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wmm l" , Morning sun greets many banners On its westward way . . . , 4, M y , CO-EDITORS . . . . . ........... Donna Jo Stoll Beverly Bullard FEATURE EDITOR . .......... Geneva Marking ASSISTANTS ........... Margaret Willey Donna Weiland Audrey Kasten Nellyonn Larsen Wanda Evans Joanne Kochinski Greta Fortney Gretchen Engelhard Ethel Berg Alice Buytaerf SENIOR EDITOR ............ Barbara Koppen SPORTS ................... William Dunbar Jane Graf Elaine Schobert Marianne Bartnek ART EDITORS ................ Avis Anderson Harold Simonton BUSINESS MANAGER ........... Alice Arthur ASSISTANTS ......... Charles Odegaard Joyce Koeck Elaine Rehwinkel Donna Bast Eileen Lapham Erna Bone PHOTOGRAPHERS . . . . . . ......... Roy Grade Marcus Burk Wayland Behnke ADVISOR ................... Mr. G. Konrad Copyright 1951 by la CIOSIG State Teacher: Collage Studonh WINTER SPRING ALL THRU THE YEAR . . . ORGANIZATIONS . .............. 131 MISCELLANEOUS ................ 181 INDEX AND ADVERTISEMENTS . . . . .223 iamva .L w; ""de 1:4 Ww MW At La Crosse State Teachers College, 1950 and 1951 was what the students made it e a memorable year. The record of achievements has been a brilliant one, in- cluding athletic championships, dramatic accomplishments, resurgent interest in music, outstanding scholastic records, ex- celled student publications, and many others. 11To the students of La Crosse Teachers College, who will value this year- book in years to come as a remembrance of their college days, we dedicate the 1950-51 edition of the La Crosse. gigs 2 My; 0m Emmi UNDEFEATED thDIANS lAX Wartburg 34 Luther 41 Stout . . . 33 Superior . . . . ......... 72 Oshkosh . . .. 56 River Falls ............ 19 Eau Claire 40 Stevens Point . . . 29 Gustavus Adolphus . . . . 20 Cigar Bowl- Valparaiso U. .. 47 FINAL CONFERENCE STANDINGS 1950 CO-CHAMPS W. LA CROSSE .......... 6 Whitewater Plotfeville Supe or Eau Claire Oshkosh kaxzwwwmoor Top, left to right: Head Coach . Clark Van Golder Line Coach ..... Eston Vickroy Bottom: Freshman Coach . Floyd Gaufsch FRESHMAN RECORD The Freshmen squad defeated St. Maryk reserves twice and the Luther 3 team once under the fine coaching of Floyd Gaufsch. CAPTAIN - JOHN KNISPEL Row 1: P. Reuschlein, A. Biorklund, K. Ripple, L. Reynolds, R. Webster. Row 2: R. Noss, D. Alf, G. Hall, R. Batchelder, W. Geiger. Row 3: G. Oelke, E. Olson, G. Bohrke, B. Grode, J. Krech, J. Knispel. Row 4. N. Richoson, R. Wohoske, F. Goettel, D. Sackett, M. Savogiun. Row 5: G. Steffen, W. Skinner, R. Fellows. 7?50 7W . . CAPTAIN JOHN KNISPEL led the La Crosse Indians through on undefeated season. John did some fine punting for the team while playing left tackle. He also kicked the points after touchdowns and made a good percentage of them. ACE LOOMIS, fullback, had a great season this year and certainly put a fitting climax to it by scoring five touchdowns in the Cigar Bowl. TOM CURRY, halfback, brought the crowd to their feet many times with his sensational broken field running. GEORGE SLADKY was the workhorse in the backfield. He is one of the finest blockers and can also carry the mail when he is called on to do it. KEN HOLLUB called the signals from the quarterback position. His passing left little to be desired all through the season. DICK WEBSTER, right end, was another sixty minute man. He backed up the line on defense when he wasntt knocking down opposing backer-ups or catching posses. Row 1: A. Loomis, J. Madden, D. Wilsman, B. Kime, K. Hollub. Row 2: D. Anderson, W. Felton, G. Wildt, J. Webster, B. Burns. Row 3: J. Butterbroot, T. Curry, G. Slodky, T. Leven- hagen. Row 4: R. Synowicz, B. Yelongian, J. Bell, 6. Schultz, R. Steuck, J. Justus. Row 5: R. Wangerin, E. Davis. WAYNE GEIGER played right tackle on offense and helped Webster back up the line on defense. I BOB NASS played left guard on offense. His blocking in the line really opened holes in the defense. BOB BATCHELDER, probably one of the roughest boys on the team really mowed down the defense from his right guard position. DALE BJORKLUND played center on offense. He is a good blocker and teamed up well with the guards to clear out the defense. GENE HALL rounded out the offensive eleven. Gene played left end and was one of the best pass catchers on the team. LLOYD REYNOLDS, DUANE ANDERSON, ED OLSON, BILL GRODE, and TED LEVENHAGEN, and BOB SYNOWICZ did a fine iob in the defensive line. They really tore apart the opposition all year. No credit can be taken away from the boys who play defense. l7 PEG VICKERY ...Wammmday2aeea Betty Coey, Rachel Gutzke, Lois Johnson, Beverly Hackbart. $7M... The Indians climaxed a happy holiday trip by smothering Valparaiso Uni- versity, 47-14, in the New Year's Day Cigar Bowl Classic at Tampa, Florida. This was also a fitting climax for the team's victorious season. 11Each game brought the team a step closer to Tampa, but the bowl fever did not catch the school until after the defeat of Gustavus Adolphus. After this the bowl fever spread rapidly and everyone was behind the push for a bowl bid. TIWhen the Shriners extended La Crosse a formal bid to the Cigar Bowl it was quickly accepted. The entire town responded by helping 'to send the boys on the trip. 11As for the time spent in Tampa, the boys were treated royally. The gracious Tampa Shrine Club gave them every opportunity to enjoy themselves. In between practice sessions the boys did everything from swimming in the Gulf to going to the dog races. 1IThe boys were given a great welcome by the town when they returned on the third of January. They rode through town in a torchlight parade and the Shriners had a very large stag banquet for the entire squad. 1IThe school appreciates the show- ing our boys gave. They have a large following around the area also. The films of the game at Tampa were shown often and to a great number of interested observers. The team deserves a real pat on the back. 20 Row 1: T. Knudsen, L. Biorn, R. Koeppe. Row 2: E. Henschel, G. Felton, D. Strand, W. Mayer, R. Tesnow. 7750 am 604W 76m... A. A. U. CHAMPIONS The La Crosse State Teachers College cross country team had a very success- ful season. The Indian harriers won the first meet from Milwaukee 29-28. After losing the next meet to lawrence College they came back to take the State A.A.U. meet at Milwaukee. They outscored teams from Mar- quette, Milwaukee, and other state colleges. This was the first of the series of championships for our Indian athletic teams this year. 24 November brought volleyball to the top of the sports calendar with 135 girls entering the tournament. At the completion of the mixed tournament, class games were held with the seniors taking top honors. .mWaM About 85 girls participated in Hockey, another full sport. After determin- ing the winners of the mixed tournament, the seniors and iuniors tied for class honors. The season closed with the seniors triumphing over the alumni in the homecoming game. WW 2 Top: 0. Carson, M. Nenadich, N. Hamilton, J. Slobbe, E. Mu! W a a I Bottom: M. Schubiger, C. Lee, S. Pederson. 26 DOGPATCH CHARACTERS M.SW?W2W Opportunity knocks! The Sadie Hawkins Dance was the chance of a life- time for the girls on the campus to ask any man to go out with her. TISatur- day night the characters from Dogpatch were ready for the dance. The women picked up the men of their choice in cars and wagons or iust dragged them. All evening the girls observed little courtesies as bringing corsages, paying expenses, and opening doors. 27 a 70 Standing: Ashley Ellefson, Bob Elmer, and Ruth Lund. ! z e'a t l I I I Lee Hodge and Belle Lewinski. 7 6 gme d o I o , ; L L : ; S w a - WWW a 5m MM 0m Emmi LAX OPP. Dubuque ............. 59 60 Winona 63 Iowa State Teachers . . . . 38 Superior 63 Illinois Normal 66 Mankato 77 Winona 54 River Falls ............ 59 58 Platteville 56 Stevens Point 50 56 64 87 Superior 51 Milwaukee , 34 Oshkosh 42 Luther 65 River Falls ............ 68 64 66 Eau Claire 54 CONFERENCE STANDINGS 1950-51 CONFERENCE CHAMPS W La Crosse Teachers ...... 11 Eau Claire Teachers Whitewater Teachers .. . Superior State Platteville Teachers ...... Central State Teachers . . . Oshkosh Teachers ....... Milwaukee Teachers River Falls Teachers Stout Institute .......... dOOOOVO-RNM-dr- 31 Row 1: J. Huegle, D. Strand, T. Curry, T. McEldowney. Row 2: A. Richter, W. Knapton, J. Schumann, A. Loomis. Row 3: D. Evans, J. Brittelli, W. Skinner, G. Humphrey. W50-W57 3W. . . DUANE ANDERSON a new-comer to the varsity basketball team added strength in the center position. JOE BRITTELLI played his second year of varsity ball and added a great deal of strength to the forward position. TOM CURRY played his first year for the Indians as a forward. His speed and shooting ability were an asset to the Indians. DAVE EVANS, a new-comer, earned a background in experience from the frosh squad of 1949-1950. GLENN HUMPHREY another new-comer is a good set shot and proved a great asset to the Indian squad. BILL KNAPTON played his third year for the Indians. He is a very good set shot and is valuable for his fine ability to keep the bolt moving. JOHN KNISPEI. finished his third year for the Indians. ACE LOOMIS iust finished his fourth year of varsity basketball. He has been a regular guard on the team for three years. 32 Row 1: G. Sladky, R. Sobota, W. Bowlus. Row 2: J. Madden, J. Knispel, E. Olson, D. Mannebach. Row 3: J. Pleckinger, D. Anderson, W. Spoltholz. mgmfmemte TODD McELDOWNEY played his third year for the lndian's team. Mac is a very good dribbler and has proved valuable for his long set shots. ED OLSON finished his fourth year of competition. Our 6'6" center earned recognition as a scoring champion. He is a very rugged player and is known for his hook shot from around the basket area. ART RICHTER, a new-comer from the 1949-1950 frosh squad, played for- ward for the Indian squad. Art is known for his hard defensive play and long set shots from out on the court. JOHN SCHUMANN, 6' guard, is one of our top scorers noted for his one- handed push shot. BILL SKINNER another graduate from the 1949-'50 frosh team, helped bolster the Indian's strength. BILL SPALTHOLZ, a rangy 6'5" center for the Indians during the last three years. DON STRAND moved up from the 1949-'50 frosh squad. GEORGE SLADKY played his first season of varsity basketball. 33 35 0m 7nddam I I I 344W... Winter came in with basketball in the air and on the courts of the women's gym. Enthusiasm ran high as approximately 130 girls partici- pated in the round robin tournament. At the completion of this tourna- ment, straight elimination class and house tournaments were held. 3W... Due to the great enthusiasm for badminton only 0 doubles tournament was held in order to give everyone a chance to participate. Badminton, being an individual sport, is one that can be participated in throughout life. 36 Ski Enthusiasts ..,Wm$mw The weatherman provided plenty of ice and snow this year for a long season of winter sports. Skiing, skating, and snow-shoeing were on the agenda under 'the direction of Betty Burrgraff, a physical education senior and skiing enthusiast. Standard skill requirements have been set up in each of these indiv- idual sports. Qualified Junior and Senior women gave lessons in each activity, enabling everyone to have a chance to pass these tests. Row 1: R. Ping, R. Schild, F. Schroeder, E. Gershon, J. Justus, J. Biermeier, C. Huber. Row 2: R. Weiss, R. Koeppe, G. Roiahn, R. Lagerman, H. Simonton, W. Hoegger. Row 3: R. Webster, M. Lee, W. Callahan, G. Schneider, J. Goedeke, W. Behnke, D. Eddy. 7950-7?57 W 7mm . . . The lndian's gym team came through with a good season again this year. The class B team has been undefeated for two years in the North- west Gymnastic Society competition. They repeated winning the North- west meet at Minneapolis again this year. They beat Mankato twice. After Western Illinois bowed to the team they won the Northwest meet. Their only loss was to the University of Illinois in Chicago. This team includes Captain Bob Weiss, Bob Lagerman, Henry Maule, John Goedeke, Gordon Roiahn, and Harry Simonton. Our class C team did a fine iob this year too. Using a number of first year men they finished third in the Northwest meet. 1 38 t Row 1: J. Blank, L Jensen, R. Fellows, E. Pack, G. Slordock, F. Feld, G. Davis. Row 2: K. Denny, T. Hartley, W. Cole, R. Wangerin, M. Galilzer, D. Finsand. Row 3: E. Vickroy, W. Smith, D. Gesserf, W. Mayer, B. Richter. 7750 - WSI ch'mmc'ag 7am The 1950-1951 swimming team included five returning leHer winners: Captain Ev Pack, Ray Fellows, Wally Smith, Gil Stordock, and Gene Davis. They were bolstered by four other men from last year's team and six freshmen and transfer students. Although young and inexperienced they did a fine iob against some tough competition. They won two and lost four meets with most of the meets being against teams of the Minnesota College Conference. Gene Davis and Ken Denny set two conference records, and Ken also set a pool record with his fine breast stroke. 39 OWWZW... Nearly one hundred and fifty couples danced in the holiday atmos- phere of the inter-sorority formal on December 9. The theme of the dance was "Ornamental Moods" which was car- ried out by the gay decorations suitable for the coming Christmas fes- tivities. Johnny Roberts Orchestra provided music for this girl-ask-boy dance. The five sororities on campus sponsored this winter formal with Betty Coey and Marian Feeney as co-chairmen. 40 The Orchesis group presented two programs ithis year, the winter program entitled uAll Through The Nations." The members of Junior and Senior Orchesis depicted yuletide customs in many lands through their dance interpretations. The group was directed by Laurel Raihburn with Miss Virginia Congreve as faculty advisor. Their second program given Motheris Day week-end featured a news- paper revue. SMMWW... "Showboat Varieties" was the theme of the 1951 aquacade directed by Pat Polleck with Miss Betty Baird acting as faculty advisor. The program opened with the swimmers anxiously awaiting the or- rival of the Robert E. Lee and the show to be presented. The iishow" in- cluded a dog act, a magician and minstrel number, and others typical of the old time showboat. A ship's whistle and a large mural of a river steamer set the stage with realism. THREE ONE-ACT PLAYS Gloria Severson, Kathryn Payne, and Howard Siberma . A L l. M Y S O N 5 Donna Jo Stoll, Walter Boenigh, Todd McEIdowney, and Barbara Borroughs. 44 Row 1: D. Peterson, D. Martin, T. Moroni, R. Retzlaff, C. Behnke, B. Yelangian, F. Wall, R. Peregrine, T. Curry. Row 2: J. Hensey, S. Sazamu, R. Gripentrog, L. Mitchell, B. Golz, B. Dohr, J. Krismer, W. Hugdahl, J. Nirschl. Row 3: J. Eifert, R. Sobota, J. Grunska, D. Benedict, J. Knispel, L. Johnson, W. Knapton, R. Engler, J. Schumann, E. Vickroy. M50 2am w 6hMe Coach Eston Vickroy's baseball nine won the conference champion- ship for the third straight year. Captain Bernie Golz lead the team to meet five conference foes and strike all five of them down. La Crosse played six non-conference games and only lost one to the powerful St. Cloud nine. Dave Benedict, Leon Johnson, Larry Mitchell, and Francis Wall handled the pitching duties; Roger Retzlaff doing the receiving. 46 t w h ,t 3m s t g i t k s. z . x; v; t, ,, x 2:: Q: V g 3 Q WU, e g t , W4 8 it e V K i w " 5n Row 1: A. Barry, F. Marincel, D. Bauer, E. Bock, E. Pingel, W. LaBorde, N. Hodgson, W. Spaltholz, B. Christensen, 8. Kime. Row 2: A. Loomis, J. Davis, L. Gruupman, J. Crowley, R. Grade, W. Thrall, R. Wilsman, R. Leighton. Row 3: S. Miller, G. Kuneiss, G. Humphrey, E. Boyce, O. Nevis, W. Felton, J. Goedeke, D. Mannebach, F. Blandin. Row 4: J. Miller, N. Duffrin, D. Strand, R. Peterson, W. Kirk, R. Tesnow, R. Fellows, S. Plumb, J. Van Veghel. . . , ??SO 7W 7mm With Captain Frank Blandin leading the way, the La Crosse track squad had a successful season. Coach Floyd Gautsch's well balanced squad opened the season with a victory over Winona. After defeating Oshkosh in a dual meet our cindermen iourneyed to the St. Thomas Invitational meet. The following week the thin tlads met the state's most powerful team- Milwaukee. Although we lost the meet, Hodgson and Felton took firsts. In the state meet the boys finished second, tosing only to Milwaukee. There were no individual stars, as the team represented one of the most balanced squads in our history. Two school records were broken this year; Mannebach in the low hurdles and Blandin in the broad iump. 47 R. Allen, C. Odegaurd, G. Schwanberg, D. Lveck, J. Muza, W. Schaller. 7?50 7mm 7mm . . . Under Leon Miller's excellent direction, the tennis squad finished a fine season. They opened up in chilly weather against St. Marys to win 8-1. The next week they defeated Stout in the morning but lost to Osh- kosh in the afternoon. The following week the netmen defeated Eau Claire, only to lose the next match. The final two dual meets were easily won by La Crosse to finish up with a record of 5 wins and 2 losses. ...7emu'd The fall tennis program consisted of a single elimination tournament in- volving twelve freshmen women. Joan Eggert was the final winner. Spring tennis was open to all classes involving mixed doubles, women's doubles, and women's singles tournament. ...SW A large number of participants turned out for softball, the last sport on the WRA sport calendar. Major and minor leagues offered activity for both experienced and inexperienced players. Class teams played the final games of the season. Sm7edt... Our fourth annual Song Fest was held oh March 17. This function, another of the many sponsored by the social committee, was started by Miss Alice DeBower in 1948. The success of the activity was shown by the expansion from the Training School to the Main Auditorium. 1IThis year Pi Tau Epsilon, first place win- ner in 1949 and 1950, bowed to Phi Kappa Epsilon. The Pi Tau's placed second, and Alpha Delta Teetcu placed third. Lambda Sigma Chi and Wesley Foundation received honorable mention. ilBetty Coey and Nedra Pusch were in charge of the planning. Wmsm... One of the most enioyable activities of the year, the Beta Variety Show, was participated in by several school organizations on April 20 and 21. Every spring the Beta Sigma Chi fraternity sponsors this event, the proceeds of which go to the D.O. Coate Scholarship. The show consisted of ten minute acts given by the different or- ganizations. These acts were judged on plot, originality, and au- dience reaction. This year the groups really showed what talent we have at La Crosse State Teachers College. Ken Potterton iand Dave Evans were in charge of the production and Frank Deringer acted as master of ceremonies. gm... We remember college years by what happened during them, to each of us personally and to all of us collectively. 1950- 51 of which this annual is a record will have its personal meaning to each of us, but collectively it will be the year in which our football team went to Tampa, Emma Lou Wilder Hall was erected, and we were authorized to grant degrees in liberal arts. There have been many accomplishments but these are the highlights which seem to differentiate this year from others. PRESIDENT MITCHELL 52 REXFORD S. MITCHELL B.A., M.A., Ph.D. EDITH J. CARTWRIGHT mamofma RICHARD A. GUNNING 55 REGISTRAR PERSONNEL DIRECTOR Lora Greene Maurice Graff OFFICE GIRLS Row 1: B. Pollack, M. Hayes, G. lsermann, D. Garves, L. Dux. Row 2: W. Sloltz, B. Kobli'z, R. Longfellow, F. leMenmaier. WALTER WITTICH Physical Education JEAN ROLFE Elementary Education ALICE DRAKE Rural Education EMERY LEAMER Training School WILLIAM lAUX Special Division EVERETT WALTERS Secondary Education PAULINE ABEL Critic ALVIDA AHLSTROM Language RENA ANGELL Art MARGARET ANNETT Library THOMAS ANNETT Music MAUREE APPLEGAT Rural BETTY BAIRD Physical Education GENEVA BANK Geograph 58 RVILLE BRAULT AGN ES BREENE Critic ABRIELLA BRENDEMUHL English DELORIS BRITT library JESSIE CALDWELL lementary MARGARET CHEW Geography IRGINIA CONGREVE hysical Education MILFORD COWLEY Chemistry CATHERINE CRAIL Library 1 JEAN CURRIE English CARLIN DAHLER Physics WALTER DAVIDSON Anatomy FREDERICK DAVIES History ALICE DeBOWER Physical Education WILLIAM DWYER Speech HELEN DYSON English 60 UORA FAWCETT ibrary HOWARD FREDERICKS Critic LOYD GAUTSCH hysical Education ERNEST GERSHON Physical Education ARION GRANGER ritic ALICE HAGAR T. 5. Library ICHARD HARTLEY iology MARY HEBBERD English MARGARET HOCKER Library GREY KONRA Chemistr 9 BERNADINE KUNKEL Physical Education META LEIB Criti FERD LIPOVITZ Chemistry, Phy. Education LEON MILLE Physical Educatio RUTH MILLER Art MILLARD MURPH Health Educatio RUTH NIXON Language ROBERT NOVAK Biology, Geography MAliGARET OLESON English RHEA PEDERSON Critic FLORENCE PRYBYLOWSKI Critic VIGGO RASMUSEN Physics RUSSELL REIMER Chemistry HANS REUTER Physical Education LAWRENCE ROWE Chemistry THEODORE ROZELL Mathematic MARTHA SKAAR Library MARJORIE SMIT Criti LESTER STEINHOFF Critic ARNOLD TEMT Mafhematic ANN THOMAS Physical Education WALTER THORESE Social SciencT 64 J ARIE TOLAND Speech MYRTLE TROWBRIDGE History LARK VAN GALDER hysical Education ESTEN VICKROY Physical Education 0. 0. WHITE English CLAYTON WHITN EY Geography EMMA L. WILDER Physical Education LENORE WILSON Critic EDITH WING English EMERSON WULLING English TEACHERS NOT PICTURED ALICE HAMMER HARMAR ROOT Counselor Music MARION HAMMES THEODORE ROVANG Critic Biology EDGAR KNOWLTON LOIS SIMONS English Physical Education VIRGIL ZIEMER Critic Dr. Ellen Sexton and Mariorie McGrath, R. N. 66 IN MEMORIAM We have suffered a great loss this year in the death of Betty Ziarnik. On January 11, she was suddenly called by the Angel of Death after a short illness. HBetfy was a senior maioring in physical education and recreation. She was quiet and reserved, and family life and religion meant a great deal to her. She was a diligent student and looked forward to a career. 1IThe students and faculty are establishing 0 Betty Ziarnik Memorial as evidence of our devotion to her. She was a fine student and a true friend. Deeply we mourn her passing. CAROL ANDRE Elementary ALBERT L. APFEL Physical Education 5mm.. JEAN ARNET JANICE BAIER Elementary Elementary ALICE ARTHUR DONNA J. BAST Physical Education Physical Educatio ISENIOR HISTORIES PAGE 182; J 68 ROBERT BATCHELDER Physical Education DONALD C. BEARDMORE Physical Education JOHN S. BATES Physical Education WAYLAND C. BEHNKE Physical Education LLOYD A. BENRUD GORDON BESCH HUBERT BLANK Rural Secondary Physical Educatio DOUGLAS JOHN BERTOLINI LOUIS BJORN JAMES BLANK Secondary Elementary Physical Educafio WALTER BOENIGK Secondary ERNA BONE Secondary KATHRYN BOMBINSKI Physical Education BARBARA BORROUGHS Physical Education JOANN BOSSANY EMMET K. BOYCE DONALD A. BRON Physical Education Physical Education Secondary ANTHONY BOUlllON STUART F. BROKAW PHYLLIS BRYHN Elementary Secondary Rural FRANCES BUEDINGEN Physical Education BETTY BURGGRAF Physical Education WILLIAM BUEDINGEN Physical Education MARCUS BURK Physical Education RITA BUSCHATZ EDITH CADE RICHARD CARE Physical Education Physical Education Physical Educatio ALICE BUYTAERT JEANETTE CAPAUL BETTY COEY Elementary Rural Physical Educatio KEITH L. COLLINS Secondary MARY CRAIG Rural CATHERINE CONNER Physical Education GERALD DAVIS Physical Education CLAUDE C. DECK LESLIE DRUMMOND CHARLES W. DUN Rural Elementary Physical Educati- KATHRYN DOROW EUGENE DUERST SHIRLEY DYRUI PhysicaI Education Physical Education Physical Educati- EDITH EVANS Secondary WANDA D. EVANS Physical Education RICHARD O. EVANS Secondary FRANK FEALLY Secondary ..I957.. 77 MARION FEENEY DON L. FINSAND GRETA FORTNE Physical Education Secondary Elementary ROBERT FEUERSTEIN THOMAS E. FLOOD JEAN FRIEDEL Secondary Physical Education Physical Educati Sendma.............. ISENIOR HISYORIES PAGE 18 78 79 WAYNE L. GEIGER Physical Education JOHN F. GOEDKE Physical Education MILDRED GILBERTSON Elementary FREDZELL E. GOETI'EL Physical Education MARJORIE GOTTSCHALK SHIRLEY GRANKE PHYLLIS GREE Physical Education Physical Education Secondary JANE GRAF RUTH GRAUER EUGENE HAEFN' Physical Education Physical Education Secondary I95! NANCY HANSON Secondary BETTY HAUSER Elementary KELLY L. HARRIS Physical Education WALTER HAYES Elementary MARGO HEALD JOAN E. HERMANSON DORIS HUBBARD Secondary Physical Education Elementary WILLIAM P. HEALD PATRICIA HIGHBERG JOHN T. HUEGE Physical Education Elementary Physical Educatio 83 JOHN ISERMAN Elementary DAVE E. JAMES Secondary THEODORE JACOBSON Physical Education JERRY JOHNSON Elementary JOAN JOHNSON Physical Education LEON K. JOHNSON Physical Education W . . MARY LOU JON ES Rural ROBERT J. KAILHOFER Physical Education 84 GERHARD KANIES Physical Educatio BERNARD L. KARK' Elementary WAYNE KIRK Rural N O 5 D U N K E A M A N N O D Rural JOHN KNISPEL Physical Education JOYCE KOECK l Education Physica I951 . 5 8 SERENA KOOPMANN CATHERINE KOSER RITA KRUEGER Rural Physical Education Elementary BARBARA KOPPEN RAY KRONER MARY JANE KUSC Physical Education Elementary Elementary 86 WAYNE LA BORDE Physical Education MABEL V. LENZ Physical Education BYRN B. LEA Secondary ACE D. lOOMIS Physical Education ARLENE M. LUSTIG Physical Education MARGARET MCCOY Secondary DUANE McCUMBER GENEVA MARKIN Elementary Secondary RUSSELL McELDOWNEY JOYCE MARQUAR Physical Education Physical Educatio SENIOR HISTORIES PAGE 182! JACK MARTIN Elementary PHYLLIS MELBY Elementary PATRICIA MAU Secondary CLYDELLA JONES MEILLER Elementary ROY D. MEILLER Secondary JAMES R. MEYER Secondary Sam.. ROBERT W. MEYER Secondary STANLEY N. MILLER Secondary 9O LARRY L. MITCH : Secondary RITA MOE Elementary IVAN MOLTER Physical Education GLORIA MOULIS Elementary AUDREY MORTON Rural ORLAND NAVIS Physical Education ..l957.. 91 ROSE NEUHAUS RAYMOND A. NOONAN LOIS HOREI. OLS Rural Secondary Physical Educati - MARY NIQUETTE EDWIN OLSON JOAN OPPEGAA Physical Education Physical Education Rural ELEANOR ORVIS Physical Education VIRGINIA PAULEY Physical Education CHARLES PALEN Elementary ROBERT PAULSON Physical Education ..l95l.. 93 MARY PAYNTER Elementary MARGARET PEDERSON Elementary Seam... DALE PETERSON Physical Education GLORIA DONERY PETERSON Physical Education CAROL PlERRINe Rural EARL G. PING' Secondary PATRICIA POLLECK Physical Education MURIEL RASMUSSON Elementary FLORENCE PUTRA Physical Education LAUREL RATHBURN Physical Education ERVIN H. REEDY LLOYD REYNOLDS CALVIN R. RODEG Rural Physical Education Physical Educati- ELAINE REHWINKEL NEAL O. RICHTMAN NORBERT L. RUI Physical Education Secondary Secondary 97 JEAN RUEDY Rural GERALD C. SAUER Physical Education GLORIA SALLANDER Rural MARY SCHALLER Physical Education NEIL E. SCHELL Secondary WILMETTA F. SCHENDEL Elementary JOHN J. SCHMITZ JOHN SCHUMA Secondary Physical Educati- GENE C. SCHNEIDER PHYLLIS SCHUTTEN Physical Education Elementary SENIOR HISTORIES PAGE 18 99 RUTH SELLECK Secondary IVAN SILBAUGH Secondary GLEN SENSTAD Physical Education IVONNE SILBAUGH Physical Education BEVERLY SKOGEN Elementary JAMES SLABY Physical Education GEORGE SLADKY Physical Education lEWIS W. SNYDER Physical Education 100 WILLIAM SPALTH' Physical Educati LOIS SPEICH Elementary 101 GENE E. STAFFEN Secondary BETTY STUART Ph ysical Education MAURICE STENSGARD Elementary KENNETH M. SWAN Physical Education JAMES F. TALL RALPH TESNOW GJERULD T. THOMP Elementary Physical Education Elementary ABBY W. TEASDALE JOSEPH THIENES RAMONA THOMPS Rural Secondary Elementary WILLIAM R. THRALL Physical Education FRANCIS TURNER Physical Ed ucation DONALD C. TOENNIES Physical Educafion JOYCE TWEED Rural ..l95l.. 103 RUTH UISCHNER Secondary CORRINE ULRICH Physical Education 5mm.. EVELYN VAN DUNK Rural JIM VAN TASSEL Secondary 104 JOHN VAN VEGH Physical Educafio WILLIAM VON A Elementary ARLEEN VICKERY Physical Education JOHN WALKER Elementary GLENN D. WALDHART Physical Education RICHARD WEBSTER Physical Education ..I95I.. 105 ROBERT C. WEISS MILTON WISLAND CLINTON WRUC Physical Education Elementary Secondary MARGARET WILLEY JOYCE WOLFE PATRICIA ZIRBE Elementary Rural Elementary ELINOR FENN ysical Education ODA H. GREBE Elementary BETTY HEROLD Rural JAMES JUSTUS Physical Education LATE-COMERS RALPH McKENNA Physical Education BORGHILD OLSON Rural MARIANNE BARTNEK CHARLES BEHNKE ETHEL BERG ANNASTASIA BATIKIS REYNARD BENTSON WILLIAM BOETTCHER DUANE ALF AVIS ANDERSON ELIZABETH ANDREOLI DELPHINE ALLISON DUANE ANDERSON GEORGE BAHRKE FRANK BREMBERGER JOSEPH BRITTELLI EMILY BURNETT PATRICIA BRINKLEY BEVERLY BULLARD SAM BUCALO GERALD BURNARD WILLIAM COLE EILEEN COOK RALPH CINA KENNETH CONWAY MARGARET COWEN JAMES CROWLEY SUSAN DAY LAVONNE DEHLER EUGENE DAVIS GERTRUDE DE BOER ANNETTE DEHNERT JAMES DEXTER ROBERT ELMER RONALD ENGLER FRANCES EBERT LOU ELSNER PATRICK ESCLITO RAYMOND FELLOWS WILLARD FELTON DOLORES FRANK ENBERG GILBERT FELTON JANET FLADLIEN PHYLLIS FREI MARIE GARTNER KENN ETH GEARY VIRGINIA GRATZ DORIS GAUGER ROY GRADE DELROSE GREEN GERALD GRUNSKA ISABEL GUY JEAN HEDBERG DAVID GUNDERSON NANCY HAMILTON RICHARD HINCHCLIFFE ROBERT HOFFMAN AUDREY JASIORKOWSKI ALBERTA JOHNSON REID HORLE LEE JENSEN SHIRLEY JULIAN H2 LAWRENCE JUSTEN EDWARD KOCH JUNE KOPllN JOYCE KLINGER JOANNE KOCHINSKI JACK KRECH RUSSELL KRONER ROBERT LAGERMAN ALDEN LARSON FRED LaPOINTE BARBARA lARSON EILEEN LAPHAM RUTH LEEFTINK ROBERT LINSE JOHN MADDEN GLENN LEPLEY MAXINE MacDONALD CAROL MATTSEN HENRY MAULE JAMES MERRELL JORETTA MOSHER BETTY MERCER MARIE MOLSTAD ROB'ERT NASS JOYCE OLSEN EVERETT PACK SHIRLEY PEDERSON CHARLES ODEGAARD KATHRYN PAYNE GRETCHEN PERSO EUGENE NIEBELING MARY NENADICH SHIRLEY OAKES CAROL NELSON GORDON NESS GLENN OELKE ROGER RETZLAFF KENNETH RIPPLE MICHAEL SAVAGIAN SAM REUSCHLEIN BEA RUMSEY SUE SCARRITT RUTH PETERSEN NED RA PUSCH MARGARET RAMSEY LOIS PLATT LOIS RAMSEY BENJAMIN RANK LOIS SCHMALTZ ELAINE SCHOBERT HAROLD SIMONTON RICHARD SCHMIDT HENRY SCHULZ JUSTIN STANDIFORD H7 AUDREY STANEK DONNA JO STOLL BEVERLY SWANSON BETTY STELLMACHER CLINTON STRONG BARBARA THOMAS RICHARD WILSMAN MARY WOLHETER WILLIAM WOODS HAZEL WISHAU DONALD WOLF JOHN VANDEN BOOGAARD EUGENE WATERSTREET MARY WEINAND Ml LTON VEITH NADEEN WEAVER INA WILSMANN Row 1: P. Guinther, M. Wille, M. Siegerl, D. Amerpohl, A. Blank, L Johnson. Row 2: J. Beekman, R. Rolh, R. Pike, G. Wildt, D. Gesserl, R. Richter. H9 M. Schubiger, M. House, S. Opal, R. Lehrer, A. Herbrund, E. Kohnert. R. Wilke, W. Schaller, R. Nelson, R. Synowicz, A. Biorklund, R. Wahoske. N. Gesell, B. Scheel, D. Seger, M. Furrer, N. Chopyak, R. Edwards. A. Wafrud, R. Sfeuck, K. Denny, G. Hibbard, R. Wungerin, D. Primeau. A. Kopplin, D. Funshaw, E. Collova, A. Ziegler, M. Hill, B. Roska. R. Roland, N. Richardson, 0. Sigrist, R. Nepper, D. Koeppe, F. Jacobs. P. Evenburg, P. lsdebske, J. Messerschmidt, N. lurson, C. Miller, A. Kaslen. G. Aumock, V. Field, K. Fawce", G. Gilfillan, R. Peterson, 1. Ellie". Row 1: M. Davis, L. Sampson, 1.. Rogers, M. Sinninger, O. Carson, C. Burgchardt. Row 2: M. Kilday, J. Rose, 1'. Stewart, H. Baldwin, C. Anderson, F. Melhorn. Row 1: F. Losby, E. Lehmann, J. Ridgeway, G. Highberg, C. Hanson, E. Fuller. Row 2: R. Friberg, J. Kosoy, C. Miller, B. Lechnir, W. ,Preuss, C. Huber. 123 Row 1: J. Thoreson, B. Aronson, D. Brueske, B. Conway, A. Fellows, M. Stundiford. Row 2: R. Lundberg, M. Germanson, R. Gullickson, R. Bum, R. Johnson, C. Lehrmann. Row 1: G. Olson, G. Severson, D. Higgins, D. Jensen, D. Gilbertson, J. Schnur. Row 2: H. Allmuras, G. Kohlbeck, L. Muldrow, 3. Meyer, l. Fronk, F. Schroeder. Row 1: P. Gibbons, A. Zdrozil, B. Peterson, 5. Bergin, D. Winkler, P. S'ephens. Row 2: J. Myers, B. Tougher, D. Jorgenson, L Kempf, J. Schmidt R. Olson. Row 1: C. Kerr, D. Sawall, H. Close, J. Rakasuny, J. Eggert, C. Salquisl. Row 2: K. Bonsack, J. Kellesuig, A. Selmikeit, J. Flood, M. Nundahl, D. Rohlck. 'I: 2:- 1: 2: D. Molnar, D. Machovec, F. Ki'zerow, 5 .Gross, J. Arnet, M. Schiltz. R. Drow, J. Biermeier, K. Eisfeldt, M. Pederson, M. Parr, C. Rogers. L. Heyn, B. Hoiby, E. Wagner, C. Kocum, B. Johnson, M. Duren. E. Wendorf, D. Ebert, H. Walther, M. Lewis, D. Young, D. Murphy. Row 1: D. Kriesel, B. Sullivan, A. Pulda, C. Goodsell, O. SuHon, J. Herman. Row 2: R. Le Barron, D. Ceman, H. Ahrens, G. Swinehurl, W. Mayer, R. Ryder. Row 1: B. Lewison, V. Stark, D. Thill, G. Raas, J. Morash, M. Klechowitz. Row 2: H. Voss, J. RamleL R. Radde, E. Bakalars, J. lbinger, R. Krause. M. Olson, A. Buros, M. Johnson, W. Miller, J. Bolger, B. Klossner. R. VideMe, D. Eddy, J. Rasmussen, H. Boyer, P. Jehlen, H. Wolfe. D. Graham, J. Landry, A. Kelly, V. Ampe, N. Pollorak, 5. Owen. J. Dunlap, D. Jones, D. Peacock, R. Schild, C. Goodman, N. Van Brunt. Row 1: D. Peterson, R. Lund, M. Rathburn, M. Doyle, L. Flanagan, J. Schmcllz. Row 2: R. Pinke, B. Holden, R. Mailinger, M. Miller. W Imlux em 5Q!" M. SNACK BAR STAFF H. Scheck,A.Wuensch J A N l T O R S 3 H. Papenfuss, J. Johnson, L. Oldenburg, W. Ormsby. 130 3 67493 4K4, Row 1: A. Blank, F. Buedingen, E. Fenn, T. lenz, A. Slanek, A. Jasiorkowski, R. Simon. Row 2: A. Batikis, 5. Day, V. Grafz, P. Pollack, C. Colts, L. Olson, D. Gouger, R. Grauer, G. Peterson, M. Weinand. Row 3: A. Herbrand, B. Burroughs, V. Pauley, J. Graf, H. Brotz, M. Gollschalk, S. Larsen, J. Olson, A. Dehnen, P. Collins, D. Seger. ampakw... Delta Psi Kappa promotes educational growth, greater fellowship among women in Physical Education, and recognizes worthy members. The year's proiects included publication of the student directory, sponsorship of the HJournal of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation," establish- ment of the Emma Lou Wilder scholarship fund, annual sale of professional books, and the Physical Education Tea. 1IOfficers: president, Toni Lenz; vice-president, Margery Gottschalk; chaplain, Ruth Grauer; secretary, Lois Olson; corresponding secretary, Annette Dehnert; treasurer, Susan Day; historian, Joyce Olson; publicity chairman, Audrey Josiorkowski; foil re- porter, Jane Graf; sgt.-at-arms, Virginia Gratz; advisor, Miss Ann Thomas. 132 Row 1: R. Fellows, A. Loomis, B. Weiss, R. Webster, R. Wangerin, G. Waterstreet. Row 2: R. Lagermun, W. Cole, J. Goedeke, 6. Fallen, E. Boyce, G. Grunsku, W. Felton, W. Dunbar. ...PaZWKW The Nu Chapter of Phi Epsilon Kappa, the men's National Honorary Fraternity in Physical Education, has as its purpose to elevate the stand- ards, ideals and ethics of those engaged in the fields of health, physical education and recreation. 11Activities during the year included the produc- tion of a placement booklet summarizing the qualifications of all men physical education maiors, the sponsoring of an all school dance, and the presentation of a key to the senior physical education man having the highest scholastic standing. HOfficers are: president, Thomas Flood; vice- president, Emmett Boyce; treasurer, William Dunbar; secretary, Ace Loo- mis; corresponding secretary, William Cole; guide, Willard Fenton; serge- ant-at-arms, Ray Fel lows. Row 1. P. Green, B. Skogen, A. Jasiorkowski, G. Marking, M. McCoy, P. Slaby. Row 2: M. Lenz, R. Selleck, L. Speich, L. Olson, N. Hanson, V. Pauley. G. Perso. Row 3: R. Linse, E. Boyce, L. Reynolds. N. Rudy, T. Flood, R. Meiller, E. Reedy. szdea... Kappa Delta Pi, a National Honor Society in Education, is established for the purpose of encouraging high intellectual and scholastic standards and for the recognition of outstanding contributions to education. Mem- bership is, based on a scholastic average of 2.0 for four semesters and enrollment in one of three fields of education. Row 1: E. Berg, D. Gauger, A. Buytaert, B. Olson, R. Grebe, M. Willey, B. Herold. Row 2: G. Peterson, V. Gratz, R. Grauer, A. Dehnert, M. Gottschulk, R. Uischner, A. Johnson, L. Schmaltz. Row 3: D. Beardmore, R. lugermun, G. Besch, J. Grunska, A. Ellefson, J. Van Tassel, W. Cole. ...KW2ezmza Activities for the year included the awarding of tuition scholarships to outstanding La Crosse high school seniors and a Founders' Day Ban- quet in the spring. Officers: president, Roy D. Meiller; vice-president, Nan- cy Hanson; secretary, Lois Speich; treasurer, Geneva Marking; reporter, Patricia Mau. Counselor for the La Crosse Beta Tau Chapter is Mr. Everett Walters. swvmza... Sigma Delta Psi fraternity is a unique organization on the campus whose obiect is to promote physical, mental, and moral development of college students. Membership is open to all male students at the college but certain individual requirements must be satisfactorily confirmed before entry into the athletic group can be obtained. Mr. Gautsch is the faculty patron. Other faculty members are Mr. Vickroy, Mr. Miller, and Mr. Ger- shon. The test is as follows: IO. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 100eyard dash ................................ H 3h5 sec. 120-yard low hurdles .............................. 16 sec. Running high iump .................................. 5 ff. Running broad iump ................................ 17 ft. 16 lb. shot put .................................... 30 ft. 20 ft. rope climb .................................. 12 sec. Baseball throw - 250 ft, or iavelin throw ............... 130 ft. Football punt .................................... 120 ff. lOO-yard swim .............................. I min., 45 sec. l-mile run ........................................ 6 min. Front hand spring, landing on feet. Hand stand ...................................... 10 sec. Fence vault - chin high. Good posture tstandard fesH. Scholarship ................... eligible for varsity competition. 136 G. Engelhard, N. Hamilton, K. Sorensen, E, Evans, R. Selleck. G. Aumock, J. Burnard, L Jensen, M. Jacobson, C. Odegaard. . . . 74W Pd Umegd Alpha Psi Omega is the National Honorary Dramatic Fraternity, organ- ized to encourage dramatic activities, and to award recognition for par- ticipation in dramatic productions. Membership is obtained by a point sys- tem based upon work tacting or crewt in dramatic productions. TIActivi- ties for the year included a reunion of old members celebrating the 25th anniversary of the national organization, and the student direction of three one-act plays. 1IOfficers: president, Karen Sorensen; secretary-treasurer, Janet Fladien; advisors, Dr. Marie Toland and Mr. William Dwyer. I37 Row 1: J. Martin, M. Niquett, L. Rathburn, F. Buedingen, B. Skogen, M. Gartner, E. Cook, E. Schubert. Row 2: B. Hackbart, L. Melby, J. Kochinski, M. Lenz, A. Anderson, C. Ulrich, S. Pederson, P. Melby, B. Koppen. Row 3: M. Kuschel, M. Gilbertson, J. Ringquist, N. Rog- stad, D. Kitzerow, J. Bosanny, E. Fenn, H. Wishau, M. Rick, 8. Bullard, E. Evans. ZmMaSWgh'... The aim of the fine arts sorority, Lambda Sigma Chi, is the achieve- ment of the four virtues - loyalty, friendship, leadership, and culture. Group proiects for the year were: the homecoming banquet, a Christmas party for the boys and girls at the La Crosse Home for Children, a dance, and the annual Mother's Day Tea. The members also participated in the Song Fest, the Variety Show, and inter-sorority formal. IIOfficers: president, Beverly Skogen; vice-president, Elinor Fenn; secretary, Hazel Wishau; treasurer, Marie Gartner. Row 1: G. Duerst, T. Curry, R. Weiss, T. levenhagen, K. Potterton, R. Nuss. Row 2: S. Reusch- Iein, G. Hall, W. Spaltholz, J. Knispel, R. Webster, R. Butchelder. Row 3: K. Hollub, D. Evans, J. Madden, W. Geiger, W. Dunbar, M. Savagian. H.?emswgh The purpose of the Beta Sigma Chi Fraternity is to foster the social welfare of the student body, to promote a higher scholastic level and to bring about a closer and more kindred fellowship among the men of the college. The activities sponsored during the year included the Beta Bounce, the Variety Show for the D. O. Coate Scholarship Fund, 0 Homecoming Breakfast and the Beta Dinner Dance. TIOfficers ore: president, Robert Batchelder; vice-president, Wayne Geiger; secretary, William Spaltholz; treasurer, Gene Deurst; sergeant-at-arms, John Knispel; chaplain, Kenneth Hollub; advisor, Dr. Emerson G. WulIing. 139 Row 1: M. Schcller, M. Scholl, J. Klinger, J. Hedberg, E. Collova, M. Feeney, J. Murquardt, M. Wohlheter, J. Suttinger. Row 2: B. Mercer, N. Foster, P. Collins, M. Molstad, J. Olsen, M. Bartnek, 3. Stuart, J. Hermanson, K. Bombinski, A. Blank. Row 3: P. Polleck, K. Payne, N. Gesell, N. Chopyak, B. Scheel, M. Kilduy, A. Vickery, J. Friedel, N. Pusch, P. Guinther, V. Puuley, K. Dorow, B. Borroughs. gem PkPe... The purpose of the Alpha Phi Pi sorority is to promote a closer contact with the fine arts, to aid in the social training of its members, to promote a better cultural development and to enhance an understanding of par- liamentary procedure. Activities included a Hard Times Dance, Homecoming Banquet, Christmas party, St. Patrick's Day tea and participation in the inter-sorority formal. flOfficers: president, Jean Friedel; vice-president, Katie Dorow; treasurer, Betty Mercer; secretary, Joyce Olsen; program chairmen, Nancy Gesell, Kathryn Bombinski; historian, Nancy Chopyak; publicity director, Audrey Blank; corresponding secretary, Mary Scholl. Advisor is Miss Currie. Row 1: W. Behnke, D. Bertollini, J. Van Veghel, G. Davis, 0. Brault, A. Loomis, R. Syno- wicz, E. Steffen, R. Richter. Row 2: R. Wahoske, T. Moroni, G. Wildt, L. Snyder, L Reynolds, G. Humphrey, R. Nepper, A. Richter, L. Drummond, D. Kuhn. Row 3: H. Blank, D. Bjorklund, G. Slordock, E. Pingel, D. Anderson, 8. Salter, R. Rubisch, W. Knaplon, J. Brittelli, O. Navis, R. Grade, M. Burk. ...;?6,e5a2em74eza The purpose of the Alpha Delta Theta is to further the highest phys- ical, mental, social, and professional standards, to stimulate participation in extra-curricular activities, and to recognize the achievements of others in all phases of college life. Annual social events included a homecoming banquet, Christmas party, on all school Spring dance and a spring picnic. IIOfficers: president, Jack Bertollini; vice-president, Marc Burk; secretary, Wayland Behnke; treasurer, Richard Cross; corresponding secretaryhAce Loomis; chaplain-historian, Earl Pingel; faculty advisor, Orville Brault. l4l Row 1: P. Frei, l. Dehler, M. Cooper, E. Heitmun, C. Grady, L. Peterson, P. Green. Row 2: G. Westerhouse, E. Berg, L. Schmallz, J. Johnson, D. Howe, A. Johnson, G. Perso, l. Plan, R. Thompson. Row 3: R. Grebe, J. Pilzner, D. Stall, G. Forlney, M. McCoy, W. Schendel, G. Marking, R. Selleck, M. Willey, A. Buytaerl. PJ7MEW.., Pi Tau Epsilon strives to promote poise, tolerance and education among its members. The study of fine arts, humanities, and parliamentary procedures occupy the time and interest of the members. Social events sponsored by this sorority were the Homecoming Open House, a Christ- mas party, a social dance, on all school spring tea and participation in the infer-sorority formal, Variety Show, and Song Fest. 1IOfficers: president, Marge McCoy; vice-president, Alberta Johnson; secretary, Phyllis Green; treasurer, Ramona Thompson; sergeant-at-arms, Lois Schmaltz; historian, Gretchen Perso; advisor, Mrs. Nixon. 142 Row 1: R. Lagerman, W. Buedingen, E. Pack, H. Moule, J. Krech, H. Simonton, J. lehmeir, J. Walker, W. Cole. Row 2: H. Schulz, C. Behnke, J. Van Tassel, R. Wangerin, W. Thrall, A. Ellefson, G. Hibbard, J. Finnane, G. Sladky, E. Davis, P. Esclito. Row 3: G. Bohrke, W. Grade, R. Horle, J. Bell, G. lepley, E. Olson, G. Grunsku, J. Schumann, R. Steuck, R. Retzluff, H. Olson, D. Freagon. H.PaKaMaEW The purpose of Phi Kappa Epsilon is to bind the ties of friendship, and to cultivate and create greater interest in college affairs. This frater- nity sponsored four events which included a banquet, two dances, and a picnic. The fraternity float carried the homecoming queen and her court in the homecoming parade. The organization awards a key to an out- standing freshman each year. TIOfficers: president, William Thrall; vice- president, Don Freagon; secretary, Charles Behnke; treasurer, William Bue- dingen. I43 Row 1: S. Regnier, D. Bast, B. Thomas, M. Pederson, W. Evans, l. Olson, C. Conner, B. Coey, J. S'obbe. Row 2: N. Hamilton, M. Siegerl, C. M. Miller, R. Uischner, J. Johnson, A. Jasior- kowski, B. Larson, A. Slonek, M, MacDonald, 5. Julian, M. Weinand. Row 3: J. Williams, L. Speich, S. Scarrin, D. Gouger, A. Lustig, J. Gruf, E. Mufh, M. Goltschalk, K. Sorenson, J. Fladlien, L. Johnson, R. Buschulz. SWzWSW... Thg Sapphonian Literary Society promotes opportunity for personal growth in intellectual pursuits. The present aim of the sorority is the com- pletion of a scholarship fund. Annual events sponsored by this sorority included selling La Crosse stickers, Sigma Dance, Christmas Tea, homecom- ing banquet, and participation in the homecoming stunt program, Variety Show, Song Fest, and infer-sorority formal. 1IOfficers: president, Befts Coey; vice-presidenf, Lois Speich; secretary, Rita Buschatz; treasurer, Wanda Evans; sgf.-at-arms, Doris Gouger; advisers, Mrs. Hebberd and Miss Oleson. I44 Row 1: W. Hayes, E. Boyce, W. Lu Borde, R. McKenna, O. Carson, W. Heald, D. James, J. Johnson, D. McCumber. Row 2: A. Apfel, M. Jacobson, D. Toennies, G. Waldhart, R. Hinch- cliffe, C. Rodeghier, K. Swan, J. Dexter, L. Johnson, J. Vanden Boogaard, R. Evans, C. Strong. Row 3: G. Kaniess, M. Wisland, G. Schneider, C. Lee, J. Goedeke, R. Kroner, R. Wilsman, W. Callahan, S. Miller, W. Felton, G. Sauer, J. Justus, R. Kailhofer, D. Peterson, G. Woterstreet. ...1W7MW Lambda Tau Gamma is the newest fraternity on the campus. Formed in 1949, its motto is Truthfulness, Loyalty, Courage. Activities for the year included sponsoring an M.I.A.A. football team and basketball team, a dance, participation in the Song Fest and the Variety Show. The Gammas were also the proud possessors of the winning 1950 homecoming float. TIOfficers: president, Wally Hayes; vice-president, Kenneth Swan; treasurer, Richard Evans; faculty advisors, Mr. Rasmussen and Mr. Rowe. Row 1: M. House, I. Silbough, E. Lapham, A. Arthur, M. Wille, A. Morton, M. Schubiger. Row 2: P. lsdebske, D. Weiland, E. Bone, C. Nelson, E. Rehwinkel, S. Larsen, F. Pulra. Row 3: M. Ramsay, R. Grauer, S. Opal, H. Broil, 5. Dyrud, A. Herbrund, R. Lehrer. 7m160mga... Iota Xi Omega endeavors to uphold high cultural values and to fur- ther musical interests of its members. Activities for the year included rush teas, a Christmas party, a tea for the graduating seniors and the faculty, and a spring picnic. This sorority also participated in the infer-sorority form- al and the Variety Show. TIOfficers: president, Erna Bone; vice-presidenf, Marilyn Wille; secretary, Florence Putra; treasurer, Sheryl Larson; historian, Carol Nelson; sergeant-at-arms, Eileen lapham; chaplain, Alice Arthur. Advisor is Miss Geneva Banks. G. Fortney, L. Speich, B. Coey, F. Buedingen, W. Evans, R. Uischner. E. Orvis, P. Melby, M. Lenz, R. Buschatz. R. Weiss, J. Van Tassel, W. Thrall, R. Evans, E. Boyce, R. McEldowney, L Bjorn, M. Jacobson. th W50 The students recognized in Who's Who, representing over six hun- dred American colleges and universities, are nominated by their respective schools and are recognized as leaders on the campus. La Crosse State Teachers College has participated in this nationwide program with the quota set at a maximum of eighteen students. This year's list includes all seniors, although juniors are eligible for the honor. The committee is in- structed to make its selection on the basis of scholarship, citizenship and service to the school with promise of usefulness to business and society. 147 Row 1: R. Weiss, L. Heyn, P. Melby, A. Jasiorkowski, P. Esclilo. Row 2: W. Cole, W. Thrall, W. Spalfholz, G. Davis, 8. Buedingen, R. Lagermun. Row 3: C. Dunlap, C. Behnke, J. Van Tassel, M. Burk, W. Behnke, G. Duersi, D. Cross. The Campus Controls Council is the student governing body, run en- tirely by students. It has a council chairman in charge of organizations, publications, news bureau and social committees of the college, and rep- resentatives on the assemblies committee, the men's and women's intra- mural boards and dramatics and music committees. The council has com- plete charge of homecoming festivities and annual May Prom. TIOfficers were: president, Charles Behnke; vice-president, Robert Weiss; secretary, Thomas Gunning; treasurer, William Thrall. 148 Row 1: P. Frei, l. Johnson, B. Ballard, J. Kochinski, C. Conners, B. Coey, J. Graf. Row 2: M. Haase, D. Gouger, G. Fortney, L. Plutt, B. Zastoupil, D. Churney, P. Polleck, P. lsdebski, R. Lehrer, A. Arthur. Row 3: D. Amerpohl, E. Cook, M. Gilbertson, A. Dehnert, M. Hodgson, H. Brotz, J. Pound, R. Leeftink, B. Borroughs, A. Kopplin, 5. Owen. H.71ampwu'dmtd The organization of the house presidents is of comparatively recent origin. It had its beginning three years ago with the founding of the W.S.G.A. on our campus. Each year it has become more closely united and active. TIThe purpose of the house president is to act as a go-between for the house mother and the students at each house. At the regular meet- ings, house presidents discuss their problems and attempt to solve them. It is the duty of each president to enforce the rules set up by the W.S.G.A. thus relieving the house mother of some of her former responsibilities. 149 Row 1: A. Blank, B. Mercer, E. Orvis, M. Nenadich, P. Polleck. Row 2: P. Green, C. Ditt- man, G. Marking, J. Olsen, J. Morash. Row 3: L. Dehler, A. Morton, M. Feeney. wsgAm The W.S.G.A., which represents all women students of the Teachers College, has had a very busy and successful year. The year's activities were the Big-Little Sister Hike, the Big-Little Sister Tea, 0 Good Fellowship Break- fast, the Housemothers Tea, the Dormitories get-together, All Girl Fun Night, the spring banquet, representation of the corner stone to the new dorm, and convention in Milwaukee. La Crosse had charge of the pro- gram at Milwaukee, and their theme was "Improving Human Relations on the College Campus." Those who represented the W.S.G.A. were: Audrey Blank, Nancy Gesell, Mary Nenadich, Betty Mercer and laVonne Dehler. 1IOfficers: president, Eleanor Orvis; vice-president, Betty Mercer; secretary, Audrey Blank; treasurer, Mary Nenadich; advisers, Miss Edith Cartwright and Miss Betty Baird. I50 L. Johnson, H. Simonton, R. Lagermun, A. Fellows. Five active cheerleaders backed up our successful football and basket- t ball teams this year. Robert lugerman and Harry Simonton added zest 1 to every cheer with their remarkable acrobatic ability. Audrey Fellows, lois Johnson, and George Aumock were on hand at Tampa, Florida for the Cigar Bowl game to cheer the football team on to victory over Val- paraiso University. It's been a great year. Thanks for a iob well done. 151 Row 1: J. Goedeke, C. Odegaard, G. Sladky, R. Webster, D. Sackett, B. Heald, E. Puck. Row 2: R. Weiss, K. Potterton, R. Batchelder, R. Leighton, J. Knispel, J. Britelli, W. Hayes, R. Fellows, S. Reuschlein. Row 3: R. Nass, A. Loomis, E. Johnson, D. Manneback, R. Wils- man, B. Salter, W. Thrall, S. Miller, G. Oelke. '2!" W... The "L" Club is established for those who participate in a major sports and earn a varsity athletic award. The club sponsors and further all athletics in the college. Its purpose is 'to promote a better recognition of the "L" as the official award for all inter-collegiate athletic competi- tion and to further support all of the activities and traditions of this school. The "L" commands such respect from the students that its wearing is an honor for the many men who strive to make our school one of which we will all be proud. Row 1: R. lagerman, W. Schuller, W. Geiger, L. Biorn, W. LaBorde, H. Simonton, H. Eilks. Row 2: K. Hollub, L. Mitchell, R. Tesnow, L. Reynolds, W. Knapton, W. Boehcher, D. Strand, W. Behnke. Row 3: E. Davis, H. Maule, E. Boyce, W. Callahan, W. Spaltholz, E. Pingel, W. Grode, R. Relzluff, D. Kuhn. 6' II . . . 1 6M Proiects included homecoming activities, sports programs for athletic games, half time entertainment at basketball games and a public address system, March of Dimes benefit basketball games, and the awarding of iackets to graduating senior lettermen. 1IOfficers: president, John Knispel; vice-president, Robert Bachelder; secretary, William Heald; treasurer, Lloyd Reynolds; advisor, Mr. Thoreson. 153 . Reuschlein, K. Hollub, E. Steffen, R. Terry, J. Hilgart. . Miller, J. Pleckinger, W. Spaltholz, J. Lamke, K. Potterton. . Koeppe, D. Gunderson, E. Pingel, F. Helmer, W. Buedingen. 0Wa... Otyokwa, a comparatively new organization on the campus, derives its name from the language of the Mohawks, meaning "a group or body of persons forming a single fellowship.' The primary obiectives of the organization are to promote knowledge of wildlife and conservation, en- couragement of hunting and fishing trips, proficiency in the use of sports equipment, and to perpetuate a growing interest in sports of 'the field and h stream. TIActivities during the year included bi-monthly meetings at which time movies on hunting and fishing were shown, and hunting and fishing trips taken in the spring and fall. EIOfficers: president, Bill Buedingen; secre- tary, Ken Hollub; corresponding sec'y, Gordon Ness; adviser, Mr. Gunning. 154 Row 1: P. Slaby, L. Dehler, M. Schubiger, C. Andre, D. Hubbard, P. Highberg. Row 2: E. Kohnert, G. Schmalz, L. Platt, F. Losby, S. Grosskopf, R. Moe, B. Swanson, J. Arnet, l. Guy. Row 3: C. Burgchardt, L. Flanagan, E. laphom, R. Drew, 0. Freugon, R. Roth, R. Peterson, M. Pederson, L. Speich, J. Arnet. Social and professional activities for members of the elementary divi- sion is the purpose of the Elementary Education Club. All members of the division are automatically :1 part of the club. The year's activities included an all school tea, club banquet, professional discussions, holiday parties, pot luck suppers and participation in homecoming, the Song Fest, and Variety Show. HOfficers: president, James Tall; vice-president, Don Frea- gon; secretary, Proxy Slaby; treasurer, Barbara Larson, faculty advisors, Miss Caldwell and Miss Abel. Row 1: J. Capsul, A. Pulda, E. Johnson, J. Merster, C. Purringer, D. Munson, J. Wolfe. Row 2: D. Thill, J. Oppeguard, V. Stark, P. Bryhn, L. Rowan, M. Jones, D. Higgins. Row 3: J. Slern, M. lee, J. Ridgewuy, A. Teasdale, N. Slrahl, D. Machover, P. Smith, J. Ruedy. Officers: president, Claude Keck; vice-president, Gene Hunfingfon; secretary, Janice Stylen; treasurer, Betty Howe; club reporter, Betty Herold; co-sponsors, Miss Drake and Miss Applegate. Row 1: B. Conway, M. Kotinek, A. Buros, B. Herold, B. Lewison, 8. Olson, J. Tweed. Row 2: C. Hanson, D. Knudsen, H. Sallander, Z. Johnson, 5. Kooprnann, E. Schmilt, A. Morton. Row 3: A. Adams, R. Hesselberg, L Benrud, B. Haluska, C. Deck, E. Reedy; E. Mezera, M. Craig. The purpose of this club is to further the appreciation of country living, the art of teaching rural children, and the strengthening of rural teachers. It promotes fellowship and friendship on the campus. Yearly proiects in- cluded: participaiion in Homecoming Activities, Variety Show, Song Fest, and activities in accordance with the National and State Rural Youth affili- afions. 157 Row 1: P. Green, E. Bone, J. Landry, G. Severson, E. Berg. Row 2: D. Stall, M. McCoy, F. Kitterow, G. Marking, N. Hanson, J. Fladlien, R. Selleck. Row 3: G. Steffen, J. Van Tassel, D. Bronson, J. Pleckinger, R. Meiller, D. Gunderson, D. Bertollini. Secondm EWW 6M... The Secondary Education Club is composed of all the students regis- tered in the Secondary Education Department. The principal purpose of the organization is to acquaint and develop the student with and along higher t social and professional standards. Current problems facing future teachers in Secondary Education are discussed at the quarterly meetings. Row 1: C. Wruck, E. Wendorf, H. Muule, H. Schulz, D. Beardmore, R. Linse. Row 2: D. Cassel, M. Vei'h, J. Schick, R. Olson, E. Niebeling, l. Silbaugh. Row 3: D. Ebert, R. Hoffman, L. Mitchell, E. Haefner, G. Lepley, P. Sherry, N. Schell, K. Beighley. . . . Secondm .5de 6M Activities for the year included twc? picnics, an annual banquet and a Christmas party. At the annual banquet a panel, consisting of high school principals, experienced high school teachers and a president of a school i board, discussed the question: "If a merit system is used, what factors 1 should be used in rating teachers?" TlOfficers: president, Roy D. Meiller; vice-president, Joseph Thienes; secretary, Ruth Selleck; treasurer, Donald Beardmore; counselor, Mr. Everett L. Walters. 159 Row 1: l. Johnson, J. Williams, A. Blank, B. Coey, A. Jasiorkowski, B. Thomas, V. Congreve. Row 2: N. Foster, N. Chopyak, L. Rathburn, B. Scheel, A. Stanek, L. Pauley, M. Molstad, 8. Stuart, N. Hamilton. Row 3: H. Simonton, J. Goedeke, R. Grade, M. Burk, W. Behnke, C. Odeguard. 0W... Fundamentals of interpretive dancing are given to all interested girls during the first nine weeks of each semester. At the end of the period, the girls who have the ability to pass certain standard motions and show originality are chosen to become members of Junior Orchesis. They are members of Senior Orchesis the following semester. 1IJunior Orchesis for first semester: Clara Mae Miller, Betty Klossner, Gretchen Engelhard, Agnes Zdrazil, Beatrice Peterson, Joan Messerschmidt, and Bernice Roska. 11The two programs of the year were discussed at weekly meetings. The annual Christmas program was tt . . . And All Through the Nations" and a HNews- paper" theme was used for the mother's day program. IIOfficers: president, Laurel Rathburn; treasurer, Barbara Thomas; secretary, Virginia Pauley; advisor, Miss Congreve. Row 1: A. lustig, E. Fenn, A. Fellows, P. Polleck, A. Blank, C. Conner, B. Burroughs. Row 2: R. lehrer, J. Friedel, J. Stobbe, M. Gennrich, C. Ulrich, l. Wilsmun. .Hch'mW The Swim Club, now in its third year of operation, carried out various annual activities; these activities included the presentation of the Aquacade and the inter-class swimming meet for girls. The club is also in charge of the open swimming periods three afternoons a week after school. TIOfficers: president, Patricia Polleck; vice-president, Catherine Conners; secretary- treasurer, Audrey Blank. Magda... The La Crosse State Teachers College Band provides entertainment and an opportunity for public performance by its members. Activities dur- ing the 1950-51 season included performing during the halves of foot- ball games; participation in the Music Capades at Rochester, Minnesota, April 3-4; and the Spring Concert. The highlight of the year was its trip to Tampa, Florida. The Hpep band" performed at the basketball games. TIOfficers: president, George Aumock; secretary, Doris Howe; treasurer and business manager, James Johnson. Row 1: J. Landry, D. Murphy, G. Engelhard, H. Allmarus, G. Burnard. Row 2: J. Schick, N. L. Strahl, C. Goodsell, G. Dixon, B. Zasloupil, M. Smilh, T. Anne". Row 3: P. Gibbons, J. Johnson, l. Biorn, H. Silberman, T. Modahl. ...$W$Wm Playing string compositions for pleasure and entertainment is the pur- pose of the String Symphonic. Under the direction of Dr. Thomas Annett programs were given for the Elementary Club, Prairie du Chien Kiwanis Club, all school Christmas Party, Christmas Tea, and Vocational School. 1IOfficers: president, Louis Biorn; vice-president, James Johnson; secretary- freusurer, Janet Landry; publicity and social chairman, Gretchen Engel- hard; librarian, Herman Allmaras; assistant librarian, Celia Goodsell; sergeant-at-urms, John Schick. Row 1: J. Johnson, B. Swanson, G. Engelhcrd, E. Rehwinkel, M. Davis, J. Landry, S. Sayner. Row 2: D. Seger, E. Bone, P. Brinkley, C. CoHs, l. Krubsack, J. Oppegaurd, V. Leigh, P. lsdebski. Row 3: A. Wairud, B. Steuck, M. Lewis, R. Larson, B. Lechnir, W. Preuss. The choir fosters betfer understanding of music and gives students an opportunity for expression in that field. Under the direction of Mr. Harmer Roof, it prepared music for the Orchesis Christmas program, Christmas in the Air, the musical varieties, and the spring concert. 164 Row 1: B. Skogen, A. Nordin, M. Rathburn, R. Lund, M. Schlitz, J. Schmolfz, l. Schmaltz, E. Berg. Row 2: H. Close, G. Olson, B. Werner, E. Henning, L. Flanagan, N. Doyle, C. Baker, G. Severson, P. Palmquisl, D. Howe, N. Van Brunt, B. Conway, N. Chopyck. Row 3: D. Mur- phy, G. Burnurd, R. Bentson, R. linse, F. laPointe, H. Ahrens, K. Fawcen, T. Wheeler, E. Davis. Officers: president, Bob Linse; vice-president, Erna Bone; secretary- treasurer, Fred LaPointe; librarian, Tom Wheeler. M. Wisland, M. Doyle, J. Tall, R. Kampschroer, J. Walden, L. Flanagan, W. Jenswold. PM aw SW... The Public Discussion Society is composed of a group of students who are interested in keeping abreast with the current issues. They have dis- cussed topics of current interest before many organizations in and around la Crosse. The climax for the group came on March 9 and 10 when they took part in the Delta Sigma Rho Discussion and Debate conference in Madison. Advisor is Mr. Walter Thoreson. 166 Row 1: R. Gullickson, R. Lindberg, R. Nelom, F. Goettel, M. Galitzer, B. Bullard, J. Papen- fuss. Row 2. M. Burk, J. Kochinski, W. Behnke, D. Stoll, R. Grade. The purpose of the Camera Club is to stimulate and further the interest of camera work. The club is open to all students interested in photography who wish to enjoy their hobby together. Beginners were taught the mech- anics and experienced individuals were shown the fine points of good photography. The club's activities included taking, developing, and print- ing all annual pictures and completing all photography work for the school paper. llOfficers: president, John Goedeke; vice-president, Roy Grade; secretary-treasurer, Mark Burk. SPORT HEADS Row 1: P. Collins, K. Bombinski. Row 2: E. Fenn, L. Rathburn. Row 3: M. Feeney, P. Polleck, E. Orvis, J. Hermanson, J. Murquardt, B. Burroughs. 702,4... Under the direction of Miss Lois Simons, advisor; and the student board, the W.R.A. was guided through a very suc- cessful year. Functioning on the basis of offering activity for all college women, a well-rounded sports-calendar was pre- sented. 1IActivities were under the direc- tion of the sport's heads who conducted their program in its season. 1IOfficers were: president, Jean Friedel; vice-presi- dent, Marge Gottschalk; secretary, Lois Speich; treasurer, Betty Coey. 168 OFFICERS Row 1: J. Friedel, M. Gottschalk. Row 2: L. Speich, B. Coey. R. McKenna, R. Feuerstein. Row 2: R. Horle, C. Odegaard, J. Vanden Boogaard. ...77t7;4;4 The MIAA is organized to provide all college men with an opportun- ity to participate in any sport of their choosing. Touch football, volley ball, basketball, swimming, bowling, tennis, golf, and softball are some of the sports arranged for by the seasonal heads. Seasonal heads for this year were: full, Ralph McKenna; winter, Gerhard Kaniess; spring, Robert Feuerstein. Teams are organized by those wishing to participate and the seasonal heads appoint those who are to arrange league games and a tournament. TlOfficers: president, Robert Kailhofer; secretary, William Heald; treasurer, Henry Maule. Row 1: F. Kitzerow, M. Schlitz, H. Close, M. Willey, P. Melby, G. Fortney, l. Specs. Row 2: M. Kotinek, P. Pulmquist, J. Ridgeway, M. Doyle, L. Flanagan, B. Herold, A. Kasten, D. Kitzerow, R. Peterson, M. Mac Donald, C. Hanson. Row 3: M. Petersen, G. Ness, D. Jorgen- son, R. Grade, R. Elmer, M. Burk, T. Gunning, D. Gessert, W. Behnke, R. Johnson. 2W... Over twenty times during the year the Racquet staff went through the routine of bringing the campus news to T C students. Ranging in size from the ten page homecoming issue to the four pages customary for the second semester, the is- sues came out twice monthly the first semester and weekly the second. Staff members included: editor, Robert Linse; business manager, Ashley Ellefson; news editor, Phyllis Melby; feature editors, Gretchen Engel- hard and James Shaw. I70 ROBERT LINS w EDITOR unamem The Fledgling is the vehicle for creative expression in the college. Its primary concern is to stimulate literary creative- ness. Started four years ago, the Fledgling has become a reg- ular part of college activity and each year there has been increased enthusiasm for it on the part of the students thus encouraging a greater number of people to contribute mate- rial. 1IBesides containing literary endeavors, the Fledgling is illustrated by linoleum cuts done by students. 1IThis year's staff included: editor, Richard Thiel; associate editors, Pat Mau and James Meyer; art staff, Gretchen Engelhard; direc- tors, Richard Bartz, and Nancy Foster; business manager, Jer- ry Elliott. 171 Row 1: L. Krubsack, B. Swanson, C. Cotts, J. Johnson, Z. Johnson, J. Hanson. Row 2: E. Berg, B. Aronson, G. Wuterstreet, C. Eben, R. Roth, L. Paulson, J. Goedeke, G. Fortney. 1.5.;4.... This group meets every Sunday at the English Lutheran Church. It is for the benefit of all students regardless of religious preference. The pro- grams consist of a short order of service followed by a cost supper. The main part of the program varied in that an attempt was made to alternate religious and social programs throughout the year. Activities carried on by this group were: weiner roast, a ioint meeting with the Winona L. S. A., a skating party, tobogganing party, and a progressive supper. HOfficers: president, Dale Peterson; vice-president, William Dunbar; secretary-treas- urer, Phyllis Frei. Row 1: H. Close, 3. Dclezel, M. Schlitz, P. Slaby, M. Schubiger, R. Lund, G. Engelhard, M. Money. Row 2: N. Hamilton, D. Kriesel, R. Lehrer, P. Dziedzic, G. Huffman, C. Mcttsen, M. Doyle, N. Chopyuk, B. Conway, P. laluzerne, B. Sullivan, M. Weinand. Row 3: W. Piltz, R. Feuerstein, J. lsermcn, L. Justen, A. Boullion, J. VandenBoogaard, T. Grusst, T. Flood, l. Simons, J. Finnane, B. Tougher, P. Rose, R. Carey, D. Murphy. The Newman Club is an organization of Catholic culture and fellow- ship devoted to the fostering of the spiritual, intellectual and social inter- ests of the Catholic students. Activities for the year included: a one day retreat each semester, a monthly Communion breakfast, a weekly discus- sion group and monthly evening meetings at which time topics of Catholic interest are presented. Various social activities included a Christmas party, card parties, dancing, and bake sales. The Newman Club is associated with the National Newman Club Federation and was host to the 1950 State convention. IIOfficers: president, Thomas Gunning; vice-president, John Iser- man; secretary, Elizabeth Andreoli; treasurer, Elaine Theisen; adviser, Miss lora Greene. Row 1: P. Highberg, M. Furrer, A. Morton, I. Silbaugh, N. Silbaugh. Row 2: M. Siegert, D. Amerpohl, M. Lenz, L. Speich, B. Coey, F. Losby, M. Miller, S. Owen. Row 3: 6. Peterson, M. Willey, R. Peterson, W. Thrall, A. Selmikeit, E. Boyce, l. Silbaugh, E. Fuller, G. Highberg. The Congo Club meets every Sunday night at the Congregational Church, alternating suppers and devotionals with social gatherings; thus supporting its doctrine of character, Christianity, and comradeship. The good times found with others are mixed to the right degree with thought raising sermons. 11The Congo Club annually sponsors 0 Valentine's Day tea, on all school banquet, and a dance. The inter-faculty basketball game and dance sponsored by the Congo Club in November was favorably accepted and because of its success it may be an annual affair. 1IOfficers: president, Keith Fawcett; vice-president, Barbara Larson; treasurer, Art Selmikeit; secretary, Florence Losby; social chairman, Pat Brinkley and Marilyn Willy; Minister, Fred W. Hyslop; advisor, Mauree Applegate. 174 Row 1: E. lehmann, J. Stobbe, A. Blank, L. Lepke, B. Horman Row 2: G. Kaniess, R. Uischner, E. Rehwinkel, S. Grosskopf, G. Haefner. WWEdm Gamma Delta is a Lutheran Fraternity on the campus, which meets every other Sunday evening with a cost supper, religious, and other dis- cussions. Various activities are planned for the year. TIThe purposes of the organization are: to foster thorough study of the Bible; to encourage and maintain Lutheran fellowship; to train Lutheran students for Iay-leadership in the church; and to maintain and increase Lutheran consciousness on the campus. 1IThe membership is open to any student of the Synodical Con- ference of North America. IIOfficers: president, Stanley Miller; secretary, Barbara Horman; treasurer, June Koplin; publicity, Charles Behnke; advisor, Miss Pollack. I75 Row 1: W. Evans, M. Willey, E. Orvis, R. Grauer, 5. Julian. Row 2: E. Code, C. Miller, C. Anderson, A. Arthur, D. Hubbard. Row 3: S. Ochidu, R. Wangerin, J. GiHiHan, G. Swine- hart, R. Horle, D. Gunderson, L. Halberg. The purpose of Wesley Club is to promote Christian fellowship and an interest in world service among Methodist young people. The yeafs activi- ties included picnics, Christmas caroling, sleigh rides, and annual banquet, and a spring concert. TIOfficers: president, Eileen Laphan; vice-president, David Gunderson; secretary-treasurer, Shirley Julian; publicity, Milton Wis- Iand; social chairman, Daniel Kuhn; world service, James Justus; state coun- sel representative, Margaret Willey; adviser, Miss Chew. 176 DONNA JO STOLL BEVERLY BULLARD Although it has been a great deal of work producing your 1951 year- book, we have received great satisfaction in planning and preparing these pages from the blank dummy to the completed book. We have enioyed working with the staff and photographers and would like to thank them for their long hours of hard work. Row 1: E. Lapham, G. Fortney, J. Kochinski, E. Schoberr, D. Bast, A. Arthur. Row 2: D. Weiland, G. Engelhard, E. Bone, A. Kasten, E. Rehwinkel, J. Graf, M. Bartnek. Row 3: M. Willey, G. Marking, A. Anderson, C. Ode- gaard, W. Dunbar, H. Simonton, W. Evans, N. Larson. I78 179 ROY GRADE MARCUS BURK WAYLAND BEHNKE Ia 6mm 77W... SWWW3... ANDERSON, PEARL Westby Rural ANDRE, CAROL Independence Elementary APFEL, ALBERT L. Evansville Physical Education Lambda Tau Gamma 2,3,4 Phy Ed Club 1,2,4 Wesley Club 1,2 Football 1,2 ARNET, JEAN la Crosse Elementary Club 1,2,3,4 "Harriet," "Arsenic and Old Lace" Silver Masque 2,3,4 ARTHUR, ALICE Edgerton Physical Education Band 1,2 1Secretary 21 W.R.A. 1,2,3,4 Wesley Club 1,2,3,4 1Soc. Chrm. 21 Annual Staff 2,3,4 1Bus. Mgr. 41 Co-op Advisory Board 3,4 Secretary 3,41 1010 Xi Omega 3,4 1Chap. 31 BAIER, JANICE la Crosse Elementary Elementary Club 1,2,3,4 Gamma Delta 2,3 l. S. A. 1 BAST, DONNA J. Welcome, Minnesota Physical Education Sigma Lambda Sigma 3,4 Delta Psi Kappa 4 Band 1,2 W.R.A. 1,2,3,4 Congo Club 1,2,3,4 Phy. Ed. Club 1,2 Annual Staff 4 W. S. G. A. 3,4 BATCHELDER, ROBERT La Crosse Physical Education Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1 L Club 2,3,4 1V. Pres. 41 Beta Sigma Chi 2,3,4 1Pres. 41 M.I.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Phy Ed Club 4 BATES, JOHN S. Cashfon Physical Education Phy Ed Club 1,2,3,4 M. I. A. A. 1,2,3,4 BEARDMORE, DONALD C. La Crosse Secondary Education Secondary Ed Club 2,3,4 1Treas. 41 Kappa Delta Pi 3,4 Truck 3,4 BEHNKE, WAYLAND C. Milwaukee Physical Education Gym Team 3,4 1Alpha Delta Theta 2,3,4 1Secrefary 41 182 SWWW.. Gamma Delta 2,3,4 Racquet Staff 3,4 Annual Staff 3,4 C. C. C. 4 Athletic Board 4 Camera Club 2,3,4 4V. Pres. 2! L Club 4 Phy Ed Club 1,4 M. l. A. A. 1,2,3,4 lSport Head 34 BENRUD, LLOYD A. La Crosse Rural Rural life Club 4 Transfer from Vernon County Normal BERTOLINI, DOUGLAS JOHN la Crosse Secondary Education Alpha Delta Theta 2,3,4 tPres. 1H Secondary Ed Club 1,2,3,4 M.I.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Newman Club 1,2,3,4 BESCH, GORDON la Crosse Secondary BJORN, LOUIS Kenosha Elementary Phy Ed Club 1 Elementary Club 2,3,4 Wres. 31 lambda Tau Gamma 2,3,4 tPres. 3! Kappa Delta Pi 3 Racquet Staff 3 String Sinfonia 2,3,4 "res. M M.I.A.A. 3,4 Cross Country 1,2,3,4 Track 1,2,3,4 L Club 3,4 La Crosse Community Trust Award 3 Who's Who 4 BLANK, HUBERT La Crosse Physical Education BLANK, JAMES La Crosse Physical Education BOENIGK, WALTER La Crosse Secondary "Where The Cross Is Mode", "All My Sons" BOMBINSKI, KATHRYN Berlin Physical Education W.R.A. 1,2,3,4 4Sporf Head 44 Phy Ed Club 1,2,3,4 Choir 1 Alpha Phi Pi 4 Newman Club 1,2,3,4 Silver Masque 3 BONE, ERNA Chicago Illinois Secondary Education Secondary Ed Club 3,4 Iota Xi Omega 3,4 Wres. 4, Choir 4 4V. Pres. M Annual Staff 4 W.R.A. 3 Transfer from North Park Junior College BORROUGHS, BARBARA Waukesha Physical Education Swim Club 2,3,4 Aquacude 1,2,3,4 TANGERINES ATTRACT PRESIDENT MITCHELL INDIAN TWIRLERS I85 SWWW... Alpha Phi Pi 3,4 Delta Psi Kappa 3,4 W.R.A. 1,2,3,4 1Board 41 BOSANNY, JO ANN La Crosse Physical Education Lambda Sigma Chi 3,4 Phy Ed Club 1,2 W.S.G.A. 2,3,4 BOULLION, ANTHONY La Crosse Elementary Newman Club 1,2, ,4 Elementary Club 3,4 M.I.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Public Discussion 3 BOYCE, EMMETT K. Menasha Physical Education Football 1,2,3,4 M.I.A.A. 1,2,3,4 1$porf Head 31 Track 1,2,3,4 Chorus 1,2,3,4 Congo Club 1,2,3,4 1V. Pres. 41 Kappa Delta Pi 3,4 1V. Pres. 41 L Club 4 Who's Who 4 Lambda Tau Gamma 2,3,4 1Secre1ary 31 Basketball 1 Phy Ed Club 1,2 Sigma Delta Psi 4 BROKAW, STUART F. La Crosse Secondary Education Secondary Ed Club 3,4 BRONSON, DONALD A. Cashfon Secondary Education Secondary Ed. Club 1,2,3,4 Camera Club 2,3 M.I.A.A. 1 BRYHN, PHYLLIS Mindoro Rural Rural Life Club 1 W.S.G.A. 1,2 BUEDINGEN, FRANCES Bruce Physical Education W.S.G.A. 2,3,4 Congo Club 1,2 Band 1 Social Committee 2,3,4 W.R.A. lambda Sigma Chi 2,3,4 1Treas. 3, Pres. 41 Delta Psi Kappa 4 Who's Who 4 BUEDINGEN, WILLIAM Delafield Physical Education Track 2 Otyokwa 3,4 M.I.A.A. 2,3,4 C.C.C. 4 Phi Kappa Epsilon 3,4 1Treas. 41 Transfer from Marquette University BURGGRAF, BETTY Wolf Creek, Montana Physical Education Lambda Sigma Chi 2,3,4 W.R.A. 1,2,3,4 1Board 41 Phy Ed Club 1,2 Wesley Club 1,2 Silver Masque 3 BURK, MARCUS Milwaukee Physical Education VI H P O R T E H T :l O N O T A T N E s E R P SWWW... Camera Club 2,3,4 1Pres. 31 Alpha Delta Theta 2,3,4 1V. Pres. 41 Phy Ed Club Orchesis 3 Racquet Staff 3,4 Annual Staff 3,4 Placement Book 3,4 C.C.C. 4 Gym Team 3,4 Baseball 1,2,3,4 Gamma Delta 2,3,4 BUSCHATZ, RITA Milwaukee Physical Education Sigma Lambda Sigma 1,2,3, 4 1Secretary 41 Swim Club 2,3,4 1Sec. 31 Aquacade 1,2,3,4 Newman Club 1,2,3 1Sec.21 W.R.A. 1,2,3,4 Chorus 1 Who's Who 4 W.$.G.A. 1,2,3,4 1Sec. 31 Phy Ed Club 1,2 BUYTAERT, ALICE Neenah Elementary Elementary Club 1,2,3,4 Newman Club 3,4 Kappa Delta Pi 3,4 Pi Tau Epsilon 3,4 15ec. 31 W.$.G.A. Board 4 Annual Staff 4 CADE, EDITH Viroqua Physical Education Wesley Club 2,3,4 Phy Ed Club 2,4 Transfer From Evanston College Institute CAP'AUL, JEANETTE Alma Center Rural Rural Life Club 2,3 Newman Club 2 CAPPS, LELON Alma Rural CAREY, RICHARD Berlin Physical Education COEY, BETTY Bruce Physical Education Sigma Lambda Sigma 1,2,3,4 1891. at Arms 2, Treas. 3, Pres. 41 Orchesis 3,4 1V. Pres. 41 W.R.A. 1,2,3,4 1Treas. 41 W.$.G.A. 3,4 Congo Club 1,2,3,4 Phy Ed Club 1,2,3,4 Chorus 1 Who's Who 4 Social Committee 4 COLLINS, KEITH L Mindoro Secondary Education Kappa Delta Pi 3,4 Secondary Ed Club 3,4 Cercle Francois 2,3 Public Discussion 4 "Man From Home" CONNER, CATHERINE St. Paul, Minnesota Physical Education W.R.A. 2,3,4 1Sport Head 31 Aquacade 3,4 Swim Club 4 1V. Pres.1 Sigma lambda Sigma 2,3,4 Social Committee 4 15ec.1 W.$.G.A. 4 Phy Ed Club 2,3 HOMECOMING ROYALTY GAMMA'S WINNING FLOAT SmWW... CRAIG, MARY Gays Mills Rural Rural Life Club 1,2 Sec. 11 Newman Club 1,2 W.S.G.A. 1 DAVIS, GERALD Bloomer Physical Education Alpha Delta Theta 2,3,4 Phi Epsilon Kappa 4 Newman Club 1,2,3,4 Phy Ed Club 1,4 Track 1,2,3,4 M.I.A.A. 1,2,3,4 C.C.C. 3,4 DECK, CLAUDE C. Arcadia Rural Country Life Club 1Pres. 41 DOROW, KATHRYN MARY Menasha Physical Education W.R.A. 1,2,3,4 1Sport Head 31 Alpha Phi Pi 3,4 Alpha Psi Omega 4 Silver Masque 3,4 Phy Ed Club 1,2 Aquacade 2,3,4 Swim Club 3,4 Chorus 1 DRUMMOND, LESLIE West Allis Elementary Alpha Delta Theta 3,4 Elementary Club 3,4 M.I.A.A. 2,3,4 Transfer from Western Washington College DUERST, EUGENE New Glarus Physical Education Phy Ed Club 1,4 190 Racquet Staff 3,4 Camera Club 2,3 C.C.C. 4 Baseball 1,2,3,4 M.I.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Beta Sigma Chi 2,3,4 DUNLAP, CHARLES W. Elkhorn Physical Education Beta Sigma Chi 2,3,4 1Treas. 31 C.C.C. 3,4 M.I.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Golf 1,2 DYRUD, SHIRLEY Janesville Physical Education Choir 1 W.R.A. 1,2,3,4 1Sport Head 31 Band 2,4 W.$.G.A. 1,2,3,4 Iota Xi Omega 3,4 Newman Club 1,2,3,4 Phy Ed Club 1,2,3 ERICKSON, ELVERN Holmen Elementary EVANS, EDITH La Crosse Secondary Education Lambda Sigma Chi 2,3,4 Alpha Psi Omega 3,4 Social Committee 3,4 Secondary Ed Club 1,2,3,4 W.S.G.A. Executive Comm. 3 "The Man From Home" EVANS, RICHARD 0. La Crosse Secondary Education Lambda Tau Gamma 3,4 1Sec. 41 Social Committee 2,3,4 lChrm. 31 C.C.C. 3,4 OUR INDIANS TRAMPLE GUSTAVUS DAD'S NIGHT 191 SWWW... FEUERSTEIN, ROBERT Secondary Ed Club 2,3,4 Dad's Day Comm. 3,4 1Chrm. 31 Who's Who 4 M.I.A.A. 3 "Harriet", "Glass Menagerie", "Heiress" Asst. Director, "Papa is A111 Transfer from Northwestern and Villunova EVANS, WANDA D. Austin, Minnesota Physical Education Sigma Lambda Sigma 3,4 1Treas. 41 C.C.C. 3 Wesley Club 1,2,3,4 18cc.- Treas. 41 Annual Staff 2,3,4 Editor 31 Phy Ed Club 1,2 W.R.A. 1,2,3,4 Who's Who 4 FEALLY, FRANK La Crosse Secondary Education FEENEY, MARION Janesville Physical Education Alpha Phi Pi 2,3,4, 1V. Pres. 3, Pres. 41 W.R.A. 1,2,3,4 1Sport , Head 41 W.S.G.A. 1,2,3,4 1Board 41 Newman Club 1,2 FENN, ELINOR M. Oshkosh Physical Education lambda Sigma Chi 2,3,4 1V. Pres. 41 Delta Psi Kappa 4' W.S.G.A. 2,3,4 Phy Ed. Club 2,3 LS.A. 2 1 W.R.A. 2,3,4 1Board 3, Sport Head 41 Aquacade 2,3,4 Swim Club 4 Two Rivers Secondary Education FINSAND, DON l. Racine Secondary Education M.I.A.A. 1,2,3,4 1$port Head 31 Secondary Ed Club 1,2,3,4 Swim Team 1,2,3,4 1Manager 3,41 L.S.A. 1,2,3 FLOOD, THOMAS E. Racine Physical Education Phy Ed Club 1 M.I.A.A. 1,3,4 Kappa Delta Pi 3,4 Phi Epsilon Kappa 2,3,4, 1Pres. 41 FORTNEY, GRETA Viroqua Elementary Pi Tau Epsilon 2,3,4 Alpha Psi Omega 4 Silver Masque 1,2,3,4 Choir 1,2 Elementary Club 1,2,3,4 1Sec. 2, V. Pres. 11 L.S.A. 1,2,3,4 1Treas. 2,31 W.S.G.A. 2,3,4 1Board 31 C.C.C. 3 Annual Staff 4 Racquet Staff 3,4 Who's Who 4 "Shadow and Substance", "The Miser" House President 2,3,4 FRIEDEL, JEAN Sullivan Physical Education W.R.A. 1,2,3,4 tBoard 3, Pres. 41 Alpha Phi Pi 3,4 1Treas. 41 Swim Club 2,3,4 WHAT'S THIS? PRACTICE ALL YEAR 'ROUND? 193 SWWW... Aquacade 2,3,4 Phy Ed Club 4,2,3,4 Choir 1 GEIGER, WAYNE L. Shawano Physical Education Football 2,3,4 Tennis 1,3 Beta Sigma Chi 2,3,4 4V. Pres. 4, Pres. 44 Newman Club 4,2,3,4 Phy Ed Club 4 M.I.A.A. 1,2,3,4 L Club 2,3,4 GILBERTSON, MILDRED Fennimore Elementary Lambda Sigma Chi 4 Elementary Club 4 Transfer from Platteville State Teachers College GOEDEK E, JOHN F. Sheboygan PhydcalEducaHon Football 2 Gym Team 2,3,4 4Manager 34 Basketball 1 Track 1,2,3,4 Lambda Tau Gamma 3,4 4His- torian 44 I Phi Epsilon Kappa 4 L.$.A. 3,4 Congo Club 2 Choir 2 Social Committee 4 Camera Club 1,2,3,4 4Pres. 44 Orchesis 3,4 M.I.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Phy Ed Club 1,2,3,4 Tumbling Club 3,4 L Club 3,4 GOETTEL, FREDZELL E. Westby Physical Education Football 2,3,4 M.I.A.A. 4 L Club 4 Camera Club 3,4 GOTTSCHALK, MARJORIE Lake Mills Physical Education GRAF, JANE Tomah Physical Education Sigma Lambda Sigma 2,3,4 4Treas. 34 Delta Psi Kappa 3,4 4Foil Editor 44 Newman Club 2,3,4 W.R.A. 4,2 Annual Staff 4 W.S.G.A. 2,3,4 House President 4 Prom Queen 2 GRANKE, SHIRLEY la Crosse Physical Education GRAUER, RUTH Port Washington Physical Education W.R.A. 1,2,3,4 Delta Psi Kappa 2,3,4, 4Treas. 3, Chaplain 44 Kappa Delta Pi 3,4 Iota Xi Omega 3,4 Wesley Club 2,3,4 4Sec- Trees. 2, Pres. 34 GREBE, RHODA HAEUSER Fountain City Elementary Kappa Delta Pi 4 Pi Tau Epsilon 2,3,4 Elementary Club 3 Gamma Delta 2,3 Sec. 44 L.$.A. 1 W.S.G.A. 4Exec. Comm. 34 GREEN, PHYLLIS Cazenovia SLADKY AND LOOMIS CARRYING THE PIGSKIN SWWW... Secondary Education Secondary Ed Club 1,2,3,4 Kappa Delta Pi 3,4 Pi Tau Epsilon 2,3,4 1Sec. 41 W.S.G.A. Board 4 Band 1 HAEFNER, EUGENE La Crosse Secondary Education Secondary Ed Club 2,3,4 Gamma Delta 1,2,3,4 HAINES, LORRAINE La Crosse Rural HANSON, NANCY La Crosse Secondary Education Secondary Ed Club 3,4 Kappa Delta Pi 3,4 1V. Pres. 41 Alice 0. Gordon II Scholar- ship 4 Cercle Francois 2,3 1$ec. 31 Silver Masque 3,4 Wesley Club 1,2,3 HMan From Home", 1'Anti- gone" HARRIS, KELLY L. to Farge Physical Education Football 1 Phy Ed Club 1,2,3,4 M.I.A.A. 1,2,3,4 HAUSER, BETTY la Crosse Elementary HAYES, WALTER Spring Green Elementary Elementary Club 3,4 lambda Tau Gamma 3,4 1Pres. 41 196 Golf 1,2,3,4 l Club 2,3,4 M.I.A.A. 1,3,4 HEALD, MARGO La Crosse Secondary Education Secondary Ed. Club 1,2,3,4 L.S.A. 1,2 HEALD, WILLIAM P. Bailey's Harbor Physical Education L Club 2,3,4 1Sec. 41 M.I.A.A. 1,2,3,4 1Board 4, Sec. 41 Lambda Tau Gamma 2,3,4 1V. Pres. 31 Newman Club 1,2,3,4 Golf 2,3,4 HERMANSON, JOAN E. Sayner Physical Education Alpha Phi Pi 3,4 W.R.A. 1,2,3,4 1Board 41 Phy Ed Club 1 Newman Club 1,2 Racquet Staff 4 HEROLD, BETTY Stoddard Rural HIGHBERG, PATRICIA RAE la Crosse Elementary Elementary Club 2,3,4 Choir 3,4 Congo Club 3,4 HUBBARD, DORIS Durand Elementary Elementary Club 1,2,3,4 Wesley Club 2,3,4 HUEGEL, JOHN T. THE COACHES ARE CARRIED FROM THE FIELD AFTER THE CIGAR BOWL GAME Smilmu... Madison Physical Education Football 2,3 Basketball Manager 2,3,4 Golf 2,4 L Club 2,3,4 Transfer From University of Wisconsin HUNTINGTON, GENE L. Genoa Rural Country Life Club !V. Pres. M ISERMANN, JOHN Kenosha Elementary Newman Club 1,2,3,4 4V. Pres. 4! Elementary Club 3,4 Kappa Delta Pi 4 JACOBSON, THEODORE MERLE Augusta Physical Education Lambda Tau Gamma 2,3,4 Wres. 3, Corr. Sec. 21 Phy Ed Club 1,2,4 Wres. M L.S.A. 2,3,4 Wres. 2,3, Councilman 4 Alpha Psi Omega 2,3,4 Co-op Board 2,4 Emcee for Songfest 2,3 Narrator for Orchesis 2,3 M.I.A.A. 1,2,3,4 "Harriet, "Shadow and Substance," "Antigone" JAMES, DAVE E. Sparta Secondary Education Secondary Ed Club 1,2,3,4 M.I.A.A. l,2,3,4 Lambda Tau Gamma 3,4 JOHNSON, ELVERDA West Salem Rural 198 JOHNSON, JAMES La Crosse Secondary Education JOHNSON, JERRY Evansville Elementary M.I.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Lambda Tau Gamma 2,3,4 Elementary Club 3,4 JOHNSON, JOAN Boyceville Physical Education L.S.A. 2,3,4 Sec. 3, His- torian M Choir 3,4 W.R.A. 2,3,4 Phy Ed Club 2 Sigma Lambda Sigma 2,3,4 4ng. at Arms 34 W.S.G.A. 2,3,4 Transfer from St. Olaf CoHege JOHNSON, LEON K. Eagle River Physical Education Lambda Tau Gamma 2,3,4 M.I.A.A. 1,2,3,4 4Sport Head M Baseball 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1 JON ES, MARY LOU Mindoro Rural W.S.G.A. 3,4 Rural Life Club 4 Westminister Fellowship 3 JUSTUS, JAMES, A. Fort Atkinson Physical Education Phy Ed Club 1,2,3,4 Ureas. 3,4! Wesley Club 1,2,3,4 Football 1,2,3,4 Gym Team l,2,3,4 'IMORE CHAMNONS IN ACTION 56665066ng Baseball 4 Track 1,2,3 Lambda Tau Gamma 2,3,4 L Club 1,2,3,4 KAILHOFER, ROBERT J. Seymour Physical Education Lambda Tau Gamma 2,3,4 1Treas. 21 LS.A. 1,2 Gamma Delta 3 M.l.A.A. 1,2,3,4 tsport Head 3, Pres. 41 Racquet Staff 2,3 Phy Ed Club 1,2,3,4 1V. Pres. 4 KANIESS, GERHARD Kewaskum Physical Education Gamma Delta 2,3,4 1Pres. 31 Lambda Tau Gamma 2,3,4 Phy Ed Club 1,4 L.S.A. 2 M.l.A.A. 1,2,3,4 1Board 4, Sport Head 31 Track 2,3,4 KARKER, BERNARD L. Washburn Elementary Newman Club 4 Elementary Club 3,4 Transfer from Ashland County Normal KIRK, WAYNE Kenosha Rural Wesley Club 1,2 Rural life Club 1,2 1Pres. 11 Choir 1,2 Track 1,2 KNISPEL, JOHN Waterfown Physical Education Football 1,2,3,4 , Basketball 2,3,4 Baseball 1,2,3,4 Beta Sigma Chi 2,3,4 L Club 1,2,3,4 1Pres. 41 M.l.A.A. 1,2,3,4 KNUDSON, DONNA MAE West Salem Rural Rural Life Club 1,2 1V. Pres. 11 Band 1 KOECK, JOYCE Mayville Physical Education Newman Club 1,2,3,4 Camera Club 3 Silver Masque 4 Phy Ed Club 1,2,3 W.R.A 1,2,3,4 Racquet Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 KOOPMAN, SERENA West Salem Rural Rural Life Club 1,2 KOPPEN, BARBARA Buffalo Center, Iowa Physical Education Phy Ed Club 2,4 W.R.A. 2,3,4 Newman Club 2,3,4 1Treas. 31 W.S.G.A. 2,3,4 lambda Sigma Chi 4 Aquacade 2,3,4 Swim Club 2,3 Annual Staff 4 Transfer from College of Sf. Teresa KOSER, CATHERINE Helenville Physical Education THIS SPIRIT GAVE THE INDIANS ANOTHER CHAMPIONSHIP mt: ' +3153: SWWW... Newman Club 1,2,3,4 Choir 1,2 Band 1,2 W.R.A. 1,2,3,4 Phy Ed Club 1,2,3,4 W.S.G.A. 2,3,4 Assembly Committee 2 K RONER, RAY La Crosse Elementary Lambda Tau Gamma 2,3,4 1Treas. 31 Elementary Club 3,4 M.l.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Prom King 3 KRUEGER, RITA La Crosse Elementary Elementary Club 1,2,3,4 Gamma Delta 2,3,4 1Treas. 31 L.S.A. 2 KUSCHEL, MARY JANE la Crosse Elementary Elementary Club 1,2,3,4 Choir 1 Band 1,2,3 Lambda Sigma Chi 3,4 Silver Masque 4 LA BORDE, WAYNE Fond Du Lac Physical Education LEA, BYRN B. La Crosse Secondary Education Golf 3,4 Choir 1,2,4 M.l.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Congo Club 3,4 Secondary Ed Club 3,4 LENZ, MABEL V. Sheboygan Physical Ed ucation Delta Psi Kappa 2,3,4 1Pres. 41 Kappa Delta Pi 3,4 Lambda Sigma Chi 1,2,3,4 Mutual Protection Associ- ation 3,4 1Sec. 3, Pres. 41 Congo Club 1,2,3,4 1Pres. 2,31 Organization Comm. 2 Co-op Advis. Board 1 W.S.G.A. Board 3 Election Committee 2 Phy Ed Club 1,2,4 W.R.A. 1,2,3,4 Orchesis 1,2,3,4 Who's Who 4 LOOMIS, ACE D. Merrillan Physical Education Football 2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Track 1,2,3,4 Alpha Delta Theta 2,3,4 Phi Epsilon Kappa 2,3,4 Wesley Club 1,2 M.l.A.A. 1,2,3,4 LUSTIG, ARLENE M. Milwaukee Physical Education W.R.A. 2,3,4 Sigma Lambda Sigma 2,3,4 Swim Club 2,3,4 Aquucade 2,3,4 Phy Ed Club 2 Racquet Staff 4 Transfer From Carroll CoHege lUTTIG, CHRISTINA Richland Center Elementary MC COY, MARGARET Sparta Secondary Education BAR K C A N S E H T N LEISURE TIME SWWW... Pi Tau Epsilon 2,3,4 1V. Pres. 3, Pres. 4, Kappa Delta Pi 3,4 Secondary Ed Club 3,4 Choir 1,2 Annual Staff 4 Mc CUMBER, DUANE Sparta Elementary M.I.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Baseball 1 Elementary Club 3,4 Lambda Tau Gamma 3,4 Mc ELDOWN EY, RUSSELL West Salem Physical Education Basketball 1,2,3,4 Football 1 Alpha Delta Theta 2,3,4 1Pres. 4, L Club 4 "Life With Father," 11The Glass Menagerie," "Antigone," "All My Sons" Who's Who 4 MC KENNA, RALPH J. Evansville Physical Education Lambda Tau Gamma 3,4 ,Sec. 3, Wesley Club 2,3,4 M.I.A.A. 1,2,3,4 1Sport Head 3, Board 4, Football 1 Baseball 1,2,3,4 MARKING, GENEVA Holmen Secondary Education Kappa Delta Pi 3,4 1Treas. 4, Secondary Ed Club 1,2,3,4 Pi Tau Epsilon 2,3,4 1591. K1 Arms 2, Trees. 3, W.S.G.A. Board 4 Annual Staff 4 ,Feature Ed., MARQUARDT, JOYCE Amigo Physical Education Alpha Phi Pi 2,3,4 1Treas. 3, W.R.A. 1,2,3,4 1Board 4, Phy Ed Club 1 MARTIN, JACK Hudson Elementary Beta Sigma Chi 1,2,3,4 Football 1,2 Elementary Club 2,3,4 Phy Ed Club 1,2 M.I.A.A. 1,2,3,4 MAU, PATRICIA West Salem Secondary Education Kappa Delta Pi 3,4 Secondary Ed Club 1,2,3,4 Fledging Staff 2 MEILLER, CLYDELLA JON ES Bamboo Elementary MEILLER, ROY D. Mazomanie Secondary Education Kappa Delta Pi 3,4 1Pres. 4, Secondary Ed Club 2,3,4 1Pres. 4, MELBY, PHYLLIS La Crosse Elementary Lambda Sigma Chi 2,3,4 Sec. 3, Racquet Staff 2,3,4 1EdHor 3, Annual Staff 4 L.S.A. 1,2,3,4 Elementary Club 3,4 C.C.C. 4 Who's Who 4 CHOW TIME AT THE STUDENT CO-OP 205 Seamm'mma... MEYER, JAMES R. la Crosse Secondary Education Baseball 1 Secondary Ed Club 3,4 Kappa Delta Pi 3,4 Annual Staff 2 Racquef Staff 2 MEYER, ROBERT WILLIAM la Crosse Secondary Education Kappa Delta Pi 3,4 MILLER, STANLEY N. La Crosse Secondary Education Public Discussion 1,2,3,4, 1Pres. 3, Sec. 21 Gamma Delta 3,4 1Pres. 41 Track 1,2,3 Lambda Tau Gamma 3,4 L Club 1,2,3,4 C.C.C. 3 Homecoming Parade Chrm. 3 Library and Forensics Comm. 1Chm. 31 "Heiress" Secondary Ed Club 3,4 M.I.A.A. 2,3 MITCHELL, lARRY L. Wilton Secondary Education Baseball 2,3,4 Secondary Ed Club 1,2,3,4 L Club 4 M.1.A.A. 1,2,4 MOE, RITA Warrens Elementary Band 1,4 Elementary Club 2,4 MOLTER, IVAN Cedar Grove Physical Education M.I.A.A. 2,3,4 Track 3,4 206 MORTON, AUDREY Kenosha Rural Gamma Delta 1 Congo Club 1,2 Rural Life Club 1,2 Iota Xi Omega 1,2 W.S.G.A. Board 21 W.R.A. 1,2 MOULIS, GLORIA La Crosse Elementary Elementary Club 1,2,3,4 NAVIS, ORLAND Cedar Grove Physical Education M.I.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Alpha Delta Theta 3,4 Track 3,4 NELSON, MURL la Crosse Elementary NEUHAUS, ROSE Neillsville Rural Choir 1 Band 2 Rural Life Club 1,2 NIQUETTE, MARY LOIS New Holstein Physical Education Newman Club Lambda Sigma Chi 2,3,4 Delta Psi Kappa 4 Phy Ed Club 1,2 W.S.G.A. 2,3,4 NOONAN, RAYMOND A. Elroy Secondary Education Public Discussion 3,4 Secondary Ed Club 2,3,4 FACULTY BASKETBALL GAME 207 SWQW... OLSON, BORGHILD L. La Crosse Rural Country Life Club 4 Kappa Delta Pi 4 Transfer from Vernon County Normal OLSON, EDWIN Racine Physical Education Phi Kappa Epsilon 1,2,3,4 1V. Pres. 41 Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 M.1.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Social Committee 4 Phy Ed Club 2,4 OLSON, LOIS HOREL Eau Claire Physical Education Kappa Delfa Pi 3,4 Delta Psi Kappa 2,3,4 Sigma Lambda Sigma 1,2,3,4 Tumbling Club 1,2,3 W.R.A. 1,2,3,4 1Board 31 Phy Ed Club 2 OPPEGAARD, JOAN Blair Rural Rural Life Club 1,2 Choir 1,2 ORVIS, ELEANOR Racine Physical Education Wesley Club 1,2,3,4 1Pub1icity Chrm. 21 W.R.A. 1,2,3,4 1Sport Head 41 W.S.G.A. 1,2,3,4 10rg. Comm. 1, V. Pres. 3, Pres. 41 C.C.C. 2,3 1Treas. 31 Phy Ed Club 1,2,4 208 Choir 1 Tumbling Club 1,2 Who's Who 4 PALEN, CHARLES Sparta Elementary Elementary Club 3,4 M.1.A.A. 1,2,3 Newman Club 1,2,3,4 PAULEY, VIRGINIA Cicero, Illinois Physical Education Alpha Phi Pi 3,4 Orchesis 3,4 Aquacade 3,4 Swim C1ub 3,4 Delta Psi Kappa 3,4 Kappa Delta Pi 3,4 W.R.A. 3,4 Transfer From Morton Junior College PAULSON, ROBERT Chisholm, Minnesota Physical Education M.1.A.A. 2,3,4 Wesley Club 2,3,4 Phy Ed Club 2,4 Transfer From Hibbing Junior College PAYNTER, MARY Madison Elementary Elementary Club 1,2,3,4 PEDERSON, MARGARET la Crosse Elementary Sigma Lambda Sigma 3,4 l.S.A. 2,3,4 Elementary Club 2,3,4 1Treas. 31 Transfer From Milwaukee State Teachers SENIOR GIRLS HOCKEY AND SPEEDBALL 209 SWWW... PETERSON, DALE Denmark Physical Education Gym Team 2,3,4 L.S.A. 2,3,4 1Pres. 3,41 Lambda Tau Gamma 3,4 1Treas. 41 Baseball 3,4 M.I.A.A. 2,3,4 Football 2 Track 1,2 Transfer From Dana College, Blair, Nebraska PETERSON, GLORIA DONERY Milwaukee Physical Education Band 1 Phy Ed Club 1,2 Congo Club 1,2,3,4 1Corr. Sec. 21 Aquacade 2 C.C.C. 3 Annual Staff 3 Delta Psi Kappa 3,4 Kappa Delta Pi 4 W.R.A. 1,2 PIERRINGER, CAROL Port Washington Rural Newman Club 1,2 Rural Life Club 1,2 PINGEL, EARL G. Medina Secondary Education Alpha Delta Theta 2,3,4 1Chap. 4, Hist. 41 Secondary Ed Club 1,2,3,4 L Club 2,3,4 M.I.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Otyokwa 3,4 1Pres. 41 Track 1,2,3,4 POLLECK, PATRICIA Waukesha Physical Education 1Manager1 210 Swim Club 1,2,3,4 1Pres. 41 Aquacade 1,2,3,4 1Asst. Dir. 3, Director 41 W.S.G.A. Board 4 Pres. of House Pres. 4 Alpha Phi Pi 2,3,4 1Treas. 31 Delta Psi Kappa 3,4 W.R.A. 1,2,3,4 Board 41 PULVER, DON Stoddard Rural PUTRA, FLORENCE Racine Physical Education Phy Ed Club 1,2 W.R.A. 1,2,3 Iota Xi Omega 3,4 RASMUSSON, MURIEL La Crosse Elementary Elementary Club 2,3,4 1Sec. 31 Pi Tau Epsilon 3,4 Wesley Club 1,2,3,4 RATHBURN, LAUREL Green Bay Physical Education Lambda Sigma Chi 2,3,4, 1V. Pres. 31 Orchesis 3,4 1V. Pres. 3, Pres. 41 W.R.A. 1,2,3,4 1Board 41 Congo Club 2,3,4 Racquef Staff 4 REEDY, ERVIN H. La Crosse Rural Congo Club 1,2,3 Country Life Club 1,2,3,4, 1V. Pres. 2, Reporter 31 HOLLUBtS UNIT Unit 1, 16th and Vine, is the home of Ken Hollub, his wife and two children. Many other veterans attending school through the OJ. bill live in the other units. SWWW... Kappa Delta Pi 3,4 REHWINKEL, ELAINE Oshkosh Physical Education Iota Xi Omega 3,4 L.$.A. 2 W.R.A. 2,3,4 Annual Staff 3,4 Choir 4 1 Transfer from Oshkosh State Teachers REYNOLDS, LLOYD Kenosha Physical Education Alpha Delta Theta 3,4 Kappa Delta Pi 3,4 Phy Ed Club 4 Football 3,4 L Club 3,4 RICHTMAN, NEAL 0. Fountain City Secondary Education Secondary Ed Club 1,2,3,4 Camera Club Ofyokwa 3,4 M.I.A.A. 2,3 RODEGHIER, CALVIN R. Wisconsin Rapids Physical Education Basketball 1,2 Baseball 1 M.I.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Phy Ed Club 1,2,4 Lambda Tau Gamma 3,4 Wesley Club 1,2,3 RUDY, NORBERT L RUEDY, JEAN Sparta Rural Rural Life Club 1,2 1Treas. 11 Congo Club 2 SACK ETT, DUANE H. Menasha Elementary Elementary Club 2,3,4 Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball Mgr. 2,3 Baseball Mgr. 2 "Antigone" L Club 2,3,4 M.I.A.A. 1,2 SALLANDER, GLORIA JOYCE Retreat Rural Rural Life Club 1,2 LS.A. 1,2 Chorus 1 SAUER, GERALD C. Columbus Physical Education M.I.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Tennis 3,4 Basketball 1 Baseball 1 Phy Ed Club 1,2,4 Congo Club 1,2,3,4 Lambda Tau Gamma 3,4 SCHALLER, MARY Hartford Physical Education Newman Club 1,2,3 Alpha Phi Pi 3,4 tSec. 41 W.R.A. 1,2,3,4 La Valle Social Committee 3,4 Secondary Education Phy Ed Club 1 Secondary Ed Club 2,3,4 Kappa Delta Pi 3,4 SCHELL, NE"- E- Transfer from Montana State Norwalk THE VAN GALDERS Our coach, Clark Van Golder, is shown with his wife and four of their five boys. The boys are already practicing to be on one of Vun,s fine teams. 213 Seammamm... Secondary Education Secondary Ed Club 1,2,3,4 SCHENDEL, WILMETTA F. Kendall Elementary Elementary Club 1,2,3,4 Pi Tau Epsilon 3,4 L.S.A. 1,2,3 SCHMITT, ELAINE Steuben Rural SCHMITZ, JOHN J. La Crosse Secondary Education Basketball 1 Newman Club 1,2,3 Secondary Ed Club 1,2,3,4 Kappa Delta Pi 3,4 SCHNEIDER, GENE C. Sheboygan Physical Education Basketball 1,2,3 Baseball 1,2 M.I.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Lambda Tau Gamma 4 Gym Team Manager 4 L.S.A. 3,4 1Treas. 41 Choir 1,2 Phy Ed Club 1,2,3,4 SCHUMANN, JOHN Watertown Physical Education Basketball 1,2,3,4 Football 1 BaseBall 1,2,3,4 L Club 2,3,4 1Pres. 31 Phi Kappa Epsilon 1,2,3,4 Pres. 41 SCHUTTENHELM, PHYLLIS La Crosse Elementary Secondary Ed Club 1 L.S.A. 1,2 Elementary Club 2,3,4 SELLECK, RUTH La Crosse Secondary Education News Bureau 1,2,3,4 Newman Club 1,2,3,4 Secondary Ed Club 1,2,3,4, 1Sec. 3,41 Bank 1,2,3 Organizations Comm. 3,4 Silver Masque 2,3,4 Kappa Kelta Pi 3,4 Pi Tau Epsilon 3,4 House President 3 Alpha Psi Omega 4 Bessie Belle Hufchison Scholarship 3 "Our Town" Racquet Staff 4 SENSTAD, GLEN La Crosse Physical Education SHERIDAN, ANNA Soldiers Grove Elementary SILBAUGH, IVAN La Crosse Secondary Education Secondary Ed Club 1,2,3,4 Congo Club 1,2,3,4 Camera Club 2,3,4 1V. Pres. 31 SILBAUGH, IVONNE La Crosse Physical Education Iota Xi Omega 3,4 Congo Club 1,2,3,4 Band 1,2 1Sec. 21 Camera Club 2,3,4 1Sec. 31 Annual Staff 3 Phy Ed Club 2,3,4 W.R.A. 1,2,3,4 SKOGEN, BEVERLY Onalaska Elementary 214 THE BEGINNING OF WILDER HALL SWWWH Lambda Sigma Chi 3,4 4Pres. 44 Kappa Delta Pi 3,4 Elementary Club 2,3,4 Choir 3,4 Band 2,3 SLABY, JAMES Algoma Physical Education SLADKY, GEORGE Marinette Physical Education Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 4 L Club 2,3,4 Phi Kappa Epsilon 1,2,3,4 M.I.A.A. 1,2,3,4 4Sporf Head 34 Camera Club 2 SNYDER, lEWIS W. Milwaukee Physical Education M.I.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Newman Club 1,2,3,4 Phy Ed Club 1,2,4 Basketball 1 Alpha Delta Theta 2,3,4 SPALTHOLZ, WILLIAM Milwaukee Physical Education Otyokwa 3,4 1Sec. 44 L Club 3,4 Beta Sigma Chi 3,4 !Sec. 44 C.C.C. 4 Football 3,4 Basketball 3,4 Track 2,3,4 Transfer From University Extention SPEICH, LOIS Monroe Elementary Chorus 1 Cheerleader 1,2 Phy Ed Club 1 Elementary Club 2,3,4 W.S.G.A. 2,3,4 1Board 24 Sigma Lambda Sigma 2,3,4, 4V. Pres. 44 Kappa Delta Pi 3,4 1Sec. 44 Congo Club 1,2,3,4 1V. Pres. 24 W.R.A. 1,2,3,4 1Board Sec. 44 Alice 0. Gordon Scholarship 3 Who's Who 4 STAFFEN, GENE E. Eagle River Secondary Education Football 2,3 4Mgr. 44 Alpha Delta Theta 3,4 Swim Team 2 Student Health Comm. 3,4 Baseball 1,2,4 Secondary Ed Club 2,3,4 Gym Team 1 Otyokwa 3,4 L Club 4 Phy Ed Club 1 STENSGARD, MAURICE La Crosse Elementary STUART, BETTY West Allis Physical Education W.R.A. 1,2,3,4 Orchesis 1,2,3,4 Sec. 44 LS.A. 1,2 Social Committee 4 Alpha Phi Pi 1,2,3,4 1Sec. 34 216 CORNERSTONE CEREMONIES AT WILDER HALL DELTA PSI KAPPA HOMECOMING BANQUET SWWW... SWAN, KENNETH M. Mukwonago Physical Education Lambda Tau Gamma 2,3,4 1Sec. 3, V. Pres. 41 Phy Ed Club 1,2,4 M.1.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Football 1 L.S.A. 1,2,3,4 TALL, JAMES F. Onalaska Elementary Elementary Club 3,4 1Pres. 41 Public Discussion 3,4 Choir 1,2 TEASDALE, ABBY W. La Crosse Rural Rural Life Club 1,2 Congo Club 2 TESNOW, RALPH Milwaukee Physical Education M.1.A.A. 1,4 Cross Country 2,3,4 1Capf. 31 Track 1,2,3,4 L Club 2,3,4 Phy Ed Club 1 Lambda Tau Gamma 3,4 THIENES, JOSEPH Onalaska Secondary Education M.1.A.A. 1 Secondary Ed Club 1,2,3,4 1V. Pres. 3,41 Kappa Delta Pi 3,4 THOMPSON, GJERULD T. la Crosse Elementary Band 1 Public Discussion 2,3 1V. Pres. 31 C.C.C. 3 Elementary Club 3,4 Kappa Delta Pi 3,4 N.A.M. Delegate THOMPSON, RAMONA Viroquu Elementary Pi Tau Epsilon 2,3,4 1Treas. 41 Elementary Club 1,2,3,4 15ec. 41 LS.A. 2 THRALL, WILLIAM R. Green lake Physical Education Phi Kappa Epsilon 1,2,3,4 1V. Pres. 3, Pres. 41 L Club 2,3,4 1Sec. 31 Football 1 Basketball 1,2,3 Track 1,2,3,4 Congo Club 1,2,3,4 "Joan of Lorraine" C.C.C. 1Treus. 41 Financial Mgr. Co-op 4 Student Co-op Board of Control 4 Who's Who 4 Ass't. Freshman Football and Basketball Coach 4 Phy Ed Club 1,2,3,4 TOENNIES, DONALD CARL Sheboygun Physical Education Phy Ed Club 2,3,4 M.1.A.A. 2,3,4 Track 2 LS.A. 2,3 Transfer from Marquette University TU RNER, FRANCIS HOMECOMING FLOATS ALPHA PHI Pl HOMECOMING QUEEN'S Wk ,WM; TAU EPSILON Elmwood Physical Education TWEED, JOYCE Ferryville Rural Rural Life Club 1,2 UISCHNER, RUTH Warrens Secondary Education Sigma Lambda Sigma 2,3,4 Kappa Delta Pi 3,4 Gamma Delta 3,4 Secondary Ed Club 1,2,3,4 Annual Staff 1,2,3, 1Ass't. Editor 31 Who's Who 4 ULRICH, CORRINE Eau Claire Physical Education Lambda Sigma Chi 4 W.R.A. 1,2,3,4 Tumbling Club 1,2 Aquacade 1,2,3,4 Swim Club 2,3,4 Phy Ed Club 1,2 W.S.G.A. 2,3,4 L.S.A. 3,4 VAN DUNK, EVELYN Holmen Rural VAN TASSEL, JIM La Crosse Secondary Education Band 1,2,4 Secondary Ed Club 1,2,3,4 Phi Kappa Epsilon 2,3,4 1Sec. 2, Soc. Chrm. 2,3,4! Kappa Delta Pi 3,4 C.C.C. 3,4 10rg. Chrm. 3,4, Homecoming Dance Chrm. 3, Homecoming Parade Chrm. 4, Prom Comm. 2,3,4 George M. Snodgrass Schol- arship 4 Who's Who 4 Wesley Club 3 M.I.A.A. 1 VAN VEGHEL, JOHN J. West Allis Physical Education Alpha Delta Theta 2,3,4 L Club 4 Newman Club 1,2,3,4 Phy Ed Club 1,2,3,4 Track 1,2,3,4 Football 1,2 M.I.A.A. 1,2,3,4 VICKERY, ARLEEN Suamico Physical Education Alpha Phi Pi 3,4 C.C.C. 1 Phy Ed Club 1,4 W.R.A. 1,2,3,4 Social Comm. 3,4 Homecoming Court 2,3,4 1Queen 41 VON ARX, WILLIAM La Crescent, Minnesota Elementary Elementary Club 3,4 Newman Club 1,2,3,4 Public Discussion 3 Kappa Delta Pi 4 WALDEN, JAMES New Lisbon Elementary WALDHART, GLENN DALE Spencer Physical Education Lambda Tau Gamma 4 Camera Club 1,2 Wesley Club 1,2,3,4 M.I.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Phy Ed Club 3,4 Football 1,3 HOMECOMING FLOATS ELEMENTARY CLUB BETA SIGMA CHI IOTA XI OMEGA SWWW... Men's Glee Club 1 WALKER, JOHN Racine Elementary Phi Kappa Epsilon 3,4 WEBSTER, RICHARD Oshkosh Physical Education Football 1,2,3,4 L Club 1,2,3,4 Phi Epsilon Kappa 3,4 Beta Sigma Chi 2,3,4 M.I.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1 Gym Team 3 WEISS, ROBERT West Bend Physical Education Beta Sigma Chi 2,3,4 Phi Epsilon Kappa 4 C.C.C. 2,3,4 1Pres.3, V. Pres. 41 L Club 3,4 Tumbling Club 2,3,4 1Treas.1 Gym Team 2,3,4 1Capt. 41 Racquet Staff 3 Snack Bar Board 2,3,4 Phy Ed Club 2,3,4 Co-Edifor of Indian Hand- book Who's Who 4 WILLEY, MARGARET Sparta Elementary Band 1 Choir 1,2 Octette 2 Elementary Club 1,2,3,4 1V. Pres. 21 Pi Tau Epsilon 2,3,4 1V. Pres. 31 Kappa Delta Pi 3,4 Racquet Staff 3,4 Annual Staff 4 Social Committee 4 W.$.G.A. 2 "The Heiress" Wesley Club 1,2,3,4 1Pres. 31 WISLAND, MILTON La Crosse Elementary Elementary Club 3,4 1Pres. 31 Public Discussion 3,4 Lambda Tau Gamma 4 Wesley Club 3,4 Choir 1,2,4 M.I.A.A. 1,2,3,4 WOLFE, JOYCE Stoddard Rural W.$.G.A. 1,2 Rural Life Club 1,2 WRUCK, CLINTON Norwalk Secondary Education Secondary Ed Club 1,2,3,4 ZIRBES, PATRICIA La Crosse Elementary Elementary Club 1,2,3,4 Newman Club 1,2,3,4 A Adams, Allcmae, M1. R1. 42, French Island, La Crosse, 157 Ahrens, Henry, 428 S. 19th, La Crosse, 127, 165 Mm", Evon, 319 Dawson Ave., Beloit Alf, Duane, Eau Claire, 16, 108 Allen, Donald, Sparta Allendorf, Bruce, 227 S. 16th 51., la Crosse Allison, Delphine, 415 3rd Ave. 50., Glasgow, Mont, 103 Allmaras, Herman, 2534 Onalaska Ave., La Crosse, 124, 163 Amerpohl, Doris, 410 Washington, Edgerton, 119, 149, 174 Ampe, Virginia, Greenwood, 128 Anderson, Avis, 1175 Argyle Ave., Phillips, 108, 138, 178 Anderson, Bruce, Green Bay Anderson, Carolyn, 2120 Ferry 51., La Crosse, 176 Anderson, Charles, 1175 Argyle Ave., Phillips, 122 Anderson, Duane, Camp Douglas, 17, 33, 108, 141 Anderson, Gene, R1. 1, Viroqua Anderson, Irene, Viroqua Anderson, Robert, Blair Anderson, Roger, Cashlon, 178 Andre, M. Carol, Independence, 68, 155 Andreoli, Elizabe1h, 2006 55111 51., Kenosha, 108 Apfel, Alberl, 243 E. Main, Evansville, 68, 145 Arne1,Jean, 2128 Vine, La Crosse, 68, 155 Arnef, Judith, 2128 Vine, la Crosse, 126, 155 Arnlsen, Arthur, 1322 Pine, La Crosse Arnel, Philip, Hokah, Minn. Aronson, Beverly, 3285 S. 201b, La Crosse, 123, 172 Arlhur, Alice, 707 W. Fulton, Edgerton, 68, 146, 149, 176, 178 Alkins, Barbara, 2125 Cameron $1., La Crosse Aumock, George, 916 Main, Onalaska, 121, 137 B Bacon, Leslie, Gays Mills Bahrke, George, Allenville, 16, 108, 143 Bcier, Janice, 11.11. 2, La Crosse, 68 Bailey, Douglas, Sparta Bakalars, Earl, 512 Winnebago, La Crosse, 127 Baker, Carolyn, 2219 State 51., La Crosse, 165 Baldwin, Harold, 2124 S. 151h, La Crosse, 122 Barlnek, Marianne, 1912 E. Bradford, Milwaukee, 108, 140, 178 Barfz, Richard, 130 S. 9th, La Crosse Bast, Donna, R.R. 1, Welcome, Minn., 68, 144, 178 Balchelder, Robert, Unit 32, Myrick Park lane, La Crosse, 16, 69, 139, 152 801es,John, 1308-172 Johnson, La Crosse, 69 Baiikis, Annastasia, 1404 Franklin St, Kenosha, 108, 132 Bauer, Donald, 432 9th Ave., West Bend Beardmore, Donald, Unit 41, Myric Park lane, La Crosse, 69, 135, 159 Beekman, John, 434 N. 23rd, La Crosse, 119 Behnke, Charles, 4168 N. 63rd St, Milwaukee, 46, 108, 143, 148 Behnke, Wayland, 3058 N. 62nd 51., Milwaukee, 38, 69, 141, 148, 153, 160, 167, 170 Beighley, Ken, Cazenovia, 159 Bell, James, 120 5. 71h Ave., West Bend, 17, 143 Bellerue, Ned, 1019 Cass, la Crosse Benrud, Lloyd, Unit 27, Myrick Park lane, La Crosse, 70, 157 Beighley, Kenneth, Cazenovia Benlson, Reynard, 402 E. Court, Viroqua, 108, 165 Berg, Ethel, Osseo, 108, 134, 142, 158, 165, 172 Bergin, Shirley, 404 E. Mill, Plymouth, 125 Berndt, Waller, 2837 N. Richards, Milwaukee BerfoHini, Douglas, Uni! 42, Myrick Park Lane, La Crosse, 70, 141, 158 Bertomen, Jose, Lanai City, Hawaii Besch, Gordon, 713 Ferry, La Crosse, 70, 135 Biermier, James, Wonewoc, 38, 126 Biorklund, A. Dale, 3016, 21 Ave, Minneapolis, Minn., 16, 120, 141 Biorn, Louis, Unit 11, 16th and Vine, la Crosse, 24, 70, 147, 153, 163 Blank, Audrey, 148 N. lake $1., Neenah, 119, 132, 140, 150, 160, 161, 175 Blank, James, 1925 Liberty, La Crosse, 39, 70 Blank, Huberl, Uni1 48, Myrick Park Lane, la Crosse, 70, 141 Bloyer, Doris, R1. 3, Tomah Bluske, Clark, 1235 S. 14th 51., La Crosse Bock, Edwin, Neosho, 47 Boenigh, Walter, 2146 Hyle Ave., lo Crosse, 44, 71 Boencher, William, Baileys Harbor, 108, 153 Bohnsack, Kenneth, 678 Herman SL, Burlinglon, 125 Bolger, Jean, 807 Tyler, Black River Falls, 128 Bombinski, Kathryn, 114 N. Capron, Berlin, 71, 140 Bone, Erna, 5247 N. Moody, Chicago, 111., 71, 146, 158, 164, 178 Burroughs, Barbara, 208 E. 51. Paul Ave., Waukesha, 44, 71, 132, 140, 149, 161 Bosanny, Jo Ann, 2127 Vine, La Crosse, 72, 138 Boullion, Anthony, 2244 S. 15th 51., La Crosse, 72, 173 Bowen, Joanne, R.R. 3, Richland Center Bowlus, Warren, 3317 N. Fredrick Ave., Milwaukee, 33 Boyce, Emmet, 804 7th 51., Mencsha, 47, 72, 133, 134, 145, 147, 153, 174 Boyer, Howard, 221 Filmore, Black River Falls, 128 Branch, Harold, 512 N. 11th, La Crosse Bruchler, Doris, Bangor Broum, Elsie, 5814 Broad Branch Rood, Washington, D. C. Bremberger, Frank 1202-172 5. 61h, La Crosse, 109 Brieske, David, 920 S. 16th, la Crosse Brieske, Phillip, 775 N. 23rd, La Crosse Bright, Virginia, 202 W. Ave. No., La Crosse Brink, Katherine, 212 S. 8th, to Crosse Brinkley, Pulricia, 1603 S. 20111, La Crosse, 109, 164 Brilelli, Joseph, 2420 551h $1., Kenosha, 32, 109, 141, 152 Broihier, Earl, 912 S. 101b, la Crosse Brokaw, Sluart, 504 19th, La Crosse, 72 Bronson, Donald, Box 82, Cash1on, 72, 158 Brooks, Reginald, Walworth Brolz, Helen, 106 W. Main 51., Chillon, 132, 146, 149 Brown, Emma Jane, Boyd Brueske, Dianne, 2002 Hyde Ave., La Crosse, 124 Bryhn, Phyllis, R. 2, Mindoro, 72, 156 Butalo, Sam, Cincinnati, Ohio, 109 Buchholz, Dorolhy, R, 3, Westfield Buedingen, Mary, Unit 22, 16th and Vine, la Crosse, 73, 132, 138 Buedingen, William, Unil 22, 16th and Vine, La Crosse, 73, 143, 147, 148, 154 Bull, James, 2019 Locmis, La Crosse Bullard, Beverly, 606 Wclnu1$1., 5. Milwaukee, 109, 138, 149, 167, 177 Bunk, Richard, 544 N. 24th, La Crosse, 124 Burgchurdl, Carol, 428 5. 21:1, La Crosse, 122, 155 Burggraff, Betty, Wolf Creek, Montana, 73 Burk, Marcus, 2420 W. Cenler, Milwaukee, 73, 141, 148, 160, 167, 170, 180 Burnurd, Gerald, 208 S. Center 81., Elroy, 109, 137, 163, 165 Borne", Emily, 234 81h Ave., Baraboo, 109 Burns, William, 2321 Main 51., La Crosse, 17 Buros, Audrey, 757 N. 22, la Crosse, 128, 157 Buschatz, Rita, 6709 W. Forest, Milwaukee, 74, 144, 147 Butterbrodl, James, 104 Grove 51., Beaver Dam, 12, 17 Buytuerl, Alice, 731 Choprnun Ave., Neenuh, 74, 134, 142 Bymers, Beatrice, 2022 Main 51., La Crosse Byom, Wendell, Galesville C Cude, Edith, R1. 4, Viroqua, 74, 176 Callahan, William, 3203 N. 79111, Milwaukee, 38, 145, 153 Cassel, Donald, West Salem, 159 Capaul, Jeanette, Alma Center, 74, 156 Capps, lelan, Alma Carey, Richard, Berlin, 74, 173 Carson, Owen, 2302 S. 19th, La Crosse, 26, 122, 145 Cemcn, Richard, 2912 N. 101b, Milwaukee, 127 Chopin, Elizabe1h, 508 Pearl 51., Spark! Chopyuk, Nancy, 621 17111 51., Racine, 120, 140, 160, 165, 173 Chownard, Joan, Onaka, Minn. Churney, Donna, 1136 3rd Ave., Amigo, 149 Cina, Ralph, 2001 Losey Blvd., La Crosse, 109 Clark, Charles, Apl. 33b, 22nd and Green Bay, La Crosse Clark, Joan, 713 S. Rusk Ave., Viroqua 225 Clemens, Lola, 303 Prospect, Durand Close, Helen, 1041 N. Bluff, Junesville, 125, 165, 170, 173 Coey, BeNy, Bruce, 19, 74, 144, 147, 149, 160, 174 Cole, William, Unit 34, Myrick Park Lane, la Crosse, 39, 109, 133, 135, 153, 148 Collins, Keith, Mindoro, 75 Collins, Patricio, Cuzenovio, 132, 140 Collova, Emma, 916 Grand Ave., Racine, 121, 140 Conner, Catherine, 658 Kenneth 51., St. Paul, Minn., 75, 144, 149, 161 Conway, Barbara, 2125 S. 17th, La Crosse, 124, 157, 165, 173 Conway, Kenneth, 714 2nd St, Baraboo, 109 Cook, Eileen, 214 E. St. Paul Ave., Waukesha, 109, 138, 149 Cooper, Mariorie, Twin Bluffs, 142 Colts, Charlotte, 2102 2nd $1., Menomonie, 132, 164, 172 Coughlin, Richard, 2135 George 51., la Crosse Courtney, Clifford, Popular Grove Cowen, Margaret, 312 N. Monroe, Waterlown, 109 Craig, Mary, Gays Mills, 75, 157 Cram, Harold, 322 N. 23rd, la Crosse Cross, Richard, 2524 50111 51., Kenosha, 148 Crowley, James, Portage, 47, 110 Crurne, John, 782 S. Main., Viroqua Curry, Tom, 615 McLean Ave., Tomah, 17, 30, 32, 35, 46, 139 D Dahl, Harold, 1425 S. Oak Ave., Janesville Danielson, Carol, Viola Danielson, Harold, Viola Davis, Eugene, 1200 21st Ave., Monroe, 17, 18, 39, 110, 143, 153, 165 Davis, Gerald, 1108 Priddy 51., Bloomer, 47, 75, 141, 148 Davis, Mary, 725-174 Losey Blvd., N., La Crosse, 122, 164 Davis, Robert, Bangor Day, Susan, 904 Oneida, Joliet, 110, 132 De Boer, Gertrude, R. 1, Onulaska, 110 Deck, Claude, Cochrane, 76, 157 De Custer, Jean, Oshkosh Dehler, La Vonne, Reedsburg, 110, 142, 150, 155 Dehnert, Annette, 206 Faigo 51., Lake Mills, 110, 132, 135, 149 Denning, Edward, 128 N. 9th 51., La Crosse Denny, Kenneth, 1718 Oakridge Dr., Austin, Minn., 39, 120 Deringer, Frank, Box 86, Glidden Davenport, James, M1. Sterling Dexter, James, 361 Stale 51., Burlington, 110, 145 Diekroger, Kenneth, West Salem Diltman, Carole, 437 N. 34rd, La Crosse, 150 Dolezel, Betty, 526 S. 101h 51., La Crosse, 173 Dombeck, James, Port Washington Donovan, Joan, Madison D'Orazio, Rudy, 108 Commercial, Boscobel Dorow, Kathryn, 283 Tayco $1., Menasha, 76, 140 Douglas, Margaret, 1305 Vine 51., La Crosse Downey, Dorothy, 2107 Main, La Crosse Doyle, Mary, 212 S. 23rd 51., La Crosse, 129, 166, 170, 173 Doyle, Nancy, 2144 King 51., La Crosse, 165 Drow, Richard, 1308 McLean Ave., Tomah, 126, 155 Drummond, Leslie, 1728 Madison 51., La Crosse, 76, 141 Duer, Henry, 805 E. Franklyn, Waupun Duerst, Eugene, New Glarus, 76, 139, 148 Duffrin, Norman, 1514 S. 111h, La Crosse, 47 Dunbar, William, 212 N. Washington, Elkhorn, 133, 139, 178 Dunlap, Charles, 26 S. Broad 51., Elkhorn, 76, 148 Dunlap, Dorothy, 26 S. Broad $1., Elkhorn, 128 Dunn, Madelyn, 209 Juneau, Elroy Dunne, James, 1903 Main 51., La Crosse Duren, Mary, Cuzenovia, 126 DuMon, Wayne, Sparta Dwyer, Raymond, 421 5. 22nd, La Crosse Dyrud, Shirley, 453 Madison, Janesville, 76, 146 Dziedzic, Patricia, 2804 5. 111b, Milwaukee, 173 226 Eben, Craig, 119 King 31., La Crosse, 172 Ebert, Donald, 501 W. Oak, Spar'a, 126, 159 Ebert, Frances, 312 Graydow Ave., East Troy, 110 Eddy, Donald, 5607 Arbubes $1., Greendale, 3B, 128 Edwards, Ruth, R1. 2, Spooner, 120 Egan, Nancy, 354 W. 51. Paul Ave., Waukesha Egan, Penelope, Milwaukee Eggen, Merlyn, M1. R1. 42, La Crosse Eggen, Roswell, 1324 Vine, la Crosse Eggert, Joan, 1718 N. Clark, Appleton, 125 Eggerf, Ernest, Blair Eid, Merlyn, 321 Lincoln, Sparta Eilks, Howard, 413 Milwaukee 51., Jefferson, 153 Einerson, Ronnie, M1. Horeb Eisfeldt, Kenneth, Camp Douglas, 126 Ellefson, Ashley, Ferryville, 28, 135, 143 Ellion, Jerry, 810 N. Beaumont Rd., Prairie Du Chien, 121 Elmer, Rober', 317 Summer 51., Tomah, 28, 110, 170 Elsner, Lou, 219 E. Randall 51., Applelon, 110 Ender, Gene, Wes! Salem Engelhard, Grekhen, 2515 Hackberry Lane, La Crosse, 137, 163, 164, 173, 178 Engler, Ronald, Milwaukee Ave., Fort Atkinson, 46, 110 Erdmann, Gilbert, 137 S. 111h, La Crosse Esclito, Polrick, lanai, Hawaii, 110, 143, 148 Evans, David, 1604 Boyd, Racine, 32, 139 Evans, Edith, 1717-172 Market, La Crosse, 77, 137, 138 Evans, Richard, 1717-172 Market, La Crosse, 77, 145, 147 Evans, Wanda, 604 S. 4th 51., Austin, Minn., 77, 144, 147, 176, 178 Evenburg, Pa'ricia, 402 Virginia Ave., La Porte, Ind., 121 F Fadness, Norman, 1236 Johnson, La Crosse Fanshuw, Donna, 831 E. Franklin, Waupun, 121 Fawce", Keith, 404 S. 19th, La Crosse, 121, 165 Feally, Frank, 809 Johnson, La Crosse, 77 Feeney, Marion, 903 Prairie, Jonesville, 78, 140, 150 Feld, Frank, R1. 1, East Troy, 39 Fell, Gene, 647 MieHer Ave., Burlingion Fellows, Audrey, 1018 5. 61h, La Crosse, 124, 151, 161 Fellows, Ray, Unit 50, Myrick Park, La Crosse, 16, 39, 47, 111, 133, 152 Felshiern, Glen, 408 Jackson, La Crosse Felt, Corrine, 806 W. lakeside 51., Madison Felton, Gilbert, R1. 1, Brillion, 24, 111, 133 Felton, Willard, R1. 1, Brillion, 17, 47, 111, 133, 145 Fenn, Elinor, 405 14th 51., Oshkosh, 107, 132, 138, 161 Feuerstein, Robert, 1919 14th 51., Two Rivers, 78, 169, 173 Field, Victor, Millslon, 121 figgie, Robert, 2632 Loomis, La Crosse Finnane, James, 213 S. 15151., Evansville, 143, 173 Finsand, Donald, 1234 Packard Ave., Racine, 39, 78 Fish, VerneHu, West Salem Fisher, Slanley, West Salem Fladlein, Janet, 1518 Winnebago, La Crosse, 111, 144, 158 Flanagan, Lore11a, 325 S. 21 51., La Crosse, 129, 155, 165, 166, 170 Fleming, Leonard, Gays Mills Fleicher, Lucille, 1915 Prospect 51., La Crosse Flood, James, 1615 Albert 51., Racine, 125 Flood, Tom, Uni! 12, 16th and Vine, la Crosse, 78, 133, 173 ForIney, Greta, Viroqua, 78, 142, 147, 149, 170, 172, 178 Foster, Nancy, R1. 2, Menasha, 140, 160 Freagon, Donald, CadoH, 143, 155 Frankenberg, Delores, Chicago, 111., 111 Fregin, Bill, 1018 S. 16th 51., La Crosse Frei, Phyllis, RL, Fairwater, 111, 142, 149 Friedel, Jean, Sullivan, 78, 140, 161 Friberg, Ronald 524 Center Ave., Janesville, 123 Frisch, Donald, Green Bay Frisch, William, 1327 George, La Crosse 227 Froiland, Rachel, Rushford Frank, Lawrence, Dalton, 124 Fuller, Ernesiine, 512-172 King 51., La Crosse, 123, 174 Furrer, Mariorie, 808 E. 51. Paul Ave., Waukeshc, 120, 174 G Galilzer, Morris, Milwaukee, 39, 167 Gallagher, Leo, Caledonia, Minn. Gammon, James, Kendall Garihee, John, 403.172 5. 101h, la Crosse Gunner, Marie, 117 8th, Onalaska, 111, 138 Garvulin, James, 425 N. 8th, La Crosse Gouger, Doris, 207 E. Black Hawk Ave., Prairie Du Chien, 111, 132, 135, 144, 149 Geury, Kenneth, 118111 N. 3rd, Onalaska, lll. Gehrig, Donald, 612 Johnson, La Crosse Geiger, Wayne, 508 Washington, Shawano, 12, 16, 79, 139, 153 Gennrich, Mary, 3309 5. 601b, Milwaukee, 161 Gerke, Edward, 221 Summer, Tomuh Germannson, Melvin, 1311 Liberty 51., La Crosse, 124 Gesell, Nancy, 1724 29th 51., Two Rivers, 120, 140 Gesserl, Dave, 439 Forest Park Blvd., Janesville, 39, 119, 170 Gibbons, Patricia, 2412 S. 121h SL, Sheboygan, 124, 163 Gilberison, Diane, 81h Ave. 5., Onuluska, 124 Gilbertscn, Mildred, 1285 Lincoln Ave., Fennimore, 79, 138, 149 Gildermeisfer, Alfred, 1424 S. 19th, La Crosse Gilfillan, James, Independence, 121, 176 Gilles, William, la Crosse Giuliano, Joseph, 107 3rd 51., Hurley Goedeke, John, 2101 Wiemann SL, Sheboygan, 38, 47, 79, 133, 145, 152, 160, 172 Goeser, George, Menasha Goenel, Donna, Wesiby GoeMel, Fredzell, Westby, 16, 79, 167 Goldbeck, Ed, La Crosse Goodman, Constance, Stelsonville, 128 Goodsell, Celia, Drebeck, Minn., 127, 163 GoMschalk, Marjorie, 507 S. Main, Lake Mills, 80, 132, 135, 144 Grubinski, Robert, 1612 Winnebago 51., La Crosse Grade, Roy, 723 Park Ave., Pewaukee, 47, 141, 160, 167, 170, 180 Grady, Carol, 1324 S. 16th, La Crosse, 111, 142 Graf, George, 2120 Park Dr., La Crosse Graf, Jane, Tomuh, 80, 132, 144, 149, 178 Graham, Donna, Onoluska, 128 Grungaard, George, 2202 Markei, La Crosse Granke, Shirley, 1929 State, la Crosse, 80 Grail, Virginia, 2475 S. 6th 51., Milwaukee, 111, 132, 135 Graver, Ruth, 538 Grand Ave., Porl Washington, 80, 132, 135, 146, 176 Grebe, Rhoda, 1314 West Ave., la Crosse, 107, 135, 142 Green, Delrose, 2362 N. 44th 81., Milwaukee, 111 Green, Phyllis, Cazenovia, 80, 133, 142, 150, 158 Green, William, La Crosse Grode, William, 354 Oak $1., Menasha, 16, 143, 153 Gross, Shirley, Hillboro, 126 Groskopf, Sully, 1325 N. Park Ave., La Crosse, 155, 175 Groves, Hubert, Soldiers Grove Grub, Ardythe, 720 5. 41h 51., la Crosse Grunska, Gerald, 1730 Oneida $1., Applelon, 46, 112, 133, 135, 143 Guitzik, Joan, Independence Guinlher, Pauline, 2145 S. 96th, West Allis, 119, 140 Gullickson, Richard, 416 S. 2150, la Crosse Gullickson, Roland, Holman Gunderson, David, 1527 Avon, La Crosse, 112, 154, 158, 176 Gunning, Thomas, Eddyville, New York, 170 Gutzke, Rachel, 1128 Avon, la Crosse, 19 Guy, Isabel, R. 2, Sparta, 112, 155 H Hausa, Muriel, 1514 N. Morrison, Appleton, 120, 146, 149 Hubel, Raymond, Tomah Hockban, Beverly, 2541 Commercial Ave., Madison, 19, 138 Huddcd, Darlene, 1819 Market, la Crosse Haefner, Eugene, 2334 Loomis, la Crosse, 80, 159, 175 228 Wm. Doerflinger Co. "La Crossek Largest Home Owned Department S torw 229 Hafner, Gene, 1537 Den1on, la Crosse Haines, Lorraine, Dresback, Minn. Halaska, Bernard, 625 Cass, La Crosse, 157 Hulberg, Leland, 1810 Redfield, La Crosse, 176 Hall, Gene, 214 S. Irwin Ave., Green Bay, 16, 139 Halverson, Mariorie, 111., Black River Falls Hamele, Alice, 107 Pauque11e $1., Por1age Hamil1an, James, 1024 51. Paul, La Crosse Hamil1on, Larry, Galesville Hamil1on, Nancy, 2136 Marke1, La Crosse, 26, 112, 137, 144, 160, 173 Hamil1on, William, P. O. B. 594, New Glarus Hammes, Audrey, R1. 1, Norwalk Hankins, lean, 723 Windsor, la Crosse Hansberry, Michael, 436 S. Park, Richland Cen1er Hansen, Arne, Viroqua Hanson, Charlene, 509 N. 1111:, La Crosse, 123, 157, 170 Hanson, Doris 1., R1. 4, Bloomer Hanson, Janice, 917 Market, La Crosse, 172 Hanson, lila, Mindoro Hanson, Nancy, 1237 Jackson, lo Crosse, 81, 134, 158 Harris, Kelly, la Forge, 81 Hartley, Tom, Unil 28, Myrick Park Lane, La Crosse, 39 Hauser, Be11y, R1. 2, La Crosse, 81 Hayes, Wol1er, Spring Green, 81, 145, 152 Hazelhorsl, Joyce, 408 S. 22, La Crosse Heald, Margo, 727 S. 16111, La Crosse, 82 Heald, William, 727 S. 16111, La Crosse, 82, 145, 152 Hech1, lenore, 703-172 S. 111h, La Crosse Hedberg, Jean, 1740 S. 7151, Wesl Allis, 112, 140 Heimlich, Don, Uni1 57, Myrick Park lune, La Crosse Hei1man, Elizabeth, 1022 5. 71h, la Crosse, 142 Heling, Gerald, R1. 1, Shawano Helmer, Frederick, Milwaukee, 154 Hendrickson, Douglas, Holman Hendrickson, Joyce, Wes1by Henning, Elsie, 440 5. Church $1., Richland Cenler, 165 Henschel, Erwin, 717 Cass, La Crosse, 24 Herbrand, Audrey, 1203 Gran1, La Crosse, 120, 132, 146 Herling, Jerry, 934 Conklin PL, Madison Herman, Jeanne, Tharp, 127 Hermanson, Joan, Saynor, 82, 140 Herold Be11y, 51oddard, 107, 135, 157, 170 Hesselberg, Dean, Rockland Hesselberg, Ru1h, Box 213, Rockland, 157 Heusdens, Neil, 911 Elm, Racine Heyn, Lois, 1436 Union Ave., Sheboygan, 126, 148 Hibbard, George, 729 Walker, Lake Geneva, 120, 143 Higgins, Donna, R1. 4, Black River Falls, 124, 156 Highberg, Gayle, 418 S. 11, La Crosse, 123, 174 Highberg, Pu1ricia, 418 S. 11, la Crosse, 82, 155, 174 Hilgar1, Richard, Park Falls, 154 Higendorf, Doro1hy, R1. 1, Irma Hill, Mary, 908 Grand, Por1WashingIon, 121 Hinchcliffe, Richard, Kansasville, 112, 145 Hock, Merlin, Alma Hodge, lee, 28 Hodgson, Marie, 1113 Homer, Madison, 149 Hoegger, William, R1. 2, Sheboygan, 38 Hoesly, David, 1533 Kane, La Crosse Hoeuser, Rhoda, Foun1ain Ci1y Hoffman, Howard, La Crosse Hoffman, Howard P., 121 Grove, Sun Prairie Hoffman, Rober1, Norwalk, 112, 159 Hofslein, Carolynn, 1645 Barlow, La Crosse Hoiby, Beverly, 423 Sidney, Madison, 126 Holden, Barbara, Wisconsin Dells, 129 Holley, 8e11y, 356 S. 20111, lu Crosse Hollub, Ken, 1321 Georgia, Oshkosh, 17, 139, 153, 154 H011er, Jean, Wes1 Salem Honik, Paul, 2014 Wollmer, Mani1owoc Hoogenhous, Jerry, 2002 Kane, la Crosse Hopkins, Daniel, Milwaukee 230 01h $215 Eager We don? aim to make the most beer,- only the best. HEILEMAN ,S 013 Stglg Eager G. Heileman Brewing Company LA CROSSE, WISCONSIN Horle, Reid, 624 4th Ave., West Bend, 112, 143, 169, 176 Harman, Barbara, Onalasku, 175 Hosey, Verna, lake Mills Houlihan, Robert, 704 Farnam, la Crosse Howe, Doris, 1616 Charles, La Crosse, 142, 165 Howe, Betty, 404 S. 151h, La Crosse Hubbard, Doris, Durand, 82, I55, 176 Huber, Charles, 2111 Grandview, la Crosse, 38, 123 Hubley, Raymond, Trempeuleau Huegel, John, Mldison, 32, 82 Humphrey, Glynn, 801 Villa, Racine, 32, 47, 141 Huntington, Gene, Genoa Husahl, Janice, Box 196, West Salem Hutson, Philip, 216 5. 22nd, La Crosse Irish, Donna, 537 E. Brown, Wuupun lsdebski, Phyllis, 506 5. Mine, Bessemer, 121, 146, 149, 164 human, John, 7336 38111 Ave., Kenosha, 83, 173 Isleb, Douglas, 2169 N. 55111, Milwaukee J Jacobs, Marilyn, 1250 Prospect Wisconsin Rapids Jacobson, Merle, Augus'a, 83, 137, 145 James, Dave, 400 E. Mont, Sperm, 83, 145 Junsky, Rollin, 1231 Johnson, La Crosse Janswold, Walter, 103 Highland, Westby Jasiorkowski, Audrey, 1306 S. 1911!, Milwaukee, 112, 132, 134, 144, 148, 160 Jehlen, Peler, 1316 Marke1, la Crosse, 128 Jenks, Vaughn, Gulesville Jensen, Dorothy, Oszeola, 124 Jensen, Lee, 1112 S. Grandad Ted., La Crosse, 39, 112, 137 Jensvold, Wal1er, WesIby, 166 Johnson, Alberta, 130-172 Charles, la Crosse, 112, 135, 142 Johnson, Berniece, 1016 E. Dayton, Madison Johnson, Beverly, 525 Kane, La Crosse, 126 Johnson, Einer, 1614-1l2 Badger, la Crosse, 152 Johnson, Elverda, Wes1 Salem, 156 Johnson, Glenn, 1907 Denton, la Crosse Johnson, James, 1720 Mississippi, la Crosse Johnson, Jerry, 134 Grove, Evansville, 83 Johnson, Joan, Boyceville, 84, 144, 164 Johnson, Joyce, 1308-1l2 Charles, La Crosse, 142 Johnson, leon, Eagle River, 10, 46, 84, 145 Johnson, Lois, 1228 Isabelle Ave., Racine, 119, 144, 149, 151, 160 Johnson, Mary June, 819 Michigan Ave., North Fond du lac, 128 Johnson, Richard, 1047 Redfield, la Crosse Johnson, Russell, 1719 Badger, la Crosse Johnson, Zelda, 916 Division, La Crosse, 157, 172 Jones, Donu Rae, 216 5. James, Waukesha, 128 Jones, Herbert, 507 Division, Mausfon Jones, Mary, Mindoro, 84, 157 Jorgenson, Don, 419 5. Franklin, Junesville, 125, 170 Julian, Shirley, Maiden Rock, 112, 144, 176 Justen, Lawrence, 101 E. 151, Fond du Lac, 113, 173 Justus, James, 527 Roberl, Fort Atkinson, 17, 38, 107, 145 K Kaestner, John, Milwaukee Kailhofer, Robe", P. O. 57, Seymour, 84, 145 Kampschorer, Roger, 302 N. 20, la Crosse, 166 Kuniess, Gerhard, Box 36, Kewaskum, 47, 84, 145, 175 Kurker, Bernhard, Washburn, 84 Xas1en, Audrey, 409 101h 51., Bamboo, 121, 170, 178 232 J51! $365 I? ffixes yoaf SEVEN-UP BOTTLING C O M P A N Y of LA CROSSE 525 West Avenue North Phone 2-1060 C 8 D Restaurant MEALS AT ALL HOURS Phone 2-8638 507 Main La Crosse, Wisconsin Jos. Miller Co. WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS Since 1 899 La Crosse, Wisconsin YOUR CAB CALL 2-7100 Checker Cab Co. Sanitary Barber Shop Across from the Campus On State Street Phone 2-0518 Hilton PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY 205 South 4th Street Phone 2-1466 La Crosse, Wisconsin Miller1s LADIES' READY-TO-WEAR 423 Main Phone 2-6670 la Crosse, Wisconsin KienaHs F L O W E R S H O P Fifth and Main Street Phone 2-1253 La Crosse, Wisconsin The Gift Box AND MOORE'S BOOK SHOP 503 Main Kavanuugh, Bernadine, 2011 S. 2151 P1,, la Crosse Keeler, Ray, 519 S. 16, La Crosse Kellesuig, John, 300 E. Main, M1. Horeb, 125 Kelly, AnneNe, la Crescent, 128 Kemp, Charles, 111. 1, Spark: Kempf, Leland, 2433 Uphcm, Madison, 125 Kerr, Carol, Box 202, North Prairie, 125 Kilday, Mavis, 1031 W. Center 51., Milwaukee, 122, 140 Kime, Robert, 815-1l2 Marquette, Racine, 17, 47 King, James, Mazomanie Kirk, Wayne, 7209 381h Ave., Kenosha, 47, 85 Kikerow, Donna, 1012 S. 13, Munitowoc, 138, 170 Kitzerow, Fay Ann, 435 W. Richmond, Columbus, 126, 158, 170 Klechowitz, Mary, 2225 W. Goldcresl Ave., Milwaukee, 127 Klinger, Joyce, 123 College Slreet, Waterlown, 113, 140 Klossner, Belly, Medford, 128 Knapton, William, 1610 Main, Bloomer, 32, 34, 46, 141, 153 Knispel, John, 406 101h $1., Waterlown, 15, 16, 33 46, ,85, 139, 152 Knoble, Durold, Barnum Knudson, Donna, Box 393, West Salem, 85, 157 Knudsen, Ted, 1220 5. 41b, La Crosse, 24 Koba, Roben, Trempealeau Koch, Ado, Boaz, Koch, Edward, 665 51h, Prairie du Soc, 113 Kochinski, Joanne, Tomuh, 113, 138, 148, 167, 178 Kocum, Conslance, Blair, 126 Koeck, Joyce, 25 S. Main, Mcyville, 85 Koeppe, Richard, 2546 S. 17th, La Crosse, 24, 38, 121, 154 Koeppen, Glenroy, SI. Nazianz Koerner, Roberl, 3539 N. Maryland, Milwaukee Kohlbeck, Gerald, 425 N. 101b, Manilowoc, 124 Kohnert, Elnor, R1. 1, Melrose, 120, 155 Koopmun, Serena, West Salem, 86, 157 Koplin, June, 105 North 51., Lake Mills, 113 Koppen, Barbara, Buffalo Center, Iowa, 86, 138 Kopplin, Arlene, Green lake, 121, 149 Koser, Ca1her1ne, Helenville, 86 Kosoy, Jacob, 363 Carroll Ave., 51. Paul, 123 Ko1inek, Margarel, 1506 Island, La Crosse, 157, 170 Kraus, Roger, 1702 Adams, la Crosse Krause, Robert, 1931 Winnebago, La Crosse, 127 Krech, John, Portage, 15, 113, 143 Kriesel, Doris, Trempealeau, 127, 173 Kroeger, David, 926 11th 81., Beloil Kroner, Raymond, 2502 Cass 51., La Crosse, 86, 145 Kroner, Russel, 310 N. 11th $1., La Crosse, 113 Krubsuck, Lois, R1. 3, Birnumwood, 164 Krueger, R110, 315 losey'Blvdn la Crosse, 86 Kuhn, Dan, Rockfield, 141, 153 Kuschel, Mary, 2103 loomis, la Crosse, 86, 138 L La Borde, Wayne, 187 E. 101h $1,, Fond du Lac, 47, 87, 145, 153 Lagerman, Robert, Delafield, 38, 113, 133, 135, 143, 148, 151, 153 la luzerne, Palricia, 1118 Dousmcn, Green Bay, 173 Lamke, James, Highland, 154 Landry, Janet, 817 Broadway, Wisconsin Dells, 128, 158, 163, 164 Long, Robert, 1901 Rublee, la Crosse lange, Leah, Bangor Lapham, Eileen, Caledonia, Minn., 113, 146, 155, 178 lapilz, Ted, 1229 State 51., La Crosse Lu Pointe, C. Fred, 503 S. Minneso'a, Prairie du Chien, 113, 165 larin, Louis, Mexico D. F., Mex. larsen, Carol, Evansville larsen, Sheryl, 101 Doire Rd., Cheiek, 132, 146 Larsen, Alden, Hixton, 113 Larson, Barbara, 415 S. 19th, la Crosse, 113, 144 larson, Donald, N. Fond du Lac larson, Grace, 228 17th Place, La Crosse Larson, James, Gulesville 234 Trane Manufacturing Engineers of HEATING VENTILATING AND AIR CONDITIONED EQUIPMENT The Trane Co. la Crosse, Wisconsin Howards Clothes for Men 1 12 South 4th Street Glynn Cremer Certified Gemologist and Registered Jeweler American Gem Society Fantle1s 5th Avenue FAMOUS FOR FASHIONS SmitHs Pharmacy PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS 1908-10 Campbell Road P 0 W Washerette FAST, ECONOMICAL LAUNDRY SERVICE 603 Main Street WKBH 1410 On Your Dial NBC Leath and Co. HOME FURNISHERS 207-209 51h Avenue South La Crosse, Wisconsin Ruth1s Flowers Phone 4-5066 715 State larson, Nellyann, R.R., Fort Atkinson, 121, 178 Larson, Richard, 415 S. 19111, La Crosse, 164 latshaw, George, 814 logan 51., La Crosse Laxland, Doris, 1251 S. 17111, La Crosse lea, Byrn, 2148 Jackson, La Crosse, 87 Le Barron, Richard, 408 N. 22nd, La Crosse, 127 Lechnur, Richard, Eas1man lechnir, Robe", R1. 1, Wuuzeka, 123, 164 Lee, Arnold, 425 S1. Main, Viroquu Lee, Ches1er, 425 S. Main, Viroqua, 26, 145 lee, Merlyn, 415 E. Fores1 Ave., Neenah, 38 Lee, Mildred, 1. 1, Box 138, Wesl Salem, 156 Lee, William, Mellen leeflink, Ru1h, Moun1ain, 114, 149 Lehmann, Eleanor, 350 S. 20111, La Crosse, 123, 175 Lehmeier, Jerry, M1. Rd. 42, La Crosse, 143 Lehrer, Rosemary, 212 Jackson, Springfield, Minn., 120, 146, 149, 161, 173 Lehrmann, Charles, 1016 N. Chicago Ave., 5. Milwaukee, 124 Leigh, Verde, R. 1, Muus1on, 164 leigMon, Richard, Sheboygan Falls, 47, 152 leilerman, Richard, Denmark LeMoine, Edy1he, 46 Myrick Park Lane, La Crosse Le Moine, Linford, 46 Myrick Park lane, La Crosse lenz, Mabel, 1421 lenz CL, Sheboygan, 37, 87, 132, 134, 138, 147, 174 Lepke, Louunn, Chaseburg, 175 lepley, Glenn, Viola, 114, 143, 159 Levenhagen, Ted, 2225 W. Gr. Ave., Wes1 Allis, 17, 139 Lewinski, 8e11y, 1816 Madison, la Crosse, 28 Lewis, Earl, 1743 Pine, La Crosse lewis, Marlin, R1. 4, Richland Cen1er, 126, 164 Lewison, 8e11y, Box 481, Melrose, 127, 157 Linse, Robe", 2224 Park Drive, la Crosse, 114, 134, 159, 165, 170 Long, John, 729 Penn, S1urgeon Buy Loomis, Ace, Merrillan, 16, 30, 32, 34, 35, 47, 87, 133, 141, 152 Losby, Florence, 218 N. K 51., Spar1u, 123, 155, 174 Loughlin, Charles, Bangor Love, Alber1, 1920 Farnam, la Crosse Loverude, Pu1ricia, 507 Mary 51., Beaver Dam Lowe, Hazel, Whi1ehall Lucey, Kalhleen, Ferryville Lund, Ru1h, 806 5. 8111, La Crosse, 28, 129, 165, 173 Lundberg, Raymond, 1808 S. 2151, La Crosse, 124, 167 Lus1ig, Arlene, 4009 S. 3rd 51., Milwaukee, 88, 144, 161 Lu11ig, Chris1ina, Richland Cen1er Lyga, Paul, 1610 Madison, la Crosse lysdahl, Birdelle, Owen Mc MC Closkey, Paul, Rocky Arbor Cabins, Wisconsin Dells Mc Comb, Jess, 822 Cen1ral Ave., Spark: Mc Cown, Richard, 1627 Charles 51., la Crosse Mc Coy, Margare1, R1. 2, Spur1u, 88, 134, 142, 158 M: Cumber, Duane, Uni15, 1611: and Vine, La Crosse, 88, 145 M: Eldowney, Russell, Wes1 Salem, 32, 35, 44, 88, 147 M: Garry, Enid, 628 E. Cour1 S1., Viroqua Mc Kenna, Ralph, 209 W. Main, Evansville, 107, 145, 169 Mc Mullin, Idonis, 629 Monroe 51., Spam: M Macba1ka, Roberl, Highland Mac Donald, Maxine, 927 Superior 51., Amigo, 113, 144, 170 Macho1ka, Robe", Highland Machovec, Darlene, R. 1, Hillsboro, 126, 156 Madden, John, 950 Clarence 0., Madison, 16, 33, 114, 139 Magnussen, Donald, 520 5111 Ave., Janesville Maley, Lean, Maus1on Molnar, Delores, Box 7, Willard, 126 Mannebuck, Donald, 419 Auduben Road, Kohler, 33, 47, 152 Marcus, lucille, 127 N. 81h, Onalaska Marcus, Roy, 127 N. 81h Ave., Onalaska Marking, Geneva, Holman, 88, 134, 142, 149, 158, 178 Marquard1, Joyce, 415-1l2 51h Ave., Amigo, 88, 140 236 Pitznefs Clean - Clothes Cleaner 12! North 7th Street Berg PAINT 8: WALLPAPER CO. 539 Main Street Phone 2-8530 La Crosse, Wisconsin Hollywood and 5th Avenue THEATRES Penneyk IN LA CROSSE "Your Friendly Store" Quinn Sport Shop 607 Main Complete Line Athletic Clothes and Equipment 'WlN WITH QUINN" HY... PHBHSHINH EHMPHNY 12$ P R I N T E R S for the 1951 La Crosse Imwfmmn WISINSIN HHIHS Marsh, Hugh, Phillips Marlin, Jack, 727 3rd 51., Hudson, 88 Martin, Joan, 120 Main 51., Milton Jet, 138 Multsen, Carol, 2726-3. So. 13th $1., Milwaukee, 114, 173 Malzinger, Richard, 513 Pine 51., Sparta, 129 Mau, Patricio, Wesl Salem, 89 Maule, Henry, Whitehall, 114, 143, I53, 159 Mayer, Wesley, 11 Wes! $1., Edgerton, 24, 39, 127 Mayo, Bill, Unit 13, 16th and Vine, La Crosse Melhorn, Frances, 333 Washington, Bamboo, 122 Meiller, Clydellu, Baraboo, 89 Meiler, Roy, Mazomanie, 90, 134, 158 Meisler, Joan, R. 1, Box 52, Bagley, 156 Mekelburg, Donald, 11.11. 1, Johnson Creek Melby, LaVonne, 1228 SluIe, La Crosse, 138 Melby, Phyllis, 1228 Stale, La Crosse, 89, 138, 147, 148, 170 Mercer, BeHy, Box 725, Detroit Lakes, Minn., 114 140, 150 Menell, James, Lake City, Minn., 114 Messerschmidt, JoAnn, 909 Main 51., Jefferson, 121 Methum, Dale, 502 N. Rock 51., Viroqua Meyer, Bruce, 5601 Arbutus, Greendule, 124 Meyer, Doris, 223 N. 201b, La Crosse Meyer, James, 2037 Liberty 51., La Crosse, 90 Meyer, John, 518 5. 41h 51., la Crosse Meyer, Robert, 2037 Liberly 51., la Crosse, 90 Meyers, Rosemary, 814 Kane 51., La Crosse Mezera, Elizabeth, Box 37, Bridgeport, 157 Miers, Richard, 11.11. 3, Warrens Miller, Ches1er, 413 Washington Ave., Stevens Point, 123 Miller, Clara Mae, 11.11. 1, Rockfield, 121, 144, 176 Miller, leon, 231 1711! Place, la Crosse Miller, Mary, 121 linden Drive, Fairmont, Minn., 129, 174 Miller, Roberi, Two Rivers, 154 Miller, Slanley, 215 N. 11th 51., La Crosse, 47, 90, 145, 152 Miller, Wanda, Shell Lake, 128 MitchelI, Larry, Wiion, 46, 90, 153, 159 Modahl, Tonya, 815 S. 20111 51., La Crosse, 163 Moe, Riia, Warrens, 90, 155 Moen, Robert, Housion, Minn. Mollcnd, De $010 Molstud, Marie, R. 2, Sparla, 114, 140 Moller, Ivan, Cedar Grove, 91 Moore, James, Star RL, Wes! Salem Moran, David, 1534 Park Ave., La Crosse Moran, Mary, 1534 Park Ave., La Crosse Morash, Joanne, 1224 Hccke" $1., Beloil, 127, 150 Morelond, Iron River Moroni, Ted, Log Wells, Iron Mountain, Mich., 46, 141 Morton, Audrey, R. 3, Box 276, Kenosha, 91, 146, 150, 157, 174 Mosher, Jorella, 615 50. Rush 51., Viroquu, 114 Mossholder, Dorolhy, Wes1by Moulis, Gloria, 2219 West Ave., 50., La Crosse, 91 Muldrow, Lewis, 140 So. 111h 51., La Crosse, 124 Munson, Olene, R1. 1, Ferryville Munster, Calherine, 433 So. 191h 51., La Crosse Murphy, Dean, 1925 Main, La Crosse, 126, 163, 165, 173 Mu1h, Eileen, 2289 Aver Park, Pewaukee, 26, 144 Myers, James, 240 East 11th $1., Fond du Lac, 125 N Nuss, Robert, Box 188, Muyville, 16, 114, 139, 152 Navis, Orland, Union Ave., Cedar Grove, 47, 91, 141 Nelson, Carol, Racine, 115, 146 Nelson, Ronald, 336 50. 22nd 51., La Crosse, 120 Nenadich, Mary, 214 15151., 50. West, Chisholm, Minn., 26, 115, 149 Nepper, Roberl, 902 Cedar Ave., Iron Mountain, Mich., 121, 141 Ness, Gordon, Unit 16, 16th and Vine, La Crosse, 115, 170 Ness, Merrill, 220 N. 91h, La Crosse Neuhaus, Rose, Neillsville, 92 Neumann, Richard, 714 Powell 51., La Crosse 238 Lieder Lumber and Coal Co. 820 N. 3rd Street Phone 2-4288 Compliments of Yellow Cab Co. THE BEST COSTS NO MORE AT Hotel Linker L. E. Barnes, Manager Dining Room Service The Most Delectable Food in Town EAT Sunbeam Bread FOR GOOD FOOD Bodega Lunch Club La Crosse Paper and Box Co. 106-108 Pearl Street La Crosse, Wisconsin Quality : Service : Satisfaction Peterson Hardware Hardware - Paints - Household Supplies - Sporting Goods 1916 Campbell Road Compliments of A115 Pure Oil Station 1810 State Phone 2-0642 S 81 H Sport Shop ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT For Men and Women 325 Main Phone 4-1408 Neuville, Roberl, R. 1, Neenuh Niebeling, Eugene, Brownsville, Minn., 115, 159 Niquene, Mary, New Holstein, 92, 138 Niquette, Paul, New Holstein Noe, Edward, 2146 Hyde Ave., la Crosse Noffke, Glen, 1012 So. 91h 51., la Crosse Noonan, Raymond, Elroy, 92 Nordin, Avanelle, R. 4, Viroqua, 165 Nundahl, Merlin, Viroquu, 125 NUHer, lorry 710 James 51. 0 Cakes, Shirley, 1521 Hammond, Superior, 115 O'Conner, Gene, Houslon, Minn. Odo, Kenneth, 47 Calif. Ave., Wahiawu, Hawaii Odo, Ray, 47 Calif. Ave., Wahiawu, Hawaii Odegaard, Charles, 730 Highland, Beloit, 48, 115, 137, 152, 160, 168, 178 Oelke, Glenn, Main 51., Cornell, 16, 115, 152 Okey, Lynn, Cussville Oldenburg, Doug, 202 S. 24th 81., la Crosse Oliver, Arlene, 2319 la Crosse 51., La Crosse Olsen, Joyce, 5035 S. 271h 51., Milwaukee, 115, 132, 140, 149 Olson, Borghild, 922 Mississippi, la Crosse, 107, 135, 157 Olson, Edwin, 437 Harvey Dr., Racine, 16, 30, 33, 34, 35, 92, 143 Olson, Gene, Holman Olson, Gloria, 1929 Rooseveh Ave., Beloif, 124, 165 Olson, Herbert, Racine, 143 Olson, Inga, 1300 W. Ave. 50., La Crosse OIson, Irene, La Crescent, Minn. Olson, Lois, 1107 Emery 51., Eau Claire, 92, 132, 134, 144 Olson, Marilyn, Box 242, Holman, 128 Olson, Phillip, 1300 Wen Ave. 50., La Crosse Olson, Richard, 106 So. W01er $1., Reedsburg, 125 Olson, Richard W., Lu Crescenl, Minn. 159 Omduhl, Muriel, Mabel, Minn. Opal, Shirley, 1115 81h 51., Wausau, 120, 146 Oppegaard, John, Blair, 92, 156, 164 Orvis, Eleanor, 1524 Grange Ave., Racine, 37, 93, 147, 150, 176 OHerson, Sidney, Unil 59, Myrick Park Lane, La Crosse Ovimene, Charles, Unit 53, Myrick Park Lane, La Crosse Owen, Sully, 428 Birdsey 51., Columbus, 128, 149, 174 p Pack, Everett, 932-172 lansing Ave., Austin, Minn., 39, 115, 143, 152 Palen, Charles, 500 Pearl 51., Spana, 93 Palmquisl, Patricia, 1110 Stale 51., La Crosse, 165, 170 Parr, Mervin, La Forge, 126 Pauley, Virginia, 1831 S. 5151Ave., Cicero,111., 93, 132, 134, 140 Puulson, lloyd, 1714 Wis. Ave., Sheboygun, 172 Paulson, Rober1, 751 3rd 51., N.W., Chisholm, Minn., 93 Paulz, Eugene, Two Rivers Pcvelski, Joan, 618 Cochrave 51., Eau Claire Payne, Kathryn, 741 E. Broadway, Waukesha, 44, 115, 140 Paynter, Mary, 113 Norlh 51h 51., Madison, 94 Peacock, Don, 1017 Division, La Crosse, 128 Pederson, Margaret, $1619 Rd., R. 1, la Crosse, 94, 143, 155 Pederson, Mervin, Viola, 126 Pederson, Shirley, Viola, 26, 115, 138 Peiterson, Merton, La Crosse Peregrine, Dick, 319 N. 76111, Milwaukee, 46 Perso, Gretchen, 1903 Kane, la Crosse, 115, 134, 142 Pashak, Robe", 1911 Adams 51., La Crosse Pe'ersen, Ruth, 7550 151h Ave., Kenoshu, 116 Pelerson, Barbara, 226 5. 24m, to Crosse Peferson, Beatrice, 211 High 51., Chippewa Falls, 125 Peterson, Dale, R. 2, Denmark, 46, 94, 145 Pe1erson, Donna, 105 Hillside $1., Weslby, 129 Pe1erson, Gloria, 110 No. 191h 51., La Crosse, 94, 132, 135, 174 240 GOOD TASTE any time, any place la Crosse Breweries, Inc. lo Crosse, Wis. Barron1s "A Pleasant Place To Shop" la Crosse's Finest Jewelry Store Cortlancrs Warranted Perfect Diamonds Bulova, Elgin, Gruen Watches 510 Main CORRECT CAMPUS SHOES Arenz 323-325 Pearl Young1s Dairy Pasteurized Dairy Products Phone 2-7744 Compliments of Adam Kroner Co. 319-321 Pearl Sargent Builders Hardware For Good Photographs Norris-Kopetsky 107 Fifth Avenue North S 81 L Department Store 504 Main Street Peferson, 1.015, 619 W. Decker, Viroquu, 142 Peterson, Russell, 110 N. 19111 51., La Crosse, 47, 121, 155, 170, 174 Pfuff, Thomas, Mindoro Phillips, Dean, Black River Falls Pickering, Robert, Plainfield Pierrard, Kenne'h, Kennan Pierringer, Carol, 137 E. Cleveland 51., For! Wcshinglon, 94, 156 Pike, Robert, 101 8. Academy 51., Janesville, 119 P1111, Willis, 341 3rd Ave. 50., Wisconsin Rapids Ping, Ray, 525 losey Blvd., North La Crosse, 38 Pingel, Earl, Medina, 47, 94, 141, 153, 154 Pinke, Ruih, 110 Main 51.,lake Mills, 129 PiIzner, Joan, 752 Hillview Ave., la Crosse, 142 Plan, Lois, 1015 Bowman Rd., Wisconsin Dells, 116, 142, 149, 155 Pleckinger, Joe, Wausakee, 33, 154, 158 Pollack, Patricia, 225 W. Main, Waukeshu, 95, 132, 140, 149, 150, 161 Polforuk, Natalie, 2200 Richland Ave., Lakewood, Ohio, 128 Pope, Andy, 216-174 W. Ave., No., la Crosse Popenfus, John, 208 Glendale Ave., Tomah, 167 Polterhn, Kenneth, 2006 50. 89th 51., Wes? Allis, 139, 152, 154 Pound, Joyce, 507 NO. Granklin, Waupuca, 149 Pouxar, Richard, 1512 S. 8111 $1., La Crosse Preuss, Walter, 11.11. 2, Elroy, 123, 164 Primeou, Don, Colby, 120 Psarros, James, 333 N. 11111, La Crosse Pulda, Alma, Wauzeka, 127, 156 Pulver, Don, S1oddard Pusch, Nedru, 1703 W. Sumner 51., Hartford, 116, 140 Pulru, Florence, 1811 Clark 51., Racine, 95, 146 R005, Glenda, Shell lake, 127 Rader, John, 325 S. 2411! 51., La Crosse Radde, Richard, Box 577, Cambridge, 127 Rakasany, Jacqueline, 1802 45th 51., Kenosha, 125 Ramlet, John, 1420 Madison 51., la Crosse, 127 Ramsay, Lois, 1625 River 51., Niagara, 116 Ramsey, Margarel, 759 N. 23rd, La Crosse, 116, 146 Rank, Benjamin, Unit 4, 16111 and Vine, La Crosse, 116 Ranzenberger, Ruth, Caledonia, Minn. Rasmussen, John, 619 W. Main, Sparta, 128 Rasmussen, Muriel, 1635 Main, La Crosse, 95 Rathburn, Laurel, 929 Delerville, Green Bay, 95, 138, 160 Rothburn, Mary, 513 Cass 51., La Crosse, 129, 165 Reed, William, 314 S. Cenler $1., Viroqua Reedy, Ervin, 38 Myrick Park Lane, La Crosse, 96, 134, 157 Regnier, Suzanne, 2307 State 51., La Crosse, 144 Rehwinkel, Elaine, 626 80. Park Ave., Oshkosh, 96, 146, 164, 175, 178 Renner, Theodora, 2114 S. 13th 51., La Crosse Retzlaff, Roger, 725 Pine, Sheboygun Falls, 46, 116, 143, 153 Reuschlein, Phil, 616 Chestnu1$1., Burlington, 12, 16, 116, 139, 152, 154 Reynolds, Lloyd, Unit 6, La Crosse, 16, 96, 134, 141, 153 Richardson, Douglas, 1616 King 51., La Crosse Richason, Nelson, Blue River, 121 Richter, Arthur, 1417 Erie Ave., Sheboygan, 30, 32, 34, 35, 141 Richier, Robert, 1429 Erie Ave., Sheboygan, 39, 119, 141 Richtman, Neal, 3203 Losey Blvd., 5., La Crosse, 96 Rick, Marilyn, 2202 So. 1511! PL, La Crosse, 138 Ridgewuy, Joyce, 1502 Hyde Ave., la Crosse, 123, 156, 170 Riley, Frances, 422 W. Burns, Portage Riley, Walter, 506 E. Franklin, Sparta Riley, William, Fox Lake Ringquisl, Joyce, 724 S. 201h 51., La Crosse, 138 Ripple, Kenneth, Unit 56, Myrick- Park, La Crosse, 16, 116 RiNer, Robe", 1314 S. 20111, La Crosse Robertson, Carola, Rock Falls Robertson, Joan, 918 S. From $1., La Crosse Roehelt, June, 1427 Mississippl, La Crosse Terminal Express T RAN 5 FE R 311 N. 3rd 51., La Crasse Compliments of Welch Radio AND APPLIANCE SERVICE 1918-1920 Campbell Road Dial 2-0891 Tillman Bros. 116 S. 4th Phone 2-6313 A STORE FOR JUST MEN Mader Men1s Wear South 4th at Pearl L A C R O S S E AMUSEMENT CO. Edwin Schwalbe, General Manager Operating the RIVOLI : RIVIERA WISCONSIN . STRAND THEATRES Lund1s Flowers For All Occasions Dial 2-8541 G 82 B Coffee Shop Best Coffee in Town Meet and Eat at - G 8 B 601 Main Modern Laundry and Cleaning Company 212-218 51h Avenue South Dial 2-4484 Rodeghier, Calvin, 151 6th 51. 5., Wisconsin Rapids, 96, 145 Rogers, Charles, Wonewoc, 126 Rogers, Lorena, 606 N. 2nd 51., New Richmond, 122 Rogsiad, Nancy, 2112 Main St., La Crosse, 138 Rohlok, Donald, la Crescent, 125 Roiahn, Gordon, 1137 Tyler 51., la Crosse, 38 Roland, Robert, 1012 Division St, 'New London, 121 Rosandich, Thomas, 436 Jefferson 51., Sheboygan Falls Rose, June, 136 Clark 51., Reedsburg, 122 Rose, Philip, 2416 Monona Drive, Madison, 173 Roska, Bernice, 110 E. Grand Ave., Port Washington, 121 Roth, Frieda, Zeeland, North Dakota R0111, Robe", 1209 Charles, la Crosse, 119, 155, 172 Rowan, Luella, Sparta, 156 Rubisch, Robert, Thorp, 141 Rudy, Norbert, 47 Myrick Park Lane, La Crosse, 96, 134 Ruedy, Jean, R.R. 4, Sparta 97, 156 Rumsey, Bea, 307 E. Broadway, Viroqua, 116 Ryder, Richard, Trempealeou, 127 S Sunken, Duane, Unil 60 Myrick Park Lane, La Crosse, 16, 152 Sallander, Gloria, Route 2, De $010, 97, 157 Sulquist, Gayle, Spooner, 125 Salter, Bruce, 52 Myrick Park Lane, La Crosse, 141, 152 Sampson, Lyle, 1003 Zeisler, La Crosse, 122 Sanwick, Norris, Viroqua Suuer, Gerald, 242 E. James 51., Columbus, 97, 145 Savagian, Michael, 810 Milwaukee Ave., South Milwaukee, 16, 116, 139 Sawall, Dolores, 298 Ellis 51., Fond du Lac, 125 Sayner, Shirley, 1706 Madison 51., La Crosse, 164 ScarriH, Sue, 325 N. Commonwealih, Elgin, III., 116, 144 Schaller, Mary, 53 N. Main., Hartford, 48, 97, 120, 140 Schaller, Warren, p. 153 Scharns, William, Green Acres, La Crosse Schunke, Charles, Kendall Scharper, Carol, 1424 S. 13th, La Crosse Schauf, Man, Bangor Scheel, Beverly, 11.11. 5, Chippewa Falls, 120, 140, 160 Schell, Neil, Norwalk, 98, 159 Schendel, Wilmena, Kendall, 96, 142 Scheurell, John, 115 Columbus 51., Manilowoc Schick, John, 1521-172 Charles 51., La Crosse, 159, 163 Schick, Russell, 1621-1l2 Charles 51., la Crosse Schild, Richard, 1409 Travis 51., La Crosse, 38, 128 Schiltz, Mi1du, Box 111, Caledonia, Minn., 126, 165, 170, 173 Schalback, William, 132 S. 16th $1., La Crosse Schleis, Claude, Denmark Schmalfz, Dwayne, 37 Myrick Park lane, La Crosse Schmallz, Jeannine, R. 1, Onalaska, 129, 165 SchmaHz, Lois, East Main, Onalaska, 117, 135, 142, 165 Schmalz, Greeta, 1221 Hollisfer Ave., Tomah, 155 Schmidl, Jerome, 690 De Pere Sh, Menusha, 125 Schmidt, Richard, 2472 N. 64th, Wauwatosa, 117 Schmid", Elaine, Box 106, Steuben, 157 Schmitz, John, 926-1l2 Farnum, La Crosse, 98 Schneider, Gene, 2011 N. 11th 51., Sheboygan, 38, 98, 145 Schneider, Knule, 2317 Winnebago, La Crosse Schneider, Wallace, Milwaukee Schnell, John, 1743 Pine, La Crosse Schnur, Joanne, 617 Elm 51., Black River Falls, 124 Schoberf, Elaine, 2488 N. Borne", Milwaukee, 117, 138, 178 Scholl, Mary, 737 Munitowoc $1., Menasha, 140 Schroeder, Donna Rue, 11.11. 2, Bangor Schroeder, Fredrick, R.R. 1, Pine River, 38, 124 Schroer, Ronald, 515 50. 91h St, La Crosse Schubiger, Mary, 903 $1. Mary's Ave., Junesville, 26, 120, 146, 155, 173 Schultz, Audrey, 915 50 8111 51., la Crosse 244 BROCK ENGRAVING COMPANY ENGRAVERS FOR 1951 LA CROSSE 115 South Carroll Street Madison, Wisconsin Dolly Madison QUALITY CHECK'D DAIRY PRODUCTS Dial 4-4417 WLCX 1490 ON THE DIAL 11That Leading Station" Neubauefs Dolls, Toys, Candies, Sodas, Cigars, and Novelties 605 Main Street When Down Town EAT AT THE Harmony 3rd and State Your Headquarters for RCA4VICTOR Radios, Victrolas and Records Leithold Piano Co. 221 -223 Main Street Largest Stock of Records and Sheet Music Schultz, Gordon, 1223 50. 17th 51., Milwaukee Schultz, Margaret, 913 So. 2nd, La Crosse Schultz, Philip, 913 So. 2nd, La Crosse Schultz, William, 340 S. 24th, La Crosse Schultz, William P., 11.11. 1, La Crosse Schulz, Henry, Wonewoc, 17, 117, 143, 159 Schumann, John, 44 Myrick Park Lane, La Crosse, 30, 32, 35, 46, 98, 143 Schunenhelm, Phyllis, 1453 Wood 51., La Crosse, 98 Schwartz, Irwin, Munitowoc Secrisl, Richard, 921 East Ave., La Crosse Seger, Dorothy, Clinton, 120, 132, 164 Seielstad, Edward, 1933 Main 51., la Crosse Selden, Thacker, 3401 No. 151 51., Milwaukee Selleck, Ruth, 307 50. 215151., La Crosse, 99, 134, 137, 142, 158 Selmikeit, Arthur, 444 3rd 51., Har'ford, 125, 174 Selmo, Rosemary, 1704 George 51., La Crosse Senn, Charles, 2131 Market St, La Crosse Senstad, Glen, 1808 Cameron $1., La Crosse, 99 Servais, William, R. 1, La Crosse Severson, Gloria, Box 52, Galesville, 44, 124, 158, 165 Show, James, 520 S. 7th, La Crosse Sherry, Phillip, Soldiers Grove, 159 Sherwood, John, Unit 45, Myrick Park Lane, La Crosse Shillings, Algar, 315 N. 24th 51., La Crosse Shales, Thomas, 1221 Jackson, La Crosse Sickles, Joan, 425 50. Monroe, Green Bay Seiber, Mary Grace, 237 So. 23rd, La Crosse Siegerl, Marion, 830 Geele Ave., Sheboygan, 119, 144, 174 Sigrisl, Orville, Unit 14, 16th and Vine, La Crosse, 121 Silbaugh, Ivan, 306 Kingston CL, La Crosse, 99, 159 Silbaugh, Ivonne, 1917 Madison 51., La Crosse, 99, 146, 174 Silbaugh, Nila, 306 Kingston 51., La Crosse, 174 Silberman, Howard, 2015 Johnson, La Crosse, 44, 163, 174 Simon, Roberta, R. 3, Gleason, 132 Simons, Lawrence, 1101 50. 13th 51., La Crosse, 173 Simonlon, Harold, 5800 N. 39th 51., Milwaukee, 38, 117, 143, 151, 153, 160, 178 Sinninger, Mary, 1308 80. 16h 51., la Crosse, 122 Skemp, Eileen, 1022 Division $1., La Crosse Skemp, Margaret, 2506 Cass 51., La Crosse Skinner, Wilbur, 212 So. Genoa, Genoa, Ill., 16, 32 Skagen, Beverly, 120 50. 3rd, Onalaska, 100, 134, 138, 165 Skogen, Carol, 120 50. 3rd, Onaluska Slaby, James, 528 Mill $1., Algoma, 100 Slaby, Proxy, 210 Pearl 51., Arcadia, 134, 155, 173 Sladky, George, 823 Miller $1., MarineHe, 17, 18, 33, 100, 143, 152 Smith, Frank, 1121 Division, La Crosse Smith, Patricia, Patch Grove, 156 Smith, Wallace, 401 E. Pleasant $1., Poriage, 39 Snarek, Anna, R.R. 4, Box 212, Richland Center Snyder, lewis, 1728 E. Park FL, Milwaukee, 100, 141 Sobola, Ralph, Independence, 33, 46 Soderstrom, Richard, 517 Mclean Ave., Tomah Sordahl, Janet, 216 E. Broadway, Viroqua Sorenson, Karen, 1328 Main 51., Ocon'o, 137, 144 Spaltholz, William, 714 No. 119111 51., Milwaukee, 33, 35, 47, 100, 139,148,153 Specs, lenore, Neceduh, 170 Speich, Lois, 2310 17th Ave., Monroe, 100, 134, 144, 147, 155, 174 Staub, Richard, 1823 So. 22nd 51., la Crosse Sfuffen, Gene, Eagle River, 16, 101, 141, 154, 158 Slundiford, Justin, Greenwood, 117 Standiford, Marilyn, 814 So. Losey Blvd., La Crosse, 124 Stanek, Audrey, 3315 W. lisbon Ave., Milwaukee, 117, 132, 144 S'urk, Vivian, R. 1, ENrick, 127, 156 Stearns, Robert, 2304 Grey Ave., Evanston Steele, Dorothy, Warren: Siellmacher, Beny, Fairwaler, 117 Stendul, Allen, R. 1, Spark! -Stensgard, Maurice, 2000 Onalaska Ave., La Crosse, 101 246 PURE FOOD IT'S THE BEST ICE CREAM Ritds Beauty Salon Near The Campus 1808 State Street Quality Grocery GOOD THINGS TO EAT 1802 State Street BOWL FOR FUN AT Recreation Lanes Phone 2-1610 For Reservations Radatz Chop House 132 N. Third "Where Your Hunger Is A Pleasure" BUY YOUR VACATION SPORTS WEAR AT Stevenson1s Clark-Bracken, Inc. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS 412 So. 4th Westinghouse Home Appliances "Quality Since 1921" Crescent 81 Co. J E W E L E R S 429 Main Street La Crosse, Wisconsin The Elite CANDIES OF PERFECTION 412 Main Street Slephens, Palricia, R. 4, Beloil, 125 Steuck, Roberf, 3160 S. Griffin Ave., Milwaukee, 17, 120, 143, 164 Stevens, John, Rushford, Minn. Stewart, Terrill, Mazomanie, 122 Siobbe, Jean, 1716 W. Park, Two Rivers, 26, 144, 161, 175 Stoeckman, Nancy, 3369 N. 5151 Blvd., Milwaukee Sioikes, Carl, La Forge 510", Donna JD, 315 Benion, Tomoh, 44, 117, 142, 158, 167, 177 Siordock, Gilmun, King, 39, 141 Slrahl, Nancy, 2605 Barlow 51., La Crosse, 156, 163 Strand, Donald, Uni1 45, Myrick Park lane, La Crosse, 24, 32, 47, 153 Slrieby, Norma, 616 E. Circle 51., Applelon Strong, Clinlon, 206 W. Blackhawk Ave., Prairie du Chien, 117, 145 Swan, Beny, 1311 So. 75th 51., West Allis, 101, 140 Stuhr, Jeanine, 213 Mb Ave. 50., Onalaska Stuhr, Sam, Onalaska Slurgis, Jim, 319 50. 101h, La Crosse Slylen, Janice, R. 2, Coon Valley, 156 Sullivan, ElizabeOh, 600 Monroe 51., Sparta, 127, 173 Suitinger, Joan, 6709 W. Monona FL, West Allis, 140 SuHon, Mark, 435 5. 22nd 51., La Crosse Sutton, Olive, 435 5. 22nd 81., La Crosse, 127 Swan, Kenneth, 310 Oakland Ave., Mukwonugo, 101, 145 Swanson, Beverly, Cushion, 117, 155, 164, 172 Swanson, Edward, Uni! 58, Myrick Park Lane, la Crosse Sweeney, Richard, Hillsboro Swerffeger, Ken, 1420 Pine, La Crosse Swinehurt, Eugene, Dewey, 127, 176 Synowicz, Robert, 1978 So. 161h $1., Milwaukee, 17, 120, 141 T Toll, James, 613 Oak Ave., Onalaska, 102, 166 Tougher, Brian, 257 E. Park Ave., Berlin, 125, 173 Teasdale, Abby, 210 S. K 51., Sparta, 102, 156 Terpstra, Marilyn, 807 S. 191h 51., La Crosse Terry, Roger, R.R. Burling1on, 154 Tesnow, Ralph, 31 Myrick Park Lane, La Crosse, 24, 47, 102, 153 Thicke, lois, Bangor Thiel, Richard, 7636 Sfickney Ave., Wauwatosa Thienes, Joseph, 225 Ash, Onalaska, 102 Thill, Carole, 91h Ave. N., Onalaska Thill, Doro'hy, R.R. 2, Melrose, 127, 156 Thoeny, Helen, 414 S. 151h, La Crosse Thomas, Barbara, 2315 Main, La Crosse, 117, 144, 160 Thomas, John, 654 N. 22nd 51., La Crosse Thompson, Beniomin, Box 173, 11.11. 42, La Crosse Thompson, Gieruld, Unit 40, Myrick Park Lane, La Crosse, 102 Thompson, Ramona, R. 1, Viroqua, 102, 142 Thoreson, Jean, 1902 S. 301h, La Crosse, 124 Thrall, William, Green Lake, 47, 103, 143, 147, 148, 152, 174 Toennies, Donald, 914 Bell Ave., Sheboygun, 103, 145 Tokumolo, Roy, 271 Valley Ave., Wahiuua, Oahu, T. H. Hawaii Tremelling, Bill, Edmund Turner, Francis, Unit 15, 16th and Vine, La Crosse, 103 Tweed, Joyce, Ferryville, 103, 157 Twesme, Duane, Ellrick Uchida, Soiiewa, Ewa, Oahu, T. H. Hawaii Udulutch, Richard, Norwulk Uischner, Rum, Warrens, 104, 135, 144, 147, 175 Ulrich, Corrine, 530 Forest 51., Eau Claire, 104, 138, 161 248 STAN DARD OIL COMPANY LA CROSSE, WISCONSIN D. J. Byers, Manager HoeschleHs Olson2s PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY SPORTING GOODS STORE SCHOOL SUPPLIES Phone 2-7972 Corner of 5th Avenue and Main 221 South 3rd Street "Remember the Day with SnapShofs" 2'YOUR 580 KEY TO ABC" Moen Photo W K T Y $erVice La Crosse Tribune Station 313 Main Street, La Crosse, Wis. 1000 Watts on 580 Kilocycles Ride Your City Bus Lines Compliments of La Crosse Federal Bakers Transit Company 522 Main Street La Crosse Laundry 2 Cleaning Co. 1 13-1 19 Front Street - 535 Main Street BETTER DRY CLEANING Phone 2-2424 V Van Brunt, Noel, 1718 Huger 51., La Crosse, 128, 165 Vance, Richard, 1012 511:, La Crosse Vanden Boogoard, John, 203 W. Kimberly Ave., Kimberly, 118, 145, 169, 173 Van Dunk, Evelyn, Holman, 104 Van Loon, Donald, R.R. 1, Onalaska Van Tassel, James, 133 Ferry $1., La Crosse, 104, 135, 143, 147, 148, 158 Van Veghel, John, 1954 S. 81 51., West Allis, 47, 104, 141 Vickery, Arleen, Suamico, 19, 105, 140 Vielh, Milton, Unil 30, Myrick Park Lane, La Crosse, 118, 159 Viner, Sherwood, 2222 State Road, La Crosse Viola", Ronald, 1609 Johnson $1., La Crosse Von Arx, William, La Crescen1, Minn., 104 Vondrashek, Mariorie, 718 E. King 51., Winona, Minn. Voss, Howard, 531 N. 11111 51., 1.0 Crosse, 127 Vradenburg, Verne, Poynene Vradenburg, Vernon, Poynelle W Wagner, Billy, San Diego, Calif. Wagner, Elhyl, 717 Elni 51., Wisconsin Dells, 126 Wahoske, Ronald, 400 Harburg, Ripon, 16, 120, 141 Wais, Mary, Cushton Walden, James, Melrose, 166 Waldhardt, Glenn, Spencer, 105, 145 Walker, John, 2118 Blake Ave., Racine, 105, 143 Wallschlaeger, John, 1654 Farnum 51., La Crosse Walther, Howard, 329 Greenfield Ave., Waukesha, 126 Wangen, Mary, 38 Siaie Road, La Crosse Wongerin, Ronald, 5019 North Sheffield Ave., Whiiefish Bay, 17, 39, 120, 133, 143, 176 Waterstreet, Gene, 713 Miller 51., Kewaunee, 118, 133, 145, 172 Wairud, Arden, Blanchardville, 120, 164 Weaver, Nadeen, 2002 Prospect 51., La Crosse, 118 Weber, Robert, 120 N. 11111, La Crosse Webster, James, Mauston, 17 Webster, Richard, 69-172 Merrill, Oshkosh, 16, 38, 105, 133, 139, 152 Wehrs, Carol, West Salem Wehrs, Ronald, West Salem Weigent, Charles, 1713 Pine 51., La Crosse Weiland, Donna, Kendall Weiland, Joanne, 821 S. 201h 51., La Crosse, 146 Weiland, Roger, 821 S. 2011! 51., La Crosse Weinand, Mary, 725 3rd Ave., West Bend, 118, 132, 144, 173 Weiss, Robert, 510 Kuesfer, Wesl Bend, 38, 106, 133, 139, 147, 148, 152 Welch, Gerald, 51 Myrick Park lane, la Crosse Weller, Marilyn, Richlond Center Wells, Roberl, 11.11. 3, Argyle Wendorf, Edward, 216 Jefferson Ave., Spar1a, 126, 159 Wenger, Roy, 215 S. 101h 51., La Crosse Werner, Arthur, 8 Congress, Williams Bay Werner, Betty, 1007 West Spring, Appleion, 165 Werner, Neil, Medford Westerhouse, Geraldine, 212 4111 Ave. 5., Onalaska, 142 Welchen, Elizabeth, La Crescent Wheeler, Thomas, 416 N. 24th 51., la Crosse, 165 White, Ivan, 515 N. Michigan Ave., Prairie du Chien Whiting, Roger, 11.11. 2, la Crosse Whillock, Walter, 1502-172 Vine, La Crosse Weimer, John, Roches1er Wildl, Glenn, 3111 W. ThursIon Ave., Milwaukee, 17, 119, 141 Wilke, Roger, 1932 N. 91h $1., Sheboygan, 120 Wille, Marilyn, 3435 N. 47th 51., Milwaukee, 119, 146 Willey, Margaret, 323 N. Court, Sparta, 106, 135, 142, 170, 174, 175, 178 Williams, Joan, C1eve1and, 144, 160 Wilsman, Richard, Two Rivers, 17, 47, 118, 145, 152 250 THANKS TO THE SUPPORT OF OUR ADVERTISERS 4'51 Staff Compliments of The Artic We Appreciate Your Patronage Bottled Under Authority of The Coca-Cola Company By4 COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Inc. la Crosse, Wisconsin Click Candy and Distributing Co. 221 Pearl Street Phone 2-8264 La Crosse, Wisconsin When Away From Home Make Your Home at Finley1s Confectionery 1425 Market J 2 anw- "THE NICEST TASTING MILK IN TOWN" 730QO CONSOLIDATED DIVISION Phone 2-6773 716 Hood Street, La Crosse, Wis. Schultz 6 Nelson SUPER-KLEEN DRY CLEANING Phone 2-1240 Russell J. Gile 415 Jay Street Jeweler and Watchmuker Hamilton - Elgin - Bulova and Boulevard Watches Guara nteed Watch Repairing Wilsmun, Ind, 1625 261h 51., Two Rivers, 118, 161 Wimmer, Joseph, 513 S. 6th 51., La Crosse Winchel, Norman, Box 85, Ontario Winkler, Doris, 11.11. 5, Box 653, Burlinglon, 125 Win11, James, Viroqua Wishau, Hazel, 4105 lighlhouse Drive, Racine, 37, 118, 138 Wisland, Milton, 1003 Mississippi 51., La Crosse, 106, 145, 166 Win, Bill, Hayward Wohlheter, Mary, 814 N. Broadway, Walerlown, S. Dakoia, 118, 140 Wolf, Don, 720 S. 23rd 51., La Crosse, 118 Wolfe, Harold, 1434 Dogge" $1., Marinene, 128 Wolfe, Joyce, R. 1, Stoddard, 106, 156 Woodliff, Warren, Norwalk Woods, Roy, Racine Woods, William, Bottineau, 118 Wruck, Clinlon, Norwalk, 106, 159 Wuensch, Lloyd, 1223 S. 14 51., La Crosse XYZ Yelungian, Berg, 625 Michigan, South Milwaukee, 17, 46 Young, John, 206 Elroy SL, Elroy Zabel, Frederick, 1632 Badger, la Crosse Zank, Wallace, 2011 Park Ave., La Crosse Zasloupil, Bernadine, 120 Elizabeth 51., Tomah, 149, 163 Zdrazil, Agnes, 1116 Superior, Chippewa Falls, 125 Zenker, Patricia, 504 Johnson, la Crosse Ziurnik, Betty, Manitowoc, 67 Ziegler, Ann, 1051 Washington SL, Wisconsin Rapids, 121 Zielinski, Barbara, Wes1 Allis Zirbes, Patricia, 502 N. 9th 51., La Crosse, 106 Zoerb, Fred, R. 1, Ebner Coulee, La Crosse ARTS DAIRYLAND WEST AVENUE AT STATE Compliments of Compliments of Inland Printing Jafek Beauty Company Shop 130 Main Street Phone 2-4830 Wadhams Division Socony Vacuum Oil Company Popular Priced Meals Compliments of Iris Cafe T H E FOUNTAIN SERVICE Laundromat 327 Main Street 705 State Street Photo Art Studio 502 Main HOESCHLER'S DRUG STORE ABOVE BE WISE AND THRIFTY, SHOP AT HThe Modern Store With The Old Time Friendly Atmosphere" 253 . . . AUTOGRAPHS . . . Lilds Lounge 8 Steak House 205 N. 3rd - Phone 4-5019 PLAN YOUR PARTIES AND BANQUETS NEWBURG S WISCONSIN'S LARGEST MEN S STORE Varsity Town Clothes For the College Men Zita Maker Shop For College Women Jerryk Cafe 220 Pearl Street Open 'til 3 A.M. OUR ACKNOWLEDGMENTS FOR PHOTOGRAPHIC WORK La Crosse Chamber of Commerce Photo Art Studios Ellickson Studio La Crosse Tribune Harry Larson - Dick Johnson - Joe Marcos Jim Donndelinger - Don Swendson - Dave Gesserf - Jim Shaw . . :,AUTOGRAPHS . . . ?'?m'iwstaw 'emww'tztwrnf . ; . ."zaVam'V

Suggestions in the University of Wisconsin La Crosse - La Crosse Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) collection:

University of Wisconsin La Crosse - La Crosse Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


University of Wisconsin La Crosse - La Crosse Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


University of Wisconsin La Crosse - La Crosse Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


University of Wisconsin La Crosse - La Crosse Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


University of Wisconsin La Crosse - La Crosse Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


University of Wisconsin La Crosse - La Crosse Yearbook (La Crosse, WI) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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