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L . 12,-, , 3":m' m ayw -. v V ,. 3 n. ' , A A . w 4 mm. 7955 La Crosse Wisconsin State College At La Crosse 0 Administration . . . .............. 4 Faculty ........................ 1 1 Seniors ........................ 25 Juniors ........................ 45 Sophomores . . . . ................ 61 Freshmen ....................... 73 Organizations ................... 95 Sports ........................ 149 Special Events ................ 185 PRESIDENT 0F COLLIEGE Rexford S. Mitchell We take many things for granted. We pay a fee at the beginning of the semester and in the spring we receive a copy of the annual. We recognize it as an interesting and valuable record of the college year but seldom think of the process by which fees have been transformed into annuals. That process consists of planning, typing and photog- raphy and many other hours of hard work throughout the year on the port of the Annual Staff. Our fee pays part of the cost; they literally donate the rest. Each and every member of the staff deserves our sincere thanks and appreciation. --REXFORD S. MITCHELL Page 4 DEAN 0f COLLEGE o .- , 5 .- ...... 1 Maurice Graff Why will you remember the college year of 1954-1955? This book will help you to recall some of the highlights. But there will be many of your experiences and observations not recorded on these pages. Perhaps you have found your life's partner during these months. Per- haps you have found friends that you'll keep for the next 60 years. Or perhaps this year merely found yourself, made your chart for the years ahead, and really got yourself under way. Whatever your particular reasons for remembering 1954-1955 at La Crosse State College, we hope they are substantial, satisfying and profitable. eMAURICE O. GRAFF DEAN 0F WOMIEN i Edith J. Cartwright As you review the college year through this pictorial record of activities, each of you will doubtless be thinking of what the year has meant to you, personally. I hope that it has been a good year, rich in experience, happy and profitable and that your next year will be even better. Good luck to those who will be teaching for the first year and to all - a pleasant vocation. -MISS EDITH CARTWRIGHT Page 6 DEAN 0F MEN R. J. Gunning "Not as a literary achievement or as a specimen of perfection but as on aid to refresh the memories of those who lived through the events which are portrayed between its covers, this yearbook is submitted to the student body and faculty of our college." This quotation appeared in my college annual. It might be re- written to fit this year's La Crosse, presented by the class of 1955. The seniors of 1955 have submitted a far better literary effort and a more perfect picture of the school year, but it serves the some purposes e to refresh your memories of this year in the years to follow. Congratulations to the class of 1955! Your book will enable us to re-Iive this interesting and worthwhile year. -R. J. GUNNING Dean of Men EUGENEMURPHY Regent Page 8 N E E R G A Du U A L Registrar GLEN M. SMITH Dr. Smith is the new division head of the menis Physical Educa- tion Department. He began his work in September and is completing his first year at the college. Dr. Smith replaces the late Mr. Wittich. FACULTY DIVISION HEADS J EAN ROLFE Elementary Education WILLIAM LAUX Letters 8: Science EMMA LOU WILDER Physical Education ALICE DRAKE Rural Education EVERETT WALTERS Secondary Education BERNARD YOUNG Principal Campus School Page 12 PAULI NE ABEL Critic ALVI DA AH LSTROM Language ORLIN ANDERSON Geography THOMAS AN N ETT Music MAUREE APPLEGATE Rural Education BEATRICE BAIRD Physical Education ORVILLE BRAULT Critic AGNES BREENE Critic Page 13 Page 14 JESSIE CALDWELL Elementary Education FRANCES CARTER Physical Education MARGARET CHEW Geography HAROLD CLASSEN Geography MILFORD COWLEY Chemistry CARLIN DAHLER Physics FREDERICK DAVIES History ALICE DE BOWER Recreation CLIFTON DE VOLL Physical Education KENNETH FISH Critic ROBERT FREDERICK Speech HOWARD FREDRICKS Critic FLOYD GAUTSCH Physic'cll Education ERNEST GERSHON Physical Education GEORGE GILKEY History MARIAN GRANGER Critic Page 15 VELMA GUNN l NG Biology MARY HAMILTON Physical Education Dorm Resident MARION HAMMES Critic RICHARD HARTLEY Biology MARY HEBBERD English KENNETH HOLLUB Physical Education EDGAR KNOWLTON English W. GREY CONRAD Chemistry Page 16 FERD J. LIPOVETZ Chemistry Physical Education DAVID MEWALDT Music LEON MILLER Physical Education RUTH NIXON Language MARGARET NOLTE Social Science ANN OAS English MARGARET OLESON Speech RHEA PEDERSON Critic FLORENCE PRYBYLOWSKI Critic V. B. RASMUSEN Physics HANS REUTER Physical Education LAWRENCE ROWE Chemistry TH EODORE ROZETTE Mathematics MARJORIE SMITH Critic LESTER STEINHOFF Critic ARNOLD TEMPTE Mathematics ANN THOMAS Physical Education WALTER THORESEN Social Science MARI E TOLAND Speech ESTEN VICKROY Physical Education FRAN K WALLACE Art DON WILLE Health Education LEONORE WILSON Critic CARL WIMBERLY Social Science EDITH WING English EMERSON WULLING English Faculty Members Not Pictured BETTY BAIRD HELEN DYSON BERNADINE KUNKEL META LEIBL THEODORE ROVANG ADA ULNESS LIBRARIANS... MARGARET AN ETT Library MILDRED COWLEY Text Book Library CATHERINE CRAIL Library LUORA FAWC ETT Li bro ry ALICE HAGAR Campus School Library MARGARET HOCKER Library MARTHA SKAAR Library Library - 2nd Floor- Main Building Page 22 Looking over sketches of the new La Crosse State College library are from left: Eugene Murphy, member of the Board of College Regents; Sen. Raymond C. Bice, member of the State Building Commission; Martha Skaar, college librarian; and Dr. Rexford Mitchell, president. Construction work was started Tuesday, Dec. 7 on the new library at La Crosse State College. Page 23 HEALTH CENTER Mrs. E. H. Townsend Mrs. Otto Vonaux, EN. The Health Center of La Crosse State College is available to all students. Part of the registration fee is used to finance the expense of the center. The staff includes Dr. D. M. Buchmon, Mrs. E. H. Townsend and Mrs. Otto Vonaux, R.N. Page 24 SENIORS MARY AIKEN MARLENE ADRIAN SALLY K. ANDERSON Milw uk , . . Onalaska a ee Wlsconsm Rapxds Ph ' Ed f Letters and Science yswal uca Ion Elementary Education Delta Psi Ka 2,3, P 95' en 4; Eta Phi Alpha 3, Treasurer 4. Kappa Delta pg? 3 Trgaslgrert 4. Elementary Education Club 2,3,4 Physical Educatiori Club 23.4; Wesley Club 2.3.4; House Preslden Gamma Delta 123,4; Alpha Phi 2,4. Pi 1,2,14; CCC 4; Social Commit- tee 3,4; WSGA 1; WRA; Camping Club 2.3.4; George Snod- grass Scholarship Award; Who's Who; House President 2. MARY APPLETON SYLVIA H. BANGSBERG ANN BICKLEY St Kaukauna West Salem oughton h ' d ' Physical Education Elementary Education P ysncal E ucahon , Ph sical Education Club 2,3,4; Al Physical Education Club 3,4; Alpha Elementary Educatlon Club 1,253.4: p113: phi pi 2,3,4; Social Committe Phi Pi 2,3,4; W50 2, Treasurer 3, Gamma Delta 1, Treasurer 2,3,4; 4; WSGA 1,233; Band 1- WR 4; WRA 1,2,3,4. Iota.- X1 Omega 2,3,4; Racquet 2.3'4; 1,2,3,4; WSO Corresponding, Secre- $33341; Band 112,3'4; House Presi- tary 3, Secretary 4; Wesley Club 1; Intersorority Council 3,4. Page 26 OF 1955 PATRICIA BIEMERET BEVERLY BOGUSKI GERALD BOHLMAN Green Bay Green Bay La Crosse Physical Education Physical Education Letters and Science Orchesis 3, Vice-President 4; Phys- . . ical Education Club 1,2,3,4; New- ;mf. 4x51353135?351122cf3n3'c5f33r1. man Club 1, Social Chairman 2,3,4: 119$ Phi P1 1234. Bessie Hem; Sm" Lambda.51gma 2, secremfy utchinson Schdlrlr'sh'lp 4. W50 2 3,4; Iptersoronty Council: Socml Vice-President 4. WRZA 1 234' Commlttee 2; WSGA 1,2, Secretary ' ' ' 3, President 4; House President 1; WRA 4; L Bar X 1; Homecoming Queen 1952; "I Remember Mama"; Who's Who. elta Psi Kappa 3, Sergeant-at- Lambda Tau Gamma 2, Secretary 3, President 4; Social Committee 2, Chairman 3: Choir 2. BARBARA BRANCH ROBERT BRENNER HELEN BUCKAN La Crosse La Crosse La Crosse Elementary Education Letters and Science Physical Education Iementary Education Club 1,2,3,4; Eta Phi Alpha 2,3, President 4; Physical Education Club 2,3,4; res Club 1,2; Lambda Sigma Chi Newman Club 1,2,3,4; Trowbrldge Gamma. Delta 2, Vice-Presldent 3, , Vice-President 3,4. Scholarship Award. 4; WRA 1,2,3,4. Page 27 SENIORS BERNICE BUELOW JAMES BURNS ANN CAMPBELL La Crosse La Crosse La Crosse Elementary Education Letters and Science Elementary Education Kappa Delta P1 2, Secretary 3 2L" Club Vice-President 3,4; New- Kappa Delta Pi 3, Vice-President and 4; Elementary Education Club man Club 1,2,3,4; Beta Sigma Chi 4; E'ementary Education Club 1,2, 1,2,3,4; Wesley Club 2; Sigma 3,4; CCC Vice-President 4; Golf 1, 3,4: WSGA 3,4; Sapphonlan Schol- Lambda Sigma 2.3.4; Racquet 1; 2,3,4. ar hip. La Crosse 3; Alice 0. Gordon Award. ,1 MARGARET ANN CARTER JAMES CLARK GAIL KUMM CLEARY La Crosse Janesville La Crosse Elementary Education Physical Education Elementary Education Elementary Education Club 2,3; 23,1,151818;?n3fi?pg;yzgli,arrgsdigggfigg Elementary Education Club 2,3,4; Orchesls 1,2,3,4; LSA 1,2; Lambda Club 2,3,4; Newman Club 12, Vice- Wesley Club 2,4: Lambda Slgma. Sigma Chi 3,4. President 314; Phi Kappa Epsilon Chi 3, Corresponding Secretary 4. 1, Vice-President 2, President 3,4; CCC 3: Basketball l,2,3,4; Co-op Board President 3; Who's Who; La Crosse Community Trust Award; MIAA 1,2,3,4; Sophomore and Jun- ior Class President. Page 28 J AMES CROWLEY Portage Physical Education Phi Epsilon Kappa 4; Sigma Delta Psi Vice-Presldent 2, President 3 and 4: Physical Education Club 4; Newman Club 123,4; Phi Kappa Epsilon 3, President 4; Football 1,2; Basketball 1; Track 1,2,3,4; House President 3,4; 000 4. CLAUDE C. DECK La Crosse Elementary Education Elementary Education Club 3, Pres- ident 4; Rural Life Club 1, Presi- dent 2; Beta Sigma Chi Vice-Presi- dent. 3, Corresponding Secretary 4. OF 1955 HELEN DENZIN Sheboygan Falls Physical Education Delta Psi Kappa. 3, Recording Sec- retary 4; Physical Education Club 2,3,4; Sigma. Lambda Sigma. l,2,3,4; WSGA 1,2,3,4; W80 2; WRA 1,2,3, Vice-Presldent 4; House President 3. DOROTHY DOLBIER Onalaska Rural lementary Education Club 1; Rur- 1 Life Club 2, President 3,4; Wes- ey Club 1, Secretary-Treasurer 2, ,4; WSGA 4; La Crosse Feature ditor 3,4; Choir 1,2,3. LENORE DREGNE Viroqua Secondary Education Secondary Education Club 1,2,3,4; LSA 1,2,3,4; Sigma Lambda Sigma 2,3,4; Racquet 1, Executive Editor 2,3; Fledgling 1, Editor 3 and 4; House President 4; the Angel Said Yes". MARY ELLEN DYER De Soto Elementary Education Elementary Education Club 1,2,3,4; Wesley Club 2,3,4; sigma Lambda Sigma. 1,2,3,4. Page 29 SENIORS ISABEL ECKERT West Salem Elementary Education Elementary Education Club 2,3,4; Lambda Sigma Chi 2, Correspond- ing Secretary 3, President 4; Band 2. BARBARA ELLESON West Allis Physical Education PETER EGELHOF La Crosse GERALD F. EDWARDS Pardeeville Elementary Education Letters and Science Kappa Delta Pi 4: Lambda Tau Gamma President 3, Treasurer 4; Alpha Phi Omega Vice-President 3, President 4. WILLARD FELTON Brillion EILEEN FELBER La Crosse Secondary Education Physical Education Delta Psi Kappa 2,3,4; Kappa Del- ta. Pi 3,4; Physical Education Club 3,4; Lambda Sigma Chi 2,3,4: Raequet. 1: Fledgling 1; WA 1,2,3, 4; W80 4. Page 30 J EROME FISHBAIN l Racine Physical Education EDITH GODLESKI Three Lakes Physical Education lta Psi Kappa. 4; Physical Edu-- ion Club 2,3,4; Newman Club 1. ,4; Iota X1 Omega 2, President nd 4; Racquet 1,2,3,4; WSO 3,4; A 1,234; Intersorority Council. ALOIS FRIET La Crosse Secondary Education Secondary Education Club 2,34; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Lambda Tau Gamma 1,,2 3, 4; Intramurals 1,2 3, 4. ELMER GRASSMAN La Crosse Rural Rural Life Club Vlce-President 4. OF 1955 GERALD L. GAYNOR Richland Center Elementary Educatlon Elementary Education Club 23,4 Newman 2,3;4 Sigma Zeta Phi Secretary 3 and 4; Racquet 2, News Editor 3. J OAN HANSEN La Crosse Secondary Education Alpha Psi Omega 3, Vice-Presldent 4, Kappa Delta Pi 3,4; Secondary Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Lambda Sigma Chi 2, President ,3,;4 Social Committee 23, Chairman 4; WSGA 4, La Crosse Senior Section Editor 3, 4; Whos Who; Rena. Angeli S c h o I a r sh i p; "Elizabeth, the Queen, " "The Angel Said Yes. " Page 31 ? SENIORS LLOYD HAVILLE La Crosse Secondary Education Secondary Education Club 3,4: Newman Club 3; Lambda Tau Gamma 3,4; Racquet 1; Fledgling 1; Public Discussion Group 1. CAROL HERB Milwaukee Physical Education Delta Psi Kappa 4; Physical Edu- cation Club 2,3,4; Pres Club 3; Alpha Phi Pi Corresponding Secre- tary 3,4: WSGA 2.3.4: WSO 3,4; WRA 2,3, Treasurer 4; House Pres- ident 2,3. HOLLISTER J ANSEN Fox Lake Physical Education Physical Education Club 2,3, Pre dent 4; Pre; Club Treasurer 1,2, Phi Kappa Epsilon 2, Secretary 4; CCC 4; Basketball 1; Hon President 4; MIAA 113,4; WAH ER 3,4. AL JACOBSON Coon Valley Secondary Education Secondary Education Club 1,2,3.4, Lambda Tau Gamma 4; Choir 1,2,3. Page 32 SALLY J ENKINS Newburg Physical Education Delta Psi Kappa 2, Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4; Physical Educa- tion Club 2,3,4; Wesley Club 1.2; Alpha. Phi Pi 2, Treasurer 3,4; CCC 3,4; WSGA 1,2,3,4; WRA 1,2,3,4; W50 2, Secretary 3,4; Who's Who. DAVID J ENSEN Tucson, Arizona Physical Education "L" Club Treasurer 2, Secret 3.4; Physical Education Club 2 Treasurer 4; Alpha Delta Th- l,2, Vice-President 3,4; CCC 3 Basketball 113,4; Track 1,2; MI 12,14. MARVIN JUEL Richland Center Physical Education Epsilon Kappa 2, Secretary 3, surer 4; "L" Club 3.4; Physical atlon Club 2,3,4; Alpha Delta a 2,3,4; Basketball l,2,3,4; ball 1; MIAA 1,2,3,4. OF 1955 E. KAMPERSCHROER DORIS KAMPERSCHROER Cashton Cashton Elementary Education Secondary Education Elementary Education Club 4; LSA giggrggggg fdggiogsElgoga 2.x;i Omega 3, Vice-President 4; Choir 1,2,3; Band 1,2,3,4; Collegiates 3. MARIAN KELLER Cazenovia Elementary Education encary Education Club 3,4; man club 3.4; Pi Tau Epsilon ice-Presldenb 4; Choir 3. J OAN KING GEORGE KLAUS Green Bay La Crosse Physical Education Secondary Education Physical Education Club 2,3,4; LSA 1.4; Alpha Phi P1 2,3,4; WSO 2,3,4; WSGA 2; WSA 1,2,3,4; Catalina Club 1,2. Secretary 3, Vice-Presi- dent 4; House President 2,4. Page 33 SENIORS THOMAS KNUDSON New Auburn Physical Education Phi Epsilon Kappa. 2, Treasurer 3, Vice-Presldent 4; 2L2 Club 1,2.3,4; Physical Education 3,4; Congo Club 1, Treasurer 2, Vice-President 3; Alpha Delta Theta. 1,2,3,4; CCC; 4; Track 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Cross Country Team 1,2,3, Captain 4; Intramural 1,2,3,4; Who's Who; D. 0. Coate Scholarship; House President 3,4; Board of Movie Critics. KEITH KOHLMAN Milwaukee Physical Education Phi Epsilon Kappa 3. Guide 4; Sigma Delta PS! 3, President 4; "L" Club 2,3,4; Physical Education Club 3,4; Phi Kappa Epsilon 1,2, Treasurer 3,4; C00 4; Racquet 1; La Crosse 2; Baseball 1,2; Football 1; Track 3,4; Gymnastics 4; MIAA 1,2,3,4; Athletic Publicity Statis- tlclan 3,4; Who1s Who; House President 3,4. LOIS KRAUSE Buffalo Physical Education Physical Education Club 2, Gamma Delta Vice-President Secretary 3,4; WSGA 2,3,4; WR ROBERT KRAUSE La Crosse Letters and Science Gamma Delta 1,4; Lambda Tau Gamma 2,3, Corresponding Secre- tary 4; MIAA 1,2,3,4. Page 34 MARLENE KUNDER T Sauk City Physical Education Physical Education Club 2, 4 Congo Club 1,2; Alpha. Phi Pi 1 3 Vice-Presidem 4; WSGA 1,2,3,4; Crosse 1; WM 1,2,3,4; W80 2 Vice-President 3, Treasurer 4 House President 4. 3. ,2 . , , CAROL LADWIG Elroy Physical Education Physical Education Club 2,3,4; 1,4; Lambda Sigma Chi 2, Sec tary 3, President 4; Racquet 1 La Crosse 1; WSO Historian 3. MARILYN LAMBERT ARLENE LARKIN Onalaska La Crosse Letters and Science Elementary Education sley Club 1,2; Lambda Sigma 1 3, Secretary 4; Racquet 2. RODNEY LARSON JAMES LEWINSKI La Crosse La Crosse ' Letters and Science Secondary Education Epsilon Kappa 2,3,4; Track 1,2, Secondary Education Club 3,4; ; Gymnastics 1,2,3,4. Newman Club 1,2.3,4; Lambda Tau Gamma 2,3, Treasurer 4. OF 1955 GRETA LARSON La Crosse Secondary Education Kappa Delta Pi 3, President 4; Secondary Education Club 2,3, President 4; LSA 2,3,4; Sigma Lambda Sigma 1.2,3,4; La Crosse 2, Business Manager 3,4; Choir 2; String Sinfonia 1, Secretary 2 and 3,4; Whoss Who; Alice 0. Gordon Scholarship Award. DELORES LOBACZ Withee Physical Education Orchesis 3,4; Physical Education Club 1.2,3,4; Newman Club 1,2.3,4; Social Committee 3; Choir 1; WA 4. Page 35 SENIORS MARILYN LOUGHAN La Crosse Elementary ROBERT MERCER Algoma Letters and Science Wesley Club 1,2; President 3.4: Sigma Zeta Phi 3,4; CCC 4; Raw. quet 2,3,4: La Crosse 3,4; MIAA; L-Bar-X 4. Page 36 MARY MACKEY Evanston Physical Education Physical Education Club 4; Gam- ma Delta 1; LSA 4; Alpha Phi P1 1.2, Secretary 3,4; WSGA 1,2,3, Secretary 4; WRA 1,2,3, President 4; Co-op Board of Control 1. ANN MORGAN Milwaukee Physical Education Delta Psi Kappa 3, Historian 4: Physical Education Club 2,3,4; Newman Club 1,2,3, Secretary 4; Alpha. Phi P1 1,2, Secretary 3. President 4; WSGA 1,2,3,4; WRA 1,2,3,4; Snack Bax- Board 4. HELEN MAYO La Crosse Secondary Education Sigma Lambda Sigma 2.3.4; Se ondary Education Club 2,3,4; Ka pa Delta Pi 3,4, NEWELL NELSON Onalaska Physical Education HL" Club 1,2,3.4; Physical Educa Lion Club 3,4; LSA 1,2,3; Alph Delta Theta I,2,3.4; Basketball 1,2 Baseball 1,2,3, Captain 4; MIAA 2,3, Treasurer 4; House Presiden 2,3. LAURIS NOFFKE La Crosse Letters and Science SA 1,2; Lambda Sigma Chi 2,3, istorian 4. BERNICE H. ORMSTEAD Wisconsin Rapids Physical Education 'hysical Education Club 2,3,4; Iota t 1 Omega 1.2, Secretary 3,4; WRA I,2.3,4; Camping Club ; W80 4' House President 3. , , N NANCY NUSHART Kaukauna Physical Education Physical Education Club 2,3,4; WSGA 1,2,3,4; WRA 1,2,3,4; House President 4; W30 3,4. DAVID OSBORNE La Crosse Letters and Science OF 1955 MARY ELLEN OLSON Onalaska Secondary Education Secondary Education Club 1,2, Sec- retary 3,4; P1 Tau Epsilon 1, H15- torlan 2, Vice-President 3, Score- tary 4; WSGA 2,3; Racquec Feature Editor 2; La Crosse 3; Choir 2,3,4; Band 1; ;;Three Men on a Horse." JOHN R. POPENFUS Tomah Secondary Education "L" Club 2, Sergeant-at-Arms 3,4; Secondary Education Club 3.4; Lambda. Tau Gamma 2,3,4; Rac- quet 3; Cross Country Team 2,3; Track 1,2,3,4. Page 37 SENIORS LYLE PATTERSON La Crosse Secondary Education Racquet Business Manager 2,3,4; Secondary Education Club 1,2,3,4; Wesley Groups 2, Treasurer 3; Sig- ma Zeta Phi 3, President, 4; Mrhe Angel Said Yos." ONA RAMSEY La Crosse Elementary Education Kappa Delta PI 4; Iota Xi Omega 1,2,3,4. Page 38 RONALD POWERS La Crosse Letters and Science Newman Club 1,2,3,4; Lambda Tau Gamma 3,4; Baseball 1,4. NORA A. RICHARDSON La Crosse Elementary Education Elementary Education Club 2. Sec- retary 3,4; Rural Life Club 1; Sig- ma Lambda Sigma 1,2, Historian 3, Vice-Presldent 4; Chair 1,2,3; Collegiates 2,3; Homecoming Court 3; Prom Queen 3. PATRICIA RAMLET La Crosse Elementary Education Kappa. Delta Pi 4; Elementary E ucation Club 1,2, Treasurer 3, LSA 1,2; Sigma Lambda Sigma 2,3, President 4; La Crosse 2,3, string Sinfonia; L-Bav- 1,2,3,4, ARTHUR RICHTER Sheboygan Physical Education JOANNE ROGERS Chippewa Falls Elementary Education BONNIE H. SCHALLER La Crosse Elementary Education Elementary Education Club 2,3,4; Iota X1 Omega 2,3,4; Band 2,3. Vice-President 4; OF 1955 VERN SEEFELDT Lena Physical Education 2L" Club 2.3, Secretary 4; Physical Education Club 2,3,4; Gamma, Del- ta 1,2; Lambda Tau Gamma. 1,2,3, Racquet 1,2,8; Basketball 1; Track 2; MIAA 1,2,3, President 4. TONIA SEIBERLICH Kenosha Physical Education I ysical Education Club 2,3,4; ewman Club 1,2; Iota Xi Omega Chaplain 4; WSGA 1,2,3,4; WRA 2, ; House President 3; Camp- g ub 3,4; WSO 3,4. RUTH SPAUDE Milwaukee Physical Education Physical Education Club 4: Wesley Club 2; Lambda, Sigma Chi 3,4; WRA 2,3,4; House President 3. CAROL STAPLES La Crosse Elementary Education Elementary Education Club 2,3,4; Rural Life Club 1; Pres Club 1,2; Lambda Sigma Chi 1,2, Treasurer 3,4; WSGA Historian 3, Vice-Pres- ident 4; Catalina. Club 2,3, Secre- tary-Treasurer 4; Who1s Who; L- Bar-X l,2,3,4. Page 39 SENIORS J AMES STURGIS La Crosse Secondary Education Secondary Education Club 2,3,4; Lambda Tau Gamma 2, Vice-Pres- ident 3,4; Band 2, President 3, As- sistant Director 4. JAMES TOENNIES Sheboygan Physical Education Phi Epsilon Kappa 3,4; HL" Club 4; Physical Education Club 2,3,4; LsA Treasurer 2,3; Phi Kappa. Ep- silon 2, Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4; CCC 4; Social Committee 4; Bask8tball 2,3,4; MIAA 2,3,4. Page 40 JEROME P. THIENES La Crosse Secondary Education v Secondary Education Club 2,3,4; Baseball 2. PATRICIA VOTH Columbus Physical Education Physical Education Newman Club 1,2; Alpha Phi Pi 1,2,3,4; WSGA 1,2,3,4; La Crosse 1; W30 3, President 4; Camping Club 3,4; WRA 1,2,3,4. Club 2,3,4; CAROL TIBER Camp Douglas Elementary Education Elementary Education Club 1 Newman Club 1,2,3,4; La 3,4; Editor 4. CAROL WANNER La Crosse Elementary Education Elementary Education Club 1,2,3 Newman Club ma Chl 2,3, Treasurer 4; Band v v C RICHARD WEBER La Crosse Secondary Education Alpha Psi Omega 3, Secretary 4; Orchesis 1,2,3, President 4; See Ondary Education Club 1,2,3,4; LSA 1,2,3,4; Sigma Zena, Phi 3,4; Rac- quet 1,2,3; La Crosse Index Editor 3,4; L-Bar-X 1,2,3; Who's Who; "Three Men on a Horse", 11Eliza- beth, the Queen", HThe Angel Said Yes." BERNADETTE WOLF West Allis Physical Education elta Psi Kappa. 3,4; Kappa, Delta 1 3,4; Physical Education Club 2, 4; Newman Club 1,2,3,4; Alpha , Treasurer 3,4. CYNTHIA WELCH La Crescent, Minnesota Elementary Education Elementary Education Club 2,3,4; Pres C'lub 1,2,3,4; Sigma. Lambda sigma 2,3,4; La Crosse 3,4; Choir 12 EILEEN WOODWORTH Sparta Fouir-Year Rural OF 1955 JACK WELCH La Crescent, Minnesota Letters and Science Pres Club 1,2,3; MIAA Lambda Tau Gamma 3,4, 1,2,3,4; TERRY ZIEMANN La Crosse Physical Education HL" Club 1,2,3,4; Physical Educa- tion Club 3,4; LSA 1,2,3; Alpha Delta Theta 1,2, Corresponding Secretary 3, Vice-President 4; CCC 3; Social Committee 3; Football 1, 2; Track 1,2,3,4; Alpha Phi Omega l,2,3,4; MIAA 1,2,3,4. Page 41 SENIORS OF 1955 ROBERT ZOLD Racine Physical Education Phi Epsilon Kappa 3, Historian 4; HL" Club 2, Vice-Presldent 3, Sec- retary 4; Physical Education Club 3,4; Newman Club l,2,3,4; Alpha Delta Theta 1.2.331: Racquet Sports 1,2; Football 1,2.3,4; MIAA 1,2,3,4; Baseball 2,3. SENIORS NOT P1 CTURED VICTOR AHLSTROM La Crosse Letters and Science NORMAN DUFFRIN La Crosse Secondary Education PATRICK ESCLITO Lanai, Hawaii Secondary Education DOROTHY FREGIN La Crosse Elementary Education RICHARD GULLICKSON La Crosse Letters and Science ERWIN HENSCHEL La Crosse Letters and Science THEODORE LAPITZ La Crosse Letters and Science DEAN MURPHY La Crosse Secondary Education GREGORY ZIEGELMAIER La Crosse Letters and Science Page 42 ' URAL GRADUATES J OAN BAUCH Augusta Rural Education ural Life Club 3,4; Gamma Delta ,4; Band 3; L-Bar-X 3.4; WRA 3; Craig's Wifef' ELIZABETH BOHN Norwalk Rural Education Rural Life Club 3,4; Newman Club 3,4; Pl Tau Epsilon 4. OF 1955 DONNA HOIER West Salem Rural Education Rural Life Club 3,4; Gamma Delta 4; Band 3.4. LOIS KORTBEIN Norwalk Rural Education ral Life Club 3,4; Gamma Delta ; Pl Tau Epsilon 4; Chair 3,4. MARJORIE LADWIG De Soto Rural Education Rural Life Club 4; Wesley 3, Sec- retary 4; Social Committee 4; L- "The Angel Bar-x 3,4; WM 3; Said Yes." JOYCE MILLER Stoddard Rural Education Rural Life Club 3, President 4; WSGA 4. Page 43 RURAL GRADUATES OF 195 NANCY OLSON PHYLLIS PROKSCH Rural Education Stoddard Rural Life Club 3,4; LSA 3.4; Pi . Tau Epsilon 4; E1izabech, the Rural Education Queen." Rural Life Club 3.4; Pi Tau Ep- silon 3A; Social Committee 4. TWO YEAR RURAL STUDENTS NOT PICTURED EDNA ATHNOS HELEN EWERT La Crosse La Crosse Rural Rural Page 44 ELAINE BACHOFEN Beaver Dam CURTIS ALLEN La Crosse J EAN BARKOW Milwaukee DAVID BANGSBERG La Crosse ROGER BARSTAD Westby NANCY BARNET Bremerton, Washington KENNETH BEIGHLEY La Crosse MIRIAM BARTZ La Crosse J OANNE BETZ La Crosse WILLIS BERZINSKI Arcadia J OHN BIBBY La CrOsse HAROLD BIEBEL Oshkosh J AMES BLACKWOOD Tomah WALTER BON E La Crosse JANICE BROWN La Crosse DELORES BRITTELLI Kenosha EMELYN BURDICK Milton MIKE BUTERA Kenosha DUANE CAREY La Crosse DON. CHRISTENSON Withee Page 47 RAY CLAUSEN Wisconsin Rapids ARLO COPLAN Watertown, South Dakota PAT CRAM Oakdale NADINE DAY La Crescent, Minnesota BARBARA DEJMEK Milwaukee NORBERT CONNOR Kendall BEVERLY CRAM La Crosse DOROTHY DANEK Racine CHARLES DEETH Ashland JOAN DOESCHER Prairie du Sac BARB. DROLLINGER Wisconsin Dells EUGENE DRESSLER Mt. Hope CRAIG EBEN La Crosse JAMES DUNN Kenosha LOIS FISCHER Waukesha MERLE EVENSON Holmen BARBARA FISLER Milwaukee VIOLA FISCHER Mauston LEONARD FOWLER La Crescent, Minnesota PAT FOLEY Waukesha MARY GILFILLAN Independence VIRGINIA GITTENS La Crescent, Minnesota MARY GLUNN Berlin PHILIP GOLLNICK Westfield GERALD GRASSMAN Tomah KATHERINE GROSS Hillsboro HUBERT GROVES Soldiers Grove RUTH GUENTHER La Crosse PETER GULLICKSON Holmen KATHRYN HAMILTON Milwaukee Page 50 WILMA HAMMOND Milwaukee DARLENE HATLELI La Crosse CLARENCE HERRICK : Minocqua ANGELEN HOLTER West Salem WILLIAM HUTCHINS Gays Mills J ANIS HANSON Melrose FRANCIS HEATH La Crosse J UANITA HIGGINS Watertown ROGER HUJIK Kenosha JOHN IBINGER Black River Falls JOHN ISOLA Detroit, Michigan JO ANN ISABELLA Spooner FERN J ENSEN Wisconsin Dells FLORENCE JOHNSON Boscobel ARLYN KALMS Sturgeon Bay LORRAINE KAMMEL La Crosse J OHN KANE La Crosse J OHN KELLESVIG Mt. Horeb J OYCE KLARNER Milwaukee WAYNE KIRK Lancaster Page 52 DAROLD KNOBLE Gays Mills DOLORES KURTZ Milwaukee MARY ALICE LANE New Lisbon RONALD LARSON Gwinn, Michigan BETTY LEE La Crosse DIANA LEWIS La Crosse JANE LINDBERG Spooner MARGARET LOFTUS Tomah DAVID LOSBY Sparta ROSE LUBNER Fredonia GERTRUDE LUNKE La Crosse NANCY LUZENSKI Greendale NANCY McBOYLE Lake Delton J ESS MCCOMB La Crosse PATRICIA MCDONALD Black River Falls KAY MARCUSSEN Racine ROSEMARY MATIAK La Crosse PATRICIA MERTENS Wisconsin Rapids MARLENE METHUM Viroqua DOLORES MIKKELSON West Salem THOMAS MILLER CHESTER MILLER Stevens Point Elroy DONNA MUCHA Beaver Dam J ANICE MUELLER Wonewoc BARB. NEIDLINGER Kewaunee J EAN NELSON Rockford, Illinois ROBERT NEWHOUSE Kaukauna ROGER NICHOLS Racine J IM NOLTNER Madison KATHLEEN O CONNOR Viroqua BETTY OTT J efferson CARYL OLSON Eau Claire PRISCILLA PARSONS Sparta PAT OWEN La Farge PATRICIA PICKETT Appleton LLOYD PAULSON La Crosse MARY PLANTE Hayward RITA POEHLING La Crosse J OE RICHARDSON . La Crescent, Minnesota BERNARD REIL Oshkosh EARL RITTER La Crosse PHILIP ROSE Madison PETE SCHAETTLE La Crosse PATRICIA SCHROEDER Viola PATRICIA SCHUETZ Milwaukee MARIE ROELLICH La Crosse ANITA RUDIE Viroqua JERRY SCHMIDT Menasha FRED SCHUETTE Marinette NORMA SCHULTZ La Crosse Page 57 PATRICIA SENN La Crosse LAWRENCE SIMONS La Crosse MARY SIMONSON Sparta MURIEL SPENCER Elroy DONNA STARK Wilton J EANN E STEUCK La Crosse RON. STRAMOWSKI Milwaukee JO ANN STREICH Minocqua GERALD SWAN Mukwonago ROLLO TAYLOR Iola Page 58 DAVID THOMPSON La Crosse ROSALIE TERRY La Crosse J OYCE TRIGGS Milwaukee BRUCE TRICKEL Waupaca J. VANDEN HEUVEL Seymour GERALD TUSKA La Crosse GARNET VINER La Crosse PAULINE VINCENT Stevens Point VERN. VRADENBURG Poynette MARY LOU VOLLMAR La Crosse JANE WALLEF. East Troy RUTH WIESE La Crosse HERBERT WILLIAMS Bangor PHILIP YUNKER La Crosse MARY ANN ZETTEL Maplewood JUNIORS NOT PICTURED Reginald Brooks, Walworth, Audre Brown, Wisconsin Dells, Nancy Buhler, Marion, Ind., James Bull, La Crosse, Robert Butzman, Onalaska, John Chapin, Sparta, John Cody, La Crosse, Russell Colburn, Onalaska, Marianne Davis, La Crosse, Karen Eifert, La Crosse, Doris Elmer, Richland Center, James Erickson, La Crosse, Larry Fairbanks, La Crosse, Wilma Ferris, La Crosse. Douglas Gerber, La Crosse, Thomas Gunning, La Crosse, Norman Hall, La Crosse, George Hansen, La Crosse, Lucile Hanson, La Crosse, Darleen Happ, Rockford, 111., Jim Hogan, La Crosse, Billy Horswill, Black River Falls, James Howard, La Crosse, Jerry Hunt, Frederic, Mary Jefferies, Hillsboro, John Kellogg, Viola. Mathew Kemp, Sparta, Thomas Lawrence, Elroy, David Lechnir, Lancaster, Paul Lyga, La Crosse, Richard McLoone, La Crosse, James Marshall, Hillsboro, James Mason, La Crosse, Don Meixl, Oshkosh, Richard Mettlach, Arcadia, Torres Morales, La Crosse, JoAnn Morris, Portage, Barbara Neidlinger, Kewaunee, Roy Nelson, Oshkosh, Richard Neumann, La Crosse, Robert Olson, Wisconsin Rapids. Marilyn Peck, Wisconsin Rapids, J oseph Pleckinger, Wausaukee, William Ptacek, Milwaukee, Wallace Schneider, Milwaukee, Frederick Schoeder, Pine River, James Schroom, Milwaukee, Michael Skemp, La Crosse, Alta Snyder, La Crosse, James Stearns, Menasha, Ronald Stramowski, Milwaukee, Mary Sugden, Mukwonago, J anice Valentine, Suring, William Van Vleet, La Crosse, Garnet Viner, La Crosse, J ohn Wall, Sparta, Walter Whitlock, La Crosse, Richard Wilsman, Two Rivers, Winston Wolfe, Stevens Point, Philip Wolle, La Crosse. Page 60 CHARLES ANDERSON Pembine RAY ANDERSON Galesville SALLY ANDERSON La Crosse VALARY ANDERSON West Salem PHILIP ARNET Hokah CURT BAWDEN Sheboygan GORDON BEHNE Greendale SHIRLEY BENSON Boscobel WILLIAM BENUSA Arcadia MILTON BLANKENSHIP La Crosse BRUCE BOEGEL Richland Center JO ANN BOYD Wyola, Montana LINWOOD BRAN N La Crosse BEAUFORD BREIDENSTEIN Ontario CONNIE BRENNER Eau Claire DAVE BRUHA La Crosse NANCY BUHLER Marion CLARICE BURN Beloit J EAN CARBERRY Delavan JACK CEPEK Algoma DAVID CHAPPIE Greendale KENT CHURCHILL Necedah BERNIE CIECKA West Allis WILLIAM CLINE La Crosse JOAN COLLINS Fairmont, Minnesota MICHAEL CONWAY La Crosse SALLY COOK Waupaca JANET COOPER Richland Center THEODORE CRIEL Green Bay DENNIS DAHLKE Westfield JERRY DANN La Crosse ROBERT DAVIS Barronett JAMES DELAGRAVE La Crosse CAROL DOBRUNZ La Crosse SHIRLEY DURGIN Edgerton J UAN ITA DZIEDZIC Milwaukee LUCILLE DZURICK Wabeno J UDY EBERLEIN Mauston HELEN ECKERT West Salem LOUIS FERRARO Racine DONALD FITZPATRICK La Crosse PATRICK FLYNN La Crosse RONALD FOSSE Melrose DOUGLAS FOYE Sparta BEVERLY FRANO Boyceville ELTON FRENCH Pembine BETTY GAMROTH Wisconsin Rapids HAROLD GEHRKE Reedsburg KATHY GILL Pewaukee GLENN GONGOREK Fond du Lac DORIS GRAHAM Fennimore MABLE GRAHAM La Crosse FRANK GRANGER Racine DICK GROSSKOPF La Crosse BARBARA GRYPHAN La Crosse HUGH GUSCETTI La Crosse FREDERICK HAGERMAN Holmen DENNIS HAHN Black River Falls NORMAN HALL La Crosse JAMES HALLER La Crosse MARY HAMMES Norwalk CARMON HANCOCK Sparta HELEN HANSEN Sparta DARLEEN HAPP Rockford, Illinois BARBARA HARVEY Rhinelander MARTHA HAYS Rochester RICHARD HEMBRE La Crosse NANCY HICKENBOTHAM Plymouth J EANETTE HILTS Milton CLETUS HOADLEY La Crosse RICHARD HORN Fond lu Lac CECELIA HUBERT Tomah Page 65 HELEN HUSS Kaukauna DIANE HUTCHISON Gays Mills ALAN ISAKSON La Crosse ROGER IVERSON Soldiers Grove GENE JAX Richland Center DOUGLAS J OHN SON Danbury RICHARD J ENSEN Mukwonago RODNEY J OHN SON Cornell J ULIE J ONES Cornucopia DONALD KANGAS Ishpeming, Michigan STAN KAWANO Wahiawa, Oahu, T.H. ORVILLE KERSTEN Milwaukee HELEN KELLER Cazenovia WILFRED KIND La Crosse ALLEN KLINK Arcadia BETTY KOWALCHYK Mosinee J AMES KRISIK Glenflora HAROLD KRUEGER La Crosse LLOYD KUPPER La Crosse MARJORIE LADWIG De Soto ROLLIE LARSON Hixton J EAN LATHROP Platteville J ERRY LEITERMAN Denmark CONNIE LUNDEWALL Shell Lake ALINA LUOMA Herbster LETA LYON Beloit CAMERON MCCAIN Oshkosh JAMES MACK La Crosse MARYANN MAGNAN Watertown RICHARD MALSON Berlin RALPH MARKING West Salem MARILYN MAYER Edgerton J OAN MELBY Norwalk MARVIN MELICHAR Black River Falls J ACK METTLACH Arcadia FRANCES MEYER Cumberland RAYMOND MILLER Shell Lake WILLIAM MORAN Elroy MARILYN MUNSON La Crosse OLE NEDERLOE La Crosse WALLACE NELSON Lodi MARY NESSETH La Crosse KENNETH N IEDFELDT Bangor GLEN NYBOE Racine IONE OLSON Menomonie SHIRLEY OLSON Caledonia CORRITA PALEN Caledonia BARBARA PALLOWICK La Crosse ELROY PAMPUCH Independence MERLIN PASSOW Fountain City NICK PERRY Kenosha HARRIET PETERSON La Crosse RICHARD PETERSON La Crosse GENE PICKERING Waukesha RICHARD POWELL La Crosse WALTER PRELLWITZ La Crosse VIRGINIA PRESLIK Richland Center MARIAN PRIMUS Mauston WILLIAM PROVINE Racine WILLIAM PTACEK Milwaukee J ACK RABE Suring JOYCE ROHDE Union Grove IRENE RODIS Kenosha SHARON ROSE Mauston HENRY ROSENOW La Crosse GEORGE ROUCHES Milwaukee NAOMI ROUSH Greenland ELAINE RUDSER Onalaska LOIS RUEHLMAN Genoa City J ERI RYAN Oshkosh ELAINE SALLANDER De Soto VIRGINIA SATTERLEE Victory Page 70 RONALD SCHAMS La Crosse DAVID SCHIESSL La Crosse THOMAS SCHINI La Crosse ROBERT SCHLINTZ La Crosse BEVERLY SCHLOUGH Middleton MARY SCHNEEBERGER La Crosse WALLY SCHNEIDER Milwaukee KERMIT SCHROEDER La Crosse SUE SCHROEDER Milwaukee SUZANNE SCHUBERT La Crosse WILLIAM SCHUETTE Marinette EMIL SCHULTZ La Crosse CAROL SEMRAU Merrill MARJORIE SILL La Crosse GERALD SKAAR Hartford GEORGE SKARPAC Hartford MARY SMITH Madison JOYCE SOMMERMEYER Caledonia, Minnesota DORIS SPANGLER La Crosse RUSSELL SPRAIN West Salem J AMES STEARNS Menasha NELS STENSON La Crosse DONALD STODDARD Gotham DAVID STRITTMATER La Crosse LYLE STROEH La Crosse KAREN SWANCUTT La Crosse MARY SWANSON Milwaukee MARY TAARVIG La Crosse MARILYN THOMAS Ettrick DARLENE THOMPSON Medford DON THUNE Cornell LARRY TOOKE La Crosse ROGER TURK La Crosse RODNEY VER VELDE Sheboygan AUDREY WALKER Lodi BETTY WALL Elkhart Lake Page 71 JOHN WARTINBEE La Crosse NORMA WEAVER La Crosse LAVERNE WESOLOWSKI Pulaski YVONNE WEST Mindoro NANCY WESTON West Bend HARLAN WILLS La Crosse SUSAN WINTER Milwaukee LOIS WOIAK Milwaukee PHILIP WOLLE La Crosse SUE WOOLLEY La Crosse PATRICIA ZANTOW Baraboo MARIAN ZIMMERMANN Plymouth FREDERICK ADAMS Cashton DEAN ALLEN Evansville DONALD ALLEN La Crosse WILLIAM ALLEN Norwalk DAVID AMUNDSON La Crosse KAREN AMUNDSON La Crosse ALLEN ANDERSON Strum ARVID ANDERSON La Crosse GILBERT ANDERSON La Crosse ,. Ami , ,, JOHN ANKNEY . L La Crosse PATRICIA ARNDT Milwaukee PATRICIA ARNESON Black River Falls MYRTLE BAKER Holmen DON BAKKUM Munising, Mich. YVONNE BANGSBERG West Salem LEE ELLEN BARTEL Sheboygan GEORGE BARTH La Crosse LORRAINE BATES Ferryville Page 74 J UDITH BEACH Sparta EDITH BECK Mayville BEVERLY BELLING Onalaska DONALD BENDEL La Crosse JAMES BENSON Soldiers Grove RICHARD BLANKSCHEIN Rio GLENDA BLATCHLEY Wisconsin Dells J OAN BOGERT La Crosse CHARLES BOHAGE Portage ARNOLD BOHN Berlin J OYCE BOHN Townsend LORRAINE BONITZ Mellen PATRICIA BRACE J anesville DUANE BRENEGAN Galesville ALLAN BRENEGAN Galesville HARRIET BROWN Boscobel DOUGLAS BUDDE Beaver Dam RUTH BUNKE Barton Page 75 MARLENE BURKE Plymouth WAVA BURKHARDT Fort Atkinson ROSS BUSHNELL Patch Grove PAUL BYRNS Black River Falls KEITH BRISCOE Portage J EAN CARBONE Kenosha KENNETH CARLSON West Salem GAIL CARTWRIGHT La Crosse ANNA CASBERG La Crosse RONALD CHASE West Bend AMBER CHRISTIANSON Endeavor LAWRENCE CHURCHILL La Crosse CHARLES COATES Beloit LARRY CORCORAN Ettrick ANN CROWLEY Milwaukee JACKOLYN DALE 2 La Crosse KENNETH DANN Rio MARY DEICHELBOHRE Holmen Page 76 PHILIP DIMMER Denmark SHARON DOBSON La Crosse J AMES DOLBIER Onalaska FRANCES DORSEY Delavan J EANIE DOTT Wilton BEATRICE DOWNEY La Crosse DIANE DREGNE Viroqua JERRY DRENDEL La Crosse MARIE DUERKOP Humbird DONALD DUFRESNE Marinette PATRICIA DURKIN West Salem DAVID DVORAK Spooner LARRY DYB Ferryville J AN ET EBERT Shawano NORMAN EGGLESTON Pardeeville GORDAN EIKEN Caledonia, Minnesota LOIS EKERN Westby BYRON ENGSTROM Westboro Page 77 W Page 78 JIM EVANS - La Crosse GARY EVANSON Onalaska LEIANN EVENSON Larsen J EAN EVERSON Wisconsin Dells J OHN FADNESS Rio HARLEY FANSHAW La Crosse LLOYD FEAKES Mt. Hope JACK FINLEY La Crosse WILLIAM FINN La Crosse MYRON FISH Cashton PATRICK FITZGERALD Pardeeville WAYNE FLAVEN Milwaukee DONNA FLOCK Cashton DON FLYNN La Crosse DORENE FRANK Kenosha MARLENE FRANKOWSKI Milwaukee RONALD FREY La Crosse AUDREY FRYE Lena KATHLEEN FUCHS La Crescent, Minnesota ANNARAE FUNMAKER Black River Falls GORDON GADE Reedsburg CON N IE GALLO Kenosha DOUGLAS GALLOP Shell Lake PATRICIA GANZEL Menasha SHARON GANTENBEIN La Crosse VERONICA GAYNOR Richland Center ILEEN GEHRKE West Bend RICHARD GILBERTSON Bangor LORRAINE GILLITZER Eastman JUDITH GLICK Oak Park, Illinois BOB GOGGIN S Chilton CAROL GORHAM Kendall J OANNE GORMAN Blue River ROXANNE GOULD La Crosse JOYCE GRAHAM Prairie du Chien DELORES GRUPP La Crosse Page 79 TOM GSCHWIND La Crosse BETTY GULLICKSON Holmen HARLEY HAEFS La Crescent, Minnesota LOWELL HAKANSON Boyceville HERMAN HALL Westby KENT HALLANDER La Crosse JERRY HANIFL La Crosse DAVID HANNEMAN Mauston DIANE HANSON Mt. Sterling LOIS HANSON La Crosse MAXINE HANSON La Crosse KATHERINE HARBECKE La Crosse HELEN HARRISON Tulsa, Oklahoma NANCY HAVENS West Salem GLENDA HAYDEN De Soto J AMES HEATH Sparta PAT HEDRINGTON Chippewa Falls WILLIAM HEIDEN Pewaukee Page 80 CHARLOTTE HEINTZ Hokah, Minnesota JOYCE HELGERSON Mt. Sterling ROLF HELGERSON Mt. Sterling JOAN HELLSTERN Lake Geneva DONALD HILKE La Crosse JOE HOCH La Crosse ELAINE HOHLFELD La Crosse MARY HOMAN Ladysmith J OANNE HORNBY Kenosha CAROL HOWARD Shingleton CAROL HOWELL Madison J OHN HUECKER Onalaska ARNOLD HUETTEL Sparta GARY HUMPHREY Osseo J AMES HYNEK Hillsboro CAROL IBINGER Black River Falls TED J AMES Watertown J OSEPH J AX Cazenovia Page 81 THOMAS J OERS Milwaukee CAROL JOHNSON Larsen ELIZABETH JOHNSON Springfield, Illinois HOWARD JOHNSON La Crosse JEANNE JOHNSON La Crosse LOWELL J OHNSON Milwaukee MARGARET J OHNSON Rockland MARJORIE JOHNSON West Salem JAMES JOLIFF Chippewa Falls BILL JUNION Sturgeon Bay FRED KAMBACH IRENE KAPELLAS La Crosse BURGENE KASTENSCHMIDT Rockland KATHLEEN KEEFFE Trempealeau SUE KEENAN Lake Geneva ' ROGER KEEPERS . Nekoosa DWIGHT KENNEDY La Crosse KAY KERNIN La Crosse WILLIAM KEYES Soldiers Grove KATHRYN KILIAN La Crosse ROMAINE KINGSLEY La Crosse EDWARD KNACKSTEDT Minocqua RICHARD KNADLE Hillsboro CONNIE KNOCHE New Richmond FRED KOHNERT Black River Falls DON KOLLATH Appleton WAYNE KOLLATH Milwaukee MARY KOULA La Crosse RODNEY KOWAQCZYK Denmark ' PHYLLIS KRAJEWSKI La Crosse J EAN KRAMER Melrose CAROL KREIG Prairie du Chien KATHY KRUEGER New Richmond MARCEL KUJAK Arcadia JUDY KYLES Green Bay SHELVIE LABUS Bangor 'Page 83 Page 84 EYVONNE LAMBERT La Crosse WILMA LAMONT Fort Collins, Colorado LEROY LANGE Denmark EDWIN LARKIN La Crosse J OY LARSON Milwaukee MARY LARSON La Crosse LINDA LEHMAN Viroqua KENNETH LETTRICH Kenosha RICHARD LEWIS La Crosse ' PAT LEZOTTE Munising, Michigan DON LICHTE Reedsburg ANN LIENLOKKEN La Crosse DON LISTON La Crosse MARY MC CUNE Osseo DONALEE MC DONALD Chippewa Falls DOUGLAS MACFARLANE Portage DANIEL MC INTYRE La Crosse KATHRYN MC MAHON Waukesha VERNA MC NAMERA Boscobel JOSEPH MANGNER La Crosse JAMES MARCOU La Crosse JANICE MARCOU La Crosse CLARENCE MARHEINE Brantwood CHUCK MARION Owatonna, Minn. DAGNY MARKING West Salem MARY MARTIN New Richmond CURTIS MATHEWS Black River Falls PATSY MATTHEWS Montfort J OYCE MAX Sheboygan CHARLENE MELVIN La Farge DONNA MESEBERG La Crosse JANICE MEYER West Salem RAY MEYER Cumberland VIRGINIA MEYER La Crosse NELSON MILLER La Crosse GERDA MUELLER Franklin Park, Illinois Page 85 Page 86 SONJA MUELLER Wonewoc JEROME NAWROCKE La Crosse DUANE NELSON di . PHYLLIS NELSON Elroy HELEN NICKS La Crosse PATRICIA NILES La Crosse MARY N OONAN Kaukauna BARBARA NOWICKE Nekoosa MARILYN OCASEK Chippewa Falls HENRY OERTEL La Crosse WAYNE OESTREICH Wisconsin Rapids LORRAINE OESTRERREICH Wausau ROGER OLSON Holmen SHIRLEY OLSON Onalaska RICHARD OPIE Pewaukee GARNER OSWALD Bagley THOMAS PAINE Arcadia RICHARD PAMPUCH Independence RICHARD PAPENFUSS La Crosse MARY PATENAUDE Larsen ANDRE PATNODE La Crosse ELAINE PAUDLER Onalaska BONNIE PECK Readstown ALLAN PETERS White Lake KEITH PETERS White Lake JACKIE PETERSON Marion ADELINE PFINGSTEN Mishicot CHARLES PING La Crosse JANET PODHOLA Mellen ALMA POLSTER Fish Creek ROBERT POTTHAST Waukesha RICHARD POWELL Hokah, Minnesota JANET PRICE Rio GERALDINE RAASCH St. Paul, Minnesota KATHRYN RAHN La Crosse GEN E RAN D Eagle River Page 87 J ERRY REDLI N Kenosha SHARON REPP Greendale ROSE RESCH Ontario J ACQUELINE RHOMBERG La Crosse BARBARA ROSE Eleva ROBERTA ROSEBERRY Friendship ERNEST ROSSA Arcadia CAROL ROWE Montfort LARRY RUSK De Soto SHIRLEY SANDVICK De Soto MARILYN SANDFORD Wisconsin Rapids RICHARD SAUNDERS Edgerton MAVIS SCHALLER Bangor PATRICIA SCHALLER Sheboygan SHIRLEY SCHAUDER Clintonville BARBARA SCHIECHE La Crosse RUDY SCHILLER Hillsboro KARL SCHLENDER Sullivan CLARENCE SCHLICHT La Crosse KENNETH SCHMITT Fountain City MARGIE SCHMITT La Crosse LEONARD SCHMITZ Bangor SHIRLEY SCHNEIDER Kimberly MARGARET SCHOLL Baileys Harbor DORIS SCHULENBURG Middleton DELBERT SCHULTZ Chilton SANDRA SCHUMACHER Eau Claire MARGARET SELZ Humbird CAROLINE SEMROW Milwaukee BARBARA SENN La Crosse RICHARD SHIRVEN La Crosse BARBARA SIEGER La Crosse THERESA SINNOTT Wilton RONNIE RICHARDSON Boscobel CAROL RINGHARDT J anesville GILBERT ROBERTSON Minneapolis, Minn. MARLENE SKAAR Cottage Grove CLAYTON SMITH Middleton KEN SNART Portage ROGER SOLUM Cumberland GRETA SPRICK West Salem JOHN STADE La Crosse ROBERT STASZEWSKI Milwaukee ROGER STAVEN Madison ALLAN STEAUPACK Racine BEVERLY STEFFERUD Cashton EDWIN STEINBRECHER Milwaukee DARLENE STEINHARDT LOIS STEINHARDT Plymouth LOWELL STELLNER Stoddard MARILYN STOKKE La Crosse .NNETTE STOPKA Monroe BEVERLY STREHLOW Pine River ANN STRODTHOFF Tomah BRIAN SWANCUTT La Crosse DARLENE SYVERSON Blair ROBERT TALLEY La Crosse WILLIS TAYLOR La Crosse JANIS TEICHLER La Crosse ERIC TEMTE La Crosse NORMA TENNISON La Crosse J ACK TERPSTRA Onalaska ROBERT TERRY La Crosse ANNE THEISEN La Crosse RICHARD THOMPSON Eau Claire MARY THORNBURG Milwaukee ROXANA THRALL Green Lake CHARLENE TORGERSON Soldiers Grove DONNA TOSTRUD Westby BETTY TRACEY Mindoro KAY TRAEDER Wonewoc JEAN TRAIN La Crosse LORENE TRUTE Mauston J AMES TUCKER Onalaska LOIS TUCKER Wisconsin Dells DIANE TWEED La Crosse JUDY ULRICH La Crosse VERLAN URBAN Hillsboro WILLIAM URBAN Thorp LENORE USTBY Mindoro ORAL VANCIL Sparta EVAN VIEREGGE Sparta LUCY WAHL Prairie du Chien DAVID WAHLSTROM La Crosse DEAN WALDENBERGER West Salem SARAHANN WALDENBERGER Holmen J OAN WARGULA Wautoma PAT WAUGHTAL Black River Falls MARGERY WEBER Cashton GAYLE WEBSTER Monroe NANCY WEBSTER NeOpit RICHARD WECHTER Oregon GERALD WEILAND La Crosse BURTON WETHE La Crosse DIANE WIKUM Edgerton DONNA WILCOX Elroy CHARLES WILLIAMS La Crosse J OHN WILLIS Sparta MARY WINTER La Crosse GENE WISNER Milwaukee DOROTHY WOLCOTT La Crosse STACY WOLCOTT La Crosse CYNTHIA WOLFF La Crosse MARY WOOLLEY HOkah, Minnesota BARBARA WRZINSKI Ripon JUNE YOUNG chlppeWa Falls WILLIAM YOUNG Black River Falls ALICE YOUNGBLOOD Banger ANNE YUNKER La Crosse DIANE ZABLOCKE Pulaski DONNA ZELLMER La Crosse KAREN ZETTERLUND . Thiensville PAUL ZIEGLER La Crosse KEN ZITTLEMAN Colfax J OHN ZITZNER Viroqua Row 3: Butterbrodt, M., Meyer, F., Valentine, J., Burdick, E., Adrian, M., Lundewall, C., Godleske, E., Wolf, B., Marcussen, K., Franc, B. Row 2: Dobrunz, C., Biemeret, P., Lyon, L., Higgins, J., Jenkins, 5., Herb, C., Kurtz, D., Zettel, M., Magnan, M., Olson, C. Row 1: Gill, K., Morgan, A., Foley, P., Luzenski, N., Reichert, M., Elleson, B., Denzin, H., Brenner, C., Jones, J., Hanson, J. DELTA PSI KAPPA The Phi chapter of the Delta Psi Kappa is the women's notional honorary fraternity for physical education. Among its projects this year is the student directory, the sole of professional books, the Physical Education Tea, and the Ann Thomas Scholarship. This group also won for the second time the bi-onnuol national publicity contest and iplocque. The advisor is Miss Ann Thomas. The officers are: President, Marlene Adrian; Vice-President, Sally Jenkins; Secretory, Helen Denzin; Treosv urer, Jan Valentine. Page 96 PHI EPsImN KAPPA Phi Epsilon Kappa is an honor fraternity in physical education It tries to promote whose purpose is the betterment of this profession. a thorough understanding of the principles and ideals of the field through its activities. Each year this fraternity awards a key to the senior men having the highest four year scholastic standing in physical education. The advisor is Mr. Hons Reuter. The officers are: President, Jim Clark; Vice-President, Tom Knudson; Secretory, Arlo Coplon; Treas- urer, Marv Juel. Row 2: Ferruro, L., Clark, J., Butterbrodt, J., Knudson, T., Gollnick, P., Noltner, J., Coughlan, J., Newhouse, R. Row 1: Juel, M., French, K., Kohlman, K., Zold, Rt, Coplan, A., Toennies, J., Felton, W., Mettlach, R. Row 3: Clausen, R., Hujik, R., Bibby, J., Gollnick, P., Noltner, J., Adrian, M., Butera, M., Coplan, A., Edwards, J. Row 2: Snyder, A., Rucker, D., Lane, M., Campbell, A., Larson, G., Wolf, B., Guenther, R., Bachofen, E. Row 1: Holter, A., Elleson, B., Hansen, J., Valentine, J., Fisler, B., Biemeret, P., Ramsey, O. KAPPA DELTA PI Kappa Delta Pi, a National Honor Society in Education, promotes and encourages high intellectual and scholastic standards, and recog- nizes outstanding contributions to education. Eligibility of members is based on enrollment in one of the teacher training divisions plus a scholastic average of 2.0 for four semesters. Among the activities are the annual Founder's Day Banquet and the awarding of tuition scholar- ships and recognition to outstanding area high school graduates. The councilor is Mr. Everett Walters. The officers are: President, Greta Larson; Vice-President, Ann Campbell; Secretory, Bernice Buelow; Treasurer, Marlene Adrian; Historian, Pot Biemeret. Page 98 ETA PHI ALPHA Eta Phi Alpha is an honor fraternity for students in the Letters and Science Division in recognition of high scholastic attainment. The purpose of this organization is to provide its members with a source for social, cultural, and intellectual stimulation through discussions and lectures. The program of activities accents the realization of fuller mental development. Advisors are Miss Alvida Ahlstrom and Dr. Fred- erick Davies. Officers are: President, Robert Brenner; Vice-President, Richard Gullickson; Secretory, Phyllis Hopkins; Treasurer, Mary Aiken. Row 1: Aiken, M., Ziegelmaier, G., Hopkins, P., Gullickson, D., Thompson, Mrs. T. N. Page, 99 Row 1: Hansen, J., Weber, R., Kavanaugh, K., Niedfeldt, K., Ziegelmaier, Gilfillan, M. ALPHA PSI 0MEGA Alpha Psi Omega is the national honorary fraternity for Dromotics. It encourages dramatic activities and rewards recognition for participa- tion in dramatic productions. Membership is based on a point system obtained by acting in plays and doing crew work. Activities include the selling of homecoming corsoges, participation in the variety show and the plays which are under student direction. Advisors are Dr. Marie Tolond and Mr. Robert Frederick. Officers are: President, Mary Gilw fillan; Vice-President, Joan Hansen; Secretary, Dick Weber; Treasurer, Kenneth Niedfeldf. Page 100 G., SIGMA DELTA PSI The Sigma Delta Psi fraternity operates under the guidance of Mr. Floyd Goutsch and Mr. Ernest Gershon. Its purpose is to promote physical, mental and more! development of college students. Mem- bership is open to all male students after having completed the follow- ing tests successfully: 100 yard dash .............................................. 11 315 sec. 120 low hurdles ................................................. 16 sec. Running high jumps 5 ft. Running broad jump ............................................. 17 ft. . 16 1b. shot putt .................................................. 30 ft. . 20 ft. rope climb ................................................ 12 sec. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Baseball throw 200 ft. 8 100 yd. swim ............................................ 1 min. 45 sec. W. Football pJnt . . . . 120 ft. 10. 1 mile run 6 min. 11 Front hand spring, landing on feet ...................................... 12 Hand stand .................................................... 10 sec. 13 Fence vault-chin high ...................................... . 14 Good posture-standard test ........................................... 15 Scholarshipeeligible for varsity competition ............................ Kieth Kohlman - Jim Crowley Page 101 Row 2: Zietlow, A., Losby, D., Miller, C., Hunt, J., Bibby, J., Pickering, G., Edwards, J., Dahler, C. Row 1: Allen, 0, Schaettle, P., Smith, F., Foye, D., Nichols,'R., McCain, C., Duffrin, N., Hutchins, B. ALPHA PHI OMEGA Alpha Phi Omega is the National Service Fraternity on the campus. It is composed of men who have had some prior service in the scouting program. Kappa Gamma chapter at La Crosse State, is one of the leading chapters in the state. The officers are: President, Jerry Ed- wards; Vice-President, Chet Miller; Recording Secretary, Len Fowler; Corresponding Secretory, Roger Nichols; Treasurer, Pete Schoettle. Page 102 ALPHA PHI PI The Alpha Phi Pi is a literary society which tries to promote and guide its members in the social and cultural arts of leadership, respon- sibility, loyalty, and friendship. They participate in homecoming activic ties, tea and style show, enter in the variety show and song fest, candy sales and dances. The advisor is Mrs. Thomas Annett. The officers are: President, Ann Morgan; Vice-President, Marlene Kundert; Secre- tary, Nan Bornet; Treasurer, Julie Jones. Row 4: Mayer, M., Winter, Sue, Marcussen, K., Adrian, M., Wolf, B., Voth, P. Frano, B., Anderson, S., Schuetz, P. ! Row 3: Appleton, M., Lyon, L., Kalms, A., Bickley, A., Jacobson, A., Hamilton, K., Herb, C., Woiak, L., Jenkins, S. Row 2: Hanson, J., Biemeret, P., Stark, D., Guenther, E, Boyd, J., Mackey, M Jones, J., Steuck, J., Mucha, D., Ryan, J. .9 Row 1: King, J., Brenner, C., Gill, K., Gross, K., Morgan, A., Pickett, P., Gamroth, B., Kundert, M., Zettel, M., Grade, C. Page 103 Row 4: Row 3: Row 2: Row 1: Ptacek, W., Gollnick, P., Hoadley, C., Knudson, T., Evenson, M., Bone, W., Bibby, J., Clausen, R., Rigg, R. Deeth, C., Drosen, L., Dann, J., Johnson, L., Iglar, R., Noltner, J., Nederloe, 0., Hagerman, F., Powell R., Osborne, D. Kovacic, R., McCain, C., Wimmler, C., Schneider, W., Zold, R., Nelson, N., Juel, M., Malson, R. Hogan, J., Fishbain, J., Marshall, J., Richter, A., Tuska, J., Nelson, W., Hutchins, W., Jensen, D. ALPHA DELTA THETA The purposes behind the Alpha Delta Theta fraternity ore to fur- ther highest physical, mental, social and professional standards, to promote participation in extro-curriculor activities, and to recognize the achievement of others in all phases of college life. The fraternity this year sponsored a homecoming dinner, and a fall dance. The ad- visor is Orville Brault. The officers are: President, Jerome Fishbain; Vice-President, Artie Richter; Treasurer, Bill Hufchins; Secretary, Jim Noltner. Page 104 lAMBDA SIGMA CHI The Lambda Sigma Chi guides its members in the study of the fine arts and the achievements of four virtues - loyalty, friendship, leadership, and culture. They sponsor dances, 0 Mother's Day Tea, homecoming activities, enter the variety show and the song test, and hold candy and calendar sales. The advisors are Mrs. Walter Thoreson and Mrs. Carl Wimberly. The officers are: President, Mimi Eckert; Vice-President, Carol Ludwig; Secretary, Marilyn Lambert; Treasurer, Carol Wanner; Corresponding Secretory, Gail Kumm Cleary; Historian, Betsy Eckert. Row 3: Lambert, M., Eckart, J., Hays, M., Cooper, J., Dejmek, B., Spaude, R., Voll- mar, M., Branch, B., Ladwig, C. Row 2: Wanner, C., McBoyle, N., Munson, M., O,Connor, K., Carter, M., Lassig, P., Kumm Cleary, G., Staples, C. Row 1: Elleson, B., Roellich, M., Taarvig, M., Eckert, M., Hansen, J., Noffke, L., Johnson, F., Betz, J., Eckert, B. Page 105 Row 3: Pampuch, E., Wellman, G., McComb, J., Benedict, D, Steavpack, A., New- l1ouse,R.,Eifert,J, Butterbrodt,J. Row 2: Schuette, W., Skemp, M., Lechnir, D., Gerber, D. Ferraro L., Schmidt J., Brann, L. Welch, W Row 1: Burns, W., Cody, J., Burns, J., Schuette, F., Stadler L., Kind, W., Er1ckson, J., Skarpac, G., Winger, O. BETA SIGMA CHI The purpose of the Beta Sigma Chi fraternity is to foster the social welfare of the student body, to promote a higher scholastic level and to bring about a closer and more kindred fellowship among the men of the college. The activities sponsored during the year include the Variety Show, The D. O. Coote Scholarship Fund, and 0 Homecoming Breakfast and the Beta Dinner Dance. The advisor is Dr. Emerson Wulling. The officers are: President, Oscar Winger; Vice-President, Bill Burns; Secretory, Bill Schuette; Treasurer, Fred Schuette. Page 106 SIGMA lAMBDA SIGMA The Sopphonion Literary Society, the oldest social sorority on the campus, promotes opportunity for personal growth in intellectual pur- suits. The present aim of the sorority is the completion of a scholar- ship fund. Annual events include the homecoming banquet, Christmas Tea, Mother's Day Tea, and participation in the variety show and the song fest. The advisors are Mrs. Mary Hebberd and Miss Margaret Oleson. The officers are: President, Pot Ramlet; Vice-President, Nora Anne Richardson; Secretary, Barbara Neidlinger; Treasurer, Dorothy Donek. Row 3: Bachofen, E., Kurtz, D., Brittelli, D., Boguski, B., Butterbrodt, M., Larson, G., Hammond, W., Isabella, J ., Dyer, M., Nelson, J . Row 2: Welch, C., Spencer, M., Fisler, B., Kapal, D., Mertens, P., Spangler, D., Dziedzie, N., Higgins, J., Olson, C., Holter, A. Row 1: Richardson, N., Danek, D., Ott, B., Denzin, H., Barkow, J., Glunn, M., Foley, P., Neidlinger, B., Luzenski, N., Ramlet, P. Page 107 Row 3: Isola, J., Kirk, W., Kellesvig, J., Friet, A., Bohlman, G., Seefeldt, V., Lapitz, T., Jacobson, A. Row 2: Henschel, E., Welch, J., Miller, T., Lewinski, J., Novak, T., Edwards, J., French, K., Nichols, R., Felton, W. Row 1: Powers, R., Haville, L., Kane, J., Krause, R., Sturgis, J., Hendrickson, R, Larson, Rollie, Stoddard, D. lAMBDA TAU GAMMA Keynoting the aims of Lambda Tau Gamma is the group's motto, "Truthfulness, Loyalty and Courage." The fraternity endeavors to fur- ther school spirit by cooperation, participation, and exuberofion in all school functions with the emphasis placed on the Spring Song Fest. The advisors are Mr. Lawrence Rose and Mr. V. B. Rosmusen. The officers are: President, Gerald Bohlmcm; Vice-President, Vernal See- feldt; Corresponding Secretary, Robert Krouse; Recording Secretary, Michael Conway; Treasurer, Lloyd Haville. Page 108 PI TAU EPSIIJJN Pi Tou Epsilon, the fine arts sorority, strives to promote poise, tol- erance and education among its members. Homecoming Open House, all school tea, inter-sorority formal, variety show and song fest are some of the activities which the group sponsors. Faculty advisor is Mrs. Ruth Nixon. The officers are: President, Jan Valentine; Vice-Presidenf, Marion Keller; Secretary, Mary Ellen Olson; Treasurer, Carol Theisen; Historian, Mary Plante. Row 2: Terry, R., Keller, M., Valentine, J., Plante, M., Olson, M., Theisen, C. Row 1: Hammes, M., Olsen, N., Kortbein, L., Bohn, B., Proksch, P. Page 109 Row 3: Rouches, G., Jensen, R., Berzinski, W., Herrick, C., Dunn, J., Taylor, Clark, J., Olson, R, Swan, G. Row 2: Janson, J., Kohlman, K., Richardson, J., Crowley, J., Chadwick, J., Schroom, J., Hujik, R., Paulson, L. Row 1: Kawano, S., Mason, J., Beibel, H., Leiterman, J., Toennies, J., Coplan, A. Mettlach, R., Benusa, W. y PHI KAPPA EPSIIIDN Phi Kappa Epsilon is dedicated to promote social and emotional betterment of its members. It encourages good scholarship and active participation in school activities. it affords its members the opportuni- ty for Progress and Fraternity. An award of a key is presented to the outstanding freshman each year. The advisor is Floyd Goutsch. The officers are: President, James Crowley; Vice-Presidenf, James Toen- nies; Secretary, Roger Hujik; Treasurer, William Benuso. IOTA XI 0MEGA Iota Xi Omega attempts to further musical interests and encour- age high cultural values among the sorority members. The activities this year included Rush Teas, Homecoming banquet, Christmas party, candy soles, spring picnic, annual tea for seniors and faculty. The sorority also participated in the inter-sorority formal, song fest, variety show, and entered a float in the homecoming parade. A new project for the organization was the establishment of a loan fund for members of the sorority. Miss Nolte is odvisor of the group. Officers were: Presi- dent, Edith Godleski; Vice-President, Doris Komperschroer; Secretory, Virginia Gittens; Treasurer, Priscilla Parsons; Historian, JoAnn Streich. Simonson,M.,Peck,M.,Lewis,D,Poehling,R.,Burdick,E.,Lundewa11,C. Bangsberg, S., Gittens, V., Godleski, E., Seiberlich, T Loftus, M, Primus, M., Sill, M., Streich, J., Schaller, B., Semrau, C., Kam- perschroer: D., Hansen, H., Graham, D ', Cram, P., Ormstead, B., Ramsey, 0., Parsons P., Dobrunz, C., Lee B., VandenHeuvel, J., Luoma, A., Matiak, R. Page 1 11 Row 2: Howard, J., Ankney, J., Gullickson, R., Egelhof, P., Wartinbee, J., Schlintz, R., Gaynor, G., Foye, D. Row 1: Larson, Ronald, Patterson, L., Mercer, B., Smith, F., Duffrin, N., Weber, R., Mack, J. SICMA ZETA PHI The Sigma Zeta Phi fraternity was founded to uphold high cultural values and further social fellowship within its members. It also attempts to be of service To the school and community. The advisors are: Corl Wimberly and Walter Thoresen. The officers are: President, Lyle Pat- terson; Vice-President, Bob Schlinfz; Treasurer, Jim Mock; Secretory, Gerry Gaynor; Historian, Jim Howard; Sergeant at Arms, John Ankney; Chaplain, Pete Schoeffle. Page 1 12 WHO'S WHO Six women and seven men have been chosen to represent La Crosse State College in Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. Selection is made by a joint foculty-student committee which considers the student's excellence and sincerity in extra-curricular activities and his promise of future use to society. All students chosen for this honor this year were seniors, although juniors are also eligible for recognition. ROW 2: Ziegelmaier, G., Duffrin, N., Kohlman, K., Knudson, T., Clark, J., Weber, R., Burns, W. ROW 1: Boguski, B., Jenkins, S., Adrian, M., Larson, G., Staples, C., Hansen, J. Page 113 Standing: Allan Siff, Marion Primus, Mr. Carl Wimberly. Seated: Jim Mack, Douglas Foye, Norman Duffrin, Gale Webster, Mary Winters. PUBLIC DISCUSSION The Public Discussion Group made numerous appearances during the year before local groups. The group also participated in three inter- collegiate debate and discussion tournaments at Grinnell, Iowa, Eou Claire, Wisconsin, and Madison, Wisconsin. Mr. Carl Wimberly is the faculty advisor. Page 1 14 Campus Controls Council The student governing body on the campus is known as the Campus Controls Council. Various events of the year, such as freshmen orien- tation, fun night, homecoming activities, Dads' Day, honors assembly, recognition assembly and the annual spring prom, are scheduled and carried out under the complete jurisdiction of the council. Council rep- resentatives are on all committees in school to report and keep student government contacts. Students are elected to C.C.C. by popular elec- tion each spring. Officers are: President, Rollo Taylor; Vice-President, Jim Burns; Secretary, Sally Jenkins; Treasurer, Keith Kohlmon; Cor- responding Secretary, Dorothy Donek. Nederloe, 0., Nichols, R., Coplan, A., Toennies, J., Winger, 0., Taylor, R., Knudson, T., Newhouse, B., Jansen, H., Adrian, M. Luzenski, N., Danek, D., Jenkins, 8., Kawano, 5., Burns, J., Kohlman, K., Brittelli, D., Mercer, B., Marcussen, K. Page 115 Row 2: Dolbier, D., Winter, 5., Lundewall, C., Boguski, B., Staples, C., Guenther, R. Row 1: Kundert, M., Miller, J., Hamilton, K., Mackey, M., Gilfillan, M., Hansen, J., Hedrington, P. Women Self GovernmenlAss'n The purpose of the Women's Self Government Association is to assist in regulating matters pertaining to women students by present- ing opportunities for leadership in participation of college affairs, and by promoting a deeper interest in the life of the college through unity of the women. The organization sponsors many activities such as the annual Big and Little Sister activities, the annual Freshmen party, and the House Mother's Tea. The advisors are Miss Mary Hamilton, Miss Betty Baird, and Miss Edith Cartwright. The officers are: President, Beverly Boguski; Vice-President, Carol Staples; Secretary, Mary Mackey; Treasurer, Sue Winters. Page 116 W. S. 0. The purpose of the Women's Service Organization is to assemble the women of La Crosse State College to promote service, and to develop friendship and leadership in the student body and faculty, in the youth and community, among members of the organization and in the nation as participating citizens. Projects are ushering for social committee functions, guiding prospective students, a weekly bulletin board and sending the Fall social program to upper classmen. The advisors Tare: Miss Ptrybylowski, Miss Wilson and Mrs. Don Wille. The officers are: President, Patricia Voth; Vice-President, Patricia Biemeret; Secretory, Ann Bickley cmcl Bernice Ornsteod; Treasurer, Marlene Kundert. Row 3: Smith, M., Herb, C., Ladwig, C., Seiberlich, T., Voth, P., Wilson, L., Biekley, A., Godleski, E., Graham, D., Brittelli, D., Wolf, B. Row 2: Jensen, F., Biemeret, P., Drollinger, B., Glunn, M., Jenkins, 8., Nushart, N., Bachofen, E., Mucha, D., Hansen, H., Klarner, J. Row 1: Ormstead, B., Luoma, A., Danek, D., Ott, B., Kundert, M., Elleson, B., Foley, P., Barkow, J., Wesolowski, L., McBoer, N., Appleton, M. Page 117 Row 2: Wimberly, C., Mack, J., Miller, T., Bibby, J., Adrian, M., Lubner, R., Bickley, A., Eckart, J., Vollmar, M., Crail, C. Row 1: Proksch, P., Foley, P., Hansen, J., Winter, 8., Marcussen, K., Poehling, R., Klarner, J., Mucha, D., Ladwig, M. $0CIAI. COMMITTIEIE Providing a Social Calendar for the students of the college is the Social Committee's most important task. Some of the annual affairs include the Song Fest, the Christmas Assembly, Games Night and sev- eral receptions for college speakers. The faculty chairman for this group is Mrs. George Nixon. This year's student chairman is Joan Hansen. Page 118 HOIJSIE PRESIDENTS With the founding of the W.S.G.A. on the campus seven years ' ago, the house presidents were organized. Each year the group spon- sors a tea for the house mothers and the house presidents in order to promote a better relationship between them. The house president acts as a go-between for the house mothers and the residents of the various houses. The president of each house is responsible for the enforcement of W.S.G.A. regulations in her house The officers are: President, Marlene Kundert; Secretary, Ruth Bunke. Row 3: Mueller, 8., Buhler, N., Anderson, S., Bangsberg, S., Valentine, J ., Meyer, F Bonitz, L., Kurtz, D. '5 Row 2: Johnson, C., Tostrud, D., Nushart, N., Dejmek, E, King, J., Johnson, C Durgin, S., Jensen, F. ', Row 1: Lehman, L., Skaar, M., Weber, M., Kundert, M., Hornby, J., Ott, B., Bunke, R., Hellstern, J. Page 1 19 Row 2: Voth, P., Kurtz, D., Boguski, B., Adrian, M., Butterbrodt, M., Wolf, B., Godleski, E. Row 1: Nushart, N., Mertens, P., Denzin, H., Valentine, J., Herb, C., Mackey, M., Danek, D., Morgan, A. WRA The WRA board composed of senior officers and heads of sports and under the direction of Miss Beatrice Baird completed another suc- cessful year in providing an opportunity for all college women to par- ticipate in the sport activities in which they have on interest. Activi- ties sponsored by the group this year included the annual Alumnae Breakfast at Homecoming, on olI-college and all state high school play- doys. Officers for this year included: President, Mary Mackey; Vice- President, Helen Denzin; Secretory, Ann Morgan; Treasurer, Carol Herb. Page 120 M. I. A. A. Providing an all around sports program, such as: touch football, volleybaH, basketball, swimming, bowling, tennis, golf, and softball, is the purpose of the Men's Intramural Athletic Association. The advisor is Mr. Miller. The officers are President, Vern Seefeldt; Secretary, Bob Zold; Treasurer, Newell Nelson. Seasonal Sports Heads are: Harold Biebel, Fall: Keith Kohlmon, Winter; Oscar Winger, Spring. Row 2: Kohlman, K., Winger, 0., Seefeldt, V., Nelson, N. Row 1: Biebel, H., Zold, K., Miller, L. Page 121 Row 3: Hansen, J., Yunker, A., Tweed, D., Larson, G., Wills, H., Konrad, M12, Niedfeldt, K., Weber, R., Anderson, G., Mercer, R., Brittelli, D., Hanson, M. Row 2: Preslik, V., Dolbier, D., Dobrunz, C., Ruehlman, L., Guenther, R., Plante, M., Welch, C., Dale, J., Marcou, J., Theisen, A. Row 1: Nicks, H., Schultz, N., Loughan, M., Holter, A., Lienlokken, A., Zettel M., Gantenbein, S., Tiber, C., Betz, J., Cram, P. lA CROSSE STAFF Work on the 1955 LA CROSSE was begun in the summer months when the cover had to be designed, and contracts for printing and en- graving were compiled. The entire staff has put a lot of work, time, energy, and fun into this book for you. Credit goes to each staff member of the LA CROSSE for 0 job well done. Co Editors: Carol Tiber, Norma Schultz. Business Editor: Ruth Guenther. Senior Editor: Joan Hansen. Sports Editors: Harold Beibel, Carol Dobrunzt Index Editor: Richard Weber. Photographers: Jack Finley, H. J. Wills. Staff: Joan Betz, Janice Brown, Dorothy Dolbier, Marilyn Loughan, Greta Larson, Patricio Cram, Betty Ott, Mary Plante, Deloris Brittelli, Dione Tweed, Ann Lienlokken, Jackolyn Dale, Ruth Bunke, Sharon Gantenbein, Shirley Schneider, Marilyn Peck, Ken Niedfeldt, Charlene Torgerson, Maxine Hanson, Mary Hommes, Ann Yunker, Janice Mar- cou, Helen Nicks, Ann Tyson, Marilyn Sanford, Norma Tennison, Bob Schneider, Fred Lehrke, Mary Ann Zettel, Barbara Schniech, Pot Gen- zel, Vonnie Lambert, Virginia Preshik, Lois Ruehlmon, Kathy Krueger, Carol Ringhart, Helen Harrison, Marie Roellich. Page 122 MCQIJ ET STAFF The Rocquet is the bi-weekly, sometimes tri-weekly, campus news- paper "published by and for the students of La Crosse State." It is primarily a laboratory paper where students interested in journalism experiment with layout, format and the general techniques of "the game." Gregory Ziegelmoier is editor; Angelen Holter, news editor; Dave Lechnir, sports editor; Lyle Patterson, business manager; business staff, Don Bokkum and Robert Schlintz; photographer, Jock Finley; Circulation manager, Sylvia Bangsberg - Helen Nicks, assistant; Mor- goret Loftus and Elaine Johnson, typists; Edith Godleski, women's sports; Writerse-Greta Sprick, Jackolyn Dole, Kathy Drueger, Ann Yunker, Margaret Loftus, Ann Lienlokken, Kathryn Rahn. Row 2: Ziegelmaier, G., Bakkum, D., Bangsberg, S., Tweed, D., Godleski, E., Lien- lokken, A. Row 1: Nicks, H., Sprick, G., Dale, J., Yunker, A., Loftus, M., Holter, A., Rahn, K. Page 123 Carol Semrau, Lenore Dregne, Bernadette Wolf. HJEDGLING The Fledgling, the schools literary magazine is published two to three times during the school year. It is composed of original poetry, prose, plays, and music contributed by the students. A student- initiated project, the Fledgling is supported by the sole of books con- tributed by the faculty of the English department and the sale of the magazine. Bernadette Wolf, Carol Semrau, and Lenore Dregne make up the editorial board this year. Page 124 0RCHESI$ The college modern dance group is composed of all students in- terested in interpretive dance. They must be able to pass certain stan- dards of ability and originality. The Junior Orchesis group consists of the newa-elected members; the following semesters they become members of the Senior Orchesis. Both groups sponsor a traditional Christmas program and 0 Mother's Day Presentation. The advisor is Miss Frances Carter. The officers are: President, Richard Weber; Vice- President, Beverly Boguski; Secretory, Delores Brittelli; Treasurer, Jone Waller; Publicity, Rito Poehling. Row 2: Schroeder, 8., Ryan, J ., Poehling, R., Boguski, B., Weber, R., Brittelli, D., Olson, C., Theisen, C., Carter, M. Row 1: Eberlein, J., Bartz, M., Lobacz, D., Waller, J., Luzenski, N., Barkow, J., Pickett, P., Hanson, J., Carter, F. Page 125 Row 3: Staples, C., Marcussen, K., Kammel, L., Swanson, M., Thrall, R., Butterbrodt, M., Isabella, J., Nelson, J., Brittelli, D. Row 2: Lyon, L., Fisler, B., Woiak, L., Zantow, P., Valentine, J., Schuetz, P., Sem- row, 0, Carberry, J. Row 1: Waller, J., King, J., Gamroth, B., Streich, J., Zetterlund, K., Pickett, P., Danek, D., Frankowski, M. CATILINA CLUB The Catalina Club is a synchronized swimming club for girls. This club has been in operation for the past seven years. Its activities in- clude the annual water ballet show and the intercloss swim meet, both given in the spring. The club is also in charge of the open swimming periods after school. The advisor is Miss Betty Baird. The officers are: President, Mary Butterbrodt; Vice-President, Joan King; Secretary- Treasurer, Carol Staples. Page 126 TIJMBLINE CLUB The tumbling club is composed of women. The membership is gained by passing tests at the end of the first nine week period, judged by members of the club. The meetings are held once a week when the club works on projects consisting of demonstrations between halves of basketball games, for play days and demonstrations outside of school. The advisor for the group is Miss Betty Baird. The officers are: Presi- dent, Pat Pickett; Vice-President, lone Olson; Secretory-Treosurer, Caryl Olson. Top: Shirley Schauder, Annette Stopka. Middle: Caryl Olson, Rita Poehling, Caroline Semrow. Bottom: Harlene Linder. Page 127 Row 2: Brenner, C., McMahon, K., Rose, B., Rodis, 1. Row 1: Lehman, L., Skaar, M. CHEERLEADERS This year found on all girl cheerleading squad of L.S.C. Connie Brenner, sophomore, spent her second year on the squad acting as ccp- tain. Four freshmen and one sophomore were added to the group. The sophomore being Irene Rodis; and the freshmen were Marlene Skoar, Kathryn McMahon, Barbara Rose, and Linda Lehman. All of the girls have had previous experience and training in high school. The cheer- leaders devoted much time and energy in supporting our team. They wish to thank the fans for their support, which made this year's cheer- ing section one of the best. Page 128 t1." CLUB All men of the college who have participated in a major sport and earned a varsity athletic letter are entitled to membership in the "L" club. The purpose of the organization is to promote the wearing of the "L" as an honor and to further athletics on the campus. The projects for the year include the selling of refreshments and programs at the games, organization of half time entertainment for basketball games, and taking charge of the public address system. Graduating senior members are honored each year with the presentation of a jacket. Mr. Thoreson is the advisor. The officers are: President, Doug Gerber; Vice- President, Robert Zold; Secretory, Vern Seefeldt; Treasurer, Jerry Fish- boin; Corresponding Secretory, Roger Hujik. ROW 4: Chadwick, J., Seefeldt, V., Clark, J., Bibby, J., Ver Velde,tR., Knudson, T., Dunn, J., Pampuch, E., Crowley, J., Rigg, R. ROW 3: Hujik, R., Coughlin, J., Provine, B., Olson, J., Kohlman, K., Perry, N., Ankney, J., Gerber, D., Lehrke, F., Welch, W. ROW 2: Erickson, J., Burns, J., Wimmler, C., Igler, R., Boegel, B., Nelson, N., Felton, W., Deeth, C., Toennies, J., Rouches, G. ROW 1: Burns, W., Mason, J., Jansen, D., Biebel, H., Richter, A., Tuska, G., Trickel, B., Zold, R., Bawden, C., McCain, C. Page 129 Row 4: Schlicht, C., Fanshaw, 1-1., Bibby, J., Butera, M., Evenson, M., Friet, A., Jacobson, A., Blackwood, J., Niedfeldt, K., Lewinski, J., Miller, T. Row 3: Schiller, R., Healy, W., Fairbanks, L., Olson, R., Fadness, J., James, T., Kane, J., Fish, M., Weber, R., Nichols, R. Row 2: Felber, E., Mayo, H., Theisen, A., Tock, S., Larson, G., Tennison, N., Hanson, M., Everson, J., Dregne, L. Row 1: Grupp, D., Resch, R., Sprick, G., Havens, N., Hammes, M., Hansen, J., Streich, J., Johnson, F., Kingsley, R., Durkin, P., Zellmer, D. Secondary Education Club Membership in the Secondary Education Club is held by all stu- dents enrolled in the secondary education division at La Crosse State. Its purpose is to develop a higher and professional status in the student. Each year, Secondary Club sponsors a banquet, two picnics, and a Christmas party. The advisor is Mr. Everett Walters. The officers are: President, Greta Larson; Vice-Presidenf, Merle Evenson; Secretary, Mary Gilfillon; Treasurer, Doris Kamperschroer. Page 130 ELEMENTARY CLUB All students in the elementary division are automatically members of this campus club. Its purpose is to acquaint students with profes- sional standards and ethics. Highlights of the year include banquets, potluck suppers, and discussions about Future Teachers of America. Row 3: Lewis, D., Winter, M., Tweed, D., Gittens, V., Waughtal, R, Hall, N., Gaynor, G., Schuette, W., Schlintz, B., Pickering, G. Row 2: Stark, D., Rhomberg, J., Amundson, K., Drollinger, B., McDonald, P., Guenther, R., Kilian, K., Hanson, D., Jensen, F., Gross, K. Row 1: Helgerson, J., Sallander, E., Rose, 8., Fitzsimons, G., Trute, L., Fuchs, K., Strodthoff, A., Rogers, J., Schulenburg, D., Rudie, A. Page 131 Row 3: Hays, M., Lienlokken, A., Semrow, C., Wikum, D., Yunker, A., Clausen, R., Kirk, W., Anderson, A., Vollmar, M., Brittelli, D., Johnson, E. Row 2: Johnson, M., Gantenbein, 5., Beach, J., Sill, M., Lane, M., Sommermeyer, J., Stoddard, D., Gaynor, V., Dale, J ., Gullickson, B., Preslik, V. Row 1: Danek, D., Ott, B., Kapellas, I., McBoyle, N., O,Connor, K., Snyder, A., Paudler, E., Hanson, L., Bogert, J ., Bartz, M. ELEMENTARY CLUB The advisors are Miss Jessie Caldwell and Dr. Jean Rolfe. The officers are: President, Claude Deck; Vice-President, Norman Hall; Secretary, Virginia Gittens; Treasurer, Rose Mary Matiok. Page 132 RURAL I.II:E CLUB The high-light of the Rural Life Club's activities is the annual Christmas Banquet. All members of the rural division automatically become members of the Rural Life Club. The club meets twice a month, its purpose is to promote the strengthening of community life. The advisor is Miss Applegate. The officers are: President, Joyce Miller; Vice-President, Elmer Gz'ossman; Secretory, Beverly Belling; Treasurer, James Urbon; Reporter, Margie Ludwig; and Sunshine Committee, Lois Kortbein and Barbara Norwicki. Row 3: Dobson, S., Methum, M., Dolbier, D., Roseberry, R., Nowicki, B., Kasten- schmidt, B., Wolcott, D., Woodworth, E., Pralle, A., Schlough, B., Robbins, A., Ewert, M., Athnos, E. Row 2: Miller, J., Bauch, J ., Ustby, L., Syverson, D., Dopson, S., Baker, M., Tracey, B., Funmaker, A., Hoier, D., Krieg, C., Gillitzer, L., Harbecke, K. Row 1; Ibinger, C., Meyer, J ., Furmor, M., Hayden, G., Ladwig, M., Woldenberger, S., Bates, L., Olsen, N., Kortbein, L., Deichelbohrer, M., Bohn, E., Ekern, L. Page 133 Row 4: Bickltey, A., Voth, P., Graham, D., Boguski, B., Wall, B., Burdick, E., Lunde- wall, 0, Lubner, R., Isabella, J., Wolf, B., Barnet, N. Row 3: Coplan, A., Larson, R., McCain, C., Jansen, H., Noltner, J., Richter, A., Zold, R., Juel, M., Jensen, D., Fishbain, J. Row 2: Reichert, M., Appleton, M., Biemeret, P., Wesolowski, L., Mackey, M., Nushart, N., Mayer, M., King, J., Harvey, B., Dzurick, L. Row 1: Ormstead, B., Morgan, A., Burn, C., Woolley, M., Brenner, C., Eberlein, J ., Hilts, J., Luoma, A., Kundert, M., Collins, J. MAJOR CLUB The Student association of health, physical education and recrea- tion has 157 members. The purpose of this club is the promotion of professional activities and attitudes. Activities included a delegate to the Mid-West Health, Physical Education and Recreation Convention, a banquet, two speakers, distribution of professional literature, on official club bulletin board, designed to keep local and national information be- fore its members. The advisor is Miss Emma Lou Wilder. The officers are: President, Holly Jansen; Vice-President, Barbara Neidlinger; Sec- retary, Jerome Fishboin; Treasurer, Dave Jensen. Page 134 MAJIIR CLUB 1?:.: MD ,: . ??Mw'au Row 4: French, E., Miller, C., Skarpac, G., Junt, J., Dunn, J., Pampuch, E., Gerber, D., Kohlman, K., Rouches, G., Mason, J. Row 3: Foley, P., Neidlinger, B., Mucha, D., Klarner, J., Krause, L., Godleske, E., Bachofen, E., Mertens, P., Zarada, 1., Pickett, P. Row 2: Buckan, H., Weston, N., Woiak, L., Winter, 3., Hamilton, K., Kalms, A., Boyd, J., Lindberg, J., Jenkins, 8., Glunn, M. Row 1: Lobacz, D., Zettel, M., Jefferies, M., Lathrop, J., Larson, Ronald, Biebel, H., Hutchins, W., Waller, J ., Rodis, 1., Carberry, J. MAJOR CLUB Bawden, C., Nyboe, G., Felton, W., Seefeldt, V., Newhouse, R., Brann, L Winger, 0., Nelson, N. .9 Row 2: Moran, W., Schuette, F., Meyer, F., Adrian, M., Trickel, B., Nelson, W., Marcussen, K., Ladwin, C. Row 1: Ruehlman, L., Schuetz, R, Nelson, J., Valentine, J., Seiberlich, T., Barkow, J., Thompson, D., Hanson, J., Denzin, H. Page 135 The La Crosse State CoIlege Band again spent a very enjoyable and busy year. The 54 piece marching group wasn't Bowl Bound but I did perform some outstanding exhibitions on the field for the large crowds. Leading the band this year was a boy drum major, the first in many years, Lee Nordrum. With Jim Mack doing the announcing the band shows were included as parts of interesting stories that could be followed very easily by the spectators. As Mr. Mewaldt stated at the beginning of the season, "This band will perform in rain or shine, mud or snowe" it truly did its part. The members walked, trudged, and slid through water and mud almost to the top of their shoes just to keep the lines straight and give a good outward appearance. The pinwheels, turning at precisely the same tempo to lovely strains of music, and the homecoming show were especially very effective. Also included for the marching band was the trip to Milwaukee and the performing on their field for the game between the two rivals. At the completion of the football season the band was reorganized into a con- cert band. Even then the group didn't quite put away all their pep for a pep band was gathered for some lively music for the support of the college basketball team. Two concerts including a wide variety of music and ability concluded the year with the concerts given in the late winter and in the spring for the enjoyment of the students, faculty, and public. Page 136 Flutes Yvonne Bangsberg Kathy Harbecke Wilma Lamont Diana Lewis Oboe Ileen Gehrke Bassoon Barbara Ingli Clarinets Sylvia Bangsberg Jim Blackwood Ray Clausen Doreen Frank Carmon Hancock Rolf Helgerson Carol Howard John Kane Kathy Krueger Dolores Mikkelson Ole Nederloe Lee Nordrum Elaine Paudler Virginia Preslik Bass Clarinet Jean Kramer Alto Saxophones Don Bakkum Beverly Franc Fran Meyer Elaine Sallander Tenor Saxophones Donna Hoier Doris Kamperschroer Mary Plante Baritone Saxophone J ames Heath French Horns Lee Hodge Harriet Peterson Earl Ritter Bev Strehlow Baritones Marilyn Ocasek Jack Terpstra Basses Gary Evenson J ohn Fadness Don Fitzpatrick Trombones Valary Anderson JoAnn Boyd Marjorie Johnson Ken Niedfeldt Don Stoddard Margery Weber Comets Shirley Benson Dave Jacobson Doug Johnson Margaret Loftus Doug MacFarlane Tom Paine Jim Sturgis Drums Marlene Burke Jim Dolbier Dave Losby Dick Neumann Ken Schams Director Mr. David Mewaldt Page 137 Row 3: Bruha, D., Eiken, G., Beighley, K., Kirk, W., Keys, W., Fadness, J., Melichar, M., Johnson, R., Powell, D., Knoble, D. Row 2: Terpstra, J. Helgerson, R., Wolff, C., Satterlee, V., Graham, J., Lienlokken, A., Winter, 8., West, Y., Frey, R., Hahn, D. Row 1: Weber, M., Tostrud, D., Pallowick, B., Anderson, V., Bion, N., Dopson, S., Fitzsimmons, G., Kortbein, L., Rodis, I., Sandvick, S. CHOIR The sixty voice chorus of La Crosse State College gave its first public performance of the year when it song at the Thanksgiving pro- gram. With the String Sinfonia and the Orchesis group it presented 0 Christmas program on December 15. In addition to its annual spring concert given in May, the chorus song at the Commencement Exercises. Page 138 CHOIR A group of eight singers, selected from the chorus and called the "Collegiates" presented numerous programs including some for the schools, various organizations of the La Crosse area, and television shows. This group includes: Boss, Dove Bruha and Keith Briscoe; So- pranos, Virginia Gittens and Mary Lou Vollmor; Altos, Marlene Me- thum and Cynthia Wolff; Tenors, Eric Temte, Dennis Hahn, and Lee Nordrum. Row 3: Gschwind, T., Keepers, R., Briscoe, K., Egelhof, P., Hallander, K., Pickering, G., Dolbier, J., Anderson, A., Wethe, B., Nordrum, L. Row 2: Allen, C., Johnson, D., Anderson, S., Thomas, M., Ganzel, P., Thrall, R., Gittens, V., Vollmar, M., Tweed, D., Dale, J., Temte, E. Row 1: Hancock, C., Ingli, B., Swancutt, K., McMahon, K., Mueller, G., Zetterlund, K., Gantenbein, S., Methum, M., Webster, G., Zellmer, D. Page 139 Row 3: Cartwright, G., Larson, G., Eckart, J., Witzke, P., Pfafflin, J., Keepers, R.. Ramlet, P. Row 2: Ulrich, J., Dobson, S., Weber, M., Gittens, V. Row 1: Sill, M., Annett, T., Niles. P. SPRING SINFONIA The String Sinfonio, under the direction of Dr. Thomas Annett, re- heorses every Tuesday afternoon. Members are string players who play for their own enjoyment and editicotion, and for the entertainment of others. Each year the group takes part in a Campus School assembly, a program at Emerson School, and the Christmas program and Spring Concert. The officers are: President, Virginia Gittens; Vice-President, Marjorie Sill; Secretary-Treasurer, Judy Ulrich; Social Chairman, Greta Larson; Librarian, Jim Pfofflin. Page 140 pus. NEWMAN CLUB The Newman Club is the largest single organization on the cam- Meeting in their clubrooms at 6th and Main Streets, members meet guest speakers in a "Seminar Series of Instructions in the Faith for College Students." The Catholic students attend Moss and cor- porate Communion nearly every two weeks. Supper is served at the evening meetings. The particular aim of the dub is to promote re- ligious, intellectual and social development in the Catholic student on the campus. The advisor is Miss Agnes Breene and the Chaplain is Rev. Anthony P. Wagener. The officers are: President, Gregory Ziegel- moier; Vice-President, Michael Butera; Secretary, Mary Lou Vollmar; Treasurer, Peter Schoettle and Corresponding secretary, Rita Poehling. Row 4: Row 3: Row 2: Row 1: Hamilton, K., Bernatz, D., Winter, M., Shimshak, B., Ebert, J ., Weilandt, G., Egelhof, P., Finn, W., Seubert, J ., Yunker, P., Schaettle, P. Thornburg, M., Schaller, P., Harvey, B., Hoch, J., Zarada, I., Fanshaw, H., Schuette, F., Burns, J ., Wimmler, C. Foley, P., Dzurick, L., Bachofen, E., Loftus, M., Hanson, J., Yunker, A., Lee, B., Zetterlund, K., McMahon, K., Johnson, E., Marcou, J. Ott, B., Kingsley, R., Klarner, J., Wrzinske, B., Wolf, B., Mertens, P., Lu- zenski, N., Hohlfeld, E., Reichert, M., Morgan, A. Row Row Row Row 1: NEWMAN CLUB U. ' , J, , .: v . , , Brittelli, D., Gittens, V., Godleski, E., Boguski, B., Peters, K., Jax, J., Butera, M., Rose, P., Pampuch, E., Crowley, J., Gaynor, G., Staszewski, R. Nowicki, B., Niles, P., Wolff, C., Theisen, A., Hanson, M., Plante, M., Brene- gan, D., Skarpac, G., Powers, R., Larson, R., Dziedzic, N. Zellmer, D., Wanner, C., Kalms, A., Ciecka, B., Zettel, M., Valentine, J., Felber, E., Ryan, J., Guenther, E, Rowe, C., Gamroth, B., Wesolowski, L. Cram, P., Rogers, J., Wargula, J., Scholl, M., Beck, E., Lobacz, D., Schaller, M., Fuchs, K., Gill, K., Huss, H. Sanford, M., Liebig, J., Granger, F., Perry, N., Berzinski, W., Mangner, J., Hilke, R., Miller, T., Ritter, E., Finley, J., Ziegelmaier, G. Keenan, S., Preslik, V., Gaynor, V., Sieger, B., Poehling, R., Vollmar, M., Higgins, J., Kahle, P., Rand, J., Dressler, E. Luoma, A., Gallo, C., Gorman, J., Selz, M., Kapal, D., Kane, J., Gschwind, T., Bunke, R., Tiber, C., Bohn, B. Sinnott, T., Carberry, J., Happ, D., Hammes, M., Zablocki, D., Fitzgerald, P., Carbone, J ., Durkin, P., Woolley, M., Frankowski, M. Page 142 WESLEY FOIJNDATION The Wesley Foundation is an active church organization for Methodist and Baptist students. It promotes Christian fellowship among the students. Various activities such as discussions, listening to thought-provoking speak- ers, caroling, various types of recreation and attending state and national conferences of the MSM are on this year's agenda. The advisor is Miss Margaret Chew. The officers are: President, Allen Erickson; Vice-President, Emelyn Burdick; Secretary, Eileen Woodworth; Treasurer, Jim Marshall; Social Chairman, Dorothy Dolbier; Service Chairman, Jim Blockwood; Pub- licity Chairman, Betty Kowalchyk; and State Council Representafive, Mary Alice Lone. Row 4: Briscoe, K., Powell, R., Dolbier, J., Zittleman, K., Blackwood, J., Keys, W.. Tooke, L., Bangsberg, D., Pfafflin, J ., Kirk, W., Mercer, R. Row 3: Dolbier, D., Ruehlman, L., Satterlee, V., Dorsey, J., Meyer, F., Burdick, E., Frank, D., Hays, 8., Lane, M., Marshall, J., Paine, T., Johnson, D. Row 2: Allen, 0, Terpstra, J., Webster, G., Homan, M., Ocasek, M., Woodworth, E., McNamer, V., Holter, A., Spangler, D., Lehman, L. Row 1: Eberlein, J., Sallander, E., Weaver, N., Young, J., Meyer, V., McDonald, P., Paudler, E., Rose, 5., Hornby, J., Ladwig, M., Hilts, J. Page 143 Row 3: Schlough, B., Stokke, M., Lamont, W., Kamperschroer, B., Tweed. D., Joers, T., Schlender, K., Carey, D., Taarvig, M., Hansen, J. Row 2: Stoddard, D., Hanson, D., Mackey, M., Larson, G., Frano, B., Schultz, N., Parsons, P., Dobrunz, C., Simonson, M. Row 1: Schulenburg, D., Skaar, M., Brenner, C., Johnson, F., Harbecke, K., Dregne, L., Evenson, L., Raasch, G. lIJTH ERAN STUDENT ASS'N The Lutheran Student Association is an international student Christian movement. Its main purpose is to answer the spiritual needs of a student and to bring about Christian fellowship. The group meet ings consist of devotions, suppers, recreational activities, and various social gatherings. Each year a joint meeting is held with some of the other colleges within the Lond-O-Lokes Region. Page 144 Dahler, Mrs. C., Dahler, C., Horn, R., Iverson, R., Christensen, D., Wolcott, S., Bakkum, D., Marheine, C., Eben, C., Nederloe, 0. Row 2: Sill, M., Arneson, P., Kamperschroer, D., Ladwig, C., Weber, R., Nelson, W., Ringhardt, C., Knoble, D., Helgerson, R. Row 1: Helgerson, J., King, J., Johnson, C., Ekern, L., Oesterreich, L., Grupp, D., Ulrich, J., Syverson, D., Munson, M., Nicks, H. The advisors for the L.S.A. group are Mr. and Mrs. Carlin Dahler. This year's officers are: President, Norma Schultz; Vice-President, Bill Cline; Secretary, Florence Johnson; Program Chairman, Ole Nederloe. Page 145 Hutchins, W., Brace, P., McCain, 0, Nichols, R., Keepers, R., Schumacher, S., Lubner, R., Thrall, R., Repp, S., Podhola, J. Row 1: Price, J., Collins, J., Lewerenz, H., Ingli, B., Mayer, M., Hansen, H., Lathrop, J., Boyd, J., Duerkop, M., Burke, M., Burn, C. CONGO CLUB Among the active church groups on the campus is the Congo Club which meets every other Sunday. The programs include suppers, de- votionols, discussions, and recreational activities. Each year an annual banquet is held. The advisor for the club is Miss Applegate. The offi- cers ore: President, Barbara Ingli; Vice-President, Bill Hutchins; Secree tory, Joan Collins; Treasurer, Helen Hanson. Page 146 PRESS CLUB Pres Club offers Christian fellowship to anyone desiring member- ship. Activities which are sponsored by the group include suppers, de- votionols and social gatherings. A series of Evening Watch meditation programs are presented each Lenten season. To provide experience and attitudes for the students are the aims of the group. The advisor for the Presbyterian group is Mr. Carl Wimberly. This year's officers are: Moderator, Miriam Bortz; Vice Moderator, John Bibby; and Stated Clerk, Koren Hanson. Row 2: French, K., Mack, J., Jansen, H., Hallander, K., Bibby, J., Sarles, R., Wim- berly, C. Row 1: Bartz, M., Loughan, M., Larson, R., Wechter, R., Welch, C., Hedrington, P. Page 147 Krause, L., Bangsberg, Y., Niedfeldt, K., Rabe, J., Bangsberg, S., Prellwitz, W., Schiessl, D., Gullickson, R., Adrian, M., Ganzel, P., Tock, S., Krause, R. Row 1: Strehlow, B., Pfingsten, A., Kortbein, L., Bauch, J., Hoier, D., Semrow, C., Wikum, D., Bonitz, L., Wahl, L., Schneider, 8., Buckan, H., Gehrke, 1., Sprick, G. CAM MA DELTA Gamma Delta, on International Association of Synodicol Confer- ence Lutherans, endeavors to conserve and develop Christian faith and to encourage Christian action among college students, through 0 pro- gram based on Christian knowledge and Christian service. Activities of the group include cost suppers, discussions, lectures, and social activi- ties. Advisors are the Rev. F. H. Miller and Miss Betty Pollock. Officers are: President, Jack Robe; Vice-President, Pot Gonzel; Secretory, Dove Schiessl; and Treasurer, Sylvia Bongsberg. Page 148 WALTER Jt W11 TILH 3. mm T RIALYRJYWSW EWWM AND HJCFUAI! y 4 , A? MR: ruzr rmLmv w . , . M mu. nwmvmz HOCKEY . . . Bernie Wolf, Pat Voth, Jo Vanden Heuvel, Edith Godleski, Jo Collins, Betty Wall. Edith Godleski, Carol Ladwig, Connie Lundewall, Juanita HigginS, Jo Collins, Betty Wall, Jo Vanden Heuvel. Page 150 W. R. A.... W.R.A. is a women's recreational association for all students in college. It has a twelve sport progrom Curling was started new this year. Jean Carberry, Jo Boyd, Connie Lundewall, Lois Woiak. Page 151 VOI.I.IEY BALL . . . UP AND OVER . L! Duerkop, Rowe, Ringhart, Thrall, Schumacker, Mueller, Thornberg, Carbone, Webster, Hedrington, Ocasek, Helstrune. Page 152 SKATING . . . ON GO OUR SKATES ANY ONE FOR A RACE Page 153 CURLING - A New Activity . . . Sandy Curls - Marilyn Barb Lines It Up Gives Directions SWEEP, GIRLS, SWEEP Marilyn Ocasek, Pat Mertens. Page 154 Sport Head-Volenfine Back row Marlene Burke, Pat Ganzel, Pat Dorsey. Front row-Willy Lamont, Jean Carbone, Ruth Brunke, Gerri Raasch. Mark It Down Marilyn Ocasek, Nancy Webster, Kathy Gill, Sandra Schumacher, Jean Carberry, Pat Ganzel, Jeanette Hilts, Mary Marten, Phyliss De Boer, Jean Dorsey, J ean Carbone, Page 155 BAleIETBAlI. . . . Pauline Vincent, Betty Wall, Claire Burn, Pat Biemert. Two Poinfs-Biemerl' Susie Kennan, Lois Krause, Doris Graham, Marilyn Meyer. Is It In? Carol Ringhart, Jean Barkow, Katie Hamilton. Barkow Scores? Page 156 "BIG B" COACHES THE SENIORS Back row: Carol Ladwig, Edie Godleski, Bernie Wolf, Marlene Adrian, Miss Baird, Pat Voth, Nan Nushart. Front row: Ann Morgan, Mary Mackey, Helen Denzin, Marlene Kundert.. TUMBLING Top: Shirley Schauder, Annette Stopka. Center: Carol Olson, Rita Poehling, Caroline Semrow. Bottom: Harlene Linder. Page 157 DANCING . . . LADIES TO THE CENTER GENTS TO THE CENTER PRETTY SIDE OUT Page 158 ORCHESIS . . . SENIOR NUMBER - MAY '54 Front: Agnes Zdrazil, Mary Kleckowitz. Standing: Pat Stephens, Beatrice Peterson, Pat Gibbons. r z 'i' Fiat . ,. 8 Milakt; II v ' , Qf'ii n. X 'y 5 v Left to right: Jean Barkow, Sue Schroeder, Delores Brit- telli, Pat Pickett, Janis Hanson. Left to right: Bev Boguski, Jeri Ryan, Caryl Olson, Rita Poehling, Nancy Luzenski, Pauline Vincent, Delores Delores Lobacz, Miriam Bartz. Kneeling: Judy Eberlein. i Page 159 PLAY DAY . . . Registration La Crosse Defeats Luther Page 160 SWIMMING . . . , CAVE MEN Joan King, Carol Staples, Mary Butterbrodt. Page 161 A TYPICAL SCENE . . . "Mac" Changes Towels Mac," Sue Woolley, Barbara Rose. Page 162 FO0TBALI. . . . THE 11BIG FOURW Floyd Gautsch, Bill Vickroy, Cliff De V011, Ken Hollub. 1954 Football Results Sept. 172St. Norbert's College 13 La Crosse 41 Sept. 25-1River Falls State 0 La Crosse 26 Oct. 2215mm Institute 20 La Crosse 20 Oct. 921Superior State 12 La Crosse 27 Oct. 1621Milwoukee State 16 La Crosse 21 Oct. 23-1Eou Claire State 6 La Crosse 27 Oct. 30251.. Ambrose College 33 La Crosse 12 Nov. 62Youngstown-College 39 La Crosse 13 Nov. 13-Monkofo State 6 La Crosse 19 1"Conference game: Won 6; Lost 2; Tied 1. All Conference Selection Phil Golnick ...... '. . . . Tackle Jim Mason ......... Halfbock Bill Bums ............ Guard Willie Berzinski ...... Fullback Willie Berzinski2Honoroble Mention, Little All American; Assoc. Press. Page 163 Bottom Row: Bob Newhouse, Willie Berzinski, Dick McLoone, Doug Gerber, Bill Burns, Bob Zold, Jerry Tuska, Willie Felton, Artie Richter, Skip" Jolliffe, Ted Criel, Jim Mason. Second Row: Rich Mettlach, Bill Lang, Ron Kowalczyk, Bill Provine, Lin Bran, Gene Pickering, Jack Rabe, Fred Lehrke, Phil Gollnick, Jim Erickson, Wayne Welch. Third Row: Jack Stadler, Jack Wartinbee, Jim Butterbrodt, Frank Granger, Lee Drosen, Dick Riggs, A1 Stevepack, Fred Shutte, Jim Schroom, Dick Molzahn, Gordon Wellmen. Fourth Row: Bill Vickroy, De V011, Mike Skemp, Denny Dalke, Jerry Witterman. Dick Jensen, Jerry Schmidt, Ken Hollub, Jack Eifert, Oscar Wenger. SENIOR LETTERMIEN . . . Art Richter, Bob Zold, Bill Burns, Doug Gerber, Willie Felton. Football Drills Get Underway Coach Vickroy, Manager Oscar Winger, Captain Bill Burns, Ass,t. Coach Ken Hollub and Lin Brann. Page 165 PO0TBALL . . . Mason Tuska Page 166 it La Crosse ended the football season on a successful note, as they defeated Mankoto State Col- lege, 19-6. The win gave the ln- dions a season record of six wins, two losses and one tie. The In- dions went unbeaten but tied in conference play, but won the crown again this year for the sixth straight season which La Crosse has either won or shared in the crown. it Many eventful happenings occurred during the season. La Crosse remained undefeated in conference play as they run that string to 29 games. Stout Institute was the only team to score La Crosse, as the two teams fought to a 20-20 tie in o roinstormed field without the use of lights. A long undefeated string in overall play was snapped 0t 23 games when visiting St, Ambrose walloped the Indians 33-12. The fol- lowing weekend La Crosse traveled for its first regular season intersec- tionol game and lost their second straight game, another rarity around the campus. The team set a rushing record this season, gaining 2,677 yards in 438 carries for on average of 6.1 yards 0 try. Leading the rushers was a junior full back from Arcadia, Wis., Willie Berzinski, sixth rusher in small colleges last season. Willie has been ranked in the top ten rushers all season and ended with 957 yards in 124 attempts for on average of 7.7 yards. Page 167 Willie's twin, only in ability, is little Jim Mason, a junior halfback, who is 60 pounds less than Willie's 200. Jim gained 861 yards in 98 carries for an average of 87. Jim has been ranked in the top ten all year also, and for a few weeks was in front of Willie. Mason also averaged 47.6 yards on 11 kick-offs, 31,4 in 18 punts. Jim scored eight touchdowns to Willie's ten. Other leading rushers tor the Indians were: Mike Skemp, junior halfback, 216 yards in 33 carries; Jerry Tuska, Junior halfback, 216 yards in 45; Art Richter, senior halfback, 151 in 30 carries; and Bill Provine, sophomore halfback, 142 yards in 31 attempts. Page 168 Ted Criel was the team's leading posser with 225 yards in 15 completions of 40 attempts. Frank Granger also a sophomore quarter- back, completed 13 of 27 passes for 191 yards. On the receiving end, freshman Jim Joiliffe caught six oeriols for 136 yards and one touch- down. Behind Willie and Mason in scoring was Jerry Tusko with 46 points on five touchdowns and 16 of 25 conversion attempts. La Crosse recovered 22 opponent fumbles with senior guard Bob Zold snatching five of them. As a team, the Indians outgoined their opponents 3,137 yards to 2,401. Also the Indians outscored their foes with 206 points to 152. However, La Crosse had only 8 more total ploys than their enemy. Page 169 BASKETBALL . . . Returning Lettermen 1954-1955 Jerome Fishbain, Jack Coughlin, Bob Olson, Rod Ver Velde, Jim Clark, Jim Toennies, Dave Jensen. 1954-1955 Results: Nov. 20-AIumni--Here Nov. 274-Monkoto4Here 91 La Crosse 76 Nov. 304Bethel4Here 60 La Crosse 1 10 Dec. 44St. Norbert's4There 88 La Crosse 71 Dec. 74Winona4Here 80 La Crosse 85 Dec. 114River Folls44There 110 La Crosse 94 Dec. 16-Stout-Here 78 La Crosse 77 Jon. 64H. Sheridan4Here 87 La Crosse 91 Jon. 84Eau Claire4There 107 La Crosse 94 Jon. 144O1shkosh-wThere 89 La Crosse 80 Jon. 154Milwoukee4There 101 La Crosse 77 Jon. 224Superior4Here 94 La Crosse 89 Jon. 29-Bemidji4Here 65 La Crosse 87 Jon. 314R1ver Folls4Here 74 La Crosse 72 Feb. 54Stout4There 89 La Crosse 107 Feb. 11-Whitewoter4Here 65 La Crosse 80 Feb. 124Stevens Point4Here 65 La Crosse 101 Feb. 19-Eou Claire4Here 96 La Crosse 84 Feb. 23-Upper lowa4Here 78 La Crosse 89 Feb. 264Superior4There 98 La Crosse 79 Page 170 Coach Clifford De Voll ended his third year at the helm of the Indians of the hardcourtt The "mighty midgets" as the team was affectionately called closed the season with eight wins and eleven losses. Their conference record was three wins and nine losses. Of the eight victories, seven were scalped in the lndian's own hunting grounds, Wittich Hall. Four games were lost at home and seven on the road. Two of the losses at home included desperation shots which scored as the gun was sounded. Page 171 Five seniors will graduate from this year's squad. They are Cop- toin Jim Clark, Jonesville; Jim Toennies, Sheboygon; Art Richter, She- boygan; Jerome Fishboin, Racine; and Dave Jensen, Tucson, Ariz. The first three were starters on this year's aggregation. Returning will be forwards: Rod VerVeIde, Jock Coughlin, Jerry Swan, Bruce Boegel; Centers-Ed Winiorski, Rollo Taylor; Guords-eBob Olson, Jim Stearns, and Phil Rose. Ver Velde, Winiorski, Olson, and Stearns were starters. Page 172 The cagers opened at home defeating the alumni. The first game was lost to Monketo, Minn, here. The next few games the Indians alternated on both sides of the win column. Beat Bethel College, lost to St. Norbert there, defeated Winona State here, then lost the con- ference opener at River Falls. One more loss come before another win was chalked up. That was a last second shot by Stout. Ft. Sheridan visited and lost after the Christmas vocation. Then the team went into a four game losing streak, Eau Claire, Oshkosh, Milwaukee and Super- ior-eoll league games. However, La Crosse ended the first semester on a happy note, defeating Bemidji, Minn. With Winiorski becoming eligible La Crosse picked up steam after losing to River Falls on another last second shot. Three wins in a row were collected-Stout, White- water, and Stevens Point. However, the champion Eau Claire team cooled the team, but they rebounded against Upper Iowa. The boys lost the last game of the season to Superior. BASKETBALL . . . Winona-Here Winona- Here Stout-Here Winona Here Page 174 BASEBALL . . . 1954 Results St. Mary's N. C. 13-8 Stout C. 6-1 Iowa State N. C. 0-3 St. Mary's N. C. 14-13 Winona N. C 6-4 Wortburg N. C. 6-1 Eau Claire C. 10-2 River Falls C. 4-6 Eau Claire C. 1-3 St. Cloud N. C. 8-2 River Falls C 10-0 Winona N. C. 9-2 Stout C 12-4 1955 BASEBALL SCHEDULE Saturday, April 16 ................ Stevens Point ...................... There 121 Tuesday, April 21 ................. St. Marys ............................. Here Saturday, April 23 ................ Winona State T. C. ...................... Here Saturday, April 30 ................ River Falls ......................... Here 121 Tuesday, May 3 ................... Iowa State Teachers ................... There Friday, May 6 .................... St. Marys ............................ There Friday, May 13 ................... St. Cloud ...................... Here 1Night1 Saturday, May 14 ................. Stout ............................. There 121 Tuesday, May 17 .................. Eau Claire ............................. Here Saturday, May 21 ................. Loras ................................. There Tuesday, May 24 .................. Winona State T. C. .............. Here 1Night1 Saturday, May 28 ................. Wartburg ............................. There To be scheduled .................. Luther To be scheduled .................. Platteville Page 175' New Baseball Captain . . . New Baseball Captain of La Crosse State College is Newell Nelson, third baseman from Onolosko, who will lead the Indians. Nelson is congratulated by Coach Vicroy, right, while Dick Sweeney, La Crosse center fielder and retiring captain, look on Page 176 SWIMMING . . . McCain, C., Skarpac, G., Erickson, A., Butterbrodt, J., Powell, D., Vickroy, Hagerman, R, James, T., Rosen L., Allen D., Peters, K., Duer, T., Stromoski, D., Trickel, B., Shiller, R. 1954-1955 RESULTS Dec. 4-St. Olaf College, Minn-H .......................................... 51-33 Dec.15-Gustavus Adolphus, Minn-H ................................... 4595-38V2 Jan. 22-Lawrence College-T .............................................. 48-36 Feb.12-Ham1ine U, Minn-T ............................................... 35-49 Feb. 19-Milwaukee State H . . t . . . V ....................................... 47-37 Feb. 23-Milwaukee Extension U. of Wis. ................................... 50-34 Feb.26-Lawrence College H .............................................. 50-34 Coach Bill Vickroy's swimming team captured the conference championship when they defeated Milwaukee State, 47-37, in the local pool. The team finished the season with six wins and only one loss. La Crosse defeated St. Olaf College, Minn; Gustavus Adolphus, Minn; Lawrence College; Milwaukee State; Milwaukee Extension U. of Wis.; and a return meet with Lawrence. The single loss was to a strong Homline University team. Page 177 New Captain . . . H M w m; Ron Stromowski, junior, Milwaukee Pulaski, was captain for this year's finmen. Three other Milwaukee boys are on the team. They are Lee Drosen, Pulaski, and Tom Duer, 0nd Orv Kersfen. Bob Potthost, Deon Allen, Dick Powell, and Cameron McCain were others on the champions. Page 178 WISCONSIN A. A. U. MEET RESULTS . . . W a v.9. Charles Wimmler High Grade Division. Charles Wimmler5First Place Medal in Calisthenics. Novice Division. Charles WimmlertSecond Place Medal in Trampoline. Doug MacFarlane5Second Place Medal in Tumbling. Karl Schlender5First Place Medal in Tumbling. 1954-55 Results Dec. 4 CLASS C Luther .............. 35 La Crosse ............ 29 CLASS B La Crosse ............ 24 Luther .............. 16 Jan. 15 CLASS C La Crosse ......... 8Vz Mankato ........... 55152 CLASS B La Crosse .......... 32152 Mankato ........... 6315 Feb. 12 La Crosse ............ 32 Western Illinois ...... 64 Feb. 25 La Crosse .......... 31.5 Univ. of Chicago . . . .63.5 Third Place Medal in Long Horse Vaulting. Page 179 TRACK . . . STATE .3 AERM': W m mass: m" top A ER ,A' l'n-wc; A ronsg Aaaiss' A BEEF" V 35 '5. g V ' a n u v 5 9 .. STATE 4 3:53: '3 CRUSF . , m" . ,E , x 5m! mm: may 1 A ERUS. AI 0 51m '5 la tunes! . R 5F 55"? Hm, ' fRnSS Lu STA'E STATE A muse . TRUF- 5"":- CULLEhE 1954 STATE CHAMPIONS TOP ROW: F. H. Gautsch, Gene Bilotti, Rod Larson, Jim Crowley, Willie Ber- zinski, Jim Dunn, Tom Knudson, Fritz Reil, Dick Rigg, Winnie Wolfe, Don Eddy, Mgr. MIDDLE ROW: Keith Kohlman, Terry Zeiman, Jack Rabe, Dave Gessert, John Reinhold, Wes Mayer, Bill Provine, Cameron McCain, Darrell Jackson. BOTTOM ROW: Gene Davis, Bob Wells, Dick Hackett, Fred Lehrke, George Rouches, Curt Bowden, Les Netwall, Neil Koeneman. A large turnout was on hand for Coach Floyd Goutsch's first track meeting of the year. Last season fhe Indians captured the conference crown after struggling 25 years behind Milwaukee. The competition will be keen again this year between the two strong rivals. Jim Crowley, senior hurdler, Portage, was elected captain. Page 180 1954 RESULTS April 10 La Crosse ................ 92173 Luther ................... 38V3 May I La Crosse ............... 108 Ripon ................... 18 May 8 La Crosse ................ 94V2 Lawrence ................ 33V2 May 14 La Crosse ................ 73V2 Carlton .................. 46V2 St. Thomas ............... 31 STATE MEET State Champions: La Crosse ............. 99 Milwaukee ............ 88 Stevens Point .......... 22 Oshkosh ............. 10 River Falls ............ 3 Page 181 G0lf . . . The team won two games to Luther, two games to St. Marys and one each to Iowa State Teachers College and Winona State Teachers College. Their two losses were to Loras and Beloit. Members of the successful 1954 La Crosse State College golf squod look on as Bill Boettcher addresses the ball. Kneeling to left of Boettcher is Coach Orville Broult, standing Heft to rith Jim Erick- son, Minneapolis; Jim Burns, La Crosse; Bruce Boegel, Richlond Cen- ter; Bryon Wechter, Oregon; John Bibby, La Crosse; Nick Perry, Keno; she; and Roger Hujik, Kenosha. The squad swept through the field to win the state conference title and finished the season with only two defeats in competition. Page 182 TENNIS . . . From left: Doug Lueck, Don Jorgenson, Tom Novak, Phil Anderson, Jerry Kohlbeck, Dick McLoone, Coach Bob Novak. 1954 Results La Crosse ............. 4 at Loras ............... 1 La Crosse .............. 6 Loras ............... 1 La Crosse .............. 6 Milwaukee . ........ 3 La Crosse ........... . 4 Luther .............. 5 La Crosse .............. 9 at St. Marys ........... 0 La Crosse .............. 4 Mankato ............ 3 La Crosse ............. 9 St. Marys ........... 0 STATE TOURNEY 1. Whitewater and Oshkosh ........ tie 3. La Crosse and Stevens Point ........ tie Page 183 CROSS COIJNTRY . . . Oct. 16 Lawrence ........... 20 La Crosse ........... 37 Oct. 23 Milwaukee .......... 22 La Crosse ........... 34 Oct. 30 La Crosse ........... 22 Stevens Point ........ 37 16th Annual Wisconsin A. A. U. 50,000 Meters Cross Country Championship, Wisconsin State College at Milwaukee, Saturday, No- vember 6, 1954. 15f, Beloit ............. 19 2nd, Milwaukee ........ 52 3rd, Carroll ............ 71 La Crosse ............. 68 Page 184 HOMIECOMING . . . THE QUEEN HER COURT JoAnn Boyd Jo Streich - Sally Anderson Betty Ott - Nancy Luzenski La Crosse State College Band Page 186 THE FLOA-I-s O O O Page 187 DRAMATICS . . . Page 188 TRACK . . . LA CROSSE STATE CINDERMEN ROUT LUTHER 100-31 midi PROVINE SETS RE CORD; GRABS 4 FIRST PLACES Billy Provine, right, nips teammate Don Kolloth at the tape in win- ning the 220 for the La Crosse State College track team in its match with Luther. Three La Crosse State Hurdlers, left to right, Capt. Jim Crowley, Billy Provine and Dick Rigg, clear a flight of high hurdles at a track meet with Luther. Provine won the event with Crowley second and Rigg third. Page 189 student .0rientati on... O I'; John Fadness, Constance Gallo, Douglas Byde, Diane Dregne, Marian Hammes, Glenn Smith, Everett Walters. Miss Cartwright, Delores Kurtz, Mrs. Sylvester Wilson, Beverly Boguski. Twenty-seven house mothers met with Dean of Women Cartwright to talk over common problems. Page 190 HONORS ASSEMBLY . . . 1954 Woodliff C, Clark J, Knudson T, Tweed D, Adrian M, Butterbrodt M, Valenta H, Larson G, Higgins J, Brenner R, Campbell A, Hansen J, Buelow B. 1955 Eleven La Crosse State College juniors and a Central High School senior received scholarships at the annual honors convocation at the college Tuesday. From left, the recipients were: Standing-JoAnn Morris, Portage, Alice 0. Gordon N0. 1; Lucille Hanson, La Crosse, La Crosse Community Trust; John Bibby, La Crosse, George M. Snodgrass; James Noltner, Madison, D. O. Coate; Janice Valentine, Suring, Rena Angell; and Norma Schultz, La Crosse, Alice 0. Gordon No. 2. Page 191 DAD'S DAY . . . V2. JV Ray Clausen, Mr. Clausen, Mr. Thoreson and Tom Knudson. Page 192 The Staff of the i955 LACROSSE wishes to thank E112 Ea Qirngge Erihune for its co-operotion with the college throughout the year. Special thanks to the photography de- partment for the use of photographs from the newspaper files that are displayed throughout this book, and to Clayton Weber for his help in the art and engrav- ing departments. Mg H-WW IIM- Page 193 1955 Contributors i' $50 Doerflinger's Department Store, 4th and Main G. Heilemon Brewing Company, 1027 South 3rd $25 Keller Printing Company, 112 Pearl La Crosse Tribune Engraving Department, 435 South 4th $20 North American Press, Milwaukee, Wisconsin $10 Barron Company Department Store, 426 Main Borden Company, Consolidated Division, 716 Hood Coco-Cola Bottling Company, 912 South 3rd Danny's Music Store, 307 Main La Crosse Bowling Proprietors Association Lieder Lumber and Coal Company, 820 North 3rd M. Erickson Bakery Company, 320 Fifth Avenue South Modern Laundry and Dry Cleaning Company, 212 Fifth Avenue Newburg's Men's Wear, 322 Pearl Pepsi-Colo Bottling Company, 1900 West Avenue Pigeg-Wiggly, 1820 Jackson - 63 Copeland Avenue Standard Oil Company, 20 Copeland Avenue Trone Company, 2nd and Cameron $5 Adam Kroner Hardware Company, 319 Pearl Ahrens, Mayor Henry J., 428 South 19th Anderson's Sporting Goods and Tire Service, 215 State Arenz Shoe Company, 323 Pearl Bokolors Brothers Sausage Factory, 931 Mississippi Berg Paint and Wallpaper Company, 539 Main Bloschke Funeral Home, 228 North 6th Bodega Lunch Club, 120 South 4th Brook's Clothing Store, 419 Main C and D Restaurant, 507 Main Campbell Service Station, 215': and Campbell Road Page 194 Chicken Little, 65 Copeland Avenue Clark-Brocken lncompany, 412 South 4th Click Candy and Distributing Company, 221 Pearl Conrad Furs, 111 Fifth Avenue South Cram Markets, 1908 Campbell Road Cremer's Jewelry Store, 411 Main Crescent Jewelry Company, 429 Main Degen-Berglund Pharmacy, 1908 Campbell Road Dolly Madison Dairies, 102 Main Ellickson Photo Studio, 710 Main Fantle's Fifth Avenue, 201 Fifth Avenue South Finley's Bakery, 1425 Market Flor-Shop, 926 West Avenue South Fuller's, 12th and State Gantert's Furniture and Rug Company, 1 10 South 3rd Gorvalia China Shop, 1 16 Fifth Avenue South Gateway Grocery Company, 106 South Front Harmony Cafe, 128 North 3rd Hilton Prescription Pharmacy, 205 South 4th Hoeschler's, 5111 and Main Hotel La Crosse, 201 North 3rd Howard's Clothes Shop, 1 12 South 4th Inland Printing Company, 130 Main Jafek Beauty Shop, 423 Main Kienoh's Flower Shop, 501 Main La Crosse Breweries lncompony, 727 South 3rd La Crosse Clinic, 212 South 11th La Crosse Telephone Company, 5th and Jay La Crosse Transit Company, 601 North 3rd Leoth Furniture Company, 207 Fifth Avenue South Leithold Piano Company, 223 Main Lenord's Photo Art Studio, 502 Main Lottie's Ready Wear Shop, 109 North 4th Moen Photo Service, 313 Main Moore's Book Shop and Gift Box, 503 Main Nelson Clothing Company, 1205 Caledonia Norris Kopetsky, 107 Fifth Avenue North Olson's Sporting Goods, 221 South 3rd P and W Washerette, 603 Main Padesky Fruit House, 109 Main Paramount Photo Shop, 225 Main Penney's, Hoeschler Building Phillips, Ed and Sons Distributing Corporation, 202 South Front Pitzner's Cleaners, 121 North 7th Puent, Charles 5., Greenhouse, 1802 La Crosse Page 195 Quinn's Sport Shop, 607 Main Radatz Chop House, 132 North 3rd Rita's Beauty Shop, 1808 State Ross Furniture and Rug Company, 118 South 3rd Ruth's Flowers, 715 State S and H Sport Shop, 325 Main Sanitary Barber Shop, 1804 State Schultz and Nelson Dry Cleaners, 318 South 4th Seven-Up Bottling Company, 525 West Avenue North Tousche's Hardware Company, 201 South 4th Tillman Brothers Furniture, 116 South 4th Tot-teen Shop 10f Newburg's1, 322 Pearl WLCX, State Bank Building Waffle Shop, 1910 Campbell Road Welch Radio and Appliance Service, 1920 Campbell Road Wettstein's Television and Electric, 1527 Losey Boulevard South Wiggert Brothers, 327 Jay Wittenberg Cigar Store, 1230 Caledonia Yellow Cab Company, 322 State Zischke's, 124 South 3rd Page 196 INDEX 1k A Adams, Fredrick5P. E.-,15Cashton 74 Adrian, Marlene5P E5452944 S. Wentworth Ave., Milwaukee, 26 96, 98,103,113,115,118,120,135,148 Ahlstrom, Victor5L 81. 85451626 Pine, La Crosse Aiken, Mary5L 8; 5545208 3rd Ave. N.,Ona1aska, 26, 99 Allen, Curtis-Sec 5352410 George, La Crosse,46,102, 139, 143 Allen, Dean5P E.515125Vg E. Main St., Evansville, 74 Allen, Donald5Sec. 5151245 S 17th, La Crosse, 74 Allen, Richard5L 81, S5152410 George, La Crosse Allen, William5L 8: S515Norwalk, 74 Alswager, Hal5L 8c S525Box 207, Marinette Amundson, David5L 8z 85152701 Harvey, La Crosse, 74 Amundsen: Karen5Elem515410 S 21st La Crosse,74, 131 Anderson, Allan5E1em.5l5RR 1, Strum, 74, 132 Anderson, Arvid5P. E.5151011 Johnson, La Crosse, 74, 139 Anderson, Charles5P. E.525Pembine, 62 Anderson, Gilbert5L 8:, 85151511 North St., 74, 122 Anderson, John5L 8a S515Holmen, Wis., Box No. 24 Anderson, Raymond5Sec.525Box 355, Galesville, 62 Anderson, Sally A..5E1em5251323 Kane, La Crosse,62,103,139 Anderson,Sa11y K..5Elem 545141 18th Ave. 8., Wisconsin Rapids,26, 119 Anderson, Valary5E1em.525505 E. Main St., West Salem,62,136,138 Ankney John-P. E.525101 Ferry, La Crosse,74,112,129 Appleton Mary5P. E545 317 Doty St.,Kaukauna,26,103,117, 134 Arndt, Pat5P. E.515212 E. Townsend, Milwaukee, Wis., 74 Arneson, Patricia5P. E515318 Tamerac St.,B1ack River Falls, 74, 145 Arnet, Philip-Sec. 525Hokah, Minn., 62 Aspenson, Katherine5E1em. 5452711 Boschert, La Crosse Athnos, Edna5Rural525451 N. 23rd, La Crosse, 133 Atwood, Maurice5P. E.515Route 2, Bruce, Wis. B Bachofen, Elaine-P. E.535Route 1, Box 56, Beaver Dam, 46, 98, 107, 117, 135, 142 Baker, Myrtle5Rural515Holmen, Wis., '74, 133 Bakkum, Donald5L 8: 5515127 E. Chocolay, Munising, Mich., 74, 123, 136, 145 Bangsberg, David5L Sz 85351230 Ferry, La Crosse, 46, 143 Bangsberg, Sylvia-Elem.545135 N. Leonard, West Salem, 26, 111, 119, 123, 136, 148 Bangsberg, Yvonne5L 81. 8515135 N. Leonard, West Salem, 74, 136, 148 Barkow, Jean5P. E.535Box 138, Dousman, Wis., 46, 107, 117, 125, 135 Barlow, Gaylord5Sec.535RR No. 1, Onalaska Barnet, Nancy5P. E.535Rt. 2, Box 119, Bremerton, Wash., 46, 134 Barstad, Roger5E1em.545227 Davidson, Westby, 46 Bartel, Lee Ellen5P. E.515Route 1, Sheboygan, 74 Barth, George-L 8: 85151903 Loomis, La Crosse, 74 Bartz, Miriam-Elem.535223 S. 16th, La Crosse, 46, 125, 132, 147 Bates, Lorraine5Rura1515Ferryville, 74, 133 Bauch, Joan5Rura1525RR No. 1, Augusta, 43, 133, 148 Bawden, Curtiss5P. E.525434 Ontario Ave., Sheboygan, 62, 129, 135 Beach, Judith-Elem.515322 South 3L" St, Sparta, 75, 132 Beck, Edith5P. E.515424 N. Main, Mayville, 75, 141 Behne, Gordon5P. E.5255584 Arrowwood St., Greendale, 62 Beighley, Kenneth5Sec.53555 Myrick Park Lane, La Crosse, 46, 138 Beirne, Ronald5Sec.515234 South 7th, La Crosse Belling, Bever1y5Rural515RR No. 1, Onalaska, 75 Bendel, Donald5L 8x 55151418 S. 20th, La Crosse, 75 Page 197 Page 198 Benedict, David-P. E.-3-404 W. Montgomery St., Sparta, 106 Benson, James4P. E.41-Soldiers Grove, 75 Benson, Shirley4-P. E42413. F. D. No, 2, Boscobcl, 62, 136 Benson, Wayne-Sec.424Houston, Minn. Benusa, William-L 8: 8424902 Main. Arcadia, 62, 110 Bernatz, D0rothy-E1em.-2-119 S. 22nd, La Crosse, 142 Bernett, Lowell4L 8a S-l-R. F. D. No. 4, Tomah Bersing, Orville4L 8; 8414813 Tyler, Black River Falls Berzinski, Willis4L 8!. S43-Arcadia, 46, 110, 142 Betz, D0na1d4L 8: 841-1302 S. 5th, La Crosse Betz, Joanne4E1em.43-421 Ferry, La Crosse, 46, 105, 122 Bibby, John4Sec.434128 S. 23rd, La Crosse, 47, 98, 102, 104, 118, 129, 130, 147 Bickley, Ann4P. E.44-RR 1, Stoughton, 26, 103, 117, 118, 134 Biebel, Harold4P. E.-34101 Lake B1vd., Oshkosh, 47, 110, 121, 129, 135 Biemeret, Patricia4P. E.444705 S. Adams, Green Bay, 27, 96, 98, 103, 117, 134 Bion, Nancy4Elem.-14Green Acres, La Crosse, 138 Blackwood, James4Sec.434809 Kilbourn Ave., Tomah, 47, 130, 136, 143 Blankenship, Milton-L 8; 84242041 Wood, La Crosse, 62 Blankschein, Richard4L 8: S41--Rio, Wis., 75 Blatchley, G1enda-P. E.41-1102 Superior, Wisconsin Dells, 75 Bluske, Marlene4E1em.4141910 S. 16th, La Crosse Boegel, Bruce4P. E424707 N. Church, Richland Center, 62, 129 Bogert, Joan4Elem.-141408 George, La Crosse, 75, 132 Boguski, Beverly4P. E444825 Winford Ave., Green Bay, 27, 107, 113, 116, 120, 125, 134, 141 Bohage, Charles4P. E.-1--332 W. Marion St., Portage, 75 Bohlman, Gera1d4L 8z 5-441010 Vine, La Crosse, 27, 108 Bohn, Arnold-P. E414356 E. Noyes, Berlin, Wis., 75 Bohn, Elizabeth4-Rural41-RR 2, Norwalk, 43, 109, 133, 142 Bohn, Joyce4P. E414Townsend, Wis., 75 Boler, Douglas4-Sec.41-46 N. 9th Ave., Sturgeon Bay Bolin, Royce-Sec.424Tomah Bone, Walter-Sec.-3-37 Myrick Park Lane, La Crosse, 47, 104 Bonitz, Lorraine4Elem.-14Millsn, Wis., 75, 119, 148 Borgen, Obed4-L 8L S414Viroqua Bowen, Duane-L 8: 8414115 N, 3rd, Black River Falls Boyd, Jo Ann4P. E.-2--Box 26, Wyola, M0nt., 62, 103, 135, 136, 146 Brace, Patricia4P. E.-14435 S. Fremont, Janesville, 75, 146 Branch, Barbara-Elem.-4--521 N. 11th, La Crosse, 27, 105 Brann, Linwood-P. E.-24Unit No, 16, 16th and Vine, La Crosse, 62, 106, 135 Breidenstein, Beauford-Sec.4241523 State, La Crosse, 62 Breidenstein, Blaine4L 8; S41-Ontario, Wis. Brenegan, Duane4P. E.41-Galesville, 75, 141 Brenengen, Allan4SeCr-14Galesville, 75 Brenner, Connie4P. E.424Eau Claire, 62, 96, 103, 128, 134, 144 Brenner, Robert4L 8a S-4-311 Losey Blvd. S., La Crosse, 27 Briscoe, Keith4P. E.-14246 E. Winnebago, Portage, 76, 139, 143 Brittelli, Delores4Elem.--342420 55th St., Kenosha, 47, 107, 115, 117, 122, 125, 126, 132, 141 Brockman, William-L 8L S-241335 Bainbridge, La Crosse Brooks, Reginald-P. E.-34111 Park, Walworth, Wis. Brown, Alvin4L 8z 8-1-1828 Kane, La Crosse Brown, Audre-Sec.434728 Superior, Wisconsin Dells, Wis, Brown, Harriet4P. E414Box 292, Boscobel, 75 Brown, JanicewElem.4341514 Caledonia St., La Crosse, 47 Bruha, Dave4P. E.-242620 Glendale Ave., La Crosse, 62, 138 Buckan, Helen4P. E.-442028 S. 17th, La Crosse, 27, 135, 148 Budde, Douglas4-P. E414119Vg Maple, Beaver Dam, 75 Buelow, Bernice4E1em.-4-1316 5th Ave. S., La Crosse, 28 Buhler, Nancy4Elem.-344U. S. V. A. Hospital, Marion, Indiana, 62, 119 Bull, James4S-E42-2019 Loomis, La Crosse Bunke, Ruth4P. E.414330 Beverly Rd., Barton, Wis., 75, 119, 142 Burch, Beatrice-Elem.4341324 Pine, La Crosse Burdick, Emelyn-P. E.-34604 High St., Milton, 47, 96, 111, 134, 143 Burke, Marlene4P. E.414621 Smith St., Plymouth, 76, 136, 146 Burkhard, Wava4P. E.-14439 Whitewater Ave., Fort Atkinson, Wis., 76 Burn, Clarice4P. E.-2-718 Jean Ellen, Beloit, 62, 134, 146 Burns, James-L 8L S-4-Unit No. 12, 16th Vine, La Crosse, 28, 106, 115, 129, 142 Burns, William4P. E.-4-2321 Main St., La Crosse, 106, 113, 129 Bushnell, Ross4S. E.-l-Patch Grove, 76 Butera, Michael4Sec.-3-2108 45th St., Kenosha, 47, 98, 130, 141 Butterbrodt, James-P. E.434Unit No. 11, 16th Vine, La Crosse, 97, 106 Butterbrodt, Mary4P. E.44-Unit No. 11, 16th Vine, La Crosse, 96, 97, 107, 120, 126 Butzman, Robert-L 8; S-3-R. 1, Onalaska, Wis. Byom, Wendell4Pharmacy42-Trempealeau, Wis. Byrns, Paul-L 8; S-14RR 2, Black River Falls, 76 C Cable, George-L 8a S-14Rt. 1, Camp Douglas Campbell, Ann-Elem.-442215 St. Rd., La Crosse, 28, 98 Campbell, Jerry4P. E.414216 Elm, Ripon, Wis. Carberry, Jean-P. E.-2-Parish Court Apts., Delavan, Wis., 63, 126, 135, 142 Carbone, Jean4P. E.4143708 17th Ave., Kenosha, 76, 142 Carey, Duane4L 8; 5-3-1102 State, La Crosse, 47, 144 Carlson, Kenneth-L 8: S41-Box 383, West Salem, 76 Carmichael, Roger-L 8:, S42-1303 West Ave., La Crosse Carr, Edward4L 8; S-1-427 E. Gilette, Viroqua Carter, Mrs. Margaret-Elem.-4-529 17th Place 8., La Crosse, 28, 105, 125 Cartwright, Gail-L 8: 5414810 S. 2lst, La Crosse, 76, 140 Casberg, Anna-L 8: S-14813 Ferry, La Crosse, 76 Cepek, Jack-P. E.-24414 State, Algoma, Wis., 63 Chadwick, John-P. E.-24121 11th St. S., Wisconsin Rapids, 110, 129 Chapin, John-L 81. S-3-508 Pearl, Sparta Chappie, David4P. E.42-5581 Arrowwood St., Greendale, 63 Chase, Ronald4P. E.-1-620 N. 8th Ave., West Bend, Wis., 76 Christensen, Donald-Sec.-34Withee, Wis., 47, 145 Christianson, Amber4P. E.41-RR 1, Endeavor, Wis., 76 Christianson, Richard-L 8: 5414211 N. 7th, La Crosse Churchill, Kent4L 8; S-2-Necedah, 63 Churchill, Larry4P, E.-1-609 Powell, La Crosse, 76 Cieclea, Bernadine-P. E.-242065 S. 92nd St., West Allis, Wis., 63, 141 Clark, James4P. E.-441308 Ruger Ave., Janesville, 28, 97, 110, 113, 129 Clausen, Ray4E1em.-34830 9th St., S., Wisconsin Rapids, 48, 98, 104, 132, 136 Cleary, Mrs. Gail4E1em.-441414 Cass, La Crosse, 28, 105 Cline, William-L 8c S-2-2325 Ferry, La Crosse, 63 Coates, Charles4P. E.-1-731 Grant St., Beloit, 76 Cody, John4P. E.-3-1907 Denton, La Crosse, 106 Colburn, Russell-L 8: S43-RR 1, Onalaska Collins, Joan4P. E.42-220 S. Prairie, Fairmont, Minn., 63, 134, 146 Collins, LarryaL 8a S41-135 Van Ness, West Salem Conway, Jim-S. E.-242125 S. 17th, La Crosse Conway, Michael-L 8: 5424226 S. 8th, La Crosse, 63 Connor, Norbert4E1em.434Kendall, Wis., 48 Cook, Sally-P. E.-24211Vz Main St., Waupaca, Wis., 63 Cooper, Janet-Sec.-24598 E. Court St., Richland Center, 63, 105 Coplan, Arlo-P. E.-34501 lst S. W., Watertown, S. D., 48, 97, 98, 110, 115, 134 Copper, La Verne-2-2227 Weston, La Crosse Corcoran, LarryhP. E.-1-Ettrick, 76 Cordry, Mrs. Beverly-L 81, S-442133 Cass, La Crosse Coughlin, Jack4P. E.-3-Unit 28, Myrick Park Lane, La Crosse, 97, 129 Cram, Beverly4E1em.434La Crosse, 48 Cram, Mary-Elem.-3-Oakdale, 111, 122 Cram, Patricia4Elem.-3-Oakdale, 48, 122, 141 Criel, Theodone4L 8: S42-1566 Willow, Green Bay, 63 Crowley, Ann4P. E.-1-2307 N. 40th, Milwaukee, Wis., 76 Crowley, James-P. E.44-133 E. Emmett, Portage, 29, 101, 110, 129, 141 Page 199 D Dahlke, Dennis-P. E.-Westfie1d, Wis., 63 Dale, Jackolyn-Elem.-14345 S. 20th, La Crosse, 76, 122, 123, 132, 139 Danek, Dorothy4E1em.43-2810 Charles, Racine, 48, 109, 115, 117, 120, 126, 132 Danielson, La Vonne4L 8L S-24Mindoro, Wis. Dann, Gera1d4E1em.42-1626172 Pine, La Crosse, 63, 104 Dann, Kenneth-L 8z S-1-Rio, Wis., 76 Davidson, Melvin4L 8; S-1-427 S. 3rd, La Crosse Davis, Harianne4Sec.43-2145 Hyde Ave., La Crosse Davis, Robert4P. E.42-Barronett, Wis., 63 Day, Nadine-Elem.434-wLa Crescent, Minn., 48 De Boer, Phyllis4P. 3-14520 8th Ave., Durand, Wis. Deck, Claude-Elem.-4-10 Myrick Park Lane, La Crosse, 29 Deeth, Charles-P. Er-341208 2nd St. W., Ashland, 48, 104, 129 Deichelbohrer, Mary4Rura1-14Holmen, Wis., 76, 133 Dejmek, Barbara4P. E.43-3504 N. 16th, Milwaukee, Wis., 48, 105, 119 Delagrave, James4L 8: 842-2110 Madison, La Crosse, 63 Denzin, Helen4P. E.44-135 Summes, Sheboygan Falls, 29, 96, 107, 120, 135 Deringer, Frank-L 8: 84-4-G11dden, Wis. Diderrich, Alfred4P. E.--14115 N. 10th, La Crosse Dimmer, Philip4P. E.41--Denmark, Wis. Dobrunz, Carol-P. E.-241522 Kane, La Crosse, 63, 96, 111, 122, 144 Dobson, Sharon4Rural-14-1329 Charles, La Crosse, 77, 133, 140 Doescher, Joan-Elem.-3-Prairie Du Sac, Wis., 48 Dolbier, Dorothy-Rura1444526 Oak Ave. S., Onalaska, 29, 116, 122, 133, 143 Dolbier, James-L 8: 841-526 Oak Ave. S., Onalaska, 77, 136, 139, 143 Dopson, Sylvia4Rura1414Galesville, 133, 138 Dorsey, Frances-P. E.414Delavan, 77, 143 Dostal, Robert-L 8; 54141449 Caledonia, La Crosse Dott, Jeanie-Elem.41-Box 132, Wilton, Wis., 77 Doubek, Marvin-P. E.-14Box 134, Rib Lake, Wis. Downey, Beatrice-Elem.4l4423 S. 13th, La Crosse, 77 Dregne, Diane4P. E.-1-524 Independence St., Vimqua, 77 Dregne, Lenore4Sec.444Maple Dale Rd., Viroqua, 29, 124, 130, 144 Drendel, Gerald4L 8; 842-1313 South Ave., La Crosse Drendel, James4L 8; 8-141313 South Ave., La Crosse, 77 Dressler, Eugene4L 8; S434Mt. Hope, Wis., 49, 142 Drollinger, Barbara-Elemr4341037 Elm, Wisconsin Dells, Wis., 49, 117, 131 Drosen, Lee4L 8: 54242841 S. 43rd St., Milwaukee, Wis., 104 Duer, Thomas-P. E.414-1571 S. 9th, Milwaukee, Wis. Duerkop, Marie4P. E.--144Humbird, Wis., 77, 146 Duffrin, Norman4Sec.4441524 N. La Crescent, La Crosse, 102, 112, 113, 114 Dufresne, Don-Sec.41-925 Water St., Marinette, 77 Dunn, James4P. E.-a347832 14th Ave., Kenosha, 49, 110, 129, 135 Durgin, Shirley4P. E.-24Edgerton, 63, 119 Durkin, Patricia4E1em.41-114 N. Youlan, West Salem, 77, 142 Dvorak, David4P. E.-1-Sp00ner, 77 Dwyer, Thomas-L 3: S-1-112 S. 17th, La Crosse Dyb, Larry-Sec.-1-Ferryville, 77 Dyer, Mary Ellen4Elem.444De Soto, 29, 107 Dziedzie, Juanita-L 8: 84242804 S. 11th St., Milwaukee, Wis., 63, 107, 141 Dzurick, Lucille4P. E.-2-Wabeno, Wis., 64, 134, 142 E Eben, Craig-Sec.43-1119 King, La Crosse, 49, 145 Eberlein, Judith-P. E.-2427 Morris St., Mauston, 64, 125, 134, 143 Ebert, Janet4P. E414627 E. Division, Shawano, Wis., 77, 142 Eckart, Judith-L 8; 84242141 Winnebago, La Crosse, 105, 118, 140 Ekert, Helen-Elem.-2w424 N. Leonard, West Salem, 64, 105 Ekert, Isabe14Elem.-44424 N. Leonard, West Salem, 30, 105 Egelhof, Pete4L 8a S-4-307 N. 22nd, La Crosse, 30, 112, 139, 142 Page 200 Edwards, Gera1d4Elem.-4-320 W. Chestnut, Pardeeville, Wi5., 30, 98, 102, 108 Eggleston, Norman-Elem.41-118 Washington Ave., Pardeeville, Wis., 77 Eifert, Jack-P. E.-4-Unit No. 16, 16th Vine, La Crosse, 106 Eifert, Karen-L 8; S-34Unit No. 11, 16th Vine, La Crosse Eiken, Gordon-P, E.w1--453 N. Kingston, Caledonia, Minn., 77, 138 Ekern, Lois-Rura1-.14Westby, 77, 133, 145 Elleson, Barbara-P. E.-4-1429 S, 58th, West Allis, 30, 96, 98, 105, 117 Elmer, Doris-Elem.434266 E. 4th, Richland Center Emery, Francis-Sec.--24212Vz S. 3rd, La Crosse Engstrom, Byron--P. E.v-1-Westboro, 77 Erickson, Allanu-P. E.-1-961 N. Washington Ave., Cedarburg, Wis. Erickson, James-P. E43436 Myrick Park Lane, La Crosse, 106, 129 Esclito, Patrick-Sec.-4-Box 1024, Lanai, Hawaii Evans, James-L 8z S-1-809172 Ferry, La Crosse, 78 Evenson, Gary-Elem.-1-Onalaska, 78, 136 Evenson, Leiann4P. E.-1-Route 1, Larson, Wis., 78, 144 Evenson, Me1r1ewSec.-34Holmen, Wis., 49, 104, 130 Everson, Jean-Sec.-1-R. F. D. 3, Wisconsin Dells, 78, 130 Ewert, Helen Marjorie-Rura1-2'2222 St. Rd., La Crosse, 133 F Fadness, John4Sec.-1-Rio, Wis., 78, 130, 136, 138 Fairbanks, Larry-Sec.-3-622 Harvey, La Crosse, 130 Falkowski, James4P. E.41-3100 Hampton Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. Fanshaw, Harley-Sec.41-302 N, 20th, La Crosse, 78, 130, 142 Feakes, Lloyd4P. E.-14-Mt. Hope, Wis., 78 Felber, Eileen-Sec.-34752 N. 22nd, La Crosse, 30, 130, 141 Felton, Willard-P. E.444-139 Horn St., Brillion, Wis., 30, 97, 108, 129, 135 Femline, Arthur4-P. E.-1-1211 Prospect, Ave., Nekoosa Ferraro, Louis4P. E.-24-1653 La Salle St., Racine, 64, 97, 106 Ferris, Darrell-L 8L S-2-.Apt. 46, Myrick Park Lane, La Crosse Ferris, Patricia4-Elem.-2--711 S. 20th, La Crosse Ferris, Wilma4E1em.-34Apt. 46 Myrick Park Lane, La Crosse Finley, John-L 8; 5424-1533 Weston, La Crosse, 78, 142 Finn, William-L 8L 5-1-629 S. 9th St., La Crosse, 78, 142 Fischer, Lois-Sec.-3-1023 Pearl St., Waukesha, 49 Fischer, Viola4E1em.-3-125 W. Milwaukee, Mauston, 49 Fish, Myron4-Sec.-1-Cashton, 78, 130 Fishbain, Jerome-P. E.-4-926 High St., Racine, 31, 104, 134 Fisler, Barbara-Elem.-3-315 E. Wilbur Ave., Milwaukee, 49, 98, 107, 126 Fitzgerald, Patricka. E.-14105 Main St., Pardeeviller, 78, 142 Fitzpatrick, Donald-Sec.424216 N. 22, La Crosse, 64, 136 Flavin, Wayne-P. E.-1-1516 Marion, So. Milwaukee, 78 Fleckenstein, Steve4P. E.--1-3135 N. 94th St., Milwaukee, Wis. Fletcher, Robert-L 8; 542-3001 St. Rd., La Crosse Flock, Donna-Elem.-1-Cashton, 78 Florence, James-L 8: S-1-220 N. E. Ave., Viroqua. Flynn, Donald-L 8L 5-4141925 King, La Crosse, 78 Flynn, Patrick4L 8; S-2-1925 King, La Crosse, 64 Foley, Patricia4P. E.-3--804 Michigan Ave., Waukesha, 49, 96, 107, 117, 118, 135, 142 Ford, Donald-P. E.4-2-56 Myrick Park Lane, La Crosse Ford, Marion-4Elems-4-1709 S. let, La Crosse Fortney, Rog1er-L 8!. S-102 N. Main, Viroqua Fosse, Ronald-L 8a S-2-4Me1rose, 64 Fowler, Leonard-E1em.-3-226 N. 2nd, La Crescent, Minn., 49 Foye, Douglas-Elem.-2-623 Pine. Sparta, 64, 102, 112, 114 Frank, Dorene-Sec.41-7408 28th Ave., Kenosha, 78, 136, 143 Frankowski, Marlene-P. E.--142240 S. let St. Milwaukee, 78, 126, 142 Franc, Beverly-P. E.-2-Boyceville, Wis., 64, 96, 103, 136, 144 Fregin, Dorothy-Elem.-4-420 S. 20th, La Crosse French, Elton-P. E.42-Pembine, Wis., 64, 97, 108, 135, 147 Frey, Ronald4L 8: $414149 S. 24th St., La Crosse, 78, 138 Friet, Alois-Sec.4441914 S. 29th St., La Crosse, 31, 108, 130 Frisch, Donald-P. Er-14618 N. Ashland Ave., Green Bay Fitzsimons, Gwendolyn4Rural414803 Monroe, Onalaska, 131, 138 Page 201 Frye, Audrey4P. E.414Box 136, Lena, Wis., 78 Fuchs, Kathleen4E1em.424RR 1, La Crescent, Minn, 79, 131, 141 Fuller, Kathryn4E1em.444237 S. 15, La Crosse Funmaker, Annarae-Rurai414Box 128, Black River Falls, 79, 133 Furman, Marilyn-Rural414A1ma Center, Wis., 133 G Gaarder, Russell4L 8: S424Holmen, Wis. Gade, Gordon-L 8x S414Reedsburg, Wis., 79 Gallo, Constance-Sec.4147023 Pershing B1vd., Kenosha, 79, 142 Gallop, Douglas4L 8; S414She11 Lake, Wis., 79 Gamroth, Betty4P. E.424541 Wis. St., Wisconsin Rapids, 64, 103, 126, 141 Gantenbien, Sharon4Elem.414418 Oakland, La Crosse, 79, 122, 132, 139 Ganzeil, Patricia-P. E.414202 Garfield Ave., Menasha, 79, 139, 148 Gartner, Elroy4L 81. 84141915 Green Bay, La Crosse Gaynor, Gera1d4P. E.444160 E. 3rd St., Richland Center, 31, 112, 131, 141 Gaynor, Veronica4Elem.414160 E. 3rd St., Richland Center, 79, 132, 142 Gehrke, Harold4L 8: 5424336 W. Main, Reedsburg, 64 Gehrke, Ilee1n4P. E.414RR N0. 2, West Bend, Wis., 79, 136, 148 Geiger, Lyda4P. E.4142705 N. Holton, Milwaukee Genal, Greg-P. E.414104 U1. New York Ave., Oshkosh Gerber, Douglas4P. E.434Unit N0. 1, 161h Vine, La Crosse, 106, 129, 135 Gilbertson, Richard-Sec.414R0ute No. 1, Bangor, 79 Gilfillan, Mary4Sec.434Independence, 50, 100, 116 G111, Kathy4P. E.424Rt. 3, Box 270, Pewaukee, 64, 96, 103, 141 Gillitzer, Lorraine4Rura1414Eastman, Wis., 79, 133 Giombetti, Thomas-P. E.4241667 Layton B1vd., Milwaukee, Wis. Gittens, Virginia4Elem.434114 N. Walnut, La Crescent, Minn, 50, 111, 131, 139, 140, 141 Glick, Judith-P. E.4141239 N. Taylor, Oak Park, Illinois, 79 Glotz, Norman4L 8; 8414523 S. 9th, La Crosse Glunn, Mary Ann4P. E.434Hote1 Whiting, Berlin, Wis., 50, 107, 117, 135 Godliski, Edith4P. E.444Three Lakes, Wis., 31, 96, 111, 117, 120, 123, 135, 141 Goggins, Robert-L 8: S414R. 3, Chilton, Wis., 79 G011nick,Philip4P. E.434Westfie1d, Wis., 50, 97, 98, 104 Gongarek,G1enn4P. 13.442 729 Ohio St., N. Fond du Lac, Wis., 64 Goplin, Arvid4L 8: S424R. No. 3 Westby Gordon, Dona1d4L 8: 8444137 S.17th,La Crosse Gorham, Carol4L 8; S414Kenda11, Wis., 79 German, Joanne4P. E.4.14R 1, Blue River, Wis., 79, 142 Gould, Roxanne4L 81: 541-222 S 10th, La Crosse, 79 Gove, John4P. E.424825 7th Ave., S. E., Rochester, Minn. Grade, Carol-L 8: 8424723 Park Ave., Pewaukee, 103 Graf. Car14P. E.414E1khart Lake, Wis. Graff, Marshall-L 8x $414216 Lincoln Ave., West Salem Graham, Doris4P. E.424B0x 476, Fennimore, Wis., 64, 111, 117, 134 Graham, Joyce4E1em. 414223 N Michigan, Prairiey du Chien, 79, 138 Graham, Mabe1.4E1em 424216 Rose, La Crosse, 64 Granger, Frank4P E.4241032 Grove St., Racine, 64, 142 Grassman, E1mer-Rura14441337172 Vine, La Crosse, 31 Grassman, Gera1d4Rura1434Unit No. 54, Myrick Park Lane, La Crosse, 50 Grim, James4P. E.4145443 N. 40, Milwaukee, Wis. Grinde, Norma-Rural444Me1rose, Wis. Grinde, James4P. E.414347 Water St., Black River Falls Gross, Katherine4E1em. 434Hillsboro, Wis., 50, 103, 131 Grosskopf, Dick4L 8: 84242129 Ferry St., La Crosse, 64 Groves, Lauren-L 8: 8424429 S 9th, La Crosse Groves, Hubert-L 8; S434Soldiers Grove, Wis., 50 Grupp, Delores4Sec. 4141706 Loomis, La Crosse, 79,130,145 Gryphan, Barbara-L 8: 84242011 Madison, La Crosse, 65 Gschwind, Thomas4L 8; 5414713 Badger, La Crosse,80,139,142 Guengher, Ruth4E1em. 4341422 Farewe11,La Crosse, 50, 98, 103, 116, 122, 1 1 141 Gullickson, Betty4E1em.414Holmen, Wis., 80, 132 Page 202 Gullickson, Peter-Elem.-3-Holmen, Wis., 50 Gullickson, Richard-L 8z S-4-1325 Winnebago, La Crosse, 99, 112, 148 Gunderson, Leanne-Sec.-2-Char1eston, Illinois Gunning, Thomas-L 8: S-3-2011 S. 21st Place, La Crosse Guscetti, Hugh-Sec.-2-1703172 Wood, La Crosse, 65 H Hackett, Richard-L 8z S-2-1714 Main, La Crosse Haefs, Harley-L 8: S-l-R. 1, La Crescent, Minn., 80 Hagerman, Frenrick-P. E.-2-H01men, Wis., 65, 104 Hahn, Dennis-L 8c S-2-716 Pierce, Black River Falls, 65, 138 Hakanson, Lowell-P. E.-1-Boycevi11e, Wis., 80 Hall, Herman-L 8: S-l-R. 1, Westby, 80 Hall. Norman-Elem.-2-1220172 Caledonia, La Crosse, 65, 131 Hallander, Kent-L 8; S-l-Ebnefs Coulee, La Crosse, 80, 139, 147 Hallberg, David-P. E.-1-1404 E. Oakland Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. Haller, James-L 8: S-2-2336 Madison, La Crosse, 65 Hamilton, Kathryn-P. E.-3-1317 S. 26th St., Milwaukee, 50, 103, 116, 135, 142 Hammersberg, Wallace-L 8; S-2-1717 Avon, La Crosse Hammes, Mary-Sec.-2-RR No. 1, Norwalk, 65 109, 130, 142 Hammond, Wilma-Elem.-3-8004 W. Courtland, Milwaukee, 51, 107 Hancock, Carmon-Elem.-2-614 E. Ave., Sparta, 65, 136, 139 Hanifl, Jerry-P, E.-1-1217 S. 10th, La Crosse, 80 Hanneman, David-L 8c S-1-22 Morris St., Mauston, 80 Hansen, George-L 8: S-3-409 S. 2lst, La Crosse Hansen, Helen-L 8c S-2-Route 2, Box 6, Sparta, 65, 111, 117, 146 Hansen, Joan-Sec.-4-2125 Market, La Crosse, 31, 98, 100, 105, 113, 116, 118, 122, 130, 144 Hanson, Diane-Rural-l-Mt. Sterling, Wis., 80, 131, 144 Hanson, Janis-P. E.-3-Me1rose, Wis., 51, 96, 103, 125, 135, 142 Hanson, John-L 8: S-2-Sparta Hanson, Lois-Elem.-1-1832 Avon, La Crosse, 80, 132 Hanson, Lucile-Sec.-3-1237 Jackson, La Crosse Hanson, Maxine-Sec.-1-914 State, La Crosse, 80, 122, 130, 141 Hanson, Robert-L 8: S-1-912Vz Caledonia, La Crosse Happ, Darleen-L 8L S-3-944 N. Main, Rockford, Illinois, 65, 142 Harbecke, Katherine-Rural-l-Rt. 1, La Crosse, 80, 133, 136, 144 Harrie, William-L 8; S-2-Route 3, Sparta Harring, Roger-P. E.-1-848 School Place, Green Bay Harrison, Helen-L 8: S-1-233 W. 11th, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 80 Harvey, Barbara-P. E.-2-833 Lincoln St., Rhinelander, 65, 134, 142 Hatleli, Darlene-Elem.-3-1819 S. 19th, La Crosse, 51 Havlik, John-L 8; S-1-1452 Farnam, La Crosse Havlik, Thomas-L 8: S-1-1452 Farnam, La Crosse Havens, Nancy-Sec.-1-143 W. Jefferson, West Salem, 80, 130 Haville, Lloyd-Sec.-4-38 Myrick Park Lane, La Crosse, 32, 108 Havn, Patricia-P. E.-1-1104 S. 9th St., Kenosha Hayden, Glenda-Rural-l-De Soto, 80, 133 Hays, Martha-Elem.-2-Box 174, Rochester, Wis., 65, 105, 132 Hays, Stanley-L 8c S-1-520 S. 17th, La Crosse, 143 Healy, William-Sec.-1-Hillsboro, 130 Heath, Frances-p. 51 Heath, James-L 8a S-l-Route 1, Sparta, 80, 136 Hedrington, Patricia-P. E.-1-330 E. Wisconsin St., Chippewa Falls, 80, 116, 147 Heiden, William-L 8c S-1-504 Prospect Ave., Pewaukee, 80 Heintz, Charlotte-L 8L S-l-Hokah, Minn, 81 Helgerson, Joyce-Elem.-1-Mt. Sterling, Wis., 81, 131, 145 Helgerson, Rolf-L 81. S-Mt. Sterling, Wis., 81, 136, 138, 145 Hellstern, Joan-P. E.-1-1239 Madsion St., Lake Geneva, Wis., 81, 119 Hembre, Richard-L 8a S-2-1917 Madison, La Crosse, 65 Hendrickson, Paul-L 8: S-Z-Holmen, Wis., 108 Henschel, Erwin-L 8: S-4-428 N. 11th, La Crosse, 108 Herb, Carol-P. E.-4-2647 S. Pine Ave., Milwaukee, 32, 96, 103, 117, 120 Herling, Gerald-P. E.-1-934 Conklin Rd., Madison, Wis. Herman, Jeanne-P. E.-4-Thorp, Wis. Page 203 Herrick, Clarence4Sec.434Min0cqua, Wis., 51, 110 Hertz, James4P. E.414329 E. Prospect, Owatonna, Minn. Hess, Allaire-Sec.424518 Glendale, Tomah Hickenbotham, Nancy4P. E.424RR 3, Plymouth, 65 Higgins, Juanita4P. E.434Watertown, 51, 96, 107, 142 Hilke, Donald4L 8; 8414940 Redfield, La Crosse, 81, 142 Hilton, Dorothy4L 8: 54241705 S. 30th, La Crosse Hilts, Jeanette4P. E.424RR 1, Milton, Wis., 65, 134, 143 Hines, Benjamin4L 8: S414Cumberland, Wis, HoadLey, Cletus4L 8: 84241821 East Ave., La Crosse, 65, 104 Hoch, Joseph-Sec.4141615 Hyde Ave., La Crosse, 81, 142 Hoch, Neil-Sec.424A1ma, Wis. Hodge, Lee4L 8.: 84442512 Onalaska Ave., La Crosse, 136 Hoeft, Donald4P. E.414625 Kent, Sparta Hoeshy, Dav1d4L 8; 841533 Kane, La Crosse Hogan, James4L 8: 84342006 S. 15th, La Crosse, 104 Hohlfield, Elaine4L 8:. 8414708 6th, La Crosse, 81, 142 Hoier, Donna4Rura1424R. 1, West Salem, 43, 133, 136, 148 Holter, Angelen4Sec.434R. 1, West Salem, 51, 98, 107, 122, 123, 143 Homan, Mary4P. E.414503 Worslin Ave., Ladysmith, Wis., 81, 143 Hopkins, P.4p. 99 Horn,R1chard4Sec.424437 4th St., Fond du Lac,Wis.,65,145 Hornbey, Joanne4P. E4141529 76th St., Kenosha, 81,119,143 Horseve11,B111y4L 81 S434 201 S.10th,B1ack River Falls Howard, Carol4P. E.414Sh1ngleton, Michigan, 81, 136 Howard, James4L 8:. 54341332 Caledonia, La Crosse, 112 Howell, Carol-Elem.414641 8th Ave., Baraboo, 81 Hubert, Cecelia-Elem.424R. 1, Tomah, 65 Hubley, Jr., Raymond-P. E.424209 S. 10th, La Crosse Huecker, John-L 8; 8414503 Pear1,0nalaska, 81 Huettel, Arn01d4Sec. 414506 S. Court, Sparta, 81 Hujik, Roger4Sec.4347326 26th Ave.,Kenosha,51,98, 110,129 Humphrey, Gary4P E.41-Osseo, Wis., 81 Hunt, Jerry4P. E424B0X 175, Tredric, Wis., 102, 135 Huntington, Gene-Elem. 424Genoa, W15. Hurin, Robert4L 8: S424Box 75,Br0wnsv111e,Minn. Huss,He1en4P. E.424413 Park St.,Kaukauna,66, 141 Hutchins, William4P E.434Gays M1115,Wis.,51, 102,104, 135, 146 Hutchison,D1ane4P. E.424Gays Mills, 66 Hynek, Jaymes4L 8c S414H1115boro, Wis., 81 I Ibinger, Carol-Rura1414714 Monroe,B1ack River Falls, 81, 133 Ibinger, John4Sec. 434714 Monroe,B1ack River Falls, 51 Iglar, Richard4P E.42421H1gh St.,Carrollville,Wis.,104, 129 Ing11,Barbara4L 8: S424 35 Wedgewood Drive, La Crosse,136,139,146 Isabella, Jo Ann4P. E.4434113 P1ne,Spooner, 52, 107,126,134 Isakson, Alan4L 8: 8424330 S 20th, La Crosse, 66 Isleb,Doug1as4P. E42427 Myrick Park Lane, La Crosse Isola, John4Elem 4344199 Burns,Detr01t,Mich1gan, 52, 108 Iverson,Roger4P.E.424Sold1e1's Grove, 66, 145 J Jacobson, A1v1n4Sec. 444Coon Valley,32,108, 130 Jacobson, Anita-P. E4248146 Richmond, Court, Wauwatosa, 103 Jacobson, Dav1d4Sec. 424219 S. 7th St.,B1ack River Falls,136 James, Ted4Sec. 4141104 Carr St., Watertown, 81, 130 Jansen, Hollister4P. E.444Fox Lake,Wis.,32,110,115,134,147 Jax, Gene4L 8z $424886 N. Central Ave., Riychland Center, 66 Jax, Joe4L 8; S414Cazen0v1a, Wis.,81,141 Jefferies, Mary4P. 13.434549 P1ne,Hillsboro, 135 Jenkins, Sally-P. E.444Newburg, Wis.,32,96,103,113,115,117,135 Jensen, ngid4P. E.4442909 E. Cushman Dr.,Tucson,Ar1zona,32,104, 129,1 4 Jensen, Fern4E1e1m.434719Vz Oak St., Wisconsin Dells, 52, 117, 119, 131 Page 204 Jensen, Richard-Sec.424229 Lake St., Mukwonago, Wis., 66, 110 Joers, Thomas-P. E.--1--3307 Illinois, Milwaukee, 82, 144 Johnson, Carol D.wP. E.4242424 E. 3rd, Superior, 119, 145 Johnson, Carol K.-P. E.414Route 1, Larsen, Wis., 82, 119 Johnson, Douglas-Sec.42-Danburg, Wis., 66, 136, 139, 143 Johnson, Elaine4Sec.-2-Medford, Wis. Johnson, ElizabethwElem.41-l525 S. 2nd, Springfield, I11., 82, 132, 142 Johnson, Florence4Sec.43-Box 28, Boscobel, 52, 105, 130, 144 Johnson, Howard4L 8: $414620 N. 23rd St., La Crosse, 82 Johnson, Jeanne4Elem.-1-1208 Rose, La Crosse, 82 Johnson, Jerald4Sec.41--Gays Mills, Wis. Johnson, Lowell-P. E4243209 W. Silver Springs Drive, Milwaukee, 82, 104 Johnson, Margaret-Rural-l-R. 1, Rockland, Wis., 82 Johnson, Marjorie-Elem.-1-367 W. Franklin, West Salem, 82, 132, 136 Johnson, Rodney4L 8: S-24Carroll, Wis., 66, 138 Jolin, Jerrald-P. E.-414Unit No. 13, 16th Vine, La Crosse Jolliffe, James-P. E.-1-215 Allen, Chippewa Falls, 82 Jones, Julie Ann4P. E.42-Cornucopia, Wis., 66, 96, 103 Juel. Marshall4Sec.41-W. Side, Richland Center Juel, Marvin-P. E.-4-Rich1and Center, 33, 97, 104, 134 Junian, B11141? E.414RR 3, Sturgeon Bay, 82 K Kahle, Patricia4E1em.-24-1040 Redfield, La Crosse, 142 Kallstrom, Lyle-L 8t S-2-BOX 96, Glen Flora, Wis. Kalms, Arlyn4-P. E.-2-R. 3, Sturgeon Bay, 52, 103, 135, 141 Kambach, Fred-l-p. 82 Kammel, Lorraine-P. E.-3-R. 1, La Crosse, 52, 126 Kamperschroer, Doris-4Sec.44-Cashton, 33, 111, 136, 145 Kamperschroer, Elizabeth4Elem.44-Cashton, 33, 144 Kane, John-Sec.4-34508 N. 12th, La Crosse, 52, 108, 130, 136, 142 Kangas, Dona1d4P. E.-24503 W. Division, Ishpeming, Mich., 66 Kapal, Dolly4P. E.4142138 N. 35th St., Milwaukee, 107, 142 Kapellas, Irene-Elem.42-509 N. 24th, La Crosse, 82, 132 Karst, Ralph4P. E.-2-R. 3, Sheboygan Kastinschmidt, Bergene4-Rural-Rockland, 82, 133 Kavanaugh, Kenneth4L 8: S-2-2011 2lst Place, La Crosse, 100 Kawano, Stan4P. E.-2-231 Thomas St., Wahiawa, Oahu, 66, 110, 115 Keeffe, Kathleen4-E1em.-14Trempea1eau, 82 Keenan, Susie-P. 15.414131 Darwin St., Lake Geneva, Wis., 82, 142 Keepers, Roger:P. E.-1-Rt. 1, Nekoosa, Wis., 82, 139, 140, 146 Keller, Helen-Elem.-2-Cazenovia, Wis., 66 Keller, Marian-Elem.--4:300 E. Main, Mt. Horeb, Wis., 33, 109 Kellesvig, John-E1em.-3-300 E. Main St., Mt. Horeb, Wis., 52, 108 Kellogg, John4P. E.43-Viola, Wis. Kelly, Charles-L 8; S-l-RR 2, Box 1, Houston, Minn. Kemp, Matthew-Elem.43-4112 S. Black River, Sparta Kennedy, Dwight-L 8: $4141629 Main, La Crosse, 82 Kernin, Kay-Elem.41-1803 S. 9th, La Crosse, 82 Kerstin, Orville-P. E.-24-3036 S. 49th St., Milwaukee, 66 Keys, William4P. E.-14Soldiers Grove, 83, 138, 143 Kilian, Kathryn4Elem.414R. 1, La Crosse, 83, 131 Kind, Wilfred4P. E.424Unit 35, Myrick Park Lane, La Crosse, 66, 106 King, Joan4P. 13.444157 N. Oakland, Green Bay, 33, 103, 119, 126, 134, 145 Kingsley, Romaine-Sec.-1-1712 Kane, La Crosse, 83, 130, 142 Kirk, Wayne-Elem.-3-208 E. Maple, Lancaster, 52, 108, 132, 138, 143 Kitson, John-L 8L S-1-1010 Johnson, La Crosse Klarixfg, JoyceaP. E.43-1739 E. Bennett, Milwaukee, 52, 117, 118, 135, Klaus, George-Sec.-441213 Avon, La Crosse, 33 Klier, Richard-P. E.-142819 16th St., Moline, Illinois Klink, Allen4P. E.424E. Main St., Arcadia, Wis., 66 Knachstedt, Edward-P. E.414-Minocqua, Wis., 83 Knadle, Richard4L 8a S-l-Hillsboro, Wis., 83 Knilans, Robert-Sec.-24516 Main St., Fort Atkinson, Wis. Page 205 Knoble, Dar01d4Sec. -34R. 2, Gays Mills,53,138, 145 Knocke, Conn1e4P E.414246 Washington, New Richmond, 83 Knudson, Thomas4P. E.4441628 Badger, La Crosse,34,97,104,113, 115, 129 Kohnert, Fred4L 8: 5414435 S. 3rd St., Black River Falls, 83 Kohlman,Ke1th4P E.4442960 N.80th,St.,Milwaukee,34,97,101, 110 113,115,121,129,135 Kolloth, Don-P. E.414325 S.Lee,App1et0n, 83 Kolloth, Wayne-P E.4143542 N. 15th Milwaukee, 83 Kortbein,L01s4Rura1424Rt.2,Norwa1k,43,109,133,138,148 Koula, Mary4Elem. 414523 S. 6th, La Crosse, 83 Kovacic, Rona1d4P. E4241902 S.15th St., Sheboygan, 104 Kowalchyk, Betty-L 8L S424R 1, Mosinee, W1s., 66 Kowalczyk, Rodney4P. E.414Denmark, Wis., 83 Krajewski, Phyllis4Elem. 414706 S. 8th, La Crosse, 83 Kramer, Jean4E1em.414Me1rose, Wis., 83, 136 Krause,Doug1as4L 8:, 84141219 S. 20th, La Crosse Krause, Lois4P. E.444Cochrane, Buffalo, Wis., 34, 135, 148 Krause, R0be1t4L 8; S4441931 Winnebago, La Crosse, 34,108,148 Krieg, Car014Rura1414235 N. Beaumont Rd.Pra1r1e du Chien, 83, 133 Krisik, James-L 8:, S424R. 1.G1er1 Flora, Wis., 66 Krueger, Harold4P. E.4241626 Pine, La Crosse, 66 Krueger, Kathy-P. E414465 E. 5th, New Richmond, Wis., 83, 136 Krueger, Ronald-P. E.414R. 2, Shawano, Wis. Kujak, Marce14Sec. 414R. 3, Arcadia, Wis., 83 Kundert, Marlene4P E.4441009 Monroe St, Sauk C1ty,34, 103,116,117, 119,134 Kupper, Loyd4L 8; 8424218172 S 24th, La Closse, 67 Kurtz, Delores4P. E4342813 W.C1arke St.,Milwaukee,53,96, 107 119, 120 Kyles, Judy4P. E.4141244 Doty St., Green Bay, 83 L Labus, She1v1e4L 8L S414Bang0r 83 Ladwig, Car014P. E444512 Academy St.,E1roy,34,105,117,135, 145 Ladwig, Marjor1e4Rura1424De Soto, 67,118 133, 143 Lambert, Eyvonne4E1: m.414322 S. 23rd, La Crosse, 84 Lambert, Larry4L 8c S414415 S. 3rd, Onalaska Lambert: Marilyn-L 8; 8444415 S.3rd,Onalaska,35, 105 Lamont, W11ma-P. E4141509 Whedbee, Fort Collins,Colorado,84,136 144 Lane Mary Alice4E1em. 434New Lisbon, Wis., 53, 98, 132, 143 Lange, Lerov4P E414R. 3, Denmark, Wis., 84 Lapitz Ted4L 8L 84441229 State St., La Crosse, 108 La Pointe, Du Waine4L 8L S414427 N Beasemont Rd., P1a1'rie du Chien Larkin, Arlene4E1em 4441603 Mississipp1,La Crosse, 35 Larkin, Edw1n4L 8z S4141126 S. 4th, La Crosse, 84 Larkin, Gary4L 8: 8414209 Copeland Ave., La Crosse Larson, Greta-Sec.4441312 Rose, La Crosse,35,98,107,113,122,130, 140,144 Larson, James4Sec. 414Ga1esv111e, 84 Larson, Joan424107172 S. 3rd La Crosse Larson, Mary4L 8:. S414Mt. Rt 42 La Crosse, 84 Larson, Richard4L 8z 54241115 P1erce,B1ack River Falls Larson, Rodney-L 8; 8444768 Hillview Ave., La Crosse, 35 Larson, Rollie4P.E.424H1xt0n,Wis.,67,108,134 147 Larson, Rona1d4P E434Box 154, Gwinn Mich.. 53, 112, 135, 141 Lassig,,Patr1cia4L 81, 5424630 N 17th, La Crosse,105 Lathrop, Jean4P. E.424504 Elm St.Platteville,67, 135,146 Law, Phy111s4P. E.414Stratford, Wis Lawrence, Thomas-L 8; 8434312 Second Main, Elroy Wis. Lechnir, David-P. E.434154 S.Tay10r, Lancaster, 106 Lee, Betty4E1em. 341401 S. 20th, La Crosse, 53, 111, 142 Lehman, Linda4P E414508 N. Rock Ave.,Viroqua,84,119,128,143 Lehrke, Fred4Sec. 4241622 Badger, La Crosse,129 Leiterman, Gerald4P. E.42--B0x 334, Denmark, Wis., 67, 110 Lerer, Isaac4L 8; 8444204 N 23rd, La Crosse Page 206 Lettrich, Ken-Sec.-1-910 49th St., Kenosha, 84 Lewerenz, Helen-P. E.-1-R. 2, Tomahawk, Wis., 146 Lewinski, James-Sec.-4-1816 Madison, La Crosse, 35, 108, 130 Lewis, Diane-Elem.-3-318 N. let, La Crosse, 53, 111, 131, 136 Lewis, Richard-L 8: S-1-318 N. let, La Crosse, 84 Lezatte, Patricia-P. E.-1-Bay View Addition, Munising, Mich., 84 Lichte, Donald-L 8c S-1-149 W. Main St., Reedsburg, 84 Liebeg, James-Sec.-1-115 Haskill, Beaver Dam, 142 Lienlokken, Ann-Elem.-1-2102 Sisson Drive, La Crosse, 84, 122, 123, 132, 138 Lindberg, Jane-P. E.-3-509 Hilltop, Spooner, 53, 135 Linder, Harlene-P. E.-1-Dodge Center, Minn, 127 Liston, Don-L 8L S-1-1447 Kane, La Crosse, 84 Lobacz, Mrs. Delores-P. E.-4-R. 1, 35, 125, 135, 141 Loftus, Margaret-Sec.-3-310 Superior, Tomah, 53, 111, 123, 136, 142 Longsdorf, C1are-Sec.-2-Stockholm, Wis. - Lorenz, George-L 8c S-l-Box 101, West Salem Losby, David-Sec.-3-218 N. K., Sparta, 53, 102, 136 Loughen, Marilyn-Elem.-4-1302 Avon, La Crosse, 36, 122, 147 Love, Marilyn-Elem.-1-1920 Farnam, La Crosse Lubner, Rose-P. E.-3-B0x 326, Fedonia, Wis., 53, 118, 134, 146 Lundewall, Constance-P. E.-2-R. 5, Shell Lake, Wis., 67, 96, 111, 116, 134 Lunke, Gertrude-ELem.-3-717 Charles, La Crosse, 54 Luoma, Alina-P. E.-2-Herbster, Wis., 67, 111, 117, 134, 142 Luzenski, Nancy-P. E.-3-5720 Clover Lane, Greendale, 54, 96, 107, 115, 125, 142 . Lyga, Paul-L 8a S-3-1610 Madison, La Crosse Lyon, Leta-P. E.-2-943 8th St., Beloit, Wis., 67, 96, 103, 126 M McBoyle, Nancy-Elem.-3-Lake Delton, Wis., 54, 105, 117, 132 McCain, Cameron-P. E.-2-171 E. Irving St., Oshkosh, 67, 102, 104, 129, 134, 146 McComb, Jesse-Elem.-4-Unit 31, Myrick Park Lane, La Crosse, 54, 106 McComb, Patricia-Elem.-4-Unit 31, Myrick Park Lane, La Crosse McCormick, Donald-L 8: S-1-921 Pierce, Black River Falls McCune, Mary-P. E.-1-Rt. 1, Osseo, Wis., 84 McDonald, Donalee-P. E.-1-830 Maple St., Chippewa Falls, 84 McDonald, Patricia-Elem.-3-Box 1, Black River Falls, 54, 131, 143 McIntyre, Daniel-L 8a S-1-2133 Loomis, La Crosse, 84 McGlothlin, Mrs. Alice-Elem-1-236 S. 9th, La Crosse McKenna, Mary-L 8: S-1-403 W. Ave. S., La Crosse McLoone, Richard-L 8: S-3-122 N. 16th, La Crosse Mthahon, Kathryn-P. E.-1-202 S. E. Ave., Waukesha, Wis., 84, 128, l 9, 142 McNamera, Verna-P. E.-1-203 Mary, Boscobel, 85, 143 McQuillan, Paul-L 8; S-1-161517'2 Jackson, La Crosse McWain, Robert-L 8: S-l-Galesville, Wis. Macfarlane, Douglas-P. E.-1-215 W. Emmett, Portage, 84, 136 Mack, James-L 8L S-2-1734 Cameron Ave., La Crosse, 67, 112, 114, 118, 147 Mackey, Mary-P. E.-4-2327 Park Place, Evanston, Illinois, 36, 103, 116, 120, 134, 144 Magnan, Maryann-P. E.-2-760 W. Main St., Watertown, 67, 96 Magner, Joe-Sec.-1-811 Vine, La Crosse, 85, 142 Malson, Richard-P. E.-2-297 E. Liberty, Berlin, Wis., 67, 104 Manning, Fred-L 8: S-1-1609 Milwaukee Ave., Racine Marcou, James-L 8!. S-1-1107 Moore, La Crosse, 85 Marcou, Janice-Elem.-1-1922 State, La Crosse, 85, 122, 142 Marigzseil$5Kay-P. E.-3-1111 Park Ave., Racine, 54, 96, 103, 115, 118, Marheine, Clarence-L 8; S-2-R. 1, Brontwood, Wis., 85, 145 Marion, Charles-P. E.-2-Owatonna, Minn., 85 Marking, Dagny-Sec.-1-West Salem, 85 Marking, Ralph-L 8: S-Z-West Salem, 67 Marshall, James-P. E.-3-Hillsboro, 104, 143 Page 207 Martin, James-P. E.-1-1597 Ellis St., Green Bay Martin, Mary-P. E.-1w253 S. Montana Ave., New Richmond, 85 Mason, James4P. E.-341422 Badger, La Crosse, 110, 129, 135 Mathews, Curtis4L 8z 841-618 Main, Black River Falls, 85 Matiak, Rosemary4E1em.434l712 Mississippi, La Crosse, 54, 111 Matthews, Patsy-P. E.414Montfort, Wis., 85 Mayer, Marilyan. E.-2-11 West St., Edgerton, Wis., 67, 103, 134, 146 Mayo, Helen-Sec.-44-56 Myrick Park Lane, La Crosse, 36, 130 Max, Joyce-P. E.-1441322 N. 12th, Sheboygan, Wis., 85 Meixe, Don4P. E.-34-617 6th St., Oshkosh Melby, Joan4E1em.424Norwa1k, 67 Melichar, Marvianec.42-331 N. Water, Black River Falls, 67, 138 Melvin, Charlene4P. Er-14La Farge, 85 Mercer, Robert4L 85 844-603 Adams, Algoma, 36, 112, 115, 122, 143 Mertins, Patricia-P. E.-34730 7th St. N., Wisconsin Rapids, 54, 107, 120, 135, 142 Meseberg, Donna Rae-dSec.414l502 La Crosse, La Crosse, 85 Methum, Marlene-Rura1434220 E. Broadway, Viroqua, 54, 133, 139 Mettach, Jack-L 8a S424Arcadia, 67, 97 Mettach, Richard-P. E.434Arcadia, 110 Meyer, Frances4P. E.-24Cumberland, Wis., 67, 96, 119, 135, 136, 143 Meyer, Janice4Rural4l4R. No. 1, West Salem, 85, 133 Meyer, Ray-L 8c S414B0x 515, Cumberland, 85 Meyer, Virginia4Sec.-14828 Gould St., La Crosse, 85, 143 Mikkelson, Dolores4E1em.43--328 N. Van Ness St., West Salem, 54, 136 Miller, Chester-P. E.-3-413 Washington Ave., Stevens Point, 55, 102, 135 Miller, Joyce-Ruralw24Stoddard, Wis., 43, 116, 133 Miller, Nelson4L 8; 541-1504 Avon, La Crosse, 85 Miller, Raymond4-Sec.42-Shell Lake. Wis., 68 Miller, G. Thomas4Sec.-434219 Cedar St., Elroy, Wis., 55, 108, 118, 130, 142 Miniatt, Edmond4L 8L S42-Krause Kabin Kourt, La Crosse, Wis. Mock, Dennis4-L 8; S--1-29 Myrick Park Lane, La Crosse Mohr, Kathryn4P. E.-2-201 N. Rochester St., Mukwonago, Wis. Molzahn, Cary1-Sec414427 S. 23rd, La Crosse Molzahn, Douglas-Sec.-1-2221 Park Ave., La Crosse Monson, Roger-L 8: 8-342321 Jackson, La Crosse Morales, T0rres-L 8z S-2-909 S. 10th St., La Crosse Moran, William4P. E.-24530 Franklin St., Elroy, Wis., 68, 135 Morgan, Ann4-P. E.-443321 N. Fredwick Ave., Milwaukee, 36, 96, 103, 120, 134, 142 Morley, Harold4Sec.-141226 5th Ave. S., La Crosse Morris, Jo Ann4Sec.-34401 W. Burns, Portage Mucha, Donna-P. E.-34317 E. Burnett, Beaver Dam, 55, 103, 117, 118, 135 Mueller, Gerda4P. E.--1--2701 Scott St., Franklin Park, Illinois, 85, 139 Mueller, Janice4E1em.-34Wonewoc, Wis., 55 Mueller, Sonja4L 8; S41wWonewoc, Wis., 86, 119 Munns, Clair4P. E42425 Myrick Park Lane, La Crosse Munsen, Marilyn4Elemr-242131 Jackson, La Crosse, 68, 105, 145 Murphy, Dean-Sec.-4-Unit No. 52, Myrick Park Lane, La Crosse Murphy, Mary-Sec.444-126 S. 15th, La Crosse N Nate, Wallace4-P. E.-2-2713 11th St., Two Rivers, Wis. Nawrocke, Jerome4L 8L $414809 Vine St., La Crosse, 86 Nederlae, Ole-L 8: S-2-323 N. 17th, La Crosse, 68, 104, 115, 136, 145 Neidlinger, Barbara-P. 13.434713 Main St., Kewaunee, Wis., 55, 107, 135 Neisius, Stanley44-L 8; S-1-4-1810 Loomis St., La Crosse Nelson, Duane-L 8z S41wBox 245, Lodi, Wis., 86 Nelsog, Jean-P. E.-3-1203 Camp Ave., Rockford, Illinois, 55, 107, 126, 1 5 Nelson, Newelle. E.-4--3019 St. Rd., La Crosse, 36, 104, 121, 129, 135 Nelson, Phyllis4P. E.41-509 Franklin St., Elroy, Wis., 86 Nelson, Ray-P. E.-3-437 Harrison St., Oshkosh Nelson, Wallace-P. E.w2--Lodi, Wis., 68, 104, 135, 145 Page 208 Nesseth, Mary-Elem.-2-514 S. 11th, La Crosse, 68 Neumann, Eugene-L 8a S-141319 S. 20th St., La Crosse Newmann, Jerome4L 8: S-1--814 Cenrtal Ave., Sparta Neumann, Richard-Sec.43445 Myrick Park Lane, La Crosse, 136 Newell, John4L 8L 5-14905 Cass St., La Crosse Newhouse, Robert-P. E.h3-R. No. 2, Kaukauna, 55, 97, 106, 115, 135 Newton, Robert4Sec.-l4115 W. Montgomery, Sparta Nichols, Roger-Sec.-34335 Park View, Racine, 55, 102, 108, 115, 130, 146 Nicks, Helen4L 8: 5-142627 King St., La Crosse, 86, 122, 123, 145 Niebeling, Eugene4Sec.-24526 St. S., La Crescent, Minn. Niedfeldt, Kenneth-Sec.-2-R. No. 1, Bangor, 68, 100, 122, 130, 136, 148 Niles, Patricia4Elem.4l4525 Liberty St., La Crosse, 86, 140, 141 Noffke, Lauris4L 8: 84441012 S. 9th St., La Crosse, 37, 105 Noltner, James-P. E.43-953 Lawrence St., Madison, 55, 97, 98, 104, 134 Noonan, Mary4P. E.414112 McKinley St., Kaukauna, 86 Nordrum, LeewSec.--24-718 S. 13th St., La Crosse, 136, 139 Novak, Thomas4Sec.43-Coon Valley, Wis., 108 Nowicki, Barbara4Rura141wStar Route, Nekoosa, Wis., 86, 133, 141 Nushart, Nancy4P. E.-44RR No. 3, Kaukauna, Wis., 37, 117, 119, 120, 134 Nyboe, Glennv-P. Er42-1215 Virginia St., Racine, 68, 135 O O1Casek, Marilyn4P. E.41-507 W. Willow St., Chippewa Falls, 86, 136, 143 O1Connor, Kathleen-Elem.-3-114 S. Penter Ave., Viroqua, 55, 105, 132 Oelke, A11en-Sec.42-Mormon Coulee Rd., La Crosse Oertel, Henry4L 8L S41-R. No. 2, La Crosse, 86 Oesterreich, Lorraine-P. E.-14R. No. 3, Box 283, Wausau, 86, 145 Oestreich, Wayne4P. E.-1-2341 8th St. 8., Wisconsin Rapids, 86 Okkonen, Louise-P, E.414Herbster, Wis. Olsen, G1enn--L 8; 54141227 Avon St., La Crosse Olsen, Nancy4Rura1424Fish Creek, Wis., 44, 109, 133 Olson, Cary14P. E.-34118 Lexington Ave., Eau Claire, 56, 96, 107, 125, 127 ' Olson, Helen-Elem.-1-Stoddard, Wis. Olson, Ione-P. E.-241210 6th St., Menomonie, Wis., 68 Olson, Marjorie4L 8c S414Box 235, Westby Olson, Mary E11en-Sec.44-311 Locust St., Onalaska, 37, 109 Olson, Robert4P. E.M3-141 Spring St., Wisconsin Rapids, 110, 129 Olson, Roger4Sec.-14Holmen, Wis., 86, 130 Olson, Shirley A.4L 8: S-2-Ca1edonia, Minn., 68 Olson, Shirley A.-Rura141-Ona1aska, 86 Olver, Dwight4L 8: 541-419 Chestnut St., Black River Falls Opie, Richard4P. E.--14405 Evergreen St., Pewaukee, 86 Ormstead, Bernice-P. E.-442711 4th Ave. No., Wisconsin Rapids, 37, 111, 117, 134 Osborne, David4L 8c S-4--2427 Loomis St., La Crosse, 37, 104 Oswald, Garner-l-Bagley, Wis., 82 Ott, Betty-Elem.-34Wisconsin Ave., Jefferson, 56, 107, 117, 119, 132, 142 Otto, Richard4Sec.-144002 S. lst St., Milwaukee Owen, Patricia4P. E.43-La Farge, Wis., 56 P Paine, Thomas4P. E414218 W. Main, Arcadia, Wis., 86, 136, 143 Palen, Carrita-aL 8L S-Z-Caledonia, Minn., 68 Pallowick, Barbara-Sec.-4241316 S. 16, La Crosse, 68, 138 Pampuch, Elroy-P. E.-2-Box 344, Independence, Wis., 68, 106, 129, 135, 141 Pampuch, Richard-P. E.-14Box 344, Independence, 86 Papenfus, Richard-L 85 5-14632 N. 23rd, La Crosse, 87 Parker, James-L 8: 5-242807 Highland, La Crosse Parsons, Priscilla-Elem.434419 E. Franklin, Sparta, 56, 111, 144 Passaw, Merlin-Sec.-24Fountain City, 68 Patinaude, Mary4P. E.-1-R. N0. 1, Larsen, Wis., 87 Patnode, Andre-L 8: $4141217 Johnson, La Crosse, 87 Page 209 Patterson, Gloria-E1em.42421021,5 Adams, La Crosse Patterson, Lyle-Sec.--4-1738 Badger, La Crosse, 38, 112 Paudler, Elaine4E1em.414Ona1aska, 87, 132, 136, 143 Paul, Peter-P. E.-1-Crivitz, Wis. Paulson, Lloyd-P. E.43-1714 Wisconsin Ave., Sheboygan, 56, 110 Path, Harold-P. E.-14525 W. Foster, Tomah Peck, Bonnie-L 8; Swl-Readstown, 87 Peck, Marilyn4P. E.-34454 Pepper Ave., Wisconsin Rapids, 111 Pelegrin, Patricia-E1em.-24101 N. 22nd, La Crosse Perkins, Alfred-L 8z S42-Rt. 2, Holmen, Wis. Perry, Nick4L 8: Sw243909 7th Ave., Kenosha, 68, 129, 142 Peterman, Margaret-Elemr-44A1ma, Wis. Peters, R. A1an-P. E.-1-White Lake, Wis., 87 Peters, N. Keith-P. E.41-White Lake, Wis., 87, 141 Peterson, Harriet4-P. E.-2-1338 S. 26th, La Crosse, 68, 136 Peterson, Jackie414Marion, Wis., 87 Peterson, Lois-Elem.444334 N, 4th, Onalaska Peterson, Richard4L 8z 5424-1931 Market, La Crosse, 68 Peterson, Victorz-L 8: 5414638172 Garfield, Viroqua Pfafflin, Jim-L 8; 5414124 S. 11, La Crosse, 140, 143 Pfeiffer, Marwalem.424R. 2, Plymouth, Wis. Pfingston, Adeline4P. E.-1-Mishicot, Wis., 87, 148 Pickering, Gene-Elem.-241020 Dopp St., Waukesha, 68, 102, 131, 139 Pickett, Patricia-P. E.-341354 W. Harris, Appleton, 56, 103, 125, 126, 135 Ping, Charles-L 8: S-1-525 N. Losey Blvd., La Crosse, 87 Plante, Mary-P. E.-3-Box 345, Hayward, Wis., 56, 109, 122, 136, 141 Plecking, Joseph4P. E.-3-Wausaukee, Wis. Podhola, Janet-P. E.w14Mellon, Wis., 87, 146 Poehling, Rita-P. E.-34-1232 E. Ave., La Crosse, 56, 111, 118, 125, 127, 142 Polster, Alma-Sec.414Fish Creek, Wis., 87 Popenfuss, John4Sec.-44208 Glendale Ave., Tomah, 37 Potthost, Robert4P. E.41-235 Racine Ave., Waukesha, 87 Poukey, Thomas-L 8L S42-Cumberland, Wis. Powell, Richard-L 8L S414Box 313, Hokah, Minn., 87 Powell, Richard Rr-P. E.42-3021 S. 26th, La Crosse, 69, 104, 138, 143 Powers, Ronald-L 8z 544-4333 Adams, La Crosse, 38, 108, 141 Pralle, Arlyss4Rural42-R. No. 1, Onalaska, 133 Prellwitz, Walter-L 8; S-2-712 N. 10th, La Crosse, 69, 148 Preslik, Virginia4Elem.424493 N. Park, Richland Center, 69, 122, 132, 136, 142 Price, Janet-P. E.41--Rio, Wis., 87, 146 Primus, Marian4Sec.-24R. 1, Mauston, Wis., 69, 111, 114 Proksch, Kennetth 8: S414Stoddard, Wis. Proksch, Phyllis-Rural42-Stoddard, Wis., 44, 109, 118 Provine, Billy4P. E.-2-530 Randolph, Racine, Wis., 69, 129 Ptacek, William-P. E.43-216 N. 90th St., Milwaukee, 69, 104 R Raasch, Geraldine4P. Er-14921 Algonquin Ave., St. Paul, Minn., 87, 144 Rabata, John-Elem.-1--R. No. 1, La Farge, Wis. Rabe, Jack4P. E.42-310 Main, Suring, Wis., 69, 148 Radke, Kenneth-P. E424439 Wisconsin Ave., N. Fond du Lac, Wis. Radtke, Fred4Sec.-2-l324 State, La Crosse Radykowski, Edward4P. E.42-7213 26th Ave., Kenosha Rahn, Kathryn-L 8c S-1-502 S. 14th, La Crosse, 87, 123 Ramlet, Patricia-Elem.44-1420 Madison, La Crosse, 38, 107, 140 Ramsey, Ona-E1em.44-759 N. 23rd, La Crosse, 38, 98, 111 Rand, Gene-P. E.-1-4th St., Eagle River, Wis., 87 Rand, Jude Ann4Sec.42-139 S. 24th, La Crosse, 142 Randerson, George4P. E.-14Kaukauna, Wis. Redlin, Jerry;P. E41456 S. Wiener, Appleton, 88 Reichert, Marilyn-P. E.-4-B0x 465, Thorp, 96, 134, 142 Reid, Claire4Sec.--l-Houston, Minn. Reil, Bernardc-P. 15.434588 Jefferson Ave., Oshkosh, 56 Repp, Sharon-P. E.-146701 Conifer Lane, Greendale, Wis., 88, 146 Page 210 ,. 9 x Resch, Rose-Sec.4120ntaric, Wis.,788, 130 Rhomberg, Jacqueline-Elem.41-1415 Redfield, La Crosse, 88, 131 - Rich, Marilyn4-L 8a $442202 15th Place, La Crosse Richardson, Douglas-L 8; S4-34-2536 Crestwood Drive, Newport Beach, California. Richardson, Joe-Elem.-2-106 N. 9th, La Crosse, 56, 110 Richardson, Mrs. Nora Anne-Elem.-44106 N. 9th, La Crosse, 38, 107 Richardson, Ronnie4P. E.-1-Boscobel, 89 Richmond, John-Sec.-24Mt. Rt. 42, La Crosse Richter, Arthur4P. E.-441417 Erie, Sheboygan, 38, 104, 129, 134 Rigg, Richard4P. E.42-Sparta, 104, 129 Riley, Charles-P. E.-44407 College Ave., Fox Lake, Wis. Ringhardt, Carol44P. E.41-524 Lincoln St., Janesville, 89, 145 Ringquist, John-L 8c S-1-724 S. 20th, La Crosse Ritter, Ear1-S1ec.-341411 Avon, La Crosse, 57, 136, 142 Ritter, James-L 8: 541-1633172 Charles, La Crosse Robbins, Anne4Rural42-No. 15 Vine, La Crosse, 133 Roberts, John-P. E.42-Shawano Rd., Green Bay Robertson, Gilbert4P. E.41-74 Spruce Place, Apt. 106, Minneapolis, Minn., 89 Rodis, Irene4P. E.42-Box 403 Kenosha, 69, 128, 135, 138 Roellich, Marie4E1emr-342825 S. Ave., La Crosse, 57, 105 Rogaczewski, James-P. E.-w142800 S. 7th St., Milwaukee Rogers, Joanne4Elem.-44301 Coleman St., Chippewa Falls, 39, 131, 141 Rogers, Richard4-L 8: 841-4422 Rose, La Crosse Rohde, Joyce4P. E.-42-Box 435, Union Grove, Wis., 69 Rose, Barbara4P. E.41-E1eva, Wis., 88, 128 Rose, Philip-P. E.43-4109 Monona Drive, Madison, 57, 141 Rose, Sharon4E1em.-24Mauston, 69, 131, 143 Roseberry, Roberta4Rura1-l-Friendship, Wis., 88, 133 Rosenow, Htenry4P. E.4-2-Cochrane, 69 Ross, Donald-P. E.424Rt., l, S. Beloit, Illinois Rossa, Ernest-L 8; S41-R. 3, Arcadia, 88 Rost, Donald4P. E.-14R. 2, Edgerton, Wis. Roucges, George4P. E.-24715 W. Mineral St., Milwaukee, 69, 110, 129, 1 5 Roush, Naomi-P. E.424Box 145, Grunland, Mich., 69 Rowe, Carol-P. E.-1-Montfort, Wis., 88, 141 Rucker, Doris-Elem.-4-1903 S. 20th, La Crosse, 98 Rudi, Anita4Elem.434-Viroqua, 57, 131 Rudser, Elaine4E1emr-24Onalaska, 69 Ruehlman, Lois-P. E.-241st St., Lenona City, Wis., 69, 122, 135, 143 Runkel, Richard4L 8L S41-Arcadia, Wis. Running, William4Elem.-44209 Washington Ave., Westby Rusk, Larry4P. E.-14De Soto, 88 Ryan, Jeri4L 8: S-2-1441 7th St., Oshkosh, 69, 103, 125, 141 S Saatkamp, Fred4P. E4148 Carrolton Ave., Dayton, Ohio Saley, William-L 8: S--1-504 James St., La Crosse Sallander, Elain-e4-E1emr-24De Soto, 69, 131, 136, 143 Sandrick, Shirley D.-Rura1-14-De Soto, 88, 138 Sanford, Marilyn4Sec.41-83l 11th St. N., Wisconsin Rapids, 88, 142 Saphner, Robert4L 8: S-2-1126 Charles, La Crosse Sarles, Richard--Sec.414826 11th St., Monroe, 147 Satterlee, Virginiaa-P. E.-24-Box 106, Victory, 69, 138, 143 Saunders, Richard4L 8: S-1-Box 156, Edgerton, 88 Sayner, Barone-L 8: Sw-3-1700 Madison, La Crosse Schaefer, Edwin4L 8!. S-1-1029 Cameron, La Crosse Schaettle, Peter-L 8c S-3-101 S. 17th, La Crosse, 57, 102, 142 Schaller, Bonnie-Elem.4442105 Winnebago, La Crosse, 39, 111 Schaller, Mavis4P. E.-1-Box 567, Bangor, 88, 141 Schaller, Patricia-oP. E.41-1909 David Ave., Sheboygan, 88, 142 Schamens, Eileen-Elem.-4-Sparta Schams, Ronald-L 81. S42-725 Losey Blvd. N., La Crosse, 70, 136 Schauder, Shirley-P. E41443 S. Main, Clintonville, Wis., 88, 127 Page 211 Schauf, Mathias4L 8: S-14Bang0r Schelble, B1114L 8: 541-1302 Market, La Crosse Schieche, Barbara-Sec.-14R. 1, La Crosse, 88 Schiessl, David4-Sec,-241318 Madison, La Crosse, 70, 148 Schild, Marjorie4L 8: 844411 2, Black River Falls Schiller, Rudolph-Sec.-1-Hi115boro, 88, 130 Schini, Thomas4L 8: $424116 S. 20th, La Crosse, 7O Schlender, Karl4P. E.-1-Sullivan, Wis., 88, 144 Schlicht, Clarence4Sec.4141710 E. Ave., La Crosse, 89, 130 Schlintz, Shirley 1Bob14E1em.42-16th Vine, La Crosse, 70, 112, 131 Schlough, Bever1y4Elem.42-1652 Middleton, Middleton, Wis., 70, 133, 144 Schmidt, Fred4P. E.w14690 Depere, Menasha, Wis. Schmidt, Jerome4P. E.-w34690 Depere, Menasha, Wis., 57, 106 Schmitt, Kenneth4Sec.-1-R. 1, Fountain City, Wis., 89 Schmitt, Margie-Elemr-141514 S. 9th, La Crosse, 89 Schmitz, Leonard-L 8: S41-Bangor, 89 Schneeberger, Mary4E1em.42-Ebner1s Coulee, La Crosse, 70 Schneider, Robert-P. E.3-1'-240 Grant St., Adams, Wis. Schneider, Shirley4P. E414216 E. 2nd, Kimberly, 89, 148 Schneider, Wallace4P. E.4342223 Rogers St., Milwaukee, 70, 104 Scholl, Margaret4P. E414Baileys Harbor, Wis., 89, 141 Schroeder, Fredrick4-P. E434RR No. 1, Pine River, Wis. Schroeder, Kermit-L 8: 542-1452172 Kane, La Crosse, 70 Schroeder, Patricia4E1em.-34Viola, 57 Schroeder, Sue-P. E.-2-4776 N. Woodruff, Milwaukee, 70, 125 Schroeder, William4P. E42416 S. Cudington, Columbus, Wis. Schroom, James4Secr4-342657 S. 30th St., Milwaukee, 110 Schubert, Suzanne4L 8: S-2-R. 2, La Crosse, 70 Schulanberg, Doris-Elem.4142209 University Ave., Middleton, 89 Schuetti, Fred-P. E.4341722 Shore Drive, Marinette, 57, 106, 142 Schuetti, William4E1em.-24-1722 Shore Drive, Marinette, 70, 106, 131, 135 Schuetz, Patricia4P. E4343200 S. Chase, Milwaukee, 57, 103, 126, 135 Schulenburg, Doris4E1em.4142209 University Ave., Middleton, 131, 144 Schultz, Dalbert-P. E.-14130 Court St., Chilton, Wis., 89 Schultz, Emil-L 8: S-24913 S. 2nd, La Crosse, 70 Schultz, Norma4E1em.-34-913 S. 2nd, La Crosse, 57, 122, 144 Schumacher, Sandra4P. E4141038 Main St., Eau Claire, 89, 146 Scott, Margaret Ann-Elem.-44215 S. 20th, La Crosse Seefeldt, Vern4P. E.-44Lena, Wis., 39, 108, 121, 129, 135 Seiberlich, Tonia4P. E4441621 50th St., Kenosha, 39, 111, 117, 135 Seitz, Ronald-L 8: $414907 E. Ave. S., La Crosse Seland, De Uerne4L 8: S-l-R. N0. 2, Westby Selz, Margaret4P. E414Humbird, Wis., 89, 142 Semrau, Carol4Sec.-241212 9th St., Merrill, Wis., 70, 111, 124 Semgggv,1C3roline-E1em.4l43666 S. 56th St., Milwaukee, 89, 126, 127, , 4 Senn, Barbara-Elem.414RR No. 1, La Crosse, 89 Senn, Patricia4Elem.43-RR N0. 1, La Crosse, 58 Seubert, Gerald-L 8: $4141611 Hyde Ave., La Crosse, 142 Seely, Janice-L 8: S-2-821 N. Park, Fairmont, Wis. Shimshak, Bever1y4Elem.42-2211 Jackson, La Crosse, 142 Shirven, Richard4L 8: S-1-229 S. 23, La Crosse, 89 Showg, Wallach. R4811 S. 19th, La Crosse Sieger, Barbara4L 8: 84141009 S. 4th, La Crosse, 89, 142 Siff, Alan-L 8: $43454 Highmount Ave., Nyach, New York, 114 Sill, Marjorie4Elem.42-1610 Market, La Crosse, 70, 111, 132, 140, 145 Simeth, Donald-P. E.42-3720 N. 3rd, Milwaukee Simones, Leo4Sec.-4-804 Cass, Apt. 128, La Crosse Simons, Lawrence4Sec.4341229 La Crosse, La Crosse, 58 Simonson, Mary4E1em.434921 Central Ave., Sparta, 58, 111, 144 Sinnott, Therisa4L 8: S-1w-Wilt0n, Wis., 89, 142 Skaar, Gera1d4L 8: S42-R. 1, Viroqua Skaar, Marlene4P. E.41-Cottage Grove, Rural, Wis., 90, 119, 128, 144 Skarpac, George4P. E.42-311 S. Main, Hartford, Wis., 70, 106, 134, 141 Skemp, Michae14P. E4342506 Cass, La Crosse, 106 J Page 212 Smith, Clayton-Sec.41450 Myrick Park Lane, La Crosse, 90 4 Smith, Fred4Secr-2-2229 Wood St., La Crosse, 102, 112 Smith, Mary-P, E.-2-516 W. Johnson, La Crosse, 70, 117 Snart, Dewey4Grad.4230 E. Franklin, Portage Snart, Kenneth--L 8a S-1-527 W. Prospect, Portage, 90 Snow, John-vP. E.w141114 W. 2nd, Ashland, Wis. Snyder, Alta4Elem.434208 Caledonia, La Crosse, 98, 132 Sobotta, Sa11y4Elem.-2.-23l N. 22nd, La Crosse Sodersten, Gene4P. E.41-Center, Waupaca, Wis. Sommermeyer, Joyce-Elem.424187 W. S. St., Caledonia, Minn, 70, 132 Spalla, Herbert4Rura1-1-De Soto Spangler, Doris-L 8c S-2441337 State, La Crosse, 71, 107, 143 Spaude, Ruth--P. E.4441638 N. 33rd, Milwaukee, 39, 105 Spencer, Muriel4-L 8c S--3-4115 Main,E1roy, 58,107 Sprain, Russe14L 8; S42-229 N Leonard, West Salem, 71 Sprick, Greta-Sec.-1-West Salem,90,123,130,148 Stade,Eve1yn-E1em.424133 S.15th,La Crosse Stade, John4L 8: S-1h133 S. 15th, La Crosse, 90 Stadler, Le Roy4P. E.-2-741 N. 23rd, La Crosse, 106 Staples, Car014ElemF44-515 N 11th, La Crosse,39,105,113, 116,126 Stark,Donna4Elem.43-Wilton,Wis.,58, 103,131 Staszewski, Robert4P. E.-1-3959 N 15th, Milwaukee, 90, 141 Staven, Rog1er-P. E.-14210 Kedzie, Madison, 90 Stearns, James4P E424400 Naymut, Menagha, 71 Steavpack,A11an-P.E.42-1901 Dwight Ave., Racine, 90 106 Stefferud,Bever1y-P.E414RR 2, Cashton, 90 Steinbrecher, Edwin-P E.-1-3042 W Eggert Place, Milwaukee, 90 Stellner, Lowell-Sec -1-Stoddard, 90 Stenson, Nels-L 8: 842-1724 Johnson, La Crosse, 71 Stephans, Marie-1-2137 George, La Crosse Steuck, Jeanne4Elem 4342520 Losey Blvd., La Crosse, 58, 103 Stoddard, Donald-E1em.42-Box 281, Gotham, Wis., 71, 108, 132, 136, 144 Stoker, Louis-L 8:. 54241536172 Caledonia, La Crosse Stokke, Marilyn4L 81. 84141803 Main, La Crosse, 90 144 Stollenwerk, Peter4L 81. 8-414120 Main, La Crossie Stone, Ronald-Sec.-14R, 1, Sparta Stopka, Annette-P. E-l-513V2 16th Ave.,Monroe,90, 127 Stramowski, Ronald-P. E.-343702 S. Ahmedi Ave, Milwaukee, 58 Strehlow,Bever1y-P EF.1-R No. 1, Pine River,Wis.,90,136,148 Streich, Mary Jo Ann4Sec -34Minoqua, Wis., 58, 111, 126, 130 Strittmater, Dave4L 8: 84241247 E. Ave. 5., La Crosse, 71 Strodthoff, Annabelle-Elem. 414522 Packard,Tomah,90,131 Stroeh, LylewL 8: 54242304172 Redfield, La Crosse, 71 Stuh1,Samuel-L 8L S-1-512 S. 4th, Onalaska Sturgis, Jim-Ssc-4-Unit 44, La Crosse,40,108, 136 Sugdon, Mary-P E-o34Box 653, Mukwonago, Wis. Swan,Gera1d-Sec.43-301 Oakland Ave., Mukwonago, 58, 110 Swancutt, Brian-L 8x 8-141703 S. 8th, La Crosse, 91 Swancutt, Karen-Elem. 4241703 S 8th, La Crosse, 71, 139 Swanson, Mary-uP. E-2-1708 Comp Ave., Rockford, Illinois, 71,126 Syverson, Darlene4Rura1-1-B1air, Wis.,91, 133,145 T Taarvig, Mary--L 8; 84242122 Cass, La Crosse, 71, 105, 144 Talley, Robert-L 8: S-1-912 Cass, La Crosse, 91 Taugher, Brian-P. E.-24112 N. Church, Berlin, Wis. Taylor, Robert-4-116 W. Ave., West Salem Taylor, Rollo-P. E.-3-R. 1, Scandinavia, Wis., 58, 110, 115 Taylor, Willistec.w1-1434V2 Mississippi, La Crosse, 91 Teichler, Janis4E1em.-14-2502 Prospect, La Crosse, 91 Temte, Eric-Sec.41-1718 George, La Crosse, 91, 139 Tennison, Norma-Sec.-1-928 Johnson, La Crosse, 91, 130 Terpstra, Jack-1-304 N. 5th, Onalaska, 91, 136, 138, 143 Terry, Byron4L 8: S-1-1329 State, La Crosse Terry, Robert-L 8: S-142018 Winnebago, La Crosse, 91 Terry, Rosalie-Elem.-341329 State, La Crosse, 59, 109 Page 213 Theisen, Ann-Sec.414-703 S. 23rd, La Crosse, 91, 122, 130, 141 Theisen, Carol-Secs424703 S. 23rd, La Crosse, 109, 125 Thienes, Jerome-4Sec.44-43 Myrick Park Lane, La Crosse, 40 Thomas, Marilyn4Elem.-2-Ettrick, Wis., 71, 139 Thompson, Mrs. Clayton-P. 99 Thompson, Darlene-P. E.-2-Medf0rd, 71, 135 Thompson, David-L 8; 84342942 George, La Crosse, 59 Thompson, Richard4Sec.4l-708 Jones, Eau Claire, 91 Thornburg, Mary Lou-P. E.-1-2827 N. Avondale, Milwaukee, 91, 142 Thrall, Rozane4P. E.414Green Lake, Wis., 91, 126, 139, 146 Thune, Dona1d4L 8; 8-24-C0rne11, Wis., 71 Tiber, Car014E1em.-4-Camp Douglas, 40, 122, 142 Tock, Shirley4Sec.41-1150 N. 8th Ave., West Bend, Wis., 130, 148 Toennies, James4P. E.-4-914 Bell Ave., Sheboygan, 40, 97, 110, 115, 129 Tooke, Larry4L 8: 54-24202 W. Ave. N., La Crosse, 71, 143 Torgerson, Charlene4L 85 841-42610 Cass, La Crosse, 91 Tostrud, Donna-P. E414R. 1, Westby, 91, 119, 138 Tracey, Betty4Rural4l4Mindoro, 91, 133 Traeder, C. Kay4L 8z S-l-Wonewoc, 91 Train, Jean4L 8: 841-418 S. 11th, La Crosse, 91 Trehus, Leslie4P. Es-24Spring Grove, Minn. Tremain, Don-E1em.42-Oak, West Salem Tremmel, Bruce4L 8: S-1-144 S. 24th St., La Crosse Trickel, Bruce4P. E.-3--B0x 1'74, Waupaca, 59, 129, 135 Triggs, Joyce Ann4P. E.4342520 N. Richards, Milwaukee, 59 Trute, Lorene-Elem.4-14405 S. Union, Mauston, 92, 131 Tucker, James-L 81. 8-14608 N. 6th Ave., Onalaska, 92 Tucker, Lois4-P. E.414601 Elm St., Wisconsin Dells, 92 Turk, Roger4Sec.:241928 Wood St., La Crosse, 71 Tuska, Jerry-P. E.444Unit 42 Myrick Park Lane, La Crosse, 59, 104, 129 Tweed, Diane4Elem.4142602 Main, La Crosse, 92, 122, 123, 131, 139, 144 U Ulrich, Judith-Elem.4141353 Liberty, La Crosse, 92, 140, 145 Urban, James4Rural444Hillsboro, Box 142 Urban, Verlan-P, E414Box 10, Hillsboro, 92 Urban, William4P. E.41-Box 116, Thorp, Wis., 92 Ustby, Lenore4Rural414Mindoro, Wis., 92, 133 V Valentine, Janice4P. E.-3-Suring, Wis., 96, 98, 109, 119, 120, 126, 135, 141 Valley, Harold-L 8; 8414211 N. Marquette, Prairie du Chien x Vancil, Oral-L 8: Sw14814 N. Chester, Sparta, 92 Vanden Heurvel, Joanne-P. E.434RR 2, Seymour, Wis., 59, 111 Van Dewaller, Richard4-P. E.41-Box 124, Fountain City Vaningan, Robert4P. E.-1453 Myrick Park Lane, La Crosse Van Fleet, William-L 8: 84341403 Bainbridge, La Crosse Varco, Betty4E1em.44-436 N. 22nd, La Crosse Ver Velde, Rodney-P. E4241615 New Jersey Ave., Sheboygan, 71, 129 Viereggl, Evon4L 8; 841-613 Kent, Sparta, 92 Vincent, Pauline4P. E434622 Church, Stevens Point, 59 Viner, Garn1et-Elem.-341529 Ferry, La Crosse, 59 Vockel, Joan4P. E.-141663 S. 53rd, West Milwaukee Vollmar, Mary Lou-Elem.43-1701 Pine, La Crosse, 59, 105, 118, 132, 139, 142 Voss, Ear14-P. E.-41-654 N. Main St., Mayville, Wis. Voth,3Patricia4P. E444545 N. Spring, Columbus, Wis., 40, 103, 117, 120, 1 4 Vrandenburg, Vernon4P. E.434Unit 51, Myrick Park Lane, La Crosse, 59 W Wagner, George-L 8: S--1-1111 Slayes, La Crosse Wahl, Lucy4L 8: 8-14302 S. Minnesota, Prairie du Chien, 92, 148 Wahlstrom, David-L 8: S-419 N. 23rd, La Crosse, 92 Waldenberger, Dean-L 8: S-l-West Salem, 92 Page 214 Waldenberger, Sarahann-Rurak-l-Holmen, Wis., 92, 133 Walker, Audrey-P. E.42-Lodi, Wis., 71 Wall, Betty4P. E.-24-Elkhart Lake, Wis., 71, 134 Wall, John-L 8:, S-3-521 Monroe, Sparta Waller, Jane--P. E.434-Petters Lake, East Troy, Wis., 60, 125, 126, 135 Walther, Howard4P. E.-24-329 Greenfield Ave., Waukesha Wanner, Carol4Elem.-4-2144 Ferry, La Crosse, 40, 105, 141 Wardwell, Richard-L 8: S-1--710 S, 16th, La Crosse Warguld, Joan-P. E.41-325 Fair St., Wautoma, 92, 141 Wartinbee, John-P. E.-2-1444 Wood St., La Crosse, 72, 112 Waughtal, Patsy4Elem.-14Box 232, Black River Falls, 92, 131 Weaver, Norma4Sec.424-2805 Hamilton, La Crosse, 72, 143 Weber, Margery4-E1emr-14-Cashton, 92, 119, 136, 138, 140 Weber, Richard-Secr-44-1122 Ferry St., La Crosse, 41, 100, 112, 113, 122, 125, 130, 145 Webster, Gayle-Sec.-1-1415 14th St., Monroe, 92, 114, 139, 143 Webster, Lyle-P. E.-2-701 E. State, Mauston Webster, Nancy-P. Er-14Neopit, Wis., 93 Wechter, Richard-L 8; 541-258 Dewey, Oregon, Wis., 93, 147 Wegner, Otto-L 8: S-14Sparta Weilandt, Gera1d4L 8L 84-1-728 N, 22nd, La Crosse, 93, 142 Welch, Cynthia4Elem.444La Crescent, Minn., 41, 107, 122, 147 Welch, John-L 85 S-44-La Crescent, Minn., 41, 108 Welch, Wayne-Sec.444No. 23, 16th Vine, La Crosse, 106, 129 Wellman, Gordon-L 8L S42-Box 115, Wonewoc, 106 Wesner, Arthur4P. 13.41-353 S. Mian, Brillion, Wis. Wesolowski, Laverne-4-P. E.-2--R. No. 1, Pulaski, Wis., 72, 117, 134, 141 West, Yvonne4P. E.-24Mind0ro, 72, 138 Weston, Nancy-P. E.-24907 8th Ave., West Bend, 72, 135 Wethe, Burton-Sec.-14120 S. 23rd St., La Crosse, 93, 139 Whitlock, Walter4P. E.43-.1502Vz Vine, La Crosse Wiese, Ruth-Elem.434R. 1, La Crosse, 60 Wigdal, Marvin-L 8; 841-911 S. 2nd St., La Crosse Wikum, Diane4Elem.414312 Swift St., Edgerton, Wis., 93, 132, 148 Wilcox, Donna-Sec.-1-207 Jeneau, Elroy, Wis., 93 Williams, Charles-L 8c 8-1-833 S. 19th St., La Crosse, 93 Williams, Herbert4Sec.44-Bangor, 60 Willis, John-P. E.--14-Sparta, 93 Wills, Harlen-L 8; $4141601 King, La Crosse, 72, 122 Wilsman, Richard-P. E.-342714 Monroe, Two Rivers, Wis. Wimmler, Charles4P. E.-24C1eveland, Wis., 104, 129, 142 Winger, Oscar-P. E.-4416th Vine, Unit 5, La Crosse, 106, 115, 121, 135 Winiarski, Edwin-P. E4141967a S. 5th Place, Milwaukee Winter, Mary4E1em.4l42029 State, La Crosse, 93, 114, 131, 142 Winter, Susaan. E.42-3935 N. Teutonia Ave., Milwaukee, 72, 103, 116, 118, 135, 138 Wisner, Gean. E.414809 Hawthorne Ave., South Milwaukee, 93 Wittenberg, Jera1d4L 8t S414M. R. 42, La Crosse Woiak, Lois-P. E.4243502 S. 2nd, Milwaukee, 72, 103, 126, 135 Wolcott, Dorothy4Rural-141510 State, La Crosse, 93, 133 Wolcott, Stacy4L 8:. $414200 West Ave. S., La Crosse, 93, 145 Wolf, Bernadetteo-P. E.4442416 S. 60th St., West Allis, Wis., 41, 96, 98, 103, 117, 120, 124, 134, 142 Wo'lfe, Winston4L 8: S-3-R. No. 1, Stevens Point Wolff, Cynthia-Elem.-14713 Jackson, 93, 138, 141 Wolle, Philip4Sec.-3-124Vz N. 10th, La Crosse, 72 Woodliff, Charles4Sec.44-314 Spring, Sparta Woodworth, Eileen4Rura1-4-R. 2, Sparta, 41, 133, 143 Wooley, Mary-P. E.414Hokah, Minn., 93, 134, 142 Wooley, Sue4P. 13.424218 S. 20th St., La Crosse, 72 Wrzinski, Barbara4E1em.41-606 Park, Ripon, 93, 142 Y Young, June-P. E.414-318 W. Central, Chippewa Falls, 93, 143 Young, William4L 8: S-1-918 Harrison, Black River Falls, 93 Youngblood, Alice4Rura1-14Bangor, 93 Page 215 Yunker, Anne4Elem. 414230 W. Ave S., La Crosse,94,122,2123,132,142 Yunker, Philip4L 8: 8434230 W Ave S, La Crosse, 60,14 Z Zablocki, Diane4P. E..414St Augustine,Pulaski, Wis.,94, 142 Zantaw, Patricia4L 8: 8424639 4th Ave., Baraboo 72,126 Zarada,Irene424Thorp,135,142 Zellmer, Donna4Sec. 4141221 S 17th La Crosse, 94, 130, 139, 141 Zettel, Mary Ann-P E.434Maplewood,Wis.,60,96,103,122,135, 141 Zetterlund,Karen4l4R.2,Thiensville,Wis,94,126,139,142 Ziegelmaier, Greg4L8z 844-321 S. 8th, La Crosse,99,100,113,123,142 Ziegelmaier, Michael-Sec. 424321 S. 8th, La Crosse Ziegler, Myron4L 8:, 84141218172 S.15th, La Crosse Ziegler, Paul4Sec. 414705 5th Ave S., La Crosse, 94 Ziemann, Terry4P. E4441602172 Johnson, La Crosse 41 Zietlow, Alfred4Sec. 424Viroqua, 102 Zimmerman, Marian4P. E.424R 3, Plymouth, 72 Zischke, James4L 8z S4341710 Madison, La Crosse Zittleman, Kenneth-Sec.414Colfax, Wis., 94, 143 Zitzner, John4P. E.414Viroqua, R. 4, 94 Zold, Robert4P. E4441509 Kramer ,Ave., Racine, 42, 97, 104, 121, 129, 314 G. A. KELLER PRINT, LA CROSSE. WIS. Egiglruuig I-II.':-I'II-'ll'lli.. rxrtn. .Ilixnilia'cn .uuunvu v, 0 Y! v. w . 4.5.x . NAAQ$13t o ,1 A. .l

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