boyd, Barbara, Baraboo, Elem. 2-48 Bradford, Sara, La Crosse, Sec. 1-56, 120 Brandel, Carolyn, Fort Atkinson, PE 2-48 Braithwaite, Lanny, Yuba, Sec. 1-56, 166 Braithwaite, Lynda, Yuba, PE 3-42, 102, 77 Braun, Kathleen, Kohler. PE 1-42, 114, 126 Braun, William, Arcadia, Sec. 3-88 Brechtel, Anita, Milwaukee, PE 3-42, 103, 106, 170 Brehn, William, Menomonie. PE 2-48, 131 Breiling, Gene, Kenosha, PE 2-48 Brenegan, Allan, Galesville, Sec. 4-21, 125, 78, 86 Brenegan, Ivanell, Ettrick, Elem. Short 2-21 Brenengan, Larry, Galesville, L8zS 1-56 Brenstein, Marjean, La Crosse, Elem. 3-42, 80, 87 Appleman, Joyce, Cashton, Elem. 2-48 Arndt, James, Bangor, Sec. 1-55 Arneson, Kenneth, La Crosse, LSLS 2-48, 105 Arntveit, Donald, Viroqua, Elem. 3-42 Ashland, Karen, La Crosse, Elem. 3-42, 80, 91 Ashworth, Harold, Friendship, PE 2-48, 122, 131 Aton, Jon, La Crosse, PE 2-48, 82 Attoe, Liane, Wild Rose, PE 2-48 Auer, Robert, Milwaukee, PE 4-20, 108, 110, 131, 145, 90, 93 Auer, Wayne, Arcadia, PE 1-55, 127, 76 Aulwes, Gerald, Caledonia, Minn., 2-48 Austin, Carol, Mauston, L8.:S 1-55, 124, 105 Austin, Floyd, Reedsburg, L8.zS 1-55 Axtell, Graydon, Milwaukee, PE 4-20 Baeder, Rosemary, La Crosse, Elem. 3-42, 73 Bagneski, David, La Crosse, LSCS 1-56 Bahlman, Delores, Janesville, L8rS 1-56 Bakalars. Gordon, La Crosse, L8:S 2-48 Baker, Richard, Milwaukee, PE 2-48 Bakkum, Donald, Munising, Mich., Elem. 3-42 Ballsrud, Clyde, Westby, L8zS 1-56 Banasik, Ted, La Crosse-56 Barber, David, Mukwonago, Elem. 3-42, 80, 82 Bares, Nancy, Milwaukee, Sec. 2-48, 102 Barge, Herbert, La Crescent. Minn., L8cS 2-48 Barney, Donald, La Crosse, L8zS 1 Barrett, David, La Crosse, L8zS 1-56 Bartel. Lee Ellen, Sheboygan, PE 4-20. 97 Bartelt, Jan, Mayville, PE 2-48, 109, 141 Bartolutti, David, Montreal, PE 3-42, 126, 110, 135, 141, 90 Bates, Judy, La Crosse, L8LS 2 Bates, Roger, La Crosse, PE 1-56 Bauch, Richard, La Crosse, L8zS 1-56 Bauerf Patricia, Durand, L8zS 1-56 Baugrud, Mary Ellen, Wonneconne, PE 3-42 Baures, Jerome, Fountain City, 3-42 Beatovie, Val Vayne, Milwaukee, PE 1-56 Becker, James, DePere, PE 2-48, 90 Becker, Judy, Jefferson, PE 1-56, 113, 127 Behling, Donna, Milwaukee, PE 1 Beirne, Ronald. La Crosse, Sec. 4-20, 79 Beitz, Bonnie, Waterloo, PE 3-42, 87 Belden, Barbara, Fall Creek, PE 1-56, 125 Bennett, Elaine, Mauston, Elem. 1-56 Bell, Carolyn, Wonewoc, Elem. 3-42, 80 Bellmeyer, LaVonne. Platteville, PE 3-42 Bendel, Ann. La Crosse, Elem. 4-20, 97, 70, 80, 85 Berg, Gene, Viroqua, L8zS 1-56 Berg, Joseph, La Crosse, L8zS 1-56 Bergrud, Robert, La Crosse, L8zS 1-56 Berndt, Carolyn, Hartford, PE 1-56, 113, 125, 105 Bersmg, Orville, Taylor, LSLS 3-42 Bidar, Sondra, Friendship, PE 2-48 Biehn, Carolyn, La Crosse, Elem. 1-56, 120, 75 Bina, Thomas, La Crosse, Sec. 1-56, 115 Bird, Sam, Milwaukee, PE 3-42 Birdsall. Dorene, Sturgeon Bay, PE 3-42, 126, 87, 95 Bixby, Deanna, Cazenovia, PE 1-56 Bqerkaas, Roger, Viroqua, L8cS 1-56 Bqerke, John, Sparta, L8:S 1 Bjorge, Warren, La Crosse, Sec. 1-56 Black, David, La Crosse, L8zS 1-56 Blackbourn, Robert, Berlin, PE 3-42 Blackbourn, Ronald, Berlin, PE 2-48 Blanchard, Mary, Racine, PE 2-48, 121 Blaney, James, Kendall, PE 1-56 Block, Sherry, Oshkosh. Elem. 1-56, 123 Blumenstein, Susan, Sullivan, PE 1-56 Blushkofski, John, Sheboygan, PE 1-56, 145 Boehm, Judith, La Crosse, Sec. 2-48, 158 Boehmer, Joan, Lodi, PE 3-42, 126, 68, 76, 87 Boerschinger, Mary, Green Bay, Sec. 3-42, 127, 101, 102, Brewer, Sheila, Cuba City, PE 2-48 Brieske, Russell, La Crosse, L8zS 1-56 Brodie, John, Janesville, PE 4-21, 131, 132, 140 Broker, Darrell, Wisconsin Dells, L8LS 2-48 Brown, Jim, Clintonville, PE 2-48, 131, 138 Brown, Thomas, Clintonville, PE 3-42 Brown, Judith, Lodi, L8zS 2-48 Bruchman, Donald, La Crosse, L8zS 1-56 Bruckner, Sandra, Rhinelander, PE 1-56, 115, 127 Bruggink, Carl, Oostburg, PE 2-48, 111, 77, 96 Bruss, Doug, Watertown, PE 1-56 Bryhn, Sonja, Stoddard, Elem. 2-21 Bubenik, Darlene, Hales Corners, PE 1 Bubon, Matt, Elcho, PE 1-56, 135 Buchholz, Roland, Wilton, PE 1 Buechel, Brunhilde, Fond du Lac, PE 4-21, 127, 104, 8 Bull, Mary Ann, La Crosse, Sec. 3-43 Bull, Rita, La Crosse, L8LS 1-56 Bunda, Richard, La Crosse, Elem 4 Bunk, Frances, Kendall, Sec, 1-56, 126, 78 Burgoyne, James, Viroqua, L8zS 1 Burke, Archie, La Crosse, Elem. 3-42 Burke, Marlene, Sheboygan, PE 4-21, 81, 97, 112, 148, Burling, Walter, Berlin, PE 3-43 Burnett, Joanne, Sparta, L8.:S 2-48 Buros, Jane, La Crosse, Elem. 2-48 7 83 Burow, Karla, La Crescent, Minn., L8zS 1-56 Buske, Sandra, Johnson Creek, LSLS 1-56 Butera, Michael, Kenosha, Sec. 4-21, 79, 84 Butera, Robert, Kenosha, PE 1-56, 126, 70 Bye, Richard, La Crosse, L8zS 1-56, 102 Byers, Nancy, La Crosse, L8zS 2-48, 89 Caflisch, Carlton, Baraboo, L8zS 3-43, 109, 131, 90 Cahee, William, Marinette, PE 3-43, 84 Caldwell, Danny, Badger, PE 3-43 Calloway, John, La Crosse, L8.:S 1 Calverley, Joyce, Wisconsin Rapids, L8zS 2-48, 102, 105 Campana, Robert, La Crosse, LSLS 2-48 Campbell, Anne, Green Bay, PE 1-56 Campbell, Jerry, La Crosse, PE 4-21, 111 Canman, Clyde, Sparta, Sec. 2-48 Capaul, George, Camp Douglas, L8zS 1-56 Carlin, Sharon, Soldiers Grove, Sec. 1-56, 123, 79 Carlson, Kenneth, West Salem, L8zS 4-21, 71 Carmichael, Roger, La Crosse, L8zS 3-43 Carter, Kay, Juda, PE 1-56, 113, 114 Carter, Kenneth, Cedarburg, PE 3-43, 135, 90 Casberg, Alice, La Crosse, Sec. 3-43, 99, 102, 79 Casberg, Anna, La Crosse, L8:S 4 Casberg, Carl, La Crosse, L8zS 1-56 Casey, James, Reedsburg, L8zS 1-56 Cavouras, Mary, La Crosse, L8rS 2-48, 120, 99, 101, 93 Cerveny, Glenn, Kenosha, PE 2-48 Cestkowski, Janice, Watersmeet, Mich., PE 2-48 Champeau, Robert, Marinette, PE 1-56 Chapman, David, La Crosse, PE 3-43 Chappie, David. Greendale, PE 4-21, 90 Chase, Ronald, West Bend, PE 4-22, 108, 110, 138, 145, 69, 76, 82 Cherf, Patrick, Sparta, L8LS 1 Chrisan, James, La Crosse, LXLS 2-48 Chrisan, Paul, La Crosse, L8zS 3-43 Christensen, Clarice, La Crosse, Elem. 1-57, 116, 121, 75 Christensen, Donald, Edgerton, PE 2-48, 111, 82 Christiansen, Amber, Endeavor, PE 4-22, 83 Christie, Sally, La Crosse, Elem. 2-49, 74 Choitz, Carl, Plymouth, PE 1-56 Cline, James, La Crosse, L8.:S 1-57 Clingan, Frank, La Crosse, L8rS 1 Collingon, Joseph, Bangor, PE 2-49 Colling, gizxie, Watertown, S. D., PE 3-43, 103, 106, 107, 112, Collins, Gerald, La Crosse, L8cS 3-43 Femling, Collins, Richard, La Crosse, L8.:S 2-49, 86 Condon, Patrick, Pewaukee, PE 4-22, 111 Coney, Robert, La Crosse, L8rS 1-57 Conger, Eugene, Oshkosh, PE 3-43, 131, 138, 90 Connor, James, Lansing, Iowa, Sec. 2-49 Conrad, Glenroy, Kiel, L8:S 2-49 Conway, Catherine, Thorp, PE 1-57 Conway, James, La Crosse, L8:S 1-57 Cook. Barbara, Hillsboro, L8.:S 3-43, 113 Cook, Dianne, La Crosse, Sec. 1-57 Cooper, Duane, Janesville, PE 1-57 Coorough, Gary, La Crosse, L8zS 1-57 Cornell, Patrick, Milwaukee, PE 1-57, 131, 145 Coughlin, Beverly, La Crosse, Elem. 2-49 Coulum, Richard, West Salem. PE 1 Covington, Vernon, Walworth, PE 1-57, 131 Craig, Helen, La Crosse, Elem. 1-57, 123 Craig, Lois, Antigo, PE 2-49 Crane, Sandra, Racine, PE 3-43, 97, 101, 102, 170, 68, 77, 89 Crane, Wendell, Tomah, L8rS 2-49 Crews, James, La Crosse, L8rS 3-43, 88 Croell, Roger, Lawler, Iowa, L8rS 2-49 Curley, James, Gays Mills, L8zS 1-57, 114 Curran, Jeanne, Cashton, Elem. 1-57, 116, 126, 74 Cushman, Donald, La Crosse, L8zS 3-43, 102, 92 Daering, Karyn, La Crosse, L8zS 1-57 Daffinrud, Carl, Coon Valley, L8cS 3-43 Dahl, Larry, La Crosse, L8zS 1-57 Dahl, Richard, Sparta. PE 1 Dahlby, Marilyn, La Crosse, Elem. 1-57 Dahlen, Glenn, Madison, Sec. Dahlen, Mary, Coon Valley, Elem. 3-43 Dahlke, John, Tomah, L8cS 1-57, 131 Dams, Mary, Tomah, L8.:S 1-57 Danielson, Karen, La Crosse, Elem. 1-57, 125, 101, 102, 75 Danielson, Richard, La Crescent, Minn., L8-ZS 2-49 Eckelberg, Lucile. Kendall, Elem. 3-43 Eckert, Daniel, Kewaunee, L8zS 2 Edwards, Suzanne, Watertown, PE 1-57, 105 Eggleston, Norman, Pardeeville, Elem. 4-23 Eglington, Mary Ellen, Sparta, Sec. 1-57, 121 Eide, Henry, Onalaska, L8zS 1-57 Eiken, Gordon, Caledonia, Minn., PE 4-23, 113, 117 Elfner, Ellen, Manitowoc, PE 2-49, 85 Ellis, Thomas, La Crosse, L8aS 1-57, 123 Emerson, Russell, La Crosse, PE 1-57, 131 Engler, Duane, Victory, LSCS 1 Erdlitz, Irene, Marinette, PE 3-43, 103, 105, 106, 170, 89 Erickson, Alvin, La Crosse, L8zS 1-57 Erickson, Beverly, La Crosse, Sec. 2-49, 125, 78 Erickson, Bruce, Richland Center-57 Erickson, Robert, Westby, L8zS 1-57 Erickson Erickson Erickson, , Sally, La Crosse, Elem. 1-57 , Susan, La Crosse, Elem. 2-49 Vernon, Ettrick, L8:S 1-57 Ernst, William, Cable, PE 1-57 Esse, Duane, Morrisonville, L8rS 1-57 Esser, Richard, La Crosse, L8zS 1-57 Evenson, Evenson, Evenson, Everson, Everson, Arlen, La Crosse, L8zS 3-43 Gary, Onalaska, Sec. 4-23 George, West Salem, L8zS 4-23, 115 Jean, Wisconsin Dells, L8LS 4-23, 125, 98, 100 Iola, Soldiers Grove, Elem. 1-58, 125, 71, 72 Evica, Geraldine, Elem. 1-58, 125 Faas, Kathleen, Onalaska, Sec. 1-58 Fabian, Jerry, Melrose, PE 1-58 Fansiall, Gail, Two Rivers, PE 1-58 Farrell, James, Lake Mills, L8zS 1-58 Farning, Shirley, Abbotsford, PE 3-43, 125, 77, 95 Feldmann, Joyce, Madison, Elem. 4-23 Fellows, Bruce, New Lisbon, L8.:S 1-58 Arthur, Nekoosa, PE 4-23, 109, 131, 132, 84 Davis, Dale, Westby, L8zS 2-49 Davis, Gerald. Arcadia, Sec. 2-49 Davis, Jerry, Mukwonago, Elem. 3-43, 80 Davis, Ken, La Crosse, PE 4 Davis, Norman, Waterloo, PE 2 Davis, Phyllis, Sparta, LSLS 2-49, 71, 85 Davis, Roger, Janesville, PE 2-49 Day, Suzanne, Horicon, PE 1-57, 121 Deckert, Garrett, Viola, PE 2-49, 138 De Cono, Richard, Kenosha, PE 1-57 Deichelbohrer, Paul, Holmen, L8cS 1-57 DeMario, Dick, West Allis, PE 3-43, 108, 131, 138, 90 Delagrave, James, La Crosse, L8zS 4-22 DeLoer, Eugene, Brandon, PE 1 Ferguson, Fred, La Crosse, Sec. 4-23, 81, 90, 92 Fidika, Bonne, Galesville, Sec. 2-49, 125, 78 Fiebig, Mary, La Crosse, Sec. 2-49, 99, 101, 78 Figgie, Richard, La Crosse, L8zS 2-49 Findling, Janice, Waukesha, PE 4-23, 123, 104, 76, Finley, Robert, Gays Mills, PE 3-43, 84 Finnel, Thomas, Watertown, PE 1-58 Finses, Nita, Cor , 2-49, 125. 101, 162, 74 Finucan, JoAnn, Kendall, Elem. 1-58, 127, 74 Fischbach, William, Whitewater, PE 2-49 Fischer, Thomas, Kenosha, PE 1-58 Fish, Myron, Mt. Horeb, Sec. 4-23 Fish, Stuart, Elibro, PE 2-49 Deml, William, Chilton, PE 3-43. 81, 127, 76, 82 De Namur, Lindley, Brussels, PE 1-57 Dennison, Eleanor, La Crosse, Elem. 4-22 Denton, Dianne, Williams Bay, PE 2-49, 122, 97, 76, 87, 94 Dernbach, Roger, Green Bav, PE 3-43, 109, 110, 141 Derrick, David, Hamilton, Ohio, LSLS 1-57 Desmond, John, La Crosse, Sec. 1-57, 113 Dettmering, Carol, Waukesha, PE 1-57, 105 Diamond, Donald, La Crosse, L8cS 1-57 Dickman, Richard, Delavan, Elem. 3-43 Dickson, Ronald, La Crosse, LSLS 1-57 Dimmer, Phil, Denmark, PE 3-43, 90 Dissmore, Elizabeth, La Crescent, Minn.-43, 73 Dittrich, Duane, Arcadia, Sec. l Dodge, Lawrence, La Crosse, PE 3-43 Dolan, Roger, La Farge, L8rS 1-57 Dolbier, Carol, Onalaska, Elem. 1-57 Dolbier, James, Onalaska, Sec. 4-113, 78, 88 Domke, Bernard, Kendall, PE 4-22, 82 Domstrich, Delores, La Crosse, L8zS 1-57 Donaldson, Ann, La Crosse, Sec. 1-57 Donaldson, Kay, La Crosse, Elem. 2-49, 81, 75, 85 Donndelinger, Paul, La Crosse, L8zS 1 Donnick, Pat. Wausau, PE 3-43, 97, 103, 104, 170, 83 Dopp, John, La Crosse, L8rS 3-43, 113 Dorsey, Jean, Delavan, PE 4-22, 112, 145 Dott, Jeannie, Wilton, Elem. 4-22, 85 Doty, Richard, Kenosha, PE 3-43 Doubek, Marvin, La Crosse, PE 4 Doyle, James, La Crosse, LSLS 1-57 Downey, Beatrice, La Crosse, Elem. 4-22, 73 Drecktrah, Gene, West Salem. L8cS 2 Dresser, Muriel, Mt, Horeb, Elem. 3-22, 43 Drew, Jack, Viroqua, Sec. 3-43 Driessen, Lionard, Port Wing, L8zS 1-57 DuBois, Alfred, Chetek, PE 1 DuChaine, Lonnie, Columbus, PE 1-57 Duer, Thomas, Milwaukee, PE 4--22, 142, 143, 82 Duff, Margaret, Port Washington, PE 1-57 Dunlevy, John, Lansing, Iowa, L8rS 2-49 Durand, Jo Anne, Spooner, PE 1-57 Durkin, Pat, West Salem, Sec. 4-22, 99, 70, 79 Durr, Pat. Milwaukee, PE 2-49 Dusseau, Dena, Galesville, Elem. 1-57, 113 Dusseau, Danielle, Galesville, L8rS 2-158 Dutton, Diane, Kendall, Elem. 1-57, 113 Dwyer, Larry, La Crosse, L8cS 3-43 Dwyer, Norman, La Crosse, LBLS 2-49 Dyb, Larry, Ferryville, L8aS 3-43, 125 Dziedzic, Juanita, Milwaukee, L84S 4-89 Earling, Mary, Appleton, Elem. 1-57 Earp, Marvin, La Crosse, PE 2-49, 111, 139 Eastman, Alan, La Crosse, PE 1-57, 135 Ebert, Paul, Sparta, PE 1-57 Eckart, Sally, La Crosse, L8zS 1-57 Fisher, Carl, La Crosse, LSLS 1-58, 123 Fisher, Theodore, La Crosse, L8aS 1 Fitting, Donald. La Crosse, L8zS 1 Flaten, Sharon, La Crosse, Elem. 2-49, 125, 101, 75, 94 Fleck, Michael. De Pere, PE 1-58 Fleckenstein, Steve, Milwaukee, PE 4-23, 108, 145. 84 Fleming, Cletus, Gays Mills, PE 2-49 Fleming, Paul, West Allis, PE 4-23, 111 Flock, Peter, La Crosse, LSLS 2-49 Flume, Beverly, La Crosse, Elem. 2-49, 105, 75 Flynn, Donald, La Crosse, L8zS 4-24 Fogtman. Jean, Oshkosh, PE 4-24, 117, 106, 112, 171, 158, 68, 70 Folts, John, La Crosse, L8rS 1-58 Foote, Sharon, Chicago, Ill., PE 2-49, 102 Fossum, David, La Crosse, L8zS 1-58 Frank, Janet, Jefferson, PE 1-58 Frank, Karen, La Crosse, Elem. 1-58, 122, 74 Frankowski, Marlene, Milwaukee, PE 4-103, 112 Franz. Judy, Mondovi, Elem. 2-24 Franz, Suzanne, Watertown, PE 2-49 Fraser, Janet. Milwaukee, PE 3-43, 113, 85 Fredenberg, Jerome, Milwaukee, PE 2-49, 142, 77 Freeman, Martin, Milwaukee, PE 1-58 Freer, Darcy, La Crosse, Elem. 3-43, 116 Frey, Susan, La Crosse, L8rS 2-49 Frey, Thomas, La Crosse, L8rS 2-49 Frietag, Karlen, Waterloo, Sec. 2-49, 113 Froegel, Evelyn, La Crosse, Elem. 1-58, 123 Froeming, Nancy, L8zS 3-97, 89, 94 Fuenger, Karen, La Crosse, L8zS 1-58 Fuller, George, La Crosse, Sec. 4-24 Gabriel, Geraldine, fMrs.l, La Crosse, L8rS 1 Gade, Gordon, Reedsburg, L8rS 4-24 Gallagher, Judee, Green Bay, PE 1-58 Galstad, Irvin, La Crosse, LSLS 2-49 Gamelin, Arthur, Munising, Mich., PE 1-58 Gammon, David, Kendall, Sec. 3-43 Ganschow, Erwin, La Crescent, Minn., Sec. 2-49 Ganschow, Mary, La Crosse, Elern. 1-58, 75 Ganschow, Thomas. La Crescent, Minn., Sec. 1-58 Gardner, George, Galesville, 1-58 Garrity, John, La Crosse, LSLS 1-58 Gartner, Jerome, La Crosse, L8zS 1-58 Gartner, Lorraine, Mindoro, L8zS 2-49, 113 Garves, Howard, Bangor, L8rS 1-58 Gates, Jim. Reedsburg, Sec. 2-49 Gates, Shirley, Bangor, PE 1-58 Gates, Wayne, La Crosse, Sec. 1-58 Gauerke, Judith, Waukesha, Sec. 1 Gauerke, Thomas, Waukesha, PE 2-49, 109, 131, 138, 82 Gaustad, Phillip, La Crosse, LSLS 1-58 Gavinski, Don, Wisconsin Dells, L8zS 3-43 Geiger, Lyda, Milwaukee, Elem. 3-43 Genal, Greg, Oshkosh, PE 4-84 Gennerman, Fred, Oconomowoc, PE 3-43, 88 Genz, Mary, La Crosse, Elem. 3-43, 80 MI George, Francis, Gays Mills, L8cS 3-43 George, Nancy, Gays Mills, Sec. 3-43, 100, 102, 103, Gerard, Linda, Elkhorn, PE 4-24, 106, 83, 92 Ghelf, Ronald, De Soto, Sec. 1-58 Gibney, Dean, Kendall, L8zS 1-58 Gibson, Jeanann, La Crosse, PE 2-49, 125, 101 Gilbert, Leland, De Pere, PE 4-24, 108, 145, 77 Gilbertson, Terry, La Crosse, Sec. 1-58 Gillette, Terry, La Crosse, L8zS 3-43 Gillman, Sharon, Milwaukee, PE 1-58, 77 Gilroy, Lawrence, St. Louis, Mo., L8aS 1-58 Ginskey, Sybil, La Crosse, L8zS 1-58, 113, 114, 122, 98, 101, Giombetti, Thomas, La Crosse, PE 4-24, 135, 136, 138 Gittens, Joseph, La Crescent, Minn., PE 2-49 Glendenning, Betty, Augusta, PE 3-43, 102, 68, 77, 87 Glendenning, David, La Crosse-49 Glendenning, John, La Crosse, L8cS 2-58 Gleue, Barbara, La Crosse, LSCS 1-58 Glick, Judy, Oak Park, Ill., PE 4-24, 97, 99, 101, 77, 85, 93 Goeglein, Joanne, Fort Atkinson, PE 1-58 Goff, Geraldine, Tomah, Elem. 1-58 Gogin, John, Sparta, L8cS 2 Gonzalez, Edna, Panama, Sec. 2-49, 126, 99, 159 Goodenough, Kenneth, Baraboo, LSzS 2-49 Gooderum, Reuben, La Crosse, L8zS 2-49 Gorell, Wayne, Eau Claire, PE 1 Gorham, Carol, Kendall, Elem. 4-24, 123, 80, 91 Gorst, Donald, Madison, Sec. 2-49 Gould, Bernice, Peshtigo, Elem. 3-43 Gould, Russell, Peshtigo, PE 3-43 Gould, John, Chetek, PE 3-43, 144 Graap, Joanne, Prairie du Chien, L8rS 1-58 Graf, Carl, Elkhart Lake, PE 4-24 Graf, Nancy, Elkhart Lake, Elem. 1-58 Graf, William, La Crescent, Minn., L8LS 1-58 Graff, Barbara, La Crosse, L8zS 1-58 Graff, Joyce, iMrs.7, La Crosse, Elem. 2-113 Graff, Marshall, La Crosse, L8rS 4-24 Graham, Daniel, Milwaukee, PE 1-58, 145 Graham, Joyce, Prairie du Chien, Elem. 4-25, 85 Grams, James, La Crosse, L8zS 1 Grassel, Emil, Milwaukee, PE 3-43, 84 Green, Doris, Ashland, PE 1 Griesberg, Daryll, Milwaukee, PE 2-49, 138 Griffin, Jane, La Crosse, Elem. 1-58, 122 Grim, Janet, Milwaukee, Elem. 1 Grimek, Herbert, Onalaska, LEQS 1-58 Grimslid, Peggy, La Crosse, Elem. 3-43, 80 Grindler, Gladys, La Crosse, Sec. 4 Gross, Richard, La Crosse, L8cS 2-49 Gruen, Donna, La Crosse, Elem. 2-49, 105, 75 Gruen, Kenneth, Tomah, L8:S 1-58 Grunwald, John, Two Rivers, PE 2-49, 111, 135 Grupp, Delores, La Crosse, Sec, 4 Grutzek, Louise, City Point, LSLS 2-49 Guenther, Dale, Galesville, L8aS 1 Guenther, Thomas, Hokah, Minn., Sec. 2-49, 102 Gunderson, Roger, Black River Falls, LSCS 1-58 Gunning, John, La Crosse, LSLS 3-44 Gutkowski, Gerald, St. Francis, PE 2-49, 138 Gutzel, Allen, La Crosse, PE 1-58 Gutzke, James, La Crosse, L8zS 3-44, 166 Hackbarth, Delmar, Sheboygan, PE 1-58 Hackett, Richard, La Crosse, PE 2-50, 108, 131 Haefs, Harley, La Crescent, Minn., LSLS 3-44 Hagberg, Sandra, Manitowoc, PE 3-44, 125, 112, 148, 87 Hagen, Connie, Mondovi, PE 1-58, 125, 155 Haines, William, Westfield, L8zS 4-25, 90 Halderson, James, Galesville, L8zS 1-58 Halderson, Norman, Galesville, L8cS 1-58 Hall, Dorothy, Honolulu, Hawaii, PE 1-58, 127 Hallberg, David, Milwaukee, PE 4-25, 113, 138 Halverson, Sandra, La Crosse, Elem. 1-58 Hamilton, Mark, La Crosse, L8cS 1-59 Hammell, Lawrence, New Albin, Iowa, LSCS 2- Hammersberg, Suzanne, La Crosse, L8cS 4 Harnrnersberg, Wallace, La Crosse, L8cS 4 Hammett, Jacqueline, East Troy, L8zS 2-50, 87 Hamre, Hansen Hansen Hansen Steven, Lodi, Sec. 2-50 Austrid, Viroqua, Elem. 3-44, 85 James, La Crosse, LSLS 2-50 Robert, La Crosse, L8zS 2-50 Hanson, Bruce, La Crosse, Sec. 2-50 Hanson, Frederick, Haywood, PE 2-50 Hanson, Jerrine, Viroqua, LSLS 2-50 Hanson, Kermit, Farmersburg, Iowa, L8rS 1-59 Hanson, Richard, La Crosse, L8zS 3-44 50, 127 Hanson, Sharon Lee, La Crosse, Elem. 2-50, 123, 105, 75 Hanson, Sonja, Baraboo, PE 1-59, 121 Hara, Lyn, Kapoho, Hawaii, PE 3-44, 102, 87 Harget, Nancy, La Crosse, Elem. 1-59, 114, 74 Hargraves, Thomas, Watertown, PE 3-44, 108, 138, 142 Harman, Peter, La Crosse, L8cS 2-50 Harms, Donald, Townsend, PE 1-59, 131 Harrie, Dale, Sparta, L8cS 1 Harring, Roger, Green Bay, PE 4-25, 108 Harrington, Barbara, Eau Claire, PE 2-50 Harrington, James, Madison, PE 1 Harrington, Oneta, Berlin, PE 1-59 Hartley, Ethel, La Crosse, Elem. 4-25, 73 Harter, Joseph, West Salem, L8zS 1 Harvey. Virginia, Sharon, PE 1-59, 101 Hauser, Elizabeth, 1Mrs.7, La Crosse, L8.:S 1 Hauser, James, Stetsonville, PE 3-44, 110, 82 Havlik, Barbara, Hillsboro, L8zS 3-44, 83 Haun, Patricia, Kenosha, PE 3-44 Hawley, Dennis, Wausau, PE 2-50, 81, 111, 135, 76, 88 166, 170, 78 104 Hawley, Robert, Argyle, PE 2-50 Hayden, Joanne, La Crosse, Elem. 4-25, 171, 85 Healy, Dennis, Williams Bay, PE 2-50 Heath, Francis, La Crosse, Sec. 4-79 Heath, James, Sparta, Sec. 3-44 Heath, Raymond, Onalaska, Sec, 3-44 Heck, Rose, La Crosse, LSLS 1-59, 124 Heffner, Allen, West Allis, LSCS 1 Heil, Gertrude, Milwaukee, PE 2-50 L8.:S 3-44, 115 L8cS 1-59, 116 Heilman, Richard, Sparta, Heilman, William, Wilton, Heins, Ronald, La Crosse, PE 1-59, 135 Heipp, Mary, West Bend, Heise, Charles, Marathon, PE 3-44, 170 L8cS 2-50 Heitman, Dorothy, Grand Marsh, Sec. 2-50, 114, 122 Helgerson, Joyce, Mt, Sterling. Elem. 4-25, 85 Helgerson, Rolf, Mt. Sterling, L8zS 4 Helgeson, Sonja, Gays Mills, Elem. 2-50, 102, 75, 85 Heller, Richard, Elroy, PE 3-44, 127, 108, 142, 77, 88 Heller, William, Elroy, Lrgzs 2-50, 127 Hembre, Richard, La Crosse, L8zS 4-86 Hemm, Donald, Racine, LSLS 1-59 Henley, James, Coon Valley, L8zS 1-59 Hennessy, Michael, Delavan, PE 2-50, 131, 82 Carol, Merrill, PE 3-44, 122, 97, 68, 77, 87, 9 Henrich, Herman, Conrad, Pelican Lake, L8aS 1-59 Herman, Judith, West Bend, PE 3-44, 77, 87 Herman, Shirley, Sheboygan, PE 2-50 Hertz, James, Owatonna, Minn., PE 4-25, 108, 144, 82 Hertzfeld, Daniel, La Crosse, L8cS 1-59 Heyer, Douglas, La Crosse, LSLS 3-44 Heyworth, Marilyn, Milwaukee, PE 2-50 Hiam, Lenard, Ferryville, PE 1-59 Hickmann, James, La Crosse, PE 4-25 1-59, 105, 74 113, 68, 87 Hidde. Jack, Manitowoc, PE 3-44 Hillesheim, Eileen, La Crosse, Elem. Hills, Marylin, Lake Mills, PE 3-44, Hilvers, Katherine, Cuba City, PE 2-50 Hirsch, Thomas, Viroqua, Sec. 3-44, Hlade, John, Sheboygan, PE 2-50 Hoadley, Cletus, La Crosse, L8.:S 3-44 Hobson, Richard, Sparta, Sec, 1-59 Hoch, Joseph, La Crosse, Sec. 4-25, Hoeft, Donald, La Crosse, PE 4-25 Hoeth, Janice, Coon Valley, Elem, 2-50, 114 Hoffland, William, Soldiers Grove, PE 1-59 Hoffman, Howard, La Crosse, LSLS 2-50 Hohlfeld, Elaine, La Crosse, LSCS 4-25, 85 Hohlfeld, Jeanette, La Crosse, Sec. 2-50, 127, 99, 158, Hogue, Frederick, La Crosse, L8cS 1 Holman, Shirley, La Crosse, Sec. 1-59 Holmgren, Caroline, Oconto, PE 1-59, 123 Holt, Richard, Wisconsin Dells, L8zS 3-44, 86 Holte, Ge ald, Onalaska, Sec. 2-50 Holte, Russell, Westby, Elem. 2-50, 115, 75 Holter, Paul, Coon Valley, L8cS 1-59 Holthaus, Lee, La Crosse, L8rS 1-59 Homan, Barbara, Waupun, PE 1-59 Homan, Mary, Ladysmith, PE 4-26 Hooper, Edythe. Tomah, LSLS 1-59 Hornby, Joanne, Kenosha, PE 4-26, 123, 76 Horswill, Richard, La Crosse, Sec, 2-50, 79 Howard, Michael, La Crosse, LSCS 3-44 Hubbard, Carol, Viroqua, Elem. 3-44 Huber, Merlin, Bangor, L8zS 2-50 Hudson, Nancy, Kenosha, PE 3-44, 126, 85 Huebner, Donald, Milwaukee, Elem. 2-50, 82 Huebsch, Norbert, Pelican Lake, L8LS 1-59, 98, 139 Huettel, Arnold, Sparta, Elem. 4-26 Hughes, Eileen, Stratford, PE 3-44, 113, 114, Huisman, Murial, Oconto, Sec. 1-59, 126, 78 Hujick, Richard, Kenosha, PE 2-50 Hulberg, Willis, West Salem, L8cS 2-50 Hulbert, Bonita, Green Bay, PE 1-59, 121, 77 Humphrey, Gary, La Crosse, PE 4-26, 108, 145 Hunder, Carrol, Stoddard, L8zS 2-50 Hundrieser, Darlene, Milwaukee, PE 1-59, 77 Hussey, David, Appleton, PE 2-50, 111, 138, 139, 145 Hutchison, Judy, New London, PE 2-50, 127, 155 Hutton, Lawrence, Elkhorn, Sec. 2-50 Hyland, John, Menasha, L8rS 2-50 Hynek, James, Hillsboro, PE 3-44 Hyslop, Lorin, La Crosse, LLSLS 3-44, 102, 105 79. 86 117, 126, 79, 88 126, 87 Igl, Kathleen, Antigo, PE 3-44, 126, 83, 95 Elem. 3-44, 91 PE 4 Isakson, Anita, La Crosse, Isleb, Douglas, La Crosse, Irish, David, Onalaska, 1-59 L8rS 2-50 Isler, Robert, La Crosse, Isler, Thomas, La Crosse, LSLS 1-59 Iverson, Janice, Soldiers Grove, L8zS 2-50 Jacobson, Donald, Wisconsin Dells, L8cS 2-50 Jacobson, Robert, La Crosse, LSZS 3-44 Jaeger, Dorothy, Janesville, Elem. 2-50, 125, 74 Jagodzinski, Ralph, West Allis, PE 2-50, 131, 82 James, Ted, Watertown, Sec. 4-26, 78, 88 Jansky, Judith, La Crosse, Elem. 2-50, 113 Janecek, Dorothy, Fontana, Elem. 2-50, 125, 107, 74 Jaworski, Joan, Milwaukee, PE 3-44, 89 Jax, John, Cazenovia, LSCS 4-26, 126 Jax, Mary, Cazenovia, L8LS 1-59 Jax, Sharon, Richland Center, Elem. 1-59, 127, 74 Jeknavorian, Rosemarie, Milwaukee, PE 3-44 Jendrusiak, George, Abrams, Sec. 2-50 Jenkins, David, Rockland, Sec. 2-50, 121, 104 Jenks, John, La Crosse, L8zS 3-44, 105, 86 3, 94 78, 85 Jenson, Jacob, Mt. Horeb, PE 2-50 Jenson, Janis, River Falls, PE 2 Jerome, Norman, La Crosse, L8zS 3-44 Jeskewitz, James, Menomonee Falls, PE 1-59, 131 Jiracek, Joan, La Crosse, L8zS 1-59, 127, 98, 102 Jirsa, Gene, La Crosse, LSLS 1-59 Johnson Arlene, La Crosse, L8cS 1-59 Johnson Carol, Larsen, PE 4-26, 89, 92, 93 Johnson, Diane, Onalaska, Elem. 1-59 Johnson, Donald, Cashton, L8.:S 2-50 Johnson, Donna, Onalaska, Elem. 3-44, 91 Johnson Gerald, DeForest, L8zS 1 Johnson Gerard, Appleton, PE 2-50, 131 Johnson Jerald, La Crosse, Sec. 4-90 Johnson Karen E., West Allis, PE 1-59 Johnson Karen L., La Crosse, Elem. 3-44 Johnson Karl, La Crosse, L8zS 3-44 Johnson Lowell, La Crosse, PE 4-26, 69 Johnson Paul, La Crosse, LSCS 1-59, 115 Johnson Richard C., La Crosse, L8.:S 2-50 Johnson, Richard E., La Crosse, L8zS 1-59 Johnson Richard R., La Crosse, L8:S 4 Johnson Robert L., Manitowoc, PE 2-51, 141 Johnson, Robert W., Elroy, L8zS 2 Johnson, Sandra, La Crosse, Sec. 2-51, 125, 99, 102, 105, 78 Johnson Terry, La Crosse, L8:S 1-59 Johnson Johnson Johnson Victor, La Crescent, Minn., L8cS 1-59 Virginia, Galesville, Elem. 1-59, 72 Wilbur, Holmen PE 2-51 Jolin, Jerrold, La Crosse, PE 4 Jolliffe, James, Chippewa Falls, PE 4-26, 108 Jones, Dianne, Racine, Elem. 1-59 Jordan, Toni, Sparta, Sec. 2-51, 113 Jore, Karen, La Crescent, Minn., LSLS 1-59 Jorgensen, Wayne, Gays Mills, Sec. 2-51, 115 Kaber, Terry, Prairie du Chien, L8zS 1-59 Kaempfer, Mary, Lake Geneva, Elem. 1-59 Kaiser, Patricia, Waupun, PE 1-59 Kalsched, Kaye, Marshfield, PE 1-59. 76 Kamrath, Gail, Rothschild, PE 2-155 Kaneshiro, Clara, Kaneohe, Oahu, T. Hawaii-L8zS 3-44, 123 Kangas, Donald, Ishpeming, Mich., PE 4-26 Kaner, Mary, Elmwood, L8cS 1-59 Kanayama, Earl, Pepeekeo, Hawaii T. H,, Sec. 1-59 Karrmann, Steven, Hales Corners, Sec. 3-44 Karst, Ralph, Sheboygan, PE 4-26, 109, 69, 138 Keefe, Judy, La Crosse, Elem. 3-44, 89 Keenan, Susie, Lake Geneva, PE 4-26, 89 Keepers, Roger, Nekoosa, PE 4-27, 116, 122, 92, 109, 77, 145 Kelk, Karen, Tomah, Elem. 1-59 Kelly, Michael, La Crosse, L8zS 1 Kelsey, Patricia, La Crosse, Sec. 1-59 Kennedy, Dwight, La Crosse, L8zS 4 Kennedy, Jacqueline, Sauk City, PE 2-51, 89, 101 Kerner, Marcia, Milwaukee, PE 2-51, 89, 104 Kersten, Sandra, La Crosse, Elem. 1-59, 74 Kersten, Orville, Milwaukee, PE 3-44, 141, 142 Key, Gilbert, La Crosse, Sec. 1-59 Keys, William, Soldiers Grove, PE 4-27, 96 Kiedrowski, Richard, Sparta, PE 2-51, 131 Killian, James, Arcadia, Sec. 1-59, 131 Kim, Jee Young, Seoul, Korea, L8zS 2-51, 123 King, Karlene, La Crosse, L8aS 2-51 Klanprud, Warren, Onalaska, L8:S 1-60 Klapperich, Anthony, New Holstein, PE 1-60 Kleinhaus, Jack, La Crosse, L8zS 2-51 Kleinsmith, Marilyn, La Crosse, Elem. 1-60 Klimoske, Joe, White Lake, PE 2 Kling, Richard, La Crosse, PE 1 Klink, Allen, Arcadia, PE 4-27, 88 Klinker, George, La Crosse, Elem. 3-44 Klir, Mary, Black River Falls, Elem. 2-27, 72 Klish. Karen, Eau Claire, PE 3-44 Klister, Lorraine, Wauwatosa, Elem. 1-60, 127, 74 Klug, Bonita, Greenleaf, PE 3-44, 97, 76 Knapp, Warren, La Crosse, L8.:S 2-51 Kneeland, Rose, Tomah, L8cS 1-60 Knilans, Robert, Fort Atkinson, Sec. 4-27, 123, 92, 109, 70, 77, 78, 135, 158 Knilans, Ruth, Fort Atkinson, Elem. 3-44, 123, 83, 102, 80 Knilans, William, Fort Atkinson, Sec. 2-51, 78 Knoche, Connie, New Richmond, PE 4-27, 127, 109, 158 Knothe, Thomas, La Crosse, L8cS 3-44 Knudson, Theodore, La Crosse, Sec. 3-44, 92, 109, 77, 138 Knueppel, Paul, Thiensville, PE 1-60 Knutson, Elwood, Blair, PE 2-51 Knutson, Joanne, La Crosse, Elem. 1-60, 125, 74 Knutson, Raymond, La Crosse, Sec. 1-60 Knutson, Sondra, La Crosse, LSLS 2-51, 125, 93, 98, 99, 101 Kobs, Bruce, Appleton, PE 1-60, 131 Koel, Wallace, La Crosse, Sec. 2-51 Koeneman, Neil, La Crosse, PE 4-27, 82, 111, 138 Koeneman, Patricia, La Crosse, PE 4-27, 117, 92, 76 Kohn, Gerald, Markesan, PE 3-44, 82 Kohlwey, Paul, La Crosse, L8:S 1 Kolcinski, Hazel, La Crosse, Elem. 4-27, 73 Kollath, Donald, Appleton, PE 4-27, 82, 131, 156 Kollath, Wayne, Milwaukee, PE 4-27, 76, 137 Kramer, Janice, Evanston, Ill., Elem. 1-127 Kramer, Jean, Melrose, Elem. 4-28, 124, 89, 80 Kraus, Deland, La Crosse, L8zS 1-60 Krause, Donald, La Crosse, Sec. 1-60, 113, 114 Krause, Douglas. La Crosse, L8aS 4-28 Kreutz, Jeannine, La Crosse, Elem. 1-60, 102, 75 Kreunen, Calvin, Bangor, L8zS 1-60 Kroeber, Rolf, Hartford, PE 1-60, 115 Kreitzer, Donald, Lake Mills, L8zS 1-60 Krohn, David, Viroqua, Sec. 3-44 Kroll, Thomas, Chicago, Ill., PE 1-60 Kronforst, Mary, Mishicot, PE 2-51, 126 Krueger, Barbara, Appleton, PE 2-51 Krueger, Elizabeth, Oshkosh, PE 3-44, 89, 95, 97, 77 Krueger, Jean, La Crosse, Elem. 1-60 Krueger, Kathy, New Richmond, PE 4-28, 89, 92, 97, 112, 14 Krueger, Ronald, Milwaukee, PE 4-28, 82, 109 Kudlas, William, La Crosse, PE 2-51, 131 Kuehlman, John, Ironwood, Mich., Elem. 3-44 Kuehn, David, Viroqua, L8cS 2-51 Kuenzi, Sandra, Columbus, PE 1-60, 124, 77 Kuester, Paul, Sparta, L8zS 2-51 Kuhlen. Richard, L8:S 2-51 Kujak, Marcell, Arcadia, Sec. 4-28, 79 Kunard, Helen, Eagle River, PE 1-60, 113, 116 Kunkel, James, La Crosse, LBLS 2-51 Kvigne, William, Ferryville, Elem. 2-51, 113, 114, 75 Kyes, Frank, Cadott, PE 1-60 Kyles, Judith, Green Bay, PE 2-51 Labus. William, Bangor, L8zS 1-60 Lamb, Joanne, Sheboygan, PE 3-44, 105 Lambert, Eyvonne, La Crosse, Elem. 4-28, 122, 89, 93, 80 Lambert, Larry, Onalaska, L8zS 3-44 Lang. Robert, La Crosse, L8zS 2-51 Lankford, William, La Crosse, Elem. 1 Lange, Charles, Madison, PE 1 Lansing, Carol, Kenosha, PE 1-60 Lapham, Rodger, Onalaska, L8zS 1-60 Larkin, Edwin, La Crosse, L8LS 4-28 Larkin, Gary, La Crosse, L8zS 3-45 Larkin, Thomas, La Crosse, PE IP-45, 109, 131 La Rose, Eugene, Oshkosh, PE 3-45, 127, 69, 76 Larsen La!'SeI1 , John, Birnamwood, PE 3-45, 84, 102, 138 Richard, Chippewa Falls, PE 3-45, 131 Larson, Doris, Racine, PE 3-45 Larson, Edward, Brantwood, PE 1 Larson, James, Sparta, Sec. 4-28 Larson, Joel, La Crosse, PE 1-60 Larson, John, Coon Valley, Sec. 3 Larson, Karen, Coon Valley, Elem. 2-72 Larson, Kay, La Crosse, Elem. 1-60, 125, 75 Larson, La Vonne, Wonewoc, Elem. 3-45, 123, 102, 80 Larson, Lois, La Crosse, Sec. 1-60, 115, 125 Larson, Mary, La Crosse, L8cS 4-28, 125, 85, 97, 99, 70 Larson, William, La Crosse, Sec. 2-51 Laschen, Darrell, Milwaukee, PE 1-60, 131, 144 Larsson, Sonja, La Crosse, L8zS 1-60 Lathrop, William, La Crescent, Minn., Sec. 1-60 Laue, Joan, Richland Center, Elem. 3-45, 80 Lavey, Janice, Milwaukee, Elem. 3-51, 126 Law, Phyllis, Stratford, PE 4-28, 81, 87 Lawson, Joanne, Arkdale, PE 2-51, 114, 122 Lawton, Cathy, Viola, PE 3-45, 114 Layde, Gary, Ferryville, PE 1-60 Leary, Ruth, Eastman, Elem. 1-60 Lebakken, Merlin, Galesville, L8zS 2-51 Lebieck, Lawrence, Butler, PE 1-60, 131 Le Cloux, Thomas, Algoma, PE 1-60, 131 Ledman, Everett, La Crosse, PE 2-51 Lee, Brewdan, La Crescent, Minn., L8LS 1-60 Lee, D Lee, D iana, Prairie du Chien, L8zS 1-60 on, Prairie du Chien, L8zS 1-60 Lee, James, Onalaska, Sec. 1-60 Lee, Robert, Onalaska, L8cS 1-60 Lee, Young Hee, Pusan, Korea, L8zS 2-51 Leedle, Judith, Helenville, PE 1-60 Lehma Lehma n, John, Sparta, Sec. 2 nn, Nancy, Trempealeau, Elem. 2-51, 123 Lehrke, Elizabeth, La Crescent, Minn., Elem. 1-60 Lehrke, Fredrick, La Crosse, Sec. 3-45, 131 Lehrke, Roderick, La Crosse, PE 2-138 L61SS01 William, Onalaska, L8zS 1-60 Lemke, Loretta, La Crosse, Elem. 2-28, 113 Lemke, Loretta, Milwaukee, Elem. 2-51 Lentz, Lenser Lenser Jeanne, Racine, PE 2-51, 101, 104, 105 , Gerald, La Crosse, L8zS 1-60 , John, La Crosse, L8zS 1-60 Lenz, Gerald, La Crosse, L8cS 2-51 Leu, L yle, Westfield, PE 2-51 Luebner. June, Sheboygan, PE 2-51, 113, 125 Leubner, Thomas, Sheboygan, PE 2-51 Leverenz, La Vere, Elroy, PE 3-45 Lewerenz, Helen, Tomahawk, PE 4-29, 112, 148 Levi, Wayne, La Crosse, L8zS 1-60 Lex, Shirley. Valders, PE 3-45 Lieber, Arthur, Wisconsin Rapids, PE 1-60 Liegel, Robert, Baraboo, PE 2-51 Limberg, Richard, La Crosse, L8zS 1-60 Lindberg, Betty, Madison, PE 3-45, 125, 95, 77 Lippert, Norma, Melrose, Elem. 1-60, 113 Kotinek, Loras. San Leandro, Calif., L8zS 1-60, 127 Kreibich, Richard, La Crosse Kortbein, James, Norwalk, PE 1-60, 131 Kortbein, Stuart, Norwalk, Sec, 1-60 Koss, Donald, Holmen, L8zS 2-51 Koula, Sally, La Crosse, Elem. 1-60, 74 Kowalczyk, Rod, Denmark, PE 4-27, 131 Kraemer, Gordon, La Crosse, Elem. 4-28, 73 Lisowski. Linus, Arcadia, L8zS 2-51, 105 Lloyd, Malcolm, Onalaska, L8zS 1-60 Loehr, Theresa, Oconomowoc, Sec. 1-60, 99, 79 Longueville, Paul, La Crosse, PE 1-60 Loomis, Clayton, Portage, PE 3-45 Loppnow, Ronald, Racine, PE 3-45, 104, 131 Lorenz, George, Bangor, Sec. 4-29, 113, 117, 122, Lorenz, Robert, La Crosse, L8zS 2-51 102, 79 Louret. Diane, Cascade, PE 2-51, 122, 89, 97, 102, 104 Lubinsky, Frank, La Crosse, L8zS 2-51 Lucksted, Ted, Racine, PE 1-60 Luebke, Gayle, Oshkosh, PE 1-61, 76, 155 Ludwig, Barbara, Dorchester, L8:S 2-51 Luethi, Sharon, Independence, PE 3-45, 123, 87, 95, 68, 77 Lunel, Charles, Humbird, L8zS 1 Lund, Charles, L8zS 1-61 Lunde, Philip, Galesville, L8zS 1-61, 104 Lundquist, Ralph, Mountain, PE 2--51, 96, 102, 105, 138, 145 Luxford, Elizabeth fMrs.J, La Crosse, Elem. 4 Lyga, Michael, La Crosse, Elem. 3-45, 80 Lynch, Jeanne, Gays Mills, Elem. 1-61, 105 nch Thomas La Crosse L8cS 1 Moerschel, Glenn, Cedarburg, PE 3-45, 135 Mohn, Thomas, Rockford, Ill., PE 1 Mohr, Kathryn, Mukwonago, PE 4 Mollien, Jon, Brandon, PE 1 Moldenhauer, Clifford, Johnson Creek. PE 1 Monogue, James, Jefferson, PE 2-52 Mooney, Wesley, Racine, Elem. 2-52, 113, 105, 131 Mont, Harry, La Crosse, Sec. 1-61 Morgan, Thomas, Milwaukee, PE 3-45, 126, 84, 92, Morley, Harold, La Crosse, Sec. 3-45 Morris, Donald, Camp Douglas, L8cS 1-61 Morrison, Mary, Racine, PE 1-61 Morrow, Daniel, Elkhorn, PE 1-61 Moser, Crisella, La Crosse, Elem. 4 Moser, Vivian, La Crosse, Elem. 1-61, 74 1 Ly , , , Lyons, Jane, La Crosse, Sec. 1-61, 114 McCarthy, William, La Crosse, L8cS 4-29, 109, 130, 131 McCaskey, James, Oakdale, L8.:S 1 McClintock, Marilyn. West Salem, Elem. 4-45, 80 McCormick, John, Gays Mills, L8zS 3-45 McCormick, Richard, Randolph, PE 3-45, 84 McCune. Mary, Osseo, Elem. 4-29, 97 McCune, Leonard, La Crosse, Elem. 1-61, 116 McFarlane, Robert, Hawaii, Sec. 1-61 McFee, Twyla, Genoa, Elem. 4-29, 73 McGrath, Gerald, La Crescent, Minn., L8zS 1-61 McGrew, Jane, La Crosse, Elem. 3-45, 80 McLoughlin. Lynne, Jackson, PE 2-51, 122, 105 McMahan, Kathryn, Waukesha, PE 4-29, 92, 103 McMahan, Wayne, Prairie du Sac, PE 2-51 McMurtrie, Earl. Black River, Sec. 1-61 McNamer, Verna, Boscobel, PE 4-29, 83, 103, 156, 148 McQuaid, Thomas. Woodside, PE 1 McQuiety. Mary, Shullsburg, PE 2-52, 120 McQui11en, Paul, La Crosse, L8.zS 4-29 MacGregor, Carol, La Crosse, L8:S 1-61 MacFarlane, Douglas, Portage, PE 4-29, 114, 108, 69, 70 Mader, John. La Crosse, LSLS 2-51, 105 Malizola, Florence, Evanston, Ill., PE 1-61 Magnus, Robert, La Crosse, PE 3--45, 83 Malothy, Armin, La Crosse, PE 4-45, 142 Marck, Myrna, La Crosse, Elem. 3-45, 80 Marcotte, Joe, La Crosse, Elem. 2-51 Marcou, Mary qMrs.J, La Crosse, Elem. 3 Mosher, Jerry. La Crosse, L8:S 1-52 Mosher, William, La Crosse, L8zS 2-52 MOWER William, Burlington, PE 2 Mudrak, Edward, Marinette, Sec. 1-61 Mulder, Leland, Holmen, L8zS 1 Mueller, Frederick, Milwaukee. PE 2-52, 109 Muller, Robert, Onalaska, Sec. 3-45, 114 Mullen, Karen, La Crosse, Elem. 2-52, 101, 75 Munson, Agnes, La Crosse, Elem. 4-30, 45, 73 Munson, Donna, La Crosse, Elem. 1-61, 75 Murach, John, Milwaukee, PE 1-61 Murray, Ester, Milwaukee, PE 1-61, 116 Murphy, Edward, La Crosse, L8cS 3-45 Myers, Ralph, Union Grove, PE 1-61, 122 Natrop, Carol, Kaukauna, PE 4-30, 127, 91, 76 Naukkari, Kathryn QMrs.l, Mukwonago, PE 4-30 Nawrocke, Jerome, La Crosse. L8cS 1-61 Neels, Robert, Elkhart Lake, PE 3-45 Nelsestuen, Karen, La Crosse, Elem. 2-52, 89, 101, 75 Nelson, Dale, La Crosse, L8eS 1-61 Nelson Nelson Nelson Don, La Crosse, L8:S 2-52 Nelson, , James. Camp Douglas, L8eS 1-61 Lavon, Mt. Sterling, Elem. 2-30, 85, 72 Mary, Sand Creek, Sec. 2-52 Nelson, Phyllis, Elroy, PE 4-30, 83 Nelson, Robert, La Crosse, L8zS 1-61 Nerud, Charles, Elroy, LSCS 1 Nesta, Susan, Watertown, PE 2-52, 83, 94, 104 Marcou, Janice, La Crosse, Elem. 4-29, 127, 85, 70. 80 Marion, Charles, Owatonna, Minn., PE 4-29, 82, 108, 69 Marker, George, La Crosse, L8cS 2-51 Marking, Dagny, West Salem, Sec. 4-29, 125, 85, 99, 78, 159 Markos, Charles, La Crosse, LSzS 1-61, 120 Markos, Donald, La Crosse, Sec. 4-113 Marsh, Carolyn, Milwaukee, PE 1-113, 123 Marsolek, Edward, Independence, L8cS 1-61 Martin, John, Racine, PE 3-131 Martin, Lester, Plum City, PE 2-51 Martin, Mark, Steuben, PE 1 Martin, Orpha, La Crosse, L8zS 4 Martin, Pauline, La Farge, PE 3-45, 87, 112, 68, 77, 148 Martin, Rodney, La Crosse, Sec. 3-135, 136 Mashak, Ronald, La Crosse, L8.:S 1-61 Mason, Brian, Lake Geneva, PE 1 Mason, John, La Crosse, L8cS 2-140 Massart, Magdalen, Casco, PE 1-61, 115 Masterjohn, Joan, Shell Lake, PE 1 Masuda, Stanley, Hawaii, L8cS 1-61, 123 Mathes, Eugene, Berlin, PE 2-51 Mathison, Frances, La Crosse, Elem. 2-51 Matteson, Joni, Pewaukee, PE 1 Matson, Marian, Sparta, Elem. 2-30, 72 Mauel, William, Cashton, Sec. 4-30 Max, Joyce, Sheboygan, Elem. 4-30, 91, 105 May, Marlene, Mauston. Sec. 1-60, 113 May, Sylvia, New Albin, Iowa, Elem. 3 Meeks, Sally, La Crosse, Sec. 4 Mehlberg. Aoger, Sheboygan Falls, PE 2-52, 77 Mehlum, Harlow, Viroqua, L8zS 2-52 Mehren, La Vonne, Antigo, LSLS 2-52, 126 Meier, Thomas. Spring Valley, PE 1-61 Meiser, William, Cedarburg, PE 1-61, 123, 135 Meisters, Frederick, Des Moines, Iowa, PE 1-61, 121, 131 Melvin, Charlene, La Farge, PE 4-30, 91, 68, 70 Meuli, Judith, Chippewa, L8zS 2-52 Netzer, Shirley, La Crosse, Sec. 2-52, 98, 79 Neumann, John, La Crosse, PE 1-61 Neuser, Jean, Eau Claire, PE 3-45, 76 Newton, James, Blackwell, Sec. 1-61 Nichols, Gerald, Sparta, L8zS 1-61 Nichols, Lavern, Sparta, L8cS 1-61 Nichols, Russ, Friendship-138 Nicholson, Sharon, Gleason, PE 2-52, 123 Nicol, Suzanne, La Crosse, Elem. 1-61, 113, 114, 122, 75 Niedfeldt, Alan, Bangor, Sec. 2-52 Neisius, Stanley, La Crosse, L8eS 3-45 Niemeyer, Ken, La Crosse, Elem. 3-45, 88, 80 Nitta, Michio, La Crosse, PE 1-61 Noffke, Ralph, La Crosse, L8:S 2-52 Nolop, Richard, La Crosse, LSLS 1-61 Noltemeyer, Barbara, Arlington, PE 2-52 Noltner, Edward. Waterloo, PE 1-61, 131 Nordrum, Lee. La Crosse, Sec. 4-30, 79 Northrup, Charles, La Crosse, L8:S 2-52 Nuckles, Dennis, Belvidere, Ill., L8zS 1-61 Nyberg, Judith, Siren, PE 1-61 O'Brien. John, Wisconsin Rapids, PE 2-52 Ocasek, Marilyn, Chippewa Falls, PE 4-30, 89, 94, 97, 68 O'Connor, Eugene, Milwaukee, L8zS 3-45, 86, 98 Oda, Howard, Wahiawa, Oahu-T. Hawaii, PE 4-31, 144 Oesterreich, Lorraine, Wausau, PE 3-45, 104 Oestreicher, John, La Crosse, L8rS 1-61 O'Hearn, Gary, Melrose, Sec. 2-52 Ogren, Evelyn, Port Wing, PE 3-45, 89, 97, 76 Okey, Allen, Cassville, LSCS 1 Oien, Robert, La Crosse, L8cS 1-62 Oines, Donald, Galesville, L8LS 1-62 Oldenburg, James, La Crescent, Minn., Sec. 1-62 Oldfield, John, New Ulm, Minn., PE 1-62 Merfeld, Donald, La Crosse, L8zS 1-61 Merten, Mathias, Adams, Minn., LSLS 3-45 Mertes, Carol, Kohler, PE 1-61 Merwin, William, La Crosse, LSLS 1-61 Meves, Patricia, Sheboygan, PE 3-45, 89, 92, 94, 68, 170 Meyer, Bruce, La Crosse, PE 3-45 Meyer, Donald, La Crosse, L8.:S 1-61 Meyer, Maureen, Plymouth, PE 3-45, 83, 65 Meyer, Morris, La Crosse, L8zS 3-45 Meyer, Patricia, La Crosse, L8zS 3-45 Meyer, Ronald, Sparta, Sec. 1-61 Meyer Sally, West Salem Elem. 3-45 80 Micheais, Douglas, La crfisse, L8cS 2-52, 115 Michalke, Joseph, La Crosse. L8zS 3-45, 86 Mickelberg, Gordon, Holmen, L8zS 1-61 Oligney. Judy, Iola, PE 2-52 Olson, Olson, Olson, Olson, Olson, Olson, Arthur, Coon Valley, Sec. 3-45 Donna, Lake Mills, PE 1-62, 127, 105 Edward, Stetsonville, PE 1-62 Gaylord, La Crosse, L8rS 2-52 Gene, Holmen, Sec. 4-31 Gerald, Madison, PE 1-62 Olson, James, Cashton, L8:S 1-62 Olson, Joyce. La Crosse, Elem. 1-62 Olson, Larry, Holmen, Sec. 3-45 Olson, Llewellyn, Onalaska, L8zS 1-62 Olson Norman, La Crosse, L8zS 1-62 Olson: Richard, Chippewa Fans, PE 1-62 Olson, Robert, La Crosse, Elem. 3-45 Olson Ronald, Cashton, L8zS 1-62 Mickschl, Lyle, La Crosse, L8zS 2-52 Milbee, Kathleen, La Crosse, Sec. 3-45, 126, 102, 78, 170 oreutt, Ralph, La Crosse, L8cS 1-62 Otto. Lawrence, Onalaska, L8zS 1-62 Miller, Carl, La Crosse, PE 2-52 Miller, Carole, Big Falls, PE 2-52, 107 Miller, Donna, Cadott, PE 1-61 Miller, Frederick, La Crosse, L8cS 2-52, 124 Miller, Jon. La Crosse, L8zS 2-52 Mitchell. Marlene. Ettrick, Sec. 1-61, 79 Osborne, Donald, La Crosse, L8zS 4-96, 104 Padrutt, Janet, Sauk City, Elem. 1-62,113 Patterson, Rodney, La Crosse, PE 1-62 Paine, Thomas, Arcadia, PE 4-31, 88, 109, 77, 144 Mittelstaedt, Richard, Waterford, PE 1-61, 131 Mittelstedat, Elizabeth, La Crosse, Elem. 4-30, 70, 73 Moe, Rodger, Elroy, Sec. 2-52, 115 Moede, Janice, Oconto Falls, PE 2-52, 87, 104 Pampuch, Richard, Independence, PE 4-31, 108, 138 Papenfuss, Richard, La Crosse, L8cS 4-31, 71 Parker, Gary, Spooner, PE 3-45, 135 Parker, Margaret, Galesville, L8zS 1-62 Parker, Ronald, Spooner, PE 1-62, 135 Passow, Ann, Fountain City, L8zS 2-52 Pastori, Kathleen, Racine, Elem. 3-45 Patnode, Andre, La Crosse, L8zS 4-31, 86 Patros, Ronald, La Crosse, L8aS 2-52 Paul, Gerald, La Crosse, L8.:S 1-62 Paul, Wayne, Randolph, PE 1-62, 131, 135 Paulson, Deanna, Rosholt, L8zS 1-62 Payette, Ronald, Two Rivers, Sec. 3-45, 109, 142 Peachey, Charlene, Kenosha, PE 2-52, 85 Peacock, Gene, La Crosse, L8zS 1-62 Peacock, Lyle, La Crosse, L8zS 2-52 Pederson, Darrel, Westby, L8.:S 1-62 Pederson, David, La Crosse, Sec. 1-62, 113, 114 Pederson, Milton, Warrens, PE 1-62 Pederson, Thomas, La Crosse, L3.:S 3-131 Peterson Peotter, James, Appleton, PE 3-45, 82, 145 Perkins, Alfred, Holmen, L8zS 4 hn Manitowoc PE 3 45 82 Perkins, Jo , , - , Pervisky, John, La Crosse, Elem. 2-52 Pervisky, James, La Crosse, L8zS 2-52 Peters, Alan, White Lake, PE 4-31, 82, 77 Peters, Keith, White Lake, PE 4-31, 82, 92, 69, 70 Peters, Mary, White Lake, PE 1-62 Peterson Arland, La Crosse, PE 3-46, 138 Peterson, Burton, Sparta, L8cS 2-52 Peterson Carol, La Crosse, Sec. 3-46 Peterson Diane, La Crosse, L8zS 1-62 Peterson Donald, La Crosse, L8zS 1-62 ' Peterson, Frederick, La Crosse, PE 3-46 Peterson, Nelvin, La Crosse, PE 4-31, 82, 93, 111 Peterson, Peter, La Crosse, PE 2-52 Peterson, Richard, La Crosse, L8rS 3-46, 138 Peterson Shirley, Black River Falls, Elem. 2-31, 72 Stanley Chaseburg, LSLS 1-62 Peth, Donald, La Crosse, PE 4-31, 135, 137 Peth, Kenneth. La Crosse, PE 3-46 Petrakis, Elizabeth, Racine, PE 3-46, 89, 94 Pfaff, Kenneth, Mindoro, L8zS 2-52 Pfaff, Mary, Mindoro, LSLS 1-62 Pfafflin, Mary, La Crosse, L8cS 1-62, 123, 101 Pfeifer, Peter, Elroy, Sec. 2-52, 115, 127, 78 Pfingsten, Adeline, Mishicot, PE 3-46, 76 Pfister, Roger, Sheboygan, PE 2-52 Phelps, John, La Crosse, L8zS 1-62 Philps, James, Camp Douglas, L8zS 2-52, 113. 120 Phillips, Pat, La Crosse, Elem. 1-62, 75 Philpot, Sharran, La Crosse, Elem. 2-52, 101, 75, 158 Phil ipson, Sylvia, Whitehall, Elem. 4-31, 73 Pieper, Jean, New Holstein, PE 1-62, 122 Pierce, Mary, Milwaukee, PE 1-62 Pierce, Russell, La Crosse, L8zS 1-62 Pierce, Sten, Hancock, PE 3-46, 108, 131, 138 Pieterick, Jerome, Independence, L8:S 1-62 Ping, Ronald, La Crosse, L8:S 1-62, 122 Pinkston, Douglas, Janesville, Sec. 1-62, 109, 138 Piojda, Marlene fMrs.J, PE 4-32 Platts, James, Elkhorn, Elem. 3-46 Pleckinger, Joseph, Wausaukee-138 Pliska, Robert, Wisconsin Rapids, PE 2-52, 127 Pomponi, Joseph, Kenosha, PE 3-46 Poehling, Mary, La Crosse, Elem. 2-52, 74 Polglase, Nancy, Green Bay, PE 1-62 Pongratz, Frederic, Tomah, PE 1 Pooch. Harold, Clintonville, PE 1 Post, Carol, Mauston, PE 2-52, 113 Poth, Elaine, Sheboygan, PE 2-52, 125, 93 Potratz, Thomas, Prairie du Chien, L8.:S 2-52 Potter, Virginia, Baraboo, Elem. 3-46 Potton, Dale, Avalon, L8cS 1-62 Powell, Bonnie, La Crosse, Elem. 3-46, 113, 117, 91 Powell, Richard, La Crescent, Minn., L8cS 3-46 Powell, Sharon, Sheboygan, Sec. 2-52 Preslik. Don, Richland Center, L8zS 1-62, 105 Price, Janet, Rio, Elem. 4-32, 81, 89 Priester, Jerry, Wisconsin Dells, L8rS 2-52 Proksch, Ken, La Crosse, L8eS 2-52 Prust, Delore, Waupun, PE 1-62 Puent, Donald, La Crosse, L8zS 2-52 La Crosse L8rS 2 53 Puent, Richard, , - Puls, Thomas. Fond du Lac, PE 3-46, 109, 110, 77, 135, 140 Pusch, Sheila, Hartford, PE 3-46, 113, 122, 87, 76 Putsch. Joe, Mayville, PE 3-46, 82, 102, 108, 141, 142 Pynn, Doris, La Crosse, Elem. 2-32, 53 Quall, Joyce. Onalaska. Sec. 3-46 Quinn, Judith, La Crosse, L8cS 1-62, 114 Raasch, Geraldine, St. Paul, Minn., PE 4-32, 91, 97 Raatz, Betty QMrs.J, La Crosse, Elem. 4 tz ames La Crosse L8cS 1 62 Raa , J . , - Rackow, Carolyn, Argo, Ill., PE 1-62, 122 Rademacher, JoAnn, Waterford, PE 2-53, 95, 97 Radke, Douglas, Black River Falls, L8zS 2 Radtke, Kenneth, Oconomowoc, PE 2 Rand, Gene, Eagle River, PE 4-32, 111, 69, 135 Randall, Peter, La Crosse, Sec. 1-62 Ranger, Sally, West Salem, Sec. 3 Rank, Rolland, Ripon, L8:S 2-53 Rasmussen, Harold, Sparta, L8zS 1 Ravenscroft, Lois, La Crosse, Sec. 1-62 Rawhauser, Noris, Tomah, L8zS 3-46,96 Rawhauser, Ward, Tomah, L8:S 1-62, 142 Rawlings, Russel, Hamilton, Ohio, PE 1-62 Raymer, Robert, West Salem, LSZS 2-53 Raymond, Sandra, La Crosse, Elem. 1-74 Redker, John, Tomah, L8.:S 1-62, 102 Reese, Sharon, La Crosse, Elem. 2-53 Rehwaldt, Mary, Hartford, PE 3-46, 126, 95, 97 Reichhoff, Mary, Grand Marsh, PE 3-46 Reigel, Donald, Windsor, L8cS 3-46 Reinders, David, Johnson Creek, PE 1-62 Reinstra, Bertha, Onalaska, Elem. 1-62 Relyea, Mildred, Taylor, Elem. 2-32, 85 Remmel, Joan, Lomira, PE 3-46 Renning, Ken, Milwaukee, PE 3-46, 81, 126, 92, 93, 108, 110, 8 Repp, Sharon, Greendale, PE 4-32, 89 Rhude, Warren, Arcadia, Sec. 1-62 Richards, Robert, Brownsville, Minn., PE 2-53, 111 Richards, William, Sparta, PE 2-53 Richardson, Ron, Beloit, PE 4-32, 111, 138 Richardson, Sharron, La Crosse, Elem. 1-62, 75 Richling, Paul, La Crosse, L8aS 1 Richter, Mary, Weyauwega, PE 3-46, 114 Rick, Elaine, La Crosse, Elem. 1-63 Riley, Donald, Loyal, LSCS 3-46 Riley, Peggy, La Crosse, Sec. 2-53, 127, 98, 79 Riley, William, Portage, L8zS 1-63 Ries, Robert, Greendale, PE 1 Ringhardt, Carol, Janesville, PE 4-32, 89, 112 Ritchie, Guy, Barron, PE 2-53 Ritger, Richard, Hartford, PE 2-53, 147 Ritter, Robert, La Crosse, LBLS 3-46 Robarge, Douglas, La Crosse, Elem. 3-46 Robbins, Gerald, La Crosse, PE 4-32. 109, 69, 70, 135 Roberts, John, Janesville, PE 2-53, 131 Robertson, Anne, La Crosse, L8zS 1-63, 127 Robertson, Gilbert, Minneapolis, Minn., PE 4-109 Roehl, Richard, Footville, PE 1-63 Rogaczeroski, James, Milwaukee, PE 4-32 Rogstad, Betty, La Crosse, Elem. 3-46, 80 Roloff, Patricia, La Crosse, Elem. 2-53 Roloff, Rodger, La Crosse, Sec. 2-53, 84 Romens, Donna, Fort Atkinson, PE 1-63 Rooker, Thomas, Sparta, L8.:S 1 Roou, John, Viroqua, L8zS 1-63 Rossa, Ernest, Arcadia, L8LS 4-33 Rose, Barbara, Durand, PE 4-32, 89, 103, 144, 155 Rose, Duane, La Crosse, PE 3-46, 84, 111 Rose, Karen, Tomah, Elem. 2-53, 166 Rosenow, Dean, Cochrane, PE 1-63 Roth, Kenneth, New Glarus, PE 3-46 Roth, Mary, La Crosse, L8zS 1-63 Roth, Ruth, New Glarus, Elem. 1-63, 74 Rouches, Dan, Milwaukee, L8aS 1-63, 131, 142 Rouches, George, Milwaukee, PE 4-33 Rowan, James, Cadott, PE 3-46 Rowe, Carol, Montfort, PE 4-33 Rowe, Ronnie, La Crosse, Elem. 3-46, 88, 80 Rudolph, David, Augusta, PE 2-53, 131 Ruegg, Kathleen, La Crosse, L8zS 1-63 Ruel, Thomas, Wauwatosa, PE 1-63, 139, 145 Rumppe, Robert, Ontario, LBLS 2-53 Runnigen, Charles, Sec. 4-33 Russell, Elden, Augusta, L8-:S 2-53 Russell, Judith, Madison, PE 1-63 Ryan, Shirley, Lodi, PE 1-63 Rynning, Alice, Marinette, PE 3-46, 123, 102, 103, 104, '77, 170 Saatkamp, Fred, Dayton, Ohio, PE 4-33 Sala, Patricia, Chicago Heights, Ill., PE' 4-33 Salava, Richard, Mazomanie, PE 3-46 Salem, James, Delavan, PE 1-63, 131, 142 Sandlass, Robert, La Crosse, LSLS 1-63, 138 Sanford, James, La Crosse, L8cS 2-53 Sanft, Carol. Lake Mills, PE 3-46, 83, 107, 112 Sanford, Kathlyn, Wisconsin Rapids, Sec. 1-63, 127 Sanford, Marilyn, Wisconsin Rapids, Sec. 4-33, 87, 93, 104 79 Sannes, Margaret, Soldiers Grove, L8cS 2-53 Sarazin, Richard, La Crosse, L8zS 1-63 Sattervall, Elwood, Minneapolis, Minn., PE 3-46, 82, 110, 145 Sauer, Marilyn, La Crosse, Elem. 2-33, 102, 72 Scanlan, Gale, La Crosse, L8zS 1-63 Schacht, Diane, Lake Geneva, PE 2-53 Schaefer, Kenneth W., Norwalk, PE 1-63, 111 Schaettle, Peter, La Crosse, L8zS 4-33 Schafer, Kenneth O., Onalaska, L8zS 2-63 Schaller, Patricia, Plymouth, PE 4-33, 89 Schalow, James, Stratford, PE 1-63 Schams, Edward, La Crosse, LSLS 1-63 Schams, James, La Crosse, L8rS 1-63 Schams, Sharon, La Crosse, Elem. 3-46, 80 Schanke, Carol, Neenah, PE 1-63 Shanke, Charles, La Crosse, Sec. 4-33, 84, 93, 79 Schanke, Frank, Wisconsin Dells, PE 1-63 Schappe, James, Tomah, Sec. 1-63 Scharer, Sonja, Verona, PE 2-53 Scharpf, James, La Crosse, L8zS 3 Schauder, Shirley, Clintonville, PE 4-33, 87, 107 Schelbe, Joseph, La Crosse, L8zS 3-46, 88 Schendel, Darlene, Norwalk, PE 3-46 Scherdin, Henry, La Crosse, L8zS 1 Schier, Sarah, Milwaukee, PE 3-46 Schiessl, David, La Crosse, Sec. 4-34, 124, 82, 79 Schild, Beverly, West Salem, Elem. 2-53 Schildman, David, La Crosse, L8zS 1-63 Schauder, Shirley, Clintonville, PE 4-103 Schlender, Karl, Oconomowoc, PE 4-34, 82, 108, 111, 145 Schiller, Schlicht Rudolph, Hillsboro, Sec. 4-34, 127, 82, 109, 78, 142 Clarence, La Crosse, Sec. 4-34, 86, 70, 79 scmies, ,Roger, Denmark, L8zS 2-53, 131 Schluter, Duane, Lyndon Station, L8cS 1 Schmid, Jerome, Ontario, LESLS 1-63 Schmidt, Beverly, Appleton, PE 2-103 Schmidt. Charles, Appleton, L8cS 1-63, 127 Schmidt, Donald, Marinette, PE 1-63 Schmidt, John, Randolph, L8eS 1-63 Schmidt, Kenneth, La Crosse, PE 1-63, 70 Schmig, Eugene, New Lisbon, Elem. 3-46 Schmitt, Kenneth, Arcadia, Sec. 4-34, 88, 93, 171, 135 Schmitt, Margie, La Crosse, Elem. 4-34 Schneider, Robert, Adams, PE 3-46, 138 h le Kimberl PE 4 34 68 70 77 Schneider, S ir y, Y, - , , , Schnell, Carolyn, La Crosse, L8zS 2-53, 124, 102 Schneyer, Robert, La Crosse, L8zS 2-53 Schnuck, Gerald, Kenosha, LSCS 3-46 Schoen, Louis, La Crosse, L8zS 1 Schoenfeld, Richard, La Crosse, LSLS 2-53, 116 Schomberg, Mary, La Crosse, Elem. 2-53, 85, 74 Schoonouer, Gary, Viroqua, L8eS 1 Schrier, James, La Crosse, LBLS 1-63 Schroeder, Barbara, Greendale, PE 2 Schroeder, Carol, Dodgeville, PE 1-63, 113, 123 Schroeder, Douglas, Sparta, Sec. 1-63, 131 Schroeder, Fred, Bangor, LSLS 3-46 Schroeder, Joan, Milwaukee, PE 2-53 Schroeder, Kermit, La Crosse, L8zS 4-34 Schubert, Gerold, La Crosse, Elem. 3-46, 80 Schuett, David, Sullivan, PE 1-63 Schultz, Delbert, Chilton, PE 4-34, 82, 108, 131 Schultz, John, La Crosse, L8zS 1-63 Schultz Ka Anti o Elem. 3-126 87 80 , y, g , , , Schultz, Steven, Sheboygan, PE 2-53, 82, 144 Schulz, Robert, Wonewoc, Sec. 2-53, 113, 114, 116, 12 Schumacher, Elaine, Fall Creek, PE 1-63, 125 Schumacher, Sandra, Eau Claire, PE 4-34, 112, 148 Schwandt, Dianne, Markesan, PE 3-46, 87 Schwartz, Dov, La Crosse, L8eS 4-68 Sciborski, John. La Crosse, L8.:S 1-63 Scott, Robert, Calgary, Alberta, PE 1-145 Seaman, Robert, Adams, Sec. Ed. 2-53, 139 Seemann, Emery, La Crosse, L8zS 2-53 Seep, Phillip, Cazenovia, Elem. 2-53 5, 78 Seibert, Joseph, Milwaukee, Sec. 3 Semrow, Caroline, Milwaukee, Elem. 4-34, 83, 103, 106 Seopa, Elaine, Togo, Minn., PE 1-63, 76 Serio, Sally, Milwaukee, PE 3-46, 126, 77, 170 Servais, Everett, Coon Valley, L8eS 1-63 Severson, Diana, La Crosse, L8eS 3-46, 91, 98, 71 Severson, Glen, Taylor, PE 1-135 Severson, Mildred, Tomah, Sec. 1-63 Seybold. Ronald, Friendship, PE 3-46, 82, 76, 135 Shaw, Judith, La Crosse, Elem. 1-63, 113, 74 Sheldon, Donald, La Crosse, L8LS 1-63 Shepherd, Jean, La Crosse, Elem. 1-63 Sherer, Kenneth, Park Falls, PE 1-63 Sheridan, William, Kendall, Sec. 2-53 Sherry, Thomas, Viroqua, L8zS 1-63 Shervey, Lee, Skokie, Ill., Sec. 3-46, 86, 102, 105 Shields, Susan, Westby, Elem. 1-63, 113 Shimshak, John, La Crosse, LSLS 3-46 Shisler, Jean, La Crosse, Sec. 2-53 Shogren, William, La Crosse, Sec. 3-46, 115, 88, 78 Shong, David, Augusta, PE 1-63 Shoults, Gary, Onalaska, L8zS 2-53 Shumate, Larry, La Farge, Sec. 2-53, 113, 115, 96 Shutter, Duane, Madison. PE 2-53, 131 Siekert, Nerine, Sparta, Sec. 1-63 Simeth, Don, Milwaukee, PE 4-34, 127 Simmons, J. Royce, La Crosse, L8.:S 3-46 Simmons, Susan, Milwaukee, PE 1-63 Simeons. Gerald, De Pere, PE 1-131 Sinko, Margaret, Duluth, Minn., PE 4-35, 92 Skaaland, Palmer, Viroqua, L8rS 2-53 Skaar, Marlene, Cottage Grove, PE 4-35, 83, 92, 95, 155 Skaer, Dennis, Mauston, PE 1-63 Skappel, Dianne, Stoddard, Elem. 1-63, 127, 102, 105, 75 Skemp, Dan, La Crosse, L8zS 1-63 Skemp, David, La Crosse, LSLS 2-53, 131 Skenadore, Donna, West De Pere, PE 2-53, 120, 76 Skundberg, Rachel, Westby, L8zS 2-53 Sleik, Suzanne, La Crosse, L8eS 1-64, 98 Smaby, Marlowe, La Crosse, Sec. 1-64 Smetant. Minerva, Bloomer, Elem. 2 Spitzer, Raymond, Kenosha, PE 2-53 Sprick, Greta, West Salem, Sec. 4-35, 81, 91, 101, 102, 7 Sprain, Russell, West Salem. LBLS 3-47 Staats, Don, La Crosse, Sec. 3-47, 84, 79 Stankey, Michael, La Crosse, LHS 1-64 Stark, Margaret, La Crosse, Elem. 3-73 Steger, Donna, Racine, PE 2-53 Stefferud, Beverly, Cashton, PE 4-35. 76 Steinbrecher, Edwin, Milwaukee, PE 4-35, 131, 140 Steinke, Raymond, La Crosse, L8zS 1 Steinmetz, Marjorie, La Crosse, Elem. 1-64, 75 Stellick, Ron, La Crosse, PE 1-64 Stellmacher, James, Fairwater, PE 1-64 Stenger, Edward, Green Bay, PE 2-53, 141 Sterba, Gene, Kendall, PE 2-54 Sterba, Mary, Elroy, PE 1-64 Sterman, Fay, Hartford, PE 3-47, 114, 89, 95, 97, 77 Stetzer, Naomi, Onalaska, Elem. 1-64, 127, 72 Stewart, Donald, Osseo, PE 2-54, 131 Stoddard, Ruth, Richland Center, Elem, 1-64, 74 Stoebe, Harry, Kenosha, PE 1-64 Stoker, Frances, La Crosse, Elem. 2-54 Stone, Ronald, Sparta, Sec. 4-35 Storandt, Alice, La Crosse, Elem, 3-47, 113, 91, 80 Stork, David, Rothschild, PE 1-64 Storzer, Eileen, Mountain, PE 1-64, 127 Stowell, Duanem, La Crosse, Elem. 4-35 Strand, Betty, Blair, Elem. 4-47 Strand, William, La Crosse, Elem. 3-47 Strehl, Ken, La Crosse, L8zS 2-54 Strehlow, Beverly, Pine River, PE 4-35 Strek, Janice, Wausau, PE 3-46, 113, 116, 117, 97 Strodthoff, Ann, Tomah, Elem. 4-35, 87, 97, 70, 80 Stuhr, Sam, Onalaska, L8eS 4-35 Stromila, Ruth, Manitowoc, PE 3-47, 126, 83, 95 Stueland, Robert, La Crosse, L8cS 2-54 Stusek, Caron, Grantsburg, PE 2 Stusek, Charles, Grantsburg, L8zS 1-64, 131 Stylen, Clayton, Coon Valley, L8.:S 3 Suchla, Germane, Arcadia, L8zS 3-47, 113, 114, 117, 88, Sukowatey, Carol, Cleveland, PE 1-64 Sullivan. Arthur, La Crosse, Sec. Ed. 4 Svec, Alice. La Crosse, Elem. 3-47, 91, 80 Swancutt, Ruth, La Crosse, L8eS 2-54 Swanson. Shirley, La Crosse. Elem. 1-64, 113 Sween, Kent, Holmen, Sec. 2-54 Swenson, Nancy, Stoughton, PE 1-64 Swertfeger, Kenneth, La Crosse, L8eS 4-35, 71 Swetland, Kathleen, La Crosse, Sec. 1 Swisciakowski, Joan, Menasha, Sec. 2-54 Tangney, Patrick, Deerfield, PE 3-47 Tartogni, Vittorio, Padua, Italy, LBLS 1 Taylor, Sharon, Dallas, Sec. 2-54 Taylor, William. Racine, PE 3-47 Taylor, Willis, La Crosse, Sec. 4-35 Teal, Jack, La Crosse, Sec. 1-64, 105 Temp, Dianne, La Crosse, L8zS 2-54 Temp, Marvin, La Crosse, L8zS 3 Temby, Ralph, La Crosse, PE 3-47 Temte, Eric, La Crosse, Sec. 4-36, 113, 79 Tennison, Norma, La Crosse, Sec. 4-125, 85, 98, 99, 101 Terpstra, Janet, La Crosse, L8.:S 1-36, 64 Terpstra, Mary, La Crosse, Sec. 2-54, 123, 78 Terry, Robert, La Crosse, L8eS 2-54 Thaldorf. Robert. La Crosse. Elem. 4-47 Thelan, Robert, Grafton, PE 1-64, 135 Thicke. Joseph, La Crescent, Minn. ,Sec. 2-54, 127 Thiel, Gertrude. La Crosse. Elem. 3-47, 123, 83, 93, 80 Thies, Sandra. La Crosse, Elem. 1-64, 101, 10 Thomas, Judith, Pewaukee, Elem. 1-64 Thomas, Kenneth, Greendale. PE 2-54, 88 Thomas, Mary, Eagle River, PE 2-54 Thomas, Rita, Arcadia, PE 1-64, 127 Smick, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Donald, Independence, Sec. 3-46 Doris, Onalaska, Elem. 1-64 Gordon, La Crosse, PE 1-64 Jack, La Crosse, L8zS 2-53 James, La Crosse, Elem, 3-47 Judith, Hartford, PE 1-64, 126, 104 Nancy, Onalaska, Elem. 1-64 Smith, Philip, La Crosse, L8zS 2-53 Smith, Robert D., Janesville, PE 3-47, 82 Smith, Robert E., Mukwonago, PE 2-53, 131 Smith, Russell, Sparta, L8zS 2-53 Smith, William, La Crosse, PE 2-53 Snapp George, La Crosse, L8cS 3-47 Snodgrass, Robert, Lancaster, PE 1-64 Snorek, Snyder, Snyder, Gayland, Elroy, L8zS 2-53 Bruce, La Crosse, L8eS 2-64, 122 Ronald, La Crosse, Sec. 3-47 Soderberg, Donald, Thorp, PE 1 Soholt, Solberg, Solberg, Dalen, Spooner, L8zS 1-64 Clinton, Rockland, L8eS 1-64 Roland, La Crosse, L8rS 2-53 Sorensen, Herbert, Lyndon Station, Elem. 3-47 Spanhei mer, Delores, Washburn, Elem. 1 Spatt, Raymond, Sheboygan, PE 1-64 Speer, June, Fort Atkinson, PE 1-64 2, 75 Thomas, Bomana, Arcadia, PE 1-64 Thomas, Thomas, La Crosse, L8eS 1-64 Thompson, Robert, Spooner, PE 1-64, 79 Thompson, Barbara, La Crosse, Sec. 1-64 Thompson, Beverly, Sparta, LSLS 3-47. 87 Thompson, Charles, Westby, L8eS 2-54 Thompson, Gerald, La Crosse, PE 1 Thompson, Michael, La Crosse, L8zS 1-64 Thompson Robert. Burlington, PE 2-54, 113, 135 Thomsen, lrehn, Milwaukee, PE 2-54, 131 Spehn, Patricia, Milwaukee, PE 3-47, 127, 87, 112, 148 Spencer, Gloria, La Crosse, Elem, 3 Speich, Arleen, Reedsburg, Sec. 1-64, 76, 79 Speich, Doris, Reedsburg, PE 2-53 Sperry, Ronald, Camp Douglas, L8rS 2-53 Spink, Robert, Sparta, L8zS 1-64 Spinner, Doris, New Albin, Iowa, Elem, 1-64 Thoreson. Jean lMrs.J, La Crosse, L8eS 2-54 Thornburg, Beverly, Milwaukee, PE 1-127 71 Thornburg. Mary Lou, Milwaukee, PE 4-36, 64, 89, 93, 97, 6 Thune, Donald, Cornell, L8zS 4-36 Tietz, John, La Crescent, Minn., L8rS 1-64 Timm. JoAnn, La Crescent, Minn., L8zS 2-54 Tippery. Larry, Prairie du Chien, 1-64 Tjarks, Carolyn. Mason City, Iowa. Sec. 1 0, 79 8, 70 Took, Shirley, West Bend, Sec. 4-36, 124, 85, 93, 94, 95, 99, 100, 101, 78 Toms, Helen, Rhinelander, Sec. 2-54 Tolstyga, Barbara, Kenosha. Sec. 1-64 Torgerson, Ina, La Crosse, Elem. 2-54, 73 Torgerson, Charlene, La Crosse, Sec. 4-36, 98 Tostrud, Donna, Westby, Elem, 4-36, 89, 93, 70, 80 Toynton, James, Genoa City, Elem. 2-54, 75. 138 Tracey, Merrillyn, Milwaukee, PE 2-54, 106 Train, Jean, La Crosse, L8:S 3-47, 102 Trehus. Leslie, Spring Grove, L8eS 3-47 Tremelling, William-47 Trochell, Barbara, Manitowoc, L8zS 4-123, 95 Truog, Rodney, Independence, PE 3-47 Trute, Lorene, Mauston, Elem. 4-36, 123, 80 Tschumper, Patricia, La Crescent, Minn., L8eS 1 Trapp, June, La Crosse, Elem.-64, 73 Tubb, Richard, Spring Green, PE 3-47, 88, 110 Tulpo, Bruce, Palmyra, L8zS 2-54, 98, 105 Turnmire, Joyce, Soldiers Grove, Elem. 1-64, 125, 72 Turzinski, Barbara, Muskego, PE 1-64 Tweed, Diane, La Crosse, Elem. 4-36, 89, 101, 70, 80 Twining, Marilyn, Spooner, PE 1-64 Ulrich, Judy, La Crosse, Elem. 4-36, 125, 85, 97, 70, 80 Ultelg, Rodney, Tomah, L8zS 2-54 Umnus, David, Watertown, PE 2-54, 131 Ungroat, Jane, Green Bay, PE 1-64, 158 Urbanek, Ronald, La Crosse, L8cS 3-47 Vail, Thomas, Milwaukee, PE 1-64 Van Ark, Clara. Oconto Falls, PE 2-54 Vandenberg, Al, Oshkosh, PE 3--47, 109, 131, 138 Vanderhoof, Robert, Spencer, PE 1-64 Vanderhouf, Munson, Spencer, PE 2-54 Vanderwall, Judith, Mosinee, PE 2-54 Vanderzee, Carol, Bangor, Sec. 4-36, 113, 116, 85 Van Dresser, Doris, Lake Geneva, PE 3-47 Van.Duser, Martha, West Allis, PE 1-64, 127, 95 Vaningan, Robert, La Crosse, PE 4-36, 111 Van Loon, Donald, La Crosse, Sec. 4-37 Van Loon, Ruth, Holmen, Elem. 3-47, 73 Van Vleet, William, La Crosse, L8aS 4-37, 86, 96 Varco, Beth, La Crosse, Lacs 1-64, 122, 102 Vasser, Sandra, Two Rivers, PE 1-64 Vedum, Gary, West Salem, L8zS 1-114, 65 Veit, John, Seattle, Wash., L8zS 1-65 Vesper, Judith, Johnson Creek, PE 1-65 Ver Velde, Rodney-47, 135, 136 Ver Velde, Rodney, Sheboygan, PE 3-47, 135, 136 Vieth, Carol, Sparta. Elem. 2-37, 94, 72 Viertel, Cynthia, Berlin, PE 1-65 Vieth, Hollis, Sparta, L8cS 1-65 Vieth, Clinton, Sparta, Elem. 3-47, 96 Vieregge, Evan, Sparta, Elem. 4-37. 96 Vieregge, Larry, Sparta, L8zS 1-96, 65 Viner, Darlene, La Crosse, Elem. 1-114, 65 Vinger, Donald, Melrose, Sec. 1-115, 65 Vingers, David, La Crosse, L8zS 1-65 Voboril, William, Adams, PE 1-65 Vockel, Joan, West Milwaukee, PE 4-37, 124 Vollenweider, Richard, La Crosse, L8zS 1 Volke, Thomas, Whitefish Bay, L8zS 3-47, 109 Vollmar. James, La Crosse, L8zS 3-141 Von Arx, Lois, La Crosse, 3-47 Voss, Earl, Union Grove, PE 1-65 Voss, Norma, Union Grove, PE 3-47, 89 Voss, Robert, Bangor, Sec. 4 Wadel, Orlando, Mindoro, LSLS 2-54 Wagner, Daniel, La Crosse, L8zS 3-47 Wahlstrom, David, La Crosse, L8zS 3-47, 86 Waldenberger, Dean, West Salem, L8cS 4-37, 70 Waldenberger, Frances, Holmen, Elem. 2-37 Waldenberger, Phyllis, Holmen, Sec. 1-65 Wakeen, Mary, La Crosse, L8zS 1-65 Walsh, J. Leon, Seneca, Elem. 3-47 Walters, Etta, Eitzen, Minn., Elem. 1-122, 65, 74 Walters, Perry, La Crosse, L8:S 1-113, 98, 100, 102, 65 Walther, Bette, Oconomowoc, Elem. 1-120, 74 Warczak, Hubert, La Crosse, PE 2-54, 84, 131, 144 Ward, Robert, La Crosse, L8LS 2-54, 166 Wargula, Joan, Wautoma, Elem. 4-37, 85 Warnecke, Elaine, Kaukauna, PE 2-54 Warner, Terry, Green Bay, PE 1-113, 121, 65, 142 Weber, Eugene, Campbellsport, PE 3-47 Weber, Judy, La Crosse, Sec. 2-54, 89, 101, 105, 78 Webster, Louise, La Crosse, Elem. 2-54, 121 Webster, Nancy, Neopit, PE 4 Wechter, Byron, Oregon, PE 4-121, 108, 110, 111, 140 Wedwick, Wayne, Chaseburg, L8zS 1-65 Wegner, Ronald, Bangor, Sec. 4-121, 70, 79 Wehrle, Richard, Rockford, Ill., PE 1-65 Weiby, Marcia, La Crosse, Elem. 3 Weichmann, Gerald, DeForest, PE 1-65 Weighmen, Carol, La Crosse, L8aS 1-65 Weiland, Roger, La Crosse, PE 3-47 Weingarten, Carol, West Salem, Elem. 1-126, 65, 74 Weingarten, Mary Jo, West Salem, Elem. 2-54, 74 Weinstock, Diane, La Crosse, Elem, 4-37, 159 Weinstock, Floyd, Milwaukee, PE 3-47 Weinstock, Judith, Milwaukee, Sec. 3-47, 126, 159, 148 Weinstock, William, La Crosse, PE 3-109, 131 Weir, Gerald, Milwaukee, PE 2-54 Weiser, Jerry, Prairie du Chien, PE 1-65 W1esJahn, Otto, Merton, PE 1-131 Wekseth, Arlan, La Crosse, L8zS 1-65 Welch, Donna, Tomah, PE 1-65 Welch, Richard, Gays Mills, PE 4-37, 102, 111, 144 Wellman, Gordon, Wonewoc, Sec. 4-37, 81, 84, 96, 109, ,110, 78 142 Wells, Carol, Janesville, PE 1-65 Welsh, Victoria, Wausau, PE 2-54 Welton, Jacquelyn, Hurley, PE 4-37 Wendlandt, Donald. La Crosse, Sec. 3-47 Wenz, George, Baraboo, L8zS 2-54 Wertz, Mary Lou, La Crosse, Elem. 2-54 Wesener, Arthur, Brillion, PE 4-38, 76 Wessler, Carol, La Crosse, Elem. 4-73 Westwood, Barbara, Milwaukee, PE 2-54, 89 Wetl'?te,713urgcin, La Crosse, Sec. 4-38, 113, 82, 92, 96, 101, 108 Wettengel, Thomas, Hales Corners, PE 1-131 Weyers, Joan, Milwaukee, PE 1-65 Weyhmiller, Judith, Loyal, PE 2-54, 87 Whitbeck, Ivis, La Crosse, Elem. 3-47, 120 White, Marlaine, Madison, Elem. 3-47, 120, 91, 93, 94, 97, 80 Whitworth, Robert, La Crosse, L8zS 1-114, 116, 65 Wick. Marion, La Crosse, Elem. 1-65 Wiehl, Earl, La Crosse, PE 3-47, 84, 109, 111, 77 Wiesjahn, Otto, Merton, PE 1-65 Wilcox, Richard, Edgerton, PE 1-65 Wild, Karen, Medford, L8zS 2-54 Wilde, Charles, Wilton, L8zS 1 Wildt, Philip, Lodi, PE 1-125, 65, 77 Willemssen, Nancy, La Crosse, L8.zS 1 Williams, Thomas, La Crosse, L8aS 1-65 Williamson, Jane, De Forest, Sec. 1-113, 65 Wilson, Ronald, La Crosse, L8zS 2-54, 113, 123 Wing, Gloria, New London, PE 2-54 Worden, Gorden Allen, Wauwatosa, Elem. 3-47 Wright, Marian, Milwaukee, PE 1 Wright, Thomas, Mauston, Sec. 2-54 Winge, Nyra, Chicago, Ill., PE 2-54 Winiarski, Ed, Milwaukee, PE 4-38, 108, 76, 135, 137 Winslow, John, Brownsville, Minn., L8zS 1-65 Winter, Judith, Prairie du Chien, L8.zS 2-54, 158 Wirth, David, Fond du Lac, PE 2-54 Wisner, Gene, Milwaukee, PE 4-38, 82, 111, 140 Witt, John, La Crosse, L8zS 2-54 Witt, William, La Crosse, L8zS 4 Witte, Sharon, Mindoro, Elem. 1-65, 72 Wittlief, Kathryn, Fort Atkinson, Elem. 2-54, 113 Witzke, Terry, La Crosse, Elem. 1-114, 65 Wolff, Cynthia, La Crosse, Elem. 4-38, 113, 117, 84, 97, 80 Wolfe, Darlene, Onalaska, Elem. 1-65, 72, Wolfe, Lawrence, New London, PE 1-65, 144 Wolfe, Mary, La Crosse, Sec. 1-65 Wolfgram, Ardyce lMrs.J, La Crosse. Elem. 2-65, 73 Wolfgram, Carol, Pewaukee, PE 1-124, 65 Wolford, Robert, Sparta, Sec. 1-65 Wood, Glen, Rhinelander, PE 1-65 Wood. Judith, Galesville, Sec. 2-54, 125, 89, 78 Wood, Paul, La Crosse, Elem. 3-47, 115, 85, 80 Wright, Marion, Milwaukee, PE 1-65 Yandry, Jean, Fort Atkinson, PE 1-124, 65 Yatogo, Kimiko, Kona, Hawaii, Elem. 3-47, 122, 83, 93, 80, 156 Yeagle, Louisa, Oxford, Mass., PE 1-65 Yeomans, Lucy, Prairie du Chien, Sec. 4-38, 87, 97 Yont, Ralph. Waukesha, PE 1-65, 131 Yoon, Byong Soo, Seoul, Korea, L8zS 1-65 Young, Charles, Viroqua, L8zS 3-47, 87 Young, Sally, La Crosse, Elem. 1-65, 75 Young, William, Black River Falls, L8aS 3-47 Youmans, Patrick, Colby, PE 3-47, 111, 162, 138 Yttri, Clara, Viroqua, Elem. 2-54, 125, 74 Yunker, Anne, La Crosse, Elem. 4-38, 127, 85, 70, 80 Zablocki, Diane, Pulaski, PE 3-47 Zahorik, JoAnn, Galesville, Elem. 1-65 Zanin, Lee, Lake Geneva, PE 1-111, 65 Zanter, James, La Crosse, PE 3-47, 84 Zeisler, Richard, La Crosse, L8cS 1 Zellmer, Donna, La Crosse, Sec. 4-38, 113 Zenke, Larry, Galesville, PE 1-65 Zieloski, Mary, Kewaunee, PE 3-47, 89, 95, 106 Zeigler, Myron, La Crosse, L8zS 4-38 Zeigler, Paul, La Crosse, Sec. 4-38, 84 Zimbric, Eugene, Waterloo, PE 2-54, 144 Zimmerman, Clayton, Racine, L8aS 1-65 Zimmerman, Marian, Plymouth, PE 4-38, 148 Zimmerman, Raymond, La Crosse, L8zS 1 Zimprich, Carol, Racine, PE 2-54 Zinke, Roger, Kendall, Sec. 1-65 Zittelman, Kenneth, Colfax, Sec. 4-38, 113 Zoellner, James, Stratford, PE 1-65 G. A. KELLER PRINT, LA CROSSE, WIS. onfe'::a2:lf1'-Q, 1 1

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