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. .1 h fl lf 1 B. L, A f K 1 X x Q 31, 'V .? 'it if , ., . fill Z. ,fi f U X ,J V r u i. 1 - 197 . I Q . ,Q ' W 453:51 wb X if 45" .. ,iff ' '- 'V ,IW V vf T' ' A ' '- - ,.-e- A, ff fri ' - V' A .. it 1, .21 ' i gf. 4' 'Sv ...W -1 af: lx f,, 31 -1' 4 . 3 ri 1 if 35' 5 . ,. F, , 'f .' -4 ,- fi, , V , ' ." ,- U 5 ' lf' x h ' A .. ,c ' - f- fi' 'i ' Q N5 -. - I .A . . ...HAM . ,......,-- -,PJ '- -, .- 2 "-V" 1' ' Mngjzg-ri Q. ,. .. Q, 'L S J... . I n, -H . - , ,.,1,,.., ia. "" l I H -:,Ha?2QEZ'bh g W 4- J" ' -1""si A-1 -I"', . A' . 1-L ':2..-:ffrf5?!?iIEif:?gnx I , - V , I Q, A I L, f ,,-- I- J ' QI' f 3 -.e3,?3f3??f:i?F3.-.- " ' " Q12 l in U U x r ,g-" -'L W 'ig A -Q " QT' ..i ' 'A'. .. , F ,..' ' - ' ,. ,b 1 41 - if ' W J I : ,A""' WWW? . - - ..fL-wwfw ff" - ' -- 14,'.1aAY-P V ... . -. . ...- -f f- 3-Qfwmc ,. WISCONSIN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE af LA CROSSE Pwienja 1942 LA 2 x 5 1 2 , .5 , 5 5 ' 5 1 Y' fl MQ JS f' 1 -J 2 -5 K5 Q 15 5 5 5 5 55 55 R55 iv EF 5 5, .5 . . 5 55 5 5: 5 5 Q33 ...., 45 55 5 .. 5 QA 3 ' as 5, 5 "f 1 1 W sf" -4' 5 'H 56.5 W . 5 . 455.5 .... 553 5 . .K . ' 'W' V 1 5 -in N 5 33 W 5 M LQ 5 5 .Q 1:5 5 1' fiiiv: "" is Q? 5 5 5 f W W 5 5- Q' ,55 5 f A N .5 W. . 55 5 W Fi -K ' ' A 2 XS- 55. 555 fa 5 K E W ,M 55. 45. 3 W .5 5523 555.5 gg M ' Q.. 1 5 I' ,, Q Q E. ... ,. ,.,,.. --.. "M Y' X K - , i um. A W g ' ' Q I 5..Q5555 :r: .5 5 : 'M .5 . 51 di 'l - 55 55 -5 .555 5,55 5 555 I 5 .5 1 ,xi 55 - .5 5 5525.55 , ' is Q' NT' 5 5 .555 5 -5 K .5 5 ' W 5 M F ' if 55 TM :-2 .:5. .5 5 f 5535 2- Q 55 55 is - 552 1 A 'M fimiisg i f 5 'ww ' QM- 55-5 5 5 A .5 .5 5 if 'i H 5. N?'y'ag 5 5555.faf 3. -5 .w 5525, 4 ,iv X 5' Q Q , Q X 1, - 'S V . Y Vagas' wg af , af 95 5?-23 2 1 ln is :5x55::-. : M -:55 5 -vw 5 - 5 n 5 - 1 -' 55 5 Q5 if .sf 5 .. . ' E' '95 ' E3 3 . If ,Q W' 5 355 353 .l m f "fn 33755 -5' ' All 1 ' ' ' 5 34' -3 'Q 51' AQ fi? 1 W M 'M i 1 3 i a , . " . 55 3 55" W f E .i:i:i' . .... . fi ii 53 Q, 1 55, - . ' :J Vg . xkfg ' gp 35 H .H 'P 'WK . 55 55 55 55 Q 55, X -2:5 5 35 -'-' , 5 55 M .Q H si X -55 5- - -5: --.' 5 5 , 'W 5 K ' Y X K' 1" H2 4' . A W .353-, -5555555 5- .55 .5 555.555 K sz ,Q -5:55 555, 525 s 5,-5 '55-Sf awww fm: 5 555 5555555-E 55 bfi, QS gg f S 555 1525 if ' B 3'-' 'W' 5 5 5' 1 FQ 4- W5 W' Q 1 f . Sm '55 5555. 'Q - 515' .... fs 1 SE . 5 ak . Q -, 5-Q 5 6 "" 1. S'Q,5?.5 ZWZQ 8 , ' if ' " . 5 "Wise g 5 ' W ,, vw m 1 1 ' 55 ' I .55 5 3 5 A F -5 f ' x 5 5- ' 55 5 Q 55 . Y A . A-an . .. . , I, . 5 . . . ' , , 15 x '. 0 . 5- sf 5 5 .. Mm 55 . f a'.w-'N - A . W f . Li, NT QEKQI-Efgtl - A ' A A E 1 pn' . 4 " A 5:- W if 4-, ,,. 1 . .G . S we . 5 Q p if ' xr ' Hg . , , . 5 WV., 1-', It F' ' ' ,, ., 5555 agbm 'f1i8"e'S.'5 - 5 5 5 5 5 '94 " 'A in 'I . . 3 Y .5 . I 5 3' w is Q X 5 5 1... 5. E 3 Y. '. Z ' " A -:5 55 ig as . " - 'X' S v ' S Q, ' 7 325 . .5 ii , ,.. M M 615. W DY , 51- : -W :Qing 55 . 7 iv.: a' my S- f SEAS! ' ' 5 1 5, 5: -2,55 45 N. sf 5 5. S, Y v W I A A is fr' 5 5 .gi . 5' 'Q' 7? 5 3 3 5 5 f I 2 s Q Q E 5.5 55 5 Q . Bi 5 . Q .. 3 5 2 55 . 5 U Ei K ' 55 Z 3 ' Q! 5 "4 ri Q K 5 ff . 5 - Q 5 32 5 vw H . 5 55 ' E575 1 3 E' Sk' 'V . Q25 5 H . 1 5 , 5 , fgz, 5.5 ' 1 ' ' " W Q 1 A 55514 555- TE . 5 5 A if 6 5 . 5 T - 6,5 55 5 mg? YH 5 5 5 2' f 5 3. Y a -as ,Vg ,Y 5 5 fgafu m, 4:2 H ',Imylmgn1UWWllbrlilllll'VM , IF-5 HF nl .VI X QI "W IH numb ML., Wm -f Ifrm. ..,,.,. n . , ,v,.. nIlk l . 4,, ,, ,A . l 1 gL llli "' NSE w1S pyrighi: by GERLETTI and LOKEN R. LOKEN, Editor R. GER!-ETTI. Bur. Mer- THE LA CROSSE YearBook State Teachers College LA CROSSE. WISCONSIN May 1942 Dear reader- It is with great pleasure that I turn this 1942 lg Crosse over to a person whom you have already been wondering about from seeing him in the beginning of the book. I am letting him tell you the story of the past two semesters in La Crosse College. This person's name is Bub Teechum. He has a lot of In- dian blood in him. He knows all, sees all, tells all about school. I am very happy to introduce you to our good old collegiate, Teechum! And we do hope you will find Teechum's story interesting. N ...Q Y JK, .egasa Y urs ver trul 4 M 0 y Y' 4 X -,fi Q M A Qu -j'7g7ZQ"' rs ynzvh diigaggi UGosh, folks, this is really something. Anyway I'm awfully glad to meet you a1l...again.H inf' 1 A f L f Us ' My 12 F Q, , xgigf , ya iaiig SCHOOL COLORS Maroon and Gray COLLEGE HYMN Morning sun greets many ban- ners On its westward way. Fair to us above all others Waves Maroon and Gray. Colors dear, flag we love, Float for aye, Old La. Crosse to thee May thy sons fore'er be loyal To thy memory. 4' fi Q A -3 is QB ' ' gh -- :F' i? 5 OK 550K P' CLASS 1' r f Cyp, BOUK ' CDIOV imc Of Arg -:.. A -I F' , r V ,. ' 1 '76 I OTGWOK P Q , 53 PHO qs 1 i . 'N P D if y X W x in .q it V 1 arf 5.1 f' Ilylktthk td flf hlkidfd ddp fi 'IS 1: r ' fx x 5 4 . gk 3 11, sf I 5. nk ....,,,,.i' 1 DORM TOWER SNOW 9 GUIDE BIIUK - :N - ' f ' .,,, .,, .-,I fr"-W - ---1. , R-5. J.,--w .r M-Lwwwfneeon:ieim ,. . - v V -.,, 'FW' A "' vi, qgw ,LA-AZY " vc+W:? 'Fe Q 1'k ' "H, l 4 '-4A, Lx 4 fi E4 ,rw ,S-fs-. if ki. - . "1 a . '-'-',.1--H11 wr' 'cf . EEEQEEEFF " 9215.43 ' nNatura11y, the instructors are the most import- ant thing in our college life. I want you to meet them again. Be kind of fun to al- ways remember some of them.' f " Hlw n 3 " df by ' v N anim? n .1. , . l' Q'f.E' " 1 4- . 1-I . -3 V..5F'Tf . 'Tir jf va: 4 1:1 rr - s ,..5. 1 ' "1 ,E , , ls' 4., L A A- 1' t2', :H 3 4 . V, Mi., Egg.-:. -2.7 ,- ,5 .. ni 1 3, ...i T57 ' Fx.-12 tl : Q S535 E j'Q rf. Q .,., 51: Sf fs 3 ' 15:2 'L r" QL.-P35 AA' 5 1" . in L . .. f r , '. 'vi xl ,lf 5' fi f ' I I A EJ , Q. H 1 3 a .fi 'tl if K?5E 35? A5 -af' f I12,f1 'T ' 5 .4 if .I-lliig-'J J x ::v:1'.'1f:i,-L ' fE',f Many men who began the college year with us are now in the armed services. Many more will answer the call this summer. We honor them for prompt response to our country's need. All of us cannot qualify for military service, but in this all-out struggle all have deinite responsibilities. First we must refrain from well meant but hastily conceived activities which frequently clutter up and may even impede the victory eifort. Second we must seek in every constructive manner to see that men in the service receive the united wholehearted support which they richly deserve and must have if the cause of freedom is to triumph. REXFORD S. MITCHELL 12 Dean of Men Clyde Smith Dean of Women Edith Cartwright Head of Phy Ed. Walter Wittich Head of Sec. Ed. Everett Walters ADMINISTRATION , e., H, J Z , uc-' 5,-'. , J ' ' ' . Head Librarian Florence Wing 13 College Doctor Sarah Bangsberg College Registrar Lora Greene Head of Elemenlary Jean Rolfe Head of Rural Alice Drake FACULTY Adkins Ahlstrom Angell Annett Baker Breene Brendemuhl Caldwell Cowley Crail Darling Dunnington 14' ABOUT THE FACULTY CLYDE SMITH . . . Dean of Men and coach, on Scholarship, housing, athletics, and employment committees, C'How much do you weigh?"D. Came in 1938. EDITH CARTWRIGHT . . . Dean of Girls, on Girls' Lounge, Social, Student Employment, hous- ing, and library committees, C"Life is what you make it"D. Came in 1941. SARAH BANGSBERG School physician, C'Health comes before educationuj. Came in 1929. LORA GREENE , . . Registrar. WALTER WITTICH Physical Education, C'Keep Fit"J. Came in 1917. EVERETT WALTERS . . . Secondary Education, Secondary Education Club, Kappa Delta Pi, C'It is time you learn to use the exact word"D. Came in 1920. JEAN ROLFE . . . Elementary Education, C'Let's train people to be intelligently ignorantnl. Came in 1923. ALICE DRAKE . . . Rural Education, Country Life Club, C"God made the country-man the city"J. Came in 1931. LINCOLN ADKINS . . . Mathematics, college calendar, organizations committee, C'What we do, why we do it-what principle of mathematics is used?"J. Came in 1916. DR. ALVIDA AHLSTROM . . . Languages, French Club, CHI-English is French badly mispelleduj. Came in 1932. RENA ANGELL . . . Art, Lambda Sigma Chi, f"Simplicity is the keystone to art?"D. Came in 1912. DR. THOMAS ANNETT . . . Music, Glee Club, Band, Orchestra, assembly committee, C'Coming tonight?"j. Came in 1928. JANE MOLLENCOP BAKER . . . Physical Educa- tion, came in 1938. AGNES BREENE . . . Training School, Alpha Phi Pi, C"Let us be to virtues very kind, and to faults a little blind"J. Came in 1924. GABRIELLA BRENDEMUHL . . . English, Latin, Sigma Lambda Sigma, C'Streamline your mind"J. Came in 1926. JESSIE CALDWELL . . . Training School, Ele- mentary Club, C"Have faith in yourself"J., Came 1924. DR. MILFORD COWLEY . . . Chemistry, Racquet Advisor, Housing Committee, f"Speak softly but carry a big stick"D. Came in 1933. CATHERINE CRAIL . . . Librarian, C'Fall down seven times, get up eight"I. Came in 1937. ABOUT THE FACULTY JOHN DARLING . . . Training School, C'Time wasted is existence-used is life"J. Came in 1939. DR. GUY WALDO DUNNINGTON . . . German. Came in 1938. HELEN DYsoN . . . English, cfnonw froth at the pen"D. Came in 1924. JAMES FAIRCHILD . . . Physics, Came in 1911, left in 1941. NEVA FLICKINGER . . . Training School, C'As teachers, let us help children to discover the adventures in learningul. Came in 1941. OREN FRAZEE . . . Biology, Science Club, C"Do- ing's the day's work"D. Came in 1920. FLOYD GAUTSCH . . . Physical Education, Train- ing School, Social Committee, C"What have you given the students that the untrained person couldn't have gleaned?"D Came in 1939. DR. WILBUR GLOVER . . . History, Sociology, De- bate head, Library and Social Committees, C'You'll hear a lot of things before your ears fall off"D. Came in 1936. MARSHALL GOFF . . . Chemistry, Pilot Training, Came in 1915. DR. MAURICE GRAFF . . . Social Science, Debate, C'That's a fuzzy idea"D. Came in 1941. ARTHUR HOFF . . . Education, C'Be as you are"Q. Came in 1932. ' ELIZABETH HOFF . . . Physical Education, Delta Psi Kappa, Student Health Committee, Student Employment, Housing group, C'Always put your best foot forward"D. Came in 1931. DR. EDGAR KNOWLTON . . . English, C'You are all so young"J. Came in 1935. FERN LAKING . . . Physical Education, Social Room Committee, Came in 1941. WILLIAM LAUX . . . History, senior class adviser, specials head, f"It's fun to teach in a college that grows better each year"D. Came in 1922. EMERY LEAMER . . . Training school principal. Came in 1925. MINNIE LEMAIRE . . . Geography, Health Com- mittee, C'See the world"J. Came in 1935. FERD LIPOVETZ . . . Physical Education, Chem- istry, C"The Fighting 16 is again on its wayuj. Came in 1928. MERTON LYON . . . Manual Training. Came in 1916. LEON MILLER . . . Physical Education, M.I.A.A., Came in 1919. FACULTY uf Lga fa xi msg mama M may www 52115155 am new vu W SSQIWF H H Hmm E gg w H .gg . mam mama mssaa mn sms - ss ms mn H Exam eww ms www ms 515-:va E sm fggzu nm my mn -mx - 54, E S zsmmmf Wi MM E as ms MEM E Eggs M M W W ss a M ' Kms amass an mag mi - ss WEN M MLW Q .m.m.'-' www H: WWE si mm H mmm H MM mm Us H mn na mn msn ms mn H a E ss E Ewa Sims H ww 2 mms mnmmmrzg ww mmmsw HW H A Y 5 mm ss mx a ws- Alma mam msn a mn Em .Paws ms iaum swam HEBREW!! 'ifwq M nm ss a ss mama E1 ss as a I mug lm gm mn SE an E- mm ss ss :ss ss -ss H I awww uma a Dyson Fairchild Flickinger Frazee Gautsch Glover Goff Graff Hoff H011 Knowlton Lakihg 17 Q W K ,Saws ga if Kam-W-X Us gf -sm sf vu - W 5. ss fm: an : ss sm ss ss 55,38 m-mg X f, 1 E ss X, Q mn H 1 FACULTY 'ff'--' 1: , ,,,. ..... . HARRY OLSON . . . Physics, mathematics, Alpha Delta Thetag C'Yours for victory"J. Came in 1942. MONTE PELTON . . . Chemistry, Social Commit- teeg C'Better hit those books now, boys"D. Came in 1940. OLIVE PLACE . . . Training School, Euterpeg f"Music washes from the soul the dust of every- day life"l. Came in 1927. HANS REUTER . . . Physical education, Board of Control of Athletics, "L" Club head, Social and Publicity committeesg C'I'll fry the steaks"D. Came in 1920. LOIS RITCHIE . . . Training schoolg Came in 1941. Laux Leamer Lemaire Lipovetz Lyon Miller DR. ELIZABETH RODGERS . . . Physical educa- tion, C'C1ass begins at 12:3S"J. Came in 1934. THEODOREQROVANG . . . Biology, Athletics Board of Controlg Came in 1927. MARTHA SKAAR . . . Librariang f"Closing time, everybody out"D. Came in 1919. DR. ROSS SPANGLER . . . Physics, Adviser of annualg Phi Kappa Epsilon, f"Live, not talk your philosophyul. Came in 1933. DR. MARIE PARK TOLAND . . . Speech, dra- matics, Silver Masque head, Social room and assembly comrnitteesg C'Don't forget your audi- ence"D. Came in 1937. l MYRTLE TROWBRIDGE . . . History, Kappa Delta Pi, Organizations Cornmitteeg C'One never fails who has done his best"l. Came in 1918. ANNA POST WENZ . . . Biology-anatomy. Came in 1920. ORRIS WHITE . . . English head, assembly com- mittee, f"One can have what he wants in life if he is willing to pay the sacrificenj. Came in 1914. CLAYTON WHITNEY . . . Geography, Athletic Board of Control, Student Health and Student Loan Committeesg C'Do you get the idea?"J Came in 1915. EMMA LOU WILRED . . . Physical education, W. R. A., C'Develop the sense that God gave you, plus one more . . . horse sense"D. Came in 1920. LENORE WILSON . . . Training school, f"Let's face each new problem square1y"J. Came in 1935. EDITH IRISH WING . . . Training school, CHA word to the wise . . ."D. Came in 1928. DR. EMERSON WULLING . . . English, Racquet Board of Control, Commencement committee, Beta Sigma Chig f"It all dependsnj. Came in 1938. FLORENCE WING . . . Head Librarian. Olson Pelton Place Reuter Ritchie Rodgers FACULTY ACULTY nm Q if Q nm Q1 ,rm ga-ms HEX' ss-nw 7,3 a s QE a Q x-x 1: ss ,mm ss mm ms ks zz z A 1 5 x-:mi I. 5. as FS nm. am ss nm an Q ff ss xmas uma mn ma - ms H ss a sm mn mms w ummm mama' a ss a m elim ms ss H E M as EH H Q H ms mme ms a -X ss mm B ss mass WB EQ a ss mn am B .. E nm-5 ss Spangler gn Manu ss :annum max X ss nu an mms a ss mn ss ss a a a xii mn ss a ms SWL H as m ss ,I mu ms a ms E ss an wg na gamma gymnm Toland Whitney wing wuuing Rovang Skaar Trowbridge WCHZ Whiie Wilder Wilson 20 ASSISTING FACULTY OFFICE MEMBERS 1941-42 PERSONNEL MURRAY COWIE . . . German . S2CO1'ld ROSE PENN , , , Accounting Clerk. semester. HELEN DUNLAP . . . Rural, psychology . . . first FERN MANGENE . . .Assistant clerk-stenographer semester. DR. HOWARD FIELD . . . Sciences . . . both ELIZABETH POLLACK . . . Junior clerk-steno- semesters. grapher. MARIE HECKTOEN German . . . second semester. MARION RUNGE . . . Training School stenographer AGNES KELLEHER Rural, Elementary . . second semester. BEULAH SWANSON Training school . both semesters. Penn Mangene Pollack Runge THE JANITORS Conrad Alleman Mrs. Molly Arentson Charles Houska Sam Jeromes John Johnson Valentine Novak Herman Papenfuss 21 iDlARY "I don't know how many of you like to keep a record of some of your favorite times, but I'm leaving a page here for you to make a few notes of the good times you had this year in La Crosse College. Hope you make use of this page. Keep this in mind." TEECHUM 22 W i s ou J .f"Y .- xo sky of ,,,f k I5 5 f . i S, . 'Guess this wou1dn't be a democracy if we kids cou1dn't have something to say about running the college. We do have power, and we can be pretty influential if we're not too 1azy.W 23 STUDENT COUNCIL Row 1: Don Gardner, Ralph Loken, George Taylor, Royal Bruchman, Amelia Stephan, Betty Rodenbeck, Bill Holak. Row 2: Margaret Borrebek, Betty Sweet, Maxine Gunderson, Marcella Killian, Marion Bohrnstedt, Pat Haney. Row 3: June Brown, Jean Axtell, Leo Kenney CPresidentj, Jane Mueller, Faith Convis. Absent: Fred Adams, Mildred Becker, Mary Dickenson, Dorothy Wiley, Carmen Sherette, Florence Mar- tineau, Cathryn Steurer, Beth Lawsha, Adeline Hanson, Mae Hilliard, Ollie Knoll, Barbara Ann Foster, Rodney Van Loon, Rodney Hanson, Bill Gramenz, Bob Paulsen, Frank Werling CVice-presidentj, Ellen Reuter fSecretaryJ, and Bob Carey Cfreasurerj. The problems of the students are brought to the Council for action. The Council also approves various measures including new or- ganizations, getting new equipment, planning social events. Their year's projects included the three-day Homecoming celebration on October 17, 18, 19. They also helped pub- lish the annual student directory. Several dances were held besides the Homecoming dance. A mixer on October 3, and a Snod- grass Scholarship Fund dance on March 24. The Council worked to complete the Snod- grass Fund this spring. , Meetings of the Council are held month- ly when the student representatives from the school organizations bring in their ideas and problems for discussion and approval. The Council someday hopes to have stu- dent mailboxes installed after the project for the Faculty wall directory has been completed. COLLEGE COMMITTEES SOCIAL The social committee is the most active group in school when it comes to judge their work of the past year. Under the leadership of Mr. Reuter and Miss Cart- wright, the following program was very much appreciated by the students: Freshman mixer . . . September 9 All-School dance . . . September 19 Pre-homecoming activity All-school dance . . October 31 Old Time Dance . . . November 28 Christmas Party . . . December 16 Game Night , . . . February 13 Waltz Night . . . . . . February 20 Masquerade . . . . . . April 10 College picnic . . . . . May 14 LIBRARY This group is influential in keeping order in the library. When on trial for causing disturbance, the frightened student is brought before Justice Glover and his henchman Arnie Wilhelm. SOCIAL ROOM The new social center requires some strict regulation. Under the watchful eyes of Fern Laking and Virginia Pelton every- one tries to act like ladies and gentlemen. At any rate it's good to have the social rooms at last. ORGANIZATIONS Under Miss Trowbridge, a group of worthy students check and approve any new organizations coming up. I The committee also sees that one stu- dent doesn't have too much on his hands. You know, some like to get in everything. CLASS BIHIK thru A -.- x I ,ff K 'L 15:42 A .X g, 5 :Q ,EQgi. 4 4 'F-2 ' ig' ef-'sf f ? :'i ' xfm 6' Q' aa, -:la 322. ' - JI 'I 3 J 'w' .if - 4 Ewzjk xggp f . ,.v, , , .. , 55?3.fl ii3!if fig' : -,- its .-lf., f, .1 . ,.-np,.-L-,- , r: fl '- -as-1"'-af-22114-K - ' -f " Q-.:-TT' "" REMV - - - .QP-" 5 'E if i ua f-I gf VV gfw I ggi' 'W' fr:Mw V9 Wi WQER .f . ,gg 'Q :':L eLv'-'W' uname!-v 'I suppose the next best'thing to do is to lntroduce you to all the fresh, and the sophomores, and the juniors, and fof coursej the mighty seniors Here goes.U FRESHMEN Ahl, Jerome Allen, Bernadine Phy. Ed. Phy. Ed. Sheboygan Mauston Arentson, Carsten Arnsten, Dorothy Special Special La Crosse La Crosse Aller, Shirley Sec. Ed. Tomah Arntson, Suza Elementary La Crosse H116 Andersen, Dorothy Anderson, Kenneth Anderson, Wallace Sec. Ed. Cashton Baal, Lucille Phy. Ed. Milwaukele Special Special La Crosse La. Crosse Bach, Jean Ballin, Victoria Phy. Ed. Sec. Ed. Baraboo La Crosse Basch, Russell Sec. Ed. La Crosse Bishop, Genevieve Phy. Ed, Viroqua Bednar, Phyllis Elementary La Crosse Bjorn, Mildred Rural Kenosha Bennett, William Special La Crosse Bleier, Ethel Phy. Ed. New London Berthrong, Maryella Plzy. Ed. La, Crosse Bratberg, Erma Elementary Holmen Beutler, Arthur Sec. Ed. La Crosse Brenden, Virgil Sec. Ed. Westby N l Beyer, John Special La Crosse Brown, Janice Special La Crosse 28 y F RESHMEN Brudahl, Esther Special Holmen Chapman, Betty Elementary Tomah Bruhnke, Velma Special . La Crosse Cina, Jean Sec. Ed. La Crosse Buchmiller, Archie Sec. Ed. Cochrane Clark, Forrest Special La Crosse Calabrese, Dominick Phy. Ed. Red Granite Coburn, Georgia Phy. Ed. Frederic Campbell, Emily Elementary Rockland Coburn, Minnetta Special Bangor Cappelen, Kathryn Elementary La Crosse Colwell, Carol Phy. Ed. Rio Cook, Milton Phy. Ed. Warren, Illinois Cummings, Arclean Rural Onalaska Costello, Margaret Special La Crosse Curtis, Dorothy Elemeniary Cashton Coy, Ronald Phy. Ed. West Lima De Boer, Lloyd Special Onalaska 29 Craigo, Shirlee Special La, Crosse Decker, Thomas Phy. Ed. Red Granite Crary, Arlo Special La Crosse Dickinson, Mary Elementary Sparta Cremer, Thomas Special La Crosse Dissmore, William Special La. Crosse F RESHMEN Dolan, Lucille Dolezel, David Elementary ' Special Viroqua La Crosse Ebert, Margaret Edwards, Janet Phy. Ed. Special Ashland La Crosse Donovan, Grace Phy. Ed. Seymour Elliott, Forrest Special La Crosse Dummer, George Special La Crosse Endres, Robert Special Tulsa, Oklahoma DuPae, Aileen Sec. Ed. La Crosse Engees, Viola Elementary Holmen Easland, Donald Special La Crosse Erickson, Harley Sec. Ed. Rockland Espenes, Ione Special La Crosse Fladlien, Helen Special La Crosse Fay, Mary Rose Special' La Crosse Fleis, John Sec. Ed. La Crosse Fe ak, Robert Special Bangor Ford, Gertrude Rural Wilton F eil, Louise Phy. Ed. Antigo Forster, Eleanor Phy, Ed. Trevor F eind, Arthur Sec. Ed. Colby Foster, Naomi Phy. Ed. Mauston Feuling, Oris Special La Crosse Fosbinder, Kenneth Phy. Ed. Port Washington FRESHMEN Foxwell, Ruth Special Union Grove Gaifney, Cletus Phy. Ed. Kimberly Frank, Jeanette Phy. Ed. Racine Gagermeier, Lorraine Sec. Ed. La Crosse Franz, James Fremlin, Ruth French, Margaret F roehlich, Anita Special Special Elementary Rural La Crosse La Crosse Onalaska Neillsville Gano, Marilyn Ganske, Howard Genz, Bernard Gibbs, Elaine Phy. Ed. Phy. Ed. Special Special Minocqua Spooner La Crosse Tomah V Q 1-QWI Giere, .Frederic Gilbertson, Artuce Goff, Jean Special Sec. Ed. Special Galesville Black River Falls La Crosse Gugler, Betty Gullickson, Helen Gullickson, Harley Phy. Ed. Rural sieciaz Wheaton, Illinois Whitehall Onalaska Greeniield, Priscilla Special Viroqua Gunnon, Betty Phillips Graves, Patricia Gronning, Eunice Phy. Ed. Sec. Ed. Barron Viroqua Guse, David Gutmann, Special Margaret Whitehall Phy- Ed- Milwaukee FRESHMEN Haefner, Richard Special La Crosse Haydon, Velma Rural Alma Center Halloran, Roy Hammerberg, Hanson, Kenneth Hart, Margaret Hayda, Loyal Phy. Ed. Betty phy, Ed, Rum, Special West Allis Phy- Ed- Kenosha Black River Falls Green Bay New London Haintz, Lillian Henden, Charlotte Heppe, Mary Hicke, Carroll Hillaker, Margaret Rural Phy. Ed. Phy. Ed. Special Special Brownsville, Minn. Viroqua Hartford La Crosse Sparta Hoaglund, Kathleen Phy. Ed. Spooner Huifman, Dale Phy. Ed. West Lima Hoeth, Arlene Holmen, Charles Special Phy. Ed. La Crosse Cameron Iverson, Marian Jacob, Mary Jane Special Phy. Ed. La Crosse Libertyville, Ill. Holter, Delores Homstad, Jean Hougstad, Gladys Rural Rural Rural Onalaska Rockland Caledonia, Minn. Jacobson, Jamesson, Beverly Jenkins, Douglas Genevieve Special Phy- Ed- La Crosse Sparta Readstown 32 1 FRESHMEN Jenkins, Robert Special La Crosse Jostad, Clinton Sec. Ed. Holmen Johnson, Janice Elementary La Crosse J ungwirth, Rita. Sec. Ed. La Crosse Johnson, Donald Johnson, James Johnson, Robert Sec. Ed. Sec. Ed. Phy. Ed. Galesville La Crosse Kohler Kalosh, Michael Kastena, Jeanne Kehr, Shirley Phy. Ed. Rural Elementary Milwaukee Warren La Crosse Jones, Howard Special La Crosse Kennelly, Jean Rural Hartford Keppel, Anna Special Mindoro Larson, Arlene La Crosse King, Jeanne Phy. Ed. Watertown Larson, Ellen Sec. Ed. La Crosse Koch, Boone Special La Crosse Lautz, Louis Special La Crosse Korpi, Oscar Phy. Ed. Bessemer, Mich. Lawwill, Lucille Special Indianapolis, Ind. Kramer, Gladys Kranz, Veronica Rural La Crosse Lee, Melvin Special Onalaska Special Mauston Leikvold, Ruth Ann Phy. Ed. Dresser FRESHMEN Leithold, John Lingg, Mary Lockery, Milton Lowe, Betty Lucas, Joanne Luening, James Special Elementary K Phy. Ed. Sec. Ed. Elemeniary Phy. Ed. La Crosse La Crosse Rochalt La Crosse Trempealeau La Crosse Lukes, Henry Lysaker, Howard McCann, Virginia McDaniel, James McDonald, Bette McDonald, Phy. Ed. Special Elementary Special Marjorie New Lisbon La Crosse La Crosse La Crescent, Minn. La Crosse Special La Crosse McGovern, J' am Special La Crosse Meyer, William Phy. Ed. La Crosse CS McNamara, Mary Special Prairie du Chien Miedema, Lois Special Onalaska Magee, DeEtte Special La Crosse Mieden, Lloyd Rural Kendall Mahlman, Harvey Special La Crosse Miller, Joyce Special La Crosse Matelski, Lorn Special La Crosse Moore, James Rural West Salem Mau, Beverly Special West Salem Moran, Sally Special La Crosse F RESHMEN Myhre, Eunice Phy. Ed. Caledonia, Minn. Nordengren, Beatrice Special La Crosse Nash, Mrs. Nelson, Harold Genevieve Special Special Holman La Crosse Novak, Robert Oakes, Marilyn Sec. Ed. Elemeniary La Crosse La Crosse Nerison, John Sec. Ed. Westby Oines, Alf Sec. Ed. Galesville N innemann, Nancy Phy, Ed. Milwaukee Olson, Doris Elemeniary Independence N exon, Jayne Special La Crosse Ott, Charles Special La Crosse Overson, Orin Special La Crosse Phillips, William Special Curtiss Partrid ge, Special Viroqua Price, Echo Special ' Onalaska Robert Paulsen, Frances Peart, Lorraine Peterson, Oliver Pfai, Ronald Elementary Elementary Special Special La Crosse La Crosse Blair Holmen Puestow, ' Quarberg, Quillen, Eileen Raabe, Richard Mary Ann Charlotte Ru,-al phy. Ed. Phy' Ed' SPE'-'fial Hokah, Minnesota Milwaukee West Bend Nelson F RESHMEN Ramer, Helen Special La Crosse Roderick, Mary Jane Special La Crosse -an a Reed, Inez Rural Soldiers Grove Rooney, Ruth Special La Crosse Rennebohm, Jean Elementary La Crosse Rousseau, Robert Special Galesville - 2.-ri, Rhodes, Ruby Special West Salem Roust, Dorothy Phy. Ed. Red Wing, Minn. Robinson, Cal Special La Crosse Rudrud, Ruth Special La Crosse Robinson, Joseph Ruhnke, Joyce Phy. Ed. Oshkosh .av '12 wi Fda .-wg 0.4 HW Rusche, John Russell, Irene Schallert, Henry Scheel, Carl Special Phy. Ed. Sec. Ed. Special La Crosse Austin, Minn. Sparta La Crosse Schissler, Elaine Schmidt, Kenneth Schmitz, Donald Scholberg, Mary Phy. Ed. Special Sec. Ed. Elemenlarlv Berlin La Crosse La CIOSSG La Crosse 36 Schilling, Jean Special Viroqua Schreiber, Sec. Ed. La Crosse Ervone vw Schirmer, Gordon Phy. Ed. Goodman Schuette, Doris Phy. Ed. Manitowoc FRESHMEN Schug, Marcella Phy. Ea. Ida Grove, Iowa Sk:-och, Ephrem Special Independence Schwalbe, Special La Crosse Sleyster, Constan Sec. Ed. Cochrane Arthur Silberschmidt, Robert Special La Crosse Smith, Harriet ce Special La Crosse Silha, Janet Rural Cashton Sorenson, Warren Phy. Ed. Necedah Simpson, Rita Rural Durand Spears, Ruth Special La Crosse Skorstad, Lila Ann Elementary Blair Steinborn, Richard Special La Crosse Stephenson, Henry Special La Crosse Sylvester, Jean Elementary Mt. Horeb Stluka, Barbara Stokke, Audrey Elementary Special Gays, Mills La Crosse Thaldorf, Alberta Thompson, Ruth Sec. Ed. 'Elementary Fountain City Onalaska Storandt, Lois Rural Mindoro Thompson, Wade Special La. Crosse Stratton, Ina Phy. Ed. Waupaca Thull, Robert Phy. Ed. Sheboygan Svaton, Mildred Phy. Ed. Antigo Tickfer, Morris Sec, Ed. Arcadia F RESHMEN Tisthammer, Tronick, Willard Merton Special La Crosse La Crosse Vieth, Mabel Virgin, Wynnis Elementary Special Norwalk La Crosse Tulloch, Jeanne Special La Crosse Vogel, Wyliss Elemeniary West Salem Urban, Mary Ann Elementary La. Crosse Volden, Ona Phy. Ed. Viroqua Vander Hoogen, Dorothy Phy. Ed. Kimberly Wall, Constance Special Holmen Vickery, Marjorie Phy. Ed. Suamico Weiner, Marjorie Sec. Ed. Sparta Westberg, Ray Phy. Ed. Norwalk Wolf, Vernard Sec. Ed. Colbey Westlund, X Reynold Phy. Ed. Lewis Young, Dolores Special Reedsburg Wiley, Guilford Special La Crosse Young, Kenneth Special La Crosse Williams, Paul Special La Crosse Ziemer, Virgil Sec. Ed. Galesville Wilson, Gladys Sec. Ed. La Farge Zieske, Marian Phy. Ed. Fox Lake Wilund, Deloras Phy. Ed. Prentice Zimmer, Pearl Phy. Ed. ' Beaver Dam SOPHOMORES Adams, Fred Albertin, Harold Sec. Ed. Phy. Ed. Wauwatosa Sheboygan Amundson, Andersen, Forrest William Special Special La Crosse La Crosse Allen, George Special La Crosse Anderson, Gertrude Special La. Crosse Allen, John Amenda, Lorraine Amundson, Sec. Ed. Elementfary MaYHafd Green Bay Milwaukee Slfecial Hixton Anthony, Roberta Arenz, Phyllis Argall, J acquelyn Elementary Special Elementary La Crosse La. Crosse La Crosse w l W-, ,, , Bach, Sverre Baron, Patricia Beadle, Ardith Bedessern, Betty Sec. Ed. Special Phy. Ed. Elementary Coon Valley Elkhart, Ind. Wisconsin Rapids La Crosse Boettcher, Mae Brault, Bernard Braun, Robert Brenner, David Phy. Ed. Phy. Ed. Phy. Ed. Special Appleton New London Kohler La Crosse Bernd, John Sec. Ed. La Crosse Bridenhagen, - Clement Phy. Ed. Sturgen Bay Berthrong Donald Special La. Crosse Britt, Archie Special La Crosse SOPHOMORES Brost, Mary Lee Phy. Ed. Medford Campbell, Norman Sec. Ed, Rockland Brown, June Special La Crosse Carlberg, Verna Elementary La Crosse Bruchman, Royal Brunner, Florence Butrem, Beverly Campbell, Bruce Special La Crosse Castor, John Special La Crosse Special Elemefziary Special LaCrosse La Crosse Prairie du Chlen Chenowith, Christopolis, Sam Christus, Louis Emesime Phy. Ed. Phy. Ed. Elementary Sheboygan Sheboygan Blair Church, Harriet Special La Crosse Curtis, Walter Sec. Ed. La Crosse Churchill, Opal Elementary Westby Cymanick, Dorothy Special La Crosse Combellick, Robert Special La Crosse Davis, Porter Phy. Ed. Elkhorn Connell, Elizabeth Phy. Ed. Waukesha Delphenich, John Sec. Ed. La Crosse Crawhall, Leone Elementary Portage DeRanitz, Janet Elemeniary La Crosse Cremer, John Special La Crosse Dennison, Lloyd Special La Crosse SOPHOMORES Devendorf, Donley Dibley, Eunice Phy. Ed. Phy. Ed. Wauwatosa Caledonia, Minn. Fetty, Lois Fleming, Arthur Phy. Ed. Special Viola Bangor Eckstein, Emmert, Mary Erickson, Melvin Evans, Frank Margaret Elemenlary Sec. Ed. Special Phy- Ed' La Crosse Goodman Prairie du Chien Ripon Fleming, Betty Fleming, Gerald Foster, Barbara Gautsch, Donald Phy. Ed. Special Phy. Ed. Special West Allis Sparta Milwaukee La Crosse Gautsch, Lorraine Gee, Homer Sec. Ed. Special La Crosse La Crosse Gruentzel, Paul Hanson, Melville Phy. Ed. Phy. Ed. Crandon Viroqua Gikling, Vernon Special La Crosse Hanson, Phyllis Sec. Ed. Omro Gmeiner, Donald Grady, Norman Special Special La Crosse La Crosse Hauser, Robert Helgeson, Sharon Special Elementary La Crosse Viroqua Gregorich, Edward Phy. Ed. Sheboygan Heller, Helen Elementary Portage SOPHOMORES Helstad, Orrin Special Ettrick Horner, Helen Special La Crosse Herriwig, Alvin Elementary New Lisbon Howland, Jack Special Onalaska Heyman, Betty Hoifman, Darrell I-Ioifman, Robert Homstad, Marion Phy. Ed. Sec. Ed. Sec. Ed. Elemenlary Wausau La Crosse Sheboygan Cashton Jacobson, Gordon Jacquart, Iva. Jarvis, Lucile Jed'eries, Gordon Sec. Ed. Phy. Ed. Phy. Ed. Special Hixton Ironwood, Iowa Richland Center Viroqua J irik, Edna Phy. Ed. Autigo Keppel, John Phy. Ed. Sheboygan Johns, Carol Elementary La Crosse Klandrud, Roy Special Galesville Johnson, Harriet Phy. Ed. Gays Mills Kline, Mary Phy. Ed. Sparta Jones, Eleanor Phy. Ed. Holcombe Knight, Willis Sec. Ed. Ettrick Keefe, Maryrose Keernan, Donald Special West Salem Koch, LaVon Sec. Ed. La Crosse Phy. Ed. Delavan Koehne, Mary Phy. Ed. Appleton SOPHOMORES Kramer, David Kramer, Marjorie Krismer, William Lange, Grace Special Elementary Special Elementary La Crosse La Crosse La Crosse La Crosse Lee, Jeanette Loken., Ralph Loomis, Charles Loos, Margery Elementary Sec. Ed. Special Phy. Ed. Cashton Taylor La Crosse Green Bay Larson, Verna Elementary Cashton Low, Richard Special La Crosse Lawrence, Sidney Sec. Ed. La Crosse McDaniel, Rosemary Phy. Ed. New London McDonald, William Special La Crosse Martineau, Florence Phy. Ed. Oconto M-CIHWTB, Beverly' McLaughlin, John Marking, Luverne Marshall, Sec. Ed. La Crosse Masters, Marjorie Phy Ed. Milwaukee Special Bloomington Meir, Doris Phy. Ed. La Crosse Elemeniary M-afgafef Owen Sec. Ed, La Crosse Meyer, Robert h Michel, Frederick Special Special La Crosse La Crosse Martin, Frank Phy. Ed. Racine Moen, Gordon Sec. Ed. Alma SOPHOMORES Mohr, Archer Moos, Joann Sec. Ed. Elemenlary Alma Onalaska Nestingen, Ivan Neubauer, Edith Special Elementary Sparta La Crosse Moser, Miriam Phy. Ed. Appleton Noll, Marjorie Sec. Ed. Alma Muller, Marilyn Phy. Ed. Milltown Nugent, Tim Phy. Ed. Milwaukee Neacy, Dorothy Nelson, Viola Phy. Ed. Phy. Ed. Milwaukee Centuria Olson, Bonnadean Peterson, Attrude Elementary Elemenfary Mauston La Crosse Pittman, Gilbert Special La Crosse Roscoe, Vivian Special La Crosse Preski, Roman Phy. Ed. Milwaukee Sayles, John Special La Crosse Richardson, Phillpia E lem eniary Spring Green Scherr, Clarence Phy. Ed. Milwaukee Riley, William Special La Crosse Schlicht, Walter Special Stoddard Robbins, Robert Phy. Ed. Chicago, Ill. Scholler, John Special La. Crosse Rolstad, Ruthann Phy. Ed. Barron Schoot, George Sec. Ed. Tornah SOPHOMORES Schuster, David Selbo, Gordon Phy. Ed. Special Oregon La. Crosse Snider, Ruth Solberg, Clayton Elementary Special La Crosse Ettrick Sengbush, Raymond Special Elkhorn Solie, Doris Special La Crosse Senstad, Betty Elementary La Crosse Soppa, Edward Special Arcadia Sheldon, Lois Phy. Ed. La Crosse Spratt, Roger Special La. Crosse Shereda, Ruth Elementary ' Muscoda Sprecher, Robert Special Independence Standiford, Gladys La Crosse Temte, Edna Elementary Elroy Stasnopolis, Alex Strittmater, Sund, Clarence Phy. Ed, Wallace Rural Beloit Phy- Ed- Cashton Beloit Tetzlai, Doris Thomack, Walter Thomas, Clifford Phy. Ed. Special Special Watertown La Crosse La Crosse Swanson, Beulah Taylor, George Elementary C ashton Thompson, George Sec. Ed. La Crosse Phy. Ed. Iola Thompson, Paul Special La Crosse SOPHOMORES Tietze, William Tomrnerson, jean Van Cleaf, Van Loon, Rodney Van Sickle, Wagoner, Special Special -Ma1'l0l'i0 Spggigl Eugene Catherine La Crosse La Crosse Phy- Ed- Onalaska 590- Ed- 5P9CiGl West Allis La Crosse Black River Falls Weiss, Lucia Phy. Ed. La Crosse Woekner, Jack Phy. Ed. Milwaukee Welch, VVi1liam West, Virginia Special Sec. Ed. La Crosse Centuria Woods, Harry Woodworth, John Special Special La Crosse La Crosse Wiederhocft, Donald Special La Crosse Zi.m.merman, Marjory Phy. Ed. Milwaukee Willey, Dorothy Wilms, Lucile Elementary Phy. Ed. La Crosse Waupun Zum Buttel, Dorothy Phy. Ed. Sheboygan J UNIORS Abelt, Arlene Elementary La Farge Belden, Jack Phy. Ed. Racine Addis, Michael Special La Crosse Bernatz, Betty Elemeniary La Crosse Andre, Lorayne Sec. Ed. La Crosse Blomquist, Helen Sec. Ed. La Crosse Bangsberg, Virginia Sec. Ed. La Crosse Borrebek, Margaret X Sec. Ed. Galesville Barnes, Joyce Elementary Bangor Brandt, Marjorie Phy. Ed. Fennimore Barth, John Phy. Ed. Cedarburg Brinkman, Hazel Phy. Ed. Chippewa Falls Carey, Robert Phy. Ed. Berlin DesJarlais, Vernon Phy. Ed. Menasha Clausen, Jane Phy. Ed. Hartland DeZwarte, Helen Phy. Ed. Plymouth Coon, Wallace Sec. Ed. Walworth Engstrom, Dolores Phy. Ed. Virginia, Minn. 47 Craig, Marjorie Phy. Ed. Austin, Minn. Evenson, Arlene Special Spring Grove, Minn. Cronk, Betty Plzy. Ed. Eau Claire Facius, Hans Special La Crosse V Cummings, William Special Onalaska ' Fillner, Theresa Sec. Ed. La Crosse J UN IORS Finley, .Tack mais, Ruth Sec. Ed. Elementary La Crosse La Crosse Gaertner, Pauline Galstad, Leo Phy- Ed. Sec. Ed. Neenah Westby Flynn, Robert Special La Crosse Gamble, Betty Phy. Edf Yankton, S. D. Foxwell, Grace Sec. Ed. Union Grove Gerletti, Reber Sec. Ed. Sparta t Freese, Cecile Phy. Ed. La Crosse Gilbertson, Jane Elemerdary La Crosse Fremlin, Marion Sec. Ed. La Crosse Gosnell, Janice Sec. Ed. Onalaska Gotham, Beatrice Grabow, Harris Elemeniary Ladysmith Gunderson, Maxine Phy. Ed. Madison Sec. Ed. Watertown Halford, James Phy. Ed. Hancock l Gramenz, William Gray, Jane Green, Shirley Guillaume, Sec. Ed. Phy. Ed. Phy. Ed. Eugeflei Tomah Wisconsin Dells Abbotsford Special La Crosse Hanke, Leon Hansen, Helen Hanson, Rodney Helgeson, Arlan Phy. Ed. Phy. Ed. Sec. Ed. Sec. Ed. Eagle River Menomonie Racine Holman I .TUNIORS Hoffman, Lynn Jahn, Elaine Phy. Ed. Elementary Pound La Crosse Kleeber, Glenette Kube, Arthur Elementary Sec. Ed. Reedsburg Warrens Johnson, Gerald Sec. Ed. Holrnen Kunert, Marion Elementary La Crosse Kenlske, Dorothy Phy. Ed. La Crosse Lassig, Margaret Sec. Ed. La Crosse Kenney, John Kiechler, Anna Phy. Ed. Sec. Ed. Waukesha Bangor Lodge, Verna Loushine, William Sec. Ed. Phy. Ed. Lyndon Station Chisholm, Minn Lupie, Francis Sec. Ed. La. Crosse Marek, Lillian Phy. Ed. Milwaukee McCoy, Donna Eau Claire Mealy, Joanne Elemenlary La Crosse Madson, John Sec. Ed. La Crosse Mertens, Phy. Ed. Fond du Lorraine Lac 49 Main, Milton Sec. Ed. Hortonville Meyer, Elvera Phy. Ed. Wausau Major, Virgil Sec. Ed. Cashton Mielke, LeRoy Sec. Ed. Waukesha l Mara, Marie Elementary Prairie du Chien Mueller, Jane Elementary La Crosse JUNIORS Nelson, Lois Oesau, Joan Oines, Ole Oren, Clarice Orr, Orma Padechy, Elementary Phy. Ed. sec. Ed. Phy. Ed. sec. Ed. Elizabeth La Crosse New Holstein Galesville Mirmeapolis, Prairie du Chien Elementary Minn. La Crosse Paith, Maurice Papenfuss, Carl Pappas, John Pieper, Edgar Rabehl, Gordon Rehder, Marianne Sec. Ed. Special Phy. Ed. Phy. Ed. Phy. Ed. Wilton La Crosse La Crosse Beaver Dam Vkfaupun Red Wing Reuter, Ellyn Sec. Ed. La Crosse Schluter, Joan Phy. Ed. Baraboo Rilling, Henry Roellig, Lucille Phy. Ed. Elementary Grafton La Crosse Schroeder, Seppanen, Henry Barbara phy. Ed. Elementary Milwaukee La Crosse Rutherford, Janet Samp, Bernard Schaller, Vivian Phy. Ed. Ezemenmfy ' Phillips La Crosse Holman Sinnin, Joyce Skemp, Betty Rehder, Marianne Elementary Elementary Phy. Ed. La Crosse La Crosse Red Wing, Minn. JUNIORS Spaltholz, Janet Phy. Ed. Milwaukee Stoll, Carole Sec. Ed. Cashton Spears, Marjorie Starks, Edward Steinmetz, Stephan, Amelia Stephenson, sec. Ed. Phy. Ed. Frances Phv. Ed. Candace Bruce Taylorville, Ill. Elementary Bloomer Sec- Ed- La Farge La Crosse Storzer, Georgia Talledge, Vondrachek, Ruth Walsh, Margaret Ward, Margaret Phy. Ed. Beniamin sec. Ed. Phy. Ed. Phy. Ed. West Allis Sec' Ed- Yankton, S. D. Milwaukee Waukesha Westby Watson, Grace Sec. Ed. Appleton Wieczorek, Angeline Phy. Ed. West Allis Watson, Betty Welda, Spencer Werling, Frank Elementary Sec. Ed. Sec. Ed. Appleton Mindoro Fort Wayne, Ind. Wilhelm, Arnold Williams, Sebell Winsor, Marion Phy. Ed. Sec. Ed. West Allis Black River Falls Mauston 51 Wheeler, Rosalee Whitney, Harriet Phy. Ed. Reedsburg Zehner, John Phy. Ed. Eagle River Phy. Ed. Rice Lake Zemlick, Warren Sec. Ed. La Crosse LIST OF STUDENTS WHOSE PICTURES ARE NOT AVAILABLE First Semester Freshmen Thomas Cremer John Zimmerman Second Semesler Freshmen Randall Ahlstrom Jean Anderson Marjorie Bogie Mercedes Cassidy Frank Davy Marilyn Espenes Ruth Grady Katherine Greenwood Don Guenther John Kress Eugene Kruchowski Shirley Laufenberg Lucille Mueller La Verne Olson Louis Orr Everett Peck Phyllis Pertzsch Mrs. Sigrid Vaaler Sophomores Bud F roelich John Sayles Juniors Emma. Dengel Norman Zieman Wallace Zimmerman Special James Quinn 52 X 4 f??4f2f - if in Lv 1, 0 . ,,'. an .. i5f'wT: gg? ' wiLQf fi' Wa v 'Misfit .-w- ,,- li X 4 F fr ,511 9, ' 1 :',.. ! I -n. Z S, 1 f' -f Y pg , , F I nl Y5Q?w?fgf? ' ' Q 7 , 15 oi if.fvfJwm wee, I -- .mumps-111' I W' V' U ' F , 'wiQg?g xv- f .. .... ,.,.,o- - f.- rf 1 'if .-YI '4'- '-,f-c'::-- ,:'- : ph-4'-1 , -V-T2 - WI humbly go through my speech before bringing to your attention the great teachers of the ' t duce the 1942 Seniors.N future. May I in ro fm AL ff ' A7 , f ,f J f ,rf f5m4va' , f '-'-"' ' X .f , 7 x 7"4M"'Z' ' fig I LJ L V V. v A L .IL ' f'f.vf,.,Cl'z:f2': ff f' If AL .ff l if ' .7 -'-9 A ,Rf .. Vf l fu- f' 571553 twiizjgng dginlgtxd .p:?Q!Zf6tdvQ grztzdlydv 5 1 J Q? KN,-" 1Lf'fZc'Z,gg,f ,"C4' aff P .n L 17V 'ly -6 7 , I ..f'7iz1Zzfz,'i.!1S .4525 at ve! ,,- :Q ' ' I M ' A ,f. K, 4 D. . V if' . . Lv! gcawfaffgivzoll 4' ff' .42-f f 59" - 4 ,. 1 K7Z7KLI?:!t C4 'A' yeig!! AqgfQ. ,"f.4744,a MAL- ? I ffEt075- fg.. fgfi-1.1471 .1 'cf qv. L I Ka , .-1? 54' , ,Ll ,q,.1f'6f5f MQ: -1- ' . I, N ., Q mi' 'Zig'-x 14,-L fff1.41A.f ' 7 f' .f ,fe fncryf frm: x L Al. FWZ 1 IL .v,A if, 41' :H -V 1 Y ' V L L ,1 , AELU1-r!Q,: V 623,990 W:-,Lf-'f,,-1.1 w 7 1 , z.: at 1 1, 1' n..n ' i . .1 1.2 1. Au. An. Au. -fx, ,iv ., - ' " A V., 1' fy, L AL AL .IL A 6 ' ,W 1 4 L AI. 'AL AL A ..... ,... , A ,ff ,K X y V ,. .:,,. r -' X ZZ 1 1-6 'lar' '15 .nu. ' V f' .. 3 ' 1 ,. , ,fy f ff' 105 l i X ai' 4:7 ,A 153 9,1 L ,, I? 4'7'fJ,7f4 l,:f22a!Zf?6QrzaJr?rf fy,fg,,mf,gg .1 'iufdwf ffl T , " k Ei" S we H 5 .,.: A w J ,. ,fs ' A Y: ,ffl-1" aflfdftzbf 4 H. ' N4 1 .4'szm-- ! Q , 1 ffq l "if" 1 , ffl' ,. J fWZz4Qw4J.aafe'a1.f' VQZQ Calyx jyrqqyzegg Wm S n M ff deco NK M 7 Q' I Z5z14u41Zi.. 'igkrfddf' Cfzwuzf We 1'M"' ,yin 8344.4 f "'tZfM,r.f I, 1 A X' ,- ' . -17 1 B". I ff ' 1 EE, nigh ,,,Z,f f,J',zff4fr.--' ws' , "gf , f,M,'jg ,,, L4,7'Qg,+QfA 1' iz-M44 .mffmfw yo .u. 4f"x,1.'2o, .QW .. it - :-um-. M: , -I 2. I 71 1-1: 1' w'.'?u'1igjE5:-. 55 A..,. A kfrrzvnf ,, QL.1a::'. luv , ' J 'A ':'iraz'L H we vw. Pvc " ' ' 5' , A f. V ffm, I f' jf' c,fzM21,' Zmfbf WHO'S WHO TIN COLLEGE FOR 1941-42 Each year outstanding students are se- lected from our school to be enrolled in the WI-IO'S WHO among students of American universities and colleges. The students are chosen by a committee of faculty members and active students. The above seniors were chosen this year. Row I: Leo Kenney, Edith Dawes, Faith Convis, Max- ine Gunderson. Row 2: Peggy Bull, Mildred Luebke, Wanda Water- street, Jack Finley. Not in picture: Katherine Gor- man, Lillian Logerman, Margaret Walsh. Adeline Hanson, Robert Paulsen, Ned Wulk, Cliff DeVo1l, Gordon Borchart. The WHO'S WHO was started nine years ago as an organization of honor students that is free from dues or politics. It be- gan at the University of Alabama and lists character, leadership, scholarship, and poten- tialities as its qualifications. Below: the annual commencement march of the faculty. This year commencement came on Monday, June 1. 62 W. ,- . I -sgw'A .g ,Hj?' - . 'm u ,. 'T 75? iff' iff:- : ,GX 'E' A: ji.-. . 'A 'flgibxx' , ff f' , H -" 1 ' . ' , ' :" 5 Qiye 4 :gf .2 NK ' . N i ,M :.!ii7"Tf7- Q . I 'jx :N : bf-"' si?" X' - .1 .' ., 5 V 4 I 3.1: . x V' ' I flu -f . 1'Xf .v. H' X w so A " fp f f fi: 1 V F 5 5 Z X: 4 ' , , f' o y ai WX I r Lt?-' px i -, y '- -- L Q 3013-1.-fy.-:,.i-.5253 -. A ,. . - 35- I ' I , . 5 - . . 'I' J 9. . Lb 4 LQ ', ' . . "1 ' .. , rg 1.1 y .- if -4 'L .hjyz " W 1-jf Q 1 5 ij 'E 'rn '. X . . f - . . r 1 1 , M1 is ul ., 1,531 ' 1 I , . .Q V V ., - jr 5,55 X L, 5 rf. , . - va . 2 ' 'iii' I ig 51: I lf- U 'r'-.. 1 2-gi . f - s"'?fE'wvf , ' - N.-11-H 5- fi . .' --ei' ,is-P .RJ "4 ' " .- Y" if ' f-4 W.-1.u.-... , - ' ' -. , -.A 'fl' Q 1 ' Liv Q 'I - ' -ueFCKH'-w-'-f' "' - v " 'The kids have a great time outside of school work. They must first register in school, then they must do some study outside of classg they have a heavy social life fMost of themj, and there is so much extra-curricular activity, too: some of us have to work to go to college and we all must eat, sleep, and play. Yes, it's all very interesting. Some of us even get mixed up in the army, navy, air corps, and a dozen other things.U WITH THE STUDENTS H a H. an EW-Q swam mm ss ss ss -wm pq ms a in Wi me E ,ummm ms- E gm- Q ss -1 B Em nm B mn az gwssa mgzmnm- m E , ss ai sas sms sa an ,-fm ,E mm :sms a B yew S, . . .QA mx rm E. M E H -5 gms gf-mm gf:-mm 5- ss an -mm -aussi mn SS SS B H Q E SLE? my HE Em B Bm HB SS ' H 5 E Q may H wg 5msm,Em1.mX.m Em. gl as nm 5- 885 SS E A W sw Q- as gg SSFWE BETH 'TEE W SS ESS E E H SWA . E Bgama em WE EEE EE RWE mv WEE W QP ,E W:s E A U as :Mx as Nm xx ms JS. mf- my H5 at se: sms www E? m Q H m qs QE 64 mn s WE EAT -and how WITH THE STUDENTS before WE STUDY - buf later i ' ,f after .1 : 4 B.. 65 WITH THE STUDENTS 66 WE DANCE - never WITH THE STUDENTS WE RESPOND - zn dzyjferent ways 67 WITH THE STUDENTS 68 WE'RE NATURAL - and lik WITH THE STUDENTS -EM1 www ' " WE'RE EVERYWHERE -so much to do 69 WITH THE STUDENTS 70 WE PLAY - not alw y . fi - .. f fo 3 C 3 asf: fx 'ia 3 I K A565925 E-x S. ' f K f i Q -4' . 1? - 1 ig' 1-3' may A sv I. HSome of us work hard. lt kind of pays. we get into societies, and all kinds of different honors come to show you that you haven't wasted too much time Those who win any honors are usually the most powerful bunch in school, to. .,. ,J Lx 5 -5 ' if La . fi , l vi 5? . 1,3 X . v:.,, 'Q -1 ' of .liz 2:2 P259 Lil 'i' "" ij, ,rig N . gal . f A... .,.. , ' 3, , J: riffi' Y iii? 1 ,4 .-7 ' ZPL. On December 7, 1941, another era of American life came to an end. On December 7, 1941, a new age was suddenly thrust upon us, an age of fighting for the things that we, as Americans, held dear. Many students in the college immediately answered the call, others wilfully went when their respective turns came. Many of them went away to fight for what they actually believed. We cannot help but want to pay a little tribute to these people who left their college careers. The idea that service to country came before service to self indeed deserves honors just as much, and even more than the honors the people have won on the following pages. HONORS ASSEMBLY Dr. J. W. Beach Addressed the student body at the annual Honors Assembly, April 28. The following people were honored with scholarships. Arlan Helgeson . . Snodgrass Scholarship Grace Foxwell Besse Bell Hutchinson award Marion Kunert . . Alice Gordon Scholarship Rodney Hanson . . the hrs! D.O. Coate Scholarship 72 KAPPA DELTA PI Row I: Katherine Gorman fvice-presidentj, Marion Bohrnstedt Cstudent councilj, Wanda Waterstreet ftreas- urerj, Faith Convis fpresidentl, Edith Dawes, Adeline Hanson Crecorderj, Lillian Logemann Csecretarylg Row 2: Peggy Bull, Marion Kunert, Alice Butler, Margaret Walsh, Dorothy Kemske, Jane Gray, Maxine Gunderson, Grace Foxwellg Row 3: Maurice Paeth, Ole Oines, Jack. Finley, Rodney Hanson, Robert Carey, Arlie I-laugh. Counsellor: Everett Walters. ' Second semester pledges: Margaret Borrebek, Betty Gamble, Janice Gosnell, Arlan Helgeson, Milton Maiit, Bety Skemp, Mary Watson. To- become a member of this National Education Honor Society, the prospective member must have a 2.00 average at least. He must be active in intellectual, scholastic and extra-curricular activities. The regular monthly meetings are generally discussion forums of educational problems. Social events within the group included teas at the home of Miss Trowbridge, an annual picnic, and two banquets at the Linker Hotel, on October 23, and on March 20. DELTA PSI KAPPA , 1 me Z if gig is gm any 2 Row 1: Marjorie Masters, Margaret Walsh Cpresidentj, Dotty Lintner CchaplainJ, Alice Butler Qcorrespond- ing secretaryl, Peggy Bull fvice-presidentj, Cathryn Steuer, Leota Kenzie ftreasurerjg Row Z: Betty Rodenbeck, Helen DeZwarte, Eunice Dilbey, Mona Mertes, Jane Gray, Betty Gamble, Mar- gery Loos, Rosalee Wheelerq Row 3: Dorthy Kemske, Maxine Gunderson, Mona Mohns, Elaine Stowell frecording secretarYD. Billie Loge- mann fFoil editorj, Mildred Luebke, Wanda Waterstreet Csergeant-at-armsl. Second semester pledges: Hazel Brinkman, Pat Haney, Miriam Moser, Marilyn Muller, Clarice Oren, Lucia Weiss, Dorothy ZumButtle. This group represents the college in the National Honorary Physical Education sor- ority. The activities of the group are edu- cational, professional, and social. The prin- cipal work is done in promoting growth and interest in physical education. Their big job each year is the publishing of the Stu- dent Directory along with the Student Coun- cil. The calendar for this group reported such events as a mixer February 2, a Ging- ham Dance May 15, and a tea and group pic- nic. Like most other groups, an alumni dinner during Homecoming weekend is given. "L" CLUB it sz- .9 is B M - as - W 'T as was .. U - - Lima misss Bl fx- A' Sa-N as Se .X Efw KE-as F QW E Waist E ss la X la ss la as E: QQ if EE E gsdi k .gg 5, H H it Us as mi E H :.: ,,., 5:55, Mass is as s- sag mm ... .. 5 :.,. mm. as H M H 3 ss W E H H M H H H - .. H H if 3 as 5.5 is 5 Q .M W H Wal? We Q SSS fe B Z is M 5 55.5 H K' 5 SE 1 H H xiii H H W? 253 and T E W ff? V' 33- ' s is i s an la is E E is n E is s E E - s s s - T ,X .wr ss " is s is 55: L'f,l??l5'w,:.Y .fl EF EE Em na will missin mamma ms ,wb Row I: Adrian Lenz, Bruce Thomas fsecretaryl, Bob Carey, Clarence Sherr ftreasurerj, Arnie Wilhelm fpresidentl, Leo Kenney, Don Gardner, Ned Wulk, Gordon Borchartg Row 2: Jack Belden, Donald Keenan, Fred Adams, Russ Halford, Edward Pieper, Francis Lupie, Harris Grabow, Wallace Coon, John Kenney, Row 3: Art Kube, Clem Bridenhagen, John Zehner, Ollie Knoll, Sidney Lawrence, John Barth, William Lou- shine, Frank Werling fvice-presidentl. Not in picture: Bob Ebert, John Pappas, Lloyd Thompson. The "L" Club is made up of those col- lege fellows who have earned recognition through activity in the field of sports. They can either be active in sports, or in the managing of sports, This honorary society does have social activity and outside work. They work with the Student Council on the Homecoming preparations, and sponsor the annual Play Day for students from the sur- rounding high schools. Their calendar also included a dance on December 12, and a banquet on May 15. NIITE IIIQHIK vfi ,gf I .F-1--Rv. X , x 4 :-QQ F" -gr X' 1, fl .X Fw ff v A , an a ' ,. T A: g' an ,Q A .. . , fu L. ', e gl . . , X-1. , 1 ,. L' R t P A . . r . I - 1 f v . Jai? s ? "'- V - K .-zu - ' , A. FW' I M Rf I H .I V . . ,CA .. A. 1- X ,fe fsf l ' . 3 V R: Aw Ffh m,?iE9?4 f i- it 'f '-'iii if --', - 1 , rr 215'--fi 5'H?Qf"1, Awawv V!!??rf,MM- awr- Wagg a NYes, we certainly do have plenty of clubs and groupe for outside activity. Each organization has its own calendar of events, and that usually means quite a bit for each group. lou can just about imagine how much studying some of us get done if there is more than one organization to take care of. Yes, we're a a busy lot, al1right.U .3 if , 2 I g gig: 'f Va - , i'3' 1- mm ,sg 'f um. ' rar Q' iffy. Q, ' M' V.: . -J H, ' -- V -- N- 5 , , Till: Jf' ' ,I'.'fI-:, - ' 3, ' ' 57: 54: 3f:- 1' .5 , Wx: rv W, - . - .. . . ' 'ji' .,. -, it-It .:V. , -. V- V f:- :ff-. 1 - ' icif 'ci 'ffl 'f - . - A wh ff-:I 'Sf' 5. -. H . 'I I . ' "-E. -Y -V: -'-,T , ' f f' gi' 9 2, jfyi ,PP Vf. Hx.. ,r .. , I K g I .. . ,.,' gg? 53: . , . E i if if J W Ti fl . W gf gf, gf ,L 1 5 3. V. .:. J. f' mf V.,f. mfr r ,,,, . V. 3.1 at y 'o will to Ji 5. sa XX ig W I , , .,., .1 V ffl V ik? fV'i kk' IQXVI -fr-gy ,, 9, -.1 .. . V . N. -. 4-55: -V y'-,-fxzgzyfgg mif f ,-nV:1wfV, FQ- , '-' -f.,3r:" --I fi' Eff J' 5 iffiii V, ' ' p . . ,rg .,-Sift' nl, fifrjf: :Ip 'JQFJQGH-li 1, : I ' -5- f'.i5f:'fF . 'f 2 ' "2fif'7N'f' 'V Q ff-V -ffvl f '9 z..:h V Wait? it 5 ' , H gg '--1-:by-nf 5' -iff :aj ,1 . . 4 1'- . fffbgi . '1"':f: ,.fi!'i-H' -,MJ - ' ' 'ff ' ' - 'f-,Q-if-5,--,, V. ,. I. :A -- J 1 fi' ri: -27 """' fflw iir ' , ,N QV f" :rig 4: xr ' -':.'.Vl f. fr. Liar 1 fp at ."f.i' - 32 '- - f. mf. ' -' 1.1,-gr ,-. ' ' E15 7' 1-M62 . gf' ,. fn, - 49' . fff V- f V: ' ,pfff .. 'fy 2. f,. - 1 iV fn' , if ,gs " V' I 'IV ' E15 , if 3. 1 .Q , 1 52 V:'- sic sf.::'r:s-'gist-.' ' . .. fi.-.V .. , ' if- . -nf' :Fifi 'S fr if ff' ff --ff 'livfi 55 '. ' fl-f ' . Q V gf' VV 761+ . V. 3: 'J J if ' 1 35: li: E 1? llf gH+l.' .V lv " ': ff- F, : ci .jf if -2 'V if w, V ff- ff, JV. 1 ,v 7 Z- fl 6. 7 -V f ZV . -2 QV ,ff 6 fr 41 - :,. ,tw jf 1? ., 1, fg i'Vj-Q E' ', ff 's 1 ':" S' 1 L '5 2: if 1 V : -1. : . f f QM. in 5 ,X lf, :f ' 4 5f V. 2' I 'i r:'f 'JV A V - f! -V -' . :F -55,71 5?-gg, g if 'W' .f.V 0- QV 2-V 'ff -2' an -f' '- :V Vgvf.. gf, f .5-gn -- ,' ,. 5 - M '- Ev b!'Ff F1 ,,. ?':,P,4f' A-.rf H, as 4 -i , 231.11 1 iw fa qi -1 . u-'f4.ism1j,Q 's. MjfE-2: V -' W iff . 'lf E512 " Q1 'VS -Q P4 -' li .P -1 y:,,f?' .:T' . E V. :if - FF ff! V 'iw -7 11 V' W, ' :fV ffififf '2 1 0 ,fm-an f, ' vi Vg: T- L ' ,, . LV., ,. 2 g. .. ., If : f -If-1, ,if 5 1. fVaf.2Q: nv. 5 If : 19 " iff ff' 5 . :F ,g y ,p 1- ' iz " 942. V' Hr V? 5,3 L V- -if y gg. f.. i 3 .3 V. YJ? I A .. -"' aff ,Qu ' -Vg f . r f,, 1' . , . I J ' ly, 2. X ' 1 aan EQ ' 1' , 5 M, 1 ' ' '. 1 3 itil! egg- ,V f'! likes jf I. E . .6. p -5 . 'i XZ 1 6 , . O 'IF TQ 41715: X393 Qi? .X X A 2 I If xl? T n L. F GREEK LETTER ORGANIZATIONS There are six social Greek societies in college. Three for the boysg three for the girls. The Greek letter groups take in new members at the beginning of a new semester. They make their new members go through all kinds of misery and embarrassment before they can be otflcially recognized as full-iiedged mem- bers of their respective group. Much of the social life in school is centered around these organizations, Besides sponsoring teas, dances, mixers, forrnals, they have closed meetings where they study cultural things, current events, enjoy the fellow- ship of the other members. Some of the groups have definite projects on which they spend much of their time and funds. Plans were being considered during this year for the beginning of an otlicial English Greek letter society for those in- terested in writing, for people taking English minors or majors. More will be done about this in the coming year. MEET THE BUYS Typical sight during "Hell days" for the poor pledges to fraternities. Upper left: Portia Hall, escaped from Earl Carroll'sg lower leff: Mrs. Andrew Jackson back on the rampageg upper righf: "The General died at Dawn"g lower fight: Brenda Thomas and defense followers. All in a day's work. 79 x x x x x I ALPHA DELTA THETA This newest college fraternity sponsored mixers on September 26, and May 8. They also worked with the tri-frat dance. They gave for 'their group the annual Homecoming banquet. Like the other social fraternities, the members of Alpha Delta Theta , are Fraternities chosen for their special abilities along certain lines. Dr. Olson who joined the faculty for the second semester became the new advisor of the group, their last year's advisor Virgil Jackson died during the winter. 1 Row I: Virgil Major, Arlie Haugh fvice-presidentj, Sam Christoplis, Ed Pieper Csecretaryj, Ollie Noll Ctreas- urerj, Gordon Jacobson, Roy Sengbushg Row 2: Darrel Hoifman, Donald Keenan, Bill Gramenz, Johnny Keppel, Adrian Lenz Qpresidentj. Not in picture : Edward Gregarich. . Second semester pledges: Jerry Ahl, Harold Albertin, Royal Bruchman, Fred Gierie, Norman Grady, Robert Hauser, William Krismer, Archer Mohr, Tim Nugent, Gorden Selbo. BETA SIGMA CHI Beta Sigma Chi was the first social fra- Bond mixer on February 5, the annual ternity in the college. It is the only group Variety Show on April 18, and the Dinner who doesn't take in freshmen pledges. On Dance on May 2 were open to all-school par- the year's calendar such events as The D. O. ticipation. As a group they held the annual Coate Fund mixer on November 15, Defense Alumni breakfast, and a spring picnic. Row I: Emerson Wulling Cadvisorl, Wallace Zimmerman, William Loushine Csecretaryj, Cliff DeVol1, Tink Rilling fvice-presidentj, Ole Oines Ctreasurerj, Rodney Hanson Cpresidentjg Row 2: Loren Howarth, Bruce Thomas, George Taylor, Art Kube, Gorden Rabehl, John Barth, Vernon Deslarlais, Bob Gerletti. Not pictured: James Quinn, Bud Froelich. Second semester pledges: Jerry Fleming, Jack Finley, Maurice Paeth, George Schoot. 81 PHI KAPPA EPSILON This group commends higher learning by giving two scholarship keys: to outstanding freshman boy, and to senior member re- ceiving highest scholastic record. Most of the members are very active in extra-cur- ricular work. Calendar includes bi-monthly meetings, ESQ? mari at which special speakers are heard. School events this year included a mixer on Janu- ary 10, and the Valentine Day's ball with Roselee Wheeler again voted as queen by the student body. Group events included the Founder's Day Banquet, and the annual Homecoming breakfast. :N . 2 . SW. ', Q Q :E it H: -at We E H 1 , QM ,M mm E W4 an :M I is me Q A -ENN gg , As, 'vga-gg . F3552 as-Erggriase-t'???'Q5215Mwfitutirfifmsze -N222mmmwifzirfigariiimmig W' gm eggs egg 2 an ' w smg,'- M -2- seam H Q a E amd Eg as Km mass E ws E B me? K- glam ,H ,H W Ea H W- sw -, 2- ' E B ' ES Fans We H - H H .HS M, .. . . EQ 2..fM,Qgg Wgsslf M rig H5588 KKK B Q W , - ms, sm!-ZWZEH 'H W, anim H- E 2 H M nm - E H E Wim -m-mam? K iw? We an ww' WEEE mgmgg s Q-gms if Q Egg M s W W Q 'WWW EB 3 was H Row I: Robert Paulsen, Gordon Borchart ftreasurerl, Ned Wulk fpresidentj, Robert Ebert, Jack Belden Csocial chairman-J, Leo Kenney fvice-presidentj, Clem Bridenhageng Row 2: Porter Davis, Clarence Sherr, Orville Genz, Arnie Wilhelm, Jack Woechner, Harris Grabow Ctreas- urerj, Francis Lupie fsecretaryj, Frank Werlingg Row 3: Bob Carey, Fred Adams Cprogram chairmanj, Ross Spangler Csponsorj, Russ Halford, John Ken Second semester pledges: John Cremer, John Sayles, Bob Novak, Jim Johnson, Bruce Campbell, Homer Gee, Sid Lawrence, Warren Sorenson, Alvin Herwig, Mike Kalosh. ALPHA PHI Pl This group is The Forum. Besides fos- literature, motion pictures, music. The tering social activity the sorority members year's calendar covered a semi-annual tea are selected on a basis of scholarship, per- at Miss Breene's home, September 18, sonality, special abilities, Here, too, cul- Alumni Luncheon during Homecoming, a tural things are stressed, as in the musical tea dance March 12. matinees given regularly, reviews on drama, as - we 3 1 fa...PUlWl' is Row 1: Margaret Vedvik Csecretary ish, Beverly Butrem, Shirley Craker, Agnes Breene Csponsorj, Mildred Luebke fpresident 1sJ, Romelle Ormson Cvice-president Zsj, Lorraine Mertens, Dorothy Kemske fpres- ident 2sD 3 Row 2: Rosalee Wheeler ftreasurer lsj, Dotty Lintner, Theresa Fillner, Meryle Hver, Janet Spaltholz, Betty Rodenbeck, Marianne Rehder fsecretary 2sJ, Gladys Forde, Lillian Marek, Cathryn Steuer ftreasurer Zsjg Row 3: Mona Mohns, Shirley Green, Amelia Stephan, Margaret Walsh, Elaine Stowel fvice-president lsl, Marcella Killian, Elvera Meyer, Ismya Swain, Bessie Marshall, Myrtle Rosendahl. Second semester pledges: Gertrude Anderson, Jean Carlberg, Delores Engstrom, Jeanette Frank, Glenette Kleeber, LaVerne Marking, Clarice Oren, Dorothy Roust, Georgia Storzer. 83 LAMBDA SIGMA CHI This group is the Fine Arts sorority. They have set up for themselves four vir- tues which they hope to cultivate through their meetings. These are loyalty, friend- ship, leadership, and culture. Under Miss Ange11's sponsorship they try to stimulate an interest in the arts Within the college as well as within their own group. The calen- dar for the year included a Card Party, November 14, the college tea in the social room February 26, and the College Formal April 25. Amongst themselves they held a Rush tea at the Kreuger House October 21, as well as little teas, parties, and sales. Row I: Ellyn Reuter, Joyce Sinnen, Marjorie Zimmerman, Elaine Jahn Qtreasurerl, Florence Cleveland fpr esidentj, Jane Mueller, Marion Homstad, Joyce Barnes, Anna Mae Kiechlerg Row 2: Wanda Waterstreet, Dorothy Melby Csecretaryj, Margaret Marshall, Helen De Zwarte, Margery , Hughes, Mona Mertes, Helen Horner, Beth Lawsha, Jane Gray Cvice-presidentj, Betty Heyman, Mar- gie Loos g Row 3: Carmen Sherette, Faith Convis, Vivian Roscoe, Barbara Ann Foster, Grace Foxwell, Betty Bernatz, Betty Skemp, Ruth Fleis, Dorie Winetzki, Mary Dickenson. Not in picture: Janet DeRanitz, jane Gil- ' bertson. Second semester pledges: Jackie Argall, Ruth Foxwell, Verna Larson, Edyth Neubauer, Betty Senstad, Bunnie Vickory. SIGMA LAMBDA SIGMA In the program for the Sapphonia Lit- erary Society, one will find that personal growth in cultural things, leadership, and co- operation among people is stressed. The membership is kept at a certain quota. Be- sides working on a year's project of pre- paring Christmas material for the poor, they Sororities study current events, also. This past year's calendar included al steak fry Qctober 1, initiation party at the honie of Miss Gor- man, October 27, the Anniversary Dinner November 29, the Christmas party Decem- ber 15, and various teas and candy sales for members. Row I: Phyliss Hanson, Marjorie Proksch, Doris Warriner fsergeant-at-arms lsj, Doris Solie, Maxine Gun- derson ftreasurer lsj, Adeline Hanson fpresident lsl, Pat Haney fsecretary lsb, Katherine Gorman fvice-president 1sJ, Margaret Lassig, Joanne Mealy Csecretary 2sJg Row 2: Mary Lee Brest, Lois Nelson, Marion Kunert, June Brown fsergeant-at-arms Zsl, Marjorie Kramer, Eunice Dibley, Betty Gamble, Virginia Bangsberg, Vivian Schaller, Candace Stephanson Cvice-presi- dent Zsj, Marion Fremling Row 3: Marjorie Masters, Jean Axtel fchapter clerkj, Doris Mier, Helen Bloomquist, Dinnie Jensen, Pa- tricia Baron, Margaret Borrebek fliistorianl, Peggy Bull fpresidentj, Carol Johns, Mildred Becker. Not in picture: Betty Dockendorf. Second semesler pledges: Mildred Bjorn, Janice Gosnell, Jean Sylvester, Lucia Weiss. PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB Students majoring or minoring in phys- ical education make up the membership of this club. Purposes intend to promote a higher degree of professional attitude to- wards this field of education. On March 3, the club held a mixer, on April 11, its spring banquet, the last week of school had among its important events, the annual physical education demonstration. The Club had the following officers: President, Mona Mertesg vice-president, Marjorie Craig, sec- retary, Maxine Gunderson, treasurer, Flor- ence Cleveland. SECONDARY EDUCATION CLUB The members of this club study the problems facing future high school teach- ers. Their meetings are made up of panel discussions and lectures. Outside speakers are often at meetings. On the club calendar were two social events: a frosh Weiner roast, October 2, and an all-school mixer March .4 28. The oiiicers for both semesters were: president, Jack Finley and Maurice Paethg vice-president, Candace Stephanson and Marion Fremling secretary, Marion Bohrn- stedt and Carol Stoll, treasurer, Merlin Ben- rud and Marjorie Spears. Sponsor: Everett Walters. X' SPECIALS , This division, the largest SEE N I' in the college, is non-pro- . , 1s 'i RG , I fessional. The members I ' are advised by Mr. Laux. g 14- They come here several H years before continuing in , a larger institution. - ,A 'The ,students are divided into-,these clubs.-' ' D e art ELEMENTARY CLUB Like the rest of the division club, the elementary members hold meetings where they give discussions of problems and hear speakers. Occasionally they have programs made up of music, skits, games. They have a program committee and music head elected for the year, so they can be assured of definite and worthwhile programs at their meetings. Social events included a tea on September 24, an annual Christmas Party, other informal gatherings. Otiicers for the year were: president, Doris Warrinerg vice- president, Doris Van Loon, secretary, Mar- jorie Kramerg treasurer, Marian Kunertg advisor-sponsor, Jessie Caldwell. COUNTRY LIFE CLUB This club is organized for people in- terested in rural life. The group aims to promote greater rural leadership, to dignify rural life, to arouse and to preserve an in- terest in such living. Social dancing and games are the principal entertainments at the meetings. A tea dance was given No- vember 14. Several members from the club attended the Nat'l Country Life Conven- tion at Nashville, Tennessee, during Octo- ber. Oiiicers for both semesters were: president, Marjorie Jennings, Mildred Beck- er, vice-president, Helen Gullickson and Ardean Cummings, secretary-treasurer, Hel- en Sloulin and Norma Mueller, program chairman, Helen Gullickson and Ardean Cummings. Sponsor, Alice Drake. mental Clubs THE TRAINING SCHOOL The new training school building houses room for much activity. It took all the prac- tice teaching away from the main hall, thus giving room for the many changes which took place there during the past year. The new building is the scene of Boy Scout and Girl Scout work, practice teaching for students and part-time teachers and stu- dentsg it is the scene of all YOUR INTI- MATE THEATRE productions. The stage boasts some of the finest equipment in the surrounding country. Therefore, many kinds of plays may be tried. The students in the ...nn-""' training school themselves stage productions. The little theatre is also a lecture room, for many classes too large to hold in the main hall. The little theatre also is the projection room when movies are studied. The chil- dren in the training school have the best facilities for developing their personalities through going to school. They learn many things by actually doing those things. They have access to a beautiful and interesting library. The training school is an big addi- tion to the college. DEBATE SQUAD H The debate squad had a very interesting season. The members spent many evenings at different homes working on debate prob- lems and having debates between squad teams. Dr. Maurice Graf did judging work and accompanied squad teams on their out- of-town trips. Four teams, attended a tour- an nanient at Eau Claire, January 175 four teams spent February 20, 21 in Stevens Pointg on March 14, two teams represented the squad at River Falls. A discussion and banquet was held in Winona in early April, and a forum for peace problems was held in Eau Claire early in May. N ,. grammar: s ss as -Q lm ll :mmf s Mmm Hegre HM E . ggwgggg wrists? qggw -- . as --we-as xi ' maimwrimms mlfmlgiaaq an- N, V .5,,gMWm ,-gsm amsmmm' m"2E7ggSEfm was A ' 'X 'gag ...wwsmmww w . SS if "W: mamnnwmn . 'm'm'm' 'uNK,:'Ms' K . ami sew, -a Row 1: Margaret Borrebek, Norman Zieman Cbusiness managerj, Homer Gee, Ed Soppa, Faith Convisg Row 2: Harley Erickson, Wilbur Glover fadvisorj, Maurice GraE, Benjamin Talledge, David Kramerg Not in picture: Dorothy Cycmanick, Ivan Nestigen, Harriet Pruessing, Jean Schilling. H l as THE SCIENCE CLUB rx md mm .M - as mens News A' sin S 2 2 li nm as-. Row 1: John Delphincik Csecretaryb, Norman Zeiman, Delores Engstrom, Hazel Brinkman, Grace Wat- son, Mary Kline Qtreasurerj, Maurice Tickferg Row 2: Oren Frazee fadviserl, Donald Gautsch, William Gramenz fPresidentD, Royal Bruckman, Ralph Loken, Norman Campbell, Willis Knight, Oscar Kramerg Row 3: Hans Facius, Virgil Major, Arlie I-laugh fvice-presidentj Don Gardner, William Holak Cprogram chairman and student council representativej, Maurice Paeth. Not pictured: Dorothy Cycmanick, Betty Cronk, Harley Erickson, Arlan Helgeson, John Leihold, Donna McCoy, John Pappas, Roy Sengbush, Joyce Runke, Pat Lemmel, Norman Campbell, Florence Mar- tineau. The science club passed a very interest- ing year. The programs varied from lec- tures by outside speakers to movies, to spell- ing bees of scientific terms. One meeting was spent in observing an eclipse of the moon, another meeting was a fine talk by a local police officer on crime detection. Readings and book reviews and magazine articles were called to the attention of the members. Refreshments were served at meetings in the biology laboratory rooms. The only social event of the year was the picnic and Held trip on Grand Dad's bluff held May 4. a Q .,- 1 ' ,.. .Fi 'vglfkylx XM4, Q an ml g ' ,I X I 'ra ' 91 . 1 71 , 3-ow ' '- af 7 , G- 'I-'5 ' .ik .5 ,...N.v,,,7rggfx . -' Q' Wwhat? Culture? Oh, yes, we have some of that, too. We have music, and we put on plays, and we speak an- other language, and some of us even know in the artistic way. Yes, we have culture in school How can w h l ' ' ' e e p it, with the girl bo r t' - y a 10 being al- most four to one.N College BAND . .::,. Y 7,17 Q AM Y Y X' , , . U V , , Y ,J Row I: Clayton Solberg, Jane Nixon, Kathleen Hoaglund, June Brown, Row 2: William Tietze, Virgil Major fpresidentb, Rosemary McDaniel, Pearl Olson, Charlotte Quarberg, Lois Sheldon, Verna Larson, Beverly Mau, Doris Olson, Priscilla Greenfield, Robert Patridge, Joanne Moosg Row 3: Eunice Gronning, Harley Erickson, Lloyd Mieden, Esther Brudhaul, Shirley Aller, Willis Knight, Elaine Gibbs, Ann Kieckler, Harriet Johnson, Margaret Eckstien, Mary Jane Jacob, Marion Homstad, Marjorie Noll Csocial chairmanlg Row 4: Thomas Annett fdirectorj, Everett Mellem, Cal Robinson, Rodney Van Loon fsecretary-treasurerj, Margaret French, Carol Colwell, Marjorie Masters, Melvin Lee, Robert Sprecher, Lloyd DeBoer, William Holak, Arlie Haugh, Tim Nugent fdrum majorl. Not in picture: Arlan Helgeson Cvice-presidentj, Forest Anderson, Harriet Church, Arthur Beutler, Jean Bach, Georgia Coburn, William Cummings, Dorothy Curtis, Gerald Fleming, Kenneth Fosbinder, Robert Gerletti, Don Gmeiner, Helen Heller, Gerald Johnson, Beth Lawsha, Richard Low, Henry Schallert, Mary Scholberg, Mildred Svaton. Color Guard: Milton Main, William Dissmore, David Kramer, Royal Bruchman. 92 V Music GRCHESTRA gg-.ny 9 5 ., ,Wx 'im gre. .qw m.x,m-amen we am no-was fs-sv umm- sr V- is if f it is 1 is mat-aanaaaaa -o...e.A.,,.., 2 s. -.,. -W W .,.., n., Y. ...., , , Row I: June Brown fpresidentl, Phillippa Richardson, Dorothy Willey fvice-presidentj, Doris Van Loon, Catherine Waganer, Marshall Goff, Jr., Richard Low fsecretary-treasurerj, William Dissmore, Marjorie Loos, Dorthea Marking, Betty Sweet, George Kroner Csergeant-at-armsjg Row Z: Joanne Moos, Beverly Mau, Gertrude Anderson fpianistj, Eleanor Jones, Thomas Annett Cdirectorj, Robert Thuhl, Lloyd DeBoer, Bernhard Birbaum, Lloyd .Mieden, Rodney Van Loon. Not in picture: Clement Kiefer, Jean Cina, Henry Schallert, Betty Chapman. The band and orchestra meet every week to work out music for public performance and for study and pleasure. Along with the other music organizations they helped sponsor a music dance, and the Spring Con- cert April 29. The band is fortunate in mak- ing trips to other cities, accompanying the traveling football teams. They also toured surrounding villages in April. The La Crosse College THE GIRLS' SECTION Row 1: Edna Temte, Doris Warriner, Helen Hansen, Jane Clausen, Elaine Gibbs, Shirley Craker, Emily Campbell, Marjorie Van Cleaf, Elaine Schissler, Ruth Fremlin, Sebell Williams fsecretary-treasurerl, Marion Fremlin flibrarianlg Row '2: Marjorie Kramer Csocial chairmanj, Beth Lawsha, Charlotte Quarberg, Marian Dickenson, Beu- lah Swanson, Jeanette Lee, Bonnie Olson fpublicity chairrnanj, Audrey Stokke, Betty Sweet, Helen Bloomquist fvice-presidentl, June Brown, Gladys Forde, Ann Kiechlerg Row 3: LaVerne Marking fpresidentj, Barbara Shroeder, Csergeant at armsj, Betty Chapman, Margaret Ebert, Ardeth Inman, Marilyn Gano, Leota Kenzie, Margaret Alrni, Ruth Johnson, Gertrude Ander- son, Marion Homstad, Verna Larson. Not in picture: Lillian Berg, Betty Dockendorf, Jean Goff, Betty Lowe, Norma Mueller, Marillyn Oakes, Pearl Olson, Lorraine Peart, Marian Scafe, Katherine Wagoner, Edith Warmer, Marjorie Wiener, Marian Winsor, Claudine Koppan, Mildred Svatau. 94 Glee Club IQLH-l9Ll2 BOYS' SECTION V Row 1: Oscar Kramer, Warren Zemblick, Willis Knight fLibrarianD, John Fleis, Frank. Evans Csecretary- treasurerj, Thomas Annett fdirectorj, Fred Gierie, Ferdie Michel, Spencer Welda, Hans Faciusg Row 2.' Maurice Paeth, Milton Lockery, Darrell Hoffman, Loyal Hayda, Merlin Benrud, John Cremer, Art Fleming, Norman Campbell fvice-presidentj, Virgil Major, Bob Endresg Row 3: Ole Oines, Arlie Haugh, Orren Helstad, Royal Bruchman Qstudent council representativel, Wade Thompson fpresidentj, John Woodworth, Art Kube, Oliver Peterson, George Schoot. Not in picture: Sverre Bach, Orville Genz, Forrest Clark. To the members of the club who have perfect attendance goes a letter in music. This stimulates regular attendance for Wednesday night singing. The club co- operates with the other school music organi- L 95 zations in presenting the annual Spring Concert which was held this year April 29. On January 16, Glee Club also helped in music organization's dance. Robed in dignity the Euterpe singers is a select group of good voices. The music they study is classical, semi-classical and sacred, The calendar for their year shows that they appeared on school programs, be- fore groups in the city, took part in the spring concert of the music organizations on April 29. The group toured the surround- .ss ja? -W 'g ss luirxzz mt M' 'r E mln B sw K s ing communities and gave programs and concerts at various high schools. They fur- nished the vocal music at the Baccalaureate Services and at the Commencement exer- cises June 1. Scarcely a half dozen years old, the group has become well-known for its musical work. L ua "E ms gn na :gg M xi mm M is rw .gs 1- W- aves - - 1 gf. fag wma nu s vcr Hf'f: w ' EES us -'lg 523 is E ,I Mr: H E K 5 sz V sz H Q4 ,H E i H Amare . 4.1 Row I: Leota Kenzie Csopranol, Attrude Peterson fsopranoj, Marjorie Prosch Csecond sopranol, Ruth Fremlin fsopranoj, Gertrude Anderson Cpianistj, Edith Wiederhoeft Csopranol, Marion Bohrnstedt fsecond sopranoj, Jeanette Lee Csopranoj, LaVerne Marking faltolg Row 2: Beulah Swanson fsopranoj, Barbara Schroeder faltoj, Gladys Forde fsecond sopranoj, Mary Kline fsecond sopranol, Betty Sweet fsecond sopranol, Grace Foxwell Qaltol, Margaret French Caltob, Margaret Almi Csopranol, Olive Place is official director. EUTERPE Founded at the University of Wisconsin for promoting interest in the dance, this national honorary society has no national oiiicers nor dues. Much time is spent in practice andrexercises for the beautiful dancing they do for the public. The two big programs of the year were the Christmas recital on December 13, in which the annual presentation of "The Juggler of Notre Dame" was given again with Dorie Winetzi doing a top-rate job as the juggler, and the spring concert-dance given May 1, Other numbers and programs were given before private groups in the city. The group is pictured below in typical dancing costumes . . . freedom of dress, bare feet. Row I: Maxine Gunderson, Delores Engstrom, Georgia Storzer, Lorrayne Graff, Pat Haney, Toby Rolstad, Cathryn Steuer, Doris Mierg Row 2: Mae Hilliard, Jane Gray, Marjorie Zimmerman, Rosalee Wheeler, Janice Hagan, Betty Gamble, Jane Mollencop Baker fleaderl, Leota Kenzie, Lois Lawson, Betty Rodenbeck, Janet Spaltholz, Doro- thy Kemske g Row 3: Dotty Lintner, Barbara Ann Foster, Louise Fiel. Noi in picture: Elaine Stowell, Betty Pateski, Lucille Wilms, Billie Logemann, Dorothy ZumButtle, Jane Clausen, Dorie Winetzki 'fpresidentl ORCHESIS DRAMA IN COLLEGE The speech department specializes in treatment of drama and oral interpretation along with speech work. Under the able leadership of Marie Toland, many students have become interested and active in school plays, and drama work. Doc Toland be- lieves that people will learn by doing. It has been very interesting to watch the progress made by people in make-up, cos- tuming, set-construction. Through various channels, students in the college have be- come eligible for the Silver Masque Society. New people interested in play work are given beginning chances in the one-act plays produced during the year. One-act plays were given by Margaret Borrebek, Margaret Lassig, Edith Dawes, Grace Foxwell, Jack Finley and Faith Convis. A series of plays was given by Ralph Loken including Dun- sany's A NIGHT AT AN INN, and the Poe mystery, THE FALL OF TI-IE HOUSE OF USHER. The latter production included a large cast and large working crew and was successfully car- ried out in seven scenes. Jack Finley and Margaret Borrebek produced a fine dramatization of RIP VAN WINKLE with the training school children. A movement was made dur- ing the year in getting an of- ficial motion picture apprecia- tion club started. Using ma- terial collected by Ralph Lok- en, and under the sponsorship of Dr, Knowlton, a group was contacted, with plans for for- mal initiation as an ofticial college organization next year. Left: Make-up on play nightg climax of A NIGHT AT AN INN. SILVER MASQUE "There is no small part-only small actors" A feeling of good fellowship and awards for meritous work is being established in this recent college organization. Revised under a new constitution in 1941, there are 11ow three groups of members within the club. The first group includes those who have earned twelve points or credits for dramatic workg the second group includes those working for extra points and being awarded the Silver Masque, the last group, which is always small, are the people who become members of the Alpha Psi Omega, the National Dramatics Honorary Society. Points may be earned in stage crew work, or in acting in one-act plays, and longer plays. However, a member must have credits from both fields before he is taken into the society. The program this year included a revival of interest in one-act plays. ,Mgfg3,. , ,Haaawaswm ' mnmwm'--:GENESEE Row I: Margaret Lassig, Opal Churchill, Joyce Barnes fpresidentj, Margaret Borrebek, Joanne Mealy, Ruth .Tohnsong Row 2: Francis Marking, Grace Foxwell, Betty Dockendorf, Betty Skemp, Faith Convis, Lois Nelsonq Row 3: Norman Zieman, Shirley Craker, Jack Finley, Ralph Loken, Marjorie Kramer, Edith Dawes. Not in picture: Sverre Bach fvice-presidentl, Doris Warriner Csecretaryf, Henry Seppanon ftreasurerl, Katherine Gorman, Phylis Hanson, Carol Stoll, Candace Stephanson, Marjorie Noll, Edith Wieder- hoeft, Adeline Hanson, Bob Paulsen. 4 99 YOUR INTIMATE THEATRE SEASON Three productions are presented every year by members of the Silver Masque and the Speech department. Under the direction of Marie Park Toland the plays reach a standard uncommon to amateur productions. Elaborate printed programs are also used. FIRST LADY By George Kaufmann and Kafhrine Drayton Presented December 3, 4, 5. CAST Lucy Chase Wayne tsee cutj .Doris Solie Stephan Wayne ............. Homer Gee Sophie Prescott. . . .... Margaret Lassig Irene I-Iibbard .... .... B etty Skemp Justice Hibbard .... .... G eorge Schoot Supporting cast included: Candace Ste- phanson, ,Opal Churchill, Doris War- riner, Harley Erickson, Arlan Helge- son, Sverre Bach, Milton Main, Donald Easland, Marjorie Noll, Shirley Craker, Norman Campbell, with Glenette Klee- ber as Mrs. Creevey. THE PRODUCTION This sophisticated comedy was very well carried out in both lines of acting and in setting and costumes. All the players seemed made for their roles, with the humor parts coming almost spon- taneously. The setting shifted from a drawing room in the State House to Jus- tice Hibbard's stuffy study. The whole tone of the play was satirical, present- ing something to think about. 100 T J!! MM .-f. 3- q 'fegh UThe second big play 55 thd Season was QEgf?,3 . Henrik IbSQQ'S foug get tragedy HEDHA JA,,1B V GABLER. IEXtougfp1ace4inQl89O some- X, Q ugh where .SCQqlE1gQ3ffSQV.i3Q,' Ihef Coi3.T:5e'ge Playi- GE, ' , er5 pgpsentQQJitQgg FebfHa:y'25,.275Fr: Tjdisriwwn fi 13656233 if W3n33GV93 Q?3Qf?fQQ0Q??X'Qff - THE CAST X ,W -. -'J " 'Mg .. f, Q, W, .... , Tesmanwxg Hedda Qakierffpf,fff?hX12EWHHUSOH.uw- w ? George Tesmam.,Ralph Loken Judge Brack..George Schoot Thea Elvstad.Ki1dred Bjorn Aunt Julia ..... Carol Stoll perta......Mary Jane Jacob with Arlan Helgeson as Eilert Lovborg Scgmag Judge Brack and Hedda 1 .. . . A I -- X ,,. . 'N' 101 BY45 'YYXB COLLBGB YLPS O? YB CBOBBB '51 PSB 'YB BCXXBY43 COLLBGB j YBYJSBSIY f "DQ PS6 1 PALBS Ps 6009 pin ' B1 D exx,6?,YfYO Cpxstxxp- H EAT thOLID H T 'Ycaoshxedbq 9 Lit AY W AKES 4 day T12 T a S gl A Yflaketfettis nin and heat lven . gs T fe M ln bea I Ap I uesd on 'YYXB C551 Cm ocbec oi appear-mcei Sig llfiful fll 27 gy ev - H 1 C- Com . . .... . . . Beuq Uockeodoxki Whoed by ief Was' The Y'e6eNe . .... XQxc,XLY'xoXeq rgom also Ois NS de UQ!-e . . . . Geoxge 560001 pla S in erect 2150 ' P959 - D - .... BXXqoBexxxe1 YS- the otled tl? bxegkvaoxe . . Bob Pxoo Lexkq 0X6 let twe YYXOCCSS - - - . NX-mgaxex has-ixg 0 Baxoo Cesaxea . . . X4oxg0'IQxeqcV,x1x Bbodfa .... . Boqxxs 'daxxsoo Coxmdo . . . . Psi: Xldoe Bixc, . . . . . . NYA1o1x bhfaixo Oxfxlfxa . . . Yixsdhb Oxeeofxdd Yxxnce Sxxxix . . . . . Pxxxeo 'fXeXg,exsoo bhfixox .......... . Geoxge 'Vooqxxpsoo Boxxx Lexx: QXA---Xen Qhq Nixon ev eased xo Qoppeuq , Oceeofxem Komexesxed Ko Y ox eoixc vi odA,BXXqnBeoxex and S0161 'llxexx'-an 'com Xxxixoxs and Ks: QXaq Bexxq Uoexleodoxifx, Bedxot, Xe.: C.OXXCQ,5:QX'3"l . Pscfi X The Great Bak in 'me Casde oi Ookekagpbesx Laxe eq edxoq, xo Ocmobec' 561 XX 'Ybe Sagoe . 'Ybcee qfxgkxts Kate: . J 0 Zfeppjdn n e box xxx teph lllto M 6 The Same. Bxeqeex-wfxaq che same gixgxxc. befor anie the 1' 1a1V . e a 0 flven the few cf 0f Qaooocxxos ex px? S Hp ablealld dflay CYS Svage Managers: yfvmq Xacobs, Pxonafixchex. h01-t I jOb ,d 3, V as E-mage Crew: LdxsX4eXe.oo,CYxx.,?-3x00 Cooqx5,X-me ?xcxXeq,Oeoxq,e Tboxvpsoo, and tlrn 6 111 S Cry X4-oxgwao '1Qxec0'a0.X4-eoqvfx ?osxex,Bo0o ?Xexs, rfvaxgje 'Lfagoeg Benq Oockecdoxkx, rehe fo 1, uCh Maxq X-mobs, B900 Ldhsqokk, X1 exon Lodge, OQQX O'ox1:cXfAX, xhaigaxex Lesexg, 3-rs al Stud 3' Ykxxwxs Y exx1sC0,BXef.xoot Xooes. ' Y Oixglxo-A scenes dedxgoeh Bq Ldxs X4-Aeon. Ycopexfxesz Bxx-mio ab Y abxeskq Ons., Xxxobo Bokxwao. Uxgkxxsa BN qi eXc,'o, Ocxx.,Xxx0'oo Yxoikmaokoxo b5axeXeX4x. P-XX are oeqq sxxevobexs. Cosxxxgoesz Xoaooe 'QAefaXq , Cot . BAQB Lokeo. Yubkcxxqz YX'.xxXeq Bcxeksoo, Cox., S0110 'llxemam Ooxoxkxq Cqcqoadxcx, Cweoxge Br.'ooox,Oox oxbq Ykousx, oX6G61LGgx66b5T ,Musee Y-1-Moet , Buisness Manager: YX'.xxXeq Bdcksov. Yfodv-ced with special pen-flsssiofx of Saffmei French and Co. 102 LE CERCLE FRANQAIS "Tout nouveau, foul beau." Le Cercle: Ralph Loken Cle presidentj, Margaret Borrebek, Betty Sweet, Phyliss Arenz Cla directrice du programmej, Mlle. Ahlstrom Cla directricel, Betty Chapman Cla secretairel, Ruth Foxwell, Ruth Frem- lin, Roger Spratt Cle vice presidentl. Les autres membres qui ne sont pas ici: Doris Solie, John McLaughlin, Betty Low, Jean Schilling, Cal Robinson. After meeting the first semester as an informal group of students interested in French culture, and current events, LE CERCLE FRANCAIS was ofiicially organ- ized and recognized during the second se- mester. The monthly meetings are held for conversation and lecturing, While business is taken care of in special business meet- ings. Programs are open to people of the city who, if interested in French and can understand the language to some extent, may become honorary members, Interest- ing meetings of the year included the French Carol Sing and the meeting at the home of Mlle. Ahlstrom on April 14. The purpose of the new club is to sponsor some worthwhile project to work on during both semesters. STAFF Executive Editors Semester 1 Semester 2 ROBERT MARCELLA PAULSEN KILLIAN Associate Editors, JOHN BERND, ROG- ER SPRATT Feature Editor, LORAYNE ANDRE Sports Editor, GEORGE THOMPSON Desk Editor, Katherine Gorman Exchange Editor, Grace Lange Business Managers, WILLIAM RILEY, D ONALD WIEDERH OEFT FEATURE WRITERS Jack Finley, Sebell Williams, Margaret Lassig, Mary Jane Roderick, John Fleis, RODNEY HANSON, WAL- LACE ZIMMERMAN, GEORGE SCHOOT, Margaret Costello, Jean- ette Frank, and RALPH LOKEN. REPORTERS , June Brown, Adeline Hanson, Maurice Paeth, Lois Nelson, Ruth Ann Kiek- vold, Shirley Craker, Phyllis Han- son, Janice Gosnell, and Virginia McCann. Notice: Names in capitals signify the people who were awarded gold keys for outstanding work on the paper. BOARD OF CONTROL Dr. Milford Cowley, Dr. Emerson Wull- ing, Marcella Killian, Betty Roden- beck, William Cramenz. Advisors: Wulling and Cowley. RACQUET Paulsen Killian Because of lack of suiiicient funds, the Racquet came out bimonthly instead of weekly. The first edition of the paper was a special freshman edition printed September 9. For the Homecoming edi- tion, October 17, a deep red ink was used and a page cut of football players in ac- tion made this edition extra-special. On December 12 the student body was sur- prised to get Racquets printed on pink paper, tied in ribbon, and perfumed. This, by the way, was the first girls' edition to be printed in La Crosse College. Linda Darnell was the honorary editor and Lorraine Gautsch the executive. A special Christmas edition came out on December 17 which contained the win- ners in the annual literary contest. Prizes went to George Schoot for his poem "O Male Bellum", to Lorayne Andre for her essay "A Christmas Pageant" and to Ralph Loken for his short story, "Winds", Robert Paulsen in his first semester as editor Worked in many new and original ideas into the Racquet. Miss Killian pub- lished two six page editions. One on April 17, and one on May 1. The Racquet printed sketches of faculty members and memories from old Racquets as part of the regular edition material. 9'l.l. K Editor Paulsen instructs editoress Gautsch while workers Gorman and Skemp look on. RICK RACK The advanced composition class each year publishes its own literary miscellany in which each member of the class must have at least one original contribution. This year, after much bickering back and forth for a title, Sebell Williams and Katherine Gorman were elected co-editors. Dr. Wulling, in- structor and advisor of the group, donated the use of his own printing press. This made the work on the book more interest- ing because each member of the class had to do his share in press-turning and paper cutting and folding. The contributors to RICK RACK were Sebell Williams, Kath- erine Gorman, Robert Paulsen, Art Kube, Horner Gee, Adeline Hanson, Jack Schollar, Betty Sweet, Bernard Samp, and Ralph Loken. The publication was sold to students and faculty members in early May. THE RACQUET CFFICE GANG Picture Cfopj: row I: George Allen, Katherine Gorman, George Thompson, Grace Lange, Wallace Zim- mermang Row 2: Lorayne Andre, Bill Riley, Marcella Killian, Ralph Loken, June Brown, John Berndg Row 3: Faith Convis, Bud Froelich, Rodney Hanson, Kenneth Schmidt, Helen Bloomquist. Picture fbelowj: Editor to editoress, John Bernd and Rodney Van Loon, Andre, and La Crosse business manager Ole Oines. 106 l LA CROSSE th 4 RX I 4,53 Ng "Yes ll , Although most of the annual statf was selected in the spring of 1941, new freshmen took a very active part in the work of the yearbook. Three members of the newly organized photography corn- mittee QKennie, Henry and Harveyj were able freshies. George Allen took charge of the otiicial annual darkroom where pic- tures were enlarged to suit any needs. In late November the plan of the an- nual was completed and the staff was given their year's assignments to cover before the April deadline. Gerletti and Loken were sent as representatives to the Associated Collegiate Press Convention in St. Louis, November 20-23. Paulsen of the Racquet accompanied them. Editor Loken made several trips to Milwaukee to get 'the annual in as early readiness as possible, considering the new problems created for printers by the war. A spring publication's luncheon was held in connection with the Racquet in early May, where awards were presented outstanding workers, and announcements as to the future yearbook staff was made. Dr. Spangler is official advisor of the La Crosse, and Dr. Olsen assists him on the Board of Control. STAFF Executive Editor, Ralph Loken Business Managers Robert Gerletti, Ole Oines Secretary Marjorie Kramer Assistant Mary Emmert Photography Committee Kenneth Schmidt George Allen Henry Schallert Harvey Mahlman Robert Gerletti Classes John Bernd Royal Bruchman Doris Solie Helen Bloomquist Seniors Adeline Hanson Faculty Faith Convis Art Work John Bernd June Brown Rodney Van Loon Sports Bud Froelich John Pappas Ole Oines Typist Marcella Killian HONOR ROLL Special acknowledgments go to: JOHN BERND for most faithful serv- ice. JUNE BROWN for her creation of Bub Teechum. The Photography Committee for their their patience. Moens Photo Service and the La Crosse Tribune and Haberman's Studio for outstanding co-operation. Jerome Ahl George Allen Lorayne Andre Roberta Anthony John Barth Betty Bernatz Clem Bridenhagen Mary Lee Brost Janice Brown Alice Butler Robert Carey Mercedes Cassidy John Castor Margaret Costello Frank Davy Thomas Decker Betty Dockendorf Lucille Dolan Grace Donovan Mary Fay Louise Feil Oris Feuling Betty Fleming jerry Fleming Robert Flynn Gertrude Ford Loraine Gagermeier Lorraine Gautsch Katherine Gorman Edward Gregorich Miss Greene Paul Gruentzel Betty Gunnon Margaret Gutman Helen Hanson Mary Heppe Margaret Hilliker James Johnson Rita Jungwirth Maryrose Keefe Jean Kennelly John Keppel Anna Mae Kiechler Marcella Killian John Kenny Leo Kenny NEWMAN CLUB Ojicers - President Lorraine Mertens Betty Bernatz Vice-President Betty Bernatz Bob Carey Secretary . . . . . Louise Feil Treasurer . . Roberta Anthony Advisor . . . Lorna Green Chaplain . . Rev. D. O'Rei1ly The Club is made up of the students in the college who are Catholic. It is an organization of Catholic fellowship and culture, seeking to foster the spiritual, intellectual, and social interests of its members. Its program consist of varied meetings, suppers, breakfasts, services. QThe roll of members is listed to the right and to the leftj 108 College Reata Klores William Krismer Art Kube William Loushine Eleanore Lucey Marie Mara Frank Martin Marjorie Masters Virginia McCann Rosemary McDaniel Jim McGovern Lorraine Mertens Sally Moran Marjorie Noll Beatrice Nordengren Robert Novak Alice O'Brien Charles Ott Elizabeth Padesky Patricia Phillip Eileen Quillen Helen Marie Ramer John Rusche Elaine Schissler John Scholler Barbara Schroeder Doris Schute Carmen Sherette Ruth Shereda Betty Skemp Ephrem Skroch Betty Sweet Jeanne Tullock Mary Ann Urban Ruth Vondracek Catherine Wagner Margaret Walsh Edith Wanner Wanda Waterstreet Bill Welch Harriet Whitney Angeline Wieczorek Lucille Wilms Delores Wilund Doree Winetzki Vernard Wolf . . R e I I g I o n LUTHERAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION The headquarters for the LSA is the English Lutheran Church under Rev. Har- old Stoffel. During the year, however, the group meets as guests of other Lutheran Churches in the city. The programs are made up of discussions of religious prob- lenis, music and singing, lectures, and fel- lowship. Parties were held to commemorate Hallowe'en, Christmas, and Easter. This LSA group is part of National Students' Association which has many very active units throughout the middle west. I Row I: Francis Marking fpresidentj, Marion Bohrnstedt fsecretaryl, Norman Grady fvice-presidentl, Maxine Gunderson, Ruth Johnson, Helen Heller: Row 2: Maurice Paeth, Bonnie Olson, Delores Engstrom, Amelia Stephan, Lorraine Graff, Eleanor Foster, Margaret Ebert, Beulah Swanson, Row 3: Kenneth Schmidt, Ralph Loken, June Brown, Darrell Hoffman, Royal Bruchman, John Zimmer- man, Esther Temte, Ione Espennes. Not inlpicture: Marilyn Espennes, Bill Gramenz ftreasurerj, Clyde Smith fadvisorb, Pat Lemmel, Candace Stephanson, Eleanor Olson. SCRAP BIIIIK X 6-25 Xie f eb. f' 'Lx g . 3 "" ,. X 3 nYes, we're mighty Proud jj of our Phy. Ed. depart- gi. 1 ment. There is always f?? something going in one , of the gyms, or in the or on we're swimming pools, the fields. Yes, mighty proud of our Phy Ed. dePartment.n -i ' . 'ze' 1" 1 , ,Q gfy w :1 -' -0 Q14 15? Q. L H -'af -. 12"Q-ig' ig. Je - -1 1 'G l' 1' gtg, -:Q ' " ' f 'nr 1 Q ' N 7 J-,-CQ "fn !'E',M,,,, Y -. ss gh' ,YJ .r,. .- ' Row I: John Zehner, Wallace Zimmerman, John Pappas, Jack Belden, Gordon Borchart, Mascot, Donald Keenan, Frank Wruling, Cliff DeVolI, Clem Bridenhagen, Monte Peltonq Row 2: Leroy Hanke, Jerry Ahl, Leroy Mielke, jack Woeckner, Lynn Hoirnann, George Taylor, Wallace Coon, Ed Starks, Arnie Wilhelm, Art Kube, John Barth, Ollie Nollg Row 3: Coach Smith, Fred Adams, Ed Pieper, Francis Lupie, Rodney Hanson, Ned Wulk, William Gramenz, Robert Ebert, Mike Kalosh, Harris Grabow, Russ Halford, Floyd Gautsch. 112 FOGTBALL SQUAD FOR l94l The list of games that were played dur- ing the season. LA CROSSE 7 RIVER FALLS 6 The La Crosse State Indians started their 1941 gridiron season with a 7 to 6 victory over a strong River Fall's team. A touchdown by Arnie Wilhelm in the last minute and a half, with Fran Lupie's place- kick gave La Crosse its first victory of the season. River Falls scored in the first quarter when Schmidt stole the ball from Wilhelm and ran thirty-five yards. Both teams were fairly evenly matched with La Crosse having a slight edge in first downs. But River Falls was unable to stop the final march which resulted in La Crosse's scoring. LA CROSSE 20 STOUT 6 Playing their first home game the In- dians defeated one of the strongest Stout teams in recent years. La. Crosse continued its record of never losing to a Stout team and registering its eighth consecutive vic- tory and taking over undisputed first place in the Northern Division College Confer- ence. Wilhelm's line plunging, Werling's oi- tackle smashes and Borchart's short flat passes paced La Crosse to three touchdowns with Lupie converting twice. Storti, Fresh- man Fullback for Stout, scored their only touchdown after the Blue Devils received the kick-oil and marched 90 yards down field the last quarter: Hanke, Beldon, Adams, Pieper, Lupie and Wulk, all played a bang-up game in the line with Ebert's coffin-corner punts being a feature in itself. LA CROSSE 35 EAU CLAIRE 0 Playing in a steady drizzle which forced them to ground plays, the La Crosse Peds posted their 9th straight victory over a hapless Eau Claire team, 35 to 0, which assured them of a share of the Conference title, and raised hopes for another undefeated season. The La Crosse powerhouse rolled up 315 yards on the ground to Eau Claire's 50. Lupie, Wilhelm, Wulk, Kube and Coon each scored with Lupie adding three conversions to one each for De Voll and Meyers. Eight plays after the first kick-off La Crosse was ahead 7 to O. Then scoring once in each of the sec- ond and third quarters before the reserves took over. The reserves scored twice in the last quarter to com- plete the rout 35 to 0. LA CRGSSE 13 SUPERIOR 14 The La Crosse Indians went down to defeat be- fore a Yellowjacket line which continually out-charged and out-fought them at Gates Field, Superior. The Superior Yellowjackets fighting line and slippery back- field stars, Mortorelli and Titus pulled an upset by defeating the powerful Indians. Outplayed and behind eight points at the half, the La Crosse Indians came back in championship form to sweep the Yellowjackets off their feet and score thirteen points in eight minutes to lead 13 to 8. Superior countered with a pass for a touchdown and a 14 to 13 lead which they held to the end. This loss snapped the nine game victory march and was the first defeat in two years. La Crosse's Little A11- American Arnie Wilhelm was the outstanding player on the field, he and Cliff DeVoll's clever running kept the Indians in the game. In the final analysis it was Superior's safety in the 2nd quarter on a missed La Crosse signal that enabled them to Win. LA CROSSE 14 WI-IITEWATER 6 Paced by Arnie Wi1helm's two touchdown runs of 61 and 16 yards, the La Crosse Indians defeated Whitewater, undefeated leaders of the Southern divi- sion. Playing in rain and mud the Indians held the upper hand throughout the game. After scoring four- teen points the first half the Indians went into a defensive game the last half and held the Quakers to six points. With fine blocking Wilhelm stood out by gaining 179 yards, averaging over six yards per try to bring up an average of over a hundred yards per game. Garvue scored for Whitewater by taking the ball on an end-around play from the eleven-yard line. All other threats were repeatedly broken up by the wide awake hard-tackling Indian line. Timely block- ing by Adams and Werling were the high lights of the game. ll4 LA CROSSE 10 MILWAUKEE 7 A hard fighting La Crosse team came back in the second half and scored a touchdown and a field goal to defeat Milwaukee 10 to 7 Milwaukee scored first when Kratz took a pass and ran 40 yards during the second quarter to put them ahead 7 to 0 La Crosse s only threat during the first half was 1n the first quarter when Wilhelm broke away from his own 35 to the Milwaukee 9 yard 11ne where he was stopped In the fourth quarter Wilhelm threw two passes to Wulk and Lupie, with Lupie scoring Lupie s conversion tied the score 7 all. A penalty on the Milwaukee team gave the Indians first down on the 15 yard line with three minutes left in the game Lupie's field goal hit the cross bar and bounced over giving La Crosse a 10 to 7 victory ALL-CONFEREN CE TEAM Five La Crosse Indians were selected on the A11- conference team. They were Arnie Wilhelm, Full- backg Fran Lupie, Endg Jack Belden, Guardg Bob Ebert, Tackle, and Ned Wulk, End. Wilhelm who is La Crosse's candidate for Little All-American honors gained over a hundred yards per game besides doing most of the passing and a great job on defense. Lupie is a pass-snatching end who is in on all plays besides being high scorer. Jack Beldon a hard charging guard who had a knack of being in the middle of the pile. Bob Ebert the tall slim tackle who gained fame on his coffin-corner punts and fine defensive play. Last but not least is Ned Wulk who worked for four years and gained the spotlight by his consistent work on offense and hard tackling on defense. i nfnh, Q .. 4. , l .41 115 SUMMARY OF THE GAMES La Crosse 54 . . . Stout 40 La Crosse 39 . . . Stout 42 The conference champs proved to be a hard nut to crack for most teams, but the Indians found them an easy touch in their initial meeting. Ned Wulk played one of his greatest games as he brilliantly directed the La Crosse play, starred on defense, and tallied 15 points. Fran Lupi also dropped in 15 points. When the Indians treked north- ward to engage the blue devils it was a dif- ferent story. A revamped line-up failed to help and La Crosse's title hopes were dashed. Fran Lupie paced the losers with 12 points. La Crosse 39 . . Eau Claire 50 La Crosse 63 . . . Eau Claire 51 La Crosse lads found themselves unable to penetrate the tight Eau Claire zone de- fense, and coupled with a night that found them definitely off their game, they were pitifully snowed under by the Zornadors. Fran Lupie tallied 14 points and Arnie Wil- helm counted 10 markers. When the North- erners visited the La Crosse floor it was a different story with Wally Coon going steaming hot and bucketing 25 points. Lupie followed close behind with 23 points. li s I I t Row 1: Harry Albertin, Ollie Knoll, Ned Wulk, Gordon Borchart, Leo Kenny, Row 2: Floyd Gautsch, Wallace Coon, Ed Starks, Arnie Wilhelm, Cliff DeVoll, Clyde Smithg Row 3: John Zehner, Lloyd Thompson, Fred Adams, Harris Grabow, Francis Lupie, Sid- ney Lawrence. BASKETBALL SQUAD FOR 1941-42 La Crosse 56 . . . Superior 61 La Crosse 63 . . . Superior 54 The Indians were dealt their second league loss of the season as the Superior Yellowjackets edged them out in a thriller up there. Fran Lupi bucketed 21 points as high point man of the game. Bud Borchart tallied 12, and Ned Wulk, who played an outstanding defensive game, found time to ring up 10 markers. La Crosse nailed a share of second place with Superior in their last game of the season, as the Indians hit the cylinders. It was the last game for six seniors: Fran Lupie, Leo Kenny, Ned Wulk, Bud Borch- art, Lloyd Thompson, and Ollie Noll. Lupie scored 19 points to break his own season's record, and he set a new all-time record for scoring at La Crosse State. La Crosse 57 . . . River Falls 31 La Crosse 48 . . . River Falls 39 River Falls found themselves unable to cope with the Indian cager's fast-break pace, as the local lads took the opening league game of the season. As usual, Fran Lupie plunked the netting with great consistency as he scored 16 points. Also outstanding for the winners was the re- bound work and floor play of Lloyd Thompson and Ned Wulk, With a re- vamped line-up which saw Harris Grabow, Wally Coon and Ollie Noll play the enf tire game at the forwards and center spots. Lupie tallied 20 points for La Crosse, while Coon and Grabow scored 11 an 10 points, respectively, as River Falls was taken into camp in their second netting of the year up there. La Crosse 63 . . Platteville 34 La Crosse 53 . . . Platteville 51 A smooth functioning Indian quintet could not be denied as Platteville was smothered under a barage of field goals. Paced by Bud Borchart, veteran forward who rattled 17 points through the loop, the La Crosse lads outscored the Platte- ville ive, 19-1, in the third quarter. Ollie Knoll's last second bucket posted the second win over the Platteville five with Captain Bud Borchart again Ending his shooting eye and tallying 19 points. Arnie Wilhelm scored 12 points to post second high honors. La Crosse 31 . . Winona 34 4La Crosse 52 . . . Winona 30 From an unexpected source, defeat was administered to the local veteran quintet by a Winona Teachers' basketball team, as the Indians failed to retain their equilibrium long enough to get going. In their second meeting it was a different story as the fast- moving Indians jumped off a lead which they refused to relinquish. Leo Kenny played his finest game of the year as he dropped in 13 points. Following closely behind were Lupie and Borchart, with 10 and 9 points respectively. La Crosse 38 . . Carroll 29 In the roughest game of the season the Indians took a brilliant decision over the Carrollites, which was marked repeatedly by feuds between players. La Crosse's patience with the Carroll roughness was remarkable. Fran Lupie, who the visitors were out to stop, came through as high point man re- gardless, with 14 points. The fine, steady play of Arnie Wilhelm and Ned Wulk stood out, as they each tallied 7 points. La Crosse 40 . . . Upper Iowa University 45 A fast, clean-fought game saw La Crosse go down to defeat at the hands of the Upper I. U. boys in a pre-holiday contest. The accurate shooting of Iowa's boys ac- counted for their victory, which the Indians were unable to equal. Fran Lupie tallied 16 points for the losers, with Borchart and Vlfilhelm close behind with 10 and 9 re- spectively. La Crosse 44 . . . St. 1Vlary's 53 A rangy St. 1VIary's basketball team which couldn't penetrate the Indians' zone defense re- sorted to long range shooting in trouncing the La Crosse five at Winona. The shining light of the La Crosse! play was Francis Lupe, the Indians' high-scoring guard, who swished in 21 points to top all scores. La Crosse lost four regulars, Wulk, Thompson, Kenny and Borchart, via foul routes. l Wk 1 -.. ' .rt 'a A 0 I we xv 424' Q53 12",..1 ...infix ' . ' SWIMMING TEAM Row 1: Bob Endres, Fritz Michel, Kenneth Young, Bernard Samp, William Loushine, Orville Genz, Adrian Lenz, Clarence Sherrg Row 2: Coach Ferd Lipovetz, Gordon Schirmer, Gene Kruchoski, Don Guenther, John Cremer, Dale Peck, Frank Martin, Don Devenorf. With the greatest swimming team in the history of La Crosse State, Coach Ferd Lipo- vetz's tank stars won the second straight State swimming championship in formidable style this year again. Winning only one of six meets this sea- son against great competition, the tank stars proved their true mettle as they rang up 75 points in the State Meet. Lipovetz developed much freshman talent this year. The new group set a record of 22 new records during the season. Bob Endres a powerful breast-stroker, set the new Conference record in the State meet at Stout. Endres also won the individual scoring race of the Indian swimmers, edging out Captain Loushine by 1 point. Loushine retained his state title as state diving champ for the third straight yearg Bob Endres placed second. BASEBALL I ' Ula L 0 S110 5 Row 1: Ray Sengbush, Henry Rilling, John Allen, William Loushine, Gordon Borchart, Bill Meyer, Row 2: Frank Wurling, Wallace Coon, Russ Halford, Ned Wulk, Ed Pieper, Arnie Wilhelm, Ollie Knoll. Diamond stars of La Crosse State an- the champions to a pair of triumphs while nexed their second straight State Baseball also dropping one game. Championship, as they won five of their six Highlight of the season was the bril- conference games. The Indianslhad a sea- liant no-hit, no-run game Wilhelm pitched son's record of eight victories in ten con- over River'Fal1s, as La Crosse won handily tests, both conference and non-conference 5-0. Arnie was the master all the way. frays. Arnie Wilhelm, twirling his second Pint-sized Bud Borchart wielded the big season at State, pitched the Indians to six bat for the State Diamondeers tacking up a victories in seven starts, Ollie Knoll hurled fine batting average of .405 in the campaign. 121 TRACK TEAM Row I: Jack Woeckner, Tim Nugent, Don Gardner, Bud Thomas, Bob Carey, John Kenny, Mike Kalosh, Harris Grabowg Row 2: Coach Gautsch, Vernard Wolf, Bill Cummings, Rodney Hanson, Jerry Ahl, Clarence Sherr, Domick Calebrassa, John Fleis. Starting with five lettermen, Coach Floyd Gautsch developed a very creditable track team, that placed third in the state track meet behind fine Milwaukee and Osh- kosh teams. Despite the loss of older mem- bers, 'the new blood won the Winona Relays copping seven first placers. ' Bob Carey did the sprints this season with John Kenny and Bud Thomas running the middle distances, and Don Gardner, the mile. Tim Nugent, Jerry Ahl, Don Deven- dorf performed for the Indians on the Cinder path this year. TENNIS TEAM Sid Lawrence and Leo Kenny were the only old lettermen to come back on the team. The above picture is of the '42 team. Below is the record of the '41 team. La Crosse tied for second with Oshkosh Teachers in the State meet held at La Crosse, ss: ' V ,r 'v' ull!- with Milwaukee Teachers taking first place, Kenny took second place in the State Singles, and Nader and Borhnstedt took third in the State Doubles event. With six dual meets on the 1942 spring calendar, a most interesting season went by. MMM saws ,f . H H H H 1 H H H H H we H we ami 5. rf :g: : :gaeQea1i.:s.g, A amwsm 1 n,m,aa'mma,.mraasaawa,- Leo Kenny, Sidney Lawrence, Louis Orr, Leon Miller, Bob Novak, Darrell Hoffman, William Krismer. GOLF TEAM Dick Tausche, Gerald Wollan, Ed Ganske, Gale Weiss. Because of war conditions, the plans for an omcial 1942 golf team were canceled. Following is an account of the work of the '41 team. With one of the finest college golf teams in the Northwest, Coach Wittich's linksmen easily walked off with the State Golf cham- pionship for the fifth time in the last six campaigns. In the six dual matches they tallied 65 1-2 points to their opponent's 6 1-2. This remarkable amassing of points set an all-time record. The golfers defeated Milwaukee, White- water, Superior, Platteville, Oshkosh, Stout Institute, Eau Claire. 12 x H x M: mlwwsn .pg EWK2'E""EEM: WWE2Em??i?a.Jx?-afixaiwsagfgl wx ,max-r ., : .-. ., as M MQMEEM-Hsvxg I -an HMA.-m-.539 x.L5.a1.x-AghW5553Qsgmygnuvf-ygx-mhimllz-xx 4: WU. H .R-:,J..U.Hf11i. .mfg .M.,f,QWifi!-m,,w..15f. Z., ,K mmm mrs! ,Grim .3jiZgjjjg:3fa'53iifgg.4iS?g.131fgZ aa- 153 ff'-'-M " ' -:,ai,ig'fgQ331112sgFYSQWQQEW fx-, 1 - N--'-"-'4'1zg5g'-2-'Jusgef'rf-b-twig, -4- 1-W- -w-1-1'-hw -7-mi-awww -:pmwlzznzx nx:1,f.,.' ETW.fXT:v.- 1'...sN5Qass - ,,-W: :mags--WML -SSW-1:2 U fx xg' ii-Mxfxiwlb-ggggmnx - - - -ffm' -,Lulu-tigswuwfmw :W .41 f:,.g.Q. -in QQLM -af 5,-.fwfgssn ,, . 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MW , Nm. f-2 MN iw ,4ff :ffn V - .-N fffff' , J., my' fa- --f-" 1 f-A-5 ?,f4 , l X E'-N , Q2 I sq :- - , 5 W , ,, . X C1 It u Mg ' -M-V I W9413- ft t sh w fh t t , 1, 0 0 you some Q 0 s llat Wea .5 ,. T .. W 5 x A . L -1. S2 . di qt ' .- A -,A See row :Ln e spol s me. Dandy,- K 1,. 1. ,u , . ',.,, H In sh if Sm tt 13 f-53 t U 0 .Q .1 , oo, lsn -1 '? .N ,, M. if ,-ff . -mimi :f ' nr www, WV ,W-T-TT, . Wg 1 WNW M LM W, ,,1::. A SYM V .. Z3-1' - 1139A 'KQML' -4 H 1. mf, fiat. ,Jn H ,QV W, -'jzjmglz , W The Cheerleaders: Elaine Gibbs, Jan Ruth- The Onlookers: Typical shot taken of stu- erford, Elaine Schissler, and Ronnie dent audience during a more quiet part Kranz. Four of a kind leading yells of a basketball game. You should see for the team in the background. them a few minutes later. 126 ATHLETIC BOARD OF STUDENT MANAGERS CONTROL John Zehner, head manager, football-basket ball fW0 Students and Sidney Lawrence, assistant manager the following faculty members: Henry Rilling, trainer Fred Gierie, baseball manager Clyde Smith, Hans Reuter, Olaf Rovang, Ole Oinesf equipmenf manage,- Clayton Whitney, and Walter Wittich. Morris Tickfer, assistant Left: Arnie Wilhelm, La Crosse State "strong man"g Below: Common spring shot, this time Gordy 'Borchart examines the bat. 94 1 : ' Lag., 127 r k s P V r I ur. MIAA Board of Control Advisor, Leon Miller OFFICERS Presidenf, Jack Belden Secretary, James Quinn Treasurer, Lloyd Thompson CHAIRMAN FALL SPORTS Leo Kenny Touch football, Gordon Roebehl Horseshoe and tennis, Robert Carey I f CHAIRMAN WINTER SPORTS tw X L: Don Gardner fi g ,N Baskeiball, Rodney Hanson up f' :F .T Badminton, Sidney Lawrence X ' Volleyball, Vernon Desjarlais i Q 4' Bowling, John Kenny "QF CHAIRMAN SPRING SPORTS B J James Quinn Swimming, William Loushine Soffball, Bud Froelich - if Archery, William Gramenz at Ping Pong, Durrell Hoifmann 4 IN ., I.: ,.,' I 1 in , 1 "The men's intramural gi ' group is called the ' M.I.A.A. They weren't too 'we11. organized this year' , but th ey managed to have a lots' of fun. " . 2, :'!3i,nl'5 in-E A m ,,: 5 ff -r ff N- -. L j 129 There is no available record as to the full activity of each group. However in the lines of basketball the Phi Kappas monopo- lized the whole season and won. They de- feated, also, the Alpha Thetas in a back- door tournament. Phi Kappas were Fred Adams, Frank Wurling, .Tack Beldon, Russ Halford, Robert Carey, Jack Woeckner, John Softball, common scene in Allen. An All Star team was made up of Russ Halford, Illarold Nelson, Jerry Flem- ing, John Keppel, and Bob Novak. In swimming the juniors ran away Qor swam awayj with the honors for the third consecutive year. The members on the team were Harris Grabow, Francis Lupie, Jack Finley, Arnie Wilhelm, and Robert Carey. the spring on the diamond. AQ is N M -112:14 ,Liv -- ,. my ,1-was 2410515 AJ Qfiiewc ,,,E,f5,5 . " "rw'ja,s, , X 'if!tGll.1'P' WRA BOARD OF CONTROL OFFICERS Presid en i, Patricia Haney Vice-president, Katherine Steuer Secrelary, Janice Hagen Treasurer, Marjory Hughes is 9 is -fl HEADS OF EVENTS Hockey, Peggy Bull Tennis, Reata Klores Volleyball, Alice Butler Baskeiball, Mildred Luebke Baseball, Bessie Marshall Swimming, Angeline Wieczorek Hiking, Wanda Waterstreet Archery, Alice O'Brien BadrL1lgi3Z?fl2gt13ggiS'and horseshoe were also 5 f'xl 1 i 1 f vgkwffflf dwell, I, get kind of shaky when I I , 4' I come near the women's gym and f ,,,,' 5 V i watch all the girls making mus- ,rf ff if - cles on themselves. They are a f - il 35 active set, this woman's sports X L 4 group. We call it the W.R.A. 'i 5 L 131 The Women's Recreation Association in- cludes all college women. The organization car- ries a heavy program each year with practically all available sports on the program. Activities of the past year included numerous hikes, splash parties and games. March 27 was the night of the beautiful water aquacade. In the field of tennis Ruth Spears won the tournament, her opponent, Kathleen Haug- land. In the tennis group are three divisions, A, B, C. This gives the beginner a good chance as well as the advanced player. Archery and games on the hike. 132 Volleyball was a very popular sport this-year. In the inals Doree Winetzki and the Edgewood team came out on top. In the classes tournament the juniors de- feated the seniors in an exciting round.- Peggy Bull headed the hockey tour- nament from September 23 through No- vember 6. Six class teams were entered, but the senior class team, The Flying Cadets, won the championship. Members on that team included Doree Winetzki, Alice Butler, Bessie Marshall, Elaine Stowell, Mildred Luebke, Peggy Bull, Billie Logemann, Mona Mohns, Mar- garet Walsh, Katherine Steuer, and An- geline Wieczorek. About one hundred girls answered the "All out" cry for basketball. Mem- bers from various classes rnade up teams to play in a tournament. Team XII won the first tourney. Krueger House de- feated the Eccteras to become champs. In a last meet, the seniors were an- nounced winners. Swimming was open to all women who cared to use the pool every Friday afternoon, Dancing was popular, and several freshmen made the Orchesis group, other WRA'ers made the Delta Psi Kappa. Pictures on opposite page: First Hike to the bluff, Cabin Homecoming Breakfast, Junior Soccer Team, Senior Hockey Champs, Senior Speedball, typical cabin breakfast fthe WRA has its own cabin back in the bluiisj, Big and Little Sister hike, WRA on the beam. 1 1 i i 3 133 URIPPLING RHYTHM" This big annual Water Aquacade was the result of hard work, and a study in pageantry. Clown diving and novelty relays and floating forma- tionsq tandem swimming and competitive swimming all done to musical recording under colored lights helped make the aquacade a beautiful eve- ning. The climax of the program came in a highly patriotic number called "1Vlodern Design". Below: Winter comes to the WRA. The bluffs and the La Crosse snow bowl are scenes of active winter sports such as skiing and tobogganning. The lagoon downtown is a very active place on weekends and on those early mornings when ambitious skaters have their workouts before classes begin. wfwfi-ti are at Q f M Y .Sg.a1a,x5Xa. K :Ha Q Q HH. . 5 fa sf an : Q EQ sw 134 w ,li A -P-N-Y . .. h in 4' .I f fffswoo H41 Zigeii fe IQ4 V,fAe fa. G697 A 3 Q 'ye , "': P A-f-- in K X 5 Q Q 1 egg qgfn E5 ur"A4, Gee, it's fun to look ' d see over the year an really happened. Gue have to give you a li idea of what I mean.H . My back what ss l'D ttle This is my story of what happened School opened on the 9th of September and the freshmen had to register fthere weren't so many this yearj. The other classes had their programs made out last year. In the evening a get-acquainted dance was given so the freshmen could get to know each other .... better. There was a lot of business necessary in getting the freshies settled in school, so the regular planned pro- gram could go on. On Thursday morning, bright and early, classes officially began for the new school year. Because of many changes made in the buildings, a new Girls' Lounge was opened on September 22. On Tues- day the 23 we had our first assembly, HWonders of Liquid Airn demonstrated by Walt Everman. Casting began for the first college play of the season, FIRST LADY. On October 3 there was a pep meeting where cheer- leaders were elected. The queen of the homecoming and her court were announced at the Pre-homecoming dance on the same evening. October 7, 8 were official NHell Daysu for sorority and fraternity pledges. Cornelius Vander- bilt Jr. addressed the body on October 7. By the first of October, everything was pretty much in full swing. We had the football boys working hard, the music organ- izations were getting assembledg dramatics groups had posted notices of coming productions. Then came the homecoming. we I pasted this little announce ment of homecoming activity in my date book. So many things hap- m sae. :gs-Vw - We w'2M'g3cA-3.1,--, H 11' H MWMW ,M-wx., Newry, M nxggU1,.xi-e .X :always-5 25 ,fl S, i .,:g2EH1a?f1 1. thes es ? itat, e2fQw:aL2wsM'f1mai 1 W mmifftsyz Qezioteltfaize 'i as ,. M, www 1 1212 A-'.m.Q?-.0 M If-V2 igggiefxming-P., fifties 'K 1.2 wifi 1 i Q 2 1 E M 3 ? 4Banf?S?Q?i?3iEiiEi'-3353.523 55? H32QEfDb5i5 ?f55f'lfi??i35iEp Q gig rl1afy50c6olfi5:18m H Q 5 lift . E hi! YF' " .xg Mist 55529519-T kmfeyyififi M umm ?H1ea1ifaSt-AatBoiegaix pened that, for me, it was pretty hard to be at time. We all time, rain or picture below all of them at one had a wonderful no rain. The was taken on the sports field of the old tradi- tional campfire, and our flaming ULU on the bluff. fiiingimif 5 Kliftinfi 1-ggaggaj , namesake- N5W7Gi1i18 Isqxngeefw H 5 Q22 5 9 :oqQq.g5.4'1xv.R.A'.g aluglygfpfggggsst 2-,555 -at3BGdeg'.a,1w-me-153352 :Sigma Chai? iajtywmi D X bran-kfwst Dam Qiidtbimhbtel. 11:15 a.m2QHioYnecpniing Agaradiiig . Q , -12:30 p.m:-e5DeItaA l?sfiglK5i1pa , L1-flicligiy ' X' eonl ati Iffnkei' 1-Lgtgigg' ,gg 12:45 E TP3iiQ if gPi 1 algnfinijf , lungljgon Nail 'FTifai1ia7 fl'I'em Room. ' Q gi jg ' XT? 2:00 p.n1.-Hoinecofningl fgameg M il f 5 :30-'i 300 p.-m.g-Aliimili headfqqarters andfl dirineS'gQ'1'r31u1' wt- Stod- Giso p.m 6:45 p.m-. .7R1f1':f1 wDjvisi'oiv alunilif idaid WHUTQIEQ Q ' LL 2 W X'7igf.1 dinneraat ?Sf,m1d9rdxFfotfeiQ -Lambndgf Sigma Chi iilriigii- ni dinner at .binkeillfoitbllf 7:00-9:00 p.m.-4+Alpha 'Demi 5 Theme alumni dinpgrqzat- Iiihker XHOCQI. JZXQJ t 'Qjg 9:00 p.m.-Hoxneconfihki Diincevj 7 5 Q .. Sunday, October' I9t1tQ,ff13f L - 8:30-10100 a.m.-W. R. jA,g2a1'umi2 breahast at themcabin. 7 10:30 a.m.-W. R. A. lioilizegfpgme. 2 W Minimal-- 137 HOMECOMING 1941 he Above are shots of Queen Rosalee Wheeler and of her court, Magery Hughes and Vivian Roscoe and Dorothy Lint ner and Margaret Marshall. The social room opened officially October 18. And the next week the Red Gate Players gave a curious Chinese assembly program on the Shadow Play f0ctober 215. The first formal of the season came off on October 25, held by the Alpha Phi Pi. 139 A special homecoming awards assembly was given on Hallowe'en in which Bud Thomas was honored for having done such an admirable job in directing homecoming activities. On Saturday, November 15, the college was host again to almost a thousand high students in a music festival. In the evening of the same night the D.O. Coate Fund mixer was given. After the Thanksgiving vacation Qwhich we got this yearj notable school events included the Old Time Dance on November 28, and the play FIRST LADY. Ushered in by a series of mixers and basketball games was the Christmas round of parties before the vacation began on December 17. On December 13, the annual Orchesis program was given, on the 16, the annual Christmas pageant and all-college party. scenes from the Orchesis 140 The new semester began with a heavy activity program. There were basketball games, and swimming meets, and the Greek Letter groups and Clubs selected new members for their ranks. HEDDA GABLER was selected as the next big college play. Jack Morrow talked to the assembly on Japan and maybe changed some attitudes. The music organ- izations made trips to different towns, and more festivals were planned for spring. On February 24, the Graff Ballet, giving a fascinatf ing program, stressed the importance of the dance. The Civil Pilot's Training was taken over by Dr. Spangler during the absence of Marshall Goff. At a student council meeting a new organizations committee was named. The annual masquerade was given on April 10 to a little crowd, but the auditorium was filled for the third D.O. Coate Variety Show a week later. Spring fever came and spring went .... for a while, and tests began piling up. In May, practically every school organization gave a picnic, or a party. The exams came as usual despite the war, and school was completed with commencement exercises on June l. At any rate, it wasn't such a bad year. Lots of fun, lots of inspiration....and I might even say lots of learning. fNext page shows students working on activities.J 141 vffx .mn E. an an nm nm E wwig-Q sm is ESQ an-A Q E 'J ,, . . nk -vs ' .m,. . Y-MM mass I x u as A ., B 5.g..:.::::j5.:, B 'gg' u:.a.:. as : ..... , 5 .1 E Q - w ..,..-,- .-.. , 1 A W1 pw mu mm nm ss a - ss mx TYPICAL SHOTS OF THE YEAR 142. WCRK . w L FET .Qs HBH' J ,H ' .. R i:-: 1 A :E HW m M4 'An ma ms ms ms mam ss sms ss sm bm Sm nag na ss an mn ss ss ,nf mn gm mn ss an , -E is an is S2 UMeet the gals, peopleg you'll find them in sort ed, deglamorized situations, but they're really nicer this way, aren't tbey?H of unexpect- bl . 1 A 5 fb 144 UHKHUMSFAMHMHLADDMBS "Now as we get to the end of our little review, I take one last look at the students in general. They go on playing, and working, and making friends. Some of them will go to summer school, others will come back next year, and do the same things as the students before them have done. This farewell look at the people is one that can be found any place, on any campus. I'm really sorry to leave you." TEECHUM QSee pictures on opposite page, pleasej i AUTOGRAPHS l45 AUTOGRAPHS 146 AUTOGRAPHS 147 AUTOGRAPHS 148 SENIOR ACTIVITY-ACHIEVEIVIENT DIRECTORY 1941-42 ALMI, MARGARET LARSON Elementary, B.S., La Crosse Glee Club 3, 43 Euterpe 3, 43 Elementary Club 3, 4. AXTELL, JEAN Elementary, B.S., Pepin Sec. Ed. Club 13 Elementary Club 2, 3, 4g Secretary 33 Sigma Lambda Sigma 2, 3, 4, Sergeant-at-Arms 33 Clerk of Chapter 43 Student Council 4. BECKER, MILDRED Rural, 2 year, Bangor Sigma Lambda Sigma 1, 23 Country Life Club 1, 2, President 2. BENRUD, MERLIN Secondary Education, B.S., Ettrick Men's Glee Club 2, 43 Annual Staff 4g Lutheran Students Association 43 Sec- ondary Ed. Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 43 Social Committee Chairman 3, 43 Silver Masque 43 "Valley Forge", "The Wonderful Brute", "A Night at an Inn"3 Science Club 2, 3. BERG, LILLIAN Rural, 2 year, Coon Valley Country Life Club 1, 23 Glee Club 1, 2. BOHRNSTEDT, MARION Secondary Education, B.S., La Crosse Lambda Sigma Chi, 2, 3, 4g Kappa Delta Pi, 3, 43 Student Council, 43 Sec. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 43 Secretary, 33 Lutheran Students Association, 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 43 Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer, 43 President 33 Euterpe, 1, 2, 3, 4. BORCHART, GORDON Physical Education, BS., Marion Phi Kappa Epsilon, 2, 3, 43 Treasurer, 33 Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 43 "L" Club, 2, 3, 43 Football, 2, 3, 43 Basketball, 2, 3 43 Base- ball, 2, 3, 43 Who's Who, 4. - BRIGHT, MIRIAM Rural, 2 year, Black River Falls Country Life Club, 1, 2. BULL, HELEN MAE Physical Education, B.S., Slinger Kappa Delta Pi, 43 Delta Psi Kappa, 2, 3, 43 Vice-President, 43 Sigma Lambda Sigma, 2, 3, 4, President, 43 Social Chairman, 43 Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 43 Who's Who, 4g Student Council, 3g Wesley Club, 3, 4, President, 43 Hockey, 43 School Health Committee, 3, 4. BUTLER, ALICE Physical Education, B.S., New London Delta Psi Kappa, 2, 3, 4g Kappa Delta Pi, 43 Phy. Ed. Club, 2, 3, 43 Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 4g Volleyball, 4. CANTLON, SHELDON Secondary Education, B.S., Ettrick Sec. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 43 Newman Club, 4. CAUCUTT, MARY ELLEN Elementary, 3 year, La Farge Elementary Club, 1, 2, 33 Wesley Club, 2. CLEVELAND, FLORENCE Physical Education, B.S., Austin, Minn. Sigma Lambda Chi, 3, 4, President, 43 Phy. Ed. Club, 3, 43 Wesley Club, 4. CONVIS, FAITH Secondary Education, B.S., Chicago, Ill. Lambda Sigma Chi, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 33 Kappa Delta Pi, 3, 4, President, 43 Silver Masque, 4g Student Council, 3, 43 Annual Statf, 3, 4g Debate, 43 Who's Who, 43 Besse Bell Hutchinson Scholarship, 33 Sec. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 43 "The Youngest", IIMIS. Moonlight". CRAKER, SHIRLEY Elementary, B.S., Halcombe Glee Club, 43 Alpha Phi Pi, 43 "First Lady". SENIOR ACTIVITY-ACI-IIEVEMENT DIRECTORY 1941-42 DAWES, EDITH Elementary, B.S., La Crosse Band, 15 Elementary Club, 1, 2, 3, 45 Stu- dent Council, 35 Lambda Sigma Chi, 2, 3, 45 Silver Masque, 45 Kappa Delta Pi, 45 Who's Who, 3, 45 Wesley Club, 45 "Night of January 16", "Our Town", "Valley Forge". DOCKENDORFF, BETTY Elementary, B.S., La Crosse Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 45 Elementary Club, 1, 2, 3, 45 Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 45 Sigma Lambda Sigma, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 35 "Green Grow the Lilacs", "First Lady". EBERT, ROBERT Physical Education, B.S., Milwaukee Basketball, 2, 35 Football, 2, 3, 45 "L" Club, 2, 3, 4, President, 45 Phy. Ed. Club, 15 Phi Kappa Epsilon, 1, 2, 3, 4. ERB, RALDA Rural, 2 year, Tomah Country Life Club, 1, 3. FORDE, GLADYS Elementary, 3 year, Ferryville Elementary Club, 1, 2, 35 L.S.A., 1, 2, 35 Glee Club, 1, 2, 35 Alpha Phi Pi, 35 Euterpe, 3. GARDNER, DONALD Secondary Education, B.S., Linden Sec. Ed. Club, 2, 3, 45 Science Club, 45 "L" Club, 45 Track, 1, 2, 3, 45 M.I.A.A. Board, 4. GORMAN, KATHERINE Secondary Education, B.S., La Crosse Sec. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 25 Sigma Lambda Sigma, 2, 3, 4, Historian, 3, Vice- President 45 Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice- President, 35 Racquet, 45 Kappa Delta Pi, 3, 4, Vice-President, 45 Senior Class Treas- urer, "First Lady". GRAFF, LORRAYNE Physical Education. B.S., Wright, Minn. Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 3, 45 Orchesis, 3, 45 L.S.A., 3, 4. HAGEN, JANIS Physical Education, B.S., Milwaukee Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchesis, 3, 45 Secretary W.R.A., 4. HANEY, PATRICIA Physical Education, B.S., Janesville Sigma Lambda Sigma, 2, 3, 45 Secretary, 45 Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Coun- cil, 45 Orchesis, 2, 3, 45 President W.R.A., 4. HANIFL, THELMA FELTON Elementary, B.S., Richland Center Elementary Club, 3, 45 Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2. Sec. Ed. Club, , 3, 45 Science Club, 45 "L" HANSON, ADELINE Secondary Education, B.S., Ettrick Sigma Lambda Sigma, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3, President, 45 Kappa Delta Pi, 3, 4, Report- er, 45 Racquet, 1, 2, 3, 45 Annual, 2, 3, 45 Who's Who, 45 Student Council, 2, 3, 45 George Snodgrass Scholarship 35 Debate, 25 Variety Show, 35 Silver Masque, 45 "Mrs, Moonlight", "Hedda Gabler", "Our Town", "The Youngest". HAUGH, ARLIE Secondary Education, B.S., Hillsboro Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, President, 35 Sec. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 45 Alpha Delta Theta, 3, 45 Vice- President 45 Kappa Delta Pi, 45 Glee Club, 45 Science Club, 4, Vice-President, 4. HILLIARD, MAE Physical Education, B.S., Sheridan, N. Y. HOLAK, WILLIAM Secondary Education, B.S., Hillsboro Band, 1, 2, 3, 45 Science Club, 1, 3, 45 Student Council, 3, 45 Assembly Committee, 3, 45 Sec. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 45 Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. HOWARTH, LOREN Secondary Education, B.S., Milwaukee Beta Sigma Chi, 2, 3, 45 Sec. Ed. Club, 3, 45 Gym team, 3, 45 Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 45 "L" Club, 3, 4. SENIOR ACTIVITY-ACI-IIEVEMENT DIRECTORY 1941-42 HUGHES, MARJORIE Physical Education, B.S., Milwaukee Sigma Lambda Chi, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 3, W.R.A. Board, 4, Treasurer, 4, Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Social Committee, 3, 4, Queen's Court, 4. HYER, MERLE Elementary, 3 year, Elroy Elementary Club, 1, 2, 3, Alpha Phi Pi, 3, L.S.A., 2, 3, Annual, 3. JENNINGS, MARJORIE Rural, 2 year, Blair Country Life Club, 1, 2. JENSEN, DINNIE Physical Edzzcation, B.S., Brodhead Student Council, 3, Sigma Lambda Sigma, 3, 4, Glee Club, 2, 3, Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, L.S.A., 1, 4, Science Club, 3, 4. JOHNSON, RUTH Elementary, B.S., La Crosse Elementary Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, Science Club, 1, 2, L.S.A., 3, 4, "Our Town", "Mrs, Moonlight", "First Lady". KENNEY, LEO Physical Education, B.S., Waukesha M.I.A.A. Board of Control, 4, Phi Kappa Epsilon, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4, Newman Club, 3, 4, "L" Club, 2, 3, 4, Student Coun- cil, 3, 4, President 4, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Tennis, 1, 2, 3, 4, Who's Who, 4. KENZIE, LEOTA Physical Education, B.S., Beloit Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Delta Psi Kappa, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, Euterpe, 2, 3, 4, Orchesis, 3, 4, Science Club, 3, 4. KILLIAN, MARCELLA Elementary, 3 year, La Crosse Racquet, 2, 3, Editor, 3, Annual, 2, 3, Elementary Club, 1, 2, 3, Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, Alpha Phi Pi, Student Council 3. KLORES, REATA Physical Education, B.S., West Allis W.R.A. Board, 4, Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Tennis, 4, Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. l5l KNOLL, OLLIE Physical Education, B.S., Beaver Dam Alpha Delta Theta, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4, "L" Club, 2, 3, 4, Football, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball, 2, 3, 4, Baseball, 2, 3, 4, Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. KRONER ISABEL CANNON Physical Education, B.S., Munising, Mich. Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. LAWSHA, BETH Elementary, 3 year, Wonewoc Band, 1, 2, 3, Glee Club, 2, 3, Lambda Sigma Chi, 2, 3, Student Council, 3, Elementary Club, 1, 2, 3, Hampton Court Singers. LAWSON, LOIS Physical Education, BS., Luck LEMMEL, PATRICIA Physical Education, B.S., Beloit Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Science Club, 4, L.S.A., 4. LENZ, ADRIAN Physical Education, B.S., Sheboygan LINTNER, DOROTHY Plzysical Education, B.S., Stevens Point Delta Psi Kappa, 3, 4, Alpha Phi Pi, 3, 4, Orchesis, 2, 3, 4, Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Queen's Court, 4. LOGEMANN, LILLIAN Physical Education, B.S., Milwaukee Kappa Delta Pi, 3, 4, Secretary, 4, Delta Psi Kappa, 2, 3, 4, Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchesis, 2, 3, 4, Alpha Phi Pi, 4, Who's Who, 4. LUCEY, ELEANORE Elementary, B.S., Ferryville Newman Club, 3, 4, Elementary Club, 3, 4. LUEBKE, MILDRED Physical Education, B.S., Milwaukee Alpha Phi Pi, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 2, Presi- dent, 4, Delta Psi Kappa, 3, 4, Basketball, 4, Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Who's Who, 4. SENIOR ACTIVITY-ACHIEVEMENT DIRECTORY 1941-42 MACHUS, VIVIAN Elementary, B.S., Sparta Elementary Club, 3. 4. MADES, VERNETTA Rural, 2 year, West Salem Sigma Lambda Sigma, 2, Country Life Club, 1, 2. MARSHALL, BESSIE Physical Education, BS., Richland Center Alpha Phi Pi, 4, Baseball, 4, Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 4. MELBY, DOROTHY Elementary, 3 year, Westby MERTES, MONA Physical Education, B.S., Kewaskum Lambda Sigma Chi, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3, Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, President, 4, Delta Psi Kappa, 4, W.R.A. Board, 4, Head of Winter Sports, 4. MOHNS, MONA Physical Education, B.S., Union Grove Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Delta Psi Kappa, 2, 3, 4, Alpha Phi Pi, 4. MUELLER, NORIVIA Rural, 2 year, Paw Paw, West Virginia Glee Club, 1, 2, Country Life Club, 1, 2, Secretary-Treasurer, 2, Wesley Club, 1, 2, Secretary, 2. NORRIS, GERTRUDE Rural, 2 year, Westby NOTTESTAD, MARY HOPE Elementary, 3 year, LaFarge O'BRIEN, ALICE Physical Education, B.S., Eden Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Head of F2111 Sports, 4, W.R.A. Board, 4, Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. OLSON, ELEANOR Rural, 2 year, Black River Falls Country Life Club, 1, 2. OLSON, PEARL Rural, 2 year, Westby Country Life Club, 1, 2. ORMSON, ROMELLE Elementary, 3 year, New Lisbon Elementary Club, 2, 3, L.S.A., 3, 4, Alpha Phi Pi, 4, Vice-President, 4. PAULSEN, ROBERT Secondary Education, BS., La Crosse Sec. Ed. Club, 2, 3, 4, Alpha Psi Omega, 3, 4, President, 4, Silver Masque, 3, 4, Vice- President, 3, 4, Student Council, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3, Phi Kappa Epsilon, 4, Rac- quet, 3, 4, Editor, 4, Debate, 2, 3, 4, "Our Town", "Dear Brutus", "The Youngest". PHILLIP, PATRICIA Rural, 2 year, Eastman Country Life Club, 2. PROKSCH, MARJORIE Secondary Education, B.S., La Crosse Sigma Lambda Sigma 3, 4, Euterpe, 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec. Ed. Club, 2, 3, 4, Student Council, 3, L.S.A. 4, Glee Club, 2. PRUSSING, HARRIET Secondary Education, BS,, Fountain City Phy. Ed. Club, 1, Sec. Ed. Club, 2, 3, 4, Debate, 4, "First Lady". ROSENDAHL, MYRTLE Elementary, B.S., La Crosse Alpha Phi Pi, 3, 4, Elementary Club, 3, 4. SANDWICK, AUDREY Rural, 2 year, Viroqua Country Life Club, 1, 2. SCAFE, MARION Rural, 2 year, Black River Falls Country Life Club, 1, 2, Glee Club, 1, 2, Racquet, 1, 2, Annual, 1. SHERETTE, CARMEN Elementary, B.S., Phillips Elementary Club, 2, 3, 4, Phy. Ed. Club, 1, Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Lambda Sigma Chi, 2, 3, 4, Student Council, 4. SENIOR ACTIVITY-ACHIEVEMENT DIRECTORY 1941-42 SLOULIN, HELEN Rural, 2 year, La Farge Country Life Club, 1, 2. SMITH, RUTH Rural, 2 year, La Crosse Country Life Club, 1, 2. STEUER, CATHRYN Physical Education, B.S., Milwaukee Delta Psi Kappa, 4, Alpha Phi Pi, 2, 3, 4, Orchesis, 3, 4, Student Council, 4, Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, W.R.A. Board, 4. STEWART, HAROLD Secondary Education, B.S., Richland Center Transfer from Dubuque, Iowa. Sec. Ed. Club, 4. STOWELL, ELAINE Physical Education, B.S., Enderlin, No. Dak. Delta Psi Kappa, 3, 4, Secretary, 4, Alpha Phi Pi, 3, 4, Euterpe, 2, 3, Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchesis, 2, 3, 4. SWAIN, ISMYA Physical Education, B.S., Beaver Dam Alpha Phi Pi, 4, Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, L.S.A., 4. SWEET, BETTY Elementary, B.S., La Crosse Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra, 2, 3, 4, Stu- dent Council, 4, Ensemble, 4, Euterpe, 3, 4, Elementary Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. TALLEDGE PHYLLIS Elementary, B.S., Westby Elementary Club, 3, 4. THOMPSON, LLOYD Physical Education, B.S., Elkhorn "L" Club, 4, Basketball, 3, 4, Phy. Ed. Club, 3, 4, Transfer from Notre Dame. VAN LOON, DORIS Elementary, 3 year, Onalaska Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, President, 2, Elementary Club, 1, 2, 3, Vice-President, 3. VEDVIK, MARGARET Elementary, 3 year, Seneca Elementary Club, 1, 2, 3, L.S.A., 1, 3, Stu- dent Council, 3, Alpha Phi Pi, 2, 3, Secre- tary, 3, Annual, 3. WALSH, MARGARET Physical Education, B.S., Milwaukee Delta Psi Kappa, 2, 3, 4, President, 4, Alpha Phi Pi, 3, 4, Kappa Delta Pi, 4, Phy. Ed. Club, 2, 3, 4. WANNER, EDITH Elementary, B.S., La Crosse Glee Club, 3, 4, Elementary Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. WARRINER, DORIS Elementary, 3 year, Sparta Elementary Club, 1, 2, 3, President, 3, Silver Masque, 1, 2, 3, Secretary, 3, Sigma Lambda Sigma, 2, 3, Alpha Psi Omega, 2, 3, Glee Club, 3, "First Lady", "Mrs, Moonlight". WATERSTREET, WANDA Physical Education, B.S., Milwaukee Delta Psi Kappa, 2, 3, 4, Kappa Delta Pi, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4, Lambda Sigma Chi, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, 3, Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 3, Phy. Ed. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council, 3, 4, Library Committee, 3, 4, Who's Who, 4. WIEDERHOEFT, EDITH Secondary Education, B.S., La Crosse Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, Euterpe, 2, 3, 4, Variety Show, 3, Sec. Ed. Club, 3, 4, French Club, 4, Debate, 4, Racquet, 3. WINETZKI, DOROTHY Physical Education, B.S., Wausau Lambda Sigma Chi, 3, 4, Orchesis, 1, 2, 3, 4, President, 4, Juggler of Notre Dame, 3, 4, Phy Ed. Club. 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3, Student Council, 3, Newman Club, 2, 3, 4. WULK, NED Physical Education, BS., Marion llllllnu lannunlunnlnnnununuluululllllllllnn The Home of the LSTC More BOWLING LEAGUE than a Store Since 1923 a Community Institution lJOERFI.INGER'S The Heart F. 1. LIPOVETZ of "Originator of T. C. Bowling" La Crosse ' Compliments of ARCADE BOWLING ALLEYS Compliments of . . . Modern Laundry 8: Dry Cleaning CQ. 212-218 Fifth Ave. S. La Crosse, Wisconsin Phone 388 "La Crosse's most dependable Cleansing Institution" 154 llllllllllluulnllnllullnlllllllllllllllllllllnlulnlIlllnllllllllllllullllllllllllllnllll IIllIllIllIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllll Phone 4000 Wisconsin's Largest Better Men's Store NU,LUXE Dry Cleaning QUALITY SUNSHINE LAUNDRY SERVICE La Crosse Laundry 8c Cleaning House of Kuppenheimer and C , OID. an Varslty Town Clothes p Y FLOHSHEIM SHOES ARROW SHIRTS 119 SO- Front St- The College Shop in La Crosse 535 Main St. We Wish to thank the Students of the Teachers College for their cooperation in the photographic Work of this Annual - Haberman Studio 155 YOUR FAVORITE THEATRE Jfaflffwoai WISHES YOU SUCCESS llllluullnunInnnnlnulllullnlllnnlnnlu Phone 3103-R IF YOU WANT THE BEST PASTEURIZED MILK AND CREAM Bakerfs Dairy Try Our Service 1421 Vine Street Compliments compliments ' of B o R D E N ' s 507 Main P E N N E Y ' S SHELDON ' CIGAR STORE ' LaCrosse, Wisconsin So, 4th Phone 32 Grocery The Place You Like With 1802 State Street a pleasant atmosphere IT PLEASES US TO PLEASE YOU EVERYTHING IN MUSIC Quality-Service AND RADIO Largest Stock of Records P e Leithold Piano Co. 221-223 Main Street nIlnlnlnnuullnuln lnnlluuuuu ICE CREAM Phone 3830 Kienah's Flower Shops KIENAHS FOR FLOWERS Cr-emer's Jewelry Store CERTIFIED GEMOLOGIST O La Crosse, Wis. For Those Who Enjoy G O O D F O O D Bodega Lunch Club Spicer and Buschrnan INC. RELIABLE PRINTERS For Over 50 Years I 123-25 South Second Street L A C R O S S E GASOLINE ALLEY 4th St. at BADGER PH CTO M O E N PHoTo SERVICE sumnes LA cnossE,wxs. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL PHOTOFINISHING P1'1OI'Ie La CIOSSS, Wis. AND pHOT0 SUPPLIES DUTCH MAID B E R G ICE CREAM CO. PAINT 61 WALLPAPER CO. 230 So. Sth St. Phone 1377 539 Main Street Phone 997 ALL THE LATEST IN NEWS DOLLS - TOYS - NOVELTIES - GAMES FOUNTAIN SERVICE - SMOKES NEUBAUER'S 605 Main Street Lcr Crosse. Wls. SHOES OF TI-IE DAY FOR EVERY OCCASION BIG SHOE STORE 5th crnd Main Phone 1150 F A N T L E S ' Famous for Fashions 504-506 Main Street HOWARD'S CLOTHING STORE You always save at HowaId's Men's and Young Men's Suits Overcoczt - Topcoat IllllllllullIllIlunllnllllulllllllll lllllllllulnnunnnllulunnnlllnlIinllnlnllllulnlllnllllllll I Compliments Meet Your ,Friends At Of Up t o W 11 Ci g a r R I V I E R A S 1: 0 1- 9 R I V O L I FOUNTAIN SERVICE and SPORTS RETURNS W I S C O N S I N Phone 78 523 Main Street S a H I Compliments of CIGAR STORE BILLIARD FOUNTAIN AND SPORT SHOP Z ' I : TICKER SERVICE QUALITY SPORTING Q THLETIC Q The ERICKSON 5 Wessex? Fox ALL SPORTS ' B A K E R Y C O . 323-325 Main Street La Crosse, Wis. - SWARTZ OFFICE SUPPLY CO. "The Business Man's Department Store" School and Office Supplies 303 Main Street La Crosse, Wis. Compliments of HOESCHLER BROTHERS Keep in Shape the Year 'Round by Bowling at the Air-Conditioned PLA - MORE LANES Across from the Market Square When in LaCrosse City the Beautiful "EAT IN HARMONY" Corner 3rd and State Street Arenz Shoe Co. 323 Pearl Street DEPENDABLE FOOTWEAR FOR THE THRIFTY FAMILY The E. R. Barron Co. La Crosse, Wisconsin llllllluln ullnnnlnnullmulunulllllunnulllulnulululuulln 158 We Sincerely thank all Merchants who have helped us by Advertising in our ANNUAL 4"af w qc, , ,wg 'yr 111: W Q +1 f V ,1 - -'wgr 1 ' A N ig ' X THE STAR-SPANGLED BANNER Uh say! can you see, by the daWn's early light, v What so proudly We hailed at the tWilight's last gleaming? Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro' the perilous light, 0'er the ramparts We Watched, were so gallantly streaming? And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof through the rlight that our Hag Was still there. Oh say does that Star-spangled banner yet Wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? 15,7 M MISRSM I'I'll4Kl!RTM EYER Engravers N Printers Milwaukee. XYiscrmsiu -.L l r -I 54: V , , V .....-,,....- ' 1.1-ef--. . a I v' V ' I i, 7 A L7 ,F " '1 f' E, I Q -,,. , ' 'fy' , X A 1. iiifff " .gh ,i . 3 3 4' 1 X X 4 ' 'I , ' . Q , 'fix' ! - , -- ,f 1 1 Y K-,.5h?i:f,r r . , if A. 594 5 -r , 'f- X 1' ' fp' ' '- 7-" '39 f 4 2:4 , 'Q' call 11' ' f ., .- - y 'Q l ffl: 1 .4-gf! .ff - "" 'S -Of' ' .aff .7 -uv" ' 3 " Q-r' js' V V 1' J Q sf .ff " 1 .Ak-,cy digg: A, ' . x'.:" ,'A I .9 'I' A 1 P' kia' ' fi f 5 ' 5 Q 1 . 1' M' - A V as' 1. t S ' ' -. -1 ' , , .,:ffz:.Lfir" ""' ' ' .- .., :H .' , .,. .vw .1 "-at 1 ' - .fr-K '-4' " - - -1.-Q , , ..- - W - H 1' --gb 'Q if Q5 4 gif' 43 ' ' : , 'ii' Qf .N ,,:f' -- .. , A".ilL,I"5 -2.1 F a 4A ,Ed ' 5 2 t T1 1 1 n . 1 - L gif in N I if .3 vs? ' f kj A 1' ' 1. A A.. x U x Q C112 Lf M, A S -, " 4' w if f : N . 'A ,.. 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